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Title: Gators give online : University of Florida community campaign 2008 steering committee guide
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Ga rs Give

University of Florida
Community Campaign
2008 Steering Committee Guide
The Foundation for The Cator Nautiun

Table of Contents

2008 Steering Committee Guide
UFCC Campaign Dates
UFCC in Your Community
Inspiring Success: 8 Best Practices

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pages 4
pages 5-10

The Role of a Steering Committee Member
1) Executive Support
2) Faculty and Management
3) Committee Support
4) Make a Plan
A) Analyze and Evaluate
B) Develop a Strategy
C) Set a Goal, then Stretch it!
D) Campaign Dates and Timeline
5) Tips to Educate and Engage
6) Thank You Program
7) Above and Beyond
8) Results Matter
Inspiring Success Award
UFCC Contact Information

How to Talk to UF Community about UFCC
1) One-on-One
2) Rally
3) Letters
Fun in Fundraising Creative Ideas
UFCC Resources

pages 11-14
pages 14-15
page 16


2008 UFCC Campaign Dates

E-way Training
August 18 & August 19, 2008

UFCC Training/Orientation
September 4, 2008

Kick-off Luncheon & Agency Fair
September 17, 2008

University of Florida Community Campaign
September 22 October 10, 2008

Report Results
Pledge Cards and Report Envelopes Due to UFCC
October 17, 2008


UFCC in Your Community

Each fall, the University of Florida, the
Foundation for the Gator Nation, sponsors
the UF Community Campaign (UFCC) to
raise funds for charitable organizations in
our North Central Florida region. The
campaign allows employees to give to one or
more campaign charities through payroll
deduction, cash, check, or bank card.

Since 1993, the UFCC has provided UF,
University Athletic Association, and
University Florida Foundation employees
with a convenient way to make a big
difference in our community. In the past
three years, the campaign has brought in more than $1 million per year in
contributions. The 2008-09 goal is $1.3 million!

All funds raised through the UFCC support the work of agencies in our region
that provide a wide variety of services ranging from child care, recreational
opportunities, counseling, and legal help to environmental protection, disease
prevention, and medical assistance. In addition, some of these agencies are
partners with UF through the funding of research projects focused on curing
disease or improving the quality of life for those afflicted with

The agencies in the UFCC cover such a wide spectrum of
support services that it is likely that every one of us has
been touched by at least one of these agencies.

Join us in showing North Central Florida that Gators care!
And this year Gators can give online! Look for e-mails in
September that will link you to our online giving site.

Gators a

Inspiring Success: 8 Best Practices

A steering committee member is the person responsible for
planning, organizing and implementing an effective UFCC
Employee campaign within a department, college or unit.

What is a

Steering Committee Member Responsibilities

3 Attend UFCC E-way training
3 Recruit enthusiastic team
3 Work with your team and UFCC staff to establish a goal,
timeline and plan of action
3 Work with your team to implement plan
3 Encourage employees to go online and give at www.ufcc.ufl.edu
3 Collect pledges, cash and checks and send to the Office of
Community Relations by October 17th
3 Collect special event money
3 Thank employees and announce results

Gators Giv

Inspiring Success: 8 Best Practices


Your Dean's enthusiasm can be contagious. Ask him or her to show
support through some of the following:
0 Appoint next year's campaign coordinator to work with you
0 Give a leadership gift
0 Review giving history and help set a goal
0 Send a letter of support to all employees
R0 Make a personal appearance at group meetings
R0 Be actively involved in campaign planning


Investment at the leadership level ($500 and above) makes up
more than 62% of the UFCC campaign. Support from your
faculty helps you increase your campaign and spread that
enthusiasm to coworkers.
ZR Ask your Dean to serve as leadership chair or to appoint
ZR Conduct a leadership giving campaign within your
fr Set a leadership campaign goal
Rn Ask your Dean to help identify potential leadership givers
SR. Hold events for your leadership campaign before your
0 I regular employee campaign
n Announce results at your regular campaign kick-off
0 Have your Dean host a thank you event at his or her home
for all leadership givers


The task is much easier and more fun when you involve others.
ZR Recruit representatives from multiple areas
ZR Include staff with past experience on your committee
ZR Hold group meetings to develop campaign plans
ZR Make it fun!

Gators Gh

Inspiring Success: 8 Best Practices


As Thomas Edison said, "Good fortune is what happens
when opportunity meets with planning." Follow these
steps to build a successful plan.

Analyze and evaluate past performance
Develop a strategy to improve your campaign
Set a goal (and a stretch goal!)
Set campaign event dates and timeline

A) Analyze and Evaluate

Participation 2005 2006 % inc/dec 2007 % inc/dec
# of Employees: i141 11i1 (.14,% l21 9.1%
# of Givers 45 5il 11.1% 61) 2t)%
O/% Participation 441.9% 45.5% 11.1% 50.0% 10.0%

2007 Employee Giving
# Givers:
%/o Participation:
Average Gift:

2007 Leadership Giving
50 # Givers:
41.7% % Participation:
$150 Averaqe Gift:

B) Develop a Strategy

What we do well (strength)
1) All faculty give at leadership level

What we could do better (opportunity)
2) Many employees do not currently give

1) Encourage faculty to increase their leadership gifts by offering an incentive for every
person that gives $10 more per pay period than last year
2) Increase overall employee participation by entering every person that gives into a
raffle for the Dean's parking spot for two months

C) Set a Goal, then Stretch it!

Setting a realistic goal can motivate and encourage participation. After
analyzing your campaign, use the three easy steps below to identify an
achievable goal for your employee campaign. Based on your history, decide
whether to focus on increasing participation, raising the average gift, or both.

a trs Give


1 '

I '

Inspiring Success: 8 Best Practices


D) Campaign Dates and Timeline

Now it's finally time to put together your campaign plan. Ask yourself, "What
are we going to do to use each Best Practice in our campaign?" Plan your
calendar and create a timeline to ensure a smooth campaign.

E Recruit a campaign team or co-coordinator to help plan your campaign
E Schedule campaign event dates and create a timeline
E Set a goal for your campaign
E Make a presentation to faculty asking them to give at the leadership level
E Ask your Dean to host a reception at his/her home to thank leadership
E Inform all employees that the campaign is going online at www.ufcc.ufl.edu

During Campaign
E Have the Dean send a letter or email of support to all staff
E Hold a kick-off event to announce your department goal, schedule and
E Hang posters (which are available online)
E Distribute pledge forms to those without access to UF's online donation site
E Distribute brochures
E Hold a fun event or contest to educate and engage employees
E Send weekly e-mails with fun facts.
o Send an update on how close you are to your goal

Post Campaign
E Hold a thank-you event for all employees and announce results
E Collect pledge cards and special event money
E Collect cash and checks attached to the donor's pledge summary form (Do
not staple.)
o Deliver all campaign report envelopes to Office of Community Relations
(Tigert Hall 111).
o Send thank you letters to all givers

Ga rs Give

Inspiring Success: 8 Best Practices


By promoting your department's campaign, you encourage your co-workers to learn and
get involved.
R0 Hold a group meeting or kick-off rally
R0 Invite a speaker to talk at a staff meeting or kick-off event
R0 Use incentive prizes to encourage people to increase their gift
R0 Promote the campaign in newsletters, flyers, bulletins, etc.
0 Send e-mails with success stories
R0 Hold special events (bake sales, competitions, etc.)
R0 Ask employees to give personal testimonies at meetings or

People feel good when their generosity is acknowledged and
Ri Hold a thank-you event at completion of campaign
R0 Send thank-you letters to donors
ZR Recognize donors in email/letter/bulletin
R 0 Announce results to all employees

Keeping employees informed about how they are helping the
community will make next year even easier.
0 Use year-round communication to report the impact of ,,
their gift
0 Take pictures throughout the year to isend to the Office
of Community Relations for the UFCC website. '

Ga rs Give
9 (u/t~ih2

Inspiring Success: 8 Best Practices


It is very important to report results as soon as possible. All final campaign
report envelopes are due by October 17, 2008.
0 Collect employee pledge cards and special event money
i0 Collect cash and checks attached to the donor's pledge summary form
01 Complete Campaign Report Envelopes

Need Help Getting Started?
Give us a call.
UF Office of Community Relations
(352) 392-4567


ja rs Give
V... t-


How do I talk to people about UFCC?


The number one reason people don't give is because they aren't asked. Personally asking
people to give is the most effective way to ensure everyone has had the opportunity to
invest in their community.

Step 1: Make Your Introduction and Opening Comments
D Explain how UFCC works. (Frequently asked questions are on the UFCC Web site
D UFCC invests in agencies that provide a substantial program of health and human
D Investments in UFCC go to work bringing lasting change, right here in North Central

Step 2: Give Examples of How Your Gift Will Help
D Try to personalize stories and give examples of people you know who have been helped.
D Use UFCC success stories to help people connect with the importance of their

Step 3: Explain The Pledge Form and How to Give Online

Step 4: Answer Questions
D Answering questions about UFCC gives you the opportunity to tell your fellow employees
more about the work of UFCC agencies.
D If you are asked a question that you cannot answer, call the UF Office of Community
Relations at 392-4567 or e-mail ufcc@ufl.edu. We will get the answer to you quickly so
you can follow up as soon as possible with the person.

Step 5: Ask For the Gift
D You've answered the person's questions. Now you're ready to ask for the pledge.
D Encourage each person to give a payroll deduction gift and to give as generously as
D If the individual doesn't fill out the pledge form or go online to give right away, have a
clear deadline (i.e. two days) for turning in the form or going online.
D Use incentives to get the forms back and for going online to give (i.e. present form for
entrance to special event, first # back will receive a t-shirt.)

Step 6: Say Thank You
D Thank the person for his or her time and gift.
D Remind the individual that the contributions will be used to help people in our

Goa rs Give

11 i

How do I talk to people about UFCC?


The most common and effective way to talk to large groups of employees about UFCC and
the needs we meet is at a rally, staff or another group meeting. The following outlines a
20-minute rally that quickly and effectively informs your staff about a UFCC campaign.

W elcom e................. ....................................... 2
Cam)pagn coordinator welcomes employees and explains the
I)Lurpose of the campaign and lhon \\our department or college
\\ ll support the campiagn

Endorsement bY Dean...................................2
Dean or high-le\el facu lty pro\ ides statement of support Ask
Dean to gi e examples of \hI hle. she supports the LIFCC

Agency Presentation..................................... 5 minutes
Agency representat\ e pro\ ides o\ er\ ie\ of the agency
and the impact of its ser ices This informs the audience of
the needs o1 the commuLnity and offers them the opportunity
to participate in addressing those needs

Employee Testimonial.......................................4 minutes
Hear from an employee \ ho has benefited from a LIFCC
agency. or volunteeredd at a LIFCC agency

The "Ask"..................................................... 2
The Campaign Coordinator encourages the employees to gine
online and thanks the employees

Ga rs Give


How do I talk to people about UFCC?


Dear 've earned a reputation for caring about the community in
which we ork and live. very year, we et chane to demonstrate that community
spirit through our investment in UFCC.
spirit through Our invested mentor and after-school programs,

Your participation is crucial. Your gift helps support men ort services and more. You
domestic violence prevention emergency relief, elderly uppo seis d more You
can make a difference. erously as you are
Please join me in supporting this years effort y tributing as generously as you are
able. Because of you, our community will e stronger.

Thank you.


As You toorkr, dou arnce count on e their every day to get the job done. UFCC counts
Syou timoo, and once egatin you've come through for us. Yothv contributed U on
your time and your heart o those less fortunate. our oney,
Your contribution is a commitment he dollars yu don ll be sed t
help alleviate the most Pressing Problems here in North Central Florida. Because of your
gift, the UFCC is making strides to improve our communtral Flori d after

school programs, domestic violence prevention, ny rug enr a ie

You truy should be poud ofyo
all y should be round of your efforts to help make our commune
community a better place for

Dear ....- which we work and play. At the
Each of us wants a healthy and positive environment in f ect-but there is : we
same time, we recognize that our uni i t prfectbut th
can do to help. CC shapes our individual
With UFCC, our individual efforts make a larger impact. UiFCC shapes U n ua
caring into a owerfl force tat can bring about a better life for all. iUFCC ensure a
Network of services that support children and families, promote health and wellness,
network .ei nc and meet immediate needs.

increase seln su C thm
Sknow from personal experience that the more g involved with UFCC, the more
committed become to seeing this omunity grow stronger and healthier. I challenge

you to find out first hand how UFCC helps you, your family, and your commune.


1 ~~

Fun in Fundraising-Creative Ideas

Campaign Awareness Ideas

o Voicemail/E-mail Quiz
o UFCC Trivia Contest
o Invite Agency Speakers to Speak
During Lunch
o Campaign Slogan/Theme Contest -

o Departmental Penny Wars
o Casual Day
o Softball/Volleyball Tournament
o Golf Tournament
o Bake Sale
o Silent Auction
o Management Services Auction
o Sell Popcorn and Drinks
o Picnic/Employee Cookout

o Extra 1/2-Hour Lunch for a Week
o "Leave Work Early" Passes
o "Sleep-In" Passes
o Bonus Day Off
o Casual Day
o T-Shirts
o Reserved/Covered Parking
o Tickets to Games/Movies
o Grocery Certificates
o Dinner for Two

Hotel Getaways
Gift Certificates
Gas Cards
Trophy for Department with Highest


Fun in Fundraising-Creative Ideas

Need a Theme?
You could hold a contest for your campaign theme or try some of the following:
Survivor-the UFCC: Obstacle courses, eating funny foods, eliminating other contestants
UFCC Olympic Games: Sports competitions, torch relay, employees as screaming fans,
team participation
A 'Hole-in-One' Campaign: Golf tournaments, hole-in-one contestants, putting green, mini
golf, "Tee Off for UFCC!"
"Who wants to be a UFCC Giver": Based on Regis' Millionaire show, use questions and
trivia as a good way to educate your co-workers on UFCC history and reach in the
community over the years.

The Prize is Right!
Ways to say thanks. 'I


Raffle a special parking spot I l
Have a casual dress day
Dean serves breakfast to all employees
Develop a "thank you" collage with photos from the campaign activities
Plan a simple celebration: breakfast or lunch in the office or a pizza party!
Have your Dean "surprise" workers by letting them go home early on a selected day
Give each employee a single flower bud with a heart warming UFCC statistic
Offer "sleep in" passes
Award a trophy for the group with the highest participation
Hold a TP contest-employee teams compete for the grand prize -
the opportunity to toilet paper a faculty member's office

Ga rs Give


UFCC Resources

Campaign Materials
UFCC will provide a comprehensive set of campaign materials
designed to educate potential contributors.
Available Materials:
> UFCC Brochure *
Pledge Form and Leadership Pledge Form*
> UFCC Posters 8 x 10 or 11 x 17*
> Leadership Club Booklet
l Steering Committee Guide
> UFCC Newsletters
> Campaign Report Envelopes
l Online Donation Training Power Point Presentation (PDF
or PPT)

*Available to print from file on www.ufcc.ufl.edu


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