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0 The



VOLUME 15, NUMBER 5 MARCH 1st, 2008

Junkanoo featured junior and senior groups

Costumes, floats, music and dancing entertained crowds
By Julian Lockhart
Thousands of Bahamians and foreign-
ers lined Don MacKay Boulevard for the
long awaited Junkanoo parade On Abaco on
February 21st for a fun-filled evening of
dancing, art work and great music.
The Abaco Junkanoo Committee had
to postpone the parade, which is usually
held during the Christmas holiday because
of lack of financial support. But the delay
gave the groups more than enough time to
IRV. definitely make it worth the wait.
?For the first time the junior and senior
parades was combined and a number of
persons complained that it took too long
with both parades on the same night, es-
pecially considering many had to work the
C' next morning.
However, those who stayed were treated
-k 0.with "the best Junkanoo parade Abaco has
I ever had," according to one Abaconian, as
the school groups got Don MacKay Boule-
.... ` ,vard rocking and the adult groups kept the
groove flowing throughout the late night.
p ,- .; The colors were vibrant from purples
. to blues and reds and the dancers;young
and old whined to the beat of the goat-skin
The sound of drums and brass instruments preceded the Spring City Rockers, the first place winners of the Senior Junkanoo. Their and old whined to the beat of the goat-skin
h............ .. ... ,t -),t... A4dWh "dl "d :. .. ... .. .la ...........................W;drums and the cowbells.

anner, announcing the theme Out of Af
fors, feathered head gear, colors and movement characterized their costumes. See more photos on pages 16 and 17.

Please see Rush Page 30

Labour Relations Workshop

feature Nassau speakers

The Minister of State for Finance, the Hon. Zhivargo Laing, center, was the keynote
speaker at a Labour Relations Workshop organized by the Abaco C1iaml',, of Com-
merce. He gave an inspirational talk on employers and employees working together

to benefit everyone. Administrator Cephas
President of the CIi,,i.i,, is on the left.
By Jennifer Hudson
The Abaco Chamber of Commerce
presented a Labour Relations Workshop
entitled Building Bridges and Making
Connections on February 20 in the Angli-
can Hall in Marsh Harbour. Mr. Michael
Albury, President of the Abaco Chamber
of Comerce, opened the seminar with a
welcome for keynote speaker, the Hon.
Zhivargo Laing, Minister of State for Fi-
Mr. Laing spoke on the topic Connect-
ing Employers and Employees to Build
a World Class Work Force. He opened
by stating a basic question people should

Cooper is on the left and Michael Albury,

ask themselves: "What is the ultimate
aim of this nation and what do we seek to
achieve?" He declared, "We should ulti-
mately be trying to create a society where
each Bahamian and legal non-Bahamian
resident can pursue his/her hopes, dreams
and aspirations in freedom and with rea-
sonable expectation and can be successful
subject to his/her own abilities."
"Hopes, dreams and aspirations have
to be financed; health care, education
and comfortable retirement cost money.
This money is gained through paid em-
Please see Chamber Page 2

Advance Clocks One Hour

SMarch 9
Daylight Savings Time begins 2 a.m. March 9. Set your
clocks ahead one hour either at bedtime on Saturday eve-
ning, March 8 or on Sunday morning, March 9.

Court Upholds Baker's Bay Ruling

Baker's Bay Golf and Ocean Club won
another victory on February 18 in its legal
battle with opponents of the development.
President Dame Joan Sawyer, Justice
Lorris Gantpatsingh and Justice Em-
manuel Osadeby of the Court of Appeal
unanimously dismissed the Save Guana
Cay Reef Association's (SGCRA) appeal
and upheld Justice Norris Carroll's Oc-
tober 12, 2006, Supreme Court ruling in
favor of development.
Responding to the decision Mike Meld-
man, Chairman and CEO of Discovery
Land Company, the developers of Baker's
Bay, said he was pleased with the Court's
decision. "It's good news. We know we
are doing things the right way at Baker's
Bay. We have respected and continue to
respect the people, the laws and the envi-
ronment of The Bahamas and we're just

happy that the courts have recognized
this," he said.
The ruling by the Court of Appeal is
a welcomed and positive affirmation for
the Baker's Bay project, according to Dr.
Livingston Marshall, Sr. VP, Environ-
mental and Community Affairs at Baker's
Bay. "We have never felt that the con-
cerns of the SGCRA should have to be
pressed through the Bahamian courts.
Discovery Land Company and Baker's
Bay came to The Bahamas with an excel-
lent project concept and, through a very
public consultative process that included
individuals involved in SGCRA, made it
an even better project. Today's Court of
Appeal ruling has boosted our commit-
ment to building the most environmen-
tally sensitive development The Bahamas
has ever seen," he concluded.

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The Abaconian
9945 NW 88th Ave
Medley, FL 33178
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Permit #2438



Team work is required for good labour relations

Chamber From Page 1
ployment or invested capital. This requires
productive participation between workers
and employees. There are 160,000 eligible
workers in the Bahamas today and 90 per-
cent of these are gainfully employed.
The Bahamas' economy had a recent an-
nual Gross Domestic Product of $6.5 bil-
lion which is actually less than the Miami
airport takes in in one year. We are a small
country and must start looking outwards to
the larger market of the world. The Baha-
mas has the highest per capital income in
the Caribbean and the third highest in the
Americas (after the United States and Can-
ada). Barbados, which ranks fourth, has
only half of the income of the Bahamas."
Mr. Laing went on to list what he termed
Three Stark Realities
The real GDP (Gross Domestic Prod-
uct) per capital has been stagnant over the
last 30 years.
There is global competitiveness in the
economy; tourism and financial services
have dwindled.
We still do not have sufficient domes-
tic capacity to capitalize our own economic
growth. We are dependent on large inter-
national loans for growth.
"The good news, however, is that every
reality can be reversed," he told his audi-
ence and listed several ways in which this
can be achieved."
Leaders of government, education, busi-
ness and civics must adopt an evangelical
message to develop the right mind set.
People must not settle for mediocrity
but must continue to upgrade skills and
be an expert on The Bahamas and how it
works. One must constantly be developing
oneself. We have enormous control over

our own destinies and must not say 'people
are keeping me back.' If we do not do bet-
ter, then companies across the world will
beat us out.
Employee ownership must become a
more established option in the Bahamian
workplace. Employees should share in
profit and loss and so have a feeling of in-
vested interest.
Regarding unions, Mr Laing said that
they and the employers must have increas-
ing regard for each other and together they
must understand each other's interests.
For businesses to prosper, Mr. Laing
suggested that there should be
regular and consistent meetings which
could be done via Internet or other means.
intelligent dialogue based on soundly
researched positions.
a willingness to follow through on
recommendations that emerge from the
A question and answer period followed
in which the audience asked questions and
expressed their concerns on such subjects
as the gross domestic product, the problem
of poor service in tourism related indus-
tries, government granted concessions, the
possibility of dropping the automatic 15
percent service charge at restaurants and
the new possibility of competition in the
tourism market from Cuba.
Round Table Discussion
Following a short refreshment break, a
Labour Relations Round Table Discussion
took place in which three persons directly
involved in employer, employee relations
through their positions in human resourc-
es and management discussed the current
state of affairs on Abaco from their per-
Victoria Albury, Branch Manager of Fi-

delity Bank (Bahamas) Limited, presented
as her topic, Empowering your employees
through knowledge. She divided her talk
into three sections:
Sharing what we know. She suggested
that employers should know their employ-
ees, develop trust and show them that they
are important to the business. They should
show that they would not take advantage of
the employees and should make available
company manuals and guidelines.
Encouraging employees to constantly
learn more through mentorship/guidance,
encouraging employees to broaden their
knowledge and to continually develop
themselves through training programmess
and seminars, and through open dialogue
and financial guidance.
Remembering to reward those employ-
ees who have continued to learn and grow.
The benefits will be the building of strong
relationships with employees and strength-
ening of the business since well rounded
happy employees equal happy customers.

Lavon Laroda McKenzie of Treasure
Cay Limited spoke about the great po-
tential and many labour challenges in this
fast-growing Abaco society. "People come
unprepared for the workplace," she stated
and suggested that the business community
needs a hospitality training and business
centre. "It is necessary to create and dis-
seminate knowledge about the industry and
its mission. Due to lack of training, em-
ployees do not have the tools they need.
We need human resource professionals,
and we must mold individuals through
Bernadette Hepburn from the Abaco
Club on Winding Bay gave a PowerPoint
presentation which pointed out the four el-
ements of a good employee.
Talent Each employee has a different
talent which needs to be elevated. It is nec-
essary to find out a person's talent so that
he can be placed in the right area.
Please see Chamber Page 4

The Labour Relations Workshop that the COnlai, of Commerce held was to inprove the
relationship between employers and employees. S/", ,', here is Mr. Harcourt Brown, Di-
rector of Labour, addressing the group on the details of the Labour Act.

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J-^ - a S'
rA __FA ^^ ^^Birte~r^
"^y~^ MI^wA A

Page 2 Section A The Abaconian

March 1 2008

March 1, 2008 The Abaconian

Section A


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into single or multi-family dwelling. Great
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the island, 3/4 acre, 5 minutes south of Hope
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Ocean, Tilloo Cut and Sea of Abaco. Dedicated
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TI LOO CAY #1836,Tilloo Beach Subdivision Hillside interior lots, shared dock from
$150,000. Laurie Schreiner: 242.367.5046


Page 3

The Employment Act was summarized

Chamber From Page 2
Nurture Direct that talent and match
it to the correct job.
Placement Put the employee in a
position where he is using his natural tal-
Investment of time, resources and
moral support Let the employee know
that the managers really care.
Her final piece of advice was, "Give
genuine and unique service to employees
so that they won't want to leave your com-
pany. Get involved with your employees;
it will make a huge difference."
Mrs. Veronica Nairn, Assistant Direc-
tor of Labour on Abaco, introduced Mr.
Harcourt Brown, Director of Labour, and
a team of colleagues from Nassau. Mr.
Brown gave a very informative talk on The
Employment Act, 2001.
"The Employment Act, which came
into being in 2000-2001, contains 13 parts
and 80 sections and replaces the Fair La-
bour Standards Act. The Employment Act
really only speaks to the minimum stan-
dards of employment in the Bahamas," he
stated. The sections of the Act cover hours
of work, sick leave, vacation, maternity,
redundancy payments, terms of employ-
ment, summary or unfair dismissal, prob-
lems of employing children and young
persons, wages, fingerprinting and lie de-
tector processing.
"The Employment Act applies across
the board and employers can do better,
but not worse than laid out in the Act. The
Employment Act is a work in progress.
The Employment Act reflects universal
best practices since it is realized that The
Bahamas does not exist in a vacuum. The
Employment Act possibly will change; it

has to stand the test of time."
Mr Brown touched on various points
in the Act and highlighted the problem of
school kids working as grocery packers.
"This is currently illegal and food stores
could be liable," he stated. "The Employ-
ment Act is for phasing out the use of school
kids. The government has given store
owners time to make other arrangements.
There are persons on either side of this is-
sue. Some persons say that the children are
being exploited; in many instances they are
being made to do things for which they are
not paid such as stocking shelves and mop-
ping floors. On the flipside there are single
mothers who feel better that, until they can
get home, their children are at a food store
earning tips; these tips often provide the
child's lunch money for school. We have
to look at all arguments for and against.
Government has been asked to extend per-
mission to use the school kids for another
year to allow for dialogue."
Other aspects Mr. Brown mentioned
were the airing of grievances, unfair dis-
missal and the industrial tribunal. "Griev-
ances are adjudicated by professional
judges which is a less formal process than
going through the regular courts. Regard-
ing unfair dismissal, there are too many
loopholes. This needs more looking at.
There is no industrial tribunal on Abaco;
this island comes under Grand Bahama so
all matters from Abaco will have to be re-
ferred to the Grand Bahama tribunal."
"Starting in December 2007 we were
asked to look at the harmonisation of la-
bour legislation with the rest of the Carib-
bean. If this were to happen we would have
to be prepared to take the best of the laws
of all the other countries. Regarding bring-
ing workers into The Bahamas from other

countries, if we
do have to bring
workers in, we
must ensure
that their skills
are passed onto
Bahamians." .....
Mr. Brown
highlighted the
challenges of Mr. Harcourt Brown
the local office which is required to deal
with all the problems that Nassau deals with
and yet has less people to do the work.
A lively question and answer period fol-
lowed in which Mr Brown was kept busy
answering a wide variety of questions re-

garding laws concerning employment for
young people, retirement and pension
plans, overtime payment and sexual and
gender harassment. There were, in fact,
so many questions that at the end of the
seminar Mr. Brown stayed back to answer
questions privately for people who still had
concerns that they needed answered.
Mr. Brown closed by stating that the
Employment Act has been dissected by a
lawyer from the University of the West In-
dies who uncovered its strengths and weak-
nesses as it relates to the entire Caribbean.
Mrs. Leazona Richard, Secretary of
Please see Chamber Page 30


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Page 4 Section A The Abaconian

March 1 2008

March 1, 2008 Thebaconian Section A Page 5

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1.5 home, a 2 bed/2bath guest cottage & 1
bed, 1 bath cottage.
Priced at US$4,500,000.
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Green Turtle Cay
A community of 23 Colonial-style 3-bed, 3 bath homes fronting scenic Black Sound, parks and
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March 1, 2008

The Abaconian Section A Page 5

Pag 6 eto h*aoin Mrh1,20

junkanoo CAP and Spring City Rockers overall winners

By Mirella Santillo
What a rush it was! Junkanoo's eight
school groups participated along with six
senior groups in a marathon performance
on February 21 along Marsh Harbour's
Don MacKay Boulevard. All had outdone
themselves with costumes, banners and
In first place for Category A schools,
for the second time in a row, was Central
Abaco Primary School with 3850 points. In
second place came Treasure Cay Primary
with 3613 points while Fox Town placed
third with 3490 points. Category A schools
have more that 50 students.
In the category B schools with under
50 students Amy Roberts placed first with
3640 points and Crossing Rocks came in
second with 2807 points. In the All Age
category, it was Moore's Island that came
first with 4248 points followed by Wesley
College in second place with 3905 points.
Moore's Island also receive the Best Mu-
sic award. The Best Banner award went to
Treasure Cay and the Best Costume award
to Central Abaco Primary School.
The pre-school, Angels Academy, was
the first to parade, entering the competi-
tion with its Humpty Dumpty banner. The
spectators also enjoyed a special impres-
sive performance by the Junkanoo group
from the C.R. Walker High School in Nas-
sau who came for the evening.
This year's parade had been expected
with much anticipation since it was can-
celled in December and had received much
attention from the government in the days
prior to the parade. However, there was a
time in the afternoon when people thought
it would be cancelled because of bad weath-
er. But the skies cleared up and the parade
took place, albeit starting late.

The judges announced the results of the
school competitors at the endo of the sec-
ond rush by the schools.
The rush of the six senior groups fol-
lowed the presentation by the schools.
Six senior groups participated, perform-
ing after midnight to the few spectators
left. They suffered from a lack of cheering
crowds. Because of the delay of starting,
the rush began late, and many left before
Junkanoo was finished.
After much tallying, the results came

Junkanoo c
By Mirella Santillo
February 13th was a long day for the
two Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports
and Culture's delegates, Mr. Percy "Vola"
Francis and Mr. Eddison Dames, both
members of a Junkanoo group from Nas-
sau. They had come to Marsh Harbour to
visit some of the schools participating in
the February 21st parade and conduct a
workshop for the people interested in be-
ing Junkanoo judges.
Local members of the Junkanoo Com-
mittee, Chairman William "Tony" Davis,
Ms. Shelley Austin, Mr. Ishmael" Stretch"
Morley, met at Radio Abaco with Mr.
Dames and Mr. Francis to discuss the pa-
rade live on the radio.
Mr. Francis confirmed that from now
on, Abaco's Junkanoo will take place in
February. The idea is for the islands to
hold their parades at different times to
make them a destination event. Being re-
sponsible for Junior Junkanoos, he said that
he was very excited about the children's in-
volvement. Mr. Dames, a native of Abaco,
expressed his continuing commitment to
his native island. "Wherever I am, I don't

in with the Spring City Rockers winning
the first place as well as winning the Best
Music and the Best Banner awards. The
Mo-Town Shockers came second while
the Supreme Dancers and the Green Turtle
Rockers tied for third place.
The Minister of State for Culture, the
Hon. Charles Maynard, attended and of-
ficially opened the event. Previous to
the rush, he had held a meeting with the
groups' leaders to listen to their complaints
and suggestions. He promised them gov-

ernment support to improve Junkanoo on
Abaco and advised the group to apply for
Crown Land so each group can build a
shack. He informed them of the govern-
ment's intention to introduce Junkanoo in
the school curriculum and urged them to
work together after the parade was over.
Additionally, three delegates from the
Ministry of Youth, Sports, Culture and Ed-
ucation, Mr. "Vola" Francis, Mr. Eddison
Dames and Mr. Ivan Thompson, attended.

delegates visited schools
put The Bahamas first, but Abaco first," Francis disclosed a surprise for Abaco: the
he assured the listeners. "I want to take
Abaco and Junkanoo to a new level." Mr. Please see Junkanoo Page 30

Two Junkanoo representatives, Mr. Percy "Vola" Francis and Mr. Eddison Dames, came
from Nassau and visited the shacks where Junaknoo costumes are made. They are shown
here with staff members of the Fox Town Primary School. They are Nadia Smith and
Claudette, teachers, Mr. Dames and Mr. Francis, both from the Ministry in Nassau, Ter-
rell Hield, teach, Mr. Ishmael "Stretch" Morley, Abaco's sports official, and Mr. Austin
Mills, principal of Fos Town Primary School.


0 D WTWestinghouse

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Page 6 Section A The Abaconian

March 1 2008

Junkanoo judges attended workshop

By Mirella Santillo
After a day around the island and visit-
ing some of the participating schools, two
delegates from the Ministry of Education,
Youth, Sports and Culture, Mr. Eddison
Dames and Mr. "Vola" Francis, held a
workshop for the prospective Junkanoo
The three-hour workshop, held at the
Court House in Marsh Harbour, drew a
crowd of interested people as well as group
representatives who wanted to know the
exact rules concerning their participation.
Mr. Francis, who is in charge of Junior
Junkanoos at the Ministry, explained the
rules regulating to the children's parade
first. He reminded the judges that they will
determine the outcome of the parade and
insisted that all the score cards be submitted
so participants could refer to them and find
out where they had failed. Judges will be as-
signed to score different categories that will
be tallied at the end of the show. So as to
insure the fairness of the results, the judges
will be assigned numbers and will not know
which category they will be judging until a
couple of hours before the parade.
He reminded the audience that all the
groups must be registered beforehand and

that they must present a synopsis of their
theme before the parade. He went over the
different school divisions pre-school, pri-
mary, senior and all age. He insisted that
the banner bear the name of the school it
represented and that there not be ostenta-
tious moves from the girls; such moves
would incur a penalty.
Groups will be judged for the general
impression, the originality of the theme,
the costumes as relating to the theme, the
dance and the music. There will be a "most
improved category." The banners will be
judged in a separate category. All cos-
tumes must be the work of children and
there will be penalties if it is obvious that
are the creations by parents.
Mr. Dames addressed the audience next,
reminding people that the rules applying to
all the groups were measured by the same
The rules concerning the costumes are
that they must not have more than 25 per-
cent decorations and they must be fully
pasted. Wheels only on lead costumes
are allowed and they must not be over 12
inches high. If a costume breaks down dur-
ing the parade, the participant must leave
the parade, repair the costume and come

back later so as not to impede the rest of
the parade. Sterno can be used for light ef-
fect but must be used carefully. Only cho-
reographed dancers and drummers are al-
lowed to wear leotards.
Mr. Dames stressed that the judges must
behave seriously; they must be dedicated
during the duration of the parade, must be
impartial, honest, show integrity and must
be open-minded. They are not allowed
to use cell phones and must not converse
with the other judges. Keep the score cards
close to you and pay attention to the cat-
egory you are assigned. Follow the chair-
man's instruction; do not leave the parade.
Take your time before scoring. Submit the

score to the ballot box as soon as a group
is gone."
As to insure as fair a scoring as possible,
no one judge will rate a group entirely, but
judges will be assigned to evaluate differ-
ent components of the parade. Costumes,
music, choreography and relation to theme
will be judged separately and the scores
from the various judges will be tallied up
and added by a separate judge.
Judges will not know if they had been
chosen until the day of the parade nor will
they know which category they will judge
until then.
Please see Workshop Page 30

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March 1, 2008

The Abaconian Section A Page 7

Pag 8 etoT h~aoin Mrh1,20

The Editor Says.

Abaco's growth has created many chal-
lenges for government and our business
community, particularly in Central Abaco
which is the economic hub of the island.
The power capacity of BEC is stretched
thin during the summer's peak demand pe-
riod and it is actively looking to re-estab-
lish and expand the generating capacity.
Water and Sewerage expanded its Cen-
tral Abaco well field several years ago and
is currently supplying Central Abaco with
something over a million gallons of water
a day. Cherokee just got connected to the
Abaco Club's water system in conjunction
with the Water and Sewer Corporation.
Engineering details are being studied for
supplying Green Turtle Cay with a water
Abaco's growth has created huge vol-
umes of trash and garbage and it appears
that the new sanitary landfill may become
operational later this spring. Considering
that a major new trash handling regime will
be established with new protocols extend-
ing the length of Abaco, little information
has been released by Environmental Health
as to how this will impact us.
We find it amazing that a major change
is about to take place in the handling and
disposal of trash from all communities on
Abaco, yet almost nothing has been said
publicly. Trash collection and disposal is
often the largest single expense which local
government is responsible for. Local Gov-
ernment councils and townships have sub-
mitted their budget requests to Nassau for
the next fiscal year which begins July 1.
Next year's budgets are based, for the most
part, on their experience of the past year.
However, they may find that their well in-
tentioned plans have gone astray when the
realities of financing the new trash han-
dling become known.
It is not known at this time what agency
or department will be financially respon-
sible for the landfill operation. It may be
that monies recovered when present dumps
are closed will offset other operational
expenses. Businesses and commercial op-
erators will pay a tipping fee based on the
trash weight. Maybe the revenue generated
by this fee will pay for the operation. We

How wi

understand that residential trash weighing
less than 250 pounds is exempt from the
tipping fee tipping as when a dump truck
tips its load.
It would be logical that due to the magni-
tude of the landfill management and opera-
tion, its oversight would come under En-
vironmental Health. Up to this point, that
department has been very good at avoiding
any involvement with existing dump man-
agement. Of course, this would be in the
best interests of avoiding any conflict with
local government practitioners who are
now responsible for the dumps.
Garbage and trash collection and dispos-
al has traditionally been the responsibility
of each town. For several years in the mid
90s, a single contractor collected all the
residential trash in the Greater Marsh Har-
bour area. As local government evolved
and became comfortable with their respon-
sibilities, each of the four towns in Cen-
tral Abaco took control of its own collec-
tion with local contractors of their choice.
This shared the wealth but did not allow
for economies which would accrue with a
larger operation.
Little information has been released on
the operation of the new landfill operation,
but it appears that the various local govern-
ment districts will be reviewing their gar-
bage contracts to make them relevant to the
new system.
Firm comparisons are difficult to make
but the new landfill is two or three times
farther that the present dump for central
Abaco. Other towns will go even farther.
In all likelihood, contractors will be asking
for an increase to cover their costs for the
extra distance traveled.
Local government or the Ministry of
Works will have to establish some sort
of clean-up detail to collect the increased
highway trash. It is only necessary to look
at the mile or two leading to the present
dump on the S.C. Bootle Highway to get
an idea of what the seven miles will look

Why do we cut the
Dear Editor:
Many thanks for printed space. I must
write to commend the Viewpoint put forth
by Mr. John Hedden in your last edition of
The Abaconian. I wholeheartedly agreed
with him when he expressed disgust at the
summary and swift execution of the be-
loved almond tree and one coconut neigh-
bour. It is so foolish of persons who build
new structures to tear down what is beauti-
ful, only to "hopefully" replace them with
something small, puny and likely to die.
Odds are that the two old timer trees were

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the new

like leading to the new site from Marsh
Enforcement and better coverings on
trucks will help but our record is not good
in this respect.
Garbage and industrial trash is now
barged from Elbow Cay, Guana Cay and
Man-O-War Cay to the present dump in
Central Abaco so the logistics of their trash
removal may follow the present pattern,
but the costs can be expected to go up.
Green Turtle Cay consumes its own
trash on the island by burning, and it is not
known how they will make use of the new
landfill. Perhaps the mailboat will take one
or more empty containers when leaving
Marsh Harbour and bring full containers
back the next day as it returns to Nassau.
Brief snippets of information allude to
recycling of batteries, aluminum and oth-
er appropriate substances along with the
proper collection and disposal of hazard-
ous materials. All of this will create busi-
ness opportunities as the system evolves,
A new sign at the Snake Cay turn-off
leading tho the landfill states that the land-
fill will be open from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. on
week days and 6 a.m. to noon on Satur-
days which totals 56 hours. Simple arith-
metic suggests that the landfill will either

given the axe to make room for one more
precious parking space. It would have been
much more Eco-Friendly to use the shade
provided by the existing trees for some
decorative benches and bicycle lock spots.
The destruction of these two trees is
just a small pinprick of an example of how
our surroundings are being denigrated and
vilified on a daily basis. When are we as
a people going to begin to care about the
finer things in life, like oxygen to breathe
in our surroundings? We must begin to
look to other islands who have made dif-
ficult choices to benefit the environment.
Bermuda, for example, limits each house-
hold to one four-wheeled vehicle, and ad-
ditional vehicles must be two wheeled. It
works beautifully there, and even though
Abaco is a larger island, the concept is
a sound one that we should take note of.
Seeing how obesity in The Bahamas is in
epidemic proportions, maybe we should
create a no car zone in our downtown area,
and all get up off our behinds and walk a
little. It would benefit everything!
Still Fuming . .
Same old story
Dear Editor,
It was interesting reading about Prime
Minister Ingraham's recent meeting with
Abaco's local government. At least Mr In-
graham showed up to talk about the problems
that Abaco faces. The thing is did we not hear
about these very issues 15 years ago. Then
six years ago Mr Christie came to town, and
we are still going around in circles. Talk is,

ump operate
be staffed with two shifts of workers or
the staff there will be paid for 16 hours of
overtime each week.
We are not familiar with the manage-
ment of a landfill but do have some under-
standing of human nature. It would seem
that to facilitate government's desire to
keep the island clean and properly dispose
of refuse, the extra hours to stay open on
Saturday afternoon and perhaps some time
on Sunday would be greatly offset by re-
duced labour for cleaning roadsides. The
extra distance and reduced hours on week-
ends will be all the reason needed by some
to patronize one of our many woods roads
with their trash. This is an island-wide
problem now and opening a new dump-site
will not change this.
Local government has been the tradi-
tional manager and innovator of our trash
handling systems by issuing contracts to
qualified individuals for removing resi-
dential trash. There has been no thought
up to this time given to an overall scheme
either for economies in the operation, for
improved handling or for environmental
concerns. When details on the new master
plan are made known, we hope that all the
green pristine slogans become a reality.

This is the sign at the junction to turn off the Capt. Earnest Dean Highway to go to the
new solid waste disposal site. With limited hours that it will be open on weekends, it is
likely that many will dump their trash along side roads.

indeed, cheap. Except it seems that Abaco
revenue gets to pay for a lot of the pontifi-
It's interesting how it's Mr. Ingraham's
government or Mr. Christie's governnrnt.
I was under the impression that it was the
people's government. Are we not a democra-
cy? Is it not our money? Shouldn't we be the
ones deciding how it's spent? But alas, here
we sit with baited breath like something new
will be revealed. God forbid we rock the boat
and DEMAND action. All the promises but
almost a year has passed and what has been
done? Well, you see we need a comprehen-
sive study to see what is the best use of Mr
Ingraham's government's money. Hey, isn't
the P.M. from Abaco ? Can't be No way.
I have to give Mr Ingraham credit. He
does have guts. Coming to a community
that gives HIS government over $60 mil-
lion dollars every year and saying he needs
more revenue. How we need to start paying
property taxes like Nassau people. Maybe he
does not know but Nassau gets 80 percent
of all the revenue but yes, let's give them
more! How about you privatize Bahamasair
and ZNS. There you go, $50 millions a year
in wasted tax dollars. But no, no, let's not
do something that makes sense. Heck, we
don't need schools and airports and roads.
Let's keep doing the same thing that has not
worked for 30 years.
The PM has issues with the security at the
airport. Is our PM senile? It's a shack, Mr.

Please see Letters Page 29

kettekq to the d tot


Page 8 Section A The Abaconian

March 1 2008

Suggestions for improving tourism

By Samantha V. Evans
Abaco Tourism Office held an infor-
mative meeting at St. Andrew's Method-
ist Church Hall earlier this year. Mr. Don
Cornish from the local office spoke of the
many products Abaco has to offer includ-
ing culture, nature, beaches, water holes
and the parrots. Even though Abaco has
all of this to offer, he feels that visitors
want more to do; they want more Baha-
mian-made products that are well made
and not pricey. The purpose of this meet-
ing was to determine how to improve the
products that Abaco already has. Some of
the ideas being discussed were providing
tours of the island, offering native shows
and matinees, kayaking, more Bahamian-
made items, hunting and day trips.
Mr. Cornish stated that The Bahamas
is no longer one of the top five locations
where tourists visit. In order for this to
change, we will need to enhance what we
are presently offering the guests so that
they can continue to come and so that new
visitors would want to experience what
The Bahamas has to offer. Abaco has as a
great strength the fact that there are many
linkages to other areas and cays via water
taxis and airlines that have access to this
island. However, some of the well noted
weaknesses are the inadequate airport, the
high cost of ground transportation and the
absence of quality tours and attractions.
All this proves that there are great oppor-
tunities for the youth to get involved in
business ownership and other partnership
opportunities to improve this market.
Janet Rangall from Washington, D.C.,
second homeowner on Hope Town, gave
some strategies to improve the products
that are offered by Abaco. Firstly, she
told them to protect and promote the assets

of Abaco like the Hope Town lighthouse
which is synonymous with Abaco but is in
dire need of care. This is one of those as-
sets that is presently being neglected when
it should be preserved. We must also pro-
tect the natural resources beyond the sandy
beaches. Secondly, we must understand
that consumers and choices are driven by
environmental concerns. Therefore, ho-
tels, for example, should practice environ-
mental stewardship which will attract visi-
tors to our shores. Locals must be trained
in "green jobs," energy conservation and
other environmentally friendly practices.
Thirdly, she encouraged us to target the
baby boomer market because these persons
have time on their hands and disposable in-
come. She stated that three-quarters of the
baby boomers want to do some other form
of work after they retire. The Abaco mar-
ket needs to create opportunities for them
to get involved in volunteer work while
they are on the island because they want
to give back to the community in some
meaningful way. Abaco must have acces-
sible health care on the cays so that guests
will feel secure in knowing that if they get
hurt or sick, they have medical help avail-
able. This is a matter, she stated, that must
be addressed because medical tourism is
on the rise. She encouraged entrepreneurs
to think about opening wellness centers,
health spas and such businesses that would
make visitors feel more comfortable about
visiting here.
Fourthly, local people should understand
the changes in the family market. Gone are
the days when the nuclear family is the
family of choice. In fact, only 24 percent of
families are nuclear. Single families, same
sex families and one person family homes
are on the rise. To add, 80 percent of

these heads
of families
work. She
further re-
minded the
group not to
forget wom-
en who are
very impor-
tant and af-
fluent consumers. They live longer so are
required to become more self sufficient or
have access to reliable services.
Fifthly, infrastructure must be updated
and preserved. Consumers are here to rent,
buy or build a second home on this island
that is known to be paradise so it should
look like paradise. She stated that Marsh
Harbour can use some upgrading and beau-
tification. Store fronts can use work, and
walkways need to be built and added to this
area so that visitors can stroll downtown
comfortably. Visitors want quality service
in all areas including electric and phone
Finally, the work force on the island
needs to be increased. Mrs. Rangall sees
this as a serious problem if it is not ad-
dressed. Seventy-seven percent of the baby
boomers are about to retire and are look-
ing for somewhere to retire so Abaconians
must know how to service high end cli-
ents. Customer service is in demand. She

In the Abaco Shopping Centre 367-6444

encouraged Abaconians to help the Haitian
population to become self-sufficient be-
cause the local economy will need their
skills and labour to meet these demands.
Businesses and hoteliers must find innova-
tive ways to keep their qualified employ-
ees because they are the ones who are very
mobile and in high demand. They must be
prepared to provide training for low end
and skilled employees.
Before ending her presentation, Rangall
made the following suggestions to the body
of government officials, business owners
and community stakeholders: 1. vibrant
task forces need to be formed 2. a training
curricula must be developed 3. appropriate
training for their employees must be sought
and provided regularly with receiving a
certificate attached to them along with ad-
vancement and/or increased wages.
Please see Tourism Page 18


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March 1, 2008

The Abaconian Section A Page 9

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Page 10 Section A The Abaconian

March 1 2008

Mac 1,20 hbcnan Scin ae1

* Si

* I


A *i
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March 1, 2008

The Abaconian Section A Page 11

Central Abaco News

By Jennifer Hudson
Auskell Advanced Medical Clinic held
a Love Yourself Health Fair on February
15. Persons were able to receive blood
pressure, blood sugar level and weight
and body mass index checks free of charge
along with pamphlets containing health
information and details of new services
offered. Also, every 10th person was the
lucky winner of a free 10-minute body
massage in the Auskell Spa.
A vital part of the fair was the launch-
ing of the clinic's VIP card. This card
was initiated to make it easier for persons
without medical insurance coverage to af-
ford treatment at the Auskell Clinic. As
Mrs. Angie Collie, managing director of
the clinic, explained, "Not everyone wants
to wait in long lines for medical service
so this card will make a choice of health
care affordable. Some people with chronic
conditions such as high blood pressure,
diabetes, AIDS or cancer fail to get the
regular checks they should and so services
are being made more affordable to assist
them. For an initial payment of $100 for
the card, the cardholder receives the first
physical free of charge and is able to at-
tend the clinic for just $25 per visit follow-
ing that. This will lead to more preventive
medicine so that people will not leave it
until they have to be flown out to Nassau
before seeking treatment. Each card will
be valid for six months, and there will be
no age limit. Further down the line we are
looking at providing a card for people who

already have insurance coverage which
will mean that 100 percent of their costs
will be covered with no co-pay."
When asked if the card would include
emergency medical flights, Mrs. Collie
replied that it would not at this time. But
she is in negotiation with two airlines, one
from Freeport and one from Nassau, in
regard to this and foresees this becoming
possible later. "There will be an overall
change at the Auskell Clinic by the end of
the year," she stated. "We are now reach-
ing out to the cays and will be holding a
Health Fair at Hope Town on Tuesday of
this coming week, then later, hopefully, on
Green Turtle Cay and Moore's Island."
Dr. Sue Fairclough, one of the full time
doctors at the clinic, spoke about the imple-
mentation of an after-hours special number
for emergencies which should be in opera-
tion by the beginning of March. "We here
at the clinic listen to clients' requests and
have found that the fact that there is no
after-hours service is a big concern. The
government clinic does a great job and
other doctors cover their own people so we
want to do the same for our clients after
hours," she stated.
During the Health Fair Dr. Fairclough
gave Power Point presentations to young
people on various subjects of importance
such as alcohol and drugs, sexual abuse,
high blood pressure and diabetes. Informa-
tion on these important subjects was pre-
sented in a straightforward, no-nonsense
and easily understood format.

Open House at Auskell

Advanced Medical Clinic

Dental surgeon, Dr. Denise Archer,
owner of Diamante Dental which is located
upstairs over the Auskell Clinic, stated that
this year Diamante Dental is celebrating its
10th year in operation and will be included
at a later date on the Auskell VIP card.
Dr. Archer will be hosting a seminar at
Diamante Dental in March with free dental
exams and encourages people to come and
take advantage of this. "This will provide
an educational opportunity for Abaconi-
ans," she stated.
The first hour of the Health Fair was
broadcast live on Radio Abaco to inform
the community of all the present and new
services offered by the clinic. Mrs. Col-
lie praised her team of full time doctors,
Dr. Biney and Dr. Fairclough, and Nurses
Siren Davis and Susan Lil, who, she stat-
ed, "have many years of experience and
have all previously
worked in institutions
within their field." She
thanked the commu-
nity of Abaco for its
support and reminded
everyone, "The tar-
get is to get a healthy
community here on
Two additional doc-
tors will soon be join-
ing the team of special-
ist physicians at the
Auskell Clinic and they .
arrived from Nassau A A
to be present for the Auskell Advanced
Health Fair. Both doc- ruary 15 to intro
tors are from the Ho- surance who nee
listic Family Medicine to students from
Centre in Nassau. Dr. testing machine.

I Medical Clinic held an Open House on Feb-
duce a new VIP card for patients without in-
ed regular care. Nurse Siren Davis explains
Long Bay School the workings of the blood

Abaco Shopping Centre Don Mackay Blvd. Marsh Harbour
(242) 367 2271 (242) 367 2816

Carnille Farquharson-Deveaux is a Fam-
ily Medicine specialist who trained at the
University of the West Indies in Trinidad
followed by post graduate work in Rome,
Georgia, and Nisha Armbrister is a doctor
of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Li-
cenced Acupuncturist who trained at Flor-
ida Atlantic University with post graduate
work at the Ontario College of Traditional
Chinese Medicine. These two doctors spe-
cialize in Integrated Medical Care, offer-
ing the best of both worlds of Eastern and
Western medicine.
Dr. Farquharson stated that she sees
the patient for an initial consultation, then
offers them the option for prescription
mediation or Chinese herbal medicine as

Please see Central Page 13

Page 12 Section A

The Abaconian

March 1 2008

More Central Abaco News

Central From Page 12
she recognizes that a lot of people like the
natural route. "Our primary focus is to
keep people from getting ill and maintain
a healthy lifestyle. We see a high percent-
age of people with high blood pressure,
diabetes and obesity, and we offer alterna-
Dr. Farquharson also sees children and
does well children checks, immunizations
and ante-natal care. She does Pap smears
and pelvic exams leading her to quip, "I
see people from birth to the grave."
Dr. Armbrister's aim with her patients is
"to try to wean them off medications with

lifestyle changes and teach them to live
healthy lives." She utilizes acupuncture
along with nutrition and Tui Na, medical
massage which involves the manipulation
of muscles and joints within their range of
mobility (in contrast to chiropractics which
manipulates outside the range of mobility).
She focuses on pain management, weight
management, chronic diseases, fertility,
menopausal problems, stress, post chemo-
therapy and sports injuries. She formulates
prescriptions to a patient's needs using
Chinese natural medications.
Equestrian center is proposed
By Mirella Santillo
On January 18th Mrs. Janeen Walker

hosted a gathering at Java Caf6 to inform
interested residents of her intention to open
a riding facility on Abaco. Approximately
20 people, most of them with previous rid-
ing experience, attended the meeting to find
out about Pine Meadows Equestrian Cen-
ter, a proposed riding stable which would
be located in the Cherokee road area.
Mrs. Walker was a resident of New
Providence until recently where she gave
riding lessons for six years at Camperdown
Riding Stables. She then went on to man-
age Sugar Apple Farm, a private riding fa-
cility. Her realization that there were very
few land sports on Abaco as well as her

missing the horse scene made her decide
to look for suitable property where a rid-
ing facility could be located. She found a
partner who shared her enthusiasm, Mrs.
Celeste Pinder, and the two are now work-
ing together not only to obtain Crown Land
from the government, but to assess the
community to find out if there is enough
interest to support the project.
During her presentation, Mrs. Walker
explained that she had chosen the Chero-
kee road area because of its central loca-
tion and the proximity of the forest, thus
Please see Central Page 14

Legal firm announces new lawyer for Abaco

Alexiou, Knowles & Co., Counsel & Ar, ir.. has announced that its Abaco office
now has a full time lawyer, Ms. Carlene Farquharson. The company held a reception
to introduce her to the community on February 22 at Abaco Beach Resort. Sh/.n m here
is the staff of the office in Marsh Harbour. They are Shirley Mills, Legal Assistant, Rose
Morrison from the Nassau office, Ms. Farquharson and Jennie Barry, Office Manager
in the Abaco office.

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March 1, 2008

The Abaconian Section A Page 13

More Central Abaco News

Central From Page 13
allowing for trail rides besides riding les-
sons and dressage or jumping training that
will take place in a ring or a paddock.
She plans to start with six to eight hors-
es chosen for their even temperament as
the facility would be geared primarily to
children. Safety will be her first concern.
However, adults will be welcome and will
have a choice of taking lessons, boarding
a horse that they own or leasing one from
the stable. She mentioned forming a trail
riding club for people interested in leisure
riding. The members would organize out-
ings on a monthly basis.
She outlined her plans for the building
of the facility: a riding ring, cutting of the
trails, stalls and connecting paddock as
well as buying the horses. This would be
the first phase. Mrs. Walker and her hus-
band would live on the farm.
Before all this can happen, Mrs. Walker
wants to be sure that enough people are in-
terested and will patronize the riding stable.
For the purpose of establishing a feasibil-
ity study, she had prepared a questionnaire
to find out how many people would pay

for lessons, boarding or leasing. Owning
and maintaining a horse is an expensive en-
deavor on Abaco for many reasons.
If all goes according to plans, ground
breaking for Pine Meadow Farm Eques-
trian Center will take place this summer.

,, ,
Mrs. Janeen Walker is proposing to open
a riding stable in South Abaco. She held a
meeting to determine the interest of resi-
dents in supporting a stable. The meeting
was held on February 18 at Java Coffee

New book is launched
By Samantha V. Evans
Ms. Simmone Bowe, Human Resourc-
es Manager at Baker's Bay and a woman
of many gifts and talents,
launched her new book at
Caf6 La Florance on Febru-
ary 22nd and again on Feb-
ruary 23rd at Fruit of the
Vine Bookstore. Offering
blessings and support was
Pastor Samuel Cornish of
Change Ministries Interna-
tional. He expressed how
proud he is of Ms. Bowe.
He believes that we have
something to say here in
The Bahamas and knows
that once they begin to
write, God will give them
more ideas to write about.
Ms. Bowe explained that
her book gives a brief over-
view of the career discovery
and exploration process. Ms. Simone
She hopes that as persons Principles fo
read it they will begin to le Florence i
write their thoughts down. following da
is Mrs. Cam

She can surely relate to the confusion some
persons face when it comes to selecting
Please see Central Page 15

Bowe introduced her new book By Design:
r Choosing a Career at a book signing at Cafe
n Marsh Harbour on February 22 and on the
y at Fruit of the Vine Bookstore. Looking on
nen Cornish.

(left-right) Mrs. Cathy Key, Mrs. Lela Bethel ".
and Mrs. Barbara Bethel. (Socializing at the Opening)t)Cylde
(left-right) Cylde (employee) Sa
and Mr. Davis (Winner of 4

(left-right) Pastor Meme (employee)]
Celia (Winner of a Procter Silex Hand Mixer) and Rick Kr





Page 14 Section A The Abaconian

March 1 2008

More Central Abaco News

Central From Page 14
a career because for many years, she ran
from her purpose. It wasn't until sometime
later that she realized that she was insulting
God when she was unhappy with the per-
son He made her to be. She hopes that the
book will open the door to help others find

their way in life. She reminisced on what
it was like to move to Abaco from the city.
Even though it was challenging at times,
she is happy that she did because here is
where this book was born. She hopes that
the book will help persons who are looking
to walk in their purpose to find their way.
The book is designed to be an easy read

for people of all ages and sells for $10 for
school aged children and $12 for adults.
Renovations To Airport
Nearing Completion
By Jennifer Hudson
The Marsh Harbour International Air-
port terminal building has been undergoing
a face lift since last October. Several addi-
tions and changes have improved the sur-
roundings and the comfort level for travel-
The concrete walkway on the domestic
side of the building has been extended and a
roof overhang constructed to form an actual

porch. This not only provides shelter from
the sun and the rain but also provides a lot
more seating for waiting passengers as 100
new chairs have been added to the area. The
men's and women's bathrooms have been
completely renovated and re-tiled along with
the re-tiling of the main floor in the termi-
nal building and outside porch. New waste
baskets have also been provided. The inside
of the building has been freshened up with
paint which, along with the new floor tiles,
gives a brighter, more spacious aspect.
Another roof is now under construc-
Please see Central Page 29

Since it will be some time before Marsh Harbour has a new airport terminal, the private
sector partnered with local government to make improvements to the present terminal.
This photo shows construction of a roof over the area where our visitors pick up their

Unforgettable celebrations inside our doorstep, adventure outside our doorstep a stress-free atmosphere
and access to unforgettable activities. We'll refresh your body, soothe your mind and feed your soul.
We can't wait to have you drop by.

~j&6~y ~

abaco .mn
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Flowering plants, shrubs & trees.
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Harbours &Lqe

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Closed on Tuesdays
Happy Hour 5 6 p.m.

Lunch & Dinner Daily
Lunch 11:30 am 3 pm Dinner 6 9 pm
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March 1, 2008

The Abaconian Section A Page 15

Page 16 Section A The Abaconian March 1 2008

Eight schools competed for top honours

ay Primary came with a very large contingent with a beautifully decorated ban-
z people to a Tea Party. Their group included clowns and lots of party favors


Wesley College had a marine theme titled Under the
added greatly to their rush.
bffIMMOL -, ^

russinttg UC s rrirmurty CNucivvt rL we vU oJJIreaturesI j Ite ua.
egory B with under 50 students.

Fox Town Primary School competed with its Mystical and Marvelous Wonde
This school placed third in Category A primary schools.

The Angels Academy was first to parade entering Don MacKay Boulevard with their
Humpty Dumpty banner. This school has a preschool and first grade only.
C. A.

Amy Roberts Primary School on Green Moore's Island All Age School had good
Turtle Cay showed off Tings Bahamian. music with a lot of brass instruments and
Amy Roberts took first place in Category B elaborate costumes. This school rated
for schools with under 50 students. highest for All Age schools.

Central oaco rrnmary Scnoot, mne largest scnoot on owaco, won jrst place in me Junk-
anoo category for school with more than 50 studetns. It chose a Bible's theme, Let My
People Go. On the banner sat Moses with extended arms, the ten commandments on one
side and the burning bush on the other. Their costumes were varied and colorful and their
rhythm and dancing well choreographed.

The Goombay Boys represented Snappas with their theme Bahamian and African Connec-
tion. Although they did not have many instruments, they had good rhythm.

Six Senior groups entertained the crowds

The Dundas Town Supreme Dancers came with the theme Where are all the Flowers
gone. Their banner was well done and the leader's costume very elaborate.

The Spring City Stingers in the Senior Junkanoo made their way along the parade route,
starting off the evening of colourful costumes, music and dancing.

Mo Town 5,. er,. were judged second in the Senior Junkanoo. By the time the Senior
Junkanoo groups rushed, the crowd was thinning which meant they missed the costumes
and music.

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The Green Turtle Cay Rockers, a Senior Junkanoo group, had as their theme Africa with
beautiful costumes representing animals, their band composed only of drums, the old
fashion way.

ife Residences


3.I~ '.~

(J/, rc le /1 I V/C y'.' ,'le' r/, a 1 our,,,, /ee/

1. 1 .i k: l F '"[


As uIaou
ou lwIf


PO. B.-.x AB72(k 9
Mirsh I-lrbc-i.Aba., Paa
'w.abrc- -rl-rI :m


SWO-'53-96i11 24.,3t W (
\Kr Chanrc 11

March 1, 2008

The Abaconian Section A Page 17

hituartieA 4 3amnL4/ and J'nda

J. Kenneth Gulden, 67, a long time
visitor to Hope Town, passed away on Feb-
ruary 6, 2008. He will be deeply missed by
all of his long time friends on Abaco.
Kenis sur-
vived by his
wife Mar-
tha "Dino"
G uldeni ;
son Jeffrey;
law Amy;
and Brock; daughter Hillary; sister Myr-
nalee Smith; long time friend and business
partner, Susan M. Agnew; many nieces
and nephews; and Martha's son Jason, his
wife Angie and son Preston.
A memorial service will be held in Hope
Town in May, 2008.
He is in a better place. May he rest in
Rochelle Daisy "Shelly" Russell, 32,
of Grand Cay passed away on February 8.
She is survived by her husband Kennedy
Russell; daughters Shadera and Quintiera;
son Stephon; adopted sons Dwayne Wil-
liamson and Jerome Duncombe; parents
Edward Sr. and Romelda Miller; sisters
Carolyn Newbold, Sabrina and Stacey Rus-
sell, Latanya Miller, Petral Cephas, Keva
Saunders and Nicola Russell; brothers
Michael, Edwards Sr., Eddie and Warren
Miller, Thomas Mills, Phillip Russell, Ri-
cardo Saunders and Elvardo McIntosh; ad-
opted sisters; Arnette Johnson, Katie Edge-
combe, Audry Albury and Nurse Kathy
Saunders; adopted brother Barry "Bubba"
Albury; nieces; nephews; aunts; uncles;
and many other relatives and friends.

The funeral service for Mamie "Caro-
lyn" Forbes, 47, formerly of Lake City
was held on February 16 on Grand Bahama.
Interment was also on Grand Bahama.
She is survived by her daughter Per-
risa; son Shonodore; fiance Oswald; step-
daughters Anna, Glandice, Shandora and
Shanique; sisters Violet Patrick, Veronica
Hall, Martha Williams, Donna Smith and
Moithous Williams Maitland; brothers Ca-
leb Williams, Leon Robinson and Anthony
Williams; step-sister Hartlyn McBride;
step-brother Eustace Penn; nieces Cher-
ell, Vinzanna, Pernell, Alvourne, Eddren,
Aleah, Daralyn, Shanique, Delerese and
Patricia; nephews Vito, Vance, Oshea, Al-
vardo, Albourne, Percy Jr., Pino, Reagan,
Rodrick, Delvado, Leon Jr., Todd and Ro-
berto; aunts Emily Rahming, Yvette Hen-
field and Sarah Williams; brothers-in-law
Percy Hall, Vincent Patrick and Audrick
Williams; sister-in-law Carolyn Robinson;
grandnieces Vittoria, Altavia and Amanda;
grandnephews Vito Jr., Alvardo Jr., Ike
and Charles; nieces-in-law Linda, Jasmine
and Sharon; cousins; and many other rela-
tives and friends.
Hugh John Arthur Cottis passed away
on February 14 at Doctors Hospital in Nas-
sau after a long illness. He was a retired
District Education Officer and community
leader. He
was active
in the Rotary
Club and
the Abaco
branch of the
Cancer Soci-
He is sur-
.. vived by his

wife Sylvia and son Gregory.
A memorial service will be held on
March 1 at 3 p.m. at the Marsh Harbour
Gospel Chapel in Marsh Harbour.
The funeral service for Florina Mavis
Saunders, 74, of Murphy Town was held
on February 23rd in Nassau. Interment fol-
lowed in Nassau..
She is survived by her daughters El-
eanor Seymour and Ernestine Sears; son
Shyan Gentle; brothers Alexanda and Jacob
Saunders and Carl Ferguson; sisters Viola
Woods, Patsy Mott, Diann Williams, Del-
cina Pratt, Linda Pinder, Magerie and Syb-
il Ferguson; grandchildren Odetta, Avetia,
Clarissa, Krizia, Shenay, Taneisha and
Edison Jr.; great-grandchildren Keith and
Romicka; sister-in-law Mabel Saunders;
brother-in-law Leroy Woods; sons-in-law:
Churchill Sears and Anthony Seymour;
daughter-in-law Martha Butler; nieces
Kathleen Smith, Norma Gray, Stephaine,
Theresa, Roselyn, Etlyn, Terry, Tamara,
Carolyn, Friendly, Desiree, Crystal, Deb-
bie and Polly; nephews Elkin, Cyril, Aus-
tin, Sydney, Michael, Standford, Ramond,
Bradley, Larry, Brian, Jason, Anthony,
Rocklyn, Lavingston and Jerry; nephews-
in-law Cedric Smith and Benjamin Gray;

grandnieces; grandnephews; and many
other relatives and friends.
The funeral service for Wellington
Lockhart Pinder, 63, formerly of Sandy
Point was held in Nassau on February 23
and interment was in Nassau.
He is survived by his companion: Nao-
mi Miller; son Edward; daughters: Elaine
and Cynthia; stepdaughter Barbara Miller;
grandchildren; brothers Freeman. Philip
Pinder, Donald and Sherwin Pinder; sis-
ter Jeanamay Garland; son-in-law Kenny;
daughter-in-law Latoya; uncles Rev. Mor-
ris Bain and Solomon Lightbourne; aunts
Manvella Lightbourne, Remella, Rosales,
Rachel Garci, Jean and Evelyn Bain; niec-
es; nephews, godmothers Essie Bartlette
and Merkelene Lightbourne; and many
other relatives and friends.

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Page 18 Section A The Abaconian

March 1 2008

Abaco's tourism can be improved

By Samantha V. Evans
Mr. Gary Young, statistician from Nas-
sau, gave preliminary figures for the Baha-
mas Tourism market for 2007 in a seminar
earlier this year. He reported that Abaco is
a chosen destination more than Nassau be-
cause it has more ocean, is viewed as safer,
more unique, more scenic, relaxing, and
the people are friendlier. The complaints
given about this island are that it lacks va-
riety and the shops close too early.
Abaco has the highest stay-over nights
in the entire Bahamas with 6.2 nights.
The average length of stay increased from
8.9 to 9.1 in 2007. Overall, Abaco comes
highly recommended by guests. Eighty
three percent of the guests would recom-
mend Abaco to their friends and family.
Sixty eight percent of them stated that the
attitude of the hotel staff was better than
they expected. However, the visitors did
complain that taxi service in the entire Ba-
hamas is extremely high.

Mr. Young suggested that if Abaco is
to improve as a destination, it should note
the following areas as priority: the cleanli-
ness of the island, hotel food, safety of the
island, improvement in the taxi fares and
the goods offered by the hotels should be
worth the money asked. Also during this
past year, he reported that more persons
came to the island for weddings, as stop-
over guests and as first time air stop-over
passengers from the United States. The ris-
ing cost of gasoline, health care and the
changes in the economy will greatly affect
leisure travel.
Predictions for 2008
The following are the predictions for
2008 that Abaco and the entire Bahamas
should take note of:
Leisure travel is expected to grow at
modest rates.
1 out of 3 flights to the United States
will be delayed due to congestion.
Two new hotels will be built in Argen-

tina that will give the
Bahamas competition.
Visitors will be
able to fly straight from
the Dominican Repub-
lic to Chile.
Cuba has reached
two million visitors
for four years in a row
and the Bahamas is still
trying to reach the one
million visitor mark.
Puerto Rico has
19,000 more hotel rooms
over the past few years.
American Air Lines
started flights from Mi-
ami to Barranguilla,
Columbia, and Santa

Mr. Gary Young, left, addressed a Tourism seminar on the
tourism statistics for 2007. The seminar was held at St. James
Methodist church hall. Mr. Young also gave predictions of
tourism for 2008. On the right is Mr. Don Cornish, Abaco's
Director of Tourism.

Abaco has many strengths and opportu-
nities to improve its many products, but it

must be prepared to upgrade itself and im-
prove on its weaknesses if it is to compete
with the rest of the world.

Capt. Pat and Ann McFaden

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Web: www.merlinsmarine.com
E-mail: merlin@abacoinet.com
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Call Albury's Ferry at 367-0290
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March 1, 2008

The Abaconian Section A Page 19

Pae2 eto hwaoin Mrh1,20


. Comments on the landfill

By J.F. Hedden
The Bahamian government entered into
an agreement with the Inter American De-
velopment Bank during the latter part of
the 1990s in order to finance a countrywide
landfill project, designed to efficiently deal
with all forms of waste including poten-
tially hazardous items such as batteries and
appliances. However, to date, and some 10
years later, the project for Abaco has still
not been completed.
Since the inception of the project agree-
ment, a large Bahamian government-spon-
sored housing subdivision, Central Pines,
has been initiated and the first phase com-
pleted. A second phase has now been ini-
tiated to accommodate the rapidly grow-
ing population of Abaco. The unfortunate
situation is that both phases of this housing

project are literally adjacent to the present
Marsh Harbour garbage dump. The pres-
ent system of treating waste at the dump
site is by burning and pushing into a land-
fill. The result is substandard air quality,
rodent and feral animal population increas-
es as well as a general noxious smell in the
air over the subdivision. In addition, toxic
and hazardous chemicals are being leached
into the watertable with the potential for
catastrophic consequences, roadsides are
ugly, dirty and contaminated.
The new landfill project has been de-
signed to eliminate these threats to our sur-
roundings, to secure waste and sort it by
category, to treat and recycle, or export
as necessary. It has also been designed to
eliminate the dumping of waste along our
roadways and in the pine forest by using

an intricate system of settlement collection
services, movement of waste to transfer
stations and eventually to the landfill at
Snake Cay.
The condition of the present garbage
dumps are deteriorating more rapidly than
the increase in Abaco's population with the
resulting pollution of local and dump site
environments all over the island.
Yet there has been no date set for this
project to be completed and come into op-
eration. Signs have been placed and pow-
er lines delivered to the landfill site, but
no sign of operation startup can be seen.
Ten years have passed, approximately 30
million dollars has been allocated for the
countrywide project; money has been spent
and now nothing. WHY?
In addition, I would like to make some
comments on the project and possible solu-
tions to some of the problems anticipated
when this waste system eventually comes
to fruition.
Problems include the following:
1. Opening hours (closed on Sunday, and
1/2 day Saturday)
2, Distance for domestic haulage of garden

3. Distance for haulage of settlement trash
in the examples of Sandy Point 40 miles,
Treasure Cay 20 miles (then 40 miles),
Crossing Rocks 20 miles
4. Transport of unsorted garbage from set-
tdements to designated sites
5. Loss of load between settlements and
sites (poor loading)
6. Mixing of hazardous and domestic waste
in primary transport (breakage)
7. Distances to be travelled and the result-
ing disposal of waste along roadways and
in the forests and side road areas
8. Local and environmental pollution and
9. Location of transfer stations in environ-
mentally sensitive areas
10. Location of transfer stations an illogi-
cal distance from the major landfill
11. Service charge for all garbage deliv-
ered to the site weighing over 250 pounds
12. Lack of consultation and education
with the general public
Maintaining the major landfill at the
Snake Cay site must be accepted as fact
because it is almost complete. Large fi-
Please see Landfill Page 21

A leacheate manifold is seen in the foreground at the nearly completed Abaco solid waste
landfill located south of Spring City. In the far background the pond accumulating the
leaching solution can be seen full of rain water. DEi i i, iry was iu cual connected and
the operation is expected to open soon. Management contracts were solicited before
Christmas but a contractor to manage this site has not been announced.

Guana Harbour Grocery

Great Guana Cay, Abaco
Mon Thurs 8 a.m. 5:30 p.m.
Fri & Sat 8 a.m. 6 p.m.
Closed Sundays & Holidays
JW = ,Tel: 365-5067 Fax: 365-5180
I XVHFOch. 16



ROCK imported & local
SAND imported & local

S* Delivery from Crown Haven to Sandy Point

Visit our modern facility on the
Abaco's cornerstone Murphy Town Water Front beside
to construction Parker's Landing
CAI.I. US TODAY FO1:011 QUOTES P 367-2891 367-2892

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Daily Specials
10 pc. Leg & thigh $14.95
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Mon Thu 10 am 7 pm
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Chicken Fish Shrimp Sandwiches
Sides Milkshakes Soft Serve

Abaco Shopping Center Marsh Harbour 367-2615

We do chicken right!

8 pc. Mixed


Page 20 Section A The Abaconian

March 1 2008

Landfill will create new problems

Landfill From Page 20
nancial input has already been made from
the taxpayers, and no alternative site has
been suggested. It must be presumed that
the Bahamian government is quite capable
of entering into contractual agreements and
honouring them with private operators for
the landfill site.
However, handling and public partici-
pation are completely different matters, as
laid out above.
Suggestions would include the follow-
a. Placement of 40-foot waste containers in
settlements as demand requires and local
sorting of waste by local council contracts
to local operators. This followed by haul-
age of these containers to the main landfill
site to be further sorted and processed.
b. Hours of garbage reception at the main
land fill be extended to seven days a week
and essentially all daylight hours.
c. Extending charge exemption to all gar-
den trash and using it to manufacture mulch
to be recycled to those gardens. (sales?)
d. Encouragement of pre-sorting by house-

holds to assist in landfill efficiency.
e. Consultation with local councils and the
public before final startup.
f. A major publicity and educational cam-
paign to encourage the Abaco public (us)
to take full advantage of the system being
g. The manner of decommissioning of the
present dump sites at various locations
over Abaco.
h. The possibility of placement of a basic
Marsh Harbour transfer site.
Perhaps we will then obtain a garbage
collection and processing facility that can
be cost effective, efficient, clean and less
hazardous. Certainly the residents of Cen-
tral Pines Subdivision will be more appre-
ciative of government and local councils as
well as feeling a lot healthier.
In addition, the roadsides into and out
of the settlements will be much tidier, pine
forest areas will be less contaminated and
we as Bahamians may have at last begun to
take care of our surroundings.
As a final word I would point out that the
original design of the project was poorly
thought out and implemented, as admitted

by the government. This in itself must be
embarrassing to both the Bahamas govern-
ment and the Inter American Development
Do not allow the final implementation
of the project to proceed without the prop-
er consultation and foresight necessary.
Without modification this project will end
up leaving toxic abandoned land fills, even
dirtier roadsides and a more polluted pine
forest. In fact, Abaco will become a huge
garbage dump.
This would be really embarrassing to
both the government and the financier.



Abac Shoping Cnte

H~~h 36-PP 112121^^^^^^^

JML'.H^^^^^^^^ ^^--jrT~i-=====I^^

Jt's time to dist o;t vowr dancir a 4oef

Join Friends of the Environment for the

r nDu^ Rtee R

Saturday March 1t at 7pm
The Pavilion at Abaco Beach Resort and



Boat Harbour Marina

Live music with Modern Vintage, delicious buffet, fun raffle prizes and silent
auction (starts at 7pm)

Tickets are $100, or a table can be specially reserved for your group of 8
people at $850. Tickets are available at Tupp's, Java, Ebb Tide Gift Shop,
Elbow Cay Properties, Cracker P's and Friends of the Environment.

For more information, call: 367-2721.

If you canu t make it but would still like to participate, Phantom

Tickets are available at www.friendsoftheenvironment org

Mac 1,20 hwaoin eto ae2

AA and Al Anon
The AA (Alcoholics Anomyous) group of
Marsh Harbour meets Mondays and Thurs-
days at 6:30 p.m. at the Marsh Harbour
Community Library.
The AlAnon group of Marsh Harbour
meets the third Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. each
month at the Marsh Harbour Community
The AA group in Hope Town meets
Monday and Wednesdays and Fridays at 6
p.m. at the Hope Town Library.
The AA group and the AlAnon group meet
in the Treasure Cay Community Center on
Monday at 7:30 p.m.
Please call 357-6511 for additional in-

* --Treasure Cay Tour of Homes
March 14, 2008

10 a.m. 5 p.m.
Community Center

Advance tickets $20
at the Treasure Cay Library
or $25 on March 14

March 1, 2008

The Abaconian Section A Page 21

Pae2 eto hwaoin Mrh1,20

I .Club News

RMHYC Rendezvous at Sea
Spray Marina on Elbow Cay
By Rita Reis Wieczorek
The Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club
held its annual party at Sea Spray on El-
bow Cay earlier this year. Bob and Judy
Williams on the M/V Shade Mor planned
a wonderful two-day party for members
of the Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club
at Sea Spray Resort. A parade of 31 boats
left Boat Harbour to head for Sea Spray
on Elbow Cay on Saturday morning led by
M/V Shade Mor in anticipation of parties,
games, fancy dinners, lots of drinks, mu-
sic, dancing and a Sunday brunch.
Junior Maynard, manager of Sea Spray,
helped dock most of the boats at his facil-
ity and other members found moorings in
Hope Town because of the blow expected

on Sunday. Some boats had guests aboard
so more than 70 people attended this event.
Every year this rendezvous is bigger with
a focus on fun, laughter and an opportunity
to renew and make new friendships with
other Club Members.
Junior provided music for the RMHYC
attendees by his band, The Islanders, on
Saturday evening. He plays the drums and
Rodney, the Dock Master at Sea Spray,
also plays in the band. The music helped
get everyone in a party mood during cock-
tails on the dock.
Saturday night dinner at Sea Spray was
under the stars. The evening was terrific
and the members and guests enjoyed the
evening. The weather cooperated and a
light jacket was all that was needed for
warmth. Junior really went out of his way

to accommodate the needs of the Club. He
did a lot of planning to make this adventure
run smoothly.
On Sunday a front came through Abaco,
as predicted, and it blew 25-30 knots with
heavy rains. A Sunday Brunch was planned
by the members. All the gourmet RMHYC
chefs planned an excellent buffet. Howev-
er, the wind did not cooperate so the meal
was served on several boats.
Sunday afternoon Sea Spray opened its
restaurant to the Club for games, cards
and dice games. Some members learned
new games that they can enjoy again on
a windy day. This impromptu afternoon
turned out to be so much fun people forgot
about the weather.
Sunday evening members had dinner
at the Hope Town Lodge. Several mem-
bers are still talking about their wonderful
prime rib dinners. Everyone looked for-
ward to these events and it certainly looked
like everyone enjoyed the trip. Many are
still talking about the good time they had.
Our Port Captains Bob and Judy Williams
deserve our hardy thanks.

Physical Activities
By Rita Reis Wieczorek
RMHYC members enjoy activities that
are not directly related to drinking and eat-
ing but related to having fun with other
members while soaking-up the sun on Ab-
aco. We have women's and a men's walk-
ing teams that leave Boat Harbour at 8:30
a.m. six days a week. We rest on Sunday
so we can let our muscles recover and start
another perfect week on Abaco on Mon-
day. We separate as soon as we leave the
resort. The women usually walk to Pelican
Shores and the men alternate walks with
one day to Eastern Shores and the next
to Pelican Shores. Everyone splits up into
small groups and they walk at their own
personal rate. But there is a lot of encour-
agement from the faster walkers to speed
it up.
There are many members who abso-
lutely love to go sports fishing. This is a
good way to spend the day and it has the
potential for a fresh fish dinner that eve-
Please see Club Page 23

Members of the Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club enjoyed a two-day party at Sea Spray
Resort on Elbow Cay. Members enjoyed great food, drink, music, games and socializing.
This is an annual event that gains popularity each year.




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Visit our office on Local delivery available
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Marsh Harbour, .
Marsh Harbour, Private dock available in
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use, available to vessels up to
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"One Call Does It All"

Page 22 Section A The Abaconian

March 1 2008

More Club News

Club From Page 22
ning. There is really nothing like fresh
caught and cleaned fish for dinner. RM-
HYC members have become fish cooking
gourmets after many years of visits to Ab-
aco. Fish appetizers and main courses are
described in the RMHYC cook book More

Marshed Potatoes. The latest cookbook
was dedicated to the Royal Marsh Harbour
Yacht Club's 25th Anniversary in 2006.
Commodore's Ball Gala
By Rita Reis Wiecz rek
The Marquis Tent at the Abaco Beach
Resort was the scene of the Commodore's
Gala on February 15. It was a great event

chaired by Kathy Sales and Susan Valler-
ie. Each year for the past four years these
co-chairpersons have really outdone them-
selves. The affair was elegant. Some mem-
bers were almost unrecognizable in their
black and white attire. Everyone looks
very different when they take off their usu-
al boating attire, crocs and Tee-shirts and
go out for an elegant evening of cocktails,
dancing and a wonderful dinner put on by
Angler's Restaurant.
Kathy and Susan had several key assis-
tants in planning and executing the event
including Milt Sales, Ray Vallerie, Rear
Commodore and Social Chairman Jim
Fenn and his partner, Kathy Fenn, the

Club's Secretary, as well as Linda and
Tom Thompson and Rose Dowling.
The tent was decorated like a sparkling
wonderland in a Disney movie. The theme
this year was black and white. Table lin-
ens, napkin rings and the white candles
were beautiful and were accented with el-
egant centerpieces of red coral-like branch-
es. A word for the environmentalists, the
branches were found on the ground under
the palm trees, and they were spray-paint-
ed to look like red coral. Needless-to-say
the decorations were spectacular.

Please see Clubs Page 24

Some members ofn me Koyat iviarsn naruour Iacnt Ltuob partcipatea in me WUaK to raise
money for the Cancer Society of Abaco. They are shown here at the Jib Room before the

% 3 aSomethine For

snack oize at fr
deli style
sandWches B & V Plaza Don MacKay Blvd
and salads Tel: 367.2798 Fax: 367.5098

very Child Counts
PO Box AB20085, Marsh Harbour, Abaca
Phone: (242) 367-2505
email: info@everychildcountsabaco.org

Mark your calendars for the following
events at Every Child Counts

Tuesday, March 11, 2008 at 11 a.m.
Hope Town Harbour Lodge
Please join us for this very special occasion.
Students will be performing a skit written by Elizabeth Webb.
This annual event is well attended and extremely popular with
both attendees and performing students.
Sugar cookies courtesy of the Hope Town Harbour Lodge.

We look forward to seeing you there!

P.S. After the event stay and treat yourself to a poolside lunch at the Lodge.

Friday, March 14, 2008 at 1:00 p.m. *
"Thank You" Concert to be held at Every Child Counts

This is our way of saying a big thank you to all the volunteers
and supporters of our program. The students will entertain the audience
with drama, poetry and music.

A wonderful opportunity to meet the students and tour our school.
Refreshments will be served.
For information on ferry times contact Trish Michie at 366 0458.

SMaking a difference one by one
"Every Child Counts" is completely self-supporting including
all salaries, building and operating costs.
All funds raised are fully utilized by our Program

Building Marsh Harbour, Abaco

Tel: 242.367.0429

* ar withv

This message sponsored by Peter & Trish Michie

March 1, 2008

The Abaconian Section A Page 23

More Club News

Club From Page 23
The dinner provided by the Chef Frank of Angler's
Restaurant was a tasty salad, a chicken marsala dinner
topped off with a delicious chocolate dessert. Everything
was excellent!
"AJ the DJ" provided the music for evening. Everyone
had on dancing shoes and they really danced the evening
away. The music was primarily "rock and roll" from the
50s and 60s. AJ looked at the crowd and chose the music
that got everyone quickly in the groove. Members were
enjoying themselves so much they continued dancing as
the tables were cleared. The evening resulted in a lot of
tried and exhausted members the next day. Let's just say
some members were not as "chipper" the next day. But
they were all smiling and were still talking about the great
time they had at the 2008 Commodore's Ball Gala.
Three JA winners will go to Nassau
By Mirella Santillo
Two girls, Antonia Wright in first place and Vinceia
Coackley in second place, and a boy, Marcus Sands in
third place were the winners of the Junior Achievement's
Abaco Speech Competition that was held on February
2nd. They will represent Abaco in Nassau on February
21st in the national speech contest.
Before the start of the contest, the District Superin-
tendent of Education, Mrs. Lenora Black addressed the
students with words of encouragement and recommenda-
tions. "Wherever you come from, excellence is possible,
she assured them. She insisted that the results of their
actions were theirs only and not to blame anyone else for
their failures. Their excellence is necessary for Abaco to

maintain its place, not only in The Bahamas but also in
the world, and no high produced by marijuana, cocaine or
glue is higher than the one obtained by reaching success
through excellence and hard work.
The moderator for the event was Ms. Vanessa Scott,
who introduced the students as they took the stage. They
each had a minimum of three minutes and a maximum of
five minutes to make their presentation.
Fourteen students from local high schools, sponsored
by BEC, BTC and Water & Sewerage, delivered their
speeches on Passion for Achievement. During the weeks
since the workshop sponsored by Toastmasters Interna-
tional, the students were coached individually by Toast-
master members and teachers and they showed a marked
improvement in the way they presented the subject to the
audience. Among the group were three judges (Mrs. Mar-
garet Symonette, Mr. Christopher Hoyte and Ms. Elvira
Moss). Fourteen students showed 14 ways the subject
was broached, but for all of them, passion led to achieve-
At the end of the competition, each contestant was pre-
sented with a participation certificate handed out by Mrs.
Lenora Black. It was a close finish when Mrs. Laverne
Cooper, the Chairperson of the Competition Committee,
announced the winners: Antonia Wright with 377 points,
Vinceia Coackley with 369 points and Marcus Sands with
353 points.
Ms. Scott deplored the lack of parental support "I would
have thought that the room would have been filled with
parents, siblings and friends," she said. "In Nassau you
will speak to a much larger audience, it would have been
good practice." She assured the winners that they were
talented enough to bring back the first place to Abaco.

JA Company held a car wash

Creative Leaders Always Seeking Success is the name of
the Junior Achievement Company sponsored by Batelco.
This group held a carwash to assist with paying for the
Bahama JC conference to be held in Nassau on February
21-24 under the theme Passion for Achievement. The offi-
cers of this company are President Antonia Wright, V.P.
Finance Lowrell Edgecombe, V.P. Human Resources
- Lindsay Lowe, V.P. Marketing Taj Anderson, and
V.P. Production Antonique Adderley. The company is
supported by six vibrant employees of BTC.



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Palm Beach Contact
Ph: (561) 844-5387
M/V Legacy
c/o Palm Beach Steamship
158 B East Port Road
Riviera Beach, FL 33404

r, P

Page 24 Section A The Abaconian

March 1 2008

Mac 1,20 hbcna eto ae2






Tickets on sale at
Snappas, Bahama
Family Market and
anywhere that
Scurvey Few
Merchandise is sold



March 1, 2008

The Abaconian Section A Page 25



Sports News

Darts Gold Cup was Family members and friends had ac- from Abaco or An-
held on Abaco companies the players and for two days ishka Maycock from
rheld on Aban o the Parish Hall was filled with a loud Freeport who already
By Mirella Santillo and happy crowd. Food was available for placed as a runner up
For the 24th consecutive year, the Na- lunch and dinner provided by the ladies of in the women's single,
tional Darts Association held its Gold Cup St John's Parish, and Ms. Laura Albury, her first competition.
competition which this year took place in Manager of Bristol Wines and Spirits, had They both received E
Marsh Harbour at the Anglican Parish Hall set up a makeshift bar on the premises. The trophies as rookies of
on the weekend of February 1st. tournament was sponsored by Miller Lite. the tournament.
Members of the Nassau Darts Associa- The elimination process started on Fri- In the Mixed Triples -
tion, Grand Bahama Darts Association and day night continuing the following day at Robin Albury, Dwight
Abaco Darts Association, 15 people in noon, ending with the finals late Saturday McDonald and Angela
each group, met in the evening of February evening. Veteran dart shooters such as Russell put Abaco in
1st for what was going to be a weekend of Barry Payne or Harry Brown from Nassau, the second place. An-
shooting darts. They were disputing tiles Angela Russell and Shane Sawyer from gela Russell and Aba-
in Mixed Triples, Mixed Doubles, Wom- Abaco, and Pepper Russell from Freeport co Darts Association's
en's Doubles, Men's Doubles, Women's asserted themselves again while new talent- President, Faith Saw-
Singles and Men's Singles. ed rookies surfaced such as Robin Albury yer, came first in the
Women's Doubles, a
victory duplicated by
the men, Robin Albury
and Shane Sawyer, in
the Men's Doubles. Three swimmers represented Abaco in a swim meet in Nassau.
Miller Albury, center, placed third overall -,ii/i, Joshua Wong
Please see Sports placed fifth. Christina Pyfrom also did well getting one fourth,
Page 27 two fifth and a sixth in the individual races. They are shown
with their coach, Lawrence Higgs.

Customer docking
Homemade bread
Complete line of groceries
-Frozen foods, fresh fruits &
The National Darts Association held its Gold Cup competition on Abaco. S,,, "i here are Block & crushed ice
Malcolm Spicer, President of the Bahamas Darts Association; Faith Sawyer, Abaco Darts As- Green Turtle Cay
sociation President; Angela Russell; and Laura Albury, manager of Bristol Wines and Spirits Ph. 242-365-4171 Fax 365-4072
who sponsored the tournament. Ms. Sawyer and Ms. Ruseell won the Women's Doubles.

CBahamas Electricty Corporation

1 *

Representatives will be on hand to address
Customer queries
New accounts
Fuel surcharge
Energy and conservation and much more

Come in and be heard!

Lots of giveaways and refreshments!

See you there at BEC's Fair!

Page 26 Section A The Abaconian

March 1 2008

March 1, 2008

The Abaconian

Section A Page 27

IMore Sports News
Wong, and a girl, Christina Pyform, repre- Soccer competitions Fox and Scotty as linesmen. It was fast
Sports From Page 26 sented the Abaco swim team in the Gunite soccer, good soccer, with a lot of tactic
Abaco's Robin Albury placed second in Pools / Swift Swimming Meet that took continue to draw crowds and coordination between the players.
the Men's Singles. place in Nassau on January 26th. By Mirella Santillo It was an important event for soccer
Nassau ended up winning the overall Eight-year-old Miller placed third over- Two of the leading teams of the Abaco players and fans, and tempers ran hot.
first place with 169 points, Abaco placed all in his age category. His second place in Soccer Association were defeated on Feb- There were many foul plays during the
second with 138 points and Grand Bahama the 25m fly and the fourth place in the 50m ruary 3rd Knock Out Cup. The Phat Max two games. One of these in the first game
third with 123 points, backstroke won him his award; he came won 3 -1 over the Hope Town Show Stop- erupted in a fight started by a stand-by
According to the Bahamas Darts Asso- fifth in the 100 m breaststroke and sixth in pers, their first loss of the season, and the player who was disqualified for the rest of
ciation's President, Mr. Malcom Spicer, the 200m freestyle. New Stars, a team formed at the beginning the season, and Mr. Patrice Charles issued
the event was a great success. The people Joshua Wong took part in the 25m fly of this season with players from teams no five yellow cards in the second game which
from the three islands regularly compete with a fifth place, came second in the longer playing, also won 3-1 over Abacom was also marred by another fight provoked
against each other so there was much ca- 100m breaststroke and fourth in the 200 m United, the league champions. by a spectator after a foul.
maraderie mixed with the competing spirit freestyle. He did not compete in the back- As usual the games took place on the Page
and everyone, winners and losers, had a stroke. Christina Pyform swam all four Murphy Town Park soccer field with Mr. Please see Sports Page 28
fantastic time. races, placing sixth in the 25m fly, fifth in Patrice Charles as referee and Mr. James
the 50m backstroke and breaststroke and
Swimmers did well in fourth in the 200m freestyle. T-SHIRTS AVAILABLE PRINTED T-SHIRTS
competition in Nassau Coaches Lawrence Higgs and Brenda IN 84 COLOURS W E STARTING AS LOW
By Mirella Santillo Sawyer as well as some parents accompa-
Two boys, Miller Albury and Joshua nied the young swimmers to Nassau. NO JOB TOOBI! AS$t5I

SGALLERY Ph. 366-0024 Fax. 366-0614
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pTwtvaarq h~tut~~%eatytpnw
...dadFrn c~a..-U..OId.I
Iflacheewof Urnk HI thiepa4ftya 61W yofiJAy3M
naa l y4d, n ~lab
tetohnoflf~tk~rbc46,I IfAfihqdakIAAhY
tobEIssdbA RA CafU VA Il A N1 A S

p=. -d I-s, Ab..
k"g- m rbrn~ 'daa.
A- n.JJ,-

More Sports News

Sports From Page 27
The Abacom United' s President, Mr.
Malcom Spicer, who is also the Abaco
Soccer Association's President, was not
unduly upset about his team losing. "Off-
days happen," he commented. "It is unfor-
tunate that it was on the Knock Out Cup."
On January 6th the Tigers beat the New
Stars 1-0 and the Hope Town Show Stop-
pers defeated the Steelers 2- 0. On the 13th
the Steelers and the New Stars tied 1-1 and
the Phat Max lost to Abacom United 0-2.
On the 20th it was a tie for the Show Stop-

pers and the New Stars 1-1 and the Phat
Max beat the Steelers, 3- 0. On January
27th Abacom United won 2 to 1 against the
New Stars and Phat Max beat the Tigers
1 -0.
Regular games resumed on February
10th. The next Knock Out Cup will take
place in April.
Barbecued meat was available and the
odor from the grill pervaded through the
area, wetting one's appetite. There was
beer for sale and free water that had been
donated by the Money Center at Fidelity
Bank as a gesture of support. This bank

is now offering a food delivery service to
Haiti through Western Union.
Soccer News / 2008
By Mirella Santillo
On February 10th two members of the
Bahamian Football Association visited
Marsh Harbour to assess the level of ex-
pertise of the players and possibly recruit
some for the national team. Mr. Lionel
Haven, the General Secretary and the Na-
tional Coach, and Mr. Neder Dos Santos,
Director of the National League who came
from Brazil to train the Bahamian team,
watched the two games that were played
that afternoon.
On that day Abacom United played
against the Hope Town Show Stoppers,
losing 2-1 to that team. In the second
game the Phat Max played a friendly game
against the Steelers, winning 2-1. It was
not the best time to witness the perfor-

mance of the Abaconian players who had
disputed the Knock Out Cup the previous
Sunday and were not prepared for another
competitive Sunday.
The Bahamians have reached interna-
tional level in soccer, and our country will
be participating in the World Cup elimina-
tion at the end of next month. The national
team will play against British Virgin Island
in Nassau for the first round qualification
on March 26th 30th and once at home and
once away against Jamaica in June.
Most of the Abaco players are of Hai-
tian origin, but as long as they have Ba-
hamian status, they qualify to play on the
national team. Mackinson Altidor, a local,
who is now studying in the U.S. on a soc-
cer scholarship, also plays on the national

Two soccer games are played every Sunday afternoon at the Murphy Town Park. The
teams are comprised mostly of players of Haitian descent. All the teams have very loyal
fans who enjoy the fast moving games.

Boats equipped with:
VHF Bimini Top Cooler
Anchor & Lines Compass
Dive Ladder Life Jackets
Paddle Flares Flashlight
Fire Extinguisher First Aid Kit

30 Boats to Choose From
All Meticulously Maintained
Our Customers Get
Extra Attention
Weekly Rates:
26' Paramount $1295
23' Albury Bros $1015
22' Boston Whaler $945
20' Albury/Hydra $910
18' Privateer $ 665

I st Annual

SCreen Turtle Cay

A t Cancer/XWalk Ar

For Nbre IHrArrn atlon, ple3Becromtd L,,.T~n Jh.-)n 54~?Ior

Page 28 Section A The Abaconian

March 1 2008

Mac 1,20 hwbcna eto ae2

Letters From Page 8
P.M. a disgrace. The second busiest airport
in the country is a shack. You have to run
out in the rain and mud to get your bags. Do
you know why they will never give us a real
airport? Because they are afraid Abaco will
become #1, the busiest airport. Nassau can't
have that. Watch four years from now, our
airport will still be a shack.
Mr. Ingraham goes on to complain how
his government had in place plans for the
new airport, hospital and local government
offices, but the PLP never carried them with
them. Did he not have 10 years to get these
project completed? And about $400 million
dollars of Abaco money to do it with. Not one
project done. He chastises local government
to do MORE. I was under the impression that
90 percent of what gets done on Abaco gets
done from people who volunteer their very
limited time. Am I missing something? Does
local government collect taxes at the local
level to be used at the local level. NO! But
they get to work and get the job done with
good will and smiles. "I is the Chief and I
say so!" What did the PM do about the Mud
the first 10 years he was is power? Not a

P.O. Box AB 20872
Marsh Harbour
Abaco, Bahamas

We offer a variety of boat lifts
From personal water craft lifts
to lifts up to 54,000 lbs. a
Call for information and a quote,

On a positive note, they increased our
budget to $3 million. Aren't we special.
Now we can really get a lot done. Let's see,
we give $60 million and we get back $3 mil-
Is it not the purpose of taxation to provide
services? Well, not on Abaco apparently.
We just get to pay for all the past waste and
corruption. And I am sure the FNM had
nothing to do with any of that waste or cor-
And finally, Mr. Ingraham says that "we
may not get all these improvements this
term." Well, my, my what a revelation. I
think that was our Abaco Prime Minister's
way of getting out of all those great cam-
paign promises AGAIN.
A thought doesn't Nassau need us more
than we need them? Abaco creates tremen-
dous revenue. Why do we sit back and ac-
cept so little from our elected officials. Why
are we such sheep? Because the Prime Min-
ister says so? Why do we need Nassau at all?
Why not keep all of our revenue on Abaco?
Boy that would make them cry. Hey, it is
our money, it's our island. Do you want to
keep believing leaders who could care less
about Abaco? How about we claim what is
ours. How about we remind Mr. Ingraham

Freddy Albury
Brandon Thompson
Fax: 367-2704


These lifts are made of top grade aluminum
and stainless steel to maintain their finish and
strength in our saltwater environment.




that he works for US. Remember, in the last
15 years Abaco has contributed over $600
million dollars to the public treasury. What
have we gotten back? Come on, Abaco, we
are getting screwed. BIG TIME.
Andrew Curry

Central From Page 15
tion on the Customs side of the building
where passengers retrieve their luggage. It
is hoped that this will be completed by the
end of February.
These renovations have taken place
as a result of the concern of Mr. Cephas
Cooper, Senior Administrator who, in a
talk to the Abaco Chamber of Commerce
soon after taking up his post here, stated
his concern over the deplorable condition

Po I yoE


of the Marsh Harbour airport and said that
since we would not be receiving a new ter-
minal from government any time soon, the
citizens of Abaco needed to get together
and do something about it. A group of con-
cerned citizens formed a committee along
with Mr. Cooper to organize renovations.
Committee members consisted of Yvonne
Key, Judy Johnston, Guy Toothe, Cubell
Davis, Sonith Lockhart and Bobby Jones.
A substantial donation by Common-
wealth Bank provided funding for a major
part of the renovation expense along with
other donations from the Marsh Harbour
Town Committee and Council and a few
generous public citizens. Guy Toothe do-
nated the first roof.
It was announced by the committee that
a ceremony/function will be held at the
completion of the renovations.


Call for rates!!!

Tel: 367-0400
email: gopheryou@hotmail.com


Ail (l lA1 !M 'I :


go to ont:sotal*::

*h alietcktwthvratlt

Fordetil Ian s lecal


Drill Rig
Dock Construction

Boat Lift Sales


Section A Page 29

March 1, 2008 The Abaconian

Page 30 Section A The Abaconian

March 1 2008

Rush From Page 1
The Spring City Rockers said they were
coming to win and would take no prisoners.
That is what they did as Marsh Harbour's
downtown shook with the vibration of the
dancing feet as the Rockers took to the street.
The Rockers brought Africa back with a
banner displaying giraffes, lions and an el-
ephant and their colors of pink and purple
blazed throughout the night.
Finishing in second were the Motown
Shockers, with Supreme Dancers and the
Green Turtle Rockers tied for third. Also com-
peting were the Green Turtle Rockers, Spring
City Stingers and the Goombay Group.
Central Abaco Primary once again
proved to be too tough for its competi-
tors as it ran away from the field, easily
holding off Treasure Cay Primary and Fox
Town Primary in the A group.
Amy Roberts of Green Turtle Cay
proved to be too strong for Crossing Rocks
and in the All Age group it was Moore's
Island making the trip over worthwhile
with a beat down of Wesley College.
Because of the time constraints, the com-
mittee did say they would not hold both the
junior and senior parades on the same day
anymore, but it added to the festivities and
brought more fans out.

Junknaoo From Page 6
non-competitive participation in our parade
of C.R. Walker school.
The touchy subject of Junkanoo versus
religion was broached with the delegates
clarifying the point by explaining that
Junkanoo was not devil worshiping but a
celebration of God. Junkanoo is not a reli-
gion but a ritual that relates to ancestors; it
is the continuity of a tradition when slaves
were given three days to celebrate Christ-
mas. It is similar to Mardi Gras or Carni-
val. Mr. Francis mentioned that in Nassau
many pastors and priests are supportive of
various groups.
The delegates invited members of the
community to volunteer as judges for the
parade and attend the judge's workshop
they were holding that evening.
Following the Talk Show, the delegates
visited the Central Abaco Primary shack
where Ms Andrea Chu, Ludean Swain and
Samantha Sully were sewing the last of the
costumes. The visitors were treated with a
music demonstration by the students and
greeted by Principal Eunice Mills and the
Junkanoo's organizers, Ms Newlessa Ma-
jor and Mr. Jeffrey Victor.
The next stop was Treasure Cay Primary

School where Junkanoo active preparations
were also on going.
The last visit on the agenda was to Fox
Town Primary School where the delega-
tion was shown around by Principal Aus-
tin Mills, and teachers, Ms. Smith, Ms.
Adderley and Ms. Terrell Hield. The two
classrooms that were used as shacks were
full of the pieces that were to be part of
the parade. Several pieces were getting the
last strips of crepe paper, all fitting to the
theme The Mystical and Marvelous Won-
ders of the Sea. Recycling had been taken
into consideration so most pieces were
made from foam salvaged from boats.
Both Mr. Dames and Mr. Francis were
very impressed by the quality and the cre-
ativity of the people involved in pasting and
were looking forward to a great parade.
Both men will be attending the parade.

It Pays to Advertise

Diamante Dental Clinic
Dr. J. Denise Archer D.D.S.
Garnett Archer Mem. Blvd., Suite #6
P.O. Box AB 20579
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Website: www.diamantedental.com
(appointments can be made online)
Tel: 242-367-4968 Fax: 242-367-3001
Emergency 242-554-8327
Email: dentalspecialistabaco@yahoo. corn
Dr. J. Denise Archer
Monday Saturdays
General Dentistry
Dr. Christopher Varga
Monday Saturdays
General dentistry
Dr. Barry L. Russell March 14
of the Bahamas Orthodontic Center
Orthodontics (Braces)

Chamber From Page 4

the Chamber of Commerce, was praised
for the excellent job she had done in orga-
nising this very successful seminar which
attracted a large number of persons from
government departments and the private

Workshop From Page 7

Fairness and impartiality as well as
knowledge and dedication were the de-
cisive requirements for being chosen as a
judge in this 2008 Junkanoo Parade. Inter-
ested applicants had to fill a questionnaire
and submit their application on leaving the

Take a new look at an old friend Ab


The best way to fly from Marsh Harbour

and Treasure Cay To Fort Lauderdale


.." found trip ticket
Ilcted flights.
J/fods apply.
Itased In Abaco at
t6Icket counter.
atch 13th, 2008

The airline that gives you more...

More Flights...More Service...More Smiles

For Reservations and Information please call
Marsh Harbour
Yvette or George at 367-0032


www.flyyellowafrtaxr.com mere ia LWV take vuP

Hotels and House Rental Agents
+ agents with multiple cottages and houses

Area Code 242 unless listed otherwise
Island-wide Abaco Listii
Abaco Vacations + 800-633-9
Bahamas Vacations + 800-462-2
Abaco Bound + 242-367-5
Casuarina Point
Different of Abaco 8 rm 20 cott
Lee Pinder + 3 hse
Marina Albury Cottages 5 cottages
Grand Cay
Rosie's Place
Green Turtle Cay
Cocobay Cottages 6 cott
Island Properties + 34 hse
New Plymouth Inn 9 rm
Ocean Blue Properties + 30
Roberts Cottages 3 cott
Guana Cay

Dive Guana
Dolphin Bch Resort
Donna Sands +
Guana Beach Resor
Guana Seaside
Harbour View Have
Ocean Frontier
Sea Shore Villas
Ward's Landing

Abaco Inn
Club Soleil
Crystal Villas
Elbow Cay Prop +
Hope T Harb Lodge
Hope T Hideaways
Hope T Villas +
Lighthouse Rentals
Sea Gull Cottages 4-
Sea Spray Resort
Tanny Key +
Turtle Hill


Lubbers Quarters
Sea Level Cottages 4 hse

2426 Island Home Rentals + 8 hse 3
5576 Schooner's Landing 5 condos 3
Marsh Harbour area
366-2150 Abaco Beach Resort 82 rms
Abaco Real Estate + 6 hse
366-2053 Alesia's 3 rms
366-2075 Ambassador Inn 6 rms
Bustick Bight Resort 8 rms
352-5458 Conch Inn 9 rms
D's Guest House 6 rms 3
365-5464 Great Abaco Club + 12 hse
365-4047 Island Breezes Motel 8 rms
365-4161 Lofty Fig Villas 6 eff
365-4636 Pelican Beach Villas 6 cott
365-4105 Roaeats (Prov Aharn Tnwns) 32 offir

II hse 365-5178
4 rm 10 cott.365-5137
12 hse 365-5195
6 units 365-5133
8 rm 7 cott 365-5106


4 units 904-982-2762
Hope Town
22 rm 366-0133
6 rm I cott 366-0003
7 villas 888-812-2243
53 hse 366-0035
25 rm 3660095
+ 63 hse 366-0224
3 hse 366-0030
4 cott 366-0154
3 hse 366-0266
5 villas 366-0065
43 hse 366-0053
4 villas 366-0557

Moore's Island
Moore's Is Bonefish Camp 8 rm
Sandy Point

Oeisha's Resort
Pete & Gay's Resort
Rickmon's Bonefish

Spanish Cay Resort

Bahama Beach Club






14 rm 366-4119
ing 10 rm 366-4477
Spanish Cay
18 rm 6 hse 365-0083
Treasure Cay

Island Dreams + 45 hse 365-8507
Treasure Cay Resort 95 rms 365-8801
Wood Cay
Tangelo Hotel 19 rm 3 villa365-2222
Web Sites with Abaco Information
Rev. Sep 07

Sid's Food Store
Groceries Toiletries Souvenirs
Serving New plymouth and the entire
1 Green Turtle Cay Area
Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Frozen Meat
Dry and Canned Goods
Homemade Breads
Located Near Town Dock, New Plymouth,
Green Turtle Cay
Tel: (242) 365-4055

Rich's Boat

Abaco's Best Rental Fleet
At the Head of the Harbour
Rental Rates March, April, May
Daily 3-day Weekly
21'Boat $170 $475 $790
26' Boat $250 $650 $1200
Rental Rate June, July
Daily 3-day Weekly
21'Boat $170 $475 $790
26'Boat $250 $700 $1300
Fishing & Snorkeling Gear
Bait, Ice & Guides
Call 367-2742
P.O. BoxAB 20419, Marsh Harbour


March 1, 2008 The Abaconian

Section A

Emergency Services
Police Marsh Harbour 367-2560
The following services are provided by volunteers
Fire Marsh Harbour 367-2000
Fire Dundas Town 367-2935 or 4935
Fire -Hope Town VHF Ch16
Fire Green Turtle Cay 365-4133
Fire Man-0-War 365-6911
BASRA Bah Air Sea Rescue Assoc all areas Marine VHF 16
Hope Town 366-0500 Marsh Harbour 367-3752
Guana Cay 365-5178 Treasure Cay 365-8749

Medical Services
Abaco Family Medicine Marsh Harbour...367-2295
Auskell Advanced Medical Clinic .............367-0020
Marsh Harbour Medical Centre..............367-0049
Government Clinic Marsh Harbour .........367-2510
Corbett Clinic Treasure Cay .................365-8288
Government Clinic Cooper's Town .........365-0300
Government Clinic Green Turtle Cay .....365-4028
Government Clinic Hope Town ..............366-0108
Government Clinic Sandy Point .............366-4010
Government Clinic Fox Town ........................

Taxi Cab Fares for one or two passengers
Plus extra for each passengers above two
Between Marsh Harbour Airport and
Ferry Dock or Murphy Town to Ammons Dr $12 + $3
Bristol Cellers thru A Beach Hotel or Gov't dock thru
Dundas Town $10 +$3
Dove Plaza, Stop Light or Sawyer's Market $10 + $2
Gov't Clinic thru Western Auto $6 + $2
Gov freight dock through Dundas Town $10 + $3
Murphy Town to Shell Sta $14 + $4
Pelican Shores to Frankie Russel house $14 + $4
Eastern Shores to Peas & Rice house $14 + $4
Beyond Russell house or Peas & Rice house $16 + $5
Great Cistern $20 + $5
Spring City $15 +$5
Snake Cay $35+$10
Treasure Cay $60 + $10
Casuarina Point $60 + $10
Treasure Cay Airport or Bah Palm Shores $70 + $10
Little Harbour or Cherokee $80 + $10
Crossing Rocks $100 + $10
Sandy Point $135+$10
Between Marsh Harbour Ferry and
Ab Beach Hotel thru Wally's & Eastern Shore $ 2 each
Jib Room $ 3 each
Solomon's Super Center $5 + $3
Stop Light, Dove Plaza, Gov't dock $ 6 + $3
Government Freight Dock $7 + $3
Gov Clinic, W Auto or Nat Insurance $9 + $3
Mother Merle restaurant $10 + $3
Waiting time $20 per hour, $10 per half hour
Children under three free Caged pets as people
Luggage $1.00 each over four, Surf boards $4.00 ea.
Between Treasure Cay Airport and Effective 13 Nov 05
Treasure Cay Resort $20 + $5
Madeira Park $14 + $4
Green Turtle Cay ferry dock $8 + $4
Moxy $18+$5
Bahamas Star farm $24+ $5
Sand Banks $24 +$5
Joe's Creek, Leisure Lee $44+ $10
Black Wood $18 +$5
Fire Road & Cooper's Town $37 + $5
Cedar Harbour $55 +$5
Wood Cay $60 +$5
Mount Hope $65 +$5
Fox Town $70 +$5
Crown Haven $75+ $5
Marsh Harbour Airport $75 + $10
T Cay Hotel to Marsh Harbour $65 + $10
T C Hotel to G Turtle Ferry (Blue Hole $24) $18 + $5
T C Hotel to Bonefish Marles $22 + $5
T C Hotel to Joe's Creek $35 + $5
T C Hotel to Moxey $16 + $5
T C Hotel to Banyan Bch Club XX $6 + $3
Green Turtle Ferry to Marsh H Airport $75 +

Airlines Serving Abaco
Abaco Air Nassau, N Eleuthera, Moores Is 367-2266
American Eagle- Miami 367-2231
Bahamasair- NassauW Palm B, Ft Laud 367-2095
Chaulks Ft Lauderdale 954-359-0329
Continental Connection Miami
Ft Laud and W Palm Beach 367-3415
Island Express Ft Lauderdale 367-0169
Southern Air- Nassau 367-2498
Twin Air Calypso Fort Lauderdale 367-0140
Vintage Props & Jets New Smyrna B 367-4852
Yellow Air Taxi- Ft Lauderdale 367-0032
Local air charters serving Bahamas & S Florida
AbacoAir 367-2266
Cherokee Air Charters 367-3450

Dive Shops
Abaco Dive Adventures, Marsh Harbour.... ................367-2963
Above & Below, Marsh Harbour.... ............................ 367-0350
Dive Abaco 1978, Marsh Harbour................................. 367-2787
Froggies, Hope Town............................ ..................... 366-0431
Treasure Divers, Treasure Cay.......................................... 365-8571
Brendal's Dive, Green T. Cay ........................................ 365-4411
Dive G uana........................................................................ 365-5 178
Man-0-W ar Dive Shop ......................6................................ 365-6013

Items of interest Man-0-War boat yards Blackwood
blue hole & sisal mill Cedar Harbour plantation ruins need
guide Hole in Wall lighthouse last mire very rough road *
Abaco wild horses by appointment 367-4805 Bird watching ask
tourism 367-3067

Compliments of The Abaconian

Area code 242 unless noted otherwise

Ferry Schedules Departure times shown Daily service unless noted
Marsh Harbour to Hope Town or Man-0-War 20 minutes from Crossing Beach
Marsh Harbour to Guana Cay 40 minutes
Abaco Ferry Service VHF Ch 16 -
Marsh Harbour > Hope Town 7:00am* 8:50 10:20 12: pm 1:55 3:55* 5:40
(Limited Sunday Schedule) Return 7:55 am 9:30 II 12:30pm* 2:55 5 6:15
Marsh Harbour > White Sound 7am 12pm 3:15 Return 7:40 1:10 4:25
to or from White Sound
Albury's Ferry Service Ph 367-3147 or 367-0290 VHF Ch. 16
Marsh Harbour > Hope Town 7:15 am 9 10:30 12:15 pm 2 4 5:45
Return 8 am 9:45 11:30 1:30 pm 3 4 5 6:30
Marsh Harbour > Man-O-War 10:30 am 12:15 pm 2:30* 4 5:45*
Return 8 am 11:30 1:30 pm 3:15* 4:30
Marsh H. > Guana Cay (& Scotland Cay with advance notice) from Conch Inn Not on Sundays
(6:45am Union Jack Dock) 10:30 1:30 pm 3:30 5:45* or holidays
Return 8 am 11:30 2:30 pm 4:45 6:30*
Same day fare Adult prepaid oneway $16 / Round Trip $22, * Kids 6-11 half, Under 6 free
Green Turtle Ferry Phone 365-4166, 4128, 4151 VHF Ch 16 Ten minute ride
Green T Cay to Treasure Cay Airport 8 am 9 II 12:15 1:30 3 4:30
T Cay Airport to Green T Cay 8:30 am 10:30 11:30 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5
New Plymouth one way adult $10 (Children $7) Round trip $15 Extra to some G T Cay docks
Abaco Adventures Ph 365-8749 VHF Ch 16
Treasure Cay to Guana Cay Sunday Lv 12 & returns 4:45 p.m. $25 RT
T Cay to Man-O-War/ Hope Town Wed 9:30 am, return 4:30 pm $35 RT
T Cay to Guana Cay Sunset Cruise Fr $25, call for time
Pinder's Ferry Service Between Abaco & Grand Bahama -
Crown Haven, Abaco to McLean's Town, Grand Bah. -Daily 7:00 am & 2:30 pm
McLean's Town to Crown Haven return Daily 8:30 am & 4:30 pm
Fare $45 OW / $90 RT Children half fare Call Abaco 365-2356 for information
Bus between Freeport and McLean's Town Rental automobiles at both terminals.
Bahamas Ferries Sandy Point to Nassau under 4 Hr. Call Sandy Point 366-4119
or Marsh Harbour 367-5250 for sailing dates Adults $95 RT, $55 OW Cars & trucks
The Great Abaco Express Marsh Harbour bus to N Abaco Call 367-2165
Lv Marsh H. 5 am & 12:30 pm, connect with ferry to Grand Bahama & bus to Freeport
Lv Crown Haven 9:30 am & 5:30 pm bringing ferry passengers to Marsh Harbour

Abaco Marinas Slips Fuel Phone
Walker's Cay
W walker's Cay -................................... C lose
Green Turtle Cay
Bluff House ................45....... F...... 365-4200
Green Turtle Club ......32....... F......365-4271
Black Sound Marina...15................365-4531
Other Shore Club.......12....... F......365-4195
Abaco Yacht Service..10....... F...... 365-4033
Treasure Cay
Treasure Cay Marinal50 ...... F......365-8250
Man-O-War Marina ...26....... F......365-6008
Marsh Harbour
Boat Harbour Marina183....... F......367-2736
Conch Inn.............75....... F .....367-4000
Harbour View Marina .36.......F .....367-2182
Marsh Harbour Marina52 F 367 2700
Hope Town
Hope Town Marina.....16..............366-0003
Hope Town Hideaways.................366-0224
Lighthouse Marina .......6....... F......366-0154
Sea Spray ..................50....... F......5366-0065
Spanish Cay
Spanish Cay Marina...75 ...........365-0083
Guana Cay
Orchid Bay.................32 ....... 365-5175
Boats can clear Customs at Green Turtle Cay,
Treasure Cay or Marsh Harbour

Tours & Excursions
Abaco Island Tours Marsh Harbour 367-2936
Above & Below Marsh Harbour 367-0350
Dive Abaco 1978, Marsh Harbour 367-2787
Brendals Dive Green Turtle Cay 365-4411
Excursion boat* Froggies Hope T 366-0024
Excursion boat Froggies Hope T 366-0431

Points of Interest
Albert Lowe Museum .................................... Green Turtle Cay
Capt Roland Roberts House, reef exhibits.......Green Turtle Cay
Memorial Sculpture Garden...................... Green Turtle Cay
Wyannie Malone Historical Museum..................... Hope Town
Elbow Cay Light Station........................................ Hope Town
Walk to & swim on Mermaid Reef off M Harb. ..Pelican Shore
Drive to & swim in Blue Hole .............Treasure Cay farm road
Art studio & working foundry- ....................... Little Harbour
W working boatyards....................................... Man-0-War cay
Pocket beaches Crossing Beach in Marsh Harbour
* Witches Point 3 miles S. of Marsh Harbour
* Little Harbour 20 miles S. of Marsh Harbour
* Cherokee 23 miles S of Marsh Harbour
Miles of beach are generally on ocean exposures
* Treasure Cay Green Turtle Cay
* Guana Cay Man-0-War Cay Elbow Cay Casuarina Point
* Bahama Palm Shore Sandy Point & more

Bonefish Guides Cherokee
Sandy Point Theodore Sawyer ...366-2111
Patrick Roberts .. 366-4286 Will Sawyer............. 366-2177
Nicholas Roberts Marty Sawyer.......... 366-2115
Derrick Gaitor Noel Lowe ...............366-2107
Ferdinand Burrows 366-4133 Randy Sawyer.........366-2284

Vernal Burrows
Kendall White
Anthony Bain ......366-4107
Floyd Burrows .... 366-4175
Links Adderly ......366-4335
Valentino Lightbourne
Ricky Burrows .... 366-4233
Marsh Harbour
Jody Albury .........375-8068
Terrance Davis.... 367-4464
Buddy Pinder ......366-2163
Justin Sands ......367-3526
Danny Sawyer.....367-3577
Jay Sawyer ........ 367-3941
David Albury .......365-6059
Crossing Rocks
Tony Russell .......366-3259

Casaurina Point
Junior Albury ...........366-3058
Budy Pinder.............366-2165
Hope Town
Maitland Lowe ........366-0234
North Abaco
O'Donald Mclntosh..477-5037
Pope McKenzie .......477-5894
Orthnell Russell ......365-0125
Alexander Rolle.......365-0120
Edward Rolle ..........365-0024
Green Turtle Cay
Ronnie Sawyer .......365-4070
Jeff Survance ..........365-4040
Ricky Sawyer ..........365-4261

To Abaco by land and sea from Florida Take Discovery Cruise
Line (954-971-7347) from Ft. Lauderdale or CloudX ferry (866-473-3779) from
West Palm Beach to Freeport Bus to McLeans Town Ferry to Crown Haven *
Bus to Green Turtle Ferry or Marsh Harbour Taxi to Marsh Harbour ferry dock
* Ferry to Hope Town, Man-0-War or Guana Cay Its an adventure

reads The
A harnnian

Restaurant Guide
Prices $ Low, $$ Moderate, $$$ Upper
(Based on dinner entree range)
+ Picnic tables & restroom only t Provides ride from town
Marsh Harbour
Anglers........................... $$$ ...........367-2158
Curly Tails ......................$$$ ............ 367-4444
G ino's ................................. $ ............. 367-2002
Golden Grouper ..............$........... 367-2301
Hummingbird....................$$ ...........367-2922
Island Cafe.........................$ .............367-6444
Jamie's Place.....................$ ........... 367-2880
Jib Room .........................$$ .............367-2700
Kentucky Fried Chicken............... ...367-2615
M angoes ........................$$$ .............367-2366
Pop's Place ........................$ .....+..... 367-3796
Poppa Georgio's............... $
Sea Shells .........................$ ........... .. 367-4460
Snack Shack .....................$ .....+.....367-4005
Snappas.............................$ ............ 367-2278
Subw ay ....................... ................. 367-2798
W allys .......................... $$$ ............. 367-2074
Dundas Town
Mother Merle's ................$$

Hope Town
Abaco Inn ...................$$$ .............366-0133
Cap'n Jacks .......................$ ........... 366-0247
Harbour's Edge............... $$ ........... 366-0087
H T Harbour Lodge .......$$$ .............366-0095
Munchies ....... .... $ .....+ ....366-0423
Sea Spray ...................... $$ .......... 366-0065
Lubber's Quarter
Cracker P's................................. ...... 366-3139
H ibiscus ....................................... 365-6380
Island Treats Snack Bar...................365-6501
Guana Cay
Blue Water Grill..............$$$ .............365-5230
Grabbers......................$$$ ............. 365-5133
Guana Seaside .............$$$.............365-5106
Nippers ........................ $$$ ............365-5143
Orchid Bay ....................................... 265-5175
Treasure Cay
Florence's Cafe .......... $
Harbour Cafe ....................$ .............365-8635
Hudson's Delight ............$ ............365-8648
Spinnaker Restaurant ...$$$.............365-8469
Touch of Class .............$$$.............365-8195
Green Turtle Cay
Bluff House.....................$$$ ........... 365-4200
Jolly Roger Bistro.............$$............. 365-4200
Green Turtle Club ..........$$$.............365-4271
Harvey's Island Grill.........$$............. 365-4389
Laura's Kitchen ...............$$ ........... 365-4287
McIntosh's Restaurant .... $$.............365-4625
Plymouth Rock Cafe ...... 365-4934
Rooster's Rest ............ Hate pen Nghts I
Sundowners.................................... 365-4060
Wrecking Tree Restaurant
Harbour Cafe (ferry dock) ..$.....+.....365-8635
Sandy Point
Nancy's ... ..................
Pete & Gays ...............$$$ ............ 366-4119
Rickmon Bonefish Lodge.................366-4477

Please bring errors & revisions to our attention Rev 18 Dec 07

Visitors' Guide
Restaurants Services Transportation

Page 31

Bikes & Scooters* Boats Cars & Carts
Rentals Marsh Harbour
A& P Car Rentals .......................... 367-2655
B & B Boat Rentals.. .................. 367-7368
Bargain Car Rentals.......................... 367-0500
Blue Wave Boat Rentals ................ 367-3910
Concept Boat Rentals ..................367-5570
Power Cat Boat Rentals ..... ......................
Quality Star Car Rentals (Texaco) .....367-2979
Rainbow Boat Rentals .................. 367-4602
Rental Wheels Scooters, Bikes, Cars 367-4643
Rich's Boat Rentals ........................ 367-2742
Sea Horse Boat Rentals .................367-2513
Sea Star Car Rentals ...................... 367-4887
Green Turtle Cay
Bay Street Rentals + ........477-5300 365-4070
Brendals Dive Bikes & Kayak rental...365-4411
C & D Cart Rental ........................... 365-4084
D & P Cart Rental ........................... 365-4655
Donnie's Boat Rentals....................... 365-4119
New Plymouth Cart Rentals.. 365-4188 or 4149
Reef Boat Rentals .......................... 365-4145
Sea Side Carts +.............................. 477-5497
T & A Cart Rentals........................... 375-8055
Guana Cay
Donna Sands Cart Rentals .............365-5195
Dive Guana Boats & Bikes .................365-5178
Conch Pearl Boat Rentals................365-6502
Island Treasures Cart Rentals ...........365-6072
Ria-Mar Golf Cart Rentals................365-6024
Waterways Boat Rental ..357-6540 & 365-6143
Hope Town
Cat's Paw Boat Rentals...................366-0380
Hope Town Cart Rentals .................366-0064
Island Cart Rentals ......................... 366-0448
Island Marine Boat Rentals ............... 366-0282
J R's Cart Rental................................ 366-0361
Sea Horse Boat Rentals..................366-0023
T & N Cart Rentals........................... 366-0069
Treasure Cay
Alison Car Rent ............................... 365-8193
Cash's Carts.... ............ .......... 365-8771
Claridge's Cart Rentals ................... 365-8248
Cornish Car Rentals......................... 365-8623
JIC Boat Rentals ............................. 365-8465
Triple J Car Rentals ......................... 365-8761
Abaco Adventures Kayaks ..............365-8749



Page 32 Section A

The Abaconian

March 1 2008

Abaco Cays Realty, Ltd.

s to .,n .,

,*, -' .. .. ... :.--- ^ .. *" -- ._ ~_: _

Greal Guana Cas Green Turtle Cas Man-O-War Cay
Marsh Harbour
info(riasbacoca)isrealty.com www.abacocassrealty.com




Great Guana Cay
II 5 \ rc-.
I. I 9 5 ,icronlaage,
ii sr 511" ,'f Priic lcJd
HIst B1-i Iinliage
Superb building Site-
Good d Ie. atlionl
F.alul',s Viec,%
-ll I'rlr Ct or '.lapr I n
or F l%:am Pri% ate I <40le
"St-In-Bar'" ..0 l, IS 0 Lg 9.995,000..

Crest Cuanat Cnr
12.5 Acre Estate
-2 Bedrooms, 2 Bath
-1.760 s.f. Residence
Covered & Open Decks
593' of Ocean Beach
664"on Sea oifAbaco
I"_[ahulous Ocean Views
private Boat Basin
Prince'sTut#GGH 1096 8,995,000.
-,Great Guess Cay
Orchid Bay
'........6 Bedrooms. 5 Batlis
33384 sf of\'r SlRce
1,484 s C (,% red Dcid.,
Elegantly Furnished.
135' Beach Frontage
12 14 Acres,
--- Water-maker
-Auxilary Generator
am.- Beautifilly Landscaped
"Sunbreakers#GGH1025 $3,220,000.

Great Guana Cay
- 1 Bedroom. I Bath
- 930 s.f. Residence
-750 s.f. of Decks
- 250' on Sea ofAbaco
- 47,930 s.f. 1.1 acres
- Deeded RBech Acces
- Dirci e lcJIirun
- Fa l",t iu It lie e
D Lock l'mii[ lipprtued


U-I I'

Mlan-O-% ar -
Dickies C('a
2 Bedi ',.llr 2 B.ali
n I,76L0s rI" R.:-sdcnc
89s0 I (inlerlJ Deck
S1 Bed. I Balh ( iLiue ho.ilL-
I 824 Acre I nlirc S [
Point o IDlckic'. l- Ia
Pri ate Dock Atu'.. (ie''
f-l .Iirb 'ii*tN

* a#M WIllUVv $2,200,000.
^ \1- 1an-O-War Cay
2 Bedrooms. I Bath.
-u660 I" Residence.
240 .1. Studio
I Dock I louse
Land Sea-to-Sea
'. -* 36.775 s.f.-.8442 Acre
r- i.. I 100' Ocean Beach Front
- - Private Dock On Creek
- .e "":"=s -Fabulous Views
j"Bonnie Dune".S H I-itll. $1,950,000.

k I bpi

Dickies Cay
-5 Bedrooms. 3 1/2 Baths.
3.360 s. Residence.
1,200 s.f Covered Deck
0.84 Acres Sea-to-Sea
Private 136' Dock.
Auxiliary Generator
Superb Harbour Views
.. ,. #MWHI 001- $2,000,000.
Man-O-War Cay
2 Bedrooms. 2 Baths.
1.921 s.1 Residence.
' .. 2 Bedroom. I Bath
S"-'"' -4 ~- 400 s-f. Guest Cabin
172' Ocean Beach Front
-1.189 Acres
Beautifully Landscaped
SSeni-Privat. Duck
labnluii, Vie\%

ita tillull ( %1,385.01)0.. "SlinlushlNI" "MWI 11019 51,840.iu00.

(reat Gunat Cay-
3 Bedrooms. 3 Baths.
1,686 s.f. Residence
-725 s.f. Open Decks.
-80 or P rime Beachfront
Over 1/4 Acre
Superb Ocean Views
Scti-pri. ale DoLk
-3)K\\ tiN G'l crUir
Great Rcntal Histor
#G11I111075 S1,380,00.

Great Guana Cay -
Dolphin Beach E'sales
I l 'ci'roniI,.-2 B.taw;
+. -150 s.l". Resitdcnce
"11l I t.\tered Porch
r I 13,Bed .ir I Ilath
400 \p1ar'enie

I 1 '"" I,,-( . $6-10,0011.
Great Guana Cay -
Guana Seaside Village

2 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths.
960 sf. Residence
Covered Porch.
Land 5,000 s.f.
Dock Access

#GGHIOII0 S375,000.
Little Harbour -
South Abaco
S1 Bedroom, I 112 Bathi
864 s-f of residence
Wrap around porch.
I Acre Hilltop land
80" vevation
Fabulous Harbour and
Ocean Views.
Machine Shop
SHI 11095- S750.J00.
Green Turtle Cay
S Bdrtoms. 4 Baths
4,977 s.f. Residence
3,5 Acres- Sea-to-Sea
130 icei Beachtronm
200: on Coco Bay
Privalc Dock on Coco Ba'
1 SKW Aux Gen.
60- tN I) -Wauninnker
T! ;1 1097 Four Possible Sale
Oplions From: $848.000 for
I ...- Z l.:k IC ,1| ( .o l l.
4j].4190.An10 ii,. ...nhi .i.ii

Green Turtle Cay
? ReJr.' *In RI jl.,
1.43J.5 ,1 i l. Iu\ur \illa
C- o rcJ N r, iiecd Pi'ilI|.l
-l.:illd '.4 .1 h
F ; Jdd I h k. Bta.11 I Ill
n oll (..in (.ir. c
irn-plre Ren0.a7lion 2n,7?
II.iefulls LDcorat-d
i\n ilihr (.ct1. rnilar
- No l'\pen, Spared'
(( 1 1Ii- $1995.000ll

Man-O-War Cay
Condominium -
2 Bedroom. and Bunkroom
2 Baths.
I rll If Pon*I Rju' ,i
S i- (. C lir .\ 2 (
-*- -1 I irnii-lied Equipped.
Fresh Water Pool
S(k p hllnJ- NI ld lani en.'niiii
-ic I i-cIal r(nial| Plrolpr
"Sc'hoonier' Landinig Su at Facae I Al M a 1i 1070. 721 3455.0041

'- ............ 1 Man-O-War Cay
Condominiuim 'nit 0 3

2 Ddro. m 2 Balh
.. ... ............Por...l

'h l --...-....... rillF r urniihcd Equippd.d
-l I i 1. li ,ticr Pool
& l land M mik n rfenl inii
f Bl ..r ,l erdis1 Propcrl, 0
I "Schootfer %Landing"- I nil h.3 Balo kt'll'L H 1171 S395,000.

"Robin'sf est"




Eastern Harbour ..
2 Iledrioms. 2 Baths
I I irn-. I Residence-
I 'it' If Covered Deck
1 877 crewss
-82' )cc-n Frontage
Senu-Prwate Dock..
-Superh ( eean Views

k_ W Illfro'- I,?61.o1000
Man-O-War Cay -
The Creek
- 2 Bedrooms, I Bath.
- 974 s.f. Residence
- I Bedroom, I Bath
268 s.f. -Dock House
- Land over 1/2 Acre
- Private 66' Dock.
- Superb Views
- Flumished.
_#MW1021 $1,450,000.

Man-O-War Cay -

4 Bedrooms. 4 Bath,
S-1.255 s.f. Residence
S 768 s.f. Covered Decks
812s.f. Open Decks
S- Rooftop Skydeck
Land 17,792 s.f
Fabulous Views
Man-O-War Cay [
4 Bedrooms. 1.5 Baths.
1.240 s-f. Residence.
0.3213 Acre 14.000 s.f.
S Hillside for rrcrnt Occii
Beautifully Landscaped
Full Furnished &
OMWI1020- $636,000.
Man-O-War Cay -
3 Bedrooms. 1.5 Baths.
__ 1.200 s.f Residence.
192 .L Studio Snore Bo
0.23 Acre 10,056 s.f.
17 KW Aux.Gencrator
Beautifully Landscaped
- Partially Furnished

I "Paw-Puw Paich"
I* .

"St. Charle Plaece"


Marsh Harbour-
Sunrise Bay
- 2 Bedrooms. 2+31/2 Bth
4,450 s.f. Residence,
3 Bedroom, 2 Barh
1.486 s.ft Guset I louse
0.787 Acre 34,307 s.f.
Infinity Swimming Pool
oilt Slip.
I illIv I finished & -Lqu'p
Marsh Harbour-
Sunrise Bay
4 B..Jdionis. 4 Baths
4.4l'1 I New Residence.
S- I. 1'4.2 I. Covered
\'iAnuid.h,. & Balconies.
0.314 cr 14.787 s..
1 "iiri-iIln Pool
-?3i K\ \ Au\iliary
BilI Mip.
,'M IHIH 111x4 52.7111i.I1liI1

Scotland Cay
3 Bedrooms. 2 Baths
-1.300 sf. Residence
-300'of Ocean Beach
S- I Bedroom, I Bath
Guest House
"Playhouse" with Bar
Covered & Open Decks
Fabulous Ocean Views

#SCII1094- S2,140,000

Scolland C'ay
I ..Jru..ill 2 _alll

12 V [.a l.ni "
,-S.Sr f I l:.\,,n.

.' `l i" ,Ior -. ,Ik'J
12 kV. .nminoT.
.? . W onill(] illo 1101C1,0
Scotland Cay
-4 Bedroom, 2 Bath
1600 s.tE of residence
785 s. wrap around porch
2 'i.S f iYAcrelaInd
ISX devree-,ic,,s
-250" to the Atlantic Beach
240 s.f garage
-28 100i gallor.ile iheln
rIll\ Inmiislhed
Runway & Dock access
#SCH1093 5895,000.

STilloo Cay
2 Bedroom. 1.5 Bath
800 s.f. residence
3 Acre. ca n10 sea
I- ,"l fr-ltgwe on Sc,
,"B. L -__alb - , l i ll i ill i
17* I d,l&
S % n 1imlm i OI
| f i .lJ": ..... \ipred plar1.. hIr .i
aNes e I liplaii Stle c-.llag .
u l/I" ..e.qdj _, i ,7111111 II,8,. 51.595.1011.

f #MWHI1024 S525,000 "Pineapple Point
Man-O-%ar Ca "
Conlhnninium '4
Unit # I -# 5 .'#

..^? ^ I1130 '1.- l',0i.I,
Bi i i 1-unl i l.l-b LqulppcJ
.. ... III :a. .. ,,: inr h ,I] `\\% aler iili
....... Ocea I >%l 1 16.i-l7-sl.and Malianj uilihi il B P i
i ..... .._... aii^ ( !.r al Renlal I[rr parl,,
| hi'ri tIing"-frd m an 1\ S430,000. "i/a l "

Treasure Cay
12 LuS.ur Condominiums
I, 3 -Bedroom. 3 Bath. -
16 2 Bedroom. 2 Bath
S1,035 sf to nearly I500 sr
Waterfront on Treasure
Ca y Lagoon
M5.,ph.1 Each unit swith private
ICVdockage up to 70
Prices start at:
C1 H9000 Low S500's

I itle hacre
I- .kdr onn. 2 BKth
1 14-1 tReidenl
21 0 Il l- 1187 \cre
-7i%.e Irdltmake Io
Great bonefishing area
Tranquility al its best
SNloi4iil 5289.o(n.

3.1. I08

f'Coco Di Ma"

I ,Ikn CH I t-



-- 1


"I !kill



- -~


VOLUME 15, NUMBER 5 MARCH 1st, 2008

Man-O-War's Flea Market was the best yet

Man-O-War School's major fund raiser drew people from all over Abaco
By Mirella Santillo
Another year, another Flea Market on
S.Man-O-War Cay and more vendors and
more visitors than ever attended the Feb-
ruary 16th Man-O-War School's annual
fund raising event. In spite of undecided
weather which threatened most of the day,
ferry boats full of people kept arriving till
after the end of the event.
A few steps away from the ferry dock,
merchandise was already waving at you: a
clothes' stand to the right and a table dis-
playing tools and driftwood frames to the
left. Then came several food stands fol-
lowed by bric-a-brac tables, more tools,
used appliances, toys, games, books, jew-
elry, fabric, shells. Whatever you were
looking for or not looking for was there,
most of it at such an affordable price that
it was hard to pass the bargains. I left with
my bargains: an old Chinese fan for $.25
..and a book on old Nassau for $1. A young
boy was selling used bicycles. He asked
"- ... $50 for one, but he let it go for $20 to
I. I( ,.i, LII ld I/ ,t lc i ',utt' l /u' it/ i, I,,r it ,, 0 .l r it -0 l I /. )/ 11 U til (i h 'r A "Opr i l,,,,/i,.. l 1ii1(. I,'L( h til ll & jel I. someone else, pleased with his sale. Dis-
dies. Anyone is allowed to sell but all sales of food and drinks are reserved for the Man-O-War School. This is the major fund played in front of the grounds was a green

raising event for the school, and each year is more successful than the previous one. Residents in many communities look forward
to the great buys they find there and to meet friends from other islands.

Please see Cays Page 2

Stranded whale did not survive

Till',. 20-h, ,, 1 .// and Lynn Cox. By the next day it was stranded at Old Kerr at the south end of Bahama
Palm Shores and was obviously in very poor shape. Volunteers kept wet towels on it to
keep it comfortable. Diane Claridge of Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organiza-
tion determined that it was a juvenile Bryde's whale and assessed its situation as being
emaciated and non-responsive. Its head was entangled with a line that had damaged
both its eyes and there were other visible injuries of a minor nature. It was agreed by
authorities that it needed to be euthanized but no weapon was available that could do
it. More than 40 residents from Bahama Palm Shores, Casuarina, Cherokee and Sandy
Point and students from Agape Christian School assisted with the rescue attempt. But
it was dead by the following day. Tests will be done to determine the cause of death.
Although Bryde's whales have a tropical and subtropical distribution, they have never
been recorded in the Bahamas previously. They are known to occur off the SE U.S.
coast and the Gulf of Mexico, although strandings are rare.

Prime Minister will
address Chamber luncheon
The Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Hu- speaking on topics of interest to Abaco
bert Ingraham, will be addressing mem- residents. The meeting will be at Abaco
bers of the Abaco Chamber of Commerce Beach Resort. Watch for the date in the
and the public later in March. He will be March 15 issues of The Abaconian.

Heritage Day Hope Town March 7

Barefoot Man Guana Cay March 2

C ",.t Rts Int l/t rC pal i'l t,. min; ii, i id I,/ ,i ,. I,,Iit 1 1i I tc l it ,.pct nil pi ,, i c .... (
and many home items. The official opening was on February 8 with the grand open-
ing held the next day when there were prizes given out every hour and raffles of large

appliances and even a pool table.
By Jennifer Hudson
The newly transformed CostRight
store was officially opened on February
8 during a short ceremony for invited
guests. On hand for the occasion were the
President, Chairman and other Directors
of Abaco Markets Limited. Although the
Friday evening ceremony was for invited
guests only, the store threw open its doors
the following day for a big Customer Ap-
preciation Day to welcome the general
Addressing the invited guests on Fri-
day evening was Chairman of Abaco
Markets, Mr. Craig Symonette, who an-
nounced that during the past six to nine
months Abaco Wholesale had been con-
verted from a wholesale model to a low
cost retail model. The company has in-
vested more than $1 million to make the
changes with improved equipment and

expanded inventory. "This is a moment
of pride for us," stated Mr. Symonette.
"We have pulled through a difficult stage
and have seen our fifth consecutive quar-
ter of profits. Abaco Markets continues to
improve and strengthen. Over the past 18
months we have worked hard to develop
our CostRight, Solomons and Dominos
models. Here at Cost Right the low cost,
brand name products will enable people
to buy more for less. The store will ca-
ter to all customer types housewives,
small business owners and restaurateurs.
We are particularly pleased with our new
produce and meat departments."
Mr. Symonette encouraged all to at-
tend the Customer Appreciation Day the
following day to view all the new prod-
Please see Cost Right Page 10

Ti oo

lCost Right opens expanded store

. . . . . l
I- .4 MM

Page 2 Section B

The Abaconian

March 1 2008

News of the Cays

the expected Bahamian lunch with side or- jects for sale related to animals. By 12:45 the bids on the golf cart stopped
Cays From Page 1 ders, plus a tempting choice of desserts. Bargain hunting and good food were not and the lucky winner was announced. For
John Deere utility golf cart waiting to be Further away, the odor of freshly grilled the only attractions of the day. As so many less than $1,000 Mr. William Albury from
bid upon. hamburgers permeated the grounds, draw- people from the mainland and the other Man-O- War became the happy owner of
As usual, the "plant lady," Mrs. Anne ing the crowd to the grill. Mark Andre was cays had flocked to Man-O-War, every the vehicle. The winners of the silent auc-
Pleydell- Bouverie, had brought a large there with his famous wood-sculpted ani- few steps you met someone you knew and tion, which comprised lots of attractive
variety of ornamentals, common and less mals on that day, fish and dogs each stopped for a chat, a good occasion to re- items, were then called out. And finally
common, many types of hibiscus and a few with a little drawer that is his trade mark. new old acquaintances and catch up on the Please see Cays Page 4
vines and herbs. Next to the plants was the Artist Bob Zwickle was plaiting hats with latest happenings. _______ y___________a
Pantry, a shop created for the day by the coconut fonds throughout the event, at-
ladies of Man-O-War who had been busy tracing quite a few fascinated on-lookers
cooking preserves, chili, sauces, breads as well as many buyers. Further along the
and cakes. The hot pepper jelly sold out road under the gazebo the Human Societ-
quickly, but one could take home pineapple ies of Central Abaco had joined forces to
preserves, guava jam, relish, vegetarian raise money for their cause and one had to
chili, humus or homemade bread among a stay in line to peruse their tables's display,
huge array of items. Another table offered so crowded was the booth. Most of the ob-

Bob Zwickle, an artist from Little Harbour, made items from palm fronds to sell at the
Man-O-War Flea Market. These included hats and bowls. His items are always popular.

Guana Freight Services
Regular Freight Runs to Guana & Scotland Cay
Monday thru Friday Charters & Water available on request
Phone or Fax guanafreight@hotmail.com
Rich or Melena at
Mr. Larry Elkins, one of the teachers at the Man-O-War School, conducted a school 375-8833
raffle of items to raise money for school expenses. Mrs. Lenora Black is shown with some Great Guana Cay -

Abaco Real Estate Agency

www.abacobahamas.com Call Bill Thompson : 242-477-5712

Guana Cay
r Fully furnished
'S ,with full kitchen
and lInens.
_Exclwuive Liting
MLS #1103
"Coconut TIme" ts a newly constructed "Island
Slyle" private home located near Boat Harbour
just North of Guano Cay Settlement. Now
includes new I Bed, 1Bath apartment downstairs.
$615,000 ,Gssao
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax& Own Legal Fees.

Guana Cay
Dolphin Beach
Lot #28
Exclusive Listing
MLS # 1102
I his ceaufful elevated waQerffort residei-ial lot
Ti 28 Is locate in _on 3om -eatc Estates bevweel
Doccsioers and Gibbers restau-ants aio very
close to -he settlement-
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

Joeus Creek
Joe's Creek is
about 14 miles
North of Marsh
Exclusive Listing
MLS #1100
Interior Lots 20, [2 & 13 are oversized interior
lots priced to sell.All 3 lots approx. 100' wide
by I80' deep (I8,000 sq.ft),
$37,OOO wh GaFes
Purehaser Pays 1/2 Stamp TaX& Own Legal Fees.

Guana Cay
-New Price" A perfect placeto
build your island
dream home.

Sea ofAbaco Lot # 35 in beautiful Orchid Bay
on Guana Cay Offers (36,700+ Sq. Ft) on the
Sea-of-Abaco waterfront
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

Eastern Shores
Perfectly located
directly on the
Sea of Abaco
Exclusive Listing
MLS # 1003
1700 sq, Ft. on approx. ,75 of an acre. The
house features a private boat dock almost
at your door step.
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

Guana Cay
r Perfect property
for a private
estate or family
Excsve Listi
MLS# 1017
Lots of deep water for your own private dock.
Located just before boat harbour at the end
of Dolphin Beach Estates on Guana Cay
MEW PRICE $895,000
Purchaser Pays 112 Stamp T"ax & Own Legal Fees.

Guana Cay
rE New Price" 10,400 + sq. ft
building site
ExrlUSIVE Listing
MLS # 1062
This property great views of both the Atlantic
and Sea-of-Abaco. This is the best deal on
Guana Cay and won't last hurry M!!
Pumbaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

Guana Cay home & Apartment
New Price Atlantic Ocean
views from
second floor
Excdnive Litaing
MLS # 1088

Beautiful two story home with 1,200 sq. ft. of
tiled living space on the second floor with 3
bedrooms, 2 bathrooms worth much more!
$575,000 Grms
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

" Ph : (242) 367-2719
" Fax : (242) 367-2359
* P.O. Box AB20404
* Marsh Harbour, Abaco,

Sandy Point
Exclusive Listing
MLS # 1028

5 acre tract next to Sandy Point
airport. 280' wide by 770' deep.
Purchaser Pays 12 Stamp Tax &Own Legal Fees.

Joe's Creek

Each parcel has
S100 feet of
beautiful beach.
Exclsive IAting
MLS # 1099
Two (2) side-by-side beautiful beachfront parcels
in Joe's Creek subdivision which adjoins Leisure
$150,Om ss
Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax& Own Legal Fees.

Sea Shore Villas Harbour View Haven Sunrise Cottage
-lw- -

3-2Bed, 1-1/2 bath villas Swimming pool, 1-2 Bed & 3-1
250' protected marina, Laundromat, Gift Fully equ
Shop & Storage Building & furnis
Great Guana Cay $3,500,000
BEING OFFERED AS ONE PARCEL Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stoamp Tax & Own Legal Fees

Bed units


March 1, 2008 The Abaconian

Section B Page 3

W ique Properties -Local Knowledge
Member of the Abaco MLS... another reason to list with us.

Coco BAY LOT HARBOURFRONT 115 ft. dredged
channel, 40 ft. dock. Close proximity to resorts and
beach. Perfect home site. $650,000.
Stan.Sawyer@SothebysRealty.com 242.577.0298

the lovely harbour of Guana Cay. Lends bedrooms I bath on stunning sandy beach with 60'
itself to commercial/retail or residential. on the water x 242' deep. $650,000.
$1,600,000. Kerry.Sullivan@SothebysRealty.com 242.366.0163

Vaulted ceilings, gourmet kitchen. 1,472 Newly constructed 2 bed I bath home. Steps
sq. ft. including deck.Community dock. to beautiful beach. Shared dock. $319,000.
$485,000. Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046
.. .. .. .. .. ......... .. .. .

LOT 87 ABACO OCEAN CLUB Interior lot with
high elevation. Less than 200ft. from the Sea
of Abaco. Community dock. $125,000.
Laurie.Schreiner@SothebvsRealtv.com 242.367.5046

MANGROLA SEA VIEWS beautifully lanscaped
3 bed 3 bath, close to Marsh Harbour and Hope
Town, 200 ft. from sandy beach. $690,000.
Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046


TEN ACRE WATERFRONT Ten acre peninsula
perfect for a marina or small development. Deep
water with a dredged canal. $2,500,000
Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046

..-..-- NEW PRICE
immaculate, gorgeous verandahs commanding
views of the Sea of Abaco. $2,775,000.
Bill.Albury@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046

acres, private marina, 2 bed 2
cottage. Mainland electricity.

VILLA ESPANOLA SEA VIEW Mediterranean-style
4 bed 3 bath home. Private. Formal living/dining
rooms. Fully furnished. $980,000.
Bill.Albury@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046
a6- -

, :i. I l j Iadm'raI

#2817 TILLOO CAY #3792
NT unique 2.74 ONE ACRE WATERFRONT Great elevation. Room
bath plus I bed for a protected dock with good water

m 242.367.5046

depth. $350,000.
Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046

N ', 1 ''11.' !
CASA SERENA CANAL FRONT 2 bed 2 bath home
and a self sufficient I bedroom, I bath apartment.
Great views. Dock access. $1,499,000.
Bill.Albury@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046

of sandy beach, modern 2 storey, 4 bed 4.5 bath
5,600 sq. ft. home on 2 large lots. $5,200,000.

spacious, fully air-conditioned 3 bed 2 bath.
Great views from wide verandahs. $795,000.
Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046

bath, cathedral ceilings, wrap-around screened-in
verandahs. Great views. $1,300,000.

UNLLR wtuN iAtli
SERENDIPITY 3 bed 3 bath newly built home
leads to I 10ft. of beach frontage. Spectacular
location. Absoultely trunkey. $1,150,000.
Laurie.Schreiner@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046

Kerry Sullivan
t 242.366.0163

NM i \., i'i'i, i
CROSSWINDS SEA VIEWS 4 bed 3 bath 2,800
sq. ft. furnished family home with apartment,
central A/C, generator. $820,000.


Laurie Schreiner Jane Patterson Stan Sawyer Bill Albury
t. 242.367.5046 t 242.366.0035 t 242.577.0298 t 242.367.5046

elopment. 4 acres, four 2 bed 2 bath cottages,
pool. Marina/fishing lodge potential. $650,000.

GOLF COURSE LOT #1 offering 18,000 sq. ft.
of land. Spectacular views from the 14th. green.
Outstanding home site. $106,800.
Bill.Albury@SothebysRealty.com 242.367.5046

GREEN TURTLE CAY #303 I Coco BAY LOT $650,000. Stan Sawyer: 242.577.0298
TREASURE CAY NEWLISTING #4147Golf Course Lot # Ioffering 18,000 sq.ft. of land. Spectacular views
from the 14th green. Oustanding home site. Stan Sawyer: 242.577.0298





More News of the Cays

Cays From Page 2

the raffle was drawn. Mrs. D'Shan May-
cock arrived just in time to purchase her
tickets and a few minutes later she was the
lucky winner of a 20-inch bicycle. Another
lucky person that day was Mr. Michael Al-
bury, who won a stay at the Abaco Beach
Resort and 100 cubic feet free shipping
from Tropical Shipping. That company
was represented there to promote its new
service to the cays. A $5 raffle ticket gave
each person a green bag and the possibil-
ity to win 200 cubic feet free shipping to
Marsh Harbour or any of the cays from
West Palm Beach. The first prize went to
Mrs. Rhonda Pierce while the second and
third prizes were free shipping for 100 cu-
bic feet.
The end of the prize-drawing was the
signal that the event was nearly over and
soon pedestrians and golf carts were hurry-
ing back to the ferry dock, one carrying a
sink, another loaded with a huge plant, all
carrying whatever treasures they had found
in shopping bags, others still enjoying the
last bite of their ice cream. It was close to
1:30 p.m. and most of the ferries back to
Guana Cay, Hope Town and Marsh Har-
bour were leaving at that time.
According to Mrs. Kelly Janes, the
school Principal and one of the organizers
of the flea market, it was the best ever as
far as revenue and attendance.

Guana Cay
Barefoot Beach Concert
slated for Nippers March 2
Already Guana Cay rooms and cottages
are nearly sold out in preparation for this
year's Barefoot Man Beach Concert at

Last year's performance attracted some
1,500 to 2,000 merrymakers to Nippers,
the world famous beach bar and grill. As
always on hand was the Barefoot Man
crooning his famous Abaco ditties mixed
with humor and island beats. Backing him
again this year will be Sea N B, his travel
band and studio musicians. Bahamian sing-
er Stone McEwan is expected to be there
to warm up the crowd with his up-tempo
Bahamian music.
The concert has been a successful an-
nual event for eight years and seems to be
growing into a bigger phenomenon each
year. In fact, to handle the overload, Nip-
pers' proprietor, Johnny Roberts, is plan-
ning a summer Barefoot Concert in July of
this year.
The Second Annual Abaco Cancer Soci-
ety Art Show will be hosted by the Green
Turtle Club on March 15 from 10:30 a.m.
to 3:30 p.m. A silent auction will begin
at 1:30 p.m. and all proceeds will benefit
the Abaco Cancer Society. A wine tast-
ing will be sponsored by Bristol Cellars.
Guests will be treated to hors d'oeuvres,
live music and extraordinary art. For more
information call 367-3744.

Hope Town
New committee will
improve Hope Town
Concerned Citizens Watch was orga-
nized in November 2007. Its mission is to
protect and preserve the community from
any negative effects. The group is work-
ing with the police to make Hope Town a
better place.
The committee is asking for volunteers
and donations to carry out their projects.

The committee held golf cart parade on
Boxing Day, a parade of decorated carts,
with a great turn out. Their next event
was the first Valentine Bash, a community
party held at the ball field for couples and
children. They offered a variety of food
and traditional games. It was planned to be
a family event and alcohol was not permit-
John Pinder is the chairman of the or-
ganization and can be contacted for more
Friends hosted Plant Fair
By Jennifer Hudson
The schoolroom at Hope Town was
packed to capacity on the morning of Feb-
ruary 23 with persons, mostly second ho-
meowners, eager to hear the presentation
by Friends of the Environment on native
and invasive plants on Abaco. Past Direc-
tor of Friends, Lindsey McCoy, welcomed
everyone and introduced new Executive
Director, Kristin Williams. Once a year,
in as many settlements as possible, Friends
presents a Plant Fair to make people more
aware of their impact on the island.
The first section of the programme was

presented by Olivia Patterson, Programme
Coordinator for Friends, whose grandfa-
ther was the author of Natural Trees of the
Bahamas. She outlined what the Bahamas
is doing to control "invasives" and ex-
plained the differences between alien and
native species.
"Alien and exotic are the same and have
been introduced from another place or re-
gion while natives have been here since
before the Lucayans. While most invasives
are foreign to The Bahamas, some are actu-
ally natives out of control. They have high
reproductive rates, prolific growth rates
and are very durable. There is nothing to
keep them in check. Invasives can change
the composition of the soil and its mois-
ture content, block out sunlight, cause the
loss of native species and bring pests. In
the pine forests they add to the fuel loads.
They can be brought here by storms, bird
migrations, shipping and landscaping or
even on our shoes when returning from
travel abroad."
A National Invasive Species Strategy

Please see Cays Page 8

V Aisle "
Palm Realty
Hope Town 1374 Best priced sandy beach lot
on island. Beautifully landscaped and ready
for building.
Marsh Harbour 1458 4/4 Executive home.
Large landscaped lot, private beach, too many
wonderful features to list. Call today.
The Abaco Club 1363 Two adjacent beach lots
with unobstructed views of Winding Bay.
Yellowwood Hillside ocean view lot. Electricity
and water now available.
Guana beachfront home 1256 3/2 on high dune,
endless views. Great rental history.
Marsh Harbour home 1364 2/2 on lovely land-
scaped lot. Centrally located. $206,000
Sea Glass 1337 3/2 home on Guana Cay with
beach access just steps away. $439,000
Watching Bay 1392 Fabulous hill top lot with
great views. Short walk to beach.
Turtle House on Guana harbour 2/1 with
private dockon harbour. Great views and rental
potential. NEW PRICE
White Sound Two adjacent beach lots with
150' of beachfront and 100 ft. private dock on
White Sound.
Watching Bay Three adjacent lots near the
entrance of this new subdivision just outside the
settlement of Cherokee.
Casuarina Point home 1439 2/2 home on large
landscaped lot. Dock approval in place.
Bahama Palm Shores A large selection of interior
and beach lots starting at $30,000
The Great Abaco Club 1189 Jaffa is a 3/3 home
on a double lot positioned to capture views from
every room.
Royal Harbour waterfront lots Two waterfront
lots, both offering great dockage.

Fax: 242-367-0081
e-mail brent@aisleofpalmrealtycomrn
website www aisleofpalmrealty com

Regattas Penthouse unit 1334 The only 3/3
init in complex. Very spacious, wonderful
kitchen, double patio, huge master bath. A
must see unit.
Marsh Harbour pool home 1422 3/2 home on
large landscaped lot with pool and spacious deck-
ing and patio, central a/c, central location.
Marsh Harbour executive home 1421 k
Spacious home with 3/2 on three levels, along
with 2/2 and I/I apartments. Pool and large
landscaped lot.
Cove Estates home 1377 Well designed 2/2
offering cathedral ceilings, a/c, large patio,
lovely lot.
Great Cistern Triplex 1393 Great investment in
a newly built triplex. Excellent rentals
White Sound 1476 Oceanfront lot Great ocean-
front lot just south of Sea Spray $727,000.
Sweetings Village Residential lot in fast growing
The cook Estate at Turtle rocks Almost 5 acres
offering 3 homes & four other buildings. Sea
views. Call for info.
The Abaco Club Hope Town Cottage 1437
- 4/4 turn-key hilltop cottage overlooking the
18th green and Atlantic Ocean. $3,175,000
Guana Cay Two bay lots starting at
Two ocean lots starting at $399,000, Beach
lots starting at $599,000
Interior lots starting at $190,000
Hope Town Conch Quest Oceanfront home
just south of Sea Spray Resort in White
Sound. $694,000
Aisle of Palm Realty, POB AB20900,
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas

I Feb 08

AMN 7e mEI m Eavy0om I

Brent Cartwright, Broker
Phone 367-0080

Kristin Williams
Phone 367-0080

Nikhil Shah
Phone 367-0080












Don MacKay Boulevard Marsh Harbour
Across the street from St. John the Baptist Anglican Church

Phone or ax : Jbb-2U22
Mon. Fri. 7:30am 6pm e Sat 7:30am-7pm
1 77

Page 4 Section B The Abaconian

March 1 2008

Mac 1,20 hwbcnan ScinB Pg


Dupuch Real Estate

Marsh Harbour Office
PO Box AB 20340, Abaco, Bahamas Tel: (242) 367-0288 Fax: (242) 367-0289
e-mail: jamesanddonna@erabahamas.com


Fabulous 2.46 acre private estate with beach. Located at the entrance to beau-
tiful Little Harbour, this property features unparalleled views including the Sea
of Abaco and Atlantic Ocean. Three pods connected with verandahs, comprise
over 3,500 square feet of living space. Vaulted ceilings with copulas. Six bed-
rooms, four baths, laundry room, storage, garage, R/IO, solar, and generator sys-
tems. Landscaped beautifully with tropical hibiscus, bougainvillea, silver but-
tonwood, coconut palms among others. Included are two Cherokee Jeeps, flats
boat and Yamaha four wheeler. Located in secluded gated community. One of a


Price: $4,700,000

This fabulous offering includes 14+ acres of property situated on Bookies Bay
with 335' of sandy beach frontage. Just 1/3 of a mile north of the prestigious
Abaco Club at Winding Bay. Perched upon the hilltop (elevations of 60') this
cottage enjoys unparalleled views of the Atlantic Ocean from the covered
porch. One bedroom, 1 bath cottage plus additional guest house with bath. The
gardens are filled with beautiful tropical plants and surround the home with
flowers. Privacy and seclusion in your own piece of beachfront paradise.


Price: $4,250,000

This 4.8 acres is located directly
north of the prestigious Abaco Club
at Winding Bay. Excellent views of
the Atlantic. 135 feet water frontage.
#13639 Price: $1,215,000

Just under one acre of direct ocean
front property. Fantastic Atlantic
Ocean views.Power available. Good
elevations.Cleared & ready to build.
jt136f04 Pricer- t$30000

Lovely well maintained CBS home
featuring 3 beds, 2 baths on corner
lot 90x150. Enclosed & landscaped
property with secluded garden.


Price: $332.000

Comfortable 2 bed, 2 bath with views of
the Atlantic and beach access just steps
away. Nice waterfront community that has
all of the essential services.

#13596 Price: $230,000

Very nice 2 bed, 2 bath home with
open concept living, sits on 1.75
acres. Can be subdivided. Great
investment opportunity.
#13475 Price: $305,000

Comfortable 3 bed, 3 bath, beach-
front home on one acre. Relax &
enjoy the Bahamian lifestyle at it's
#13180 Price: $580,000

Nice 4 bed, 4 bath furnished home on
gorgeous beachfront with views of
Atlantic. Generator, cable, phone, fenced,
deck turnkey!


Price: $580,000

Newly built home on over 2 acres of
beachfront property. Four beds, 3 1/2
bath with open concept living.
Breathtaking views of Sea of Abaco.
S#13561 Price: $895,000

Fabulous 3 bed, 3 bath, beachfront
home with garage. Open concept
beach side living on spectacular
Atlantic Ocean lot.
#13552 Price: $649,000

Fabulous opportunity to own a piece of
beachfront property. Unobstructed views
of Atlantic. Bonefishing,shelling,snorkel-
ing, just paradise!
#13619 Price: $325,000

Opportunity awaits! 40 acres of
untouched property with nice coppice
growth. Hilltop and waterfront ideal for
residential development.
#13558 Price: $490,000

1 & 2 acre estate beachfront lots in
sea side community. Good eleva-
tions, gorgeous Atlantic Ocean
#13544 Starting at: $295,000

8+/- acres of beachfront 90' elevations
with 35' dunes. Fabulous views of Atlantic
and Cherokee Sound. 3 miles to The
Abaco Club
#13482 Price: $2,185,000

1.5 acres on gorgeous ocean beach with
135 feet of frontage and great elevations.
This is the last available piece in this area.


Price: $665.000

Bahama Palm Shores Large interior lot close to beach. $55,000
Bahama Palm Shores & Bahama Coral Island Interior lots available. $24,000
Bustick Bight Two half acre lots 100' each of seafront. $115,000
Cherokee Sound Quiet and private area, lots available. Starting at $138,000
Elbow Cay Newly constructed 3 bed, 2 bath hilltop home. Dock slip$925,000
Hope Town Comfortable 2 bed, 1 bath Bahamian style home. $260,000

*Little Harbour Interior, 1.34 acres, 60' elevations, ocean views. $330,000
*Lubbers Quarters Nice 13,850 sq. ft. lot. Electric/telephone available. $455,000
*Marnies Landing Waterfront lot in private community.Electric available$845,000
*Treasure Cay Elevated lot, offering golfing, deep-sea fishing, boating. $ 90,000
*Yellow Wood Beautiful hilltop lot overlooking Winding Bay. $150,000
*Casuarina Point & Bahama Palm Shores Long term RENTAL available

March 1, 2008

The Abaconian Section B Page 5

Page 6 Section B The Abaconian March 1 2008


A Scholarship'


10 hrs of design services
by Michael Myers

Edwin's Boat Yard will
professionally prepare and
paint any previously painted
boat bottom up to 23'

Rental Wheels
Will Key
Maitland Lowe
Robert Lowe
Spa days
Fishing Trips
The Cruising Guide
The Abaconian


One week stay in one of
their finest suites.

"Tan your toes in the
A one-week stay in a
"Sound Side Villa"
A one-week stay in a cozy
2 BR oceanfront cottage.

One-week stay in an ocean
side cabana within walking
distance of Hope Town.
One year pass
(Non-transferable) on:
Albury's Ferry
Abaco Ferry
Sea Horse Boat Rentals
Rich's Boat Rentals
B& D Boat Rental

Island Cart Rentals
JR Cart Rentals
Hope Town Cart Rentals

Container between Florida
and Abaco

Saturday March 15th

Abaco Beach Resort
and Boat Harbour
At the Marquee (Tent)
Ferries leave
Hope Town
Man-O-War Cay
5:30 pm SHARP
Admission by invitation
Call us and we will send
you an invite!
Leazona Richard
10% Buyer's Premium
will apply to all purchases

Join us for an evening of
Hors d'oeuvres
Live Music
Great things to buy
Tons of fun!!!!

Thank you for
helping send
students to college!


Page 6 Section B The Abaconian

March 1 2008

March 1, 2008 The Abaconian Section B Page 7



"The power of
One week all expense
stay at either Tucson or
The Berkshires
(1 couple)

A one-week stay on the second
floor of a traditional Parisian
building in the 6th Arrondisse-
ment. Steps from Paris' best
restaurants. (3 couples)

33' Pearson in excellent
condition. New 30HP
Diesel engine. Currently
at Boat Harbour Marina.

A week's stay on Ardilaun
Island, Georgian Bay with
salmon fishing charter, weather
permitting (2 couples)

'95 Rosborough Custom
Wheelhouse with New
150HP engine. Excellent

by Winer

First Century B.C. Roman Ring




By all major local artists

14k White Gold and
Diamond Large Conch
Shell Charm on a silk
braided cord.

Abaco Hardware
Imports Unlimited
Pinewood's Nursery
Price Right
Three D's Custom Signs
Sun Dried T's

Boat Harbour Marina
Any size (Aug 1 Mar 1)
Sea Spray Marina
Up to 45' (Aug 1 Mar1)
Moorings at Conch Inn
Up to 70' (Sept 1 Mar1)
Lighthouse Marina

Two-night stay in a luxury suite at
The Manhattan Club located in the
heart of New York City with a pair of
Broadway tickets. (1 couple)

One-week stay at a luxury 1 BR condo
in the heart of the loop; walk to shops,
restaurants, museums and more.
(1 couple)

One-week stay on Lake Gitchigumee
(L. Superior) in a 3 BR beach house.
Near art galleries, orchards,
great fishing. (3 couples)

One-week stay in a fabulous 4 BR
home on the water in the Cape's most
exclusive area. (3 couples)

One-week stay in a 2 BR condo
in the heart of Atlanta's best
shopping district. (2 couples)

One-week stay in a gracious 12-room
home in a premier neighborhood.
Minutes from fine stores, restaurants
and boutiques. (3 couples)

One-week stay in a 2 BR home
located in the heart of Canada's wine
country with excellent golf courses
nearby. (2 couples)

Get a one year membership with all
privileges at this fabulous facility.

March 1, 2008

The Abaconian Section B Page 7

Page 8 Section B The Abaconian

March 1 2008

More News of the Cays

Hawaiian sea grape in their yards to re- and four months they removed 100,000 try out their own mossing skills. One lady
Cays From Page 4 move it and replace it with its natural al- casuarina tress and all of the Hawaiian was so enthusiastic that I heard her say,
has been formulated by the Bahamas Na- ternative, the native inkberry. "While the sea grape. In place of the casuarina trees "If you see trees with silver foil on them
tional Trust and the government focusing inkberry plant looks rather like the Hawai- they reintroduced fruit trees such as juju all over Guana Cay, you will know who
on awareness, training, monitoring, legis- ian sea grape, its leaves are more sturdy and guinep. He stressed that if dune plants did it."
lation, recommendations and management and its berries are black instead of white," are cut down, they must be replaced im- Following the presentation there were
for control and/or eradication. Friends has she explained, mediately with something else; otherwise many questions people were eager to ask
a local restoration project to support resto- Mr. Michael Parotti, who is extremely the dune changes. regarding soil types, fertilizers and insec-
ration and education. Their newest project knowledgeable on the subject of Bahamian Mr. Parotti spoke of the different meth- ticides which were all very informatively,
has been the publishing of the booklet A plants, gave a very interesting talk and ods of propagation which include splitting, and often humorously, answered by Mr.
Guide to Native and Invasive Species, cop- demonstration on Plant Propagation. He seed propagation and mossing. He then Parotti.
ies of which were given out at the fair. This began by reiterating what Ms. Patterson gave an excellent demonstration of how to As people left, they were given a natu-
is a very informative and useful little book had said about the dangers of invasives. moss, using as his model a sea grape tree. ral plant by Friends to take home to plant
which gives clear and concise descriptions Mr. Parotti has worked on the landscaping People were very impressed and eager to in their yard to replace an invasive.
of the plants and how to use them along at the Abaco Club on Winding Bay from

Proud students Laura Albury and Noah Albury receive scholarships to high school in I and through the efforts of Cha Boyce, they performed for Forest Heights Academy
Maarsh Harbour from local reactors Jane Patterson (Damianos Realty) and Patti Love andthe Hophugee Town school. They visit Abaco every few years and generously give of their
(Graham Realty). This is the second year that loal realtors and their companies in Hope time to ianelp raise schools nds People are anxious to hear them sing and the P ceton
Town have given back to their community in the form of scholarships. Tha pereiod of oare several alumni in Hope Town are thrilled when they sing the Pceton Alma Materjustfor the
more deserving students who would appreciate receiving scholarships. Realtors are memories. In Hope Town a bake sale and lunch was held following the performance
encouraged to contribute to this -.,r h program by contacting Mrs. Candace Key at the to raise funds for school improvements. Funds were shared with St. James Methodist
Hope Town school. Church for sending orphans to camp and for youth group work.


'95 Rosborough Custom Wheel- 33' Pearson in excellent condition.
house with New 150HP engine. New 30HP Diesel engine.
Excellent condition. For boat NEW 5' ABACO DINGHY Currently at Boat Harbour Marina.
inspection by appointment,
please call 366-0334 Handcrafted by Winer Malone
Currently at Angler's Restaurant
Abaco Beach Resort

Contact us at 367-6279 or info@abacopathfinders.org for an invite.
10% Buyer's Premium will apply to all purchases.

Mac 1,20 hwbcnan ScinB Pg

Anne Albury ,c Y
Marcellus Roberts
Sales Associate
Everett Pinder 4
(242) 365-8538 Ph
(242) 365-8587 Ph/Fax

Treasure Cay Properties Offered by Treasure Cay Specialists

For details and pictures visit our web page at http://www.treasurecayrealestate.com

"NEW" STORAGE UNITS, centrally located in
Treasure Cay town centre. Storage units come
in assorted sizes for boats, cars, golf carts and
"stuff." EXC. Starting at $25,000 FGS

Newest opportunity
Canal front condo and cottage units with
available boat slips
Starting at $680,000 + 14%closing

"Pineaple Point Resort" Luxury gated
community Treasure Cay's newest
waterfront development. 2 bed/ 2 bath
and 3 bed/ 3 bath condos with availability
of private boat slips. Pre-construction price
starting at $529,000 net (plus closing
costs). MUST SEE! Great investment oppor-
tunity and the most spectacular location in
Treasure Cay
Now the newest oceanfront development
on Treasure Cay beach comprising 10
individual luxury units
Starting at $850,000 + 14% closing
Luxury condominium project on Treasure
Cay Beach. 3 bed / 3 bath / Den / Lanai / on-
site pool and many other features
Starting at $907,500 Plus 14% closing
on-site pool and tennis, newly completed
luxury townhouse units directly on
Treaure Cay each totalling 3 bed/4 1/2
baths plus loft bedroom/den
Ground floor garage, 2 bed/ 2 bath with
ocean front patio
First floor open concept living / dining/
kitchen plus master bedroom suite, all
ocean views with patio/ balcony
Loft bedroom/ den with ocean view
MLS $2,075,000 + 7.5% Closing
Townhouse condos with on- site tennis, heated
pool, office, laundry
Marina view, 2 bed/ 1 1/2 bath, fully furnished,
never rented, extra features.
MUST SEE FGS $351,000
Marina view, 1 bed / 1 bath upstairs good
rental potential $220,150 FGS
Marina view, 2 bed/ 2 bath and unit fully
furnished- storm shutters- good rental
potential $286,500 + 7.5% closing

Unit #4 Upstairs 3 bed/2bath fully furnished,
direct beach access. Good rental investment
EXC. $514,250 FGS


Canal front condos with on site tennis and pool
2 bed / 2 bath lower unit marina view. Good
rental income EXC $526,350
Ocean front luxury octagonal units with lagoon/
pool/waterfall. Good rental potential.
Unit #7 Two storey 2 bed/ 2 bath home.
MLS $565,000 + 7.5% closing
Unit #9 Two 2 bath home
O ^ 0 + 7.5% closing
Resale condos available in first completed project.
Ready to go. Both units never rented but definite
Downstairs unit 3 bed / 2 bath with den/
optional 4th bed. Completely and tastefully
furnished with many extra features including
garage and Ford Taurus $1,002,000 FGS
Canal Front Con te Pool
Bldg 4 Dow\ pc c 2 bed / 2 bath,
totally redon CO Ip
EXC. $468,000 FGS
Unit #3 Ocean front, downstairs 2 bed/2 bath,
fully furnished. $640,000 FGS
Ocean Front Condos with on site pool and
3 bed / 3 bath upper unit, fully furnished,
beach front, with good rental potential.
Priced to sell. $868,000 + 7.5%
2 bed / 2 bath newly renovated, fully fur-
nished end unit includes 2 garages for
car and golf cart along with a jeep and a
golf cart. Never rented. MUST SEE! Priced
to sell $775,432 + 71V2%
Second row beach with direct ocean access.
Great view. 2 bed / 2 bath, many special
features. MUST SEE EXC. $553,500 FGS
"Lacey Daze" Spectacular 4 bed/ 3 1/2 bath,
fully furnished, CBS home with panoramic
ocean views and direct beach access from
every room but one via decks and patios. The
main house has living/ dining/ kitchen/ master
bedroom suite, two guest bedrooms with
bath, powder room, double garage and u
tility/workshop rea. Included with its own
entrance is a private king sizr 1 bedroom/ 1
bath apartment with an open living/dining/
kitchen with its own deck.Many features.
MUST SEE. $1,990,000 + 7.5%

EXC Exclusive listing
FGS Full gross or all-inclusive price
MLS Multiple Listing
List price plus buyer's closing

"Gramling House" newly built, 2 storey home
located on Galleon Bay canal with a 45'
dock. Upper level has 4 bed/ 2 bath. Open
living/ dining/ kitchen. Lower level has 2
bed/ 1 bath, laundry room pl us covered
open boat/ car storage MUST SELL
"Fish Tales" unique canal front 3 bed / 3 bath
home on 2 full lots, 180' waterfront with 118'
serviced dock, deep water, great for larger
boat. MUST SEE! MLS$1,850,000 + 7.5%
"Trident"/"Turquoise Seas" You cannot be more
"on the beach" than in this special home.
Offering 3 bed / 3 1/2 bath in the main house
with detached garage / bed / bath / attic plus
storage. Vast deck oceanside with widow's
walk. WOW!
MLS $2,200,000 + 7.5% closing
"Cross Winds" Split level CBS home extra large
lot across from 2 beach greenways. Private.
Master bed/ bath suite upstairs. Lower level 2
bed / 2 bath, cozy living room/ kitchen/
dining/ utility. Apartment annex 1bed/ 1
bed, living kitchen, enclosed patio. Plus! Plus!
Plus! MLS $820,000 + 7.5% closing
"Dream Point" Special CBS split level home
located on a corner lot near "The Point" with
two choices of direct beach access. Upper
level has master bedroom with ensuite bath
plus two guest bedrooms and bath. On the
split level there is the main entry into a large
open living/dining area, modern well
equipped kitchen. All rooms open onto a
wrap-around partially covered deck overlook
ing the garden. Ground level has an extra
large garage/ workshop with lots of storage.
EXC. $996,300 FGS
"Pilot House" special unique location with a
commanding, enviable view of the Sea of
Abaco. Water front home, 2 storey, CBS/
frame. Upstairs master and guest bed, 2 baths,
large living/ dining/open kitchen; lower level
1bed / 1 bath, 2 car garage plus 1 car/boat
garage. MLS $1,160,000 + 7.5% closing
Apartment four-plex, 2 store CBS building,
each level has 2 'L 1e nts with 2 bed,
1 bath, living/di\ Great rental
investment. M EE! EXC. $400,000 FGS

Ocean front properties
Casuarina Beach/Ocean Blvd.
Sand Piper Beach
Sunrise Point Beginning at $1,250,000 FGS
Canal Front Beginning at $350,000 FGS
Rock Point Waterfront, bulkheaded
Beginning at $430,000 FGS
Golf Course / Interior
Beginning at $60,000 FGS

Treasure Cay has one of the world's best Beaches
Golf Course, Tennis, full service Marina, just naming a few amenities.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information We not only sell here, we live here and love it.
Mailing address: P.O. Box AB22183, Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
E-mail: info@treasurecayrealestate.com

March 1, 2008

The Abaconian Section B Page 9

New store offers variety and good prices

Cost Right From Page 1
ucts in the redesigned store. He stated that
the changes have come about through the
hard work of many individuals and named
several from Nassau and Freeport in ad-
dition to all of the capable staff members
on Abaco.
Mr. Edison Key, Member of Parliament
for South Abaco, was guest speaker and
announced his pleasure at celebrating the
conversion of Abaco Wholesale to the Cost
Right format. "The company is committed

Mrs. Cib.ln Key had the honour of cutting
ribbon to officially open the newly renenovc
Cost Right store in Marsh Harbour on Fel
ary 8.

to giving serious savings through strategic
buying and thus driving down the custom-
ers' costs," he stated. "These are reputa-
ble, prudent business persons and the cus-
tomer will be able to get more for less."
Mr. Key congratulated the Directors on
their core market strategy and expressed
gratitude on behalf of the people of Abaco
saying, "Where other costs are going up,
Cost Right is coming down."
Mrs. Cathy Key, wife of Edison Key,
cut the ribbon to officially open the new
store. Following the ribbon cutting, guests
toured of the new store and were hosted to
a copious meal.
The following day the store was
buzzing with activity as shoppers
packed the store eager to see all the
items now in stock and take advan-
tage of the low cost shopping. Trol-
leys were piled to overflowing and
the check-outs were kept busy all
day. In addition to the excellent bar-
gains, shoppers were also enticed by
the many give-aways being offered.
If you were able to answer a specific
question correctly you could win a
collection of products worth $200 or
if you spent $50 or more you were
the eligible to enter a drawing to win
ited one of a number of prizes which in-
mru- clouded toaster ovens, a 26-inch flat
screen television, refrigerator, bar-

r Abaco Marine Props
'L a ^ Certified Propeller Repair Technician r--
The ONLY NNPA Techncian in The Bahamas FO

W Sandblasting &
Marine grade welding on
Stainless and Aluminum

A I,, ; ....

& Rehubbed

Phone 367-4276 Aluminum Fax 367-4259
across the street from Abaco Outboards in Marsh Harbour

beque grill and the grand prize of a pool
Before its make over, the store sold
mostly wholesale foods and its inventory
was limited. Now, however, the major-
ity of stock is available retail although
there is still a wholesale department. The
product lines have been greatly expanded
to include brand name clothing, bedding,
housewares, large and small kitchen ap-
pliances, electronics, baby items and pet
needs in addition to a large inventory of
food and cleaning products. A butcher's
cage has been added along with a produce
room, and the store boasts the lowest pric-
es on the island on fruits and vegetables. The grand opening of Cost Right offered
Gift cards may also be purchased. entertainment as well as excellent prices
The store's hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on groceries. The children enjoyed the
Monday through Saturday with plans un- face paining offered as well as other fun
derway for Sunday opening hours. activities



Whetmer you -eed ,egulaty scheduled pick u. 'r'Your
business or ~riodic dsposal service on a construction
site.... Baianas Waste works w.h .ou to assess vYo
needs and exceec your expectations!
Compac-ors ane' oe, top containers ava;Iable.
Specaizing in construaon and demo'uiic.en ,;ase.

Telephone : (242) 357-68880 367-0830
Located at the larh Harboxr Airnort Ro uJndaou ,
Mar shHa.-our, Abaco

Ph: 242-367-3231
Fax: 242-367-3233
Sea Star Building
(beside Maxwell's)
Marsh Harbour .

Perry Thomas
Lofty Fig Villas This 1.5 acre property located directly across from
Mangoes Restaurant in the
heart of the water front restau-
rant district is ready to become
the most sought after gated
residence in Marsh Harbour.
This property has already been
approved for town house or condo-style accommodations. The investor with
the vision for creating something special will make this one of the most unique
and upscale properties on Abaco. REDUCED $1,957,000 net
Great Business Opportunity a two-story building that has a
total of 19,300 sq. ft. There are
8 apartment units on top floor
that are rented and two huge
office spaces on the bottom floor
that are rented. This building is
located in Marsh Harbour and is on two lots that are 100' x 120', bringing
the total land space to 24,000 sq. ft. REDUCED $1,054,700 gross
Great Business Opportunity for someone wanting to purchase
a restaurant that is ready to go
with all the necessary equipment
needed to operate this lovely
building, has sea views, is on
I 00'x120' lot. Priced $424,000.
Buyer will pay 5% gov. stamp tax and own legal fees.
Four bedroom, 4 bathroom house with covered back patio,
covered entryway with huge columns. House is 4,000 sq. ft. situated on 1/4
acre of property in Bahama Palm
Shores. Central air conditioning,
Jacuzzi tub in master bath. Ap-
praised at $600,000 REDUCED
S $402,800

Agape Villa Murphy Town Two free standing structures containing
D four one-bedroom, one bathroom
apartment units that are fully
furnished with central air con-
ditioning. Sits on 15,000 sq. ft.
Landscaped. All units are rented.
RECUDED $291,500 Person purchasing this will have an instant business.
Three bedroom, two bathroom home, fully furnished, central
7air conditioning, on 9,000 sq. ft.
Landscaped with beautiful trees
and lawn. Rented. REDUCED
$185,000. Can be sold separately
or with above property.

Duplex for sale off Forest Drive two,two bedroom / one bath
_apartment units, fully furnished.
Oneunit IA/C and
i t s er unit has
win ow A/C unit in the bedroom.
Building sits on lot 131 x 90
property, landscaped. Appraisal value this year at $242,356. This is priced to
sell at $190,000 net. Purchaser pays legal fee and govt tax. Persons interested
should call or come in, We will find a way to work something out for you.
Nine lots for sale in new gated community in Great Cistern, Abaco.
Residential only
Lot #12 8,491 sf $29,803 gross Lot #17 11,741 sf $41,210 gross
Lot #13 11,759 sf $41,274 gross Lot #18 10,868 sf $38,146 gross
Lot #14 8,800 sf $30,888 gross Lot #19 12,514 sf $43,924 gross
Lot #15 E CONTACTgross Lot #20 10,474 sf $36,763 gross
Lot #16 12,010 sf $42,155 gross

Osbourne Stuart, CRS, CRES, BRI, SVC
Broker, Appraiser, President with 19 years experience
Perry Thomas, BRI
Salesman and Rentals, Marsh Harbour branch with 10 years experience
Call Adler Realty to have your next appraisal done
Rent your apartment or find an apartment to rent.We can help.

For sale three lots located on South Lubbers Quarters in the Abaco
Ocean Club Estate. Lots number II, 44, 112. These lots are priced individu-
Lot # II 11,022 sf. $85,000 gross Lot #44 13,307 sf $98,000 gross
Lot # 112 20,485 sf. $175,000 gross
One lot in Murphbdivision on Shell Road Lot size
131 x I10 (14,410 sf\P Jt
For sale 15 acres of land at Baker's Heights near Leisure
Lee off the Treasure Cay Highway. Priced at $450,000 this property will go
fast. Call today.

Two lots for sale located on hillside in
Property adjacent to The Abaco Club on Winding Bay
Lot# 7 G3 size 12,600 s.f. $63,000 gross
Lot # 7 G4 size 12,600 s.f. $63,000 gross


Two lots 84 ft. x 100 ft. near Treasure Cay, one mile
northwest of Treasure Cay School. $55,000 each net
Duplex for sale off Forest Drive in Murphy Town 2 two
bedroom, one bath $185,500 net
Triplex for sale Murphy Town 2 one-bedroom, one-bath and I
two-bedroom, one-bath. $159,000 net
For sale duplex 2 two-bedroom, one bath and a two-bedroom, one
bath home. Both $315,000 net
For sale water view lot in Murphy Town, 9213 s.f.
$35,200 net
For sale water front home in Sandy Point, Abaco, 3
bedroom, 3 bath, 2000 s.f. Ig. sunken living room, TV rom, dining room adn
Ig. kitchen on 26,000 s.f. of land. Call for pricing

Visit our other fine properties at: www.adlerrealtybahamas.com

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Page 10 Section B

The Abaconian

March 1 2008



March 1, 2008 The Abaconian Section B Page 11

Second Foreign Language Programme Begins

By Jennifer Hudson
The Ministry of Tourism, Abaco, hosted
a Welcome Seminar for its 2008 Foreign
Language Cadets in the Training Room
of the Ministry of Tourism on February
9. As Ms. Dushinka Roberts, Programme
Coordinator. welcomed the successful stu-
dents, Ms. Roberts told them that Abaco
is the only island outside of New Provi-
dence in this programme. This is the sec-
ond year here for this programme which
has been running on New Providence for
five years.
The four students who, following exam-
inations and interviews, have been selected
as Foreign Language Cadets for 2008 are:
Denton Gay (Wesley College); Cath-
erine Martin (S.C. Bootle High School);

Loudline Joseph (St. Francis de Sales
School) and Shoga Lashuwna Newbold
(Abaco Central High School).
The programme is divided into three
Phase 1. Eight weeks covering a variety
of activities all of which will be conducted
entirely in Spanish. These will include a
tour of the museum in Hope Town with
a Spanish speaking guide, a treasure hunt
on Green Turtle Cay with clues entirely
in Spanish, shopping for ingredients and
cooking of Spanish food dishes, an etiquette
workshop and a Spanish dance workshop.
Phase 2. Five Saturdays of internship in
a tourism related establishment.
Phase 3. A full immersion programme
for one month in Costa Rica.

Mrs. Jessica Hidalgo Brown, Spanish
teacher and host of the programme both
this year and last, spoke about the Phase
1 activities and How to increase your rate
of learning. "The students had a lot of fun
last year but we are looking to improve the
programme even more this year," she told
the cadets. "The most important part is the
100 percent immersion in the Spanish lan-
guage. This programme is a great opportu-
nity and will increase your opportunities in
life as it will make a big difference to get-
ting a job if you can speak Spanish, too."
The students were informed that their
work will include vocabulary to study,
speaking in Spanish in class and a grammar
clinic. Their first task was a poster compe-
tition in which each student had to produce

a poster about a Spanish speaking country
which will be judged in New Providence
along with all the entries there.
The cadets will travel to Nassau to
participate in this competition and
also a talent evening. Mrs. Hidalgo
Smith concluded by congratulating
the newcadetsand telling themthat
they are"the cream of the crop in
their schools."

Drive Safely
Don't Be an
Abaco Fatality

Sales Team of
Ed& Cindy Newell
James Moir Broker Pr

Restaurant For Sale# 781- Fully equipped & furnished 2,818
s/f restaurant at Treasure Cay highway intersection. Seating
capacity ofapprox. 70. Great location. $517,000.
"Argyll House" # 483 Elegantly furnished, elegant 4 bed,
5.5 bath, 6,900 s/f Ocean Blvd. estate on 1.6 landscaped
acres with 153' beachfront. Includes vehicles. $4,900,000.
"Tradewinds" # 589 Luxurious 4 bed, 3.5 bath furnished
beachfront home, plus separate 3 bed, 3 bath ocean view guest
house. Superior design & finishes. Total I acre $4,575,000.
"FinalApproach" # 601 Recently renovated, furnished
canal front 2 storey, 5,500 s/f 6 bedroom, 4.5 bath private home
on large property, 100' private dock, 4 car garage $2,625,000.
"Trident House" #317- Superb 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath fully
furnished, 3.500 s/f beach front home. NOW $2,200,000.
"Fish Tales" # 808 Elegant 3 bed, 3 bath furnished canal
front home, 3,430 s/f under roofon 15,493 s/f landscaped
parcel. 90' deep water frontage & dock. $1,725,000.
"Porter Place"- Brigantine Bay # 868 Newly constructed,
furnished 3 bed, 3 bath canal front home, 3.040 s/f under roof,
double garage, 165' of dockage. new boat lift. $1,600,000.
"Laguna" Galleon Bay # 745 -3 bed. 2 bath single storey,
1,550 s/f canal front home, Furnished, elevated landscaped lot,
carport & garage, deep water dock with boat lift. $985,000.
"The Cottages" # 535 New 3 bed, 2 bath beachfront
cottages, 1,300 s/f living space on main level, plus 970 s/f
lower level. Superior construction/finishes. From $850,000.
Treasure Cay House Near Beach # 492- 3 bed. 3 bath
1,276 s/f furnished home, recently renovated. $450,000.
"Home, Sweet Home" # 784 2 bed, 2 bath, 1,240 s/f
furnished home on 13,500 s/f lot, close to beach. Adjoining lot
also available. $268,000.
Royal Poinciana Beachfront Condominiums -Phase 4
# 716) Premier 3 level, 3 bed. 4.5 bath. plus loft newly built
condos on Treasure Cay Beach. 2,860 s/f under roof, attached
garage. 644 s/f covered/open balconies/porches. $2,075,000.
Atlantis Condo 2112- # 929- 4 bed, 4 bath 2,000 s/f 2 level
furnished waterfront condo on Brigantine canal, great water
views, includes 2 large boat slips. Beach nearby. $865,000.
RoyalPoinciana #2612- # 972- 3 bed. 3 bath, 2nd level,
furnished beachfi-ont condo, fully renovated & re-furbished in
2000. Golf cart garage. Great sea & beach views. $865,000.
"Halyard Quay" # 827 Superior 3 & 4 bed 1,568 s/f&
2.108 s/f waterfront condos, gated community, 15' beam dock
slip, private garage Pro-construction pricing from $603,000.
Atlantis Condo # 2209 #770 Elegantly furnished.well
maintained 2 bed, 2 bath 2nd level condo on Brigantine Bay.
Includes boat slip & finger dock for 32' boat. $549,000.
Atlantis Condo # 2202 # 987 2 bed, 2 bath, 2nd level
furnished waterfront unit, includes boat slip &golf cart
garage. "Turn-Key", Near Treasure Cay Beach $499,950.
Atlantis Condo # 2203- # 1000 2 bed, 2 bath, 2nd level
furnished waterfront unit, includes boat slip & golf cart
garage. Overlooks Brigantine Bay, Near beach $499,950.
Treasure Landings # 600 Newly constructed 3 bed, 2 bath,
1,300 s/f, furnished luxury condos, close to beach, marina.
Superior finishes. Financing Available- $495,000.


ime Real Estate Listings Throughout Aba4
Beach Villa 507 # 782 Newly renovated, 2 bed, 2 bath
1,150 s/f villa, plus 592 s/f patios. Tastefully furnished. Many
extras. Close to beach, marina, golf course. $490,000.
Brigantine Beach Condo # 369 2 bed, 2.5 bath furnished
townhouse, ocean views, close to beach, furnished, excellent
rental history. $458,000.
Beach Villa 685 # 958 Attractive 885 s/f2 bed, 2 bath
furnished villa, Community pool. near marina & golfcourse, 2
minute walk to Treasure Cay Beach $399,000.
Mariner's Cove Condominiums
# 959 2 bed, I bath. 2 level furnished unit, overlooks marina,
includes full size garage & vehicle. $310,000.
# 454 -2 bed, I bath. 2 level poolside unit $295,000.
# 985- 2 bed. 2 bath, 2 level "turn-key", harbour
front end unit. Refurbished in 2000 $286,500.
# 928 -2 bed. I bath, 2 level, overlooking harbour $279,000.
# 655 2 bed, I bath with marina view $274,000.
# 455 1 bed, I bath, ground level, poolside $185,900.
Beachfront Parcel # 870 Exceptional 1.58 acres on Ocean
Blvd. 147' beach frontage. Cleared, all utilities available.
Breath-taking beach & sea views. $1,678,000.
Beachfront Parcel Ocean Bhll # 876 1.5 acres with 100'
of beach frontage, on spectacular Treasure Cay Beach. All
utilities available Gorgeous beach & sea views. $1,510,000.
Beach Lot # 654 Prime elevated 12.800 s/f parcel. 118' of
pristine beach frontage in protected cove. Fully cleared, all
utilities available, superior sea views. $1,480,000.
BeachfrontLot # 705 -Choice 12,281 s/f elevated parcel on
Treasure Cay Beach. 95' beach frontage. All utilities available.
Sensational sea views. $1,385,550.
Beach & Canal Lot Package #941- Windward Beach lot with
100' of beach frontage on Sea ofAbaco, PLUS Galleon Bay lot
with approx. 76' of sea-walled canal frontage $1,326,000.
Windward Beach # 999 12,750 s/f Beachfront parcel with
85' of frontage on Sea of Abaco. All utilities available, great
building site. $845,000.
Windward Beach # 817 Half acre waterfront parcel directly
on Sea of Abaco, 124' beach frontage. Newly installed sea
wall. All utilities available. $482,000.
Brigantine Bay # 841 11,200 s/f cleared canal lot. 80' water
bulkhead. All utilities available. Dock pilings. $458,000.
Galleon Bay # 422 Prime 10,295 s/f cleared canal lot. 88' +
protected canal frontage, all utilities available. $350,000.
Rock Point Waterfront Parcel # 783 12,200 s/f lot near
entrance to Treasure Cay Marina. 90' newly installed sea
wall. Cleared, all utilities available. $289,000.
Flamingo Drive Lot 66 #558 Large lot on quiet cul-de-sac. all
utilities available. Ideal home building site. $66,000.
Oceanview Lot # 2 # 727 Spectacular 1.1 acre elevated parcel
overlooking I8th hole. Magnificent views. $2,395,000.
Sea ofAbaco Lot Ql # 845 25,658 s/f lot. 172' water frontage
in quiet cove, good elevations. native vegetation, access
privileges to Atlantic Ocean beaches. $559,000.

[XI... 7r.......A C1L..aA C 4~4n.. F

Bahamas Real Estate

"Paradise Point" # 659 Furnished 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 2,400 s/f
waterfront home with porches & balconies on 1/2 acre. 193'
elevated Sea of Abaco frontage, Fantastic views. $759,000.
Waterfront Property #347 2.2 acres, sea to sea, total 280'
water frontage, ideal for boat dockage in protected Little
Harbour, large protected cave. Reduced to $608,000.
"Double Eagle" # 757 Recently renovated 3 bed. 3 bath, plus
loft, 2,500 s/f furnished home on canal front parcel. 95' sea
wall. 68' dock. Underground utilities. Near beach $776,000.
Residential Parcels
# 823 10,708 s/f canal lot w/130' frontage & dock $392,000.
# 602 15,334 s/f canal corner lot w/197' seawall $334,000.
# 886- 12,828 s/fcanal lot, 100' sea wall, 50' dock $329,000.
# 704 10,400 s/felevated canal lot w/104' frontage $265,000.
#597 11,242 s/f canal lot w/171' seawall. sea view $265,000.
#904- 16,345 s/fw/108' water frontage, sea view $119,950.
#811- 10,400 s/f sea viewcorner lot, near beach $107,000.
# 998 13,459 s/f canal view corner lot. near beach $ 96,500.
# 567 2.139 acres on highway near Leisure Lee $149,700.
Atlantic Oceanfront Parcel #746 Approx. 1 acre residential
parcel, 154' elevated shoreline near Orchid Bay community,
great ocean views. $395,000.
Dolphin Beach Estates # 843 Atlantic Ocean View. 17.500 s/f
lot # 121. All utilities installed. Includes house plans for 4,350 s/f
under roof elevated home. Close to beach. Reduced $212,000.
GreatAbaco Club, Canalfront Home # 637 Elegantly
furnished 4 bed, 4 bath, 2,800 s/f home. State-of-the-art kitchen.
Canal-side pool/patio, 42' deep water frontage $2,185,000.
Great Abaco Club, Sea View Lot # 493 7,750 s/f. Sea of
Abaco views, finger dock for 25' vessel, gated community, all
utilities available. Use of resort amenities. Reduced $279,000.
"Beam Soleil", White Sound # 662 Beautiful 4 bed 5 bath
Beachfront Estate Main House, Apt & Guest House furnished
3,634 s/f on 0.878 acres, 120' dock, pool, 173' beach.
(Main & Guest Houses also available separately) $2,300,000.
"High Point" Seaview Lot # 684 Hilltop 0.405 acre parcel
on White Sound Bluff overlooking Sea of Abaco, Dock access
on both Sea of Abaco and White Sound Harbour. $725,000.
Beach Front Parcel # 714 45,343 s/f parcel, 100' beach
frontage on Atlantic Ocean. Electricity available. Ideal site for
permanent residence or vacation home. $349,000,
Inland Lot- Near Beach (Ref# 756) Large 13,000 s/flot near
white sandy Atlantic Ocean beaches, native vegetation, Good
road access. $38,000.
Ocean View Residential Lot # 887 Elevated, hillside corner
parcel,12,600 s/f +/-, close to sandy Atlantic Ocean beachfront.
All utilities available. Ideal building site. $179,000.

rr cxceeu ttent CExpectanons.
Please contact us for additional details on this sampling of our featured listings or for information on our other prime properties throughout Abaco
Phone: (242) 365.8752 Cell: (242) 577.6570 www.abacoestateservices.com

MAR. 1, 2008


Page 12 Section B

The Abaconian March 1 2008

School News

Central Abaco Primary
Girls Reading Challenge
For the third year Central Abaco
launched the Girls Reading Challenge on
February 1st under the theme Determina-
tion and Perseverance: Two Keys to Suc-
cess. Throughout the month of February,

girls in grades 3-6 will read as many books
as they can and submit a book report on
each one with hopes of being named the
winner of the Challenge at the awards
ceremony to be held during the month of
March. Since the launching of the Read-
ing Challenges, many teachers have seen

improvements in

The grade four Spelling Bee was held on on February 8th at
the Learning Resource Center in Marsh Harbour. Twenty-two
spellers from 12 schools participated. After 11 very intense
rounds on the seen list and 13 rounds on the unseen list, the
top three spellers were announced. In first place was Yele-
na Persaud of St. Francis de Sales School. In second place
was Shavantalay McDonald, also from St. Francis de Sales
School, and in third place was Kadesha Canton from Central
Abaco Primary School. The schools participating were Cross-
ing Rocks Primary School, James A. Pinder Primary, Agape
Christian School, Long Bay School, Central Abaco Primary
School, Treasure Cay Primary, Moore's Island All Age School,
Cherokee Primary, Cyber Learning Center, St. Francis de
Sales, Hope Town Primary, and Fox Town Primary.

the reading and writing
skills of their students.
The program was in-
troduced to the school
by Ms. Elaine Martin-
borough of the Abaco
Urban Renewal Office
but was recently turned
over to Ms. Samantha
Evans, Guidance Coun-
selor at the school, be-
cause Ms. Martinbor-
ough was reassigned to
the Ministry of Hous-
ing. To date, over 180
girls are registered for
the Challenge which is
a record breaking high
for this event. Each girl
is required to read a
minimum of 10 books
and write the equiva-
lent in reports in order
for them to receive a
certificate of participa-
Additionally, a
new Challenge was
launched at the school
for the grades one and
two girls called the
Three-in-One Chal-
lenge to give them an
opportunity to draw a

picture based on the theme, write one or
two sentences to describe the picture and
read it at the judging ceremony. There are
25 girls registered for this Challenge which

Bougainvillea Cottage
Bahama Palm Shores
List Price: $325,000
MLS Number. 563340

is very exciting. As always, members of
the community are encouraged to support
Please see School Page 13

U~ 5 A I I y

-Great buy, motivated seller! 1,500 s.f. 2 bed,
2 bath home on 2 fenced lots. Gourmet kitchen,
tiled throughout, R/O system, 25 Kw generator.
Fruit trees, palms, pool, work shop. Buy NOW!


N H A,,,:-
R F A I -T

Royal Harbour Village, Marsh Harbour
Tel. 242.367.3262
Fax. 242.367.3260 Mobile: 242.577.5155
Serving The Bahamas since 1949
Sales & Appraisals, Site & Residential Inspections

Th baoClbWnin ay


........... ... ................. ................

.... ........ :::::::: ...........

nint ool auz

ElmsSa inssOCente

S o 5 ar ol ous sttg o t*5 $,3000.Re. S101

0 Lt 4: be/45 bah glfcouseluxry om. $,4 5,00. ef-A 170

Mas abu r36-44-H p To n 366-0700 gg-mail:eese U *hrsti6. co ww .HG hr sti~ o


More School News

School From Page 12
this effort which has proven to be very ef-
fective in helping the students of Central
Abaco Primary School to improve their
reading skills.
Focus on Youth Forum
held at Resource Center
On February 19th at the resource center
in Marsh Harbour, a team from Focus on
Youth visited Abaco to hold a forum with
students and teachers. The team, consisting
of Mrs. Lynette Deveaux, Project Manager
with Focus on Youth Bahamas, Dr. Sonja
Lunn, assistant to the Project Director, and
Dr. Bonita Stanton of the University of De-
troit and the inventor of Focus on Kids,

Director of Nova Southeastern University fo
Juliet Reid, left, donated four boxes of text b
the Gap Youth Program to assist with the a
that is being done with the youth on the island
donation on behalf of the group is coordinm
gram, Ms. Samantha Evans.

who led the focus groups. Focus on Youth
has a program in Nassau for grade six stu-
dents and is now looking to introduce it to
the high schools beginning with grade ten.
Hence, they chose Abaco to obtain informa-
tion for this new initiative. Students from
Forest Heights Academy, Abaco Central
High School, Agape Christian School, and
Long Bay School made up the student fo-
cus group. Teachers and counselors from
the same schools along with counseling su-
pervisor for Abaco, Ms. Samantha Evans,
comprised the adult focus group.
Before the groups separated, a DVD and
video were shown to give them an idea of
what they are looking to address with the
grade 10 students. The video focused on
goal setting and career planning. It walked
the students through
a four-step process
Fil that they should all
iis, go through when they
choosing a career. The
steps are as follows:
They must have an
interest in the area.
They must set
goals to achieve it.
They must have an
action plan.
SThey must have a
Sway of checking their
progress as they go
Both groups were
or the Bahamas, asked to give their
ooks to Bridging views on the presen-
outstanding work stations and make any
nd. Accepting the recommendations on
ator for the pro- how they could make it

In the focus groups, the visiting team
sought to obtain information that would
help them to devis e a program that would
best meet the needs of Abaco 10th graders.
Two major problems presently being expe-
rienced among adolescents in The Bahamas
as well as worldwide are the increase in
teenage pregnancy and
the rising number of
HIV cases among teen-
agers. Risky behaviors
identified in the Abaco
district are "get rich
quick schemes" such
as selling drugs and
prostitution; lack of re-
spect for self; gangster
life style; lack of equal
standards for girls and
boys; and aggressive-
ness in girls. Teachers
expressed major con-
cern for those groups A team introduce
that are in transition or planning, to seven
going through changes Deveaux, Project
especially the grade 7 Bonita Stanton of
and 10 students. Focus on Kids a

Additionally, they are concerned about
the large number of Haitian girls getting
pregnant as early as age 12. Once they get
pregnant, many of them are now resort-

Please see School Page 14

ed Focus on Youth, a new program on career
eral Abaco schools. They were Mrs. L",wirm,
t Manager with Focus on Youth Bahamas, Dr.
f the University of Detroit and the inventor of
nd Dr. Sonja Lunn, assistant to the Project



PO Box AB 21027
Marsh Harbour
Abaco, Bahamas q
Ph. 242-367-4962
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pool, fully furnished, boat house and
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Regattas of Abaco CONDO 2 bed
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Regattas of Abaco CONDO 2 bed
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Marsh Harbour, fully furnished, swim-
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Town and Lub-ber's Quarters, 2 car
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Pelican Shores Elevated
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Bahama Palm Shores
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Price $41,000 SOLD

High Rock Beautiful home 3 bed /
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VHF 16


March 1, 2008

The Abaconian Section B Page 13

I More School News

School From Page 13
ing to getting married and dropping out of
school which is not a good practice. Many
of them also feel a need to prove something
to Bahamian kids.
Dr. Lunn told them to be on the alert for
Internet chats including High Five and My
Space which are used to introduce teenag-
ers to online sex and pornography sites.
Some sites even encourage them to take
nude pictures of themselves and place them
on the Internet. She encouraged the teach-
ers to be vigilant in their approach to Fam-
ily Life and Health care on their respective
campuses so that students will realize the
seriousness of these matters and not get

involved in such risky behaviors. Finally,
the adults brainstorme d areas of need and
training which were unanimously accepted
for parent and educator training on current
youth education issues.
Mike Fosberg Speaks at
Central Abaco Primary School
On February 19 Mr. Mike Fosberg
spoke to the grade 5 and 6 students at Cen-
tral Abaco Primary School about the ef-
fects race, diversity, and identity can have
on their lives. He spoke to the students
about his life and the experiences he lived
through and that even though he was raised
in Chicago, Illinois, in a middle class fam-
ily with his mom and step-father as a white
man, he was biologically a black man. He

realized as a young man that even though
he did not know his birth father that he was
angry with him. So at the age of 32, he
began the search for the man who helped
to create him. He told the students about
the joys and pains of this journey to find
himself. Once he found his real father, he
explained that many things about him be-
came very clear. He now understood why

he felt so "different."
The talk was arranged by the Guidance
Counselor at the school the Samantha V.
Evans, who after reading the contents of
the actual one-man show, realized that this
message could strongly impact her students
who come from diverse backgrounds and
Please see School Page 12

Mike Fosberg performed his one act play Incognito at Forest Heights Academy on Febru-
ary 18. It is based on his life, of discovering his identity and of accepting who he is.

Located n a proiecLed coe. on the North side of \\hlle Sound harbour. there sits a mruceeleatled.
wooded lor Compnsing of 34.766 sq. fl the lot runs 192 fl. along the shoreline. 260 fIt. deep on its
longest side and its back boundar runs 16S Il along a public road. There is a beautiful kiew looking
South and HNest out omer \ tuie Sound and the Sea of'Abaco, lowards Lubbers ,Quariers Located on
the property, there is hat remains ofa dock and a small cotLage. % here its previous owner. Amanda.
once hI.ed. U.S. $1.000,000
Exclusi ely Listed By: Ricky Sweeting Ago&
(242) 366-0193 -Tel (242) 366-0214 Fax ERA
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Unique Investment Opportunities

within The Abaco Club on Winding Bay, a Ritz Carlton Property



For those who wish to design their own home, there are two ocean front lots and one beach front lot available, each offering 200' of
frontage. Lots 8 and 11 are located along the cliffs and golf course at the northern tip of The Club.

of ^u
Palm Realty

Aisle of Palm Realty
RO.Box AB 20900
Marsh Harbour,
Abaco, Bahamas

Aisle of Palm Realty
Aisle of Palm Realty has been selected exclusively to represent these properties along
with Hilco Real Estate of Illinois by the Bankruptcy Courts of The United States.
For further information on these properties, please contact Brent Cartwright at
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White Sound, Elbow Cay

Page 14 Section B The Abaconian

March 1 2008


More School News

School From Page 14
sometimes feel ashamed to identify with all
parts that make them unique. She encour-
aged them to be as brave as Mike was and
accept who they are, live who they are,
and love who they are.
Bridging the Gap Group
Visits Hope Town
February 23rd was an exciting day
for members of Bridging the Gap Youth
Program as they went on their first field
trip and the destination chosen was Hope
Town. The group of 23 students and three
chaperones left Albury's Ferry at 9 a.m.
for Lighthouse Marina. After a tour of the
Hope Town lighthouse, they went to the
mainland where they spent the entire day.
The group visited the museum, the Hope
Town School where they were educated

aoout me importance o01 preserving me en-
vironment by Friends of the Environment,
then it was off to the fair for fun, fun, fun.
The students played games, ate lots of
great food, danced and played on the play-
ground. After a grand time at the fair, the
group ended the day on the beach where
everyone simply went wild as they enjoyed
the cool breeze and crystal clear waters
along with natives and tourists. Everyone
was so warm and welcoming of the stu-
dents that it made the entire trip even more
Coordinator of the group, Ms. Samantha
Evans, stated that this field trip was long
overdue. Last school year was all about
educating the students about character and
social skills, exposing them to crafts, drills
and other skills, and helping them to un-
derstand the importance of their education
and making the right choices. This year,

sue wants to locus more on exposing the
students to other parts of Abaco and even-
tually other islands so that they can begin to
expand their horizons and aim higher than
they ever have. These students are very
capable of doing great things and all they
need is the opportunity to dream and try.
In fact, some of them are honor students
who just need a little self-esteem booster to
break them out of their shell. The program
has had great successes with more than 95
percent of the students passing through this
program having improved academically,
socially, spiritually and behaviorally. The
students who are serious about self im-

piuveiment and growth win udenitely get
it while enrolled in the program. All of the
students to successfully complete the pro-
gram receive a certificate of completion.
The sky is the limit, she stated, and they
are have to do is to take flight and soar!
Educators Receive
Computer Training
By Samantha V. Evans
In an effort to ensure that all teachers
and educators are technologically savvy as

Please see School Page 16

Mkble & Gcrte

On quiet Pelican Shore in Marsh Harbour
Waterfront Beach Terrace, Pool
2B/2B furnished* Beside Mermaid Reef
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I tI:YtUL '- "1. a


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I Turtle Cove Development Abaco
Ref #: 3692
Price: $71,000 to $95,000
Agent: June Russell
12 single family sea view lots. Located 12 miles North of Marsh
Harbour and 3 miles South of Treasure Cay. Small boat basin with
dock for owners. Reserve your lot TODAY!

Casa Jewel Turtle Rocks
Ref #: 3518
Price: $752,000
V Agent: June Russell

Custom built 3 bed/2.5 bath home located just north of Marsh
Harbour. Swimming pool and beach access make it a relaxing retreat.

Turnkey Service Station
Ref #: 3638
- Price: $3,600,000
-ru Agent: June Russell
In the heart of Marsh Harbour. Fully equipped with a store, parts
dept. and service area. Also included is vacant lot next to station.

* iI ~ ~ **-f~~'
I I I, i'll I -


.1 vj %ss~I, CRC BR B'~
Oft'> :ux-uir'
212 I I -M 1 Ct
.~L:;' 'IN :rivr..h--Id&': '''K

Southern Breeze Lubbers Quarters
Ref #: 3502
Price: $625,000
Agent: Patti Love


Overlooking the Sea of Abaco, this charming 3 bed/3 bath
cottage on the island of Lubbers offers the island life you've been
searching for.

Hope Town Getaway
Ref #: 3757
Price: $995,000
Agent: Patti Love

Just a short walk from the beach this 2 bed/2 bath downstairs
and upstairs loft with 2 queen beds is a perfect vacation home.

Vacant Lots Available
* Ref# 3339 Treasure Cay 9000 sqft. golf course lot with utilities
$45,000 Contact June Russell
* Lots on Lubbers Quarters ranging from $70,000 $180,000
Contact Patti Love
* Ref # 3617 Lot with waterfront view in Coconut Creek Marsh
Harbour $59,500 Contact Tune Russell


I [Ij -l-'

March 1, 2008

The Abaconian Section B Page 15

More School News

School From Page 15
we advance through this Information Age,
the Ministry of Education in conjunction
with the Organization of American States
offered three days of training for teachers
assigned to schools on the cays, Moore's
island and those who wanted the training
who are stationed in Central Abaco. The
training was held at the computer lab at
Forest Heights Academy. IT Coordinator/
Trainer with the Ministry of Education,
Mr. David Curry, was on Abaco to con-
duct the training. The aim of the workshop
was to provide teachers with basic com-
puter skills and to make them aware of the
dangers of computer technology.
Some of the areas covered were
An introduction to operating systems
which includes Windows XP
Maintenance of the system
How to explore and get the maximum

performance out of their computer.
In fact, he covered the entire Micro-
soft family and showed participants how
each program works. He viewed the later
as essential because many persons believe
that Word or Windows is Microsoft which
makes them Microsoft savvy but Mr.
Curry stated that this is only one program
in the Microsoft family. This is usually a
challenge for many persons because they
do not even realize that these other pro-
grams exist.
Finally, Mr. Curry aimed to equip them
with the skills to operate in this Informa-
tion Technology environment we now live
in and help them to introduce this technol-
ogy into the classroom. He stated that the
day is quickly approaching when all teach-
ers will need to have a computer in their
classroom that they must be able to oper-
ate and teach from. This is a great tool for
Please see School Page 18

Mike Fosdick spoke to the upper grades at Central Abaco Primary School about his life
experiences. He encouraged them to accept themselves just the way they were.

Windwad Hous

This beautifully fully furnished, equipped and appointed home
has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths (2 with tubs 1 with shower)
and sits high above the water overlooking the always
smooth channel towards Sugar Loaf Cay. The views of
the Sea-of-Abaco towards Man-O-War Cay are breathtaking.

Windward House has a great rental history
and rents for an average of
25 weeks a year at $2,500 a week.

This is a fantastic property, new to the market
and won't last hurry!

$1 5^0000MLS#1108
Contact Bill Thompson (242) 477.5712
Abaco Real Estate Agency, Ltd
P.O.Box AB-20404
Tel: (242) 367.2719 Fax: (242) 367.2359



.-4 gents and offices throughout The Abacos

PARROT POINT One-of-a-kind 2.95 acre property
with I/3-mile of waterfrontage, private marina,
fully furnished main house and a 2 bedroom
guest house. Electricity, telephone and 5 above-
ground cisterns. The western half of the marina is
included in the sale and has a 45 and 60-foot dock.

Page 16 Section B The Abaconian

March 1 2008

Mac 1,20 hwbcna eto ae1

Chris Thompson Broker

Greg Roberts CRS, BRI/, Broker
-greg@hppecown.com 142.577.o0180 cell

: Elbow Cay/, Hope Town/, Abaco, Bahamas

242. 366.0o16 phone

~~~. .?^. W .... /^- ...^-. V- 'S-,

I .1s I,

"Offering the Islands Most Exclusive Listin;

a T

Secluded North End of Elbow Cay oceanfront
villa 2/bed and 2/bath with incredible sunrises,
short distance to Hope Town settlement, and
great rental potential. $ I 0

Oceanfront lot 1/2+ acre, suitable for main
and guest cottage, ad-jacent to private
Dor-ros Cove community at south end of
Elbow Cay, close to restaurant and marina

New custom home overlooking historic
Hope Town Harbour, 2 bed/2 bath with
dock. Turn key and recent rental history.

Hope Town 5 bed / 4 bath ocean front turn
key home on beautiful sandy beach, located
north of historic Hope Town settlement.
Open decking, beautiful decor and excellent
rental history. 2.3_o.000

Little Orchard, Marsh Harbour 2 bedroom/2 5 single family homes overlooking the Sea Spectacular sunsets at this 3 Bed/3 Bath Hope Town harbour, beautiful home with
bath house, perfect family home or excellent of Abaco all with private deeded dock slips, home on the Sea of Abaco in private Dor- large private dock, 4 Bed/4 Bath. Excellent
rental potential. Located close to restaurants, Excellent rental history, and just minutes to ros Cove community. Wrap around decks, rental potential. Offered at
marina and beach historic Hope Town or Tahiti Beach, starting incredible elevation and large private dock.

Hilltop lot adjacent to Aunt Pats Bay in
White Sound. 1/3 acre with private dock slip
and views of the Sea of Abaco and Atlantic

Lots #13 & #14 with dockage on White
Sound Bay $ 95000 each

Ocean front lot located in White Sound
on one of the best surf spots and just steps
away to marina and restaurants. Hope Town
settlement is just a short ride away. Can be
subdivided. Offered at

Lot #18 with dock slip and ocean views
Lot #21 with dock slip and panaramic
Lot # 43 with dock slip and ocean/sea view

Perfect spot for private home or villas!
Great North End beaches and short
walk or ride to Hope Town settlement
for shopping and multiple dining ven-

Estate Homes Waterfront Properties 15Feb08

March 1, 2008

The Abaconian Section B Page 17

More School News

A :lir, c-tJay seminar was held for teachers to learn basic computer skills. It was taught
by Mr. David Curry, an IT specialist with the Ministry of Education and was held at the
computer lab of Forest Heights Academy. Mr. Curry taught the use of the entire Microsoft

Competition was between

remote controlled sail boats

The enthusiasts of remote control sailboat racing are active in several communities.
On February 9 a competition was held at Brigantine Bay in Treasure Cay with seven
racers competing in 10 races. Jim Kaighin was the overall winner with a score of 12.
Others racing included Anders with a score of 26, Carl with 32 points, Roger with 46
points, Loren with 53 points, Paul with 54 points and Terry with 56 points. They were
all Treasure Cay residents with the exception of Jim.

Remember to Buckle Up

Bahamas: 242-477-5056
USA: 843-278-0277
Fax: 242-365-8508
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John Cash, B.R.I., C.R.S. PO Box 22212
B.R.I.,C.R.S. Treasure Cay
Licensed Real Estate Broker Abaco Bahamas
Certified Residential Specialist Abaco Bahamas
The Love Shack 3 BR 3.5 BA ocean front Helen's Point, Galleon Bay Waterfront 4 BR,
estate situated on 2 100-foot wide lots. 3 BAHome, Sea ofAbacoviews $1,560,000
6 Stunning view from every room $1,850,000 Beach Villa 685 2 BR, 2 BA, steps awayfrom
Internal home site on Brigantine Bay Road, pool and beach $275,000
* adjacent to water front greenway $101,000 SOLD
Seascape 3 BR 3 BA ocean front home on Razzall House, Treasure Cay Beach 4 BR, 3
J extra wide Windward Beach homesite. Ga- BAOcean front, fullyfurnished with excellent
rage and new furniture $1,620,000 rental history. $1,735,000
i within Treasure House, Ocean front 2 BR, 2 BA
Sea Cliff, 3 BR 3 BA luxury residence, Island decor, top-sider villa overlooking
steps of beach, professionally decorated. giganticlagoon pool $579,000
Royal Palm 2 BR 2 BAon marina with beauti-
Mariner's Cove 1509 Town House, 2 BR 1 ful furnishings and boat slip. $562,000
. 1/2 BA, direct harbour view in desirable 1500
building. Fully furnished, includes garage. Bahama Beach Club 3 BR, 3 BA $705,000
$345,000 SOLD
Royal Palm 2 BR, 2 BA Marina front condo, Anchorage Estates Lots 21, 22, 23, 24, 25
fully furnished, with boat slip. Tropical decor $834,949 UNDER CONTRACT
$575,000 Apnl 15,200

School From Page 15
them to learn because not only is it fun but
it will excite their students to learn.
He had 16 teachers and support staff in
his class, and he was most encouraged by
their excitement to learn the skills he of-
fered. The participating schools were Cen-
tral Abaco Primary, St. Francis de Sales,
Moore's island, Great Guans Cay, Amy
Roberts and Every Child Counts. There
was also a participant from the Abaco Dis-
trict Education office. The session began
on Friday February 22nd and ended on

Monday February 25th. The students took
a competency test at the end of the sessions
and received certificates of completion.
Church provides
school lunches
The evangelism team from Changed
Ministries Outside the Walls distributed 30
hot lunches to deserving students at Cen-
tral Abaco Primary School on February
18th. Heading the team was Sister Carmen
Cornish assisted by Mrs. Wood, and Mr.
Hutchinson. The team will distribute lunch
to the school on a monthly basis.

Students in the Bridging the Gap program at Central Abaco Primary School enjoyed their
trip to Hope Town. Many of them had never been to Hope Town. They are shown here
at the lighthouse. They enjoyed all the activities at the Hope Town fair, especially the
crab races.

Sales, Rentals and Property Management
Member B.R.E.A.
G.P.O. Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
Telephone 1-561-283-3781 Telephone/Fax 1-242-365-4636
E-mail: oceanblu@batelnet.bs www.oceanblueproperties.com
New Listing! Two 1-acre good buildable lots in quiet residential area within
walking distance of Coco Bay Beach. Lot 20 (10,403 sq. ft.) B$84,000 gross.
Lot 25 (12,540) sq. ft.) B$90,000 gross
New Listing! Studio guest cottage with kitchen and bathroom. Solar optional.
1/2 acre. Water view. Just steps away from Coco Bay Beach and Ocean Beach.
$295,000 plus 7% to close UNDER CONTRACT
Fot the ultimate in privacy, three bedroom, two bath furnished home on Bluff
Harbour and the Sea of Abaco. Over 1000 feet of waterfront. New dock with
lift. $2.7m plus 7% to close
This stately two story furnished beachfront home on the Atlantic Ocean is
based on an 1871 mansion built in Guadalupe. Five bedrooms and four baths.
A/C throughout. Whirlpool tub in Master Bedroom. Study/office. Excellent
rental history. Meticulously kept property. B $2.545 million including all
closing costs.
Striking four bedroom, 3 1/2 bath home. A/C, W/D, single attached garage.
2500 sq. ft. under roof with large screened porch and patio. View of Sea of
Abaco. Reduced $895,000 inclusive of all closing costs
Four bedroom four bath furnished waterfront home on Bluff Harbour with
dock. Beautiful views. $1.95 million plus 10% closing costs.
Large four bedroom two and a half bath immaculate furnished home with
office and attached garage. Great attention to detail. 140 steps to the beach.
B$795,000 plus 2% to close.
One acre oceanfront lot with 66' on Atlantic Ocean at Ocean Beach. Reef is
close enough to shore to swim to. $945,000. All closing costs included.
3 acre Bahamian estate with 300' on Atlantic Ocean Beach and 1/2 acre water
front on Black Sound. Furnished 3 bedroom 2 bath main house plus attached
owner's unit with kit/liv/ding area and one bedroom and one bath. High elevation.
Swimming pool. Observation tower. Owner financing available. $2.5 million
with all closing costs included.
Price reduction 90' on beach 1A acre lot at stunning Bight 0 Bay on the
Atlantic Ocean. $489,000 plus 7% to close. SOLD
Atlantic Ocean lot on Munjack Cay UNDER CONTRACT
Long Bay beach lot 1/4 -acre SOLD

Page 18 Section B The Abaconian

March 1 2008

March 1, 2008 The Abaconian

Section B Page 19

Scientists say Baker's Bay is doing it right

The Baker's Bay Golf and Ocean Club
serves as a case study for evaluating the
long-term impact of development or the
environmental soundness of a proposed de-
velopment project according to COB and
University of Miami marine scientist, Dr.
Kathleen Sullivan Sealey.
In the September 2007 edition of The
Bahamas Naturalist and Journal of Sci-
ence, Dr. Sealey, Executive Director of
the Marine and Environmental Studies In-
stitute at the College of The Bahamas and
Associate Professor of Marine Biology at
the University of Miami, together with
PhD Candidate Nicolle Cushion, Depart-
ment of Biology, University of Miami, re-
viewed the Environmental Management of
Baker's Bay.
In this review Dr. Sealey and Ms.

Cushion state, "The development of Bak-
er's Bay Golf and Ocean Club serves as a
case study and represents the only develop-
ment project in The Bahamas to date with a
full-time environmental staff and an active
environmental management programme."
The review stated that the level of com-
munications and information exchange
at Baker's Bay has been unprecedented.
"There are not likely other projects in
this country where environmental staff or
outside scientists can freely access people
and information at all levels of the project
management," Dr. Sealey and Ms. Cush-
ion said.
Utilizing documents from the develop-
ment's Environmental Management Pro-
gramme from inception to on-going con-
struction to supplement the review, the

authors said important lessons have been
learned by the Baker's Bay experience that
can be applied to future planning and proj-
ect development.
For example, they said Baker's Bay is
unusual in that the initial baseline study
was carried out by academics at a universi-
ty and there have been on-going studies for
three years, the focus of which has been
"to document the best practices for mini-
mizing the impacts of coastal development
on the near shore marine environment."
The review notes that Baker's Bay's
Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
includes extensive mitigation projects un-
dertaken prior to construction such as the
removal of debris and invasive species,
the restoration of natural dunes and the
identification and re-location of rare and

protected plant species. Mitigations efforts
also involved the construction of artificial
reef modules and the production of on-site
environmental protection protocols (e.g.
sea turtle protection plan).
Additionally, the authors said the EMP
includes regular research and monitoring
visits (over 122 days of field work through
July 2007 mainly focusing on the back-reef
systems adjacent to Guana Cay) and a data-
base and information system to track issues
and data over time and space.
According to the authors, "These three
components will provide some idea of the
amount of work needed over years to ad-
equately manage island development."

Please see Baker's Page 27

Abaco Cays Realty, Ltd

i .. ._- _...
I .-;;It ....

Great Guana Cay Green Turtle Cay Man-O-War Cay
Marsh Harbour
info(i'abacocaysrealt3.com uww.abacocaysrealty.com

Lk S.

Great Guana Cay
- 11.5 Acres
- 1.198 'of \'alerfontage
- t) r 500' i Protecied
Boat Basin Froniihe.
- Superb Building Sites
- God eletI aion"
- FabulotIs Vices
- Perfect for dc elopmieni
or Ecfanm Priale Easale
0GGVIn'08 S9.995J.000.

"'.'iq Great Guana Cay
Lot # 45 -Orchid Bay
-43,480sf.- 0.9982 Acre
190.88' on Sea ofAbaco
prime building site
+/- 15'elevations
Orchid Bal amenities
T) Allows for5private deeded
mature trees
#GGV 1087 $940,000.
.....lH Great Guana Cay
. Orchid Bay
\ ii- Prestigious Orchid Bay
C-and all of her amenities.
Parcel # 58 174.775 s.
4.012 Acres

Points in Orchid Bay.
Fabulous Panoramic
*idBay-#58 Hilside" 4G(AVI077 S914,000.
Great Guana Cay -
Dolphin Beach Estates
Beachlfwnt Building Site
31.243 s.f. 0.717 Acre
117' Beach Frontage
Dock Access
Good Elevation
S- Superb Ocean Views
Lush Native Vegetation
re'v h #LjtV I 'Ium S790,000.

Sirat Guanna (ay -
Dolphin Beach Estates

Beachlront Building Site
36.839 .1i 0.845 Acre
65' Beach Fronlage
-Good Flevalion
Superb Ocean Vice%
I u.h Naiite Vegetalion

-(iGV100t. 55-5,500.
LG (real Guana (i)
I6.50U, F oer II. Acre
I 1 I)-c ean iurhline
U)cr 2(iJ of dephli
Primen Ocean-froint
buiIlding site
"- Good elevatons
I)cedcd dock access on
the Sta of Abaco



Great Guana Cay
6,653 sf.- .0152 Acre
45.47'of Sea ofAbaco
Prime building site can
carry a private dock
180 degree views
underground electric and
paved road
#GGVI091 $375,000.
1.HIB CGreen Turtle(Ca
(oco Ba,
.lU373 ,\re 308 ,\crcs
ofI: lt reJ Ir I ri, 4 prime .iIle
i- 1. 460 a-'uiitronitage
Roth All ,m1 RCe,d'I aniJ S
of l 'ao Ironr.g m. ailabkl
I Il 3.' eles a,oi i
" l J degr e,.,

"5'1, IIIl0. >3,J 011 ),Illlj
A% 1011U4

I ,chedOui
"Couched Out"



- I d
K r ".
Pe g .... o -. ....
\"Piaying Hooky"\ .;_:* =

Green Turtle Cau
Coco Ba)



... ................... ..

F i ...-

- 15.94 .
S0 366 1 \.r.. ........ .....
-Prime Buiilding 'Si ic
- L'nobliitleJd ie% S lOf1
('o.O Bd,
Publrc [Dock Access
Beadcli ,ess 5U' from
C-cn Rat Beach
nGOTVlI0ll $625.000. "Eastern Harbour"

Green Turtle Cny
Coco Bay

- 0.7567 cre
- Dock Acci ;
- Beach \ccc s
- Good .Ici action,


4GINvi00N S291,00o.

Green Turtle Cay
Coco Ray

19.558 >.f.
0.4-000 \c:re
Pri mc Rtl'dig I i: e
DuAck c,e-
Bcdch .\ccc .,

#(GTV Illll7 $167.500.

Green Turlic C('a
While Sound Area

- Priime Building Slirc
-28,523 sq.ft.
-0.6548 Acre
- Dock Access
- Beach Access

GTV1012 $151,500.

GOVI0192 S375.000.

Green Turtle Cay
Green Turtle Estates
8,126 s.f 0.1865 Acre
Corner lot
Prime building site
Central location
Short walk to Bita Bay
Snorkel right offshore
#GTVI074 $112,500.

Lynyard Cay
1 985 Acre
Irnol Primnlle iuddin; bne
Build private dock
Well established Coconut
\'ieisof Sea ofAbaco
and Atlantic Ocean
RIL .V1090- $274,000.

::::" Man-O-Har Cay
Eastern Harbour

- Rare 0.47 Acre Building
-90' on Harbour
90' on Sea ofAbaco
Avt rage Depth 215'
Good elevation
NMWVI)22- S910,000.
Man-O-War Cay -
- Rare Prime Ocean-front
building site
-0.51 Acre
-125' Atlantic Ocean
- Central Location
- Fabulous Ocean Views
- Lush Native Foliage.
#MWVI0XI S695,000.

S.Man-0- ar
Dickie's C('a
Prime Building Site
-10,719 -9sf-0246Acre
SOver 150' ofSea of Abaco
Concrete Sewall on Sea of
.- 103' x 6' private dock
Man-OWar harbour
,- Fabulous Sea ofAbaco views
"Summerpla ;..._ #MWV1082 $395,000.
- Norlh Abaco
/ %' Private Island
4' +. +- 2.20 Acre.,
2 7 21Innli 4 iiatltil
nnlcsEo1" ohnrlinc
S+1- 20" cciealions
.... Beaches Lagoon.
Harbors Coves Vista's
..'. ""C untoll;ng depth of 4.5
Bccen cast end of Grand
Bahama and west end
PI088 ofLittle Abaco
Price Upon Request





-"" - IIII


People in the News

Ten year old
donates to charity
This past Christmas 10-year-old Celena
Russell of Marsh Harbour instigated a gen-
uine act of kindness for those less fortunate
than her. One day she announced to her
mom that she wanted to find a way to give
gifts to Bahamian orphans to make their
Christmas brighter.
Celena came up with this idea and asked
her mom, Priscilla Pinder, how she could
go about doing this. Since it was only a few
days before Christmas, she and her mom
had to act fast in order to ship those gifts to
an orphanage before Christmas Day.
Celena's mom got information from the
local police information about an orphan-
age in Nassau. The next step was to ask
for donations to help buy gifts. In just four
hours Celena had collected $820 from vari-
ous members of the community and busi-
ness places. This money was used to buy
a gift for each of the 38 kids at the Chil-
dren's Emergency Hostel. The 18 boys
each received a remote controlled car, the
girls each received a Barbie doll with ac-
cessories, while the two baby girls received
blankets, zippy cups and pacifiers.
Celena wishes to make this an annual

Celena Pinder raised money to give all the chi
the Children's Emergency Hostel a Christm
ent. She is shown with all the gifts.

undertaking and has decided to keep a jour-
nal complete with details and photos.
Celena is shown in the photo with all of
the gifts that were sent to the Children's
Emergency Hostel.
Local computer technician
achieves MCITP and MCTS
Mike Bodamer of Computer Creations
in Marsh Harbour has recently achieved
two new certifications, Microsoft Certified
IT Professional Enterprise Support Tech-
nician (MCITP) and also Microsoft Cer-
tified Technology Specialist Microsoft
Windows Vista Configuration (MCTS).
MCITP certification demonstrates com-
prehensive skills in planning, deploying,
supporting, maintaining and optimizing IT
infrastructures while the MCTS certifica-
tion enables professionals to target specific
technologies and to distinguish themselves
by demonstrating in-depth knowledge and
expertise in the various Microsoft special-
ized technologies. "I believe that in the
ever changing world of technology, edu-
cating yourself is key and trying to keep
up with all of the new certifications seems
like a full time job, but I enjoy the constant
learning process and get great satisfaction
upon achieving something like this," said
Mike. "Having the credentials
to prove your knowledge is
what sets you apart from your
competition" he added.
A life as an Educator:
Mrs. Isobel Sherman
By Mirella Santillo
On December 6th, 2007, her
birthday, Mrs. Isobel Sherman
was retired from Abaco Cen-
I tral High School and the Public
Education system after serving
4 28 years as a teacher in The Ba-
Mrs. Sherman started her
teaching career in Massachuset
in1964. There she also trained
ildren in for administrative positions, but
as pres- after being a school Principal for
a few months, she realized that

* .1

Chris Farrington BRI
Office (242) 365-4695
Fax (242) 365-4697


Green Turtle Cay Office
RO. Box AB 22758
Green Turtle Cay, Abaco
Email: chris.f@batelnet.bs

#6227- Brand new home completed in Jan. 07 Spectacular 360
degree views. Offered fully furnished "turn key".

#6200- Superb water front lot 1/2 acre with 100' frontage. $750,000

#6200- Elevated 1/2 acre lot overlooking the Harbour $550,000

#5878- .537 acre deep water front lot ideal for a dock. $475,000

#6163- Inland starter home lots 100 X 120 $75,000-$120,000

#6163- One bedroom penthouse in a resort setting $175,000

#6076 Three bedroom, two bath home nice area $640,000

#6077- 2 Bed, 2 Bath vacation rental income producer dockage
available $490,000

#5957- Building lot with beach access, near resorts/marinas.

See all these properties and more at:

her calling
was in the
with the chil-
Mrs .
teaching ca-
reer in The
Bahamas be- Isobel 5c/,ti ,i
gan in 1980.
She taught many subjects during her career
at Camp's Bay, South Andros, and Nas-
sau before being sent to Abaco inl989. She
taught at Forest Heights Academy before
returning to Abaco Central High School.
Education in all its forms has always been
a concern of hers.
Retiring from a government position did
not mean leaving The Bahamas or quitting
teaching. She immediately accepted an offer
at the Cyber Learning Center, a school that
caters to children grouped by their learning
abilities rather than by age. Three days a
week after school, you can find Mrs. Sher-
man at the Marsh Harbour library, where
she volunteers, advising students.

Although born in the United States, af-
ter living so many years in The Bahamas,
she considers this country her home.
Abaco has its
first dental hygienist
By Samantha V. Evans
Samantha Gaitor, a 1998 graduate of Ab-
aco Central High School, is Abaco's first
dental hygienist. Originally from Moore's
Island, she
grew up
in Murphy
Town with
Charles and
Bodie. Ms.
Gaitor has
a love and
a passion Samantha Gaitor
for this field.
Upon graduating high school, she was un-
able to go away to college right away but
began working at Agape Dental in 1999
instead. As a dental assistant, she enjoyed

Please see People Page 21

Multiple Listing System

What is MLS?
ESTA, A Multiple Listing System (MLS) allows
participating real estate agents to place
a their sellers' homes on a database
.providing information to other licensed real
S~~ estate agents about these listings. This is
A greatly beneficial to the seller as it is great
\, / exposure for your property.
O.P The MLS is quite important to the buyer
.'0. as well. If your real estate agent is a
participating member of the MLS and is
searching for suitable properties for you, this system is the best tool
because your real estate agent will have access to all properties listed
by other members.
Whether buying orselling make sure your real estate agent is a member
of the Multiple Listing Service of the Bahamas Real Estate Association,
Abaco Chapter!
The first MLS service in The Bahamas was launched on Abaco on
October 1st and, to date, the participating members are:

Derek Lee
Chris Plummer
Cindy Newell
Ed Newell
Bill Thompson
Elaine Thompson
Sandra Evans
Bill Thorndycraft
Brent Cartwright
Maria Silvester
Rhiannon Thomas
Chris Roberts
Molly Roberts
John Bethell
Chris Farrington
Mailin Sands
Bill Albury
Jane Patterson
Laurie Schreiner
Stan Sawyer
Kerry Sullivan
Donna Rees
James Rees
June Russell
Neil Aberle
Kathleen Albury
John Christie
Dwayne Wallas
John Cash
(Ruth) Anne Albury
Everett Pinder
Marcellus Roberts

Abaco Cays Realty
Abaco Cays Realty
Abaco Estate Services
Abaco Estate Services
Abaco Real Estate
Abaco Real Estate
Abaco Waterfront Properties
Abaco Waterfront Properties
Aisle of Palm Realty
Aisle of Palm Realty
Aisle of Palm Realty
Bahamas Realty Abaco
Bahamas Realty Abaco
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Coldwell Banker
Coldwell Banker
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Damianos Sotheby's Intl. Realty
Damianos Sotheby's Intl. Realty
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Damianos Sotheby's Intl. Realty
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Era Dupuch Real Estate
Graham Real Estate
H.G. Christie Ltd
H.G. Christie Ltd
H.G. Christie Ltd
H.G. Christie Ltd
John Cash Realty
Treasure Cay Real Estate
Treasure Cay Real Estate
Treasure Cay Real Estate

Abaco Chapter

The Bahamas Real Estate Association

Page 20 Section B The Abaconian

March 1 2008

March 1, 2008

The Abaconian Section B Page 21

More People in the News

People From Page 20

educating their clients about taking care of
their teeth and dental ailments. After work-
ing for a while and with the encouragement
of Dr. Bonamy, she enrolled at Miami
Dade College to study Business Adminis-
tration and Dental Hygienist. She gradu-
ated last year with both degrees.
Ms. Gaitor is doing what she loves and
considers herself to be the same person.
Now that she is a dental hygienist, she still
helps the dental assistants perform at their
best. She specializes in x-rays, regular
teeth cleaning, deep cleaning, protective
treatment coating for the teeth and routine
teeth examinations. The most rewarding
part of her job is that she gets to help pa-
tients save their teeth by educating them. It
is because of lack of education about dental
care and the diseases that can occur as a
result of neglect.
Ms. Gaitor is wanting to becoming more
involved in educating the public as Agape
Dental is going to launch a proper dental
care program very soon. However, she

would like to mention that the main areas
of neglect on this island are locals getting
their teeth professionally cleaned twice
per year and proper home care (brushing,
flossing, using mouth wash to kill germs).
Finally, she would like to encourage par-
ents to take their children to the dentist as
early as three years old to get their teeth
checked, cleaned and treated. If a child
has a toothache, it can contribute towards
a whole lot of other things such as lack of
focus on learning and difficulty chewing
food which can hinder the proper digestion
of food.
Samantha Gaitor has been on the honor
roll from start to finish at Miami Dade Col-
lege and would like to thank the Lyford
Cay Foundation and Abaco Pathfinders for
their financial assistance which assisted her
in achieving her dream. Miss Gaitor is the
daughter of Harold and Carolyn Gaitor of
Moore's Island.
Ms. Vanessa Scott
enjoys writing poetry
By Mirella Santillo
Poetry is doing with words what painters

do with colors. It is the creation of images,
of scenery or a mood, using words instead
of brush strokes. One does not become a
poet, one is born a poet. It takes a special
predisposition to look at nature or life and
put it into words or to dig deep into one's
soul and bring out the joy, the sadness, the
wonder for everyone to recognize.
When thinking about poetry, names such
as Emily Dickenson, Edgar Allan Poe,
Lord Byron, Beaudelaire come to mind; it
is usually associated with other eras when
time was slower and pondering upon one's
feeling more frequent. In these days of ma-
terialistic goals, fast travel and stressing

jobs, most people find relief with televi-
sion, digital games or sports. However,
some still accept the invitation of Calliope,
the Muse of Poetry, to create odes, sonnets
or quatrains.
Such a person is Ms. Vanessa Scott,
who took up domicile on Abaco in August
after being transferred from Andros to be-
come manager of the Treasure Cay Branch
of the Royal Bank of Canada.
Ms. Scott, a native of Nassau, started
writing poetry at the age of 13. She joined

Please see People Page 27


Whie-Sun, Ebow@ a

170W 145.W /


New exclusive community comprising 12 hilltop
lots and 4 waterfront lots with stunning views of
White Sound, the Sea of Abaco and the Atlantic
Ocean. Sizes range from 12,000 to 17,000 sq. ft.

Hillside lots from $305,000.
Waterfront lots at $785,000.
Internet Ref. PS 10605

B~oke Aoprper
Hope Town
366 0700
Cell 577 0333
Ikainleen-qhgchruire coil

*z H 1i)ji'

M~rsh H~rnoi.,
367 545.1
Cell 57. 0422
ain!Iey-q~hyChrilie C0111

36; s si~e Apn

Sales Assisanl
Hope Town
Cell 577.8533
robbile ngchru!ie corn

A Urs Habu r:37-44 opAow :36-70 g- SesE -m il U *~ gcrsti6. cm- ww .HG hr sti~ o

Well Done Drilling Services
Well Drilling: Water Wells, Drainage Wells, Septic Disposal Wells
Trenching: Trenching for underground utility services
Piling Holes: Piling Holes for home foundations and utility poles planted
Excavator Rental: Specialized Excavator Foundation Drilling for
home foundations in sand and Excavator Digging

Call us today for a free consultation!
h: (242) 367-4842 0 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas

Alexiou, Knowles & Company


The Partners of Alexiou, Knowles & Company would like to an-
nounce that effective 14th January, 2008, Ms. Carlene Farquharson
will be posted full time at the office of Alexiou, Knowles & Company
Law Chambers, Stratton Drive, Marsh Harbour, Abaco.

Ms. Farquharson holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administra-
tion from Acadia University in Canada and a Masters Degree in Legal
Studies from the University of Bristol in England. She is a member of
the Bars of the Bahamas and England and Wales, the Bahamas Asso-
ciation of Compliance Officers and is also a licensed Notary Public.

You may contact her at (242) 367-2010 or email at cfarquharson@






I ja0


S 12


70 .~



- 5

Auuol Appiiel




R- K

,i ,'io .I ,hl


l Ja^aA

North Abaco News

Recent Events at
Sherlin Bootle High
By Vernique Russell
The Sherlin Bootle High School fam-
ily has began the second leg of the school
year with a bang and with the final leg right
around the corner. Both staff and students
are excited about what's to come. Students
can once again attend after school classes
in subject areas such as mathematics, social
studies, English language and some scienc-
es. Homework assistance classes are also
available to those students that need them.
This school year an 11th grade student,
Catherine Martin, will represent the school
in the Ministry of Tourism Spanish Cadet
Program that will lead to an all expense
paid trip to Costa Rica during the sum-
With violence on the increase in our
school throughout the country Anqunique
Huyler, who is also an 11lth grade student
traveled to Nassau to be a part of an anti-
violence workshop. She traveled with stu-
dents from other schools in the districts.
The Anchor Club of S.C. Bootle High
School recently held a car wash for teach-
ers as part of their community service.
They did an excellent job and the teachers
were most appreciative.
The recently launched auto mechanic
program under the leadership of Roberto
Gomez gave the students hands-on experi-
ence in trouble-shooting a car.
The PTA has also been doing its part to
ensure the success of the school year 2007-
2008. The parents assisted with the beauti-
fication of the school premises.
Students in the Home Economics De-
partment had the responsibility of prepar-

ing lunch for the monthly principals' meet-
ing held at the school in January. Students
catered an awesome meal for the principals
from throughout the island.
It has been a very exciting school year
and is well on its way to becoming the best
one in the school history. Grades are on the
rise, violence on decrease, and excellence
is taking over.
School Agriculture News
The Agriculture Science Department at
Sherlin Bootle High School is proud that
their depart-
ment is see-
ing growth.
At the end
of the school
year 2006-
2007 the
school re-
ceived four
piglets. The agriculture students
T o d a y are growing tomatoes,
those piglet cabbages and a variety of
are well on vegetables.
the way to
becoming a delicious meal of pork. The
department is also raising chicks. The de-

The two piglets that the agriculture students
of S. C. Bootle High School are raising are
doing very well.

apartment is boasting the all naturally grown
cabbages, tomatoes and other vegetables.
This allows students to see the potential of
jobs in this field. The Agriculture Depart-
ment at the school is under the leadership
of Mr. Lynden Scott.

S.C. Bootle Attends Hugh Campbell
The Dynamic Dolphins of Sherlin Boo-
tle High school were the only team repre-
senting Abaco at the Hugh Campbell Tour-

Please see North Page 23

I w WV I M *
The home economics students of S.C. Bootle High School practiced their culinary skills
by preparing a lunch for the Abaco Principals' meeting held at their school ,. ruIl

2nd Annual

Stede Bonnet Hill

Boxcar Derby
April 12th, 2008

Individual entry
feIndividual entry $25.00 Registration Sat 930 am

School entry Time trials 10 am to noon
fee $20.00 Both at the hill
Races start noon
until completion

Peewee, Junior and Adult divisions
Slalom & Downhill events
Booth rentals available
Contact Liann Key Kaighin 357-6535
All proceeds to benefit Every Child Counts school.

The Lyford Cay Foundations
The Lyford Cay Foundations are pleased to announce that applications are now being
accepted for academic scholarships for study in the US, Canada, UK and the Caribbean.
Applicants must be Bahamian citizens and pledge to return to The Bahamas upon
completion of their studies.
For detailed information, please visit www.lyfordcayfoundation.org.
Deadline for all applications is March 31,2008.

_Your Dreams. Our Mission.
^ (7o Inspired Philanthropy for a Better Bahamas

; P. 0. Box N 7776, Nassau, Bahamas
'T 242.362.4910 / F 242.362.5449
'4M.1 ,o E info@lyfordcayfoundation.org / W www.lyfordcayfoundation.org
4blAN L(

Page 22 Section B The Abaconian

March 1 2008

More North Abaco News

North From Page 22
nament held in Nassau on February 18th
though the 25th. Senior boys' basketball
teams from throughout the Bahamas and
Turks Island compete in this annual tour-
nament. Although we did not finish as win-
ners, the boys gave their best and gained
great exposure that will help to prepare
them for next year's battle.
Thanks for support
The Youth Department of Cities of
Refuge held a post Valentine fund raiser
on February 22 and 23 under the theme
A Night under the Stars. They appreciated
the support they received from the public
who purchased tickets and support the two-
day cookout.
Grill-out is planned
There will be a grill-out on March 8th
beginning at 11 a.m.. The menu for this

event includes barbecued chicken, ribs and
pork chops. There will also be conchy-
conch fritters, conch salad and a variety of
sweet treats. Tickets are $10. Come out and
be a part of this exciting event as we raise
funds for youth. The venue for the grill-
out is at the cabana across from Spanky on
the corner of Sherlin Bootle Highway and
Treasure Cay.
Construction resumes
on the library
By Vernique Russell
The foundation of the proposed building
to host a library and computer center in
Cooper's Town has been standing for quite
some time now. Construction ceased after
the floor was poured. Today construction
has resumed and the building is quickly go-
ing up. When the building is completed, it
will be the first of its kind in the communi-
ty, providing wholesome and constructive
activities for youth of that community.

Candle light service
A candlelight service was held in the
community of Blackwood to commemorate
the death of Mr. Michael Baillou, whose
life was quickly snatched in a fatal car ac-
cident on February 16th. The accident oc-
curred just a block north of the Treasure
Cay Primary School. The service, hosted
by family and friends, was held on Feb-
ruary 22. The community of North Abaco
extends sympathy to the family of Mr.
Youth convention
End Times Harvest Ministries cordially
invites the public to join them for Youth

Convention 2008 on March 24 30 to be
held at the church in Crown Haven. The
theme for this year convention is, Is the
blood good enough? On March 30th a spe-
cial 3 p.m. service will climax this year's
convention. The nightly services will be-
gin at 7:30 p.m. and will feature speakers
from local assemblies and from aboard.
The leaders are looking forward to having
you share in this mementos occasion as we
celebrate our youth and are reminded of
the power of the blood of our Lord and
Savior. Let's celebrate the resurrection of
our Lord.

The Abaco Real Estate Specialists!

..nn ...ill -P,. PARADISE Frank Knnwle

Marsh Harbour
242-367-SOLD (7653)
Shore. Reduced from $295,000 to
on canal. Reduced from $350,000 to
Other fine properties available
Call today for more details

Hope Town

14,000 s.f. $230,000 Exclusive
TREASURE CAY Golf course lot
TREASURE CAY Beach front lot
LOTS starting from $25,000

Long Term Rentals Available
Shop our lisings online at

[-. _HERO E. fA 7.4FTIM.'

This 9,732 sq ft wooded lot is the largest in Little PoAiM In
a relatively new subdivision just South of Hope Town. M
Only a few minutes walk from one of the most beautiful beaches on Elbow Cay. ERA
A paved road and electricity have already been put in place. Dupuh Rel Estate

Fo additoainom in cal 'Ic,Swe i i

Tel (22U6-13+Cl:(4)57024*E al ik~ eaaaa~

Now Open

Majestic Room

in Marsh Harbour's
Faith Convention Center

has opened it's new facility at the
Marsh Harbour International Airport. We are
a full service FBO with Customs, Immigration,
Fuel, VIP Lounge and many other five star
We handle all your aircraft ground
handling service needs the way you want.

CHEROKEE AVIATION Tel.# 242-367-0525 Fax.# 242-367-0526 VHF 122.80
P.O.Box AB 20485 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Email: fboinfo@cherokeeair.com

ANNOP EC.Cherokee Air
Is a private charter plane company provid-
ing safe, reliable transportation to and from
the islands of the Bahamas
and southeastern Florida.
CHEROKEE AIR -Tel.# 242-367-3450 Fax.# 242-367-3451
P.O.Box AB 20485 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Email : info &cherokeeair.com

Private Parties
Club Meetings
Bridal Showers

Private Parties
Art Exhibitions
Birthday Parties
Beauty Pageants
Business Meetings
Theatrical Performances
Weddings and Receptions
Conventions / Conferences

Wireless Internet

State-of-the-art systems for your function

Don MacKay Boulevard, marsh Harbour
E-mail: fcc_williams@yahoo.com
Call: 367-3883, 367-4095 Mon Fri 9-4 p.m.




March 1, 2008

The Abaconian Section B Page 23

Page 24 Section B The Abaconian

March 1 2008

Dolphins are sentinels of the marine environment

Dr. John Durban's report
to the 2008 Abaco Science
Alliance Conference
By Jennifer Hudson
Of the 13 researchers who spoke at the
recent two-day Abaco Science Alliance
Conference, almost half are centering their
work on the marine aspect of ecology, and
they spoke of the challenges of protecting
the marine environment.
Dr. John Durban, a research biologist
with the Centre for Whale Research in
Washington State, has worked in collabo-
ration with Diane Claridge, head of the
Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Orga-
nization (BMMRO) based at Sandy Point
since 1992, monitoring the dolphin popula-
tion that inhabits the shallow waters of the
Little Bahama Bank.
"Bottlenose dolphins are an iconic indi-
cator of the health of the Bahamian marine
environment," stated Dr. Durban, who has
studied the species to monitor the effects of
environmental change and coastal develop-
ment. Drawing from 1300 encounters with
more than 350 individual dolphins, Dr.
Durban compared data from two decades,
contrasting patterns from the 1990s with
recent data collected as part of a new moni-
toring effort in collaboration with Friends
of the Environment.
Though bottlenose dolphins occur

worldwide in
tropical and
waters from
deep ocean
to shallow
waters, there
are specific
for the differ- Dr. John Durban
ent environ-
ments. The Little Bahama Bank provides
a unique habitat for marine mammal and
Dr. Durban has been using two study sites
- the Sea of Abaco and the area off South
Abaco to Moore's Island. The dolphins ex-
ist in socially distinct communities and do
move around; in 2000 Dr. Durban found
1,000 bottle nose dolphins on Little Baha-
ma Bank. From studies carried out utilizing
genetic sampling from small skin samples
and DNA from fecal samples, he was able
to determine high levels of genetic diversi-
ty. The males of the species make alliances
and large males often travel in pairs.
A normal life span is 50 years, but the
population is limited by large predators
such a sharks and tropical storms. Most
newborns appear in winter, none in sum-
mer as the mother gives birth when it is
a more stable environment in which the
young can grow up. Their habitat is also
under threat since sandbanks are being

( TwiinAir


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dredged daily by new developments. Since
the bottlenose dolphins are crater feeders,
feeding by digging their head in the sand,
their feeding grounds are disrupted.
Dr. Durban monitors size and growth by
using laser lines. The laser sends two dots
which appear on the dolphin's skin and the
area between the two dots is measured.
There are "hot spots" for the dolphins,
one of which is the Fowl Cay area. Bur Dr.
Durban stated that this year he has not found
as many dolphins and those he has found he
has had to go further afield to find. He con-
cluded his presentation by noting, "These
dolphins are the sentinels of the marine en-
vironment. They are very visible and from
them we hope to get a signal of the health
of the environment as a whole."
Diane Claridge spoke
about beaked whales
By Jennifer Hudson
Diane Claridge, a sixth generation Baha-

mian, is a long time member of the Friends
of the Environment and is very concerned
about the environment. She began her re-
search on mammals as a student and now
concentrates her surveys on beaked whales
in the deep waters of the Great Bahama
Canyon. She also trains Bahamian student
interns at her summer camp for children in
Sandy Point. "Beaked whales are the least
known mammalian group and are very dif-
ficult to study. They present different chal-
lenges from the bottlenose dolphin. These
cetaceans live in deep water and spend very
little time at the surface so large vessels
are needed for the surveys. The Bahamas
Marine Mammal Research organization
has been conducting field studies of beaked
whales around Abaco since 1991 resulting
in more than 320 encounters with beaked
whales, comprising both Cuvier's beaked
whales and Blainville's beaked whales.
Please see Science Page 25


Passengers / Freight/Mail to Abaco

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March 1, 2008

The Abaconian Section B Page 25

Beaked whales are very elusive

Science From Page 24
In March 2000, there was a mass strand-
ing of whales: 16 whales in total 14 of which
were beaked whales. These cetaceans are
particularly vulnerable to manmade sounds,
and ships using tactical military sonar were
blamed for their death. As a result, in 2006
the BMMRO began assessing the impacts
of navy operations and the Office of Naval
Research provided funding for them to be-
gin a three-year study to extend their ongo-
ing study in scope and geographic extent to
fill critical data gaps. The objectives of this
study are to determine beaked whale distri-
bution and abundance in the Great Baha-

ma Canyon
from visual
and acoustic
surveys and
to examine
through the
analysis of
photo identi- Diane Claridge
fiction data
and genetic samples currently archived
and from photographs and biopsy samples
obtained during the surveys. Methods of
detection and tracking were developed for
the acoustic surveys.
The first two of the three planned re-

search cruises were conducted in the Great
Bahama Canyon during May/June and
September/October 2007, the first on The
Odyssey and the second on The Dolphin
Dream which was a converted shrimp
trawler. Two observers were on board us-
ing "Big Eye" binoculars, acoustic moni-
tors and data recorder. Hydrophones must
be deep as the whales only vocalize at
depth and with a narrow beam of high fre-
quency sound. A 400 metre towed hydro-
phone rig was built and continuous record-
ings were made on four channels. During
40 days at sea and a total of 1771 nautical
miles covered, 91 marine mammals were
sighted with 11 different cetacean species.

Beaked whales were the most frequently
sighted numbering 30 in all and comprising
three different types Gervais, Blainville's
and Cuvier's. The sightings of the Gervais
whales were particularly exciting as they
had never been seen on Abaco before. The
acoustic detections are a useful mitigation
tool for the impact of naval operations.
Ms. Claridge and her team have con-
ducted a long term photo ID study. Over
2500 photo-identification photographs were
taken of nicks in dorsal fins and a num-
ber of matches have been made of some
individuals to those already archived. One
more large vessel cruise survey is planned
for May 2008.

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Page 26 Section B

The Abaconian March 1 2008


March 200
MUS SE L Te0Aac0ianPg


New Providence Properties

Kennedy Subdivision Nassau Appraisal: $188,406.00
Lot no. 21 all utilities available 10 year old single story house, 3 bedroom
2 bathroom, living dining area, family room, kitchen, study, laundry and
an entry porch.
Heading west along Soldier Road take main entrance to Kennedy Subdivision
on the left, then take the Ist corner on the left, then Ist right. House is
i i i second on your right with garage.

Lot No. 1490 Appraisal: $162,400.00
Golden Gates Section 2 All that lot of land having an area of 6,000 sq.
ft Being lot no. 1490 of the subdivision known and designated as Golden
Gates, the said subdivision situated in the southwestern district of New
Providence, Bahamas. This property is comprised of a 25-yr-old single family
residence consisting of approximately 2.480 eq. ft. of enclosed living with
three bedrooms three bathrooms, living room and kitchen. The land is on
a grade and level; however, the site appears to be sufficiently elevated to
disallow the possibility of flooding during annual heavy rainy
periods of the year. The grounds are fairly kept with improvements including
driveway, walkway and low shrubs. Yard is enclosed on one side with 5-foot chain link fencing and a low cement block wall to the
Traveling west on Carmichae! Road turn left, then right onto the service road opposite Bahamas Faith Ministries Complex, then first left
again after passing clico and pre-school. The subject house is the 6th house left painted green trimmed white.
Lot No. 130, St. Andrews Beach Estates Appraisal: $245,237.00
All that lot of land having an area of 8,100 sq ft, being lot no. 130 of
the subdivision known and designated as St. Andrews Beach Estates,
the said subdivision situated in the eastern district of New Providence,
Bahamas. Located on the subject property is a structure comprising of an
approximately 12 yr. old duplex apartment consisting of approximately
2,072 sq. ft of enclosed living space which includes one 3-bedroom I-bath,
living, dining rooms, kitchen and utility room, and one bedroom, I-bath,
living /dining rooms and kitchen. The land is on a grade and level; however, the site appears to be sufficiently elevated to disallow the
possibility of flooding during annual heavy rainy periods of the year. The grounds are fairly kept the yard is enclosed with chain link
fencing at the sides and back with gated access on both sides of the property. The front lawn section is not enclosed.
Traveling east on Yamacraw Hill Road take the third corner right with sign for St. Andrews Beach Estates, then take first left, then first
right, the subject property is the 2nd property on the left side painted beige trimmed orange.

Lot No. I Western Shores Appraisal $753,570
All that lot of land having an area of 7,389 sq. ft. being
lot #1 of the subdivision known as Western Shores Phase
S II, the said subdivision situated in the Western District of
New Providence, Bahamas. Located on the subject property
A. is a single structure comprising of a single family residence
t consisting of approximately 2,430 sq. ft of enclosed living
space. The residence comprises of 3 bedrooms with closets,
2 Y2bathrooms, living/dining rooms, study, kitchen, utility
room, porch and enclosed garage with electronic door. The
land appears to be sufficiently elevated to disallow the
possibility of flooding during annual heavy rainy periods of
the year. The grounds are fairly well kept with improvements including driveway, walkway and swimming pool. The yard is enclosed
with walls.
Traveling west on West Bay Street Go past Orange Hill and Indigo Subdivisions, the house is located on the left near Tusculum
Subdivision and painted all white.

Must Sell Lot No. 597 Gardens Appraisal: $133,395
All that lot of land having an area of 3,200 sq. ft
being lot 597 Melvern Road of the subdivision known
as Yellow Elder Gardens, the said subdivision is situated
in the southern district of New Providence, Bahamas.
tThis property is comprised of a 26 year old single
family residence consisting of approximately 1,510 sq.
ft of enclosed living space, with 3 bedrooms including
master bedroom, 2 bathrooms, living/dining rooom,
kitchen and utility room. Th e residence also consists
of a front porch and two patios.
The land is on a grade and level; however, the site
appears to be sufficiently elevated to disallow the
possibility of flooding during annual heavy rainy periods. The grounds are fairly kept, with improvements including driveway and
walkway. The yard is enclosed with chain link fencing.
Traveling west on Melvern Road from the sport center road, follow the road to the left, the subject property is the 5th property left
situated between Zris Court and the Richie Court, painted white trimmed yellow.
Lot No. 382 Winton Meadows Appraisal: $351,044
All that piece, parcel or lot of land having an area of 8,300
sq. ft being lot No. 382 situated in the subdivision known as
Winton Meadows, the said subdivision situated in the Eastern
District of the island of New Providence, Bahamas. This
m -property is comprised of a 24 year old single family residence
with an attached efficiency (formerly the carport) consisting
of approximately 2,675 sq. ft of enclosed living area, front
porch 198 sq. ft., back patio 380 sq. ft. The building is a two
*t" Isr, storey house. Besides the efficiency apartment, the house is
a I comprised of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, inclusive of a master
S bedroom suite upstairs, foyer, front room, dining room, family
room, powder room, utility room, breakfast nook and kitchen
downstairs. Climate control is provided by ducted central air conditioning with air circulation enhanced by ceiling fans and other
amenities. Quality of construction: average. Standard of maintenance: average. Effective age: seven year (7) The land is on flat terrain;
however, the site appears to be sufficiently elevated to disallow the possibility of flooding under normal weather conditions, including
annual heavy rainy periods. The grounds are well kept, with improvements including neatly maintained lawns with flowering trees and
a concrete garden/storage shed which is located in the backyard. The yard is enclosed along the sides with chain link fencing and
concrete block walls that are topped with metal railings and metal gates at the front and back
Traveling east on Prince Charles Drive pass the street light at Fox Hill Road until you get to Meadows Boulevard, turn right onto
Meadows Boulevard, go south and take the 4th left, then Ist right. The subject house is the 2nd house on the left side painted beige
trimmed white.

New Providence Properties

Lot No. 217 Pinewood Gardens Subdivision Appraisal: $127,988
All that lot of land having an area of 5,000 sq. ft being Lot
No. 217 of the subdivision known as Pinewood Gardens the said
subdivision situated in the Southern District of New Providence,
Bahamas. Located on this property is a structure comprising of
an approximately 20 yr. old single family residence consisting of
992 sq. ft of enclosed living space with 3 bedrooms, I bathroom,
4.1 living/dining rooms, kitchen, driveway and walkway. The land
is on a grade and level and appears to be sufficiently elevated
to disallow the Traveling South on East Street to the junction
of Soldier Road, make a left at the light, then turn right into
Kennedy Subdivision. Go all the way to T-junction, turn right,
a-" then first left, then right again toward Mount Tabor Church
building. After passing Mount Tabor take first left (Sapodilla
Blvd.). The subject house is about 400 yards on the right painted yellow trimmed green with green and white door.

Lot No. 3 Yamadraw Beach Estates Appraisal: $313,016
All that lot of land having an area of 10,000 sq. ft. being Lot No.
3 in Yamacraw Beach Estates in the said subdivision situated in
the eastern district of New Providence, Bahamas. Located on the
subject property is a single storey triplex building comprising of
3 units with two 2-bedrooms, I-bathroom, living, dining, kitchen
apartment units and one unit being used as a barber and beauty
salon, the land is on a grade and level; however, the site appears
to be sufficiently elevated to disallow the possibility of flooding
during annual heavy rainy periods of the year.
Traveling south on Fox Hill Road, go past Yamacraw Hill Road and Joe Farrington Road. The subject property is located on the left hand
side of Fox Hill Road painted white trimmed brown.

Lot No. 1056 Pinewood Gardens Subdivision Appraisal: $144,977
All that lot of land having an area of 5,000 sq. ft being Lot No.
1056 of the subdivision known as Pinewood Gardens, the said
subdivision situated in the southern district of New Providence,
SBahamas. Located on this property is a structure comprising of
an approximately 10 yr. old single family residence consisting
of approximately 1,205 sq. ft of enclosed living space with 3
bedrooms with closets, 2 bathrooms, linen closet, living and
dining rooms, kitchen and covered front porch. The land is
slightly elevated to disallow the possibility of flooding the
-grounds are fairly kept.
Traveling south on East Street to Sapodilla Boulevard, turn
right at Thatch Palm Street, turn left onto Rosewood Street.
The subject property is the second on the right hand side
painted blue trimmed white.
Lot No. 51, Dorsetteville, Bamboo Town

All that lot of land having an area of 5,000 sq ft, being Lot No. 51, of the subdivision known as Dorsetteville, the said subdivision situated
in the Southern District of New Providence, Bahamas. Located on the subject property



is a structure comprising of an approximately 20 yr. old duplex apartment comprising
of approximately 1,641 sq. ft. of enclosed living space which includes two 2-bedrooms,
I-bath, kitchen, living & dining room units. And an approximately 9 yr. old one bedroom
apartment building comprising of382 sq. ft. with bath, kitchen, living/dining room. The
land is on a grade and level; the site appears to be sufficiently elevated to disallow the
possibility of flooding during annual heavy rainy periods of the year. The grounds are
fairly kept with improvements of concrete parking area & concrete walkways around the
premises. The yard is enclosed with chained linked fencing at the sides and back.
Appraisal: $202,225.40
Traveling south on East Street from Soldier Road, turn right at Porky's Service Station
(Victoria Blvd). Travel past the third corner on the left, The subject property will be the
9th on the left side. Painted green trim White.

Eleuthera Properties
Lot No. 62, Lower Bogue Eleuthera Appraisal: $229,426
-All that piece, parcel or lot of land and improvements in the settlement of Lower
Bogue, North Eleuthera, being No. 62, comprising of about 34,210 sq. ft. This
site encompasses a 12-year-old single storey home comprising of 4 bedrooms, 3
bathrooms, front room, dining, breakfast room, kitchen and laundry room with a
total living area of approximately 2,342.06. Property also includes a double car
garage and front entrance with a total sq. ft. of approximately 655.75. This home
is approximately 85% completed. The property is well landscaped with crab grass and some fruit trees.
Lot No. 7. Boiling Hole Subdivision Appraisal: $153,521.00
-This property is situated on the western side of Eleuthera Highway in the settlement
of Lower Bogue.
All that piece, parcel or lot of land and inprovernents situated on the Island of
Eleuthera, North of Governor's Harbour, comprising of Lot No. 7 in the Boiling Hole
Subdivision and comprising of approximately 10,000 sq. ft,, this site encompasses
a 17-year old duplex with each unit consisting of 2 bedrooms, I bathroom, front
room, dining room and kitchen with a gross floor area of approximately 1,474,20 sq. ft, and covered porch area of approximately
164.70 sq. ft This duplex was built in accordance with the plan and specification as approved, and at a standard that was acceptable
to the Ministry of Public Works. This structure is in good condition. Each apartment could be rented at $800.00 per month. The land
is landscaped and planted with ficus trees but needs some manicuring.
Eleuthera Lot No. I, Block No. 45 Appraisal: $151,007.00
All that place parcel or lot of land having an area of 9,644 sq, ft, being lot #1
In block 45, Section E In the subdivision called and known as Eleuthera Island
Shores Subdivision, situated In the vicinity of Hatchet Bay Harbour, on the Island
of Eleuthera, one of the Islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. This site
encompasses a two-storey building which is approximately 14 yrs. old and Is
abandoned. There Is a wooden landing approximately 7'-4" wide by 20'-0" on the
upper level, approximately 1,610 sq. ft of enclosed living space, with 3-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms, front room, dining room, den, kitchen,
and utility room. The wooden porch on the upper level approximately 148 sq. ft. There Is also a water cistern under the dining room
floor area. All utilities and services available. This property is situated in Eleuthera Island Shores.

Forcodiion o0 sle0ndoter0nfrmtio cntct0hiipWhie 22-52-07
emal Shiipwhtescoiaan~cm r arr Clle 22-02-03 eai hrr coli otabnkco
To vi~&B l ew roeri. [I!ekes go to: www.1 .stopnshopbahaIII1 iI~IW~]II~ 4 s I~~- mas~om Cickon Rel Etae Mail" I Clic[k on Edoorway i "Enter S Onl1ine Store"

March 1, 2008 The Abaconian

Section B Page 27

People From Page 21

the International Library of Poetry a few
years ago and has been published four
times. Her first poem to be published came
out in 2004 in a volume titled Who Is Who
in Poetry. Her poems were chosen again in
2005 and 2006. In 2007 her poem was the
editor's choice for another book for which
she was invited to Las Vegas to received
an award.
She describes her poetry as intimate,
up-close and personal" which means that
her inspiration often comes as the result
of personal events. It comes at any time.
"Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the
night to write," she says. Sad happenings
are often more inspiring; but she can also
be creative about life's happy moments.
Besides poetry writing, Ms. Vanessa Scott,

who is a member of Toastmaster Interna-
tional, enjoys public speaking and debates.
She is presently tutoring JA students in
preparation of their entering a National
Speech Competition later in February. She
was President of the Cousteau Club on An-
dros and hopes that there will be enough
interest on Abaco to create a Toastmaster
International Club here, too.

Baker's From Page 19

"Long-term planning, up-front resourc-
es (financial, personnel and time) as well
as an in-depth understanding of island en-
vironments are required for sustainable de-
velopment," the authors concluded.
For further information regarding this
review and The Bahamas Naturalist and
Journal of Science inquiries may be ad-
dressed to info@bahamasmedia.com.


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ar Depot


March 200
MUST ELL Te Abcon'0 Pg0


Long Island Properties
Hamilton's, Long Island Appraisal: $67,000
S All that piece parcel or lot of lanndand improvements situated
in the settlement of Hamilton's on the Island of Long Island
and comprising of approximately 13,547 sq. ft and is elevated
approximately 7-8 ft above sea level. This site encompasses
a 35 yr. structure. A simple style home consisting of two
bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, living and dining room.
The home, however, is consisted of 2 separate constructions;
360 sq. ft of concrete construction and 624 sq. ft of wooden
construction. All amenities are to the property such as
electricity, water, cable and telephone. The property is accessed by the main Queen's Highway.

Abaco Properties
Dundas Town Crown Alloment Appraisal $265,225.00
One two bedrooms, I bathroom, triplex. Approximately 9,000 sq. ft. lot no. I18B
with an area for a small shop. Age-12 years the land is a portion of one of the
Dundas Town Crown Allotment parcels stretching from Forest Drive to Front Street,
being just under a quarter acre in size and on the lowside. A concrete block
structure, with asphalt shingle roof and L-shape in design with a total length of
70 x 26 ft. Plus 50 x 22 ft. 2,920 sq. Ft. the interior walls are concrete blocks;
ceiling is sheet rock and the floors of vinyl tiles.

New Providence Vacant Property

Lot B, Wilson Street, Rock Crusher Appraisal: $97,214
All that lot of land having an area of 10,498 sq. ft. being Lot B, between the subdivision known a Rock Crusher and in teh vicinity of
Perpall Tract situated in teh western district of New Prividnence, Bahamas. This property is zoned multi-family / single family. Also
located on this property is a structure comprising of a duplex at foundation level under construction, and consisting of approximately
1,566 sq. ft. of enclosed living space with a patio consisting of 270 sq. ft The starter bars are in place and foundation poured.
Traveling west on Farrington Road take a right after the PLP Headquarters, go about midways through to Wilson Street. Go through
the corner all the way to the dead end. The property is located behind the chain link fence at the back of the yard.

Rainbow Subdivision Lot No. 3, Block 27. Appraisal: $37, 440
All that vacant lot of land having an area of approximately 14,052.59 sq. ft. being Lot No. 3, Block 27, section B, of Rainbow Sub-
division with residential zoning. This property is bounded about 103.44 ft north by Queens Highway and 137.02 ft east and about
99.94, ft south of Rainbow Hill Circle, 139.91 ft. west All utilities and services available.

Lot No. 15, Block 10, Winton Heights Appraisal: $171,440
All that lot of vacant land having an area of 17,144 sq. ft of the subdivision known as Winton Heights situated in the Eastern District
of New Providence, Bahamas. This property is retangular in shape and zoned multi-family single family.
This property is about 230 ft. west of Sassoon Drive and is about the third lot on the north side of Hill Side Road

Exuma Vacant Property
Island Harbour Beach, Exuma Appraisal: $80,000
All that parcel or lot of vacant land containing 10,000 (80'x 100') sq. ft. being lot No. 9, Block 2, Island Harbour Beach Subdivision
situated the western most portion of the Hermitage Estate, Little Exuma, Bahamas. The property is located on an unpaved road
known as Stocking Road. The property also has a commanding view of the ocean.
Island Harbour Beach, Exuma Appraisal: $80,000
All that parcel or lot of vacant land containing 10,000 (80'x 100') sq. ft. being lot No. 9, Block 2, Island Harbour Beach Subdivision
situated the western most portion of the Hermitage Estate, Little Exuma, Bahamas. The property is located on an unpaved road
known as Stocking Road. The property also has a commanding view of the ocean.

Eleuthera Vacant Property
North Eleuthera Heights, Eleuthera Appraisal $41,275.00
Lot #20 approximately 11,200 sq. ft. and bounded on north by Early Settler Drive and south by Deal Investment Ltd. This is single
family zoning and 50 ft above sea level. This site encompasses a foundation with plumbing and roughing in place and well compacted
quarry fill. The concrete floor has not been poured as yet The foundation is 2,511 sq. ft Lot # 20 situated 1/5 miles eastwardly of
the Bluff Settlement. The said lot is vacant and on a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

Lot. I 10B, Palmetto Point Appraisal: $72,000
All that piece, parcel or lot of vacant land containing 9,000 and being lot No. lOB situated north of Ingraham's Pond and easterly of
Palmetto Point, on the Island of Eleuthera, one of the islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and is bounded and abutting as
follow: on the north by Lot No. 3B and running thereon for a distance of 90 ft on the East by Lot No, Il B and running thereon for a
distance of 100 ft.; on the south by a 20 ft. wide road reservation and running thereon 90 ft. on the west by Lot No. 9B running thereon
for a distance of 100 ft., the said lot is overgrown with shrubs and is in close proximity to a white sandy beach. This neighbourhood
is zoned residential development and is quiet and peaceful with a topography of approximately 50 ft. and because of this there is no
danger of flooding. The area is approximately 80 percent developed with all utilities and services available.
Mutton Fish Point, North Eleuthera Appraisal: $51,421.00
Al the piece, parcel or lot of vacant land containing 44,714 sq. ft, and designated E which forms a portion of land known as "Mutton
Fish Point" situated about two miles northwestward of the settlement of Gregory Town on the Island of Eleuthera, one of islands of the
Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and is bounded and abutting as follows: Northwardly by the land now or formerly the property of Coridon
Ltd. and running thereon for a distance of 393.13 feet; outwardly by a 30' wide road reservation and running thereon for a distance of
402.57 ft. eastward by the main Queen's Highway and running thereon for a distance of 109.73 ft; westwardly by land now or formerly
the property of Caridon Limited and running thereon for a distance of 110.75 ft. This property having an area of approximately 44.714
sq. ft This neighbourhood is zoned commercial/residential development and is quiet, peaceful and has a topography of approximately
2 ft with all utilities and services available.
Mutton Fish Point North Eleuthera Appraisal: $51,421.00
All that piece, parcel or tract of land containing one acre situated about 2 miles northwest of the settlement of Gregory Town on the
island of Eleuthera, one of the islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and is bounded and abutting as follows; Northwesterly
by the main Queens Highway and is running thereon for a distance of 125.462 feet northwestward by the land now or formerly the
property of Coridon Limited, and running thereon for a distance of 390.274 ft: southwestwardly by a 30' wide road reservation and
running thereon for a distance of 128,128 ft; Southeastwardly by the lend now or formerly the property of the Vendor and running
thereon for a distance of 322.955 ft. This property having area of approximately 44,847.76 sq ft This eighbourhood Is zoned commercial
development end is quiet and peaceful with a topography of approximately 2 ft, with all utilities and services available This lot is vacant
land and is located In the area known an "Mutton Fish Point."
Mutton Fish Point, North Eleuthera Appraisal $51,276.00
All that place, parcel or lot of vacant land and improvements containing approximately 44,587 sq,. ft, and designated 'F' which forms a
portion of land known as "Mutton Fish Point" situated about two miles northwestward of the settlement of Gregory Town on the Island
of Eleuthera, one of the islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and bounded and abutting as follows:- Northwardly by the land
now or formerly the property of Coridon Limited, and running thereon for a distance of 383.56 ft southwardly by land now or formerly
the property of Caridon Limited and running thereon for a distance of 393.19 ft, eastwardly by the main Queen's Highway and running
thereon for a distance of 113.40 ft, westwardly by land now or formerly the property of Coridon Limited and running thereon for a
distance of 113.40 ft This neighbourhood is zoned commercial / residential development and is quiet, peaceful and has a topography
of approximately 2 ft. with all utilities and services available.

Abaco Vacant Property
Blackwood, Abaco Appraisal: $219, 354.40
All that lot of land having an area of approximately 258,064 sq. ft. This property is yet to reach its highest and best use. It is
ideally suited to single or multi-family development as is the nature of surrounding properties within the community. The
site may also serve well as a commercial site as the area remains un-zoned the property remains largely in its original state. It
is covered with low brush and broad leaf coppice vegetation interspersed with broad strands of mature yellow pine indigenous to the
area. The property is well drained and represents no immediate flooding danger under normal conditions. The subject property is vacant
and is situated at the southeastern entrance of the community of Blackwood, Abaco. The property is undivided and comprises
approximately 6 acres of a larger tract of land of approximately 26 acres.

Forcoditon ofsae a6 the iforaton0onactPhlipWhte 22-52-07
emal hilp hie *otabnk0 0orHary olie0 22-52-03 emilhar 0 oliescoi* an.co0
Tove w p[rop l ertmi. [I!es go to: www'A1 .stopnIilshopbahaI1 II If~]II~ I[4U]I mas~om-lik o "ea Etae Mail" Click4ff]on doorway "Enter Online1111 I Store"A.

fat^ a Local Government at Work

By Samantha V. Evans
Dundas Town Committee
On February 1st the Dundas Town Com-
mittee held its second meeting for this year
at the Local Government Office in Marsh
Harbour. Many matters were discussed
as the Committee attempts to improve the
community of Dundas Town. Some of the
projects they plan are
* removing derelict vehicles with the as-
sistance of Environmental Health
* making signs for Dundas Town and Cen-
tral Pines Estates grave yards
* placing pedestrian crossings on Central
Pines Boulevard
* installing school zone signs to prompt
drivers to slow down when they are near-
ing schools
* get stop and street signs made and erected
* give the Dundas Town graveyard a facelift.
The projects they began last year will be
A matter was raised concerning a plane
ticket and small amount of money that was

given to Mr. Stephen Knowles to cover
expenses for the Local Government Con-
ference held late last year that he was un-
able to attend. Apparently the Committee
made a decision to allow him to keep both
in his absence after member d'Shan May-
cock brought it up at the January meeting.
Mr. Knowles stated that he has no desire
to keep either the ticket or the money espe-
cially since his name is being defamed in
the community. He stated that he was out
of town when they held this meeting. The
next morning on his return home, he was
confronted with this matter by a member
of the community. He stated that he was
hurt and embarrassed to have to hear such
information on the street.
Mr. Knowles believes that trust, confi-
dentially and respect must be upheld by the
Committee. He made a decision to return
both the ticket and money to protect his name
and good character. The Committee mem-
bers were insulted by this decision and told
him that they made a decision and he should
respect that. Mr. Jimmy Williams believes
that any matter discussed at the Committee
meeting should be kept confidential because
many things are said that they may not want
to be repeated. Even though he realizes that

the meetings are open to the public, if no one
from the community is there, then there's
no way they should have the information,
especially not so soon after a late meeting.
It is clear that someone on the Committee is
trying to cause friction amongst the Com-
mittee members and the Chairman, Mr.
Augustine Williams, is sure he knows who
it is. The Chairman stated that the informa-
tion discussed is public knowledge in any
event but it is just the way that it is being
done that is what he and others are having a
problem with.
Mr. Jimmy Williams further stated that
he felt insulted by what was done and
firmly believes that something needs to
be done about it immediately. Mr. Wil-

Cashiers Tickets
Purchase Orders
Custom Forms
and more...

liams believes that the meetings should be
properly regulated to avoid confusion. He
is concerned about all of the big spending
going on and no one is saying where all of
this money is coming from. The money al-
lotted to the Council was also discussed as
this money is slated to cover some of the
expenses presently on the table. However,
Administrator Cooper stated that this mon-
ey has not yet been allotted to the Town
Finally, Mr. Lernis Cornish was grant-
ed a contract for special cleaning of side
streets in Dundas Town and Committee is
looking to address the way contracts are
distributed to avoid unfair allocation and

LI. UdU lUM J~lJAL |q U iv
2,3, 4 part Forms


Located in the Abaco Shopping Center, Marsh Harbour
Tel: (242) 3673-202 Fax: (242) 367-3201
eMail: abacoprint@batelnet.bs

Legal Secretary
Job Description:
J Proficient in shorthand or speedwriting
Computer literacy with a strong working knowledge of Microsoft
Office Products Word, Outlook and Excel
Initiative, focused, with the ability to learn quickly
Strong organizational skills, ability to follow-up in a timely manner
on all pending legal matters
Excellent command of the English language and legal terminology
Flexibility, adaptability, ability to work in a busy environment
Team player
Benefits include:
Group Insurance Pension
Salary is commensurate with experience and qualifications
Interested persons should submit their resumes to:
Office manager, P.O. Box AB 20405, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, or
Fax to: 242-367-3118 not later than March 15, 2008

You can now find your
favourite newspaper

The Tribune

and your favourite magazines
at these great locations:




* Can chip up to 18 inch limbs
* Perfect for clearing lots
* Located in Hope Town, but can
be transported anywhere in Abaco
* Quotes available

Island &y0
Call Gavin Danie l

Tel: 366.0713 Ce11:458.1030

Page 28 Section B The Abaconian

March 1 2008


R23PP4 wXin carhan R.P!nqlliirmpd


March 1, 2008 The Abaconian

Section B Page 29

Dinner raised money for

medical expenses

U(wpoint... Our terrible roads

By Vernique Russell
If you are a frequent traveler into the
Marsh Harbour area on the Sherlin Bootle
Highway, I am sure that it is impossible to
ignore the conditions of the roads. What
makes the condition of the road even worse
is to drive along and see that garbage is
everywhere. The roads are in a terrible
How long can one's car possible be of
any good to them traveling on that road?
There are ditches and holes. The road is
not leveled in many areas. Who is respon-
sible for the condition of the roads? They
must not travel on that road like the hun-

dreds of persons that do everyday to get to
work or to purchase supplies. When will
something be done to fix the roads here?
I think after all the years since it was first
paved we should be in good standing to
have it done again, And not just the Sherlin
Bootle Highway but also the roads in the
greater Marsh Harbour area.
To those with responsibilities for the
road, pull out your evaluating tools and see
what you can do to fix the roads. After all,
Abaco doesn't have two or three options to
choose from when traveling. Please give
the highways and main streets of Abaco the
attention that they need .

A fund raiser was held on January 26 for the medical expenses of Frank "Skelly" Knowles.
He was in the hospital in Nassau in October preparing for surgery when he had to be
flown to a hospital in Miami. The doctors there were able to perform a less invasive
procedure that was successful. However, he had no medical insurance and his medical
expenses were high. His Jiintly and friends are helping with these expenses. He and his
jumitily would like to thank the Abaco communities, friends and visitors for their support
and w, ,,ntre,,",'. at the fund raisers held in Hope Town in November and in Marsh
Harbour in January.

Abaco Glass Company
Window Glass and Mirrors Cut and Installed
Screens Made and Repaired
Commercial Store Fronts Installed and Replaced

Yale Windows
In Marsh Harbour on Don MacKay Blvd.


Houses and Land For Rent and For Sale

Minimum for 3 lines in one issue $9
Picture and 4 lines $25
Additional lines at $2 per line
Display classified $18 per column
We can take the photo within the Marsh
Harbour area or use your photo.
Call 242-367-2677 Fax 242-367-3677


Bahama Palm Shores Best Deal on Abaco,
waterfront/solid CBS 3/2, turnkey, garden/fruit
trees. $299,000 net. Ph 475-2134
Elbow Cay's Best Houses and Land, rentals
and sales, Hope Town Hideaways. Call 242-
366-0224 or fax 242-366-0434. On the internet
at www.hopetown.com
Hope Town, Abaco, hillside lot 100'x124'
Lucayos Subdivision No. 2, shared dock, boat
basin, paved road. $159,000 Owner financing.
Call 386-441-7041 or coconutcliff@aol.com
Guana Cay, Sea of Abaco, 1 + acre with great
elevations, 400 + ft. waterfront, dock & moor-
ing. $950,000. Purchaser pays 1/2 stamp tax
plus own legal fees & brokerage fees. Brokers
welcome. 242-365-5149 www.guanawaterfront.


Man-O-War 8 acres sea to sea, 4 cottages, will
divide. 100 ft. dock, 800 ft water front. Contact
242-357-6700 or 772-321-5613
Marsh Harbour, Cove Estates House 3 bed/
2 1/2 bath, also 1 bed/ 1 bath apartment. Call
367-5586 or 367-5354
Marsh Harbour Townhouse triplex, large,
1500 sf. each, harbour view, 2 bedrm, 2 1/2
bath with a study, large attic, jacuzzi, in heart
of beautiful Marsh Harbour's tourist district,
across from large resort hotel and marina and
close to all restaurants, nightlife, car and boat
rentals. Units have weekly rental income pot
ential and long term executive rental income
possibilities. Great investment. $730,000 gross.
Call 359-6455 or 362-1021 or 376-2252

Sandy Point 3 bed, 3 bath, 2000 sf residence,
fully furnished, great harbour view, 26,650
sf land. price on request. 242-366-4427 or

Scotland Cay Private island with runway golf
carts, spa, pool table, internet, TV, fireplace.
Turnkey. Bruce Burgess cell 954 632 4966,
home 954 566 6096, Details at www.summer-
campabacos. com
Scotland Cay 4 bedroom house on beach.
$860,000 Email: jimnav@msn.com
Treasure Cay Pineapple Point Resort Now
under construction. Exclusive luxury waterfront
condos with deep water docks & garages. The
ultimate location in Treasure Cay in protected
harbour with spectacular, unobstructed views.
Available June 2008 www.pineapplepointresort.
com 242-475-7464 or 800-545-0395 Come & see
us at the end of Marina View Dr. Office open
M-F 9-4:30 pm or by appointment.
Treasure Cay comer golf lot, approx 10,000
sq. ft. $48,000 gross. Phone 359-6455 or 362-
1021 or 376-2252
Turtle Rocks lot 1 minute from beach. 17,000
sq. ft. $58,000 gross. Call 359-6455 or 362-1021
or 376-2252

BAHAMAS VACATIONS 100+ private Out
Island homes, resorts, villas for rent. Free list-
ing. Call 1-800-462-2426
Great Cistern, 3B/ 3b $2500/ month. Call 367-
2835 nights only, 367-3223 Days only

Hope Town Specialist. A collection of upscale
homes with pools, private docks, etc., ideal
for special occasions, reunions, honeymoons.
Hope Town Hideaways 242-366-0224 or hope-
Marsh Harbour Regattas condo upscale
1,150 sq. ft. 2 bed 2 bath beachfront apartment.
Quality built interior, modem, luxury amenities.
$2,800 p/m. Call 367-5046
Marsh Harbour Townhouse, new, large 2 bed,
2 1/2 bath tastefully furnished, central air, with
beautfiul harbor view, in heart of Marsh Har-
bour, very near Abaco Beach Resort Hotel and
Marina and close to all restaurants, nightlife,
car and boat rentals. Available April 30. Only
$1500/ month. Call 359-6455 or 362-1021
Marsh Harbour 2 bdrm fully furnished apt in
Regattas. Turn key with pillow top mattresses,
rattan furniture, flat screen TV and DVD play-
er. Pool and tennis courts on property. Move
in today. Call Billy Albury 242-557-2008 or
Michael Albury at 577-0700 for full details
Marsh Harbour Gov. Subdivision 2 bed-
room, 1 bath apt. For more info call 267-2951
or 367-2633
Sweetings Village, Marsh Harbour, 1 bed/ 1
bath or 2 bed/ 1 bath apartments, both fully fur-
nished with central air, washer & dryer. Water
included. Call Lynn Dames 242-577-6571

Tel (242) 377-6351 Fax (242) 377-2193
Nassau, Bahamas

Bahamas Hot Mix is currently seeking to employ two Bahamians
as Rodmen to be trained as Surveyors and Engineers.

Applicant requirements:
High School Diploma
Knowledge of MS Word and Excel
Knowledge of the internet and email
Possess a valid driver's license
Possess a clean police record

Interested persons should forward their resumes to
Bahamas Hot Mix Abaco
Don MacKay Blvd.
Phone:367-3956 Fax 367-3959

Page 30 Section B

The Abaconian

March 1 2008

Church News

Church held services at
Faith Convention Center
By Mirella Santillo
Prophetess Mattie Nottage visited Ab-
aco for the second time since the begin-
ning of the year staging a two-night event
at the Faith Convention Center in Marsh
Harbour on January 30th and Febraury 1st.
During two evenings of intense worship-
ing, Nights of Revival, she and her follow-
ers from Nassau reached out again to local
On the first night the Prophetess had live
music with a keyboard player and a drum-
mer accompanying Gospel singer, Ms.
Jaqui Rubens, Bishop Henfield's daugh-

ter, there was preaching by the Prophet-
ess and testimonies from people who had
found God and were now at peace with
themselves: a young woman who had been
abused as a child and raped as a teenager, a
young man who belonged to a gang who he
admitted was "a man without a destiny."
The function which started on Thursday
was well attended as people filled the room
with close to 100 worshipers. According
to people who attended the Friday night
service, it was also very successful. Many
books, DVD's and CD's were on sale.
New church opens
Purpose Ministries International, Aba-
co's newest nondenominational, under the

Rev. and Mrs. Oswald Rolle
spiritual guidance of Dr. Myles Munroe of
Nassau, opened its doors on February 17.
The ministry is founded by Rev. Oswald and
Diana Rolle of Murphy Town. Rev. Rolle
is the former pastor of the Zion Restoration

Baptist Church in West End, Grand Baha-
ma. where he was pastor for seven years.
Rev. Rolle was ordained to the ministry
in 1997 and has traveled within the Ba-
hamas, Turks and Cacios and the United
States ministering the Word of God. Rev
Rolle has committed his life to helping
people pursue and fulfil God's purpose for
their lives. Using Biblical principles, Pur-
pose Ministries Intl's mandate will be to
develop kingdom mindsets while creating
an atmosphere of true worship.
Purpose Ministries is located in suite
204 second floor in downtown Marsh
Harbour. For more information contact
242-727-0148 or 242-367-4867. All are
welcome to come.

If you would like your church listed here, call 367-2677

New Vision Ministries I '7'


Eastern Abaco Region of
The Methodist Church
]li ip .I l.. i ic i i,.il',. h. h ii I '|,!! /

All are welcome
to worship
with us

St. Andrews Methodist
Epworth Chapel Dundas Town
Cherokee Sound Sunday Services
Sunday Services 11 a.m & 7 p.m. L
11 a.m. & 7 p.m. Office 367-3050
ssion House 366-2249 Manse 367-4647

St. James Methodist
Hope Town
Sunday Services 9:30 & 11
Mission House 366-0400

Dundas Town Church of God
Where Everybody Is Somebody and Jesus Is Lord!

For Transportation call Rev. Jerry Cornish at 367-2457
or 367-4719 (church) or contact Bro. Val Nesbitt at 367-5565
Bishop Anthony Campbell
242-367-4718 or cell phone 242-457-5565 Dtcog@coralwave.com

business service directory

Abaco IslandPharmacy
Prescriptions Testing
Beauty Supplies Vitamins
Ricardo Miller, Pharmacist
Hours 8:30 am 6 pm
Sunday 9 am 12 Noon
Ph. 367-2544
Cell 554-8183
Dove Plaza, Marsh Harb.
Fax 367-6544
www. abacoislandpharmacy.comr

Simcoe JewellerS
Fine Repairs to jewellery Watches
I Antique Clocks Barometers
Music Boxes Instruments
and other fine mechanisms
Derek Albury *367-3098
Memorial Plaza, Marsh Harbour

Fyne's Pest Control
Phone 365-8409 Cell 359-6312 Sick Copier?
Stephen Fynes Call the Copier Docto
Pr fessional Exterminator We make house calls!
C mmercial, Residential, I Most brands serviced
Pr construction Treatment
PO Box AB22214 We make business quality rubber stamps:
Treasure Cay Deposit Stamps, Daters, Address Stamps
www.Fynes@msn.com Self-inking and traditional styles
.- Call 367-4709

I ropicalSouvenirs
Straw Baskets Shirts Hats
Casual Wear Gifts Souvenirs
Located Don MacKay Blvd. and Airport
Phone 367-2431 Marsh Harbour
Mon -Sat7:30 5 Sun 10 -5
Visa and MasterCard Accepted

B's Sunrise
Souvenirs Cuban Cigars Casual Clothing
T-Shirts Venus Swimwear Jewelry
Children's Clothing and lots more...
Located in Simmon's Plaza next to Snack Shack
Mon Sat 9 5 Phone: (242) 367-4822


Big Cat Equipment
Rentals: Backhoe, D3 Tractor,
Payloader, Dump Truck
Services: Land clearing, Trenching
9l Fill, rock and sand



Marble Granite Ceramic
Porcelain Mud Work Kitchens
Bathrooms Entire Home
Larry Lowe
La Cre ll: 477-5966
Office: 367-0630

Passion Flower
Located opposite
Bellevue Business Depot
Ph: 367-3166
Open Mon-Fri 8:30 am 5:30 pm
Sat 10:30 am 5 pm.
Friday 4:30 5:30
Happy Hour on cut flowers, 15% off
Arrangements 10% off

Sunday Worship 11:00 a.m.
Sunday Kids' Korner 9:30 a.m.
Tuesday Interactive Bible Study 7:30 p.m.
Thursday Prayer Time 12:10 p.m. & 7:30 pm
Friday Youth Night (high school & up) 7:30 p.m.
Pastors / Leaders
Derek Benjamin Ted Pearce David Lowe
Youth Pastor: Chris Pinder
For Directions call 242-367-3324


W @ 6 0;45PM



March 1, 2008 The Abaconian

Section B Page 31

A Book Review... A Living Tradition

By Jennifer Hudson
A Living Tradition (Architecture of the
Bahamas) by Stephen Mouzon of the New
Urban Guild Foundation, Miami, is not only
a treasure trove of valuable information for
anyone planning to build but is also a fas-
cinating book to enjoy. This manual on tra-
ditional Bahamian architecture is beautifully
illustrated with a plethora of clear diagrams
and colour photographs and is a power house
of ideas. It sets out patterns for time tested
traditional and truly sustainable architecture.
Mr. Mouzon's desire in compiling this
book was to inspire the need to start a new
living tradition in architecture in The Ba-
hamas because people are settling for infe-
rior architecture today instead of creating
places of beauty and strength which were
built in the past. He states that he wrote the
book to "Assist and promote the work of a
handful of people quietly starting new liv-
ing traditions so that this becomes normal
in The Bahamas again." He feels that it is
tragic that great buildings are being lost to
time or torn down; and he is calling people

Architecture of The Bahamas

to reclaim the heritage that once was ours
asking, "Why should we not build more
of the Most Loved Places of the Bahamas
instead of building cheap replicas of Las
Vegas? We need to know why we do what
we do and why we love what we love; this
is of great value."
In Nassau both the Lyford Cay Proper-
ty Owners Association and the Developer
of Old Fort Bay are adopting the book as
a guide for their architecture. But closer
to home right here in South Abaco, the
development at Schooner Bay will be the
first village of our time to be built from
the ground up based on the principles
described in this book. "Because of the
development team's commitment to those
principles, we fully expect Schooner Bay
to become legendary and one day join the
ranks of the Most Loved Places of The
Bahamas," states the author.
The book begins by laying out the prin-
ciples of the Most-Loved Places, four of

which are Personal patterns, Local par-
ticulars, Regional dialect and National lan-
guage. It then goes on to cover a complete
range of building topics such as:
Rules and Codes building width and
height, set backs, layers, styles, room ar-
rangements, window placement, coves and
roofs, porches and columns
Details colours, awnings, lighting, ter-
races, paving, walkways, driveways, gar-
dens and plant materials
Green Building sustainable strategies

The hundreds of photographs of the best
of the Bahamian heritage show homes that
have withstood the test of time and stand as
beautiful reminders of Bahamian architec-
ture at its best. These present very helpful
ideas for building a new Living Tradition.
The book is a "must have" for anyone
planning on building as it is packed full of
information on all one needs to know to
build in the beautiful old Bahamian tradi-
tion. Not only is it an valuable tool but also
a very enjoyable book to sit down with and
get lost in the beauty of "The best of Ba-
hamian architecture in its many interesting
and varied styles."

eIdorII ICU *UVcI Lic.IllSllLo

Minimum for 3 lines in one issue $9
Picture and 4 lines $25
Additional lines at $2 per line
Display classified $18 per column inch
We can take the photo within the Marsh
Harbour area or use your photo.
Call 242-367-2677 Fax 242-367-3677

For all your vertical and mini-blind needs
contact Sidney Albury at 367-2091 or 367-2031.
Sales and Service

Sales and Marketing manager wanted for
Ocean Frontier Vacation Club on Guana Cay.
The position will be commission based and will
require that the person live on Guana Cay. Call
888-541-1616 for information
Seeking Professional Bookkeeper
Must be proficient in QuickBooks and Excel.
Deliver resume and references to Bahama Beach
Club, Treasure Cay
2 waitresses, 1 bartender, 1 bar back, day
time and night positions open. At least 2 yrs
experience. Must apply in person to Sea Spray
366-0065 or 366-0359

2 4-seater dining sets $200 each. 1 coffee table
$35. Call 357-6536
4 drawer used filing cabinets, good condition.
Price $100. Call Johnny Pinder 367-2442


Mooring in Man-O-War harbour, 4.5 ft at
low water. Special long term rate. For boats
30' and under. Call 365-6433
15' Flats Boat 2003 Mitzi, 40 HP Yamaha and
trailer. DUTY PAID $7500. 843-263-4050

16' Paramount, new 90 HP Yamaha w/ less
than 200 hours. Great riding boat. Asking
$8000 but will take offers. Call 365-5003

Yamaha (600 hours) and EZ load trailer. $6000
OBO Call 366-4155

18.5 Classic Boston Whaler "Outrage" w/
125 HP Mercury outboard. Engine has less than
20 hrs. New seats, bottom paint and may extras.
Phone 365-4695 days or 365-4465 evening
19.5' Spanish Wells built boat 3 yrs. old, 115
HP 4 stroke Yamaha. Ready to fish. $27,000
OBO Call 365-4402

20' Proline Stalker 130 HP Johnson, trailer,
electronics, many extras, low hours, DUTY
PAID. $11,500 Call 475-2134 or 1772-232-


22' C-Dory cabin cruiser, 2002, 4-stroke 80
HP Yamaha, low hours, 40 gal fuel, galley,
diesel stove and heater, sleeps 2, Bimini top,
like new. DUTY PAID $35,000 Call 365-6432
or 365-6469

23' Mako 140 HP Mercury, low hours. 10,000.
Contact National Marine for details 367-2326

24' Limestone Diesel Express Cruiser 1987
diesel engine, 9'6" beam, 400 hrs. Volvo engine
HP 230, outdrive Duo pro, stored on a lift.
DUTY PAID $29,000 Phone 242-365-8175
,m 6iaw

24' Strike w/ brand new GPS, 2 VHF's, CD
player, 2 new marine batteries, T-top, outrig-
gers. Needs engine. Hull only $8000. Call

25' Mako Irish Eyes, center console, hydraulic
steering, rigged for fishing with outriggers,
down rod, fishfinder, VHF, has leaning post
and all seat cushions, Bimini top, in beautiful
condition, all wood hatches replaced with S
tarboard, stainless boarding ladder, 2 anchors,
life preservers, 225 Evinrude, low hours, just
completely serviced, stainless prop. DUTY
PAID. $15,500 Call 365-8188

Abaco Print Shop
Players Abaco Shopping Center .ess av s
Programs Tel: 367-3202 Fax: 367-3201 tese


25' Trimaran Performance sail boat, S.T.
winches, #3 sails, 8 HP O.B., new bottom.
$8, 500 Ph. 366-0552
26' Panga w/ 200 HP Mercury. A fishing
machine, fully loaded. DUTY PAID $30,000
Call Stephen Albury 367-2452

26' 1999 Regulator, Twin 225hp Evinrude
ETEC motors. 1 year old, very low hours, 2
years left on warranty. T-top with outriggers,
rocket launcher seat, hydraulic steering, fresh
and saltwater washdown, livewell, trim tabs,
VHF radio, running lights, DUTY PAID. Fast,
smooth, exceptionally dry ride. Surprisingly
good on gas. Great for fishing or family cruis-
ing. $56,000. Call Jeff 366-0282
31' Bertram, 1967, complete re-fit in 1996.
DUTY PAID. Twin diesel turbo 200 HP
Volvos. $65,000 C all for details. Art Wilder

38' Uniflight, great live-aboard boat, ready
to move on. Houseboat offers 2 solar panels,
inverter, 12,000 BTU A/C, 130 HP Yamaha,
hydraulic steering from the bow, 100 gal water
tank, 70 gal gas tank, fridge, stove, all kitchen
equip. Asking $25,000 OBO Call 365-5003

Buying? Selling?

Need Qualified Help?

Want More Business

A low cost ad like this

can bring fast results

Call 367-3202 Fax 367-3201

2005 Yamaha Raptors, 4 wheelers, like new,
run great, on Abaco. Call 242-426-4014

Page 32 Section B

The Abaconian March 1 2008


HGh 0 ,"0'

E g .l, Living

Fun-filled 3 bedroom, 3 bath, turn-
key home on 21,089 sq. ft. over-
looking the ocean with decks,
loft/office, "widows walk", workshop
area, 2 car garage, and 2 dock slips.
$1,445,000. Ref. PS10700

Elegant 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath golf
course home at the Ritz-Carlton
managed Abaco Club at Winding
Bay offering a clubhouse, European
spa, tennis and beach.
$4,495,000. Ref. AS10701

Luxurious Caribbean style beach-
front villa on 0.84 acres. This 5,750
sq. ft. home has 5 bedrooms, 4
baths, fully equipped kitchen, and
wrap around porches.
$2,545,000. Ref. TS10581

Well built fourplex comprising four 2
bedroom, 1 bath units. Excellent in-
vestment opportunity with great
rental income potential. Just min-
utes to the sea.
$460,000. Ref. AS10751

Centrally located 4 bedroom, 4 bath
canalfront home with dock pier,
brand new tasteful decor, a large
modern kitchen, and a spacious
covered back porch.
$1,599,000. Ref. AS10917

Amazing 3.64 acre property featur-
ing three separate cottages totaling
3 bedrooms, a private dock, and
views over the Sea of Abaco, Tahiti
Beach and Tilloo Cut.
$1,100,000. Ref. AS10889

Brand new, two story home with 5
bedrooms and 3 baths in 4,000 sq.
ft. of well-appointed space. Set on
an 18,700 sq. ft. lot overlooking an
incredible beach.
$849,900. Ref. AS10905

Located in the quiet community of
North End, this 18,000 sq. ft. site is
perfect for an island getaway villa or
vacation rental home. Nearby the
beach and community dock.

Stunning 10,000 sq. ft. hilltop prop-
erty with views of the Sea of Abaco
and surrounding cays. This 2,500
sq. ft. home includes 2 bedrooms, 3
baths, and numerous decks.
$995,000. Ref. AS10926

Spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bath water-
front home currently under con-
struction. Completed by a 2 car
garage, pilings to 55 ft., and ap-
proved dockage and lay-a-long.
$990,000. Ref. AS10947

Choose from two 3 bedroom, 2 bath
newly built cottages with varied in-
teriors. Enjoy great views of the At-
lantic and Hope Town's harbour.
Offered at $995,000 each
Ref. PS10637 & PS10638

Last chance to obtain a homesite in
the prestigious and gated Great
Abaco Club. This 7,630 sq. ft. canal
lot has easy access to pool, tennis
courts, and beach.
$399,500. Ref. AS10731

Elevated 4 bedroom, 2 bath home
with a 2 bedroom, 1 bath guest
apartment and water vistas. Set on
over an acre and completed by a
deck and protected dock.
$1,390,000. Ref. AS10945

Brand new 3 bedroom, 2 bath home
of 1,600 sq. ft. This two storey villa
is highlighted by a private balcony,
ocean view deck, and is just one lot
away from the beach.
$799,000. Ref. PS10640

Collection of 2 bedroom condos and
3 bedroom penthouses overlooking
the sea in a gated development of-
fering a pool and private beach.
Starting at $445,000
Ref. AS10905

Well located waterfront home fea-
turing 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a well
equipped kitchen, large living area,
wrap-around deck, amazing views
and possible dockage.
$1,275,000. Ref. PS10565

One-of-a-kind 2 bedroom, 2 bath
rustic villa on a 17,000 sq. ft. site el-
evated to 60 ft. providing wondrous
views and completed by a base-
ment and beach access.
$405,000. Ref. AS10883

2 1

Seven unit apartment complex of-
fering four, 1 bedroom units and
three, 2 bedroom units. Central air
and partially furnished. Excellent in-
vestment opportunity.
$925,000. Ref. AB156

*. II .. .

Well protected, 20,000 sq. ft. lot in
the quiet Buttonwood Subd. Just
moments away from the community
dock offering perfect dockage for
your runabout.
$135,000. Ref. PS10629

Picture perfect 8,709 sq. ft. lot in
tranquil Little Point. Located near
the beach with superb views of the
Atlantic and Hope Town's candy-
striped lighthouse.
$149,500. Ref. PS10614

I F A T R E- R N T L

4, E

- p

Gorgeous 15,500 sq. ft. beachfront
lot with 75 ft. of amazing water
frontage, endless views of the
ocean, and views of White Sound
and Seaspray Resort.
$395,000. Ref. PS10618

Moderately sloping sea view lot
comprising 34,922 sq. ft. with easy
access to the beach and the Abaco
Club, and all utilities. Ideal setting
for your dream home.
$395,000. Ref. AS10872

16,000 sq. ft. homesite on a quiet
and private island community just
minutes to Marsh Harbour. Nearby
a large community dock. Eiecliicily
to be completed soon.
$150,000. Ref. PS10630

LneIuriOuS -1 bedroom.
4 bath. prnless-r.naill
decorated vacanron
home HignlighTei orv
cFniral air, large
kilchen.i Creened-ini
porcn a 55 boat slp
and pool Inlenel
arnd Vibe Internalional
Calling coming soon
Ref. AR10561


andGudeToInesin I

RelEtteI h Bhms

Mas abu 4 3755 oeTw 223600 un Cy223555 baohcrsl~o wwH~rsi~o

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