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7 A A r


The gentle moonlit face of water;
Like a mirror it reflects
The complexity of life,
What is now and what is next.
As we glance into the past,
A sentimental vision;
The arms of life forced us to grow
Nsatu-4re's continMous decision.
Time passed like the weary winds
That cradle the leaves and shift
the sands.
Ourr minds disclose memories
Of forgotten faces, forgotten hands.
Onto this glistening pool we can see
All the things we learned and did.
The swaying ripples represent
Our thoughts and dreams the
darkness kid.
Who can know, who can be sure
What the indecisive future holds.
But4 by looking at reflections,
We see how life unfolds.
-Raul Martinez


f-// -/IX71)

U m

















Cover design by Mlichelle Collins.



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19 OIAN! [;]OLUM 85 REiL]FECT OO]I.,
A S.^^^^^^^^^

. --

:g B
w r...
r. ~4,1

UNIT 0925
APO AA 34002
TEL: (507) 52-7896

Title Page


On January 6, 1995, a part of Balboa
High School was taken away from us.
Mr. Jose A. Jaen- Spanish teacher, J
National Honor Society sponsor, and II
friend- was killed in a car accident on
his way to the interior. Although he
can never be with us again physically,
his spirit will always live in our school
an d in our hearts. l

Aside from being thought of as an
excellent teacher, Mr. Jaen will be IM B
remembered best as being a wonderful |a
friend to both his students and to his
fellow faculty members. His youthful
spirit and great sense of humor were
irresistable to almost everyone that
knew him. He always found time to joke
around or just talk, and this showed just
how much he cared for his students.
Another way Mr. Jaen demonstrated his
devotion to BHS was through his active
role as National Honor Society sponsor.
He encouraged participation in the -
organization and did everything
possible to ensure its success.

Throughout his many years of teaching
at both CJHS and BHS, Mr. Jaen made
countless friends. These people were
fortunate enough to get to know the
unique person that he was. The
friendships and contributions made by
Mr. Jaen over the years continue to be
cherished and will certainly never be
Alexis Vidaurri
NHS President

SStudent Life


In order to describe BHS student
life you must understand all the dif-
ferent activities available to BHS stu-
dents. Besides studying for tests, pre-
paring reports, and taking achieve-
ment tests, BHS students like to have
fun! There are many after school
clubs to join. As each sport begins,
new friends are made and there's
daily practices to attend. The honor
societies offer exciting trips to explore
Panama's outdoors, as well as visit a
museum, school or French restaurant.
The Ecology Club takes care of the
greenhouses and collects paper to be
recycled. The Thespians perform two
plays each year. The S.A. plans the
Jamboree Pep rally, Homecoming Pa-

rade, Class Competitions, runs the
school store, and organizes the
Awards ceremony in May. There's
also Close-Up, PRIDE, SADD, Peer
Helpers and Computer club. Student
life goes on and on at BHS. There's
never enough time to be involved in
every activity that BHS offers! Varsity
sports contribute to the quality of life
for BHS students. From cheerleading
and football in the fall to tennis and
soccer in the spring, there's some-
thing for everyone to enjoy after
school. Last but not least, are the jour-
nalism clubs which attempt to cover
BHS student life in the "Parakeet"
and the "Zonian"-yearbook.

"Katie, there's a frog on your nose!". While at Bocas Del
Toro a dendrebates frog makes a new friend. Photo by D.

"We're here!" Biological Honor Society members unload
on their December trip to Bocas. Photo by D. Seitz

Slammin' ... Seniors enjoy their picnic at Rodman Pool.
Photo by D. White

"Did I get it right?". Students in Mr. Vice's Business
class work in groups. Photo by A. Carrion

Student Life

Student Association: Front: Treasurer Michael Chase, President Danny Norman, Back: Vice President Michelle Collins, Sec-
retary Kathi Lopez, Advisor Susan Nordell. It takes an enormous amount of dedication along with drive to fulfill the S.A.'s
duties. Some of their more memorable events include the Jamboree Pep Rally, Homecoming dance & parade and the Awards
ceremony held in May. Congratulations on a job well done!

i Student Life


r .- i


*^. I'r,^

<. *' -

I I/

t~* *~


Pumped up and ready to go. BHS students head for Cristobal. (photo P. Alva-


Red Machine. #1 at heart. R. Gomez and K. Bault (photo D. White)

Bulldogs' Queen A. Gabrielson escorted by D. Arias & A. Beech.

From Start to finish! Coach Palumbo at the last jamboree. (photo D. White) Cougars' Queen M. Webb escorted by J. Lopez & E. Stanford. (Photo by J.

Student Life



Jamboree is an annual event held to
kick off the football season. It gives fans
and players a sneak preview of what the
upcoming season has in store for them.
For 45 years the rules and purpose of
the Jamboree have remained virtually
unchanged and now the tradition has
come to an end. This year's Jamboree
was the last one to be played at the Cris-
tobal Football Stadium.
The Jamboree started off with the tra-
ditional parade of cheerleaders, queens,
and spirit. Leading the parade this year
was the man that brought tackle football
to the DoDDS schools, Mr. Luke C.
Palumbo. He was well-known for his
straight-talk, strong ideas, and uncom-
promising ideals. The people are very
kind to dedicate the 45th and last annual
Jamboree to me. I'll always remember it
as long as I live," was the quote that
brought tears to some eyes that may
have remembered visions of those first
games, "Theparade got everyone's team
spirit going, indicated Janelle Hauser
about the parade of students. People
screamed and hollered for their team
and yelled encouraging words to the
queens of those rough and tough guys.
The lucky ladies who represented their
teams this year were Amanda Gabriel-
son for the Balboa Bulldogs, Kim Lee for
the Red Machine, Melissa Webb for the
Curundu Cougars, Lucia Lincoln for the
PCC Green Devils, and Candy Guerra
for the Cristobal Tigers. With the parade
coming to an end, everyone prepared to
watch the 12 minute games that would
determine the weanier from the mean-
With the games commencing all ac-
tion was out on the field. Each move
was studied by the other team coaches

and their own players were tried out for
the first time that season.
The games were almost over when
lightning began and put a stop to every-
thing. After waiting to see if the light-
ning would stop, the Jamboree was de-
clared a draw, meaning that no single
team had won. When asked how he felt
about the way the Jamboree ended,
Buddy Bottin, a player on the Green
Devils, replied, "I was disappointed. I
really wanted to keep playing and I
thought it was unfair that the final Jam-
boree would have no real winning
Aside from the problems with the
weather, everything went as planned.
The ceremony prior to the games was a
success. "I thought having Coach
Palumbo there was a nice gesture, and it
added to the significance of it being the
last Jamboree," said Cathy Bates. So de-
spite the problems, the Jamboree was an
enjoyable evening bringing friends and

teams together to have some fun. Com-
piled articles by Renee McArty, Danny
Norman, and Carlos Lampas.
The first Jamboree was a success in
drawing a lot of spectators. Because of
that, the decision was made to have it as
an annual event. The Jamboree was ex-
pected to alternate from the Atlantic to
Pacific sides, but the Pacific side did not
request the right to host the second Jam-
boree, so all the Jamborees from then on
were held at the Cristobal Football Field.
The first Jamboree was won by the Ca-
nal Zone College, now the Panama Ca-
nal College. The Cristobal Tigers won
the title in 1951, 1960, 1963, 1964, 1967,
1968, 1970, and 1971. The Balboa Bull-
dogs go in the record books for being
the only team to win the Jamboree three
years in a row. Last year's winners were
the Curundu Cougars.

Devil's Queen L. Lincoln escorted by J. Williford and L. Gibson.

Red Queen K. Lee escorted by R. George and J. Bates. (Photo by J. Hauser)

Student Life

Two generations of Palumbo's: Mr. J. Palumbo and sons. (Photo by D. White)



Devils Cheerleaders. S. Johnson, V. Pohl, C. Monaghan, S. Johnson ride in the Jamboree Parade.


A pile-up. Bulldogs and Green Devils players recover from one of their many pile-ups in the season's opener-the Jam-
boree. (Photo by J. Hauser)

Ivjal.ng I..r vtr, Big Game: Cougars B. Mart i
& Red's Jr Hemandez anticipate the kick oft


Underclassmen get ready to board the buses to Cristo- C .i Ir C,, rl, idem perform at the jamboree Pep
bal. (Photo by P. Alvarado) i1, ,li, hI h.I rS I. Hauser)

SStudent Life

Cooperative Spirit! The Varsity Cheerlea r
perform a group routine at the Pep Rally.

Parading around. Bulldogs Cheerleaders M. Rojas, C. Eckerle, M. Tirado, B. McArty & K. Williams enjoy the Jambo-
ree parade. (Photo by D. White)

Student Life ii




Once upon a time people believed
that the day of Halloween was an evil
day. It was the day when the spirits of
the undead, ghosts, and all the crea-
tures of the night roamed the earth.
October 31st belonged to them. But as
centuries pass and times change, it has
become a day filled with mischievous
tricks, strange costumes, and (almost
everyone's all time favorite) candy.
Today children all over the world
spend Halloween dressing up to go to
parties or trick or treating. Clowning
around and just enjoying the spirit of
Halloween in a more fun way is how
this day is remembered by many peo-
So what if we're over the age to go
trick or treating? It doesn't mean we
can't join in on the fun! BHS students
as well as teachers haven't forgotten
how to enjoy Halloween. Many stu-
dents dressed up in scary, funny, and
eccentric costumes to celebrate this
holiday. Many teachers also dressed
up. Ms. Manchester came as a nun
while Ms. Monlouis was a witch.
Halloween 1994 was celebrated with
our annual door decorating contest
and costume contest. For BHS stu-

dents, the spirit of Halloween isn't just
about ghosts and goblins, it's also
about become someone else for a day.
This year the scariest costume was
awarded to Casey McCann for his por-
trayal of the "undead wizard". The
costume that received the most laughs
with his ... her? sexy tight bodysuit
and jeans was J.P. Pederson dressed as
a transvestite. Amanda Gabrielson
won the most original costume as
"Pippy Longstocking".
The winning door for the decorating
contest belonged to Ms. Massengill.
Mr. Waugh won second place and Ms.
Hans won third. Honorable mentions
are the doors of Ms. Hern, Ms. Butler,
and Ms. Nordell.
Winners for the costume contest
won CASH prizes while the classroom
that won the door decorating contest
were give a free pizza party.
Halloween used to be a day when
many people were frightened to leave
their homes. At BHS it's a day loaded
with laughter, pranks and craziness.
Who ever said Halloween was for chil-
By: IB Vincent A. Espina

And the winner is ... Ms. Massengill's door won this year's
Halloween door contest; designed by R. McArty, J. Scott,
and V. Scott.

Here's the line up ... Halloween participants D. Lightell, B. Britton, A. Austin, and J. Can-
delario show off. Photo by A. Carrion

What a face! Kristy Wyckhuys shows her junior spirit on
Halloween day dressed as "The Crow". Photo by P. Alva-

gJ Student Life

"Bo-Chinche Buzz"! NI. AAarado thlrnks sht too 1fly to, hold up
that tree ipholo b% I. Alarado)

Planet of the Apes are back! Carlos Lampas "monkeys"
around on Halloween. (Photo by A. Carrion)

Justin strumming along ... Priscilla Marciaqc and Stan Dar-
F nell join in the Halloween fun.

"Pick me, Pick me!". BHS students wait for the judges vote.
(Photo by S. Nordell)

Student Life




Study Hall? No Way! Most of the stu-
dents spent their afternoon on the field
enjoying the games, food, relaxation and
the fun.
Wheelbarrow races started off Field
Day. Students were to wheelbarrow one
of their classmates to the finish line. The
second round was to wheelbarrow as
many classmates as possible to the fin-
ish. The overall score was by the juniors.
As this was going on, another event
called Military Ball was being played.
The teams were: Teachers, Seniors, Jun-
iors, and Sophomores. You had to pro-
tect your sideline from being scored.
The winners of this game were the Se-
niors, and second place was tied be-
tween Sophomores and Teachers. Third
place went to the Juniors.
One of the most exciting games that
involved a majority of the students was
the Tug O' War. The over all score, for
the boys, was a tie between the Seniors
and Juniors. Next it was the girls turn to
battle. The Juniors won the first battle,
and the second place winners were Se-
niors. Sophomores came third.
The final competition between Seniors
and the underclassmen was the Powder
Puff football game. Seniors came alive
when they scored a touchdown. Both
teams had great and "beautiful" cheer-
leaders who kept the crowds going wild.
Seniors won the game 13 to 6. After-
wards the school cheerleaders per-
formed their Homecoming routines.
Field Day was a great success filled with
great memories. Thanks to Mrs. Camp-
bell-Company, and the Juniors for orga-
nizing this event.
By: Kristin Faye

Fan-atics! T. Wrice and friends watch the crazy
events on the field down below, photo by P. Alva-
Gal-pals! M. Steinberger and A. Frye tie the knot
for the 3-legged race. photo by P. Alvarado

You say what? Panama's best women battle for
victory, photo by P. Alvarado

Punky Power! L. Lincoln leads the Jr. Class in the tug-o-war against the Srs.

ll Student Life

Student Life 1


Miracles Do Come True by Buddy Martens
Homecoming game night started out as an of-
frnuive batllc each team scoring whenever they
had the ball. Every time I set foot onto the field I
wouldd ledl nm -lorrnch chumrni: Ike a mixing ma-
chine I kneiwt thal 1 I m..rd up I could cost US
the game and our chance at being "solo" champi-
ons. We got the ball on our own twenty yard line
and about two minutes and thirty seconds left in
the gamE e ,'er, do. n b' .,',e piri (14-35). As I
cd1me on ihe neld Ihe rhiron I. 1 stl hllk Ih3I \%'U
could cut it with a knife. I krer thai iti dr. I
score on this drive we probably wouldn't get an-
other chance. On first down I attempted to throw
t.. ,.ur I~,hi erd Fiedds Adam4 but the ball got
hpped ji tht lir, and i,rr.,i, piei bv\ Adam Beach.
Brach rln II back i-r ) T 1, \. t, crossed *h. t '..l
line my heart broke in two. I felt as -i...-,h I had
let the whole team down. Then out ,t it.r corner
of myeye l, i flai I.nd rr., h..p"-b- n to rise.
Theref. said the p, rlr\ a .'.j .r j ,inIIt Bulldogs,
but it was ii,.r ihe l- ii.p piir. *.' i', .v main-
tained possession of the ball At least it wasn't a
TD N,.. II 1^ 1- all Up t,. ils Jclen-t r,, p, i rb',t ,*It
f i'". '.n lI, h]r l I t., lJIJ g- hsIn'n.g up i nd
attempted to run the ball one last time on 4th
down and inches. It looked as though they were
going to make it then, out of nowhere, Carl Ar-
nold made the hit of the ., ir .luiir.,' Cordova
Hall in the backfield. This '-er.. h hi .ve would
get the ball back with 40 seconds left in the .43m
The only problem was we had to go 97 yds 'ii
no time outs. As I came onto the field the fans in
the stadium were screaming for both teams. The
C ,uu ar t. '. rt r l- i..uj, L .i i i.. Iin '.. ( -, i 1.u
Ca". 4\ ihr I j. uIiJ Lr,.i -rI \ h- 1 .1 .I
!..Ith. uhud l, I ..i. r. r .*u -it.i: I ... ilJ I..- l mI y
knees quivering. We tried to run a trick play to
confuse the defense but, the pass was incomplete.
Now there was only 33 seconds left and we had to
score! A .'. 'I't b.ik int .. the huddle for the 2nd
down, I khi-' I I r ir,. r- li play, "rip 50 Raider",
had worked earlier in the game for a 57 yd. TD,
.ul I ati., knit ih ih, i nlii.iI,., would be cover-
ir., u.- J., P \ I...1 ,i h, II.e and I began the
].lt n,. .1i ,. ns 1... 1 .r .-.. the field. Every-
thing around me was shut out, I couldn't even
hear the screaming crowd, I said, "hut", and be-
gan to drop back I could feel the pressure from
the defense coming up the middle so I began to
roll out to my left looking down field for Jelani
Jordan, our primary receiver in that pattern, but
he waivered like glue. I then looked for Robert
"The Jet" Reyes streaking up the middle of the
field. I brought back my arm and threw with ev-
erything I had. As the ball left my hands the crowd
went wild! Now it was a foot race to the end zone.
Reyes broke away and ran into the end zone scor-
ing the winning touchdown in the most exciting
game of the year. Some people say it was the
greatest play of the year. The Martens to Reyes
Connection" will go down in the record books as
h", ir-.nr-i ri.J m i i' i nr. plajv of all time; a 97
) rd I ,uchd..- n p .. .)i r.i. ,r..J of it., g~ran- hfr
the COUGARS to win the 1994 ir-Il, i...iiil

T1lII Homecoming


You can't touch this! Bulldogs C. Hall heads for a touch-

He Keeps Going and Going! W. Reese, The Energize is untouchable. Photo by B Weei
He Keeps Going and Going! W. Reese, "The Energizer" is untouchable. Photo by: B. Weedin.

Top Left: J. Holzworth tries to find
an escape. Photo by: B. Weedin.

Center Left: Catch The Wave! Soph-
omores show their spirit.

Bottom Left: Here Yee, Here Yee!!
1995 Homecoming Court.

Left: The Air Up There! J. Graham
and M. Morales jump up for the ball.


Senior Class Officers L to R: Vice President Audrey Ernest, President Sarah Beattie, Secretary Jill Hauser, Treasurer Katie
Wilder. These hardworking seniors organize activities under the careful eye of Mr. Waugh, their sponsor. They play the se-
nior picnic, homecoming float, Class competitions and work on graduation activities. Photo by D. White

U Seniors

Reflecting on Pan-
ama and Balboa
High School, we
dedicate this Tip-in
to our school Senior
Counselor, Mrs.
Dottie White. With-
out her support and
talent, the BHS
yearbooks would
not be the historical
treasures that they
have become. Photo
of BHS taken by
Franz Kuo in 1994.

From an
ultralite, we can
see the BHS
including the
auditorium, and
the Pacific
Softball field. If
you look even
closer, you will
see one of the
Panama railroad
cars passing by.
Photo by Eva

. .. .. .. .; ...

,,-6 ,...

Aerial view of the Bridge of Americas, connecting the West Bank of the Canal to the East Bank. photo by E. Anderson

Aerial view of the Administration Building and below it, the Goethals Memorial and the Balboa Elementary School. photo by E. Ander-

The Causeway, located in Fort Amador is a popular recreational area for many here at BHS.

Aerial view of the Balboa Yacht Club. All photos by Eva Anderson

*~.k .L;il T .Li
:. :. : ;." :.i:: ." :,,? i,
: ;... E .' ." ,.: '::' : : .," .

Aerial view of the Pedro Miguel Locks, one of three
sets of Locks which are the vital components of the
Panama( ...1 I...1 I I r I r r

1,' 1 h ... i .... h rI.. 1-, 4 i m of Gailard
.t t..,.k...,, r i, ... D W white

View of Punta Paitilla and its lofty highrises at the heart of Panama City. Photo by D. White

View of Panama City where tall office buildings and residential come together. Photo by D. White

The ruins of the Cathedral Tower of the Old City of Pan-
ama, burned to the ground by British pirates, among
them the infamous Henry Morgan, photo by D. White

Goethals Memorial stands at 56ft, with the pool below it
at a diameter of 60ft. This Balboa landmark represents the
three sets of Locks, with the I r I ,1,,r, ii. Con-
tinental divide photo by D. i'. ,

Once you cross the Gamboa Bridge and look back up the
Chagres, you'll see this view. photo by D. White

A side view of Balboa High School taken in August 1994.
Photo by P. Alvarado

Night-time view of a ship going through Gaillard Cut.
Gamboa Bridge is on the left. i', i. t D. White

Tugboats in the Pedro Miguel Locks prepare for their
daily tasks which help in the operation of the Panama
Canal. Photo by D. White

A view from atop the Gaillard Cut. A Liberian cruise
liner, the Fair Wind, is assisted by tug boats through
the cut. Photo by D. White

: 7 "- "I ;

Ir` II

OR -

7 r



I .


JI /

Cc I

/ jg.




^\ :
r k,
1P ""^t


Ivan G. Acosta Frederik A. Adams

Edna P. Arnold E.J. Arosemena

Raul A. Barrera Brandon M. Barrett

Nadia A. Aird Solimar T. Antadillas


Tanya M. Bacot

Mylissa L. Bateman

Jeeathbell Balbastro

Keisha M. Bault

OJ 18 Sarah E. Beattie

Jessie R. Berger

Joseph P. Bibbo

Noel P. Blades

Samaris K. Blades Jan M. Blanchette

Joaquin A. Boyd Thomas PJ Briceland

Holly K. Brunner

Walter S. Carr

Michael A. Buchanan

Felicia Carrola

Robert L. Brown Victor E. Brown Jr.

Richardo Campagnani

Meghan Carroll

Magdaline C. Cantu

Jason A. Castano 1f

Walter A. Bottin Walter C. Bottin


Lenin Castillo Raul Chang

David M. Church Margaret M. Clouston

Lesley D. Cooper

Melissa Chapman

Michael J. Chase

Michelle L. Collins Alexander J. Cooper

Julio C. Coronado

Aneris Coward

Giana M. Daniel

Lakeisha Cooper

JI0 Yanileth Crichlow

Olin J. Crouch

Henrey B. Davis

Narinderjit S. Dhaliwal Joanna D. Diaz

Ian H. Dillon Jason L. Domenech

Michael D. Estes Jr.

Kristin M. Faye

Feliomar Dones Audrey E. Ernest

Eric O. Fowler Amy M. Fry

Sukino D. Gillespie 21

Paul De Janon Ivan J. De La Guardia

Michele R. Gaslin

Jorge E. Galvez

Daniel E. Garcia


Rachel E. Gomez Francisco J. Gonzalez

Christopher G. Goodno Julius Graham III

Ana Hernandez

E. Hernandez Jr.

Jose R. Gonzalez Benjamin Goode

J. A. Haghton Jill M. Hauser

Juan F. Herrera

James L. Highley Jr.

SPaul F. Hignett

Kimberly J. Holihan

Raul Hofer

Yaiseth A. Hudson

William B. Huff III Gregory G. Hurst

Fernando J. Johnson Lorena M. Jurado

Pooja Kharbanda

Robert P. Kinard

Bonnie M. Kemp Karen L. Kemp

Caroline Kirkland

A.L. Kirkpatrick

Carlos E. Lampas Jr. IS23o

Hector A. Jeffrey Dong-oun Jeong

Brad Kostelny

Franz G. Kuo

Kelly L. Kirsteatter


Sergio E. Latorre Shannon Y. Leggett

Kathleen Lopez Luis Manzanres

Juan C. Martinez

il 24 Marie B. McArty

Raul M. Martinez

Casey S. McCann

Michelle M. Lloyd

Etelvino Lopez

Priscilla I. Marciacq Kenneth R. Martin

Chanda Mason

Janelle E. McGuinness

Katharine R. McArty

S. A. McGuinness

John M. Miller Jr. Ryan B. Min

Roberto F. Modelo

Jennifer M. Morris

Paula M. Monaghan

Kimberlyn L. Myers

Matt I. Mongeon Michael Morales

Kanako Nakagawa

Rajesh U. Nandwani

Michael E. Navicky

Stacey A. Merkel

James J. Merz

Khristine D. Nolte

Richard T. Nolan

Daniel A. Norman 25


Steven M. Olandese Eliecer L. Olivares

Raymond M. Owens Vanesa R. Pagan

Jean P. Pedersen

Jane M. Posey

Alberto E. Orillac Agustin J. Ortiz

Andrew H. Page

Christopher L. Payne

Jessica D. Quinlan Juan A. Ramos

gj Wilbert Reese

Erika D. Ricketts

Praxedes Rivera

Todd R. Roberts

Lucas C. Robertson Michelle I. Rosales

Idelisa Ruiz Shane P. Ryley

C. E. Shaffer Jr.

Isbel A. Sirias

William D. Shorter

Jamal S. Skinner

Vonsheika T. Scott Francisco T. Serrano

Marioly M. Silvera

Leovihilda A. Smith

Harnan K. Singh

Hemda M. Sokol

Mark D. Roscoe Carlos E. Royo



Abdiel Solis Christina M. Sordini

M. M. Steinbarger

Kathia Tagaropulos

Annelle Urriola

Hashim K. Stephenson

Toumani T. Thomas

Tabitha I. Valdilles

Alejandro A. Sosa Jr. Robinn R. Starks

Richelle H. Stewart Brandon J. Swistak

Jason Torres Moti Twaishy

Maria Del C. Vezquez

Gloria Velez


B. K. Wemhoener-Cuite

Dwight C. White Jr. Tania Erika Wilcoxon

Donald T. Williams

Naomi Yano

Michelle T. Womble

Oskar H. Zayas

Tanya Erika Wilcoxon

Chuan Wu Li

Thamahara Roach

Katherine L. Wilder

Mami Yamashita

Josephine Scott []

Alexis S. Vidaurri

Aki Watanabe

Wayne M. Watkins


James Crespo Melissa Davis

Nicholas Evans Alex Livingston

Karin Montagne


HIiii;: Seniors i 9_

Nicole Frank

Joy Engelke Amanda Erder

Edilia Luck Renee A. McCarty

Haydee Nunez Elliott Carlson


" -. 7". "'.Jrf -:.J.

;eniors attending the 1994 Jamboree Pep Rally show their school spirit as
heI struggle io put the word SENIORS together. (Photo by D. White)

Seniors Lauren McGuiness and Joy Engelke pose in front of a col-
orful bus as they prepare to head for their last Jamboree in Cristo-

Posing in front of the Administration Building, Senihr, r-ile~r n the
year-. the\ ha enli, ed at BHS IPh otlob D \h'lc)

Ur -_., ---r

BHS Seniors wave as they prepare to enjoy their last year in BHS. (Photo Senior Ivan Acosta poses in front of one of the many buses which
by D. White) carried students across the isthmus to Cristobal for the 1994 Jambo-
ree. (Photo by P. Alvarado) |


"Please don't take my picture!" Pooja Kharbanda pleads with photogi
pher Renee McArty at the Senior Reception.

Stepping Out: The annual Senior photo turns into lots of smiles. (Photo
by: D. White)

Nick Evans and Rajesh Nandwani enjoy their lunchtime break by t
steps of the Administration Building. (Photo by D. White)

"You go Seniors!" Another joyful group poses for Mrs. White.

Keisha Bault is looking for her reflection on a day at the beach.



Acevedo, Paul
"To them Garcia boys, Look u
high, & Be all you can be in
Green Kakais and wanna be

Aposta, Ivan "Goofy" 3
Bulilogs Basketball
"Class of 95 stay alive..% -:,

Adams C., Frel A.
Cougar Football sketball, Soccer,
& Volleyball. Ba, Honor Band,
FHS, Engineer Club. "Thanks to all
my friends, esp. R.S., & for those
5at didn't know-watch ESPN!! C-

ladillas, Solimar "Soli"
Baketball, French Club, Business
Club, SADD, Modeling. "It was a
wonderful year. I thank all my
friends for the fun times we had

Arosemena, Elizabeth "E.J"
Soccer, Pride, BHS FHS, French
Club, Member of Baptist Youth
Group Choose To Lead. "Live your
life to the fullest. Set your aims high:
and reach the sky."

Bacot, Tanya M.
"Speed Racer"
Tennis, Volleyball, Softball,
Photography, Yearbook, French V
Club, Letterman's Club.
"Remember all the good times! C-

Balbastro, Jeeathbell "J.B."
Volleyball, Soccer, French Club,
PRIDE, BHS, NHS, FHS, Photo Club
"I'm glad I'm graduating this year;
but I can't help feeling sad for
leaving my school. Good luck to all
class of 95!"

Bar L Abdul
Chillin Karla
& lifting lghts. "I want to send a
big-up to the gods in the Earth,
the Zulu fiation, Islam and all the
Brooklyho nation. Never forgetting
my girlfriend Karla who I love
dearly and truly. Also I want to send
, shout out to my moms and pops and
sister for never giving up on me.

Barrett, Brandon Baseball,
Football, French Club, FHS, NHS

Bateman, Mylissa "P
Swimming. "Things col
worse, I could have grada

Bault, Keisha "Ki
Cheerleading, Partyi
partying, camping
"Don't ask!"

n k-n

Beattie, S"
Basketball all,
Bulldog E rse Back
Riding. panish Club,
SAD and Senior Class
IPl Carnavalito Princess,
Cayuco Queen, Jamboree Queen.
"You only have one life to live, so
live it up!" /

Bottin, Walter A. "Buddy"
football, Volleyball, Baseball,
Jbyuco, Pres. of SADD. "Canal
Zone-gone forever- forgotten

Bottin, Walter "Wally"
LTC, NPSS, Young Posse, Hitman.
"Y.P. Friends for life."

Briceland, Thomas P.
"Meandude, Buddy F." JROTC
CSM, Drill Team, Honor/Color
Guard, Bushmasters. "Thanks to all
my Latino brothers for all the fun
times we've spent together and good
luck to all."

Brown, Robert "Rob,Kane"
Basketball(#1 5), is, Sports,
Computers, Debati laying with
Leanas Von. "Wa me later
in life. We all shall.. d. I know.

Bru r, Holly K. Kay"
Sw None of sines!
"Thanks to Nikki for ng the
greatest friend and to Adam for being
the greatest brother. Dazed and
confused in Panama."

Berger, Jessie "Baby"
Varsity Soccer, Swimming.
"Everybody lives for the weekend !"

Blades, Samaris "Sama"
Volleyball, French Club.
"Michelle Gaslin, thanks for all the
great times these past 5 years
(Palmira y Dominga) To all "Las
Duras" Jurassic Park was great!"

Buchanan, Michael "Buck"
Devils Football, Cougars Basketball,
French Club.
"You better recognize the almighty

Camps, Dymarie "Dee"
Volleyball-#1 Green Devils in
out with my friends and si at
"I want to say thank to'
parents for always, there and
supporting me! e way; to my
wonderful frielwho are always
watching 0Wr me; and to God for
making my dreams come true."



C Magdaline "Mani"
Redf:$cer 9,10,11. "Good luck
Class '05 wherever we go in this
S world, aN let God bless us!"

SCarlson, Jon Ekll;:Patillas"
Football, Cayuco, I: l
Volleyball, Fishing, ng,
Hanging, Everythi
i, everyone has a nice



Clouston, Marguret M. "Marji"
Tennis, BHS, Pride, Ecology Club,
Art Club Pres., Photo Club. "A
woman without a man is like a fish
without a bicycle. Good luck to all
my friends(P.K., C.M., H.B., P.M.,
C.S., M.R.) and lots of luck to
everyone ip the future. I'll never
forget all cur fun times. RUMBA

i4 'k helle ,1
Vce-Pres., S
C.C., K.

luck I

Frog),TG,A.H+2,Y.T, H.N
Seat Belts Save Lives! I love
all." do

V ~20p3. baseball
dilg, mountain I
"Be yourself',"..


e office "Pa'la

il qui" .
Pad, l : '
ht aswell

ot." Cooper, Al
Football, Ba8
Basketball, I
French Club.
'**. friend.. fat

years o

ping at lake,
no turning

Baseball .
Pong Lacrosse,
BuS, NHS, Engineering S,
,o Treasurer, Beach Trips, in
FCA. "Paradox kicks. ': wait
tthe yuca to end. CZ. T sto
^|| .W.A.D."

&.: Chapman, Melissa "Moonbeam"
"Thanks to everybody. I love you."

Church, D. MicheMf"Mike"
Devils Football, Red machine Soccer,
NHS, BHS. "Don't't.op yoqg
marker. C-YA." '; .

k, "IU
a ne\




W IUC 4u

Ernest.; M
Volleybai, iyuco,
Parakeet, Peer Hel
of Class. "Canal Zoi
tmen never."


c Pal



Eroer, -w
S.A.D.E%,; H
only haMone

:lub. -ftinks all
th memories.

"Curly", Whia

e rest not
s to my parentsN
Hank, & Suzy.
Sevil. "Far
ou To all my Fans:

Evans, Nic las
Basketball, T
Engineering Cl
jThanks to all m
Mryone back in
s to my family
S seniors!"

Advanced Chdi

mber you

ItJ Senior

n "Kris"
logy Club, Ar
ris, SAO Rep,

.f1.; ******- **** *

a iS, Spanish Club.
IP re days you'll remember,
ler before and never since, I
imise, will the whole world be
rm as this and as you feel it you'll
iw it's that you are blessed and
1lii4~ t000 Maniacs.

ylinn, May all your wishes come
.. Thanks for always being there

:,Jorge E. "Latino"
~!track & Field, Running,
ifih Club, Engineering Club, Art
brb, JROTC Bushmaster, Color
uard, Honor Guard, Bravo Co. 2nd
o eres nada ni nadie, solo

kslin, Michele Michy"
p.ch Club. "To Samaris B. &
UM. & Buck, thanks for being
needed you all. C-ya

moocher you!" To Jessica, the poet,
love ya buddy! And to my fellow Red
Machine Cheerleaders-keep working
.I'm off to California! Keep
smiling, gang! Luv you all..."

Gonzalez, Fransisco "Gonzo"
Football. "To all the classes that
come after us, you stink."

Gonzalez, Jose R. "Fulo"
Football, Soccer.

Goodno, Christopher "Chris"
Track, Swimming.
"I loved her and was forced to leave

Hauser, Jill "Jamer"
Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Cayuco,

Hignett, Paul "Free"
Surfing, Parties, Martial Arts.
"The three most important things in
life are: Honesty, Tolerance, &

Hofer, Paul "Pepe,"
Soccer, Baseball, French Club.
"Orale!!! Thanks to my fmaily and
friends, I won't forget you. Work
hard, have fun and make a lot of
friends, that way you'll be somebody
someday. Thank God we finally made
it! Friends forever! No matter the

Holihan, Kim "Nappy"
Track Mgr., Varsity smurf
swim mgr., mud wrestling,


Volleyball cl,,c h NHS, Assoc. of Rastafarian
BHS, NHS, Sec. of Senior Class. ,;~ tAmericas, SADD. "The most
"You only live once so have fun. t ant lessons I learned in high
ihl were about friendship and

Hernandez, Ana "Pud"
FBLA, Drama Club, Student Council.
"Angie-Couldn't have made it
without you, I love you! HKS-thanx
for the memories, I'll never forget
you. KSC-Keep smiling, good luck
with AB. Thanx for believing in me.
And to HB, CM, MD, DL, AG, VG and
especially LSM, thanx for all the

Hernandez, Evaristo
"Junior" Football,Swimming,
Soccer, Enginering club, S.A.
(Publicity), Teen Representative.
"The future is approaching rapidly.
Take whatever opportunities come
your way and improve your lives."

Higley, James
Tennis, Wrestling, Weight Lifting,
Computers, Cars
"Cross Culture Rulz, John 3:16,
Good Luck In Basketball Abby, Play
Hard Sis."

love. Thanks to all those who've
inspired me."

Hudson, Yaiseth
Volleyball, Softball
FHS, NHS, French Club, Pride &
JROTC. "I want to wish everyone good
luck on your future endeavors and

Huff, William "Willo"
Football, Volleyball.
"L.T.C., C.C.A., Young Posse
Kill Carter. Y.P. friends for life."

Hurst, Gregory
Volleyball, Tae Kwan Do.
"Graduation is only the first step."

Jeffrey, Hector A. "Colombian"
Rifle Team, Paint. "Pa'lante,

Seniors -J

Kemp, Bonnie M.
Bulldogs Cheerleading, Soccer,
Tennis, Volleyball, Pride, French
Club, Pe*r Helping, Letterman Club.
"To all nr friends at BHS: thanks
for the memories. Tr Pilar,
Christine, Steve, Mutphy, and Jared
only one more yeaM;.

Kemp, Karen
,Bulldogs Soccer, Red iketball,
' W fn.. ming, Cayuco4f : & Lone
Mud :fr stOing, S Pres.,
a doesn't
matt we know
who we

Kuo, Franz G.
Yearbook-Editor, Ecology Club,
NHS, BHS, FHS, Parrakeet, Model
U.N., French Club, Moot Court,
S.A.O. 93-94.
"Farewell BHS. Another page is
added to our history. Now we move
on leaving others behind. Class of

Lampas, Carlos "Kelly"
FoOball, soccer, baseball, track.
i E .to ~marry a blonde and.
e world."


you to

Band Pre
the fulles

"It takes a big man to cry, but it
takes an even bigger man to laugh
that man."

McAr y : Casper"
Ch- ~ming, Soccer,
1a & Bulldogs
IB, Photo Club, Art Club,
r puf coach.
P thy, I'll always be;
y can't sing good, si

G Wiuel "Sammy.
Donatello" Billiards, Football,
Tennis, Basbl, Soccer, Ice
Hockey. 'i..pS.S, N.C.C.A,
L.B.C, CPT eWZ forever. Yl
friends for life."


f, Raul,

. 71Kirkpatrick, Ariadn :'
Lorena"Tyson" 4 3.
"Thank you for everythi m,*mmy
and Dad. Love you. Las Duaibe
:Matar, Tina and Hay-D Thanks 4 tl

Kirsteatter, Kelly "Nacho"
Soccer, Band, NHS, BHS,
Engineering Club, powder puf.
"Thanks for everything Nick!
Maylinn-catch the wave! Raul &
Steve-Johnny Nacho. Tannis-he
wants you! Good luck to all my
Senior Buddies, and have fun next
year to all my Junior One's."

IFrench Club, Spanish Merkel, Stacey Ann
.Gracias Dios mio for French Club 10th & 11 th and
i y por todas las Fashion Show. "Thanks to
ea me haz dado, y a everybody who has me
F una y otra '-'- izytroubles."
acro rna pauza en m ." V ,.
Merzi elZ s
no. Basketball cause you
get up doesn't mf3ilhas to g
Pris ~Ri "Chily" down." ":
aquetbal, partying.
up your dreams.IL Miller, John M. Jr. "Jac



to, Weights, Cars.

.etball, baseball,

Baseball, Vollll
(Thespian), Tro
arakeet Editor,
e, Engineering
mmillon tonight,
i Ease."

Golf, Dram
lines Staff,




An ..
"' ""' "!: .

I(orff, $k ichael "Mike"
o t -, Basketball, Track,
Vddleyball, BHS, Spanish Club,
espians, Pride, Close-up,
ettermen Club, 7Thanks to all of
ose pe there for me
l I to all of
in me when I
n myself."

on, Matt "Mongeon"
basketball, Soccer, Football. "I

SNHS, BHki Club, French
re e team,
Multicultural club.
We should give thanks and walk
h our heads up high as a
Igene of ideal men and women
our acquired maturity.
r give up, just follow your
aspirations, keeping in mind that
is a pot of gold at the end of the
ood luck, Class of '95!"

Nakagawa, Kanako
Advanced Band, Select Chorus,
Orchestra, Jazz Band. "I would like
to say thank you to my family,
friends and those who know me,
especially teachers. Best of luck to
the classes of 95 & 96. SMILE!"

Nandwani, Rajesh
Varsity tennis, swimming,
basketball, Ecology Club, Computer
Club, BHS, NJHS, NHS Secretary,
Spanish Club Treasurer, SHS,
Engineering Club. "I am grateful
to all my friends for their support
- You know who you are. Thanx.

future because you're going to spend
the rest of your life there, but
never forget your past Canal Zone

Nunez, Haydee "Nutz",
"Thanx mom and dad! I'll miss
you!! Chino, Kermit, Tina, Arhy,
Kendall, Missy & Piggy; thanx for
putting up with me. I LOVE YOU
ALL! Don't let yesterdays
dissapointments overshadow
tomorrows dreams. I'm outta
here!! YEAH!! Watchdogg 10-4,
over and out."

Best of luck. Class of 95 RULZ! Olivares, Lee "Viper, Steal,
Life is ours we live it our way!" Greatness"
Football, Track & Field, Volleyball.
Navicky, Michael Chillin' wit' da family clan, the
Varsity football-10, 11, 12, J.V. blond chick, and Pinteando Raz!
football- 9, Engineering Club-12. "!Li it on the edge. I did; now look
"Always look up for falling .. ^e I'm out, Emie!"
footballs they might hit you in throt-
ead" Ortiz, Agustin J. "Jim"
Nolan, T. Richard "Rich" Swimming, Computer club, Ecology
Noan, T. Ricard iclub, the 800 club Huh-huh.
Tennis, Baseball, Cayuco, Scuba, club, the 800 club "Huh-huh.
Camping, Fishing, Photo Cluba, Knowledge is stupid. Huh-huh. Yeah.
Camping, Fishing, Photo Club, Huh-huh."

Yearbook, BHS, Engineer Club.
"You only l t "

Nolte, Khristine "Khris"
Basketball, Track & Field,
Thespians. "To all those who didn't
believe in me and Gary: You were
wrong! I love you, Class of 95,
you'll never be forgotten! And to
Felicia, thanks for being there for

Norman, Daniel "Scrooge"
Green Baseball, Red Tennis, Red
Volleyball, S.A. President, Jr. Class
Treasurer, NHS, SHS, BHS, Spanish
Club, Lettermen's Club,
Engineering Club, Yearbook Staff,
SAO Rep, Miami Herald Student
Staff. "Put your interest in the

Owens, Raymond "Luther, Ray-
"I drag 'em & Bag 'em"

Page, Andrew
Swimming, Ecology Club, Computer
Club, ANCON, Newspaper, NHS.

Posey, Jane
Basketball, Soccer, Business Club,
Spanish Club, NHS, BHS, SHS,
Pride, Engineer Club, SAO.
"Thanks to all my friends for being
there for me (A.U. & E.J.). Class of
95 Rulz forever!"

Seniors 1 4

;. : *" i "

II, Jill "Funny Face"
IRed Machine Soccer, cayuco, mud-
wrestling. BHS.
"I hateKansas. Blue moons are the

Quinlan, Jessica
Tennis, Soccer, Cheerleading, BHS,
NHS, Thespian (Secretary), Ecology
Club. "MS, AF, RM, and RG, Well,
this is the end, we've had a lot of
.::fun this year and there are a lot of
*einories. Rae, thanks for being
thete, it's rare to find a friend like
you. Reme liwn 're stuck
on a bridge it "waters,
there is over.
............ w ay

Rep, motorcycle riding, NJHS,
football, science club "Best of luck
to the class of 95. Thanks R.N., C.R.,
D.S., I.D., J.M., & and F.G.
"Make the most of today, because
yesterday is gone forever, and
tomorrow might come never!"

Rosales, Michelle "Bertha"
Cross country(Germany-10th),
Track(Balboa- 11th)
"A woman without a man is like a
fist without underwear."

Roy; Ca.is. "Vampiro"
FootbalCayico, Spanish
Pres., BHS,.Thepi in
Fishing and Cf '
Scuba. "For thes&ntl i.
outline our sevarl~i~i ..

r Ti~raBi %--^^ .Ruiz, Idelisa "Lis':':~":'
,*1f ..;. Tennis, Singing, and g kout with
Ricketts.'- it.: Chowder. "See ya:itei Good luck
Chorus an Amada, Tweety :aind Olvia! Gloria
George. "D df 5o..'t fofest I luv U Chowder."
fun. Just .E4.
any, R iMne "Shano"
a'it wel. Love? ' UiaPs &0 cer and Cayuco.
',, 'what a stroked!! RAS!

ball, L.T.C., C.C.A.;i;.-S.- Scptt, Joseioh l.Jo
We love it J.D. Canal Zdj 4- Yearbootk, ; lent Council,
ever! Live and let die...To i I national C Club, Model
continued" .r Bt_ otography&b, and
Club. "Cohratulations
Roach, Thamahara. "TR P" :Luck, Class of '95."
"To all guys: No matter how much I :^ ::
get dissed there will always be Sitt, Voiheika "Von" a
someone else." Cougars Varsity Basketball,
Business Club, Yearbook, V.P. f
Roberts, Todd "Toad", 9th & 10th grade class in Ca.,
Football, Baseball, and Soccer. Spending time with Rob & LeAna.
"Keep partying! Have Fun!" "PEACE OUT. Good luck to all the
homes. Robert & April, I luv U. To
Robertson, Lucas "Luke" my girls, Dasula and Cynthia;
BHS, NHS, Spanish Club, remember mte always."
Engineering Club V.P., SCUBA, SAO
I :d.!:;;%

Serrano, Francisco P. III
"Baro" French Club, Band, Pride.:
"Thanks to my parents and all th
who backed menrptG r
class of

Sho a
Comp wt .ub, Eco
800 club Basketball, aames,
and Sleeping. "If at first you don'
succeed, break it! Life sucks, so
don't get stressed."

Sokol;;, A a"Hem...da"
Dance Team Erench Club. "Stay
cool and g . flow."

Sordini, Christina "Pepper"
Softball 9-10, FCA 9-10, Pride '
12, Art Club President 11-12,
BHS 12, Key Club 9-10, SE.ED)
Most school spirited 10, Honor:
Society 9. "Thank. m for
tur. patience. Mitc
thanks for keeping me s-
Holly-theers to all those nig |
Margaret I s for those tennis
lessons. U.K. f !"

Sosa, Alex : I
Green Football, Cayuco ALMOST #
1!!, Volleyball, BHS, NHS Spanish
Club, LTC. "Lake Trips Rule! ULi
L Life to the Fullest. Thanks E.C.,

,.B., M.S., S.M., OZI
., J.H., A.E., D.
of the time you
z after June it.
fii' RAS, Pa' L

. W.H.

~U Seniors $ZI:: 4i ,:t'.~.:

I my parents for helping me
the good times and bad.
r theis t a live for the
ture, a will
and friends,
we've spent
ya, and good luck!"

larger, Maylinn "Sprite"
er, Red Machine Baseball
manager, Editor Parakeet
wspaper, Band. "Amy: What can
say we made it You're the best
e memories. Good
keep in touch.
ae: Always remember our phrase.
rou have t~o make this year
.I lBl .hanks! Kathy,
Bernie, Renee: Thanks for all the
d time. Kelly: Ride the waves."

tephe~son, Hashim
lie before your time."

ney, Matt "Paco el Perdido"
;olf, Ping-Pong, Racing, Hunting,
.ake trips, Campana, Camping.
There is always something else to

wistak, Brandon "Boo!
cer, Baseball, Playing Guitar,
dSinging. "Tomorrow may never
g be sure to have fun today!
Smy girlfriend Melissa.
'Than div. 1 you!"

t c:. inhy"g
l scuba diving,

iraq a .
LWe lo v B.H.S."

homas, Toujpl
baseball. "Nuf i
to my hommre


Torres, Jason L.
Baseball, Football, Girls, Music,
Writing lyrics, Kicking back, Going
to parties, and Buying clothes. "A
people without knowledge of their
history or past is like a tree
without roots."

Urriola, Annelle
Cheerleading, Soccer, Manager,
NJHS, NHS V.P., BHS, SHS, Spanish
Club Sec., Carnavalito Princess,
PRIDE, Close Up, SAO Rep.
"Thanks to my friends for making
these years count- J.M., J.M.P.,
A.V. Spud and Buster- you guys are
the best! To everyone good luck."

Velez, Gloria "Shorty"
Green Devil Basketball, Singing,
Dancing, Drawing, Writing Poetry.
"Have fun in everything you do and
never lose faith in yourself."

Vidaurri, Alexis
Bulldog Tennis, Gold Soccer, NHS
President, BHS treasurer, NJHS,
PRIDE secretary, SHS, Spanish
Club, Close Up. "Thanx to my
friends (you know who you are) and
to the class of '95 for making these
past years the best! Never forget
this year & Good luck in the ones to

Watanabe, Aki "Aki"
Soccer, volleyball, basketball,
swimming, golf, tennis, dodgeball,
Manager, BHS Honor Band, football
band, "Good-bye BHS and thank you
very much, I really enjoyed my life
here at school. Thanks to all my
teachers and fellow students."

Wilder, Kate "Shweelee"
Cheerleading, soccer, cayuco,
tennis, volleyball, BHS, senior
class treasurer. "Canal Zone-Gone
Forever-Forgotten Never!"

Williams, Tim "Timingg"
Soccer, basketball, playing sports,
looking at girls and watching ESPN.
"Keep your head up cuz somebody is
always going to try to bring you
down. Peace."

Womble, Michelle T. "Womble"
Basketball, soccer, tennis
volleyball, cayuco, spanish club.
"A.E. Thanks for being there, and to
all my Zonian friends Good luck in
the in the future. CZ forever!"

Wu, Li Chuan
Volleyball, swimming, NHS, and
French club. "Good luck to
everybody. And I wish you all a
successful life."

Yamashita, Mami "Mami"
Band. "Thank you Balboa High
School. I'll never forget all the

Yano, Naomi
Cougars tennis, Red Machine
basketball, Green Devils Track &
Field, Spanish Club. "Give me a

Zayas, Oskar "Buddy F..."
JROTC Color Guard, Drill team,
Bush master honor guard. "Good
luck to all my friends and thanks
for everything."

Seniors 9

I ,Seniors

Seniors i


Junior Class Officers L to R: President Kyle Husted, Vice Pres. Monique Cover, Secretary Jose Gonzalez, Treasurer Melissa
Hart. These hardworking students are responsible for restarting the Homecoming Fielday tradition, decorating the 200's for
Christmas, Valentine carnations and giving the Jr. Sr. prom in May. The group would like to thank their sponsors Ms. Dun-
can and Ms. Company for all their help and support!

B 42 Juniors












I ii


Floyd A. Able II
Richard Acosta
Tanya Y. Acosta
Enjoli T. Anderson

Kenia G. Anderson
Sara B. Anderson p
Tina Antonis
Marielle C. Aramayo


J. Arango
Sean Felipe Arcacha
Walford L. Archer III
Liza E. Arnold

Janelle M. Atherly
Avery M. Austin
C.I. Ave-Lallemant
Andrea N. Barnett

Anthony Beck
Noelia Berrios
Tannis Bingham
Myriam Bonilla


l'fc Ai j ~


y& z ar

Anasha K. Bonnick
Lipzin M. Borges
Michael E. Boyle
Bethany R. Britton

Denise Brown
David A. Berger Jr.
C.E. Bustamante
Juan M. Cajar-Brutsch

Jennie M. Candelario
Chablis Carpenter
Chandis Carpenter
Rafael H. Carrau Jr.

Armando Luis Carrion
Michael R. Castro
Marjorie A. Ceballos
Andrea L. Cedeno

7in9-, 4

Lisa Cercenia
Hunter G. Chastain
Brian Chmiola
Marc Church



I.;hua I Ciceraro
Chrinstophtr Cole
Ethan Cor'bie
Moniqut Co'er

Karla Ci~o~t
LLla L Coiling
Angel Cruz
mljnle\ Re~ Damdll

Susanna P. Davis
F.A. De La Guardia
Patricia Deleon
Vicente Duncan

Mark Elliott
Wilma Engelke
Miguel Erroz
IB Espina

Anabelle Espinoza
Christine Estill
Kendall Flagg
Joanna Floyd




Kevin R. Foumier
Joshua A. Franklin
Amada J. Garcia
Daniela Garcia

Edwin H. Garcia
Frank J. Geary
Juan K. Giles
Elsie Y. Gilmore

Louis D. Glotzer
Eduardo R. Gonzalez
Jessica Gonzalez
Jose L. Gonzalez

Darryl O. Gordon
Amanda L. Graber
Colleen L. Green
Jason A. Grimm

George Guarnuccio
Carol V. Guerra
Ana Maria Guerrero
Rosa E. Gutierrez

Juniors 47


6r ^
f 'd


Cardova D. Hall
Michele M. Hall
Masakazu Hanada
Daniel D. Hanna

Melissa G. Hart
Conan M. Herring
Deontra L. Hicks
Abby F. Higley

Jared L. Holzwarth
Ina K. Horton
Nicolas C. Howard
Shin-Young Hur

Kyle B. Husted
Naho Isogai
Coralia D. Jimenez
Shannon M. Johnson

Olivia R. Johnstone
Paul S. Karst
Alyssa K. Keene
Daniel G. La Placa


I~ ~
u-~~: 5~-~c~~

Jason E. Landrum
Daniel B. Lightell
Mary Ann Lim
Lucia A. Lincoln

John Y. Liu
Archbold E.D.C. Luck
Heather R. Mackey
Lisa Marrero-Lopez

Vernon P. Martens
Julia M. Matthews
Doctorre J. Mcdade
R. McGuinness III

Lauren S. Mc Guinness
Patricia E. McKeon
Joseph Medina
Jamie-Lynne Menendez

Kimberly Markel
Matthew I. Michie
Brian A. Mills
Koji Mishiro

Juniors 4I




Carla M. Monaghan
Murphy G. Mongeon
Melissa R. Montgomery
Ligia M. Morice

Dustin W. Morris
Irvin L. Nelson
Joseph T. Novotny
John R. O'Keefe

L.H. Ochoa-Hartmann
Jason E. Ohman
Jairo L. Olton
Silvia Pagan

Paul J. Painter
Jamielyn D. Palanca
Joseph Pantone
Lori A. Park

Nathaniel Park
Cristobal S. Perez
Sarah L. Petersen
D. A. Pettiford II

l Juniors

Ta~S1. L ia

Jeanelly R. Phillips
Emmanuel Pineiro
Lisa M. Plasencia
Maristela Price

Gary Priolo Jr.
G. A. Quiles-Perez
Colleen M. Reid
Carlos J. Rivera

Maria I. Rivera
Marcella K. Roberts
Charles P. Robinson
Kyila Robinson

Tyrone Robinson
Dalhia Rodriguez
Felix H. Rodriguez
Maria J. Rodriguez

Rosalyn I. Rodriguez
Vanessa I. Sanchez
Johnathan Scott
Samuel H. Scribner


L~t \i


bhaunj I 5c.r-
Titlant R _St .er,,'n
Rachclle N b.i:.ld
SItphEr L Sharp Ir

Ka\k, him-lzu
T.,'dulo til cra ill
KrI -Ial 'mnilkl-
Hcnri F 'mirlh

M. Smith
Jamie Somera
Marie A. Souffront
Devon V. Sprague

Ryan A. Sweeney
Damian P. Taylor
Tasha T. Tenturier
Patricio Teran

Michelle D. Tirado
John D. Trim
Joyce M. Trusty
Josephine L. Ullrich

i Juniors

fw '^KV^-ofw



Juan G. Valdes
Pilar I. Vallarino
Lianne M. Vanderwall
Roy E. Vega

Louis M. Vogel
Indira M. Wagner
John D. Wahl
S. F. Walrond Jr.

Jemail D. Ward
Shevone D. Ward
Emil A. Watson
Jacqueline M. Weedin

P. T. Wemhoener-Cuite
Sharlette M. West
Matthew T. Wetherell
Leo W. Wheeler

Kelly L. White
Rasheem A. Wiley
Herman B. Wilkinson
Sean P. Williams



Patsy Williford
Daisy Winikler t
R. Woodman
Tony Wrice

K. Wyckhuys
Ryan Y-Taylor
C. Yanes
Edgar Zayos

Li L' U

VT.'. I
l?; ** "
i- ^'*

Juan Giles takes a break from his studies. photo by G. Dee

fr1 Juniors

How interesting! History students read about the O.J. Simpson case. photo by A. Carrion

Cropping, are we? A. Carrion and I.B. Espina work on the yearbook.
photo by H. Nunez

What'cha looking at? J. Giles takes a short pause before answering the MR. G.Q. J. Gonzalez shows us all his pearly whites. photo by P. Alvarado
next question, photo by G. Deeuniors 55
Juniors 55


fni ep

lb -

Future Vogue! Carla Monaghan models her fresh new look. Photo by P.

Want to Joust? Nathaniel Park models his costume from the Society for Cre-
ative Anachronism at the Halloween Contest. Photo by P. Alvarado

Work Hard! Lauren McGuiness is sure to make a perfect score as she concen- In her own little world. Shannon Johnson is engrossed in the book she reads
trates on finishing her Business work. Photo by A. Carrion before school. Photo by P. Alvarado

56 luniors

-i; ~apI


::I to

*JkL .4


** .



'"'- ' B~i~lA


is~2 ~.

i~ :
"; ;~i~a
t~~ ~ ..
:I *i

t~lR' ;;I



I 44l4 4



-m m..


4 ~





I >


^**: l

.; ; ,


. t





Sophomore Class Officers: Front: Monica Morales-Treasurer, Cheryl Eckerle-Vice Pres., Amanda Gabrielson-Secretary, Top:
President Brad Mayhew. These new BHS students work with sponsor Mr. Rafael Chen to plan activities for their class. They
worked in the S.A. store and decorated a homecoming float.

Fi Sophomores








Leyani D. Aizpu
Debbie M. Alfaro
Keenan L. Anderson
Shareen J. Anderson
Jason O. Bacot

Robert Baker
Luz G. Balllesteros
Frank M. Banasick
Juney A. Bamett
Oriana O. Barter

Catherine I. Bates
Brian D. Beach
Brence P. Bedwell
Kris A. Bennett
Jose G. Bemal-Romero

Eduardo Berrios Jr.
Sarai G. Bibbo
Seth B. Bingham
Amy E Black
C. T. Blanchette

Dari Blue
Kathleen M. Bottin
Christopher J. Bowman
Laura A. Boyd
Jennifer R. Brannon

SiI Sopho






Roger D. Braun
Elizabeth A. Bright
Darlene M. Brogie
Erik A. Buendia
Moana L. Bunch

Jose L. Burgos Jr.
John T. Bums
Brian E. Buszinski
Damien G. Butler
Johanna L. Cantu

Juan Castaneda
Edwin Castillo
Marco A. Castro
Mika A. Cercenia
David B. Chase

Nikki Chislom
Ching M. Chou
Cecilia T. Ciceraro
Daren R. Coffey
Benito Colon Jr.

Mandi J. Cooke
Jennifer L. Cormier
Jose Cortes
Jennifer D. Coville
Alexis R. Cruz



Mark Segarra-Cruz
Bryan D. Daily
Benjamin A. Davis
Daniel J. Davis
Luis G. De Leon

Julissa M. Diaz
Michael A. Dlugiewicz
Robert R. Domenech 4
Cheryl A. Eckerle
David Edwards

Geoffrey P. Edwards
Lemunuiel R. Edwards
Laurie E. Else
Jessica A. Ernest
Amanda S. Estes

James R. Fairchild
Angela S. Faye
Michael L. Ferguson
Michael R. Ferreyra
Jason W. Fischbach


William A. Foster Jr.
Marlene C. Foster
William C. Foster
L. M. Futrell Jr.
Amanda M. Gabrielson

SIn In
l I Sophomores



Benjamin A. Ganser
Jacqueline Garagate
Veronica Garcia
Shawn K. German
Kristan L. Gibson

Delia M. Giles
Robert W. Goldsworthy
Suagei Gomez
Clara 1. Gonzales
Jason E. Gonzalez

Milagros Gonzalez
Nahil Y. Gonzalez
Luis C. Gordon
Debraca I. Graham
Jose M. Gutierrez

Ileana E. Guzman
Heather Hart
Janelle M. Hauser
Curtis M. Haynes
Robert A. Helm

Giezel A. Henriquez
Heidi A. Hemandez
Alex M. Herrera
Lisabel Herrera
Oscar Herrera



Tomas E. Herrera
Arthur L. Hillard
Christy R. Hinson
Jonavan P. Hoffman
Garrett J. Hopkins

Julian J. Hoyte
Yen-Yih Huang
Donald A. Husted
Kimberly S. Irtenkauf
Christopher Jenkins

Shi-Fon R. Jenkins
Dae-Jung Jeong
Zamira R. Jimenez
Dalton R. Johnson 11
Jelani Y. Jordon

Matthew D. Kacmarski
Adrian Klasovsky
Philip J. Konz Jr.
Mandy M. Kruse
Sung-Min Kye

Emmitt Lane Ill
Dilia Lantry
Keith R. I awson
Jessica F. Layana
Doreen D. Lebel

Ulj Sophomores




^s ,L.:) v. e .
* 0*. _jr
*^ P"
g~il w_- I

p ~ 1itii~F -

iEL i~

S Shawn M. Lee
SJohn E. Leon
Ashly M. Lester
Frank S. Linton
Kelly M. Litts


Sarah N. Livingston
Luis F. Llach
Jacque Llanes
" o, Orlando R. Lockett
S Bonnie Maire Lopez

Elisa I. Lopez
S Christian J. Lozada
Adrian J. Luce
Cecil Lynn
Brandy S. Lysinger

S Berenis V. Machal
Angel L. Macias
SAngel M. Madrid
Nils D. Madsen
Victorio V. Malcolm


George A. Markham
Bradley M. Mayhew
Natosha M. McDaniel
I Yamileth McDonald
Timothy C. McGirr

Sophomores 1 l I


Kimberly I. McQuary
Gionela G. McRoberts
Stanley McSwain
Deris D. Medina
Stacy A. Medina

Michelle Merz
Joshua K. Mica
Dore L. Mills
Robert E. Mitchell
Kevin Moka

Nivia M. Modelo
Yara Y. Mojica
Saray O. Montenegro
lan L. Morales
Monica J. Morales

Jason M. Moreland
Craig Charles Morris
Lakisha R. Morris
Emilio B. Natalio
Joann E. Nicholson

Jan-Michael Norman
Gabriel A. Novey
Jennifer L. O'Hearn
Leisa S Oden
Joline A Pablo

t Sophomores

V Jt
myE:l *



Kimberly H. Pahl
Marivic D. Palanca
Michelle Paredes
Brendan Park
Tanya L. Parker

Margaret A. Peltier
Denise Y. Perez
Francisco J. Perez
Zinnia Perez
Frank S. Pigeon Jr.

Sharlene C. Pinder
Marco A. Pineda
Jacob M. Pohl
J. J. Pouche
Gladys A. Poveda

C. D. Prescott
Julio A. Quezada Jr.
John C. Quinn
Kristin M. Rabonza
Jose E. Ramery

Erica C. Randolph
Dazx M. Rasimowicz
Maria T. Restrepo
Thomas J. Reutzel
Wayne M. Richards II




Mark A. Richardson
Karen S. Rigby
Valicia L. Rines
Abraham F. Rivera
Nicholas D. Roberts

Diana L. J. Roca
Pete Rodriguez
Melanie J. Rojas "
Luisel Rolon
Luis R. Roman Jr.

Korin E. Ruth
Julia V. Sabonge
L. M. Sanchez-Pascual
Alex G. Santos
Terri M. Scales


AprilY. Scott
Esther L. Scruggs
Christina M. Seybold
Tammy R. Shaffer
Christina M. Short

Daniel M. Sima III
Christina L Smith
Jerry Smith
Teddy F. Smith
William P Snider

iU Sophomores


Nicole M. Spradling
Justin R. Staha
Cheryl A. Stanford
Eljoree S. Stargen
C. A. Stoneking

Aubrey R. Stubbs
Ken D. Suarez
Nicole T. Swistak
Alexis O. Tapia
Priscilla G. Taylor

Edgardo S. Tirado
Eduard H. Tokarek
Shireen V. Tonski
Edgardo L. Troche
Angel M. Turner

Carlos J. Valdes
Juan David Van
W. O. Veguilla Jr.
Rey J. Vera
Aaron S. Vidaurri

Ubaldino D. Wallace
Desmond R. Watkins
Jessica M. Weeks
Lizella M. West
Darrell L. Whatley

Sophomores TIn

Jennifer K. Whelihan James E. Wilcoxon

1 .

Amarilis Yen Mac S. Zamore

Elizabeth M. Zittle

Heather Abott

Hangin' Out. Sophomore Mikey Ferguson relaxes in Ms. Dee's class.


Courtney L. Williams

Jacqueline Williams

Katherine M. Williams

Nono ==


Bad hair day? S. Pinder and D. Rasimowicz show their

Don't let that innocent face fool you! A. Scott chilling in her pretty white dress, photo by V. Scott

Why did the chicken cross the road? M. Palanca and E.
Berrios walk off the field joined at the hip.

Raw! Raw! Cougars cheerleaders D. Brogie Get a little closer! K. Morris and J. Smith hug
and S. Livingston hang-out before the game. in the cafeteria. photo by V. Scott

Sophomores J


M^.c .

"Don't be afraid, give me your palm and I will tell you your future," says Fear me! Juney Bamett poses as the MacDaddy skeleton. photo by G. Dee
Brandy Lysinger. photo by P. Alvarado

You got the right one Baby! J. Smith looks excited about playing the
game. photo by A. Carrion

72 Sophomores

Hey .. Pay attention! JoAnn Cantu and Cheryl Eckerle are in a daze as they
watch the game. photo by R. McArty

''r,"7 '.l ., t

l" t? ..-




ia .ZI ;"-



8 ,.


1. -;44t~
rIli*' *

* '" A"
.' .

. . . .. .. *'..*.''
".; .". -? J! "= .- .: "

.... -; ...... **.^ '
saw... .t "t .

.; * ": .. . . .. *
.. .: .. .. ; . ... ":f if . .. .. :, :... ..
., ", . . . .P .,., ; :.,;. ,... :..

Sophomores I


.~~~V ***f^


4 .'.









;; .


What day is this? Mr. Waugh survives another Jamboree.
(Photo P. Alvarado)

Balboa's Great! Mr. Holland tells sophomores all about Balboa. (Photo D. White)


Oh my goodness! Mr. Oliver finds out the gym Peace ... Mr. Bruer takes time out to relax. Cheese! Mrs. Duncan gives a big smile. (Photo G. Dee)
roof is leaking- (Photo D. % hiiei (Photo P. Alvarado)

&I Faculty

I -.

Mrs. P. Alvarado
U.S. History

Mrs. M. Bales Mr. J. Brown
Drama, Yearbook Algebra 2

Ms. L. N. Butler


Mrs. S. Cigarrista
Spanish, ESL

Ms. D. Chidester
Computer Science

Mrs. K. Company
English Dept.

Treasure. Mr. Holland recognizes
artist Cedeno's rendition of Balboa.


Mr. D. Cotton

_IA- 4-



Ms. P. Cowles Mrs. J. Duncan
Journalism Substitute

Ms. J. Gettys

Mr. G. Fendrick
U.S. History

Mrs. C. George

Mr. J. Hager

/ -."~*~.

Moving In!! Ms. K. Dolan prepares for the first day of school.

Mrs. J. Hanson

Mrs. R. Hem







Mr. J. Higley Mrs. D. Hoffman-Pahl Mr. R. Koechlein
Computer Science Spanish Substitute

Ms. G. O'Masta

Mrs. W. Monlouis
U 7- Band/Chorus

8m Faculty

Snapshot! Mrs. Severson and Mrs. Sosa pose for the camera.

Ms. V. Longo

Ms. J. Mitchell

Ms. V. O'Brien

Mr. J. A. Ramirez Mrs. L. Roa
Keyboarding French

Mrs. J. Severson

Mr. D. Seitz Mrs. M. Seitz
Biology, Physiology Biology

Mrs. R. Sosa

rit, >u
'J Ia rz i

Mr. B. Thale
Physics, Chemistry

Heavy? Not for Mrs. Nordell! She enjoys helping without complaint.

Dr. W. Tyner
Ed. Prescriptionist


Mrs. A. Verville Mr. M. Vice Ms. C. Wall
Geometry, Algebra Business Math, Science

Ms. N. Oakey
Office Assistant


Mrs. M. Staha
Transcript Clerk

Pep Talk. Mr. Perkins encouraging student success.


A Book, Tight Shut,

Mr. C Vaz

( .


Mrs. D. White

Ms. S. Webley
Supply Clerk


Is But A Block Of Paper.-Chinese Proverb

Mr. E. Holland Mr. K. Anderson Mr. H. Perkins
Principal Assistant Principal Assistant Principal

4i LA.



,W, *

Mrs. S. Baptiste
Attendance Officer

"Boy, I can't wait until this game
is over" Mrs. Brewer exclaims at a
Bulldog football game.



Mrs. P. Fabrega
Librarian Assistant

Mrs. F. Maggiori
Tuition Clerk




Group Huddle. Teachers get together at the Jamboree Pep Rally to watch
the action. (Photo by P. Alvarado)

"A little crabby today?" Ms. Manchester puts on a funny hat on a teacher
work day at the beginning of the year. (Photo by G. Dee)

"He said-she said". Ms. Othon and Mr. Tyner try to fake each other out Getting serious ... Mr. Anderson explains the rules for the SAC voting to Ms.
on Back to School Night. (Photo by D. White) Severson at Back to School Night. (Photo by D. White)

TU1 W Faculty


Balboa High School could not possibly run without the
authority of three important people, Mr. Holland, Mr.
Anderson, and Mr. Perkins. The Administration never
receives enough recognition for the many deeds they
accomplish in Balboa High School.
Mr. Holland has been at BHS for almost twenty years, six
of those as the principal. The seniors are his responsibility.
His "open-door" policy allows students to visit him with
their problems or when they deserve recognition. Mr.
Anderson, assistant principal for five years, organizes many
activities in our school, like Back to School Night, The SAO
and the Parent Newsletter. He is in charge of the junior class.
He can be seen any day walking the halls to greet people and
look in on classes. Our newest assistant principal is Mr.
Perkins. He came from Cristobal High School. Students will
remember him for his humorous anecdotes. Mr. Perkins is
in charge of all the facilities; like maintenance, the a/c,
janitors, assemblies and the Sophomore class referrals.
It's not an easy job to run a school. These men have to
keep parents, students and teachers happy. They are doing a j
great job this year in keeping BHS running as smoothly as
possible. |




DO, RE, MI...

It's Music To Our Ears

BHS Band Members: Row 1: M. Yamashita, C. Lozada, A. Bonnick, K. Santos, N. Berrios, B.
Ganser, S. Tonski, H. Abbott, F. Adams, D. Rasimowicz, G. Poveda, 2: A. Watanabe, H. Mur-
phy, A. Rivera, H. Smith, I. Wagner, D. Johnson, J. Pablo, B. Park, K. Fritts, 3: E. Cavan, J.
Grimm, Y. Huang, L. Cowling, K. Nakagawa, R. Modelo, 4: S. Petersen, M. Souffront, N.
[sogai, Z. Jimenez, N. McDaniel, M. Hart,D. Watkins, D. Chase, E. Speir, Back: M. Berger, C.
Prescott, R. Kinard, D. Coffey, R. Rigney, D. Cavan

-A j
i l '!^ t'

Here comes the band! Band Members perform for the
Christmas Concert.
Musical Intuition. 79th Army Band member shares her
knowledge with BHS band

Mixed Chorus: N. Park, M. Correa, T. Parker, A. Villamizar, A. Santos, M. Foster, S. Pinder,
Middle: Z. Perez, D. Giles, E. Marin, K. Montagne, M. Kruse, E. Campos, J. McGuinness, J.
Brannon, S. Jenkins, T. Shaffer, K Merkel, E. Bright, Back: H. Hart, O. Johnston, H. Sokol, R.
Gutierrez, J. Madera, K. Rabonza, D. Pandy, C. Smith, A. Faye, C. Reid

4 A

Select Chorus: Front: K. Nakagawa, R. Gomez, K. Faye, N. Park, G. Reyes, M. McArty, D.
Young, Middle: E. Ricketts, B. Lysinger, R. Kinard, E. Konawicz, L. Bennett, D. Camps, J.
Garagate, Back: I. Ruiz, L. Cooper, C. Seybold, A. Turner, R. Woolsey

A .E J

k; rJc


Exploring The Humanities!!

Art, Drama, & Thespians

LI, Ye Ioie you Conrad' iB\ B\,
Bird., .:h.r..- r. ik r l .,I pI. hor,.. tb,
Tr 'F'. i .

B.liLi \ anda.iziion' \., Ii h Nhhiro pro..r, hi: ralent with chalk. BoRt: "Faces". 1.
RbLZ .ir I Erneitl linhpl l a pr*i f .r '' ..I. t M .:.nth.

PRIDE T,.I r I .u.l,.r. r I .It,, i ri,-, O. r 'a M Moralk M Harl.M Mun.
ge r, I HuJ .., I ,.J I ti. r ..J ,, . Evans M Mongeon L Smith Bol
tor.. F:k-rl, K .. [r I,.-p I h T it-. i r. t k r.. .rnm na, l Posey S Livingston

ArtClub Spor., r M- L..ngo D 1r .. rj.,,. .1.. h .l I.. .. I .u 1. 1- 1.


David & Lisa cait TLp T ,ic.,I i rl ''1 1 r I k .ii,,,. II. ,, .. I II,>-
meni A Luce. K N.lite. 0 Snih I- ".,,1, ,r, i 1,, ''iii ,, i], k I
D McDade H Nunm.i. F "LTUg i i. M r r 1i-i i V f.. i i r.-.

Theaipni C Ruwo P Cull. C I .ii hi opez, I Nunez, J. Miller. I. Qumlan, Carrola,
C Nolit I MinChlil Sporori Mr ,i. i,, II

ii Ciub4


I'[R IILLPER' f. I ., F 'li,;,,. V1 ,. .,,, on Sti, nd C S'mjh.A Lopez S
I'i,-',,r, I .,,. I lhih,. 1, i i i..i,..I1.i I '.IcKeen S Ander;Eri T Severson
1 1ri i r.. r'


SADD: First: C. Kirkland, J. Diaz, Ms. Othon Second: B. Bolun S McGuinne. A Higley. J
Diaz, S. Beattie, S. Archacha, A. Erder, L. Roudenbush



National, Biological And Spanish

'I _- --~ ~
,-- .F
r 7P-iPL~ .- -- 5~ ~ -:--.` ~a;,

,* --~I- t ~
F" ~ -~bsa:
Irr~ ?r ;r
1C-, '


Swimmingg Tim.i BHl- .5itudni. A 'i-
daum. L Lincoln ar.d I ahl ind 41r

Viva el Caadiil' M.lmbrt- a the pirh .h
Club parnripm. irn it.,i! .r-r.ual L.rra a31l.

NHS: Top S Peleren,K K n-.r 1 '.. ,r,. i ,. \..lr. I Fc.t.. l,' i .. I k. .T i.
or, R. Narn.dwan, M Ceball.. '1 Irul. 1 .. I. 1 ~1 I' fli -l I ':
IMcCu1ime 2nd Rrj K Hcll.r,. '.1 .. n .. I.; i u : rI.r .I 1 l : ,,r.kJ.r I.
McCuiness K HuL lEd 1 r ., r. K lurl i,. 'r T... I I'.. I f.1 i. i- I
McGuinme I Lirrola I Balba.if I .... .- I ,i

Fi.ch HunOr Sociih i ,JiT,. I I-lu1:.,; ii '.I.r. I biltl istr L Smith. F Kuo SporLnor.
Ir IT. 1,,3


BHS. Top NM Mongeon K IK ,r. d - i I '. .I,,. Irr,,, .- ...l-r r. I.
Ocho3, R Nand .arn, M Cel 11. !1 li ) % I ,.,r V. i\r.kI,:r .1 I > .ur h. I CI I.- ,
2nd Row D Se-lr M Seinz iI rrj >' r, ', F I ,u i ,.ir. : .r ,,. A h i .l 1 .
McGuiness K Husted E A. i .,n .-i, I [ .. ,. I lrl-'.=. ..ir I t. hi rLJ l... F.I '. l..,
R Come I McGuines. .M Ci. u .- .- I iltI, Ir. '.1 1 ,-.


French Llut b IT i-f *. .l-- 'I ru.- .. L' ,I. .-
m it',, l L u k 1 ii. r. i- F I i cl 'u

T ienruier. F Kuo. I' Hudson., L.
H.iI,r., Balbablr,] M Ceballos.

i ,i


I *

_. ".-
*. .,- *} ,-? ..

SHS. Top R Nandwaru A 1 --. 1 r .-1 1, '-.J urr. I iK r'.i-r. t. itr.r- Li r ,. i.
Bovyd. I MGumLne, I Posey, F L .i r.


Spanish Club: Top: C Eckerle, A. Gabrielson, G Poveda, S. P'.bo M RUjai M Gonuzles. M
Restrepo, Ballesteros, T. Shaffer, M. Yamashita, L Llach, f Luck Middle L P.obrrson. I
McGuinness, J. Posey, M. Cover, K Husted. M. Ceballos, J. edin L Casldlo. C Guerra Bot-
tom D. Norman, Gonzales, R. McGumess, R, Nandwan. \ LImola. C Royo. I Bovd. E
Luck, M. Lim, J. Galvez Sponsor: Mr. Vaz

Clu bs i


A Variety Of Clubs In BHS


Engineering Club ncln,bhr- or, ,i tur .1 ihn
Cuban reritc < wilF- n ["ii.r..na Phoi.. t D
Ecology Club n'.ntrrt- 'hajur. tar, arnd lot No
votny gE dr...n ind .nvrl ir.n jl.th ivrrit..u I hus.
by P Baca

Ecology Club. Top L Ochla S I' .I ,, I 1'
Novony, T Sererhon. F Kuo PhoIl' II I., .

Computer Club. S Peterwen. S Si r r I IlIr.n
Bron, R hP.n A Page Phoin by P, ( I, .

L"--- ." .... -

'I I I#

Sd R

I I K.- Iured: R 'f A

I 4
I 4i

I ^a


Engineering Club R Nolan, R M,. L. Robertson, R Nandwani D. Norman, I. Gonzalez, F
Adam, Pholo by D C ha-e

IT- Clubs

-a- -~Y ~ S ~ ~

a -I
* "":- ~c

*-...r b.t*

Close U'p Ti. : '' .r kl..r .
Hart, M i.-cll.., I'lh .', I,y I 1 -

r.lr. r I ( .r., ile Bnllom R Yarrnaluk aylor, N1
%N..',I ps, u I, -" erlny.l I wcol 5 PicerQin A Hig

Parrak. I I b. .- k I. -. .i I I I '- h, inr Ir ..- I'hcrl o bv D Chan

Photographs Clutb Fr.r,, I. *',h. I li ...r. I h.lbmstro Rear N Chislom A Bon.
nick, S.i ._in L i, .hr. I .r,.. I -'n.lr. t1 .hN -, A Gabnelo..n Pholo b\ D Chawe



Business Club, Multicultural Club, And Dance Team

Business Club: S Arcacha, T. Bennett, R. Brown, M. Church, H. Davis, J. Domenech, I.B. Es-
pina, E Gilmore. A Higley. B. Martens, M. Mongeon, C. Payne, J. Posey, J. Scott, L. Smith,
Mr. RamLrez

What a couple! J. Williams and I. Acosta enjoy the Multicul-
tural Club's tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King.
Members of the Multicultural Club, I. Horton, C. Carpenter
and T. Acosta.

Dance Team: I.B. Espina, C. Guerra, C. Guerra, H. Hart, M. Lim, J. Menendez, J. Pablo, G.
Poveda. M Souttronl

Multicultural Club: I. Acosta, T. Acosta, J. Brannon, D. Burger, C. Carpenter, R. Carpenter,
L. Cercenia, A. Cruz, LB. Espina, J. Gonzalez, I. Horton, S. Latorre, L. Morris, R. Owens, C.
P'jne-. S. Pinder, E. Scruggs, D. Shaw, L. Smith,G. Velez, T. Wells, S. West Sponsor: Mrs.

J Clubs




Kristin Faye tries to avoid the camera. J. Engelke, M. Davis and D. Lantry get silly!

F. Kuo gets busy on the yearbook pages.

A M .


ff -fi-




(earbook class: L to R: J. Scott, M. Bales, R. McArty, IB Espina, C. Reid Back: A.
Junez, Not pic: K. Bault, J. Engleke, R. Nolan, T. Roach, D. Norman, M. Davis.

Where is that ad? Scott searches for her artwork on the computer

Where is that ad? J. Scott searches for her artwork on the computer.

Carrion, K. Faye, H.

V. Scott continues to size yet another photo.

Yearbook is...

"Mrs. Bales freaking out and getting gray hairs
'cause noone does work." H. Nunez
"A lot of work & having fun at the same time."
K. Faye
"blaming all problems on Armando" J. Scott
"I didn't do it" A. Carrion
"Yearbook? What's that?" K. Bault
"not my fault!" R. Nolan
"like marriage, it takes all of your time" F. Kuo
"wait Mrs. Bales, don't mark me absent!"
J. Engelke
"a lot of missplled words and mistakes" R. McArty
"all the laughter, arguing, craziness, hassles and
bad jokes" IB Espina

Clubl I


First Period
Row 1: C. Short, Row 2:
R. Vega, A. Cruz, Row 3:
J. Valdez, C. Chou, D.
Perez, R. Baker, Row 4:
M. Lim, S.F. Jenkins, R.
Baker, Row 5: F.
Banasick, D. La Placa, D.
Pandy, Y. McDonald

, 'T'

Second Period
Row 1: N. Blades, Row 2:
H. Davis, C. Cole, Row 3:
A. Barnett, E. Corsbie, A.
Santiago, E. Marin, Row
4: L. Jurado, B. Buszinski,
L. De Leon, J.A.
Haughton, Row 5: D.
White, A. Madrid, A.
Renfro, Z. Jimenez, J.

4th Period
Row 1: J. Somera, Row 2:
D. Camps, R. Seybold,
Row 3: E. Gonzales, A.
Coward, I. Wagner, B.
Beach, A. Herrera, F.
Kinsey, Row 4: S.
Antadillas, R. Rodriguez,
L. Sanchez-Pascual, K.
McKay, A. Macias, Row
5: J. O'Keefe, G. Daniel,
S. Gomez, H. Mitchell, F.
Rodriguez, O. Lockett


4W h

f I
'~..- / f "
--i W -



' 1

X W EanuEEsfl W a
,a (sxssM' axis i i'ev |x i

t: S: aAl

^^^^**'ca~lhfi.A blo






P ~" 21
k ~IL j

I -





Sixth Period
Row 1: J. Smith, Row 2: K.
Wyckhuys, O. Zayas, Row
3: A. Keene, M. Paredes,
L. Roman, C. Yamashita,
R. Acosta, Row 4: E. D. C.
Luck, T. Silvera, B. Daily,
C. Haynes, T. Parker,
Row 5: G. Priolo, C.
Williams, D. Whatley, J.
Coville, S. F. Walrond

Seventh Period
Row 1: V. Malcolm, Row
2: L. Smith, V. Wrice, V.
Sanchez, Row 3: M.
Ferguson, S. West, N.
Fernandez, D. Giles, Row
4: S. German, M. Peltier,
F. Adams, K. Iglesias, J.
S Burs, Row 5: M. Rivera,
L. Rolon, J. Pardo, E.


Row 1: N. S. Dhaliwal, Y.
Hudson, T. Briceland,
Row 2: K. Montagne, M.
Michie, H. Jeffrey, P.
DeLeon, Row 3: E. Zayas


After the trek ... Members of the Bio-
logical Honor Society take a much
needed break on their trip to Nusa-
gandi on the mainland of the San
Blas islands. Photo by D. Seitz

Viva el Carnaval! Spanish Club
members of the carnivalito comparsa
pose at the dance held at PCC audi-
torium on Feb. 11, 1995. Senior Prin-
cess Annelle Urriola escorted by
Kyle Husted. Photo by R. Nolan

"Christmas on the Isthmus". The "The Greenhouse Effect" ... Ecology
Balboa High School Select Chorus Club member, Jim Ortiz, spent a Sat-
performs at the annual "Christmas urday morning at the BHS green-
Village" held at Valent Rec Center. house. Photo by P. Baca
Their director, Mrs. Wilma Mon-
louis, is accompanying them. Photo
by J. Severson



Full Text


19 RE-FLE-CTJONS The gentle moonlit face of wate"'i Like a mi ...... o ... it ... The complexity of life, What is now and what is next. As we glance into the past, A sentimental visioni The a ... ms of life fo ... ced I-\S to g"'ow Natl-\ ... e's continl-\ol-\s decision. Time passed like the wea ... y winds That oadle the leaves and shift the sands. 01-\'" minds disclose memo ... ies Of fo ... gotten faces, fo ... gotten hands. Jnto this glistening pool we can see All the things we lea ... ned and did. The swaying ... ipples ... ep ... esent 01-\'" thol-\ghts and d ... eams the da ... kness hid. Who can know, who can be sl-\"'e What the indecisive fl-\tl-\ ... e holds. BI-\t by looking at ... We see how life I-\nfolds. -Ral-\I Ma ... tinez


OPeN::JNa 2 S L lADeNT 1 J Fe 5 S6N::JORS 16 3L\N::JORS 42 SOPHOMOR6S 58 FACULl:)! 74 CllABS 84 SPORTS 97 ADS 111 ::JNDtX 134 cIOS::JNa 141 95 Covel' desigV\ by Michelle ColliV\s.


Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2010 with funding from University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries http://www.archive org/details/zonian1995balb


1995 ZONIAN-VOLUME 85 RELFECTIONS BALBOA HIGH SCHOOL UNIT 0925 APO AA 34002 TEL : (507) 52-7896 POPULA nON: 750 Tit l e Page


IN MEMORIAM On January 6, 1995, a part of Balboa High School was taken away from us Mr. Jose A. Jaen-Spanish teacher, National Honor Society sponsor, and friendwas killed in a car accident on his way to the interior. Although he can never be with us again physically, his s pirit will alway s live in our school an d in our hearts. Aside from being thought of as an excellent teacher, Mr Jaell will be remembered be s t as being a wonderful friend to both his students and to his fellow faculty members. His youthful s pirit and great se nse of humor were irresistable to almost everyone that knew him. He always found time to joke around or just talk, and thi s showed just how much he cared for h is students. Another way Mr Jaen demonstrated his devotion to BHS was through his active role as National Honor Society sponsor. He encouraged participation in the organization and did everything possible to ensure its s uccess. Throughout his many years of teaching at both Cl H S and BHS, Mr Jaen made countless friends These people were fortunate enough to get to know the unique person that he was. The friendships and contributions made by Mr Jae n over the years continue to be cheri s hed and will certainly never be forgoen S tud e nt Life Alexis Vidaurri NHS President -


BHS STUDENT LIFE In o rd e r t o d esc rib e BHS s tud ent life yo u mu s t unde r s t a nd all th e dif fer e nt ac tivitie s available t o BHS s tu d ents. B esides s tudyin g f o r tes ts, prep aring r e p orts, a nd t a kin g achievem ent tests, BHS s tud ents lik e to h ave fun Th e r e a re m a ny afte r sch oo l club s to join. As eac h sport b egi ns, n e w friend s are m a d e a nd the re's dai l y practices to attend. Th e honor sociebes offer exciting trip s to ex p l ore Panama 's outdoors as w ell as visit a museum, school or French restaur a nt. Th e Ecol ogy Cl u b takes car e of th e greenhouses and collec t s p a p e r t o be r ecycle d The Thespia n s p erfo rm tw o pl ays eac h year. Th e S.A. pl a n s th e Jambor ee Pep r a lly, Hom eco ming Pa-" rad e, C l ass Compe titi o ns, runs the school s t o re, and organizes the Awards ce r e mony in May There 's a l so Close-Up, PRIDE, SADD, Peer Helpers a nd Compu ter cl ub. Stude nt lif e goes o n and o n a t BHS. There's n ever eno u g h tim e t o b e inv o lv e d in ever y ac tivity t h a t BHS offe rs! Varsity sport s co ntribut e t o th e qu a l ity o f lir e for BHS s tud ents. From c heerleading and football i n th e f all to te nni s ana socce r in the s prin g, t h e r e's so m ethin g f or e v e ry o n e to enjoy afte r school. Last but n o t l eas t are th e jour nali s m clubs whi c h a tt empt t o cove r BHS student life in th e Parakeet and th e "Zonian" -yearbook. Katie the r e s a frog o n your n ose! ". Whil e a t B ocas Del Taro a d end r e bates fr og makes a new friend Photo by D S e i tz We 're h ere!" B i o l ogica l Ho n o r Society m e mbers unload o n thei r December trip t o B ocas. Photo by O Seitz S i ammin ... Seniors enjoy their picnic at R odma n Pool Photo by D Whit e Did I get it rig ht?". Studen t s in Mr. Vice s Busines s clas s work in gro ups. Photo by A Carrion Studen t Life


Stude nt A ssoc iati o n : Fr o nt: T r eas u r e r Mich ae l C ha se P r es id e n t D anny N onnan, B ac k : V ice P r esi d e nt M i ch e ll e Co llin s Secr etary Kalhi L o p ez A d v i so r S u sa n Nord e ll It t a k es a n eno rm o u s a m o u nt o f d e dication a l o n g w i th dri ve 1 0 f ulfill th e S.A.' s duties Som e o f th e ir m o r e m e m o r able e v e nt s incl u d e t h e Jambo r ee Pep Rally H o m eco min g dance & pa r a d e a nd th e Award s ce r e m o n y h e ld in Ma y Co n g r atu l atio n s o n a j ob w ell d o ne! S tude n t Life


, ,


ONE LAST TIME Pumped up and ready to go. BHS stude nt s h ea d for Cris t o bal. (pho t o P Alva rad o) Red Machine. # 1 al h eart. R Gomez a nd K. Bault. (photo D Whit e) Bulldogs Queen A Gabrielson esco rt e d by O Arias & A Beech From Start t o finish! Co ach Palumbo allhe las l jam bo r ee (pho t o O Whit e) Stud e nt Life Cougars' Queen M Webb esco rt e d by J Lop ez & E Stanford ( Ph o t o b y J. Hause r )


JAMBOREE '94 j a mb oree i s a n annua l event h e l d t o kick off th e football seaso n it g i ves f a n s and pl aye r s a s neak prev iew of what th e up co min g seaso n h as in s t o r e for the m F o r 45 yea r s th e rul es and purpose o f th e j am b o r ee h ave remained v irtu ally un c h a n ged and now th e tr a diti o n h as come t o a n e nd This yea r 's j a mb o r ee w as th e l as t o n e t o be pl ayed a t th e Cris t oba l F oo tball S tadium. The j ambo r ee s ta rt e d off with th e traditi o n a l p a r a d e of c h eerleade r s quee ns, a nd s pint. Leading th e parade thi s year was th e man that Drought t ackle f oo tb all t o th e DoDDS sc h oo ls, Mr Luk e C. P a lumbo. H e was well-known f o r hi s stra i g ht talk stro n g ideas, a nd un co m promis in g id ea ls. T h e p eople a r e ve r y kind t o dedicate th e 45th a nd l as t annua l Jamb o r ee t o m e I'll always r e m embe r it as l o n g as 1 live, was th e qu o te th at b rou ght tea r s t o so m e eyes th a t may h ave r e m e mb e r e d v i s i o n s of th ose first games "The p a r a d e got everyo n e s tea m s pirit go ing,' indicat e d j a n elle H a u se r a b o ut th e p a r a d e o f students. P eo pl e scr ea m e d a nd h olle r e d for th e ir t ea m and yelle d e n couragi n g w o rd s t o th e qu ee n s o f th ose rough and tough guys. Th e lu c k y l a di es who th e ir tea m s thi s year were A m anda Gabrielson f o r th e B alboa Bulld ogs, Kim Lee f o r th e R e d Mac hin e, Melissa W e bb f o r th e Curundu Co u ga rs, Lu c i a Lincoln f o r th e PCC Green D evils, and Candy Guerra for th e Cristobal Tigers. With the p a r a d e coming t o a n end, eve ry o n e pre p a r e d t o watch th e 12 minute ga m es th a t would determin e the weanier from the m ea nler With th e ga m es comme n c ing all ac tion was o ut o n th e fie ld Eacn m ove wa s s tudied b y th e o th e r te a m coac h es Two generations of Palumbo 's : Mr. J Palumbo and s on s (Pho t o by D W hil e) and th e ir own players were tri e d o ut for th e fir s t tim e th a t seaso n The gam es were almos t ove r when lightning b ega n and put a s t o p t o eve rything. Aft e r waiting t o see if th e lig ht nin g would s t o p th e j a mb o r ee was d e clar e d a dra w, m ea nin g th a t n o s ingl e tea m h a d w o n Wh e n aske d how h e f elt about th e way th e j a mb o r ee e nd e d Budd y Bottin, a pl aye r o n th e G r ee n D evils, r e pli e d T was di sappo int e d I r ea lly wanted t o k ee p play in g a nd I thought it was unfair th a t th e fin a l j a m b o r ee would h ave n o r ea l winning team Aside from th e probl e m s with th e weather, eve r ything went as plann e d The ce r e m o ny pri o r t o th e ga m es was a s uccess. I tho u ght having Coach P a lumb o th e r e w as a ni ce gesture and it added t o th e s i g nifican ce o f it b e in g th e las t j ambo r ee, sai d Ca th y Bates. So de s pit e th e probl e ms, th e j ambo r ee w as a n enjoya bl e evening bringin g friends and tea m s t oge th e r t o h ave s o m e fun Co m pil e d articles b y Renee McArty Danny Norma n and Carlos Lampas T h e fir s t jamboree was a s u ccess in drawin g a l o t of s p ec t ato rs. B eca u se o f tha t the decision was m ade t o h ave it as a n a nnual eve nt. The J ambo r ee was exp ec te d t o aite rn a te fro m th e A tlanti c t o Pa cific s id es, but th e P acific s id e did n o t r e qu est th e right t o h os t th e seco nd j a m b o r ee, so all th e j a mb o r ees fro m th e n o n were h e ld at th e Cris t o b a l Football Field. The first jambo r ee was won b y th e Ca n a l Zo ne College now th e Panama Ca n a l College Tile Cris t o b a l Tigers w o n th e title in 1951 1960, 1963, 1964, 1967, 1968, 1970, and 1971. The Balb oa Bulldogs go in th e r eco r d bo ok s f o r b e in g th e o nl y tea m t o win th e j a mb o r ee three yea r s in a row. Last yea r s winners were th e Curundu Co u ga rs. Devil's Queen L. Lincoln esc o rted by J Williford and L. Gibs o n Red Queen K Lee es c o r t e d b y R George and J Bales ( Phot o by j Hau se r ) Stud e nt Life


Devil s C h eer l eaders S. J ohnso n V (Johl, C. M onag h an, S J o hn so n rid e in th e Jamboree Parade Unde r classmen get rcady t o board th e bu ... e ... t o C n ... t obal. ( Ph o t o by P Alvarado) S tudent Life JA MBOREE '94 W aiting f o r t he Big Game : Co u gars B Mar t l' & Red 's Jr H e rnandez antlClpat e the kick off CooperaltVe S plnt The atSlty Chee r lea :f" perf o rm a group r ouhne at the Pep Rally A pile.up. Bulld ogs and C r ee n O evi l s players r ecove r fro m o n e o f th eir nIOIlY pill! up ... 11\ thl' ... ei1:>.on o p ene r t h e Jam b o r ee ( Ph o t o by J H a u se r ) Parad i n g ar o und. Bulld ogs Chee r leade r s M R ojas C. Eckerle M T ir a d o 6 M c Arty & K. Williams enJoy th e J a mbore e parad e ( Phot o by 0 White) S tud en t Life


H ALLOWEEN '94 O n ce upon a tim e peopl e b elieve d th a t th e d ay o f H alloween w as a n evil day. I t was th e d ay w h e n th e s pirit s o f th e undea d ghosts, and all th e c r eatures o f th e nig ht ro a med th e ea rt h Oc tobe r 3 1 s t b e longed to th e m But as centuries p ass a n d time s c h a n ge, i t h as b eco m e a day H U e d w ith mischi evo u s tricks, s tr a n ge cos tu m es, a n d (alm ost everyone's all time f avo r i t e) candy. T o d ay c h ild r e n all ove r th e world s p end H allo ween dress in g up to go to p a rti es o r trick o r tr ea ting. Clow n in g a r o u nd and ju s t enjoying th e s pirit of H alloween i n a m o r e fun way i s how thi s d ay i s r e m e mb e r e d b y many p eople. So what if we' r e ove r th e age t o go t rick o r tr eating? It does n t m ea n we ca n t jo i n in o n th e fun! B H S stude nt s as well as t eac h e r s h ave n t forgotte n how to e njo y H alloween. Many s tu d e n t s d r esse d u p i n sca ry funny, ecce n tric costumes t o ce l ebra t e thi s hol iday. Ma n y t eac h e r s a l so dressed up. Ms. Manc h es ter ca m e as a nun while Ms. M onlouis was a witc h H alloween 1994 wa s ce l e b r a t e d with our annua l d oor d eco ratin g co nt es t and costume con t es t F o r B H S s tu-dents, th e s pirit o f H allo ween i s n t ju s t about g h os t s a n d go blins, i t' s a l s o about become so meon e e l se for a day. Th i s yea r t h e scaries t costume w as awarded to Casey McCann for hi s p ortra ya l o f th e "undea d w i za rd". T h e costume th a t r ecei v e d th e m os t l a ughs w i t h hi s . h e r ? sexy tig ht bodys uit a n d jea n s was J .P. Pederson dresse d as a tr a n sves tite Amanda Gabri e lson won th e m os t origi n a l cos tu me as Pipp y L o ngstockin g". Th e w inning door f or th e dec o rating co nt est belonged to Ms. Massen g ill. Mr. Wa u g h won seco n d pla ce a n d Ms Hans w o n third H o n ora b l e m e nti o n s a r e th e doo r s of Ms. H ero, Ms. Butle r and Ms. Nordell Winners for th e costume co nt es t won CASH pri zes while th e cla ss room th a t won th e door d eco r ati n g co nt es t were gi v e a fr ee p i zza pa rty H alloween u se d to be a day when m a n y peopl e w e r e fri g ht e n e d to l ea ve th e ir homes. A t B H S it' s a day l oa ded wi th l a u ghter, pra n k s and c razin ess. Wh o eve r sa i d H alloween wa s for c hil dre n ? By: IB V in ce nt A. Espina Here's the lin e up. Hall owee n participan t s D Lighte U B Britton A Austin and J Ca n d e l ario s h o w off. Photo by A. Ca rrion S tud e nt Uf e And th e winner is ... Ms. Massengill's d oo r wo n thi s year' s H allowee n d oor co nt es t ; de s igned b y R M c Arty J Scott, and V Scott. What a face! Kristy Wy ckhuys s h o w s h e r j uni o r s pirit on Hallowee n da y dres se d a s Th e C r o w". P h oto by P Alva rado


r :Bo-C:h;; n c h e Buzz" Ms A lvar ado thinks s h e's too fly to hold up tr ee. (pho t o by I. A l va ra do) P l a n e t o f th e A p es a T e ba ck! Car l os L a mpa s m onkeys a r ound o n H allo ween. ( Ph o t o by A Ca rri o n ) Ju s tin strumming along ... Pri sci lla M a r ciaqc and Sta n D a r n e ll jo in in th e Hallo w ee n fun P ick m e Pick m e!". BHS s tud ents wait for the judges vo l e (P hoto by S. Nord e ll ) S tudent Life


HOMECOMING SPIRIT -(Above) This i s scary! Dalb o a H I g h School c a rnes the w o r ld In their Fac ult y J Oine d in the fun ( L eft) Big Kid K. Monta g n e enJo y.!. littl e kJd games. All pho tos by J Sev e r so n FIELD Punky P o w e r l. lin co ln leads the J r Clas s in the tugowar a g ainst the Srs Student Life DAY! Study Hall? 0 W ay M os t of th e s tu d ents s p e nt th e ir afte rnoon o n th e field enjo yin g th e ga m es, f oo d re l axatio n a nd th e fun Wh ee l b a rr o w r aces s ta rt e d off Field D ay. S tude nt s w e re t o w h ee lb a rrow o n e of t h e ir cla ss m a t es t o t h e finis h l ine Th e sec ond round wa s t o wheelbarro w as m a n y class m a tes as p ossibl e t o th e fin i s h Th e ove r all sco r e was b y th e j uni o r s A s thi s w as going o n a n o th e r eve nt calle d Milita r y B all w as b e in g p l aye d Th e t ea m s w e r e : T eac h e r s, Senio r s, JunI o r s a nd So ph o m o r es Y o u h a d t o pro tect your s id e lin e fro m b e in g sco r e d The winn e r s o f this gam e w e r e th e Se ni o rs, and seco nd place w as tie d b etw ee n Sopho m o r es a nd T eac h e rs. Third p l ace w e nt t o th e Juni o rs. O n e o f th e m os t exc itin g ga m es th a t i n vo l ve d a m a j o rit y o f th e s tud e nt s was th e T u g 0 W a r Th e over all sco r e, for th e b oys, w as a t i e b e tw ee n th e Senio r s a nd J unio r s Nex t i t w as th e girls turn t o b attl e Th e Juni o r s wo n th e firs t b a tt l e, and the seco nd place winn e r s wer e Seniors. So ph o m o r es cam e third The fina l compe tit io n b e t wee n Seni o r s and the und erclass m e n w as the Powd e r ruff f oo tb all ga m e Senio r s cam e alive wh e n th ey s co r e d a t o u c hd o wn B o th tea m s h a d g r ea t a nd b ea uti f ul c h ee r l ea d e r s wh o k e pt th e c rowd s go in g w ild Senio r s w o n th e ga m e 1 3 t o 6. Afte r w ards t h e school c heerlead e r perf o r m e d th eir H o m ecoming r outines. Field D ay w as a grea t s u cces s filled w ith grea t memories Th anks t o Mrs. Camp b e llCo m pa n y a n d th e Junior s f or o r gani zi n g thi eve nt. B y : Kris t i n F aye Fan ali cs T Wrice and friends wal c h the crat.y eve n t s o n the fIe ld d own bel o w ph o t o b y PAiv a rado C a l -pa ls! M S t e i n b e r g e r and A Frye tIe the kno t f o r th e 3-l egge d race. pho t o b y I' Alvarad o You s ay w hat? Panam a's bes t w o m e n batt l e f o r V i c t Ory. p h o t o by P Alvarado Stud ent L ife


COUGARS #1 Miracle s Do Com e True by Budd y M a rt e n s H o mec oming game OIghl s l arted QUi as an o f fen sive battle each team sconng whenever they had the ball Every hme 1 se t o nl o the held I could feel my s t omac h churmng like a mi x in g machlOe. I knew th a t If I me sse d up i,l, co u l d cos t u s the game and o ur c hance al being sol o o n 5 W e go t the ball o n our own twenty ya r d hn e and about tw o minut es and thirty seconds left In th e ga m e we were d own by ono pomt (34-35) A s I came on the fie l d th e leno,.on wa s so th I c k that cou ld CUi II wIth a kOlfe. I knew that If dldn I sco re on thi S driv e we prob ably w o u ldn I gel an other c h ance On firs t d own I attempted t o thro w t o our tighHmd F r eddy Adams, bUI th e ball gOI tipped al th e Ime and mt e r cep t e d by Adam B each B eac h ran It bac k f o r a TO As h e c ro!>sed th e goa l hne my h eart bro k e 10 tw O I f elt a!l th o ugh I had l e t the wh o l e team d own Then out o f th e co rn e r o f my eye I sa w a flag and my h opes began t o n se The ref said th e p e nalt y wa-, agamst Bulldogs but It wa s after the mterce ptl o n -,0 they tamed pos.,ess i o n o f th e ball AI lea;;1 It wasn I a TO Now It wa .. all up t o Ih e d e fense t o g i ve Ih e o f one la"l c han ce The Bulld ogs lined up and attempted t o run Ihe ball o n e la.,1 tim e o n 4th d own and IOc he!>. II l oo k e d Ih o ugh I hey w e re go m g t o make i l th e n o ut o f n owhere. arl Ar n o l d made I h e hit of the year s tuffin g Co rd ova Hall 10 th e ba c kfield T l u., m e ant th at w e w o uld ge t the ball bad. wllh 40 ... econd., l eft 10 th e ga":,e Th e o nl y p r O blem W.l'" we had 1 0 go 97 yds. With n o tim e o ut'l. A-, I ca m e o nt o th e Ih e fan!> 10 the <;tadlUm w e r e .. c r ea m 109 for both learn., The Cougar fan s were the l ou d es t h oulmg; "Co Co u ga r s" "All the way", and Couga r .. #1" A!> I gOI t o th e huddle I so nervou'i that I cou ld feel my kn ees qUlVenng W e 1 0 run a tnck play to confuse th e but th e pa.,-, Wil., mcomplete No w th e r e wa s o nly 33 beco nd<; l eft a nd w e had t o sco r e' As we go t back IOta th e huddle for th e 2nd down, I know that thi S next pla y, "np 50 Rilld e r had worked earhe r m th e ga m e for a 57 y d m, but I also knew that th e l3ulld ogs would be cove r -109 u s deep. A!; we go t t o th e Ime ilnd I began the cadence all of my focu!!> wa .. on the field EverythlOg a r ound me was .. hul a u I I co uldn t eve n h ea r th e sc reamm g c rowd, I -,.lld, "hut", and be ga n 1 0 dro p bad. I cou ld feel Ih e p r e .. sure from Ihe defen se co mm g up the middl e .,0 I began t o roll o ut t o my left l oo km g down field for Je lani Jord a n our pnmary r ece i ve r In Ih a t patt e rn but h e wa l ve red like glue I th e n l ool..e d f o r Robert The Jet R eyes <;Irealong lip th e nuddl e o f Ih e field I b r o u g ht back m y a rm and threw with ev ery thin g I had As th e ballle!t my hnnds th e c r owd went wlldl Now I t was a fOOl r l ce t o th e end zo ne Rey es broke a w ay and ran Int o the end zone sca r -109 th e winning t o u chdown In the most e)'cll..IIlg game of th e year Some people It was the grea t es t play of th e yea r The Mart e n s t o Reyes Connecbon Will go down 10 Ih e reco rd books th e l o n gest and most exotm g play of all bme; a 97 yard touchdown pass at Ih e end of th e ga me for the COUGA R S t o Win Ih e 1994 af"lily f oo tball champiO nship H o m eco min g You ca n t touch this! Bulld ogs C Hall heads for a touch d own. King & Quee n O Nonnan and J Mc Guinness reign for H omecommg 9 4 CATCH THE SPIRIT H e Keeps Going and Coi n g! W Reese, Th e Energi.le r is untouch ab l e Ph o l o by : B Weedin T o p Left : J H o l zworth tnes t o find an esca p e Ph o t o by : B Weedin. Center Left. Ca t ch The W ave Soph o m o res s how th e ir splnt B Ol.Io m L eft H e r e Vee, H e re V ee!! 1995 H o m eco min g Courl L eft: The Air U p The re! J C r aham and M Mora l es Jump up f o r Ih e ball.


Senior Class Officers L t o R : Vice President Audrey Ernes t Pr esident Sarah B ea tti e Sec r eta ry Jill H a u se r Trea surer Katie Wild e r Th ese hardwo rkin g seniors o r ganize activities under the care ful eye o f Mr Waug h th e ir s p o n s o r Th ey p l ay t h e se nio r picn ic. h o me co min g float Class com petit io n s a nd wo r k o n g r aduati on ac tivities. Phot o by D W hite Seni ors


ReOectlll g on ama and Balboa Hi g h School. we d e d icate thi s t o ou r s choo l Senior Coun:,el o r Mrs. D ottie White ou t h e r support and talent, the BHS yearbooks w ould n o t be the his t orical trea sure s that they ha ve become Pho t o of BHS taken by Franz Kuo in 1994. From an ultralit e w e ca n see th e BHS campus including the s tadium auditorium, and the Pacific Softball field If you l ook even you will see one of th e Panama railr oad cars passing by Ph o t o by Eva Anderson


Aerial view of the Bridge of Ame r icas, co nn ecti n g th e W es t Bank o f th e Canal 1 0 th e Eas t B ank. phot o by E. Anderson Aeria l v i e w o f the Admin i s tration Buildin g and be low it the Goe tha l s Memorial and th e B albo a E l e m e nt ary School. ph o to by E. Ande r so n


The Ca u se way located in F ort Amador i s a popular r ec reati o nal area (or many here at B1-I5. Aerial view o f th e Balboa Yacht Club All ph o t os b y E va Anderson


A erial VLew o f the P e d r o MLg u e l L oc k s. o ne of three o f L ocM. wh i c h ar e t h e vital compo nen t:, o f th e P a nama anal pho t o by E I'h e Golia th C rane dre d ges up the b o tt o m o f G ailard ut nml...mg It f o r s hip s ph o t o b y D Whit e View of Punta Paili11a and its l o fty highris e s a t the heart o f Panama City Ph o t o by D White Vie w o f Panama City where tall offic e bu ild ing s and r e s ident ials co me t oge th e r Ph o t o by D White


The rum!> o f tht! Cath e dral Tower o f the-Old City o f Pan amil burnt!d t o tht! ground by Britl h am o ng th e m Ihe InfilmOt .... Iltmry M o r ga n pho t o b y D Whit e Goe thal.., Mem o rial ... Iamh ill 56ft with th e pool bel o w It at a dmmeter o f 60ft T i m Balboa landmark repre ... enb thr ee o f L oc k!>, wllh th e Tower repre..,enting th e Con tm e ntal diVide. photo b y D WllLte Once yo u th e Ga mb oa Bnd ge and ba c k up th e C ha g T es, you 'lIloee this view photo by D Whit e -A s Jde vie w of Balboa Hi g h School t

Tu g bo a t s i n th e P edro Mig u e l L ocks prepare f o r th e i r dail y tas k s whi c h h e lp in th e o p e rati o n o f th e Panama Can a L Ph o t o b y D Whit e A v i e w f r o m a t o p th e G aillard C ut A Liber ian c r u i se lin e r th e Fai r W i nd is a ss i s t e d by tu g b oa t s thro u g h t he c uI. Ph o t o by D Whit e


. -


CLASS OF '95 Iva n G. Acosta Frederik A Adams Na di a A. A ird So lim a r T. Antadillas Edna P Arno l d E j Arosemena Tanya M Bacot j eeathbe U Balba s tro Raul A Barrera Brandon M Barr e tt Mylissa L. Bateman Keisha M. Bault Sarah E Beattie j ess i e R Berg e r joseph P Bibbo Noe l P Blade s Seni o r s


Sam aris K Bla d es J a n M Blan c h e tt e J oaquin A. B oy d T h o ma s PJ Brice l and Mic h ae l A Buc h a n a n W a lt e r S. Ca rr F elic i a Ca rr o l a W a lt e r A. B a ttin R o b e rt L. Brown Ric h a rdo Campagnani M eg h a n Ca rr oll W a lt e r C. B a ttin Vic t o r E Brown J r. M ag d a tin e C. Cantu Jaso n A Ca s t a n o Senio r:.


Lenin Cas till o D avid M Churc h Lakeis h a Cooper Yanil e th Crichlo w Sen i o r s CLASS OF '95 R aul C h a n g C h apma n M i c h ae l j C h ase Ma r ga r e t M C1o u s t o n Mic h elle L. Co llin s Alexa nd e r j Coo p e r Les l ey D Coope r C. Co r o n a d o j C r o u c h C i a n a M Dani e l H enrey B D avis


r aul D e J a n o n I va n J D e L a G u a rdi a Na rinder j it S. Dhaliw a l J oanna D D iaz Ian H Dill o n J aso n L. D o m e n ec h F elio m a r D o n es Audrey E. E rn es t Mic h ae l D Est es Jr Kris tin M Faye Eric O. F o wl e r A m y M Fr y J orge E. Ga l vez D anie l E Ga r c i a Miche l e R Gaslin S ukin o D. Gilles pi e Se ni o r s


CLASS OF '95 Rache l E Go m ez Francisco J Go n za l ez J ose R Go n za l ez Benjamin Goode C hri s t ophe r G. Good n o Juliu s G r a h a m III J A H ag ht o n Jill M Hause r A n a H ernandez E H e rn andez Jr. Jua n F H e rr e r a J a m es L. Hig hley Jr P aul F Hig n e tt Raul H ofe r Kimber l y J H o lih a n Yaiseth A. Hudso n Senior s


Willi a m B Huff III G regor y G Hurs t H ec t o r A J e ffr ey Dong-oun J eo n g L o r e n a M Jura d o B onnie M K emp Karen L. K emp Pooj a Kh a rb anda R o b e rt P Kin a rd Ca rolin e Kirkland A .L. Kirkp a trick K elly L. Kir s teatt e r Br a d Kost e in y Fr a n z G. Kuo Carlos E Lampa s Jr Senio r s


CLASS OF '95 Ser gio E Lat o rr e S h anno n Y L egge tt Mic h elle M Lloy d E t e l v in o Lopez K a thl ee n L o p ez L ui s M a nzanres Pri scilla I. M a r c i ac q Juan c. Martinez R aul M M a rtinez C h a nd a M a s o n Kath a rin e R McArt y M arie B M c Art y C a sey S McC ann J a n elle E M cGuinne s s S A McGuinness Se ni o r s


S t acey A. M e rk e l J a m es J M e r z J ohn M Mill e r Jr R ya n B Min R o b e rt o F M o d e l o P aula M M o nagh a n M a tt 1. M o n geo n Mic h ae l M o ral es Kimb erly n L. M ye r s Kan a k o Na kagawa R ajes h U Nandwani Mic h ae l E. Nav i cky Ric h a rd T. Nol a n K h ris tin e D. Nolt e Danie l A Nor m a n Seniors


CLASS OF '95 S t eve n M O l a nd ese Eliece r L. Olivar e s Alb e rt o E Orillac Agustin j Ortiz Ray m ond M Owen s Vanesa R Pagan Andrew H Page C hri s t o ph e r L. Payne j ea n P Pedersen jane M. P o s ey j ess ica D Quinlan jua n A. Ramos Wilb e rt R ees e Erika D Rickett s Pr axe des Riv e r a Todd R Rob e rt s Senio r s


Luca s C. R o b e rt s o n Mic h elle I. R o s a l es M a rk D R o s co e Carlos E R oyo Idelisa Rui z S h a n e P R y l ey V o n s h e ik a T. Sco tt Fr a n cisco T. Serra n o Willi a m D S h o rt e r M ario l y M Silve r a H a rn a n K S in g h I s b e l A S iri a s J a m a l S S kinn e r Leov ihil d a A S m i t h H e m d a M So k o l Se n io r s


CLASS OF '95 A bdi e l S o l i s C hri s tin a M So rdini Ale j andro A Sosa Jr. M M St e inb a rger Ha s him K S t ephe n so n Ric h elle H S t e w a rt Bra nd o n J Sw i s tak K a thi a T aga r opul o s T oumani T. Tho m a s J a s o n T o rr e s Annelle U rrio l a Ta bith a I. Valdill es M aria D e l C. Vezquez G l oria V e l e z Se n i o r s


Alexi s S. Vid a urri Aki W a t a n a b e Dwi ght C. Whit e Jr T ania E rik a Wilcoxo n Mic h elle T. W o mbl e Naomi Yan o Osk a r H Zayas Wayn e M W a tkin s Ta n ya E rik a Wil coxo n Chua n Wu Li T hamah a r a Roach B. K W emhoe n e r-Cuit e K a th e rin e L. Wild e r M a mi Yam as hit a Josephine Scott Se ni o r s


CLASS OF '95 J a mes C respo Meli ss a Davi s Joy Enge l ke N i c h o l as Evans A l ex Liv in gs t o n Edilia Luck Renee A. McCarty Karin Montagne Nico l e Frank Haydee Nunez Elliott Ca r l so n Senior s


;eniors a tt ending th e 1994 Jamb o r ee P e p Rall y s h o w t h e ir sc h oo l s pirit as h ey s tr uggl e t o put t h e wor d S E N I ORS t oge t h e r ( P ho t o by D White ) ";"'". I r .111 . P o s in g in front o f th e Admini stra tion Building,. Se n i o r s r eflec t o n t h e y e ar s th ey ha ve e n joye d a t B H S ( P h o t o by D W h i t e) BHS Se nior s w a v e as t hey p r epa r e t o enjoy t hei r l a s t yea r i n B HS. (Ph o t o by D WhHe) Se ni o r s Laure n M cG uin ess and J oy E n ge lke p ose i n fro nt of a co l o r f ul bu s as t h ey p re p are t o h ea d f o r th e i r l as t J a mb o r ee in C ristobal. - Se ni o r I van A cos t a p oses in f r on t o f one o f t h e many bu ses w h ich ca rr ied s t u d e n t s ac r oss the i sthmus t o C r i s t o bal for th e 1994 J ambo r ee ( P h o t o by P Alva r ado) Seniors


S teppin g O ut : Th e annua l S e ni o r pho t o turn s i nl o l o i s o f smiles ( P h o t o b y : D White) "You go S e ni o rs!" Ano th e r j oy ful gr oup p oses f o r Mr s Whit e Se nior s Pl ea s e do n t tak e m y pictu re!" P ooj a Khar banda pl e a d s w ith ph o t o g. phe r R e n ee McAr t y atlh e Senio r R ece ptio n N i c k Evan s and Rajes h Na nd wa ni enjoy t h e i r l u n c htime brea k by s l e ps o f t h e A dmi ni stra t i o n B u i ldin g (p h o t o b y D W hite) Kei s h a Bault i s l oo k ing f o r h e r r eflectio n o n a day a t th e beac h


Acevedo, Paul "To them Garcia boys, Look up, Aim high, & Be all you can be in yas Green Kakais and wanna be flannels. Acosta, Ivan "Goofy" Bulldogs Basketball "Class of 95 stay alive." Adams C., Frederick A Freddy" Cougar Football, Basketball Soccer, & Volleyball. Band, Honor Band, FHS, Engineer Club Thanks to all my friends, esp. R.S., & for those that didn t know-watch ESPN!! CYa!" Antadillas, Solimar "Soli" Basketball, French Club, Business Club, SADD, Modeling "It was a wonderful year. I thank all my friends for the fun times we had together." Arosemena, Elizabeth "E.J" Soccer, Pride, BHS FHS, French Club, Member of Baptist Youth Group Choose To Lead "Live your life to the fullest. Set your aims high and reach the sky." Bacot, Tanya M. "Speed Racer" Tennis, Volleyball Softball, Photography Yearbook, French Club, Letterman's Club "Remember all the good times! CYa!" Balbastro, Jeeathbell "J. B Volleyball, Soccer, French Club, PRIDE, BHS, NHS, FHS, Photo Club "I'm glad I'm graduating this year; but I can't help feeling sad for leaving my school. Good luck to all class of 95!" Barrera, Abdul Baseball, ect. Chill in with Karla & lifting weights I want to send a big-up to all the gods in the Earth the Zulu Nation Islam and all the Brooklyn nation Never forgetting my girlfriend Karla who I love dearly and truly. Also I want to send a shout out to my moms and pops and sister for never giving up on me. PEACE OUT! Barrett, Brandon Baseball, Football French Club FHS, NHS Bateman, Mylissa Pillsburg Swimming "Things could be worse I could have graduated in Hell. Sault, Keisha "Ki-Ki" Cheerleading, Partying, sleeping partying camping. "Don t ask!" Beattie, Sarah E Sarita" Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball Bulldog Football Mgr., Horse Back Riding BHS, NHS, Spanish Club, SADD, Junior and Senior Class PreSident Carnavalito Princess Cayuco Queen, Jamboree Queen. "You only have one life to live so live it up! Bottin, Walter A. "Buddy Football, Volleyball Baseball Cayuco Pres. of SADD. "Canal Zone-gone foreverforgotten NEVER!" Bottin, Walter Wally LTC, NPSS, Young Posse, Hitman Y P Friends for life ." Briceland, Thomas P Meandude, Buddy F." JROTC CSM, Drill Team, H onor/Colo r Guard B ushmasters. "Thanks to all my Lat i no brothers for all the fun t imes we've spent together and good luc k to all." Brown, Robert L. "Rob,Ka ne Basketball (#15), Tenn i s Sports Computers Debating Playing wit h Leanas Von Watch for me later on in life We all shall succeed I know I will. Brunner, Holly K Holly Kay Swimming None of your business! "Thanks to Nikk i for being the greatest friend and to Adam for being the greatest brother Dazed and confused in Panama." Berger, Jessie "Baby" Varsity Soccer Swimming. Everybody lives for the weekend Blades, Samaris Sama Volleyball French Club M i chelle Gaslin thanks for all the great times these past 5 years ( Palmira y Dominga ) To all "Las Duras Jurass i c Park was great! Buchanan M ichael "Buck" Dev il s Football, Cougars Bask etball French Club "You better recognize the almighty Buck! Camps Dy marie Dee" Volleyball-#l Green Devils, going out with my friends a nd singing at chur ch "I want to say thank you to my parents for always being there and supporting me all the way ; to my wonde rful friends who are always watc hing over me; and to God for making my dreams come true.'


Cantu, M agdaline "Mani" Red Soccer 9,10,1 1 "Good luck Class of 95 wherever we go in this world, and let God bless us!" Carlson, Jon Elliot"Patillas" Football Cayuco, Baseball Volleyball, Fishing, Camping Hanging, Everything. Hope everyone has a nice life." Carr, Walter Baby lUv" Basketball. "To all the broads that loved me, I'm sorry you couldn't have me." Carrola, Felicia M. French Club, FHS, Thespians. "See y'all later Well, maybe not." Carroll, Meghan Devil Cheerleader, Volleyball "Thanks to all my friends for making my years at Balboa the best years of my life." Chang, Raul Cougars Football & Soccer, SADD, JROTC, Rifle Team, Color Gaurd. Chase, Michael "Basilo" Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Volleyball, Ping Pong lacrosse Polo, Soccer, BHS, NHS, Engineering Club, S.A. Treasurer Beach Trips, Camping, FCA. Paradox kicks. Can't wait for the yuca to end CZ. Thanks to S.W. A D ." Chapman, Melissa "Moonbeam" Thanks to everybody. I love you." Church, D Michaef" "Mike" Devils Football, Red Machine Soccer, NHS, BHS. "Don't drop your marker. C-YA ." Senio rs Clouston, Marguret M. "Marji" Tennis, BHS, Pride, Ecology Club, Art Club Pres., Photo Club "A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle Good luck to all my friends(P.K. C.M., H .B., P.M., C .S., M.R.) and lots of luck to everyone in the future I 'll never forget all our fun times RUMBA TOTAU" Collins, Michelle NHS, BHS, S.A. Vice-Pres., Spanish Club, Tennis "To C.C., K.S., K.l., & B.l. -I love you guys thanks for the unforgettable memories! Good luck CIO '95!!" Cooper, Alexander "Coop. Football, Baseball, Rifle Team, Basketball, Enginering club NHS, French Club. "Thanks to all my friends for a cool year I hope success to all. I see ya later. Crouch, Olin "O.J Crouch" Cougar Football, Camping at lake Partying "There is no turning back now. CZ rules." Daniel, Giana "Gigi" Track, "las duras will be 2gether 4-eva never 4-get Jurassic Park! Davis, Henry "Rockero" Devils Football Cougar Basketball Red Soccer Volleyball, ROTC, Engineering Club. "Thanks to all my friends for the memories ." Davis, Melissa "Curly", White lightning" Soccer, Volleyball, CC, Activities: WWF, the rest not publishable "Thanks to my parents, Jennifef+2, Evan, Hank, & Suzy Sorry for being so evil. "Far Behind." I love You! To all my Fans: R.W, H.D,K.H,D l (Snoop Frog) TG,A H+2 ,Y.T, H.N Seat Belts Save lives! I love you all."1 don't want to be noticed, but I won't be ignored. "White lightning 1 0-4,over and out!" De la Guardia, Ivan Volleyball baseball, football scuba diving mountain biking, partying, "Be yourself" Dhaliwal, Narinderjit JROTC, Executive Office "Pa'iante Dillon, Ian "Tranqui" Soccer, Tennis, Paddling, Fishing, Camping. "Might as well jump." Engelke, Joy lynne Tennis, volleyball cheerleading, cayuco alt., Parakeet staff, yearbook. Ernest, Audrey "Dinghy-Papas" Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Cayuco, BHS, NHS, Parakeet Peer Helping, Vice-Pres. of Class. "Canal Zonegone foreve forgotten never. Estes, Mike "Duck" Volleyball, Drama "let it be." Erder, Amanda S A.D D "Hey Just remember you only have one chance to play them all!" Evans, Nicholas "Nick" Basketball, Tennis, Key Club, Engineering Club, BHS, Pride "Thanks to all my friends here, an everyone back in VA It's been fun. Thanks to my family for everythin C-Ya Seniors!" Faye, Kristin "Kris" Yearbook, Ecology Club Art Club, Advanced Chorus SAO Rep,


wimming "Thanks to all my nds for a great four years and anks to my parents for their pport. Always follow your reams ." rank, Nicole "Nikki" uba D i ving, Volleyball wimming, BHS, Spanish Club. These are days you 'll remember ver before and never since I omise will the whole world be arm as this and as you feel it you 'll now it' s that you are blessed and ky .. -10 ,000 Maniacs ry, Amy "Mimi" Jlasketball Baseball Manager, Close [) p Mayl i nn Mayall your wishes come rue. Thanks for always being there or me ." alvez, Jorge E. "Latino" cer, Track & Field, Running panish Club, Engineering Club, Art lub, JROTC Bushmaster Color uard Honor Guard, Bravo Co. 2nd atoonSgt. Afuera no eres nada ni nadie solo entro". aslin, Michele "Michy" rench Club. To Samaris B & tacey M & Buck thanks for being Ie when I needed you all. C-ya around." illespie, Sukino "Dewun" asketball. (Bulldogs Jus' chillin') "It's all good!" Gomez Rachel E. "Rae" Red Cheerleading BHS, Parrakeet "To the gangthanks for all the laughs and fun times. Maylinn, my te, "Give me a B'"; To Amy, Boing'"; To Cathy & Bernie, behave at Rock; Renee, "You moocher you !" To Jessic a the poet love ya buddy! And to my fellow Red Mach ine Cheerleadersk eep working I m off to California! Keep smiling gang! Luv you all .. ." Gonzalez, Fransisco "Gonzo Football To all the classes that come after us, you stink ." Gonzalez Jose R Fulo Football Soccer. Goodno Christopher Chris Track Swimming I loved her and was forced to leave her!!" Hauser, Jill "Jamer" Basketball Soccer Tennis, Cayuco Volleyball BHS, NHS, Sec. of Senior Class. "You only live once so have fun." Hernandez, Ana "Pud FBLA, Drama Club, Student Council. Angie-Couldn't have made it without you I love you! HKS-thanx for the memories I ll never forget you KSC-Keep smiling good luck with AB. Thanx for believing in me. And to HB, CM, MD, DL, AG, VG and especially LSM, thanx for all the good' times." Hernandez, Evaristo Junior" Football Swimming, Soccer Enginering club S.A. (Public ity), Teen Representative "The future is approaching rapidly Take whatever opprtunities come your way and i mprove your l i ves. Higley, James Tennis Wrestling Weight Lifting Computers Cars "Cross Culture Rulz, John 3:16 Good Luck In Basketball Abby P l a y Hard Sis." Hignett, Paul Free Surfing, Parties, M artial Arts. "The th ree most im portant things in life are: Honesty, Tolerance & Courage ." Hofer, Paul "Pep e ," Mexi cano Soccer Baseball French C l ub Orale!!! Thanks to my fma ily and friends I won t forget you Work hard have fun and make a lot of friends that way you'll be somebody someday. Thank God we f i nally made it! Friends forever! No matter the distance ." Holihan, Kim Nappy Track Mgr., Varsity smurf hunting, swim mgr., mud wrestling, photo club NHS, Assoc. of Rastafarian Asian Americas SADD. "The most important lessons I learned in high school were about friendship and love Thanks to all those who 've inspired me ." Hudson Yaiseth Volleyball Softball FHS, NHS, French Club Pride & JROTC. "I want to wish eveyone good luck on your future endeavors and dreams Huff, William "Willo Football Volleyball "L.T.C., C.C.A., Y oung Posse Kill Carter Y P friends for l i fe ." Hurst, Gregory Volleyball Tae Kwan Do. "Graduation is only the f i rst step ." Jeffrey, Hector A. Colombian Rifle Team Paint "Pa' iante Gone." Sen i ors


Kemp, Bonnie M Bulldogs Cheerle ading, Soccer, Tennis, Vo lleyball, Pride, French Club, Peer Helping, Letterman Club "To all my friends at BHS: thanks for the memories. To: Pilar, Christine, Steve, Murphy, and Jared only one more year." Kemp, Karen Bulldogs Soccer, Red Basketball, Swimming, Cayuco-High & Lone Star, Mud Wrestling, BHS Pres., NHS, Spanish Club. "It doesn't matter who we aren't when we know who we are (Anonymous) Kharbanda, Pooja Engineer Club, Modeling "I have had a nice time, thank you to all my friends." Kinard, Robert "Rob" Band Pres., Church. "Live life to the fullest without breaking the rules. Kirkland, Caroline "Fula" Equstrian, Red Mgr., SADD, Photo Club, Parakeet, Miami Herald, Cayuco. "C/O 95 Rox! CZ 4 eva! Cya Mandy, Raul, Sergio." Kirkpatrick, Ariadna Lorena"Tyson" "Thank you for everything Mommy and Dad. Love you. Las Duras De Matar, Tina and Hay-D Thanks 4 the memories Kirsteatter, Kelly "Nacho" Soccer, Band NHS, BHS, Engineering Club, powder puf "Thanks for everything Nick! Maylinn-catc h the wave! Raul & Steve-Johnny Nacho. Tannis-he wants you! Good luck to all my Senior Buddies, and have fun next year to all my Junior One's." Kuo, Franz G. Yearbook-Editor, Ecology Club, NHS, BHS, FHS, Parrakeet, Model U .N., French Club Moot Court, S.A.O. 93-94. "Farewell BHS. Another page is added to our history. Now we move on leaving others behind. Class of '95!" Lampas, Carlos "Kelly" Football, soccer, baseball, track. "I'm going to marry a blonde and surf around the world." Latorre, Sergio "Smooth, the Colombian" Basketball, Party, Dance "Class of 95 stay strong! Tanya thanx 4 everything! I love you. See ya later. Peace." Lloyd, Michelle "Mimi" JROTC, Art Club. "I will laugh at all you jerks who made fun of me when you are bums." Luck, Edilia "Lily' Dance team, French Club, Spanish Club, ROTC. "Gracias Dios mio for la alegria de hoy y por todas las oportunidades que me haz dado, y a las personas que en una y otra manera maracaron una pauza en mi educacion mi etemo agradecimiento." Marciacq, Priscilla "Chily" Aerobics, Raquetball, partying. "Don't give up your dreams." Martinez, Juan Carlos Juonchi" Football Cayuco, Weights, Cars. "No Fear." Martinez, Raul Football, basketball, baseball, volleyball. Sports, art, and acting. "It takes a big man to cry but it takes an even bigger man to laugh at that man." Mcarty, Marie "Berni" Soccer, Ceerleading, Mgr. Red football, Select chorus, Honor chorus, Powder puf coach. "All my love to my sisters, Boba, J.C., R.G., A.F. M.S. C/of 95 rulz!" McArty, Renee "Casper" Cheerleading, Swimming, Soccer, Mgr. Red Football & Bulldogs volleyball Photo Club, Art Club, Yearbook, Powder puf coach. "Bernie and Kathy, I 'll always be around! If you can't sing good, sing loud. I love you Mom and Dad," McGuinnness, Samuel "Sammy, Donatello" Billiards, Football, Tennis, Baseball, Soccer, Ice Hockey. "U.C, N.P.S.S, N.C.C.A, L.B.C, CPT. Canal Zone forever. YR friends for life." Merkel, Stacey Ann French Club 10th & 11th and Fashion Show. "Thanks to everybody who has helped me thoug my troubles." Merz, James Basketball. "Just cause you can't get up doesn't mean it has to get you down." Miller, John M. Jr. "Jack" Temmos" Baseball, Volleyball, Golf, Drama (Thespian), Tropic Times Staff, Parakeet Editor, Miami Herald, Pride, Engineering Club. "I feel like a millon tonight, but one at a time please."


Morales, Michael "Mike" Football, Basketball, Track Volleyball, BHS, Spanish Club, Thespians Pride, Close-up, Lettermen Club. "Thanks to all of those people who were there for me when I needed them and to all of those who believed in me when I didn't believe in myself." Mongeon, Matt "Mongeon" Basketball Soccer, Football. "I don't want to grow up." Montagne, Karen La Borrachita Soccer track volleyball swimming. NHS, BHS, Business Club French Club, Pride, Rifle team Multicultural club We should give thanks and walk with our heads up high as a generation of ideal men and women showing our aquired maturity. Never give up, just follow your aspirations, keeping in mind that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Good luck, Class of '95!" Nakagawa, Kanako Advanced Band, Select Chorus, Orchestra Jazz Band. I would like to say thank you to my family friends and those who know me, especially teachers Best of luck to the classes of 95 & 96. SMILE!" Nandwani, Rajesh Varsit y tennis swimm ing, basketball Ecology Club, Computer Club BHS, NJHS, NHS Secretary Spanish Club Treasurer SHS, Engineering Club. I am grateful to all my friends for their support -You know who you are. Thanx Best of luck Class of 95 RULZ! Life i s ours -we l ive it our way! Navicky, Michael Varsity football-10 11, 12 J.V football9 Engineering Club-12 "Always look up for falling footballs they might hit you in the head." Nolan, T. Richard R i c h Tennis, Baseball Cayuco, Scuba, Camping Fishing Photo Club Yearbook, BHS, Engineer Club. "You only live once so Just Do It. Nolte, Khristine Khris Basketball Track & Field Thespians. To all those who didn t believe in me and Gary; You were wrong! I love you Class of 95 you 'll never be forgotten! And to Felicia thanks for being there for me. Norman, Daniel Scrooge Green Baseball Red Tennis Red Volleyball SA PreSident, Jr. Class Treasurer NHS, SHS, BHS, Spanish Club, Lettermen s Club Engineering Club, Yearbook Staff SAO Rep, Miami Herald Studen t Staff. Put your interest in the future because you 're going to spend the rest of your life ther e b u t n ever forget y our past. Canal Zone Forever! Nunez Hay dee Nutz", Than x mom and dad! I ll mis s you!! Chino Ker m i t, T i n a A rhy Kendall M i ssy & P i g gy; thanx for putt ing up with me. I LOVE YOU ALL! Don' t let yesterdays dissapointments overshadow tomorrows dreams. I m outta here!! YEAH!! Watchdogg 10 4 over and out. Olivares Lee V i per Steal Greatness Football Trac k & F i eld Volleyball. Chillin w it' da family clan the blond chick and Pinteando Raz! "Uve i t on the edge I did ; now loo k at me! I m out, Emiel Ortiz, Agustin J Jim Swimming Computer club, Ecology club the 800 club Huh-huh. Knowledge is stupid Huh-huh. Yeah. Huh-huh Owens, Raymond "Luther, RayRay" I drag 'em & Bag 'em" Page And rew Swi mming E c o logy C lub Comput er Club, ANCON, Newspaper NHS. Posey. Jane Basketball Soccer Business Club, Spanish Club. NHS, BHS, SHS, Pride, Engineer C lub, SAO. "Thank s to all my fri ends for being there for me (A.U. & E .J.) Class of 95 Rulz forever


Pownall, Jill Funny Face Red Machine Soccer cayuco mud wrestling BHS. "I hate Kansas. Blue moons are the best Quinlan Jessica Tennis Soccer, Cheerleading BHS, NHS, Thespian (Secretary), Ecology Club. "MS, AF, RM, and RG, Well, this is the end, we've had a lot of fun this year and there are a lot of memories Rae, thanks for being there, it's rare to find a friend like you. Remember, when you 're stuck on a bridge over troubled waters there is someone to help you over. Don't let your fears get in the way of your dreams." RaR)Ds, Juan John" Track. Ricketts, Erika E r i" Chorus and hanging with Mrs. George. "Do all your work and have fun. Just don t put up with anybody's mess. Don't be shy Do what you can and do it well. Love ya. Rivera, Prax. Volleyball L.T .C., C C A., P.S.S."We love it J D Canal Zone 4ever! Live and let die ... To be cont i nued" Roach, Thamahara. "TR P " To all guys : No matter how much I get dissed there will always be someone else." Roberts, Todd Toad '" F o otball Baseball, and Soccer. "Keep partying! Have Fun!" Robertson, Luc as Luke BHS, NHS, Spanish C lub Engineering Club V P., SCUBA, SAO Seniors Rep, motorcycle riding NJHS, football science club Best of luck t o the class of 95 Thanks R.N., C.R., D S., 1.0., J.M., & and F G "Make the most of today because yesterday i s gone f orever and tomorrow might come never! Rosales Michelle "Bertha" Cross countr y ( Germany-10th), Track(Balboa-11 th) A woman w ithout a man is like a fish without underwea r." Royo, Carlos. "Vampiro" Football Cayuco Spanish Club Pres., BHS, Thespian Lake Trips, F i shing and Camping at Campana, Scuba. For these minutes shall outline our separate lifetimes. Ruiz, Idelisa Lisa Tennis Singing, and going out with Chowder. "See ya later! Good luck Amada, Tweety, and Olivia! Gloria don t forget me! I luv U Chowder. Ryley, Shane "Shano" Cougars Soccer and Cayuco. Hey KATIE, what a stroker!! RAS! Later." Scott, Josephine Jo NHS, Y earbook Student Council Intemational Club, Key Club, Model U.N. Photography Club, and Business Club. Congratulations and Good Luck Class of '95 : Scott, Vonsheika V 0 n Cougars Varsity Basketball Business Club Yearbook V P of 9th & 10th grade class in Ca., Spending time with Rob & LeAna. "PEACE OUT! Good luck to all the homies Robert & April I luv U To my girls, Dasula and Cynth ia; remember me always ." Serrano, Francisco P. III "Baro" French Club, Band, Pride. Thanks to my parents and all those who backed me up-God bless the class of 95! Shorter, David "David" Computer club Ecology Club, the 800 club Basketball Video Games, and Sleeping. If at first you don't succeed, break it! Life sucks, so don t get stressed. Smith, Leovihilda "La Morena" Volleyball French C l ub Pride, Honor Society French Honor Society. I m glad the Senior year is over! Even though my best years were in high school. Good Luck class of '95." Sokol, Hemda Hem ... da Dance Team, French Club. Stay cool and go with the flow: Sordini Christina "Pepper Softball 9-10, FCA 9-10, Pride 12 Art Club President 11-12, BHS 12 Key Club 9-10, S .E .E D 9 Most school spirited 10, Honor Society 9 Than k you mom for your patience. Mitch Pooja, Hemd thanks for k eeping me smiling Holly-cheers to all those nights Margaret thanks for those tennis lessons U K for ever! Sosa Alex Green Football Cayuco ALMOST # 1!! Volleyball, BHS, NHS Spanish Club, LTC. Lake Trips Rule!! Liv Life to the Fullest. Thanks E.C., B .B., M.S., S M., C.R., W.W., W .H K W., J .H., A.E., D N D.S. Make t most of the time you have left down here, cuz after June it's off to the real world. RAS, Pa' Lante""


Starks, Robinn Art club, JROTC, SADD "I thank my parents for helping me through the good times and bad. Remember the past but live for the future, and move on I will remember my teachers and friends and cherish the times we've spent together, love ya, and good luck! Steinbarger, Maylinn "Sprite" Soccer, Red Machine Baseball Manager, Editor Parakeet Newspaper Band. "Amy: What can I say we made it. You're the best hanks for all the memories Good uck with life and keep in touch ae: Always remember our phrase ou have helped to make this year one of the best Thanks! Kathy, Bernie, Renee: Thanks for all the good time Kelly : Ride the waves ." Stephenson, Hashim "Don't die before your time ." Sweeney, Matt "Paco el Perdido Golf, Ping-Pong, Racing, Hunting, Lake trips, Campana Camping. "There is always something else to do." Swistak, Brandon "Boo! Soccer, Baseball, Playing Guitar, and Singing. "Tomorrow may never come, so be sure to have fun today! I also thank my girlfriend Melissa. Thank you and I love you!" 'ragaropulos, Kathia "Kathy" Aerobics, volleyball, scuba diving, raquetball "We love B.H. S Thomas, Toumani Baseball. "Nuff respect due!! Peace out to my homrnies in the dogg pound!" Torres, Jason L. Baseball Football Girls Music, Writing lyrics Kicking back Going to parties, and Buying clothes. "A people without knowledge of their history or past is like a tree without roots. Urriola, Annelle Cheerleading, Soccer Manager NJHS, NHS V .P., BHS, SHS, Spanish Club Sec., Carnavalito Princess PRIDE, Close Up, SAO Rep. Thanks to my friends for making these years count-J.M., J.M. P., A.V Spud and Busteryou guys are the best! To everyone good luck." Velez, Gloria "Shorty" Green Devil Basketball, Singing, Dancing Drawing Writing Poetry "Have fun in everything you do and never lose faith in yourself." Vidaurri, Alexis Bulldog Tennis, Gold Soccer, NHS President, BHS treasurer, NJHS, PRIDE secretary SHS, Spanish Club, Close Up. "Thanx to my friends (you know who you are) and to the class of '95 for making these past years the best! Never forget this year & Good luck in the ones to come." Watanabe, Aki "A k i" Soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming, golf tennis, dodgeball Manager BHS Honor Band, football band, "Good-bye BHS and thank you very much, I really enjoyed my life here at school. Thanks to all my teachers and fellow students ." Wilder, Kate "Shweelee" Cheerleading soccer, cayuco tennis, volleyball BHS, senior class treasurer. "Canal Zone-Gone Forever Forgotten Never! Williams, Tim T imingg" Soccer basketb all playing sports, looking at girls and watching ESPN. "Keep your head up cuz somebody is always going to try to bring you down. Peace." Womble Michelle T. "W omble Basketball soccer, tennis volleyball, cayuco spanish club. "A.E. Thanks for being there and to all my Zonian friends Good luck in the in the future. CZ forever! Wu, Li Chuan Volleyball, swimming NHS, and French club "Good luck to everybody. And I wish you all a successful life." Yamashita, Mami "M ami" Band. "Thank you Balboa High School. I'll never forget all the memories." Yano, Naomi Cougars tennis, Red Machine basketball, Green Devils Track & Field Spanish Club "Give me a break!" Zayas, Oskar Buddy F .. 'JROTC Color Guard, Drill team, Bush master honor guard. "Good luck to all my friends and thanks for everything. Sen i o r s


Se ni o r s


Se ni o r s


-.... Juni o r C l ass Officers L to R : Pr esident K y l e H u s t e d V i ce P r es Moniq u e Co v e r Secre t ary Jo se G on z a l ez T r e a sure r M e li s s a Hart Th ese h a rdwo rki n g stude n t s are r es pon sibl e f o r r es t arting t h e H o m eco ming Fie l d ay traditi o n d eco ratin g th e 200'5 for C hri s tmas, Vale ntine ca rn atio n s and g i v in g th e Jr Sr. p r o m in M ay The group w o uld lik e t o thank th e ir s p onsors M s Duncan a nd Ms Compan y for all th ei r h e lp and s upport! J unio r s




Floy d A Ab l e II Ric h a r d Acosta Tanya Y Acos ta Enj oli T. A n d e rson Keni a G Anderson Sa ra B Anderson Tina A n l o ni s M artelle C. Aramayo J Ara ngo Sean F elip e A r c ac h a Walfo r d L. Archer III Liza E Arno ld Janelle M Al herl y Ave r y M Austin C I Ave-Lallema nt A n drea N B a rn ell Anthony B ec k Noelia Berrios Tannis Bingham Myriam B o n illa Juni o r s CLASS OF '96


Anasha K Bonnick Llpl.in M B o r ges MIChael E Boyle Bethany R Britto n Deni se Brown David A B e r ge r Jr. C.E Bus tamant e Ju a n M. Caja r Brutsch J e nni e M Can d e lari o C habli s Ca rp e nt e r Chandis Carpe nt e r Rafael H Carrau Jr. Armando Lui s Carrio n Mic ha e l R CaslTo Maqo n e A Ceballos Andr e a L Cedeno Lisa Ce r ce nla Hunter C C hastain Brian C hmiol a Mar c Chur c h Juni o r s


J oshua J Cice r a r o C hri s toph e r Co l e E than Co r sbie Moniqu e Cove r Kar l a Co wes Lo l a L. Cow l ing Ange l C ruz S t a nl ey R ex D a rn ell S u sanna P Dav i s F .A. De La Guardia Patricia D e l eo n Vice nt e Duncan Mark Ellio tt Wilma Engelk e Mig u e l Erf oz IB Espina Anabelle Espin oza C hri s tin e Estill Kendall Flagg Joann a F l oy d Juni o r s CLASS OF '96


Kevin R Fournier Joshua A Franklin Amada j Ga rcia Daniela Gar cia Edwin H Garcia Frank J Ge ary juan K. G ile s Elsie Y Gilmo r e Louis D G l otze r Eduard o R Gonzalez j essica Gonzalez Jose L. Gonzalez Darryl O Gordo n Amanda L. Grabe r Colleen L G reen Jason A Grimm George Guarnuccio Caro l V Gue rra Ana Maria Guerr e r o Rosa E Gutierrez juniors


Ca rdova D H all Michel e M H all Masakazu Hanada Daniel O H anna M e lissa C H a rt Conan M H e rrin g Deontra L. H i c ks A bby F H; g ley J a red L. H olzwarth In a K. H o rt o n Nico las C. H oward Shin-Young Hur K y l e B Hus t e d Naho Isogai Cora lia D Jim e n ez S h a nnon M. J ohnso n Oliv i a R J ohns t o n e Pau l S Kar s t Alyssa K. Keen e Daniel G La Pla ca Junio r s CLASS OF '96


, ,.' .,... -. '. Jason E Landrum Daniel B L i ghlell Mary Ann Lim Lucia A Lincoln J ohn Y Liu Ar c hbold E D .C. Lu c k H ea th e r R Ma c key Lisa Marrero-Lope Vernon P Mart e n s Juli a M Matthe w s Doc t o rr e J. M cdade R McGuinne ss III Lauren S M e Guinness Patricia E M c Keon Joseph M e dina J a mie-Lynn e Menendez Kimberly Marke l Matthew I. MichIe Brian A Mill s Koji Mi s hiro Juni o r s


Carl a M Monaghan Murph y G Mongeon Melissa R. M ontgomery U gia M Morice Dustin W Morris Irvin L. Nelson J oseph T. Novotny J ohn R O Keefe L.H Ochoa-Hartmann J a so n E Ohman J air o L. Olton Silvia Paga n Paul J Paint e r Jami e lyn D Pal anca Joseph Panto n e L o r i A P ark Na thaniel Park Cris t o bal S P e rez Sar a h L Peter se n D A P ettif o r d II J unio r s CLASS OF '96


}eanelly R Phillips Emman u e l Pineiro Lisa M Plasencia Marisl e l a Price Ca ry I'riol o J r C A. Quiles-P e rez Collee n M R eid Ca r l os J Rivera Mari a I. Rive r a M arcella K. R o b erts C harl es P Robin so n Kyil a R o bin so n T y r o n e R o bin so n Dalhia R od r iguez Felix H Rodriguez Mari a j Rodriguez R osa l y n I. R o driguez Van essa I. San c h ez J ohna lh an Scali Samuel H Scribn er Juni o r s


Sha una J Sears Tiffan y R. Seve rson Rac h elle N Seybold S t ephe n L. Sharp Jr Kay o ko Shimizu TeoduJo S ilv e r a I II Krys tal A S malls H enry F Smith M Smith Jamie Somer a Marie A So uffr o nl D evo n V Sprague Ryan A S ween ey Damian P Tayl o r Tas ha T. T e nturi e r Patri cio T eran Mich elle D Tirado J o hn D Trim J oyce M Trusty Josephine L. U llri c h Juni o r s CLASS OF 96


Juan C Valdes Pilar I Vallarm o Lianne M Vanderwall Roy E Vega Loui s M Vogel Indir a M Wagner J ohn D W a hl S F Walrond Jr Jem ail D Ward Shevon e D Ward Emil A. Watson Ja c qu e lin e M Weedin P T Wemhoener-CUlte Sharle ll e M Wes t Matthew T. Wetherell Leo W W h eele r K elly L. White Ras heern A Wiley Herman B Wilkinson Sea n P William s JUniors


CLASS OF 96 Pat sy Williford Dai sy Winkle r R Woodman Ton y Wrice K. Wy ckhuys Ryan Y-Tay l o r C. Yan es Edgar Zayos J unio r s Juan Giles t a k es a b reak from his s tudi es p h o t o by G De e


H o w inte r esti ng! His t o ry stude nts read about th e D.). Simpson case photo by A. Ca rri o n C r opping, are w e? A. Carri o n and I.B. Esp ina w o rk on th e yearbook. pho t o b y H unez Whal c ha l oo kin g a t ? ) Giles tak es a s h o rt pau se befo r e answering th e next question ph o t o by C Dee M R C Q J Go nz a lez s h ows us all his pearly whit es photo by P Alvarad o Juniors 55


JUNIORS COME OUT SHOWING THEIR STYLE Future Vogue! C arla Monagha n mo d els he r fre s h n e w l ook. P h o t o by P Cow l es Work Hard! Laur e n McGum ess i s SUfe t o make a perfect sco r e as s h e co n ce n tra t es o n fini s hin g h e r Bus in ess w o rk Photo by A Ca rr ion 56 I W a nt t o J o u s t ? Nathanie l Park mod e l s his costu m e fro m t he Society for C r e ative Anac h ronism at th e Hall owee n Co n l es t Pho t o by P Alva rado In h e r o wn littl e w o rld Shannon Johnson i s e n g r ossed in t he boo k s he r eads before school P h oto by P Alvarad o


Sophomore C la ss Officers: F r ont: Monica Morales -Treasu r e r C h ery l EckerleVice Pres . Amanda GabrielsonSec r etary, Top : Pr es ident Brad Ma yhew. These n e w BHS stude nt s work with spon so r Mr. Rafa e l C h e n t o p l an activities for their class. They worked in the S.A. stor e and d ecorate d a homecoming noal. Sophomores


I Leyani D Aizpu Debbi e M Alfaro Keen a n L. Ande rson S har ee n J Ande r so n Jason O Baco t Robert Bak e r LuL.: C B allles t eros Frank M Bana s i c k Juney A Barnett O n ana O Bar t e r Cathenn e I. Bales Brian 0 Beach Br ence I', Bedwell Kris A Bennett Jose G Bernal-Romero Eduardo Bernos Jr S arai G Bibbo Seth B Bingham Amy E Black C. T Blanchette Da n Blue Kath lt!en M Boll i n C hri s l opht:r J Bowma n l a ura A Boyd J enntfe r R B ranno n WE ARE TOMORROW'S PAST. MARY WEBB I


I R oge r D Braun EliLabelh A Bright Dar lene M Brogi e E rik A Bue n dia Moana L Bunch Jo se L. Burgos Jr. J ohn T Bums Brian E Buszi nski Dami e n G Butl e r Johanna L. Cantu Juan Cas t a neda Edwin Castillo Mar co A Castro M ika A Cercenia David B Chase Nikki Chis l o m Ching M C hou Cecilia T Cice raro Daren R Coffey B enit o Col o n Jr I Mandi J Cooke J enlllfer L Co rmier J ose Co rles Jennifer 0 Covill e Alexl" R Cruz Sopho m o r es


I Mark Sega rra -C ru z Bryan D Dai l y B e n jam in A. Dav i s Dani e l j Davi s Luis G De Leon Ju l i ssa M Diaz Michael A Dlugiew icz Robert R Domenech Cheryl A Eckerle David Edwards Geoffrey P Edwards Lemunuiel R Edwards La urie E Else J essica A Ernest Amanda S Estes Jam e s R Fai rchild A n g e l a S Faye Mic hael L Ferguson Micha e l R Ferrey r a J a s o n W Fis c hbach W ilha m A Fost e r J r Marl e n e C. Fo s t e r Wilham C. F os t e r L. M Futr e ll Jr. Amanda M G abri e lson Sophom ores YOU'RE NEVER A LOSER I


I UNTIL YOU QUIT TRYING MIKE D ITKA B enjamin A. Ganse r Jacqueline Garagale Veronica Garcia Shawn K German Kri s t a n L Gibson Delia M Giles I Robert W GOldsworthy S uag e i Go m ez Cla r a I. Gonzales J ason E Gon za lez Milagr os Go n za lez Nahil Y Gonzalez Luis C. Go rd o n Debra ca I. G raham J ose M G uti e rr ez I lean a E Guzman H eather H art Jan elle M Hauser C urti s M Haynes Rober t A H e lm Giezel A H enriquez H ei di A H ernandez A l ex M H e rr era Lisabel H erre r a Oscar H e rr era Sopho m o r es


I T o ma s E Herr e r a Arthur L H illard Christy R H inso n J onavan P Hoffman Ga rr ett J Hopkin s J ulian}. Hoyte Y en-Y ih Huang D o n al d A Hus ted Kimberly S Irtenkauf C hri s t ophe r Jenkins S hi F o n R Jenkin s Da e-Jung Jeong Zamir a R Jimenez Dalt o n R J ohnson III J e l a ni Y J ordo n Ma tth e w D Kac m a r ski Adrian KJasovs k y Philip]. Kon z Jr. Mand y M Kruse Sung-Min Kye Emmitt Lane IJJ Dilia L.:1n lr y K eith R Lawl;on Jes sica F. Layana Dor een 0 L e be l IT IS NOT THE MOUNTAIN WE CONQUER Sop h om o r es I


I BUT OURSELVES. EDMUND HILLARY Shawn M Lee J o hn E Leo n A s hly M Les ler F rank S Lin lon Kelly M Litts Sar ah N livings ton L u i s F Llach Jacque Llanes O rlando R Locke tt Bonnie Maire Lo pez Elisa I. Lop ez C h r i s tian J Lozada Adrian J Luce Cec i l Lynn Bra ndy S. Lysi n ge r Ber enis V Ma c hal Angel L. Mac ias Angel M Madrid Ni l s D Madse n Victoria V Malc olm George A Markham Brad ley M May hew Na t osha M McDaniel Yami l et h M c Donal d T imothy C. M cG irr Sopho m o r es


I Kimberly I. McQuary Gionel a C McRobert s Sta nley McSwa in D eris D M edi n a S t acy A Medin a Mich elle Men Jo shua K. Mica Dore L. Mills Robert E Mitchell Kevin Moka Nivia M Mod elo Yara Y Moj i ca Saray O Montenegro Ian L. Morales Monica J Morales Jason M Moreland C rai g Charles M orris Laki s ha R. M o rris Emilio B Natal i a J oann E Nic holson J an-Mic h ael Norman Gabriel A. Novey J ennIfe r L. O'Hearn Leisa S. Oden J oline A Pabl o Sophomore!> TAKE YOUR WORK SERIOUSLY I


BUT YOURSELF LIGHTLY. C.W. METC ALF Kimberly H Pahl Manvic 0 Palanca Michelle P a redes Brendan Park Tan ya L. Parker Margaret A Pelti e r D e ni se Y Perez Franci sco J P e re z Zinnia P erez Fr ank 5 Pigeon Jr. Sharlene C. Pind er Marco A Pin e da Jaco b M oh l J J P o u che G lad ys A. Poveda C. D Prescott Juli o A Quezada Jr J ohn C. Quinn Kris tin M Rabonza J ose E Ramery I Erica C. Randolph Dazx M Raslmowicz Maria T Restrepo Th o ma s J Reutzel Way n e M Richards II Sophomores


I Mark A Richard so n Kar e n S Rigby Valicia L. Rines Abraham F Rive ra Nic h o l a s O Robert s D iana L. j Roca P e t e R odriguez M e lani e j R o jas Luisel R o l o n Lui s R R oman Jr K a r in E Ruth Julia V S abonge L. M Sanchez-Pas c u al A l ex C Sa ntos Terri M Sca l es April Y Scott Esth e r L. Scrugg s Chr i s t ina M Seybol d Tamm y R S h affe r Chri s tin a M S h o rt Damel M Sima III Chmtma L. Sm i t h Jerry Smi t h Teddy F Smith William P Snider Soph o m o r es LOVE ME OR HATE ME,


BUT SPARE ME YOUR INDIFFERENCE. LIBBIE FUDIM Nicole M Spradling J u s tin R Staha Cher yl A Stanfo rd Eljo ree S S la rgen C. A Sto neking Aubrey R Stubbs Ken D S u a rez Nicole T. Swis tak Alexis O Tapia Pri scilla G Tay l o r Edgardo S Tirad o Eduard H Toka rek Shireen V Tanski Edgardo L Troche Angel M Turne r Carlos} Valdes Juan David Van W O Veguilla Jr Rey J Vera Aaron S Vidaurri I Uba ldino D Wallace Desmond R Watkins Jessica M Weeks Lizella M Wes t Darrell L. Whatley Sopho m o r es


Jennif er K Wh elihan James E Wilcoxo n Co u rtney L. Willi a m s J acq u e lin e William s Katherine M William s Amarilis Yen Mac S. Za m o r e Elizabe th M Z itll e H e athe.r Abott H angin O ul. Sopho m o r e Mik ey Fergu so n r elaxes in M s Dee s class. Sopho m o re!.


Bad hair day? S Pi nder and D Rasimowicz s how th ei r Why d i d th e c h ic k e n cross th e road ? M Pal a n ca and E B e rri os walk off th e fie l d joined at the h i p Don 'lle l th a i innoce nl face foo l yo u A Sco c h illin g in he r pretty whil e dress. pholo by V. Sco tt Raw! Raw! Co u g ars c h eerleaders D Sro g i e and S livings t o n hang-out befo r e th e game Get a littl e closer! K. Morris and J Smith hu g III the cafeteria photo by V Scott S ophomo r es


'1, \ Il D o n t b e afraid give m e your palm a nd I will tell you your future ," says Fea r me! Juney D a m e p oses as t h e Mac Daddy s k e let o n p h o t o by G. Dee Brand y L ysinge r pho t o b y P Alvarado You go t th e ri g ht one Baby! J Sm ith l ooks e x cite d about p l ayi n g th e game. p h oto by A. Carnon 72 Sophomores ... . . ........ ',' H ey Pay a tt e nti o n J o Ann Cantu and C h e ryl E c ker l e are i n a daze a s t hey walch the game. photo b y R McArt y


Sophom ores


TO LOVE IS TO STOP COMPARING.-B. GRASSET What day i s thls? Mr. Waugh s urvi ves a noth e r J a mboree. (Pho t o P A lvarado) Balboa s Great! Mr. Holland t ells sopho m o r es all about Balboa (Pho t o D Whit e) Oh my goodness! Mr. Oliver finds o ul the gym roof is leaking ( Phot o D White) Fac ulty Peace .. Mr. Bruer t a k es tim e Q ui t o r elax C h eese! Mrs Duncan gives a big s mil e (Pho t o C Dee) ( Ph o t o P Alva r ado)


EDUCATION'S PURPOSE IS TO REPLACE AN EMPTY MIND Mrs. P Alvarado U .S. Hist o ry Mrs S. Cigarruista Spani s h ESL Treasure. Mr Holland re cognizes artist Cede no's r e ndition of Bal boa Fac ult y Mrs. M. Bales Drama, Yearbook Ms. D Chidester C omputer Sci ence Mr. J. Brown Algeb r a 2 Mrs K. Company Engli s h Dept I Ms. L. N Butler Geo m etry Mr. D Cotton Chem istry


WITH AN OPEN ONE.-MALCOLM FORBES Ms. P Cowles J ournalis m Ms j Gettys Librarian Mrs J Hanson Engl i s h Mrs. J. Duncan Subs titute / I Mr. G. Fendrick U.S. History Moving In!! Ms. K. Dolan p r epares f o r the first day of sc hool Mn. C. George Math e mati cs Mr. J Hager English Mrs R Hem English Faculty


SMART P EOPLE DON'T DO ALL THE TALKIN G.-G. eLA Y Mr. J Hig ley Compute r Scie nce M s G. O'Masta R eso wce Mrs. W. MonJouis Band/Choru s Faculty Mrs. D Hoffman-Pahl S p a ni s h Mr. R Koechlein S u b stitut e Snaps hot! Mrs. Severson and Mrs. Sosa pose f o r the ca m era M s V L o n g o Ar t M s J Mitc h e ll Dra m a/Englis h Ms. V. O'Bri e n Sci e nce


Mr. J A Ramirez Keyboarding Mrs. J Severson Counse l o r Mr. B ThaJe Physics, C h emis try Mrs. L. Roa Fren c h Mr. D Seitz Bio l ogy. l)hy sio logy Heavy? Not fo r Mrs Nordell! S h e e nj oys h e lpin g w i th o ut compla int. Mrs. M Seitz Bio l ogy Mrs. R Sosa Governme nt


Mr. C. Vaz Spa ni s'1 Mrs. D White Counse l o r Mrs. M. Staha Tra n sc ript C le rk Faculty A Book, Tight Shut, Mrs. A Verville Geom e try Alg e b r a ..... ., .... Uiill_ Mr. M Vice Bus in ess Pep Talk. Mr. Perkins encoura gi n g student s u ccess Ms. C. Wall Math Sc ience Ms N.Oakey Office Assistant Ms. S. W ebley Supply Cler k


Is But A Block Of Paper .-Chinese Proverb Mr. E H olland Principal Mrs S Bapti s t e Attendance Officer S oy, I can wait until lhjs game is over" Mrs Brewer exclaims at a B ulldog football game. Mr. K Anderson Ass i stant Principal Mr. H Perkins Ass i s t a n t Princi p al .. Mrs. P Fabrega Librarian Ass istant Mrs. F Ma ggiori Tuition Clerk Faculty


STAFF SNAPS BEHIND THE SCENES G roup Huddle. T e a c h e r s ge l t oge th e r a l th e J a mb o ree P e p R ally t o wal c h th e actio n ( Ph o t o b y P Alvarado) He said-she said". Ms. Otho n a n d M r Tyn e r tr y t o fake e a c h othe r o u t o n Bac k t o S ch oo l Nig ht. ( Phot o by D White) Fac ulty A littl e c rabb y toda y? M s. Manch es t e r put s o n a funny h at o n a l e a c h e wo r k day a t th e b eginning o f th e year. ( Ph o t o b y G D ee) Gettin g se ri o u s ... Mr. Ande rso n ex plai n s t h e r u l es f o r the S A C vo tin g t o M s. Se v e rson a l Bac k t o School N i g hl. ( P h o t o b y D W hite)


BHS ADMINISTRATION Balboa High School could not possibly run without the authority of three important people, Mr. Holland, Mr. Anderson, and Mr. Perkins. The Administration never receives enough recognition for the many deeds they accomplish in Balboa High School. Mr. Holland has been at BHS for almost twenty years, six of those as the principal. The seniors are his responsibility. His "open-door" policy allows students to visit him with their problems or when they deserve recognition. Mr. Anderson, assistant principal for five years, organizes many activities in our school, like Back to School Night, The SAO and the Parent Newsletter. He is in charge of the junior class. He can be seen any day walking the halls to greet people and look in on classes. Our newest assistant principal is Mr. Perkins. He came from Cristobal High School. Students will remember him for his humorous anecdotes. Mr. Perkins is in charge of all the facilities; like maintenance, the a/ c, janitors, assemblies and the Sophomore class referrals It s not an easy job to run a school. These men have to keep parents, students and teachers happy. They are doing a great job this year in keeping BHS running as smooothly as possible. r Sophomore..,


/ -----


DO, RE, MI It's Music To Our Ears BHS Band M embe rs : R o w I : M Yamashi t a C. Lozada, A B annick, K. Santos, N Berrios B Ganser S Tanski H Abbott F. Adams, D Rasimowicz C Poveda, 2 : A W atanabe, H. Murghy. A. Rivera H Smith, I. D .Johnson, 1-Pabl o B P a rk. K. Fritt s 3 : E Cavan J .... noun, Y. H uang. L. Cowling, 1<.. Nakagawa, R. Mod e l o 4 : S P e t erse n M Scuffrent N lsogai, Z Jim e n ez, Mc Daniel M Hartl), Watkins D Chase, E Speir B ack: M B e rger C. Prescott R Kinard D Coffey R Rigney, D Cavan Mixe d Chorus: N Park, M Corr e a T Parke r A Villamizar, A. Santo s, M F o s t e r S Pinde r MiddJe: Z P e rez, D Gil es E Marin, K. Monta gne, M Kru se, E Campos, J McGuinness, J B ranno n S Jenkins T Shaffer K Mer k el, E Bright, Bac k : H H a rt O J ohns t o n H Soko l R. C u tierrez J Made ra K. Rabonza D Pandy, C. Smith, A Faye C. R e id S e l ect C h o ru s: Front: K. akagawa, R Gomez, K Fay e Pa r k G Reyes, M McArt y D Y oung, Middle: E Ric k e tts B Lysinger R Kinard E K onawicz L Bennett, D Camps, 1 Garagate, Bac k: I. Ruiz L. Cooper, C. Seybold A Turne r R Woolsey H e r e comes the b and! Band Me mber s perfonn for th e Christmas Concert. Mus ical Intuitio n 79th Army Band member shares h e r kno wl edge with BH S band C lubs


Expl ori n g T h e Huma ni ties!! Art, Drama, & Thespians Art Club: S p o n.,or M s L ongo, 0 Mllb, C. Sordln l S. Arc,lcha, M Clou,lon, L. Roudebu!>h -Oa\ id & Lisa c a!>t : Top T Scillt?-., C S t .mfo rd M lavlc\..y. J Skinner. Bott o m C AveLalle men I A Luce Nolte. B Smith J Qumlan, J -Miller. lot Pictured A Olack R Martinet. O McDade II Nunel., E. T Sh,lHer, Small ... l William ... J Landrum T h espians: C Rayo p Ul t e. C. .... Lopez, II Nunez, J Mille r J Qumlan. P C m ola. C. olte. R Mitchell Sponso r Mitc hell C lub .. -( -L eft : W e l ov e you Conrad B ye B ye Birdie cho ru s In th e fall play Photo by Tropic Time s BotLft Vandalization? 'a, Its K Mis hiro p r ov m g hi s talen t With chalk. BotRt : F aces". I. Rui z and J Ernest compl e t e a prOject for Youth A r t M o nth. PRIDE: T o p : M C l o u s t on, S S h a rp ] H ol.twar th Mrs Sosa, M Morale s, M H art M Mun. geon, Y Hudson MIdd l e : P Kharbanda C. Sordml. N. Evans, M M ongeo n L. Smith B o t t om C. Ed,erle K Myers B Kemp J Balbas tro E Arosme na J Posey S. Livi n gston PEER H ELPERS: FIrst L. Oden. R Martinez M Mongeo n Seco nd : C. Smtth, A Lopez. 5 Pagan, M Cover J 8alba lr o ThIrd E Rand olph, P McK ee n S Ander..en, T Severso n Fourth : A Graber MN Seve rso n SA DD : FIrst C. KJrkland J Dmz Ms. Othon Seco nd B B o ttln 5 McGulllness, A Higley, J Dlaz S. B eattIe, S Archacha A. Erder L. Raudenbush

PAGE 101

"HONOR SOCIETIES IN MOTION" National Biological And Spa ni s h NHS: Top : S, Peter::,en, K. Kemp A Vidaurn, A Sosa, R Nolan L. R obertson. R Yamaki-Tayl or, R Nandwam, M Ceball os. M C hurch M Cover, D G l a t ze r B Barr e tt J Scott, S. McGmness. 2nd Row ; K H olihan. M M o n geon, F Kuo R Mm M H a rt, W Winkler R McGumess K Hu s t ed, J P osey, K KJrksteatt e r 3 rd R o w : L. Wu J Boyd R Gomez, J McGuine ss. J Urrio l a.1. Balba s lr o. J H ause r T Se \ erson. J Qumlan BHS : Top : M Mongeon, K. Kemp A V .daurn, A. Sos a R Nolan A Ernes t K. Robertson. L. Ochoa. R Nandwani. M CebaUos, M H a rt 0 Gla t ze r W Wmkl e r M Church J Gonza l ez. 2nd Row: D Seltz, M Seltz. C. G u e rra D Garcia, F Kuo, R Mm C. So rdlm A Urnola, R McGumess, K. Husted E Aro se mena j P osey K. Ktrksteatter J Wahl, 3 rd R o w : M M o rales, R Gomez, J McGumess, M C1ous t o n J Balba s tro, M Lim SHS: Top R Nandwani, A. Sosa, A U n ola, A Vidaurri, L R ober t so n W B o thn B o tt o m : ] Boyd,]. McGuine ss, J Posey, E Carlson Clubs \ ., .... .. ,. '-J ;t. j ., l;-. "on. I J M Cove r K Hu:.te d M Ceballo::.. J Weedm, L. C. Gueml Bott o m 0 Norman, J Gonl.a l es R McGume .. s. R NandwJnL A. Urriol'l C R\)\'o I. E Luc k M Lim ] Galvel. Sponsor MT. Vaz

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A V arie ty Of Clubs In B H S MAKING A DIFFERENCE AND PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE EClJlogy C l ub : lop; I OC-hUtl, S. J Orllf, S. Sear ... I) ShorlN Ooltom J Novotny I Sl'VN'iOIl. F Kuo. Photo by D "h..,,,e o mpu l e r lub : S Pl.'ll'r l 'll, S l M .... (; Il ur-I J Orl." I ,,"uo, I } 5hortl.'r 0 1 pl( tured R Oruwn I( Min A Phot u bv () (h,I"l' Engineeri n g l ub : R Nol.)n, R M m t R olX'rhon. R Nilndw.llll D oml.tn. I Adams Ph o l o by O. Ch,.,,1.' C lub .. ... -'. -. " -,. ..... v - -E n gineeri n g Club members o n a t our o f th e Cuban r efugee In Panama Ph o t o by 0 WhI le Eco l ogy C lub m e mber.. Shauna Seal"" .lnd Joe 0-votny get down and dIrty In th e gree nhoU' .. e. by P Baca .... lose p : Top: W Wmkler, A So ...... Mr .. 50.,a, J Con"" !e!. Bottom : R Yamilki.Taylor M Hart M Ceb .. lIo .. Photo by 0 Ch,l.,e Not pictured R S weeney. J Scott. S. Peter se n A HIS I"y P a rrak ee t : A B o nni c k R Seybold I c h.lff..,r B Smith I'hol o by 0 Cha ... e Ph o tography Club: Front: R Seybold Y Hudson, J Balbas tr o Rear N Chls l o m A B o n nick S Pagan L Cowling, I Wa gne r L. Sm ith 0 Cha<;e, A Gabrie l so n Photo by D Chase C lub s

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CLU BS IN ACTION! Business Club, Multicultural Club, And Dance Team Bus iness Club: S. Ar c a c h a T Benn e tt R Brown M Churc h H D avis, J D o m e nech LB. Espina, E Gilm o r e, A H i g l e y B. Mart e n s. M Mo ngeon C. P ay n e, J Po sey, J Sco tt L S m ith, Mr Ramirez Dance Team: L B Espina, C. G u e rr a, C. G u e rr a, H H art. M Lim J M e n e n dez. J P a blo, C I'oved a, M Souffr ont M u lticultural Club: I AC(hla, T. Acosta, J B rannon, D Burger, C. Carpenter R Ca r pe nt e r L. Cercema. A Cruz, I.B_ E .. pina, J Gonzal ez, 1. H orto n S. Lat o r re. L. M o r ris, R O w e n s, C. Payne, S. Pinder, E. D. Shaw, L. S mith,G. Velez, T Wells, S. W es t Spo n so r : Mrs George Club .. What a couple! J Williams and I. Aco s ta enjoy the Multicul tural Club's tribute t o D r Martin Luthe r King Member s o f t he M ultic ultural Club I Horton C. Carpen ter and T Aco sta.

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YEARBOOK STAFF Kri s tin Fay e tries t o avoi d th e camera J E n gelke, M Davi s and O Lantry get s illy! F Kuo ge t s busy on t h e yea rbook pages. I (e arbook cla ss: L to R : J Sco tt M B ales, R McArty, fB E spina, C. R ei d B ac k : A. Ca rrio n K F aye H ..Junez, Not pic : K Bault J Engleke, R Nol an, T. R oach, D No rm an, M Oavis. V Sco tt co n t inues t o size yet a n o th e r photo. --Wh e r e i s th a t ad? J. Sc ott sea r c hes for h e r artwork o n th e compute r Yearbook i s ... "Mrs. Bales freaking out and getting gray hairs 'cause noone does work. H Nunez "A lot of work & having fun at the same time. K Fa y e "blaming all problems on Armando" J Scott "I didn't do it" A. Carrion "Yearbook? What's that? K. Bault "not my fault! R N olan "like marriage, it takes all of your time" F. Kuo "wait Mrs. Bale s, don' t mark me absent!" J. Engelke a lot of missplled words and mistaks" R McArty "all the laughter, arguing, craziness, hassles and bad jokes" IB Espina Clubs

PAGE 106

First Perio d Row 1: C. Short, Row 2: R. Vega A. Cruz, Row 3: J. Valdez, C. Chou, D. Perez, R. Baker, Row 4: M. Lim, S.F. Jenkins, R. Baker, Row 5: F Banasick, D. La Placa, D. Pandy, Y McDonald Second Period Row 1: N. Blades, Row 2: H. Davis, C. Cole, Row 3: A. Barnett, E. Corsbie, A. Santiago, E. Marin, Row 4: L. Jurado, B. Buszinski, L. De Leon, J .A. Haughton, Row 5: D White, A. Madrid, A. Renfro, Z. Jimenez, J. Wahl 4th Period Row 1: J. Somera, Row 2: D. Camps, R. Seybold, Row 3: E. Gonzales, A. Coward, 1. Wagner, B. Beach, A. Herrera, F Kin s ey, Row 4: S. A n ta dillas, R. Rodriguez, L. Sanchez-Pascual, K. McKay, A. Macias, Row 5: J. O'Keefe, G Daniel, S. Gomez, H Mitchell, F Rodriguez, O. Lockett Club s J.R.O.T._.

PAGE 107

BUILDING TODA Y'S LEADERS / A Sixth Period Row 1: J. Smith, Row 2: K. Wyckhuys, O. Zayas, Row 3: A. Keene, M Paredes, L. Roman, C. Yamashita, R. Acos ta Row 4: E. D. C. Luck T. Silvera, B. Daily, C. Haynes, T. Parke r Row 5: G Priolo, C. William s, D. Whatley, J. Coville, S. F. Walrond Seventh Period Row 1: V. Malcolm, Row 2: L. Smith, V. Wric e, V. Sanchez, Row 3: M. F e r g uson, S. Wes t, N Fernandez, D. Giles, Row 4: S. German, M. Peltier, F Adams, K. Iglesias, J. Bums, Row 5: M. Rivera, L. R o lon, J. Pardo, E. B e rrios Staff Row 1: N. S. Dhaliwal, Y. Hudson, T. Briceland, Row 2: K. Montagne, M. Michie H. Jeffrey, P. D e L eo n Row 3: E. Zayas Club s

PAGE 108

After the tr e k Members o f th e Biol ogical H ono r Society tak e a mu c h n eede d break o n their trip to N u sa gandi on th e ma inla nd of t h e San B i a s i s lands. Ph o t o by O Seitz Viva e l Ca m aval! S p anis h Clu b member s o f the ca rnivali t o compars a p ose a t th e dance h eld at P CC"a udi t oriu m o n Feb 11, 1995. Senio r P rin cess Annell e Urrio l a esco rted by Kyle Husted Ph o t o by R. No l a n : ,\\\ C hri stmas o n th e I sthmus". Th e Balboa High Sch oo l Se l ec t C h o ru s performs at the annual "Chri shTlas Village h e ld at Valent Rec Ce nt er. Their director Mrs Wilma Mon l o uis, is a c companying them Ph o t o by J Severson Clubs \ "The G r eenhouse Effect ... Ecol ogy Club membe r Jim Ortiz spen t a Sat urda y mornin g a t th e B H S g r ee n hous e Phot o by P Baca

PAGE 109

S p orts

PAGE 111

A Longstanding Tradition At BHS ... VARSITY FOOTBALL 1994 ,. Bulldo gs : Fro nt. E Reyes, C. QUinn O Kemp M M C Arty M Tirado. S Beattie. L. Weade T Cook A Gabrie l so n J anlu, N Martinet, K Wh,te, M R OJas, K William s. C Eckerle Row 2 : O Zapata C Cuarnuccia Martinet, E. Olivore!'l T Vogel J ovo tn y. J P ohl, T R e nll. e l M M o n geon, C H oyte, 3 rd : P Painter O J imel1et G ib son, B Kattl eman, O Ohman, S Wil1mms, M Stump, W Graham. M Navld:.y S Sharp. A Dc L,1 G u a rdia, B B eac h B Barr ett. C. Martinelli J Brewer, Bac k : R Sweeney, C. Hall. D Whatl ey, D Ana s. A Beach A Coope r E Buendia oach Ellis Co u gars : Fro nt M Morales M Webb. D Broglc K WIlder. S. Llvmgston J Dlaz.. M Webb K Bothn R o w I R Reyes R Chang, B Mart em., M R ob i son, T t-.kDade J N o rman C. Jenl...ms. L. Manzanar es J J F ouc h e, A Austm 2 : M M ordles, J Jordan., L. on Hollen M Pmeda L. Futrell F Adams E Konawlcz F Gonz.llez, 0 C r o u ch, H Willooson 3 : P o rman J Lopez K Arn o ld E S tanf o rd M Austm W Huff E Castillo, N Watkm s O Edwards, J lAlndrum Top W Winkler R Seybold J Kms ley A LlVmgs t on. Ha ynes. Coach Bales Coac h G rad e. T Mcint yre Sporl's Top: Look a t those l egs! l. Von H o ll e n leads Cougar's ru sh mg atta ck. Bott o m The j uice" i s loose J Smith runs into Oevll 's stonewall defense. Photos by 8 Weedin Devils: Ba('k : K Wilson J C antu K Hu s lt'd D Bright H Davis. M Ha ynt'S, A So!i.1, M Bu('han o n J Conl. a l t'l.. J Williford L ... d ; Bac k Middl e : C. Lilmpils, M B oy le. D TuwnSt:nd B J M .. rlln ... z J Bar n ... lI. C Bowmdn M Churc h A B B o llm ; Fronl M i ddl e : B Col o n P .Kunz. B BL-dwell. C Coni, P Ca rr oll, M Richard!>On., J Cohl. B Turne r J GOnL.lcL ; Fumt: V P onl. L. L m('oln. S J o hru.on., C. Bales J W ..... '<.Il n M Ca u oll. M M c Lean. M I Iarl D Dn. h o p K. Dillon. C. M u nagh.ln ; No t Plc lurt"d : W L. Gibson A G utierrez Red Mlc h ine: K A nd erson.. D A s kew M Au s t in, C 8;1C O l J Bales, N BllIdt'S. E C .ulson, F Chnez. M C hurch,. A Crump, C. Del Real, J Eva ns. O Fullt'rlun. R C ,.tlr S .... E I ... rnandeL, T "1I('ks, J. H ol/warlt\. J H oy tt'. D HUS It"d. O J c nnson.. R. Jo h nwn.. C. Kukland A Kupfl, C. Kupn. K Ln', J Lloyd, E LongurIa D Lupw, J M.llh ... C W M cCn n .. u ghey. S D Mendlula. J Ol,v;an'l>, C. Orlu, M PIn e iro. J M RIve ... S Seo ll, J SIo.lnnlr J S m,ln.. J Su m ... .. A 1-1. T w uhy, R Walanab .... T W rlC .... R Y.mai., Tilyl u Sports

PAGE 112

# I Cougars triumph ove r Varsi ty Football Seaso n Ph o t o by: B Weedin S p eec h l ess ... R e d Machine p l ayers, J Ho l zwa rth and D L o p ez wait f o r th e kic koff at the 1995 F i n a l J am b o ree Football Game P h o t o by : T. Se ve r s on Practice make s Perfect!!! G r ee n Devil P l ayers warm-up before th e big ga m e Co ac h J im Sweeney l ooks o n Spor t s

PAGE 113

e Co rdova Run : Run Cor dova Run! C. Hall attempting t o avoid R Geo r ge while maki n g a break for the end zone Ph o t o by : A. Carrion Waitin g for th e game!!! R Yamaki-Taylor and K. Watanab e patiently wait for the comme n cement of J ambo r ee Photo by :T. Severson Hold'em H Wilkinson b l ocks d efe n sive man while J Jordan attempts a touchdown. Phot o by : 8 Weed in Sports

PAGE 114

CHEERLEADERS '94 T h e c heerlea d ers in 1994 w e r e stupe ndous! I e n joye d wa t c hin g th e m d o th e ir little front nips, b ac k nips, a nd jumps. Th e ir h a rd wo rk a nd d e dicatio n r eally s h o w e d during th e f oo tb all seaso n said D. Mendiola. C h eerlea d e r s a r e th e p e p f un a nd eye-cat c h e r s a t th e footb all ga m es. Th ey ge t th e crow d t o c h ee r f o r th e ir t ea m s a nd pr o m o te sc h oo l s pirit. Thi s yea r all o f th e c h eerlea d e r s wor k e d t oge th e r ve r y w ell in a n eff o rt t o u n ify sc h oo l spirit, sa id Miss Cowles Red Machine Cheerleading s p o n so r It ta k es weeks o f pr actice and l o t s of eff ort t o l ea rn w h a t bu c k e t s", "bla d es "fla r es", "Russ i a n s", h e rks", and all th e othe r m oves a r e caU e d a nd h o w t o execut e th e m This year's group o f c h eerlea d e r s a t tende d a summe r cam p t o h e lp p e rfect c heers, voices, and d a nces. Routines l ea rn e d a t camp w e r e p e rf o rm e d a t th e o p e nin g seaso n p e p r ally w ith all th e s qu a d s p e rforming t oge th er. B y th e e nd o f th e season, th e c h eerlea d e r s h ard w ork was evide nt in the precis i o n o f th e H o m eco min g d a n ce routin es, whi c h l eft th e a udi e n ce s p e llb ound. Co n gra tul atio n s t o all th e s qu a d s a nd their s p o n so r s f o r a n othe r s u ccessful vars i ty c heerlea ding seaso n Spor t s Bulldogs: T o p : 6 Kemp K W illi ams, K. Quin n. E R eyes, C. Ecke r le, B otto m : B MeAr ly. M R o jas, M Tirad o, K White C ou g ars: Top: M Web b S. Li vi n gsto n K B o tt in O Sr ogie, E L u c k J D iaz K. Wilde r M M o rales. Devi ls: L t o R : V. P ohl, S J o h nson 1. Weed in, M H art, M Car r oll, O Bis h o p C. M onag h an, S. J o h nson

PAGE 115

that s mile! Co u gar Prid e f r o m M Mor a l es h e lp s a d t h e tea m to vict ory o Fight! Win K Will ia m s gets th e c r owd rea d y t o ) al th e P e p R ally -, Panama Pil e Up! Durin g c heerleading camp, all th e gir l s j o in e d toget h e r t o c r e at e a n e w s t u nt. n u t G o Re d Ma chine! F r o m t o p t o bollo m : R M c Arty J Quinlan, K. M cAlee r A Ce d e n o D Gile s A C. C a se r A Faye R Gam ez No t pic K Dault. S p o rt s

PAGE 116

Cougars: j Acker S. An t ad illas, S. Bibb o, J Earnest, M F os t e r J Hau se r M H iggins A H igley. L. M o r ris, S. Pind e r j P osey, S. Ram e ry V Scali. A. S hoe maker A. Fisher. L. We s t Coac h : D M offit B u Udogs : T Bun c h L. Coope r J Hau se r K. j o n es. K M cQuarry. K. Nolte L. P a rk J Pric hard son. N R o bin so n C. S tanford A Watanabe Y. Hu d so n Coach C. Ol i ve r Devils : D AnckJe. M Bun c h D Ca m ps. Y Cric hl o w A Earnes t A. Fry D Garcia D Garne r M Hall . Huddles t o n K H o lm es, M M erz. M Rembert M Rodrigu ez. E Sa n chez, A Smi th P Tokarek G Vel ez, C. Was hingt o n S Ward M Wambl e, A Yen Coac h : Schult e S p o rt s GIRLS BASKETBALL Look a t that a r c h A Hi g l ey s h oo t s a jumps h o t before th e game. Red Mac h ine: T A costa. J Carr J Carvey. P DeLeon J. Dia z. A. Gundin, D H o lm es, N I soga i K. K emp. L. M cG irr M Morris. M Pelti e r L. Rojas, C. S hort S. S tubbs. T Wilc oxson Coach : C. William s

PAGE 117

BOYS BASKETBALL Ai r Up The re! K. Anderson and D McDade fight for th e r e b ound. Devils: A Cooper, L. DeLeon A Hillard M H o lihan A. J o nes. B Lind se y R 'vfartinez, O M cDa d e J O lt o n C. O rti z H Sin g, R S in g h H. S m i th J S mith :oac h : M offit Bulld ogs : I. Acos ta J Barn ett, J Bibbo J Ca s tan o, L. D e leon E Diaz N E va n s S Gillespie J G rah a m J H oltz w a rth M M o n geo n D M o rri s K P oo l e F R o l o n L. R o l o n S S h arp, M S t e w a rd R. T o rre s D W a tkins. Co a c h : L. Quinn Cougars: F Adams. E Ber es f o rd A. Bibbo M Buchanan, D. But l e r W Carr, J Coll e r H. Da v i s, V Duncan, E Go n za lez, J F e r g u s o n 1 F o u c h e P H e r rin g, R John so n C. L oza da S McSwain J M e rz, j Qui n n 1 S kinn e r J V e rome Coach R R e y es Ma nagers : A. Ba nni c k R Camps, L. Coope r L Cowlin g Red Ma chine: K. And e r so n D Blue R Brown, M Dlu ge iwi cz L. Edwards M Ellio t E Garcia B Gibb s j Lui O L oc k e tt V M a rt e n s M Mongeon, A. Quil es C Qui l es, M S m i th T S mith A T e jada j W a r d T Wrice M ldm o r e D Sima Coac h : R C h e n Ass!. Coac h : R G r e nald M ana g ers : R M o nt g o m e ry j Ath erley. T. R oac h S p o rt s

PAGE 118

T rack And Field . Fee l th e Bum! M Mo r ales coo l s down after a s tr enuo u s run o n th e 400 da s h Rel ay Stra t egy Bulldo g teammates pla n th eir upco m i n g 400-m e t e r relay Shot Put L N u n n (llgers) 33'5 1/2 C Short (Devil s) 25' 2" A. Barrera (Bu lldogs) 107'4" lmKjurrop B Chastain (Devils) 19'6 7/S" A. Barnett (B ulldog) 13'7" Hi&!, lump M Morates (Cougors) 5'9" K-Nolte (Bulldogs) 4'4" Pa le Vault R. Watanabe (Devils) 10' llO-meter his,h hurdles B Foster (Devils) 17.15 55 -meter low hurdles C Monis (Machine) 10 17 S port s 1 00 meter dash B C has t ain ([)evils) 1129 A. Barnett (Bulldogs) 13 .45 200 -meter dash A Barrera (Bundogs) 23 1 6 A. Barnett (Bulldogs) 28.1 6 400-meter dash B Chastain (Devtls) 56 88 K. Jones (Devils) : 12 00 Q}-mete r run K.. Husted (Cougars) 2:21. 9 1 K. Ben moussa (Cougars) 2 :45. 8 16(JJ-meter run B Townsend (Bulldogs) 5016. 00 4OO-melcr relay 1. Jordan M 1-Diivares E. Pineda (Cougars) 48.66 K. Cedeno. K... Jones L Morris, C Short (Devils) 59.65 Warm in Up T Will i a m s p r e pa r es for t h e ne x t e ve n t by ing warm-u p s tr e t c hes Ph o t o by J Scott Co Speed r ac e r Co! O Hust e d comes in firs t o n the mile. Ph o t o by R McArty

PAGE 119

LOVE, SET, MATCH ... )on' l overdo it ... G reen D evil s' player Rob e rt \.1cCuin ess tak es it easy a t pra c t ice Photo by Richard 'Ilolan W ham Red Ma chine s J aso n Baco t gives i t his bes t ; h ot. His team t ie d the se a so n with Bulld ogs Photo -:Jy R Nolan Machine, Bulldogs Tie For Boy s Tennis Championship Corozal (Tropic Times) -The boy's high s chool tennis seaso n concluded recently as the Red Machine and Balboa Bulldogs tied for the league championship with identical 6-2 records. The Green Devils wrapped up the year in third place at 4 -4, while the Curundu Cougars and Cristobal Tigers managed 2-6 r eco rds. Final standings for the 1994 1995 high school boys tennis season are as follows: W Red Machine 6 Balboa Bulldogs 6 Green Devils 4 Curundu Cougars 2 C ristobal Tigers 2 L 2 2 4 6 6 Bulldogs: R Adams, S. Bingham, J Castaneda, M. Erroz, S. Kye, S. McGuinness, J Miller R. Nolan, P. Norman, J Ohman, M Paarlberg, M. Thomas, S. Van Hal, Coach Martinez. Red: J Bacot D. Chase, M. Chase, E. Corsbie, E. Gonzalez, J Gonzalez, B. Nills K. Mishin, D Norman, J.M. Norman, A. Vidaurri, Coach Holt. Green Devils: A. De La Guardia, R Demas, I. Dillon, M. Frederick, R. McGuinness, M. Robinson, T Taylor, Coach De Janon. Cougars: K Chugani, P. De Janon, B Heard, J Higley B. Husted, L. Llach, A. Luce, N. Madsen, R Nandwani, L Quinn, L. Vogel, Coa ch Schulte. Don t worry it won t bite! R e d 's Jason Gonza l ez begins a volley. Ph o t o by R Nolan Sports

PAGE 120

GIRL'S SOCCER Co ugarsSla ck: B Anderson 1. Barna s h J Cantu, J Carva j al, J Diaz, J Diaz A Fis h e r A. Gundin. M H iggins I. H o rt on, C. Kirk1and, S. Livin gs t o n J L u cas, 8 Mac ha!. Martinez, P Mo naghan M Mora l es, E Na t alia K. Quinn C Reyes, M Rodri guez, S Sears R Wahl A. Watanabe, A. Wilson Co a c h : J S tr oup Co u ga rs-Cold : H Abbot t C. Bales, S. Bibbo D Srogie, K. Dill o n A Ga brielson D Gi l es, J Hauser H. H e rnandez, K. Ir t enkauf, K l. Marre r o. K McA lee r C. Monaghan, M Richardson V Sanc h ez, A V idaurri J Weedin W Winkl e r S. Wright Co ach : K Kirby GO! CO! GO! L lincoln and C. West ru s h pass T iger's defense S port s .. Bulldogs: E ] Aro se m e na ] B albaSl'ro, J B e rger T. Bin gham, F Carrola, Cowl es, W E n ge l ke K. K emp, J M a tth e w s, M M e rz,] McGuinn ess, ] S. Ram ery, D Sprague, A. Urriola Coac h : A. Verville il \ Devils: C. Burge r 1 Bur ge r C. Cassil, A Kool s, T L e wi s, L. Lincoln M cArty, G. M c Robert s, L. Paul se n S. Pind e r A. Raym ond, L Rosa, M barger K. Wilde r K. William s, W Womble Coac h : R Dal s t rom R e d Machine: S. B ea tti e, J. B o lin G Coville, J Coville, M Da vis, A Ernest 1 Ernest, H Figue r oa, M Ganiban, W Gonzaks, j H auser, K. Kirst ea ll e r T L e wi s, M Lopez, R M ef.l., C. Na r anjo, J Quinn, D Ras im o wi cz, M Tirado H Tr e mbla y, M Ca ntu N ieve s Coac h : M Stump

PAGE 121

STEPS OF SWIMMING ... STRETCH, DIVE, STROKE. ----.JIll/. R o w : K Fritz C. Smit h j Coville M H all, T Bingham Seco nd R o w : 1 O H earn, S E Cava n M Bate m a n S. Sea rs. Third Row : R YamakiTayoor I. Mora l es, T. J Ortiz J W a hl. Fourth R o w: Mrs B e a c h A Page, R Nandwani, R Coville. Mr I we e ne'y, Ph o to b y K Faye Mr Sweeney said th ey' d move! ... S wim t e am s tr e t c h es befo r e pra c tic e Photo by K. Faye I -I m flying .. R Taylor dives i nt o hi s s wim warm up. Ph o t o by K Faye Stroke Stroke ... S. P e t erse n d oes h e r frees tyle Photo by K. Faye Spo rt s

PAGE 122

Bulldogs: R o w 1 : M Stump, L. West D Giles, S Bibb o, 2 : L. Quinn, R W a t a n a b e, V Priestly, N. R eyes, j Col e, R Con ce p c i o n W !lund, A. Cadiz, E W a t so n A Ca rri o n 3: A B a rr e r a, C. Y a n ez, A Guite rr ez, H Wilkin so n D G l a tzer j Quinn, B Bonszin s ki M R o bison A. D e L aG u a rdi a, C. M c K e n z ie. Photo K. Faye Devils : R o w 1: C. M o nagh a n j Weedin, T Wri c e B V asquez, M Ceballos 2 j Fab ega, M Boyl e, j B oyd, B Col o n C. B o w man T. j ohnson, D. Norma n 3: Coac h Hager W Huff, R Geor ge E D agge tt C. Riley, F Lint o n L. Wheel e r E Diaz, Coac n Moffi tt. P11oto K. Faye \ Cougars: Row 1 : L. B allest e r os, G. M c Rob e rt s, G. M a rtin ez, A Fis h e r L. B enne tt 2: Coac h M a rtin ez, R. M U -j !in ez, M H opkins, N. W a tkin s, C. Gar c ia A T e j ada, Hus t e d G. St e inb a rger E H e rn andez, L. Futrell, 3: F endric k j H orns, iC G riffith j Cort ez, E Troc h e, D R B B a rr e tt S. S cott T j ohnson, M H o lih a n. Photo K. Faye Batte r Up! Co u ga rs' R Martinez wails his tum at practice Photo K Fay e Red: R o w 1 : H H a rt A F a y e, M S uffr o nt, M Lim 2 : A Mir anda, j Oliva r es, j Edwards, B. Fay e, B K a ttl e m ann, j. Mill e r 3: E Gare t W Ric h a rd s, R. M cGuinness, L. Gundin, B Mill s, j F o u c he, R D e m as j Bibb o, C. F a brega, C. V a n Holl e n B B a ttin C o ac h es: L eft: A Gr a d e Rig ht: R. D a hl strom. Photo K. Faye

PAGE 123

, DANNY NORMAN ..-, Ad s

PAGE 124

Of .:.' ... C Kristin Marie Faye o Congratulations Kri s tin! We're proud of the person that you' ve become. L ove -Mom, Dad, Angela, Brian & A shley Ads

PAGE 125

Janelle McGuines s A13 a daughter, exalted A13 a sister, an excellent companion A13 a friend, the most comprehensive. Let the future be as promising A13 the past. Love Dad, Mom and Rob KATHILOPEZ Our wonderful daughte r and c arin g s i s t e r who i s h e lpful c h ee rful talented and l o vin g Love & praye r s, Da d Mom and Maire Ads

PAGE 126

Ads The Brown-Scott Family CONGRATULATIONS, Rob and Von! Lov e, Mom s Dads, April Kevin, D ee leAna "A man's mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure." Proverbs 16:9

PAGE 127

It Joy Lynne Engelke Joy Lynne, Oh, the place s you'll go! A nd will you s ucceed ? Yes! You will indeed! KID, YOU'LL MOVE MOUNTAINS! Love, Dad, Mom, Ric & Lee Pray: 3: 5, 6 R omans 12 Tanya Marie Bacot These Are Our Wishes for You May yo u find serenity and tranquility in a w o rld YOll rna)" n o t always understand. M ay the pain and co nflicts yo u give yo u the s trength to walk through life (aang each new situation with co urag e and optimis m A lwa ys know that there arC those whose l ove and understanin g will always b e there, even when you feci mos t alo n e May you di scover enou g h good n ess in others t o b elieve in a world of peace Ma y a kind w o rd a rea ssuring t o u c h and a wann s mile be yours every day o f your life and may you give the se gifts a s well as receive them. Rememb e r the suns hine when the stonn see m s un endi ng. T e ach love to those who know hate and let that lo ve e mbrace you as you go into the w o rld ... May the t e a c hing s o f th ose you admi r e bec o m e part of you, so that yo u ma y call upon them. Remembe r those whose liv es you hav e touched and who hav e tou c hed yours arc always a part of you, even if the e n co unt ers were l ess than you woufd ha ve wis h ed. It i s th e content o f the encounte r that i s m o r e important than it s form May you n o t become too concerned with mat e rial matters but in s tead place imm eas urable value o n the goodnes s in your heart. Find time i n eac h day to sec beauty and l ove in the world around yo u Rea[j7e that eac h per so n h as limitless abilities, but each of u s i s d ifferent i n our o wn way What you ma y feel yo u lack in one r ega rd ma y be more than compensate d for in another. What yo u feel you la c k in the prese nt may become o n e of yours trcngths in the future May yo u see your futur e as one filled with promise and p oss ibility Learn t o view everythin g as a w o rthwhile experience. May y o u find enough i nner st r e n gth to d e termin e your own w o rth by yourself. and n o t b e dependent o n an o ther' s judgment o f your acc o mpli s hment s May yo u alway s feel l o ved All o ur Love Mom. Dad &. Cabe Ads

PAGE 128

, Ads MELISSA ANN DAVIS Congratulations Missy We couldn't explain in a book, what you have been through and how proud we are of you. From being the mean little girl, who fought for everything she had, to the mature young lady who found ways to capture peoples hearts, and get anything she wanted. No matter how many things got in your way, you smiled and found your own way to overcome them. You ve made us laugh, you' ve made us cry, but you were always yourself To the girl who stands her ground and won't back down, Good Luck from Dad, Mom, Jennifer, Evan, Hank, and Suzy ''THE WORLD I S OURS"! --.----

PAGE 129

HA YDEE TAMARA NUNEZ Hoy nos ha ces muy dichosos y celebramos tu v ictoria Que Dios dirija Ius pasos y permita que Ius suenos hagan reaUdad lIenandote de be ndi ciones! Te amamos, Tu s Padres JULIUS GRAHAM III I, Vhen I look int o YOllf e yes I see the past the child that I held in m y arms The present -the young man that s about to embark i n a world ot t"rials and tribulations The future-the man I will always b e proud to Call m y son and to fill m y am1S and heart with joy and lov e Congrats Son, Your l ovi ng Paren ts, I>.lr and :-'lr5. Graham Julius and Vienna Ads

PAGE 130

Ad s David Shorter Congratulations Son! There aren't enough words to say all we feel. We're proud of you. In all that love can give may God keep you, Dad, Mom. Teana and Lori Jessica Dawn Quinlan Through all these years you have brought us so much love and joy. We are proud of you! All our love, Mom Dad Amanda and Heather

PAGE 131

The McArty Sisters Katharine Raye, Marie Bernadette, and Renee Ann: You are the most precious gift we ever received from life. We love you! Mom and Dad Ad s

PAGE 132

Nick Evan s Amy Fry Rachel Gome z Kelly Kir s tea tt e r A d s

PAGE 133

-- -, -, --, -t -- -There s a m i racle in friendsh i p that dwells v..ithin our hearts and it 'WiD be sad when it end s but happy when it starts And the memo ries that we al1 s hared wil1 always !9ve us a spedal life and we will rea l ize t h at bein g friend s is a wonderlul and precious 19ft' by Maylinn R a ul Martinez JaneUe M cGuinness Mike Navicky Jessica Quinlan Maylinn Steinbarger Ads

PAGE 134

Matt Irby Mongeon Guard " Mo s t dedicated player Bulldog Footb all," Life s a beach" Dear Matt, You started school in Virginia and then hit the roads and the books in Kansas, Germany, Belgium, Texas, Pennsylvania and Panama. Your hard work, determination, super attitude and sense of humor always carried the day. Congratulations to everyone's friend and our family bonder. Go Class of '95! Love you more, Mom, Dad and Murphy Freshman Sophomore Junior A d s

PAGE 135

Annette U rriola Welcome Miss Dolan! Annie ... man y wonderful mome nts cherished in our heart s forev e r ... with love and b es t wishe s ... Dad Mom and Juan Rafael Ms. Karen Dolan is our new s ecretary The yearbook staff wants to thank her for all of her help and all of the hard work she doe s running the main office! Mark Roscoe We are proud of everything you are and will become -We wish you success and happiness in your future. Love, Dad, Mom & Jill Ads

PAGE 136

Congratulations: Bonnie Kemp! Bonnie, your dad, mom, and sister, Lisa want to take this wonderful opportunity to say, "thank you" for contributing to lots of love, laughter, and caring within our family. As daughter #1 we are very proud of you. As you continue the cycle of life, you'll soon have a college degree, your own career, and eventually, a family of your own to love. While going down that road of life, just remember your favorite "footprints". Your family has infinite love for you. William Huff William, You have made us very proud. May God bless and protect you always. Love you, Dad, Mom, Brandy, and Allison A d s

PAGE 137

Robinn Renee Starks \ -" --. ---Co n gra tul atio n s R o binn Y our f a mil y i s p ro ud of yo u Ads

PAGE 138

Buddy Bottin Elliott Carlson William Huff Danny No rm a n 126 Ads Tanya Baco t Wa lt e r Botti n M i c h elle Co llin s Tanya Alex Jill Audrey Wally Womble Kate Michelle Willo Kat Elliot Buddy Kate Wil d e r A l ex 50sa Mic h elle Wom b l e A u d r ey E rn es t Jill H ause r Kathi Lopez Mark Roscoe

PAGE 139

From start to finish, you have always been a source of pride. You'll always be our number one. Congratulations! Love, Morn and Dad ALEXSOSA ROlW::J'f Ad s

PAGE 140

Congratulations Sarah E. Beattie Class of '95 Love, Mom, Dad, and James Ads Melissa Leigh Chapman I Yesterday is a dream Tomonow i s a vi s ion Today, w ell lived mak es every yesterday a dream of happine ss and e very tomorrow a v i s io n of h o pe Congratulations Melissa! Love, Dad and Mom

PAGE 141

CONGRATUlATIONS We are so proud of you -Keep smiling & Be happy Wayne It was different -but you did it -N OW the sky is the limit GO FOR ITI Richard Nolan Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life. Prov 4 :23 Love, Mom, Dad, Christina, J en nifer, Pam ck and Oma Lave Always, Mom, Dad, Leanne & Natalie Ad s

PAGE 142

Maylinn M. Steinbarger J 1 '\ t J Maylinn, We are very proud of your efforts and accomplishments. You sure have given us many satisfactions and reasons to believe in you. We want to thank you for making us a part of what you have conquered. We know that with the Lord's blessings you will succeed, for you ha'Ve high expectations for yourself! Thanks for sharing yow life with us. Mom, Dad, and George Ads ________________________

PAGE 143

Edilia Carmen Luck Archbold Jennifer Marie Morris Los cielos cuentan la gloria de Dios, yel finnamento anuncia la obra de sus manos. Un dia emile paJabra a 000 dia, Y una noche a otra noche declara sabiduria. Jessie R. Berger Becky Memories of then ... T 1 1 N o w Ou r pr ecio u s gift from God May yo u r a n ge l guard a nd guid e yo u a l ways Love Mom, Dad & Cra i g are treasures in our souls but that all your hopes and dream s come true will fore ver be our desire Lov e alwa y s Mom, Dad Jason Tammy, & J o hnn y Ad s

PAGE 144

Kelly Linn Kirsteatter From Rider To Bruin To BuIIdog You made it !! Congratulations!! We are proud of you and love you always. Mom & Dad Alexander Josiah Cooper Ads Congratulations! Dad, Mom, Melly, Sasha, Grandma and Aunt Nora Ryan (Byungwook) Min Trust in Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight! Proverbs 3: 5, 6 Love Always, Dad Mom & B.J. Student Association 94-95 THANKS! President: Danny Norman Vice President: Michelle Collins Secretary : Kathy Lopez Treasurer: Michael Chase S. Nordell

PAGE 145

Naoki-1991 Mic hi o-19 92 NIKKI FRANK Th e s e are the days you11 remember ... Follow your dreams Life s a journey not a destination. G O F O R J1l Lov e you always, Mom, Dad, David, Honey &ThePrup CONGRATULATIONS! Watanabe brothers & sisters We're so proud of you! Love you, Mom, Dad & Gov A ki1995 Riuw1 99 4 L-__________________________________________________________ Ads

PAGE 146

A 44 70,85 18,31,92,105 44,92 44 92,104 18, 85 89, Bault, Keisha Beac h Brian Beattie. Sarah 128, 130 6.18,32 ,93 60.94,98 18,87,98. 108. Beck, Anthony 44 Bedwell Brence 60, 99 Bennet, Kris 60, 85 Bennett,Tiffany 92 Berger,Jessie 18,IOS,131 Brunner Holly Buchanan, Michael 105 19 19,8 9 99, Able, Floyd Abott, Heather Acosta I van Acosta Richard Acosta, Tanya Adams, Frederik 90 95,98,105 Aird, Nadi a 18 Berger, Marshall 85 60 Bernal-Romero, Jose 60 Buendia Erik Bunch, Moana Burger, David Jr. Burgos Jose Jr. Bums, John Bustamante, C.E. Buszinsk.i Brian Butler Damien 61, 98 61,104 45, 92 61 61,95 45 61,94 61,105 Aizpu, Leyani Alfaro Debbie Anderson, Enjoli Anderson, Keenan Anderson, Kenia Anderson Sara Anderson, Shareen Antadillas, Soli mar Antonis, Tina Aramayo, Marielle Arango, Juan Arcacha, Sean Archer, Walford 1II Arnold, Edna 60 Berrios Eduardo 60,71,95 Berrios, Noelia 44,85 c 44 60, 99,105 44,92 44,87 60 18,94,104 44 44 44 44, 86,87,92 44 Bi bbo Joseph 18,105, II 0 Cajar-Brutsch, Juan 45 Bibbo,Sarai 60,89, 104, lOS, Campagnani, Ricardo 19 110 Bingham, Seth Bingham, Tannis Black,Amy Blades, Noel Blades, Samaris Blanchette, C.T. Blanchette, Jan Blue,Dari 60 Camps, Dymarie 85,94, 104 Candelario, Jennie 10,45 44, lOS, 109 60 Cantu, Johanna 61, 72 92,98 99 Cantu, Magdaline 19, lOS Carlson,Elliott 30,88,89 60 Carpenter. Chablis 45, 92 19 60,105 Carpenter, Chandis 45,92 Carr, Jennifer 104 Arnold, Liza Arosemena, EJ. Atherley, Janelle Austin, Avery Ave-Lallement, c.l. 18 44 Bodron,Nissa Bonilla, Myriam Bonnick.Anasha 44 45,85,91, 105 45 Carr, Walter Carrau, Rafael Jr. Carrion, Armando Carrola, Felicia Carrola, Jason Carroll, Meghan Castaneda, Juan Castaneda, Manuel Castaneda, Marjorie Castano, Jason Castillo, Edwin Castillo, Lenin Castro, Marco Castro, Michael Ceballos,Marjorie 91, 110 19,105 45 18,87 ,88, I OS 44,105 10,44,98 44,86,143 B Bacot Jason Bacot, Tanya 60,107 18,115 60,92 18, 87,88, 60,89,110 60,94 44,94 60, 72,99,105 18 18, 88,98, II 0 Baker Robert Balbastro,Jeeathbell 89,9I,1OS Ballesteros Luz Banasick, Frank Barnett, Andrea Barnett, J uney Barrera, Raul Barret,B randon Barte r Oriana 60 Bateman, Mylissa Bates, Cat h e rine Bates,Johnny Ind ex 18,109 60,1 OS 99 Borges, Lipzin Bottin, Kathleen Bottin Walter A. Bottin, Walter C. 60,98,102 19,88 19,110 60, 99, Bow man ,Christopher 110 19,88,89,110 60 45,99, 110 60,85,92 61 19,95 61,85 10,45 61,71,98, Cedano, Andrea Cercenia, Lisa Cercenia, Mika Boyd, Joaquin Boyd, Laura Boyle, Michael Brannon, Jennifer Braun Roger Briceland, Thomas Bright Elizabeth Britton Bethany Brogie Darlene 102,IOS Brown Denise Brown, Robert 114 45 Chang, Raul Chapman, Melissa Chase, David 19,90,92, 105, Brown, Victor Jr. 19 Chase, Michael Chastain, Hunter 45,55 93,110 19,86, lOS 19, 102 61 19,105 61,98 20,89 61 45 45,88,89, 45,101 45,92 61 20,98 20,128 61,85,91 4,20,132 45

PAGE 147

61.91 45 61,94 20,88 45.88,89,92 61 Chislom, Nikki Chmiola, Brian C hou Ching Church, David Church,Marc Ciceraro. Cecilia Ciceraro. Joshua Ciouston, Margaret 88 46 20,86,87, Davis, Melissa 30,93, I 08, I 16 Davis, Susanna 46 De Janon, Paul 21 De La Guardia, EA. 46, 110 De La Guardia. Ivan 21 De Leon Luis 62 94 105 , Del Cid. Dino Del Real. Carlos Coffey. Darren61, Cole, Christopher Co llins, Michelle Colon, Benito Cooke. Mandi Cooper,Alexander 85 Deleon, Patricia 46,9 4 Dhaliwal N .S. 99 46,95, 104 21. 95 21,87, 104. lOS 62, 98, 102, lOS 21 62,105 21,92 62 Cooper. Glenda 4,20.132 61,99,110 61 20.98. 105,132 Cooper, La' Keisha 20 Coope r,Lesley 20,105,104,85 Cormier,Jennifer 61 Coronado,1ulio 20 106 46,94 61, 110 Correa, Monique Corsbie, Ethan Cortes. Jose Cossey, Mandy Cover, Monique Coville. Jennifer 42.46. 87,88 61,90, 95, 108.109 20.94 Coward. Aneris Cowes. Karla Cowger, Matthew 46,108 COWling. Lola 46.85,91,105 Crespo, James 30 Crichlow-Marshall. Y 20. 104 Crouch, Olin 20.98 Crump.Aaron 99 Cruz, Alexis 6 I Cruz, Angel 46,92, 94, 99 Cruz-Segarra Mark 62 D Daily, Bryan 62,95 Daniel. Giana 20,94 Darnell. Stanley I 1,46 Davis Benjamin 62, 143 Diaz Joanna Diaz, Julissa Dillon, Ian Dlugiewicz, Michael Domenech, Jason Domenech Robert Donaldson Robert Dones, Feliomar Duncan, Vicente E 21 46, 105 Eckerle, Cheryl 9 ,58, 62, 72,87 89,98 ,102 Eduardo, Gonzalez Edwards, David Edwards. Geoffrey Edwards. Lemunuiel Elliot, Mark 62,98 62 62.105 46, 105 Else. Laurie 62 Engelke, Joy 30,31,93,115 Engelke, Wilma 46, 108 Erder, Amanda 30, 87 Ernest, Audrey 21,88,104,130 Ernest,Jessica 62,87, 104, lOS Erroz, Miguel 46 Espina, VincentlB 46,55,92,93 Espinoza, Anabelle 46 Estes, Amanda 62 Estes, Michael Jr. 21 Estill, Christine 46 86 Evans. Nicholas 30,32,87,105. 120 F Faye Angela 62,85,10 I, II 0 Faye, Kristin 21,93,85.112 Ferguson Mic h ae l 62,70,95 Fernandez, N 95 Ferreyra. Mich ael 62 Fields. Levar Fischbach J ason 62 Flagg, Kendall 46 Floyd, J oanna 46 Foster, Marlene 62,85,104 Foster William Jr 62 Foster. William 62 Fouche, Eldred Jr.98 ,105,1I0 Fournier. Kevin 47 Fowler, Eric 2 I Frank, Nicole 30,133 Franklin Joshua 47 Frills, Kerry 85, 109 Fry Amy 21,104,120 Futrell L.M. 6298, 110 G Gabrielson Amanda 58 62 , 89,91,98,108 21 Gal vez, Jorge Ganser Benjamin Ganziano, Johnathan Garcia Amada Garcia, Carlos Garcia, Daniel Garcia, Edwin 63,85 47 110 21,47 88,104 47,105 63 63,85 21 Garcia, Veronica Gargate, Jacqu e line Gaslin, Michele Gates, Dasulan Geary, Frank George, Guarnuccio German, Shawn Gi bbs Bruce Gibson, Kristan Giles, Delia Giles Juan Gillespie Sukino Gilmore, Elsie Davis, Daniel 62 Davis Henry 20,92,94,99,105 Fairchild, James 62 Glotzer, Louis 47 98 63 ,95 105 63.98 63 ,85, 95, 1OI,IOS,1I0 47,54,55 21,105 47,89,92 47,88,89 Inde x

PAGE 148

Goldsworthy Robert 63 Gomez,Rache l 6, 22. 85, 88, 101. 120 Gomez, Suagei Gonzales, Clara Gonzalez, Eduardo 63,94 63 47,94, 105 Gonzalez, Francisco 22,98 Gonzalez, Jason 63,99.107 Gonzalez, Jessica 47,92 Gonzalez Jose 22,42,47,55,89,90,91 Gonzalez. Jose 22 Gonzalez, Milagros 63,89,108 63 22 Haynes. Curtis 63.95,98.99 Jemmott. Kirk Helm, Robert 63 Jenkins, Christopher 64,98 Henriquez, Giezel 63 Jenkins. Shi-Fon Hernandez, Ana 22 Jeong, Dae-Jung Hernandez, Heidi 63. 108 Jeong, Dong-Oun Hernandez, JR 8,22 Jimenez, Coralia Herrera, Alex 63,94 Jimenez, Zamira Herrera, Juan 22 Johnson, Fernando Herrera, Lisabel 63 Johnson, Shannon Herrera, Oscar 63 Johnson, Dalton III Herrera Tomas 64 Johnstone, Olivia Herring, Conan 48 Jordan, Jelani Hicks, Deontra 48.99 Jurado, Lorena Higley, Abby 48, Higley. James 22 K 64,8 5,94 64 23 48 64,85,94 23 8,48,56.102 64, 85,99 48,85 64,98,101 23 ,9 4 Hignett Paul 22 Kacmarski, Matthew Hillard Arthur 64, I 05 Gonzalez, Nahi I Goode, Benjamin Goodno, Chris Gordon, Darry I Gordon, Luis Graber, Amanda Graham Debraca Graham,Julius III 22 Hinso n Christy 64 Karst, Paul Keene, Alyssa 64 48 48,95 47 Hofer Raul 22 64 Kemp, Bonnie Green, Colleen Green, Sasha 63 47,87 15,6 3 22 98,105,117 47 Grimm, Jason 47,85 Guarnuccio, George 47 ,89,98 Guerra, Carol 47,88,89,92 Guerrero, Ana Maria 47 Guillen, Vladimir Gutierrez, Jose Gutierrez, Rosa Guzman, Ileana H 63 47,8 5 63 14,48,98, I 0 I 48,104.109 48 48 Hall, Cardova Hall. Michele Hanada Masa kazu Hanna Daniel Hart, Heather H art, Melissa 42,63.85. I 10 48,85,87, 88,91,98,99 Harvey, Jennifer Haughton J. 22,94 Haus er, Janelle 63, I 04 ,108 Hause r Jill 22,88,104,108,130 Index H o ffman Jonavan H o lbrook Jac ob Holihan Kimberly Holzwarth,Jared 22,88 48,87, 99,100105 64 48,92, I 08 48 64,98,99 Hopkins Garrett H o rton Ina Howard Nicolas H oy t e, Juli a n H oy te Viedelquin a Huang, Yen-Yih Huds on, Yaiseth 64,85 22,87. 89,91,95,104 Huff, William Ill. 23,98,110,124 Hur Shin-Young 48 Hurst, Gregory 23,90 Hus t e d Donald 64,106 ,110 Hus ted Kyle 42,48,88,89,96 I I glesias,K. 95 Irt enkauf, Kimberly 64,99, lOS I sogai, N a h o 48,85,99, I 04 J Jeffrey, Hector 23,95 23,98, 102, I 08, 124 Kemp, Karen 23,87,88, 104 Kharbanda, Pooja 23,32,87 Ki nard, Robert 23,85 Kinsey,F. 94 Kirkland, Caroline 23,87,99,108 Kirkpatrick, A.L. 23 Kirstealler Kelly 23,88, 108.120,132 Kla sovsky Adrian 64 Konawicz Edward 85,98 Konz, Philip Jr 64,99 Kostelny, Bradley 23 Krapll, Christopher 23,99 Kruse Mandy 64,85 Kuo Franz 23,88,89,90,93 Kye Sung-Min 64 L La Placa,Daniei Lampas, Carlos Jr. Landrum, Jason Lane, Emmitt Lantry, Dilia Latorre Sergio Lawson, Keith 48,94 11,23,99 49,98 64 64,93 24,92 64,142

PAGE 149

Layana. Jessica Lebel, Doreen Leduc. Maurice Lee, Shawn Leggett. Shannon Leon, John Lester, Ashley Lightell, Daniel Lim, Mary Ann 64 Marin.E. 94 Miller, John Jr. 25,86.110 64 Markham, Geo rge 65 Mills Brian 49,11 0 Marrero Lopez, Lisa 65 Martens, Vernon 49 Mills Dore 66,86 24 8,49.92,98,105 65 Martin, Kenneth 24 65 Martinez, Juan 24,99 Lincoln, Lucia Linton Frank Litts, Kelly Liu. John 10,49 49.88 89,92,94,110 7,12,49.89,108 65,110 65 Livingston, A.L. Livingston. Sarah 49.105,142 30,98 65,7 1,87,98,102,108 L1ach. Luis 65,89 Llanes. Jacque 65 Lloyd, Michelle 24,99 Lockett, Orlando Martinez, Raul 24,87.98.110,105,121 Mason, Chanda 24 Matthews. Julia 49,99,108 Mattocks, George 99 Mayhew, Bradley 58 ,65 McArty, Katharine 24.119 McArty, Marie 9,24,85,98,102,119 McArty, Renee 24,30,32,101,119,93,108 McCann, Casey 24 McDade, Doctorre49,98, 105 McDaniel, Natosha 6 5 8 5 McDonald, Yamileth 65,94 Longoria, Ernesto Lopez, Bonnie Lopez,Daniel Lopez, Elisa Lopez, Etelvino Lopez, Kathleen 65,94,105 99 McFarlane, Stephen 65 McGirr, Timothy 99, I 00 McGuinness Janelle 65 65,87 14.24,31,85,88,89,108,113,121 24 McGuinness, Lauren 49, 56 4,24,86,113,13 2 Lozada, Christian 65,85,105 Luce,Adrian 65,86 LuckArchbold,E.D.C. 49,89,95,102 Luck Archbold, Edilia Lynn, Cecil Lysinger, Brandy 30,89,131 65 65,72.85 McGuinness, Robert 49,88,89, 107,110 McGuinness, S.A. 24,88,89 94 49,87 66,104 66,1 10 66,105 66 Min,Ryan 25,88,89,90132 Mishiro Koji 49,87 Mitchell Heidi 94 Mitchell, Robert 66,86 Modelo, Nivia 66 Modelo, Roberto 25.85 Mojica, Yara 66 Moka,Kevin 66 Monaghan, Carla 8, 50, 56,99,102,108,110 Monaghan, Paula 25. 108 Mongeon,Matt 25,87, 92,98,105,122 Mongeon, Murphy 50,87,88105 Montagne, Karin 12,30,85,95 Montenegro, Saray 66 Montgomery, Melissa 50 Montgomery,Robyn Morales, Ian 66,109 Morales, Michael 25,87,88,98,106 Morales. Monica 58,66,98,101,102,108 Moreland, Jason 66 Morgan, Ricardo Jr. Morice, Ligia 50 Morris, Craig 66 Morris, Dustin 50,105 Morris, Jennifer 25,13 I Morris, Lakisha 66,71,92,104 Morris, Marissa 104 Myers, Kimberlyn 25,87 N M McKay, Kervin McKay Robert McKeon, Patricia McQuary, Ki mberly McRoberts, Gionela McSwain, Stanley Medina, Deris Medina Joseph Medina, Stacy Mendiola, Daniel Menendez Jamie Merkel, Kimberly Merkel, Stacey Merz, James 49 66 Nakagawa, Kanako 99 Nandwani, Rajesh 25,85 Machal, Berenis Macias Angel Mackey, Heather Madrid, Angel Madsen Nils Malcolm Victorio Manzanares Luis Marciacq, Priscilla 65,108 65,94 49 65,94 65 65,95 24,98 11,24 Mcrz, Michelle Mica, Joshua Michie, Matthew 49,92 49,85 25 25,105 66,104,108 66 49,95 25,32,88,89,90,109 Natalio, Emilio 66 Navicky, Michael 25,86,98,121 Nelson, Irvin 50 Nicholson, Joann 66 Nolan, Richard 25,88,90,93,129 Ind ex

PAGE 150

N o lle Khri s tin e 25,86, 104 Norma n Daniel 4 ,14,,110,132 N o rman Jan Michael 66,98 Novey Gabriel 66 Novotny, Joseph50,90,91,98 Nunez, Haydee 30, 86,93,117 o O'Hearn, Jennifer o Keefe, JohI. 66,109 50.94,89 Ochoa-Hartmann. L.H. 50,88,90 Oden, Leis a 66,87 Ohman, Jason 50 Olandese, Steven Olivares, Eliecer Olton, Jairo Ori llac, Albert 26 26.98 50, 105 26 Ortiz, Agustin 26,90,96, I 09 Owens, Raymond 26,92 p Pablo, Joline 66,85,92 Pagan, Silvi 50,87,91 Pagan, Vanes 26 Page, Andrew 26,90,109 Pahl, Kimberly 67 Painter,Paul 50,98 Palanca, Jamielyn 50 Palanca, Marivi 67,71 Pandy, Deshana 94 Pantone, Joseph 50 Pardo, Jeovanny 95 Paredes, Michelle 67,95 Park, Brendan 67,85 Park Lori 50, I 04 Park, Nathaniel 50,56,85 Parker, Tanya 67,85,95 Payne Christopher 26,92 Pedersen, Jean 26 Peltier, Margaret 67,95,104 Peterse n Sarah 50,85,88,90,91 109 Rivera Maria 51,9 5 .9 9 Ri vera, Praxedes 26 Roach, Thamahara 29,93.105 Petrosky, Nicholas Pettiford, D.A. Phillips, Jeanelly Pigeon Frank Jr Pinder, Sharlene 50 Roberts, Marcella 51 51 Roberts Nicholas 68 67 Roberts, Todd 26 Robertson, Lucas 27,88,89,90 67,71,85,92,104 Robinson, Charles 51 Robinson, Kyila 51 Pi neda, Coralia Pineda Marco Pineiro, Emmanuel Plasencia, Lisa Pohl, Jacob 67 Robinson, Tyrone 51 Posey,Jane 26,87 51 51,92 67,98 88,89.92, 104,108 Poveda, Gladys 67,85,89.92 Prescott, C. D. 67,85 Price, Maristela 51 Priolo Gary 51,95 Q Roca, Diana 68 Rodriguez, Dalhia 51 Rodriguez, Felix 51,94 Rodriguez, Maria 51,104,108 Rodriguez, Pete 68 Rodriguez Rosa lyn 51,94 Roja s, Melanie 9,68,89,98,102 Rolon Luisel 68,95,105 Roman Luis Jr. 68,95 Rosales Michelle 27 Roscoe, Mark 27,123 Quezada, Julio Jr Quiles -Perez, G.A Quinlan, J essica 67 Roudebush, Cecil 8 6 87 Royo Carlos 27,86,89 51 105 26,86,88,90,101,118,121 Quinn John 67, I 05, 110 R Rabon za, Kristin Ramery, J os e Ramos, Juan Randolph, Erica Rasimowicz, Dazx Reese. Wilbert Reid Colleen Renfro, Alexander Res trepo, Maria Reut ze l, Thomas Richards, Wayne II Richardson Mark Ricketts Erika Rigby, Karen 67,85 67 26 67,87 67.71,81 15,26 51,85,93 94 67,89 67,98 67, 110 Ruiz ,ldelisa 27,85,87 Ruth, Korin 68 Ryley Shane 27 s Sabonge Julia Sanchez Carmen 68 Sanchez, Vanessa 51,95, 108 Sanchez-Pascual L.M. 68,94 Santiago,A. 94 Santiago, Laura Santos,Alex 68,85 Santos, Karen 85 ScalesTerri 68,86 Scott, April 68,71 Scott, Johnathan 51 Scott, Josephine 29,88 91.92 ,93 Scott Vonsheika 27,93, 104,114 ,114 Pena, Yaixa Perez Cris tobal Perez, Denise Perez, Francisco Perez, Zinnia 50 Rines, Valicia Rivera. Abraham 67,94 67 68, 108 26,85 68 68 68,85 Scribner, Samuel Scruggs,Anna Scruggs, Esther Sears,Shauna 51 92 68 67,85 I ndex Ri vera, Carlos Rivera, Glenn 51 52,90, 91,108,109,142

PAGE 151

Serrano, Francisco Severson,Tiffany 52,87, 27 Suarez. Ken Sweeney, M a tth e w Sweeney, Rya n Swistak, Brand o n Swistak, Nicole 88,90.100 Seybold C hristina 68,85 Seybold, Rachelle 52,91.94 .98 Shaffer, CE. 27 Shaffer, Tammy 68.85,89,91 Sharp Stephen Jr 52.87,98,105 Shimizu. Kayoko 52 Sh o rt, Christina 68,94,104 Sho rter William D 27 ,90,118 Silve ra, Marioly 27 Silvera, Teodulo 52,95 Sima, Daniel III 68, I 05 Singh, Haman 27, 105 T Tagaropul os, Kathia Talaga, J os hua T a pia Alexi s Taylor D a mial\ Taylor, Priscilla Tenturier Tahsa Teran Patricio Ter Hor st, Raym ond 69 Vera Rey 9 9 Vereen, Jerome 52 ,9 1.98 Vidaurri, Aaron 28 Vidaurri, Alexis 69 Vogel. Louis w 69 105 69,89 29,88,108 53 28 Wagner. Indira 53,85,91,94 Wahl John 53,94 69 Wallace, Ubaldino 69 52 69 52,89 52 Walrond, S .F. 53 Ward Jem ail 53.105 W a rd Shevone Watanabe, Aki Sirias,lsbel 27 Skinner. Jama 27.86,99,105 Thomas, Toumani 28 W a tkins, Desmond W a tkin s W ayne 53 29,133 69,105 29,129 Smalls.Krystal 52.142 Smith C hristina 68 85 87 109 , Smith H e nry 52,85, I 05 Smith, Jerry 68,71,72,95,99, 105 Smith,Leovihilda 27 Smith, Smith, Teddy Snider, William Sokol Hemda Solis, Abdiel 87 89 ,91,92,95 M.52, 105, 142 68.105, I 09 68 27,85 28 Somera, Jamie 52,94,99 Sordini. Christina 28.86,87,88 Sosa. Alejandro Jr. 28.88.91,99,127 Souffront. Marie 52,85,92. 110 Speir. Eric 8 5 Spradling, Nic ole 69 Sprague, Devon 52,108 Staha Ju s tin 69 Stanford, Cheryl 69,86.104 St a rgen E ljoree 69 Starks Robinn 28, 125 Stein barger M M 28,121 130 Stephenson, H as him 28 Tirado, Edgardo 69 Tirado, Michelle 9,52.98,102 Tokarek,Eduard 69 Tola Martha Wat son, Emi l Weedin. J acqueli n e Week s J ess i ca Wemh oe n e r C utie, B.K. Tonski, Shireen Torres Ja so n Traylor, LaKeisha Trim, John Troche Edgardo Trusty, Joyce Turner, Angel Twaishy, Moti 69 Wemhoener-Cuti e,P.T. 28 West Lize lla u 52,99 69, 110 52 69,85 28 West. Sharlette Wetherell, M a tlhew Whatley Darrell Wheeler, Leo Whelihan Jennifer White,Dwight White, Kelly Wilcoxon, James Ullrich. Josephine Urriola,Annelle 52 Wilcoxon,Tania Wilcoxon,Tanya Wi Ider, K atherine Wiley, Rasheem 28,88, 89,96 108 ,123 V 53 53 69 29 53 69 53 53 69 53 70 29,94 53 70 29 29 9,29 53 53 70 29 70 Valdez, Carlos Valdez, Juan Valdille s Tabitha Vallarino Pilar Van, Juan Vanderwall Lianne Vans ice Juan V az quez, Maria C 69 53,9 4 28 Wilkin son, Herman Willi ams, Co urtne y Williams,Donald William s, Jacqueline Williams, Katherine 53 Williams, Sean 69 Williams,Tim 53 Williford, Pat sy 70, 101 53 Winkler Daisy 28 Womble,Michelle 106 54 54 29 Sterr, Crys t a l Stewart, Richelle Stoneking, C A Stubbs, Aubrey 28 Vega. Roy 69 Veguilla, W.O. 69 Velez, Gloria 53.94 Woodman, R. 69 Wrice, T o ny 28,104 WU,Li 54 13,54, 105 29 I n d ex

PAGE 152

Wy ckhuys K. y Yamaki Taylor, Ryan Yamashita,Mami Yanes C. Yano,Naomi Yen Amarilis 10.54 54 Green.Sergio Hager,John 77, II 0 Hans,Carol Hanson,Joyce 77 Hern,Ruth 10,77 29 54 HigleyJames 78 29 Hoffman-Pahl Debbie 78 70 Holland Ernest 74, 76,81 Jaen Jose 2 Koechlein,Richard 78 z Zamore, Matt Zayas, Edgar Zi ttl e ,EI i za beth Longo, Veronica 78.86 70, I 05 Maggiori Fanny 81 54 Manchester.Nancy 82 70 Martinez,Richard Massengill,Anna 143 McCiaren Rossana 140 FACULTY/STAFF Alvarado, Patricia AndersonXenneth Baca, Paula Bales, Melanie Baptiste Sylvia Bernasconi. Susan Brannon,Linda Brewer Jenette 81.98, 140 Brown,Joseph 76 Bruer ,Calvin 74 11,76 81,82 76.93 81 140 Butler, Lillian CampbellXelle Chen Rafael 58 10,76 42.76 Chidester Diana 76 Cigarru i sta Sonia 76 Corbett,Sydney 140 Cotton,David 76 Cowles.Patricia 77 Dean Darren Dee Geraldine 70, 140 Dolan Karen 77,123 Duncan Jo Jo 42, 74.77 Fabrega Paula 81 Fendrick.Gene 77.78, II 0 Gamble,Richard George,Cece lia 77,92 GeUys,Jo Ann 77 Gibson,Cam ille 140 Goodrum,Geo rge In dex McGregor ,Johnnie 140 Mitchell,JoAnne 78.86 Monlouis Wilma 78,96 Montague,Stephanie Nordell Susan 4,10,79, 140 O'Brien, Vicki 78 O'Masta,GaiI78 Oakley,Nadine 80 Oliver, C1eve 74,104 OthonJoan 82 Perki ns,Howard 80,81 Petersen Deanna Quinn Lawrence RamirezJose 79.92 Redfern,Edie Roa Laura 79 Seitz David 79,88 Seitz Mayra 79,88 Severson Judy 78,79 82 'irl Sosa Rita 78.79,'irl,91 Staha,Mariette 80 Tejada,Maria Thale,Bruce 79 Tyner, W. 79,82 Vaz ,C arlos 80,89 Verville,Anne 80, 108 Vice Mike 80 Wall.Cheryl 80 Waugh Kenneth 74,130 Webly Sonia 80 White,Dottie 80 Young, David Mrs S Bernasconi Special Education Mrs. S. Corbett English Mrs. C. Gibson-Gibbs Math, ISS Ms. J. McGregor Bu s iness Mrs. J Brewer English Ms. G. Dee Special Education Ms. N. Manchester C.W.E. Ms. S. Nord ell Art, S.A. Sponsor

PAGE 153

COLOPHON Vol. 86 of the ZONIAN was printed by Jostens Printing and Publishing Division at their Visalia, Ca lifornia plant. The Jostens Representative was Ruben C ruz. T he plant consultant was Gil Quesada. The trim s iz e of the book is 8.5 x 11. The book co ntain s 144 pages, which are Smythe Sewn. The s tock is 80 # 191 gloss paper, printed in black ink. The primary typeface used throughout the book is Palatino. The cover is an original design by Michelle Collins. It is custom screened. The book is blue with applied colors of silver and black. The endsheets are printed with original artwork b y Rene McArty using Adobe print shop in black ink Portrait work was provided by New Age Photography. The tuxes were provided by the Pacific Theatre Arts Ce ntre. The candid shots wer e taken by student and faculty photographers, most of which were develope d and printed in the BHS darkroom. The 1995 ZONIAN had a run of 400 copies. These copies so ld for an advance price of $35.00. A current events tip-in designed by Jostens as well as an 8-page color Tipin using original photography by Eva Anderson and Dottie White were included. The book cost approximately $20,000. This figure includes photographic expenditures. The yearbook cla ss of 14 students worked on the book during the sc hool day The majority of the pages wer e completed after sc hool by a group of 5 students who also volunteered their Saturdays to get the job done. Special Thanks Mrs. Dottie White Mr. David Young Ms. Geri Dee Mrs. Judy Severso n Mrs. Pat Alvarado Ms. Patty C owle s Mrs. Debbie Sima BHS Administration BHS Faculty & Staff Pacific Theatre Arts Centre Franz Kuo Vonsheika Sco tt Josephine Sco tt Haydee Nunez Kristin Faye Richard Nolan Bob Weedin Henry Twohy Eva Anderson Ms. JoAnne Mitchell

PAGE 155

1 ENDINGS Second Seme s ter (" S Take s Flight A s the y ear dra w t o a clo se and we refl ec t o n th e 94-95 s ch oo l y e a r s tud ents a r e p a d dling ( o r th e annua l Cay u co R ace, Juni o r s are pla nnin g ( o r Pr o m and s prin g s p orts lik e girl s tennis, b oy's socce r and v olle yball a r e unde rw ay. All these activiti e s c ulmin a t e o n Jun e 15, 1995. F o r m os t o ( u s it' s th e e nd o ( the y e ar but ( o r Senio r s it i s th e b e ginnin g o ( ne w c h alle n ges, r es p o n s i bilities, a nd t o u g h d ec i s i o n s to m a k e f o r th ir futur e Producin g this yea r s Zonia n has b e en a t i m e co n s umin g proc ss Th e r a r e m a n y p eo p l e on o ur s t aff a nd a r ound BHS whose t a l e nt coo p e r a ti o n a nd effort h e lp e d t o m a k e thi s yea rb oo k a r eality. With o ut th eir ass i s t a n ce in photogt a plt y a rtw o rk a nd o th e r tasks t oo num e r o u s t o count thi s yea rb oo k w o uld n o t h ave been possible A s pecial th a nks goes t o o ur s p o n so r Mrs. Bale s with o ut h e r h e lp and dire ctio n w e w o uld n o t h a v e m a d e it. T o th e class o ( 9 5 yo u a r e n o w r ea d y t o t a k e n e w s t e p s t o w a rd s h a p ing your (uture W e will n eve r ( o r ge t th e m agic yo u c r ea t e d durin g th e year. C l o sing learning abou t M .e. Escher Ext e nded s t ud e nts J Liu ilnd S Sears l ea c h ana l Y S I S t o Balboa Ele m e n t ary Sc hool 6 t h g r ad es. F o u r teen B H S student s parllc lp a te In Ext e n d e d Anal Y S I S W ith Mrs Pe ter s e n and Ms. C hidest e r Ph o t o by D White "It' s what's h a pp e nin g n o w K lawson a n d M S mith p r e pa r e "The Ot h e r Sid e o f t h e Trac ks f o r their Youth Art Month e x hibit In M arc h The art d e partme n t set up tlev e ral In t h e h a llw ays and o u tdoor. Pho t o by D Wh i te I ) A new face i n the hall s M s Anna Mass e n g ill a r nved t o BHS late thi S fall. S h e ha s s p ent 10 yrs. with D oDDS in C uba Eng l a nd K o r e a & Japan Thi s N o rth Car o lin a native t e a ches AP Englis h S peech, a n d World Hi s t ory. Pho t o by M Bales 3 2 1 -Se m o r Micha e l Morales a s s i s t s a 6th gra d e r w ith their r oc k e t l aunc h Exte nded Physics stu d ents w o r ked dunng 3 r d qu arte r o n the a nnual r oc k e t p r o j ect w hich c u l min a tes eac h M a r c h In Balbo a s tadium Ph o t o by D Whit e "The P l ay s the thin g S hakespear e w o uld be p r o ud o f the B H S D r a m a productio n o f David & Lis a h e l d in room 90 1 o n their n e w stage. L t o R : T William s C. S mall s B Davis a nd C. Ave-LalIemont. P h o t o by H Nunez Closi n g

PAGE 156

TRANSITIONS ... DR. JAMES M. WOLF Dr. Jam es Wolf saw B H S thr o u g h ma n y c h a n ges, fro m th e o ld P a n Ca n a l d ays throu g h th e T r ea t y a nd th e f o r ce d tr a n s iti o n t o D o DDS, thr o u g h th e turmoil of Ju s t Cau se int o th e p eaceful de m oc r acy P a n a m a now e n joys. H e wo r e m a n y h a t s during hi s tenure h e re: Spec i a l Educatio n C hi e f of Educatio n a nd In s tru ctio n D ir e ct o r of D o DDS P a n a m a R egio n Wh e n P a n a m a jo in e d th e I s l a nd R egio n Dr. Wolf c h ose t o r e main as D istric t Su p erin te nd e nt. H e s tood f o r excelle n ce in educatio n p rovi din g s taff devel o p m ent courses for th e teac h e r s so th ey co uld k ee p i n t o u c h w ith th e l a t es t in n ovatio n s in class room m a n age m e nt a nd s tud ent achieve m e nt. Gandhi o n ce o b serve d W e mus t b e th e c h a n ge we w i s h t o see in th e w o rld." Dr. Wolf e n courage d th e teac h e r s to k ee p up with th e winds of c h a n ge s o th e y might b ette r teac h th e ir s tud ents how t o l ea rn a nd h o w t o a ppl y that l ea rning. O n e co uld easily im a gin e th a t AJf r e d No rth Whit e h e ad h a d Dr. James Wolf a nd Mr. Cecilio Williams in mind whe n h e wro te th e f ollo win g in his essay Th e Aim s o f Educatio n ": A m e r e l y well-inf o rm e d m a n i s th e m os t u se l ess b o r e o n Go d's ea rth Wh a t we s h o uld a im a t produc in g i s m e n w h o p ossess b o th c ultur e and ex p e rt kn owle d ge in so m e s p ec i a l di r ectio n Th e ir exp e rt kn o wl e d ge will give th e m th e ground t o s ta rt fro m a nd th e ir c ultur e will l ea d th e m a s d ee p as phil osophy a nd as h ig h as art ". W e bid f a r e w ell a nd Go d s peed to two e ducat o r s w h o w e r e f a r m o r e th a n m e r e l y w ell inf o rmed tw o educat o r s wh o se r ve d as ex ampl e s to b o th th e ir colleagues and their s tu d ents. I MR. CECILIa J. WILLIAMS Cecilio Willi a m s is a teac h e r w h o s t ood tall i n th e class r oo m and o n th e pl ay in g field lit e r ally as w ell as figur ative ly. H e's a m a n who h as d o n e it all in education : teac h e r ass i s t a nt princip a l socce r coac h b as k e tb all coac h P a nCan a!'s B alb oa Hi g h School St. Ma r y's P a ro c hi a l School, th e private Int e rna tio n a l S c ho ol, DoDDS B a lbo a Hig h S c h oo l ". in Engli s h a s w ell a s in Spanis h No m atte r where h e w e nt his students l ea rn e d to lov e all l e v e l s o f m a th But mor e th a n th e rul es o f m a th a nd th e rul es of socce r o r b as k e tb all, Mr. Williams ta u g ht his students th e rul es th ey n ee d e d t o win a t th e ga m e o f lif e. "Exa mpl e i s l ea d e r s hip ," o b se rv e d Alb ert Schwe it ze r H e mus t h a v e been thinkin g o f Cecilio Williams. A rti cles b y Mrs. S ydney Co rb e tt E n glis h D e p a rtm ent C h a irp e r so n

PAGE 158

Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein orders his troops to the border 01 oil-rich Kuwait. The U S send s 350 warplanes to IIIe area to suppOlt tbe Kttwalli forces. B y October 11, Hussein orders Ifte withdrawal 01 moll 01 his lorces. Russian Praictenl Boris YtftIin calls ou1 his poorly lrainecl military to SItbdue I rebellion i n Checlmya, a southem republic Iftl size of Connecticut. Critics aecuse Yeltsin 01 resorting to lotalilarian methods of Ifte old communisl Soviet regime to keep !tie shaky Russian Federation unilied. Europe' s worst llood in this century kills alleast 30 people across Europe. Inland floods caused by melting Alpine snow and relentless rains hi1 Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. whose lamous dike system begins 10 crumble lale in January 1995 in the lace 01 rampaging rivers. Dutch au!tlorilies evacuate 250,000 people trom the lowlands. Camilla Pal'ller Bowles, allegedly Prince Charles' mislress, announces her divorce Irom her husband, Andrew Parker Bowles. Princess Diana is said 10 be negolialing a divorce Irom Charles. who will be tree to remarry without giving up the lhrone-unless unhappy subjects lorce a relerendum on the monarchy. More than 900 passengers d i e 140 are rescued when the Estoni a a 15.500lon Ballic lerry s inks 0" Ihe coast 01 F inland i n a violenl n ighnime storm. The storm' s 30 1 001 waves swamp the s h i p which l ists and sinks i n a maner 01 m inutes Aher a peasant uprising in Chiapas and two major POlitical murders, Mexico gets a new president. Ernesto Zed ilia an economist, assumes ollice only to face a stockmarket crash, a ruined economy, and a loss 01 international confidence in the wake of the North American Free Trade Agreement. On July 25, U S President Bill Clinlon welcomes King Hussein of Jordan, right, and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin to the White House. where the two sign a historic nonaggression pact that ends a 46-year state 01 belligerency between Israel and Jordan. Conservati v e religio u s gro ups and t h ose w h o beli eve in individual rights c l ash over issues of education f o r women and family p lanning at the U.N. International Conference on Population and D e velopment in Cairo Egypt, S eptem ber 5 Joyful residents of Belfast celebrate aher the Irish Republican Army (IRA) announces an end to its military operations in Northern Ireland as of August31. After 25 years of British military presence and over 3 .000 killings Ihe IRA says it will now seek Irish union only through political channels. When their Army helicopter acciden tally strays into North Korea in December, Chief Warrant OHicers Bobby Wayne HalJ and David Hilemon are shot down by the communists. Washington does not admit to espionage as the North Koreans want, but negotiates for survivor Bobby Hall' s release by expressing its sincere regret over the intrusion Tipper Gore, wife 01 U S Vice President AI Gore, visits Rwandan refugee camps in Zaire in July. Thousands of refugees, lIeeing ethnic conflict in Awanda, die 01 cholera, dysentery, and other infectious diseases. Fresh water supplied by the United States military greatly reduces the number of cholera deaths. Palestine Liberation Organization chairman Yasir Arafat returns to Palestine in JulV 1994 aher 27 years 01 exile in Tunisia. Aralat kisses the ground in the Gaza Strip, now a Palestinian autonomous zone under the terms of a 1993 peace accord with Israel.

PAGE 159

Millions of South Alricans travel weary hours and wait in mile-long lines to vote in the first all-race elections. After more than a century 01 while rule, the voters choose former political prisoner Nelson Mandela 10 preside over the dismantling 01 apartheid. Jimmy Carter, former U.S. presiden t and sel f -styled g l oba l troubleshoote r f o r peace, nego t iates on behalf o f the U S in Hai t i Bosnia, an d North Korea Be even offers to help settle tbe baseball strike. In Japan. an earthquake with a magnitude 017. 2 collapses buildings, derails trains buckles elevated expressways, and causes fires throughout the city 01 Kobe. Over 5 ,000 people are killed and 26,000 injured. The Japan quake occurs January 17. 1995. one year to the day after a quake devastated Los Angeles US Presidenl Bill Clinton, right, and British Prime Minister John Major take part in ceremonies in June 1994 at a military cemetery during the 50th anniversary commem' oration of the Allied Q Day invasion of Europe, the event that sealed the fate 01 Nazi Germany during World War II. India suffers an outbreak of pneumonic plague, carried by flea-infested vermin. Workers in Bombay earn five rupees for each exterminated rat; one thousand rat-tails earns a color TV. Chinese school children, dressed to look like Colonel Sanders, welcome the president of Kentucky Fried Chicken to Shanghai in May 1994. Few of the country' s many foreign business ventures thrive, but KFC becomes a Chinese favorite. The finger lickin enterprise makes plans to expand its oullets from 28 to 200. A triumphant Jean Bertrand Aristide reclaims his position as president and restores democracy to Haiti with the help of U S troops. Haiti had suffered under the rule of a military junta led by General Raoul Cedras, who goes into exile aHer reaching an agreement with U S mediators. In one of the most successful antiterrorist operations in aviation history, French commandos storm an Air France jet-liner and kill four Algerian hijackers, freeing the plane's 173 passengers and crew Thousands of Cubans flee their e conomi cally d epressed homeland, hoping lor a better life in Ameri c a M a n y set off on homemade rafts and other s mall vessels only to be intercepted by the U S Coas t Guard. The United Sta tes and Cuba reach an agreement in September that allows 2 0 000 Cuban immigrants to enter the United States e ach year.

PAGE 160

In the wak e 01 the 1994 las Angeles eanhQuake and the southern California wildfires of 1993, California experl8ftC8S more n alural disasters in January 1995 when rainstonns cause flooding that kills 11 people Uld leaves 3 ,000 othen homelas. Flooding is so high in Santa Barbara, IuHetting teenagers dive on a freeway OvtflllSS into 15 feet of watef. President Clinton dedares 34 counties Itderal disaster are In 1994, the U S regmers a one-year POflulation growth of 2 7 million. Onethird 01 the increase is due 10 immigration, the largest such influx since 1914. Author and humanities professor, Ralph Ellison, dies at age 80. His 1952 novel, Invisible Man, has been called the most powerful novel written about alienation, identity, and racism in America. A huge increase in killings by 1410 24yearolds raises Ihe nation' s homicide rale, while violence blamed on preteens rocks communities nationwide. A boy, 13, is sentenced to life lor strangling a louryear,old. In Chicago, an 11yearold boy kills a 14yearold girl and is then executed by his own gang. In Washington state a pair 01 12yearolds shoot a migrant wor1c:er. The death of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in May 1994 marks the end of an era, a lime when America was prosperous, fighting for civil rights, and heading lor the moon. The former first lady is bUried next to her husband, President John F. Kennedy, in Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, D C Called the Republican revolution, November mid-term e lections put the Republican party and its anti-big gove rnment platform in contro l of Congress for the first time in 40 years. Georgia's N ewt Gingrich, author o f the GOP's with America." is the new Speaker of the Bous Heat, droughl, and lightning combine to set Western slates ablaze in lale June and July. Fires consume 2 ,000 acres in Colorado' s South C a n yon when 50 mile-an-hour winds whip the flames into a f irestorm, killing 14 specially t rained firelighters : 10 men and four women. The volunteers for Sitent March bring shoes from every state lor one 01 the quietest demonstrations to ever take place in Washington, O C Each empty pair 01 shoes repre sents one of the more than 40,000 Americans who have been killed by handguns. Despite p
PAGE 161

The U S Food and Drug Administration blasts the tobacco company executives at a congressional hearing in March 1994 for denying that nicotine I a drug found in cigarette smoke, is addictive. Tobacco industry workers fear losing their j obs i f the FDA s ucceeds in classifying and restricting cigarettes as a drug The371h u s President, Richard Nixon, dies in April 1994. Nixon was responsible for restoring normal ties with the People' s Republic 01 China following the signing 01 the Shanghai Communique in 1972. The flint River overflows, washing coHins out of a Georgia cemetery aHer torrential rains from tropical storm Alberto Ilood Georgia and the Florida-Alabama panhandle. Thirty-two people die, 40,000 are temporarily homeless, and 10.000 square miles are underwater, causing $100 million in crop damage. Former football star O J Simpson is charged with the June 12th stabbing dealh 01 his ex-wile Nicole and her friend Ronald Goldman, causing a non-stop media avalanche. The sensational case famil iarized watchers with spouse abuse, a lelevised ride in a white Ford Bronco. "Kalo" Kaelin, and DNA testing. Simpson faces the jury in January. Arare white buffalo named Miracle draws crowds to the humble Wisconsin farm where it was born August 20. Native Americans believe the calf is the fulfillment of a lakota Sioux prophecy. Five hundred years ago, While Buffalo Woman told her people that she would return as a white calf to usher in a new age of harmony between all races of mankind. President Clinlon, with Republican leader Bob Dole, signs legislation implementing the U S rote in an expanded General Agreement on TariHs and Trade IGATI). one 01 Ihe most sweeping trade liberal ization pacts i n history. The legislation makes the U S a member 01 a new 125member World Trade Organization. Protectionists worry that GAIT may promote world trade but won' t sufficienlly protect American jobs. The Secret Service considers restricting public access to the White Bouse after a gunman fires 27 rounds at the building's facade in October. In September a s mall Cessna airplane crashes o n the South Lawn and comes to rest at the bas e of the White Bouse b elow President Clinton's bedroom, killing the pilot.

PAGE 162

The U .S. Interior Department moves the bald eagle from lis endangered species list to the less critical "threatened" category. The Pacific Northw est's spotted owl is lett to fend l o r itsel f when In JUIt8 a lederal judge lilts the 1991 injunction that hatted logging in the owl's habitat. The lossll of a previously unknown dinosaur, ttle 25-tootlong Cryolophosaurus ellioti, is lound in Anlarclica. Despite a so-called litness craze, the HatioRaI Cenler for Health Statistics continns the American overabundance of lood combined with a sedentary lifestyle is creating an epidemic 01 obesity. Since 1980, the number of overweight adulls has ballooned 10 one-third 01 the population, with an alanning increase among children. Some 01 the 599 newly revealed secret ingredients major cigarette-makers add 10 improve laste and tenure: beeswax, butler, carrot oil, citronella oil, cocoa shells, com silk, dandelion root enract, 31 chemicals thai start wilh ethyl, oak chip oil, vinegar, and dimethyllelrahydrobenloluranone. Three planets are discovered orbiting a pulsar star 3 ,000 light-years away i n the constellalion V irgo. One is the size 01 the moo n and two are three times more massive than E arth: all are rocky worlds without a n atmosphere. NASA' s space shuUle mission 64 tests the operations 01 a Simplified Aid For Extravehicular Activity Rescue (SAFAR) device. Crew member Mark lee maneuvers successfully outside the Discovery, while Carl Meade photographs him against the background of Earth. Rodbell and Alfred Gilman are awarded the 1994 Nobel Prize in Phys i ology or Medicin e for developing a model o f cell c OIOlDWlication that has medical implicatio n s fro m ch olera t o cancer The Food and Drug Administration institutes new food labeling on almos t all loods in response to consumer protes t against the many misleading claims of food producers. The new readable l abels provide realistic serving sizes, tist calories Irom lat, and allow you to compare different nutrient values. Autostereograms popularly known as Magic Eye. cause legions of people to stare cross-eyed for long periods 01 time. Based on a mystery 01 neurology and 3-D objects, pattern elements fuse into left-eye and right-eye images of a single hidden object which appears to be floating. The century' s greatest chemist and antinuclear activist, linus C Pauling, winner 01 the Nobel Prize lor Chemistry in 1954 and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1962, dies at the age 0193. His wort on DNA laid the foundation for Crick and Watson' s discovery of the double helix. In Ethiopia, anthropologists discover the skull of a human ancestor, Australopithecus ramidus. 4 4 million years old. The new species has leatures midway between apes and humans and promises to provide clues to still earlier evolutionary stages. Japan's "Love Love Simulation" computer program allows couples to take a non-scientific look at future offspring by digitally com bining their own photos t o predict a child's appearance

PAGE 163

Astronomers major telescope in the world to see the hlstonc cosmic crack-up of the 21 big fragments of Comet Shoemaker levy 9 as it smacks into the atmosphere of Jupiter at 134,000 miles an hour. Plumes 01 lire shoot up hundreds of miles, high enough to become visible to telescopes on Earth. I n t erne t activity rise s s h a r ply a s surf e r s find their way around the i n f o rmation sup erhighway A d vertisers, rock music r eviewers, the worldly Voice of America, and others d ec ide it's time t o jump o n NASA publishes a new rep ort supporting the theory that a giant c omet hit Earth 65 millio n years ag o and vaporized 100 billion tons of sulphur to create the cloud barrier that fro ze Earth's atmosphere and killed the dinosaurs. Along-term sludy 01 radial keratotomy finds it generally safe and effective. For the nearsighted. tiny spokelike incisions into the eye improve focusing ability and eliminate the need for eyeglasses. The patient is awake for the procedure. Acave is found in southern France, full of 300 vivid paintings of woolly-haired rhinos, bears, mammoths, panthers, and owls made about 20,000 years ago. The Stone Age artists also lef1 behind bear skulls, llinl knives, footprints, and lireplaces. Experts call it the archaeological find of the century. The non-violent CD-ROM game Myst by Cyan. Inc. becomes a best-selling phenomenon, winning legions of devoted lans and spawning imitators. The lanlasy-advenlure' s graphic visuals are hyperreal; the written word i s the key to the mystery. One of lake Superior' s enduring mysteries is solved by scientists and marine h istorians who explore the wreck 01 the Edmund Fitzgerald, an ore carrier that sank with its crew in a 1975 storm. The ship, overused and in poor condilion, was ripped apart by gO-mph winds and 3D-fool waves. Most 01 the 29 crewmen are entombed inside the wreckage, well preserved in Ihe 390 waters. Cutbacks in military spending torce the U .S Navy to reduce its elile 100-dolphin fleet trained for use in sonar research, mine sweeping, and underwater recovery. Too tame 10 be released in the open sea, the veterans at conllicts from Vietnam to the Persian Gull retire to aquariums and water parts.

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The most popular names lor newboms this year are Ashley and Michael. Young people serve their c ountry b y volunteering under a new program called AmeriCorps, where 20,000 people aged 17 and up wort with community-based organizations in exchange lor $ 7 ,500 plus money toward college tuition or loans. One percent of the nation' s 50 million school-age children learn at home as lamilies seek alternatives to public schools. In a hand lui 01 high-tech experiments. kids submit homework by modem, download books and artwork Irom the Inlernel, and collaborate on academic projects with other children around the world. A survey 01 college kids reveals their lavorite sources 01 sugar and caffeine during all'nighl studying to be: powdered iced lea. peanut buller mixed with marsh mallow cream, baby food. ramen noodles. raw cookie dough. and trail mix made Irom chocolate chips. graham cracker bits. and minimarshmallows. A'ive, y new cale society centers around Ihe 5 ,000 gourmet coffees hops which spring up around the country. To the onen young and trendy palrons. the social interaction is just as important as the espresso. Some cafes offer lulltime Internet links so patrons can sip and chat with other Internet lane drinkers. Yoga, a Hindu system o f stretching exercises for wellbeing, surges in popularity, m ostly because the older generation s eek s a technique f o r alleviating stress and finds yoga better than aerobics. Aerobic boxing, wilh boxing-style leg and arm work, turns out to be one 01 the year' s hot exercise trends, showing up in workout studios and anracting those who want to work off their aggression by throwing a right and a lew jabs. Besides recycled c lothing like lic e nse plate bustiers, bottlecap jewelry, trash-b a g and ducttape dresses, fashion trends include the schoolgirl look with thigh-highs, and the grunge-turne d beatnik look o f l ong, straight hair and a goatee A new survey shows that over 12 million Americans are vegetarians, choosing the no-meat lifestyle because 01 concern about animal cruelty, cost-efficiency, eco-friendliness and/or improved health and litness. The honest merchandise around is Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, so hot Cabbage Patch dolls pale in comparison. Parents criticize Fox' s super-violent TV show, but their kids crave Dragon Daggers, Megazords, and Ihe 4-1001. $230 battery powered car. "Go, go, Power Rangers!"

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AhO! new collectible derives from an old household item. Milk caps, known in some regions as pogs, originally capped the bottles lett by the milkman but have now gone funky with colol1ul printed designs and variations thai are traded and used in games. Although most are forced to settle for Oakley wraparounds, stylin kids, like in-Hne skaters and urban youth, clamor for Arnet's S80 Ravens with the silver chrome frames. Led by brash young skale and surf types, two million snowboarders nationwide discover the joy of swooping down slopes on one board instead of two. No hard bools, no poles, no crossed lips make it easier than skiing. Since their giant frozen wave is a ski hill snowboarders annoy old-style skiers who want their slopes lel1 undisturbed by shredders. The first generation to ignore colas in favor of Iruit drinks, today' s young people give Snapple popular cult status. The trend breeds juice wars as Snapple imitators like Fruitopia vie lor youth market shares and inundate the airwaves with Generation X-type advertiSing. Pope John Paul II authors Crossing the Threshold of Hope, a blend ollheotogy evangelizing and personal remininiscene. It becomes a best-seller i n 35 countries. Remaining a virgin in the face of peer pressure finds new respect among teens who delend their freedom to forgo sex in a sex-crazy world. The movement is both a demand lor real love and a reaction against unwanted pregnancy and health risks, since today one oul 01 four kids are inlected with sexually transmitted diseases by the age of 21. Kool-Aid makes a cheap hair-dye, an alternative to bleached hair with, say, Prizm Blue added for sheen The city fade" shaves the sides of your head and leaves the top longer, and the matted hair look is achieved by leaving the soap in and forgetting to comb. It's called "the year o f the cottage industry" as more Americans adopt different work arrangements in response to corporate downsizing either by telecommuting or starting businesses out o f the i r homes. The designer pets 01 the year are African pigmy hedgehogs and some 3 ,000 find homes w it h humans. They are gentle, like to be petted, and need a once-aday feeding of pet food or mealworms. They don' t s m ell a n d will even eat your roaches

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J ohn Travolla and Samuel L Jackson slar in Pulp Fiction, an "extravagantly d emente d lowlde lalapalool3 wilt! ollttandish twi sts ." The IiIm' s p lot revol v e s around a watch. a brielcas e and a large syringe in a dallly humorous scene w hich reportedly causes a lew audience members with needle-phobi a to lall out ot t heir seats i n revulsion. John Candy, the large and lovable star ollilms Splash, Cool Runnings. Home Alone, and many other tamity favorites. dies althe age 01 43. Whether Candy played jells slobs or loonies. his natur a l goodness came s h i n ing through. With a triedbuHrue storyline, the TV show "Me and the Boys," becomes an immediate family favorite, with standup comic Steve Harvey playing a w idower who' s len to raise three lively sons singlehandedly. Reality-based television p r ograms rule the tube 'With "Cops," ""American Detective," "FBI: The U ntol d Stor i es, uTop Cops and ""Re scue 911. " America's Most Want ed" and U nsolved Mysteries enlist :-viewers' help in 1/ tracking d own .. Life is like a box 01 chocolates, says its title character. fugitives Forrest Gump, starring Tom Hanks. surprises everyone ;'" w ith its popularity, attributed to the audiences' thirst / ./, for 01 simple values good intentions. ;::;. u Fasclnallng speCIal eHecls place Gump Inlo real news foolage wilh U S presidenls. ,\t Every Tuesday n ight 20 million homes lune in to "Home Improvement." tetevision' s NO. 1 show, starring comedian Tim Allen as Tim Taytor. the how-to hos t 01 "Tool Time," w ith his wife Jill and thre e kids Fans love thi s funny r eal lile rellection 01 m i ddle-class family lile Comedian Jim Caney' s career is s-s-smokin' In The Mask, Carrey plays shy Stanley Ipkiss, who d iscovers that a mythical mask can turn him into a very cool green-laced cartoon-like dude. While waiting lor sequels to The Mask and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Carrey lans enjoy current hit Dumb and Dumber. Shameless prime' time soap opera "Melrose Place," co-starring Heather Locklear and Grant Show, attracts legions 01 fans with its sillY'sensational ploUines and shallowbulbeautiful characters. Fans even buy the TV show' s soundtrack and "MP" clothing. Tom Cruise bites as the elegantly evil vampire Lestat in the film based on Anne Aice' s novel Interview With the Vampire. Brad Pitt costars in the story that' s been a favorite w ith millions of readers for twenty years. Comi c Margaret Cho stars in the first all Asian sitcom "AIIAmerican Girl," about a college girl who' s not making enough money to move away Irom home and has to live with her rigidly traditional Korean immigrant parents.

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The animals aren' t cuddly, but Disney' s 32nd animated feature The Lion King i s s till a box-oHice smash and a sure classic. The story 01 a young lion S imba, on the path to maturity combines five T i m Rice/Elton John songs with comedy that leaves audiences roaring. Just say ;Hakuna matala," Swahili lor "no worries," L iving Single" i s hailed a s a New Vort< City version 01 "Designing Women." The comedy is aboullour women who share a big apartment. and features Kim F ields and rap star Queen lalilah whose quiet presence and dignity S ingles her out as a slar. Talented young Claire Danes stars as a savvy 15-year-old confronting adolescent anxielies in the ABC television series "My SoCalled life," which receives critical acclaim. Danes also stars i n the movie Linle Women, with W inona Ryder. This yea(s Emmy for bes t comedy series goes to TV' s "Frasier," the story of a radio psychiatrist with a dysfunctional family. Star of the critical and main-stream hit, Kelsey Grammer dedicates his best-actor award 10 Ihe dog "Eddie" whose offscreen Aner his villain in Shakespeare' s Much Ado About Nothing and his title role in Bertolucci' s Linle Buddha, actor Keanu Reeves buffs up to play an action star i n Speed, about a bomb and a runaway bus, one of the year' s b igges t box office hits. Witb tbe first female starsbip captain, TV's "Star Trek: Voyager" is the newest off shoot of the enduring Star Trek phenomenon, after "Deep Space Nine, "The Next Generation," and tbis year's fulllengtb feature Star Trek Although his action fans may prefer True Lies Arnold Schwanenegger. with costar Danny DeVito, cracks up audiences in Junior where the strongman plays a boringlyserious scientist who tests a ferti lity drug on himsell, learns the joys of motherhood, and falls i n love with the baby' s mom, Emma Thompson. B aywatch," the world' s most-watched syndicated TV show, is a feel-good action/adventure about a Malibu lifeguard, played by David Hasselhotf. Sunny beach scenes take the pressure ott plot or character development. In tribute to its popularity, Mattei. Inc. creates Baywatch Barbie. LOU Gehrig' s last day, Sandy Koufax on the mound, and Jackie Robinson' s arrival are all part of the Ken Burns lilm "Baseball," an 181,I2hour historical miniseries on PBS. "Baseball" touches on American issues of race, labor, immigration, the role of women, urban renewal, popular media, and the nature 01 heroes and my1hology. Ho o p Dreams is a documentary about two young Chicago athletes who dream of p laying in the NBA. Arthur Agee and William Gates soon realize the dream will have to come at the expense of everything else. Hoop DrI,ms oHers as much drlma. IlCitement and emotilHlll ups and downs II Inythlng to come out of Hollywood.

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After their Woodstock '94 perlorman c e SCOr1S them mass adulation and an onstage mudlighl, punk-pop trio Gr1en Day wins Ihe lille for Ihis year' s best new band. Their album Dookitl, fealuring "Basket Case," goes triple platinum. LPs make a comeback when major r1cording labels give in 10 pressur1lrom artists aMi fans. Hew tilles are r1leased on vinyl, as well as CDs and tapes. Pronounced dead in the '80s, the revived 1Z-inch longplays come complete with Ihe art-covered sleeves and Iyricsheet inserts Ihat make them collector' s ilems. Liz Phair tollows up fliltl in Guyvilfe with Whip-smart and songs like "Super and "Jealousy." Her music is said 10 be aboul sell-parody, detensiveness, beautiful lIaws, and cluelessness. Futuristic noise mavens Nine Inch Nails and singer Trent Remor drive home a point with their "Closer" single and hit video, from their album The Downward Spiral. Mosh pit heroes Bad Religion gel plenty 01 play with "21st Century Boy" and their album Stranger Than fiction Beasti e Boys release thei r fourth hip-hop album III Commun ication on the heels of thei r h ighly p opular Check Your Hea d S uperunkn own, a 70-minute, 15son g o p u s debu tes a t No. 1 o n the B ill board charts. Fans and c r i llcs s a y i rs the best r ecord 01 metal band Soundgarden' s car eer. Singer Sheryt Crow hits paydirt with her debut album, Tuesday Night Music Club with the seedybut-upbeat sounds 01 leaving las Vegas" and "Alii Wanlto Do. JOdeci, two pairs 01 brothers whose lunky ballads coined the t erm "Feenin: bring gospel h armoni e s to their new album Diary of a Mad Band, whic h goes platinum. They dress alike and rule Motown. II seems like Boyz II Men only makes mega-hits, like "On Bended Knee" and I 'll Make love to You." Their second album, II, goes straight to NO. 1 on the R&B charts. With quirky lyrics and bass-voiced singing on hits like "Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, the Crash Test Dummies' album, God Shul/led His Fee/, becomes a chart-topper in the U S and Europe. Al though s bad-mann e r e d appearance on Letterman begets criticis m her a lbum Bedtime S t o r i e s with hits "Take a Bow" and "Secret," i s a solid chart-topp e r S eaHle rock band Pearl Jam and lront man Eddie Vedder give youlhful angst a good name as they rock hard with their third album, Vila/ogy, considered their strongest yet. Music, moshing, and lots of mud deline Woodstock '94. The 25th anniversary 01 the original 1969 "summer of love" has ATMs, Pepsi, and '90s prices: $135lickets and S4 hamburgers. AHer happily grooving to everything Irom Bob Dylan to Nine Inch Nails, 350,000 lans depart peacefully. Pop-siren Janel Jackson's body language and lyrics draw large concert crowds to see her perform hits like "You Want ThisnO' s love Groove." Jackson wins an MTV Music Award lor her video If Singer Vince Gill makes country music history by winning the Country Music Association' s award lor top male vocalist four years in a row. The CMA also awards him 1994 Entertainer olthe Year.

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Nominated for best female vocalist, country singer Mary Chapin Carpenter croons at the Country Music Awards ceremony, but loses to Pam Tillis Carpenter' s album Stones in the Road tops the country charts. It s a year of hits for bun band, Gin Blossoms. Their top, selling album New Miserable Experience, covers "Hey Jealousy," "Found Out About You," and "Until I Fall Away." Hailed as the crown prince of reggae, Buju Banton' s album, Buju Banton: Voice of Jamaica, pumps the party with ;'Walk like a Champion" and "Man a look Yuh." EMI Records releases Liv e at the BBC a two-disc set o f radio concerts recorded by tbe Beatles in tbe earl y '60s. "Fre e as a Bird,n an original unfinisbe d track by the late J o hn Lennon is fini s bed, mixed w ith t h e live voices of Paul, Geo r g e and Ringo, and inc l u d ed in tbe set. Dismissed as kiddie artists, three 12-yearold rappers who go by the name of Immature, get a new sound. Album Playtime Is Over and hits "Never lie" and "Constantly" pump them up to stardom. Hit single "Cryin'" wins MTV' s Video of the Year award for singer Steven Tyler and metal band Aerosmith, who ride a wave 01 success and release their new album Big Ones. ,. The rock-spectacle ROiling Stones tour, named alter their album Voodoo Lounge, combines a light show, computer animation, video blowups, and gigantic inllatable props. Millions watch the Stones prance through their classic and current hits like love Is Strong. ,. Voodoo lounge becomes the highest grossing tour in history with 5115 million in ticket sales. The Canadian band Cowboy Junkies, whose big hit this year is ';Sweet James," sings 01 isolation and despair on their latest album Pale Sun/Crescent Moon. Powered to the top with their pure pop sound, Swedish quartet Ace of Base tops the charts with The Sign. Their sound is a contagious blend of reggae-splashed pop known as "China Reggae. JMascis emerges as a prolific and versatile songwriter tor the punk-rock band Dinosaur Jr. with "Dulla Hand" and major hit "Feel the Pain." both on their latest album Without a Sound. J / The Benedictine Monks o f Santo Domingo de Silos release their CD, Cbant. Heavy rotation o n MTV turns the collectio n o f ancient Gregorian chants into an un expecte d best-seller Irish rock foursome, the Cranberries tour the United States playing the sad, pretty melodies from their second hit album, No Need to Argue. Rappers w ith a self reliant altitude, SaltN -Pepa keep their Very Necessaryvibe going this year with hits "Shoop" and "Whatta Man" which wins them, along with En Vogue, an MTV Music Award. Rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg' s performance makes the movie soundtrack Above the Rim a bestseller His video I I' s a Doggy Dogg World, which reunites all the '70s black e x p loitation film stars wins a n MTV Music Award.

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Ranked No.1, the Uniwersity 01 Nebraska Comhllskers linish their unbeaten season by defeating the Miami Hunieanes to win the national liOe. Quarterback Tommie Frazier e arns MVP honors by guiding the Huskers to two fourtltquarter touchdowns and a frenetic 2 ... 17 victGry. She was a pro a113, a millionaire al le. and out 01 the game at 17. After gening booked on charges 01 marijuana possession, tennis star Jennifer Capriati enters a drug rehab program and makes a comeback in aulumn where she plays weli but loses her limround match. Former Wimbledon champ Andre Agassi wins the 1994 U S Open and beats cham pion Pele Sampras allhe 1995 Australian Open. Called the most popular tennis player in Ihe world. the tennis phenom has a new giritriend, tormer model Brooke Shields. The National Hockey league plays only 48 ollhe 82 games in the season this year due to a lockout. Following baseball' s example, hockey owners put salary caps on their players. who strike but lose Oul 10 the owner' s rule. Track and lield star Wilma Rudolph dies althe age 0154. The 20th 0122 children, she overcame polio, starletlevet, and pneumonia 10 become a basketball star a113. an Olympic bronze medalist a116. and a winner of three gold medals in the 1960 Rome Olympics. Whenever the Magic, led by 7'1" 300-pound Shaquille O 'Neal, score 110 points. the Orlando McDonald' s restaurants redeem home game tickets for a free Big Mac. With the team selling out all 16,000 seats, Ihe Golden Arches supply a massive Mac aHack, consoling lans lor the lack 01 a playoff victory. Pitchman George Foreman, 45, wearing the same red trunks he sported when he fought Muhammad Ali 20 years earlier wins the world' s heavyweight boxing lille from Michael Moorer with a 10th round knockout. The higb rate o f early bur n out in women's pro tennis from m edia p ressure, trainers, and sponsors causes the parents of Venus Williams, 14, t o delay her pro debut. -Pete Sampras deleats Gorn Ivanisevic in the men' s singles linal at Wimbledon in July 1994, lor his second straight Wimbledon title. In January, pressure 01 delending the title causes him to break down in tears althe 1995 Australian Open. Having already announced her retirement from singles tennis. nine-time Wimbledon champion Martina Navratilova waves good-bye 10 an emotional crOWd, after losing to Conchita Martinez in her lasl Wimbledon match. In July, Miguellndurain of Spain makes a triumphant entry on the Champs Elysees in Paris to win the Tour de France for the fourth straighltime. He wins the 3-week, 3 ,218 km contest easily, linishing live minutes, 39 seconds ahead 01 the field. Greg LeMond, the only American to win the Tour de France three times, retires Irom racing because of health problems.

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On June 14, the New York Rangers defeat the Vancouver Canucks 3 to 2 in the seventh game of the Stanley Cup play-offs winning the coveted hockey cup for the first lime in 54 years. The Centennial O lympics wil l be in Atlanta, Georgia in 1996 The city will emphasize its multicultura l aspects to honor athletes from aro und the world. Dara Torres-Gowen becomes the first Olympic swimmer 10 model swimsuits in the Sports Illustrated annual swimsuit issue. Goldmedalist Torres-Gowen' s sporty looks break the "waifs and glamazons" mold dictated by fashion. Fans are openly angry when a dispute between players and team owners over salary caps and other issues threatens to shut down baseball. A work stoppage begi n s on August 12, and no World Series is played lor the tirst t ime s i nce 1904. Tonya Harding. barred for life from organized skating tor obstructing justice in the investigation ot an assault on Nancy Kerrigan, i s oHered $2 million by the All Japan Women' s Pro Wrestling Association 10 wrestle a s a baddie. asketball star Sheryl Ihe basketball team to a gold medal allhe Goodwill Games in Russia. Earlier she led Texas Tech to an HCAA tille and signed an endorsement deal with Hike. In Super Bowl XXIX in Miami, the San Francisco 4 gers beat the San Diego C h a r gers 4 9 2 6 in their record-breaking fifth Super Bowl w i n. Quarterba ck Stev e Y oung pas s e s f o r a record six tou chdowns t o win m os t valuable p layer. After 52 w ins, lour PPG Cup titles, and $10 million in earnings, Indycar champion Mari o AndreHi races lor the final time i n his 31year career. The lourtime Indianapolis 500 champion retires in October 1994. Ernie Els wins the 1994 U.S. Open g olf tournament in sudd en death playoff. Tbe U .S w o men's gol f team, led b y Dottie Mocbrie, b eats Europe f o r the 1994 Solheim Cup. World Cup comes to the U S for the lirstlime : 24 leams play 52 World Cup games in n ine c ities 10 3 .567.415 Ion, culminating i n a till e match between Braz il and lIaly Earlier the U S upset Colombia. b u t los! to the Brazilian t eam, who went on t o w i n the cup.

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Suprem e Coult JustIce Harry Blackmun, 85, who w rote Itle majority opinion In Roe v Wade, t h e l a n d mark 1973 case that guaranleed a woman's legal rigid to a bortion, announctS his mirement from the court after 24 ,ars. The Charles and Diana fairy l.ale-tumed-sordid-soap continues: A Gennan newspaper prints nude photos 01 Prince Charles; he publisfles a saying he never loved his wile. Princ_ Diana is suspected of making crank phone calls; an old friend who claims to be her ex-lover hawks a trashy kiss-and-Iell book. Tabiltla the cal spends 12 days and 32,000 miles in the fuselage 01 a Tower Air 747 jel when she escapes her cal cartier and gets lost in the cargo hold. Tabitha makes televisio n appearances after her rescue with her aspiring-actress owner_ Tabitha lost two pounds during the ordeal, her owner lost six. The Florida judge would nol allow Paul Hilt to use justi liable homicide as a defense in Ihe shootings 01 Or. John Brilton and his bodyguard outside a P e nsacola abortion clinic. H ill islound guilty 0 1 murder in the litsl degree. Anna P a quin, 11, win s a n Academy Award lor her performance i n The Piano. Says aclor Gene Hackman, '"I guess now you'll have no Irouble getting cast in your school p lay_ Ronald Reagan, 83, announces he i s in the early stages of Alzheimer' s disease, whic h wil l cause him to rely increasingly on wife Nancy. Doctor s say the easy-going ex-president shoul d be able to function normally for several more years_ Despite hurled obscenities and death threat s Shannon Faulkner, 19, baules the all-male Citadel for the right to become the first female cadet in the 152-year history of the state-supported South Carolina military school. Nelson Mandela, an international hero who won the Nobel P eace Prize, writes his story. Long Walk t o Freedom: The Autobiography 01 Nelson Mandela covers the author' s 27 years as a political prisoner, his release, and black Africans struggle for freedom. Sending a worthy message to pageantwatchers, Heather Whitestone, a deaf Alabama college junior who works with handicapped kids, i s crowned 1994 Miss America by her predecessor Kimberly Aiken. In Singapore. American teenager Michael Fay is convicted of vandalis m and publicly caned four times by a martial arts master, despite pleas from his family and President Clinton. APplying his new fame to good works actor Antonio Banderas of Philade/phi a and Interview With the Vampire, spends a week on a goodwill mission helping UNICEF draw attention to wartorn Somalia. Cartoonist Gary larson announces that he will retire The Far Side, a feature that bega n in 1978 and has appeared in 1 ,500 newspapers_ Why. 6.lr y, you'vt' Iw /he ptJwt>r to your qu,.ari; tim,p5 IlN/ 1"0 )'OI'r sel( tileu's f'D /;f(e irNn(J, illerl" no pIau f,xf! ho/'1lt!_ Prlnled 10 USA @l995Jostens,IJlC and World 9!t-047 (12156) F.rmer basketball I superstar Michael < Jordan Improves J his game for the Arizona ScotI$date Scalpl .... a ml ........ 11 IUm. He 11111l1li .0 pia .. to ....... to III HopI In about the mosl surprising event of the year, Michael Jackson weds Elvis daughter, lis a Marie Presley in a secret ceremony, May 1994_ Journalists wonder if the union i s n t a business arrangement or an attempt to polish Michael's public image, tarnished by claims 01 child molestation. S crutty movie idol Johnny oepp and wispy model Kale Moss have a headlinemaking lovers quarrel_ Oepp is arrested for trashing the couple' s hotel room. Model Cindy Crawford and actor Richard Gere, dubbed the world' s sexiest couple, announce their separation. Hollywood books Crawford for her first movie. Japar.ese eanhQuake cover pholocredll A P/WlrJe WOI"ld Nev.1 GHlgnch cover photo c rellil Robeft VISset. Sygma

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