Abaconian ( November 1993 )

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David & Kathleen Ralph
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Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
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November 1993


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University of Florida
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Material Information

Physical Description:
David & Kathleen Ralph
Place of Publication:
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Creation Date:
November 1993


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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Volume i, Number 1 - November 1993


L The News Of The Island

Symonette: Abaco Is Caribbean Boating Capital

The Second Annual Abaco Tourism
Conference was held in October with the
keynote speaker being the Honorable
Brent Symonette, Senator and Minister of
Senator Brent Symonette spoke of the
many changes that have taken place in
the past year. Local government has been

put in place and is functioning well; local
leadership is developing.
He then admonished the group to
protect our environment as the sea with
its boating, diving, and fishing is our
greatest asset. We are the cruising add
yachting capital of the Caribbean, but we
must not take it for granted. We must


Pericles Maillis.

protect it, not pollute, not litter, and be a
good example to help our visitors take
care of our environment with us.
We must be proud of our history and
our heritage and always remember to
give value for the money our visitors
spend with us. We have a unique
situation; we must make the best.use of

The big controversy is over long line
fishing. But how many of us really
know what that means? We asked
Pericles Maillis,. President of the
Bahamas National Trust for more
Long-line fishing is done in large
commercial boats which have electronic
equipment, power winches and the latest
in technology. This technology allows
these boats to find the areas with the
highest concentrations of fish and gives
them many advantages over the
traditional fishing methods. It means that
they are able to pull in a much bigger

He made public the new ditty being
used in the advertising campaign for the
Bahamas. "It's hip to hop to the
Pericles Maillis, President of Bahamas
National Trust stressed importance of
Continued on Page 7

catch but it also is extremely wasteful
and depletes large areas of the ocean of
desirable fish as well as the fish, though
not marketable, still vital to the
Long-line fishing is done year round.
Several months in the spring they catch
various fish as they migrate and the rest
of the year other kinds that are abundant.
One type is surface long-lining which
catches tuna, swordfish, marlin, dolphin,
and shark. The vessels doing surface
long-line fishing have cables 20-60 miles
long, sometimes as long as 70 miles with
Continued on Page 11

1992 Abaco Customs Revenue.Tops $13 Million

Bahamas Customs' monthly
newsletter, THE IN-VOICE, reports the
1992 Abaco Customs revenue to be
$13,623,000. The primary sources for
this revenue are duties and stamp taxes,
airport landing fees, departure taxes, and
royalties on crawfish and farm exports.
A break-down of the four reporting
ports shows Marsh Harbour leading with
$11,317,810.81 collected which aver-
ages $880,000 per month. Freight landed
in Marsh Harbour from W. Palm Beach
averages 2,500 tons per month. About

Property Tax

Increase Alaritis

Foreign Owners

Recent real property tax notices
raised a few eyebrows among the foreign
landowners on Ab$co when the recent
tax bills arrived with a new seven
percent tax on undeveloped land. The
accompanying notice was written in
official language which was not well
understood by the recipients. In fact,
Bahamians who were shown the notice
were not aware of this move and could
not correctly interpret the notice.
The notices also contained errors as
the increased tax rate was applied, in
many instances, to developed property
and property whose ownership preceded
the Immovable Property Act.
Inquiries and calls flooded Nassau by
concerned Bahamians to clarify the
situation. There has been no notice in the
Continued on Page 11

2,000 tons of produce per month is
exported from Snake Cay south of Marsh
The IN-VOICE reports that the
Marsh Harbour airport handles
approximately 2,500 incoming and
3,000 departing passengers monthly.
Treasure Cay airport and sea-port is
second in revenue generated by bringing
in $1,006,056 annually or $75,000 per
Green Turtle Cay is third with a
annual revenue total of $852.499 or

$60,000 per month.
Lastly is Sandy Point with collections
of $446,574 annually or $30,000
monthly. Long Island should get credit
for the larger share of this as most of
this freight is taken there by the freight
boat J DEAN.
Although Walkers Cay is listed as an
Abaco Port of Entry, the Customs
Officer there is assigned from Freeport
and the revenue figures were not

Marsh Harbour is staffed by 11
officers headed by Chief Customs
Officer Lincoln Strachan.
( Not included in this Customs report
are the many additional Abaco revenues
generated by property taxes, duties on
fuels and goods landed in Nassau and
subsequently brought to Abaco (groceries
being a prime example), licenses, court
fines, stamp taxes on documents and
checks and others. Refer to Pat Bethel's
letter to the Editor.)

FIREMEN EXTINGUISH NIGHT AIRCRAFT BLAZE. Assistant Chief John Hall directs the foaming agent on the fire
while Claude Sawyer and Grand Sands back him up. The Marsh Harbour police discovered the 3 AM fire at the airport
and called the Fire & Rescue volunteers. An entire truckload of water and 25 gallons of foam concentrate was sued to
extinguish the blaze. The fire, of unknown origin, totally destroyed the aircraft. The plane had been leased byRobble Nixon,
who was in Florida at the time.

Pericles Maillis Describes

Fishing With Long-Lines


Page 2 The Abaconian November 1993

Police Report

Gun License Renewal
The Police are reminding the public
that all gun licneses expire December 31,
1993. Gun inspections, necessary before
a license can be issued or renewed, will
begin November 29, 1993. Inspections
can be made at Sandy Point, Marsh
Harbour, Coopers Town, and Fox
Town. For inspections on the Cays,
check with your commissioner or local
constable for the inspection date on your
particular Cay.
License fees are: Shotgun, $50.00;
Rifle, $100.00; Handgun, $250.00. BB
guns and air guns are NOT legal under
any circumstance.
Fire arms on foreign vessels with
cruising permits must be documented on
the permit and kept secure aboard the
boat at all times.
Bang sticks, used by divers, must be
licensed by Bahamians and residents, or
be shown on a boat's cruising permit.
Fishermen and divers are allowed
permits for these protective devices.
However, the police favor the type
which uses shotgun shells rather than
handgun ammunition.
Police Auction
The Marsh Harbour Police announce
that a public auction will be held at the
Station in early December for
confiscated and unclaimed goods.
Included will be household goods,
bicycles, and other items.
Stolen Boats Go to Florida
Police Inspector Christopher McCoy


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Cars & Scooters
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Marsh Harbour
Service Station

Automobile Repairs
Shell Fuels & Lubricants
Batteries & Tires

Marsh Harbour
One block south of the Stop Light
Phone 367-2854

is concerned about local boats which are
being stolen for the purpose of
transporting Haitians to Florida. He asks
all boat owners to be sure their boats are
secure and that keys are not left in the
ignition. Please notify the police if you
see any suspicious behavior around
In late October three outboard boats
were stolen from Marsh Harbour and 50
- 60 Haitians made their way to Florida.
You may not consider your boat suitable
for a trip to Florida, but some people
here have a different view. Finding your
boat on a Florida beach is a serious
The recent influx of our Haitians to
Florida was a Sunday cover story in the
Palm Beach Post. Many Marsh Harbour
people were interviewed.
Road Safety
The Police and the Road Traffic
Department are concerned about the bad
driving habits exhibited by many Abaco
drivers. The safety of the motoring
public and pedestrians is being
compromised by drivers not abiding by
the law and ignoring common road
Youth Athletic Association
The Marsh Harbour Police
Department announces the formation of
the Police Youth Athletic Association
under the leadership of Corporal Smith.
They will begin a weekly basketball
training program and tournament for 10
to 17 year old boys on November 26th.
Also planned is a community cean-up
campaign, a tree planting plan, a bike-a-
thon, a local history quiz, and a church
As the New Year's holiday
appaches, they hope to organize a
junior junkanoo. The goal of the
program is to help the boys develop
good attitudes and social skills. Various
Marsh Harbour businesses are giving
financial assistance for prizes and

MISTY RUSSELL of Hopetown tries out a fireman's jacket and helmet during a
recent demonstration at Forest Heights school. Third Grader Misty listened with
her classmates to a safety talk by fireman Randy Pinder and Claude Sawyer
concerning emergencies. Marsh Harbour Fire & Rescue held the demonstration,
which was organized by Cecil Albury for pre-primary and grande 1-2.




Marsh Harbour's Finest
On-the-Water Dining Experience
Featuring the Best in Food, Atmosphere & View

Lunch & Dinner in Casual Elegance
Bo & Libby Roberts, owner * operator * hosts

Mer-Cendhne367*-6 eV4r-Pmn .-.... -
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Don Mackay Blvd
Marsh Harbour


November 1993 The Abaconian Page 3

Squatter Buildings In The Mud Demolished

Victor Patterson announced that the
Board of Works has demolished about
35 vacant buildings in The Mud and
Pigeon Pea area. This is the immigrant
squatter housing community in Marsh
Harbour. Many of these buildings were
multiple apartment type structures which


Bishop Eldon to Visit
Abaco Dec 8th & 9th
The Anglican Bishop of Nassau and
the Bahamas, the Right Reverend
Michael Eldon, will visit Sandy Point on
December 8th and Marsh Harbour
December 9th.
Bishop Eldon will celebrate a
Pontifical Mass on the 8th at 6:30pm at
St Martin's Church in Sandy Point and
confirm a group of youths and adults.
The next day he will celebrate a
Pontifical Solemn Mass at 7:30pm in St
John the Baptist Church in Marsh
Harbour where another group will be
confirmed. All are welcome to join in
these services.

Christian Council Meeting
The Abaco Christian Council is
announcing that there will be a fund-
raising Fellowship Meeting to be held at
Aldersgate Methodist Church in Marsh
Harbour on November 22, 1993. The
general public is invited to attend.
Annual Carol Service
Greta Strachan announced that the
Ministry of Youth. Sports, and

means about 130 apartments were
removed from further use.
Mr. Patterson stated that the
members of his team were very careful
to be sure the buildings were, in fact,
vacant. As a further precaution, the
buildings were prominently marked with

Community Affairs will have again this
year their Annual Christmas Carol
Service. It will be held on December 9,
1993 and will be a joint effort with the
Abaco Christian Council.

Fox Town Hosts Zion
Baptist Youth Group
The sixth annual youth convention
hosted by the Zion Baptist Youth Council
of Abaco was held October 18-24 at the
Zion Baptist Church in Fox Town. Over
200 Abaco youth attended the seven
days of rallies, services and
The eight member churches are the
Zion Baptist in Murphy Town, Unity
Baptist in Treasure Cay, St. Andrews in
Fire Road, Ebenezer in Cedar Harbour,
St. Thomas in Wood Cay, Zion Baptist
in Fox Town, Shailo Baptist in Grand
Cay, and Zion Baptist in Moore's Island.
The district youth coordinator Mrs
Enamae Parker officially opened the
convention. Off-island guests included
Rev Moses from Andros, Rev Clifford
Smith from Nassau, and Rev David
Major from Grand Bahama.
Philip Lundy, a Marsh Harbour
lawyer, gave a presentation on the topic
"youth and the law". lie presented the

paint and posted with a notice in
English and Creole several weeks prior
to the demolition.
Several vacated buildings were found
to be occupied by opportunist Bahamian
squatters which Town Planning did not
want to encourage.

rights of the young Bahamian under the
constitution and discussed aspects of
criminal law. His question and answer
session was quite spirited and lively. lHe
concluded by stating that all who
observe God's laws need not fear man's
laws. At the conclusion, the group
presented him with a plaque in
Entertainment included volleyball
games and an evening talent show. The
delegates agreed that this sixth Abaco
convention was the best ever.

School students from Hope Town,
Man-O-War, and Guana Cay traveled to
Denver, Colorado, earlier this year
representing the Bahamas at the United
Nations Global Youth Forum on the
Environment. The twelve students were
accompanied by three of their teachers.
Tanya Sands of Guana Cay addressed
the entire conference, reporting on their
school's town clean-up and
environmental awareness project.
The trip followed many Abaco
activities commemorating Earth Day.
The students of the Guana Cay school

Demolished buildings in The Mud
were on Crown Land and were built
without approval. Most buildings there
are without electricity or running water.
Sanitary facilities are nearly non-
Pastor Robin Weatherford objected to
this operation and was confident that at
least one building was still occupied
although the residents may have been
absent at that moment. Mr. Patterson
responded that there were instances
where one compartment in a multiple
apartment building was still occupied.
However, in these few instances, the
occupant was assisted in locating a
vacant compartment in another building.
The Town Planning sub-committee
headed by Mr. Leonard Knowles and
Mr. Patterson are continuing this
exercise as further buildings become

made a major contribution by having a
day-long clean-up of the Guana Cay
beach. The students initiated the
campaign and enlisted the help of town
people, visitors, and environmentalists.
The Man-O-War students had a
recycling campaign and Hope Town had
projects going also. Professional
environmentalists taught educational
activities in the schools and helped with
the community projects.
These projects are on-going and are
making a visible difference in the

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Branches on Grand Bahama and Eleuthera
Main Office in New Providence

a i:1 .116)�

Guana Cay Students Travel To Denver

The Abacenian
David Ralph, Editor & Publisher
P 0 Box 551, Marsh Harbour

Phone 809-367-2677
FAX 809-367-3677
Published monthly on Abaco
Photographs by staff

Contributors: Annabelle Cross, Lasonya Darville, Cleveland Dawkins,
Ruth Flowers, Frank Hepburn, Vernon Malone, Silbert Mills, Cheri Pinder,
Lee Pinder, Brenda Sawyer, Peter & Tracy Sexton
Complimentary distribution at selected Abaco locations
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It has been more than 20 years since
Maurice Thompson's ABACO
ACCOUNT was last published. Nothing
has quite filled the void during the
We hope our publishing efforts will
help fill the need for Abaco news and
information. Abaco is growing and
developing at an astonishing rate. Local
government is new and doing well under
local leadership. Growth in the business
community is quite evident. The people
of Abaco are taking charge of this
development and are forging ahead. The
future of Abaco looks promising.
This is an opportune time to launch
The Abaconian. Its purpose is to
assist and monitor this phenomenal surge
in growth. We need to understand the
problems we all face, share ideas and
goals, and work together. It's only as we
work in harmony with each other that we
will truly develop our full potential and
realize our goal of a better island for
each of us and for our children.
We want you to feel that this is your
paper, serving your needs, expressing
your views, letting others know your
news and the news of your community.
A newspaper cannot produce itself; it
needs input from all the communities. In
this, we are going to require your help.
Let us know your ideas, your news, your
suggestions. We will be pleased to hear
from you.
The young character on the front page
came out of hiding to help lead this new
publication through the Abaco thickets.
Although helpless, he appears to have
grit and determination which are
longstanding Abaco traits.
Hopefully, the material of Abaco will
nourish this publication much as it
nourishes the fledgling. And like the
mature parrot, this new Abaconian
should become something to anticipate on
a regular basis.
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November 1993 The Abacmnian Page 5

Unregistered Dock Usage Could Bring Fines

The first meeting of a proposed
Abaco Tourism Association convened
September 12th at the Great Abaco
Beach Hotel. The proposed "Marina
Legislation Act" was discussed along
with the ominous implications it would
have for our boating industry.
This proposed Act contains
provisions which could torpedo the
Abaco boating industry. One of the
worst aspects relates to a boat captain
who "....makes use of the facilities of a
marina which is not registered under

Letter To

The Editor

Dear Mr. Editor,
1 wish to take this opportunity to
extend best wishes to The Abaconian in
this your first issue. Hopefully this
publication will help educate locals and
visitors alike to the many facets of our
island life.
On this your first issue I would like
to share with my fellow Abaconians
some information on the tax base of our
Some research I did in early 1990
showed that the revenue from Abaco
was just under $24,(X00)0,000 and
estimated expenditure that year was just
over $9,000,000, including our share of
the National Debt which was estimated
to be $4,000,000.
In recent weeks I did a projection of
the revenue from Abaco for 1992 and
came up with the sum of $28,000,000
which I believe to be accurate within a
margin of error of three to five per
... A.... .wit. _ ~-**
a few of the items of revenue:
1. In 1989 customs duties direct to
Abaco exceeded $11,000,000. In 1992
it exceeded $14,000,000.
2. Fuel taxes in 1989 were estimated
at $3,250,000. In 1992 they are
estimated to have to been over
$4,000,000 and in 1993 they will pass
So, my fellow Abaconians, there is
no reason why our main highway and
our town roads should not be kept in
good condition.
In future issues I will examine other
tax items as well as other matters
related to the economy of Abaco.
Patrick J. Bethel

this Act ....is guilty of an offense and
liable on summary conviction to a fine of
five thousand dollars...."
Virtually any time a boat docks, the
captain could be in violation. The
proposed language is quite clear in that a
"marina means any dock, jetty, pier,
wharf, mooring, dolphin or post used for
the mooring of vessels (whether or not
for a fee)...." The proposed Act does not
distinguish between foreigners and
Bahamians, fishermen, or sightseerers.
Besides the threat of a $5000 fine for
using an unregistered facility, there is
much paperwork to be completed by the
boat captain and the marina operator at
each facility used. The marina operator
will be required to keep a log of each
crew member and guest on board along
with their arrival and departure schedule.
Feelings at the meeting were strong
that this proposed legislation would harm
the Abaco boating industry.
Honorable Robert Sweeting, MP for
Hope Town, stated that he would be
heavily involved in presenting the Abaco
case against this proposed Act. He was
very concerned and feels that it would
give too much power to one minister. It
would in effect take local government
authority and give it back to Nassau.
The local Port Authority is against
the proposal and will work toward
having it removed from the legislative
agenda. A representative of Sunsail
mentioned that they would have to
change their plans to have 50 charter
boats here by next summer.
Hon. Janet Bostwick, Minister for
Justice & Immigration, was very
concerned and will relay our fears back
to the appropriate authorities in Nassau.
She also urged those concerned to write
--i un- to . Ho. Brent Symonette,
Minister of Tourism; Hon. Arlington
Butler, Minister of Public Safety and
Transportation; and the Right Honorable

Hubert Ingraham, Prime Minister and
representative for Northern Abaco..
Martin Havill, of the Bluff House,
chaired the meeting which was attended
by 50 or more people in the tourism
industry from Green Turtle Cay, Wood
Cay, Hope Town, and the Marsh
Harbour area.

Guests included the Director General
of the Ministry of Tourism, Mr.
Vanderpool-Wallace; Hon. Janet
Bostwick, Minister of Justice and
Immigation; Hon. Robert Sweeting, MP
for Hope Town; Maura Brassil,
Executive Director, Out Island
Promotion Board; Mr. Armbrister,
President, Out Island Promotion Board;
and members of the local boards.



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Page 6 The Abaconian November 1993


Abaco School Sports Thriving
By Tracy and Peter Sexton
The importance of developing sports
in schools has been highlighted recently
by the formation of the Abaco Schools'
Sports Association. The committee,
chaired by Mr. Frank Hepburn, is
comprised of teachers from many
schools in Abaco, with its aim being to
strengthen the sporting links between the
various schools and encourage greater
participation amongst our students.
The organization has certainly fostered
closer links between schools; and local
rivalries appear to be even greater,
judging from the competitiveness of
recent local events.
The girls' volleyball season got
underway with two matches at local
venues. Coopers Town High School
defeated Abaco Central by 2 games to 0
at Dundas Town, then lost 2 - 1 in a
close game with Crossing Rocks.
In the boys' section, Abaco Central
team was left waiting for their first
game, as no other schools were able to
provide opposition. Any challenges?
Not to be outdone by the seniors, the
primary school students began to show
off their talents on the softball field in a
number of early fixtures. Dundas Town
beat Marsh Harbour Primary 11 to 3,
while Crossing Rocks defeated St
Francis. Return fixtures are planned.
The new basketball season begins in
November, and inter-school fixtures are
planned for both senior and junior boys.
Watch this space for details.

A cross-country race is planned for
Saturday, January 15th, 1994, with a
variety of age groups: under 10, under
14, under 17 and open. More details
will follow in further issues.
The possibility of the first Abaco Hash
Club is being discussed amongst a
number of local 'Fun Runners'. The
organisation, which is worldwide,
encourages participation in a fun run
with a social activity after the run. The
emphasis is on the social with runners of
all standards taking part. Anyone
interested in walking, no matter what
age, should call Peter Sexton on 367-
3268 or James Poole on 367-3188.
[A "Harrier" is a cross country runner.
The focus of this group is on the fun and
recreational aspects of running or
walking, not competitive running. Ed.]
And finally, anyone wishing to report
on any sports or recreational activity
going on in your local area, please
contact Pete Sexton, Abaco Central High
School, phone 367-2334.

DARTS - Abaconians Represent
Bahamas for World Cup at Las
Earl Smith and Malcolm Spicer were
part of the Bahamas National Darts
Squad that traveled to Las Vegas,
Nevada, recently for the 9th World Cup
of Darts.
Malcolm Spicer was the team
manager, and as President of the
Bahamas Darts Association, he
represented the Bahamas at the World
Darts Federation meetings. He
announced that he has applied for the
1999 World Cup to be held here in the

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November 1993 The Abaconian Page 7

Out Island Water Rates To Increase

The Water & Sewerage Corp.
recently announced increased water rates
for the Out Islands. It is the first change
in the rate structure since 1971. They
estimate the quarterly bill for the average
customer will be $21.00 under the new
schedule. The new rates took effect the
beginning of October and will be
showing up on bills received early next

The new minimum quarterly charge
will be $15.00 and will include 2,000
gallons. Usage from 2,001 to 13,000
gallons will be an additional $2.30 per
thousand gallons. Between 13,001 and
26,000 gallons the cost will be $2.90 per
thousand gallons. Above 26,000 the cost
raises to $4.00 per thousand. An obscure
ray of sunshine in this schedule is that


Brent Symonette

Continued from Page 1
"...preserving our pristine environment
which is our main asset. It is our clear
waters that are the main attraction for
our visitors. We want our visitors to
discover our diversity. We must make
every facet of our environment attractive,
by not clearing land until necessary, keep
windows to the sea, have our quarries for
rock off the roadways, plant disease-
resistant coconut trees to replace ones
killed by lethal yellowing, simplify
transportation, maintain law and order,
and develop and preserve our beauty ...to
protect our blue holes, our wet lands and
our barrier islands as they are all part of
our heritage.
Ministry of Tourism Director General,
Vince Vanderpool-Wallace, spoke of how
the Ministry was redirecting the emphasis
to make each of the major islands of the
Bahamas a separate destination.
He lauded Abaco for its growth and
development which now accounts for
one-third of the total Out Island visitors.
He praised Abaco for the upscale visitors
we attracted but suggested that we
develop more package tours as that is
what is in demand today.
.---m ua ba i lntagag tlow-
income people to our area but rather
means that for one price, the visitor has
all arrangements made. In this way the
visitor knows ahead of his trip exactly
what his expenses will be.
Nick Cripps, of Marsh Harbour
Marina, spoke of the boating aspect of
our tourism. He spoke of how these
boaters put cash into our economy for
fuel, groceries, restaurants, boat rentals,
gifts. Abaco has more boat slips than
Nassau or Freeport and more than all the
rest of the Out Islands together.
He announced that work is being
done to put in markers from West End to
Crab Cay, they expect to dig shore mud
out of the north shore of the harbor in
Marsh Harbour, lights will be put in
important rocks.

Abaco Inn
Elbow Cay on White Sound
near Hope Town

* Romantic tropical rooms on
both ocean and sound
* Free boat docking
* Scenic bar serving your
favorite frozen drinks
* Wonderful food - served
over - looking the ocean
* Breakfast. Lunch &
Dinner a la cart
Come by boat, or call
to be picked up in
Hope Town
Reservation requested
but not required
VHF 16 * Phone 366-0133

He praised the Regatta for being
helping the economy in a very direct
way. The figures show that his marina
does as much business in the nine days of
the Regatta as in any normal month.
Peter Smith from BahamasAir shared
with the Conference some of the
problems of BahamasAir including a
$150 million loss over the past 5 years.
Planes were grounded for lack of spare
parts and the morale of their staff was
Their primary purpose is to service the
Out Islands and Abaco should see more
flights and better service. BahamasAir
will soon initiate flights direct from
Marsh Harbour into West Palm Beach.
This will result in a fare reduction for
that service.
Miss Bahamas, Meka Knowles, was
astonished at the progress she found on
Abaco during her first visit here. She
encouraged Abaco to send an entrant to
the competitions in Nassau. It is a great
opportunity for a girl in many ways. She
gets to travel, to represent the Bahamas
in many places as well as receiving a
four-year college scholarship. They are
looking for girls who are beautiful,
--uIndltgeat, vibrant, energetic, and
Many suggestions came from the floor
during the open session. These included
allowing expatriate homeowners an
extended time for their visits, providing
better marine patrol, having charter boats
captained by Bahamians rather than
expatriates, having taxi fares posted in
larger size print in taxis, having the
$15.00 departure tax included in the
price of the airline ticket. The conference
was assured that these suggestions would
be considered.

the consumer is getting the larger
Imperial gallon and not the smaller U.S.
Meter connections for residential use
in the common household sizes will be
$100.00 with security deposits being

either $20 or $40. The larger deposit is
for residences with two or more
The complete rate schedule is
available at the Water and Sewerage
office in Marsh Harbour.

Whi rlAor

Gigantic Christmas Sale

December 1 - 24
Free Turkey with
every ze-
purchase /

* Washers from $581

* Microwaves From $264

* Refrigerators from $565
Don MacKay Boulevard - Marsh Harbour


We're Not Just For Tourists


u /w

, its..

Check out our "Unique" Selection
0 Casual Wear * T Shirts * Gifts * Jewelery *

9:30 - 5:00
Closed Sunday


Across from
Conch Inn
Marsh Harbour

r q

Letter size

Copier TONER Cartridges
Toner cartridges refilled for personal copiers
Specialist in Older IBM typewriter service

Fliers, Tickets, Pamphlets & Programs
Designed & Reproduced
Up to FOUR spot colors
Duplexing, Binding & Laminating

Abaco Office Products

Marsh Harbour * Across from Golden Grouper Restaurant *

Phone 367-2439

Do-it-Yourself * 150 Copies *

Photocopiers, FAX Machines, Typewriters

White & colored Copier Paper, regular & heavy weight
Ribbons, File Folders, Binders, Writing Pads

Copier Repairs to most Brands

.. ;:.

S I . , * , , i� a

Page 8 The Abaconian November 1993

Immigration Policy Given By M.P. Butler

M.P. Arlington Butler, Cabinet
Minister, spoke on Immigration matters
to an overflow crowd at a town meeting.
He focused on illegal immigrants and
problems related to the processing of

South Abaco

By Lee Pinder
Cherokee welcomes its newest citizen,
William Stewart Pinder, who arrived on
August 12th at 8 lbs. 11 oz. His mother
Laurel, supervisor of the Batelco Station,
is one of the familiar voices of
"Cherokee Radio" on the VHF, and his
proud father, Roger, is a well-known
Abaco mason.
Sasha Mae, daughter of Phillis and
Jeffrey Albury of Man-O-War, will wed
Richard Eugene, son of Doreen and
Morral Albury of Cherokee Sound. The
ceremony will be held November 6th at
the Man-O-War Gospel Chapel. Sasha
always gives her customers a winning
smile where she works at Joe's Studio,
and Richard is following in his father's
footsteps as electrician in the family
business, Key's Electric, in Marsh
Harbour. The newlyweds will make their
home in Man-O-War, much to the regret
of Cherokee, but we all extend our best
wishes to these ambitious young people
and wish them well.
The annual Methodist auction was held
behind Epworth Chapel on September
25th. A stand of green bananas brought
the highest bid of $120 for a single item,
with $20 for a near-perfect avocado pear
and $20 for a jar of candied hog-plums -
just to mention a few of the donations by
friends and members of the church. Of
course, none of this would have been
accomplished without the help of Pat
Bethel, auctioneer and son of Cherokee.
"Thanks again, Pat". A good time was
had by all who attended this traditional
fund-raiser. On October 30th a take-a-
way dinner was held to raise additional
funds for a much- needed new church
Cherokee Sound All-Age School had a
very informative and enjoyable field trip
for students and friends on October 8th,
to "Different of Abaco" at Casaurina
Point. They wandered around the nature
park and stayed for refreshments at the
new restaurant and bone-fishing resort.
But now it's back to work and study for
a competitive spelling bee coming up
later this month.


Join us on board our specify
designed dive boat and explore
tunnels and caverns in majestic
coral mountains rising from a depth
of sixty feet to the ocean surface in
clear turquoise waters.
* Scuba & snorkeling trips daily
* NAUI & PADI certified instructors
offering resort (beginner) courses
or ful certification courses
* Underwater videos
* ~yn Suits, T Shirts
* Hats, Reef Sandals, etc.
Phone 809-367-2787 Bahamas
809-367-4004 FAX
at the Conch Inn Marina
Marsh Harbour

immigrants. Although the Haitian
problem was foremost in his speech, he
mentioned that the same rules and
conditions apply to all foreigners in this
country. His talk was well received and

interrupted often as the audience
applauded his comments.
He was fair, compassionate, yet firm
in stating that the government will be
rectifying the illegal immigrant problem.
Residency and citizenship applications
total about 10,000, too many to process
properly when full cabinet approval is
necessary for an application to be
granted. Many files are over an inch
thick with supporting documents.
Minister Butler acknowledged and
apologized for the many files which have
been misplaced or lost over the years.
The only remedy for this is to re-apply.
Applicants here prior to 1980 should
expect to receive status to remain here
and work. Children born in the Bahamas
to immigrants will be considered
favorably for permanent status here.
In reviewing applicants' files, more
consideration is given to those with a
history of work permits, monthly
National Insurance payments and other
factors showing compliance and
integration into the Bahamian society. It
is not advantageous when long-standing

The many residents of Cherokee are
looking forward to the time when
electricity will finally be available. They
are preparing ahead now by having the
necessary re-wiring done so they meet
the specifications. Hopefully the
electricity will come soon.
Another major concern of our
settlement is the long-promised tarring of
the Great Abaco Highway and the much-
needed grading of the Cherokee road.
The constant wear and tear on our
vehicles, not to mention our bodies, is a
very sore point.

Crossing Rocks
By Frank Hepburn
Barbara Smith from Cat Island wed
Alexander Bain of Crossing Rocks at St
Marks Baptist Church on October 30.
They will live in Crossing Rocks.
Crossing Rocks School has 66 pupils
in grades one through twelve. This
enrollment number is up from last year
when there were 61 students enrolled.
Adjacent to Crossing Rocks is the
Island Homes Development managed by
Canadian Walter Hackburn. There are a
total of 480 residential lots. Already
there are nine homes completed and
occupied with four more under
construction. This is providing jobs and
opportunities for the residents of
Crossing Rocks.
Moore's Island
A fund raising event was held in the
community November 12th to enable
Tom Hield's 11 year old son to undergo
medical attention tin Miami for his eyes.
Donations may be left with Pat Bethel in
Marsh Harbour at Marco

Sandy Point
by Ruth Flowers
Mt. Zion Baptist Church celebrated
its 135th year since its founding. The
celebration was October 25 and included
many notable ministers of the area. Rev.
Basil Brooks was guest speaker. Rev.
Jerome Burrows and choir from the
Sandy Point Assembly of God as well as
Rev. Benjamin Pinder and choir from St.
Martin's Anglican Church and Rev.
Mervin Burrows from Crossing Rocks'
St Marks Baptist Church contributed to
the joyous time.
ESPN, the TV sports channel, is
filming the excellent bone fishing
opportunities available around Sandy
Point. The films will be viewed on ESPN
early next year. The Oiesha Resort is
hosting the group and providing guides
and boats. Mr. Larry Dahlberg of
Dahlberg Productions is in charge of the



Shipping & Freight Clearing
Imports & Exports by Air or Sea
Cruising Permits Extended
Boat Duties Handled
"One Call Does it All"
Phone 809-367-2089, FAX 367-2530, VHF 16
P O Box AB20485, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Visit our waterfront office on the Front Street

Local News

Gifts T Shrts *Noveltie-
Inexpensive gifts for the folks back home

Aeroes the street Phone 367-2658
from Mangoes Marsh IHarhenr

s Gardeners Eden
Florist 0 Landscaping
S Garden Plants 0 Supplies
New Owners Lease & Mandy Pinder
New Ohers Phme 367-2260
New Theme Next teo ya l ank
New Plants Marh W arbour

Excavation, Utilities, Base Work, Surface Treatment
Hot & Cold Mix, Coal Tar Emulsion Sealer
Asphalt related products
Hudson Building, Marsh Harbour Phone 809-367-3956 FAX 367-3959

Air Charter Service
To Namssa, Freeport & other ilamnd
Miami, W.Palm Beach & beyond
Captains Farn Sawyer & Marc Pelmme
Cal 809-367-289 or 2613 or 2539
P 0 IB AB2485, Mars H arbelur Abae

applicants have no history of trying to
comply with the Bahamian system.
Haitians applying for citizenship face
further obstacles in attempting to get a
valid Haitian passport due to the political
situation in Haiti and the difficulty in
obtaining supporting documents.
According to Minister Butler, a large
number of Abaco Haitians have asked to
be voluntarily repatriated to Haiti. A
boat will be provided to accommodate
them and their belongings at an
appropriate time. This is hampered by
the international embargo which prohibits
ships from taking persons and their
belongings back to Haiti at this time.
lion. Butler assured the meeting that
the agricultural sector of our island
would get consideration for temporary
labourers as needed.
Government is also working to clarify
the status of foreigners married to
Bahamians. Foreign men married to
Bahamian women will be accorded the
same consideration as foreign women
married to Bahamian men now receive.

Rental, Ltd.

Business Office 367-2259

The Ultimate Fun Way
to See the Island



Central Abaco

* Marsh Harbour .
Santa is Coming, Annual Bazaar
Making Big Plans
Santa Claus will make an appearance in
Marsh Harbour on November 27th at the
4th Annual Christmas Bazaar. It will be
held on the vacant lot across from the
Golden Harvest food store on Saturday,
November 27th, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Plan to bring your children to see
Santa. There will be a mini zoo with
many animals for children to see and even
some for them to pet. Let your children
bring along their pets as the Christmas
Bazaar Committee is organizing a pet
parade with ribbons for entrants.
Proceeds are to be used for Abaco
Youth Sports. Further information may be
obtained by calling Peggy Thompson at
366-0224 or Cha Boyce at 367-2967.
Previous bazaars have had a delightful
mix of native and foreign food and local
handcrafts. A few of our boutiques and
gift shops have used this street bazaar to
sell special holiday merchandise at very
attractive prices. This year first, second
and third place prizes will be awarded for
the best-decorated tables.
This is a great way to get into the spirit
of Christmas.
Dinner Honors Gordon Hudson
Gordon Hudson was honored by a
testimonial dinner held in Treasure Cay
on November 6, 1993. He was
commended for his forward-looking
vision and his commitment to the
democratic process of Bahamian politics.

He has been a instigator and leader in
organizations such as the Regatta Time in
Abaco, the Chamber of Commerce and
others. He has been prominent in the life
of the Methodist Churches in the
* Murphy Town *
by Cleveland Dawkins
Murphy Town residents have formed
a Community Association to improve the
community through physical appearance
and to create better community
relationships. Their goals include wanting
to interest their children to further their
education as well as preserve their
heritage. Cleveland Dawkins is President
of the association.
Murphey Town (the original spelling)
was named after Sir William Murphey,
Governor of the Bahamas from 1945 -
1950. The settlement was created when
the residents were relocated by the
government from Bluff Point after a
severe hurricane in the 1930's .
90th Birthday for Jane Davis
Jane Davis of Murphy Town celebrated
her 90th birthday on October 22, 1993,
with a party. Her family and friends
were happy to honor her in this way.
She's a very remarkable woman, still
loves to fish, reads her Bible without
glasses, and attends church regularly.
She was born in Bluff Point and lived
there until after the hurricane of 1932
when she was relocated in Murphy Town.
CARL ARCHER Jr was born
September 27th in Nassau to Marva
Boodle and Carl Archer.

bahamian cuisine

Bar opens Daily 10 am (5 pm on Tuesdays)
Happy Hour Daily 5 - 6pm
Lunch & Dinner Daily (except Tuesdays - Kitchen closed)
Lunch 11:30am - 2:30pm Dinner 6pm - 8:30pm
Ice for Sale Bikes for Rent
Hope Town
366-0087 VHF 16 366-0292

Marsh Harbour

November 1993 The Abaconian Page 9

Parts & Service Rentals & Sales
* Club Car Dealer * Nicest Carts
* Batteries 0 Best Service
* Tires Lowest Rates

Treasure Cay Mini-Mart Building at the North End
John Cash Telephone 809-367-2507 or VHF Channel 16

Cafe & Bar
The finest delicatessen and shop for
gourmet foods in the Bahamas
on the Marsh Harbour waterfront
*Meato & Cheese trom Arund the World
* Smoked Fish. Salmon. Tuma. Maki Mahi
*Exotic Paut. & Other Gourmet Delight.
*Full Selectionr t Rasted coffee Beaus & Tea
Full Catering Service & Proviioning
Our Restaurant Serves
Breakfast & Lunch * Tues thru Sm.
Dinner * Wednesday thru Saturday
"HAPPY HOUR" Every Friday 6:30 - 7:30
Live Bahamian Music * Fri & Sat Evenings
Phone 809-367-3498 VHF channel 16
Under the fig tree between Wally's & Mangoes



and the

We can supply all of your grocery needs including fresh baked bread,
pies, and rolls, fresh fruit and vegetables, prime U S meats, imported
cheeses, and dairy products.

Supermarket Selection with
Country Store Convenience

Pies "R" Us
Knead we say more!
Hope Town
366-0037 VHF 16



Now featuring appliances

Refrigerators 0 Freezers
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Fax (809) 367-2673
On Stratton Drive behind the Post Office


RCA & GE Televisions
VCR's * Portable Audios
Shakespear Antennas
Satellite Systems &
CD's & Tapes

D & S Marsh Harbour
Shopping Plaza Phone 367-2672


Page 10 The Abaconian November 1993

Local News

Says |

By Cheri Pinder
Great Guana Cay Gospel Chapel had
the ground breaking for a new chapel
October 16, 1993. Members worked the
week before to demolish the old chapel
that was built about 1934. They hope to
have the chapel completed by Christmas
and celebrate with a beautiful service in
the new church.
Great Guana Cay School had a
Hallowe'en costume party October 28th.
Games, treats and fun were shared by all

The following advertisements have
been taken from publicly posted
notices in Marsh Harbour and
reprinted below. Owing to the nature
of these notices, the goods and
services shown below MAY or MAY
NOT be available. These ads and
public notices are printed here at no
charge in this initial issue of
The ABACONIAN to inaugurate
this advertising section. Publicly
posted notices may be reprinted
gratis in the future at the discretion
of the publisher. Refer to the
schedule below for classified rates.

3 Lns $5, Additional lines at $1.50
PO Box 551, Marsh Hrbour or
Phone 367-2677 or FAX 367-3677
for more information.

TRUCKS carrying GARBAGE to the Marsh
Harbour dump must be covered and have a
net or tailgate to prevent debris from falling
off on roadways. The public is reminded that
littering is punishable by up to a $500 fine.
Marsh Harb Board of Works.
CROSSING BEACH use in Marsh Hlarb.
requires permission from the Comm. Office
and payment of a refundable $50 clean "p
deposit. Marsh Harbour Board of Works

Big Brother/Big Sister Organization needs
volunteers for helping teenagers, call Emmit
Archer 367-2064 for information
MUSEUM announces an update of the
Hope Town genealogy, 495 page 3rd edition
now available in Hope Town
ADULT EVENING (lasses at Abaco
Central High School is orlfrcin courses in
BGCSE, English Language, Mathematics,
Typing, Bookkeeping/Accounts, & Sewing
call 367-2334 for more information
St Francis deSalle School raffle Nov 28th


BIRTHDAY greetings to Simeon Pinder,
Sabrina Bethel & Chamara Parotti at
Casaurina Point from Theresa Pinder
and family
who recently received honors in her
field of advanced marketing techniques.
18th Wedding Anniversary
congratulations to Theresa & Simeon
Pinder at Casaurina Point
32nd Wedding Anniversary congratu-
lations to Myrtle & Allan Bethel on
Guana Cay

for demonstration call 367-2166

of the pupils, staff and members of the
Six pupils from Guana are now
attending Abaco Central High School via
the daily Guana Grabber ferry and a
school bus ride. Best of luck to all of
Guana School is making plans for a
beach clean-up the second week of
November. Come help us beautify our
By Annabelle Cross
Seven pound eleven ounce Rashad
Devon was born to Sharon Wells and

Beginning Computing, Word Perfect 5.1,
Microsoft Works. DacEasy Accounting,
Call for dates & times 367-3475
Pitman Typewriter Classes Stages 1, 2 & 3
Call Elain at 367-2743 for information
DR ROLLE daily 9AM - 5PM 367-3390 for
MURRAY Plumbing & Maintenance
Service, lawn care & landscaping, George
Murray, Marsh Harbour 367-7050
music has just arrived, Marsh Harbour
beside Kentucky Fried
ARCHITECTURAL & Drafting services
Brent Key Phone 367-2600
HOME Improvement block work, decorative
walls, entrances, etc. 367-3177
ABACO SPACES 16x20 enclosed storage
space in Marsh Harbour, opposite Abaco
Wholesale 367-2414 Glen Albury
floors, furniture & windows, full janitorial
service 367-2814
REPAIRS to motorcycles, Suzuki, Honda &
Nissan generators, outboards, pumps, chain
saws, hedge clippers, mowers etc. 23 years
experience. Call Dick at 367-3838

WAITRESSES, waiters, bartenders wanted
full or part time, must be happy, fast &
efficient phone 366-0134
Tenders are invited from qualified builders to
do major repairs to the Post Office at Man-
O-War Cay and Cherokee Sound. Plans can
be viewed at the Commissioner's office in
Marsh Harbour. J C Stuart. Commissioner

TIKI HUT bar & grill on Marsh Harbour
waterfront Open daily except Tuesday. at
Triple J Marina
CAPT'N JACKS Restaurant & Bar in Hope
Town. Breakfast daily 8:30-10:30am, Lunch
& Dinner ll-9pm. Bar 8:30am until...
GINA'S TAKE-A-WAY by Marsh Harbour
Primary school, Bahamian dishes & snacks
8:30 - 3pm & 6 - 11pm free delivery. Closed
Mon 367-3981
SPINNAKER restaurant. Treasure Cay
announces new management and a new menu

snorkel tours, Brent Bass, Com Dive
Master PADI 54992, Marsh Harbour


12,000 Gal Fiberglass water tanks (4)
$6.000 ea Billy Braithwaite 327-7950
GOLD miniature coconut plants $15
each Sam Alburv 365-6058
white, good condition $75 367-2315

DCvon Rolle on September 28th at
Princess Margaret Hospital.
Seven pound five ounce Dillon Dale
was born to Dale and Mandy Roberts on
October 25th at Palm Beach Gardens
Hospital. Dillon is Rhett's new baby
The parents of Green Turtle Cay
students attending Wesley College had an
Italian night fund-raising dinner on 22nd
October. Spaghetti dinners and pizza
were on the menu. It was well attended
and approximately $2000 was raised for
the Wesley School Fund.
Green Turtle "Fiesta"
Christmas Fiesta in Green Turtle Cay
will be December 4th, 1993. The
afternoon will be filled with festival
activities and fun events. Entertainment
includes a Talent Show, a Fashion Show
by Tropic Topics, live Christmas music
featuring the Gully Roosters plus a food

WATER BED king size w/heater $175
Dale Blank, PO Box AB20149, Marsh
H, or Jackie 367-2326
TWO PIECE sofa sleeper & rocker,
Ancela Gay 367-2334 9am-3pm
SOFA $250, love seat $150, 367-3180
after 9pm
LINENS - 2 brown twin quilted
bedspreads $25 ea, 2 twin tropical print
quilted bedspreads $40 ea, 2 set twin
peach sheets $15/set, 1 full white & rose
comforter $50 Carol Wakefield, E
Shore, PO Box 323, Marsh Harbour
VCR by JVC $300, Fender Strat elec
guitar $800, Roland D50 Midi keyboard
w/case $1200, Phone 367-2790
CRIB & mattress $200 Debbie
Phone 366-0088
OUTDOOR light fixtures 4/$10 ea,
Phone 366-0387
UPRIGHT FREEZER $500, Bunk beds,
bunk top & full bottom, wooden
w/drawers & mattress $700, child's
rocking chair $20, children's table &
benches $80, stuffed animals, china &
movies 367-3257 before 9pm
PFAFF commercial sewing machine
$500 Phone 365-6270
New TANDY cellular phone 367-2295
9-5 or 367-3074 after 5
AIR MATTRESSES 367-2076 or

19' STAPLETON Center Console boat
w/150 HP Evinrude, $13,000 fully
equipped, 367-3640
200 HP Mercury 25" shaft, new
powerhead, Robert Claridgc 367-2696
17' Aquasport w/89 Evinrude 90 HP,
$5000 Mac in Little Harbour 359-6649
after 6 p.m.
23' Columbia Sail boat, duty pd,
Willard at 365-6085
1989 225 HP Evinrude long shaft
$2500, 1984 55 HP Evinrude long shaft,
elec start, $1200, Earl 367-2163
18' WOODEN M-O-W built boat w/75
HP Mercury $4000 Terry 366-0069
23' cabin outboard cruiser, twin 75 HP
Yamaha $5000 Dan Pinder, Cherokee
WANT cheep sailboat 25 - 30ft Tony
17' CENTER CONSOLE Aquasport
1989 Evinrude 90 HP, $5000 VHF Tree
House, Little Harbour
18' boat w/100 HP Mercury outboard,
Lowell Roberts, Guana Cay, VHF 16
20' GRADY WHITE w/150HP Mercury
& 40 gal fuel tank, $12,000 Don Albury
365-6086 8-5pm, 365-6149 after 5

festival at several of the restaurants. Sand
Dollar Shoppe will have their annual
jewelry show from 5pm - 7:30pm, which
features jewelry created in Green Turtle
The Alton Lowe Gallery, which
features paintings by Alton Lowe and
sculptures by James Mastin, will be open
to the public 10am to 2pm However,
most of the activities are in the late
afternoon and evening. The restaurants
will require reservations. Ferry service
will be available. To GTC 10:30 to 2:30,
and 4 to 5pm From GTC 1:30 to 3pm,
and 8 to 9:45pm. Round trip fare on the
ferry will be $10.00. Make your plans
now to attend this fun event and support
the efforts of our local communities.
Abaco Inn manager, I.arry Abury,
announces their new gift shop will open
Nov. 15th.
Hope Town Harbour Lodge has new
owners and is being managed by Sara
and Nick O'Connor. The entrance-way
and dining room areas are being
extensively remodeled.
Lighthouse Marina has removed their
fuel dock to reconstruct a new dock
facility with six slips. Construction work
is due to be completed in December.
Whispering Pines is now a new gift
shop featuring leather and art items from
Tanny Key's native Ecuador.
Weiner Malone's boat shed is gone but
has been reconstructed beside his house
on the back street. His shipyard is again
in full swing.
The Hope Town community is doing
extensive dock repairs to the area in front
of the Lodge. They are bulkheading,
filling, and landscaping to make a park
and badly-needed parking area.
Earlier this year a hibiscus plant was
dedicated in the Byrle Patterson
Memorial garden to the memory of Eric
and Bernice Lowe. The Lowes had be
ardent supporters of the Wyannie Malone
Museum and had made numerous
contributions to it.
Wyannie Malone Museum is now a
legal society. They are preparing to
purchase land to build a structure for
housing the museum.
Jacob David Albury was born
September 4, 1993, in Canada. Proud
parents are Timmy and Hillary Albury.
James Christopher Albury was born
October 14, 1993, in Florida to parents
Monty and Ruth Albury. It's a new
brother for Bradley Monty.
by Brenda Sawyer
Man-O-War Marina Pavilion
Restaurant is now under the management
of Marjorie and Richard Fldon. They
are ';pcciali/jng in Bahamian cuisine and
their prices are reasonable.
Man-O-War Gospel Chapel will be
having a Thanksgiving Dinner November
18, 1993, beginning at 5:30 p.m. A
service will follow at 7:30 p.m. All are
invited. Bro. Frank Perry will be the
Mr. Brent Albury of Man-O-War and
Miss Penny Sweeting of Hope Town
have announced their engagement. The
wedding date will be announced later.
Man-O-War has started a Weight
Watchers program. They are happy to
report that over 150 pounds have been
lost all together.
Miss Sacha Albury, daughter of Jeff
and Phillis Albury of Man-O-War, wed
Mr. Richard Albury of Cherokee Sound
on November 6, 1993.
Mr. Tony Albury and Chad Albury
overturned in their fishing boat coming
through Manjack Channel during a
storm. Fortunately they escaped with
minor injuries. Family and friends have
managed to recover the boat.

November 1993 The Abacenan Page 11

Forest Dr. Zoning To Be Reviewed

Leonard Knowles announced that the
Marsh Harbour Town Planning Board
has requested assistance from Nassau in
reviewing the zoning along Forest Drive.
This area was zoned residential by
Nassau years ago.
There is a growing resentment by
residents of this area that they cannot
open businesses along this roadway and
that they have little control over the
commercial growth in their community.
Building and license applicants
complain that it is not fair that only
Marsh Harbour and the far end of
Murphy town are allowed new
The Town Planning and the
Licensing Boards are planning a joint
session to review complaints and
suggestions. Mr. Knowles, co-chainnman
of Town Planning, mentioned the
constant conflicts that both boards face
over the present zoning along this road.
[In October, Town Planning and
Physical Planning Dept. of Nassau met
on Abaco to work together on a new
master zoning plan for the greater Marsh
Harbour area.]
Silbert Mills, a member of Town
Planning, announced that the present

Board has passed 117 plans with a total
construction value of $6,103,000 during
their six month tenure. Marsh Harbour
led with $1,144,000. The other
communities show construction projects
valued at: $1,067,000 for Dundas Town,
$758,000 for Hope Town, $681,000 for
Scotland Cay, $549,000 for Murphy
Town, $515,000 for Man-O-War,
$500,000 for Cherokee, $417,000 for
Guana Cay, $60,000 for Great Cistern,
and $39,000 for Spring City.
These figures are impressive but may
be misleading. For example, no
construction is underway or under
apparent consideration for the two
Scotland Cay approvals. Other approved
plans may not materialize on the ground
for a lack of construction funds or a
change in the owner's intentions.

* * * * *
Rezoning for Marsh Harbour
Town Planning and Physical
Planning Department of Nassau are
working on a new master zoning plan for
the greater Marsh Harbour area. As the
towns have grown, the current zoning
has imposed hardships which the Board
is working to overcome.

Property Taxes

Continued from Page 1
Nassau press concerning this tax
increase. There are provisions in the
Immovable Properties Act for a tax
increase on land remaining undeveloped
after the expiration of a two-year grace
period allowed for improvements.
However, during the ten-year period in
which the Act has been in place, any
-- firi i . mfualry development
have not been publicized, enforced or
billed to property owners. The
Immovable Properties Act relates only to
foreign-owned property, and therefore
has no immediate impact on Bahamians.

Further confusion arises when
comparing this punitive tax rate to
recently stated goals by the Prime
Minister for amending the Immovable

Long-Line Fishing

Continued from Page 1
a series of hooks on them. Every few
miles there are radar reflectors for
retrieving the line and florescent lights to
lure fish to the hooks. Many, many fish
are hooked but not recovered.
Even more destructive are those
vessels doing bottom long-line fishing
which have lines four to twelve miles
long and fish at depths of 20 to 60
fathoms (120 to 360 feet). These fishing
boats are after grouper and snapper.
They use steel cable Vs to VA inch with a
series of hooks a few feet apart. Since
these boats fish fairly close to the reef,
the lines can get fouled on the reef.
When the vessel winches the line in,
much damage is done to the reefs also.
Many fish are hooked on these lines
attracting other fish which in turn get
hooked. Most of the fish are not usable
but are killed indiscriminately. The
areas where long-line fishing has been
allowed are soon depleted of fish.
The suggested legislation being
proposed would allow this type of fishing
in our waters. It would seriously deplete
our fishing areas very quickly and would
affect our economy disastrously. It
would ruin our own fishing industry and
destroy our tourism that is centered on
fishing: that is sport fishing, diving and

Properties Act to encourage land sales
and foreign investment.
Questions dealing with your tax
assessment may be directed to Joe
Norris, Tax Assessor for Abaco, who
resides at Treasure Cay, Abaco. Mr
Norris expects to have a phone in
January 1994 when Batelco completes
the initial phase of the new Treasure Cay
pho "ystem.
[LATE NEWS: A notice dated
November 15th arrived in the Marsh
Harbour Post Office on November 18th
from the tax department which stated
"You would have received by now ...a
tax notice ...calculated at 7% in error.
A revised tax bill will be mailed to you
before 31st December 1993.... I
apologize for the error and any
inconvenience caused. J W Bethell." ]

shark diving. This legislation would
allow foreigners to plunder our waters at
One of the other major problems of
long-line fishing is the disastrous
collapse in the shark population. Sharks
are vital to the ecology of the ocean as
they are the top predators, eating the
weak, sick and worm-infected fish that
damage our coral reefs. They are
essential for sustaining a healthy reef.
Long-line fishing completely destroys
the ecological balance of the reefs and
the ocean. Can we afford to let this
happen to one of our greatest natural
resources and assets?

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Page 12 The Abaconian November 1993

OBITUARIES - Residents & Friends

VANJIE CAREY, 73, of Hope Town
died recently at the Lakeland Regional
Medical Center in Lakeland Florida. A
funeral Service was held at the
Evangelistic Temple in Nassau.
Mrs. Carey is survived by her
husband Robert "Bobby" Carey, sons
Bert, Donnie and Mike Carey, daughter
Mrs. Cathy Curry, sisters Mrs Faye
Kemp, Mrs Enis Albury, brothers
Donald, Wade, Billy, and Robert Sands,
13 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren
and many other relatives.
EDITH KEMP, 79. died in Hope
Town on September 17th, 1993.
She was born and grew up in Roses,
Long Island where she learned to plait


"Abaco's Best Rental Fleet"
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Fishing & snorkling gear
Bait, Ice & guides
Call 367-2742
P 0 Box 419, Marsh Harbour

straw. This was the beginning of a life-
long career in the straw industry. She
lived in Hope Town for most of her life.
"Miss Edith" as she was known,
leaves four children, Charles, Sheila,
Philip and Deidre, many grandchildren
and numerous other relatives and friends.
GEORGE MILLS, 87, of Dundas
Town died October 18th, 1993. The
funeral service was held October 23rd in
the St. James Methodist Church in
Dundas Town. He was born in Cornish
Town, Abaco and earned a reputation
in earlier days as the "best sponger" in
his time.
He is survived by sons Cecil, Bertram,
Derward, and daughters Althea and
Elvert, 44 grandchildren, great
grandchildren, and many other relatives.
M, age 83, died on October 13, 1993, at
her home on Green Turtle Cay.
Mrs. Roberts was born on Green
Turtle Cay in 1910 and grew up there.
She began her teaching career as a
teacher's aide at the age of 12. In 1937
she married Albert Roberts, and they had
one daughter, Shirley.
Amy was honored by the Primary
Principals' Association, The Northern
Abaco Community, the community of
Green Turtle and on two occasions by
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
On January 22, 1993, the Green
Turtle All-Age School was officially
renamed the Amy Roberts All-Age
School in a ceremony attended by the
Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Hubert
Ingraham; the Minister of Education,
Hon. C.A. Smith and other government
officials. This was one of Amy's
proudest moments.

November 15th in Marsh Harbour.
Charles was born in Cherokee and
moved to Man-O-War Cay as a young
man as a boat carpenter. More recently
he was a building contractor in Marsh
Survivors include his wife, Marie,
three sisters; Margaret Sweeting, Venel
Roberts, and Lola Sawyer; three
daughters, Shirlene Roberts, Cheryl
Bethel, and Julie Darville. Also included
are many grandchildren and other
The Bible Truth Hall in Marsh
Harbour held the funeral service.
46, of Marsh Harbour died 24
September, 1993, after a prolonged stay
in a Miami hospital.
He was born in Cherokee in 1947 and

lived there until the mid-1960's when he
moved to Marsh Harbour. He worked
for the BAIL sugar industry, then
became a master mechanic. He was
known as the "Boat Doctor",
Survivors include his wife, Sandra;
daughter, Bernadette; grandsons, Dexter
& Randal; son-in-law, Randy; brothers,
Clyde, Chesney, Theodore, Glen, Andy
and Will; sisters, Patsy and Ruth.
JACK STORR, noted oceanographer
and limnologist, passed away suddenly
August 18, 1993, at his home in Hope
Dr. Storr was a retired professor at
the University of Buffalo in New York
and a regular summer resident of Hope
He is survived by his wife Rhoda, son
Gordon; daughter-in-law Sally; and two

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