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May 15, 2008

The Abaconian Section A Page 5


Page 6 Section A The Abaconian

These projects are under consideration

Chamber From Page 1
schedules were given in the announcement
for work to begin.
Crescent Beach Limited Northwest
of Witch's Point will be a development of
55 acres consisting of a residential yacht-
ing subdivision with 71 lots. The expected
investment will be $7,000,000.
Halyard Quay Limited A develop-
ment named Anchorage Estates in Trea-
sure Cay will construct condominiums for
resale. The expected investment will be
Harbour View Condominium Ltd.,
Regattas of Abaco This company expects

to construct Phase II of their project in
Marsh Harbour. The expected investment
will be $16,900,000.
Hope Town Inn and Marina Ltd -
New owners of Hope Town Marina expect
to build ten additional docks to increase
their dockage to 25 slips. They plan to
construct an upscale hotel, restaurant and
marina resort. The investment is expected
to be $2,890,000.
Leeward Harbour Resort This devel-
opment will be a gated resort with spa and
marina components near Sandy Point. Ref-
erence have been made in the past to this as
Rocky Point. The expected investment will
be $278,000,000.

Philips Property International Lim-
ited This project will be named Pineap-
ple Point Resort and will be single family
homes for sale and leaseback to the resort
in Treasure Cay. The investment will be
Schooner Bay Ventures Limited This
will be an un-gated mixed use community
located on Schooner Bay. The expected in-
vestment will be $40,000,000.
Snake Cay Associates Ltd. This An-
gel Cay Resort will be on 84.5 acres of
Crown Land at Snake Cay and will be a
mixed use resort with a 100-room hotel,
180 slip marina, 100 marine town houses,
71 ocean front homes and recreational fa-

Abaco's infrastructure will be improved

Chamber From Page 1
ceeding at Wilson City at a cost of some
$80 million. This power station will have
four slow-speed diesel generators each
S 12 MW
of power.
This will
more re-
liable and
power to
K ll mainland
t. on.ube ngraam A b a c o
and the cays excluding Grand Cay and
Moore's Island. The engines are slow
speed diesels and will replace the small,
less efficient, operationally costly and not
so dependable units presently in use. Land
clearing for surveying is presently under-

way and the station is scheduled to go on
line by next summer.
Additional road works are also planned
for Marsh Harbour in response to the needs
of the growing community along with the re-
construction of the concrete Bayfront Road.
A bridge has been proposed to replace
the causeway there now connecting Little
Abaco and Great Abaco which will pro-
vide much needed support to the fishing
industry. Also, a new port in North Abaco
will be built at Conch Rock Cay north of
Cooper's Town.
Mr. Ingraham has also promised the con-
struction of a mini-hospital in Central Abaco.
"Clearly, the continued and accelerated
development on Abaco has created a num-
ber of challenges. Already, the capacity of
the existing infrastructure is stretched. We
cannot meet the challenges before us by
looking back. We must look to the future
not only for increased development and

growth of opportunity, but also for solu-
tions to the problems that often accompany
development," he added.
The plans for the Marsh Harbour Inter-
national Airport have been revised. In addi-
tion to reconstructing the existing runway,
a 6,100 foot long runway with four con-
necting taxiways, a re-constructed apron
with adequate drainage and markings and
lightings is to be constructed.
This new airport will facilitate jet land-
ings with a related increased capacity to
process tourist arrivals.
Prime Minister Ingraham said, "Final
review of plans is underway by the Min-
istry of Public Works for the new and ap-
propriately-sized and appointed terminal
building and air traffic control accommo-
dations and facilities. Work will also be
undertaken at Treasure Cay International
Airport inclusive of a new FBO facility and
airport terminal," he concluded.

cilities. The investment is expected to be
South Abaco Land Development Ltd.
- This major development will consist of
three developed areas.
Conch Sound Point Property is on 330
acres and will have a 260-room hotel and
residential units with estate homes, villas
and condos. It will also have a nature cen-
ter, and trails, equestrian center and spots
center together with recreation and open
space of about 147 acres. This phase will
not be approved until the other two are
High Bank Bay Property will be on
400 acres and will include 354 beach front
villas, 153 resort town homes, a boutique
hotel with 130 and 206 condo units.
The Lantern Head Property will be on
600 acres and will consist of 50 villas and
25 residential units on part of the acreage.
The remainder of the land will be preserved
in its natural state. There will be a recep-
tion area, restaurant and pool along with
a beach club. The total investment will be
$1.7 billion.
The Delphi Club This development
at Rolling Harbour, an area between Old
Kerr and Schooner Bay, will include an
upscale bonefishing lodge and micro-hotel
on a 5-acre oceanfront site. The investment
will be $5,000,000.
Timeless Resorts (Bahamas) Ltd. -
The owners plan to construct a small bou-
tique hotel on Elbow Cay. The investment
will be $4,000,000.
Walker's Cay Club Ltd. Walker's
Cay has new owners who plan to revitalize
this resort as a premier fishing destination
that will be done in three phases. The in-
vestment will be $306.2 million.



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May 15, 2008

May 15, 2008 TheAbaconian Section A Page 7

Further Progress on Marsh Harbour's Airport

By Jennifer Hudson
The Bahamas Hot Mix asphalt plant
is now on Abaco in preparation for the
paving of the new runway at the Marsh
Harbour International Airport. The
equipment arrived at Snake Cay from
Nassau on May 4 having made the ten-
hour journey via the barge Sea Spirit II.
It was transported to the Bahamas Hot
Mix site by the airport roundabout from
where it will shortly be moved to another
site closer to the runway and stationed in

the Bahamas Hot Mix fill pit.
The plant consists of three main trailers
and a control room which is "the brains of
the entire operation," stated Mr. Jimmy
Mac, Plant Manager from Nassau. Mr.
Mac will be assisted by two operators.
The three main trailers comprise the bag
house, which is 46 feet by 14 feet and
weighs 45,000 pounds; the mixing drum
which is 10 feet by 10 feet and weighs
50,000 pounds and the feeder bins at 56
feet by 10 feet weighing 40,000 pounds.

These huge main trailers are supplement-
ed by auxiliary trailers housing a gen-
erator, mobile fuel tank and AC tanks.
The process of manufacturing the asphalt
consists of the aggregate going into the
feeder bins, then into the drying/mixing
drum after which the AC bitumen is add-
ed which produces the asphalt.
"This state-of-the-art plant is totally
environmentally friendly with zero emis-
sions and no noise," stated Mr. Mac.
"The bag house contains a huge fan
which sucks dust from the drying bin
through a large pipe into the far end of the
bag house. Here the air is drawn through
500 large filter bags, like a Hoover, and

nothing comes out of the smoke stack."
"It is expected that it will take six to
eight weeks of paving to complete the
runway," stated Abaco Manager, Mr.
Harlin Johnson.
The plant will remain here initially for
12 months during which time it will be
utilized for any other asphalt paving jobs
which are lined up such as car parks,
basketball courts and large driveways. At
the end of this time the decision will be
made if the plant remains on Abaco per-

The equipment for making hot mix asphalt needed for paving the new airport runway has
arrived on Abaco. The new machine costing over $1 million will use aggregrate from
Cananda because a very hard rock is needed.




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May 15, 2008

The Abaconian Section A Page 7

Page 8 Section A The Abaconian May 15, 2008

The Editor Says... Planning for unprecedented growth

Developers have been given tentative
approval for 14 projects on Abaco worth
$2.5 billion Abaco is on a roll. Will all 14
materialize? Who knows? In any event, if
only half of these move from the drawing
board to the bulldozer, major changes are
in store for Abaco.
Receiving an approval in principle from
government gives the developer the initial
assurance that the project as presented is
acceptable in general terms. Basically, this
gives the developer the confidence to begin
detailed planning to be reviewed, accepted
or modified by government.
Developers must satisfy government
that they have the financial resources to
see the project to completion. In recent
years governmental and non-governmental
organizations have scrutinized the various
environmental issues related to proposed
Past governmental permissions were
likely to have been granted behind closed
doors with public disclosure posted on the
back of the bulldozers. Government has
become aware of local concerns and has
been moving in the direction of public con-
Private investment of $2.5 billion is go-
ing to cause some social dislocation and
changes that may be hard to accept. But
changes are coming, and we had better get
used to the idea.
We would like to find an economist with
a degree in social issues to put $2.5 bil-
lion in perspective. How many immediate
construction jobs and how many long term
jobs does this equate to? It must be a big
number. Where will all of these workmen
and their families come from? Where will
they all reside? Where will they park their
cars when they come into town on payday?
What recreational facilities will entertain
these new residents on their days off?
Bahamians from Nassau and other is-
lands can be expected to migrate to Ab-
aco as employment opportunities pres-
ent themselves. Abaco's new developers
will be competing with big developments
on other islands which will also be look-
ing for workers. Employees will have a
lot to consider as they study the existing
and anticipated opportunities on different

The Abaconian Al
David & Kathleen Ralph In
Editors & Publishers
P 0 Box AB 20551
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas

islands. Opportunities and pay checks must
be balanced with the costs associated with
relocating, making new friends, re-estab-
lishing school connections for children and
resolving a myriad of other social and fi-
nancial issues.
Central government speaks of changes
coming to the local government system.
However, these developments will create
other their own changes and challenges to
local government. There will be a need for
more professional consideration and deci-
sions as communities expand and grow.
Local government must become com-
fortable understanding that they do not
have all the answers. It will become neces-
sary to a greater degree that committees,
councils and boards reach out for expertise
in solving new issues which will arise.
It must be remembered that those per-
sons who volunteer their services as an
elected member for a three-year term or as
an appointed board member in local gov-
ernment have offered to give their time to
resolve community issues. They have usu-
ally volunteered or have been chosen to
serve based on their commitment to their
town. Offering to serve does not necessar-
ily imply any particular expertise. Good
people will seek good answers and solu-
As these developments reach operational
maturity, the workforce will shift from con-
struction jobs with workers in blue jeans to
upscale manicured employees serving the
ebb and flow of visiting clientele.
Not only will Abaco be home to a new
and expanded work force; but additionally

Where are the decision
makers' heads?
Dear Editor,
I am still reeling in shock from informa-
tion regarding the new power plant which
BEC is barreling ahead. What person in
their right mind would even contemplate
bringing onto our island Bunker-C fuel?
This stuff is so thick that it has to be heated
to flow in pipes, and so noxious that the
United States Senate has just recently pro-
posed a ban on use of any Bunker fuels
in or around the continental United States.
We know that the USA is not on top of
the heap when it comes to protecting the
environment, so if they don't want it, why
should we?
Bunker fuel is the toxic, asphalt-like
substance that literally comes from the bot-
tom of the barrel when oil is refined. It
is especially harmful when burned, lead-
ing to air pollution which is responsible for
tens of thousands of deaths each year in the
USA. Emissions from power plants which
burn Bunker-C fuel spew deadly sulphur

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we will be hosting the guests of these new
facilities. For example, how many guests
can be accommodated for $2.5 billion?
How many taxis will be required to move
these guests around the island? Are taxis
the answer? This is just one of many dilem-
mas that will arise.
To accommodate this much change so
rapidly, much planning needs to be done
beforehand, separate from the specific re-
sort planning process. If these projects get
underway without proper planning for the
greater community, it will be very disrup-
tive in many ways. Substantial changes
made quickly can overwhelm the existing
infrastructure. This includes our schools,
health systems, police and fire services,
roads, water . and the list goes on.
Our growth for the past 40 years has
been incremental and the various systems
were able to expand to keep up. The ex-
pansion scheduled for Abaco in the next
five years is far beyond anything the island
has had to cope with this far.
Bringing in large numbers of people will
be necessary as Abaco predominately has
full employment, at least of those who are
qualified. An influx of new people to an
established community can be quite disrup-
tive to existing systems, creating social and
crime issues.
Even more disruptive can be the chang-
es in the social structures of our towns.
We are comfortable with our communities
the way they are now. but accommodating
many new people with diverse backgrounds
and differing values can be very upsetting.
Proper planning can alleviate some of

dioxide into the atmosphere, which con-
tributes to acid rain. We do not need this
on Abaco. We need to look at alternative
power producers like solar and wind. Why
are decisions of this magnitude being made
in Nassau, when the impact will only be
felt here on Abaco?
Now we are getting to the heart of the
matter. Autonomy. Right back where we
were in 1972 and 1973. Nothing essential-
ly has changed on this subject. Abaconians
are sick and tired of huge decisions being
made in the capital without taking into any
account what the real wishes of the PEO-
PLE are. You know, the people who go to
the polls, and the ones who vote. The entire
political process is really upside down be-
cause once the party in power is elected by
US, they think they can do as THEY like
until time rolls around for the next hyped-
up election. Fascinating that we have a two
party system, but it doesn't seem to matter
which party is in power, it's still the status
quo. What goes on in the smoking room is
the only thing that matters.
I say its time for AIM to rise up again. It
has been simmering under the surface these
past 35 years. Abaco people are only going
to be pushed so far, and sooner rather than
later they are going to start pushing back.
Acid Head
Upset with location
of new power plant
Mr. Frederik F. Gottlieb
Chairman, B.E.C.
Dear Mr. Gottlieb:
I am writing to you as an individual and
as a concerned Abaconian to discuss the
article in a recent edition of the local news-
paper which mentioned the possibility of
a new mega-watt power station proposed
for the Wilson City area. I am duty bound
to voice the deep trepidation I felt upon
reading that this power station is slated to
be designed for the use of Bunker fuel. To
summarise my objections:

the pain of rapid change. This must come
by a coalition of local and Nassau people,
governmental and private. No one group
has all the answers, and it will take a co-
operative approach to bring about effective
We are not aware of any planning of
consequence appropriate for the future
of Abaco, even though Abaco has many
branch offices of governmental depart-
ments based in Nassau.
Two non-governmental organizations on
Abaco have fledgling committees thinking
about various aspects of our future. They
are each newly formed, one within the Ab-
aco Chamber of Commerce and the other
within Friends of the Environment.
We are not sure how long it takes to
spend $2.5 billion. Half might be spent
within five years with the other half per-
haps extending to 10 or 20 years. Regard-
less of the time frame, there should be
some collective thought to Abaco's posi-
tion in five or ten years.
The planning process must begin now
for roads, schools, housing and all the oth-
er things that $2.5 billion in development
will require. The first exercise will be how
to assemble a useful and functional team to
delve into the issues that Abaco will face in
the near future.
Perhaps some of these friendly develop-
ers could assist with this planning exercise.
After all, they will be competing with us
for the few remaining parking spaces.
We welcome your ideas. Hopefully,
government will also.

The Wilson City area has cultural sig-
nificance and should be preserved.
Cheap bunker fuel causes significant
air pollution such that many states in the
USA ban the burning of bunker fuels while
ships are in port. It is a known fact that
this type of fuel emits the highest levels of
sulfur dioxide.
The impact of a spill or leak would
be devastating. This proposed site will use
Little Harbour bar channel or North Bar
channel with refueling ships passing along
a significant marine preserve. We would
be putting our marine resources and ulti-
mately our tourist economy at risk for ev-
ery fuel delivery.
Why are we going down this path? This
is bound to impact Abaco in a detrimen-
tal way. BEC has a duty to the people of
Abaco and The Bahamas to set an example
and look at other energy alternatives which
are out there.
We are a small country, and we could
learn more by studying other small coun-
tries that lack oil, political or nuclear
might. Denmark, for example, has gar-
nered numerous accolades for use of alter-
native renewable sources of energy. Wind
and solar are viable options here, as is the
new technology of Ocean Thermal Energy
Conversion. Please use your stewardship
of BEC to guide others to renewable op-
tions which will leave a positive heritage
for children and beyond.
Liann Key Kaighin
government doctors
Dear Editor,
Please publish the following letter under
your letters to the editor section
As a member of Guana Fire and Rescue
I have had the opportunity on numerous

Please see Letters Page 9

ktteffe to the dttot

"WAft ;;or

Stte[ to the dttot


From Page 8

occasions to interact with Drs. Swarna at
the government clinic in Marsh Harbour.
Over the past seven years I have had to
take many medical emergencies to the
clinic, many in the middle of the night or
at other odd times and on holidays when
the private doctors are not available.
They are always there and willing to
help and are very proficient as doctors.
Even though there are VERY limited fa-
cilities at the clinic and sometimes they
are handicapped by the lack of supplies
and equipment, they do their best to treat
the patients and get them back to health.
Many times in these emergencies, due
to the lack of proper equipment at the
clinic, persons need to be flown to Nas-
sau or abroad for further necessary treat-
ment, and they both work to do all in their
power to arrange for transport by plane to
seek further treatment.
I was shocked to hear that they are be-
ing asked to leave by June, and I am sure
that their services will be sorely missed. I
sincerely hope that the powers that be can
find replacements that will work with the
dedication and professionalism that these
two doctors have shown to the people of
Abaco from their time spent in Sandy
Point through their present posts at the
Marsh Harbor Clinic. Please know that
all their hard work was greatly appreci-
I also would like to take this opportu-
nity to appeal to our government to up-
grade the clinic facilities at Marsh Har-
bour to include much needed equipment.
It is a shame that our government clinic in

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Apr 2006

Marsh Harbour does not even have an X
ray machine. This means that if someone
has as simple an injury as a broken bone,
they must be flown to Nassau to get a cast
put on. In this day and age when our gov-
ernment says we are courting big develop-
ments and with the number of visitors we
have to the cays and to Marsh Harbour,
around election time that there is a mini
hospital online for marsh harbour. This
needs to happen sooner rather than later
Troy D. Albury
In praise of Bahama
Palm Shores firefighters
Dear Editor,
I want to thank the fire service volun-
teers of Bahama Palm Shores for their
stoic and relentless efforts to put out the
fires in our community over the past few
We would certainly have lost our house
and possibly our pet dogs, too, had it not
been for their swift and competent fire
fighting skills.
On April 23rd my husband and I were
standing on the high decking surrounding
our house when we spotted flames rising
in the near distance in the bush directly
behind us. It was obvious that with the
high wind and nothing to break its path,
the fire was racing in a direct route to-
ward our home.
Within minutes concerned neighbours
had contacted Bruce Smith and Steven
Knowles to bring out the fire truck.
Meanwhile, the local men, receiving
news of the fast moving fire, rushed to
our house to supply extra lengths of hose
pipe, sprinklers and machetes.

Steve and Earl Bethel arrived on the
scene in a heartbeat and set to work with
chain saws in the high bush which sur-
rounds us with such speed, efficiency and
determination, the like of which one rare-
ly has the pleasure to witness.
With the arrival of the fire truck, im-
minent danger points were assessed and
appropriate strategies applied immedi-
ately. It was clear by now that we were
witnessing a fire storm, but despite that,
the men and Mrs. Lavonda, Smith, whose
calm and courageous work deserves com-
mendation, waded towards the roaring
flames with water hoses, ignoring the
heat, smoke and terrifying noise of the
Each person, under the calm and com-
petent direction of Mrs. Smith and Mr.
Knowles, knew exactly what to do. The
teamwork was superb, each man perform-
ing his task expertly and at top speed.
Jimmy Key, Frank Croft, Al and Chris,
members of the Marsh Harbour fire crew
and other willing helpers present at the
scene worked tirelessly throughout with
good humour and optimism. Needless to
say, through their brave and determined
efforts, our property was saved.
As newcomers to the community we
are truly amazed and humbled by the un-
wavering support and protection given so
freely by this volunteer service.
Thank you. You are truly fine human
beings, deserving of the highest praise
and respect.
Jennie Zehler
Message to all drivers
Attention ALL Abaconians who don't
know how to drive properly!
I am tired of slamming on my breaks
just because you won't use your SIG-
NALS (you know the lever that lets the

S- Be


person behind you know which way you
are turning). I was taught that you had
to turn on your signals 10 seconds before
I am also tired of going around another
vehicle because that vehicle wanted to
stop in the middle of the road to have a
conversation with the pedestrian.
We are a proud Bahamain nation. Why
do you present yourself in this manner. If
this were to happen in the USA, we would
be locked up. Why do we shame ourselves
to the other drivers on the road?
I'm also tired of letting everyone else
into the flowing traffic; but when it's my
turn, I'm never allowed to enter.
Should these people who are too old
that they can't see over the dashboard be
allowed to drive? I say not. Anyone over
65 should have to have a proper drivers'
test every six months. And more often if
they have been diagnosed with alzheim-
ers or Parkinson's disease..
I don't mean to disrespect my elders
for they have opened the roads for the
next generation, but there comes a time
when they have to yield to their safety of
the road.
I am so cautious when I'm driving I
can't even hold a conversation with my
children (whom I have strapped down to
the seat. That's another issue that needs
to be addressed by the Road Traffic De-
Please, Abaco, let's try to look, act
and be upstanding members of our com-
I won't even try to address the topic of
road signs not being used properly (that's
another issue, too).
YOU want respect. Then, at least, give
some back.


Section A Page 9

May 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Page 10 Section A The Abaconian

South Abaco News

Sandy Point
Parenting Seminar
By Tonya Ferguson
The Department of Social Services in
conjunction with the Ministry of Education
focused on children and deemed April as
child protection month. This year's theme
was Educate, Inform Child Abuse is
Wrong. In addition to a walk-a-thon, par-
enting seminars were planned.
On the evening of April 14 one of the
seminars was held at the James A. Pinder
Primary School in Sandy Point. Chief Wel-
fare Officer in Abaco, Mrs. Salomie Gib-
son, moderated the event. Among those in
attendance was Benjamin Pinder, Assistant
Administrator for South Abaco.
Presenters for the evening were Mrs.
Sandy Edwards, Department of Social
Services Education Officer; Dr. Sue Fair-
clough, psychologist at Auskell Medical

Centre; Pastor Erskine Wells, pastor of
the Assemblies of God, Sandy Point; Mrs.
Della Kelly, accountant with Baker's Bay;
Estelle Pinder, nursing officer at the Sandy
Point Clinic; and Police Officer Datus Far-
rington of the Sandy Point Police Station.
Though presenting individually, collec-
tively the group's message focused on the
responsibilities of parents. These respon-
sibilities included knowing what "parent-
ing" is: educating oneself on the effects
of drugs and how to deter children from
using drugs; God's instructions to parents;
effectively handling the family's income to
avoid family breakdowns which, according
to Ms. Kelly, is one of the leading causes
for divorces; healthy eating habits for the
entire family; and adhering to the law as it
relates to reporting child abuse.
The meeting was approximately two and
one half hours long and had an audience of
about fifty parents. Despite the duration of

the meeting, parents posed questions to the
presenters. Even after the meeting's clo-
sure, several parents remained to discuss
issues at length with chosen presenters.

Cherokee Sound
By Lee Pinder
Record Amounts of Seaweed
People in Cherokee are remarking on
the huge amounts of seaweed that have
been arriving on our shores over the past
couple of weeks. Many are going to the
seaside to collect it to put on their gardens
as it makes an excellent fertilizer.
Power Outages
For whatever reason, BEC is cutting our
power almost daily Why?
Epworth Missionary Meeting
Epworth Chapel held its annual Mis-
sionary Meeting and Auction on May 3 on
the back porch of the manse. And although
the turn-out was small, it still realized over
$6,000 including the auction on Saturday
and Sunday morning's collection plate.
This sum was not actually a record, but still
deemed to be a very respectable amount
raised. Of course, additional donations are

still coming in from outside sources who
have had a past connection to the church.
Patrick Bethel handled the auction with
a little help from his assistants. The items
up for auction were homemade baked
goods from guava duff, pineapple up-side-
down cake, coconut cake, an apple pie,
lemon pie, coconut cream pies, chocolate
fudge, divinity and old fashioned coconut
cakes. In addition, there were lots of fresh
garden vegetables and fruits which all
raised record bids. But some of the highest
bids were for the hot fried conch fritters
done right on the premises and two very
delicious homemade ice creams made by
church members.
The guest speaker for the Missionary
Meeting held on Sunday morning was the
wife of the new Methodist minister, Sis. Pa-
trice Romer Joseph. Her sermon surrounded
the teachings of Malachi where he asks us "to
bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse."
The church board thanks all those who
came out or contributed to this year's Mis-
sionary Meeting as the monies raised will be
utilized in charitable work both at home and

The Department of Social Services held a seminar in Sandy
is Mrs. Salomie Gibson, who moderated the meeting.

Point on parenting. Pictured

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All models are sold at
standard Nassau prices.
and Pre backed by-
full fa't' a Wa



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has opened it's new facility at the
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Fuel, VIP Lounge and many other five star
We handle all your aircraft ground
handling service needs the way you want.

CHEROKEE AVIATION Tel.# 242-367-0525 Fax.# 242-367-0526 VH F 122.80
P.O.Box AB 20485 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Email: fboinfo@cherokeeair.com

l Cherokee Air
is a private charter plane company provid-
ing safe, reliable transportation to and from
the islands of the Bahamas
and southeastern Florida.
CHEROKEE AIR Tel.# 242-367-3450 Fax.# 242-367-3451
P.O.Box AB 20485 Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Email: info@cherokeeair.com

May 15, 2008

May 15, 2008 TheAbaconian SectionA Page 11


do CJL~ hS~

The Yarraha Outboard Distributor for Abaco
The Denyo Distributor for the UBahami a

F350 HP 4 STROKE <=A
This SEA
Ballyhoo $ 10.50 /12pack CENTER
Rigged Ballyhoo $ 11.75 /3 pack ?c ..
Chum- $5.95 Squid $10.50 THE^
Shrimp- $3.95A


** I

P r a g r a Fn
c Certified


P.OBoxAB 000 #Marh arburAbco0ch0cs TELPHOE0
I Wal:e al fl bac@0@ mag*cm(22 6725

May 15, 2008

The Abaconian Section A Page 11

Page 12 Section A The Abaconian

Sunfish and Optimists sailed in Marsh Harbour

Homer Lowe From Page 7
vided the venue once again, and with the
wind out of the southeast, the windward

mark was just offshore of the restaurant.
This allowed interested persons to see
who was leading at the top of each leg.
The Marsh Harbour Sailing Club has

In tne foreground are optimists, the sailboat cnoice of tne junior programs on Aoaco for
learning the basic skills of sailing. In the distance are Sunfish, a faster, more maneuver-
able boat favored by mature sailors. Both classes of boats competed in the Homer Lowe
Memorial Regatta.

Things is part of the Sunfsnfleet -liti they were racing in the haroour of Marsn hiaroour.
This year's Homer Lowe Memorial Regatta was the 18th competition that attracted sail-
ors from Nassau, Grand Bahama and several communities on Abaco.

Andrew Janes from Man-O-War raced in the Sun-
fish Class. Although he came in last, he is shown
being awarded with gear for his boat as he sailed
without all the normal hardware.
hosted this regatta for almost two decades in
memory of Mr. Homer Lowe, and in the past
few years we have been pleased at the renewed
interest in one design racing. With the ongo-
ing success in Hope Town of the Hope Town
Sailing Clubs' junior Optimist programme and
with Man-O-War Cay and Guana Cay also be-
ginning to give lessons to juniors, sailing looks
like it is enjoying a revival on Abaco. Since it
is our national sport, it is very encouraging to
see parents getting involved with their children
in such a healthy activity and one which they
can continue to participate in
throughout their lifetime.
In the Optimist fleet, 11
sailors competed on a triangle
course, two girls sailed respect-
ably, and the kids all had a fun
regatta. The top three spots i
went to the three visiting Nas- .
sau sailors. This will give our
Abaco kids something to shoot
for next year. First Place over-
all was captured hands down
by Danny de Cardenas with six
first place finishes. He was the
winner of the Inaugural Hugh
John Arthur Cottis trophy for
the top junior sailor in the Op-
timist class. Mrs. Sylvia Cottis
attended the trophy banquet and
presented the three junior tro-
phy winners with their awards.
Sunfish sailed windward/lee- Dwayne Walla
ward courses with a total of 23 Home. or ,owe.

Please see Sailing Page 13

the eight Abac
from Linda Th1

S. .

as was the third place winner in the
Memorial Regatta. He did the best of
co sailors. He is receiving the award
ompson, Homer Lowe's daughter.

The OutboardS


-m. --,t--,.. ._ _

Your a:

a -p -~.---. --

-a-, it-."

300 EVWM

vz Ja a

Roberts Marine Green Turtle Cay
Sea Horse Marine Hope Town
Island Marine Parrot Cay
" Harold's Marine Treasure Cay




and ask about c

~come in and check it out
Spicing on Selected Models


- 626

May 15, 2008

Many junior sailors competed for the first time

Sailing From Page 12

event. The Marsh Harbour Sailing Club
looks forward to an even bigger and bet-

Standings of Abaco competitors

boats participating. Special mention must ter regatta next year.
be made of Andrew Janes, a junior from
Man-O-War Cay, who sailed in his first
regatta, finished ev- -
ery race and was to ^'-- .
be commended for his
efforts as his equip- '
ment was not quite up ^
to racing standards.
The Sunfish fleet also
had two women par-
ticipants, and a fine
regatta was sailed by
the top junior, Chris
Sands, age 14, who
was visiting us from
Nassau. Chris placed
in seventh position
overall. i 1
The real competi-
tion lay in the race
for second, third and
fourth spots, as three
time world cham-
pion in sunfish, Don- /
nie Martinborough,
smoked the rest of Overall Optimist class winner, Danny d
the field with six first the Inaugural Hugh John Arthur Cottis A
place finishes. Jimmie sented to him by Mrs. Sylvia Cottis an
Lowe, son of Homer Kaighin.
Lowe, placed second
overall, with Dwayne Wallas in third and E|EXTE| I
Jim Kaighin in fourth. Lori Lowe won
the trophy for top woman sailor, finish-
ing in 1 1th position. Many thanks to Da-
mianos Realty for its sponsorship of this

I It Pays to Advertise I

-Il T

In the Optimist Class with 11 entries,
the top three position were held by Nas-
sau. However, all the rest were Abaco
juniors with Dylan Thompson from Hope
Town in fourth place. Others sailing were
Tristan Albury in 5th place, Danielle
Moss in 6th place, Ben Patterson in 7th
place, Noah Albury in 8th place, Candice
Trembley in 9th place, Christopher Al-
bury in 10th place, and Sean Stevenson

le Cardenas, accepts
memorial Trophy pre-
d handmade by Jim


)our, Abco-YEt*'

in 11llth place.
Eight sailors in the Sunfish Class were
from Abaco. In third place was Dwayne
Wallas with Jim Kaighin in 4th place,
Andrew Wilhoyte in 9th place, Matthew
McCoy in 10th place, Jody Lowe in 13th
place, Liann Key Kaighin in 19th place,
Peter Albury in 22nd place and Andrew
Janes in 23rd place.

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10 pc. Leg & thigh $15.95
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Mon Thu 10 am 7 pm
Fri & Sat 10 am 9 pm Sun 11 am-4.30 pm
Chicken Fish Shrimp Sandwiches
Sides Milkshakes Soft Serve
Abaco Shopping Center Marsh Harbour 367-2615

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May 15, 2008

The Abaconian Section A Page 13


Page 14 Section A The Abaconian

Coastal Awareness Week continues

By Jennifer Hudson
Continuing their partnership on Keeping
Our Coasts Clean, the Ministry of Tour-
ism and Friends of the Environment began
the second half of the month long Coastal
Awareness programme with a live radio
broadcast from Radio Abaco on April 14.
Ms. Bernadette Hall of the Ministry of
Tourism and Ms. D'Shan Maycock of the
Friends of the Environment spoke on the
theme of cleanliness which was initiated
during a previous live broadcast on March
3 land stated, "This is an action plan, not a
campaign." Ms. Hall announced that they
are partnering with the Governor General's
Youth Award programme, Local Govern-
ment, businesses and schools. She further
announced that a National Committee has
been imitated to bring awareness to gov-
ernment ministers.
The Hon. Zhivargo Laing has been ap-
proached about possibly reducing the duty
on environmentally friendly products such
as take out containers and energy saver
light bulbs. The Hon. Carl Bethel has been
asked to promote environmental education
in schools. The Hon. Larry Cartwright
was contacted to address the problem of

over fishing. The Hon. Tommy Turnquest
was asked to to oversee enforcement. Laws
are on the books regarding littering and
dumping but reminders and enforcement
are needed.
Ms. Maycock, Education Officer for
the Friends of the Environment, described
how they are trying to get schools involved
in looking after the environment and to
understand the benefits of it. "We need to
change the train of thought and train young
people in the trend of taking the initia-
tive as they will take over our country,"
she stated. A recycling campaign will be
started throughout all the Abaco schools,
both private and public, on September 1.
Students can begin collecting cans now for
this project. Although primary schools do
not sell sodas on the premises, students can
bring in cans from home and get neigh-
bours and businesses involved also.
Fox Town Primary School students be-
came so excited that they collected eight
bags of aluminum cans on the first day.
There is a category for both primary
schools and secondary schools and the win-
ner in each category will receive a prize of
$200 which will be donated by Paul Mills,

Caribbean Marine Construction
Office Tel: 367.4842 Cellular: 357.6564
P.O.Box AB-20757, Marsh Harbour

who will collect all the cans. "Aluminum
never breaks down in the environment and
must not be allowed to go into landfills,"
warned Ms. Maycock, who encouraged ev-
eryone to change their mindset as, "Each
can make a difference."
The Friends of the Environment, in an
effort to keep the environment cleaner,
is offering several suggestions that they
would like people to take note of.
They will provide garbage bins for any-
body who is having an event on the beach.
People just need to contact the Friends of
the Environment office.
They ask people to reduce the number
of plastic bags by using environmentally
friendly Green Bags. Over eight million
plastic bags were used on Abaco alone last
year and this presents a huge environmen-
tal problem. Customers could save in the
long run if more people would use Green
Bags. In the final analysis the cost of the

plastic bags is passed onto the consumer.
People are asked not to drop litter. Even
trash dropped in town ends up on the coast
as most areas are no more than a quarter
mile from the coast. Trash is blown to the
coast by the wind or carried there by ani-
mals. In the airport exit surveys visitors to
the island tell us that they don't want to
see the mess. "Clean up the trash and re-
move the debris," they say and they give
Abaconians the label of not being clean
people. Dropped garbage is dangerous as
it can cause forest fires and broken glass on
beaches can cause serious injuries.
Freeport is very clean in contrast to
Abaco. No garbage and litter is seen due
to the enforcement of laws. Vehicles car-
rying garbage to the dump must be covered
and will receive a fine if not. These laws
must be enforced on Abaco. Passengers

Please see Awareness Page 15

* Dial-up Access
* Internet Cafe Bring in your own computer or use ours!
* Coffee and Snack Bar
* Book Trade
* Copies and Scans
. Faxing- incoming and outgoing

011 Contact Info
Phone: 367-3006
Fax: 367-3367
Email: wireless@abacoinet.com
Located in Marsh Harbour
On Queen Elizabeth Drive


r Out Island Inter.Net, Ltd.
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May 15, 2008

Emphasis is on cleaning up our environment

Awareness From Page 14
going by ferry from the Union Jack Dock
are dropping trash and causing a problem
in that area. They are asked to carry their
garbage a few yards and place it in the
dumpstern provided.
A beautification adoption program at the
recycling depot next to Maxwell's has been
initiated as a partnership between Friends
of the Environment and the Every Child
Counts School. The school has adopted
this project as their responsibility. Students
will clean and paint bins and will contin-
ued to take care of the area. It is stressed
that this is just a recycling depot and is for
aluminum cans only and not for any other
types of trash. Signs will be posted in both
Creole and English.
The Ministry of Tourism and Friends of
the Environment partnered with the com-
munity of Treasure Cay for a beach clean-

up on April 19 at which time bins and signs
were placed at the public beach. Sugges-
tions will be sought for improvements and
preventative measures for sustainable tour-
ism. "The goal is to identify problem areas
and find ways to fix the problems, not just
provide a Band-Aid. Island-wide clean ups
by communities and individuals are being
encouraged throughout this month and be-
yond. Large garbage bags can be obtained
from the Ministry of Tourism who will
pick up the filled bags if needed.
The Ministry will be taking awareness
presentations to all of the schools and will
make presentations to businesses to en-
courage them to participate in the Adopt
a Road programmmes. "These clean ups
are not just limited to this Coastal Aware-
ness Month," stated Ms. Maycock. Trash
bags can be collected at any time from the
Friends of the Environment for which they
wish to thank the sponsors. The sponsors

EADY MVIIX hO NC iI Eli!mlm~



ROCK imported & local
SAND imported & local
* Delivery from Crown Haven to Sandy Point

Visit our modern facility on the
Abaco's cornerstone Murphy Town Water Front beside
to construction Parker's Landing
CAI. US TOIDAY FO1:011 QUOTIS PH 367-2891 367-2892

of T shirts for the Keep Abaco Beautiful
T-shirt day are also thanked.
Ms. Hall mentioned leaflets that have
been printed stating five threats to the
coastal environment.
Pollution Garbage damages reefs and
sea life.
Climate Change Do not cut down all
the trees on your property. Trees provide
shade and consume carbon dioxide. Ev-
eryone is encouraged to plant trees. The
S.C. Bootle School has committed to plant
1,000 trees.
Invasive species The stray dog popula-
tion is taking over. Persons are asked to get
their animals spayed or neutered and can get in

touch with Humane societies for assistance.
Over fishing Respect the boundaries
of the parks and preserves. The Fowl Cay
and Pelican Cay parks are there to help us
by acting as replenishing zones which will
benefit both fishermen and visitors.
Habitat destruction Speak to build-
ers and land clearers and save some trees.
Never anchor vessels on a coral reef.
Mr. Silbert Mills has offered to put out
a powerful video highlighting the trash in
the environment in partnership with Radio
Abaco and Friends of the Environment.
Ms. Hall closed the broadcast with the
plea to everyone to KEEP it clean, not
just keep cleaning up!"

bahamian cuisine
on Hope Town's waterfront
Bar Opens Daily 10 a.m.
Closed on Tuesdays
Happy Hour 5 6 p.m.

Lunch & Dinner Daily
Lunch 11:30 am 3 pm Dinner 6 9 pm
ICE Appetizers 11:30 a.m. 9 p.m j ZQ
Call 366-0087 366-0292 VHF Ch 16

Resort & Marina

IBoat House

White Sound, Elbow Cay

Enjoy a delicious dinner with us
Sea Spray will pick up from Hope Town

Bahamian Breakfast Sat. & Sun.

Live Music by the Hope Town Islanders
Every Saturday Night 7 pm until
Extended Happy Hour on Band Nights
5 pm to 7 pm



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Fresh Water On the ocean & harbour
Garbonzo Reef Bar Full kitchen/air cond/sat TL

For local transportation to Sea Spray call VHF 16 or 366-0065
email: seasprayres@abacoinet.com


May 15, 2008

The Abaconian Section A Page 15

Page 16 Section A

The Abaconian

May 15, 2008

1 *~

ord The fee




May 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Abaco Cavs Realty, Ltd.


Section A

Page 17

Greta (.rua .'aya Greeti 'lurle Cay ManI-Oi% a (.'ay
Marsh Harbour
inrori aharocpy crwamly.cnrmnwni W harocu an'writy.rom

I ''" I ,-.-I '


I M -Dickies Cay
2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths,
a 1,560 s Residence,
-i1,040 s 6 Verandahs
S- 1 Bed Bath Guesthouse
S:. 1.824 Acres Entire S.E.
S - ,- Point of Dickie's Cay
S- Private Dock Aux. Gen.
I Superb Views
FIH aduonrLbdst "i$iI-TNifu0 _-S2. 200 000.


Great Guana Cay
S-12.5 Acre Estate
a 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bath
-1 .1 0 s.f. Residence
SC ,vered & Open Decks
'" of Ocean Beach
I- ,' on Sea oifAbaco
S--- -.. F .ulous Ocean Views
Private Boat Basin
Pie';Tnsi" S#GGH1096-$8,995,000.

Great Guana Cay -
- 3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths.
- 1,686 s.f. Residence
-725 sf Open Decks.
- 80' of Prime Beachfront
- Over 1/4 Acre
- Superb Ocean Views
- Semi-private Dock
-30 KWAux, Generator
- Great Rental History
#GGH1075 $1,380.000.

... /.. .B OTeat Guana Ca% -
S .ii"', Dolplii Bearhl Etatp
S --" ... .* .* ..... 'p ,
A ~1- "W I 1:,. Rr I 1,,, r
760 s f Covered Porch
I- Bedroom, 1 Bath
U..W h *490 s.f Apartment
bh-jfl -Workshop
*9 Great Views
S-Near Settlement
"JAunlwo SpiaSZh" 'Il d #GGH1015 -. 99MI

vIan.i-J-Wvar -
Dickies Cay
5 Bedrooms, 3 1/2 Baths
3,360 s.f Residence.
-1,200 s.f Covered Deck
* 0.84 Acres Sea-to-Sea
S' Private 136'Dock.
-Auxiliary Generator
Superb Harbour Views
#MWH1001 .1.9950. M

Man-O-War Cay
2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths.
1,921 s.f. Residence.
31 S11I .. 2 Bedroom, IBath
.400 sf Guest Cabin
172' Ocean Beach Front
-1 189 Acres
-. Beautifully Landscaped
S. .- Semi-Private Dock
-- Fabulous Views
| -S,-splash"' l*- #M1WH1019-$1,840,000.

... Man-O-War Cay
\. ; 2Bedrooms, 1 Bath,
660 s.f Residence.
r 240 s f. Studio
Dock House
"- Land Sea-to-Sea
.- 36,775 s.f .8442 Acre
100' Ocean Beach Front
Private Dock On Creek
11, ,i,.'"-I- -..
#IBoui Dne f.IIHIlII *- Wi .':" X


Great Guana Cay- 1 ,
-5 Bedrooms, 3 Baths
2,212 s.f Residence ..
848 s.f. Covered Decks, r .
Land 9,700 s.f
2 Central A/C Units
Storage, Generator Shed a
12KWAux. Generator
Income Producing
-fi Ocean View "o^
S#GGH1105 $491,000. Lo

GreatGuana Cay -,'
Guana Seaside Vllage 4

,= 1 'l, l .

Mt.I H"' .I -11 'I ,
DL Li..-.:. iH
I T iFin.I

,- I- -i i#. -Hf 1,11 $3"5,000
Little Harbour -
i South Abaco
S1 Bedroom, I 1/2 Bath
6- 84 s.f of residence
.- -. Wrap aroundporch.
1 Acrc Hilltop land
S' Evevation
ll- Fabulous Harbour and
Ocean Views
Machine Shop

i1lan-L-WVar C ay
Eaoetin Harbour
- 2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths
- 1,030 s.f. Residence-
- 1,29 s.f Covered Deck
0 .877 Acres
- 82' Ocean Frontage
- Semi-Private Dock,
- iOct-li reran UViews


E -

Man-O-War Cay
Condomninwm -
Unit # 2 & Unit #4
t,- e 2 Bedroom, and Bunkroom
4 2 Baths,
1. 1 S -.1 Fi Pcrch Balcony
.-. ~ --. C.rr_. --
S.Fll, .'iri hl Equipped-
Qn-Island Managemnent
Great Rental Property.
['clai.,,~LO.t/,Si'n,.'-t/it'i.. (f I #MWH1070,72 $455,000.

lMan.O-iWar Ca'-
Condol 'nl'I tit nit- 3
2 Bedroom, 2 Bath
920 sq.ft -Porch Balcony

-. S
**i A,-

- Central A/C
- Fully Furnished Equipped,
- Fresh Water Pool
- On-Island Managemnent
- Great Rental Property

Schooner's Larsng'- Unit 43 Balcony ew #MWH 1071 $395,000.

Man-O-War Cay
Condominium -
Unit# 1 & Unit # 5
2 Bedroom, 2 Bath
1,130 sq.ft. Porch
Central A/C
Fully Furnished, Equipped-
-. Fresh Water Pool
S- On-Island Manageranent
-. -~ Great Rental Property
\'Shtoers antrig"S. -Bach.. rth.;q ] | #MWH1073 $430.000.

Marsh Harbour -
Sunrise Bay
4 2 Bedrooms, 2+31/2 Bth
I Waaw 4,450 sf Residence
A w. g'1O S3 Bedroom, 2 Barth
1,486 s.ft Guset House
0787 Acre 34,307 s f.
Infinity Swimming Pool
Boat Slip.
Fully Furm shed & Equip
"Robin'sNes'" ISOL D

llt arshHarbouir-
Sunrise Bay
S4 Bedrooms, 4 Baths
:_ 4.468 sf NewResidence
1,742 sf Covered
M E S Verandahs & Balconies.
.M I I. 0.3394 Acre- 14,787 sfT
Swiming Pool

|iT .......... aw l 30 KW Auxiliary
#MWH1076- Boat Slip
| W 0. ohads Pluce" #MHH1084 $2,700,000

lMahla -\\, 0 Cay C4k Scotland Cay
The I reek V
Ti 1reek- 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths
S- .- :..,: I t;h -1,300 s.f Residence
.. .;l f ,.se AI,-r- -- 300' of Ocean Beach
o* ,. h 1 Bedroom, 1Bath
i-:, :i I -. -.I H use - .. GuestHouse
* Ln t -, ,' Acre "Playhouse" with Bar
- Ir'.r ..T; DL,:1: Covered & Open Decks
- ,,1.- V 5e' I p -a Fabulous Ocean Views

sbf i -, 1, t i- 19-5 "Ssum'rUau" --I. #SCH1094 $2,140,000

Man-O-War -
Dickies C ay
3 Bedrooms, 3 1/2 Baths
* i I : ; t IP.: Je[,i.r"
* I l I i l' : 0 :'
SI En: 1 .,. h C l,irr L ..'i
* ~i '' i L L n 1
I I .I
* 'I". y *3.Ar-.:i Trir
an[. '. H irl i ur '/Cia y

Man-O-War Cay -


Scotland Cay
'ilo" C' a yil.
-75 s.f wraparoundporch
-23,938 s.f-,549 Acre land
190 degree views
250 to the Atlantic Beach
240 s.f garage
21. : ,lll .Q l : :,,i sternn
F ..il I I a : 1 1
R.nw- ay&Dockaccess
onts" #CH1093 ip WI.

Tiloo Cay
-2 Bedrooa, 1.5 Bath
-800 s.f residence
3.75 Acre, seat sea
1 0- 09offrontage on Sea
ofAbaco 106' on Atlantic
Boat basin with lift
.....-",i~- 170' of dock
Swimmig Pool
Approved p1 n. fir 312
tI.'" ErH I l aI. I : :.1a



F "Watch Hilt

lilllif d;l

111111l.,_. dliI
.r- u

1. 1

1. K

Page 18 Section A The Abaconian

Fires raged throughout Abaco

By Mirella Santillo
From Crossing Rocks to Murphy Town,
a series of bush fires and structural fires
have sprung along the island in April,
keeping the firefighters working day and
night in Marsh Harbour and Casuarina
Point, permeating the island with the smell
of smoke.
A fire in an abandoned structure on Ca-
suarina Point developed on April 12th and
since then, said Mrs. Judy Albury, the dis-
patcher from Casuarina, it was nearly non-
stop for the rest of the month. That first
fire was put down, but soon after another
started near the Big Bird Chicken Farm and
spread south, reaching Casuarina the next
day, fueled by the wind and the dryness of
the vegetation. From there it jumped to the
back of the neem farm. On its way across

the highway, the fire destroyed fiber optic
cables, depriving the settlements of Chero-
kee and Casuarina of telephone service for
four days until technicians from Nassau
came to repair the cables.
At the same time, close to 20 power
poles burned down. On April 21st the
Marsh Harbour Fire Department had to be
called for help and it seemed that things
were under control after several hours of
fighting until two days later the fire broke
out in Bahama Palm Shores and again in
Casuarina. It took the firefighters eight
hours to put these fires under control. Af-
ter a few days' respite, on April 30th, the
fire started again in Bahamas Palm Shores,
spreading all the way to Crossing Rocks,
threatening Mr. Collie's equipment. The
fire department was there well into the

early hours of the morning trying to put
the fire out.
"When the firemen were not fighting
fires, they were checking to make sure they
were not smouldering and starting again,"
said Mrs. Albury, who added that as of
May 4th a fire was still burning around
Crossing Rocks."We are tired," she said,
"but thankfully, there were no injuries or
loss of equipment." The Casuarina Fire
Department comprise nine firefighters, but
residents of other settlements came to help.
"People came from Cherokee and as far as
Sandy Point", she gratefully mentioned.
Meanwhile in Marsh Harbour, Fire
Chief John Hall was fighting his own bat-
tles in several directions, around Spring
City, where the fire that started near the
farms had spread to the water plant which
had to be protected, and was continuing
north, nearly reaching the airport round-
about, igniting oil drums and destroy-

ing equipment at Albury's Trucking and
threatening Bahamas Hot Mix on the way.
Immediately after, bush fires were raging
on the ridge behind Maxwell's Supermar-
ket. Over 30,000 gallons of water were
required to control them, as they were get-
ting close to houses built on the ridge. At
one point, swimming pool water had to be
used to wet the ground around the houses
to prevent them from catching. Coppice
fires are harder to put out, explained Mr.
Hall. Coppice provides more fuel for the
fires including a root system that keeps
burning after the surface fire has been put
out. He mentioned that two days after the
fire on the ridge seemed to have been put
out, it started again.
In Murphy Town the Marsh Harbour
Volunteer Fire Department was called
three times during the last two weeks of

Please see Fires Page 20

A serious fire threatened two businesses near the Marsh Harbour airport. The fire did
minor damage to the equipment of Frederick's Trucking, burning tires and exploding a
drum. Many of our fires are fueled by piles of trash where lots were bulldozed leaving
a pile of trees. When these dry, they bum easily and very hot causing flying embers to
quickly spread the fire. The fire departments urge all property owners to clean debris that
can fuel these fires.

Arriving ever FRIDA' into Nlarsh Harbour

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Fax: (242) 367-0594

Bradley St. opposite Kemp's Funeral Chapel
P.O. Box N351, Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: 1-242-322-2142
Fax: 1-242-322-6089

* -3C T $150

The Casuarina/ Bahama Palm Volunteer Fire Rescue, under the direction of Fire Chief
Bob Cornea, spent many hours during April monitoring fires in the pine woods that cov-
ered a large area and threatened to spread to the residences in Casuarina Point. This fire
destroyed an abandoned building. Photo Courtesy of Carol Phelps

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May 15, 2008

Ma 15 208 Tebcna Scin ae1




~I,. ~ -
~ rj t%

.9 -.4
L5 -'




I h tr

5 . ..11.






Loae aanaaa rattnashTe: a2)36 -7 8


- -

- sm- Vuae

.0 '~

... ......... .......





Flavoril e

May 15, 2008

The Abaconian Section A Page 19



I E,


.. ..::i:

Page 20 Section A The Abaconian

Fires threatened areas of several communities

Fires From Page 18
April to fight structural fires. The last one
completely destroyed a house made of Ab-

aco pine which was still burning several
days later. Mr. Hall had to return there
on May 3rd to douse the smoldering ruins
which had resumed smoking.

On April lltth at about 1 a.m. members of the Casuarina Volunteer Fire Department
were called to a derelict house which was totally engulfed in flames along with a vehicle
in the yard. Chris Hall tooks on the duty of back-up hoseman for assistant Fire Chief Rex
Albury. The fire was extinguished by 6:30 a.m. No loss of life or injuries were sustained.
The homes surrounding the inferno were hosed down to prevent any damage. The house
and property was owned by Terry O'Conner of Simsbury, Connecticut. Photo by Carol



The Mall Drive Branch

Lucaya Branch

Abaco Branch


The Mall Drive Branch

Lucaya Branch

Abaco Branch

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^^Bj^^ifr ^'v TT?* -e-: *

Besides being exhausting for the fire-
men, all these fires have put a tremendous
financial burden on these volunteers. Fire
departments that are supported by dona-
tions. "We have spent close to $1,500 on
fuel during April," stated Fire Chief Hall,
who added that the night of May 3rd to
May 4th was the first full night of sleep he
had in the last few weeks.
According to Mr. Hall, as of the end
of April, there had been 53 bush fires,
11 building fires and two electrical pole
fires in Central and South Abaco, nearly
as many as the total number of fires for
2007 (70).
It is not known yet how all these fires
started. They are being investigated by
Sgt Paul Johnson, who is a member of the
Royal Police Fire Service. The second po-
liceman in Marsh Harbour to belong to that
group is Officer Botin.
People wanting to make donations can
send a check to the Marsh Harbour Fire
Department, P.O. Box AB 20295. The
books are kept by Mrs. Julie Cates and can
be examined by getting in touch with her at
Hummingbird Restaurant.

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Diamante Dental Clinic
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(appointments can be made on-
Tel: 242-367-4968
Fax: 242-367-0725
Emergency 242-554-8327
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May 15, 2008

May 15, 2008 The Abaconian Section A Page 21

The Marine Committee of Friends of the
Environment is doing the maintenance of
the moorings at the Sandy Cay reef, Mer-
maid reef, Fowl Cay area and North Guana
Cay reef. We ask that no boats over 25
feet use these moorings for the safety of
the moorings, coral and your vessel. We
also ask that you start your dive with an

inspection of your mooring to insure its
condition. We do all we can to keep the
moorings safe, but it is the vessel operators
responsibility to ensure the safety of your
vessel and the coral downwind of you. If
you see a problem with the mooring and
it is unsafe, please report it to Friends at
367-2721 or the Cruisers Net.

A Message from Friends

of the Environment

Hints for Helping Our
Home Maintenance
* Clean air conditioning filters
* Seal up cracks where air condition
ing can escape
* Fix toilet and faucet leaks

at Abaco Beach Resort & Boat Harbour

/1 i_



TrasreCyAbc, ahms
Phn 4 -36 -850 Fx:24-35-50




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Marsh Harbour. Abaco.The Bahamas PO. Box AB 2.t.'.
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Direct Line: 1-242--, L .:'- ) Toll Free: I .0'C-1 I*., ,,': ,.,.oLj:hr,.:.,- Lcom

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0 /n annuities during
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Abaco Neem
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Calling all Abaco Neem Weight Loss
Challengers! Please note that the dead-
line for the final weigh in at the Aus-
kell Clinic is coming up soon. You are
asked to weigh in either Friday, May 30
(all day) or Saturday, May 31 by 2 p.m.
The last group meeting is planned for
May 19 at 5.30 p.m. at Abaco Neem.

May 15, 2008

The Abaconian Section A Page 21

L 00"

. ... ...........

Page 22 Section A The Abaconian

OhtU~hIQA o4

The funeral service for Lynden Alex-
ander Bootle, 26, affectionately called
"Lyn" of Murphy Town was held on April
27 at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in
Marsh Harbour. Pastor Ricardo Bain of-
ficiated, assisted by Min. Marvin Mills.
Interment followed in the Public Cemetery
in Murphy Town.
He is survived by his wife Tamika;
son Lynden Jr.; parents Wilbert and Gay
Bootle; sisters Latisha Davis, Lawanda,
Latoya, Loretta and Lasonia Bootle; broth-
ers Nathan Sr. and Marvin Bootle; adopted
sister Lakeish Douglas; uncles Rodney,
Hilly, Emitte, Lester, Jonathan and Rock-
lyn Bootle, Basil McKinney, Charles Bod-
ie, Prince Davis, Michael Levarity, Joe
Curry and Sgt. Hubert Smith; aunts Min-
erlee Bodie, Earnestine, Mildred, Natasha,
Sandy and Racquel Bootle, Keva McKin-
ney, Melvease Davis, Judy Curry, Violet
Smith, Breanda Cooper, Marguerite Leva-
rity and Monica Adderley; nephews Na-
than Jr., Timothy Jr. and Tashaun; nieces
Tammy, Faith, Gaysha, Tianna and Maka-
ya; mothers-in-law Roseline Williams and
Abigail Adderley; fathers-in-law Earnest
Williams and Glen Armbrister; brothers-
in-law Timothy Davis Sr., Shawnle and
Shaquille; sisters-in-law Sophia Bootle,
Tinincia, Terouna and Meriforlon; god-
children Shantiae and Alshron; godparents
Ruden McIntosh and Trent McIntosh, An-
gie Thompson and Sharlene Grubbs; cous-
ins Don and Jonna Bootle, Samantha and
Quincy Jones, Shavez, Richia, Rodney Jr.,
Lavargo, Hilly Jr., Natasha, Emmanique,
Azarial, Shaquille, Durrell, Jonathan Jr.,
Decarlo, Rocklyn Jr., Alexia, Deneze,
Kelia, Basia, Kendra, Katalyn, Errol,
Rex, Steve, Brian, Kirk, Willis, Dennis,
Ron, Cindy, Thomas, Trevor, Michael,
Anthony Jr., Julie Joemaine, Jasmine,
Jerome, Jigeria, Misty, Phylicia, Ash-
ley; granduncles Rupert Bootle, George
Reckley and Stafford Cooper; grandaunts
Arinena Smith, Elva Bootle, Ida Swain and
Carnette Bootle; grandparents-in-law An-
thony and Annamae Adderley and Sylvia
and Lermar Armbrister; grandaunts-in-law
Gladys Saunders and Julia Wells; grandun-
cle-in-law Norris Saunders; niece-in-law,

Shantina; nephews-in-law X
uncles-in-law Elvis, Cale,
Richard, Stafford and Dino
Marina and Nettlyn; cousins
la, Yvonne, Angelo, Tarvan
son, Kyvonne and Leander
other relatives and friends.
The funeral service for Ch
"Kay" Fox, 57, formerly o
bour was held on Grand Ba
26 and interment was on Gr
She is survived by her
Bradley; son Brad; daughter
Percy Thompson; brothers
law Dan and Charlene Tho
and Joyce Thompson, Tom
Thompson and Scott and I
son; sisters and brothers-in
Curtis Sands, Betty and Ste
and Frank Russell, Eleano
Albury, Levon and Steve .
in-law and brother-in-law D
Cash; numerous nieces and
many other relatives and fric
Robert L. Pinder, 89,
15, 2008, at his residence
Florida. He was born in Ch
Abaco, Bahamas, and was a
dent of Palm City. He fou
Nursery on Bernard Road
later in Palm City, Florida.
Methodist faith.
He is survived by a dai
E. Rees; sons, Robert S. P
D. Pinder, and Kahart M.
Olive Pinder; 10 grandchil
great-grandson. He was pre
by his wife, Annie E. Pinde
Whitney Pinder. A private
held in Palm City on April 1
Lily Madeline Stratton p
April 27 at the age of 82. H
vice was held on May 3rd
Hall in Marsh Harbour. O
Bro. David Cartwright, Bro.
and Bro. Greg Roberts. Int
the Garden of Memories i
She is survived by her chil
Darnelle, Andy and Clara, J
Russell, Janet and Robin (
Gil; grandchildren Gavin a

ain41m and }AkiendA
avier, Ivansin; Anne and Chris Pinder, Mandi and Mike ish Columbia; and friends.
Dave, David, Bonnell, Brock, Dane, Caitlin (deceased) The ceremony was simi
D; aunts-in-law and Joanne; great-grandchildren Brieonna After a few moments at s
s-in-law Ange- and Bronson Russell, Jewel and Maddox were hoisted, everyone toa:
iti, Rashad, Ja- Pinder, Olivia and Jayce Bonnell; sisters and reminisced about adve
Jr.; and many Flossie Albury and Thelma Lowe; sister- cial moments they shared
in-law Christine Roberts; brothers-in-law phy. He died at the age of
heryl Kathleen Jack Lowe and Donald Roberts; nieces 5th in British Columbia wl
of Marsh Har- and nephews; and many other relatives and ter leaving Abaco.
hama on April friends. Mr. Joseph Maggio, cap
and Bahama. Rev. Kenneth Touchton died on May liam H., was co-founder of
husband Carl 3, 2008. He was a missionary to Abaco 1980. The two of them too
r Karla; father for 35 years and started Calvary Baptist trips together on the Tall
and sisters-in- Church in Marsh Harbour. He and his wife ing The Bahamas at internal
ompson, Mike founded and operated the Calvary Chris- gatherings including Bermu
my and Renee tian Academy, also in Marsh Harbour. A
Nancy Thomp- private funeral was held in Florida on Please see Obituaries
i-law Clio and May 6.
ve Bethel, Ivy A group of family members and friends
)r and Lowell gathered on the William H. Albury on April
Albury; sister- 17th to honor the last wishes of boat cap-
ianna and Ross tain and Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club
nephews and co-founder, Charlie Murphy, a resident
ends. of Marsh --
died on April Harbour for
in Palm City, nearly 20
erokee Sound, years. As a
longtime resi- boat captain
Lnded Pinder's who sailed
in Nassau and a r o u n d
He was of the Abaco, he
wished for
ughter, Donna his ashes to
?inder, Marvin be sprinkled
Pinder; sister, at sea off Marsh Harbour's shores.
dren; and one That Sunday, the Tall Ship left the Conch
ceded in death Inn, a favorite hang-out of Mr. Murphy
r; and brother, with family and friends aboard. They in-
e service was clouded his son, Mr. Michael Murphy and
19th. his wife Mary; his step-daughter, Lauran Charlie Murphy's ashes w
assed away on Gilbert; who brought his ashes from Brit- sea.

ler funeral ser-
at Bible Truth
officiating were
. Robbie Higgs
erment was in
n Marsh Har-

ldren Keith and
June and Gurth
deceased) and
ind June, Sue-

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Page 23

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May 15, 2008

Sun 8 9:30 pm

All Abaco Regatta is planned for August

The All Abaco Regatta committee has
announced that the work boat regatta this
year will be held on August 21-23, 2008.
It will be an invitational Class A Challenge
Regatta with the first, second and third
Class A winners of only four regattas are
invited: Exuma National Family Island Re-
gatta, Long Island Regatta, North Andros
Regatta and Valentine's Massacre Regatta.
Obituaries From Page 22
out the Caribbeans. Mr. Maggio said that
at the time he never thought that the club
would eventually boast over a 1000 mem-
bers internationally. '
Barry Albury, 53, of Marsh Harbour
passed away
on May 1
and the fu-
neral was on
May 5.
He is sur-
vived by
his father,
Albury Al-
bury and his BarrAlbury
brothers and Barry
sisters and their families. He was prede-
ceased by his mother, Vernita Albury.

I Remember to
Buckle Up

The Regatta will be held in the waters off
Regatta Village at the Treasure Cay ferry
dock, the site of all previous regattas.
The regatta is being renamed the Ev-
erette Hart All Abaco Regatta to honour
the efforts of Mr. Everette Hart, Senior
Administrator of Central Abaco for sev-
eral years in the mid and late 1990s who
got the regatta started in 1997. The regatta
has traditionally had a Governor General's
race, but this will be renamed to be the
Hugh Cottis Memorial race in memory of
Mr. Cottis, who was a supporter for many
years of the regatta in Georgetown, Exu-
ma, and the All Abaco Regatta.
Government has committed to support
the regatta with a $35,000 payment. An-
other commitment was made by West At-
lantic Marine in Nassau for $5,000. It is
expected that the expenses will be about
$120,000. A payment of $7,500 will have
to be made to satisfy the participants of the
last regatta who were not paid the entire
amount due them.
The regatta committee is planning to
have two raffles to raise funds. One raffle
will be for a car which members will ex-
pect a donation of $20 per raffle ticket. If
they can sell 1500 tickets, this will give
them a big boost in raising the necessary
funding. The other raffle will be for a vari-
ety of merchandise and services.
The committee is also planning several
fund-raising events to finance this regatta.
The first will be a Steak-out followed by a

located next to AID in the Barclays
Building Marsh Harbour, Abaco

Tel: 242.367.0429

oear with t

S Great Guana Cay
3rd Annual
Fishing Tournament
May 23-24, 2008
Biggest Dolphin Biggest Tuna
Biggest Wahoo Most Fish in Weight
Biggest Fish Overall* Most Billfish Caught & Released
No Bottom Fish
Lines in at 8 a.m. and out by 4 p.m.
Meet at Orchid Bay Marina to weigh fish
$125 per boat for up to 4 people
$25 for each extra person
Fish Fry at Orchid Bay after Tournament on May 24
Side Dishes and Non-alcoholic Drinks Provided
Att proceeds go to Guana Cay Kids Sailing Program
Contact Donna Sands at 365-5195 or 357-6732

Musical Festival to be held on May 31. An-
other Steak-out will be held on June 21.
A Tea Party is planned for June 19 to be
held at Government House in Marsh Har-
bour to appeal to the participants of the Ba-
hamas Billfish Championship that will be
ongoing at Abaco Beach Resort. This will
feature Bahamian foods and music along
with a silent auction. Tourism is hosting
this event.
This year Junkanoo Festival, previously
called Goombay Festival, will be held on
four consecutive Friday nights beginning
on June 13 at Goombay Park. The All
Abaco Regatta committee will have the ex-
clusive right to manage the bar at each of

these events. They will use liquor supplied
exclusively by Burns House.
The committee is hoping to have a
Gospel Concert. Each district council on
Abaco will form a sub-committee and will
organize additional fund raising events.
The North Abaco District Council will
see that the Regatta Village site is pre-
pared. Minor repairs will have to be car-
ried out, and the stalls will be able to be
locked. The Council is building a new
bathroom block that will be completed by
the Regatta dates.
The committee assures the public that it
will have vendors at the site from all three
districts on mainland Abaco.


Ph. 366-0024 Fax. 366-0614
E-Mail: abacot@batelnet.bs

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May 15, 2008

The Abaconian Section A Page 23

Page 24 Section A The Abaconian

Club News

Rotary Club Sponsored
Sign Contest
By Jennifer Hudson
Thirteen schools from Central and North
Abaco participated in a Keep Our Island
Clean sign competition sponsored by the
Rotary Club of Abaco. The competition
was the brainchild of club member Mirella
Santillo, who acted as Chairperson assisted
by Jo-Ann Bradley and D'Shan Maycock.
The idea was born from the desire to see
our beautiful island kept cleaner, and it is
hoped that these signs will inspire all who
see them to stop littering and begin taking
more care of the environment. The signs
were judged on April 26 at the Friends of
the Environment office which was a very
appropriate date since it was the day fol-
lowing Earth Day celebrations. Earth Day
concluded Coastal Awareness Month dur-
ing which much emphasis was put on pro-
tecting our environment.
Students from the participating schools
gathered on two Saturday mornings during
April at Central Abaco Primary School to
work on their signs. Two schools that were
unable to attend on a Saturday worked at
other times on their own premises. Be-
tween two and four students worked on
each sign. On the front of each board
measuring four feet by two feet, the stu-
dents painted a picture depicting what they
thought would best get across the beauty
of our environment and the need to keep
it that way. On the reverse side they paint-
ed a "catchy" slogan intended to stick in
people's minds. These very attractive signs
will be mounted on posts and set along the
Capt. Earnest Dean Highway and the S.C.
Bootle Highway all the way from Sandy

Point to Crown Haven.
"Abaco Hardware donated the wood,
the Paint Shop donated paint and Price
Right and Abaco Groceries donated water
and snacks. Mr. Dexter Williams from the
Ministry of Works has agreed to provide
the labour to set the poles but poles, screws
and somebody to do the routing are still
needed," stated Mrs. Santillo, who ex-
pressed her appreciation to the sponsors.
A panel of six judges which included
the President of the Rotary Club of Ab-
aco, Bryan Thompson, artist Alton Lowe
who came from Green Turtle Cay, judged
the signs on design and artistic creativity.
Plaques will be presented to the first, sec-
ond and third place winners during special
school assemblies when members of the
Rotary Club of Abaco and Friends of the
Environment will be present. Mr. Lowe
commended the schools for their very
good effort and felt that four were really
outstanding. "They showed a great sense
of design and tremendous potential," he
Mrs. Lenora Black, District Education
Supterintendent, commended all of the
schools for their participation as well as
the teachers who had assisted. She praised
the organizers for seeing the need to raise
awareness for a cleaner environment. "I
hope that this will be of great benefit over
time and will change some attitudes and
encourage others," she stated.
Results are as follows:
Design and Artistic Creativity 1. Long
Bay School 2. A tie between Forest Heights
Academy and Agape School. 3. S.C. Boo-
tie High School.
Slogan: 1. Forest Heights Academy 2.
S.C. Bootle High School 3. Tie between


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One Bill of Lading
One payment
Marine cargo insurance to final destination
We'll coordinate sailing from Marsh Harbour to
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561.881.3964 888.578.5850


Agape School and Man-0-War.
Top Overall :
High School Forest Heights Academy
Primary School Amy Roberts School
Former Rotarian returns
By Mirella Santillo
On April 15th local Rotarians had the
pleasure to welcome former Rotary Club
of Abaco member, Mr. William Sch-
weitzer, who left Abaco about a year ago.
Mr. Schweitzer, who now lives near Pon-

tiac, Illinois, is still a Rotarian. He was ac-
companied on his trip to Abaco by a fellow
Rotarian, Mr. Stephen Walters. Besides
renewing acquaintances, they had come to
share their experience of a visit to Africa
sponsored by Rotary International from
which they had just come back.
The two humanitarians were part of a
group who had gone to Zambia, one of the
Please see Clubs Page 29

The Rotary Club of Abaco sponsored a contest for school students to design and make
anti-littering signs. The signs will be installed along our highways to encourage people
to keep the island clean and not litter. 5/w, 'i here are the judges assessing the art work
and the slogans. On the left is Mrs. Lenora Black, Education Superintendent -' il/' artist
Alton Lowe is in the center. On the right are Brian Thompson, Rotary President, and
Mirella Santillo, the Rotarian who was responsible for the competition.

Original Art Prints Framing
Originals by
Lou Uhou Anne Ray
Malcolm Rae William Johnson
Shula Raney Fritz Keck Kim Rody
Photography by Tuppy
Local Artists
Beth Sweeting Zandrick Jones
Lori Thompson Dion Lewis
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May 15, 2008

Church News

PULSE 2008 Brought
Large Group from Nassau
By Samantha Evans
The Church of God in Dundas Town
once again sponsored the annual youth
event PULSE the Heartbeat of the Next
Generation over April 24-27. Members
of Mission Baltimore from Christian Dis-
cipleship College were on the island to take
part in this youth event. The first set of
college students arrived here on April 7th
and the second group arrived a week later.
The total number of students to visit the
island and attend PULSE was 29. While on
the island, the group visited Every Child
Counts, the Mud, Pigeon Peas and Green
Turtle Cay where they conducted Vaca-
tion Bible School, played with the kids and
gave them medical supplies. The directors
of the group were Tim Houston and An-
neke Woods.
At PULSE, Mission Baltimore led an
explosive praise and worship session as
well as a skit that highlighted the impor-
tance of having a life preserver to keep
ones self safe from danger. Since this is
a Christian youth event, the life preserve
they are talking about is Jesus, who will
help them through the storms of life. Per-
formances were also rendered by Daugh-
ters of Royalty and Church of God Dundas
Town Praise Team.

The opening address was delivered by
Pastor Devon Rolle, who is a part of the
Barak Movement and pastor at a church in
Nassau. He began by saying that it is time
for youth to rise up and not be afraid to
give their testimony. Pastor Rolle stated
that too many adults are waiting until they
are 40 to serve God. He believes that this is
the time for youth to be used to reach their
peers because many adults are not reaching
He noted that today's church is differ-
ent from the church of yesterday. They
are more concerned with titles, glitz and
glamour and being seen than they are with
reaching hurting people and serving God.
Too many pastors are into self glorifica-
tion and collecting the money the members
bring to church, and Jesus has been taken
out of the service. This is evident in the
amount of negative press that has hit the
church in the last four years. He stated that
the divorce rate in the church is up to 60
percent now while the divorce rate in the
world is still a steady 50 percent.
Ministers today have to ensure that they
stick with the Word of God so that they can
minister to the homosexual, the prostitute,
the diseased, the drug addict, and those
persons who are suicidal. Ministers must
have faith in what God says is true. Once
they do, they can help the hurting through
their pain so that they can learn better ways


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Shannon Albury, Manager

to face their problems. Finally, he encour-
aged the young people to live for God. The
church is going through a change as a se-
rious revival is being born, he explained.
The remainder of the weekend was spent
with Pastor Rolle further ministering to
the youth, Ms. Daisy blessing them with
Christian comedy and Barak ending the
youth event in concert on Sunday evening.
New Vision
hosted conference
April 10, 11 and 12 brought Bahamians,
Americans and Haitians together at the
Grace Life International Conference held
in Marsh Harbour. Many pastors attended
representing at least seven local churches,
along with community members, vocal-
ists, praise teams and students, making this
three-day conference a truly ecumenical
gathering. Those present received the en-
couraging and educating truth of the vic-
torious, abundant daily walk with the life
of Jesus Christ as Galatians reveals, "I am
crucified in Christ, and I no longer live, but
Christ lives in me, and the life I now live

I live by
the faith

S Christ,
SF w up who
me and
for me."
Dr. Jody
Dr. Jody Unruh a n d
Howden, guest speakers from Texas, de-
livered the message of knowing and expe-
riencing Christ living in us as God's provi-
sion for a true Grace Life. The host church
was New Vision Ministries with April
Higgs, Brenda Milanowski and Cheryl
Crain working together to bring this to Ab-
aco. Follow up will include a book review
of Lifetime Guarantee by Dr. Bill Gilliam.
For information, please call April Higgs
367-2213 or Cheryl Crain 367-4688.

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May 15, 2008

The Abaconian Section A Page 25

Page 26 Section A The Abaconian

People in the News

BNT Appointed Warden for Abaco national parks

The Bahamas National
Trust has engaged Mr. David
Knowles as the new Bahamas
National Trust Warden for
the national parks on Abaco.
Mr. Knowles is well known to
the Abaco community having
headed the Department of Ag-
riculture on Abaco since 1999.
Mr. Knowles is also a board
member of Friends of the En-
vironment, an Abaco-based
environmental NGO.
"We feel that Mr. Knowles
brings a wealth of experience
to the position. He has worked
with the BNT and Friends of
The Environment on wildlife
and conservation management
issues, specifically concerning
the Bahama parrot and inva-

sive species," stated Lynn Gape, BNT
Deputy Executive Director.
David has addressed concerns and is-
sues related to the management of the pine
forest in the absence of a forestry officer
for Abaco. He has been a leader in the
organization and implementation of vari-
ous meetings and workshops on the use
of fire as a management tool for conser-
vation and protected areas. The 20,500-
acre Abaco National Park encompasses a
large area of pine forest which is the pri-
mary breeding ground for the endangered
Bahama parrot on Abaco. Managing the
forest for wildlife as well as implement-
ing a strategic invasive species manage-
ment plan and education programme will
be just one of Mr. Knowles' tasks.


David Knowles has been named warden for Abaco's
national parks by the Bahamas National Trust.

"David will become our environmen-
tal liaison with Abaco community," said
Eric Carey, BNT Executive Director.
"The Abaco National Park has amazing
potential as a recreational and educational
resource and we will be looking to David
to work with the people of Abaco so that
the resources in the park are protected
but able to be enjoyed and sustainably
used by the community."
Mr. Knowles' major focus will be
implementation of the management plan
for the Abaco National Park, but he will
also be the point of contact for the Pelican
Cays Land and Sea Park, Black Sound
Cay Reserve, Tilloo Cay National Park
and Walker's Cay Marine Park,
BNT's conservation work in Abaco is

supported by funds committed to
the BNT in June 2007 by Discov-
ery Land Company, developers of
the Baker's Bay Golf and Ocean
Club at Great Guana Cay. The ini-
tial level of support is $200,000 an-
nually for the first three years with
the possibility of a second three-
year grant to follow. The Bahamas
National Trust is the organization
mandated to manage the national
park system of The Bahamas. The
five national parks on Abaco are
part of 25 park system that protects
the marine and terrestrial biodiver-
sity of the nation.
Friends has new K
executive director the
By Mirella Santillo
As of February 28th a new execu-
tive director was appointed at Friends of
the Environment. Young, energetic and
concerned with the issues plaguing the
island's environment, Mrs. Kristin Wil-
liams took over the position previously
held by Mrs. Lindsey Delaplaine, who
left to take care of a new baby. Wanting
to take an active role into preserving our
island, she applied for the position when
it became vacant. She was chosen by the
board among the other applicants.
As executive director, she sees herself
as a coordinator between the staff mem-
bers and the board, in charge of making
sure that the organization moves for-
wards and continues to grow financially
and with the support of volunteers.
"I find it a privilege to be involved
into preserving everything that I love,"
explained Mrs. Williams. "It is a crucial

ten Williams is at her new desk at Friends of
time to be presently part of Friends of the
Environment," she continued in view of
everything that is happening on Abaco.
She feels there is much to be involved
with from education, the main focus of
the organization, to recycling, a slowly
developing concept.
Educating the public about the fragility
of the environment and means to preserve
it is being carried out with instruction
taking place in the schools and in com-
munities for adults. The other points of
interest are marine preservation and sus-
tainable development.
Mrs. Williams has a degree in Corpo-
rate Marketing including communication
and public relations and is a member of
the Abaco Humane Society.
Please see People Page 27





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Diversified Equipment

& Rentals Ltd.



May 15, 2008

3% 1 rLT D.

Ma 15 208 TeAaoin eto ae2

People From Page 26

First Caribbean's First
Woman Bank Manager
By Jennifer Hudson
In October of last year I wrote a story
describing the early days of banking on
Abaco. This was to celebrate the occasion
of the fifth anniversary of the merger of
Marsh Harbour's two oldest banks, Bar-
clays and the Canadian Imperial Bank of
Commerce to become First Caribbean In-
ternational Bank. Ms. Iris Henschell, Man-
ager of the bank, holds the distinction of
being the first Abaco-born manager of First
Caribbean Bank. From the
late 1950s until the 1980s
the Barclays Bank manag-
ers were always expatriate
men. Then in 1984 Mr.
Rupert Roberts became
the first Bahamian man to
become manager of Bar-
clays in Marsh Harbour.
Abaco's first woman
bank manager was Astrid
Stratton, who managed
Chase Manhattan Bank for
the entire time it was open
on Abaco, from July 1968
until it closed in 1979. It
was a full service branch
located where Com-
monwealth Bank is now
located. She had previ-
ously worked at Barclays
Bank for seven years, first Ricky Albury
working there under Pete farmer. He gr
Tompkins, the first man- than 100 pound

ager of the bank that opened in 1959.
A few years later Judy Johnston re-
ceived the distinction of becoming the
first woman to hold the position of manag-
er of the Bank of Nova Scotia on Abaco.
She was attached to Scotia Bank, as it is
called today, which she had first joined in
1969. Originally, Mrs. Johnston worked
for Barclays Bank which she joined on the
same day as Mrs. Yvonne Key in January
1966. She worked there as secretary until
her transfer to Scotia in 1969 when that
bank first opened here.
Mrs. Johnson went to Nassau for train-
ing at her own expense and was attached
to various branches in the capital from

of Marsh Harbour is one of our successful
rew these pumpkins the total weight is more

November to May, then returned to Marsh
Harbour as officer in charge. "Times
were different and I wanted to prove that
a woman could do the job, but it was a
long, hard struggle," she stated.
Mrs. Johnston has been retired for
some years now and spends her time en-
joying travel and volunteering. "The air-
port is my passion," she says, and she is
on the task force responsible for the recent
upgrade of the facility. Warren Albury's
daughter, Angelina, also became a man-
ager some years later.
Please see People Page 27

More People in the News


Whe-ter you .eed -'egulay sc.-eduled pick up for rour-
busi-ess or periodic dsposal service on a construction
site.... Bhamas Waste workss v.h .ou to assess v 'o-
needs and exceed, your expectations!
Compac ors and oDen top containers available.
S.ecaizing in construct-on and demot'iion ,Was'e.

STelephone: 242-577-0102 367-0830
I-ocated at the larsh -taitoir Airort Roundatbout,
MParth Ha-Dour, Abaco


go to ont:sotal*::

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and fewer resticin

Fordetil an s le cal

AA and Al Anon
The AA (Alcoholics Anomyous) group
of Marsh Harbour meets Mondays,
Thursday and Fridays at 6:30 p.m. at the
Marsh Harbour Community Library.
The AlAnon group of Marsh Harbour
meets the third Tuesday each month at
6:30 p.m. at the Marsh Harbour Com-
munity Library.
The AA group in Hope Town meets
Monday and Wednesdays and Fridays at
6 p.m. at the Hope Town Library.
The AA group and the AlAnon group
meet in the Treasure Cay Community
Center on Mondays at 7:30 p.m.

Section A Page 27

May 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Page 28 Section A The Abaconian

More People News

People FromPage27 and seascapes of various islands, in color.
A self-taught oil painter, Ms. Angelica's
interest in painting developed when she
Conch Pearl Gallery was a young girl, using everything blank as
hosts art show a canvas: a bare wall, a T-shirt, a piece of
By Mirella Santillo paper or wood. She became a professional
The Conch Pearl Gallery was the host of about five years ago, showing twice since
a painting show on April 25th. This was the then at the Abaco Beach Resort show, in
second show at the Conch Pearl for Free- Freeport, in Nassau where she now has a
port artist, Nicole Angelica. She brought exhibition annually and at the Conch Pearl
with her eight new paintings, three scenes Gallery.
and portraits of children in black and white Her favorite subjects are children that
she usually connects to old customs. She
Explained that Bitterness be
Gonee" her favorite painting in
the show, marked the beginning
of a new life for her that shows
4 faces of children in various
stages of their life. In another,
B e Mtwo children are making lemon-
7 ade the old-fashioned way. Both
S paintings are in black and white,
a style that shows her work the
hmmost effectively.
The visitors were greeted
Nicole Angelica, a Freeport artist, showed her work with music by pianist Garnell
at a reception held at Conch Pearl Gallery in Marsh Stuart and treated to wine and
Harbour on April 25. hors-d'oeuvres, compliments of
the gallery.

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SHope Town's Newest & Finest

BEC pushes road to

Wilson City shore

On April 24th the last portion of a five-mile road was cut through the pine forest to join
the Capt. Earnest Dean Highway to the shore at Wilson City, the old lumber mill settle-
ment dating from the early 1900s. The road was cut to facilitate the construction of the
new BEC plant which will be located inland from Wilson City. Many local people are dis-
traught at the thought the remnants from the old days will be destroyed in the process.

Clubs From Page 24
poorest country in Africa, to help with well
repairs. Clean and potable water is an on-
going concern of Rotary International, es-
pecially in countries such as Zambia where
there have been outbreaks of cholera re-
cently. The well they were supposed to re-
pair supplied water to a school, but accord-
ing to Mr. Schweitzer, the most important
part of their trip there related to another
kind of health problems; 250 eye examina-
tions were performed on the locals by a Dr.
Sheller who was also visiting the area. The
people with vision problems were treated
and given glasses when needed.
Zambia is plagued with AIDS, and Mr.
Schweitzer and Mr. Walters were appalled

by the statistics concerning the population
of that country; among 11 million people,
10 percent are orphans, 80 percent are
younger than 15 years old and the average
life expectancy is barely above 30 years.
Their presentation at the Rotary meeting
showed pictures of their trip which took
them near Kitwe in the copper belt. They
were hosted by Rotarians from that city,
the third largest in Zambia, who took them
to visit a school for the deaf. They felt wel-
comed by the locals and interacted with the
children of an orphanage they also visited.
They were outfitted with clothes made out
of the country's flag and ate grasshoppers,
a local delicacy.
Mr. Schweitzer will stay on Abaco for a cou-
ple of weeks with friends in Little Harbour.

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May 15, 2008

V"J A ^^..

May 15, 2008

The Abaconian Section A Page 29

By Samantha V. Evans
The E. Clement Bethel National Arts
Festival 2008 was held during the month
of March when the team from Nassau vis-
ited participating schools in the Family Is-
lands to view the talents of those students.
The theme for this year's festival was Ex-
ploring the Arts. Artists and craft persons
were free to chose any festival arts media
to share their ideas. The work that was en-
tered displayed creative, innovative work
that showcased the Bahamian cultural heri-
The qualifications to enter were that

persons should be five to 18 years to en-
ter the Youth Section of the National Art
and Craft Exhibition and that those persons
over 18 had to enter the adult category.
They all submitted arts and crafts work
within their particular age category as stip-
ulated. Another category catered primarily
to adult artists, craft persons, college stu-
dents and members of community cultural
The arts and crafts talents were adjudicat-
ed from March 12-14th at various schools
across Abaco. Ms. Keva Cartwright and
her team visited five schools including Ab-

Soccer names the league winner


Passengers / Freight/Mail to Abaco
o o-o

2532 Old Okeechobee Road Ste.11
West Palm Beach/Marsh Harbour
email :abacoexppbi@bellsouth. net
Ph: 561-689-1010
Fax: 561-689-9454
Bah: 242-367-3450

The winning soccer team, the Abacom United team was awarded the trophy for being
'he league winner for the third consecutive year. After a break of one month because o)
nter-league problems, Mr Malcom Spicer, President of the Abaco Soccer Association,
announced that the season would end with two games between Hope Town Show-Off
2nd Abacom United played over two weekends. The first game took place on April 26th
4bacom, playing with only nine men, lost 0-1 to Hope Town. But on May 3rd most o)
'he action took place in the second ialf .i ith/ Hope Town scoring first, a wake up call fol
4bacom that retaliated with a goal soon after. This first goal was followed by two more
2 spread needed to make Abacom United the league winner.

aco Central High School, Cherokee Sound
Primary, Hope Town Primary, J.A. Pinder
Primary, and Man-O-War Primary. Com-
munity performances were adjudicated in
dance and music and were held during the
late afternoons-early evening hours. At the

end of their performances, students were
given feedback on their performances and
teachers were given tips on their perfor-
mances. Results of the performances will
be made public at a later date.

Compliments of The Moorings and

VS4The Conch Inn Hotel and Marina

Tide North Bar Channel
Average Tides Monothy High & Low
Mean Range: 2-6 1 High June 3, 8A9p 3.5 ft
MHWS 3.1f U n 2 Low June 4, 3:16p-0-3 i
Mean Tide; 1.4fl
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Fdday Saturday
6 n 66 n 6 6 n G B n 6 n 6 6 n n 6
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2.9 -0.1 0.0 27 0.0 2.6 0 2 .5 0.1 2.6 0.3 2.3 0.2 26 0.3 22 0.2 0.3 2.1 0.3 27 0.3 2.1 0.3 2
15(EDT) EDT) 1O(EDT) I 1(EDT) 1 9(EDT 201(EDT) 1 (EDT)

o0 I I I 1 I II I I I I I I I 1 I I I 1
12:4a 6:.42a 1235p 7:07p 1:39a 7:26a 1:1p 749p 2:21a 8:03a 21p :28p 3:01a 8:50a 2:42p 91O. p 3:39a 9:2a 3D22p 43p 41:162 10:51Ba 402p 10a20p 452a 10:47a 442p 10562
2.9 -0.3 1 .2 0.3 2.8 0. 3 2 .2 0 2.9 0 .2 2.5 3 0.3 2.9 3 0 .2 2.3 0 .3 2.9 2 0.2 2 73 0.3 2. 1 0.3 27 0.3 2 ,1 02 2.4 0.3 2.8


528a 1:27a 525p1:36p 6:04 12:08p 6:11p 12:18a 6:42a 12:3p 7:03p 1.05 74 1:42p 81lp 1:57a 8:12a 2:37p 9:04p 25a 905 336p :11 35 1003a 438p 11:11
0.2 2. 4 2.8 0.2 2.5 0.4 2.7 0.2 2.6 0.4 2.6 2,7 0.4 2.4 0.2 2.8 2.3 01 2.9 0.3 2.3 0.1 3. 0.2
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00 POWER YACHT VACATIONS 37 or 45 ft. Catamaran
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National Arts Festival

Page 30 Section A The Abaconian

Scene of a vehicle accident

w man. ,

Late one night a vehicle smashed into the wall at Mangoes Restaurant and ended up in
the water. Remnants of the cement wall and the vehicle's bumper are what is left.

Advanced I e l ic 1l Clinic
NEW: Rudell Hall
Threapist & Beauty Practioner
Facials and Massage Therapy
Dr. Frumentus Leon Obstetricianl
May 17, 2008
Ms. Sandra Watson Ultrasound
Technician, Echocardiogram
May 17, 2008
Dr. Duranda Ash Opthamologist
May 17, 2008
Dr. Michael Caplia Optometrist
May 21, 2008
Dr. K.J.A. Rodgers Opthalmologist
May 22, 2008
Dr. Rosetta Ingraham, Dermatologist
May 23, 2008
Dr. Ronald Knowles Obstetrician!/
May 26, 2008
Dr. Antoinette Lightbourne -
May 26, 2008

For Appointments Call 367-0020

P.O. Box AB-20180
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
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NEW: Auskell patients only
Extended Care (outside office hours)
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Mrs. Armbrister Acupuncture
May 28, 2008
Dr. Farquharson GeneralPractice
May 28, 2008
Dr. Winston Campbell, Ears, Nose &
Throat Specialist, SleepApnea
May 29, 2008
Dr. Edwin Demeritte, Neurologist/
Neurophysiologist (Adults & Children)
May 31, 2007
Dr. May Hestmo Hand and
Orthopedic Surgeon
May 31, 2007
Dates Pending
Dr. Daniel Johnson & Kim Scriven
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Every Sunday and Monday
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Mammograms Offered

... the battery with the lightning bolt of life!!!

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AR .

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workmanship any time during
that year, Epic would replace
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S. ... 367 3142 Fax: 367-0064 I.

The Central Abaco dump is burned fi q eiiny with smoke bothering many nearby resi-
dents. Thankfully, on this calm day the wind was not blowing it through the towns. The
burning will be discontinued when the solid waste landfill is operational.



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Guana Beach Resort
Guana Seaside
Ocean Frontier
Ward's Landing
Abaco Inn
Club Soleil
Crystal Villas
Elbow Cay Prop +
Hope T Harb Lodge
Hope T Hideaways +
Hope T Villas +
Lighthouse Rentals
Sea Gull Cottages +
Sea Spray Resort
Tanny Key +
Turtle Hill

3 hse
5 cottages
and Cay

Turtle Cay
6 cott
34 hse
9 rm
3 cott
ana Cay


II hse 365-5178
4 rm 10 cott.365-5137
12 hse 365-5195
6 units 365-5133
8 rm 7 cott 365-5106
4 units 904-982-2762
pe Town
22 rm 366-0133
6 rm I cott 366-0003
7 villas 888-812-2243
53 hse 366-0035
25 rm 3660095
63 hse 366-0224
3 hse 366-0030
4 cott 366-0154
3 hse 366-0266
5 villas 366-0065
43 hse 366-0053
4 villas 366-0557

Lubbers Quarters
Sea Level Cottages 4 hse

Island Home Rentals + 8 hse 3
Schooner's Landing 5 condos 3
Marsh Harbour area
Abaco Beach Resort 82 rms
Abaco Real Estate + 6 hse
Alesia's 3 rms
Ambassador Inn 6 rms
Bustick Bight Resort 8 rms
Conch Inn 9 rms
D's Guest House 6 rms 3
Great Abaco Club + 12 hse
Island Breezes Motel 8 rms
Lofty Fig Villas 6 eff
Pelican Beach Villas 6 cott

Regattas (Prev. Abaco Towns) 32 effic
Moore's Island
Moore's Is Bonefish Camp 8 rm
Sandy Point

Oeisha's Resort
Pete & Gay's Resort
Rickmon's Bonefishing
Spanish Cay Resort
Bahama Beach Club
Island Dreams +
Treasure Cay Resort

14 rm
10 rm
banish Cay
18 rm 6 hse
measure Cay

45 hse
95 rms
Hood Cay







Tangelo Hotel 19 rm 3 villa365-2222
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May 15, 2008

May 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Section A Page 31

Emergency Services
Police Marsh Harbour 367-2560
The following services are provided by volunteers
Fire Marsh Harbour 367-2000
Fire Dundas Town 367-2935 or 4935
Fire -Hope Town VHF Ch 16
Fire Green Turtle Cay 365-4133
Fire Man-0-War 365-6911
BASRA Bah Air Sea Rescue Assoc all areas Marine VHF 16
Hope Town 366-0500 Marsh Harbour 367-3752
GuanaCay 365-5178 Treasure Cay 365-8749

Medical Services
Abaco Family Medicine Marsh Harbour...367-2295
Auskell Advanced Medical Clinic .............367-0020
Marsh Harbour Medical Centre..............367-0049
Government Clinic Marsh Harbour .........367-2510
Corbett Clinic Treasure Cay .................365-8288
Government Clinic Cooper's Town .........365-0300
Government Clinic Green Turtle Cay .....365-4028
Government Clinic Hope Town ..............366-0108
Government Clinic Sandy Point .............366-4010
Government Clinic Fox Town ............ .............

Taxi Cab Fares for one or two passengers
Plus extra for each passengers above two
Between Marsh Harbour Airport and
Ferry Dock or Murphy Town toAmmons Dr $12 + $3
Bristol Cellers thru A Beach Hotel or Gov't dock thru
Dundas Town $10+$3
Dove Plaza, Stop Light or Sawyer's Market $10 + $2
Gov't Clinic thru Western Auto $6 + $2
Gov freight dock through Dundas Town $10 + $3
Murphy Town to Shell Sta $14+$4
Pelican Shores to Frankie Russel house $14 + $4
Eastern Shores to Peas & Rice house $14 + $4
Beyond Russell house or Peas & Rice house $16 + $5
Great Cistern $20 + $5
Spring City $15+$5
Snake Cay $35+$10
Treasure Cay $60+ $10
Casuarina Point $60 + $10
Treasure Cay Airport or Bah Palm Shores $70 + $10
Little Harbour or Cherokee $80 + $10
Crossing Rocks $100+$10
Sandy Point $135 + $10
Between Marsh Harbour Ferry and:
Ab Beach Hotel thru Wally's & Eastern Shore $ 2 each
Jib Room $ 3 each
Solomon's Super Center $5 + $3
Stop Light, Dove Plaza, Gov't dock $ 6 + $3
Government F-eighl Doc $ 7 + $3
GovClinic, W Auto or Nat Insurance $ 9 + $3
Mother Merle restaurant $10 +$3
Waiting time $20 per hour, $10 per half hour
Children under three free Caged pets as people
Luggage $1.00 each over four, Surf boards $4.00 ea.
Between Treasure Cay Airport and: Effective 13 Nov 05
Treasure Cay Resort $20 + $5
Madeira Park $14+$4
Green Turtle Cay ferry dock $8 + $4
Moxy $18+$5
Bahamas Star farm $24 + $5
Sand Banks $24 + $5
Joe's Creek, Leisure Lee $44+ $10
Black Wood $18+$5
Fire Road & Cooper's Town $37 + $5
Cedar Harbour $55 + $5
Wood Cay $60 + $5
Mount Hope $65+$5
Fox Town $70 + $5
Crown Haven $75 + $5
Marsh HarbourAirport $75 + $10
T Cay Hotel to Marsh Harbour $65+ $10
T C Hotel to G Turtle Ferry (Blue Hole $24) $18 + $5
T C Hotel to Bonefish Marles $22 + $5
T C Hotel to Joe's Creek $35 + $5
T C Hotel to Moxey $16+$5
T C Hotel to Banyan Bch Club XX $6 + $3
Green Turtle Ferry to Marsh H Airport $75 +$10

Airlines Serving Abaco
AbacoAir Nassau, N Eleuthera, Moores Is 367-2266
American Eagle Miami 367-2231
Bahamasair Nassau, W Palm B, Ft Laud 367-2095
Chaulks- Ft Lauderdale 954-359-0329
Continental Connection Miami
Ft Laud and W Palm Beach 367-3415
Island Express Ft Lauderdale 367-0169
Southern Air Nassau 367-2498
Twin Air Calypso- Fort Lauderdale 367-0140
Vintage Props & Jets New Smyrna B 367-4852
Yellow Air Taxi Ft Lauderdale 367-0032
Local air charters serving Bahamas & S.Florida
AbacoAir 367-2266
Cherokee Air Charters 367-3450

Dive Shops
Abaco Dive Adventures, Marsh Harbour.... .............. 367-2963
Above & Below, Marsh Harbour 367-0350
Dive Abaco 1978, Marsh Harbour 367-2787
Froggies, Hope Town 366-0431
Treasure Divers, Treasure Cay 365-8571
Brendal's Dive, Green T. Cay 365-4411
Dive Guana 365-5178
Man-0-War Dive Shop 365-6013

Items of interest Man-0-War boat yards Blackwood
blue hole & sisal mill Cedar Harbour plantation ruins need
guide Hole in Wall lighthouse last mire very rough road *
Abaco wild horses by appointment 367-4805 Bird watching ask
tourism 367-3067

Visitors' Guide
Restaurants Services Transportation

Compliments of The Abaconian

Area code 242 unless noted otherwise

Ferry Schedules Departure times shown Daily service unless noted
Marsh Harbour to Hope Town or Man-0-War 20 minutes from Crossing Beach
Marsh Harbour to Guana Cay 40 minutes
Abaco Ferry Service VHF Ch 16 to or from White Sound
Marsh Harbour > Hope Town 7:00am* 8:50 10:20 12: pm 1:55 3:55* 5:40
Return 7:55 am 9:30 II 12:30pm* 2:55 5 6:15
Marsh Harbour > White Sound 7am 12pm 3:15 Return 7:40 1:10 4:25
Fare Anytime round trip $25

Albury's Ferry Service Ph 367-3147 or 367-0290 VHF Ch. 16
Marsh Harbour > Hope Town 7:15 am 9 10:30 12:15 pm 2
Return 8 am 9:45 11:30 1:30 pm 3
Marsh Harbour > White Sound Contractor's special Mon Fri 7 am Ri
Marsh Harbour > Man-O-War 10:30 am 12:15 pm 2:30*
Return 8 am 11:30 1:30 pm 3:15*
Marsh H. > Guana Cay (& Scotland Cay with advance notice) from Conch Inn
(6:45am Union Jack Dock) 10:30 1:30 pm 3:30 5:4!
Return 8 am 11:30 2:30 pm 4:45

4 5:45
4 5 6:30
return 5 pm
4 5:45*
Not on Sundays
5* or holidays

Same day fare Adult prepaid oneway $16 / Round Trip $22, * Kids 6-11 half, Under 6 free
(,reen lurtle I-erry Phone 365-4166, 4128, 4151 VHF Ch 16 Ten minute ride
Green T Cay to Treasure Cay Airport 8 am 9 II 12:15 1:30 3 4:30
T Cay Airport to Green T Cay 8:30 am 10:30 11:30 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5
New Plymouth one way adult $10 (Children $7) Round trip $15 Extra to some G T Cay docks
Abaco Adventures Ph 365-8749 VHF Ch 16
Treasure Cay to Guana Cay Sunday Lv 12 & returns 4:45 p.m. $25 RT
T Cay to Man-O-War/ Hope Town Wed 9:30 am, return 4:30 pm $35 RT
T Cay to Guana Cay Sunset Cruise Fr $25, call for time
Pinder's Ferry Service Between Abaco & Grand Bahama -
Crown Haven, Abaco to McLean's Town, Grand Bah. -Daily 7:00 am & 2:30 pm
McLean's Town to Crown Haven return Daily 8:30 am & 4:30 pm
Fare $45 OW / $90 RT Children half fare Call Abaco 365-2356 for information
Bus between Freeport and McLean's Town Rental automobiles at both terminals.
Bahamas Ferries Sandy Point to Nassau under 4 Hr. Call Sandy Point 366-4119
or Marsh Harbour 367-5250 for sailing dates Adults $95 RT, $55 OW Cars & trucks
The Great Abaco Express Marsh Harbour charter bus to N Abaco Call 367-2165, G roup tours

Bonefish Guides Cherokee
Sandy Point Theodore Sawyer ...366-2111
Patrick Roberts .. 366-4286 Will Sawyer............. 366-2177
Nicholas Roberts Marty Sawyer.......... 366-2115
Derrick Gaitor Noel Lowe ...............366-2107
Ferdinand Burrows 366-4133 Randy Sawyer .........366-2284

Vernal Burrows
Kendall White
Anthony Bain ......366-4107
Floyd Burrows .... 366-4175
Links Adderly ...... 366-4335
Valentino Lightbourne
Ricky Burrows .... 366-4233
Marsh Harbour
Jody Albury .........375-8068
Terrance Davis.... 367-4464
Justin Sands ......367-3526
Danny Sawyer.....367-3577
Jay Sawyer ........367-3941
David Albury .......365-6059
Crossing Rocks
Tony Russell .......366-3259

Casaurina Point
Junior Albury ...........366-3058
Buddy Pinder...........366-2163
Hope Town
Maitland Lowe ........366-0234
North Abaco
O'Donald Mclntosh..477-5037
Pope McKenzie .......477-5894
Orthnell Russell ......365-0125
Alexander Rolle.......365-0120
Edward Rolle ..........365-0024
Green Turtle Cay
Ronnie Sawyer .......365-4070
Jeff Survance ..........365-4040
Ricky Sawyer ..........365-4261

To Abaco by land and sea from Florida Take Discovery Cruise
Line (954-971-7347) from Ft. Lauderdale or CloudX ferry (866-473-3779) from
West Palm Beach to Freeport Bus to McLeans Town Ferry to Crown Haven *
Bus to Green Turtle Ferry or Marsh Harbour *Taxi to Marsh Harbour ferry dock
* Ferry to Hope Town, Man-0-War or Guana Cay Its an adventure

reads The
Ahin ii

flLatLUi IU

Abaco Marinas Slips Fuel Phone
Walker's Cay
W alker's Cay ........... ................. Closed
Green Turtle Cay
Bluff House ................45....... F...... 365-4200
Green Turtle Club ......32....... F......365-4271
Black Sound Marina...15 ...............365-4531
Other Shore Club.......12....... F......365-4195
Abaco Yacht Service..10....... F...... 365-4033
Treasure Cay
Treasure Cay Marina150 ...... F...... 365-8250
Man-O-War Marina ...26....... F......365-6008
Marsh Harbour
Boat Harbour Marina183....... F......367-2736
Conch Inn...................75....... F .....367-4000
Harbour View Marina.36.......F .....367-2182
Marsh Harbour Marina52 F 367 2700
Hope Town
Hope Town Marina.....16..............366-0003
Hope Town Hideaways.................366-0224
Lighthouse Marina .......6 ....... F......366-0154
Sea Spray..................50....... F......366-0065
Spanish Cay
Spanish Cay Marina...75....... F......365-0083
Guana Cay
Orchid Bay .................32....... F......365-5175
Boats can clear Customs at Green Turtle Cay,
Treasure Cay or Marsh Harbour

Tours & Excursions
Abaco Island Tours Marsh Harbour 367-2936
Above & Below Marsh Harbour 367-0350
Dive Abaco 1978, Marsh Harbour 367-2787
Brendals Dive Green Turtle Cay 365-4411
Excursion boat Froggies Hope T 366-0024
Excursion boat Froggies Hope T 366-0431

Points of Interest
Albert Lowe Museum Green Turtle Cay
Capt Roland Roberts House, reef exhibits.......Green Turtle Cay
Memorial Sculpture Garden...................... Green Turtle Cay
Wyannie Malone Historical Museum.....................Hope Town
Elbow Cay Light Station Hope Town
Walk to & swim on Mermaid Reef off M Harb. .. Pelican Shore
Drive to & swim in Blue Hole .............Treasure Cay farm road
Art studio & working foundry- ....................... Little Harbour
Working boatyards Man-0-War cay
Pocket beaches Crossing Beach in Marsh Harbour
* Witches Point 3 miles S. of Marsh Harbour
* Little Harbour 20 miles S. of Marsh Harbour
* Cherokee 23 miles S of Marsh Harbour
Miles of beach are generally on ocean exposures
* Treasure Cay Green Turtle Cay
* Guana Cay Man-0-War Cay Elbow Cay Casuarina Point
* Bahama Palm Shore Sandy Point & more

Bikes & Scooters* Boats* Cars & Carts
Rentals Marsh Harbour
A& P Car Rentals .......................... 367-2655
B & B Boat Rentals......................... 367-7368
Bargain Car Rentals........................ 367-0500
Blue Wave Boat Rentals .................367-3910
Concept Boat Rentals....... .......... 367-5570
Power Cat Boat Rentals ...................................
Quality Star Car Rentals (Texaco) ..... 367-2979
Rainbow Boat Rentals .................. 367-4602
Rental Wheels Scooters, Bikes, Cars 367-4643
Rich's Boat Rentals ........................ 367-2742
Sea Horse Boat Rentals .................367-2513
Sea Star Car Rentals ...................... 367-4887
Green Turtle Cay
Bay Street Rentals + ........477-5300 365-4070
Brendals Dive Bikes & Kayak rental ...365-4411
C & D Cart Rental ........................... 365-4084
D & P Cart Rental ............................ 365-4655
Donnie's Boat Rentals....................... 365-4119
New Plymouth Cart Rentals.. 365-4188 or 4149
Reef Boat Rentals ........................... 365-4145
Sea Side Carts & Bikes....................365-4147
T & A Cart Rentals.............. ............. 375-8055
Guana Cay
Donna Sands Cart Rentals .............365-5195
Dive Guana Boats & Bikes...............365-5178
Conch Pearl Boat Rentals................365-6502
Island Treasures Cart Rentals ...........365-6072
Ria-Mar Golf Cart Rentals................365-6024
Waterways Boat Rental ..357-6540 & 365-6143
Hope Town
Cat's Paw Boat Rentals.................. 366-0380
Hope Town Cart Rentals .................366-0064
Island Cart Rentals ......................... 366-0448
Island Marine Boat Rentals .............366-0282
J R's Cart Rental................................ 366-0361
Sea Horse Boat Rentals............. 366-0023
T & N Cart Rentals........................... 366-0069
Treasure Cay
Alison Car Rent .. ............. .......... 365-8193
Cash's Carts... ......................... 365-8771
Claridge's Cart Rentals ................... 365-8248
Cornish Car Rentals......................... 365-8623
JIC Boat Rentals ............................. 365-8465
Triple J Car Rentals ......................... 365-8761
Abaco Adventures Kayaks ..............365-8749

Restaurant Guide
Prices $ Low, $$ Moderate, $$$ Upper
(Based on dinner entree range)
+ Picnic tables & restroom only t Provides ride from town
Marsh Harbour
Anglers......................... $$$ ....... ....367-2158
Curly Tails ......................$$$ .............367-4444
G ino's .................................$ ............. 367-2002
Golden Grouper ..............$ ...........367-2301
Hummingbird....................$$ ............367-2922
Island Cafe.........................$ ............ .367-6444
Jam ie's Place.....................$ ............ 367-2880
Jib Room .........................$$ ............ .367-2700
Kentucky Fried Chicken............... ...367-2615
Mangoes ...................... $$$ .............367-2366
Pop's Place ........................$ .....+ .....367-3796
Poppa Georgio's ................$
Sea Shells .................. $ .......... 367-4460
Snack Shack .....................$ .....+.....367-4005
Snappas.............................$ .............. 367-2278
Subw ay ..................... .................... 367-2798
W allys .......................... $$$ .............367-2074
Dundas Town
Mother Merle's ................$$

Hope Town
Abaco Inn ................... $$$ .............366-0133
Cap'n Jacks .......................$ ............. 366-0247
Harbour's Edge............... $$ ...........366-0087
H T Harbour Lodge .......$$$ .............366-0095
Munchies ............ $ .....+ ....366-0423
Sea Spray ............... $$ ..... ::..... 366-0065
Lubber's Quarter
Cracker P's....................................... 366-3139
Hibiscus ................. .... ....... ....... 365-6380
Island Treats Snack Bar...................365-6501
Guana Cay
Blue Water Grill..............$$$ .............365-5230
Grabbers...................... $$$ .............365-5133
Guana Seaside .............$$$ .............365-5106
Nippers ........................ $$$ ............365-5143
Orchid Bay ....................................... 265-5175
Treasure Cay
Florence's Cafe .............$...$
Coconuts... ..................
Harbour Cafe ....................$ .............365-8635
Hudson's Delight ............$ ............365-8648
Spinnaker Restaurant ...$$$ .............365-8469
Touch of Class .............$$$.............365-8195
Green Turtle Cay
Bluff House.....................$$$ ............365-4200
Jolly Roger Bistro.............$$ .............365-4200
Green Turtle Club ..........$$$ .............365-4271
Harvey's Island Grill.........$$.............365-4389
Laura's Kitchen ...............$$ ...........365-4287
McIntosh's Restaurant .... $$.............365-4625
Plymouth Rock Cafe... 5- 234
Rooster's Rest .... .....I H Cafe Open igtnly I
Sundowners..................................... 365-4060
Wrecking Tree Restaurant
Harbour Cafe (ferry dock)..$.....+.....365-8635
Sandy Point
Nancy's ... ...................
Pete & Gays .................$$$ ........... 366-4119
Rickmon Bonefish Lodge.................366-4477

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Page 32 Section A The Abaconian

Lan And


r k1; k

r~ ~...::h



Work is for people who don't

know how to fish!



works or you.






Rosetta Street
P.O. Box SS-6283
Tel: (242) 394-5555
Fax: (242) 323-6520

Pioneers Way
P.O. Box F-42541
Tel: (242) 350-3500
Fax: (242) 350-3510

Queen Elizabeth Dr.
P.O. Box AB-20666
Tel: (242) 367-4204
Fax: (242) 367-4206

P.O. Box
Tel: (242)
Fax: (242


email: imbabaco@coralwave.com




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May 15, 2008






VOLUME 16, NUMBER 10 MAY 15th, 2008

Festival's theme emphasized Loyalist heritage

Green Turtle held 5th Annual Island Roots Heritage Festival

S. ,. *- i fcA" --- .. .- \. Although there are new activities and features each year at Green Turtle Cay's annual Island Roots Heritage Festival, one constant
is the plaiting of the Maypole. These beautiful girls are ready for the challenge of ',.*Ilddy plaiting it all the way and then reversing
their plait that they have perfected through practice. The festival had many new attractions appealing to adults and children alike.
The two-day event draws people from all communities and from other islands to enjoy the ambiance of the festival.

By Samantha V. Evans
The fifth annual Island Roots Heritage
Festival in Green Turtle Cay opened on
May 2nd at 12 noon with an opening parade
of characters many of which came from
Florida for the occasion. Prime Minister,
the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham, officially
opened the festival late in the afternoon.
He was so happy to see so many visitors
to Green Turtle Cay. This event is truly
a Green Turtle Cay community event. He
stated that they have his full support, and
hopefully he will be back next year. He of-
ficially declared the event open.
Sir Peter Anderson of the Conch Re-
public of Key West, Florida, and Mark
Rossi, the City Commissioner, presented
Prime Minister Ingraham with a silver coin
and a Conch Republic courtesy flag and
declared him a goodwill ambassador to the
Conch Republic. Welcoming all to the fes-
tival was Mr. Theophilus Cox, Adminis-
trator for North Abaco, who stated that this
festival is one of the signature events of the
Ministry of Tourism because it brings so
many groups of people together.
The theme, The Bahamas: the Jewel of
the Crown, was fitting for this event espe-
cially since The Bahamas has a rich con-
nection to the United Kingdom. Addition-
Please see Island Roots Page 2

Polls close for voter

registration on May 26
If you have moved into a new polling division,
register before May 26 to be able to vote in
the Local Government election on June 26

Students created

displays for Earth Day

Students from 13 schools evnubited science displays in this year's Earth Day program
of Friends of the Environment. This year's topic was climate change and the students
obviously had learned a great deal about their topics to have such well done displays.
By Jennifer Hudson from eight last year to 13 this year. The
What a wonderful effort the school standard of the exhibits was high show-
children made for this year's Earth Day ing that much time, thought and research
Science Fair held at the New Vision Min- had been put into the work. The theme
istries on April 25. It was exciting to see
that the number of schools entering sci- Please see Earth Day Page 16
ence displays this year almost doubled

S.C. Bootle's exhibit show-

cased their accomplishments

Students of S. C. Bootle High School in Cooper's Town were proud of what they have
done in technical, agricultural and home economic classes this year. They were sell-
ing vegetables, cakes, pies and other items they had produced. Additionally, wood-

working projects were displayed. Students
spective employees.
Staff and students of S.C. Bootle High
School assembled an impressive display
highlighting the practical aspects of their
school year.
The tent in the courtyard held a variety
of exhibits featuring the students' practi-
cal accomplishments. On display were
Furniture including a full size single
bedframe with headboard and footboard.
Produce from the school garden.
Students representing the business
class were giving mock interviews to job
Cakes were being decorated and pie
slices were on sale.
On display were an impressive as-

taking business courses interviewed pro-

sortment of clothing articles made by the
The mechanics class had assembled
a puzzle and accompanying questionnaire
using tools and small engine parts.
Graphical communication students
had assembled a video on a DVD or CD
which was projected on a screen for the
The students and staff are to be com-
plimented on the excellent exhibits. They
put on an impressive display which high-
lighted the practical aspects of their aca-
See additional photos on page 27.

Page 2 Section B

The Abaconian May 15, 2008

The Prime Minister officially opened the festival

Island Roots From Page 1

ally, the festival allows the unique culture
of The Bahamas to be shared with visitors
from all around the world. On hand to en-
tertain the attendees as only they can was
the Royal Bahamas Police Force Marching
Band who wooed the crowd with great Ba-
hamian music under the leadership of Di-
rector Andrew Hunter.
Charity Armbrister, Family Island Ac-
tivities Coordinator of the Ministry of
Tourism, stated that this festival highlights
the heritage and culture rooted on this Fam-
ily Island. The Heritage Festival is of the
highest standard with an educational and
cultural component thanks to Karen Mcln-
tosh and her hard working committee. Ms.
Armbrister was very impressed by the ca-

maraderie and support of the community
and the administrator.
Amy Roberts Primary School performed
a Bahamian poem called Nough Said that
ended with a dance routine to display their
Bahamian pride. Minister of State for Cul-
ture, Mr. Charles Maynard, stated that the
people of Green Turtle Cay should be very
proud because the festival spirit could be
felt from the time visitors arrived on the
dock at New Plymouth. He was so im-
pressed that he may even create a special
Festival Pride Award to give to the orga-
nizers of this event next year.
Before the ceremony came to an end,
Karen McIntosh thanked everyone for cel-

Please see Island Roots Page 4

The Royal Bahamas Police Force Marching Band is always a thrilling experience. It
comes every year for the Island Roots Heritage Festival. The police are shown here
marching to Centennial Park where most of the activities take place. They played on both
days of the Festival.

The Prime Minister enjoyed his time at the Festival and commented briefly on how well
the town had organized the event. He was impressed with the number of visitors who
were attending. He is shown here enjoying a joke- i itil Mrs. Karen McIntosh, Committee
Chairman, was at the podium. Mr. Edison Key, MP for South Abaco, in on the right.

Boats equipped with:
VHF Bimini Top Cooler
Anchor & Lines Compass
Dive Ladder Life Jackets
Paddle Flares Flashlight
Fire Extinguisher First Aid Kit

30 Boats to Choose From
All Meticulously Maintained
Our Customers Get
Extra Attention

Weekly Rates:
26' Paramount $1435
23' Albury Bros $1155
22' Boston Whaler $1050
20' Albury/Hydra $1015
18'Privateer $735

Abaco Real Estate Agency

www.abacobahamas.com Call Bill Thompson : 242-477-5712

Fully furnished
with full kitchen
L wra airconditioning,
and linens.
Exclusive Lasting
"Coconut Tyme" is a newly constructed
"Island Style" private home located near
Boat Harbour just North of Guana
Settlement. Now includes new 1 Bed, 1
Both apartment downstairs.

Purchaser Pays 12 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

F residential lot.
Exdusive Listing

This beautiful elevated waterfront
residential lot #28 is located on Dolphin
Beach Estates between Dockslders and
Grabbers restaurants and very close to the

Purchaser Pays 1B Slanp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

some of Ithe
bed views
Pelco Shores.
Exclusive Listing
kwMLS#1 96
Single story home built of solid concrete, 1960's
Style house (opprox. 1,400 sq. ft.) wth 2 bed-
roouW,5 baths, brick fireplace in IMng room,
kitchen, den/office, laundry room, 200 sq. ft. car
port, 1,050 concrete polio, 200 sq. ft, wooden

Purchaser Pay 1 Stanmp Tax &Own Legal Fees.

Located in a
15 bt Sea-to-
Sea residential
Exclusive Listing
ML S# 1149
Beautiful Atlantic Ocean residential beach-
front Lots 5 & 6 offered as one parcel total-
ing 41,434 sq.ft. Beachfront Lot 6 is 19,202
sq. ft. with approx. 205' of beachfront, Lot
5 is just behind with 22,232 sq. ft.

Purchaser Pays 1/2 Stamp Tax & Own Legal Fees.

LS#1700 sq. ft on approx .75 of 103n acre.
The house features a private boat
dock almost at your door step.

Purchaser Pays 1 SampTax &Own Legal Fees.

S-Perfect property
for a private
estate or family
Exclire Listing
ILS# 1097
Lots of deep water for you to own private
dock. Located Just before boat harbour
at the end of Dosphin Beach Estates on
Guana Coy.

Puchaser Pays 1/2 Sfar Tax Own Legal Fee

., Located just
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3 2 Bed, 1 1/2 bath villas, swimming pool, 250'
protected marina. Laundromat, Gift Shop & Storage

Phone: (242) 367-2719
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Marsh Harbour, Abaco

This luxuriously furnished 4 bedroom, 4 both
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This beautiful home offers 42 feet of deep
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Property 8,611 sq. ft. wlth 42' concrete bulk-
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Exdrcsive Listing MISt 1155

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1 2 Bed & 3 1 Bed
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May 15th, 2008

May 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Section B


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Page 3

SI Rbahamas.com

Page 4 Section B The Abaconian

A variety of activities entertained everyone

Island Roots From Page 2
ebrating the jewel of The Bahamas with
them. She is truly thankful to the small
community of 450 people who all come to-
gether to plan an event for thousands. She
gave special thanks to all of the support-
ers, the Ministry of Tourism, and the hard
working committee. The police marching
band gave another stellar performance and
the young ladies of Green Turtle Cay under
the direction of Annabelle Cross plaited the
A variety of activities was scheduled
that entertained and educated. Many al-
lowed the visitors to participate in games
and competitions. Old time games were
played, a hoola hoop championship was or-
ganized, demonstrations and informational
talks kept everyone happy.

Students from several schools were
present including Central Abaco Primary
School, Long Bay School and Bishop Mi-
chael Eldon Anglican School from Free-
port, Grand Bahamas. Students took part
in tug-of-war and watched the sword fights
and enjoyed the scrumptious cuisine in-
cluding conchy conch salad and fritters
prepared by food vendors. The students
enjoyed the toys and desserts, touring the
island, visiting the local museum, and tour-
ing Reef Relief.
Some of the characters who attended
from Florida were the Pyrates of the Coast
headed by Queen Victoria and the West
Coast Buccaneers headed by Queen Eliza-
beth I. Also attending were Lady Con-
stance, Sgt. James McNicollas, a town cri-
er, Woodes Rodgers, Mad King George, a
court jester, Lady Bess, Bella Donna and

The children of the Amy Roberts Primary School on Green Turtle Cay had a sang and
danced in the opening program. They are shown here with the Prime Minister, who en-
joyed their performance.

Kyle, the slave.
The night was just as entertain-
ing with performances from Island
Spice, Lassido and the Boys and the
fire dancer.
Booths and Displays -
There were some 20 booths set
up at the festival that provided infor-
mation on the festivities, historical
information about the cay and the
rich culture of the Bahamas while
others sold food, crafts, drinks and
jewelry. The Island Roots Festival
Information booth was the first one
guests saw when they entered the
grounds. The volunteers greeted
everyone and gave out the official
booklets of the festival. They also
sold t-shirts and tickets for various
paid events as well. The Ministry of
Tourism booth provided information
for the vacationers to the island on
attractions and other fun things to do
while there.
Mr. Joseph Albury, a 2005 Caci- A gr
que award winner and a descendant ida
of Uriah Saunders of Green Turtle Roo
Cay, had a booth where he displayed are
his wooden crafts and gave a demon- the
station on how to use old fashioned proc
tools including his tool sharpening
wheel that was a big attraction. Norma Jean
Sawyer-Atanda from Key West also had a
booth again this year to provide informa-
tion about the African Memorial Commit-
tee and the Bahama Conch Community
Land Trust of Key West organization.
Joy Lowe Jossie had a booth on the fea-
turing genealogy that provided information
on her journey to finding lost members of
her family. A wonderful booth display-
ing paintings of the Green Turtle Cay area

group of costumed performers came from Flor-
to portray the Loyalist theme of the Island
ts Heritage Festival. The Pyrates of the Coast
shown here in a sword fight that fascinated
children. Their beautifully choreographed
auction was very well done.

was manned by Kim Rody Fisharista and
Friends who made their work available for
persons to view and purchase.
The craft booths displayed straw work,
coconut and/or shell jewelry, driftwood
frames and sand. Booths were manned by
Iza Rolle and Rose McKenzie, Gwendo-
lyn Laing, and Colette Bootle. Rachelle

Please see Island Roots Page 5

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Sound. $694,000
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IS1 Mar 08











Don MacKay Boulevard Marsh Harbour
Across the street from St. John the Baptist Anglican Church

May 15, 2008

May 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Section B Page 5

New features included teas with royalty

I- pi .........- UII mN -
One new feature of the Island Roots Heritage Festival this year was the offer of having
tea with either Queen Elizabeth I or with Queen Victoria. The tea was held in the dining
room of the New P ii, 'mui Inn that has ,/ c,aul reopened. It is the oldest resort on Abaco
and was originally a home. It has been closed since 2004 when Hurricanes Frances and
Jeanne damaged the buildings extensively. The teas proved to be very popular.

Island Roots From Page 4

Sweeting from Sandy Point and Marcella
Dean from Nassau joined the festivities
for the first time this year selling hand-
made jewelry and artwork. Also display-
ing at the festival from other islands were
Marianna Colebrooke from Andros, who
makes beautiful straw work, shell and co-
conut jewelry, and Gwendolyn Laing from
Grand Bahama, who displayed her crafts
and other goods.
Food, food and more mouth watering
cuisine and drinks were on sale for all to
enjoy. The Native Crew, the Down Home
Gals, Soul Sisters, and Three Sisters pro-
vided the most scrumptious food available
on the island. Once guests had eaten the
conchy conch fritters, the peppery conch
salad, the jerk chicken, fish and peas n'
rice, Vito Russell's Liquid Ice and Daiquiri
Delight, Curry's Corner Bar, and The Sun-
set Bar were there to quench their thirst.

There was surely enough food available to
entice any palate and sufficient drinks to
meet the needs of all ages.
There was a lighthouse history booth that
provided information on the British legacy,
Green Turtle Cay history, celebrations and
hard working community, and history of
all of the Governor Generals of the Baha-
mas. The information provided was able to
show how this rich legacy has contributed
to the development of Green Turtle Cay,
and the hard working spirit that can be seen
in its people.

Ads in

The Abaconian

Bring Results

Abaco Cays Realty, Ltd

Great Guana Cay Green Turtle Cay Man-O-11ar Cay
Marsh Harbour
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Lot ilf 45 -Orchid Bay
43,480 s.f. 09982 Acre
190o.g' oilSea ofAbaco
prime buiilding site
+/- 15'clevations
Orchid Bay amenities
Allows for private deeded
mature t-rees
IGGVI087 $940,000.

Great Guana Cay
Orchid Bay
Prestigious Orchid Bay
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Parcel # 58 174,775 s.f
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One of the I highest
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Fabulous Panoramic
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Real Gu.irin ( a I
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1 I ..

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I "Ctn!%rinii"

Marsh Hlarbour
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."....... 6 .P If
( =-'w" A-

L. RL "GrI ud4 B ,"-

Green l rtle Cay
Coco Bay


Page 6 Section B

The Abaconian

May 15, 2008

Cultural Talks at GTC Heritage Festival 2008

By Mirella Santillo
The Green Turtle Cay Heritage Festival
took place the first weekend in May. This
year, the weather was cool and windy,
but it did not prevent people from crowd-
ing the fair ground on Friday to enjoy the
many attractions, the merchants with their
crafts, the games, the music and the food.
As usual, besides entertainment for the
senses, there was also cultural entertain-
ment. People inclined to learn about Abaco
could attend presentations at the Admin-
istrator's office. A series of talks from
knowledgeable Bahamians such as Mr.
Ricky Johnson, Mr. Darius D Williams or
Mr. Richard "Blue" Jones, or from people
connected to The Bahamas and particularly
Abaco for many years, Ms. Sandra Riley
and Mr. Bob Carr, enlightened the curious
about the history, the archeology and the
fauna and flora of the island.

gua had powered trains. On the remaining
islands they were pulled in most cases by
The construction of railroads was linked
to economical endeavors such as timber,
sisal and in the case of Inagua, salt. On
Abaco railroads were built at the beginning
of the 1900s at Wilson City to transport
logs; there are still remains of the tracks
there. Railroad tracks can also be found in
the Norman Castle area in North Abaco,
on Little Abaco near the former sisal plan-
tation and at several locations where there
were sawmills.
Skeletons from a cave
prove interesting
The following day an archeologist from
Miami, Mr. Bob Carr, who conducted in-
tensive research on Eleuthera at Preacher's
Cave two years ago, further elaborated on

his discov-
eries. Mr.
iCarr made
Sd t a presenta-
tion on his
findings last
year at the
Festival, but
at that time
Archeologist Bob Carr the results of
all the analy-
sis and tests had not been compiled. This
year he was able to confirm evidence of
Indian presence on Eleuthera by 668 AD,
a few hundred years earlier than presumed.
The fact was established by testing the re-
mains of three Indian bodies found in the
cave, one of them identified as a woman
who was buried with a triton shell in her
chest. Another of the bodies was that of a

man buried belly down, hands tied behind
his back and the head missing. Was he a
murderer or a sacrifice victim? The an-
swer will never be known, but the discov-
ery gives us an inkling of these people's
The cave was also used at a much later
period by the survivors of the Eleutheran
Adventurers. A group of people from
Bermuda were shipwrecked at the Devil's
Backbone near that cave and they used it as
a shelter. The body of a baby buried there
was DNA tested. The results showed evi-
dence of a dwarfism syndrome that is pres-
ent in only three places in the world: Leba-
non, Equador and Spanish Wells. Again
more questions were raised concerning

Please see GTC Talks Page 8


were on
several is-
The first speaker, a
native of Rock Sound,
Eleuthera, Mr. Darius
D Williams, made a
presentation on the
railroads in The Ba-
hamas. Author of The
Rail Road and History
of The Bahamas, Mr.
Williams has been a
resident of many of the
Family Islands, includ-
ing Abaco where he
lived in Sandy Point for
a year. He mentioned
that there were railroads
on nine islands, four of
them, Andros, Abaco,
Grand Bahama and Ina-

The Island Roots Heritage Festival had several very interest-
ing speakers who talked on topics related to Abaco's history
and environment. The talks were held at the Administrator's
office. S/',i, on the left is Mr. Darius Williams, who has
done extensive research on railroads in The Bahamas and
their significance. Ms. Sandra Riley is a historian, who has
written Homeward Bound, a history of Abaco. And Ricky
Smith is an environmentalist, who is now resident on Abaco.
He talked about the eco-systems on Abaco.

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Nine lots for sale in new gated community in Great Cistern, Abaco.
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Lot # 78 Central Pin( SOLD |
Duplex, 2 apts. off Forest Drive in
Dundas T
6 lots in Marsh Harbour off Don MacKay Blvd.
4 lots 10,286.1 sq. ft. $59,659 each
2 lots 12,086.1 sq. ft. $70,099 each
5 lots in Murphy Town, water view, across from Abaco
Block and Concrete, could be commercial, 56,260 sq. ft. Sold together
Sold separately 3 lots $48,614 each, I at $48,730, I at $106,745
S=. -c Duplex Murphy Town
'= 2 story, 2 bedroom I bath up
',. 'S J and down. $160,000 net

Visit our other fine properties at: www.adlerrealtybahamas.com


Ma 15 208 TeAaoin ScinB Pg

Brokers zAr
Anne Albury
Marcellus Roberts
Sales Associate
Everett Pinder
(242) 365-8538 Ph
(242) 365-8587 Ph/Fax -- (__ ,

Treasure Cay Properties Offered by Treasure Cay Specialists

For details and pictures visit our web page at http://www.treasurecayrealestate.com

"NEW" STORAGE UNITS, centrally located in
Treasure Cay town centre. Storage units come
in assorted sizes for boats, cars, golf carts and
"stuff." EXC. Starting at $25,000 FGS

Newest opportunity
Canal front condo and cottage units with
available boat slips
Starting at $680,000 + 14%closing
"Pineaple Point Resort" Luxury gated
community Treasure Cay's newest
waterfront development. 2 bed/ 2 bath
and 3 bed/ 3 bath condos with availability
of private boat slips. Pre-construction price
starting at $529,000 net (plus closing
costs). MUST SEE! Great investment oppor-
tunity and the most spectacular location in
Treasure Cay
Now the newest oceanfront development
on Treasure Cay beach comprising 10
individual luxury units
Starting at $900,000 + 7.5% closing
Luxury condominium project on Treasure
Cay Beach. 3 bed / 3 bath / Den / Lanai / on-
site pool and many other features
Starting at $907,500 Plus 14% closing
On-site pool and tennis, newly completed
luxury townhouse units directly on
Treaure Cay each totalling 3 bed/4 1/2
baths plus loft bedroom/den
Ground floor garage, 2 bed/ 2 bath with
ocean front patio
First floor open concept living / dining/
kitchen plus master bedroom suite, all
ocean views with patio/ balcony
Loft bedroom/ den with ocean view
MLS $2,075,000 + 7.5% Closing

Townhouse condos with on- site tennis, heated
pool, office, laundry
Marina view, 2 bed/ 1 1/2 bath, fully furnished,
never rented, extra features.
MUST SEE FGS $295,000
Marina view, 1 bed / 1 bath upstairs good
rental potential $220,150 FGS
Marina view, 2 bed/ 2 bath and unit fully
furnished- storm shutters- good rental
potential $286,500 + 7.5% closing

Unit #4 Upstairs 3 bed/2bath fully furnished,
direct beach access. Good rental investment
EXC. $514,250 FGS

EXC Exclusive listing
FGS Full gross or all-inclusive price
MLS Multiple Listing
List price plus buyer's closing


Canal front condos with on site tennis and pool
2 bed / 2 bath lower unit marina view. Good
rental income EXC $526,350
2 bed/ 2 bath lower unit with marina view. 12
ft. boat slip with 12,000 lb. lift. Never rented.
EXC $655,950 FGS
Ocean front luxury octagonal units with lagoon/
pool/waterfall. Good rental potential.
Unit #7 Two storey 2 bed/ 2 bath home.
MLS $545,000 + 7.5% closing
Unit #9 Twot 2 bath home
0 + 7.5% closing
Resale condos available in first completed project.
Ready to go. Both units never rented but definite
Downstairs unit 3 bed / 2 bath with den/
optional 4th bed. Completely and tastefully
furnished with many extra features including
garage and Ford Taurus $1,002,000 FGS
Canal Front Condosi,-, ite Pool
Bldg 4 Dow SO L 2 bed / 2 bath,
totally redon e-rZzTde slip
EXC. $468,000 FGS
Unit #3 Ocean front, downstairs 2 bed/2 bath,
fully furnished. $640,000 FGS
Ocean Front Condos with on site pool and
3 bed / 3 bath upper unit, fully furnished,
beach front, with good rental potential.
Priced to sell. $865,000 + 7.5%
2 bed / 2 bath newly renovated, fully fur-
nished end unit includes 2 garages for
car and golf cart along with a jeep and a
golf cart. Never rented. MUST SEE! Priced
to sell $695,432 + 71/2%
Second row beach with direct ocean access.
Great view. 2 bed / 2 bath, many special
features. MUST SEE EXC. $485,500 FGS
"Lacey Daze" Spectacular 4 bed/ 3 1/2 bath,
fully furnished, CBS home with panoramic
ocean views and direct beach access from
every room but one via decks and patios. The
main house has living/ dining/ kitchen/ master
bedroom suite, two guest bedrooms with
bath, powder room, double garage and
u tility/workshop area. Included with its own
entrance is a private king size 1 bedroom/ 1
bath apartment with an open living/dining/
kitchen with its own deck.Many features.
MUST SEE. MLS $1,990,000 + 7.5% Closing

"Gramling House" newly built, 2 storey home
located on Galleon Bay canal with a 45'
dock. Upper level has 4 bed/ 2 bath. Open
living/ dining/ kitchen. Lower level has 2
bed/ 1 bath, laundry room pl us covered
open boat/ car storage MUST SELL
"Fish Tales" unique canal front 3 bed / 3 bath
home on 2 full lots, 180' waterfront with 118'
serviced dock, deep water, great for larger
boat. MUST SEE! MLS$1,725,000 + 7.5%
"Trident"/"Turquoise Seas" You cannot be more
"on the beach" than in this special home.
Offering 3 bed / 3 1/2 bath in the main house
with detached garage / bed / bath / attic plus
storage. Vast deck oceanside with widow's
walk. WOW!
MLS $2,200,000 + 7.5% closing
"Cross Winds" Split level CBS home extra large
lot across from 2 beach greenways. Private.
Master bed/ bath suite upstairs. Lower level 2
bed / 2 bath, cozy living room/ kitchen/
dining/ utility. Apartment annex 1bed/ 1
bed, living kitchen, enclosed patio. Plus! Plus!
Plus! MLS $820,000 + 7.5% closing
"Dream Point" Special CBS split level home
located on a corner lot near "The Point" with
two choices of direct beach access. Upper
level has master bedroom with ensuite bath
plus two guest bedrooms and bath. On the
split level there is the main entry into a large
open living/dining area, modern well
equipped kitchen. All rooms open onto a
wrap-around partially covered deck overlook
ing the garden. Ground level has an extra
large garage/ workshop with lots of storage.
EXC. $996,300 FGS
"Pilot House" special unique location with a
commanding, enviable view of the Sea of
Abaco. Waterfront home, 2 storey, CBS/
frame. Upstairs master and guest bed, 2 baths,
large living/dining/open kitchen; lower level
1bed / 1 bath, 2 car garage plus 1 car/boat
garage. MLS $1,160,000 + 7.5% closing
Apartment four-plex, 2 storeyCBS building,
each level has 2 U ents with 2 bed,
1 bath, living/di\ .- .... Great rental
investment. M LT'EE! EXC. $400,000 FGS

Ocean front properties
Casuarina Beach/Ocean Blvd.
Sand Piper Beach
Sunrise Point Beginning at $1,250,000 FGS
Canal Front Beginning at $350,000 FGS
Rock Point Waterfront, bulkheaded
Beginning at $430,000 FGS
Golf Course / Interior
Beginning at $60,000 FGS

Treasure Cay has one of the world's best Beaches
Golf Course, Tennis, full service Marina, just naming a few amenities.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information We not only sell here, we live here and love it.
Mailing address: P.O. Box AB22183, Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
E-mail: info@treasurecayrealestate.com

May 15, 2008

The Abaconian Section B Page 7

Page 8 Section B The Abaconian

Educational talks were well attended

GTC Talks From Page 6

the possible link between these locations.
However, the certainty that Spanish Wells
people are the direct descendants of the
Eleutheran Adventurers was established.
Mr. Carr worked on Abaco several years
ago on a dig at Carleton, the site of the first
Loyalist settlement on our island.
are described
On a lighter note, the next presenter, Mr.
Ricki Johnson, a nature and bird-watching
guide, talked about the five eco-systems of
Abaco. From the invasive Casuarina for-
est behind which is found the white land
coppice, home of the land crabs, to the
mangrove and the pine forest, he took us
through each habitat, explaining its role
and the animal life it sustains. The coppice,
because of the moisture it produces is home
to many bird species and native orchids.
"The mangrove belt that used to be called
the Waste Land," said Mr. Johnson, "is
one very dear to me." Hundred of things
are going on there. Besides being a nursery
for marine creatures, a place where they
can escape from the wading birds which
also live there, the mangroves stabilize the
coast line and act as a filter of the water
flowing into the ocean. The fourth eco-sys-
tem he mentioned was the rocky coppice,
home of the fiddler crabs, the puffer fish
which feed on them and the blue-gray gnat-
catcher, a tiny little bird that lives in the
thorn bush growing on the rocks. Last, but
probably the most abundant on Abaco, was
the pine forest, once used for timber.

History of
the Loyalists
Author of Homeward Bound, a history
of Abaco and Sisters of the Sea, a novel
about the two famous female pirates, Anne
Bonney and Mary Reed, Ms. Sandra Riley
was the next speaker. She made a brief re-
capitulation of her book Homeward Bound
to a room full of people, concentrating on
the arrival of the first Loyalists on Abaco
who founded Carleton and their tribula-
tions during the harsh first years of their
settling. After the war of Independence
in America was lost, the Loyalists left in
the United States regrouped in New York,
but had to leave when that city fell. Abaco
was an undeveloped island of The Baha-
mas which was already the home of many
Loyalists, notably in Nassau, on Harbour
Island and Eleuthera. The island was sup-
posedly advertised in the New York news-
papers as a destination and several ships
loaded with Loyalists and free Blacks left
New York bound for Abaco.
Ms. Riley has conducted detailed re-
search in the United States, Great Britain
and The Bahamas to compile information
for her books, so her presentation was laced
with many anecdotes and stories on people
and facts long forgotten. She informed the
audience that she was no longer doing re-
search but had become a playwright and
was in the process of finishing a film which
will premier in the fall about the Lucayan
Indians at the arrival of the Spaniards.
Bush medicine garden
Located in a peaceful setting at the
back of a former Loyalist home in a large
backyard is an enclosed special garden,
not a vegetable or an herb garden, but a

medicinal plant garden. It is Mr. Richard
"Blue" Jones' bush medicine plot. There
Mr. Jones made a presentation to a group
of interested listeners. He spoke about the
medicinal plants found in the Amazon used
in modern medicine and the mention in the
Bible of using plants for curing ailments.
However, his presentation turned nearly
metaphysical when he stated. "There are
times when medicine will not be found
in plants but from a pleasant mind." He
insisted on the power of positive thoughts
and words and ended his talk by quoting
"Pleasant words are like a honey comb,
sweet to the soul, healing to the bones."
After the presentation, he invited people
to visit the garden and to ask for informa-

tion on the various plants growing there:
papaya, bay cedar, bay geranium, aloe,
lignum vitae, dandelion, shepherds needles
and many more. We learnt that bay gera-
nium was good for colds, rooster comb for
cuts and skin abrasions, that papaya leaves
could be boiled and drunk for high blood
pressure or put on the skin to heal sores
and that dandelion was an air purifier.
Genealogy booth
was very popular
Another cultural place that has become
more and more popular since it was first

Please see GTC Talks Page 9

Fbte Grc: te

GRAHAM Taham eat


ti Tuttle Cove Development Abaco
Ref#: 3692
Price: $71,000 to $95,000
Agent: jure Russell
10 single family sea view lots rematring! Located 12 miles Northof
MarshHarbour ard 3 miles South of Treasure Cay. Small boat basin
with dock for owners. Reserve your lot TODAY!

Casa Jewel Turtfe Rocks
Refa#: 3518
Price: $752,000
Agent: June Russell

Custom built 3 bed/2.5 bath home located just north of Marsh
Harbour. SvAmming pool ard beachacess make it a relaxing etre at.

Turnkey Service Station
Ref #: 3638
ii ~Price: $3,600,000
_. ...._4 .Agent: June Russell
In th heart of Marsh Harbour. Fully equipped with a store, parts
dept. and service area Also included is vacant lot rext to station.

S state (This YOeek

Southernm B see Lubbe s Quarters f,
Ref#: 3502
Price: $625,3000
Agent: Patti Lcve
Overlooking the Seaof Abaco, this charming3 bed/3 bath
cottage on th island of Lubbers offers the island life you've been
searching for.

Hope Town Getaway
Ref #: 3757
Price: $995,000
Agent: Patti Love

Just a short walk from the beachthis 2 bed/2 bathdownstairs
arnd upstairs loft with queen beds is a perfect vacationhome.

Vacant Lots Available
* Ref t 3339 Treasue Cay 9000 sqff. golf ourse lot with utilities
$45,000 -Contact Jure Russell
* Refit 1946- Lot with ocean views in While Sunmd,Elbow Cay
$3C%,0000- SOID Patti Love
* Ref 9#3617 Lot with waterfront view inCocomnt Ceek Mash
Harbort $59,500 SOLD- lure Russell

Professional Service, Old-Fashion Value,
Real Estate Experts for Abaco and
The Bahamas
June Russell, CRS, BRI Broker
Office: 366-0601
Cell: 577-6819


Bahamas Real Estate experts with
offices located in Marsh Harbour,
Hope Town and Nassau.
Patti Love, Realtor
Office: 366-0601
Cell: 475-1364

May 15, 2008

May 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Section B

GTC Talks From Page 8

opened two years ago was the genealogy
research booth where an expert, Mrs. Joy
Lowe-Jose was in attendance trying to link
Bahamians and visitors to their ancestors.
Each year more and more people are in-
terested and many have discovered lineage
and parentage to people they would have
never suspected. Thanks to DNA testing,
these links have been traced not only in
The Bahamas and the United States, but
also throughout the world.

Cancer Society

Thrift Shop
Open Third Saturday
9 a.m. -12 Noon

Energy efficient tips
With electricity costs rising, electric
bills can be reduced by efficiently use.
Replace all incandescent bulb with
compact flourescen bulbs. They cost more
initially but they use 66 percent less energy
and last up to 10 times longer.
Clean or replace filters on air condtion-
ers monthly.
Seal cracks where cold air condi-
tioning can escape. Use weatherstripping
around doors
Use cold water rather than hot water
to wash clothes.
Turn the air conditioning thermostat
up two degrees.
Shade your windows with trees or cur-
tains on the south and west exposures to
keep out the heat.
Insulate the pipes from your water

Mermaid Reef Villas

On quiet Pelican Shore in Marsh Harbour
Waterfront Beach Terrace, Pool
2B/2B furnished* Beside Mermaid Reef
Week, Month, Year call 242-367-0518 or 577-0451

Sales Team of
Ed & Cindy Newell
James Moir- Broker P

"Argyh House" #483 Elegantly furnished, elegant 4 bed,
5.5 bath, 6,900 s/f Ocean Blvd. estate on 1.6 landscaped
acres with 153' beachfront. Includes vehicles. $4,900,000.
"TradewMtas" Beach House # 1066 Luxurious 4 bed, 3.5
bath 5,536 s/f furnished home on 26,420 s/f parcel with 130'
of white sandy beachfront. Recently renovated. $3,995,000.
"Peace & Plenty "# 1059 7 bed, 4.5 bath, 2 storey furnmished
Ocean Blvd. home. 163' ofbeach frontage, 1.453 landscaped
acres, magnificent sea views, superior finishes. $3,800,000.
"FinalApproach" #601- Recently renovated, furnished
canal front 2 storey, 5,500 s/f 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath privatehome
on large property, 100' private dock, 4 cargarage $2,625,000.
"TriaentHouse" #317 Superb 3 bedroom,3.5 bath fully
finished, 3,500 s/f beach front home. NOW $2,200,000.
"Frh Tales"# 808 Elegant3 bed, 3 bath furnished canal
front home, 3,430 s/f underroof on 15,493 s/f landscaped
parcel. 90' deepwater frontage & dock. $1,725,000.
"Flip Ian" Wafs rwd Beach # 1008 2 bed, 2 bath beach
home, plus garage on 2 parcels. Recently refurbished,
tastefully furnished. 180' sandy beachfront $1,725,000.
"PorterPlace"- Brigandne Bay # 868 Newly constructed,
furnished 3 bed, 3 bath canalfront home, 3,040 s/funder roof,
double garage, 165' of dockage, new boat lift. $1,600,000.
"Laguna" Galleon Bay # 745 3 bed, 2 bath single storey,
1,550 s/f canalfronthome, furnmished, elevatedlandscapedlot,
carport & garage, deep water dock with boat lift. 3985,000.
"The Cofftages" # 535 New 3 bed, 2 bath beachfront
cottages, 1,300 s/f living space on main level, plus 970 s/f
lower level. Superior construction/finishes. Fantastic Views
"Tradewints" GuestHouse #1067 2 bed, 2 bath, 2
level,2,350 s/f furnmished seaview home plus 1 bed, 1 bath
guest apt. & garage. 18,230 s/f enclosedyard. $805,000.
Treasure Cay House -NearBeach #492 3 bed, 3 bath
1,276 s/f furnished home, recently renovated. $450,000.
"Home, Sweet Honw" #784 2 bed, 2 bath, 1,240 s/f
furnished home on 13,500 s/f lot, close to beach. Adjoining lot
also available. $268,000.
Royal Poinciana Beachjfont Conondthnims -Phase 4
#716) Premier 3 level, 3 bed. 4.5 bath, plus loft newly built
condos on Treasure Cay Beach. 2,860 s/f under roof, attached
garage. 644 s/f covered/open balconies/porches. $2,075,000.
Bahama Beach Club2046 # 1009 3 bed, 3 bath, 2ndlevel
Phase 5 condo, closestto beach, tasteful contemporary
furnishings, unparalleled sea & beach views. $1,150,000.
Alantis Condo 2112 # 929- 4 bed, 4 bath 2,000 s/f 2 level
furnished waterfront condo on Brigantine canal, great water
views, includes 2 large boat slips. Beach nearby. $865,000.
RoyalPoinciana #2612- # 972 -3 bed, 3 bath, 2nd level,
furnishedbeachfront condo, fullyrenovated&re-furbishedin
2000, Golf cart garage. Great sea &beach views. $865,000.
"Hafyant Quay" # 827 Superior 3 & 4 bed1,568 s/f &
2,108 s/f waterfront condos, gated community, 15' beam dock
slip, private garage Pre-condmdit pricing from $603,000.
Atmantf Cando # 2202 #987 2 bed, 2 bath,2ndlevel
furnished waterfront unit, includes boat slip & golf cart
garage. "Turn-Key", Near Treasure CayBeach $499,950.

rime Real Estate Listings Throughout Aba
Atlantf Condo #2203 -#1000 -2 bed,2 bath, 2ndlevel
furni shed waterfront unit, includes boat slip & golf cart
garage. OverlooksBrigantine Bay, Near beach $499,930.
Atlanth Condo # 2209#770 Elegantly fumished,well
maintained bed,2 bath 2ndlevel condo onBrigantine Bay.
Includes boat slip & finger dock for 32' boat. $495,000.
Treasure Landings #600 Newly constructed bed, 2 bath,
1,300 s/f, furnished luxury condos, dose to beach, marina.
Superiorfinishes. FinancingAvailable $495,000.
Beach Va15007# 782 Newly renovated, 2 bed, 2 bath
1,150 s/f villa, plus 592 s/f patios. Tastefully famrnished. Many
extras. Close to beach, marina, golf course. $490,000.
Brigantine Beach Condo # 369 2 bed, 2.5 bath furnished
townhouse, ocean views, dose to beach, furnished, excellent
rental history. REDUCED TO $398,000.
Beach VDla 6S5- #958 Attractive 885 s/f2 bed, 2 bath
furnished villa, Community pool, near marina & golf course,2
minutewalk to Treasure Cay Beach $399,000.
Mainer's Cove Condomindhmw
#959 -2bed,1 bath,2 level furnishedunit, overlooks marina,
includes full size garage & vehicle. $310,000.
#454 -2 bed, 1 bath, 2 level poolside unit $295,000.
#985 2 bed, 2 bath, 2 level "turn-key", harbour
front endunit. Refurbishedin 2000 $286,500.
#928 -2 bed, 1 bath,2 level, overlooking harbour $279,000.
#655- 2 bed, 1 bathwith marinaview $274,000.
#455 1 bed, 1 bath, groundlevel,poolside $185,900.
Beachf ontParcel Ocean Blvd. # 876 1.5 acres with 100'
of beach frontage, on spectacularTreasure Cay Beach. All
utilities available Gorgeous beach & sea views. $1,510,000.
BeachfontPacel, Sunrise Point#1068 Spacious 19,570
s/f with 100'powder white sandy beachfrontage, superior sea
views, ideal building site, all utilities available $1,445,000.
Beach & CanatLot Package #941 WindwardB each lot with
100' ofbeachfrontageon Sea ofAbaco, PLUS Galleon Bay lot
with approx. 76' of sea-walled canal frontage $1,326,000.
WifhvasdBeach #999 12,750 s/fBeachfront parcel with
85' of frontage on Sea of Abaco. All utilities available, great
building site. $845,000.
WhinadrsBeach # 817 Half acre waterfront parcel directly
onSea of Abaco, 124' beach frontage. Newly installed sea
wall. All utilities available. $482,000.
GalleonBay #1061 -10,751 s/f cleared canal parcel with 80'
of sea-walled protected deep water frontage. Generous 145'
depth. All utilities available. New "L" Dock. $375,000.
Galleon Bay # 422 Prime 10,295 s/f d eared canal lot. 88'+
protected canal frontage, all utilities available. $350,000.
Rock Point Waterf*ont Parcel# 783 12,200 s/f lot near
entrance to Treasure Cay Marina. 90' newly installed sea
wall. Cleared, all utilities available. $289,000.
Flamingo DriveLot66#558 Large lot on quiet cul-de-sac, all
utilities available. Ideal home building site. $66,000.
SeaofAbaco LotQ1 # 845 25,658 s/flot, 172' water frontage
in quiet cove, good elevations, native vegetation, access
privil eges to Atlantic Ocean beaches. $559,000.

Bahamas Real Estate

"Paradise Point" # 659 Furnished 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 2,400 s/f
waterfront home with porches & balconies on 1/2 acre. 193'
elevated Sea of Abaco frontage, Fantastic views. $759,000.
"Tatre's Rock" # 1062 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath furnished
home on 1.18 acre parcel with 102' sandy beach frontage. Built
in 2000, Very private area. $795,000.
"Double Eagle" #757 Recently renovated 3 bed, 3 bath, plus
loft, 2,500 s/f fumishedhome on canal front parcel. 95' sea
wall, 68' dock. Underground utilities. Near beach $776,000.
Residental Parcels
#823 -10,708 s/f canal lot w/130' frontage & dock $392,000.
#602 -15,334 s/f canal comer lot w/197'seawall $334,000.
# 886 12,828 s/f canal lot, 100'sea wall, 50' dock $329,000.
#704 10,400 s/f elevatedcanallotw/104'frontage $265,000.
#597 11,242 s/f canal lot w/171'seawall, sea view $265,000.
#904 16,345 s/f w/108' water frontage, sea view $119,950.
#811 10,400 s/f sea view comer lot,nearbeach $107,000.
#998 13,459 s/f canal view comer lot,near beach $ 96,500.
#567 2.139 acres on highway near Leisure Lee $149,700.
Atlantic OceanqfontParcel #746 Approx. 1 acre residential
parcel, 154' elevated shoreline near Orchid Bay community,
great ocean views. $395,000.
Great Abaco Clb, Sea View Lot # 493 7,750 s/f, Sea of
Abaco views, finger dock for 25' vessel, gated community, all
utilities available. Use of resort amenities. Redl d $279,000,
Boiling Hole Parcel# 1022 Total 11 acres sea-to-sea from
Sea ofAbaco to bay side. 153' high rocky shoreline on Sea of
Abaco. (Also available in smaller parcels.) $394,000.
Boiling Hole Lots # 1030 2 Sea ofAbaco waterfront parcels
on Great Abaco Highway. Choice of 73' or 80' rocky shoreline,
utilities available, great sea views. Each $95,000.
"Beau Solet't", Fhe Sounrd# 662 Beautiful 4 bed 5 bath
Beachfront Estate Main House, Apt & Guest House furnished
3,634 s/f on 0.878 acres, 120' dock, pool, 173' beach.
(Mfn & auet HoBus also vailab sepMntly) f$2,00,000.
"High Point" Seaviw Lot # 684 Hilltop 0.405 acre parcel
on White Sound Bluff overlooking Sea of Abaco, Fantastic
Sea Views, Privacy, near beach $725,000.
Beach FrontParcel #714 45,343 s/f parcel, 100' beach
frontage on Atlantic Ocean. Electricity available. Ideal site for
permanent residence or vacation home. $349,000.
Ocean View Lot #1036 17,650 s/f parcel with unobstructed
Atlantic ocean view, just across street from beach. $190,000.
Inland Lot- Near Beach (Ref#756) Large 13,000 s/f lot near
white sandy Atlantic Ocean beaches, native vegetation, Good
road access. $38,000.
Ocean View Residental Lot# 887 Elevated, hillside comer
parcel,12,600 s/f +/-, dose to sandy Atlantic Ocean beachfront.
All utilities available. Ideal building site. $179,000.

MAY 1, 2008

Page 9


rr c .w- ccct t.-atcrust f Jp/cL.cuiiufla
Please contact us for additional details on this sampling of our featured listings or for information on our other prime properties throughout Abaco
Phone: (242) 365.8752 Cell: (242) 577.6570* www.abacoestateservices.com

Page 10 Section B The Abaconian

Dupuch Real Estate

Marsh Harbour Office
PO Box AB 20340, Abaco, Bahamas Tel: (242) 367-0288 Fax: (242)
e-mail: jamesanddonna@erabahamas.com

Fabulous 2.46 acre private estate with beach. Located at the entrance to beau-
tiful Little Harbour, this property features unparalleled views including the Sea
of Abaco and Atlantic Ocean. Three pods connected with verandahs, comprise
over 3,500 square feet of living space. Vaulted ceilings with copulas. Six bed-
rooms, four baths, laundry room, storage, garage,and backup generator systems.
Landscaped beautifully with tropical hibiscus, bougainvillea, silver button-
wood, coconut palms among others. Included are two Cherokee Jeeps, flats
boat and Yamaha four wheeler. Located in secluded gated community. If you
like going green, there is enough solar power to run this home without the use
of the generators. The reverse osmosis system is rarely used due to the massive
rain water tanks. #13563 Price: $4,700,000 L




3 bed, 2 bath harbour view home.
Spectacular 360 degree views of
Little Harbour & Sea of Abaco.
Private dock & harbour mooring.
#13494 Price: $640,000


This fabulous offering includes 14+ acres of property situated on Bookies Bay
with 335' of sandy beach frontage. Just 1/3 of a mile north of the prestigious
Abaco Club at Winding Bay. Perched upon the hilltop (elevations of 60') this
cottage enjoys unparalleled views of the Atlantic Ocean from the covered
porch. One bedroom, 1 bath cottage plus additional guest house with bath. The
gardens are filled with beautiful tropical plants and surround the home with
flowers. Privacy and seclusion in your own piece of beachfront paradise.

Price: $4,250,000

Just under one acre of direct ocean
front property. Fantastic Atlantic
Ocean views.Power available. Good
elevations.Cleared & ready to build.
#13604 Price: $330,000

Nice 4 bed, 4 bath furnished home
on gorgeous beachfront with views
of Atlantic. Generator, cable, phone,
fenced, deck, turnkey.
#2818 Price: $530,000
w 7 'IMB

Lovely well maintained CBS home featur-
ing 3 bed, 2 bath on corner lot 90x150.
Enclosed & landscaped property with
secluded garden.


Price: $332,000

Fabulous opportunity to own a piece
of beachfront property. Unobstructed
views of Atlantic. Bonefishing,
shelling, snorkeling...just paradise!
#13619 Price: $325,000

Comfortable 3 bed, 3 bath, beachfront
home on one acre. Relax & enjoy the
Bahamian lifestyle at its best.


Price: 80,000 #13552
Price: $580,000 -

8+/- acres of beachfront 90' eleva-
tions with 35' dunes. Fabulous views
of Atlantic and Cherokee Sound. 3
miles to The Abaco Club.
#13482 Price: $2,185,000

Fabulous 3 bed, 3 bath, beachfront home
with garage. Open concept beach side liv-
ing on spectacularAtlanlic Ocean lot.

Price: $580,000 ,


Homesites Starting at: US$ 30,000

Homes available
Starting at: US$275,000

1 & 2 acre estate beachfront lots in sea
side community. Good elevations, gor-
geous Atlantic Ocean views.


Starlingat $295,000

Very nice 2 bed, 2 bath home with Newly built home on over 2.4 acres
open concept living, sits on 1.75 of beachfront property. Four beds, 3
acres. Can be subdivided. Great 1/2 bath with open concept living.
investment opportunity. 3 Breathtaking views of Sea of Abaco.
#13475 Price: $305,000 L #13561 Price: $895,000

Bahama Palm Shores Section 2, large interior lot close to beach $55,000
Bahama Palm Shores & Bahama Coral Island Interior lots available $23,000
Bahama Palm Shores Section 1, interior lot, cleared, ready to build $47,000
Bahama Palm Shores Section 4, sea-view lots each $44,000
Casuarina Point Lot 80 x 125 $48,000
Elbow Cay Newly constructed 3 bed, 2 bath hilltop home. Dock slip $925,000
Hope Town Comfortable 2 bed, 1 bath Bahamian style home. $260,000

Opportunity awaits! 40 acres of
untouched property with nice coppice
growth. Hilltop and waterfront ideal for
residential development.
#13558 Price: $490,000

1.5 acres on gorgeous ocean beach with
135 feet of frontage and great elevations.
This is the last available piece in this area.


Price: $665.000

*Littfe Harbour Interior, 1.34 acres, 60' elevations, ocean views. $330,000
*LubbersQuarters Nice 13,850 sq.ft. lot.Electric/telephone available $455,000
*Marnies Landing Waterfront lot in private community.Electric available$845,000
*Treasure Cay Elevated lot, near beach, golfing, fishing and boating $ 90,000
*Treasure Cay Lot 100+/-ft. of waterfront with southeast exposure. $350,000
*Yellow Wood Beautiful hilltop lot overlooking Winding Bay $150,000
* Casuarina Point Long term RENTAL available

I '4J.I LLk IL


May 15, 2008

Central Abaco News

Murphy Town
Playground and Computer
Center are dedicated
By Mirella Santillo
Murphy Town dedicates a playground
and a computer center in Central Abaco
for the children of the community, Next
to the running track and the soccer field in
Murphy Town located near Abaco Central
High School, there are now young children
playing on slides and swings in an enclosed
area of Murphy Town Park. Sponsored by
local government, the new playground was
built for the children of that community. In
the early evening of April 22nd the play-
ground was officially dedicated during a
ceremony attended by local officials, resi-
dents and children.
The Town Committee Chairman, Mr.
Cubel Davis, opened the ceremony and

Senior Administrator Cephas Cooper con-
gratulated Mr. Davis and his committee
for finding ways to keep the young people
occupied. He was pleased to see that the
area was secured with a fence and that a
covered gazebo, under construction, would
allowed adults to relax while the children
were playing. He urged the children to take
good care of the equipment and to keep the
park clean. Cleanliness is next to Godli-
ness he reminded the assembly.
The blessing of the playground was per-
formed by Bishop Roland Swain Sr., one
of the oldest residents of Murphy Town
who asked God to keep the place safe and
peaceful for the children.
All the participants drove up the street to
the Burial Society for the second ceremo-
ny. There, a Homework Center has been
set up with six new computers reserved
for children to help them with homework

and online research. Mr. Davis explained
that the idea came to him as he was going
home one night and saw children riding
their bikes in the dark without lights and he
thought something should be done to keep

them out of the streets.
The center is not quite finished. "There
are still last minute things to do," he said,
Please see Central Page 12

Part of the Burial Society building in Murphy Town has been walled off to form a Com-
puter Center where students can do their homework and use computers. Administrator
Cephas Cooper is showing students how useful the computers can be to them.

Murphy Town has constructed a playground that was dedicated on April 22. It is located
at the Murply Town park and is secured with a fence. Bishop Roland Swain, left, asked
God's blessing on it.

PO BoxAB21027
Marsh Harbour
Abaco, Bahamas
Ph. 242-367-4962 s
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pool, fully furnished, boat house and
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Regattas of Abaco CONDO 2 bed
upstairs / 2 bath, fully furnished, swim-
ming pool, tennis courts, security.
$312,000 EXCLUSIVE
Regattas of Abaco CONDO 2 bed
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Marsh Harbour, fully furnished, swim-
ming pool, tennis courts, security.
$320,000 EXCLUSIVE
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Treasure Cay Carleton Landing
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High Rock Beautiful home 3 bed /
2 bath, furnished, family room, central
air, over 2,000 sq. ft.
EXCLUSIVE $750,000

Leslie Pinder

HIGH ROCK 3 bed / 3 bath home,
fantastic views of Marsh Harbour, Hope
Town and Lub-ber's Quarters, 2 car
carport, central air, beautifully landscaped
lot, Exclusive 1.08 acres, 50 ft. above
sea level

Don MacKay Blvd. Prime commercial
property downtown Marsh Harbour,
approx 2.5 acres
$2.5 million EXCLUSIVE
Pelican Shores Elevated
Lot on the Harbour. Great views -
Exclusive, Call for Info
Bahama Palm Shores
Lot in Section I, lot 100 x 150
Price $60,000
Pelican Shores lots Call for info
Downtown Marsh Harbour
B & D Building across from Common-
wealth Bank, 1800 sq. ft upstairs, 1800
sq. ft downstairs EXCLUSIVE
Call for information

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15 May 2008




The Abaconian Section B Page 11

* :'r t; '

May 15, 2008

More Central Abaco News

Central From Page 77
such as installing a mini-split air condition-
ing unit, connecting to the internet (Cable
Bahamas has already been contacted) and
securing the windows with bars.
Mr. Cooper reiterated his pleasure to
be a witness to the "two good things" that
happened that day in Murphy Town. He
praised the communities of Dundas Town
and Murphy Town for their energy and the
positive changes that are happening place
in both places. He commented on the fact
that these two dedications were emphasiz-
ing body and mind: physical activities on
the playground and mind stimulation in the
computer center.
Bishop Swain gave the audience a brief
history of the place that would not have
been standing if its owner Big Daddy had
not died at his breakfast table before his
decision to tear the structure down to en-
large the road all the way to the sea could

Rtesiteus of Mviurpny own are cleaning up C
When the trash is all removed, then culverts
restore the water flow. Cabanas are planned
more inviting.

be actualized. He asked God for His bless-
ings so the place would not be the target of
thieves and other-bad intentioned people.
Mrs. Willamae Dawkins cut the ribbon at
the entrance of the room; she was followed
by her six daughters, the Dawkins Sisters,
performing a song. Again, the whole as-
sembly joined in. The ceremony ended
with refreshments.
Murphy Town Upgrades
By Mirella Santillo
Slowly Murphy Town is getting the
settlement together, installing more gar-
bage containers, organizing garbage pick
up, enlarging roads, installing road signs
and generally taking more care of the com-
Just before last Christmas, a long await-
ed garbage receptacle was placed, approxi-
mately half way to Great Cistern for the res-
idents of that area west of Murphy Town.
The dumpster has been emptied regularly
twice weekly since then. In March the
road to Great Cistern was widened a few
S; feet by removing the
", t overgrown bush on
each side of the road,
-"^s- increasing visibility
for motorists and cre-
ating a safer walking
l area for pedestrians.
The restoration of
Coconut Tree Bay
has started with ac-
tive cleaning per-
formed by some of
Coconut Tree Bay. the residents during
will be installed to their free time. The
Ito make the park pathway leading to
that area and the creek

are being cleared of the incredible amount
of garbage that had accumulated, and two
cabanas were built during the last week of
April, a prelude to more construction that
will include restrooms and the restoration
of the existing structure. One dumpster has
been donated by Bahamas Waste Manage-
ment, and an additional one has been rented
by local government from E&D to support

the cleaning project. When the cleaning
is finished, the creek restoration will start
with culverts installed to increase the flow
of water. Many water birds are already
visiting the area that is marked not only as
a gathering place for locals but also as a
possible tourist destination with fish fries
Please see Central Page 13

White Sound, Elbow Cay

I acd ll ai prokt.'1Cted LIo' c. hI Ile N .nlih ide ol \mhl 1. 'iid lirhour. tliher i .1 ni c cd.
10,d l11 .' l I pi i. r1ir, >. 34 7r,) lt Ihi1 lii n.ji I19' 2 I i .Ilo L I li, dIoilhinC. 2'N'11 d p 1 on ir i
ijri.e l .IJe .Iw d i' bh L.k t iii. r t .l ILrjn, . ( 11 ,ilonil .1 piibh. r[a.d Th'li[c a lt.-c lhi l i ej loo''kr
-- -- -~.iih i'd \e'[ OuL l r O \ 0 ie t'IdI d dJliid tic Sc,i .'t ,\a b.1,' l ro Lir J Lutij l'cr (5Qui.ier Localed i -
ihe pr.-,pcr [i-heL i ., hli rer.1ri,1'. .iJ dick ind j si I.I cnIlje '%%here a1 'prf ic i%-r.n'' l Am-an rida .
S..te ,,-led l.s. 5975,000
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a... ..,.|





p,'. ,

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For those who wish to design their own home, there are two ocean front lots and one beach front lot available, each offering 200' of
frontage. Lots 8 and 11 are located along the cliffs and golf course at the northern tip of The Club.

^ Aisle
- of o
Palm Realty

Aisle of Palm Realty
P.O.Box AB 20900
Marsh Harbour,
Abaco, Bahamas

Aisle of Palm Realty
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Page 12 Section B

The Abaconian

May 15, 2008

May 15, 2008

The Abaconian Section B Page 13

More Central Abaco News

Central From Page 12

Murphy lown is installing street name
signs. Sh,.i,, here are Glen Mills, Dexter
Williams with the Ministry of Works, and
Jexel Tinker. The Central Abaco District
Council ordered signs including traffic
signs for all three communities.

and Junkanoo parades taking place there.
On April 25th over 20 road signs were
installed on the streets of Murphy Town by
Mr. Glen Mills and Mr. Samuel Knowles.
The project was overseen by Mr. Dex-
ter Williams with the Ministry of Public
Works and Mr. Jexel Tinker with the Mur-
phy Town Committee. You may now visit
people on Simms Drive, Rebecca Street,
Curry Lane, Swain's Drive or Coconut
Tree Bay Road.
On April 22nd a playground was of-
ficially dedicated and a homework com-
puter center opened for the students of the
community. A Beautification Committee _
appointed in December is coordinate the This bus stop shelter was erected near the western side of Crocket Drive by the Dunda
cleaning and beautification of the town, but Town Committee to eliminate the crowd that gathers in front of the M&R grocery store a
all the residents are invited to participate in students wait for transportation to their various schools in Dundas Town and Murphy Town
making Coconut Tree Bay a family desti- It is the hope of this committee to introduce a bus stop with an asphalt-paving program
nation and Murphy Town a proud locality Shi,'i, are Sonnith Lockhart, D 'Slim Maycock, Glender Knowles and Augustine Williams
for tourists to visit, all members of the Dundas Town Town Committee.

The Abaco Real Estate Specialists!
Aluminum Cans
Bin Located at
next to Maxwells

T n Tn..,,, PAjRAD ISE Frank Knowles

Sales, Rentals and Property Management
Member B.R.E.A.
G.P.O. Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
Telephone 1-561-283-3781 Telephone/Fax 1-242-365-4636
E-mail: oceanblu@batelnet.bs www.oceanblueproperties.com

Stunning 4 bedroom 5 bath newly built, furnished ,waterfront home high on
the Bluff with panoramic views of the Sea of Abaco, Bluff Harbour and the
neighboring cays. Swimming pool with hot tub/spa. Gourmet kitchen. Pool
table. Office. Tiki Bar. Central A/C. 5,500 sq. ft. interior. 500 ft. of waterfront.
Private dock. Two acres. $4.2 million
New! Stunning 4 bedroom 5 bath newly built furnished waterfront home high
on the Bluff with panoramic views of the Sea of Abaco; Bluff Harbour and
neighboring cays. Swimming pool. Hot tub/spa. Gourmet kitchen. Pool table.
Office. Tiki Bar. Large decks. Dock. Central A/C. Two acres. $4.2 million
plus 7% to close. By appointment only.
New! 1/4 acre lot just 300 ft. from Gillam Bay Beach. Purchaser must be
prepared to build immediately at his cost. Approved house plan provided by
seller. House will offer outstanding views of the Sea of Abaco; Gilliam Bay and
Pelican Cay. $400,000.00 plus 2% buyer's legal fees.
New! 19,171 sq.ft. lot within walking distance of Coco Bay Beach. Located
in high end quiet neighborhood with close access to resorts and a public dock.
B$275,000.00 with all closing costs in.
New! Three bedrooms two bath house with swimming pool thirty feet above
and overlooking the Sea of Abaco. Newly built and never been occupied. Tile
floors throughout. Central A/C. W/D. Landscaped. $1,560,000.00 with all
closing costs included.
New! One half acre lot near the Green Turtle Club and a public dock. Of-
fers possible view of White Sound from as yet unbuilt house. Parcel priced at
$170,000.00 firm with all closing costs in.
Three acre Bahamian estate with furnished three bedroom house plus attached
owner's residence. Swimming pool. Observation tower. 300' on the Atlantic
Ocean Beach. Owner financing available. $2.5 million with all closing costs
Villa Pasha: 5 bedroom four bath stately two story house on the Atlantic
Ocean Beach. Meticulously kept. Many amenities. Excellent rental history.
B$2.545 million including all closing costs.
New! Beautiful lot located in protected bayside cove on the Sea of Abaco. 117'
of waterfront by 193' deep. Dock possible. $550,000.00 plus 7% to close.

oni/Uoa_ Jdla V 111ea
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Hope Town

Featured Property

Gilpin Point
Beautiful beach front lots.
Only 4 available.
Starting at $195,000

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Lot 10B, the only waterfront lot in Mamnies
Landing has just come to market. Enjoy stunning
sunset views from your 15,770 sq. ft, elevated
lot with your private boat slip at your doorstep.
Marnies Landing is a private waterfront commu-
nity of half acre lots stretching from the Atlantic
Ocean to the Sea of Abaco.
Amenities include under ground electricity supply
and a private marina that offers each owner their
own private dock slip for boats up to 30ft Re-
cent improvements include newly paved roads
throughout and 2 entry gates making Marnies
Landing the premier community on Elbow Cay. 750 000 .00 us

S H This gorgeous waterfront lot is located in the
secure community of Treasure Cay, Abaco. With
almost 100 feet of waterfront and its preferred
,L southeastern exposure, this 16,000 sq. ft. home-
--, site enjoys clear vistas across the Sea of Abaco
and cooling prevailing sea breezes. Treasure Cay
*offers golf, restaurants, tennis, marina, shopping
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f of this is within dose proximity of Treasure Cay
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Page 14 Section B The Abaconian


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May 15, 2008

Ma 15 208 TeAaoin eto ae1

Secluded North End of Elbow Cay oceanfront Oceanfront lot 1/2+ acre, suitable for main New custom home overlooking historic Hope Town 5 bed / 4 bath ocean front turn
villa 2/bed and 2/bath with incredible sunrises, and guest cottage, ad-jacent to private Hope Town Harbour, 2 bed/2 bath with key home on beautiful sandy beach, located
short distance to Hope Town settlement, and Dor-ros Cove community at south end of dock. Turn key and recent rental history. north of historic Hope Town settlement.
great rental potential. $ Elbow Cay, close to restaurant and marina Open decking, beautiful decor and excellent
rental history.

Little Orchard, Marsh Harbour 2 bedroom/2 5 single family homes overlooking the Sea Spectacular sunsets at this 3 Bed/3 Bath Hope Town harbour, beautiful home with
bath house, perfect family home or excellent of Abaco all with private deeded dock slips, home on the Sea of Abaco in private Dor- large private dock, 4 Bed/4 Bath. Excellent
rental potential. Located close to restaurants, Excellent rental history, and just minutes to ros Cove community. Wrap around decks, rental potential. Offered at $2,300,00
marina and beach historic Hope Town or Tahiti Beach, starting incredible elevation and large private dock.
at 000
Turnkey home on Sea of Abaco in private Hilltop lot adjacent to Aunt Pats Bay Lot #18 with dock slip and ocean 41 NORTH END
Marnies Creek with 3 dock slips (60', 35', in White Sound. 1/3 acre with private views
and 25') 3 bed/3 bath and I bed/I bath dock slip and views of the Sea of Lot #21 with dock slip and panara- ELBOW CAY
apartment. Newly upgraded kitchen Abaco and Atlantic mic views Perfect spot for private home or vil-
with all stainless appliances and granite Lot#43withdockslipandoceantsea las! Great North End beaches anc
counters. Huge pool with 70 foot deck OCEA FRONT -WHITE Lot43 with dock slip and ceansea las! Great North End beaches ant
ideal for entertaining and watching the SOUND view short walk or ride to Hope Towr
sunsets. Please call for an appointment. Lots #13 & #14 with dockage on settlement for shopping and mul.
.-750,0_ 0 White Sound Bay each tiple dining venues. 50,000

Estate Homes Waterfront Properties 15Mar08

May 15, 2008

The Abaconian

Section B Page 15

Page 16 Section B The Abaconian

School science displays marked Earth Day

Earth Day From Page 1
for this year was The Effects of Climate
Change on Small Island Developing States
and was sponsored by the Friends of the
Environment, the Ministry of Tourism
and Standard Hardware.
Schools approached their projects in a
variety of ways, some showing extensive
environmental work in removing a net
from a reef, cleaning beaches and com-
piling handouts for tourists to be placed in
hotels informing about the reefs and how
to protect them. Others set up various ex-
periments and one school constructed a
solar cooker. Some of the senior schools
compiled very interesting and informative
computer presentations while one of the
primary schools had a basketful of little
cards they had colored and laminated
for people to put up on their rear view

mirrors as reminders to use their environ-
mentally friendly Green Bags.
The number of different ways each
of the schools devised to put across the
effects of Global Warming was amaz-
ing and all had compiled attractive and
artistic displays to show their findings.
One of the high schools came up with the
idea of interviewing students to ascertain
their attitudes towards and knowledge
of climate change and discovered that
70 percent had heard about it and could
define climate change, 50 percent knew
its impact on the environment and were
aware of some solutions while 30 percent
were aware of how to reduce its effects.
Groups of students were on hand at many
of the exhibits eager to share their knowl-
edge with visitors.
The displays were judged by a panel
of six judges which included educators,

environmentalists, an artist and a repre-
sentative from the Ministry of Tourism.
The results were as follows:
Upper Primary 1. Hope Town School
2. Cyber Learning Center 3. Man-O-War
Lower Primary 1. Hope Town School.
2. Cyber Learning Center 3. Man-0-War
Senior High 1. Abaco Central High
School 2. S.C. Bootle High School 3.
Agape Christian School
Junior High 1. Forest Heights Acad-
emy 2. Cyber Learning Centre 3. Man-
Depending on the category, win-
ners received plaques made by Stephen
Knowles, bags of environmental products
from Standard Hardware and recycling
bins donated by Paul Mills.
The formal part of the morning's pro-
gramme opened with a prayer by Youth
Pastor Chris Pinder followed by a wel-
come and opening remarks presented by
D'Shan Maycock, Education Officer for
Friends of the Environment. Ms. Maycock
informed the students that Earth Day was
begun in the 1960s to engender an aware-
ness and appreciation of the environment.
It is celebrated globally on April 22 each
year but on Abaco it is celebrated on the
last Friday of April, having been initiated
here in the early 90s. She mentioned the
pleasing increase in number of schools
entering displays this year and recognized

the large attendance of schools even if
they had not submitted an entry.
Junior Board Member Elaine Fenelus
introduced the keynote speaker, Mr. Je-
rome Elliott, who is a member of the
National Climate Change Committee,
National Coordinator for the Greenhouse
Gas Inventory and President of the Ba-
hamas Society of Engineers. Mr. Elliott
congratulated the students who, he had
discovered, know a lot about climate
change, and he presented a very compre-
hensive Power Point presentation to his
audience. He began by clarifying the dif-
ference between climate and weather by
stating, "Climate is what we expect and
weather is what we get," and then went
on to describe climate change and ways
in which we can assist.
"Climate change operates over decades
or longer; the past 10,000 years have been
relatively stable but that is now changing.
The IPPC (Integrated Pollution Preven-
tion Control) which is an intergovern-
mental panel on climate change, realized
that something is happening around the
world which will change our lives. Global
warming is unequivocal and human acts
are the main driver of this warming. The
IPPC has stated that in the future there will
be an increase in both the frequency and
intensity of storms. There will be a rise

Please see Earth Day Page 19

Students of S. C. Bootle High School won second place with their display. Thirteen schools
competed and the displays showed much research and creativity. The guest speaker for
the event spoke about climate change and how critical it is for everyone to conserve and
develop habits that help our environment.


A a-o i MoA Ccrrpirv Nsw-~



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Private airstrip, gorgeous beaches, marina, secluded island living at
its best! Call for info.
Royal Harbour Village, Marsh Harbour
Tel: 242-367-3262 Fax: 242-367-3260 Mobile: 242-577-5155
Serving The Bahamas since 1949
Sales & Appraisals, Site & Residential Inspections

May 15, 2008

May 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Section B Page 17

Exlsv A fflateo

-HISIES 0 0iti

Dramatic views over the Atlantic
Ocean, the golf course and club-
house, and superb elevations set
the scene for this generously sized
1.1 acre hilltop lot.
$2,350,000. Ref. AS10817

Elbow Cay
Well protected, 20,000 sq. ft. lot in
the quiet Buttonwood Subd. Just
moments away from the community
dock offering perfect dockage for
your runabout.
$135,000. Ref. PS10629

This 10,069 sq. ft. hilltop lot is set
within the tranquil residential com-
munity of The Abaco Ocean Club.
Ideally located nearby the commu-
nity dock and beach.
$95,000. Ref. AS10964

Beautiful 8 acre parcel on pristine
Basin Harbour Cay perfect for a se-
cluded getaway or an eco-resort if
purchased and combined with adja-
cent 9+ acre tract
$249,000. Ref. PS10700

Picture perfect 8,709 sq. ft. lot in
tranquil Little Point. Near the beach
with superb views of the Atlantic and
Hope Town's candy-striped light-
$120,000. Ref. PS10614

Lovely 10,489 sq. ft. homesite in the
quiet Abaco Ocean Club. Just steps
to the Western shoreline and a short
walk or golf cart ride to the commu-
nity dock.
$89,000. Ref. AS10969

Last chance to obtain a homesite in
the prestigious and gated Great
Abaco Club. This 7,630 sq. ft. canal
lot has easy access to pool, tennis
courts, and beach.
$350,000. Ref. AS10731

41.6 acre trace comprising rolling
hills and views to the Sea of Abaco
and surrounding area. Ideal site for
development purposes or as a pri-
vate estate.
$1,040,000. Ref. AB5178

Enjoy cool breezes and panoramic
vistas from this elevated 1.267 acre
estate site overlooking the 7th and
8th holes within the luxurious Ritz-
Carlton Abaco Club.
$1,900,000. Ref. AS10995


ConautuI oMEou

os ~ ~ so- *..6 6 .FREE. copy* of



%- A -..w


Page 18 Section B

The Abaconian

May 15, 2008

New Programmes Planned for Hope Town Museum

By Jennifer Hudson
The Wyannie Malone Historical Muse-
um in Hope Town is one of only two mu-
seums on Abaco, the other being the Albert
Lowe Museum on Green Turtle Cay. The
Hope Town museum was founded in 1977
and opened in Harrington Albury's house,
a typical Bahamian house adjacent to the
site on which it now stands in order to
tell Hope Town's story. A few years later
it moved into a home opposite the Hope
Town Harbour Lodge which is alleged
to be the oldest building on Elbow Cay.
The museum is now housed in a building
specifically constructed on the corner just
north of the upper public dock, built in the
style of an old Loyalist house.
A large two-storey addition was recently
added to the original one storey building,
more than doubling it in size. This neces-
sitated a mortgage of $100,000 which the
museum committee is working to pay off.
Twenty thousand dollars has already been
raised within the past three months from
a brunch and art auction and an ongoing
project to raise money through the sale of
"lighthouse stripes." A board just inside
the library contains many cutouts of the
candy-striped lighthouse, and people are
asked to buy a stripe for a certain donation
or a whole lighthouse can be purchased.
Once an entire lighthouse is purchased, it is
"lit" with gold sparkles. Three are already
glowing and a fourth is well on the way to
being "lit." The museum is funded entirely
by donations. Once the mortgage is paid
off, then the committee is looking forward
to being able to expand its outreach and
also have more resources.
The museum houses many interesting
exhibits and artifacts including boat build-
ing, sponging, rope making and genealogy

with a video presentation for those who
want to delve deeper into Hope Town's
Loyalist history. The new addition has pro-
vided space for a bedroom, birthing room
and parlour to be laid out exactly as they
would have been in Loyalist times which
gives a real authentic feel to the exhibits.
An amazing shell display has been created
by local artist Teleri Jones using all shells
native to Abaco. A popular display with
children is the Pirate Room. School group
tours lasting 30 to 45 minutes with a guide
can be arranged by calling ahead.
In order to engender more community
involvement in treasuring and preserving
their heritage and to kindle a greater en-
thusiasm for the museum, a committee has
been formed which is enthused with many
ideas. Several new programmes are in the
planning stages. The committee consists of
Chairperson, Suzanne Bethel; Vice Chair-
persons, Lucille Russell, Candace Key,
Chester Thompson and Debbie Patterson,
who is also Treasurer. Several consultants
oversee various areas of the work: Ray
Brown Publicity and Marketing, Bonnie
Hall Exhibits, Education and Schools;
Teleri Jones and David Webb Exhibits;
Linda Cole Genealogy and Presentations;
Joette McCully Shop. The committee is
presently working through a transition pe-
riod since the former curators, Tony and
Elaine Bennett, returned to their native
Canada. They were extremely involved in
the museum and played a huge part in get-
ting the museum to where it is at today.
They are greatly missed but are still help-
ing in several ways, one of which is pub-
lishing a newsletter.
The new programmes being initiated in-
Salvage anthropology for the preserva-

tion of the cultural history involving both
documents and oral histories. It is recog-
nized that so many of the older people who
have much history of the settlement and its
people stored in their memories may not
be around much longer and so it is vital
to record these memories before they are
lost forever. Linda Cole was praised for
her painstaking work in taking over the
genealogy from the McAleers, who first
began working on it. She has been corre-
lating, adding updates and information and
overseeing a DNA programme. One of her
major tasks is trying to trace the mystery of
who was Wyannie Malone's husband?
Physical preservation is another is-
sue and assistance has been offered from
Nassau. Dr. Keith Tinker, Director of the
Antiquities, Monuments and Museums
Corporation, has offered to send someone
to help set up a small preservation lab for
Getting children involved is an important
programme. "It is vital to have the young
people aware that this is their heritage and
it all belongs to them," stated Bonnie Hall.
"We have a strong desire for a greater in-
volvement with the young in the commu-

nity. One of the ways we are discussing to
get children involved is to have them bring
in a relative and interview them on tape."
It is hoped to have student interns in
the summer either from the local school
or from the United States or Great Britain
acting as docents or working on preser-
vation projects. A promising source, it is
suggested, may be students at universities
studying museum curatorship.
A cemetery project is underway headed
by Mrs. Hall, who is pleased that her 11-
year-old son, Albert, has shown an interest
in this and is assisting by photographing
graves and head stones for her. "Hur-
ricanes and environmental damage have
wiped out many of the markers and a lot
of records have been lost," she stated. Re-
cords from the Burial Society which were
stored by Vernon Malone in his grocery
store were burned during the fire at his
store in the early 1980s and others were
lost in Marsh Harbour floods after records
were moved there when Marsh Harbour
took over from Hope Town as the capital
of Abaco. Bonnie has begun identifying

Please see Museum Page 26


Invitation for Tenders

The Government of the Bahamas is inviting tenders for the necessary Op-
eration and Maintenance of the Little Harbour Bay South Abaco Transfer
Station, locally referred to as the Cherokee Transfer Station.
Interested parties may obtain further information, including eligibility to
participate and may collect the bidding document upon payment of a non-
refundable fee of $100.00 as of Monday, April 14th, 2008.
The Department of Environmental Health Services
Accounts Division
Farrington Road
Nassau, Bahamas
Nassau Telephone (242) 322-8037
Facsimile No: (242) 322-8073
The Department of Environmental Health Services
Marsh Harbour Office
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
Between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.
The method of payment will be certified cheques or cash. Tenders are to be
submitted in triplicate (3) in a sealed envelope(s) addressed to.
The Tenders Board
C/O The Financial Secretary
Ministry of Finance and Planning
Cecil V. Wallace Whitfield Centre
P.O. Box N-3017
Nassau, N.P. The Bahamas
No later than 4:30 pm. onthe 19th day of May 2008.
Tenders will be opened at 10:00 a.m. on the 20th May, 2008, at the office
of the Tenders Board, Ministry of Finance and Planning.
The Government reserves the right to reject any or all Tenders.

This 9,732 sq ftwooded lotisthe largest infijttlePoi - -
a relatively new subdivision just South of hope Town. N E
Only a few minutes walk from one of the most beautiful beaches on Elbow Cay ERA
A paved road and electricity have already been put in place. Dupuoh...l t

The Love Shack 3 Bed, 3.5 Bath ocean front Royal Palm 2331, 2 tBed, 2 Hath Condo with
estate situated on 2- 100-foot wide lots. Stunning boat slip on Treasure Cay World Class Marina.
views from every room. $1,850,000 $575,000

Seascape, 3 Bed, 3 Bath ocean front home on
extra wide Windward Beach homesite. Garage
and new furniture. $1,620,000
Sea Cliff, 3 Bed, 3 Bath luxury residence, within
steps of the beach, professionally decorated.
$849,000 NEW PRICE
Mariner's Cove 1509, Town House, 2 Bed, 1.5
Bath, direct harbour view in desirable 1500 build-
ing. Fully furnished, includes garage. $345,000
Royal Palm 2311, 2 Bed, 2 Bath Marina
front condo, fully furnished with boat slip.
Tropical decor. $529,000 NEW PRICE
Helen's Point, Galleon Bay Waterfront 4 Bed, 3
Bath Home, Sea of Abaco views. $1,560,000
Mariner's Cove 1510, Town House, 2
Bed, 1.5 Bath, professionally decorated on
beautiful marina view. $315,000

a a *

Shelly House, lovely fully furnished 3 Bed, 3
Bath home on private area of Brigantine Bay
canal with dock and boat lift. $950,000
Lots 1 & 2 Block 192 Adjacent to large
greenway overlooking Brigantine Bay. Great
views for homesite. $159,000
Sunny Side, 2 Bed, 2 Bath modem home
across from our world famous Treasure Cay
beach, next to greenway access. $799,000
Royal Palm 2301, 2 Bed, 2 Bath newly
renovated condo with boat slip and storage
locker. $579,000
Bahama Beach Club 2008, 3 Bed, 2 Bath fully
furnished, spacious condo in beautiful resort
with pools, jacuzzi and restaurant $829,000

Earth Day From Page 16
in global average temperature between
1.5 and 6 degrees and a rise in sea level
of between 11 and 77 centimetres which
will continue to rise for decades even after
greenhouse gases have stabilized.
"The observed trend in the Bahamas is
that over the past 100 years rainfall in Nas-
sau has decreased by 4.2 inches but since
1959 it has increased. Over the past 100
years temperatures have risen on average
3.5 degrees and the mean temperature for
July has risen 4.8 degrees.
"The Bahamas' contribution to green-
house gas emissions is negligible BUT we
are extremely vulnerable to global climate
change as 80 percent of our land mass is
situated within 1.5 metres of sea level.
"The potential impacts of climate change
in the Bahamas are
* Marine ecosystems will be adversely af-
fected (coral reef bleaching)
* Terrestrial ecosystems such as forests
will be affected
* Water resources (change in soil moisture
and crop yield)
* Fisheries (habitat loss so fish will leave)
* Coastal resources erosion, saline intru-
sion, flooding
* Infrastructure and settlements more vul-
nerable to natural disaster
* Human health heat strokes, skin dis-
* Stronger storm surges
* Increase in fish toxins so danger of food
* Increase in climate sensitive diseases
such as malaria, dengue fever and asthma
* Population displacement
Mr. Elliott then explained to his young

listeners that to mitigate something is to
lessen it and he suggested some greenhouse
gas mitigation strategies.
Construction of barriers to keep the
sea away from the coastline
Move away from the coast
Sustainable development planning
Develop new legislation with new
standards and building codes
Improve public education and aware-
ness programmes
The students were then shown a list of
ways in which they themselves can help re-
duce greenhouse gas emissions.
Use less energy. Turn things off when
they are not in use such as light bulbs and
video games.
Buy energy efficient products.
Be sensitive to the environment.
Participate join environmental groups
such as Friends of the Environment, Baha-
mas National Trust or the Nature Conser-
Mr. Elliott closed his very informative
address by reiterating some key messages.
Our contribution is small, but we are
extremely vulnerable.
The potential impact on The Bahamas
can be profound.
There is much we can do to address
the potential impacts of climate change.
"In the Bahamas we sell our environ-
ment to tourists. We must adapt our tour-
ism business to changing conditions and
employ new technologies," he suggested.
A presentation was made to Mr. Elliott
by Kristin Williams, Executive Director
of Friends of the Environment, and a vote
of thanks was extended by Junior Board
Member Adrianna Phillpot.

May 15, 2008

The Abaconian Section B Page 19

Climate change was

topic of Earth Day


Two adjoining sites with Sea ofAbaco frontage superb views ofr he sea and the eastern cays.
Parcel # 6A with a 45' lay-along dockage. Parcel # 7A with a 50' lay-along dockage.

ACR Ref: MHV 1102 ".\ 9,243 sq.ft. offered for sale at:
ACR Ref: MHVI1103 #7A 13,845 sq.ft. offered for sale at:
Both Parcels Togciber 23,088 sq.ft. offered for sale at:


Two adjoining ridge building sites with canal froimatge -
Both parcels with private boat slips for vessels up to 60' and 25'

ACR Ref. MHV 1100 # 48 7.548 sq.ft. offered for sale at: $66',.00(.00
ACR Ref. MHV 110 # 49 7,117 sq.ft. offered for sale at: $667,000.00

Abaco Cays Realty, Ltd.
Great Guana C(.i Green Turtle Cay Man-O-War Cay Marsh Harbour
infoi'abacoceaisreallh.com wi w.abacocaysrealty.comn

Derek Lee Broker (242) 3o5-6156 Silbert Mills (242) 367-2935

Chris Plummer Broker -
Chris Albury -
Bill .Johnston -

(242) 365-4648
(242) 365-6008
(242) 577-6674

Frances Sands (1-42"13615-5113
Fa ron Sawyer c242) 367-3450

Miss Bahamas Universe is the great- Arts & Crafts Show
granddaughter of Capt. Leonard Thomp-
son. She is the third Thompson to wear Man-O-War
this crown. We regret our error in the May May 17 10 am -6 pm
1st issue.

Bougainvillea Cott ge
Bahama Palm Shores
REDIllEtIIi P'ElU : S295ANIM !!i
",- MLSNumber. 563310 BAHAMIAS

2 bath home on 2 fenced lots. Gourmet kitchen,
tiled throughout, R/O system, 25 Kw generator.
Fruit trees, palms, pool, work shop. Buy NOW!

j Royal Harbour Village, Marsh Harbour
p5 Tel. 242.367.3262
Fax. 242.367.3260 Mobile: 242.577.5155
BAHAIMAS www.bahamasrealty.bs
R FA I TYt ing The BaLn .,since 194i
Sales & Ap pi .i'al. Sie & Residential nspeciions

Page 20 Section B The Abaconian

News of the Cays

Hope Town
Residents want water system
By Jennifer Hudson
"We need a water system," insist the
residents of Hope Town. "Things are be-
coming unkempt, we cannot water our
plants and we cannot keep things as clean
as they should really be because water is
such a precious commodity here," stated
Mr. Vernon Malone. "The present drought
situation has made matters worse, and it is
almost at the critical stage. Water trucks
are up and down the streets all day long."
There are two water companies in Hope
Town, Dolphin Water and Hope Town
Water, and the cost of water varies be-
tween 10 cents and 12 cents per gallon,
with Hope Town Water offering a special
deal of eight cents a gallon for the purchase
of 10,000 gallons. The water companies
convert the salt ground water to fresh us-

ing RO (reverse osmosis) plants. They then
deliver the water to homes and pump it into
their holding tanks. The RO plants are ex-
pensive to run because of the high cost of
electricity. The average persons finds that
they cannot afford to install and run their
own RO plants so they rely on the water
companies which can manufacture in bulk.
Homeowners do catch what rainwater they
can in their foundation collection systems,
but the present lack of rain is causing an
ever increasing problem. All houses on the
cay have a rainwater tank built into their
foundations which makes building a house
on Elbow Cay extremely costly because
building a rainwater tank eats up almost
one third of the cost. The hotels and mari-
nas make their own water.
Half of the houses on the cay use salt
water for flushing toilets which causes
the toilet mechanisms not to last as long

because all the bolts and parts rust out. It
is also expensive, residents complain, be-
cause it means running two pumps, one for
salt water for the toilets and the other to
pump the fresh water into the house.
Already within the first four months of

this year Vernon Malone has spent $792
on water for his bakery. He has had to pur-
chase four loads of just over 2,000 gallons
at $194 each load which makes running a
Please see Cays Page 21

St. John the Baptist

Anglican Churches

Annual Bazaar

Games* Food* Fun

Saturday, May 31, 2008
On Church Grounds Marsh Harbour

Fun Begins at 11 am



The wise and judicious use of electricity benefits both
you and the country in two direct and distinct ways:
I. It guarantees for the generations to come, a longer
period over which our natural energy resources may be
extended for our use and convenience.
II. It provides you the customer with an ideal opportunity
to reduce the cost of energy to you.
For these reasons BEC has taken time to provide you with
these valuable conservation tips.
* Consider window fans, ceiling fans or whole-house
fans, which use much less power, as an alternative to air
* Close your blinds, shades or draperies during the hot-
test part of the day.
* Cool only the rooms you are using. Close off unused
* Shut off your air conditioner if your leave home for an
extended period of time.
* Air conditioners work to remove humidity, so reverse
moisture making jobs such as cooking, dishwashing,
laundry and bathing for either early morning or late eve-
nings. These activities all increase the level of humidity
in your home making it less comfortable and forcing the
air conditioner to work even harder. If other heat gen-
erating appliances such as irons, ovens and blow dryers
are used only in the early morning or late evening, your
home will stay cooler.
Energy Saved is Energy Earned
Remember Conservation is Key
The Bahamas Electricity Corporation Abaco

Congratulations to Colleen and Donald Pruett who were married on Green Turtle Cay
on the 26th of April 2008. Colleen is the daughter of John Nasta, who is a homeowner
on Green Turtle Cay. Colleen and Donald will reside in Fairfax, Virginia. They were
married on the beach at Bita Bay where Colleen has great memories of snorkeling and
beachcombing as a young girl. Molly McIntosh, who organized the wedding and recep-
tion at the Green Turtle Club, says it couldn't have been a more perfect day. The weather
was gorgeous and the nice breeze on the beach kept it from being too warm. That night,
after a wonderful dinner, guests enjoyed "Lil Island Slammers" Junkanoo group perform-
ing around the bonfire on the beach and then dancing under the stars to the tunes of the
"Gully Roosters. Best wishes to the happy couple and we hope to see them back here in
Abaco for many, many anniversary celebrations!

Marco Appliance Centre
is accepting resumes for the following positions:
1. Point of Sale Cashier Male or Female Applicant must have excellent
customer service and organizational skills and be fully computer literate. Must
be able to deal with meeting deadlines and changing conditions.
Duties include: taking of service calls and dispatching technicians. POS
appliance, electrical and air conditioning sales. Receiving and stocking of

2. Office assistant Must be fully computer literate with good mathematical
skills. Must be proficient in Excel and Word, type with a minimum of 75 ac-
curate words per minute.
Duties include assisting with administrative tasks which entail entering in-
ventory into system, typing, processing invoices, statements, appliance sales
and ordering. Able to work on own initiative and meet deadlines.
Qualified applicants should fax resumes to 367-3469, e-mail to marcoac@
batelnet.bs or mail to P.O. Box AB 20192, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Attn:
Human Resources.

Danceall mnusichins been on the rise stadilyfor thelst fewyears,
and now 0has been makng a stomg impac on the Internatioal~ nurket.
In the Bha~mas altDwuoiwe hveotrown culture, dancehaII ndcis I
All big intthe culs In our homes and in the street,
Asa rmatter f bet themhas been coIIbodon ih aiouI~s artim recently,
and dancelhall Insproved to be making it way up on tdeechartsworldwide.
Much respect goes out to All of the ladies who love been
doing their thing in the regae muskindusty,to both Bahamians
and uOians aike. The Abco omitc Industry over toyears
has now strted to have an appre~onfo~~ rnmusic events and especialydte
nraiuson the dancobla scene, LaSaw and Madka Dimandare tha two bi
nmies we hear everyday whom we think about dancehaill music.
Both have perforned in the Bha~mas before butony Lady Sw has been t
Saturday May 3 1st "Macka Diamond"

latest No, Ever" 4Is fmlar w* thehits
'a~m Him" ,Hub Hoop'
andnow one ofherktestbeing payed everday on
Tap 'Dancly Shandy'
The eyentwI le take at CLUB SOLID GOLD
am itIs evedw 0t be a m i v ent
The event is bei ng sponsored
people are asked to be thos
eal oget good viw Thered wilAobe
FEMALE DANCEHAD. GIRLS pflornrmngon ie night of te rat
Doors will be open from 10:0pm

Green Turtle hosts beach wedding

May 15, 2008

May 15, 2008 The Abaconian

News of the Cays

Cays From Page 20
business very costly.
Vernon's daughter, Bonnie, operates the
Suds Ahoy Laundromat which utilizes three
working washers. On a week when there
are not many people using the machines
she orders two loads of water of 1,300 gal-
lons each which should last from Tuesday
to Saturday, but on a really busy week she

has to order on a Monday, Wednesday and
Friday. Both visitors and locals make use of
the laundromat, but Bonnie is beginning to
wonder if it is worth keeping the laundro-
mat open as it is just not cost effective. If
this laundromat were to close, people would
have to take their washing across the har-
bour to the Lighthouse Marina laundromat.
"Homeowners who have their own
washing machines recycle their water and

use it over and over," says Vernon, "so
automatic washers are no longer automat-
ic." Renters find that water takes a large
chunk of their rental money since the aver-
age tourist is used to having a copious wa-
ter supply and is not used to economizing
on water while brushing their teeth, for ex-
ample, as well as all the other ways which
are an automatic part of life to the locals.

"This needs to be formally brought to
the attention of government," stated Mr.
Malone, who has actually approached them
verbally. "The bottom line is that govern-
ment needs to put in a water supply or give
incentives such as a discount on duty so
that maybe a water company would put in
a system. As it is, some people just cannot
afford water."

HT Fire Rescue Receives Donation
Justin Noice, Hope
Town's fire chief, ac-
cepted a check for
$10,000 from Sea
Spray Resort General
Manager Junior Mer-
nard in appreciation
for rapid emergency
assistance from Hope
Town Fire and Rescue
.. on October 11 when
fuel caught fire on Sea
Spray's docks after a
line disconnected from
a tanker. The fast ac-
Stion probably saved the
entire marina and pre-
vented a catastrophic
Loss. "It should never
be taken for granted the service that the fire and rescue offers to the island. What bravery
it took to attack the fire the way they did, "Mr. Mernard said. Photo courtesy of Abaco

An entrepreneurial spirit, original thinking, and a passion to succeed.
If you have it, we want you.

We are growing!
MoneyCentre by Fidelity invites applications for the position of:

Customer Service Representative
(Contractual Employment)


Cash handling

An entrepreneurial spirit, original thinking, and a passion to succeed.
If you have it, we want you.

We are growing!
Fidelity invites applications for the position of:

Personal Banking Officer


Interviewing loan applicants

Completing loan applications

Mrs- Victoria Albury
Re: Customer Service Rep.
Abaco Shopping Centre
Don Mackay Boulevard

Marsh Harbour, Abaco

* Processing all non-credit banking transactions

* Participating in marketing and sales activities

* Administrative and clerical duties

* Sundry duties


* Have prior experience with cash custody and

banking operations

* Have excellent people skills

* Have excellent verbal and written communication skills

* Be enthusiastic and personable

An attractive compensation package, including a comprehensive range of employee
benefits, is being offered. Salary range subject to qualifications and experience.

Mrs. Victoria Albury
Re: Personal Banking Officer
Abaco Shopping Centre
Don Mackay Boulevard
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

* Assessing loan applications

* Processing loan applications

* Executing loan transactions

* Participating in marketing & sales activities

* Executing & processing banking transactions


Have prior credit experience

Have excellent people skills

Have excellent verbal and written communication skills

Be enthusiastic and personable

An attractive compensation package, including a comprehensive range of employee
benefits, is being offered. Salary range subject to qualifications and experience.

Oa & a*

Section B Page 21

Page 22 Section B

The Abaconian May 15, 2008

More School News

Students of the Agape Christian School in Marsh Harbour paid a courtesy call on Prime
Minister, the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham, on April 28 at the Office of the Prime Minister.
The students travelled to Nassau on a field trip and visited historic locations and enter-
taining attractions.

Students from the Cherokee Sound Primary School paid a courtesy call on the Prime
Minister, the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham, at the Cabinet Office on April 24. The students
enjoyed seeing many interesting places in Nassau on their exciting field trip.

Man-O-War students
made top honours
Five students of the Man-O-
War Primary School iccrrdv
traveled to Nassau to receive
an award from the Minister of
Education. They scored highest
in the nation as a class with five
to eight entries on a national lit-
eracy test. They also scored the
highest in the Abaco District as
a class. These students are Feli-
cia Roberts, Kyle Reeves, Sha-
nia Sawyer, Abigail Phillpot,
Max Albury. On their trip they
visited with the Governor Gen-
eral at Government House and
had lunch with the Hon. Carl
W. Bethel, Minister of Educa-
tion. They toured Atlantis and
the next day they were awarded
two gigantic trophies by Mr.
Bethel. On the left is Mrs. Le-
nora Black, Abaco's Superin-
tendent, and on the right is Mrs.
Kellie Janes, Principal of the
Man-O-War School.

Abaco Print Shop
Abaco Shopping Center
Tel: 367-3202 Fax: 367-3201


May 15, 200
MUST ELL Te Abcon'0 Pg0


Eleuthera Vacant Property
North Eleuthera Heights, Eleuthera Appraisal $41,275.00
Lot #20 approximately 11,200 sq. ft. and bounded on north by Early Settler Drive and south by Deal Investment Ltd. This is single
family zoning and 50 ft. above sea level. This site encompasses a foundation with plumbing and roughing in place and well compacted
quarry fill. The concrete floor has not been poured as yet. The foundation is 2,511 sq. ft. Lot # 20 situated 1/5 miles eastwardly of
the Bluff Settlement The said lot is vacant and on a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

Lot. I 10B, Palmetto Point Appraisal: $72,000
All that piece, parcel or lot of vacant land containing 9,000 and being lot No. I OB situated north of Ingraham's Pond and easterly of
Palmetto Point, on the Island of Eleuthera, one of the islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and is bounded and abutting as
follow: on the north by Lot No. 3B and running thereon for a distance of 90 ft; on the East by Lot No, Il B and running thereon for a
distance of 100 ft.; on the south by a 20 ft wide road reservation and running thereon 90 ft on the west by Lot No. 9B running thereon
for a distance of 100 ft, the said lot is overgrown with shrubs and is in close proximity to a white sandy beach. This neighbourhood
is zoned residential development and is quiet and peaceful with a topography of approximately 50 ft and because of this there is no
danger of flooding. The area is approximately 80 percent developed with all utilities and services available.
Mutton Fish Point, North Eleuthera Appraisal: $51,421.00
Al the piece, parcel or lot of vacant land containing 44,714 sq. ft, and designated E which forms a portion of land known as "Mutton
Fish Point" situated about two miles northwestward of the settlement of Gregory Town on the Island of Eleuthera, one of islands of
the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and is bounded and abutting as follows: Northwardly by the land now or formerly the property
of Coridon Ltd. and running thereon for a distance of 393.13 feet outwardly by a 30' wide road reservation and running thereon
for a distance of 402.57 ft eastward by the main Queen's Highway and running thereon for a distance of 109.73 ft; westwardly by
land now or formerly the property of Caridon Limited and running thereon for a distance of 110.75 ft. This property having an area
of approximately 44.714 sq. ft. This neighbourhood is zoned commercial/residential development and is quiet, peaceful and has a
topography of approximately 2 ft. with all utilities and services available.
Mutton Fish Point North Eleuthera Appraisal: $51,421.00
All that piece, parcel or tract of land containing one acre situated about 2 miles northwest of the settlement of Gregory Town on the
island of Eleuthera, one of the islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and is bounded and abutting as follows; Northwesterly
by the main Queens Highway and is running thereon for a distance of 125.462 feet northwestward by the land now or formerly the
property of Coridon Limited, and running thereon for a distance of 390.274 ft southwestwardly by a 30' wide road reservation and
running thereon for a distance of 128,128 ft Southeastwardly by the lend now or formerly the property of the Vendor and running
thereon for a distance of 322.955 ft This property having area of approximately 44,847.76 sq ft. This eighbourhood Is zoned commercial
development end is quiet and peaceful with a topography of approximately 2 ft, with all utilities and services available This lot is vacant
land and is located In the area known an "Mutton Fish Point"

Eleuthera Vacant Property

Mutton Fish Point, North Eleuthera Appraisal $51,276.00
All that place, parcel or lot of vacant land and improvements containing approximately 44,587 sq,. ft, and designated 'F' which forms
a portion of land known as "Mutton Fish Point" situated about two miles northwestward of the settlement of Gregory Town on the
Island of Eleuthera, one of the islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and bounded and abutting as follows:- Northwardly by
the land now or formerly the property of Coridon Limited, and running thereon for a distance of 383.56 ft; southwardly by land now
or formerly the property of Caridon Limited and running thereon for a distance of 393.19 ft, eastwardly by the main Queen's Highway
and running thereon for a distance of 113.40 ft, westwardly by land now or formerly the property of Coridon Limited and running
thereon for a distance of 113.40 ft This neighbourhood is zoned commercial / residential development and is quiet, peaceful and has
a topography of approximately 2 ft with all utilities and services available.

Exuma Vacant Property

Island Harbour Beach, Exuma Appraisal: $80,000
All that parcel or lot of vacant land containing 10,000 (80'x 100') sq. ft. being lot No. 9, Block 2, Island Harbour Beach Subdivision
situated the western most portion of the Hermitage Estate, Little Exuma, Bahamas. The property is located on an unpaved road
known as Stocking Road. The property also has a commanding view of the ocean.
Island Harbour Beach, Exuma Appraisal: $80,000
All that parcel or lot of vacant land containing 10,000 (80'x 100') sq. ft. being lot No. 9, Block 2, Island Harbour Beach Subdivision
situated the western most portion of the Hermitage Estate, Little Exuma, Bahamas. The property is located on an unpaved road
known as Stocking Road. The property also has a commanding view of the ocean.

Abaco Vacant Property
Blackwood, Abaco Appraisal: $219, 354.40
All that lot of land having an area of approximately 258,064 sq. ft. This property is yet to reach its highest and best use. It is
ideally suited to single or multi-family development as is the nature of surrounding properties within the community. The
site may also serve well as a commercial site as the area remains un-zoned the property remains largely in its original state. It
is covered with low brush and broad leaf coppice vegetation interspersed with broad strands of mature yellow pine indigenous to the
area. The property is well drained and represents no immediate flooding danger under normal conditions. The subject property is vacant
and is situated at the southeastern entrance of the community of Blackwood, Abaco. The property is undivided and comprises
approximately 6 acres of a larger tract of land of approximately 26 acres.

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emal hiipwhtesco*aan~cm0 r arr Clle 22-02-03 eai h*r 0 *i sotabnkc0
To ie prpetie g to w w~sopshobaama cm -Clck n Rea Etat Mil" Clgic[k on ldo[orway'J "Enter OnSiline lStore"

May 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Section B Page 23


MUST ELL ay 15 200
The'0. 0 SPg


New Providence Properties
Kennedy Subdivision Nassau Appraisal: $188,406.00
_ ^Lot no. 21 all utilities available 10 year old single story house, 3 bedroom
2 bathroom, living dining area, family room, kitchen, study, laundry and
an entry porch.
Heading west along Soldier Road take main entrance to Kennedy
Subdivision on the left, then take the Ist corner on the left, then Ist
right House is second on your right with garage.

Lot No. 1490 Appraisal: $162,400.00
Golden Gates Section 2 All that lot of land having an area of 6,000 sq.
ft. Being lot no. 1490 of the subdivision known and designated as Golden
Gates, the said subdivision situated in the southwestern district of New
Providence, Bahamas. This property is comprised of a 25-yr-old single
family residence consisting of approximately 2.480 eq. ft. of enclosed
S1 I living with three bedrooms three bathrooms, living room and kitchen. The
land is on a grade and level; however, the site appears to be sufficiently
elevated to disallow the possibility of flooding during annual heavy rainy periods of the year. The grounds are fairly kept with
improvements including driveway, walkway and low shrubs. Yard is enclosed on one side with 5-foot chain link fencing and a low
cement block wall to the front.
Traveling west on Carmichae! Road turn left, then right onto the service road opposite Bahamas Faith Ministries Complex, then first left
again after passing clico and pre-school. The subject house is the 6th house left painted green trimmed white.

Lot No. I Western Shores Appraisal $753,570
All that lot of land having an area of 7,389 sq. ft. being
lot #1 of the subdivision known as Western Shores Phase
II, the said subdivision situated in the Western District of
p i_ T a ft tNp ew Providence, Bahamas. Located on the subject property
is a single structure comprising of a single family residence
consisting of approximately 2,430 sq. ft of enclosed living
1 space. The residence comprises of 3 bedrooms with closets,
S2 2 bathrooms, living/dining rooms, study, kitchen, utility
room, porch and enclosed garage with electronic door. The
land appears to be sufficiently elevated to disallow the possibility of flooding during annual heavy rainy periods of the year. The grounds
are fairly well kept with improvements including driveway, walkway and swimming pool. The yard is enclosed with walls.
Traveling west on West Bay Street. Go past Orange Hill and Indigo Subdivisions, the house is located on the left near Tusculum
Subdivision and painted all white.

Lot No. 217 Pinewood Gardens Subdivision Appraisal: $127,988
S All that lot of land having an area of 5,000 sq. ft being
Lot No. 217 of the subdivision known as Pinewood Gardens
the said subdivision situated in the Southern District of
New Providence, Bahamas. Located on this property is a
structure comprising of an approximately 20 yr. old single
family residence consisting of 992 sq. ft. of enclosed living
space with 3 bedrooms, I bathroom, living/dining rooms,
kitchen, driveway and walkway. The land is on a grade and
level and appears to be sufficiently elevated to disallow the
.Traveling South on East Street to the junction of Soldier
Road, make a left at the light, then turn right into Kennedy
Subdivision. Go all the way to T-junction, turn right, then first left, then right again toward Mount Tabor Church building. After
passing Mount Tabor take first left (Sapodilla Blvd.). The subject house is about 400 yards on the right painted yellow trimmed green
with green and white door.

Lot No. 3 Yamadraw Beach Estates Appraisal: $313,016
All that lot of land having an area of 10,000 sq. ft. being
Lot No. 3 in Yamacraw Beach Estates in the said subdivision
situated in the eastern district of New Providence, Bahamas.
Located on the subject property is a single storey triplex
building comprising of 3 units with two 2-bedrooms, I-
-- bathroom, living, dining, kitchen apartment units and one
unit being used as a barber and beauty salon, the land is
on a grade and level; however, the site appears to be sufficiently elevated to disallow the possibility of flooding during annual heavy
rainy periods of the year.
Traveling south on Fox Hill Road, go past Yamacraw Hill Road and Joe Farrington Road. The subject property is located on the left
hand side of Fox Hill Road painted white trimmed brown.

Lot No. 51, Dorsetteville, Bamboo Town

All that lot of land having an area of 5,000 sq ft, being Lot No. 51, of the subdivision
known as Dorsetteville, the said subdivision situated in the Southern District of New
Providence, Bahamas. Located on the subject property is a structure comprising of an
approximately 20 yr. old duplex apartment comprising of approximately 1,641 sq. ft.
of enclosed living space which includes two 2-bedrooms, I-bath, kitchen, living & dining
room units. And an approximately 9 yr. old one bedroom apartment building compris-
ing of382 sq. ft with bath, kitchen, living/dining room. The land is on a grade and level;
the site appears to be sufficiently elevated to disallow the possibility of flooding during
annual heavy rainy periods of the year. The grounds are fairly kept with improvements
of concrete parking area & concrete walkways around the premises. The yard is enclosed
with chained linked fencing at the sides and back.
Appraisal: $202,225.40
Traveling south on East Street from Soldier Road, turn right at Porky's Service Station
(Victoria Blvd). Travel past the third corner on the left, The subject property will be the

Long Island Properties

Hamilton's, Long Island Appraisal: $67,000
a All that piece parcel or lot of land and improvements
situated in the settlement of Hamilton's on the Island of
Long Island and comprising of approximately 13,547 sq. ft.
and is elevated approximately 7-8 ft above sea level. This
site encompasses a 35 yr. structure. A simple style home
consisting of two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, living
and dining room. The home, however, is consisted of 2
separate constructions; 360 sq. ft of concrete construction
and 624 sq. ft of wooden construction. All amenities are to the property such as electricity, water, cable and telephone. The property
is accessed by the main Queen's Highway.

Abaco Properties

Dundas Town Crown Alloment Appraisal $265,225.00
One two bedrooms, I bathroom, triplex. Approximately 9,000 sq. ft lot no. 18B
with an area for a small shop. Age-12 years the land is a portion of one of the
Dundas Town Crown Allotment parcels stretching from Forest Drive to Front Street,
being just under a quarter acre in size and on the lowside. A concrete block
structure, with asphalt shingle roof and L-shape in design with a total length of
70 x 26 ft. Plus 50 x 22 ft. 2,920 sq. Ft. the interior walls are concrete blocks; ceiling is sheet rock and the floors of vinyl tiles.

Eleuthera Properties

Lot No. 62, Lower Bogue Eleuthera Appraisal: $229,426
S- All that piece, parcel or lot of land and improvements in the settlement of Lower
0Bogue, North Eleuthera, being No. 62, comprising of about 34,210 sq. ft This

total living area of approximately 2,342.06. Property also includes a double car
garage and front entrance with a total sq. ft. of approximately 655.75. This home is approximately 85% completed. The property is
well landscaped with crab grass and some fruit trees.
Lot No. 7. Boiling Hole Subdivision Appraisal: $153,521.00
This property is situated on the western side of Eleuthera Highway in the
settlement of Lower Bogue.
All that piece, parcel or lot of land and inprovernents situated on the Island
of Eleuthera, North of Governor's Harbour, comprising of Lot No. 7 in the
Boiling Hole Subdivision and comprising of approximately 10,000 sq. ft,, this site
encompasses a 17-year old duplex with each unit consisting of 2 bedrooms, I
bathroom, front room, dining room and kitchen with a gross floor area of approximately 1,474,20 sq. ft, and covered porch area of
approximately 164.70 sq. ft This duplex was built in accordance with the plan and specification as approved, and at a standard that
was acceptable to the Ministry of Public Works. This structure is in good condition. Each apartment could be rented at $800.00 per
month. The land is landscaped and planted with ficus trees but needs some manicuring.
Eleuthera Lot No. I, Block No. 45 Appraisal: $151,007.00
All that place parcel or lot of land having an area of 9,644 sq, ft, being lot #1
In block 45, Section E In the subdivision called and known as Eleuthera Island
Shores Subdivision, situated In the vicinity of Hatchet Bay Harbour, on the Island
of Eleuthera, one of the Islands of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. This site
encompasses a two-storey building which is approximately 14 yrs. old and Is
abandoned. There Is a wooden landing approximately 7'-4" wide by 20'-0" on the
upper level, approximately 1,610 sq. ft. of enclosed living space, with 3-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms, front room, dining room, den, kitchen,
and utility room. The wooden porch on the upper level approximately 148 sq. ft There Is also a water cistern under the dining room
floor area. All utilities and services available. This property is situated in Eleuthera Island Shores.

New Providence Vacant Property

Lot B, Wilson Street, Rock Crusher Appraisal: $97,214
All that lot of land having an area of 10,498 sq. ft being Lot B, between the subdivision known a Rock Crusher and in teh vicinity of
Perpall Tract situated in teh western district of New Prividnence, Bahamas. This property is zoned multi-family / single family. Also
located on this property is a structure comprising of a duplex at foundation level under construction, and consisting of approximately
1,566 sq. ft of enclosed living space with a patio consisting of 270 sq. ft The starter bars are in place and foundation poured.
Traveling west on Farrington Road take a right after the PLP Headquarters, go about midways through to Wilson Street Go through
the corner all the way to the dead end. The property is located behind the chain link fence at the back of the yard.

Rainbow Subdivision Lot No. 3, Block 27. Appraisal: $37, 440
All that vacant lot of land having an area of approximately 14,052.59 sq. ft being Lot No. 3, Block 27, section B, of Rainbow Sub-
division with residential zoning. This property is bounded about 103.44 ft north by Queens Highway and 137.02 ft. east and about
99.94, ft south of Rainbow Hill Circle, 139.91 ft. west. All utilities and services available.

Lot No. 15, Block 10, Winton Heights Appraisal: $171,440
All that lot of vacant land having an area of 17,144 sq. ft of the subdivision known as Winton Heights situated in the Eastern District
of New Providence, Bahamas. This property is retangular in shape and zoned multi-family single family.
This property is about 230 ft. west of Sassoon Drive and is about the third lot on the north side of Hill Side Road

9th on the left side. Painted green trim White.

Forcoditon ofsae ad the iforaton0onactPhlipWhte 22-52-07

emi hii.hte soiaakcm rHrr0ole 4-0233*ealhrr0oli 0tabn~o
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Page 24 Section B The Abaconian

More School News I

Treasure Cay Primary
A fireman visited Grade 1
On April 30 Mr. Colin "Stone Cold" Al-
bury, Fire Chief of the Treasure Cay Fire
Department, visited Ms. Austine Mills'
grade 1 class at Treasure Cay Primary
School. The students were very excited to
have him visit. He explained to them what
a fireman does and that there can be fire-
men and firewomen and how one could be-
come a fireman. Mr. Albury discussed fire
safety in the home and steps they should
take to prevent fires generally. He demon-
strated how one should crawl on the floor
under the smoke if the house is on fire and
explained to them that they should dial 911
whenever there is a fire. They can call that
number if their parents fall down or get

injured at home because the fireman some-
times go along with an ambulance because
they are well versed in the administration
of CPR
Mr. Albury spoke to the students about
seat belt safety and that they should buck-
le up as soon as they enter a car. He told
them to make sure that their parents and
others are using the seat belts and if not,
they should be reminded to do so.
After talking to the students in class the
fireman had one last treat. He took students
outside to view the brand new fire truck.
Students were amazed as Mr. Albury gave
them a tour around the truck even allowing
each child to climb inside it. But the show
was not over yet.
He asked Ms. Mills to make sure stu-
dents stood to the side as he preformed a

drill and demonstrated how the water is
pumped out of the truck while turning on
the lights, siren and horn.
Students ran around on the sidelines in
excitement while some ran back into the
school yard with a little fear and excite-
ment at the sound of the siren.
Before Mr. Albury left, Grade 1 stu-
dents presented him with a story book they
created, entitled The fireman came to our
class. After he left, students were still ex-
cited and asked if he could return to the
school the next day.
Ms. Mills wishes to publicly thank the
Fireman Colin Albury for visiting her
Cyber Leraning Center
Family Fun Day
By Isobel 51u.iit, ,
On April 19 Cyber Learning Center
had a Family Fun Day at the rear of the

school. The PTA of Cyber Learning Cen-
ter thought it would be fun to have a social
with parents, children and staff for an after-
noon of games and socializing. In addition,
they had food that showcased the diversity
of countries and cultures that make up the
student body at Cyber Learning Center.
The traditional games of soccer and bas-
ketball were played. Parents, staff and stu-
dents competed in sack races and toss the
water balloon. This game proved to be the
most popular.
A variety of dishes was sampled. These
included Kielbasa and Sauerkraut from
Germany, Shrimp Low Mien from the
Philippines, Greek Salad and Pita Chips
from Greece, Jerk Chicken and Jerk Pork
from Jamaica, Grilled Hamburgers from
the United States, Macaroni and Cheese
from The Bahamas and from Costa Rica
Please see School Page 25

Fire Chief Colin Albury of the Treasure Cay Fire Department visited a Grade 1 class of
the Treasure Cay Primary School allowing the children to see afire truck up close. They
were very impressed, particularly with the siren.

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May 15, 2008

May 15, 2008 The Abaconian

_I More School News

School From Page 24

two dishes, Tortilla Espanola (Potato Om-
elet) and Pasta Frola (Quince Tart).
The Fun Day was such a success that all
are looking forward to the next one.
School won three second places
At the recent science fair sponsored by
Friends of Environment Cyber Learning
Center placed second in three divisions.
The projects all had to do with the global
warming effects on small island nations.
The grades 1-3 did a project on how they
felt when on asphalt, on cleared property
and in the forest. The students wrote their
experience sin the three environments.
Their teacher was Ms. Kayla Gates.
In the upper primary division Grades
4, 5 and 6 took second place. They did
models of all that was causing pollution on
Abaco and then the final effect of global
warming nothing. Their teacher was Ms.
Donette Moncrieffe.

In the junior high division Grades 7, 8
and 9 placed second with the effects of ris-
ing sea levels and ways to reduce to global
warming. The students had a tank with
a model island and water dripping in to
simulate rising ocean levels. The teacher is
Ms. Isobel Sherman.
All classes were given a certificate and
a recycling bin for the competition of that
will begin in September that will reward
winning schools with cash prizes for the
most aluminum cans collected.

Central Abaco Primary
It's Academic Competition
By Samantha V. Evans
Schools all over Abaco have made it
their top priority to provide programs that
will help to improve the academic perfor-
mance of their students. One school, Cen-
tral Abaco Primary School, held its annual
It's Academic competition on April 23 for
grade six students covering the areas of

general knowledge, math, social studies
and science. After almost two hours of
questions and answers, the scores were
given as follows: the winner was the Grou-
per House with 370 points, in second place
was the Marlin House with 355 points, in
third place was the Flamingo House with
350 points and in fourth place was Yellow
Elder House with 300 points. The student
competitors all received ribbons and the
winning team members received trophies.
All of the students wore t-shirts spon-
sored by the First Caribbean International
Bank. The t-shirts were color coded-marlin
(blue), flamingo (pink), grouper (red), and
yellow elder (yellow). Mrs. Iris Henschell
and her First Caribbean team also spon-
sored the ribbons and trophies.

Two Abaco students

Competed in Nassau
By Mirella Santillo
The winner of the Rotary sponsored
Speech Contest, Forest Heights' student,
Amy Mackey, who belongs to the Junior
Achievers Club sponsored by the Wa-
ter and Sewerage Corporation, entered
the Texaco Speech Contest in Nassau, in

Felicia Roberts, a third grade student at
the Man-O-War Primary School, came in
first place for the Grade Three District
Spelling Bee.
March of 2008. She was one of the nine
students chosen to return to Nassau for the

Please see School Page 27

Central Abaco Primary has an It's Academic competition yearly within the school that
quizzes the students on academic subjects. This year the Grouper House won the competi-

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Section B Page 25


Page 26 Section B The Abaconian

Museum From Page 18

the marked graves and has assigned people
genealogy numbers and her investigations
have shown that up the fifth generation
127 people died in Hope Town but it is
not known where their graves are. It is be-
lieved that there was a burial ground on the
site where the Harbour Lodge now stands.
She hopes eventually to publish a pamphlet
which will be available in the museum with
stories about the persons buried with date
of death as she has discovered some fasci-
nating stories about some of the deceased.
The committee is looking to make the
museum "A real experience which will be
more appealing and interactive and person-
al for kids." They would very much like
locals to be involved with the museum on
a personal level and not just feel that it is

for tourists. More volunteers are needed
and they are earnestly seeking volunteers
from the local community but would also
welcome volunteers from Marsh Harbour
and the Cays who would like to become
involved. "We need more effort from the
community to keep things running," they
The museum hours are from 10 a.m.
to 3 p.m. Monday to Saturday at present
but due to lack of volunteers when second
home owners leave for the summer the
museum is only open half days during the
summer months and is closed during the
hurricane months of August and Septem-
ber. The committee is considering opening
on Sunday afternoons for Special Sundays
which will feature the making of old-fash-
ioned shell jewellery, various crafts, cul-
tural traditions and story telling.

Sunland Baptist Academy
visits GTC Festival
By Mirella Santillo
Close to 20 third grade students from
Sunland Baptist Academy in Freeport vis-
ited Abaco for the first time on May 3rd
on a one-day visit to the Island Roots Heri-
tage Festival. They were accompanied by
parents and teachers including their social
studies teacher, Mrs. Lavender Roberts.
She explained that before taking the ferry
to Green Turtle Cay, they made a trip to
the wild horse preserve and stopped at the
blue hole nearby.
Mrs. Roberts said that the children were
enjoying the trip and getting much more
out of it than in classroom study. It was
a first-hand experience for them to visit
another Family Island and learn about its
history and customs.


If you would like your church listed here, call 367-2677


Eastern Abaco Region of
The Methodist Church
lillp "* I l>.' I i', ',i, ili,.!'lh ,,.hi I >.,,ii/,

All are welcome
to worship
with us

St. Andrews Methodist
Epworth Chapel Dundas Town
Cherokee Sound Sunday Services
Sunday Services 11 a.m & 7 p.m. .
11 a.m. & 7 p.m. Office 367-3050
ssion House 366-2249 Manse 367-4647

St. James Methodist
Hope Town
Sunday Services 9:30 & 11
Mission House 366-0400

New Vision Ministries

Our Mission
"Turning people into
devout followers of
Jesus Christ"
Sunday Worship 11:00 a.m.
Sunday Kids' Korner 9:30 a.m.
Tuesday Interactive Bible Study 7:30 p.m.
Thursday Prayer Time 12:10 p.m. & 7:30 pm
Friday Youth Night (high school & up) 7:30 p.m.
D Pastors / Leaders
Derek Benjamin Ted Pearce David Lowe
Youth Pastor: Chris Pinder
For Directions call 242-367-3324

Dundas Town Church of God
Where Everybody Is Somebody and Jesus Is Lord!

ER @ 6:45PM

Prayer Meeting 6:00 a.
Sunday School 9:45 a.i
Morning Worship 11:00 a.
Evening Worshin 6:00 p.
Jesus 0 Saves

We exist to:
Reach, Develop,
Train, Love jj9 ;
and Send
Weekdays (Prayer Meeting)
.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 5:00 a.m.
m. Monday Night 7:00 p.m.
m. Wednesday Night F.T.H. 7:00 p.m.
m. Friday Youth Night 7:00 p.m.
Tuesday, Thursday Family Night

For Transportation call Rev. Jerry Cornish at 367-2457
or 367-4719 (church) or contact Bro. Val Nesbitt at 367-5565
Bishop Anthony Campbell
242-367-4718 or cell phone 242-457-5565 Dtcog@coralwave.com

business service




Marble Granite Ceramic
Porcelain Mud Work Kitchens
Bathrooms Entire Home
Larry LOWE
Cell: 477-5966
Office: 367-0630

3imcoe Jewcllcrs
Fine Repairs to jewellery Watches
Antique Clocks Barometers
Music Boxes Instruments
and other fine mechanisms
Derek Albury 367-3098
,--" Memorial Plaza, Marsh Harbour

Big Cat Equipment
Rentals: Backhoe, D3 Tractor,
Payloader, Dump Truck
Services: Land clearing, Trenching
Fill, rock and sand

> - Fax: 242-367-2464
Tel: 242-367-2655 367-5250
Cell #: 477-5322 359-6839

Photography is not just about taking a picture
It's about capturing moments

9). -w2 ox 4 20036
_ammnal ao wt

e6a. 1-242 -544 -6295
maiL. do831^9@Aomud.c

j Sick Copier?
Call the Copier Doctor
We make house calls!
Most brands serviced
We make business quality rubber stamps:
Deposit Stamps, Daters, Address Stamps
Self-inking and traditional styles
Call 367-4709

Commercial & Residential Repairs
The Small Job Specialist
577.1690 Marsh

Abaco Island Pharmacy
Prescriptions Testing
Beauty Supplies Vitamins
Ricardo Miller, Pharmacist
Hours 8:30 am 6 pm
Sunday 9 am 12 Noon
Ph. 367-2544
Cell 554-8183
Dove Plaza, Marsh Harb.
Fax 367-6544
www. abacoislandpharmacy. com

Tr@picll uvenir
Straw Baskets Shirts Hats
Casual Wear Gifts Souvenirs
Located Don MacKay Blvd. and Airport
Phone 367-2431 Marsh Harbour
Mon -Sat7:30 5 Sun 10 -5
Visa and MasterCard Accepted


May 15, 2008

May 15, 2008 The Abaconian

More School News

Teachers and students of Amy Roberts Primary School paid a courtesy call on Governor
General, His Excellency Arthur D. Hanna on April 7 at Government House. The students
enjoyed their trip that included many attractions in Nassau. They were impressed with
Government House.

I a IL. a .\\ r I

Students taking business courses practiced their newly learned skills including interview-
ing prospective employees. 5i,. 'i here is Administrator Theophilus Cox being inter-
viewed very oipricrali

S.C. Bootle home economics students displayed their work. Many garments were on dis-
play and girls were demonstrating their skills at fancy cake decorating The girls shown
here are selling baked goods that they had made. Others were displaying salad vegetables
made into decorative shapes. The teachers and students seemed very proud of their ac-


School From Page 25

finals which took place on Aril 13th.
Vincea Cockley, who placed second in
the JA sponsored speech competition held
on February 21st, was the other student
from Abaco to travel to Nassau for the
Texaco finals. They had to elaborate on the
theme Road Safety, Making a Difference.
A group of JA members and their ad-
visor, Ms. Natasha Lightbourne, met the
week prior to Amy's departure to Nassau
to wish her luck.

We learnt that the two Abaconians did
not place in the finals, but their efforts
were appreciated by their teachers and
their sponsors. The winners were invited
to tell about their experience at the Rotary
meeting on April 29th.

Gordon's Perfect Painting
0 n4 Workmanship
a- Guaranteed
Call for estimate

Ia li Sl lmu AU verEi su I ll eme

Items for Sale. CommrialSrvice. Cr ot

Minimum for 3 lines in one issue $9
Picture and 4 lines $25
Additional lines at $2 per line
Display classified $18 per column inch
We can take the photo within the Marsh
Harbour area or use your photo.
Call 242-367-2677 Fax 242-367-3677

Chef for upscale cafe, breakfast/lunch. Serious
inquiries only. Call 367-0497
Real Estate Services Coordinator
This career opportunity will create and execute
administrative and personal services for the
Resort's Real Esatate and Resort Clients. It
requires a flexible work schedule, superior
communication and planning skills plus attention
to detail. Prior experience in resorts or hotels is
essential. Applicants may send their confidential
resume to the following address:
Mr. Bob Kramm COO / GM
Abaco Beach Resort & Boat Harbour Marina
P.O. Box AB 20669
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Food and Beverage Manager
This career opportunity requires strong,
experienced, leadership, training and
communication skills. Primary responsibilities
include progressive service and hospitality
standard setting with cost control and revenue
building capabilities. Bahamian national
preferred. Applicants should send resumes with
salary requirement to the following address:
Mr. Bob Kramm COO / GM
Abaco Beach Resort & Boat Harbour Marina
P.O. Box AB 20669
Marsh Harbour, Abaco


For all your vertical and mini-blind needs
contact Sidney Albury at 367-2091 or 367-2031.
Sales and Service

Need Upholstery?
Contact Craftsman Upholstery
Phone 559-9810
Safe at Home Pet Care
Will care for your pets while you are away.
Responsible, honest, reliable. Call 367-2105
after 7 p.m. or e-mail safeathome@live.ocm

5-ton A/C unit complete, must see to appreci-
ate. $3000 ONO Ph 367-0254

Heavy Equipment Business for sale with great
potential. Call 225-4575/ 367-5198/ 554-8880

08 Hyundai T100, 97 miles, undercoated.
Call 365-5195
03 Ford F-750 4x4 ext. cab, white with gray
interior. Nice family or work truck. $17,000
OBO. Must see to appreciate. Serious inqui-
ries only 458-1166 or 475-7137
01 Nissan Frontier, automatic, new paint job.
$8000 Call 365-5195

97 Ford F-150 4x4, reg. cab, XLT 120"
wheelbase flareside, 4.6L EFI V-8 engine,
4-spd auto-transmission, dk red, matching
hardtop overbed, trailer towing pkg, front
tow hooks, Michelin tires on alum wheels,
beige uphol. w/custom covers, A/C, tinted
windows, cruise control, CD/stereo/4 spkrs,
complete maintenance record. $11,000 OBO
Call Kathy 242-456-6202

2 85 HP Yamahas 2001, aluminum dual
engine bracket. Hydraulic steering. $7500 for
both. Purchased new $18,000. Call Tom at
359-6229 or 367-3875

24' Super Boat, 2006, 225 Ficht ram injection
Evinrude, 230 hrs. 5.5 knots. Excellent condi-
tion. $16,000 OBO Ph. 551-5720
25' O'Day Sailboat, good condition. $25,000
Call 475-7497
28' Trawler Molly, 230 HP diesel, 1300 en-
gine hrs, Aluminum Marine Grade, Raymarine
Auto-Pilote, GPS, WSM 300 and Plotter C 80
(Bahamas), much more. US $55,000 Ask Keith
Albury 365-6006

32' Scarab Sportfish, twin 225 Optimax, new
depth finder & GPS, autopilot, stereo & VHF,
custom T-top w/ Top Gun outriggers, Mint
Condition. $69,900 Call Al at 367-0672 or
Dane at 367-2697

32' Luhrs 2000, twin Cummins 300 HP each, 5
KW Kholer generator, A/C, fridge, microwave,
new TV/DVD combo, XM radio, all new canvas
enclosure, new drop curtain and aft curtain, new
Icom VHF. Call 365-5195 or 577-0332
36' Catalina Sailboat 1986. Good condition,
located on Abaco. DUTY PAID $30,000 561-
249 -4282 See nics at abacokavak.com

43' Aluminum hull crawlishing boat, 5000 lb.
freezer, Caterpillar 3208, 8KW generator, sta-
bilizers, central A/C, full galley, TV & DVD,
sleeps 7. $35,000 Call 365-5148

Section B Page 27


Page 28 Section B

Exlsv fflaeo


Stunning 10,000 sq. ft. hilltop prop-
erty with views of the Sea of Abaco
and surrounding cays. This 2,500
sq. ft. home includes 2 bedrooms, 3
baths, and numerous decks.
$995,000. Ref. AS10926

Collection of 2 bedroom condos and
3 bedroom penthouses overlooking
the sea in a gated development of-
fering a pool and private beach.
Starting at $445,000
Ref. AS10905
... ........ .........

Brand new, two story home with 5
bedrooms and 3 baths in 4,000 sq.
ft. of well-appointed space. Set on
an 18,700 sq. ft. lot overlooking an
incredible beach.
$849,900. Ref. AS10905

Charming 2 bedroom, 1 bath ocean
view home set high on a hillside.
Features include high quality fin-
ishes, modern kitchen, a screened-
in covered porch, and sun deck.
$475,000. Ref. AS10968

Waterfront property featuring a two
storey, furnished 3 bedroom main
house, 2 bedroom cottage, garage,
shared boat dock, lots of patios, and
a generator.
$2,999,000. Ref. AB114

Waterfront estate with 85 ft. on the
Sea of Abaco and comprising a two
storey building totalling 5 bedrooms
in 2 separate units. Ideal rental
business or private family retreat.
$899,000. Ref. PS10645

Charming 3 bedroom, 3 bath home
hidden amid lush trees and vegeta-
tion. Enjoy views of the sea, ac-
cess to the Lucayos dock and the
nearby beach.
$875,000. Ref. PS10596

Elevated 2 bedroom, 2 bath home
with a 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment
below. Set on an acre of land with
gorgeous sea views. A community
dock is just steps away.

Amazing 3.64 acre property featur-
ing three separate cottages totaling
3 bedrooms, a private dock, and
views over the Sea of Abaco, Tahiti
Beach and Tilloo Cut.
$999,000. Ref. AS10889

Luxurious Caribbean style beach-
front villa on 0.84 acres. This 5,750
sq. ft. home has 5 bedrooms, 4
baths, fully equipped kitchen, and
wrap around porches.
$2.545,000. Ref. TS10581

Elevated 4 bedroom, 2 bath home
with a 2 bedroom, 1 bath guest
apartment and water vistas. Set on
over an acre and completed by a
deck and protected dock.
$1,390,000. Ref. AS10945

Spacious 3 bedroom, 3 bath island
style home on the Sea of Abaco with
dramatic views, upscale island
decor, cathedral ceilings, a fully
equipped kitchen, and carport.
$1,175,000. Ref. AB8143

Choose from two 3 bedroom, 2 bath
newly built cottages with varied in-
teriors. Enjoy great views of the At-
lantic and Hope Town's harbour.
Offered at $995,000 each
Ref. PS10637 & PS10638

Well located waterfront home fea-
turing 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a well
equipped kitchen, large living area,
wrap-around deck, amazing views
and possible dockage.
$1.190,000. Ref. PS10565

Centrally located 4 bedroom, 4 bath
canalfront home with dock pier,
brand new tasteful decor, a large
modern kitchen, and a spacious
covered back porch.
$1,499,000. Ref. AS10917

Located in the quiet community of
North End, this 18,000 sq. ft. site is
perfect for an island getaway villa or
vacation rental home. Nearby the
beach and community dock.
$220,000. Ref. PS10641

Brand new 3 bedroom, 2 bath home
of 1,600 sq. ft. This two storey villa
is highlighted by a private balcony,
ocean view deck, and is just one lot
away from the beach.
$799,000. Ref. PS10640

Fun-filled 3 bedroom, 3 bath, turn-
key home on 21,089 sq. ft. over-
looking the ocean with decks,
loft/office, "widows walk", workshop
area, 2 car garage, and 2 dock slips.
$1,395,000. Ref. PS10700

Spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bath water-
front home currently under con-
struction. Completed by a 2 car
garage, pilings to 55 ft., and ap-
proved dockage and lay-a-long.
$990,000. Ref. AS10947

Two adjacent lots of 1.033 acres
each set between Winding Bay and
Cherokee Sound Settlement.
$100,000 ea.
Ref. AS10973 & AS10974

Gorgeous 15,500 sq. ft. beachfront
lot with 75 ft. of amazing water
frontage, endless views of the
ocean, and views of White Sound
and Seaspray Resort.
$395,000. Ref. PS10618

Moderately sloping sea view lot
comprising 34,922 sq. ft. with easy
access to the beach and the Abaco
Club, and all utilities. Ideal setting
for your dream home.
$395,000. Ref. AS10872

16,000 sq. ft. homesite on a quiet
and private island community just
minutes to Marsh Harbour. Nearby
a large community dock. Electricity
to be completed soon.
$150,000. Ref. PS10630


Cotctu oryu

A ~IsadBeezIse20

os ~ ~ and Guide.6To6Investing In

The Abaconian May 15, 2008

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g 0


A The


VOLUME 16, NUMBER 10 MAYte 15th, 2008ewa

VOLUME 16, NUMBER 10 MAY 15th, 2008

PM gave overview of plans for Abaco

Chamber held public meeting to hear the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham

The Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham, was hosted to a luncheon with the directors of the Abaco Ci/,ilr. of Com-
merce prior to a public meeting. The Prime Minister gave an overview of his concern about developments for Abaco, keeping in
mind the need for protection of our environment. After he spoke at the public meeting, he responded it to a question and answer
time. He is shown here being presented with a handmade hardwood top by Mr. Mike Malone, a COnhi,"t', Director. The top was
appropriate representing Mr. Ingraham as he is the top person, sometimes humming, with a string that many want to pull, made
of Abaco hardwood just as Mr. Ingraham is from Abaco. Looking on is Joy Jibrilu from the Prime Minister's office, Mrs. Har-
riet McDonald, an owner of Curly Tails Restaurant where the luncheon was held, the Hon. Earl Deveaux, Minister of Works and
Transport, and Mr. Michael Albury, President of the C/ iilThi,.

By Julian Lockhart
The Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Hu-
bert Ingraham, was invited by the Abaco
Chamber of Commerce to give an update
at an open meeting on government proj-
ects and proposed developments on Abaco.
With a growing population with demands
on resources growing, Prime Minister In-
graham revealed a number of projects and
infrastructural improvements and upgrades
for Abaco in his speech on May 2. Prime
Minister Ingraham is also the Member of
Parliament elect for North Abaco and has
represented North Abaco for 31 years in
the House of Assembly and said that he
feels good to do all he can for the people
of Abaco.
The government is promising Abaco a
commitment to facilitating desirable invest-
ment, so as to expand both employment
and business opportunities for larger num-
bers of Bahamians. "We commit to ensure
that development on Abaco is suited to this
island's capacities, that it is sustainable and
that it will benefit the people of Abaco and
the people of the wider Bahamas," Prime
Minister Ingraham said. "We have also
commenced a number of infrastructural
projects that, when completed, will sig-
nificantly impact the quality of life of the
residents of Abaco," he added.
The Prime Minister has confirmed the
construction of a new power station is pro-

Please see Chamber Page 6

14 developments are
The government's National Economic
Council has released the list of develop-
ments and projects that have been approved
from May 2007 through March 2008. The
following are developments located on Ab-
aco. The total investment in these 14 pro-
posed projects will total $2,533,740,000.
The Prime Minister explained that getting
approval does not mean that the project

approved for Abaco
materializes. It allows the developers to
make plans, have a Environmental Impact
Assessment made and give government
pertinent information about their fund-
ing. Then government reviews the project
and must give further approvals. There is
a time limit for these approvals. No time
Please see Developments Page 6

I Homer Lowe Regatta drew 34 sailors

I Fires kept two fire departments busy

The Marsh Harbour Volunteer Fire Department was very busy for the month of April,
anwsering 75 calls. Most of these were bush fires that threatened structures. This
home was in Murphy Town and the fire department was able to keep the fire from
destroying adjacent homes. See story on page 18.

1 I cirr -i e mu' Sunjlsnf lnea up at tne start line during tne Homer Lowe Mvemorial e-
gatta, a series of six races on April 26 and 27. The races also included 11 Optimists
that were sailed by junior sailors. Racers came from Nassau, Grand Bahama and
several communities on Abaco. Photo by Robert Dunkley
By Liann Key Kaighin sailors in the two-day event. Winds were
The 18th Annual Homer Lowe Memo- steady and races were sailed in the har-
rial regatta was held on April 26 and 27, bour, providing great drama for spectator
2008. Competitors traveled from Nas- boats and people watching from onshore.
sau, Hope Town, Man-O-War Cay and Please see Homer Lowe Page 12
Please see Homer Lowe Page 12
Guana Cay to join with Marsh Harbour

Renew your subscription before the expiration date shown in the label below.

The Abaconian
992 SE 9th Terr
Hialeah, FL 33010
Forward and Address Correction

Permit #2438


Page 2 Section A The Abaconian

Abaco is slated for major growth

By Julian Lockhart
Abaconians will soon have their choice
of jobs in the coming years as numerous
new developments have been approved
throughout Abaco for development by the
government. Resorts like Abaco Beach Re-
sort, the Abaco Club and Baker's Bay will
be competing for qualified workers and
Abaconians will see a financial windfall
as business opportunities and new jobs are
created to ease the increasing cost of living.
"I have been pleased that my government's
preference for smaller, mixed-use and en-
vironmentally-sensitive resorts is gaining
popularity with investment groups," Prime
Minister Ingraham said. "Increasingly, in-
vestors are trending away from traditional
mega-hotels, and this is certainly more in
keeping with our interest in respecting the
sensitive eco-systems of our islands."
A number of new resorts and multi-pur-
pose developments have been approved
throughout Abaco for development.

New owners have been approved to pur-
chase Walker's Cay which has been closed
since the 2005 hurricane season. In the
north at Treasure Cay the Bahama Beach
Club recently completed the last 44 luxury
units of its 88 unit condo hotel and Phillips
Property International received approval
for the construction of a 34 condominium
facility, each with a private dock but no
marina or fueling facility.
The Mariposa Yacht Club, a mixed-use
hotel and residential community develop-
ment. has been approved to proceed with
an expanded project including the expan-
sion of the marina.
In South Abaco a low-impact, un-gated
resort and residential development has
been approved for Schooner Bay with road
construction now underway.
There has been approval in principle
granted for a resort at Snake Cay. Because
of the government's concern for the envi-
ronment in that area, it did not approve the

larger scale development originally pro-
posed and a one-year window of opportu-
nity has been stipulated.
The developers of the Conch Sound
Point, High Bank Bay and Lantern Head
projects in South Abaco have been re-
quested to scale down their projects and
restrict the first phase of development to
a proposed boutique hotel, beachfront vil-
las and resort townhouses at the High Bank
property with a golf course at the Lantern
Head site.
Approval for the development of a
mixed-use resort at Leeward Harbour,
south of Sandy Point, was also granted last
year. In this regard, the government has
given approval in principle for Sandy Point
to be given port-of-entry status at such time
as it may be warranted.
Approvals have been granted for a de-
velopment at Lynyard Cay consisting of a
marina and cottages. The Delphi Club at
Rolling Harbour has been approved for
the construction of an upscale bonefishing
lodge and micro-hotel on five acres.
"Though smaller, these developments

Please see Developments Page 4

ine newv yVtcUUI ter titut wlm t wiu v cut3 Ulct-
ed inland from Wilson City was discussed.
Mr. Frederik Gottlieb explained that he
hopes at some point electricity can be pro-
duced from wind or solar power. But at this
time it is not practical nor cost efficient.
The diesel generators that will be installed
will the most efficient available. If fossil
fuels become a great deal more expensive,
then energy from alternative sources can
be utitlized.

The Prime Minister answered questions from the audience. Mr. Loren Coleby, Manager
of the Abaco branch of the Bahamas Development Bank, is shown here asking if some
Crown Land will be reserved for public use. Mr. Ingraham assured him that land will be
available for public use and gave a couple of examples.

* I *

P.O.BOX AB 20737
Marsh Harbour
Abaco, Bahamas
Tel: 242-367-2091 / 367-3341
Fax: 242-367-2235 / 367-4885


801 Avenue E
Riviera Beach Fla. 33404
Tel: 561-840-9393 Fax: 561-863-3451
Contact: Tina Diaz

12805 NW 42Ave. Building #2
Opalocka, Fl, 33054
Tel: (305) 769-2112
Contact: Jose Medina

1.--, a

4f SBreakfast/Lunch/Dinner
*Bahamian Specials Daily*

Restaurant & Bar Happy Hour Daily 5 6pm
tropical drinks frozen drinks fine wines
Conch Inn Hotel & Marina local & imported beers Cuban Cigars
Marsh Harbour Ph 367 4444 VHF 16 curlytails@batelnet.bs



to West Palm Beach. See warehouse address on the side,
for further particulars contact the local office.

Freight runs from West Palm Beach
to Nassau / Marsh Harbour

Weekly freight runs to and from Nassau

General Cargo, 20' & 40' Dry and
Refrigerated Containers, Drive-on Ramps




,* 61,,
'; it



-! ,- r rin

May 15, 2008

May 15, 2008 The Abaconian

Section A Page 3

Q local Knowledge Global Network

Member of the Abaco MLS... another reason to list with us.
i~~~~~~-.M":::7 ._.. _


5,000 sq. ft on excellent swimming beach,
near public dock, turnkey $2,490,000.
-1I ill, ..,. ri ,-I" i ,Ir ,1 242.366 0 163

SEA TO SEA 4.95 acre tract, incredible
elevation, south of Sea Spray Marina, perfect for
private estate or development $2,400,000.
, -I. ,11 ., rl, -I, - i i 242 366.0163

on powder sand, 4 bedrooms, 6
apartment, garage, fully furnished
K -,' 'iilh -, rl-,-I I .lr ', 1

ESTATE 165 feet
baths, caretaker's

116E40W1 N-E\\ PRI'..E
2 bath cottage with private dock on the South
end of Elbow Cay Lush gardens $1,675,000.
Jane Patterson@SothebysRealtycorn 242 366 0035

A 1.

3 bath home with central A/C, tile throughout
and cypress tongue and groove $1,500,000.
Jane Patterson@SothebysRealtycorn 242 366 0035

bath home in Dorros Cove Stunning ocean view Cove Newly renovated 4 bedroom 2 bath,
and dock slip Absolutely turnkey $1,395,000. plus guest house and dock slip $1,275,000.
Kerrylullivan@SothebysRealtycomrn 2423660163 -1 ..I.... 1 rl. -I- 1 -I -. ,1 2423660163


cottage providing peaceful views of he Atlantic bedroom, 2 bath home Immaculate condition
Ocean. Uniquely priced $1,175,000. Near Sea Spray Marina and great surf. $1,275,000.
Jane. .. r.-I I -. 242 3660035 KerrySullivan@SothebysRealtycorn 2423660163

1 'w

marina front property, graduating
elevation and private boat slip. $750,000.
Kerry Sullivan@SothebysRealtycorn 242 3660163

3 bed 2 bath located on 1/2 acre in Marine's
Creek, designated dock slip $1,250,000.
Jane Patterson@SothebysRealtycorn 242 366.0035

LOT 57 OCEANFRONT Beautiful ocean front
property, 18,445 square feet Dock access, minutes
from historic Hope Town. $700,000.
Jane.Patterson@SothebysRealtycorn 242 366 0035

bedroom 25 bath, tastefully furnished Large lot
with room for another house $599,000.
Jane Patterson@SothebysRealtycorn 242 366 0035

EL.LOUVv W AI inOrP tlOUvviN .#..3u
I 5 bath island cottage One block off the beach in
White Sound. Best Deal on the island. $525,000.
Kerry lullivan@SothebysRealtycorn 242366 0163

beautiful views of the ocean and White Sound
Harbour $475,000.
Jane Patterson@SothebysRealtycomrn 242 366 0035

NEw SETTLEMENT Hillside lots with underground
utilities, paved roads, and access to sandy
beach. Starting at $140,000.
Kerrylullivan@SothebysRealtycom 242 3660163

#3989 Section 2 Block I, Lot 15 $182,000. Laurie Schreiner 242 367 5046
#3017 Section 3 Block 14, Lot 20,$40,000 Laurie Schreiner 2423675046
#4071 Lot43 Good residential area $30,000 BillAlbury 242365 5046

#2286 Two Sea to Sea Lots deep water,4 527 acres $975,000 Laurie Schreiner 242 367 5046
#2374 Interior lots AOC from $52,500 Laurie Schreiner 242 367 5046
Lot I I Abaco Ocean Club $88,000 Laurie Schreiner 242 367 5046
#3410 Lot #16 AOC Great lot with access to water within 100ft $ 125,000 Laurie Schreiner
Lot 17Abaco Ocean Club $225,000 Laurie Schreiner 2423675046
#3947 Lot #143 Abaco Ocean Club approximately I 1,450 sq ft $150,000 Bill Albury 2423675046

Kerry Sullivan
t 242.366.0163

Laurie Schreiner Jane Patterson Stan Sawyer BillAlbury
t. 242.367.5046 t 242.366.0035 t 242.577.0298 t 242.367.5046

#4009 Aunt Pat's Bay, 12 water view lots From $295,000 per lot Kerry Sullivan. 242366 0163
#3921 Aunt Pat's Bay Harbour Views Lot 5 Beautiful OceanViews $475,000 Jane Patterson 242 366 0035
#4236 NAEW LISTING Marnie's Landing Lot 3C, Dock slip $679,900 Kerry Sullivan 242 366 0163
#3945 Dorros Cove-Water views and dedicated dock slip $336,000 Kerry Sullivan 242 3660163
#4007Aunt Pat's Bay Lot #20, 1/3 acre on the Sea of Abaco $665,000 Kerry Sullivan. 242366 0163
#2969 ,'.:1 ... Lot I 1, acre beachfront US$595,000 Kerry Sullivan. 242366 0163
#3952 Lot M UNDER CONTRACT $325,000 Jane Patterson 242 366 0035
#4246 Lot #8 Surfers rest near White Sound Close to ocean. $183,500 Jane Patterson 242 366 0035
#3966 Ocean View Community,three 1/3 acre lots $218,000 per lot Kerry Sullivan 242 366 0163
#3844 Fishing Point Hill,building site with shared dock $200,000 Kerry Sullivan 242 366 0163
#4307 NEW LISTING Hope Town Commercial Centre Starting at $62,900 Kerry Sullivan 242366 0163
#2344 NEW LISTING Dorros Cove Lot 13 OceanViews $350,000 Kerry Sullivan. 242 366 0163
#4308 NEW LISTING Coconut Dune Beach frontgreat surfl $695,000 Kerry Sullivan 242 366 0163
#3824 Pink Sand. Best beachfront property on the island $990,000 Kerry Sullivan 242 366 0163
#4161 Atlantic Dream Oceanfront in Dorros Cove Excellent elevation $750,000 Kerry
Sullivan.242 366 0 163
#1836 Tilloo Beach Subdivision Hillside interior lots, shared dock from $150,000
Laurie Schreiner 242 367 5046


Page 4 Section A The Abaconian

Environmental concerns will be addressed

Developments From Page 2
will, I believe, increase employment lev-
els and business opportunities while at
the same time offering a more intimate,
culturally rich and less environmentally
intrusive experience to their guests," Min-
ister Ingraham said. "Regardless of size,
expanded growth brings with it develop-
mental challenges. Certainly, pressure has
increased on both the government and the
community to meet the new and increas-
ing demands for improved infrastructure
and services. Already my government has
engaged two engineers to be based perma-
nently on Abaco so as to facilitate more
timely consideration and approval of requi-
site licences and permits required by these
new developments," he added.
With all of these projects coming on
stream, the government is ensuring that all
environmental practices under law of the
Bahamas are adhered to. The government
has partnered with numerous environmen-
tal groups, both locally and internation-
ally, for the continued and future success
in conserving The Bahamas' resources and
ensuring a future for generations to come.
Prime Minister Ingraham said when the

people of Abaco speak of their concerns
over the threats to the environment posed
by large scale development, they have his
ear. "Nature appeared to be able to take
care of itself in correcting our transgres-
sions. However, our environmental foot-
print is growing at a challenging, if not
alarming rate," Mr. Ingraham said. "My
government is committed to the sustainable
use of the environment and hence to eco-
nomic and social development that permits
us to achieve our goal of sustainable devel-
opment," he added.
With all of these new developments
bringing on new jobs and increasing the mi-
gration of natives back to Abaco to work,
there needs to be a place to rest their heads
and thus the development of new planned
communities and government subdivisions
throughout Abaco.
Mr. Ingraham said he came to office on
a promise to halt large scale transfers in
Crown Land and to accelerate the process-
ing of applications by Bahamians for such
land for residential or business purposes.
A team of land surveyors from the De-
partment of Lands and Surveys is presently
on Abaco. The team is presently concen-
trating their efforts in North Abaco where

_ Somethinq for

snack size ft Shms
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sandwiches B & V Plaza Don MacKay Blvd
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the government pro-
poses to expand resi-
dential subdivisions in
Cooper's Town, Cedar
Harbour, Mount Hope,
Wood Cay, Fox Town
and Crown Haven.
A new 600-lot
government subdivi-
sion will be created
in Central Abaco as
well. Also, residential
subdivisions are to be
expanded in Murphy
Town, Spring City and
Crossing Rocks.
"We are presently
engaged in an exercise
to identify additional
land surveyors for the
department (of Lands
and Surveys). Once ad-
ditional manpower is in
place, we expect time-
lier processing of appli-
cations will become the
norm," Prime Minister
Ingraham concluded.

The Hon. Earl Deveaux, Minister of Works and Transport,
responded to one question from the audience. Although the
law prohibits indiscriminate clearing, there do not seem to be
any consequences for those who continue to deface the envi-
ronment. Mr. Deveaux announced that Abaco will have two
resident engineers with his Works Department, and they will
take those defying the law to court. He expects that bring-
ing charges against some will discourage illegal bulldozing. It
was also brought out that developments on land secured from
the government will be held to higher standards than develop-
ments on private land.

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Cherokee Sound Green Turtle Cay + Hope Town + Marsh Harbour


On Christie Street,
a lot comprising
just over 9.000 sq.
ft. with 104' on the
mad and approx.
88' deep. Great
building opportu-

New 8 bed, 3 bath, 2.400 sq. A., 3
level home with wrap around ve-
randas on 2 levels and spectacular
.--. ocean views. Hard wood and ce-
ramic floors, custom made hard
wood kitchen cabinets and granite
counter tops. Tastefully furnished.

Priced at $95,000 REF #6227
Coaact: Chr uis I on

Priced at $50,000 REF #6408
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2 bed, 2,5 bath
home. Nearby
docking is available
at Little Harbour.
Tastefully fur-
nished. beautifully
grounds. Excellent

rental history
Priced at $400,000.00 REF #6077
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8 bed/o bath, 2,300 sq. ft. home.
Tastefuly furnished and roomy
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plantation fans. High speed inter-
net, 400 gallon per day water
make, dock, swimming pool and
large deck.
Priced at $1,005,000 REF#6028
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A -8 bed, 2 bath home
tucked away in private
setting. 1.600 sq. ft of
living space, wrap
around porch and
beach access.


A new de\ elopment of affordable
vacant lots on Sweeting's Village Road.
See page 7.

10 acres sea to sea.
Beautiful beachfmront at
both sides & protected
anchorage. Great devel-
opment property.

Priced at $295,000 REF #566
Contc Mailin Sands


S with 2,000 sqa. S of
12ing space, Weof
inopportunity.ed and situ-
ated on 10,827 sq. ft.

Priced it $21,000 REF #627783

Coart Man Sand

vacant property fronting
IV'" on the main high-
way Close to Cherokee
Sound,1, ending Bay and
Little Harbour. A great

ConamC Mai&;];" nds

2 acre beach front lot.
Approx 200' on the beach
and more than 400' deep.
Can be divided and sold.
'- Interior lots available, start-
-._ ing at $30,000.

Priced at $ 550,000 REF#5742
Contact Mailin Sands

SEA TO SEA. Frean Shore

"h ..-

bath cottage

Pascoe House. 4.763
n "? '-' .X acres with approx. 600 ft
Sk,.of harbour front, a deep
water dock and water
1' front on the Sea of
Abaco. 2 bed, 1.5 bath-
home. a 2 bed/2bath
guest cottage & 1 bed, 1

Priced at US$4500,000.
Contact Mailin Sands

Murphy Town Lots Near Great Cistern. 4 Lots available. Utilities in place Starting fromn-145.00o Call Lee
Long Beach Lots 115, 247, 257 All approx 1/4 acre in size. All lots have community beach access. Prices
from $30,0,iJ $50,000
Tleamre Cay-Residential lot one back from the beach. 7.5" 142' $105,000
Green' Tutle Esates-Multi-familv lot available. 1 Off xl80'. $160,000
Acreage 1.929 acres with 140' on the highway. Great potent inl. $210.000I
White Sound-25,8000sq ft. Great views of the island $550,000
Atlantic Beach--1.1 Acres of elevated oceanfront property. 66 ft of beachfront. $720,000
White Sound--3..500 sq ft. 100' of mateifmou. $750,000

Priced at $2,000,000 REF#6408
Contact Cm is frigton

SOver one acre of
Sprime beach front
situated on Atlantic
Ocean beach. One of
the nicest beaches on
lthe Island.

Priced at $720,000 REF #6406
Contact Chis rFurigton

Waterfront Lots-
.. Priced from
$265,0004 ,000.
Interior and lhulltop
lots, arnging in size
[rin 27.260 sq. ft. to
1.171 acres.

Prices fom $110,000-$299,000
C actr Mailin Snds


-k99 acre tract of
property on a small
beach. Boasts views
of the sun wounding
cays. Located be-
tween Marsh Har-
bour and Treasure

Priced at $295,000 REF #5797
Coea: Mailin Sands

Mailin Sands
Marsh Harbour
242 367-2992


Chris Farrington
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242 365-4695
chl i sr
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