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kol A j

TaLie of Contents

Seniors..................... 16
Juniors ................... .34
Freshmen n................. ..58
_t, '-.......................- 70
Sports............... ..........98
Ads...........................1 15
Senior Index............. 128
Index........6............ ....136

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in 2010 with funding from
Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries


Balboa HS, Unit 0925, APO AA 34002
onian-1996-Volume 87

W~vCt 5YJ
WrYIjX M1946

Past, Present, Future-(top right) the
BHS 1996 "In Retrospect" yearbook
takes a look at student life on the 1st
day of school. At bottom right stu-
dents show their Homecoming spirit.
Pictured at left is a rare sighting of
Vasco Nunez de Balboa.

Title Page


A Day In The

i Life N

Is she Ib going on 17,
P. Vallarino regre-ses back to her
pre-school da\s and mistakes her En-
fgiih class lor nap-time photo by D.


At Balboa High

"So far the new tardy rule has worked out
great-people are getting to class on time, some
are even rushing down the hall to beat the bell,"
said Ryan Yamaki-Taylor when asked about the
new school policy.

You talking' to me?
Freshman, Matt Hellyer, cops an at-
titude as he looks up from his home-
work and discovers his intense dis-
like for it. Too bad he must face three
more years of this torture. photo by
G. Dee

Dazed and Confused!
A. Rodaniche gives the camera a be-
dazzled look while he displays step
#5 in the hair color changing pro-
cess. photo by P. Cowles

Student Life



That's a wrap!
Students in Mr. Vaz's Spanish class
finally get it together for a yearbook
"mug." Their happy faces let us
know how much they enjoy Spanish.
Photo by D. Vinegar

"I can't believe it's Monday!"
Freshman Rafael Torres just remem-
bered his writing project was due to-
day! It didn't take long for this 9th
grader to realize this fact. Photo by
D. White

n\ l i-

"Just Clean It!"
The Senors zapped an unsuspecting
underclassman who made the fatal
mistake of stepping on the BHS
plaque. In Balboa High School se-
niors are the only ones with the priv-
ilege of being able to step on the
plaque without having to undergo
the embarrassing consequences.
Photo by D. White

Gorillas in the mist
Kyle Husted, Jose Gonzalez and
Chris Bowman do some male bond-
ing while on the Biological Honor
Society's trip to Barro Colorado Is-
land. Photo by R. Taylor

Student Life II

p pacific Jamboree
Past practice continues as BHS hosts their first Jamboree

"You'll never catch me..."
I'm as fast as can be, exclaims I. Nel-
son as he breaks free from the lean,
mean, Red Machine! Photo by B.
Bad Hair Day?
Janelle Hauser flashes her pearly
whites as she models the latest in
Red Machine pom-pons. Photo by P.
Cowles -. :

Team Queens

Johanna is escorted by
sr. Sean Williams and
Jr. Brian Beach. The
Bulldogs finished in
fifth place this season.
Photo by B. Weedin

Cougars finished this
football season in sec-
ond place. Srs. Herman
Wilkinson and Carlos
Yanes escort Kathy Bot-
tin. Photo by B. Weedin

Michelle McLean is es-
corted by Sr. Kyle
Husted and Jr. Michael
Haines. The Green Dev-
ils came in fourth place
this season. Photo by B.

This season, hrst place
went to Red Machine.
Jrs. John Guerra and
Jerry Smith escort Katie
McAleer. Photo by B.

Z Student Life



Rah, Rah, Shish, Boom Ba! Red Ma-
chine cheerleaders "bug" the crowd
with their yelling, photo by B. Wee-

Just follow my lead. F. Linton gives
E. Konawicz some pointers to im-
prove his social skills, photo by P. Al-
Look at that basket-toss! Thomas
Dumas expresses his emotions as the
cheerleaders blast through a routine
at the jamboree pep rally, photo by
P. Alvarado

Snow falls for the first time in Pan-
ama! Bulldogs cheerleaders get the
crowd riled up with their float and
flying confetti. They later impressed
the crowd with their unique routine.
photo by B. Weedin
"We are family, I got all my sisters
with me." All the Varsity cheerlead-
ers come together for a group photo.
photo by B. Weedin

We are women, hear us roar! The
mighty Cougar Cheerleaders exhibit
a wild amount of feline spirit. Meow!
photo by P. Alvarado

Student Life


"This year's parade and floats were the best ever. The crowd went
wild."-Pilar Vallarino

'95 Homecoming

80's Thrillers
John O'Keefe, Tasha Tenturier,
Mary Ann Lim, Estella Luck, and
Jessica Gonzales gather around
Cindy Lauper wannabe Monique
Cover. Photo by M. Ceballos
Hey Julie!
Senior Homecoming Princess, Julie
Matthews and senior Homecoming
Prince, Conan Herring get ready to
join in on the dancing. Photo P.

Student Life


1995 Homecoming Queen and King
Srs. Janelle Atherley and Johnny
Bates dance together after they were
crowned Queen and King. Photo by
S. Montague

Homecoming Sophomore Court
members Leticia Brown and Gerald
Irish pose for Ms. Cowles' camera at
the Homecoming dance. Photo by P.
Disco Inferno
Sophomores boogie to their funky
music on their 70's inspired Home-
coming float. Photo by P. Cowles

Student Life E


Students At Balboa


m N E

So Happy Together
Julie Matthews and Jami-L)nn
MNenendez -how how dedicated the
cla ol 4, art to each their r bN cling-
ing, tI,.gher in a warm vet humor-
ou; t-mbracc Photo b, A. Cedeno

Sport Their School Spirit

Spirit week was theme-filled with class com-
petitions held concluding with the most points
awarded to the Freshman class. "Overall, our
school showed more spirit this year than in
year's past," exclaimed Melissa Hart.


- '


Which way to the cruise boat?
Tammy Schaffer and Melanie Rojas
wish they were going on a cruise,
but in reality they're just going to
their next class. Photo by P. Alvarado


"Fido, Bring me my slippers."
T. Robinson goes all out for pajama
day. All he needs now is his beauty
mask. Photo by M. Ceballos

Student Life

m m



41W a

C. Bowman and his new girl-
friend ...
Danny Maduro and Chris Bowman
show-off their beach gear during this
year's Spirit Week. Photo by K. Dil-
How may I help you?
Najiha Avila poses in her pajamas
while she swings by the College Ca-
reer Center for some information.
Photo by D. White

Jason Ohman and Chris Bowman
are overwhelmed by the cheerlead-
ing performance at the first annual
Pacific side Jamboree pep rally. The
overall winner of the Jamboree was
the lean mean Red Machine. Photo
by P. Alvarado

Which way to the beach? P. Willi-
ford was out in the sun for a bit too
long and she seems to be in her own
little world. Photo by K. Dillon

Student Life E


Student activities at Balboa High. Is it

Work Or Play?

"And the winner's are ..."
Cheryl Eckerle and Angela Kersh-
ner working hard on the Junior float.
Their hard work paid off, as the Jun-
iors won first place for the Home-
coming floats. Photo by P. Cowles.
Want a bite?
L. Lincoln holds what she thinks
might be dinner during a BHS frog-
ging trip. This "Smokey Jungle" frog
secretes a powerful toxin, therefore
eating it is not recommended. Photo
by A. Cedeno

S10 Student Life


When three is not a crowd
J. Matthews, D. Sprague and C.
Bates put their heads together. This
gives new meaning to the word
"breezeway." Photo by P. Alvarado

I told you that Red Machine would
P. Williams and R. Sinclair bicker
over which team will take the Jambo-
ree trophy. Photo by P. Cowles

Losers Club
When asked at the Homecoming
Dance if he was president of the los-
ers club-Javier Fabrega replied, "Yes,
but not only am I President, I'm a
member too." Photo by P. Cowles

Are you sure you spell "Juniors"
this way?
M. Rojas contemplates over the cor-
rect spelling of "Juniors." Photo by
P. Cowles

Say Cheese!
Asst. Princ. Mr. Perkins, Dr. Warner,
S J. Candelario, Admiral Perkins, J.
,, Gonzalez, Mrs. Lewis, and R. Taylor
pose for a picture in front of our
school during the Admiral's tour of
BHS. Photo by D. White

Student Life
Student Life


* .0 1

"Overall the performance this \ear was better than last. I think they
did exceptionally well."-Dannv Sima

The Cheerleaders At BHS

Set, Hit It!
Bulldog Cheerleaders: K. Boyle, M.
Tirado, M. Rojas, C. Eckerle, G.
West, S. Keene, H. Hart, J. Mattocks
and K. Morrison smiling pretty for
the camera. Photo by J. Fernandez
Watch and Learn
Six cougar cheerleaders watch the
other cheerleading routines after giv-
ing their performance at the '95
Homecoming pep rally. Photo by P.


Bundle of Spirit 11
Balboa High School All Star Cheer- -
leaders: K. Bottin, V. Pohl, G. West,
K. McAleer, K. Williams, M. Rojas,
M. Tirado and S. Hedge show their N
stuff. Photo by S. Montague

Student Life

rRE Il

~L~F~ ~lt~aRe~;

If you're happy and you know it ...
Sharlene Pinder sure is, and she
makes sure that all the fans know it
during the Homecoming pep rally as
she does her Red Machine cheer-
leading routine. Photo by P. Cowles

The Cougar cheerleaders get to-
gether for a group hug. Cougars
football team ended up taking sec-
ond place. Photo by P. Cowles

Ready? Yeah!
Red Machine Cheerleaders: S. Pin-
der, L. Herrera, S. Hedge, M. Peltier,
K. McAleer, C. Gonzalez, D. Giles,
Y. Cedeno and Z. Perez get together
for their group photo. Photo by P.

Student Life

"Still Waters Run Deep"...
Unique Images Of Panama

Top Left: On your way out to Gamboa you pass by the water tank. Caught on film is one of the few
times it has overflowed. Top Right: One of Panama's predominant landmarks next to BHS is Goet-
hals Monument. Bottom: A local fisherman prepares to go out in his canoe to return with "the catch
of the day." Photos by D. White

I1S t 14Life
Student Life

As the Dry Season ends
in Panama the three day
Cayuco race starts. As seen
in the picture to the left,
the third day of the race,
Cayuco boats wait to tran-
sit the locks at Pedro
Miguel. Known as the
"Hercules" the monster
crane at the dredging divi-
sion in Gamboa, left be-
low, is shown early in the
break of day. Pictured at
bottom right, is the
"Bridge of Americas": Pan-
ama's gateway to the inte-
rior, as a tugboat scuttles
underneath it. Photo by L.
Lincoln & D. White

The land divided. The world united.
A serene picture of the Panama Canal is framed by flora.




w V I 6 ,,r

Mikel N. Andrade

Marielle C. Aramayo

Janelle M. Atherley

Myriam E. Bonilla

Juan C. Arana

Avery M. Austin

Anasha K. Bonnick

Walford L. Archer III Liza E. Arnold

Clarion Ave-Lallemont

Cathy Bates

Michael E. Boyle Javier Brandan



Tina Antonis

Kenia Anderson

Sara B. Anderson


Jennie Marie Candelario

Michael R. Castro Marjorie A. Ceballos

Marc L. Church Joshua J. Ciceraro

Andrea L. Cedeno

Christopher A. Cole

Hunter G. Chastain

Julio C. Coronado

Idalie Correa

Ethan R. Corsbie

Monique E. Cover

Felipe A. De La Guardia


Rafael H. Carrau Armando Luis Carrion

David A. Burger

Carlos A. Del Real


Miguel A. Erroz

Edwin H. Garcia

Eduardo R. Gonzalez

Norayma Fernandez

Wilfred Garza

Jessica Gonzalez

Joshua A. Franklin

Luis D. Glotzer

Jose L. Gonzalez

Daniela Garcia

Dimaris L. Gonzalez

Daryl Gordon



Wilma E. Engelke

Dino Del Cid

Patricia Deleon



Amanda Graber

Colleen L. Green

George Guarnucci Carol V. Guerra

', -j-' X.

Rosa E. Guiterrez Masakazu Hanada

Daniel D. Hanna

Melissa G. Hart

Sandie R. Hedge

Conan M. Herring

Abby F. Higley

Jared L. Holzwarth

Nic Howard V. Hoyt

Shin-Young Hur


Gail Horner



Naho Isogai Kirk A. Jemmott

Coralia D. Jimenez Shannon M. Johnson

Thomas Johnson III Olivia R. Johnstone


Audrey Jones Sharon Kallmeyer

Alyssa Keene

Gabriel A. Leroy

Daniel B. Lightell

Mary Ann Lim

Lucia Lincoln


Brian Kelly


Kyle B. Husted

Katherine L. Iglesias


. It

Christian A. Lopez Estela Luck Archibold

Heather R. Mackey

Jorge E. Madera Matthew L. Magruder

Lisa Marrero-Lopez

Julia M. Matthews

Stephen D. McFarlane

George F. Mattocks

Lauren S. McGuinness

Doctorre McDade

Robert McGuinness III

Yamileth McDonald

Patricia E. McKeon






John Y. Liu Jennie L. Loncon

Kimberly Merkel Brian A. Mills

Koji Mishiro Rita Modelo

Carla M. Monaghan

Monica Morales
... '. ":- "C. "
: :"" "li

"j" < l ,

Neda Mudarra

Irvin L. Nelson

John R. O'Keefe

Luis H. Ochoa-Hartman

, Seniors

Ligia Morice

Daniel E. Mendiola

Jamie-Lynne Menendez

R ."


Silvia Pagan-Figueroa

Jason E. ( hiinin

Jairo L. Ulitnn

a . ,

ll .. ; ,,.o.

Nathaniel Park Valerie D. Perez-Poveda

Dwight A. Pettiford III Emmanuel Piniero

Lisa M. Plasencia Joseph A. Powers

1x ,

Martisela Price

Giovanni Qules-Perez

Colleen M. Reid

Thomas J. Reutzel

Kristof D. Robinson



Fransisco Perez Sarah L. Petersen

I~ C-~P 'I

Giselle Reyes

Marcella K. Roberts

Tyrone Robinson

Israel Rodgers Dahlia Rodriguez

Julia Vanessa Sabonge Karen M. Santos

Samuel H. Scribner

Shauna J. Sears

Rachelle N. Seybold

Erika Z. Sinclair

Roberto R. Sinclair

Teresa R. Sliwicki

' --**.^e^


Krystal A. Smalls

Henry F. Smith

Jamie Somera

Marie A. Souffront



Michelle A. Robles

Rosalyn I. Rodiguez

Eric J. Speir Devon V. Sprague

Ryan A. Sweeney

John D. Trim

Tasha T. Tenturier

Josephine L. Ullrich

Michelle D. Tirado

Carlos J. Valdes

Geraldo A. Torres-Luna

Juan G. Valdes

Pilar Isabel Vallarino

Lianne M. Vanderwall

Roy E. Vega

William G. Venteicher

Seniors M


Taswana N. Spann

Tanya C. Sproule

I : P



PC"'" '

Heiss D. Villamizar Daron 0. Vinegar

Indira M. Wagner John D. Wahl

Stanford F. Walrond Jr.

Jemail D. Ward

Emil A. Watson

Jaqueline M. Weedin

Sharolette West Matthew T. Wetherell

Kelly L. White

Dwight C. White Jr.

Rasheem A. Wiley

Herman B. Wilkinson


Lyzander J. Vereen

Louis M. Vogel


Ricardo A. Woodman

tyan D. Yamaki-Taylor

Carlos A. Yanes

Edgar A. Zayas

Johnny E. Bates

Noelia Berrios Laura Boyd

John Franks

Carlos A. Garcia

Juan Giles Daniel Laplaca

Angel Santiago

Leo Wheeler




Sean P. Williams

Patricia M. Williford

Daisy W. Winkler

Wake up sleepy head. Herman
Wilkinson shows the first signs of
senioritus. photo by P. Williford

The Ultimate Warrior? Tony Petti-
ford sports his bulldog war paint for
homecoming. photo by P. Alvarado


Girls jusl wanna have fun Girl of
96% trutinn their ;tutt at tho sernor
rc>ccpt'on photo> t'\ D loung

I Seniors

Calling of the moose. Dan Lightell Lending a helping hand. Juan Giles
leads the Green Devils in the Jambo- gratefully receives help from some
ree pep-rally. photo by D. White buddies after Sr. pictures. photo by
D. White

From past to present The Diablo Ele-
mentary School clan gets together for
one last class picture. photo by D.

I heard it through the grapevine. D.
Sprague and C. Bates catch up on
the latest "bonchinche" photo by D.



Ka-boom. J. Holzworth blasts the
ball down field in the Red Machine/
Panther game. photo by B. Weedin



--qo 1

11 Agueda-Braun

Germeliz L. Agueda
Debbie M. Alfaro
Jose L. Alvarez
Keenan L. Anderson
Shareen J. Anderson

Crystal A. Ash
Jason O. Bacot
Robert Baker
Luz G. Ballesteros
Frank M. Banasick

Juney A. Barnett
Oriana O. Barter
Brian D. Beach
Brence P. Bedwell
Lee J. Bennett III

>1 l



, O -"


Eduardo Berrios
Sarai G. Bibbo
Christian T. Blanchette
Eilen Blanquicett
Darius D. Blue


Anne Borsellino
Kathleen M. Bottin
Christopher J. Bowman
Jennifer R. Brannon
Roger D. Braun


34 juniors
I ^ Juniors



~i~- ` t~


7 !hl ,I ~u~ ic

r M

B: 11 Bright-Davis

Anna Bright
Shelby Brock
Darlene M. Brogie
Jeff A. Brudent
Erik A. Buendia


Brian E. Buszinski
Elizabeth P. Campos
Johanna L. Cantu
Jose A. Carrion
Juan Castaneda

Marco A. Castro
David B. Chase
Nikki Chislom
Ching M. Chou
Cecilia T. Ciceraro



Elizabeth R. Close
Chrystal S. Cloutier
Daren R. Coffey
Benito Colon
Mandi J. Cooke

Jennifer M. Crane
Aaron J. Crump
f Mark Cruz-Segarra
Bryan D. Daily
Daniel J. Davis

I 35

Juniors ,


4,* .

._w '


D: 11 Davis-German

Liliana Y. Davis
Luis G. DeLeon
Julissa M. Diaz
Deborah G. Diez
Michael A. Dlugiewicz .
S, .... -- ,-- ..

Robert R. Domenech
Darrell J. Earl
Cheryl A. Eckerle
Robert E. Egbert
Laurie E. Else

Jessica A. Ernest
Amanda S. Estes
Naomy I. Facey
Micheal Leigh Ferguson
Jason W. Fischbach

Didier F. Folger
William C. Foster
William A. Foster Jr.
Eldred J. Fouche
Kerry E. Fritts


Amanda M. Gabrielson
Benjamin A. Ganser
Veronica Garcia
Elizabeth H. Garza
Shawn K. German





- P -


. -"- 1 -

Ir 'Pif





k 9i1

! t6
i Z


G: 11 Gibson-Husted


. b

Kristan L. Gibson
Delia M. Giles
Robert W. Goldsworthy
Suagei Gomez
Clara I. Gonzalez



Jonathan Guerra
Jessica L. Gustke
Jose M. Gutierrez
Ileana E. Guzman
F, Terra M. Halloran

Heather Hart
Janelle M. Hauser
Curtis M. Haynes
Lisabel Herrera
Oscar Herrera

Tomas E. Herrera
S Arthur L. Hillard
Jonavan P. Hoffman
Viedelouina A. Hoyte
Donald A. Husted

Juniors E


Eniel Gonzalez
Jason E. Gonzalez
Milagros Gonzalez
Debraca Graham
Jorge A. Grant


1.f 'hL i';


.. 4~j



r, "


J: 11 Jenkins-Linton

Christopher Jenkins
Courtney Jenkins
Shi-Fon R. Jenkins
Zamira R. Jimenez
Kimberly A. Johnson

Lang M. Johnson
Tramar V. Johnson
Dalton R. Johnson III
Ray A. Johnstone
Jelani Y. Jordan

Matthew D. Kacmarski
Kaley A. Kick
Angela E. Kershner
Alan S. Kilborn
Jessica C. Kilgore

Kevin J. Kingsbury
Falisha M. Kinsey
Ivo A. Kisic
Adrian Klasovsky
Edward J. Konawicz

Sung-Min Kye
Keith Lawson
Shawn M. Lee
John E. Leon
Frank S. Linton



& I _7






c-, ,1








L: 11 Livingston-Mitchell


. ) b




9t 't




.,'.. w
1 '*^*c A

Sarah N. Livingston
Luis F. Llach
Courtney B. Locke
Erin S. Long
Brian A. Lopez

Daniel R. Lopez
Elisa 1. Lopez
Christian J. Lozarda
Adrian J. Luce
Berenis V. Machal

Angel L. Macias
Angel M. Madrid
Daniel T. Maduro
Victorio V. Malcolm
George A. Markham

Natosha M. McDaniel
Yamileth McDonald
Kervin McKay
Jeffery A. McManes
Kimberly I. McQuary



I ~ 1

Stanley McSwain
Eric J. Metier
Joshua K. Mica
Dore L. Mills
Robert E. Mitchell

Juor 39

.*k ''1 *~iL
*e~Wa rr



r t -

M: 11 Modelo-Perez

Nivia M. Modelo
Ian L. Morales
Monica J. Morales
Jason M. Moreland
Craig Charles Morris

Lakisha R. Morris
Holley D. Murphy
Mellisa Ann Murphy
Emilio B. Natalio
Cecilia E. Neill

Joanne Nicholson
Jan-Michael P. Norman
Gabriel A. Novey
Jennifer L. O'Hearn
Leisa S. Oden

I ., -3

Rodney L. Olivares
Meghann E. Oriet
Kevin K. Pace II
Kimberly H. Pahl
Deshana D. Pandy

Michelle Paredes
Brandon Park
Margaret A. Peltier
Denise Y. Perez
Francisco J. Perez


Hi- Juniors




P: 11 Perez-Spray

I -


Zinnia Perez
Sharlene C. Pinder
Jacob M. Pohl
Alexandria C. Pretto
Julio A. Quezada

Jose E. Ramery
Maria T. Restrepo
Christopher Rice
Wayne M. Richards II
Karen S. Rigby

I .

Rafael Rios
Melanie J. Rojas
Cecil Lynn Roudebush
Korin E. Ruth
Shaika Sanchez

Armando Santiago III
Alex G. Santos
Tammy R. Shaffer
Delphonie L. Shaw
Rachel M. Sieczka

4 4,

Daniel M. Sima III
Annjury I. Sinclair
Jerry Smith
Mashun D. Smith
Francisco Spray




~f ~s~

",r w"


11 Staha-Young

Justin R. Staha
Cheryl A. Stanford
Ken D. Suarez
Priscilla G. Taylor
Tremayne L. Taylor

Edgardo S. Tirado
Paula A. Tobar
Eduard H. Tokarek
Shireen V. Tonski
Juan David Vansice

Rey J. Vera
Aaron S. Vidaurri
Aleandra Villamizar
Richard A. Ward
Jessica M. Weeks

Lizella M. West
Jennifer K. Whelihan
James E. Wilcoxon
Jacqueline Williams
Katherine M. Williams

Percival R. Williams
Amarilis Yen
Debbie A. Young
Mac S. Zamore
Elizabeth M. Zittle



__ -



/ ." i
M h5



qfi wd"





I* r

";- "


r 4


Jennifer D.
Sheena K.
Christopher J.

Julita K. McCaskill
John Peterson IV
Frank S. Pigeon Jr.
Darrell L. Whatley

Relaxing in the halls. These juniors know how to relax during lunch outside the school store. Pictured left to
right: Front: J. Burgles, J. Gutierrez, R. Rios 2nd: Z. Perez, A. Santiago, D. Perez, D. Giles, L. Herrera, C.
Gonzalez 3rd: W. Futrell, E. Trouche, C. Jenkins Photo by: J. Atherley

Not Pictured
Angelica Aguilar
Mariela A. Atencio
Heather Baldwin
Jose C. Bernal
Aisha X. Bonilla
Moana L. Bunch
Anthony L. Burch
Leonardo Cargill
Edwin Castillo
Alexis R. Cru7
Berta D. Cruz
Julio J. Cuevas
David Edwards
Chein-Hao Femg
Marlene C. Foster
John Franks
Luis C. Gordon
Gail L. Horner
Mandy M Kruse
Belkis K. Lane
Doreen D. Lebel
Mark D. Leonard
Y. Li-Xiang
Suresh M. Mayani
C. Prescott
Maristella Price
Felix H. Rodriguez
Christina Short
Teoludo Silvera
Jana M. Soriano
Albert P. Thompson
Lars Thompson
Egardo L. Troche
Kevin J. Wallace
Tristen L. Wells






iz(1: r

Bad girls have fun ... Kaley Keck and Johanna Cantu
pose on their prize winning Homecoming float. The jun-
iors used a Grease theme on their float. Photo by: T. Tay-

To what point do you rise? Angela Kershner, one of
BHS's delegates to Hacia Democracy, waits for the mock
United Nations to start at the El Panama Hotel. Photo by:
R. Sosa


Go Red Machine! John Guerra shows his spirit at this
years Homecoming Pep-rally. He brings a new meaning
to the colors Red and Black. Photo by: P. Alvarado

Look at us ... Elizabeth Zittle poses with Sean Coar,
chairperson from Harverd for Venezuelan Congress, at
the Hacia Democracy conference. Photo by: R. Sosa


Well Duh!! Deep thoughts by
Jenny Coville and Erin Long have Lost in thought, Eduardo Berrios at-
yet another intellectually stimulating tempts the studious approach and
conversation. Oh my gosh, every- realizes it works sometimes. Photo
body knows 3 + 3=7. Photo by K. by G. Dee

All Star Material!
Well, Danny Sima, didn't make the
All Star Team, but he did break a
couple of tackles to gain a few yards
for the Bulldogs. Photo by B. Weedin

What is that thing?
I guess that's for Luis Llach, Jacob
Pohl and Danny Maduro to know,
and the rest of you to guess at. Photo
by A. Heverly





JI s

0 l Juniors



Josue A. Acosta Jessica I. Adams

Janet M. Adkins Bill J. Aird


Joshua D. Allen

Timothy D. Allen

Analia Alvarez

Darcye M. Anckle

Brigitte R. Anderson

Derek W. Anderson

Eira S. Andrade


Alvaro I. Antadillas

Angelo A. Austin

Cassandra D. Bartlett

Daniel Beech Keith C. Belt

Matthew A. Bennett

Emil E. Beresford Tatiana Berman

Gabriel L Best
Gabriel L. Best II

Dee K Bishop

Surgey Blanquicett

Michael R. Blenman


Brianna O. Blue

Alfonso E. Bodden

Michael A. Bodkin

Vielka N.

Bonilla Yamileth G. Bonilla


Karim A. Acero

Jared Blunt



Tiziana M. Buddle Jazmin Camacho

Joslin B. Cartmill

Veronica Castro

PaulF. Cedeno

Reynisha R. Chandler

Lisa M. Cline

Nateisha R. Cobb

Jonathan H. Cofer

Amber M. Crunk

. n-

Jeremy A. Cole


Victor D. Cruz

Andres F. De La Guardia Viviana A. Del Real



Nickay I. Cole

Edward A. Daggett

Phillip M. Ditto

Jose L. Colon

Shannan C. Danish

Robert M. Donaldson

Michael P. Commeau Cassandra M. Crane

Oriana Davila Jennifer S. Dawson

Gamel T. Dumas

Jaclyn Ann Eberhart

Angelique M, Cancel

Patrick J. Carlson

Jose L. Camps JR.

Johnny Carpenter

/ -

II 1

~1, c


Rachel D. Ellis

Edward J. Ferrel

Eychell E. Escobar

Roxana Del C. Espinosa

Carlos A. Fabrega

Javier E. Fabrega


Yajaira Fernandez


Heidi B. Figueroa

Albert J. Finocchiaro JR. Jonathan A. Fischbach
Albert J. Finocchiaro JR. Jonathan A. Fischbach

Elizabeth A. Franklin

Dana M. Frederick


Jose Luis Gongora

Omar J. Fullerton
Omar J. Fullerton

Erika N. Gonzalez

Carlos A. Garcia Danielle L. Garner

Ricardo Gonzalez

Jamie L. Gorman

Bemardina D. Garza

John M. Griffith

Jason A. Gaza

Larrina M. Gulley

,NW q

Armando Gundin

Todd A. Harder

Matthew R. Hawk

Michael W Haynes JR
Michael W. Haynes JR.

Philip E. i

-erring Megan K. Higgins



Summer A. Highly
Summer A. Highley

Oliver E. Hignett Frank D. Hinek

Michael L. Holihan Giancarlo E. Hoyte

Yara L. Hoyte


Natalie A. Huddleston Jessica D. Hughes

Winston C. Husband

Fitzgerald V. Irish

Shanti M. Irwin

Yves H. Jean-Pierre

Brenda L. Jurado

David H. Jimenez

e i. K Im *
Sterling D. Kallmeyer

Carol M. Johnson

Janell K. Johnson

* : '*.&-.-" : :*

Linda A. Johnson Mildred M. Johnson

- ,

Sharon B. Keene

Jahaira S. Kirkpatrick

Adam M. Krug

Thomas E. Lazier JR.

Mary B. Leigh Gabriel Lemoine

S Sophomores

Adriana R. Lewis

Jason Hsu


April D. Lewis

Arlenis Lopez

Jorge E. Lord


Thomas R. Lord III

Paul R. Lovejoy

Jasmin L. Lucas Joye C. Lucas

Celia E. Luna

Lourdes Madera

Daniel Mallet Michael Wayne Marshal Alessandra P. Martinez

Natalie G. Martinez

Tralina L. Mason


Thomas E. Mattingly IV

Katherine McAleer

Brandon R. Mendez
Brandon R. Mendez

Shannon M. McDaniel

Mark R. Mendiola
Mark R. Mendiola

Marcus J. McKain

Tania M. Michael

Marion J. McKinnon

Terence M. Miller

Michelle M. McLean Melissa McManes

Mitchell M. Miranda

Rebecca S. Miranda

Tameka Moreno

Kristin L. Morrison

Denise A. Nicholson

Karim F. Odeh

Jennifer T.

Olinger Lauren E. Othon




Thomas J. Page

Michelle Pichardo

Michael R. Pigeon

Jamie R. Poggenpohl

Vanessa M. Pohl

Angela P. Raymond

Matthew R. Prescott


Victor H. Redfern

Gabriel P. Prieto

Angel A. Quiles-Perez Jr.

Pricilla Reyes Nicolas Reyes


Reynolds W. Rigney Jr.

Kabir Rios

Jason D. Rivera

Krista D. Quinn

Renee L. Rice

' vj~

r 5-

Pedro L. Rivera

Anthony M. Robertson

Roberto Quinones

Dedric D. Richardson

Andrew F. Rodaniche

Ingrid J. Rodriguez


Miriam Rodriguez

Edmee J. Rojas

John Paul Rowley

Christopher W. Rucker

Shawn M. Rupp


Sara Paulsen Penelope Perez



Eduardo Salinas

Adriane M. Samaniego Lina M. Sanchez-Pascual Maria E. Sanchez-Pascual

Elvin A. Santiago

Preston M. Schmidt
Preston M. Schmidt

,- -.r

Tishna N. Sales Zach Seaton

Elizbeth M. Smith

Ines M. Smith

Krystal A. Skumautz Roy Daniel Slichenmyer

Leonard E. Smith Raymond E. Spray

.ij -, I

Gloria Tagaropulos

Carl Edward Taris
Carl Edward Taris

Isaac G. Taylor

Blake C. Thomas

Shane M. Sliwicki

Eric L. Stemberg

Licia M. Thomas

Ebony K. Smith

Jurilys E. Surprenant

Quinton X. Thompson

Jennifer D. Torres

Bradley R. Townsend

Anglea J. Valdilles

Sebastien Van Hall

Lori A.

Venteicher Matthew T. Vera




Trevor M. Vogel

Saadia R. Walcott

L.. A

Catherine A. Watkins

44!7 A

Kialeah Webb


wi j
Earl S. Wemple it



Conn D. Wilder


' ,

Larry D. Williams Jr.

Lhoris O. Wilson

Stephanie Y. Wilson

Stephanie Ann Wolff

Joseph A. Wong

Joshua R. Ybarra

Yaritza G. Zarate

Arlana M. Camagna

Just like peas and corn ... Although Larrina Gulley and Ebony Smith aren't quite like Jenny and Fores
Gump .. They are pretty good buds. Photo by D. Vinegar.


Tracy Young




As The Memories Of Their sophomore Year Fade, This Class Knows
The End Of The School Year Means It's

Time To Play

Where's my name? New sophomores check for
their first period teachers on the very first day of
the 95-96 school year. This year BHS did not assign
Photo by D. White

Ponche de Frutas or Maracuya? T. Dumas and R.
Manning compare their drink preferences. These
refreshing drinks made in Panama were offered as
a substitute for soft drinks.
Photo by P. Alvarado
Come on guys, where's your spirit? Sophomores
E. Beresford and B. Mendez watch the cheerlead-
ers perform their routines during the homecoming
pep rally.
Photo by P. Alvarado

. U1!. 1




is. Alvarado's camera at a Pep rally. You never
know when someone at BHS has a camera. Hope-
fully, if you're caught, you'll look as great as Dia-
"We're never gonna finish!" As they struggle to
build their float, C. Bartlett, C. Garcia, M. Prescott,
and B. Anderson assist their class sponsor Mr.
Photo by S. Montague

Water, PLEASE. Sophomore Green Devil football
manager, Michelle McClean, refills those ever
empty water bottles. Managers have a messy and
thankless job.
Photo by B. Weedin

Lunchtime Relaxation. These sophomores know
the true meaning of "stress-free living". Their card
group helps keep their mind off of school work.
Photo by P. Alvarado




Stephanie Acap

Jennifer E. Acker

Gilda I. Acosta

Jessica A. Acosta

Chantall L. Agueda


September R. Albaugh


Ambrosia Ave-Lallemant

Daniel E. Baughman

Daniel E. Baughman

*h *

Anthony L. Bibbo


Jaime E. Alfaro

Giovanni A. Anderson

Omar E. Archibold Carmela J. Austin

Jennifer F. Ahringer

Mason M. Austin

'I /

Ana C. Avila

Gary S. Beal

Steven Blackwell

Najiha A. Avila

Aaron C. Bedwell

Nicole M. Blanchette

Oriel E. Bailey

0 I

Eloy A. Bennedetti

Joseph J. Blau

Corie E. Ballaro

Donia F. Berger

e .B1

Andrea M. Blotzer

Jaclyn J. Barnash

Elizabeth M. Beteta

Litza C. Bodden





Alejandro J. Bonilla

Abel I. Borsellino

Steven M. Bowman

Corrine L. Boyer

Kathy A. Boyle
Kathy A. Boyle

Bradford L. Brannon

Michael A. Brewer Diamond Brock

Jennifer E. Burger Michael Cairo

Lindsay R. Bryan

Manuel E. Calderon

Talesha S. Bunch

Anthony J. Camper

Hila M. Burge

Mara A.C. Carrillo


lacqueline A. Carvajal

Jamel R. Clay

Heather A. Cas

Nancy A. Clous

e Kathrine Cedeno

ston Charlene Cloutier


Yoela M. Cedeno

Denise N. Cockburn

Carlos J. Cepeda

Soo Ah Chang


rIr .

Yr .."'I.,,

Jamal R.

Collier Michael J. Conner


Rena Y. Brazil

Carol E. Burger




Emiho D. Cordoba


Da\id \W. Corum


Dauid 1. Couk

Andrew Davis

Calethia Deconto

Brandy L. Dollinger


Jessica N Cruz-.garra d Malhew J Cunningham Nicole A Cunningham


Eduardo Diaz

Emily J. Duffus



Romel R. Diaz Felipe Diez

John A. Egbert William A. Epperson III

Hudson M. Erdman Tara J. Erdman

lairobi A. Estes

M. Fehrenback Matthew B. Feichtinger

Manuel R. Fergus

..- I iI
Kendhal S. Ferguson


-r ~%

Brian J. Fischback

Annemarie E. Fisher

Nicholas B. Floria

Ninnette M. Fraley



Roberto DeLeon

Trenell D. Dixon

Kelly R. Dillon

Amber J. Freck

Dwaine V.A. Frenche

James J. Frey


Joseph J. Fry

Suzette M. Gachez

Tomeka A. Galloway

Zuam M. Garcia

Crystal R. German

Luis E. Gonzalez

Leonard D. Gillespie

Victor Gonzalez
Victor M. Gonzalez

S. Graber Zeudi A. Graham

Heather A. Hanson

Ryan T. Hart

Abigail M. Gonzalez

Alejandra M.

Ingrid Gonzalez

Arturo A. Gordon

Michael J. Griffith Jacqueline Guerrero

Matthew S. Hellyer Alejandro E. Hepburn

John E. Gonzalez

Melissa M. Gordon

Brendaliz Gutierrez

L *^e 6A'

Betsy M. H

Jose A. Gonzalez

Nicholette Goros

Jason Hand

lemandez Felix Hernandez





;E~ "


Stephanie M. Herrera

Galen A. Herring Bryan E. Hibbard Jr.

Lyndsay R. Hiltabidle


Edsal D. Hilty Jr.

Shaun W. Hodge

- ni

Roshun T. Hogan


Caleb E.H. Janssen

Py H n-id na L. Hol
Peggy Hogan-Hatfield Andrea L. Holder


Christopher Jimenez

Michael A. Johnson

Julian J. Hoyte III

Priscilla G. Johnson

Brian R. Husted

-0 N
Tranae N. Johnson
Tranae N. Johnson

Wanfer Ilund

f ..


Brianne K. Johnston


* \
w" I

Anesia R. Jones


Oliver K. Klasovsky


Emily J. Jones

Jason A. Kacmarski

Larry A. Kemp


Kevin D. Kennedy
Kevin D. Kennedy

I -

Maritzel G. La Placa

Se-Jin Kim


Eric E. Knisely

Shelly A. Lane

Efrain Lara

Patrick L. Lazarus

Lindsey J. Lebrun

David Maldonado

Neil J. Lee

Ricardo A. Manning

Jennifer M. Leon

Jackie L. Manning

[- W
~I 11- 1.

ih^Hi;:9 )

Andrew J. Lincoln

Rafael Martie

Annika M. Matos

Clara Luna-Labella

Jennifer G. Mattocks

Anthony R. Mayo Cristopher Mayo

Brandi G. McDade Ryan D. McDaniel Dwayne A. McFarlane

A- A

Scott C. McLaughlin

Takisha McPeak

Zoila E. Mena


I f
I '
Steven S. Mercado

Carrie M. Mercier

Cristopher E. Mica

Hugo E. Montessi

Crystal M. Morris

David J. Munoz

Jennifer M. Murphy

Michael C

. Murray Claritza B. Naranjo


Karen A. Mills


Jenny E. Long


Cristopher Nickell

Jonathan E. Obregon

Jesus L. Olvera

Jesus L. Olvera

Alice C. Ortman

James L. Ottinger

Vanessa Pabon

Robert A. Pagan

Marcela M.

Adriana Perez

Cathleen A. Panzer

Sarah I. Perez

Luis R. Parker Jr.

Daniel J. Peters

Lora Paulsen

Tracy L. Pettiford


Yarissa M. Peart


Philippe A. Pierson

Adele K. Perez

Barbara G. Pinero

Joann N. Pocher


Maria K. Poe

Esther M. Posadas

Erick D. Ramirez

Yomara E. Reese

Milagro E. Renno



Emily A. Natalio

Alexander Navarro III

Tania Y. Nunez

Danielle A. Northcutt

Justin F. Nelms

~3 r

.Ir* i



Anthony D. Reyes Patrick J. Riley

Jose 0. Rodriguez

Lorimar Rodriguez

1h ~ I

Raul A. Rivera

Michell L. Rodriguez

Brooke R. Robinson

Karlo O. Roman

Enrique Rodriguez

saac Rodriguez
Isaac G. Rodriguez

Patricia Roman Chantal M. Rosales


Nicole J. Rosales

Eylin S. Sanchez

Richard M. Ross III

Mario D. Santana

Julie C. Rucker

Jinju Salazar

Norberto Santana Jr. Ramon G. Santiago

Antonelle Sanchez

Sergio A. Savoury


Cambry D. Sanchez

Africa D. Sales

I.' 'f

Raylene C. Seegmiller Samantha C. Sheffield

Analisa Shoemaker

Sumaya L. Simmons Crystal R. Sliwicki


Yarabi A. Sealy


c- -v


yC* ^R ^S

Aisha P. Smalls Joann P. Smith

Tiffany A. Stanton

Maria I. Thrower

Janine M. Strong

Carlos J. Toro

Carlos J. Toro

Victor A. Smith Jane E. Snelling

Joshua J. Tanner

Rafael J. Torres

Candace R. Tassell
Candace R. Tassell

Rashaun A. Tucker
Rashaun A. Tucker

Jean P. Souffront

Richard A. Taylor

Richard A. Taylor

Liliana Valbi

Brienne C. Stansberry

Mark J. Thomas


uena Joelia Varela

" .,'


Myrna Veguilla

Einar J. Velarde

Michael P. I rl Linda J. Waugh


George N. Velasco

Kristina Y. Webb

Alberto L. Velez

AL er i Vel z

Alberto L. Velez

Pauline L. Webb

Hernando J. Villamizar

Jenna M. Webeck
jenna M. Webeck

Vira S. Vishindas

Katherine Weeks



Rodolfo A. Wellington

Gisella West

Tamara L. Wharton Khalilah R. White Mike White

_ .1.
Nil A W.i..bak
Neil A. Wilbanks

^- -

Gary P. Williams

Tonisha M. Yates
Tonisha M. Yates

Rebecca Camps

Janice M. Williams Stephanie Wilson

Michelle A. Yen


Hector Castillo

X. Yoli

Hector Colon

Debbie G. Woodman


Derren J. Young

Ruth Delgado

Carl W. Wynn


Gilberto Arosemena

Keith A. Drennan

Anna Escobar Eriberto Estrada
Anna Escobar Eriberto Estrada

Stephanie Y. Griffith

Keesha M. McGee


Osawa Shane Parker


Antonio Yang

Albert Bodden

A. Drucreux
A. Drucreux




The Final Few Freshmen

-rBf- 1 *

Aul0umin Da' n R. -adLl

Ioannt E Shepard

Hi mom! J. Kazmarski, A. Lincoln, and friend enjoy their moment before the
crowd while performing in the Homecoming Parade.

Not Pictured

Waiting for the cheerleaders. All eyes focus on the
homecoming pep-rally. Photo by: P. Cowles

main attraction at th,

Jeremy Borowski
David L. Bright
Jeronio Coward
Serena Davis
Morgan Doyle
lairobi Estes
Lynnette Ferreria
Cassandra Gustke
Michael Johnson
Jennifer Lowe

Winner Nic Holls
Brianne Noyes
Julitssa Ortiz
Juan Palacio
Michelle Pedersen
Jeremy Peschl
Joanne Shepard
Jahel Stewart
Frank Takacs
Reginald Wahington

Julie Martell

"I just want somebody to hug." T. Nunez shows her class spirit during th
Homecoming activities. Photo by: C. Jenkins

68 Freshmen
:I Freshmen

William A. Ray

Daniel Romig




S pho nmor t




Mrs. Patricia Alvarad.
Mrs. Rosalind Baitt I
Mr. Fred Bait

Mrs. Melanie Bal
Mrs. Susan Bernascon,
Ms. Marion Brani k



- I
.5 -


"Never Mistake Knowledge For Wisdom"...So They Say

R ON i

-B |&Y^5
B- ^ tl

'. C.

What: .. No F's. Mrs. Alvarado and Ms. Chidester be-
come distressed as they desperately search their grade
sheets for failing grades. Photo by C. Wall
"Don't look now, but ." Mr. Husted and Mr. Quinn
try to figure out why Sgt. Major Goodrum quit his
ROTC job to become a janitor. Photo by P. Alvarado


O r

_ ~I~ C


Mr. Joseph Brown
Ms. Lilian Butler
Mr. Rafael Chen

Ms. Diana Chidester
Mrs. Sonia Cigarrista
Mrs. Kelle Company

Mrs. Sydney Corbitt
Mr. David Cotton
Ms. Patty Cowles



1. -.

Ms. Geri Dee
Mrs. Elaine Duffus
Mrs. Linda Dunn




.- -t

I -

Mr. Gene Fendricl
Mrs. Amy Fisher
Mr. James Funk

Mr. Richard Gamble
Mrs. Joanne Gettys
Mrs. Camille Gibson

* I


Mr. Julio Gonzalez
Mr. John Hager
Ms. Carolyn Hanock

Mrs. Joyce Hanson
Mr. James Higley
Mrs. Debbie Hoffman-Pahl

.,;, d


S7 Faculty


*la -r*'

^ .

i ^

Welcome to your worst nightmare.
No where else will you find such a
dense population of the evil crea-
tures that they call teachers. Photo
by A. Moore

The Prime Time Dance. Although
Mr. Bales touchdown dance is almost
as flashy as Dion Sanders, we think
he should keep his day job. Photo by
G. Dee

-- 1



Mr. Eric Holland
Mrs. Jane Huff
Mr. Louis Husted

Mr. Louis Kellar
Ms. Veronica Longo
Mr. Mike Hughes

Faculty E




Mr Karl L.>udja
kl, NianC\ Mlan:chtr
Mr in nt Mlartin


t,4 F&
SN 'fCr,

N1, nrv Nr. a ..ienpll
NM- I.'hnit M, .c(re .r
MI- C(artul- M ,ncr




"There's no ceiling on effort!"--H.C. Fuehauf

Diet .. What diet? Mrs. Othon and Mr. Vaz were
caught red-handed breaking their diet rules. Photo by
C. Wall
I can't believe it's not butter! Mrs. Sosa and Ms. Hans
just can't say enough about the new imitation butter
they use in the cafeteria. Photo by P. Cowles


- -L1~19

V\ '

Dr. David Markewitz
Ms. JoAnne Mitchell
Mrs. Wilma Monlouis

Ms. Susan Nordell
Mr. Cleve Oliver
Mrs. Gail O'Masta

Mr. Richard Pahl
Mr. Howard Perkins
Mrs. Deanna Peterson

Mr. Tom Price
Mr. Joe Ramirez
Ms. Edie Redfern

Faculty I


orf-* k

Mr Ramnr'n R,.-
Mr- La.ura ;I io
Mr DLa.id S,-zl l

Mr- Marna SIlt"
Mr- Su-an ,hcli_,n
Mr- Rilja -.j

Mr Mticheal %tL C
Mr- I t1cannc \ 'ad
MI- Cheril IVll

Mr. Kenneth Waugh
Mrs. Dorothy White
Mr. Richard Widdop










A a

Teachers on the loose. Ms. Cowles,
Ms. Longo, Ms. Dee, Ms. Roa, Ms.
Othon, Ms. Montague, & Ms.
McGregor enjoy an evening of
laughter while on a stop at "Mi
Pueblito". Photo by: G. Dee
"Hey everybody, look at that!",
chides Mr. Gamble, as he takes time
off from networks, webs and micro-
chips for a well-deserved break at a
faculty social. Photo by G. Dee

Miss Iliana Chow Kai
Mr. Rafael Cozzarelli
Mrs. Paula Fabrega

Mr. William Fehy
Ms. Veronica German
Ms. Zenia Morris




Mrs. Cosette Hawkins
Miss Nadine Oakley
Ms. Iris Perez


e ':

Ms. Yolanda Ruiz
Ms. Sage Michele
Ms. Marelisa Samuels


Ir W-


Mrs. Mariette Stahz
Mrs. Sonia Webl)

Be very sensitive to your benefac-
tors, no matter how small their
gifts in your behalf. Don't let any
kindness go unappreciated.



ti -




SlIilnl ll g 5 111

' O RSnflnAflo O





Freshmen Officers
Jackie Barnash-President
Steve Bowman-Vice
Gisella West-Treasurer

Class of 1999

Balboa', roll-call of
about 1100 this year,
was due mainly to
the incoming Fresh-
men class, which is
o\ er 300.

-- -7 -r

Sophomore Officers
Carlos Garcia-Treasurer
Bridgette Anderson-Vice
Gerald Irish-President

Class of 1998

This year the Soph-
omore class under
the leadership of Mr.
Chen showed their
spirit on the "Disco
Fever" homecoming

S' Afslfll 3SAf4t .aUrnrvB~~gR~~ r r~ w.- 'I. ......E

Junior Officers
Cheryl Eckerle-President
Sarah Livingston-Vice
Liz West-Treasurer




Class of 1997

The Junior class of-
ficers took on the
tough task of orga-
nizing the Prom as
well as their first
place homecoming

."*S4 ''-F.F-W F-F'mW4r*i*OSaf~fuflf4.. t4t re*' b*.




Clubs Are An Integral Part Of Life At BHS; Computer, Ecology,
Biological Honor Society, Photography, Drama Are A Few Of The

After-School Happenings

t Dig, Scoop, Pack, Plant.
The Fcolpgv Club busily readies
H planter, i ih fertile soil for seeds to
Sbe planted and nursed to large
healthy plants. Bill Venteicher, Pilar
Vallarino, and friends spent an early
Sat. Morn. on this project. Photo by
P. Baca

J0 1geeP Af


Wow, this picture is great!
Photography Club member Amanda
Krusse admires fellow member
Chrystal Choutier's most recent
print. Chrystal, admiring her new
picture, proudly shows it off for all to
see. Photo By D. White

"I love the dirt."
No, Johnny Leon isn't di ging for
gold, he's working in the BH1, green
house. Members of Ms. Baca's ecol-
ogy club spend many hours refur-
bishing the greenhouse to make it
full of life. Photo by P. Baca

Clubs 8 1

Alpha Company
Front: D. French. 1st: W.
Dwight, C. Lopez, D.
Perez, 2nd: J. O'Keefe, Y.
Zarate, 3rd: D. Brock,
Micheal, A. Velez, Z. Gar-
cia, I. Taylor, B. Hernan-
dez, 4th: S. West, R. Wood-
man, M. Johnson, D.
Laplaca, K. Jones, Back: D.
Giles, B. Colon, C.Gonza-
lez, M. Ferguson, M.
Laplaca, A. Gonzalez, E.
Sanchez, J. Cvevas, A. Rob-
erts, J. Brannon, A. Yen, A.
Perez, E. Beteta, D. North-
cutt All Photos By D. Vine-
gar Middle Picture Back
ow J. McManus


I ~ ~ (M I ^.
. .

_. : "
i. r, di, .Ir -

Bravo Company
Front: P. Rivera, 1st: E.
Gonzalez, C. Chou, A. Ash,
W. Garza, 2nd: N. Mu-
darra, 3rd: A. Bibbo, R. De-
leon, A. Gonzalez, K. Ro-
man, J. Torres, L. Herrera,
D. Young, 4th: S. Blanquic-
ett, M. McKinnon, T.
Morena, A. Small, E. Sali-
nas, M. Bodkin, 5th: K.
Rios, R. Ross, S. Keene, V.
Redfern, B. Aird, J. Qu-
ezada, 6th: A. Marcias, J.
Varela, J. Ottinger, A. San-
tos, I. Smith, E. Zayas, 7th:
R. Johnstone, E. Dagget, Q.
Thompson, K. Kingsbury,
D. Beech, R. Sinclair

Charlie Company

Front: A. Antadillas, 2nd: J.
Guerra, F. Spray, A. Madnd, 3rd:
E. Corsbie, J. Williams, L. Cargil,
Y. McDonald, 4th: L. Cline, M.E.
Sanchez, R. Wellington, A.
Lopez, M. Poe, L.M. Sanchez,
5th: T. McPeak, V. Hoyte, B.
Gutierrez. Hogan, M. Rivera, C.
Nel, 6th: McKay, A. Holder, C.
Jimenez, 0. Fullerton, S. Graber,
J. Kilgore, 7th: A. Keene, A.
Cruz, J. Coward, M. Pichardo, D.
Kallmeyer, i. Kisic, 8th: G. Best,
P. Ditto, E. Lara, B. Daily, M.
Prescot, 9th: R. Manning, N.
Floria, S. Simmons

* B it
4. L 'a

4 '


,.- *i t


.. --- ....

.. .&Vt' A -

0-4 -. -

- 1 4

JROTC Gets Results.

You can actually
see JROTC students
doing better in
school, taking on
more responsibilitN,
and getting involved
in community ser-


The JROTC pro-
gram works for the
simple but profound
reason that our stu-
dents have chosen it
for themselves.

- ris Clubs

Making A Difference.

Something amaz-
ing happens when
students enter the
Junior ROTC pro-
gram. Whatever they
do, they begin doing

1 .t J

Ai, i

Delta Company r a .
front: J. Rowley, 1st: D. Earl. S.
German. D. Pandy. 2rnd: Basnskl.
I Ramery. C. Luna. F. Barmasck. 3rd:
Y Rodnguez. C. Naranjo, Dawig. a .
i. Gonzalez. M. Pez. T. Petlford.
tn: R. McDanir T. Galoway. S.
Gomez. K. Inleslas. M. Whte. M.
foster, Sth: M. Thrower. R. Rodnguez.
i. Mcms, F. Kmsey. W. Husband. C.
Jetn is. 6th: E.. Ramirez. E.. Vdarde.
8 Arado, R. Camps. 0.. Bartr. M.
Mrshajl. 7th: A. Sodden. V. V. Smith. Z..
'nerz. T. Dias. J. Smith. C.
La.da. 8th: A. Raymond. S.
Blackwel. R. Spray. A Austin. S.
rw acott. L Gordon. 9th: M. Haynes.
a. zilard. K. Odeh. V. Macolm. lM.
moohan. Not Rctured: R. Espinosa. J.
MacCaskill, J. Strong, J. Whethan

Front: P. De Leon 1st: G.
Goodrum, M. Lim, J.
V'aldes, E. Luck, E. Berrios,
R Martinez 2nd: E. Zayas,
D Vinegar, R. Vega, P.
W Villiams Photo by D.


~' A*

Business Club
Front S Hur, S. Kye, 0
lohnilori T. Antonis, A
Higle, 2nd: Sponsor Jose
Ramirez. I Guiles, J. Wil-
coxon. D Anckle, M. Kac-
mar.kj. B Ventiecher

Past History.

JROTC teaches a
broad spectrum of
subjects including
American History,
how the government
works, our Constitu-
tion, and current

"No Pain, No Gain."

In many respects
the Junior ROTC
program is a tough
road, but that's the
way the students
want it.

"Don't stop on an
empty stomach."

This is one of the
many tips the Busi-
ness Club hung
around the school
during National
Consumer Week.

P- i
A r~9.~

A'a Ir




Senior Officers
Patsy Williford-Vice
Mary Ann Lim-Secretary
Marie Souffront-Treasurer
Photo by Jared Holzworth

S.A. Officers
Jose Gonzalez-President
Andrea Cedeno-Vice
Lisa Plasencia-Secretary
Monica Morales-Treasurer
Photo by Jared Holzworth

Clas- of 1990

5 5.

Thumbs up to the
Senior officers. Thev
put together a great
homecoming float,
and brought the class
of 19% through to

BHS Leaders

Hoora) for our
school leaders BHS
shined this \ear and
our officers made
things happen.

Front: J. Brannon, S. Jen-
kins. Row 1: D. Pandy, C.
Jimenez, P. Webb. Row 2:
D. Vinegar, S. Pagan, S.
West, M. Foster. Photo by
D. White.

"Don't Drink And

During the year
worked together to
teach elementary
school students the
importance of not
drinking while driv-

Z Clubs


I:.pc~i as :~a.r;I
.. .
-- r
- a
1 Ir* ;...~!r~~**rax~y~-~-r

H aia Democracy
Fronl Mr Waugh,S.Acap,
SOrion \. Ash, L. Oden,
D Dalz E Zittle. Row 1: J.
Gonzalez J. O'Keefe, J.
Ca-ianjda A. Klasovsky,
R Soa A. Kershner, K.
Small, Phto by D. White.

Fr. n C Ave-Lallemont, J.
Candtlano, J. Coville, T.
Schatltr M. Rojas. Row 2:
I Ulrich, A. Luca, H.
Majck\. r.Vallarino, Ms.
Miuchell. Photo by J. Holz-

Drama Club
Fronm % Del Real C MNr-
cier. C ,'e Lallemnnt T.
schaller I Co ille K.
Smalls Ml- Mhitchcll Row
1 A Boddrn. H H.an;on,
B V\'ntieiher K lhwlicki,
D Spra~-rgue R,,la. L.
enileichtr Rui\ 2 L.
Iohn-on I Ginalt,. P.
\allarnno A Grabcr Pa-
gan Row 3 L Othon P.
NMckeon .A Martinet. S.
WVolli D AnckJ I Mat-
tingl C Del Real M.
Cover. T NMcDad. H.
Mackev Phot, by 1. Holz-

Point of Information?

Hacia Democracy
was introduced this
year at BHS. The
members spent a few
days at the Hotel El
Panama, where they
debated world issues.

Future Academy
Award winners?

The Thespians
worked hard this
year to earn the
money for their trip
to Nebraska to attend
the International
Thespian Festival.

Places Everyone.

The Drama Club
put on two spectacu-
lar productions.
"Fruitcakes" and
"Once Upon a Mat-
tress" were a big hit.



French Honor Society
Front: J. Atherly, D. Garcia,
C. Guerra, M. Ceballos, J.
Weedin. Row 1: Ms. L.
Roa, D. Glotzer, A. Kersh-
ner, M. Oriet. Photo by D.

French Club
Front: W. Veguilla, M. Ara-
mayo, D. Garcia, J. Gonza-
lez, C. Guerra, M. Ceballos,
M. Oriet, 2nd: H. Hanson,
J. Atherly, J. Olton, J. Wee-
din, 4th: D. Glotzer, M.
Andrade, Ms. L. Roa, K.
Jones, A. Kershner

Spanish Club
Front: J. Gonzalez, A. Dela
Guardia, R. McGuinness,
Row 1: J. Giles, V. Pohl, M.
Rojas, C. Eckerle, Y. Ce-
deno, C. Bowman, K. Dil-
lon, L. Llach, J. Lucas. Row
2: P. Kirkpatrick, K. Ander-
son, M. Cover, A. Gundin,
K. Husted. Row 3: L. Her-
rera, T. Robinson, J. Mat-
thews, E. Close, T. Berman.
Row 4: E. Natalio, M. Re-
strepo, S. Anderson, T.
Tenturier, M. Morales, K.
Keck, L. Wheeler, D. Diez,
H. Castillo. Row 5: P. Val-
larino, D. Rodriguez, V.
DelReal, K. Johnson, J.

Salut Ca va?

These outstanding
French students have
stuck with it for three
years. Once in Pans,
their accents will

J'aime parler francais!

The French club is
designed to allow
student- to expand

their knowledge of
French customs.
Mardi Gras was no
doubt the club's larg-
est event of the year.

Leon, S Bibbo MN Lim M
Boyle. E Luck. L West A
Hepburn NM Vaz Rou\ 6.
A. Gabnekon L Pla-encia
M. Hart W Winmkr. M
CeballL I Cantu. I Wee.
din, C DeRtal Rod Photo
by: J. Holrzarth

*i Clubs

A .

r .f


*? '*

Ecology Club
Front: S. Acap, Row 1: W.
Veguilla, I. Morales, M.
Cover, M. Restrepo, P. Val-
larino, B. Venteicher, M.
Andrade, Row 2: S. Hur, S.
Kye, H. Hanson, S. Pe-
tersen, L. Ochoa, S. Lee.
Photo by P. Baca

Front: D. Coffee, N. Berrios, M.
Ornet, R. Gonzalez, D.
Baughman, L. Venteicher, J.
Adkins. Y. Fernandez, L.
Valbuena, Y. Peart, Row 1: K.
Santos, D. Murphy. B.
Anderson, D. Peters, A.
Bonnick, A, Lopez, P. Rivera,. A.
Valdilles, E. Franklin. M.
Souffront, K. Fritts, Row 2: C.
Lozada, K. Johnson, H. Figueroa,
N. Isogai, Z. Jimenez, J.P.
Souffront, E. Ramirez, S.
Paulsen, Back: J. Nelms, I.
Wagner, J. Adams, J. Allen, L.
Smith, R. Rigney, D. Johnson, K.
Robinson, B. Garza. Photo By J.

Select Chorus
Front: C. Skumautz, C.
Avellalamont, Y. Hoyte, S.
Pinder, N. Berrios, E.
Smith. Row 2: S. Living-
ston, N. Isoquai, L.
Paulsen, A. Santos, S. Al-
baugh, R. Rigney, S. Jones.
Row 3: C. Toro, W. En-
gelke, V. Pabon, D. Mills,
M. Miranda.

Plant a tree ...



The ecology club
did many projects
this year. Among
them they planted
plants in the green-
house down in the

The band plays on.

The band played
during the Christmas
concert. This year the
music department
celebrated 75 years of
music at Balboa High

Do, Re, Mi...

This year chorus
went to the cancer
ward at the children
Hospital to sing
Christmas carols.
They also went to
Coronado to enter-
tain the guests there.

I.. ,
ii ~t~%i~ '-~P



Polleras, Montunos, Water, Confetti, Masks. What Do These Words

Have In Common? They Mean It's Time For...

Carnavalito/Mardi Gras 1996!

Viva Carnavales!
Carnavalito princesses (L to R) M.
Rojas, M. Lim,C. Eckerle, J. Lucas
and J. Weedin pose with their escorts
standing behind. This years Spanish
and French Clubs held their annual
celebration at the PC College audito-
rium. Photo By Devon Sprague

Mike Boyle Center Stage!
Members of the French Club strut
their stuff at the Mardi Gras/Car-
navalito celebration in February. Pic-
tured L to R are: M. Souffront, L.
Marrero, M. Ceballo, M. Boyle, and
C. Guerra. Photo By D. Sprague

La Reina Principal.
Queen Mary Ann Lim, poses with
her escort Carlos Del Real. Mary
Ann was crowned Queen during the
coronation ceremony. She addressed
her court and the audience through
her declaress". Photo By Devon


BiologIcal H S
let D Brogi~ C Eckerle I
Maltthlw k \\illiam- I
Ochoa, K Smalls I Ather.
le\ D Gilt. I \\hehhan.
Kl Ceballo- Z Perez. S
Li.ingston 2nd K Righb
.A Ctdeno B cancr E
Cloe, R amaki-Ta lor. I
Gonzalez R McGuinn-.
NM Hart 1 Winkler. C
Bates NM MN.-ral; I
Hauser Mi Onet D Diez
I Wahl NMr Senit 3rd
lMr Siitz B BEdwvll I
Staha K Gib on I Diaz B
Macall K MlcQuarr- C
Bowvman L Llach. K
Husted T Schatter L

Parrakeet 'tart
Top NM Re-trepo E Ran-
dolf L Oden. I MNatrteis%
% Sabongt H Baldwin.
2nd 4 Merkel. S Pagan.
NM Hart A Hteerl\. E
Ca-nllo 3rd R Gonzalez.
MN Cotr, I Nilholkor. NI
NMaldinad,' D ioung. NM
Coo'ke I Canru. D \White.
NM Ceballo-. I iVtiedLn N.t
Picturtd A Este- P Willh-
ford Photo b\ P. Cowles

Spansh H S
Fri Mi Soutirant R
McGuinnes-, I Conzalez.
MN Co\tr 2nd MN Limn \
Winkier. MK Hart. K
Smalls. 3rd E Luck. L
Llach aM Rolas. C Eckerle.
E L ng Pho tol b\ D.

West, S.Bibbo, K Fritz. S
Peterson, L. Lirc.ln a \i-
darri, Back: C. Hernng A
Gabrielson, J. Ca-tanida
D. Sprague, D [)D ia F
Linton, L. Pla- nc ia B
Venteicher, K. Rob.nson.
A. Kershner, D Garcia E
Lopez, I. Morale, N Lim.
K. Kech Ph.io b} ).

Deadline'- Coming

The Parrakeeter's
pulled together, de-
spite the over helm-
ing workload, and
ended the year with
nine issues, the high-
et number within
the la|.t few Nears.

\'i\a el Espanol

The members of
Spanish Honor Soci-
ety were initiated
thi'. year. They also
had a Banquet in



Letterman's Club
Front: Mr. Waugh, A.
DeLaGuardia, P. DeLeon.
Row 1: D. Garcia, A. Ce-
deno, K. McAleer, S. Wil-
liams, C. Bowman, L.
Llach, D. Maduro, C.
Bates, J. Castaneda. Row 2:
A. Higley, T. Antonis, S.
Sears, M. Hart, L. Marrero,
R. Sweeney, W. Winkler,
K. Husted, W. Garza, J.
Oman, Mrs. Company.
Row 3: H. Figueroa, B.
Anderson, B. Kelly, C.
Yanes, M. Boyle, L.
Wheeler, S. Kalmeyer, J.
Weedin, M. Ceballos.
Photo by J. Holzworth.

Front: R. Yamaki-Taylor.
Row 1: D. Lightell, A. Aus-
tin K. McAleer, J. Gonza-
lez, T. Berman, T. Schaffer,
L. Marrero, A. Ash, I. Rog-
ers. Row 3: A. Klasovsky,
A. Kershner, K. Smalls.
Photo by K. Waugh.

BHS Future Stars

Lettermen's Club
came to BHS this
year in full They
took on the responsi-
bility ot organizing
the record books and
raised money to buy
their jackets.

Motion for ten
minute caucas.

MUN has a great
time in Norfolk, Vir-
ginia. The mall, food
court, hotel rooms,
and of course the
committees were a
big hit.

Computer Club
Front: L. Johnson, D.
Davis, J. Leon, M. Re-
strepo, S. Acap. Row 2: M.
Bodkin, P. Vallarino, M.
Andrade. Row 2: M.
Veguilla, S. Hur, S. Kye, H.
Hanson, D. Jeong, W.
Veguilla. Photo by P. Baca.

RAM, RON, what's
the difference"

Computer Club
members could an-
swer this question.
They spent their free
time learning com-
puters, designing
program,, and learn-
ing about our mod-
ern world.






BHS Students Choose From A Wide Variety Of Activities To Keep
Them From Getting Bored. Clubs Allow For This Myriad Of

A Diversity Of Interests.

Lend a Helping Hand.
T. Vogel and S. Johnson help out
with kids at the orphanage. Both
NHS and NJHS went to the orphan-
age at Christmas. They took gifts to
the children and played games with
them afterwards. Photo by P. Cowles


Ms. Monlouis is presented with a
plaque at the Christmas concert to
commemorate 75 years of music at
Balboa High School. The plaque was
presented by the Superintendent of
Panama Schools, Dr. R. Russell.
Photo by D. White

Computer wizards like to Party, too!
Members of the BHS Computer club
bid farewell to one of their members,
William Veguila. To honor William's
dedication and service to their club,
Ms. Baca hosted a farewell party for
him. Photo by P. Baca




National Honor Society
Kneeling: LtoR: S. Pe-
tersen, A. Gabrielson, M.
Rojas, M. Lim, C. Eckerle,
C. Ave-Lallemont, T. Shaf-
fer, Z. Perez, S. Livingston,
1st: M. Morales, R. Y-Tay-
lor, R. McGuinness, M.
Hart, M. Cover, W. Win-
kler, A. Estes, S. Hedge, K.
Keck, M. Bales, 2nd: J.
Gonzalez, K. Smalls, L.
Llach, C. Bowman, S.
Sears, V. Poveda, A. Ce-
deno, D. Brogie Back: B.
Kelly, F. Linton, J. Staha,
D. Glotzer, M. Ceballos, K.
Husted, E. Close, C. Bates,
R. Sweeney. Absent: A.
Kershner, M. Morales, J.
Liu, K. Robinson, K. Fritts,
L. West

All "A's" Honor Roll Gr. 11
& 12
Front: L to R: K. Fritts, T.
Shaffer, C. Eckerle, W.
Winkler, M. Cover, C.
Bowman, C. Locke, E.
Close, L. West, L. Lincoln,
J. Liu, K. Robinson. Photo
by Mrs. White.

All "A's" Honor Roll Gr. 9
& 10
Front: S. Herrera, S.
Chang, J. Long, H. Han-
son, K. Ferguson, Y. Ce-
deno, K. Dillon. Row 1: A.
Blotzer, A. Fisher, E. Duf-
fus, L. Brain, J. Webeck, S.
Bowman, B. Anderson.
Row 2: A. Lewis, J. Ka-
zmarski, M. Wagstaff, C.
Archer, L. Franklin, C. Car-
cia, S. Johnson. Row 3: R.
Chandler, Y. Peart, E.
Wemple, D. Beech, M.
Higgins, T. Mattingly, G.
Best, P. Herring. Photo by
D. White.


Ser\ ice Projects

Christmas to\s,
mini-olympiis, &
new shoes for the or-
phans; plus volun-
teering at Bal. Elem.
skate nights & field
day, tutoring all ages
& grade levels keeps
the NHS chapter

Perfection Counts!

The-e students
have achieved what
.ome say is impossi-
ble; all A's, even in
AP classes. Keep up
the outstanding

On the road to

Following in the
footsteps of their up-
per-classmen, these
Freshmen & Sopho-
mores are well on
their way to achiev-
ing success.

Hard Work, Dedication, Leadership Qualities, And Good Grades,
That's What It Takes To Be In

Honor Societies At BHS.

S ,. What's that down there?
Biological Honor Society members
S'check out and learn about the plant
and animal life at the waterhole in
Gamboa. Photo by M. Hart

Smile and Wave
National Honor Society members, W.
Winkler, T. Vogel, M. Ceballos, and
R. McGuinness take a break for
lunch before going to play with the
orphanage children during Christ-
mas. Photo by P. Cowles

Clean up duty
National Junior Honor Society mem-
ber K. McAleer helps to clean up af-
ter the orphanage trip in December.
Photo by P. Cowles



The set up.
Seniors M. Magruder and B. Vente-
icher give their rockets a quick check
before lift off. It was a great day for
the launching. Photo by D. White.

Up, up, and away!
Sean Hur and friends stretch to see
where the rockets went. Most of the
science classes attended the sixth an-
nual rocket launch. Photo by D.



Olympics Bicycle Contest?
Well, it's not really THE Olympics,
it's the annual Physics Olympic con-
stant velocity challenge. R. Carrau
finds out just how tough this is while
L. Ochoa and K. Husted observe.
Photo by D. White.


The finishing touch.
This year the Balboa Elementary
School students who participated in
the cooperative Physics rocket
project built their rockets in the BHS
Physics rooms. R. Vega looks on
while his partner glues the final
piece on.


Did someone call me?
While enjoying Mr. Young's Art
Class field trip, Shauna Sears is dis-
tracted by the quiet calm of the
causeway. Her watercolor skyline
can be seen in the Art showcase.
Photo by D. Young.



Meeting of the Minds.
Choosing the next stroke with care,
John Liu stretches his artwork while
Koji Mishiro works alongside him.
Photo by D. Young.

Youth Art Month.
Jo Ulrich, Gabe Le Roy, and Laura
Boyd allow Mr. Young to capture a
"Kodak Moment" during their out-
ing. The BHS Art department put a
lot of effort into this annual March
Celebration. Photo by D. Young.


A "shady" trio.
Jemail Ward, Ken Suarez, and Frank
Walrond stay out of the sun along
the beach at Amador. These talented
Seniors got to create outdoors in-
stead of drawing inside their usual
classroom. Photo by D. Young


.' .'



You can cut the tension with a knife.
Yearbook students (L to R) A. Ce-
deno, P. Williford, R. Taylor and
Mrs. Bales try to write "spiffy"
photo captions. Photo by M. Hart.

"My picture isn't anywhere in our
book!' Okay, Jessica Ernest finally
gets her wish, since we caught her in
the act of really typing copy-sheets
instead of complaining about school.
Photo by M. Hart

While Jared smiles, Herman works.
Herman Wilkinson and Jared
Holzwarth loves those sports pages.
This year the yearbook staff had a
hard time getting the sports teams
photos to print well. Photo by M.

I hate white-out." Having completed
a final layout sheet only to be told by
Mrs. Bales to change it, Lucia Lin-
coln isn't a happy camper. Photo by
M. Hart.

"Are those Amazing Fruit walking
over there?" Andrea Cedeno suffers
a mirage from lack of sleep after
p-I.' ,,. i, hours non-stop working
ionh (liu ia Johnstone in the year-
book room. Photo by M. Bales.

Queen of layouts. Melissa Hart
crops yet another photo while under
duress to meet the final deadline.
Mel organized the Senior survey,
freshmen, and ad pages. Photo by M.



L. --




jL4 R<




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z Balboa HS, Unit 0925, APO AA 34002 onian-1996-Volume 87 . Past Pr esent, Future( t o p rig ht ) the BHS 1996 "In Retro spec t yea rbook tak es a look al s tud en t l ife on th e 1 s t day o f schoo l AI b o tt o m right s tu dents s how their H omecoming s pirit. Picture d at l eft i s a rar e sig hting o f Vas co Nunez d e Balboa Title Page


A Day In The Life At Balboa High So f a r th e new ta rd y rul e h a s wo rk e d o ut grea t-peopl e a r e ge ttin g t o cla ss on tim e s o m e a r e eve n ru s hin g d own th e h all t o b e a t th e b ell," sa id R ya n Y a m a ki-T ay l o r w h e n a s k e d a b o ut th e n e w sch oo l p olicy Y o u t a lkin' t o m e? Fre shman, Matt Hell ye r co p s a n a l titude a s h e looks up fro m hi s h o m ew o rk a n d d isco ve r s his in t e n se d i s lik e f o r it. Too ba d h e mus t f a c e three m o r e years of thi s t orture. pho t o b y G Dee 2 S tudent L i f e Dazed and C onfu se d! A Rodanic h e g i ves t h e c a m e r a a be d a z z l e d look whi l e h e di spla ys s t e p #5 i n th e hair co l o r c h a ng1n g process pho t o b y P Cowles Is she 16 going o n 17? P Vallarino r egresses ba c k t o h e r pre sc h oo l days and mi stakes h e r E n glis h cla ss f o r n a ptime pho t o by O. White


Gorillas in the mist. Kyle Hu s t e d Jo se Gonzalez and Chris Bowman do some mal e bond i n g while on the Bio l ogical H o n o r Society's trip t o Barr o Co l o rado I s land Phot o by R Taylor Thai' s a wrap! Students in Mr Vaz s Spani s h class finally ge t it to get h e r f o r a ye arbook "mug ." Th eir happy face s let u s kn o w h o w mu c h they enjoy Spanish Ph o t o by D Vinegar I can t believ e it's Monday!" Fr eshman Rafael Torres ju s t remem be r e d his writing p r ojec t wa s due t oday! It didn' t tak e l o n g for thi s 9 th g r ade r t o r ealize thi s fact. Ph o t o by D Whit e "Just Oean It!" The Seniors zapped an unsuspecting underclassman who made the fatal mistake of s teppin g on the BHS plaque In Balboa Hig h School se niors are the only ones with the priv ilege of being able to s tep o n the plaque without having to undergo the embarrassing consequences. Photo by D W h ite 3 Stude nt Life


acific Jamboree p Past practice C0'1tinues as BHS hosts their first Jamboree "You' ll n eve r ca t c h m e I'm a s fas t a s can be, exclaim s I. Ne l son a s h e brea k s f ree f ro m th e l ea n m ea n R e d Ma c hine! Pho t o by B Weed in Bad Hair Day? Jan elle H a u se r nas h es h e r p ea rly w hit es as s h e mod e l s th e late s t in Red Ma c hin e p ornp o ns. P h o t o by P Cowl es Team Queens Bulldog 5 J. Cantu Johanna IS escorted by s r Sean Williams and Jr. Brian Beach. The Bulldogs finished in fifth p l ace thi s season. Photo by B Weedin Stude nt Life Couga r 's K. Balian Cougars fini s h e d this football seaso n in sec ond p l ace. Srs. Herman Wilkinson and Carlos Yanes esco rt Kathy Battin. Photo by B Weed in Devi!,s M. McLean Michelle McLean i s escorted by Sr. Kyle Husted and Jr. Michael Haines. The G reen Devils came in fourth place thi s seaso n Photo by B. Weed in Red's K. McAleer This seaso n fir s t place went t o Red Machine. Jrs. John Guerra and Jerry Smith escort Katie McAleer. Photo by B. Weedin


a - Rah Rah Shish, Boom Ba! R e d Ma chin e cheerlead e r s "bug the crowd with th e ir ye llin g pho t o b y B Weedin W e are women h ea r us roar! The mi ghty Cou gar Cheerle a d e rs exhibit a wild amount o f f e lin e s pirit. Meow! photo by P Alvarado Ju s t follow my l e ad F. Linlon give s E Konawicz s o m e p o int e r s t o i m p rove hi s s oc ial s kill s pho t o b y P Al varado look a l thai ba s k e t-to ss! Thomas Duma s expresses hi s e m otio n s a s th e c heerlead e r s bl as t thro u g h a r outi n e at the j amboree p e p rall y pho t o b y P Alvarado Snow falls (or the first time in Pan ama! Bulld ogs c heerl eade r s g et the crowd rile d up with their float and flying c onfetti The y later impr esse d the crowd with their unique r outine pho t o by B Wee d in We a r e family I got all my sis l e r s with me ." All the Var s it y c h e erlead e r s come togethe r f o r a group pho t o pho t o by 8 Weedin Student L i f e I lunnl 5


80' s Thriller s John O 'Keefe, Tas h a T enturier, Mary Ann Lim Estella Luck a nd Jessica Gon zales gathe r aro u n d Cind y Laupe r wann a be Monique Cover. Ph o t o by M Ce b a llo s H ey Juli e Se nior H o mecoming Prin cess, Juli e Matthews and se ni o r H o m ec oming Prin ce, Co n a n H e rring ge t r eady t o join in on the dancing. Ph o t o P Cowles So da Shop Fre shme n class s h o w s th e ir s p i rit with th eir n o at f o r thi s yea r's homeco min g theme A Blas t From Th e Past." Ph o t o by T Tay lor Ianni 6 I S tudent Life "This year's parade and floats were the best ever. The crowd went wild. -Pilar Vallarino '95 Homecoming Anoth e r E lvi s s i g hting! Senior John Wahl dances with h ound d og", P atsy Williford while "Elvi s," Bill Venteicher s in g s and Lucia Lin co ln ge t s t h e c r owd o n a r oll. P h o to by P Cow l es


lOR 1995 Hom eco min g Qu ee n and Kin g S rs. Jan elle Ath e rl ey and Johnny Bat es dance t oge th e r afte r t hey w e r e c r owne d Queen a nd King. Ph o t o by S Monta g u e J I. Smile H o mecoming Sopho m o r e Cour t m e m bers L e ti cia Brown and G e r a ld Iri s h p ose for Ms. C owl es ca m e r a at th e H o m eco min g dance. Ph o t o by P C owl es Di sco Inf e rn o Sopho m o r e s b oogie t o th eir f u nk y mu sic o n th ei r 7 0's i n s p i r e d H o meco mi n g float. P h o t o b y P C owl es Plotting Something? While stude nts g et r e ad y f o r th e chee r l eadi n g r o u tines, Mrs Ma sse n gill Mr. Pri ce and Sgt Major Goodrum d i sc uss the numbe r o f h a m burg e r s n e e d e d f o r the JR O T C bo o th P h ot o b y P Alvarado Summe r Lovin Th e J u n i o r Class flo at t a k es firs t p l ace with t heir version o f Summe r L ovin fro m C r e ase. Ph o t o b y T Ta y lor Student life I lanHI 7


Stude n t s A t B a lboa High Sport Their School Spirit Spirit week wa s th e m e-fille d w ith class comp etitions h e l d co nclu d in g wi th t h e m os t point s awarded t o th e F reshman cla ss. "Ove r all, our sc h oo l s howed m o r e s p irit this year t h a n in year's pa s t ," ex claimed Melissa H a rt. .. W hi c h way t o th e c ruise boat ? Tammy Sc h affe r and M e l a ni e Ro j as wish t h ey we T e going o n a c ru ise, but in reality th ey' r e ju s t goin g to th e ir n ex t class. Pho t o by P A l va r a d o Ianni 8 I S tudent Life I F id o B ri n g m e m y slippers. T R obinso n goes all o ul for pajama day. All he needs now i s his bea ut y ma s k Phot o by M Ce b a ll os S o Happy T oge t h e r .. J ulie M atthews and Jami-lynn M e n endez s how h o w dedi cated the cla ss o f '96 are t o each ot h e r by cling ing togeth e r in a w a rm ye t humor o u s e mbra ce Photo by A Ce d e n o


Which way t o th e b eac h ? P Willi ford wa s ou t in th e sun f o r a bit t oo lon g and s h e see m s 10 be in h e r own littl e world Ph o t o by K. Dillon C. Bowman and his new girl friend Danny Maduro and C hris Bowman s howoff th e ir beach gear during this yea r 's Sp irit W eek. Photo by K. Oil Ion How ma y 1 h e lp you? Najiha Avila po:.es in her paJamas while :.he s wing s by th e College Ca ree r Ce nt e r for so m e mformation Ph o t o by D Whit e Yipp ee! Jason Ohman and C hri s Bowm a n are ovenvhelmed by the c h eerlead ing performance at t he first annual Pacific s ide J amboree pep rally The ove rall winner of the Jamboree was the lean mean Red Mac h ine Photo by P Alvarado Stude nt Life I laMI 9


" And th e winne r's a r e ... C h ery l Ecke rl e and Ang e l a Ker s h n e r working hard on the Juni or float. Their h a r d work paid off, as th e Jun ior s won first p l ace for the H ome coming floats. P h o t o b y P Cowl es. Want a bi t e? L Lincoln hold s what s h e thinks might be dinner during a BHS froggin g trip This "S m okey Jungle frog s ec r etes a power ful toxin, th e ref o r e eating it is not r eco mmended. Ph oto by A. Cede n o C h eck it out ... BHS P h o tography C lub m embe r s check o ut their newly developed negative s t o see which ones are wor thy of p r inting. Ph oto by D Whit e 10 Stude n t Ufe Student activities at Balboa High. Is it Work Or Play? W e arc one with nature. Biolo gica l Honor Society member s po se in front of th e Big Tree at B a rro C olorado I s l a nd o n t h eir fir s t ever t r ip to th e Smi th s onian wi l d lif e p rese rve located in t h e middl e of Ca tu n L ake Photo by BHS


Wh e n thr ee i s not a cro wd J Matth ews, D S pragu e a nd C. Bat es put their heads t oget h e r This gives new m eaning t o th e word "breezeway Photo b y P Alvarado I told you that R e d Ma chine would win P Wil l iams and R Si n cla i r bicker ove r whic h t ea m will tak e th e J ambo r ee trophy Photo by P Co wl es Losers Club When asked at the Homecoming Dance if h e wa s president of th e l osers clubJavier Fabrega r eplied "Yes, but not only am I P r eside nt I'm a membe r too ." Phot o b y P C owles Are yo u sure you spell J u niors this way? M Rojas co nt emplates ove r the cor rect spellin g of Juniors ." Photo by P Cowles Say Cheese! Asst. Prine Mr. Perkins, Dr Warner J Candelario, Admira l P e rkins J Gonzal ez, Mrs Lewis, and R Taylor p ose for a picture in f r o nt of our sc hool during th e Admi r al's tour of BHS. Ph oto by D Whit e 11 Stude nt Lif e


Se t Hit It! Bulldog Cheerleaders: K. Boyle, M Ti r ado M. Roja s, C. Eck e r le, C. W est, S Kee n e H H art J Matto cks a nd K. Morrison s miling p r e tt y for th e cam e r a Phot o by J F e rna nd ez Watch a nd L ea rn Six couga r c heerlead ers wa t c h t he o th e r c h eerleading r o uti n es afte r g iving their perfo rmance a t th e '95 H o m eco mi n g pep r ally. Photo by P Cowl es 1 ,2,3 S mile! G r ee n D evil C h eerleader s : J B ur ge r A Keene, Y Surpre n a nt M. H a rt K. Willia m s, Sponso r : M Whea U ey, S. Johns o n J W h elihan, S Johnso n and V Poh l po se in front o f th e b rid ge o f Ame r icas Ph o t o b y B We e din manl 12 I S tud e nt Life Overall th e p erformance thi s year was b e tt e r than la st. I think they did exce pti o n a lly wei!. -Danny Sima The Cheerleaders At BHS *a Bundl e of S pirit B albo a Hig h Sch oo l All S tar C h eerl eaders: K. B o ttin V Pohl G. W es t K McA l ee r K. William s, M. Roja s, M Tirado and S H e d ge s how th ei r s tuff. Photo by S Montague -


If y ou r e h appy a nd y ou kn o w it S harl e n e Pin de r sure is, a n d s h e sure t hat all th e f a n s know it during th e H o m eco m ing p e p rall y a s s h e does h e r R e d Machine c h ee r l ea din g r o utin e. Ph o t o by P Cow l es C rrrr T h e C o u gar c heer leader s ge t t o ge th e r for a g r oup hug. Co ugar s f oo tb all t ea m e n d e d up l aki n g sec o n d pla ce. P h o t o b y P Cowle s R ea d y? Yeah R e d Mac hin e C h eerle ad ers: S Pin de r L. H e rr e r a S. H e d ge M P e lti e r K. M cAlee r C. Con z a l ez O Ciles, Y Ce d e n o and Z P e rez ge t t oge t h er for th ei r g r oup photo. Ph o t o b y P Co w l es Co P a nth e rs! J o y E n g e lke, Juli e Matth e w s and Monica Moral es take a half time break. Ph o t o b y P C ow l es We'r e numbe r I! T h e Balboa Hi g h Sc hool A ll s t a r s ce l ebrate the i r Palm B o w l victory and l oo k f o rward 1 0 another awesome g am e in Pue rt o Rico Ph o t o by M Maduro 13 Stude n t Life


Where-"Still Waters Run Deep" Unique Images Of Panama Top l eft: On your way Qui to Gamboa you pass by t h e wate r tank. Caug h t on fi l m i s o n e of t h e few times it ha s overflowed T op Rig ht : One of Panama 's predominant landmarks nex t t o BHS is G o e t h a l s Monument. B o tt o m : A local fisherma n p r epares to go out in his canoe t o r eturn with t h e ca t ch of th e day." Ph otos by D Whit e IDunl 14 I S tude nt Life


----As th e Dr y Seaso n ends in Panam a th e three d ay Cay u co r ace s t arts. As see n in th e pic tur e t o th e l eft, th e third day of the race, Cay u co boat s wai t t o tran sit the lock s a t Pedr o Miguel. Known as the H e r c u les" th e m o n s t er c rane a t th e dredgi n g di v i sio n in Gam b oa, l eft b el ow, i s s hown early i n the break of d ay. Picture d a t bottom right, i s the Bridge of Americas ": Pan a m a's ga teway t o th e interio r as a tugboat scutt les unde rn ea th it. Ph o t o b y L. Lin coln & D. White T h e l a nd divid e d T h e world unit e d A serene p i ctu r e of the Panam a Cana l is framed by flora.


CLASS OF 1996 I unn I 16 I 50000" Sen,,'" I 17 I aan H


K e nia A nd e rson Sa r a B Ande r son Mikel N. Andrade Tina A ntoni s ,-= :::-1 I \ Marielle C. A r arnayo Juan C. Arana W alfo rd L. A r c h e r III Liza E Arnold J a n elle M At h erley Ave r y M A u s tin C l ario n Ave-Lalle m o nt Ca th y Bates Myria m E Bonilla Ana s h a K Bannick Michael E Boyle J avie r Brandan 18 Sem o r s


e, , 8 b:l D av id A. Burge r J e nni e M arie Cand e l a r io R a fael H Ca rr a u Arma nd o L ui s Carr io n 8 E3 Mic hael R Cas tr o M arjorie A. Ce b allos Andrea L. Ce deno Hunte r G. C h as tain 0 (2) [? ...... M a r c L. Churc h J oshua J C i ce r a r o C hri s toph e r A. Co l e Juli o C. Co r o nado I d a lie Co rr ea Eth a n R Co r sbie M o niqu e E C o ve r


Dino Del Cid Carlos A. D e l Real Patricia D e leon Wilm a E. Enge lk e --Migue l A. Erroz Nor ayma FernandeL. Joshua A. Frank l in Danie l a Gar c i a ... -Edwin H Garcia Wil f r e d Garza Lui s D. G l o tzer Dimaris L. Go nzal ez -.-Eduardo R Gonzalez Jessica Gonza l ez Jo se L. Gon ,:a l e,: Daryl Gord o n Senior,


--, C? :, 0 Amanda Graber Collee n L. Green George G u ar nu cci Caro l V. Guerra ( 8 23 8 Rosa E. Guiterrez Masakazli H a n ada Daniel D. H anna Melissa G. Hart 0 0 --Sandie R H e dge Conan M Herrin g Abby F. Hig ley Jared L. H o lzwarth Gail Horn e r Nic Howard v H oy t ShinYoung Hur 2 1 Senior ..


K y l e B Hus t e d K a th e rin e L. I g l es i as Nah o I soga i Kir k A J emmo tt Co r alia D Jim e nez S h anno n M J ohnson Th o m as J o h n so n III Oliv i a R J o h n s t o n e Audrey J o n es S h a r o n K allmeyer A l yssa Keene Ga bri e l A. Leroy Da ni e l B Lig h t ell M a r y Ann Lim Lucia Lincoln 22 Senio r s


11 8 j o hn Y L i u j e n n i e L. L o n co n o I ,I Christia n A L o pez r -E s te l a L u c k A r c h i b o l d 8 E3 H ea th e r R M a c key j o r ge E Ma d e r a M a tthew L. Magr u d e r Lis a M arre r o Lope z 0 0 [j=J ..... 1_-juli a M Ma tthews Geo r ge F M a tt ocks Doc t o rr e M c D a d e Y a mil e th M cD o n a l d I' 3 te ph e n D M c F arla n e L aure n S McGuinn ess R obe rt McGuinnes s III P a tricia E M c K eo n I 23 Seni o r s


-, .. --Daniel E. Mendiol a Jamie-Lynne Menend ez Kimberly Merkel Brian A. Mills Koji Mishira Rita Model o Carla M. Monaghan Ligia Morice Monica Morales Neda Mudarra Ir\111 L. Nelson john R. O'Keefe Lui; H. Ochoa-Hartman j ason E. Ohman jaira L. Olton Sih'ia Pagan-I :ig uelroa 24 Slo'nior ...


TI3J [? oj 8 Nathaniel Park Va l erie D. Perez-Poveda Fransisco P e reL. Sarah L. P e t e r se n 8 2 8 Dwi g ht A. P e ttiford III Emmanu el Piniero Lisa M. Plasencia Joseph A. Powers 0 0 [p 4...... d n Martisela Price Giovanni Qule::;-Perez Colleen M. Reid Thomas J. R e u t ze l Giselle Reyes Marcella K. Roberts Kristof D. Robinson Tyrone 25 I S eni ors


Mic h elle A. R obles I s rael R o dgers D a hli a R odriguez R o s a l y n I. R o di g uez Juli a Van essa Sa b o nge Kar e n M Sant o s Samue l H Sc ribn e r S h auna J Sea r s R ac h e U e N. Sey b o ld E rik a Z. S incl a ir R o b e rt o R. S incl a ir T e r esa R Sliw i cki Kry s t a l A. S m alls H enry F S mith J a mi e Som era M arie A So uffront IUHHI 2 6 I Se ni o r s


':-.Ilt 8 T aswa n a N. S p ann Eric j S p e ir Devon V S pragu e T a n ya C. Sp rou l e g g '8 R ya n A. Swee ney T as h a T T e nturi e r Mich elle D Tir a d o Ge r a l d o A. T o rr es -Lun a 0 0 [? 4....... 1 -., -=" Y n j ohn D Trim j osephine L. Ullric h C arl os j V a l d es j u a n G. Vald es Pila r I sa b e l Valla rin o Lianne M V ande r wall R oy E V ega Willi a m G V e n t e i c h er I 27 Se ni o r s


.. L y z ande r J. V e reen H e i ss D V illamizar D a ron O. V in ega r Loui s M Voge l Indira M Wagn e r J ohn D W a h l S t anfo rd F W a l r ond Jr J e m a i l D W a rd E mil A. W a tson J aque lin e M Weedin S h a r o l e tt e W es t M a tth e w T Wethe rell K elly L. White Dwig ht C. Whit e Jr R as heem A. Wiley H e rm a n B Wilkin son PflGE 28 Senior::.


[j=J 1i\I\, 8 Sea n P Willia m s P a tri c i a M. Willif o rd Dai sy W Winkler Ricardo A. Woodman 8 8 C0 8 lyan D. Yamaki Taylor Carlos A. Yan es E d ga r A. Zayas j ohnny E. B a t es 0 0 [? '-oe li a Berr io s Laur a Boyd john Franks Carlos A. Garc i a juan Giles Danie l Lap l aca Angel SanHago Leo Wheeler Senio r.::. lunnl 29 I


Wake up s leepy head H erma n Wilkinson shows the fir s t s i g n s of s enio ritu s photo by P. Williford T h e U ltim a t e W a rri o r ? T o n y P e tti f o r d s p o rt s his bulldog war pain t for h omecomi ng. ph o t o b y P Alvar a d o 30 Sen i o r s G irl s ju s t w a nn a h a v e fun. Girls of '96 s t ru ttin g th e ir s t uff at t h e se nio r r ece ption pho t o by D Youn g


Ca llin g of th e moo se Dan Lig ht ell leads th e Gree n Devil s i n th e Jambo ree p e p r ally pho t o b y O White lending a h elping h and. Juan Giles g rat efully r ece i ve s he lp hom so m e buddies afte r S r pictur es. pho t o by o Wh i t e From pa s t t o prese nt. T h e Diablo E l e m e nta ry Sch oo l clan ge t s together f o r o n e las t class pi c tur e ph o t o by D White Monday morning bliss. S Pagan s eyes g laz e ove r a s th e realit y o f an o th er full w ee k o f sc h oo l in. ph o t o by D Whit e I h ea rd it throu g h th e grapevi ne. O Sprague a nd C. Bat es ca t ch up on the l a t est bonchin c he photo by O. Whit e Senio r s I I uiBJ I 31


Staying alive. The 70'" b l ast from the P,lst the crowd alive with the funJ...y 'In,'_ photo by T. Ta y l o r D ee p th o u g ht s J Ca nd e lario and J M e n e nd ez ponder over the mean ing of life durmg the jamboree pep r ally. photo by r Alvarado 32 Seniors Ka-boom J Hol zworth b l asts th e ball down field In the Red M a c h i n e! Panther game. phot o by 8 We ed in




A: 11 Agueda-Braun Germeliz L. Ague d a D ebbie M. Alfaro J ose L. Alvarez Keenan L. Ande r son S h a r een 1. Ande r son Crys t a l A. Ash J a son O Bacot Robe rt B ake r Lu z G Ballesteros Frank M Banasick Juney A. Barn e tt Oriana 0. Bart e r Brian D Beac h Brence P B e dwell Lee J B enne tt 1II Edua rdo Berrios Sa r ai C Bibbo C hri stian T Blanchette EBen Blanquicett D arius D. Blue An n e Borse llin o K at hleen M B o ttin Chri stopher J Bowma n Jennife r R Branno n Roge r O Braun PftGE 3< 1 I ) \ I Ju ni o r s ( I I 1"'-.. -. 1.La'II I


B: 11 Bright-Davis -.. .... _-..f -x > - I --, J / \ I I Juni o r s I An n a Brig h t S h e lb y Broc k Darl e n e M Sr og i e J eff A Brud ent E rik A Buendi a Brian E Bus z in ski Elizabeth P Ca mpos J o h a nna L Cantu J ose A Carrio n Ju a n Ca s t a n e da M a r co A. C a s t r o Dav id B C h ase Ni kki C hi s l o m Ching M C h o u Cecilia T Cice rar o Elizabe th R C l ose C hry s tal S C l o uti e r Dare n R Coffe y B e nit o Col o n Mandi J C o o k e Jenn i f e r M C rane A aro n J Crump M a rk C ru z Sega rr a Brya n O Daily Danie l J D av i s 35 IUIDJI


D: 11 D avi s-German Liliana Y Da vis Luis G D eleo n J uli ssa M D iaz D e b o r ah C. Diez Micha e l A. Dlu gie w icz R obert R D o m e nech Da r rell J Earl C h ery l A E c k e rl e R obe r t E Egb ert L a urie E. E l se J essic a A Ern es t Amanda S E s tes Naom y 1. Fa ce y Miche al L e i gh F erguso n J ason W F i schbach Didi e r F F o lger William C. Fo s t e r William A. F os t e r Jr E l d r e d J. Fou che K e rry E Fritt s A manda M Gabrie l so n B enjamin A Gans e r Veronica Garda E lizab e th H Ga r za Shaw n K. Ger m a n 36 "'-. { .. / '" I \ Juniors --r -


G: 11 Gibson-Huste d -7 / j -( -I f (,-" Juni ors Kri stan L. Gibson D elia M Giles Robert W Golds w orthy S ua gei Gomez Cl a r a I. Gonzalez Eniel Gonzalez J a so n E Gonza l ez MilagTOs Gon za lez D ebraca G raham J o rge A. Grant Jonathan G u erra J essica L. G u s tk e J ose M G u tie r rez Ileana E Guzman T e rra M H allo r a n Heather Hart Jan elle M Hau se r Curt i s M Haynes Lisabel H erre ra Osca r Herr e r a Tomas E Herr e r a Arthur L. H illard Jonavan P Hoffman Viedelouina A H oy t e Donald A Hu s ted 37


J: 11 Jenkins-Linton Chri s t ophe r J e nkin s Courtney J e nkin s S hi F o n R J e nki ns Zamira R Jim e n ez Kimberly A J ohnso n L a n g M J o h nso n Tr a m a r V J ohnso n D a lt o n R J ohnso n 111 Ray A J ohns t o n e J e l a n i Y J o rd a n Matth e w D Kac m a r ski Kal ey A. Kic k A n gela E K e r shne r Ala n S Kilborn J ess i ca C. Kilgor e K evin J Ki ngsbury F alis h a M Kin sey Ivo A. Kis i c A dri a n KJa sovsk y Edw a r d 1 K o n a wi c l S ungMin Ky e K e it h Lawson S h aw n M Lee J ohn E Leon F r ank S L int o n PflGE 38 Juni o r s I ,. --------.-'


L: 11 Livingston Mitchell \ ( I .)\ \ .--( \ -., I \ Juniors I Sa rah livings ton Lui s F Llach Courtney B Locke E rin S. L o n g Brian A. Lopez Daniel R Lopez Elisa I. Lopez. C hri s t ian J Lozarda Adrian J Luee B e r e ni s V Ma c ha] A n gel L Maci as Angel M Madrid Dani e l T. Madura Vic toria V Malc olm George A Markham Natosha M McDaniel Yamileth McD o nald K ervi n McKay J effery A McManes Kimbe r l y I. McQuary S t anley M cSw ain Eric J M elle r J oshua K Mica Do r e L M ill s Robe r t E Mitchell 39 luMI


M: 11 ModeloPerez N ivi a M M o del e Ian L. Mo r ale s Monica J M o rales J a so n M M oreland C r aig C h arles M o rris Laki sha R M o rris H o lley D M urph y M eUis a Ann Murphy Emilio B Natalia Ceci lia E Neill J oanne Nicho l s o n JanMi chae l P Norman Ga bri e l A. N ovey J ennife r L. O H earn L e i s a S O d e n R odney L. Oliva r es M eghann E. O ri e l Kevi n K P ace II Kimberl y H P a hl D es h a n a D randy Mic h elle Pare des B r andon P a rk Mar g a r e t A Pe ltie r D e ni se Y P e rez F r a n cisco J P e rez fUMI 40 =.,_i I J u ni ors j ,'. /' .li i' .), I .), ; '.{


P: 11 Perez-Spray I Gn .... -- I 1 / I -, ( Junio r s Zinnia Perez S harl e n e C. Pinder Ja cob M Pohl A l exan dria C. Pre-Ito Ju l i o A Quezada J o s e E Ramery Maria T Re s t r e p o Christoph e r Rice Wa y n e M Richards II K a r e n S Rigby Rafael Rios M e lanie J R ojas Cec i l Lynn Roudebus h Karin E Ruth Shaika Sanc hez Armand o Santia go III A l ex C Santos Tammy R Shaffer De lpho nie L. Shaw Rac h e l M S i ecz ka Dani el M Sima III Annjury L Sinclair J e r ry Smith Ma s hun D Smit h F r a n cisco Spray .,


Justin R Staha Cheryl A Stanford Ken D Suarez Priscilla G Taylor Tremayne L. Taylor Edgardo S Tirado Paula A. Tobar Eduard H Tokar e k Shireen V T o n ski Juan David Vansice Rey J Vera Aaron S. Vidaurri Aleandra Villa miza r Richa r d A. Ward Je ssica M Weeks Lizella M West J e nnifer K Whelihan James E Wilcoxon Jacqueline William s Kath eri n e M William s Perciva l R Willia m s Amarilis Yen Debbie A. You ng Mac S. Zamor e Elizabeth M Zitt l e <2 5:115taha-Young ---" -. -: ..... fIj-' .. -.' I ... ,. 1 1'< i," -' II ,.. II \I J .. Junior s I 1/ t


lleCoviIIe-Wha tley ( Jennifer O Cov ill e Antho n y Heverly Dae Jun g Jeon g S h eena K Jone s Chris t o ph e r ] M cCarty Julit a K. McCa s kill John P eterso n IV F rank S. Pigeon Jr. Darrell L. Wha tley Re l axi n g in th e h alls. These junior s know how to re l ax during lunch o ut s id e th e school s to re. Pictured l eft t o right : Front : J. Burg l es, J G uti errez, R Rios 2nd : Z Perez A Sa nti ago, O. Perez O. Giles, l. H errera C. Gonza l ez 3 rd : W. F u trell, E Trouche, C. Jenkins Photo b y : J. Ather ley Not Picture d Angelica Agui l a r Maricl a A A tcn cin Heath e r Baldwin J o s e C. Berna l Aisha X. Btmilla Moan a L. Bun c h AnthllnY L. Burch L eonardo Cilrgill Edwin C a sti110 A le x i s R. C ru 7 Bert a D Cru/ Julio J David Edwards C h c in Hall Femg Marl e n e C. Fos t e r John F ranks Luis C. Cllrdon Gai l L. H o rner MJ nd y M K ru se Belki:-; K LJn e Doree n D Lebel Ma r k D Leon a rd Y LiX ian g Suresh M MJYJni C. Pr esco tt Mari s tella Price Felix H R\)dnhue/ Chri .. tina Short Teol udl) Silvera J a n a M Snria no Albe rt P T h omps on Lars Thomps on Ega rdl l L. Troc h e K evi n J Walla c e Tri .. ten L Wells '3 Juniors


Bad g ir l s h av e ( u n Kaley Keck and Jo h anna Cantu pose on t heir prize win n ing H o m ecomi n g n oat. The jun iors u sed a G r ease t he m e on t h ei r n oat. P h o t o by : T Tay-1 o To wh a t point d o yo u ri se? Ang e l a K e rshne r one of B H S's delega t es t o H acia D e mo crac y waits f o r th e m oc k Un i ted alions t o s tart a t th e EI Pan a m a H o t el. Ph o t o by: R S o s a Co R e d Ma chine J ohn G u e rra s h ows h i s s pirit a l t his years H o m eco min g P e p r ally H e b r i n gs a new m eani n g t o t he co l ors Red a nd Blac k Ph o t o by : P Alvarado L oo k at u s E li za b e th Z ittJ e poses with S e an Co a r c hair person fro m H arve rd for Venezu e l an Co n g r ess, a t t he Hacia D e moc r a c y confere n ce P ho t o b y : R So sa PflG[ Ju n io r s


-W ell Duh!! Jenn y Coville and Erin L o n g have ye t another intellectually s timulat ing conversation Oh my gosh, every body knows 3 + 3 = 7 Photo by K B o ttin Deep thought s by Los t i n thought Eduard o Berrio s at t e mpt s th e s tudiou s approach and rea l izes it works so metim es. Photo byC. Dee All S t ar Material! Well Danny Sima, didn t make th e All Sta r Team, but he did br ea k a coupl e of tackl es t o gain a few ya rds for the Bulld ogs. Ph o to by B. Weedin What i s that thing ? I guess that' s for Luis Llach, Jacob I'ohl and Danny Madur o to know and the r es t o f you to guess at. Ph oto by A. He ve rly 45 J uniors


"> -"Q .( '< -i (') V\ "" t;: <6 Junior s


Acero-Bonilla Karim A Acero J os u e A A costa Jes sica I. Adams J a n e t M Adkins Bill j A;,-d J os h ua D Alle n Tim o thy D Allen Analia Alvar e z Darcye M Anck.le Brigitt e R And erso n De r e k W Anderson Eir a S And rade AJvaro I. Antadillas Angelo A Austin C assandra D Bartlett Daniel Beech K e ith C. Belt Matthew A Ben n e tt r Emil E Beresford Tatiana Bennan Gabriell. Best U DeeK. Bishop Surgey Blanquicett Michael R Blenman j Jared Blunt Brianna O Blue Alfo nso E Bod d e n Michael A Bod kin Vielka Bonilla Yamileth G Bonilla Sopho m o r es I IU11IJI 47


.' Tizia na M Buddie Jazmin Ca m ac h o Jose L. Camps JR. Ange liqu e M Ca n cel Patri c k J Carlso n J ohnny Carpe nt e r J oslin B Ca rtmill Veronica Cas tr o PaulF. Cedeno Reynisha R Chandler Lisa M Clin e Nateis h a R Cobb J ona t han H Cofe r Jer e m y A. Cole Nic kay I. Cole J ose L. Co l on Mic hael P Commeau Cassa ndra M Crane Amber M Crunk Vic t o r D Cruz Edward A. Daggett Shannan C. Danis h Oriana Davila Jennif e r S. Daw so n Andres F D e La G uardia Viviana A De l R ea l Phillip M Ditto R obe rt M D onaldso n Gamel T Dumas Jadyn Ann Ebe rh art p.-. 48 Soph o m o re s


I I Rachel D Ellis E dward 1. Ferre l J oanne Friedm an-Ga rcia J ose Lui s G o n go r a Arma nd o Guodin BuddleHiggins E yc heJl E Escobar Rox a n a D e l C. Espinosa Ca r los A. Fabr ega J avie r E Fabr ega (J -H ei di 6 Figu e r oa Albert J Fin occ hiaro JR. J o n at h a n A. Fischbac h Elizabeth A. F ranklin Omar]. Fullert o n Carlos A Garcia Daniell e L. Garner Bemardina D Ga rza ( E rika N Go n za lez Ricardo Gonza l ez Jamie L. Gorman J ohn M Grif fith I' Todd A H a rder Matth e w R Hawk Michael W Haynes JR. Philip E H e rrin g Sophomores Yajaira F e rnandez Dana M Frederick Jason A Gaza 1-Lar rina M Gulley Megan K Higgi n s I 49 lalMJ


, I Summer A. Hi g hley Jaso n H s u Yve s H J ean-Pie rr e Br enda L. Jurado Mary B Leig h 50 Oliver E Hi g n e tt Na t alie A. Huddl e s t o n David H. J i m enez -- .A ...... S t e rlin g D Kallmeyer Gabri e l L emoine Sop h omo r es -. I Frank O Hine k Michael L. H o lihan G iancarlo E Hoyl e Yara L H oy t e Jessica D Hughes Win s ton C. H u sband F it zger a ld V Iri s h Shanti M Irwin Car ol M J ohnson Jan ell K. J ohnso n Linda A. Jo hnson Mildred M J ohnso n S har o n B Kee n e J a h ai r a S Kirkpatrick Adam M Kru g Thomas E Laz i e r JR. Adriana R Lew i s Apri l D Lew i s A r1e ni s Lopez J o rge E Lord


Th o ma s R Lord III Dani e l Malle t Kath e r in e M cA l ee r Brand on R Mendez T a m eka M o r e n o Highley -Othon P a ul R L ov ejoy Mic h ael Wayne Mar s hal Shanno n M M c Dani e l I Mark R M e ndiola Kris tin L. M o rri s o n I Jas min L. Luca s Alessandra P Ma rt inez Mar c u s J M c Kain Tania M Mic hael D e n i se A Nic h o l s on J oye C. L u cas Na t a l i e G Martin ez Marl o n J M c Kinnon T e r e n ce M Mille r K arim F O d e h Ce l i a E L u n a L o u rdes Made r a Tralina L Maso n Th o ma s E Matti n gly I V Mich elle M M c L ean M elissa McMane s I Mit c hell M Mirand a R e b ecca S. Mira n da J e nnif e r T Oli n g e r Lauren E O thon Sop h o mor es I lumJl 51


Th o ma s 1 Page Van essa M P o h l ,. .. . I I &. ....:1 . Angela P Ray mond Reyn o l d s W Rigney Jr. I n gnd J Rodriguez 52 Sara P a u l se n P e n e l o pe Perez Matth e w R Presc o tt Gabrie l P Priet o --V i c t o r H Redf e rn Pricilla R eyes Kabir Rios J a so n D Rivera Miriam R odriguez Edm ee J Rojas Sophomo r es Mich elle P i c ha r d o Ange l A QuiJes Perez J r Nico l as R eyes --Ped r o L. River a \ J o hn Paul R owley Mich a e l R P i geo n ---Krista D Quinn R e nee L. Rice Antho n y M Robe rt so n !:; .. C hri s t o p h er W Ruc ke r J a mie R Poggenpo h l Roberto Q ui nones Ded ric D Rich a r dso n .. - A ndre w F Ro

Eduardo S alina s Tishna I Sea l es Eliz beth M Smith Glo ria Tagaro pul os Jennifer D Torr es Page-Vera Adrian e M S amani ego Lina M S an c hezP asc u a l Maria E S a n c h ez-Pascua l Za c h S e at o n Krys t a l A Skuma ul z R oy Danie l Slic h e nm y er I \ I In es M Smith - J C arl Edward Tari s Brad l e y R T o wn send L eo nard E S mith Ray m ond E S pray I s aa c G. T ay l o r B l a k e C. Th o ma s An g l e a J V aldill es Seb astie n Van H all Elv in A. Santi ago P r es t o n M Schmidt Sh a n e M S liwicki E bo n y K. S mith Eric L. Ste rn be r g Juril ys E Surpre nant Licia M Th o ma s Qui nt o n X Th ompso n L ori A. Ven teach e r M a tth e w 1. Vera So ph o m o r es I I UiIn I S3


-( Tr e v o r M V oge l Saa dia R W alco tt Cath e rin e A W a tki n s Kia l e ah W e bb E arl S W e mpl e I V Co rin D Wilder -. -. I \1 L a rr y O Willi a m s Jr Lhoris O Wils o n S t epha nie Y Wils o n S t ephanie A nn W o lff J o s eph A. Wong J o shua R Ybarra Tra cy Y oung Y arilza G. Zarat e Arla na M Ca m a g na Ju s t lik e p e a s and com ... A l th o u g h larrina C ull ey a n d Ebon y Smith are n t quit e lik e J enny and Fare s Gump They a r e prett y go od b u d s Ph o t o b y D Vin eg ar PflGE So ph o m o r es


As The Memori es Of Their sophomore Year Fade, This Class Knows The End Of The School Year Means It s Time To Play W h e n"s m y nam e? Ne w so ph o m o r es c h e ck f o r th e i r firs t p erio d t e a c h e r s o n th e v e ry firs t d a y o f t h e 9 5 -96 sc h oo l year. T hi s yea r BHS di d n o t assi g n h o m e r oo m s P h o t o b y D Whit e ...--P o n c h e d e Frutas o r M a ra c u ya? T Dumas and R M a n n in g compa r e th e i r drink p r e f e r e n ce s Th ese r efres hin g drinks m a d e i n Pan am a w e r e offe r e d a s a substitute f o r s oft drin ks Ph o t o b y P A lvarado C ome o n g u ys, w h e r e s your s pirit ? Sop h o m ore s E B e r e sfo rd and 8 M e n dez wa l c h th e c h e erle ad e r s perfo r m t h eir ro uti n es durin g th e h o m ec o m in g p e p r ally P h o t o by P A l v a rado PRGE 56 So ph o m o r es


-\ W a t e r PLEASE Sop h o m ore G reen Devi l foo t ball m a n age r Mic h elle McC l e a n r efills t h ose e ver em pt y wa t e r Mana ge r s ha ve a m essy and t hankl ess J o b Ph o t o by B W eedin .I. -.- -_. _ -'-r -Ms. A lvarado s came ra at a Pep rall y You neve r know when so m eone at BHS ha:. a ca mera H ope fully, if you' r e caug ht yo u 'll 1001.. a s great as Dia m o nd! W e r e n e v e r gonna finish! A<; th ey st ru gg l e t o build t he ir noa t c. Bartl e tt C. Carcia M Pre sco tt a nd B Anderso n a ss i s t th e ir class spon so r Mr. C h e n Ph oto by S Montague lunc htim e Rel axation These :.op h o m o re:. kn o w t h e tru e m ea nm g of "str essfree livmg Th eir car d group h e lp:. I..eep th e ir mind off of :.ch oo l worl... Photo by P A lvarado 57


---"'Stephanie Acap Seplimber R A lbaugh Ambr osia Ave-Lallemant Daniel E Bau ghman -Antho n y L. BIbb o 56 J e n n i fer E Acke r G ild a I. A cos t a -.-Jaime E Alfa r o Giovanni A. Ande rson Ana C. Av ila Naji ha A Avila --, Gary S B e al Aaro n C. B edwe ll S teven Blackwell Nico l e M Blan c h e tt e Fre shmen -' I J essica A Aco s ta C h anlall L. Agueda J ennife r F Ahri nger --Omar E A r c h ibold Ca rm ela J A u s tin Ma so n M Austin \ ; Oriel E Bailey Corie E Ballar o ladyn]. Barna s h E loy A. Benne d e tti Donia F Berger Elizabeth M B e tela l II I .. il J oseph J Bla u Andrea M Bl o tzer Lilza C. Bodd e n


.. .I ._ '-I \ Alejand r o j B onilla Abell. B orselli n o S t even M B owman Corrin e L. Boyer K athy A Boyl e Bra d f ord L Brannon R e n a Y Brazil Michael A. Brew e r Diamond Broc k Lind s ay R Bryan Tales h a S Bun c h Hil a M Burge Car o l E Burger Jennif e r E Burger Micha e l Cai r o M anue l E Ca lderon Antho n y J Camper Mara A C. Ca r rill o -- 17 I Jacque lin e A. C arvajal Heather A Case Kathrin e Ce d e n o Yoe l a M Cedeno Carlos J Cepeda 500 A h C han g -i Jamel R Clay Nancy A C t o u s t o n C h arl e n e Clo ut i e r D e n ise N Cockburn Jama l R Collier M IChae l J C onne r 59 F r eshme n


r , D a vid I C ook Emilio D Co rdob a David W Corum J essica M C ru z-S e ga rr a M a th e w 1 Cunningham Nicco l e A C u n nin g h a m .. \, J Andr e w D avis R o bert o DeLe o n Ca l e thi a Deco n t o Edua r d o Diaz R a m e l R Dia z F elipe D iez -" -K elly R Dillo n T r e n ell D D i xo n Brand y L. Do llin g e r E mily] D uffu s J o hn A E g b ert William A. Ep p erson III Hudso n M E rdma n T a r a j E r d man l a ir obi A. E s t es M Fehrenback Matth e w B F e i c htin ge r M a nu e l R F e r g u s K endha l S F e r gu s on Bria n J Fisc h ba c k Anne mari e E F i s h e r N ich o l as B F l oria N inn e tt e M Fr a l ey Ambe r j Fr ec k 60 Fres h m e n


Dwai n e V .A. Fre n che Jam es ] Frey Crystal R German Leonard D G illespie Lui s E Gonza lez Victor M Gonzalez S. Graber Zeudi A G r a h am ( H ea the r A. Hanso n Ryan T Ha r t Joseph J Fry dr. Abigail M Go n za lez . -\ Alejandra M Gonzalez-Arias Michae l J Griffit h Matthew S H ellyer S uzette M G a c hez In g rid Go nzalez --Arturo A Gordo n J a cq u e lin e G uerrero I \ Alejandro E H epburn .. r. );_ <,\,. -. "-; .<: .. ... Tom e ka A Calloway John E Go n za lez M elissa M Go rd o n ... .. /J . fl B r e ndal iz Gutierrez B etsy M H ernandez Fre shmen Zuam M Ga rda J ose A Go n za lez N i c h o l ette Go r os Jason Hand Felix Hernandez 6 1


S t ephanie M H e r re r a Ros hu n T H oga n Caleb E H Janss e n A n esia R Jon es Oliver K Klasovs k y 62 Ga len A. H e rrin g P eggy H oga n H a t fie l d '" C hri s t o ph e r Jime nez Emil y J J o n es -Eric E Kni se l y Fro''': h m n Bryan E Hibb a r d 1r. And r ea L. H o ld e r Mich ae l A. J ohnso n J a s o n A K ac marski M arit ze l G L a Placa L y nd say R Hiltabidl e E d sal O Hilt y Jr Shaun W H o dge --Juli a n J. H o y t e III Bria n R Hu s t e d W a nfer Ilund r Priscilla G J ohnson Tr a nae N J ohnso n Bria nn e K. J ohns t o n L a r ry A. K e m p K ev in O K enne d y SeJin Kim S h elly A L a n e Efrain Lara Patri c k L Laza ru s


, Lindsey 1 L ebrun Neil J Lee J ennife r M L eo n -Da v id Mald onado Ricardo A. M anning J ackie L. M anning Antho n y R Mayo Cris t ophe r M ayo Bra ndi G M c D a d e \ It Taki sha M c P eak Z o ila E M e lla S t even S M e r cado Hugo E M o nless i Crys tal M M o rri s David]. Munoz Andre w J Lin co ln R afae l M a rti e R yan D M cDanie l C arri e M M e r cier - J enni f e r M Murphy J enny E L o n g Annika M M a t o s Dw ay n e A. M c F arla n e Cris t ophe r E Mica M i chae l C. Murra y Clara LunaLab e lla J ennife r G Mattocks ::.: \ \ 1'/ '/:"// f ", J Sco tt C. M claug hli n Kar e n A M ills Cla rit za B Naranjo 63


--Emily A. Na t alia A l exande r Na varro III Ju s tin F N elm s \ < I II J o n a th a n E Obr ego n J es u s L. O l ve r a Alice C. O rtman Mar ce l a M Pala z on Santos Cathleen A Pan ze r Lui s R Park e r Jr Adri a n a P e rez Sa r a h I. P e rez Danie l J Peters J oan n N. P oc h e r M aria K Poe E s th e r M P o s ada s 64 F r es hm e n -Cris t ophe r Nickell Dani elle A. N o r th c utt J a m es L. Ottin ge r V a n essa Pabon L o r a Pau l se n Yari ss a M P e art T r a cy L P e ttiford Philippe A. Pier so n Eric k D Rami rez Yomara E Reese Tania Y N u nez R o bert A. Pa gan Ade l e K. Perez r f Barba r a C Pine r o -.. Mil agro E R enno


, .. -" Antho n y D R eyes Pat r i c k J Riley Raul A. Rive ra B r oo k e R Robin so n Enrique Rodr iguez I sa ac G Rodriguez Jose O. Rodriguez Lorimar Rodriguez Michell L Rodri g uez Karl o O R o man Patricia R oman C hant a l M Rosales 1 Nico l e J R osales Richa r d M R oss 111 J ulie C. Rucke r Jinju Sa lazar Anto n e l l e Sanchez Ca mb r y D San c hez --, --=1 ( ( { I Eylin S Sa n c hez Mari o D Santana Norbe rt o Sa nta na Jr. R a mon C Sa ntiago Se r g i o A Savo u ry Africa D Sea l e s --Yar ab i A Sea l y Raylen e C. Seegmiller Samantha C S h e ffield Analisa S hoemak e r S uma ya L Simmo n s Crys tal R S \iwicki F r e s hmen I 65 laIDJI


A i s h a P S m alls J oann P S mith Vict o r A S mith -/ T iffa n y A S t a nt o n Janin e M S tr o n g J oshua J T an n e r . M aria I. Thr o w e r Carl os J T a r o Rafae l J T o rr e s M y rn a Veguilla Eina r J V e l a rd e Geo r ge N Vel asco Michael P Wagstaff Lin da J Wau g h Kris tina Y W e bb .RBG[ 66 -Jan e E S n eUing J ea n P So uffr o nt Ca nd ace R T as s ell Ric h a rd A Tay l o r 10 -, l R a s h a u n A T uc k e r Lilia n a Valbu e n a o l IL { A l be rt o L. Vel ez H e rn ando J Villa mi z ar Paulin e L. W e bb J e nn a M W ebec k B rie n n e C. S tan s berry Mark J Th o ma s i1 .. .. Joelia Var ela Vira S V i s hinda s K a th e r ine W eeks


I Rod olfo Wellingt o n I ;(, Gary p Williams Tonisha M Yat es Rebec c a Camps Anna Escobar '. v . . . ' '\ 7 r--Gisella We s t Tamara L Whart o n Khalilah R Wh i t e M ik e Whi t e Nei l A Wilbanks Jan ice M William s Stephanie Wils o n Debbie G Woodman Carl W Wynn Antonio Yang -R, Mich elle A. Yen X Yoli D e rr e n J Young G ilbert o Arosemena Albert Bodd e n -, ( I 1 H ec t o r CastiHo H ec t o r Colon Ruth De l ga d o Keith A Drennan A Dru c r e u x / Eriberto Estrada S t e phani e Y Griffi th Keesha M M cGee a o k o O sawa Shane Parker 67 Fre shmen


The Final Few Freshmen William A R ay Dani e l R o mi g Hi m o m J Kazmarski A Linco ln and frie nd enjoy their m o m ent bef o r e the c r owd whi l e perfo r min g in th e H o mecom i n g Parad e Not Pictured Jeremy Borowski Winner Nic Halls David L. Bright Brianne Noyes Jeroni o Coward Julitssa Ortiz Serena Davis Juan Palacio Morgan Doyle Mic helle Peder se n l airobi Estes Jeremy Pesch I Lynnette Ferreria J oan ne Shepard Cassandra Gustke Jahel Stewart Michael Johnson Frank Takacs Jennifer Lowe Reginald Wa hington Julie Martell 66 Fres hm e n Autumn Dawn Ros ad o JO

FRCULTV VTJUJRl So ph o m o r e ............


Mrs. P a t ricia Alvarado Mrs Ros alind BaHel Mr Fred B ale s M rs. M e l a nie Bales Mrs. S u san B e rn a sconi Ms. Marion B r anick ,:C ff ( ,\" >-'I 1'1' .' I -! t ... "Never Mistake Knowledge For Wisdom"" ,So They Say What : No F's. M rs. Alvarad o and Ms. Chide s t e r become di s tr esse d as they de s pe r ately se a r c h t heir g rade s heet s for fading g r a d es P h o t o by C. Wall D on' t l ook n o w, but Mr. H u s t ed a n d Mr. Quinn try to figure o ut wh y Sgt. Majo r Goodrum qui t his R OTC j o b to be co m e a Janitor. P h o t o by P A l va rado PAGE 70 Faculty


-I. Mr J o seph Brown Ms. Lilian Butler Mr. Rafael C hen Ms. Diana Chide s ter Sonia Cigarrisla M r s Kelle Com p a n y Mrs Syd n ey Corbit t Mr David Cotton Patt y Cowles Ms Ceri Dee Mrs. Elaine M r s Linda Dunn Faculty I 71 IUIDJI


Mr Ge n e F endrick Mrs. Amy Fis hel Mr J a m es Funk Mr R ichard G ambl e Mrs. J oanne Gettys Mrs Ca mill e G i b so n Mr. Juli o G o n za lez Mr J o hn H age r Ms. C a ro l y n H a n oc k Mrs. J o y ce Hanso n Mr. J ame s Hig l ey Mrs. De bbie H offma n Pah! 72 F a c u lty 1 , r I / '{ i J ,.-1 1 / -\


--/, Welcome to you r worst nightmare No where e l s e will you find s uch a dense population of th e evil crea tures that they call t eachers Photo by A Moore Th e Prim e Time Dance Althoug h Mr Bales t o u chdown dance I S almos t as nashy as D i a n Sanders we think h e s hould ke e p his day job Photo by G Dee . . Mr. Eric Holland Mrs. J ane Huff Mr. Louis Hus t ed Mr L ouis Kellar Ms Veronica Lo n go Mr. Mike Hughes 73 Faculty J I I


Mr. Karl Loudat Ms. Nancy Manche s ter Mr Vincent Martin Ms A n na Massengill Ms Johnie McCregor Ms. Ca r o l Meixner J--" ....... .... ,IU "There's no ceiling on effort!" --H.C. Fuehauf Diet What diet? Mrs O t hon and Mr Vaz were caught red-handed breaking their diet rules. Photo by C Wall I can' t be liev e 11'<; n O I butter! Mrs Sosa and Ms. H an:. Jus t can't s ay eno u gh about the new imita t io n butte r they u<;e 10 the c afeteria Photo b y P Cow l es PAGE 7< Fac ulty \j


, (-,.,,-Or. David Mark e wit z Ms. J oAnne Mit c h ell M rs. Wilma Monlouis Ms. S u san Nordell Mr. Cleve O live r Mrs. Gail Q'Mas ta Mr. Richard Pahl Mr. H oward Perkin s Mrs. Deanna Peterso n Mr. T o m Price Mr. Joe Ramirez Ms Edie Redf e rn 7 5 .......................................................................................... Faculty I lamJl


PRGE Mr Ramon Reye s Mrs Laura Roa Mr David Seitz Mrs Mayr a Seitz Mrs Susa n S h elton Mrs Rita Sosa Mr. Mich eal Vice Mr s. L ea nn e Wade Ms. C h e r y l Wall Mr. Kenneth Wau g h Mrs. Dorothy White Mr RIchard Widdop 76 Faculty -,. .. /. l r


I T e achers on th e loo se. Ms. C owl es, Ms Lon go, Ms. Dee, Ms Roa Ms. Othon, Ms. Montague, & Ms. McGregor enjoy an evenin g of laughter w h ile on a stop a t "Mi P ueblito". Ph o t o by : G D ee H ey everybody, l ook a t that! ", c hide s Mr. Gambl e as he take s time of f from ne tw orks, web s and micr o chi p s for a w e ll-de served break at a f acu lty social. P hoto by G. D ee Miss lIiana Chow Kai Mr Rafael Cozzarelli Mrs. P aula Fab r ega Mr. William Fehy Ms. Veronica German Ms. Zenia Morri s 77 Faculty


Mr s Co s e tt e Hawkin s Miss Nadine Oakl ey Ms. I n s P e r ez M s Yol a nd a Ruiz M s Sage Mich e l e M s M a r e h sa Samue l s 'PftGE 7 8 Facu lty t -. ( .. , .. M r s M a r iette Stah So n i a W e b l ) ( l B e ve r y s e n s iti ve t o yo ur b e n e f ac t o r s n o m a tt e r h o w s m all th e ir gifts in your b e h a lf. D o n t l e t a n y kindn es s go unappreci a te d . ,.




Fresh m e n Officers Jac ki e Bama s h-Preside nt S t e phani e H erre ra-Sec r e t ary S t e v e BowmanV ice Presid ent G i se ll a West-Treasu r e r Sophomor e Offi ce r s Carlos Gar cia-Tr e a s u r e r C assandra Bartl ettSec r e tar y Bridgett e Anderson-Vice Pre sident Gerald Iris h-Presid ent Junior Office r s C h ery l Eckerle-Pr eside nt Sarah Liv ingst onV i ce President Am a nda Gab rie I son Sec r e t a ry liz We s t-Tre a sure r PftGE 80 Club s ----. Class of 1999 B a l boa's r oll-call of abo ut 1100 thi s year, was du e m a inly to th e in co min g Fres hm e n class, whi c h i s ove r 300. Class of 1998 This yea r th e Sopho m o r e c l ass under th e l ea d e r s hip of Mr. Chen showed th e ir s pirit o n th e "Disco F eve r h o mecomin g float. Class of 1997 The Juni o r cla ss officer s too k on the t o ugh tas k o f organizing the Pr o m as well as their first p lace homecoming floa t


Clubs Are An Integral Part Of Life At BHS; Computer, Ecology, Biological Honor Society, Photography, Drama Are A Few Of The After-School Happenings Dig, Scoop Pac k P l ant. Th e Ecol ogy Cl ub b usil y r e adi es w ith f e r til e so i l f o r see d s t o be pla nt e d and nu r se d t o l a rge h e althy plant:.. Bill Ve nt e i c h e r Pilar Vallanno and f r i ends s p e n t an e arly S al. M o rn o n t h i s p r oject. Pho t o b y P Ba e a .. ..... .I' Wow, thi s picture i s g r e at Ph o tography Clu b m e m be r Amanda Krusse admires f e ll o w m embe r Chrystal C h oulie r s m o:. recen t print. C h rys t al adm irin g h e r new pi c ture proudl y s h o w s it off f o r all 1 0 see. Pho t o B y O Whit e "(love th e dirt." I 0, Johnny L eon I:.n j d igging f o r g o ld h e ... wor\...mg in t h e B H S g reen h o u "e M e m bers o f Ms Bac a s eco l ogy clu b :.p e nd many h o u rs r e fur bishmg Ihe g reenh o u se t o mak e i t f ull ofM'. Ph o t o b y P Bac a 61 C lu b s


A lpha Compan y Fro nt : O Fr e n c h l s i : W Dwig h t C. Lopez, D P e r ez, 2nd: J O K eefe Y. Z a r a te, 3 r d : O Brock. Micheal A V e lez, Z. Gar cia, L B H e rn a n dez. 4th S West R W oo d m a n M J ohnson D Laplaca, K J o n es, B ack: D Cire s, B Co l o n CCon zalez, M. F e r g u son, M Lap l ac a A. G o n za l e z E Sanc h ez, J Cveva s, A. Robe r ts, J Br anno n A. Y e n A. P e r ez, E B e le t a, D N o rth c u ll All P h o t os B y D. V in e gar Middl e Pict u r e Bac k R o w J M c Manus Brav o Compan y F r ont: P Riv e r a 1 s t : E G o n z a l ez, C. Cho u A. A s h W Garza 2nd: N Mud a rr a 3 rd : A. Bibbo, R Del eon, A. Go n zalez, K R o man, 1. T o r r es, L. H e r r e ra D Young. 4 t h : S. Blanquic e l l M McKinnon T M o r e n a A. S ma ll, E. S ali nas, M B o d kin 5 th : K R i os, R R oss. S. K e e n e, V R edfern, B Air d ]. Quezada, 6 t h : A. Marc i as, j Var e la J O tli nger A Sant os, I. S mith E Z ay as, 7 t h : R J ohns t o n e, E Dagget, Q T h o m p s o n K. Kin gsbury, D Beech R S inclai r C harli e C o mpany Fror'll : A 2nd: J F A 3rd : E Co r s bie J l. Y 4 t h : l. (llIle M .E. R W e U ,ng t on, A. Lopel, M P oe, L.M 5th: T V Hoyte. B Guti erreZ, M C. N erl, 6th: A H olde r C. Jlmen e l O F ulie!1o n S J. Kilgore, 7 t h : A Kee ne A C r uz J C owar d M PIChar do D I. KISIC, 8th: G Best P 0'110, E B Dal ly. M Prescot, 9th: R N F i o n a, S SrnvTlo n s PflGE 8 2 Club s - M a kin g A Diffe r e n ce Som ething a m a z ing happen s w h e n s tudents ente r the Junior ROTC prog r a m W h a tever they do, they b egin d o in g b e tt er. J RO T C Ge t s R es ults. Yo u can actua ll y see JRO T C students doi n g b ette r in school t aking o n m o r e respon s ibilit y, and gettin g in vo l ved c ommunity ser v i ce Initi a tin g S e l f -re s pect. Th e J ROTC pro gra m works f o r th e s im p l e but p ro f ound r e a s o n th a t our s tu d ents h ave c h ose n it f o r th e m se l v es


D e lta Company frO'lt : J. 1st : O E;wI, S. O Znd: S. SlISZlnsk!. J. Ramery. C. F Bnzodr. lId; Y C. 8 Oallong. L Gondez.. "'. Peru T Pettiford. _tn: R loIcO ...... eI. T S. Gomez.. 1(. hgles.:I5. "'. Wha. M. Foster St"; lot. TlYower. R It. /ob"T>$. F (,nsey. W Hu$b3nd. C. Jertl. V MKoim. M N O t Pleu ,ecr. R J. IoUoeCIsloir. 1. SUang. 1. W/'IeI

Se ni o r Offi ce r s R ya n Y a m a ki-Taylor Pr esi d e nt P a tsy Willif o r dVice President Mary Ann Lim Secre tary Mari e So u ffro nt -Tr easurer Photo by J a red H o lzworth S A Office r s J ose Gon za l ez-Pr es id ent Andrea Ced e n oVice Pr esi dent Lisa Plasenci aSec r e tary Monica M o ral es-T r e a sure r Ph o t o by Jare d Hol z worth SADD Fr ont: J Brann o n, S J e n kins Row I : D P andy, C. J imenez, P Webb Row 2 : D Vinegar S. Pagan, S West M F os t er. Ph o t o by D White. 84 Club s Cl ass o f 1 996 Thumbs up t o th e Senior officers. They put togeth e r a g r ea t h o mecoming flo a t and bro u ght th e class o f 1 996 thro u g h t o v ict o ry! BHS L ea d e r s Hooray f o r our school l ea d e rs. BHS s hin e d thi s yea r and our o fficer s m a d e thin gs h appe n D o n t Drin k And Dri ve. Dur i n g the year SA DO a nd PRIDE wor ke d togeth e r t o teach e l e m entary school students th e importa nce o f n o t drinkin g w hil e dri v mg.


Hada D e m oc r acy F r o nt : Mr. Waugh S. Acap A. Orto n A A s h L. Oden, D Diaz E Ziule. R ow I : J Gonza l ez, 1 O Keef e, J Castaneda, A K1asovs ky R Sosa, A. Ker shner K Smalls. P h o t o b y D Whit e. The s pian s Front : C. Ave-Lallemont, j Candel ario, J Coville T Sch af f er, M R ojas. Row 2 : J Ulrich, A Luc a H Ma c key, P Vallarin o, Ms. Mit c h ell. Pho t o by J. H o l z worth Dra m a Club F r o nt: V De l Real, C. Me r cie r C. A ve-Lalle m o nt T. Schaffer J Coville, K S m alls, Ms. M i t chell. R o w 1 : A Bodden, H H an s on, B Vent eicher K S liwi cki, D S prague, M Rojas, L V enteich e r Row 2 : L. Joh n so n J Go n z alez, P Vallarino A Grabe r S. Pag an R ow 3: L Othon P M c Keon A. Ma r tinez S. Wo lff, D Anck l e, T Mattingly C. Del R e a l M Cover. T McDade, H Ma c key Ph o t o b y J H olz worth P oi nt o f I nfo r mati o n ? Hacia Democ ra cy wa s introduced thi s year a t B HS. The m e mb ers s pent a few d ays at th e Hotel E I P a n a m a, w here t h ey d e b a t e d world i ss u es. Future Acade m y Award w in n e rs? The T hespia n s worked h ard this year t o earn the m o n ey f o r th e ir tr i p t o Nebraska t o a tt end the Internation a l T h e spian F estival. P l ace s Eve r yo ne. T h e Dra m a Cl u b put o n two s p ec t ac u l a r productio ns. "Fruitcakes" and O n ce U po n a M a t tr ess" wer e a b ig hit. Clu bs. I 1111 6 5


French H onor Socie t y Front: J Athe rly, O Garcia, C. G u e r ra M Ceballos, J. Wee d in. R ow 1 : Ms. L. R o a O Gla t ze r A. Kersh ne r M Ori el. Ph o t o by D. Sprag u e F r enc h Club Front: W Veguilla, M. A ramayo D Garcia, J G o nza lez C. Guerra, M Ceballos, M. Oriet 2nd : H Hanson, J A t he rly, J Olto n J Wee din, 4th : D G l a t zer, M. And r ade, Ms. L. R oa, K. J ones, A. Kershner Spanish Club Fro nt: J Gonzalez, A. Dela Gua r dia R McGuinness, R ow 1 : j. Giles, V. P o hl, M. R ojas, C. Ecke r le, Y. Cedeno, C. Bowm a n K. Dillon, L. L1ac h J Lucas. R ow 2 : P Kirkpatri c k K. Ander son, M Cove r A Gundin, K H u s t ed. Row 3: L. H er rera T Robin so n j. Mat thews, E Clo se, T. Berman R ow 4 : E Natalia, M Re s t r epo, S. Anderson T Tenturie r M M o r a l es, K Kec k L. W h eeler, D Diez, H. Castillo. R o w 5: P Val lar ino, D ROdriguez, V. DelReal K J ohnson J RllGE 86 Clubs Salut Ca va? The s e outs t anding Fr e n c h students h ave s tu c k w ith it for three yea rs. O n ce in P aris their accents will s hin e J'a im e p arle r f r a ncai s Th e French club i s desi g n e d t o a llow students t o e x p and th e ir knowl e dge o f Fre n c h c u s t o m s M a rdi G r a s wa s no d oubt t h e club's l a r g es t e vent o f th e yea r Leon S B i bbo M Lim M B oy l e, E. Lu c k L. W es t A. H e p b urn M V az. R o w 6: A G ab riel so n L. P l a se ncia M H art W Winkl e r M. Ce b allos, 1-Cantu, j W ee d in C. D e R eal R o d P h o t o by: J Holzwarth


Ecology Club Fro nt : S Acap R o w 1 : W Veguilla I. Morales, M Cove r M Res tr epo, P Val larina, B Venteicher M Andrad e, Row 2 : S Hur, S Kye, H S. Pe ters e n L. OChO

Polleras, Montunos, Water, Confetti, Masks. What Do These Words Have In Common? They Mean It' s Time For. .. Carnavali to/Mardi Gras 1996! Viva Carnaval es Ca rn av alil o princesses ( L t o R ) M Rojas, M lim, C. Eckerl e J lucas and J Weedin p o s e with th e ir esco rt s s tanding b ehind. Thi s year s Spani s h and Fr e n c h Clu b s h e ld th e i r annual cel ebra t io n a l th e P C C ollege audi t o rium Ph o t o B y Devon Spragu e 88 Clubs Mike Boy l e Center Stage! M embers o f the Fr e n c h Club strut t h e ir s tuff a t th e Mardi Gra si Ca r n avalit o cel ebratio n i n F ebruary. P ic lu red L t o R a r e: M So u ffron l. Marre ro M. C e b allo, M Boy lc, and C. G ue rra Phot o B y D Spra g u e -V l I": La R e ina Principal. Quee n Mary Ann lim, pose s wit h h e r e s cort Carlos Del Real. Mary A n n was crown e d Queen during the c o ronatio n ce r e m o n y S h e addre ssed h e r co url and the aud i e n ce through h e r dec1ara s". Phot o B y Devon Sprague


Bio l ogica l H.S. lsI: D Brogie C. Eck e r le J M att h e w s. K. W illiams J Och oa, K. Smalls, J A ther ley, D Giles J Whelihan. M Ceballos Z P e r ez, S. Livings t o n 2nd: K Rigby A. Cedeno, B Ganser, E. Close R Yamaki Tay l o r J Gon zalez, R McGu inness, M H a r t W Winkl e r C. B a t es, M M o r a les. J H a user M Orie l D Diez, J W a h l Mr Seitz 3 r d : M r s.5e itz. B Bedwell. J S t a h a, K Gi b so n j Diaz. B M ac all K McQ u a r ry C. B owma n L Llac h K Hus ted, T Schaffer L. Parrakee t S t aff To p : M Res trepo. E Ran d o lf, L O den, 1 Matthews. V Sabo n ge, H Baldwin 2n d : A Me r k e l S Pagan, M H a rt A. Heverly E Cas tillo, 3 r d : R Gon za l ez. M Cover 1 Nicho l so n M M a ldonad o D You ng. M. Coo k e, 1 Cantu. D W h i t e, M Ceballos. 1 Weedi n Not Pictured: A. Estes, P Willi f o r d Ph o t o b y : r Co wl e s S p a nish H .5 F rt: M Souffrant, R McGu i n ness, J Gonza l ez, M Cove r 2nd: M Lim W W inkle r M H art, K S m alls, 3 rd : E Luc k L. L1ac h M Roj as, C. Eck e r l e, E Long. P h o t o by D White West S.Bibbo K Fritz S. P e t e rson L. Lin co l n A. Vi darri, Back: C. H e rrin g. A. Gabrie lson J Castaneda. D Sp rague. D Da v i s, F Linton, L Plasencia, B Venteic h e r K R obinso n A Ker s hner D Ga r cia E Lopez, I. M o r a l es, M. L i m K Kech Phot o by J H olzwa rth De a dlin e's Comi n g The P arra k eete r' s p ull e d t oge th e r d e spit e th e o v e r w h e lming w orkload a n d ende d t h e y e a r w ith nin e i ss u es t h e h i g h est numb e r within th e l as t few y ea rs. Viva e l Espano l T h e m e m b e r s o f Spanis h Honor S oci ety w e r e ini ti a t e d thi s yea r T h ey a l s o h a d a B a n q u e t in Ap r il. 89 Club s


l e tt e rm a n 's C lub Front: Mr. W a ugh, A D e l aG u a rdi a, P D e l eon. R o w 1 : D Garcia, A. Ce d eno, K. McAl eer, S. Wil l iams, C Bowman, L Llach D Maduro, C. Bales, J Cas taned a Row 2: A Hig ley, T A nt o n iS, S Sears, M H a r t l Marr e r o, R S w eeney, W W i nkle r K. Hu s t e d W Gar za, J O man, Mrs. Company. Row 3: H Figu e r o a B Anderson B K elly, C. Y a nes, M Boyle, l Wh ee l e r S K a lm eye r j Weedin, M Ceballos. Ph o t o by J Hol z worth MUN Fr o nt : R Y a maki T ay l o r R o w I : D Lig ht ell, A. A ustin K McAl ee r J Go nLal ez, T. Berm a n T Sch affe r L. Marr e ro, A A s h I. R og e rs. R o w 3 : A. Klasovs ky, A K e r shner K Smalls. Ph o t o by K. Wau g h Compute r Club F r o n t : l j ohns o n D D av is, J leon M Res t r e p o, S. Acap Row 2 : M B o dkin P V alia rino, M Andrade Row 2 : M Veguilla, S H u r S. Kye, H H a nson D jeong, W Veg uill a Ph o t o by P Baca 90 Club s BHS Future Stars Lettermen' s Club cam e t o BHS this year in full They t oo k o n th e r esponsibility of organizin g th e r e cord b ooks and r aise d m o n ey t o buy the ir j ac k e ts. M otio n for t e n minute ca u cas, MUN h as a great tim e i n o rf o lk, Virginia The m all, food court, h o t e l rooms and o f course the com m i ttees w e r e a big hit. RAM, ROM, what's th e difference? Computer Club m embers co uld answer this question. They spent their free time learn i n g computers, desi gning progra ms, and l ea rn in g abo ut our m o d e rn w o rld


BHS Students Choose F ro m A Wid e Varie t y Of Acti v it ies To Keep T h e m F ro m G e ttin g B ore d Club s Allow For Thi s Myriad Of A Diversity Of Interests. Lend a H e lping H and. T Vog e l a nd S. Joh n so n h e l p o u t wit h )dds a t th e orph ana ge. B o th NH S and N JI-IS wenl t o th e orrhan a ge a t C hri s tmas. T h e y t o ok gIfts t o th e c hildr e n and played ga m es with th e m af t e r wards. Ph o t o by P Cow l es Co n g r a tul a t i o n s M s. Monlouis i s present e d wi t h a p l a qu e ill th e C hri s tm a s co n cert t o commemo r a t e 75 years o f music al Balboa Hig h S chool. Th e plaqu e w as p r esente d by th e Supe rint ende nt o f Panama Sc h oo l s, Dr. R Ru ssell. Ph o to b y D W h it e Compute r wiza rd s lik e t o P a rty too! M e mbers of the BHS Compute r dub bid f a r e w ell t o o n e o f th ei r m e mbers William Veguila To h o n o r William's d e d icatio n and servI ce t o th ei r club Ms. BaCil h os t e d a far e w ell party for him Ph o t o b y P Baca Club s I IUMI 9 1


Natio n a l H o n o r Society Kneeli ng: L iaR: S Petersen A G abri e l son, M R o j as, M Lim C. Eck erle C. Ave-Lalle m ont, T Shaffer Z Per ez, S. Livin gston. 1 st: M Moral es, R Y -Tay l O T R McGuinness, M Hart, M Cove r W Win kle r A. Est es, S. H e d ge, K. K ec k M Bale s, 2nd: J Gonzalez, K Smalls, L. L1a c h C. B owman, S. Sea rs, V Poveda A Ced e n o, D. STogie Back: B K e lly F Lin t o n J Staha O G l a t ze r M Ceballos, K Hus ted, E Close, C. Bates, R S w ee n ey. Abse nt : A K ershner, M Mo r a l es, 1 Liu K. R o b i nson, K F r itts, L. West All A's" Honor R oll Cr. 11 & 12 Fr o nt: L t o R : K. Fritts. T Shaffer, C. Eckerle. W Winkle r M Cover, C. B owman, C. Loc ke. E Close, L. Wes t L. Linc o ln J Liu K. R o bi n so n P h o t o b y Mrs. White. All A's" H o n o r R oll Gr. 9 & 1 0 Front: S. H errera, S. Chang, J L o n g, H H a n son K F e r g u son, Y Cedeno, K OilTo n Row I : A. Blo t ze r A F i s h e r E Duf fus, L. Brain J Webeck, S. Bowman B Ande rson. Row 2 : A Lewis, J Ka z m a r ski, M Wagstaff C. Arche r L. F ranklin, C. Ga r cia S. John so n Row 3: R. Chandler, Y Peart, E Wemple, O Beech, M H iggi n s, T. Mattin g l y, C Best P H erring. Ph o t o b y D Wh it e 92 Club s 1 Serv i ce Pr ojec t s Gal ore! Chri stmas toys, mini-oly mpics, & new s h oe s for th e or p h a n s; p lu s volunte er in g a t Bal. E l e m s k a te night s & field day, tut or in g all ages & g r a d e level s keep s the NHS c hapt e r bu sy Perf ectio n Counts! These students have ac hieved w h a t so m e s ay is impossi ble; all A's, eve n in A P cla sses. Keep up the outst anding wo rk O n th e road to s u ccess. Following in the f oo t s te p s of their up p e r-c\assmen, these Fr eshme n & Sop h o m o r es a r e well o n their way t o ac hi ev in g success.


Hard Work, Dedication, Leadership Qualities, And Good Grades, That's What It Takes To Be In Honor Societies At BHS. -.... - .. Wh at's t h at d own th e r e ? Bio l ogic al H o n o r S oci e ty m e mber s c h ec k o ut and l earn abo ut th e plant and animal life a t th e w a t e rhol e in G amboa P h o t o by M Hart Smil e and Wav e Na t i o nal H o n o r Soc i e t y m e mb e rs, W Winkler, T Vo ge l M Ce ballo s a n d R Mc Cuinness tak e a br ea k for lun c h bef o r e goi n g t o p l a y with th e o rphanage c hild r e n d urin g C hri s t mas. Ph o t o by P Co wl e s Clean u p d u ty Nationa l J unio r H o n o r Socie t y m e m ber K. M c Alee r he l p s 1 0 clea n up af t e r th e o rp ha n age tri p in D ece mb e r Ph oto by P Cowl es 93 Clubs


The s et up. Seniors M Magruder and 8. Venteicher give their r ocke t s a quick c h eck befo r e lif t off. It was a weat day f o r the laun ching. Ph o t o by O White. O l y mpic s Bicycl e Co nlest ? Well, it' s n o t r eally THE O l ympiCS it's th e annual Ph ys i cs Olympic con stant ve lOCity c hall e n ge. R Carra u find s out j u s t how t o u g h thi s i s while l. Oc h oa and K. Husted observe Ph o t o by O White. iRGE 94 Club s U p up, and a way! Sean Hur and f r iends s tr e t c h t o see where th e r oc k e t s w e nt. Mo s t of th e science cla sses attende d th e six t h a n nual r oc ket launch Ph o t o by D White Th e fini shing t o u c h Thi s yea r fhe Bal boa E lemen tary School student s who participated in the cooperative Physics rock e t proj ec t built their r oc k e t s i n th e BHS Physics rooms R V eg a l ooks o n whil e hi s partner glues th e fina l piece Oil.


\ -, ,:./ Vi I - ... -, ,.. . ... Did so meon e call m e? WhIle enjoying Mr. Young's A rt C l ass fie ld tr i p S h a un a Sears i s d i s tra c ted by t h e qui e t calm o f th e ca u seway. Her waterco lor s k y lin e ca n be see n in the Art s h owcase. Ph o t o by O Young A "shady" t rio J emai l Wa r d Ken S ua r ez, and F r a n k Wa l ro n d s tay out of the s un along th e beac h .11 A mad or. The se tal e nt e d Seniors go t t o c r e ate o ut doors in s t ea d o f dra W in g in side th eir u s ual cla ss room P hoto by D Young Meetin g of th e Minds. C h oosing the n ex t s tr o k e with ca r e, John Liu s t r e t c h es hi s artwork whi l e K o ji Mi s hiro w o rks alo n gside him Pho t o b y D Y oung. Youth Art Mont h Jo Ulri c h C ab e l c R oy, and Laur a Boy d allo w M r t o capture a "Kodak M o m e nt dun n g t h ei r outi ng. T h e BHS Art d e partm e nt put a l o t o f effo r t int o thi s a nnual M a r c h Cele brati o n Ph o t o by O. Youn g. 95 Clu b s

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" M y r.ictur e i s n t anywhere in our b oo k Okay, J ess i c a Ern es t finally ge l s her wi s h s ince we caught her in fhe act of really typing copy-s he e t s instea d o f com pla i mn g about sc hool. Ph o to by M Hart. Whil e Jare d s mil es, Herman works. H erman Wilkinson and Jared H o l z w a rth love s th ose sports p ages. Thi s yea r th e yea rb ook s taff had a hard t i m e getti n g the s p o rt s l e arn s pho t os t o print w ell. Ph o t o b y M liart. ,-I h a l e white-out. Ha ving completed a final lay o ut shee t only to be told by Mrs. Bales t o change ii, Lucia linco ln isn t a happy camper. Pho t o by M Hart manl 96 I Clubs You ca n c ut th e t e n s i o n with a knife. Yearbook students ( L t o R) A. Cedeno, P Williford R Taylor and Mrs. Bal es try t o write "spiffy phot o capti o ns. Photo by M H a rt. -"Are those Amazing Fruit walking over there?" Andrea Cedeno s uf fers a nmage fro m lack o f s leep after 16 hou r s non-st o p working with Olivia Johnst o n e in th e yea r b ook ro om. Ph oto by M. Bales ) -J Quee n of la youts. Melissa Hart c r o p s ye t a n o th e r photo while under dure ss t o m e e t th e final deadline. M e l o r ganized the Se ni o r s u rvey fre shme n and ad p ages. Ph o to by M Bal es. j

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S p o rt s I 97 I uiDJ I

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Tap Da nce! Cougar wideout Curtis Haynes mak es a Devil miss. Ph o to by B W eed in Football Kicks Off 96 Scores Cougars 1 9 Devils 20 Panthers 6 Red 13 Cougars 22 Devils 20 Panthers 20 Red 1 2 Scores Bulldog s 6 Devils 13 Panthers 8 Red 14 Bulldogs 30 Devils 14 Panthers 14 Red 14 PflGE 96 S port s 6 26 7 16 30 6 3S 1 8 19 6 14 35 22 6 8 24 ""''' .11.""" '''"''"1 I Bulldo gs: j B oggs, R S w ee n ey, I. Ne l so n T Taylor j Pohl, E Buendia G Guarnuccio "Prie t o, T P e ttiford K. Gibson. j Ohman, B Fos t er. A DeLaGuardia S William s, T Vogel, R Wiley j Co l on. D Sima, B Beach D Daniel B. Ganser, D Vinegar, D Blue T Reutzel, B B r adford A Ca r rion D Richard so n j Vareem Coaches : V P Martinez. P Williams, T E l lis, E H o lland Cougars : 1st: C. j e nkins, C. Ha y n es, D Edwa rds. j o rman D M cDade. T johnson, A McCory. T Duma s 2nd : A Aus tin J Fouche J Jordan T L o rd C Rice E K o na w i lz E Castillo 3r d : J Trim H Wilkin so n C. Yanes B K elly, R_ Rlgney, M Austi n D Earl 4th : J Powe rs, M Cast r o, A. Finacc hiaro, j B lenis, Q. Thompson, F Linton S McSwain Coaches : A. G r ade, F Bales, S. Apostle Cut up! Co u ga r tailb ac k j e lani jordan up the heat on the co rn e r Photo B Weedin. Dogged! Bulld og linebacker R ya n Sweeney fills th e ru nni n g lanes v. Red Ma c hine Photo by B Weedin.

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Big Red Races To Victory Scor es Cougars 6 Panthers 7 Red 0 Bulldogs 26 Cou gars 6 Pan thers 1 5 B u lldog s 6 Red 7 Scores Bulldogs 1 6 Panthers 10 Devil s 19 Cougars 35 Bulldo gs 1 8 Panthers 1 0 Cougars 1 4 Devi l s 21 13 0 1 9 20 14 0 20 2 1 13 12 0 14 12 7 24 7 C reen Devil s: Fr o nt L t o R : M Hart, K William s, V PohL J Whelihan. S. Johnson, S. Johnso n J B e r ger. A. Keene 2nd: S Sliwiki, A Hever ly B Co lon,. S. Rupp, J Cole, 3 rd : M Wheatl y P Williford L. Lin ea! n M B 1ownsend, H C ha s tam C. Cole n Bedwell Bac k : L. W i lham s, A HIll ard. M H aines, K H u s ted, N H oward, D Hanna, K Dill o n Coac h Hus t e d Ph o t o by : B Weed in --R e d Machine : Front L t o R K McAleer Y Cedeno, S H edge, M P e l tier C. Go n za l ez, L. H e rr era,S P inder, Z. P e re z, 0 g I l es, 2 nd : }. Alvarez A D eLaG uardia 0 Hus t ed. J H o l zwart h 0 Maduro, M Co mm eau, J G u e rra E T o k a r e k E Beresford, 3rd J B a tes, J Somera, L B en n e t G Arose m ena, A Garza, R Brau n K 4th D M e ndiola M C a s t ro, K Odeh V Cruz, S Graber, D L opt'z, R De Lron,5t h J MacManes R Shchm eye r G Markh e m A Bun c h D John son, M S mith M Pine ro, T John son. Back: S M o nta gue. R D ahls tr om, K Lee, L Ot h o n M Lee, D Garza, B Fahy AHHHHHHHH!!! C hris Bowman jumps and slips through t h e Cou ga r line trying des p e r a t e l y n o t t o get p ounded in th e g r ound. Ph o t o by : B Weedin I think I ca n Jerry Smith suddenly find s himse l f with a bigger load than he Cdn handle. A s muc h as Smith tri e d R yan Sween ey succeed s in lakin g him down. Photo by: 8 Weedin W e Lov e R e d The B a lb oa R e d M achine cel eb r a te thei r 6-2 v i c l ory by s parlin g the In tersc h o I,lSlic vars ity trophy and the l s i p l ace Jambo ree t r ophy. Ph o t o by: S M ontague 99 S p o r t s

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Lady Cougars Clench 8uUdogs Girls Bask e tball : 1 st: C oa c h O liver B Blue M P e n J Hau se r D Ga rcia, S Albaug h T Buddell 2 n d : B Garza K Mcquary K. J o n es, J Da w so n Bonilla J Go reman Y P e art 3 rd : T. Bunch C. Stanford Co u gan Gi rls Bask e tball : 1 st: Williams. L. Rodnguez T Gallo way A S hoemake r A Sa n c h ez J. Fernandez Coac h Higley 2nd : K. M o rris S Bibbo R RicE J Ca rtmill. A. H ig ley, M Hi ggi ns. All Ph o t os b y : A J o n es PRGE 100 S p orts

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Varsity Championship '95-'96 ; r ee n Devils : 1 st: L. Wau g h A. Yen D Ankle. T. Johnson A Lui s 2nd : A. Ca n cel. C. Agueda E Close, T Pettif o r d K Keck 3 r d : N Chis l o m G Iris h Coac h Wh, eaule v D Gar cia Photo by A Jones Red Machin e: 1 s t : T Mas o n N isogai, S Kallmeyer E Ga r za, H Figuer oa 2nd: E S in clai r B Ande r so n A Kershne r C. O&onlo, I. G uzman, 3 rd : D Pand y P h o t o by A J o n es I 101 Ianni Ads

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Red Machine Green Devils Basketball Team Coa ch: Mr. Dave Moffitt John Liu Carlos Rivera Henry Smith Arthur Hillard Ed Tokarek Mike Holihan Julius McCaskill David Cook Alex Takacs Managers: Nikki Chislom Anesia Jones Liliana Valbuena Torre McDade Israel Rodgers DaRon Vinegar Jerry Smith Michael Haynes Dwayne Jones Terence Miller Trenell D ix on Edgardo Troche Deshanda Pandy Brandi McDade 'The yearbook staff apologize s S h oo t and Miss Bas ketball player s practic e th e ir game skills b e f ore a game Ph o t o by : to the coach and players for not being able to print their team photo C. R e d Ma chine Boys Varsity Basketball: 1 st: T J ohnson, M Boyl e K Rio s 2nd: R Chen. M S m ith j A t herly P Kirk patric k G Quiles, Coach Grenald 3rd : A QUiles. K Robin so n J Grant Ph o t o by : D Whil e PAGE 102 S p orts

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Swishes Into First Bulldogs Boys Var s ity B asket b a ll : 1 s t : P Co rum J Barn e t 2nd : T J o hn s on E Dias. P R i v e ra L. Quinn :OUgars Boys Vanity Basketball : 1 s t : L. Bennett T Tayl o r S McSwain M Za m o ra J F o u c h e C. Lozada 2 nd : Q T h ompso n J Vereen J G uti e rre z, A. Aus tin . Ber es f o r d 3 rd : B W ago n e r K. Pace P H e rrin g, A Bibbo, L Williams 4th : R R e yes, A B o n nick 1 J o n e s E S i nclair Asst Coac h P e l so n 103

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Girls Varsity Soccer Bulldogs Girl s Socce r : 1 s t : O Sprague, V Bonilla A B o nilla S. Pa ga n Y Ceden o A Ca ma gna, S H e d ge, J Matthews, 2 n d : Coac h Caza rr elli, R Ellis, M Clean, N. Mod e l o, J C a n tu L McGuinness, L. H e rr e ra ( s a cc, Mr. Gonzalez PAGE Cou gars Girl s Soccer: 1 st: K. McAlee r Coac h Kirb y, L. Garza K Quinn K. K ec h K. K ec h H. Abbo t A Lopez Above : B STogie, K Dillo n C. Sart es, J H a u se r D Gi l es, L. Marre r o S p o rt s

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Cougars Rule The Field i -. -, .. -. .-. ,-. -G r ee n D e vil s G ir l s Socce r : Fro nt: C. B oye r 1 Bur ge r 1 st: A. Lewi s, N G a rz a C. B oy le, S Paul so n 6 A nder son B ac k : C Wes t S. Pin d e r L. We s t R e d Ma chine Girl s Socce r : 1 st: L. Wilso n A F is h e r M Higgi n s, K. Ce d e n o, L H erre r a 2nd: ] Bama s h H. F iguer oa, E B u e n dia } R u cker All P h o t os by: A lones 10 5 Sporl..::

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"Runnin' Down A Dream ... ... BHS "Thinclads" Hit The Track! Var s it y C o-ED Track Bulldogs co a c h e d by Coach Oliver Team : B F os l e r 1 Guerra, C. Carnucc i o, J Co l e, B Wagner, J M cMa ne s, N Huddles t on, Y P earl, T Galloway, L. Llac h B Town se nd J Cor ema n Cougars coac h e d by L. Hu s t e d Team : T. T enturie r A Ro sado, C. Ga n ser, T. R eulz]e, S. Albau g h R Rice. Green Devils i s coac h e d by J Swee n ey T e am : E T irr ado, C. Bowman R Egbert S. West C. May o, M F e r g u so n C. Hain es, Red coac hed by K Waugh No team lis t .waiiab l e Ph o t o by : D White 106 S p orts Flying High Thi s B ull-pOl e vaulte r sai l s throu g h the ai r makin g thi s look easy Mu s t by a lig ht feeling Ph o t o by: O While "0.

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\ It s a bird, it's a plane, it's a p erpendicular m a nmull dog pol e vaulter hit s all the right angles as he ni cs over t he po l e vault. F o r hiS next eve nt he wilt attempt th e h i g h bar. P h o t o by: O White Whew! That throw r eally pul m e out! Tas ha T e ntu Tie r throws h e r se lf into th e s h o t put at a tra c k meet. Ph o t o by: D White Taking a break Cooed track participants wait thei r turn for t he field events. Photo by: O White 107 S p orts I laMI

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Front: A. Gabrie l so n ] Menedez, C. E c k erle, H Baldwi n T SJiwicki B a ck: L. M a rr e r o, S. Bibb o, C Guerra, S Hauser N M c Daniel, Ms. Chid es t e r P h o t o by T. F ernandez Front : J Go n zales, N Fernandez J R ose, V Ga r cia, S Mc D aniel, Bac k : Mr Bocas, T. F ernandez, N Modelo W Winkler Y Peart L. Bryan P Williford, C. Sanchez, C. S t a nf o r d, D Ga r cia, Ph o t o by T Fernandez PRGE 108 Sports New Addition To Varsity Athletics ... Girls' Softball

PAGE 113

Bulldogs Take Season .-, -\II hit m e with your best s h ot. J Diu waits f o r th e per so n t o hit ba c k t h e pho t os By, M Hart \\t Gree n Devils F r o nt: j Diaz C. Avel alJe m o nl Y Ce d e n o. Bac k : Coac h Dean, A. Ave-Ialle m :>nt, j Daw so n L Garcia, M Oriet. Coac h No r dell BuUdogs Front A. Cedeno. C. Ecke r le I. Co rrea Back : Y Peart L McGuinness, K. Quinn, Coac h Olive r Red Machin e Fr o nt : S L a ne. D Ga r cia, M H art. B ac k : Coach Hig l ey, C. Panzer N. Blan c h ette, S H ighly A. Hig l ey, Coac h H olland Co ugars Fr o nt: K K ec h S Livin gs t o n E Natalio. T Tenturier B ack : C. Ganzer J Goreman, Coac h H o lland E Close M Gonza lez Sports I 109 IUIDJI

PAGE 114

BullDo gs Capture Baseball Season With Devils The wind-up. H e rman Wilkin son warm s lip before a big ga me agai n s t th e Green Devils. P h oto by O White. 110 Sports I "'" ;. ,,':'..; .. ... Bulld ogs: Fro nt Row : A. D e La Guardia Row 2 : T Harder J Co le, A Lin coln, P Maldonado. Row 3: C. McKenzi e, R Olivares, J Bogg s, D Madu r o, O. Glotzer, H Wil kinso n, C. Yanes, D Alvarado, L. Quinn Photo by D White. Cougars: Front Row : C Fen dric k E. Perez 1-1. B aldwin, C. Ga rcia L. Bennet, 8. Venti ec h er, J G u e rr a, M Corn m ea u Row 2 : E H e rn andez, A Camagna, A Vines, B Murray K. G r iffit h E Tro u c h e W Garza, C. Bla n c h e tt 1. John so n,S Obrego n L. Balle s tro. V Martinez P h o t o by D White.

PAGE 115

: reen Devils : Front Row : A. R o ber ts, R. Goldswo rthy, T Lor ds, M Cunn ingham, B Wago n e r E Da ggett, 1 Staha. ow 2: Coac h Grubbs, 1 F abrega, C. B ow man B Colo n L. Wheeler, E Diaz, F. Lint o n M. B oy l e, T j ehnso n Coac h l off ill. Ph o t o by D. Whit e I Ii I Ma chine: Fro nt R o w : B Fahy R Hamilto n C. Rice, H. H art, Row 2 : A Berros, B Mills, 1 P o w ers, A. Gundin, R abl o, J F o u c h e R o w 3 : K. Vines, W Ric hards, A. B i bbo D Edwards, S. Mclau g hlin Ph o t o b y D White Wear are m y s h a d es? Cougars T Johnson wis h es th e sun was already down during the warm -ups B eing o ut in th e b lazin g h ea t k ee p s th e pla ye r s t o u gh Ph o t o by D White. S p ort s I IUIDJI 111

PAGE 116

Balboa Mee t s The Pirates On th e Road BHS f oo tb all t ea m huddl es up in h os t ile t e rnt ory at t h e A ntill e s H i g h Sch oo l pe p rally. Pho t o by: R Ta y l or I love Ta c os Thi s wa s th e dai l y m ea l for B H S s tude nt s wh i l e in Pu R i co P h oto By: R Tay l o r Pow! BHS offen sive guar d H W ilkin s on t raps Antilles d e f e n s ive end as J Jo rdan c u t s back aga i ns t t he flow Ph o t o by : R Tay l o r ...... \IW\ All S tar Foo t ball Team : 1 5 1 : J C. H aines, J Sm ith D Edwa rds. J H o l z w a rth T T ay l or, D C. B o w man, 0 Hus t e d D Madu r a, A Aus tin J Cantu, 2nd J J o rdan R Sweeney, J Barn e tt K H u s t ed, 1-Tnm, W Gar za, A Gundi n C. RIce. H A. DelaGuardia W. Winkler 3 r d : J Cole, D Me n d i o l a M H aines S Willia ms, B Beach, S. Sc ribn e r J C. Rice K Pace K Lee, 4th : M R ojas, M Tir rad o, V P o hl, S H edje, C Wes t K. WilIiam'i. K. Bottin, K M cAlee r Bac k : A. G rade, R Dahl st rom B Fahy. T. Lara P Williams, L. Hu s t ed. V M ar tinez PRGE 112 Sports I S h e s F l y BHS c h eerleader V Po l ge t s air lim e in th e skies ove r A n tillo H ig h Sch ool Pu e r t o Rico. Ph o t o b R T ay l o r

PAGE 117

ring it in Coach C r e nald draws up nothe r winner a s BHS sails pa s t HS Pirat es Ph o t o by : O Ga r cia / Ju ego Ami s to sos! The All-star bas ketball t eams p ause before th eir trip Close co mpetition p r oduce d new friend ships and r es p ect among ou r team and Anti ll es Hi g h School. Pho t o By: D White Bask e tball Teams G06 &20n Road Trip To Puerto Rico! Wa y to CO! C oach Hi g l ey debri efs ano th e r BHS victo r y with D Ga rcia J Hauser and A Hig l ey in th e Antilles Hig h gy m Ph o t o by: C. G arcia Do it again The BHS girls hoopste r s scri mmage in preparation for flight t o Sa n Ju a n Pho t o by : C. Car c ia 8HS and AHS Allsta r g irl s l earn i n rue rt o R ico The m e m bers of th e AII-sl a r teams w e r e: Coac h C h e n C Quiles J Hau se r A H ig l ey, J. Veree n D Ga r c ia, Co ach H ig l ey, A Vereen K Pace, J Go rman J. B arnett, M H olihan, Y Hudson, M H iggins, K. R o bin so n S McSwain. J Cartmill E Close, A Yamarilis, A. Hillard C. Stanfo r d M Zamore M Smi th 113 Sports

PAGE 118

BHS "Tankers" Go Prescott Smashes 20 Year Records It's sink or swim. Sw imm ers anxiou s l y wait for the race t o b egi n H ey, w h o jumped th e gun? Photo b y S. Pagan. Stoke. Pull. Stroke. A s wim mer gives it all s he's got a t practice. Ph o t o by S. Pagan. 1 11. S p orts --, - ----Co-ed Swimming: Coac h e d by j Sweeney and E R edfe rn The t ea m i s lis t e d b e l ow: K. Fritt s T Duma s R Sa nt a n a, A R o b e rt son, Lui s Och oa, T. P age, I. M o r a l es, E M etle r P h o t o by S. Pa gan.

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G ( I I -Ad:-115

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Javier Brandao Javier: Your a rr i v a l to my life was a g r eat p r ese n t fr o m God. Wat c h i n g yo u le arn yo ur first steps, i s o neofth e m o m ents I 'll n ever forget. Now yo u j u s t m a d e a n o th e r ste p t o s ucce ss. T h e r e a r e n o promIses th at th e futur e wIll be easy. Take wha t yo u v e lea rn e d and a lw ay s do y our best. lavier: i s a flow o f eve n ts yo u h ave t h e p o w e r t o m a k e th ose e v e n ts goo d o n es. As l o n g as Go d l e t s m e I will alw3,Y.s b e h e r e fo r you W e a ll ar e v ery proud of you son I WIll alway s l o v e you M o m I "6 Ads .I Anthony Garza Saturday moming, March 18. 1978 our family is blessed with the birth of nur son Wilfred Anth o ny Hi s first s t eps were joy and happinl"Ss. k i nd ergarten and elementary s ehoul came Jnd w e nt too junio r h i gh was for cxphmng frccdnm b uund3rics, Clnd friend ships P anama was for H igh Sch n t J I-Cri!'it o bal & Balboa your S<'Iphnmo r c y e a r wa .. hOO(lrc d h y your and wit your junior year br o ught n e w fril'fld shlps and a mixture of cmotil.n s, y e t ytlU pre vail e d tll your !'i\'n ior ycar ... R\'d M ac hin e Champion, All Star play e r and h i t;h graduate Th e r e is ytlU cannot d o, re ac h fur it and it s h all be yours. Words canno t begin to say h o w (.ur lov e a nd j o y ha s g r own s in ce that saturday morni n g. Marc h 1 8. 1 978 Lov e, D a d M o m & S a rah

PAGE 121

Pilar Isabel Vallarino Congratufatwns! We {ave you anti we are very prowl of you Love, 'Mom & 'Dad Dan Lightell Born Cinco de mayo You cried so loud Soccer, Football, Cayuco ( You've made us so proud From Santa Ctara & Pat mar ,. Your is known wide and far "Duckting," "Wonderland," and the "NIC Ws been such fun and oh, so quick! God Bless you, Son & Brother Love, Mom, Dad & Monica Jose L. Gonzalez -Congratulations Jose and thank you for being everything we expected you to be. Your success will be our reward. God Bless you Mom& Dad Monica Morales Congratulations to our wonderful and lovely Monica Jean, May you keep that pretty smile, God be with you every minute of your May your dreams come true and good luck in your future. We love you very much, Love, Dad, Mom and Caroline Sarah Ad s 1117 Ianni

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118 Ads Patti McKeon Mary Ann Lim Henson C ongratulations! We are proud of you. .-: Love, Mom, Dad and Grandma c o N G F R R A 0 F T M A U M L Y I A 0 L T U I I R E o S N S From Preschool To High School F r ont Row : Potti M c Keon. Sora h Whitney. Ruben Castro. Pout Ka r s t May the 6fessings of goa tfiat 6rougfit you to tfiis aay continue to accompany ana 6ngfiten your way. Lov e you, Mam, Vaa, Pau, rza P F H A I o T R T E o G 5 TAT A M A K B T E 0 I N A 0 N 1982 Bock Row : M elissa Pe rry Jutie Matthe ws. Dor e M ills. Brion Mills. Mark C ruz

PAGE 123

Jennie Marie Candelario D car J e nn ie. so prouJ of you th a nk you for aU me goo d limes you have gwen us. W e h ope r o ur hfe will I:oc full of nuny more Jnd fo r ger mal you will alwaY$ be Qllf "hulc Bargoh n c \Vc love you. Man n, P,1PI, y Funandilo Lisa M. Plasencia Class of 96. Congratulations! We are so proud of you. Love, Mom & Dad Ryan D Yamaki-Ta y lor Whot a JOyous g ift you are! There oren f enough w or d s 10 el(pfess our lo ve for you and our pride i n your occomphshmenls Thanks for being such a wonderful son! Khalil Goon oree wrole porent s ore like orchers--Ihen Children the arrow s the archers c o n only release thell arr o w s with steadfast and occurate Olm flom a strong yel resilienT bow. But, once released they c o n ant.,. proy the orlO w will fly SlrOIQhl and true So we :send you forth armed w ith out faith and love. and your courage and Wisdom 10 'Trust I n the Lord wltn all you heart We love you forever Morn & Dod Marjorie A. Ceballos M arg i e ) 011 a r e th e most wonderfitl gift god h as glv c n liS. a s w cc t l ovi n g. u n d c r s t andin g ami r es p o n s I b l e dau g ht e r. May god a1ways b c aI yo u sid c To ),011 always o u r uncond it i o nal love a n d t ru s t Mo m D a d & A n dy Ads 1 1 9

PAGE 124

'We a r e aif so very proud of !four accompfisfiments you have come a fong wa!f wit h afot of 06s t acfes to ove r come this !fear. I f(now !fou r 'Dadd!f is watcfiing a n d is so very p roud of !fou j{e foved !f ou very much From Kansas to Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, the Philippines and Panama Kelly Lynn White J(effy, Your Mom, '1306, Laur e n ana J(im6erfy rove you so very much.. C ongratu[ations! From childhood, to teenage years through adulthood, as a second degree black belt in tae Kwon Do, a Captain in ROTC and the best fishing buddy No matter where you are o r what your endeavors or achievements, we are proud of YOU! 120 u; ..... ... Ad s

PAGE 125

Leo Wheeler I Congratula ti o n s son. We are ve r y proud o f you your future endeavors. God Bless You. & w i s h you success o n all Love, Mom, Dad & S t e ve n Mari e A. Souffron t Marie You have a lways been a c hild of l o ve s tr o n g a nd c a ring. W e a r e very proud of y o u and your acco mpli shme nts. We wi s h for you, t h e best. Y our family l ov es you very much. May OUT love b e a l wa ys wit h you Mom, Dad, C h a rlott e, J ea n Paul & Grandma r-------...... --. Jamie-Lynne Menendez .. DEAREST 1AMIE-L YN E FROM NEWBORN TO WOMAN, YOU, H AVE STRIVED, ACCOMPLIS H ED AND CONQUERED SO M E VERY H ARD ROADS NOW YOU FACE SOME OF THE HARDEST R O AD S O F YOUR LI FE, BUT WE, KNOW YOU W ILL CONQUER T HEM, A S WELL CONGRATULAT IONS! YO U HAVE MADE US VERY PROUD LOVE ALWAYS MOM AND DAD P S DON' T WORRY ABOUT THOSE ROADS, BECAUSE, J WILL BE THERE BY YOUR S roE TO H ELP YOU WHEN THEY ARIS E CONGRATS!!!! Janelle Atherley LOVE RICK Jan e II e you always f ill u s with pride and joy. Congratulations! Recei v e instruction in wise dealing righteousness justice, and equity; that prudence may be given to the s im ple, know l edge and dis cretio n to the youth -Proverbs 1: 3-4 Love and best w ishes forever, Mom, Dad Allison Grandpa, Grandma, & G randpa Vino A d s I 121 IwDJI

PAGE 126

DIABLO ELEMENTARY K e nia A nderson { Mari elle Aramayo Liza Arnol d David Bu rger Migue l E rr oz J ose GonzaJez M elissa H a rt IUndl 122 I A d s

PAGE 127

SCHOOL GRADUATES Juli e Matth e w s r -, ",,'" ",'', 'I\k' Robert McGuinness Carl os Yanes Wendy Winkler E mil Wat so n Dahlia Rodriguel. 123 Ads

PAGE 128

124 A d s Andreal Cedeno Andrea. The gift of your life is such a joy, filled with God's blessings. Through the years it has been our priviledge to love you, care for you and direct your path. Now you are grown, a beautiful young woman soon to leave this home. As you go, we pray the lord be with you and with i n you; behind you and before you ; beneath you and above you all the days of your life ; and that His light and love lead you, finally, to your true home in heaven at this life s end We love you dearly Andrea Mom & Dad. Karen M. Santos Empezastes Kindergarden en Puert o Rico. Contlnuastes en Californi a hasta tercer grado. Oe cuarto a sexto grado estud i astes en Alaska. C ontinuastes tu septlmo y octavo grado en St. luis. Finalmente en Panama de noveno hasta tu graduadon de escuela super i or. Ha sido un l argo c amino de camblO de aml90S y escuelas. G racIas por entender Slempr e estaremos para darte apoyo. Feltcidades por t u graduacion. Q ue Oios te bendiga. Te Queremos, Tus Padres.

PAGE 129

Canal Zone Class Cat h y Bates A nd y DeLaGuardia Lucia Lincoln Julie Matthews Brian Mills Monica Morales Huggy Scribner Of 1996 Devon Sprague Michelle Tirado John Trim Louis Vogel Herman Wilkinson Sean Williams Patsy Williford 125 Ad s 10. __

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126 Ads 'While ",atching you g ro", and deve[op, ",e have been so pr oud of your man y accomp[isfzmen ts. 'You cons tantfy e)(hibit grace and matur ity b eyond your !lears. 1fow fortunat e we a r e t o fiave you as our daughter! Congratu[atwn s! Love, Mom and Vad Herman, Congratulations for all your accomplishments both in and out of school. We have watched you grow into a fine outstanding young man, who has made us proud to say UThat's our son!" Love, Mom, Dad, & Ish I I I

PAGE 131

Shauna Jean Sears Balboa Canal Zone Ma, God grant :tOu a/wa" ... A sunbeam to warm )OU, A moonbeam to charm 10U A ,helUTing angel So n othing ca n harm :you ... Laughttr to cheer )'O U Faithful fri
PAGE 132

Shannon W ency A cap Pg. 85, 87 ,90 Volleyball, pin g pon g Volun tee r W orks Hilci n g, readin g writing ... Whe n car e i s p r essi n g yo u d o wn a bit, rest if you mus t but never q uit, K enia G. Anderson "Nakie" Pg. 1 8, 1 2 2 1 23 t r ac k & field v olleyba ll socce r S p a ni s h C lub S t Gov Rea ding, c hilling with P e m d a n c ing, eating, s h o ppin g "Thanks to m y m o m & d a d f o r t h eir l ove and s upport T hanks to Dahli a, E mil Janelle, a nd T orre f o r t h eir beau ti ful fri e nd s h ip and good m emOlies, I 'll n eve r f o rget all o f you! Dia b l o E l e m Sc hool R ules! To m y b oyf l i e nd P e m t hanks for alw ays bein g t h e r e for me, I LOVE YOU! God bl ess us a nd re m e m be r t hat o w dreams w ill com e true if we m ake t h em come true." Sara B. Anderson Pg. 1 8 Mike l N. Andrade "Mcguyve r Pg. 1 8 Soccer, volley b all, b ase b all, sw imming, hock ey Compu te r club Eco l ogy club Fre n c h club M o d e l club C lu b Beyo nd FCA V id eo ca m e r a m a n f o r Cougar s, JROTC, D lill T eam, H o n o r s G u ard Tea m Col o r G u a rd Team, Rim e Team RoUe rbl a d i ng, bicycling, wood wo rkin g, r e adin g compu te r s, and c reatin g ai'll l ane m o d e l s Liv e life on e d ay at a t i me, pl anni n g ahead w h en nee d e d so that your d ays upon Earth a r e m o r e e nj oyable. God bless you & b es t wi s h es to a ll. Tina Antonis B o bin a" Pg. 1 8 83, 90 Stud e n t Gov N e w spape r Staff, B u siness C l ub Yearboo k 12 6 Senio r Index "The grea tes t t hing in t h i s w o rld i s n o t so m u c h w h e r e w e a r e but in what dire ction w e a r e goi ng Good lu c k to t h e C l a ss of 96 I'll m i ss y o u JS, PK O J TS LM C M a n d KP." M arie ll e C h arisse Aramayo L. T o ti Pg. 1 8 8 6 1 22, 123 V olleybal l Fre nch and Spani s h C lu bs Tae K won Doe, playing t h e guitar I f y ou want som ething let i t go, ifit come s b ack to you i t was always you rs, if it d oes n t it n e v e r wa s. J u a n c. Arana Pg.1 8 Walf ord L Arc h e r III P g 1 8 Liza E. Arnold Pg. 1 8, 122 1 2 3 Talk o n th e p ho n e r e ad hang out w i th frie n d s T h anks to al l m y f l i e nd s Janell e M arie A t h erley Pg. 7 1 8, 8 6 89 Trac k 10 Boys bask e tb all M G R 11-12 Fre nc h C l u b 1112 BHS 12, FHS 12, Student Gov 12 "Mom my, Da ddy, & Alli s o n couldn't h ave d o n e i t wit h o u t you Arh y & Patsy: T h anks! K enia & Dahlia thank y o u too W e nd y, w e' r e out!" Mayn ard Avery Austin "Avery" Pg. 1 8, 84 90 9 8 112 Football, baseb all, trac k w r estling, C ayuco: NIC" MUN D r a m a club Compu te r club C hi II in w i t h Kati e M and the PAN. Clarion Irene Ave Lall emant Pg. 1 8, 84 85 8 7 92, 109 T e nni s Dram a clu b Th espia n s ( Sec.), C h orus NHS S ingin g ac tin g wor kin g Rea din g writin g h e lpin g out, a n ything fun "N e v e r f o rget the w o nd e r o f yesterday ; bu t a lw ays look f o r t h e e xhil a l'3ti o n in to m orro w a nd n ev e r unde r e s tim a t e t h e pow e r o f YOU! T h anks f o r e veryt hin g, A G S A SP, DG, LP, MS, SS BV, & P V Catherine Irene Bates "Ca thy" & "Missy" Pg. 11, 1 8 3 0, 3 1 8 4 89 90, 92, 1 04, 1 25 C o ugars Gold Socce r G r ee n D e vil s Footba ll M G R B H S LCZB GAD, K C PB C ayuco: "dEaR dI c K 95 96!! H ave P's, fr ee birdin g H o w 's o f Tim e h ave b ee n D es p erate l y W as t e d C ASEY! 11= 1 5 M&M 's are yumm y b u t t h ey go s t al e Beca u se o f you I r e m e mb e r th e good times b e c a u se o f t h e good t i m es I r e m e mb e r y o u -MM, OS, JE, MC, SM ON .. .! L OVE YOU!!" Noelia B errios Pg. 29,87 Myriam E Bonilla Pg. 1 8 Anasha K Bonnic k "Na s h a" Pg. 1 8 C o ugar s Boys Basketb a ll MGR B u s in e ss club photogr a ph y club BH S b a nd Lis te n i n g to musi c watching m o vie s readin g h angi n g w I m y fii ends h aving fun!! "Bes id e every b a d girl th e r e i s a bad boy I l ove and will mi ss ya'll so d o n 't f orget m e and k eep it real." Laura Boyd Pg. 29 95 Michae l Edward Boyle Mik ey" Pg. 18 86, 88 90 111 Vars ity: Foot b all, socce r baseball trac k v o ll ey ball Dra m a club Le t te rm e n 's club MUN, S tud e n t Gov elnment Play s p orts, p arty, collect b ase b a ll and footb all cards "Pa r y til yo u di e

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avier Brandao g 18 116 avid A. Burger Jr. g 1 9, 1 22 1 2 3 arolina E. Bustamante H. La Santa" & "La Truly Truly" to the discotheques, lking o n the phone o my friends graduating in 7 J wish you a successful life livia stay cool." ennie Marie Candelario g 11 19, 30, 32, 85 119 heerleading uhlic Affairs Officer I my love to JM eNB ) and e Panther girls. Thanks for 11 the memories I love J esse -ever fael H. Carrau Jr. g. 19, 94 "m,ando Luis Carrion g. 19 icbael R. Castro g. 19,98 arjorie Arlene Ceballos arge" "Cebolla "Snake"& Bocian" g 19,86,88,89,90,92, 93, 19 cer, volleyball softball ,NHS, SHS, FHS, espians, Spanish club, nch club, CloseUp '95, ttermen's club CA YFC CCD assistant a cher ad, talk to my friends would like to thank all my ends for the fun we've had, specially: 'Bear/ 'Lizard,' entes' 'Carlita's Way' , ven Pillars ofIslam' and all y favorite chizzlers! Thanks all the La Bocians, specially : AG JH, GW, MT, L, SW, SM, and JF. Good ck and may God bless you I! c/o '96 rules! La Boca 4 Andre a L. Ced eno Pg. 1 9 8 4 8 9 90 92 9 6 109 1 2 4 Ch ee rl e ad e r socce r tenni s BHS, Lettermen's club yearbook Student Gov activiti es, NHS Hiking, Frogging and going to the b e ach "To YMC, C AE KMW & KRD tbanx for all the great memories, don't forg e t me! To Mom & Dad thanx for everything! LCZB" Hunter G. Chastain "Flac o P g. 19 99 G r ee n D e vils Football Bod y boarding, playing so cce r partyin g "Thank G od it' s oved" Marc L. Church Pg. 19 Football soc c e r BHS,NHS Cayuco: Almo s t '94' 95 Soccer and surfin g "Canal Zon e Fore v er" Joshua J. Ciceraro Pg. 19 Christopher A. Cole Chris" Pg. 19 Football, track JROTC Scuba diving, baseball, tennis, JROTCBushmasters Color guard, Drill team, and Honor guard Reading s cience fiction novels Julio C. Coronado Pg. 19 Idalie Correa Pg. 19 Ethan R. Corsbie Pg. 19, 120 Monique Elizabeth Lindsay Cover Pg. 6 19, 85, 86, 87, 89,92 NHS SHS, Spanish club (Pre s .) Jr. Class Vice Pres., Eco l ogy club (Tre s .), D rama club C a m a l valito Jr. C l ass Prin cess C ycl in g philatel y M a r y Ann you a r e t h e best! T h ank y o u f o r be in g t h e r e f o r me. I'm g o in g to m iss you B FF! O livi a thanks f o r all t h e tim es you m a d e m e l a u g h Good lu ck! To: LW LML KH RT KS, C R DG, and DM I 'll n ev e r f o r g e t you guys Class o f 9 6 rul es!" Felipe A. de la Guardia Andy" "Panda" Pg. 1 9,31 ,86, 90 1l0, 112 1 25 Foo tball b a s e ball tennis a nd s occ e r H o ck ey billi a rds, duck hunting bowlin g, arc h ery, and s id e s ippin with t h e BAMFA BAMFA PAN, LCZB KCC BHS, NHS, NW A, NFL, NBA NHL, ML B "G iv e m e m y diploma, Fool. Diabl o El e m. Sc hool rules! Thanks to the L CZ B f o r a goo d yea r. BAMF A rul e s." Dino Del Cid Pg. 2 0 Carlos Antonio D e l Real C h a rli e" Pg. 20 85, 8 6 88 Voll e yball f o otball MGR for girl s socce r Spanis h club Drama club W e i g htlifting Carnalvalito Computer s I don t want to graduate! I like leeching ofT my pare nts. I don't w ant to grow up!" Patricia Edith Deleon "Paty" Pg. 20 8 3,90 Rifle team, JROTC, track Letterme n's club, Color guard, Bushmasters, Honor guard Color guard, Bushmasters, H o n o r guard, Rifl e team JROTC B atta li o n Commande r Partying, hanging out with 'Ro ac h', runrung "Tan e n Bos ni a Wilma E. Engelke "La F ul a" Pg. 20 8 7 Vars ity s occer, Bulld og Varsity Fo o tball M G R Dancing, listening to mus ic, r e a din g and s p ending time wit h f r i e n d s "N e v e r trus t a bi g butt and a s mil e Senior Index 129

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Miguel A. Erroz G. Armz con polio Pg. 20 1 22 1 23 T ennis, b a se b a ll Spanish club Cayuco Race RC Airpl a n es, body surfi n g Graduatin g i n Janu a r y has m a d e t hi s year see m great! Dia bl o E le m Sc hool H11" Norayma Fernandez No ry" P g. 2 0 V a r sity c h ee rl e ad e r so ftball, M G R Yearbo o k Drill team col o r guard, powd e r puff Re ading, swimming, baseball and listening to mus i c I d on't wan t to b e n o ti ce d but 1 r e fu s e to b e ign o r e d." Jason William Fischbach "F i s h D e m o lay Colle ctin g ca rd s partying & goin g o u t with Rosa B. "All my l o v e to M a ri a W. and Ros a B." Joshua A. Franklin "Goof" Pg. 20 Tae K w o n D oe, singing in C h oir at First B a pti s t o f Balboa P a r t i c ipate in SC A, a nd pl ayi n g the guitar John Franks Pg. 29 Pain t in g Alw ays k e e p a pos iti ve attitude." Carlos A. Garcia P g 2 9 90 Daniela Garcia Pg. 2 0 8 4 8 6 1 0 1 10 8, 109 V. b a s k etball, V softbal l V. tenni s, V volley b all BHS, F r e n c h club FHS, Business club and Letter m e n s club Voluntee r f o r Camp H o p e Jaso n Pmjec t P a r t i c ip a n t I ce s k ating, va r s ity sports 130 Sen io r Index h a n gi n g with Abb a Dabba" and "U." "AR, PM, S P A G S A, PV. W e fin ally m a d e it! Thanks f o r b e in g s u c h great fri ends Go d Bless." Edwin H. Garcia Pg. 2 0 Wilfred Garza" Anth o ny" Pg. 2 0 82, 9 0 1l0, 112, 116 Juan K. Giles "S p ee d y" P g 2 9 3 1 8 3, 86 Bus iness club Art club S p anis h club, Yearbook W e i g hUi ft in g fishing, basketb all, a r c h e r y, boogie boarding, tube s lciing "What go e s amund comes aro und Louis D. G10tzer D anny" Pg. 2 0 8 6 92 110 Dimaris L. Gonzalez P g. 2 0 Eduardo R. Gonzalez "Eddie" Pg. 20 110 Baseball, bas k etba ll Computer club Spending time w i t h my s o n d a ncing, listening to music, c hillin g with m y fri ends o r tallcin g with the f emales. "C ya wh e n I c ya!" Jessica Gonzalez Jessie" P g 2 0 10 8 Dance team so ftb all S pani s h club bus in ess club D ancing, t a l Icing o n the pho n e, listening to music "G od b less the Class of '96 H o p e to see y a in the future! Rem e mb e r tha t e v e rything h a pp e n s f o r a r e a so n!" Jos e Luis Gonzalez "Josey" Pg. 3 6 11 2 0 3 1 8 4 85, 86, 89, 90 92, 9 6 117 1 22, 12 3 Re d Machine T ennis, G r ee n D e vils Foo tb all NHS, B HS, S H S Spanis h club ( V.P. ) E ngin eering club Student Gov. Pres. J r Class Sec., C l ose-U p '95 S.A. V .Pres. M ay God bl ess the D i a bl o Cl a n : MH, WW E W KA AD RM, JM, C Y, DB, WA, D L ME, MA LA, & DR. Long live the PAN Thanks f o r the m e mOlies: JBC & RR I will n e v e r f orge t u-gu ys." Daryl O. Gordon P g 20 Amanda L Graber "Mandy" & M anda" Pg. 2 1,85 So ftb all, c h ee rl e ading P ee r h e lp e r Pho tography club Drama club Year boo k N e w s p a p e r Student Go v P o wd e r Puff, R e d C r oss V olunteer H o r se ba c k ri ding Life i s wa y too s h o r t to w aste, so party h a rd Sara, I l ove you & I'll miss yo u!" CoUeen L Green P g 2 1 George Guarnuccio "Tw eety Burd" P g. 21, 106 107 Bulldog Football & Tra ck D e vil s Socce r wres tlin g French club Spanis h club Photography cl ub Sports, music, g irl s and p arties W e o nl y get o n e life so liv e it to t h e e nd. Carol V. Guerra Pg. 2 1 8 6 88, 10 8 Volleyball softball Fre n c h club BHS, Spanis h club, FHS Danc e team Rosa E. G utierrez "La Beb e" & "Ita" P g 2 1 Gold Soccer Computer club Fre n c h club Hanging w i the Famili a, g oing to di scot h eques and talking o n the pho n e "To a ll Seni o r s : it' s tim e to fa ce the real w orld. B e r e ad y d o n t l e t it hit yo u in t h e f ace." Masakazu Hanada P g 2 1

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anie l D. Hanna "Go de" g 2 1 9 8, 99 r ee n D e vil s F oot ball urfi ng, m o tor cycle racing eet hock ey, billi a rd s c rosse rug b y, a nd p artyin g I m y bud s ZB, PANA P CC nJy a surfe r kno w s t h e ling. elissa Grace Hart e liz ard" g 12, 21, 3 1 8 4 8 6 8 9 90 2 9 6 99, 109 1 22, 1 23, 1 2 6 vii s C h ee rl e ad e r 10 1 2 PTll), R e d T e nni s 9 viis V olle yball 10 2 u1ldog Boy's T e nni s MGR 10 d Boy's T e nni s M G R 11 JUS 9 NUS 11 BHS 11 2 (Pres. ) SHS 12, tterme n s club 1 2 (V. Pres 2), Parrakeet 1 2 (Editor 1 2), pan i s h club 12, Student Gov 2 Y earbook 9 12, S.A. Pres. Jr. Class Tres C l o s e U p 511, PRIDE 9 aUet F C A Cayuco: "G reat xp e ctations 9 3, Spe cial Iympics Volun tee r anks M o m & D a d f o r all ur l o v e & support! John, ank you f o r e v erything! endy, Marge 'Sprouts,' rian, J ose & Rob I l o v e you ys K ee p in touch! T o the abl o E l e m School Fre n z : ngratulations, w e made it'" die R. Hedge g. 12 13, 21 92 104 112 nan Michael Herring ass" g.6, 21 ,89 el UN,BHS ayuco : "Spoon, "Co m o TU" d "Deception" ing to parties, goin g vert", and goin g to t h e lake ,COG and P BD t s not whethe r y ou win or it's h o w you drink the cks C Z 4eve r." by Faith Higley g. 21, 83 90 100 10 9 B a s ketb all, voll ey b all, te nni s trac k Fre n c h club SADD B u s iness club Lette rm e n' s club C l ose U p '95 Goin g to t h e gym Lif e's h a rd, pray h a rd." Jared Lee Holzwarth Pg. 2 1 32 96, 112 115 Foot b all, socce r bask e tb a ll p owde r puff c h eerlead e r PRID E ( P r es.) Ca yu c o : T h e B e e L ine", s urfin g I'OlIe rbl a d e hock e y "OnJy b elie v e t h e t m t h." Gail H orne r P g 2 1 Nicolas C. Howard "Nic" Pg.21 ,99 Varsi ty G r ee n Devils Foot b all Partyin g w i t h m y f'ie nd s and jus t r e l axi n g swting Cayuco : "dEa R dI c K "Thanks to my close f ri ends and to m y b a b y I l ove you!" Shin Young Hur "Sean Pg. 2 1 83 8 7 9 0 9 4 T e nni s volley b a ll MUN, C o mpu te r clu b Business club Ecol ogy club Golf "Will golffo r food." Kyle Brendan Husted Pg. 3 4 22 8 4 8 6 89 9 0 92,99, 112 Fo o tball t rac k socce r t ennis, volle yball S p a ni s h club NU S, BH S, Lette rm e n 's club J u nior C l ass Pres., S.A. Sec U nd e r cla s s m e n p owde r puff coa c h C ayuco: Brui se d Reed" F C A K CC F C A "Bruised Reed #1 I saiah 42 :3" Katherine L. Iglesias Pg. 22 NahoIsogai P g 22 V olley b a ll hask e tball Advanced Band A dv a nced C h orus, O r c h estra, Jazz Band, H onor C h o m s "I want to say t h ank you to Mrs. Monlo ui s You're the greatest mu s i c teac h e r I' ve eve r m et! Th anks to all my friends & teac h e r s. Good lu ck C l ass of 199 6." Kirk A. Jemmott "Litt l e S h o t t" Pg. 22 Dan c in g r a ppin g "Dedicati o n to Cano n Thunde r T e dd y B r azzo, Migu e l J am e l C hin o J ose Geo r ge and all t h e r es t o f Balb oa. B udas Luvas." Coralia D. Jimenez "Co rie" P g 22 Pride 10-12, S ADD 10-11, Multi cultural club Yearbook staff playin g r ac qu e tball & kickboxin g W orking o u t, h a ngin with fri e nd s coll ecti n g te dd y bears Th e w o rld i s yow'S, so g o wit da' n o w o f e du catio n to r eac h your goal s in lif e I thank m y m o m & f a mil y f o r all th eir patie nce. Bes t o f lu c k to m y fri e nd s : L i s a Ais h a, V i elka & S andi e And to e v eryo n e e l se, y o u kno w wh o you are Lov e y a es p ec iall y C L & AG. aka Paco & Ang e l S." Shannon M. Johnson P g 1 2, 22, 99 D e vil s c h ee rl e ad e r 11-12, Cougars socce r 9-10 "We can conque r anything together. All o f u s a r e bond e d f o r eve r if! die, you die that's the way it i s." -P ennywi se Thomas Johnson III Pg. 22 110 Olivia R. Johnstone "Liv" Pg. 22, 83 96 1 2 1 B u s ine ss club N e w spape r s taff, Yearbo o k H orse b ac k riding Lif e i s s h ort, g e t o n e. Tme fli e nd s are lik e diam o nd s, p recio u s and rare. Samurai, you will alw ays b e m y 1 s t love. T o a ll m y diam onds : Tina A thanks f o r a ll the f un I'll n eve r f o r ge t our dream s. Lis a M you w ill al w ays h a v e a sp e cial place in my h eart. Tany a S good luck in t h e future M o niqu e C, stay cool." Se nior Index 131

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Audrey Tiawanda Jones "Tiki" Pg. 22 Track, Red Manager( B.Ball ) Yearbook, Chorus, Photography club Wallring, talk on phone watching TV "People are lik e the weather. They change directions all the time. Take care of #l." Sharon Kallmeyer Pg. 22 90, 101 Basketball Softball, Volleyball Alyssa K. Keene "Divina Pg. 12, 22 3 2 99 Devil s cheerleading, softball soccer Student Government, JROTC modeling, dancing & dulling with ftiend s "I'd like to thank God wi thout Him I wouldn t be here Thanks mom & sis love you both Much love goes out to Giana, Mrs Tejada, Wilma, Lianne, & Sharon, but most of all to WC Brian K. Kelly Pg. 22, 84, 98, 90, 92 Daniel G. La Placa Pg. 29 Gabriel A. Leroy Pg. 22 Daniel B. U. Lightell "Moose" Pg. 22 3 1 90, 117 Devils football Model UN, FCA Pyrotechnics, Cayuco: "NI C"' 95 "Have a 'R e d Dog' life. MaryAnn Lim Pg. 6, 22, 82, 84 86, 8M, 89 92 96, 118 Dance Team, Red baseball & football MGR NHS BHS, Spanish club, French club, JROTC staff, S e nior class Secretary 132 Senio r I nd ex Spanish club Camavalito Jr. Princess; Jr. Prom Plincess, thespian "The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.-Abraham Licoln. Thanx for all your supportMC, IT and JM. Love always and Best of Luck to the Class of '96. Lucia Aileen Lincoln "Lucy" "Punky""Moose Pg. 6 10 22, 31, 89, 92 96, 99 115 125 D e vils football MGR, Devils soccer, Red volleyball BHS, Yearbook, FCA Photography Cayuco: "NIC '93 and High Anxiety" '94' 95 fragging gator hunting, tower jumping, and playing in the ram "Take OffHosers; PW MM, JH, JW, MW, M&M HB, MDC, and DVS ... LCZB. NIC'ers keep the tradition." John Chia-Uua Ying Liu "JL" Pg. 23, 92, 95 Basketball BHS NHS Model building, drawing caltooning, reading, badminton "Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead." Jennie L. Loncon Pg. 23 Christian A. Lopez Pg. 23, 112 Estela Luck Archbold Pg. 6, 23, 83,86 Cheerleading French Club, Spanish Club, BHS, JROTC Staff JROTC Bushmaster, JROTC Color Guard, JROTC Honor Guard, Spanish Club Carnalvalito Comparsa, Parrakeet Staff, JROTC Newspaper Editor Dancing partying, tal Iring on the phone "To all my friends, thanks for always being there when I needed you. Thanks for all the good moments and unforgettable memories." Heather Renee Mackey "Kinky" Pg. 23, 85 Drama club, Thespians Horseback riding, reading, wliting, & cl ub hopping "To the crew: thanks for all you've done. MD, you're great, stay you. CC & Drea thanks for showing me t h e best times. GG, I'm sorry. JP, want handson? For the class of '97 I l eave you with this: Make it Heaven!!" Jorge E. Madera Pg. 23 Matthew Lawson Magruder "Macgyver" Socc e r Baseball PRIDE Biological Honor Society Surfing Cayuco Rollerblading, Lacrosse, Hockey M&M "Carpe Diem, Live Like its your Last Day." Lisa Marrero-Lopez "Pebbles" Pg. 23, 88, 90, 104, 108 Soccer, softball, blading MUN, Lettermen's club, Student Union, Business club Spanish club, Art club Wishing to be in Puerto Rico, everyday "To Tina, Liv, and 'Pocahontas': couldn't have made it without you! Tina & Liv, stop living at Dreams. JA, you will always be a queen. MT, WW, JW, PV and MC we will survive the Yuca. To JC wepa to HW, SW, RT, CY, CDR, LW, AG, JB pasa Tn Pena. Hermy, look what you've done to me ...

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Wia Marie Matthews ulie" "Julz" g. 6 8,11,13,23,30,31, 89, 104, 118, 122, 12 3 25 ulldog s socce r Panthers ee rl eading, softball, Cayuco: c e nic Route"-'95 ZB, K C A, BHO, Parrakeet, pani s h club, L ettermen's club phom o r e class Secretary, phom o re, Junior & Senior om eco ming Princess anging out with my fri ends anks Pats, J C ( NB), and e Panthe r girls for all the eat mem o ri es. PAN club: I ve you gu ys Good luck ablo graduates. I hope to e you in the future, LCZB!!" eorge F. Mattocks g 23 octorre J. McDade "T orre" .23,85,98 amileth McDonald .23 phen D. McFarlene sh" .23 ards, cricket ationaJ Alumni Association aying games and flying kites love M.P's ( cops)." uren Sybil McGuinness 23, 30, 96, 104, 109 ulldogs tennis 7-10, Cougars lack soccer 8-9, Devil s eerleader 9-10, Kiwani s olts cheerleader 11 arbook, Ecology club robics & gymnastics nding time with my phew, James McGuinness, I e you, kid ank you, Kaiser A. Bazan being so caring & derstanding. I'll never rget you. Thanks Mom & ad for always being there for e I l ove you very much. To bbi & Lard a __ thanks s, you guys are the atest! To the people wh o have always been there for me-thanks I'll never forget the memori es. Stop the violenc e, r ecycle and save the ocean Sarah, watz UP? Luv ya Babes! L CZB Fore ver! Robert McGuinness III S l o b" Pg. 2 3, 3 1 86, 89, 92 93 12 2 123 Tennis, V olleyball Soccer, Baseball Spanish club NHS, BHS, F C A, SHS Hanging with the BAMFA SAM, PAN HBW BAME NHN, FAD Drawing & listening to tunes "To all m y buds that have stuck with m e through the good and bad thanks. Congratulations, Diab l o E le m School Graduates!" Patricia E. McKeon "Patti Pg. 23 85, 118 Horseback riding, rollerbladin g Spanish club, Art club Pee r Helpers "To Silvia, Pilar, Lauren, Andrea, Sara and Amanda: remember all the laughs and good times w e've had. Just 2 more years to go Lauren. I'll miss you all. Goo d luck C lass of 96 Daniel Esteban Mendiola "Mendi" Pg. 24 112 Football h oc key, l acrosse basketball, golf, tennis, cricket, 200 meter bre ast stroke, kick boxing base ball rugby, water pol o, horse racing, nasca r sky diving r oc k climbing cross-country, trac k NAACP, Save the Wh a les, AA, say no to drugs club "To Ms. E, I l ove you Baults, Davis clan all my young disciple s and followe r s : if you have half the s kill s I possess, then you will b e g reat. Jamie-Lynne Menendez "Clievidge Pg.8, 24, 32,108,121 Dance Team W e ightlifting Hanging with fri e nds, & the Beach "M T thanks for being there. Thanks to all my fri ends for making m e feel right at h o m e You guys mean alot to me Kimberly Merkel Kim Pg. 2 4 Singing, listening to music hanging with fri ends "To all my fri ends: I send m y l ove I will never f o rget the good and bad times we s hare d . Brian A. Mills "Mills" Pg. 24, Ill, 118 125 V a r s ity tennis V a r s ity base ball BHS,SAO hula-hoo p h o p scotc h partying, beating Daniel at B-ball L CZB. . The Canal Zon e will neve r b e f orgotten. Koji Mishiro Anim a l Pg. 24, 94, 95 Tenni s Alt, go lf "The Bal boa High School, of the student, by the stude nt, for the student, shall not p erish from the earth. Rita Modelo Pg. 24 Carla Michelle Monaghan "G iggles" P g. 24 Soccer footba ll & baseball MGR Photography club Salute to Bob & Jim s.p.w.f QT with friends, the beach, mountains, reading L.A.S.P I appreciate the little help from my friends: Dilia, Jess, Marge, Jackie & all m y buds." Ligia Morice Pg. 24 Se nior I ndex 133

PAGE 138

Monica Jean Morales Pg. 13, 24 30, 84, 86, 89, 92, 96, 117 125 Soccer, Panthe r s & Cougar cheerleader BHS Spartish club, FCA, Student Gov. Tres. Cayuco Race : "dEaR dIcK 95-96 M CMN 5 p 's, boogi e boardi ng, photography "To Matt, C athy, Jess, Dev, and all my friends: 1 love you! 'Freebirds' ... LCZB Neda Mudarra Pg.24,82 Irvin L. Nelson Pg. 24 John R. O'keefe "Tio Chan" Pg. 6, 24, 82,85 French club Vice Pres, JROTC Co lorguard, Honorguard Bushmaster Having fun and partying "Its not to what s chool you go that counts, its the memories that you take! C -ya!" Luis H. Ochoa-Hartman Pg. 24, 87,89 Jason E. Ohman "Jars" Pg. 9, 24, 90,98 Bulldogs football, Bulldogs tennis, socce r Cayuco: "Dece ption 95 Lettermen's dub, L CZB Kn eeboarding & watching football games Jairo L. Olton Pg. 24 Silvia Pagan-Figueroa, "Si!" Pg. 24, 3 1 84, 85,89, 96,104 Photography cI ub, Eco l ogy club, Yearbook Drama club Parakeet sw imming hiking, shopping, dancing "What you have today will not be there to mon'ow so grab what you ca n & run. We've made it, Pilar, Dan, Sara, 4 S n orne Pat, Lisa, & Clare." Nathaniel Park Pg.25 Valerie D. Perez-Poveda Pg. 25 Fransisco Perez Pg. 25 Sarah Louise Petersen Pg. 25, 84, 87, 89,92 Swim team Ecology cI ub, BHS NHS Pres, Band, Orchestra Scuba diving, Cayuco: Almost '94 "Scenic Route"-, '95 I t's AL WAYS somethi n Thanks f o r everthing; 1 love you Mom and Dad!" Dwight A. Pettiford II "Tony" Pg. 25 30 Emmanuel Piniero Pg.25 Lisa Marie Plasencia "Lis" "0" Pg. 25, 84, 89, 96, 119 Dance team CPT Spanish club BHS Yearbo o k Swimming, s hopping dancing clos e -up "Hey B, what ca n I say? Thanx for e verything W e r e fin ally out! 1 LOVE KENNETH! Sil, I would've never b een able to m a k e it without you thanx again!" Joseph A. Powers "Joe" Pg. 25, 94, 98, 111 112 Martisela Price Pg. 25 Giovanni A. Quiles-Perez "G" Pg. 25 Basketball CPT Checking out the femal es, watching bas ketball games "\ am the best Rican ball player. W atc h out world. H e r e comes 'G'. Sorry for all the girls that can t have me. If I didn't say hi to you 1 didn't like you but my girl Cecilia." CoUeen M. Reid "AI" "Coli" Pg. 25 "I had a dream about reality. It was such a relief to wake up." Thomas J. Reutzel Pg.25,98 Bulldog Football, track, basketball Computers, driving "Bulldog Pride #1 Forev e r!" Giselle Reyes Pg. 25 Marcella K. Roberts Pg. 25 Kristof D. Robinson Pg. 25 32 89,92 Ashley Tyrone Robinson "Tyrone" Pg. 8, 25 Red Football Lettermen's club, Student Gov. Drawing, Reading, Studying, and looking down at Underclassmen \ f ee l o ld now, and \ hate it!" Michelle A Robles Pg. 26 Israel Rodgers Pg. 26 Dalhia Rodriguez "Scooter" Pg. 26 86, 122, 123 H o rse-back riding, golf, s urfing, boxing "The Baby-Si tter's C l ub Arguing and for e v e r talking with Torre on the phone laughing with Kenia & Emil & bochicheando with Janelle A. "Pana m e no s para 100pre Emil W: 'R ayo! Uno boodum . 2x5 diez boodum! Kenia, amigas para 100pre! Doc: W e'll always B 2gether. Diablo Elem. School & Mr. Green's 5th grade class rulz!" Rosalyn I. Rodriguez "Pep a "C homba" Pg. 26 bas ketball, baseball, soccer Singing, dancing and swimming

PAGE 139

utia Vanessa Sabonge 26 26, 124 team, boy's Basketball Huggins Scribner 26, 125, 112 football, lacro sse, club Spanish club Ile"oHoc key, guitar, t o,nopoly, jumping rope not whether you win or but how you drink the tucks. IhaunaJean Sears 90, 92, 95, 127 as\,etbal socce r SWimming, club, Lettermen's club BHS, lJ(I"ch Computer club IalfUCO: "Sudden Impact"-'95, beach, art, sure ain' t keeping m e trouble-but I'm still live! Gras for the memories f8lnal Zone Rul es!" N. Seybold 26 team, JROTe, MGR for Football hunting, hanging out "Shorty" 1">.. kill the ROA C H'. hoItv' and the 'Roach Smurfy always." Zahira Sinclair arsitv basketball stening to music, dancing & writing poetry and spending time with m y boyf riend I 'm proud of my past and focu se d o n m y future. I w ould like to t h ank my famil y for all the l ove & support they've giv e n m e to get this far. I d al so like to send my l ove a nd thanks to my Cristobal colleagues, yo u know wh o you are, I l ove yo u!" Roberto R. Sinclair Pg. 26 Teresa Marie Stiwicki Pg. 26, 85, 108 Softball c heerleading Earth club, K ey club, Lettermen's club, Drama club "What you see depends m a inl y o n what yo u look for." Krystal A. Smalls Pg. 26, 84, 85, 89,90, 92 Henry F. Smith Pg. 26 Jamie Todd Somera "S tone" Pg. 26 Red Machine football Trac k Surfing "It's ove r we're gone with the wind." Marie Antoinnette SoulTront B" Pg. 2 6 84, 88, 89, 96, 121 BHS Dance teamCPT,Red Machine baseball MGR Advanced band, French club, Spanish club, Close-up '95, BHS Senior Class Treasurer "You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough. D thanks for everything. I will neve r forget all o f our great time s." Taswana N. Spann Pg. 27 Eric J. Speir Pg. 27 Devon Vicoria Sprague "Dev" "Bo n es" "1'inks" Pg. 11, 27,31,85,89,96, 104 115, 125 Bull d ogs: c heerleading & soccer, D e vil s football MGR, Red soccer MG R BHS, Spanish club, PRIDE, Yearbook, photograph y YFC, F CA, Thespians LSN Modem d a nce, Cayuco Race: "N I C '93, "High Anxi e ty"-'94 & 95, D ear Dick 96, Rollerblading, Gym nasti c F in e arts, Po etry Lake, Campana, Beach, Waterho l e, music, e xploring, Freebirding, Pipe lin e pl ayi n g in the rain "Better to bum out than fade away. CB, JR, M&M, JE, PW, HS, JM JW, MM SS, CER, LR and all the Zone: Keep in touch. Luc ia : See yo u for e v er! 'NIC'e r s, keep tradition. L CZB, Watch M e Fl y"" Tanya C. Sproule "Chicanita" Pg. 27 Softball Student Govemment Playing the clarinet, danceing Hula, Listening to Oldies, and reading Lowriding magazines "Be part of the a n s w e r not part of the problem Southwest B.N.L TUSA, Ariza AR RS FB, DP, AT LM OJ, TA" Ryan Allen Sweeney "S weets" Pg. 27, 98, 90, 92, 99, 106 107 112 Bulldogs football, soccer, track, sWimming NHS,BHS, K CA,Lettermen's club Masterpaddler, Class officer, & LCZB C ayuco "Rapid Transit" Crew, Lake tl;PS, Slab, hiking in the Andes "Off to better things." Tasha Tennielle TenturierCockburn, "Tash" Pg. 6 27 86, 106, 109 Volleyball, Tennis French club S panish club Computer Se n i o r Ind e x 13S

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club, Yearbook swimming, piano lessons, reading class Partying, TV music, dancing, gossiping & talking on the phone Michelle D. Tirado "PeeW ee" "Enana" Pg. 12 27, 98, 112, 125 Bulldog cheerleading CPT, Red soccer, Cougars soccer MGR LCZB, La Bocians Cayuco: "Spontaneous Co mbustion" #1, Powder Puff cheerleading coach Waterhole, chillin ', searching for the invisible man on the beach going on "Sobe" runs, hangin under the bridge "MC, JW, JM, JM(2), MR, CE, & PW: thanks for the m emo ri es. PW AG, NH: k eep sear ching for the headl ess horseman. Go Bullfrogs & Units! Devon k ee p listening to Melanie 's 'rueby Tuesday'!" Geraldo A. Torres-Luna "Lala" Pg. 27 Devils f oot ball (hunting r o r cOOl' e r s), swimming, hiking riv er rafting c hillin', listening to music, hanging with my homie s, going out to clubs "Thanx to my peoples and especia lly my pops for getting me through and lov e goes out to my mom in Cali." John David Trim "Smiley" Big H ead" Pg. 27, 125, 112 Soccer Cougars rootball, track Lettermen's club Gamboa crew Paddling in the "Spontaneous Co mbustion" #1 95 "Thanks to my friends: HW N, SS, JS. KG, you made my high schoo l years the best & t he wildest! Liv e on the e dge! I love you Sugar Pie, L CZB." 136 I n dex Josephine L. Ullrich Pg. 27, 85, 95 Carlos J. Valdes Pg. 27 Juan G. Valdes Pg. 27 Pilar I. Vallarino "P iller Pg. 2, 27,81, 85, 86, 87, 90, 85, 117 Soccer volleyball, roll erblading Spanish club Ecology club, Drama club Photography cl ub Thespians hiking & swimming "To Siz, Patti, Mandy, & Sara: this is not the end, it is not even the beginning but perhaps, the end of the b egi nning. Good luck do '96! See yaP' Lianne Van der Wall "La tibia" Pg. 27 French club c hillin wtih my girls "It's be e n mad fun! to AK LSM, AS, MP, GL VS, MG, EL, MA and all those not mentione d all my love always Thanks. BG-I'll always love you Go d Bless. 'We spend our lives living in selfishness, and we don t realize that r e al happiness is in helping others, giving them the best of us, loving without interest. Make it different, leave a path for oth e r s to r o llow.' Mom Dad, KarlI'll always be around. I LOVE YOU. God Bless ... Roy E. Vega Pg. 27, 94 William G. Venteicher "Bi ll" Pg. 6, 27 81,83,85, 8 7 89, 94, 110 Lyzander Jerome Vereen, "Romeo" Pg.28,98 Bull d ogs football, basketball, soccer, listening to music & spending time wi my girlfriend. "EC is fondu!!" Heiss D. Villamizar Pg. 28 DaRon O'shaa Vinegar "Maj Panye" "Pookie" Pg. 28, 82, 83, 84 98, 112 Cpt. Bulldogs football, Green Devils basketball,Jenkins Track, Jenkins Baseball, JROTC, Yearbook staff,Kickboxing, Howard Chapel Chorus, I being in plays, going to the movies, and being with my girlfriend. "Don't take high school lightly, you might regret it for the rest of your life. I also leave my love to Danie lle Gamer. For the rest I leave JROTC and the Football fie ld! Louis M. Vogel Pg. 28 12 5 Indira M. Wagner Pg. 28 John D. Wahl "Stussy" Pg. 6 28,89 Red soccer, swimming, track, Cayuco Race: "Sudde n Impact"-'95, mud wrestling BHS, PRIDE, President International society of John Wahl's Stanford F. Walrond Jr. Pg. 28, 95 Jemail D. Ward Pg. 28 Emil A. Watson Pg. 28, 31, 122 123

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cqueline Marie Weedin acki e n "Sprouts" "Yakoo'" , 28, 8 6 88, 90 Id socce r Devils eerleading, so ftball, Devils seball MGR nch club, Spanish club, tterme n 's club, FHS C-thanks for e verything, ake! Slither, s lither. MR-e care, miss you! Giginks for it all, love you sis! -2 mor e yrs hold on! CM-' t won")" ca1nivals will soon here! WW & MH-you two ve been great! (Fuentes & ard). God Bless, do '96. st of Luck! I'm outta here! Boca HI" rlette M. West 28, 32, 82, 84, 98 tthew T_ Wetherell oW. Wheeler .29, 86,90, lll, 121 Ily Lynn White chkin" 28, 96 120 Idogs cheerleading earbook Band want to thank m y fianc e, odd for being my best fri end d making my high school ars great. I LOVE YOU! Do hat you can today because ere might not be a mon'"()w. ght C. White Jr. 28 heem A. Wiley "She em" 28, 98 Idogs football basketball, rman Bruno Wilkinson rdo" 4, 28, 30, 96, 98, llO, 11, 112 125, 126 ars football, Bulldogs baseball, Cougars volleyball PAN NBA NAP NHN, BAMFA, hanging ou with the PAN club (RM, SM, AD JB, JG) "Good luck to my friends ... LCZB." Sean Paul Williams "Chino" Pg. 4, 29, 90, 98, ll2, 125 Bulldogs football, soccer L ettermen's club, Spanish club LCZB KCA, C ayuco : "Deception" 94, "Almost" '95 Ping pong & funn e lling, lake trips, skurfing, d ee p sea fishing "Th e only ( Z ) with Oriental flava." Patricia Marie Williford "Patsy," "Patrish" & "Pats" Pg 6 9, 29, 30, 84, 96, 99 108, ll7, 125 127 Senior Class Vice President Devils football MGR Red volleyball MGR, Varsity so ftball Cayuco: "NIC"-'93; "Scenic lWute"-'95-#3, Defian ce 96 Yearbook, Parrakeet, Miami Herald, Ecology c1ub, L CZB To Julz, Lucy, Dev H enn, Michell e T: Love & Friendship Alway s. Mom & Dad, yo u ca n relax now ... SlKE! LCZB thanks for the times. 'NIC e r s keep traditon. Pooch, wish yo u were here(ppmph!) .. John thanks for always b eing there, lov e ya bro FREEDOM AT LAST!" Daisy Wendy Winkler "Fuentes" Pg. 29 31 84, 86, 89, 98 90, 92, 93 108 112, 122, 12 3 Red cheerleader 9-10, Cougar soccer 9-ll, Bulldog Volleyb all 9-12 Cayuco: "Great Expectations" 93-'94 BHS ll-12 (Tres.),NHS 11-12 (Tres.), Lettermen's club 1 2, Spanish club 12 N ewspaper staff 10 Navy Turkey Bow l cheerleader 10 C lose up 95 11, FCA 10 12 FC 11-12 Kicking back and stressing life with my best fr;end E.S. "D iablo Elem babies-best of luck and God Bless! To my pal s : I lov e you and ke e p in touch." Ricardo A. Woodman Pg. 29 Ryan D. Yamaki-Taylor "Yamok" Pg. 11, 29, 32, 84, 89, 90, 92, 96, 119 Senior class President Bulldogs volleyball HI, s wimming, Red football NHS,BHS, Close up MUN, Lettermen's club Boy Scouts (Eagle Scout) Workin' on the Weedmonkey "I thrive on stress! IWb Mac-bats are cool! Jose G.-Commissary Shopping Rules! Kristof-wanna study physics? Dreams is the place! Class of 1996 is truly the best. Goo d I uck to all my se nior buddies. Thanks mom and Dad! Carlos Antonio Yanes "Nariz" Pg. 4, 29, 31 90, 98, llO, 122 123 Baseball Cougars footb all, volleyball Lettermen's cI ub weightlifting playing with car ster eos & being with Ani c k "Congratulations to all my friends and Diablo Elem. School Graduates, Good luck in the future. Peace out: Edgar A. Zayas Hernandez "Tribilin Pg. 29 82,83 Computer club JROTC honor guard, Drill team, Color guard, Battalion S-I, Alph a Co Executive Officer, Graphic Designing on Com puter "CI a s s of '96, I h o p e your life i s lik e toilet paper: long and u se full : I ndex 137

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A Abbot Heather D. 1 04 Aca p Stepha nie 58. 85. 87 Acero Karim A. 47 Acke r Jennifer E. 58 Acosta Gilda I. 58 Acosta Jessica A. 58 Acosta Josue A. 47 Adams Jessica I. 47 Adams John W. Adkins Janet M. 47 Agueda Chantall L. 58. 101 Agueda Germeliz L. 34 Ahringer Jennifer F 58 Aird Bill J. 47. 82. 106 Albaugh Septimber R. 58. 100.106 Alexander Nayhara T. Alfaro Debbie M. 34 Alfaro Jaime E. 58 Ali Joshua S. B Allen Josua D. 47 Allen Timothy D. 47 Alvarez Analia 47 Alvarez Jose L. 34. 99 Amboy David M. Anckle Darcye M. 47. 83. 85. 101 Anderson Brigitte R. 47. 80. 101. 1 05 Anderson Derek W. 47 Anderson Giovanni A. 58 Anderson Keenan L. 34. 99 Anderson Shareen J. 34 Andrade Eira S 47 Antadillas Alvaro I. 47 Archer Charmaine A. Archibold Omar E. 58 Arosemena Gilbert o R. 67. 99 Ash Crystal A. 34. 822 Atenc io Mariela A Austin Angelo A. 4 7. 103 Austin Carmela J. 58 Austi n Mason M. 58. 98 Ave-Lallemant Ambrosia 58.109 Avila Ana C. 58 Avila Najiha A. 58 B Bacot Jason O 34 Bailey Oriel E. 58 Baker Robert 34 Baldwin Heather S. 110.108 Ballaro Corie E. 58 Ballesteros Luz G. 34.110 138 Banasick Frank M. 34 Bamash Jaclyn J. 58. 80.98. 105 Barnett Juney A. 34, 103,112. 11 3 Barter Oriana O. 34 Bartlett Cassandra D. 47, 80 Barton Joseph M. Baughman Daniel R 58 Bazan Kaiser A. Beach Brian D. 34 98 Beal Gary S. 58 Bedwell Aaron C. 58 Bedwell Brence P. 34, 99 Beech Daniel 47, 82 Belt Keith C. 47 Benedetti Eloy A. 58 Bennett Matthew A. 47 Bennett III Lee J. 34, 99, 103,110 Beresford Emil E. 47, 99, 103 Berger Donia F 58 99 Berman Tatiana 47 Bernal-Romero Jose G. Berrios Jr. Eduardo 34, 83 Best II Gabriel L. 47 Beteta Elizabeth M. 58, 82 Bibbo Anthony L. 58, 103. 111 Bibbo Sarai G. 34, 82, 100,108 Bishop Dee K. 47 Blackwell Steven 58 Blanchette Christian T. 34.110 Blanchette Nicole M. 58,109 Blanquicett Eilen 34 Blanquicett Sugey 47. 82 Blau Joseph J. 58 Blenman Michael R. 47 Blotzer Andrea M. 58 Blount Jared 47 Blue Brianna O. 47. 100 Blue Darius D. 34, 98 Bodden Albert L. 67 Bodden Alfonso E. 47, 85 Bodden Litza C. 58 Bodkin Michael K. 47 82 Bonilla Aisha X. 1 04 Bonilla Alejandro J. 59 Bonilla Vielka N. 47, 100, 104 Bonilla Yamileth G 47 Borowski Jeremy Borsellino Abel I. 59 Borse!lino Anne 34 Bottin Kathleen M. 34, 98,1 12 Bowman Christopher J 34,99,106.111.112 Bowman Steven M. 59, 80 Boyer Corinne L. 59. 98, 105 Boyle Kathy A. 59, 98, 105 Brannon Bradford L. 59, 98 Brannon Jennifer R. 34. 82, 84 Braun Roger D. 34, 99 Brazil Rena Y. 59 Brewer Michael A. 59 Bright Anna 35 Brock Diamond 59, 82 Brock Shelby 35 Brogie Darlene M. 35, 104 Brudent Jeff A. 35 Bryan Lindsay R. 59,108 Buendia Erik 98, 105 Buddie Tiziana M. 48, 99 Bunch Talesha S. 59. 100 Burge Hila M. 59 Burger Carol E. 59 Burger Jennifer E. 59, 104 Burroughs Clifton E. Buszinski Brian E. 35 C Cairo Michael 59 Calderon Manuel E. 59 Camac ho Jazmin 48 Camagna Arlana M. 54, 104,110 Camper Anthony J. 59 Campos Elizabeth P. 35 Camps Jr. Jose L. 48 Camps Rebecca 67 Cancel Angelique M. 48, 101 Cantu Johanna L. 35, 98, 104 112 Carlson J. Patrick 48 Carpenter Johnny 48 Carrillo Mara A C. 59 Carrion Jose A. 35 Cartmill Joslin B. 48 100, 113 Carvajal Jacueline A 59 Case Heather A. 59 Castaneda Juan 35 Castillo-Kraemer Hector 67 Castro Marco A. 35, 99 Castro Veronica 48 Cedeno Katherine 59, 105 Cedeno Paul F. 48 Cedeno Yoela M. 59, 99, 104 ,109 Cepeda Carlos J. 59 Chajin Anna Chandler Reynisha R. 48 Chang 500 Ah 59 Chase David B. 35 Chislom Nikki 35, 101 Chou Ching M. 35, 82 Ciceraro Cecilia T. 35 Clay Jamel R. 59 Cline Lisa M. 48 Close Elizabeth R. 35, 101,109,113 Clouston Nancy A. 59, 98 Cloutier Charlene 59 Cloutier Chrystal S. 35, 81 Cobb Nateisha R. 48 Cockburn Denise N. 59 Cofer Jonathan H. 48 Coffey Daren R. 35 Cole Jeremy A. 48, 99, 106, 110,112 Cole Nickay I. 48 Collier Jamal R. 59 Colon Hector R. 67 Colon Jr. Benito 35, 82, 99,1 1 1 Colon Jose L. 48. 98 Commeau Michael P 48, 99,110 Connor Michael J. 59 Cook David I. 60 Cooke Mandi J. 35 Cordoba Emilio D. 60 Corum David W. 60, 103 Coville Jennifer D. 43. 85 Coward Jeronomo M. Crane Cassandra M. 48 Crane Jennifer M. 35 Crump Aaron J. 35 Crunk Amber M. 48 Cruz Victor D. 48, 99 Cruz-Seg arra Jessica M. 60 Cruz-Segarra Mark 35 Cuevas-Avila Julio J. 82 Cunningham Matthew J 60,111 Cunningham Niccole A. 60 o Dacostagomez Sergio Daggett Edward A. 48, 82, Daily Bryan D 35 Danish Shannan C. 48

PAGE 143

Davila Oriana 48 Davis Andrew 60 Davis Daniel J. 35, 98 Davis Liliana Y. 36 Dawson Jennifer S. 48, 100, 109 De la Guardia Andres F 48, 99 De Leon Luis G. 35 De Leon Roberto 60, 82, 99 Deconto Calethia 60, 101 Del Cid Eric J Del Real Viviana A. 48 Delgado Ruth 67 Diaz Eduardo 59, 103,110 Diaz Julissa M. 36,109 Diaz Romel R. 60 Diez Deborah G 36 Diez III Felipe 60 Dillion Kelly R. 60, 99, 104 Ditto Phillip M. 48 Dixon T renell D. 60 Dlugiewicz Michael A. 36 Dollinger Brandy L. 60 Dom enech Robert R 36 Dona l dso n Robert M 48 D oy l e Morgan L. D rennan Keith A 67 D ucreux Alvaro J 67 Duffus Emily J. 60 umas Gamel T. 48, 98, 106 36, 98 be r hart Jacly n A 48 ckerle Cheryl A. 36, 80, 8,108,109 d mundson Takira dwards David 98,111,112 E gbert Jo h n A. 60 E gbert Robert E. 36, 106 Elliot Kellie M. Ellis Rachel D. 49, 104 Else Laurie E. 36 Epperson III William A. 60 Erdman Hudson M. 60 Erdman Tara J. 60 Ernest Jessica A. 36 E scobar Anna 67 scobar Eychell E. 49 Esp inosa Roxanna Del C. 9 s tes Amanda S. 36, 98 stes lairobi A. 60 Estrada Eriberto 67 Fabrega Carlos A. 49 Fabrega Javier E. 49,111 Facey Naomi I. 36 Fehrehback M. 60 Feichti n ger Matthew B. 60 Fergus Manuel R. 60 Ferguson Kendahl S. 60 Ferg uson Michael L 36, 82, 106 Fernan dez Yajaira 49 Ferng Chien-Hao 114 Ferrel Edw ard J. 49 Ferreria Lynnette M Figueroa Heidi B 49, 101,105 Finocchiaro Jr. Albert J. 49,98 Fischbach Brian J. 60 Fischbach Jason W. 36 Fischbach Jonathan A. 49 Fisher Annemarie E. 60, 105 Floria Nicholas B. 60 Folger Didier F 36 Foster Marlene C. 84 Foster William C. 36, 98 Foster Jr. William A. 36 Fouche Jr. Eldred J. 36, 98, 103,111 Fraley Ninnette M 60 Frankl i n Elizabeth A 49 Franks John Freck Amber J 60 Frederick Ascia D Frederick Dana M. 49 F r enche D w aine V.A. 82 Frey James J. 61 Friedman Garcia Joanne 49 Fritts Kenry E 36, 114 Fry Joseph J 61 Fullerton Omar J. 49 G Gabrielson Amanda M. 36, 80, 98,108 Gachez Suzette M. 61 Gallo w ay Tomeka A 61, 100, 106 Ganser Benjamin A. 36, 98 Ganser Cresta M 98, 109, 106 Gar cia Car los A. 49, 80,110 Garcia Veronica 36,108 Garcia Zuam M. 61, 82 Garner Danielle L. 49 Garza Bern ardina D 49, 100 Garza Elizabeth H. 36, 101,104,109 Gaza Jason A. 49 German Crystal R. 61 German Shawn K. 36 Gibson Kristan L. 37, 98 Giles Delia M. 37, 82, 99, 104 Gillespie Nolan D. 61 Glidewell Nolan D. Glotzer Amy E. Goldsworthy Robert W. 37,111 Gomez Suagei 37 Gongora Jose L. 49 Gonzalez Abigail M. 61, 82 Gonzalez Clara I. 37, 82, 99 Gonzal ez Eniel 37,82 Gonzalez Erika N. 49 Gonzalez Ingrid 61 Gonzalez Jason E. 37 Gonzalez John E. 61 Gonzalez Jose A. 61 Gonzalez Luis E. 61 Gonzalez Milagros 37, 109 Gonzalez Ricardo 49 Gonzalez Victor M. 6 1 Gordon Arturo A. 61 Gordon Luis C. Gordon Meliss a M. 61 Gorman Jamie L. 49, 100, 106, 109, 113 Gor os Nicho lette 6 1 ,1 09 Graber Sean D. 6 1 99 Graham Debraca I. 37 Graham Zeudi A. 61 Grant Jorge A. 37, 102 Griffith John M K. 49,110 G riffith Michael J. 61 Griffith Stephanie Y. 67 Guerra Jonathan 37, 99, 106, 110,112 Guerrero Jacqeline 61 Gulley Larrina M. 49 Gundin Armando 49,111,112 Gustke Cassandra L. Gustke Jessica L. 37 Gutierrez Brandaliz 61 Gutierrez Jose M 37, 103 Guzman Ileana E. 37,101 H Haggard Terrence T Halleen Dennis A Halloran Terra M. 37 Hand Jason 61 Hanson Heather A. 61, 85 Harder Todd A 49, 110 Hargrave Latoya L. Hart Heather 37,98,111 Hart Ryan T. 61 Hauser Janelle M. 37, 100, 104,108, 11 3 Hawk Matthew R 49 Haynes Curtis M. 37, 98, 106,112 Haynes Jr. Michael W. A 49,11 2 Hellyer Matthew S 61 Hepburn Alejandro E. 61 Hernandez Betsy M. 61, 82 Hernandez Felix 61 Hernandez Janice Herrera Lisabel 37, 82, 99, 104 Herrera Oscar 37 Herrera Stephanie M. 62, 80, 105 Herrera Tomas E. 37 Herring Galen A. 62 Herring Philip E. 49, 103 Hever l y Anthony 43, 99 Hibbard Jr. Bryan E. 62 Higgins Megan K. 49, 1 00, 1 OS, 113, 11 4 Highley Summer A. 50, 109 Hignett Oliver E 50 Hillard Arthur L. 37,99, 113 Hiltabid l e L yndsay R. 62 Hilty Jr. Edsall D. 62 Hinek Frank D 50 Hodge Shaun W. 62 Hoffman Jonovan P. 37 Hogan Roshun T. 62 Hogen-Hatfield Patty 62 Hol der Andrea L 62 Holihan M i chael L. 50, 113 Horner Gail L. Hoyte Giancario E. 50 Hoyte Julian J. 62 Hoyte Viedelquina A 37 Hoyte Yara L 50 Hsu Jason 50 Huddleston Natalie A. 50, 106 Hughes Jessica D. 50 Husband Winston C. 50 Husted Brian R. 62 Husted Donald A. 37, 99,112 Index 139

PAGE 144

lIund Wanfer 62 Irish Fitzgerald V. 50, 80, 101 Irwin Shanti M. 50 J Janssen Caleb E. H. 62 Jean-Pierre Yves H. 50 Jenkins Christopher 38, 98 Jenkins Courtney 38 Jenkins Shi-Fon R. 84 Jeong Dae-Jung 43 Jimenez Christopher 62 Jimenez David H. 50 Jimenez Zamira R. 38 Johnson Caro l M. 50 Johnson III Dalton R. 38, 99 Johnson Janell K. 50 Johnson Kimberly A. 38, 98 Johnson Lang M. 38, 85 Johnson Linda A. 50 Johnson Michael A. 62 Johnson Michael A. Johnson Mildred M. 50, 82 Johnson Priscilla G. 62 Johnson Stacy L. 99 Johnson Thomas 99, 103,110 Johnson Tramar V. 38, 98,102,111 Johnson Tranae N. 62, 101 Johnston Brianne K. 62 Johnstone Ray A 38, 82 Jones Anesia R. 62 Jones Emily J. 62 Jones Kerisa R. 82, 100 Jones Sheena K. 43 Jones Jr. Lewis D. Jordan Jelani Y. 38, 98,112 Jurado Brenda L. 50 K Kacmarski Jason A. 62 Kacmarski Matthew D. 3 8, 83 K allmeyer Sterling D 50 Kec k Kaley A. 38, 101,104,109 K eene Sharon V. 50, 82, 98 K emp Larry A. 62 Kennedy Kevin D. 62 Kershner Angela E. 38, 1 0 1 Kilbo rn Jr S. Alan 38 Kilgore Jessica C. 38 Kim Se-Jin 62 Kingsbury Kevin J. 38, 82 Kinsey Falisha M. 38 Kirkpatrick Jahira S. 50,102 Kisic Jr. Ivo A. 38 Klasovski Adrian 38 Klasovski Oliver K. 62 Knisley Eric E 62 Konawicz Edward J. 38, 98 Krug Adam M. 50 Kruse Mandy M. 81, 98 Kye, Sung-Min 38, 83 L La Placa Maritzel G. 62, 82, 98 Lane Belkis K Lane Shell y A. 62, 109 Lara Efrain 62 Lawson Keith R. 38 Lazarus Patrick L. 62 Lazier Jr. Thomas E 50 Lebel Doreen D. Lebrun Lindsey J. 63 Lee Neil J. 63 Lee Shawn M 38 Leigh Mary B. 50 Lemoine Gabriel 50 Leon Jennifer M. 6 3 Leon John E 38, 81 Leonard Mark D. Leopard Ruth E Lewis Adriana R. 50 Lewis April D. 50, 101 105 Li Xiang Y. 114 Lincoln Andrew J 63 ,110 Linton Frank S 3 8, 98, 111 Livingston Sarah N. 39, 80, 109 Llach Luis F. 39 112 Lobo Magda E. Locke Courtney B. 39 Long Erin S. 39 Long Jenny E. 63 Lopez Arlenis 50, 104 Lopez Brian A. 39 Lopez Daniel R. 39, 99 Lopez Elisa I. 39 Lord Jorge E. 50 Lord III T homas R 51, 98,111 Lovejoy Paul R. 5 1 Lowe Jennifer M. Lozada Christian J. 39, 103 Lucas Jasmin L. 51, 98 Lucas Joye C. 51 Luce Adrian J. 39 Luna Celia E. 51 Luna Labella Ciara 63 M Machal Berenis V. 39 Macias Angel L. 39, 82 Madera Lourdes 51 Madrid Angel M. Madura Daniel T. 39, 99,110,112 Malcolm Victorio V. 39 Maldonado David Jr. 63 ,110 Maldonado Michelle I. Mallet Daniel 51 Manning Ricardo A. Manning Jr. Jackie L. 63 Markham George A. 39, 99 Marshall Michael-Wayne 51 Martell Julie Martie Rafael 63 Martinez Alessandra P. 51,85 Martinez Natalie G 51, 98 Mason Tralina L. 51, 101 Matos Annika M. 63 Mattingly IV Thomas E. 51, 85 Mattocks Jennifer G. 63 Mayani Suresh M. Mayo Anthony R. 63 Mayo Christopher 63, 106 McAleer Kat h erine 5 1 99,104,112 McCarty Chistopher J. 43 McCaskill Julita K 43 McCaskill Julius L. M c Cory Benjamin 98 McDade Brandi G. 63 McDaniel Natosha M. 39,108 McDaniel Ryan D. 63 McDaniel Shannon N. 51,108 McDonald Yamileth 39 McFarlane Dwayne A. 63 McGee Keesha M. 67 McKain Marcus J. 51 McKay Kervin 39 McKee Danette S. McKee Neal A. McKinnon Marlon J. 51, 82 McLaughlin Scott C. 63,111 McLean Michelle M. 51, 104 McManes Jeffrey A. 39, 106 McManes Melissa 51 McPeak T akisha 63 McQuary Kimberly I. 39, 100 McSwain Stanley 98, 103, 113 Mena Zoila E. 63 Mendez Brandom R. 51 Mendiola Mark R. 51 Mercado Steven S. 63 Mercier Carrie M. 63, 85 Merkel Amanda L. Metler Eric J. 39, 114 Mica Christop her E. 63 Mica Joshua K. 39 Michael Tania M. 51 Miller Terence M. 51 Mills Dore L. 39 Mills Karen A. 63 Miranda Laura Miranda Mitchell M. 51 Miranda Rebecca S. 51 Mitchell Robert E. 39 Modelo Nivia M. 40, 104,108 Montessi Hugo E. 63 Morales Ian L. 40, 114 Moreland Jason M. Moreno Tameka 51, 82 Moreland Jason M. 40 Morris Craig C. 40 Morris Crystal M. 63 Morris Lakisha R. 40, 100 Morrison Kristin L. 51 Munoz David J. 63 Murphy Holly D. Murphy Jennife r M. 63 Murphy Melissa A. 40 Murray Michael C. 63,110 N Naranjo Claritza B. 63 Natalio Emilio B. 40 Natalio Emily A. 64, 109 Navarro III Alexander 64 Neill Cecilia E. 40 Nelms Justin F. 64 Nic'Holis Winn er A. Nicholson Denise A. 5 1 Nicholson Joanne 40 Nickell Christopher 64 Nor man Jan-Michael P. 40, 98 Northcutt Danielle A.

PAGE 145

ovey Gabriel A. 40 yes Brianne S. unez Tania Y 64 'Hearn Jennifer L. 40 bregon Jonathan E. ,110 eh Karim F. 51, 99 en Leisa S. 40 linger Jennifer T. 51 ivares Rodney L. 0,110 Ivera Jesus L. 64 riet Meghann E. 40, 109 rtiz Julitssa rtman Alice C. 64 awa Naoko 67 hon Lauren E. 51, 85, 9 tinger James L. 64, 82 bon Venessa 64 ce II Kevin K. 40, 03,112,113 dro Carlos J. gan Robert A 64 ge Thomas J. 52, 114 hi Kimberly H. 40 alacio Juan A. alazon-Santos Marcela 64 ndy Deshana D. 40, 84, 01 ankau Tahlia M. anzer Cathleen A. 64, 09 aredes Michel 40 arker Shane J. 67 64 ulsen Lora 64 ulsen Sara 52, 105 eart Yarissa M. 64, 00, 106, 108 kham Stephen W dersen Michelle J. Itier Margaret A. 40, rez Adele K. 64, 114 erez Adriana 64, 82 erez Denise Y. 40, 82 erez Francisco J. 40 erez Marieli Y. ere z Penelope 52 rez Sarah I. 64 rez Zinnia 41, 99 schl Jeremy o. 98,110 eters Daniel J. 64 terson IV John 43 ttiford Tracy L. 64, 101 Pichardo Michell e 52 Pierson Philippe A. 64 Pigeon Michael R. 52 Pigeon Jr. Frank S. 43 Pinder Sharlene C. 41, 99, 105 Pineiro Barbara G. 64 PocherJoann N. 64 Poe Maria K. 64 Poggenpohl Jamie R. 114 Pohl Jacob M. 41, 98 Pohl Vanessa M. 52, 99,112 Posadas Esther M 64 Prescott Christopher Prescott Matthew R. 52, 99 Pretto Alexandria C. 41 Price Maristela Prieto Gabriel P. 52, 98 Q Quezada Jr. Julio A. 41, 82 QUiles-Perez Jr. Angel A. 52, 102 Quinn Krista D. 52, 104,109 Quinones Roberto 52 R Ramery Jose E 41 Ramirez Erick D 64 Randolph Erica C. Ray William L. Raymond Angela P. 52 Redfern Victor H. 52, 82 Reese Yomara E 64 Renno Milagro E. 64 Restrepo Maria T 41, 87 Reyes Anthony D. 65 Reyes Pricilla 52, 98 Reyes Nicolas 52 Rice Christopher 41, 98,111,112 Rice Renee L. 52, 100, 106 Richards II Wayne M. 41, 111 Richardson Dedric D. 52, 98 Rigby Karen S. 41 Rigney Jr. Reynolds W. 52, 98 Riley Patrick J. 65 Rios Kabir 52, 82, 102 Rios Rafael 41 Rivera Jason D. 52 Rivera Pedro L. 52, 103 Rivera Paul A 65 Rivera II Eli S Roberts Aaron K 82,111 Robertson Anthony K. 52, 114 Robinson Brooke R. 65 Rodaniche Andrew F. 52 Rodriguez Enrique 65 Rodriguez Ingrid J. 52 Rodriguez Isaac G. 65 Rodriguez Jose O. 65 Rodriguez Lorimar 65, 100 Rodriguez Michell L. 65 Rodriguez Miriam 52 Rodriguez Yesilka R. Rojas Edmee J. 52 Rojas Melanie J. 41, 85, 98,112 Roman Karlo O. Roman Patricia Romig Daniel A 65, 82 65 Rosado Autumn-Dawn 1 06 Rosales Chantel M. 65 Rosales Nicole J. 65 Rose Jasmine H. 108 Ross III Richard M. 65, 82 Roudebush Cecil L. 41 Rowley John Paul 52 Rucker Christopher W. 52 Rucker Julie C. 65 105 Rupp Shawn M 52 99 Ruth Korin E 41 5 Salazar Jinju 65 Salinas Eduardo 53, 82 Samaniego Adrianne M. 53 Sanchez Antonelle 65, 100 Sanchez Cambry D. 65,108 Sanchez Eylin S. 65, 82 Sanchez Shaika 41 SanchezPascual Lina M. 53 Sanchez-Pascual Maria E 5 3 Santana Mario D. 65 Santana Rafael E. 114 Santana Jr. Norberto 65 Santiago III Armando 41 Santiago Elvin A. 53 Santiago Ramon G. 65 Santos Alex G. 41, 82 Savoury Sergio A. 65 Schmidt Preston M. 53 Seales Africa D. 65 Seales Tishna N 53 Sealey Yarabi A. 65 Seaton Zach 53 Seegmiller Raylene C. 65 Shaffer Tammy R. 41, 85 Shaw Delphonie L. 41 Sheffield Samantha C. 65 Shephard Joann e E. Shoemaker Analisa 65, 100 Short Christina M. Sieczka Rachel M 41 Silvera III Teodulo Sima III Daniel M. 41, 98 Simmons Salomon S. Simmons Sumaya L 65 Sinclair Annjury I. 41, 82 Skumautz Krystal A. 53 Slichenmyer Roy Daniel 53, 99 Sliwicki Crystal R. 65, 85 Sliwicki Shane M. 53, 99 Small Aisha P. 66, 82 Smith Ebony K. 53 Smith Elizabeth M. 53 Smith Ines M. 53, 82 Smith Jerry 41, 98,112 Smith Joann P. 66 Smith Leonard E. Smith Mashun D. 41, 99, 102,113 Smith Victor A. 66 Snelling Jane E. 66 Soriano Jana M. Souffront Jean P. Spina Jodie E. Spray Francisco 41 Spray Raymond E. 53 Staha R. Justin 42,111 Stanford Cheryl A. 42, 100,108, 113 Stansberry Brienne C. 98 Stanton Tiffany A. 66 Sternberg Eric L. 53 Stewart Jahel A. Strong Janine M. 66 Suarez Ken D 42 Surprenant Jurilys E. 53 T Tafoya Travis J. Tagaropulos Gloria 53 Takacs Frank A Tanner Joshua J. 66 Taris Carl Edward 53, 114 Tassel Candace R. 66 Taylor Isaac G 53, 82 Taylor Priscilla G. 42 Taylor Tremayne L. 42, 98, 103, 112 Taylor III Richard A. 66 Thomas Blake C. 53 Thomas Licia M. 53 Index 141

PAGE 146

Mar k J. 66 T ,mp s o n A!bert P. Thom pson Lars Ch. Tho mpson Quinton X. 53, 82 98, 103 n rower Maria!. 66 Tirado Edgardo S. 42, "'" vv Tebar Pau!a l.... 4 Z Tokarek Eduard H. 42, 99 T Sh;roan \I L1? ...... ..... ........... 1 w. ''-Toro Carlos J. 66 Torres Jennifer D.C. 82 Torres Rafael J. 65 To .... nsend Bradley R. 98, 112 Troche Edgarde L. 110 Troche J03:1ne M Tucker Rashaun A. 66 V Va!buena Liliana 66 Va!di!!es Angela J. 53 Van Ha! Sebastien 53 Vansica Juan D. 42 Varela Joelia 66 Varela !I Joe lI. Vasquez Jr. Carme!o Vega Carles /I,. Veguilla Myrna 66 Vegui!!a William 87 Velarde Einar J. 66 Velasco George N. 66 Velez Jr. ,l\!berto L. 66, 82 "en"o;,..her Lon A c; ";l Q" '" .............. ". "' .... v ... Vera Matthe'.".' T. 53 Ve:'2 Hey J. 42 A? .-1110.............. .1? ........ ........ ...... ,.......... ..... V:Ham:Z3f Hernando J. 66 Vines Aaron J. 110 \/i .... oC' I( ... i .. h 1M 11 1 ....... .. \/iehi ...... hC' <:: hh ..... .................... V' ... '" \/ .... ",01 T,. ... \I"r U t;:d .... ................ ",. .", W Wag oner Billy J. 103, 106, 111 Wagstaff Mic hae! P. 66 Walcott Saadia R. 54 Wallace Kevin J. Ward Richard A. 42 Warren Katherine D. Wash ;ngto'" nvo:"" ... RIO,.,i ... . ..... J.......... ...... L. Watki ns Cathe rine A. 54 Waugh linda J. 66, 101 Weade Lynley M. 98 Webb Kialeah 54, 114 Webb Kristina Y. 66 'I'/ohb DoUli ... 1O 1 hh Q.d .......... 'u '" ,.......... .... ... ...... Webeck Jenna M. 66 Weeks Jessica M 42 Weeks Katherine 66 Wellington Rodo!fo A. 67 Wens Tristen L. Wemple IV Earl S. 54 Woo:t l'::ielOlia /':I. h7 QO ............... ....... ,. ....', ..... Q? 1At;; 11? ........ ........ ".-West Uze!!3 M 42, 80. OQ 1 At;; .." ..... .... .." Wharton Tamarra L. 67 Whatley Darre!! L. 43 Whelthan Jennifer K. 42, aa Wh Kh 1"1 h 0 67 . ... e a.1 a, ". Whito t..Ai,..h.."ol A h7 .............................. , ...... ... L-C' Noil to. 67 ." .............. ...... .. ... U,.,II" t..A ........... ,.. ...... 07 ,. Wilcoxon James E. 42, 83 ronn D 54 ..... .... .... William s Gary P. 67 Will iams Jacqueline 42 Will iams Janice M. 67 ",.". I( th .. 42 .. 1 .. lams .. a. enne IVI. 99,112 ....... S Percival R. d? ......... ._, 83 Wifliams Jr. Larry D 54, 00 "''''' I...,." \A/il",,., ... I h"" .. i c 0
PAGE 147

Colophon Vol. 87 of the ZONIAN was printed b y Jostens Printing and Publishing Divi s ion at their V isalia, C aliforn i a plant. The Jostens representative was Mr. Ernie Barrera The plant consultant was Gil Quesada. The tri m size of the book is 8 5 x 11. The book contains 144 pages which were Smy the Sewn. The Stock is 80# 191 gloss paper printed in black ink. The primary typeface used was Palatino. The c over logo used was designed by senior Matt Magruder. The book is caribbean green w i th silver embossing The endsheets a r e p r inted with original artwork by David Young BHS art teacher and Senior Patsy Williford. Portrait work was provided by Wesmoor Studios of Cleveland Tennessee The tu xes were provided by the Pacific Theatre Arts Centre. The candid shots were taken by student and faculty photographers. Many of the black and white photographs used were printed in the BHS darkrooms The 1996 Zonian had run 450 c opies These c opie s were sold at $40.00. A current events tip-in designed by Jostens as well as thirty-two pages of co l or designed by the yearbook class were included in this book The yearboo k c ost appro x imatel y $20,000. This figure includes photographic e x penditures The yearbook class of fifteen students worked on the book during the school day The majority of the pages were completed after s c hool and on weekends by a group of fi v e students Mrs. Dottie White Mr. Fred Bales Ms. Patty Cowles Ms. Geri Dee Mr. Dav id Young Ms. Susan Nordell Mrs. Kelle Company Mrs. Pat Alvarado Ms. Paula Baca Ms. DL Sima Special Thanks Olivia Johnstone Melissa Har t Andrea Cedeno Herman W i lkin son Syl vi a Pagan Coralia J i menez Mr. B o b Weedi n T ropi c Times BHS Admin i stration BHS Fac ult y & Staff Pacifi c Theatre Arts Centre 143 Co l o ph o n

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.... I I'unnl 144 I Closing

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Heads of many of the 186 member nations gather in New York to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the United Nations in October. In a powerful address to the U N.'s Fourth World Conference on Women to Beijing. China, attended by 3 0 ,000 women from 180 countries, U.S. First lad y Hillary Rodham Clinton declares, "Women's fights are human rights, to a deskthumping applauding audience. French vansportation workers strike against their government throughout the month o f December, shutting down the airlines and the metro system. after France increases the retirement age from 50 t o 55 and lengthens the work week from 37 to 39 hour s In efforts to cut spendmg. Shock waves hit the M iddle East when I s raeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin i s shot and killed while leaving a peace rally In Tel A viv November 4 His murderer Jewish extremist Yigal Amlr, fanatically opposes peace negotiations with the Palestine liberatIOn Organization. APIWiM. WoOd Marxist Cuban President Fidel Castro abandons his Havana cigar and military fatigues for a suit and tie on a diplomatic visit to New York in October. where he tries to convince the U S to 11ft its 33-year-old trade embargo o n still-communist Cuba. Wrap artist Christo creates 'Wrapped Relchstag" for the cilY of Berhn by coverin g the former home of the German parliament with one million square feet of silver fabric in June. Madman Shoko Asahara. leader of the Japanese apocalyptic religious cult. Aum Shlnrikyo. is arrested on May 16 and charged with the Tokyo subway nerve-gas attack that left 12 people dead and injured 5 ,500 more in March. Pope John Paul II v i sits New New York and Maryland and addresses the United N atio ns. He speaks out on social, economic, political and moral themes. In late May, a doctor performs emergency surgery aboard British Airways flight 32 using a coat hanger, a knife and fork, and a scissors sterilized i n brandy to save a woman whose life is threatened b y a collapsed lung. Tahitian protests escalate into riot s after France detonates a nuclear test device 50 miles from the South Pacific island, France's September resumption of test s after a three-year moratorium bring s global condemnation. Fifty years after the end of World War II. Japan remembers those killed by the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. A solitary building left standing after the blast, now a memorial called the Atomic Bomb Dome, symbolizes the horrors of war and the price of Deace.

PAGE 151

n earthquake kills 5 1 people on the resort-studde d Pacific coast o f Mexico. The quake measures 7 5 on the Ric h t e r scal e and IS fell 330 miles awa y MexIco C ity. Canada's largely Frenchprovince, defeats an referendum on Quebec by a margin of one percent. In July, without public explanations, Burma's military rulers free the country's most famous political prisoner, Oaw Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of the pro-democracy movement and Nobel peace laureate, after SIX years of house arrest. .... The first U,S president 1 0 v i sil Northern Ireland. I President Chnton receives a warm Christmas welcome for h i S show of support for peace between Irish Protestants and Catholics. Hurricane Maril y n Inflicts millions of dollars o f damage In the V irgin Islands in September Wmds up 0 f 2 7 miles per hour s e verely damage half the homes on 51 Thomas. Hope b looms for peace In Bosn i a when Bosni a s President Izetbegovic (left) shakes hands with Serbia's President Milosevic on t h e opening day o f the Novemb e r cease-f i r e talks in Dayton, Ohio. C roatia's President Tudjman looks on. The ensuing Paris peace agreement of December sends 60,000 NATO peacekeeping troops to the war-torn country. Russian figure skater Sergei Grinkov, 28, collapses and dies from a heart attack during practice with his wife-partner Ekaterina Gordeeva on November 20. The pair won two OlympIc gold medals and four world pairs titles. Great Britain' s Princess Diana shocks Buckingham Palace with a tell-all BBC Interview. Defying royal protocol, she discusses her marriage to unfaithful husband, Prince Charles, her struggle with depression and buhmla, and an extramarital affair, The majority of English people express their support and sympalhy, flash t:I In November, the Republic of Ireland narrowly passes a referendum calling for an end 10 Ihe counlry' s 1937 constitutional ban on divorce. While competing in an international balloon race in September, two hot air :5! balloonists, one English and one American, are shot down ... when their balloon lIoals off C course over Belarus. The Belarussian army sees the balloon as a security threat and lires without warning. The balloonists lallio their death. More than lour years after Desert Storm, Iraq' s President Saddam Hussein remains in power, though two 01 his sons-in-law defect to Jordan on August 8 and call for Hussein' s overthrow. Securities trader Nicholas Leeson is arrested in Germany in March 1995 for fraud, forgery, and breach-o'-trust Leeson racked up a $1.32 billion Joss that caused the collapse of Barings PLC, the 233-year-old British bank.

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A an Fra ncisco sewer line bursts u n d e r pressure .... cr"'om"'oattering rain storms c reating a m o nster sinkhole that swallows a $2-miliion house in t h e S e a C l iff district. One-h und red m i l e-pe r h o u r winds knoc k out power t o tens o f thousands of home s and n e arly blow a truc k off the Bay Bridge African-Ame rican men from across the country converge on Was h ingto n D C., for the M illio n Man March o n Octobe r 1 6 The m a r c h l e d b y N atio n-of I s l a m minis t e r Louis F arrakhan promotes African-American unity, d ignity. and f a mily values. U.S. Senator Bob Packwood of Oregon resigns on September 7 the day after the Senate Ethics Committee voted unanimousl y to expel him lor sexual m isconduct, embarrassingly detailed in his diaries, which were made public. 1 na The nation comes to a standstill on October 3 as more than 150 million peopl e watch live TV coverage of the outcome of the nine-month-Iong trial of the century. Al1er less than four hours of deliberation, the jury finds former football star O J Simpson not guilty of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole and h e r friend Ronald Goldman. news Three day s o f dre n ching rains in the Pacific N orthwes t swell rivers t o overflowing, caus ing severe flooding i n Washington in December. In the t own o f Carnation. a pas tor con v eys a woman t o dry l and with a w h eelbarrow. Illinois suffers a record heat wave in July, with temperatures as high as 104. The heat takes the lives of 457 people statewide. At Wrigley Stadium, Jaime Navarro helps faithful Chicago Cubs fans stay cool. After a year of fame as a conservative revolutionary, Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich slumps in popularity, tainted by the government shutdown, his stalled Contract With America, and investigations into his political action committee and his financial affairs. The federal government repeals the national 55-mile-per-hour highway speed limit. enacted in 1974 during the o i l embargo. The legislation allows states to set their own limits. O n Montana highways, s peed limit s are eliminated complet e ly. A I i r Force Captain Scott t\O 'Grady (right) is rescued from pursuing Bosnian Serb fOrces b y U S Marines on June 8 six days al1er his plan e is shot down over Bosnia. O 'Grady survived on insects, plants, and rainwater. Two-thousand volunteer firefighters battl e a raging wildfire in eastern long Island, New York, for three days in August. The fire, following a 2 1-day drought. consumes 5 ,500 acres of pine barrens and damages a dozen homes. There are no injuries or fatalities.

PAGE 153

image o f firefighter Chris Field s holdin g As more Americans invest Wall Street enjoy s a bull market. In No .... ember, the Dow-Jones Industrial one-year-old Baylee A lmon, who later dies, t o symbolize the horror of the Apri119 Average hit s 5000, a m ilestone indicating healthy corporate profit s and low interest rates. 01 'he Oklahoma City Federal killed 150 adults and 19 c hildren. ,oco," snowfall paralyzes the Coast in January 1996, travelers and killing Seven states, from i i to Massachusetts, gets 30. 7 inches On April 30, the adoptive parents of f our-year-old "'Baby Richa r d comply with an llllOOIS court o rder to turn the C hild over to his biological parents Area C l o s e d A r ea c l '" C o lack of du e a pp r opri a t i o ns. The government shut s down for S I X days in November afte r the I President and Congress fail to agree on how to balanc e the fedefaTOudget. The shutdown affects non-essentia l f e d eral services, Charle$H Poner IV including t h e National Park Service. A longer shu t down follows in December. Warren E Burger, Chief Justice of the U S Supreme Court from 1969 to 1986, dies in June at age 87. Though appointed by President Richard Nixon, he ordered Nixon to turn over tapes 10 the Watergate hearings that effectively ended the president's career. The Washington Post publishes a manifesto written by the unidentified killer known as "The Unabomber," at large since 1978 and wanted for 16 mail bombs that have killed 3 and injured 23. FBI agents scrutinize the article for clues to the bomber's identity. A Chicago commuter trai n slams into the back end of a loaded school bus. The accident. allegedly caused b y a poorly timed stoplight placed 100 near the tracks, kills 7 students and injures 28 on October 25. flash Despite Americans' doubts and lears, U .S t(OOIlS head for Bosnia in The 20,000 U .S lorces, serving under NATO command beside 40,000 European alli e s lace the task 01 keeping p eace among the country' s warring Serbs, Croa t s and Muslims The State of South Carolina sentences Susan Smith to life in prison for the drowning "" murder of her two young sons in 1994. An anonymous donor sends SI. Jude' s Children' s Research Hospital i n Memphis S1 million in the form 01 a winning t icket Irom McDonald' s November "Monopoly" sweepstakes g ame. In the wake 01 a growing number of random aHacks from assailants with knives and guns While Hous e security i s lorced t o clos e Pennsylvani a Avenue to traffi c After allegedl y ignoring lederal pollution regulations lor years, General Motors agrees under threat of an S11million fine to roca1l500,000 Cadillacs at a cost of $45 million American women celebrate the 75th anniversary of the 19th a m endment to the U S Constitution, which granted women the r ight to v ote. Women's suffrage leader Susan B Anthony (1820) f irst organized the light lor suffrage in 1848.

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e news W u bbO De S)'9I\'lI As the result o f a n improperly c l eane d test tube a t a f ertility clinic, a woman in the N etherlands gives b irt h t o twin boys, each from a different f ather. " Astun n i ng pho t ograph from the Hubble Space Teles c o p e C aptures a mom ent i n the birth o f a s t a r i n the E agle N ebula, 7,000 light year s from E arth. U ght from t h e young s tar's n u c lear f urnace l ifts towering pillar s o f h y drogen gas and Interstella r dust. The world's first test-tube gorilla is born althe Cincinnati Zoo in October as part of an effort to save the western lowland gorilla. an endangered species that numbers fewer than 450 animals. FoSSilS of a jawbone ( left) and leg b o n e (right ) found i n K e n y a i n Aug ust reve a l a previou s l y unknown species o f upright hom i nid that lived four million years ago, pushing the e mergence of b i pedalism back half a million years. Walking upright is a key ad apt a tion that sep a rates hum a n s from apes. M edia attention locuses on melatonin, a naturally occurri n g hormon e used t o i nduce sleep and slow the effect s o f agin g Lauded a s a wonde r drug a kilogram of synthetic m elatonin sells f o r a s m u c h a s $1 0 ,000. In a procedure know n a s tissue engineering. scientis t s grow a human ear under the skin o f a laboratory mouse. Researchers hope the procedure will play an important role in the future of t ransplant surgery. In March. the Federal Drug Administration approves a chick.en pox vawne. Rarely fatal. chi c ken-pox affect s 3.7 million A merican s annually. A r chaeologist s discover a 1"\3, year-old tomb in May 'il:";,"'," ';'elieved t o hold the remains of 52 sons o f Ramses It. P haraoh o f Egypt. Researcher s announce tha t they have isola ted a g e n e i n mice linked t o o besity. Mice with a m utated D B g e n e a r e i n jected wit h the hormon e leptin. resultin g in d ramatic weight loss. The public is tantalized at the prospect of lepti n a s a Slimming treatment lor u s e i n humans. As a pro tective measure agains t counterfeiting in the e r a of digital publishing. the Treasury Department redesigns U S currency bills. to be issu e d over the next fiv e year s starting early 1996 with the new 5100 bill.

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Former rivals In space become comrades In space after the h tone dockmg o f the U S space s h unle At/antiS and Russia's Mlrspace s tatIOn on June 29. Astronaut Robert Gibson (in red) greet s cosmonaut V l adimir Dezhurov. Buyers rus h to stores the new compute r operating sys e m Windows 95, spurred by Microsofl Corp,'s S70Q-milllon publicity barrage and the promise o f a friendlier m t erface. In November, Visa introduces a cash-storage card that eliminates a pocketful of loose change. A c hip in the plastiC card tracks the amount 01 available cash, which is accessed with a reader al t h e p lace 0 1 purchase. The card can be tak e n t o the bank and reloaded. Now virtual reality comes in a handy travel size with Nintendo's latest, Virtual Boy, a portable 3-D video-game system with stereophonic sound. In June, volcanic eruptIOns give birth t o a baby Island. A new member o f the Tonga Islands e.!JIerges near New Zealand, 900 feet high and f40 feet wide. The movie Apollo 13 opens in I t h e summer after f ilming many of its scenes Insid e NASA's "zer o gravity" plane. which mimics the weighllessness astronauts experience i n space by diVing into a 23-second freefall. New research shows that the meat-eating Tyrannosaurus rex did not loom upright. but slalked along lower 10 the ground. The discovery is reflected in t h e reopened exhibits of the famed dinosaur halls of New York' s American Museum of Natural History after three years of redesign. flash After a decade-long search, sCientists isolate what may be the mos t important cancerrelated gene, The defective gene known as ATM is associated with cancers of the breas t colon, lung, stomach, pancreas and skin. and may be carried by two million Americans. Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope observe new moons orbiting the planet i Salurn. adding all.>,12 c3 moons and possibly 4 to Saturn' s previously known tala I 0118. A team of French and British explorers believe they have found an ancient breed of horse previously unknown to scientists. In November, the four-fool high horse with a triangular head, which resembles the vanished horses of European Stone Age drawings, is named Riwoche for its home region in Tibet. October satellite photographs show the recent rapid deterioration of the earth' s ozone layer above Antarctica. Pollutants produced mostfy by the U S cause the hole in the atmosphere' s protective layer to increase 10 the size 01 Europe.

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1\ Iready well know n for her f"'\appearanc e s i n Aerosm ith mus I c videos, 19-year-oJd Alicia Silver s t one a c hieve s stardom with the 1995 summer movie hit Clueless. M illio n s o f American s tun e in to Martha Stew art' s TV s how, subscribe to h e r m agazine, and read her book s The p opular cooking and home-decorating entrepreneu r b uild s an empire b y packaging a d istin ctive Ame rican nostalgi c style. Bill Gates f o under and chairman of the computer giant M i c rosoft, becomes the wealthiest m a n i n the world on the succ ess o f his company's s oftware His b ook The Road Ahead h its T h e New York Time s best-seller l ist. ih the news Hot a ctor Antonio Banderas falls i n love with another screen sexsymbol Melani e Griffith during the filming of Two Much. Banderas will co-star with Madonna in Ihe film version of Evi t a and will star in Steven Spielberg-produced Zarro. With $150,000 saved during h e r 75 hardworking years as a w a s herwoman, O seola McCarty est ablishes a scholar s hip fun d for AfricanAmerican students at the University o f Southern MissisSippi For her selflessness, s h e is awarded the P residential Citizen s Medal. Pamela lee of 8aywatch fame and hus b and Tommy lee M o tley erfie drumm e r a r e the life OnMparty this year, frequently caught by the press engaging in public displays o f affection. T,railblazer Shannon Faulkner ( hand t o head ) w ithdraws from t h e Citadel after collapsing d u ring "hell week." Faulkner singl e hand edly attempted to bus t the gender barrier at t h e all-male South Carohna military i nstitu tion. Seventies superstar John Travolta' s motion-picture comeback i n the 1994 hit Pulp Fiction continues with starring roles in Get Shorty and Sandra Bullock follows up her star-making role in Speed with t h e gentle romance While You Were Sleeping Bullock's fresh, wholesome image earns her an "Entertainer 01 the Year" nomination from Entertainment Weekly magazine. Broken Arrow.

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merica I S disappointe d i n i t s h igh h opes f o r C o l i n Powell's 1996 i I candidacy. At the close o f his w h i r l wind book t our f o r the General and his wife Alma announce i n N o ven1bel t h a t h e II not seek t h e Republican nomination. per movie, even this year' s flop at the box The Scarlet Lener, loosely based on Hawthorne' s classic. A 1 O-year-old SI. louis schoolboy. Mlarry C h ampagne III becomes a her by t a k i n g contrOl of his school us after the driver suffe r e d a s trok e Champa gne i s lat e r awarded a $10,000 scholarship by the bus company Favorite of Amenca' s heartland for his You Might Be A Redneck If... jokes, Georgia-born stand-up comic and author Jeff Foxworthy gets his own ABC sitcom in which he plays h imself. Model Beckford Tyson, singled out b y Ralph lauren for his allAmerican looks signs an exclusiv e contrac t with the fashion designer in 1995. Stand-up comic a n d sitcom s t a r Elle n DeGeneres makes the best-seller lis t with h e r book M y Point ... And D o Hav e One. CllristoPher R e e v e in a w heelchair and hook e d u p 10 a p ortalli e respira t o r appear s with his wife, Dana a t t h e American Paralysi s Association s annual gala on November 9 less than fiv e monlhs after a fall from a horse left him almos t t otally paralyzed Miss Oklahoma S hawntel Smith i s crowned Miss America on September 16. DUfing Ihe broadcast of the 75th pageant, v iewers pho n e i n the ir votes t o retain the swims u i t c ompetition. flash Calvin K lein' s provocative C K Jeans campaign causes a n uproar i n Augus t bringing nasty headlines, threats of retailer b o y coUs and a n FBI inves t i g a t ion. The s c anda l only seems to help sales. M ichael Jackson and lis a Marie Pres l e y announce their divorce almo s t a y ear after their surpris e marriage. The tabloids have a field day speculating about the reasons lor the m arriage (was i t a coldhearted career move?) as well as the c auses lor the break-up (was he after Elvis' fortune?). Breaking the Surlace. the autobiography of Greg louganis. former U S Olympic gold-medal diver who revealed earlier that he has AIDS, debuts al No. 2 on the best-selle r list. Popcorn magnate Orville Redenbacher, who transformed popping corn into a gourmet item, d ies on September 19 from heart failure. Two Chines e women set a new Guiness world record in November by l iving i n a r o o m for 12 days w ith BSB p o isonous snakes The previous world record, set i n S ingapore in 1987, was 10 days with 200 snakes Joh n F. Kenned y Jr .. is cofounder and editor-in-chie f o f George, a glossy new magazine cover ing American politics. Hounded all his l i f e b y the press, Kenne d y join s thei r ranks, contributin g a feature mtervlew t o each issu e

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Batman Forever, with Val Kilmer in the title role and Chris O 'Donnell as Robin, becomes the third Batman movie and the summer's topgrossing film. After an unpromising start, Conan O 'Brien quietly gains popularity as host o f NBC's "Late a slot previously filled by David Letterman. Letterman's current show on CBS slowly loses viewers. 0 > Whitney Houston stars in the December film release, Waiting to Exhale, adapted from Terry McMillan's best-selling novel about the lives of four middleclass African-American women. Houston sings the title song for the movie soundtrack, which enjoys bris k sales. f -j > news Denzel Washington, critically acclaimed for his performances i n films Crimson Tide and Devil in a Blue Dress, receives highest praise from the City of los Angeles, which honors him with the Martin luther King, Jr., Award for his philanthropic work on behalf of children The fifth a c t o r to play 007 in the enduring film I series begun i n the 19605, Pierce Brosnan abandons his Aston Martin for a BMW Z3 Roads t e r in Goldeneye, the latest and. some say. best James Bond movie. Three 1995 movies bring Jan e Austen classics to the silver screen : Clueless, based on Austen s novel Emma, and Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion. - Disney Pictures continues its line of animated blo ckbuster s w i t h the Native American legend Pocahontas. The picture previews in New York' s Central Park t o an outdoo r audience of 200,000. Oosney P'C\Ults "om Shoc)tong SI.1r Although ABC cancel s her TV series M y So-Called life," 17-year-old Claire Danes hit s the big screen i n How t o Make an American Quilt, To Gillian an Her 37th Birthday, and Romeo and Juliet with leonardo DiCaprio as her co-star. I n the susp e nse-thrille r Seven heartthrob Brad P itt attract s a wide male audience with h i s performance as a detective on the trail o f a serial kille r whose murders are based o n the seven deadl y sins.

PAGE 159

Ten years after creating the popular comic strip "Calvin and Hobbes," cartoonist Bill Watterson retires in December. NB C S hosp i tal drama E .R." continues t o draw h igh r atings t hroughout 1995 thanks t o its dramatic r ealis m and the appeal o f handsome George Clooney ( m iddle right) supermo del Cindy Crawford' s l a test d a t e --Horrorfiction author Stephen Kmg signs a deal with Signe t b ooks to releas e his upcoming story, T h e Green M il e a s a paperbac k series. Disney Entertainment spends S 19 billion to purchase the ABC telelJision network in July. To y Story is the world' s fir s t entirely comput eranimat e d f i l m Released by Disney during the Christmas season, i t features the v o ices of Tom Hanks TIm Allen, and Don Rickles. i'imJ i C afrey earns $20 million f o r the starring role i n the comedy A c e Ventura: When Nature Calls. a sequel to the extraordinarily popu l a r A c e Ventura: Pet Detective. Th e popular NBC TV seri e s "Friends r eturns for a secon d highly r a ted season Its runaw a y s u ccess inspires less s uccessful Imitation s b y other networks. Fox TV's "The X Files" s t a r s David Duc hovn y as an FBI agent who i nvestigates sup ernatural phenome n a The show becomes a surprise h i t giving millio n s o f viewers reason t o l ook forward t o staying home on a Fri day n ight. flash MTV introduces "Singled Out," an overthetop dating game show where contestants ask random, poinlless Questions of a crowd of suitors, sight unseen untillhe zany answers have eliminated all but that one perfect love match. According to a Roper Youth Poll, the two hoUest TV shows among teens this season are the daytime soap "Oays of Our live s and the evening soap "Melrose Place. "The Jon Stewart Show," a late night talk show aimed at Generation X fails to catch on. During the final taping. host Stewart says, "To all those people who said my show wouldn' t lasl I have only one thing to say. Good call." Devoted fans will not be denied another season of NBC' s sitcom "Seinfeld" after all. Creator Jerry Seinfe l d decides to keep his "show about nothing" going for an e ighth season.

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Their dow n -to-earth style and soulful pop songs make HODtie and the Blowfis h popular favorites Their debut album Cracked Rear View sells over 5 m illion and the group i s named Best New Artist at the MTV Musi c A wards i n September. Twenty-year-otct Canadian newcomer Alanis Morissene raises some eyebrows with her up-front, aggressive lyrics and attitudes. Nevertheless, her albu m Jagged Little Pif/ goes double platinum. Jo/ln BeIl,sS'm(\.lGI Sixties icon Jerry Garcia, guitarist of The Grateful Dead, dies of a heart attack on August 9 at age 53. Garcia's musical roots in blues, country and folk are apparent in hits like "Truckin'." Legions of Deadheads mourn his passing. Ro cker Melissa Etheridge f ollows top s elling Yes, I Am with h e r f ifth album, YoJr Little Secret. Brandy, whose self-titled platinum album and single I Wanna Be Down" hit high on the R&B charts, sweeps the first Soul Train Music Awards in August. The 16-year-old singer wins Best New Artist, among other awards. 8eatlemania returns in 1995 with ABC's six-hour documentary The Beatles Anthology, the video releases of A Hard Day's Night and Help! and the album collection Anthology, featuring previously unreleased material. Cleveland-based rap group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony vault to llie fop o f the charts with some old-fashioned harmonizing o n the album E. 1999 Eternal. YOkO Dna and little Richard join a host of celebri ties at the opening of the glitzy Rockand-Roll Hall o f Fame and Museum in Cleveland on September 1. The chart-topping movie soundtrack Dangerous Minds features Coolio's rap anthem "Gangsta's Paradise," the number-one singl e of the year according to Billboard magazine.

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Ive dedicat e their single to VIC Ims of the Oklahoma City bombmg. The rock band's Throwing Copper album yields t hree hit Singles: Billboard MUSIC Awards names them Rock Artist o f the Year hard-luck story turns IOta overnight success In the case of Canadian Shama Twain, born In poverty to an Irish mother and an Ojibway Indian father. T wain' s 1995 hits Include 'Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?, MAny Man of Mine" and the title tune t o her 3-million-selling The Woman In Me. Th e Chicago-based rock band Smashing Pumpkins release thelf epic double album Melfon Collie and the Infimte Sadness t o cntlcal and public acclaim. Mariah Carey' s Oaydream sells over 5 millIOn copies, takmg numbe r-on e spot on the Biflboardalbum chart. Carey performs With Boyz II Men on the hit Single "One Sweet flash A E M.'s summer tour is ROIlflIf W llQhl lGI interrupted by medical Atlanta' s TLC IS honored at the Billboard Music Awards for providing two of the year's biggest Ifs. "Creep" and "Waterfalls" both lead the Hot 100 singles charts Former Nirvana drummer Oave Grah l plays a new sound as gUitarist and lead singer in the Faa Fighters, an alternative rock band that enjoys three Singles off their self-titled debut album In 1995. for weeks. Success doesn' t mellow the style of alternativ e rock band Green Day, who release their anxiously awaited fourth album Insomniac, their fastest and darkest album to date. Seal's hit off the Batman F o reve r movie soundtrack, "KISS From a Rose," i s all o ver the summer playlists. The single propels the artist's self-titled album to the double-platinum mark, With the record-setlln g sales of his album Fresh Horses, only three musical act s I n U S history outsell country musi c icon G arth Brooks: the Beatles, the Eagles, and B illy Joel. :! emergencies for three of the .t band's lour members. The tour, I their lirs! in five years. is eventually completed with all members in good health. In October, David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails wrap up the U S portion 01 Bowie's world tour. At each show, Bowie and Trent Reznor's band playa set together. In December, Bowie tours Europe with Morrissey as his opening act. The Red Hot Chili Peppers tone down their trademark bawdiness i n their newest album, One Hot Minute. Selena, the 23-year-ol d Telano musIc queen, IS gunned down I n Corpus C hristi I n M a rch 199 5 b y Yolanda Sald i var, f o rmer president o f her fan club. The July relea s e of a collectIOn 01 Sel e n a s hits Dreammg of You, s ees some o f the fastest sales in mus i c history.

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International soccer star Michelle Akers, world' s top woman player. leads the U S women" s soccer team to a 2, sudden-death VictOry over Norway In the U S Cup title game in August. Jeff Gordon, 24, dominates the Nallonal AssOClallOn for Stock Car Auto Racing' s Winston Cup, winning 7 of NASCAR's 31 races and earning $4. 3 million In 1995, a record for the span The University 01 Nebraska demolishes the University o f Flonda, 62-24, i n the 1996 Fiest a Bowl to win their second consecutive national college football title and cap Cornhuskers coach T o m Osborne's 23rd season. news The New Jersey Devils win I the National Hockey League' s Stanley Cup, beating the heavily favored Detroit Red Wmgs In four straight games. CIMt CimpDel SoCIi f'leu In Super Bowl XXX, the heavily favored Cowboys beat the Pittsburgh Steeters 27-17. Dallas cornerback larry Brow n ices the game for the Cowboys with the second of his two interceptions, and is named MVP for his heroics. AP/WWJe World The Hous t o n Rockets, led by center H akeem Olajuwon, win thei r second consecutive N ational Basketball Association championship in June. sweeping the series with the Orlando Magic in lour games. Twentyoneyearold tennis champ Monica Seles, returning to competitive play two years after being stabbed at a tournament in Germany, wins the 1995 Australian Open. ---" l _._ I ....... ,x : "0 The most controversial moves are off the field this season as the Cleveland Browns NFL franchise announces its move to Baltimore and the Houston Oilers announce their move to Nashville. In ('1ay 1995. Peter Blake' s Team New Zealand in "Black Magic 1 defeats Dennis Conner's team in "Young America" in the first 5-0 sweep i n the 144-year history o f the America's Cup. Hall-ot-famer Mickey Mantle, a switch-hitter and one of the 'Q'",q sluggers in baseball history, of cancer on August 13. Mantle hit 536 home runs in his career and compiled a lifet i m e batting average of .29B.

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The Atlanta Braves edge the I C l e veland I ndians 1 in game SiX to win the World Series on October 28. Closing pitcher Mark Wohlers leaps for joy. RIC SltWJrl. AlIsI)OI1 Know n for his temperamental personality. his many tattoos and his aggressive playing style, basketball center Dennis Rodman (91) debuts with the Chicago Bulls after his trade from the San Antonio Spurs. The National Bas k etball Association lines the Chicago I Bulls 525,000 w hen Michael Jordan wears his previously r etired number 23 jers e y for tuck during championship prayoffs agains t the Orlando Magic in May 1995. German tennis star S leffi Graf. who won three of five Grand Slam titles i n 1995, ends the professional tennis season ranked number one in the world. National Basketball Association refe rees mike against t h e league f o r much o f the autumn. Fill-in officials spark complaints o f substandard refe r e e ing. ;i flash i Former LA. lakers point guard Earvin "Magic" Johnson announces a return to basketball in January 1996. Johnson retired in 1991 when he discovered he was HIV posilive. The Northwestern University Wildcats-long a gridiron laughings tock-pile up ten victories in 1995 and go to the Rose Bowl for the tirst time since 1949. In his first fight in four years, former world heavyweight champ Mike Tyson disposes of challenger Peter McNeeley in 89 seconds. Tyson, who in March finished a three-year jail term for a rape conviction, earns $25 million lor the August boxing match. Pete Sampras, winner of the 1995 men' s singles championships at Wimbledon and the U S Open, ends the professional tennis season with a numberone world ranking. In September, Baltimore O rioles shortstop Cal Ripkin, Jr., achieves a record-setting 2 ,131 consecutive games. For a record fifth straight time, Miguellndurain of Spain wins the 22-day, 2 ,270-mile Tour de France, the world' s premier b i c ycle race. On the 15th day of the race, Italian road-race champ Fabio CasartelJi is killed in a s e ven-man crash. Betsy K ing wins h e r 30th tournament o n June 25 and gains entry to the ladies Professional Gol f A ssociatio n s Hall of Fame, one o f the most difficult attainments in sports. Quarterback Dan M arino o f the Miami Dolphins set s f our l i fetime passing record s during the 1995 football season : 47,003 yards, 342 touchdowns, 3 686 comple t ions and 6.467 attempts Master of the sinking fastball and still learning to speak English, l.A Dodgers p itcI'Jer Hideo Noma, formerly with the Kintets u Buffaloes in Japan, is named Rookie of the Year. Nomo is the second Japanese-born player to join the U S major l eagues, and the first All-Star.

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The most recent fad In purses I takes the form o f small backpacks. Designer water spreads to the pet world. Doting pel owners buy tuna-flavored bottled water for fluffy and beefflavored bottled water for Spot. Girly things enjoy a surge in popularity with young women, who wear baby barrettes, knee socks, tmy I-shirts little Jumpers, and funky Maryjanes. and kid around with Hello Kitty" accessories 1\ mericans consume culture and h i s tory Mas attendance at America's 8 ,000 museums climbs to 600 million peopl e per year more than mOVie, theater, and s p orts attendance combmed. ReuterslArclWe PIIoIos Taking her place among controversial talk-show hosts as the "Oprah for the junior set,ft Ricki Lake speaks to such concerns as, "Mom, when my boyfriend gets out of jail, I'm taking him back." The angel message of "fear nor strikes a deep chor d with Americans' yearning for spiritual growth and comfort in a stressful time. People enjoy angel collectibles, angel sites on the Internet, and angel books and magazines. Diners are treated to variations on theme cafes, as Hard Rock Cale is joined by Fashion Cafe, Plane t Hollywood HarleyDavidson Cale. and Londo n's Cyberia Cafe w h e r e patrons Sip coffee and surf the Internet. A'ir s t In the long, popular history of M&M's candies: a new blue M&M jom s the colorful candycoated mix. Young people continue to foliow the wide-leg Jeans trend, forsaking tight Jeans for a loose baggy fit The tattoo craze leads to some reijrels, but recent laser developments keep people from being marked for life. Pulsed laser light, a different wavelength for each color in the Logo-wear reaches a new level of sophistication Among the tattoo, removes pigment without reigning maker s of athletic wear only Nlke can spark recognitIOn leavlIlg scars. without the use of i t s name. "Some pretty cool people drink milk" IS the message carried by a high-profile ad campaign featuring a raft of popular celebrities sporting a white upper lip on behalf o f the health y beverage. The milk-moustache effect is created With latex, a rubber-based paint. A Icon fEUU COIiPAN.