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': ir


ADS 128


-I ... .... _


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.: I. : ....
'i ;;, . .
H '.



KH I \ nln. ln, \ll-.% r I lhll Itjan I)ufi Ir m i. Jll .rn.lr- .T ,h M1. Pnjm.iin I' 'W R na Rmn
, ~ hl l.ilmnu. Ph..I.,. R ( nambl

hik .1] 1 r. Gamble' \oIh. oin on their xa\ doin ihe parade ielid
Ph..l,.h, R. Gambli

IlI1: Jol ( arriln

Prellts 1id i all in d rnim Tnre .i I in.rsi i.'lu- n- I p Inr j poie
het.lre ri.t pj..'a l jnd :jirn. L I.: R .are Cresta Ganscr. Katie Hillians.
Liinlk \ eade. & Delia (.iles. Phr..- b. J. i Ka

KM Mthan, i ucn .iau Is flanked at
lelf b) Ier F.itmrn .tii at n phi hy
J.n (.uerr a.i jilxore 'W
PhJrio hy IF.t Wir
( outgars: Ja,-i. \r r N !
framer J.1thn i 4 rerta (,ans.r at tIhe t, ti .iiiicr


Bulldogs: Queen Lynley Weade is accompanied by
Kris (;ihson on the left and Eric Buendia at right at
the football jamboree. Photo by: B. Weedin

Green Devils: Queen Katie Williams escorted by #80
\like Hadne, and #34 Chris Bowman.
Photo by: B. Weedin

S- I I

Heads or Tails'I enernJal e.l ('lark l n l..nd. r .n.j ( h.. i ..I T ,.uIh. r.
,.'l* Ji.ril I.I. IhL ,.r I.. a. .. I r, I l hl hip .Inl hrl ,. .l Jlh- Ii.it.
Jnid Irinll.., IIn.h t. h -.I .*n 'fi' .l n i n -ll .e ''"
'h,.,.h R 4.amblr

" ll lookS lhke..." G general ( lark n, nr.r.e ..,. rh n.i rl .. r, rr t
RHl" 11 ii jr. l'...r,. R Iamble



eL ~

dO ,

.... ,, ,,,:: ..

. ., ;, . "..,* **.. .: .: .,..- .,..

.: . ... .. ..
.. .. o. : .. . . ... . . .. ,,, , ,.' ,

Stdn L L


. i



Ioi Iari % r I )ufl h ,t j, I !
row l o from li <* w lmll. . H l hn. I I'rrt'"d. l Iuhnu % %trl, n n lo. d. hu .
Sndtr. (Fron m krm lcfl S l>inf. It. Amnd~rt. A. IlunlB(. Iflofin .


After playing j;nr-i ine C('uJ..ar hecc Ihe pride ih- ,irtc'n
Devils' own h,.-rn:- mli,. kMr. June'i arnerlt -nd tueci Kim
Johnson wait in he .an.rlr c rdci..r c I ihue rI...
Photo by: R. Gamble

lurerT COunci Man Prescotll jrnlJanch Perer :-r
rF-jj in ie i. in'ljrled
Pho.l, r.t R. Gamble

*,.p-nI.,..,O Pr-.re Sinen Bowman r,,d loela Ledeno ire
hirr, '.*upl. draii. Ihn H1.n.l. i...ii' *dmTc I'clu pireinf.ll.ai
ph.,,. r., R. Gamble


Freshman Duke and DuchessEmmanul Cabrera and
Jacqueline Acosta represent their class well in
theHomecoming court.
Photoby: R. Gamble


The Seniort %, ,p, i ll ii .i a; h I hlit ii he *' 9 I lom coming
parade, Photo by R. Gamhle

The Freshman class float stands proud with their "Movie Awards"
theme during the Homecoming festivities.
P h.ir, hI, R. Gamble

S!. "Cheese!" (top lert) D. Cook, K. Dozrr.S. Branch. J. Brunk. (iotrn
Sio. R.) T. (alloway, R. ( la. and T. Jhmo lake a m inulne ,r their
precious time to strike a p-ie at a football game.
Photo by N. Snyder

Frwd Forver (L to. R ) Brenda and Yamillh Ionilla ll.t hi
smile while an intruder d(&w so as well at one of Balboa*s a tkltbll gantes
Phl..lt. N.Sn)drr

Camera Sh% 7 Knhin Hah Ihrin i it r
at the .atr ea a. t N thi- t ir n Iahinlal rse.iH
'Phitot 1,.. l d



~-~P~ ~a

C ;


'autio: Men at Work. Blake Thomas, Frank Hinek. and another student are tro busy doing their work to
inotce the camera lurki ig in front of them Photo by M. Bales

et back to work! (L< to R.) Jodie Spina. Charles Scribner, Lora Paulsen, Jack Mouritsen, and .japhd \ IlI
take a break from working at the concesson stand, Photo by % snider

eHey Antonio!" On his way hack from the student store with his Dontos, Antonio Wilson takes a hrcak.
PhI.h P.Alarado

'unmmy! D. Pany. T. Mason, a friend, M. Foster, and E. Smith enjoy the AAIIS hto during lunch in the
BHS cafeteria. Photo by P. Alarado

There' a nake in mt hoot'"' Ii iin. J Woody. No. Alberto. its on your head,
Ph.,. h., C. Sanchea

"Baby. il' cold inu.de." Sophomore Oliver Klasosky tries to keep warm in history class. Man clasIsr
in BHS can get quite "chilly' Photo by P. Alarado

Go'ha!" These Juniors didn't realize their photo was taken while they perused the latest \V(Xnil I agazine
in Mr Halgrr'. I ..,. 'h Photo hy M. Bales

,lhnkPaitrStare! two alumni in hir HaKrr", I.ln,..r English shatr a laptop (or a writing assignment
IHS is lucky to have a portable laptop lah Photo hy: M. Bales

tIs it over?" No. Aaron,you still have to wait your turn flo the 1Macarena dance' Setnor Aaron Vidaurri get
caught on film by Mrs. Alvarado during the Senior reception Photo b) P. Alarado

ARISJ h 11





We're ready ftr picture-day! Erma Davis and H
IlFIDAY' 'Photi byy I Alvarado

\And in Ithior rrner ha$e ..'" PEdruo Maymi
Inm he SA, ~trrc wlung rlr l;rs nd cLdy, Many cl
the S, A rrtrrc ro ramc airily Iorr their oreanizatior


leather Roynon are happy it's

vorks during his lunch hour
lubs and class officers used


KrtiCrqtia break. lri I.m a-d I nrt-h) rrri. l, Ir
helrn the wVekenst hc>ni Phlul hb l. thm

I unch bunh. nFar diabrr I, I.~i
n-)lrn a4tl nla ,ir ber tjnn thr-b lu h
grpup in the cltAiterla
Phr--. P. t AIradn


Iriiing in Pannmnu is, a ... eip nR es of the -rhirs IIhi..- JIrh.i ( irtmiiill Tax REknt RSI,
rtto while wI ating In tra1itc. n, Pho h, Rk. mniH r


F '. .


Homecoming Court 96. H..n, .r.. King Juney Barnett and Queen Kim Johnson wait for
the "blue carpet stroll during the dance. This year. the dance was held in the BHS gym.
Photo by R. (amble


Flnn r girl? No. it's Jamie Gorman helping present the court during the
dance. Photo by: R. Gamble

Junior ,o Ma\t Pr~c,tt M cir- 1 arieli Perez during
the dlnc l 'hriti i ,(,imi.hl

Sophomore court Yoela Cedefio and Steven Bowman enjoy
the dance,
Photo by: R. Gamble

Freshmen .. .un Jackie costa jr.d Emmanuel Cabrera
pause ft.i their Irh.[.
Photo b\ R. (amble


Jalx sn 4I H I

Jid l Po er The I ''. II. Bulnldo cheerle kles \how their \pln hctbre a tp'al
d.. m.I I ..""c Photo h,: R. Gamble

Jhlarm tulg In i m, iit it ms


"Arrn'l Ihrt uppowrd oIn h enmmlen," Kathy Hoitl. J'nn Whehllihan. Liabdl
Herrea,Car Go.ntzale,and Ka r r. thKi %tin! rtni1g a1 thet yheer fr
diffCeint learms. hut ge e tgeher InFr .a kdik moment.
IT...r.. R.(Gamble

A typical pnme br ak. The ut i rl stop 1I Ils and C' o r, (
game Phoo h): R. GAambl



"The Odd Couple" Female Version cast are L. to R.: Joey Nunez, Jenny Coville,
Suzanne Lukas, Stephanie Wolff, Crystal Cloutier, C. Sliwicki, Heather
Hanson, Anthony Burch. Photo by: N. Snyder

Oom-pah pah. Anthony Robertson and James Frey work their diaphragms at the music field trip for the
Civilian Spouse's club at the Ft. Clayton NCO club. Photo by: M. Bales

The Percussion Section. Matt Prescott, Darren Coffey and Ricardo Gonzalez
check out their music cues before their program.
Photo by M. Bales

I -

*'** .. .

t")I I, *tfltI ul ~~lt lln
l~r n *ll~ i; i vtr l

I~o r hV9 I gl huk tr urool t~r~ Iir~l .r,, II
III VnlVI \wi (r Alr l Ilri i~~ll n I~ hi~~.triic
M.r~r Iiafr lsl

"Ol JMaid?"...Gurfield st hl the war\ rw their Pic lhr- I rl t1, a e
u oc veCr firC mioniCnr Phol ho bI M. Ita


Pr(pt t aI..r i.. M-. I"., i- i 1 ,

kStu n RWip eI

Whistle while you work.. Kim Pahl, Amanda Gabrielson,
and Kristin Wilhelm diligently
draw in Mr. Young's class. Photo by: D. Young

Young Picassos.,.

"'When does the bell ring...?" MaShun Smith and Nistoli Vernaza toil with
paperwork. Photo by: D. Young

Iteh, iteh, Ileh.. iAdri a Kla vskLy chortles to himself while Johann Friedman
preendch he dtl sn t know hin. Photo by: I). lo

Modeling was NOT part of the curriculum! Jason Hsu refuses to pose
for a relentless lens. Photo by: D. \oung



r friend Brown, dia Gle Sharen Anderan and
Michelle Mald6nad> wani us to kmnw they will he friends forever
Pho by S. Amderson

The Lunch Bunch. J R..ggn. I.onnal er. \ \te-luilenMnt, N. Roales1,
and C.TmeE enjoy ech other company under the bhios
Ph,,. h. D.Ynun


" e!t out of my spollighl!" Jenny Whelihan elbows Jenny Coville while ,lsabel
Hlerrera and Shareen Andersen get out of her way. Photo by: C. Locke.

^SSSS^S^^^^^^^^^^^^Ph^^C, 1,^
^^^Z^^^^^^^'.^^^^^^It I^

@hridfmar on

the camuhmeu...

% ip-rulingu hrlmiiii. ( hI '. I Ii
i n, l r r .I i kA i rl r up i |in \ I lu n a l i I t ii ll h. ,i 1 I i .. H >
.11, ,1., .1 II. .. F \s

. t.h, .,, ,, r, ,, ,, i'h I r 1i 1

checking ii Ikice Students rnc n the BHS JRO( p.m ut presntI for the Itht...tlI J'nm" 1 s it ta
Panamnian children. P'h.i h Ah AinJ l r t la .1t <.indrum
%larti;nt riy l^ tl iyrr
Ho-e-Ho! "Sant is alive and well in the IROTC.
Photo by A. Auh



Hmcn r



3 r, .-.,

--.*. .



Op i.- ~ -


BIon I-it
9r "a


"Look what we
found!" Blake
Thomas, Gabe
Prieto, Corin Wilder
& a friend hold a
rather large snake in
front of the school
Photo by: D. White

"It's not plastic."
Kaley Keck,
Melanie Rojas and
Cheryl Eckerle grin
while Elizabeth
Close displays a cake
at one of the
National Honor
Society fund raisers.
Photo by: M. Bales

t-ome on, vogue!" varen Morales sin es a pose.
Photo by: P. Alvarado

Photo by: D. Young

Mrs. Trim admires (;abe Prirtt,' ne. fashion statement,
Photo by D). White


"Wait a minute..." Katie Williams pauses and wonders
whether it was a good idea to buy cafeteria food.



rrnirr. I hrl. %*hairf. Ilipr ll h
( 'I('lr 'rh.I.. % SnMdrr

Ihainks. % r Hrt '. I r IJ.lS u| h l r' ., .r' hi., I..'. .*. Is r Ir n '
award from the Thbespin at ihc1 Ikr member mitla-n-I Pholt h) H Andrjrds

JROnTC .ra de l%|hj \a ul hear tine cIlh~ hr the opcni n
Crenm 1n al the -annual "Dlinang In
Phto b R. Cable

Dinin -ln on Janur 24. I"W ri
%i' Mu] **-r F Ir ii MrN

K~~ r~H~ In

1C I~


rja. t paubse lui me cai uR a.
Photo by: M. Bales

Members of the BHS JROTC celebrate their annual "Dining-In" on January 24. 1997 at Albrook
O'Club. Photo by: M. Bales

IF ^
Penny Perez iand Najiha Ati- c inj 6 cir free-time before the ceremonies begin,
I'.,.* I M. Bales


Sgt. Major Goodrum and Deshanda Pandy greet guests i
Photo by: M. Bales

Carnaval to 97

Xitnna M(deno Ir|shmn pr1- 1i tc, -M i, t tLh h era
,I ther' I I, ( -t!e Pho.I I M 1. Btales

NaIFnit PubI. wI.1 flermian. XImn4a I edro.
SI ,
It Jo I.uct .nl e lte IIriI 1.a |-, ; ,
Phitloh l..Rnaje

Phcla.. Junun LI 1'' R.I...'1'

Print ilalrrl (.maIi ul I i ('heryl Fckerle
Phot7o bh: L. Rojas

Queen Melanir Rjas.
I I I. I. RM ja-

t armano 'vi on rPoruar- iLs. mr aml KOjaU
c.w.net dOen Phonto h1 L. Roja-

27 1

Thr mmpara' n iri c i
Ph,, >- I Roaj

Irinin JnBn



row ,tm
it WF4



I- -


* -~



_ _~_





Tranae Johnson takes a test in U.S. History.
Photo Courtesy of P. Alvarado



DIaJlon Ji Irhnsoll IlJant I t 1 e i jrn'.r' It. 'rc I.
, .1 t.',. -I .r. l r 'til[ 's ph. .I oh la.-
Pl....h> P. .Iarad.d.

S.uranne Luka~, iun (hris ScharTf
S..rl. hu k .1 ,i c .Jui _ne Ith.
pr,.Ju li In -. ic in 4nonderlanderland.
Pla.I.. i ,-'.ure., ,I J. MNilchll

SPatI ricia Strongr, Roin %Vahl & Jason Calkins relax after lunch
W E I I'l, .. t ),Whitl



II ",

.I .:..

i I Iii


i b. i
i 'I

4 *r' W9
uV 4 r

AmK 1131 : nerens iviacnai


4~r Z

* I


?" (l aruL o- P99

Germeliz L. Agueda

AS. Agu ilar-Giv

ow r



181 i

.. 33




D, I. lt. rrt

* i .... :!

irr %. nalln

: . .. .



Lukas t. Behnken



v;* ~

Jose U. Bernal-KomerU ..
I :aEkE











ew M. Brogie




'c' "'
(:j 1


1's.. 9h


@&uLLL=V 1997


A ..**..., I Um.m...


I a

aLinna I 'a;ntl
-1 M.I

:: ':

i. . -

WIo e

%.ln n I Ma...n

Iff'r I). ('O ille



Aaron J. Crump


Alexis R. Cruz
7 --^^""''''''^S'STS'^SI


, II

-. I


na 3. ESLes


,; \,




@laua ~ 9 1997


'eq. Fouche Jr.



I *





di ?

Fmmrg .
;;-l -"



, 0:
MI. .61

iW. G(.oldsu orl h%






nel Lionzalez

Jason t. uonzaiez




JI '

a A. Hoyte






2. 7-Ag 6,rWIN

~Y* ~



i rlergnnPr inicPlIn

i outney JenKins
-*-i ir

~J(..IahIiiiiiiI III

-. 3





fca (C. Kiltre"

@lau of 1997

:r ,;..?E

ranlsna Il. ninsey

Ivo A. IElSI Jr.




Y. Li



." 4..




a 1

R. Lopez


~ :~i~I\

N-* .

.. la'ial




4, ,

I. MlcQuarn

a e*- 1997

.~~ lyli~j~3Bplly~i~ .ii



& w A




Ils Uion

..4 d




ana D. Pandy

7., 1


V 1. r
F 4
* <



IlI. Richards II







fio ..... i;:7

~--- ~--
1 .-
-- --L.*ri-:-




Priscilla G. Tl


ie M. Williams

LA~ ?






@lat o lf 1997

i: JI

Melanie J. Kojas


utlhh Iuh




k .4

LuPn. l Win-

Yilllin aijha

I~ I

. Johnny Bates

~; k il

; Andy Ward

Garcia ''4

r $


e- 1997


ljpyyan ADun

q ain ns'




I '
,i::: I


~' I



- - K . .7 . ..


*c~- -
~Ea~~ i



ARTIST: George Lord

. .. i i i . .



"F~7'r'.l*..:~" ':."' ''"'


*:"ib' r


t" i

/.> ., I, .. ,

SIt,,, \llh,,l.gd.


TArli1, 11BeRrnn (abric l A ir

Airr 1 I, I

I,.,,, \ /, .

Ir-:rCW!~ L 'F~*~i

I, *,J,,i,~

0I 1,I d .I


A-r'im \lirI

/)''p, 1" i

I rli \I /.



rll il



Al/I/I,, B,,h'i ii

i .1. Ir. I /'irl ll,

Li I 1,1 Bi m 1i
Or- lid -, .2rI', rca


iT&. h

Cassandra Crane

I -


liclka Billa ,l

llill'e, 1


Pair,1r C ailrN-

~rr.. *

]-loht C liall


Donitza Coward

Amber Crunk

I o ,r C, /tz .

rr r


Mirhael Commeau


I 1 ~I b 1Ir


.. i . / ..7

li-ii, H.ll. I',

( 'll u./. (1 ,tr Ia JaIM nr I t '.

( 'ilr\t, il",f ,'



( Jatlle I a)lnlii\


K'lllnr1114 l.prrli

Ap* ( ,N, : r

I / .



~ i~

rina C

4,,, Iill.i I (,s;dll~nl


Tidd Ha

It fri Hit,!m s


T Ir d rY e rCI ,1 _l,,/itib,




Ri. ardo G,., lit; z

l .r J Id (G. ,, .'l'h -

Alean Higinm

Fitzgerald Irish

Yves Jean-Pierre

/Jantll Johns ,oin

Tack Soo Im
& 552:

Ar irl I''., J r*

I 'lt Ii r, I



JI unlt l .i t b


n/ Ir

S alrlnir ,l li I lnllil I

~-~nr -I

I.,'ii /hrow


Ir i1

t, l'ihi b.,

Tir4n L jl' ,

~ ----

- ,. ... . .

U.,... U. Ak ....

AMaI ulo MCA.hAn


.\lrhlrrrl Ir~lrrr~rrr



; -- V..

Laura Miranda

Sara Paulsen



DOclll\t 'ia holl ,.,

Marieli Pi

(_Fh, Pit tI

- dc R

OVft r


' i,, ii, 'i l ,.nd.i

cVanhl Pr, . ii

Ingrtd Kodriguez

Yesilka Rodriguez

lllI Pa.

watre Koiantrlnte


\rI iirIJ.l % IJi InIl

% Il .. 1 I II

A .



Iii~ ~ ~~ *nip1 'i ''II.

liu n,, Riup,

F -"

77 A

/ JIll,.r L.h- s 1 ,I,

\ 1 t .u l,/ m ,, t im ll r I '.

ifl'd Nied t'llb I

Nt l.1 %Ih- t1

b. "tllil \P4llfftl


( i tfll .'l Thi .11 ,,ip n

I I . . 1 .






Bill% tLonoci r

Alil.l II, II. '



Lvnli.-\ \\,

I'll, I1 t1 ll. \

I I l .- I. I I. /

Z,l, I r-- -

f.11 I hIl/ l

S'tl hellrI litl(-rt 1"'IL/11 1lm'V


t-~~.~Y~*Ir. .,~ ,.~~t,




Jamlu traslnger dreams ol
lunch at l Dlonald's
Photo Bl : C. Tasell

I-hl rll d Iiltly Ircks Io BI l.s
Ph to IB): ('t lIS., ll


. iiiin PI'hnl, H%\ C. ITasrll

AM'i .

Sep er Alboigh
rii^^ h lrhjI-N

* BI
A'"*J | H



Cone Ballaro

lar I.\n Barna h

) W .iI

loTci )
, :-~rl

Carmela .A\stin

rI 4


.b,. fl


I tlrchit fir f an

I. Hll. ,

Ill f limr Z i


Mirhalrl 'lCrn

Ynhb Cred, no
17 i

eLi. CkwockI&
Wqw I
tbp ,-A.

.* "

.Ie 4dii.gW


k. -F t



i 1

:'~ L~9


Brandy' Doli
hl .- I.




.-- ^^:^vw
^Jt -*|r-


~i -I


\ 11"se{n Courtney

Je Yno Comuard
-,l J,

Roberto De Leon

Morgan Doyle.,
."=* '

mid C


* ":

ii :L

'& LJii. i I

Ailci \ lt % FA ihr i,

(IhFJi (tri



1 -A. ^


Ui' /tiill, iilt Il

Jose G;n:aI-r

MefhssGoElai" i .. Zeudi
i4 W7j'

I4 Ijd



. AF.- q


SCas&idra Gustke

M4anheltw Hellyer


.lejoro Hepburn


I/. IP -J




Margaret J

ii g





*J.Illn J.lll \

tif A'Ill./t'

N!ed L-ee

r~m in IIla 11 Ler

4 Labella [in
B(lr ,====^^===i=a

ndlerna -fee



m ... .

4 : :


* r

.;.,.. ; .;I




R\an McDaniel


= 7%


JP^^R. fe

L~k 4

..... e :,,. .... R. Ji
*T ,..;I .. ... ,, .. ......
."," ""^ ..r i : h' ii i^ ..::, .;..

pid. A de

* '
,. ^


Steven Mercado.

ll 1^-.. -



,vuarr -



N'tal\ la ril..'e le:
li ,: 11

AM. iaIi Alat s


It; I,



Adriana I', .*:





Afilagn Re in.


S. Aarrsn Rnoberr

,,1,*...~ *.

R..l,,'l ll'iVk, l

t Prid r I. ,


Philiypt Pi I u,,

\IHkrlll ~I.~OS

Enrrque RodrgrsKf .. .I

Patrick R



6:es ,
[ Ma .



I'fl Riodriegi

Twnipu~ Roi~rs

(o Roman


'- \

Jose Rosario



Sumava Simmons

.~ '
;* *:?

fahel Siew


ftlk :,:

[" V

,ephk .: , A.nnalisa Shoei.
4LS ^ *: --


I *
A li ".. ;


' ?

1I jM lalinirur


*! .

H r i'



Ad~jLe 7FF


LLw.J Ir fn



- a *Kr~rl


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llb'hrl. "eil:



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Po hoi Huan:
te*gf-jr ^:T-

Jose Ptirson

K; Id




"lie Monasco

,r~T~ q
iI ~

Bl L. ae
9lel4 Lbanle

..; W


EPW W BumiBbin, Tanne. A

r -
fb *5 *
^i_^^ --- --.^^- -^BL-l^t--l-" li-'-^

' 4

* : ..- "

f : ':o :r -

. :"
[e !:. : :, l:1."' ::.^ :-






Da, id A

oriuInna AidrJa




Ifelfilt 4ic 'l

Axel Alemeda


Ian Anderson


hiiie Andrade .. J
'* : s ~

.4rtsela Alencio "


iL 'L


Nii .u:. ..,d,,
:'"! ': ." ::

m r

El:, ',uill AIh

0 111 i H7B I 1

Richard Bartle

.-.:, ..I
AM.'. A


~I -
I'..I. \

S ..:::::

' *": .*: *i,.

1/'.I UI~aiite2 Arnvd RE~IIaeI


I.,, , ( riltls,

.. .

9. '""
Xr m" a"w "

\..'. ,' I ,,.,.','.,

.ii :


JeA' ia Cerven Arnaldo David Claudio e::.: :le, il Cla\
*: ". L ...'

Rn C. /iins JArr Conner

Joi. lI D[n I i

aDug r Q.

4 'iaqueii ne C, ,llie

Erma Davis


. w' )

LoAIw Engelke

F~" .f

ft II

L.aII'nia Danis
].,ll~l .t O.-i.T "

FIthheri. Dind)'y /',ar ,, Dl. m

Allison Doibek

Fa C.1 Escoa/
;-t.. 1; ...



rftdley Fairrmui hi

I, l r, n M' i

Brirt Fri el t r

Chr(In tinl Fil llri i'e ll

Thradr, i, -orhiu

Brinany Fra-it

r. ., . I .

.riru Fourhl

R.'all rri'rla lit

Wendolj, I...

I i .aI

I I t,, ..

Ic, roIntic Gr(ant

Ni' Fllrrpiauo

4uirelhn Gobarn

Jermy Game:


. ..... .
I ::j



Jll#l-lt h.fll rn 'il

I -uiarnl/ Goilurni

1'-I iad Gu)


Shn icl ara I-&and4

Robetro Henry

Stacv HillU

lawn Horner


&: 4

April Krnu

Alberrno Imna
mmm mqqb

Van, sia Lazada

/, l. /.- If

Ari.one lay

A t, ili. I.
5 .:.

\An hl, S .U, ,a

Irorda, UndA

liailet Mend za Clark Metier

,'tlaurni oilerss

Kairen Moreland

Ins' Naatarr JOn o Now:

.* rftl'I.V 1
tl/ .ii ;i-f ,.., .. ..


Jos' ,A liIna ;

Amy Alur it'lt 'c o

n = IAro Paer k

Pedni Per Takisha Perry

AfMlerr'm icrl I'mrii, 1, mii r Praldf

Angrelirr Prewcod W V Pr ,'.

RKjen Prielo

I r i. i I I

kA i~ran Prie,

Slit i, Ranmery


T'rra,, : ', ,/

I1. 'I ,.. I ,be 1,

Nularcl 1, 'in n

Andrer Pierson

. R .I... h', i,. Il Rev rs

\,utaon ..I


./r,, 77, /I .J, u'er';


... ..... ..
.. -m"

Juan Salizar. Jr.

I I,
'S'llh ,

Amber Savage

To. .Sh i IS c/e .,,

H.r --

iC t Ier
Churloi 5,rnhner

David Sheelpa


NanIi inyi Spann
Nanw v Snvder II illiam Spann

Christine Supervielle

Ja son Russell

T'Nisha Smith

Sarah '7, '


- Sulliv an

Coli Thi

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Courwey Tnwnsend

Anrir hUIi.tirritP

Kr, 'eF W olo .:

tei'iraidcr imne:


Chrrlc e Yiaverr


AMicherl Triiin

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haricia Turres

AlliC itilue:

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Alirilihi llidll \I. loll It llIin

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Geovwin Bonilla
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Joseph Cu(lla.t

A'dlau Doi 'r

Flecher King Al Me Re,

SVIt'l'e Griilrt'

k., i i .t ,.11 ,

Jennifer Ruherts Lari.%sa Rodriguez

Bttunit, Heard

TLhiiabt PuleC:

:A 6

Nat an

Ket in Wu llace

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\ i I,'1 Sl m enl f i i

Mfeched Young

Lte'llnt Zavtas

Westlet Zitlle

w- I



S~ i 7.......


I "'

- qr '
.. ..' ' " d. :r '

Ir~; -~~uril*~rr*;. -.r*ru. -~ ~-..*:iEi...'~

First O
Back row:
Michael MarraW.
Bailey, Tutor- Ma
Front: Patrick Ril
Photo by: M. BIalesI;fx";

Advancement via i.

j~iYi 1


Alphahetical Order:
Alex Honimll.
Yamileth IBmnllai
IC'\T HB'llll .
Calethia DeConto
W ill,,mi C. .',, -r
Kerry Frii
Ben (ln.ier
Jose Gonzalez
Srephanic Herrer.,
rornia Herrera
Eric Hiliiir
Janrllr Johnson
kint Johnson
Adrian Klaom\ ky
Frank Linton
Luis Llach
Kim MO Quary
Jason Moreland
Kimberly P.hl
Yarissa Peart
Samantha Sheffield
Justin Staha Molly

lack: Ce i.Il Ciceraro, Keith
,awson, Tom nl.atingln Suzie
Lukas.Amanda Shumate, Karen
Moreland. Chritli R'uhik Carie
eiercier, Danny Nunez. Bree
ront: Melanie Row',, Louis
Behnken, Hope Behnken, I )n ellie
Munc/. Cr ilail % li.'ki. Stephanie
Nolff Lori Venteicher, Heather
Han.on. Jenny CIo\ ll Penny
erez, Cr tJal Cliuller Charmaine
\rcther. Doranne Andrade
Kneeling: Anthony Rurh. Lang
lohnson, Chris Scharff

I -L.L'


PI I 'roB'\ I ie rvr


President: Karen Moreland. V.P.: Daniel Hawkins, Secretary: Eric Hilmo, Treasurer:
Kevin Hildebrand. Alphabetical Order: Heather Hanson. Stephanie Herrera, Megan
Kat. Keisha Lambert. Jordan Lindeke, Sarah Sirinrifellh. Robin Wahl, Maria Villalaz
Sponsor: Mr. Hasselbring

i I

ii g

D1 J

aC I *J



- 1



- -- '-. - -iL-






*L'L J

Wk z

85 <




French Honor Society: L to R: Juan Castaneda, Ching-Me
Chou, Sebastien Van Hal, Jennifer Whelihan Jose Ramery
Sponsor: Mrs. Roa

Left to Right: Clara Gonzales, Doreen Lebel, Priscilla
Walker, Mrs. Ganser

Alphabetical Order: Debbie Alfaro.
Bill Aird, Jackie Barash, Jose Bernal.
Chris Bowman, Carol Burger, Juan
Castaneda, Reynisha Chandler, Ching
Mei Chou, Denise Cockburn, Victor
Cruz, Kaula Demena, James Fre.. Ben
Ganser, Clara Gonzales, Heather
Hanson,Viedelquina Hoyte, Janet
Jeffrey, Melissa Johnson, Janell Johnson.
Priscilla Johnson, Kerisa Jones, Angela
Kershner, Angel Madrid, Brandi
McDade, Dore Mills, Jennifer O'Hearn,
Yarissa Peart, Jennifer Whelihan, Kerisa
Jones, Doreen Lebel, Jordan Lindeke,
Jose Ramery, Cheryl Stanford,
Kristina Webb, Jennifer Whelihan
Sponsor: Mrs. Roa

10th Grade: Giim.annm \ndcrn J IJ .I ii
Barnash, Aaron Bed.l ll Donia Beerger, iL'., n
Bun mn, lnmln I)utltuJ. Kendahl I crrugu'n.
Annemarie Fl-i.lir. Jose (. i /.icL.. Heather
Hl.ansri. Steph.ini Ilcrrcr.i. Jason Kacmarki,
Andrew l.lntoln. Anmk.i Malos, Karen Mils.
Danielle Northcutt, Lra P'.ulr.L Yarissa I'.ari
Cr.Ital 'iSlwiA ki. Gisella \%ci

9th (rade: Dorianna Andrade, Justin Antonis,
Il.li.hra h \sh. RKh\ni Borlner. jeirr(' nnr
Allisn oubek. Erica I Itihe Eric HliIfIn Luv
Ih.ingiinl M K.gn Kat. Jordan Lindeke. Vanessa
Lotada. Sarah MI, 11 .min Karen Moreland
Elizabeth Ottinger, Sarah P.iniit.liii.. ( )lii
P.inil.i..L I.lhllha I'cic/ \giLe PrescodC, MlIIiLn|ll
Rembert, Chril% Roibhik Ihllr RKi.lk, Jared
Selles, Sarah lmiin icllhI Pltricia sirn.'
Laura Thomas Courtney IN' u indl Ml.ratrll.i
Tunrin. RHhin Wahl, Monique Woodrow

Officer: Co-Presidents Karen Moreland &
(; mllja H t. Secretarl : I .nmil DufTus,
Treasurer: Monique VlWdr s
Advisor: Mrs. I uliil,

Old Members: Charnaine Archer, Hrenm
BcL ell. Tatiana Berman. Sarai HIhho Vielka
Bonilla.Chris Bi, \ ii.n I) ,rlcrne BHlr:i
Rc nis.h. Chandler. I li.'ahcth Close, Julissa
Uia/. ('her I Eckerle. Amanda Estes, Kerry
Frill.. Amanda Gabrielson, Carlos Garcia.
Shaw n German. Philip Henin,. Kerisa Jones,
Kaley Keck. Angela Ker.lirrr. Adriana Lewis.
Xiang Li, Fr.nk Linton, Luis Llach, F-rn Long,
Katie McAleer, Natosha MDal).Lncl. /innia
Prrc/. Melanie Rojas, Justin ti.,h.i Trevor
Liz West

Initiatives: Debbie Di),. Cresta Ganser, Jetfrey
Higg~lnI. JI.so.n Hsu.Tack-Soo Im, Kim Johnson,
Mildred Johnson. Thomas Page \nih, nt
Robertson, Brad Townsend. Stephanie \IIIi

Back: Mrs. Ba.le, Adriana Lewis. Tack-Soo
Im. Natosha \k I).inirl Kaley Keck. Jell
Higgins, Jason Hsu.
Front: Kerisa Jones, Amanda Gabrielson,
Cheryl Eckerle. Elizabeth Close, I rm Long,
Sean (irnian. Kerry Fritts

Oncers: Presidcnt Liz 'iet
Vice-Presidenl Frank Linton,
Treasurer Erin Long

Back: Co 'rtlin\ Li_,ke. Anthony Robertson, Mr. Waugh, Mr. Vice
Front: Janell Johnson, Darcye Anckle, Cresta Gamer. Berenis
Machal. Kaley Keck, Erin Long, Katie McAleer

\lphahetical Order: Reynisha Chandler, Rocio Espinosa, Janice Hernandez, Andrea
I l lde~. .Ianlle Johnson, Mildred Johnson, Tamara Lane, Maritzel LaPlaca, Angel
ldrid. I)c\,hana Pandy. Jose Ramery. Lorie Venteicher
Sponsor: M., ( hidester

Ej:8 8


.L 1 :



Pl- 4


i "




Mu Alpha Theta
National High School and
Community College Math Club

Not Pictured: Brence Bedwell, Victor Cruz,
Amanda Estes, Chien-Hao Frien, Kerry Fritts,
Eniel Gonzales, Gerald Irish, Angela
Kershner, Vivian Li, Jose Ramery

President Eric Davila
Vice President Rober Egbert
Secretary Anthony Robertson
Recorder/Publicity Tamara Lane

r -
Back L. to R.: Neal McKee, Tomas Herrera, Deshana Pandy, Yoon Hang Lee Robert Egbert, Im Tack Soo, Eric Davila,
Anthony Robertson. Jason Hsu Front: Debbie Diez, Tamara Lane
Sponsors: Mrs. Petersen, Ms. Chidester, Mr. Nutt

Rtprt t niii.i in alphabetical order: Jackie Acosta, Annette Archer, Alex Bonilla, Clara Gonzalez, Jose Ramery, Sarah Stringfellow
S.A. Olli r. President Kim Johnson. % ie-President Elizabeth Close, Secretary Jenny Coville, Treasurer Kaley Keck
Senior Officers: President ii, 1 Eckerle Vice President Jennifer Whelihan Secretary Sarai Bibbo
Junior Oltli r, President (Charmaine Archer Vice President Tatiana Berman Treasurer Jamie Gorman
Sophomore Oficers: P'resident Steve Bowman Vice President Yoela Cedeno Secretary Gisella West
FIreihmen Officers: Presidoet Robin Wahl Vice President Jason Calkins Secretary Stephanie Herrera Treasurer Patricia Strong
SA Sponsor: Mr. Richard Pahl


b Pes cot. Ricardo Gonzalez. DarLn Co'IITL Jr.mrn P-. hl. lli. gf. Rglic D I)!n-Washngton
isLaada,Arthur Wagner. Kaiie Winn. Ju.In E.,-hajl lIMlniqLui Reiliihn. Heidi Filguerna. Eir Andrade. Daniel
NlPeit,CAlex Navarro. Ben Gancer Rhib n HInni rr Jjnin I rh.is. /.j h V iilldimann. Dorion Manning. Leonard
, ians Prey
%=a, Marieli Perez. Mcli.sj MurphN. *n~ihr., ij \, I ,jll.iint Hrandi M\iDUdec. Stephanie Hrrera. Sara Pauilgen
atAdkins, Ruth Leopard. N.tjshu MIL D).iniil

__, ,= II

.Jshb Ali, Chs PAecast. acnk Yas.g, Ruth Leopard.
IrillIuShaIm lohaBalibo auL ZdU AL e


C -

Clockwise: Danette McKee, Chris Prescott.
Dalton Johnson, Kerry Fritts

L. to R.: Adrian Luce, Joseph Wong, Cat Bouche, Michael Bleuman, Tramar Johnson,
Denees McIntosh, Heather Raymon, Ricardo Mouynes, Elvin Santiago. Scott Smith,
Yalima Diaz, Steve Carlock, Teena Govine, JoAnn Pocher, April Dunlap, Cherice Yeager,
Katie Williams, Dedra Clark, Marcela Palagon, Michelle Miranda, Jennifer Crane, Magda
Lobo, Takisha McPeak

I. to R.: Scpitcmer Aihugh, Eddie iD .- -. John Peterson, Deshana Pandy, Tramar Johnson, Sharlene Pinder, Eddie
KonawI;/. \kx Sii. l, .)ire Mlills. I Inii Duffus Frank Perez, Niccole Cunningham, Lora Paulsen, Erma Davis


Leaders: Back: I )-lI.i (I,. Aja A\h. I uis (ordlon
Front: Dcshana Pandy

Period 6: Rll 1: I .n Ii.i.... R : 2: R. \\, II i.n .... i tnsend. J Ro \(i nI. (Ihh. K Icru'on., S lIadcn.
E. Beleta. Row 3: J. ernandcz. C V\.r 1ii. R De L on. \ Perti. S Jonc. i, Ylamada. R Bartlcd I :I .I'
R.l 4: J RxodriguezR R\ l. I) R. I': A Sanchr/. J Rose (, Gojal/. Y Mend/a. J RuI l. M Brilton
Row 5: C Baltt. Row 6: R Glasgow. E BcIrcshlr. Ilcnmandc/. K \.aIque. R. ...... J Bcckilh. R
I t'l.Lr J Moran. Row 7: A. RobFert


Period 3: Row 1: W. Hawkins, Row 2: A. Madrid, J. Ramery, C. Chou, S. Gomez, Row 3: F. Kinsey, E. Estrada,
A. Atherley, P. Torres, L. Paulsen, P. Donahue, J. Brooks, S. Branch, S. Rivera, Row 4: J. Quezada, E. Salinas, O. Bailey,
V. Malcolm, J. Spina, J. Roman-Camacho, J. Wright, R. Spray, C. Cobb, Row 5: C. Jean-Pierre

Period 2: L. DeLeon, 0. Barter, A. Bodden, J. Coward, E. Dagget, T. Galloway, I. Gonzalez, K. Jones, M. Marshal,
R. Mh Daniel, M. Mackinnon, C. Neill, O. Perez, A. Santos, S. Simmons, I. Smith, K. Vines, J. Wong, Y. Zarate,
I.. ( abrera, K. Cedeiio, S. Coles, D. Cooper, A. Frederick, A. Lima, C. Padro, M. Poe, L. Reyes, J. Smith, W. Spann,
I.. '. hl,,il. ., I). Williams, A. Wilson, Y. Agodon, B. Colon.

b i
i ;




Period 7: Rim 1: B. Aird. Row 2: B. Dollinger. Z Graham, C, Lozada. 1Ferguson. E. (n/alek, Thnmppson. M. Thrower,
J. Slrmo1 Row 3: K. Roman.G. Miller, I'l.ii I..I'i N. Avila. M.M I I'1...a F Dindy. J Ccren.A. A nerlc, Pig eon.

Back L. to R.: Chris Bowman, Luis Llach, Debbie Alfaro, Ian Morales, Shawn Lee
Middle: Amanda Gabrielson. Lizella West, Elizabeth Close,
Front: Cheryl Eckerle, Melanie Rojas, Sarai Bibbo
Sponsor: Mr. Vaz



Back L. to R.: Jan-Michael Norman, Benito Colon, Chris Bowman, Debbie Alfaro, Milagros
Conzalez, Lisabel Herrera, lan Morales
Middle: Robert Goldsworthy, Amanda Gabrielson, Liz West, Elizabeth Close, Steven Bowman,
Shaw n Lee
Front:: Yoela Cedeno. Cheryl Eckerle, Melanie Rojas. Stephanie Herrera
Sponsor: Mr. Vaz


Full Text




... III r


Rrd 'tJ.:hioe \11 ... tar Tr.lm: Our team all "'Ith Panama l BHS Photo B) R Gambl e u -n''''' JoSt' Carri o n K. left h)' ., IQnC.ur f'OOto hy r)\ 'n f .il. 1 \ fhnled lit n JnJ "I nJ!ht hy a iill ''If) II. "d,n (DUIo .I1 .1,&11,\1" I II 'ntl "1)1 n r J,liImrm .. n he nght ( OIllh 'H> 0< hal l.m II"CIe Queen I ) nlc\ \\('ade" acco m panIed b) Kri .. C ihwn on the left and lric Buendia at nght 3t the fOOlballJamoo r ee. P hoto by II. "eflIin v ..... ,. ............. .., .... "'u .... ,u ... ..... . ...... .. ,," .... ........................ ".11 __ bac k of Mr. Gamhle .. o n t heIr way d ow n t he palOldc fie l d P ho t o by: R ;\laids all in II roY!; Th e "96 Jamboree Quee n s !otop for a po

or Tails? General \\eslr, Clark Commander :and Chief of Int: Soulhern the "I the fncnd,h.p Game' hel""ccn B"lhtl3 \nllileo. U ,gh S..:hool on September f't. 19% R G:l.mbkl ooks likr_" General Clark (","mine, the ":(lln The lld..-off ""COl 10 lhe PhOUl R Gamblr 3




IJunu\ thmJpcn"dII. f-' oep,plftl ro'4 to I rom klll W .. ullll. N \\"hl. I. (lIh, n. \ .. 'ub .... 'trlnltf' .. Un_ \1 "'mdt(. IF"..""",, fnlfll leu I \I, fhalftf II \rtdndr. \ IlUnlip ( lo .. ftW9Id M


After playmg agamSI the Cougars the p,ar.lde. the Green Dev ils o\\,n homecommg Kmg Ramet! and Queen Kim J ohnso n \\,alt to b( announct:d bdOf'e the huge crQ\.\d Photo b) R Gamblf" Jum or Court \ I alt Pffscon a n d \ I a ri e l i I e rez gel read) 10 be announced Phot o b) R Gambi t 1be Semon "\\rpt{JuI O. w a b hll m the 'fl6l-1cJmeco mmg parade Phot o b y R ( .amhlt 6 Sophomore Prin ce S tt'\ e n Bow m a n and "nel a e t:de n o are a happy couple dunng Ihe I-Iomecormng Game Court Pho t o b) R. Gam b l e Freshman Duke and Duchess E mmanul Cabrera and J acque lin e Acos t a th eir cl3SS well to lheJ-lomeco lllln g coun Photob y R Gambl e The Freshman class Ooal proud with their M o\ie Awards" theme dUring the H omecommg '>holo by. R Gambi t


(lnp kllIO f ool. ...... I)o(.I(' r \ n.,.n .. h J tlrool..,.lIrnnl I III RJ I. (;;allo"l n K (I.:n .aud 1 J ohu'-On IJl.e .1 nunUle 1.1 Ihe'11 ptn:IOU\ tune 10 \Inl.( .1 1llv..t'.11 a !"('ltMII PhOlo h) ,"'n)tln frM'nd'l tOrt",,,, CI III M I Itn:nd .. l opu .1nJ h'llllkth Ho nil b Ila.h \llllk\ ... hlle.an mlrudel J\ ... ell.a1 ,"K' \11 B"It"u', 1I",,"..a1l j!..anK' l 'txlfo "> 'Iude r (lI1l1er .. 'hI M u llin \\,Jhl lul"-""nlt) .-.l. .al lbe unl

; a uli o n : \ 1 n a l \\or". T h o m as tra nk and J.lIOIhcr "uden! J.rt" !Il() hu,,> do,"!! their .... {'ri. In the" ... In fn'nl oi them Pholl,' 'I B a l es bac k 1 0 .... orl I t 10 R I ":Iplna C h a rle\ .... cri b n l'r. Lora Paulstn Jllc!. \lou ri tsc n and 'ajlhll \\ll a u l c.:l In>m .... urllng atille l:On..:e..)I(lO 'I.lnd Pho)(O b) "in)der lilt) \ nl o nio! On hI' .... 3) from lhe ,tulknl ,I(lre .... ,Ih hi' o..lnlO'l. \ n l onio \\ ilso n 1.1l.c .. a hre31. Phcl!o b) P. \hllr a d o O I'and,. T \lIIlo h) P \h ando a In m\ boo l!" c\Ll.mned \\ooch '0. \lbtM O 11\ on lleoMt Photo to) (' .... a nc h a co l d insIde ." SopIk,ITN,l("t O hler .... Inc) 10 lccp .... atm In hl'll,,) 'Ian) dJ."'",,"m\ In 8HS .:an qUIte 'chlll)' Photo I \harado '"Got r h a!" 1be..co Jumor. dHJn"t reah/c their ph-air, 'Iart! .... (1 ;IIunlnl '" \Ir lIaj!rr\ Jun",.. Engl"h ,lure a l.:Irtc>J'l II,.. II .... nllng .""j!nmc-nl SHS 1\ 10' h.ne a ptll'1"hlc lart{1op lah Phuc(l \I lJa le!i 'Is II o\er?" \;0. aron .)ou 'hIlM\C tl'l .... .111 ).,ur lum IVf the 'I.x; .. u-en..:a d..an..:e"' ">emnr \ aron Idaurn leh ,,:.-.uj:hl {lfl hIm b\ \h .... '\harado dUnn)1lhc \cOl'''' m:eJ'Cl<>n Ph<->ln P \hllndo ART 1\ T 1.,,<, (art1tCl 9




\\trt' rt", O OICCrs u<.e:d the CO; A 'ore to roll\(" mone)' Illr their I>q!JIlI/ .. t o n \ f'h,;"" b} "hlll 1 12 \\ailin g in lin e lun c h In t h e S A L. Jhangimal K can be Photo b y: P


Urff/l "'ii' "r'(u!.. '"II In' p.k11 '01 tiC' I "rftrill k1 I tJrlnn.' hi: IIh ,'h .. '" tt) "\1 r '" metl ThaI 1.. C 1 un

Flo"e r sir!'! No. It\ Jamie Gorman helpmg pre<.enllhe court dunng the dan ce PholO by: R Gambl e lI omKominj! Court .%, H omecommg Kmg june ) Bnrnell and Quttn Kim Johnoron "all for the 'blue' ..:arpel ,troll dunng danl.:c This the dance held In the HilS Photo R Ga m b l e JunlOf Jt1 \f II the ILIncc Ph< 'rr "II \brith I'trel dunng by ].I: Sophomore court YOt'la Cl.'deno nnd Stelen 80"IIIan cnJO) the dance Photo b) R Gumbl e Freshmen court j ack i e Acos t a : md Emmanuel Cabr e r a pause for their phol O Photo by R Gn mbl e


.. r 1l1oc:' I'lth'! \"r 11\ .. kn .... llYn &1\1'11.:.' !o!"ffiC' 1 ""'''1 tt\ It. (;Ilnlhll" \ 1\ pical Kame brc." lltc ,.Ukral. "or the ()o:\ ," .m,j t"IIUptr.. n I'flo."ill tt\ K (.amble \I .... ".arll", ." I .. nn" ( ,.lIlu ... If" II t 1t.1, I,h'" 15


''The Odd Cou ple" r"Cmaie Version cast are L. t o R Nunez, CO\ilI(', Suzannt' Lukas. S I t'ph:mit' \\oUT, Cl")s l111 Clo uti t'r, C. SlilO i c ki. lit'3Iht'r Hanson, "nthon) Burt:h Photo by Oom pah pah A nth o n ) R obe r tso n and James F r(') worl the ir dl:lphra s m s m t h e mUS I c fie l d tflP for the Clvlhan club at t he H Clay t o n NCO club PhOlO by: M B a l es The I' t'rt:u$.\io n Section \la ll "rt">ColI, Darrt'n Cofft'} and Ricardo Go rnal('1. check OUI their mU\IC before their program Phoco by '1. B a l


"Ol d .t .illrOdd ,,,It' \\ hlk It,c c:honi, ''AII\ !elf lhen lum 10 tht\ mUc 01 e-.C,", 1m: II'I('ImCnl f'h<*, to) \ 1 1 .... ( P f IhI: f ( I"H c'",onr h .. koru )f '( I) d t> l'ht "' ( .I n1 II. U "I:: h.'t III ):'1 I" "hoi,I. HII'" B..nd Choru lu..kn '''rend a k'C "I fune he bu .he-Y Ie: 10 cnh:n.ur IIx C ,.IWI ('ffi "1 I ''h<>co to) \I !J;alt 17


.\KTlST JOSF.CA.RRIO' Young Picassos ... 11, h 11,' h 11,'h \dnan t\.1 ... (nonIe, 1 0 hlmr,elr whIle J o h a nn Friedman prelend, do("\o't kOQ .... him Photo by 0 \ounJt Wh i s tl e w h i l e )ou ... K im P a hl.Am a nd a Gabri e l so n a n d Kris tin W i lh e lm diligently draw In Mr. Young's class P hoto by: O Youn g Wh e n does the bell rin g .. ?" M aShun S mith and N i s t o l i V ernaza (011 with P hoto by: O Y o u ng Modelin g was NOT pa r t o r the J aso n s u ref u ses to pose for a r elenlless Photo by O \ o unj1.


rnt"nd\ I t"lh IJru",n .lkh:. (,.Iro; ..,h:'n'f:n \ndc-r.on and \hchdlt' \I:ddon:.dll \1..101 '" \r.n<)\I. the) \1.111 be tneoch j('ln::\cr 1'hI.-.", .... \ od roon Tht' lUMh nunl;h J R.('onIJlIC'l. \ \\f"'-LallcnlOn'. and f II cntl') t'Ah ... under (he hohlo, PhoI" U \ounl:


-(;ct flul /Jr m, \pollijtht'" \ \ helilHifl J rflfl) Co ... ille whil e IItrrrra ,,00 'ihancfI \ndtr .. tn OUI of her """t P hoto by C. L ocke.


( hrhllllll\ hH r \1, n,h,:r .. I lDr Jkl IH h.'11l .01'.-, .... \ J",,". n " H u h and \1 oI",'1'kin! Ph ... c .. II) \ ""Ill; 11 I Wlhl! WI hI! "hIli: tho: JRC'IC ,lu.icn',.Ucnd ,he (llO.tmu lICit! If I' CH',,"i't .""',,, h, \ \ h ( 'hKt.'nc It ''''K(' 'tluJcnh tn"Olll Iht BH\ JROT(' p.s\ .lCIl f"T..cni It .... lhe hrwn.a:. I .Jrton P'tInco \ \. h 't '.I' I) .. 11\('.and "'cilift lht' JR()Tl' Phuhl tI) \ It Krt&n RIIU IAjor c.-d,... .I DCVI ht .. "" or Ihr * 21


" Loo k "hal"e found!" Bla k e T h o mas, Gab e Prie t o, Corin \\' ildl!r & a friend hold a rather larte snake In front of !he schoo l Phom D "nitl! "It's n ot pll1.'itic." Kale) Keck ,\le l a nie R ojas and C h er") I E c k e rl e gnn while Elizabeth C lose a c ake at one o f the Nau onal H ono r Society fund raIsers. PhoI:o by ;\1. Bal es \ I r s. Trim I'ridn' new Photo by D \\ hit e 11241 Wait a mi n ute ... Katie W illi a m s pauses and wonders whether It was a good idea 10 buy cafehma food "Com e o n Vogue!" D a r c n M o r a l es st nkes a pose. Pho t o by : P A h 'ora d o Fri e n ds; J a n a Soriano and S h a r et' n Andenon smile. Photo by: D Y o un g ARTIST: JOSE CARRIO N


t UIU(I"lIlllIh"u (t .... ilia ( i" ..-"r'l Jlid I'hnlo 1\ \1\d'.1I1I (;nrrll' C'hrb SchQrIT Hope lIehnken lind 1 4Un)! reheaN a from '''The Odd Couplt PhCtlO b} ..... Sn)der JROTel:adel .... ajiha "lIa be.1r.lhe COIOD for ,he: openmg cC'l1!mon} :lIthe annuJ! Photo b) R Gnmblt Thank" \Ir. C r : rslnl S Ii\\ic:ki pre-.enb Ihe:ure volunteer Jern "'lIh.t flUe"'cll lI .... 'ard rrom \.he Dllhe1r December IOIIJIIUon PhOiO b) IS_ \ndrndf Dinln)! .ln on Jllnuan 2,.1, IW" \lcmbC"n.' Ill(" head bt>k I R ","n ..... n n, Goodrum. \1,"" G! .. ... ndll Poind' f"hoco'" R (,/lmt-h'


'Iember; o f the BHS JROTC <;clcbrnte their annual "Dlnlng I n o n J anuary 24, 1997 at Albrook O'Cluh Photo by ; M H a l es P tnny I'un 0100 'iljih:. \ .. L.l l>tlotn 1'1)' \I. IJaln III If Iree-Ilmo: before lhe be!!1n 9 . -, Sg l l\bjor Goodrum and Photo by: M Bal es pause s P hoto by: M Hal es recel\ Ing I


Carnhalit o '97 on t cbrnal') hi. \Idanlc R oj1b,' em"" ned Queen Photo t Carn a v a '97 Ximl.'na Cede n o Ire.hllle" pnlll!:'" d.lIlI,:c, '" Ilh her !.uller Ccill'! Cedeno 'halo hy \1. n : .lco. The ('OlIn nk"m""rrcrt.1ItI Pht>l<' L. Rojllli \tlnC':lo.'hII'ohl , ... hmll IIcrlll"." \Inlln .. ( 'rdell", A. JO\ tutti ....... 111 lUI the .. hi-'W hull' II) L I(lIjo'


I'alriua "lmn1(. W"hin ""hi & ('allin \ r e l a _1( after lunch Phot o by I). \\ hilt .... orl bachtagc dunng the produlIi on o f Ali ce i n Wo n d erland. Photo Councr.y of J \lil c h ell


I K .. nan L. Aadenaa K r \ Oazan


Lukas F Behnk e n Jose G. Berna l-Rom ero Sarai G. Bibbo Eilen Blanqllicell Albert L. Bodden


L. Bunch Anthon y L Ilurch /Irian E. Il .Johann a L. Cantu Leonardo Cargill JIIk A. Carrion Ju a n Ching 1\1. J e n"ife r O Co, ille


- Aar o n J. Crump A l e xis R. Cruz Mark Julio J. CuevasAvila -\ 36


i'lic hnel L. Fer g u so n Chic n -I-Ino Ferng D idi e r F. Fol ger -Marlene C. Foster E ldred.J Fou c h e Jr. Rober


Enie l Go nzal ez Jas on E. Go nzalez Milagros Gonzalez Luis C Gordon Debraca J. Graham I I Vkdelquina A. Hoy t e


ri s t op h c r J enkin' COurlnC) Jenkin ... I)01lt ol1 H. .J 01111\011 III Lang M. John so n J 39


faush. Kin sey Edwa r d J. Konawicz -Erin Dani e l R Lopez 40


Angel M. MadrId Kim r1) 1. \lcQuar) 41


Eric J. Ian L. Morales


c A S l o n kin g Pri s cilla G. T ay l o r Edgardo S. Tira d o Shireen V. Tonski L. Troche Ka th e rin e M. W illi a m s


Rafa e l Rio s 1\ letanic J Rnju ... Juan O. .fr. Ctdll..)nn R uudcbu\ h Korln E. Rulb Sanchel Ang R Ju ... lin t alm


Johnn)' Bates Mic ha e l Rosier La ...


I Oedr. C lark Danlelle Grill!.


ARTIST : Dee Bi,hop I ARTI ST : George


-Ga/1rid BnI 49


Aifoilso B oddell fthdwel Bodkin D iamond Brock J oslin Cartmill Ii 5;,'(" e C omm ea u V a l/lf:;a Coward Ca.'i. u llldra Cr(me Amber Crt/Ilk


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Erika Armando GUill/ill fura Hoyt! I r i s h YI'es leonPierre Carol Johllsoll --


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AarOIl \ 'ille f Tremr \'ogd K ia/eo" Uebb Corill Wilder Srephanie Wolff J oseph W Ollg -----


Ct'") ,Ial Slh, icki lud.l."d oul (If dOl'''' ag .. un Phvlo B) J:wtic Gt'"a, ... in)!ct'" dream' (II lunch 011 \11.: DnnJld', Phnlll13) C. l u ... ... cll I d \ell II illl Imd. ttl I. I'hol" 13) (. h ... ell rr:::iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-=:;======il - PenCil Ora" mg B) J o hn


GiolanlU .4ndrT'lOtI Ip' Najiha Ad/a \ 58 Carmela Austin Oriel B ailey Corie Ballaro IIHpe B ellnken ), Belleciel1i \ 1 1/1'/1 \' Bibbo Srewm Blach' ell Septimber Alhallg" Ambro s ia A e-Lallemam AlIa Cecilia Al'ila Jady" Barna s h Damel Baughman Jason Berger \ Nicol e Blm r c/wlle louph Blew


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Michael CO"",,, Davi d Cook Sleven COllrmey Jeron imo Coward R oberto D e Le on CaLerhia D econlO EdIWrdo Dia::. HudWI1 rdma Tara Erdman l airobi Estes ErilJerw Estrada


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Stt.p lwlfie C riffith J acque lille Gllerr e r o Ca ssQlldl"ll GlI s tk e B re ndali;: Gldierre:. AlejaMro H epburn Ste v en H iggins C/lri ,\topher Jillienc: Micha e l J o hn.wn Priscilla Jom.-62


Emil\' Jom'\ Em Knolcy Neill-<'t' (' Trm\ \Iollpr\" ,,-, 4 \ ,." Jm( m )'Otm I hung l...ct LUll a JIlrJII Af 1m


Ricardo ,\Janning ajae l Martie Natalya Martine=:.V ele.: Amrika M alos Breudi McDade R y an McDaniel Dwayne M c F arlane K e eslw M c Gee Takislu( M c P eak Zoila M el/a S,e\ 'en M ercado Carrh : Mt!1!1er R e becL'a Miml/da ('/01';1;:0 Naralljo Alex Navarro Danjel/' North c lltt BrlulUU? Noyes


III l'UlA.< 'mha Mielld/( Pedt'l'H IlIIIlI 1'1.. rr Janm Pt'jc:/,I Philtpp Pil..'noll I thro Po/wrtl! l\ ,Iltnm RUI" !J R", Rig'/( \ \ar 'II 1<.,1. r f. r lit HI I /<. 65


Rodrtegue: \lklte Rodriegllez 7 ) 1II11IJl1S R oger, Karl o R OIIWII Jose R osario Lauren Roynoll Jlllie Rucker Analisa Shoemaker Stunaya Simmom Crystal SliWicki Jomm Smith C#wrolUiu Spalln Ju!u.:/ Stel1 art }{mine Strong Bamhi Tal/ller Tal/ller 66


J( T o pl I I J lfllami;:,ar Kt:'Itlr \'lIlt' t -Co,."",c BOn'T "han a D",,\


/)OIlIH Hallenl Felix Herllandl.': P o Jui HI/an g Belki s ullle Yarobi Sealey H)n Jill 1A'i 1\';nntr NicllOls J ose P eterso n Daniefle MOllosco Allalisa Shoemaker \ EIl,{Wl Sala:tir Bambi Tatltler 68




Ki sll Abb ott Jesu A!:er et/o J llqllelille AcosU/ David Adams Ricardo Adams Christopher A d d isoll Davi d A g uilar Arel A lemed a l a A"derson MISI)" Anderson NilhOJJ.:a Anderson D oriwlIIll Alldra d e JlIriel Alldrade J e nni e Amequera Jus tin Amlonis Arch e r AI/nette D (",id Amotd E/i:a!Jelh A s h Arisre la A le n c i o Alfii son Arlle/rey Victoria Bamllslt Amllt/d a Barnes Allibal Barrios Richard Bartl e tt


Cllitl/II.'/tU Beard JCh(1II 8t'tkll'lI/l })cmid 81'11 \,lulld n 11/1 /lenn' Bt'lIl/ell I\I/((",io B ('TOII Alflll.W BI(ldmOI1 I\lIllllldo lJoettight'ima R o naldo Btl/lllit-i. RobvlI 8ortlll!f Marcus Bosier C ht!l'l'IIIU! I Jrallclr Afe_tis BrllO+Figllcma Brad Bllrgt' Terral/a Burmtlgln mmcllfflel C ubrcf(1 Laurel Cadort!lIt! Jawn CalkilM /lec/or CIUl/tll II" F f!rmllulo C Dlldt'!tlr/O l1ma" C U H/(/O Midwd nllhrart \dol/(I C ('bal/n,\ XWWIIO Cedello


J essiea CUl'em' Amaldo Dlll'ici C1oudio R esh e lle Cla y She r i ka Clo y Chr;.\Iopher C obb Rlisty Colli ,l'I lerry COflll e r Dustill C o oper )ac q f felille COI'ille Andre Crolljord l ewn' Crll:: l omili D m i la Erma DlfI i s Mi chael D a n s "IfC Yalima Dia:-Fi /iberlO Dimly P atricia D onahue A llisoll D oube k Alu irew Doyle / e \pnl {J1lI/llIP ldam f)wm lOl/t/1ll Emory L r m H Engelke F ares Escohar


I IJr(l(Ih \' III,r/l/all, ./r it1/It'\ I t"J://\"" [h/l(( 1"" ,I(' lUHUI Fi}:ItI.'rOlI PoudU' \It'fln /11\ \/tdlt'l fraln onltlmy Fra :it'r Rufi.lt'l Fmll1(1wlI \ 'cm"ica Grant \1I,ttia Grrr'lI /JaiJtH lIt1iJ, ,II


S holl'wra Halldln Daniel /le/l1kill.\ RoberIo H ellry Kent Hemande: Stacy H illis Eric Hill1lo JaMIII H"rner Kyle H llghe, \ .;.,,... ___ .,JoIWIlII itll'lI 74 \fal e r ie H allsell Fabio/a H e rrera I ra Hilles III Alldrel! H mll Jallel J effrey William lIall'kins Jr, Sherry Hayden Tabailila H icks Ke\ ';n Hildebralld Tra v is H ooke r SluIII'Il H opper M a r y I gles ias MOllie/lie Jackson M eliss a J ohnson C r),slal Jumper


IJrcuulw/ A/J rmclnJ.. 1 M(' }:,tlll Kill )(1\(111 UIfII I/o Keslw IAmberl RUYlIIOIull A!da;r, Jr. Mberto Lmw JlI/dUlI LlmltJ...t r B rion wn,f: :\IIa l.flpe:,.-Nowrro JII(lII 1.Jlrd Vam:s\o L04lldu ')lIralr I UJ..llf Chriswpha L ytic Scan M(JrJi.ham Clml/llll' MartIe Terry\lClH /I Luws \1,Callll \ ;:('mlff \Ic SCllllt't


lamiln Me"do:a Clar/.. M eller GIIS M iller J effrey Moat Kem,y Mojica Jose Molina M a ll r i cio M oilers Alit/lOll\' M onte r o Darell Morale s Jahall MOTUn Karen M ore /an d Amy Monel/sen GOII:alo M oscoso Jac k MOlirirs(!1l Ricardo MOIlYlle,\ JfHt Nm{lrro J ose Mille:. William O'l1eam G a b riela 0t/101l Eli:abelh Ottinger f :rit /'w /..cr Sarah P(UlgiitlWfI Otto P allloja J o d y Paramore


\mJft j /'(1' 011 jl.."IIIijt'r Prodm \ 'irl:11 Pnnth l\"ri"'tll1 Pru til K"flI Qllilcs !..n1lTenn' QWlllt, Jr Raron Rm umren RnJ 7hlliun Rl'itJ\ \/olliqllt' Rt ",hi rt I IW Rt \('1 Omur Ridlllrd" Jr \Iit }",d Rfl/'t "\ \dnUllnt RflJnlu' 13


u,rissa Rodri g l/ez Sa/ina Amy Romre ll Cristina R oubik H o ll y RunaJ s Jay son Ru ssell Juan SaJa;:.ar, Jr. Amber SOl'Oge Clwries Scribl/er N i k ira Sc.: ril'e n Rogelio Sealey Jare(J Selles Todd Serl'eJlo Dadd Shee han J olm S mith T'Ni-.lw Smith Darien Sna\,e'-v Nallcy Snyder William Spmlll Ryall S tark Patricia Smmf.: J el/nifer SlIlIi\'{/II ChrisTine SlIperl iell e Co/in Tho mas


/ I ThoIP/{1\ luhlllll IOIlt',\ '\IIdwd Tnllll J",t'p" \ 'h lorm Maria \ i/lalu: \rfhur H"'gIlN Rolnll W(lhi Daml"1 Well H7egmwIII R I'/,,!crtl n7llitm/\OfI AfII(mio H'ilwlI Nidwluf HUw/I Rt"lt' \\ H1OI1 Su ndat: )uluJ.;JI ,It-"" )lIIfUuJa


l'iclOria 8arnluiJ Annl' Be :ora GeOWlIlY Bonilla Jeallll e J ol", Cal kills I { '-JosC'ph C ol/a:;.o Kayla Do:ier Sre'('11 GOlline B ralldoll H eard Kent H enuillde: I Flel(:her Kill.!! AI M cRae Kenllr A/ojinl Tabilha Pere:. Nlllllllll P ope Jen"ifer Rohem Lar i ssa R odrig ue:. l'iun,. S0l111wk Kerin \V allace' H SII(/Il Wei Chell I u mfm( Wh"'/idd Mecheil YOUIIM Lelicill lllWIS Wl'sller ZlIfle 80


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2 \\ It rU(t 11 with \\ IlJ , PtJln H I. 1.1 T 111t! Ra'1 1 n Ray. J u,," Loat Blat J..,.l .. n .. """ 8 2 -hlli.! 1 llQI R 11 1 km ... 111 Pillll!ru. Alon'>o '"'/(:.1 lHant }-runl: \f O)cr Ro driguez. n V'I I 7 Dd IJ \)" c=h.Jn. s .... Lln .. tm h:rn I Ie {, nod rI MlchJcI ('lth In JamIe I lu r.n 111. \my 11 tcn!;OIl Phohl by :\1. Ha l t, Second period AVW T e mpl e on Tumba Back: Tutors M. uyer/2-A m y Morten s on AJonso Truitt Adrianne Rodriguez. Yamada, Monique Remh"rI.li Front: Yaliroa Diaz. Jamie Putm a n Fir s t s e m ester period 1 AVID s tudents: Ba c k row: T uto r -V i c t o r Br o wn Alex N.,,1it Mic h ae l M urray. E rm a D av is. Joey Fry. Eli Bai l ey, Tuto r -Mal ayca D yer. Front: Pa t ri c k Ril ey. Na n cy Sn y d er, Camhry 8m"" P h o t o by: M Bales advancem ent via individual Sec o n d period 1 Catherine Swanson J oey Fry. On e l Bailey Greg Miller Brenda Lopez Canie M c Dildc Mrs Swans on ( Pho lo n y: M. Bales


A I ph 11 be( 0 rd c r ; r.:=:::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;::====:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;:====i1 Ale\ BOl1llla Yamlkth Bomlla Slcve Bo\\ Illan Caletlua OcCanlo Wilham C Fo\lt.:r Ker!) Fritt\ Ben Gan ... cr Jo"!e Gonzalcl. tcphamc Herrera Toma ... I-Ierrera Ene I-Illmo Janelle Johnson Km, Johnson Adnan Kla.sov ... Linton LUI'" Linch Kun McQu:lI) Jrhon Kimberly Pahl Yanslia Pean Samantha Sheffield JU ... 11O Siaha Moll) Widdop CecIlia Ciceraro. Keith L""on Tom Suzie Shumate. Karen ChnsH Roublk. Carne Oann) Nunez. Bree 1:."",. i\ l clal1lc ROJ:l\. Louis Sclhnl.cn. H ope Behnken. Dantelle [>lIonel. C1'Y"'Ia.1 Shwickl. Stephame IT, Lon Venlclcher.Heathc:r fl"n;.on. Jenn) Conlle. Penn) C[,)stal Cloutier. Charmaine Ooriannc Andrade Anlhon) Burch. Lang lol,n

President: K a r e n i\l oreland. V.P.: Daniel H aw kin s. Sec r etary : Eric Hilmo. Treasure r: K e\ln Hil de brand Alphabelica l Orde r : H ealher Han!)oll. Stephan i e H erre r a. M ega n K at. K eis h a Lambert. J ordan L i n deke. Sara h S trin gfe llow. Robin Wahl. M aria VillaJaz Sponsor: i\1r. H a ss elb r ing --84


French Honor Socie t y: L to R: Ju a n Ca slan eda. C hing-M e i Chou. S e ba s t i e n Van H al. J ennife r Whelihan. J ose R amery Sponsor: Mr s. R oa Left to Rig ht : Cla r a Go n z ales, Doree n Lebe l Prisci lla W a lker M r s. Ga n se r ri=iiiiii=====iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir:=====iil A lphabetical Order: Debbie A l fa r o. 86 B ill Aird. J ack i e B arna s h J ose Berna l Ch r i s B ow m a n Ca r o l B u r ger. Juan Ca s t aneda. R eyn i s h a C h and l e r C h i n g Mei C h o u D enise Coc k b u rn. Vict o r Cruz. Kaula D eme n a. J ame s F r ey. Ben Ga n se r Cla r a Go nzal es, H eat h e r H a n son.Yie d elquina H oy t e J a n et J effrey, Meli ss a J oh n so n. J anell J ohnso n. Pr iscilla J o h n s o n K erisa J o n es, A n ge l a K e r s hner Angel Madrid. Br a n d i M c Da de. D o r e Mills. J ennifer O H earn, Yariss a P eart. J enn if e r W h eli h an, Kerisa J o n es. D oreen L ebel. J o r d a n L i n de k e. J o s e R a mery. C h ery l S t an f ord. Kris tin a Web b. Je nni fer Wh e lih an Sponso r: M rs. R oa


J O lh Crude: Giovanni And':r\on. Judy" Bama sh. Aaron Bedw ell. Dont:! B.:rgcr. Steven B owma n Emily DuOu .... K endahl Fcrgu ... on. Annemane Fishcr, J o ... c Gonllllc/, Ilcalher Hun ... on. Stcphanie H errera. J a ... on K acmar ... kl. Andrew Llncoln .Annlkn Mato .... Kurcn Mill .... DUI11clic Northcutt, Lol.! Paul"cll, Yan ..... n PClln, ry .. tal GI .. cll{1 We'>! 91h Grade: Donannu Andmdc Ju .. tm Antom .. Elrzubclh A:..h. Robyn Bortner, Jerry Conner. Allison Enc;\ Fouche. Eric IIlIm o. Luv Jhanf!lmnL Kill, J ordan Vane.,., .. L Olndn, (trail Mcll vnlllc. Karen Moreland Eillutx:th OUlI1gcr, Sur.lh Pallgulllll1n. Otto Pantoja, Tabitha Peru, Angie Prc .. cod.l\'l omqllc Rembert Chn .. t y Roublk.llolly RlIl1nll" Jared Selle .. Sarnh IfIngrellow, Pntricia trong. Laura nlomu<;, Ollrtn ey Town .. end. I arcctla Tunon. R ablll Wahl. MOlHquc W oodrow Officers: Kar en to.l orcland & G .... clla We<;!. Sec r etary: Emily I Teusurer: t>.l on ique Woodrow Advisor: Mn. OllfTu!-O l d i e mb c r s: Channaille reher. Bren cc Bedw ell. Tutiana B e rman Sarai Bibbo Vielka Bonilla Chrb Bowman. Darlene Brogie. R eynisha Chandler, Elizabeth Close, Julissa Dlaz. Cheryl Eckerle. Amanda Kerry Fntt s. Amanda Gabrielson. Carlo s Garcia. Shawn German, Philtp H erring, K erisa J ones. Kale )' Ked, Angela K ershner. Adrian3 Lewi:" Xiang Li. Frank Linton Luis LInch. Erin Long. Kntie McAleer, alosha M cDaniel. Zinnia Pere z. l\ lelaOie R ojas, Justin Staha. Trevor Vogel. Liz West I nitialies: Debbie Dlez. Cresla Ganser. Jeffrey 1 lIggin ... Jason Hsu. 1m, Kim J ohnson. Mildred Johnson, Thomas Page. Anthony R obertson, Brad Townsend, Slephanie Wolff Bac k : Mn.. Bales, Adriana Lewis. Tack-Soo lin. Nntoshn M cDanieL Kaley K eck, J efr Hlggllls, Jason H su. Fro nt : K erisa Jonel>. Amanda Gabnelson, Cheryl Eckerle. Elizabeth Close. Erin Long, cnn German, Kerry FrillS Officers: Preside nt Liz West. Vice-Pr eside nt Fronk LlIlton, Trea sure r Enn Long


Back: Counney Locke. Anthony Robertson. Mr. Waugh. Mr. Vice Front: Janeli John son. Dareye Anckle. C resla Ganser. Berenis Machal. Kaley Keck. Erin Long. Katie McAleer \Iphahctical Order: R cyni.,ha C h andle r R ocio E!>pino s a. Janice H e rnand c.l. Andren Iinlut.:f. Janelle John'>on. Mildred Tamara Lane Mari(zel L aPlaca. A n gel \tJ(.Irid Dt.: ... hanJ Pandy. Jost: Ramery. L or i c Vcnl c i c hcr Spon..,or: ,f.... Chlde.,t..:r


Mu Alpha Theta National High School and Community C ollege Math Club No Pi ctured: Bren cc B edwell. V i c t o r Cruz. Ama nd a E s t es. ChienH ao Fr ie n K erry Fr i tt s. E n ie! Go nzal es. Ge r a l d I r i s h A n ge l a K e r s h ner. V i v i a n Li. J ose R aillery Officer s: Pres id e nt E r ic D avi l a V ic e Pre s id e nt R obe r E g b ert Secretary A nth ony R obertso n R ecorde rlPublicit) T a m a r a Lane B ac k L. to R.: Neal M c K ee. T o m as H e rrera. D es h a n a Pand y Yoon H a n g Lee. R obert Egbert. 1 m T ack 500, Eric D avi l a. A nth o n ) R obertso n J aso n H su F r o nt : Debbie Die z. T amara La n e S p o nsor s : i\lr s. P e t erse n Ms. Chid es t er. Mr. NUll R epre.,cntati"es i n alphabe ti c al order: J ack i e Aco') t a. Ann ellc Ar c her. A l ex B on i lla. Cla r a Gonzalez. J o s e R amery. Sa r ah S tr i n gfellow S.A. OffiCt!TIo: Prc!,ident Kim )OhI1O,OI1. V i ce Pres id e nt Elil.a beth Clo se. S ee r c l a r ,), J e nny Coville. Trea sure r K a l ey K eck Senio r Officen: Prc.,ident Cheryl Ederle V i ce Pres id e nt J e nnir e r Wheli han Sec r etar y Sarai B ibbo Junior Officer'>: Pre.,idcnt Charmaine A r c h e r V i ce Pres id e n t T a tiana Berman Treasure r J am i e Go m la n Sophomo r e Officer,,: Pre .. iden t Steve Bowman Vice Pres i d e n t Y oela C e d e no Se c r e tary G i sella Wes t Fres hm e n Officer .. : PrKident Robin Wahl Vice Pres id e nt C a lkin s Sec r e tary Stephani e H erre r a Trea sure r Patr i c i a S t ro n g SA Spon sor: \Ir. Richard l'all1


Back L. 10 R.: Chri\ ... cott, Rica rd o Goo/aiel. Darcn Coffe)'. Jeremy Pc.,dll B ogg .... Reggie a"hmgton fiddle: Chn"IIJn Lozada Arthur W agner. K alle Wino. JUMln Easlhum.l\Iomquc R embert. H e idi Hgucroa. Lira Andrade. Damel Baughman Y an,,;} Peart Alex la\'arro. B en G:lO'loCr. Rob yn Bonner. Janu e rba .. Zach Willlarn\on Onnon \hlOomg u"(mard Smilh Crul. J ame .. Frey Front: Jennifer Crone t ariell PCI"Cl.. ... sa Ambrot;w Ave I..::.llcmanl. Broodi I,Dude. Stephanie IlcrTl!ra. Sara PLluhen. J anel Adki'h. Ruth Leopard. Nala ... ha M c Dani el Back t. to N.: Diner H'gnclt. Ti/lana Buddie Shan. m k.ccn.:. JIl .. h -\Ii. ehn, J.u.;!. .. 'nung, RUlh Leopard DaJlon Johnwn. Rob MIb.:hdJ Front: Juan Pala<:Jo\, Sarah Paul-..c.::n. ShJ\\n Lee. J-It:alhcr 11 .IO ... on. tol!.' \tenos 91


Clockwise: Danetle M c Kee. C hris Pr esco tl. Dalton Kerr y F ritts L. to R.: Adrian Luce. J oseph W o ng. Cat B ouc h e. Mic ha e l Sl e uman. Tr ama r J oh n so n. D e nees Mclntosh. Heath er R aymo n Ricardo Mou y n es. Elvin Santiago. Scon S mith Yalim a D iaz. Steve Carlock. Teena Go vine. J oAn n P oc h er. April Dun l a p C h erice Yeager. Kati e W illi ams. Dedra Clark. Mar cela Palago n Mic helle Miranda. J e nnif e r C r a n e. M ag d a L obo. T ak i s h a M c P eak L to R : Scptcmhc.:r "lhaugh. Eddie D aggett. J ohn P e t e r:.on. De<;hana P a n dy. Tr a m ar J ohnso n Sharlene Pind er. Edd i e Kona\\.H.J Alex Sanlo, Uorc Md l ... E mil y Frank P e rez.. N i cc ole Cun nin gha m L ora P aulse n Erma Dav i s


L e nd e r s: Bac k : Della Gd c ... AJU .. h LUI ... Gordon Fro nt : De\hnno Pand) Pe ri o d 6: R o n I : E. Santiago. Ron 2: R \\e1lm gtun. B Town ... end. J Ro ... ano.' Cohb. K Fcrgu ... on. S HJ)dcn. E. BetclJ R o\\ 3: J IIcmandcl. 'lamnjo. R IX Leon. A PCJ'e/. C; Jone, II Yamada. R Banlell. L. Cargill. R o\\ -I: J Rodriguel. R \\'1I' on. O. R onllg. A anchC/. J Ro'c. C Gon/

Period 3 : Row I: W H awkins Row 2: A Mad rid. J R ame r y C. C h ou. S. Gome z. Row 3: F. Kins e y E E s tr ada. A Atherley. P T o rr e s L. Paul sen. P Donahu e. J Bro o k s. S Bran c h. S R i v e ra. Row 4: J Quezad a E Sal i n a s O. Bailey V. M alco lm. 1. Spin a. J R o m a n Cama c h o. J Wrig ht. R S p ray. C. Cobb. Row 5: C. J e a n P i e rr e Period 2: L. DeLeo n O. Barter. A. Bodde n ,.I. Coward, E. T. Galloway, I Go nza l ez, K. J o n es M. Mars hal R. \-1cDanic l \.1. Mac kinnon C Neill O. I' e rez A. Sa nto s S S imm o n s I S mith K. Vines. J Wong Y Zar ate E. Cabrera. K. C edeno, S. Co l es, O Coo p e r ,A. F r e d e ri c k.A. Lima C. Pad ro, M. Poe, L. R eyes. J S mith W. Spann, L. Whitfilcd. D. Willia m s A. Wil son, Y Agod o n B Co l o n ..


I '(' ri o d 7: R o\\ I : B \I rd. R o\\ 2: B Dollmger.1 Graham. C LO/ada. \1 [ Gnn/aic/. Q Thump ... 'n. \t llm1\l.cr J trl''I1lg. R o\\ 3: I\. Ruman. G \hllcr. D \\ !la. \1 L a 1 >IJ,a, I J CCI"\CI1). \ OeOlI!!/. r

PAGE 100

Ba c k L. to R.: C hri s B ow m a n Lui s Lla c h D e bbi e Alf a ro. I a n Sh aw n L e e Middle: A m anda G a briebon Lizella W e s t. Elirabelh C l o se. Front: C h ery l Eck erle. M e l a nie R o ja!lo. Sa r a i B i bb o Sponsor: Me Vaz B ac k L. to R.: Jan Mi c ha e l o rma n B emlo Co l o n Chns B ow m a n D c bbie Alfa ro. Mllag r os Gontalc7. H e rr e ra I an .. \tiddl e: R obert G old, wonhy. Amanda Gab nel .. o n LIZ W e st. Elizabeth C1o,e. Stcv cn B o wman Shav.n Lee front: Yoel a Ce d c no. C ht.!r y l Ed.t.!rle. M e l a m c R oja':>. S t e ph anie H errera S p o n':>or: Mr. Val

PAGE 101

I.. 10 Ie: C'h.lrlcne Cloutier. \;11.:(llc Calhl.:Jrt, III!Jlhcl BJllhqn .... alll: \ k \lcl.'r 97

PAGE 105

Chris J cnkllls. Tramar John ... on. Jj, Fouche. Anthon) J anM ichael orman. Jclam Jordan. Frank linton. Enbcrto E..,trada. \ I an FClchlingcr. Emmanuel Cabrera. Chri'l Qumton Thompson. Conn Wilder. Felix Hernandcl. AlcJando GUIICrrc/. Kclh Kyle Rcy Rigney. Mi chael-Wayne t\'l arshall. SCOIl Smith. Eduardo GonlalcJ.:. Colin Thomas. Gaden Herring. Chri, RII.:e. Billy Wagoner. l allley t\13n :lge r s: Cres t a Ganzer. Angie Cancel. Jaclyn Eberhart Coa c h es : Fr ed Bales. R ick Dahlstrom. Don Duman, John Willlford Jun e)' Barnell. Man Pre",coll. Jayson Rus'iCll. Amolllo Whitehead, Rafael Edgardo Tirado. Bemto Colon, Chn .. Bowman. Chn!. Vaughn. mmndo Gundlll. Juan Ro ... alio. Jerem) Calc. Shane S!I\\ Carlo' Padro. David Cha.-.c. COlt McLaughlm, Daren .. Jo .. e Gutlerrel. Juan Salalar. Brence Bedwell. Jason H<\1ld. OJ\ Id Coo\..., Leonard Soulh. Eastham. Danen Sna\cI). halab) Cole, Michael H aynes. :-.Iarcu., McKam, Brad To\\mcnd. Bradle) O'Donnell. R ogclio calc). B ruce FeITClra. Jose 3varro. r-Ilchacl John<;,on l a nagers: \fj\ iana Del Real. Analia Aharez. Gonzalez Coa h es: Lou H usted. Jim Sweeney

PAGE 106


PAGE 107

Cheerleaders Bad.,: Kmtl S .uah \IJ d h,Hne. \h.tron \Iiddlc : \nall .. "" '!unlque \\oodm\\. D.amdlc \\JrYcn ron l : \lclJOIe RllJJ' Cnler oach : \ 1I.,on lI ull

PAGE 108

Girls' Basketball c u A s Sylvia Ramery. R obin Wahl. Tomeka Galloway. Dani elle Mana sco. 20il a M e na. Natalie Manin c.l. Jo s lin Cartmil l M ega n H iggi n s. R e nee Rice. J asmine R ose. Aschia Fr ederick. Sarai Bibbo. H eathe r B aldwin. M arlene Fos l er. Coach: jim H igley Green Devil'i Champions 96 Varsity Gi rl s Ba s ketball. Cli/abelh C IO'It!. Jull.., ... a 013/. Jessica Erne!>L Kaley Kcck. Amarilis Yen. Darcyc Andlt:. RUx'h! Paramore. Sara Paube n Ama nda Shumate. Chantall Agueda. Megan Jen"Il.:. LaTonya Oa\.l''O, Momque R e mbert Angle Whitlemo r e Coachc-.: Da\c \1011 lit. Victo r Brown Enc Edwa rd s

PAGE 109

"icpllmht::r \lhLlu!!h. TLllc ... hJ B unch. J l c .... hJ Cohh. J CIllllicr lJ,m "'011. JJIIlIC GomMn. JJncllc IIJu",cr. ,",cn ... hJ J onc .... \dnJna Lc\\ ..... Kiln \h.:QualT). .In ...... a Peart. Anloncllc Clle!) I SI;lIlh,rd. Court n c) Ttw"n ... end. \ hh.lcl Yen. TillO.lI1<1 B uddie Coac h : CIc\c O!l\cr Je"'II."J Rc,hcllc \'Cn.'01\:3 GrLlnl, TJJ..I,hLl T'1lI,hJ \nulh. Lomunc TrJlmJ \la"'lln, \IJnJ. RI\crJ. ..... cr"ohncr IIcLlnJ Gu/m.ln OJ. ... handJ Phllhp Jcll l -cI):u'on ("o; l('h: C'l'" 11111 \\llham,

PAGE 110

B o s' Basketball A lvar o Anladille s Ori e l B a i l ey. Mich ae l B l c nrnan J e r e m y B o ggs. T e rr e nce Burr o u g h s D a vid Cla u d i o S h a l ab y C o le. D av i d Coo k R egi nald D ys o n M i c h a e l H a y n es Guille r mo H e m a n d ez. Ga e l e n H e rr i ng. Gia n -Carlo H o y l e. G e r ald I r i s h Y o H a un J ac n V i c t orio Malc o l m R icardo M a l ave. A l e x Na va rro Th o ma s P a g e R ogelio S ealey. Mic h a e l Tru itt. P e r cy W illia m s C h r i s J a npi c rr c Coa c h es : C leve Oli ve r Cecilio Willia m s A R S Coach : Ramon Reyes. Ass t. J ohn S i r oup ) I aye r s: # 3. T. BIbbo #I-l A Lim a. #2 1 S M c Swai n 1125. J H i ggins. #42 J GUIIt:rrcl. #43 P H e rrlll g # 44 1. F e r g u s o n #50 C. Lo z a da #54 T T ay l o r #55 J J F o u c h e M a n ag e r ; Shc..:na Jo nc!'" Talc<.,h a Bun ch D a r cye Ankl e

PAGE 111

Angel Santl3go. J u n ey B arnet!. Tholl1as J ohnson. Chris Vaughn. T erry rvl ass. Eddie Diaz. Yung I \ oon Lee. Leonard Gillespie. S t eve H iggins J V : Giovanni Anderson. B randon Heard. Eric Hilmo Brian HU!ioted. Da\ 'id Munoz.. Rafael P etiton. Larry Quinn. Dmm Ric hard!.. SCOtt Smith. Spann. J osh Tanner. Damel Well Coaches: L. Quinn. L. Gille s pie. E. H olland t>.lashun Smith. Tramar John!>on. Bryan Borello. K eenan Roberto Henr). Juilo Cuc\' a!.-Anla. Angel Qudes Perez.l\\ ichacl Gnffith.Jorge Grant. Salomon M anagers: Karim Acero. Damtza Co\\ard Coach Rafael Chen. R eggIe GrenaJd

PAGE 112

G irls' Soccer Alphabetical orde r : Debbie Alfaro. J ackie Bama s h Carol Berger. J e nnifer Berger. K athy Bo) Ie. T .Z. Buddie. Ana Chajin. Sa r ah Lukas. Ber enis r"l ac h al. Natalie M artinez. D anielle orthcutl. Lora Paul se n. Sarah pe r ez. Sharlene P inde r Adrianne RodrigUCL. Ja s min Rose. Cambry Sanchez Gl o ria Tagaropu l os. Heather Twinam. M a ria Villalaz. G .c. Wes t. Liz Wes t. Kat ie William ... K a t ie Winn. Wend y G OIl73les Cml c h : .\Iphabetical order : Ki",a Abbot. Eira Andrade. Donia Berger. K atherine Cede no. Chi n g \11,:) Chou Jackie emilIe. J e nny Coville. J e nlllf cr Daw so n. Juli ssa Dial. H e i di Figueroa. Anne: \larie Fi.,ht:c Sherry H ayden. Steffani Herr era. M ega n H iggi ns. Amanda M erke l. Clant. Naranjo. \1oniquc Rembert. Oa ya nna Riley. J ulie C. R ucker. M arce l a Tunon Coach:

PAGE 113

Alphnbc lical orde r : I l eather Baldwin. I lope:: Behekcn. I l eather Eillai>elh Clo..e. K arla Demena. J aime Gorman. J anelle Hau<;er. Janice H emandc/. K ale) Ked. Angela K e r shne r Arlenls L ope/. Zoila \ l ena. Karen M oreland, Cheronda pann. Amanda Shumate. M oniquc Woodrow Co a c h : K elly Kirby Alph a b etical o rd e r : JC'I-'l-Ica .. \dam,. Andc ..... on. Ca!o.,andra Banictl AI'l-hJ Bonilla \'Ielka BOnilla. Johanna Cantu. XlnlCna Cedeno. Jc ..... lca (encn). LL\ahelllerrcrn. Suzie Lub .... i\1\ Hi \Ioddo. JenOiler Ohea.rn. Adriana Perez S) h La Ra.mel). KOrln Rulh. Robin Wahl. Angle Whmmore. Rcnee Wihon Coach : Gonzalcl

PAGE 114

B ac k R ow: Coach Swee n ey. Th omas Page. Rafael Santana Middle Row: I a n Moral es. Ch ris Pr escott. M ati Pr escott. Metler. Albert Bod d e n En c M etle r Front Row: J uliet Stem. K erry Fritt s. Courtney Town se nd. Kialea h W e bb Megan Fox. Alli\on Doube k Emil y Duffu'i

PAGE 115

All-Stars Basketball BHS Girl s, Bulldo gs, g rab Caribbean Cla ssic" title s (cxccrplc d frol11 TropIc T i me") 'Inc 13;,lhna Ihj!h Can!*oe.11l C!O\w. Inyu""OfUII Toomilmcnl ....... Ilcld on 12 IJ o1l!he lUIS gym l...acaJ Ie.un, here ho..ted bo) .. "nd (:lrI\' "'Iuad .. hum (ju.ln'al\.4n1O Ba). Cuho!. Ju.an. Pucno Rlcu. and Panam.:amlln I(,;am' from Cf1lon Ind S.1nLl I.lhnwia In I round-robm fann .. Iha' prodIKcd bo),' In .... 0 t.epU1IlC pool\ TI!e (:Irh. \Oollh onl}' lean" ('nlered. all plo1>cd .... 11010 lhe brkl..et I n the fmal\, the-8ulldog' Jumped out to.10 ;and '"'umlOUnl,ihlc lcad, milO" to a tnln\uum offen..e led by Tcr-r) \ lu& ... Chri, \ nllJ:hn ilnd nltd S :mliule.O piling on the poln" 'Ow: AnILIJe.\ .... alIN unlll the Id..\' quarter to brul 001 then prcu. fon.:mg man)' Bulldog turn
PAGE 116

Seni o r s : Trey Ta ylor. Edgar Tirado. H aynes. Bill y Foster. Stevan D avis. Crc!lta Ganser. Debra Clark. Juniors : I saac Taylor. Brad To w n se nd L eona r d Sm ith Carl J ohnson. Sophomores: Tomeka Galloway. Nancy Clouston. Freshmen: Lamon te Whitfi el d Me gan K at Coach : Mr. H u s ted 112 S tanlc) M cSwa in. Michael Angel Santiago. Shar lcne Pinder .Iunioro;: Billy Wagoner. H eather TWlIlam. Gabriel Be.,!. H eat h e r T winam. Rc-nr.:c Rice. ophomorcs: Enberto E<;Irada. Jame.; Frey. Emcsto Frances. 1\.', ,ha \kGcc. Kathenne Winn Frc<.,hmcn: Lamone Whitfield. Jun e Grant. Shc).:mlc Branch Coach: Mr Waugh

PAGE 117

J" hn C'Oinnuli. RUIlifl 1"i1.1I.1(.: n helle MII.I I.LII)()(;S It 'is I ,,, K.: d Dt; HI 11Ilp 113

PAGE 118

RED Chantall Agueda. Doni ba ule. Sarai Bibbo. J omi D avila. Jadyn Eberhart. Chery) Eckerle Erika F ouche. Amy GIOlzer. Abb y Gonzalez. B ere nis Yami f\l e nd oza. Doroth y Pla n gkla ng. Jinju Salaza r Anto n elle Sanchez. Bambi T a nner. Kr istin Wilhelm Coach es : Mr. Vice. P at F ahy. Mr. Eckerle B ULLDOGS : April Dunl a p D anie l M anasc o. J anelle H auser. T a l es ha Bun c h. Na t asha M c Dani e l Fa vio la H errera. Nico l e Kershner. Chery l Stanfo r d. M a rcella Tuno n J ess ica Adams. Lin d s e y Bria n J ess ica Cerve ny. Erm a D avis. J ami e Gorman. Tr anae J o h n so n. N i via Modelo Adr i a n a Rod r i g ue z. Maria Villalaz. Stephanie Wilson Coach es : Bill F a h y A I Grad e Bob H a u se r G IR LS S OFTB A LL COUGA R S : J Acosta. V L ozada. M Rembert. A Whitemore C. Cedeno. T. Eedman. J H ernandez. C Sa n chez. C Spann. K J one s S Pe as e. M Perez. J Ros e A Gabri e h o n K K e ck. F Kms e y Coac h es : M,>. Wruc k and M\. Kirb y

PAGE 119

ahren! B H card. B Long K ROnlJn. J Ru .. ,cll. A H epburn. Commcau. C Garu"l. G 1-10) Ie. 0 Torre .... B Wagoner Blum.:hcltc. T John,on J Ro ... ann. T Ta) lor. E Troche \lan,"!!l. Fcndnch E Gonzalet. A B O nilla S B o\\man. r \ Raben'->. \1 Blellman J Fabrega.,.\ GUIICITCl. T L ord. T PJgc C olon. T John,on. F Llnlon J laha A Whllehead. C Gon/ale/.1 IIcmra. S H errera Coach : \Ir. Hager \lr \lo lfllt ULLLOO(;S; I) H ath:c" \ 0 Ihll\:} J BU1!g' I BUI(.hcr \ Ducn.:u\ \\ (Junt!. () I 1)01\ lIa T 1I rlier \1 Bn'lcr I Hucm.h.I, <; (.trll"':J... I J)c Lenn J '-unl.. CO:lcht ... : \Ir (JulOn. S \IJI,.),.cnflc J Calkin .. T Bib bo. I B or-cillon. l\tcLau ghlin. K \ 'mc .. Fahrcga. A Guodln. B O'Donnell. C P adro. JJ Fouche. C J en km ... R \Iala\c. \ l\ l altolm. C Ru.:c. \\ Ri chard ... I J J rtm!!! Coach es: \Ir Dahl'lrom. \Ir H tliland Picture d : A Gunden. C Fahrcga. C P adro. C Rice .. , 115

PAGE 121


PAGE 123

FOREIGN LANGUAGES Cigaurrblil Or. GUIU:l lcl Mr. l :tc)' es Mrs. H o ITrn1 11l-Pahl. l \ l r. I l us t cd. Mrs. H a n s o n \Jr. H olland Coac h B a l es \ I n, R o:) NOT PIC T U R E D Co n c h F erna nd e z Co a c h K irby Co 'l c h O l iver Conc h Wruc k ART/DRAMA/MUSIC \Irs. \iilc h cll \Ir.:;. \1 onlo u is

PAGE 124

SOCIAL STUDIES .. B ac k r o\\ fl. to R.) : \h Brown. 1\lr. H ug h es. l\'Ir. L o ud a !. Mr'). Kunk e l. "1r Pt:tcr-.cn. \-If Glh\on "ro n t Row II.. to R.I : \Ir Butler. Mr ... Wade. M s. C1u de .. t c r Mr. Nun A RTI ST: JOSE C ARR I ON l\ls.l\l a l a)'ca Oyer AVID TUTORS

PAGE 126

LEARNING STRATEGIES i\lr. Batiste Ms Carrion i vts. Morris Ms. Ruiz OFFICE STAFF Mrs. Hawkin s Mrs. Gamble \1rs. While. Coun
PAGE 127

Agueda, Germeliz l. 'Germy" "Fula" Cheerleading, Softball Vearbook, Siudeni Gov'I Spanish Club "When Ihlngs g e l r ough and out of co nt rol n eve r gi v e up and a lway s k ee p I ryl n g A nylh i n g IS pOSSib le If you really want II. Alf ar o, Debora M Debbie Prid e, Fr e n c h Cl ub Spanish Honor Society 'D,M, -B F 4 E &E., C.M.C. -lakes flower, C .S. -sexy mama, Rlnga "Que asco" Alvarez, Jose L. "Josie" Football, baseball, baskelball volleyball CLUBS: Rock, Patatus, Dreams, & Bacchus "Sport the brukus & luv 10 all thedlngos." Bacot, Jason "Tocab" Tennis, Golf Soccer, Volleyball Spanish Club Lettermen's Club Who's Next?" Baldwin, Healher S "Lil H Softball, Boys B ase ball Tra ck, Baskelball Parr a keel Siaft Lettermen's Club Journ al i s m Honor Society Live life 10 ils fullesl. Sel goals and go Oul and accomplish Ihem!" Ballesleros, Luz G L ucy Spanish Cfub "T u no sabes 1 0 q ue lienes ha sla 10 que pierdes G racias a t od as las per so n as que tuv iero n conm igo e n l as buen as y malas espec ial men t e Joan. Vie del y Jessi ca Ban as ick Frank M Matt" Roller Hockey Aggre s sive Skaling Fellowship of Agresslve Skaters "The voodoo-who do-whal you don'l dare do people ." Barnett Juney A "milkma n Foolball Baskelball "ThiS IS for all Ihe players In Ihe hood up 10 no good kick : Barter Oriana 0 Minnie Mouse JROTC ACIlVllies "To my besl friend Jose Ramery good luck In Ihe fulure Good luck 10 all my ot her friends and "II see you In anOlher life Love Val Minnie Mousel" Behnken, Lu kas F Luke Drama Soccer Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Surfing Chess, Cayuco Hislory Club, French Club, NHS Don't put off until tomorrow whal you can do lodayl (like gOing 10 Ihe beach I") Bibbo, Sara i G "Bibbo" "Blbbolandla" Volleyball, Bask elball Softball, Soccer, Baskelball (man ager) Baseball manager, NHS, BHS, SHS, Lettermen 's Club, Senior Class ofticer, FCA, Spanish Club Drama Club To all my fnends, !he more you live. Ihe less you die' To all my buds : Ihanks B M .. K M E.l.(bowling balls) C E.,K K .. E .C M R .,D. H.,l.l.,l.w., R.G., D B .,J. E YC.,B.C. T.B. B.L. A.E.,C B .,K J .. R.D K.L .. E B., AG.,K W.,J W .. D G R.G.,J A J.l.C. H C ,J. B. D M., K .W., C l gone forever forgotten n ever! LClB! He y guys ... y o u goi n g 10 Rock? ... lhe bea ch?! D on l be too t imid and squemis h abo ut your action s ... All lif e is a n e xpe riment -R alph W a ldo Emerson B lancheUe C hris llan M r Gap" B aseball H ey Joselike Ih e mag says if you can l sk ate with s tyle, don l skale a l all.' Hey J o hn I h e r e s a ho l e in Ih e sky and I'm in i t! Blanqu ice U E ilen Vearbook, E cology Short p e o p l e r u le Boeden A lbe rtl. "Little Beebo" Drama Cllub Thesp i an Society "If y o u r e nol cheating on y o ur te s ts then you re nOI really Irylng Bonilla. Alsha X -fsh a" Soccer Parrakeel Edllor. Band Cl oseu p " you s p e nd mosl 01 your lime a l school y ou mlghl as well l e a rn somelhln g So for all tho se mug s who mess around g t senous and do so methi ng f o r yourself II Will pay oft lal e r I would also like 1 0 send a shoul-oullO my girls V,elka BOOilla. Jennifer Dawson Kimberly Johnson and Sharlene Pinder, who have overcome the odds and prov ed Ihallhey're all beaullful peopl e Inside and out." Borsellino, Ann e R "Fula Ecology Club, Yearbook "Ch e rish your VISions and your drea ms as Ihey are Ihe c h ild r e n of your soul ; Ihe blu e prints of your ultimate ac h i ev e m enls" .. Napoleon Hill B Olli n K al h l een M. Boruch " K alhers" "Bolrock" Cheer lea ding(9-11), Ice Hoc key Ping Pong Lacros se Chess, Cayuco, archery kickball croquel Sportsm an s Cfub, BHS Panama and Soberana Club 'Thanks 10 KW, AG MR, EL, Caplain Morgan, Sir FranCI S Drake Sinbad, Magellen my fello w swas h buckerler popeye a nd Ihe Cabin b o y s Than ks 10 all Ihe REAL Z o n ians and to all m y other friend s The Canaf l o ne will liv e forever in our h e art s!! K e ep it alive! Ca n al Z o n e 4ever B o wman, Chrislopher J "Chris "Tuss" Foolball Ba s eball, Track V olle yball Lett e rmen's C lub Spa nish Cl ub BHS SHS, NH S "LZ's F o re verC B OM JP, DH a n d I h e res l o f Ih e guys and dingo s D rink u p Ih e Brucks' T ai T a l'" B raun Roger D "Mr. B raun CHS Foolball CHS V r lIeybafi Red Mach ine Foolba ll and Volleyball "To TY l ove y o u 4-ever and Ih anks for Insplnng me 10 Iry my beSI. To all my f n ends Ihan k s for Ih e good l imes and good luck" BrOCk. Shelby K 'Sweel S" Cherry Soccer Red Machine With Jesus everyone IS nvtnclt 0 Bragl M Oat ('h<:. 0 rbUi I Buds. SOCCC' n n l C a yuco Cheerl ead,ng M a n a qer Yearbook Pholography NHS, BH S L o n g yo u live and high y ou flly PT C 4 -e v e r an d love all you d l ng os, MM, MM VO SM CB, SL and espeCially Jess ica E Chola s rule JC, SL Oh my cooch ne ss! Luv all dingo lovers .. Brown Me lissa K I Ihlnk Balbo a High has been an alnghl year I'm fUSI gla d 10 be graduallng Bu nch, Moana "Jhon a Sle eping & Working "T o Mom. Dad, Tale s h a, & Angelica. I made II guysl" SUSZlnSkl Srian E. Suzz JROTC, Baseball Canlu Johanna l "Chola, Jo, F a, P oc. .. Manager Foolball, B a se ball Soccer, bask e l ball, v olley ball cayuco Pho l ography, Yearbook Spanish, FCA Lettermen N e wsp er "To Ihe LClB. w e a r e 4-e v er logelhe r I lu v you c holas DB SL, CE, j usl as well fo r you ch o lo s C B J P O M DH I lu v U 2 KB AG.JE, MD KM MG. SB, J D JH. J A RB BC RG. KB BF. RD J B IN, LL, KG E B IhankU-2 Ihe crazy boys JJ, June bug, JJ CJ & Ihe rc')t of you. A n yway whatever venus girls 'Dam. Gina Oh my coochness 'Tal-Tal C a r n on Jr . Jose A ""king ace" Vearbook Siaft Who do ya love?

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Castaneda, Juan M Juan cho" Captain Bulldog s T ennis Team ; All-Isthmian ; Bulld o g s So cc e r NHS B H S HACIA D e m oc r acy "ll"Satido '!!" IN-" k uff e d yo u good!!! JPGoo d luc k at PCC! C avgill l eo n a rd o "leo" Basketball S o cc e r Ping Pong lettermen' s Club I ho p e yo u h a d a happy life ." Chase David Chase Football Baseball Tennis Soccer Golf S u rfing Cayuco Jacks lacrosse, Polo Ping p o n g BHS lettermen' s FCA Great soundsAbuse the b e ach house bash." Chou Ching Mei "Ching Ching" C h imie Playing guitar, listening to music, joggin g French c lub Pride Art T een l ea dersh ip Deb-Chi-D o r J en B friend s 4 -ever Stickers, whipcr eam, and s h a ving c r eam w ere the highli g ht s of our sle epo v ers Honesty and fun were t he most important ingredients of our friendship." Cic e raro, Cecilia T. C C Reading Tarot cards and w orking on play s Th espia n Club A cr ow d is not c o mpany and fac es ar e but a gallery of pi ctur e s and t alk but a tinkling c ymbal, whe r e t here is no love." --Francis Bacon C lose E lizab e t h R. SA Vice Pr e s i de nt Cro ss c o untry ch eerleading ( 9th ) Tra c k ( tO-t2), T ennis (tt-t2) B asketball ( 9-t2) NJH S NH S BHS SHS S pan ish Club R o c k Ca f e P a tatus "T o : RD KK E l CB GF C E S B A E D H J o l J a l & m y fav. PC: I always k n e w I d l o ok b a ck at t h e times I c ried and laugh but i never k new I d look bac k at the times I laughed a n d cry. Thank you for everythin g! I love you guys I Cloutier, Chrystal S Chrys or Sunny-D" Thespians a long strange triP It' s been." --Jerry Garcia Colon Benito Benn y F o otball B ase b a ll Volley b a l l S pani sh C lub lette rmen s Coville, J ennifer D J enny "Bunny" "Arnie" S o cc e r S wi m mi n g Volleyball, JHS Senior Cla s s Treasurer, International Thespian Society, Graduatio n Choir Photogr aphy Club D r ama Club "To al l m y frie nd s : Thanks f o r standing by me, "whe r e s Arnie?" To J C .#2, you wer e a true f riend and I 'll n eve r f orget yo u K eep ha v ing fun y ou animal. T o Jason Bacot, I love you a n d always will, r emember our future p l ans." Crump, A a r o n J "Bonki" F o otball Surfing Guitar croquet, bungee jumping, p oe try wa s hing dishes rock cli mb i ng jump rope, hop scot c h "The best way to avoid responsibility is to say I ve got responsibilities. I want a dog named Bob," Cruz Alexis R. "Ramsy Football, Baseball Spanish Club French Club I did it all. Davis, Stevan l. St e rling Track Football B o ys c outs "If a man empties his purse in his h ead, no man can take it away from him. An investment in know ledge al wa ys pays the best interes1." --B e n Franklin D e l eo n luis G Doc or Docolocious" B aske tball B ase ball Rifle team I m t he best there is, the bes t there was and the best there will ever be. Dia z Julissa M. "Julie" Cheerleading, Soccer, Tennis, Ba sk etb all, SADD Business C lub NHS BHS Spani s h C lub l e ttermen s Club I gi v e than k s to m y Mo m a nd D a d f or ev erythin g th ey g a ve m e a n d taught me. I m ver y grateful! J e n & Joanna you two h ave been m y tru e B F s all the way, and awes o m e siste r s Ihrough o ut my H S y ears. Th a nks for all I h e adv ic e a n d support. G lori am i a m o r I e extranare m ucho. Espero q u e s igas gozand o t u v ida, per o q ue bus qu es el gozo verdadero a l g u n dia. T e dese o 1 0 mejor y note traumes mucho. T o all yo u Seni ors Good luc k in the Real W o rld live lif e to the fulle st. Set your aim s high and reach the sky ." Domecech Robert R P oke r Volleyball Golf Polo Cri ck et l a crosse Clubs : Rock Bacchus, Patatus P o ker from the rear CZKC, BF DH JB RG, OM, JP J A JE DB CE Jl, KW last of YP ERC I love you alway s (double) 3b.l2g Canal ZoneGone 4-ever ; 4-gotte n never." E ckerle C heryl A C h eerleadi ng, Tennis, Soccer ( m a nag er), All-Star Sottb all, C arnavalito princess, S oph. Class Vice President, Junior Class Pr esid ent S e ni o r C l ass Pres NJHS NHS, BH S SHS Span is h Club Pr ide My lo v e a nd thanks to CB JC, DB OM, DH KW AG RG, El, MR Fl, JH, E C KK, SB ll, RD JP, YC IN, a nd the rest of the l.Z. s I l ov e you all! Keep s milingPeople will wonder what you're up to!" Egbert, Robert E Rob Track Cross-country BHS, Mu Alph a Theta "live t o day f o r tomorrow. Ernest, Jessica A Soccer Basketball V olley ball Yearbook, Rock Patatu s Dreams, and Bacchus PTC 4 ever ; JL, MM, MM JM KQ, CB, and especially Darlene Brogie luv to all the Dingo l ov ers; RD KL JA, AD DH JB, SW, and all the rest! extra love to : EL and SB Facey Naomy I. "Nayo parties! The best way to be someone in life is to study and graduate Don t leave for tomorrow what you can do t o day." F erguson, M i chael L M i k i e Tra c k "To my friend Jessica Kilgorethanks for the b es t JR and SR years. I will mi ss yo u To Ms. Deethanks for all yo ur help To my momthank s f o r a lways being there for me. Foster, Marlene C Gold-D#4, Pepper" Basketball Volleyball Socc e r Tennis, Color Guard, C ivil Air Patrol, .. Remembe r w h e r e you cam e fro m ... II F os t e r W i l l iam A "Bi lly Foot ball, Track, Socce r Ba cc hu s Patatus Ro ck Sport th e mother ---Ruc kou s Canal Zone 4-ever" F os ter William C Billy Y e arb o ok Staff Art Club Hacia I w a nt t o thank my m o m a nd dad for w h a t they have don e f o r m e E s p e cially m y m o m f or all the time s she g o t o ut o f b e d of t he w knds w h e n s h e wanted t o stay in b e d F ouc h e Eldr e d J Wu-T ang" J J." F ootball, B asketball, B aseball l ette r me n s Club F C A "Win n i n g isn t e veryth i n g unle s s the othe r team i s d oing it ." --Barry Swi t ze r I d like t o give a shout out to my peeps : JB, MS JJ CJ T J SM C l n, --we finaill y m a d e it' And peace out to m y underclassmen bo y z : QT MH EE, OJ, DC se e y all when I see y'all! Fritts, Kerry E. "Fri"s" Swimmimg Mo ot Court Close up Mo d e l Nations NH S BHS Advanced Band M u Alpha Theta Lettermen's Clu b "In the real world as in drea m s nothing is quite as it seems." Funk, Jame s J Baseball Sottball U Gatt a B e lieve" I finally made it!!! Gabrielson Amanda M. Pipster Mo Fa Bubbles, Blondie, XuXa Barbie, Gabe Football & Volleyball manager soccer, swimming, softball, Cayu co NHS SHS BHS Spanish C lub Lettermen s Clu b R ock, Platypus The Big B "T o t he class of the real true U 's: I m gonna miss you guys forget your root s."

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Ud.I"Id., Vtllvlll"d. In!;>"',,! Softball Never give up and follow your dreams." Gibson. Kristan "Krls" "Tuff" Wakebo ardln g football cayuco. Ice fishing. gymnastics table tennis. cnck e t archery, trapshoollng BHS babysltllng. BSTI. GSTI, HW Gile s D ella Soccer, Manager boys soccer, Cheerleading cayuco. JROTC,Spanls h club. BHS FCA I want to thank JW, ZP SA. LH MM. KB, and CG, lor making my high school yeers the best. I love you all. Goldsworthy Robert W "Gotdle, PIP i BJ. RudeBoy the Caddy Snufulu fugus Tennis. Surfing B-Pantl. Spanish club. Motocross Rock. Patatus. Bacchus Dreams "To DH DB RD BD, LD JA, JB, CE, CB, MM SW, BF, JE. EC KW BC. JP, KB, OM. we are the LZ's I shared great and bad times wllh most of you Good luck keep In touch. CZ 4 ever ." Gonzales Clara Cheerleadlng Soccer. Softball, JROTC, French, Spanish Lettermen's Club Photography, Yearbook FCA "To all my Inends. that were always there lor me and cared about me: have good tuck in lile and keep in touch : Gonzalez. Enl.1 "Speedy" JROTC Color Guard Drill team, rille team, bushmasters, honor guard. math ctub "First and loremost I would like to thank God for everylhing I would also like to thank my mother for her exceptional love and support Thanks to my entire family for always being there Thank you all : Gonzalez. Jason E "Sa tan Yearbook "Don1let the system ge t to you Keep fighting It: Gordon LUIs C. Pechlto math club, computer club Alter June 1996 we are G.T.R ...... g. II, .... VI ..."!IV Football basketball t ennis. lettermen's club Education IS the key to success. Camaron que S8 duerme S9 10 !leva la conente." Gustke, Jessica L. Jessie" "J" Softball. volleyball Spanish club (states) "To my fnend s who slayed real with me, and my parents who helped me make It...Thank you. Most thank s to God Gutierrez, Jose Sleepy" F oo tball Basketball Baseball Thank heaven it's 97 ... Love you all!" Guzman, Ileana E. Flaca Illy, Chile" Volleyball. Basketball. Spa nish club Lettermen's Club Never give up until you have what you really want" Hauser Janelle M Pee Wee Mimi. linfe H Nelly Belly Janelly. Dimple s Basketball. Soccer TenniS, Volleyball, Softball. Cayuco BHS Lettermen's Club. FCA Study hard, but also have fun during your high school year s before you enter the real world" Herrera, Lisa bel C "Lisa"' Cheerleading. Soccer. JROTC honor guard Cayuco. Spanish Ctub Yearbook FCA "Life is too short, forgive and forget! Thanks mom and Grandma for never giving up on me Tweety and CrysllI love you guys! Thank you for everylhlng my linfe Jenny', 'Clorox Clara and Shaggy Shareen'. To Delia and Zinnia : blue b .... rule! Last but not least good luck to the class of 97! God Bless!" Hoffman, Jonavan "Jon" TenniS "Victims. aren' t we all?" Hoyt e. ViedelqUina A Viede" JROT C Dnll Team Soccer Softball French Club, CAP "The best things In hfe come In small packages I thank With all my hean lor my achievement In school and hfe to my parents grandfa ther (Juhan ) U',V ICi.,.IIY tl"V Illy fnend Rosa and Pedro M Husted Donny A nallanl0 Football. baseball cayuco track. soccer. baSKetball B -Panlle and Tu Ton "LZ's rule DH. OM. CE: RD JA. JP BF RG Kl, B KB 4 ever Jenkin s. Counney J C Smooth "To my fnends DAP Jack ie and Danlelle thank s lor being there for me To my sweetheart Joel, I love you I" Jimenez, Zamira A Basketball musIc. singing. reading, draWing, writing, band Panama is the best no matter what anyone says." Johnson III Dallon R "OJ" Football Soccer. Jazz Band Marching Band Spanish club. Lettermen s Ctub "To love IS to see the beauty Inside a person." Johnso n Kimberly A Kim Chee rleadlng, PRIDE Close uP. S BM, literary MagaZine ''I'm in search of higher learning! Remember the fun we ve had ... SP. AB, JD VB KR and 01 course JBI lo ve you guys!" John son. Lang God Drama Thespian Society. Computer club "Your soul is miner Johnson, Tramar V "Mar" Baseball Basketball. Football Jones Sheena K Koala" JROTC Hono r Guard "If you go it, flaunt it! Thanks to aU my friends and teachers lor helping me excel. Kilgore Jessica C "Fula" JROTC Dnll Team Photography Club "To my best friend Mlkie and my love Kike than ks for alway s being there for mel To all my fflends In Balboa and Panama, love ya!" "I;:""', 'YU 1"\ IUIIY Cayuco. JROTC. Volleyball. Soccer "In order to succeed, one must appfy lhelf '----knowlroge to ellerylhlng K SO kt Adn." T Oc Animal BrUlo "OO,tball Soccer Voll yball f ng Bodyboardlng MUN HACIA Wide Konaw c ward J Eddie-Foolb I V Y I Cholf To my fr n Jnhn and Cathleen I lie b g pany have fun atway and never forgot Lane. Tamara A Memon" Volleyball. Tra ck. color guard honor guard, Rifle team. drama, Math club "Today is Just a bnef moment. but tomorrow is an eternity. We came as strangers, but we ll leave as friends. Law son. Keith Pep,to' Volleyball. Golf Drama "C-Yal C Z 4eva come again?! Sport the ruccusr L ee. Shaw n M Todd T rack. Ecology Cfub BHS. P hotogra phy Club "Violence doesn t solve pr o blems, suppon the NORML and FO RK P, L. & H Leon John B onehe ad Computer club, Ecology club "Peace, make love not war, and don't take calculus!" Unton Frank "Big Bird' Football. Baseball. Volleyball NHS BHS FCA. Spanish club, L e ttermen'S Club "You h ave waited twelve years for thiS moment so enJoy It to the fullest L1ach LUiS F "ye'ye smu rt" Ten", Tr ck... Soccer. vayuco Golf Spanish Ctub. ..,HS BHS SHS. FCA, Lettermen's Club Don t ever give up on your dreams Juan. when are you gOing to get a check? Jacob. you owe me oner

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Long. Erin S Erwin Yearbook, Photogra phy rollin w i th the homies in UVA Fresa Aceituna, and the oldy NHS SHS BHS Th es pian Spanish club, Close-up Roc k "KAK : I love you schnookie! H ow's Br ad? Stephen s good Freedom! ERC : Absolut friend MJR : Drama Rulz! Milk shake. CE : yo u done good! CB DA KB JE DB DH SB KM LO BM RM, PK MW MC AG KW JL LS : Life is sweet because of the friends we ve made ." Lopez Brenda Po cahontas" All that doesn t kill me only makes me stronger. L opez, Elisa I. Gorda Tita Elis ita, Lisa " Bebi I love you l ( A B .)" L o z ada, Christian J Advanced Band Basketball JROTC Marching Band "Thank you to all my real friends past and present I ll never forget the people that have been real to me PR#1" Macha!, Berenis V. "Bemi or Bemini Soccer, Yearbook, Art, Close-up Lettermen's Club BHS SB & KMyou guys have always been there, thanks for all your support I lo ve ya ll! Remember Santiago! What a RAS! ZP I m glad we understand eac h other s crapl I 'll always be here for you if you need me KPHey sti nky goil! Wow, We'Ve been Ihrough a lot I m glad you finally found a nice guy! I love you schweetums! TMThanks for all the GREAT advice Good luck to you DL & JM you two are some of my best fr ien ds Thank s for your brain Rob E.! Keep in touch Oh and what's this ... you want BEEF ?!" Macias Angel L. Ba sketball "To all my friends and homeboys in Balboa, I ll mi ss you all" Madrid Angel M "nenito" Soccer French club Bushma ster "Soy el angel de la guarda la dulce campania que no te desampara ni de noche nl de dia." Maduro Daniel T. "The Pro Baseball F ootball etc. FCA Fr ie nds 4-ever girls 4-never To the good times. Coronado, EI Valle Volcan Baru Maduro s house ROCKY Markham, George A Football, Mountain biking playing the guitar Good luck to the class of 97 Gracias a toda mi familia y amigos par ayudarme durante todo estos anos Mayani Suresh M Sushi Soccer McDaniel Natosha M "Tosha Dance team Tra ck, Sohball Marching Band H onor Band We live in a fantasy world a world of illusion The great task in life is to find re ality." --Iris Murdoch "To Kim and Berni my best bud s, thanks for always being there for me We have had some great times especially at the Club 1 I will never ever forget you guys Love Ya!" McKee, Danelle S, "Dee" Ak:onbury President, Varsity AHS Football Manager, BHS, LeUermen 's Club Hell is the truth seen to late " Jennie thanks to you my senior year is a blast, I couldn't have asked for a better friend. Sarah you are truly the greatest To my best friend in the world, my brother Neal, we have been through a 10\ in this crazy but you have always been there for me I am so proud of you and am honored to call you my brother I love you. McQuary Kimberly I. Kim Kimmy-Whimmy Kimba Quasi" Basketball Close -up BHS, Yearbook "To the LZ s we have been through it all together & now we have come to the end Thanks for the great memories! CZ gone 4-ever, forgotten .-r Metler Eric Soccer, Track Swimming Leltermen s Club Mills Dare L. Dorotea Chorus French Club Art Club PRIDE Teen leader ship DA CMC & JO : you re the best friends I 've ever had Lo ve ya! Thanks for being there for me! Deb Chi Dor Jen thanks Mrs Monlouis C / O 97 Rox Mitchell, Robert Zorak of the Apocolypse Hack ie-Sac, Drama The spian If it weren t for cheese and Fried Chicken I might not graduate at all! Modelo, Nivia Ni V' Soccer, Cayuco, Sohball Ph otography "To Lynette Molly C C., Laura Yohann, Denise Joan and Shannon : Friends for ever. SK-S." Morgan Jr., R icardo A ''Thunder'' Soccer Baske tball "To much rushing brings tiredness Mucha apuro trae cansado ." so dilllui1lii the last year To all the group' I will miss you, but I won t forget you C/O 97 can you believe I did it?! Peace out! Murphy Holly D. Danielle Band "To Brandy and Karen, stick with it you will make it eventually! To Courtney J Thanks for a great year and good luck To the rest of my friends I ll miss you a ll. Take care and good luck. L ove ya Oriana Karen Brandy Courtney and good luck Frank." Murphy, Melissa A. Missy Band Marching Band Drama "Good friends are few and far between Neill Cecilia E. Ceci JROTC Drill Team Cheerleading "To my cunado Angel Quiles ... stop the girl jumping just stay with one ... not you-know-who And to all my underclassmen friends ... cuidate y sigue can lo s relajos!" Nicholson Joan Siempre tendre buenos recuerdos de todas mis buenas amigas de BHS Las extranare a todas. Norman Jan-Michael P Jana Football Tennis Golf Spanish Club Lettermen's Don t let fear stand in the way of your dreams." Novey Gabriel Gabe, Gaby" Don t let your fears get in the way of your dreams." O Hearn Jennifer L. Jenn y" Swimming, French Club Pride "To all my friends new and old IfOU(lh the bad if "Kim my" KirnbE,is" 9th-soccer, softball, 10th-art club 12th-yearbook 'Thank you Mom and Dad for your unconditional love and support & for atways being behind me even when I was facing !he wrong direction. I love you guys with all my heart Thanks for believing in me! Thanx to all my party girls (the originals!) for the memories To my Devit's Beach Men : watch out for the sharks! To Berni and Tosha : I don t know where I would be without you guys! You have always listened to me with an open mind Iluv you! Eniel : thanks for being so understanding. You have ... friend s and I will never forget all our special times together Hopefully there will be many more to come! I luv my coqui!

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Pandy Deshana D Desha Basketbatl Choir, JROTC, Color Guard Track SADD "To my little underclassmen friends Tralina and Harrina ." Paredes Michel A "TAZ" Soccer "The sky's the limit and never let anybody tell you otherwise Be proud of what you are and what you stand for ." Perez Zinnia B Cheerleadlng, Spanish Club. BHS NHS. FCA "Thanks DG JW. IG. DO, & BM for all the fun times and many more to come." Pigeon Jr., Frank S Paco " Follow the one who is the light in the valley of darkness." Pinder Sharlene C "Smiley Lenermen 's Club. Volleyball. Soccer Cheerleading FCA, Chorus Close-up D o n t give up o n you r goals. t ry t o ac h iev e th em. T o all th e underclassmen: A n education leads to a wonderful su ccess, ... R a m ery, Jose "Joey" French Club Honor Guard D on't let being good i n terfere w i th you r ambi t ion o f b ei n g great." Randolph Enca C "T o my girls Leisa and E lizabeth I love ya il and to all my other friends who graduate, I hope you succeed In lile and to my baby Joseph Swann : I love you boyl" R estrepo Maria T "Maite" Spanish Club Computer Club, E cology Club "Las melores cosas vienen en embaces pequenos. T hanks to Joan and Denise for always bei ng lIlere I as I live: R ice, Chnstopher M "C hns Football Basketball Baseball "Thanks mom for always bemg there for me. Thanks coach Bales for everything ." Richards Wayne M Darkness" Baseball Tr ack, Lenermen s Club Work hard. get what you want the more you learn. the more you earn ," Rlos Ralael "RICO" Football, Volleyball Spanish Club "I. G I love youl Thanks to my family lor their support and also I want to thank my fnends for being their froom the beginning until the endl" Rojas Melanie J Melanola "MellowYellow" Chiquita" Meli Basketball. Drama Cheerleading. Spanish Club, NHS, NJHS SHS, BHS, PRIDE Drama Club, L e n e rm en s Clu b Th es p ia n s "Ka th lee n M arie: I luv ya a b u nch! Erwin : Let's go bowlin! Bonki : I wuv u! T o ali lhe cana l zon e c r e w ... Th a n x f o r the wild m e m o r i es! I l ove luCk dass 01 1119'7_ Free atlastr Rosario Juan O Football Basketball, Baseball Soccer "I'm finally finished." Sanc h ez, S h aika F L a chica sheek a" Soccer. Sohball, Vo lley b all, Tennis Spanish Club Student council, French club "The harder you study. the further you'll go." Santos, Alex G Chorus, Drill Team SADD Much love to my mom and dad for never letting me give up, To my sister Karen, the Lozada la m lly, the R ojas famil y an d t o e ve rybod y else. buy my c d when i t com e s \. IJIMI YOIl all. f nendsl" Smith. MaShun D "Shun" Football Basketball Dlawlng. Love peace and mucho haIr grease.p.s-be kind t ladles thanx' Spray, Fran cisco I Q-lIf"'In Soccer, Basketball. JROTC Lelt ermen's Club Q-LEA y Olvlda S t aha. Ju s tin Double J' Baseball V olleybal. Raquetball BHS, NHS, SHS, Spanish Club Life is a journey ; enjoy the Stanlord Cheryl A. Chaanto Ba ske tb all, Volleyball Soltball Cayuco French Club At last I 'v e Iinally made It with or without my shoes! Thanks to LMT. Jana VAH and the rest of my friends. To my teachers thanks lor pulting up with me. Love is anything that can be divided without being dimini she d T o th e cl a ss of '97 I love ya' lI! Now let's go partyl' T aylor. P riscilla G Sclla" H o nor gua rd (J R O T C), French Cl ub D o you r work and have fun a t th e same time n Thompson, L a r s C B uya" Soccer, Amateur Radio Computers Electronics Eagle Scout "Soccer rulz 4-eva! Tir a d o, Edgardo "smedger" Socce r F ootball, B aseball, Polo Lelte rmen' s Club, etc. "Only a f ool is ruled by the school." Tonski. Shoreen V Shroom "S hireen ie-bea nie Band SHS Spanish Club MB, MK, JA, and DC : thanks for alt the memories and good times in and out 01 BHS. t love you guysl Mrs .MonloUls thanks lor all your he lp and support througho ut my years at BHS. I love you. Takr are and see you all in It I I love you Enc !" Vidaurri Aaron S. Tennls BHS "En y II you can.' Weeks. JessICa M "Jess y Volleyball. tenniS. Aerobics SHS Nadle sabe 10 que tlene hast a 10 que plerde .. We tehead, Antonoo J F tball Baseball Ov ng memory of Thelma d WI noe M KalleKalers r Ch .rleadlng. Soccer Cayuc.o BHS, Spanish Club Lettermen s Club Newspaper, PRIDE "There are some people who come Inl our lives -lea ve lootprlnt s on our hearts and we are never the same Thanks to all my Inend s for the memoness LZ s larever Love Ya'lI! Venu s girls 4 -eva'" Wi lliams, Percival A Percy Ba ske tb all. Volleyball L ettermen s Ctub P,do la paz para esla tierra Todas las gUlaies sexy!" Whelihan Jennifer K "Jennie" Cheerleadlng JROTC. lellermen s Club. BHS. FCA "Hello ... Grandpa l Everyone who knows me understands this quote and the meaning 01 it'" Yen. Amarihs 0 Cook,e Basketball "You should always have fun With your fnends or just have crazy fun With yourself 1-Zinle. Ehzabeth M "Sklttte" Ctose-up HACIA PRIDE Well I linally made now I pass all the headaches to my brother Wesley Good luck You' ll need Iti' Ke ck. Kaley A 'Kalond re Soccer. Basketball TenniS NHS. BHS SHS, Spanosh Club "Love the hfe you love, love the hfe you hve. Thanks to EC. EL. AG CEo SB. RD. AE, DA. MR JE. & JH lor everything I lev you guys"'"

PAGE 133

Pluth lu"" to "h.I"III.\'t:, ;lIl(t "II Itln hill. II" 1I11(1I1! !" F l'llr nOI: on1,. and ,Iu' h all IJt' Inlldt.' "hole:' Lulo.c H :SO I .. n.,nu" 1IIRIIUtHd ,II ,h"Ullla: "II mh .. rlo. "II ",,"Iht r h I h t a.:rolH IIf (,u(i ItIItIct \hllll.I,.... Ita"""." I&nd tIN' rN ulik tt.a.

PAGE 134

OU. the places you 'll go! \Ve l ove you. l rom Indian Prin cess 10 real Princes s \'ou bll'SS('d Ih e essenceorour)oul. spread on the essencc or lire \\ e knOll n o l whal il "ill hold. We can only pray il fl'lurnS 10 ) ou Ihl' joy you have broughl uS,lenfold Our IOI' e, thnul;:ht s a nd pT1l}el""S aN' with lOU al"ays. Beth. Pal S hclly. i\ 1001 & Oad

PAGE 136

al',,,,,,h IiUle quirk ;D helps to de\'e lop finally h a nd that c rt'3les arl, not and laughter tbat "nappy" bair. blonde or ""'.'10. yo u ha\' e shared and tbt ca n h old your bead high wilh tbe pri ..... ) t"',,,,. yo u Kri s, tha t fill s all Ihe mall yo u e b ecome rrom Ihe shy I c h i ldh ood 10 I ce n and now a l ide as of g rand eur. s lill .lour room W i t h IIIl' s ky as .lour limit and dreams go WILl) with that Tantrum and we'll III land ...

PAGE 137

Congratulations and ali our Love Sean Mom & Dad -..,;::, 70illifl ll/ ( J tOl/l'f TJ 'nu .In-c 11I, .. I. .. n ,!Ill! IU&rlwtJ IIUII" III nt'u:,. ("II .. lilt" HH",d ",\I .. I", .. It .. ,.d up fur 1111' 111I1., .. lu .. 1 ",11('n II'U LIl'" II \oil., thf' r Chi Chilli III d"Il Irrilltrul.,u .. IIU.lllt, \ IU h,l\\ Irll"' mi., II 11IInur .. hit' m .. n \\C-"h' \In ,"'!I ud I" \IoU, \1011 ",.11 011" .. .. ,hint"h"Cl-I("r ,.,ur h(: .. rl d, ... ln .... uu loin a ju, \h IllIt ,ou. \'Oltl. D a d I ri ( \\ elm: ':r) proud lh _e an' tIM' purtnh or \u(h an 1IM: :omplWled ),GaIII o man \1"3 )'" rtnlt:mbt-r 110_ ..... lolt!, ) OU. \10111. D a d &.

PAGE 138

Seni ors Agueda. Genneliz L. Aguilar-Ga l vez. A n gelica B Alfaro. D e bbi e M Alvarez, J ose L. Anderson Keen a n L. A nder s o n Shareen J As h Crys t a l A Ate n c io, M arie la A. Bacot. Jason O B aldwi n, Healhe r S. Balle s teros Luz G Banas i ck, Frank M Barn ett. Jun ey A B arter. Orian a O B a t es. J ohnny Eri Bazan Kaiser A B e dw ell. Br e nce P B ehnken Luk as F. B erna l R obero. J ose G Bibbo Sara i G Blanc h ette, Chris tian T Blanquicen E il e n Bodd e n A lbert L. B o nilla Ais h a X B o r ello, Bryan K B o rsellin o Anne B os i e r Michael Todd B ottin, Kathl ee n M B ow m a n Christophe r J Bram we ll P e t e r C Braun, Roger D Bro c k S h e lb y Brogie. Darlene M Brown, Melissa K Buendia Erik A Bunc h Moana L. Burc h Anthony L. Buszinski, Bria n E Cantu. J o hann a L. Cargill. Leo n ardo Carrion, J ose A Castaneda, Juan Cha se, Dav i d B C h o u C hin g M Cice raro, Cecili a T Clo s e Eliza beth R Cloutier C h rystal S. Cloutier, Chry s tal S. Coffey Daren R Co l o n Corbi llon. Benit o Cov ill e J ennif e r D C rane, Jennif e r M Crump, Aaron J Cruz, Ale x i s R Cruz-Sega rr a. Mark Cuevas-Avila. Julio J Daily. Bryan D Davi s, S lcvan L. D e Le o n Luis G Diaz, Julissa M Die z. D ebo r a h G Domene c h R obert R Eckerle. C heryl A Egbert R obert E Erne st. Jessica A Escobar, Anna Es t es. A m a nd a S Facey Nao m y I. Fergu so n Mic h ae l L e igh Ferng, Chie n H ao Folger Didier F Fos t e r M arle n e C Foter William C Foster Jr.. Willia m A. Fouche Jr., Eldred J Fritt s Kerry E Funk Jam es J. Gabriel so n Amanda M Ganse r Benjamin A Garc ia. V eronica Germa n Shawn K Gibson. Kristan L. Gil es. Delia M Gold swo rthy. R o b ert W Gome z, Suage i Gaon za l es Clara I. Gonzal ez. Eniel Gonz a l ez. J aso n E Gonzal ez, Milagr os Gordon. Juis C. Graham. Debraca I. Grant J orge A Gustke J ess ica L. Gutierrez. J ose M Guzman. Ilean a E Hauser. J eaneJle M H ernandez, Daniel Herrera. Lisabel H errera. T omas E H offma n J o navan P H ome r Gail L. H ome r Tammi L. H oy te, Juli an J H oyte. Vie delquina A Hus t e d Don a l d A J e nkins, Chris t ophe r J enkins. Courtney Jime n ez. Zamira R J ohnson. Kimb erly A J o hn so n L ang M Johns on. Tramar V J o hn so n III, Dalton R J o hn so n III. Th o m a s J ohns tone, Ray A J o n es S h ee n a K J ordan, J e l ani Y. Kac m a r ski, M atthew D K ec k Kaley A K e r shne r Angela E. Kilb orn Jr., S. Alan King s bury Ke vin J. Kin sey, Falis h a M Kis i c Jr .. Ivo A Klasovs ky, Adrian Konawicz. Edward J Kru se, Mand y M Lane, Tama r a A Lawso n K eith R Lebel D o r ee n D Lee S h aw n M Leon J ohn E Li, Xia n g Y Linton, Frank S L1ach. Lui s F Lock e, Cou rtne y B Lon g. E rin S. Lope z, Br enda L. Lope z, Dani e l R Lope z. Elisa I. Lozada. Christia n J Luce. Adria n J Machal, B e r enis V. Ma c i as A n ge l L Madrid Angel M M ad ur o Dani e l T M a l ave Ricardo E Malcolm Vistorio V. M ark h am. Geo r ge A. M aymi, P e dro A. M cCa rty. C hri s t o ph e r J M cDanie l NalOs h a M M c Kay. Kervin M c K ee, Dan e tte S M c K ee, Nea l A M c Quary. Kimberl y I. M c Sw ain. S t anley M etle r Eri c J Mill s, Dor e L. Mit c hell Robert E Mod e l o. Nivia M Morales. I a n L. Moreland. Jaso n M

PAGE 139

lI olly D Murphy. I e II" .. Ann elil. Cecilia E I c h ol'OIl Joanne onnan. Jan I lchael P 0\ cy. ahnel A 0'1 l earn. J ClIllItc r L IIvarc .... R o( hlC) L Ohon. J.1) Thoma ... I ahl. KIn,berl ) II Pandy. D c handa D l u :hcl Perc/. DCllI' .. c Percl. J P e rc/ Zmnla P CICI'\On I V J ohn Pigeon Jr . P ohl.Jacob I PrcI\coli. Qu eLada Jr. Jull A Ramer). Jo"c Rand Iph. En ca C. RNrepo. Mana T. RIce. Christopher RIchard II. Wayne M RIgby. K a ren RIo,. Rafa e l M elanic J R omanCam3c h o. Jose J Rosan o Jr .. Juan D R oudebu'h. CecIl Lynn Ruth. K ori n E. a n c hcl. haik u 3n10 ... Alex G c harff. Christopher ha\\. Dclph oOic L. ," c t r ur. AnnJul) J I11l1h. M a ... hun D o rian a. Jana pr:l). Franc l'ico taha. JU'Itin R tanlord. Cheryl A tcven 'ion. Chn1i( pher M Stand.lng. hri'lopher A T a) l or. Pri
PAGE 140

1m. Ta(.;!...-Soo Iri ... h. Fitlgerald V. Y\'cs H Johnl.,on. Carol l\ I John'on. Janell K John,on. Jone .... Kcri!)3 R. Keene. Sharon V Krug. Adam M Lee. Yoon H yung Leopard. RUlh E Le wis. Adri a n a R Lobo. M agda E Lopel. Arlenis L ord. Jorge E. Lord 111. T h o ma s R Lucas. J as min L. Lucas. Joye C. Luna Celia E. Mi c h elle I. M ars h all. Mi c h ae l-Wa y n e 1 artinez. Alessa ndr a P M artinez. Na t alie G M ason. Tralina L. M allingly IV. Tho m as E M ayan i S ur es h M M cA l eer. K athe r ine M c D aniel. S hann o n N M c Kain Mar c u s J Mc Kinn o n M arlo n J M e rkel. A mand a L. Milli s. Br a d l ey W. Miranda. L au r a Miranda. Mi c hell e M r., l orga n Jr. Rica rdo A Morri so n Kr i'itin L. D enise A Nunei. Dani ella M ODonnell. Bradley b Ot h o n. Laur e n E P a dro Carlos J. Page. Th omas J P aramore. R ox ie J Paul se n Sara Peao;;e. Stacie M Pere/. Marieli Y. Pere/. P ene l ope PIge o n. Mi c hael R P ohl. Vane"a M Pr escott, Mallhew R Prieto. Gabnel P QuI!CI.,-Pere/ Jr .. Angel A. QUinn Kn\ta D R edfern, Victor H Rice. Renee L. Rigney Jr .. Reyn o ld s W Rios. Kabir River a Manu e l Rive r a Ma r tinez. M a ria D R o b erts o n A nth o n y M R o dani c he. Andrew F Rodri guez. Ingrid J R odrig uez. Y e s ilk a R R oja s Edmee J R ose. J as min e H R owley. J o h n P au l Ru c k er. C hris to p h e r W Rumm eL A ndrew M Rupp S h aw n Sa l ina s. Edua r d o Samaniego. Aria dn e M Santana. Raffae l E Santiago. A n ge l A. Santiago. E l vin A. Schmi d t Pr es to n M Seal es. Ti s hn a N Sh um ate. A m an d a M Simlll o ns. Salomon S. Sliw i cki. S han e M S milh Ebon y K Smith. I n es M S mit h Leon ard E Sm i t h SCOII C. S pina J odie E. Sp r ay. Ra y m o n d E S t e f a n A l exa ndra C Steve nson L es l i e S Tagarop u los. G lori a T ar i s. Carl Edwa rd T aylo r I s aac G. Tho ma s. Blak e C Th o mpson Lar s C h Th o mpson Q uint o n X Torres. Jennife r D .C. Town send. Br ad l ey R Twillalll. H eathe r L. Van Hn!. Sebas t i e n Vas quez J r.. Ca rm e l o V enteic h er. L o r i A Verna z a. N i s toli M Vines. Aaro n J Voge l. Trevor M Wagon er. Bill y J. Warre n K athe rin e D W ea dc. L ynley M Webb. Kialcah Widd o p M olly M Wild e r Corin D Willial11"o n Zac h a r y G Wil 'io n S teph ani e Y Willn Kat h c rinc A. W o l ff. Step h anie A n n e Won g. J ose ph A. Young Tracy Za r a t e Yarti z a G Zayas Fabian A Sophomores A c ap. Stephani e A c k er. J e nnife r E A cos ta Gi l da I. Agueda. C ha n lall L. A l ba u g h Seplimbcr R A l faro. J ai m e E A nd e r son. Giov a nni A Arc hibo l d Omar E Au s t i n Carm e l a J AveL a l l clllant. Ambros i a Avila A n a Cecilia Avila aj iha A. B ailey. Oriel E B allaro. Cor ie E B a m as h J acly n J B a u g hman Dani e l R B e dwell. Aaro n C. B c hnk e n. H ope R B c n e d clti E l o y A Ber gcr. Don i a F. B erger. J aso n M B e l e la El i za b cl h M B i bbo. A n l h o n y L. B l ac k we ll. S teven Bla n c h e lte. N icol e M B l a u J ose ph J B o dd e n Lil za C. B o nilla. A l ejandro J B o r ello. Joe P B orow ski. J e r e m y B orscllino. Abe l I. Bowman. S teven M B oy le. Kalh y A. B rewer Mic hael A Br y an. Lind s ay R B u n c h Tale s h a S Burge. Hil a M Bur ger. Car o l E Bur ger. J e nnif e r E But c h er. Eric A Caballe r o Yaz min Cai ro. Michae l Calde ron. Manu e l E Carvaja l J acque l i n e A. Case. H e ather A. Ced e no. Kath e rin e Ced e no. Y ocJa M

PAGE 141

Cha n g. ooAh C l ay. Jal11el R Nancy Cloutier. harlcnc Cockburn. Deni"l!! ole. Shalaby J onnor. h chacl J. oo}.... Du\ Id I. ourlney. leven T Coward. Jcronino \\1. J C ...... M D
PAGE 142

Sliwicki. Crys lal R. Ash. Elizabelh E. Do z i e r Rahki ya K Small. Ais ha P A t e ncio, Ari s t ela A. Dunlap. April A Smith, Joann P Alheriey. Allison R Dunn, Joshua A Smith. Victor A Ayala. P e d ro C. Emory Jo s hu a R Sne lling. J ane E. Bamas h Victoria L. Engelke Jr .. Loui s E Spann. Cheronda V Barrio s. Anibal A. Escobar, Fare s S Stansberry. Brienne C. Banlen Jr. R E. Espino sa. R oc i o Del C. Strong. J anine M Beard. C hiqu e n a M Exford. L a T oya V Tanner. B ambi J Beckwith. Jaso n M Fairman Jr. Bradl ey C. Tanner, J oshua J Bell. D anie l L. Fer g u son, Jeffr ey S T assell, Ca ndace R Benavide z. Abel Ferreira, Bruce D Throwe r M aria I. B e nitez, Arland Y. Figueroa, Christian C. Titus. Lisa A. Bennett. H e nry I. Figueroa Jaso n T o pe J ay M BezoTe. Anne M Fouche. Erica J T o r o. Carlos J Biswas.lndradeep Fo x, M eg an L. Urbas.l a imi e Blackman, Alonso A Frazi er, Britta n y N Velasco. George N B onilla, Geobanny Fraz i e r Yareia C Velez Jr .. Alberto L. Bonnick. R o nald o A. Frontaura. Rafael J Villamizar. Hernando J B o rtner R oby n L. Goburn Amarylli s Vines. K eit h W Bosier. Marcus Goburn. Aurelio Wag s l aff. Mi c hael P Br a nch. Sheyenne T. Gomez. J e r e m y R W allace. Michelle C Brito-F igueroa A Gonzales. W e nd o l yn 1. Webb. Kri sl in a Y Brooks Jeann ye E Gonzalez. Eduardo A Weeks, Katheri n e Burge. Br ad f o rd G Gonzalez. Germano E WellinglOn, Rod olfo A Burr o u g hs. T errance L. Gossage, C harles. E We s l, Gisella A. Busch. Christina M G ouine. Steven J Wilh e lm Laura M Cabrera. Emmanuel M Grant. June L. Willia m s, J anice M Calkins. J aso n D Grant. Veronica J Wilson. Alvis Y. Camacho. H ector J Green Angela Wrighl, J e rr old E. Candelario Fernando O Guy, C had W Y e n Mi c h elle A Calhcan, Mi c ha e l F. Hale, George G Yeu"er. Jeffr ey A Ceballos, Adolfo A Halleen Dall as L. Young, D arren L Ce d e n o. Xim ena E Handl ey Shon Tara M Freshmen Cerve ny. J ess ica M Hankins D anie l J C h e n H suan W e i Hanse n Valerie P Abbon, Kisa R C l au dio. A rn aldo D Hawkins Jr.. Willia m S Abdulla h A n eesa h Clay. R es h elle. F. Ha yde n S h erry L. Acevedo J esse O. C l oy. Sherika L Heard Joseph Br an d o n Acos ta, Jaqueline E Cobb. C hri s l o ph e r A H e nry Roberto Lee A costa J essica Colla zo. J osep h D .C. Hernandez. G N. Ad a m s D avid A Collin s Jr. Ru s ly L. Hernandez Kent B Adams. Ricardo F. Conner. J erry A Herrera Fabiola F. Addison C h r i s J Coo p e r Dustin L. Hild e brand K ev in 1. Agodo n Yaja ira Cov ille. Ja c queline R Hillis, Slacy M Aguilar Da v id O C r awford. Andre L. Hilm o Eric O Alameda, Axe l O Cruz J en n y So. Hines Ill. lRa 1. Anderso n Jan F. Davila. J omili H o m e r J aso n T. Ander so n Mi s l y D Davi s. Erma L. Hu g hes, Anlhony G Anderson Nilho s ka N Da v i s LaTonya S Hu g hes. K y l e J Andr ade. Dorianna C Da v i s Mi c h ae l A Hun!. An drew A Andrade, Jarie l Diaz, YaJima I. Jackso n M onique A Antequera. J ennie E Dindy F ili berto S J a n e, Johann E AnlOnis, Justin N Donaho u e. Patric i a E Jean -Pierre. Chris Archer Annette D o u bek, Alli so n M Jeffr ey, J a n el E1 Doyle A ndrew P .E. Jhangimal Luv K

PAGE 143

Johnson. Melissa A Kacmars ki. Brandon R Kat M ega n A Kershne r Ni c I e A King. Flet c her R Kruse. April D Lady. R obert L1m H o. Ja so n K Lambert Kes ha B L e lair Jr .. R J. Lima Albert o A Lindeke J o rdan H Long Brian P avarro. Ana M Lord. Juan Lozada. Vanessa Lukas. ara h E Lyn c h hrist o phcr T Markham Sean R t artie. Christine l ass II T erry B t attingly. Larissa L. tay. Kristine A kCann. Luca f t c llvaine. Sarah K M c i nto s h. Denee s S Ivt c amee. V erno n A M cRae. AI S McSwain. icholas A l\' tendoza. Yamilet M etle r lark A Miller. Gu s Moat. J e ffre y W M ojica. Kenn y M o lina Jo se C. M oilers. Mauri c i o G M ontero. Anthony A M o ral es. Daren R M o ran. Jaball A M o reland. Karen M M ortensen Amy M toscoso. Gonzalo A 1 o uritsen Jac k D f l o u y nes. Ricardo A icH oll s Winner A unez. Jose D OHearn. Willi am P Othon. Gabriela Ollinger. Elizabeth A Pa cke r Eric B Pangilinan. :lr.lh G P a nt oJa. 0110 '; Param o re. Jod y D Patterson Amber L. P erez. Pedro J P e r ez, Tabitha P erry. Taklsha T Petit o n Rafa e l A Pierson Andree D P ope. nthan P Prados. J e nnif e r Pr escod. Angelica F Priestl y. Virgil Pricto. Krlsttnn T PriclO. Ruben Putma n Jo:,hua C Quiles. K y ra M Quinn Jr., Lawr e nce D Rumery. i1via E Ray. Raso n L R ee d. Lauren A R eidy. Trilli a n S R e mbert M o niqu e L. R eyes. Lilia E Ric hard s Jr .. Omar A Ril ey. Da yanna P Riv era. Sharon I. R oberts. J e nnif er R oberts. Michae l Rodrigu ez. Adrianne A Rodri g u ez. Larissa M Ro gers. Salina J R o mr ell. Amy J. R oubik. ristina Runals. H o lly N Russe ll. Ja yso n S Salazar Jr .. Juan T Scribner. Charles G Sealey. Ro gelio A. e lle s. Jared A Servello. TOdd M Sheehan. D avid J Smith. J ohn F. Smith. T'Nis ha N Snavel y Darien Snyder. Nancy E Somnuk, Vic t o r E Spann. William J Stark. Ryan J. St e m. Juliet D Slringfellow. arah K trang. Patricia B Sullivan. J e nnif e r A Supervielle. C. M Th omas Co lin M Thomas. Laura A Thomas Jr .. R andolph Torres. PatriCia E Townsend. Courtney D Truill. Mi c h ae l A Tuno n M a rccl a A Vaxqucl. Kuyl J M Vaughn. C hn\toph c r R \'lcHma. C V lll alJl :\1
PAGE 144

Cofer. Brandi Co lavit o Frank Com p a n) Kelle C o rbett. Sydney C o wles. Patricia Dean. Darren Dee. Geraldine DeGracia. Michelle Duffus. Elaine Dunn. Linda Durham. Cheryl G Fabr ega. Paula Fendrick. Gene Fernandez. Troadio Fisher. Amy Fisher. Ric h ard Funk James Gamble. M argo Gamble. Ric h ard Gettys. J oAnne Gibbson-Gibbs. Camille Gonzalez Juli o Goodrum. George Green. Sergio H ager. J ohn H a ncock. Caroly n Hans. Carol Hanson. J oyce H asse l bri ng. Lee H awkins. Cosette Hi g l ey. James H offmanP a h!. D eb r a Holland Eri c H oward. T err i H uff. J ane Hughes. M yro n Hu sted. Loui s J ackson. Mary K e ll ar. Louis Krapn. Chris Kunkle Burk s. Su s a n La sso, Oscar Longo. Veronica Louda!. Karl Manche s ter. a ncy M a rtin ez. Ric hard Martin ez. Vincent Massengill. Anna M cGregor J o hnni e Meix n er. Caro l Mitchell Joanne M onlouis. Wilma M orris. Zenia ardell. Susan utt. H M Oliver. C l eve 0' Masla, Gail Olhon. Joan Pah\. Richard Petersen. Deanna Quinn. L awrence Ramir ez. Jose R ed f e rn. Edit h R eyes, Ramon Ril ey. MaryEllen Roa. L aura Rui z, Yolanda Samue ls. Mare lisa Seitz. Da vid Seil z. M ayra Slaha. Mariette Sweeney. James Timko. Kar e n Vaz. Carlos V i ce. Micha e l Wad e. LeeAn n Waugh. Kenn eth Webl y Sonia Whit e. Dor othy Widd o p Ric h ar d Wru c k Marilyn Young. Da v id Zayas. Edgar

PAGE 145

......... co CO> .. AC. C

PAGE 146

Snafu: Luc as Behnken, D av id C h ase L ynley W ea d e, Michael Ch a se Great Expecta tion :Lewis Englke, Darien Snavely Ruben Prieto, Colin Thomas Delfin: Lui s Uach, Danny M a duro Dann y Lopez, A l faro Situation Hopeles s : Theresa Sli w i cki, Crystal Sliwi cki, Mon iqu e Cover, Patty Torre s Final Most: Shan e Sliw i cki, Dalton John so n Heidi Fi g u eroa, Ja ckie Covill e Destination Unknown: J oese ph Wong K atie Winn Carrie Mercier Ruthe Leopard Misconception: K a th y Bottin, Alli s on Doubek Vanessa Pohl, Katie Williams Deception: Gabe Prieto, Johnny Bat es, Fulo Gonzale z, Chris Gibson Brusied Reed: Larry Quinn, Anthony Bibbo Charles Scribner Brian Hus t ed Rapid Transit: Donny Hu s ted Jose Alvare z, Jocob Pohl Loui s Voge l Ultimate Most: J ack Young Frank Hinek Patrick Carlson Shawn Rupp Lone Star: Andy de LaGuardia, Andy de LaGuardia, J aso n Bacot, Sean Williams Front Runner: Br ad Townsend Courtney Townsend Mik e Murray Eric Hilmo Defiance: Armando Gundin, Corin Wilder, Blake Thomas Ed Ferrell Almost: J ackie Bama s h AnneMarie Fisher, Natalie Martinez Megan Higgins El Caiman: Bill y Eperson Scott McLauglin R ome l Dia z, Gayland Herring .

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Snafu: Luc a B e hnk e n David Chase, L ynley W eade, Mic hael Chase Gr e at E xpectati o n : L ew i Eng lke, D a ri e n navely. Rub e n Prie l o, lin D e lft": Lui Llach D anny M adufO Dann y L o pe/.. Alfa r o ??? Situation H op e l ess : Th e resa Sliwic ki rysl a l li w i c ki M o niqu e ove r P allY T o rr e Final M ost: Sha n e Sliw i c ki D a h o n J ohnson H eidi F ig u e r oa, Jacki e C oville D es tinati o n Unknown: J o eseph W o n g, K alie Winn Ca rri e M e r c i er. Ruth e Leop ard Mi sco ncepti o n : Kath y B Ollin, Allison D oube k. V a nessa P ohl, K alie Willia m s D ece ption: G a b e Pri e t o. J o hnn y B a t e Ful o G o nzal ez, C hri Gibson Bru si e d Reed : L a r ry Quinn. nth o n y Bibb o, C h a rles S c ribn er. Brian Jus t e d Rapid Tran s it: D onny H u s t e d Jose Alvar ez, J oco b P o hl. L ouis V oge l U ltimat e M os t : Jack Y oung, Fr ank Hin e k P a tri c k a rl on. hawn Rupp L o n e S tar: n dy de L aGua rdia. And y de L a Gu ar d ia. Jason Bacol. Sean Willia m s Fr o nt Runner: B rad Tow n.end, oun ney Town,end, Mike Murray E r ic H i l mo D efi ance: A rman do undin, o r i n W i lder Bl a k e T homa>, d F e rr e ll Almos t : J ackie B arna, h Annc M aric Fi s h e r Narali c M aninez, Megan J l iggins E l C aiman : B i ll y -per o n SCOII M c L a u g lin R o m e l Di az, Gay l a n d H e rrin g

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