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THE ADVENTURE BEGINS. BALBOA HIGH SCHOOL DODDS, PANAMA APO, MIAMI 34002 VOLUME 79 After years of teaching. administrating. and helping students. Mr Tom Leavy has decided to retire. It hardly seems possible that he won't be roaming the halls next year. This year. the yearbook staff would like to dedicate the 1987-88 Zonian to Mr Leavy as a small token of appreciation from BHS and all of its students. Officially Mr. Leavy retires. but we know that he will continue with his efforts on behalf of all young people How do we replace a faithful dependable and devoted principal? We cannot All we can do is to wish you the very best of luck Mr Leavy We will miss you very very much


2 This year. we decided to have s ome fun with the yearbook Our theme It's a Jungle Out Ther e ... But a Zoo in Her e ," was in s pired by Dr. Angela A s chbrenner and brought to life by the 1987-88 Zonian staff. Panama is d e finat ely a j ungle out there with its amazing wonder s 10 see. The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans can be traveled in one day. and v isits to plac es like San Bias and Coronado can be made For over half of a century. the Canal has been open to thousands of ships B albo a High School h a s given us the funda mentals needed to face "The Jungle." For s enior s it i s the last step as many will enter colle ge in the fall or search for employment For facult y BHS is the jungle T o p righl Jungl e a nimal s J ac k S or e n s on and Marcu s Welch on the loose. Right. The jungl e i s full of co mp e tition a s Benny T e l es c a find s him self o ve r Ih e hig h j ump IT'S A OUT THERE < J THE ZOO IN REVIEW TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication Opening Student Life Sports .. Academics Faculty Seniors . . . . . . . . . . . . I . . . . . . . 2 6 .25 .59 ..... 70 . . . ..... .... ... . 81 Juniors . . .. ........ ...... .. 117 Sophomores . .... ... Clubs And Organizations Ads . . ............ J . 133 .147 .176 3


4 BUT IT'S A l ZOO IN HERE!! Mrs Sydney Corbett. English teacher gives her best interpre tation of Broome Hilda for her speech class "You don't really think that I 'm going to eat this stuff do you?" Studying in the ZooHI Sophomore Debbie Has sa n tries to get some work done in th e cafe. ( A. Crowd of students dan ci ng th e days away at the 1988 Smokeout Dance Contest. Manuel Love and Benny Telesca reliev e some tension after the meet. Lurking within the shadows of BHS lies this poor creature. a victim of the sophomore hall decorations during H o me coming '87. 5


,-.. .'. ' "O' .. O'. . .'1' ; I I /1 ""'1 ' l I ','. '-<


BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT Some parents a r e s oo enthusiastic about school! "See Dad. we weren't lying." T o p rig ht Parent s t aki n g a break in th e cafet eria. Why were co nfu sed parents roa ming through BHS halls a ft e r hours on September 161 Th ey were going "Back 10 school." First period class began sharp l y at 7 ,00. Parents met teachers and attended ten minute classes for a briefing on what their child would be doing during the year Guides showed bewildered parents the way around our campus. During a shorl break dough nuts and coffee were available. and t h e SA sold yearbooks. banners. e t c Tow a rd s the conclusion of the evening. parents cast t h eir b allots for m embers of th e School Advisory Committee Uh l I think it's th i s way," 7


JAMBOREE '87 Juan & Marilza showing off their Red Machine Confidencel Confidencel Dry and secure! Raise up your hands if you' re "Sure. spirit Sophomores displaying the qualities of a great upcoming clas s 6 Despite their rivalry. senior cheerleaders consider themselves sisters. Jamboree '87 had it all, lovely queens, roaring fans. spirited cheerleaders. and challenging scrim mages. This long -awaited event. which took place on September 4 at Tiger Stadium in Cristobal. kicked off a truly memorable varsity football season The night began with a colorful parade in which the queens. Nesa Helm from Red Machine. Tracey Helin from Bulldogs. Irene Katsumoto from Cougars, Ashley Anderson from Devils. and Sherry Aquiningoc from Tigers were presented. The tension mounted as the five teams. dressed in their slick new uniform s. awaited the beginning of the game. Finally. the referee blew his whistle and the match was on. There were ten 12-minute quarters a s each team fought tirelessly to defeat its opponents The fans chee red their favorite teams. as they witnessed powerful tackles. awesome passes. amazing runs and spectacular touchdowns During the halftime. the cheerleaders combined their talents and performed a jam to the popular tune of "Brass Monkey." The second half action resumed. and each team gave its all. This night ended with the powerful Red Machine proving to be the toughest. The team received its first Jamboree trophy s ince 1975. It was definitely a proud night. not only for the Red Machine. but for all the teams who participated whole heartedly. Dario Dennis scoring one of the touchdowns that led Red to Victory. Coach Bales lets Leon Powell know what will happen to precious parts of his anatomy if thi s play does not work. 9


1 0 A TRIBUTE TO SUMMER DANCE What were beachballs. towels. coolers. and lounge chairs doing in the Amador Officer's C lub on Saturday. September 12. 19871 The answer is decorations for the Tribute to Summer" dance. This SA sponsored event at tracted many BHS students decked out in the latest beachwear. They came dressed in casual beach cloth es shades. suntan 10lion. and even zinc. Music provided by legacy kept everyone on the dance floor all night long Mor e than 250 students attended this dance. There were more peop l e there than the SA had I nUially expected. Nancy Othan. SA secretary. commented on the dance by saying. "I thought the dance was one of the most successful dances at BHS be cause there was a good attendance from all of the three dasses and the music was f u n to dance 10," "life's' a beach," Jerri and Jen's mOllO, all right Come on guys, summer will be back in on l y a year! Rob & Kate "Cheezing it :


TRICKY TRICKY HALLOWEENIE Why were Cunas Beth &. Jen. POW's Mark & l uis. Statues of liberty. Mrs. Kober and Mrs. Sosa, Nerdettes, Nancy and Diana. and Dark Helmet. Chad. invading BHS on October 30th? Yes, it was a Halloween celebration. This year's Halloween brought a great deal of spirit to BHS. Over 30% of the body dressed up in crazy costumes. The SA gave prizes to the students with the most original outfits. The winners were, Carlos Herrea as the Ayatolla. April King as a crayon. Ana Kooksye as a hunchback. and the one and only Mrs. Othon as a punk rocker. When asked why he dressed up in a robe with his rubber ducky. senior Ramon Constante responded. "Because I didn't have time to take a shower that morning. and besides, Mrs. Petersen was giving extra credit to anyone wearing a costume." Nerdettes in Paradise III Top right : Mrs. Totten having a bizarre personal ity crisis. "No, Doctor,let me give them therapy. I'm very experienced in thai department," says Nurse loy. j Professor Hulick uses Pascal to solve the elusive Quantum Theory. 11


HOMECOMING HOMECOMING With stunts l ike these the senior cheerleaders proved they could give the Cougars a run (or their money. One of the reasons sophomores won Spit-it Week was t h is colorful float. C l ass of '89 attentivel y watch ing t h e powde r pu(( game.


HOMECOMING HOMECOMING Red Machine giving its last and best performance. Home coming 'S7 : a week filled with spiri t and dress-up days. football games. and parties. brough an exciting end to the football season. Th e week began as each class decorated its own hall according 10 the class theme. In the competition. the "Sophomore Safari" defeated both the "Futuristic" juniors and the seniors' "50'5" look Seniors. dressed in l eat her jackets, penny loaf ers. poodle skirts, and bobbie socks showed their winning spirit and captured the dress-up category. The juniors and sophomores placed second and third. respectively. On Friday th e annual Powder Puff game was played between the sen iors and the underclass men. It was a close game, but the juniors and sophomores rallied and routed the senior s with a scor e of 7-6. During halftime, the senior c heerlead e r s entertained the crowds with their routine to the hit song "Wipeout." Students responded so favorably, that the cheerleaders gave an encore performance of the routine. All in all, so phomore spirit proved a cut above the rest, and that spir it won the class the SIOO prize for the week's activities. When asked how s he felt aboul eliminating the upperclassmen. Susan Nelson commented, I'm glad we kicked their -I" These gem s of the jungle shined bright during the Homecoming parade. F rida y nig ht marked the end of the 1 987 fool ball season, and after th e dUSI had settled. th e r e was a three way ti e for first place among the Red Machine, Bulldogs, and Green Devils. During halftim e. another BHS tradition, Ihe c heerleadin g competition, gave the cheerleaders a chance to show off their st uff The contest was close, but the Cougars managed to sq ueeze by Red Machine by on l y a few votes. After the competiti on ended, Cougars' Christina Brandenburg exclaimed, It was r eally a great feeling and we worked hard. I felt we deserved the championshipl" The week's festiv ities cu lminated with th e Homecoming dance held at the Farfan Cellar Club on November 14th Thi s year's co urt includ ed: Christen Eudy and Casey Wharry, Sari H oIland and Ricky larkin; Teresa Martinez and Juan Cazorla; and the king and queen, Robert Canter s and Kathy Steuart. Key underclassmen play e r s are all smiles after their viclo,yo 13


,. DRY SEASON EXTRAVAGANZA The BHS Winter Formal. sponsored by the sen ior class, was held Saturday. January 9th. at the Amador Officer's Club It began at 8:00 and ended promptly at 12,00. Before the dance. couples ate at a variety of restaurants. ranging from EI Corlija to le Bis-trot. As couples walked into the dance. the spirit of Christmas once again entered their minds. The walls of the club. decorated according to the Winter Wonderland theme were adorned with snowflakes. snowmen. and balloons. There were approximate l y 175 people dressed in luxurious dresses and tuxedos, but no one shone more than the beautiful court consisting of Greta Crusoe and John Hern. Ashley Ander son and Darren Boatwright. Beth Haesecke and Juan Cazorla. Jennifer Melcher and Ricky larkin. and the reigning queen Wella Farrell with her Snow White swept off her feet by a very tall Prince Charm ing escort Robert Canters. When asked how they felt about be ing crowned. Wella responded. I was really s urprises thinking I wasn't going to get it. and the feeling really made my night. It'll be one of my mo s t memorable moments of my high school years. I only wish that the one I love could've shared it with me. Music was provided by the newest group to hit the OJ scene. Roxy. made up of Oerreck George and Henry Carpenter. Their tunes kept the crowd on the dance floor all night long. On the whole. most students rated the event as "average." Stephanie Hughes stated. "There was a lack of participation and lam e songs were played." On the other hand Rene Cruz stated. "The company was great and the people were really fun Eva lawrence having the time of her life with her escort. Ken & Rita jamming the night away The Court sharing a private moment on the dance floor What were you two lovebirds doing before this?" "Hey Carlos. is that the look of love or what?" 'if / ( J" "Strangers in the night. exchanging glances lS


PLAYING WITH THE PLAY After three and a half months of preparation, the curtain for A Midsumm e r Night's Dream finally opened. With a cast and crew of over 55 people the play turned out to be an overall success A Midsummer Night s Dream was per formed on January 22.23. 29 and 30 after being postponed twice due to a faulty sound system The play opens in the Court of Duke Theseus. Egeus is outraged at his daughter Hermia's disobedience because she defiantly declares she is going to marry lysanderl Egeus wants her to marry Demetrius. Theseus then tells Hermia that if she disobeys her father. she will face death or be confined to a convent. Lysander and Hermia decide to meet In a nearby wood and elope. Meanwhile in that wood Titania and Oberon. rulers of the fairies, have argued over the possession of a changeling boy, a human child raised by fairies. Titania refuses to give up the child Vengeful, Oberon arranges to concoct a charm to make Titania dote upon the first thing she sees upon awakening. Oberon also sees Helena pursuing Deme trius and pities her because her love for Demetrius is not returnedl he decides to have the same charm applied to Demetrius so that he may love Helena. Puck, Oberon's mischievous servant, mistakes lysander for Demetrius and puts the charm on his eyelids instead. lysander wakes to see Helena and instantly loves her Also in the wood is a group of trades men who are rehearSing for a play to be performed on the Dukes wedding day They are rehearsing near Titania's bower Puck puts an ass's head on Bottom and frightens all the other would-be actors away Titania wakes sees donkey -headed Bottom and loves him Puck then puts the charm on Demetrius who loves Helena upon awakening After the lovers separate and go to sleep that night, Puck amends the situation and puts the charm on lysander's eyelids so when he awakes he will love Hermia. Oberon pitie s Titania for loving an ass and removes her from the spell In the end, lysander Marries Hermia, Demetrius marries Helena, and Theseus marries Hippo l yta. Pinnochio gets lessons i n makeup How do Noelle, Roll, William, and Scott spell relief fixed s ound s y s tem These Athenian goddesses welcome people into their temple.


Fairies getting "Into the Groove Chris Berr ean givi ng u s his "mean l ook THE CAST Puck getting bus ted b y Obero n 17


CARNAVAllTOS '88 "As the main function of the Spanish Club. the 1988 Carnavalitos were a total success." responded Mr Vaz. the club sponsor, when asked his opinion about the outcome of the event. The first step of carnival is to elect a queen and court. This year's crown went to senior. Karla Pere. whose "edecanes" (escorts) were Paul Vega and David Avila. The princesses and their respective escorts were: Carolina Arauz and Alejandro Palm. Ana Ma ria Romero and David Smith. L10yda Cooper and Jossie Aquirre. Gissel Draughon and Nunzy Bellofatto. Tam mie Mattheney and Carlos Nieves. and Melissa Harvey and Ray Dittmar. These students prepared for several weeks. after school. to perform a series of folkloric dances for the public. Dressed in their "poJleras" and montunos" they danced to "baile tipico" at the presentation held at Curundu Cafetorium on February 6 beginning at 8,00. Following the performance, former queen Melissa Sedda crowned Karla Pere as the new Spanish Club Queen. Each were presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers by club president. Irene levy. An alegre "comparsa" added to the color of the evening. when students danced to the tunes of Pedrito Altamiranda. accompanied by several people in the audience. Afterwards it was party time at Magic, where the success of the evening was celebrated. Students danced the night away and brought a joyful end to Carnavalitos '88. Karla poses with her escort s Paul and David Ana Maria displays her pallera in the bell tower at Panama Viegjo Carnavalito Court '88. -R. Dittmar. M. Harvey. N. Bellofatto. G Draughn. P Vega. C Nieves, T Matheney. A Palm. K Pere. C. Arauz. D. Smith. A. Romero, D Avila. J Aguirre. l. Cooper


Gina. Maria. Ali. and Melinda ready for another jam session on the dance floor Steve giving his impersonation of an anteater. Kalia and Michelle wearing their Carnavalito smiles Nunzy. lori. Meredith. Juan. and Nancy enjoying the night club scene. 19


CHARTBUSTERS OF THE YEAR BillBOARD'S T OP UN 10; La H.lrnba L<,ls Lobos 9) Shakl'dowll -Hob Sege r 8) H l.'rl' I Go Again-Whllesnake 7) Thl' Way It h;Bruce Hornsby 6) S h.,kl,.' You Down-Gregory Abbot 5) Nothing's Go nn a SlOp U s Now-Starship 4 ) I Wanna DM1CC' With SOr11('bodyWhit-/ley 3 ) liv mg On A Prayer -Bo n Jovi 1) AIIJlll'-HI.'.1r1 IJ Walk Llkl. An Egyptian-The Bangles Hl're is a compilati o n o f Billboard's Top T ell f or 1 987. The Bangels managed to be 11ll' firsl .,11 female group group in the hi s,,,, r y I music 10 have the # 1 song of IllI.' Yl'ar. Of Ihl.' three ballads, Hear"s 'Akml." plac('d #.2. The heavy metal gr""p. BOil J ovi. landed at # 3 with "living On A Pr.lyer." Whitney's com e back hit gave her Ihe biggest son g by a woman for Ihe Yl'ar. Grl.gory Abbofs "Shake Y ou Down" W.1S tll(' #6 song, th e biggest by a PhotClsrapher Gre s OeGtJire "C.,.b,',,, BHS TOP TEN 10) H ad-M i c h ael Jackson 9) Causing A Commotion-Madonna 8) I Wanna Dance With Somebody-Whit-ney 7) La Samba-Los L o bo s 6) Lean on M e-C lub Nouveau S) M o ny, M o ny-Billy Ido l 4 ) Her(' I Go Again-Whitesnake 3) Lady In Red-Chri s Deburgh J) living On A Praye r Bon Jovi I ) I Think We're Alone Now-Tiffany mal.:-_ It was a good year f o r new arlists, but old g roups like S t a r s hip came back with big hits_ BHS's fav o rites were simi lar. Th.:-soul lovers landed "Bad" at # 1 0. And h o w could we leave Maddy out; she's a lwa ys "Cau s in g a Commotion." There were also two r e makes by Tommy James, I Think We'r.:Alone Now and Mon y Mon y." And h o w can we leave "lean on Me" out 7 It so ld over one million copies_ And that's about it for 1987 music! Gdkr Hu, h Hus h S .. cr .. ts 16, AI Lln"iy Sr<'CI.li SI II Ii/S7 pp 30-31


Rlr c h l an, "Geo r ge H as Fauh," "Sl a r Hu s," Sep t 17, 1 98 7 pp. 6().61. 21


SENIORS RELEASED FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR These BHS students pose for a final s hot before th eir d e parture Pragedis Payne graduated I n orde r 10 begin college Connie Nic kisher g raduated since s h e was "sick of early. She enr olled al la Boca T ec h schoo l," She decid e d to go to work. 22 Why graduate early ? Many BHS stu dents chose to do so in order to begin college early. travel work. or just bum around. Following semester exams, 9 % of the senior class decided to call it quits The 28 students are, F lavio An-. derson. Todd Anderson. Terri Askew. Zoe Borroz. Jimmy Bryan Jr .. Veronica Chandler Helena Chaniotis. Edward Chism; Dana Dickerson. Marinda Evans. John Ferrell. Warren Gibbs.Nadja Green. Brett lIIing. Keith Jordan. Ceci lia Kim. Renee lalo. Virginia lemay. David lockhart. Teresa Martinez. James O Neil. Connie Nickisher Joseph Putaturo. Mariana Putaturo. Pragedis Payne. Augusto T erracina Lorena Teran and Ann Marie Thomas. A great deal of the graduates returned to BHS for the graduation ceremony. held at the Atlapa Convention Center on June 15. The only requisite for students to graduate early is for them to complete the necessary 20 credits.


Playg irl's newe st recruit s, Andy Scott and Keith Wall, give u s their studly l ooks. WILD LIFE What senior s piritl'm getting out of class," says Ramon We know what Calvin and J essica are planning for thi s evening All right dudes. let's cruise the causeway I .. . " 23


"He may be no Romeo, but h'e's our loving one man show .. Be real lynette and Frances Becky finds Dann y "CHARMIN l Y" soh. 24 "We are the world. we are the juniors The Supremes Judy. Renee. Peg8Y and Dana -pe,rcm,j"1 "Stairway to Heaven ," Shou l d n't Susan have the s ho r ts on and you t h e pants. Roll?


. '. . j - .f. l I L _________


26 RED ROCKETS TO # I Night falls across the Isthmu s of Panama. as anticipation of the main event fills the air P eop l e begin asking the question. "W ho will win?" others become uneasy. The players arrive at the arena many hours before the game to prepare for the night's ordeal. They suit-up. and ask themselves if all the work they have put into this sport will payoff. Thi s is the game that they have prepared for. It is almost time for the game to begin. and the people line up outside. The gates fly open and the fans pour into the stadium. The teams come out to stretch their weJltoned bodies before the game. The refs Signa l for the captains to come to the center for the coin toss. and Red Machine's captains. Eddie Icaza and Dario Dennis. are encouraged by the good omen of winning the toss. The captains rejoin their team and prepare for the first part of the long battle. Ray Francis leads the offensive attack to help rack up the points against their opponents. Ed leaza and Todd Underwood lead the de fense in stopping the attempts of the offense to catch up. As the whistles blow to signify the end of the quarter. the AIIIsthmians Jack Sorenson. Todd Underwood. and Jim Wagner lead their team to the second stage of the ultimate test. Top row : J. Mage e D Cow l es. B. Vose F lisby. C. W elc h W. Stevens. E. Icaza. M Grimes. E Ellman E. McDonald J Wint e r M B l ack. S. Resley. J Myers J Cazorla. A Welch. A Valez. E. Schema n L Cantu. Second Row: J Wagner. G. Grosdidier. T Edler. J Sorenson. T Underwood. T Gragg. M. Stempe l J C l ark. M Rogers. K Barnes. R Royo. D Finnerty. H Crouch. G. Crouch. G. Williams. J Smith L Sanc h ez. R Dahlstrom. Third Row: l. Frazi e r. S. Bishop. N. Helm. J W h eeler.


SCOREBOARD Opponent Red Vi s it o r Bulldogs 7 15 Devils 27 13 Tigers 27 0 Cougars 21 0 Bulldogs 0 7 Devils 9 7 Tigers 21 0 Cougars 20 0 Won Jamboree Final Standing 6-2 -Opposite pag e l D Cow les zips tne ball 10 T Grass Top : R Francis fends off a raging Bulldog Middle left: L. Cantu stre t c hes for a pass Middle Righi : O Cowles breaks away. Far l efl: Touchdown! D Denn is adds six to the score. -left: Coach Magee in usual (orm 27


28 BULLDOGS THRASH TO 6-J The whistles blow to kick -off the second part of the battle for fir s t place. The score is now Red Machine 6 Bulldogs O. Green Devils O. and Cougars O. But all this changes as soon as Robert Thrift touches the ball. It i s the Bulldogs' turn to dominate the field and Edwin Vaughn takes the defense and molds them into an unbreakable wall. The captains. Edward Winkler. Edwin Vaughn. and Conrad Blades. help to unite them into an unstoppable force. The battle is tough and long as the whistle blows to end the first half. The AII-Isthmians Conrad Blades Daryl Fishbaugh Erik little. Ted Melcher Edwin Vaughn. and Edward Winkler lead their team off the field to the locker room to plan a new strategy to keep the victory within their grasp. Half-time is the time when friends gossip and parents brag but they all have something in common -they all have been caught b y the excitement of the game. The tensions rise higher as it approaches time for the next half to begin T o p Row: V Martinez. C.Uvingston. T Miller. J. Van Den Akke r O Davi s. K. Kaufman M. Weade.l. Payn e Secon d Row : E. Holland, K J e nkin s, C. Vierra. E Holla nd. M Calapini. M S h erry. C. Blades. S. Torres Thir d Row: E. H ajduck. N. P i neda. E Walcott. A Petrucci, l. Groom. E. little, O. Townsend. V. Payne fourth Row : D. Denley, G Bressell, E Marquez. R Nieves, R Furlong. S Young E Vaughn. E. Winkler fifth Row: K S mith. M G regory. T Melcher. D Fishbaugh. O. Coffey. R. Thrifl, E H o lland. K. Baldwin. T H elin


O ppo site p age R. furlong walts pas sive l y t o loin th e ac t i o n -far Left C. Blades c h a r ges t hr oug h I h e R e d D efe nce. L eft, Coa c h Phy n e l ooks on -Below L eft, G Bressell gets medical I r ea l menl f r o m R J enni n gs. B e low: R Furlo n g pilc h es o n e bac k 1 0 Ihe lailback SCOREBOARD '87 O pp one n t Dogs Visi t o r Red 15 7 Tigers 4 1 0 Cougars 21 0 Devils 13 14 Red 7 0 Tigers 6 0 Cougars 21 0 Devils 0 4 Final Standing 6-2 29


)0 DEVilS DEFY THE ODDS The people begin to rush back into the stands as the teams take the field The scores are Red Machine 6, Bulldogs 6, Green Devils O and Cougars I. The tension begins to build as the captains. Steve Mallia and Ricky Larkin meet once again with the refs. The Green Devils take the field and begin their defensive attack. Rudy Frances dominates the quarter with his d e fensive talents The offense makes the scoring drives needed to insure the victory under the leadership of Steve Mallia The battle is long and hard. Ther e are many injuries during this quarter because of mental and physical stress. AIIIsthmians. Fernando Cabe za, Robert Canters, Rudy Fran cis, Terry Hunter Devin Kane, Steve Mallia and David Willi ford help bring the team back to victory. The managers are seen more frequently near the end of this quarter as they bring the much needed water for their bodie s and a smile of encouragement for their mind s. The refs watch the clock tick down a s it reaches zero, they blow their whistles to end the third quarter. The players are glad for this last break before the final quarter begins TOP llo R : J H uff. S. Gomez. K S t eil. K. Crowley R Francis J Swee n ey. S H ova n T Hunt e r. S. Wall. R Kimbrough. l. Hus t ed. Second Row: A. And e r son. F. Cabeza. C. Finelley. R. Canter s. W Bibb s. P. Boatwrig h t. D Williford. M Dejesus. D Wall.l. Wrig h t Third Row: J Diaz. T Denley. J. khisa ka. M And e rson. R. l arkin. R Cofer. J Gallardo, J Daigle. T Hunsake r


R Cante r s snags a pass the n streaks t owa rd the E r.d Zone Opposite page: O. Wall pulls t h e ball in. Far left, S. Mallia prepares to hand t h e ball 10 O.J. Carroll left: Coach Husted poses p r oudly for a picture Bel ow: R. Slromberg nails an oppos ins Quarter Back. -Below left: M Dejesus awaits hi s chance t o take the field SCOREBOARD '87 Opponent Devils Visitors Red 13 27 Cougars :lO 13 Tigers 22 7 Bulldogs 14 13 Red 7 9 Cougars :lO 7 Tigers 21 0 Bulldogs 4 0 Final Standings 6-2 3 1


J2 COUGARS PROWL ON The fans feel the e xcitement as much a s the player s. The adrenaline pumps throu g h the veins of the pla yers as they.hear the whistle blow to begin the final struggle. In this quarter there is no such thin g a s pain or suffering onl y senseless bodies beating each other. The captains, Ron Bolen. Nick Redd and Jason Gragg bring the Cougars out onto the field to head the final assault Kevin Coleman and Randy Garmon lead the offense to score the needed points to i nsure the victory. The Cougar defe nse l e d by Nick Redd and Jason Gragg. demolishes the tactics of the opponent's offense. The players use the last remains of their strength to keep the victory within their grasp. When the last whistle blows to end the game. the AII-Isthmians. Ron Bolen and Nick Redd. have lived up to the e xpectations of their peers and coaches. All of the people look toward the scoreboard and can hardly believe their eyesl For the first time in Balboa s history. we have a three way tie for first place between Red Machine Bulldogs and Green Devils There was a tie for second between Cougars and Cristobal. The standings in no way represent all of the hard work and dedication given by every player manager. coach. and cheerleader during the foot ball season. As the lights are turned off and everybody goes home a boy stands in the middle of the field with a football in his hands. Quietly he says to himself Someday I'll play here tool TOP R O W S. Beardea u x, R A c una N. Thr e a t. A Scott. M F e r g u so n, J Gra g g, S. Wheel e r C. Fjie ld. R Jon es. D Larkin SECO N D R OW: M Bales. N. R edd. W Barley. C. M c K e n z i e R Bole n J End e r. E Call A. Vo well. THIRD ROW: N Gr a h a m R W as hin g t on. M Hear s l. P o w ell. R Ga rm o n J: M os e s J J e mm ott. M. Tr emley. K C o l e m a n R C lark M F ennell. HALF CIRCLE: I. K a t so mot o.l. Thrift. Y Fis hb o u g h. K l. M offm. E. Anderso n C. Br a nd e nbur g. S. Reeve s. T P e rez. T B o l e n D J e nnin gs F Richards. E Walt e r s. R Hunt e r l. QUinn F. Bales


SCOREBOARD 'S7 Opponent Tigers Devils Bulldogs Red Tigers Devils Bulldogs Red Cougars Visitors 21 0 13 20 o 21 o 21 8 22 7 20 o 21 o 20 Final Standing 1 Oppo site paRe, R Garmon fires away Above The Cougar offen s e take. a meout -Left, Ron Bolen pose' for a picture aher a tiring game Coach Bales in usual form. 3 3


D D l to R, Mrs Eudy. K Boyer. C Eudy. S Helin. M Jaen. O. McArthur. R Roya. K Stewart, K Thompson (Above)Red Machine Cheerleaders executing their routine which contributed to a great competition. (Be low )Th e Bulldog's "wave went over well with the fans and judges. L to R J. Acker. S. Anderson.l. Deslandes. J. Evans. 8. Huff. K. Kirby. S Oakley. T Washington "i -34 . j";;,, .,,,.,;...


D -l!;" .. !, ""4c" ..... ---L 10 R : Mrs. Holland. Y Alexander, l. Diaz. W. Farrell. l. Gonzales. S. Holland. T. Munsen C. Nickisher, S. Smothers. (Above)The Devils show the power of the pyramid. (Below) The Cougars show their flexibility and experience which led to victory in the competition. l. to R : Mrs. Bales. E Anderson. C. Brandenburg Y Fishbough. I KalSumoto. K. Masters, l. Moffitt. S Reeves, l. Thrift 35


36 Right K Kneebone gets set to snatch the ball in midair Below, M Oliver takes one upl ANIMALS What animal are you on the court? K. Kneebone ............ Buffalo S. Van Steenburg .... Jack rabbit M Lang ................ Bulldog M Carson ............. Antelope C. Oliver ................. Tiger J Rouse ............. Cheetah M. Oliver ... .......... Leopard M. Guerrero ............. Puma J, Mora ............... Monkey A Whitesell ....... Coati Mundi BULLDOGS , Top Row, K. Kneebone. S. Van Steenburg. M. Lang. M Car so n. C. Bottom Row: J Oliv er. M Guerrero. Mora. A Whitesell


-----------------DEVILS Top Row, Coach Strombers l. Teran, S Nelson A. Matthew T Price. B Haesec:ke. M Tremblay. V. La. s ack Mr. Smith Bottom Row, E Marquez. k Robinson K Strom berB. C. Alanis. Y McDonald. C. Dear M Len-Rlos ANIMALS If captured on the courl. what ani mal would you become? L. Teran ............... Panther S Nelson ........... ..... Zebra A. Matthew . ............ Puma T Price ............ Wildebee s t 8 Heasec:ke .... .. .. Kansaroo M Tremblay ............ Gazelle E. Marquez ............ Leopard K Robinson ............... Tiser K. Strombere .............. Fot( C Alani .......... ...... Wolf Y. McDonald., ....... .. Lion C Dear .................. Deer M len Rio. .......... Cheetah left, K Robi nson g o e s for Ihe r e bound 37


36 COUGARS Top row J Cazabon. H Williams R Frey L. M e rrill. K Schneringer. N. Hilsinger. 8. Crowley. Yin Theoktisto. Bottom row A Cooksey. J Antongeorgi. M Ettrick. M Harvey. J Rawlin s I ANIMALS I What animal are you on th e court? J Cazabon' ............. Cougar H Williams ............ . Zebra R. Frey .................. Puma l. Merrill ............... Co ugar k Schn e ringer ........... Panda N Hilzil1ser ............ Cougar 8 C r ow l e y ............. Cougar A Cooksey ............. Gazelle J Antongeorgi ........ Cougar M Ettrick ....... . . . Cougar M H arvey ............... lion J Rawlins . ....... .... Couga r -Jeanette Antongeorgi mo ves in for the s hot RED MACHINE Top row: l. Sheppard V Scotland. J Wheel e r J Boatwright. T Blenman. l. Flore s. S forbes, O D e Jesus Bottom row, K. Hugh es. E. Agueda. A Jefferson. S. Bryant. A. Falcon N o t pictured: A Oliv e r. Y Yearwood 1 Adrienne Oliver. Red. s nat c hes the ball from J Rouse I ANIMALS I l. Sheppard ............... Panther V. Scotland ...... . .......... Zeb ra J Wheeler .......... ......... Giraffe J Boatwright .................... Fox T Ble nman .................... Puma l. Flores ..................... Cougar K. Hughe s ................. Antelope E Agu eda .................. Panther A Jeffer son ................... lion S. Bryant ..................... Rabbit A Falcon ........ ............ l eopard Y yearwood .............. Wildebeest A. Oliver ... ...... ... Tas m ania n devil 39


40 BULLDOGS The 1987 Bulldogs Boys' Basket ball Team finished second overall They went into the final bas ketball tournament neck-and-neck with the Red Machine. The Bulldogs did well in the final tourney but they came up a lillie short in the champion s hip game. The Bulldog' (Right) Top row Coach L. Quinn B Cochran. f Williams. J Winter, J. Van Den Akker. W. Kellman. T WalSon. A Coon and J. Riley. 80t-10m row E. Belmar. R PaumoRte, M Grime s A Davidson. and E. McDonald. Below. T Watson shows his stuff asainst the Cougan. Alex Reyes looks on helplessly Below righl. J Van Den Akker puts his hand up In anticipation of an easy red. \


DEVILS This year's Panama Canal College Bas kethall Team had ill squad of .even men Even with such ill .mall number of personnel they managed to make ill strong ,howing. Team members in cluded lefl: Manager). Cazabon. Top Rowl R Morgan. M Cribb s R Hunter. and Coach E Capablo. BOHom Row, E. Fischer. M Stump R. Larkin. and O Walker Junior Mike Grlbbs. a .econd year Devil player ahd some good things to lay about the learn W e worked hard thl year. We didn t start off too well. but when we worked together a a team our effort. u sually paved off." Below Left : R Larkin charges down field while teammate O. Walker gelS ready to catch ill pa... BeJow: M. Stump show. grace In motion as he goe s airborne for ill reverse layup'.


COUGARS The 1987-1988 Curundu Boys Bas ketball Team did thei r b ell for the entire season All player worked hard and many improved The Curundu Team (below) Included Top Row, V Neal C Thoma s R Coon. G. Schnerlnger A R e yes and Coach R Reyes. Bottom Row, L Powell .l. Higgins. J. Sorensen, S Drumgule. K. Wall. and Manager D Cerano The Cousars had a tough s eason Many of their games came down to the final second s with the Cougars on the losing end. Even with the disappointment that comes from losing close sames. the Cougars didn t give up They didn l quit Irying Their ports manshp and effort s peaks highly of Balboa High School. Curundu Ju nior High School. and Panama Ca nal College MOil of the Cougar Ba. ketballteam expeci to play for the team I n the following years. 4 2 Right. G Schneringer lake s one up while M Stump of the Devil s team trle 10 block hi s trie s to block hi s s hot. Far Right R. Coon 'how. great reach abilit y as he and T. Melcher of the Red Machine fir e the first shot. of bailie RED MACHINE This school ye a r has been one of the best i n hi s tory as far a s the Red Ma c hine athletic program is concerned. They took the "Num ber One" spot In both football and boys' basketball. Team members included ( below ) Top row C. AI verez. R Gonzale z T Melch e r. L. Fudge. M. Horne. K. Jenkins. C Blade s D Dixie. and C. Irwin BOItom row, E. D l az. C. Wood K Crowley P Fahey. G Wynn. and M. James Middle M Warren. Even thought the Red Machine were the boys' ba s ketball champi on s they received heavy competi tion from the Bulldog' squad The seas on championship went all the way down to the last tournament of the season With good leader ship a lot of skill. and litde bit of luck the Red Machine earned their top ranking. Part of the Red Machine s success can be attributed to good coaching, but most of the credit goes to the players. One of those players Greg Wynn ( left ). earned the Most Valuable Player Award because of the effort he put into making the Red Machine be the best it c ould be


44 BULLDOGS Top r ow: D. StumvolJ. R. Cruz. S. Allen, R. Rulz. J McDonald Bottom row: G. Agueda. R. Diaz. S. Thr o n sen. C. Barber, Y. Fishbough Righi : Coach Olive r gives a l ook of determination before smashing the ball. Above : Rene Cruz tapes his racket while C ar i e Mor ris l ooks on. RighI: S. Allen return s a scream ing se rve.


DEVILS Top Row: C. Marrata. F DeUma.l. Cordero. J Fabrega. P. Uehr. S.lichtenberger. Bottom Row: C. Yang. J. Rosento / ck. D. Achers. S. Chang. and J. Ritter. left: Coach K. Tucker watches contently as his boys strive for victory. Left P.liehr shows his stuff has "he makes a dynamic cutback. The next John McEnroe? F Delima exhibits excellent form for a lopspin serve. " !-c.lIi J ? } Y .. &iJ' . .... .-45


46 COUGARS Left Joe Horn dives for a backhand. Above Paul Chang way behind the baseline to return a serve. Below left : Kelly. ''I'm practicing. Coach ," Joe Horn (pictured bel ) worked very hard for hi s team and others in orBanizing championship tourney.


RED MACHINE Top Row: Coach Moffitt A Petrucci. P Irwin T Welch. K Bailey, P D e La Guardia Bottom Row: M Hay ne s M Benitez O Va s quez It Sanch e z M Hoffman Right M Benitez s lams a winning shot. Above P De la Guardia eyes what will b e an easy return. Right : M Rooster" Hoffman sets up for a s lashing bac khand return. 47


TRACK AND FIELD 1988 TRACK AND FIELD All-ISTAMIANS BOYS 440 REALY-R. Dittmar. V. Wilson M. Joseph. D. Avila MILE RELAY-R. Dittmar. B. Telesca. P. Walcott. M. Joeseph SPRING MEDLEY-R. Dittmar. V. Wilson. M. Joseph. B. Telesca HIGH JUMP-B. Clark ONE-MILE RUN-M. Klouse LONG JUMP-M. Joseph GIRLS 440 RELA Y-J. Diaz. l. Merrill. K. Henriquez. E. Agueda MILE RELA Y-I. levy. M. Capps. l. Merrill. E. Agueda SPRING MEDLEY-J. Diaz. l. Merrill. K. Henriquez. E. Agueda KXJ Y d DASH-E Agueda -SPECIAL CONGRA TUlA TIONS TO ANNA COOKSEY FOR BREAKING 880 RUN RECORD THIS YEAR-( l TO R)-Top T Myer. J Bridge s. B lovelady. I. levy. W Bartley. R Dittmar, Middle Row: V. George. A. King, 8 Teles ca. T Pri ce. N Starnes. S Park s, Front Row, V. Wilson. P. Walcott 1 111 I 1988 Junior Varsity Track &. Field Team (ABOVE)L to R-Back Row, D Moore, M. Mcintire. S. Gomez. F Arce. M. Tremblay. M. Morri s on. A. Cooksey. E Green. N Duchene. T. Smith. N. Mora D Alvarado. (Middle Top)Thomas Leckey prepares to throw the discus. (Middle Below)-Eva Lovelady and Irene levy gear-up to dominate over the pee challengers (ABOVE)L to R, Coach Dahlstrom. B Telesca. Mr Waugh. R. DiUmar The first. and last. time they ever stepped on the award blocks (LEFT), Bottoms UpWI 49


50 SWIMMING AND DIVING The 1988 Girls Swimming and D i ving T earn included Top rOWe Coach Villacl s, K knee bone K Boyer C Morri s C Copier. T Zahara L. Moff i t L Amat Second row : R. King. G. Rathyen, K. William s J Parsons. L. Diaz. M. Howell. J. Stahlman. M Capps Third row : W Dimlngez, M Black K. Pat terson. J Pierce. 8 Lovelady A Viera. M Lawlor last row Diving Coach Gomez. L. Suchhelsler. L. Reese. A. Cooksey T Hunsaker. N. Woodrow, B Hanson. G Agueda The BHS Girls' Swimming and Diving Team started practicing for their first meet three weeks before it was to take place The girls worked on their tech nique. starts. and turns to prepare for the competitive season They sawm all of their four meets against the combined Cousar-Devil Girls Team For many of the sirls the season was their first. All of the sirls did well Above, Coach Sweeney at the helm Above right Gone but not forgonen, Chad Fallin demonstrates one of the dives he became famous for


The 1988 Boys Swimming and Diving Team included Top row J. Leffler. A Petrucci. (Quit the team) H Launder. T Pinkoski. and k Thomas Second row 8. Ford C N i eves. H Singh. T. Yamatonl and J. Wilson Third row Coach Sweeney. M Rathyen. T. Alvar ado. B lieberman ( Quit the team ) and M Williams Bottom row C Un derwood P Michaeli S Loy. T. Whi tesell. and M Monson. Returning lei termen included A Petruc ci P Mi chaeli S. Loy. T White ell. and M Monson The boys t eam was really di vided into two teams 80th leam swam different workouts, however. when the two team s came tosether for the actual competllive seaton they worked well tosether. Very top Tom Whitesell "fly, down the pool on the first leg of the 200 1M. Above left L. Amat takes a breath j u s t before completing a lap. Most of the swim mers trained for a s hort distance at a fast pace By the end of a set .wim mer were gasping for a i r Abov e J. Wils on .hows the proper way to per form a double flip. S Singh and M Wil liams look on 51


52 BULLDOGS III I ( l To Row, J Rile y F Nunez K Kaufman G Schneringer. A. Dietz. M Stemple O StumvolJ. A Coop e r Front Row, R Wood R Can ters, C Roge rs. M Schneringer. R Larkin. R Cofer. S M c Kenzie . I ,01 ., -. Malt going for the ball. and mis sing


GREEN DEVILS evil showing his blazing speed. contemplating a n ew strategy to win the game. Alfredo executing his perfected pitching s t yle. ..... . -. Eric showing why he is an essent ial par t of the team .-.. ,-, ( l To R ) Back Row: Coach Bess. S. Malia. R Coon. J. Winter. J. Sweeney. K Kraphl. Coach. H Harmmond K Brandenburg, G Barnes. J. Banasick. A Davidson. Coach Stromberg Front Row, D Cowles. K Barnes, R Ortiz, J Jaen. E H olla nd. R Mokillo. E. Staffeldt C. Buval, J Niedzelick Sitting L Engelk. S Starnes


54 COUGARS David Davis does his exercises before the game begins Coach Fendrick watches in anticipation as one of his player steals third l to R ( Back Row), Coach F end rick. M Brazelton. J Velez S. Tweed. J. Clar k C McKenzie. E Elinan. A. Coon. G Jimenez. J Smit h (fro nt Row), J Tejada S Smirkouskey. T. Edler. D Davis. A. Rodriguez. R Cowes. Coac h Martinez Carlos McKenzie waits for th e ac ti on to begin


RED MACHINE (l to R) 1st Row: Coach Bales. E leos. M. Ferguson. S Singh. J. Bonilla. J. Tunon. O. Boatwright. R Thrift. S. Hovan. M. Major. C. Findlay. J. Toshok. Coach Collins Jnd Row, J. Cazabon. C Hovan. S. McGuiness. S. Cavos, S Fussell. J. Jammott. J. Boyd. J. W. Major. A Velez Erik Staffeldt hovers over Jorge Bonilla. Rob Thrift watches as the catcher shows his form M. Major shows his unique pitching style which baffled onlookers 55


56 Hey where did everybody go? Coach Martinez is left to think about another game. Victor, What's up? Soccer tryouts aren't until spring! SPORTS WRAP High school and sports often are synonymous for young athletes. High school provides the time and focus for athletic development and for many s tudents their s port will be the key that opens the door to a college education. Balboa High School takes pride in its sports minded young people and although our four team sys tem is very different from Stateside sc hools, our students adjust to the differences and dash. plunge. hurtle, spring vault and charge their way to personal victoryand fulfittment Ralph Furlong vaults gracefully over the bar while Eric Green admires his s tyle Quit hamming and play ball Tomm. (Red Ma chin e players always have time for funl) 57


56 Without the help and hard work of the following people, the Sports section of this yearbook would not have been completed in time . Sports Editors .. Tom Whitesell Chad Fallin Ron Bolen Candids Section .. Jennifer Rawlins Photographers:Greg Meyer Bart Diaz Special Thanks To: Mr. Holland, Mrs. Che velie, leah Wright, Kim Thompson, Russell Krummel!, Brandy Huff. lisa Deslondes. Wella Farrell. Adam Coon. Ryan Coon. Mike Cribbs. Greg Wynn. Vibeka Sen Gupta. Peter liehr. Chris Morgan. Andy Petrucci. Juan Cazorla. and the Swimming Team. Extra Special Thanks To: Mrs. Short. Meredith Montgomery and Nunzy Bellofallo Willy Bartley takes some lime to get ready for his event. ( Commonly known as "gelling psyched") Mike Cribbs demonstrates free-shot form while teammates look on. The track crew takes a break for a group shot. Who cares about the workoutll /


.. ..... : . . -. -'. J.


GO Futur e Calculus Teac h e r Reynalds R oyo. 71? Do you n ee d some h elp Ms. Thaxton? K a tr i n a Winberg work s a Pascal program o n the Zenith compute r. all p a rt o f the c urri culum o f Compul e r Science I. - Ahall We caught you paying att e nti o n l ( W e a l ways knew Charles Rogers was a schola r a t h e art ) Stude nt s oft e n s p end long hour s after school mast e ring c omput e r s kills. LATE NIGHTS WITH MATH AND COMPUTERS by Shannon Thomas Math was one of those courses that many of uS dreaded all through our high school years. Little did we realize that Math, as well as English is some thing we'll use for the rest of our lives How tangen t s sines, and cosines figure into daily life I'm not sure, but I do know that someday we're going to have to figure out mortgage and interest rates. All of those word problems about time and di stances will payoff if we drive across t he country. Geometry has taught us logic and the righ t angles I don t know w hy but math t e achers are the ones many of us remember most from our high school days. I sup pose it's because they were some of the most eccentric people who came up with the strangest stories to help uS remember all of those wonderful funct ions. ( I'v e heard stories of fruit bas kets, swingers. and screaming frac tions .)* Occasionally, we had math teachers we really liked and respected because they helped us learn and e ve n like some aspects of math A few of us will remember the tall Texan for a long time Hopefull y we've all gain e d something from our math classes. Some fqund a new person t o date or what tliey did and didn't like about math Maybe if you were really lucky you actually learned something. G 1


61 STUDYING THE SCIENCE OF ... -Jeri Wheeler BHS offers chemi stry to its students as an elec t ive Many students had Mr Thale as their professor. Thalean Chemistry was seen a s both a nigh t mare and a challenge. Mr Thale has been teaching chemistry for many years now and has never failed to make his course an unforgettable ex perience. Chemistry is a very logical course and if followed step by step. it was worth the time and effort. Mr Thale presented the Thalean vers ion of chemis try in a way that he found easiest for his students to comprehend. He explained how it comes into play in our daily lives. We worked in laboratories frequent ly. and listened to lectures daily His infamous clay models will probably live on in his students' memories forever. Thalean Chemistry. although one of the most difficult science courses at our school is by no means the only one offered. Science courses a t BHS range from bas i c biology to physiology Students can acquaint themselves with a whole spectrum of scientific knowledge. There are courses to prepare the college bound student for the rigorous courses of a college environment. For those not planning on pursuing sciences, there are basic information courses to help with everyday life The opportunities are exciting, and we hope you enjoyed your scientific pur suits at BHS. T i pp ing th e scales ( i n h e r fa v or w e're s ur el ) H e l e n a C h a nioti s becom es a b so rbed in h e r c h emistry l ab B e th. is ph ysics r eally a hair r a i si n g experience? Mr s. J aege r a nd h e r sidekick seem uni mpress e d Or Wh i tesell goes in f o r the kill. Ph ys I o logy i s n t a l wa ys bor i n g Pr etty r adica l f ire, huh Jackie? Mrs. S a n c h ez loves t o giv e h e r students thrill s 63


6 4 Why c an t w e use a table like normal people ? A shley And e r s on Emily R a tliff and Nunz y B ello f a to pic k up their daily ass i g nment Rita says, let s keep th e tor c h of e ducat i on lit Now is the time When we start to look ahead, Our knowledge will be important And everything we ve heard and read. This is the day When we start our new beginning, This time we'll have to struggle Because it won t be easy wmnmg This is the chance To find out who we really are, This will be no time to quit If we have come this far. We'll think of the memories And the years that went by fast, For what we now call present Will soon be called the past. We'll want to turn around To look for our best friend We'll realize that we ve grown up And play time is at an end. Forever we will have the memories Of all our high school years, We will think of them with a smile, We will think of them with tears. C l a u dia Matte r a Se nior won t h e 1 988 Z onian Poetry Contes t l o n e stud e nt Tom Whitesell, s pe nd s extra h o urs to kee p up his gra d es. Mr. Mcla i n makes th e m usic come alive for his s tud e n ts. All in a d ays w o rkl Mar c us!! Sto p playing wit h you r f o od l Bul se ri o ous l y -M a r c u s W e lch work s on on e o f man y pro jects f o r a rt Eng rossed i n y our -Ahe m E ngli s h J e nn ife r ? 6S


M e linda Hat c h e tt h elps i n s tru c t pre-schoolers. This job h elpe d inf l uence her d ecision to become a t e a c h e r. R o b i n C arlton and M ike N o rm a ndin take a break from w ork at the M o t o r Transp o rt a ti o n Divi s i o n N o t t o w o rry. Migu e l A v arro i s not in quarant i n e h e jus t w orks the rel ( C o r o zal V e t e rin a ry Clinic ) 66 THE WORKING CLASS "Cooperative Work Experience (CWE) is a work study program avail able to Balboa High School students. This program is designed to introduce students to the world of work and provide skill training through on-the -job experience. So says the pamphlet produced by the school to interest stu dents. parents and employers in our CWE program. Apparently. this enticement works. Nearly 120 students a year participate in Cooperative Work. filling slots as diverse as veterinary and teaching po sitions. hospital assistants and graphic designers This program enables the school to offer educational opportunities be yond its own resources It is an excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable experience in the world of work The benefits of the CWE program are invaluable Says Stacey Williams. an assistant at the Corozal Veterinary clinic "This is a great opportunity to learn and meet new people. I get hands -on experience working at the Vet." Susan Carns. who felt she want ed to be a teacher. has been working at an elementary school. She discovered she no longer wants to be a teacher. but feels the CWE program has done a lot for her. helping her to decide on her career goals. Both Stacey and Susan agree that this is not a course that can be taken just to get out of school. but is a very challenging. rewarding opportunity Who' s t e a c hing who. Tony? S enior Ton y Suescum tea c hes E n g lish to students at Balboa Ele m ent a r y school. John lope z and a cow o rk e r at th e Moto r Tran s p o rtati o n Divisi on s tart their engines. 6 7


66 As Tiffany Sullivan o b v i o u s l y discov e r e d s tud ying can b e funl ( ? ) H olly Williams discove r s a key to studyinggel comf o rt able (comfortabl e H olly?) T or F: Balboa HS Name Date Cramming for a test is more fun than should be allowable in one night. FILL IN THE BLANK: "I felt the most pressure preparing for a test when I crammed non-stop for hours. ---LISTING: List the three most unusual situations in which you have crammed for a test. ] v 2. 3. Extra Credit***** Memorize and be able recite the index of this book. D o n t worr y it' s not what you think Eric Wal c ott i s not about 10 study. Of c our s e not l TO STUDY ... OR NOT TO STUDY I began work on this article with the idea of creating an amusing piece of copy that would catch the eye and encourage people to read the stories in the academic section. With this in mind I began talking to people trying to discover the funniest cheating stories and styles possible. What I discovered was not so funny Nearly every student and teacher I interviewed has cheated at one time or another. Some felt forced to do it to "get the grade. some felt cheating was a joke. a challenge, some felt guilty. others boasted about their accomplishments As one student said. $Of course I've cheated I Everyone has. Whatever the motives. it is obvious that cheating is wide-spread an everyday occurence for students Whatever happened to the fabled honor code?" The moral connotations of cheating are obvious If you cheat your honor is marredl your word can no longer be trusted. This seems rath er old fashioned. but it was not so long ago that honor did mean a lot to peo ple. and talking to teachers gave me a decidedly different view of cheating from that of students Some teachers consider it a terrible crime. Some said it destroyed all sense of trust and ad miration between them and their stu dents. Not one teacher admitted to condoning it. Is this. after all. such an old fashioned point of view? A new survey done by the University of California at los Angeles suggests that in our modern society morals tend to mean nothing. We have be come a society that thinks and cares only for our personal monetary gain Cheating appears to be a relatively small problem but is one that should frighten us. We as students have become callous. and if we cheat. where does it stop ? Can we trust a friend who cheats on tests not to cheat on friendships? If it does not bother our conscience to cheat will it bother us to lie. or steal? Why do we cheat? For most people this question has no easy answer Cheating is obviously a serious offense. which can only damage in the long run. The consequences. whether you're caught or not. can be terrible Is it worth it? Th e morning s tud y off : s tudent s tak e a littl e (ve r y littl e ) tim e bef o r e classe s to study (or the days te s t s Michae l fries keep s w atc h over th e libr a ry. a fa v orit e s tud y s p ot. 69


-.. ... '. "'. . . i;: .... i'h. . .:.. .... j.: .. .'1 i I . l I ... '/r. ., I .'


THE ZOO ADMINISTRATION Principal Tom Leavy For the 1987-88 school year Mr. Leavy had one simple goal : to make BHS a better place 10 learn. This was accomplished by extending the curriculum and encouraging student/ faculty interaction. Mr. Leavy helped trans form the zoo into an excellent place to learn Assistant Principal Ernest Holland Assistant Principal in charge of the school plant. Mr. Holland was in charge of athletics. budget and inventory. He enjoyed this position which allowed him to get directly involved with the students. His goal was to get students in volved in "the best years of their lives." Assistant Principal Elaine Lewis Ms lewis' position involved diScipline and pupil personnel services. Her objectives this year were, improving the quality of class room instruction to benefit all students and improving attendance by making school more interesting_ 71


72 The craziest keeper on earth THE DOTTY DAYS OF MRS. When you walk into Mr s. Dorothy White' s office. yo u won't ca t c h h e r han g ing around drinking a c up of coffee. Mrs. White is a very busy lady who help s st ud e nt s plan for co lleg e and careers. She also deals with n e w students by making sure that their classes are well s uited for th eir needs. She a l so makes sure that s tu dent s have th e required c r e dit s to g ra duate. When s p eaki ng of h e r job. Mr s. White said I think it is a challenge and it's fun to h elp students prepare for th e future," She feel s that BHS provides an excellent opportunity for all kids to get involved. She BUSINESS ED./ JROTC/CWE/COMPUTER SCIENCE /RESOURCE/GUIDANCE Anderson. Kenneth : Coun se l or Barlow. Randall : Social Worker Coleman. Clare : eWE George. Charlott e Busin ess Ed. Kozik. Joseph Counselor lawl o r Jan e Ed. Prescrip ti onis t Manchester. Nancy GWE Martin. Ricky Res ource Sgt. Mora. ludg erio JROTC Morrissey. Frances Business Ed. Capt. Notyce. Conrado l JROTC Petersen. Deanna Compo Sci., Math Pipe r Dorothy, Business Ed.-Dept. Head SSG Puryear. Thurm a n JROTC Pyl a nt. Susan Resource Ramirez, Jose Business Ed. Spragg, Betty Resource Seltzer. Donald Compo Set-De pt H e ad SSG Webster, Robe rt JROTC White. D o rothy Counselor Wickham, Jimmie Comp o Sci. WHITE says, "I wish that ever y student would get involved i n s tead of taking the first bus hom e and just going to school. Mr s. White sees her lif e as not being the "norm." After all how many teachers do "Accept the risks and challenges ..... yo u know that have their license to pilot planes? Flying i s j u s t one of Mrs. White's hob bies. She also enjoys photography, scuba diving. and othe r water activities. Her dream is to learn to s k y dive. Mr s. White is also i nvolved in extracurri cular activities such as sponsoring the Pho tography Club. She also takes pictures fOI the theate r and the Zonian. Sometimes, she even chaperones for the Biological Honor Society. Mrs White has camped with Indians o i P eru. toure d the Soviet Uni on, and gone throug h lock s in England. She certain I y isn't your average teach e r Mrs White says, I wi s h that all kid: would have a n inner toughness and do th( unusual. Accept the risks and the chal tenges."




74 M s. Kunkel. th e English Department C hairp e r so n was a lway s read y to l end a helping hand to h e r students. .J' , ...., .l:ill When Mr Johnston's AP English students w e r e not out playing. they were diligently climbing the ladder of academic excelle nce. S h o wn h e r e su rrounding their leader. the APE's had a little lim e for fun during their J d emandi n g cl ass


KING OF THE APES Richard Johnston. better known as Mr. J. is a very special member of B HS's faculty. In addition to his English II. A.P. English. and Theatre Arts classes. Mr J has the tremendous re; ponsibility of overseeing the play pro ductions at BHS. Born in Washington D.C.. Mr J grew JP in Royal Oack Oak. Michigan It was I n high school that he discovered his desire to teach as well as h i s interest I n theater. He s t udied at Amherst Col e ge where he majored in Dramatic r\rts. In 1968. he was drafted into the U.S. Army where he served as a Green Beret. After his tour of duty ended in 1971. Mr. J went back to school to finish his Masters at Wayne State. While teaching at a high school in "It's been a labor of love_ Midland. Mlciugclll. Mr. J got an offer to teach here in Panama. and he s been here ever since then. Over the years. Mr. J has directed approximately 30 plays here at BHS. He has also participated in several community plays, as both director and ac tor. When asked why he's stayed on so long as director of the high school's productions. he replied. "It's been a labor of love ." Mr. J lives in Gavilan with his wife. a graduate of BhS. and their five chil dren": 3 Chows. a green macaw and a yellow-head parrot. Mr. J has to be one of the hardest working teachers on our staff for he does so much more than jus t teach. He gives to BHS his personal time and talent. and thanks to him. the school is that much richer. ENGLISH / SPANISH /FRE NCH / ESL/TAG Camp. Jack, English Cigarruista Sonia : Spanish Corbett. Sydney, English Denley. Rosemary French Figueroa Felix Spanish Gardill. Julianne English Gillis. Donna TAG Gregg. Laura English. Spanish French Howell. Ralph English Johnston. Richard English Johnston. Ricqua English Schramm. Truly English Short. Mary, English Totten. Gail English Urback Marleen ESL Vaz. Carios Spanish 7 5


76 Mr. Waugh a nd h is flunkies Chris Morgan and Benito Telesca man the S A sto r e NEW ZOO REVIEW LESSON PLAN ", Thi s is the little boys' room Ms. Totten Did you lose something i n there?


Wondering Waugh OUT OF THE JUNGLE, INTO THE ZOO Any person who ha s spent a day at BHS know s Ar. Ken Waugh. He has been a t eac h e r at BHS o r five yea r s now Bur b e for e coming to BHS. Ar. Waugh led an extremely exciting life Mr. Waugh ha s v isited or live d in about III ountries all over th e world! H e ha s be e n all over u rop e includin g the S ovi e t Union to many o untries in Asia, and to all of the South Ameri a n nati o ns Not only has he traveled ext e n s ivel y. but Mr. ,vaugh ha s h eld many diffe r e nt jobs suc h a s a eace Corps volunteer in liberia. as a Catholic Aiss ion Services worker in Nigeria, and as a l e mb e r of WHO (World Health Organization) in ..tali and Zaire. After being all around the world. Mr. Waugh l as come to BHS as an Economics / Government teach er. Besides t e a c hin g Mr Waugh h as been involved in scho o l activities which have made him ve r y popular a mong students. Mr. Waugh says h e enjoys the attenti on he receives. ""-II vlrtua y ... Mr Waugh ha s been a Senior Class s ponsor for three co nsecutiv e year s, but this yea r h e is the SA s p o n so r and one of th e Sophomore Class sponsors. A s ide from that, Mr. Waugh is the s p o n so r o f a newly organized club called Model United Nations in which its members hold de bates in int ernational issues. You ma y ask you rself what Mr. Wa u gh does in his spare time. Well, Mr. Waugh likes to t ra ve l swim, r ea d a nd drive fast ca rs. He is a rock n roll e r at heart. and h e listens t o The Boss, Elto n J o hn. and Chicago. Mr. Waugh's future plans are r eally quite si m ple. H e would like t o r e tir e within the next five years to the Ivor y Coast. West Africa. and pur s u e his love o f travel. Twentyfive years fr om n ow. h e sees himself in a hamm ock i n th e mid st of his coffee planta ti on in West Africa. watchin g th e world go by Mr Waugh 's message t o all s tudent s is. I hope that each st udent will be what h e o r s h e really wants to be." INDUSTRIAL ARTS/HOME EC./liBRARY / P.E./ HEAl TH/ SOCIAl STUDIES/ART / MUSIC Alva ra d o Patricia, Social Studies Ch e n, Rafael : Indu s trial ArtsDept. Head F e ndrick. Gene: Social Stud ies Gettys. Jo a nne : A.V. Specialist Howe. lee: Art Kober Martha: Art Mclain. John: Music Oli ve r Cleve: P.E.-Dept Head Othon. J oa n : Nurse Quinn. l arry: Health Ramirez. lucie: librarian Sosa. Rita: Social Studies-Dept. H ead Sweeney. James: Social Studies W a ugh. Kenneth : Social Studies Willoughby. John : Industrial Arts 77


78 THE ZOO ON FIRE! MR. SELTZER SAVES THE ZOO During the school year. there are many minor catastrophies. but none quite as serious as the one that occured in the 400' s on the night of October 3. 1987. The fire that started in Mrs. Reeves' room was that great catastrophy. Luckily for the school. Mr. Seltzer was thi r;! at the right time and acted im, 1 d iat ely by calling the fire depart-I n .. -r. The fire was started by a short cir cu i t in an IBM typewriter located near the curtains The fire retardant cur tains began to s moke. causing most of MATHEMATICS/ S C I E N C E Ames. J a mes: M a th Barb o ni. Tha is: Scie nce S a udin H orte n s ia S ci e nc e G eo rg e. C e cilia: M ath, Scienc e Han i l y. Ros it a : Science Holla n d. flo y d : S ci e nce How e Ric h ard: M a th Jaeg e r Mar g i e : S c i e nce lavallee, Judith: M alh Reeves, B arbara Art. Sci e n ceD e pt. H ead R os i c zk o w ski. leon : M ath. Soc i a l S tudies San c hez. T oni Willia m s: Sci e nce S pr ag u e. M a r s ha: M ath Thal e. Bruce: Science Tha x ton T e resa : Math the damages. With the firemen s help the fire was controlled and put out as quickly as possible Reference books. lessons plans. and "Dial 911!" other classroom related materials were ruined while the back of the room was totally destroyed. Between the fire and the damages. there were many inconveniences for Mrs Sanchez and especially for Mrs Reeves since she could not teach classes in her room. Although many students complained of the smell in the halls. Mr. Leavy and Mr. Holland had the room renovated. and classes in Mrs. Reeves' room resumed on Oct 13. For his bravery and speedy actions, Mr Seltzer received a Special Act or Service Award from BHS. This is his last year here at Balboa. and he will be sorely missed. Leave it to Mr. Seltzer to go out with a bangl


All right Mr. Cowley you know we don', allow monkey business in the zool Gel back 10 teaching mathl -Mr. Sehzer displays a Special Act or Servic e Award present e d to him after h e saved the school fr o m fire His valiant deeds made him a hero among students. Speciallhanks to Mr. 5ehzerl 79


80 BUSIER THAN A BEE Although Mrs Lilia de Romero is not an admini s trator. teacher. or guidance counselor. her role is very important in keeping BHS together. Mrs. R o mero is th e office s ecretary and is always busy doing something. Only a few of her many tasks include keeping attendance for personnel maintaining the master file for the of fice answering numerous questions from students, parents, and the gener al public. I like BHS because of the young people It helps me keep up with the t imes. They pose all different kinds of situations and are challenging which keeps me alert," commented Mrs. Ro-S p e ci a l thank s to Mr. Par chment and Mrs. R o m e ro f o r keepin g t h e m ain offic e runnin g s moothl y l STAFF Cha n g C a rm e n Epifanio Sol e dad Garrido Elizabeth l ee Val e ri e May ers, E s t eban Nunez. Mari a Phillips. Alf o nso Van Ho o rd e, Pri scilla mero on what she likes best about BHS. Mrs. Romero has been working for our school system for the past 23 "/ like BHS because of the young people years. Before coming to BHS. she worked for private companies and the Nat i onal Bank of Panama. She plans to continue working for a couple more years and may retire when her h'}sband does. She has three children, who are grown and going to college Her hobbies are reading. sewing, and garden ing. Mrs. Romero likes most outdoor activities, but swimming is her favorite sport. Mrs. Romero is definitely busier than a bee




82 CLASS OF 1988 THE SPIRIT OF 'SS Spirited. The one word which described the Class of 1988. After realizing that our time had FINAllY come. our SENIOR year. just added 10 the magic! Remember a LONG time ago when we were sophomores7 We entered BHS in 1985 with a fresh altitude and the largest class. Our first victory began with win ning first place for our Homecoming float Class officers were. katrina Winberg Anne Co rbell. Tali Kraselnlck. and Christen Eudy. Advancing a year. our title changed to a more respectable "juniors:' Among our accomplishments that year. Junior / Senior Prom was the rnO$l significant. After several class meetings headed by Ashley Anderson. Carlos Herrera. and Shannon Thomas. juniors worked towards raising funds for this night to remember" held at Magic Discotheque on June 6. 1987. But despite the nostalgia, I don', think there was one SENIOR who wished he or she could go back. We definitely set out to make OUR year the most memorable one of our lives so far. On August 27. it a l l began. With SENIOR officers Ron Bolen, Jennifer Rawlins, and Juan Cazorla, we were definitely set for the coming school year The SENIOR reception held at the Ama dor Officers' Club wa s a great omen Over one hundred SENIORS showed up to get information on GRADUATION. The Jamboree pep rally displayed wild enthusiastic SENIOR spirit Susi Apold commented. "I think the high level of spirit has risen since our sophomore year. I think it's because everyone realizes this is our last year, it's time to give it all we've got." More than 50 SENIORS showed their Homecoming spirit by dressing up for the 50's Spirit Day. Other Homecoming events included the annual Powder Puff game and the Homecoming dance. Since the Class of 8 7 so kindly re moved Balboa's head from its base, w e decided to dedicate a new head to the school to give our thanks to BHS. Class president Ron Bolen said, "Hopefully by gelting a new head. we will bring back some of the older SENIOR traditions." Also planned for this year was the boat cruise, the Winter Formal. and the SENIOR picnic Spirit pervaded SENIOR year 1988, and may we all find ourselves in a happy and prosperous future




Jeannette Acker Gloriana Agueda Diane Alston Gisela Alvarado A s hley Anderson Michael Anderson Todd Anderson Susanna Apold Carolina Arauz Jay Arias Terri Askew Leonida Austin David Avila Greg Baerg Michael Baker Blair Bates 64


Thalia M. Baudin Nunzy Bellolatto Will Benny Todd Binder Darren Boatwright Ron Bolen Betsy Bolling Katie Bolt Eric Belmar Sherry Benninghoff SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Have you seen these three faces before? If you are a SENIOR. you should have their names etched in your memaryl Ron. Juan. and Jennifer. also known as our SENIOR Class officers. were the ones who made our SENIOR year a year 10 remember! Many people don't realize how much work the,e SENIORS did for the SENIOR Class. For example. Jennifer Raw lins, Class secretary. took on the responsibility to organize all the details for Homecoming and the SENIOR: boat cruise. Juan Cazarla. vice-president. look charge by helping .he SENIOR Powder Puff team, and by organizing everything dealing with the Christmas Formal. Ron Bolen. Class president. alway. seemed to be working on one of many SENIOR activities such as the SENIOR Reception. the SENIOR Hall of Fame. ordering SENIOR memorabilia. and. of course. GRADUATION! Yes. these are the three SENIORS who made our SENIOR year a year to remember. Thanks Ron. Juan. and Jennifer for a job well donell


86 RECEPTION RALLIES SENIOR SPIRIT Dear SENIOR Sunday. Sept. 13. 1987 Today was a long dayl We had our SENIOR reception at the Ft. Amador Officer's Club I got there early to make sure everything was just right. Of course. it wasn't. The hall wouldn't be ready in time because they were running late. I tried to help get the tables ready. but the club manager told me to stop my futile attempts. So the manager and I brought out the food and left only enough seats for 175 people. When people began to arrive. I started getting a little nervous. I wondered what would go wrong next. Then the manager told me the microphone had been stolenlll I had to use the PA system. and I had to push a button the whole time I talked. The reception finally started at about 4,15 and I could feel the tension in the air. After my first couple of words. everybody started to relax including mel We voted on our class song. Never Say Goodbye by Bon Jovi and our motto. We'lI reach for the sun and our shadows will fall behind us." After other important SENIOR items were discussed the SENIORS munched on chicken legs and empanadas Then they went home I could tell it was going to be a great SENIOR year I Kris Boyer William Boy tim Jason Brace Christina Brandenburg George Bressel Jimmy Bryan Jorge Bonilla Jose Borras Kevin Brandenburg Fernando Cabeza


lemuel Cabrera Michelle Campbell Robert Canters David Carnes Susan Carns Alex Castro Amber Castro Juan Cazorla Veronica Chandler Helena Chaniotis Paul Charles Christian Charri s Angela Chavez Briton Clark Maria Claus Caryl C l oyd 8 7


Stacy Cochran Richard Cofer Kevin Coleman Ramon Constante Lee Corbett luis Cordero Dennis Cowles Jenny Crowder Greta Crusoe Rene Cruz Chandra Darden Melvin De Jesus Christie Dear John Dear Alex Deitz 88


Bart Diaz Lori Diaz Gisell Draughon Marck Drennan Xan Eberenz Todd Edler Michael Engle Michelle Ettrick Dana Dickerson Ray Dittmar Randy Dunn William Duly Zoo Epidemic Strikes Balboa High School It lurks behind corners. in your locker. and even in your books II can afflict you at any time. at any place and anywherel What is it1 SENIORIT1S, a disease that hits all SENIORS some time during their SENIOR year Its sym ptoms are as follows, I ) Frequent absences from school on particularly sunny days. 2) No homework turned in because the SENIOR found more fulfilling things 10 do 3) A more relaxed attitude towards life If you see a SENIOR exemplifying anyone of these symptoms. BEWAREI Seniorltls is very contagious a nd there Is no known cure. The best thing to do is leave that SENIOR alone and let the disease run its coursel a9


90 Some Flew From The Cuckoo's Nest by Nancy Othan What posseses a SENIOR to graduate without hi s classmates? Some SENIORS actually become graduates in J a nuary instead of June. Well. there are many advantages and disadvantages to leaving Balboa High School a semester early What we are talking about here is a program which allows a SENIOR to graduate in January if he has the credit s required. and if he presents a letter from his sponsor explaining the nature of his reasons for leaving These reasons can vary among students. Some students will graduate early to reg ister to be a fulltime student for the spring semester at Panama Canal College. So. in fact. while others may envy one who leaves BHS. they are really going on to work, do homework and term paper s in another school, whether it be pee or a stateside college with no time off in between Othe r students graduate early in order to avoid transferring to another senior high school due to their par ent's PCS orders. or if the whole family is relocating for whatever other reason. These SENIORS do not wish to enter some vague, foreign school where they would immediately be tagged as the new kid Yet another reason for graduating early is to work Part-time employment and school do take up a Jot of rime. s o they cannot go 10 high school. take classes at pec, and earn money all at the s a me time. All the reasons presented here are examples of the pros of graduating in January. But what about the cons? Some students may question how much fun will the January graduate have? and in fact, they will miss out on some of the "SENIOR" things to do They might not make it to the SENIOR picnic or 10 the SENIOR cruise. But they also miss out on the little everyday joy s of being a SENIOR at BHS. They won't see their beloved plaque every day and step on it gleefully they won t be able 10 pick on all the underclassmen. and they won't be walking the hallowed halls of BHS any longer Maybe some of these students won't miss these things though. They may have been just waiting to get out. all two and a half years they were here. Hopefully these students are in a minority. The one aspect of being a January graduate"that must not be very pleasant. is having to be called a (Ugh ) freshman all over againl Christen Eudy Marinda Evans Patrick Fahy Andrew Fairman Wella Farrell Tom Fennell John Ferrell Chris Findlay


Danny Finnerty Daryl Fishbough Robert Flumach Michael Flynn Mark Ford Bryan Fox James French Michael Fries Jose Gallardo Miguel Gallardo Warren Gibbs Mark Goldstein Ricardo Gonzalez William Gordon Jaime Goularte Jason Gragg 91


Chris Green Nadja Green Michelle Gregory Gary Grosdidier Andrew Guerrero Maribel Guerrero Paula Gustafson Beth Haesecke Eric Hajduk Herb Harmond Melissa Harvey Scott Hassan Melinda Hatchett Andrew Helm Susan Hernandez Carlos Herrera 92


Marca Hilzinger Sari Holland Billy Huff Stephanie Hughes Angela Jefferson Frances Jefferson Ken Jefferson David Jennings Joseph Horne David Howell Alan Hulick Jun Ichisaka THE PLAQUE Dignity washes over SENIORS every time an underclassmen is forced to get down on all fours to shine their plaque. The plaque was a gift from the SENIOR Class of 1957. Ever since th en, it has been tradition that any underclassman caught stepping on the plaque would be forced to s hine it with a rag and a can of 8rasso. SENIOR pride has kept the plaque shining brightly since the late 1950's Its location in the main building has become a taboo area for any student who is not SENIOR. This plaque not only enforces the SENIORS' power to penalize underclassmen, but it also is a symbo l of SENIOR pride and authority. 93


94 Melvina Jones Patricia Jones Irene Katsumoto Karen Kennedy A SENIOR IS VERY SPECIAL SENIOR (sen' yar)n. A student in the last year of a high s chool. college, or a university. What is a SENIOR actually? Is it really just a stu dent in his last year of high school1 NOl They aren't just people who are in the 12th grade. They are SENIORsr Those 12 years represent 12 years of hard back breaking work There is a special aura around a SENIOR that sets him or her apart from the other students at BHS. Maybe it's because they realize all of their hard work has finally paid off Who knows? But there is definitely some thing very special about a SENIORI Claudia Jordan Keith Jordan Hiroshi Kobayashi Russell Krummell Kris Laakso Karen Langill


Maritza Lantry Ricky Larkin Vanessa lasack Traci Lauer Stacie Leach Pedro Lebron Joseph Lee Esmeralda Leos Sandra Levine Irene Levy Jennifer Lewis Lisa Linder Erik little Wesley Major Sandra Marcella Usa Marohl 95


96 Eileen Marquez Rebecca Martie Teresa Martinez leanne McArthur Eric Mcdonald Jeff McDonald Beth H a eseck e tri e d to g e t th e c rowd 's atte nti o n but it l oo ks as tho u g h Nancy Othon. John Sam so n a nd Mr A n de r so n f o un d so m e thin g m o r e i nt e r es tin g a t the J a mboree p e p rally. Claudia Matter Michael McDonald Yvette McDonald Beth McDonnell


Melissa M c Farland Dana McManigal Meghan McNeill Jennif e r Melch e r Heidi Mendenhall Lori Merrill Greg Meyer Tim Mille r Meredith Montgomery Jovany Mora Chris Morgan Yonnia Morgan Miguel Navarro Luis Neto Connie Nickisher Yadira Nieves 97


Tamara Norton Frank Nunez James O Neil Shelly Oakley Damien Oliver Kevin Oliver Pam Oliver Itzel Oller Erly Ortiz Nancy Othon Alejandro Palm Derrick Palmer Michael Paris Grace Patterson Priscilla Paul Bill Paulding 96


Pragedis Payne Emily Ratliff Danny Reyes Fernando Richards Karla Pere Monica Perez Monica Perry Jennifer Rawlins Nick Redd Jerica Reliford Where Do The Animals Go After A Day In The Zoo? According to the SENIORS of Balboa High School. there are many different hangouts. They can be found at their favorite spots on the weekends or during the week. Some SENIORS have their special spots that are shared with their friends and loved ones The Yacht Club (American legion) has been a hangout (or the longest time. After a football game. you can find students there on most Friday nigh IS. SENIORS are also there on Thursdays in the Middle Bar. on 40 draft nights. or for any scheduled partyl Those who can remember. know about the K.C. times. Some SENIORS go to the VFW after parties to just hans out. Sometimes you can find SENIORS just sitting around the parking lot of 24 Hours ( That is. until the guard comes around.) When the Clubhouse fad came. that's where you could find a lot of people at the scheduled Friday and Saturday night parties You can find certain SENIORS who go to the O'Club parties (school dances). While others have those famous or infamous house parties. Some SENIORS are always at the beaches or at the movies. and some SENIORS hang out at home. There are also SENIORS who love Panama City's nightlife and frequent all the places like Magic. Bacchus. the Marriott. the Beer House. Drakes. and La Zingara. While in high school. going out is part of growing up Everyone goes and does their own thing at these certain places. Many of these hangouts will be gone. or are already gone. but new ones will come in the future. SENIORS will never forget their favorite hangouts 99


Harland Robin son The C l ass of '88 a l ways find s an excu se 1 0 socializel Denise Rodriguez Jame s Roman Renee Rowley Rober t Ruiz Harriet Russell Ken Ryan John Samson Wendell Sasso 100


Katie Schneringer Ali Schulman George Scillieri Taryn Scott Vibeka Sen Gupta Mark Sherry Jennifer Siegert Satbir Singh David G. Smith David P Smith Susanne Starnes Evelyn Stelfox Kathy Steuart Russell Stromberg Timothy Strother Doug Stumvoll 101


Anton i o Suescu m Tom Taggart lawrence Tartaglia Benito Telesca Ruth T elesca lorena Teran Augusto T erracina Jose Testa Ann Marie Thomas Calvin Thomas Shannon Thomas Aneth Tirado Roy Torres Valerie Torres Pamela Townsend Jurrien Van Den Akker 10 2


Aida V a squez David Vas qu ez Edwin Vaughn Eliz ab e th Vaughn The Senior Car .............. 799.00 Announcements (50) .......... 32.50 Name cards (100) ............. 12.00 Senior Key w / Accessory ...... 14. 50 Senior Memory Book .......... 13.00 Thank You Notes .............. 8 .00 Cap & Gown ..... ........... 15.00 Class Ring .................. 200.00 Chris Vierra Sen ior Pictures .............. 125.00 Robert Vase SA Card ..................... 10.00 Yearbook .......... ....... . 27.00 Color Pictures ................ 10.00 Boat Cruise .................. 10.00 School Dances ( Prom etc.) ... 200 .00 SAT ( 2 times ) ................. 30 .00 C lub Fees ..................... 5 .00 Miscellaneous Expenses ...... 500.00 $1988.00 Jamie Wade Eric Walcott Paul Walcott S c ott Walk e r Shannon Walk e r Brad Walsh 10J


104 Rene Watson Carlos Welch Thomas Welch Carolyn White Herb White Tom Whitesell Seniors : Gloriana Agueda. Angel Rodriguez. Becky Wilbur. J ennife r Melcher Stacy Cochran and Pragedis Payne s how their class spirit at the pep rally Casey Wharry Becky Wilbur David Wilbur w,.. \ ,.,,-, \ , Charese Williams


Holly Williams Saifo" Wilson Natasha Yearwood Stuart Young Mark Williams Stacey Williams Katrina Winberg Sean Wojasinski THE GREAT ZOO ESCAPE Kathy Steuart. didn't we tell you that it is impos sible 10 escape (rom this zoo? David Williford Takoshi Yama Todani Silvina Youle 105


ND MS. BHS In every sc h oo l there a r e a few students w h o ever ybody l ooks up 10. The teac hers call them the ideal students. and their peers see their co ncern for BHS. These students a r e admired by all and are used as role models for w hat a Senior i s s upposed to be. Mr. Eo Ms. BHS represent all of these qualiti es. This year, the CLASS OF '88 c hose Robert Canters and Ashley Anderson as Mr. a nd Ms. BHS.


Who are the only SENIORS who can draw all over the walls and not get suspended for graffitti? Russell Krummell's and Sari Holland's talents can be found On walls, canvas, posters, and even in the yearbook. Their art has done much to brighten up BHS. Who are the ones we'\1 probably see driving Rolls Royces and living in mansions in 20 years? Why Juan Cazorla and Betsy BoJling of course. Their drive, determination, and ambition are the secrets of their sue cessl There are poeple who have the ability to perform drama, play an instrument, or create images using pencil and paper. The two most artistic people in our school are Tami Baudin and William Duty. We could usually find these two in the drama or music rooms. There are star players in all the sports who lead their teams to victory. If you look closely, you'll realize that they are probably the same few athletes. This year Darren Boatwright and Katrina Winberg are those team leaders who took their teams to the top. ...... ,.,,, ,....


Eve r y class h as a few indivi d u a l s w hose a nti cs m a k e us l a u g h Th is yea r J o hn Sam so n. M a ria C l a u s a n d Jo hn Niedze l ick k e pt th e sc h oo l in a n upr oa r The ir wil d ways a n d jokes i n th e classroo m s k e pt teach e r s a n d fellow cl ass m a t es o n t h e i r t oes and wa itin g f o r th e next o n elin er. MOST TRACTI The r e are t hose wh o c at c h o ur eyes as they walk down the h all. These a r e th e t wo th a t ever ybo d y stares a l in cla ss. Thi s yea r h a nd so m e T o m Fe nn ell a nd beautiful T e resa Martinez turne d th e m os t h eads a nd c ap t u r e d o ur hearts w ith t h ei r w innin g l oo k s. W h o a r e th e o n es w h o always h ave fri e nds arou n d t hem? W hose c h aris m a ti c qu a lities a r e p leasing t o everyone? K athy S t e uart an d Erik little exemplif y th ( qu a liti es tha t we w i s h we h a d m o r e of. They a r e a l ways there t o bri g ht e n O U I days w ith th e ir co urt eous ways. Th e S E N I O R S o f '8 8 c hose F e rn a nd o Ca beza a nd Itze l Oller as th e tw o m os t f ashio n ab l e and s t ylis h uppercla ss m e n thi s ye ar. W ith the ir inn ova ti ve, tre nd setting s t y l es they l e d th e CLASS o f '8 8 t o th e l O p in f ashio ns.

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W h o i s at all th e sc h oo l func ti o n s thro u g h thi c k a nd thin ? J e nnif e r R aw lin s a nd D a v id S mith c heer e d Balboa o n a t all o ur sc h oo l a c ti v iti es. Y o u could see t h e m r o otin g f o r the ir cla ss m a tes t o d o th e ir bes t. a nd thi s e nthu s i as m urged th e i r fello w SENI O R S t o vo t e for th e m for M ost Sch oo l S pirit e d T o whom does everyon e t ell th eir pr oblems o r as k f or f avo r s? People ca n tru s t R o n B o l e n and B e th Haeseck e to accomplis h th e j o b a ss i g n e d t o th e m keep yo u r secr e t s. or g i ve goo d a d v i ce. Th e ir willi n g ness t o h elp was w h y th ey w e r e e l ec t e d Mos t D e p e n d ab l e b y the C LASS OF SS. Who ar e those pe ople alwa ys r eady with a big Hell o and a bri g ht smile f o r wh o mever they me e t? Wh y it's Pragedi s P ay n e a nd Ric k y Larkin of cours el These two SENIORS have a lwa ys bri ghtened o ur day s with their c heer y. c onsiderate way s. Edwin Vau g hn and Gr e ta Cru s o e w e r e alw a ys at th e cent e r of attentio n o n the dan c e floo r Their dance s t e p s awed u s all b y keeping up w ith th e late s t dance m oves. They e v e n inve nt e d a c ouple o f the ir own.

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110 FULL NAME, Helena Lena" Chaniotis BIRTHDAV, March 23 ZODIACAL SIGN, Aries Favorite subject Typing Favorite sport, Weightlifting After school activities Managing for Red Machine, while it lasted Favorite type of music, Anything but country and heavy metal. Plans after Graduation Get richll What s the first thing you do when you open your eyes in the FULL NAME, Shannon Shamin" Walker BIRTHDAV, October 23 ZODIACAL SIGN, Scorpio Favorite subjects Math, Psychol ogy Favorite sport, Basketball After school activities, Wo r k Favorite type of music Soul P l ans after Graduation Go home to Virginia and then go to col lege What's the first thing you do when you open your eyes in the FULL NAME, Stacy Stace Coch ran BIRTHDAV, February 28 ZODIACAL SIGN, Pisces Favorite subjects : General Business. History Favorite sport, Softball After school activities: Go home eat. and dance to relieve pressure Favorite type of music, Pop Plans after Graduation, I'll be go ing to college in the Northeast .ADAYINTHE morning? Force myself into the shower What does life at BHS mean to you? Meeting people What do you do on Friday nights? Go with Kellie to Maritza' s house and wait forever for her to get ready to go to the Vacht If there were one thing you could say to BHS, one statement you could leave students with what would it be? FINALL VII morning? lie there for an extra five minutes What does life at BHS mean to you? A high school diploma What do you do on Friday nights? I usually go out. but most Fridays are spent with a special person in my life If there were one thing you could say to BHS, one statement you could leave students with what would it be? GOOD RIDDANCEII What's the first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning? Turn on the radio What does life at BHS mean to you? Socializing What do you do on Friday nights? Vou can find me at the Vacht Club or at My Place. If there were one thing you could say to BHS, one statement you could leave students with what would it be? UNITED WE STAND, DIVEDED WE FALL.

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LIFE OF. FUll NAME, Nick A Redd BIRTHDA y December 14 ZODIACAL SIGN, Sagittarius Favorite subject : Accounting Favorite sport, Football (Cougars #57) After school activities, During football it's practice. The rest of the time. I find a place to relax. Favorite type of music Soul Rap Plans after Graduation, College What' s the first thing you do FUll NAME, Warren "Kong G i bb s BIRTHDAY, February 12 ZODIACAL SIGN, Aquarius Favorite subjects : History Eco nomics Favorite sports, Surfing Football After school activities, After practice, I go home shower. and lift weights with Chris Findlay. Favorite type of music Reggae, Pop Plans after Graduati on, College What's the first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning? I turn on my MTV. __ What does life at BHS mean to FUll NAME, Fernando "Dito" Richards II BIRTHDA y April 29 ZODIACAL SIGN, Taurus Favorite subjects, Math, English, Typing Favorite sports, Football, Basket ball, Track After school activities, lift weights, do my homework and talk on the phone Favorite type of music Pop Soul Plans after Graduation, Attend college, and be in the running for the Heisman Trophy when you open your eyes in the morning? Listen to the radio What does life at BHS m e an to you? life at BHS is boring. There' s nothing to do. What do you do on Friday nights? I just leave and go wherever the party takes me. If there were one thing you could say to BHS, one statement you could leave students with, what would it be? I'M BADII you? It' s great. I like the environment and the people. What do you do on Friday nights? I look for food and then I go to the Yacht Club If there were one t hing you could say to BHS. one statement you could leave students with, what would it be? NO MAHER HOW GOOD YOUR FRIENDS ARE, AND HOW CLOSE YOU ARE IN HIGH SCHOOL. IT WON'T EVER BE THE SAME. EVERY THING Will CHANGE BUT THE MEMORIES Will STAY THE SAME. What's the first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning? Turn on my ster e o What does life at BHS mean to you? Preparation for going out into the real world What do y ou do on Friday nights? I try to have fun Sometimes I go to the Yacht Club If there were one thing you could say to BHS, one statement you could leave students with, what would it be? THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES, GOD BLESS YOU All.

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112 B a lul is. Tiff a n y Caslrello n Irid e l K r a pfl. K e ith E leck ey. Th o m as Olle ndick J erry T omle l Matth ew TRUE FRIENDS LAST FOREVER Friendship is a pr i celess gift. That cannot be bought or sold. For its value is far greater Than a mountain made of gold For gold is cold and lifeless. But a friend is always near In times both good and bad To help. comfort. and cheer. or lend a caring ear. A friend's heart understands In times when needed most. Friendship consists of true friends Keeping memories from being lost So the next time you 're with a fri .end Be thankful. for he is a treasure for life H e r e D enise R o dri g uez. Jessi c a P a rri s a n d Mon ica P e r ez s h o w the ir fri e nd s hip durin g lunc h

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QUOTES FROM THE PARTY ANIMALS WHAT DOES "SENIOR" MEAN TO YOU? SENIO R N A p e r so n in t h e last year o f h ig h school. The r e i s m o r e t o bein g a SENIO R t h a n Ih a l. Bei n g a SENIO R s i g nifies twe lve years o f hard w ork ( mostl y h o m e w o rk) and l as t i n g fri e ndsh ips. You can s p ot a SENI O R a m i l e a w ay because t hey have so mu c h e n e r gy. M a y b e it's because it 's th e last yearof sch ool or som e othe r secret reason Only b y b e in g a SENI O R will yo u ever trul y under s t a n d w h at it m eans to be o n e. So m e SENI O R S have tried 1 0 say w h a t bein g a SENI O R mean s t o t h e m "Be in g a SENIOR mean s h aving a g ood reason t o d o wh a tever you wa n t. w h e n you wa nt l" Ca r o l yn W h ite "las t yea r p a rt y i ng lastin g fri e nd s hip s. l e ah c raziness. Se niori!! s. Independence. a nd P e n n S i a l e II" R on Bol e n Gelling o ut o f the h o u se."Mike F l y nn "Kn owing th a t I'm going t o be pu s h i n g pa tties a t B ur ge r Kin g next yead"-J o hn Dea r Fun fun and m o r e fun !" S tacy Cochran P OWE R I" Russell K r umm ell "It m e an s bei n g ab l e t o r ag o n underclassm e n and usi n g 'I'm a SEN! OR" f o r ever y excu se."J e nni fer Me lche r It mean s h aving fun ma k in g c h o ices, a nd being proud!"Beth Haesecke B ei n g abl e t o ge t awa y w ith a n y thing." H e rb Harmo nd Rulin g o ver th e Junior s and Sophomor esl"Kevin Col e m a n "Our last year ... Russell Stromber g "No m o r e BHS."J eff M cD on a ld Mean s getting o ut o f P a nam al"P a m To wnsend Mean s n o m o r e Hig h sch oo l n o w I have t o go o n t o bigger and b ette r things."-Chandra Da rden B ei n g ab l e to get a w ay with thi n gs by sayi n g 'I'm a S E N I O R what's yo ur excuse?"' Conni e Nic k e r s h e r "Pri v l e dgesl" C hri s F i ndl ay Th e d e pressin g catapauh in to th e cru e l col d wo rld."-C l a r e nce Cabrera "Being b ette r tha n th e rest l"M ic h elle Ettric k "The beginnin g o f th e end o f t h e money" Ma r k Gold s t ein "Kic kin g ba c k" Melissa M cF arlan d WHAT WAS YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT? Rememb e r w h e n yo u f ell d o wn th e stairs and t h e w h o l e sch oo l saw you? O r h ow a b ou t wh e n yo ur s u p posedly best fri e nds t ells th e e ntire cafeteria yo ur deepest darkest secr e ts? Well, we all have h a d o ur mo m e nt s wh e n we turn e d seven s hades o f red, h e r e a r e som e o f o ur C LASS O F 1 9S5's m o ments ... C a u ght i n th e ac t o f urin a tin g in a t e nt a t P a l M a r R icky Lar kin Getting caught b y E d win after throw in g a milk cart o n at his g irl f ri e n d David Williford W h e n I calle d M r Leavy Moe" and h e was be hind m e Will Ben ny Da n cing o n t h e t ables at F r e n c h y's, aft e r too m u c h to d rink Warre n G i b bs G elling a ph ys ical in Boxe r s h o rts b y a f e mal e docl o r Dav i d Smilh Wh e n I g r ab b e d a g u y's h and a nd asked h i m t o d a n ce, m y bracel e t go t caught i n his zi pper Jeann ette A c k e r I s neezed w h e n I was kissing a girl Ma r cus Welc h W h e n we w e r e going t o c rash a Qui nce A nos a t E I Co ntin e nt a l and w e go l t hrown out Irene Levy Go t cau g h t c heat i n g in Art C h a rles Sims P ullin g down m y p ants in fro nt of a t e a c h e r Fern a ndo Cabeza T elling a g irl I Loved h e r a n d s h e w a s asleep & fallin g int o a p oo l w hil e i nt ox icated B ra d Wal s h W h e n I f ell down th e sch oo l steps L o ri D i az A t t h e lip Syn c contest I was go in g d ow n a littl e r amp a n d fell off w ith m y saxaph o n e o n R o b ert Cant e r s Almos t s t a r ting a fir e w hil e I Accid e ntall y b l e w u p a tra nsforme r in Ge neral Scie nce -Willy Palm W h e n I s l ip p e d and f ell o n th e floo r w h ite Illy h e a d l a nd e d be tween this g u y's l egs & they w e r e o p e n t oo -A m ber Cast ro I was t a kin g a dra m a course a nd w h e n m y big lin e cam e a r ou n d, I fr o ze a n d t h e w h o l e place go t qu iet, a n d th ey th ey s tarted l a u g h i n g Me l vina J o nes I t ook m y boy f r i e n d t o dinn e r and m y fathe r q uest io n e d him all night -Kris Boye r Ca p t. A l varado was inspect i n g Illy comp a n y a n d I fo r go t all th e a n s w e r s t o h is questi o ns Gise l a Alva r a d o I used t o go over to m y g irlfri e nd's house a n d her p a r e nt s would g i ve m e the t hir d d eg ree all nig ht Tim Miller I raised Illy hand t o answer a questi o n a n d a silve r bulle t s h o t th rough Illy littl e finger cau s i ng i t t o bleed all over m y new w hit e socks Lee Corbett I was runnin g t o class a nd m y underwear fe n o ff S tacie Leach I h a d t o kiss thi s guy o n s tage a n d th e h e f o r go t his lines T a mi Bau di n 113

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WHERE DO YOU HANG OUT? Remember where you used to go out after school or on weekends? Maybe you went to the Yacht Club or the Spinning Club You could have gone to a friend's house. or home It didn't matter where you went because because we all had our favorite hangouts. and here are some of them ... Anywhere. as long as "m with my friends Essie leos Partie home. friends' homes. and Cafe' Melvina Jones My Place Juan Cazorla New York. Paris, you know, the usual -Betsy Bolling Rodman Yonnia Morgan In the studio -Russel Krummell At the Yacht Club with the boys -Ricky Larkin I just hang out Doug Coffee I don't Stacie leach I don't either -Renee Rowley At the Cafe' or my friend's place Paul Walcott Driver's Ed. my house. or my friend's house Shannon Thomas Everywhere -Xan Eberenz My Place. my friends' house. or at the pool Kris Boyer Anywhere Benny T elesca Clayton Jason Brace Alfredo's house. listening to Ouarzo and partying Amber Castro My place. Magic. the Causeway anywhere with Ms. Acaba Irene levy The beach Mimes My Place. Yacht Club. and the Post Office Beth Haesecke WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR SPARE TIME? Some go off and read a book or sleep when they get a few spare moments to themselves Others spend time with their friends while the rest are trying to find just a few spare minutes. We all have a favorite thing to do when we do find a few spare moments. We have collected what some of our classmates do in their spare time ... Spend time with friends. drive fast. shoot people Mark Goldstein See my honey and be sly Susi Apold Just surf Matt T omlet Play baseball Satbir Singh Bother the underclassman David Marcias I draw. what else? Russel Krummell Everything Damien Oliver Contemplate death William Duty layout in the tropical sun Becky Wilbur I go shopping and write too many long distance letters -Ali Schulman Spot for crocodiles In the gutter with Chris F. Caryl Cloyd Think about what I'm going to do with my spare time Tami Baudin Go find a party Chris Findlay it with my husband Mike and relax -linda Griffin What spare time? Ann Thomas Teresa Martinez Meredith Montgomery Think about what I will be doing Keith Krapfl I write poetry. dance. and plan my future Claudia Matter J play baseball Darren Boatwright Sleep -louie Cordero Spend time -at JROTC. playing baseball. photo club. and BHS Bart Diaz I swim Tom Whitesell live life Scott Hassan I practice soccer -Jose Borras Miguel Navarro 114 ----

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WHERE WILL YOU BE IN THE YEAR 2ooo? When we think of the Year XX'X), we think of spaceships. computers. and Robots in our houses. The truth is. the Year 2CCO is not that far away. We all have future plans for the Year 2OCO and here are some from our fellow classmates ... I'll be taking time out from a busy schedule of running a major fitness center to organize OUf 151 class reunion Katrina Winberg I want to be a Tunisian Camel Jockey for about five years, then I think I will take over a third world country Betsy Bolling Hold on, I'm still thinking Kenny Jefferson In the streets of New York.I'U be a famous gigala &. go home tired everynight after a good workout Ricky larkin Living in Colombia single very rich -Chris Laasko Making money. partying. making money. partying & making money Brad Walsh I don' t know, do you? Jimmy Bryan Picking up housewives at the supermarket Erik little I n the year 2c((), I will be making money, money, money, money Virginia Lemay ]'11 own a big hotel in London and be learning how to drive my convertible Porsche on the left side of the road Helena Chaniotis I'll join up with Jerry Falwell and run my own TV evangelist programs, start faith healing. and get involved in some scandals. I'll make millions Briton Clark I'll be in San Francisco. California producing records and videos Melissa McFarland I'll Be the manager of a business corporation in Texas Agenla Jefferson Nothing Russell Stromberg I plan to be divorcing my 3rd rich old lady, and also be the new host for the Johnny Carson Show Lee Corbett S wimming in the pool while my husband takes care of the kids Maritza Lantry Working hard Melissa Harvey S hopping in Philadelphia Sandy Marcella I'll probably be somewhere in the US with a lowlife job. my little red car, my cooler, and a party Robert Canters I will probably in enjoying the beach with my salary of a bilingual trash collector Ramond Con stante I'll be traveling around the world in my suitcase Jun Ichisaka laying back in my Jacuzzi & being served Pina Coladas while my husband rakes in the bucks Kathy Steuart R unning the most famous school of dance Jeannette Acker R aising my 18 kids and settling down with my 5th husband Connie Nickisher I'll be relaxing with Julio. in our beautiful home after I get off work at my new Counseling office Teresa Martinez H aving my "singles" FLAT and cruising in a Mercedes Vanessa Lasack living with a gorgeous babe in a 4 floor mansion in Beverly Hills f, acres of Colombian land in a parrnership with Scooter Maria Claus Hosting a talk show for short f, famous. and living in a huge house with a gorgeous and extremely rich husband Dana Dickerson Working with disabled kids. due to prior experience Cristina Brandenburg WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE PLANS? H aven't you always wondered what you're going t o be when you grow up? Well, here's what some SENIORS want to be when, and if, they grow up. D.J. David E. Smith Pilot Jennifer Rawlins Hoten manager Helena Chaniotis Canal pilot Kris Boyer A rmy colonel Gisela Alvarado B asketball manager Ivette McDonald Discotheque manaser Jose Gallardo Anchorwoman Kathy Steuart Baseball player Frank Nunez Engineer Tom Fenell Corporate lawyer Nunzy Bellofatto Team doctor Dennis Cowles Drivins asain Rick Cofer Naval aviator Warren "Kong" Gibbs Commercial artist Chris Findlay Cosmetologist Ann Thomas Fashion desisner Nadja Green E xec utive secretary Claudia Matter Veterinarian Paula Gustafson Bilingual bum Benny Telesca Lawyer / politician Caryl Cloyd In the CIA Stephanie Hughes Rich and happy Damien Oliver Electrical ensineer Scott Hassan President of my PTA Susan Carns Editor of the Ladies Home Journal Marca Hilzinser President of CBS Meredith Montgomery Editor of the Washinston Post Nancy Othon President of an advertisins firm Susi ApoJd Ambassador to the U.N. Cecilia Kim Psycholosist / counselor Melvina Jones Mrs T Frausto f; owner of a counselins office Teresa Martinez Photographer for Playboy / Penthouse Keith Krapfl Helicopter pilot / law enforcement asent -linda Griffin Pediatrician in the Air Force -Ron Bolen WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE? To some SENIORS, collese is a place of hisher learning, to others, it's a very expensive party. What kind of college are you going to? FSU Russell Stromberg PCC David E. Smith U of A Jose Gallardo Michigan State Helena Chaniotis U.c. Berkeley Tamara Norton USAFA Jen Rawlins Penn State -Ron Bolen Simmons College Melinda Hatchett U. of N .C. Katrina Winberg Coast Guard Academy Edwin Vaughn Wesleyan U. Frank Nunez Tulane U. David P. Smith MSU Melvina Jones U Of A Stacie leach FSU Kris Boyer Central Texas College Ray Dittmar PCC Ivette McDonald Berkeley James O 'Neil Kingspoint Tom Fennell Syracuse U. Meredith Montgomery USF Brad Walsh PCC Nancy Othon U of Sweden Stacy Cochran Brandeis U. Nunzy Bellofatto La Boca Tech -Ricky Cofer La Boca Tech Dennis Cowles Penn State Jen Siegert Penn State Damien Oliver USF Warren Gibbs UCSD Pragedis Payne Texas Af;M Jen Melcher Georgetown Betsy Bolling Wheaton College Beth Haesecke Texas Af;M Irene levy FSU Amber Castro Harvard Tom Whitesell La Boca Tech Juan Cazorla Texas Christina U Tami Baudin USC Irene Kastumoto fiT Fernando Cabeza

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116 THE WISEST OWLS OF THE ZOO THE CLASS OF 'SS HONOR GRADUATES AN DENOTES HIGH HONOR GRADUATES 1< Anderson. Ashley '* Arauz. Carolina Argallon. Rowena Baudin. Thalia Bellofatto. Nunzy Binder. Todd Boatwright. Darren 1< Bolen. Ron Bolling. Eleanor Bolt. Kate Boy tim. Will Cabeza. Fernando Canters. Robert Carns. Susan '" Cazorla. Juan Chaniotis. Helena Chavez. Angela Cloyd. Caryl Cochran Stacy Constante. Ramon Cordero. luis Cruz, Rene De Jesus. Melvin Dear. Christi '* Diaz. Bart '* Dunn. Randy Duty. William Engle. Michael Eudy. Christhen Ford. Mark Green Christopher Gregory. Michelle Haesecke Beth Hassan, Scott Hatchett. Melinda '* Helm. Andrew Hernandez Susan '" Herrera Carlos '* Hilzinger. La Quita Horne. Joseph Hughes. Stephanie Hulick Alan Katsumoto Irene '" Kim. Cecilia Krummell. Russell Lalo. Renee Lasack. Vanessa levine. Sandra lin. Chen Yu McDonnell Beth Marcelle. Sandra Martinez. Teresa 1< Marquez. Eileen Matter. Claudia Melcher. Jennifer 1< Merrill, Lori Montgomery Meredith Morgan Christopher Neto. luis Norton. Tamara Nunez. Frank '* Oliver. Damien Oliver. Kevin Oller. Itzel Othon. Nancy Ratliff. Emily Rawlins. Jennifer Reeves. Sheri Samson. John Scillieri. George Sen Gupta Vibeka Siegert. Jennifer Strother. Timothy Stumvoll. Douglas Thomas. Shannon T omlet. Matthew Vierra. Christopher Wharry. Casey Whitesell Tom Wilbur Becky Williams. Holly Williams. Winberg. Katrina

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j ...... .... ..J' --"" '. . .'I i I, 1\ I t. "'II" / ' : -(

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116 Agueda, Emily Aguon, Roque Aki, Misako Alba, linda Alberga, Denise Allen, Jennifer Ames, Wayne Anckle, Uva Antongiorgi, Jeanette Arenas. Elsa Awan, Shahnaz Bailey. Keo Baltazar, Jeffery Banasick. John Bangia, Vikas Barnes, Kevin Bartley. Wilfreda Bean. Benedict Beasley, Judy Bell, Jessica Berman. Gilda Berrios, Migdaliz Black, Marla Blackford, Amy Blanc. Stephanie Bleman, Tisha Boatwright, Joyce Bojalil, Montserrat Bolt. Micheal Bower, Mark Bradley. Eileen Brassfield. Yessika Britt, Tanya Brown, Julissa Brown. Natasha Brown. Peggy Bryant, Sonya Bundick, Kurt Burge, Benjamin Burnett, John HEADS OF THE HERD What kind of people did it take to lead the junior class? Quality demands were high: dedica tion. enthusiasm, creativity, and spirit. The com petition was well fought. but finally President Jeri Wheeler. Vice-president Wendy Forester. and Secretary Aurora Salazar proved to be the best candidates for the job. So, with the opening of a brand new school year. and with a lot of help from the juniors. the head of the junior herd got their year underway. The goals set by the class officers were primarily to improve junior spirit and to have the best Homecoming and Prom of the year. These were ambitious goals. whose keys to the future included involvement. support. creativity. t.ime, effort. spirit. and the universal magic word. money. The juniors set all these elements to work. sponsoring bake sales. candy and flower sales, and car wash es. The hard work paid off l money began coming in. but more importantly. junior spirit began turn ing out. By the end of the first semester, the junior class had a successful Home'coming under their belt and were looking forward to an equally successful Prom. What were the reactions of the officers them selves? "We've been getting great support. Since the beginning of the year. the meetings were well attended. there was a lot of input from everyone, and a lot of hard work was given." said Jeri. "We've really grown in class spirit this year. I was really impressed with the cooperation we've received." said Aurora. "We've come a long way. and our class spirit is great." added Wendy. "This year's been a blast I" The juniors were equally impressed with the leadership they've received: Jose "Tuna" Tunon: "Our officers were excel lent this year. They had some great ideas, and they put a lot of spirit into the class." Maria Capps: "Jeri, Wendy. and Aurora did a terrific job. Without them we never could have accomplished what we have." Nicole de 51. Germain: "The officers really made a difference this year. They put in a lot of effort for us and raised class spirit. I was very impressed. Keli Gomez: "Our officers were really what we needed for good leadership this year. I enjoyed working with theml we were lucky to have theml" So hats off to the junior class officers for a job well done. With a memorable year behind them. the juniors look forward to a terrific senior year and to the future leaders of their pack. Caffrey. Mark Calapini. Michael Call. Elizabeth Capps, Maria Carlisle. Jo Carlton, Robin Carpenter. Henry Carter, Michael Casperson. Roshelle Castleton. Samuel Cazabon. Janet Chaniotis. Alex Chastain. Christopher Clark. Joshua Clark. Vanessa Clouse. Michael Cochran. Brian Coon. Adam Copier. Caroline Corrigan. Cassie Cribbs. Michael Crowley. Kenneth Cruz. Kimberly Cunningham. Regina 119

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120 Dabral. Shalini Daigle. Joe Davis David Dawson. Mark De Jesus. Omyra De La Guardia. Pablo De St. Germain. Nicole Diaz. Eduardo Diaz. Edwin Diaz. Hector Diaz. Jennifer Diaz. Mayra Dragseth. Carl Durazzo. Richard Durham. Wendy Elliott. Brenda English. Anayansi Espeleta. Rosa Fallin. Chad Ferguson. Marc Flores. Luz Fonken. Sheila Forbes. Sarah Forster. Wendy JUNIORS COME HOME TO SUCCESS The week of November 9-14 proved to be a week of excitement for BHS, Homecoming. The junior class exhibited their spirit in full force that week. preparing for the class haJJ contest. the Powder Puff game. the Homecoming game. and the Home coming dance. This year's theme centered around the future. The decoration of the junior hall took almost twelve hours to complete. and the class placed second in the contest. The junior dress up day required futuristic or entirely blue outfits. Although there were only a handful of costumed juniors. the Class of '89 made it known that there was a lot more in store for the week. The students proved to be true to their word. The Underclassmen Powder Puff team emerged victorious over the seniors. and their Space Shut tle float won second place in the Homecoming Parade Float Contest. Princesses Lynette Gonza lez. Tanya Uhordak. and Reyna Royo represented their class at the Homecoming dance. which was held at the Farfan Cellar Club. The dance wrapped up the week's activities and let! the juniors with memories of a very successful Homecoming cele bration for 1987. Overall. the juniors showed that no matter what the job was. their effort always added that fine touch of junior class

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Frausto. Raul Frazier. Leah Frey. Rachel Fries. Wendy Froude. Paul Garces. Ramon Garmon. Randy Gaskin. Eduardo George. Derek Gomez. Kelitza Gonzalez. Luis Gonzalez. L ynnelte Gonzalez. Marcos Gonzalez. Raquel Gottselig. Thomas Gramlich. Jean Greminger. Giselle Hamblen. Darrell Hanna. Jennifer Hanson. Bonnie Harnisch. Theresa Harper. William Helm. Nesa Henriquez. Kalla Herring. Raymond Hinestroza. Esteban Hinton. Michael Holder. Jessica Holdsworth. Katya Huff. Diana Hunsaker. Tracy Hunt. Stewart Ibarra. Renee Jaen. Juan Jaworowski. Daniel Jennings. Robin Johnson. Katherine Joseph. Rebeca Joyce. Steven Kawabata. Yuka Keith. Christina Kellman. Walterio Kelly. Michael Kim. Young 500 Klann. Kim Knappenberger. Jeffrey Kneebone. Barbara Kneebone. Kris ten 121

PAGE 112

JUNIOR SKATERS: A BREED APART Ollie on a dimeToo much ai r a in't enuff-Fly fill ya dieSkate tough or go home Do these words sound fami l iar to you? They belong with words such as Ho-Ho. Shin-Ho. Rails !ide. Wallslide Judo ... Still no clue? Don't worry. Welcome to the world of skating. The sport of skating has long been popular and has developed a cult following. BHS has some of it s own skalers to speak of. among them Juniors Peter liehr. Ben Bean. and A lex Reyes. Each has been involved in the sporl for a number of years now. and each wants to keep it that way So what's the app'eal of skat ing 7 Skating is one of the most challenging sports I've ever been involved in," says A l ex "It's demanding! it requires a 101 of concentration and practice. "For me the fun is in the practicel getting a tri ck ( Stunt ) down solid." says Pete. The best thing I like about skating ," says Ben. "is that it allows you t o be innovative You can always incorporate your own ideas into your tricks. Standard tricks for the skater include the ones 122 Kiotani Yo lampas. Ana landron. Manuel lavallee. Jacqueline lawlor. Melanie leffler. Johanna len-Rios. Maria lichtenberger. lori liehr. Peter lin. Ting Wei linares. Rolando livingston. Bryon lopez. John lovelady. Beverly lowery. Donald loy. Michael lutz. M o nica Mai s to Cristina Maj o r. Michael Malcuit. Deborah Mann i ng. Jame s Marohl Marian Maron. Hagar Martin. Richard pictured here, ollies (Alex. top left). waJlslides ( Ben. far right ) and inverts (Pete. bottom left ) Tricks vary in their degree of difficulty. and the mastery of each depends on dedication and practice. Practice always leaves it s mark. however. in the for m of scrapes. scabs. and scars. b ut to skaters. it's all part of the fun. Pete. Ben. a nd Alex express their skating interest outside of their skatin g itself. Ska tin g is r eflected in their daily ima ge, J ams, ViSion. Gotcha and Op T-shirtsl hHops, and unique hairstyles. And what does BHS think of its junior skaters? Tom Myer Skate r s are individualists. and I t h ink they've got gu t s to stan d out in the crowd. I admire their styl e Katia Henriquez I like the skater lifestyle, it' s wild I think their d ress and hairstyl e are cool." Rolando linares, "I don't car e for th e style for myself. but I resp ect their i nd ividual it y Erik Staffeldt : I don't tend to notice them or their style. but if it's cool for them. it's okay by me. Whatever the opi n ion of them may be, Alex. Ben. and Pete have clearly stated that they. as skaters. a r e a breed apart. -Marquez. Enrique Martinez. Susan Masters. Kimberly Matheney. Tamara Maulden. Donnita McArthur. Dawn McConathy Christina McCormack. Janelh McKenzie. Sergio Michaelis. Patrick Mitchell. Paul Moffit. lisa Monson. Michael Montgomery Michelle Morales. Maria Morris. Carrie Mugsler. Sandra Muniz. Carlos Myer Thomas Myers. Jam es Nelson. Catherine Nieves. Carlos Nolte. Anays Nunez. Troy Oliver. Adrienne Oliver. Melody Oliver. William ONeal. Quentin Patterson. Kimberly Pedersen. Elidis Petrosky. Robert Petrucci. Andrew Ponce. Eduardo Powell. lakecia Pratt. Tonya Purcell. Julie Pusch. Marlene Rathyen. Michael Ray. Sco ll 1 23

PAGE 113

124 Raychel Shane Reilly. linda Replogle. Donovan Reyes. Alex Rios Gina Rios. Ismael Rios. Marta Rivera Frank Rizzo Ricardo Rogers Charles Rogers. Max Roman Ruth Romero. Ana Maria Rowell. Susan Royo. Reyna Royo. Reynaldo Ruiz. Gino Russelburg. Stephanie Sager. James Sainz. Donald Salazar. Aurora Sam Yesenia Samuels. Raymond Sanchez. Palrick Santiago. Norman Sawyer. James Schnack. Karen SCOII. Andrew Scotlino Anthony Sharpe. Ronald Shaw. Marco Shie Katherine Singh. Hari Ken Sharz. Patricia Smith. Gerald Smith. Kimberly Sommer. Kai Sor enson, Jack Staffeldt. Erik Stewarl, Areonda Stewart. Erika Stickler. Suzanne Slone Stephen Sullivan. Tiffany Sweeney Jason Takada. Yukari Tejada Jose T elesca. Diana

PAGE 114

,. I, ,. > Randall, Thom as Thompso n Sammi e Threat. Nicky Thrift, R obe n Thrond so n SCOII T oala. H oward Toledano, Mic h elle T o mlin so n Yadira Torr es. Steven T os h ok. J e nnifer Townsend. Derrick Tun on. Jose Uhor c hak Yanya Und e rw ood. Todd Untalan lisa Van gas. Carlos Vaughn. Nancy Velez. Anabelle Wall, David W all, S hawn Washburn. John Washington, Richard Weryackwe, Tacey West. Rosella JUNIOR PROM '88: HERE WE COME! "Our prom i s going to be the best one yel. The senior s won t h ave anything on u sl" So predicted junior vice -president Wendy For s ter during th e first semest er. Th e r e was only one ticket to th e s uccess o f thi s pledge: work. And th e juniors did indeed work! a nd w o rk a nd work and work! From th e b egi nning the junior class made it clear that they wanted to have a se ri o u s prom. So they go t h old o f one seri o u s prom ballroom the Atlapa Convention Center of Panama With th e location set. the juniors laun c hed into th e ir prom campaign, working towards a $6OX) goal. Fun draising e ffort s were boosted to a good s tart with the $100 won in the Christmas Toy and Can ned Good Drive h e ld during the fir st semester. Other activities s ponsored throughout th e year included car wa s h es. bake sa les. and co n cessions sa l es. The juniors turned ou t t h e ir full s uppon throu g hout Ih e e ntir e ca mpa ign. With goa l s for th e futur e set so high. th e Class o f '89 left expectations for a great senio r yea r and demonstrated that wh e n they say prom. they mean business! 125

PAGE 115

Wetzstein. Rebecca Wheeler Jeri Wheeler Thayne White. Samuel White. Shaleen Wilkinson. Dean Williams Christopher Wilson. Jason Womble. Robert Wood. Craig Wright. Erika Wright. Leah Wynn. Gregory Yanes. Tania 13, Seniors we will bel I will make my Senior year. 126 SMILE JUNIORS! ONLY ONE MORE YEAR TO GO! I'm taking notes on becoming a Senior.

PAGE 116

----THALEAN OR FAILING CHEMIST CHEMISTRY An optional class that students in high school are faced with. In the past years, Mr. Thale (the most notorious chemistry teacher) has proven this by keeping his students on their toes. As Tina Maislo puts it. "At the moment. this class is killing me. and I can only hope to see the end of each day as it comes. But on the brighter side. I know I'm learning a lot and all the sufferins will payoff." This may sound like an exaggeration to someone who hasn't experienced his class, but for those who have. it's quite accurate. Michael Kelly said. "He's one of the best teachers I've had. When I missed school the only thing I could think about was that J was missing his class ." According to Ana Maria Romero. "He's a fair teacher. but I never thought the class would be that hard ," A majority of his students feel that this is an extremely hard class ) evidently, not all of his students feel this way. Enrique Marquez says, "It's an okay class It's just that he gives us tedious work and it gets boring after a while." Does this intimidate those of you who need this credit and have yet to take this class? Don't tear your hair out yet, Becky Wilbur said, "Chemistry is not the most important thing in the world. It only lasts fifty minutes a day. Why let fifty minutes ruin your whole life?" 127

PAGE 117

life At The Junior Zoo! r I ( leah an r a;yTwo tig e r like grin s --the matte r 126

PAGE 118


PAGE 119

128 Life At The Junior Zoo! f leah and r cu:,Two tige r like grins -r-the matter 4 I wait until f eel!;nj .1 \ 1 l 129

PAGE 120

LOOKING BACK: LOOKING UP It was the raddest of times and the coolest of years ... We want to thank the Class of '89 for all your support in making this year one of our best. We hope you have enjoyed the prom, the pep rallies, Homecoming, and all of our fund raising activities. Our class spirit was boosted tremendously thanks to our combined efforts. You've made the work fun and worthwhile. We wish you all the best and hope that next year will be as memorable 'as this one. Jeri Wheeler, Wendy Forster, and Aurora Salazar Junior Class Officers Usa Moffin bearing her bright smile "Thanks to everyone who appreciates my laughl" WITH THE JUNIOR CLASS I I 1 It, I \ , I I J 1 I I t I \ .1111111\\ _, .1.10 _ "A cool year? Absolutelyl I passed Chemis tryl" Stephanie Blanc-Lefl, Keli Gomez and Karen Schnack, Friends through thick and thin and smiling all the way lower left, Carl Dragseth caught and cornered! Below: Mark Bower invades the camera "I don't know. profe, sort but that's definitely not an amoeba. sir:' The editors of the junior section wish the best of luck to the Class of 1989. You have made our work special and this year memorable. We hope our work does you justice -Barbara Kneebone and Tina Maisto 131

PAGE 121


PAGE 123

134 Alejo. Cindi Alte mus. Stephen Alvardo. Teofilo Amat. luzmila Anderson. Jennifer Ander son. Michelle Andrews. Kelvin Arana. Carlos Arce. Froilan Arenas. Maria Awan. Sajid Ayo. Clifton Jr. Baker. Anthony Balschun. Rosemarie Barber. Christopher Barker. Natasha Barra8er Burton Barrowes. Juan Beard eaux. Shado Becker. Michele B e Dore Eddie Berrean. Christopher Berreman. Xinhle Blanco. Angelica Bleau. Veronica Boedeker. Douglas Bolen. Tamora Borras. Juan Bourg eo is. Christen Boyle. Rosemary Brazelton Michael Bro8ie. Jackie Brooks. leonardo Brooks. Roselyn Brown Chadwick Brown. Joanna Bryant. Tasha Buchheister. lauren Burke. Pallas Buvat. Che Caballero. Jesus Cantu. Dennis Cantu. luis Cargill. Bersilia Carrasquillo. NUda Carson. Monica Carson. Sean Castro Ricardo

PAGE 124

THE PLAGUE OF THE PLAQUE Students like to roam the halls Roaming the halls is an extremely popular pastime that has been around as long as boredom has But, at BHS, if you re an underclassman roaming down the middle of a certain hall, it may be hazardous to your emotional and even physical health. This hazard has played an avid role in underclassmen's lives ever since the late 1950's. Thus far senior s are the only students known to have total im munity from this health hazard. Sophomores have the smallest chance of making it through the year without coming in contact with the "plague of the plaque Underclassmen often forget that seniors are the only ones who are allowed to walk on the plaque and not suffer repercussions There are precautions that can be taken to avoid the plague The easiest is to walk as close to walls and avoid the middle of the hallway as much as possible. Another common precaution is to watch where you stepl There are many ways to avoid catching the plague. It doesn't really matter how you go about it Just don't get caught stepping on the plaquell If you happen to see an underclass man kneeling in the middle of the 1000s, be certain that the plague of the plaque has struck once again Caton. J ohn Jr. Cav a z os, Santos III Chan. lynn Chandle r Julissa Charp e nti e r Desiree C havo ya. Manuel Chonsk y Amy Chou. ChunChih Clark Monica Clark Robert Jr. Clarke R e nato Clement. Boris Cobham Sharon Coc hran e. David Codrinst o n Dorinda Coffey. Brandyl Colson. Alfred C o ntr eras. V e roni c a 135

PAGE 125

136 Cook. Geoffrey Cooksey, AnaJioska Cooper, loida Cooper, Nathan Costa, Elizabeth Cowes, Robert Crouch, Guthrie Dame, Earl Damon, Kevin Daninger, Gwendlyn Davenport. Eric Davis, Shannon De luca, Karla De Petro, Daniel Delgado. Jose Delima, Frank Delpilar, Vivian Demena, Mariela Deslondes, lisa Dickerson. James II Disla, Yvanronex Duchene. Martinique Durfee. Michael Elliot. Anita by Burton Barrager GOING BANANAS "Panama? Panama II You've got to be kid ding. Dadl Why are we going to a place that has a big ditch running through the middle of it? I like it where we live. All of my friends are herel" We arrived in Panama on June 28. It seemed as though the country decided to go to war as soon as it found out we were moving. "Great. we're going to Panama so we can join a revolution." but Panama wasn't at all the way I picture it Since I've been here. I've seen only one demonstration. I've noticed some differences between BHS and myoid school. though. I was a freshman at Capital High in Olympia. and now. as a sophomore. I've been part of the youngest class twice. I don't think I'll get used to having four football teams. four basketball teams. etc. combined from CJHS. PCC. and BHS. but I think Panama is pretty good. so far ...

PAGE 126

Ellis. Colleen Emigh. Toni Ender. Jennifer Escalera Kathy Evans Evan falcon Ashley fallin. Albert fennell, Michael figueroa, Shirly finney, Sherdina fishbough. Yvonne fjeld, Chri s tian floyd. Jerome ford, Benjamin fOrie, Corey fraser, Sherri french, Howard fu ssell. Wesley Galindo. David G alla rdo Milzila Garcia, Josephine Garcia, Angela Garcia Belisario Garrido. laura George. Willie II Gibbon s. Angel Gillens Jason Gomez. Sergio Gonzalez, Rafael Gonzalez. Raquel What makes you crazy in B H S ? Pallas Burke Tradene Smith Shannon Robinson Shannon Davis Toni Emigh "C ute black guys. soul mu sic, and dancing makes me very c razyl " People disturbing me while I'm wilh my friends. makes me crazy ." Being wilh my friends makes me c r azy "Th e Ihing Ihal drives me crazy is Ihe Senio r Plaque." What makes me go c raz y in B H S are the leachers 137

PAGE 127

136 Gonzalez. Ricardo Gragg. Torrey Gregory. Lynnette Griffin. Carter Groom. lawrence Jr. Guevara Almir Haines. John III Haney. Benjamin Haning. Douglas Harris. Bridgett Hartmann. Scott Harvey. Michelle Hassan. Debbie Hattabaugh. Carlos Hayden. Dallas Heeres. James Hernandez. karen Higley. Leticia Hinojosa. Nedra Hoffman. Michael Hovan. Steven Howell. Margot Huele. Roxana Huff. Elizabeth Huff. Timothy Hughes. Christopher Hughes. kimberly Hunter. Raymond Jr. larossi. Dominic Jaen. Maria James. Morris Jaworowski. Amy Jemmott. Jermaine Jimenez. Gabriel Jimenez. Susan Johnson. Carla kawabata. Yuka kazmierczak. Julie kemp. David Kim. Maria Kimbrough. Robert king. April King. Erika Kirby. Karen Knappenberger. Diana Knight. Melvin Knox. karla knudsen Steve

PAGE 128

BUT WHO ARE THEY? Dave Vasquez. Steven Moore. and Susan Nelson all played important rotes at BHS as the Sophomore Class officers. Dave was president, Steven, vice-president. and Susan the secretary. Their main objective was to make this year great for all sophomores. They did this by gening students involved with Jamboree. Homecoming. a Valentine's Day dance. and other activities. The officers felt that they were supported by their classmates since attendance was good for all meetings and scheduled events. When students were asked how they felt about their class officers they responded with praise. Monica Carson said, "I liked my class officers because they listened to what I had to say and tried to see that our needs or requests were met." Overall. the Sophomore Class felt thai the officers did an excellent job in representing them. They thank them for their leadership and time. -Krapfl. Shirley Kurokawa. Satomi lang. Robert lavecchia. Mei-ling lawrence. Eva lee. linda lewis. Alida lewis. Terrell little. Court lend love. Manuel lowe. Stephen loy. lisa Marie lucas. Krista lujan. Kimberly lujan. Phillip lyles. Bryan Mangum. laurie Marotta. Christopher Martin. Edgar Martin. Richard Martinez. Julie Materson. Partida Matson. Melinda Matter. Oscar 139

PAGE 129

140 THE PRO'S AND CON'S OF SOPHOMORE LIFE BEST WORST NAME I can still aCI pretty dumb and gel away with it. Being faced with the dilemma of growing upl Teresa Monson Having a 101 of free lime and fewer worri es. The plaque in the hallway and its enforcers. Jarrod Moses In two more years high school will be ovcr! The s tupid plaquel Melinda Morrison You can get away with murder. The word seniors use to describe sop homores i s Maria Kent babies." We don', have to go to Carundu any more. Being 100 young to drive. Eric Green I've made it to 10th gradel I still have to make it to I2thl Court little You're not a freshman. You're not a seniorl Eva lawrence I've su rv ived school up to n ow. I have two more years to gal Nikk i Duchene Next Ycar I 'll be a junior and it's a 101 easi e r to spell! McConaughey, leann McDonald, Karen Ann Mcintire. Mark McManigal. Morris Meyer. Craig Mitchner. Chrisla Mizrachi, Alberto Monson. Teresa Moore. Daryl Moore. E l aine Moore, Steven Mora, ludgerio Morris, James Morrison, Me lind a Moses, Jarrod Nandwani, S h armi l a Nassiff, Paulette Naum, James Navarro, Deydamia Neely, Zenia Nelms. Christoph e r Nelson. Angela Nelson, S usan Neto. Mercedes J always forget that middle "0". So it looks lik e sophmore instead of sop h o m ore. Sarah Van Steenburg

PAGE 130

Ng. Roberto Nickson Ahamease Nieves. Carlos NOrlon S t ephanie Nunez Jua n Jr Nunez-Pacheco. I va n OBrlen. Dixie -Ann Oakley. Dann y Oakl ey. lui s Jr. Oliver. Ja son Oliv e r Yolanda Orna c hi Ayako Orliz. Carmen Paradiso. J errod Park. Sandra Park s. Michele Parra Ja vie r Par sons. Jacqueline Pasamonle. Roy Pearson louanne Peck. David Pena Angel Per ez. Nich o las Petkldi s, Stella Phillip s. M e l issa Phusa. Suwit Pierce. Jan P inkoskl. Bryon P o rt ela. A ntonio P owell. l eo n Pri ce. Tisha Prompeng Rewadee Puryear. J e rmain e Putnam Kim R ail. Ashley Ramir ez. Bryant Ramirez. Lissa Mae Rangel. Ang e l Ralhy e n Ginie Reed. Alicia Reese. lenore Reonas David R eynolds Marcy R icketts Paul R iley. Jam es Rios. Maria Ritc hi e. Julia 141

PAGE 131

'42 Rlos. Monica Rivera. Anayansi Robins. James Robinson. Shannon Rodriguez. Elizabeth Rodriguez. Jose III Rodriguez. Robert Roger. Lisette Rosa. Christopher Rose Patricia Royo. Alejandro Ruddock. Andria Saborio. Gabriela Sainz. Jennifer Sakon. Saku Samuels. Marelisa Sanchez laura Sanchez. Roger Sanchez. Wilfredo Sasso. Bryan Schneringer. Gregory Jr Scott. Marcia Sealey. Roberto Serrano. Deneiria Smith. Roberto Smith. Tradene Smith. Valerie Snyder. Angela Sollami. Lenard Sorensen. Stefanie Sotomay e r. lisa Sperger. Billy Spilling. Henning III Sprague. Michael Stahlman. Jill Starnes. Nichole Steil. kevin Stromberg. Kristine Subia. Enrique Telesca. Alfonso Thomas. Andrew Thomas. Charles Thomas. kathleen Thompson. Kimberly Thomp s on. Pamela Tiblier. Nancy Tisby. frank Jr. T omlet. Andrew

PAGE 132

, I f i SOPHOMORE SPIRIT ..... by Aimess Vierra The soph o mores d e finitely had s piritl Their Homecoming theme for this year was safari. and what a s afari it was t The ze bras. tigers. and giraffes that appeared in the 1000s hallway were all products of sopho mor e handiwork Thi s award winning dis play plac e d first in the hallway competition In addition to that. the sophomores' float. complete with a working waterfall. and scantily clothed natives. captured first prize in that competition als o "It made u s feel proud to be a part of the Clas s of 90 agreed Brandy Huff and Yvonne Fishbough The sophomores d e finitely have spirit! Torre s. Eric a Torres. Thomas T ovar-Sttiu e nd Claudia Traina Mlche Tremblay. Martin Trujillo. Sandra Tweed. Scott Underwood. Canut e Van Steenburg. Sarah Varga s Edwi n Jr. Vasquez. Alvaro Vasquez. David Vazquez. The resa Vaughan Patricia Velez. Javi e r Vereeck e n Patrick Vierra Aime e Vowell. Amy Walcott. Yolette Waldron. Julian Walker, Derri c k Wall. Keith Waller. Rodulfo Washburn. Els a 143

PAGE 133

144 SPOTLIGHT ON SPONSORS There is more to the sophomo r e class than just sophomores. Two sop homore class VIP'S are the class sponsors: Mr. Camp and Ms. Thaxton. They helped guide and support th e class of 1990 throu g h that rocky first year of high scho o l Jack Camp has been a spqnsor for the past four years. H e doesn't 'consider the position a hassle. but says he likes watching sophomores enjoy their schoo l year. This was Teresa Thaxton's first year be ins a sponso r When asked if the job took a 1 0 1 of lime she replied, "Not much, since the class officers run almost everything," The sponsors devote lime outside of their leaching hour s to help students get the most o ut of their school years. and we wis h to say a special thanks to Mr. Camp and Ms. Thaxton for their time and efforts. Weade, Jason Weeks Arleen Welch. Roxanne Green, Eric Wharry, Calley Wheeler. David Wheeler, J ana Wheeler, Jean Whitesell. Andrea W hittington Tr av i s Williams, Fernando Jr Williams. George Williams, Kelly Willingham, Joyce Willis, Brian Winter. Justin Winters, Shannon Womble, Bryan Wood, Joan Wood r ow, Noelle Wuerzberger. Kenneth Vanes. Christina Yates, Gentry Zaldivar, Sarah

PAGE 134

Dave Vasquez. Steven Moore and Susan Nelson. sophomore class officers and interested class members. meet to discuss upcoming events Melissa Phillips lets loose. Theresa and Julie share the good times. J Sandra. have you hugged Tradene today? The spectators. Miche and Nancy enjoy a friday night at the stadium. Zornes. Jeffrey 145

PAGE 135

Tim Huff poses as the sophomore stud. Sophomores Tami Bolen. Zeenia Neely, Teresa Munson try to hang with senior Michele Etterick Sorry Sarah. you have two more years until you get out 1 146

PAGE 136

, i l .. '-. ..... . -.. . ... : j ..:... i ".4t1 ... : < ...

PAGE 137

148 STUDENT ASSOCIATION ON THE GO Representatives Sophomores : C. Barrean. J Brogie. l. Sanchez. N. Duchene. J. Barrows. T Portela. l. Deslandes. Juniors Top T Uhorchak. l. Gonzalez. T Sullivan. S Russelburg, M.lawlor. M. Montgomery. P Sitarz Bottom C Copter. D Malcuit. S. Awan. R linares. Sen iors: left, M Harvey. K Jefferson. J Borras. D Reyes. Right K. Boyer. C Wharry. D. Kyle. J. Arias. S.A. Pres. Beth Haeseke goes through the morning ritual of reading the daily announcements. S.A. Officers: 8 Haeseke. S Thomas. C. Morgan. N Othan. B Telesca. A Anderson Sheriff Helena Chaniotis catches Steve Torres red handed "You gonna' spend some time in my jail now I" Joe lee places his bid on a snikers at the student store. Benny Telesca displaying the merc handi se. 149

PAGE 138

T50 A TALE OF TWO SOCIETIES by Sandie Levine The Biological Honor Society and Na lianal Honor Society were two clubs that greatly enriched my experience al Balboa High School. I was very honored to have been selected a member of both oraniza tions During the year. D.H.S. had trips to the Tropic Test Center. Maje Island. and the highlight of the year. EI Daru. There. D.H.S. members had the chance to spend a week in beautiful EI Daru. explore the country side and really experience the natural wonders of Panama. If I wasn t on one of these excursions, I was helping the National Honor Sociefy paint the Salvation Army s School for the lind or helping out by volunteering in the Special Olympics. Though B.H.S. deals with natural wonders and N.H.S. deals with public service, they both share a common bond since they were both interesting and worth while organizations and I was extremely proud to be a member of each of them. .. o ", -.. The National Society recognizes students for their academic achievement Members take time out to pose for a group shot. N Beth Haes ecke, Juan Cazorla, Tammy Norton. Carlos Herrera. H e lena Chan iOlis. Jennif e r Rawlins. Karen Schnack. Keli Gomez. Gene Gramlich. Jerry Wheeler. Wendy Forster H Annie Englis h Emily Ratliff. Ramon Constante. Trac y Hunsacker. leah Wright. Sandy l evi ne Vibeka Sen Gupta. Aurora Salazar. Anna Maria Rome ro. Eduardo Diaz Eddie Ponc e Joseph Horne S-Irene levy. Ashley Anderson. Ron Bolen. Emily Agueda. Adrienn e Oliver. Harriet Russell. Nunzy Bellofatto. hzel Oller Mrs. Reeves. Biological Honor Society Sponsor. leads through one of many jungle experiences. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Emily Agueda Ashley Anderson Carolina Arauz Todd Binder Ronald Bolen Helena Chantiotis Ramon Constante Bart Diaz Eduardo Diaz Carl Dragseth Randy Dunn Anayansi English-Viguera Christen Eudy Wendy Forster Kelitza 5_ Gomez l ynnette M Gonzalez Jean Marie Gramlich Vibeka Sen Gupta Beth Haesecke Theresa Harnisch Carlos Herrera Andrew Helm Joseph M. Horne Staphani Hughes Tracy Hunsaker Cecilia Kim Russell Krummel Vanessa lasack Sandra Levine Maria len-Rios Irene levy Peter A. liehr. Jr. Eileen Marquez Beth McDonnel lori Merril Adrienne M. Oliver Damien Oliver hzel Oller Eduardo Ponce Emily Ratliff Jennifer Rawlins Anamaria Romero Harriet Russell Aurora C. Salazar Karen I. Dchnack Jennifer Siegart Erik Staffeldt Rebecca Wetzstein Jeri Wheeler Thomas Whitesell Rebecca Wilbur Jason R. Wilson Katrina Winberg leah Wright BIOLOGICAL HONOR SOCIETY Seniors: Nunzy Bellofatto. Betsy Bolling. William Boy tim. Ron Bolen Angela Charez. Caryl Cloyd. Rene Cruz. William Duty. Mike Engle. Susan Her nandez. Carlos Herrera. Marca Hilzinger. Bart Diaz. Stephanie Hughes. Alan Hulick. Russell Krummell. Sandi levine. Irene leavy. Chris Mor gan. Tammy Norton Damien Oliver. hzel Oller. Emily Ratliff. Jennifer Rawlins, Denise Rodri guez. Robert Ruiz. Harriet Russell. Vibeka Sen Gupta. Jennifer Siegert. Tom Whitesell. Stacey Williamsl Juniors : Emily Agueda. Uva Anckle. Greg Baerg. Keo Bailey. Vikas Bangia, Gilda Ber man Eileen Bradley Maria Capps. Carrie Copier. Mark Dawson. 0 mayra Dejesus. Eduardo Diaz. Jennifer Diaz. Carl Dragseth. Annie English. Carlos Flores. leah Frazier. Rachel Frey. Keli Gomez. luis Gonzalez. T ... acy Hunsake .... Rebecca Joseph. Jacqueline lavalle. Johanna leffler. Mada len Rios. Peter liehr. Rolando linares. Beverly lovelady. Tina Maisto. Debbie Maicuit. lis a Moffit. Catherine Nelson. Eduardo Ponce. Ana Maria Romero, Aurora Salazar, Karen Schnack. lavi Shep pard. Kai Sommer. Becca Wetzstein. Jeri Wheel er. Jason Wilson. leah Wright. Tania Vanes 151

PAGE 139

152 lO MEJOR EN CUlTURA Come on Karla. hurry upl Get it oull Spanish Club Officers, 1st row D. Avila. C. Kim. N Bellofatto 2nd row J. Cazorla. I. Levy. R. Dittmar Spanish Club Members, 1st row, V. Sen Gupta. C. Kim. I. levy. R. Dittmar. R. Krummel!. J. Cazorla 2nd row, O. Carns. J. Canton. O. Rodriquez. N. Bellol."o M. Kim. D. Avila. D Charpentier. L. Vaughn 3rd row, C Chow. J. Delgado. M Carrasquillo. M. De Mena. C. Arauz. Mr Vaz. S. Mandwani.l. Cooper 4th C. Green. S. Williams. E. Diaz. J. Wheeler, J. Washburn. K. Krapfl. E. Ponce. I. Oller, J. Ollendick. A. lewis. C. Matter

PAGE 140

i'anish Honor Society Members : Back row : Spon. Mr. Figueroa, A. Anderson. R. Canters. J ONeil. S i illiams, R. Krummell Front row: S. Levine. I. Levy. E. Marquez Are you sure it is supposed to go like that Ana Maria? Spanish Honor Society officers Robert Irene and James adding a little JiB spice to their raspados ( Its OK Mr Leavy, it's not really Jf.B). 153

PAGE 141

JOURNALISM AT THE ZOO "One of the most rewarding experiences ever ," is one of the ways to describe working on "The Parrakeet." Many students take the paper for granted. but the truth is that many long hard hours 80 into producing. "The Parrakeet," This year's spon s or. Ms. Ricqua Johnston. described "The Parrakeet" as, "A new paper with lots of potenlial and many talented staff members who work very hard to Improve it. Even before the school year began. Nancy Othon. editorinchief. participated in a journalism workshop at Indiana University This i ntense two-week course gave her ideas on how to improve the journalistic quality of our school's newspaper. Have you ever wondered how "The Parrakeet" was produced? Once a month. slaff members met to receive story assignments, Next the stories were written and typed on the word processors. Then they were edited by Nancy and Ms. Johnston. When all mistakes were fixed. the stories were printed. The production staff made layouts of the individual pages and "The Parrakeet" was sent to Corozal to be printed. Students at BHS depended on the Parrakeet to bring them the new s of Balboa High School and to entertain them The Parrakeet als o added two columns l "'nsights from Briton" and "Trace Ne vermind's Review Students who demonstrated a large interest in journalism and dedication to the Parrakeet were initiated into the Quill and Scroll. a journalistic honor society. Currently the members are, Susl Apold. Melanie lawlor. Meredith Montgomery. and Nancy Othon 1 5 4 N o t muc h glamour for Editor in Ch ie f Nancy Otho n Quill a nd Scr oll mem b e r s N a n cy Othon. Melani e l a w lor and Mer e dith Montg o m e r y f oo ling ar o und o n c ompa n y tim e Billy Huff h ard at w o rkH? f:::::. Calle y Wharry enjoy s the efforts of our journalist s. Whil e th e e ditor is away th e workers will play .' / .. p J (I Fro nt R o w M Montg o m e ry J l effle r N Othon. M l awlo r S. Russe lbur g M Montgomer y 2nd r o w P Oliv er, B Clark K H e nrique z Bac k R o w S M oo r e. V Sen Gupt a T M yer. Caz orl a 155

PAGE 142

156 Jose Gallardo : expert of slice and dice art. THE ART CLUB Back row W. Forester. E. S. Awan C. Matson. M. Capps. B. Clark. M. Jay Front row : J Brassfield J Ka,te",;,., T Sullivan. S Muggier. T. Alvarado. S. Russelburg. M. Lawlor Vanessa Clark works on an art project. We may have seen finished product in front of the office.

PAGE 143

B ack row: Loida Cooper. Xihnlee Berreman. Desiree Charpentier. Uva Anckle. Nicole de St. Germain. Maria C apps. Lavinia Sheppard. Tisha Price. Melanie Lawlor Front row : Carl Chow. Jackie lavalee. Tom Myers. Juan C a zorla. Joyce Boatwright. Ray Dittmar. Marisol Zamora. Anna Cooksey THE FRENCH CLUB Above: Officers: Joyce Boatwright. Lynette Gonzales. Maria Capps. and Lavinia Sheppard by Joyce Boatwright The French Club's goals for the 198788 school year were to enjoy and learn as much as possible about France, its customs. and its culture Since Fran c e is famous for its chefs and cuisine. it was no small wonder that many activities centered around food The school year was kicked off with a lesson in making French pastries. The class was taught by Mrs. Marie Francois Puckett. wife of the superintendent of the American Battle Monuments Commission in Panama Mrs Puckett's Christmas yule logs. as the chocolate-smother e d con fections are known. were devoured by club members The members also had a chance to practice their French with Mrs Puckett. Club members tried a little French cooking of their own to support the Great American Smokeout in November. Crepes filled with strawberries and cream. chocolate pudding. or cherries were a big hit with students and teachers alike. The crepes were a money maker for other scheduled activities Those activities included an evening at a French restaurant in Panama City. a "Come as a famous French personality" party. a visit to the French Embassy in downtown Panama. I French Club t shirts. keychains. and even berets were much sought after items by club members. Films in French. such as the very romantic Le Retour de Martin Guerre. were very popular during lunch time and after school. Yes. even Snoopy spoke in French! All in all, the club had a good year As president. I'd like to wish all graduating seniors "Bon courage" on behalf of the French Club 157

PAGE 144

158 A MIDSUMMER'S NIGHTMARE! The Drama Club started off the year with a big bang our par.yl We had egBs in our hair. water balloon. bursting in a i r. and volleyball. In order to maintain the high level of e x citement. we held auditions. Some of us ran around in a sort of daze biting our nails StiU others were calm. cool. and collected. That I., until we were called upon to read. At thi s point. we started to hyperventilate. Eventually. the cast was chosen. Rehearsals and set construction bejan. We all endeavored to master the usage of word like "thou" and "yea". We all also got to pay homage to our queen of papier-mache. Sydney Corbett Ahhh. that wonderful sticky substance called papier mache, which transformed our s tage into the magical fairyland of Shakespeare s A Midsum mer Night's Dream. Gradually we neared performance day when, gadsl our frantic speed was squelched by news from an unknown source Our sound system didn't work Undaunted. we continued working on through Christmas vacation When we look back we may wonder why we did it. Why did we sacrifice our afternoons, Saturdays, and holidays? Why did we subjects ourselves to voice exercises and tongue rolls? There Is a simple answer to these questions. It is Thesp i ans poi nts. Many of us scrambled around wondering how many points it was humanly pos s ibly to achieve during one production. We eagerly awaited our Inlltatlon into the Thespian Society Some were even looking forward to receiving thas illustrious stars. Although It seemed amazing, we managed to get through the year with no "'ajor catastro phes Wilh all of the glorious fun we had this year, who can tell what greatness'lies ahead for nex yea's m nt uslast 7 0' I)' on ___________________ ..... Ginie Rath ye n Tammy N o rton and Valerie Fore s ter in a scen e from A Midsummer Night's Dream Rolando Una res h elps out bac kstage "The play' s being postponed AGAINII U" Nunzy Bellofatto expresses d isa ppointment" Back Row : M : Hatchett, D. Smith W Duty, M Fries, T Tagsart Jnd Row : R Linare s. T Baudln N. B e llofatto R Wetzstein Front Row : l. Moffitt S. Carns T Maisto CLUB Back Ro. w : S. Carn s. M. Black, M Frie s M Capps, S. William s. K. Wllhams, R Frey, A. V i erra. T Taggart Front R o w : R Dittmar E Ratliff, l. Des. londes N D e SI. Germain. M lawlor. S Fonken. S Hartmann L Mark Bowe r and Ray m o nd Samuels carry Becca Wetzstein off to r e h e arsal 159

PAGE 145

BHS BAND Agueda. Gloriana Allen. Shawn Altemus Stephen Barrowes. Juan Becker, Michele Bitt. Tanya Campbell. Burin Carson. Monica Cooper. Nathan Copier. Carrie Dickerson. James Dunn. Katrina Evans. Marina Farrell. Wella Gomez. Sergio Gottselig, Thomas Hassan, Debbie Hattabaugh. Carlos Huff. Tim lio. Hitoshi "rapfl, Shirley Lewis, Jennifer Loy. lisa loy. Scott McFarland. Melissa Nelms. Chris Norton Stephanie Nunez -Pacheco. Ivan Oliver. Kevin Oliver. Yolanda Petrucci. Andrew Riley. James Sanchez. Roger Sanchez. Wilfreda Smith. Roberto Thomas. Scott Torres. Erica Tsugane. Erika Vasquez. David Vierra Aimee Warner. Vannette Williams. Kelly Yearwood. Natasha We're sure glad that the concert is finally over! 160 Oh nol It's stucki It' s Monday morning and no cof feel BHS Band performing at Curundu Cafelorium in December. 1987.

PAGE 146

Select Chorus and Mixed Chorus at Curundu Cafetorium in De c e m ber. 1987. Friar Gro s d i dier7 Bec ky Wilbur I hit the wrong n o te l Parr. Rox anne Huet e M elissa Phillips. Maria Morales. Kim lujan. Jan Pie rce. P e rfe c t Harmony CHORUS SELECT CHORUS Flores. Luz Grosdidier Gary Huete Roxane Kneebone. Barbara Lujan. Kimberly Moffitt. lisa Morales Maria Oller. Itzel Parr. Tonya Phillips Melissa Pierce Jan Sitarz. Patricia Torres Donna Wilbur. Beckey Wood. Marie MIXED CHORUS Amat. Luzmila Boatwright. Joyce Charpentier Desiree Hanna Jennifer Kawabata. Yuka Kinney. John Lewis. Ferrell Mays. Tommy McConathy. T onya Mitchner. Chrisila Nowell. linda Stewart Kathy Townsend. Derrick 161

PAGE 147

162 COMPUTER CLUB AND O.A.A. Prepare For The Fast World Of Business. Officers, R. Cruz. T. leckey. T Martinez. P. Uehr. C. Kim, B. lovelady Computers and Business go hand in hand. Seniors, 1st row T. Suescum. S. Hughes. R. Bolen. J. Cazarla. R. Constante, S. Williams. O. Howell 2nd row: C. Cloyd. R Dittmar, M. Flynn. C. Kim. 3rd row G. Green. T. leckey. R. Cruz Juniors: E. Bradley. J. Gramlich. T. Underwood, M. Bower. K. Henriquez. 8. lovelady 2nd row : P. Uehr. K. Sailey. D. Replogle. K. Schnack 3rd row, C. Flores. K Gomez R. Joseph. E. Staffeldt. R. Herrina

PAGE 148

i Ramirez and Mrs. Barboni were the proud winners of the O A .A. sponsored 1 achers Appreciation Day. Sophomores/1st row M Hoffman. J Delgado. M. Kim. D. Charpentier 2nd row C. Barber. C. Martin. M lavecchia. L Cooper. K Putman A l e wis. J Robins Jennifer and Cassie participate In the Great American Smokeout O A A members / Standing G Rios. R Royo C. Rogers. S Cochram. A Stewart. P Brown Sitting F Jefferson. M lavecc hia. A. Jefferson. S. Wilson. J T os hok 163

PAGE 149

164 THE ULTIMATE FIELD TRIP I This year seven students were selected to attend the Close-Up program in May. Close-Up was establ ished to promote citi zen involvement in our national govern ment. After filling out the necessary forms and obtaining letters of recommendation. the students names were brought before a committee of teachers and principals for the final selection. The committee eventually selected Eduardo Diaz. Carlos Herrera. Marca Hilzinger. Chris Morgan. Tammy Norton, Jen nifer Rawlins and Shannon Thomas to trav el to Washington D.C. in May. Throughout the entire year. the group worked on fund-raising projects that ranged from selling sodas, washing cars, sponsoring dinners and the Ancon Theatre Guild giving a benefit performance of "The Foreigner." The program lasted for one week but in that on week the group attended seminars hosted by policy makers. lobbyists. and reporters. The seven also got the chance to visit the Senate Library of Congress. and the Supreme Court. Close-Up sponsor Rita Sosa Mr. Waugh plays secretary general to Model United Nations. .. -, Close-Up, S. Thomas. C. Herrera. M. Hilzinger. T. Norton. J. Rawlins. E. Diaz. C. Morgan. Model United Nations: Andrea Whitesell. Sandy Marcella. Sarah Van Steenburg. Carter Griffin. Stephanie Russelburg. Michelle Montgomery Joanna Brown

PAGE 150

PICTURE PERFECT F 1 0TOGRAPHY CLUB standing, P Sitarz, M. Ettrick. T. Binder. A. Anderson. N. Othon, K Williams, N De St Germain. M Hulick. S f 1 ken V. Bangia. M lawlor. X. Eberenz and S Awan Kneeling C Morgan. R linares. and B Diaz MODELING CLUB, J Marohl. P Townsend. l. Reilly. C Ellis. and J. Bell "C ookie" Wright. future model of America. 165

PAGE 151

THE MATH CLUB Gee, Tom and len. is Calculus really that exciting? Back row, K Gomez. M. Capps. R. Frey. K. Schnack. P. Paulding Front row: T Yamatodani. Spon Mrs. Sanchez 166 Okay. so now flip the shape so that it looks like an upside down tornado. rotate it around the x axis, and then ...

PAGE 152

Mr Barlow discusses the purpose of peer counseling Front row C. N e lson. M Bower. R Wetzstein. E Torres. A Nolte. D. Charpentier 2nd r o w : J Stahlman. U. Anckle. B Bolling G Berman. A Nolte. S. Park 3rd row : D. George. M Oliver. l. Moffitt. S. Hughes. E Bradley. D. Jaworowski PEER HELPERS The nose knows. right Dan? Uva receive s advice on counseling. 167

PAGE 153

168 COMPANY A Front And e r s on M ; Promp e ng R .t Burnett. J 2nd Row, H o rn e J . Subia E . Caton, J Oliver, W Mc C o rm ack. J 3rd Row: Pury e ar. J Robin so n S Durkee. P Finn ey. S l as t Row: Co c hrane. V Walcott. P .I Sollami. l. COMPANY B ; Front : Ma ci as. D . Brown P .. Nieve s C 2nd Row: Bry ant S A yo C . Gonzal e z R Moor e S 3rd Row: SchessJ e r B .. Reon as. 0 .. Gonzalez.l.. Ritc hie J . Thomas. M 4th Row: Landron. M Williams, G '1 Z orn es J V e reeran P Durfe e M 5th R o w : Threat. N ; Low, S Moore. D . Singh. H .. Saw ye,:, J .. Petro ski, R

PAGE 154

COMPANY C f ,or ground, Michalis. P . Campbell. B First Row: M cKe nzie. S . Roman. E.. Nieves. C . Ernigh. T .j Pearson. L.. Dickerson. J .t Lucas. K Floyd J. 2nd Row '-. we. M loy. M" Mora. J .. Borras. J .. Yates. G Gomez S Roger J Flowers. T Roman.R .t Williams. F., Oakle y L 3rd Row, Damo n. K., Gordon G Haning. l Mora. l.. Martin. E .. Parra. J Portela A .. Beardeaux. S., Colson. A Nunez. I.. Garmon. R. f:OMPANY D Floor ground: Stone. S., Mitchell. P . Me Conathy. T 2nd Row : Wilson V Johnson, K . Knox. K . Park s M . livingsron. B . Rosa. C Higgins Lonnell 3rd Row: Douglas B Carson. S . R e plo g le. D .. Thomas. c., Bartley W.o Garces. R.o Rive ra. F 4th Row: Carter. M . Anderson. M .. Kellman. W., Ricketts, P . Roman. J . lis by F ., Guyton, J., Disla Y. 169

PAGE 155

1 7 0 Foreground : B Diaz 2nd R ow : D Oliver. M. Per ez. S. Barton. C. Morgan 3rd Row: l. Neto. B Telesca 4th Row, C. Douglas. M Fries Manuel l a ndron "Shine my shoes soldier! Cadets r elaxing at Fort Sherman J.R.O. T .C. Airborn e s ite before tackling the next o bstacl e. JROTC PRODUCING THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW JROTC Cadets entertaining crowd at half tim e. Willie Bartle y doing push-ups. SSg. Webster SFC Mora. Capt. Notyce 171

PAGE 156

172 Above Damlen Oliver Forever GQ Top p icture: mess hall d in the Messing aroun zoo d Rewadee I A derson an Michae "h' home again. come marc inS Prompeng "We're off to the wizard long year! 1 It's going to be a Y troop These are m Centee hunl t re are Left, Attenn-s take our p I C U g to 're really not gOIn Below They to begin they? aits for the sa ilor USS Sphinx. Benny w Aboard the the tour 173

PAGE 157

ZONIANS AT THE ZOO Advisor Markie Short "This has been a wonderful yearbook class. The energy and excitement generated by these students have kept me hopping. They were all new to yearbook. which was a tremendous chal lenge so I can't tell you how impressed J am with the work they did. My special thanks goes to our editor Meredith. Editor JnChief -Meredith Montgomery "Together we have become a family wouldn't change this experience for the world'" Copy Editor and Business Manager Nunzy Bellofatto 'I'm 5,0 glad it's over! Now Meredith can't beat me anymore'" Senior Section Editors -Ron Bolen "We became really close friends at the beginning. bad enemies in the middle. and now thank God, we're back to close friends. I will always remember the wild times I had with Kate, Cathy, Meredith, Nunzy and Jenl -Teresa Martinez "We missed having you here at the end of the year. Good luck alwaysJl" Junior Section Editors Barbara Kneebone "This class has been a unique experience that has put all of us under a lot of stress-I'm thankful for this opportunity because I know now a little about what the real world is like." Tina Maisto "This class has been a great experience. Looking forward to next yearll The work and friends make it all worthwhile. Sophomore Section Editors -Cathy Nelson I never thought that producing a great yearbook took so much dedication and so much time I now knowl" Kate Bolt "There MUST have been a mistake in my schedulel" Student Life Section Juan Cazorla "Despite all the hard work and frustration Zonian '88 caused, it was an awesome experience'" Sports Section Editor Tom Whitesell ''I'm glad it's overl -Assistants: Ron Bolen Chad Fallin Clubs & Organizations Editor Thalia Soudin "This has been a FANTASTIC year. Working on the Zonian was an experience I'll never forgetl" -Ray Dittmar "Seing part of the Zonian staff was a great experience. Even with the frustration the deadlines and the horrible layouts it was all worth wild. ;; Faculty and Academics Editor -Jennifer Raw lins Take it easy! Life s going so fast-" Ads Editor Vibeka Sen Gupta I 'loved' the experience that I got from this c1assl Working with Mrs. Short, Anays and the rest of the staff gave me a joy I can never comparel" -Assistant : Anita Nolte Photography Editor Bart Diaz "If I had to do this all again-" -Assistants: Greg Meyer It's been hard work. but a lot of fun and a good experience. -Cathy Nelson Ray Dittmar The crew: Cathy, Barbara, Ray, Nunzy, Meredith, Tami, Bart. Tina and Anays. 174 Our sponsor, Ms. Short, and Editor-in-Chief Mer edith Montgomery Cathy and Kate -editors of the sophomore section. letting it grow on ya', huh guys?

PAGE 158

Ron and Teresa. editors of the senior section. sitting pretty. "Huh?" A typical quote from the sports editor. Tom WhiteseU Juan Cazorla. student life editor. helps clean up the zoo. ( Trash J e nnifer Rawlins. academics and faculty editor.) Words of wisdom from a feathery friend help Vibeka complete the ads section. Anays. Ray. Tami. Meredith and Nunzy monkeying around. 175

PAGE 159

" i., .' ' .... ' ...: .

PAGE 160

"WHERE GUESTS ARE TREATED AS FRIENDS" I!JllnOE W Hotel "A,,..A..u, 1. P ... ,.. ...... TELlO X JB81t199 TU.:8Hlin ImlnOE I?If.lnOE Hotel & Cesino Continental -Aeropuerto Til. , o Ih. y" It .. '''0 ''0''''1011 l.om 1'0"0' m o o ,n .... o .jo .. o .;'pon. lO ,",n, "",," c on''''ol 10" .. II .. '." ...... I>o", ColI .. SIlo ... Bog .,. e .. j,,, I,,,. '' '''.,n", o ''', .onn 0", ... ,"''''. _', c........ C""nlty CI"b .'mo.,. ..... P .O 80k n 00 ..... 00:;.-.H THEA In, CONTI.PTO Cobloo: AIIIPQA T .. O h i : 2().)l:n UNISEX We Bring Out Your Best!: Com e I n a n d let our t e a m of professi o n a l stylist s g i ve your h a ir a 11ft. Y ou 'll love the l ookl REASONABLE PRICES C alle Estud i ante 22 N ex t t o Nap o l i R estau r ant ---------------------------+---------------------------Te!efono 64-7133 VIA PORRAS PRODUCTOS RRELLI E HIJOS, S.A. NON TEMERE SOLO ABBI FEDE Tel e fono 6 1 -72 7 0 V Il.l.A CACERES 62 3077 'tal' P O. BOX 7279 PANAMA 5, R. P. PANAFOTO INTANAC/ONAL.. S .A.. C INC O ALMAC E N ES PLAZA 5 DE MAYO-TEL: 623077 VIA ESPARA-TEL: 637235 EL DORADO-T E L : 3 6 PLAZA PAITlLLA-TEL: 69-2..31 7 Z O N A LlBRE -TEL: 4>3600 O.STR IBUJ DORE S E XCLUSIVOS JVC SONY C ASI C CANO N SEIKO NATIONAL PANATRONI C BUY DUTY FREe-COMPRE LlBRE DE IMPUESTOS V,DEOGRABADORAS CAMARAS FILTROS STEREO HI-F.-ELECTROOOMESTICOS LENTES CALCULAOORAS. R::!LOJES EQUIPO PROFESIOHAL

PAGE 161

Agenda de Viajes Chadwick Travel Services P. O. Box "J" Balboa Panama Rep. de Panama Chadwick Travel Service Congratulates the class of 1988 Y M.CA Bldg . Balboa. Panama 52 2949 52-2972 52-5098 28-2709 28-2642 Branch 86-3180 Albrook Mall-Howard Mall Branch 84-4880 Arrw:ricon Society of TrrJVel Agents 1 7 8 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '88 Panama Canal Federation of Teachers Local 29 AFT Always For Teachers M MITS MITSUB MITSUBIS MITSUBISHI TSUBISHI UBISHI ISHI I MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI MITSURISHI MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI MELCO SALES DE PANAMA S.A. Tels.: 60-6209 60-6310

PAGE 162

CHERISHED SPECIAL MOMENTS WE SHARED Jamie Wadi Susi Apold Christie Dear Lori Merrill Grace Patterson Yonnia Morgan Veronica Chandler We grew up together, even though we'll go our separate ways, We'll always be together in our memories and especially in our hearts. 179

PAGE 163

160 COMPUTER CLUB The BHS Computer Club began the 1987-88 school year as it had for the past several years-giving away Hostess Twinkies l In addition a free pen computer diskette, merchandise discounts and computer time were included as part of the membership fee. Elections were held more Twinkies given away and the following students elected to the offices shown PresidentThomas leckey, Vice President/ ActivitiesTeresa Martinez Vice President/ Pro grammingCecilia Kim, Treasurer-Peter liehr, Secretary-Beverly lovelady. Due to mid-year graduation, Rene Cruz replaced Cecilia Kim and Caryl Cloyd filled in for Teresa Mar tinez. The newly-married Mr Seltzer continued as the club's sponsor The Computer Club's goal of "Just Having A lot of Fun" was met throughout activities other than computer use Carnation sales, a dance celebrating leap Year Day, a computer game tournament, and the always-popular dating survey were among their ac tivities this year. The officers and members of the BHS Computer Club convey their sincere appreciation to their spon sor, Mr Seltzer, for his guidance, effort, and ideas over the past five years. His desire to continue to increase the club s activities has included the purchase of Atari and Commodore computer worksta tions the ever-popular Hostess Twinkies, the idea of the dating survey, free pens and disks for member ship, the Valentine s Day and leap Year Day dances, and many more ideas. And, of course, the use of his credit card certainly helped I It is therefore with much appreciation and some sadness that the BHS Computer Club wishes Mr Seltzer all the best as he travels to Germany to be with his wife and family

PAGE 164

at the Holidaylnn To dine in style and very close to the stars ... exclus;ve reSlaurant ;n P"n uma: Ihe 3t-h'ed ere We orru ari seleci ion of;nl crnAI ;nnal d ;shes and the mOS I cxelll s;"e ,ar;el.' ofw;, .. ,s and ;n a fine und e le!:unl environment. IIIMINI. A bar Be9in your evenin9 Wilh a c tivil 01 .'""r I nnll 3n . IInpp.'" 110"'. with pl nnn mu o i e eve y (r om: rl:OO In 10:00 1'."' ""d o n Friday a JRn ban d t o n n ,,,mber Md nra tcln .. And Rn unror!: C "AhJe "' .. )'ou on J")' our Inlernatl" .. .. 1 Rnil e,,,lie hrve,,,!:,, ---------------------.------------------JJ; ':" IDVANE Y CIA.s.A. U-... POO 1291 _,_ P ... N ..... A NAPOLI Restaurante Pizzeria The best Italian food in the country. Personal service by its owners-Hermanos lovane. Closed on Tuesdays. Ave. 13. No. 24 . Apdo 1291. I "" A iA 4t T .. , .; ;/ l' "" {li,nza c:L.ppallyaki !R es I.auJtant "0" 1-:1. CAN(;IlI.;jO Y EUSf.U1O A. MUIlAL' ; S TRS. f19 1976 ('9 AMRTAIJO 60]926 1:1 DORADO rANAMA, R. DE P I 161

PAGE 165

18 2 American Express Bonk Ltd. Mlll tarv Banking F.dlltv Caron! . -P-.nama APO. MiamI 34002 '.0022 The management staff of your military bank congratulate the class of 1988

PAGE 166

Christen Eudy Greta Crusoe Katrina Winberg Dana Dickerson Maria Claus . ONCE YOUNG. ALWAYS WILD. NOW FREE ... Pragedis Payne Connie Nickisher Sari Holland Jeannette Acker Cristina Brandenburg 181

PAGE 167


PAGE 168

t-C B INTERNATIONAL THE COMMERCIAL BANK OF CHINA too '* iSj "flIt 11 CAS A MATRIZ TAIPEI TAIWAN Servicios Bancarios en General Una Institucion Bancaria de prestigio mundial con vasta, experiencias en las transacciones Bancarias y Comerciales TELEFONOS 63 63 63 8439 63-8108 63-8392 64 64 Telex : 328 2294 ICBe PA Apdo 4453 Zona 5 Calle 50 Nuevo Campo Alegre Panama y Esqulna La Alameda Edjf i cio ICBC No. 74 CASA TOKYO, S.A. Ave 4 de Julio No. II Apartado 5451 Zona 3 Rep. de Panama 62-7987 "It's a jungle out there, but it s a zoo in here'" We hope you enjoy your yearbook. It's been a pleasure bringing it to you THE 1987-1988 YEARBOOK STAFF Calle 57 Obarrio Restaurante y Pizzeria NAPOLI OBARRIO T els. 63-8800 63-8799 185

PAGE 169

186 My Best FrielZdJ Signature: .... J-t .. KODAK PANAMA, LTD. L--_----'

PAGE 170

MON-FRI SAT SUN 8:00-8:00 9:00-8:00 1:00-6:00 BUilding 792X Balboa Tel: 52-2221 BALBOA Standing: G. Baerg. S. Singh. J CazorJa. Sitting: C. Wood. C. Herrera. T Martinez. K. Stewart. J Tunon. A Anderso n R. Royo 167

PAGE 171

188 CONGRATULATIONS!! From The Parents Of: Nancy Othon. Ashley Anderson. Jennifer Melcher. Meredith Montgomery. Essie Leos. Beth Haesedke. Stacy Cochran. Vanessa lasack After 12 long years of hard work. we've finally made it. Special moments that we have shared together have made our journey most memorable : the Yacht Club. My Place. Drake's and Magic to name a few. But BHS will always be a special place which brought us together. We would like to say a few Thank You's: Ashley Stacy BethVanessa Essie JenniferMeredithNancy-To my parents and friends To Meredith and Nancy expecially. and to my parents To my mom and dad and Andy for all their support To my parents. Mommy and Daddy and to all of my friends who stood by me To Essie and my parents without whom I wouldn't be here. To To Mom and Shelber for putting up with mel To my friends Tami. Stacy. and Nancy. (who appear in alphabetical order I ) Mom and Dad. and a few very special friends for making this year truly the best ... so far.

PAGE 172

An extra special thanks to my advisor Markie Short. You are one sensational lady, God Bless Youll "It's a Jungle Out there .... But a Zoo in Here" could not have been possible without: Nunzy Bel lafatto. Bart Diaz, Marek Drennan, Warren Gibbs, Russell Krummel. Greg Meyer. Maria Nunez, Nancy Othon. Mrs. White. and the entire yearbook staff. It's Finishedlll After six months of back breaking work and a lot of frustration, the 1988 Zonian is completed. Together with a first year staff and a very understanding and patient advisor we have made, "It's a Jungle Out There . But a Zoo in Here," a reality. Several new items have been intro duced in this edition and we hope you like them. When I agreed to be the editor-inchief, I had no idea what I was in for I only knew that it would take a lot of hard work and cooperation Yearbook has been an exciting and sometimes traumatic experience. I've had a chance to work with many people and to be a part of a whole different type of family, because that's exactly what yearbook is, a family. I hope you enjoy our recording of the 1987-88 school year. We endured a lot to bring it to you. With love, 189

PAGE 173

WE'VE GOT THEM All FROM A TO Z aAa Balschun. Rosemarie 134 Bradley. Eileen 118. 168 Carson. Sean 134 Corrigan. Cassie 119. 169 Dixon. Gilberta Fjleo. Christian 32. 131 Gonzalez. Raquel 121. 137 Baltazar. Jeffrey 118 Brandenburg, Kevin 86 Carter. Michael 119 Cosman. Rolando Dones. Luis Flores. Carlos 168 Gonzalez. Ricardo A. 43. 138 Banasick. John 118 Brandenburg, Selenia 32. 35 86 Casperson. Roshelle 119 Costa. Elizabeth 136 Dragseth. Carl 120. 131 Flores. Luz 39. 120 Gonzalez. Ricardo J. 91 Bangia Vikas 118 Brassfield. Yessika 118 Castleton. Samuel 119 Cowes. Robert 136 Drennan. Marek 89 Flowers. Tijuana Goodwin. lisa Acker. Jeannette 34. 84 Barber. Christopher 44. 134, 169 Brazelton. Michael 134 Castrellon. Iridel 11.2 Cowles. Dennis 26. 27, 88 Duchene. Martinique 136, 148 Floyd, Jerome 137 Gordon, Dana Agueda. Emily 39. 118, ISO Barker. Natasha 134 Bressel. George 28. 29, 86 Castro, Alexander 87 Cribbs. Michael 41. 136 Duncan. Anthony Flumach. Robert 91 Gordon. Gerlad Agueda. Gloriana 44. SO. 84. 104 Barnes, Kevin 26 Bridges. Jeffrey Castro. Amber 87 Crouch. Guthrie 26. 136 Dunn. Anthony Flynn. Michael 91. 168 Gordon. William 91 Aguon. Roque 118 Barrager. Burton 134 Britt, Tonya 118 Castro. Ricardo 134 Crouch. Harlan 26, 88 Dunn. Katrina Fonken. Sheila 120. 159 Goltsellg, Thomas 121 Aik. Misako 118 Barriga. Tammy Brogie. Jackie 134. 148 Caton. John 135 Crowder. Jennifer 88 Dunn, Randy 89 Forbes, Sarah 39. 120 Goularte. Jaime 91 Alanis. Arturo Barrowes. Juan 134. 148 Brooks, leonardo 134 Cavazos. Santos 135 Crowley, Kenneth 30.43. 119 Durazzo. Richard 120 Ford, Benjamin 51. 137 Gragg. Jason 32. 91 Alba, linda 118 Bartley. Wilfredo 32. 118 Brooks, Roselyn 134 Cazabon. Janet 38. 41. 119 Crusoe. Greta 88. 103 Durfee. Michael 136 Ford, Mark 91 Gragg, Torrey 26. l7. 138 Alberga. Denise 118 Barton, Serena Brown. Bredio Cazorla, Juan 8. 26. 87. 107. ISO. 155. Cruz. Kimberley 119 Durham. Wendy 120 Forster. Wendy 120. ISO Gramlich. Jean i21, ISO. 168 Alejo. Cindi 134 Bates. Blair 84 Brown. Chadwick 134 168 Cruz. Rene 44. 88. 168 Duty. William 89. 107. 159 Forte. Corey 137 Grayson, Eden Alexander. Yesica 35 Balulis. Tiffany III Brown, Joanna 134 Chan, Lynn 135 Cunningham. Regina 119 Fournier. Christopher Green, Christopher 56. 92, 168 Allen. Jennifer 118 Baudin. Thalia 85. 107. 159 Brown. Julissa 118. 169 Chandler. Julissa 135 Currey. Sean Fox. Bryan 91 Green. Nadja 92 Allen. Shawn 44 Be Dore. Eddie 134 Brown. Luis Chandler. Veronica 87 eEe Fox. Kristine Gregory. lynnette 138 Almendral, luis Bean. Benedict 118. Il2 Brown. Natasha 118 Chang. Roberto 45 dDd Fraser. Sherri 1 37 Gregory. Michelle 28. 92 Aililton. Diane 84 Beardeaux. Shado 32. 134 Brown. Peggy 118 Chaniotis. Alex 119 Frausto. Raul 121 Greminger. Giselle 121 Altemus. Stephen 134 Beasley. Judy 118 Bryan. Jimmy 86 Chaniotis. Helena 62, 87. 119. 149. ISO Frazier. Leah 26. 121 Griffin. Carter 138 Alvarado. Gisela 84 Becker. Michele 134 Bryant. Sonya 39 Charles. Paul 87 Eberenz. Xan 89 French. Howard 137 Griffin. linda Alvarado. Teofilo 51. 134 Bell, Jessica 118 Bryant. Tasha 134 Charpentier. Desiree 135. 169 Elder. Todd 26. 89 French. James 91 Groom. Lawrence 28. 138 Amat. luzmlla SO. 134 Bellofatto. Nunzy 18. 64. 85. ISO. 151. Bryza. Gerald Charris. Christian 87 DAnello. Gina Elinan. Daniel Frey. Rachel 38. 121. 159 Grosdidier. Gary 26. 92 Arne Wayne 118 159 Buchheister. lauren SO. 134 Chastain. Christopher 119 Dabral, Shallni 120 Elliott. Daniel Fries. Michael 69. 91. 159 Guerrero. Alan Anckle. Uva 118 Belmar. Eric 40. 85 Bundick. Kurt 118 Chavez. Angela 87 Daigle. Joseph 30. 120 Elliott. ANita 136 Fries. Wendy 121 Guerrero, Andrew 92 Anderson. Ashley 30. 64. 84. 106. 148. Benninghoff. Sherry 85 Burge. Benjamin 118 Chavoya. Manuel 135 Dame. Earl 136 Elliott. Brenda 120 Froude. Paul 121 Guerrero. Maribel 36. 982 ISO Benny. William 85 Burke. Pallas 134 Chism, Edward Damon. Kevin 136 Ellis. Colleen 137 Fudge. Lenorris 43 Guevara. Almir 138 Anderson. Flavio Berman, Gukda 118 Burnett. John 118 Chonsky. Amy 135 Daniel. David Emerick. Abby Fussell. Wesley 137 Gurr. Dennis Anderson. Jennifer 134 Berrean. Christopher 1 7. 34. 148 Buval. Che 134 Chou. Chun-Chih 135 Daninger. Gwendlyn 136 Emigh. Toni 137 Gustafson. Paul 92 Anderson. Michael 30. 84 Berreman. Zinhle 134 Clark. Briton 87. 155 Darden. Chandra 88 Ender. Jennifer 32. 137 gGg Guyton. Jacqueline Anderson, Michelle 134 Berrios. Migdalis 118 C lark Joshua 26. 119 Davenport. J:ric 136 Engle. Michael 89 Anderson, Todd 84 Betty. Sean cCC Clark. Robert 32. 135 Davis. David 28. 120 Anayansi 120. 150 hHh Andrews. Kelvin 134 Bishop. Shannon 26 Clark. Monica 135 Davis. Sergio Escalera. Kathy 137 Anglada. Marisol Binder. Todd 85 Clarke. Renato 135 Davis. Shannon 136 Espeleta. Rosa 120 Antonglorgl. Jeanette 38. 118 Black. Marla 30. 118. 159 Clarke. Vanessa 119 Dawson. Mark 120 Ettrick. Michelle 38. 89 Galindo. David 137 Apold. SU'anna 84 Blackford. Amy 118 Caballero. Jesus 134 Claus, Maria 87. lOS De Jesus. Melvin 30. 31. 88 Eudy. Christen 34. 90 Gallardo. Jose ;)0. 91 Arana. Carlos 134 Blades. Beatriz Cabassa. Ana Clement. Boris 135 De Jesus. Omayra 39. 120 Evans. Evan 137 Gallardo. Miguel 91 Haesecke. Beth 37, 63. 92. 96. 109. Arauz. Carolina 48. 84 Blanc. Stephanie 118 Cabeza. Fernando 30. 86. lOS Clouse. Michael 119 r De la Guardia. Pablo 47. 120 Evans. Marinda 34. 90 Gallardo, Mitzilia 137 148. ISO Arce, Froilan 34 Blanco. Angelica 134 Cabrera. Lemuel 87 Cloyd. Caryl 87 De luca. Karla 136 Garces. Ramon 121 Haines. John 47. 138 Arcelay. Leslie Blanco. Karina Caffrey. Mark 119 Cobham. Sharon 135. 168 De Petro. Daniel 136 Garcia. Angela 137 Hajduk. Eric 28. 92 Arenas. Elsa 118 Bleau. Veronica 134 Caggins. Angela Cochran. Brian 40. 119 De St. Germain. Nicole 120. 159 fFf Garcia. 8elisario 137 Haney. Benjamin 138 Arenas. Maria 134 Belnman. Tisba 39. 118 Calapini. Michael 28. 119 Cochran. Stacy 12. 88. 104. 110. 169 Dear. Christie 88 Garcia. Josephine 137 Haning. Douglas 138 Argallon. Rowena Boatwright. Darren 30. 85. 107 Call. Elizabeth 32. 119 Cochrane. David 135 Dear, John 88 Garmon, Randy 32. B. 121 Hanna. Jack 121 Arias. Jean 84. 148 Boatwright. Joyce 39. 118 Campbell. Angel Codrington. Dorinda 135 Deitz. Alexander 88 Garrido. Laura 137 Hanna. Jennifer Askew. Kimberly 84 Boeoeker. Douglas 134 Campbell. Burin Cofer. Richard 30, 88 Delgado. Jose 136. 169 Fahy. Patrick 43. 90 Garza. lynn Hanson. Bonnie SO. 121 Austin. Leonida 84 Bojalil. Monsterrat 118 Campbell. Michelle 87 Coffey. Brandyl 135 Delima. Frank 45. 136 Fairman. Andrew 90 Gaskin. Eduardo 121 Harmond Herbert 92 Avila. Artemlo 18. 84 Bolen. Ronald n. B. 85. 103. 150. 168 Canters. Robert 10. 30. 31. 87. 106 Coffey. Douglas 28 Delpilar. Vivian 136 Falcon. Ashley 39. 137 George. Derek 121 Harnisch, Theresa 121 Awan. Sajid 134 Bolling. Eleanor 85. 107. ISO. 151 Cantu. Dennis 134 Coleman. Kevin 32. 88 Demena. Mariela 136 Fallin. Albert 137 George. Willie 137 Harper. William 121 Awan. Shahnaz 118. 148 Bolt. Katherine 10. 85 Cantu. Luis 26. 134 Colson. Alfred 135 Deslondes. lisa 34. 136. 148. 159 Fallin, Chad 35. 90 Giackino. Tammy HarriS. Bridgett 138 Ayo. Clifton 134 Bolt. Michael 118 Capps. Maria SO. 119. 159 Constante, Ramon ISO, 168 Diaz. Bart 89 Farrell. Rowella 35. 90 Gibbons. Angel 137 Hartmann. Scott 138. 159 Bonilla. Jorge 86 Carbonell. Jose Contreras. Veronica 135 Diaz. Eduardo 120. 150 Fennell. Michael 137 Gibbs. Warren 91. III Harvey, Melissa 18. 38. 92. 148 bBb Borras. Jose 86. 148 Cargill. Bersilia 134 Cook. Geoffrey 136 Diaz, Edwin 43. 120 Fennell. Thomas 32, 90. lOS Gittens. Jason 137 Harvey. Michelle 138 Borras. Juan 134 Carlisle. Jo 119 Cooksey. Analioska 38. SO. 136 Diaz. Heclor 120 Ferguson. Marc 32. 120 Goldstein, Mark 91 Hassan. Debbie 138 Borroz, Zoe Carlton. Robin 66. 119 Coon. Adam 40. 119 t Diaz. Jennifer 30. 120 Ferren. John 90 Gomez. Kelitza 121, 131. ISO, 168 Hassan. Scott 92 Bourgeois. Christen 134 Carnes. David 87 Coon. Ryan 42 I Diaz. Lauren 35. SO. 89 Figueroa. Shirly 137 Gomez. Sergio 30. 137 Hatchett. Melinda 66. 92. 159 Baerg. Gregory 84 Bower. Richard 118. 131. 159. 168 Carns. Susan 87. 159 Cooper. Loida 18. 136. 169 Diaz, Mayra 120 Findlay. Christian 30.90 Gomoll, Fred Hattabaugh. Carlos 138 Bailey. Keo 47. 118, 168 Boyer. Kristina 34. SO. 86 148 Carpenter. Henry 119 Cooper. Nathan 136 Dickerson. Dana 89 Finnerty. Daniel 26. 91 Gonzalez. Luis 121 Hayden. Dallas 138 Baker. Anthony 134 Boyle. Rosemary 134 Carpenter. Marilyn Copier. Caroline SO. 119, 148 Dickerson. James 136 Finney. Sherdina 137 Gonzalez. lynette 35. 121. 148 Hazelrigg. Nadine Baker. Michael 84 BoyUm, William 86 Carrasquillo. NUda 134 Corbett. Lee 88 Disla. Yvanronex 136 Fishbough. Daryl 28. 91 Gonzalez. Marcos 121 Heeres. James 138 Balbastro. Manuel Brace, Jason 86 Carson, Monica 36. 134 Cordero. Luis 45. 88 Dittmar. Raymond 18. 89. 159. 168 Fishbough, Yvonne 32, 35. 44. 137 Gonzalez. Rafael 137 Helm. Andrew 26. 92 190 191

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Helm. Nesa 121 Jefferson. Angela 39. 93. 169 Kurokawa. Satomi 139 lowe. Stephen 139 Henriquez. Karia 121. 155. 168 Jefferson. Frances 93. 161 Kyle. Deborah 148 lowery. Donald 122 Hernandez. Karen 138 Jefferson. Kenneth 93. 148 loy. Michael Scott 51. 122 Hernandez. Susan 92 Jemmott. Jermaine 32. 138 Lucas. Krista 139 Herrera. Carlos 15. 92. ISO Kenneth 28. 43 III Lujan. Kimberly 139 Herring. Raymond 121. 168 Jennings. David 32. 93 Lujan. Phillip 139 Higgins. Lonnell 42 Jennings. Robin 121 Lutz. Monica 122 Higley. Leticia 138 Jimenez. Gabriel 138 Lyles. Bryan 139 Hill. Jeffrey Jimenez. Susan 138 la Caze. Michael Hilzlnger. Laquita 93. 151 Johnson. Carla 138 Laakso. Kristopher 94 mMm Hinestroza. Esteban 121 Johnson, Kathrine 121 Lalo. Renee Hinojosa. Nedra 138 Johnson. Olivia Lampas. Ana 122 Hinton. Michael 121 Jones. Melvina 94 Landron. Manuel 122 Hoffman. lambert Jones. Patricia 94 Lang. Robert 139 Hoffman. Michael 47. 138. 169 Jordan. Claudia 94 Langill. Karen 94 Machazek. Michelanjhela Holder. Jessica 121 Jordan. Keilh 94 lanterman. David Macias. David Holdsworth. Katya 121 Joseph. Michelle Lantry. Maritza 8. 95 Maisto. Tina 122. 159 Holland. Saribel 35. 93. 107 Joseph. Rebeca 121. 168 Larkin. Richard 30. 41. 95. 109 Major. Michael 122 Horne. Joseph 46, 93. ISO. 151 Joyce. Paul Lasack. Vanessa 95 Major. Wesley 95 Horne. Mark 43 Joyce. Steven 1.21 Lauer. T raci 95 Malcuit. Deobrah 122. 148 Hovan. Steven 30. 138 launder. Harry 51 Mallory. Kelly Howell. David 93, 168 kKk lavallee. Jacqueline 63, 122 Mangum. Laurie 139 Howell. Margot SO. 138 lavecchia. MeiLing 139. 169 Manning. James 122 Hudgins. Shawn lawlor. Melanie SO. 122. 148. 154. 155. Marcella. Sandra 95 Huete. Roxanna 138 159 Marohl. Lisa 95 Huff. Diana 121 Lawrence. Eva 14. 139 Marohl. Marian 122 Huff. Elizabeth 34. 138 Katsumoto. Irene 32. 35. 94 Layne. Ricardo Marom. Hagar 122 Huff, Timothy 138. 146 Kaufman. Kirby 28 Leach. Stacie 95 Marotta. Christopher 139 Huff. William 93. 154 Kawabata. Yuka 121. 138 Lebron. Pedro 95 Marquez. Eileen 37. 96 Hughes. Christopher 138 Kazmierczak. Julie 138 Leckey. Thomas 112. 168 Marquez. Enrique 28. 123 Hughes. Kimberly 39. 138 Keith. Christina 121 Lee. Joseph 95. 149 Marrero-Lopez. Gilberto Hughes. Stephanie 93. 168 Kellman. Walterio 40. 121 lee. Linda 139 Marhsall. Felicia Hulick. Alan II. 93 Kelly. Michael 46. 121 leffler. Johanna 51. 122. ISS Martie. Rebecca 96 Hunsaker. Tracy SO. 128. ISO Kemp. David 138 lemay. Virginia Martin. Edgar 139 Hunt. Stewart 121 Kennedy, John len-Rios. Maria 37. 122 Martin. Richard 122. 139 Hunter. Raymond 32.41. 138 Kennedy. Karen 94 leone. Francisco Martinez. Julie 139 Kennedy. Lisa leos. Esmeralda 95 Martinez. Susan 123 Kent. Maria levine. Sandra 95. ISO Martinez. Teresa 96. lOS. 168 iii Kim. Cecilia 94. 168 levy. Irene 95. ISO Masters. Kimberly 32. 35. Il3 Kim. Maria 138. 169 lewis. Alicia 139. 169 Masterson. Patricia 139 Kim. Young soo 121 lewis. Jennifer 95 Matheney. Tamara 18. 123 Kimbrough. Robert 30. 138 lewis. Terrell 139 Matson. Melinda 139 larossi. Dominic 138 King. April 138 Lichtenberger. lori 122 Matter I Cl,audia 96 Ibarra. Renee 121 King. Erika 138 Lieberman. Brian 51 Matter. Oscar 139 Ichisaka. Jun 30. 93 Kinney. John 94 Liehr. Peter 45. 122. 168 Maulden. Donnita 123 lio. Hitoshi Kirby. Karen 34. 138 Lin. Chen Yu Mayers. Anna Marie !lling. Brett Klann. Kim 121 Lin. Ting-Wei 122 Mays. Tommy Ingram. David Knappenberger. Diana 138 linares. Rolando 122. 148. 158 McArthur. Dawn 34. 123 Knappenberger. Jeffrey 121 Linder. Lisa 12. 95 McArthur. leanne 96 jJj Kneebone. Barbara 121 Little. Courtlend 139 McConathy, Christina 123 Kneebone. Kristen 36. SO. 121 little. Erik 28, 95. lOS McConathy. Tonya Knight. Melvin 138 liVingston. Bryon f22 McCormack. Janeth 123 Knox. Karla 138 Lizard!. Gina McDaneld. Richard Knudsen. Steve 138 lockhart. David McDonald. Edward 26. 40 Jaen. Juan 121 Kobayashi. Hiroshi 94 lockhart. Jennifer McDonald Eric 96 Jaen. Maria 34. 138 Koitani. Yo 122 Lopez. Eric McDonald. Jeffery 44. 96 James. Morris 138 Krapfl. Keith 112 lopez. John 67. 122 McDonald. Karen 140 Jaworowski. Amy 138 Krapf!. Shirley 139 love. Manuel 139 McDonald. Yvette 37. 96 Jaworowski. Daniel 121 Krummel!. Russell 94. 107 Lovelady. Beverly SO. 122. 168 McDonnel!. Beth 96 192

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McFarland. Melissa 97 McGee. Danny Mcintire. Mark 140 McKenzie. Sergio 123 McManigal. Dana 97 McNeill. Meghan 97 Medina. luis Melcher. Jennifer 97. 104 Mendenhall. Heidi 97 Merrill. lori 38. 97 Messano. John Meyer. Craig 140 Meyer. Gregory 97 Michaelis. Patrick. 51. 123 Miller. Timothy 28. 97 Mitchell. Paul 123 Mitchner. Chrisla 140 Mizrachi. Alberto 140 Moffitt. Lisa 31. 35. SO. 123. 159 Monson. Michael 51. 123 Monson. Teresa 35. 140. 146 Montenegro. Eduardo Montenegro. Narciso Montgomery. Michelle 123. 148. 155 Montgomery. Meredith 97. 154. 155 Moore. Darrel Moore. Daryl 140 Moore. Elaine 140 Moore. Richard Moore. Steven 140. 145. 155 Mora. Jovany 36. 97 Mora. ludgerio 140 Morales. Maria 123 Morgan, Christopher 87. 97,148 Morgan. Yonnia 97 Morris. Carie SO. 123 Morris. James 140 Moses. Jarrod 31. 140 Mousseau, Brittany Muggier, Sandra 123 Muniz. Carlos 123 Myer. Thomas 123. 155 Myers, James 26. 123 nNn Nandwani, Sharmila 140 Nassiff. Paulette 140 Naum, James 140 Navarro. Deydamia 140 Navarro, Miguel 66. 97 Neely, Zenia 140, 146 Nelms. Christopher 140 Nelson. Angela 140 Nelson, Catherine 123 Nelson. Susan 37. 140. 145 Nero. luis 97 Neto. Mercedes 140 Newell. Carlos Newkirk, Jennifer Newton. Angelica Ng. Roberto 141 Nickisher, Connie 19, 35. 97 Nickson. Altamease 141 Niedzialek, John 108 Nieves. Carlos Manuel 51. 141 Nieves, Carlos Miguel 18. 123 Nieves, Yadira 97 Nolte. Anays 123 Normandin, Michael 66 Norton. Stephanie 141 Norton. Tamara 98. ISO. 151. 158 Nunez. Juan 141 Nunez. Frank 98 Nunez. Troy 123 NunezPacheco, Ivan 141 000 O'Brien, DixieAnn 141 O'Connor, Edward O'Neal, Quentin 123 O'Neil, James 98 Oakley. Danny 141 Oakley. luis 141 Oakley. Shelly 34. 98 Oliver, Adrienne 39. 123. 150 Oliver. Damien 98 Oliver, Jason 141 Oliver, Kevin 98 Oliver. Melody 36. 123 Oliver. Pamela 98, 155 Oliver. William 123 Oliver, Yolanda 141 Ollendick, Jerry 112 Oller. hzel 98. lOS. ISO Omachi, Ayako 141 Ortiz. Carmen 141 Ortiz. Earl Ortiz. Erly 98 Othon. Nancy 96. 98. 148, 154, 155 pPp Palm, Alejandro 18, 96 Palm, William Palmer. Derrick 98 Paradiso, Jerrod 141 Paris. Michael 98 Park. Sandra 141 Parks. Michele 141 Parr. Tonya Parra, Javier 141 ParriS. Jessica 112 Parsons. Jacqueline SO, 141 Pasamonte. Roy 40, 141 Patterson. Grace 98 Patterson. Kimberly SO. 123 Paul, Priscilla 98 Paulding, William 98 Payne. Pragedis 19. 99. 104. 103 Pearson. louanne 141 Peck, David 141 Pedersen. Elidis 123 Pena. Angel 141 Pere, Karla 18, 99 Perez. Mark Perez. Monica 99. 112 Perez. Nicholas 141 Perez. Tracy 32 Perry, Monica 99 Perry. Nlchole Petkidis, Stella 141 Petrosky, Robert 123 Petrucci, Andrew 28. 47. 51. 123 Phillips. Melissa 141, 145 Phusa. Suwit 141 Pierce. Jan SO. 141 Pinkoski. Bryon 51. 141 Ponce. Eduardo 123. ISO Portela. Antonio 141. 148 Powell. lakeda 123. 141 Powell, teon 9. 31. 42 Pratt. Tonya 123 Price. Tisha 37. 141 Prompeng. Rewadee 141 Purcell. Julie 123 Puryear, Jermaine 141 Pusch. Marlene 123 Putaturo. Joseph Putaturo, Marlaina Putnam, Kim 141 qQq Quezada. Yanela rRr Rail. Ashley 141 Ramirez. Bryant 141 Ramirez. Lissa 141 Rangel. Angel 141 Rathyen. Ginie 17, SO. 141. 158 Rathyen. Michael 51, 123 Ratliff. Emily 64. 99. ISO, 159 Rawden. Cole Rawlins. Jennifer 10, 38. 99. 103, ISO Ray. Scott 123 Raychel. Shane 124 Redd, Nicholas 32. 99. III Reed. Alicia 141 Reese, lenore SO. 141 Reeves. Sheri 32. 35 Reilly. linda 124 Reliford. Jerica 99 Reonas, David 141 Replogle. Donovan 1.24. 168 Reyes. Alex 40, 42, 122. 124 Reyes. Daniel 99. 148 Reyes, lelys Reyna. Edilberto Reyna. Omar Reynolds, Marcy 141 Richards. Fernando 3.2, 99, III Ricketts, Paul 141 Riley. James 141 Rios. Gina 124. 169 Rios, Ismael 124 Rios. Monica 124 Rios. Marta 124 Ritchie. James Ritchie, Julia 141 Rivera. Anayansi 142 Rivera. Frank 1.24 Rivera, Kimberly Rizzo. Ricardo 124 Robins, James 14.2. 169 Robinson. Harland 100 Robinson. Shannon 14.2 Rodriguez. Angel 100. 104 Rodriguez. Denise 100. 11.2 Rodriguez. Elizabeth 14.2 Rodriguez, Jose 14.2 Rodriguez, Robert 14.2 Roger. Lisette 142 Rogers. Charles 61, 124, 169 Rogers. Max .26. 1.24 Roman. Eliezer Roman. James 100 Roman, Ruth 124 Romero. Ana Maria 18. 124. ISO Roque, Clarence Rosa. Christopher 142 Rose. Jamie 36 Rose. Patricia 142 Rowell. Susan 124 Rowley. Renee 100 Royo. Alejandro 14.2 Royo. Reyna 34. 1.24. 169 Royo. Reynaldo 26. 50, 124 193

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Ruddock. Andria 142 Smith. David P. 18. 101. 109. 159 Thompson. Pamela 142 Vega. Paul 18 Ruffer Jose Smith. Gerald 124 Thompson. Sammie 125 Velasquez. Franci s co Rulz. Gino 124 Smith. Kimberly 124 Threat. Nicky 21, 125 Velez. Anabelle 26, IJ5 Rulz. Robert 44 100 Smith Roberto 142 Thrift. Robert 28 125 Velez. Javier 143 Ru.selburg. Stephanie 124. 148, 155 Smith Tradene 142, 145 Throndson. Scott 125 Vereecken. Patrick 143 Russ ell, Harriet 100, ISO Smith. Valerie 142 TibUer. Nancy 142 Vierra. Aimj}e SO, 143, 159 Russ ell, Joshua Snyder. Angela 142 Tirado Aneth 102 Vierra. Christopher 28. 103 Ryan. kenneth 100 Sollami Lenard 142 Tisby. Frank 26. 142 Vose, Robert 26 103 Sommer, Kai 124 T oala, Howard 125 Vowell, Amy 32. 143 sSS Soren.en, Jack 26. 42. 124 Toledano. Michelle IJ5 Sorensen, Stefanie 14J Tomlet Andrew 142 wWW Sotomayor lisa 142 Tomlet, Matthew IIJ Sperger. Billy 142 Tomlinson. Yadira 125 Spilling Henning I 42 Torres Donna Saborlo. Gabriela 142 Sprague. Michael 142 Torres Erica 143 Sager. James 124 Staffeldt. Erik 124. 168 Torres. Roy 102. 149 Wade. Jamie 103 Sainz. Donald 124 Stahlman Jill SO. 142 Torres. Steven 28. 125 Walcott, Eric 28. 69, 103 Sainz, Jennifer 142 Starnes. Nichole 142 Torres. Thomas 143 Walc:on, Paul 103 Sakon. Saku 142 Starnes Susanne 101 Torres. Valerie 102 Walc:ott. Yolette 143 Salazar Aurora 124. ISO Steil, Kevin 30, 142 Toshok. Christopher Waldron. Julian 143 Sam. Yesenia 124 Stelfox. Evelyn 101 Toshok. Jennifer 125. 169 Walker. Derrick 41. 143 Samson John 96. 100, K)8 Steuart. Kathleen 34. 101. 105 Tovar-Sttiuend. Claudia 143 Walker. Scott 103 Samuels. Mareli s a 142 Stewart. Areonda 124. 169 Townsend. Derrick 28. 125 Walker Shannan 103. 110 Samuels Raymond 124 Stewart Curtis Townsend. Pamela 102 Wall. David 30. 125 S a nchez. Laura 26. 142. 148 Stewart Erika 124 Tremblay. Martin 32. 143 Wall. Keith. 42. 143 San c hez, Patrick 124 Stickler. Suzanne 124 Trujillo. Sandra 143. 145 Wall, Shawn 30, 125 Sanchez, Roger 47, 142 Stone. Stephen 124 Tsugane. Eriko Waller. Rodulfo 143 Sanchez Wilfredo 142 Striem. Harvey Tunon. Jose 125 Walsh. Bradl e y 103 Santiago, Norman 124 Stromberg, Kristine 37, 142 Tweed. Scott 143 Warner. Vannette Sass o Bryan 142 Stromberg Russell 31, 101 Washburn, Elsa 143 Sass o. Wendell 100 Strother, Timonty JOI Wa s hburn. John IJ5 Sawyer Jame s 124 Stumvoll Doug 44. 101 uUU Washington. Richard 32, 125 Scheu:ler. Bernard Subia. Enrique 142 Watson, Rene 104 Schnack Karen 124, 131, ISO, 168 Sudder, Nancy 195 Weade. Jason 144 S c hn e ringer, Gregory 42 142 Suescum. Tony 67. /02. 159 Weeks. Arleen 144 Schneringer Kati e 38 107 Uhorchak. Tanya 125. 148 Welc:h. Carlos 26, /04 Schulman. Ali 101 Underwood. Canute 51. 143 Welc:h. Marcus 65 Schulz. Stanley tTt Underwood Todd 26. 125. 168 Welc:h Roxanne 144 Sdllieri. George 12, 101 Untalan. lisa 125 Welc:h Thomas 44. 140 Scott, Andrew 32 124 Welc:h. Walter 144 Scott. Marcia 142 vVV Weryackew. Stacey 125 Scott Taryn lot Takada. Yukari 124 West. Rosella 125 Scottlno, Anthony 124 T artagUa. Lawrence 102 Wetzstein. Rebecca 149 Sealey Roberto 142 Tejada. Jose 124 Wharry. Calley 144. 155 Sen Gupta Vlbeka 12, IOf. ISO. 155 Telesca. Alfonso 142 Wharry Casey 104. 148 Serrano Deneirla 42, 142 T elesca. Benito 76. 102. 148. 149 Van Den Akker. Jurrien 28, 40. 102 Wheeler. David 144 Sharpe. Ronald 124 T elesca. Diana 124 Van Steenburg Sarah 36 143 Wheeler, Jana 26. 144 Shaw Marco 124 T elesca. Ruth 102 Vangas, Carlos 125 Wheeler. Jean 144 Sheppard, Lavin ia 39 Teran Lorena 37, 102 Vargez Edwin 143 Wheeler. Jeri 10. 39. ISO Sherry Mark 28, 101 T erradna. Augusto 102 Vasquez, Aida 103 Wheeler. Thayne Shie. Katherine 124 Testa, Jose 102 Vasquez, Alvaro 143 White Carolyn 104 Siegert Jennifer 101 Thomas Andrew 142 Vasquez, David 47. 103 White. Herb 104 Sims, Charles Thoma s. Ann Marie 102 Vasquez. Silvia White. Samuel Singh Harl Ken 51, 124 Thomas, Calvin 42. 102 Vasquez, Teresa 143 White, Shaleen Singh Satbir 101 Thomas Charles 142 Vaughan. Patrlaia 143 Whitesell, Andrea 144 Sitarz Patricia 124. 148 Thomas. Kathleen 51, 142 Vaughn. Edwin 28. 103, 100 Whitesell Thomas 36. 51. 63. 64. 104 Slattery Danny Thomas, Randall Vaughn. Elizabeth J03 Whittington Travis 144 Smith Andrew Thomas. Shannon 102. 148 Vaughn. 125 Wilbur. David 104 Smith David G. 101 Thomasson Wayne Vazquez. Theresa 145 Wilbur, Rebecca 104 194

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Wilkinson. Dean Williams. Christopher C Williams. Christopher M Williams. Charese 104 Williams, George 26. 144 Williams. Holly 68. 105 Williams, John Williams. Fernando 40. 144 Williams. Kelly 50. 144. 159 Williams. Mark 51. lOS Williams, Stacey lOS. 159. 168 Williford. David 30. lOS Willingham. Joyce 144 Willis. Brian 144 Wilson. Jason 51 Wilson Saifon lOS. 169 Wilson. Stacy Wilson. Virgilio Winberg, Katrina 60. lOS. 107 Winn. David Winter. Justin 26. 40. 144 Winters. Channon 144 Wojasinski, Sean 105 Womble. Bryan 144 Womble. Robert Wood. Craig 43 Wood. Joan 144 Woodrow. Noelle SO, 144 Woods. Theodore Wright. Erika Wright. leah 30. 128. ISO Wright, Martha Wuerzberger. Kenneth 144 Wynn. Alton Wynn. Gregory 43 yYy Yamatodani Takashi 51. 105 Yanes, Christina 144 Yanes. Tania Yang. Chan Mo 45 Yates. Gentry 144 Yearwood, Natasha lOS Youle. Silvina 105 Young Stuart 28, lOS zZz Zaldivar. Sarah 144 Zamora. Marisol 145 Zornes. Jeffrey 145 Nancy Sudder James Ritchie 195