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Title: Abaconian
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Publication Date: November 1, 2009
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NOVEMBER 1st, 2009

American Eagle requires Treasure Cay fire truck

Marsh Harbour runway

The new runway at the Marsh Harbour International Airport was opened for one day, October 15,
officials approve its use for commercial flights. Another problem that the Marsh Harbour airport
an adequate fire truck at the airport when the American Eagle flight lands. The government fire tr
problems and has not been in operation since June. The Marsh Harbour Volunteer Fire Departme
this time but it does not satisfy FAA requirements for the large American Eagle plane. Shown he
Eagle flight disembarking with the yellow government fire truck from the Treasure Cay airport in
the green Marsh Harbour government fire truck that is not in operation. It is expected that repair.

opens for one day
The new runway at the Marsh Harbour
International Airport was opened for one
day only on October 15. Bahamasair, Sky
S Bahamas, Western Air and several private
planes took advantage to use it. But the
runway had not been approved by Federal
Aviation Authority officials so commercial
flights from the U.S. could not use it. Pas
sengers were taken by taxi to Treasure Cay
to fly from that airport. The next day, Oc
tober 16, the new runway was closed and
all aircraft reverted to the old runway.
Government maintains fire trucks at both
international airports on Abaco, Marsh
Harbour and Treasure Cay. However, the
government fire truck at the Marsh Har-
bour airport has had mechanical problems
since June, and a truck from the Marsh
-ts oh Harbour Volunteer Fire Department has
been on standby every day since then.
The FAA in the States has standards that
apply to all commercial planes in the U.S.
The large American Eagle planes that land
but had to be closed again until FAI at Marsh Harbour have specific require-
t recently experienced was the lack of ments for firefighting equipment that must
-uck at the airport has had mechanical be on standby at the airport. It had come
ent has been manning a truck there all to light that the volunteer truck does not
re are the passengers of the American qualify for the larger planes. American

the background. Beyond that truck is
s will soon be completed.

Please see Airport Page 18

Career Fair attracts

high school students
n ; i ........... .........

The Abaco Chamber of Commerce organized a Career Fair with a variety of about 20
different careers represented. High school students from most of Abaco's high schools
attended and showed great interest in many areas. They were curious about what edu
cation would be required and even more interested in the income they could expect.
Cliff Pinder, an accountant from Nassau who came specifically for the Career Fair, is
speaking with students of Long Bay School about careers in accounting while students
from S. C. Bootle examine brochures. Tables with representatives of uniformed services
were quite popular. See story on page 20.

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Set Clocks Back One Hour
November 1
SDaylight Savings Time ends at 2 a.m. on November 1. Set
your clocks back one hour either at bedtime on Saturday
evening, October 31 or on Sunday morning, November 1.

Hope Town Council hears

about three developments

The Hope Town District Council met on October 20 to hear about three proposed
developments for Lynyard Cay and Elbow Cay. They are examining plans for the
Hope Town Marina and Inn. Shown seated is Walter Sweeting with cap, Administra
tor Cephas Cooper, Chief Councillor Jeremy S,.i I i-.. and Deputy Chief Councillor
Lana Russell. Standing in the center are Bridget D'Isernia and Brian D 'Isernia,
who represented Hope Town Inn and Marina, and on the right is Jane Thompson, a
resident of Tilloo Cay. See story on page 2.


Developers meet with Hope Town Council

By Canishka Alexander
On October 21 developers of the Hope
Town Inn and Marina and proposed Lyn-
yard Cay development met with members
of the Hope Town Council. The BEST
commission presented the EIA for the
Joe's Cay proposed development. There
were not as many fireworks as expected,
but the meeting was attended by all mem-
bers of the Hope Town District Council.
The meeting was chaired by Chief
Councillor Jeremy Sweeting. Other Coun-
cillors present were Lana Russell, Deputy
Chief Councillor; Glenn Laing, Coun-
cillor from Guana Cay; Harold Malone,
Hope Town Councillor; Walter Sweeting,


L i I i


Man-O-War Councillor; and Cephas Coo-
per, Senior Administrator.
Hope Town Inn
and Marina
The Hope Town Inn and Marina propos-
al concerns the property on the west side
of the harbour on the property formerly
known as Hope Town Marina and Club
Soleil. The plans presented to the Council
were for the marina and dock area only
and did not include plans for a future
small hotel and other shore facilities. The
marina will include 51 slips. Brian and
Bridget D'Isernia represented the Hope
Town Inn and Marina.


I / f-

This is a sketch of the proposed marina at Hope Town Inn and
Marina. The docks will extend out into Hope Town harbour and
will require dredging. Council members have made recommend
dations to the developers as to what is acceptable.

Clay Wilhoyte
of Hope Town ex-
pressed several con-
cerns about the ma-
rina with regard to
the removal of man-
groves, containment
of silt (increased tur-
bidity during dredg-
ing); footprint of new
docks in relation to
existing docks; bulk-
heading; and bound-
ary setbacks. Howev-
er, he had no problem
with development and
said many of his con-
cerns were addressed
after reviewing plans
for the marina. He
agreed that dredging
is necessary, but he
doesn't like the pro-
Jeremy Sweet-
ing's concerns were

with the length of the dock and the dock
application; the removal of the public dock
that servicesother property owners and if
accommodations would be provided to give
people access to their property. He told the
D'Isernias that the marina would have no
control over the existing community dock.
The dock would have to be situated 20
feet from the public road and 15 feet from
neighboring properties. They were re-
quired to update their application and state
that the concrete seawall would be finished
with rip rap. The height of the seawall was
also considered, and the council was told
that it would be three feet above the dock.
Mr. Sweeting questioned whether bigger
boats would be accommodated if dredging
was only four feet in some areas, but Mr.
D'Isernia said by the time it was completed
it would be at a finished depth of six feet.
Despite Mr. D'Isernia's explanation, Mr.
Sweeting told him that the Council's biggest
concern would still be how they addressed
the dredging issue. They were instructed to
put marker buoys out that day because the
Hope Town Council wanted to carry out a
site inspection. He told the D'Isernias that
if the Councillors were satisfied after their
inspection of the site, a recommendation

would be sent on to the Docks Committee
in Nassau.
Lynyard Cay
The Lynyard Cay project concerns a de-
velopment for the central part of Lynyard
Cay that would include protected by a sea
wall and other amenities. Until recently
Lynyard Cay was under the jurisdiction of
the South Abaco District Council.
Mr. Dale Scott spoke on behalf of the
development and told the Hope Town
Council that he had already gotten a tem-
porary dock approval as well as approval
from the Foreign Investment Board. How-
ever, Mr. Sweeting questioned where Mr.
Scott had submitted his documents because
they had no record of them either at the
Administrator's Office or the Hope Town
District Council Office.
Mr. Sweeting told Mr. Scott that he
wanted to see recommendations before
dealing with applications for the devel-
opment. He reminded Mr. Scott that he
would need to make sure that Local Gov-
ernment is involved in the application pro-
Please see HT Council Page 5

Specializing in Bahamian Foods

Open Monday thru Saturday

Breakfast 8:30-10:00 am.
Lunch & Dinner 11:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.
Bar Open 8:30 a.m -',l
ar Happy Hour 5:00-6:30 p.m,
Restaurant & Bar Music Wed. & FrL .. Until.
On the Hope Town Waterfront 242.366.0247or VHF 16

P.O.BOX AB 20737
Marsh Harbour
Abaco, Bahamas
Tel: 242-367-2091 ,L .fA
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801 Avenue E
Riviera Beach Fla. 33404
Tel: 561-840-9393
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Contact: Tina Diaz


3 qq 3 9~ I

Freight runs from West Palm Beach
to Nassau / Marsh Harbour

SWeekly freight runs to and from Nassau

General Cargo, 20' & 40' Dry and
Refrigerated Containers, Drive-on Ramps




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11 Two..
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Page 2 Section A The Abaconian

November 1 2009


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=== ~


November 1, 2009 The Abaconian

Section A Page 3

S ope Town Specialists Largest I ventory ofProperties


(;LIA'ANA CAY z4964I
5SA,.A VITA BREArHFtQPT 3 bed 3 bath borne
plus 5 extra lots, Snorkeling outside yow
door. thort walk to Nippe's. U5$2.5S0,000.
ime 141166.003S

OPIi F'TWNM t I 1 lBW t AY 474 -1 HOPE IO N I !* il i tY e-4
BAY WINmOWS WATlrFRONT DOnROs Cove RoBrn'S NEST $EA F AOaao FabUIous t .jl in
2 bed 2 bath, 2.400 sq ft,. includes studio Dorros Cove wrh dock slip, gest cotetage.r an
apartment, private dock and pool, $3,250,000. quarters, absolutely turnkey US$2,500,000.
Jane.Paiternon@So hebysReay.coRn 242.366.0035 ',rr~rv SiF.I- 5..Lr et' eai c :.i 242.366.0163

^^^^ ^~^ ^^^^^^^B^K^f ^^^^

*"Far Niente"

WITE I 1 )N I I I IW (,A..AY 37
5.000 sq. ft. on excellent swimming beach.
near publt dock, turnkey. US$2,490,000,
Kr"n v ell.ran!) .-. >r,'.er tReirrl.lc 242,366,0163

II OP. TOWN I eIl;BOW CAY &367-1
Asways SunarY WATrRFROW T charming 2 bed
2 bath cottage with private dock on the South
end of Elbow Cay. Lush gardens $1,675,000.
jife P'.tir .i: "cn:., r RetiIyc o,-. 42.366.0035

iih 'l TOWN I I 1 'l, (CAY I". -
AvRiE OCEAmVIEWS Why wait Buy your island
getway. 3 bed cottage nestled the dures.easy beach
access.dock tlip.great rental history. US$695,000.
JaniePttersonSotheysRiealtycom 242366.0035

SwEme o's LANoIWG WATERFIWOT lmmraCulat
harbourfront home with private dock, 3 bed
2 bath, bonus room. extra lot. $1,300,000.
KE,' ,f i h, ,'. ^y,, .. yP eilr C ':.IT 242.366O016

1 ll' t It*\ I II llk>\\ ,\% 460 24
Hu mNiGBLr COTTGE Charming historic 2 bed
home, ar suudo attached. hw floor a/c. in Hope
Town v.1i ig Was $800,000. Now US$S95,000.
jane.PattersoniSoiebyfRealty.com 242366.0035

NORTH STAR -WATrEFROINT Charming island style
2 bed 2 hath 'hme with breezeway coanceionvery
private.sttudeddds. sps tobeach. US$1,200,000.
Janr. Pzerons5ISlhbysRealiy.cOm 2423660035


ALLArIANoA Historlc Loyalist cottage with
updated interior, 2 bed 2 bath plus upstairs
apartment. Fruit ard vegetable Otree. US$595,000.
LaurieSchrtmerlSorhetysRealtyconi 24267.5046

AeACO Run PUNCH OceAN Views Swimming
pool. 3 bed 2 bach home. All the exmrs Steps
from Sea Spray Marina. US$845 000.
iF Wflr SuIl'liL; :ie:@ : r ilr rn 2423.3660 3

I[( P1' IOWN I I II' (Y W33
FImomi K-eenR OceAG VItw Adombl 2 bed
I.5 bath island cottage. One block off the beach In
White Sound. Newly Renovated. US$485,000.

gi~i'*~* ,

lHll I 11\ N I-IBOW ,Vi ;i i. lII i ( \ --4464
view, 100' on the water. grat location on dhe edge 4 bath immaculate retreat with 97' dock.
of town. private. close to shops. US$395,000. 360 degree ocean views. S$3.500,000.
Lerr rySIfl-r.. 'rt4k.!triy.Rirvy i.n- 241-3660163 LIur.e .h'.rr ", b llPeIilr.. 2423673.046

TI ll' *i' Vi -4921
PARADISE ExtensvX e docks & boat lifts Fabulous
newly built 4 bed 3 bath US$1.600,000.
LaLiJre lc,'e,,.er._ Sc.it'rebyRelry c r.n 242-367.5046

Sll l I =- 4-I- ,
ToP-A-TiLuo- OcEANViEW-A~FF eam Where
an you get brand new contction wa h views for ths
price' Short walk to beach & dockag.US$259,000,
Laur, ~v~ le.,,je,.-50ithebh'F ealr ico,' 242.367.5046

GoorV Danmlan*4 Kerry Sullvan Lwv, hdwemor Jan. Partrsionsoii Sawywr BilAlbury LViXa Sewnwr
Biok&r owrw smenol tutate ntr t Esai4 Aient slate Apeii rTe Agenti 1: asv A eni
f4 MiUQ t1 :4 t tle3 t34d Tt0447 5 4J.AJ6&D0 t lQ574217J 14 712'-9 1c O4277MI06

MeAluber of the BahamnasA MLS

tIll.O %&' 483
Twuw.o Poo SEA To S Mqgnificendy appointed,
stunning compound on II acres Absoute pflv)acy,
Beach, docks, pool. lush garden. US$6.400.000.
Launrthren ebst corm 242.367JM546


'1111) CAY 00357
FAssio Make an impression with the most unique
and desirable island estate rn Abaco. 5 bed 6 bah.
Hangar. dockage for 80ft vesel. U554,850,000.
uile Slir..; ,~( '... a.-.["r,( "tl. > i.:,, 242367.5046

#4161 Aarttic Dream MUST SELL Dorros Cove oceanfront, dock sllp i $4i'~. KX err Sullivan
#5029 Big Rock Hill I acre oceanfront building site with 140 on the Atlantic, US$6t65 C V-Yrry Sultivan
H2969 Big Point Lot II Half acre beachfroc bulldong ste. US$595.000. k-rry ul. ar
#4308 Coconut Dunes Beichfrcr. i.itrh rcat surf Partnerihip opportunity. $395,00. Kerry Sullwan
#5031 Harbour Hill UINDER CONTRACT Beachfront & excellent elevation U.S$395.00. Kerry Sullivan
4905 Ocean Bluff Dorros Cove Oceanfront.dock slip, highest elevation I area S650.000, $Key Sullivan
#4639 Lucayo Lot 6 NEW PRICE 5 rmnute walk to shared dock and beaci.$99,000. ane Patterson
#4236 Marnies Landing lot 3C NEWV PP ICE Dock slip and ocean view, $A59 9' 0 ( r.- r uli ~.
#4313 New Settlemfnt Hilside lots w/ underground uilltlies, Star.ing t 5140.100j r-rry SullI an
#4825 North End Lot 51 NEW USTING Ocean View, $370.000.Jane Pattersw
#4826 North End Lot 66 -Almost if2 acre Iot Lnd birudi.ld $189 30r( Jr.e Pte,.iaon
#3207 eagrape -White Sound 101 ft ndy beach.near public aoxk $45iJ00N Kerry Sullivan
#4395 Shepherd Needle Hill 3.7 acres. 140' o deep water coastline. US$995.000. Kerry Sullri-an
#4605 Ocean View Subdivision Lot 4 Ocean View 18,799 sq it. I2'0.000 Eill -41buri
#3824 Pink Sand Best beachfro property on the island. $990000, Kery Sullwvan
#4246 Surfers Rest Lot # 8 near White Sound Close to ocean $183,500. Jane Paterson
rlllA)(W CAY
#4482 Fabulous Beachfront Lot Best Beach Location. FURTHER REDUCED $375,000, Stan Sawyer
#4671 SeaVews.hlgh elevation, .: -acre fUhRTHER REDUCED $1 jS Oi0 St3., i-,a er
#1836TllToo Beach Subdivision Hillide lo.shared dock. From $150,000. Laurie Schelner
#3738Tiloo Beach Subdivision Lot 10 Beachfront lot. NEW PRICE $270,000. Laurie Schreiner
#455$Tiloo Beach Subdivsson Lot 22 WaterfrontL $35000-Laure Schreiner
#5128TIlloo Bch Subd Lot 27 NEW LISTING Superior eleatn, ired dock. 125.000. Kerry Sullivan
#3792 OneWatrfrontAtre Great elevation room for dock, $290,000. Laurie Schrner
Srl I SI:C lION BI, PAtI 3 ioK M ,i 'i HARltiA It, Ti L t1-Hii' QI R'II 1;KS l 'l l MA li C(.A


Page 4 Section A

The Abaconian

November 1 2009


MARSH HARBOUR- Pelican Shores

T wo bedroom, two bath villa with shared dmok Itmp
Beauti ful harbour vicrws.
-- 17.(10l-REF #6835
Contact: Chris Farrington

SEA FO SEA property with lovely swimming beach.
deep water dock and studio style cottage.
S632.000-RI F #6898
Contact: Chris Farrington

L \.cpitllri.l *.lqll sq It 3 Ied .a bath home rwiti views'1 the Sea otAbaco. tJp to 4l Ii c ~altons, I'nIl I .md-
t.l.pcd garden Cottage Standby Generator Must see!.
S2,300,000.00-REF #6930
Contact: Mike I ighllbtLrn


Green Turtle Ca. Sea to Sea. 8 bed X bath luxury home with ',pilctiLitl,.r ',ca .i i c 2 J o. k pir .lte hc.i I. gar-
dens boat house workshop .lnli Turn key.
%5.5110,lI(IO-REF #6596
Liltiiu LhjE I Itrunlutn


A planned Colniid---i l c Green ill.i.ge with modem ame-
nities. Homes, restaurants, business & much more
2t 19.81 q i. Ask about our home package
%IarlinI1 a l S I 2ii.4(i

....~L ........ ...

Green Turtle Cay. Elegant 4 b-c -1 5 bath home Deep
water dock Iminni> pool A: hot tub Breathtaking views
SILesigner kitchen Open II % til_ n1111iini room
S4.J4(It.lhMI- REF #6413
Contact: Chris Farrineton


I -b

2 bed 5 bath, 2,400 sq.ft waterfront home on a
12, t-'Sis I1 lot. Lovely views rh' le Sea
S.I .24!lHl(l(l- F F 6965hf
Contact: Mailin Sands



Sand Ianks 2 bed/2 bath home on 1.4 acres, running
I ronk highway to Sea of Abaco. 80' of afterr frontage
,-49VIII-RK : F #6582
Contact: 1.6ilii Sands

Balehfrrcnt iots-2 Int 100' widr on the tWhah-S tSM .n1nll cach
Beachfront lol -over I acre with 83' on the beach -475.000
Bahams Palm %shnere-RItidenlUIl lots frnim S0.t000
Sunrie Bay-Appron. 9750 4,- f. lot S250?.fO0
Swcetings Village-Approx 9,000 sq. fL lot S70,000
Marsh luhour-Vision HIeights. Lios from SlI 111
\ Ilun urdl -I IIi.~r hlts. Call fnr Prices
Murphy Town Lotls- lots from S45,000 call Lee
Long Beach-1/4 arer kets. S..llnHi-t50,(llI
Trvasonr Cay-Lot oer back from beach 1S05 I 00
Green Turtle F.'laics- luiti-rminly ioli Sl6il.,114
Dundlas Tcmn-9,0l sq. ft. road from lot -40,000
Sand Hunk.- 122 a rer reaside tot 585.W00 cull Mailin
S.C. Bootle Iligbway-J3 acre tot near T.C S'1,l,0II1 call
%'hi ilr
Green Tour-t Cuv-iln2 acre beachlfrol lot $475.00

3 bed/2 bath home on triple lot. Open floor plan. Beach
access nearby
S370.f00I-REF #5366
Contact: Mailin Sands


4 commercial spaces and 2 rental units on main tourist
strip. S.7t; sq. It in total.
S630L,00-REF #6766
CDI .i.O HOUSE ilin u,,I'C,


Elevated 3 bed. 3 bath house .i.oig.ius sea views *
Dock %i nnmmieg pool 'l.-elullf furnished,
Priced from 564?l.0(HM REF M602.t
Contact: Clhris Farrinrgton

3 hAd 2 bath home on elevated 6 acre %alcrlfIronr
lot. Spc laLula. sea view
S6210,UIO-REF #6782
Contact: Shirlev Carroll

Ii r -U

\l.in -O-H%.r C.(: 3 'd 2 bath home on historic front
street. 2,100 sq t11. landscaped yard with fruit trees. Near
town and the harbour.
5. 150,I000-RE-F F 4691
Contact: Mailin Sands


3,571i sq. II Co'i unlrciir:ial hulldin m n 1 ,( IIt 101 q. II. parcel
in centre of town. All spaces urrently rented
S579,000-REF #6427
(Contaci Mailin Sands


.' ,

2 bed2.5 villas in a marina setting with private dock slips
& 100fl of prime waterfront.
Contact: Chris Farrintton


November 1, 2009 The Abaconian Section A Page 5

HT Council is asked for recommendation of projects

HT Council From Page 2
cess. Mr. Cooper promised that he would
contact the Foreign Investment Authority
to find out what had been done so far in
regard to the development so they could
know how to move forward.
Mr. Scott said that he had never been in-
formed to go through Local Government,
which is why he went directly through Nas-
sau. He described the process as a long
one with having to wait 18 months for an
environmental impact assessment. He was
still waiting on permits and had put in an
application for a subdivision, which he was
currently waiting an approval for. It was
clear that Nassau had not been communi-
cating with the Hope Town Council, which
disturbed the members because they had en-
countered the same issue with the develop-
ers from the Hope Town Inn and Marina.

Joe's Cay
Philip Weech, Director of the BEST
Commission, delivered an Environmental
Impact Assessment based on two plans
submitted for a proposed development on
Joe's Cay. He was accompanied by Envi-
ronmental Officer Stacy Gray. Joe's Cay is
a small island near the entrance to White
Sound on Elbow Cay joined to the main
island by extensive mangroves.
Mr. Weech said the original master plan
for the Joe's Cay project included 19 fam-
ily residences, club house and common
areas, recreational beach, 22-slip harbour
and a manmade beach. He said the first
plan submitted included details on the mas-
ter plan including the boat basin and man-
made beach, a baseline description of the
site, infrastructure and utilities and envi-

ronmental impacts and mitigation. Impacts
to the environment would be the removal
of red mangrove that would be dredged to
accommodate a docking facility and the
dredging of 0.2 acres of sea grass to ac-
commodate ingress/egress channel.
However, BEST was originally con-
cerned about the significant alterations to
the site in regard to the creation of the beach
and the rock groynes used to stabilize the
manmade beach, the extensive dredging
needed for the boat basin, the lack of alter-
nate locations for the boat basin, sewerage
treatment and waste disposal, the disposal
of reverse osmosis by-product and the lack
of mitigation concerning environmental

A second assessment was submitted
and changes were made. The developers
offered an alternate location for the boat
basin which would be relocated behind
the manmade beach. The relocation would
eliminate the need for dredging within
the mangroves. Additionally, no flushing
channel would be needed.
The BEST Commission then made the
following recommendations: no flushing
channel would be dredged, no dredging
for the temporary dock, sand for the man-
made beach would only be acquired from
sources approved by the relevant govern-

Please see HT Council Page18

The proposed project for Lynyard Cay will include 80 village lots, 57 one-acre estate
lots and a 150 slip marina. The project is in the right center of the graphic. The marina
would be protected with two seawalls. The dark area on the left is what the developers
would like to see made a protected park area. The Hope Town District Council heard the
developer's presentation but will not be making any statement on it at this time.

This is the plan for Joe's Cay that the BEST Commission presented to the Hope Town
District Council for their recommendation. The boat slips have been placed behind a
manmade beach, leaving the extensive mangroves intact. A ferry will transport people
to and from the cay, not via a bridge. A town meeting will be held to allow residents to
voice their opinions.

PLUS, we love to say

* Reimbursement of one (1) ticket with proof of pLirchase,--
* Only valid with a purchase of $1,000 or more.
* ID and utility bill or pay stub required at purchase.
* With approved credit
* Some stipulations may apply.
* Not valid with any other promotion.

Page 6 Section A The Abaconian

November 1 2009

Central Abaco News

6th Annual Abaco
Christmas Festival
By Jennifer Hudson
Plans are well under way for a fun filled
6th Annual Christmas Festival which will
take place on December 5 from noon until
10 p.m. at the BAIC Craft/Farmers' Mar-
ket site on Don MacKay Boulevard. Chair-
person Brenda Sawyer has been working
extra hard this year as Jo-Ann Bradley and
Wynsome Ferguson, who normally assist
her, are off island for an extended period.
"But they are still doing what they can to
assist from afar," says Mrs. Sawyer, who
is very experienced at organizing the fair
for many years and is very calm with ev-
erything under control. She is being assist-
ed with public relations by Michele Mikula
from the Ministry of Tourism office and
a competent band of committee members
who help with staging, decorating the tree
and organizing the grounds.
"The whole of Abaco from north to
south and the cays looks forward to this
fair and it uplifts people's spirits, espe-
cially at this time when things are rather
slow," stated Brenda.
The event will begin with the blessing of
the festival followed by a DJ and live per-
formers every half hour. The whole pro-
ceedings will be kept lively by the dynamic
Shelley Austin as Mistress of Ceremonies.
Performances to watch for will be karate
displays, cultural skits, praise dancers,
schools, choirs and soloists. Other activi-
ties will include a bouncing castle, some-
thing for the dogs yet to be decided, a fash-
ion show by Philippa Farrington, belling
and drum competition, photos with Santa
by the Abaco Club, "Flasher" Bodie, var-

ied craft stalls, music by Estin Sawyer,
New Entry Band, Impact Band and a guest
performance by K.B. (Kirkland Bodie).
The traditional tree lighting ceremony will
be held and the festival will close with
the usual Junkanoo rush and distribution
of goodies and toys to kids donated by
Baker's Bay. Of course, a fair is never
complete without food and people will not
be disappointed. No one will need to go
home hungry.
For the first time this year a crafts
booth is being planned at which children
can make Christmas cards and ornaments.
Other possibilities are a talent competition
encompassing several different categories
and maybe a bingo stall. The Wesley Col-
lege Marching Band will perform, and it
is planned that either the Royal Bahamas
Defense Force Band or Royal Bahamas
Police Force Band will be present to dis-
play its skills which everyone looks for-
ward to. Since the Defense Force was
here last year, the committee is hoping for
the Police Band this year.
People wishing to participate in the fes-
tival in any way may collect application
forms from the Ministry of Tourism of-
fice. These must be returned by the No-
vember 6 deadline. Fees are $75 for art
and craft stalls, $100 for food stalls and
$150 for restaurants.
Ms. Sawyer is grateful for the full sup-
port that her committee gives her and says
that it is a "real team effort." Commit-
tee members are Laura Albury, Roscoe
Thompson, Ruth Smith, Ruth Flowers,
Ruth Saunders, Enid White, Melinda Pin-
der, Stretch Morley and all the members
of the Ministry of Tourism office.

Cheque Presentation to
Abaco Cancer Society
By Jennifer Hudson
On October 21 the Abaco Cancer Soci-
ety was the recipient of a donation result-
ing from Jeans Day or Denim Day which
was held throughout both government and
private schools on October 9. The presen-
tation was made by District Education Su-
perintendent for Abaco, Lenora Black, at
the commencement of the Abaco District
Summit of the Department of Education
held at the Central Abaco Primary School.
Mrs. Black told attendees that this Jeans
Day fund raiser was begun on Abaco by
Mrs. Josephine Kumar at the St. Francis

de Sales School several years ago when she
first became principal here. Three years
ago government schools were incorporated
into this effort which will be ongoing.
The cheque was received by the Presi-
dent of the Abaco Cancer Society, Ve-
ronica Saunders, who was accompanied by
joint President Mrs. Marjolein Scott. Mrs.
Saunders gave a summary of the work of
the Abaco Cancer Society. Presently, 38
patients are being assisted by the society.
At the beginning of 2009 there were 45 pa-
tients but seven have sadly succumbed to
the disease.

Please see Central Page 7

Denim Day was celebrated in all Abaco schools. On this day students are allowed to
wear denim instead of their school uniforms if they make a donation to the Abaco Cancer
Society. The money raised goes to help cancer victims with their expenses of traveling to
receive treatments and for the treatments themselves. Shown here are Education Superin
tendent Lenora Black, left presenting the check to President of the Abaco Cancer Society,
Veronica Saunders. On the right is Co-President Marjolein Scott.

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M TOR Marsh Harbour
LL Ltd tel: 367-291 6
fax: 367-2918
email: amml.abaco@gmail.com

November 1, 2009

The Abaconian Section A Page 7

More Central Abaco News

Central From Page 6
Ninety percent of the patients get mul-
tiple tickets and assistance. In addition to
air fares many patients are now assisted
with medications and with donations to
cook-outs. From January to September of
this year the sum of $13,011 was paid to
the Travel Spot, Cat Island Air and Abaco
Air with $10,991 going to other patient
expenses. Mrs. Saunders praised the hard
work of Mrs. Scott, who "works non-stop
24 hours a day nine days a week." She de-
scribed how she herself gets to speak with,
pray with and encoura ge patients and how
much they appreciate this personal touch
as well as the monetary help.
Mrs. Saunders presented a plaque to
Mrs. Black for her assistance, then asked
Mrs. Kumar to receive a plaque "as this
was initially her baby."
Other upcoming activities of the Abaco
Cancer Society will include a Silent Auc-
tion on December 12 at Mangoes Restau-
rant and Christmas Shop in the old John
Bull building next to Mangoes from De-
cember 1-24. Opening hours will be Mon-
day through Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Art
and good quality "nearly new" gifts will
be on sale.
The Thrift Shop is ongoing each Sat-
urday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. behind
Abaco Groceries. It is well worth a visit
for in addition to clothes, household items
and books, there are always some unique
"treasures" to be found. Donations are al-
ways needed and may be dropped off at
the store during opening hours or for as-
sistance call 367-3744.

Art for the Parks will ben-
efit Abaco's national parks
Abaco Beach Resort's Art for the Parks
is a new partnership which brings together
the Bahamas National Trust and local art-
ists to support the national parks of Abaco.
Art for the Parks will premiere on January
30th and 31st, 2010, at Abaco Beach Re-
sort, and the event promises to bring some
of Abaco's most talented artists and arti-
sans together under one roof.
"We are delighted to partner with the
Bahamas National Trust with an event that
will raise much needed funding for the
five national parks and protected areas that
are on Abaco. Local artists approached us
and the BNT with the idea of taking our
Annual Abaco Art Festival and turning it
into a fund raiser for the national parks,"
said Emmanuel Alexiou, Director, Abaco
Beach Resort.
"Art for the Parks is the BNT's first
event on Abaco, and we are excited to have
the support of Abaco Beach Resort. Its mar-
quee is perfect for the festival, and we have
some new ideas for activities that we hope
over the next few years will turn the festival
into one of the major art events in The Ba-
hamas, said Lynn Gape, Deputy Executive
Director, BNT. This will be the 13th Art
Festival sponsored by Abaco Beach Resort
featuring local Bahamian artists.
"Community involvement in this event
is going to be key to its success," said
Kimberly Roberts of Bahama Dawn De-
signs. "We want to showcase art and high
end crafts, but we also will have a special
area for local charities to showcase their
good works."
Abaco is home to five national parks

and protected areas: Abaco National Park,
Black Sound Cay Reserve, Pelican Cays
Land and Sea Park, Tilloo Cay Reserve
and Walker's Cay National Park. All are
managed by the Bahamas National Trust.
Scotia Bank Celebrates
40 Years on Abaco
By Samantha V Evans
The week of October 5th-9th was put
aside for Scotia Bank Abaco to celebrate
having offered quality banking service to


Abaconians for the past 40 years. Branch
Manager Matthew Sawyer stated that even
though the anniversary is October 7th, the
staff was doing something every day to say
thank you to clients. All week a table of
treats was set out for customers to enjoy
and on October 7th the bank had a live ra-
dio remote, had free give-a-ways and held
a cocktail reception at the bank that eve-

Please see Central Page 10

Scotia Bank celebrated the 40th anniversary of the opening of its branch in Marsh Har-
bour during the week of October 5-9. They honoured the five persons who opened the
bank initially including Judy Johnston, the first female Scotia Bank manager. They also
homoured the long serving employees. Current bank manager Matthew Sawyer is shown.
center, with his staff

Blue Sky
Original Art Prints Framing
Originals by
Lou Lihou Anne Ray
Malcolm Rae William Johnson
Shula Raney Fritz Keck Kim Rody
Photography by Tuppy
Local Artists
Beth Sweeting Zandrick Jones
Lori Thompson Dion Lewis
Colyn Rees
Located Queen Elizabeth Drive, Marsh Harbour
Tel: 367.0579

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Page 8 Section A The Abaconian November 1 2009

The Editor Says

Where is Abaco headed?

The world's economy may be sluggish,
The Bahamian economy may be slow.
But for developers looking at Abaco,
The mood seems to be "Let's go."
A broad view of the world's economy
is distressing. Businesses are retrenching,
employees are being laid off and hom-
eowners are defaulting on their mortgages.
The big picture is rather bleak.
Yet, here on Abaco the view is some-
what different. Although some projects
have scaled back a bit which is painful to
those workers laid off, we seem to be hold-
ing our own. Bankers, developers and gov-
ernment observers constantly express the
view that Abaco is holding its own better
than most of The Bahamas.
Even though some of Abaco's recent
projects may have slowed a bit, the trend
seems to be continued investment and ex-
pansion. Our two original resorts, Abaco
Beach Hotel and Treasure Cay Resort are
static in terms of expansion. However, new
projects keep coming. Several are well un-
derway; others have continued in a slower
mode and new developments are standing
in line waiting for approvals.
Recent and proposed developments
show a confidence in Abaco's future.
The Ritz Carleton Resort, the Abaco
Club on Winding Bay, is open and has a
magnificent golf course. This is located be-
tween Little Harbour and Cherokee.
Baker's Bay Golf and Ocean Club had
its marina operating for last summer's boat
traffic and its golf course is expected to be
ready by the end of this year. This is on
500 acres on the north end of Guana Cay.
Sand Bank Landing is excavating its
marina behind the Catholic Church just
outside the gate at Treasure Cay. Our last
information indicated it will offer 92 lots, a
20-room inn and 57 condominiums.
Schooner Bay, between Bahama Palm
Shores and Crossing Rocks, has slowed a
bit but continues to go forward. This proj-
ect will create a new town with a marina,
shops, town houses and residences de-
signed for golf carts or easy walking.
Serenity Point, just north of Schooner
Bay, is offering ocean front and interior
residential lots on paved roads with utilities

The Abaconian At
David & Kathleen Ralph In
Editors & Publishers
P 0 Box AB 20551
Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas

in place. It is well on the way to offering
fully serviced lots to the public.
We hear rumblings that the Valencia
group is working to get its development
back in the pipe-line. This would be on the
undeveloped area between Crossing Rocks
and Hole-in-the-Wall.
On Elbow Cay several developments are
being pursued. In Hope Town harbour the
Hope Town Inn and Marina is improving
the Hope Town Marina property and get-
ting approvals so construction can begin
on its marina. A restaurant, inn and town
houses are expected to follow.
Joe's Cay developers are working on
their plans to get Hope Town's approval
for this small cay at the mouth of White
Sound. A small marina is positioned to
leave an extensive mangrove area undis-
turbed. This has been in the planning stage
for more than a year.
The 20-acre parcel of the Elbow Cay
Club is still under active consideration for
development with a groyne-protected ma-
rina, a small hotel and residential property.
Farther south of Hope Town on Lyn-
yard Cay, developers are presenting plans
for a 150-slip marina, 57 large estate lots
and 80 smaller village lots. Jurisdiction for
Lynyard Cay has recently been transferred
from the South Abaco District Council in
Sandy Point to the Hope Town District
A 15-20 cottage development slated for
Cornish Cay appears to have been can-
celled as the property is now listed for
sale. Cornish Cay is several miles south of
Snake Cay and west of the Pelican Cays
Land and Sea Park.
The Snake Cay developers have been si-
lent for more than a year, but we believe
they may be reorganizing for another pro-
posal on their large resort an marina plans.
Several smaller investments relate to our
popular appeal as a bonefishing destination.
The Delphi Club north of Crossing Rocks

is a new lodge catering to European fisher-
men. The Abaco Lodge, resurrected from
the Lazy Parrot north of Marsh Harbour,
caters to North American bonefishermen.
All of these present and proposed de-
velopments will increase the resident and
visitor population on Abaco. It all adds up
to more jobs, more meals sold, more gro-
ceries bought and the need for expanded
public infrastructure.
Several government projects are either
underway or on the drawing board. The
$100 million BEC generation expansion
has resumed construction although it ap-
pears to be threatened with impending judi-
cial action that may stall further progress.
It is unanimously agreed that Abaco needs
additional power generation, but some are
questioning the approval process or the
proposed fuel.
North of Cooper's Town a harbour is
underway to accommodate freight boats al-
lowing incoming freight to be off-loaded
closer to its destination. The harbour will
also serve fishermen and visiting yachts-
men who presently have no protected har-
bour along the North Abaco coastline.
To the far south on the coast by Sandy
Point, the Bahamas Fast Ferry is construct-
ing a ferry landing to serve their ferries
coming from Nassau.
Government is soliciting bids for a
50,000 60,000 square-foot administra-
tive building in Central Abaco to house
key government departments along with
the Post Office. Abaco is believed to be
the last Family Island that does not have
its key government players in one location.
The Auskell Medical Clinic in Marsh
Harbour recently unveiled expansion plans
for a comprehensive medical clinic on Don
MacKay Boulevard leading to the airport.
Will are all of these projects benefit
Abaco in the long term. Are they our best
path into the future? Some, like the BEC
and Auskell expansion are merely the nor-

mal growth of the service industry in keep-
ing up with society's demands.
Examining our past success points out
the benefits of small projects that continue
to appear on a regular basis. Second hom-
eowners build the economy one house at a
time and appear to be insignificant in the
overall picture. However, their cumulative
effect has often been overlooked in favor
of big cement structures that are easier to
photograph and whose employees can be
counted as they punch the clock.
Historically, it has been the large de-
velopments in the Family Islands that have
given the problems. Second home rentals
and the small inns scattered over Abaco
have proven to be resilient to economic
changes and are the basis for Abaco's
steady growth.
Since the small lodges and inns along
with the rental houses are broadly scattered
and not concentrated in one spot, there is
no pressure for new access roads or a huge
need for an instant power upgrade or the
need for a job fair seeking several hundred
employees. There is no pressure on govern-
ment for concessions and work permits. As
our capacity for visitors and second hom-
eowners grows, the capacity to provide the
required services also grows incrementally.
In the face of worldwide economic de-
clines, investors appear to be confident in
Abaco's future and are lined up to take
advantage of our popularity and success.
We must be very careful that our growth
is regulated to the extent that we can cope
with all the various aspects. This will
not be an easy task. Developers are very
good at presenting their project in glowing
terms. There is more involved than instant
employment. There should be lessons to be
learned from the Emerald Bay project on
Exuma which is not resuming operations
and looking to hire hundreds of employ-
ees. Is this type of resort in Abaco's best

Letters to the Editor

Resents illegals
flaunting Bahamian law
Dear Editor,
I am a Bahamian. I have two Baha-
mian parents. But I cannot build on land
that I cannot show proof of ownership of.
So, Mr. Hubert Ingraham, I would like to
know why you gave the Haitian people our
country. They have all the rights. We have
none. Do you think this is a fair thing to
do to us Real Bahamians? What you say?
They are Bahamians? They came to our
country illegally so they should not have
all the rights. But what do you care? You
do not have to put up with them.
Well, the Haitians are building onto
their houses every day. Nobody comes to

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do anything about it. But Local Govern-
ment just fixed Mud roads and Peas road.
This is OK. But they should have fixed
main roads first. All people use the main
road, not just Haitians. Us white people
have to put up with it also.
A concerned Bahamian
Protest against
power plant
Dear Editor,
Thanks for supporting our lawful public
demonstration to voice our opinion about
the location of our new power plant at Wil-
sons City.
First of all, this demonstration is not
about politics. I am not a politician, nor
do I aspire to be one, at least, not now!
This is not about politics or any particular
political party, so when I say "government
I mean the government of the Common-
wealth of The Bahamas not PLP, FNM,
UBP or any other. This demonstration is
about a consistent supply of electricity for
the people of Abaco without sacrificing our
public health or our tourism product in the
process of generating the electricity that
Abaco needs to sustain its residents, our
visitors/guests/second homeowners. I am
an individual that feels the time to speak
out about the issue is now, before we go
any farther and spend more of our tax dol-
lars on something we may regret later. So
this is my story and why I am here today:
During the recent holiday weekend as I
read the October 15th issue of The Abaco-
nian, among other articles I came across
a full page advertisement by Abaco Cares
and I read their ad. They asked how I felt

about the location of our new power plant
at Wilson City and I responded to the email
address printed in the ad that I welcomed a
new power plant for Abaco but about how
concerned I was that the emissions from
the proposed Wilson City location burn-
ing bunker C oil would disperse emissions
over Great Abaco the majority of the time
because the wind is out the easterly quad-
rant most of the time as well as the prox-
imity of the fuel dock to the Pelican Cays
National Park.
The old Normans Castle site seems like
a viable location. The emissions from that
site would disperse over the sea much like
the Clifton Pier site on New Providence
does most of the time and is not next to a
national park, same as Abaco Cares had in
their ad in the paper! What a coincidence!
We had the same thoughts, but they had
taken the step forward to go to the expense
to place a full page ad in the paper saying
so and I commend them for that.
We are both of the opinion that Bahamas
Electricity Corporation and the govern-
ment of the Commonwealth of The Baha-
mas should halt construction of the power
plant at Wilson City and look at the pos-
sibility of locating the power plant at the
old Normans Castle lumber mill site on the
northwest coast of Great Abaco. We would
have liked to have had the opportunity to
express our opinions to BEC/government
before they began the new power plant
project at Wilson City on our behalf.
This is the largest capital expenditure
ever of central government for the people

Please see Letters Page 9


Page 8 Section A

The Abaconian

November 1 2009

November 1, 2009

The Abaconian Section A Page 9

More Letters to the Editor

Letters From Page 8
of Abaco, and it's only fair you give us,
the people of Abaco, a chance to input
on the project because we who live/visit/
have invested here are the ones who will
have to live with the final decision and con-
sequences going forward. The September
10th meeting with the public and BEC of-
ficials was only the first public meeting that
I know of about the subject and they, BEC/
government had already cleared bush and
were pouring concrete for the foundations,
without permits from local government be-
cause no one at BEC had bothered to follow
the procedures that Local Government on
behalf of central government encourages us
residents to follow when building something
new. What kind of example is that?
So they had no building permit and con-
struction was halted by the Prime Minister
right after the SeptemberlOth meeting till
BEC went through the permitting process.
Construction has now begun again on Oc-
tober 16th, only one month after being
stopped for no permit. One month seems
like pretty quick approval time to me for a
plan of this size.
I find that sometimes the government of
The Bahamas moves slowly on projects,
for example, the Marsh Harbour Interna-
tional Airport. For years we been hearing
from the Bahamas' government that the
Marsh Harbour airport was going to be
"expanded," a much needed thing. I re-
member when there were artists' drawings
hanging in the MH post office showing
possible configurations for a new airport
terminal building and asking for public in-
put on the drawings. Anyone remembers
those? They were there for several years.
Years. And talk about moving slowly, we
are still waiting for that new terminal as
well as for the new runway to be opera-
tional .......
But this demonstration is about the pow-
er plant, not the airport. Nor is it about the
fact that our Royal Bahamas Police Force
does not have enough staff, funds or re-
sources to properly combat crime here on
Abaco. That was also in the October 15th
issue of The Abaconian, too. No, this dem-
onstration is about where was the opportu-
nity given for Local Government as well as
the common man to give his opinion about
how we would like the power supply for
Abaco to be handled going forward.
So I heard some sip sip there was to be
a new power station for Abaco. They had
even surveyed an area around the Wilson
City area. But I guess because I have been
hearing from the Bahamas' government for
years about how they were going to expand
the Marsh Harbour International Airport
but nothing happened, so I expected the
same or worse concerning the power sta-
tion. What a surprise when I learned they
were clearing land and then pouring con-
crete. So how did government manage to
get this project going so fast?
Had our government and BEC better con-
sulted with our Local Government boards
and the people of Abaco before they began
to clear the bush and pour concrete out at
the Wilson City Buzzard Hill site, then we
would have had a chance to voice our opin-
ions before this expense has taken place.
We have written Letters to the Editor,
had one public meeting, more Letters to
the Editor. Yet there is still, in my opin-
ion, a lack of transparency in the whole
new power plant issue for Abaco. To BEC/
government I say why not halt construc-
tion at Wilson City till we can have proper
public dialogue about the issue. While we
are dialoging, fine tune the current power
plant to meet the demand for the next year
or two. While you do so, develop better
preventative maintenance procedures for

the extensive transmission and distribution
system that Abaco has as well as imple-
menting things such as power conservation
encouragement programs with consumers
as well as encouraging businesses and ho-
meowners to utilize solar and wind power
to supplement their dependence on the
"grid." Renewable sources of energy seem
to be the way we, as humans, will ease and
perhaps one day end our dependency on
fossil fuels.
No doubt the power station needs to be
moved from its current location, the sooner
the better, but I say to BEC and the gov-
ernment, let's not rush this new power sta-
tion and wish down the road we had taken
a closer look at all the options available to
us today for the benefit of all the people of
Abaco now and for the future. Remember,
it's never too late to do the right thing.
Thank you.
Stafford Patterson
Letter to the
Prime Minister
Dear Prime Minister Ingraham and every-
one else that this concerns,
I'm depressed. Have you watched the
You Tube video of the September 10th
meeting in Marsh Harbour about the BEC
power plant? Have you read the con-
cerned citizens of Abaco poster? In case
you haven't, I've forwarded attachments to
you under separate cover. I just took time
to watch the YouTube video and read the
poster, and yes, I'm depressed.
I first came to Abaco in 1957 to join
my soon-to-be husband in running a new
tourist facility, one of the first in Abaco.
My second daughter was born in Marsh
Harbour in 1959 attended by lovely and
capable government nurse Deems shortly
after the Marsh Harbour landing strip was
opened to commercial flights. Now, as a
grandmother of five young Abaconians,
three of whom are direct descendants of
the first loyalist settlers in Hope Town, I
am concerned about their future in Abaco.
Also, two of my grandchildren were Top
Primary Student of the Year winners and
are still winning awards in their secondary
school education. These five young people
are part of the future of these islands, and
it is my sincere hope they will want to
make their futures here in Abaco.
I have watched Abaco develop and be-
come a favorite tourist destination as I
worked in the tourist industry until I re-
tired five years ago. The visitors to Abaco
that I have met over the years fall in love
with the clean air and unpolluted waters,
the quiet that allows one to hear the breeze
in the trees, the sound of the ocean swish-
ing on the beach and the birds twittering in
the bush. Many come by boat and moor in
Abaco's lovely protected harbours. Many
arrive by plane and purchase property and
build vacation homes which they put on the
rental market until they retire and can be-
come winter residents and full members of
the community, putting their energies into
volunteering in countless ways to support
the community. Many families have been
spending their vacations in Abaco for sev-
eral generations, renting houses, staying in
hotels, getting married or honeymooning
in Abaco and returning for anniversaries.
And prosper Abaco has, and still is.
Please "don't kill the goose that lays
the golden egg!" If you haven't watched
the video or read the poster, please do. As
mentioned above, I have forwarded the at-
You in government want us to listen
to you, and we need you to listen to us,
those of us who live, work and raise our
children in Abaco, and be willing to make
changes that will benefit us all. I want to
hear, soon, that you have made a decision

to build the new power plant at Norman's
Castle as has been suggested by those who
have been studying this matter, NOT at
such a frighteningly fragile spot as Wilson
City, and that more research is being done
on what fuels to use.
Offered in all sincerity,
Mary Balzac
Letter to Earl Deveaux,
Mon. of Environment
Dear Minister Deveaux,
I am deeply disappointed to see that The
Bahamas government has forged ahead
with plans to build the power plant at Wil-
son City without transparency, sufficient
public consultation and negligible input
from the citizenry. This continues to show
a government with no respect for its con-
stituents and a government which contin-
ues to treat its voters with utter contempt.
It was disclosed during the town meet-
ing on September 10, 2009, in Marsh Har-
bour that this plant was initiated by the for-
mer administration. It is unacceptable that
this government has known about this plant
for two full years, yet has chosen to keep
the communities of Abaco, and the wider
Bahamian community, in the dark. Before
any clearing or construction or approvals
were given, this project should have been
brought to the public with full disclosure
of future projects that may be coming on
stream to essentially double the generating
capacity of Abaco from 27 mega watts to
48 mega watts.
There are many kinds of Bunker C
heavy fuel oil. The refinery, region, mar-
ket or which oil well it comes from plays
a part in determining the toxicity of the oil,
its emissions and its effects on the envi-
ronment and nearby communities. In the
absence of supporting documentation, it is
impossible to accurately discuss the poten-
tial issues that the fuel used at any facility
may produce. Essentially, logic dictates
that we will get what we pay for if we
pay for the cheapest Bunker C option avail-
able, the chances are that there are going to
be some nasty consequences. I do not ac-
cept Minister of State Phenton Neymour's
argument that bunker C is acceptable just
because so many other island nations and
countries use it. That in and of itself does
not make it good does that make it the
best choice for producing power? Is it the
least polluting? Although the infrastructure

may be less expensive initially, the truth is
that our future generations will pay more
in energy and health costs into the future.
The use of Bunker C in other island na-
tions is irrelevant because it is fundamen-
tally an issue of sovereignty, not of joining
the masses, but of making a decision that
is right for The Bahamas as a leader in the
Caribbean. Our nation should be committed
to creating a policy for energy security and
energy independence. We do not have the
financial resources to continue to pay higher
and higher fuel prices going into the future
when the sun, wind and tides are free. Ob-
viously, there is an initial cost in develop-
ing the infrastructure necessary to harness
renewable energy sources, but this must be
outweighed by the national advantages into
the future. Is the government incapable of a
simple Rate of Return spreadsheet to prop-
erly discuss this with its citizens?
The You Tube documentary, entitled
Bunker C at Wilson City, Abaco, produced
by concerned Bahamians (and distributed
via the internet via Facebook and mass
mailing) was condemned as propaganda
in a blanket statement by Mr. Fred Got-
tlieb. This is laughable considering the fact
that the one point Mr. Gottlieb did make
was that the smoke emitted from similar
power plants was not black, it was brown.
Incidentally I was on Adelaide beach on the
Sunday after this meeting and the smoke
coming out of BEC's Bunker C plant at
Clifton was indeed very black.
I understand that my neighbour, Mr.
Pericles Maillis, also presented at the Ab-
aco meeting to defend the power plant and
to console the community downwind that
he never suffers from the Clifton plant's
proximity to his own home. He is actually
quite right, the prevailing winds are from
the south and southeast AWAY from his
home so his statements are grossly dis-
ingenuous and misleading, as he is trying
to use his influence as an "environmental-
ist" to tell the people downwind that they
don't have to worry any ill health from the
plant's proximity. For your information,
during my participation in a Clifton Park
clean up, the stench from the Clifton Pier
plant area (which is just around the bend)
was so bad that I felt nauseated, dizzy and
suffered from headaches for two days after
exposure, all of which are the side effects

Please see Letters Page 22

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_ More Central Abaco News

Central From Page 7
ning. The persons who were invited were
business clients who were with the bank
since it opened on Abaco and long serv-
ing employees. Several guests were given
mugs, t-shirts, bags and the winners of two
trivia questions received a gift certificate
each to John Bull.

The bank honored Ruby Albury, who has
been employed with the organization for 38
years. Unfortunately, she was not present
to receive her recognition as she is in the
hospital, but the branch organized a blood
drive at Auskell Medical Clinic on October
7th for persons wanting to donate blood.
Mr. Sawyer stated that banking has
evolved so much in terms of service since
Scotia Bank opened in The Bahamas.


In a joint effort between Local Government and the Spring
City Development Committee, the community basketball court
is being improved. Other improvements include speed bumps
and a general clean-up.

Banking was once done
manually and now ev-
erything is computer-
ized. As a branch, they
have improved service
and now provide more
efficient service within
the branch through on-
line banking services,
ATM, credit cards
and now debit cards.
In fact, he recalls how
far banking has come
from cash only trans-
actions to checks to
credit cards and now
debit cards. He looks
forward to the day in
the near future when
his bank can approve
loans within 24 hours
which would be a great
Persons who were
recognized that evening

Harbourl &Lqe

bahamian cuisine
on Hope Town's waterfront
Bar Opens Daily 10 a.m.
Closed on Tuesdays
Happy Hour 5 6 p.m.

Lunch & Dinner Daily
Lunch 11:30 am 3 pm Dinner 6-9pm
ICE Appetizers 11:30 a.m. 9 p.m Z
Call 366-0087 366-0292 VHF Ch 16

were Sidney Albury, Noreen Albury, Janeen
Sawyer and Judith Johnston. Mrs. Johnston
was the first female manager of Scotia Bank
in the entire Bahamas. These persons are
four of the five original staff members to
open the bank on October 7th, 1969.
Mr. Sawyer thanked the employees for
giving their best on a daily basis and cus-
tomers for being dedicated to the bank. He
encouraged those persons who are looking
for a bank home to consider joining the
Scotia Bank family.
Spring City sees
By Canishka Alexander
Through the dedi-
cated efforts of both
Local Government and
Spring City Develop- .
ment Committee, the
community has under-
gone many changes
recently. The first was
the installation of two
speed bumps in the
area called Old Town
where the Department i
of Housing has its sub-
division and one speed
bump in New Town.
Colin Curry of the 4 .
Marsh Harbour and .. '
Spring City Town
Committee said the
speed bumps were a ..-
part of Local Govern- One area in Go
ment's capital works Marsh Harbour
projects and were in- that goes between
stalled by persons in water will drain

the community. In the coming weeks there
are plans to install additional speed bumps.
"We had to really try to deter some of
the speeding in the community, and I think
it's doing its job," Curry pointed out. "It
has made a tremendous difference, and I'd
just like to say, 'Please don't go around the
speed bumps. Please slow down because
you're destroying the side verges now'.
He said that both areas are scheduled
to receive two more speed bumps and two
Please see Central Page 11

-E s -.J
vernment Sub floods with heavy rains. The
Town Committee has now installed a drain
n two pieces of private property. The excess
into Nogie Swamp.

Guana Freight Services
Regular Freight Runs to Guana & Scotland Cay
Monday thru Friday Charters & Water available on request
Phone or Fax guanafreight@hotmail.com
Rich or Melena at
Great Guana Cay


Fie S
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SL.Augustine &PaspalfliSod

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Now Open Until 7 P.M. Sunday Thursday
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We do chicken right! .ep 09

Page 10 Section A The Abaconian

November 1 ,2009

1 More Central Abaco News

Central From Page 10 Company packages Munroe at 242-448-1375. They
made presentations at Soul Sav-
more will be installed on Robert Ferguson healthier products ing Ministries and Bayview
Drive. By Canishka Alexander Restaurant.
Future capital works project include the Distributors of Organo Gold are pro- Maxwell's boasts
erection of 17 street signs. Spring City re- moting a number of products that they
ceived new basketball court equipment claim have significant health benefits based new floor finishing -
On October 7 Stretch Morley of the on their firsthand experiences and testimo- By Mirella Santillo
Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture; nies of customers who have sampled the After a few weeks of process-
Mr. Colin Curry and Edgburt Tinker from products that contain ganoderma. ing by Outstanding Floor Group
the Spring City Committee were assisted Commonly referred to as a magic herb LLC from Deerfield, Florida, ..'....
by a number of youths in their communi- and the "mushroom of immortality" in the bare concrete floor of the
ty with refurbishing the basketball court. Asia, ganoderma has been in existence for new Maxwell's Supermarket
Mr. Morley said the basketball uprights thousands of years. Those who reside on presently under construction
and rims were sponsored by the Ministry the western side of the world have a lot of will be one of the focal points of c,
of Youth, Sports and Culture. "We're try- catching up to do. Interestingly, the herb the new supermarket. .
ing to get the park here sorted out so that was just introduced to the United States In a little over a month, us-
we can get sporting activities going in the within the last year; The Bahamas just ing a new process involving
community with the help of some of the found out about ganoderma in the last five grinding machinery brought..
young boys, Morley explained. months. over from Florida, the crew This is one of the grinders used in putting a permanent
Mr. Curry said that in addition to refur- However, Linda Simms, an Organo transformed the new building's smooth impermeable surface on the floor of the new
bishing the basketball court there will be a Gold distributor and Abaconian, was intent rough concrete floor into a high Maxwell's Supermarket. The floor will require mini
major cleanup around the area to remove on travelling to Abaco with her colleagues sheen, decorated surface. mal maintenance.
overgrown shrubs and trees as part of the to unveil the company's products that are Outstanding Floor Group's
community project. enriched with ganoderma, and includes supervisor, Jorge Ramos, who came to in preparing and finishing the concrete
One of the young men assisting the com- capsules, hot chocolate, green tea and Abaco in mid-September with an original flooring.
mittee was Shavargo Bootle, who was hard three types of coffee: She was accompa- crew of five workers, patiently took me Please see Central Pae 14
at work mixing cement and ensuring that the nied by Myrtle Munroe, Veronica Styles through the multi-step operation involved
uprights were plumb. He was happy to see and Selena Sweeting all Organo Gold
the new basketball rims. "It's been a long distributors. W ell D one D killing Services
time, but it's mainly for the youngsters so Ganoderma is known to build the im- W ell D one ur lling
that they will have something, he proudly mune system, oxygenate the body and it is Drilling: Water Wells, Drainage Wells, Septic Disposal Wells
stated. He is the chairman of the develop- full of antioxidants and assists with a wide Well Drilling: Water Wells, Drainage Wells, Septic Disposal Wells
ment committee. "Our philosophy is that range of health-related issues. Trenching: Trenching for underground utility services
we don't need to wait for the government to Not only are the Organo Gold prod- Piling Holes: Piling Holes for home foundations and utility poles planted
do everything, and we just want to do some ucts affordable, great-tasting and benefi- l Excavator Rental: Specialized Excavator Foundation Drilling for
things for our community," he said. cial to your health, they also give locals home foundations in sand and Excavator Digging
In celebration of the Discovery Day the opportunity to become distributors as
holiday, Mr. Tinker invited residents of well. As distributors, extra income can Call us t0day for a free 0c ns ltati0n!
Spring City to join them at a family fun be earned. Interested persons can contact Ia h: (242) 367-4842 I Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
day on the basketball court. Linda Simms at 242- 431-4512 and Myrtle



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November 1, 2009

The Abaconian Section A Page 11


I .

Page 12 Section A The Abaconian

EST. 1955

Entertainment Capital of the Abacos!

Gospel Sunday Lunch Veteran's Day
Join us for a great lunch with popular Poolside Party
Gospel music performed by Saturday November 7,2009
"Stephen Colebrook" L
"Stephen Colebrook" 37 pm -10 pm Poolside
every Sunday 7 pm 3 pm
SAeverySundaygpm- -3pm Live entertainment by New Entry Band
in Anglers Restaurant $32.00 per adult $16.00 per child
Karaoke(prices include gratuity)
Tickets are available at
Come and show off your voca/ talents Abaco Beach Resorts Front Desk
every Tuea nAbaco Beach Resort's Front Desk
every Tuesday night Reservations and pre-payment are required
by the Pool Bar starting at 8 pm. by 6:00pm on Friday, November 6, 2009
Bahamian Seafood Grill Menu
Country and Western Smoked Fish Dip
Come and enjoy our savory, Fresh Conch Salad
mouth-watering Country & Western Citrus Slaw Salad
themed family-style dinner Assorted Fresh Grouper
every Wednesday night Roasted Fresh Conch and Vegetables
from 6 pm 10 pm Coconut Rum Chicken
Live music by "Stephen Colebrook." Guava Duff

Talent Showcase "Prime Time" Night
Join the staff ofAbaco Beach Resort Enjoy a mouthwatering
and Stephen Colebrook in showing off Prime Rib dinner
your entertaining talents with friends and family....
every Thursday every Saturday night
in Anglers Restaurant
Sn Anglers Restaurant Anglers Restaurant 6 pm 10 pm
starting at 8 pm Until...?
SLive music by "Stephen Colebrook."
Japanese Friday Night Step n
SushiFever Stephen Colebrook |
Sushi Fever Enjoy the contemporary piano music
e Enjoy a variety of Sushi rolls and rich soulful vocals of the wonderful
every Friday night in Anglers Restaurant "Stephen Colebrook" performing in
From 6pm 10pm Anglers Restaurant
Rake n' Scrape Wednesday Sunday 6:30pm until...?,
at the Pool Bar
Dance the night away at our Pool Bar Thursday -Saturday
every Friday night
BrowneTiy artidynigh2:30 pm to 2:30 pm and
to the upbeat sounds of.,, during our Gospe Sunday Lunch
"Brown Tip" starting at 8:30 pm. 7 pm to 3 pm

For more information on any of the upcoming events,
please contact our Concierge via telephone 367-2158 ext. 6021
Sor email Concierge@abacobeachresort.com.
n www.AbacoBeach Resort.com

November 1 ,2009

November 1, 2009

The Abaconian Section A Page 13

, I rtI y
I - ^ ^ .. '

\ -jyK9

Ur S -ti
rI-el ^(E

1.0 Cpm


S C?

Flat Sfeen TV
or Laplop Compuler

Fabulous Jewelry

-'9\\ j \

Dinner for Two

tECTIAL Christdas as ring
1DiecePber 22rd, 2009


4 * peciad Christvs

S- EersriaD lir
T7 S Every Friday Nig
"- - *^,

- -
-" N~

B $ce@et
more (.iutmniJ Sr-ro-:

I a '
I ~r.

' -' <.

tdy Op Oto
eery Froidy Mb~ght starting:
Bet 27th, & Tecember 4th, 11th,





vV \ ir\





'. :



F ey-V O I

qI -

- 9:0P-P


Page 14 Section A The Abaconian

November 1 2009

1 More Central Abaco News

Central From Page 11

The first step was grinding the cement
with diamond-incrusted metal attachments
for a piece of equipment similar to heavy
commercial floor-polishing machines. As
the floor became smoother, the metal at-
tachments were replaced by finer and finer
attachments until the cement was complete-
ly polished, as smooth as a waxed floor.
Then came the application with the
sprayer of decorative pigments that were
chosen among 20 different finishes. The
powdered pigments diluted in acetone cre-
ated a liquid stain that was sprayed over
the floor. That liquid stain permeated the
concrete to give an unalterable color finish.
The one you will see on most of Maxwell's
floor is called the "salt and pepper" finish
because of smaller darker dots peppering
a background that reminds one of granite.
The process is very versatile. Adjoining
areas are finished with different color pat-
terns, thus creating wall-less separations
within one large store. In Maxwell's the
floor in the future produce section was fin-
ished in green.
After the liquid stain had been absorbed,

an application of extreme hardener made of
pure silica followed. That was the condi-
tioning and sealing step followed by another
very fine diamond buffing and finally by the
administering of the final protective finish.
According to the manufacturer's infor-
mation, the process increases the strength
and durability of the surface as well as am-
bient light because of a reflective effect. In

Hltov ,

spite of the sheen, it is a "no slip" surface
which can easily be maintained and cleaned
by regular mopping with water and soap.
The original crew has returned to Flor-
ida, but Mr. Ramos will stay in Marsh
Harbour working with locals to finish the
reminder of the building. He hopes that
people might take advantage of the equip-
ment being on the island to contract for

The Burial Society building in Dundas Town has been transformed into a well construct
ed attractive building. It was badly damaged by hurricanes earlier in the decade and was
never repaired. Now with capital funding from central government it has been made into
a Local Government Town Committee office, a meeting place for the Burial Society and
other groups and a study room with computers for the Dundas Town youth.

I. Don the nw billing syi)tm pply to mys hmea Idirpbli bill?
A., Imlhlja IWe ithir 'nm .r5.trmU wil my vzify to nilidar srMlwvrls.
huytn, I WnIF rr I dAjI hir infi rfmrs ihjri r I r i iw
2 What uinarulian will be provided in e wurmarized bill?
Agrs As i Of i Oml F. rlh, L r iltl.-rihI n rp mrn it f t l pnr fmnrii-
rns W T Ilr ftF jrr rindrh rft d hr iln Snnw irrTJ r fr th erfnidr'
rindmrrvMjnrsir uTPl Url th Aif A' nlrFt irar ia u wilrraninrl ir-
Fril IForxarrWlipF Vi C. SM nwryi 1rtr
UrVn ITWSfe rr rh tarl, Irdef fmiuiPrrli :in.j pi[nrr ii Arignl dr-i
frrtiln r tJll. ,I iA. dl, unlll h I fvwalr r l w Lnar.raininulneij on riM
rrjltii. rVr i 5IhTr'wv I uiJ .lid it uI r JJ aIt MIt ri rbitijJblnf lriMV tIl ri
=wr1r dIrp.rir. Ter Wlirjlj rtrri i ,qyJMn hr de ( t11nr rI' h' JIualrrr The
r unuI tI rmV4h rrrl tVO hr m-inIrrl IV Fl J .Fn irlnrii
3. How do I acrm my deraild bill?
Aluz liL r iireliVrrlJ o rqi'tn rirl lr lll rPl PPiir lui lwiui
* iip nifr in wTiprir hrihJW hyrWuIIr iji.s P0qwd N dir inIAd.
* V!lfwAPl&PW rnmArv fAr irnltiuuirfsurad nud piniwr
rhnal irar C shWrl [rwr [irIlrrwrnlJ
ffym JP P1m JlMu amn hi a iLclpu PAfN. M iejr sur AlFMr l I
AMrutl ui JrnJ IfK 81C LkArIa- ,r'ir ntprx aIaiililrrmi mill
lari*Mra v t irsm nlrPverI r
. If I am urrnilly pregisired wilh EZPy do I ialo hau In regqler
wilh EZPay Pls?
An11 N ri rinftm fnri nv frn 1uru lnirv 1. 2( nAwigalhIawmhinilifryrm.
L nWM finr; LZar Prme Thrt .-etv'lrri l t r jL r ? r!rMi f S er L ugw ntJW
jtsJ s nr mrh u 2 Pk* APllnb i ntrh mrr th irrdl wl l rurn Aliv EZ'aV
ANjr. rrnAq 4OiiTyrt tjw n m rr ri l lw. dr lu 'nIril HvIr -al inl riwal
5. If Ibir itr dly fr mobiler slcvic, doer Ihirs mire Ifil I will b
receiving live bill? One laf my cell phlo ind one l my home
A.r-Y Ter ll pV lrF tii r ii ur i jnrI riu n rrJr rnry o i b .l rt li pg r llr%-
wcirnr l tNQ v 'i. VrJIdur ,ni rr.. iul ir wnfah b Hll ji, ti. hr wilw5 h
r nt, N IAgusr nw r% rw retf rjs nrW.
5ijfrKtr rrfrv rn? HA cTww. jvriivF oa, '-nmHduAftf fr ithe
pFrrhM 9 wurilfn rrdThjraaf ir ftJM-rr
Siimsv hMfg Ir rIo ?a r mo hdW IIIL
irfwwinl up Mt fridAt Uw116t
S5.How arni airi emy ll records updated onlinr
Am Yourw ull rtrds au* updated hourly.
7.What do I b to do owil the .....
Larklenyr B old?
Aik /U X1 Il,1od l sr
rrSNir ZP ilrr.L l .. ..

idr,rirw Rng ily i ..
u .r N.'nmh* -b
ThO. 2Lt

Here i what
you can epa tet
to rectime iu the

similar jobs. Outstanding Floor Group
LLC can be contacted at 866-812-9319.
Dundas Town Burial
Society nears completion
By Samantha V Evans
Work on the Burial Society building in
Dundas Town began three months ago;
and when you drive on Front Street in
Dundas Town, you will be amazed at the
major transformation it has undergone.
According to the Deputy Town Committee
Chairman Faron Newbold, the building
will be utilized by the Burial Society and
the Dundas Town Committee. The build-
ing will be fully equipped with central air,
two bathrooms and a computer room and
homework center. The building is approxi-
mately 1500 square feet inclusive of the
exterior front porch. To accommodate the
porch, Mr. Newbold stated that the wall
on the eastern end had to be torn down.
The computer lab will be equipped with
three computers that will be purchased by
the Committee. They will be available for
use with the after school program. Beside
the burial society and local government
meetings that will be held there, the build-
ing will be available for meetings, semi-
nars and social gatherings, but no parties.
Persons interested in using the building
will have to get permission.
Residents will be pleased to know that
town meetings and the monthly Committee
meetings will be held at the hall. Since the
building is in the community, they expect
that crowds will come. When this happens,
they will move meetings to the larger area
of the building.
The money for the renovations came
from capital funds allocated by Central
Government. The Committee will fur-
nish the entire building. The Committee
is pleased with the work done by Derek
Miller and the landscaping done by Com-
mittee member Wanda McIntosh. Faron
Newbold stated that the community is
extremely pleased with the work done as
this building holds a lot of meaning to the
senior residents. The building is scheduled
to be complete by November 13th.

Please see Central Page 15

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moreinformation: CALL BTC 225-5282 or mail: thinkgredii
www.btcbahamas.com/thinkgreen www.faa

SPos.tpa cellular subscribers
...... .. .............. .........

POStp... cellular subscr" bebe

Connection rat Vcw P mMirflo


We've introduced a

new billing system

just for youI

As of October 5th, the format of your postpaid cellular phone
bill will change. Moving forward, you will receive only a sum-
mary of your cellular bill in the mail. Your detailed call records
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More Central Abaco News

Central From Page 14
Computer technician
joins computer company
Computer Creations, a computer service
company in Marsh Harbour, has announced
that Tad Sands of Man-O-War Cay has re-
cently acquired the CompTIA A+ Certi-
fication, that is the industry standard for
computer support technicians. This inter-
national, vendor-neutral
certification proves com-
petence in areas such as
installation, preventative
maintenance, network-
ing, security and trou- /
bleshooting. CompTIA
A+ validates excellent
customer service and
communication skills
to work with clients.
Mr. Sands is a factory-
trained technician for I
Brother products includ-
ing printers, faxes, mul-
tifunction machines and
digital copiers.
Red Cross
Parcels to Fire
By Samantha V Evans
On October 15 the
Red Cross Abaco Branch
began its distribution of Barbara Johns
items to persons affected Red Cross, is
from the fire in the Mud. plies to Haitian
The members utilized Mud. Others in
sia Johnson an,

space in the Abaco Shopping Plaza gener-
ously donated by management. They gave
out food items, water, kitchen utensils and
hygiene kits to those persons who went
through the screening process. Those per-
sons were then given an identification card
to present in order to collect their items.
Only persons with cards could receive re-
lief items.
This was the only day that Barbara

Johnson and her team planned to distribute
items. However, depending on the needs
assessed, they will determine if more dis-
tribution days are warranted. The items
distributed on this day came from the Red
Cross head office in Nassau. Next week,
they will receive linens and clothing and
persons in need of those can collect them
from the Red Cross Office next to the Ab-
aco Motor Mall in Marsh Harbour. Dona-
tions of all items are needed and are being
accepted daily. They received items for
fifty families this week. The persons as-
sisting with the distribution were Willard
Cooper, Christine Lightbourn, and Henri-
sia Johnson. A police officer was also on
hand to ensure that the distribution was
done in an orderly fashion.
Furniture Plus update
By Smantha V Evans
Furniture Plus is known as one of the
elite furniture stores in The Bahamas and
presently they have stores in Nassau and
Freeport. Anyone who has been to either
of their stores can attest to the quality of
the furniture, accessories, appliances, and
trimmings they provide. The store that will

on, left, leader of the Abaco Branch of the
shown with her helpers who distributed sup
is that were displaced by the recent fire in the
' the picture are Christine Lightbourn, Henri
d Willard Cooper. XXXXXXXXXXX

be opened here is the third location of this
company and will provide the same high
quality items Bahamians have become ac-
customed to. It will be occupy part of the
building of the new Maxwell's Supermar-
ket on Pole Line Drive in Marsh Harbour.
According to Scott Ferguson, partner
from Freeport and overseer of the prepa-
rations of the Abaco Furniture Plus store,
much work has been done for the opening
of the store at the end of January 2010. He
stated that he is very pleased with the state-
of-the-art facility Chad Sawyer is building
and realizes that the Abaco community de-
serves such a fine store. He is delighted to
have found such an opportunity to become
a tenant of the site, occupying 20,000
square feet of space.
He explained that the company has ac-
tually been looking for a location on Ab-
aco for a while. In fact, the owners were
contemplating the Cost Right building but
realized that it was not suitable for their
needs. When they learned of the new store
that Mr. Sawyer was building, they were
Please see Central Page 17

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-'*.*.i fi ff.: .' :s t" i. ai
., .,, .s
2,3,4 B DR O


* Ceiling Fans
* Exhaust Fans
* Chandeliers

* Track Lighting
* Exit Lights
* Emergency Lights

Pipe ann Fittings soar Systems
Wire Standby Systems
Breakers Panels



Tu A acoBha
Phn:24-6-803 axI4-3 380
w w w a h a m e a c l u bS o mS

Toll Free ReSertf aioti:.


0 1

November 1, 2009

The Abaconian Section A Page 15


- -A m m

Page 16 Section A The Abaconian






Offer valid for policies taken out before 15th December 2009 only


LLOYDS OF LONDON (An A-rated Insurer)

(irom birth to 85 years renewable for life)

(Policy provides 100% O coverage no deductible or co-pay)




one to t


Abaco Insurance Agency Building
Stratton Drive, Marsh Harbour, Abaco

Jackie Ertlin
Health & Life Consultant

November 1 ,2009


More Central Abaco News

Central From Page 15
comfortable with the location. The fact that
it is built up especially in a flood zone and
that the quality of it was second to none,
they took the opportunity to open a store
there. The massive traffic that is expected
to frequent the location was a big plus as
well. Hence, this building is conducive to
what they are looking for.

Locals have been applying online for
employment and the company has been
pleased to date with the applications re-
ceived. An employment training session
will be held with new employees before
the store opens. This will be handled by
marketing and human resources director
Kristin Lee Darville from Nassau.
National beauty pageant

focuses on education
By Canishka Alexander
Four deserving girls from Abaco are
representing the island and their respec-
tive schools in the Miss Highs Abrave
Edubeauty Pageant Bahamas, which will
be held on Grand Bahama on January 2,
2010. The contestants will arrive at Our
Lucaya ballroom by horse and carriage.
The eleventh and twelfth-grade students
possess a balanced combination of beauty
and brains having already defied the stan-
dard of most beauty pageants. Represent-
ing Abaco in the competition are Felicia
Romer, Dawnishka Morley, Amanda Pin-
der and Faniesha Archer. They will com-
pete against girls from Grand Bahama and
Bethsheba Russell, pageant organizer,
said the competition promotes education,
builds character and challenges the contes-
tants mentally, so this was her reason for
choosing students with a minimum GPA
of 3.0 to enter the pageant. She acknowl-
edged the girls as top quality, adding that
she knows the judges will have a difficult

time choosing a winner.
The pageant represents a competition
where everyone involved will be rewarded
through the exposure and self development
it brings and, of course, the magnificent
After attending many beauty pageants
throughout The Bahamas with her daugh-
ter, Ms. Russell was quite often disap-
pointed by what she saw taking place. So
she decided to raise the standard of pag-
eants by raising the quality of contestants
allowed to compete.
At the pageant the portfolio presentation
will garner the most points followed by the
contestants' self introduction and answers
to their questions. The least amount of
points will go toward the talent segment of
the competition.
Another compelling aspect of the pag-
eant is that the girls who do not secure the
traditional first, second and third runner-
up titles are considered as first runners-up

Please see Central Page 18

4 (I
Four girls from Abaco will compete in the Miss Highs Abrave Edubeat y Pageant Baha
mas to be held in Freeport on January 2. The emphasis of this pageant is on education as
well as beauty. They are Faniesha Archer, Amanda Pinder, organizer Bethsheba Russell,
Dawnishka Morley and Felicia Romer.


Customs Brokers

Import / Export

Freight forwarding to all destinations in Abaco

Local delivery available throughout Abaco

Completion of all customs documentation

For More Information:
P: (242)367-2089 / F: (242)367-2530

Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas
"One Call Does It All"

Open through the Fall

Resort & Marina

Boat IHcuse

White Sound, Elbow Cay

Enjoy a delicious dinner with us
Sea Spray will pick up from Hope Town
Bahamian Breakfast Sat. & Sun.

Every Sunday Jamin' Jan Live
5:30 9 pm at bar side 2 for 1 drinks

Long day in the boat? Too much sun? Too much fun?
What's for Dinner? Let us deliver your dinner!
Delivery Available 6:30 pm 9 pm
From Pizzas to a Full Meal Tahiti Beach to the Post Office Dock

Live Music Every Saturday Night 7 pm until
in season

30% off 2009 Villas rates through November 30

Special Dockage Rates
September 1 through February 28
Boats up to 49' $500 monthly
with metered water and electricity
Boats over 49' $700 monthly
with metered water and electricity

60 Deepwater Slips
Fresh Water
Garbonzo Reef Bar

One, two & three
bedroom units
On the ocean & harbour
Full kitchen/air cond/sat TV

For local transportation to Sea Spray call VHF 16 or 366-0065
e-mail: info@seasprayresort.com

November 1, 2009

The Abaconian Section A Page 17

Page 18 Section A The Abaconian

November 1 2009

Sustainability and
conservation are
topics of essay
By Canishka Alexander
The Bahamas National Trust and the
Inter-American Development Bank are
facilitating an essay competition for high
school students in celebration of both orga-
nizations' 50th anniversary this year. The
topic is Environmental Sustainability and
Conservation in The Bahamas: A Vision
for the Future. The competition, which
began on September 30, is open to junior
high students between the ages of 11 to 13
years and seniors ages 14 to 17 years.
The essay must be written in Standard
English at a length of 300-350 words for
junior high students and 500 words for
senior high school students. Students are
allowed to submit one essay into the com-
petition on or before November 20, 2009.
The essays are judged on content or
subject, creativity, grammar and structure,
and style and presentation.
A completed registration form must be
submitted along with the essay by email
to cof-cbh@iadb.org. Entries can also be
mailed to:
The IDB Office, Essay Competition Entry
P.O. Box N-3743
Nassau, Bahamas
The prizes include a Dell 250GB desktop
computer that will be given to the schools
of each first place winner. For individual
prizes, juniors will be awarded with a Dell
laptop for first place; an iPod touch 32 GB
for second place and third place offers an
iPod touch 8 GB. The senior high school
students are given a Mac book for first
place, second-place winners receive an
iPod touch 64 GB, and third place secures
an iPod touch 32 GB.

Central From Page 17
because the Miss Highs Abrave Edubeauty
Pageant will showcase the winner as Miss
Highs Abrave Valedict, followed by Miss
Highs Abrave Salutor and Miss Highs
Abrave Scholar.
The winner of the pageant will receive
a two-year scholarship to Success Training
College, a commemorative plaque for their
school, congratulatory ad on ZNS, round-
trip cruise to Fort Lauderdale on Disney
Cruise Line and various gift items among
other prizes.
Other pageant winners receive compa-
rably attractive prizes. Moreover, parents
of the winner are also rewarded. Ms.
Russell is hopeful that the standards of the
pageant will be a driving force for parents
to encourage their children to attain better
grades in schools so they, too, can be a
part of upcoming pageants.
At a meeting on October 8 with the con-
testants and their parents at St. Andrews
Methodist Hall, the girls were asked to
give a self introduction. Their reasons for
entering the pageant ranged from being
passionate about modeling to meeting new
people to being able to face and overcome
new challenges. The girls participated in a
photo shoot at the Lucayan National Park
on October 23.

Your children
away in college
will appreciate
a subscription to
The Abaconian
Keep them informed.
See page 9 for information

Airport From Page 1

Eagle cancelled its flight one day since the
firefighting equipment was discovered to
be not adequate. Since October 24 the gov-
ernment fire truck from the Treasure Cay
airport comes to Marsh Harbour each day
for the American Eagle flight. During this
interval the Treasure Cay airport is served
by the volunteer firemen from Treasure
Cay suing one of their fire engines.
The government fire truck at the Marsh
Harbour airport is being repaired and is
expected to be back in service soon. The
parts had to be fabricated as it was a recon-
ditioned truck.
No date has been set for the opening
of the new runway that is now completed
with necessary lights for nighttime flights.
The paving itself was completed late in the
summer of 2008. Other aspects were not
completed including lighting, markers, ob-
structions at the west end and documenta-
tion. The 6100-foot runway is paved with
asphalt, the first Family Island airport to
have a black top surface.

HT Council From Page 5
ment agency and a reverse osmosis plant
approved by the Water and Sewerage Cor-
poration would be required.
Mr. Weech told the Council that details
of the development were discussed during
a town meeting on September 11, 2008,
with Minister of the Environment Dr. Earl
Deveaux, who encouraged input from the
community. Min. Deveaux had promised
to hold another town meeting to address
modifications to the plan, but nothing has
occurred since then. Mr. Sweeting an-
nounced that on a personal note there was
no way he would put pen to paper to ap-
prove a plan for such a development.

Check out

The Abaconian

at www.


Island Shutters
Serving All of Abaco
Shutter Experts Direct Factory Connection


Call 242-475-3632 Treasure Cay
Installed by Drexco Enterprises Drexel Bootle, owner


Sales Team of
Ed& Cindy Newell
James Moir Broker

Beach Front Parcel # 714 45,343 s/f parcel, 100'
beach frontage on Atlantic Ocean. Electricity available.
Ideal site for permanent residence or vacation home.
Ocean View Parcel Near Beach # 1502- Elevated
17,650 s/f lot with 135' of road frontage offering
superb ocean views. Just a 1 minute walk to sandy
Atlantic Ocean Beach. $148,950.
Inland Lot Near Beach # 1176 Large 21,450 s/f
level lot on main street, electricity & telephone
available. $59,500.
Inland Lot Near Beach (Ref# 756) Large 13,000 s/f
lot near sandy Atlantic beaches, native vegetation,
Good road access. REDUCED TO $19,900.
"Paradise Point" # 659 Furnished 3 bed, 2.5 bath,
2,400 s/f waterfront home with porches & balconies
on 1/2 acre. 193' elevated Sea of Abaco frontage,
Fantastic views. REDUCED TO $595,000.
Beachfront Lot # 9A # 1379 21,565 s/f private &
serene beach parcel with 190' frontage on Sea of Abaco.
Utilities available. Spectacular sea views. $239,000.
Beachfront Lot # 7 # 1197 24,710 s/f private & serene
beach parcel with 126' frontage on Sea of Abaco.
Utilities available. Spectacular sea views. $239,000.
"seaGlas Cottage" # 1237 Charming 2 bed, 2.5
bath, 3 level furnished beach home on private 1.20
acres. 1,800 s/f under roof, 900 s/f decks/patios. 100'
shoreline. New windows & central A/C. $949,500.


Prime Real Estate Listings Throughout Abaco
Boiling Hole Parcel # 1022 Total 11 acres sea-to-sea
from Sea of Abaco to bay side. 153' high rocky
shoreline on Sea of Abaco. Magnificent sea of Abaco
views. (Also available in smaller parcels.) $299,500.
Boiling Hole Lots # 1030 2 Sea of Abaco waterfront
parcels on Great Abaco Highway. Choice of 73' or 80'
rocky shoreline, utilities available, great sea views.
EACH $95,000.
Sunset Ridge Community Lots # 570 14 spacious
residential lots from 14,792 s/f to 18,488 s/f. High
elevation, close to Treasure Cay. All utilities
available. Starting at $47,500.
"High Point" Seaview Lot # 684 Hilltop 0.405 acre
parcel on White Sound Bluff overlooking Sea of
Abaco, Fantastic Sea Views, Privacy, near beach
"Double Eagle" # 757 Recently renovated 3 bed, 3
bath, plus loft, 2,500 s/f furnished home on 11,610 s/f
canal front parcel. 95' sea wall, 68' fully serviced
dock. Underground utilities. Near beach. $776,000.
# 1374 18,600 s/f waterfront parcel, 108' deep water
frontage, plus 50' long boat slip. 3 bed, 3.5 bath, 2,284 s/f
home under construction. Price will increase as
construction progresses. All utilities available, privacy
entrance wall & fence. Great sea views. $322,000.

Bahamas Real Estate


Residential Parcels
# 823 10,150 +- s/f canal lot w/130' frontage & 105'
deep water dock w/ water & electricity, Fantastic
beach nearby. $345,000.
# 1258 9,000 s/f canal lot with 87' of water frontage,
160' of lay-along docks & shared recessed boat basin
# 602 15,334 s/f canal corer lot w/197' seawall.
# 1080 12,100 s/f canal parcel with 110' sea walled canal
frontage. Boat davits installed. $238,950.

# 704 10,400 s/f elevated canal lot w/104' deep water
canal frontage. Sea views, walk to beach. $239,500.

# 811 10,400 s/f sea view corner lot with 194' of road
frontage. Walk to beach. All utilities available. $99,950.

# 998 13,459 s/f canal view corer lot, near beach

# 1501 20,741 s/f elevated residential lot adjacent to
Leisure Lee community. 90' road frontage, 5 minute walk
to beach. $80,000.

567 2.139 acres on highway near Leisure Lee. Includes
50' elevated ridge. 119' highway frontage. $149,700.

We Exceed Client Expectations!
Please contact us for additional details on this sampling of our featured listings or for information on our other prime properties throughout Abaco
Phone: (242) 365.8752 Cell: (242) 577.6570* www.abacoestateservices.com NOV.12009(B)

November 1, 2009

The Abaconian

Section A Page 19

Sales Team of
Ed& Cindy Newell
James Moir Broker

"Camelot" # 1234 Beachfront Estate. New custom
designed 4 bed, 4 bath Ocean Blvd home, plus 2 bed, 1
bath guest house. Total 7,793 s/f under roof on 1.5 acre
grounds Beachside pool, numerous enhancements.
Ocean Blvd. Beachfront Estate # 1455 -Exceptional 5
bed, 5.5 bath main house, separate 3 car garage and 1 bed,
1 bath guest suite. Total 7,160 s/f under roof. 2.50 acres
with 250' of sandy beachfront. Unfurnished. $5,725,000.
"ArgyllHouse" # 483 Elegantly furnished, elegant 4
bed, 5.5 bath, 6,900 s/f Ocean Blvd. estate on 1.6
landscaped acres with 153' beachfront. Includes vehicles
& 2 additional residential lots.
REDUCED TO $3,995,000.
"Another World"# 1007 Ocean Blvd. 4 bed, 4.5 bath,
3,500 s/f furnished beachfront home, pool, patio &
garage on 1.2 landscaped acres. Excellent rental income
history. $2,500,000.
"Sandpiper" # 1265 Ocean Blvd. 3,000 s/fbi-level
furnished home on 1.87 acres with 180' sandy beach
frontage. Adjacent lot also available. $2,357,000.
"Tranquility" # 1307 4 bed, 5 bath, furnished bi-level
Brigantine Canal home on 2 lots. 3,580 s/f under roof,
plus decks & balconies. 90' canal frontage, dock, boat
lift, plus sea views from virtually every room. Tastefully
decorated, excellent condition. $2,200,000.
"Trident House"# 317- 3 bed, 3.5 bath, furnished
3,500 s/f beach front home. Breath-taking beach & sea
views. Good rental income. NOW $1,999,000.
"Windward Palms" # 1454 Splendid 3 bed, 2 bath
furnished Windward Beach home. 2,500 s/f under roof
plus 1,600 s/f patios & walks on 16,000 s/f landscaped
parcel with 100' sandy beach. Meticulously maintained,
Many extras, superior sea views. $1,955,000.
"Flip Inn" Windward Beach # 1008 2 bed, 2 bath,
1,620 s/f under air beachmome, plus garage on 2 lots
totaling 28,252 s/f. lbently refurbished, tastefully
furnished. 180' sanfy beachfront. $1,725,000.
"Seascape", Windward Beach # 1469 -3 bed, 2 bath
2,050 s/f furnished beach home on spacious 26,125 s/f
parcel with 120' sandy beach. $1,379,000.
"Pilot House" Rock Point # 1380 2 level, 3 bed, 3
bath furnished waterfront home at entrance to Treasure
Cay harbour. 3,314 s/f under roof on 18,800 s/fparcel.
Boat/plane ramp to sea. Great sea views. $1,160,000.
"ToadHall" # 1373 5 bed/4 bath, 4,000 s/f, 2 level
Ocean Blvd. furnished ocean view home includes 1
bed/1 bath apartment on 2 adjoining parcels totaling
22,500 s/f. Private beach access. $695,000.
Royal Poinciana Beachfront Condos -Phase 4
# 716) Premier 3 level, 3 bed, 4.5 bath, plus loft newly
built condos on Treasure Cay Beach. 2,860 s/f under
roof, attached garage. 644 s/f covered/open
Bahama Beach Club 2046 # 1009 3 bed, 3 bath, 2nd
level Phase 5, 2nd level, 1,750 s/f living space condo,
closest to beach, tasteful contemporary furnishings,
unparalleled sea & beach views. $1,150,000.
Bahama Beach Club 2020 # 1139 3 bed, 2 bath,
1,650 s/f 2nd level beachfront condo, Stunningly
furnished, elegantly decorated. Superior beach &
ocean views. $1,035,000.
Bahama Beach Club 2047- # 1468 3 bed, 3 bath,
ground level Phase 5 unit, 1,750 s/f living space condo,
close to beach, tastefully furnished, numerous upgrades
& enhancements. Superb sea views. $950,000.
Atlantis Condo 2112- # 929- 4 bed, 4 bath 2,000 s/f 2
level furnished waterfront condo on Brigantine canal,
great water views. Preferred end unit. Includes 2 large
boat slips. Short walk to beach! $865,000.


Prime Real Estate Listings Throughout Abaco

Bahama Beach Club # 2031 #1485 3 bed, 2 bath
1,645 s/f furnished ground level condo plus private
garage. Fantastic sea & beach views. Community pool,
well maintained grounds. Excellent vacation rental or
personal get-away retreat. $862,000.
Bahama Beach Club # 2005- # 1370- 3 bed, 2 bath
ground level 1,645 s/f comfortably furnished condo.
Awesome sea views from most rooms Overlooks beach
and pool. Great vacation residence. $822,000.
Bahama Beach Club # 2014 #1478 3 bed, 2 bath,
1,645 s/f 2nd level furnished beachfront condo. Great
sea & beach views. Well manicured grounds, club
amenities. Exceptionally priced at $805,000.

Royal Poinciana # 2511 # 1483 Deluxe 2 bed, 2 bath
ground level furnished 1,300 s/f beachfront condo. Well
maintained. Great sea views, excellent rental income
potential. $625,000.
Royal Palm Condo #2424 # 1399 3 bed, 3 bath,
(including loft) 2nd level, 1,264 s/ffurnished condo
overlooking harbour & marina. Well maintained, near
beach, excellent rental income potential. $599,950.
Sand Dollar Condo # 7- #1456 2 bed, 2 bath, 1,000 s/f
ground level furnished beachfront condo. Wel
maintained, superb sea views, community pool. Best
Value! Priced to sell. $499,995.
Beach Villa 507 # 782 Newly renovated, 2 bed, 2
bath 1,150 s/f villa, plus 592 s/f patios. Tastefully
furnished. Many extras. Close to beach, marina, golf
course. $490,000.
Atlantis # 2215 # 1471 2 bed, 2 bath, 1000 s/f
furnished 2nd level "end unit" condo on Brigantine
Bay. Includes 2 storage units and finger dock. well
maintained, great water views. $485,000.
Atlantis Condo # 2202 # 987 2 bed, 2 bath, 2nd level
furnished waterfront unit, includes boat slip & golf cart
garage. "Turn-Key", Near Treasure Cay Beach.
Atlantis Condo # 2203 # 1000 2 bed, 2 bath, 2nd
level, 1,000 s/f furnished waterfront unit, includes fully
serviced boat slip & golf cart garage. Overlooks
Brigantine Bay, Near beach. $465,000.
Atlantis Condo # 2201 # 1175 2 bed, 2 bath, 1,000
s/f, 2nd level furnished waterfront condo. Recently
renovated, well maintained. Includes storage garage &
private boat slip/dock. Near beach. $460,000.
RoyalPalm # 2304 # 1472 2 bed, 2 bath, 950 s/f
furnished ground floor level condo overlooking
marina. Includes boat slip. Rental history. $403,000.
Beach Villa 703# 1209 2 bed, 2 bath 885 s/f furnished
villa close to beach, marina, restaurants & shopping area.
Great rental income potential. $349,000.
Mariner's Cove Condominiums:
# 1181 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2 level, 1,650 s/f furnished harbour
front condo. tastefully refurbished. $649,000.
# 985 2 bed, 2 bath, 2 level harbour front end unit,
Refurbished in 2000 REDUCED TO $271,500.
#928-2 bed. 1 bath 2 level unit, overlooks harbour $249,000.
# 655 2 bed, 1 bath condo with marina view $249,000.
Superb Beachfront Parcel# 1362 Treasure Cay level
& cleared beach lot of 12,600 s/f with 90' fabulous
sandy beach frontage. Breath-taking sunset & sea
views. All utilities available. $1,449,000.
Beach & Canal Lot Package #941- Windward Beach
lot of 17,542 s/f with 100' of beach frontage on Sea of
Abaco, PLUS Galleon Bay lot of 17,955 s/f with
approx. 76' of sea-walled canal frontage. $1,446,000.
Ocean Blvd. Jumbo SizedBeachfront Parcel# 1266 -
Approx. 52,575 s/f parcel (1.20 acres) with 115' sandy
beach frontage & 460' depth. Superior building lot. All
utilities available. Fantastic sea views. $1,386,000.



Bahamas Real Estate

Ocean Blvd. Beachfront Parcel # 1260 Splendid
44,600 s/f parcel on Treasure Cay Beach, 75' beach
frontage of suger-white fine sand. All utilities available.
Spectacular sea & beach views. $1,350,000.
Beachfront Parcel- Ocean Blvd. # 876 1.5 acres with
100' of beach frontage, on spectacular Treasure Cay
Beach. All utilities available Gorgeous beach & sea
views. REDUCED TO $1,295,000.
Windward Beach -Beachfront Parcel# 1283 Cleared &
walled 17,542 s/f parcel with 100' of sandy beach.
Sea of Abaco views. All utilities available. $1,024,000.
Windward Beach Beach Parcel #1470 23,151 s/f
parcel with 101' of stone wall & sandy beach on Sea of
Abaco. All utilities available. $843,000.

Windward Beach # 999 ,750 s/fBeachfront parcel with
85' of frontage on SeGek aco. All utilities available,
great building site. $599,950.
Windward Beach # 817 Half acre waterfront parcel
directly on Sea of Abaco, 124' beach frontage. Newly
installed sea wall. All utilities available. $482,000.
Galleon Bay # 744 19,256 s/f cleared canal parcel with
68' bulkheaded deep water frontage. All utilities
available. Superb views along Galleon Bay. $460,000.
Galleon Bay # 1356 24,732 s/f large canal front parcel
with 158' of bulkhead & sandy waterfront. All utilities
available. Panoramic water views. $399,950.
Galleon Bay # 422 Prime 10,295 s/f cleared canal lot.
88' + protected canal frontage. Sea-walled, plus dock &
davit pilings. All utilities available. $350,000.
Galleon Bay # 1473 Approx. 10,000 s/f canal parcel with
100'+ of sea-walled & protected water frontage. All
utilities available. Easy access to sea. $349,950.
Brigantine Bay # 1498 20,310 s/f canal parcel with 126'
ofsea-wallwed deep water frontage. Unobstructed views
along bay to marina. All utilities available. $322,000.
Brigantine Bay # 1173 & 1174 2 adjacent deep water
canal parcels, each 11,200 s/f with 80' bulk head &
generous 140' depth. Cleared, all utilities available.
EACH $299,950.
Galleon Bay# 1208 Large 20,920 s/f canal parcel with
sea wall & 90'+deep waeq PaM dolphin pilings. All
utilities availabl.fiiE mc building lot, spectacular
water view 'g Galleon Bay. $299,950.
Windward Beach Drive Sea ViewtParcel # 1353 -
Excellent 11,090 s/f reside ti-F tel. Level building
envelope, all util*i J*ftWa'le. Short walk to both
Windward BeaAW Treasure Cay Beach. $120,000.
St. Andrews Estates, Golf Course Lot # 1341 11,151
s/f residential parcel with 130' of golf course frontage.
All utilities available. Short walk to beach. $58,500.
"Sea View" Great Abaco Club # 1203 3 bed, 2.5
bath, 1,880 s/f furnished sea view home, plus 280 s/f of
open deck on 4,918 s/f parcel. Well maintained, gated
community, great rental income potential. Includes
private deep water dock. $769,000.
"Ridge Runner" # 1185- 6 bed, 4 bath, 3,100 sq. ft.
furnished home includes main house, separate master
suite, guest cottage, pool & dock situated on 1.74
elevated acres with 330' of shoreline. Superb panoramic
water views. $2,599,000.
Dolphin Beach Estates # 1412 Exceptional 20,000 s/f
waterfront parcel on Sea of Abaco with 145' of elevated
rocky shoreline. Utilities available. $549,000.
Atlantic Oceanfront Parcel #746 Approx. 1 acre
residential parcel, 154' elevated shoreline near Orchid
Bay community, great ocean views. $395,000.
"Secret Beach"# 1267/1268 Ocean Front Elevated
Parcels 9A (19,190 s/f) & 9B (16,144 s/f) lots, each with
100' +/- of Atlantic Ocean rocky shoreline & sand beach
frontage. Prime building sites. EACH $249,000.

We Exceed Client Expectations!
Please contact us for additional details on this sampling of our featured listings or for information on our other prime properties throughout A baco
Phone: (242) 365.8752* Cell: (242) 577.6570* www.abacoestateservices.com NOV 1,2009

Students excited about career opportunities

By Canishka Alexander
Career Day was a success. And ac-
cording to Leazona Richard of the Abaco
Chamber of Commerce and organizer of
the event, she is expecting an even greater
turnout next year. She was pleased with
the students' interest and responses at their
first attempt at Career Day. Many of the
professionals working at the booths said
that most of the questions they addressed
were the requirements needed for the re-
spective careers, why they chose their par-
ticular career and how much money could
be made. More than 20 businesses set up
shop at New Vision Ministries on October
15 encouraging students and informing
them on how to go about getting into the
careers that were offered at the site.
Students from Agape Christian School,
Forest Heights Academy, St. Francis de
Sales School, Cyber Learning Center,
Wesley College, Long Bay School, S.C.
Bootle High and Abaco Central High were
At the police booth the students were
informed that the police force was a re-
warding career one that is certainly not
one-tracked but very diverse. Community
policing, forensic scientists and ballistic
experts were some of the areas available.
Students learned that they would be given
the opportunity to travel abroad and be
well paid.
Kim Reese-Miller, a welfare officer at
the Department of Social Services, deals
with the children and family service divi-
sion, and her duties include child protec-
tion, child welfare and juvenile court pro-
bation. The department has a community
support division which provides financial
assistance with regard to food, utility bills
and rent. She highlighted the need for male

social workers particularly when it comes
to juvenile court cases where there are cur-
rently only female workers.
Representing the nursing profession was
Nurse Williams, registered nurse, midwife
and nursing officer. She explained some of
the requirements of becoming a registered
nurse. "I tell people that the only reason
you should get into this profession is if you
really love it, especially on the Family Is-
lands. It's very time consuming. You're on
call, you're needed at any time and you
may be asked to go out on an emergency
flight at any time. However, the profession
- I love it, and I've been in it for over 20
years," she said, excitedly.
Nurse Williams said community health
nursing is one of the areas that they spe-
cialize in on Abaco. It requires nurses to
go to the homes of sick patients with con-
ditions like diabetes to assist and care for
them. Nursing is one of the professions
that is most needed all over the world and
emphasized the need for nurses on every
island in The Bahamas especially where
there are no doctors.
The staff at Restoration Salon and Spa
said their aim was to interest the students
in their field of cosmetology adding that
there are endless possibilities as it relates
to hair, nails and skin care. The salon of-
fers a full complement of staff and has a
massage therapist and aesthetician, salon
manager, nail technician, hair braider and
barber on hand. Sharman Davis, owner
of Restoration Salon and Spa, discovered
at the Career Day was that many students
were discouraged and being told to look at
doing hair and nails as a "side job," but
cosmetologists are some of the highest paid
people in The Bahamas.
Representatives from The Bahamas

Maritime Cadet Corps (BMCC) were
there. BMCC is a program that stems from
the Bahamas Maritime Authority and pre-
pares high school students in grades 10
through 12 for employment in the maritime
industry. Next to the Bahamas Maritime
Cadets booth was Bryan Russell of The
Moorings who said that they are looking
to bring more young people into the field
of marine mechanics which embraces elec-
tronic controls and computerized engines
and incorporates a hands-on approach.
The owner of Complete Care Air Con-
ditioning and Refrigeration Company said
air conditioning and refrigeration are vast
fields and fall under the categories of ma-
rine, automotive, commercial and resi-
dential. He said every year he and his son

travel to seminars in the U.S. to remain
up-to-date with technology. He also offers
private classes to educate young techni-
cians who are interested in the field.
Juanyette Curry of First Caribbean Bank
said the students were excited about a ca-
reer in finance and banking, so she gave
them a few tips on how to prepare their
resumes and what to expect during an in-
terview with special attention on how to
dress for success.
Bekera Taylor, events and celebra-
tions supervisor of Abaco Beach Resort,
announced that students who visited that
booth and filled out a form were entered
into a drawing. The lucky student would

Please see Career Fair Page 21

The Career Fair organized by the Abaco Chamber of Commerce was primarily for 11th
and 12th grade students. However, students in lower grades attended also. It gave them
all an opportunity to find out more about careers they may be interested in pursuing.

AGED 2 18 ON ALL w

Proud D
Cor H s Fr Gnerati
Comforting Homes For Generatior


distributorss of:
nE Electrolux


Flights subject to final approval by the Bahamian Government. Flights start November 19,2009. Child discounts available
only thru call center & ticket office locations; not available online at this time.


Page 20 Section A The Abaconian

November 1 ,2009

November 1, 2009

The Abaconian Section A Page 21

Career Fair From Page 20
be the proud recipient of a lunch for four
at the resort.
Viline Baptiste of Fidelity Bank's Mon-
ey Centre informed students of a giveaway
at the bank that would be awarded the fol-
lowing week. The bank offers standard
banking services as well as premium prod-
ucts like their money-back mortgage, Asue
account, Western Union service and food
transfer service to Haiti. She said students
can choose from sales, operations, custom-
er service, human resources, loan, market-
ing and technology departments.
Carrie Lowe of H.G. Christie Real Es-
tate Company explained what real estate is
and the regulated process of becoming a
real estate agent in The Bahamas.
Vanria M. Lightbourn said her profes-
sion as a lawyer has been a challenging
one, but it has been rewarding during her
10-year journey, which she started out on
as a legal secretary.
Dr. Theresa Bonamy of Agape Dental

was enthusiastic about her interaction with
the students. She said many of the ques-
tions varied from careers in dentistry to
what goes on inside the dentist's office.
Dentistry takes a lot of passion, commit-
ment and dedication and can be entered
from the government or private sector.
"Dentistry and passion; dentistry and pas-
sion those two go hand in hand," she
Ricky Johnson of Baker's Bay Golf and
Ocean Club promoted fitness, which he
is just not exercising and entails well be-
ing and peace of mind; he said it is "good
health internally as well as externally. Fit-
ness outside is a reflection of what's on the
inside, so that's how it should be looked
at as an overall component rather than an
external outlook," he said. "Is fitness big?
Yes, it is."
There were also career opportuni-
ties and insight given in regard to Abaco
Neem, drinking water, entrepreneurship,
journalism, agriculture, pharmaceuticals
and hospitality.

Abaco Print Shop
Abaco Shopping Center
Tel: 367-3202 Fax: 367-3201

* Flyers Business Cards
* Tickets Open Laminations
* Brochures 9am 5pm Envelopes
* Certificates Mon Fri Menus
* NCR Forms Labels
* Wedding/Funeral Programs ...More

Farmers attend an

urgent meeting
By Canishka Alexander was disappointed to find that the gov-
Stephen Knowles, proprietor of SNK ernment could not match the amount of
Organic Farms, called a farmer's meeting money he has spent on his farm.
at the Murphy Town Burial Society build- There was an urgent call for the Farm-
ing on October 9 to discuss how serious er's Market and Craft Center to get un-
Abaco farmers are and to see if they were derway so it could be utilized as a mar-
open to the idea of a new farmers' associa- ketplace for those wanting to sell their
tion or organization. Of the 30-35 farmers products. One female farmer emphasized
present, most of them were females. marketing as a great tool to establish cus-
Early in the meeting, it was clear that tomers as well as to put them on alert for
farmers were disgruntled over a number the type of products each farmer offered
of issues. Some questioned if the Abaco and when they would be ready to go to
Cooperative Society was still in existence, market.
and if so, was it still functioning. The farmers represented those who
It was agreed that Bahamians must have have been in the agriculture industry for
a drive to farm. Backyard farming and more than 30 years to those who know
incorporating agriculture courses into the little to nothing about it.
educational curriculum were some innova- Mr. Knowles promised to call another
tive suggestions. It was pointed out that meeting as soon as he shared the views
Cuba has been quite successful with these and concerns of the Abaco farmers at a
types of initiatives, meeting he planned to attend with a num-
Some felt that while the government's ber of high-ranking agriculture officials.
leasing of the land is a good initiative, the Another local meeting was scheduled for
farmers still need equipment and materials October 23 to share valuable information
to assist them along the way. One farmer with farmers.

f n

Perfect on
to fit

located next to AID in the Barclays
Building Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Tel: 242.367.0429


go to con~tinentali

H^ ^^ ^and few^^^er l restrictions

BF or detailsandsalescall

^B ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BlT~si iiiiij~wO954-985-sfcs1500 x ^ 272

Continental Airlines^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^iii^^^^^ul~^^~


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B~iiWork ^Hard


- --

Page 22 Section A The Abaconian

November 1 2009

More Letters to the Editor

Letters From Page 22

of exposure to Bunker C fuel.
It is distressing that instead of moving
forward with alternative energy and energy
conservation, The Bahamas government is
leading us down the same dirty path of
fossil fuel dependency which contributes
to health issues, climate change, global
warming and sea level rise. A recent World
Bank Study, The Impact of Sea Level Rise
on Developing Countries: A Comparative
Analysis, states, "When the results are ex-
amined at the country level, one notes very
significant differences within the region.
The Bahamas would experience the largest
percentage of impacted land. Even with a
one meter (3-foot) Sea Level Rise (SLR),
approximately 11 percent of the land area
of The Bahamas would be impacted."
What this government is essentially do-
ing is perpetuating the addiction of the com-
munities of Abaco to a commodity whose
prices are highly volatile and which are sure
to rise again, making Bahamians captive to
the oil industry well into the future.
Why has the government not aggressive-
ly marketed energy conservation, teaching
people how to use less so we have to im-
port less? Why can't the $105 million dol-
lars earmarked for the Wilson City plant
be spent on fixing the diesel generators
that are down to accept bio-diesel along
with installation of solar water heaters and
panels on the 4,000 homes there and edu-
cating our people on how to lower their
energy costs? That would certainly reduce
the demand on the existing, and for another
power plant.
It is sad and ironic that Abaco, the Cali-
fornia of The Bahamas, the most progres-
sive of our islands especially when it comes
to conservation, is being subjected to the
dirtiest fuel money can buy at the expense
of the environment, financial security and


C create

future generations.
In July 2009 the message that came
from the Caribbean Regional Sustainable
Energy Conference (CRSEC) hosted by
the US Embassy and The Bahamas gov-
ernment was loud and clear the way
forward in producing energy, reducing
our dependence on fossil fuels, keeping
millions of dollars in the country, lower-
ing our energy bills, creating new jobs,
protecting the environment from global
warming green houses gasses is to dive
straight into the renewable energy market,
not LNG, not coal, not oil.
The renewable energy market is said
to be the Third Industrial Revolution. Ac-
cording to Jeremy Rifkin, president of the
Foundation on Economic Trends in Wash-
ington, DC, and lecturer at the Wharton
School at the University of Pennsylvania,
"The great pivotal economic changes in
world history have occurred when new
energy regimes converge with new com-
munication regimes. When that conver-
gence happens, society is restructured in
wholly new ways...The third industrial
revolution is the end-game that takes the
world out of the old carbon and uranium-
based energies into a non-polluting, sus-
tainable future for the human race."
The government's mantra always centers
on creating jobs perhaps the government
and the private sector should think about
The Bahamas manufacturing solar panels
or solar water heaters that could supply
The Bahamas and perhaps the entire Carib-
bean. Moving the country into the alterna-
tive energy field could create thousands of
jobs that produce clean energy from sourc-
es that are naturally abundant: solar, tidal
and wind. Just to name a few.
Technology is no longer an issue; so-
lar, wind, bio fuels and tidal power are all
proven technologies that can provide The
Bahamas with power for present and fu-
ture generations. Dan Arvizu, Director of

ROCK imported & local
SAND imported & local
* Delivery from Crown Haven to Sandy Point

Visit our modern facility on the
Abacos cornerstone Murphy Town Water Front beside
to construction Parker's Landing
CAI.I. IS TODAY 1FO: QUOTES PH 37-291 367-2892 367-

Make NAPA your choice for

all of your automotive parts

the National Renewable Energy Labora-
tory in the U.S., stated during his presen-
tation at the CRSEC in July 2009 that The
Bahamas has the wind and solar capacity
to generate enough energy to power the
entire Bahamas.
What of The Bahamas' commitment to
achieving the Millennium Development
Goals of sustainable development and the
United Nations Framework Convention
on Climate Change targets to reduce fossil
fuel emissions? Have we abandoned these
The ball lies squarely at government's
feet. The Bahamas should follow New
Zealand's lead by forbidding any future
fossil fuel based projects including the
Wilson City plant and those in North
Eleuthera, New Providence, Hatchet Bay,
Eleuthera, Bimini and Cat Island now and
for the foreseeable future. The govern-
ment must now officially turn away the
LNG proposal put forward by AES and
any others that may be lurking in the shad-
ows. They should extricate The Bahamas
from all oil exploration licenses and make
compact fluorescent lights and solar water

heaters and other alternative energies duty
free. Laws must be changed that allow in-
dividuals to install alternative generating
power for their homes and businesses, and
they must vigorously pursue other initia-
tives that will secure our energy future
with available, clean, reliable, renewable
Surely as a government which claims to
be transparent and a government which pro-
fesses to care about its people, this plant must
be put on hold until full disclosure of all doc-
umentation to date is released to the public.
This should be followed by public meetings
that garner a response from the public as to
whether or not we wish for the construction
of this plant to continue. I would sincerely
appreciate your letting the Bahamian com-
munity know when all the documents will be
posted on the BEST web site.
The time is now and there's no looking
back. We need to start moving forward.
This is no time for Bunker C. This is the
time for alternative energy. Everyday we
delay, we affect future generations.
Sam and Tony Duncombe
reEarth, Nassau

S, Sid's Food Store
S "-, Groceries Toiletries Souvenirs
.Y Serving New plymouth and the entire
-4 Green Turtle Cay Area
A_ Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Ho s a d Dry and Canned Goods
SHomemade Breads
Located Near Town Dock, New Plymouth,
Green Turtle Cay
Tel: (242) 365-4055

Hotels and House Rental Agents
+ agents with multiple cottages and houses

Area Code 242 unless listed otherwise
Island-wide Abaco Listi
Abaco Vacations + 81
Abaco Vacation Planner + 25 hse
Bahamas Vacations + 80
Lee Pinder + 3 hse
Marina Albury Cottages 5 cottages
Grand Cay
Rosie's Place
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Bluff House
Cocobay Cottages
Green Turtle Club
Island Properties +
New Plymouth Inn
Ocean Blue Properties +
Other Shore Club
Roberts Cottages

Dive Guana
Dolphin Bch Resort
Donna Sands +
Guana Beach Resort
Guana Seaside
Ocean Frontier
Ward's Landing

Abaco Inn
Club Soleil
Crystal Villas
Elbow Cay Prop +
Hope T Harb Lodge
Hope T Hideaways -
Hope T Villas +
Lighthouse Rentals
Sea Gull Cottages +
Sea Spray Resort
Tanny Key +
Turtle Hill

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Guana Cay

11 hse
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Lubbers Quarters
Sea Level Cottages 4 hse

367-3529 Island Home Rentals + 8 hse
00-462-2426 Schooner's Landing 5 condos 3
Marsh Harbour area
366-2053 Abaco Beach Resort 82 rms
366-2075 Abaco Real Estate + 6 hse
Alesia's 3 rms
352-5458 Ambassador Inn 6 rms
Bustick Bight Resort 8 rms
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365-5464 D's Guest House 6 rms 3
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365-4047 Island Breezes Motel 8 rms
365-4161 Lofty Fig Villas 6eff
365-4636 Pelican Beach Villas 6 cott
365-4226 Regattas (Prev. Abaco Towns) 32 effic
365-4105 Moore's Island
Moore's Is Bonefish Camp 8 rm
365-5178 Sandy Point

cott. 365-5137

8 rm 7 cott 365-5106
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22 rm 366-0133
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Spanish Cay Resort 18 rm 6 hse 365-0083
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Bahama Beach Club 88 units 365-8500
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Treasure Cay Resort 95 rms 365-8801
Mark's Bungalows 4 units 365-8506
Wood Cay
Tangelo Hotel 19 rm 3 villa365-2222
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November 1, 2009

The Abaconian

Section A

Emergency Services
Police Marsh Harbour 367-2560 911
B. Electricity Corp 367-2727, 367-2846, 367-4667
Water & Sewerage 475-1499, 475-5518
The following services are provided by volunteers
Fire Marsh Harbour 367-2000
Fire Dundas Town 367-2935 or 4935
Fire -Hope Town VHF Ch 16
Fire- Green Turtle Cay 365-4133
Fire -Man-0-War 365-6911
Treasure Cay Fire & Rescue 365-9112
BASRA Bah Air Sea Rescue Assoc all areas Marine VHF 16
Hope Town 366-0500 Marsh Harbour 367-3752
Guana Cay 365-5178 Treasure Cay 365-8749

Medical Services
Abaco Family Medicine Marsh Harbour...367-2295
Auskell Advanced Medical Clinic .............367-0020
Marsh Harbour Medical Centre................367-0049
Government Clinic Marsh Harbour .........367-2510
Corbett Clinic Treasure Cay ...................365-8288
Government Clinic Cooper's Town .........365-0300
Government Clinic Green Turtle Cay .....365-4028
Government Clinic Hope Town ................366-0108
Government Clinic Sandy Point .............366-4010
Government Clinic Fox Town .................365-2172

Tourism's People-to-People program
Be matched with a local person or family with a similar interest such
as Bird watching, Attending church, Foreign language, School class
visit, Environmental interest. Marine, Native plants, History, Humane
Society, etc. This is not a dating service or an offer for a free meal
or lodging but an opportunity to meet someone locally with similar
interests. Call Tourism's Doranell Swain at 367-3067 for more informa-
tion. Email: dswain@bahamas.com

Airlines Serving Abaco
AbacoAir Nassau, N Eleuthera, Moores Is 367-2266
American Eagle Miami 367-2231
Bahamasar NassauW Palm B, Ft Laud 367-2095
Continental Connection Miami
Ft Laud and W Palm Beach 367-3415
Regional- Freeport
Sky Bahamas Nassau 367-0446
Southern Air Nassau 367-2498
Twin Air Calypso- Fort Lauderdale 367-0140
Yellow Air Taxi Ft Lauderdale 367-0032
Local air charters serving Bahamas & S.Florida
AbacoAir 367-2266
Cherokee Air Charters 367-3450

Dive Shops
Abaco Dive Adventures, Marsh Harbour............................367-2963
Above & Below, Marsh Harbour 367-0350
Dive Abaco 1978, Marsh Harbour 367-2787
Froggies, Hope Town 366-0431
Treasure Divers, Treasure Cay 365-8571
Brendal's Dive, Green T. Cay 365-4411
Dive Guana 365-5178
Man-0-War Dive Shop 365-6013

Taxi Cab Fares for one or two passengers
Plus extra for each passengers above two
Marsh Harbour Airport to (effective22 Dec08)
Clinic, Downtown, Regattas, $10
Ab Bch Resort, Eastern Shore, Pelican shore $15
Spring City $15
Dundas Town, Nat Ins bldg, C Abaco Primary Sch $15
Murphy Town & Great Cistern $20
Snake Cay $35
Casuarina Point $60
Cherokee, Winding Bay, Little Harbour $80
Bahama Palm Shore $90
Crossing Rocks $105
Sandy Point $150
Leisure Lee $50
Treasure Cay Aorport, G Turtle ferry $80
Treasure Cay Resort $85
Fox Town $185
Between Marsh Harbour Ferry and:
Clinic, downtown, Ab Beach Hotel $5
Nat Ins Bldg, Murphy Town, Gr Cistern $10
Waiting time X$20 per hour, X$10 per half hour
Children under three free Caged pets as people
Luggage X$1.00 each over four, Surf boards X$4.00 ea.

Treasure Cay Airport to: Effective 22 Dec 085
Green Turtle Cay ferry dock $10
Madeira Park $20
Sand Banks $25
Treasure Cay Resort $30
Leisure Lee $45
Black Wood $20
Fire Road & Cooper's Town $40
Cedar Harbour $60
Wood Cay $70
Mount Hope $80
Fox Town $70
Crown Haven $90
Marsh Harbour airport $85

Green Turtle Ferry to Marsh H Airport $80

T Cay Hotel to Marsh Harbour X$65 + $10
T C Hotel to G Turtle Ferry (Blue Hole $24) X$18 + $5
T C Hotel to Bonefish Marles X$22 + $5
T C Hotel to Joe's Creek X$35 + $5
T C Hotel to Moxey X$16 + $5

S Compliments of The Abaconian

All phones use area code 242 unless noted

Ferry Schedules Departure times shown Daily service unless noted
Marsh Harbour to Hope Town or Man-0-War 20 minutes, Guana Cay 40 minutes
Albury's Ferry Service Ph 367-3147 or 367-0290 VHF Ch. 16 Hope Town & Man-0-War from Crossing Bch
Marsh Harbour > Hope Town 7:15 am 9 10:30 12:15 pm* 2 4 5:45
Return 8am 9:45 11:30 1:30 pm* 3 4 5 6:30
Marsh Harbour > White Sound Contractor's special Mon Fri 7 am Return 5 pm
Marsh Harbour > Man-O-War 10:30 am 12:15 pm 2:30* 4 5:45 N
Return 8am 11:30 1:30 pm 3:15* 5 Sundays
Marsh H. > Guana Cay (& Scotland Cay with advance notice) from Conch Inn or
(6:45am -Union Jack Dock) 10:30 1:30 pm 3:30 5:45* holidays
Return 8am 11:30 2:30 pm 4:45 5:45
Fare Adult prepaid oneway $15 / open return $25, Kids 6-11 half, Under 6 free
Green Turtle Ferry Phone 365-4166, 4128, 4151 VHF Ch 16 Ten minute ride
Green T Cay to Treasure Cay Airport 8 am 9 11 12:15 1:30 3 4:30
T Cay Airport to Green T Cay 8:30 am 10:30 11:30 1:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5
New Plymouth one way adult $10 (Children $7) Round trip $15 Extra to some G T Cay docks
Abaco Adventures Ph 365-8749 VHF Ch 16
Treasure Cay to Guana Cay Sunday Lv 12 & returns 4:45 p.m. $25 RT
T Cay to Man-O-War/ Hope Town Wed 9:30 am, return 4:30 pm $35 RT
T Cay to Guana Cay Sunset Cruise Fr $25 call for time
Pinder's Ferry Service Between Abaco & Grand Bahama -
Crown Haven, Abaco to McLean's Town, Grand Bah. -Daily 7:00 am & 2:30 pm
McLean's Town to Crown Haven return Daily 8:30 am & 4:30 pm
Fare $45 OW / $90 RT Children half fare Call Abaco 365-2356 for information
Bus between Freeport and McLean's Town Rental automobiles at both terminals.
Bahamas Ferries Sandy Point to Nassau under 4 Hr. Call Sandy Point 366-4119
or Marsh Harbour 367-5250 for sailing dates Adults $95 RT, $55 OW Cars & trucks
The Great Abaco Express Marsh Harbour charter bus to N Abaco Call 367-2165, Group tours

Albert Lowe Museum Green Turtle Cay
Capt Roland Roberts House, reef exhibits.......Green Turtle Cay
Memorial Sculpture Garden.......................... Green Turtle Cay
Wyannie Malone Historical Museum .......................Hope Town
Elbow Cay Light Station Hope Town
Walk to & swim on Mermaid Reef off M Harb. ..Pelican Shore
Drive to & swim in Blue Hole .............Treasure Cay farm road
Art studio & working foundry- ........................ Little Harbour
Working boatyards Man-0-War cay
Pocket beaches i Crossing Beach in Marsh Harbour
Witches Point 3 miles S. of Marsh Harbour
Little Harbour 20 miles S. of Marsh Harbour
Cherokee 23 miles S of Marsh Harbour
Miles of beach are generally on ocean exposures
Treasure Cay Green Turtle Cay Guana Cay Elbow Cay
Man-0-War Cay Casuarina Point Bahama Palm Shore
Sandy Point & more
Items of interest Man-0-War boat yards Blackwood
blue hole & sisal mill Cedar Harbour plantation ruins need
guide Hole-in- Wall lighthouse last mile very rough road *
Abaco wild horses by appointment 367-4805 Bird watching -
ask tourism 367-3067

Tours & Excursions
Abaco Eco Tours & Kayak rental 475--9616
Abaco Island Tours Marsh Harbour 367-2936
Above & Below Marsh Harbour 367-0350
Dive Abaco 1978, Marsh Harbour 367-2787
Brendals Dive Green Turtle Cay 365-4411
Excursion boat Froggies Hope T 366-0024
Adventure on Prozac T Cay 365-8749

Abaco Marinas Slips Fuel Phone
Walker's Cay
Walker's Cay -................................ Closed
Green Turtle Cay
Bluff House ................45....... F......365-4200
Green Turtle Club ......32....... F......365-4271
Black Sound Marina...15................365-4531
Other Shore Club .......12....... F......365-4195
Abaco Yacht Service..10....... F......365-4033
Treasure Cay
Treasure Cay Marinal50 ...... F......365-8250
Man-O-War Marina ...26....... F......365-6008
Marsh Harbour
Boat Harbour Marina183....... F......367-2736
Conch Inn...................75....... F .....367-4000
Harbour View Marina.36....... F .....367-2182
Mangoes Marina........29................367-2366
Marsh Harbour Marina52 F 367 2700
Hope Town
Hope Town Marina.....16................366-0003
Hope Town Hideaways...................366-0224
Lighthouse Marina .......6....... F......366-0154
Sea Spray .................. 60....... F......366-0065
Spanish Cay
Spanish Cay Marina...75....... F......365-0083
Guana Cay
Orchid Bay .................64 ...... F......365-5175
Boats can clear Customs at Green Turtle Cay,
Treasure Cay or Marsh Harbour

Please bring errors &
revisions to our atten-
tion Rev 15 Jun 09

Everyone reads The Abaconian

Charter Boats
Lucky Strike Hope T 366-0101
Sea Gull Hope Town 366-0266
A Salt Weapon Hope Town 366-0245
Down Deep 366-3143
Local Boy 366-0528
Back Breaker 365-5140

Bikes & Scooters Boats Cars & Carts
Rentals Marsh Harbour
A& P Car Rentals ........................ 367-2655
B & B Boat Rentals............................ 367-7368
Bargain Car Rentals........................... 367-0500
Blue Wave Boat Rentals ................... 367-3910
Concept Boat Rentals........................ 367-5570
Power Cat Boat Rentals ...................................
Quality Star Car Rentals (Texaco) ..... 367-2979
Rainbow Boat Rentals ..................... 367-4602
Rental Wheels Scooters, Bikes, Cars 367-4643
Rich's Boat Rentals .......................... 367-2742
Sea Horse Boat Rentals ................... 367-2513
Sea Star Car Rentals ........................ 367-4887
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Bay Street Rentals + ........477-5300 365-4070
Brendals Dive Bikes & Kayak rental ...365-4411
C & D Cart Rental ............................. 365-4084
D & P Cart Rental .............................. 365-4655
Donnie's Boat Rentals......................... 365-4119
New Plymouth Cart Rentals.. 365-4188 or 4149
Reef Boat Rentals ............................. 365-4145
Sea Side Carts & Bikes...................... 365-4147
T & A Cart Rentals.............................. 375-8055
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Donna Sands Cart Rentals .............365-5195
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Orchid Bay Cart rentals...................... 354-5175
Conch Pearl Boat Rentals............... 365-6502
Island Treasures Cart Rentals ........... 365-6072
Ria-Mar Golf Cart Rentals.................. 365-6024
Waterways Boat Rental ..357-6540 & 365-6143
Hope Town
Cat's Paw Boat Rentals..................... 366-0380
Hope Town Cart Rentals ................... 366-0064
Island Cart Rentals ........................... 366-0448
Island Marine Boat Rentals ............... 366-0282
J R's Cart Rental................................ 366-0361
Sea Horse Boat Rentals .................... 366-0023
T & N Cart Rentals............................. 366-0069
Treasure Cay
Adventure on Prozac Kayak .............365-8749
Alison Car Rent ................................. 365-8193
Cash's Carts..................................... 365-8771
Claridge's Cart Rentals ..................... 365-8248
Cornish Car Rentals........................... 365-8623
JIC Boat Rentals ............................... 365-8465
Triple J Car Rentals ........................... 365-8761
Abaco Adventures Kayaks .............. 365-8749

Bonefish Guides
Sandy Point
Patrick Roberts .. 366-4286
Nicholas Roberts
Derrick Gaitor
Ferdinand Burrows 366-4133
Vernal Burrows
Kendall White
Anthony Bain ......366-4107
Floyd Burrows .... 366-4175
Links Adderly ...... 366-4335
Valentino Lightbourne
Ricky Burrows .... 366-4233
Marsh Harbour
JodyAlbury ......... 375-8068
Terrance Davis.... 367-4464
Buddy Pinder.......366-2163
Justin Sands ...... 367-3526
Danny Sawyer.....367-3577
Jay Sawyer ........367-3941
David Albury .......365-6059

Crossing Rocks
Tony Russell .......366-3259
Will Sawyer............. 366-2177
Marty Sawyer.......... 366-2115
Noel Lowe ...............366-2107
Randy Sawyer.........366-2284
Casaurina Point
Junior Albury ...........366-3058
Hope Town
Maitland Lowe ........366-0234
North Abaco
O'Donald Mclntosh..477-5037
Pope McKenzie .......477-5894
Orthnell Russell ......365-0125
Alexander Rolle.......365-0120
Edward Rolle ..........365-0024
Green Turtle Cay
Rick Sawyer.............365-4261
Ronnie Sawyer .......365-4070
Jeff Survance ..........365-4040

To Abaco by land and sea from Florida Take Discovery Cruise
Line (954-971-7347) from Ft. Lauderdale to Freeport Bus to McLeans Town *
Ferry to Crown Haven Bus, taxi or rental car to Green Turtle Ferry or Marsh
Harbour *Taxi to Marsh Harbour ferry dock Ferry to Hope Town, Man-O-War
or Guana Cay Its an adventure

Restaurant Guide
Prices $ Low, $$ Moderate, $$$ Upper
(Based on dinner entree range)
+ Picnic tables & restroom only t Provides ride from town
Marsh Harbour
Anglers...........................$$$ ....... ....367-2158
Blue M arlin .........................$ ............367-2002
Curly Tails ......................$$$ .............367-4444
G ino's .................................$ ............. 367-7272
Golden Grouper .............................367-2301
Island C afe.........................$ ............367-6444
Jamie's Place.....................$ ............367-2880
Jib Room .........................$$ .............367-2700
Kentucky Fried Chicken............... ...367-2615
Mangoes ......................$$$ .............367-2366
Pinacle ............ .......... .... ... .. ..
Pop's Place........................$ .....+....367-3796
Sea Shells .........................$ ............367-4460
Snack Shack .....................$.....+....367-4005
Snappas.............................$ .............367-2278
Wallys ..........................$$$ .............367-2074
Hope Town
Abaco Inn .....................$$$ .............366-0133
Cap'n Jacks .......................$ ............366-0247
Harbour's Edge............... $$.............366-0087
H T Harbour Lodge .......$$$.............366-0095
Munchies ..........................$ .....+....366-0423
Sea Spray ......................$$ ..........366-0065
Little Harbour
Pete's Pub
Lubber's Quarter
Cracker P's......................................... 366-3139
Hibiscus ....................................... 365-6380
Island Treats Snack Bar.....................365-6501
Guana Cay
Docksiders .....................$$$ .............365-5230
Grabbers................... $$$ .............365-5133
Nippers ................ $$$ ..........$.. 365-5143
Orchid Bay .....................$$$ ............265-5175
Treasure Cay
Florence's Cafe .................$
Harbour Cafe ....................$............. 365-8635
Hudson's Delight ....... $............365-8648
Spinnaker Restaurant ...$$$.............365-8469
Touch of Class .............$$$.............365-8195
Green Turtle Cay
Bluff House.................$$$ .............365-4200
Jolly Roger Bistro.............$$.............365-4200
Green Turtle Club ..........$$$.............365-4271
Harvey's Island Grill.........$$ .............365-4389
Laura's Kitchen ...............$$.............365-4287
Mclntosh's Restaurant ....$$.............365-4625
Plymouth Rock Cafe ..........................365-4234
Rooster's Rest ................$$....... ....365-4066
Wrecking Tree Restaurant
Sandy Point
Nancy's ........................
Pete & Gays .................$$$ ............ 366-4119
Rickmon Bonefish Lodge................... 366-4477

Page 23

Visitors' Guide
Restaurants Services Transportation

Page 24 Section A The Abaconian November 1 2009

Abaco Cavs Realty. Ltd.

CIGenI GuAnn Cay Ctecci Turtle Cny Mnn-O-VWr Cny
MRarsh Iarbour

inufoif nbncoca srenlt.coini wiv.nbacocn srenlty.ioni

-- --i- :- i l- - .,- r3

-. __ _- . .. .. .. -- __\ .. .
--- ----.--.-_ ----.g
",- -- % .. -- .''" .. .-.. -:. - _- .-. .- :- -'L ''--. .L. .--- l --. --'-'- -.1-7.-"


n Ad Gila"


(.rrar (f.ulian (C
-- I Ai'r;<
I-.tl-Jrqi .. :ir l.. ,
-1.;o., ? f I-.c iJcr..c

I titr oatcean Ictci
[.itbllolus c.kfitvt Virewt
.\.dirKon l [I r.id .1 Ii 13i p
lu.'L Ip .lli l.

.. .."

-r. ,H I l'I 2..OQSfi l I .v


.rti udn.I (:I% -lmin-0-n H.mr C(.
G'rial Gu.III.I .':lt / ../ .Mar .- -\\i" f.2

A ra 'l l e k e I'rnu ,' 1 r k
Bir -. h,,. .. L 1 ii1 A r b I L 'I .-O
IStI. . Ihlrhi e d t..I u I H'uLhhL*%.7
4 59. 1',.rI, &. I r.1.,I4 .ih:

IIH'' I -10.25 A cres i' .i i' r .
SAii, lh i. ncrlar i" ii P'
?i.rl'i: : t:L I'ri, ,iI D,.ck t ,t !. aS

i;J2HI Io.o$1 ii "Errire Dertr.'e ] ,r ''l I .S,..,3o.05.Ciu

"- "SEf-IO-BrAI" 115 Acries 1,I9 ofI Water InIt;e Over Ov W MN uF
S,'-..n..J WIIal tain I'rontmag Superb Iilidiig Sitcs Cood cIcvation -
K..I.tin.l. Viels Perfeel l rr developlimne o Flegainl I'-n ire ri ie
.(.CGVIflkR r),-) 5.001r. 2
* "P'RI.VYEL5 TRUSrT 7 iLate 12.5 Acres 2 ledn~..i., II.,. L -
I F60 s& RteidentLe Covered anrd pen iltcs 0i9' ofr .a*-.:. "i.,..
--i on S5e of Abaco Fabulous Views Pivra. rh;,ai [Dliri
-. ,,..- ,4, 51,951,1000.
S-IRTIAtFE' &AKERY"- Sct kmcnlu Commercial to Mklu I'ui tl
,r:L Rest localinl in tonn 1,900 sf Colonial Bldg i' Ir '..
%,:rri-.J,. Commervil (irade Kitchlb n Lund- f96Sl'- 8' 0 I - Ii. i .li Gilj, L KIL I II G l 1 0 186 t7,-ol,.
S"SANDCASTLE" 2 Bedrooms, 2 5 Raths 960 f -
ovcrcd Porch I.and 5,(00 s.f. Dock Acecc; *. i'r.li:h-d
AGCin lOlI $375.U0U. .a

1aln-i-War iiy l F ...

- + 0975 Acts -
-100- Ocan 3cachlinnt a fl
- 127' C'lek iront
Sll&dii[sn.. I Wi.llis f!u il
- 1,336 r: KResideinc
l'V" duck. 3 a I
-Autiliary UTL rtw r
iMWH139l- S2,ltirl0o LOl''

Green TurtI rh .
4 Nmv tdyonth 'BLI
"- 4 Bdrodm m,2. lthll s
2.17* ) s. 1 .Residowen d

GREEN TURTLE CAY - Lartd35s -Nnca
O'r ~ Land 3.4340 s. Near
S"THE LOYALIST"- 6-A Leward Yadl Club 3 Bidrooms. 2.5 Badi th Puic De k in rlarur
2,016 s r 392 S.f Covcrcd Vnranda, 392 .,f Coared BlaRakoy Ilistoric (- ingcrhbad
lurd l 9.241 N oi fruntm rn Holm-lk ,S ured O s.ite dlckul I a Hl I uftr Vi-.n ,
available. nGTHI 27- NEw $1.32?.000., "Joan Lowe Houyse-circa 1866" | #GTI1119- 5-450,0(l0.
"TH '-SOUT/ARD" 7C leeuwd vacht Cln,-3 Bedril. ra ; R.FLIi
2.74J3 78 s.dl nlers nrl itrandus, 3 14. t ScrCeem w Pu ll. Land lt.rrru lurll'(
9.450Qs,C Onii; dxu lii ilabLiB Gl'THl26- %EL S 1.25,.000. i.ihiiiii *.j...

-'uvCver ScL'renid 'rdi - L n 7.5-I ,.. 1ccCded I r..' I'.nl ill '. ,
I .I Golfn arl Carage ALuxiliary Generraor Conplreie t P,'a', rt'- .-' r-,. ,,
.W--U-ii '..-I. 7 I1...98 "995.0-. "-wa-l-
* "FLIP FLOP"- 4 Bedroom.3 3.5 aih 2,500 si Residence 2,044 s.l. Om !1t_ F. II r PYi0l7! :i t
5Trc-e.n~ Porh. Land 12,091 s.T 0277 Acre Creal Family Home I anM rintk mknc Riay
cmnv~nrict emliun a 'TH I 128- NEW $695,00s0o. *"Som t Lizh" I1 2%. o1i0,0 on )liw i ,
Green Turtle Cay lan-O-War Car
.twsru IIqHrtbour

SI ,Il s ,K l* lu i. A 6 l i n idcncc -
k t ii ld R e s. I :' t f I I
';1% I I1111 i l Cli l' C : ,i31ih r,:Fi..-,igC

. (5 '. .r.. I d. < i
i "' .A tII L I I Ii SI SSS000

Iiiis Iluirbir : /'
----. nri.% n

o.. --, 4 ,1- 44 fi r.k. R..i' r....
SI 74; l I .. II
V, r.inJ.,.&A .i. 1 65., "
J I %t ., I1 t I
t. Si, IITIning I Ir i

rhT.r Pitc' *~1.III kiii' n, :uI. -, "BuInt',


"* '"L HALL YS LLLUFF" While Sound OcTanfrron~m ui ildln Silte
- l ,i :'| Ii i 'I. \D1r |i'i .l .I.l .'ii iu ,' .? l .' r'. u[.11l ut irI i iir .l c. I. -bI. n i ,Cii.JL C I lC.% ll 'l, 1 'r'c0 l. I l.. r .. c ,
111 11 : 54 95.0UU

* i I,/. l G4( i/.% I'i., I. I)I, hI,. f, i i I i

I %. i. h- I Wi S-I ... .1 % 1 .H 1.\ r 1. 1|.. ..1 '. -, .

rr.Iil ;l: i rn, :11 cIC ni .1 h nAi i PC -li I 1' 1'

S'. .I .l i l. liiLir ,* -i. i .. ll HI o l- i ii r'',. irl I l.I FI,..l i.
I f., -i' i.. .. r... -- i.I., I I'\V r ic S 7IIII,01H).

* 'I ? \r 1 l' iL.h It-..'ni-- *:- L'ixk -. '.k.d i..%i .eli'n -

*V IRCtCL illPR)iVIESTRLUS'-TI ihal:.iar1rr -i
LI nliJir i lei-IC :4; *hi l rI 71 j l 0 di i rxiliag, 4:;. !-.; i ii

S....1 ..- l e. I i lI IE .5..l i,:In.,
*P-IR(r I a*f PR \r'r' 7TRIS T.I ;,,.. l:lr.. ,I
H i.nJIr < SIL 7 L: 4 I. !U I N **.I*a II I `rnn IIIil. ..; i V4 1
S I WN \ lE r iu 'r Li .. L.... t.0 i- i.,i I -,^. t U i. Liji ,ipi
AL il.ii. Ih -C.VG1% : I F. StSS.' .l '
* *"St. 11 II lrl. [l I FlIaIL 1r:c L ,4 pr.rn., ..:: n I .
i i n LISTri .ir.Gir 4 1 : :'.ili1 1 JL l. L C .
l i.'r l .....l "" .F 1 I- ,/ I .e r5 1 -' 'r.h ... l I.. 1 r 1 .; I I' \ >1.L .
l 11 ..11 II l ,.l l INi A I14.. k L. I I-i.III .1' l -l...,i

I. "L Ix NS IW 1.1 I % ING:; ll I.f'. fl.
"LOST SH IT ER Xrl..'mrn Ibch L .-!i - i.-r.,. -
I t.,Ii.iri ni p r. t i I :- .* F I ri r V 7 .. *. I IJ..,U,1 .fr''.

'- LiIJn. -l ,: 4 li ,,.
,,.n.,k o 'hVi* .iM S .t .0 tr,.

Man-O-War Cay -
* -IJ Bd,'i' nI I .? D.nlhi
I 'l- I A 1.i'AH I'
- .1 il .' 1 'l. [ .l-1 h.". .iII

rI *ilnjlh.J

,1,li iil''


* "A TLANTIS" 19,239 s.f. 0.4417 Acri 9" of North Atlantic Bacdi-
rrnimL- 1t { l ii in il' Hrnii ltii RIHc.--fltrmmn Ilrlin! g.i*.e C('emnl :r4T.i
UIlI.I1 a' Ijali. scr'.i .l.,a Jal doi L -'k l\ I r- ,NE\ -"1485.000.
* "**L.IlIAI' S (U I f ,.. I Dii '.\L . ,.i ... .\i..1.,
I,,,ir ,ih . i,, iii.' I1,i ,,I .1r , (In -nm 11 pm il.p.'.-.. L Ii11 il'.-r ,- 1i.iI .
urddcrgro.r.d d ciIr,( ,-r.d Faed r id .l, .' ll'"1' $375.000.
* PF41CtLL"4"f IoPRI'\(L'LS IRL'SI M.LJL.i2.' I'I,-Lilialf
Aill Rlullll. li ; II : 6l i ,LIh.. I -'I <1 Rlalll
1 1 4.1 i r + [I if .I1 1 1 1 14 ;\.i R .I. % ..-1 1 .1 I I.i
' 1 IhllI lllltr\ -. I lillllk n 'I. -. in n 1h 1.',1 I h." 1N 1 ,h '., ., . i.jl l %Slip
,,.,hlI.. Gi'.'. 1.,l NF.\, lflltft.
- "P-,4R nism I j, I -...-1.- 5.l .. .r l.,rll
I L ,I lJr.-i n ll- i.II a L i l %X ; Jl-'i.- aL: Ii. 1 .. iL'J .I 111. L ...
.,,n,.e, ,. I 1\ F Q199,11fil.
(., II U IN I I i I1..1: C. 4
* .CO, H D 0 ) I "- jllirecd In I t%. 4 pi'.ir 1 i .i I'.i' 4bl rf
3 1 I'll1it i V .l.11 L Fi. -.lll.i .lid I l lA I l l,'il.,l ,iif.la lJL
IL 1' I- 11\ %l -.
li%6. jiM , S l', 6n flf. 31,10A0. ( l.
- "PL 1 ).G H(OOKI)-" 1 C I. I II tl rr .nn., I4uiidr.n
sv." -I.1,, I' r, li.' i ."j ,.' i.', '.* 11 IL'u h L"j. 1B1..,'... UillD' h
*AC" '*'r ifrm Cr,,- D.',41i -GTVlr-'. 593.O000.
* "'LO.G -,1S -.\41 ,- icd NacIih r.i t *s .
'I. I1. ki .,i a.: :r '% td1if l lli. W rl N tdl.i Ijb in I'ro lrhlc 1ri .U. i gji'i
nill.l r \fl., .l. lr I ,i.ill.l i Ilil i I ll 1: ii' 1 ** I li .ln
4. 11 \Ii ,.W 3725,000.
* 0.\(;' R .II 5 V )" It.ckL i ilii,, ".* eliJndr'd l.'iti fSi Ii
* 0 6339r .us 10 url BuilI: Sound fTrolinge Idiii hn in tic L-wIk
s w irsiiibl .. r i:: N EW S325.'000.
, "COCO B.,4 I IE "JE :- .*** i't i 7-7 \ire Lk ,\.
F-k.l.li.. *'l .n d F ..J11 .. i ,-"T\VI lIr' S29 I .OUU.
* 0*( 0 -i4) IfiR1fir r." .-- P.ii. Fin i,.i,;,i i.. '~(." .\ci.,
*' '* \, *. ) L ,-. i ,.li \rr.,.. i, .l. S-17,5 0l ..I ..
- C I I5 I I% P, :.. i I? %.. ., .. .. ,-I .i,.,. I,.i.L I .,.
ilh- 'nr rd il': l .l .. ..N 1 ll k li D'im Dk Lk h -' Ik tk fi.ihl F illI l nhli
- Tv ,,,- S.S89000.

M.Iii1-O-11 art. .
.' ..II.I...IE. i i.i .

i Ial..',,, I r. l
2" I r Cu. I Iod i

I .1.1 'r. I III '..

I T | 1 |I 1 '1... :
1ililni.O." r (. :l\

- I .i; lll'll \ i l.t' lll.

S 1j I"rr h L llru lu. i

MAi -l'- A\ R ('%1
* RI tfI 'lR I./ llIrT'' I Dl.it ..i'i.ir. iwi, I .i- i
n fe lc O fi V.'3,Iw da] I BeJ..- .. I C.ih :.u.I -I',I .I Si
",1 I k , ' t il\' n l I.I *' .., nl 'i 1. L tl I n . J
;.:lir': .., r u r v'.: I F1in li, I n bi le ''I al %l 2ori.'i.0'l) .
* IK, 1 i.k.L Ca d. ,.. .- I Ba;' [ i J 0 ',i, 1
P i'r. :, ,i lr I 1 j I .' f ll. l i fl. I. l I I \.V :r.: l '. i.n I ;I '
- I I \ *, %i i i J) a .lllll. %nI' p.f'" .lil .i LI r I ii'Tilni J
M .' 1 H10 ,,iPRIT .9.IU illl.
* "IOLS T II L.) IL I;ESSEDD.41:; c s .Ia.. I!T.l. I ihr. 9 .
I.l ,. I iii I li) .. i I I l ..1 I .. 4 I I .I l ih n l.IA4.I I .i.l
S"', If L', J J l.- Di e Ii\ L k Af ',*i .' i' t ,*C..-n i .i ilA Il, .-

* (.NSP' s. 1 /" I ll,.n n.il I. ll I P*' e I l..:sdc 0:
LiJ ., ',ii I Li li -' j'.i r. f f Uk"t, l I't7, i ik j. Llcjih I ro li
* I li \ ., I,,j iill Liir uJ p. 1! im l .. Lkil- Fni ililii.:
Vi * .,. A J,'ui -I iI'PRICr. & 4U.UtilU.
* L.,'F UL L1.1 BL.ESSED" itI.,ir..i. I itih. i.,t, .1
Altr [ Bollt.] 1 1' %%ii lh 11i'l Ii) ) if &'i 'q.2irlilll. PooL' i ApIl, d :d f l'f
. N r C.a: U x iraia;I, ia aTi .JIi. I1I PRI.C C SU1.3S l0.000.

| ll il l I I lKih I
I l ,i, n.,0 I. 1 l\,

1 .... .. ..V P A.;r1 "o i- .O .
*"Sill nilr .'hp"

G Iru'S ''ilrl .
I lkll, n 1A lh

;RrtT i.. u .-
3. .1, ', )1Cf 1 111 ,. |- lllVIi A u.,I

S.. I,,r .(-il O -.
Long Plaitun I.


S"GR ,., ) O ," l" I'rir l,-ill- Ir., hihihi,i II i I \,r
\, ,. .. L,,.,I, ,... .,, *Il\ i i ,I N % PRTC.F JQi. l O.

LF l `4 1 ,PRIC S4.18.000.
- "S L'.tI I RP* .IC ". 1i1i 7* l. .Idil *'1. I 'i 71J I. i i '46 ,
' ?-ci I Abj :h I n', .: -t l,.I :. n al ..l r .'i ace

wk k i -i'. uiM .,7 n %I
,1.0 s pn ..;c. .. I i.-n r hr- . ia r r L-.ti ...I: r ;. ,
hI, M ~.i N NEW PRICE S325,000.

* GRRr-IT -iT (n IC O "I PlRlt W rirelH' '1 .'l
!.... .1 7 I. 1 84 .4 it11 m r ,re ". j.. ,r, .' or Abu.'tl
4, I ..... \.1". \*il2 S970.000 '.'7.. .11' I,, i 1..1S .00,.
-c ',,L -x 2.S182.S000.
* (R.-II ,4-1(U CLL'B Parcel a 418 unt N 49
l 1r i I it I" I' I -I il l -1 III L .-il I J IS. h ll .ll r.l .. 0
rl I ,n 1, Ri.I -r [I L' d l ',. i | :.* I, .h i
.'l- I l 4I7ll ,I000 I r 'i -:\4H 1tAl ii .iif


*"141 IIhICl J.LIierclOper mitd.'." t0%..r I 2 nriih 1i un1
ucci.N' Aircr.il l L I ilL' Lhpi m .111.J 'tB.1 ;lip- i J.i l.Abl
NF.% I.1IST ING n ( III', P,,V *I.. S170.000i ,43- .01tlll
"IiickA ( PQ rrr e V i I bil.n.., IIL-ili hu''li i. -
) iiI,', .., j i,9N ,, 'nI, 1 ll 1,1.* ..i l ., .i h 1.1, 1, 'l
ep 'l l: ,' h 1 u p. i L, % In e w ,1= I r ., 1 1 .iL .:i Ib l i l.. .c..
proir.i 17' i I S111 N ,i.
. 1' 117'- NE LISTING S485.000.

9.1 .S9

I J.SI. L lri

f "-p1 .1:AU'



,I Hnl Hlnr~*I.


I -






ME M -- I 400



NOVEMBER 1st, 2009

Second home rentals get tax break
Property managers learn of changes in tax law for second homeowners
Sj I About 20 property man
,iI "I iI ,. .. i ]! estate agents attended an A

,,, .. ij I iL i' sights on government's char

The Abaco Cini,,,l, of Commerce hosted a seminar on October 8for property managers on the new guest tax to be levied on second
homes that rent. Along with the guest tax will be a lowering of the property tax rates for those second homeowners who rent. It will
be the duty of property managers to collect the six percent guest tax and turn it into the Administrators' offices monthly. Many ques-
tions have arisen. The COin,,,ii, had Senior Administrator Cephas Cooper address the group and answer questions.

agers and real
baco Chamber
ssion to get in-
ages to the real

property tax schedule and the newly im-
posed six percent guest tax that now applies
to rental houses.
Changes to the property tax were ex-
plained by Joe Norris of the Inland Rev-
enue Department which is responsible for
property tax and business license collec-
tion. Administrator Cephas Cooper gave
information on the newly imposed six per-
cent guest tax recently assessed to guests in
rental houses. This matches the guest tax
that hotels must collect from their guests.
Persons who rent their houses during
their absence must now register as a hotel
and remit six percent of the rental income
to the Administrator's office by the 15th of
each month for the previous month. There
is no fee for registering as a hotel.
It was explained that it is the homeown-
ers' responsibility to collect and submit this
tax which is a tax against the guest, not
Please see Tax change Page 22

Social Services honour

seniors during October

_ --/ .-r -
Events throughout October honoured senior citizens providing them with trips, meals,
movies and church services. Some of them are shown here outside the Social Services
office in Marsh Harbour with staff members. See story on page 17.

I Bunker C is concern

of these protesters

The concern about the pollution caused by bunker Cffuel continues. The new BEC plant
now under construction at Wilson City will burn this low grade fuel in four 12mw gen-
erators. Protesters are concerned for health reasons and feel that it could affect tour-
ism. Wilson City is the site of a lumber camp in the early 1900s. See story on page 19.

Parents and students

protest teacher shortage

The students and parents of S.C. Bootle High School are upset as they feel that the
school is short four teachers. This means that students will not be able to take some
BGCSE exams because they will not be adequately prepared for them. The national
high school exams require that work be done for three years as the grade is based on

course work as well as an exam.
By Canishka Alexander
Demonstrators gathered just outside
the Sherlin C. Bootle High School in
Cooper's Town on October 13 with co-
lossal posters demanding more teachers.
Parents were outraged that the school
still lacks at least four teachers so far into
the school year. They say the shortage
is greatly impacting the senior students
who are without teachers in specialized
subject areas like office procedures and
According to parents and students the
school is about to lose their religious
knowledge teacher as well. One student
was dismayed because they have already
turned in their course work. Another par-
ent said it is frustrating for the students
who have taken specialized courses in the
tenth and eleventh grades to find that they
have to drop those courses in the twelfth
grade and choose from courses that are

available because there are no teachers to
teach the specialized courses.
Sylvia Poitier, PTA president, called
on the Abaco community and the govern-
ment to assist the school, promising that
if no change came by the end of the week,
they would take another course of action.
Ms. Poitier was joined by Timmesha Rus-
sell, head girl, and Fredricka McIntosh,
deputy head girl. Timmersha was visibly
upset with the government; she said they
had been told that the school would re-
ceive teachers, and up to that date they
had not even received one.
Sonith Lockhart of local government
was passing through the community when
he saw the crowd highlighted with their
posters. He said it is a shame what our
country's nation builders are faced with

Please see School Page 16




Swine flu is topic of town meetings

By Navardo Saunders
Following a recent surge in H1N1 in-
fections in the country, officials from the
Department of Public Health conducted
town meetings throughout Abaco during
October to raise awareness about how to
prevent the spread of the disease.
Since the outbreak of Influenza A
H1N1, which is also called swine flu,
there have been 45 confirmed cases in The
Bahamas, according to Stephanie Dean of
the Ministry of Health's Disease Surveil-
lance Unit. "The first case of swine flu in
The Bahamas was discovered on May 25,
2009," she told residents at a town meeting
on October 6 at St. John's Anglican Parish
Hall in Marsh Harbour. "It was found in
a visitor from New York. The visitor was
treated and subsequently left the country."
After the initial case had been detected,
Ms. Dean said a number of other persons,
mostly Bahamians who had traveled out-
side the country, were diagnosed with
swine flu.
"The good news, however, is that there
have been no deaths in the country due to
HINI disease," she said. "And of the 45
persons who have been infected, only two
had to be put on a ventilator. Most of the
cases we have seen have been mild and
the persons have been treated and have
recovered. The bad news is that recently
we have seen an increase in the number
of people with the disease. There was a
lull for a time. But recently we've seen the
number of cases increase. This is cause for
concern because what we don't want is a
Ms. Dean explained that a pandemic
would have dreadful consequences for The
Bahamas as the country's number one in-
dustry, tourism, would be severely impact-

ed, leaving the country in a terrible state,
far worst than it is now due to the down-
turn in the global economy.
Influenza A H1N1 is a disease of the air
passages that is caused by the Influenza A
Virus, Ms. Dean told persons at the town
meeting. "Its symptoms are similar to
those of regular winter flu and is spread
like winter flu. The most common symp-
toms include fever, cough and sore throat,"
she said. "Other symptoms include body
aches, headache, runny nose, chills, tired-
ness, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea and
vomiting. Symptoms often last from a few
days up to a week or more."
Ms. Dean stressed that everyone is at
risk given the current trend of the disease.
"However, persons with medical condi-
tions such as asthma, diabetes, heart dis-
ease or weakened immune systems are at
increased risk of serious health problems
if they get influenza A H1N1. Pregnant
women, infants and young children may
also be seriously affected."
In fact, the majority of swine flu cases in
The Bahamas were found in children and
young adults. "We believe the reason for
this is because their immune systems aren't
as developed as someone who is older, and
they can't fight off diseases the same way.
Also they tend not to take as much precau-
tion as older persons do against disease,"
she said. "That is why it is extremely im-
portant that parents, teachers and the com-
munity educate our children about this dis-
It is a disease which, according to Ms.
Dean, changes from one state to the next.
"Currently the strain is fairly mild, but it
could become vile or maybe weaken," she
said. "We just don't know. We have to
wait and see. That is why a new vaccine

is needed every year to treat the disease
because it changes."
Ms. Dean explained that H1N1 is spread
by droplets that come out of the nose and
mouth during a cough or sneeze, making it
easy for flu to spread from person to per-
son. "Persons can spread the flu from one
day before symptoms appear to about one
week later," she said.
As with other types of airborne diseas-
es, Ms. Dean explained that the following
steps should be taken:
* Wash your hands with soap and water
often, especially after sneezing and cough-
ing, reading newspapers, after handling
money or using shared instruments and es-
pecially before eating
* Clean shared surfaces often
* Cover your nose and mouth with tissue
when coughing and sneezing or use your
* Properly dispose of used tissue into a
garbage bin

* Do not touch any part of your face before
washing your hands
* Stay home if sick with the flu
* Alcohol-based sanitizers are useful if
soap and water are not available. Rub
hands together until sanitizer is completely
dry to ensure proper cleansing.
* Stay away from persons who are sick un-
less you are caring for them
* Get plenty of sleep, be physically active,
manage your stress, drink plenty fluids and
eat nutritious foods.
* Take a multivitamin
Mild cases of the flu often require no
treatment, Ms. Dean noted. "Persons
who are sick with the flu should get lots
of rest, drink extra fluids, eat healthy
meals and avoid contact with others," she
added. "Pain relievers and fever reducers
may also be required. Children and teens

Please see Flu Page 4

A series of town meetings by the Department of Public Health instructed people on the
seriousness of the swine flu, the symptoms, precautions that should be taken and when it
is necessary to get medical help. 5/wni here are presenters, from right, Ms. Stephanie
Dean, Ms. Balfour and Dr. Pearl McMillan .

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Tel: (242) 3(
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Long Beach Lots 31 (REDUCED)
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Great Harbour Views

1st Septemeber. 2009

Page 2 Section B The Abaconian

November 1 ,2009

November 1, 2009

The Abaconian Section B Page 3


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Page 4 Section B

The Abaconian

November 1 2009

Flu From Page 2
should not use aspirin. Persons with severe
symptoms may require additional medica-
tion which will be prescribed by a doctor.
Antibiotics are not needed as they are not
effective against the flu. If your child is
experiencing flu-like symptoms, call your
doctor or local clinic. They will determine
whether you need to be seen."
Here on Abaco, the Department of Pub-
lic Health has advised doctors and nurses at
clinics to report suspected cases of H1N1
to the Marsh Harbour Government Clinic
Of the 45 cases of swine flu detected
in The Bahamas, officials said that Abaco
is among the islands where persons have
been diagnosed with the disease but did not
disclose how many persons.
If individuals adhere to the advice of
healthcare providers regarding prevention, it
will reduce significantly the chances of con-
tracting the disease and causing a pandemic.

By Navardo Saunders
At a recent town meeting in Marsh Har-
bour officials from the Department of Pub-
lic Health told scores of concerned people
that it could take months before a limited
supply of H1N1 vaccines arrives in The
But several days later Health Minister
Dr. Hubert Minnis announced that the gov-
ernment is hoping that the vaccines will be
in the country by the end of October, quell-
ing growing fears that the vaccinations may
come too late and result in a pandemic. He
said that the government is in talks with
the World Health Organization about the
provision of supplies of H1N1 vaccinations
and should get a response from the global
health body in two weeks.
Health officials led by Director of Public
Health Pearl McMillan and Stephanie Dean
of the Ministry of Health's Disease Surveil-

lance Unit, said at the town meeting at St.
John's Anglican Parish Hall that The Baha-
mas was not a priority because there have
been no deaths due to the H1N1 virus.
But Dr. Minnis pointed out that there
have been numerous laboratory confirmed
cases of the virus in The Bahamas and vac-
cines are needed to avoid a pandemic. He
said once received the government will fol-
low WHO guidelines for distribution.
WHO as well as other agencies recom-
mend that health workers be given high
priority for early vaccination.
The Center for Disease Control in the
U.S. recommends that pregnant women,
persons who live with or provide care for
infants less than six months of age, health-
care and e emergency medical personnel,
children and young adults between the ages
six months and 24 years and persons ages
25 to 64 who have medical conditions that

put them at higher risks for influenza-relat-
ed complications, all get vaccinated.
"We'll ensure that there is even distribu-
tion," said Dr. Minnis about the vaccines
when they arrive in the country. "We will
follow the guidelines in an effort to avoid
a pandemic."

Support the

Cancer Society
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to Be Sold in
Their Thrift Shop
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H1N1 vaccine delayed for Bahamas

Noeme 1,20 hwbcnan ScinB Pg

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lot across from 2 beach greenways. Private.
Master bed/ bath suite upstairs. Lower level 2
bed / 2 bath, cozy living room/ kitchen/
dining/ utility. Apartment annex 1bed/ 1
bed, living kitchen, enclosed patio. Plus! Plus!
Plus! MLS $755,000 + 7.5% closing
"Surf Shack" This CBS totally renovated two-
storey luxury modern home is located on a
large corner lat in the prestigious area of Lee
ward Beach and Sunrise Point. Both levels
include 4 bed / 3 1/2 bath plus above ground
pool with wrap around deck. many, many
more features, i.e. hurricane shutters and
generator. "A definite must see!"
$1,403,600 EXC
"Dream Point" Special CBS split level home
located on a corner lot near "The Point" with
two choices of direct beach access. Upper
level has master bedroom with ensuite bath
plus two guest bedrooms and bath. On the
split level there is the main entry into a large
open living/dining area, modern well
equipped kitchen. All rooms open onto a
wrap-around partially covered deck overlook
ing the garden. Ground level has an extra
large garage/ workshop with lots of storage.
EXC. $996,300 FGS
Apartment four-plex. ) )rey CBS building,
each level S O-. artments with 2 bed,
1 bath, livin, ... g/kitchen. Great rental
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Cay Resort and Treasure Cay airport. Running
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ed, commercial and housing/condos or
subdivided into lots, commercial and resident
tial $833,375 FGS, EXC
Ocean front properties
Casuarina Beach/Ocean Blvd.
Sand Piper Beach
Sunrise Point Beginning at $1,250,000 FGS
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November 1, 2009

The Abaconian Section B Page 5

Sports News

Little League steering
committee is formed
By Samantha V. Evans
The steering committee for the establish-
ment of Little League Baseball met on Oc-
tober 13th at the courthouse in Marsh Har-
bour to discuss the plans for its formation.
The brainchild for this league is Deputy
Administrator Whelma Colebrooke. She
stated that the league will cater to students
5-18 years of age. She has already identi-
fied a site and has gotten permission from
the Ministry of Education to use the play-
ing field at Central Abaco Primary School.
Patty Toler, a 24-year resident of Aba-
co, is in charge of seeking corporate spon-
sors for the league. She met Ms. Cole-
brooke when she visited her church a few
Sunday ago, and they began talking. Mrs.
Toler stated that she has already identified
a sponsor for the equipment and when the

list of other needs has been prepared, she
will get the assistance required. Addition-
ally, she is prepared to find a suitable loca-
tion to store the items when they arrive.
Leslie Rolle, Senior Education Officer
with the Ministry of Education, stated that
Little League was here before but due to
infrastructural challenges, it did not sur-
vive. While active, the league travelled to
tournaments to Freeport and the kids had
a great time.
This new league will be open to kids
all across Abaco including Moore's Island
and the cays. Ms. Colebrooke has contact-
ed all major stakeholders from cross sec-
tions of Abaco to invite to be a part of the
steering committee. She was pleased and
encouraged by the response.
When the League gets off the ground,
an association will be formed. She added
that letters will be sent to all of the schools

to inform the principals. A baseball clinic
is scheduled for October 31st.. The Com-
missioner for Little League Baseball of
Freeport, Edward Claude will be in atten-
dance. The clinic is expected to be held
at Central Abaco's playing field on Forest
Drive. The members of the steering com-
mittee to date are Faron Newbold, George
Cornish, Enid White, Leslie Rolle, Bar-
bara Johnson, Ishmael Morley, Hosea
Torres, Mark Douglas, Preston Roberts,
Thomas Sawyer and Donnie Adderley.
Swim Club
competes in Nassau
The Abaco Swim Club travelled to Nas-
sau on October 24 for the Dolphin Swim-
ming Club's Meet. It was a special occa-

sion because that club was celebrating its
40th anniversary as a swim club. Abaco
had five swimmers, Jennifer Cooke, Sol-
omon Lee, James Boyce, Christina Py-
from and Kylie Pinder, along with Coach
Laurence Higgs, his wife Monica Higgs,
Coach Brenda Sawyer, Cathy Pinder and
Rosalie Pyfrom.
The swimmers from the Abaco Swim
Club all did very well. Christina Pyfrom
received 2nd Place in 50 Meters Freestyle,
4th Place 50 Meter Breaststroke, 5th Place
50 Meter Butterfly, 7th Place 100 Meter
IM. Kylie Pinder received 4th Place 50
Meter Backstroke, 7th Place 50 Meter
Freestyle and 12th Place 100 Meter IM.
Please see Sports Page 7

A steering committee has been formed to establish a Little League Baseball association.
The group is hoping to have teams in all communities and develop competitions. Heading
the committee is Deputy Administrator Whelma Colebrooke.


Sej~sd YAMA :, mi

Five swimmers of the Abaco Swim Club competed in the Dophin Swimming Club's meet
in Nassau on October 24. They all did exceptionally well and returned home with medals
and trophies.

MU AitN*E O* F



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Page 6 Section B The Abaconian

November 1 ,2009

Swine flu prevention is

everyone's responsibility


From Page 6

Jennifer Cooke received 1st Place 50 Me-
ter Butterfly, 1st Place 50 Meter Breast-
stroke, 2nd Place 50 Meter Freestyle, and
3rd Place 100 Meter IM. James Boyce
received 1st Place 50 Meter Breaststroke,
2nd Place 50 Meter Freestyle, and 3rd
Place 50 Meter Butterfly. Solomon Lee re-
ceived 4th Place Breaststroke, 5th Place
50 Meter Butterfly, 9th Place 50 Meter
Freestyle, 12th Place 50 Meter IM.
Congratulations to all the swimmers
who participated in the meet.
Upcoming events that are scheduled for
the Abaco Swim Club this year will begin
with a Swim-a-thon at Long Bay School
on November 1st beginning at 3 p.m. The
next event is a meet in Hope Town sched-
uled for November 7th beginning at 9 a.m.
The Club plans to travel to Freeport for the
Freeport Aquatics Club meet on November
21st. The members are very excited about
this meet because they are planning to
take some of their younger Learn to Swim
swimmers to this event.
Community Track
Program is underway
By Samantha V. Evans
Deputy Administrator Whelma Cole-
brooke started a free community track
program for the youth of Abaco. Being
an accomplished athlete herself, one who
still holds the Bahamas national record in
the 800M after 16 years, is giving back
by helping the youth of today. Since she
has been on Abaco, she has seen the many
talents that the youth have in the area of
athletics, and she will help harness those


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The program meets at the Murphy Town
Park Monday to Thursday from 4-5:30
p.m. She plans to begin speed workouts
in Treasure Cay when the students have
done sufficient conditioning training. Her
goal is to help athletes to be competitive
in track within The Bahamas, then even-
tually try out for the Carifta Games. She
would like to enter them in meets in Nas-
sau and Freeport, but initially her plan is
to get them ready for school meets. So far
students have come from several schools in
Central Abaco. Parents are encouraged to
let their children attend so that they can de-
velop a love for this competitive fun sport.
She wants parents and students to know
that once they are good at track, they can
obtain scholarships to attend college to run
as she did. Students from grades 4 through
12 are welcomed to participate.
She ran track all of her life and loves it.
In fact, she has her 4 a.m. fitness program
that she spearheads in addition to this com-
munity track program. She stated that she
is promoting healthy life styles, but per-
sons who come out must be disciplined.
In fact, she promotes the four D's: desire,
discipline, dedication and determination.
Once they have these, they will be able to
achieve their goals.
For part of the program the students will
learn conditioning skills which they will
do from September to December, weight
training which they will do throughout
program, and track workout at which time
they will learn speed and race techniques.
Persons who have experience in the area

Please see Sports Page 23

By Navardo Saunders
Everyone must take action to avoid
a H1N1 pandemic, Director of Public
Health Dr. Pearl McMillan said at a town
meeting in Marsh Harbour to raise aware-
ness of how to prevent the spread of the
global edpidemic.
A member of the audience asked if he
should be concerned about the virus being
spread through contact on the basketball
court or any other sport. Director of Pub-
lic Health, Dr. Pearl McMillan, explained
that the virus is not caught by skin to skin
contact, so there is nothing to be con-
cerned about regarding contact in sports.
A customs officer expressed concern
about having to be in close contact with
people all day. "It's scary," the customs
officer said. "We come in close contact
with people who travel all around the
world. When they come in front of us,
some of them have some of the symptoms
you describe. I am ready to put on one of
those surgical masks you talked about."
Dr. McMillan said putting on the mask
may be offensive to some visitors. Instead
she suggested at the first sign that someone
is exhibiting symptoms, they be given a tis-
sue. She advised that customs officers and
others dealing with large numbers of the
public keep alcohol-based sanitizers nearby.
Dr. McMillan said that the public
should be aware that nurses and doctors
may wear surgical masks when dealing

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I More Sports News I

with some patients.
"Don't be offended by it," she said.
"It's important that they do this because if
the patient is sick the nurse or doctor has
to protect themselves. If our doctors and
nurses become infected we would have a
serious problem in that there would be no
one to administer treatment and that could
lead to what we fear a pandemic."
Dr. McMillan urged mothers of young
babies to breast-feed them. "I can't stress
enough how important it is to breast-
feed," she said. "The antibodies in breast
milk helps fight against viruses."
Dr. McMillan said career women,
such as doctors, with newborns should
pump milk from their breasts and store it
for when the baby needs it if they aren't
around to breast-feed. "So let your sis-
ters, mothers, girlfriends, let every wom-
an who has a baby know that it is impor-
tant that they breast-feed," she said. "If
the mother gets the flu shot, it's just like
the baby got the shot if the baby is breast-
fed and mother and baby are protected
from the virus."
Dr. McMillan was happy to hear that
Superintendent of Education Lenora
Black has banned school children from
taking towels to school.
Dr. McMillan hopes everyone under-
stands that in order to prevent a pandemic
they must do their part to prevent the
spread of the disease.

November 1, 2009

The Abaconian Section B Page 7

People in the News

She dreamed of working
at the United Nations
By Canishka Alexander
Becoming a part of the United Nations
is not simply a job for Abaconian Youn-
nique McDonald. Having already attained
a bachelor's degree in political science
with a focus in international relations, she
is on her way to completing her MBA in
marketing come January 2010.

for Youn-
nique it has
always been
her dream
to work at
the United
Nations. "It
was proph-
Younnique McDonald esied years
ago that God
was going to do something tremendous
in my life, but I wanted to know where I
would fit it," she said.
One thing she was certain about, though,
that she was called to serve. "The only in-
ternational organization that gave me an
opportunity to serve would have been the
United Nations," she stated confidently.
"Because of the prophecy, I was convinced
that was the target that was where God
wanted me to be."
After applying for a position in the or-
ganization, Younnique sat a recruitment
exam, was called for an interview and was
eventually hired. Enthusiastic, excited and
anxious after going through such a whirl-
wind of events, she revealed that she is still

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humbled. "You know, God looks beyond
our faults, and who we are, and He keeps
his promises. I am just in awe of the awe-
someness of God," she confided.
Her duties began on Octoberl9 in New
York, and she will undergo training at that
time and be told which area she will be
working in. Committed to maintaining in-
ternational peace and security, promoting
social progress, better living standards and
human rights, the United Nations also fo-
cuses on fundamental issues that deal with
counter terrorism, sustainable develop-
ment and disaster relief. While those issues
do spark her interest, Younnique said that
being a minority and as a woman, she is
most interested in women's issues. She is
the first Bahamian to serve within the orga-
nization. "It's one of my greatest joys be-
ing able to take my island of Abaco to the
world and show them that we care, too,"
she emphasized.
August Wedding
By Jennifer Hudson
Janet Harding, a native of Long Island,
Bahamas, and Charles W. Klemme of
Tampa, Florida, were joined in holy mat-
rimony in a ceremony on the Sea of Abaco
on August 2. The bride is a realtor in the
office of Adler Realty in Marsh Harbour,
and the groom works for American Bridge.
Janet is also the owner of Island Gal Char-
ters and the ceremony took place on Island
Gal II, a 40-foot Hunter. Pastor Derek
Benjamin performed the ceremony which
he found exciting as it was the first he had
performed on a boat.
"The weather was beautiful," said the

B 21027

bride. "We took the boat out into the Sea
of Abaco and just let her drift with the cur-
rent. Then we were married on the bow
of the boat." Present on the boat for the
ceremony were the couple's children and
grandchildren who had flown in from the
United States. The groom's daughters,
Tracy and Brandi Klemme, were brides-
maids while his five-year-old grandson,
Nathan Jordan, was his best man and ring
bearer. The bride was given in marriage by
her nine-year-old grandson, Jake Moody,
and her daughter, Jamie Hounshell, was
maid of honour.
Following the ceremony, the boat came
into harbour and the wedding party all
threw their bouquets of orchids and calla
lilies into the water. The new bride and
groom took their families sailing for five
days to Guana Cay and around the cays and

Leslie Pinder

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Skeet LaChance and Debbie Curry were
married on October 3rd at St. Ambrose
Catholic Church in Deerfield Beach,
Florida. They were both business people
in Marsh Harbour for many, many years
as well as being involved in community ef-
forts. As a personal note they commented,
"We miss everyone in Abaco very much."

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People in the News

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all enjoyed a full moon party at Cracker
P's. Once the family members left Abaco,
Mr. and Mrs. Klemme enjoyed a further
two days of boating and snorkeling.
BREA Abaco members
attend convention
The Bahamas Real Estate Association,
Abaco Chapter, recently sent a delegation
to the North Carolina Association of Real-
tors Convention held in Savannah, Geor-
gia. All of the states in the Southeastern
U.S. are a proven source of vacation home
investment on Abaco.
Seven agents and two contributing
spouses attended the three-day event which
covered relevant topics on communica-
tions, transaction management and eth-
ics. In addition, John Cash took a forward
thinking course on Green Building and do-
nated a prize to the on-site charity raffle.
Chris Roberts participated in an advanced
seminar for appraisers. Molly Roberts was
impressed with the high-level technology
courses she took.
Bill Johnston and Faron Sawyer attend-
ees to a real estate convention, expressed
their satisfaction with the organization and
quality of the event.
In anticipation of the Bahamas forming
a Certified Residential Specialist Chapter,
Sandra Evans attended the Board meeting
of the North Carolina CRS Chapter.
BREA Abaco was an exhibitor on the
Trade Show floor. Their booth was very
well received with lots of interest shown
by other participants. The flyers and bro-
chures on display, and the able staffing
by Bill Thorndycraft gave U.S. agents a
chance to learn about our part of the world
and how they can legally participate in
sales here.

Please see People Page 9

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Page 8 Section B

The Abaconian

November 1 ,2009

FNM holds a souse-out


From Page 8

Retired Administrator Hart
heads BAIC on Exuma
Retired Senior Administrator Everette
Hart has been named Bahamas Agricultur-
al and Industrial Corporation's Domestic
Investment Officer for Exuma.
"I have taken on this position because
I want to help," said Mr Hart. "And the
Chairman (Edison M Key, MP) and his
team are serious about agriculture. I know
Mr. Key very well and I know of his inter-
est in agriculture," said Mr. Hart. "He is
really trying to inspire the nation toward
food security, and I want to see him suc-
ceed. In whatever way I can contribute to
this success, then I will do that."
He explained that for years the assis-
tance coming from the Ministry of Agri-
culture "has not been what was expected. I

think what it did, as opposed to encourag-
ing people, it has been discouraging peo-
ple. The only evidence of any assistance in
agriculture right now looks like it is com-
ing from BAIC, thanks to Mr. Key."

Everette Hart

Several Abaco real estate agents attended the North Carolina Association of Realtors
Convention. 5,/ir here are Chris Roberts, Bill Thorndycraft, Sandra Evans, Faron
Sawyer and Bill Johnston. Also attending were Molly Roberts, John and Cathi Cash,
and Judy Johnston.


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Dr. Lewis is Board Certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and a Fellow of the American Association
of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Keith Lewis has been helping patients for 26 years. He currently practices in the United
States as well as The Bahamas.

The Free National Movement held a souse-out on October 10 at the AID parking lot
in Marsh Harbour. 5/,Sn 11 here are Michael Foulkes, Deputy Treasurer Brian, Edison
Key, MPfor South Abaco, and Jack Albury.

The Abacc

Donna M. Darville
Marsh Harbour

Real Estate



Frank Knowles
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People in the News

November 1, 2009

The Abaconian Section B Page 9

Page 10 Section B The Abaconian

By Can
The Ministry
workshop for ele
glican Parish Hal
dance representing
were John Schac
thony Strachan,

November 1 2009

Electrical contractors attend workshop
ishka Alexander monplace in Nassau. report it to BEC so that the company would power, then it falls under BEC's jurisdic-
of Works and BEC held a "I am sure that about 99 percent of the disconnect the power supply before any tion. He reminded them that they are gov-
,ctrical contractors at An- electricians on Abaco are sitting in this mishap occurred. erned by two codes: the Bahamas Building
l1 on October 6. In atten- room right now. Nothing is supposed to As a general rule, Mr. Coley told them Code and the Canadian Electrical Code.
ng the Ministry of Works happen on Abaco unless all of you agree. that if they run into issues with a building While the codes enforce the minimum stan-
efer, area engineer; An- This is your opportunity now to come to- that is not connected, then it is an issue for dards, he advised them to improve upon
acting assisting building gether, form yourselves and go across the Ministry of Works. But if the building has the standards and not go below them.

control officer; and Allison Coley, senior
electrical inspector. Terrance Strachan,
planning assistant, and Leonard Knowles,
electrical inspector, represented BEC.
The workshop agenda included a de-
tailed discussion on the electrical inspec-
tion process, samples of electrical inspec-
tion forms, electrical coding and problems
encountered by electrical inspectors.
One of the inspectors' main concerns
was people occupying homes who have a
temporary electrical supply connected to
their building. They were told that tempo-
rary supplies are valid for six months and
are for building purposes only. Occupancy
is not allowed on a temporary supply con-
nection. Anyone found doing so will be
fined $500 per day in addition to having
the power supply disconnected. For build-
ing projects that take more than two years
to complete, a re-inspection of the building
will take place after the initial six months.
Another concern was foreigners com-
ing to The Bahamas to carry out electrical
work when there are many qualified and
certified electricians here. Anthony Stra-
chan suggested they form a committee to
combat the issue that he said is also com-

board when it comes to pricing your jobs
and things like that, so that everyone can
be on one page. You can only be strength-
ened by doing that," Mr. Coley explained.
"So when the foreigner comes in no one
can sign for him. Your first response is to
make a report to the Ministry of Works,
and we'll send an inspector to stop the
Terrance Strachan reminded the group
that no licensed electrician had the right
to tamper with meters; the meters were to
only be broken or removed by BEC per-
sonnel. Broken seals are an indication that
electricity is being stolen. He instructed
contractors to get their paperwork in on
Mr. Coley said some electricians re-
quest an inspection the same day they sub-
mit their specs. He informed them that by
law, 48 hours advanced notice is required
from the builder or contractor for an in-
He told the electrical contractors that at
the end of the day, they were responsible
for the protection of property and life. If
work or alterations were carried out after
they had completed a job, their duty is to

Electrical contractors attended a workshop organized by Ministry of Works and BEC to
update them on current problems and issues. They met in the Anglican Hall on October 6.

"A Unisex Salon "
Manicures & Pedicures
Ofra Cosmetics
Matrix, Redkin and Paul Mitchell
Products and Accessories
Elaine Summerville, Manager
Monday Saturday 9am 5pm
In Memorial Plaza 367-3623

Marble & Grnite

da Bungalow Il oe
Price $59,995* Island Gal cotaes
For more information call:
2 Bedroom (1024 sq.ft)*- 3 Bedroom (1204 sq.ft) 242.364.5111 or 305.567.1122
Conmplee shell package 2x6 pr exterior walls, p Flmoor For info write: phbuildingsmart@aol.com
truss beams & scathing, nerior p'l stud walls with door
ope0n O interior stairsIf be roam usse.s aldfloor www.islandgalproductions.com
openings,. Interior srs. IktJ l heloft wor IWlas'es o rdjWW oCO
sneathing, Composite hurricane window shutters, Built Hurricane Tough
Stainlese steel nails, hurricane clips and strapping

I S ht i p pi C oflh ml.S U !.]

LEGEND Loading Monday in Palm Beach
Arriving Tuesday in Marsh Harbour

LEGACY Loading Tuesday in Nassau
Arriving Wednesday in Marsh Harbour
Leaving Thursday for Nassau

Both ships serving Green Turtle Cay
Charter freight stops en route on request

Serving Marsh Harbour Weekly with
Freight Service from Nassau and Palm Beach

Dean's Shipping office at the Marsh Harbour dock

Marsh Harbour Contact
Ph: (242) 367-2653
367-0364 367-5642 Fax
Government Dock
Marsh Harbour, Abaco
Nassau Contact
Phone: (242) 323-5702
Fax: (242) 322-3451
Western End Potter's Cay Dock
Nassau, New Providence
Palm Beach Contact
Ph: (561) 844-5387
M/V Legacy
c/o Palm Beach Steamship
158 B East Port Road
Riviera Beach, FL 33404

- ----_-- r


BAIC Craft /Farmers'

Market Now Under Way
By Jennifer Hudson relaxation with walkways and rock gardens.
Clearing of the land on Don MacKay All of the natural trees have been left in this
Boulevard opposite the BEC office began area and cabanas will be built with thatched
a few weeks ago for the much anticipat- roofs for people to relax in the shade.
ed Craft/ Farmers' Market. Although the The finished area will have a picket
entire project will not be completed until fence with nice little wooden buildings
adequate funds are available, Edison Key, with porches around the perimeter for rent
Chairman of BAIC, plans to have the first by craft vendors who will be permitted to
stage of the site completed well in time for sell only native products. A portion will be
the Christmas Bazaar. The bazaar was held for farmers to sell their fruits and vegeta-
there for the first time last year when it bles. In addition, there will be a building as
was offered by Mr. Key for use since the a food restaurant which will sell snacks and
former site was unavailable. Work was conch salad, and a platform will be built
quickly done to put up lighting and the fair for events. Trees will eventually be add-
was able to go ahead, to the delight of the ed to decorate the area, according to Mr.
community. Key, who further stated, "I want this to be
This year improvements will have been a recreation area for locals and tourists to
made to the area, thanks to the attention of enjoy and a place the whole town can be
Mr. Key. He was able to procure $60,000 proud of. If I had enough funding, I would
from his $100,000 Constitutional Fund for finish it all at one time but until all of the
the year. According to Mr. Key, $53,000 funding is in place it will have to be done
will be paid to Bahamas Hot Mix for this in stages."
stage of the work which includes paving of Mr. Key hopes that when the Ministry
a 30-foot length from the corner to the St. of Works vacates the building on the cor-
John the Baptist Anglican Church, leveling ner, he will be able to arrange for the re-
the entire area and cutting out all of the un- furbishment and design of the 75-foot-long
derbrush in the back. building. The outside he hopes to finish
The entire area consists of approximately with Hardiboard, put in a new floor and
four acres which the government turned make an office, board room and reception
over to BAIC for the development of a small area for BAIC.
park. The paving which is being done in the "The balance of $7,000 after the
front along the roadside will be for parking $53,000 was paid to Bahamas Hot Mix for
of vehicles, the middle area which has been their work, was used for cleaning up," stat-
leveled will be covered with topsoil ready ed Mr. Key, who further explained that the
for sod when money is available, remainder of the $100,000 Constitutional
All of the heavy equipment, garbage and Fund for the year was spent thus: $10,000
junk has been removed from the area in the to each of the constituencies of Moore's
back which has also been cleared of under- Island, Sandy Point, Crossing Rocks and
brush and will be made into an area for Cherokee for Local Government use.

6th Annual Abaco Christmas

Festival is planned

By Jennifer Hudson
Plans are well under way for a fun filled
6th Annual Christmas Festival which will
take place on December 5 from noon until
10 p.m. at the BAIC Craft/Farmers' Mar-
ket site on Don MacKay Boulevard. Chair-
person Brenda Sawyer has been working
extra hard this year as Jo-Ann Bradley and
Wynsome Ferguson, who normally assist
her, are off island for an extended period.
"But they are still doing what they can to
assist from afar," says Mrs. Sawyer, who
is very experienced at organizing the fair
for many years and is very calm with ev-
erything under control. She is being assist-
ed with public relations by Michele Mikula
from the Ministry of Tourism office and
a competent band of committee members
who help with staging, decorating the tree
and organizing the grounds.
"The whole of Abaco from north to
south and the cays looks forward to this
fair and it uplifts people's spirits, espe-
cially at this time when things are rather
slow," stated Brenda.
The event will begin with the blessing
of the festival followed by a DJ and live
performers every half hour. The whole
proceedings will be kept lively by the dy-
namic Shelley Austin as Mistress of Cer-
emonies. Performances to watch for will
be karate displays, cultural skits, praise
dancers, schools, choirs and soloists.
Other activities will include a bouncing
castle, something for the dogs yet to be
decided, a fashion show by Philippa Far-
rington, belling and drum competition,
photos with Santa by the Abaco Club,
"Flasher" Bodie, varied craft stalls, mu-

sic by Estin Sawyer, New Entry Band,
Impact Band and a guest performance by
K.B. (Kirkland Bodie). The traditional
tree lighting ceremony will be held and
the festival will close with the usual Junk-
anoo rush and distribution of goodies and
toys to kids donated by Baker's Bay. Of
course, a fair is never complete without
food and people will not be disappointed.
No one will need to go home hungry.
For the first time this year a crafts
booth is being planned at which chil-
dren can make Christmas cards and or-
naments. Other possibilities are a talent
competition encompassing several differ-
ent categories and maybe a bingo stall.
The Wesley College Marching Band will
perform, and it is planned that either the
Royal Bahamas Defense Force Band or
Royal Bahamas Police Force Band will be
present to display its skills which every-
one looks forward to. Since the Defense
Force was here last year, the committee
is hoping for the Police Band this year.
People wishing to participate in the
festival in any way may collect applica-
tion forms from the Ministry of Tourism
office. These must be returned by the No-
vember 6 deadline. Fees are $75 for art
and craft stalls, $100 for food stalls and
$150 for restaurants.
Ms. Sawyer is grateful for the full
support that her committee gives her and
says that it is a "real team effort." Com-
mittee members are Laura Albury, Ros-
coe Thompson, Ruth Smith, Ruth Flow-
ers, Ruth Saunders, Enid White, Melinda
Pinder, Stretch Morley and all the mem-
bers of the Ministry of Tourism office.


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Tel: (242) 367-2453 (BIKE)

Queen Elizabeth Drive Marsh Harbou Abaco /
"w /

;lesbahamas.com battgir@coralwave.com

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U.S. & Canada
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and complete service in The
Bahamas and The Caribbean
for over 45 years, including FCL,
LCL, ?:ir_,r;sra.r.n, consolidation
and project cargo services.
Also serving Nassau
and Freeport.

Outside of West Palm Beach, Miami & Ft. Lauderdale
West Palm Beach
Fort Lauderdale
Marsh Harbour
Marsh Harbour Seaport:
Marsh Harbour Line Ltd., P.O. Box AB-20977
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P: 242.367,0225 / F: 242.367.0226

Worlds Of Service

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The Port of Palm Beach
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November 1, 2009

The Abaconian Section B Page 11


Philip "Brave" Davis addressed PLP leaders of N. Abaco

By Navardo Saunders
Newly elected Deputy Leader of the Pro-
gressive Liberal Party Philip Brave Davis
said Abaco is being neglected under the Free
National Movement administration notwith-
standing the overwhelming support the gov-
erning party has been given over the years
and the outstanding contributions the island
continues to make to our nation's economy
even in these tough economic times.
Mr. Davis, the Member of Parliament
for Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador,
stated this at a meeting in Dundas Town
where he addressed PLP stalwart council-
lors and delegates days before the PLP'S
national convention, which was held Octo-
ber 21-23 in New Providence.
While trying to persuade the group to
vote for him, Mr. Davis, who beat former

Tourism Minister and West End Bimini
MP Obie Wilchcombe and Senator Jerome
Fitzgerald by a landslide for the deputy
leadership post, likened Abaco to an or-
phan under the present government.
"Despite all the support Abaco has
given this administration, despite all the
money you have pumped into this economy
this government would not even show you
appreciation by at least fixing your roads,
many of which are in deplorable condi-
tions," said Mr. Davis. "Surely they could,
even in this recession which is hitting the
country hard, fill those gaping holes in the
middle of the roads," he said. "But they
won't even do that. It's a shame. On this
island where the government enjoys great
support there are many things that this gov-
ernment is capable of doing to make life

better for the people, but they aren't doing
anything. They have neglected you. It is
quite evident they don't care and they don't
deserve your support."
Mr. Davis also slammed the govern-
ment for not having widespread consulta-
tion on the controversial Bunker C fuel
power plant at Wilson City, stating that the
government acted arrogantly and irrespon-
sibly in that situation.
He also slammed the government for
cancelling the student loan programme.
"It's one of the most ridiculous things they
could have done," he said. "What our chil-
dren need more than ever in this increas-
ingly global competitive job market is to
get a good education. But they took that
away from many of our children. It's a

Mr. Davis said if given the chance he
would right the wrongs that the FNM has
done throughout the country. While still
in opposition his main focus will be to
strengthen the PLP, which in recent times
has been embroiled in internal conflict.
"Our party needs to be cleansed," he
said. "We need to deal with our issues and
move forward. We need more people to
play a role in the growth and development
of our great party. We need more youth
involvement so that we can prepare young
people to lead when their time is right. I
pledge to you all tonight to do my best to
strengthen our party and help the PLP win
the general elections in 2012 because the
country cannot afford another term under
the current administration.

Philip Brave Davis, Deputy Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party, addressed the stal-
wart councillors and delegates of North Abaco on October 8 at Jimmy Williams's Bay
View Restaurant in Dundas Town. Sh, i' with him are Jimmy Williams, Anderson Wilm-
ore, Randy Pettie, Wenzil McBride, Rob McKinney, Melfred Martin, Philip "Brave"
Davis, William Swain, Samuel Robert and George Burrows. Mr. Davis kept his position
with overwhelming support at the PLP convention held in Nassau on October 21-23.


"The BUNKER C POWER PLANT they are building
Under at Wilson City is 1/4 mile from The Bight of Old

High Tide The Bight of Old Robison IS the most diverse and
i ecological sensitive area in all of Abaco according
to many experts.
iIS b *Spill would damage the area including reefs, mangroves, juvenile
nurserlies for marine life, animal, bird and plant life.
Expansion :OldRobinson RESIDENTS OF ABACOT
Qu urismin and The people of Abaco have a right to know what will be in their air,
S. water and food. They deserve to know the true consequences of
f t' Fisheries) Heavy Oil / Bunker C. They deserve to know that without stack
i Fi i Iemission controls such as scrubbers, 100% of the toxins will be
S" released. Health concerns with Heavy Oil are too costly for ABACO.


We care about the interests of Abaco's people, economy
and environment and we have a vision for Abaco's future.
Our mission includes protecting human health, protecting
the environment, promoting sustainable development,
protecting economic growth and ensuring local participation
in decisions that affect Abaco.


Concerned Abaco RESidents

Diversified Equipment

& Rentals Ltd.


367-0303 or 577-4801

Fax: 367-2354

Crane Truck Concrete Pump


Page 12 Section B The Abaconian

November 1 ,2009

Noeme 1,20 hwbcna eto ae1

Dupuch Real Estate


Marsh Harbour Office
PO Box AB 20340, Abaco, Bahamas Tel: (242) 367-0288 Fax: (242)
e-mail: jamesanddonna@erabahamas.com



A sustainable, environmentally
conscious community
with traditional Bahamian architecture


All packages include, poured concrete
walls, western red cedar shingles,
appliances, solar H20, geothermal
cooling, hurricane shutters, covered golf
cart port, landscaping. Dock available.

Buyer pays half Government Stamp Tax
and own Legal Fees.

#1 Schooner Beach Estate Home locat-
ed on Schooner Bay beach. 3 bed, 3
bath, 2 story home. 1,929 sq.ft. under
roof. $1,695,000 Gross
#2 North Harbour's Edge Cottage 2 bed
2 bath, 2 story home with study/office.
Deeded dock. Harbour & beach views.
1,960 sq. ft. under roof. $995,000 Gross
#3 Harbour Coppice Cottage 3 bed, 2
bath, story home.1390 sqft. Steps from
Beach Club&Harbour. $545,000 Gross

#4 Little Bridge Beach Cottage Step
from Little Bridge beach & Schoone
Yacht Club. 2 bed, 2.5 bath, 1,285 sq. ft
under roof. $465,000 Gros!
#5 South Harbour's Edge Cottage Step
from Little Bridge beach. 3 bed, 2 bath
2 story cottage with 2,100 sq. ft. unde
roof. $669,000 Gross
#6 Harbour Island Cottage At harbour's
widest point, 2 bed, 2 bath, 1260 sq.ft.
under roof.Private dock$479,000 Gross

BEACHFRONT 14+ acres. 335 ft. of
sandy beach frontage. Hilltop.
Unparalled views of the Atlantic.
Close to Abaco Club at Winding Bay.
#13515 Price: $3,250,000

Fantastic hilltop lot with Atlantic & 2 + acres with 135 ft. of direct water
Harbour views.Steps away from frontage on Little Harbour. Private,
beach. Flats fishing & deep sea fish- gated access. Great views of Little
ing.Dockage.Canbesubdivided. Harbour & Robinsons Bight.
#13914 Price: $298,000 #13827 Price: $495,000
-_ ---c,94
IL IL~ ;$f

Just under one acre of direct ocean
front property. Fantastic Atlantic
Ocean views. Good elevations.
Cleared & ready to build.
#13604 Price: $199,000

Beautiful Atlantic Oc
beach access. 1.34
from Pete's Pub and


Lovely well maintained
ing 3 bed, 2 bath, on c
Enclosed & landscaped
den. Greatfor pets.

:ean views and Treed hilltop lot. Spectacular views
acres. Minutes of Atlantic Ocean & Little Harbour.
Winding Bay. Studio cottage w/kitch/liv/bed/bath.
Near Abaco Club, Winding Bay.
Price: $230,000 #14065 Price: $198,000

CBS home featur- 1 & 2 acre estate beachfront lots in seaside
corner lot 90x150. community. Good elevations, gorgeous
property with gar- Atlantic Ocean views. Utilities available.
Price: $350,000 #13544 Price: 295.000

2 bed, 2 bath cottage, fully furnished.
Built in 2008. Great views, beach
access. All utilities, cable, etc.
#13821 Price: $230,000

Great canal front homesite, lot 164 on
Palm Dr. Sea-walled, cleared and ready to
build. Owner financing possible.


Price: $249,000

nished, 2 bed, 2 bath each side.
Direct Atlantic Ocean views. All util-
ities. Fenced yard. Turnkey.
#2818 Price: $530,000

Beachfront, ocean view & hilltop lots.
Homes starting at...................US$275,000
Homesites starting at..............US$ 30,000

m Ia

SMulti-family unfinished duplex. Very nice 2 bed, 2 bath home with Opportunity awaits! 40 acres of 2 beautiful Gilpin Point beach lots,
Concrete block construction. 2,464 open concept living, sits on 1.75 untouched property with nice coppice 100 ft. x 140 ft. each. Mature
sq. ft. total. Solid structure. Good acres. Can be subdivided. Great I growth. Hilltop & waterfront. Ideal for res- coconut trees. South Abaco, near
investment.opportun ity. investment opportunity. idential development Schooner Bay.
S#13935 Price: $120,000 #13475 Price: $305,000 #13558 Price: $490,000 #13647 Price: $175,000/ea


S Bahama Coral Island Lots..............................................Starting at: $25,000 Green Turtle Cay 1.5 acres, 135 ft. beach, great elevations................$545,500
Bahama Palm Shores Interior lot, Section 1........................................... $33,000 Hope Town Centrally located, ocean front lot.................................... $210,000
I Bahama Palm Shores Interior lot, Section 2.............................................$37,000 Long Beach Interior lots........................ ..........................Starting at: $ 30,000
Casuarina Point Interior Lot #85, Section 3........................................ $60,500
Turtle Rocks Acreage 148 ft. shoreline, 728 ft. deep.........................$495,000 Long Beach 2 bedroom, long term RENTAL............................month/$1,500


'~~5~9 -c~`~4a~a~G*b~

s Ii

November 1, 2009

The Abaconian Section B Page 13


Page 14 Section B TheAbaconian

November 1 2009

Rotary Club of Abaco held Presentation Dinner

By Jennifer Hudson
Three outstanding citizens of Abaco
were recognized during a dinner entitled
A Sapphire Affair at the Abaco Beach Re-
sort on October 17. David Ralph, Merle
Williams and Michael Malone were hon-
oured with a Paul Harris Award, the high-
est honour the Rotary Club can bestow
upon a person for their exceptional and
longstanding service to the community of
Abaco. Recipients are Rotarians and com-
munity professionals who exemplify the
highest ideal in Rotary, Service Above
Self. Bryan Thompson, Past President of
the Rotary Club of Abaco, who served
as Master of Ceremonies, referred to the
three awardees as "giants in the communi-
ty." A short biography of each of the hon-
orees was read; Dave Ralph's by Rotarian.
Jacqueline Collie, Merle Williams' by Sgt.
At Arms Frederick Gottlieb and Michael
Malone's by Secretary Travis Spicer.
Honoree David Ralph has resided in the
Bahamas since 1957, initially on Grand
Bahama, then moving to Abaco in 1959.
He worked as an accountant for the Owens
Illinois Lumber Company, then purchased
a marina in Hope Town where he gained
valuable insight into the tourism industry
managing second homeowner properties
which were rented to guests.
Mr. Ralph and his wife, Kathleen, have
been involved with the popular Summer
Regatta Time in Abaco since the mid 1970s
which draws hundreds of visitors to Abaco
each year. They have being recognized
for their contribution to Tourism by being
awarded the Ministry of Tourism's coveted
Cacique award. Mr. Ralph is presently Re-
gatta Commodore.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph have published The
Abaconian newspaper from their home in
Marsh Harbour for the past 15 years. At
first a monthly publication, the newspa-
per is now published twice a month and is
distributed free of charge throughout the
length of Abaco.
A 4-page report on the impact of second
homeowners and their rental houses on the
Abaco economy composed by Mr. Ralph
has moderated the opinion of government
in this regard and has been used to explain
developments in other communities in the

Merle Louise Williams (affectionately
called Mother Merle) was born in 1929 in
Cornish Town (Old Place) Abaco, relo-
cating to Dundas Town in 1940 with her
family. After completing her education,
Mother Merle migrated to Nassau where
she found her niche in the hospitality in-
dustry. Whilst in Nassau Mother Merle
served at upscale properties such as the
White Gate Guesthouse, New Providence
Restaurant and later at the Carlton House
Hotel. She honed her skills as a chef ex-
traordinaire and through her excellence
rose to second-in-command of the kitchen
at Carlton House serving as the assistant to
the head chef.
Mother Merle returned to Abaco in
1965 where she worked with Mr. Augustus
Cash and shortly thereafter with Dr. and
Mrs. Ejnar Gottlieb before venturing on

Mother Merle Williams of Dundas Town
was one of three who were honoured by
the Rotary Club of Abaco for her out-
standing service to her communtiy. She
is shown here with her daughter, Lenora
Black, Abaco's Education Superinten-

her own as the owner/proprietor of Mother
Merle's Fishnet located in Dundas Town,
known both nationally and internation-
ally for mouthwatering pan-fried chicken,
homemade fries and peas and rice. This
establishment is credited as being one of
the first local eateries to cause the tourism
industry to have a profound impact on the
then tranquil settlement of Dundas Town.
After more than 65 years in the hospital-
ity industry Mother Merle is saluted as a
pioneer of the first order for her outstand-
ing contribution to the hospitality industry
on Abaco and the Commonwealth of the
Bahamas at large.
Mr. Frederick Gottlieb spoke lovingly
of Mother Merle whom he referred to as
his second mother. Once a skinny boy be-
fore Mother Merle came to assist at his
house, he says that he soon became a fat
boy and has been ever since. Mr. Gottlieb
stated that even though Mother Merle has
undergone serious medical challenges, in
keeping with her character she has risen
above them. "It was my brother Cay who
came up with the name "Mother Merle.
We love you," he stated.
Born in Cherokee Sound, Rotary Presi-
dent Mike Malone was educated at Hope
Town All Age School and at Queens Col-
lege, Nassau. He married Deborah Weath-
erford in 1974 and the couple has two
daughters Kristal and Rayanne. Mr. Malo-
ne had a long and industrious career in the
shipping industry in Nassau before moving
back to the island of his roots, Abaco.
Whilst on Abaco President Mike was in-
volved in the restaurant and construction/
repair business, served in local government
with distinction and was passionate about
his community through civic organizations
which he joined such as Scurvy Few, Carl-
ton Lodge, Abaco Chamber of Commerce,
Forest Heights Academy PTA, All Abaco
Regatta Committee and the Rotary Club
of Abaco. He spearheaded the relief assis-
tance after the passage of Hurricanes Mitch
and Floyd, rebuilding homes throughout
Abaco for those who were most affected
by these natural disasters.
As President of the Rotary Club of
Abaco 2008/2009, President Mike served
with distinction living the club's motto
of Service Above Self until he became ill

midway through his presidency. "We sa-
lute this gentle giant of a man who was
called to rest from all his good works in
July 2009 at the end of his presidency."
Present from Nassau for the occasion
was Assistant District Governor Felix
Stubbs. He said how delighted he was to
be present to celebrate the life and work
of three great citizens of Abaco and how
pleased he is with what is happening with
the Rotary Club of Abaco in recognition
of persons who have given unselfishly to
the community. As a member of Rotary,
he knew Mike Malone well and described
him as a role model president. "I was so
impressed with what he did, and the things
that he did for this community amazed
me," he stated.
The Paul Harris Awards were presented
to the honourees by Assistant District Gov-
ernor Stubbs. Mother Merle was present
to accept hers but Mr. Ralph will receive
his at a later date as he was unavoidably
off the island at the time. Mike Malone's
wife and one of his daughters accepted his
A silent auction was held during the
evening to raise funds for Rotary and those
prizes were presented along with many
door prizes to lucky winners. Formali-
ties closed with a vote of thanks by Past
President Brian Thompson, Fund Raising
Director 2009/2010.
After everyone had enjoyed a delicious-
ly prepared dinner, they were invited to
dance the night away to the music of the
New Entry Band in the colorful Sapphire
Affair themed pavilion.


Aluminum Cans
Bin located next
to Every Child Counts

--I=%r I-

Freddy Albury
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Managing Partner
Dbc0k 0 Bildeeie

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IVa rin C no nstruc tion

Dock Construction U Boat Lift Sales & Service
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We are
I C-o01iid


Phone: (242) 577 DOCK (3625)
Home: (242) 367-6066
Fax: (242) 367-6066
www.d rillrigmarine.com
E-mail: drillrigmarine@gmail.com



Rich's Boat

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South Abaco News

Cherokee Sound who have to live with it all year long look more important to keep our tourists happy. Caves and Garden of the Groves were the
for and appreciate a little "cold snap" once So let the sun shine on. highlights of the trip as well as a visit to a
By Lee Pinder in awhile. Then, again, some of us com- School News bowling alley, all things the students haven't
Don't you feel the change in the weath- plain when it's too "hot," but we also tend In October the students of Cherokee had an opportunity to see or do on Abaco.
er? What a welcome relief it is that the long to complain when it's too "cold." I guess Primary celebrated Kindness to Animals Like Ms. Black, the DEO, observed recent-
hot summer may be coming to an end. Our the old saying is true, "You can't please all Week with various activities and a free ly, field trips expand the students knowledge
tourist loves it and look forward to basking the people all the time. And I believe it is dress day when the children brought dona- and experiences and let them meet new peo-
on the beach in the warm sunshine, but we tons to be given to AARK (Abaco Ani- ple and visit new places. So far our students
mals Require Kindness). Besides having have visited Andros, Eleuthera, Grand Ba-
Shad various types of pets in the classroom hama and New Providence, places some of
in the past, most of the children have their the parents haven't even visited.
own pets at home and this exercise helped Big Yard Sale
Sto teach them understanding, responsibility Cherokee's community-wide Yard Sale
., and kindness towards animals plus empa- held on October 12th proved to be very
Sthy for the many animals that don't have a successful. The crowds just kept coming.
home or anyone to care for them. All the food and drink stalls sold out com-
A Denim Day was celebrated and do- pletely and the stalls with household items
nations were collected to be given to the afforded the buyers some really great bar-
Abaco Cancer Society. gains. I believe everyone enjoyed them-
The recent field trip to Grand Bahama selves. The sun shone brightly and the
was a great success. Everyone came back weather stayed nice all day.
SC tired but saying they'd had a good time. The

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November 1, 2009

The Abaconian Section B Page 15

^>e']l I.;...'

1~ (I


School News

School From Page 1
and something needs to be done to correct
this issue.
Meanwhile Lenora Black, District Su-
perintendent, expected the demonstration
to take place when it did, adding that the
school had adequate staff and that it would
be hard to replace teachers in specialized
areas because there were not many Baha-
mians studying those subjects.
Many parents
attended PTA meeting
By Canishka Alexander
A PTA meeting was held on Septem-
ber 29 to address staffing concerns at S.C.
Bootle High School, which has an enroll-
ment of approximately 300 students. The
large gathering of concerned parents was
described as the largest the school has seen
in years. Because of the number of people
in attendance, the crowd overflowed into
the hallway. Sylvia Poitier, PTA presi-
dent, said she estimated about 70 parents
showed up at the meeting.
Many of the parents were displeased
with their children not having certain
teachers especially those with students in
the twelfth grade who are getting ready to
sit the BGCSE examinations.
The PTA board wrote a letter to Le-
nora Black, District Superintendent, and
subsequently met with her in relation to
the shortage of teachers. However, they
were not happy with the results and wrote a
second letter which was also forwarded to
Lionel Sands, Director of the Department
of Education, and Prime Minister, the Rt.
Hon. Hubert A. Ingraham.
On October 7 Mrs. Poitier was await-

ing word from the Director of Education so
that she would have information to report
to the parents at another PTA meeting that
was scheduled for October 8. She said the
school lacks four teachers. It has already
been relayed that if the school does get any
replacements, it would more than likely be
a religion teacher. That would leave the
students without an art, science and office
procedures teacher.
Mrs. Black said art, commerce and
computer courses are considered special-
ized areas. Although there were teachers
available to teach the junior students those
particular subjects, it is the senior students
who lack the teachers.
Students elected
Head Girl
By Canishka Alexander
It was an intriguing competition to see
who would secure the position of head girl
at Sherlin C. Bootle High School on Sep-
tember 21. The candidates were Fredricka
McIntosh, Tyronisha Stuart and Timmesha
Russell. They were all required to give
campaign speeches.
Principal Huel Moss said Timmesha
managed to disrupt her contenders' cam-
paign. Never once boasting of her ac-
complishments, she delivered an English
version of her speech and concluded her
platform by repeating her speech in Cre-
ole. This served to distance her from the
other participants and demonstrate that she
was a leader for all.
"Her campaign was led with an enthused
stomp-'n-da-yard performance that incited
the crowd. "After the last speaker's presenta-
tion the fanfare received clarified the crowd's
choice," he continued. "As Timmesha


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walked off stage, she received a congratula-
tory handshake from her competitors."
Mr. Moss said the campaign was the
most compelling by far as he recalled the
long line of students, facility managers,
teachers and administrators who went to
the polling stations on October 1 to get
their registration cleared for voting. Bal-
lots boxes were collected by Ms. Rashida
Murray, the guidance officer, and secured
for counting by the head administration.
On October 5 anticipation was building
at the morning's assembly for the election

Three girls competed for the title of Head
Girl of S.C. Bootle High School. They
campaigned actively, planning their strat-
egy. Voters had to be verified before be-
ing allowed to vote. The ballot boxes were
protected until the votes were counted.
The winner was Timmesha Russell, right,
and her Deputy, Fredricka Mclntosh, was
one of her opponents.

results. The new Head Girl for the 2009
-2010 school year is Timmesha Russell
and Fredricka McIntosh was chosen as the
Deputy Head Girl.
October is Career
Awareness Month
By Samantha V. Evans
The Department of Education declared
October as Career Awareness Month and
the theme for this year is "Empowerment
Today for Our Destiny Tomorrow." This
is the second year that this is being done
and the purpose of this month is to expose
students to various careers and preparation
tools needed to help them make the right
choices. During this month, school coun-
selors spoke to students about the many
challenges they will face in the world
economy and various industries that they
plan to pursue.
There are four counselors on the island
of Abaco and all of them have taken up the
challenge to expose students to careers and
career development. On Moore's Island
Carl Johnson invited speakers to come
to speak with the grade twelve students.
Dwayne Jennings from the United States
spoke to them about career choices and
scholarships. He also invited Tonique Wil-
liams-Darling to speak with the athletes at
the school about the opportunities avail-
able in track and field.
Please see School Page 18

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Page 16 Section B The Abaconian

November 1 ,2009

Social Services observes Older Persons Month

By Samantha V. Evans
The month of October has been declared
Older Persons Month and the Department
of Social Services all across the Bahamas
has planned activities for them to engage
in. This is the 20th year they are honor-
ing and recognizing this special group in
conjunction with the United Nations. The
theme for this year is Celebrating the 10th
Anniversary of the International Year of
Older Persons: Towards a Society for All
On Abaco Assistant Director Charlamae
Fernander and her team have prepared a
calendar of activities to honor the seniors.
She stated that her department offers a lot
of assistance to older persons through the
community support division. They can get
food assistance, home repairs (if they own
their own home), prescription assistance,

travel assistance to doctors' appointments
off island, clothing assistance, utility bill
and cooking gas assistance and legal as-
sistance through the court. Social Services
has a home helper service with five per-
sons to help seniors run errands, shop and
clean up. All of this is provided to ensure
that they enjoy an adequate standard of liv-
ing. During this month they will also help
to educate seniors on all the resources that
are available to them.
Ms. Fernander would like to see the
grocery stores get more involved and offer
discount cards to seniors. She is pleased
to announce that Ted Pierce of The Chem-
ist Shop now gives a 10 percent discount
to seniors on over-the-counter medicines
and 20 percent on prescriptions. Ricardo
Miller of the Island Pharmacy is offer-
ing seniors free glucose testing during

this month. Hair, Body and Soul, Options
Beauty Salon, and Hair Express have all
given beauty coupons for seniors to be
pampered this month.
On October 9th the first activity was
held for the seniors. They were taken on a
tour of various communities that they have
not seen in a while or may not have every
visited. The seniors from the north were
taken on a tour of the south, then treated
to lunch at Pete and Gay Restaurant. The
seniors from the south were taken on a
tour of the north and treated to lunch at
Ritchie's Restaurant.
During the second week, Ms. Car-
lene Farquaharson, attorney at Alexiou,
Knowles, & Co. Abaco Office, was on
Bahamas Christian Network to educate the
seniors about the importance of preparing a
will. She stated that once they do, this will
limit or eliminate the fussing that develops
over possessions when someone dies. Dur-
ing this week, the department distributed
fruit baskets to older persons all across
The week ended with a church service
held and recorded on BCN to be aired later
in the month. About 30 older persons were
in attendance, dressed in their finest attire.
The older persons serenaded the audience

with singing songs from yesteryear.
The sermon was delivered by Pastor Sil-
bert Mills, who spoke on the topic Well
Done. God gives everyone gifts and talents
but they do not all use them. He stated
that he is proud that this group honored
God by using their gifts and talents. Pas-
tor Mills told them that he is happy they
raised their children with godly principles
and standards. All the blessings they enjoy
came from God and all their earthly pos-
sessions came from God. He encouraged
today's parents to discipline their children
like these seniors did and to not let children
run the house.
Also performing on the program were
students Ashtin Roberts from Abaco Cen-
tral High who led a trumpet solo, Patrick
Darville, Madeline Auguste, Valencia Du-
vra, and Karen Swain, who recited poems
for the elderly that they wrote, and Ginelle
Longley and Kadesha Canton from Cen-
tral Abaco Primary School, who recited a
poem written by Roberta Lindsay.
Charlamae Fernander was very pleased
with the service and thanked all of the
community partners for sharing this occa-
sion with them. She told all that the seniors
contributed greatly to the development of
the Bahamas and must not be forgotten.

The Department of Social Services planned a number of events during October to honour
the older persons of Abaco. The group shown here is from Central Abaco and enjoyed a
movie and lunch at Friendship Tabernacle Church in Dundas Town.



our 11th Annual Boxcart Derby
November 28th, 2009
10:00 am 4:00 pm
Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas

Adult and Junior classes. Anyone can enter. Racing begins at noon.
Food, drinks, T-shirts, other goodies on sale.There will be a raffle with
lots of cool prizes.V.I.P Section with shade, seating & a good view of
the track. 2 bars, music, transportation to/from site. Proceeds from this
program will be directed towards the Abaco Junior Sailing Assoc.


Once again,Racers will bejudges on SHOWMANSHIPas wellasfastest Down-
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for fastest Downhill (gravity power only),1-10 for fastest Slalom (less penal-
confetti displays, whatever you can think of. King of the Hill this year may
not be thefastest.....We suggest American Soapbox Derby wheels for dura-
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Brakesareoptional,helmetsare not!!Trophys&prizeswill beawarded
shortly after the competition ends. Please contact Stafford Patterson at
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November 1, 2009

The Abaconian Section B Page 17

More School News

Please see School Page 16

At S. C. Bootle Rashida Murray took
the senior students to various businesses
while persons with the Ministry of Tour-
ism spoke to the junior students about vari-
ous careers available in that industry. She
took the grade six students from Cooper's
Town Primary School on a field trip to the
Cooper's Town Clinic.
The Department of Education is com-
mitted to ensuring that students in the Ba-
hamas are exposed to activities that will
prepare them for career opportunities of
tomorrow so that the Bahamas can have a
dynamic workforce. This event is geared
towards doing just that.
world Teachers'
Day is observed
By Samantha V. Evans
World Teacher's Day is celebrated on
October 5th annually but in The Bahamas,
it was observed on October 2nd. This day
gave educators an opportunity to lobby
for the level of education to be improved
and the role of teachers within society to
be acknowledged as pivotal. Hence, the
2009 theme is Build the Future: Invest in
Teachers Now. This theme was deemed
fitting by the president of the American
Federation of Teachers as teachers are na-
tion builders.
Teachers around the world face the
same challenges those in The Bahamas. It
is hoped that those who fight for the rights
of teachers and maintaining of the quality of
education will continue their efforts as their
support is needed more today than ever as
the world faces economic challenges.
On Abaco teachers within the public

school system were given a free day to cel-
ebrate World Teachers Day and on Octo-
ber 10th a beach picnic was held to provide
the teachers with a day of fun to unwind.
This event was planned by the Bahamas
Union of Teachers area vice president and
school shop stewards.
BGCSE classes are
being offered
By Canishka Alexander
Ruby Rolle began offering an English
Language BGCSE class on Oct. 31 at the
Church of Christ adjacent to K and S Auto
Station in Marsh Harbour. The classes are
offered every Saturday from 5 p.m. to 8
p.m. and cost $100 per month. A diction-
ary, thesaurus and Comprehensive Eng-
lish Course CXC book are needed for
the classes. Rolle said the book is sold
for $29.95 in Nassau, and she is willing
to purchase books for those interested. A
BGCSE booklet is also needed for the class
and costs $25.
Application forms will be available at
Roderick's Convenience Store, Native Hut
and M & R Foodstore. She will accept a
maximum of 25 persons, and depending on
the response from persons in the commu-
nity, a math course will also be available.
Ruby Rolle can be contacted at 367.2617
for further information.
Educators attend
professional seminar
By Samantha V. Evans
October 20th and 21st were work-
shop days for public school educators on
Abaco and on the first day principals of
each school held sessions at their respec-
tive schools. On the second day, October

21st, they all met at Central Abaco Prima-
ry School for training sessions held in the
school's multi-purpose room. Representa-
tives from the private schools were invited
to attend this session as well.
The session was planned by the Depart-
ment of Education office under the leader-
ship of Lenora Black. The focus of the
morning session was on the ten-year plan
proposed by the Ministry of Education. On
Abaco to make the presentation to the edu-
cators was Sharon Poitier, Chairperson of
the Ten-Year Plan Committee.
Mrs. Black stated that for years many
papers and reports have been written with
the intent to give structure to and improve
the educational system in The Bahamas,
but no plan has ever been presented in such
a comprehensive and detailed way. This
ten-year plan seeks to improve the quality

of education presently being offered and to
prepare students for careers that have not
yet come on stream.
Ms. Poitier discussed the plan with
the educators. Initially a small commit-
tee was formed by the Ministry of Educa-
tion and now the plan has been expanded
and there is much demand to get the tasks
done. Since a written plan is in place she
stated that they are seeking feedback from
educators and stakeholders. To help them
formulate an educational plan for the Ba-
hamas, the committee referred to strategic
plans from different regions including the
United States and the West Indies. The
plan covers all levels of education to en-
sure that the quality of education is secure.

Please see School Page 19

Teachers from all over Abaco assembled to hear a presentation of a ten-year plan to im-
prove the quality of education offered in our schools. Sharon Poitier came to Abaco for
the one-day seminar on October 21 to record the feedback from the teachers. They met
at Central Abaco Primary School in Dundas Town.

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Page 18 Section B The Abaconian

November 1 ,2009

Social Services

Assists Fire Victims

Protesters gather against

the Wilson City BEC Plant

By Mirella Santillo
A small group of protesters, most of
them from Hope Town, assembled in front
of the Post Office in Marsh Harbour on
October 23rd to protest against the con-
struction of the Bahamas Electric Corpora-
tion plant at Wilson City.
It was a peaceful event with the protest-
ers voicing their concern through the help
of banners which either quoted verses of
the Bible about man's duty to protect the
earth, stating the protesters' view on which
way progress was heading on Abaco "One
step forward, two steps backwards," or re-
minding the public of the negative econom-
ic and environmental impact they thought
the new power plant would bring.
Around 11 a.m., one of the demonstra-
tors, Clint Kemp, took the microphone for
a public prayer in which he stated again
that Man was the conservator of the Earth
and expressed his hopes that the govern-
ment would be made aware of the concern
of the people who wanted to preserve the
island's environment not only for them-
selves but for future generations.
Stafford Patterson, who organized the
demonstration, addressed the assembly
with a message that stated that the protest
was not about politics but was an effort at
voicing people's opinion about what was
happening on Abaco.
Although the new plant was welcomed
and needed, he said, the location and the
kind of fuel chosen were wrong. He sug-
gested that a better location would be Nor-
mans Castle on the northwest coast and
that the type of energy used should be wind

or solar powered.
The protesters who rallied behind an
organization called CARES (Concerned
Abaco Residents) are worried that the con-
struction of the plant is moving too fast and
that not enough research was done. Not
only do they think that the pipeline going
through the delicate mangrove eco-system
of the coastal surroundings will have a
negative effect on the nearby reefs and the
land and sea park, but also they worry that
the emissions produced by the plant will
drop over the nearby settlements and farm-
ing areas, affecting the population's health.
Members of Friends of the Environment
were present, not as demonstrators, but
more as supporters. The Executive Direc-
tor of Friends of the Environment, Kristin
Williams, stated that she was proud to see
the community taking a stand.

School From Page 18
Principals were given a copy of the plan
at the beginning of the school year and
teachers were given one at this session.
Ms. Poitier made her presentation, then
answered questions. Later, the educators
were divided into groups to study the plan
further and gave input as to how the goals
can be achieved.
All suggestions made will be forwarded
to the National Committee for consider-

By Samantha V. Evans
After the fire in the Mud destroyed nu-
merous homes, many persons visited So-
cial Services and the Red Cross seeking
assistance. Social Services Assistant Di-
rector Charlamae Fernander stated that
50 persons have been assisted so far and
the Red Cross has assisted 71 persons.
They have given food parcels, toys and
clothing. They are in need of these items
as well. Even though it was reported that
no one was injured, Ms. Fernander stated
that they have assisted two men who sus
trained burns, obtaining medical care for
their injures while others suffered from
hypertension and a number of persons
suffered from smoke inhalation. Pastor
Dieon Gibson of First Assembly of God

assisted them with food as well.
Ms. Fernander stated that all persons
affected lost everything so they will need
assistance for a while. Presently, they are
staying with other families in the Mud as
they have nowhere else to go. They are in
need of beds, stoves and clothes in addi-
tion to food. She encourages persons who
are in a position to help to please do so.
It is important for residents to note that
many of the persons who were affected
are legal. Social Services and the Red
Cross are presently alternating weeks to
provide food. Ms. Fernander expressed
gratitude to her staff who gave of their
own time to assist those in need.
A total of 12 or 13 houses were de-
stroyed causing 76 people to be homeless.

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Local talent wanted
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Christmas Bazaar

December 5

All amateurs welcome
Call Marsh Harbour's Tourism Office by November 25
We need to know how many to expect
And how to divide the performers
,p by age and talent.
Children ten and older, teen and adult,
Second homeowners and visiting boaters
All are welcome
Make the Bazaar special
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Eleventh Annual


.M' ~ Saturday

December 12

11 am to 6 pm

Across from Memorial Plaza


Will Be There

Bouncing Castle Food Drinks

Cotton Candy Face Painting

We really need your support this year
so please come by

Drop off a toy Make a donation

November 1, 2009

The Abaconian Section B Page 19

Page 20 Section B The Abaconian

By Jennifer Hudson
The Anglican Church Men of the St.
John the Baptist Anglican Church in Marsh
Harbour held a steak-out on October 17,
their second for the year. They normally
hold a cookout in Spring and Fall of each
year. The Spring event is to raise funds
for the men to attend the Anglican Church
Men's conference held in a different region
of The Bahamas each year. Their October
steak-out is normally to raise funds to as-
sist various organizations in the commu-
nity or someone in the church who needs
help with medical bills.
This year, however, the funds were be-
ing raised to fund a trip to Guyana. The An-
glican Church Men will be attending the or-
dination of Bahamian Archdeacon Cornell
Moss, who will be ordained Bishop of Guy-
ana on December 8. Approximately eight
to 10 men from the Anglican churches of
St. John the Baptist in Marsh Harbour and
St. Martins, Sandy Point, will attend the
service which will be held in Georgetown,
Guyana. "We will spend one week there,
during which time we plan to meet with
other branches and make contacts for future
joint ventures," explained Lukie Innocent,
President of the Anglican Churchmen.
An average of 400 tickets were sold
for steak and chicken dinners and an ex-
tra 150 were allowed for walk-ins. This is
an amazing effort by the men's group and
Mr. Innocent said that this is the only An-
glican church in the entire Bahamas where
the men take the lead. In all others it is the
women who are in the forefront.
The steak-out which began at 11 a.m.
went on until late and the men stayed until
all dinners were sold. Several men worked
very hard barbequing and they deserve

high praise for their dedication to the
cause, toiling all day in such intense heat
and smoke. Malfred Martin and Richard
Gibbs are the two longest standing grill-
ers, having dedicated 15 years to barbe-
quing at these cook outs. The men were
assisted by some ladies from the Anglican
Church Women's group and a few other
friends of the church.
Mr. Innocent, said, "Officers and
members of the ACM would like to thank
the general public for all the years of com-
mitment and their contributions to the

Tme Anglican Churcn Men of Marshn Har-
bour have two Steak-outs annually to raise
funds for various projects. These meals
are anticipated as these men are pros at
grilling steak.

Living Longer with a Healthy Life

Diabetes: 10 Tips to

Lower Your Blood Sugar

By Dr. Keith Lewis
1. Know your numbers blood sugar,
hemoglobin A1C, blood pressure
2. Cut back on "white" foods white
sugar, white flour, white potatoes, white
3. Increase whole grains and dietary fi-
Eat complex carbohydrates, whole fruits,
whole vegetables
4. Cut back on fruit juice
Instead, eat the WHOLE fruit, also a
great source of fiber
5. Drink plenty of water
6. Exercise Walk Walk Walk
7. Eat a protein with a carbohydrate
So, if you eat bread for breakfast, eat an
egg or meat with it.
8. Keep an ideal weight for your height
9. Avoid foods with high fructose corn
syrup as these foods disrupts insulin me-

10. Take nutritional supplements that aid
in the control of blood sugar. These in-
clude chromium polynicotinate, magne-
sium, biotin, alpha lipoic acid, omega 3,
n-acetyl cystiene, gymnema sylvestre
Remember to always consult with a
health care professional before taking any
supplements. If you would like to have
"your numbers checked," contact Dr.
Keith Lewis at Auskell Advanced Medi-
cal Clinic. He is a Fellow in Integrative
Medicine and is also Board Certified in
Anti-Aging Medicine and can assist you
not only with a chiropractic adjustment,
but also with the proper combination and
choice of dietary supplements to improve
your health. If it is not a problem that
Dr. Lewis can help you with, he will re-
fer you to a proper specialist. You may
contact him at 242-699-9014 or email
him at drlewis@lcbs.net.

I It Pays to Advertise

Light Impressions

For All Your Flooring Walls Surfaces

S -i .Full Line of
Sti and
if i 7 Setting Material

Advanced \Tc.dic.al Clinic
P.O. BoxAB-20180. Marsh Harbour. Abaco

Extended Care (After Hours)
Call 577-0113

For Appointments Call 367-0020

A General Practioner is on staff Monday through Saturday
Dr. Akazie Mon & Fri Dr. George Charite Tues, Thurs & Sat
Dr. Camille Farquharson Wed Dr. Timothy Williams Every other Sat.
Ms. Sandra Watson Ultrasound Dr. Paul Hunt Pediatrician,
Technician, Echocardiogram Asthma andAllergy Testing
November 7, 2009 November 21, 2009

Dr. Shananique Bodie OB/ GYN,
General Practiioner Surgeon
November 7, 2009
Dr. Elaine Lundy- GeneralPractioner
November 9, 2009
Dr. Duranda Ash Opthamologist
November 14, 2009
Dr. Keith Lewis Chiropractor
November 17-24, 2009
Dr. Michael Caplia Optometrist
November 18, 2009
Dr. K.J.A. Rodgers Ophthamologist
November 19, 2009
Dr. Ronald Knowles Obstetrician/
November21, 2009
Mammograms Offered

Ms. Antoinette Lightbourne -
November 21, 2009
Ms. Diane Davis Mammogram
November 21, 2009
Dr. Lockhart- Orthopedic Surgeon
November 27, 2009
Dr. Edwin Demeritte, Neurologist/
Neurophysiologist (Adults & Children)
November 28, 2009
Rudell Hall-Farrington Dual Therapist &
Beauty Practitioner Facial & Massage Therapy
Call for appointments
with these doctors
Dr. Leon, OB / GYN
Dr. Campbell, ENT Surgeon
DrArmbrister, Natural Chinese Medicine

Anglican Church Men

Held Steak Out

November 1 ,2009

November 1, 2009

The Abaconian Section B Page 21

Police Cadet programme is started

By Navardo Saunders
Sgt. Rachel Metelus strongly believes in
the popular saying It Takes a Village to
Raise a Child.
And she along with fellow police officer
Datus Farrington are doing their part to
help raise young people on Abaco the right
way, teaching them values, manners and
respect for themselves and others.
Ms. Metelus, who is attached to the
community relations division of the police
force, has established a cadet programme
for young people. She quickly points out
in an interview with The Abaconian that
while instilling discipline and respect are
the main focus of the program, it is not
just for delinquent youth. "We encourage
young men and women who want to join
the police force to become a cadet. It's the
first step in the process of becoming an
officer. I'm a product of the police cadet
program. I had the privilege of being one
of the first 25 female cadets back in 1987
or 88. So I have personal knowledge of the
impact the program can have on the lives
of young people."
Ms. Metelus and Farrington have part-
nered with Pastor Clifford Henfield of
Grace Baptist Church to provide for young

people on Mondays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
"Those persons who have conflict reso-
lution problems, not only those persons but
like I said persons who want to join the
police force the programme is for them,"
she said. "We're inviting anyone between
the ages of 14 and 17 to become a part of
the programme if they have difficulty re-
solving conflict or if they simply want to
be an officer."
There are scholarships available for
individuals who enroll in the cadet pro-
gramme, particularly those who want to
become police officers. "We can recom-
mend young people who show promise for
scholarships," she said. "That's one of the
major benefits the cadets programme."
From July to the present, Ms. Metelus
said the young people in the cadet pro-
gramme have only done drills. But she says
soon counseling will be available. "We
have spoken to a guidance counselor at one
of the schools who is a former cadet, and
she will offer counseling to the cadets. We
also intend to bring in motivational speakers
and we have a teacher who will be helping
the cadets with their math and English."
Ms. Metelus would like to form an al-
liance with the principals of all the local

schools, public and private, so that when
the principals have identified a student with
behaviourial problems they can direct them
to the cadets programme. "We also want
to work with the principals to show them
ways to deal with delinquent students,"
Metelus explained.
Since July Metelus said between nine and
15 young people take part in each session.
She said crime statistics show that more
young people should be involved in the
programme. "There are a lot of young
people getting into serious trouble gangs,
drugs, violence, having sex too early, and
they are the ones who need to be in the
programme," she said. "This programme
is geared toward saving them from them-
selves. Saving them from going behind
bars or from dying prematurely."
Neglect is a major cause for many young
people getting involved in negative things.
"Many parents neglect their children," she
said. "Many children are lacking attention
and what they do is become disruptive.
They get involved in a lot of negative activ-
ity. Sexual relationships with people they
shouldn't be involved with. They shouldn't
be having sexual relations, period. Drugs,
gang violence all that anti-social behavior
I think the major cause for that is neglect.
"We want the community to know that
while seeking to become the best employee
or employer or seeking higher education,
they have to remember they are neglecting
their children and they are the ones growing
up and creating so much problems. That's
something I want the community to realize.
Pay more attention to your children."

Ms. Metelus warned there are laws
against child neglect. "The community
needs to know that parents can be charged
with child neglect. I'm going to produce
a brochure to make parents aware of of-
fenses relating to child neglect. And if
they chose not to get their acts together,
they will be prosecuted because neglect is
one of the root causes for all these social-
ills in the community."
Many people believe that single par-
enting is the root cause of social-ills, but
she doesn't believe that's the case. "You
can be a single parent, love your child to
death and be that role model that makes
the best child," she said. "Because I think
if you go the House of Assembly, you
will find people who were raised in single
parent homes."
Ms. Metelus, a mother of two, is mo-
tivated by a desire to see every child suc-
ceed. "Like I want my child to succeed, I
want everyone else's child do the same,"
she said. "It makes for a better, stronger
community where crime and violence is
down and people are focused on doing
something positive with their lives, helping
to build their community and the country."
Anyone from the community who
would like to donate to the Cadet Corps,
whether money, snacks or time, can con-
tact her at 367-5623/4. "We would appre-
ciate any assistance because what we plan
to do is take the children on field trips, get
the marching band going again and get the
young people involved in other activities
and we need the help of the community in
order for this to happen.

Sgt. Rachel Metelus has begun a Police Cadet program in Central Abaco. The youth meet
with her weekly to do marching drills but she will soon expand the program to develop
the young people in other areas.

Abaco Glass Company

Window Glass and Mirrors Cut and Installed
Screens Made and Repaired
Commercial Store Fronts Installed and Replaced

Yale Windows
In Marsh Harbour on Don MacKay Blvd. 367-2442

Houses and Land For Rent and For Sale

Minimum for 3 lines in one issue $10
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Royal Harbour Village. Spacious first floor
unit and charming second floor space. Avail-
able now. Call 367-3262

Casuarina Point tastefully furnished 3 bed 2
bath house for rent, central air with beach views.
$950 month. Ph. 367-2431
Dundas Town 2 bed, 1 bath apt. off Forest Dr.
A/C, washer & dryer, water and cable included.
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Colony 2 bed, 2 bath cathedral ceilings, screened
porch, covered garage, separate laundry room
includes all appliances and furniture. Serious
inquiries only. Call 366-2301. Nights 366-2164

Page 22 Section B The Abaconian

November 1 2009

Tax Change From Page 1

against the homeowner. However, there is
nothing to prevent homeowners from in-
corporating this tax in their rental charge
and not burdening the guest further.
Along with this newly imposed guest tax
was a reduction in the property tax sched-
ule. All property owners are allowed an
exemption on the first $250,000 of prop-
erty value if they live in the house full time
or seasonally. Values between $250,000
and $500,000 are taxed at three quarters
of one percent (.75%). Amounts exceeding
$500,000 but less than $5 million are taxed
at one percent (1%). All remaining values
above $5 million are taxed at one- quarter
of one percent (.25%).
These rates apply whether a house is
rented or not. However, only one owner
occupied residence is allowed the exemp-
tion and receives the benefit of the tax con-
Other houses a person may own and
rent incur the commercial tax rate of one
percent on values up to $500,000 and two
percent on values above $500,000. Vacant
land is taxed at one percent up to values of
$1 million and at two percent on all values
above $1 million.
At this time Bahamians in the Family
Islands are exempt from paying property
tax. It is not clear if the guest tax applies to
houses occupied seasonally by Bahamians
and rented to visitors in the owner's ab-
sence. Bahamians are subject to filing the
annual business license tax on any rental

income they may receive.
These tax changes were effective last
summer but it is not expected that retroac-
tive collection will be enforced. It was un-
derstood that registration of rental houses
as hotels should begin immediately with
any October guest taxes due by November
15 along with monthly statistic forms.
It is expected that rental house agents
and caretakers will handle most of the pa-
perwork and be responsible for submitting
the revenue each month. Homeowners can
do this if they choose to.
An October 15 deadline for registering
had been mentioned. Those who registered
by that date should see the new tax rate ap-
pear on their tax bills. Others who register
after that date will get the benefit of the
new schedule but this will not appear on
their tax bill.
Forms for registering as a hotel and for
submitting monthly with the tax collected
are available online at: www.tourismto-
day.com/prelim/oohr (owner occupied
house rental)
Persons who might have more than one
rental house must register, collect and
remit for all houses. However, only one
house can qualify as owner occupied and
get the reduced property tax rate.
One of the agents attending said they
were responsible for 70 houses and anoth-
er was responsible for 40 houses. These
rental properties comprise a large part of
Abaco's visitor accommodations and col-
lectively far surpass the capacity of our
hotels in terms of capacity.

By Navardo Saunders
The attorney who represents a number
of Abaco residents opposed to the bunker
C fueled power station under construc-
tion at Wilson City has accused Prime
Minister Hubert Ingraham of hypocrisy
following comments he made at the Unit-
ed Nations' Summit on Climate Change.
Fred Smith, a partner in the law firm
Callendars and Co. and attorney for a
group of residents that strongly oppose
the power plant, said Mr. Ingraham
should be "commended" for his com-
ments to the Summit on Climate Change
but suggested if he is truly committed to
preserving and protecting the environ-
ment, he would put an end to construc-
tion of the power plant and move to put
legislation in place that put a limit on
In a pre-recorded message to the re-
cent Summit attended by scores of world
leaders and diplomats, Mr. Ingraham said
climate change poses a "serious threat to
our economic viability, social develop-
ment and territorial integrity." He said
the world, especially low-lying areas of
The Bahamas face "serious challenges
as a result of climate change and called
on countries to come to a global accord
in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December

that will involve ambitious, legally-bind-
ing targets to reduce the greenhouse gas
emissions that contribute to it.
Mr. Ingraham added that The Baha-
mas is "committed to collaborating with
the family of nations to ensure our own
survival of humankind in a sustainable
development model for Planet Earth."
But Mr. Smith said Mr. Ingraham
needs to "put his money where his mouth
is," adding that it is hypocritical for him
to state such a commitment to climate
change whilst supporting the construc-
tion of the Wilson City plant and also
failing so far to make good on a pledge
in his party's 2007 election manifesto to
advance laws to protect the environment.
"We cannot on the one hand be pro-
moting cleaner air environments whilst
at the same time building power plants
that are the worst polluters," Mr. Smith
said. He again threatened to take le-
gal action against the government for
a number of points, including starting
construction of the power plant without
all the proper or necessary permits hav-
ing been issued and before widespread,
comprehensive consultation with the
residents of Abaco.

If you would like your church
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Jesus( Saves

We exist to: '
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Train, Love 9 _-
and Send

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The MODERN way to clean your cistern
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Super filtration of all your water
Vacuums the bottom of your cistern

Sparkling clean cistern!
Sparkling clean water!
Call CLEAN SWEEP 475-1389 (Hope Town)

BEC may face

judicial review

November 1, 2009

Local Government at Work

Murphy Town Committee October 5
By Mirella Santillo
At the October Murphy Town month-
ly meeting held on October 5, the main
topic was the capital projects which were
put on hold because the total funding re-
quested had not been received.
Chairman Renardo Curry informed
the members and residents who attended
the meeting that he had sent a letter to
the Prime Minister and to the Minister of
Lands and Local Government to reiterate
the request for the balance of the funds.
When that amount is received, the first
capital project on the Committee's agenda
will be the development of the Murphy
Town Cultural Village. Mr. Curry stressed
that this endeavor will help residents be-
come entrepreneurs as they will have the
opportunity to rent a parcel of land within
the Cultural Village for a small monthly
fee on which to build a commercial struc-
The second project already discussed at
several of the previous meetings is the con-
struction of a Community Center on Forest
As an alternative to not receiving the
balance of the funds, the Chairman sug-
gested asking each Murphy Town work-
ing resident for a one time contribution of
$50 to go towards the Cultural Village.
Mr. Curry informed the group that he
met with the road maintenance contrac-
tors and they accepted taking half pay for
the month of November to help the Com-
mittee pay outstanding bills.
The garbage contract for Murphy Town
is now held by MAR Rentals, a company
located in Dundas Town. Two large open
bins have been placed on the Great Cis-

tern Road and at the Bahama Coral Island
Road. Paul Mills retains a contract for
two bulk garbage containers, one located
at Coconut Tree Bay and the other at the
Burial Society.
The Committee is hoping that these
bins will help curb illegal dumping within
the township and that this additional ex-
pense will bring positive results on the
overall appearance of the area.
The next meeting is scheduled for No-
vember 2nd.
Dundas Town Committee October 6
By Samantha V. Evans
A Dundas Town Township meeting
was held on October 6th at the Local Gov-
ernment office in Dove Plaza. Chairman
Cay Mills was present for a short while
and they discussed upcoming projects.
The various committees gave updates on
present projects.
They decided that the work on Brown's
Bay will have to go out to tender as the
water continues to damage the sea wall.
They agreed that the seawall needs to be
extended to the Methodist Church so that
they can refill the area with sand. By in-
stalling a barrier wall, this will prevent
sand from washing away into the sea.
They further decided that to get the water
turned on at Ocean View Park they need
to pay the overdue bill which is in the
hundreds of dollars.
They are continuing to work in the
Central Pines community to keep the area
clean and to prevent the brush from over-
growing in the area of the school and the
highway. No contract has been awarded
for this work as yet but the committee
will ensure that someone maintains it un-
til a contract is awarded.

The Abaconian Section B Page 23

By Samantha V. Evans
As the Department of Public Health pre-
pares for the onset of the flu season, it calls
on parents and adults to be mindful that
the H1N1 flu is a deadly flu. It has a list
of suggestions to prevent the spread of this
flu. Prevention is the goal. To avoid get-
ting the flu, persons are asked to practice
good health habits.
* People should cover their mouth and
nose when they cough or sneeze.
* They should cough into a tissue or sleeve
rather than into hands.
* They should avoid using cloth towels or
* They should avoid touching eyes, nose or
mouth with dirty hands.
* Germs are spread when an infected person
touches another person so hand sanitizers
should be used to prevent the spread of germs.

Sports From Page 7

of track training are welcomed to assist.
To date she is assisted by Edric Poitier,
Barbara Johnson, Patrice Charles and Ish-
mael Morley. Ms. Colebrooke wants to
remind residents of the cays and Moore's
Island that this program is open to them as
well, and she will be happy to see them.
She plans to introduce a program in North
Abaco in the near future. If there is a coach
in that area that would be prepared to work
with the kids under the umbrella of the
Community Track Program, they are wel-
comed to contact her at the administrator's
office in Marsh Harbour.
{Ed note: The October 15 issue of
The Abaconian had an article about Ms.
Colebrooke. Unfortunately, the articles
mentioned that she would like donations
of money and time. She wants to make it
clear that she is not asking for donations
of money.}

* Persons should practice washing their
hands for at least 15 seconds, especially
after sneezing or coughing.
* Hands should be dried with a paper tow-
el and discarded.
* Hands should be washed after reading
the newspaper, magazines, handling mon-
ey or using shared equipment.
* Social distance should be practiced espe-
cially when persons are sick.
* Persons who are ill should not go to
work and sick children should be kept
home to avoid the spread of the flu.
The symptoms of the swine flu are the
same as the regular flu. The main symp-
toms are fever and cough, respiratory ill-
ness, headaches, sore throat and aching
Abaco is one of the Department of Pub-
lic Health's reporting sites as some positive
cases have been found here. Subsequently,
persons are asked to be mindful that N1H1
as well as the normal seasonal flu are both
becoming prevalent now so early detection
is key.

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9 am 5 pm
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Sldabi llI U i a UV I ti lllt lL

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Islands. Call toll free 242-300 1213 for more
Used office furniture, desks, chairs, confer-
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more info.
Gorgeous wood floor 300 sq. ft. maple wood,
4%4" wide, tobacco color, cork & adhesive.
$1500. Call 904-349-8740
Maytag Microwave model mmv4205, black.
1150 watts $200. Frigidaire Freezer model
LFFCO924DWI $300. GE Gas Clothes Dry-
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26' Mako w/ twin 130 HP Johnsons. Asking
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18' Manta, 1999 Yamaha 150, vey low hours
(appox. 200), 4 blade S/S prop, Lenco S/S
Sport trim tabs Sea Star hydraulic steering.
Clarion stereo system. Sport Gauges/Steering
Wheel. Boat was redone in Oct. '06, all ac-
cessories new then. Completely turn key. Very
fast (50+ mph). Asking $8,500 OBO. Call 359-
6019 or e-mail at ryan@abacoconstruction.com

26' Intrepid '91, 2 Johnson 175 HP ('98) Good
condition, A/C, generator, new batteries and
trailer. DUTY PAID. Asking $25,000. Contact
Capt Charles Jones 242-365-0438,

Mature woman seeking a position as nanny or care-
taker of property. Contact 458-7598 or 367-0378



Sym Jet 100cc Euro-x Scooter, #1
scooter in The Bahamas, great gas
mileage, reliable, powerful (up to 50
mph), say good-bye to traffic. Sale price
$2,295. Tel:393-0155/394-4823, Abaco

How to Keep Healthy and

Prevent the Swine Flu

Page 24 Section B The Abaconian

November 1 2009

MARH AROU: T24 37-45
HOETON T22S6-70 wwH*hitiSo
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at(4)3204 rC(4)37-52 rE aljhrghite~o .$6M ,0.Rf S15

Charming residence designed with
two 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartments,
a large 2 car garage and utility room.
$580,000. Ref. AS11158

-~ i Ci

Sea view 2 bedroom condos and 3
bedroom penthouses in a gated de-
velopment with pool and beach.
Starting at $595,000. Ref. AS10890

3 bedroom, 2 bath home, just across
from the beach, offering a large pool
and deck space for entertaining.
$795,000. Ref. PS10665

Serene 3 bedroom, 3 bath home on
the beach, comprised of 2 buildings
connected by a wrap-around deck.
$1,390,000. Ref. PS10616

4 bedroom boater's haven featuring
10 ft. ceilings, a large covered patio,
dock pier, and a relaxing ambience.
$850,000. Ref. AS11006

IIainlululAl.0I i
Hope Town
T: i242l 38-l0700
&242 57?-0r-

Well appointed, turn-key, 4 bedroom,
4 bath harbour front residence is a
boater's dream with private dockage.
$1,799,000. Ref. AS11242

Brand new beach home has 5 bed-
rooms, 3 baths, high ceilings, veran-
dah, rec room, and garage/workshop.
$795,000. Ref. AS10905

Two harbour view villas totalling 4
bedrooms and 4 baths with large
deck, pool, and private dockage.
$2,415,000. Ref. AS11127


Private 2 bedroom, 2 bath house
with a relaxing deck, large workshop,
and central air. Near all amenities.
$228,500. Ref. AS11141

Immaculate turn-key, 3 bedroom, 3
bath home with stunning water views
and luxury amenities.
$1,725,000. Ref. AS11259


I un
Estals Agen
Maeh Haibour
242 367-5454
S 24S2 577-'64

On a quiet island paradise, this
ocean view home has 4 bedrooms,
2 baths, and a garage.
$799,000. Ref. AS11241

34 acre private island in Abaco
Sound. Marina,house, guest houses,
boats. Ideal for retreat/development.
$9,000,000. Ref. AS11258

Stunning estate residence has 7
bedrooms and 8.5 baths on 1.4
acres in this exclusive golf retreat.
$11,750,000. Ref. AS11098

A unique beauty, this 4 bedroom, 4.5
bath home has exquisite finishes
and exclusive Club amenities.
$3,995,000. Ref. AS10701

2.09 acre property with dramatic
cliffs, gorgeous vistas, 'blow hole',
and nearby luxury amenities.
$4,900,000. Ref. AS11130

WHITE SOUND, ELBOW CAY: 13,770 sq. ft. lot near beach. $215,000. AS11205
NORTH END, ELBOW CAY: 19,974 sq. ft. oceanfront lot with 120 ft. of beach
and foundation for a 2,600 sq. ft., 4 bedroom home. $695,000. Ref. AS11144
BREEZY HILL, ELBOW CAY: 10,494 sq. ft. elevated lot. $132,000. PS10603
TREASURE CAY: 22,574 sq. ft. lot with 10 ft. elevations, 100 ft. of water-
frontage, and easy access to all amenities. $120,000. AS11061
AUNT PAT'S BAY, ELBOW CAY: 14,914 sq. ft. corner lot with 35 ft. elevations.
Community dockage. Nearby Tahiti Beach and Hope Town. $364,000. PS10661
TILLOO CAY: 16,000 sq. ft. homesite on a private island community. Near the
community dock. Electricity available. $150,000. PS10630
CENTRAL ABACO: 5 acre beachfront tract between Marsh Harbour and Treas-
ure Cay. Good elevations and utilities. $650,000. AS10756
MARNIE'S LANDING, ELBOW CAY: Half acre building sites in a private waterfront
community with electricity, dock slip, and beach access. $595,000. PS10659
MARSH HARBOUR: 9,750 sq. ft. sea view lot in gated Sunrise Bay. All ameni-
ties nearby. $249,900. AS11026
LUBBERS QUARTERS: 10,489 sq. ft. homesite in the Abaco Ocean Club. Near
the community dock. $77,000. AS10969
BAKER'S HEIGHTS: 41.6 acre sea view tract. $1,040,000. AB5178
THE ABACO CLUB, WINDING BAY: Superb 1+ acre beachfront, oceanfront, and
golf course estate lots. Starting at $1,900,000
GUANA CAY: 6,811 sq. ft. sea and oceanview lot within the Shipwreck Subdi-
vision. Nearby the new community dock and beaches. $125,000. AS10891
TREASURE CAY: 15 acre estate with elevations to 70 ft. and 630 ft. on the Sea
of Abaco. $1,400,000. AS10886
DOLPHIN BEACH ESTATES: Collection of homesites within a beachfront com-
munity. Hilltop lots starting at $150,000. Waterfront lots starting at
$395,000. Beachfront lots starting at $595,000.
GREAT ABACO CLUB: 7,630 sq. ft. canalfront lot in a gated community. Nearby
amenities including pool, tennis courts, and beach. $225,000. AS10731




This newly built, 1,600
sq. ft. residence featuring
3 bedrooms and 2 baths,
occupies an ample 5,595
sq. ft. homesite with
panoramic ocean views.
$579,000. PS10640

9,826 sq. ft. lot just
south of Hope Town Set-
tlement. Ideal as a
homesite, and is one of
the rare properties avail-
able here suited for com-
mercial development.
$90,000. AS11109

1.626 acre beachfront es-
tate offering 200 ft. of
beach, seclusion and pri-
vacy with the 5-star re-
sources of The Abaco
Club just minutes away.
$1,795,000. AS10802

E V T I Calamity's Cottage

Cozy 2 bedroom, 1 bath cottage fea-
turing a screened-in Bahama Room
and sundeck.
$150,850. Ref. AS11033

o S;gn

KsIW Age-VAppMrfst
Marh Haftur
r 242 307-5S54
0: 242 9564040
R dwayneahghphdieocorn

Rare opportunity to purchase this
6,575 sq. ft. commercial building on
1.5 acres. Great investment.
$795,000. Ref. AS11118

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