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Title: Abaconian
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Title: Abaconian
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Publisher: David & Kathleen Ralph
Place of Publication: Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Publication Date: January 15, 2008
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f -The

g 8Abaconian

0 Abaco's Most Complete Newspaper

VOLUME 15, NUMBER 2, JANUARY 15th, 2008

Min. Deveaux discussed quarrying

Works Minister viewed airport construction and new BEC site
The Hon. Earl Deveaux, Minister of
Public Works and Transport, visited Abaco
on January 4, visiting several sites where
new projects are under consideration.
After opening the Abaco Science
Aliance Conference, Mr. Deveaux visited
the Marsh Harbour airport to see first hand
the work that is being done on a new run-
way and to see the area where a new termi-
nal may be constructed. The government is
considering a different site for the terminal
that would be on higher ground, perhaps
300 to 400 feet northwest of the present
terminal. Government is hoping to put the
terminal out to tender soon. The runway
is presently scheduled to be 6100 feet long
with the possibility of being somewhat lon-
ger, perhaps with an overrun at each end.
Jets today can get by with somewhat less
length that older jet models required. He
fully expects the runway to be completed
by September.
Mr. Deveaux was pleased with the prog-
ress being made on the runway. Bahamas
Hot Mix, the contractor, is still excavating
the soft spots, refilling them with crushed
rock. The top soil has been pushed to one
side and may be used for landscaping
around the terminal and may possibly be
used by quarry operators to restore their
The Hon. Earl Deveaux. Minister of Public Works and Transport. second from left. met with auarry operators. While on Abaco he denuded quarried areas with vegetation.

toured the worked being done on the new airport runway and the site selected for a new BEC power plant. He is shown here with
Shannon Albury, Administrator Cephas Cooper, MP Edison Key and Christopher Pinder, both men with a quarry operation.

Please see Deveaux Page 2

Science Conference Santa Visited Cherokee
rostOn Christmas Eve every
brought many scientists year Santa visits Chero-
kee Sound arriving in a
motor-ddriven sleigh. He
loves to distribute all the
gifts under the town's very
large Cristmas Tree that
traditionally stands in the
yard of Epworth Chapel.
The gifts this year even
included several bicycles
Sn and other large gifts.
Organizing Santa's visit
Were his helpers standing
behind him here, Kathy
Sawyer and Ricky Saw-
yer. Ricky constructed the
sleigh and has the hon-
our of getting him to the
event. After Santa leaves,
The Abaco Science Alliance Conference brought scientists together for them to discuss the town ladies offer din
topics across different disciplines. Shown here are Michael Albury, past president of ners to all the town people
Friends, Casuarina McKinney, Director of BREEF, Nicola Smith, a graduate student and visitos who come for
doing her thesis on lionfish, and Dr. Craig Layman, who is working to open creeks this very special event.
that have been closed off. This year's dinner was
By Larry Smith eries who quit years ago to "rough" it barbecued chicken.
"Man, I got no time for these politi- on Abaco is truly the master of all he
cians and civil servants," John Hed- surveys. From his little clapboard house,
den snorted derisively, lounging on his built with his own hands on a rise deep in
ramshackle verandah deep in the Abaco the forest, it's a long, dusty haul down a The Abaconian PRST STD
pineyard. His long grey hair was pulled disused logging track to reach the Great 9945 NW 88th Ave US POSTAGE
Medley, FL 33178 PAID
back into an untidy ponytail, and a bottle Abaco Highway. Medley, FL 33178 Permit#2438
of Appleton rum was slowly emptying as "They come here and talk crap from Forward and Address CorrectionIAMI FL 331
the afternoon sun sank beneath the pine time to time, but nothing ever happens.
trees out in the middle of nowhere. Our local communities have to take pow-
Hedden a one-time technical officer
at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fish- Please see Conference Page 4

Minister has meeting with quarry operators

Deveaux From Page 1
Bahamas Hot Mix is constructing the run-
While here Mr. Deveaux visited one
quarry site near the eastern end of the
runway and talked with several operators
about the need to look for other suitable
sites for mining rock. The operators will
be given a elevation to cut to; but when
this is reached, new sites must be found.
He asked the operators to continue work-
ing in a way that will aid in restoring the
area at the end of the job to be attrac-
Later in the day the Minister met with
quarry operators and outlined the govern-
ment's long term goals. He does not want
mining areas left with huge bare expanses
to be a blight forever. The present quarries
are to be phased out with landscaping. He
asked the operators to recommend to him

suitable sites where they can continue as
government recognizes that rock and fill
must be available for construction. How-
ever, government does not want blights
left on the landscape. He mentioned that
Florida operations often excavate an area
leaving a lake that is later used by develop-
ers as home sites, town houses and hotel
construction. He mentioned the possibility
of following the Florida model to have an
end use of a subdivisions, ponds for rec-
reation, harbours, golf courses and other
innovative plans to be used at the end of
the quarry operation.
While here Mr. Deveaux looked quickly
at a site between Dundas Town and Mur-
phy Town at a swampy coastal area that
has the potential use as a harbour for a
marina, fishermen or freight operations.
At the same time the excavation would
provide useful fill for the construction in-
dustry. It is this type of dual use strategy

that Mr. Deveaux hopes can be utilized on
Abaco. The ultimate goal is the elimina-
tion of mining the hills and destroying their
character. He emphasized that government
recognizes that need for sand and rock and
is not wanting to shut the industry down.
One innovative source of fill may be the
widening of the road verges, giving fill
from the hilly areas while at the same time
leaving a wider verge. This would allow
landscaping and verges that tractor mowers
and other equipment could maintain eas-
Mr. Deveaux briefly inspected the in-
land site at Wilson City under serious
consideration for a replacement electri-
cal generating plant. A pipeline would be
extended several miles to the Wilson City

coast for tankers to pump bunker C fuel
oil to an inland storage area. He was ac-
companied by Chairman of the BEC corpo-
ration, Frederik Gottlieb, and a few BEC
staff. After a brief visit to the inland site,
the group went several miles to the coastal
area which is the northern shore of Wil-
son City. The dock site would be at the
northeast coast where there is deep water.
Infrastructure such as an access road and
an extension of the power line will have to
be put in place.
The prime function of the Minister's
trip was to give the opening address at the
Abaco Science Alliance Conference. He
was accompanied by Mr. Robert Garraway
with Works and Steve Burrows, retired en-

The Hon. Earl Deveaux, Minister of Public Works and Transportaion viewed the sug-
gested site for a new electric generaing power station inland from Wilson City. He is Mr. Earl Deveaux, second from left, talks with Administrator Cephas Cooper, MP for
shown here, left, with Mr. Steve Burrows, consultant with BEC; Senior Administrator for South Abaco Edison Key, and Consultant with BEC Steve Burrows. Mr. Burrows is the
Central Abaco, Cephas Cooper; Chief Councillor Cubel Davis; BEC's Everette Strachan, also the artist who created the parrot at the Airport Round-about and several sculptures
comptroller on Abaco; and Frederik Gottlieb, Chairman of the Board of BEC. in Nassau. Mr. Burrows is residing on Ab aco temporarily.


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Page 2 Section A The Abaconian

January 15, 2008

January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Page 3 Section A


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Conjuring a prehistoric landscape at Science Conference

Conference From Page 1

er for themselves and use it Nassau ain't
going to give it to them or do nothing for
The conversation had been sparked
by the arrival of Minister of Works and
Utilities Earl Deveaux, himself a former
agricultural officer and a contemporary of
Hedden's, who was in town to open the
third annual Science Alliance Conference
put on by Abaco's Friends of the Environ-
Last week's meeting drew almost a hun-
dred researchers, residents and students

for two days of talks at the New Vision
Ministries auditorium in Marsh Harbour.
Topics included wetland protection, fossil
wildlife, blue holes, marine mammals, in-
vasive species and the island's threatened
cultural heritage.
"One of our greatest challenges is the
protection of our marine and terrestrial
environments," Minister Deveaux ac-
knowledged in his opening speech. "And
research is necessary to inform our policy
decisions. We expect organisations like
Friends of the Environment and institu-
tions like the College of the Bahamas to
play a vital role in this."
Deveaux went on to attribute the recent

flooding on Long Island after Hurricane
Noel to the loss of wetlands and the filling
in of blue holes, which would have allowed
the water to drain off had they existed. It
was a point later taken up by Dr. Craig
Layman of Florida International Universi-
ty, who has been involving Bahamian stu-
dents in tidal creek restoration on Abaco
since 2006.
Layman said the documented collapse
of global fisheries over the last 20 years
could be addressed by protecting marine
habitats with no-take reserves like the Exu-
ma National Park and by restoring critical
ecosystems like coastal marshes. The Ba-
hamas has a policy to protect wetlands, but
it is little more than words on paper with
no force of law.
"The number of degraded creek systems
throughout the Bahamas is striking, "Lay-
man said. "They are blocked off, filled
in and heavily polluted. The causeway to
Little Abaco and the tidal creek at Cross

Harbour are prime examples. Yet these
systems are important nursery habitats
for grouper, snapper, lobster, crab and
The Cross Harbour creek in South
Abaco was sliced in two decades ago by
a quarry causeway that blocked tidal flow
and was slowly filling in the wetland. With
the help of Friends of the Environment,
Layman organised hundreds of local high
schoolers and adult volunteers to restore
water flow by inserting culverts through
the causeway and selectively removing
encroaching mangroves. He used it as an
educational exercise.
"There was an amazing transformation,"
Layman told the conference. "Trapped fish
were able to move back to the sea to spawn
and 150 acres of new wetland was created.
We track fish movements in and out of the
creek with acoustic telemetry, so this is
Please see Conference Page 5

The Hon. Earl Deveaux is discussing the Science Conference with Mr. David Knowles,
Abaco's agriculture officer, and Mr. Larry Smith of Media Enterprises in Nassau. Mr.
Deveaux was the keynote speaker at the opening ceremony of the conference on January
4 that was held at New Vision Ministries. Mr. Smith kindly sent the interesting summary
article about the conference that began on page 1 and is continued here.

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Page 4 Section A The Abaconian

January 15, 2008

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January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Page 5 Section A

Conference covered many topics including Columbus' diary

Conference From Page 4
one of the first studies that directly demon-
strates the connectivity between mangrove
and ocean habitats."
Abaco's marine environment is still a
powerful draw for local fishermen and af-
fluent visitors, but scientists say it is not
nearly as healthy as it may seem. One good
indicator, according to Dr. John Durban of
the Centre for Whale Research in Wash-
ington State, is the bottlenose dolphin a
top ocean predator.
Durban has been
working with the Baha-
mas Marine Mammal
Research Organisation
led by Abaco resident
Diane Claridge, which
has monitored the Lit-
tle Bahama Bank dol-
phin population since
1992. Like our marine
fisheries, these near-
shore dolphins are also
threatened by habitat
destruction, with the
sand banks they rely on
for feeding being heav-
ily dredged as Abaco's
economy booms.
"We can use dol-
phins like canaries in
a coal mine," Durban
told the conference.
About 35 high sc
"They are an iconic in- About3
dicator of environmen- liance Conferen
tal change. And draw- held in Marsh H
ing from hundreds of attend because o
Here Ms. Iris He
dolphin encounters over
giving a check to
the past 16 years, we na c to
have determined that Friends, for spo

the isolated Little Bahama Bank population
has dropped by half and individuals are
much harder to find today. "
Claridge reported on the preliminary
findings of a three-year survey of beaked
whales in the Great Bahama Canyon the
world's largest underwater trough, which
includes the Tongue of the Ocean dividing
New Providence from Andros.
These deep-diving whales are the least-
known mammalian group, and they are
particularly vulnerable to man-made sound

- especially military sonar. In fact, the cur-
rent survey is funded by the US Navy and
the data will be used to help mitigate the
impact of naval operations initiated by the
AUTEC base on Andros.
Beaked whales can dive for over an
hour to depths of more than 6,000 feet,
and over the past two years the survey has
made 91 sightings of 11 cetacean species in
Bahamian waters, including three different
types of beaked whale. These are the most
common whales in the Great Bahama Can-
yon, parts of which should be protected as
an important marine habitat, according to
Brian Kakuk, who worked at AUTEC
for years, is now the chief diver for some-

school students attended the Abaco Science Al-
ce organized by Friends of the Environment
arbour on January 3-5. They were able to
f donations by businesses to cover their costs.
'nchell, Manager of First Caribbean Bank, is
9 Mrs. D'Shan Maycock, Education Officer of
nsoring students.

thing called the Sawmill Sink Project on
Abaco. He told the conference that Ba-
hamian blue holes like Sawmill Sink are
unique time capsules.
"These cave systems hold hidden but
vital historical data on our past global cli-
mate," he said, "giving benchmark evi-
dence of past sea levels. They are not sim-
ply holes in the ground in which to throw
things, but precious containers of potable
water and rare marine life, time vaults of
Bahamian history and generators of tour-
ism revenues."
Kakuk has more than 2000 exploration

Please see Conference Page 7

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Page 6 Section A The Abaconian

January 15, 2008

Conference features Bahamian research

Conference From Page 6
cave dives to his credit. He established
Guardian blue hole and Ocean blue hole
on Andros as two of the world's deepest,
plunging to depths of 436 and 472 feet re-
spectively (Dean's Hole on Long Island is
the current record holder at over 600 feet).
And he extended Conch Sound blue hole
(also on Andros) to a distance of 6,223 feet
from the entrance making it the longest
ocean cave in the world.
Sawmill Sink is an inland blue hole in
south central Abaco that extends 150 feet
below sea level. Kakuk and others have
lately found a treasure-trove of fossils in
its depths all perfectly preserved by the
cavern's unique water chemistry. Nancy
Albury, whose husband Michael is the out-
going president of Friends of the Environ-
ment, reported the project's newest find-
ings to the conference.
Among the fossils are bones from a 10-
to 13-year-old child that have been dated
to about a thousand years ago the earli-
est evidence for human occupation in the
northern Bahamas and the oldest radiocar-
bon date on human bone in the entire ar-
chipelago. The Lucayan Indians settled the

Bahama Islands about 600 AD and were
extirpated by the Spanish in the 1500s.
Some 38 non-fish vertebrate fossils
from Sawmill Sink have been identified so
far. They include six species of reptiles, 27
birds and five mammals, and further explo-
ration is expected to add to this diversity.
The most interesting finds are of an extinct
(and previously unknown) species of giant
tortoise, together with 42 individual croco-
diles (seemingly related to the endangered
freshwater Cuban crocodile) that lived on
Abaco over 3,000 years ago.
These ancient Bahamian crocs were a
point of interest for Dr. David Campbell,
a celebrated biology professor at Grinnell
College in Iowa who directed the Bahamas
National Trust in the 1970s and published
a popular natural history of the Bahamas
called The Ephemeral Islands in 1977.
Campbell and his father used to collect
crocodiles years ago as a hobby.
In his talk, Campbell wondered why
Columbus never mentioned such things as
giant tortoises and crocodiles in his log,
which represents the first natural history of
our islands. The skeletons of these animals
are being found in sink holes all over the
archipelago, and they were often described

by later explorers (including Catesby in
1725 and McKinnon in 1804).
Noting that on October 21, 1492, Colum-
bus reported the killing of a large "serpent"
at Crooked Island with the intent of taking
the skin back to Spain, Campbell speculat-
ed that this could in fact be a reference to
the now extinct Bahamian crocodile.
"I have been to Seville looking for this
skin to confirm what animal it was that
Columbus saw," Campbell said. "All the
scholars I spoke to said the skin was in Ma-
drid, so I am planning another trip to find
out whether it is that of a crocodile or an
Well, whatever the outcome of that
journey, spending an afternoon on John

Hedden's remote verandah makes it easy to
conjure a prehistoric Bahamian landscape
- with grassy woodlands stretching as far
as the eye can see, inhabited by toothsome
crocodiles hunting giant tortoises.
But an accurate translation of Colum-
bus' "serpienta" will have little bearing on
the critical development issues confronting
Abaco and other rapidly growing islands
today. Friends of the Environment is one
of several groups that are trying to educate
Bahamians to avoid the careless destruc-
tion of the ecosystems on which we rely
for our own survival.
What will the Bahamian environment be
like twenty, fifty or a hundred years from



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January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Page 7 Section A

Page 8 Section A The Abaconian January 15, 2008

The Editor

Ralph \\ V'

Abaco's quarry operations were on
Minister Earl Deveaux's mind during
his recent visit to Abaco. He is the Min-
ister of Public Works and Transporta-
tion and has a passion for the Bahamian
environment. Ugly landscapes, messy
road verges and other eyesores disturb
him. He constantly repeated the phrase
that this is our land, not just mine or
just yours. We are living here together
and must take care of our environment,
he emphasized.
Meeting with quarry operators, he
reaffirmed the need for sand, crushed
rock, quarry fill and the boulders re-
quired by development. He emphasized
the need for their operations to be con-
ducted in an environmentally sensitive
way. Depending on the end result, this
may mean excavation sites in obscure
The five operators meeting with him
were asked for suggestions on where
their operations could best be located
as further excavations on the hills east
of the airport will be curtailed, possibly
this spring.
Mr. Deveaux would like to see the
excavating carried out so that at the
end of the day either something useful
remains or the landscape is restored.
Suggestions he gave for end uses were
recreational ponds, subdivisions, or
marinas. He asked the quarry operators
to get back to him with suggestions.
The existing quarries visible from the
highway will be phased out and some-
how landscaped to blend into the forest
foreground. Quarry operators may be
allowed to use topsoil removed from
the new airstrip for restoration pur-
poses. Perhaps future quarries will be
required to save their topsoil for later
restoration purposes.
There are many barren acres along
our highways that have been stripped
of topsoil and are now bare rock. Bull-
dozed areas left by the pulpwood op-
eration from their road construction are
still barren after 50 years.
While on Abaco, Mr. Deveaux
looked briefly at the coastal swamp

The Abaconian Al
David & Kathleen Ralph In
Editors & Publishers
P 0 Box AB 20551
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas

S~iys ...

Reducing Abaco's

on the border of Dundas Town and
Murphy Town. It is protected by an
estimated 100-foot-wide rock ridge.
A short channel would give access to
the sea. Suggestions have been made in
past years that this could be dug out,
opened and made into a functional har-
bour for fishermen, recreational boat-
ers, a marina or used for other small
commercial purposes. Improving this
site would have the dual purpose of
generating fill while creating a useful
marina. The excavated swamp would
generate useful topsoil.
During his visit, Mr. Deveaux was
asked about opening the old lumber
road that connects the Marsh Harbour
airport roundabout with the S.C. Boo-
tle Highway and resolving the status of
the waterfront road between Calcutta
and Soldier Road in Marsh Harbour.
Opening these would give some relief
to Marsh Harbour's growing traffic
congestion. Opening the bypass road to
the S.C. Bootle Highway would have
the added benefit making additional
Crown Land available for private and
commercial uses.
Without suggesting remedies, Mr.
Deveaux spoke of the dismal impres-
sion he gets when passing the junk
yards on the S.C. Bootle Highway be-
yond the electric plant.
We have heard the Prime Minister,
the Rt. Hon, Hubert Ingraham, make
similar complaints about the junkyards
on the highways and the denuded areas
where fill or top soil was taken.
The Minister of Health, Dr. Hubert
Minnis, was recently on Abaco and
spoke of changes to accompany the op-
eration of the new solid waste landfill.
More issues will arise when the solid
waste facility opens on the Snake Cay

road later this year. The road from
Marsh Harbour to the present dump
is littered with bags of garbage, loose
trash and windblown debris from trash
in open trucks. The town clean-up
crew from Marsh Harbour is constant-
ly cleaning this stretch of several miles
road to the present dump..
What will the seven or eight miles
of road look like to the new landfill?
Enforcement of covered trucks carry-
ing trash will be required.
It may be necessary to establish sev-
eral crews responsible for mowing and
cleaning Abaco's 120 miles or more
of highway verges with proper equip-
The proliferation of junk cars is an-
other concern and their collection and
disposal will become a separate pro-

gram within the landfill operation.
The long term answer is a change of
attitude to prevent roadside trash from
littering in the first place. You can trav-
el the byways and highways in Florida
without seeing a fraction of the trash
which seems to be taken for granted
Great improvements to our trash han-
dling are claimed by Dr. Minnis to be
in store for Abaco when the solid waste
landfill becomes operational. We hope
so as the present system is a marginally
The impending regulation of quarries
and the new landfill should all help to
make Abaco cleaner and more attrac-
Perhaps Abaco is headed for cleaner
and greener days. We hope so.

t -2

Quarrying creates blights on the landscape. This is at the eastern end of the Marsh Har-
bour airport. The government will be requiring quarry operators to restore vegetation
when their operation is complete in a location or quarry to create a useful landmark
such as a pond or marina. Quarrying in this area will be prohibited after other areas are
identified and designated for mining.

Generally Speaking ... A New Direction

By S.T. Roberts
Where We Stand
While many focus on the ways to bol-
ster, revitalize and ultimately retain the su-
premacy of tourism in our economy, I feel
there needs to be a broader perspective.
We need a new direction; a new industry
to strengthen and stabilize our economy
and to give it sustainability.
This is not to say we ought to forsake
the Tourism Industry at all. Tourism is
and will continue to be a strong and vi-
brant part of our economy. However, I
am one who believes we should never put
all our eggs in one basket.
The avenue of Science and Technol-
ogy is an essential path the government
of The Bahamas needs to take in trying
to develop economic diversity in the Ba-

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Photo credit: Tuppy Weatherford for parrot & lighthouse on page I
Reporters/Writers: Samantha Evans, Jennifer Hudson, Vernique Russell, Mirella Santillo
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hamas. Science and Technology provide
many different opportunities for business,
services, employment and education, as
well as advancement of quality of life due
to the infrastructural improvements that
are needed to grow and sustain such an
In the Bahamas Environment, Science
and Technology Commission's (BEST
Commission) 2005 document, Road Map
for Science and Technology, they state the
need and benefit of advancing Science and
Technology in the Bahamas.
Nations that do not participate in the
advancement of science or do not generate
new technology, or that do not have ad-
equate access to Science and Technology,
have fallen far behind in the pace of indus-
trialisation and have been categorised as
"third world," "developing," or "lesser
developed." This terminology is in many
instances synonymous with a certain level
of poverty, need, lack of sophistication
or the sheer struggle to survive. Despite
its relatively high standard of living, The
Bahamas is still a developing state. This
Road Map can be a tool to combat pov-
erty, and to enhance economic stability,
wealth and comfort.
The Way Forward
I would certainly throw all my support
behind making this a reality in the Baha-
mas today. There are many things that
need to happen in order for it get started.
Educational reform, extensive informa-
tion and communication infrastructural
updates and governmental policies to en-
courage, promote and sustain Scientific
& Technological advances are necessary

We need to
Ensure every school has reasonable
access to science and computer labs
Recognize and encourage students
that show a good aptitude in science and/
or technology subjects
Encourage after school programs to
further develop the skills and interest of
these students
Provide opportunities in research and
development and in industries locally
Through government and private en-
terprises, provide scholarships to institutes
of science and technology with the clause
that the students must return to the Baha-
mas for a minimum amount of time
Enhance the facilities at the College
of the Bahamas to provide even higher
levels of education in these subjects
Enhance libraries with Internet con-
nected computer access
It is also imperative that we update the
information and communication infra-
structure providing mandatory access to
ALL homes of telephone and internet ser-
vice (not suggesting that it be free access,
but merely available access). In many
countries internet access to every home is
mandatory, and in Europe and Asia tech-
nology and businesses based on technol-
ogy thrives.
We need a road map, and I am glad
to see the BEST Commission's guide, but
we need to make changes. Government
needs to invest in our future and give us
an economy and a way of life that is sus-
tainable for this generation and the gen-
erations to come.

January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Page 9 Section A

You Can Fool Some of the
People Some of the Time
Dear Editor,
Was it not Hubert Ingraham himself
who a couple of years ago told us how
great Winding Bay at Cherokee was go-
ing to be for us? Remember all the great
things that Mr. Peter De Savary was go-
ing to do? Water for all of Cherokee,
jobs for Bahamians, money by the mil-
lions and all we had to do was to give
up a little bit of our Crown land and Mr.
De Savary would do the rest. The rest is
history. De Savary is GONE, money is
GONE, land is GONE, hundreds of acres
of land GONE, and millions of gallons
of water GONE, millions of dollars from
our treasury GONE. He was even given
two taxi plates. No jobs for Bahamians,
what a deal!
Now in less than three years, Hubert
Ingraham wants the people of Guana Cay
to do the same deal for Mike Meldman
of Baker's Bay Golf and Ocean Club!
Only this time it won't be millions, it will
be BILLIONS! Plus, according to the
world's leading marine scientists from
Jean Michael Cousteau to Dr. Thomas
Goreau, the golf course, only a few feet
away from the world's third largest bar-
rier reef, will die a slow death from fertil-
izers, pesticides, waste water and herbi-
cides. These top scientists have sent you

and the former Prime Minister reports
and letters without any acknowledgment
from either you or the former Prime Min-
ister. No coral reef scientists independent
of the project at Baker's Bay endorsed the
golf course!
No, Hubert! No, not the people of Gua-
na Cay! We are going to fight you in the
courts and we are going to let the world
know that you are backing reef killers.
In closing, I want you to understand the
meaning of the word "terrorist." You im-
plied in your press conference that Save
Guana Cay Reef members are terrorists.
"Terrorists are those who force an un-
announced event on a citizenry. An event
planned in secret, intended to overwhelm.
The element of surprise is essential."
There is collusion. There is conspira-
cy. There is a goal in mind that involves
paralyzing the population financially and
emotionally. A position of power, result-
ing in financial superiority and control-
ling interest. The citizens are the last to
know. Usually terrorists rely on backing
from rogue governments or pay per deed
I believe, Mr. Ingraham, that the term
terrorists fits someone else's shoe, not
Save Guana Cay Reef's!
Save Guana Cay Reef Association
Aubrey Clarke

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2 May 2005

Five year old wins car

The winner of a raffle for a new Suzuki car was five-year-old Autumn Albury of Sweeting's
Village, Marsh Harbour. The car was offered by Price Right in a month-long promotion.
Raffle tickets were offered to all customers purchasing at least $50 worth of groceries.
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anniversary event.
The tournament format consists of mul-
tiple awards for billfish, plus awards for
tuna, dolphin and wahoo. Registration in-
cludes boat entry, four dinners and four
cocktail parties for up to six team mem-

fishing news
bers, a team goody bag with t-shirts and
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team. The Treasure Cay Billfish Tourna-
ment is renowned for its great food and ca-
maraderie, with social events families can
Treasure Cay Hotel Resort and Marina
will be hosting other fishing tournaments
in 2008 including the Bahamas White Mar-
lin Open, April 7-10; the Bahamas Billfish
Central Abaco Championship, April 13-
18; and the Bahamas Billfish Treasure Cay
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Abaco Science Alliance Conference hosts reception

By Jennifer Hudson
Friends of the Environment presented
its third bi-annual Abaco Science Alliance
Conference from January 3 to 5. It was a
most interesting, informative and a very
successful event attended by more than 75
interested environmentalists from not only
Abaco but also New Providence, other
Family Islands and countries abroad plus
more than 35 students from high schools
on Abaco. The students were sponsored by
generous donations from the Royal Bank
of Canada and the First Caribbean Inter-
national Bank. The purpose of the confer-
ence was to Share Scientific Knowledge of
Abaco and the Bahamian Environment.
The conference officially opened on the
evening of January 5 when approximately
50 hardy stalwarts braved the cold weather
to attend an outdoor opening and cocktail
reception at the new Friends of the Envi-
ronment Education Centre. President of
Friends, Mr. Jim Richard, welcomed ev-
eryone and introduced the guest speaker,
Mrs. Eleanor Phillips, Programme Di-
rector of the Nature Conservancy for the
Northern Caribbean, Bahamas and Turks
and Caicos Islands.

Mrs. Phillips stated that she is excited
about the opportunities presented by Ab-
aco in sharing scientific research with the
public. "I congratulate Friends on its third
Abaco Science Alliance Conference which
encourages research and supports the en-
hancement of educational outreach and on
the opening of its new Education Centre
which speaks volumes about their com-
mitment." Mrs. Phillips also stated that
the Nature Conservancy is working with
Friends to complete a resource base and
plan for existing and future parks. Abaco
presently has five national parks and more
are proposed. She encouraged people in
the way to go by quoting a statement made
by Al Gore; "If you want to go quickly, go
alone, but if you want to go far go togeth-
er," and closed with the words;" I wish
you well and a successful conference."
A vote of thanks was given by Dr.
Craig Layman, a research scientist who has
worked with FRIENDS for two and a half
years and is very impressed with the incred-
ible research which is being done on the Is-
land of Abaco. He stated that he has worked
in fourteen different countries throughout

on Guana Cay
Lunch & Dinner



Central and South America and the Carib-
bean but Friends of the Environment is the
"most amazing organization I have ever had
the opportunity to work with."

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Page 10 Section A The Abaconian

January 15, 2008

9 -

January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Page 11 Section A

Min Deveaux opened Science Conference

By Jennifer Hudson
Following the opening of the Friends of
the Environment's new Educational Facil-
ity the previous evening, the third Abaco
Science Alliance Conference got underway
on the morning of January 4 with an inter-
esting slate of 13 speakers ready to pres-
ent on a wide variety of topics. They were
welcomed by Friends of the Environment
President, Jim Richard, who also presented
a plaque of appreciation to outgoing Presi-
dent Mr. Michael Albury for his work with
Preceding the research presentations,
remarks were presented by the Hon. Earl
Deveaux, Minister of Public Works and
Transport. After thanking Friends for its
invitation, he stated his sincere hope that
the forum would pro-
duce a rekindled aware-
ness of the country's
most precious resource
- the environment.
"We live in an ar-
chipelago alive with
fascinating features and
unique flora and fauna.
We have an abundance
of marine life; our bio-
diversity is the greatest
in the Western Atlan-
tic. Globally The Baha-
mas is recognized for
the magnificence of its
natural environment.
Astronauts commented
on the beauty of Baha-
mian waters from outer Outgoing Preside
space. Research is nec- Albury, right, wa
essary for an appropri- his years of guid
ate course of action on Richard, the new
how to preserve it. native dogwood.

"The cutting of hills is an example of
what not to do, they act as a buffer from the
sea. It has taken six months to get people to
stop cutting the hills. There is an element
of destruction in our own backyard. The
Marls are a nursery for the Little Bahama
Bank and must not be destroyed. The Sea
of Abaco is one of the best cruising des-
tinations in the world. In order to retain
its prestige as a first class destination all
features must be guarded carefully.
"There is the serious problem of global
warming; if it continues, then 80 percent
of the land mass of The Bahamas will go
underwater. We must take steps to miti-
gate the effects which include more severe
hurricanes, flooding and erosion. During
Tropical Storm Noel, more than half the

annual rainfall fell in two days on some
of the Southern Bahama islands. We need
research and Friends will play a vital role
in this.
"Government has agreed to do several
things, two of which are;
The planting of sea oats and other
indigenous plants to protect sand dunes
which will strengthen coastal areas.
To address the problem of social envi-
ronmental stress. Building regulations will
be enforced and guidelines will be provided
for new buildings regarding landscaping,
drainage etc for all new homes. Rainwater
tanks will be promoted. In this way we can
help preserve the environment. Many acts
need to be strengthened and revised.

"There will be increased government
funding for the Bahamas National Trust
and the Nature Conservancy and, eventu-
ally, we hope some will trickle down to the
Friends of the Environment. Government
assures its part in sustainability but individ-
uals must be concerned and take pride in
their country. There must be no dumping,
excavation or destruction of wetlands."
Mr. Deveaux concluded his informative
talk by reminding everyone, "Our envi-
ronment is the real basis of the country's
A synopsis of all of the research presen-
tations will follow in successive copies of
The Abaconian.

Itl uj rinlUre3 oU ulle I ~eLnvlur iviLmcru
s presented with a plaque in appreciation of
ing Friends. Presenting the plaque was Jim
president. The beautiful plaque was made of

Providing *ao&sru
899 I10 995 5

Water &s.SweragPRnstallatl
paving Car park & drive ways

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Page 12 Section A

The Abaconian January 15, 2008

Central Abaco News

Marsh Harbour
Dance School
Begins New Semester
By Jennifer Hudson
Following the very successful Christmas
Showcase production at the Abaco Beach
Resort in November in which the Marsh
Harbour School of Dance students were
joined by many other talented performers
to present scenes from the Broadway shows
Fiddler on the Roof and Annie, the Marsh
Harbour School of Dance will be expanding
into a Performing Arts School. According
to Mrs. Elaine Pilon, founder of the school,
beginning in January the Dance School will
also incorporate vocalising and theatre.
"Everybody is welcome from age 5 on
up to any age," states Mrs. Pilon, who "is
looking forward to hopefully having some
boys in the class this year."
Classes will be held at St. Francis de

Sales School as follows: 5-6 year olds on
Fridays from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and 7
years and up on Mondays and Wednesdays
from 3:30 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. If adults are
interested, Mrs. Pilon will work out an ap-
propriate time for them.
During 2007 Mrs. Pilon began a Dance
Outreach Programme to Green Turtle Cay
and Hope Town and during the New Year
will be starting another for students on
Man-O-War Cay.
Registration is now taking place for all
classes. Since space is limited, interested
persons are urged to call early. Mrs. Pi-
lon can be contacted at 367-0883 or 551-
A Little Work Done on
Front Street
By Jennifer Hudson
After eight months of spasmodic work,
Marsh Harbour's most historic street should

soon be been returned to its original glory.
Front Street, which runs alongside the har-
bour, has been in a poor state of repair for a
long time and people longed to see it fixed,
but none of the residents and business own-
ers situated along that road was prepared
for what a messy and prolonged business
repairing it would be. Last April a digger
arrived and began to tear up the road with-
out any warning to residents or business
owners. After a couple of days of work in
which the surface was removed resulting in
a very uneven surface with huge potholes
and exposed water and power lines, the
contractor "disappeared," leaving what can
only be called a huge mess.
The entire length of the road from just
east of Long's Landing to the Port was tar-
geted for renewal. But the area which was
affected most seriously and for the longest
time was in front of the Baker's Bay office,

Angels' Academy and Arawak Agency.
Angels' Academy Preschool even had to
close for two days and taxi drivers found
the area very difficult to negotiate getting
clients to the Baker's Bay office. When the
contractor finally proceeded further along
the road, Mr. Colyn Rees reported that
all the drains in front of his house became
blocked, and he had to dig out temporary
drains to prevent flooding.
The road was to be resurfaced with
blacktop; but persons felt that since this is
a historic road, it should retain its original
character. They were able to get the plans
changed to have it resurfaced with concrete
to return it to its original state.
During the past few months the proprietors
of the Angels' Academy, Arawak Agency

Please see Central Page 13

From the north to the south, Abaco decorated for the holidays. This shows Snappas invit-
ing patrons to celebrate with it.

The Central Abaco dump was all the way out to the highway recently. The roadside is
littered and people were dumping next to the pavement. No date has been mentioned for
when the solid waste facility will be in operation.


January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Page 13 Section A

More Central Abaco News

Central From Page 12
and Baker's Bay offices, since they could see
no conclusion in sight, grouped together and
purchased several loads of fill which they
spread in front of their premises and graded
to make the road useable. On December 14
they were both surprised and delighted to see
that work was finally being resumed to finish
the road. A cement company dumped a load
of concrete which was then spread by the
contractor and his two sons after digging out
the fill which the business owners had just
put in. A very small portion of the road was
completed; then work stopped for many days
over the Christmas and New Year's holiday
period, dispelling the hopes of the staff of
the Angels' Academy that the road would be
ready for the beginning of term on January
3. As of January 2 no more work had been
done and the only section concreted was the
few yards fronting the Baker's Bay office.
No date for completion has been promised,
but the business owners and residents are

hoping that this extended nightmare will
soon be over.
Book Fair
Many of your favourite authors' books
will be there, not to mentions some of the
best loved characters by children and teens.
That's right! You will see John Grishman,
T.D. Jakes, Myles Munroe, Sir Sidney
Poitier, Nancy Drew, Dora and Diego,
who will all be found at Central Abaco Pri-
mary on February 1st.
What is this big event that will host such
widely popular names? It is the first annual
book fair to be hosted by Bethel Books and
Stationers. Under the theme Wild About
Books, Bethel's will be bringing its widely
popular book fair to Marsh Harbour in just
a few weeks.
The book fair has been a growing suc-
cess in Freeport over the past few years.
Bethel's started the fair as a way of in-
creasing literacy. The owners also wanted
to provide quality books for a great price.

Everyone from the north to the south will
have the opportunity to purchase wonder-
ful books at incredible prices, many with
significant discounts over the U.S. retail
prices. With a price range starting from a
just a few dollars, book lovers will have
the opportunity to increase their libraries,
advance their literacy skills and just enjoy
great books.
The fair promises to have a wide range
of books from many genres. There will be
discounted hardback novels, hot romances
for cold winter nights, books for children
from characters like Dora and Diego.
Teens will want Nancy Drew and Hannah
Montana. Boys will love the Bionicle books
and the Manga graphic novels. Pre-school-
ers will have the opportunity to begin their
reading with quality books on colors, num-
bers, letters, shapes. Old classics like the
Golden Book stories that everyone grew up
on will be there as well as new classics like

everyone favorites, the Chicken Soup for
the Soul books.
The fair will be held on February 1 at
Central Abaco Primary between the hours
of 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
A giant lizard
By Mirella Santillo
It took artist Larry Wilson hours of work
to execute a giant curly tail lizard made of
foam measuring 11 feet long by four and
a half feet wide. The lizard was commis-
sioned by Curly Tails Restaurant 's own-
ers, Mr. Alistair McDonald and his wife,
Mrs. Harriet McDonald.
When looking at it, a beautiful bright or-
ange reptile spotted with blue and yellow,
one cannot imagine how many pieces of
foam had to be cut, glued together, sculpt-
ed and sanded to achieve the final work

Please see Central Page 26

The Front Street in Marsh Harbour was ripped up last spring and has been in terrible
condition since. Recently, a contractor has begun work, replacing the concrete.

A giant curly tail lizard now decorates the bar at Curly Tail Restaurant and Bar in Marsh
Harbour. The creature was created by Mr. Larry Wilson, who made it from foam.

Page 14 Section A The Abaconian

January 15, 2008


SWestinghuse -B I STANLEY ll

CJmB I'& EG I-Er;-:
il% ~ P~aUL1111111110l


. . :

January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Abaco Cays Realty, Ltd. Ma-rshH-b


Page 15 Section A

Great Guaa Cary
- I Bedroom. I Bath
- 930 s.f. Residence
- 750 s. of Decks
- 250' on Sea ofAbaco
- 47.930 s.f. .1 acres
- Deeded Beach Access.
- Great elevation
- Fabulous Views
- Dock Permit approved

CoeoIMam #GFI O7$1,385,000.
Great Guana Cay-
3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths.
1,686 s.f. Residence
725 s.f. Open Decks.
80' ofPrime Beachfront
-Over I/4 Acre
Superb Ocean Views
Semi-private Dock
-Fully Fumished.
Great Rental History
."W..ch Hill" #GHH1075 $1,380,000.

Great Guaonna Cay -
Dolphin Beach Estates
4 Bedrooms. 4 Baths,
2,100 s.f. Residence
670 s.f. Raised Decks.
S- Over 1/2Acre
Great Views
Beach & Dock Access

"Pura Vidu" #GGHIO05 SOLD

Great Gaama Cay -
Dolphin Beach Estatles
-3 Bedrooms. 2 Baths.
-1.150 s.f Residence
760 s.f Covered Porch
I Bedroom, I Bath
490 s.f Apartment
-Garat Views
Near Settlement
"Junkanoo Splash" #AS10689 S640.000,.

Great GIuna Cayg-
Gonna Seaside Village

- 2 Bedrooms. 2.5 Baths.
-960 s.r. Residence
- Covered Porch.
- Land 5.000 s.f
- DockAccess
- Furnished.

I t

Man-O-War Cay -
The Creek
-2 Bedrooms. 1 Bath.
974 s.f Residence
I Bedroom. 1 Bath
268 s.f. -Dock House
Land over I/2 Acre
Private 66' Dock.
Superb Views
#MWHII021 1,450,000.
Man-O-War Cay -

4 Bedrooms, 4 Bath.
S- 1.255 s.f. Residence
768 s.f. Covered Decks
812 sf.Open Decks
Rooftop Skydeck
Land 17.792 s.f.
Fabulous Views
#MWWI1023 $775,00l0. Stirli
Man-O-War Cay -
4 Bedrooms, 1.5 Baths.
1240 s.f. Residence.
0.3213 Acre 14,000 s.f.
Hillside for great Ocean
Beautifully Landscaped
Fully Furnished &
#MW111020- $636,000. Lee
MCan-O-War Cay
Condomnianu Unit # I 4

I -aestr MOUsE

Man-O-War C ny
Comidominium Unit# 22

- 2 Bedroom, and Bunkroom
2 Baths.
1.100 sq.ft. Porch Balcon
-. Central A/C.
- Full Furnished Equipped.
Frh Water Pool
O n-Island Mangenmen
Great Rental Property.

i#GGillIIO $375,000. .I mU11 mnrr omung mV racPaIeur #MWHIO70
Man-O-War Cy Cay ....L W1Air
.2 Bedrooms. I Bath. Condominrr
- 60 s.f. Residence.
-240 s.f. Studio 2 r-p
Dock Ilouse
- Land Sea-to-Sea Central A/C.
36,775 s.f. .8442 Acre Fully uralsh
- 10' Ocean Beach Front Fr1h Water
- Private Dock On Creek A On-island MI
- Fabulous Views Great Rental
#MWHI018- I, 1,9500. "Sc*"er' Land'g"- vni#B #MWHI1071

Dickies Cay
S5 Bedrooms, 3 1/2 Baths
3.360 s.f. Residence.
1,200 s.f. Covered Deck
0.84 Acres Sea-to-Sea
-Private 136' Dock.
Auxiliary Generator
Superb I lurbour Views
(#MWIIlIOl -52,000,000
Man-O-War Cay
2 Bedrooms 2 Baths.
1,921 s.f. Residence.
S2 Bedroom, I Bath
-400 s.f Guest Cabin
-172' Ocean Beach Fron
.189 Acres
Beautifully Landscaped
I- Semi-Private Dock
- Fabulous Views
#MWHIO 19-$1,840,000.

1455,000. !
mn Unit # 3
or Balcony

ed Equipped.

IMan--War Cay
Condominid m Unit #4
- 2 Bedroom, and Bunkroom
2 Baths.
1.100 sq.R.- Porch, Balcony
Central A/C
i- Fully Furnished, Equipped.
- Frcsh Water Pool
- On-Island Managemenrt
Great Rental Property.
#MWH 1072 $455,000.
M ian-O-War Cay
Condominium Unit # 5I
2 Bedroom 2 Bathll
-1.130sq.ft. -Porch
-Central AC.,
Fully Furnished, Equipped.
Fresh Water Pool
On-Island Managenment
Great Rental Property.

#MWHJ1073 $430,000

Abaco Cays Really Lutd
is proud tI anmnom re Ihal:
Mrs. Francr Sanda
of Grica~ Cuun Caa AL lc
las atcI. i d Ir license as

lx stacc sfull) complepllng
IIhe tlaimnuis Renl amI]uI A icirtKIin
Course and Exalination

Scotland Cay
3 Bedrooms. 2.5 Baths.

496' on Sea ofAbaco
Lots 8/9/10- 1.87 Are I
Private Dock Boat Lift
Fabulous Views
#SCH 1003- Furnished
LotssI S10- l8/1 ,965,000.
Lots 8/9 SI,503.00.

Scotland Cay
Lot-0Only- S545,0r0.

3 edroom, 2 Bath
-00) s.f otrresidence
1,086 s.f of decks
48850 sf 1.12Acres
I l2 parcels or land
-80' ofAIlanic Ocean
Beach ftontag
IObu"!"s Views
2S sr. storage shed
2 lKW generator
20,0000 llon cistern

Scotland Cay
4 Bedroom. 2 Bath
1600 s.r of residence
785 s.r. wrap around porch
23.938 s.E .549 Acre land
180 degree views
250 to the Atlantic Beach
240 sr. garage
2 8000 gallon cistern
Fully furnished
Runy & Dock access
#SCH 1093 $954,000.

Tillo Cay
-2 Bedroom, 15 Bath
800 s.f. residence
3.75 Acre. sea to sea
-109'oflhmxage- on Sea
ofAbaco 1 on Atlantic
Boat basin wilh lit
170' of dock
Swimmig Pool
-Approved plans lbr 3/2
New England Style cottage
#TL11086 $1.595.000.

SWood Cay
Little Abaco

-3Bedroom 2 Baths
1.147s.E Residence
-21,213 s.. 0,487 Acre
75' water frontage to
Build dock
SGUreat bonefishing area
Tranquility at its best
#ANHI014- $289,00.
South Cooper's Town
-3 Bedrooms. I Bath,
1,056 s.f. Residence
Land 1.69 Acres
170' Water-fronage
Excavated Harbour
on Sea of Abaco.
Private Dock. Davits
Superb Views
#ANI1lol3- SOLD
North Abaco
Private Island
+- 220 Acres
27,342 lin.. -4.5 nautical
miles of shorline
+/- 20' elevations
Beaches Lagoons
Harbors Coves Vista's
Controlling depth of 4.5
Between east end of Grand
Bahama and west end
of Little Abaco
Price Upon Request

Highlights of 2007

n Pictures

January began with music and dancing as Green Turtle Cay once again put on a spec
tacular Junkanoo demonstration.

Heritage Day in March in Hope Town included a reenactment of the arrival of Loyal-
ists in 1785. This event is organized by the volunteers of the Wyannie Malone Historical

January also saw the Junior Junkanoo competition. The winning high school was Abaco
Central High School with this dramatic float.

m u
E u -.
t.. ...A


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Sthe mostsearched
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Ranch Flavored
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serus ava! Her's
deiious Ranch vored
Torilla Chips dever a
healy, bold ranch tasle
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Va La Ranch!

a o Therghtrchice

PEP;I fOrgreat



the citp,refresng
taste of Aquina. Our
slate of the at reverse
osmois puliaton
system ensures



A Family
rFavodte frmore
than six generafior.
. T.i.. Today, ourclassicpuple
Fmtits gs ejuicehasbeen
oined bya variety of

available M

Ph: (242) 367-2797
Fax: (242) 367-2359

The M/v/ Legend arrived in Marsh Harbourfor the first time in March, adding another
boat bringing freight to Abaco from the U.S.
New fishing regulations for visitors were announced in January.
These restrictive regulations caused many visitors to change
their plans for coming to Abaco.

Sailing from
The Port of Palm Beach
to Marsh Harbour
For all your small package shipping (LCL)



Page 16 Section A The Abaconian

January 15, 2008

For Bookings call
Outside of Florida in U.S. dial toll free
Marsh Harbour
Crockett Drive/Port Connector
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
242-367-0225 / Fax: 242-367-0226
Providing the most reliable and complete service in
The Bahamas andCaribbean for over 40 years,
Including FCL, LCL, refrigeration, consolidation and
project cargo services.
Also serving Nassau, Freeport, Exuma and
Long Island

Secure warehouse
Cargo pick up service in
U.S. & Canada
Online booking
and tracking at
TropAir next business
day air cargo service
Marine Insurance
Helpful customer service



Spring 2007 on Abaco

The carnival came to town in March delighting young and old alike. Rides, games, com-
petitions, food and drink there was something for everyone.

Fourteen houses were destroyed by fire on March 21 in the Mud. The immigrants of that
community were told they could not rebuild in that area.
Construction on a new runway at the Marsh Harbour airport be-
gan late in March.

The Barefoot Man once again performed a concert at I
This very popular singer drew 1500 to 2000 people.

The Outbord Shop
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

FArrF 2e -

Abaco Sea Horse Marine Hope Town
Roberts Marine Green Turtle Cay
Island Marine Parrot Cay
Exuma Minns Watersports George Town
Freeport OBS Marine
Long Island Fisherman's Marine Center Hamiltons



Full range of relia
Large Inventory of P
Reliable Serv


10:~y+ -: ~n pmdc S~~i4D~ I2 prn


36 7-2-5g

E'.wij: AL@*kleArC1,re$.rlfeem1

January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Page 17 Section A


ir/a I

Spring 2007 was eventful on Abaco

March saw many new events month on Abaco. Divers retrieved many more animal skel-
etons from the Sawmill Sink. These are the best preserved remains ever found in the

b5k I t.

The Archbishop of the Anglican Church, the Most Reverent Drexel Gomez, dedicated the
new building of the St. John the Baptist Anglican Church in Marsh Harbour
The Rt. Hon. Perry Christie, then Prime Minister of The Baha-
mas, with the Hon. Glenys Hannah Martin and the Hon. Bradley
Roberts, commissioned landing lights at the Sandy Point air-
strip on March 19.

( TwinAir


Marsh Harbour 367-0140 Treasure Cay 365-8660
Ft. Lauderdale 954-359-8266
North Eleuthera 335-1696 Governor's Harbour 332-3340 Rock Sound 334-2795

Cashiers Tickets
Purchase Orders
Custom Forms
and more...

* No Carbon Required
* Numbered
* Booked
* 2, 3, 4 part Forms


Located in the Abaco Shopping Center, Marsh Harbour
Tel: (242) 3673-202 Fax: (242) 367-3201
eMail: abacoprint@batelnet.bs

Ine oig news oj 2uu/ was me cnange oj government on May 2. Ime two successful win-
ners on Abaco were Mr. Edison Key for South Abaco and the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham
in North Abaco, both of the FNM party. Mr. Ingraham is now the Prime Minister.


The Betty K began service to Abaco in May, adding to the number of freight boats serving
Abaco from Florida. It sails out of Miami, at that time the only to come from Miami.

Big Rttitude, Compact
S.tyle-ut the mall!

The 1.5 litre (
Chevy. Avio- A o
sedan and (
the 1.8-0litrerB
Chevy c
Optra both
feature automatic
transmission, air condi tonin Chve- A
divr sid air bag, power
wiridowsand locks, renriote
entry, alar D player
and radio. '.
The Honda Civic
has been redesigned
for even more comfort
and features advanced OP
safety systems like
dual front air bags and
anti-lock brakes.

Page 18 Section A The Abaconian

January 15, 2008


7rw-p ,^rI


January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Page 19 Section A

The Island Root
in May. The the
and small, show

The Man-O-Wa
Miami and Mar

More events in the spring of 2007


ts Festival held annually on Green Turtle Cay is always a popular event
eme this year honoured the town's pirate background. Many pirates, big Fishing tournaments are an important part of our economy during the spring months.
ved up to celebrate. Abaco has more tournaments than any other island in The Bahamas. They are held on
Green Turtle Cay, Treasure Cay, Elbow Cay, Marsh Harbour and Little Harbour. They
are all now basically catch and release tournaments.

STexaco Pirates won a softbal tournament playing against teams from In June the Hon. Sidney Collie, Minister of Local Government and Lands, met with each
-sh Harbour. of the Councils on Abaco to acquaint himself with them and to listen to their concerns.
He is shown here in Sandy Point.

Call Toll Free 800-563-0014 www.BahamaBeachClub.com

Pae2 eto h bcna Jaur 15 20


ummer 2007 brought visitors

July means water activities. Regatta Time in Abaco again successfully attracted many
cruising sailboats to compete in races held in five different towns. This was its 32nd

An early morning fire on August 1 destroyed Sapodilly's Restaurant and Grill, a very
popular eatery in Marsh Harbour.

North Abaco organizes power boat races that draw hundreds of spectators. The races are
held off the Treasure Cay ferry dock in July.
A condominium project proposed for the Pascoe property on
Pelican Shores in Marsh Harbour was strongly opposed by the
local residents. The public outcry influenced government offi-
cials to reject the proposal in August.
A couple of new government officials were assigned to Abaco
late in the summer of 2007. Senior Administrator Cephas Coo-
per was appointed for Central Abaco and Mrs. Lenora Black
took over as Education Superintendent for Abaco. Both these
individuals are bringing about changes.
Immigration conducted an audit of immigrants who are waiting
to have their papers processed to become permanent residents
or citizens. Two hundred fifty people responded, bringing their
documents for Immigration staff to review.
Three large projects on Abaco held job fairs looking for quali-
fied employees. The turn-out was good but many lacked neces-
sary skills or education.

0 0


Ice Cream Parlour
Bahamian Dishes


In the Abaco Shopping Centre 367-6444

Mon Thurs 6-9 pm
Fri & Sat 6- 10 pm
Sun 8 9:30 pm



Tel: 367-0400

Lt 3.


hrto mom 4 # a"

TO NAiAU, NorrT Eutr m"Pi

S1%L I FiU I tlI .Ci I IOIL lUI[:N Lr~ It'3K
I O~ N AL L .'l'._L IlLED T LIClH'li
i 111 m I Il l I. 1 1 i II11 .' .. |IL .11m '= 1 .1 m' l .

thurwlriE F.410 l .In '
OLI4. 11 i.y a l p 111. lN *Ifil

.@I,.T 1 P-i-,- = ,'h4 l 141i

Page 20 Section A The Abaconian

January 15, 2008

Fall 2007 brought a variety of events

Another Abaco Business Outlook was held in Marsh Harbour in October. This brings
speakers to discuss various aspects of the Abaco economy.

Treasure Cay's first fire engine arrived in November. A volunteer fire department is
training regularly and will provide a necessary service for all North Abaco.

In October Abaco began the process to become certified by
Keep American Beautiful called Keep Abaco Beautiful.
The unpopular fishing rules for visitors were modified, making
them more acceptable to our tourists. Although the rules relaxed
the limits, they are still protecting one of our major resources.

Unforgettable celebrations inside our doorstep, adventure outside our doorstep- a stress-free atmosphere
and access to unforgettable activities. We'll refresh your body, soothe your mind and feed your soul.
We can't wait to have you drop by.

abaco m)inn
Cay | I aao LCI
/ 8W. cP.

Local Government demolished 48 newly constructed houses in the Mud in October. These
were houses that were not occupied and were built after government had warned the
residents not to build any more houses.

The Box Car races in Hope Town in November are a highlight for fun and competition.
This annual event takes place the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
Tropical Storm Noel strengthened to hurricane force while it
brushed past Abaco in November, causing minimal damage.

January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Page 21 Section A

~3h$~LP~~rC~p~y ~ii;leay~i~'i~
s~U~:, ~~~c~la~-a~a~t-f BhVRP~~ ~ati;l~~
lcsah4by iaD~b~WL~ ~ghil-nii

December 2007 was a busy month

The Bahamas Royal Police Marching Band performed at the annual Christmas Festival
held in December each year. The fesival offers a variety of activities, entertainment and
gift purchasing.

Archeological ruins were exposed when a proposed developer bulldozed survey lines in
South Abaco. Several governmental agencies viewed the site to determine the value of the
sites. An archeologist will be brought in to analyse several sites. The area has ruins from
two early settlements.

Something for

f snack size eal 36s7 5
sandwivs B & V Plaza Don MacKay Blvd
and salads Tel: 367.2798 Fax: 367.5098

has opened it's new facility at the
Marsh Harbour International Airport. We are
a full service FBO with Customs, Immigration,
Fuel, VIP Lounge and many other five star
We handle all your aircraft ground
handling service needs the way you want.

CHEROKEE AVIATION Tel.# 242-367-0525 Fax.# 242-367-0526 VHF 122.80
P.O.Box AB 20485 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Email : fboinfo@cherokeeair.com

-6 Cherokee Air
Is a private charter plane company provid-
ing safe, reliable transportation to and from
the islands of the Bahamas
and southeastern Florida.

CHEROKEE AIR Tel.# 242-367-3450 Fax.# 242-367-3451
P.O.Box AB 20485 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Email : info@cherokeeair.com

The Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham toured the Baker's Bay Golf and Ocean Club in December
and was satisfied that the project was satisfying all requirements to protect the environ-
The Marsh Harbour School of Dance produced a Christmas
Showcase the beginning of December. The dancers and singers
performed music from the classics and musical shows.

A closed season on Nassau grouper began on December 1 and
will extend until February 28. this is to protect the fish when
they come together in aggregations to spawn.

Art Festival

Abaco Beach Resort
February 2- 3 Saturday 10- 6 Sunday 10-Noon


Whether you need regularly scheduled pick up for your
business or periodic disposal service on a construction
site.... Bahamas Waste works with you to assess your
needs and exceeds your expectations!
Compactors and open top containers available,
Specalizing in construction and demolition waste,
Portable toilets coming soon,
STelephone : (242) 357-6888 466-3990
Located at the Marsh Harbour Airport Roundabout,
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

Page 22 Section A The Abaconian

January 15, 2008

aua Anin f 3AM

and JAinda&

Charles Leebrey Albury

a legend from the old
By Patrick Bethel
Charles Leebrey Albury, who departed
this world on the 11th of November, 1998,
was a legend of a man in his own right as a
farmer and hunter.
Leebrey came from the old school, hav-
ing been born in 1920, just after the First
World war, but lived to see the modern
technology of the scientific age replace the
old methods of farming and hunting.
Leebrey was a farmer and hunter for
more than 65 years and without a doubt
helped to feed more Bahamians with po-
tatoes, beans, corn, watermelons, cabbag-
es and tomatoes, not to mention the wild
pork, than few Bahamians of the century.
It is estimated that during his lifetime he
helped to produce over 250 tons of sweet
potatoes, hundreds of bushels of beans and
corn, tens of thousands watermelons, over
500 tons of sugarcane, not to mention the
tomatoes and cabbages.
It is estimated he caught in excess of
2,000 wild pigs during his lifetime and
mainly for food in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.
The late Awanta Gottlieb, in her book,


farming/hunting days
Angel Stand by Me, devoted a part of a
chapter to Leebrey, when she wrote about
Abaco's wildlife.. She said that his knowl-
edge surpassed anything she had learned in
Mr. Leebrey was truly an outstanding
man, hardly known outside of his commu-
nity, but one who contributed much to the
food chain of the country for more than
60 years. One could truly class him as the
most outstanding farmer/hunter of the cen-
tury. But underneath his tough/rough per-
sonality was a kind, caring man who loved
his children and grandchildren dearly and
passed on to them his knowledge of the nat-
ural environment, which will stand them in
good stead into the next century.
Such characters as Leebrey Albury are
fast disappearing. It is important we do
something to record their contribution to
Patrick Bethel grew up in the village of
Cherokee and knew Leebrey Albury from
his boyhood days. He is well qualified to
write this story.

Quality Star Auto Service Station And Garage
Don MacKay Blvd., Marsh Harbour


We stock a wide variety of parts and tyres.
If you need an item that is not in stock, we will quickly import it for you
Open 7 am -7 pm Monday thru Thursday __

7 am 8 pm Friday and Saturday
Tel: (242) 367-2979

hli a
me I______

The funeral service for Myrtle Lou-
ise Albury, 80, of Man-O-War Cay and
formerly of Cherokee Sound was held
January 5th at New Life Bible Church in
Man-O- War Cay. Interment was in the
public cemetery in Cherokee Sound. Pas-
tor Randy Crowe assisted by Mr. Hartis
Pinder and Pastor Bob Corner officiated.
She was predeceased by her husband,
Capt. Lealand Albury. Survivors include
her daughters Karen Eldon and Majorie
Eldon; son-in-law Richard Eldon; grand-
children Scott Eldon, Cheryl McDonald,
Cindy Weatherford, Kevin Eldon and
Christopher Eldon; grandsons-in-law
Haziel McDonald and William Weather-

-Wireless Internet Access
-Dial-up Internet Access

-Internet Cafe (use your
own computer or ours)
-Coffee Bar!

ford; great-grandchildren Chelsea Eldon,
Shauna McDonald, Brandon Weatherford
and Brittany Weatherford; brothers Paul
Bethel and Sonny Bethel; sister Geraldine
Albury; sisters-in-law Patsy Bethel, Mil-
dred Bethel, Sharon Bethel and Mispah
Albury; brothers-in-law Clifford Cates
and Roy Albury; nieces Sylvia Bethel,
Linda Cole, Jennifer Sawyer, Marsha
Cates, Candace Bethel, Kathy Sawyer
and Joy Albury; nephews Jeffrey Lowe,
Kent Bethel, Jim Bethel, Michael Bethel,
Stan Bethel, Ian Carroll, Kevin Bethel,
Keith Albury, Herschel Albury, Garth
Albury and Lincoln Albury.

Queen Elizabeth Drive
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Phone: 242-367-3006
Fax: 242-367-3839
Email: wireless@abacoinet.com


^^^^^^^iJk ^^^^*

orcal -0023-05

r 11and fewer restrictions

ForIdet ail Uad ale al

I .

Contine ntal Connection
I LIII~~lII Work Hard.srrn

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January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Page 23 Section A

North Abaco News

Santa Visited Treasure
Cay on Christmas Day
By Vernique Russell
After Santa had finished delivering all
those specials gifts to homes all over the
world, he needed to enjoy a little more of
the beautiful sunshine here in The Bahamas
and visited Treasure Cay a second time. At
9 a.m. Santa made a special guest appear-
ance at the Tipsy Seagull reception pro-
viding treats for children of all ages and
all settlements. This year we were blessed
with a new Santa as the original went into
retirement. This event was sponsored by
the kind folks of the Treasure Cay Home
owners Association.
Men of the Community
Fun Day
By Vernique Russell
The appeal was made to all men residing
in the area of Treasure Cay to Cooper's
Town to meet at Ingraham's Park on De-
cember 26th, Boxing Day, for a fun-filled
day of festivities. The day provided the
men an opportunity to socialize and share
their thoughts, views and opinions. They
feasted on a variety of dishes hot off the
grill. Although the turnout wasn't large,
those who attended had an enjoyable time.
North Abaco Youth
Community Marching Band
By Vernique Russell
We were very fortunate to have a few
of our young people from North Abaco
join the Royal Bahamas Police Force as
full pledged officers and reserves. Of that


Contractor Prices Available
email: ohall@aol.com
Representing the ATLANTIC
pioneers: C

Reveie Osm"ds DesaminaUon FILTER CORP

group Police Constable Demario McIntosh
is seeking to give back to the community
and ensure that our youths are started in
the right direction and receive good guid-
ance. He is seeking to provide wholesome
activities that will provide another option
for the youth of North Abaco. The Royal
Bahamas Police Force Abaco District is
seeking to start a community marching
band in North Abaco. Initial work has al-
ready begun to get the band started. The
committee is now inviting young men and
women to be a part of this exciting move.
If you have zest for music and would like
to extend your knowledge, join the com-
munity marching band. Interested persons
can obtain more information by contacting
the Cooper's Town Police Station. Ask for
Const. D. McIntosh.
Marsh Harbour
Chorale Performed
By Vernique Russell
In an effort to raise funds, the Cay Event
Committee hosted another exciting concert
in mid-December. The concert featured the
Marsh Harbour Gospel Chapel Chorale,
who took the audience's breath away with
every song. The audience was very pleased
and well entertained by the performance of
the group. The group did an excellent job
of setting the yuletide season high in the
air. They reminded the crowd of the real
reason for the season. The event was well
attended and supported.

EMS will host Open House
By Vernique Russell
Treasure Cay Emergency Services Or-
ganization is on its way to becoming one
of the greatest volunteer organizations on
Abaco. But it is still in need of equipment
that will allow them to provide full protec-
tion. At the Open House held by the orga-
nization several weeks ago, Fire Chief Co-
lin Albury expressed the need for a tanker
truck to assist with putting out fires. He
explained that the process the present fire
truck goes through to be filled and what a
short time it takes to empty it. The organi-
zation is wanting to purchase a tank truck.
At the open house Fire Chief started the
drive by pledging $1,000.
The Treasure Cay Emergency Services
Organization will host another Open House
on January 26th to give the public an op-
portunity to experience the fire department
in action when a full demonstration will
be conducted. The organization is calling
on the public to support them. The venue
for this event is at the Village Parking Lot,
and will begin at 10:30 a.m. Immediately

following the demonstration will be a yard
sale and the serving of a Bahamian-style
lunch. Kids will get an opportunity to ride
in the fire engine, so be sure to bring the
whole family along.
Fire Chief Colin Albury is encouraging
the community to be a part of this effort.
The organization is calling on the public
to donate to the fund. If you are interest-
ing, please contact the Fire Chief for more
information or call 365-8777 or 365-8507.
This organization is here to serve all of us,
so let's do our part and assist them.
Happy New Year
By Vernique Russell
Once we reach this far in the year, we
begin to reflect on the year we have had,
the things we wanted to accomplish and
didn't, the things that we did accomplish
and improvements that we want to see.
This forces most people to make New
Year's resolutions. However, for most
people resolutions are repeated year after

Please see North Page 25

Daily Service -
Between Marsh Harbour / Treasure Cay
and Melbourne, Daytona Beach
Fort Lauderdale

Regardless of the Destination, Please Call Us Today
to Quote Your Next Trip at:
1-242-367-4852 or 1-242-365-8852
(Marsh Harbour Terminal) (Treasure Cay Terminal)
1-800-852-0275 (U.S. Only) (386) 423-1773 Fax (386) 423-1774
E-mail: flyvintage@aol.com www.vpj.com


$1 5,5000? Ji
$21 0 0 0 u. Al LD.

;hj!h Supp- Is Last?

PAFTS CEPARTVE\-T a SRvIC 522. 441'2'o: UEW C. ,L-s 5;.-45'1 FAX: !52.FI93

Page 24 Section A The Abaconian

January 15, 2008

January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Page 25 Section A

More North Abaco News

Hope Baptist Church in Mount Hope. We at its best. At the start of the school year sitization. Student discipline problems are
North From Page 24 congratulate the couple on their bundle of the school got six new teachers which re- at an all time low, there have been very
year without success. This New Year let's joy, and it is our prayer that God would suited in the new programs of hospitality little distractions and fights. This change
aim to be more realistic in our planning. keep all of you in perfect peace. and auto mechanics. All of the teachers has resulted in a more peaceful and united
Let's set goals that we are sure that we're Local Government Children's who had been reassigned were replaced. atmosphere at the school.
capable of achieving. Let us try to be bet- Christmas Party Students have been working hard to ac- S. C. Bootle is off to a great school
ter individuals than we were last year; let's By Vernique Russell complish their goals. The twelfth grade has year. Principal Moss declared that he was
change our negative attitudes and let's be The local government board in North been extremely busy completing course anticipating this being the best school year
more responsible, decisive and accountable Abaco hosted a Christmas party for the works, community service and work expe- in the history of the school and clearly both
in 2008. Let's be the change that we want children of Cooper's Town and Fire Road rience which are all criteria to graduate. his staff and students have put their best
to see in the world. Happy New Years, at Ingraham's Park. Children from those The school has hosted a number of efforts forward and are working hard to
North Abaco. May God bless and keep you communities gathered at the park for a special assemblies, meetings, workshops ensure that it is. Considering all that has
throughout 2008! fun-filled day. Lots of food and toys were and seminars including the parent con- happened in the first semester, who knows
Erick's Barbershop provided for the children who were most clave, award and thanksgiving ceremony, what the second semester will bring? We
By Vernique Russell grateful to receive gifts at Christmas time. the special parent and student meeting for will all have to wait and see!
If you live in the Treasure Cay area, you The parents and children of those com- grade twelve students, and an appreciation BTVI Successfully
can look for Erick's Barber Shop that will munities thank the local government de- assembly for the facility management staff. Completes Semester
be located in the Ozzie Parker Building in partment. They are grateful that you once The teachers showed their appreciation for By Vernique Russell
Maderia Park. Erick's will be positioned to again remember the children during the their principal, Mr. Huel Moss, during In October history was made in North
cater to all hair care needs for men. The es- festive time. A similar party is planned for World Boss Day. Abaco when the first BTVI classes began.
tablishment will open in January on a date the Treasure Cay area in the New Year. The Debate Team successfully finished The Bahamas Technical and Vocational In-
to be announced. It is in it final stages of Sch in second place in the Inter-Island District stitute opened here offering fully certified
preparation for the grand opening. YoungSchool news Debate. Former students showed their ap- courses in Office Administration, Electri-
men, men and boys be on the look out for Sherlin Bootle First preciation to the school by donating much cal Installation and short courses in Sew-
Erick's. Semester in Review needed equipment. The second Annual ing and Nail Technology. The Sewing and
Happy Christening By Vernique Russell Frosty Cake Decorating Competition was Nail Technology courses have been com-
By Vernique Russell The first semester of this school year at hosted and was very successful. Parents pleted and the other programs are well on
On December 23rd proud parents Mr. the Sherlin Bootle High School has been are becoming more involved in their chil- the way.
and Mrs. Zhivargo Cooper presented their very exciting and interesting. The school dren's education. The school has hosted The institution is hoping to offer more
first born child back to God. Princess Ja- has been able to implement new programs, three PTA meetings during the first semes-
varia Cooper was christened at the New there were new teachers and excellence is ter; one of the meetings was on AIDS' sen- Please see North Page 26

Compliments of The Moorings and

4The Conch Inn Hotel and Marina

Tide North Bar Channel

mScB s34 ft. mono-hull or FM

POWER YACHT VACATIONS 37 or 45 ft. Catamaran -.
S I1 :-A. I I. I II .

Come and experience thruise beauty of the Aaco Bahamas. We are waiting for you.
0159fi c 1 one of our new power boats 1 .-

nPOWER YACT ACATIONS 37 or 45 ft. Catamaran
AM IIFT:l 1 iT9r

S(i:7: 1r1X, 11! -^rS 1, iiii ll

-. 6

S7. E, |-. I Z "" Ia 1 ""-

L T _. .,e, -iA- A ^_A,2-"

-Z 'IF, ^1YI:d V 1;f m- Vi 'M V VP^ "Lil 1. tp I M
4:EB'n n 2f~a~j w,270|

Uie i .a Id ?B A a-ii uai bin k.1 ep 3T p 1:1C *M K12: TI b 2Wr
rfl'fJiqi r iA IH-'d k J Ml4 |,l| TI i 1 M
The Conch Inn Marina The Moorings Yacht Charters The Conch Inn Resort The Conch Inn Resort and
Full service docks with power The Best Sailing Vacations In The World! Hotel rooms on the harbour front Marina
Cable TV connections Prestige Class crewed yacht charter Curly Tails restaurant and bar PO Box AB20469, Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Texaco fuel station Sailing Sloops and cats 35 ft. 47 ft. on the waterfront See their ad Ph 242-367-4000 Fax 367-4004
Power catamarans 37 ft. Dive Abaco a complete dive facility Email: themoorings@batelnet.bs
Come and experience the beauty of the Bahamas. We are waiting for you.

Page 26 Section A The Abaconian

January 15, 2008

North From Page 25

courses when the second semester begins
in January that will include Tiling, Draft-
ing and Creole. However, this does not
limit the courses they are willing to pro-
vide if persons express interest in a course.
If there are sufficient students for the class,
the class will be offered. If there are any
interested person who are hoping to expand
their knowledge and experience and make
themselves more productive in the work
force, contact Mrs. Esther Laing and see if
there is space for you. Remember, Abaco
is quickly developing and the only way to
get ahead is to be prepared.

Church news
Full Gospel Assembly
Celebrates Christmas
By Vernique Russell
Pastor Stafford Symonette along with
the officers and members of Full Gospel
Assembly, brought many smiles to the
youths of that church when they celebrated
the Christmas festivities. Jesus is, indeed,
the true meaning for the celebration the
Christmas holidays. It is at the time we re-
flect on the birth of our Lord and Savior.
Likewise, the vision was planned to allow
the youth of the church demonstrate what
Christmas means to them. Young people
came from near and far to be a part of the
celebrations. The youth were treated to a
special Christmas dinner and did not leave
with their hands swinging but received gifts
of all kinds and specially packed gift bags.
Christmas is a time of giving and shar-
ing; it was when God gave mankind His
greatest gift. We are to continue to reach
out and share with others when we remem-
ber the precious gift that Jesus was and still
is today.
Battle of the Bands
By Vernique Russell
The First Battle of the Choirs competi-

tion was held in North Abaco on December
21st at Revival Time Pentecostal Church in
Crown Haven. There were two divisions:
choir and solo. Three choirs competed for
the envied title of the best choir in North
Abaco and three persons competed in the
solo division. At the end of the competi-
tion it was the Full Gospel Youth Choir
walking away with first prize and brag-
ging rights to title of the best. In second
place was the host of the battle, Revival
Time Pentecostal and in third place was St.
Thomas of Wood Cay. In the solo division
Ms. Anva Parker of Revival Time capti-
vated the judges' hearts and walked away
with first place and Ms. Rocleasha Fawkes
finished in second place. The event was an
overall success and organizers are looking
forward to the second competition.

Change From Page 13

ers, Mr. Alistair McDonald and his wife,
Mrs. Harriet McDonald.
When looking at it, a beautiful bright or-
ange reptile spotted with blue and yellow,
one cannot imagine how many pieces of
foam had to be cut, glued together, sculpted
and sanded to achieve the final work of art.
On December 31st several men took the
lizard from its birth place and hoisted it
over the bar at Curly Tails Restaurant and
Bar in Marsh Harbour, its final destina-
tion. The lizard was not extremely heavy
but very bulky to mount on the very top of
the bar wall.
"It will keep the customers in check," jokes
Mrs. McDonald, who is extremely pleased
with the sculpture. Curly tails are everywhere
in the restaurant decorating the walls, but this
last addition is the largest of all.
Mr. Wilson is a sculptor who dabs into
any kind of media. He specializes in sand
castles and sand sculptures, but as a com-
plete artist, he also does painting, smith-
ery, pottery, stone work and fountains.

Hotels and House Rental Agents
+ agents with multiple cottages and houses

Area Code 242 unless listed ot
Island-wide Ab
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Lee Pinder +
Marina Albury Cottages
Rosie's Place
Green Tui
Cocobay Cottages
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New Plymouth Inn
Ocean Blue Properties +
Roberts Cottages
Dive Guana

>aco Listings

Lubbers Quarters
Sea Level Cottages 4 hse


0ou-40oz-z14 Island Home Rentals + 8 hse 365-6048
242-367-5576 Schooner's Landing 5condos 365-6072
a Point Marsh Harbour area
8 rm 20 cott 366-2150 Abaco Beach Resort 82 rms 367-2158
)kee Abaco Real Estate + 6 hse 367-2719
3 hse 366-2053 Alesia's 3 rms 367-4460
5 cottages 366-2075 Ambassador Inn 6rms 367-2022
Cay Bustick Bight Resort 8 rms 367-3980
352-5458 Conch Inn 9 rms 367-4000
rtle Cay D's Guest House 6 rms 3 367-3980
6cott 365-5464 Great Abaco Club + 12 hse 367-4151
34 hse 365-4047 Island Breezes Motel 8 rms 367-3776
9 rm 365-4161 Lofty Fig Villas 6 eff 367-2681
30 365-4636 Pelican Beach Villas 6 cott 367-3600
3 cott 365-4105 Regattas (Prev. Abaco Towns) 32 effic 367-0148
Cay Moore's Island
II hse 365-5178 Moore's Is Bonefish Camp 8 rm 366-6334

Dolphin Bch Resort 4 rm 10 cott.365-5137
Donna Sands + 12 hse 365-5195
Guana Beach Resort 6 units 365-5133
Guana Seaside 8 rm 7 cott 365-5106
Harbour View Haven 365-5028
Ocean Frontier 519-389-4846
Sea Shore Villas 365-5028
Ward's Landing 4 units 904-982-2762
Hope Town
Abaco Inn 22 rm 366-0133
Club Soleil 6 rm I cott 366-0003
Crystal Villas 7 villas 888-812-2243
Elbow Cay Prop + 53 hse 366-0035
Hope T Harb Lodge 25 rm 366 0095
Hope T Hideaways + 63 hse 366-0224
Hope T Villas + 3 hse 366-0030
Lighthouse Rentals 4 cott 366-0154
Sea Gull Cottages + 3 hse 366-0266
Sea Spray Resort 5 villas 366-0065
Tanny Key + 43 hse 366-0053
Turtle Hill 4 villas 366-0557

Sandy Point
Oeisha's Resort 366-4139
Pete & Gay's Resort 14 rm 366-4119
Rickmon's Bonefishing 10 rm 366-4477
Spanish Cay
Spanish Cay Resort 18 rm 6 hse 365-0083
Treasure Cay

Bahama Beach Club


Island Dreams + 45 hse 365-8507
Treasure Cay Resort 95 rms 365-8801
Wood Cay
Tangelo Hotel 19 rm 3 villa365-2222
Web Sites with Abaco Information
Rev. Sep 07

Eleven year old
attacked by a dog
By Mirella Santillo
Sunday December 30th was a beautiful,
sunny day, perfect for a bike ride. That is
what an eleven-year-old boy and his moth-
er decided to do. They biked for a few
miles and were on their way back home
through Murphy Town, a slightly differ-
ent route than the one they usually take,
when an unrestrained dog lounged at the
boy and grabbed his leg, refusing to let go.
By the time his mother got off her bike to
scare the dog away, his leg was bleeding
Rev. Charles Carey gave them a ride
home in his truck. After cleaning the
wounds, Doctor James Hull, who was on
duty, was phoned. He suggested to take the
boy in as it was a tear wound that would
probably need stitches. In fact, the wound

lentfTimfli aHntion Pl t Conrtrol
oi K Treatment
45W Ts, epel:e
Tony Kemp Telk 367-3[121

which was large and deep required three
stitches. A tetanus shot was also needed.
What a birthday present!
In all the settlements of Central Abaco,
many people have been complaining about
stray dogs or dogs left to roam unrestrained
by their owners. It is a law that dogs be
kept in a fenced enclosure or tied up. Be-
sides the danger they might caused to bik-
ers or pedestrians walking by, these dogs
are the reason of a large part of the lit-
tering found around the settlements. They
scavenge in garbage containers and scatter
thrash around.
Pet owners, become responsible for your
animals. Keep them secured. Keeping the
dogs restrained will also help control the
number of unwanted puppies being born
and the spread of diseases that are found
on many strays.


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January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Page 27 Section A

Emergency Services
Police Marsh Harbour 367-2560
The following services are provided by volunteers
Fire Marsh Harbour 367-2000
Fire Dundas Town 367-2935 or 4935
Fire -Hope Town VHF Ch 16
Fire Green Turtle Cay 365-4133
Fire Man-0-War 365-6911
BASRA Bah Air Sea Rescue Assoc all areas Marine VHF 16
Hope Town 366-0500 Marsh Harbour 367-3752
Guana Cay 365-5178 Treasure Cay 365-8749

Medical Services
Abaco Family Medicine Marsh Harbour...367-2295
Auskell Advanced Medical Clinic .............367-0020
Marsh Harbour Medical Centre................367-0049
Government Clinic Marsh Harbour .........367-2510
Corbett Clinic Treasure Cay ...................365-8288
Government Clinic Cooper's Town .........365-0300
Government Clinic Green Turtle Cay .....365-4028
Government Clinic Hope Town ................366-0108
Government Clinic Sandy Point .............366-4010
Government Clinic Fox Town ..........................

Taxi Cab Fares for one or two passengers
Plus extra for each passengers above two
Between Marsh Harbour Airport and:
Ferry Dock or Murphy Town toAmmons Dr ...........$12+ $3
Bristol Cellers thru A. Beach Hotel or Gov't dock thru ..........
D undas Tow n ..................................... .......... $ 10 + $3
Dove Plaza, Stop Light or Sawyer's Market ..........$10 + $2
Gov't Clinic thru W estern Auto .................... ......... $ 6 + $2
Gov freight dock through Dundas Town ................$10 + $3
M urphy Tow n to Shell Sta .....................................$14 + $4
Pelican Shores to Frankie Russel house................$14+ $4
Eastern Shores to Peas & Rice house...................$14+ $4
Beyond Russell house or Peas & Rice house .. $16 + $5
G reat C istern .................................. ...... $20 + $5
S p rin g C ity .................................................... $ 1 5 + $ 5
S n ake C ay ........................................................... $ 3 5 + $ 10
Treasure Cay ..............$60 + $ 10
C asuarina Point ..... ................................. $60 + $10
Treasure Cay Airport or Bah Palm Shores ........$70 + $10
Little Harbour or Cherokee ................................... $80 + $10
C rossing Rocks .................... ..................... $100 + $10
Sandy Point ................................. $135 + $10
Between Marsh Harbour Ferry and:
Ab Beach Hotel thru Wally's & Eastern Shore ......$ 2 each
Jib R oom ................................ $ 3 each
Solom on's Super Center ............ .....................$5 + $3
Stop Light, Dove Plaza, Gov't dock ....................... $ 6 + $3
Governm ent Freight Dock ...................... ........... $ 7 + $3
Gov.Clinic, W Auto or Nat. Insurance................... $ 9 + $3
M other M erle restaurant .......................................$10 + $3
Waiting time $20 per hour, $10 per half hour
Children under three free Caged pets as people
Luggage $1.00 each over four, Surf boards $4.00 ea.
SBetween Treasure Cay Airport and: Effective 13Nov 05
Treasure C ay Resort .............................................. $20 + $5
M adeira Park ....... .... ............ ................ $14 + $4
G reen Turtle Cay ferry dock .....................................$8 + $4
M oxy ................................... $ 18 + $ 5
Baham as Star farm .... ............... ...................... $24 + $5
S and Banks ....... ..... ............... ............ $24 + $5
Joe's Creek, Leisure Lee ................................... $44 + $10
B la ck W ood ....................... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... $ 18 + $5
Fire Road & Cooper's Town ...................................$37 + $5
C edar H arbour .......................................... $55 + $5
W o o d C a y .............................................................. $ 6 0 + $ 5
Mount Hope.............. $65 + $5
Fox Town ......................$70 + $5
C row n Haven ................................... $75 + $5
M arsh Harbour Airport .............. ..................... $75 + $10
T Cay Hotel to Marsh Harbour .............................$65 + $10
T C Hotel to G Turtle Ferry (Blue Hole $24) ..........$18 + $ 5
T C Hotel to Bonefish Marles................... $22 + $5
T C Hotel to Joe's Creek ....... ......... ................$35 + $5
T C Hotel to M oxey ............................... ........ $16 + $5
T C Hotel to Banyan Bch Club XX ............................$6 + $3
Green Turtle Ferry to Marsh H Airport............. $75 + $10

Airlines Serving Abaco
Abaco Air- Nassau, N Eleuthera, Moores Is 367-2266
A m erican Eagle M iami ......................................367-2231
Bahamasair NassauW. Palm B, Ft Laud ..........367-2095
Continental Connection Miami
Ft. Laud and W Palm Beach .........................367-3415
Island Express- Ft Lauderdale............................367-0169
Southern Air- Nassau ..........................................367-2498
Twin Air Calypso- Fort Lauderdale .....................367-0140
Vintage Props & Jets New Smyrna B ..............367-4852
YellowAir Taxi- Ft Lauderdale .............................367-0032
Local air charters serving Bahamas & S.Florida
A baco A ir .............................................. 367-2266
Cherokee Air Charters ......................................... 367-3450

Dive Shops
Abaco Dive Adventures, Marsh Harbour....................... 367-2963
Above & Below, Marsh Harbour...............................367-0350
Dive Abaco 1978, Marsh Harbour.................................... 367-2787
Froggies, Hope Tow n........................ ........... .................. 366-0431
Treasure Divers, Treasure Cay............................................. 365-8571
Brendal's Dive, Green T. Cay ............................................ 365-4411
D ive G uana........................................................................ 365-5178
Man-O-W ar Dive Shop ............................... ...................... 365-60 13

Items of interest Man-0-War boat yards Blackwood
blue hole & sisal mill Cedar Harbour plantation ruins need
guide Hole in Wall lighthouse last mire very rough road *
Abaco wild horses by appointment 367-4805 Bird watching ask
tourism 367-3067

Compliments of The Abaconian

Area code 242 unless noted otherwise

Ferry Schedules Departure times shown Daily service unless noted
Marsh Harbour to Hope Town or Man-0-War 20 minutes from Crossing Beach
Marsh Harbour to Guana Cay 40 minutes

Abaco Ferry Service VHF Ch 16 -
Marsh Harbour > Hope Town 7:00am* 8:50
(Limited Sunday Schedule) Return 7:55 am
Marsh Harbour > White Sound 7am 12pm
to or from White Sound

10:20 12: pm 1:55 3:55* 5:40
9:30 II 12:30pm* 2:55 5 6:15
3:15 Return 7:40 1:10 4:25

Albury's Ferry Service Ph 367-3147 or 367-0290 VHF Ch. 16
Marsh Harbour > Hope Town 7:15 am 9 10:30 12:15 pm 2 4 5:45
Return 8 am 9:45 11:30 1:30 pm 3 4 5 6:30
Marsh Harbour > Man-O-War 10:30 am 12:15 pm 2:30* 4 5:45*
Return 8 am 11:30 1:30 pm 3:15* 4:30
Marsh H. > Guana Cay (& Scotland Cay with advance notice) from Conch Inn Not on Sundays
(6:45am Union Jack Dock) 10:30 1:30 pm 3:30 5:45* or holidays
Return 8 am 11:30 2:30 pm 4:45 6:30*
Same day fare Adult prepaid oneway $16 / Round Trip $22, * Kids 6-11 half, Under 6 free
Green Turtle Ferry Phone 365-4166, 4128, 4151 VHF Ch 16 Ten minute ride
Green T Cay to Treasure Cay Airport 8 am 9 II 12:15 1:30 3 4:30
T Cay Airport to Green T Cay 8:30 am 10:30 11:30 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5
New Plymouth one way adult $10 (Children $7) Round trip $15 Extra to some G T Cay docks
Abaco Adventures Ph 365-8749 VHF Ch 16
Treasure Cay to Guana Cay Sunday Lv 12 & returns 4:45 p.m. $25 RT
T Cay to Man-O-War/ Hope Town Wed 9:30 am, return 4:30 pm $35 RT
T Cay to Guana Cay Sunset Cruise Fr $25, call for time

Pinder's Ferry Service Between Abaco & Grand Bahama -
Crown Haven, Abaco to McLean's Town, Grand Bah. -Daily 7:00 am & 2:30 pm
McLean's Town to Crown Haven return Daily 8:30 am & 4:30 pm
Fare $45 OW / $90 RT Children half fare Call Abaco 365-2356 for information
Bus between Freeport and McLean's Town Rental automobiles at both terminals.

Bahamas Ferries Sandy Point to Nassau under 4 Hr. Call Sandy Point 366-4119
or Marsh Harbour 367-5250 for sailing dates Adults $95 RT, $55 OW Cars & trucks
The Great Abaco Express Marsh Harbour bus to N Abaco Call 367-2165
Lv Marsh H. 5 am & 12:30 pm, connect with ferry to Grand Bahama & bus to Freeport
Lv Crown Haven 9:30 am & 5:30 pm bringing ferry passengers to Marsh Harbour

Abaco Marinas Slips Fuel Phone
Walker's Cay
W alker's Cay -................................... Closed
Green Turtle Cay
Bluff House ................45 .. F......365-4200
Green Turtle Club ......32....... F......365-4271
Black Sound Marina...15................365-4531
Other Shore Club.......12....... F......365-4195
Abaco Yacht Service.. 10....... F......365-4033
Treasure Cay
Treasure Cay Marinal50 ...... F......365-8250
Man-O-War Marina ...26....... F......365-6008
Marsh Harbour
Boat Harbour Marinal83....... F......367-2736
Conch Inn...................75....... F .....367-4000
Harbour View Marina .36....... F .....367-2182
Marsh Harbour Marina52 F 367 2700
Hope Town
Hope Town Marina.....16................366-0003
Hope Town Hideaways...................366-0224
Lighthouse Marina .......6....... F......366-0154
Sea Spray ..................50....... F......366-0065
Spanish Cay
Spanish Cay Marina...75....... F......365-0083
Guana Cay
Orchid Bay .................32....... F......365-5175
Boats can clear Customs at Green Turtle Cay,
Treasure Cay or Marsh Harbour

Tours & Excursions
Abaco Island Tours Marsh Harbour 367-2936
Above & Below Marsh Harbour 367-0350
Dive Abaco 1978, Marsh Harbour 367-2787
Brendals Dive Green Turtle Cay 365-4411
Excursion boat Froggies Hope T 366-0024
Excursion boat Froggies Hope T 366-0431

Points of Interest
Albert Lowe Museum .......................................Green Turtle Cay
Capt Roland Roberts House, reef exhibits.......Green Turtle Cay
Memorial Sculpture Garden.......................... Green Turtle Cay
Wyannie Malone Historical Museum........................Hope Town
Elbow Cay Light Station..................................Hope Town
Walk to & swim on Mermaid Reef off M Harb. ..Pelican Shore
Drive to & swim in Blue Hole .............Treasure Cay farm road
Art studio & working foundry- .......................... Little Harbour
Working boatyards........................................... Man-O-War cay
Pocket beaches Crossing Beach in Marsh Harbour
* Witches Point 3 miles S. of Marsh Harbour
* Little Harbour 20 miles S. of Marsh Harbour
* Cherokee 23 miles S of Marsh Harbour
Miles of beach are generally on ocean exposures
* Treasure Cay Green Turtle Cay
* Guana Cay Man-0-War Cay Elbow Cay Casuarina Point
* Bahama Palm Shore Sandy Point & more

Bonefish Guides Cherokee
Sandy Point Theodore Sawyer ...366-2111
Patrick Roberts .. 366-4286 Will Sawyer............. 366-2177
Nicholas Roberts Marty Sawyer.......... 366-2115
Derrick Gaitor Noel Lowe ...............366-2107
Ferdinand Burrows 366-4133 Randy Sawyer.........366-2284

Vernal Burrows
Kendall White
Anthony Bain ......366-4107
Floyd Burrows .... 366-4175
Links Adderly ...... 366-4335
Valentino Lightbourne
Ricky Burrows .... 366-4233
Marsh Harbour
Jody Albury ......... 375-8068
Terrance Davis.... 367-4464
Buddy Pinder ...... 366-2163
Justin Sands ......367-3526
Danny Sawyer.....367-3577
Jay Sawyer ........ 367-3941
David Albury .......365-6059
Crossing Rocks
Tony Russell .......366-3259

Casaurina Point
Junior Albury ...........366-3058
Budy Pinder.............366-2165
Hope Town
Maitland Lowe ........366-0234
North Abaco
O'Donald Mclntosh..477-5037
Pope McKenzie .......477-5894
Orthnell Russell ......365-0125
Alexander Rolle.......365-0120
Edward Rolle ..........365-0024
Green Turtle Cay
Ronnie Sawyer .......365-4070
Jeff Survance ..........365-4040
Ricky Sawyer ..........365-4261

To Abaco by land and sea from Florida Take Discovery Cruise
Line (954-971-7347) from Ft. Lauderdale or CloudX ferry (866-473-3779) from
West Palm Beach to Freeport Bus to McLeans Town Ferry to Crown Haven *
Bus to Green Turtle Ferry or Marsh Harbour *Taxi to Marsh Harbour ferry dock
* Ferry to Hope Town, Man-0-War or Guana Cay Its an adventure

reads The

Bikes & Scooters Boats Cars & Carts
Rentals Marsh Harbour
A& P Car Rentals ............................. 367-2655
B & B Boat Rentals ............................ 367-7368
Bargain Car Rentals........................... 367-0500
Blue Wave Boat Rentals ................... 367-3910
Concept Boat Rentals...................... 367-5570
Power Cat Boat Rentals ............................
Quality Star Car Rentals (Texaco) ..... 367-2979
Rainbow Boat Rentals ................... 367-4602
Rental Wheels Scooters, Bikes, Cars 367-4643
Rich's Boat Rentals .......................... 367-2742
Sea Horse Boat Rentals ................... 367-2513
Sea Star Car Rentals ........................ 367-4887
Green Turtle Cay
Bay Street Rentals + ........477-5300 365-4070
Brendals Dive Bikes & Kayak rental...365-4411
C & D Cart Rental ............................. 365-4084
D & P Cart Rental .............................. 365-4655
Donnie's Boat Rentals.........................365-4119
New Plymouth Cart Rentals..365-4188 or 4149
Reef Boat Rentals .................... 365-4145
Sea Side Carts +................................ 477-5497
T &ACart Rentals.......................... 375-8055
Guana Cay
Donna Sands Cart Rentals ............... 365-5195
Dive Guana Boats & Bikes................. 365-5178
Conch Pearl Boat Rentals.................. 365-6502
Island Treasures Cart Rentals........... 365-6072
Ria-Mar Golf Cart Rentals.................. 365-6024
Waterways Boat Rental ..357-6540 & 365-6143
Hope Town
Cat's Paw Boat Rentals..................... 366-0380
Hope Town Cart Rentals ................... 366-0064
Island Cart Rentals ........................... 366-0448
Island Marine Boat Rentals ............... 366-0282
J R's Cart Rental ............................. 366-0361
Sea Horse Boat Rentals .................... 366-0023
T & N Cart Rentals............................. 366-0069
Treasure Cay
Alison Car Rent ........................ 365-8193
Cash's Carts..................... ........... 365-8771
Claridge's Cart Rentals ..................... 365-8248
Cornish Car Rentals........................... 365-8623
JIC Boat Rentals ............................... 365-8465
Triple J Car Rentals ........................... 365-8761
Abaco Adventures Kayaks ..............365-8749

Restaurant Guide
Prices $ Low, $$ Moderate, $$$ Upper
(Based on dinner entree range)
+ Picnic tables & restroom only t Provides ride from town
Marsh Harbour
Anglers.........................$$$ ....... ....367-2158
Curly Tails ......................$$$ .............367-4444
Gino's.................................$ ............. 367-2002
Golden Grouper .............$ .............367-2301
Island Cafe.........................$ .............367-6444
Jamie's Place.....................$ .............367-2880
Jib Room .........................$$ .............367-2700
Kentucky Fried Chicken ..................367-2615
Mangoes ......................$$$ .............367-2366
Pop's Place ........................$ .....+....367-3796
Poppa Georgio's ................$
Sea Shells .... ...................367-4460
Snack Shack .....................$ .....+....367-4005
Snappas.............................$ ........367-2278
Subway ...................................... 367-2798
W allys .......................... $$$ .............367-2074
Dundas Town
Mother Merle's .................$$

Hope Town
Abaco Inn ...................$$$ .............366-0133
Cap'n Jacks .......................$ .............366-0247
Harbour's Edge............... $$.............366-0087
H T Harbour Lodge .......$$$ .............366-0095
Munchies ................... ........ ....366-0423
Sea Spray ......................$$ ..... .....366-0065
Lubber's Quarter
C racker P's.........................................366-3139
Hibiscus ....................................... 365-6380
Island Treats Snack Bar.....................365-6501
Guana Cay
Blue Water Grill..............$$$ .............365-5230
Grabbers......................$$$ .............365-5133
Guana Seaside .............$$$ .............365-5106
Nippers ........................$$$ ............365-5143
Orchid Bay .........................................265-5175
Treasure Cay
Florence's Cafe .................$
Harbour Cafe ....................$ .............365-8635
Hudson's Delight ......... $ ............365-8648
Spinnaker Restaurant ...$$$.............365-8469
Touch of Class .............$$$.............365-8195
Green Turtle Cay
Bluff House.....................$$$ .............365-4200
Jolly Roger Bistro.............$$ .............365-4200
Green Turtle Club ..........$$$ .............365-4271
Harvey's Island Grill.........$$ .............365-4389
Laura's Kitchen ...............$$.............365-4287
Mclntosh's Restaurant ....$$.............365-4625
Plymouth Rock Cafe.... 365-4234
Rooster's Rest ... ... Late Open Nghts nly
Wrecking Tree Restaurant
Harbour Cafe (ferry dock)..$.....+.....365-8635
Sandy Point
Nancy's .........................
Pete & Gays .................$$$ ............366-4119
Rickmon Bonefish Lodge...................366-4477

Please bring errors & revisions to our attention Rev 18 Dec 07

Visitors' Guide
Restaurants Services Transportation




Insurance Management makes home
protection a priority with the most
dependable protection in
The Bahamas. It's how they've earned
teir good reputation.
SCoverge you can rely on.

Re Eet Pion y lizabeth ive Queens Highway
541 O. Box AB-20666 P.O. Box EL-25190
94-5555 :( 352-7421 Tel: (242) 367-4204 Tel: (242) 332-2862
323-6520) 352-2857 Fax: (242) 367-4206 Fax: (242) 332-2863

Page 28 Section A The Abaconian

January 15, 2008



ME I1400 "

VOLUME 15, NUMBER 2, JANUARY 15th, 2008

New Year's came in with Junkanoo

Green Turtle Cay celebrate the new year with traditional Junaknoo
By Annabelle Cross
Happy New Year from Green Turtle
Cay! The annual New Year's Day Junk-
anoo Parade on Green Turtle Cay is a
tradition that goes back as long as I can
remember. It now attracts hundreds of
people to the cay either as a day visitor
or for the holidays. In 2007 the Junkanoo
group reorganized themselves with Willard
Demerritte and Arnold Newbold as lead-
Sers. They were able to find a house for
their supplies and to make the costumes.
Junkanoo costumes are expensive to make
so the group also organized fund raisers
and solicited donations. They worked all
through the summer and their music could
be heard every Monday evening as they
practiced their routines. They were deter-
mined to prove that they could put on a
great 2008 parade.
On January 1st the weather was per-
fect for a parade and the ferries were busy
transporting day visitors to GTC. People
lined the streets and enjoyed food offered
by various vendors through town or in the
local restaurants. For many people this is
like a homecoming as they meet and greet
0 IMfriends and relatives not seen since the last
parade! Just after 2 p.m. the beat of the

With new organizers, the annual Junkanoo rush delighted the cr
the town twice, followed by hundreds.

Please see Cays Page 2

Fishermen's Reactions to the

Closed Grouper Season

By Jennifer Hudson
Fishermen in the Bahamas have not been
allowed to catch Nassau Grouper since De-
cember 15, 2007, and will not be able to
do so again until February 29, 2008. This
closed season, which is a continuation of
efforts begun in 1998 to allow the Nassau
Grouper a chance to reproduce, was an-
nounced in November by the Minister of
Agriculture and Marine Resources, the
Hon. Lawrence S. Cartwright. How is the
ban working and what is the reaction of the
Abaco fishermen who rely on the delec-
table Bahamian fish for their livelihood?
According to Mr. Wayne Cornish, Fish-
eries Officer in Marsh Harbour, "The ban
is working. Within two years of the incep-

tion of the ban we saw an increase in the
Nassau Grouper in the areas where most
fishing takes place." Mr. Cornish stated
that in previous years he had received good
cooperation from the fishermen and that
his office would be carrying out another
survey towards the end of the closed sea-
son in about mid-February.
On speaking personally with several
fishermen I did not discover any opposi-
tion to the ban. All of the fishermen inter-
viewed felt that, even though it may cause
some temporary hardship to them, it is ab-
solutely necessary.
Mr. Kenny Long stated that although it
Please see Grouper Page 13

Iggy Biggy wins first place
for Christmas decorations

The Iggy Biggy shop on Tourist Strip won first place in the competition for the Best
Decorated Business in Marsh Harbour. Accepting the plaque is Ms. Donna Bain,
Sales Associate at the shop. The competition was sponsored jointly by the Christmas
Festival Committee and the Chamber of Commerce. Shown here are Mrs. Leazona
Richard of the Chamber, Ms. Wynsome Ferguson of the Festival Committee, Ms. Bain
and Mr. Don Cornish of the Festival Committee.

Radio Abaco names its

IThe Royal Bahamas Police Community Band of Sandy Point displayed its talents for
the first time on December 14 at a Christmas Concert in Sandy Point. Their precision
in marching and maneuvering exhibited good training. See story on page 6.

top 10 stories of 2007
By Jennifer Hudson 10. Traffic accident
Once again this year it was interesting to An automobile accident
see what Mr. Silbert Mills selected as his Forest Drive in which thr
Top Ten Stories of 2007. It is fascinating damaged, all of which were
to look back at the events of the year and it driver of a car travelling
is good to be reminded of those important Drive lost control of his vehi
events we may have forgotten. Here is a ingly ploughed into three car
synopsis for those who may have missed parked on a basketball cou
Mr. Mills's presentation on ZNS television
in which he was as usual assisted by his Please see Top Stories
side kick, Mr. Abaco.

occurred on
ee cars were
parked. The
along Forest
cle and amaz-
*s which were
rt outside the

Page 16



News of the Cays

Cays From Page 1
goat-skinned drums could be heard as the
group started down the hill. As they passed
through town with the Junkanoo sounds,
many people could not resist joining in the
parade. After one lap around town and a
performance at the basketball court, the
group did another lap around town. Their
hard work paid off as the parade was or-
ganized and the costumes were very col-
orful and well made. Many of the young
people from the community were a part of
the parade. Including the young people and
having them responsible for making their
costume is a way of ensuring that the tradi-
tion is passed on. The group plans to work
through 2008 to raise funds for the 2009

parade and they are offering head pieces
from 2008 for sale. A "piece of Junkanoo"
is a great souvenir!
New Year's Day was not over when the
parade ended! The children were all wait-
ing for the fireworks. The volunteer fire
department raised funds to buy fire works
for a New Year's display. A brief rain
shower threatened to spoil the show, but it
passed in time for the men to set up. The
display began at the stroke of 8 p.m. as
planned . . and what a display! There
seemed to be no end as they burst into col-
or in the sky! The little girls ooh and aah
over the colorful ones and the little boys
love the loud, booming ones! The display
lasted almost a full hour and was enjoyed
by the large crowd that came out to Settle-


ment Point as well as people who watched
from their porches, boats or docks.
The events of 2007 are now history and
we look forward to an exciting new year.
December was a busy month as every one
prepared for the holidays and tried to fit
in all of the holiday events around town.
Christmas was a quiet day spent with fam-
ily and friends. Many relatives and visitors
arrived after Christmas to ring in the New
Year and enjoy Junkanoo on GTC. We
were blessed with beautiful, summer like
weather for most of the holidays. Then on
New Year's night we went to bed feeling
like summer and woke up to winter!
On Boxing Day the annual Christmas
Fun Day was held at the basketball court
for the children. The young and young at
heart came out to enjoy games, food and
a visit from Santa. Great prizes were won
in Bingo games and on the Hoopla table.

Santa gave gifts to children 12 and under.
This event is organized every year by Bon-
nie Guitche and Julie Smith with the help
of their friends. They organized fund rais-
ers earlier in the year for the funds to pur-
chase the gifts and food. It takes a lot of
effort, especially during the busy holidays
to organize this event and a huge THANK
YOU goes to Bonnie, Julie and everyone
else who made this event possible.
The new year was welcomed in GTC
tradition with the ringing of bells at mid-
night, souse in many kitchens, the Junk-
anoo parade and the fire works display.
Now it is back to the regular routine as
visitors return home, children go back to
school and adults back to work. But there
are events planned to keep us busy and see
us through winter. Wedding bells will ring

Please see Cays Page 4

Green Turtle Cay's Junkanoo is annualy held on NEw Year's Day and is always well
attended. The narrow streete do not seem to be a hindrance as the crowds following the
costumed dancers around town.

Original Art Prints Framing
Originals by
Lou Lihou Anne Ray
Malcolm Rae William Johnson
Shula Raney Fritz Keck Kim Rody
Photography by Tuppy
Local Artists
Beth Sweeting Zandrick Jones
Lori Thompson Dion Lewis
Colyn Rees
Located Queen Elizabeth Drive, Marsh Harbour
Tel: 367.0579

Abaco Real Estate Agency

www.abacobahamas.com Call Bill Thompson: 242-477-5712

Guana Cay
Fully furnished
with full kitchen

and linens.
MLS #1103
"CoconutTyme" is a newly constructed "Island
Style private home located near Boat Harbour
just north of the Guana Cay Settlement.
B$61S 00o Gmros eacf
Purchaser Pays 12 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees

Guanha Ca.y

Dolphin Beach
Lot #28
Excduive Listing
MLS # 1102
[lis beautiful elevated waTerfront residential lot
#28 is located in Dolohin Beach slates beivween
Docksideis and Grabbers restaurants and very
close to the selllement.

joes ? Creek
: .Joe's Creek is
about 14 miles
North of Marsh
.xclusive Listing
W MLS#1100

Interior Lots 20, 12 & 13 are oversized interior
lots priced to sell.All 3 lots approx, 100' wide
by 180' deep (18,000 sq.ft).
S$3y Own Lea ees
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

G.uMana Cay
"New Price A perfect place to
build your island
Dream home.

Excludsie Listing

Sea ofAbaco Lot # 35 in beautiful Orchid Bay
on Guana Cay Offers (36,700+ Sq. FL) on the
Sea-of-Abaco waterfront.
B$625,0000 Gr, I
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

SEa terr: S:h ores
I Perfectly located
directly on the
Sea of Abaco
Excluive Listing
MLS # 1003
1700 sq. Ft. on approx..75 of an acre. The
house features a private boat dock almost
at your door step.
Purchaser Pays 1/2 StampTax & Own Legal Fees.

9uana C'ay____
V Perfect property
for a private
estate or family
Excldived Lsting
MLS # 1097
Lots of deep water for your own private dock
Located just before boat harbour at the end
of Dolphin Beach Estates on Guana Cay
PB$1,;1 50,1OO 0 O s, Eac,.
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

uiana Cay
S"New Price" 10,400 +sq. ft.
1 residential
building site
Excbdlve Lisdting
MILS # 1062
This property great views of both the Atlantic
and Sea-of-Abaco. This is the best deal on
Guana Cay and won't last hurry 1!!
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stmp Tax& Own Legal Fees.

Guana *Cay- Hoa n e&'ApAtment
'NewePcer Atlantic Ocean
views from
second floor
Erxchluve Listing
MLS # 1088

Beautiful two story home with 1,200 sq. ft. of
tiled living space on the second floor with 3
bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with much more!
B$575,000 s
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

Loin-g: B, each -rh;, Manhattao,

Beautiful 3
bedroom, 3 bath
home in Long
MLS # 1098
This spacious home sits 35' above sea level
and is only 350' from the beach with
breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean,

Purchaser Pays 1/2 Slamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

* Ph : (242) 367-2719
* Fax : (242) 367-2359
* P.O. Box AB20404
* Marsh Harbour, Abaco,

Sandy Point
Exclusive Listing
MLS #1 028

5 acre tract next to Sandy Point
airport. 280' wide by 770' deep.
Purchaser Pays 1l2 Stamp Tax& Own Legal Fees

Jose's C7reek'

Each parcel has
100 feet of
beautiful beach.
Exclusive Listing
MLS # 1099
Two (2) side-by-side beautiful beachfront parcels
in Joe's Creek subdivision which adjoins Leisure

Purchaser Pays 1/2 8Samp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

s:chonerBi :Bay: _
SIdeal location for
boutique type
resort or a family
Exdwive Listing
MLS # 1101
Two side-by-side parcels directly on Schooner
Bay beach. Parcel 1 is 13.30 acres with 313.91'
of beachfront
S 1 1 ,58S5,00 n La
Purchaser Pays !V2 Stamp Tax & Own Lagal Fees.

Page 2 Section B The Abaconian

January 15 2008

www.SI Rbahamas.com

C6 ique Properties Local Knowledge
Member of the Abaco MLS... another reason to list with us.

private waterfront estate situated on a beautifully
landscaped 3 acres of property. $3,800,000.
Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com 242.577.0298

home, 925 sq. ft. garage/storage. 100 ft. dock
permit. Lot 15,000 sq. ft. plus. $950,000.
Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com 242.577.0298

ART CAFE WATERFRONT overlooking the
lovely harbour of Guana Cay. Lends itself to
commercial/retail or residential. $1,950,000.
Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046

bedrooms I bath on stunning sandy beach with
60' on the water x 242' deep. $650,000.
Kerry.Sullivan@SothebysRealty.com 242.366.0163

VILLA ESPANOLA SEA VIEW Mediterranean-style 4 MANGRALA SEA VIEWS beautifully lanscaped 3
bed 3 bath home. Private. Formal living/dining bed 3 bath, close to Marsh Harbour and Hope
rooms. Fully furnished. $980,000. Town, 200 ft. from sandy beach. $690,000.
Bill.Albury@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046 Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046

WILL'S PLACE 2 bed 2 bath home. Vaulted SEA WIND WATERFRONT on the Sea of Abaco.
ceilings, gourmet kitchen. 1,472 sq. ft. 2 bedroom I bath home, plus dock with
including deck.Community dock. $485,000. sufficient water at low tide. $429,000.
Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046 Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046

constructed 2 bed I bath home. Steps to
beautiful beach. Shared dock. $319,000.
Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046

fully air-conditioned 3 bed 2 bath. Great
views from wide verandahs. $795,000.
Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046

LOT 87 ABACO OCEAN CLUB Iterior lot with
high elevation. Less than 200ft. from the Sea
of Abaco. Community dock. $125,000.
Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046

acres, private marina, 2 bed 2 bath plus I bed
cottage. Mainland electricity. $1,895,000.
Bill.Albury@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046

TEN ACRE WATERFRONT Ten acre peninsula perfect
for a marina or small development. Deep water
with a dredged canal. $2,500,000
Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046

sandy beach, modern 2 storey, 4 bed 4.5 bath
5,600 sq. ft. home on 2 large lots. $5,200,000.

CASA SERENA CANAL FRONT 2 bed 2 bath home
and a self sufficient I bedroom, I bath apartment.
Great views. Dock access. $1,499,000.
Bill.Alburv@SothebvsRealty.com 242.367.5046

cathedral ceilings, wrap-around screened-in
verandahs. Great views. $1,300,000. Stan.
Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com 242.577.0298

SERENDIPITY 3 bed 3 bath newly built home CROSSWINDS SEA VIEWS 4 bed 3 bath 2,800
leads to I O1ft. of beach frontage. Spectacular sq. ft. furnished family home with apartment,
location. Absoultely trunkey. $1,150,000. central A/C, generator. $820,000.
Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046 Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com

Laurie Schreiner Jane Patterson
t. 242.367.5046 t 242.366.0035

Stan Sawyer
t 242.577.0298

Bill Albury
t 242.367.5046

SAND BANKS HBR- WATERFRONT prime dev- GOLF COURSE LOT #1 offering 18,000
elopment. 4 acres, four 2 bed 2 bath cottages, sq. ft. of land. Spectacular views from
pool. Marina/fishing lodge potential. $650,000. the 14th. green. Outstanding home site
Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com $106,800.

GREEN TURTLE CAY #3031 Coco BAY LOT $650,000.
Stan Sawyer: 242.577.0298
Stan Sawyer: 242.577.0298
MARSH HARBOUR #3100 10 Acres on waterfront. $2,500,000. Laurie Schreiner: 242.367.5046
BAHAMAPALM SHORES #4071 Lot43, good residential area. $30,000. Bill Albury: 242.367.5046



Kerry Sullivan
t 242.366.0163

/ is

More News of the Cays

Cays From Page 2
on January 12 for Sabrina Campollo and
Joshua Lowe. A wedding is a happy occa-
sion, especially in a small community as
everyone wishes the new couple well in
their new life together.
The Island Roots Heritage Festival Com-
mittee will host the 5th Annual Wine Tast-
ing at the Green Turtle Club on January
19th at 6:30 p.m. The event is sponsored
by Bristol Wines and Spirits, and they of-
fer a variety of fine wine, champagne and
sparkling cider. The committee prepares a
delicious assortment of appetizers for the
crowd to enjoy. Popu-
lar Abaconian, Geno
D (Eugene Davis) will
provide entertainment
and Geno D music
means dancing all eve-
ning long! Tickets are
$40 and are available
from committee mem-
bers. A ferry service
will be available from
the Treasure Cay ferry
dock at 6:15 p.m. with
returns after the event.
All proceeds are used
to fund the 2008 Island
Roots Heritage Festival
May 2nd 4th.
On a sad note, Mr.
Berlin Key passed
away on January 2nd
in Nassau after a brief
illness. Mr. Key de- Blair Johnson, le
scended from GTC but edToo to show of
lived in Nassau. He pany went to Gre,
has a home on GTC three other Abacc

where his family spent their holidays and
summers. His daughters married locally
and one is a teacher at the local school.
Mr. Key was a well known business man.
For many years before it was possible to
get a Bahamian passport on Abaco, Mr.
Key would take the necessary documents
to the passport office and the U.S. embassy
to get passports and U.S. visas for Abaco-
nians. He did this as a favor to help his fel-
low Abaconians. The funeral service were
held in Nassau on January 5th. Mr. Key is
survived by his wife, Merle; his daughters
and spouses, Laura and Dale Sawyer and

Sara and Gavin Roberts; his grandchildren
Lori, Matthew and Cole Sawyer and Re-
becca and Nicola Roberts; his sister Jettie
Lowe; brother-in-law Buddy Lowe; sis-
ter-in-law Esme Campbell; nieces, neph-
ews and other relatives and friends. Mr.
Berlin's grand children were definitely
GRAND to him and to his wife. Becksie
and Bana as they are affectionately called
spent many weeks on GTC to be with them
and to celebrate birthdays, graduations,
performances and special events. Their
home was open to their grandchildren's
friends, who knew him as Becksie! Mr.
Key will be missed by all who knew him.
The prayers of the community are for his
family as they get through the shock and
sadness of their loss.
May 2008 bring good health, happiness
and prosperity to all.
Limited Too shoots their
Spring Catalog on Abaco
By Michelle Mikula, Tourism
Abaco's talent and beauty have once
again been recognized through a week-
long photo shoot done by the Limited Too,
an online clothing site.


Since 2004 Limited Too has been cloth-
ing children and young teens in apparel,
sleepwear, swimwear, sportswear, acces-
sory items and personal care products.
Such items can be purchased in their Lim-
ited Too store, online or through their sea-
sonal catalogs.
The Limited Too team was introduced
to Abaco when it became interested in 12-
year-old Bahamian model Blair Johnson, a
native of Green Turtle Cay and the daugh-
ter of Lynn Johnson. The model interview
not only sealed the deal for the young tal-
ent, but secured Abaco as the backdrop to
its spring catalog.
Shooting for the catalog brought young
models, producers, photographers, hair
and make-up artists and wardrobe coordi-
nators to the island. Their visit to Abaco
made history as it was the first internation-
al photo shoot for the catalog according
to producer Sid Kelly. Although the trip
brought some uncertainty, it turned out to
be more than they expected as they discov-
ered gorgeous beaches, friendly people,

Please see Cays Page 26

SCo nstucors

ft, was one of the models selected by Limit-
'their spring clollection of clothing. The com-
en Turtle Cay with their models and included
girls in their shoot


4 P








Don MacKay Boulevard Marsh Harbour
Across the street from St. John the Baptist Anglican Church

Aisle of Palm Realty /"SOLD p a8m .
P.O.Box AB 20900 Aisle
P.O.Box AB 20900 Aiey Fax: 242-367-0081
Marsh Harbour, P email: brent@aisleofpalmrealty.com
Abaco, Bahamas .rI m website : www.aisleofpalmrealty.com

Brent Cartwright, Broker, BRI
Phone 367-0080

Giselle Mclntosh Junior Mernard
Phone 365-4655 Phone 366-0361

Hope Town 1374 Best priced sandy beach lot on island.
Beautifully landscaped and ready for building.
Little Harbour 1335 Spacious 2/2 cottage on large
hillside lot, great ocean views.
The Abaco Club 1363 Two adjacent beach lots with
unobstructed views of Winding Bay.
Yellowwood Hillside ocean view lot. Electricity and
water now available.
Guana beachfront home 1256- 3/2 on high dune, endless
views. Great rental history.
Marsh Harbour home 1364 2/2 on lovely landscaped
lot. Centrally located. $206,000
Sea Glass 1337 3/2 home on Guana Cay with beach
access just steps away. $439,000
Watching Bay 1392 Fabulous hill top lot with great
views. Short walk to beach.
White sound Two adjacent beach lots with 150' of
beachfront and I00'private dock on White Sound.
Watching Bay Three adjacent lots near the entrance
of this new subdivision just outside the settlement of
Casuarine Point home 1439 2/2 home on large
landscaped lot. Dock approval in place.

Maria Silvester, BRI
Phone 367-0080

Rhiannon Thomas
Phone 365-5003

Kristin Williams Nikhil Shah
Phone 367-0080 Phone 367-0080
Bahama Palm Shores A large selection of interior and
beach lots starting at $25,000
The Great Abaco Club 1189 Jaffa is a 3/3 home on a
double lot positioned to capture views from every room.
Royal Harbour waterfront lots Two waterfront lots, both
offering great dockage.
Regattas Penthouse unit 1334 The only 3/3 init in
complex. Very spacious, wonderful kitchen, double patio,
huge master bath. A must see unit.
Marsh Harbour pool home 1422 3/2 home on large
landscaped lot with pool and spacious decking and patio,
central a/c, central location.
Marsh Harbour executive home 1421 Spacious home with
3/2 on three levels, along with 2/2 and I/I apartments.
Pool and large landscaped lot.
Cove Estates home 1377 Well designed 2/2 offering
cathedral ceilings, central a/c, large patio, lovely lot.
Great Cistern Triplex 1393 Great investment in a newly
built triplex. Excellent rentals
Sweetings Village Residential lot in fast growing com-
15 DNe 07




T .

Page 4 Section B The Abaconian

January 15 2008

January 15, 2008 The Abaconian Page 5 Section B

Brand new, two story
home with 5 bedrooms
and 3 baths in 4,000 sq.
ft. of well-appointed
space. Set on an 18,700
sq. ft. lot overlooking an
incredible beach.
$849,900. Ref. AS10905

Well located waterfront
home featuring 3 bed-
Srooms, 2 baths, a well
equipped kitchen, large
living area, wrap-around
deck, amazing views
and possible dockage.
$1,275,000. Ref. PS10565

Elegant 4 bedroom, 4.5
bath golf course home
Sat the Ritz-Carlton man-
aged Abaco Club at
Winding Bay offering a
clubhouse, European
spa, tennis and beach.
- $4,495,000. Ref. AS 10701

Amazing 3.64 acre prop-
erty featuring three sep-
arate cottages totaling 3
bedrooms, a private
dock, and views over
the Sea of Abaco, Tahiti
Beach and Tilloo Cut.
$1,100,000. Ref. AS10889

Unique 12.5 acre sea-to-
sea estate with a 2 bed-
room residence,
fantastic views, and a
boat basin. Ideal for a
private estate or com-
mercial development.
$12,950,000. Ref AS10867

One-of-a-kind 2 bed-
room, 2 bath rustic villa
on a 17,000 sq. ft. site el-
evated to 60 ft. provid-
ing wondrous views and
completed by a base-
ment and beach access.
$405,000. Ref. AS10883

Beautiful open plan
home with 3 bedrooms
and 2 baths. This 2,216
sq. ft. home features an
apartment ideal for a
guest suite or rental unit
with income potential.
$450,000. Ref. AS10598

Choose from two 3 bed-
room, 2 bath newly built
cottages with varied in-
teriors. Enjoy great
views of the Atlantic and
Hope Town's harbour.
$995,000 each
Ref. PS10637 & PS10638

Luxurious Caribbean
style beachfront villa on
0.84 acres. This 5,750
sq. ft. home has 5 bed-
rooms, 4 baths, fully
equipped kitchen, and
wrap around porches.
$2,545,000. Ref. TS10581

Sea-to-sea retreat on a
3/4 acre lot within a
prestigious community.
Accented by a 2 bed-
room main house, sepa-
rate master suite, guest
cottage, and a boat lift.
$2,315,000. Ref. AS10877

Collection of 2 bedroom
condos and 3 bedroom
penthouses overlooking
the sea in a gated de-
3 velopment offering a
I..' pool and private beach.
S .-...... .. Starting at $445,000
Ref. AS10890

Well built fourplex com-
prising four 2 bedroom,
1 bath units. Excellent
investment opportunity
with great rental income
potential. Just minutes
to the sea.
$460,000. Ref. AS10751

Well protected, 20,000
sq. ft. lot in the quiet
Buttonwood Subd. Just
moments away from the
community dock offer-
ing perfect dockage for
your runabout.
$145,000. Ref. PS10629

8.7 acre pristine water-
front property with a 20
ft. bluff and amazing
views. Great invest-
ment for a hideaway
home or a development
of subdivided lots.
$1,220,000. Ref. AB5145

Moderately sloping sea
view lot comprising
34,922 sq. ft. with easy
access to the beach and
the Abaco Club, and all
utilities. Ideal setting
for your dream home.
$425,000. Ref. AS10872

Beautiful 8 acre parcel
on pristine Basin Har-
bour Cay perfect for a
secluded getaway or an
eco-resort if purchased
and combined with ad-
jacent 9+ acre tract
$280,000. Ref. AS10897

Last chance to obtain a
homesite in the presti-
gious and gated Great
Abaco Club. This 7,630
sq. ft. canal lot has easy
access to pool, tennis
courts, and beach.
$399,500. Ref. AS10731

Gorgeous 15,500 sq. ft.
beachfront lot with 75 ft.
of amazing water
frontage, endless ocean
vistas, and views of
White Sound and Sea-
spray Resort.
$485,000. Ref. PS10618

Picture perfect 8,709 sq.
ft. lot in tranquil Little
Point. Near the beach
with superb views of the
Atlantic and Hope
Town's candy-striped
$179,500. Ref. PS10614

MER SOLEIL Great Abaco Club, Marsh Harbour
Executive 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath vacation home in a gated com-
munity. Recent swimming pool addition, ocean views and a 50
ft. layalong boat slip. Starting at $3,950/week. Ref. AR10556

242 367-4151 # www.HGChristieRentals.com


nrP 10"

South Abaco News

Sandy Point
By Tonia Ferguson
Drill Team's
Debut Performance
Under the leadership of Police Officer
Datus Farrington, Sandy Point Drill Team,
which comprises approximately two dozen
boys and girls from primary school through
senior high school, awed the residents of
Sandy Point. The spectacular performance
took place on December 14 during an an-
nual Christmas concert at the ball park in
Sandy Point. This was the drill team's debut
performance in Sandy Point. The members
entered the park sharply dressed to engage
in obviously well rehearsed drills. The first
crowd pleaser was the silent drill. This was
a mimicked act where members stood in
a circle, then each member took his turn
copying the leader's actions. The rhythmic
coordinated act was quite stunning as the
members performed with "rifles." The
second crowd pleaser was when the night's

Sandy Point's Christmas Concert show-
cased all the talent of that town. This is one
of the soloists who entertained the crowd
that night.

Santa visted Sandy Point on December 14,
well before Christtmas to make sure that
all the children there received gifts.
silence was shattered by Officer Farrington
shouting, "Get ready to spin," then observ-
ing the members spin their "rifles" while
marching. As they marched the perimeter
of the basketball court to exit the park, the
crowd applauded them enthusiastically.
Second Annual
Christmas Concert
Della Kelly, president of the Sandy
Point Development/Regatta Association,
along with her officers orchestrated the
Second Annual Christmas Concert in San-
dy Point. This year's theme was Uniting
Our Community at Christmas Time. The
concert was held at the basketball park in
Sandy Point on the evening of December
14. The well attended community event

included performances such as a choreo-
graphed dance by students of the James A.
Pinder Primary School, a drill performance
by the Sandy Point Drill Team, a stand-up
comedian with a spiritual message on the
reason for the season and special guest and
international gospel artist, Landlord, who
performed several songs from his recent
album, including the popular We Need
Love. Also in attendance was the kids' fa-
vourite character, Santa Claus. With gifts
for the young and senior citizens, Santa
made his way to the center of the basket-
ball court to distribute his goodies. Con-
cluding the event was a spectacular display
of fireworks.
Sandy Point Student Excels
For the second consecutive year Yonick,
son of Elisha and Simone Pinder, a fisher-
man and classroom teacher respectively of
Sandy Point, captured second place in the
Abaco District Spelling Competition. The

competition was held on November 9 at the
Resource Center. Five schools participated
in the event: S.C. Bootle, Moore's Is-
land, Abaco Central High, Forest Heights,
Agape Christian and St. Francis de Sales.
Eighteen contestants represented those five
Thirteen-year-old Yonick, a ninth grad-
er at St. Francis de Sales, is an outstanding
student and has achieved honour roll status
since primary school. Yonick was one of
the only two boys who made it to the fi-
nals in the competition. Once the results
were in and he was awarded second place,
the first thing Yonick did was contact his
mother. Her response to her son's many
accomplishments was an elated scream.
Yonick commended his coaches, Ms.
Georgina Williams, who accompanied him

Please see South Page 8


Passengers /Freight/Mail to Abaco

2532 Old Okeechobee Road Ste.11
West Palm Beach I Marsh Harbour
email :abacoexppbi@bellsouth.net
Ph: 561-689-1010
Fax: 561-689-9454
Bah: 242-367-3450

Hawkshill Lane

Treasure Cay

Lt 2 Lit4
Lot 1 $82,500 g1s' Lot 3 $82,500 g9 Lot 5
$95,000 g1r, $82,500 grsB' $71,000 gOi,

Turtlr Cove

Lot 6 Lot 8 Lot 10 Lot 12
$71,000 gn~ Lot 7 $71.000 gs Lot 9 $82,500 groa Lot 11 $95,0XX0 gro
$71,000 aoo $82,500 nos $82,500 gRvs

Turtc Cove

Marsh Harbour

Breathtaking hilltop views of Guana Cay and the Sea of Abaco offering

bonefishing, conching and fishing. Perfectly situated between Marsh

Harbour and Treasure Cay. Each lot is 114' wide by 113.95 deep.

Own a piece of Abaco, the ideal out-island playground.

June Russell, CRS, BRI Broker, Ph: 577-6819
www.GrahamRealEstate.com REAL ESTATE

Page 6 Section B The Abaconian

January 15 2008

Janar 1, 00 Te bacnin aq 7Setin

Anne Albury A
Marcellus Roberts "
Sales Associate 1
Everett Pinder
(242) 365-8538 Ph Q
(242) 365-8587 Ph/Fax 0 0

Treasure Cay Properties Offered by Treasure Cay Specialists

For details and pictures visit our web page at http://www.treasurecayrealestate.com

"NEW" STORAGE UNITS, centrally located in
Treasure Cay town centre. Storage units come
in assorted sizes for boats, cars, golf carts and
"stuff." EXC. Starting at $25,000 FGS
Newest opportunity
Canal front condo and cottage units with
available boat slips
Starting at $680,000 +14%closing
"Pineaple Point Resort" Luxury gated
community Treasure Cay's newest
waterfront development. 2 bed/ 2 bath
and 3 bed/ 3 bath condos with availability
of private boat slips. Pre-construction price
starting at $529,000 net (plus closing
costs). MUST SEE! Great investment oppor-
tunity and the most spectacular location in
Treasure Cay
Now the newest oceanfront development
on Treasure Cay beach comprising 10
individual luxury units
Starting at $900,000 + 14% closing
Luxury condominium project on Treasure
Cay Beach. 3 bed / 3 bath / Den / Lanai / on-
site pool and many other features
Starting at $907,500 Plus 14% closing
on-site pool and tennis, newly completed
luxury townhouse units directly on
Treaure Cay each totalling 3 bed/4 1/2
baths plus loft bedroom/den
Ground floor garage, 2 bed/ 2 bath with
ocean front patio
First floor open concept living / dining/
kitchen plus master bedrom suite, all
ocean views with patio/ balcony
Loft bedroom/ den with ocean view
MLS $2,075,000 + 7.5% Closing
Townhouse condos with on- site tennis, heated
pool, office, laundry
Marina view, 2 bed/ 1 1/2 bath, fully furnished,
never rented, extra feathures.
MUST SEE FGS $351,000
Marina view, 1 bed / 1 bath upstairs good
rental potential $220,150 FGS
Marina view, 2 bed/ 2 bath and unit fully
furnished- storm shutters- good rental
potential $351,000 FGS

Unit #4 Upstairs 3 bed/2bath fully furnished,
direct beach access. Good rental investment
EXC. $514,250 FGS

Ocean front luxury octagonal units with lagoon/
pool/waterfall. Good rental potential.
Unit #7 Two storey 2 bed/ 2 bath home.
MLS $565,000 + 7.5% closing
Unit #9 Tw .. ./ 2 bath home
0 + 7.5% closing
Resale condos available in first completed project.
Ready to go. Both units never rented but definite
Upstairs unit 3 bed / 2 bath with den / op
tional 4th bed. Completely and tastefully
furnished. 6-seat golf cart included.
EXC. $765,000 +14%
Downstairs unit 3 bed / 2 bath with den/
optional 4th bed. Completely and tastefully
furnished with many extra features including
garage and Ford Taurus $1,002,000 FGS
Canal Front Condos with on-site Pool
Bldg 4 Downstaris eid-it 2 bed / 2 bath,
totally redone -O
EXC. $435,600 FGS

Unit #3 Ocean front, downstairs 2 bed/2 bath,
fully furnished. $640,000 FGS
Ocean Front Condos with on site pool and
3 bed / 3 bath upper unit, fully furnished,
beach front, with good rental potential.
Priced to sell. $897,900
2 bed / 2 bath newly renovated, fully fur-
nished end unit includes 2 garages for
car and golf cart along with a jeep and a
golf cart. Never rented. MUST SEE! Priced
to sell $775,432 + 7V2%
Second row beach with direct ocean access.
Great view. 2 bed / 2 bath, many special
features. MUST SEE EXC. $553,500 FGS
"Lacey Daze" Spectacular 4 bed/ 3 1/2 bath CBS
home with panoramic ocean views and
direct beach access from every room but
one via decks and patios. The main house
has living/ dining/ kitchen/ master bedroom
suite, two guest bedrooms with bath, powder
room, double garage and utility/ workshop
area. Included with its own entrance is a
private 1 bedroom/ 1 bath apartment with
an open living/ dining/kitchen with its own
deck.Many features. MUST SEE.
EXC. $2,220,000 FGS

EXC Exclusive listing
FGS Full gross or all-inclusive price
MLS Multiple Listing
List price plus buyer's closing

"Gramling House" newly built, 2 storey home
located on Galleon Bay canal with a 45'
dock. Upper level has 4 bed/ 2 bath. Open
living/dining/ kitchen. Lower level has 2
bed/ 1 bath, laundry room pl us covered open
boat/ car storage MUST SELL VERY MOTI
VATED SELLER EXC $790,000 + 7.5%
"Fish Tales" unique canal front 3 bed / 3 bath
home on 2 full lots, 180' waterfront with 118'
serviced dock, deep water, great for larger
boat. MUST SEE! MLS$2,525,000 + 7.5%
"Trident"/"Turquoise Seas" You cannot be more
"on the beach" than in this special home.
Offering 3 bed / 3 1/2 bath in the main house
with detached garage / bed / bath / attic plus
storage. Vast deck oceanside with widow's
walk. WOW!
MLS $2,800,000 + 7.5% closing
"Cross Winds" Split level CBS home extra large
lot across from 2 beach greenways. Private.
Master bed/ bath suite upstairs. Lower level 2
bed / 2 bath, cozy living room/ kitchen/
dining/ utility. Apartment annex 1 bed/ 1
bed, living kitchen, enclosed patio. Plus! Plus!
Plus! MLS $820,000 + 7.5% closing
"Dream Point" Special CBS split level home
located on a corner lot near "The Point" with
two choices of direct beach access. Upper
level has master bedroom with ensuite bath
plus two guest bdrooms and bath. On the
split level there is the main entry into a large
open living/dining area, modern well
equipped kitchen. All rooms open onto a
wrap-around partially covered deck overlook
ing the garden. Ground level has an extra
large garage/ workshop with lots of storage.
EXC. $996,300 FGS
"Pilot House" special unique location with a
commanding, enviable view of the Sea of
Abaco. Water front home, 2 storey, CBS/
frame. Upstairs master and guest bed, 2 baths,
large living/ dining/open kitchen; lower level
1bed / 1 bath, 2 car garage plus 1 car/boat
garage. MLS $1,160,000 + 7.5% closing
Apartment four-plex, 2 store u-BS building,
each level has SLO nts with 2 bed,
1 bath, living/di r Great rental
investment. MUST SEE! EXC. $400,000 FGS

Ocean front properties
Casuarina Beach/Ocean Blvd.
Sand Piper Beach
Sunrise Point Beginning at $1,250,000 FGS
Canal Front Beginning at $325,000 FGS
Rock Point Waterfront, bulkheaded
Beginning at $360,000 FGS
Golf Course / Interior
Beginning at $60,000 FGS

Treasure Cay has one of the world's best Beaches
Golf Course, Tennis, full service Marina, just naming a few amenities.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information We not only sell here, we live here and love it.
Mailing address: P.O. Box AB22183, Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
E-mail: info@treasurecayrealestate.com

January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Page 7 Section B

Page 8 Section B The Abaconian

January 15 ,2008

More South Abaco News

South From Page 6
to the competition, Ms. Fredricks and his
principal. He was especially grateful to his
mom for training him every night.
Both parents as they posed with their son
shared that they are very proud of Yonick
and always expect him to excel.
Little Harbour
Spectacular Violin
Recital at Pete's Pub
By Jennifer Hudson
Patrons of Pete's Pub in Little Harbour
were offered a very special treat on New
Year's Eve when Elizabeth Pitcairn, world
renowned violinist, presented a delightful
recital in the Gallery there. Music lovers
crowded into the Gallery to hear this ex-
tremely talented artist. It is not often one is
presented with the opportunity to hear first
hand and in such an intimate setting an art-
ist of this calibre.
Elizabeth has a special affinity with Lit-
tle Harbour as her father purchased Bridges
Cay which lies close to Little Harbour, in
1959 and the family has since spent much
time on the cay. Although Ms. Pitcairn
now travels the world as a soloist, she still
loves to come to the cay twice a year to
relax and see friends she grew up with.
Ms. Pitcairn delighted her audience at
Little Harbour with four pieces: Schon
Rosemarin by Fritz Kreisler, It Ain't Nec-
essarily So by George Gershwin, the First
Movement of the Mozart Violin Concer-
to in G Major and finally, The Dance of
the Goblins by Bazzini, a real show piece
which demonstrates the artist's incredible
versatility. The audience was enrapt and
even the young children were mesmer-
Ms. Pitcairn was born into a musical
family in Bucks County, Pennsylvania;
her mother is a Juilliard-trained cellist and
her father a trained opera singer. She be-
gan learning to play the violin at the age

Elizabeth Pitcarin, a renowned violinist,
entertained an audience at Pete's Pub on
New Year's Eve. Her virtuoso performance
captivated the group. Her family has owned
Bridges Cay for almost 50 years.
of three years and performed her first con-
certo with orchestra at the age of 14. At
17 she began studying at the University
of Southern California's Thornton School
of Music under renowned violin teacher,
Robert Lipsett. After graduating with a
Bachelor's Degree in music, she is now ad-
junct professor having become the univer-
sity's youngest faculty member ever. Ms.
Pitcairn is regarded as one of America's
rising young soloists and is in demand as
a featured concert artist all over the world.
In 2008 she is looking forward to tours to
Russia, Sweden, Puerto Rico and Colum-
bia in addition to concerts throughout the
United States.
At Pete's Pub we were not fortunate
enough to see and hear Ms. Pitcairn's Red
Mendelssohn Violin which was crafted in
1720 by the greatest of all violin makers,
Antonio Stradivari for, of course, this is
only taken to her most important concerts.
It was bought for her at the age of 16 by
her grand father at auction at Christie's of
London at a world record price of $1.6
million and is kept in a special tempera-
ture-controlled vault. For her recital at
Pete's Pub she played on her second vio-

lin which, in contrast, is a very new one
having been made in the United States in
1998 but which she says she really enjoys
playing on.
Her Red Mendelssohn Stradivarius is
said to have been the inspiration behind
the movie The Red Violin which won an
Academy Award for best movie score in
1999. Appropriately, Ms. Pitcairn is one
of the few soloists who performs The Red
Violin Chaconne for which composer John
Corigliano won an Oscar.
It has been a tradition for the past five
years for Ms. Pitcairn to play on New
Year's Eve for friends at Pete's Pub and
her next visit will be greatly anticipated.
Cherokee Sound
By Lee Pinder
Becky Sawyer, daughter of Theodore
and Winnie Sawyer, was joined in a brief

beach-side wedding ceremony to Randy
Sawyer, son of Gene and Una Sawyer, in
Cherokee Sound the last week in Decem-
ber with a select group of close family and
friends in attendance. We wish the newly-
weds a long and happy life together.
Sad Farewell
Benjamin Talbot Sawyer, born in Cher-
okee Sound on May 6, 1916, one of six
children to Ritta (Lowe) and Talbot Saw-
yer, passed away in late December, 2007.
He was known just as Mr. Benny and
lived all his life in Cherokee Sound, but
had resided at Sybil's House for the past
few years. He married his wife Viola, nee
Sands, in the late 1930s and they had one
son, Jack, and four daughters, Eudene,
Winifred Ann and Marina. Even near
the end, being very weak and hardly able

South From Page 9


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Located on the 2nd floor ofthe WmH building

opposite Harbour View Marina, Marsh Harbour

Ph: 242-367-3231
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Sea Star Building
(beside Maxwell's)
Marsh Harbour

Perry Thomas
Lofty Fig Villas Eight apartments on property located directly across
from Mangoes Restaurant in
the heart of the water front
restaurant district. Two lots each
100 ft. x 120 ft. with total
land 24,000 s.f. It is ready to
become the most sought after
gated residence in Marsh Harbour. $1,054,700 Buyer will pay 5% gov. stamp
tax and their legal fees.
Great Business Opportunity a two-story building that has a
total of 19,300 sq. ft. There are
7 apartment units on top floor
that are rented and two huge
office spaces on the bottom floor
that are rented. This building is located in Marsh Harbour and is on three
lots that are 100' x 120', bringing the total land space to 36,000 sq. ft.
REDUCED $1,266,900 gross
Great Business Opportunity for someone wanting to purchase
a restaurant that is ready to go
with all the necessary equipment
needed to operate this lovely
building, has sea views, is on
I 00'x120' lot. Priced $424,000.
Buyer will pay 5% gov. stamp tax and own legal fees.
Four bedroom, 4 bathroom house with covered back patio,
covered entryway with huge
columns. House is 4,000 sq. ft.
situated on 1/4 acre of property
in Bahama Palm Shores. Central
air conditioning, Jacuzzi tub
in master bath. Appraised at
$600,000 REDUCED $402,800

Agape Villa Murphy Town Two free standing structures containing
four one-bedroom, one bathroom
apartment units that are fully
furnished with central air con-
ditioning. Sits on 15,000 sq. ft.
Landscaped. All units are rented.
RECUDED $291,500 Person purchasing this will have an instant business.
Three bedroom, two bathroom home, fully furnished, central
air conditioning, on 9,000 sq. ft.
Landscaped with beautiful trees
and lawn. Rented. REDUCED
$185,000. Can be sold separately
or with above property.

Duplex for sale off Forest Drive two,two bedroom / one bath
apartment units, fully furnished.
One unit has central A/C and
washer & dryer. The other unit has
window A/C unit in the bedroom.
Building sits on lot 131 x 90
property, landscaped. Appraisal value this year at $242,356. This is priced to
sell at $190,000 net. Purchaser pays legal fee and govt tax. Persons interested
should call or come in, We will find a way to work something out for you.
Nine lots for sale in new gated community in Great Cistern, Abaco.
Residential only
Lot #12 8,491 sf $29,803 gross Lot #17 11,741 sf $41,210 gross
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Lot #16 UDER CONTRACT 5 gross

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Ocean Club Estate. Lots number I 44, 112. These lots are priced individu-
Lot # I 1 11,022 sf. $85,000 gross Lot #44 13,307 sf $98,000 gross
Lot # 112 20,485 sf. $175,000 gross
One lot in Subdivision on Shell Road Lot size
131 x 110 (14,41t ,'_. ,-'_ '
For sale 15 acres of land at Baker's Heights near Leisure
Lee off the Treasure Cay Highway. Priced at $450,000 this property will go
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Two lots for sale located on hillside in
Property adjacent to The Abaco Club on Winding Bay
Lot# 7 G3 size 12,600 s.f. $63,000 gross
Lot # 7 G4 size 12,600 s.f. $63,000 gross


Two lots 84 ft. x 100 ft. near Treasure Cay, one mile
northwest of Treasure Cay School. $55,000 each net
Duplex for sale off Forest Drive in Murphy Town 2 two
bedroom, one bath $185,500 net
Triplex for sale Murphy Town 2 one-bedroom, one-bath and I
two-bedroom, one-bath. $159,000 net
For sale duplex 2 two-bedroom, one bath and a two-bedroom, one
bath home. Both $315,000 net
For sale water view lot in Murphy Town, 9213 s.f.
$35,200 net
For sale water front home in Sandy Point, Abaco, 3
bedroom, 3 bath, 2000 s.f. Ig. sunken living room, TV rom, dining room adn
Ig. kitchen on 26,000 s.f. of land. Call for pricing

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r;- ~U-" r

January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Paqe 9 Section B

More South Abaco News

Sand went to the northern tip of Eleuthera is engraved on our local Wall of Heroes Sound who predeceased her by several
__orom Pge 8 to build the yacht for Lord Beaverbrook. so that he will never be forgotten by the years. Together they had two daughters.
to talk, he had a strong handshake and a Upon completion it was sailed across the residents of Cherokee who knew him and Ms. Myrtle is survived by a sister, Ger-
twinkle in his eye that let visitors know he Atlantic by William Buckley and delivered loved him. Some would say that he was aldine Albury, living in Cherokee; two
knew and recognized them when they vis- to the new owner. But Mr. Benny was part of a better time and definitely a sig- brothers, Sonny, living in Freeport, and
ited him. probably more well known for his unique nificant contributor to our local history. He Paul living in Man-O-War; two daughters,
Benny Sawyer is something of a local fishing Smacks, and, in fact, a Smack built lived a long and fruitful life and can now Margy Eldon and Karen Eldon, both liv-
legend in the Bahamas. He was a Master by him and his men was quickly recogniz- rest in peace. ing in Man-O-War; many grandchildren
Boat Builder and built 22 major sized boats able in the Nassau harbour as a "Cherokee Condolences and great-grandchildren as well as a host
during his lifetime. Obviously, his repu- Smack." They had built-in live-wells and Myrtle Albury, nee Bethel, collapsed on of other relative and close friends.
tation became known far and wide. Lord carried only five sails instead of the usual Christmas Eve and was flown to Nassau Although Ms. Myrtle has been residing
Beaverbrook, a famous English diplomat seven on other fishing vessels, where she was admitted to the hospital. in Man-O-War for many years, she still
during World War II and a close personal Mr. Benny was honoured and admired She passed away on December 30, 2007. kept her home in Cherokee. A good and
friend of Sir Eteinne Dupuch, founder of for his many accomplishments over the Born in a family of three boys and four caring mother, a fantastic cook, a faithful
The Tribune, learned of his skills and com- years even by government leaders, and girls to Stanley and Annis Bethel in Chero-
missioned him to build a boat. Mr. Ben- his family will always have these awards kee Sound, she married a local fishing boat Please see South Page 10
ny took his Cherokee crew of carpenters to pass on to future generations. His name Capt. Leland Albury, also of Cherokee
*J 'a.:

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*uijHB4ilr Rrtt&Y

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fItt hi'ri4, 4*^.. t$idwAu4fltjftjnj 1'5fW1 Ifl| n mitull
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.I .fi l |:I l C rnni uin :r 11 Airn&lT]i WL..i Jsks, l 1iicbn-A apit.dL.

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.~uwA ."iA3 I vm d m li du; e ws-ufpit ,-ewldi P me Piu qi
'mu~-~r l stpial L .iri I Wur.'lndi frni lttl Knh
;0vtgaiho mdash-wparn Saah.MNEt?-sty,3-IHdad
l* IN&Ms.T Iiidrlti.win mNraistdtiAeiL RBiEolU.-
Ijjpej sn rIB"w 7U : Itnl. J hi 4ir, I 'n 4i'
Frniiarllwi uir 1 i. niaoimlittt CS6M00,

**ITh61rLTn i is 3 i.iJ 1 tJA I1 JI illib ilull h wi nM tUuL
LuiEsrG an" Zrfi l rl 7 rCy nell i! aLIdClaOdYtZr Lhdl d

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Tinludh tI ul kli Jiwei ibksLek .2'3ta'. bt pSjDo.

munS .kldestf bertsh. manil. dlf jc1Ht. WaDAC. .

$asm*Mi d Cnl. Ensuita. FuniqAvdlitn- IUS1000.
84$tsdea- asaf rima it:M :j 2 .Pd. 2. brit frunisld
tmsilitiac-, riorl .icw *dve thh&i.dF:-nrnivhr4 FF etenr
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P hcnre (242) 36-87t2 Cdl; (24T1 5776570 vwwwl bacoesteateervicess-orm

J.-'l, I K .

Paqe 10 Section B

The Abaconian January 15 2008

More South Abaco News

South From Page 9
Christian and a wonderful neighbour and a
friend, she will certainly be missed.
Christmas Eve
around the tree
Again Santa came to Cherokee on
Christmas Eve on his motor-driven sleigh
and brought lots of cheer and gifts to the
children. This tradition has gone on unin-
terrupted for 61 years and the children all
look forward to this as the most important
night of the year. The bicycles were lined
up beside the tree and the brightly wrapped
presents filled Santa's sack besides being
piled under the tree. The little children
gathered in front of Santa waiting for their
names to be called, all wide-eyed with ex-

citement and they weren't disappointed.
Even though it rained for a few minutes
earlier in the evening, it had stopped be-
fore Santa's arrival and turned out to be a
very pleasant evening indeed. Afterwards
a barbequed chicken dinner was served at
the Community Center across the street
and tables and chairs were provided, inside
and out, so everyone could sit down, visit
with neighbours and old friends and enjoy
their meal. Since the charcoal couldn't be
lit sooner on account of the earlier rain
shower, it caused a short delay for the
chicken to be cooked, but I really don't
think anyone minded as it was a festive and
fun evening and the weather turned out to
be so nice.
Now it's another whole year till it comes
around again.

New Year's
Eve tradi-
In Cherokee on
New Year's Eve
every year, for
some reason that
no one can re-
member, the local
residents make up
their own Guy
Fawkes by stuff-
ing old clothes
with grass and Another tradition in
rags give them Fawkes and burn the
a coconut head, were burned on the be
mount them on tall polls, plant them at the
water's edge and burn them in effigy. The
traditional Guy Fawkes, a infamous Eng-
lish conspirator who tried to blow up Par-
liament in the early 1600's in an incident

Cherokee Sound is to make effigies of Guy
im on New Year's Eve. This year 17 effigies
known as the Gun Powder Plot, is usually
burnt on the anniversary of the incident on
November 5th. But Cherokee burns their

Christmas Eve is special in Cherokee Sound. Everyone gathers to welcome Santa who
gives out gifts from under the tree. Friends and family from many communities gather After Santa left, everyone enjoyed a dinner that the Cherokee women prepared. This year
with them to enjoy this special event, it was a barbecued chicken dinner.


nint ool auz

ElmsSa inssOCente

Lt : .1 cr ol goure sttelt.$235,00 Rf.AS101

* iA1 : .02a c r *golf [co r eesta te lot.$ ,10 o0fO ,,e .oS o69
0 Lt 4: 4bed4.5bat gof ouors[ luxury home. T$4,495,000. Ref. ASo10701

FM 6lar SSi Aga4 -HoeS on 7ge0s0E- i S- ww. h s

More South Abaco News

South From Page 10
Guys on New Year's Eve. This year there
were 11 very impressive stuffed dummies
that burned and burned and burned. While
this was happening, fireworks were set off
and everyone enjoyed an impressive dis-
play of fireworks that lit up the night sky.
Epworth Chapel held a Watch Night
Service on December 31st for the faithful
who customarily join together to see the
old year out and celebrate the coming of a
brand new year. This is a regular church
service that has always taken place in
A sad note
Unfortunately, there was one sad note
ending 2007, and that was when the old
town cannon exploded while it was being
lit at midnight. Three people were injured,
one seriously, from flying debris. It was a
terrible accident and the people of Chero-
kee feel really badly that three were hurt,
but, unfortunately, accidents do sometimes
happen and it could never have been an-
ticipated. The lighting of the cannon is an
annual tradition and has been taking place

at the water's edge for many years. The
community would like to express its sin-
cere sympathies to those who were injured
and wish them a speedy recovery.

This is the muzzle of the cannon out in the
water, about 40 feet from where the can-
non was.

A very unfortunate accident

New Year's Eve is a very special time in
Cherokee Sound. An antique cannon is set
off at midnight, announcing the new year.
No one can remember the origin of the
cannon but it has been set off every year
for at least 60 years. It is thought to be a
cannon off a pirate ship.
The cannon is packed with old rags, and
loose gun powder is put into the powder
chamber along with a fuse. When the fuse
is lit, the cannon normally shoots the rags
out over the water with a loud resounding
boom. It is aimed away from the settlement
and fires out towards the reef. For the past
20 years, the same person has packed the
cannon and lit the fuse.
Unfortunately, this year when the fuse
was lit, the cannon exploded, injuring
three people. Nineteen-year-old Brittany
Edgecombe, visiting Cherokee from Sandy
Point, was about 300 feet away but was
hit on her left side by a piece of the can-
non. The impact threw her to the ground,
injuring her seriously. She had to be flown

by air ambulance to Nassau. She suffered
several broken ribs, a broken collarbone,
a bruised lung and internal bleeding. Ms.
Edgecombe made a very speedy recovery
and was expecting to be out of the hospital
in less than a week.
Brittany is a student at North Lake Com-
munity College in Irving, Texas, and is the
daughter of Monique Burrows of Sandy
The other two persons suffered minor
The cannon was set on a heavy wooden
stand near the bridge to the Long Dock.
The barrel of the cannon broke in half and
was found in the water about 10 feet from
the shoreline, a distance of about 40 feet.
Large chunks were found in the parking
lot, a distance of 800 to 1000 feet away.
Other chunks damaged cars and a house

ds- ^
ove &-' ,Be



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A Message from

Cherokee Sound

The community of Cherokee Sound

regrets the New year's Eve incident

in Which three people Were injured.

This traditional event has taken

place for over 60 years without inci-


The community is keeping in touch

With the injured and wishes them a

speedy recovery.

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January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Page 11 Section B

Page 12 Section B

The Abaconian January 15 2008

The Nassau Grouper and its Preservation

By Jennifer Hudson
The Nassau Grouper is an important part
of the coral reef community and a very valu-
able fisheries resource. Most people are
familiar with the Nassau Grouper in the
popular traditional dishes which they enjoy
such as boiled fish and grouper fingers. In
recent years it has been The Bahamas most
economically valuable finfish and, according
to the Department of Marine Resources, in
2003 landings of grouper were recorded to-
taling 930,087 pounds which was valued at
over $2.7 million. The Nassau Grouper is
also a favourite of snorkellers as it is inquisi-
tive and photogenic.
Unfortunately, the Nassau Grouper is
now classified as endangered by the World
Conservation Union. It has suffered a rapid
population decline by about 60 percent over
the last three decades and is at risk of ex-
tinction. It is already commercially extinct in
most of the Caribbean region and The Baha-
mas is one of the few countries where stocks
remain commercially viable, though much
less abundant now.
Humans are the predators that have had
the biggest impact on grouper populations.
Nassau Groupers are extremely vulnerable to
over exploitation because of their spawning
aggregations which form in predictable areas
and at predictable times. Uncontrolled fish-
ing on spawning aggregations, spear fishing
and the capture of juveniles in small mesh
traps have greatly contributed to the demise
of the Nassau Grouper.
During the full moon from late November
through February when water temperatures
are cool, Nassau Groupers gather in large
groups around certain bank locations to
spawn (a form of reproduction in which eggs
and sperm are released into the water). A
million or more eggs may be produced but

less than 1 percent
of these eggs will
survive through
the life cycle. The
tiny larvae that "
emerge may be i
eaten by big fish.
Those that survive
to the juvenile
stage settle in sea
grass or clumps of
coral where they
feed on crustaceans until they are then 10
to 12 months. Later, these juveniles are car-
ried by currents to the reef. It takes about
seven years for a Nassau Grouper to reach
adulthood. As they reach adulthood, Nassau
Groupers move to deeper reefs where they
continue growing until they reach sexual ma-
turity, between four to eight years of age.
The adults live in caves and cracks in the
reef which are ideal places from which to
ambush prey such as crawfish, parrot fish,
red snapper and other reef fish. An interest-
ing aspect of the life cycle of many species
of grouper is that they can change sex from
female to male. However, evidence for this
is weak in Nassau Groupers.
The Nassau Grouper belongs to the sea
bass family of fish which tend to have strong,
stout bodies and large mouths. Five dark
brown vertical bars and a dark diagonal band
running from the snout through the eye to
the forward side of the dorsal fin and a dark
saddle like spot on the base of the tailfin are
markings that distinguish the Nassau Grouper
from other groupers. Its broad, fan shaped
tale makes it a slow long-distance swimmer
but enables it to accelerate quickly and make
short, quick movements to catch prey. The
Nassau Grouper will change its colour and
patterns when it is threatened or to hide from

prey. Groupers
have an aver-
age lifespan of
16 years and
are among the
largest fish on
the reef, reach-
ing a maximum
Length of four
S feet and weight
of more than 50
pounds but av-
eraging two feet long and 10 to 20 pounds.
Due to the declining Nassau Grouper pop-
ulation, the Bahamas Department of Marine
Resources has been prompted to establish an
annual closed season from the beginning of
December to the end of February to protect
the Nassau Groupers while they are spawn-
ing which is when they are especially vul-
nerable to over fishing. Other management
measures which can help protect the Nassau
Grouper include marine parks and reserves

where the fishing of grouper is prohibited
and enforcement of the minimum legal har-
vest size of three pounds.
The Hon. Lawrence Cartwright, Minister
of Agriculture and Marine Resources, has
again this year advised the general public,
particularly fishermen, seafood buyers and
processors and those in food service relat-
ed activities, that there will be a restriction
on the harvesting, possession and selling
of Nassau Grouper during the period from
December 15, 2007, to February 28, 2008.
This closure is a continuation of efforts start-
ed originally in 1998 to provide protection
for the Nassau Grouper at the time of year
when they are found in large quantities and
swollen with eggs. "If we want to have a
sustainable commercial fishery for the Nas-
sau Grouper, restrictions of this nature are
very necessary and I seek the cooperation of
those in the industry and that of the general
public to make this undertaking successful,"
stated Mr Cartwright.

www.SlR a amas.com

L g-ents and offices throughout The Abacos

242.367.5046 242.577.0298 242.366.0163 242.366.0035

PARROT POINT One-of-a-kind 2.95 acre property
with I/3-mile of waterfrontage, private marina,
fully furnished main house and a 2 bedroom
guest house. Electricity, telephone and 5 above-
ground cisterns. The western half of the marina is
included in the sale and has a 45 and 60-foot dock

-- --

Frank Knowles
Hope Town

Janar 1, 00 Th Aacnin aqe13Setin

Fishermen realize ban is necessary

Grouper From Page 1
lowers his income, "What must be done,
must be done and it should have been done
a long time ago. The Nassau Grouper nor-
mally accounts for 80 percent to 90 pecent
of my fin fish sales so the closed season is
a pretty tough time but I uphold the law."
The Nassau Grouper is the ONLY fish
affected by the ban. There are several oth-
er species of grouper including Yellowfin,
Blackfin, Tiger, Goliath and Red and Rock
Hinds, all of which can still be caught at
any time. Thus, during the closed season
the fishermen rely on catching these other
types of grouper. Grouper can be tricky as
they are able to change colour, going from
pale to dark for camouflage and during
breeding. The Nassau Grouper, however,
can be easily identified by its key features
which are five olive to brown vertical
markings on the body and a black saddle
shaped spot on the base of the tail.
A serious concern of the fishermen
and one which Min. Cartwright is very
aware of is that of poachers. While the
Bahamian fishermen are obeying the law
and refraining from targeting the Nassau
Grouper, Mr. Cartwright reports, "There

is escalating activity of foreign fishing
vessels. Damage is being done to the Nas-
sau Grouper stocks through the aggres-
sive fishing activities which foreign fish-
ing vessels are known to engage in and
reports of gunfire being directed towards
Bahamian fishermen by suspected poach-
ers is another aspect of the seriousness of
the problem."
In addition to poaching, Mr Kenny
Long is also very concerned about the ef-
fect of the lionfish on the Nassau Grouper
population. "The lionfish are killing the
Nassau Grouper and we must get rid of
them," he says. "The lionfish are spread-
ing very rapidly. Three years ago there
were no lionfish but now they are every-
where and sit like big flowers on the sea
bed. They are very aggressive and either
eat the juvenile grouper or cause the grou-
pers to leave. The lionfish are very dan-
gerous; they are extremely toxic to the fish
which causes them to die. This is a very
serious worry, and we do not yet know
how to deal with it," he says.
The Abaco fishermen uphold the closed
season since they know that it gives the
Nassau Grouper the chance to reproduce
and the more fish that spawn successfully

the more there will be for them to catch
later. They have been pleased to notice a
definite increase in the number of juvenile
Nassau Grouper since the enforcement of
the closed season.
The Bahamas Reef Environment Edu-
cational Foundation (BREEF) asks the
public, "Support our fishermen by pur-
chasing other fish during the closed sea-
son and make sure that the skin is intact
so that you can tell whether or not it is
Nassau Grouper. Do not catch, buy or
sell any Nassau Grouper during the closed


Donna Darville -xU-L L..L.J.ae
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Regular tune-ups, clean filters
and proper tire pressure will
increase a car's gas mileage.
A poorly tuned engine can
consume 3 9 percent more

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January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Page 13 Section B



Page 14 Section B The Abaconian

January 15, 2008



Dupuch Real Estate

Mrsh Harbour Office
PO Box AD 20340, Abaco, Bahamas Tel: (242) 367-0208 Fax; (242; 367-0289
e-mail: jamesanddonna cerabaham as.com

Fahulrnus 2.46 aciilF errt wilth private .eac. I Itcat-td t rhe en :lanrce It beau-
tiful Little [larbour, this property catuTLs unparaillicd vivew including the ca
of AbaCc and Al Irli c Ocean. Thee pods oonnecled wilt v.erarda hs, comprise
owei 2.,500 square feel of living space. Vaulted ceilings wth crpulas. Six bed-
roorm. n, u- bath:-, laundry room,r sturayc, gara ., RiO sy~tcn, gz-nrai:ors.
I.-rdz.capec: hbeautifully with trnnica] hibi'-.,us, nougainvillea, silrr bUrlton
woExd, coconut pal-ns among others. Included a-e two Chero boat ln kindJ!


Price $4,700,000

Thih 4.28 acre- is kH-ated firw:tly
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al Winding Hay. -xcelln; ,viws rf
I1' At3anll:c. 13.i ILi watIcr fronliage.
413639 Price: $1,215,000


Thii falblouI s off;rinrg includes 14+- at ris 1 prDtlr e!rly sithjlattm un iBnkic_ B~i
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Abacrl Club at WininngK Ha, ~rchard upjnm the hilltop (e Pmationi o:' 6:) th
col:age enjoys LOiparalleled iciews of the Atlatllic Ocean rom ilie cvercd
porch Uane bedroom, i bath cottage plus a~dit nal ,guest 'lose with bati-The
garde:Jii are fi lud vwifs tbIautiful htmpic~l plants rind surrunrd lth horc:e witl
ilo ers. 'rivacy anc seclusion ii your own piece ot beaclront paradise,

Price $4,250~00

Ji.sl under one acrm o0 direct oeian
front proprtly. -antastic Atlanlic
OCLcan viuw. FP bwr avaiiabke, Gxood
elevatinns. Cleared & rea.r to build.
f1 3604 Price $330,000

L:vuly well n uintaind4 CB3 hItrnei
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lot 941iU. Lnri:ltime: & lanris(.ap[d
property witi secluded gadlen.


Price $350,U00

Cormfortable il~nld tyle 3 bed. ?
Lath r-n nne acri of pmrpert,. I 0'T o-
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1l3180n Pricr $i5~0rl0()

three bedroom, ihrce bati, two
store', home with arasge, Open con-
vpr.l Irach side living-r sp.ctraBular
AL LirliL OLL-Lii lIuL
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I & 2 & .r2 V cstakl beachfront lo in
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13544 Startingat $295,000
. .. ....

(acmflr b Ie 2 d, 2 b hath viti edws of
ie AlantAic and ibeac aoce- j/il slips
a"[. Nice aterio nt cOrnmnit that has
al di th1 Evssetial SI[iVE!.

\kiv. i ai, 4 traih fuimiscid hrxrni, an
gorgeous beachionv wihfi vie/s of
,AlFrtir- Cn ait c;-nlI. ph:n,, fLr dfTA.
d6-A lurnip!

tPrire : ItlO.Ral[

Fabulous appcrunity to awn a pi-ec of
BLhiYdrwnt prourty. Unubttrc.mIed views
of Alarr. BmcdfifhingTsIlln gserkd-

ing. just paradise!

15 .rCTE -rn go gjes ocEan b&d w'
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This s; cl last WaaLIb piA-, in this W.a.

Prie: $325,000

Price: $63,000

Very nice 2 bed, 2 alh home w'th
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inw.stnrwnt opportu ni ty.
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Breathtaking views of Sea of Abaco.
413561 $ 9S,000

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?13558 Price: $490,00a

al-r/- acres, 2.rIY of Inarhfinrt W el-a-
tions with 33 dunes. kabulo a vk-s of
A:loiiicin:l .ChoiolJc Sourd. 3 miles
The Ahaco:Club.
413482 Prhce $2,1 5,1000

ialhama t'im Shores i arge interior lot close to .each, $ii5,0UU
Bahama alIm iShireu & Bahama (Cral ilkand In-'.rir Iots available. $24,000
Bistickl Bight Two half acre :ot 10i0 each ot secaronL $115,000
Casuarina Point & Bahama hiam shores Long terrr RENTAL available
Chertkee Siund Quie.t and private area with half ai:re Ilot availialHt $f21DUQ)I
Elbow Cay Newly constructed 3 bed, 2 bath hilltop home.Lock slip.S921,001]
Hopetoln Cornfortable 2 bed. 1 bath Bahamian style home. $260,000

'Lubbtrmi uarIews Nice 13, 5U sq.-t.ltoL lectricJelephore available. JI3,U J,
IMarnies Landing Waterfronth lot in private cominurnit'. LtHctrik: nvailable.$1145,i0D
Regattas Reital2 bed. 2 bath, pool, en iis ccurl & beach. $2,200 monlt
"Sand Banis LWate ront properties, ocated in Sand Banks,S185,000
"Sad Bar I.rated in Chermke. Sorlun'j. 2 acrrls. )fwaterfrfnt priprtty. $2,4.55,(]
*Treasure Cay Elevated lot oileriNr, ,olfingp deep-sc i fshinig, boating. $90,000
Yellow Wood Beautiful hilltop Ice overlooking W ndfng Bayv $150,r00







Price: $23r,0M0


m m


January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Paqe 15 Section B

North Abaco Birders Count Over 100 Species!

By Elwood D. Bracey, MD
The first annual North Abaco Christmas
Bird Count on December 19 was a huge
success netting 101 species, which shows
what a rich and diverse environment we
have on Abaco. It was a great effort by
seven teams to observe and record such a
number of species from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
which left many of the participants too ex-
hausted to attend the final tally at the Touch
of Class Restaurant that evening.
A Christmas Bird Count is a 15-mile di-
ameter circle with a specific center point,
in our case 26 degrees 43.14 North and 77
degrees 20.55 West or half way between
Treasure Cay and the Treasure Cay air-
port. It encompasses all of Treasure Cay,
Green Turtle and No Name Cays and on
mainland Abaco, pine forest and the old
Bahama Star Groves Farm to the marls
and surrounding waters within the circle.
This same circle will be used in all years
to come to show trends in our bird popula-
tions. There are over 1000 such bird counts
held throughout the U.S. and Canada and
a few in the Caribbean and Latin America
from December 14 through January 5th.
The Christmas Bird Count was started

in 1900 by Frank Chapman along with 26
other conservationists as an alternative to
the tradition of an all-species bird hunt on
Christmas Day. With the cumulative his-
torical CBC data now on-line, there are
many thousands of individual counts from
December 25, 1900, to present available
for perusal and scientific research. Our
count in North Abaco was the first in this
new area and was remarkable in finding
101 species as opposed to 98 in Freeport
and 110 in Nassau, both of which have
well organized teams who have been do-
ing this for years. We also have a south-
ern Abaco count which is centered in the
Abaco National Park to access mainly the
status of the Bahama Parrot which only
rarely occurs in North Abaco. and it was
held on December 15. The counts are usu-
ally scheduled on weekends so local work-
ing people can participate as many did in
Team 1 was led by Tony Hepburn of
Nassau with help from Anita and Stephen
Knowles and Ed Whitcraft. They were
the only group to find Least Grebe, Blue-
winged Teal, American Wigeon, Ring-
necked Duck, Common Snipe, and West

Indian Woodpecker.
Group 2 was led by Becky Marvil of
Yarmouth, Maine, helped by Betsy Brac-
ey, Ylva Ljungholm, Pat Lazarotti, Margo
and Jeaneane. They saved the day finding
the only Reddish Egrets, Clapper Rail,
Lesser Yellowlegs, Spotted Sandpiper, and
Baltimore Oriole.
Uli Nowlan and David Knowles, our
Agricultural Officer from Marsh Harbour,
comprised Group 3 which found the only
Northern Harrier, American Pipit, five
Killdeer and a Black-throated Blue War-
John Harold Bethel of Tropical Shipping
in Marsh Harbor and his Group 4 team of
Frank and Susan Stone, Janene Roessler,
Mirilla Santillo, and Bernie found several
unusual birds for this time of year, viz.
Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Least Flycatcher,
Barn Swallow, and Gray Kingbird.
Reg Patterson, Group 5, of Marsh Har-
bour led his team of Deb, Kirsten and
Carmen Ballard over the greatest distance
walking from the pine forest near the aban-
doned Bahama Star Groves all the way to
the marls where they found a flock of nine
Brown Pelicans. Other notable finds were

the only Peregrine Falcon, Zenaida Doves
and a Magnolia Warbler.
Woody Bracey and Samantha Whit-
craft, Group 6, went by boat to the very
productive sand flats off SW Green Turtle
Cay probably the best place for shore-
birds in the entire Bahamas just af-
ter dead low tide and recorded 50 plus
Black-bellied Plovers, 50 plus Semipal-
mated Plovers, 30 Wilson's Plovers, 22
of the endangered Piping Plovers, 30 plus
Short-billed Dowitchers, seven Willets,
15 Sanderlings, five Semipalmated Sand-
pipers, 12 Western Sandpipers, seven Red
Knots, 29 Dunlin and two American Oys-
tercatchers. This is certainly one of the
Bahamas' most important bird areas and
needs to be designated as such. On GTC
we also found the counts' only Ovenbird
and Yellow Warblers.
Michael Lightborne did a bird feeder
watch in his backyard and found four
Painted Buntings the blue, green, yellow
and red male, arguably North America's
most beautiful bird.
Found during count week but not on

Please see Bird Count Page 26

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Si..... -

Great Gonuana Cay
-11lSAcres PqDD5uI xrn am.m::
- .198' ofWaterfontage
- Over 500' of Protect
Boat Basin Frontage.
- Superb Building SiLesi
- Good elevation
- Fabulous Views
-Perfectfordevelopent H a p p y N e w Ye a r
or Elegant Priva tEate
#GCVloos008 S,99a00. p Ahr

I G;rta Guana Cay
Lot # 45 -Orchid Bay
43,480 s. 0.9982 Acre
90.88' on Sea ofAbaco
prime building site
-+/- 15'elvations
Orchid Bay amenities
Allows for private deeded
nmture trees
#GGVIOg7 3940,000.
Great Guana Cay
Orchid Bay
Prestigious Orchid Bay
and all of her amenities.
Parcel # 58- 174.775 s.,
4.012 Acres
One of rhe Highest
Points in Orchid Bay.
Fabulous Panoramic
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Great Guana Cay -
Dolphin Beach Estates
Beaclhiront Building Site
31.243 s.f. 0.717 Acre
17T Beach Frontage
Dock Access
Good Elevation
Superb Ocean Views
I.ush Native Vegetation
#GCiV ID6 S790,(MNI0

greatt G;una Cay -
Dolphin Beach Estates

Beachfront Building Site
36.839 s.f. 0.845 Acre
-65' Beach Frontage
-Good Elevation
SSuperb Ocean Views
Iush Native Vegetation
#GGVIOOO $545,500
Great Guuan Cay
16,500 sf over 1/3 Acre
100"f Ocean shoreline
Over 200 of depth
Prime Ocean-front
building site
Good elevations
one of the beach-front
best pnces in Guana
#GGV 1092 S375,00..

"Coco Bay Breeze"


Green Turtle Cay
Coco Bay
- 32.690 s.f.
-0.7567 Acre
- Dock Access
- Beach Access
-Good Elevation

#GTV1009 S291,000.
Green Turtle Cay
Coco Bay
-19,558 s.f
- 0.4490 Acre
- Prime Building Site
- Dock Access
- Beach Accss

#GTVIOD7 S167,50.

Great Guana Cay
- 6,653 s.f.- .0152 Acre
-454T7 of Sea ofAbaco
Prime building site can
carry a private dock
180 degree views
underground ceiciric and
paved road
#f"V1091 $375.000.

Green Turte Cay
White Sound Area

Prime Building Site
28.523 sq.t.
0,6548 Acre
Dock Access
Beach Access

ofTV1012 $151500.

Green Turtle Cay
Green Turtle Estates
8.126 s.O- 0.1865 Acre
-Corner lot
Prime building site
SCentral location
Short walk to Bita Bay
Sorkel right offshore
#GTV V1074 S111500.

Lynyard Cay
-42,906 s f
-0 985 Acre
t- 134' of Sea ofAbco
front Prime Building Site
SBuild private dock
Well establislied Coconut
Views of Sea offAbaco
and Atlantic Ocean
#I.CVlio9- $2740a0.
Man-O-War Cay
Eastern arbour
SRare 0.47 Acre Building
90 on Harbour
90 on Sea of Abaco
Average Depth 215'
Good elevation
I#MWV1022- s910,000.
Man-O-War Cay -
- Rare Prime Ocean-fron
building site
-0.51 Acre
- 125'Atlantic Ocean
- Central Location
-Fabulous Ocean Views
- L.ush Native Foliage.
Dickie's Cay
- Prime Building Site
- 10,719 s. 0a246 Acre
- Over 150 ofSea ofAbaco
- Concrie Sumll on Sea of
- 103" x 6 private dock
Man-0-War habour
- Fabulous Sea of Abaco vcws
..#MWVI'y 2 $395.,00.
I 108


6 # -

Great Guana Cay- Green Turtle Cay Man-O-War Cay
Marsh Harbour
info@aitbacocaysrelMy.com www.abacocaysrealty.com
.. .*.. /

u, t^/

Radio Abaco's top ten news stories of 2007

Top Ten From Page 1
home of Mrs. Belinda McIntosh, Superin-
tendent of the Road Traffic Department,
and Mr Roosevelt McIntosh. The new car
of Mr McIntosh and the car of his son were
totaled while the vehicle belonging to Mrs.
McIntosh received only minor damage.
9. Tropical Storm Noel
The anticipation of Tropical Storm
Noel was worse than the experience. As
the storm approached, Police Supt. Wayne
Miller stated that the police equipment had
been tested, and they were able to commu-
nicate with all of the islands of the Baha-
mas. A big concern of Social Services was
that there could be no emergency flights as
the airport was closed. However, the two
emergencies which arose on the island of
Abaco were dealt with at the Marsh Har-
bour clinic by medical personnel monitor-
ing the patients throughout the night.
8. Local Government
Local Government received an average
budget increase of 22 percent, providing
the ability to move into the various districts
to expand and beautify. The Central Abaco
District received a very large increase re-
sulting in a figure of $1.5 million as it had
received no increase for seven years. The
budget package for 2007 to 2008 was over
$3 million in all. Prime Minister Hubert
Ingraham said that this was important to
allot to Abaco because of the amount that
Abaco puts into the Treasury.
7. New Bahamians Sworn In
Seventeen persons were sworn in at the
Court House as citizens of the Bahamas.
These persons were from Haiti, Jamaica
and the United States and many were born

in The Bahamas of Haitian parents. Not all
of the people to be sworn in could be found
since the authorities did not have current
telephone numbers for some and they could
not be located.
6. Pelican Shores Says 'No'
A large number of persons from the lo-
cal community gathered at the Marsh Har-
bour Courthouse to meet with developers
from the United States who were planning
the construction of a condominium com-
plex on the Pascoe property on Pelican
Shores. The majority vehemently opposed
the project fearing that it would destroy the
residential nature and peace and quiet of
that area.
5. The Prime Minister made public his
support for the project on Guana Cay
Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham was
on Abaco and met with the Hope Town
District Council to assure them that the
government fully supports them and the
Baker's Bay project on Guana Cay. He
then went to Baker's Bay and toured the
property including Marina Village and the
golf course under construction. He made
the announcement that he had made some
adjustments to the Heads of Agreement be-
cause of the opposition of some Guana Cay
residents. Baker's Bay will be allowed to
keep only eight of the 43 acres of Treasury
Land previously granted to them and the
company has already returned most of the
Crown land to The Bahamas government.
4. Taxiway at Marsh Harbour Inter-
national Airport
There was much public debate about the
new taxiway at the Marsh Harbour Inter-
national Airport. Locals opposed govern-
ment constructing a taxiway between the

existing runway and the terminal. Minister
of Lands and Local Government, the Hon.
Earl Deveaux, led a contingent to the air-
port to observe the situation and take a look
at the options. He announced that govern-
ment will do what it can to preserve the
hills and the wetlands and also stated that
plans for a new terminal are on hold and a
proper study will be completed of traffic
flow in and out of Marsh Harbour.
3. The Advancement of Technology
on Abaco
Abaco is the only Family Island with
telemedicine technology. The Hon Hu-
bert Minnis, Minister of Health, toured
the Marsh Harbour Government Clinic
and observed the new telemedicine equip-
ment which allows doctors in Nassau to
see everything about a patient on Abaco.
Maternity patients can be monitored and
deliveries assisted. "This will cut down on
emergency flights where not really neces-
sary," he stated.
2. Housing in the Mud and Pigeon Pea
All houses in the Mud and Pigeon Pea
are below standard and built illegally. The
government staged a massive programme
to demolish all new buildings in the mud
- 72 in all. Another 15 have since been
found. The task force was led by Pastor
Stephen Knowles. Residents tried to trick
them into thinking houses were inhabited;
but when they went inside, there were no
partitions or floors in the building or oc-
cupants. The Ministry of Works is to do
weekly inspections.
1. Change of Government
Persons in the community were polled as
to what they felt was the top story of 2007
and the choice of 90 percent of the persons

was the change of government on May 2
with many political campaigns which were
very high energy. In South Abaco, Gary
Sawyer ran for the PLP against Edison
Key, FNM, while in the North, Fritz Boo-
tie, PLP, ran against Hubert Ingraham,
FNM with Cay Mills and Norman Clar-
idge running as Independents. The FNM
came out victorious with a narrow national
margin of 24 17.
Several other stories were highlighted
by Mr Mills although they were not num-
bered in his countdown. These included
the following:
The Police Commissioner bade good-
bye, making Abaco his first stop on a fare-
well tour of the Family Islands.
Fire destroyed Viola's Laundromat and
Sapodilly's Restaurant, a popular tourist
hangout for years.
Mr. Albert Albury was honoured by the
First Caribbean International Bank as their
oldest customer on Abaco. He was just two
years shy of being the oldest customer in
the entire Bahamas.
Illegal power plants were discovered in
the Mud.
A fire in the Mud and Pigeon Pea pre-
sented major challenges in mobilizing fire-
fighting vehicles throughout the area. Fire
trucks from Casuarina Point and Marsh
Harbour airport were called in; 20 to 30
homes were destroyed.
The father of a Haitian family with four
children left home without a trace. "He
was a loving husband and father and I just
want him back home," stated his wife.
The new St. John the Baptist Anglican
Church in Marsh Harbour was dedicated
by Anglican Bishop Drexel Gomez. The

Boats equipped with:
VHF Bimini Top Cooler
Anchor& Lines Compass
Dive Ladder Life Jackets
Paddle Flares Flashlight
Fire Extinguisher First Aid Kit

30 Boats to Choose From
All Meticulously Maintained
35% off all rentals
through February II
Weekly Rates:
26' Paramount $1295
23' Albury Bros $1015
22' Boston Whaler $945
20' Albury/Hydra $910
18' Privateer $665

Turn Key Business


3 -2Bed, 1-1I/2 bath villas
Swimming pool,
250' protected marina,
Laundromat, Gift Shop
& Storage Building


1-2 Bed & 3-1 Bed units
Fully equipped & furnished

$3,500,000 gross

Marsh Harbour. Abaco, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 367-2719 Fax: (242) 367-2359



Ph. 366-0024 Fax. 366-0614
E-Mail: abacot@batelnet.bs

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We offer the best quality products & prices for...
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Page 16 Section B The Abaconian

January 15, 2008

January 15, 2008 The Abaconian Paqe 17 Section B

Sod farm is producing well

By Jennifer Hudson
One of my favourite smells is that of
cut crass so it was a real treat for me
to visit the sod farm while cutting was in
progress. The sod farm, located in Ba-
hama Palm Shores about 20 miles south
of Marsh Harbour, covers an area of 50
acres, ten of which are presently under
cultivation and producing lush, healthy
looking sod. "It is managed by a co-op
in a joint venture with Mr. Bin Harmon,
the cooperative having secured the land,"
explained Mr. Augustine Williams, sales
person for the group.
The venture first began in November
of 2005 and six months later the first crop
of sod was ready for cutting with the first
bales being harvested in May 2006. The
grass is cut in strips with a strip of sod re-
maining between each cut so that the grass
spreads back on its own with no need for
Project Manager is Pastor Lennie Eti-
enne, who oversees all of the planting,
fertilizing and care of the sod. Once it
is ready for cutting, Ms. Sheila Kelly is
called in. This lady is in charge of har-
vesting the grass and is assisted by two or


three others. Ms. Kelly drives the tractor
which pulls a grass harvester. When the
harvester is lowered, a blade cuts the sod
while the tractor is steered in a straight
line. The cut pieces of grass then roll up
a conveyer belt and into a compartment
on the back where somebody stacks them
onto a pallet as the tractor moves along.
Once the pallet is full it is taken to the
side of the field where it is released to
await pickup for delivery. Sod is cut only
when an order comes in to Mr. Williams
and he relays it to Ms. Kelly. Each pal-
let contains 150 pieces of sod which will
cover an area of 400 square feet at a cost
of $300.
Small order deliveries of less than 10
pallets are delivered on a trailer pulled by
the tractor but for an order of more than
10 pallets a truck is contracted to do the
"Sales within Abaco are going well and
as soon as we have saturated the Abaco
market we will branch out into Nassau,"
stated Mr. Williams. "It is our intention
to plant at least 30 acres within the next
few months."

White Sound, Elbow Cay

12Ma I Imfw

14 -

/ 2

lo011 LrJarA
... o
,,, 5-*:M

5 I I

nc 1 9,

-I I


New exclusive community comprising 12 hilltop
lots and 4 waterfront lots with stunning views of
White Sound, the Sea of Abaco and the Atlantic
Ocean. Sizes range from 12,000 to 17,000 sq. ft.

3 \k~

Hillside lots from $305,000.
Waterfront lots at $785,000.
Internet Ref. PS 10605

1 .......... ...I I-- a

FM 3 7 A A g E -a:Uc- wwH r ste m

6ab#a acfwjunwmemsnt

Omar Kristan Archer vas born on
October 22 to proud parents
Omar and Keora Archer.

Support the

Cancer Society
Donate Used Items
to Be Sold in
Their Thrift Shop
Call 367-3744 for info

Dane Pritchard is no longer employed by
Xstream Pest Control, Ltd
However, your business is still very important to us.
For further pest control needs,
please call 366-0682 or 577-0259
Troy Pritchard, Proprietor


- -------

. 8(Mor




9 10
H 5G

6 a

January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Page 17 Section B







Club News 1

RMHYC Holiday News
By Rita Wieczorek, M/V Magnum Opus
There are over 60 Royal Marsh Har-
bour Yacht Club motor and sailing vessels
in Boat Harbour with another 25 boats on
the hook or in different marinas on Abaco.
Some members arrived, settled in Boat
Harbour in November and early Decem-
ber and then flew to the States, Canada, or
England for the holidays with family and
friends. However, still a rather large group
remained on sunny Abaco for the holiday
On December 11 the RMHYC had its
Christmas Social. Ninety members, Flag
officers and guests gathered in Angler's
Restaurant at the Abaco Beach Resort for a
sit down dinner. They arrived by land and
sea for an evening of good food, drinks
and camaraderie. The event was chaired by

Barbara Bluto on the M/V Chablis. Her
assistants were Judy Williams from the
M/V Shade Mor, Rose Dowling from the
M/V Wild Rose and Kathy Sales from the
M/V Lo Kee.
The Christmas social began with cock-
tails on the patio tended by Paul Graham
from the M/V Odyssey. His assistants were
Tom Thompson from the S/V Tomlin II
and Steve O'Brien from the M/V Christ-
mas. Paul has been in charge of the bar
because he does a terrific job and he can
make all the Bahamian drinks as well as
the member's favorites. The cocktail hour
actually gave everyone a chance to get re-
acquainted before the dinner and provided
an opportunity to meet new members and
Barbara Bluto brought center pieces
form the States for each table which one

lucky member was able to take back to
their boat or home. Everyone had a great
time and a delicious dinner!
Robert Wilson, our Commodore, pre-
sented a $1000 check to BASRA and
$1000 check to the Marsh Harbour Vol-
unteer Fire Department. The RMHYC was
very pleased to make these donations at
the Christmas social. This rounded out an
evening of festivities and strengthens the

bond the Club has with local organizations
in Marsh Harbour.
December was the month when mem-
bers celebrated the holidays in special ways
with their loved ones. From all the Flag
Officers and members of the Royal Marsh
Harbour Yacht Club, we wish everyone on
sunny Abaco peace and happiness in the
New Year.

Many members of the Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club enjoyed the holiday time on
Abaco. They got together to enjoy a happy social life. The club is based at Abaco Beach
Resort where they fly the club pennant at Anglers Restaruant.

YW RKo Appliance Centre ,~i o

We thank our customers for their
patronage during the past year.
We wish everyone
a prosperous New Year.

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Major Appliances

Fridge $799
18 Cu. Ft.

i il
/if --- -::~~. \ 1

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-Small Appliances

Don MacKay Blvd, Marsh Harbour

Elec. Dryer


Sales -Service

Ph. (242) 367-3186 E-mail: marcoac@batelnet.bs

Members of the Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club enjoyed a gala Christmas dinner at
Abaco Beach Resort on December 11..

ANN r~^

Computer Bags /
Coolers Ice
Desk Accessories
Executive Toys

Key Holders
Mp3 / Radios
Note Holders
Stress Relievers
Totes/ Duffels
Travel / Leisure
Writing Instruments

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2st RinvUol l Mrket


e Publics ww
Sor booth and

I .' ( u T..il) r I i ,1-: I. 'orf C c cI
joro' z '!.6r.fors ^o s i c flo ii ?

tMOW Marino

I one is Welcomel

Page 18 Section B The Abaconian

January 15, 2008



January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Paqe 19 Section B


Blue Sky Gallery offers

a variety of art work

By Mirella Santillo
Stepping in the Blue Sky Gallery on
Queen Elizabeth Drive in Marsh Harbour
is like experiencing the colors, the flora,
the fauna and the life of Abaco at a glance.
The walls are covered with the vivid col-
ors of flowers, landscapes, birds and island
scenes. It is not a surprise since the gallery

Tuppy Weatherford offers a wide variety of pc
tography in her gallery. She also does framing
owner, Ms. Tuppy Weatherford, is a tal-
ented photographer who not only offers for
sale in her gallery other artists creations,
but displays her own work, from scenes
of her native Man-O-War Cay to outstand-
ing photographs of the Bahama parrots and
portraits of children.
Ms. Weatherford's love of photography
started when she was a teenager grow-
ing up on Man-O-War Cay playing with
a little Brownie camera, taking shots of

family members, especially children. It
was fun so soon she replaced the Brownie
with a 125 Instamatic camera which was
soon upgraded to a 35 mm Minolta. Nowa-
days, Ms. Weatherford uses a Cannon and
a digital camera and family and children
have been replaced by a multitude of island
scenes: sunrises, birds, landscapes all over
After working in a
few places on Man-O-
War, Ms. Weatherford
moved to the main is-
land where she worked
in the Juliette Gallery
and Abaco Glass be-
fore opening her own
Blue Sky Gallery two
and a half years ago.
Her shop offers a
diversity of art works
from prints to origi-
S I nals, watercolors and
oil paintings, enlarged
photographs of island
scenes as well as aerial
paintings andpho- photographs of Marsh
1g. Harbour, Green Turtle
Cay, Man-O-War Cay,
old and recent, taken and printed by Mr.
Colin Rees. There is something for every
taste and every pocket book. All these are
framed in the gallery which doubles as a
framing shop. Many local artists have their
paintings framed by Ms. Weatherford.
There are many styles to choose from: na-
tive drift wood to classic varnished wood
frames and metal ones in a variety of color.
The owner is very amenable and will go
out of her way to find the perfect frame for

Island Care Wireless

Donates Uniforms
On January 7th Mrs.
Monica Adderley,
owner of Island Care
Wireless, gave a box
of soccer uniforms to
Mr. Ishmael "Stretch"
Morley, Youth Co-
ordinator for Abaco,
as a donation to the
under twelve children
attending the Youth in
Action program. The
box contained enough
jerseys, shorts and
socks for 12 children.
The Youth in Action
sports program is di-
vided into three phas-
es: from October to
the end of January is
the basketball season,
followed by the soc-
cer season which usu-
ally lasts until Easter.
When the students
return from Easter
vacation, they enroll
into soft ball practice. As the basketball season nears its end, the last three weeks of
January will be spent in inter- school and inter- islands competitions. Mr. Morley will
distribute the uniforms at the beginning of the soccer program, which will take place
at the Murphy Town Park.

any art work.
All artists like to diversify after a while.
Presently, Tuppy Weatherford is consider-
ing the idea of becoming a wedding pho-

tographer while continuing to focus on
children and pets. The Blue Sky Gallery
phone is 367-0579.

Offering St. Augustine SO Home Grown Pallets
Bahama Palm Shores Delivery and Pick-Up



Chris Farrington BRI
Office (242) 365-4695
Fax (242) 365-4697

Green Turtle Cay Office
RO. Box AB 22758
Green Turtle Cay, Abaco
Email: chris.f@batelnet.bs

#6227- Brand new home completed in Jan. 07 Spectacular 360
degree views. Offered fully furnished "turn key".
#6200- Superb water front lot /2 acre with 100' frontage. $750,000
#6200- Elevated /2 acre lot overlooking the Harbour $550,000
#5878- .537 acre deep water front lot ideal for a dock. $475,000
#6163- Inland starter home lots 100 X 120 $75,000-$120,000
#6163- One bedroom penthouse in a resort setting $175,000
#6076 Three bedroom, two bath home nice area $640,000
#6077- 2 Bed, 2 Bath vacation rental income producer dockage
available $490,000
#5957- Building lot with beach access, near resorts/marinas.
See all these properties and more at:

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Community Bible Stud9

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Page 20 Section B The Abaconian

January 15, 2008

Cay Topics Luncheons 2008

Two are promoted
The Bahama Beach Club in
Treasure Cay is proud to an
nounce the promotion of Mrs.
Natalie Curry, right, to the
position of Resident General
Manager. Natalie, a former
Bahamas schoolteacher and
accountant, started her career
at our resort in 2002. In ad
dition, Mrs. Lantamae Bootle
was promoted to Resident As-
sistant Manager. Lantamae
SE came to the resort in 2004
after operating her own busi-
ness and working as a loan
officer for a credit union in
Nassau. Both women are well
liked and respected by our c
ondominium owners, guests
and fellow workers. Their combined qualifications, attention to detail and winning
attitudes surpassed a field of many other experienced managerial candidates from the
Caribbean, Canada and the United States.

Abaco Print Shop
Abaco Shopping Center Tel: 367-3202 Fax: 367-3201
Open 9 am 5 pm Mon. Fri.

Well Done Drilling Services
Well Drilling: Water Wells, Drainage s,Septic Disposal Wells
Trenching: Trenching for underground utility services
Piling Holes: Piling Holes for home foundations and utility poles planted
Excavator Rental: Specialized Excavator Foundation Drilling for
home foundations in sand and Excavator Digging

Call us today for a free consultation!
h: (242) 367-4842 0 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas

Cay Topics is extremely proud to begin
its fifth annual series for "Abaco Ladies
who Listen, Learn and Lunch." The series
will be held at the Hope Town Harbour
Lodge beginning promptly at 11 am. There
will be a quick, delicious buffet lunch
with wine, iced tea, dessert and gratuity
included for $18. There is no charge for
the program.
On January 22 the speaker is the ac-
claimed print and television journalist,
Ken Bode, whose topic will be Rogues
and Madams I Have Known. And he has
known a lot during his career as an award
winning political analyst for PBS, CNN
and NBC. This frequent Hope Town visi-
tor has covered every U.S. presidential
campaign since 1978. Gentlemen are in-
vited and welcomed for the January pro-
gram and luncheon. No one well want to
miss Ken Bode's excellent talk on a very
interesting subject!
On February 26 a panel of Hope Town
women will talk about the "old days" in

Hope Town, what it was like to grow up
here, or to come here early in their adult
life, raise a family, operate a business and
watch change happen. Suzanne Bethel,
Margaret Fox, Debbie Patterson and Peg-
gy Thompson will be among those sharing
their memories of this special place. Join
us for a fun filled program.
On March 25 there will be a delicious
talk by Phyllis Geiger. This visionary
business woman and Hope Town second
homeowner will talk about her thriving
chocolate business, which she founded in
1983 in the European tradition. YES you
will be able to sample her product! You
certainly want to attend this sweet event.
Reservations should be made at the Lodge,
telephone 366-0095 or VHF CH 16 Hope
Town Harbour Lodge. Seating is limited
and fills quickly. Mark your calendar
Hope to see you all for this truly inter-
esting 2008 series!

r Hardware

vare #1 Lumber
Plain & Pressure Treated

Pine, Fir, Cypress
Teak & Mahogany

Aboac % Mw CcrrV CogmNrspap"r

tes or informati n-.
Sweeting Arth () en3

Cay, Abaco, Baham,
-6011 Fax (242) 365-6039


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EST. 1919
Serving The Bahamas since 1949
Sales & Appraisals
Site & Residential Inspections
Offering casual to elegant lifestyles throughout the
Islands and Worldwide through our Global Network
of Real Estate Affiliates and Partners

Visit us online at:
Royal Harbour Village, Marsh Harbour
Tel: 242-367-3262
Fax: 242-367-3260

January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Page 21 Section B

The Abaconian January 15 2008

School News

St. Francis PTA Board

is off and running
By Samantha V. Evans
St. Francis de Sales School has a vi-
brant PTA that has taken off with full
speed this 2007-08 school year. It had
a slight change to the make up of the
board with Ms. Samantha Evans be-
ing reappointed as the secretary of the
board due to the resignation of the newly
elected secretary. This appointment was
made by Principal Kumar and the PTA
president Neulessa Major.
The annual walk-a-thon/bike-a-thon
was held on December 7th followed by
a fun day that raised over $10,000. Mrs.
Kumar expressed thanks to all of the par-
ents, sponsors, and committed partners

for their annual support which makes
this event a success. The proceeds will
go towards refurbishing the playgrounds
in the preschool and primary school play
Thanks to donations by Rev. Bethel
from Bethel Booksellers and the PTA
board, all classrooms at the school now
have water coolers to provide fresh
drinking water for their students. The
next fund raiser will be a raffle which
will be held in April. Persons wishing to
donate prizes can contact the school of-
fice. Funds raised from this fund raiser
will go towards upgrading the staff room
for teachers, replacing the science lab
equipment, landscaping areas needing
beautifying and paving the back drive-
way to the main school building. These

are all tall orders for the year but this
school has always had a very active and
resourceful PTA board so this year is no
different. Mrs. Kumar is sure that with
the grace of God all projects will be
done before the close of the school year
in June 2008.
Mrs. Kumar looks forward to the
school receiving a new copier for the
office with the assistance of the PTA
Board which is one of their long term
goals. Once again the entire St. Fran-
cis de Sales School family and the PTA
thanks their committed and dedicated
parents for their annual support. They
look forward to their continued support
in 2008 and beyond.

^^^JTT^7iT7BMUTST ?SELL 7T The baonin g

4 0 1 -i

Long Island Properties
Hamilton's, Long Island Appraisal: $112,000.00.
All that piece parcel or lot of land and improvements
situated in the settlement of Hamilton's on the Island of
Long Island and comprising of approximately 13,547 sq. ft
and is elevated approximately 7-8 ft above sea level. This
site encompasses a 35 yr. structure. A simple style home
consisting of two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, living
and dining room. The home, however, is consisted of 2
separate constructions; 360 sq. ft of concrete construction
and 624 sq. ft of wooden construction. All amenities are to
the property such as electricity, water, cable and telephone. The property is accessed by the main Queen's Highway.

New Providence Vacant Property

Lot B, Wilson Street, Rock Crusher Appraisal: $97,214
All that lot of land having an area of 10,498 sq. ft being Lot B, between the subdivison known a Rock Crusher and in teh vicinity of
Perpall Tract situated in teh western district of New Prividnence, Bahamas. This property is zoned multi-family / single family. Also
located on this property is a structure comprising of a duplex at foundation level under construction, and consisting of approximately
1,566 sq. ft of enclosed living space with a patio consisting of 270 sq. ft The starter bars are in place and foundation poured.
Traveling west on Farrington Road take a right after the PLP Headquarters, go about midways through to Wilson Street Go through
the corner all the way to the dead end. The property is located behind the chain link fence at the back of the yard.

Rainbow Subdivision Lot No. 3, Block 27. Appraisal: $37, 440
All that vacant lot of land having an area of approximately 14,052.59 sq. ft. being Lot No. 3, Block 27, section B, of Rainbow Subdivi-
sion with residential zoning. This property is bounded about 103.44 ft. north by Queens Highway and 137.02 ft east and about
99.94, ft south of Rainbow Hill Circle, 139.91 ft. west. All utilities and services available.

Lot No. 15, Block 10, Winton Heights Appraisal: $171,440
All that lot of vacant land having an area of 17,144 sq. ft of the subdivision known as Winton Heights situated in the Eastern District
of New Providence, Bahamas. This property is retangular in shape and zoned multi-family single family.
This property is about 230 ft. west of Sassoon Drive and is about the third lot on the north side of Hill Side Road

Lot B, Marigold Farm Road Allotment 67 Appraisal: $146,000
All that lot of vacant land having an area of 1,173 acres and being referred to as the plot, the property is lot No. B and is situated
on Marigold Farm Road in the area known as Allotment 67, a subdivision situated in the southeastern district of New Providence,
Bahamas. This property is zoned muilti family.
Traveling from Joe Farrington Road onto Marigold Farm Road heading south. The subject is the 2nd to last property on the left
hand side of the road near the pond.

Exuma Vacant Property
Island Harbour Beach, Exuma Appraisal: $80,000
All that parcel or lot of vacant land containing 10,000 (80'x 100') sq. ft. being lot No. 9, Block 2, Island Harbour Beach Subdivision
situated the western most portion of the Hermitage Estate, Little Exuma, Bahamas. The property is located on an unpaved road
known as Stocking Road. The property also has a commanding view of the ocean.

Abaco Vacant Property
Blackwood, Abaco Appraisal: $219, 354.40
All that lot of land having an area of approximately 258,064 sq. ft. This property is yet to reach its highest and best use. It is
ideally suited to single or multi-family development as is the nature of surrounding properties within the community. The
site may also serve well as a commercial site as the area remains un-zoned the property remains largely in its original state. It
is covered with low brush and broad leaf coppice vegetation interspersed with broad strands of mature yellow pine indigenous to the
area. The property is well drained and represents no immediate flooding danger under normal conditions. The subject property is vacant
and is situated at the southeastern entrance of the community of Blackwood, Abaco. The property is undivided and comprises
approximately 6 acres of a larger tract of land of approximately 26 acres.

Eleuthera Vacant Property
North Eleuthera Heights, Eleuthera Appraisal $41,275.00
Lot #20 approximately 11,200 sq. ft. and bounded on north by Early Settler Drive and south by Deal Investment Ltd. This is single
family zoning and 50 ft. above sea level. This site encompasses a foundation with plumbing and roughing in place and well compacted
quarry fill. The concrete floor has not been poured as yet. The foundation is 2,511 sq. ft. Lot # 20 situated 1/5 miles eastwardly of
the Bluff Settlement. The said lot is vacant and on a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

Lot. I lOB, Palmetto Point Appraisal: $72,000
All that piece, parcel or lot of vacant land containing 9,000 and being lot No. IOB situated north of Ingraham's Pond and easterly of
Palmetto Point, on the Island of Eleuthera, one of the islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and is bounded and abutting as
follow: on the north by Lot No. 3B and running thereon for a distance of 90 ft; on the East by Lot No, II B and running thereon for a
distance of 100 ft.; on the south by a 20 ft wide road reservation and running thereon 90 ft on the west by Lot No. 9B running thereon
for a distance of 100 ft, the said lot is overgrown with shrubs and is in close proximity to a white sandy beach. This neighbourhood
is zoned residential development and is quiet and peaceful with a topography of approximately 50 ft and because of this there is no
danger of flooding. The area is approximately 80 percent developed with all utilities and services available.
Mutton Fish Point, North Eleuthera Appraisal: $51,421.00
Al the piece, parcel or lot of vacant land containing 44,714 sq. ft, and designated E which forms a portion of land known as "Mutton
Fish Point" situated about two miles northwestward of the settlement of Gregory Town on the Island of Eleuthera, one of islands of
the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and is bounded and abutting as follows: Northwardly by the land now or formerly the property
of Coridon Ltd. and running thereon for a distance of 393.13 feet outwardly by a 30' wide road reservation and running thereon
for a distance of 402.57 ft eastward by the main Queen's Highway and running thereon for a distance of 109.73 ft westwardly by
land now or formerly the property of Caridon Limited and running thereon for a distance of 110.75 ft. This property having an area
of approximately 44.714 sq. ft. This neighbourhood is zoned commercial/residential development and is quiet, peaceful and has a
topography of approximately 2 ft. with all utilities and services available.
Mutton Fish Point North Eleuthera Appraisal: $51,421.00
All that piece, parcel or tract of land containing one acre situated about 2 miles northwest of the settlement of Gregory Town on the
island of Eleuthera, one of the islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and is bounded and abutting as follows; Northwesterly
by the main Queens Highway and is running thereon for a distance of 125.462 feet northwestward by the land now or formerly the
property of Coridon Limited, and running thereon for a distance of 390.274 ft southwestwardly by a 30' wide road reservation and
running thereon for a distance of 128,128 ft; Southeastwardly by the lend now or formerly the property of the Vendor and running
thereon for a distance of 322.955 ft This property having area of approximately 44,847.76 sq ft. This eighbourhood Is zoned commercial
development end is quiet and peaceful with a topography of approximately 2 ft, with all utilities and services available This lot is vacant
land and is located In the area known an "Mutton Fish Point."
Mutton Fish Point, North Eleuthera Appraisal $51,276.00
All that place, parcel or lot of vacant land and improvements containing approximately 44,587 sq,. ft, and designated 'F' which forms a
portion of land known as "Mutton Fish Point" situated about two miles northwestward of the settlement of Gregory Town on the Island
of Eleuthera, one of the islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and bounded and abutting as follows:- Northwardly by the land
now or formerly the property of Coridon Limited, and running thereon for a distance of 383.56 ft; southwardly by land now or formerly
the property of Caridon Limited and running thereon for a distance of 393.19 ft, eastwardly by the main Queen's Highway and running
thereon for a distance of 113.40 ft, westwardly by land now or formerly the property of Coridon Limited and running thereon for a
distance of 113.40 ft This neighbourhood is zoned commercial / residential development and is quiet, peaceful and has a topography
of approximately 2 ft with all utilities and services available.

Grand Bahama Vacant Property

Investment Opportunity Must Sell Appraisal: $38,000
All that lot of vacant land having an area of 12,650 sq. ft being Lot No. 20 Block I Unit 3 of the subdivision known and designated
as Fortune Point Subdivision, Freeport, Grand Bahama. Duplex property zoning with a rectangle shape.

II S 0 I 0 0 0 0 I 1 0 a o
~1 Iea'rI [..' .]I sII.1 [I3!LeU Ks Il .'A.'A.'r-1 .]' I-IIe sII m)5 I.1ii5 111 I-ffICe] ii II~1g ~ I [4 US] I f- U I- I~ kU hi F I 1. I [4U]Es[1] : Ik~1~J11111 I-II'~: I IIllI Ks]~ I-

Paqe 22 Section B

AA and Al Anon
The AA (Alcoholics Anomyous)
group of Marsh Harbour meets Mondays
and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. at the Marsh
Harbour Community Library.
The AlAnon group of Marsh Harbour
meets the third Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.
each month at the Marsh Harbour Com-
munity Library.
The AA group in Hope Town meets
Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays
at 6 p.m. at the Hope Town Library.
The AA group and the A1Anon group
meet in the Treasure Cay Community
Center on Mondays at 7:30 p.m.
Please call 357-6511 for additional

January 15, 2008

The Abaconian Page 23 Section B


MU T EL heAbcnian Pg 2


New Providence Properties

Kennedy Subdivision Nassau Appraisal: $188,406.00
L__ ot no. 21 all utilities available 10 year old single story house, 3 bedroom 2
bathroom, living dining area, family room, kitchen, study, laundry and an entry
Heading west along Soldier Road take main entrance to Kennedy Subdivision on
the left, then take the Ist corner on the left, then Ist right House is second on
;. your right with garage.

Lot No. 1490 Appraisal: $162,400.00
Golden Gates Section 2 All that lot of land having an area of 6,000 sq. ft. Being
lot no. 1490 of the subdivision known and designated as Golden Gates, the said
subdivision situated in the southwestern district of New Providence, Bahamas.
This property is comprised of a 25-yr-old single family residence consisting
of approximately 2.480 eq. ft of enclosed living with three bedrooms three
bathrooms, living room and kitchen. The land is on a grade and level; however,
the site appears to be sufficiently elevated to disallow the possibility of flooding
during annual heavy rainy periods of the year. The grounds are fairly kept with
improvements including driveway, walkway and low shrubs. Yard is enclosed on one side with 5-foot chain link fencing and a low
cement block wall to the front.
Traveling west on Carmichae! Road turn left, then right onto the service road opposite Bahamas Faith Ministries Complex, then first left
again after passing clico and pre-school. The subject house is the 6th house left painted green trimmed white.
Lot No. 130, St. Andrews Beach Estates Appraisal: $245,237.00
All that lot of land having an area of 8,100 sq ft, being lot no. 130 of the
subdivision known and designated as St. Andrews Beach Estates, the said
iB subdivision situated in the eastern district of New Providence, Bahamas. Located
N l on the subject property is a structure comprising of an approximately 12 yr. old
duplex apartment consisting of approximately 2,072 sq. ft of enclosed living space
which includes one 3-bedroom I-bath, living, dining rooms, kitchen and utility
room, and one bedroom, I-bath, living /dining rooms and kitchen. The land is on a grade and level; however, the site appears to be
sufficiently elevated to disallow the possibility of flooding during annual heavy rainy periods of the year. The grounds are fairly kept;
the yard is enclosed with chain link fencing at the sides and back with gated access on both sides of the property. The front lawn
section is not enclosed.
Traveling east on Yamacraw Hill Road take the third corner right with sign for St Andrews Beach Estates, then take first left, then first
right, the subject property is the 2nd property on the left side painted beige trimmed orange.

New Providence No. 21 B Fraser Allotment off Soldier

one bath, living and dining areas. Directions to property: Heading East on Soldier,
turn left onto first paved road opposite Lowe's Wholesale, 2nd to last house on the road with chain link fence.
RoadLot No. I Western Shores Appraisal
with 1925 q t of floor area on the ground floor, a porch area of 437 square fleeting
and econd floor area of 735 quare feet. The building is of sound construction
and completed in its entirety. The ground floor comprising of a singl bedrooms, one bath,

a kitchen, dining and family room. The residenceond floor comprises of 3 bedrooms with closets,
S2 ba one bath, living and ivi/dining to prop oms, study, k itchen, utility
turn left onto root paved road opposite Lowe's Wholeale, nd d enclosed garage with electronic door. The

land appears to be sufficiently elevated to disallow the possiblity of flooding during annual heavy rainy periods of the year. The grounds
are fairly well kept with improvements including driveway, walkway and swimming pool. The yard is enclosed with walls.
Traveling west on West Bay Street Go past Orange Hill and Indigo Subdivisions, the house is located on the left near Tusculum
Subdivision and painted all white.
LotMust Sell Lot No. 597 Gardens Appraisal: $133,395Appraisal

SAll that lot of land having an area of 7,389 sq. ft. being
l being lot 7 Meven Rod o f the suubivivion known Phae
II, the said subdivision situated in the Westsouthern District of
BahNew Providence, Bahamasr. Located on the subject property

i a single structure cmprienensising a ingle family residence
on siting of approximately 2,430 sq. t of enclo ed living
space. The residence comprises of 3 bedrooms with closets,

2 bath room, living/dining room, tudy, kitchen, utilityvin
room, porch and en losed garage wity h electronic door The
Must Sell Lot No. 597 Gardens Appraisal: $133,395

consisAll that lot of lan d having an area of 3,200 patios .
being lo 59 Meern Roa ad of the subdivision known
a Yell ow Elder Garden, the evated subdivision the
situated in the southern district of New Providence

f ooi ri ey riy perio e ro Bahamar This property i compringed of a 26 year
old single family residence consisting of approximately

l1,510 q. t of enclosed living pace, with 3 bed room
elng wes n een e ene e including master bedt room, 2 bathroom, living/dining
s d room, kitchen and utility room. Th e res idene alo

cll on i t of a front lt porch and two patio
s.fThe l and i on a grade and level; however, the site
appn eads to be sufficiently elevated to diallow then

possibility of flooding during annual heavy rainy periods. The grounds are fairly kept, with improvement including driveway and
Walkway. The yard i enlo eaaed with chain link fencing
Traveling wet on Melvern Road from the port center road, follow the road to the leftfici the ubject property is the ath property left
situated between Zris Court and the Richie Court, painted white trimmed yellow.

Lot No. 382 Winton Meadows Appraisal: $365,000
All that piece, parcel or lot of land having an area of 8,300

rq. t. being lot No. 382 itu ated i n t he ubdiviion kno a t
d Wintonre house sid the said ubdivison ituated in the Eastern
District of the island of New Providence, Bahamas. This
property is comprised of a 24 year old single family residence
with an attached efficiency (formerly the carport) consisting
of approximately 2,675 sq. ft. of enclosed living area, front
porch 198 sq. ft., back patio 380 sq. ft The building is a two
storey house. Besides the efficiency apartment, the house is
comprised of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, inclusive of a master
bedroom suite upstairs, foyer, front room, dining room,
family room, powder room, utility room, breakfast nook and
kitchen downstairs. Climate control is provided by ducted central air conditioning with air circulation enhanced by ceiling fans and
other amenities. Quality of construction: average. Stanadard of maintenance: average. Effective age: seven year (7) The land is on flat
terrain; however, the site appears to be sufficiently elevated to disallow the possibility of flooding under normal weather conditions,
including annual heavy rainy periods. The grounds are well kept, with improvements including neatly maintained lawns with flowering
trees and a concrete garden/storage shed which is located in the backyard. The yard is enclosed along the sides with chain link fencing
and concrete block walls that are topped with metal railings and metal gates at the front and back.
Traveling east on Prince Charles Drive pass the street light at Fox Hill Road until you get to Meadows Boulevard, turn right onto
Meadows Boulevard, go south and take the 4th left, then Ist right The subject house is the 2nd house on the left side painted beige
trimmed white.

New Providence Properties

Investment Opportunity Must Sell
Lot No. 217 Pinewood Gardens Subdivision Appraisal: $127,988
All that lot of land having an area of 5,000 sq. ft. being Lot No.
217 of the subdivision known as Pinewood Gardens the said
subdivision situated in the Southern District of New Providence,
SBahamas. Located on this property is a structure comprising of
an approximately 20 yr. old single family residence consisting
f Aof 992 sq. ft of enclosed living space with 3 bedrooms, I
bathroom, living/dining rooms, kitchen, driveway and walkway.
The land is on a grade and level and appears to be sufficiently
elevated to disallow the possibility of flooding. The grounds are
fairly kept and yard is open.
Traveling South on East Street to the junction of Soldier Road, make a left at the light, then turn right into Kennedy Subdivision. Go all
the way to T-junction, turn right, then first left, then right again toward Mount Tabor Church building. After passing Mount Tabor take
first left (Sapodilla Blvd.). The subject house is about 400 yards on the right painted yellow trimmed green with green and white door.

Lot No. 3 Yamadraw Beach Estates Appraisal: $313,016
All that lot of land having an area of 10,000 sq. ft. being
Lot No. 3 in Yamacraw Beach Estates in the said subdivision
situated in the eastern district of New Providence, Bahamas.
Located on the subject property is a single storey triplex
building comprising of 3 units with two 2-bedrooms, I-
bathroom, living, dining, kitchen apartment units and one unit
S- being used as a barber and beauty salon, the land is on a
grade and level; however, the site appears to be sufficiently
elevated to disallow the possibility of flooding during annual
heavy rainy periods of the year.
Traveling south on Fox Hill Road, go past Yamacraw Hill Road and Joe Farrington Road. The subject property is located on the left hand
side of Fox Hill Road painted white trimmed brown.

Lot No. 1056 Pinewood Gardens
Subdivision Appraisal: $144,977
All that lot of land having an area of 5,000 sq. ft. being Lot
No. 1056 of the subdivision known as Pinewood Gardens,
the said subdivision situated in the southern district of New
Providence, Bahamas. Located on this property is a structure
comprising of an approximately 10 yr. old single family
residence consisting of approximately 1,205 sq. ft of enclosed
living space with 3 bedrooms with closets, 2 bathrooms, linen
closet, living and dining rooms, kitchen and covered front
porch. The land is slightly elevated to disallow the possibility
of flooding the grounds are fairly kept.
Traveling south on East Street to Sapodilla Boulevard, turn
right at Thatch Palm Street, turn left onto Rosewood Street
The subject property is the second on the right hand side painted blue trimmed white.

Eleuthera Properties

Lot No. 62, Lower Bogue Eleuthera Appraisal: $235,638
All that piece, parcel or lot of land and improvements in the settlement of Lower
Bogue, North Eleuthera, being No. 62, comprising of about 34,210 sq. ft. This
site encompasses a 12-year-old single storey home comprising of 4 bedrooms, 3
bathrooms, front room, dining, breakfast room, kitchen and laundry room with a
total living area of approximately 2,342.06. Property also includes a double car
garage and front entrance with a total sq. ft. of approximately 655.75. This home
is approximately 85% completed. The property is well landscaped with crab grass and some fruit trees.
Lot No. 7. Boiling Hole Subdivision Appraisal: $153,521.00
This property is situated on the western side of Eleuthera Highway in the
settlement of Lower Bogue.
All that piece, parcel or lot of land and inprovernents situated on the Island of
Eleuthera, North of Governor's Harbour, comprising of Lot No. 7 in the Boiling Hole

room, dining room and kitchen with a gross floor area of approximately 1,474,20
sq. ft, and covered porch area of approximately 164.70 sq. ft. This duplex was built in accordance with the plan and specification as
approved, and at a standard that was acceptable to the Ministry of Public Works. This structure is in good condition. Each apartment
could be rented at $800.00 per month. The land is landscaped and planted with ficus trees but needs some manicuring.
Eleuthera Lot No. I, Block No. 45 Appraisal: $151,007.00
All that place parcel or lot of land having an area of 9,644 sq, ft, being lot #1
In block 45, Section E In the subdivision called and known as Eleuthera Island
Shores Subdivision, situated In the vicinity of Hatchet Bay Harbour, on the Island
of Eleuthera, one of the Islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. This site
encompasses a two-storey building which is approximately 14 yrs. old and Is
abandoned. There Is a wooden landing approximately 7'-4" wide by 20'-0" on the
upper level, approximately 1,610 sq. ft of enclosed living space, with 3-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms, front room, dining room, den, kitchen,
and utility room. The wooden porch on the upper level approximately 148 sq. ft There Is also a water cistern under the dining room
floor area. All utilities and services available. This property is situated in Eleuthera Island Shores.

Abaco Properties

Dundas Town Crown Alloment Appraisal $265,225.00
One two bedrooms, I bathroom, triplex. Approximately 9,000 sq. ft. lot no. 18B
with an area for a small shop. Age-12 years the land is a portion of one of the
Dundas Town Crown Allotment parcels stretching from Forest Drive to Front Street,
being just under a quarter acre in size and on the lowside. A concrete block
structure, with asphalt shingle roof and L-shape in design with a total length of
70 x 26 ft. Plus 50 x 22 ft. 2,920 sq. Ft the interior walls are concrete blocks;
ceiling is sheet rock and the floors of vinyl tiles.
Portion of Murphy Town Crown Allotment, Murphy Town, Abaco. Appraisal: $108,000
The property is 890 x 100 ft and rectangular in shape. The land is elevated
approximately 15 ft above road level and approximately 25 ft above sea level.
Located on this property is a 20 yr old three bedroom, two bathroom, living,
dining, kitchen and laundry room house. The structure requires much attention.

Fo0odiin 0 of slano h 6r 0 c Philip 0 0i t @ 24 023 0 7 7

kemai[ pil te] mIrr r C i20 3 [ e )[il[harry51] lie c iaban11Ico]
To view properties go to: wwwll'r stopnshopbahamas1IIIcom Click on "Real Estate Mail" Click on doorway "Enter Online Store"III IIII~~ I

SChurch News

Worship Service
By Jennifer Hudson
Members of five Abaco churches
gathered at the Epworth Chapel Meth-
odist Church in Cherokee on October 14
for a combined worship service. Joining
with the congregations of St. Andrews
Methodist Church in Dundas Town,
St. James Methodist Church in Hope
Town and the Epworth Chapel were the
congregations of the Cherokee Assem-
bly of God and the Kirk of the Pines
Presbyterian Church in Marsh Harbour.
This great service of praise and worship
was moderated by the Rev. Dr. Steven
Hale, Minister in charge of the Method-
ist Churches of the Eastern Abaco Dis-
Visiting speaker from Nassau was the
Rev. Dr. Laverne Lockhart, Vice Presi-
dent of the Bahamas Methodist Confer-
ence, who preached an inspiring sermon
entitled God is always speaking to us.
He based his sermon on the story of Ni-
codemus, who was a risk taker, and the
message he preached was that following

Jesus is a risky business. He stated that
there are three types of people:
Risk takers those willing to gam-
ble everything.
Caretakers those who watch out
for others but take care of themselves.
Undertakers those who bury ev-
erything and their gifts.
"We must be willing to take risks to
follow Jesus," he stated. "What are these
risks? Letting the spirit blow through
our lives, giving up control of our lives
and taking a leap of faith in someone we
cannot see. We will then find a quality
of life which is drastically different; fol-
lowing Jesus leads us to eternal life."
Persons from each of the congrega-
tions took part in the service, and de-
lightful musical items were presented by
the various church choirs.
Following this joyful and inspiration-
al service, the congregation gathered at
the W.W. Sands Community Centre to
partake of a delicious fellowship meal
provided by the ladies of the Epworth
Methodist Chapel.

of wines
A complete line of
spirits, liquors,
beers, cigarettes
Bahiba Cigars

service with
a SMILE !!!


Monday Saturday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Ph : 366-0525- VHF 16

give your loved


Ask us about:

ones the gift of


at Abaco Beach Resort & Boat Harbour


242-461-1000 1 www.babtinancial.com British
Freeport 242-352-7209 Exuma 242-336-3035 Abaco 242-367-5601 OA rler ian


Call us today. We provide
Financial Solutions for Life!

Now you can become part of an exclusive island neighborhood with five star amenities
nght outside your door Offering fully appointed, luxury residences with spectacular views -
all nestled within lush gardens and cradled by the dazzling waters of The Sea of Abaco.
Make it more than just a vacation getaway...make it your year round paradise!!

Marsh Harbour, Abaco, The Bahamas P.O. Box AB 20669
Fax: 242-367-4633 VHF Channel 16 www.abacobeachresort.com
Direct Line: 1-242-367-2589 Toll Free: 1-800-401-1056 residences@dbacobeachresortcom

Persons wishing to complete their bachelors degree,
please contact Ms. Ruth Flowers at the Administrator's
office in Marsh Harbour at 242-367-3000.

SHoe Town's Newest & Finest

Hope Town
1I \ &/ i(

* A Fixed Rate Annuity of 5.75%
* British American Investment Funds

Ah-wbr dh. cbaulhoctp a
d a04mnfthwutfn aontroof

draMn$M Ri1F OP


Page 24 Section B The Abaconian

January 15, 2008

Janar 1, 00 Th Aacnin aqe25Setin

Drinking &



Corner Value
Liquid Propane Gas
LPG Tanks refilled
SLPG Appliances by

SMagic Chef
Maytag Appliances


Household Goods
Clothing, Shoes
Hallmark Cards
Queen Elizabeth Drive
One Block East of the Traffic Light
P 0 Box AB20490, Marsh harbour
Phone 367-2250

Buying? Selling? Need Qualified Help? Want more business?
A low cost ad in The Abaconian can bring fast results Call 367-3202

Special Investment Opportunity

19+ acres of prime Abaco property

Property runs highway to sea

Protected creek on sea front

Electricity and cable on highway

Five minutes by boat to Treasure Cay

View of Sea of Abaco and nearby cays

This property has tremendous possibilities,

especially for marina type facility

For more information call owner William

242-356-7848 or 242-324-1328

Priced NETT $1.2 mil

Get in on the Bahamas' Boom

Houses and Land For Rent and For Sale

Minimum for 3 lines in one issue $9
Picture and 4 lines $25
Additional lines at $2 per line
Display classified $18 per column
We can take the photo within the Marsh
Harbour area or use your photo.
Call 242-367-2677 Fax 242-367-3677

Bahama Palm Shores Block #3 Lot #23 80'
x 125' $50,000 OBO Tel 367-3202, 577-1690,
242-337-0171, 242-357-1274 ladyfcl2@hot-
Bahama Palm Shores for sale by owner, large
comer lot in a beautiful, small, well established
community. Few minutes walk to beautiful
ocean beach. Tel: 367-0111
Blackwood, Abaco, 3 cottages, all rented.
$330,000 net Call 359-6234 or 365-8622 after
5 pm
Cherokee Sound house for sale by owner,
3 bedroom, 2 bath. For more info call 242-
Elbow Cay's Best Houses and Land, rentals
and sales, Hope Town Hideaways. Call 242-
366-0224 or fax 242-366-0434. On the internet
at www.hopetown.com
Great Guana Cay
* 5 houses for sale, call for details
* 60 lots starting at $125,000 and up
* Ocean lots starting at %575,000
* Hilltop lots starting at $155,000
* Bay lots starting at $375,000
Contact 365-5181 or 367-2719
Hope Town, Abaco, hillside lot 100'x124',
Lucayos Subdivision No. 2, Shared dock, boat
basin, paved road. $169,000 Call 386-441-7041
or coconutcliff@aol.com


Man-O-War 8 acres sea to sea, 4 cottages, will
divide. 100 ft. dock, 800 ft water front. Contact
242-357-6700 or 772-321-5613
Marsh Harbour, Cove Estates House 3 bed/
2 /2 bath, also 1 bed/ 1 bath apartment. Call
367-5586 or 367-5354
Marsh Harbour Townhouse, large, 1500 sf.
harbour view, 2 bedrm, 2 1/2 bath with a study,
large attic, jacuzzi, in heart of beautiful Marsh
Harbour's tourist district, across from large re-
sort hotel and marina and close to all restaurants,
nightlife, car and boat rentals. Unit has weekly
rental income potential and long term executive
rental income possibilities. Great invetment.
$260,000 gross. Call 359-6455 of 362-1021
Scotland Cay Private island with runway and
airpark. Four building complex (sleeps 10) on
300' oceanfront beach. Ferry service. Tennis,
2 boats/protected dock, 2 golf carts, spa, pool
table, internet, TV, fireplace. Turnkey. Bruce
Burgess cell 954 632 4966, home 954 566 6096,
Details at www. summercampabacos.com
Scotland Cay 4 bedroom house on beach.
$860,000 Email: jimnav@msn.com
Treasure Cay, brand new luxury water front
condos with deep water docks. 1-800-545-0395

Treasure Cay luxury waterfront condo devel-
opment, protected harbour, deep water dock
slip and garage included. 866-631-6914 or
242-577-0098 www.halyardquay.com

BAHAMAS VACATIONS 100+ private Out
Island homes, resorts, villas for rent. Free list-
ing. Call 1-800-462-2426
http://www.bahamasvacations. com
Central Pines Estates, 2 bed/ 1 bath, newly
furnished, washer & drier, split unit A/C, Phone
and cable ready. Fenced-in grassed yard. Ready
now. First, last & security to move in. Call
Bernadette Hall on 367-0699 for applicaton
Great Cistern 2 br 1 bath apt, Beautifully
furnished, $1500 per month. Ph 225-1697 or
Hope Town Specialist. A collection of upscale
homes with pools, private docks, etc., ideal
for special occasions, reunions, honeymoons.
Hope Town Hideaways 242-366-0224 or hope-
town. com
Marsh Harbour Gov. Subdivision 2 bed-
room 1 bath apt. For more info call 367-2951
or 367-2633
Marsh Harbour Regattas condo upscale
1,150 sq. ft. 2 bed 2 bath beachfront apartment.
Quality built interior, modem, luxury amenities.
$2,800 p/m. Call 367-5046
Marsh Harbour, 2 bed/ 2 bath, brand new,
unfurnished, located off Stede Bonnet Drive.
Price $1200/ mo. Call 357-6608 cell/ Treco

Marsh Harbour Townhouse, new, large 2 bed,
2 1/2 bath tastefully furnished, central air, with
beautfiul harbor view, in heart of Marsh Har-
bour, very near Abaco Beach Resort Hotel and
Marina and close to all restaurants, nightlife,
car and boat rentals. Only $1500/ month. Call
359-6455 or 362-1021
Marsh Harbour 2 bdrm fully furnished apt in
Regattas. Turn key with pillow top mattresses,
rattan furniture, flat screen TV and DVD play-
er. Pool and tennis courts on property. Move
in today. Call Billy Albury 242-557-2008 or
Michael Albury at 577-0700 for full details
Marsh Harbour Cove Estates 1 bed/ 1 bath
apt. fully furnished. $800/ mo. 359-6303 or
Sweetings Village, Marsh Harbour, newly
refurbished/ fully furnished, 2 bed/ 2 bath, gen-
erator, well water/ RO system, water softener,
8' wooden fenced backyard enclosure, 50' patio
in back yard, storage house. $2,200/ mo. Must
see to appreciate. Call 357-6608 cell/ Treco
Sweetings Village, Marsh Harbour brand new
2 bed/ 2 bath apt. available, fully furnished.
$1200/ mo. 259-6303 or 577-0171
Near Treasure Cay 2 bed, 2 bath, furnished
waterfront cottage. $1,000 per month. 365-
8506/ 365-8582

Buying? Selling?
Need Qualified Help?
Want More Business
A low cost ad like this
can bring fast results
Call 367-3202 Fax 367-3201

January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Page 25 Section B

Page 26 Section B The Abaconian

January 15, 2008

Cays From Page 4
charm and beautiful weather.
The producers sought further talent to
model their new spring line by holding a
local audition. Twelve young ladies pre-
sented themselves and three were chosen to
be included in the catalog along with Blair
and the other models. Their shoot involved
two days at Green Turtle Club, one day
at Villa Pascha on Green Turtle Cay and
two days at Bahama Beach Club in Trea-
sure Cay.

Bird Count From Page 15

count day were Yellow-crowned Night-
heron, Magnificent Frigatebird, Limpkin,
Bahama Swallow and Indigo Buntings.
They count toward the overall total of 101.
Notably absent from this years' count were
Green-winged Teal, Cattle Egret, Least
Sandpiper and Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
but all in all it was a very successful count
on a beautiful sunny day with a gentle
breeze to ameliorate the heat. It may be
hard to beat our total number of 101 spe-
cies next year but we'll sure give it a try
and hopefully have some of you join us for
an adventurous day. I thank all the partici-
pants for their great effort.

Everyone managing a marina and are
concerned with hurricanes should consider
attending a symposium directed to hurri-
cane protection for marinas. It will be held
in Orlando on March 4 and 5 and is spon-
sored by BoatUS, the Marine Industries
Association of South Florida, the Marine
Industries Association of Florida and the
Association of Marina Industries.
Topics will include
* Hauling and preping boats ashore
* Moving and preping boats in the water
* Hardening your docks and boatyards
* Legal issues

* Marinas that survived actual experi-
* Other topics and discussions. Vendors
will have hurricane related marina prod-
ucts on display.
Interested persons may sign up or get
information online at www.boatus.com/
This is the second symposium. A review
of the first symposium held last year can
be found in the Southwinds magazine April
2007 issue at www.southwindsmagazine.

Eastern Abaco Region of

The Methodist Church

tpwortn unapel
Cherokee Sound
Sunday Services
11 a.m. & 7 p.m.
Mission House 366-2249

Cell 466-9090
All are welcome
to worship
with us
St. Andrews Methodist
Dundas Town
Sunday Services
11 a.m & 7 p.m.
Office 367-3050
Manse 367-4647

St. James Methodist
Hope Town
Sunday Services 9:30 & 11
Mission House 366-0400

New Vision Ministries

Sunday Worship 11:00 a.m.
Sunday Kids' Korner 9:30 a.m.
Tuesday Interactive Bible Study 7:30 p.m.
Thursday Prayer Time 12:10 p.m. & 7:30 pm
Friday Youth Night (high school & up) 7:30 p.m.
Pastors I Leaders
Derek Benjamin Ted Pearce David Lowe
Youth Pastor: Chris Pinder
For Directions call 242-367-3324

Dundas Town Church of God
Where Everybody Is Somebody and Jesus Is Lord!

Prayer Meeting 6:00 a.m.
Sunday School 9:45 a.m.
Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
Evening Worshin 6:00 p.m.
Jesus Saves

We exist to:
Reach, Develop,
Train, Love
and Send
Weekdays (Prayer Meeting)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 5:00 a.m.
Monday Night 7:00 p.m.
Wednesday Night F.T.H. 7:00 p.m.
Friday Youth Night 7:00 p.m.
Tuesday, Thursday Family Night

For Transportation call Rev. Jerry Cornish at 367-2457
or 367-4719 (church) or contact Bro. Val Nesbitt at 367-5565
Bishop Anthony Campbell
242-367-4718 or cell phone 242-457-5565 Dtcog@coralwave.com

business service directory

Abaco Island Pharmacy
Prescriptions Testing
Beauty Supplies Vitamins
Ricardo Miller, Pharmacist
Hours 8:30 am 6 pm
S Sundays 9 am 12 Noon
Ph. 367-2544
Cell 554-8183
Dove Plaza, Marsh Harb.
Fax 367-6544
i islanpharmacy@comyahoo
www. abacoislandpharmacy.com




Marble Granite* Ceramic
Porcelain Mud Work Kitchens
Bathrooms Entire Home

La Ofic : 911 67
--Office : 367-0630

Sick Copier?
Call the Copier Doctor
We make house calls!
Most brands serviced
We make business quality rubber stamps:
Deposit Stamps, Daters, Address Stamps
Self-inking and traditional styles
Call 367-4709

Professional Cleaning Service
Specialized in cleaning newly constructed
buildings residential and commercial
Window cleaning
Serious inquires
Call 367-0333 Cell 559-8538

Straw Baskets Shirts Hats
Casual Wear Gifts Souvenirs
Located Don MacKay Blvd. and Airport
Phone 367-2431 Marsh Harbour
Mon- Sat 7:30 5 Sun 10 5
Visa and MasterCard Accepted


Pest Control
Troy P itchard Technician
'Pie 4et in Test!!!
e Hope Town, Abaco

Tel: 366-0682
Cell: 577-0259
Email: jabbyfamily@hotmail.com

Big Cat Equipment
Rentals: Backhoe, D3 Tractor,
Payloader, Dump Truck
Services: Land clearing, Trenching
Fill, rock and sand

S ---- Fax: 242-367-2464
Tel: 242-367-2655 367-5250
Cell #: 477-5322 359-6839

Beulah Wong's Photography
Photography is not just about taking a picture..
It's about capturing moments
Specializing in
Weddings, Christenings, Anniversaries, etc.
SP.O. Box AB 20036
Casuarina Point
Abaco, Bahamas

Tel. 1-242-544-6295

Much Needed Services
What's Your Time Worth?
You name the service,
we will do our best to provide it
Pick up prescriptions from pharmacy
Pay bills BEEC, Batelco, Cable
Grocery shopping
Pick up and take children to school
Clean up after functions private party, etc
We will come to you
Call 242-367-0333 / 559-8538

Symposium will focus on

hurricanes and marinas



If you would like your church listed here, call 367-2677


_ ~,,,~i




Check out The Abaconian online at


By Mirella Santillo
As of January 1st, 2008, Mr. James
Richard, the Principal of Forest Heights
Academy, took over the presidency of
Friends of the Environment from Mr. Mi-
chael Albury, who announced his resigna-
tion in December.
Mr. Richard is not a new comer within
the organization, having filled the position
of Chairman of the Education Committee
for the last three years and the role of Vice
President since the beginning of 2007.

However, his new title will present him
with a challenge as he will be more in-
volved in the running of the organization.
"But there is a good staff in place," com-
mented the new President.
What are his visions for the agency?
"I would like to be more 'in consultation'
with the government and developers," he
stated. Mr. Richard said that most potential
developers consult Friends of the Environ-
ment before investing on the island, but he
would like to see the organization act as
adviser to the government as to which land
is more environmentally suitable than other
for development.
His second goal is to continue the em-
phasis on the educational program, adding
one weekly after-school program to teach
children about recycling and eco-system
protection. The program will take place at
the new education center located within the
new premises of the organization.
The fund raising agenda for the first
part of the year includes the yearly Reef
Ball planned for March 1st, several Native
Plant Fairs to take place in Marsh Harbour,
Treasure Cay and Hope Town. Mark your
calendars for Earth Day on April 25th.

IItemu Iuvl e s

Minimum for 3 lines in one issue $9
Picture and 4 lines $25
Additional lines at $2 per line
Display classified $18 per column inch
We can take the photo within the Marsh
Harbour area or use your photo.
Call 242-367-2677 Fax 242-367-3677

Position available at the Green Turtle Club
on Green Turtle Cay for a "Line Cook."
Possible housing available for single individual.
Salary based on experience. Resumes should be
forwarded to Lynn Johnson, General Manager
.Contact info lynn@greenturtleclub.com or
via fax 242-365-4272
Absentee owner of a beautiful property on
Scotland Cay is looking for a man & wife,
full time, caretakers. Couple responsibilities
include property maintenance, gardening,
cleaning & cooking. No smoking, drinking or
children. Please call 786-564-3955
Wanted live-in babysitter and housekeeper
in Crossing Rocks, Abaco. Ph: 366-3260
Shenika or David

Personal Assistant for hire. Run errands, pay
bills, light shopping, light housework, pick up
your kids from school. Contact Ms. Sands @
357-6842 References Available

4 Post Bamboo Day Bed $1000 Water Hya-
cinth Queen Bed $1200 For more information
call 367-0521
2 4-seater dining sets $200 each. 1 coffee table
$35. Call 357-6536
TV, brand new in box, element 32" HDLCD
$1000 Screw driver set in box New in box
$100 Call 366-4037

For all your vertical and mini-blind needs
contact Sidney Albury at 367-2091 or 367-2031.
Sales and Service

30 K Diesel Generator $6000. Ph 559-9749


96 Honda Accord, right hand drive, silver.
Rf non Oan Call 157-6836

Wanted Daysailer sailboat 18' to 27'. Good
condition. Ph 440-967-3935

13' Boston Whaler Dauntless w/ center con-
sole, 50 HP Mariner outboard, good condition,
in White Sound, Elbow Cay. $4,500. Call 386-
673-4450 or email bill@wrarmstrongpa.com
16' Hobie Cay with trailer, ready to sail.
$1,500 Ring James at 366-2023

- I 21- a

18' Fiberglass w/ 55 Mariner. in excellent
condtion and great for crawfishing, etc. Call
366-2071 for price
19.5' Spanish Wells built boat 3 yrs. old,
115 HP 4 stroke Yamaha. Ready to fish. Call

z2' Saga z2, 2UUU, 8 beam, 2/" draft, built
in Norway, double-ender, cuddy cabin, inboard
diesel. 1/4 gal an hour, fully loaded. trailer
included. DUTY PAID. Perfect for Sea of
Abaco $26,900 Call 843-822-5544

23' Mako 140 HP Mercury, low hours. 10,000.
Contact National Marine for details 367-2326
25' Mako 1979, center console, hydraulic
steering, VHF, fish finder, outriggers, down
rod, starboard hatch, Bimini top, cushions, all
in beautiful condition, 225 Evinrude engine just
completed serviced, bottom painted. $15,500
Call 365-8188

zo' 199I Kegulator, Iwm zz3nip Evmrude
ETEC motors. 1 year old, very low hours, 2
years left on warranty. T-top with outriggers,
rocket launcher seat, hydraulic steering, fresh
and saltwater washdown, livewell, trim tabs,
VHF radio, running lights, DUTY PAID. Fast,
smooth, exceptionally dry ride. Surprisingly
good on gas. Great for fishing or family cruis-
ing. $56,000. Call Jeff 366-0282

30' Scarab with cuddy cabin, great condition.
Hull completely refurbished in 2006. Painted
white awlgrip, 2 bilge pumps, sound system,
VHF, new cushions, cosole cover, rocket
launcher seat, new battery switch and wiring.
Asking $16,000 OBO. Hull only. Call Charles
Pinder @ 357-6982

31'4" Stapleton Sportsfish, single CAT
3208T, 11' beam, 2 helms, 2 depth sounders,
VHF, CD/stereo, live well, salt water wash
down, heavy duty outriggers, Bahamian Regis-
tered. Asking $39,900. Call 242-366-0266
75' Steel Hull, "No Opinion," 22' beam,
2 baths, sleeps 9, 2 freezers, depth finder,
satellite radio, stove, microwave, 2 TV's, ice
machine, stand-up cooler, white & blue. Call
for info 333-5180, 551-0315, 359-7256


Classified Ads in

The Abaconian

Bring Results

Call 367-2677

To Place Your Ad

Mr. James Richard is new

President of Friends

For Lease:


in Guana Cay

Huge Potential!

Call 365-5238

Page 27 Section B


January 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Pae2 eto h baoin Jnay1,20

bLris Thompson Real r

"Offering the Islands Most xclusive Listin

Purple Porpoise Place, hope Town, Abaco,

ph 2+2.56 6.o 1 6


fax 242.566.022z

bb, -,

exclusive L

SERENITY,White Sound, Elbow Cay
Private paradise located on peninsula with 667ft.
of waterfront. 4 bed/2 bath, detached gazebos,
pool, bbq, outdoor showers, generator, water-
maker and private dock. Shown by appointment

Hope Town harbour,
beautiful home with large
private dock, 4 Bed/4
Bath. Excellent rental
potential. Offered at
$2,300 ,000

front lot 1/2+ acre, suit-
able for main and guest
cottage, ad-jacent to
private Dor-ros Cove
community at south end
of Elbow Cay, close to
restaurant and marina
\ $750,000

Little Orchard, Marsh
Harbour 2 bedroom/2
bath house, perfect
family home or excel-
lent rental potential.
Located close to restau-
rants, marina and beach
$236,000 SOLD

Ekali Estates 5
single family homes
overlooking the Sea of
Abaco all with private
deeded dock slips. Ex-
cellent rental history,
and just minutes to
historic HopeTown or
Tahiti Beach, starting
at $675,000
perfect spot for private home or villa, great North End beaches.
ithin short walking distance and restaurants and shopping just
minutes away in Hope Town Settlement, $750,000

istin s

Private residential gated marina community all lots
/2 acre inclusive of dock slip at marina. Ocean and/or
Sea of Abaco views from each lot. ONLY 5 LOTS
REMAINING. Starting at $740,000

Secluded North End of
Elbow Cay oceanfront
villa 2/bed and 2/bath with
incredible sunrises, short
distance to Hope Town
settlement, and great rent-
al potential,

New custom home over-
looking historic Hope
Town Harbour, 2 bed/2
bath with dock. Turn key
and recent rental history.

Hope Town 5 bed / 4
bath ocean front turn key
home on beautiful sandy
beach, located north of
historic Hope Town set-
tlement. Open decking,
beautiful decor and exel-
lent rental history.
Under Contract

Spectacular sunsets at this
3 Bed/3 Bath home on the
Sea of Abaco in private,
Dorros Cove commu-
nity. Wrap around decks,'
incredible elevation and
large private dock.

Private Islands
Investment Fropertj
Waterfront homes and Land
acreage project/Fropertu Management
Ji XCIusive Agents for obatt Lowees Carer s |

Chris Thompson, broker Greg Roberts, Broker




White Sound
Hilltop lot adjacent to Aunt Pats
Bay in White Sound. 1/3 acre
with private dock slip and views
of the Sea of Abaco and Atlantic

BREAKEtRS Ocean front
lot located in White Sound on
one of the best surf spots and
just steps away to marina and
restaurants. Hope Town settle-
ment is just a short ride away.
Can be subdivided. Offered at
Lots #13 & #14 with dockage
on White Sound Bay $495.000
Lot #18 with dock slip and ocean
views $362,000
Lot #21 with dock slip and
panaramic views SOLD
Lot # 43 with dock slip and
ocean/sea view $365,000
3 acres on Sea of Abaco, north
of pond $730,000
I acre north of pond on Sea of
Abaco $365,000

Page 28 Section B The Abaconian

January 15, 2008

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