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Title: Abaconian
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Title: Abaconian
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Publication Date: November 1, 2007
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VOLUME 14, NUMBER 21, NOVEMBER 1st, 2007

48 houses demolished in the Mud

Buildings constructed since the last fire will be destroyed
A local government team along with
staff from The Ministry of Works and
other government agencies demolished 48
structures, mostly houses, in the Haitian
Mud community.
These were buildings that were built
after the fire of November 2005 which
consumed over 100 houses and the fire in
March, 2007, which destroyed another 14
Immediately after that 2005 fire a team
went through the area and numbered each
house. The buildings knocked down now
were those built subsequent to the fire.
These were predominately new buildings
which were not yet occupied.
Fifteen additional buildings have been
identified which were built subsequently
but were found to be occupied by women
and children. These occupants have been
advised to relocate by November 2, 2007,
as these houses are slated to be demol-
While houses were being destroyed, a
second team with a bulldozer cleaned the
brush and trees between the western edge
-- of the Mud and the highway to give visibil-
ity to the area. Junk cars, appliances and
other debris in this strip were pushed to the
edge of the road and taken to the dump.
Mr. Stephen Knowles, leader of the team
executing this demolition, said the rats
The demolition of houses in the Mud began on October 18 when staff of the Ministry of Works knocked down 11 vacant houses under coming out of the disturbed junked cars
the direction of Local Government. By October 24 48 buildings had been demolished. The residents in the immigrant community were as big as puppies.

had been told not to construct any more houses after a fire on November 2005. At that time existing houses were numbered with
spray paint. However, a recent survey found many new houses. These have been marked with a different coloured paint and will
systematically be knocked down. The debris will probably be taken to the dump to be burned.

Please see The Mud Page 2

Set Clocks Back One Hour

on November 4
SDaylight Savings Time ends at 2 a.m. on November 4. Set
your clocks back one hour either at bedtime on Saturday eve-
ning, November 3, or on Sunday morning, November 4.

jAgape School Cleans Road to Dump

Agape Christian School with assistance from members of the Marsh Harbour Gospel
Chapel cleaned litter along the road from Marsh Harbour to the dump. They were
horrified as they discovered an old couch, a stereo, tires, a washing machine along
with the normal litter of bottles, cans, Styrofoam containers, diapers and other nasty
garbage. However, they were proud to have cleaned up three miles of roadway.

Jeans' Day gives to Cancer Soc.

Schools throughout Abaco were asked to participate in Jeans' Day. Students choosing
to wear jeans instead of their school uniform donated $2 for this privilege. The result
was that $7000 was collected and donated to the Cancer Society of Abaco. Pictured
here is Mrs. Lenora Black, Superintendent of Education, Abaco District, presenting
the check to Mrs. Veronica Saunders of the Cancer Society. Shown here are Mrs.
Josephine Kumar, Principal of St. Francis de Sales School; Mrs. Sandy Edwards,
Family Life and Health Education Officer; Ms. Felamease Sawyer, Education Officer
for Primary Schools; Mrs. Black ; Mrs. Ruth Smith, Education Office Manager; Mr.
Leslie Rolle, Senior Education Officer, High Schools; Mrs. Saunders; Marjolein Scott
and Jennifer Hudson of the Cancer Society; and Mr. Leroy Thompson, Senior Master,
Central Abaco Primary School. See story on page 10.

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The Abaconian PRST STD
9945 NW 88th Ave US POSTAGE
Medley, FL 33178 PAID
Forward and Address Correction Permit #2438

Page 2 A The Abaconian

Mud area is cleared of illegal houses and brush

The Mud From Page 1
It was found that some of these junked
cars were not abandoned as believed but
had been brought from the dump to facili-
tate removal of parts. During the five-day
exercise, two junk cars were seen being
taken back into the Mud area.
Many buildings were found to have indi-
vidual rooms which are alleged to rent for
$75 $100 per week. One house was found
with 17 rooms on a second floor and anoth-
er with 16 rooms. This computes to rental
revenues exceeding $5,000 per month for
the larger rooming house.
Occupants of rooms or residents of
houses are said to pay an additional $20
- $40 per week for electricity. That one
larger boarding house has a potential rev-
enue in excess of $1,300 per month to the

generator operator.
The area has restaurants, night clubs,
bars and one establishment believed to be
a strip-joint. One house was found contain-
ing approximately 1,000 cases of Haitian
rum which was said to have been imported
into Nassau, then transshipped h ere on the
mail boat. None of the businesses are li-
Four of the newly constructed houses
were found with undocumented illegal im-
migrants which were taken by Immigration
officers for processing.
Several ploys are used by residents in
this area to deter officials. Old ladies, ba-
bies and young children are passed around
as appropriate and are often found in hous-
es slated to be demolished.
One of the newer houses was found with
several young children. However, on in-
spection, there were no household items to

support children living there. There was
no clothing, food, diapers or other items
relating to children. These grandmothers
and infants are used to bolster claims for
humane and compassionate treatment.
Officials are working to maintain week-
ly excursions into the area to look for addi-
tional construction. A thorough knowledge
of the area is required as houses pop up
overnight in an empty spot.
An early challenge was the removal of
material from the demolished structures.
Construction materials are often carried
into obscure sites by hand, making removal
of the construction material very difficult.
Some of the demolished material disap-
peared during the night before government
workmen returned the next day.
During this exercise, available time and
manpower was devoted to demolishing the
newly constructed houses even though it
was recognized that the lumber may get
recycled into additional buildings. Weekly

monitoring of the area is hoped to keep
new construction under control.
Recent rain gave meaning to the area
name, the Mud, leaving access to some of
the sites difficult to reach without getting
muddy. The area was originally a swamp
that was fillin when a channel was dredged
to allow boats access to the freight dock.
Leading the Local Government crew
was Pastor Stephen Knowles and Ms.
Yvonne Key, both members of the Cen-
tral Abaco District Council. Mr. Dean of
the Ministry of Works led the demolition
team. Additional governmental agencies
represented were Police, Defence Force,
Immigration, Department of Environmen-
tal Health and Social Services.
Police and Immigration officers were on
the scene but the operation proceeded with-
out incident. The Immigration officer did
apprehend several undocumented immi-
grants, but this was incidental to the main
thrust of the operation.

Houses that were built after the fire where residents were told not to put up any additional
buildings were destroyed. Additionally a bulldozer has cleared the brush between the
community and the main road, exposing the area to passersby. The dozer operator found
many derelict vehicles and trash that were brought out to be hauled away.

The Ministry of Works crew that was demolishing newly built houses fourd that someone
was living in part of this building. They left it until the person could move her belong-



P.O. Box AB 20737

Marsh Harbour

Abaco, Bahamas

Tel : 242-367-2091 / 367-3341

Fax: 242-367-2235 / 367-4885
email: unitedabacoshippingco





801Avenue E

Riviera Beach, Fla. 33404

Tel: 561-840-9393

Fax: 561-863-3451

Contact: Tina Diaz

A Joint Venture
Marsh Harbour Shipping Co. & Unired Abaco Shipping Co.



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2 Weekly Sailings to and from Nassau
Weekly Sailing from West Palm Beach and
Marsh Harbour to Spanish Wells, Eleuthera
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i o jtA J - .r es .

November 1, 2007


November 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 3 A


Ss'ocal Knowledge -Global Network

Member of the Abaco MLS... another reason to list with us.

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superior fnshes, 7 bed 8 bath, turnkey $3,680,000.
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beach near public dockturnkey $2,490,000.
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the South end o Elbow Ca Lush gardens $2,300,000.
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I - vv 1


Page 4 A The Abaconian

South Abaco News

Cherokee Sound church to raise funds to be used for their a half Abaco dingy wall hanging that went and what we are most proud of.
By Lee Pinder various charities and missionary work. for $250. It is an old Cherokee tradition The guests of honour were three teach-
The Missionary Boat shown in the pho- and many folks come out just to listen to ers who had taught in Cherokee in the past.
Missionary Meeting tos was assigned a captain and a crew to the active bidding taking place. A service Mr. Patrick Bethel, who taught here in the
Every year the Cherokee Methodist take its voyage around the settlement to col- will be held that night. 1950s, was one of the teachers honoured.
Church has a Missionary Meeting. This lect prize pies and cakes and whatever fruit Although Cherokee is a small commu- His presentation to the children was about
year the Missionary Meeting will be held was in season to auction off to help raise nity, Epworth's Missionary Meetings have how different things are today compared
on November 3rd and 4th, but this photo funds. The captain always kept a log of his always had great success in reaching their with when he was in school. He told them
was taken at a Missionary Meetings held in voyage and reported back to the gathering goals and sometimes even outdistancing he didn't wear shoes to school until he was
the 1940s. You may even recognize some upon their return to port (at the front of the our sister churches and we hope it will be made a monitor at age 14 and all his under-
of the people present. It is a way for the church) and a reckoning of the items col- the same this year. Why not come out an clothes were made from feed bags or flour
lected. Sometimes the join us; all are welcome to attend. sacks. He went on to be the headmaster at
logs were pretty intense School News the College of the Bahamas.
in their description of Cherokee Primary School held a special Mr. Peter Bradley, who taught here
"the voyage" and of assembly on September 28 following the in the 1970s, made a comparison of how
the perils they encoun- theme What Cherokee is best known for he had just come from Hong Kong where
is t sn in the mi-thear som fthey more PHiS^^^ ^^^SSS C onch PearlGaller y andmad Jewer Shon
tered along the way. his wardrobe had all been tailor-made and
People don't write that maybe felt a little over dressed. He was
way anymore. picked up at Big Mangrove by two of the
For many years the young men in the community, and they
church has sponsored couldn't agree about which way they would
foreign missionary return to Cherokee, via the creek or across
i ministers in various the flats to the Long Dock. They finally
countries. Their aim decided on going to the Long Dock, but
is to deliver the Word ended up with low tide stuck in the sand.
-- of God throughout the The boys had to pull the boat to deeper
r world. water. He said that almost as soon as he
S This year's Mission- arrived on our shore he was taken fishing
ary Meeting in Chero- at the Lady Boiling Hole and was able to
kee will begin with catch a fish on his first drop, which quick-
the auction held on ly earned him extra respect from the local
the back porch of The fishermen. Mr. Bradley has come back to
Manse as usual. Last Abaco to live and is a part owner of the
This photo was taken in the mid-1940s and includes Kurtland year some of the more Conch Pearl Gallery and Jewelry Shop in
Russell and Ronald Albury with a group of children with the outstanding items were Marsh Harbour.
missionary boat in the middle. The photo was given to Mrs. a bottle of homemade Mr. Leslie Rolle, the third and last guest,
Lee Pinder by the daughter of Mr. Russell many years ago. It cane syrup that went The missionary boat of Epworh Chapel who taught in Cherokee during the 1980s
now hangs at the back of the church with a write-up on the last for $200, glasses of in Cherokee Sound is very old but unfor- reminisced about how he was awaked on
log of the Missionary Boat. The only child that we can identify homemade ice cream tunately no one knows just how old. It is
is the blond boy in the middle who is Danny Pinder. Perhaps that sold for $90 a piece used annually to raise fund for Methodist Please see South Page 5
our readers can identify more. and a unique carving of out-reach programs.

AbacoAc Hardware
The helpful place

sle;,Tles ON k& bolls parm~les

cGvews I"


L- ..
'"" f:k "

TEL: (242) 367-2170/2171 Don MacKay Blvd., Marsh Harbour, Abaco

November 1, 2007


Three head teachers of the Cherokee Sound
oured at a special assembly on September
Bethel, right, taught there in the 1950s while
ley, left, was headmaster in the 1970s and
was there in the 1980s. They all shared an
experiences while at the school.

South From Page 4
his first night in Cherokee at 4 a.m. by a
group of local men dressed in camouflage
outfits and carrying their shotguns, want-
ing to know if he would like to go hunt-
ing with them. He stated that he had no
"hunting clothes" and wore only a pair of
shorts and a T-shirt but went with them.
He said when the truck stopped and the
dogs jumped off and ran after the hog, he
was sure he was going to be left, so he ran
after them. However, even though when
he reached the men where the hog had al-
ready been killed and gutted, he admitted
he felt bloodier that the hog after running
through the rough bush. He spoke kindly
of his neighbour, Ms. Inez, who had a
large family of her own, but always kept a
meal for him on the stove, knowing he was
alone. Mr. Rolle is still in the education
system in the Abaco region.

All three recollec-
tions were completely
different stories that
everyone enjoyed.
The students pre-
pared an outstanding
program and Certifi-
cates of Appreciation
were given to the three
former teachers. Par-
ents and local residents
were invited to be
present for this event
school were hon
0 r Poa k and many were glad
28. Mr. Patrick
8. Mr. Patrik that they had come.
Mr. Peter Brad
Mr. Leslie Role We commend the new
Mr. Leslie Rolle
Sn oes of their District Supervisor,
necdotes of their
Mrs. Lenora Black,
for coming up with this
exercise in national pride and to the stu-
dents for a job extremely well done.
Cancer Awareness Day
The school celebrated Denim Day on
October 11th to raise awareness and raise
funds for the Bahamas Cancer Society.
The children paid $1 each to be able to
wear jeans to school. Special T-shirts were
also available for purchase.
Coastal Clean-Up Day
Schoolchildren and parents alike came
together on September 21st to be part of a
world-wide coastal clean-up day. Persons
from Cherokee have been participating in
this exercise for several years. The chil-
dren concentrated on the Long Dock area
and were able to collect seven or eight
large garbage bags of trash. It always
amazes me how much litter is collected
and the types of trash that turns up on our

More South Abaco News

0 ran Caoll us today & we will put you in touch with one of our Agents!
e Marsh Harbour, Abaco
o e tot, t 242.367.2549 f 242.367.3075
eone to tn^

Royal Star


November 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 5 A

Hope Town's Big Hill Box

Cart Derby is soon
By Michelle Mikula
Abaco Tourist Office
Have you ever dreamt of feeling the
rush from participating in a thrilling NAS-
CAR race? Well, now is the time to put
your imagination and adventurous spirit
into gear as you sign up to compete in
Hope Town's Big Hill Box Cart Derby on
November 24th. Requirements include the
creation of your own box-cart, a $25 entry
fee, ages 9 to adult and be ready to race at
12 noon.
Compete for many prizes, trophies and
bragging rights as friends root for their
favorite contender while enjoying music,
food, games and other fun activities, all
planned for the Hope Town Big Hill Box
Cart Derby on competition day. Please
contact Patrick Stewart at 366-3139, Staf-
ford Patterson at 366-0023 or the Abaco Tom Hazel, manager of the Hope Town
Tourist Office at 367-3067 for more infor- Harbour Lodge, is shown on his last
mation. year's box cart. This annual event draws
hundreds to enjoy the competition.

Remember to Buckle Up

specializing in Baihmian Foot

Open Monday thru Saturday

Breakfast 8:30- t10:00 'am.
Lunch & Dinner 11:00a.m.-9:00 p.m.
Bar Open 8:30 a.m.-'tfl
Happy Hour 5:00-6:30 p.m.
Restaurant & Bar Music Wed. & Fri. 8 :00-11:00 p.m.
On the Hope Town Waterfront 242.366.0247or VHF 16

Page 6 A The Abaconian

Central Abaco News

Computer Creations
Receives high rating
Computer Creations of Marsh Harbour
has recently been designated a CompTIA
A+ Authoized Service Center Gold by
the Computer Technology Industry Asso-
ciation, Inc. The multi-level Authorized
Service Center (ASC) program recognizes
PC, Network and Server Support business-
es that employ certified technicians. "We
take great pride in hiring qualified staff and
ensuring their training meets industry stan-
dards" said owner Mike Bodamer. "The
program has different levels starting from
a basic ASC, to the more advanced ASC
Gold which is much harder to achieve" he
continues. Computer Creations qualifies
for this designation because they employ a
team of certified individuals in the areas of
PC Repair, Internet & Networking Tech-
nologies, and Customer Service.
CompTIA certifications are interna-
tional industry credentials that validate
the latest skills needed by today's support
professionals. Hiring certified technicians
ensures that the client is getting the level of


This is an artist's concept of the completed Crossing condominium project that was re-
cently approved by the Central Abaco District Town Planning Board. It is located close
to Crossing Beach and will be a gated community. The condos will be available for either
long term or short term rental. Construction has already begun on the project.

I.. the Far East has come to us..
Experience the beauty of Tahiti...
....with exotic pieces to decorate your home.
Tel: (242) 367-0521
Located on Queen Elizabeth Dr.
in the new twon ttorev vellnw huildino nert to the fire station

I. I

Ph: (242) 367-2674 Don MacKay Blvd. Marsh Harbour Abaco I .

Spruce up ,your la#dscapin'g with these SPEC/ALS/

35 Oa/ Pots of B3ttonwood, /ibscAs, Oleander, Sea crape &
1"._ i



Price $16.50 Net Prce $10 .95

Top Soil 401bs .............................................................................................................Reg. $6.95 Net $4.95

Cypress Brown M ulch 2.2 cu. ft .... .............................................................

Cypress Red Mulch 2.2 cu. ft. ...................... ......................

.........Reg. $6.95 Net $4.95

....Reg. $6.95 Net $5.25

NEW STORE HOURS (effective Nov. 1st)
Monday Friday 8am to 4pm Saturday 9am 3pm

service they deserve. Qualifying for this
designation makes Computer Creations the
only ASC of any type in the entire Baha-
Condo project is approved
The Crossing waterfront condo project
received approval from the Central Abaco
District Town Planning Board. This proj-
ect is named for nearby Crossing Beach
in Marsh Harbour. The project will have
12 waterfront condominiums overlooking
Crossing Beach. In addition to the spec-
tacular views of the Sea of Abaco on two
sides, residents at will have a swimming
pool and a gazebo and dock on the north
The Crossing project will be a gated
community with a six-foot wall surround-
ing it. There will be a total of 12 condos
in three buildings, each building with four
condos. They will be three story build-
ings with the bottom of concrete block
construction and the upper two floors of
wood frame construction. The interiors
will include granite counter tops, designer
tiles and solid wood cabinetry. The proj-

ect offers two bedroom, 2 /2 bath units
with a starting price of $455,000 and three
bedroom, three and a half bath units that
will be priced at $675,000. The units will
be available for long term or short term
The developer, the Crossing Develop-
ment Ltd., is a Bahamian-owned compa-
ny managed by Mr. Niels Wiethuechter,
who has been working in The Bahamas in
construction management since 2001. Mr.
Neil Aberle of H.G. Christie Ltd. will be
responsible for all sales and marketing.
Interested persons are invited to view its
website at www.thecrossingabaco.com.
B&B Boat Rentals
By Mirella Santillo
Located at Front Road and Queen Eliza-
beth Drive, B&B Boat Rental boasts a fleet
of 12 boats: seven 26-foot Scorpions and
five 23-foot Duskys, all equipped with
GPS, stereo, VHF radios and powered by
a 225 HP Mercury engine.
Owned by Mr. Andrew Albury and
Ms. June Russell and managed by Mr.
George Knowles, the company offers daily
and weekly rentals. Long term rentals are

available upon request. Also upon request,
a captain can be provided.
The busi-
ness can be
contacted on
line at web
site: www.
tals.com or
by telephone
at 242-367-
RENT. Spe- George Knowles
cial fares
may be available during the slow season,
the middle of September to the middle oe

Ads in

The Abaconian

Bring Results

November 1, 2007

November 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 7 A

Mud residents told to obey the law

Approximately 100 residents of the
Mud attended a hastily called meeting at
a church in the Mud. Senior Administra-
tor Cephus Cooper and Councillor Stephen
Knowles explained the necessity for ad-
hering to Bahamian law and admonished
the Mud residents to conduct themselves
within the law.
The Administrator said they came as
friends, not as an enemy, but that the resi-
dents must do their part and live within
the law as is required of all persons in the
Bahamas whether Bahamian, American,
Haitian, Jamaican or others. The simple
message is that new houses will not be per-

It was explained that all houses in the
Mud are on government land and have no
legal basis to be there they are all squat-
ters. Government has repeatedly given in-
structions that no more houses were to be
constructed. After the big fire in Novem-
ber 2005, the remaining houses were num-
bered to help identify new buildings.
The area cannot support an influx of new
illegal persons. Those present were asked
by the Administrator to cooperate and re-
port illegal persons and illegal activities
in the community. He asked them to take
pride in their community. Even though it
left much to be desired, better conditions
are coming; but the residents must assist in

this process.
More than fifty houses have been identi-
fied as being recently constructed and were
slated to be removed. It was said repeatedly
that none of the older homes are involved
at this time. However, it was emphasized
that even the older homes must not be en-
larged as is often the case. They are fre-
quently found with additional bedrooms,
bathrooms, kitchens and single rooms for
rent. Some houses are now twice the size
they were when the number was applied.
This cannot continue, it was said .
It was announced that government is in
the final stages of identifying a suitable site
for low cost lots to be made available to
qualified persons, those with Bahamian
status. It was also said that efforts are un-

derway to speed up the application process
for those applying for Bahamian status.
Applause was given when Mr. Cooper
announced that a new travel document
would be issued, perhaps in two to three
months. It would closely resemble a Baha-
mian passport and is expected to be valid
for a five-year period.
It was stated again during a question
and answer period that the older numbered
houses were not a part of the demolition
exercise although they must not be en-
Police officer Nelson Botin, who is as-
signed to the Mud and Pigeon Peas areas
and acted as an interpreter, reminded the
Please see The Mud Page 26

At least four privately-owned generators were found in the Mud, each supplying electric-
ity to several houses. At first these generators were along the new road leading from the
Port. Later they were moved into the interior of the community. Additionally, the owner
of a shopping center backing up to Pigeon Peas found that residents of that immigrant
community had wired into the power coming into his complex.

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I'a- 4(ak. o&9-ic t tc

abaco ).mn

&t0 c y c Wo | dU atoLaL

The Central Abaco District Council called a meeting with the residents of The Mud on
October 22, several days after the demolition began, to explain their actions. The im-
migrant community had been told not to continue building new houses after a serious fire
in November 2005. Questions and comments were allowed with various residents giving
their opinions. The response was felt to be favorable toward regulating the area. Those
seated are Mr. Simon Bodie with Environmenal Health, Councillor Stephen Knowles,
Senior Administrator Cephas Cooper and Chief Councillor Cubel Davis.

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Page 8 A The Abaconian November 1, 2007

The Editor


Ralph q7

Like it or not, the Haitian immigrants
have become a part of the Abaco scene.
They form a valuable part of the Abaco
economy as shop clerks, construction
workers, and craftsmen in many trades.
First generation Haitian immigrants took
any job offered. Even now those who have
newly arrived will settle for nearly any job
as they work to get established.
The children of the early arrivals are
now young adults themselves and have an
entirely different outlook from their refu-
gee parents. They do not know first hand
of the conditions in Haiti that drove their
parents from their homeland, and they are
not satisfied with their living conditions.
Living conditions for these immigrants
have generally been dismal from their ar-
rival here. Something like the Cuban immi-
grants to South Florida, the Haitians arrive
with nothing and work to better their lives.
Beginning with the S and M Farms
in the late 1950s, the steadily expanding
Abaco economy has needed an entry-level
work force and these immigrants fit the de-
mand nicely.
Most corporate ventures in off-beat lo-
cations provide housing of sorts for their
common labour and the Abaco model was
no different. The farms and the pulpwood
operation provided labour camps with
company housing.
Abaco was going through heady times,
work was plentiful, paychecks were regular
and civil society did not pay much attention
to the few houses that began to show up in
the Pigeon Peas area. One house expanded to
two, then four and on to what we see today.
Adjoining the Pigeon Peas was the near-
by vacant swamp filled with spoil from the
dredged harbour in the early 1960s. This was
viewed by the expanding immigrant popula-
tion as a welcome opportunity. This low-lay-
ing government land was vacant and not use-
ful to the Marsh Harbour community.
Expansion of the Pigeon Peas and
Mud settlements paralleled the expanding
economy. In 1980 the Commissioner rec-
ognized that the illegal expansion of these
immigrant communities was becoming
a threat to civil order and ordered that a
vacant house be burned down. Humanitar-

Local Govt. takes action in Mud

ian activists and church groups seized this
event and government was not prepared for
the ensuing international publicity. Within
a week the Commissioner was replaced.
This put a damper on any government of-
ficials who might have pursued the immi-
grant issue.
During the next 16 years after this in-
cident, several attempts were made locally
to impose order and restrictions on further
expansion. But without a coordinated ef-
fort by concerned government agencies
and regular followup, the Mud expansion
It was not until Local Government was
established in 1996 that local individuals
began to recognize their role in solving the
problem. Even then minor attempts to con-
trol the situation failed as central govern-
ment withheld its support.
Established in 1996, Local Government
is now in its 11th year and those involved
are becoming more comfortable using their
Central government began to recognize
the problem in May 2003 when a late af-
ternoon fire consumed 70 houses in the
Pigeon Peas and left an estimated 260
persons homeless. There were no injuries
of consequence, but the magnitude of the
event and the number of homeless persons
opened their eyes. However, nothing of
consequence happened toward resolving
the situation.
Another fire in November 2005 in the
adjoining Mud destroyed over 100 houses
and displaced hundreds. One woman died
in the house where the fire was believed
to have started. Central government again
made a lot of noise and the newly estab-
lished Urban Renewal program took an in-
terest in the situation.
Immediately after this fire, local gov-
ernment officials worked with a team from

Urban Renewal, Ministry of Works and
Environmental Health and all remaining
buildings were numbered and inventoried.
The community was told then that no fur-
ther construction should take place. This
was the beginning of establishing a degree
of control.
Another fire in the Mud in March 2007
took 14 houses and displaced about 100
Recently, the initial survey team invento-
ried the area again and found over 50 houses
built since the houses were numbered.
There have been occasional demoli-
tion exercises in the past five years where
a new house under construction has been
knocked down, but the effort has been nei-
ther consistent nor has there been regular
monitoring for new structures. Despite the
isolated demolition of new houses, con-
struction continued.
Central government has begun two ini-
tiatives which, when implemented, should
give some relief to Haitian residents.
The first is a review by Immigration of
all applications with a view to speed up the
process for those persons who qualify for
status. It is not unusual for applicants to
wait years for an acknowledgment of their
application, then more years before action
is taken. Receiving status by government
will allow many qualified persons to open
bank accounts, buy land and obtain a mort-
gage for a house. There are persons living
in the Mud who would like to move on if
they were allowed to do so.
The second initiative by government is
the opening of a low cost subdivision for
those Bahamians who are establishing their
financial future. Economical land on Aba-
co is scarce or non-existent. Government
owns thousands of acres of Crown Land,
and it is somewhere on this land that a sub-
division must be established. The process

has started, and we are told several sites
are under consideration.
Coupled with the immigration and land
initiatives, members of the Central Abaco
District Council decided to exercise their
authority. Encouraged by the Adminis-
trator, a team headed by two concerned
Council members was assembled to re-
move recently constructed houses, most
of which were still under construction and
still empty.
Additionally, many of the original num-
bered houses were recently found to have
additional bedrooms, bathrooms and kitch-
ens. One house had a second floor with 17
individual rental rooms served with one
bathroom and a minimal kitchen. Another
house had 16 individual rental rooms.
Inspection of a newly built house found
a mother with small children inside, but
there was no evidence to suggest children
lived there, no children's clothes, bedding
or appropriate food.
On October 18 two teams went into the
Mud. One led by Ms. Yvonne Key had
a small bulldozer clean the brush on the
western edge between the highway and the
houses so the area was no longer obscured.
Junk cars and appliances were pushed to
the road and later removed. The second
team headed by Pastor Stephen Knowles
went to the new houses and demolished 48
in five working days.
Pastor Knowles and Administrator Coo-
per chaired a public meeting in the Mud on
October 22 explaining the process and ad-
monishing those in the area to live within
the law.
It appears these recent initiatives are
followed through in order to maintain the
The economy needs a labour pool, the
residents need to obey the law and govern-
ment needs to implement their initiatives.

By Julian Lockhart
Baker's Bay and the Abaco Club at
Winding Bay both held job fairs in the
last few weeks as both resorts are look-
ing to expand their construction and per-
manent staff with the new tourist season
fast approaching. Hundreds of individuals
showed up for both job fairs to fill applica-
tions, do interviews and hopefully gain em-
ployment with one of these anchor projects
on Abaco.
Abaco is considered to have basically
100 percent employment with anyone
wanting a job can have a job. With these
new projects as well as the a development
starting in South Abaco, there shouldn't
be anyone on Abaco who can work who
shouldn't be able to have employment.
However, it is going to be very difficult
for any employer to take the majority of
the applicants applying for these vacancies

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seriously with the appearance and presen-
tation of so many.
I watched the crowd build at the Baker's
Bay and the Abaco Club job fairs and was
amazed at the way adults showed up for
their interviews. One would have thought
some of them were going to a club or to
hang out with their friends. Men in jeans
and t-shirts, unshaved, hair not cut, some
unclean and with earrings. The women
came with tight jeans, bosoms protruding
from shirts, short skirts, blue, red, purple
hair and an abundance of excess jewelry.
Before I go any farther I know some
people might not have anything else to
wear and had to come as they are, but even
if your clothes do not fit business attire,
you can at least be clean, shaven, conser-
vatively dressed and your hair can be as
close to the natural color as possible.
However, there is certain decor that one
should know and at this point should be
taught in high school for anyone going on
a job interview. One should learn how to
dress, how not to dress, what to say and
how to present a professional resume or
curriculum vitae. For men they should
show up with their hair cut. If they have
dreads, then cover them up and keep them
neat, wear a pair of slacks, shoes and no
tennis shoes, and a nice shirt. For women
the different hair colors and fancy hairdos
don't need to be, a conservative top with-
out bosoms jumping out, as little jewelry
as possible, if you wear pants something
soft and not jeans and your skirt should at
least be to your knee.
Your resume should be professionally
done there are a number of places on
Abaco that will type up a resume and make
sure it is done properly, It should have all

your job experiences, full contact and edu-
cation clearly stated on it.
How can any of these resorts take an
applicant seriously who shows up looking
like they are going to the club, when these
resorts are hiring individuals to represent
them before wealthy clients.
I have heard since coming to Abaco a
misconception that these two resorts and
possibly the new ones about to come on
stream have a conspiracy to hire outside of
Abaco first. Actually, any resort on Abaco
would want to hire Abaconians first be-
cause it makes the hiring process easier;
that person actually have a stake in the
success of the business because he lives on
Abaco. And the company won't to pay for
someone to relocate.
However, if Baker's Bay, the Abaco
Club or any other resort can't find quali-
fied workers and just because you want or
think you should have a job doesn't mean
you are qualified for that job then they
have to go outside of the island to find the
people to give the service they need.
Both of these resorts as well as others
will continue to host job fairs and will be
hiring hundreds more Bahamians over the
next two to three years to represent them,
and it is time for Bahamians to learn how
to present themselves properly on a job in-
This is not your father, cousin or uncle
giving you a job or applying at the local
chicken shack for employment. Abaco has
reached the point where you are apply-
ing for careers in the hospitality business
at five star, international resorts. Educa-
tion and exposure is key in ensuring that

Please see Viewpoint Page 26

b applicants need interview skills

Job applicants need interview skills

BEC needs restructuring
from the top down
Dear Editor,
A successful template is being utilized
within many governments, and specifi-
cally government corporations, around the
globe. They are being modeled on private
organizations and operated as such. Ambi-
tious goals are set and met by employees
who are rewarded for their results or held
accountable for their failures. In many
countries the introduction of private en-
terprise into the utility supply business has
been the catalyst that has made this step
necessary. Gone are the days where gov-
ernment employees could sit out the days,
weeks and years being unproductive and
receive comfortable pensions after 20-25
years of lackluster service. Apparently that
is not the case here.
Electricity rates in Abaco continue to
rise, for some by as much as 150 percent
within two months. This is both ridicu-
lous and unacceptable. While an electric-
ity plant in nearby Spanish Wells, which
is collectively owned by the residents, sup-
plies that settlement with reliable afford-
able power, 70 miles away on Abaco BEC
is incapable of doing the same or of ex-
plaining why this is the case. It appears as
though power supply in other Bahamian is-
lands, including New Providence, is much
more reliable and affordable than here on
our island. How can that be? The cost of
fuel oil, maintenance and administration is
more or less the same so what could be the
root cause of this irregularity? There can
only be one answer . ineffective man-
agement. Ineffective lower, middle and up-
per level management.
When a situation occurs within private

November 1, 2007 The Abaconian

kettekq to the ditok

enterprise that is unacceptable from the
point of view of service, quality or profit-
ability, the various levels of management
are responsible for implementing change
to rectify the particular problem. A plan
of action is devised by upper management
which is communicated down the channel
to be implemented by lower level manage-
ment and line staff. If the line staff mem-
bers are unable to be effective, they are
replaced by the order of low level manage-
ment. If low level management fails to take
this step, they in turn are replaced by the
order of middle level management. And so
on up the corporate tree to the top where
ultimately the shareholders hold the board
of directors responsible. If suitable adjust-
ments are not made, the company eventu-
ally goes bankrupt and is no more.
This needs to be the case in The Bahamas
with the government and its corporations.
The main difference being that the share
holders of BEC are, in fact, the citizens of
The Bahamas as opposed to the equity own-
ing stakeholders of a private corporation.
You, the people of The Bahamas, must de-
mand change within your government, and
in particular BEC, if any improvement in
the quality and cost of electricity supply on
Abaco is to be realized.
The government of The Bahamas must
devise a specific long-term plan for BEC
to be able to provide efficient and afford-
able power to the people. They must then
put in place the people who can success-
fully implement this plan. These people
will most likely be found within the pri-
vate sector where they are motivated to be
productive and achieve results day in and
day out by the knowledge that if they do
not, they will lose their incomes and their

positions. There is absolutely no place for
political favour in this process. If the gov-
ernment is unable or unwilling to carry out
these steps, then it must be pressured to
privatize the corporation. The end result of
either scenario is the improvement that the
people of Abaco are seeking.
Offshore corporations will line up to be
given the opportunity to provide electrical
service to Abaco. We are a ready-made
market where any number of private com-
panies would be able to provide satisfac-
tory and affordable power whilst also be-
ing overwhelmingly successful financially,
all with consummate ease. BEC at present
is not even close on either count. Unfor-
tunately, there is no competition from
private enterprise on Abaco to ensure that
BEC and the other government corpora-
tions are proactive and up to date in their
mode of operation. However, it is possible
that the real threat of an alternate source of
utilities for the people of Abaco, and thus
the loss of income and stature for the BEC
executives, will be motivation enough for
them to at least attempt to turn this situa-
tion around.
Abaconians, look to your government
and hold them accountable for the sorry
state of affairs that BEC on Abaco now
finds itself in. The buck stops at the top!
John McDonald
We must be alert to
credit card fraud
Dear Sir,
Please allow me just a little space in
your most valuable paper.
After a recent event of credit card fraud
that happened to my dear kind-hearted
mother who resides in the USA, I, as her
concerned and oldest child of 10 children,
see it fitting at this time to speak out.
My mother had mentioned to me on

Page 9 A

the first week of September 2007 that she
couldn't find her VISA credit card. She
mentioned this also to my siblings. We
warded it off that perhaps she had just
misplaced it and had forgotten where she
had put it, knowing that other items in the
past had been misplaced and in short order
turned up safe.
Well, this was not the case with the
credit card. On October 12, 2007, I re-
ceived a phone call from my mother who
was very upset as she read to me from the
bill she had just received in the mail from
VISA. Purchases had been made right here
on Abaco at various business places!
The culprit swiping the card was a male.
My mother's name is very elegant and
distinct. My question is: How can major
business places here accept credit cards
without seeking ID and not checking sig-
natures. Is it just the music of the machine
that goes off, indicating that the card does
have funds on it, and it's just all about the
Yes, my precious mother's name was
forged at many business places right here
on Abaco! When I saw my mother's name
forged on the printouts, I cried out in pain,
knowing my mother has beautiful hand-
writing, is getting up in age, has worked
hard all her life, and, yes, has assisted this
credit card thief more than enough.
Should these business places be held ac-
countable in allowing this man to swipe my
mother's card over and over, seeing he is a
man and signing a woman's name?
I say to all you business people out there,
we're in the big league now on Abaco where
anything is possible. If you do not know a
person by name or face, you should not let
him or her sign off on anything. ID is key.
I have credit cards, and the honesty in me

Please see Letters Page 26

on Guana Cay
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Page 10 A The Abaconian

November 1, 2007

Cancer Society News

Denim Jean's Day
Cheque Presentation
By Jennifer Hudson
On October 24 the Cancer Society of
Abaco committee was delighted to ac-
cept a sizeable cheque from Mrs. Lenora
Black, Superintendent of Education for
the Abaco District. Well over $7,000
was raised by the school children of
Abaco as a result of Denim Day on Oc-
tober 11. On that day children were al-
lowed to wear denim jeans to school for
a donation of $2 towards the work of the
Abaco Cancer Society in assisting cancer
patients of Abaco. "This is the largest
donation the society has ever received at
one time, apart from the society's own
fund raisers, and it is from Bahamian
school children," stated Secretary Mar-
jolein Scott.
National Denin Day is observed ev-
ery October in the United States and the
students of St. Francis de Sales School
have participated on Abaco for the past
six years. This year, at the suggestion
of Mrs. Josephine Kumar, Principal of
St. Francis de Sales School who is also a
member of the Cancer Society of Abaco,
all schools on Abaco were encouraged to
participate. The response from students
of all ages in schools, both public and
private, was phenomenal. St. Francis de
Sales School raised the largest amount
with Agape School coming in second.
The students at St. Francis, were also al-
lowed to wear jewelry to school that day
for an extra donation and the graduating
class was encouraged to consider cancer

victims and adopt a spirit of giving when
they leave school.
Whilst presenting the cheque to Mrs.
Veronica Saunders, Abaco Cancer Soci-
ety's Vice President, Mrs. Black stated,
"This is a manifestation of Abaco giving
to help its own in the prevalence of this
terrible disease which is escalating."
This year for the first time the busi-
ness community was also invited to
participate and many businesses did so,
raising additional funds for the Society's
A very big THANK YOU to the
school children and the business com-
munity from the Cancer Society of Ab-
aco and all the cancer patients they will
be helping through this generous effort.
Cancer Society's
Screening Clinics
By Jennifer Hudson
The month of October is designated
in the United States as National Breast
Cancer Awareness Month and is dedi-
cated to the increased awareness about
the importance of the early detection of
breast cancer. Here in The Bahamas we
join in promoting not only the aware-
ness of breast cancer but also other
types of cancer during this month.
Towards this end the Cancer Soci-
ety of Abaco held free cancer screen-
ing clinics on October 6th at the Gov-
ernment Clinics in Marsh Harbour,
Cooper's Town and Moore's Island.
Women were screened for breast and
cervical cancer, and men were screened
for prostate cancer.

Light Impressions

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Two doctors from the Princess Mar-
garet Hospital in Nassau, Dr. Sherelle
Ferguson and Dr. Nneka Ijeoma, came
to Abaco to do the screening and were
accompanied by Nurse Peggy Cooper
and Cancer Society member, Ms. Shei-
la Moss. Many will remember Nurse
Peggy Cooper from her years as nurse
at the Government Clinic in Marsh Har-
bour from 1999 to 2001 after which she
was recalled to Nassau and now works
at the Flamingo Gardens Clinic. Dr.
Shirin Swarna and Dr. Sue Fairclough,
both Abaco doctors, also donated their
services for the day and several mem-
bers of the Cancer Society of Abaco do-
nated their time to carry out the clerical
and administrative duties.
Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Swarna carried
out the screenings in Marsh Harbour
while Dr. Ijeoma was at the Cooper's
Town Clinic and Dr. Fairclough flew
to Moore's Island to do the screenings
The cancer screening clinics were very
successful and the Cancer Society was
very pleased with the number of persons

who came. The doctors worked unceas-
ingly throughout the day. In Marsh Har-
bour 98 persons were seen, (75 women
and 23 men). In Cooper's Town 52 were
seen (35 women and 17 men) and on
Moore's Island 64 were seen, over half
of which were men. Any persons in need
of follow up treatment will be informed
when the test results are returned from
Nassau. Persons found to be requiring
mammograms were referred to the Aus-
kell Clinic.
The visiting doctors and their assis-
tants were hosted to a delightful dinner at
the Abaco Beach Resort by members of
the Cancer Society of Abaco after their
arrival on the evening prior to the clin-
The Cancer Society Thrift Shop was
also open that day to raise funds for the
work of the Cancer Society in assisting
cancer patients with air fares and increas-
ing cancer awareness. The Thrift Shop,
which is located in the Marsh Harbour
library building, wa s open on October

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November 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 11 A

Turtles hatch successfully at Baker's Bay

Sea turtle nesting season has come and
gone this year with turtle nests on the At-
lantic Beach of Baker's Bay Golf and Ocean
Club faring well once again. This nesting
season consistent monitoring efforts by the
on-site environmental staff and security at
Baker's Bay confirmed that turtles hatched
from three nests along the beaches of its
property this year.
On September 20th approximately 97
Loggerhead turtles hatched from a turtle
nest, marking the first documented success-
ful turtle nesting and hatching at Baker's Bay
for the 2007 turtle nesting season. Days lat-
er, approximately 84 Loggerhead turtles and
58 Green turtles hatched from the remaining
two turtle nests.
"This was a joyous occasion for the envi-
ronmental team to once again experience the
emergence of these unique and magnificent
creatures and their journey to the sea," said
Dr. Livingston Marshall, Sr. Vice President
of Environmental and Community Affairs
for Baker's Bay.
During the turtle nesting season in 2006,
turtle hatchling tracks observed in the vi-
cinity of a known turtle nest were a clear
indication that turtles had hatched the night
before. However, this year due to frequent

[ M 22A
y hatched turtle at Baker's Bay
rain, all turtle hatchling tracks had already
washed away by the time daily surveys of the
beaches were carried out. This meant that
this year, the only indicators of turtle emer-
gence were minor disturbances in the sand
at the surface of the nests. More in-depth
analyses confirmed that turtles had hatched,
demonstrating that consistent efforts to pro-
tect sea turtles and their nesting habitats at
Baker's Bay were paying off. Further scru-
tiny of the nests also revealed that there were
a few remaining turtle hatchlings in the nests
still struggling to make their way to the sea.
These hatchlings were removed from the
nests and released.

Historically, it is known that beaches on
Great Guana Cay, including that of Baker's
Bay, have been utilized as nesting grounds
by female sea turtles. In the event that nest-
ing and hatching of turtle eggs does prove
successful, sea turtle hatchlings only have a
one-in-a-thousand chance of survival due to
predation and susceptibility to dehydration.
Coupled with human activities such as over
fishing, destruction of nesting and feeding
habitat, and water and shoreline pollution,
these incredible creatures are endangered
and are in decline worldwide, including in
The Bahamas.
In an effort to ensure the survival of these
species for future generations, Baker's Bay
continues to implement its Sea Turtle Pro-
tection Plan as an integral part of its general
environmental stewardship efforts and more
specifically as part of the development's
environmental monitoring programme. Pro-
tocols established include environmentally
sensitive beach maintenance such as removal
of marine debris; sea turtle habitat restora-

Boats equipped with:
VHF Bimini Top Cooler
Anchor& Lines Compass
Dive Ladder Life Jackets
Paddle Flares Flashlight
Fire Extinguisher First Aid Kit

tion (i.e. restoration of sand dunes and native
vegetation) and daily checks of beaches for
evidence of turtle nesting activities. Further-
more, Baker's Bay staff receive educational
guidelines for successful protection of turtle
nests and habitats. Beach patrol by security
also ensures that turtles and their nests are
not disturbed, or robbed, as was the case last
year, likely by a person(s) entering the beach
from a boat. Although the official dates of sea
turtle nesting season are March 1st through
September 31st in The Bahamas, the Baker's
Bay turtle protection measures and protocols
are in effect year-round.
Baker's Bay looks forward to another suc-
cessful turtle nesting season in 2008 and will
continue its conservation efforts to protect
sea turtles and their nesting habitats. To find
out more information about what Baker's Bay
is doing to protect turtles, contact their office
at 242-367-0612. For more information on
the breeding biology of turtles and their sta-
tus worldwide, visit www.iucn-mtsg.org/.

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,6. AN

Page 12 A The Abaconian

Shell Show in Cherokee drew crowds

By Jennifer Hudson
A visit to the fifth Sea Shell Show and
Exhibition at Cherokee Sound was a very
pleasant way to spend the October 12 holi-
day. The settlement was abuzz with peo-
ple from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. who came to
not only admire the wonderful displays of
treasures from the sea in the W.W. Sands
Community Centre but also to browse the
craft stalls outside, enjoy some good food
and socialize with friends. This very popu-
lar event was planned as a two-day show
for the first time this year to give more
people chance to attend and, even though
the 13th was a day of heavy rain, the show
went on very successfully.
I have been attending the show for the
past three years and enjoy going to see
what new treasures will turn up there each
time. It is amazing how each year, in ad-
dition to the entries from previous years,
I find new and exquisite shells on display
and more innovative ways of using and dis-

mis mooue oj cut sneus was nanging aoove
It was entered by Rosalie Pyfrom

playing these treasures.
To tie everything together the shells
were grouped in themes: shells in home
furnishings, shells in art, shells in clothing
and jewellery and shells in literature. Some
of the innovative ways in which shells had
been used were to decorate mirror and
photo frames, flower pots, vases, clocks,
wreaths and a wonderful variety of Christ-
mas tree decorations, jewellery and but-
tons. Mirrors and other shell work items
made and displayed by Kathy O'Kelleher
can be purchased at Monkey's Uncle and
unusual Christmas items and exquisite shell
and starfish mobiles displayed by Rosalie
Pyfrom are available at Java. For the first
time this year Wrackers boutique set up
displays of items incorporating shells from
their store. All these stores are located in
Marsh Harbour.
The show presented not only a feast of
natural beauty for the eyes and soul but
also the opportunity to learn more about
these wonders. A series of very informa-
tive boxes displayed
shell families giving
the names of the va-
rieties of shells many
of which are very
rare and exquisite.
The colours, shapes
and intricacies of
the shell families is
mind boggling and
the exhibits ranged
from huge to min-
In addition to the
shell displays, Da-
vid Bethel set up an
the display tables. interesting collection
of antiquities from

the sea which included fossils, old bottles
and an amazing solid metal bayonet sword
found in a cave.
Not only was this an exhibition, it was
also a competition and entries were judged
in the following categories:
Natural shells (individual shells and
groups or shell clusters)
Other items from the sea (sponges,
sea fans, coral, animals or other natural
Artwork and handicrafts
Other miscellaneous items (things de-
picting sea life or shells on items as well
as items other than shells that come out of
the sea such as old bottles, driftwood, sea
glass and even seaside flotsam found on the
Five ribbons were awarded in each cat-
egory, in addition to which, one participant
each year receives a Best in Show ribbon
for their entry as Most Outstanding Ex-
hibit in the Show. The Best in Show win-
ner is awarded
the Traveling
Conch Shell
Trophy to hold
until the next
year's show
and their name
is inscribed on
a brass plaque
affixed to the
Judges for
the show this
year were Nan-
cy Albury, Ron
Atkinson and David Bethel has an ext
John Hedden. ants of Abaco. This disp
They obviously and in the front a solid
had a difficult explorations.

time selecting the winners from all of the
wonderful entries as they deliberated for
two and a half hours before making their
First place winners were Kathy O'
Kelleher, David Bethel and Lee Pinder
with Peggy Albury's carved bonefish win-
ning distinction of Best in Show. Two chil-
dren entered displays in the show and were
awarded Honourable Mention ribbons. The
organizers would like to have seen more
children exhibiting.
The craft booths outside included a
large variety of handcrafted items and
Peter Bradley's exquisite shell jewellery.
A locally handmade quilt was offered for
silent auction and even children did their
part selling toys, running a darts stall and
offering stilts for $3 for half an hour's
fun. Conch salad and homemade ice cream

Please see Shell Show Page 26

pensive collection of artifacts of past inhabit-
'lay shows antique bottles, items from the sea
brass bayonnet that he found on one of his

Abaco Insuran

Weekend Golf

Low Gross Winner

Steve Pedican

Low Net Winnf

Ozzie Parker


November 1, 2007

November 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 13 A

Agape Students Clean Up the Environment

By Jennifer Hudson
The students of grades 1 and 2 at
Agape Christian School did their part for
the Friends of the Environment's Coastal
Clean up campaign on October 19. The 43
students ranging in age from six to eight
years scoured the eastern end of Casuarina
Point beach during the morning hours. The
children said that the trash they collected
included mostly plastic items but also a lot
of bottles, rope and even some shoes. After
filling the bags provided by the school, the
students placed them to be collected by an
officer from the Friends.
After their hard work the children en-
joyed eating their packed lunches in a ca-

bana on the beach and were able to get
everything completed before the torrential
rainstorms. The youngsters all agreed that,
although it was hard work, they enjoyed
The teacher in charge was Grade 1
teacher, Ms. Melissa Piper, assisted by
Grade 2 teacher, Ms. Jilliene Flanagan,
and several parents. Ms. Piper stated that
they decided to do the beach clean up as
the result of a talk at the school the previ-
ous week on Preserving our beaches by an
officer from Friends. Ms. Piper stated that
she chose Casuarina Beach for the clean
up since it is her favourite beach, and she
often spends time there with other teachers

-9 --O~

Grade 1 and 2 students ofAgape Christian School chose to clean up the Casuarina Beach
as their contribution to the International Coastal Clean-up program. The older students
and members of the Marsh Harbour Gospel Chapel later cleaned the road from Marsh
Harbour to the dump.

SHope Town's Box Cart Derby November 24

SR~QpFot ~ Mqarna

Boat House Restaurant

Dinner served 6:00pm 9:00pm
Bread Focaccia
Soup Butternut Squasf
Salad Spinach, Pecan & Apple Salad
tossed with toasted sesame vinarette dressingpr
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Rosemary Orarue Turkey with com6read stuffing $45
Leg of Lamb with garland spring vegetables $48
SBal fed Ham with sweet che sauce $40
Stuffed Lobster with cra fifish $55
Grouper rodf stuffed with cra6 and emon cream sauce $48
Garlic roasted squash && zucchini or 6aked artichoke & tomato
Almondg qaze, sweet potato or wasfiabi and mashedpotato
Creme Bruee witftresffruit orfruit ice m truffte
Entrees include salad, soup,
and one glass wine or soft
Live Music by The Is
Chi(ldren'Menu half
Rese tio. u Les -
VH :3 366-0

from the school. She was amazed at the
amount of trash which was actually col-
lected hat day.
School Principal, Mrs. Cecile Albury,
was also there to lend a hand as the parent
of a Grade 1 student. Mrs. Albury stated
that earlier in the day the Kindergarten stu-
dents did their part by cleaning up the area
around the school and by the gymnasium
as they were as yet too young to go out
on a major clean up. While the grade 1
and 2 students were cleaning up Casuarina
Beach, the grade 3 students were doing
their part elsewhere. They concentrated on
the inland area from the airport roundabout
to Zig Zag Airlines in the morning and the
coastal area around Pond Bay in the after-

The following day members of the
Marsh Harbour Gospel Chapel, assisted by
several youth from New Vision Ministries,
donated their time and energies to clean up
the three-mile stretch of the S.C. Bootle
Highway leading from town towards the
public dump. Between the torrential down-
pours of rain they were able to fill 60 bags
of garbage with soda cans, Styrofoam and
diapers. They even removed several tyres,
an old couch, stereo and a washing ma-
chine, all of which had been dumped at
the side of the road! The upper grades of
Agape School will be continuing the clean
up at a later date.

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Fort Lauderdale

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Page 14 A The Abaconian November 1, 2007

Howard U introduces School Reform Program

By Samantha V. Evans
On October 10th a team of three from
Howard University in Washington, D.C.,
led a presentation on school reform held
at Central Abaco Primary School. Minis-
try of Education department heads, com-
munity stakeholders as well as church pas-
tors came together to learn what Howard
University has in store for reforming Cen-
tral Abaco Primary School and Cooper's
Town Primary School with enrolments of
approximately 800 and 160 respectively.
Eight students from Central Abaco's
upper primary school performed well to
welcome the guests to Abaco. The students
gave a brief history of Abaco and Central
Abaco Primary, performed poems and
sang a well known Bahamian song.
Mrs. Lenora Black, Abaco's Education
Superintendent, commended the students
on a job well done and stated that she firm-
ly believes that the children are the future
and it is for them that all persons present
have come. She stated that it is important
that we prepare them for tomorrow. She

thanked all community stakeholders for
seeing it necessary to attend to hear plans
for school reform for two of the local pub-
lic primary schools.
Mrs. Black stated that the group from
Howard University, who are indeed trail-
blazers, wanted to come to Abaco to intro-
duce this program. They are working to-
ward school reform not only on this island
but in many states across America. She be-
lieves that school reform will not happen in
isolation. It will take teachers, parents, and
the entire community to assist with school
reform. She explained that everyone knows
the results our children have obtained on
their recent exams so enough is enough!
Mrs. Black believes that the foundation is
very important so that at high school level,
they will be better students and upon grad-
uating they will be better employees. It is
time for change to come.
Five persons make up the Howard Uni-
versity team but only three of them were
present to initiate this school reform pro-
gram. They were Dr. A. Wade Boykin,

Executive Director Capstone Institute; Dr.
Veronica Thomas, Evaluation and Assess-
ment; and Toni Roy, Project Facilitator.
Dr. Thomas will look at the test scores and
determine what needs to be done to bring
them up by improving the way instruction
is delivered to the students.
Dr. Boykin is in charge of the Capstone
Institute team and presented on behalf of
the group. He stated that preparation for
today began over 10 years ago when the
school improvement plan was put into
place. They have already worked with four
schools in Nassau and now with the two
schools coming on stream in Abaco, this
would make six schools they are presently
assisting with their school improvement
plan. The signature features of Capstone
Institute are that they are

* Focus on basic and 21st century compe-
tencies (information retention and knowl-
edge production)
* Evidence based (data driven program and
* Emphasis on classroom practice
* Educating the whole child
* Coherently comprehensive
* Asset focused (building on what is
brought to the table)
* Culturally relevant
* Continuous improvement (ongoing pro-
fessional development)
* Theory driven (why something works)
* Track record of success.
He explained to the stakeholders that
they are not here to lecture anyone but
Please see School Reform Page 26

%'- **

f? i

Three persons from Howard University presented a program on improving the academic
levels of students in the primary grades. They will introduce their school reform ideas
at Central Abaco Primary School and Cooper's Town Primary. The program has been
started in fourprimary schools in Nassau. This initial casual meeting allowed local per-
sons to interact with the Howard representatives.

The Howard University presentatives are working closely with Abaco's Ministry of Edu-
cation leaders. Shown here are Mrs. Ruth Smith with the Ministry;Mrs. Lenora Black,
Superintendent for Abaco; Dr. Veronica Thomas Dr. A. Wade Boykin and Ms. Toni
Roy, all with Howard University; and Ms. Felamese Sawyer with the Ministry.

November 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 15 A

hris homFpson Real Est

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Bed/4 Bath, and excel-
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Harbour 2 bedroom/2
bath house, perfect
family home or excel-
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Located close to restau-
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ocean views and just
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North End Elbow Cay
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Spectacular sunsets at this
3 Bed/3 Bath home on the
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Dorros Cove commu-
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Hope Town Settlement
Historic Hope Town
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Pats Bay in White Sound.
1/3 acre with private dock slip
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Ocean front
lot located in White Sound
on one of the best surf spots
and just steps away to marina
and restaurants. Hope Town
settlement is just a short ride
away. Can be subdivided. Of-
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Lots #13 & #14 with dock-
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White Sound bay, and just
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Lot #18 with dock
slip and ocean views

Lot #21 with dock slip
and panaramic views
Lot # 43 with dock
slip and ocean/sea view

3 acres on Sea of Abaco,
north of pond
I acre north of pond on Sea of

0 0/

lk- .


Page 16 A The Abaconian

North Abaco News

Senior citizens are

By Vernique Russell
Throughout The Bahamas, senior citi-
zens were the focus of the month as Octo-
ber was observed as Senior Citizen Month.
In North Abaco it was no different in lieu
of the celebrations and festivities the De-
partment of Social Services, North Abaco
Branch, hosted a special church service to
pay respect and show appreciation to the
pioneers of the various communities who
have paved the way for the present gen-
erations and future generations. The theme
for this year celebrations was Addressing
the challenges and opportunity of Ag-
ing: Empowering the Older Person. The
church service was held at Full Gospel As-
sembly in Treasure Cay. Senior Citizens
from throughout the island gathered with
their children and grand children for the
The guest speaker for this year cel-
ebration was Father Dwight Rolle, who
is responsible for the Anglican Parishes in
North Abaco. In his message Father Rolle
mentioned three key things that we need
to do to make the older persons feel more
comfortable in society. They are:
We must remember that long life
brings a degree of wisdom so we must
place them in a family-oriented environ-
ment where they can experience love and
appreciation which they can't receive in an
old folks home.
They need to be integrated with the
younger generation. Old age is a blessing
from God.
We must recognize their accomplish-
ments and celebrate them. We must de-

mand those in authority create legislation
to assist the elderly even if it means revisit-
ing National Health Insurance.
The goal of this year celebration is to
make the public aware of the challenges
and opportunities that persons experience
during the aging process. The Department
is wishing to recognize the contributions
that seniors have made to society and to
promote the full enjoyment of social and
economics opportunities. Remarks were
made by Mrs. Salomie Gibson of Social
Services; Mr. Eric Collie, Deputy Chief
Councillor; and Mr. Theophilus Cox, Se-
nior Island Administrator with responsibil-
ity for North Abaco. Mr. Cox encouraged
the precious pearls to educate the young-
er generations about the hardships and
struggles they endured to bring us all to
this present point. Local Government has
pledged to assist the department in anyway
The older citizens who were honored for
their efforts and services to the community
were Mother Nethalie Bodie of Treasure
Cay, Benjamin Cornish of Blackwood,
Mrs. Leanna Thompson of Fire Road, Mr.
Alfred Murray of Cooper's Town, Mr. Al-
bert Wilchcombe of Cedar Harbour, Mr.
Ernest Williams of Wood Cay, Mrs. Cetal
Curry of Mount Hope, Mr. Merlin Mc-
Intosh of Fox Town, Mr. Elijah Mills of
Crown Haven.
Special recognition was bestowed upon
Mr. Everett Bootle and Mrs. Adeline Mc-
Intosh for their continuous support to their
Volunteers are needed
By Vernique Russell
The area in Treasure Cay that has been

allocated for a park and playground for
children has not seen much progress as yet.
While we acknowledge that those respon-
sible for progress so far have done a great
job in trying to complete the work, help is
really needed. In the spirit of that famous
American that once stated "Ask not what
your country can do for you, but what you
can do for your country," I am asking any-
one who is interested in the completion of
the park to volunteer whatever donations
you can to the Treasure Cay Township
to assist with the completion of the park.
Once the park is completed, it will be the
first playground in this area. To all of you
who can make a donation, please make
those donation so that we give our youth a
playground for recreation.


Camp is Back
Coach Godfrey Rolle's Basketball Camp
is back! Calling all young men between
from age 7 and up at the Don Corbett Bas-
ketball Court in Treasure Cay on Saturdays
from 10 a.m. to Noon and Sundays from
3 p.m. to 4 p.m. If you are interested in
developing you sons' skills, they cannot
afford to miss this basketball camp. Many
new and exciting things are happening in
the camp this year. Get your sons involved.
Keep North
Abaco Clean
As you drive along the streets in some
areas of North Abaco you will notice the
side roads are filled with garbage. North
Abaconians, please let's take pride in our
communities, our streets, and let's keep
North Abaco clean. This is where we live

and our children live. Our children are af-
fected by what they see us do. Children
learn with their eyes. Whatever they see
you do is what they will do. Parents, pro-
mote cleanliness, teach your children to re-
spect their surroundings and environment,
teach them not to litter. Our surroundings
reflect on us so let's work together to keep
North Abaco clean, green and pristine. Af-
ter all, this is where we live.
Shipwreck Restaurant
Located in the quaint, quiet settlement
of Wood Cay is a taste of Italy and The Ba-
hamas stored in the newly opened restau-
rant and lounge Shipwreck. This trendy yet
classy restaurant has afforded customers in
the north the privilege of being wooed by
the extensive variety on its menu. Ship-
wreck has provided entertainment at anoth-
er level since opening its door. Customers
can enjoy nights of Karaoke where they get
to mimic their faith singer or band while
entertaining the crowd. So if you're travel-
ing along the Sherlin Bootle Highway in
the Little Abaco area, stop by Shipwreck
Restaurant and Lounge. You won't be dis-
General Notice
Fund raisers held at the public beach in
Treasure Cay cannot be for personal gain.
They must be for a worthy cause such as
medical expenses or development purpos-
es. The structure placed there by the Power
Boat Committee will not grant permission
for use of its facilities for personal gain.
If you are interested in using the facilities,
please check with Mr. Steven Pedican or a

Please see North Page 17

Shop in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale,
then take your freight to the port.
Secure Boxes are the easiest way
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Don MacKay Blvd, Marsh Harbour
P.O.Box AB- 20116, Abaco
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Bradley St. opposite Kemp's Funeral Chapel
P.O. Box N351, Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: 1-242-322-2142
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November 1, 2007

November 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 17 A

More North Abaco News i

North From Page 16

member of Power Boat Committee before
doing so. The beach is public; however the
facilities are privately owned. The public
is also advised to please clean up the beach
after they have used it. Others are not re-
sponsible for the mess that you make so
please take the time and clean up after you
are done.

School News
World Teachers Day Observed
By Vernique Russell
October 5th was observed as World
Teachers Day in over 100 countries
throughout the world. In some countries
this special day is a national holiday. The
Bahamas was one of those countries that
took out time to observe the contributions
that teachers make to our society. This
year's theme was Better working condition
for teachers mean better learning opportu-
nities for our students.
Teachers from various schools on Ab-
aco gathered at the Treasure Cay Primary
I .0_1%0 -f-- -- A%

School for a celebration in their honor.
The teachers were treated to a fun day
and grill. Mrs. Ida Poitier, President of
the Bahamas Union of Teachers, was on
the island and brought brief remarks. She
reminded teachers that they should have a
life and deserve to enjoy themselves once
they are not on official duty. Mrs. Poitier
is the first female to occupy the President's
position since the founding president, Ms
Marble Walker.
Teachers are the foundation that ev-
ery profession stands on. They are the
ones who create doctors, lawyers, teach-
ers, fishermen, construction workers and
even bums. Teachers possess the power to
make or break individuals, to build up or
destroy and to mold lives. Teachers, we
salute you.
Sherlin Bootle Held first
PTA meeting
By Vernique Russell
A new day has dawned at the Sherlin
Bootle High School and the future is once
again bright and promising. On September
25th the PTA committee held its first meet-

ing for school year 2007-2008 and it's a
brand new day, new faces, new rules and
better results. The meeting that was held
under the tent was well attended by par-
ents and guardians who came out just to
hear about the plans for the school for this
The president of the PTA, Clayton Mc-
Intosh, stated how pleased he was with
the work that has been done over the last
school year. He indicated that the school
had come a long way in such a short period
of time and that he is looking forward to
an extremely productive school year. He
indicated that this will be his last year in
the capacity of President of the PTA.
Immediately following his address was
remark from principal Mr. Huel Moss,
who spent most of the evening discuss-
ing concerns and plans for the school.
This year school theme is Achieving Suc-
cess Through Improved Self- Esteem and

School Pride. Students must have confi-
dence in themselves and their school in
order to succeed. Mr. Moss informed par-
ents that the renovations to the classrooms
over the summer which started just before
school had closed in June were almost
completed. Local government has pledged
to assist with the lighting problem at night,
complete fencing of the basketball court
and hopefully with the busing two days for
the after school program for those wishing
to take advantage of extra-curricular ac-
tivities. The school has received eight new
teachers this year, all of the teachers who
left were replaced and a few others were
added. With the additions of these teachers
the school will be able to establish reading,
hospitality and auto m echanic programs.
The subtle discrimination against cer-

Please see North Page 18

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Originals by
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Photography by Tuppy
Local Artists
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Colyn Rees
Located Queen Bizabeth Drive, Marsh Harbour
Tel: 367.0579

Call Toll Free 800-563-0014 www.BahamaBeachClub.com

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Page 18 A The Abaconian

More North Abaco News

North From Page 17
tain groups of students was addressed es-
pecially as it relates to bussing. The Min-
istry of Education's Policy as well as the
government's in this regard is very clear.
Mr. Moss quoted sections of several Acts
to remind parents that we cannot discrimi-
nate against any child under age of 16 in
The Bahamas in not allowing them access
to education. "This is law!" he said. "The
sooner we get that fact, the better." The
importance of discipline will continue to be
a primary objective of the school. The po-
lice will continue to assist in this regard.
The five Subject Coordinators all ad-
dressed the the parents as to what is re-
quired of their children in their subjects ar-
eas including the importance of textbooks.
Pastor Roland McIntosh of Friendship
Mission Church in Cooper's Town told the
parents of the etablsihment of a North Aba-
co Scholarship to assist students of Sherlin
Bootle who needed help with expenses for
college and who met the necessary criteria.
Parents were all given an article Parents
can help their children succeed in school
published by The Abaconian which gives
tips and ideas that parents can use to help
their children with study habits while in
school. Mr. Moss concluded by admon-
ishing parents to play an integral part in
their children's education and in the life
of the school. S.C. Bootle High is making
tremendous strides in moving to the next
level. The school hopes to use more tech-
nology in their instructional programs, the
establishment of a media center, a beautifi-
cation program to get more stakeholders in
the community involved in the school.

Treasure Cay Primary's first
PTA meeting
By Vernique Russell
Parents of students who attend the Trea-
sure Cay Primary School learned from the
principal and teachers plans for their chil-
dren for the school year 2007-2008. The
meeting was scheduled to be held at the
school. However, due to overwhelming
number of parents, the meeting venue had
to relocate to the St. Simon by the Sea
Fellowship Hall. Parents, however, were
still given the opportunity to meet one-on-
one with their children's teachers and dis-
cuss their children's progress at the school
grounds prior to the meeting.
Principal Myrtis Russell in her address
advised them to come together and work
together with the teachers to make it better
for the children. She addressed concerns
including the presence of police on campus
and the completion of the beautification
of the school grounds. Mrs. Russell does
not support the idea of police officers on
school grounds as "children are afraid of
police." She agrees that security officers
will be more welcoming and paint a better
picture in the minds of children, especially
those in the primary school category.
A beautification program has began at
the school. The school is now looking for
sponsors to complete the work. Parents
were informed that by November the play
area for grades one, two and three will
be completed. Playground equipment is
being donated by a group from Orlando,
The school's PTA Board has been inac-
tive for quite sometime but is now active
once again. PTA elections will be held at

the next meeting and PTA meetings will
now be held monthly. Parents are en-
couraged to get permission from the the
administrative block before entering the
premise. Book fees must be paid and Mrs.
Russell encouraged parents who haven't
yet done so to please do so. Mrs. Rus-
sell encouraged parents to dress students
in full uniforms.
Among the concerns of parents were
insurance and bussing. Parents were satis-
fied with the outcome of the meeting and
are looking forward to a great school year.
Parents were all given handbooks that
contains the school policies and guidelines
and important dates to remember. The
school enrollment is 171 students.Three
new teachers were added to the staff and
they include Mrs. Bootle who is respon-
sible for music, Mr. Brown for Spanish
and Ms. Roberts, Grade 5.
Spanish Classes
By Vernique Russell
If you are interested in learning a sec-
ond language, the perfect opportunity
is here. A six-week course in Spanish
will be offered at Treasure Cay Primary
school by Mr. Brown. The cost of the
class is $100. Classes will be held in the
evening. Interested person can contact
the Treasure Cay Primary School office
for further information at 242-365-8273.
Registration is now going on. North Aba-

conians, this is one opportunity you can't
afford to miss. With all the development
that is now going on, we must seize every
opportunity to upgrade ourselves to move
with the times.
Cooper's Town Primary
Award Celebration
By Vernique Russell
The principal, teachers and parents
of students of Cooper's Town Primary
School gathered at Revival Time Pente-
costal Church in Cooper's Town to cel-
ebrate the achievement of the students
who excelled during the academic school
year 2006-2007. Students were recog-
nized for achievement in academics and
athletics. Special recognition was given
those students who made the Principal
List and Honour Roll. All of the students
present were encouraged to work hard
and strive for excellence, knowing that
success comes only through hard work
and dedication.
The students that made the Principal's
List were Jaquay Sands, Gardel Parker,
DeAngelo McIntosh, Antonia Nixon,
Jaarona Stuart, Keishon Daziel, Lazaria
McIntosh, Chelsea Bowe and Jayden
McIntosh. These students obtained grade
point averages between 3.5 and 4.0. The

Please see North Page 19

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November 1, 2007

November 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 19 A

More North Abaco News

North From Page 18
students that made the Honour Roll in-
cluded Eulander Clough, Felicity Coo-
per, Santino Cornish, Kennedy Curry,
Mickey Louidor, Eulian Degregory, Ar-
lington Knowles, Fayonte Rolle, Jewel
Rolle, Tashar Rolle, Willteasha Saunders,
Nathalia Sawyer, Hartley Bootle, Trajan
Bootle, Hiram McIntosh, Javoun Saun-
ders, Malika Cooper, Verniqua Johnson,
Brinika McKenzie, Jonae Sands, Jon-
nalee McIntosh, Keeon Daziel, O'Desha
Cox, Ka'Andra Sawyer, John Williams,
Shaquille Bootle, Walter McIntosh, Brit-
tany Clarke, Brie McKenzie and Johnne-
sha Edgecombe. These students obtained
grade point averages of 3.0 and 3.49.
The communities of North Abaco join
the parents and teachers and congratulate
all of the students who excelled during
the past school year. We encourage you
to keep up the good work. We are proud
of you.

Church News
Bahamas Against Crime
By Vernique Russell
Rev. C.B. Moss, Executive Director
for the Bahamas Against Crime commit-
tee, was on Abaco on October 9th to pro-
mote an initiative to combat the alarming
increases in our crime rates. This was the
first meeting held outside Nassau in the
Family Islands. The meeting was held
at Sherlin Bootle High School and was
organized by Administrator Theophilus
The Bahamas Against Crime Project is
a national project sponsored by the Coun-
cil for Social and Economic Develop-

ment, the Bahamas Christian Council and
the Civil Society. It is not a government
project but a private sector project that is
seeking to work in conjunction with the
government to fight crime. It is similar
to the Hands Across the Bahamas Project
that was launched in 1988 headed by Rev
C. B. Moss. Like the Hands Across the
Bahamas Project, the Bahamas Against
Crime is seeking to united citizens all
over The Bahamas to get involved in the
fight against crime.
In his address Rev. Moss declared
that the solution to crime lies within us
as individuals and collectively. He stated
that the goal of this project is to effect
a change of mind set and attitude in Ba-
hamians as it relates to crime. All of us
have contributed to the state we are in as
a perpetrator, facilitator or just condoning
it, he charged. Crime is not the problem
but the results of the problem. Rev. Moss
revealed facts and behavior that clearly
show their contribution to the alarming
increase in crime. He informed those in
attendance that the Bahamas is number
one in the Caribbean for sexual violence
and number three for the imprisonment
rate. However, despite these facts, The
Bahamas is not filled with criminals, he
said, and this project will clearly show
The committee is hoping to raise $1
million to be used in the fight against
crime. This project will be an internation-
al one. The committee is hoping to assem-
ble 100,000 persons to joins hands and
declare that crime will not be tolerated.
An essay competition and art contest will
be launched to get the children involved.
The first phrase of the project will last

for six months and will end in April. A
special assembly will be held across The
Bahamas and people will join hands. That
assembly will be a very special one as it
will also commemorate the 20th year an-
niversary of Hands Across The Bahamas.
This project is open to all regardless of
race, gender and sex. For more informa-
tion visit the committee website at www.
bahamasagainstcrime. com.
End Time Harvest
District Convention
The Pastor and members of End Time
Harvest in Crown Haven invite the public
to celebrate their annual district convention
on November 12th-18th at the church in
Crown Haven as the give thanks to God.
Non Denominational
Conference Held
Revival Time Ministries in Crown Ha-
ven held another successful non-denomina-
tional conference on October 8th through
thel2th. The purpose of this conference
was to unite God's children as one and re-
move the barriers of religious denomina-
tion to allow God to pour out His blessings

on all. Pastors from various ministries fel-
lowshipped together as Christians from all
The goal of this conference was accom-
plished, and it reminded all that attended
that before they are Baptist, Pentecostal,
Church of God, Anglican or Catholic that
they are first and foremost God's children
and to declare that there may be different
belief amongst the believers but only one
God. Senior Pastor of Revival Time is
Bishop Burnell Parker.
Open Door Ministry
celebrates 41 years
Congratulations to Open Door Ministry
in Fox Town on its 41st Anniversary! Open
Door began ministry in Abaco in 1966 and
has been under the leadership of Pastor
George Russell for most of that time. This
year's celebration was very significant
because for the first time it observed this
occasion under the leadership of another
pastor, Pastor Lynden McIntosh. Truly the
Lord has been good to the congregation
and His blessings are evident. The com-
munities of North Abaco congratulate you
on your anniversary.

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Page 20 A The Abaconian November 1, 2007

Dr. John Durban tells of dolphin research

By Jennifer Hudson
Dr. John Durban presented an interest-
ing illustrated talk entitled Abaco Dolphins:
Sentinels of the Sea in the new Friends of
the Environment's lecture room on the
evening of October 11. Dr. Durban is a
research biologist who now works for the
National Marine Fisheries Service in the
U.S. and is based in Alaska studying the
population of killer whales. He received
his PhD from the University of Aberdeen,
Scotland, for which he wrote his disserta-
tion on a study of bottlenose dolphins on
Abaco. He has been in a long term col-
laboration since 1994 with Diane Claridge
of the Bahamas Marine Mammal Survey
based in Sandy Point.
Dr. Durban described the dolphin as be-
ing "the lab rat of the sea as it is found
basically in all tropical and temperate wa-
ters and is a useful species to monitor as it
shows us the health of the environment."
He described his work with dolphins
around Abaco and his findings. "There is
a marked variation among dolphins which
range from large to small. I am especially
interested in the Little Bahama Bank as bot-
tlenose dolphins are not found in deep wa-
ter. In the late 1980s lots of dolphins were
removed from the waters around Treasure
Cay and taken into captivity for aquariums.
Since 1992 annual surveys have been car-
ried out on the dolphins with research tak-
ing place on the Sea of Abaco, then later at
Sandy Point. Sporadic surveys have been
carried out elsewhere but the main work is
done in east and south Abaco. The bottle-
nose dolphins have never been seen in deep
water and are isolated to the bank system.
Though group size can range from one
to 34 and can even be as many as 100, the
average group size is four. In East Abaco

Dolphins enjoy leaping out of the water.
from 1992 to the present, 770 sightings
have been made from Baker's Bay to Lit-
tle Harbour with the Fowl Cays being the
prime hotspot. Dr. Durban is interested in
individuals. Each dolphin has its own scars
and has a series of nicks which it acquires
throughout its life as a result of bites from
other dolphins and sharks. He does photo
identification which becomes a stock tool
like the human fingerprint. Regular sur-
veys are needed to keep track but no tags
are necessary as the dolphins are naturally
marked. There are about 1,000 dolphins on
Little Bahama Bank.
Dr. Durban, along with his assistant,
looks at genetic diversity and ascertains
health by collecting dolphin faeces and
also analyses dolphin DNA from cells in
the gut tract. There is very little similarity
between Grand Bahama and east and south
Abaco dolphins; they are very different
genetically and this big population is very
healthy genetically.
The dolphin eat lots of ballyhoo and
jacks. The Man-O-War or frigate bird is an

opportunist that tries to grab the fish from
surface feeding dolphins It is a very inter-
esting dynamic to see how individual birds
associate with individual dolphins and fol-
low them.
The dolphin habitat is under threat from
dredging which is taking place every day.
Mangrove systems are destroyed and re-
placed with concrete which is not a good
fish habitat!
Size and growth of the dolphins are
measured with the use of laser pointers on
the camera which are 10 cm apart. These
are used on killer whales and Dr. Durban

has experimented with using them on dol-
Causes of death for the dolphins are
capture for aquariums and attacks by bull
and tiger sharks. In East Abaco the dol-
phins travel in small groups as there are
few predators but in South Abaco the dol-
phins travel in larger groups as they are
in exposed waters with a threat of sharks.
Hurricanes also affect the survival of dol-
phins as there is nowhere safe for them to

Please see Dolphins Page 21

Dr. John Durban, third from left, discussed his research on bottle nose dolphins in Abaco
waters to an interested group on October 11. He has been studying them for more than
10 years and has accumulated much information about their habits, group sizes health,
movement, food and general well being. He is shown here with Jim Richard, Cha Boyce,
Tim Higgs and his daughter after the talk at the Friends of the Environment lecture


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Dolphins From Page 20
go; whether they go into creeks or stay in
offshore waters, either way they risk mor-
After 1999 there was not much financial
support for research so it was difficult to
come to track the dolphins. However, this
year, with support from Friends of the En-
vironment, Dr. Durban has started a new
research effort. Each October he plans to
build on the legacy of the past and he also
wants to involve students.
This October, within a period of nine
days,12 sightings of 27 individuals were
made within an area of 384 square miles
and this was in bad weather. They saw
some long lost friends they had not seen
since 1996 and saw some very exciting
evidence of dolphins growing up and pro-
ducing calves of their own, thus making
a contribution to the population. This is a
pristine environment with lots of healthy
Dr. Durbin concluded his talk by speak-
ing on environmental education saying how
important it is to transfer the information to
kids. "They should feel a sense of owner-
ship of the marine environment to protect it
for years to come." He thanked the Friends
of the Environment, Bahamas Ministry of

Keep up with the
Happenings on Abaco

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The Abaconian

Agriculture and Fisheries and Earthwatch
for their support. He then answered some
interesting questions put to him by marine
enthusiasts in the audience.
Dr. Durbin and his research assistant
worked for two weeks out of Marsh Har-
bour and then for two weeks out of Hope
Town. In both places they involved schools
and the community. Olivia Patterson, who
is now Programme Coordinator for The
Friends of the Environment, was the first
intern to work with Dr. Durban and Diane
Claridge at the Bahamas Marine Mammal
Survey in 1995 and 1996 on Tilloo Cay.
Dr. Durban said that he is now trying to
touch some of the kids in the same way as
the programme touched Olivia, who now
herself goes out a couple of times a month
into schools to involve the kids. He wants
to share his findings with the local people.

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Dr. Barry L. Russell November 15
of the Bahamas Orthodontic Center
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November 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 21 A

Heat press will benefit ECC

Tom and Linda Leffler of the Marsh Harbour Marina and ]ib Room Restaurant gener-
ously donated funds to the Wild Horses ofAbaco Preservation Society to buy a heat press.
WHOA, in turn, placed the press at the Every Child Counts School. Students in an art
class recently printed the first T shirts for WHOA. The students will now be able to design
and print their own T shirts as fund-raisers for ECC. The successful printers are Carlos
Pinder, Lesley Roker, ]eremy Sawyer, Kelvin Hunt and Terrence Davis.


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Pirates' Ball Is Rescheduled
The Scurvy Few Motorcycle Club would like to inform the public
that its annual costume Pirates' Ball will be held in March. Last year's
ball was held in October, but the Club felt that a March date would be
e MIK C more appropriate and would not fall back to back with Halloween. As
soon as the date is set, the public will be informed.
On September 7th members of the Scurvy Few Motorcycle Club
N traveled to Ft. Lauderdale to hold a monthly meeting with President
Emeritus "Skeet" LaChance. Skeet, an accomplished diver and motor-
cyclist, now suffers with emphysema and is forced to live in Florida
i where he can receive medical care for his illness. Skeet is a founding
member of the local motorcycle club which is best known for its annual
Toys for Tots rally, collecting toys for less fortunate children. The club would like to extend a special "thank you"
to Gulfstream International Airlines for its generous assistance in making the Florida meeting possible.

Dean's Sipping C

Page 22 A The Abaconian

Minister Assesses Green Turtle Cay Utility Needs

Bahamas Information Services
On October 24 Minister of State for
Public Utilities, the Hon. Phenton Ney-
mour, led a delegation of senior Minis-
try officials and officials of the Bahamas
Electricity Corporation and the Water and
Sewerage Corporation to see firsthand the
water and electrical needs of Green Turtle
Cay residents.
Senior Deputy Administrator for North
Abaco, Mr. Theophilus Cox, said that
Green Turtle Cay residents were looking
forward to Minister Neymour's visit be-
cause of their concerns with utilities, es-

pecially water. "They depend on the water
tanks and whenever there is a drought or
no rain, they have a problem with potable
water," he said. "In some cases they had
to barge water from the mainland, and
they are very concerned because they re-
ally need water. It is number one for them
at this time."
According to Min. Neymour, the water
being barged from mainland Abaco is not
as reliable as it should be for the residents,
and other plans must be put in place. "We
have initiated a plan to install water facili-
ties here," Mr. Neymour said. "We are

W, I

looking at alternatives of either reverse
osmosis or an underwater pipeline. In the
short term," he continued, "reverse osmo-
sis seems to be better; but in the long term
for the true benefits to the Water and Sew-
erage Corporation and Green Turtle Cay,
it would appear that an underwater pipeline
is better." Mr. Neymour pointed out that
an underwater pipeline would require sig-
nificant capital investment.
As far as BEC is concerned, he said
a new site was being sought to run fuel
pipelines for the generator on the island.
"The fuel line to the BEC facility here is
extremely corroded and is longer in use.

Fuel is also being ferried across to the
island," Min. Neymour explained. "We
consider that at this particular time, that
is not the most cost effective and reliable
way to bring fuel here. We are challenged
in putting in a new fuel line because of the
narrow streets the concrete streets, which
significantly increases the cost of replacing
the line and will creat e significant disrup-
tions, if we do so," he added.
The Minister said the BEC facility is
crucial on the island and they suffered in-
terruptions due to inefficient fuel supply.
"It is crucial that we improve the efficien-
cy of BEC on this island also," Minister
Neymour stressed.

Minister of State for Public Utilities the Hon. Phenton Neymour (second left) speaks with
Bahamas Electricity Corporation employee and Green Turtle Cay Town Council member
Floyd Johnson (right) during a tour of the BEC facility on the island on October 24.
Also pictured, from left, are Undersecretary at the Ministry of Public Works and Utilities
Calvin Balfour and BEC Chairman Kevin Basden. Partially hidden in the background
is Senior Deputy Administrator for North Abaco Theophilus Cox. Min. Neymour led a
delegation to the island to see firsthand the electrical and water needs of the island. (BIS



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STelephone : (242) 357-6888 466-3990
Located at the Marsh Harbour Airport Roundabout,
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

November 1, 2007

November 1, 2007 The Abaconian

Course for Class "A" Master's License is offered

By Samantha V. Evans
Capt. Cyril Roker of the Abaco District
of the Port Authority began the course for
those persons desiring to obtain their license
to become a captain. The course runs for six
weeks. He stated that the objective of the
course is to teach them how to navigate. The
license will be issued in stages: Class "B"
which will allow those persons to operate a
vessel in a particular area only (i.e. Abaco),


and the Class "A" Masters license which is
the highest license that can be issued. It will
allow them to operate a vessel in all Baha-
mian waters, the Caribbean and the United
States. However, they will have a 500-ton
restriction. To obtain each license, they will
have to pass two exams that are approved
by the Bahamian government.
The course covers the following: nautical
charts and chart projections, navigational

publications and almanacs, use of the navi-
gational instruments for plotting, measuring
and plotting latitude and longitude, calculat-
ing dead reckoning position, course and dis-
tances, converting true courses to compass
courses, compensating a course for tides,
currents, and other elements, and electronic
navigation. They will also learn safety, fire
fighting, first aid, and crowd control.
The Bahamas is one of the biggest mari-
time countries. As a result of the Titanic
sinking, the maritime countries got together
and came up with the sea convention so that
no further tragedy like the Titanic incident
will occur. Mr. Roker explained that every
nation has to train and issue licenses to their

citizens. Once the country is a member of
the International Maritime Institute, it has
to issue certificates to their citizens. Each
country must also ensure that what is being
taught is up to the same standard as other
countries. Capt. Roker further explained
that the licenses will be issued in stages
beginning with the restricted license which
allows them to captain a boat no more than
100 tons. They must also have a minimum
amount of sea hours to advance to a higher
level. It is also important for them to learn
how to properly operate a boat so sea hours
are extremely important.

Capt. Cyril Roker, Port Director for Abaco, offered a course for seamen to qualify for
Class "B" and Class "A" Master's license.

Caribbean Marine Construction
Office Tel: 367.4842 Cellular: 357.6564
P.O.BoxAB-20757, Marsh Harbour

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online by an individual, company, educational institution, government, or organization

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www.abaconian.com ......... L


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------hi- r mf
MI CChhnhl q~
kru -nu



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lMUn &a G-t Trtk Cay1 lwal mjin h6Me ,-u,
hInl Iwtayl t m Pi tIQ hrly dMw S mpllr

Iomondmnr-I ~ ~ Alm~~ln
W*h um lib. HIpieela L tP e a tnMo
*TW.Ch dfl we EnOnually*1W Null mTbhtew
En ^ ^Eul
npii>H \-' ^E5fZ

~Y Il*1WO*
CrulY rrq~Y114

m www.arawakagency.com

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Page 23 A

Page 24 A The Abaconian

@hiwuea o4

The funeral service for Carl Vincent
C. Carroll, 81, of Marsh Harbor was held
on October 12 at Full Gospel Assembly in
Treasure Cay. Pastor Stafford Symonette
officiated assisted by Presbyter Pastor Cecil
Forbes and Pastor Rudy McKinney. Inter-
ment was in Green Turtle Cay.
He is survived by his wife Zula; children
Mark, Peter, Gary and Kathryn; brothers
Rexwood, Curtis and Harry; sister-in-law
Enid; daughters-in-law Shirley, Jasmine,
Francoise and Sybil; grandchildren Ian,
Kesha, Diaudonne, Vanessaca, Vanessa,
Maya, Shanaka, Sharika, Joshua, Nelson,
Shamsi, Carlton, Carl, and Christyn; great-
grandchildren Taryn and Marcus; and many
other relatives and friends.
The funeral service for Lamercie Jo-
seph Ferguson, 65, of Charlie Boo, Marsh
Harbour, was held on October 13 at St.
Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Marsh
Harbour. Father Roger Madrazo officiated
and interment was in the public cemetery in
Marsh Harbour.
She is survived by her fiancee Dex-
tra Dorleans; step-children Daphenie and
Camila Jorinaica; brother Leoneil Joseph;
sister Marie Joseph; grandson Claude Jo-
seph; and many other relatives and friends.
Naomi Ruth Dames, 55, formerly of
Sandy Point died at the Princess Margaret
Hospital on October 6. She is survived by
her sons Ralph Dames and Newrin Green;
daughters Eleanor and Rochelle Stuart; sis-
ters Aladice Culmer, Roselda Clarke and
Victoria Butler; brothers Hilton, Leon,
Anthony and Edward Bain; and many other
relatives and friends.
The funeral for Prince Alvin Gartland
Strachan, 44, of Marsh Harbour was held
on October 27 in Nassau. Cremation fol-

He is survived by his wife J
children Matthew, Hanna, Re]
da and Jonathan; mother Mar
grandson Chelsen; brothers I
Kenneth and Eric Strachan:
Norah Rolle; aunts Elma Jont
ilyn Rolle, Nurse Thelma Thi
erine Nairn, Maxine Rolle
Bullard; uncles John, Norm
and Nolan Rolle; sister-in-la
chan; granduncles Rev. Harr
Eugene Bastian and Darville
ins Lesia Sands, Vanrea Gai
McPhee, Erica Petpall, Ethl3
den, Patrice, Andre, Denni
Nairn, Daphne Russell, Jani
Dr. Indira Hamilton, Sherel
Melonie Williams, Whitne
Dr. Edison Thompson, Fay,
Jonathan Jr., Surrell Dixon,
Nikki, Veronique, Jamal, Lat
Sophia Rolle, Angela Morl
and many other relatives and
The funeral for Harold
Dundas Town was held on
St. Andrew's Methodist Chu
Town. Rev William Higgs of
ed by Dr. Reginald Eldon. In
the Dundas Town Public Cer
He is survived by his siste
yer; nieces Michelle Brenne
Smith, Gelita and Felamease
garet Moore, Sharon Lloyi
Cornish and Rosalee Cornis]
ews Cyril Archer, Robert, W
Floyd, Randy, Dennis and A
Livingstone, Alfredo, Georq
Samuel Cornish and Randy Si
law Valderine Smith; brothe
fred Cornish and Abraham S
in-law Salvera Archer, Cent
Christine Sawyer, Renee, Ca

3nmilq and3.
Janet Strachan; and Brenda Cornish and Linda Smith; neph-
becca, Lashan- ews-in-law Carl Brennen and Robert Lloyd;
inell Strachan; grandnieces Lisa Scott, Renee Swann, Mo-
Dale Strachan, nique Miller, Yeal, Lathera, Alexis, Caro-
; grandmother line and Deneisha Sawyer, Latoya Ligh-
es, Nurse Mar- bourne, Lakeisha Burrows, Antonia Wright,
ompson, Cath- Rashawn Lloyd, Anitra, Ashana, Livinseya,
and Maedom Georgia and Corraine Cornish, Anneisha
ian, Lawrence Jones, Crystal Spicer, Tavia Maynard,
w Lanita Stra- Tamika, Cara Bethel and Andrea; grand-
y Davis, Rev. nephews Pastor Alex, Carl and Oscar Ar-
Bastian; cous- cher, Bobbydell, Patrick, Marshall, Mark,
rdiner, Venice Mario, Elvardo, Raj, Rashad, Randy Jr and
yn Glen, Lyn- De'Angelo Sawyer, Trey Roberts, Eddison
s and Lethera and Dedric Moore, Sharico Lloyd, Miguel
ce McKenzie, Bostwick and Jamiel Burrows, Nawano,
ee Thompson, Conrad, Samuel, Livingston Jr, Alfredo
y Thompson, Jr, Joshua and Bronson Cornish, Timothy
Fritzie, Fran, Jones and Sebastian Smith; and many other
Kevin Bullard, relatives and friends.
toya, Ryan and The funeral service for Mervin Alphonso
ey, Rosemary Rolle, 62, of Spring City was held on Octo-
friends. ber 27 at Friendship Tabernacle Church in
Smith, 90, of Dundas Town. Pastor Silbert Mills offici-
October 27 at ated. Interment was in the Marsh Harbour
rch in Dundas Public Cemetery.
fficiated assist- He is survived by his daughter Beau-
terment was in thelyn; son-in-law Emory Curry; grand-
netery. children Courno Rolle and Lauryn Curry;
er Cleola Saw-
en, Genevieve
Sawyer, Mar-
d, Marguerita
h-Jones; neph-
Talter, Emalin, Manicures & Pediure
ngelo Sawyer, Ofra Cometics
ge and Pastor Matrix, Redkin andP
mith; sister-in- Products and Ac
rs-in-law Wil- Elai Sum i
awyer; nieces- Monday-Saturday 9
ina, Betty and In Memorial Plaza *
.rmen, Patricia

brothers Joseph and Rudolph Rolle; sister,
Esthermae Mortimer, Elizabeth Roache
and Patricia Rolle; aunts Selena Burrows,
Evelyn Rollle, Lydia Green, Diana Rolle
and Roseabell Rolle: uncle Henry Rolle;
sister-in-law Sylvia Rolle; brother-in-law
Japheth Roache; nieces Sandra. Ruby, Pa-
trice, Melva., D'eshea, Deanne, Dianae,
Braneile, Joanne, Sandra Mortimer and
Sophia; nephews Dominick Sr., Marvin,
Rudolph, Wendell, Kevin, Wilbert, Ken-
neth, Donovan, Brian, Quinton, Solomon,
Clinton, Rickie, Marco and Latico; grand-
nieces; grandnephews; and many other rela-
tives and friends.

Civic Organizations
Pilot Club ofAbaco
Third Tuesday, 7 p.m., Central Abaco
Primary, Dundas Town, 367-3457
Pilot Club of South Abaco
Last Thursday, monthy, J.A. Pinder
School, Sandy Point, 366-4001
Rotary Club ofAbaco
Tuesdays, 6 p.m., weekly at
Hummingbird Restaurant

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Chevron Ba hIaBSmas

nm-) o j p nB3Bcos

Direct-Service ^
Fuel B^^^^^usinesll^Ku^^EsSRn Abaco^^^^^^

Tr^easue Cy. bac

November 1, 2007

A+Authoized Service Center

NOR Wf1" Mw IJll

November 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 25 A

Baker's Bay Prepares for its November Opening
By Mirella Santillo tober 15th to 19th was geared to the man- session of the first training which dealt in to achieve results by recognizing one's
For one month prior to the re-opening agers and potential leaders. Both training Getting financially fit for the future, pre- personality and understanding the people
of the resort, Baker's Bay employees were sessions took place at the Faith Convention sented by Mrs. Pinder, by Mr. Ricky one works with.
invited to participate in two sessions of Center in Marsh Harbour and were orga- Johnson and Success Strategy by Mr. Felix Local presenters included Ms. Simmone
training. The first training was held Oc- nized by Mrs. Cleola Pinder of B & P Con- Sawyer. At the end of the financial session, Bowe, Director of Human Resources and
tober 1st to 4th and was dedicated to the sultant Agency. some local banks and financial institutions Training for Baker's Bay, who talked
general staff. The second session from Oc- Approximately 60 people attended each did a one-on-one presentation with the at- about leadership development for manag-
tendants. Royal Bank of Canada, Scotia ers and potential managers, Mr. Don Cor-
Bank, First Caribbean, British American nish, Director of the Tourism office on
and B& P Consultant participated. Abaco, who discussed delegation and orga-
The second training lasted four days nizational culture, and Mrs. Cleola Pinder,
and was attended by 15 to 20 people. It whose topic was budgeting.
dealt with vision, company policies, my All the staff is scheduled to participate
culture, my work, leadership and man- in a final pre-opening preparation meeting
agement, personality and team work. Fa- incorporating all the training on November
cilitators were recruited from Nassau and 2nd.
include Mrs. Arlene Ferguson, who talked
about culture and brought with her drum-
mers from a Junkanoo group. Mr. Michael Road Safety Is
at Diggiss, a business consultant and project
manager, covered leadership and project Everyone's
management and planning. Ms. Kaylus Responsibility
Horton, also from Nassau, talked on how

Baker's Bay offered training courses to its employees preparatory to its November open-
ing. The sessions were held at Faith Convention Center in Marsh Harbour and included
several motional speakers. Some of the sessions were for for the general staff while other
sessions were for managers and supervisory staff.

or call 1-800-231-0856rrn

=S U11ii a I -~3

*o das I.d aescal

95498a100 27
Contnentl Ailine

C'6tlnnta Conecio

Wor Hrd



Marsh Harbour 367-0140 Treasure Cay 365-8660
Ft. Lauderdale 954-359-8266
North Eleuthera 335-1696 Governor's Harbour 332-3340 Rock Sound 334-2795

Page 26 A

The Abaconian

November 1, 2007

Abaco Chamber of Commerce

elected new Directors

The Abaco Chamber of Commerce
has elected a new board of Directors and
is off to a great start. Chamber Directors
have met with the President of the Baha-
mas Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Dionisio
D'Aguilar, and have made exciting plans
for the upcoming year.
The first general meeting was held on
October 24 when Senior Administrator Ce-
phas Cooper and DEO Mrs. Lenora Black
were the guest speakers.
A new program called "Chamber After
Hours" will be launched in November.

School Reform From Page 4
rather they are utilizing the school plans
submitted by both schools to bring their
plans to fruition. The presentation took two
hours after which time the guests asked
The stakeholders wanted to know how
they will motivate parents who may not
be able to read and/or write to get more
involved in their child's education or
to pursue higher education themselves.
They further expressed concern about
cost to them as stakeholders and to the
wider community. Dr. Boykin explained
that they have a component in their pro-
gram that will address all of the needs of
He further explained that this program
will not cost Abaco anything because
they receive Federal funding from the US
government. After the meeting with the
community leaders, a meeting was held
for all leaders of Central Abaco Primary
School followed with a final meeting for
the rest of the teachers. The nest training
meeting will be held November 14-16,

This will allow members an opportunity
to display their goods and services exclu-
sively to fellow Chamber members. The
first event will be held on November 8th at
Fidelity Bahamas in Abaco Shopping Cen-
ter from 6 to 7:30 p.m. for members of the
Membership renewals and new applica-
tions are being accepted at the office (D&S
Plaza above Doug's Place) The office
phone/fax is 367-6279 or abacochamber@

Viewpoint From Page 8
Abaconians will be first in position to gain
employment. If there are any leftover jobs,
then these resorts can look elsewhere for
Maybe the Abaco Tourist Office needs
to get involved in teaching individuals how
to interview, what they should wear and
how to develop a resume or CV. This way
they can ensure than only the cream of the
crop is working in the tourism sector and
those that are there are properly trained
and qualified.

Shell Show From Page 12
were hits as always.
"Funds raised from the Sea Shell Show
and Exhibition will benefit the Cherokee
Primary School. But while it is our desire
to assist the school, the primary function of
the event is to get the people of Cherokee
together and to bring the old timers back
for a time of fun and fellowship for all,"
stated organizer Lee Pinder.
Anybody who has never attended one of
these shell shows should definitely try to
do so next year as it is a great day out and
one's eyes are opened to the beautiful gifts
of nature from the sea. The show this year

Hotels and House Rental Agents
+ agents with multiple cottages and houses

Area Code 242 unless listed otherwis
Island-wide Abaco Listi
Abaco Vacations + 800-633-
Bahamas Vacations + 800-462-
Abaco Bound + 242-367-5
Casuarina Point
Different of Abaco 8 rm 20 cott
Lee Pinder + 3 hse
Marina Albury Cottages 5 cottages
Grand Cay

Rosie's Place
Cocobay Cottages
Island Properties +
New Plymouth Inn
Ocean Blue Properties +
Roberts Cottages
Dive Guana
Dolphin Bch Resort
Donna Sands +
Guana Beach Resort
Guana Seaside
Harbour View Haven
Ocean Frontier
Sea Shore Villas
Ward's Landing
Abaco Inn
Club Soleil
Crystal Villas
Elbow Cay Prop +
Hope T Harb Lodge
Hope T Hideaways +
Hope T Villas +
Lighthouse Rentals
Sea Gull Cottages +
Sea Spray Resort
Tanny Key +
Turtle Hill

Turtle Cay
34 hse
3 cott
ana Cay

II hse
4 rm I0
12 hse
6 units


Lubbers Quarters
Sea Level Cottages 4 hse

Island Home Rentals +

5576 Schooner's Landing
Marsh Harl
366-2150 Abaco Beach Resort
Abaco Real Estate +
366-2053 Alesia's
366-2075 Ambassador Inn
Bustick Bight Resort
352-5458 Conch Inn
D's Guest House
365-5464 Great Abaco Club +
365-4047 Island Breezes Motel
365-4161 Lofty Fig Villas
365-4636 Pelican Beach Villas
365-4105 Regattas (Prev. Abaco Towns)
365-5178 Moore's Is Bonefish Camp

cott 365-5106

4 units 904-982-2762
pe Town
22 rm 366-0133
6 rm I cott 366-0003
7 villas 888-812-2243
53 hse 366-0035
25rm 3660095
63 hse 366-0224
3 hse 366-0030
4 cott 366-0154
3 hse 366-0266
5 villas 366-0065
43 hse 366-0053
4villas 366-0557


8 hse 365-6048

5 condos
bour area
6 hse
3 rms
8 rms
9 rms
6 rms 3
12 hse
8 rms
6 cott
32 effic
8 rm




Sandy Point
Oeisha's Resort 366-4139
Pete & Gay's Resort 14 rm 366-4119
Rickmon's Bonefishing 10 rm 366-4477
Spanish Cay
Spanish Cay Resort 18 rm 6 hse 365-0083
Treasure Cay

Bahama Beach Club


Island Dreams + 45 hse 365-8507
Treasure Cay Resort 95 rms 365-8801
Wood Cay
Tangelo Hotel 19 rm 3 villa365-2222
Web Sites with Abaco Information
Rev. Sep 07

has certainly inspired me to participate
as an entrant next year. After the show I
walked along the beach looking at things I
found with a whole new perspective.

Letters From Page 9

requires that, without even being asked for
ID, I pull out my licence or passport to
present to the merchant.
And to you, the credit card thief, jus-
tice will prevail. You can run but you can't
Thank you kindly,

The Mud From Page 7

crowd that just as Bahamians cannot go to
Haiti and randomly build houses, neither
can the Haitians do this in The Bahamas.
The issue of rooms being rented was
briefly mentioned as being illegal and im-
moral. Residents were told of the house
found with 17 individual rental rooms
served by one toilet and a minimal kitch-
As a final note it was stated that those
who manage to move out of the Mud must
not take advantage of others and rent their
buildings. Those leaving the Mud should
see that their old house is taken down.

The nearly two-hour meeting broke up
with a feeling that those present want to
live within the law. They gave the im-
pression that they are not happy with new
people coming into the area and adding to
their burdens.

AA and Al Anon
The AA (Alcoholics Anomyous)
group of Marsh Harbour meets Mondays
and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. and Friday
at noon at the Marsh Harbour Commu-
nity Library.
The A1Anon group of Marsh Harbour
meets the third Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.
each month at the Marsh Harbour Com-
munity Library.
The AA group in Hope Town meets
Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays
at 6 p.m. at the Hope Town Library.
The AA group and the A1Anon group
meet in the Treasure Cay Community
Center on Mondays at 7:30 p.m.
Please call 357-6511 for additional

Abaco Glass Company
Window Glass and Mirrors Cut and Installed
Screens Made and Repaired
Commercial Store Fronts Installed and Replaced

Yale Windows
In Marsh Harbour on Don MacKay Blvd.


Quality Computers, Networks & Designs

Laptops &

Providing Cost Effective
Service and Maintenance
Contracts to Ensure the
Health and Stability of
the Technology the Runs
Your Business.

ITS is a Computer and Networking
Services Company offering qualified
professional services to business and
home computer users.

ITS custom builds computers using
quality components designed to suit
your specific needs. We also carry
Acer Laptops and Desktops which
offer good quality at affordable

ITS also offers professional graphic
design and web design services.

Ph: (242) 367-3017 Fax: (242) 367-3024
e-mail: info @itsabaco.com

Marsh Harbour, Abaco




November 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 27 A

Emergency Services
Police Marsh Harbour 367-2560
The following services are provided by volunteers
Fire- Marsh Harbour 367-2000
Fire Dundas Town 367-2935 or 4935
Fire -Hope Town VHF Ch16
Fire Green Turtle Cay 365-4133
Fire -Man-0-War 365-6911
BASRA Bah Air Sea Rescue Assoc all areas Marine VHF 16
Hope Town 366-0500 Marsh Harbour 367-3752
GuanaCay 365-5178 Treasure Cay 365-8749

Medical Services
Abaco Family Medicine Marsh Harbour...367-2295
Auskell Advanced Medical Clinic .............367-0020
Marsh Harbour Medical Centre................367-0049
Government Clinic Marsh Harbour .........367-2510
Corbett Clinic Treasure Cay ...................365-8288
Government Clinic Cooper's Town ........365-0300
Government Clinic Green Turtle Cay .....365-4028
Government Clinic Hope Town ...............366-0108
Government Clinic Sandy Point .............366-4010
Government Clinic Fox Town ............................

Taxi Cab Fares for one or two passengers
Plus extra for each passengers above two
Between Marsh Harbour Airport and:
Ferry Dock or Murphy Town to Ammons Dr ..........$12 + $3
Bristol Cellers thru A Beach Hotel or Gov't dock thru..........
Dundas Town.............. $10 + $3
Dove Plaza, Stop Light or Sawyer's Market ..........$10 + $2
Gov't Clinic thru W estern Auto ........................ $ 6 + $2
Gov freight dock through Dundas Town............... $10 + $3
M urphy Tow n to Shell Sta .....................................$14 + $4
Pelican Shores to Frankie Russel house ................$14 + $4
Eastern Shores to Peas & Rice house ...................$14 + $4
Beyond Russell house or Peas & Rice house ........$16 + $5
G reat C istern ................................ $20 + $5
Spring City ................ $15 + $5
Snake Cay .......................... $35 + $10
Treasure C ay .......................................... $60 + $ 10
Casuarina Point .......................$60 + $10
Treasure Cay Airport or Bah Palm Shores $70 + $ 10
Little Harbour or C herokee ................................... $80 + $10
C rossing R ocks ................................................. $ 100 + $ 10
Sandy Point.......... $135 + $10
Between Marsh Harbour Ferry and:
Ab Beach Hotel thru Wally's & Eastern Shore ........$ 2 each
Jib Room ..........................$ 3 each
Solom on's Super Center .........................................$5 + $3
Stop Light, Dove Plaza, Gov't dock................... $ 6 + $3
Government Freight Dock....................... $ 7 + $3
Gov.Clinic, W Auto or Nat Insurance ...................$ 9 + $3
M other M erle restaurant .........................................$10 + $3
Waiting time $20 per hour, $10 per half hour
Children under three- free Caged pets- as people
Luggage $1.00 each over four, Surf boards $4.00 ea.
Between Treasure Cay Airport and: Effective 13Nov05
Treasure Cay Resort ..............................................$20 + $5
M a d e ira P a rk ......................................................... $ 14 + $ 4
G reen Turtle Cay ferry dock .....................................$8 + $4
M o x y ...................................................................... $ 1 8 + $ 5
Baham as Star farm .................................................$24 + $5
Sand Banks ................................ $24 + $5
Joe's Creek, Leisure Lee .....................................$44 + $10
Black W ood .............. $18 + $5
Fire Road & Cooper's Town ..................................$37 + $5
Cedar Harbour .............................. $55 + $5
W ood C ay ....................................... $60 + $5
M ount H ope ................................ $65 + $5
Fox Town ...........$70 + $5
Crow n Haven ................................ $75 + $5
M arsh Harbour A irport .........................................$75 + $10
T Cay Hotel to Marsh Harbour .............................$65 + $10
T C Hotel to G Turtle Ferry (Blue Hole $24) ..........$18 + $ 5
T C Hotel to Bonefish M arles ..................................$22 + $5
T C Hotel to Joe's Creek .......................................$35 + $5
T C H otel to M oxey ................................................ $16 + $5
T C Hotel to Banyan Bch Club XX ............................$6 + $3
Green Turtle Ferry to Marsh H Airport ........................$75 +

Airlines Serving Abaco
Abaco Air Nassau, N Eleuthera, Moores Is ........367-2266
Am erican Eagle M iam i ......................................367-2231
Bahamasair- Nassau,W. Palm B, Ft Laud ..........367-2095
Chaulks Ft. Lauderdale ............................... 954-359-0329
Continental Connection Miami
Ft Laud and W Palm Beach .........................367-3415
Island Express Ft Lauderdale ............................367-0169
Southern A ir- Nassau ..........................................367-2498
Twin Air Calypso Fort Lauderdale .....................367-0140
Vintage Props & Jets New Smyrna B ..............367-4852
Yellow Air Taxi Ft Lauderdale .....................954-359-0292
Local air charters serving Bahamas & S.Florida
A ba co A ir .............................................................. 367 -2 266
C herokee Air C harters .........................................367-3450

Dive Shops
Abaco Dive Adventures, Marsh Harbour...... ............. 367-2963
Above & Below, Marsh Harbour.................................367-0350
Dive Abaco 1978, Marsh Harbour.................................... 367-2787
Froggies, Hope Tow n........................ ........... .................. 366-043 1
Treasure Divers, Treasure Cay............................................. 365-8571
Brendal's Dive, Green T. Cay ............................................ 365-4411
Dive G uana....................................... ........... ........... 365-5178
Man-0-W ar Dive Shop .................................... ...... ....... 365-6013

Items of interest Man-0-War boat yards Blackwood
blue hole & sisal mill Cedar Harbour plantation ruins need
guide Hole in Wall lighthouse last mire very rough road *
Abaco wild horses by appointment 367-4805 Bird watching ask
tourism 367-3067

Compliments of The Abaconian

Area code 242 unless noted otherwise

Ferry Schedules Departure times shown Daily service unless noted
Marsh Harbour to Hope Town or Man-0-War 20 minutes from Crossing Beach
Marsh Harbour to Guana Cay 40 minutes
Abaco Ferry Service VHF Ch 16 MH/HT One way $15 / RT $20 Children 6- 12 half fare,
Marsh Harbour > Hope Town 7:00am* 8:50 10:20 12: pm 1:55 3:55* 5:40
(Limited Sunday Schedule) Return 7:55 am 9:30 II 12:30pm* 2:55 5 6:15
Marsh Harbour > White Sound 7am 12pm 3:15 Return 7:40 1:10 4:25
to or from White Sound
Albury's Ferry Service Ph 367-3147 or 367-0290 VHF Ch. 16
Marsh Harbour > Hope Town 7:15 am 9 10:30 12:15 pm 2 4 5:45
Return 8 am 9:45 11:30 1:30 pm 3 4 5 6:30
Marsh Harbour > Man-O-War 10:30 am 12:15 pm 4 5:45*
Return 8 am 11:30 1:30 pm 4:30
Marsh H. > Guana Cay (& Scotland Cay with advance notice) from Conch Inn Not on Sundays
(6:45am- Union Jack Dock) 10:30 1:30 pm 3:30
Return 8 am 11:30 2:30 pm 4:45
Same day fare Adult prepaid oneway $16 / Round Trip $22, * Kids 6-11 half, Under 6 free
Green Turtle Ferry Phone 365-4166, 4128, 4151 VHF Ch 16 Ten minute ride
Green T Cay to Treasure Cay Airport 8 am 9 II 12:15 1:30 3 4:30
T Cay Airport to Green T Cay 8:30 am 10:30 11:30 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5
New Plymouth one way adult $10 (Children $7) Round trip $15 Extra to some G T Cay docks
Abaco Adventures Ph 365-8749 VHF Ch 16
Treasure Cay to Guana Cay Sunday Lv 12 & returns 4:45 p.m. $25 RT
T Cay to Man-O-War/ Hope Town Wed 9:30 am, return 4:30 pm $35 RT
T Cay to Guana Cay Sunset Cruise Fr $25, call for time

Pinder's Ferry Service Between Abaco & Grand Bahama -
Crown Haven, Abaco to McLean's Town, Grand Bah. -Daily 7:00 am & 2:30 pm
McLean's Town to Crown Haven return Daily 8:30 am & 4:30 pm
Fare $45 OW / $90 RT Children half fare Call Abaco 365-2356 for information
Bus between Freeport and McLean's Town Rental automobiles at both terminals.

Bahamas Ferries Sandy Point to Nassau under 4 Hr. Call Sandy Point 366-4119
or Marsh Harbour 367-5250 for sailing dates Adults $95 RT, $55 OW Cars & trucks
Enovahs Bus Service Hourly bus through Murphy Town, Dundas Town & Marsh Harbour to Ferry
dock. Spring City early morning & late afternoon.
The Great Abaco Express Marsh Harbour bus to N Abaco Call 367-2165
Lv Marsh H. 5 am & 12:30 pm, connect with ferry to Grand Bahama & bus to Freeport
Lv Crown Haven 9:30 am & 5:30 pm bringing ferry passengers to Marsh Harbour

Abaco Marinas Slips Fuel Phone
Walker's Cay
W alker's Cay -................................. Closed
Green Turtle Cay
Bluff House ...............45....... F......365-4200
Green Turtle Club .....32....... F......365-4271
Black Sound Marina...15................365-4531
Other Shore Club.......12....... F......365-4195
Abaco Yacht Service..10....... F......365-4033
Treasure Cay
Treasure Cay Marina150...... F......365-8250
Man-O-War Marina ...26....... F......365-6008
Marsh Harbour
Boat Harbour Marina183....... F......367-2736
Conch Inn...................75....... F .....367-4000
Harbour View Marina .36....... F .....367-2182
Marsh Harbour Marina52 F 367 2700
Hope Town
Hope Town Marina.....16................366-0003
Hope Town Hideaways ..................366-0224
Lighthouse Marina .......6....... F......366-0154
Sea Spray ..................50....... F......366-0065
Spanish Cay
Spanish Cay Marina...75....... F......365-0083
Guana Cay
Orchid Bay ............... 32....... F......365-5175
Boats can clear Customs at Green Turtle Cay,
Treasure Cay or Marsh Harbour

Tours & Excursions
Abaco Island Tours Marsh Harbour 367-2936
Above & Below Marsh Harbour 367-0350
Dive Abaco 1978, Marsh Harbour 367-2787
Brendals Dive Green Turtle Cay 365-4411
Excursion boat* Froggies Hope T 366-0024
Excursion boat* Froggies Hope T 366-0431

Points of Interest
Albert Lowe Museum .......................................Green Turtle Cay
Capt Roland Roberts House, reef exhibits.......Green Turtle Cay
Memorial Sculpture Garden.......................... Green Turtle Cay
Wyannie Malone Historical Museum........................Hope Town
Elbow Cay Light Station...........................................Hope Town
Walk to & swim on Mermaid Reef off M Harb. Pelican Shore
Drive to & swim in Blue Hole off Treasure Cay farm road
Art studio & working foundry- Little Harbour
Pocket beaches Crossing Beach in Marsh Harbour
Witches Point 3 miles S. of Marsh Harbour
Little Harbour 20 miles S. of Marsh Harbour
Cherokee 23 miles S of Marsh Harbour
Miles of beach are generally on ocean exposures
Treasure Cay Green Turtle Cay
Guana Cay Man-0-War Cay Elbow Cay Casuarina Point *
Bahama Palm Shore Sandy Point & more

Bonefish Guides Cherokee
Sandy Point Theodore Sawyer ...366-2111
Patrick Roberts .. 366-4286 Will Sawyer............. 366-2177
Nicholas Roberts Marty Sawyer.......... 366-2115
Derrick Gaitor Noel Lowe ...............366-2107
Ferdinand Burrows 366-4133 Randy Sawyer.........366-2284

Vernal Burrows
Kendall White
Anthony Bain ......366-4107
Floyd Burrows .... 366-4175
Links Adderly ..... 366-4335
Valentino Lightbourne
Ricky Burrows .... 366-4233
Marsh Harbour
Jody Albury......... 375-8068
Terrance Davis.... 367-4464
Buddy Pinder...... 366-2163
Justin Sands ......367-3526
Danny Sawyer..... 367-3577
Jay Sawyer ........ 367-3941
David Albury .......365-6059
Crossing Rocks
Tony Russell .......366-3259

Casaurina Point
Junior Albury ...........366-3058
Budy Pinder.............366-2165
Hope Town
Maitland Lowe ........366-0234
North Abaco
O'Donald Mclntosh..477-5037
Pope McKenzie .......477-5894
Orthnell Russell ......365-0125
Alexander Rolle .......365-0120
Edward Rolle ..........365-0024
Green Turtle Cay
Ronnie Sawyer .......365-4070
Jeff Survance ..........365-4040
Ricky Sawyer ..........365-4261

To Abaco by land and sea from Florida Take Discovery Cruise
Line (954-971-7347) from Ft. Lauderdale or CloudX ferry (866-473-3779) from
West Palm Beach to Freeport Bus to McLeans Town Ferry to Crown Haven *
Bus to Green Turtle Ferry or Marsh Harbour *Taxi to Marsh Harbour ferry dock
* Ferry to Hope Town, Man-0-War or Guana Cay Its an adventure

reads The

Bikes & Scooters Boats Cars & Carts
Rentals Marsh Harbour
A & P Car Rentals ............................. 367-2655
B & B Boat Rentals ............................ 367-7368
Bargain Car Rentals........................... 367-0500
Blue Wave Boat Rentals ................... 367-3910
Concept Boat Rentals ..................... 367-5570
Power Cat Boat Rentals ................................
Quality Star Car Rentals (Texaco)..... 367-2979
Rainbow Boat Rentals ..................... 367-4602
Rental Wheels Scooters, Bikes, Cars 367-4643
Rich's Boat Rentals .......................... 367-2742
Sea Horse Boat Rentals ................... 367-2513
Sea Star Car Rentals ........................ 367-4887
Green Turtle Cay
Bay Street Rentals + ........477-5300 365-4070
Brendals Dive Bikes & Kayak rental .. 365-4411
C & D Cart Rental ............................. 365-4084
D & P Cart Rental ............................. 365-4655
Donnie's Boat Rentals ....................... 365-4119
New Plymouth Cart Rentals.. 365-4188 or 4149
Reef Boat Rentals ............................. 365-4145
Sea Side Carts +.............................. 477-5497
T & A Cart Rentals............................. 375-8055
Guana Cay
Donna Sands Cart Rentals ............... 365-5195
Dive Guana Boats & Bikes................. 365-5178
Conch Pearl Boat Rentals.................. 365-6502
Island Treasures Cart Rentals ........... 365-6072
Ria-Mar Golf Cart Rentals.................. 365-6024
Waterways Boat Rental .357-6540 & 365-6143
Hope Town
Cat's Paw Boat Rentals..................... 366-0380
Hope Town Cart Rentals ................... 366-0064
Island Cart Rentals ........................... 366-0448
Island Marine Boat Rentals ..............366-0282
J R's Cart Rental ............................. 366-0361
Sea Horse Boat Rentals ................... 366-0023
T & N Cart Rentals............................. 366-0069
Treasure Cay
Alison Car Rent ................................ 365-8193
Cash's Carts ...................................... 365-8771
Claridge's Cart Rentals ..................... 365-8248
Cornish Car Rentals........................... 365-8623
JIC Boat Rentals ............................... 365-8465
Triple J Car Rentals ........................... 365-8761
Abaco Adventures Kayaks .............. 365-8749

Restaurant Guide
Prices $ Low, $$ Moderate, $$$ Upper
(Based on dinner entree range)
+ Picnic tables & restroom only t Provides ride from town
Marsh Harbour
Anglers................ ........... $$$ ...........367-2158
Curly Tails .....................$$$.............367-4444
G ino's .................................$ ........ 367-2002
Golden Grouper ........... ............367-2301
Hummingbird....................$$............. 367-2922
Jamie's Place.....................$ .............367-2880
Jib Room .........................$$ .............367-2700
Kentucky Fried Chicken............... ...367-2615
Mangoes ......................$$$ ............. 367-2366
Pop's Place ........................$ .....+.....367-3796
Sapodilly's ...................$$$ .............367-3498
Sea Shells .........................$ .............367-4460
Snack Shack .............. $ ....+.. 367-4005
Snappas .............................$ ............. 367-2278
Subway .................................... .. 367-2798
Wallys .........................$$$ ............. 367-2074
Dundas Town
Mother Merle's .................$$

Hope Town
Abaco Inn ...................$$$ .............366-0133
Cap'n Jacks .......................$.............366-0247
Harbour's Edge............... $$.............366-0087
H T Harbour Lodge .......$$$.............366-0095
Munchies ................... ........ ....366-0423
Sea Spray ......................$$ ...........366-0065
Hibiscus ................................. 365-6380
Island Treats Snack Bar.....................365-6501
Guana Cay
Blue Water Grill..............$$$ .............365-5230
Grabbers......................$$$ ............. 365-5133
Guana Seaside .............$$$ .............365-5106
Nippers ........................$$$ ............365-5143
Orchid Bay ....................................... 265-5175
Treasure Cay
Florence's Cafe .................$
Harbour Cafe ....................$.............365-8635
Hudson's Delight ...............$............365-8648
Spinnaker Restaurant ...$$$.............365-8469
Touch of Class .............$$$ .............365-8195
Green Turtle Cay
Bluff House ....................$$$.............365-4200
Jolly Roger Bistro.............$$ ............. 365-4200
Green Turtle Club .........$$$ .............365-4271
Harvey's Island Grill.........$$ ............. 365-4389
Laura's Kitchen ...............$$.............365-4287
Mclntosh's Restaurant ....$$.............365-4625
Plymouth Rock Cafe.......................... 365-4234
Rooster's Rest ................$$ ....... ....365-4066
Sundowners..................................... 365-4060
Wrecking Tree Restaurant
Harbour Caf6 (ferry dock) ..$ ....+.....365-8635
Sandy ( H Cafe Open Nights Only
Nancy's ........................
Pete & Gays .................$$$ ............366-4119
Rickmon Bonefish Lodge................... 366-4477

Please bring errors & revisions to our attention Rev 20 Sep 07

Visitors' Guide
Restaurants Services Transportation


Page 28 A The Abaconian


Dupuch Real Estate

Marsh Harbour Office
PO Box AB 20340, Abaco, Bahamas Tel: (242) 367-0288 Fax: (242) 367-0289
e-mail: jamesanddonna@erabahamas.com



Fabulous 2.46 acre estate with private beach. Located at the entrance to beau-
tiful Little Harbour, this property features unparalleled views including the Sea
of Abaco and Atlantic Ocean. Three pods connected with verandahs, comprise
over 3,500 square feet of living space. Vaulted ceilings with copulas. Six bed-
rooms, four baths, laundry room, storage, garage, R/O system, generators.
Landscaped beautifully with tropical hibiscus, bougainvillea, silver button-
wood, coconut palms among others. Included are two Cherokee Jeeps, flats
boat and Yamaha four wheeler. Located in secluded gated community. One of
a kind!


Price: $4,700,000

14+ acres with 335' of beach
frontage. 1 bed, 1 bath cottage, 1
bed, 1 bath bunkhouse. 60' elevation
offers fabulous Atlantic views.
#13515 Price: $4,250,000

2 bed, 2 bath home overlooking har-
bour and channel entrance. Private
dock. Walking distance to beaches,
fishing and dining at Pete's Pub.

Just under one acre of direct ocean
front property. Fantastic Atlantic
Ocean views. Power available. Good
elevations. Cleared and read to
build. This won't last long!
#13604 Price: $330,000

8 +/- acres, 250' of beachfront. 90'
elevations with 35' dunes. Fabulous
views of Atlantic and Cherokee
Sound. 3 miles to The Abaco Club.
#13482 Price: $2,185,000

Comfortable 2 bed, 2 bath with
views of the Atlantic and beach
access just steps away. Nice water-
front community that has all of the
essential services.
#13596 Price: $230,000

Very nice 2 bed, 2 bath home with open
concept living, sits on 1.75 acres. Can be
subdivided. Great investment opportunity.
Open zoning, area invies multi-family
#13475 Price: $305,000

Lovely well maintained CBS home
featuring 3 beds, 2 baths on corner
lot 90x150. Enclosed & landscaped
property with secluded garden.
#2837 Price: $350,000

Nice 4 bed, 4 bath furnished home
on gorgeous beachfront with views
of Atlantic. Generator, cable, phone,
fenced, deck, turnkey!
#2818 Price: $580,000

Newly built home on over an acre of
beachfront property. Four beds, 3 1/2 bath
with open concept living. Breathtaking
views of the Sea of Abaco.
#13561 Price: $895,000

Comfortable island style 3 bed, 3
bath on one acre of property. 100' of
gorgeous beachfront. Relax & enjoy
the Bahamian lifestyle at it's best.
#13180 $580,000

Great potential for expansion, 2
acres of pristine waterfront property
small villa & restaurant buildings.
Spectacular views.
#13088 Price: $2,455,000

Opportunity awaits! 40 acres of
untouched property with nice coppice
growth. Hilltop and waterfront ideal for
residential development.
#13558 Price: $490,000

Three bedroom, three bath, two storey
home with garage. Open concept beach
side living on spectacular Atlantic Ocean
lot. Tastefully decorated home.
#13552 Price: $699,000

Comfortable 2 bed, 1 bath Bahamian
style home nestled on a 2,191 sq. ft.
lot. A rare opportunity to own the
most affordable home on Elbow Cay.
#13615 Price: $260,000

1.5 acres on gorgeous ocean beach with
135 feet of frontage and great elevations.
This is the last available piece in this area.


Price: $665,000

1 & 2 acre estate beachfront lots located
in seaside community. Good elevations
with gorgeous views of the Atlantic
#13544 Price: $295,000

Casuarina Point & Bahama Palm Shores Long term RENTAL available.
Regattas Rental 2 bed, 2 bath, pool, tennis courts & beach. $2,200 month
Bustick Bight Two half acre lots 100' each of seafront. $115,000
Sand Banks Waterfront properties, located in Sand Banks. $185,000
Bahama Palm Shores & Bahama Coral Island Interior lots available. $24,000

* Casuarina Point Canal front lot with ocean access. Water/electric/cable. $80,000
* Cherokee Sound Quiet and private area with half acre lots available. $210,000
* Treasure Cay Elevated lot offering, golfing, deep-sea fishing, boating. $90,000
* Yellowood Beautiful hilltop lot overlooking Winding Bay. $150,000
* Elbow Cay Newly constructed 3 bed, 2 bath hilltop home. Dock slip. $925,000

November 1, 2007




VOLUME 14, NUMBER 21, NOVEMBER 1st, 2007

Fuel barge pump causes fire

Hope Town Fire and Rescue quickly extinguished fire
The Hope Town Fire and Rescue acted
quickly to put out a fire on a trailer tanker
on a barge in White Sound, Elbow Cay.
The The tanker was taking 6200 gallons
of gas to supply Sea Spray Resort on El-
bow Cay. On October 11 the Abaco Pe-
troleum Company barge was engulfed in
flames when a fitting broke on the portable
diesel pump pumping fuel to tanks ashore.
The Hope Town Fire and Rescue response
time was about six minutes before it had a
fire truck and a BASRA rescue boat on the
scene. Within minutes the fire was extin-
guished, leaving only the work of cooling
the equipment down.
The barge with a tank on deck normally
delivered fuel to Sea Spray using a diesel-
powered portable pump. But this time, af-
ter pumping only 1900 gallons, a fitting on
the pump gave way disconnecting the hose
from the pump. The area burst into flame,
creating a p lume of smoke easily visible
for several miles. The fire department first
pumped water on the tank to cool it down
before a second truck arrived with foam
that extinguished the fire.
trailer on a barge belonging to Abaco Petroleum was quicky engulfed in flames when a fitting on its portable diesel When the fire first started, the captain
loose. The Hope Town Fire and Rescue response time of six minutes kept a potential major fire from causing a great of the tug pulling the barge, Randy Al-

deal of damage. The only damage included several fuel pumps on teh dock, some decking on the dock, and minor
damage to t
barge and tractor trailer.

Please see Fire Page 25

By Jennifer Hudson
Four justifiably proud young ladies were
honored at the Abaco Foreign Language
Cadet Graduation Ceremony October 6 in
the St. Andrews Methodist Church Hall.
This marked the successful completion of
a foreign language programme for Kris-
tina Albury of Forest Heights Academy,
Beatrice Altidor and Shanna-Lee Paul of
Abaco Central High School and Nekhira
Saunders of St. Francis de Sales School.
The programme began in November 2006
when these four students became the suc-
cessful entrants following a qualifying ex-
After following a three-phase programme
which consisted of Phase 1: Language in
Action in which the students participated
in a variety of activities such as cooking

class, grammar clinic and dance workshop
all conducted in Spanish during February
and March. Phase 2: The Internship in
which the students worked each Saturday
for five weeks in April and May in a tour-
ism-related establishment. Phase 3: Study
Abroad which culminated the programme
with a month's study in Costa Rica. The
students were enrolled in a Spanish lan-
guage school, Centro Pan-American e
Idiomas in Heredia, and accommodated by
host families there. In addition to Spanish
classes, they experienced excursions and
sporting and cultural activities resulting in
an unforgettable experience.
Mrs. Dushinka Roberts of the Abaco
Ministry of Tourism, who was local coor-
Please see Ceremony Page 2

IPilots host international leaders

Members of the Pilot Club of Central Abaco, the Pilot Club of Sandy Point and mem-
bers of an Anchor Club of St. Francis de Sales School met with the international lead-
ers of the Pilot Club who instr ucted them in protocol and motivated them to be better
Pilots. Among the group who visited Abaco was Debbie Archer, who is the Pilot Club
International President Elect for this year and who will be President for 2008-09.
This is the first time that a Bahamian will be President. The group met at the Central
Abaco Primary School. See story on page 24.

Craft association is formed

Road Traffic officials met with taxi drivers in Marsh Harbour on October 15. Shown
above are Chief Councillor Cubel Davis; Senior Administrator Cephas Cooper; Mrs.
Belinda Mclntosh, Road Traffic for Abaco; Ms. Kendy Anderson of Tourism; and Mr.
Rudy Smith, President of the Taxi Cab Association of Ab aco. See story on page 19.

A group of crafters have formed the All Abaco Bahamas Craft Association to develop
local crafts that will supply a local demand for craft items. The group above includes
Marisa Allen, Susan Sawyer, Veronica Rahming, Lovely Reckley, Lavern Maynard,
Nadine Rolle and Andrea Newbold. They meet monthly and are planning a craft show
on November 16. See story on page 24.

The tractor
pump came

Foreign Language Cadets graduate



Page 2 B The Abaconian

November 1, 2007

Tourism program immersed students in Spanish

Ceremony From Page 1

dinator of the programme, welcomed the
graduates with pride and thanked Mrs.
Jessica Hidalgo for her involvement in the
programme. Mrs Hidalgo, who hails from
Costa Rica, teaches Spanish at St. Frances
de Sales School.
Mr. Don Cornish, Director of the Ab-
aco Tourist Office, addressed the students
saying, "A foreign language programme is
critical to our success, and we need a for-
eign language desk on Abaco along with
a foreign language hot-line." He praised
the work of Mrs. Dushinka Roberts of the
Abaco Office and thanked Mr. Tommy

-- m
Despite a BEC power outage that shortened
four students of the Foreign Language Cadet
ated, receiving certificates commemorating
learning Spanish. The four, in front from the
Albury, Beatrice Altidor, Nekhira Saunders
Paul. Standing behind them is Mr. Tommy T
Director General of Tourism, who came for t

Thompson, Deputy Director General of
Tourism for helping find the money for the
students to participate in the study abroad.
Special guest, Mr. Tommy Thompson,
Deputy Director General of Tourism, stat-
ed that Abaco is the first Family Island in
this foreign-language programme. "Over
the past four years more than 53 students
have participated and out of the 21 students
this year four were from Abaco."
The audience was able to gain a fuller
picture of the students' experiences in
Costa Rica through a multimedia presen-
tation compiled from photographs taken
by the students during their trip showing
them with their host families and highlight-
ing various activities.
Each student intro-
duced herself and gave
a short talk about her
Keynote speaker for
the evening was Mrs.
Elaine Martinborough
of Urban Renewal.
After delivering a por-
tion of her speech in
Spanish, she stated,
"Four-fifths of the
world's population
do not speak English.
The attitude that Eng-
lish alone is enough,
in fact, creates self-
imposed limitations."
the ceremony, the Mrs. Martinborough
t Program gradu- elaborated on sev-
their diligence at eral reasons why one
left, are Kristina should learn a foreign
and Shanna-Lee language well. She
'hompson, Deputy stated the fact that
*he occasion. 52.7 percent of Euro-

peans are fluent in both their native tongue
and at least one other language in contrast
to 9.3 percent of Americans being fluent in
English and another language. The upward
trend in language learning must accelerate
if the Bahamas is to continue to be a par-
ticipant on the international stage.
The programme included a dance perfor-
mance by students of Mrs. Elaine Pilon's
Dance Academy and a skit by the gradu-
ates. However, barely a few minutes into
the dance presentation the hall was plunged
into darkness by a BEC power outage.
Though these two performances had to be

By Michelle Mikula
The season where we find joy in giving
and sharing is just shy of two months away
and to help us get into that frame of mind is
the well anticipated Christmas Festival that
is scheduled for December 8th in Marsh
For the past three years the Christmas
Festival Committee has served up a family
fun-filled event that has satisfied the appe-
tites of the young and not so young. The
event incorporates many of the same senti-
ments and behavior that are habitual during
the Yuletide holiday in The Bahamas that
has made it such a joy to attend by both lo-
cals and visitors. Laughter, shopping, sam-
pling of various dishes and a kaleidoscope
of sound and colour through the Junkanoo
street parade are just a few things that you
are guaranteed to experience.
A glimpse into this year's event will in-
clude the Royal Bahamas Police Marching
and Pop Bands, a headpiece, drumming and

abandoned much to the disappointment of
the performance and the audience, the or-
ganizers went ahead with the presentation
of certificates of completion to the gradu-
ates by candlelight.
The qualifying examination for entry
into the 2008 Foreign Language Cadet pro-
gramme is scheduled to take place on No-
vember 10th. The competition is open to
Grade 11 students of Spanish. For further
information on the Foreign Language Cadet
programme contact Mrs. Dushinka Roberts
at the Abaco Ministry of Tourism, tel. 367-
3067 or email droberts@bahamas.com.

belling competition, singing and dance per-
formances, local bands, Scurvy Few Toys
for Tots, a dog show, the Abaco Youth
Marching Band, Christmas tree lighting,
a Junkanoo parade, local arts and crafts,
games, Abaco's finest cuisines and a free
photo with Santa that will be available for
the first time. Locals and visitors can once
again flock to the park opposite Memorial
Plaza from 12 noon until 11 p.m. and en-
gage in many activities with their families
and friends.
Partnering with the committee once
again is the Abaco Tourist Office, Scurvy
Few and the Christmas Bazaar committee.
Support has been gained from other local
business houses that are contributing to the
growth and success of this year's event.
Persons who are interested in reserving a
food, game or local arts and crafts booth
can contact the Abaco Tourist Office at

Abaco Real Estate Agency

www.abacobahamas.com Call Bill Thompson :242-477-5712

Eastern Shores
Perfectly located
directly on the
Sea of Abaco
Exclusive Listing
MLS # 1003
1700 sq. Ft. on approx. .75 of an acre. The
house features a private boat dock almost
at your door step.
B$1,575,000.00 Gross
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

Guana Cay
Haven & Sunrise
Exclusive Listing
MLS #1065
Perfect opportunity to own & operate your
own mini resort which sit on an I 1,891 sq.
ft. parcel right in the heart of Guana Cay.
B$1,500,000 Gross
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

Lynard Cay
Great investment
-40 for a very private
_- and secluded
S- piece of paradise.
S Exclusive Listing
MLS # 1096

Beautiful 31,450 +/- sq. ft. Sea-to-Sea property
has great elevation and 135' on The Sea of
Abaco with deep water for a private dock
B$305,000 Gross
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

Guana Cay
New Price" A perfect place to
build your island
dream home.

Exclusive Listing
M.S # 1039
Sea of Abaco Lot # 35 in beautiful Orchid Bay
on Guana Cay Offers (36,700+ Sq. Ft.) on the
Sea-of-Abaco waterfront.
B$625,000 Gross
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

Lubbers Quarters
SOnly 10 minutes

The Abaco Ocean Club is a residential
subdivision with 158 residential lots located
on the southern tip of Lubbers Quarters
B$99,000 Gross each
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

Guana Cay
P erfect property
for a private
estate or family
Exclusive Listing
MLS # 1097
Lots of deep water for your own private dock.
Located just before boat harbour at the end
of Dolphin Beach Estates on Guana Cay
B$1,150,000 Gross, Each
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

Guana Cay
New Pric" 10,400 +sq ft.
building site
Exclusive Listing
MLS # 1062
This property great views of both the Atlantic
and Sea-of-Abaco.This is the best deal on
Guana Cay and won't last hurry !!
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

Guana Cay Home & Apartment
"NewPrice" Atlantic Ocean
views from
second floor
Exclusive Listing
MLS # 1088

Beautiful two story home with 1,200 sq. ft. of
tiled living space on the second floor with 3
bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with much more!
B$575,000 Gross
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

Long Beach -The Manhattan

Beautiful 3
bedroom, 3 bath
home in Long
MLS # 1098
This spacious home sits 35' above sea level
and is only 350' from the beach with
breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.
B$776,000 Gross
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

* Ph : (242) 367-2719
* Fax: (242) 367-2359
* P.O. Box AB20404
* Marsh Harbour, Abaco,

Guana Cay

LrUnique "Turn
Key" buisness
Exclusive Listing
MLS # 1064

Sea Shores Villas (3 2 bd 1-1/2 bath villas),
Swimming pool, 250' long protected Marina,
Laundromat, Gift Shop & Storage Building.
B$2,900,000 Gross
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

Guana Cay
parcels 2 +/- acres
Switch I00' of
perfect beach
Exclusive Listing
MLS # 1095
Sea ofAbaco side is in a cove with great location
for private dock Lush tropical vegetation, great
elevation. Ideal location for a family estate/retreat
B$1,800,000 Gross
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

Schooner Bay
'Ideal location for
boutique type
resort or a family
Exclusive Listing
MLS # 1101
Two side-by-side parcels directly on Schooner
Bay beach. Parcel I is 13.30 acres with 313.91'
of beachfront.
B$1,585,000 Gross
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

Christmas Festival is planned

November 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 3 B

S6 ique Properties Local Knowledge

Member of the Abaco MLS... another reason to list with us.

BREEES BEAHFRONT4bed 4bathhomeon areth 00 CANALFRONTbed bath eadsouttheSea
eet beach Sod CBS construction 5 W generator Abaco teamngh bones and sea $495,000.
$995,000. Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com
Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.com


$3,800,000. 100 ft dock permit Lot 15,000 sq ft plus $950,000.
242.577.0298 www.SIRbahamas.com






242.577.0298 www.SIRbahamas.com



242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.com


242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.com


242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.com



242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.com

CANAL FRONT 3 bed 3 bath home and self
apartment upstairs b Great views dock acm


')A') 7 C;IAC r-nnl OTPl -hq- -






bed I bath cottage ectrty rom mainland $2,875,000.
242.362.4211 www.SIRbahamas.com



242.577.0298 www.SIRbahamas.com



bed 6 bath, hangar and dockng for 80 ft vessel $5,950,000.
242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.com



242.577.0298 www.SIRbahamas.com




vew from ths 40 ft elevation, dockarge basn $2,890,000.
242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.com



wth apartment centra A/C generator $868,000.
242.577.0298 www.SIRbahamas.com

WATERFRONT great elevation and room for a protected dock
th good water depth $350,000.
242.367.5046 www.SIRbahamas.com


242.577.0298 www.SIRbahamas.com


Kerry Sullivan
t 242.366.0163

Laurie Schreiner Jane Patterson Stan Sawyer
t. 242.367.5046 t 242.366.0035 t 242.577.0298

Bill Albury
t 242.367.5046

C BAY LOT REF: #303 $650,000.
Contact Stan Sawyer: 2425770298











Page 4 B The Abaconian

These students are studying abroad

Once again The Abaconian is pleased to
present a listing of the Abaco students who
are away at colleges and technical schools.
Many more scholarships are available help-
ing several of these students to accomplish
their goals for a higher education. Most of
these help with expenses but do not pay all
We salute the families who support these
young people in acquiring the knowledge
and skills they need to make their lives
more productive and fulfilling.
We realize there are more students away
and we want to list them in the next issue.
We would appreciate family members or
friends calling us at 367-2677 with the per-
tinent information.
Aniqua Adderly is in her first year at
the College of The Bahamas in Nassau
where she is majoring in primary educa-
Aniqua is the daughter of Anthony and
Valderine Adderly of Fire Road and is a
graduate of Sherlin Bootle High School
Bradley Albury is in his first year at the
University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia
where he is majoring in business.
is the son of
Ruth Albury
of Marsh
Harbour and
his late fa-
ther, Monty
Albury. He
was saluta-
torian when
he gradu- I Bradley Albury |
ated from Forest Heights Academy in June
2007. He was awarded the Monty Albury
Award for Excellence by the Pathfinders
Scholarship Foundation.

Mitchell Albury is in his third year at
the University of Miami in Miami, Flori-
da, where he is majoring in business ad-
ministration. He is maintaining a 4.0 GPA
which puts him on the President's Honour
is the son
of Molly
Albury of
Marsh Har-
bour and
is a gradu-
ate of For-
est Heights Mitchell Albury
Natasha Arthur is in her fourth year
at Nova Southwestern University in Fort
Lauderdale, Florida. She is in a pre-med
course and hopes to do an internship when
she graduates in the spring of 2008.
Natasha is the daughter of Siliane Ar-
thur of Marsh Harbour. She attended high
school in West Palm Beach where she
graduated with honours. She is a recipient
of a Pathfinders scholarship and a Nova
Honors Award.
Samantha Bailliou in her second year
at the College of The Bahamas in Nassau.
She is majoring in education.
Samantha is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. James Baillou of Black Wood and is
a graduate of St. Francis de Sales School.
Brittany Benjamin is in her second
year at Florida Southern College in Lake-
land, Florida. She is majoring in its biol-
ogy/ pre/med course and is on the Dean's
Brittany is the daughter of Derek and
Terry Benjamin of Turtle Rocks. She grad-
uated Valedictorian from Forest Heights
Academy in 2006. She has a partial schol-
arship from Florida Southern.

Bianca Bethel is now pursuing a doc-
torate in physical therapy at Boston Uni-
versity in Massachusetts. She is in her fi-
nal semester of classes and will complete
six months of clinical work from January
to June of 2008 prior to graduating with a
doctorate degree in June.
Bianca is
the daughter
of Will and
Kim Bethel
of Marsh
She gradu-
ated with
from Flori-
da Southern Bianca Bethel
College in 2005. She graduated from For-
est Heights Academy in 2002.
Erica Bethel is in her first year at Bre-
vard Community College in Cocoa Beach,
Florida. She
is majoring
in business.
Erica is
a gradu-
ate of For-
est Heights
and is the
daughter of
Michael and
Maria Bethel of Cherokee Sound.

The Abaco Diabetic Association invites
the public to a meeting on November 8
at 7 p.m. at the Marsh Harbour Govern-
ment Clinic. This is for everyone inter-
ested in learning more about diabetes.

Phylicia Bootle is in her first year at
the College
of The Baha-
mas in Nas-
sau where
she is study-
ing business
and account-
Phylicia is
the daughter Phylicia Bootle
of Ernestine
Parker and Hartley Bootle of Treasure
Patrelle Carey received her bachelor's
degree in special education in April 2007.
She is now pursuing a master's degree in
human re-
Patrelle is
the daugh-
ter of Gwen
Carey of
Town and
is a gradu-
ate of Abaco Patrelle Carey
Central High
Sherelle Carey is in her final year at
in Tuske-
gee, Ala-
bama. She
will gradu-
ate in April
2008 with
a degree in
computer Sharell Carey

Please see Students Page 5

AMie of PalmS Ralttyaom

Aisle of Palm Realty SOLD ~ C1
P.O.BoxAB 20900 F ax: 242-367-0081
Marsh Harbour, Pa e email: brent@aisleofpalmrealty.com
Abaco, Bahamas website : www.aisleofpalmrealty.com

Brent Cartwright, Broker, BRI
Phone 367-0080

Maria Silvester, BRI
Phone 367-0080

Giselle Mclntosh Junior Mernard
Phone 365-4655 Phone 366-0361

Hope Town 1374 Best priced sandy beach
lot on island. Beautifully landscaped and
ready for building.
Little Harbour 1335 Spacious 2/2 cottage on
large hillside lot, great ocean views.
The Abaco Club 1363 Two adjacent beach lots
with unobstructed views of Winding Bay.
Yellowwood Five hillside lots with views of
Winding Bay available starting at $61,900
Guana beachfront home 1256 3/2 on high
dune, endless views. Great rental history.
Marsh Harbour home 1364 2/2 on lovely
landscaped lot. Centrally located. $206,000
Sea Glass 1337 3/2 home on Guana Cay with
beach access just steps away. $439,000
Watching Bay 1392 Fabulous hill top lot with
great views. Short walk to beach.

Rhiannon Thomas
Phone 365-5003

Kristin Williams
Phone 367-0080

Nikhil Shah
Phone 367-0080

The Abaco Club on Winding Bay 4 cottages
and 3 lots in bankruptcy sale. Great potential
for the right buyer. Call for details.
Watching Bay Three adjacent lots near the
entrance of this new subdivision just outside
the settlement of Cherokee.
Bahama Palm Shores A large selection of
interior and beach lots starting at $25,000
The Great Abaco Club 1189 Jaffa is a 3/3
home on a double lot positioned to capture
views from every room.
Royal Harbour waterfront lots Two waterfront
lots, both offering great dockage.
Regattas Penthouse unit 1334 The only
3/3 init in complex. Very spacious, wonderful
kitchen, double patio, huge master bath. A
must see unit.

Junel5 07












Don MacKay Boulevard Marsh Harbour
Across the street from St. John the Baptist Anglican Church

November 1, 2007



November 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 5 B

More students away

engineering and computer
Sherelle is the daughter
of Murphy Town and is a
aco Central High School.
Shane Cash is in his

last year at Ramapo
New Jersey, study-
ing history and ed-
ucation. His is on
the honour roll and
received an Abaco
Pathfinders' schol-
Shane is the son
of Don and Car-
rie Cash of Hope
Town. He is a


graduate of Forest Heigh
plans to return to Abaco t
completes his studies.
Dashineak Charlton is
at the College of the Bal
studying primary educatio
ineak is
a 3.59 GPA
and receives
a scholarship
from the
Ministry of
She is the
daughter of Dah
Michael and Glenda Betht
bour. She is a graduate o
High School.
Kieno Clarke is in his
College of The Bahamas
he is studying communica

Kieno is the son of Jacqueline Clarke
From Page 4 (deceased) of Marsh Harbour. He is a
science, graduate of Wesley College.
Sof Gwen Carey Charlotte Collins is in her first year at
graduate of Ab- Palm Beach Atlantic University in West
Palm Beach, Florida. She is studying ap-
fourth year and plied finance and accounting.
ege in Mahwah, Charlotte
is the daugh-
ter of Jeff
and Jane Col-
lins of Marsh
Harbour and
is a gradu-
ate of For-
est Heights
Academy. Charlotte Collins
Shane Cash Her academ-
ic record keeps her on the Provost's List.
ts Academy. He Deandia Cooper is in her first year
o teach when he at Lincoln Tech (formerly New England
Tech) in West Palm Beach, Florida, where
in her third year she is studying business administration
lamas in Nassau with a focus on accounting.
n. Deandia is the daughter of Curtis and
Audrey Cooper of Treasure Cay and is a
graduated of Sherlin Bootle High School.
Marco Cooper is in his first year at the
University of Delaware in Newark, Dela-
ware, where he is studying architecture
and business.
Marco is the son of Joeand Yvette Coo-
per of Cedar Harbour and graduated from
Sagemont High School in Florida. He was
on a basketball scholarship while in high
ieak Charlton school.

el of Marsh Har-
f Abaco Central

first year at the
in Nassau where

Advertise in

The Abaconian

Cornish has
started her
college ca-
reer at the
College of
the Bahamas
in Nassau.
She is study-
ing culinary Sedia Cornish
Sedia is the daughter of Eusias and Mary
Cornish of Blackwood. She graduated from
S.C. Bootle High School in 2007.
Sharran Cornish is in her first year
at the College of The Bahamas in Nassau
where she is studying nursing.
Sharran is
the daughter
of Edison
and Arlene
Cornish of
Black Wood
and she is
a graduate
of St. Fran-
cis de Sales h

Dominic Dawkins is in his first year at
the N ational Aviation Academy in Clear-
water, Florida, where he is studying avia-
Dominic is the son of Cleveland and
Judy Dawkins of Murphy Town. He is a
graduate of Wesley College.
Shikia Deveaux is in her first year at the
College of the Bahamas in Nassau where
she is study-
ing business.
Shikia is
the daugh-
ter of Louis
Deveaux of
Nassau and
Sindy Lowe
of Dundas
Town. She is
a graduate of Shikia Deveaux
a graduate of
Forest Heights Academy.

Please see Students Page 6

aYA.Y* ~u3

* nint ool auz

ElmsSa inssOCente

.. "- Lo28 163 cre wth20 0 ft.o, fo $4 ,250,000. Ref .-AS10802

" ot29 175are wth20 f.of hfont.$4,500006Re. S 180

MglAarshHar35 p neleeE-als ri-w.hnGnMstieco

Golf Car Depot
Three thousand used Club Cars in stock

Call Today




Page 6 B The Abaconian

Students From Page 5
Shikita Deveaux is in her first year at
the Collge of the Bahamas in Nassau. She
is in their pre-med course.
Shikita is
the daugh-
ter of Louis
Deveaux of
Nassau and
Sindy Lowe
of Dundas
Town and
from For-
from For- Shikita Deveaux
est Heights
Academy in 2007.
Tajah Deveaux is in her first year at the
College of The Bahamas in Nassau where
she is studying accounting.
Tajah is
the daughter
of Adamae
of Murphy
Town and
is a gradu-
ate of Abaco
Central High
School. She
receive mde Tajah Deveaux
received an
Abaco Pathfinders' scholarship
Sem aj
C.K. Dor-
sette II is
in his third
year at Mi-
ami Dade
in Miami,
Florida, ma-
joring in ar-
Semaj Dorsette

chitectural engineering. He is maintaining
a 3.0 GPA.
Semaj is the son of Rev. and Mrs. Carl
ton K. Dorsette of Dundas Town.
Matthew Duggan is in his second year
at Orlando Culinary Academy. He will
with an as-
sociate de-
gree in the
spring. He
is majoring
in culinary
is the son of
Timothy and Matthew Duggan
Linda Dug-
gan of Marsh Harbour and he is a graduate
of Forest Heights Academy.
Kettlyne Durosca is in her first year at
the Antillean Adventist University in Puer-
to Rico where she is studying medicine.
Kettlyne is
the daughter
of Tini and
Rose Du-
rosca of Fire
Road and is
a graduate of
S.C. Bootlie
High School.
She received Kettlyne Durosca
an Abaco
Pathfinders' scholarship.
Reniece Edgecombe is in her third year
at the College of The Bahamas in Nassau
where she is majoring in primary educa-
Reniece is the daughter of Gersil and
Maria Edgecombe of Cooper's Town
and is a graduate of Sherlin Bootile High

More students away

Shaquerra Edgecombe is in her third
year at the College of The Bahamas in Nas-
sau. She is
majoring in
if the daugh-
ter of Mr.
and Mrs.
Geron Edge-
combe of
Sandy Point Shaquerra Edgecombe
and is a graduate of St. Francis de Sales
School. She maintains good grades and
continues to be on the Dean's List.
Elizabeth Eldon is in her fourth year
of college, now attending Warner South-
ern College, a Christian school in Deland,
Florida. She is studying pre law.
Elizabeth is the daughter of Stephen and
Jackie Eldon of Bahama Palm Shores. She
is a gradu-
ate of For-
est Heights
She received
her associ-
ate's degree
from Hill-
Community Elizabeth Eldon

Sl Somethinq For


snack size fresn.
Tl3deli style eat fix.. f
Ssandwihes B & V Plaza Don MacKay Blvd
and salads Tel: 367.2798 Fax: 367.5098

College with high honours and is on the
Dean's List at Warner Southern.
Dominica Evans is in her first year at
the College of The Bahamas in Nassau
where she is studying business and ac-
nica is the
of Douglas
and Frankie
Evans of
Town and
she is a
graduate of
St. Francis of Dominica Evans
St. Francis
de Sales School.
Christine Feurimond is in her first
year at Ba-
hamas Bap-
tist Training
College in
Nassau. She
is in their
nursing pro-
is the daugh- Christine Feurimond

Please see Students Page 8

November 1, 2007

November 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 7 B

September 15th 2007


Member of the Abaco Multiple Listing Service
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
'h.# 242-367-2992
nailin(@coldwellbankerbahamas com

Chris Farrington, BRI
iales Associate
Member of the Abaco Multiple Listing Service
Green Turtle Cay, Abaco
'h# 242- 365-4695

Lee Pinder
Cherokee Sound, Abaco
Ph# 242-366-2053



GREEN TURTLE CAY-A community of 23 3-bedroom Colonial-style homes under
development. The homes front scenic Black Sound, parks and
common areas. Dockage is available. Leeward is modeled after Abaco's historic
New Plymouth, a white-picket-fence village of New England-style cottages, quaint
restaurants and bars. Homes starting at $1,050,000. Call Chris

Yellowwood Creek
Lot 1- Hilltop Lot with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, the world class Abaco Club Resort and
the gorgeous three mile Winding Bay Beach. Comprises approx. 0.75 acres.- Offered at US$195,000.00
Lot 3- Waterfront Located on the rocky shoreline, this lot comprises just over an acre with approx. 175'
of waterfront & has unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean. It adjoins lot 4, which is also available.
Electricity is near both lots. Offered at US$312,000.00
Lot 4- Waterfront This lot is just over an acre & covers approx. 175' of rocky shoreline. Unobstructed
views of the Atlantic Ocean. Offered at US$300,000.00
Call Mailin

GTC #6076- 3bed/2.5 bath house
overlooking an ornamental pond. Near
beachestown & public docks. The
house is offered unfurnished, ceramic
Throughout,ceiling fans, central AC.
Offered at $645,000.00 Call Chris

GTC #6077 2bed /2.5 bath house in
Harbour View Estates. Nearby docking is
available at Little Harbour.Tastefully
furnished, beautifully landscaped
grounds. Excellent rental history
Offered at $490,000.00 Call Chris

Leisure Lee-# /j3 A lovely 3
bed, 2 bath canal front home.
Features 57' dock and over
17,000 sq.ft of property. Common
Beach Access $790,000.00- Call

Treasure Cay- #5740
Beachfront 2 bed/2bath villa
with a "Lagoon" style
swimming pool. Offered at
$636,000 Call Chris.

Leisure Lee- #5366 This 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home is tucked away in Leisure Lee
and offers privacy and tranquility. Features about 1,600 sq.ft of living space. Also
features his and hers closets and a spacious en suite master bath. Open floor plan makes
it easy and fun for entertaining family and friends. The large wrap around screened in
porch adds charm and makes outdoor entertaining easy as you enjoy the gentle island
breezes. Community beach access is only minutes away. Why rent when you can own
your own home?! Call Mailin


Yellowwood # 6123-
Lot 4C in Yellowwood now
available. 27,260 sq ft. Great
elevations looking over Cherokee
and creeks. SELLER
$130,000.00-Call Mailin

tiL.' > r* #SL 7

Green Turtle Cay, Big Bluff-
#5878 1/2 acre + waterfront
lot, ideal lot for house &
dock- Offered at
$476,000.00- Call Chris

Bahama Palm Shores-
Two side by side vacant lots,
perfect for building. minutes
away from Cherokee Sound
and Winding Bay $30,000.00
each- Call Mailin

Green Turtle Cay- 1.6 acre
beachfront lot located on the
most beautiful beach on the
island. Approx. 130' on the
beach and 560' deep.
$820,000.00 Call Chris

Manjack Cay 10 acres sea to sea
Beautiful beachfront at both sides
& protected anchorage. Great
development property Offered a
$2,000,000.00 -Call one of our
agents today.

*Bahama Palm Shores #5742-
Beachfront lot 200 x 416
Offered at US$550,000.00
*Or split lot in half 100 x 416
Offered at US$300,000.00 -
Call Mailin

Yellowwood- 2H- # 5484-
37,368 sq.ft., featuring 184' on
the Atlantic rocky shoreline,
minutes away from Cherokee
Sound and Winding Bay.
$265,000.00 -Call Mailin

Bahama Palm Shores #5670- 3
bed, 4,876 sq ft island home on 2
acre lot with 220' of beachfront,
generator and pool. $995,000.00-
Call Mailin

Long Beach- #5520- Vacant interior lot
in growing subdivision. This comer lot is
approx 1/4 acre and would be an ideal
spot for building your home. Long Beach
features community beach access to a
magnificent powder white beach. Call
today. -$50,000- OWNER
MOTIVATED! Call Mailin

Marsh Harbour # 6085 Newly
renovated 2 bedroom 1 bath home
comprising 1,230 sq.ft. This home
is in immaculate condition, features
a laundry and storage area and it's
yard is completely fenced in. Call
today for an appointment to view. -

turtle KOCKS- IIUltl amlly lot,
27,507 sq.ft., power & cable to
boundary, beach access,

*Murphy Town Vacant Lots near Great Cistern- across from waterfront. Comer Lot ( 104 x 120) $ 45,000.00
(101 x208) $ 65,000.00 (NEW LISTING) Call Lee
*Green Turtle Cay, Coco Bay- /4 acre vacant lot, ocean views- $150,000.00 (NEW LISTING)
*Green Turtle Cay, Coco Bay- vacant lot, beach access, 9000 sq.ft. $89,000.00 (UNDER CONTRACT)
*Green Turtle Cay, Island Reach- vacant lot, 16,390 sq.ft., 106' on Sea of Abaco, Beautiful views & sunsets. $450,000.00
* Green Turtle Cay Estates Vacant lot, '/4 acre $ 75,000.00 (NEW LISTING) Call Chris
*Casuarina Point- vacant lot in quiet community, 10,000 sq.ft and situated across from the canal.-$80,000

Page 8 B The Abaconian

November 1, 2007

Students From Page 6

ter of Rodlin and Lacieuse Timothee of
Treasure Cay. She graduated from For-
est Heights Academy in 2007. She is the
recipient of an Abaco Pathfinders scholar-
Paulette Forbes is in her second year at
the College of
The Bahamas
in Nassau. She
is in their nurs-
ing program.
Paulette is
the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs.
Rudolph McK-
inney of Trea-
sure Cay and is Paulette Forbes
a graduate of Sherlin Bootle High School.
Jessica Higgs is in her second year at
Valdosta State University in Valdosta,
Georgia, where she is majoring in biology/
Jessica is
the daughter
of Monica
and Law-
rence Higgs
of Marsh
Harbour. She
is a gradu-
ate of For-
Jessica Higgs
est Heights
Academy and is a recipient of an Abaco
Pathfinders' scholarship. She has just been
given an International Student Award by
the school.
Dwayne Jones is in his third year at the
College of The Bahamas in Nassau where
he is studying secondary education.

Dwayne is
the son of Pa-
trice Rolle of
Mount Hope
and Ayan-
dell Jones
of Dundas
Town. He
is a gradu-
ate of Abaco
Central High
Nickesia Jones is in her second year at
York College in New York where she is
studying biology.
sia is the
daughter of
Ingrid Gray
of Marsh
Harbour and
is a gradu-
ate of Abaco
Central High
School. She
is a recipient Nickesia Jones
is a recipient
of an Abaco Pathfinders' scholarship.
Justin Kelly is in his first year at National
Aviation Academy in Clearwater, Florida.
He is also attending Clearwater Aviation
Academy in Clearwater. He is studying ar-
icraft engineer-
ing and aircraft
Justin is the
son of Andrew
and Denise
Kelly of Lei-
sure Lee. He
received his
GED in the Justin Kelly
Krista Kelly is in her third year at Lee's
McRae College in Banner Elk, North Car-
olina, where she is majoring in business

More students away

Krista is
the daughter
of Andrew
and Denise
Kelly of Lei-
sure Lee and
is a gradu-
ate of For-
est Heights
Academy. Krista Kelly
She was
Head Prefect when she graduated in 2005.
She went on a missions trip to Guatemala
for two weeks in May 2007 and found it
very rewarding.
Akrisza Kemp is in her second year
at Daytona Beach Community College in
Daytona Beach,
Florida. She is
in a pre-med '
course as she
hopes to become
a pediatrician.
Akrisza is
the daughter of
Sherman and
Wilma Kemp of Akrsza Kemp
Hope Town and
is agraduate of Forest Heights Academy.
Latonia King is in her first year at the
College of The Bahamas in Nassau where
she is studying banking and finance.
Latonia is
the daughter
of Patrice
Neely and
King of Dun-
das Town.
She gradu-
ated co-vale-
Latonia King
from Abaco
Central High School. She is a recipient of
an Abaco Pathfinders' scholarship.
Aaron Knowles is in his third year at
Wingate University in Wingate, North
Carolina. He is majoring in business and
sports management.

Ph: 242-367-3231
Fax: 242-367-3233
Sea Star Building
(beside Maxwell's)
Marsh Harbour

Perry Thomas
Lofty Fig Villas This property is posed to become the most sought
after gated residences in Marsh
Harbour. This property has
already been approved for condo
or town house style accommoda-
tions. Located in the heart of the
waterfront restaurant district, the
right investors can make this property a unique and very upscale location.
Priced to sell at $2,156,500 gross. Call or come in
Great Business Opportunity a two-story building that has a
total of 19,300 sq. ft. There
are 7 apartment units on top
floor that are rented and two
huge office spaces on the bot-
tom floor that are rented. This
building is located in Marsh Harbour and is on three lots that are 100' x
120', bringing the total land space to 36,000 sq. ft. This building is priced
to sell at $1,500,000 gross
Fourplex for sale 3 two-bedroom, one bathroom, fully furnished apt,
also one split-level three bed-
room, two and half bathroom.
Property 80' x 100'. Oleander
Drive across from Friendship
Tabernacle Church, Dundas
Town Appraised at $500,000
Selling price $475,000

Four bedroom, 4 bathroom

house with covered back patio,
covered entryway with huge
columns. House is 4,000 sq. ft.
situated on 1/4 acre of property
in Bahama Palm Shores. Central
air conditioning, Jacuzzi tub
in master bath. Appraised at


Agape Villa Murphy Town Two free standing structures containing
four one-bedroom, one bathroom
apartment units that are fully
furnished with central air con-
ditioning. Sits on 15,000 sq. ft.
Landscaped. All units are rented.
$300,000 Person purchasing this
will have an instant business.
Three bedroom, two bathroom home, fully furnished, central
air conditioning, on 9,000 sq. ft.
Landscaped with beautiful trees
and lawn. Rented. $190,000. Can
be sold separately or with above

Duplex for sale off Forest Drive two,two bedroom / one bath
apartment units, fully furnished.
One unit has central A/C and
washer & dryer. The other unit has
window A/C unit in the bedroom.
Building sits on lot 131 x 90
property, landscaped. Appraisal value this year at $242,356. This is priced to
sell at $190,000 net. Purchaser pays legal fee and govt tax. Persons interested
should call or come in, We will find a way to work something out for you.
Fourplex 2 two bedroom one bathroom apts, 2 one bedroom, one
bathroom apts. Total 3150 sq. ft. All units furnished, All units have central A/C
units, 3 units have washer/dryer
units. 1200 sq. ft. wooden building
that houses washer and dryer for
apt. one. Property 150' x 88' All
units are rented. Off Forest Dr.,
Dundas Town. Appraised value
$430,000 Asking price $375,000

$600,000 Selling Price $495,000

Visit our other fine properties at: www.adlerrealtybahamas.c

Osbourne Stuart, CRS, CRES, BRI, SVC
Broker, Appraiser, President with 19 years experience
Perry Thomas, BRI
Salesman and Rentals, Marsh Harbour branch with 10 years experience
Cassie Thomas Secretary

Nine lots for sale in new gated community in Great Cistern, Abaco.
Residential only

? ^fksW "

Lot #12 8,491 sf $29,803 gross
Lot #13 11,759 sf $41,274 gross
Lot #14 8,800 sf $30,888 gross
Lot #15 8,676 sf $30,452 gross
Lot #16 12,010 sf $42,155 gross

Lot #17
Lot #18
Lot #19
Lot #20

11,741 sf $41,210 gross
10,868 sf $38,146 gross
12,514 sf $43,924 gross
10,474 sf $36,763 gross

For sale three lots located on South Lubbers Quarters in the Abaco
Ocean Club Estate. Lots number II, 44, 112. These lots are priced individu-
L ot #11 consists of 11,022 sq. ft. and is priced at $85,000 gross. Lot #44
consists of 13,307 sq. ft and is priced at $98,000 gross. Lot # 112 consists
of 20,485 sq. ft. and is priced at $175,000 gross
One lot in Murphy Town Subdivision on Shell Road Lot size
131 x 110 (14,410 sf) $32,760 gross
For sale 15 acres of land at Baker's Heights near Leisure
Lee off the Treasure Cay Highway. Priced at $450,000 this property will go
fast. Call today.
For Sale two lots on hill in Yellowwood
Lot# 7 G3 size 12,600 sf $63,000 gross
Lot # 7 G4 size 12,600 sf $63,000 gross

To all property owners, do you have property you want to SELL, LEASE,
RENT or MANAGE. Give us a call; we will find rReliable tenants for you.

Located in the Sea Star Building
next to Maxwell's Supermarket

Aaron is the son of Craig and Linda
Knowles of Hope Town. He was a stu-
dent at For-
est Heights
Academy be-
fore he trans-
ferred to Mi-
ami Springs
Senior High
School where
he gradu-
ated. He is
Aaron Knowles
receiving a
partial scholarship from the university. He
is a starter on the Wingate Bulldogs base-
ball team.
Ashley Knowles has begun her college
work at Florida Southern College in Lake-
land, Florida. She is majoring in business
Ashley is
the daugh-
ter of Craig
and Linda
Knowles of
Hope Town
and is a grad-
uate of For-
uaest Heights Ashley Knowles
est Heights
Academy. She is receiving an Abaco Path-
finders' scholarship.
Nquania Knowles is in her fourth year
at the Col-
lege of The
Bahamas in
Nassau. She
is studying
is the daugh-
ter of Brenda
BRussell of Nquania Knowles
Russell of
Treasure Cay and Joe Knowles. She is a
graduate of Forest Heights Academy.

Please see Students Page 10

November 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 9 B

Brokers CAY
Anne Albury CAo NIL E^W^
Marcellus Roberts
Sales Associate
Everett Pinder
(242) 365-8538 Ph
(242) 365-8587 Ph/Fax

Treasure Cay Properties Offered by Treasure Cay Specialists

For details and pictures visit our web page at http://www.treasurecayrealestate.com

"NEW" STORAGE UNITS, centrally located in
Treasure Cay town centre. Storage units come
in assorted sizes for boats, cars, golf carts and
"stuff." EXC. Starting at $25,000 FGS
Newest opportunity
Canal front condo and cottage units with
available boat slips
Starting at $680,000 +14%closing
Townhouse units in protected harbour with
boat slips
Phase One SOLD OUT
Now the newest oceanfront development
on Treasure Cay beach comprising 10
individual luxury units
Starting at $750,000 + 14% closing
Luxury condominium project on Treasure
Cay Beach. 3 bed / 3 bath / Den / Lanai / on-
site pool and many other features
Starting at $907,500 Plus 14% closing
on-site pool and tennis, newly completed
luxury townhouse units directly on
Treaure Cay each totalling 3 bed/4 1/2
baths plus loft bedroom/den
Ground floor garage, 2 bed/ 2 bath with
ocean front patio
First floor open concept living / dining/
kitchen plus master bedrom suite, all
ocean views with patio/ balcony
Loft bedroom/ den with ocean view
MLS $2,075,000 + 7.5% Closing
Townhouse condos with on- site tennis, heated
pool, office, laundry
Marina view, 2 bed/ 1 1/2 bath, fully furnished,
never rented, extra feathures.
MUST SEE FGS $351,000
Marina view, 1 bed / 1 bath upstairs good
rental potential $220,150 FGS
Marina view, 2 bed/ 2 bath and unit fully
furnished- storm shutters- good rental
potential $351,000 FGS

Unit #4 Upstairs 3 bed/2bath fully furnished,
direct beach access. Good rental investment
EXC. $514,250 FGS
Canal Front Condos with on-site Tennis and
2 bed / 2 bath lower unit, 16' wide slip,
includes golf cart and 22' boat

Ocean front luxury octagonal units with lagoon/
pool/waterfall. Good rental potential.
Unit #7 Two storey 2 bed/ 2 bath home.
MLS $636,000 + 7.5% closing
Unit #9 Two storey 2 bed/ 2 bath home
MLS $575,000 + 7.5% closing
Resale condos available in first completed project.
Ready to go. Both units never rented but definite
Upstairs unit 3 bed / 2 bath with den / op
tional 4th bed. Completely and tastefully
furnished. 6-seat golf cart included.
EXC. $765,000 +14%
Downstairs unit 3 bed / 2 bath with den/
optional 4th bed. Completely and tastefully
furnished with many extra features including
garage and Ford Taurus $1,002,000 FGS
Canal Front Condos with on-site Pool
Bldg 1 Lower unit 2 bed / 2 bath, 15'wide
boat slip, includes car. Newly decroated.
MUST SEE EXC. $500,000 FGS
Bldg 4 Downstari* 2 bed / 2 bath,
totally redone, Sot L
\t- EXC. $435,600 FGS
Unit #3 Ocean front, downstairs 2 bed/2 bath,
fully furnished. $640,000 FGS
Ocean Front Condos with on site pool and
3 bed / 3 bath upper unit, fully furnished,
beach front, with good rental potential.
Priced to sell. $897,900
Special garden ar pool, 2 bed / 2
bath. Great\ S .th many repeat
guests EXC.$369,000 FGS
Second row beach with direct ocean access.
Great view. 2 bed / 2 bath, many special
features. MUST SEE EXC. $553,500 FGS
"Lacey Daze" Spectacular 4 bed/ 3 1/2 bath CBS
home with panoramic ocean views and
direct beach access from every room but
one via decks and patios. The main house
has living/ dining/ kitchen/ master bedroom
suite, two guest bedrooms with bath, powder
room, double garage and utility/ workshop
area. Included with its own entrance is a
private 1 bedroom/ 1 bath apartment with
an open living/dining/kitchen with its own
deck.Many features. MUST SEE.
EXC. $2,220,000 FGS

EXC Exclusive listing
FGS Full gross or all-inclusive price
MLS Multiple Listing
List price plus buyer's closing

"Gramling House" newly built, 2 storey home
located on Galleon Bay canal with a 45' dock.
Upper level has 4 bed/ 2 bath. Open living/
dining/ kitchen. Lower level has 2 bed/ 1 bath,
laundry room pl us covered open boat/ car
storage MUST SELL EXC $794,500 +7.5%
"Fish Tales" unique canal front 3 bed / 3 bath
home on 2 full lots, 180' waterfront with 118'
serviced dock, deep water, great for larger
boat. MUST SEE! MLS$2,525,000 + 7.5%
"Trident"/"Turquoise Seas" You cannot be more
"on the beach" than in this special home.
Offering 3 bed / 3 1/2 bath in the main house
with detached garage / bed / bath / attic plus
storage. Vast deck oceanside with widow's
walk. WOW!
MLS $2,800,000 + 7.5% closing
"Cross Winds" Split level CBS home extra large
lot across from 2 beach greenways. Private.
Master bed/ bath suite upstairs. Lower level 2
bed / 2 bath, cozy living room/ kitchen/
dining/ utility. Apartment annex 1bed/ 1 bed,
living kitchen, enclosed patio. Plus! Plus! Plus!
MLS $820,000 + 7.5% closing
"Dream Point" Special CBS split level home
located on a corner lot near "The Point" with
two choices of direct beach access. Upper
level has master bedroom with ensuite bath
plus two guest bdrooms and bath. On the split
level there is the main entry into a large open
living/dining area, modern well-equipped
kitchen. All rooms open onto a wrap-around
partially covered deck overlooking the garden.
Ground level has an extra large garage/
workshop with lots of storage.
EXC. $996,300 FGS
"Pilot House" special unique location with a
commanding, enviable view of the Sea of
Abaco. Water front home, 2 storey, CBS/
frame. Upstairs master and guest bed, 2 baths,
large living/dinning/open kitchen; lower level
1bed / 1 bath, 2 car garage plus 1 car/boat
garage. MLS $1,160,000 + 7.5% closing
Apartment four-plex, 2 storey CBS building,
each level has 2 full apartments with 2 bed,
1 bath, living/dining/kitchen. Great rental invest
ment. MUST SEE! EXC. $400,000 FGS

Ocean front properties
Casuarina Beach/Ocean Blvd.
Sand Piper Beach
Sunrise Point Beginning at $1,250,000 FGS
Canal Front Beginning at $325,000 FGS
Rock Point Waterfront, bulkheaded
Beginning at $360,000 FGS
Golf Course / Interior
Beginning at $60,000 FGS

Treasure Cay has one of the world's best Beaches
Golf Course, Tennis, full service Marina, just naming a few amenities.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information We not only sell here, we live here and love it.
Mailing address: P.O. Box AB22183, Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
E-mail: info@treasurecayrealestate.com

Page 10 B The Abaconian

More studd

Students From Page 8
Stephen Jerron Knowles, Jr., is in his
first year
at the Col-
lege of The
Bahamas in
Nassau. He
is studying
is the son
of Rev. and Stephen Knowles
Mrs. Ste-
phen Knowles of Dundas Town. He is a
graduate of St. Francis de Sales School.
Tia Knowles is attending Louisiana
State Univer-
sity in Ba-
ton Rogue,
where she is
in her third
year study-
ing second-
ary education
and biology. Tia Knowles
Tia is on a
full scholarship from Prime Time and is on
the Dean's List. She is the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Gary Knowles of Marsh Har-
bour. She is a graduate of Forest Heights
Laing is in
her final year
in the nurs-
ing program
ad the Col-
lege of The
Bahamas in
Sabrina Laing

November 1, 2007

ents away

Sabrina is the daughter of Esther Laing
of Black Wood and is a graduate of S.C.
Bootle High School. She is receiving an
Abaco Pathfinders' scholarship and a gov-
ernment scholarship.
Daron Lightbourne is in his third year
at Essex
College in
New Jersey
where he is
majoring in
Daron is
the son of
V a 1 e n c a Daron Lightbourne
Sargent and
Donald Brennen of Cooper's Town. He
finished high schol at Temple Christian
High School in Nassau. He maintains good
grades and is on the honour roll.
Raenell Lowe is a third year student at
Palm Beach Atlantic University in West
Palm Beach,
Florida. She
is working
toward a
degree in
is a gradu-
ate of For-
e of e s Raenell Lowe
est Heights
Academy where she was valedictorian
when she graduated. She is on the Pro-
vost's List. She is the daughter of Ray and
Bessie Lowe of Green Turtle Cay. She re-
ceived an Abaco Pathfinders' scholarship
and funding from the Treasure Cay Com-
munity Foundation as well as an academic
award from the college.

Samantha Major is in her fourth year
at Shenandoah University in Winchester,
Virginia. She is majoring in biology which
is a pre-med
Samantha is
the daughter of
Wanda Mackey
of Hope Town
and is a gradu-
ate of Forest
Heights Acad-
emy. She re-
mains on the Samantha Major
Dean's List and does volunteer work at a
nursing home. She is also tutoring students
in biology and anatomy at the school. She
has an Abaco Pathfinders' scholarship and
scholarships from the school.
Dawson Malone is in his first year at
the University of the West Indies in Nassau
where he is
working to-
ward a bach-
elor's degree
in pre-law.
He gradu-
ated from
the College
of The Baha-
mas with an
associate's Dawson Malone

degree with distinction.
Dawson is the son of William and Char-
lotte Malone of Marsh Harbour. He gradu-
ated from Agape Christian School. He is
receiving scholarships from Abaco Path-
finders and Family Guardian.
Joshua Malone is in his fourth year at
Palm Beach Atlantic University in West
Palm Beach,
Florida. He
is majoring
in computer
systems and
Joshua is
the son of Joshua Malone
the son of
George and Debbie Malone of Man-O-
War and is a graduate of Forest Heights
Chantelle McIntosh is in her second
year at Bethune Cookman College in Day-
tona, Florida, where she is majoring in
business administration.
Chantelle is the daughter of Omri and
Linda McIntosh of Green Turtle Cay and is
a graduate of Sherlin Bootle High School.

Please see Students Page 11

Guana Freight Services
Regular Freight Runs to Guana & Scotland Cay
Monday thru Friday Charters & Water available on request
Phone or Fax guanafreight@hotmail.com
Rich or Melena at
Great Guana Cay

nra s Harbou co

g include:-

- Spectacular Sea of Abaco views
- Screened and covered porches on two sides
- Granite countertops, designer tiles, custom cabinets
- Swimming pool and sun deck
- Recreation gazebo and outdoor BBQ station
- Day dock and private beach
- On-site handyman & gardener

- Secure gated development
- High speed internet and cable ready
- Backup generator
- One minute walk to HT/MOW ferries
- Excellent rental potential
- Access to beautiful Crossing Beach

Sensibly Designed Afforably Priced GGreat Location Fabulous Views

NOW SELLINGI Preconsructn pices avcate unl Dec 3 Ist, 27
2 bed/2.5 bath units (920 sq.it under A/C, 320 sq.ft covered porches) starting at B $445,000*
3 bed/3.5 bath on two floors (1,612 sq.ft under A/C, 382 sq.ft overed porches) starting at B $695,000*
(* excludes purchaser's share of Government Stamp Tax (5%) and purchaser's legal fees)

For more information please call Neil Arbele at 367-5454 or 577-0277 HGChristi
WW SSo.coxcuseHGCh istie
~w~vuthecrossing obao.c orn Exclusivey listed by beca1s anod Lvng

Features and
at The Crossin




/nc> ^44.

Students From Page 10

Ava Murray is in her first year at the
College of The Bahamas in Nassau. She is
majoring in business.
Ava is the daughter of Gordon and The-
resa Murray of Treasure Cay and she is
a graduate of Sherlin Bootle High School
where she was the head girl in her last

Mrs. Elaine Martinborough wants the
public to know that she spoke for the
residents of Bustic Bight, Bahama Coral
Isles and Great Cistern at the Murphy
Town meeting on October 4.

Murray is
in her last
year at the
College of
The Baha-
mas in Nas-
sau where
she is study-
ing primary Brittany Murray
Brittany is the daughter of Gordon and
Theresa Murray of Treasure Cay and is a
graduate of S.C. Bootle High School.
Ava Parker is in her first year at the
College of the Bahamas in Nassau where
she is studying business administration.
Ava is the daughter of Rev. and Mrs.

More students away

November 1, 2007
Burnell Parker of Fox Town and is a grad-
uate of S.C. Bootle High School.
Jillian Parotti is in her fourth year at
Johnson and
Wales Univer-
sity in Provi-
dence, Rhode
Island, where
she is major-
ing in culinary
arts. She will
be graduating
in May 2008
with a degree Jillian Parotti
with a degree
in food and beverage management. She
plans to return to Abaco on completion of
her studies.
Jillian Parotti is the daughter of Mike
and Susan Parotti of Murphy Town and
is a graduate of Forest Heights Academy.
She maintains good grades that has kept
her on the honor roll at Forest Heights

Sales Team of
Ed& Cindy Newell
James Moir Broker
Restaurant For Sale # 781- Fully equipped & furnished 2,818
s/f restaurant at Treasure Cay highway intersection. Seating
capacity ofapprox. 70. Great location. $517,000.
"Argyll House" # 483 Elegantly furnished, elegant 4 bed,
5.5 bath, 6,900 s/f Ocean Blvd. estate on 1.6 landscaped
acres with 153' beachfront. Includes vehicles. $4,900,000.
"Tradewinds" # 589 Luxurious 4 bed, 3.5 bath furnished
beachfront home, plus separate 3 bed, 3 bath ocean view guest
house. Superior design & finishes. Total 1 acre $4,575,000.
"Peace & Plenty" # 503 Splendid 7 bed, 4.5 bath 2 storey,
furnished Ocean Blvd beachfront estate, on 1.453 superbly
landscaped acres. 163' beach frontage. $3,800,000.
"Trident House" # 317 Superb 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath fully
furnished, 3,500 s/f beach front home. $2,800,000.
"FinalApproach # 601 Recently renovated, furnished
canal front 2 storey, 5,500 s/f 6 bedroom, 4.5 bath private home
on large property, 100' private dock, 4 car garage $2,625,000.
"Bella Vista", WindwardBeach # 806 Newly built 4 bed, 4
bath, 2,600 s/f furnished home with 97' beach frontage PLUS
protected canal lot Galleon Bay with boat lift. $1,898,000.
"Fish Tales" # 808 Elegant 3 bed, 3 bath furnished canal
front home, 3,430 s/f under roof on 15,493 s/f landscaped
parcel. 90' deep water frontage & 90' dock. $1,850,000.
"Porter Place "- Brigantine Bay # 868 Newly constructed,
furnished 3 bed, 3 bath canalfront home, 3,040 s/f under roof,
double garage, 165' of dockage, new boat lift. $1,600,000.
WindwardBeach # 780 3 bed, 2 bath, 2,500 s/f furnished
new home, 106' seawalled sandy beachfront. $1,150,000.
"Laguna" Galleon Bay # 745 3 bed, 2 bath single storey,
1,550 s/f canal front home, furnished, elevated landscaped lot,
carport & garage, deep water dock with boat lift. $985,000.
"Shell Shack" # 712 3 bed, 2.5 bath,1,600 s/f furnished
home on Brigantine Bay, elevated 10,000 s/f lot, garage, 80'
bulk-headed sea-wall, serviced 30' new dock. $799,500.
Treasure Cay House- Near Beach # 492 3 bed, 3 bath
1,276 s/f furnished home, recently renovated. $450,000.
Just Off The Beach # 771 Attractive, furnished, 3 bed, 2
bath, 2,244 s/f home, carport, 1 block from beach. $345,000.
"Home, Sweet Home" # 784 2 bed, 2 bath, 1,240 s/f
furnished home on 13,500 s/f lot, close to beach. Adjoining lot
also available. 1 O 1 $268,000.
Royal Poinciana Beachfront Condominiums -Phase 4
# 716) Premier 3 level, 3 bed, 4.5 bath, plus loft newly built
condos on Treasure Cay Beach. 2,860 s/f under roof, attached
garage. 644 s/f covered/open balconies/porches. $2,075,000.
"Halyard Quay" # 827 Superior 3 & 4 bed 1,568 s/f &
2,108 s/f waterfront condos, gated community, 15' beam dock
slip, private garage Pre-construction pricing from $603,000.
Atlantis Condo # 2209 #770 Elegantly furished,well
maintained 2 bed, 2 bath 2nd level condo on Brigantine Bay.
Includes boat slip & finger dock for 32' boat. $549,000.
Treasure Landings # 600 -Newly constructed 3 bed, 2 bath,
1,300 s/f, furnished luxury condos, close to beach, marina.
Superior finishes. Financing Available $495,000.


ime Real Estate Listings Throughout Aba,
Beach Villa 507 # 782 Newly renovated, 2 bed, 2 bath
1,150 s/f villa, plus 592 s/f patios. Tastefully furnished. Many
extras. Close to beach, marina, golf course. $490,000.
Brigantine Beach Condo # 369 2 bed, 2.5 bath furnished
townhouse, ocean views, close to beach, furnished, excellent
rental history. $458,000.
Beach Villa # 506 # 636 2 bed, 2 bath, 1,250 s/f garden view
villa, fully renovated & refurbished in 2005. Private garden
patios. O (Owner Financing Available) Reduced $405,000.
Mariner's Cove Condominiums
# 454 2 bed, 1 bath, 2 level poolside unit $317,900.
#455 1 bed, 1 bath, ground level, poolside $185,900.
Beachfront Parcel # 870 Exceptional 1.58 acres on Ocean
Blvd. 147' beach frontage Cleared, all utilities available.
Breath-taking beach & sea views. $1,600,000.
Beachfront Parcel- Ocean Blvd # 876 1.5 acres with 100'
of beach frontage, on spectacular Treasure Cay Beach. All
utilities available Gorgeous beach & sea views. $1,510,000.
Beach Lot # 654 Prime elevated 12,800 s/f parcel, 118' of
pristine beach frontage in protected cove. Fully cleared, all
utilities available, superior sea views. $1,480,000.
BeachfrontLot # 705 Choice 12,281 s/f elevated parcel on
Treasure Cay Beach. 95' beach frontage. All utilities available.
Sensational sea views. $1,385,550.
WindwardBeach # 817 Half acre waterfront parcel directly
on Sea of Abaco, 124' beach frontage. Newly installed sea
wall. All utilities available. $482,000.
Brigantine Bay # 841 11,200 s/f cleared canal lot. 80' water
bulkhead. All utilities available. Dock pilings. $458,000.
Galleon Bay # 422 Prime 10,295 s/f cleared canal lot. 88' +
protected canal frontage, all utilities available. $350,000.
Rock Point Waterfront Parcel # 783 12,200 s/f lot near
entrance to Treasure Cay Marina. 90' newly installed sea
wall. Cleared, all utilities available. $289,000.
Flamingo Drive Lot 66 #558 Large lot on quiet cul-de-sac, all
utilities available. Ideal home building site. $66,000.
Oceanview Lot # 2 # 727 Spectacular 1.1 acre elevated parcel
overlooking 18th hole. Magnificent views. $3,015,000.
Sea ofAbaco Lot Ql # 845 25,658 s/flot, 172' water frontage
in quiet cove, good elevations, native vegetation, access
privileges to Atlantic Ocean beaches. $559,000.
"Paradise Point" # 659 Furnished 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 2,400 s/f
waterfront home with porches & balconies on 1/2 acre. 193'
elevated Sea of Abaco frontage, Fantastic views. $759,000.
Sea ofAbaco, Waterfront Lot 9A # 918 Large 21,565 s/f lot
with 190' of water frontage, superb sea views, ideal building
lot, all utilities available, paved roads. $195,000.
Waterfront Property #347 2.2 acres, sea to sea, total 280'
water frontage, ideal for boat dockage in protected Little
Harbour, large protected cave. Reduced to $608,000.

Bahamas Real Estate

"Double Eagle" # 757 Recently renovated 3 bed, 3 bath, plus
loft, 2,500 s/f furnished home on canal front parcel. 95' sea
wall, 68' dock. Underground utilities. Near beach $776,000.
"So-Be-It" # 861 Furnished 2 bed, 2 bath canalfront home on
12,100 s/f parcel, 110' bulkheaded frontage, 2-25' docks. Close to
beach. Option available for two adjoining canal lots. $656,000.
Canal Front Home # 124 Furnished 2 bed, 2 bath home, open
living/kitchen. 50' bulkhead & dock on deep water protected
canal, close to beach, sea view. Reduced Price $348,000.
Residential Parcels
# 823 10,708 s/f canal lot w/130' frontage & dock $392,000.
# 602 15,334 s/f canal corer lot w/197' seawall $334,000.
# 886- 12,828 s/f canal lot, 100' seawall, 50' dock $329,000.
# 704 10,400 s/f elevated canal lot w/104' frontage $265,000.
# 597 11,242 s/f canal lotw/171' seawall, sea view $265,000.
# 904 16,345 s/f w/ 108' water frontage, sea view $119,950.
# 811 10,400 s/f sea view corer lot, near beach $107,000.
# 567- 2.139 acres on highway near Leisure Lee $149,700.
Atlantic Oceanfront Parcel #746 Approx. 1 acre residential
parcel, 154' elevated shoreline near Orchid Bay community,
great ocean views. $395,000.
Dolphin Beach Estates # 843 Atlantic Ocean View, 17,500 s/f
lot # 121. All utilities installed. Includes house plans for 4,350 s/f
under roof elevated home. Close to beach B$287,500.
GreatAbaco Club, CanalfrontHome # 637 Elegantly
furnished 4 bed, 4 bath, 2,800 s/f home. State-of-the-art kitchen.
Canal-side pool/patio, 42' deep water frontage $2,185,000.

Great Abaco Club, Sea View Lot # 493 7,750 s/f, Sea of
Abaco views, finger dock for 25' vessel, gated community, all
utilities available. Use of resort amenities. Reduced $299,000.
"Beau Soleil", White Sound # 662 Beautiful 4 bed 5 bath
Beachfront Estate Main House, Apt & Guest House furnished
3,634 s/f on 0.878 acres, 120' dock, pool, 173' beach. O
(Main & Guest Houses also available separately) $2,300,000.
"Island Reach Seaview Lot # 684 Hilltop 0.405 acre parcel
on White Sound Bluff overlooking Sea of Abaco $725,000.
Beach Front Parcel # 714 45,343 s/f parcel, 100' beach
frontage on Atlantic Ocean. Electricity available. Ideal site for
permanent residence or vacation home. $349,000.
Inland Lot Near Beach (Ref # 756) Large 13,000 s/f lot near
white sandy Atlantic Ocean beaches, native vegetation, Good
road access. $38,000.
Ocean View Residential Lot # 887 Elevated, hillside corner
parcel,12,600 s/f +/-, close to sandy Atlantic Ocean beachfront.
All utilities available. Ideal building site. $179,000.
Ocean View Hilltop Lots 356 & 357 # 349 Adjacent cleared
parcels. great elevation & fantastic sea views. All utilities
available, prime building sites, walk to beach. Each $59,800.

We Exceed Client Expectations!
Please contact us for additional details on this sampling of our featured listings or for information on our other prime properties throughout Abaco
Phone: (242) 365.8752 Cell: (242) 577.6570 www.abacoestateservices.com

The Abaconian Page 11 B
and at Johnson and Wales. She is on a full
scholarship given her by the Abaco Club at
Winding Bay.
Kristen Pearce is in her final semes-
ter at Valdosta State University in Valdo-
sta, Georgia,
and will be
graduating in
She majored
in English
language and
English lit-
Kristen is
the daugh- Kristen Pearce
the daugh-
ter of Ted and Rhonda Pearce of Marsh
Harbour. Kristen is a graduate of Forest
Heights Academy.

Please see Students Page 12

Nov. 1, 2007

L ~---~- ~-------~-~--- ---~--

Page 12 B The Abaconian November 1, 2007

More stud

Students From Page 11
Terrinque Pennerman is in her first
year at the College of The Bahamas in
Nassau. She is majoring in economics and
is a gradu-
ate of Abaco
Central High
School and is
the daughter
of Marga-
ret Meares
of Murphy Terrinque Pennerman
Erica Pinder is attending Arizona State
University in Tempe, Arizona, where she
is in her first year studying graphic de-
Erica is
the daughter
of Welling-
ton Pinder
of Lubbers
Quarters and
Patti Love of
Hope Town.
She gradu-
ated from Erica Pinder
ated from
Forest Heights Academy in 2007.
Joan Pinder is in her second year at
the College
of The Ba-
hamas in
Nassau. She
is majoring
in culinary
Joan is the
daughter of
Euturpy Mc- .loan Pinder

ents away
Intosh of Treasure Cay and is a graduate of
Sherlin Bootle High School. She has a par-
tial scholarship from Abaco Pathfinders.
James Rees graduated from the Univer-
sity of Florida last
year with a BA in
English and BS in
microbiology and
cell science. He
spent the past year
working for the
University of Flor-
ida as a biological
scientist focusing
on aquatic toxicol- James Rees
ogy. He is now enrolled in the California
Institute of the Arts in its Masters of Fine
Arts Program in fil and video. He contin-
ues to study the viola and hope to focus on
song writing and film score composition.
James is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James
Rees of Casuarina Point.
Michelle Rees is in her first year of
her master
degree. She
the Florida
Institute of
where she
is studying
ocean engi- Michelle Rees
Michelle is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. James Rees of Casuarina Point. She
graduated with a bachelor degree summa
cum laude in the spring of 2007.

Rebecca Risberg is in her third year at
the University of Western Ontario Lon-
don, Ontario,
Canada, where
she is majoring
in business.
Rebecca is
the daughter of
Carl and Eliza-
beth Risberg
of Lubbers
Quarters and is Rebecca Risberg
a graduate of
Forest Heights Academy.
Tiffany Roberts is in her fourth year
at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia
where she is
studying bio-
cell develop-
ment and bi-
Tiffany is
the daughter
of Bert and
Martha Rob- Tiffany Roberts
erts of Green
Turtle Cay and is a graduate of Forest
Heights Academy
Sherise Latoya Rolle is in her fourth
year at the
College of
The Bahamas
in Nassau
where she is
in their nurs-
ing program.
Sherise is
the daughter
of Freeland Sherise Latoya Rolle
and Sharon
Rolle of Cooper's Town. She is a graduate
of Forest Heights Acdemy.

Teon Rolle has begun his first year at
the Bahamas Technical Vocational Institute
in Freeport, Grand Bahama, where he is
learning about welding.
Teon is the son of Cetal Curry and Stan-
ley Rolle of Mount Hope and is a graduate
of S.C. Bootle High School.
Alexis Russell is in her third year at the
College of The Bahamas in Nassau. She
will be studying nursing.
Alexis graduated from Sherlin Bootle
High School and the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Eric Russell.
Russell is in
her first year
at the Col-
lege of The
Bahamas in
Nassau. She
is studying
biology and
chemistry as Devannya Russell
she hopes to
go into the medical field.
Devonnya is the daughter of Grovener
and Laverne Russell of Fox Town and
she graduated as salutatorian from Sherlin
Bootle High School. She is receiving an
Abaco Pathfinders' scholarship.
Giovanni Russell is in his second year
at the College of The Bahamas in Nassau
where he is studying architecture.
Giovanni is a graduate of Sherlin Bootle
School where he graduated as one of the
top five students. He is the son of Grover-
nor and Yvonne Russell of Fox Town.
Mashanna Russell is in her fourth year
at the College of The Bahamas in Nassau.
She is majoring in computer information

Please see Students Page 13

r-ice Reduction

For more information contact:
Marsh Harbour Office
t 242.367.5046
f 242.367.5045

WATERFRONT unique one of a kind property. Pristine island located
just a few hundred yards east of Marsh Harbour. 4.96 acres with
1/2 mile of water frontage and private marina. 300 linear feet of
dockage with 6 feet of water at low tide. 2 bed 2 bath with main
house plus I bed I bath cottage. Electricity and telephone utilites
from mainland. Ample fresh water and five above ground cisterns
and much more. Now $2,875,000.

More students away

Students From Page 12

is the daugh-
ter of Patri-
cia Bootle
and Marshall
Russell of
Fire Road.
She is a grad-
uate of For-
est Heights Mashanna Russell
She maintains good grades that keep her
on the Dean's List.
Misty Russell is completing her fourth
year at the University of Western Ontario
in London, Ontario, Canada. She will re-
ceive a degree in
sociology with
courses in both
mathematics and
business admin-
istration. She
plans to attend a
teachers' college
in September
Misty is the Misty Russell
daughter of Jack and Lana Russell of Hope
Town. She attended high school at Apple-
by College in Oakville, Ontario.

Shantara Russell is in her first year
at the College of The Bahamas in Nassau
where she is studying primary education.
is the daugh-
ter of Jeffery
and Refaletta
Russell of
Crown Ha- d i
ven and she
is a graduate
of St. Fran-
cis de Sales Shantara Russell
Christopher Rutledge will obtain his
associate degree in December from Day-
ton Beach Community College in Daytona,
Florida and
will transfer
in January
to the Uni-
versity of
South Flor-
ida in Tam-
pa, Florida.
He is tak-
ing general Chris Rutledge
Christopher is the son of Ami and Tom
Rutledge of Green Turtle Cay and is a
graduate of Forest Heights Academy. Last
year he earned his U.S. Coast Guard's
captain's licence.

,,Fulring houses insto hoi
Is our business!

The Good Times
5pc Queen Bedroom Set
3pc Uving Room Set
5 pc Dining Room Set
3pc Coffee Table Set
2 Lamps FREE
The Good Times #2
(2) 5pc Queen Bedroom Set
(2)3pc Living Room Set
(2)5 pc Dining Room Set
(2) 3pc Coffee Table Set
4 Lamps FREE

The Jefferson's Moving On Upi
5pc Queen Bedroom Set
3pc Living Room Set
7 pc DDning Room Set
3pc Coffee Table Set
2 Lamps FREE
The Jefferson's Moving On Upl
#2 $18,000,00
(2] Queen Bedroom Set or (1 queen & 2 twins]
(2) Dining Room Sets (1) 7pc (1) 6 pcs
(2) 3pc LMng Room Sets
(2) 3 pc Coffee Table Set
^ 4 Lamps FREE

The Abaco Real Estate Specialists


Donna Darville --
Marsh Harbour I' Il
242-367-SOLD (7653)


Treasure Cay 2 bed, 2 bath cottage
with views of creek, on large lot.

Other fine properties and rentals available

www. ParadiseBahamas. corn

Frank Knowles
Hope Town
Cell 242-577-0339

Bahama Coral Island Lots starting
from $25,000
Bahama Coral Island House to belt
course $85,000
Yelloweood Hilltop Stunning views of
the Atlantic and Winding Bay beach.
Commercial lot in Marsh Harbour
behind Memorial Plaza 15,000+ sq. ft.

November 1, 2007
Naason Sands is in his first year at the
College of The Bahamas in Nassau where
he is studying culinary arts.
is the son
of Donna
and Rob-
ert Sands
of Dundas
Town. He
from Abaco
Central High Naason Sands
School. He is receiving an Abaco Pathfind-
ers' scholarship.
Amanda Sawyer received a bachelor's
degree from Florida Southern University
with a major in psychology and religion.
She graduated with a 4.0 GPA. She was
also named for the Who's Who Among
Students in
and Col-
leges, an
honour that
who show
outstanding Amanda Sawyer

The Abaconian Page 13 B
academic excellence. She will be a life-
time member of this elite group. She is
now attending Candler School of Theology
at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia,
where she is in the Master of Divinity pro-
Amanda is the daughter of Trevor and
Jennifer Sawyer of Cherokee Sound. She
is a graduate of Forest Heights Academy.
She has received a scholarship provided by
the settlement of Cherokee Sound.
Kerri Sawyer is in her first year at
Valencia Community College in Orlando,
Florida. She
is studying
Kerri is
the daughter
of Marty and
Sawyer of
Marsh Har-
bour. She
is a gradu- Kerri Sawyer
ate of Forest
Heights Academy.

Please see Students Page 16

Multiple Listing System

What is MLS?
A Multiple Listing System (MLS)
allows participating real estate agents to
place their sellers' homes on a database
providing information to other licensed
real estate agents about these listings.
snack sze This is greatly beneficial to the seller as it
deli stye is great exposure for your property.
and salads
The MLS is quite important to the buyer
as well. If your real estate agent is a
participating member of the MLS and is
searching for suitable properties for you, this system is the best tool
because your real estate agent will have access to all properties listed
by other members.
Whether buying orselling make sure your real estate agent is a member
of the Multiple Listing Service of the Bahamas Real Estate Association,
Abaco Chapter!
The first MLS service in The Bahamas was launched on Abaco on
October 1st and, to date, the participating members are:

Derek Lee
Chris Plummer
Cindy Newell
Ed Newell
Bill Thompson
Elaine Thompson
Sandra Evans
Bill Thorndycraft
Brent Cartwright
Maria Silvester
Rhiannon Thomas
Chris Roberts
Molly Roberts
John Bethell
Chris Farrington
Mailin Sands
Bill Albury
Jane Patterson
Laurie Schreiner
Stan Sawyer
Kerry Sullivan
Donna Rees
James Rees
June Russell
Neil Aberle
Kathleen Albury
John Christie
Dwayne Wallas
John Cash
(Ruth) Anne Albury
Everett Pinder
Marcellus Roberts

Abaco Cays Realty
Abaco Cays Realty
Abaco Estate Services
Abaco Estate Services
Abaco Real Estate
Abaco Real Estate
Abaco Waterfront Properties
Abaco Waterfront Properties
Aisle of Palm Realty
Aisle of Palm Realty
Aisle of Palm Realty
Bahamas Realty Abaco
Bahamas Realty Abaco
Bayfront Realty Nassau
Coldwell Banker
Coldwell Banker
Damianos Sotheby's Intl. Realty
Damianos Sotheby's Intl. Realty
Damianos Sotheby's Intl. Realty
Damianos Sotheby's Intl. Realty
Damianos Sotheby's Intl. Realty
Era Dupuch Real Estate
Era Dupuch Real Estate
Graham Real Estate
H.G. Christie Ltd
H.G. Christie Ltd
H.G. Christie Ltd
H.G. Christie Ltd
John Cash Realty
Treasure Cay Real Estate
Treasure Cay Real Estate
Treasure Cay Real Estate

Abaco Chapter

The Bahamas Real Estate Association


Page 14 B

The Abaconian November 1, 2007
Unique Investment Opportunities

within The Abaco Club on Winding Bay, a Ritz Carlton Property

For those who wish to design their
own home, there are two ocean front
lots and one beach front lot available,
each offering 200' of frontage.
Lots 8 and 11 are located along the
cliffs and golf course at the northern
tip of The Club.

Aisle T

Palm Realty

Aisle of Palm Realty
P.O.Box AB 20900
Marsh Harbour,
Abaco, Bahamas

Aisle of Palm Realty '0
Aisle of Palm Realty has been selected exclusively to represent these properties along with Hilco Real Es-
tate of Illinois by the Bankruptcy Courts of The United States. For further information on these properties,
please contact Brent Cartwright at 242 367 0080 or email brent@aisleofpalmrealty.com

Ade of Padlm &Ro

Fax: 242-367-0081
email: brent@aisleofpalmrealty.com
website : www.aisleofpalmrealty.com

November 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 15 B



%P n utecthi* ioait it

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company Limited


Oakes Field Primary one of BTC's adopted schools held a special
awards assembly to honour three hundred and forty of the school's over-
achievers. BTC President & CEO Mr. Leon Williams was the guest
speaker at the special assembly. Mr. Williams challenged the parents
and teachers to instill excellence in their children and students. He told
the parents and teachers that they are "preparing the children to work
and survive in a competitive environment." He continued on to say that
"how we develop these individuals is up to us". Mr. Williams congratu-
lated the students and left them with the phrase, "your best has to be
better everyday of your life."
The awards included the Principal's List which was given to each stu-
dent with a grade point average of 3.51 4.00; the Honour Roll for stu-
dents with a GPA of 3.0 3.5 and special awards for Most Improved Stu-
The Oakes Field students prepared a special poetic tribute to BTC for
its loyal support over the years. Mr. Williams was introduced in a
unique manner with a musical jingle written by the students called "Oh
Yeah!" Also in attendance at the event was Mr. Edvardo Humes. Mr.
Humes, a twelfth grade student at Cherub Christian Academy understud-
ied Mr. Williams in his task as "President for the Day" at BTC, an initia-
tive of the Ministry of Education. Mr. Humes encouraged the students to
"find their goal, and stick to achieving it." Following the special assem-
bly Mr. Williams and Mr. Harold Newbold (District Superintendent in
the Ministry of Education) were taken on a tour of the school. They were
shown the advances of technology in the classroom with the school's
electronic form of learning, The Active Boards. Oakes Field Primary is
one of five adopted schools in New Providence. The other schools are
H.0 Nash Junior High School, Thelma Gibson Primary School and Sta-
peldon School. BTC also supports schools in Grand Bahama and the
other Family Islands.

STuaents of me uaKsntela pnmary Scnool cneer in support or ineir class-
mates who received awards.

Page 16 B The Abaconian November 1, 2007

More stud(

Students From Page 13

Felicity Simms is in her third year at the
College of The Bahamas in Nassau where
she is study-
ing to be a
high school
Felicity is
the daughter
of Jonathan
and Ag-
atha Simms Felicity Simms
of Murphy
Town and is a graduate of Agape Christian
School. She received an Abaco Pathfind-
ers' Scholarship. She received an outstand-
ing student award in Bahamian schools.
Jonathan Simms has begun his college
years at the
College of
the Bahamas
in Nassau
where he is
studying ar-
is the son
of Jonathan Jonathan Simms
and Agatha
Simms. He graduated from Abaco Central
School as salutatorian in June 2007.
Singh is in
his first year
at City Col-
lege in New
York where
he is study-
ing architec-
A n d r e Andre Singh

ents away

is the son of Partop and Gualty Singh of
Marsh harbour. He graduated co -valedic-
torian of his class at Abaco Central High
School. He is receiving an Abaco Pathfind-
ers' scholarship.
Malisa Singh is in her third year at City
College in New York where she is major-
ing in ac-
Malisa is
the daughter
of Partop
and Gaulty
Singh of
Marsh Har-
bour and is
a graduate of Malisa Singh
AbacoCemy Malisa Singh
Abaco Cen-
tral High School. She is a recipient of an
Abaco Pathfinders' scholarship.
Kyle Stevens is in his first year at Valen-
cia Community College in Orlando, Flori-
da, where he
is studying
for a general
associate de-
Kyle is
the son of
and Mary
Stevens of
Stevens of Kyle Stevens
Green Tur-
tle Cay. He graduated from Forest Heights
Academy in June 2007.
Phylicia Stuart is in her third year at
Florida Memorial College in Miami, Flor-
ida, where she is majoring in biology.

* 9,600 sq. ft lot in Green Turtle Estates Under Contract

is the daugh-
ter of Kath-
erine Jones
of Dundas
Town and
is a gradu-
ate of Ab-
aco Cen-
tral High Phylicia Stuart
School. She
has a partial scholarship from the school
where she is on the honour roll. She is hop-
ing to become a doctor.
Colin Swain is attending Seneca Col-
lege in King City, Ontario, where he is
in his third
year. He is
studying en-
Colin is a
graduate of
Abaco Cen-
tral High
School. He
School. He Colin Swain
is the son of
Cathy and Colley Swain of Dundas Town.
Javoughn Toote is in his last year at
Voorhees College in Denmark, South Car-
olina, where
he is study-
ing account-
ing. He is in
a CPA pro-
gram. He
is maintain-
ing a 3.67
is the son Javoughn Toote
of Nelrose Parker and Ricardo Toote of
Treasure Cay and is a graduate of Agape
Christian School.




Cheynea Turnquest is in her first year
at the College of The Bahamas in Nas-
sau. She is
majoring in
and photog-
is the daugh-
ter of La-
mille Lowe
of Casuarina Cheynea Turnquest
Point. She
graduated from Forest Heights Academy
in June 2007.
Heather Weatherford is in her third
year of college and is attending Palm Beach
Atlantic College in West Palm Beach,
Florida. She is
in its nursing
Heather is the
daughter of Ray
and Pam Weath-
erford of Man-
O-War Cay. She
is a graduate of Heather Weatherford
Forest Heights
Matthew Wedgewood has begun study-
ing at the College of the Bahamas in Nas-
sau. He is
studing com-
puter infor-
mation ser-
is the son
of Prince
and Janet
Wedgewood Matthew Wedgewood

Students From Page 17

P O Box AB 21027
Marsh Harbour
Abaco, Bahamas
Ph. 242-367-4962 S
E-mail: lesliepinder@hotmail.com
or leslie@landandsearealty.com

Leslie Pinder


HIGH ROCK Beautifulwaterfront
home 4 bed / 4 bath on two
acres of nicely landscaped
property, swimming pool, fully
furnished, boat house and dock,
fantastic views
EXCLUSIVE Price upon inquiry

Regattas of Abaco CONDO 2 bed
upstairs / 2 bath, fully furnished, swim-
ming pool, tennis courts, security.
Regattas of Abaco CONDO 2 bed /
2 bath, down stairs unit, overlooking
Marsh Harbour, fully furnished, swim-
ming pool, tennis courts, security.
$320,000 EXCLUSIVE
Pelican Shores 2 Prestigious WA-
TERFRONT lots on Pelican shores with
deep water frontage and street
frontage, already cleared with high
and flat elevation. Lots can be sold
Lot 1 approx 10,000 sq. ft.
Lot 2 approx. 12,000 sq. ft. This lot
includes an in-ground swimming pool
with landscaped area .
Call for Additional Info

HIGH ROCK 3 bed / 3 bath
home, fantastic views of Marsh
Harbour, Hope Town and Lub-ber's
Quarters, 2 car carport, central
air, beautifully landscaped lot,
Exclusive 1.08 acres, 50 ft. above
sea level

High Rock Beautiful home, 3 bed /
2 bath, furnished, family room, central
air, over 2,000 sq. ft.
EXCLUSIVE $710,000
Don MacKay Blvd. Prime commercial
property downtown Marsh Harbour,
approx 2.5 acres
$2.3 million Exclusive
Treasure Cay Carleton Landing
Condos on the canal
Call for info.
Pelican Shores Elevated
Lot on the Harbour. Great views -
Exclusive, Call for Info
Bahama Palm Shores
Lot in Section I
Price $41,000

Regattas Units Rentals
Doil\/ Weekl/v Mornthl/

July 2007

11LAND If We Don't Have It, We Will Find It!
SSEA PO Box AB 21027- Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
REALTY www.landandsearealty.com Telephone: 242-367-4962
E-mail: lesliepinder@hotmail.com or leslie@landandsearealty.com

Sales, Rentals and Property Management
Member B.R.E.A.
G.P.O. Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
Telephone 1-561-656-9708 Telephone/Fax 1-242-365-4636
E-mail: oceanblu@batelnet.bs www.oceanblueproperties.com
New Listing! Fot the ultimate in privacy, three bedroom, two bath furnished
home on Bluff Harbour and the Sea of Abaco. Over 1000 feet of waterfront.
New dock with lift. $2.7m plus 7% to close
New Listing! This stately two story furnished beachfront home on the
Atlantic Ocean is based on an 1871 mansion built in Guadalupe. Five bedrooms
and four baths. A/C throughout. Whirlpool tub in Master Bedroom. Study/
office. Excellent rental history. Meticulously kept property. B $2.545 million
including all closing costs.
Striking four bedroom, 3 1/2 bath home. A/C, W/D, single attached garage.
2500 sq. ft. under roof with large screened porch and patio. View of Sea of
Abaco. Reduced $895,000 inclusive
Four bedroom four bath furnished waterfront home on Bluff Harbour with
dock. Beautiful views. $1.95 million plus 10% closing costs.
Large four bedroom two and a half bath immaculate furnished home with
office and attached garage. Great attention to detail. 140 steps to the beach.
B$795,000 plus 2% to close.
105' waterfront lot on Black Sound. 24,565 sq. ft. Close to town of New
Plymouth. Dock site. $595,000 plus 7%
One acre oceanfront lot with 66' on Atlantic Ocean at Ocean Beach. Reef is
close enough to shore to swim to. $945,000. All closing costs included.
3 acre Bahamian estate with 350' on Atlantic Ocean Beach. Furnished 3
bedroom 2 bath main house plus attached owner's unit with kit/liv/ding area and
one bedroom and one bath. High elevation. Swimming pool. Observation tower.
Owner financing available. $2.5 million with all closing costs included.
Price reduction 90' on beach '/ acre lot at stunning Bight O Bay on the
Atlantic Ocean. $489,000 plus 7% to close.
One 9,500 sq. ft. lots within sight of Coco Bay Beach. Quiet residential
area. Close to public dock and major resorts. $150,000. All closing costs
included. Under Contract
Atlantic Ocean lot on Munjack Cay Under Contract


Nov 1, 07

Students From Page 16
of Bahama Palm Shores. He is a graduate
of Bahama Palm Shore. He was awarded
a President's scholarship through the col-
Andrew Wilhoyte is currently in New
Zealand for three months working with an
firm as part
of the work
co-op pro-
gram with
the Uni-
versity of
School of
Architec -
ture. His Andrew Wilhoyte
previous job
was with an architectural firm in Victoria,
British Columbia. He will return to the
university in Cambridge, Ontario, in Janu-
ary to continue his third year.
Andrew is the son of Clay and Lisa Wil-
hoyte of Hope Town and is a graduate of
Forest Heights Academy. He spent one
year on the S/V Concordia.

Christian Wilhoyte is studying econom-
ics through Acadia University, Lunenburg,
Canada. His
campus is
a 180-foot
ship operat-
ed by Class
Afloat. He
boarded the
S/V Concor-
dia in Co-
Denmark, in Christian Wilhoyte
September and has sailed the Baltic Sea,
stopping in St. Petersburg, Russia, Swe-
den, Finland, and continued into Germany,
England, France and Ireland. The ship will
then sail the Mediterranean, continue to
Senegal West Africa and then cross the At-
lantic to Brazil in January.
Christian graduated from Forest Heights
as Valedictorian in June 2007. He is the
son of Clay and Lisa Wilhoyte of Hope
Town and is a graduate of Forest Heights
Academy. He was the valedictorian when
he graduated in June 2007.
Emmise Williams is in her second year
at the College of The Bahamas in Nassau
where she is in their nursing program.

Guana Harbour Grocery

Great Guana Cay, Abaco
Mon Thurs 8 a.m. 5:30 p.m.
Fri & Sat 8 a.m. 6 p.m.
Closed Sundays & Holidays
Tel: 365-5067 Fax: 365-5180
VHF ch. 16

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dream HOME?


48 hour approval
As low as 5% down with
Mortgage Indemnity Insurance
Up to 35 years to repay
Financing for construction
and existing properties
Reduced Commitment Fees

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Call us today. We provide
Financial Solutions for Life!

More students away

November 1, 2007
Emmise is
the daughter
of Mr. and
Mrs. Mo-
rya Williams
of Treasure
Cay. She is
a graduate
of Sherlin
Bootle High Emmise Williams
More students are away that we would
like to higlight in the November 15 issue of
The Abaconian. We ask that you call 367-
2677 to supply the necessary information.

In Memory of Joyce Swain and Janet Stuart
on the One year Anniversary of their Passing
Sadfy Missed by Their
Children and Grandchildren
From Paufa Davis

P.O. Box AB20872 Freddy Albury
Marsh Harbour Drill Rig 242-367-4769
Email: 242-367-2704
drillrig@coralwave.com Fax: 367-2704
Boat Lift Sales

We offer a variety of boat lifts O T LIT 5 C
From personal water craft lifts These lifts are made of top grade aluminum
to lifts up to 54,000 lbs. and stainless steel to maintain their finish and
Call for information and a quote, strength in our saltwater environment. '

2 Aao hRe(lt&B a
at Abaco Beach Resort & Boat Harbour
iii.............. .......i

242-461-1000 1 www.babfinancial.com British
Freeport 242-352-7209 Exuma 242-336-3035 Abaco 242-367-5601 A'lAm erlcaL


A Iusbu

our.o ae
flex ibtr

Now you can become part of an exclusive island neighborhood with five star amenities
nght outside your door. Offering fully appointed, luxury residences with spectacular views -
all nestled within lush gardens and cradled by the dazzling waters of The Sea of Abaco,
Make it more than just a vacation getaway...make it your year round paradise!!

Marsh Harbour Abaco,The Bahamas PO. Box AB 20669
Fax 242-367-4633 VHF Channel 16 www.abacobeachresort.com
Direct Line: 1-242-367-2589 Toll Free: 1-800-401-1056 residences@abacobeachresortcom

The Abaconian Page 17 B
Student away in
high school
Kurt Key is attending Florida Air Acad-
emy in Melbourne, Florida, and is cur-
rently in the
12th grade.
He was pro-
moted to Lt.
Col and is a
of a squad.
Kurt is
the son of
Henry andKurt Key
Lynne Key
of Marsh Harbour. He attended Forest
Heights Academy before transferring to
Florida Air Academy.

^St" i i Q


Page 18 B The Abaconian

November 1, 2007

Local Government at work

Marsh H. Open Town Meeting
The Marsh Harbour Town Committee
held an open Town Meeting on October
22. Although it was poorly attended, many
important topics were discussed. Com-
mittee Chairman Yvonne Key chaired the
Senor Administrator Cephus Cooper

reviewed the budget figures for the 2007-
2008 fiscal year.
The funding for Local Government was
increased greatly for the 2007-2008 pe-
riod. The Central Abaco District Council
received $450,000 to be shared between
the Council and the three towns. Marsh
Harbouar which includes Spring City re-
ceived an increase of $107,000 while Dun-
das Town and Murphy Town each had an
increase of $95,000.
The larger amounts for Marsh Harbour

Swimming coach discovers local talent

By Mirella Santillo
Mr. Ben Scheppard, a swimming coach
from Oakland, California, was sent to The
Bahamas by the Federation Internationale
de Natation to assess various swimming
teams and give advice regarding coach-
ing. He first visited New Providence and
Grand Bahama, then came to Abaco on Oc-
tober 17th for two days, dividing his time
between Marsh Harbour and Hope Town
while on the island.

BT~ltudms ** -ri i

A swimming coach from California observed t
mers in Hope Town and at Long Bay School i
He was impressed with the talent that he saw

He assisted during practice and congrat-
ulated Coach Lawrence Higgs for coach-
ing the Swift team single handedly. He was
impressed with the performance of some of
the local swimmers, especially 14-year-old
Brian Higgs, who, he thought, could make
the 2012 Olympics if he dedicated himself
to practice for the next four years.
A member of Brian Higgss' family said,
"We do not have to push him. He is re-
ally motivated and wants to participate in
all the competitions tak-
ing place in The Baha-
Brian was pleased
when he realized re-
cently that he could
swim 50 meters in 29
seconds after only one
year of training.
The next swimming
competition is sched-
uled for the weekend of
November 2nd in Nas-
the student swim-
n Dundas Town. sau; the members of
SSwift Abaco and Hope
Town will participate.

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are the street cleaning figure, $96,000,
that includes maintaining two trucks, two
riding mowers, four or five push mowers
and all other equipment as well as the cost
of fuel along with the salaries of three full
time men and other workers as necessary.
The crew averages two trips a day to the
dump with garbage picked up along the
roads. Street cleaning in Spring City costs
The other large item in the budget is
garbage collection which costs $84,000
for Marsh Harbour and $24,000 for Spring
City. The recurrent expenses for Marsh
Harbour and Spring City totaled $282,000
for the year.
Money for capital projects is usually
controlled by central government. These
projects would include docks, road paving,
constructing new government buildings
such as airport terminals, schools, clinics,
police stations. However, this year it ap-
pears that Central Government may give
each District capital money to be spent on
smaller capital items. If this comes about,
Central Abaco could be given $250,000 in
two payments. Committee members would
like paving to be done and more sidewalks

put in.
Mrs. Key announced that the Abaco Club
on Winding Bay will undertake improving
the landscaping on the Airport Round-
about which is named for Capt. Sherwin
Archer. The parrot at the round-about will
be painted as part of the upgrade.
The Central Abaco District Council has
contracted with Three D's signs to have
Mr. Desmond Bootle make signs for each
of the towns in Central Abaco, town name
signs, street name signs, stop, speed limit
and other traffic signs. A total of 440 signs
will be installed over the next four months.
Some of the capital funds allocated to the
Central Abaco District will pay for these
Nine years ago Mrs. Key opened a li-
brary in the building formerly used by Dr.
Gottlieb as a clinic. The metal building is
now about 45 years old, is deteriorating
and has a leaky roof. Mrs. Key has raised
$40,000 privately toward a new build-
ing. Early next year work will begin on
a wooden building probably about 20 feet
by 40 feet.

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November 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 19 B

Taxi drivers meet with Road Traffic

Twenty taxi drivers met with Road Traf-
fic Supervisor Belinda McIntosh and Ad-
ministrator Cephas Cooper to discuss is-
sues affecting their profession.
Mr. Cooper emphasized how important
they were to creating a positive image of
The Bahamas with our visitors. The cab
drivers are the first and last persons hav-
ing contact with our visitors. Good or bad,
their contact makes an impression on their
passengers which reflects on cab drivers in
general and The Bahamas as a whole.
It is this importance that gives taxi driv-
ers the zero duty on a new vehicle to en-
courage their use and a reduced rate on
vehicles up to three years old.
The taxi drivers are annoyed that the
Andros airport has a supervisor but the
country's second busiest airport, Marsh
Harbour, is not assigned this position.
Mrs. McIntosh is expecting an additional
staff member, and this person will be able
to stand duty at peak times at the airport as
a supervisor.
Mr. Cooper spoke on various rules,
regulations and policies governing their
trade. Their request for a fare increase is
now in Cabinet, and a reply is expected
any day. He suggested that the rate chart

should be posted at the airport for clarity
to avoid misunderstandings. It was claimed
that the taxi fares have not changed in 15
The dress code was reviewed with the
drivers, with the winter dress code being
in effect from December 15 through April
15. Mrs. McIntosh noted that she sees
more dress code infractions among women
drivers than the men.
The larger issue related to prearranged
fares where a specific taxi is requested
ahead of the passenger's arrival. This re-
quest should be by fax to the Road Traffic
office in Marsh Harbour on the day before
the person arrives. That cab driver can then
get out of line and pick up his passenger.
This often conflicts with the next-cab
rule at the airport where cabs line up in se-
quence and take the next fare. However, it
was stated that arriving guests may choose
or reject the cab they are presented with.
There seems to be some confusion with
this next-cab rule at the Marsh Harbour air-
port which has three fixed-base operators,
each with arriving and departing traffic.
Complaints were made about cabs that
get out of line and pick up fares at these
other airport locations. However, other

drivers were just as critical of those who
stay in line and do not make the effort to
look for fare opportunities.
Complaints were also made against re-
sorts that circumvent the system and use
specific cabs regularly. The Abaco Club at
Winding Bay was specifically mentioned
in this regard. This fare is presently $80
from the airport and is considered a lucra-
tive trip.
Drivers asked why they cannot be paid
promptly by the resorts when they take
passengers to resorts that pay the fare.
Apparently the accounting system at some
resorts has a two-week delay in process-
ing payment to the taxi drivers. It was said
that drivers can reject those trips if they
Mr. Rudy Smith, President of the Abaco
Taxi Association, wants to ensure that the

next cab in line gets the fare to Winding
Bay as appropriate.
Administrator Cooper expects that re-
sults on an improved call-up system at the
airport will be visible shortly.
Another complaint centered on rental
cars at the airport. It was felt that these
should not be on the airport property and
that patrons should be taken by taxi to car
rental locations off the airport premises.
Ms. Kendy Anderson of the Abaco
Tourism office said at the conclusion of
the meeting that her office conducts exit
surveys with departing visitors to get an
idea of problems in the industry. She sug-
gested that any drivers who are interested
may stop at her office and review those
questionnaires to get a better idea of the
various complaints.

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S 13


a o

9 10 O

; ql.. 13(i

6 s

laojof 3I 5.-oi






Page 20 B The Abaconian

South Abaco News

Sandy Point Hosts
Bahamian Entertainers
By Tonia Ferguson
Despite the bleak weather, hundreds of
Bahamian music lovers and "good times
lovers" made their way to Sandy Point's
Regatta Site to attend the Bahamian Mu-
sic Festival held on October 6. Activities
began early in the afternoon and included
entertainment for the kids. As the night
progressed, the crowd grew consistently
even though it rained more frequently. Po-
lice and security presence were visible to
ensure all of a safe evening. Just before
9 p.m. Backyard Entertainment Enterprise
tuned the speakers and the microphones
as they "rocked" the crowd. Later, they

passed the baton on to popular disc jock-
eys Dion the Butcher and Sly Fox, to
"pump up" the crowd, further preparing
them for the night's performers. They in-
cluded Blooming Sensation Stiletto, rising
star and Great Inagua native, Avvy, and
Moore's Island native, Geno D, who all
It was evident that the crowd enjoyed
the entertainment as they danced the night
away to Bahamian music. At times, enter-
tainers performed in the rain as spectators
fled for shelter. After the intermittent rain,
crowds reassembled wet, but seemingly
enjoying themselves. The entertainment
lasted until the early morning hours.
When questioned on what inspired the
event, organizer Zelma Bain stated that she

Y. '.n. j--
0--3 11


Newly appointed Education Superintendent, Mrs. Lenora Black, met with parents of
Sandy Point students. Some of the students performed for her and the other officials ac-
companying her. On the left are Mr. Benjamin Pinder, Administrator for South Abaco;
Ms. Felamese Sawyer, Primary Curriculum Officer; and Mrs. Black. Mrs. Black's visit
was just prior to the school returning to its newly renovated school.



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felt the need to promote our own Bahamian
music. She stated that this will now be an
annual event and expects next year to draw
an even greater crowd. She confessed that
considering the rain, the size of the crowd
was beyond her expectations.
New Superintendent
Visits South Abaco
By Tonia Ferguson
On the eve of the return of staff and
students of James A. Pinder Primary to
their school building which is still under
construction, newly appointed District
Superintendent, Mrs. Lenora Black, held
a meeting with the parents of the South
Abaco District. The meeting was held on
September 23 at the school. A little over 50
parents from Cherokee Sound, Crossing
Rocks, and Sandy Point attended. Along
with Mrs. Black were other officials from
Abaco's Department of Education.
Mrs. Black expressed her passion and
vision for the Abaco school district one
that she deems personal as she is an Aba-
conian. She has returned to Abaco after
serving a considerable number of years
in New Providence where her most recent
post there was a District Superintendent.
She informed the gathering of the Abaco
Department of Education's vision: ". .
pursuit of excellence on the part of every
administrator, teacher, parent, student and
stakeholder of the educational enterprise."
She assured the parents that to accomplish
excellence she began by holding a two-day
seminar with Abaco's administrators on
August 22nd and 23rd, shortly after she

took office.
Mrs. Black informed the parents of the
department's "one" goal "Excellence
for each student in each classroom in each
school." She encouraged parents and other
concerned community members to assist in
achieving the goals to improve the island's
examination average and to enable the is-
land to progressively move forward. She
admitted that she was not pleased with the
present status and would work on making
the necessary improvements.
Mrs. Black provided parents with this
year's overall examinations performances.
The Grade Level Assessment Test (GLAT)
average for grade 3 in the entire Abaco
District in Language Arts is E and in Math-
ematics is E; for grade 6 the GLAT aver-
age in Language Arts is B, Mathematics
E+, Science C and Social Studies D-. For
the Bahamas Junior Certificate (BJC) taken
in grade nine of the 881 students who reg-
istered for the exams 33 percent obtained
grades A C. Of the twelfth grade, the 508
students who registered for the Bahamas
General Certificate of Secondary Educa-
tion (BGCSE) 35 percent obtained grades
A C. She showed these results to parents
to enlighten them of where we are as a dis-
trict in order to help the students achieve
The Superintendent advised parents on
ways to help propel their students in at-
taining better grades. To further assist the
parents with helpful tips on assisting the

Please see South Page 21

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November 1, 2007

I: r; i- \ *' EELJCAfTION'

SI- ,

A Christmas showcase of song

and dance is coming to town

By Jennifer Hudson
"If you saw the presentation of The Nut-
cracker last November at the Abaco Beach
Resort and thought it was good, then you
will be blown away by this year's show
which will be much better," stated an ex-
cited Mrs. Elaine Pilon, dance teacher.
Mrs. Pilon is now working with all of
her dance groups along with some very
talented singers, actors and musicians,
both adults and children for this Christmas
show and says that she is amazed at how
much excellent talent she has been able to
discover within the Abaco community, far
greater, in fact, than she was able to find in
the Cayman Islands where she previously
A Christmas Showcase will feature a
potpourri of some of the most beloved sto-
ries ever written featuring the performers
in scenes from the Broadway productions
of Fiddler on the Roof, Annie and The
Nutcracker ballet and will involve a cast
of approximately 75 children and adults.
Whereas lat year all of the young perform-
ers were from Mrs. Pilon's Marsh Har-
bour Academy of Dance, this year children
will also be coming all the way from Green
Turtle Cay and Hope Town to participate
as Mrs. Pilon has now begun outreach pro-
grammes on some of the cays.
Mrs. Pilon's husband, Andre, who is
a very talented builder, will not only be
constructing all of the scenery but will
be helping his wife with a multitude of

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Dr. Frumentus Leon Obstetrician/
November 3, 2007
Ms. Diane Davis Mammogram
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November 3, 2007
Dr. Michael Caplia Optometrist
November 14, 2007
Dr. K.J.A. Rodgers Opthalmologist
November 15, 2007
Ms. Emily Ferguson Massage
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organizational tasks. The backdrops will
be constructed and painted in the former
Wood You shop next to K&S Auto which
has been donated for use by Percy Albury.
Lowe's Pharmacy offered the use of a
room on their premises. Local artists are
donating their services to paint the scen-
ery while other persons are assisting with
sewing and other tasks. Mrs. Pilon is very
pleased with the assistance she is receiving
from several local businesses, parents and
members of the community. "This is a real
community affair," she says.
The show will be presented twice on
November 24 in the Pavilion of the Abaco
Beach Resort in an afternoon performance
at 3 p.m. and an evening performance at
7 p.m. Mrs. Pilon advises everyone to
purchase their tickets early as last year all
tickets sold out. Tickets, priced at $10 for
adults and $8 for children 12 and under,
are available from Molly Roberts at Ba-
hamas Realty, Priscilla Pinder at the Sign
Shop above the Post Office and Elaine Pi-
lon at 551-5883.
The Abaco Beach Resort will be of-
fering a special theme dinner for parents
and anyone attending the show at a special
price so if you would like to come and en-
joy. Anyone interested in booking for the
dinner should call Kevi at the hotel 367-
"This is a family show which nobody
should miss," says Ms. Pilon.

P.O. Box AB-20180
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
PH: 367-0020

Ms. Judy Gibson Massage
November 18-19, 2007
Dr. Duranda Ash Opthamologist
November 23, 2007
Dr. Paul Hunt Pediatrician,
Asthma and Allergy Testing
November 24, 2007
Dr. Edwin Demeritte, Neurologist/
Neurophysiologist (Adults & Children)
November 24, 2007
Dr. Rosetta Ingraham, Dermatologist
Date to be announced
Mammograms Offered

November 1, 2007

South From Page 20
students Mrs. Felemease Sawyer, Primary
School Curriculum Officer, and Mr. Rolle,
with responsibility for the high schools,
addressed the audience.
In closing, Mrs. Black opened the floor
to parents who may have questions or com-
ments. With no parent acknowledging a
question or comment, the meeting was
Development Association
Donates Funds for Books
By Tonia Ferguson
Ms. Della Kelly and the Sandy Point De-
velopment Association came through again
for the James A. Pinder Primary School
in Sandy Point. Just this week, Ms. Kelly
presented a check to the school for much
needed reading books for grade three.
During a visit by Department of Education
officials to the James A. Pinder Primary,
parents were informed that the school was
without grade three reading text books. It
was then that Mrs. Felamese Sawyer, Pri-
mary Education Curriculum Officer, en-
couraged parents to make donations in an
effort to purchase the material. Learning of
the students' plight, Ms. Kelly offered to
make a monetary donation to purchase all
the reading material needed for the grade

The Abaconian Page 21 B
three students.
This is the second time Ms. Kelly and
the association have assisted in financing
reading material for the school. Earlier
this year, Ms. Kelly solicited funds for the
school. As a result, Mr. Peter Johnson and
his family donated a substantial amount to
the school for the purchase of books. The
Rotary Club of Abaco also answered the
call and made a substantial contribution to
the school. Making a personal donation for
the same purpose was Mr. Frederik Got-
tlieb. The funds provided were used to pur-
chase reading material for grades 4, 5, and
6. In addition, the school also purchased
math books for grade six.
Ms. Kelly, speaking in reference to as-
sisting the school stated, "Anything that I
can do to help out, just ask. I am quite will-
ing and happy to lend a helping hand."

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Page 22 B The Abaconian November 1, 2007

Novmbr ,.00

M U S S LLTheAbcoianP


Abaco Properties
Dundas Town Crown Alloment Appraisal $265,225.00
SOne two bedrooms, I bathroom, triplex. Approximately 9,000 sq. ft. lot no. 18B
with an area for a small shop. Age-12 years the land is a portion of one of the
Dundas Town Crown Allotment parcels stretching from Forest Drive to Front Street,
being just under a quarter acre in size and on the lowside. A concrete block
structure, with asphalt shingle roof and L-shape in design with a total length of
70 x 26 ft. Plus 50 x 22 ft 2,920 sq. Ft. the interior walls are concrete blocks;
ceiling is sheet rock and the floors of vinyl tiles.
Murphy Town Crown Allotment 77 Appraisal: $167,580.00
All that lot of land having an area of 6,790 sq. ft being Crown allotment No. 77, of
-r Murphy Town, Abaco, Bahamas. Located on the subject property is a single storey
single family concrete building. This house is less than 5 years old and is in good
5R condition with approximately 1,750 sq. ft of living space and contains 3 bedrooms,
2 bathrooms, living room, dining, kitchen, laundry and utility spaces. There are
no significant improvements or deterioration evident The property is very well
drained and not susceptible to flooding. Landscaping efforts are still in remedial
stages. All major public and private utilities are situate within 100 ft of the subject site. Property boundaries are clearly delineated.
The subject property is situate off the Front Street, Murphy Town, Abaco, and is painted light yellow trimmed dark yellow.
Portion of Murphy Town Crown Allotment, Murphy Town, Abaco. Appraisal: $108,000
The property is 890 x 100 ft and rectangular in shape. The land is elevated
approximately 15 ft above road level and approximately 25 ft above sea level.
Located on this property is a 20 yr old three bedroom, two bathroom, living,
dining, kitchen and laundry room house. The structure requires much attention.

Eleuthera Properties
Lot No. 62, Lower Bogue Eleuthera Appraisal: $235,638
All that piece, parcel or lot of land and improvements in the settlement of Lower
Bogue, North Eleuthera, being No. 62, comprising of about 34,210 sq. ft This
Site encompasses a 12-year-old single storey home comprising of 4 bedrooms, 3
bathrooms, front room, dining, breakfast room, kitchen and laundry room with a
Total living area of approximately 2,342.06. Property also includes a double car
garage and front entrance with a total sq. ft. of approximately 655.75. This home
is approximately 85% completed. The property is well landscaped with crab grass and some fruit trees.
Lot No. 7. Boiling Hole Subdivision Appraisal: $153,521.00
This property is situated on the western side of Eleuthera Highway in the
settlement of Lower Bogue.
All that piece, parcel or lot of land and inprovernents situated on the Island of
Eleuthera, North of Governor's Harbour, comprising of Lot No. 7 in the Boiling Hole
Subdivision and comprising of approximately 10,000 sq. ft,, this site encompasses
a 17-year old duplex with each unit consisting of 2 bedrooms, I bathroom, front
room, dining room and kitchen with a gross floor area of approximately 1,474,20 sq. ft, and covered porch area of approximately
164.70 sq. ft. This duplex was built in accordance with the plan and specification as approved, and at a standard that was acceptable
to the Ministry of Public Works. This structure is in good condition. Each apartment could be rented at $800.00 per month. The land
is landscaped and planted with ficus trees but needs some manicuring.
Eleuthera Lot No. I, Block No. 45 Appraisal: $151,007.00
All that place parcel or lot of land having an area of 9,644 sq, ft, being lot #1
In block 45, Section E In the subdivision called and known as Eleuthera Island
Shores Subdivision, situated In the vicinity of Hatchet Bay Harbour, on the Island
of Eleuthera, one of the Islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. This site
encompasses a two-storey building which is approximately 14 yrs. old and Is
abandoned. There Is a wooden landing approximately 7'-4" wide by 20'-0" on the
upper level, approximately 1,610 sq. ft. of enclosed living space, with 3-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms, front room, dining room, den, kitchen,
and utility room. The wooden porch on the upper level approximately 148 sq. ft There Is also a water cistern under the dining room
floor area. All utilities and services available. This property is situated in Eleuthera Island Shores.

Long Island Properties
Hamilton's, Long Island Appraisal: $112,000.00.
S All that piece parcel or lot of land and improvements
situated in the settlement of Hamilton's on the Island of
Long Island and comprising of approximately 13,547 sq. ft.
and is elevated approximately 7-8 ft above sea level. This
site encompasses a 35 yr. structure. A simple style home
consisting of two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, living
and dining room. The home, however, is consisted of 2
separate constructions; 360 sq. ft of concrete construction
and 624 sq. ft of wooden construction. All amenities are to
the property such as electricity, water, cable and telephone. The property is accessed by the main Queen's Highway.

Eleuthera Vacant Property

North Eleuthera Heights, Eleuthera Appraisal $41,275.00
Lot #20 approximately 11,200 sq. ft. and bounded on north by Early Settler Drive and south by Deal Investment Ltd. This is single
family zoning and 50 ft. above sea level. This site encompasses a foundation with plumbing and roughing in place and well compacted
quarry fill. The concrete floor has not been poured as yet The foundation is 2,511 sq. ft. Lot # 20 situated I/5 miles eastwardly of
the Bluff Settlement. The said lot is vacant and on a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

Lot. I lOB, Palmetto Point Appraisal: $72,000
All that piece, parcel or lot of vacant land containing 9,000 and being lot No. I OB situated north of Ingraham's Pond and easterly of
Palmetto Point, on the Island of Eleuthera, one of the islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and is bounded and abutting as
follow: on the north by Lot No. 3B and running thereon for a distance of 90 ft on the East by Lot No, I IB and running thereon
for a distance of 100 ft.; on the south by a 20 ft. wide road reservation and running thereon 90 ft. on the west by Lot No. 9B
running thereon for a distance of 100 ft., the said lot is overgrown with shrubs and is in close proximity to a white sandy beach. This
neighbourhood is zoned residential development and is quiet and peaceful with a topography of approximately 50 ft. and because of
this there is no danger of flooding. The area is approximately 80 percent developed with all utilities and services available.

New Providence Properties
Kennedy Subdivision Nassau Appraisal: $188,406.00
~Lot no. 21 all utilities available 10 year old single story house, 3 bedroom 2
bathroom, living dining area, family room, kitchen, study, laundry and an entry
Heading west along Soldier Road take main entrance to Kennedy Subdivision on
i the left, then take the Ist corner on the left, then Ist right. House is second on
your right with garage.

Lot No. 1490 Appraisal: $162,400.00
Golden Gates Section 2 All that lot of land having an area of 6,000 sq. ft Being
lot no. 1490 of the subdivision known and designated as Golden Gates, the said
subdivision situated in the southwestern district of New Providence, Bahamas.
This property is comprised of a 25-yr-old single family residence consisting of
approximately 2.480 eq. ft. of enclosed living with three bedrooms three
bathrooms, living room and kitchen. The land is on a grade and level; however,
the site appears to be sufficiently elevated to disallow the possibility of flooding
during annual heavy rainy periods of the year. The grounds are fairly kept with
improvements including driveway, walkway and low shrubs. Yard is enclosed on one side with 5-foot chain link fencing and a low
cement block wall to the front.
Traveling west on Carmichae! Road turn left, then right onto the service road opposite Bahamas Faith Ministries Complex, then first left
again after passing clico and pre-school. The subject house is the 6th house left painted green trimmed white.
Lot No. 130, St. Andrews Beach Estates Appraisal: $245,237.00
__All that lot of land having an area of 8,100 sq ft, being lot no. 130 of the
subdivision known and designated as St. Andrews Beach Estates, the said
f l subdivision situated in the eastern district of New Providence, Bahamas. Located
on the subject property is a structure comprising of an approximately 12 yr. old
duplex apartment consisting of approximately 2,072 sq. ft of enclosed living space
which includes one 3-bedroom I-bath, living, dining rooms, kitchen and utility
room, and one bedroom, I-bath, living /dining rooms and kitchen. The land is on a grade and level; however, the site appears to be
sufficiently elevated to disallow the possibility of flooding during annual heavy rainy periods of the year. The grounds are fairly kept;
the yard is enclosed with chain link fencing at the sides and back with gated access on both sides of the property. The front lawn
section is not enclosed.
Traveling east on Yamacraw Hill Road take the third corner right with sign for St Andrews Beach Estates, then take first left, then first
right, the subject property is the 2nd property on the left side painted beige trimmed orange.

Road Appraisal $303,000
The subject property consisting of 8,400 sq ft is developed with a split level home
with 1925 sq ft of floor area on the ground floor, a porch area of 437 square feet
and second floor area of 735 square feet The building is of sound construction
and completed in its entirety. The ground floor comprises 2 bedrooms, one bath,
a kitchen, dining and family room. The second floor comprises two bedrooms, one
bath, living and dining areas. Directions to property: Heading East on Soldier, turn

Grand Bahama Properties
Apartment 703 Lucayan Towers North Appraisal: $78,000
MTracts A, B-I and B-2, Albacore Drive, Unit 2, Greening Glade Subdivision,
Freeport, Grand Bahama. Situated thereon is a one bedroom, one bathroom

Eleuthera Vacant Property

Mutton Fish Point, North Eleuthera Appraisal: $51,421.00
Al the piece, parcel or lot of vacant land containing 44,714 sq. ft, and designated E which forms a portion of land known as "Mutton
Fish Point" situated about two miles northwestward of the settlement of Gregory Town on the Island of Eleuthera, one of islands of
the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and is bounded and abutting as follows: Northwardly by the land now or formerly the property
of Coridon Ltd. and running thereon for a distance of 393.13 feet; outwardly by a 30' wide road reservation and running thereon
for a distance of 402.57 ft. eastward by the main Queen's Highway and running thereon for a distance of 109.73 ft; westwardly by
land now or formerly the property of Caridon Limited and running thereon for a distance of 110.75 ft This property having an area
of approximately 44.714 sq. ft This neighbourhood is zoned commercial/residential development and is quiet, peaceful and has a
topography of approximately 2 ft with all utilities and services available.
Mutton Fish Point North Eleuthera Appraisal: $51,421.00
All that piece, parcel or tract of land containing one acre situated about 2 miles northwest of the settlement of Gregory Town on the
island of Eleuthera, one of the islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and is bounded and abutting as follows; Northwesterly
by the main Queens Highway and is running thereon for a distance of 125.462 feet northwestward by the land now or formerly the
property of Coridon Limited, and running thereon for a distance of 390.274 ft: southwestwardly by a 30' wide road reservation and
running thereon for a distance of 128,128 ft; Southeastwardly by the lend now or formerly the property of the Vendor and running
thereon for a distance of 322.955 ft. This property having area of approximately 44,847.76 sq ft This eighbourhood Is zoned commercial
development end is quiet and peaceful with a topography of approximately 2 ft, with all utilities and services available This lot is vacant
land and is located In the area known an "Mutton Fish Point."
Mutton Fish Point, North Eleuthera Appraisal $51,276.00
All that place, parcel or lot of vacant land and improvements containing approximately 44,587 sq,. ft, and designated 'F' which forms a
portion of land known as "Mutton Fish Point" situated about two miles northwestward of the settlement of Gregory Town on the Island
of Eleuthera, one of the islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and bounded and abutting as follows:- Northwardly by the land
now or formerly the property of Coridon Limited, and running thereon for a distance of 383.56 ft southwardly by land now or formerly
the property of Caridon Limited and running thereon for a distance of 393.19 ft, eastwardly by the main Queen's Highway and running
thereon for a distance of 113.40 ft, westwardly by land now or formerly the property of Coridon Limited and running thereon for a
distance of 113.40 ft. This neighbourhood is zoned commercial / residential development and is quiet, peaceful and has a topography
of approximately 2 ft. with all utilities and services available.

ke~~~'AI I a] Ie aIIA.1 1 I [ I3 e K.)~.A*'A.1 K.]I: al I:1-ilasia) III.! II I~ I-fIa II Y'~ I [4US ~ -~U~- I kI.U hITI I~ I I r: I [4 Us EsI [aY'*l] I I~ I~* 1 I:III kI J 1 I-:I (]

November 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 23 B

School News

Outstanding Students
Honored at CAP
By Samantha V. Evans
The word "excellence" echoed from
speakers at the Awards Day ceremony

held at Central Abaco Primary School on
October 22nd to honor students who were
in grades 1-5 last school year. Parents,
teachers and students gathered as outstand-
ing students from the 2006-07 school year
received the trophies and certificates they

Awards Day at the Central Abaco Primary School honoured students who did well last
year. These students were on the Principal's List.

... the battery with the lightning bolt of life!!!


worked so hard to receive.
The speaker for this event was Ms.
Felemease Sawyer, Education Officer in
charge of curriculum for Abaco elementary
schools. Ms. Sawyer, who is an educator
extraordinaire in her own right, encour-
aged the students to always be at their best.
They have many gifts and talents that they
can shine at so they must not limit them-
selves. She knows that education is impor-
tant for them to succeed but Mrs. Sawyer
also believes that they must not forget good
manners, respect, determination, and dedi-
cation. She reminded the students that ded-
ication and determination with discipline
brings success.
Mrs. Sawyer told the students that even
if they did not receive an award that day,
it is not to late for them to focus on their
education and to always be in "Pursuit of

Excellence." She congratulated all of the
honor students and told them that she looks
forward to being invited to the next prize
giving ceremony when she expects that all
students will be rewarded for a job well
The PTA president Mrs. Vashti John-
son told them that education is a gift so it
should be cherished. She told them to be
committed to excellence. They must take
pride in their work, projects, and assign-
ments because all of their work represents
Mrs. Beatrice Moxey, Vice Principal,
and the Awards Day committee members
presented awards to 110 honor roll students
who made a GPA from 3 to 3.49, one out-
standing boy and girl from each class, one
Please see School Page 26

Sid's Food Store
Groceries Toiletries Souvenirs
Serving New plymouth and the entire
Green Turtle Cay Area
: Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Frozen Meat
Dry and Canned Goods
Homemade Breads
Located Near Town Dock, New Plymouth,
Green Turtle Cay
Tel: (242) 365-4055


Ph. 366-0024 Fax. 366-0614
E-Mail: abacot@batelnet.bs

"Abaco's Largest & Most Affordable T-Shirt Supplier"
We offer the best quality products & prices for...
Uniforms* Sports Apparel Retail/Souveniers* School/Church Groups
T-Shirts, Polos, Jackets, Bags, Koozies, Hats, Etc.
all from a large selection of top brand names


MUST SELLNovembe 1 2 0
1 The Abaconian Pg 2^^BB^^^^^^t^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

ExumaVacant Property
Island Harbour Beach, Exuma Appraisal: $80,000
All that parcel or lot of vacant land containing 10,000 (80'x 100') sq. ft being lot No. 9, Block 2, Island Harbour Beach Subdivision
situated the western most portion of the Hermitage Estate, Little Exuma, Bahamas. The property is located on an unpaved road
known as Stocking Road. The property also has a commanding view of the ocean.

Abaco Vacant Property
Blackwood, Abaco Appraisal: $219, 354.40
All that lot of land having an area of approximately 258,064 sq. ft. This property is yet to reach its highest and best use. It is
ideally suited to single or multi-family development as is the nature of surrounding properties within the community. The
site may also serve well as a commercial site as the area remains un-zoned the property remains largely in its original state. It
is covered with low brush and broad leaf coppice vegetation interspersed with broad strands of mature yellow pine indigenous to the
area. The property is well drained and represents no immediate flooding danger under normal conditions. The subject property is vacant
and is situated at the southeastern entrance of the community of Blackwood, Abaco. The property is undivided and comprises
approximately 6 acres of a larger tract of land of approximately 26 acres.

S 11*1 S( 1(1 011 I~ 0 0 0~~l 0~III1 I I r:11 o*1 *II I 0 o I
keI~'A [ I.fl ] Ie aII.1 I [I3!? 1 Iefl K)~ 'A.'A :A1~ K. aI~I aaII a)5 IlI.1 11 II I I-ff I II : 1 1 ~ I [4 Is l: If- U -1 I k- hi I II : I [4 Us]l Ie [.1.] A I~ ~I IU ll kI J 11 I-II~ (a]

Page 24 B The Abaconian November 1, 2007

Pilot Club Members Receive Training
By Samantha V. Evans Ms. Spriggs told the members that pro-
Catch the Pilot Spirit is the 2007/08 tocol and parliamentary procedure help
theme for Pilot Club International. On meetings run more smoothly, allowing ev-
September 29th top officials for this re- eryone to be heard and preventing chaos.
gion hosted a training session for the local She encouraged them to start their club
Pilot Club members on the island which meetings on time and not to reiterate infor-
was held at Central Abaco Primary School. mation shared or discussed for late com-
The presenters were Governor of the Ba- ers. She explained how meetings are to be
hamas District, Ms. Antoinette Carroll; conducted and how motions are to be made
Past Governor, Mrs. Etlyne Morley, who so that a matter can be discussed. Member
spoke on the benefits of being a Pilot; Ms. Roberts encouraged the Anchors present
Retha Spriggs, Past Governor who spoke to set their standards high which includes
on protocol and procedures; Treasurer of their bringing their GPA up and getting
the District, Caroline Roberts, who spoke more involved in community activities.
on the role of the treasurer; and Debbie Ms. Archer is the first Bahamian and the
Archer, Pilot Club International President first woman outside of the United States to
Elect for this year and President for the hold the position as International President
2008-09 year in whose honor this shared Elect. Next year she will be installed as the
meeting was held. 2008/2009 president in Phoenix, Arizona.
Ms. Morley gave a brief history of the Currently, there are eight clubs in The Ba-
Pilot Club stating that it was formed in 1921 hamas with a total membership of approxi-
in Macon, Georgia, as a volunteer service mately 200. She stated that Pilot Club ben-
organization, opened to executives and efits communities and presented the first
professional leaders who serve communi- Freeport scholarship to Minister Zhivargo
ties around the world. To date, there are Laing, who is an author, businessman and
over 25,000 youth and adult members. She Minister of State. Clubs in The Bahamas
stated that the Nassau Club is the mother also support Special Olympics, the Salva-
club of those in The Bahamas because they tion Army and the Red Cross.
were all formed from the Nassau Club.



Tel: 367-0400


S 11

You can now find your

favourite newspaper

The Tribune

and your favourite magazines
at these great locations:


A small group of core persons met on
October 18 with Senior Administrator Ce-
phas Cooper to form the All Abaco Baha-
mas Handicraft Association. The group is
working with BAIC Chairman Edison Key
to locate a suitable location where their
crafts can be displayed for sale.
The group meets monthly and offers in-
struction to crafters on a variety of craft
topics. Their goal is to see a variety of lo-
cal crafts made to high standards and of-
fered for sale.
Two of the organizers, Lovely Reckley
and Suzie Sawyer, have recently returned
from a Caribbean-wide craft exposition in
Curacao and were enthusiastic with the
possibilities the craft trade offers. The key
word "quality" was mentioned often as the

key requirement for successful sales.
An initial craft display will be held on
November 16 at 5:30 p.m. in Goombay
Park. Ideas were discussed on making a
craft evening part of a broader evening
with entertainment, food and other items
to interest visitors and natives.
BAIC and the Ministry of Tourism have
held several week-long craft sessions fea-
turing crafts made from straw, coconut
shells, sea shells, sand and other native
materials to make purses, hats, jewelry and
other items.
During the day interested persons may
contact Mrs. Reckley at Trinity Customs
Brokerage, 367-4297, or Ms. Sawyer at
Marsh Harbour Medical Centre, Memorial
Plaza, 367-0049 for more information.


Employment Opportunity

Managerial Positions

Commonwealth Bank is the premier Bahamian Bank with branches located in New
Providence, Abaco and Grand Bahama. We are committed to delivering superior
quality service, to training and developing our employees, to creating value for our
shareholders and to promoting economic growth and stability in the community.

Commonwealth Bank is presently considering applications for Managerial positions.
Qualified individuals may be considered for a managerial position in any of the bank's
branches located throughout New Providence, Grand Bahama or Abaco.

Core Responsibilities:
Effectively managing the portfolio of consumer, mortgage and commercial
Soliciting new customers and managing sales activities to enhance
Preparing credit proposals for existing and potential clients
Adjudicating credit facilities within delegated authority
Reviewing and implementing new consumer, mortgage and commercial
lending activities and organizational strategies
Effectively leading, supporting and coaching personnel to achieve
corporate objectives
Promoting and maintaining excellent customer service

Qualifications, Skills & Experience:
Candidates must meet the following criteria:
Possess a Bachelor's Degree or higher in Banking, Business
Administration or in a related discipline from an accredited University
Minimum of five years experience in a commercial bank at
a management level
Substantial work experience in loans and risk management with a full
understanding of financial statements and the ability to analyze the
Good interpersonal skills to work effectively with customers and
successfully handle complaints
Sound knowledge of products, pricing, services and applicability to
customer requirements
Sound knowledge of branch processes including product and service
sales delivery
Strong technical and managerial skills
Proficient in the use of the Microsoft range of applications
Expertise in current banking legislation and regulations
Excellent communication, analytical and reasoning skills
Excellent organizational and time management skills
Team Player with the ability to add value and strength to the team
and team goals
Honest, hardworking and ability to meet deadlines

Remuneration Package:
Commonwealth Bank is a Great place to work! We offer an exciting work
environment with the opportunity for growth and development. We also offer a
competitive compensation package, reflecting the successful applicant's experience
and qualifications, including a performance based incentive plan, health, vision, dental
and life insurances and a pension plan.

Qualified individuals should submit complete resumes including references
before November 9, 2007 to:

Human Resources Department
Re: Manager
P.O. Box SS-6263
Nassau Bahamas
Telefax: (242) 393-8073
E-mail address:hr@combankltd.com

Handicraft association is formed

Quick response controlled fire


November 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 25 B

ebaco Print Shop
rs Abaco Shopping Center ,sness 6
P rograsTel: 367-3202 Fax: 367-3201 letteead


The BASRA boat in the foreground got water pumps operational quickly. Then other
Hope Town Fire and Rescue men came by truck and got additional water on the fire as
well as foam. It all quickly put out a fire on a fuel barge that was discharging gas at Sea
Spray in White Sound, Elbow Cay.

Fire From Page 1
bury, quickly untied the tug and moved it
to safety. Sea Spray Resort was evacuated
quickly to high ground where the group
watched as the fire department worked ef-
ficiently to get the fire under control within
a couple of minutes. The only damage sus-
tained on the dock was some decking and

several fuel pumps. The tank on the barge
is enclosed in a steel frame so it is handled
as a pallet.
Sea Spray Resort would like to com-
mend the Hope Town Fire and Rescue for
its fast and efficient response to this poten-
tially very dangerous situation. The fire-
men risked their lives so the community
could be safe.

Houses and Land For Rent and For Sale

Minimum for 3 lines in one issue $9
Picture and 4 lines $25
Additional lines at $2 per line
Display classified $18 per column inch
We can take the photo within the Marsh
Harbour area or use your photo.
Call 242-367-2677 Fax 242-367-3677

BAHAMAS VACATIONS 100+ private Out
Island homes, resorts, villas for rent. Free list-
ing. Call 1-800-462-2426
Great Cistern 2 br 1 bath apt, Beautifully
furnished, $1500 per month. Ph 225-1697 or
Hope Town Specialist. A collection of upscale
homes with pools, private docks, etc., ideal
for special occasions, reunions, honeymoons.
Hope Town Hideaways 242-366-0224 or hope-
Marsh Harbour Regattas condo upscale
1,150 sq. ft. 2 bed 2 bath beachfront apartment.
Quality built interior, modem, luxury amenities.
$2,800 p/m. Call 367-5046

Marsh Harbour, 2 bed/2 bath, brand new,
unfurnished, located off Stede Bonnet Drive.
Price $1200/ mo. Call 357-660 cell/ Treco
Little Orchard, Marsh Harbour, executive
apt. 2 bed, 2 /2 bath, furnished, central A/C,
washer & dryer. Phone 367-0333
Sweeting Village, Marsh Harbour, newly
refurbished/ fully furnished, 2 bed/ 2 bath, gen-
erator, well water/ RO system, water softener,
8' wooden fenced backyard enclosure, 50' patio
in back yard, storage house. $2,200/ mo. Must
see to appreciate. Call 357-6608 cell/ Treco

Between Marsh Harbour and Treasure Cay
3b/ 1 /2 b, furnished, built 2006, 10' veranda,
35' above sea level, beautiful view of Sea of
Abaco, hurricane proof house, 5000 kw genera-
tor, 45' deep well, excel water, Direct TV &
internet, 3 separate air conditioners, economical
to operate. Available Oct 31 or Nov 30. $1250/
month. Call 475-9817

Elbow Cay's Best Houses and Land, rentals
and sales, Hope Town Hideaways. Call 242-
366-0224 or fax 242-366-0434. On the internet
at www.hopetown.com
Great Guana Cay
* 5 houses for sale, call for details
* 60 lots starting at $125,000 and up
* Ocean lots starting at %575,000
* Hilltop lots starting at $155,000
* Bay lots starting at $375,000
Contact 365-5181 or 367-2719

Man-O-War 8 acres sea to sea, 4 cottages, will
divide. 100 ft. dock, 800 ft water front. Contact
242-357-6700 or 772-321-5613

Marsh Harbour, Cove Estates House 3 bed/
2 /2 bath, also 1 bed/ 1 bath apartment. Call
367-5586 or 367-5354
Tilloo Cay charming hideaway, 1 br/ 2 ba
cottage, safe haven, tucked in cove with dock.
Panoramic view of ocean in all directions from
top of hill. On approx. 3.75 accres, sea to sea.
Generator, battery and solar powered. Call
508-540-3240 or e-mail jvlvworthington@
Treasure Cay, brand new luxury water front
condos with deep water docks. 1-800-545-0395

Prime small retail space centrally located in
heart of tourist district in Marsh Harbour 256
sq' ft. sutiable for office space or retail dry
goods only. No food related business. Call
367-3596 for info



Abaco, Bahamas

Many lots to choose from

Lots starting at $59,000

Contact Robbie Nixon
for more info at 242-375-8160
or toll free at 225-1173

Coming in 2008

Look for

The CBSI Prayer Mobil

Is your life off track?

Need a Lift?

CBSI Transforms Lives
Ask about our small group Bible studies

Call 1 (242) 577-0452
Check us out on www.cbsinternational.org
Email: prayingmanta@cox.net to get more information

Page 26 B The Abaconian

Quarry mining is temporarily stopped

All land-based quarry operators were
advised to cease operations at a hastily
meeting called on October 22 in the Marsh
Harbour Court Room.
Government, through its Physical Plan-
ning Department in Nassau, is concerned
with the quarrying of the hills near the
Marsh Harbour airport. Legislation pro-
hibits the quarrying of hills without specif-
ic instructions and licenses. Furthermore,
licensed operators are to pay a royalty of
$.50 for each cubic yard of quarry re-
moved. Apparently no royalties have been
paid on Abaco for years.
Mining sand from the sea bed is simi-
larly regulated, but those mining sand from

the sea were not given orders to cease at
this time.
Instructions were expected by October
25 on how and where to resume, but none
was received. All construction projects on
Abaco which require quarry fill have been
hampered by no deliveries.
On October 26 Administrator Cooper
authorized the temporary resumption of
mining operations for quarry operators in
order to maintain construction schedules
pending further word from Nassau.
Mining royalties are still due and are ex-
pected to be collected on mining operations
to date.

School From Page 23
most improved student from each class,
45 students who made the vice principal's
list with a 3.50-3.79 GPA and 12 students
who made the principal's list with a 3.80
- 4 GPA. The twelve students to make the
honor roll were Twanesha Lightbourne,
Amelia Gomez, Antonyah Mackey, Lisa
Yu, Paige Stubbs, Jacoby Miller, Ronikea
Hanna, Jordan Vilma, Troy Paul, Rebecca
Strachan, Conrad Cornish, Jr., and Brit-
ney McHardy.
Ms. Moxey told the students that they
must continue to strive for excellence so
that they can receive one of those awards
at the next prize giving. This Awards Day
was planned by the hard working Awards
Day committee members.

Veteran Educator Enza
Gibson Retires
By Samantha V. Evans
After more than 30 years as a teacher
with the Ministry of Education, Mrs. Enza
Gibson said good-bye to the classroom and
her colleagues at Central Abaco Primary
School in September 2007. Mrs. Gibson
was due to retire three years ago but was
asked to stay on longer. The graceful,
humble Mrs. Gibson agreed. On October
22nd Mrs. Gibson was presented with a
beautiful plaque by Mr. Leroy Thomp-
son, senior master, on behalf of principal
Eunice Mills and her team. Mr. Thomp-
son stated that the plaque is just a small

Please see School Page 27

Eastern Abaco Region of
The Methodist Church
Rev. Dr. Stephen Hale, Circuit Minister
http://www. eastemabacomethodist.com/
Cell 466-9090
All are welcome
to worship
with us
St. Andrews Methodist
Epworth Chapel Dundas Town
Cherokee Sound Sunday Services
Sunday Services 11 a.m & 7 p.m.
11 a.m. & 7 p.m. Office 367-3050
ssion House 366-2249 Manse 367-4647

St. James Methodist
Hope Town
Sunday Services 9:30 & 11
Mission House 366-0400


OK @ 6;45 PM K

Dundas Town Church of God
Where Everybody Is Somebody and Jesus Is Lord!

Prayer Meeting 6:00 a.m.
Sunday School 9:45 a.m.
Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
Evening Worshin 6:00 p.m.
Jesus ( 5 Saves

We exist to:
Reach, Develop, *
Train, Love l
and Send
Weekdays (Prayer Meeting)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 5:00 a.m.
Monday Night 7:00 p.m.
Wednesday Night F.T.H. 7:00 p.m.
Friday Youth Night 7:00 p.m.
Tuesday, Thursday Family Night

For Transportation call Rev. Jerry Cornish at 367-2457
or 367-4719 (church) or contact Bro. Val Nesbitt at 367-5565
Bishop Anthony Campbell
242-367-4718 or cell phone 242-457-5565 Dtcog@coralwave.com


ervice uirectory

Abaco Island Pharmacy
Prescriptions Testing
Beauty Supplies Vitamins
Ricardo Miller, Pharmacist
Hours 8:30 am 6 pm
Sundays 9 am 12 Noon
Ph. 367-2544
Cell 554-8183
Dove Plaza, Marsh Harb.
Fax 367-6544


Sick Copier?
Call the Copier Doctor
We make house calls!
Most brands serviced
We make business quality rubber stamps:
Deposit Stamps, Daters, Address Stamps
Self-inking and traditional styles
Call 367-4709

Big Cat Equipment
Rentals: Backhoe, D3 Tractor,
Payloader, Dump Truck
Services: Land clearing, Trenching
_. Foundations
Fill, rock and sand

B's Sunrise
Souvenirs Cuban Cigars Casual Clothing
T-Shirts Venus Swimwear Jewelry
Children's Clothing and lots more...
Located in Simmon's Plaza next to Snack Shack
Mon -Sat 9 -5 Phone:(242) 367-4822

TrPpic l 8 uvenir
Straw Baskets Shirts Hats
Casual Wear Gifts Souvenirs
Located Don MacKay Blvd. and Airport
Phone 367-2431 Marsh Harbour
Mon Sat7:30 5 *Sun 10 -5
Visa and MasterCard Accepted

Simcoe jewellers
Fine Repairs to Jewellery Watches
Antique Clocks Barometers
Music Boxes Instruments
and other fine mechanisms
Derek Albury 367-3098
Memorial Plaza, Marsh Harbour

Passion -'loWer
', i- Located opposite
;r, Bellevue Business Depot
Ph: 367-3166
Open Mon-Fri 8:30 am 5:30 pm
Sat 10:30 am 5 pm.
Fridays 4:30 5:30
Happy Hour on cut flowers, 15% off
Arrangements 10% off



Marble Granite Ceramic
Porcelain Mud Work Kitchens
Bathrooms Entire Home
Larrp LowE
ee L C : 477-5966
Office: 367-7072



If you would like your church listed here, call 367-2677


New Vision Ministries

I [ Our Mission
"Turning people into
devout followers of
Jesus Christ"
Sunday Worship 11:00 a.m.
Sunday Kids' Korner 9:30 a.m.
Tuesday Interactive Bible Study 7:30 p.m.
Thursday Prayer Time 12:10 p.m. & 7:30 pm
Friday Youth Night (high school & up) 7:30 p.m.
Pastors / Leaders
Derek Benjamin Ted Pearce David Lowe
Youth Pastor: Chris Pinder
For Directions call 242-367-3324


Pest Control
Troy P itchard Technician
Thee st in fPest!!!
Hope Town, Abaco
Tel: 366-0682
Cell: 577-0259
Email: jabbyfamily@hotmail.com



November 1, 2007

November 1, 2007 The Abaconian Page 27 B

School From Page 26

Leroy Thompson presented Mrs. Enza
Gibson with a plaque commemorating her
many years of teaching at Central Abaco
Primary School
token for her to remember Central Abaco
Primary School by as she moves on to the
next assignment in her life. The humble
yet energetic Mrs. Gibson was touched by
the gesture and thanked her colleagues for
thinking of her.
Student named as finalist
in Tourism Competition
By Samantha V. Evans
Tenth grade student, Marcus Sands of
St. Francis de Sales School was named as
a finalist in
the Junior
Minister of
tion. Marcus
is one of 29
students who
made it this
far in the Marcus Sands
He will have the awesome task of repre-
senting Abaco in the final few legs of the
competition to be held over the weekend of
November 4th in Nassau. His coach, Mrs.
Samantha Duverny, stated that he has done
very well so far with the essay portion of

the competition; now he has to convert his
essay into a speech. The two topics for the
essay were Health and Wellness Tourism
and The Caribbean Intra-Regional Travel
Market. This competition was open only
to students in high school ranging in age
from 15-17 years. Once Mr. Sands makes
it through as one of the six finalists in the
competition, he will have to write a speech
on the topic The Next Generation: Learn-
ing from the Past Preparing for the Future.
This event will take place on November
6th which is Caribbean Tourism Day. Mrs.
Duverny is confident that Marcus will win
and she told him that she is ready for him
to bring the trophy home.
Business class' Students on training in
businesses related to their field of studies
By Mirella Santillo
On October 22nd nine 12th grade stu-
dents from Abaco Central High School
were placed for one week in various busi-
nesses in Marsh Harbour to gather "on
the job" experience. During their week of
training, the students will utilize the knowl-
edge and skills they have learnt in grades
10 and 11. Students graduating in business
are required to complete 10 hours of work
experience while other 12th graders only
have to complete five hours.
While in training, the students' focus
will be on office skills such as reception and
filing, record keeping, office machinery,
key-boarding, accounting and commerce.
They will carry assessment forms that will
be filled by their supervisors at work, and
their teachers, Ms. Shantell Miller and Mr.
Partap Singh, will visit them and assess
them on their performance.
The students will complete the second
session of job training in January. Ms.
Miller hopes they return to the same insti-
tutions to re-enforce the skills previously

It Pays to Advertise

These are the students at Central Abaco Primary School who were on the Vice Principal's
List from last school year. They were honoured at an Awards Day ceremony on October

Check out The Abaconian online at


AUSKELL Announcing

Advanced Medical Clinic Auskell Med Spa
Starting November 18, 2007

Sessions Available:
Swedish Massage 1 /2 $150
Swedish Massage 1 Hour $95
Swedish Massage /2 Hour $55
Deep Tissue Massage 1 Hour $120
Deep Tissue Massage /2 Hour $70
Stress Reliever 20 Minutes $45
Hydrotherapy (Always
add additional $20)
Surprise a Loved One
with a Gift Certificate
Free 15 min. Massage on Nov 18
By Appointment Only

Body Treatments
Papaya Scrub:
With Massage 60mins $110
Without 45mins $90
Milk Scrub (same as above)
With. Massage 60mins $110
Without 45mins $90
Herbal Honey Glo
With Massage 60min $120
Without 45mins $110
Coming Soon:
Aqua Detox I Hour $85



Phone 367-0020 for more information


Items for Sale. Commercial Service. Cars & Boats

Minimum for 3 lines in one issue $9
Picture and 4 lines $25
Additional lines at $2 per line
Display classified $18 per column inch
We can take the photo within the Marsh
Harbour area or use your photo.
Call 242-367-2677 Fax 242-367-3677

Help Wanted, gardener, maintenance, light
mechanical repair. Pay $9/ hr. Man-O-War.
Call 365-6590 John

Office Manager/ Bookkeeper, female, Marsh
Harbour resident seeks this position or similar.
Computer literate: Word, Excel, Power Point,
Outlook Express, Peach Tree and a proficient
typist. Valid driver's license with vehicle, able
to drive standard shift and automatic. Call
367-0 512

4 Post Bamboo Day Bed $1000 Water Hya-
cinth Queen Bed $1200 For more information
call 367-0521
2 4-seater dining sets $200 each. 1 coffee table
$35. Call 357-6536

99 Dodge Caravan $5000 Call 357-6883

For all your vertical and mini-blind needs
contact Sidney Albury at 367-2091 or 367-2031.
Sales and Service

mOT : &7 MA: ~R~INE ~ITE MS

1 I

Quick Sale 2 boats 18.5' Wahoo, just like
new, 21' Chris Craft with cabin. Asking
$10,000 OBO Call 365-5181 Make an offer


23' Mako 140 HP Mercury, low hours. 10,000.
Contact National Marine for details 367-2326

24' Limestone Diesel Express Cruiser, 1987,
diesel engine, 9'6" beam, 400 hours, Volvo en-
gine HP230, outdrive Duopro, Stored on a lift,
DUTY PAID. $29,000 Tel: 242-365-8175

25' Sea Fox center console, 2005 w/ 05 Suzuki
250 HP 4-stroke engine w/ stainless steel prop.
Super fuel efficient set up to fish (live well, rod
holders, insul. fish boxes) and lots of seating as
well. 2005 alum. trailer. Boat & trailer stored
inside since new. $33,000 Phone 717-994-7846
or e-mail cdreamer@nmax.net for additional
specs and photos


30' Scarab with cuddy cabin, twin 150
Yamahas (great on gas), great condition. Hull
completely refurbished in 2006. Hull & engines
painted white awlgrip, 2 bilge pumps, sound
system, VHF, new cushions, cosole cover,
rocket launcher seat, new battery switch and
wiring. Asking $16,000 OBO. Call Charles
Pinder @ 357-6982
34' Pacemaker w/ 2 350 Chevy engines, ra-
dar, VHF, hydraulic steering. For more info
call 366-0430

43' Aluminum hull, crawfishing boat, 5000
lb. freezer, Caterpillar 3208, 8KW genera-
tor, stabilizers, A/C, sleeps 7. $35,000 Call

Page 28 B The Abaconian November 1, 2007

Renovated hilltop re-
treat with 1,892 sq. ft. of
living space, 3 bed-
rooms, and 3 baths.
Shared private dock
and access to the beach
just a few steps away.
$1,195,000. Ref. PS10621

Well located waterfront
;home featuring 3 bed-
rooms, 2 baths, a well
equipped kitchen, large
living area, wrap-around
deck, amazing views
and possible dockage.
$1,275,000. Ref. PS10565

Choose from two 3 bed-
room, 2 bath newly built
cottages with varied in-
teriors. Enjoy great
views of the Atlantic and
Hope Town's harbour.
$995,000 each
Ref. PS10637 & PS10638

Luxurious Caribbean
style beachfront villa on
0.84 acres. This 5,750
sq. ft. home has 5 bed-
rooms, 4 baths, fully
equipped kitchen, and
wrap around porches.
$2,545,000. Ref. TS10581

Sea-to-sea retreat on a
3/4 acre lot within a
prestigious community.
Accented by a 2 bed-
room main house, sepa-
rate master suite, guest
cottage, and a boat lift.
$2,315,000. Ref. AS 10877

Collection of 2 bedroom
condos and 3 bedroom
1 penthouses overlooking
%9 the sea in a gated de-
velopment offering a
pool and private beach.
Starting at $455,000
Ref. AS 10890

One-of-a-kind 2 bed-
*room, 2 bath rustic villa
on a 17,000 sq. ft. site el-
evated to 60 ft. provid-
ing wondrous views and
completed by a base-
ment and beach access.
$405,000. Ref. AS10883

Well built fourplex com-
prising four 2 bedroom,
1 bath units. Excellent
investment opportunity
with great rental income
potential. Just minutes
to the sea.
$460,000. Ref. AS10751

8.7 acre pristine water-
front property with a 20
ft. bluff and amazing
views. Great invest-
ment for a hideaway
home or a development
of subdivided lots.
$1,220,000. Ref. AB5145

Elegant 4 bedroom, 4.5
bath golf course home
at the Ritz-Carlton man-
aged Abaco Club at
Winding Bay offering a
clubhouse, European
spa, tennis and beach.
$4,495,000. Ref. AS10701

Amazing 3.64 acre prop-
erty featuring three sep-
arate cottages totaling 3
bedrooms, a private
dock, and views over
the Sea of Abaco, Tahiti
Beach and Tilloo Cut.
$1,100,000. Ref. AS10889

Unique 12.5 acre sea-to-
sea estate with a 2 bed-
room residence,
fantastic views, and a
boat basin. Ideal for a
private estate or com-
mercial development.
$12,950,000. Ref AS10867

Spacious two story
beachfront house with a
large open common
area, 5 bedrooms, well
appointed kitchen,
screened porch, and a
semi-private dock slip.
$899,000. Ref. AS 10869

Beautiful open plan
home with 3 bedrooms
and 2 baths. This 2,216
sq. ft. home features an
apartment ideal for a
guest suite or rental unit
with income potential.
$450,000. Ref. AS10598

Moderately sloping sea
view lot comprising
34,922 sq. ft. with easy
access to the beach and
the Abaco Club, and all
utilities. Ideal setting
for your dream home.
$425,000. Ref. AS10872

Beautiful 8 acre parcel
on pristine Basin Har-
bour Cay perfect for a
secluded getaway or an
eco-resort if purchased
and combined with ad-
jacent 9+ acre tract
$280,000. Ref. AS10897

Last chance to obtain a
homesite in the presti-
gious and gated Great
Abaco Club. This 7,630
sq. ft. canal lot has easy
access to pool, tennis
courts, and beach.
$399,500. Ref. AS10731

Gorgeous 15,500 sq. ft.
beachfront lot with 75 ft.
of amazing water
frontage, endless ocean
vistas, and views of
White Sound and Sea-
spray Resort.
$485,000. Ref. PS10618

Fantastic 10,000 sq. ft.
interior lot with semi-
private dockage and
beach access. The
property is part of the
Sealevel Cottages and
has a private dock slip.
$121,000. Ref. AS 10876

MARSH MELLOW Great Abaco Club, Marsh Harbour
Views of the famous Hope Town lighthouse, the Sea of Abaco,
and sandy beaches set the scene for this 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath
getaway in a gated community. $3,200/week. Ref. AR10557

242 367-4151 www.HGChristieRentals.com


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n~rn 1 Q'

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