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f 'I-Ie( -r2.)-"L /i9J I Wi' \tID I6] Opening 2 -Student life 4 ....-people 32 1t;::J Seniors 34 ...-J .--II -Juniors 58 Sophomores 78 faculty 98 ----academics 108 --. r--a Clubs 124 .--. 148 ads 174 ....-----Index 1 96 ........ Closing 206 This year's cov e r w as designed by Drake ::;prague l


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1993 Zonian vol. 84 in step with tradition An eager crowd watches Mr. Thare clean the senior plaque Earlier in the year s eniors voted for the teacher they most wanted 10 see doing this (Photo by C Rigby) Balboa High School pop. 850 Unit 0925 APOAA34002 Tel: 52-7896 Title


Parents gather for "lunch." At Bad To School N!ghl. held Sept. 9th. parents followed their 165' schedules to attend 10 mm. "ctasses" to meet the teachers. (Plloto by R Hines.) Melanie Cooper awaits her turn to walk the "runway. At the annual Halloween Contest, held on the front lawn. students came to show off thell costumes and take a shot at the $100 prIZe. (Photo by D MItis) G o,."ng Semors walt patiently to speak. At OrientatIOn Day. representatives from various clubs and ac. tlvltles wetcomed new students to BHS and en. couraged them to Jom an activity. (Photo by C Rigby) Greg Nevins pays l o r his lunch In the cafetena. Mos t students who stayed on campus through lunch opted for lunch 10 the cafeteria. (Photo by G Elhson) Prescott Bush fectured at the BHS library early Semor class president. Noni Robinson cuts cake In the year campalgnmg for hiS brother, G eOfe' for hungry ctassmates at the semor recepbon Bush. (Photo by C Rigby) (Photo by D Mills) oing to school in Panama isn't quite the same experience as going to school stateside is. Here the "snow" days may be replaced by "demon stration" days. Our daily schedules may be contigent upon the current Personnel Movement Limitation (PML). Muggy tropi cal weather is the norm. Despite the differ ences some things will never change -breezeway pizza sales, underclassmen cleaning the senior plaque, and Mr Hoi land making the rounds at lunch munching on his popcorn. Although we adapt to changes, we still stay In Step With Trad i tion.


o O,,'IOg Duiree Dlis practices her flut e at orchestra r e o hearsals. Orchestra IS one of the activities pur sued BHS students. (Photo by C Rigby) A group of gfrls attend the Homecoming pep rally In the stadium. Student were allowed to miss 5th and 6th peffod to attend (Photo b y C R lgb,) Some students hang around In the ureer cen ter. Mrs. White' s room was usually a good place to hang out In (Photo by C Rigby) .. -JUst Thompson wafts around after school for his fide home. (Photo by S Patty) Anti e Man plays her part In the school play, OKLAHOMA! (Photo by G Elhs) Ron Malave gels her order of ffles In the cafeterta. lots 01 students ale lunch In Ihe c a feteria. (Photo by C Rigby) Ryochi Hanbe works on hiS Appl e II gs In M r Thale' s room M Thale' s c lasses rely heavily on the computers. (Photo by 0 Gifford) O,,'IOg (:JJ


Student [,ie \\G\ \9\'." Ppeop w a good time whether it's at the homecoming rally or Carnavalito. They will go all out for prom willingly, yet ....... scrounge around for the last ___ dime that will enable them to ;..-", buy that candy bar down at Oscar's. Hanging out is always the thing to do. Sometime in stead of down at Oscar's or on the rails of the breezeway masses of people will be found "hanging out" in Mr. Thale's room, in the computer lab typing away in a ---frenzy, or selling stuff on the breezeway. V\brking through ....lunch is not always fun but in the company of friends you can never be too sure what will happen.


DaM, Zimmtrman skates down a small hiU. There are several skaters that go to Balboa High SchooL (Photo by C Mcfarlane) Stud"tl,t, OJ


Prom-Goers Determined To The night was lull of anxieties "Does my half look OIce?" I s my b o w -tie o n fight' '' M y head was too small and my boutonniere kept lailing a ll ," ucialmed semor Shawn P ally. Many students (ode In style t o dinner: a limOUSine. a corvette, Of a chlva. "The people at the res taurant stared at us so much I thought I'd spilled my dinner on me_ I thmk they were lusllmpressed by our f ormal atllre," said senior Cathy RiEby. Through all the hassle seniors and lumors managed to get t o the Amador Officer's Club where the Prom was held. The room was lined With the scent of corsages and the sound of romantiC mUSIC. The mulh-colored balloons decorated the room as well as the streamers ""an out o f oxygen Set The Night To Music hom blowmg so many balloons," remembered JUnior, Marie Schulz, Student s overcame their sheepish ways and got on the dance floor Some "I arrived fifteen minute. before Prom ended, and I.aw Elvi . "-W. Schulz girls deCided to take oU thell heels and got down t o the mUSIC, Also there were pictures to be taken, although many wondered why as they waited Cathy R 1lby PinS on Shawn P,Uy' bouton nlele al her house The e.c hange ot cal sages and boutonnleles was a Ifadlhon o b stlved by most people (Photo by 8 Rigby) l o r the photographer to reset hiS camera and reposItioned them lor the zlllIonth lime. "The line was soooooo long," said P,II, JUniors were diSCUSSing their future senior year You could hear some seniors talking about where to go after prom. Some students went to post prom parties while other s crUised around Some students hung around the little couple. Caleb Bales and Kalherine Seitz. "Caleb was 100 bashful 10 take hiS picture," said Mr. Bales All m all, the night was a big success Students got to retal and enloy themselves I had a lot of tun," said RiCby. "After the prom we drove around belore gOing home Ithmk It was QUlle romantic. The photoglaphef aflanges Karen Eckelte and M k hael Charles fOl thell prom photo A lot o t people had thell PlCtules taken at the prom t o lemembel I I by (Photo by C Rigby) I A group o f prom goers gel tnto reggae Af ter danCing for a lew hours, most gl,ls de Clded 10 sk.p the high heels tn of com forI. (Pho t o by C Rigby) Katherine Seil! and Caleb Bales prepare to present the queen WIth her crow n Ove' come With emotion, Caleb changed hiS mind and Katherine crowned Noni Robinson on helown (Photo by C Rigby) Carlo, lam takes a break from danCing and Sits W ith !flends Alter danCing most 01 the night, most people went to post p rom par hes 01 to clubs out'" town (Photo by C Rigby) -


A New Season Students Go Begins As To Jamboree Rally A brown odd-sh a p e d b all soar s through t h e flight sky. The landscape con S i s t s o f tall, sil ver post s wit h huge, bhndlng ligh t s tt,at outshine t h e s tars T h e smell o f h otdogs hamburgers, and p o pcorn weaves t h rough dozen s and d o z e n s o f people P OPPing and f iZZIng o f sodas I S so common It goes unno ticed T eams o f g reen r e d light blue. b l u e and bla c k and gold l a k e turns p l aYing eac h othe r In a round r obin fas hton This IS the annual Jambo ree. ThiS annual event w a s star t e d In 1950 by Luke Palumbo S r H e was a football coach a t C r i s t o bal H i g h School. H I S i dea cam e a bout b y watching a Simil a r evenlm hiS home s t ate 0 1 MISSOUri. G S l u d,"1 l,le T h e traditIOnal Jamboree I S a pre seas o n event whe r e alilhe football team s and fans get together on "I find it odd that the Ichool hal four teaml inltead of one."-MI. McGregor Cris t o b a l g round t o p tay and watc h eac h othe r b e f o r e the offi C ial seas o n beglOs T h i S I S a much ant i c ipat e d p c e Green DeVils cheerleaders s h o w therr g o get 'em attit u d e by e xetutrng a pyramid All stunts requrre d h ours 0 1 pract ice and dedication (Pho t o by' G Ellison ) SemI agents Tony A i r d and Mike Buch a n a n c heck o u t the scene disguised a s t w o pce f ootball players I nnocently w a t chrng the pep lally. (Photo by c Rigby) event. Not o nly does II star t off t h e footb all season, 10 a way I I s t arts off the n e w s c hool year. The Jambo ree IS the firs t school s p orts e v e n t and I I always offer s an o pportun i t y t o meet new Itl ends A l s o the trrp gives everyon e something t o talk a bout a t s c hool on M onday. Each J a m b o ree season. one queen I S c h o sen to repre sent each team d Uring the J ambo ree parade and the Jamb o ree game I t s elf. Thi S year the queens w e r e : Juli e Churc h ( R e d M a c hine), Heather Crai g ( Tigers). lisa S asso (Bulldogs), lenilee Szymanski ( G reen Devils), and Helen Tremblay ( C ougars), D esire e $qu i r e pOint s out something Inter eshng on the o ther Side of the held as Ed ward D awkins looks on Ther e were many Interestrng things t o see thai day. (Pho t o bye Rigby) AUe. the Pep Rally. Mr. H olland d e l ends himself a s Mrs B a les calls hiS a ttention to the Sign behind him. It w a s dllflcu1t for mos t people t o obey that Sign. (Photo b y G Ellison ) Red M a chine cheerleaders I t u p enthUS I a s b cally by cheering l o r thel.team and per lormlng a stunt. The cheerleadm accom pllshed many atnletlc feats ( P h o t o by G [lIlson ) Mellan. Sin llelon s ees somethrng t o c heer about and g ladly d o e s s o The Pep Rally w a s u sually lilte d With many lun to s h o u t about. (Pho t o by G Ellison ) S lud,"1 l, l e


Spooky, Kooky Students Halloween came with a variety of events; showcase. door. and dress-up competitions; a film festival: fortune-telling; and a Haunt the HaUs Dance. Fun was had most dUring the Parade of Costumes at noon on October 29th. Wlnmng 1st place AND the S100 pme was Danny Zimmerman. He came as Uncle fester and even brought Thing. "I can't believe you' d shave your head for a hundred dollars .. said Ms. Dee when handmg Zimmerman hiS cash pme. Dan T oth look second place for hiS Thalean Mulant teacher costume and hi! the $50 dollar Jackpot. frank Westcate won $25 for hiS ecology-mmded coslume "Recycle Man. One Honorable mention recipient, Nichole Blanc. after strutllng __ __ ____ Haunt The Halls At BHS her Catwoman oulllilo the Judges, uttered thai she found It a very humbling experience. Students were also allowed to show "All the decorations looked great," says Melanie Bales their creativity dUring the Door Contest. Door s ranged from the really cute to the psychotically deranged. Ms. Roa' s door had a decapitated Ms. Wall talks to Eri n BIIU as Esther Oown$ collects tickets at the door Hallow een danc e helped raise money tor SA. Marie AntOinette and Mr. Waurh' s had a bloody, dripping cabbage patch dolt head! "Are there no hmlts?" asked one Administrator. On flld,y nrght, October 30th, the 2nd Annual Haunllhe Halls" Dance came t o pass. Two JUniors, Marie Schulz and Monique Carbonell, dressed as gYPSies and told fortunes for 25 cents. With httle experience, these t w o novices laId over 110 fortunes. I see happiness and no more than t w o c h ildren In your future," said Carbonell while Schulz counteracted that With, "Your Wife Will die and you Will be very sad ... until you find out she cheated on you. lastly the senio r s managed to show a scary ftlm festival. Jerry EllinC$OO shows a httle more than po. lIt1cal humor lor Halloween. Although most 01 the student s prelerred Bush for the pres Idency there Wtle also man, Chnton supporters. Danny Zimmerman comes to school dressed like Uncle Fester and walks away W ith onehundred dollars. Many students dressed up but walked away emptyhanded. (Photo by G Elhson) 1 Jeremy Plant, Gincer Corbett. and John Nul strut their stuff 10 Iront 01 the ludges Strange and crazy things were common place at BHS. (Photo by D Mills ) j Dan loth I S transformed IOto a lhalean Mu tant teacher After taking Mr. Thate's physICS class many students fel t the way Dan looks (Photo by C R igby) L-______ S _'U_ d _.n_ t l r _re __


Students At Homecoming Saturday, November 7th was a special day for BHS students. They were dressing up in their bes t clothes to go out. Girls put on t heir best dresses and the guys put their best suits on. They were all looking forward lor the event about to take plac e At eight o'clock people started arriving at the Amador Officer's Club to celebrate Homecoming. This danc e is one 01 the mos t Important events celebrated by the BHS student body. The decorations looked lantastic according to several people. Great creativity, effort. and a lot of time were given by each member of the decorating committee to create the stage for this excitin g event. "At least this time we had an Robert Reyes and Tanya Royo dance Ihe night awa y Near Ihe end 0 1 tile dance, most peo ple w e l e too elliausted to keep on movlIlg (Photo b y C Rigby ) Rebecn Hurd and $(011 leiller gel their plclure t aken al Ihe dance Many couples hned up to get a plclUle t aken tOl mem o ry's sake. (Photo by C Rigby) S l,dent l ,l. Experience A Night To Remember air pump for the balloons, not like l a s t year's prom where everyone suffered from oxygen d e fICienc y ," Said Mane Schulz (11) I h.d re.lly good time.t Homecomingl" Robert Reye. (Junior) Fnends cau ght up w,th the lates t gos sip and share d their adventure on how the y d eCided what to wear and what pains they had to go through to pICk a date. Some students decided to show off some new danc e moves they learned over the summer. Then the time came to name the court. The lucky w inners thiS year were Queen NOnl Robinson, King Affredo RIChards pnnc e Tony B ieker, pri n c ess Caroline Hinkle, pnnc e Scott Leffler, pnnc ess Sharlene Meyers, prince John Cres po, princ ess JessICa Staha, pnnc e Billy Wing, pnnc e Chns Howard, princ ess Janelle M cGUiness, pri n c e Robert R odng u e z Jr., princ ess Katie Wilder. Alter the cheers lor the selected court members, the danc e went on. The lestlVltles l a s t e d t ill midnight, giVing each person a wonderful memory to remember. Ms. On t o Kali e Wilde, wits! t o d o when her name 15 called The Homecoming court w a s nervous about Ihel l appearanc e but In the e n d everylhlng w orked o u t ( Phot o by C R igby) Shawn Pally announces t h e Homecoming Queen and King a n d their court. M o s t o f the p e ople w e r e happy With the results 0 1 t h e electio n (Photo by C Rigby) Richards and Nonl Robinson lak e their plac e a t the throne. The Queen and KlIlg were heated lik e royall y o n that spe clal night. ( Phot o b y C S I,denll, l


Student Life Driver's Ed. The moment w e all dream 0 1 ... the day we get our license However there IS one thing that stands between you and the steermg wheel ... Driver's Ed. 01 course Driver's Ed IS designed to teac h students how to drive safely and u s e caution while on the road. The class IS made up 01 a wnlten exam part and the fmal practical drlYm& tes t Not to forgel the ever -popular obstacle course. Those Infamous orange cones have been known to end the social lives of many BHS students "I klUed three 01 them!" said a slightly disapPointed Slacy Boozer. All In all the course requires you to attend on a dally baSIS: view educational drlvmg mOVies, those ever famous and grotesque pictures Mr. Tony Ustl3 walts 101 the late bus altel a grueling day at Oliver's Ed, Most students took the class because they wanted thell own transportation (Photo by C Rigby) Chen keeps In the photo album. also known a s the gallery of gore It wouldn' t be so bad It there weren' t so "Driver'. Ed. prepared me for all the crazy taxi driver. out there."-M. Kuo many dismembered bodies" said IUOlor, Gabriela Valencia, One last thmg to remember I S to be OIce t o Mr, Chen, And II you' r e really M I Chen calmly SUpelVlseS Jerome Price' tar to make sUle It'S lOll enough away trom Ihe cones The hnal dmlAg test was always a chalienge (Photo by M Schulz) Drivers Ed. bad he' U be sure to take you to Gamboa o r make you go across the bndge of the Americas for the practical dmmg test! 01 cour s e there are always OIee memories like the times when Mr. Chen tells lokes to the class or the limes when you get to use your book on a written test. "There are so many ttlck Quesllons, that even an open book test can be chatlengmg." said MoniQue Carbonell, Then there are the tragic s tories . like the lime a new rental car had a bumper to bumper hit With a Mercedel! We don' t want t o shock you W ith the aftermath. Even though Mr. Chen can be a little mtlmldatlng most students pass the course In high standards! --.--. ,.:;::' - With muc h dellell!Y and skill. Jerome Price attempts to weaver through the cones !O reverse. Most students Ilad to pracllce a lot 10 order to avoid killing the cones. (Photo by M Schulz) Marie Schulz awakes and finds hersell 10 strange surroundings. Unlortunatety, not ali 0 1 Mr. Chen', graduating students followed the rules of the road (Photo by M Carbon ell) L--IIlfJUl!( 00 '" Oops! Jtromt Price aCCIdentally knocks over a cone He realized all to late thai Mr. Chen' s wralh could be molt Ihan Ilars h (Photo by M Schulz) J G Student l,t. Stud.nll,t. 8J


A Day In The Lives Of Stress IS emotIOnal or Intellectual stram, or tenSion. This emohon affects all students and teachers at some pomt In the year Stress can o ccur when you have too much gOing on In your hie. For example, stress can be caused by taking a lot of hard courses that demand a 101 of your hme 10 d o homework and httle time for anything els e Some student's stress period las t for days, weeks, or even months This can lead to problems. but mos t BHS students have found ways to light stress. I go out With f r iends t o lIght stress," says G ina Elliso n (12) '" play football a s a means t o light stress," says Raymond Morris (12). "ight stress by punching my pillow to death." says Gaby P into G S ludenll ,l, Everyday BHS Students (11) "My means to alleViate stress I S by taking a walk and listening t o mus Ic," "Stress is eight hours of school, five days a week" -F. West gate says M a rie Schulz (11) "My means to take care o f stress I S t o g o out and have tun W ith my Irlends Jill H a ustr and Audrey Ernu l are amazed by what they read. T lime out t o be W ith thel l !flends was v llal t o the s anit y o f m any s t udents (Pho t o by N Watkins) fhel Chan e and laura S el u r a tal k about thel l plans 101 the weeken d Fri d a y s were usua lly hlled W ith e Jcltement a n d antlClpa b o n (Pho t o by M Schull) and try to forget my problems ever eXISted," says Naylhan Traywick (11 ) Some students talk the problem out W ith their best fnend, while others take a day off and forget the word "school" ever eXisted. Some students exerCise to get nd of stress, whJle others Jus t watch a good movie or read a book. But the poo r underclassmen cannot u s e the thought of graduation a s a means to relieve stress like the seniors d o All of u s In everyday l ife m u s t fmd ways to fight stress o r alleViate It a little. To sum it all up. tension can be reduced m many d ifferent ways It Just depends o n the person and h o w stressfullhey feel. = rr---=. The C orner Crew gossIps about the m O ln ing's events Oscar's" was the typical hangout f O I mos t Balboa H igh School slu denls. (Pholo by M Schulz) I Hardi n T Orti z R Gomez, and T R o b erts Iry to Identify their favorite players. Many students let 011 some steam at the friday night football games. (Photo by K Olandese) C rail Fishb o u e h tfles t o d isgUise hlmsell uSing a g irl's nyto n Stressed o u t students usually did crazy things t o try and reheve some tension (Pho t o by N k athy Pierre can' t seem t o deCide what s h e wants. Many s t uden t s lIocked t o t h e c a n d y s t ore dUfing l unch whICh helped organlza tio n s raise mone y ( Photo b y M Schulz) Siudenl l 0J


Vamos A Gozar En Carnal/ailla. also known as the Spamsh Mardi Gras was celebrated on Saturday February the 13th. The carnavahto IS the season before len I marked by festivities and merry making. It IS celebrated by most Spamsh conquered countries, which Include all of Central and South Americ a and let us nol forget Portugal. In Balboa High School we (students and faculty) celebrate thiS festlYlty by nommatmg a court, whICh will perform a hplco dance al the coronation. ThiS year the opportumty was given t o Patricia Ortiz. Danny Bright, laura Segura, Frank Westgate, Gaby Pinto, Cesar Lou, Miggy Castro. Roger Demas, Vanessa Uhorchak, Carlos Rayo, Sarah Beahe, Joseph Rlliamas Mr. Val walks bac k a hllle daled alte, reo celvlng a kiSS Irom the Car nawahto Queen M r Vaz helped to make the Carnawahto poSSible (Photo by C Rlgbr) Sarah Buttie prepares hersell lor the Car. navahto presentallon Gelling rudy tor the dance was the most nervewreckmg part 01 the evenmg. (Photo by C Rigby) La Fiesta Del Carnaval Annelle Ufflola. and Ruben Castro. The court gave up thel' fridays for a month to learn how to darce m tlPICO style. "I can't believe we lurvived the heat i., thOle pollerall"-G. Pinto They practiced long hours Without even takrng a break. Along With the court. the compars a organrzed by Amanda Spurlock. spent long hours organlzmg their presentallon. On the mornmg of the show. the court and comparsa had to decorate the stage at PCC Auditorium. ThiS lob was successfully d one thanks to Saul Urrroia and members of the Spanish Club. Then the big night came. The members 01 the court now had the chance to show their achievement after several weeks of arduous practice. Despite their nervousness. the members performed With excellent skill. which left many parents and vIsitors mesmerIZed. The Carnavalito was a complete success thanks to the cooperation 01 the Spanish Club members and the good direction o f Mr. Vaz. -Annelle Urriola and Ruben Castro gIVe a great performance. Those who went t o the Carnavahto enloyed watching the court carry outthel! dances. (Photo by C Rigby) I l Patricia Ortiz displays her beaulilul poUera as she dances "[I Punto. AU the students In the court practiced hard to learn thell dance steps (Photo by C Rigby) Amanda Spurlock. Nicole Funk. and Sally Oakley liven II up With a httle limbo The comparsa was the best part 01 the Car navahto because It got everyone Involved (Pholo by C R'gby) 8 SI,denll, l. SI,d.ntl,l. 0J


A Day For Friends AND LOVE: VALENTINE'S DAY Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and s o are you. We've all heard that phrase sometime o r other. Most of u s know love songs, love stories. even love dances. Well, Valentine's Day is considered the day of lovebirds or, generally speaking, the day of affection This year, Valentine's Day cam e early t o Balboa High School. II was cel ebrated on Friday, February 1 2 The halls were crowded w ith people who had a dozen roses, a dozen balloons, or a dozen candygrams ( f o r the sweet tooth) The candyg r a m s were made by the Frenc h Club. Carla Guerra, the Frenc h Club Secretary, said "The w ork was hard, but the candygrams came Mike Banks confesses hiS love to Laloya Rines who I S speechless Young love 'Has common but unique t o many 0 1 Ihe sludents at 8HS (Photo by M Schulz) G Siudenllli out great." There was also the popular dating serVice provided by the "Valentine's Day is a day to spend with someone special."-J. Staha Computer Club Most people were s hocked when they saw the number one person (the I deal person) on their list. Others went around bounCing w ith joy when they found out the cutest guy or the prettiest gir l in school was at the top of their list. However, though some thought the dating service was interesting, they also thought i t was n t exactly realistic. A s Cedric Obert said, "II doesn t u sually work out whe n people with t h e same Interes t s get together. They d o n t have anything t o learn from each other. Being d ifferent and learning from each other is important." But, take heart. This is only one guy's o p inio n II all depends on you and your personal choice and preference. -Carla Guerra works hard even though It'S Valentine's Oay_ Hohdays never kepi the yearbook slall from dOlllg thelf shill. (Photo by C R igby) Raymond Morris takes lime oul to read a Valentine' s Day card from a setret admirer. It was one 01 the many mysterious love letters received that day. (Photo by M Schulz) Fletcher Hiram and Kalhy lopez give each o lher a OIce, wei kiSS on Valentine's Oay, Couples weren't very shy when It came to showlIlg thel, affection. (Photo by G Ih son) Sludenll ,l. 8


Lunch Time! Who 's Where During Lunch A Disappearing Act It IS 11:44 and lust ten seconds are leH before the lunch bell nngs And, the bell has rung! It I S lunc h time! Suddenly, thos e who had been tlledly dragging themselves through the day w ith muc h effort and no energy become racing horses ranng to take off. A mad rush I S made for every classroom door. It I S QUite amusing to see 24 students get through one door at the same t ime. The halls are filled w ith ",ited chatter, loud, fas t movlng footsteps, slamming of lockers, and the rusthng 01 s a c k lunches here and there. Those who are fortunate enough to have cars or motorcycles Zip out t o the parking lot and head for any place that IS not school U sually, you can hnd these people at Anthony's PIZza, McDonald's, or home. C8 SI,denll ,l. So, where does everyone else go? Anywhere and everywhere! There are always students eahng "II I don't take time out to be with my friends, I go crazyl"-O. Herazo In the halls, lus t sitting o n the floor having a good hme Many people dllect themselves t owards Ihe cafetena. You'll also find students hned up on the hrstfloo r breezeway watching the people go by, sitting outside on the front steps, out on the corner by Oscar's, out by the gym, In Mrs, Seilz's room, and even out by the Goethai's Memonal Of course, it I S very commo n t o find lots o f people cramming i n the library or speedtYPing a report In the computer lab. let's not forget those devoted physICS students who spend thell preCIou s lunch time In Mr. Thale' s room feverishly working. The pOint of lunc h though, IS to escape stress, nouns h yourself, and SOCialize. Basically, lunc h t ime I S your time so have fun, relaK, and don' t f orget the food! James lanlry pertorms a stunt as Clemente M cFarlane look s on. Goethals was a popular plac e to gel away t o dUflng lunc h (Photo by 0 Zimmerman) - .. Mall HOlan and Mary Kibbler spend their lunch lime together HI 'rant of the school It wasn' t very dllflcull tor students to fHld a prIVate place to talk (Pho t o by M Kuo) Jackie Thompson, Bonnie Ackerman, and Helen Tremblay have a bile to eat at Anthony's Pilla In Atbrook It was cool to be able to get away lor lunch, (Photo by C Thomp son) lui s Dill and Laura Culhbert hang out In the BreezeWay during lunch The BreezeWay was a common place lor students to spend their lunchtime. (Photo by M Schulz) S I,denll,l. 0


Soon To Rock The Crowd Since the creallon 01 rock' n roll, amateur bands have come about with their own songs and styles of performing them. H e r e 10 Panama, there 3fe qUlle a lew amateur bands, some of whic h are a ssociated with BHS 10 some way. Some o f these particular bands 3fe; Tempest. Slalelish, and Paradol. Tempest.s undoubtedly the oldes t band of the previously mentioned, haVing been formed CIrc a 1987 It conSists of Carl Brlslol, Waller Crouc h and Evan Rodanlc he. Bristol, Crouch, and Rodanlch e knew each other from School: however thiS band was n t formed unlll Crouc h ,ead an ad In the newspaper requesting a baSSi s t He played 10f Bristol and Rodaniche, who had already gotten together and only needed a baSSi s t and was accepted Tempes t played In public lor the fus t lime at the Cardenas Community Center, and, says, Crouch, "They like d I I John r tntll prac h c e s drummmg W ith hiS group Staltfish. He had 10 put I n many nours 01 to gel a s good a s he I S (Pnoto by C Ellison) Sludenll,le Stalefish And Tempest When people hrs t hear the name "Stale fish", as with other music ,roups' names, they u sually wonder how they ever came up with that name Well, John Ferrell of the group "It would be nice to be on MTV although I don't watch it."-W. Crouch ,,,d W e [group membefSJ all used 1 0 skale, and there was a trick called a slate il s h The res t a s the y say I S his t ory Mike Banasick, ferrell Willie Schull and Bobby Pederson Willie Scholz puts hiS heart and sou l m l o smgm" Scholz and hiS group, Staltfiih Jammed 101 man y W ithou t s t oPPIng (PhO l o by C Ellison ) lorm the group Theil Ill s t performanc e was at the Valent Recreatio n Center In a talent s h o w l a s t year The larges t band on the lis t and als o the mos t recently formed. Paradox, conSis t s of members: Shem Unler, [mesto Schnack, Cesar lou Mlcheal fisher, and Carlos lee. One of thell Ill s t performanc e s was at BHS sponsored Carnavalllo Only time Will tell the future o f Ihes e bands but f o r n o w let's enloy thel l musIc and company, whic h are uOlque t o Panama Temptsl plays heavy metal at Ihe Red Ooor Club on fori Clayton T empesl prachced a 101 belore thell performance (Photo cour tesy 01 (TropIC Times) Wallet Crouch plays bass gUitar Crouch started playmg when he was young and has loved I I ever since (Photo courtesy 01 TropIC T imes) Bobby Pederson tunes hIS gUitar and gets leady t o pump up the v olume Stale fish t o play t hell muSIC loud by C lIhson) Sludenllile 8


Cayuco Race It IS that lime o f year agam, when you l ind students paddlmg In wooden boats In the canal. Paddling In the cayuco race IS n othmg new I I has been a round for forty years The only place In the w o r l d tha i hold s thiS ocean to ocean event I S h e re. In Panama. F o r thiS cayuco race people practice lor four months You must be wlllmg t o devol e yOUf h f e practicing for thiS event. ThiS year the Cayuto Regatta took place on March 7th at Gamboa along the ill' strip. The regatta IS used to get a preview of the ocean to ocean cayuco race. Organizers set up live lanes ollhree thousand leet In length for limed spnnt s The winner 01 the sprints lakes home the Kodak cup. The cayuca boat Spontaneou s Combustion (an aU male team) took home the cup. They also broke the reCOid W i t h the time o f 2 : 0 4.16. ThiS lime was J ohn Williford, Quin n Wlnc, and lee Gibson work hard at plactlce Most partIcIpant s spent aU I hlll free time plepar Ing lor the race of TIOPIC Times) Only The Strong Survive good enough t o beat Misconception (an all male team). later that morning Misconception beat Spontaneous Combustion. ThiS sent the message that Misconception Only in Panama can one paddle 'rom ocean 10 ocean ; II'. eool. T Kemp was toughel than ever and hi to defend Its twoyeal title. I n the female competition the clew 0 1 Dear Dick lIe w passed Hllh Anll.ly t o Win Ill s t place. ThiS goes to s h o w that females have the endurance to pefform 10 thiS event. The regatta does not IOlIuence the outcome 01 the cayuco race. But nov,ce teams can use thiS sprint to find where they rank 10 comparison WIth other teams and to show off their abilities. And returning teams see how much thelf elpenence has helped Improve them to become the top of the league. The regatta helps to see what teams to look out for Several Jeople think thiS year' s cayuco race Will be something to look forward to. Drab Spraf\le and Ryan hne up at the starbng hne There was an air of tl.. (Itement at the beglnmng of the Regatta (Photo courtesy 01 TropIC Times) The Crew 01 Spontaneous Combuslion celebrates ahe, breakmg the rKord Scott lef fler. Inn Rodri cuu Tim M'lCheUe. and Tony Bieker feU tllumphant (Photo COur lesy 01 TropIC Times) --.. Tyltt Quinn and .Ionn dford warm up dUling prKoce. Paddling was a strenuous sport whICh requited senous commitment on the part of all InVotved (POOto courtesy of TropIC Times) e Stud"t l l, S tud"t l,l, 0J


A Parent's Nightmare Have you noticed that some 01 y our 'fiends have been walking around In II zomblelik e s t a t e mumbling names like U2, Duran Ouran, Arreded Development and Guns N Roses11t's probably becaus e after a l ong hiat us, the great m U S I C c hannel, MfV, I S back l Most of you probably turne d t o m a gic channel 17 and w e n t berserk like most of u s lumping t o the ceiling climbing the walis, and huggmg everyo n e In sight! (This 1 5 probabl y because o f the JOy one e Kpene n c e s whe n the y s p o t MTV' s eveHhangmg logo!) White a lot o f you r p arents w e r e m akmg p s y ch.atfle apPOintments f o r y o u y o u sat there arme d wit h y our munc hies ready t o spend the rest o f y our hIe (or so II may seem to the rest o f y o u r l a m l l y ) watching OJ's like Kennedy from Alternative Nalion, Steve l UlU Ad.m Curry, Dulfl, B ill Bel.my, and John Norris l u s t 1 0 n a m e a l e w An Carl & 15101, ;) B H S g r a duat e p r e tend s h e's In a v i deo lor MTV. Prel endlllg seemed like t h e bes t o p tion a vailable a t the time (Photo courte s y 0 1 trOPI C lime s ) e St.dent llf. It's Back Music Television example 0 1 s u c h a lV veggrf-nelUt I S Carrie Corona who s ays '" can S it the r e f o r h ours," a s h e r e y e s seem t o go off mto s pace Ano t h e r member 0 1 thiS spec i e s 0 1 "It'l definitely the belt channel on televilionl"-C. Guerra teenager s I S Vanessa H ernandez who say s I thought I would live a n o rmal hie then c a m e MTV. H o wever, the r e are people out there who d o n t w ant their MTV r An example o f thi S f a r e b reed I S Mr. Haler who s a y s MTV h a s no SOCial redeeming value. And believe I I o r not t here a r e people out ther e who have better thi n g s t o d o Take the cas e o f laur a who admits ''I'd rathe r go s h OPPi ng!" While m o s t 0 1 u s are n 't a s extreme a s som e 0 1 the s e people W e stili want our MTV. So teU your p arents, neighbors, dogs parrots, and fish not t o Iret You' e Jus t bemg a tYPical teenager Pretty soon you might be seeing t h e lik e s o f suc h locals as Tempes t and Stalehs h ---COlIrlos LOlImp u listens t o hiS w hile he w orks. Because mlnHe levlS!Ons were hard t o come by, many students made up for miSSIng MTV by hstenll1g t o muSIc (Photo by S P'IIy) lOllnce VonHoIen dre ams that he' s at home watc h m g MTV Unfortunately MTV was never a part o f a n y t e a c h e r s dally lesson so d reaming was a U students GOuld d o ( Phot o by S Patty) Jessin Quinlan put s her a way a n d prepares to head h ome Some s t u dent s were eage r t o get home t o aVOid missing t heir favonte show s on MTV ( P h o t o b y S Patty) Moniqut COlItbone 'ls &1ued t o the televiSIOn set Aher hou r s and hours o f watching MTV, students became hypnoltled b y Its mysterIOu s powers (Photo b y M Schulz) S tudentl ,f. 8


cG:) People \!!l\9\ \$\@\ W3i@\ When people get together there is no telling what they'll do. Se niors, intent on having fun .--.1 their last year, will lord it overl __ the underclassmen and Jun iors will console themselves a.-by making the Sophomores __ feel as miserable as possible. In the meantime, teachers will __ try to maintain some sem-blance of order in the class-..--room as the Sophomores try to make heads or tails of life at BHS. Friends relive old times and set out to create new misadventures. New friends are made, some might ;;;. be lost, but people will al ways remain people no mat--ter where they go or where -they are.




Bonnie M A ckerman Everly Adams Suhal E AgUilar Waller l Allen luke 0 Anderson Julio A Arango Ricardo Arango Bernardo E Archlbold Marco A Aushn Phaedra l Ave-lallemanl Geraldo l Barber Sasha W Barrera Carlos A Barler Pallick J Beard Jorge A Berman Brenda Bernos Mlnoska A Bianchini Tony F Bieker Jennifer M Black Rochell P Blades


Nicol e C Blanc Michelle Bleau MIChael J Blelchwehl [Isle M Botello Daniel R B light Domlclano Bloce Mellany Blo w n lIummada M Cantu la 'shanda D Carver Held. N Caspmon Jose Castaneda Juan R Caslrellon AQUIles A Castlo Miguel A Cedeno Adollo [ Chalula MIChael 0 Challes Vidolla [ Chen s,"'"


FrancIsco Choy Julie N Churc h Raven J Coleman Yalra l Colon Pedro A Cordoves Waller E Crouc h Elvia M Crul Jonathan Cruz Edward W Dawkins Eric J DIal Chflstme A Ditll Kathellne M DiUI Bradley A Oobberhn Kurt E Drozd Salay A Dunn Dmah R Eastham Gma A Ellison Ooyn S Epperson S."",


Julia I Espiflosa Carlos A Estevez Jay G Fullerton )oel M Gibbs JessIca 0 Gold Robert o Gomez ,.; ..... <. .'.', ''I<.'} ; .' .' . .'1 Michelle l Estrada ; Carl S Gale .. ;f%i Brandon l Gibson Christina M Gonzalez Saul A [ sluplnlan Ramon Galindo Oscar M Gifford Damel M Gonzalez Carla B Garcia tfl, : -.., .. Nathamel A Gladding Evellsse Guadalupe L-_________ s e o s __


i(wn. '. ,. (; f '. lUIS C Guenero R allier R Guzman S tephen M Han! Reloyce l H a nson Enn C Halchell Hetlca S Headley Pamela Hemm Nancy M Henderson Oliver M Herazo Christopher A Herndon Vladimir Herrera lason M Hildreth Fletcher I Hlrom Jonathan Hoffman Matthew 0 Hogan Alison M Howard Joanne M Hunl


liMle V Jones Michael 0 Jordon Nelson Kaun Carlos FLam Salvador B love Juan A Martinelli Michelle l McCoy .. la-Wei Kan Marilyn llancasler William J luttrell Brandl [ M cDonal d Dawn Keays lomok u k l Kobayashi ScollleHler Jason A lloyd Rosadely M a lave Gustavo A MarQuez Oamelle M M cQueen Ian A Merkel So",,,,


Class Of 1993 Sen""


Wilham C Merriweather Alberta T Meyers Timothy B Michel Dean A Mills Justrne 0 Mishler Michelle Mluachl Cand y Modelo Rrna R Mohna Ellc A MOIIIS Raymond H M o m s Ellka I Moyer s Sharlene l Mye r s Yoko Nakagaw a N orma I Navarro Ronda l Nessler Sandra M Nevarez J oanna Nlamlanarer G Sentors


Tara Norton Chlek o Numata Armand o M Nunez .... . ... ...... 4" Kevin A OIandese PatrICia [ Ortiz Jose A Padilla Gregory [ Parsons Shawn 8 Patty Maraganta C Pearce Dana l. Petrosky Mindy PetruccI Gabnela Pinto Ching I Pal Robert f Pedersen Catherine Poore lionel A Obert Yong Suk Park Joseph R Peoples -" '1 Patllck G Prall SenIOrs 8J


Michelle M Propst Misty 0 Renfro Alfredo S Richards Hettol M Rivera Robert A Rivera Roberto Rivera Dalila 0 Robinson Norll N Robmson Michael R Robison Jill D Roscoe DollS M RUl l Mrnolk a RUll ___ __ ,,_or_ s ________ --" Catherrne [ Rigby Armando A Roach Daniel Y Roman ;. .. Yasler I RUll Joseph D Rillamas Jhomahara l Roach Helmut Roner Timothy C Rulledge


lawrence J Ryan [sky Samlengo Kara [ Sanchez 1 eresa Santa Rosa Sofia Santiago lauren C Schulman Emma T Swbner Jennlter l SclUggs Jason A Seales laura [ Segura Karen C Shaded Benlamrn J Shaha Aisha Shellod ; , Atsheen A Siddiqi Bryan J Smith Richard W Smrth David B Stader [rlne M Starnes S,m,,, OJ


11.,\: t" ;/. '" 'oJ "' I _. Renea C Stanchfield Anthony A S taton Dmar M Stephens Tyson A S traub Oal T a kahash i Constance S T aylOl Oorl S M Teuell Chrlstma T hompson Derrick D Thompson Jaquehne M Thompson Samuel TorresImarry Daniel M Toth Hellen Tremblay Yesslca Tunon QUint P Underwood Karl R Vanderwall Michael J Vaughn lynnette M Vega Damans M Velazquez Ann F Wagner S,mo"


Jamie D Wal ters loUie' Welch Tamlko M Williams Michael J Wing Arle laharll Rossaue J Ward Stacey l Wells Tanya R Williams Daniel llmmerman Natalie E Watkins M a nanna C Webb r rank A Westgat e Adam J White John M Williford Troy M Wilson Shanrda I De lora Shannon G Golembiewski Som,rs


Not Pictured ErIk A Arenas Adllel Calo Frank REnder Johanna A Manzanares T nmly l Myrick Ivan A Rivera Ricard o A Rivera Angela M Rose Kathl3 l Small Harry l Withams fEARLESS LEADERS The Senior class officers are Presi dent Noni Robi nson VicePresident Edward Dawki ns, and Secretary Hei d i Casperson. These people are res p o nsible for planning the Senior reception held i n the fall, the w inter formal, raising funds for Senior color yearbook pictures, and the graduation cer emony. You can usually f ind thes e student leaders in the Stu dent Association store or i n Mr. Waugh' s room The Senior class sponsor is Mr. Kenneth Waugh. Mr. Waug h has been the sponsor f o r the las t four years. In ad d ition t o teaching Economics, Government, and U S Hist ory and sponsoring C lose up: he works tirelessly working at the S A store part of the year, coordinating cap s and gowns, invitations, and setting up the decorations, and the Gradua tion program. The Senior Class could not function w ithout him! (Photo by C Rigby) cG:) So"", Jodie M Nunan Oanlel A Pelmon !ennller M Snyder Marlo n I T OHes


Ackerma n Bomie: Soccer, Dance Dnll Team, Cougar' s manager, Key Club, French Club, American Dance Drill Team School "Smile!" Adams, berly "[U ": Twmkle, Cathy, lisa and Daphane, y'all are thanks for the great memories. Most of r' Scott, my Deller half; I love you!" Acuilar, Suhai: Basketball, Track, and Drama. "Good luck m the Ifuture 10 all my fnends: stay out of trouble. Aranco, Julio: W a ter Ski, scuba dlvmg, Volleyball, Spanish Club ''long hfe to Black Mass," Archibold, Bernardo "Bernie": football, Spanish Clu b Arenas, [r.: Basketball Austin, Marco "Macnate": Basketball, Soccer, JROTC "Oon't give up. Awela leman!, Phaeclra: TenniS, Track, Cheerleadmg, S panish Club, fionor Band The memories Will never die. Thank s to my other half and those that mad e these limes possibl e Barber, Geralda "Maliante": Basketball, Soccer, Photography. Peace and a v e to all lovers." brrera Sasha "Winy": 3usIOess Club, Photography, Chorus. World l e r e I come!" Jarter, Carlos "Flaco": 3asketball, Business Club. I hke to go to lances, to parties, and to date beautiful glfls. In :tie future I Will have my own business. Be cool Ind stay o u t of t r o u b l e Jeard, P atrick: 3asketball Jerman, Jorce: :ootball. Spanish Club. lord have mercy!" kown, Melany "lany ": FHA Club, "II you don' t help your :elf achieve what you're s trIVmg for 10 hfe, lon't upect anyon e else to help you." lanc Nkole: ;occer Drama Club. Thespian NHS, B HS, SHS, 4HJS, [co logy Club, Beautllactlon Club, Key :Iub. "00 n o t concern yourself wit h keepmg t h e lac e 0 1 your companions; s tep t o t h e beat of fur o w n drum. :akl, Adriel "Batman": P u e r t o Ricans are superIOr." :antu, Iluminada "Mercy" : :OCcer Carreira, Francisco Paco": Soccer, Spanish Club. I plan to graduate, study law, and become a lawyer." Carver, la'$handa" 'Shanda" : Track, Pep Club, I love you Robert; we'll al ways De together I love you mom. SpeCial t hanks to JeSSie, Jen, Saun, Danlelle, and the lIoyd s Castaneda, Jose E. "Pepe" : TenniS, Soccer Spanish Club, BHS, SHS, Busl' ness Club. CasiTelon, Juan: Football, Spanish Club. "Scuuuumm ... !" Castro, Aquiles: Volleyball, Spanish Club, B u slOess Club, [cology. Cedeno, MiqueJ "Mikey" : Football, Soccer. Basketball. "Always think POSl' live!" ldoIfo: Football, Spanis h Club. Take hfe one day at a time, and lIVe every moment of Itr' ChaMS, Michael D,: Football, TenniS, Cayuco Race, N HS, BHS, Ecology Club. Cnoy, Francisco "Coco" : Spanish Club. I want to thank Palz, NUl, Muel a and Fife for a great year." lAMeman, Raven "Rae" : Cheerleadmg captam, Trac k TheSpian, Art Club, Peer Counselor. "Thank God It'S over!" DiUI, Christine A "Chrissy ": Volleyball, Beta, Renaissance, Rocket. JROTC. and [cology Clubs, ForenS Ics, Elplorers, $ADO, BHS. Thanks 10 my mom and dad for their support t hroughoul m y hfe. DiU!. Katherine M "Kathy" : French, Renaissance, HOSA. BUSIness, [cology, and Drama ClUbs, SAOO, B H S peer helper, Fa renSICS, Explorers. "Good luck to the class of 1993! Oobbertin, Brad'ey A "Ace": Chess. S AOO. "00 the wrong thmg. because It'S the fight thlOg to do, Spanish Club. the moment and don't worry about tomorrow!" Garcia, Robert "Robbie": Footbal1, Tennis, Baseball. Cayuco Race, Welghthftlng. I would h k e to stud y Sports MediCine, Gibbs, Joel M.: "See ya!" Gibson, Brandon: Football, Cayuco Race (91 C hampions) BHS, [co logy Club. GiHord, Osca r "Scar", "01" "Oz": Cayuco Captam, NHS, [cology Club, Drama Club, Thespian, Yearbook Staff. "Peace and love Will make thiS world better. Be mellowr' Gladdinc Nathaniel "Nal": Otvmg, Photography I love leySl! CL rules" Gold Jessica: I love Alex Stlrhng, and I Wish to be a professional doctor." Golembiewski, S hannon: VarsIty Tennis. [questrtan, Photography Club. Thanks Christina and Jackie for all the great memories! What woul d I do Without you guys?" Gomez, Roberto "Antonio" : Red Machme Football, Track. "C'ya round I n the real world. Much love to Kathy R T Guerrero, luis "Nino": Guzman, Ranier: Soccer Downs, Esther l.: Select chorus, Art Club. Eastham, Dinah R.: Soccer, Cheerle a d i ng, Bas k etball player and manager, Volleyball. I Wish everybody the best o f luck t o everyone and God bless." UIison, Gina I.: D rama Club. Ecology Club, BHS, Yearbook. "Bunga, Bun g a ; It's a small world: G P thanx for alt. Epperson, Doyn "Shane": "Only w it h t ime can w e see the soul 0 1 the eart h's t i n a l destruction." Espinosa, U a "JUH": "Thanks to all m y friends for bemg there when I needed t hem. I also thank my mom." Estrada, Soccer, SpaOlsh, [cology. and BUSIness C lubs, Jr. Red Cross, Sophomore Sec. "Co lor you r goats! Smile Always." Estupinian, Saul A.: Volleyball. Football, French C lub, JROTC Battal IOn Executive Officer, RIlle team and Usher Guard Comma nder I plan on gomg to college and Join i n g the military, Fullerton, Jay bke the snake": Baseball, Football. Foto Club. Computer Club, I want to becom e a navy seal arK! an alfcraft me c hanic." Cart: Wrestling, Track, Football, S Wlmmmg, French Club. "Thanks to all my f(lends. I Wish you well m the luture. Cod bless you, Garci a Carta: Hant, Stephtn "Steve" : Basketball, Yearbook, Newspaper. $ADO (Secretary) NHS, BHS, Peer Helper, Ecology Club. Hanson, Rejoyce: SWim Team, Soccer. Bulldog Mascot, Drama Club (Treasurer). NHS. Yearbook, Ecology Club, SADD. BHS. Art Club, Busmess Club. French Club, Peer FaClillator "These are the years m which we make our dreams come Irue; make the best of them '93. We've finally made II!" Hasebe, Ryolchi "SeeCio": Ecology. BHS. "Cood luck my fflends!" Hatchett, Erin: Cougars' Manager, Thespian, Drema Club, Thes pians (PreSIdent). Honor Chorus. I Just want t o thank everyone lor the good times! lookout w orld: here I come!" Headley, H e rica "Flaca": Basketball, French Club. "Hope everyone gradu ate s and has lots o f success m the future. Re member don' t dflnk and dme." Hemm, P amela: Soccer. Volleyball. Dance Team BUSIness Club Henderson, Nancy: S WimmIng, Trac k BHS, NHS, Thespian Honor Society, YFC, Yearbook, H onor Chorus. "Thanks to my family and J M . S l., C .l.. C R .. S P., and everyone else for making thi s year the great e st." Hepburn. Alejandro "White y" : Skateboarding The Group. "The G roup rules. Herno, OIivel' "SiC AI": Football. Volleyball, Basketball, French Club. "You have t o want lo!" Hildreth, bson: Wresthng, Football, Track. Bushmaster s Hinkle, Caroline: Cheerleader (CaptatO), Soccer. Volleyball Cayuco Rac e Football Manager. Homecoming and Jamboree Prmcess, NHS. SHS, B H S (PreSi' dent), Spanish Club. Hiram, Fletcher: football, Fire Marshall, Drama Club. Server / lector, Class PreSident, BHS, Hocan, Mathew M a tt ": [cology Club, Yearbook ''I' d lik e to thank all my fflends for the great times Best of luck!" Howard, Alison: Track (Caplam). Basketball (Captain), Volley ball. Soccer, BHS French C l u b Ecology Club, NHS. Close Up. Have fun. Hunt. Joanne: Cheerleader, Cayuco Race # I, Dram a Club, Ecology C lub, A r t C lub, "Thanks to my best Iflends for makmg my setlior year Ihe best, N W .. J.R .. 1.1 .. T N .. M P ."


Jones, laurie "Mamma": Bask e tball, French Club, Danc e Team. "To Rey nald o Wllhams, w e finally made III love ya! .Iofdan, Michael "Mike" : ewE. Kan, T awei: Tennis, Spanis h Club, French Club Ecology Club, Computer C lub, BUSiness Club Keays, Dawn : SWlmmmg, Soltball, Color Guard, SADD, Year book, [cology Club. "Work f o r the future, but don' t let the present slip away because the present only comes once." Kobayashi T o m oyuki "Tom", "Butc h", C o iba": Track, SWimming. Soccer, Football. [ cology Club, Busmess Club. "Thank you everybody for good memolles. Tom was here!" l a m Carlos "Carlitos" : Soccer, NHS BHS, SA "Mediocre goal s p r o duce mediocre results l a ncaster Marily n Gizmo": Volleyball, Soccer, Track leffler, Sco tt : S Wim Team, Cayuco Race, NHS (Treasurer), S H S BHS, Spani s h Club, SADD (Treasurer), M U W., Close Up, Ir. Class V P Prom Commit tee (Chairman), Drama Club Yearboo k llo y d Jason "Rieman": Football. "Good lor u s and bad for them. lop e z David D Nice": Football. "Peace to all my lahno brothers. Told ya shoulda killed me las t yeaL" Malave, Rosad e l y "Ros a ": Track, Soccer, Softball. French Club (PreSl' dent), Spanish Club, logo Club, Busmes s Club (Challman) '" thank my closest friends for eve rything: for being there when I needed them and also for making my life a lot bette r Thank you Michelle E., [rlne S., and Nicole B I'll miSs youl" M a nzan a res. )ohanna: Volleyball, Dance Team, M U SIC Treasurer. Span I s h Club, SADO. Marquez, Gus tavo Goose"; Basketball, Volleyball, Computer Club "lookout for that plaque undergraduates." M atinelli. l uan: "Where's the tllP' Cual e s e l trance'" McCoy, Mich elle Mickey": Track, Cheerleadmg, Frenc h Club. "The futur e I S n o l oke! Y o u hol d the key t o II. McDon ald, S randi R e d : Softball, Ecology Club. AFJROTC. Spee<:h Club, US S "Thanks 1 0 Nate, Dan, Gmge r Billy, and of course eve ryone who kno w s me. I love you aiL" McQueen Danielle "Dee": "Dear Keven. I love you! Two years and count mg. Merkel, I a n : CAP. [cology Club. Beta Iota Kappa, Math Club, Band. "Intelligence IS the key 10 success; com edy IS the key to life; love IS m everything Mmiweather, W illiam "Yuni": Football, Soccer, Track. "Be falthlul: take One gill at a time. Meyers, Alberta "Betty': Soccer. TenniS, P owder Puff, Yearbook, French Club, Ecology Club, Photography. Parakeet Staff. Michel, Tim: Wrestling. Football, Baseball, Ecology Club. Mills, Dean: Photo Club (President). Yearbook, Ecology Club, Computer Club. MismJo, Kayoe: Bad m inton, Bas ketball. Art Club. Mishler, Justine T eny": Tennis Scuba DIVing. NHS, BHS, SHS, Spanish Club. "Nothing IS Impossible. M izrachi, M ichelle: French Club, Yearbook Staff, BHS, Ecology Club. Computer Club. Prom Committee. "Oon' t waste your life; take advantage of every mmute be cause o nce I I' S gone there' s no turni n g back." Thanks to everyone. Def lepp Rule Modelo, Candy: Soccer Ecology Club (Se<:retary), Drama ClUb, Yearbook. ''I'd like to thank God, my parents. and my fnends l o r everythmg! I plan to pursue a career I n the medical held. Molina, R ina: Spanish Club V P Thanks to Rita Jenntfer, Jes sica and Jose lUIS for all the memories. Morean, Michael: TraC k Soccer. Football. Cayuco Race. I like Panama. I enloy all Ule fnends I have. and I love 1 0 be With my glrlfnend. Morris Raymond "Boo 800", "Pokadots" "Can dyman": Footb all, Basketball. Baseball. Soccer, Black Awareness Club. T o all my boys, wassup. To all my Iflend s lust live one day al a lime and don' t ever forget me. Remember A lways 'Oon' t Jock'!" Moyers, Erika: Basketball ( Manager). I made It! Thanks to all my fnends Ihat made my years here fun. I'll never forget ya'lI; especially la'Shanda and Yalla. Myers, Sharlene: Powder PUll, Volleyball. TraCk. SA Representa' tlve Spantsh Club M yrick, Trinity Trin : Sottball. PRIDE. SADD. Yearbook, Rifle Team. Hakaeawa, Yoko: Tennts. Honor Chorus. Navarro, Norma "Indira": Gills Varsity Soccer. C omputer Club. French Club Ecology Club. "Thank you to my lamlly and all my real Inends lor making thiS a won derful year. Nessl e r Ronda: Soccer lov e ya G ull" Nevarez, Sandra "Millie ": Drama Club, Key Club, Beta Club, NHS Anchor Club Yearbook Staff, Honor Roll. Horton, Tara : Track, Basketball. Soccer, Cayuco, SA BHS Se<:ret ary. "Good luck 10 all my fnends who made my seOior year great! I'll mis s you, Jill!" Nurnata, Chieko: Computer Club. Nunan, Jodi: life IS filled With oppor tunttles. & It' S up to m e to conquer them. Nunez, Armando: BUSiness Club. "Increas e deh Peac e ." Oakley, Oielta "Sally ": VarSIty CheerleadlOg Soccer Spanis h Club Sec retary. "Thanks Abbie and ChlPPIe l o r the great memOries. Amlgulta and Annte thanks for being there lor me and lor all your help. Amlgullas 4 EVA. lW you all! The best of luck 1 0 the class 011993. OIandese, Kevi n : Volleyball. TraC k Ecology Club Photography Club, Yearbook Staff, Parakeet. "Panama was greal. Too bad I I h a s to end so soon. Ortiz, P a tricia P a tty" : Volleyball, Spants h Club. French Club, BUSiness Club, SADO. M y futur e plans afe to go to Bas Ion & study medicine. I want t o give speCial thanks to my family and my Iflend s Padifla, }ose "Sully ": BUSiness Club, C omputer C lub, JROTC Bushmas ter XO Delta Company Commander. Pai, Chine-I : Advanced Band. life IS a wonderful thing. P ark, Yone Suk: NHS B H S S H S PreSident, Computer Cfub Pres l dent. Ecology Club, Spanis h Club, Yearbook Siall, SAO. Thanks to Jehovah GOd Dad and Mom, Oong and Jung. my dog Oool y and to all my Iflends f o r thell help and support. Gaby P Michelle M lauflta S.: We did It! Oat: Justine: Thanks a 101. and don' t worry abou ... (you kno w wha t ) PhYSICS Studenls : I wasn' t that bad! r uture Thallans: Good 'love IS Iongsuffenng. love IS not jealous. does not brag, does not get pulled UP. does no behave Indecenlly, does not look for ItS own 10 leresis, does not become provoked. II d o e s 00 keep count 0 1 inJury.' lCo 13: 4 5 Parsons Greeory "Grec": "Only a dead fish s Wims With the stream. Patty, Shawn: S A Pre sident. SAC Committee, and SAO. love you Cathenne Rigby!!" Pedersen, Robert "Bob": I hate enYlfonmentahsml' Peoples, Joseph "Blac k ": Strength Club, Track Captain, FI. Clayton T eel Counsel V P life IS sweet. but money IS hie. P eterson, Daniel "Donne ,': Foolball. Cayuco Race. Petrosky, Dana "Crash": Volleyball (Red Machine). "Take care 01 you 3 selves and watc h for whal may be on the oth9 Side. I d also like t o thank m y Mom. Dad, ant brother R o b for being so understanding and sup: portlve." P etrucci, Mindy : SWlmmlOg, Marching Band, Honor Band, Coflj cerl Band, M anager of Soccer Football, and Baseball, [cology Club. Drama Club, B HS, SADD I T o my Irue f"ends ... thanks. Remember: Oon't stress, get g roovy .. see you In the stars. Nina, fnends 1 0reveL" Pinto. G abriela Gaby" : SAOO V P . Pres., and Se<:. SpaOlsh ClUb, NIHS Zephyr us. Art Club Sec., Prom Committee, Yearl book S R Se<:tlon Editor. "Thanks to Jhommy Patty for belOg there lor me. And a special thank s t o M ichelle M laura S and Yong P for puttfng up With my bad moods and lor belOg bossy 10 Yearbook: I Wish you all luck 10 Ihe lu ture. To the entlle Senior Class I Wish best o f luck ." Poor e Catherine "Cathy" : Tennts, N J H S Spanis h Club, Photography Club "Thanks for all 01 the great limes lisa. Everly. TrIO. Oaph, Cathy n Henry." Pratt, P atrick "Pat": Football. TraCk, SADD. Yearbook Staff, Powder Pull Cheerleader. "Peac e love, and happmess. that I S every senlor's dream! SlOcerely all my love t o Dawn; Weente Ihlnk W i t h all your h eart!! I Will always love you." Props!, Michelle "Chelle": NHS BHS Treasurer of E cology Club. and some things' can' t remember. The las t a d V ice to the sentors at BHS : live life to the fullest because


IOU don't get a setond chance, To all my 'nends: I love you dearly, Thanks lor the sup' JOrt! Corner Crew Rutz!" tenfro, Mist, : :heerleadlng (Capt.), Softball, Tennis, YearlOOk Staff, Art Club. richards, Atfredo Jr. "Flash" "Caballo": "1lsthmlan and Captain In Football, T rack, and )occer; Best Sophomore Football Player Award, .992 Prom Pflnce. "You can't stop what you : an't catch. liCb Catherine "Cathy": 'earbook Computer C lub, N J HS, S HS, Photogra' I h y C l u b N e wspaper, Zephyrus, High School o umahsm Iflslltute, Studeflt Elechons, $A, :Ommlttees. "Carlos, Scott, Everett: I love you ach very much. Good luck In the future thanks or being my self'appointed older brothers. Nafl' Baflglng Bellybuttons. Mrs. Bales, Mrs. vtllte, Mrs. Maflchester HOORAY! Zoman :taff We mad e It! Shawfl-Ilound my PPR!" !ilamas, Joseph "Joe": ,It-Isthmian SWim Team Captain, Track and Spamsh Club, Computer Club. Ecology )Iub, Photography Club, Yearbook Stall, SADD, :Iack Culture Awareness Club. "Thanks to ev rybody lor a memorable year." : inra Ivan "The Terrible"; i reen DeVil Varsity Football. 'ivera, Ricardo "Rico" i vera, Robert "Bobb, ": ROTC "Bushmaster Detachment" Success is the result 01 dedication.' Just Do '" oach, Armando "Oiamond": ootball, BUSiness Club, Dance Team, JRDTC. Even With the set backs, I'm still gOing Irong. oach, .Ihomahara "lhomy": occer, BUSiness Club. I would like to go Into uSlness World and have my degree In Econom;s and Finaflce; also stud y PubliCity. I would ke to thank my pareflts and I rlends lor bemg l e r e when I needed them. Thanks-I couldn' t ave done I t Without your hetp." OIiinson, Dalila D O .": occer Volleyball, Spani s h Club, French Club, usiness Club, Bushmaster Commander & Bat IlIons4 Teen Mayor & Secretary. "love Peace HapPiness & may God bless Y aU!" Obinson, Noni: asketball. TraCk, Volleyball, NJHS, NHS, SpanClub. Peer Counsehng. Sr. Class PreSident, alnbow Girls. N o thing but the best to all: and Its 0 1 love t o my Mom, b rother, and Tyrone!" oman, Daniel: rack, Computer Club, Bushmaster, 0,,11 Team, ille Team. Keep cool, have fun, and don' t use drugs." Roscoe, Iii: Varsity Cheerleadlng Captain, Powder Puff Foot ball, Softball, Cayuco Race, BHS, SHS, NHS. "Thanks to all my fflends, especIally Joanne, Natalie, and Tara for all the great memones that I'll remember forever! I LOVE YOU TYLER!" Rose, Ancela "Anli e ": Marchmg Band Band. 'love IIle and It will love you ." Ruiz, Doris "Michelle": Soccer, Soccer Coach, Busmess C lub, F rench Clu b Computer Club, Ecology C tub, NJHS, NHS, S tudent N e w s Honor Roll. "To those special people m my life, you'll never know the JOy you've brought to me. Thank you for the love and support." Ruttedce, Timolh, rm,": Football, SAM M (Students Agams t MADD Moth ers!). "KICk back your SenIOr Year: you deserve to o. Ryan, lawrence Lur y": Soccer, Spanish Club, Ecology Club. Sancttez, Kara: Softball, Photography Club, BUSiness Club, Lite guard, SWimming Instructor, Spanish Club. "There's nothmg so deceptive as one's outward appearance. Always pretendmg to be what we're not. Our phYSical frames are complet e disgUises for our actual selves. We're aU meret y fabncatlons through which neither fflend nor foe can spy Every day IS a small fracllon of your hfe. I lust plan to hve each day happily and hope It Will result m a long enloyable life." Scheppe r Lisa: SADO, Photography Club. Thanks lor bemg there Cathy. Tnn. Oaph & Everly Dex n Lee." Scht*nan. Lauren: Cougar Baseball Manager, BHS, NHS, Photography Club. Seales. Jason "Heau": VoUeyball, Basketball, Track & Field, French Ctub, JROTC Bushmasters. Peace out and don' t lock!" Sea rs, Kalherine "Kate": Varsit y Soccer & S Wimming, Softball, NHS Presl' deflt Drama Club, Thespian Secrelary, BHS. "Chflst Alive" "All my love & t hanks to the se fliors of BHS. Good luck & God bless." Serura, laura laurila ": SWlmmmg, fashion Show. Spanish Club, Ecology Club. Yearbook Staff. I want to thank God for makmg thiS Senior Year one of my best memo rable high school years and for g ranting me the opportunliles of havmg the greatest close luend I have: In particular Humberto LOpeL" Shadeck, Karen "Bear": Drama/Thesplafls Officer, BHS, Yearbook Staff, Busmess Club, NHS. Maybe later. maybe never!!!" Shaha, Benjamin "Blondie": Football, Basketball. Baseball. Spamsh Club, S HS. NHS. Sherro d Aisha: Soccer, Black Awareness Cultural Club. French Club. "Study hard, never underestimate yourself. always believe In yourself; It Will payoff!" Siddiqi, Afsheen: Track, Ecology Club. S A Representative, BHS. Smith, Bryan: Baseball, Football, SAOD, Spanish Club, l Club, Freshman Class PreSident, Sophomore class V P "It was here that I got to know a lot 01 peo pie. Hope to see you in the luIure." S m ith, Kimberl,: Advanced Band. Marching Band, Concert Band. Color Guard. ''I' d rather be m the States." SnVth, Richard "Rkk" : Wrestling, Cross-country. Snyder, Jennifer: Spanish Club, SADO. "Thank you Rlna, Rita, Jes. Sica, and Manuel for all the good limes." Stader, David: Varsity Basketball, Varsity Volleyball. Varsity Soccer. Stanchfield, Renea T G .": CHS Volleyball CoCaptain, Drama Club, Thes plan Society, BHS. "Be what you want, but al ways be you. Staton, Anthon, "Aiel"; Bulldogs Baseball, Bulldogs Football. Peer Helper. Stephens, Omar: Wrestling, SWlmmmg, Ecology Club. Straub, T,son: Karate, Cayuco, Computer Club "The beginning starts here ..... Takahashi, Dai: Track and Field, Soccer, Frenc h Club "SU Shi. T empura, Kamlkase, and Oai!" Taylor, Constanc e "Connie": Crosscountry, Trac k NJROTC (AthletiC team, Drill Team). Thompson, Chris t ina: Cheerleader, Tenms. "To my 'sisters' Jack & Shan. Thanks for the great memoues." Thompson, D errick "Fud, "The Rock el" : Football, Track, Baseball, Art Club, Drama Club, Computer Club. Thompson, Jacque l i n e : VarSIty Tenms, Varsity Cheerleadmg Homecom mg Pnncess '91 "Thanks 10 aU my fuends (you all know who you are) especially to my two SIS ters Chns and Shannon lor making Ihese years count" TOfres, Marlon "Pail": Basketball "Play them all, It'S only one hfe_ Good luck In the future to all!" Torres, Sarrvn, "Samsler": Football, SWim Team, Baseball, Tenms, Volley ball, Spamsh Club, Ecology Club. live long and never drIVe through wet grass With your bronco. Tolh, D a niel "Tim " Dan" "Dave" "Beaney": Volleyball, Football, SWlmmmg, Soccer, Drama Club. "Hope to attend Annapohs Naval Academy 'Whoa Oude!' 'Cool'. Tremblay, Helle n : Soccer Sottball, Volleyball. S A., Spamsh Club, Jamboree queen '92 Cougars. "If It floats your boat." Tunon. Jessica "Flata": I Wish all my classmates graduate and have a 101 of success I n their lives. Fight lor your fights." Underwood. Quint "Squid" : Captain VarSity Football, Caplam Varsity Volley ball, Varsity Baseball. Varsity T rack and Fie ld, Voted Outstanding Varsity Athlete, letterman's Club, Ecology C lub. "Cou l d have had ya!" Vanderwall, Kilrl Ziny" : Soccer. T o all my friends: Keep on sllrfmg." Vauchn, Michael "Mike": Basketball. Veca, L ,nnelle: Computer Club. I want to be a great accountant!!! And I can." Vercara, Minoska "Mino": Busmess Club. "I' d like to thank my fneflds, tamlly, and teachers lor bemg there when I fleeded them." W acner, Ann "Anni e ": Varsity Soccer (Captain), Varsity Track (Cap taln), Varsity Basketball (Captam), Softball, Ecology Club, B HS. NHS, Pep Club, Spanish Club "To accomplish Great things we must not only a c t but also dream; not only plan but also be lIeve." Walker, Shane "Chawno": Cayuco Race, Pmg Pong, Busmess Club, Art Club, Ecology Club. "See ya and I wouldn' t want to be ya." Wallers, Jamie: "Beller to burn out than lade away." Ward. Rossaue "Saun" :


Varsity Basketball. Student CoUncil. Cultural Awareness Club. Orama Club. Dance ham "To lashanda and Oanlelle We outta here! I love you R oberti" Watkins. Nablle "N,t" : Cheerleadlng (CoCaptaln), Race. Solt ball. Ytarbook Slatl, Parahel, Club I want t o Ihank all I,.ends lor making my Sr Ihe besll Ricky' I love Webb, M "I,nn,: Int,amural Cheelleadlng (Cougars), Cayuco Race, Frenc h Club, [cology Club, JRDTC Rille Team "931" Webb, Melin. "Mel" : Soccer, Volleyball. Cayuco Race, Cougar' s Man ager, Computer Club. [cology Club "Love t o M i k e Maflanna, and Michelle. thanh lor all the fun and interesting times. Welch. Lotti. : lROTC (Hetd positron o f 2 Plaloon Sergeant ) M y goal IS t o be a prolessl onal w oman, a m other, and a W ile Than k you" Wells, Shcey "Ike" : Baseball, Soccer Pow d e r Pull, PreS i dent and Treasurer 0 1 SADD, PreSldenl of Peer Helpers, M a t h Club, Member 01 Just Say N o Wesl,.t frank "Sh.mu SmUll B,lIen," : Tennis Varsity Soccer, Baseball, Sopho m ore PreSident, Spani s h Club PreSident NHS [cology Club Drama Club, CeU o T hanks t o eryone that helped me through hie Save the eart h and fide Ihe waves White. Adam: Trac k WiMi,ms R e,n,ldo Ir, "BI,ck SlIlIIon" : Football "I'm oulla here!" WiMiami. Tamlko M eko": hack and Field Willi.ms Tany. "Tan Tan" : Siudent CounCIl "Mother 0 1 Tangefta Williams" Williford, lohn: Football, tenniS, Cayuco Race, Pow der Putt, Computer Ctub, Leiter mans Club Witson, Tro,: Football, Baseball, SOCCel, ClOSS Count,y, W its thng, Foreign uchange Prognm, Model U N Willi, Michael "Mike": Creen DeVil Football, Soccer, Cayuc o Rac e BHS French Club lafr.ni Atl e "Ari" : [cology Club lirnmfllnan. D'rHl "O,nny": The Group. "Good to The Group. /' .,-Karl V.nderw was snooZing dUring cia tit cause he was danCing all mght (Pho i O 1 f Westgate. ) I --'-----==--Class rmgs, what a deciSion! P.t P,," and Dawn Kuys are making thell chOice. (Photo by C RIgby. ) -I ..... j ... .. Hey Mike Bleich.elll You are supposed to pass the bus when the Signal hght IS on. (Pho t o by F Westgate) As Rond. Henler IS finding out, to col leges IS a lot of paper work. (Photo by G [Ih son. ) W e lound a cat kilter m our school! D.nn, Gonulez IS caughl red handed stabbing a de fenseless c a l (Pho t o by S GolembIewski)


Christina Thompson and Shannon Golembiewski admire Hele n Tremblay's lacket. (Photo by N Walkins. ) Don' t you hale It when you can' t remember something Impoftant? Danny P eterson IS gOing thfough thos e symptoms fight now. (Photo by N Watkins. ) Rossaue Ward IS making a senlor's most difficult decision: chOOSing what college to attend. (Photo by G Ellison. )


Jose Cnbneda helps a BES student paint her rocket for the rocket launch. (Photo by C Rigby) A group 01 seniors walt to get measured lor then caps and gowns. (Photo by C Rigby) Taking a break, Natalie Watkins wonders II this football game Will ever end. (Photo by Watkins) S,m,,,


I(,t)e Sun does a victory dance with her survIving egg Irom her physICS (Photo by C Rigby. ) Michth MUrlehi bends dow n to retrieve books Irom her locker. Students With bottom lockers eventually got used to the Inconvenience. (Photo by G Ellis) [f:) 5<,,,,, Eric Diu sllfts at Sh,nt W,.tr as he woofs down hiS cupcak e at the seOlO! reception (Photo by D Mills. ) John Henriquez sweats It out at the PhYSICS catapult while Alison Howard and Ben Shaha tah a break. (Photo by C Rigby. ) t MicheYt McCoy IS searching for her seOlor bal loon. (Photo by C Rigby. ) Mi<:hnl Charles IS making use 01 hiS green thumb 10 the school's new green house. (Photo by P Baca)


Roberlo A Abrego Juan P Acevedo Acuna LAird Mafia L Aleman leah Allen Andrea L Alvarado Geraldine M Amat Donovan J. Anas Karl S Arnold Tanya Arocho Gabriel J. Bacot Michelle D Barnell Damaris J Batista Jennifer M Baumgarder Daniel Beltla Toybe I. Bennett Teresita M Berrezueta Dawn L Bllgray Stacey R Boozer Anthony C BorowIcz Carole M Bourbeau Andrea D Brandenburg Ross L Brayton Fermin I. Broce Deron D Brooks Dana l. Bullard Marlene T Bustamante-Herrero Kevin CadiZ Jesus M Cala Nllda Ivette Camacho Monlque A Carbonell Omar Cardona Carlo M Castillo Mafia Cast/eilon Mlgdalia l Castro Jeflrey A Caughle Ilzel N Chang Norman D Charleville In Bruce A Chastain David T ae-Sung Chol AntoniO G Cisneros G lumors


Martha 0 Clark Chelsea M Colley Lourdes M Constante Anthony V Cooksey Heather Cooper Melanie E Cooper T arlna B Cordoba Christopher 0 COrrigan Samantha E Cowling John H Crespo Chad A Crouch Anghela M Crowdls Alva r o R Cruz laura J Cuthbert Stephen J Dally Girlie De L a Cruz H oraCIO A Oecerga Cflstma M Del Hoyo lUIs C DIal Susan M Doughty lawrenc e M Drennan Jerry l. Ellingsen Melinda S Erickson Alexander Feh u Arnold G Ferguson Walter Fernandez Paul Fischbach If. Michael C Fishel Bronwyne l. Frith GanZ13no '\. Susan Ronald J. Garrido Roberto L George Golembiewski C Shawn lUIs lose Gonzalez Marcos H Gonzalez Omorath P Gralales [Ibert Grant Ir. [mil S Gflffm Carla V Guerra Anabel Gundln Alvaro L Gullerrez EdWin O Gulieflez


MIChael A Hams Rebecca L. Heard John J. Henriquez Jose A Hernandez Vtctor O Hernand e z Jr. Vannesa E Hernandez Finley W HIli Wilham S Hinkle Jr. Chelsey E. H o ll Michael A Holstro m ChtngYeh Hung Jessi e Husband Chrysta L. Hutchinson Shondre M James Susannah L. Johnson T imothy R Johnson Juantta Ann Jordan LUIs A Juitao Megan J. Kelly Sharol K Kelly T eratee R Kemp Adrienne J Kinghorn Jeanette Y Kflisley Arthur R Krapfl Ir. Mtchelle A Kuo Anne M Langill James T Lantry Terrt M Law Ana I. Lee Christopher J lee Ktmberly Y Lee Chrtstlne E. Lively Tattana lIach Jenntfer C lloyd Brenda M Lomba Joseph P Lopez Cesar lou Scott A l o wry Bryan N lug o Christine M Maduro Karina E. Manntng Jesse P Marotta


Douglas C Marquard t Ami l. Mambllt Carlos H Martmelll Angela M Marx AudIa A. Matheney $hanna M Malllllgly Ryan 0 McConaughey Clement S McFarlane II Milton McKay Daphne D McWhorter Karen D, Meyer NlcheUe M Miller Tho mas T. Mitcham WaHen M obley Jahalf3 M ontalvo Witham T Moore Nishawne I Moran Veromc a l. Morrison leah Moss Stephanie M M MunOI T akashl Murata Nicole M NaSSIf! loUise M Nealy Gregory S NeVin Wesley A Nicholls Nayda J. Nieves Peter J N orman .Ioseph J. Olivares Henry O Ollendlck lUIS A Orande Brenda l. Drill TanIa M Orhz Mldorl Qura Daniel Padilla Jessica R Penkoske Shanna Phelps Katherme l. Pierre Ryan O Poggenpohl Wilham H Polil Carlos A Poveda JI. Nlchole R Powe jennifer l. Pownall J on"" 8J


Jerome O Price Nicole l. K ProflS Tyler Ross QUinn Heidi M Ratliil Robert f R eyes Christopher J Riley latoya T Rines Peter A Rivas III Carmen E. Rivera JORiseff M Robmso n Ivan R odriguezMesa lisa M ROjas Ingrid l. Romagnoli Brian T Rowley Derek D Rowley Wendy A RUiz Ricardo A Salterio Efram E. Sanchez Bernardo Santana III Ernest o Schnack Mane A Schulz Shawn K Scott M o rgan Seppy Joseph W Shaha T analya R Shaw Ana l. Sherry Amy C S hle Ryan J Smgh Erika E. Small Enrique R. Smith Kenneth J. Smith Valerye M Spratling Amanda C Spurlock Desiree A SQuire Jessll;.a A Siaha Eddie G Stanford Kall M Syrdahl Jellllee A Szymanski Carlos M Tapanes Johanna N Tate Jenlllfer D Thomas Heather A Thompson


Jasskel B Brassfield DannIe C Cooper Came A Corona Carlos E Deleon Laloya foreman Raymond [slupmlan lUIs A Frias Honoray V Frith Joshua R Gale Eric a K Gonzalez .Joe A Gulleuez Gretchen M Hess Jonathan H Hollman Not Pictured Shannon W Holmes Ami' Huma Kisha l. Lentz lenmffer Roach Jeffrey M Schepper DaVid W Shirley Drake H Sprague Crystal S Sterf Renee H Stewart Brian M Swenty Touman! T. Thomas Melissa Upton .!esse C Thompson III John E. Thompson Martha Tala Jamoore It Toney Nathan E Traywick Suzanne Tnppany M a rCIa Tuno n Henry 8 Twohy UI Vanessa l. U h orchek Jennife r l. U l n c h S h e m O Unger Anthon y C U sera Gabriel a V alenCia Mildre d A Vasquez M i chelle C V e rsaille s G erardo Villamil l lanc e C V o n Hollen RIUw Wanlanabe Edgar H Weeks JaQuehn e A Week s Benlamln W emhoener-Cult e James J. Wilson R u s sell W W i lson Wilham P Wing 1 1 Jaime W a ll R a q u e Wolf Marcus J WOlceste r Jonathan O Wnght W a l fet W u DI!lcla Y Yanez J e n nlfe l Youn g Chung O a r Yu Oscal G Zapata Joseph R Z O lnes J un"" 8


Cartoons. Are Not Just For Kids "Bree, Bree, Bree: What's up doc?" Cartoon's are what's up. And so will you be after those looney characters from Bugs Bunny to Ren and Stimpy glue your eye balls to the T V screen There are bunches 01 cartoon freaks from all ages outhere. You'll be surprised how many are pas t their 40's! And why this cartoon mania? I think they're cool, cartoons are awesome," says Christine liv e l y (I t ) And what about those green slimy artis t s one keeps hearing about? "My favorite cartoons are Ninja TurUes: because I can relate to them m personality," says Vanessa Hernandez (11). Cartoons appear everywhere Grer Hnin stares straight ahead (pho l o by A from T. V to magazines like Fox Tfot. Many people see themselves in these characters. Alex Sosa claims to have a similar personality as one of the Fox Tfot characters. Yuni Merriweather (12) prefers the P ink Panther "Cause it's the funniest cartoon and it' s original." for Omar Cardona (II) it' s "The fl instones, Yeah!" few people remember the amorphous lovable blobs called the Barba Papas One fan, junior Monique Carbonell says, They were an undeniable part of my childhood. The Barba Papas could adapt their shapes and become other Ana Sherry and Jackie Weeks enjOy lunch by Ihell lockers (Photo by S Booler) fle l c her Hirom lakes hiS lurn on the Thalean Bike Ride (photo by C Rigby) thmgs horses, cars, trucks, and other assorted shapes. I remember them," said senior Cathy Rigby. They were really weird," So don' t be down, now that you know what's up That's all folks !" Billy W ine and I van Rodricutl express their liking for certain class llOgS. (pho t o by C Rigby) M elan Kelly hstens as C h e lsea Coffey tells her about her killer AnalYSIS test (photo by G Ellison ) Terri law feeds her mmd by reading. (ph o t o by S Boozer ) Studying togelher made work easier 1 0 1 students (photo by S Boozer) Drake S p r a c u e examines hiS lunch belore he takes a bite (photo by S Boozer) Jumors


Mon ique Carbonell demonstrates how to bUild a cookie house durHlg speech class. (photo by M Schulz) The picniC tables were a leisurely hangout among students at BHS. (photo by C Rigby) Nicol e Profis and Trevor Hudd e l s lon give a qUick pec k dunng a Thursday night YfC event. (photo by S Boow ) j,m"s lance Von Holle n dillgenlly works on his art w o r k (photo by A Alvarado) Dawn BilCray show s us a new hairstyle at c heerleadmg tryout s (photo by N Watkins)


H Our Ji. Class Oillcers are" V"nessa Uhorthak, Monique Carbonell, and Marie Schulz. (photo by C Rigby) -... ---Ryan Pocgenpohf keeps an eye on hiS chemi stry expellmenl. (photo by A Alvarado) I Chelsea C offey shows her SPirit by wearing a loga 101 Toga Day. (photo by G Ellison) Kenneth Smith sneaks In some mUS I C durmg class. (photo by A Alvarado) J,""" e


Thomas M l lcham "sel S physical" dUling Ihe Health Fan (photo by C R'gby) ----"Pay up!", lhrulens M r Waugh as John Thompson attempts to buy some Coo.les dunng SURF A common scene In room 308 (phOIO by A Alvarado) Work hard! Monlque Carbonell concentrates on her work as she finishes her Chemlst, y lab. (photo by A Alvarado) "Yeah, nghtl", Susan GanZlano doesn' t seem t o believe what she' s lold. (phOIO by A Alvarado) Bryan lugo concentrates Intensely on making II masterpiece In M s Kat's Art class. (photo by G Ellison) J"""


Ryothi Hasa b e advises Scott Leffle r on how to put up the umbrella while Rosa Malave adjusts her sllades. These PhysIcs students kept track 01 the rockets' height and speed (Photo by C Rigby) Chad Crouch s h o w s us the disadvantage of Ilavlng a bottom locker. (photo by G Ellison) J unoors Jennie Ulrich doesn't mind squalling mlhe dirllo plant a tree for Ecology Club. (photo D Mills) Omar Cardona takes a b reak from his work and scratches his nose. ( p hoto by A Alvarado)


Cristina Thompson spots somethmg muc h more mterestmg than the scrumpltous brownie she I S eating. (photo by N Walkins) Mr. Thale loo k s up from cleanmg the p laque. (pho t o by C Rigby) Kathy lopez and Kevin (Mandese race t o see who could finis h their bowl first. (photo by S Boozer) Armando Roach shovel s through a whole bunc h o f papers. (photo by C Rigby) iunoars 8


Vanesn Hernandu gleedlly takes the whole can 01 poPColn to helse" (photo by A Alv3lado) C m i e COfona drills lAto the world 01 thought (photo by A lado) G Jum,lS Students at the Oklahoma play rehearsals prachce one 01 thell danc e numbelS. (photo by G Ellison) A group of JunIor and semor hIgh students gather and awaIt lor the "Going Bananas" games to begm ( N Henderson) Kim Smith and Gaby P into vIsually partiCIpate al the Pep Rally (photo by C Rigby) laur a Cuthbert dreamily concentrates on her work (photo by S Boozer) Veroniu Morrison closes her locker relieved that she survIved another hectIC day (photo by S Boozer) Jum", 8


Music-The Forbidden Abyss Blasting through your stereo speakers is a melody, from rhyming lyrics to flowing freaky screams -it moves you; it soothes you_ It's music_ What are its limits' Can warning labels prevent its effect on people or should it be up to the listener? I think i t's up to the listener 'cause it's your choice", says Carla Guerra (11)_ The duty o f the advisor y label i s thought by some people to be a good one because it f orewarns customers of the "type" of language the album might express_ Another is that it avoids censorship_ There is an opposing view: advisory labels won' t protect the ears of the young; and the more they forbid the music, the more i t 'll be bought Okay, so what's the purpos e of these label s -to rui n the artist's clai m t o fame or to stop the corruption that music portrays' Where is the enemy? I s i t in the music or in the m ind of the listener? A ndrea Alvarado lakes l i m e all Iro m chemistry class to contemplate over Ihe philosophy 0 1 hie. (pho l o by M Carbonell) E) Jumors Kim lee warms up by stretchmg before chetfleadmg tryouts. (photo by N WatkinS) M r s Selll warns her sludents agains t the dangels 01 acid during a chemistry lab. (photo by M Carbonell)


Nicole Profis hides herself from reality. (photo by S Boozer) Green DeVil cheerleaders walt t o perform their routine at the pep rally. (photo by G Dee) .lash Gale and Shane Walker contemplate their masterpiece s (photo by A Alvarado) Heidi R atliff and Thomas Moore buy laltenlng goodies during SURF. (photo by A Alvarad o ) J,m", C)J


A group 0 1 girls c h a t during cheerleadlng tryouts (photo by N Watkins) Two B[S s tudents IIgure oul what's wrong with their (photo by C Rigby) l,m", Michul C h u e pallently walts tilihe game begms (photo by N Watkins) Trevor Huddleston participates In one 01 the many YfC a ctivIties. (phol o by S Boozer) a does a cartwheel during chee/leadlng try-01 photo by N Wanms) fletcher Hirom and prepare the equipment lor the musIc at the roc ket launc h (plloto by C Rigby) l,m,"


Admission was one banana and a paper cup, buill you forgolll was ok. The 2nd annual "Gomg Banana" was held at CJHS on Augus t 29th lor IUnior and senior high students. It was sponsored by Youth For Christ (YFC) and people weren't qUite sure why they were there. U's a good way lor kids to meel al the begmnlng of Ihe year said David Herrell, the yellow team leader, "for some good fun. While fun was also a reason for Stacy Boozer (II), her top two priOrities were 10 "get messy and get sick lomorrow Irom bananas What was there to get mess y over? In banana volleyball, a wall 01 people was erected across the middle of the tloor.leam members paired up holding Nadia r Acosta S l even A. A c o sta r rederlc k A Adams Nadia A Alrd Manuel N Alvarel Sollmar 1 Anilliadas [dna P Afnold Ehtabelh J Afosemena Tanya M Bacol Jeedllhbell Balbasho Michael Banks AnlOOiO N BanosAraul Abdul A Barfe18 Jason A.. Bauer Sarah [ Beallie Camefon C Benson Jessie R Berger Clan Carlo Bianchini Sophomo,", a sheet between them with which they to serve, catch, spike bananas. Team members realized they had to w ork together to serve. "She didn' t count right! She didn't throw It when she was supposed to, but other than that, It was awesome," said Pilar CUile afterwards. Carlos Lam and Cathy Rigby, both seniors, had paired up for that one. "It was different ., said Lam. "Serving was definitely strange. Carlos yanked the sheet out of my hands a lew times," said Rigby Some people seemed lost over what t o make ollt all, "Ask me laler, I gotta think about It," SOld Carl Gale (12), A s the night progressed new horrors unfolded. In banana relay two team members ran up the stage and were blindfolded. Then they laid down head to head and reached up over their heads to feed their partner a banana. Only after the bananas were consumed could they pull off the blindfolds and run off stage to "high lIVe" the next two team members. "He kept slicking It m my throat," SOld Scott Leffler (11). "So? You kept knocking my forehead!" SOld Shawn Patty (11). After four rounds of banana rounds, the yellow team won. Were people glad they came? Patty said "Yes, and I thmk I've fullilled my potassium requirement for the day!" -, Scott Leilier and Shawn Patty try to leed each other a banana. Most people qUickly reahzed thiS was much harder than It seemed. (Photo by N Henderson) Norman Charleville encourages hiS team members on towards victory. Co' Ing Bananas turned out to be a suc, cess (Pholo by N Henderson) r -Joseph P Bibbo Noel p B lades Samafls K Blades Ian M Blanchette Ricardo M Blenman JoaqulO Bond Walter A Bothn Walter C BolllO Thomas p Bflceland J" Vlclor L Brown Jr, Holly K Brunner Michael A Buchanan Stac y l. Burian Magdehne C Canlu [IIIot Carlson idls J. Carnson rellcla Carlola Jason Carrola Sophomores (3J


G Sophomore. EVENTS TIME FLIES WHEN YOU'RE HAVING FUN you Just can', ltl open Rr'" Sklrh hn "one 0 1 those d'1S" while h e altempts 1 0 retrieve his (Photo by r Wesllate) Mush. 1unon theels out I t,blt .t the COllett r'l, htld yUI In tht BHS IIbr.ry (PtIoIO by r Wes".te) Ann W.,,,,, lotS tor tht point Jt the RED YS. TlCERS ramt GirlS bisblbill lJio")S tq hit .11 8HS (Phot o b)' f Wtst&.lt) / lemn Castillo Raul Chanl Michael J Chase Alber' B Chavel lUIS A Chevere JI. Jesse S ChllSlopherson Herbert [ Cleveland Jr. Maraare l M Clouston Monltl I Cobham ChOI L COllins Michelle l. Colhns Ralph Col o n lynda l. Conway Altlande, J Cower le sley O Copper VlrelOla [ Corbell Julio C Coronado James 0 Crespo Sophomore. 8


Olin J. Crouch Javelle N Crowder Kalte CUlte Henry B DavIs Paul De Janon MonICa N Dedard Nannd e fJlt S Dhaliwal Daphne O laz Joanna D Dial Ian H Dillon Jason l. Domenech Paul F Edwards Raylene J Ellmgsen Deserea M Ellis Joy l. Engelke Amanda R Erder Audrey E. Ernest Krlstm M Faye Sophomore, Ryan Minn came to school on Hallo ween with a home-made mask. (Photo by P Cowles) Hector l effrey and lee Olivares stop a moment t o have plctules taken. People go alound asking photoglaphels to take their plctule 101 the yeal book. (Pho t o by P Cowles) Brandy Marx and S h awna Phelps are on I I Chnslmas decolatlon committee fOI the Soph mOles. (Photo by P Cowles)


Choi Collins looks up to see who IS interrupting her from hnlshlng her hallway decoration. ( Photo by Cowles) Audrey M Fleming David E Fost e r Gary Foster Amy Fry klrge Galvez Daniel Garcia Michele R. Gashn lind say C. Gibbs Jose A Gomez Angel A G Oflzalez Jr Baneza J GOflzalel [rlka Gonzale z FrancIsco J Gonzalez Jose R G onzalez Rebecca M Gorman Ivan de la Guardia Jennifer R Hannah lenniler Hardln Martlnson Sop". m 8


---------Carlos Royo s h o w s 011 a new hairstyl e For some reason t h i s style has become popular ( Photo b y P Cowles) Julyannelte A Haughto n 1111 M Hauser Carolma C Herrera James l Hlgtey Ir Paul F Hlgnelt Roger J Hmes III John A Holly Yalseth A Hudson Wilham B H ull III KeUy R Hunt Angel N Jackson Hector A Jellery -Sarah Beallie doesn't qUit e g rasp the con cept but IlOds t funny anyhow (Photo by P Cowles) Amy Fry and Maylinn Steinberger look back to flOd a Inend who they left behind (Photo by P Cowles) Nakisha Nathan and lose Gomez stop 10 the hallway With '''ends The 5 mlOute passlOg time goes by qUICkly when you're With Iflends. (Photo by P Cowles) Corey l. .Iones Kelly A .Iones laura O Joseph lorena M Jurado Bonnie M Kemp Karen l Kemp Alice N Keoughan Poola Kharbanda Marebel B Klbbler Anadna L KlIkpatnck ChrIStopher A Krapf! Franz G Kuo Sophom .. 8


Carlos L Lampas Jr. Dlla Lantry Beth A larrabee Sergio L Latorre lisa Leontlev laur a M Lilley Mlchylle L. Littrell Alexander L. LIvingston III Michele M Lloyd Anallda G Lopel Etelvlno Lopez Jesse lopez Kathleen Lopez Edilia luck Eric h lukkasson Jesse Maddox Ramofl Malave LUIS Manzanares Sophomore Officers G So,homo", Guiding The Class Of '95 The Sophomore class officers are a part of the Student Association of BHS. Thes e students help the Class of '95 by selling pizzas during lunch to raise money for their class activities. Each class competes for points in order to win a free pizza party at the end of the school year. The competition includes decorating showcases, hallway decorations, and parent/student participation at the Homecoming festivities. The Sophomore class Sponsor is Mr. Rafael Chen, who also teaches Shop, Woodworking, mechanical drawing and the most popular course: Driver's Ed. Mr. Chen works tirelessly in the Candy store stocking sodas & candy in order for the Class of '95 to have money! C lass oillcers ( L R ) : Richard West Pres ldent. Choi Collins Vice Pres . lenell SmartSecretar y ( Photo by S Patty) /


Juan C Marhnez Raul M Martmez Brandyn 0 Mar. Stephen S. Mcauliffe Janelle [ McGuinness Scoll G McKee Wendy M McKelvey Oscar M c Neil Kelvm M Medma Kishm M Meredith Stacy A. Merkel John M MIller J r Vandana Mlshra Roberto F Modelo Paula M Monaghan Kann A M o ntagne Anens Moreno Randy Moreno Sophomore Spotlight Alexis Shannon Vidaurri ThIS 15 yr. old sophomore is a 4 0 student at BHS. Alexis was born at Gorgas Hospital and has one brother, Aaron, attending 8th grade at CuJHS. Her hobbies include Varsity Tennis reading, watching T V and hanging out w ith her best friend Lindsay. Mildly speaking, Alexis loves animals. She has 8 cats, 2 dogs, 5 parrots and 1 scarlet macaw. You can guess that she aspires a career a s a Veterinarian. This determined student hopes to attend Duke Sharing her home and heart with eight cats IS o n e o j t h e many admirable traits 0 1 AlexiS VidauHl our Sopho mor e Spotlight. Photo b y M VidauHl. University or UNC at Chapel Hill. Her favorite subject at B H S is Biology and her favorite a ctivity is being a member of PRIDE. Alexis was chosen to attend PRIDE works h o p s in EI Valle and Tex a s where she learned how to tell k i d s about the effects o f abusing drugs and ways students can enjoy life without drugs. She also enlo y s b eing a "buddy" for Specia l Olympics. We spotlight Alex i s for being a great sophomore! Sopho mores 0


Kenneth H Moms Jr, Christopher S Momson R ory 0 Mourning -Young Klmberlyn l. Myer s Brent A MynckReese Rajesh U Nandwam Naklsha M Nathan Michael E. Navlky Jonathan 1 Neal Tahsil A Nelson Anthony D Nlcklsch Richard 1 Nolan Khllsllne D Nolte Daniel A Norman Alicia Nunez Montie C Oliver Jr. Alberto E. OIlUac Jim Orti l Sophomore Spirit cG Sophomore 1993 Cheerleading Clinic The Sophomore class s h o wed their s p i rit by actIVely parllcipating I n the 1993 Cheerleading CliOic. The clinic was held in February at the newly renovated and arrconditioned BHS gym During the first week over 80 girls practiced the cheer, chant and jumps reQuired. A preliminary tryout was held after the firs t week. During the second week the girls perfected their skills at cheering, jumping and chanting while the team sponsors checked out who they wanted to draft. Eac h girl was given a number and they each had to anxiously await their turn outSide the gym while IOdIVldual tryouts were held. A panel of judges from the community rated each parllcipant on the baSIS of their skills 10 VOice prolecllon, spiri t enthUSiasm, height of jump and precision o f cheer. Students from Curundu Jr. High, Balboa High and Panama Canal College were eligible to tryout for the 4 Cheerlead 109 SQuads. After the flOal trY'outs, each girl was drafted onto a SQuad. Everyone was wartlOg outSid e the gym until dark for the announcements to be made. There were tears of lOY as well a s tears o f frustration as many girl s were picked onto their favonte SQuads, while others d i d not make the final cut. Over 40 sophomores participated In thiS 2 week long event. We can deflOitely agree that the Class of 95 showed their school spirit. ---.. Devon Spralue stretches out belore prac tlce begins. (Photo by N WatkinS. ) Jose A Orlll Ruth-Ann Ostander Andrew H Page Jean P Pederson lateelah K Peoples Jellome J Peterson Sommer M Pettaway Meredith N PIItS Jane M Posey Jill E. Pownall JessIca D QUinlan Jimmy L Ragsdal e Wilbert Reese O5IIlS l. Rlos Glenn Rivera Praxedes Rivera isamall RlveraRosa 1hamahara Roach Joy Enlelke takes a much needed break In betwee!1 routines. (Photo by N WatkinS. ) Sophomores GJ


C lass Of '95 . Facts On File Sophomores enter Balboa High school with lots of enthusiasm as well as a little apprehension This is caused b y their fear o f Seni o r s Handlin g the fear tactics brough t on by the Senior s is n o t an easy job, but t his year's soph s handle d this burde n with s tyle. A typical day i n the lif e of a Soph o more begin s at t h e corner outsid e t h e main office, near the gym or in the hallways. I n other words, Soph o mores can be foun d just a bout a nywher e at BHS talking, laughing, studying, walking, skat i ng, or listening to walkmans. When asked w hat's g reat about b e ing a sophom o re, Mary Kibbler replies; Ther e's more g uys to c hoose from at B H S ." Other comm ents heard i n the halls; "Leavin g the Junior High ", "We're new so we can get lost i n the c rowd", "Som e students a r e nicer to us because we're new, There are a few students who wou l d like to see som e c h a nges mad e a t B H S Danny Norman s tates; "The cafeteria food is Todd R Roberts lucas C Robertson Raul Rodarte Roberto A Rodriguez Jr. Tlfl O O ROI O Mark D Roscoe Carlos E. Royo Valerie Rui l VerOnica C Salazar Juhan f Salinas Eileen J Sant a laura Santiago e Sophomores terrible. We should have a better selection of health y foods." Jill Hauser says; ''I'd like to see a g reater participation a t t h e sport s events because everyone just goes t o t h e football games i n the f all and then hardly anyone goes to the other athletic events. S OPHOMORE SAYINGS: ''I'm lost." C C ''I'm n o t a bimbo. B.M "Excuse M e ." J.[ "Chill Out." K.L Dram a i s cool ." G C 0 0 you like m y hair'" K.M. I s there h o m e room t o d ay'" N.F. W here's your recycle bo,'" S B "Someon e broke into m y locker." K K All in all, the class o f 95 are tough stud ents w h o have learned t o overcome the i r fear of Senior s b y t h e end of the school year. I t hasn't been an easy year for these stude nts who were once on top of t h e school at the Jr. High, but t hey will survive t h e year with g race and style. -


Sophomore Devon Spral u e ponde r s abou t her c h eer leading s k ills as she prepares to try-out l o r a Varsity squad. Over lorl y tfled out for cheerleadlng. by N Watkins.) Mary Kibble r mingles with a fflend at the Health Fair. Many sophomores participated In this event a t B H S working at booths and setting up displays for their clubs. (Photo by C Rigb y ) S arah B eattie and Annelle Urriola enjOy lunch outside at the bohlo. Sophomore class sponsor, Mr. Chen headed up the pro Ject 10 construct the poputar bohlo last year. (Photo by C Rigby. ) -Hugh F Scruggs I I Chnstopher Sheets Cathe rine D S h erly Wilham O Shorter MarlOly M Silvera Matth e w O S immons Harna K Singh Isabel A Smas Jamal S Skinner .lenelil. Smart Aaron l. Smith Angely M S mith Sophomores e


leovlhllda SmIth Hemda Sokol Alelandro Sosa Jr. Roblnn Starks Mayhnn Stelnbarger Hashim Stevenson Rhoda Sween Matthew Sweeney Brandon S Wistak Alyson Sylvester Kathla Tagarapulos Sebastian tapia Adnan TeJada Joseph Terrell Aaron Thames Kathy Tisby Michelle T ruchsess Gregory T ulk AnneUe Umola Tabitha Valdilies Brian Vanalrsdale Mafia Vasquez Gloria Velez lUIs Vergara Alells VidaUrri Andrew Vidlnha Robert Van Wagner Nllah Warner Wayne Watkins Samual Weatherby DWight White Jf. Jessi e Wllhams Robert Wilhams Taql Wilhams Charles W orthington llWu G Sophomores


bnelle McGuinness and Katie Wilder pre pare themselves to look their best 10 reo celve the crown at the Homecoming Dance (Photo by P Cowles) Naomi Yano Dskar H Zayas FranCISCO Serfano Benjamin Goode IS surprISed to lurn around and have thiS picture taken. Many people agree that those are the best types of PIC' tures. (Photo by P Cowles) Sophomores


Choi Collins and lenell Smart disc uss h o w their sales are gOing l o r the Sophomore Class (Photo by P Cow l e s) Elizabeth ",rosemena was not e.pectmg her picture to be Nice half. huh1 (Photo by P Cowles) &,an Vanai ndale and M ichael Hawick, n pless themselves. 8HS has many creative sophomores (Pho t o by P COwles) Many students 0 1 the Sophomore class g o to the lootball games t o s h o w 011 their mUSical (Photo b y P Cow l e s) Not Pictured Cl'lrlslopl'ltr T Acosla Mrcl'latl A. Acosla Cesar A Banda Jason P Barlon Myhssa L Battman Angela M Bland Tan/us 0 Joaquin A Boyd Raul Chang Oavid M Churel'l Martha 0 Clark Dorlorts Collazo Kathy Tisby was giVing adVice to Wendy McKelvey on her deSign lor an Englrs h prolect (Photo by P Cowles) GUilflO!ltl R Colon Carohn! Kirkland Glana Oanttl M B,ann toean Raymond A [sluplOlan Cl'landa I Mason famala A francis Jtnnller S M!Cormd Nlcolt A rrank Samuel A McGulnnm Ir Nestor 0 Garcia luchanrya A Myatt Benlamln Goode Aiustln J Orlll Jill M Hauser Javltr A OsorIO Chllstopher J Kaward Juan C PalacIO Kttly R Hunt Ltonardo Paltdes Ftrnando J Johnson Bllan [ Prerce JamtS R Jungfnbtrg tuke [ Powell Strant P Rylf'y litoya N Smith Melissa A. Uplon MlCht U e A. VaSQuu Carlton Ward If Btlnn K Wemhoentr.culte RIChard Wesl JI MIChelle T Wamble Sophomores 0

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Sophomores 8J

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BHS Faculty Keeping The Tradition Alive The BHS faculty consists of o,er 50 staff members including specialists, counselors, and three administrators Many faculty members dedicate thei r time after school to sponsor clubs, varsity sports, special ",nts, char ities, and Student Association. Our faculty keeps up w ith the latest in educational trends by taking college courses offered locally a s well a s stateside classes during the summer. BHS students are lucky to have so many varied and unusual teachers Lots of them donate their time to community ",nts, too. We have artists, actors, athletes, historians, coaches, mUSicians, linguists, mathematICians, and scientISt s among our faculty. Balboa High School has maintained its ric h tradition In excellence through its talented faculty. _ --.J Eight faculty members are BHS alumnI. From the Class of '62 we have Mrs Corbett & Mr. Anderson Mr. Quinn is a graduate of '65. The Class of ')7 is represented by Mrs Bales, Mr. Seitz, and Mr. Young. Mrs Seltz is an '82 graduate, while our mos t recent alumnus is M s Cowles from the Class of '86. BHS teachers don' t come a dime a dozen. Potential teachers s h ould conSider the r igorous work and sacrifices that come With the territory. Aside from keeping everything o rganIZed, they have t o deal With the occasIOnal obnoxious student, whICh can cause a gray hai r now & then. Yup, BHS teachers are a special breed. Who knows? Maybe someone fro m the Class o f '93 w ill become a new BHS teacher. -,.. .. l) M r Thate recOl d s the weight and Sile 0 1 ItIlS soccer ballwrapped egg t o r the egg catapult. PhySICS student s constructed catapults IS well as egg conlamers. ( Photo by C Rigby) In the BHS greenhouse, MIS. Seltz explainS to Tara Nor lon how Important.! IS 101 students to learn how to care for plants. Over 4 0 student s are In the BHS8HS (Photo by F Westgate ) MIs. Corbett caretul1y rolls up a foil 01 senior plClufes (Photo by r Westgate) Yummy HI my tummy! Mr. Holland seems to get kick out of bUYing candy al the S A stole (Pt>oIO by C R'gby) - - I Elena Allen Patricia Alvarado Kenneth Anderson Melani e Bales Syl,ia Baptiste Susan Bernasconi Kelly Campbell Rafael Chen L ____

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Sydney Corbett Patricia Cowles Luis Cuevas Geraldine Dee Denise Evans Gene Fendrick Amel" Fisher J ohn Forester e Faeu", 94459230 1 ... 0628 .. Mrs Petersen observes as DiJwn Keays and Nancy Henderson try to IIgure out Calculus heuoglyphlcs. (Photo by C Rigby) Mrs Olhon exposes her gnmy hands after workIng 10 Ihe greenhouse (Photo by G Dee) Sou allends the Repubhcan dlOner held at Ihe H o lel Panama. (Photo by O Gillord) English leacher Mrs. Hanson speaks W ith a parent white Heather Hanson awaits her turn to launch her r ocket. (Photo by C Rigby) Faeu", 0J

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Julianne Gardill Joanne Gettys Camille Gibson John Hager Penny Halvorsen Joyce Hanson J i m Higley Dana Hinkle e r",II, See no eVIl. heal no evil. speak no evil M5. Dee. M s Manchestel. and M,. WauCh demonst,ate how they deal wIth stress (Photo by r MagKlon) Ms. M(GlecoI, wIth a concerned look on her lace, pauses and thtnks of what to say next (Pholo b, G Dee) --. SenIOr PreSIdent HonI Robi1son seems to be lett oul as staff members share the day's iOSSlP over lunch at the SenIor rKephon (Photo by 0 Mills) Ernest Holland Doris Hunt Peggy Jones Marsha Kat Nancy Manchester Johnnie McGregor Joanne M itchell Wilma Monlouis r",ll, e

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e r",lty Ms, Bau cheerfully rinses out her coHee mug across the hall 10 Mr. loonc' CommerCIal Arts room (Photo b y C Rigby) Mr, Waurh speaks to Jennifer Black aller class about purchasing caps and gowns. Mr. WauCh IS the senior class sponsor. ( Photo by C Rigby) Mr. Bales, Mr. Holland, and Mr. Anderson lean back and relax as they watch the PhYSICS Egg Catapuiliaunch. ( Phot o by C Rigby) I t .t ( -.. .... s Manchester as Batman poses With Nicole Blanc as Catwoman at the Halloween Costume Contest P atllcla M o rale s Laura Roa DaVid Seitz Jud y Severson Rita Sosa Carol Sponberg Mallette Staha Malia T elad a r"",y 8

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Bruce Thale Ed Tyner Carlos Vaz C h eryl Wall SOOia W e b l y D ollie While Cecillo W,lh a m s DaVid Youn g e f",lty / -.. I J --. -I Mr, Holla n d Ihe scho o l principal, check s a P OlOt With M r A n d e r s o n one 0 1 Ihe assistant pnnc i pals (Photo by O White) (in SIS tan! pllnclpal, Mrs. Hunt. pauses from her ,Iy schedule t o reflect. Mrs, Hunl Jomed the :ulty thiS year (Ph o t o b y 0 White) W aueh show s hiS school S P Irit b y dreSSing III lor Halloween HIS creatIOn con s i sted o f lathmg trom Nepal (Pho t o b y 0 Mills) < Ralph Howell ThIS year BHS will lose one of Its fines t educators: Mr. Ralph Howell. The ZOOian staff would hke t o offer thIS tnbute In the 9 3 yearboo k t o t hIS great teacher. Mr. Howell has been teac h i n g at BHS off and on f o r 11 years He h olds a Master o f Arts In lingUIStics and literature fro m the Univ. of Southern Miss. D i d y o u kno w he was o n c e lIuent i n the Cambodian languag e and w orked lor the N S A before movIOg to Panama? An aVid s p ortsfan, Mr. Howell has coached s occer, football, a s well a s being E S l dept. chairman at PCC At BHS he has been o n the Buildi n g leadership Team and chaired the N C A committee. Dne o f his fondest m e m o ries o f l i f e a t BHS was coa c h 109 his soccer team t o an undefeated season W e a sked Mr. Howell what h e W ill mISs about Pana m a h e s tates; "fnend s students, tropical p lants and trees". W e WISh him the best o f luck a s h e retires t o Knoxville, T enn. w here hIS Wife, Mary Eva (BHS class o f 6 3 ) and four chi l dren are a nXiou s l y awa itIOg hIS arnval. GO VOlS! Mr. Howell e x p lainS t o Osur Gifford what h e u peet s f rom his d ebate (Pho t o by C Rigby) f""t y

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Academ<, --R cademics, a major part of any school environment, wasn't always found in the classroom Stu dents learned about the importance of getting involved --in the political scene from Prescott Bush earlier in the year and found how impor----. tant nutrition is to the body at __ the Health Fair. Seniors underwent the tedious process of applying to college and for scholarships while Juniors had their last chance at the PSAT and becoming National1r-"l Merit Scholars. New Ex-__ tended courses were added r--' to this year's curriculum and the Black Cultural Awareness 10-' Club once again hosted it's discussion panel.

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At the RepublICan DlAner, Presco Bush stops to greet Mmoska 8lanchtm and Nom Robinson. (Photo by O GIHord) Acadom,,, 8J

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B Academ", Getting Involved S,mmy TOtlU s h o w s his wllote. suppofl a l the 1 .Iu r e (Pho t o by C R igby) Prncoll &nh empha SIZes h o w 1 m portan! I I IS t o regrster t o v ote (Pho t o by C R igby) / I ---Shane Walker and Grel Parsons are among the siudellis giving Prescott Bus h a hand (Photo by a Meye rs) M r Bus h s speech was attended by all the U S G ovl and U S HIs lory classe s (Phot o by C Rigby) People Cast Their Votes In BHS Mock Election Every electIOn year the Social Studies Department sponsor s a mock preSidenttal election for the faculty/staff and student body to e.press thell favored cand idate. To "regISter to vote, students had to Sign up w ith certam social studies teachers. Then on November 2. 1992, they could stop by at the Main Office and cas t thell ballots. Eighteen percent of the student body and ftfly-one percent were as follows: 52% of the students voted f o r George BuSh, 27% voted for Clinton, 18% voted for Ross Perot, and 3% were undecided. On the other hand, Cltnton came out the wmner With the faculty/ staff with 50% of the votes, Bush was second With 44% and Perot was last With 6 % The faculty clearly predicted the actual results more accurately With Bill Clinton as the winner of the preSidential election.

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A R e d C ross volunteer demonsl'a t e s the prop e way t o assist oil c h o klOg IOtanl (Photo by C RIgb y ) tvan RodrlluerMeu pedals fas l and hmous on one 0 1 t h e slal1on a y bik e s (Phot o b y C R igby) e Acad.m", lui, Cutnelo explores a com p u ter program al the Health rail A van ely a t booths Interested I h e s t u dents ( P h o t o b y G [Il,son ) Suun OouChl, eeLs (I fac.al d one by o n e o f Ihe v olunteers at the cosm e bcs booth ( Phot o by G fII. son ) F air Provides A N e w Insight On Health On Sept. 16th the firs t Health Falf was held In the BHS gym. Students were allowed t o go all day, allowing that thei r teachers okayed it. There were a "flety o f things to do. A two pag e checklis t was provi d e d s o that students could record a ctlVit"s s u c h A group 0 1 guys upturnent o n the com p u ters Many o f the booths r e o qUlred Ihe use 0 1 Ihe Appl e s (Photo by C RIgby) as checking their hearing, teeth, blood pressure, cholesterol, height and weight. There were several stationary bikes you could ride and later check on your puls e Several clubs had booths JROTe had a stress tflvia game and SADD had Jodi e Hunan gel S her teeth checked by oil denial technICian (Photo by C R Igby) information on driving while under the influence, Mrs. Hunt's eHort s in putting on the health fair pai d off. I think this i s muc h better fun than last year's Business Fai r sai d Mr. WauCh, "There are more a c llvities the kids can do." Acad.m", e

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A glOuP 0 1 students work on tllelr cats' digestIve s ys tems ( Photo by G [Ilison) Quinl Undelwood secUIes his cat as M Seitt begins to cut through (Photo by G [Ihson) Extended Courses Lead To Gaining Knowledge The two new extended classes that were added t o this year's currh.:ulum are Extended Analys Is, taught by Mrs Pete rson and M s Hrnkle, and Extended Go,1. taught by Mrs Sosa and Mr. Waugh, Extended PhysICs, Extended Calculus, Extended Physiology, AP English, and AP Spanrsh are stili offered with mrnor changes AP English IS now taught by M r Howell, Extended classes require the marntarnrng 0 1 a 8 a"rage People who larl t o do so are placed on probatron and run the IIs k 01 berng taken out 01 Extend e d Some Extended classes are taught along with the regular class as rn Extended Calculus or Extended AnalysIs, AP classes are separate classes altogether like AP Spanrsh or AP Englis h An advantage t o extended or AP classes IS the weighted grade, This IS why some students marntarn a GPA abo" 4 0 Another advantage IS Ihe AP exam A high score may count towards college credi t -J I -Mrs. Sou IS one 01 the extended govl leachers The class meets weekly at tunch (C Rigby) Jennifer Slac k and Erin Sian a wait thell turn to d ebate {Pho t o by 0 While } ---M r 'hate what c rest s and troughs are to waves with a long hose Waves were only one 0 1 the elcltlng tOPICS studied In (Pho t o C Rigby) Carlos Lam and Scolt Leffler argue thell POSition o n thell d ebate day (Photo by 0 White ) :r. -,

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Physics Students Find They're Thalean Slaves A lot o f people drop Mr. Thale's Phys Ics class the lir s t week of school. It's lus t too intimidating. Those who remam sometimes wonder why on earth they d i d lab reporls o n the acceleratio n of g raVity o r on a sWinging pendulum IS cause enough 1 0 paOlc. The competitive e dge In some activities IS even w o rse. The lirs t malor prolect was con structing a catapult n o heavier tha n two kilogram s and n o longer Mr, Thale and (rlne Slimes try t o get BES students I)lepared t o launch The 5th and 6th gradm wele very exclled (Photo by C RIgby) rrank Ender sends his eii !lymg over the wall was the over all winner 0 1 the egg cataputhng conlesl (Pho t o C Rigby) e 'cad.mIC' than 50 x 50 c m that could hurl an egg In a container a meter tall wall Irom 1.5 meters a way. They were launched December 181h. I spent las t OIght c rying 'cause If (the catapult) kept gOing backwards I was afraid I I would s hool Inlo Ihe audience. I'm glad It' S over .. and s o IS mole," Said Kate Sears (12). Sears u sed a stufled aOimal a s her egg contamer The nexl prolect was considerably easier. The Thalean phYSICist s merely had to help BES students assemble rockets from kits. They were launched on March 5th. In splle of the dilli cultles, most students find passing Thale's a feat wllhln Itsefl. "ChOOSing to take Thalean PhYSICS IS like purposely lumping Into an a ctIVe s pinning washing machine because of the turmoIl. H owever when you come out you're brighter than you were before," Said Carlos Lam. Petrucd $'oIItIVts 10 slay In bounds as Jou Castaneda helps IKOld tiff lime In thIS aclJVIty s luMnts had 10 maintain conslant (Pholo by C Ri&by) Ont 01 tht rockets 11'1 the hlst lin! ul' saus ott Students had to S UI! tht launch pJds 'oliff! an<d In !tie 11&h1 d,rectlon (Photo by C RI&by) M ikt Winl helps BES silident '1IIIth!en oul the I,ns on her lockel BHS phr$IC.$ studenl s partICipated '/filth 8[S studtnt s on the IOChl prOlect (Ptloto b, C Rilby) Cillo, lim htlps (hell adjust IllS fU utlpul! Most Phr$ICS s t u dents pulltd IOiethel 10 meel Ihe challen&e (PhoIO by C RI&by) 'cad.m<, 8J

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A Day In The Life Of The School Cafeteria O n September 10. SOUTHCOM ) 1 came to Balboa High School t o Inspect the cafelena. Member s of the fit T o Win" committee wanted to see how healthy the food being served to students really was. They personally a sked Shawn Patty. the SA President. to show them around. It was a spot inspection and no one, not even the admlnlstratton One 0 1 the talelelta w Olkers s erves up another order 01 trtes Most students lunch conSisted 0 1 only Irles (Photo by C Rigby) M r Anderson answers one 01 Shei l a Laird's quesltons. M s laird was one of tile who came to check health standards (Pho t o by C RlgbO e .\cadem., even knew about It. The committee was mildly pleased With their 'lnd,ngs. One thing that they dId n t like was t h e way the s tudents left the cafeteria after lunch. "It's filthy. They Jus t thro w theI r trash anywhere, saId SheIla laIrd, the commIttee leader. "Thes e are hIgh school Students' If you asked me, I would of said that I t was a pig pen," she later said. They say that a cafeteria IS a serious reflectIOn on the school. I guess In thiS case we should be ashamed of our rude. uncouth manners After all, we are high school students and w e should conduct ourselves In s u c h a manner. -Shawn Patty A hallway usually filled With slu. dent s gOlOg to class finds Itself filled W ith lost and contused par. ent s trYing t o beat the tardy bell. (Photo by 8 Meyers) The kitchen gets a looking over as three members ollhe "Fit to Will" committee take a glance afOL/nd. (Pho t o by C Rigby) -Parents ollen had d l ltlcu lty hndlng their ki d s classe s Schedules d ldn' t seem t o be much help. (Photo by 8 M eym ) Two dads check out the doughnuts In the library dUring "lunch" Refreshments we,e prOVided by the S (Pho t o by 8 Meyers) Parents Find Themselves Going Back To School The annual "Back T o School" was held earllel o n In the year (September 9th) ThiS event encourages parents t o hnd out about the school that the.r dependents go to. Parents come to the school at night and follow the" kids schedules as II they were gOing through a regular school day themselves "Classes" a r e only ten minutes long. ThiS gives the teachers enough lime to explain the general purpose and the goals 0 1 the class. M s Gard.U has a unique way of spending thes e ten mlnutesshe Videotapes her classe s dUling the day and then at "Bac k to School" parents get t o see the" kids In action. "lunch" s ten mmutes In the library lor coffee and doughnuts N H S members serve a s gUides l o r los t parents and the S.A. helps out W ith the foo d I think II was a great Idea. although I know I don' t want t o be a kid again. Some of the teacher s look eVil!" s a i d Stan P atty, a parent Academ'" GJ

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I, I Students look at brochures from Bentler and Curry college s Several college lairS were held dUring the year (Photo by (j Ellison) Senio r s (jllla Etllson, Robert Ped ersen and (jreg Parsons take a look at the pamphlets handed out at the College fair (Photo by C RIgby) Seniors Look Into The Future At College Fair '92 The BHS College/Career center hos t s several college fairs eac h year at the BHS library M s Dotlle Whlte, one of the BHS Counselors, IS respo n sible lor thes e fairs. Recrultmg oHlclals from variOus colleges and uOlverSltles came to BHS and displayed pamphlets and l8 A"democs inf o rmation about their school s BHS s t u dent s are allo w e d t o leave their classes to attend the lair Most of the hme students look over the Informalton and listen to short lectures a bout college hfe. The presente r s give mformatlon about tUlhon, books, prerequIsites tor courses scholarships available, school Size, climate, clubs, and orgaOlzatlons available on campus The fai r s are a great way f o r BHS students to learn more about what life Will be hke alter graduation. It helps t o have a personal t o u c h by talking t o people who live and w ork at each schoo l February was blac k history m onth and students at BHS helped commemorate this special month by hostmg a BLACK HISTORY JEOPAROY. Students from Mrs George's classe s participated In this event by readmg up on blac k history and then formmg teams t o ans wer Questions like the 'real' JEOPAROY TV game show CommuOlty volunteers assisted the panels 0 1 BHS students Class e s were mVlted t o attend m the auditorium and over 200 students observed thiS event. Other activIties oltered dUring thiS month celebration were gues t speakers In the library, a play production t itled loBe Young, Gifted, and Black". and movies were shown about famous black histOrians Every year the Isthmian commuOlty helps celebrate BLACK HISTORY month and thIS year BHS students played an active role In the festiVities. Students prepare t o set up l o r the 81ack History Jeopardy Competl tlon. (Photo by S Patty) A group o f students seem to be s tumped by a Quesllon. (Photo by S Pally) A"dem", 8

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CTBS Comes For Underclassmen As Seniors Skip Classes e r a s testing was bac k o nce again l o r the underclassmen durmg the wee k 01 March 15th Ihrough 171h. eTBS leslIOg IS done to see how s tudents rank In basIc skills such as readmg, wrltmg. and math, The lest IS laken d uring homerooms and classes are s hortene d l o r the res t ollhe day. SeOio rs, on the olher hand, lake Ihe ASVAB ThiS tests vocational skills to d etermine what sorl of Career B 'cadem", a person would most likely b e able t o pursue. For the nexl l e w days While the underclassmen finish takmg the erBS Ihe seniors get t o enjOy thel( s kip days On the 16th. the seOiors went t o the Amador theater to see the movie "Forever Young" and Ihen Ihey walked 1 0 Ihe Amador Oillcer's Club f o r lunch and some fun and games. The follOWing day they Alter watching the mOVie, a group 0 1 senIOrs begin t o down 1 0 Ihe Amador Olheer's Club 101 lunch (Photo by C Rigby) w e r e treated 10 a hot breakfast In the cafeterra. The cosllar all of thIS was lusl four dollar s '" think .1 was a good Idea f o r semors to get a break from haVing to go to schoof. I'm pretty sur e that everybody needed.1 I kno w I definitely d I d after slaVing over the yearbook'" said Cathy RIgby M i k e M orlln and Melissa W e b b share a hug as Ihey WiIlt In hne 10 gel some IDOd (Photo by C Rigby) K athy DiUI serves herself some let tuce and tomatoes as Melissa Webb wal l s her lurn (Photo by C Rigby) A g roup 0 1 senIors try to lind seats In the gloom o f the Amador Theater The movie I hey Wele gOing t o see was F orever Young" (Photo by C RIgby) One 01 the hrst t o gel a bUlger, A (quiles Casbo Sits down to enjoy hiS lun c h (Photo by C Rigby)

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E) Clubs \9\6'\ \ \ G\ \C\\ 61 'Ei\ G\ Organizations exist because people have a natural tendency to get to-r'""'lI .-. ...... gether for fun, work, or for a cause. There are many var---ied clubs and activities in .-. BHS. Some are dedicated to ---"" helping people, like SADD, ___ __ and others introduce students to different cultures, like Spanish Club or French Club. Most people join these ac---tivities to learn something new like developing prints in the Photography CUb. Some organizations you cannot just join, but are ad mitted into-Spanish Honor .--. Society, Biological Honor':;"" Society, National Honor So-..ciety, or Thespians. These groups' efforts can be seen everywhere at BHS. \Sl \9\ \ \6\

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Orake Sprague puis In some bme working at the new green house with the Ecology Club. The green oouse was bUilt over the summer and Ecology Club and BHS members selll up. Clubs

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CARNIVAL! BHS Clubs Celebrate The Moment Carnavahto, Mardlgras, fiesta, eXCItement, and . culture! Thes e two clubs may be different on the outSide, but If looked on from Within, culture IS the baS I S for both. They are both very s uccessful 10 their ThiS year the SpanISh club's lun Rodr1luez, sprays d o w n a tal at the Spanish Club car wash The car wash was a wei" ewent that many members ;Ulended and a Cltat fund ralsmg a ctivity ________ Carnavahto and Frenc h Club's Mardlgras was held at the P C C auditorium. This yearly tradillon has always seemed to put everyone 10 a fes t ive mood. Where would they be without the" sponsors? Thanks to Mr. Val and Mrs. Roa everything was pOSSIble. The Carnavahto Court dances one 0 1 thell IIPICD numbers The club elects members 'fI'ho IUln to dance hplCO for tarnavahlo (Photo by C Rigby) frtnth Club members it field tnp 10 Casco Viejo tor lunch. Before hawing T1Ch. they went to the French Emlor a lour 'Jtricia Ortiz. Queen 01 Carnawahlo. to the crow d Her speech assr&ned biles to each courl subject according to thell talents. (Photo by C ",by) .-.,..., ...... I -, "", -.- .. e ... '.I:"W .,. I -- I _Will . '_-'H ... -fltfKlI Club rro"1 10" Gun.lon. S hopJnnr, H OItnchd 2114 10 .. II 8 hi !luo, D C"111es R M lhr, J C ClIff" Uttloo"n. N Mor," lId row rem"" C CoIbI'lS. B A/:I.!fm,n N NUSII R WCIII N Pro ill. C Ot s Unknown. A.1rJ S Mttltl 41.1\ 10-" D DIU Unll\a" n l LIM, Un .... llin, UttI./Io.n. 1/111110. Sth 10. Unloo"'n S M"MI. C 8000, tlUu J C. [ D Rotwor! 81. '0-M Wttb S ( Mer lel Clubs

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Christina Gonultl sam lives by pulling apart plastic soda can rings thai otherwise choke animals (Photo by W Westgate) Dtan Mills patiently digs Into Molher Earth Planting trees was it common activity lor the cology Club (Pho t o by f Westgate) A Wordly View Students show they care Ecology and SADD. Two of Ihe mosl helpful clubs In school. And wouldn' t you know It? Theil names say as much a s thell healing deeds One group tnes to help our wonderful planet EARTH while the other tnes to help the people on it. Ecology for one, not only expresses concern for our world, but also does something about It. Our world I S definitely In our hands. So why not help out? So far, the E cofogy Club r:G:) Clubs has de"nltely done ItS best, and IS continuing to do s o by organizing people to plant trees, make rec y cle boxes, shred paper, etc. Although they are a ,ery profitable club, that doesn't mean the res t of u s can lus t Sit back and relax! W e can help too! H o w ? In many ways. But first here's and eas y way t o begin reduc e reuse, recycle! SADO (Students Against Drunk Dn'lng), has also played a big role In helping the student body. During the 1992 Health Fall, SAOO members presented a drugs /alcohol exhibit to show students what harmful IIntants t o thell bodieS look like a s well a s what these Irritants do to thell bodieS The group continued With thell yearly Red Ribbon Campaign which reached out t o eueryone and touched many w ith the message "Don' t drink and d",e In order to make thell message clear, SAOO members march on hoping thell actions Will allect the deCISions of students at BHS In a pOSItIVe way. -'e'*wr 'M; FtOII\ row A.. SlddlQuo. B N. M Propst J UIIII(n C Colley, C ModIIJo, Ms. BIr.a 21'1(1 row to( f. 1(110, 0. Y...u, So. 800:er lot Ho!I.n, It c:w.noese. M IoiQrxl'oo,L lro row 0 G De UCI'UZ, J N. J Symll'lm, A. GurcM F We$U} 'IIl, !. WII\er, J 41h row UfI'_. UnkrowA, ..... j V HemandU, J Po-.ooral', It. H.s.IOe. SIn row M M Cntro. C l.NeIy Q. lJIwXnoroo;ICI. L C.l1cm1:no S \In;Il'' T 1U:Ib"Y''''',1\ ,...-'" 6th row. ..... CasHO J Nell, A.. k.-.g1'lOm, V Mor05Otl, '" "til)' E lin row C P
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E) Clubs Honor Societies Are Getting Involved There are live honor societies at BHS: Biological Honor Society. National Honor SOCiety. Spanish Honor SOCiety. and Quill and Scroll. Some of B HS' activities include Informative freld tri p s to Valle and canoeing down the Chagres river. NHS i s a charitable club that does such things a s making sandwIChes for the poor and helping with Special Olympics SHS. a more culturally Inclined honor society. had a banquet celebratin g the 500th Anniversary of Ihe discovery of Amellca. (SH S pICture unavailable. ) ---, Mecan Kelly eats her IUllch dUring an NHS meetmg (Pho t o by C Rigby ) A group ot BHS members talk In the greenholJse while lun RodriCUfl chec k s a planl (Ph oto by C Rigby) lauren Schulman. Moniqu e Carbonell, Jessica Pen koske, and Marie Schultz pack SOil lor the green house. (Photo by f Westgate) .... ---Front row: M. Charles, C. Lou, V Sp/" 3thng. O. Sprague, C. Hinkle, J Pownall. J Weeks. 2nd tor. N NaSSIf, J Staha, S. Ungef, L ROJa s, E Scnbnef, E.. Starne s, K. Sears. K. ShadeD. lrd row: R Hasabe, T QJinn, J Roscoe, Y Park. M. Propst. M. Kelly, C Colfey. A Kinghorn O Gf'lllJales, J. Jaen L. Segura K u row:: N Henderson, M N evarez. A Wagner T Kemp J Utlnctt, S Boozer II ............ ___ WI_ .. ... --.. - lH1!:t. Front row : C Lou S unger M W orcesle O S prague 0 ChoI T NOI1on 2nd row M Cfiar1es. M WIng, V A Sp!A'\OcI(. C H inkle M seilz lid row: E. Schnack. T Ugera. M Scnulz M C amooell E. SctI>neI E. Sl8mes K. Sears 4th row : T Quinn J Roscoe L Rqas V Uhort:hek. M Prop!iI M Mlnaehl M FIsnef 5th row J S lana M I
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o R A M A T H E S P I A N S e CI"bs Tony W orlhinllo n concentrates as others arollnd him w ork on their dance numbers (Photo by C [Ih ,., ) Felicia Carrola 3fld Choi Collins search through the dressing room f o r the fight make-up. (Photo by G Ellison )

PAGE 137

Rebecca Heard and Nicole Blanc share a moment before their cue on stage. (Pho t o by G EIlts) DouC M arqhaurd t slflgs through his part In OKLAHOMA! (Photo by G Ellis) For Thespians All the World's a Stage Have you ever considered Jecommg a Thespian? Well, if lOU have, you probably kno w l O W much w ork It requires. In order to become a rhesplan, you have to b e nvolved with the school lnd/or community plays. You ;ee, with eac h play production IOU work m you are g iven a :ertam number of p omts The 3mount depends on the Importanc e of the lob. Now, d o n t take It wrong, becoming a Thespian can also mean haVing lots of fun. Durmg a production, the weirdest Ihmgs can happen. Once you have a cquired ten pomts, you are a candidate for Thesplanhood. II's a title t o make you feel proud. So II you really like the Idea, go t o the ned play rehearsal and Sign up for backstage. Better stili, tryout! Who knows? You may become the ned Tom Cruise o r J odie Foster. Front r ow: R Hanson K Sears, K. Shadeck, E. Hatcllett. 2nd row: S B oozer, O. V Hernandez, M. N evarez K. lopez, J Ullnch, N Pfofis. L ROJas. A J. C. Modelo If-d row: V Corbett. M. Pfopst A Marl, S Unger, C. Coffey, M. KeHy Ibdi: row:: J N Traywick, D Marc:jlaurdt. N Blanc. T W orttuogton, J Neitl F Hlfom, A Sytvester, O Gifford. R. hanson K 5ears K Shadeck. E Halchen 2nd row: S Boole r 0 rk 3rd row: N Protls L Ao+as. s 1XIger. c coney M Kelty Beet row : M Propst V Corbett A N Blanc F Hirom O Giflorn Club s (0J

PAGE 139

I All OiIb fO. I __ IIt\)buIlI.l OftMAtI 0 bIn"ltlllllll. P'; CWa 8 Pot/C t 1nd II)J> C Mthrlane C !MIl' '" Renfro. H Wil I HIIIl" .\fyIlNo. S 'Niht1 8.11)\'1""' ... l(Ai" 0 Self J lOfIlfS --t ... ________ Shawn Pally sets up pnnts In the dark loom Almost all 0 1 the photos were developed In the BHS darkroom (Photo by C RIgby) James lanlrey cut s hIS screen film. A s a member 0 1 the art club many neat PIOletts wele available to you (Photo by J S iaha) Gina Ellison and Kevin OIandue study candlds of students Developing 111m was one 0 1 the many things the PhI)tography Club did. (Photo by C Rigby) Imagine . Two Perspectives CREATIVITY ... that's Ihe key w ord behind the Arl and Photo clubs whic h makes them so unIque. The Art Club meets several times a month 10 w ork on such prolects a s restoring murals and printing T-shlrl s The Art Club also allows the student t o enhance his/her artistic ability. Behind the camera, the Photo Club w orks t o capture the essence of student hfe. Through both, we lear n new ways to e xpress ourselves from a d iflerent pOint View. A R T P H o T o G R A P H Y Club, (0J

PAGE 141

C H o R U 5 B A N D Noteworthy Music To Our Ears Thmgs lust never seem complet e w i thout musIc. w h ich I S why B and and C h o rus a r e s o Important 10 our school M u s I c puts everyo n e 10 a good mood and I S som ethmg tha t everyon e enlo y s Band bring s mUS I C to our ear s 10 s u c h event s a s football games. the Christmas Village. conc e rts. etc. Chorus als o plays their par t 10 many seasonal concerts. a s well a s the Chris tmas Village. let' s h o p e that they contmue the good w o r k s o w e can all conlinue hvmg 10 "harmon y". ,. N l n c y HendmOll and Nahlaw l try to grasp tile nght hy P,aClrCIIIR lor peflormances WBS not an easy task 11\ Select CholLlS Band members catch it breat h belote lumping 11110 anolher sonR ThrouRh oul the year, then musIC was w rlll us dUI InR many sj)tClal (Photo by C Rigby) L..-______ E ) Clubs ItIotd(llom. Ii lrttrll, PI III. WttlD; V ItefllfnlXl. T WoItllm&lOII. E Culdalwpt, M hUM 2"" 10. S Boolv.D YI\W.l, LIM V DIM. H r.nD, Y N"tCiQ lld 10_ It R 0HrI1S, ( Ilo.ns, T SI\.i .. 0 SQulfe u. 10* R CGmu, D DlII t Cilil. Y TU/IOR A. $PIenod.1l SIrdIu. surw Bailet\, J Dlu.l Io:sf(III.. StII 10_ 8 lOlllN. C 801,IIb1)oj R A. ROKh, A. SrI.t$ltI l IItMntS. bd 110 C CI:sbIIII.. 0 --. H h.fW'd,. 0 lOUt.. 0 ItUrQburdl SMrC/l.l frOllI I N tW:roIIIflOll Ii Wttltl V iWfllMll5tl I W M\tIWIC\.OfI, H It'r-j(1 2nd 0 t/ltl llolt-y v Cilfn.' SM .. PI rAtIo Y HlUpd )1610". II Outn l Oo.ftl, $atld>tl 0 S ,.hnltl Clubs e

PAGE 143

e ('Jubs In Control Behind The Screens Did you "find your perfect date?" Aher several programs, the computer club finally found the "perfec t match for everyone, Maybe It seems as If the Computer Club has only produced that one successful event, but If you think about i t who keeps the computers running anyway? The purpose of the Computer Club IS to promote computer literacy and to enhance learning through the use of computers. Jose H ernandu a computer club memo ber. wonders what's wrong wIth hiS wal.man as he tries to III II ( Photo by G Pinto) Matlan Seppy gives the computer a nasty look as she tries to creale a design ( Photo by J Staha) --I ComtNlv Club frOtit row Ms. BKI. Y P,r' J 0 (')101, 1 RDdntlltL 2nd ra. 0.\0 HoiNUi, S HoIItl iii StoI7J. L Vep I Orbt I, IYtIII. t MornWI' Ie. C KfilOn, M HUff 0 A.. Crill. A.. 0 Mill 0 RoOl\t'f l,IrIl/IO-n 6KI row A.. ,MIIII I l SUIoqO t .... Sow. A. POIit. C In, J ffOllt ro. H Miltll\, J wttU. M. 1,. ro_ C Rtbf Ms.. Co-itl, E SlI'dIU-]to 10"-I\. CdL C lOll, Il RrterJ. BId R IfMtI. C f ...... ('Jubs 8

PAGE 145

e Clubs Focusing On Close-Up Imagme missing a whole week of school to tfavello Washington, D C to learn about the U S government and how It works; by being a member of Close-up you get this chance. To apply you have to write an Close-Up' ( lett t o light) 8 Shaha. M NeValtl. C de ta Cruze. l. Schulman, J Crul (Photo P Cow l es) essay on why you' d like to go and lurn 1110 to M r Waugh. Only eight students from BHS are chosen. They raise money for the Irtp by having taffies and even sellmg romance novels. Despite allihe work, It'S worth II. Getting bac k to the Old Wes t actors J. Neal, D Marquardl. O Gillord, S Unger. and J. Caughle a c t In the production "Oklahoma" ( PIC by G EIIi son ) VallOU$ Biological Honor Society members dedicate a Saturday morning to work on the greenhouse With M r Seltz. (Photo F Westgate) Kevin and Rirby super vis e Michetle Mizrachi while she draws up a layout. (Photo by S Pally) M,. Bales patient l y sells 8HS year books to students In front o f the main o lli c e dUring lunch time. (Pho t o by C Rigby) Clubs

PAGE 147

I Membm. tQmt together lor ;Ii IKture on how JROTC ... it help them In the: fu-(Pholo by C Ibgby) Some JROTe members tty to orianlIt thems ehes lor a pecture -. : \ Clubs e

PAGE 149

144 ClUM II )iJ -< "'; .... p -JRQTC tcymull(!II.II.t In ordet'/ : R. ACrego. J Aceveoo. C ACOSta, A Airel, N A trd. L Allen G. Bartler G BIanchi ... N T Bt1c:eIaM, A BorowIcz J Brass1Ie Id. V Brown. C Casillo R. Chang, N Chal1V11Ie, M ClarX, A Cooper J COI'onaoo, J CrowGel' I. De Ii Guardl.a, C Del HO)'O, N S Dl'IiI llWal J Domenech. P EdWards J EIMnpsen, J Fa i rch ild L Flia s J Fulerton. J GaM!. 0 Glte"" A Gonzalez. E Granl. J Gutierrez H Headley J Hemar.:lez J Hemar.:lez M Hen J Higley J Horl man. J Holley V Hud$Clfl. H Jenrey L Jones. A Knpatrlck K. LenlZ. C lee, B logaJ1 8. Lomba. M UOya, J MaOdol L Manzanares 0 M arquallll J Martinet, M McCoy. J M emweaJl'ler W M cKelYf:y R. MIn. W Mo(:I"e. R Moms, T N elson" G Ntvln, M Olive r J Padi lla, L Powe ll L Pa,eoe s K PIerre W Reese R. Rivera. J RotlImon, Y A ull B San t ana. S ScoIt J Seales C Sheets 0 Stlrley It Smllh L Smlh, C Tapa nes S Tapia A Te l ada J Thompson G ToIk Y TLnOn. M Upon, M Vasquez a Zaya s Ms. Dee o rganlles herself and her thoughts before discussing the S A s ned plans. (Pho t o by C Rlgbt) Jnlor S A President, Vannu I h orchak. concentrates on some e w Ideas t o share and study W ith Ie res t o f the Student Assocla o n (Pho t o by C Rigby) Fronl r o w : J Sman 2nd row: M C8IDOneII M SCnull, N Aooinson, M s Oee Bitelt row SPall' 0 P_ NfI / p lna: Front r o w : N Rollinson SWells 1.1 Blelcflwe . 1.15 Severson. 2nd row: lklknown 0 Dlat. R. Hat'lS(lfl S Ham Back row: P EcfWards Clubs 145

PAGE 150

Front r o w G PIflIO. A Alvarado. S Boozer, C Rigby. H Thompson 2nd row: C Guerra. M Carbonell. D. Yanez, N Henderson, N Manchester. 3rd row : M Mlzrachl, Y Park, J Rrllamas, J Gale. S Patty. (The rest of I h e stall IS n o t pictured ) J l - SIudrnlUfe: Carla Guerra Michelle Kuo Omorath GraJales Mane Schull Pal PraU Gabnela ValenCIa Ads: Seniors: Mrs. Bales Mrchellt Mlzrathl Mrs Manchester YGng S4Jk Gabr Pinto Pho1ocllphy: laura Segura Gm; [lII$(In .IDshuiI Gale Junion: Shannon Golembow s k r Andrea Alvarado Nancy Henderson Staty Boozer D a w n lIeays SUSIe Johnson Dean Mills DdlCIa Vane.! Betty Meym Shaw n Patty Sophomores: Cathy Rigby Mrs Bales At!.heen SIddiqUI laura Joseph Healher Thompson Cathy Rigby Natalie Watk m s Joe Rillamas frank Weslgat e hculty : Cover OtsiCn: Monlque carbonell Drake Sprague Audemits: Senior IIldu DuiCn: Cathy Rigby Gmldo Barber Clubs: ditorIIlChiel: Jesstca Staha Cathy Rigby Jackie Weeks Advisor: Sports: Melanie: Bales I Clubs -,tt(sJiKj;wy ..... --Mrs Bales and Mr. Buda. the Joslens senlallve, go over the new contract. yearbook contract. The yearbook I S renewed each year. {Photo by C Dil itia Yanez searches through photos her layout. Good photos ale essenttal for good spread. (Photo by C Rigby) -----Jesska Siaha check s her work o n a Clubs spread Irs Important to prool pages t o catch mis takes. (Phot o by C Rigby) Andrea Alvarado works on typing her capllons onto a copysheel. All copy mus t be transfwed t o copy shee t s lor layouts. (Photo by C Rigby)

PAGE 151

Yearbook: Wreaking Havoc Working on the Zonian 51aH IS not a lob f o r just anyone. Yearbook IS more stressful and pressuring than any other club or o rgaOlzation. "It's very stressful, yet I s tili love I t," said M omQue Carbonell (II). "Irs the lirst kind 01 stress I like. Mrs Bales laugh e d MoniQue needs pressure In order t o produce. I n the beginning of the year, many people s h owed up and expressed an Interest i n JOInin g the s taff Yet by the end of the year. the number had dWindled to but a devoted few. '" feel like gOing on a strike because I feel like I'm dOing everythlOg on my own," said Malle Schutz (11) II ISO' unusual for one person to remain to work on an entire sectio n Photographers have great demand s placed on them. The layout people InSist they can't do anything Without pictures and the few photographers left can't handle It all on their own. A sense of despaIr usually hover s around the last wee k s when the s laff I S pushing a deadline. "I really think it's scary h o w people procrastinate and then get so desperate that they start stealing pIctures from each other," saId Cathy Rigby (12) The really scary thing though, IS that I want to go and make a career out of Journalism and spend my LIFE screaming, haVing nervous breakdowns, and franllcally catching up on pages." Clubs 8J

PAGE 152

e SPO'" \9\ G\ ffi\G\ \!i\l;\ he strangest thing about BHS sports is the fact that instead of having only ___ one BHS team, there are two Bulldogs and Red Machine. reason behind this is to let more people play since the __ only other teams are Green "'-1 ..... Devils from PCC, Cougars .-..... rom CJHS, and the Tigers r;::::ltrf"\rT\ CHS This year athletes found hemselves in the Tropic Imes every Friday because he community newspaper ided to expand its sports coverage to local high school ames as well as major ___ league sports back in the __ States. Participating in sports .--I is one of the best ways that ;;;J students at BHS can get inved and meet new e. ijEj &\ \Sill!) \!i I Gil --

PAGE 153

Two Cnstobal team members try to stop Desue Squue Irom mak Ing a hoop. (Photo by r. Westgate) Sports (3]

PAGE 155

Touchdown!!! Cougars And Bulldogs Tie Season \ \ I I I I eo.c.n frOflI ft. J BIt_fl, M IItllifo, N Hot>1$. II:. 0 8di:rl, /II W!IItI. II won 2nd Ro ..... 81IMI\, It RflU. A..lmllf'lOft, C 8tfIs.on. UMna .. n l PI! uni.no.n. II II c.", R. Ceor,., H Trttntu, 31d 10" M Sintlt, .. Cti,.tl. l VOIIIIoIltn, II Wtlo.ms. M B Smllll, B lIo
PAGE 157

Red Machine cheerleaders Ter,lee Kemp, .bneIt McQ.meu artd Chrtstin, Thompson ptrlorm one of then routlnes (Photo by g [loon) Players piled up thelr equipment on the btnches In front of the gym while waJbng IOJ the Jamboree busses to them to Cnstobal (Photo by r Westgate) Bulldog's )oM Zornu holds up Bulldog' s Cham plOnslup trophy Players were gleetul their Wln (Photo by N Win loss tie 2 o 6 'Green Dev i ls were coached by Lou i e Win 3 loss 5 tie o 'Red Mach i ne were coached by R Bulldog cheerleaders shout their hearts out to cheer up the crowd at the Homecommg game G r a M F ront row : P Mooagtlan M. Buchanan. M. WIng. E.leortlev, T Moofto, A. So sa. 0 SlJ'ague. C Lampas. J canota. M WalanaDe. R Bollin. 2nd row : S Jicha., W Reese H Davis E. Monaghan E. KnuOson. R. Boy1e, T Deo!rega. M. S w eeny O lJnc)erwood A... AI chatas C Rovo, M Pearce 3rd row : P AvelallemenL M. Moss, R. COlon 0 ToU\.J WI!so'\. M OJeckmaf\. 0 U!111ell J W ill1ora, T Oulm, W POOl. R. A... AIrcJ. S ScnJnef, J S. Oakley Back row : L McGuIness, 8. BonIn, Coacn Husted. K. S&e1.J StaNt. K. JotmsIO!\ M NOOon, J Szymanski, M. Kuo, COracn J S w eeney COlIch J Gibson.. T Nebon. Red ""a ch ln, Fr ont r o w : J M alhe ws.. J M cGtlness, T Kemp, W J Engelo:e. A. Ceoono, LH.. C. 2nd I'OW' .... .. LongOflA, T usera. P BcrowIc1, 0 lopez J Gu1IerreZ. T Rota. R TaVlOl' 3"' row: ASSist. CoachJ. Ly\\ E. C&rtson. 0. FosIrIH. 1..,_ Blades C Corrigan C SlrOkes, M Blelctlwetl F Enoer, Collen DahlStrom. SKk row: R. wtIsor\ R. wanlana 0 K.8. T L J LlOyd, A Kraplt J Groom

PAGE 159

Girls Basketball '92 Dribbling And Driving Towards Victory The b all sWishes through the bas k e t l o r the opposing team f o r all o f their a s the bUlzer g o e s oft and the c r owd goes wild a s the winning team cheers at the,r well deserved VIC l ory There was great elcllemenllhlS basketball season The g i rl' s basketball learns battled agams t o n e anothe r hymg to keep their scor e s high One 0 1 the mos t Important things In playmg basketball,s the cloc k The players have practiced many days after school to sharpen their skills and be prepared games The y have d o n e a grea t J o b A struggle between the Bulldogs and the Cougm t o get the ball, m creases the len Slon as the rest 0 1 the team w a tches (Photo by r Westgate) 8UUOOOS l TO R Fronl Row M tint 2nd Row J H ,uur II FII\(I'I, N RObinson, l jonn A. Howlrd, II Nolte, M Cobha m I Gillin, II B C S tanlord C Nolle G Spo,ts becau s e basketball.s n o t an eas y game ThiS sport reqUires a 1 0 1 o f s kill lus l t o learn t o p lay_ A player mus t n o t o n l y kno w h o w t o dribbl e the ball and s hoot baskets, s h e mus t know h o w to b e a "team playe r ThiS teamwork and s k ill reqUires muc h dedication and dlsclphne AU the tea m s dis p laye d thes e quahtles In the way they played and f ollowed their coa c h's Instruclto n s l aurie J ones 01 the Bulldogs, throw s a shot hom the t o w l Itne to get the pomts her team desp e r a tely needs to win ( Photo by r Westgate) 5 win loss 0 tie 1 "Bulldogs were coached by C Oliver Win loss tie o o 6 "Green Devils were coached by R win loss tie 5 o 1 "Red Machine was coached by S 3 win loss 0 tie 3 'Cougars were coached by D OlV1/.S Front row Slutn !son, 8ICOI Collms, Velel, Pmlone. Washington 8ack Row Paulun, Womble, Dunn, Gllbtrl Ellltst Slnileton, Fry F. T, -RCO MACHIN[ FronllOw A WagMr, K Kemp, D Gralaits, l ROliS, D Saulle, Unknow n V SPIIIUlnl Back row Coach le ... lS, D Eastman, Y Colon, J DIu, A KlinICk y M Dodson, E Silnlil COOCARS flon! row 1 Norton, M ROIU, J Hauur, H 2nd ro ... J Posey, 8 M all J K lillllbt 8ICk lOW S B ibbo, A Prilll, A Htilty ColCh Mottl! Spo"S

PAGE 161

S:S RpsI MeCl!'ne nel l fO ( l Am! F ronl row : 5 MUIlOl P DearlS, F Ward S Tossle E. Garcia S Latorre R. MaLave. A C havez A. Telada K Plene BlICk Row : T Law R. Drown R MooIs. CoaCh R P Amegllo. 5 Holmes. F HIU, M Vaughn. C Ottley T. Jom5Of1, R. Poggenpoll, S Ll'lely Boys Basketball '93 ThiS year's basketball season was highly competitive. "Prac tically all of our games were neck to neck," said M,chelie Berrezueta. Red Machine came In second. The Cougars came In third. The tournament was w o n by the Cristobal Tigers Anyone who goes to Cnstobal finds out that the T Igef tans are spIrited," said Berrezueta, The Play of the season came when the Tigers played the Red Machine. Although the TIgers seemed to be on the way t o victory, the Red Machine did not lose hope and came back to lead the second half With about twenty second s remaining. "With f ifteen '56 High Tops On The Move seconds remaining the Tigers traded a couple of baskets, Then seconds before the bUller. John lu of the T igers landed a shot which sailed threefourths o f the court and won the game," said Hemo, of the Bulldogs All Isthmian was won by Stader of the Bulldogs. According to some exceptional players Included Jerome PrIce o f the Cougars, Paula Amegho of the Red Machine and many others. ThiS season was full of energy and there IS high hope that next year's season Will be as successful! All the teams Will be ready and anxIOus t o play next year With great expectation of dOing the best they can to better scores than the year before. WIth a lot of practice and team w ork. anything IS poSSible. Win loss tie "Bulldogs were coached by L 6 2 o Sports

PAGE 163

Racing The Wind Track And Field Breezes Through Another Year Bulldogs finished a perlect season pul, the hurdles and relays All of with an easy Win althe 'mal interscholastic track a n d field meet on J a nuar y 22 at Balboa Stadium The B ulldogs men's track squad did a great Job s weeping the t rack event s Ihroughoutthls t rack season The Panama Canal G reen DeVIls w e r e on t heir tall finish i n g second, The Balboa R e d Machine came In thir d and the Curund u Cougars came In last T rack IS made up 0 1 many events such as t h e pole-vault, the long lump, the high lump, the diSCUSS, the shot thes e events Involve speed, strength. Two hac k and Ileid participants take then laps around the held t o warm up (Photo J Rillamas) E) Sports P a l P r all a h urdle 8 S he soetds d o .... n the The hurdles 8re J u s t o n t 0 1 the events In and I leid (Pho t o by N Henderson ) skill. agility. and flexibility These skills are all dlfhcult 10 accomplish and you need to be dedicated In order to be able to train your body to perform at every meeL As you can see the competitors must go through a lot of training to get ready for their team as well as individual events Parents and friends also playa Vital part In this sport by supporting the competitors al the track meets Many volunteers from the faculty and Isthmian community donate their time to work althe track meets. A ndrn Bamtll s truultS across the fmlsh Ime dUllng a spnnt (Pho t o by J Rillamas) In alphabetical o rd e r : F Abrego A Aglont. 0 Anckle L Armstrong W Bates S Blanchard P Carlson, F Carrola J Carrola. 8 Chastarn, J Chrlstorpherson C Collins L Cooper, 8 Fernandez, N Henderson A Jackson L Joseph, J Lopez M McKay L Peoples T Peoples A Pran, A Rose, C 5eyb<>d, C 5010. C Siokes K Tagaropulos, R Underwood a Underwood M Williams T Williams 'Rest 01 track ncmes unavarlable Tom Ellis tires t o mak e It across t h e h igh bar dunng one 01 the practICes aller school. ( Photo b y N Henderson) Some parents watch as a group 01 students prachee on the hurdles (Photo by N Hend erson) I Sports 8J

PAGE 165

Making The Goal Kicking Another Soccer Season Into Motion The heat was on between Red Machine and Balboa High School Bulldogs al the girl's last soccer game In a headaod head battle for the goal, both teams finished In a tie lor Ilrs t place. For the Bulldogs' Coach Cecil Williams, the title was great inspiration," Williams said "She helps W e have a lot of senior s on the team and thiS meant a lot to them," Williams '" have a lot o f talent e d girls and they know what'! would take t o Win the hUe. "It was the play of several semor s that mad e the dillerence f o r the Bulldogs," he said "Cocaptaln Annie Wagner provided much 01 the leadership and the younger girls learn the game," No Cougars liold Photo Huailable No Red Machine Photo Auailable Devils (Alphabetical order) : R Bollm, C Bouldeau. D Glalales, A Johnston, l lin coln, 8 Malx, N MGdeto, 1\ Rilla L ROlas, M RUll, 1\ Shaha, M Stem barger, S Sutherland, 1 A Watt, l West, C Wilde, 1\ Wllder,l\ WIl Iiams, M Womble W e 're losing some really good players ned year, he said That's tough on the other girls who are used t o wlnmng. The team IS gOing to have t o w ork really hard to defend theIr IIl1e, It won" be easy." As you can see, thIS soccer season was ver y excltmg. AU the learns were very competitive and worke d really hard to prepare themselves for aU the games throughout the season W ith many practices under the blaZing sun they made It pOSSible The coa ches and the parents' support lor their teams IS very Important m aU o f the sporls events win 5 loss 5 tie o 'Cougars Gold were coached b y A 7 Win loss 2 tie 1 'Red Machine was coached by M Audrey Ernesl dribbles the soccer ball down the field III hopes of scotlng a goal agamst Red MachlAe. (Photo by r Wes t gate) win loss t i e o 10 o 'Green Dev i ls were c oache d by R I i win loss tie 'Bulldogs were coached by C 7 2 1 Wendy Winkl e r tiles to aVOId bemg as her opponent tnes to the soccer ball (Photo by F Westgate) BUllOOCS, front 10"'" M lang, 0 R obinson 2nd 10"" J McGulllentsS A Ufflola I Manning. J Posey. J Bergel. M r W,lliams Jrd ro.,., I Robillson, K Meyers, W RUll. B Kemp, J Un kno.,.,n A Cedeno 4th row S Merkel, l Cuthbert, A Wagner, K Kemp, K Co.,.,les Bad ro.,., J OIlvarH, T Kemp. 0 Sprague l I r .-'I?-...... GNf[ N {)[VlLS front row C Wilde, M Sltlnbargel, K Wlldel, l ROlas, K Wilhams. Bad 10"" Khletn, S Sutht'rland, M Womble. l West. A. .IohllSlon, l lincoln, tJnkllO.,.,n Sports (3J

PAGE 167

Shannon Golembiewski 01 the Cougars IS all set lor two hours 01 Intense competillon In the hot sun (Photo by R Samson) One 01 Cougar' s strongest players. Lisa Rolas, strikes a pose to show her great form. Grrls Tenms IS a popular sport here at BHS. (Photo by R Samson) BULLDOGS (alphabehcal order) P AveLattemant. J [ngelke, A [roest G Hattabaugh. J Hauser. K Lee, H McGUiness, M Nieves C Thompson, A VldaulI, Mnwell, J McGumess, l. Game, Set, Match Stra tegy I s An Important Skill In S uccessful Tennis Worn sneahrs. tlattennls balls, broken racquets, that marks Ihe end 01 another hectIC glfls tenms season So let's what a tenms player would go through It's 230 P M and you try to get aJlthe latest gossIp from trlends, change to your tenniS get up, hnd your books In your crammed locker, all the while trymg not to drop your tenniS racquet and make It to Ihe bus, whICh wl11 take you to the court s all (supposedly) 10 5 mmutes Two nours of Inlense compet itIOn 10 Ihe hot e Sports sun tallows It wasn' t as bad as It might sound, although competitIon was defmltely In the air, as well as success Cougars have stomped bac k up to number one alter fast years defeat They played With great intensity throughout the season, whIch goes to show that through hard work, you can always come out on top The other teams played WIth greal enthUSiasm; however, It dldn' l QUIte match up to that 01 the Cougars -At the t i me of publication no scores ava i lable Cougars w ere coached by John At the time of publication, no scores available G De v ils w ere co a c hed by M r H i gley At the time of publication no scores available R e d Mach i ne s w ere c oa c hed by /NO NAMES AVAiLABLE I DEVILS (alphabetical order) C AveLallemant, T Bacol, C Bates, K Bothn. K CIsneros, M Dobson, C Godhe. D Graiales, A Matheney, V Nessler, J O 'Hearoe. K Pierre, J Siaha. K Wilder. M Womble. flED Mr\CHlNE Unknown, Coach, D Brogle, B Rllchle, N Nassll1, G Lopez, V Uhorchak, Un known, Unknown, S L lvmgston Sport' 9

PAGE 169

G Sports Sleven "cenla sprints to ltach the ball and tried to make 11 wmmng shot Speed was Imparlant lor tennis ( Phot o b y S G ) 4 win loss 6 tie 0 Bulldogs were c oa c hed by J S Win loss S tie 0 Green Dev i ls were coached by W Shawn Golembiewski concentrates on making an ace on his opponent. H e had to p ractle! to gel thiS good ( Photo b y SG. ) 9 Win loss 1 tie 0 Cougars were coached by P Win 8 loss 2 tie 0 Red Ma c hine G were coa c hed by R Michael Robi n son hits the bait n hard a s he can Strength helped the tenniS players play well (Photo N WatkinS) B. F os; t a t J Henl1quel. P Herr-E. Hollne.d. S. McGuinness, J M l R. MUchell, P Norman, J Otvnan. SCh epper G S tein-G E EslraCla. G . W Fernandez, A Gatcla. Hackw or1h J Higi e v C Hovan. Jones, L U a c h O Lopez, R Sam J Toney, L Vogel J W a s hburn. Qevlls ( A lphabetical order) T J Buskel s R. Chan. A De La A Dial. J. DUlon, F Geary, J McNulty. J Pow M Robinson. F WendehaKe, 5 WlUlams. I order) I. Castaneda. R Dome c Helruog K Hu s l e d B MUls, D N onnan, J Noonan. A I PohI, R S wee ny. A VkJaurri. B Walker. Boys Tennis '93 Swinging With Tradition "TennIS IS an excellent way to get out of your every d a y routine. It I S some thing to loo k forward to after a hard day of school," said Richard Samson o f the Curundu Cougars "It is a way to relax and to do somethi n g y o u really enlo y and a d i ller ent way t o meet n e w people," he added. l ike g"ls tennrs, the boys g o through long h ours o f prac tice and tralnrng outside In the every day heat, sharpening their s k i lls by practicing the" serves, backhands, etc They have to be able t o move in a Quick and eas y lashion t o h i t the ball before i t h i t s the ground and score a p Oint for the other team The Curundu Cougars s uccessfully came In f i r s t p l a c e while the R e d Machine was s e cond. Sports (3J

PAGE 171

Taking The Plunge BHS Swimmer. Work To Get Into Shape The gun goes off as all the SWimmers dive Into the water and SWim as fast as they can to beat the clock. One lap. Two laps Three laps ... Parents and 'nends cheer a s the S W immers sWim the las llap to finis h Everyone cheers for the S Wimmer s and are amllous to hear the results for each rac e The SWimming team works hard to get their bodies In shape for the competition that takes plac e eac h year at the Balboa pool. They sWim many laps afte r schoollearnmg t o perle c Marto Austin laura Sir un a n d Sollma! Antilla rts 11 breather alte r kicking 3 C I O S S the length 01 the pool W ith the,l boards (Pho t o G Ellison ) One o f the s W immers sends up a spray 01 walel as h e prac h c e s Ireestyle (Pho t o by G Ellison) E ) Spo,ls thell strokes The clock I S their enemy because every I S valuable. Timing means everything when you are SWimming, s o d o e s speed and I.""'" perlectlo n The d lvmg team also works end less hours practlcmg their difficult dives and striving lor perfectio n Strength and preCISion are the two most Important qualities In a dive. The ludges are very stnc t and are always watchmg for every l ittle flaw that the divers make. Panama IS the perfec t plac e to SWim. Many BHS students grow up learning to SWim from the lime they are m lants Where els e can high school students S Wim outdoors year round? -I n alphabetical orde r : A A/Va-ado, S Anladillas M Auslln A Ballesteros M Barnell, B Berrios' H Brunner V Chen C J C oronado L C uthben N Frank. J Gomez. L GonZalez, A Hamilton N Henderson E Hernandez S Johnson T Johnson, M Kelly K Kemp T Teralee, T Law, M unerell, K. M l shlro A Nandwanl M Oura. A Page, M PetruCCI, J Aillamas, P Roca, I. Rodriguez W RU l l L Segura. A Spurlock., M Tay lor H Thompson. T Valdlles B V Wagner J Walters A Watanabe 0 Zayas WI f + -----Amy Hamilton hel p s Nancy Henderson stretc h out before practice War m m g up be fOle d omg any sort 0 1 exercise IS a good Idea. (Pho t o by G Ellison ) TIm Johnson paddles steadily a c ross the poot. Some S Wimmers plactlced With g o g gles o n (Photo by G Ellison ) A group o f S W immers watc h others Jump I n or practic e their laps (Pho t o by G Elhson) Sports

PAGE 173

Varsity Baseball '93 Teams Heading For Homeruns Or At Least A Hit BasebaU season started up and got underway with good splnt. W e r e plaYing t o Win this year: said R e d Machine coach Rick Dahl strom. The guys are very conMen! now They a r e very experienced and k n o w thai they are never out 01 a gam e They k n o w they have a ver y good chance t o take the whole thing. Alter one 0 1 Ihe highlight games Coach Dahl strom adde d "Our guys have developed a knack l o r coming C o ug.ra. Front row: I Skou s gord L Sc hulmon N Chatl e'l1l1e, J Joseph P Edwards 0 Gonzalol E Gonzntol C MOllison, B Siaha, Ba c k r o w : Coac h V Mar1lnez Assl Coa c h G Fendri c k B S m l lh ,T-Wilson A Martlnez S Beattie O Bnght, S Scott R W lil l am a J Costoneda E Fernaooez Martlnoz N Mart I nez No Oeuils Photo Auailable 168 Sports fro m behind I hiS I S Ihe thlra lime In a r o w that we've come bac k to Win a game" B o y s baseball I S one of the aVidly pursued sports at BHS The season opened u p after baseball tryouts held February 1 s t through february 3rd. It Will etose With the baseball t ournament I n lale Marc h I Wish the games weren' t held on s Wim meet days lhen I eQuid watch," 'aid Nanc y Henderson (11) At t i me of publication no scores w ere a v a i lable Couga rs w e r e c o ac he d by Mr Martinez At the t i me of publication no sc ores a v ailable "G Devils w ere coached by Mr. Moffit Red Machine's tatcher, Joey preparts 1 0 calch a ball as a Cr!en DeVi l tries 1 0 hili! ( Phot o by N WalkinS) Michnl Chan thro w s the baseball W ith all hiS might d unng a prac tICe at 8HS (pho t o by Shannon G olembiewski) At time of p u bli c ation no sco r es w ere a v a i lable Green Dev i l s were coached by Mr Hager At t i m e o f publica tion n o sco r es w e r e availa b le *Red Machine was coached b y Mr Dahlstrom Green DeVil player look s o n 1 0 see I t he s lill has lime t o make It 1 0 second bas e (phO I O by Shannon Golembiewski) Red M a chine players prac h c e thei r thro w m g accurac y m an alter school practice (phO I O by Shanno n Golembiews k i) Devil&. Front row: Coach Morin J Boyd, M Boyle F Unton E Canson J Jordan L Whee ler, A Malave O Norman B.ck row : M Morgan M Watanabe M. Oreckman, J B lanchette, E Holland L Jullao C F l shDaugh R Georve C R U ey, M.. AoDInson Hag e r Red Mschlne. Front r o w J M Church 0 While, B Carpenter 0 Sima, A Peterson R Salteno Ba c k row A Frye, Mr Oohl s lr o m M S immon s L Sa l azar C H o van J Oli vares A. Cooper A Garrido K Orozd B R Owley, C o ach Grade M Steinberger O R o tlll'l so n Sports 169

PAGE 174

-Bulldog players. Tom Kobayashi and Raymond Morris show their victoriOUS faces as they claim the title with Cougars as Co-Champs for the 1992 VarSIty Football season. Girls Red Machine basketball team give each other words of encouragement and prepare to give the game their all. B Sp,, ( s

PAGE 175

Cougal baseball playm walm up the beoches belOle a night game. (Photo by N WatklOs) A buoch of football players congregate out on the held 10 the middle of one 01 the games. (Photo by f Westgate) --Some 01 the Bulldog cheerleaders reveal the strategICally placed pawprlOts they used to catch the clowd's attentloo at a rally. (Photo by f Westgate) Red Machine players walt t o see II the ball will make It thlough the hoop befole they (ontlOue plaYlOg. (Photo by f Westgate) Som' 8

PAGE 177

e Sports Red Madune cheerleaders make a pylamld durIng the Homecoming game (Photo by r Westgate) Cuic r ilhboulh .mpallenUy stands on the Sldehnes during a game. (PhOIO by N Watkins) Red M a chine players w a l k Into Ihe Bal School sladlum ready to s lart a game by G Ellison ) The Cougar pep club cheers on their team as they tace the Green DeVils. (Photo by r West gate) Bruce Chastain s h o w s the schedule to a fellow trac k leam member dUring practice (Photo by J. RIUamas) Anni e WilCner w a s ready t O f Ihe tree throw when Red M a c hine played Ihe T igers (Photo by r Westgate) The Bulldogs break through Ihell banner val lanlly before the begin their game. (Pholo by D Keays) Sport s 8

PAGE 178

1 7 4 FORD MERCURY LINCOLN T o p S I N Ford Military Auto Sales T H 86-4297 E A lbrook Corozal Howard Ft. Clayton Ft. Espinar 85-4045 T R 84-5791 0 P 87-5574 I C 89-4352 S American International Group National Union Fire Insurance Company De Pittsburgh, Pa. B alboa Bra n c h Elks Lodg c Buildi n g. La Boca Road P. O B o x 664 Balbo a R P Telephones: 52-2126 -2 81915 FLOWER SHOP Congratulates class of 1993 Arrange m e nt s f or all occa sio n s In party decorati o ns. w e o re # 1 Local d elivery a v a i lable O rder b y p h o n e todayr WORLDWID E SERV ICE ALBROOK : T el: 86-4423 Hours: M a n -Fri. : 1 0 am 6 pm Sol. : 10 om -5 p m H OWARD: T e l : 8 4 40 88 H o urs: M a n -Fri. : 10 o m 6 p m Sol.: lOam-5pm DIABLO HEIGHTS: T e l : 32-<>723 or 5 2-2793 H ours: M o n -Fri. : 9:30 am -E,:30 p m Sol. : 9:30 om 5:00 p m CONGRATULATIONS BALBOA HIGH SCHOOL! THE ISTHMIAN COLLEGE CLUB WISHES THE BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '93! WE BELIEVE IN EDUCATION AND WE SUPPORT YOU!

PAGE 179

I . , -.... .. : V ......... )0 .

PAGE 180

176 _'f[" ,. DANIEL M. TOTH Congratulations! Remember Through God all thi ngs are possible GO FOR IT! We a r e so proud of you and we love you very much! Mom, Dad, Drew, DeeAnna, Grandmom Dee and Grandpop Ed Congratulations Robbie! Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Love, Mom, Dad and Angie

PAGE 181

, REJOYCE HANSON For I Know the plans I have for you, says the Lord Jeremiah 29:11 177

PAGE 182

178 Pcmama's Camplala -fax ar,cl fh,ar,cial N\ar,agamarrt Campar,y 792 X la Boca Road 52-2807 Balboa, A"con, R.P. 28 "1483

PAGE 183

CHADWICK TRAVEL SERVICE Congratulations to the class of 1993 Y.M C.A. Bldg Balboa, Panama Fax 28'1409 52 52 52 Branch Albrook Mall 86 Branch Howard Mall 84-4880 Congratulation s to the class of 93! Magic Tours Corporation, your neighbor, is at your service for all your travel needs in Panama and around the world. "'Special Student Air Fares'" VISIT US AT "LA CASITA" Located on Roosevelt Ave. (after BHS and behind the Balboa Stadium). Telephone Numbers: 32 / 5841 / 5842 Congratulates the Balbo. HIgh Class of '93 ud we enc.ourage you All to c.ondnue achieving hoppiness, wulth ;and Gordon Dalton Travel Agency, with 2J y ears of experience gtves you the best rates to any part of the world. We count with the mooern SODA System (System One Dlred Access). computcred system that pennlts our personnel, highly qualified. to cffed and confirm Immediately your reservations .stados de Barbados Rd. (La l\oca Rd ) Building 79"lX La l\oca. Balboa Tel. 52-5132 28-2555 Fax 28-1877 Para tu sed de aventura y para l u sed de nuevas conocimienlos, melas 'J exi los. jnadi e como lui Feli c ldades Promoci6n '9 2 : las aspera un nuevo hOril onte y oport unidad es ... para tu sed! 1 79

PAGE 184


PAGE 185

Break a Leg Erin !! -----Love, Mom, Dad, Dad, Melinda & Derek 181

PAGE 186

182 Congratulations Balboa High School AMERICA'S FRIED CHICKEN LOVE ,.HA,. CHICKEII! SPICY "'LD Ft. Clayton Bldg. 147

PAGE 187

Kate 8ears May Lhe r oad rise up Lo meel you May Lhe wind b e always aL yo u r bac k May Lhe sun shine warm upo n your face and rains fall so ft upo n your fields And unLil w e rnee L a8ain May God h o l d yo u in Lhe h ollow o f Ii i s h a n d. An o l d Iri s h 51essing fe. 6uerte y Amor. M o m y 6hauna 18 3

PAGE 188

184 For all that you were, are, and will become we're proud of you always. Love, Dad, Mom, & Meaghen F rom Germany to Panama you have had many experiences in your life. We have always been proud of you. We love you, Mom & Dad Grannie & Grandad

PAGE 189

Emma and Caroline Congratulations You Did It! All our love and support is with you in the future. Love, Love, Mom, Mom, Dad, Dad, Huggins, William Charles, Mary 185

PAGE 190

186 Calle 50 64 ElDorado 36 Rio Abajo 24 CONGRATULATIONS RYOICHI! Keep up the hard work. We know you will reach your dreams. Gambate!! Wherever you are and whatever you do, we love you. Otosan, Okasan & Yoske Corozal 32 U.S. Naval Station 283

PAGE 191

Did you know? Since the time you were little and now that you're grown Did you feel all the love and the pride that we've known ? From your sharing of problems and shouts of delight To your innermost feelings of what's wrong and what's right We Ive watched you win vic tor ies and cried with you too and while shar i ng those m oments the time quickly flew Qibson Here now we are at your graduation day and wondering e x actly how we'd like to say We're s o proud of you Lee and that feeling grows stronger From n o w til tomorrow and oh so much longer OUf pride love and happiness we want you to know So you'" never have to say why didn't I know! Lov e you, Dad, Mom, Kris, Bonny and your Grandp a rent s You've caught air-now let's watch you soar! 187

PAGE 192

188 Jennifer Lee Scruggs If only you could know how wonderful it is to have a daughter like you. It's always meant so much to me to see your smile, to listen to your ideas, to watch you grow and learn and become your own person. If only you could realize how many special memories you've made for me ... how many times I've been so proud to say, "That's my daughter ... You're such an important part of my life, and I just want to tell you once again how much I'll always love you. Congratulations! Mom, Dad, Ricky, & Mopsie

PAGE 193

ALISON HOWARD The sky' s the limit! Congratulations and Love from Mom and Dad, C.J. and Kimi 189

PAGE 194

190 BETTY MEYERS Mom, Dad, Robert & John Congratulations We love you and wish you the most!

PAGE 195

Congratulations Tori Victoria ... As you commence your adult life, Always remember that we are here for you, just a s we have been all these yea r s Your smile lit up our world when you were born and it still does now We have done so much growing up together. you h ave taught us more than you will ever know and have opened door s we wou l d have n ever l ooked through. You have provided us with an understanding of life, that before you, we never knew. For this we t h ank you Now we must learn to let go, to trust you to take care of yourself. I f you can love yourself as much as we have loved you and accept yourself as the wonderful, unique person that you are, then, we can step aside in peace knowing you are in good hand s .. your own. With much love always, Your Parents 191

PAGE 196


PAGE 197

I I Sandra Milagros Nevarez Congratulations Millie You have given us more happiness than we could have ever dreamed of. We a r e very proud of you and all that you have accomplished. We wish you onl y the best! Love you so very much! Mom, Dad. Melissa and Jessica Panama Canal Federation of Teachers Congratulates the Class of '93 I I I 193

PAGE 198

1 9 4 AND BY ALL &t Z'e LtU 74e be S-a 16 ( 2@t.ee /tH
PAGE 199

Class of ANGILEE WALL I From start to finish, You've always been special to us. We're proud of you and we love you. Mom, Adam, Mimi and Grandaddy 1992 195

PAGE 200

196 Jill May All Your Dreams Come True Natalie Congratulations!! Love Always -Your Families Joanne Stay Happy Keep Smiling and Cherish the Memories

PAGE 201

A Roberto A 58, 144 Acevedo, Juan P 58, 144 Bonnie M 34, 150, 127 Christopher T 95, 144 Michael A. 95 Nadia F. 78 Steven A 78, 165 Ilcuna, Stephen 58 Idams, Everly 34 Idams, Frederik A 78 guilar, Suhai E. 34 Ilird, Anthony L. 10,58, 128, 144 Ilird, Nadia A. 78, 144 Ileman, C. Maria E. 58 IlIen, Elena 99 leah 58, 144 IllIen, Walter L. 34 Ivarado, Andrea E. 58, 127, 134, 146, 167 Ilvarado, Patricia 99 Ivarez, Manuel N 78 Imat, Geraldine N. 58 Imeglio, P 150, 153, 156 Inderson, Kenneith 98, 99, 107, 118 Inderson, luke D 34 Intadillas, Solimar T. 78, 166, 167 lrango, Julio A. 34, 127 Ricardo 34 Bernardo E. Jr 34, 127 Irenas, Erik A 48 Irias, Donovan J 58 Irnold, Edna P 78 Irnold, Kral S 58, 150 I!rocho, T ayna 58 Irosemena, Elizabeth J. 78, 94 Ilustin, Marco A. 34, 166, 167 velallemant, Phaedra L. 34, 127, 151, 162 II I ,Bacot, Gabriel J. 58, 165 Baca, Paula 129, 139 Bacot, Tanya M 78, 155 Balbastro, Jeeathbell 78 Bales, Caleb 8 9 Bales, Fred 8, 150 Bales, Melanie 12, 98, 99, 141, 146 Ballestero, R 167 Banasick, Mike 26 Banda, Cesar A. 95 Banks, Michael T. 78 BanosArauz, Antonio N 78 Baptiste, Sylvia 99 Barber, Geraldo L. 34, 144, 146 Barnett, Andrea 158 Barnett, Michelle D 58, 150, 167 Barrera, Abdul A 78 Barrera, Sasha W 34 Barter, Carlos A 34 Barton, Jason P 95 Bateman, Mylissa l 95 Batista, Damaris J. 58 Bauer, Jason A 78 Baumgarder, Jennifer M 58 Beard, Patrick J. 34, 156, 184 Beattie, Sarah E 20, 78, 84, 91, 150, 168 Beitia, Daniel 58 Bennett, Toybe I. 58 Benson, Cameron G 78, 150 Berger, Jessie R 78 Berman, Jorge A 34, 150 Bernasconi, Susan 99 Berrezueta, Teresita M 58, 127, 129, 156 Berrios, Brenda 34, 167 Betrisey, S 150 Bianchini, Gian Carl 78, 144 Bianchini, Minoska A 34, 109, 110 Bibbo, Joseph P 155 Bieker, Tony F 14, 29, 34 Bieker, Jill )), 150 Bilgray, Dawn E. 58, 66, 150 Bissell, D 150 Black, Jennifer M. 34, 115 Blades, Noel P 144, 153 Blades, Rochell P 34 Blagg, Erin S 12,35, 115 Blanc, Nicole C. 12,35, 133, 167 Blanchette, Jan M 169,45 Bland, Angela M 95 Blanks, Tavarus 0 .95,150 Bleau, Michele 35 Bleichwehl, II Michael J. 35, 53, 145, 153, 165, 50 Boozer, Stacey 58, 78, 131, 133, 146, 129 Borowicz, Anthony C 58, 144 Borowicz, P 153 Botello, Elsie M 35 Bourbeau, Carole M 58, 127 Bowler, Ana H. 35 Boyd, Joaquin A 95, 169 Boyle, Micheal 169 Brandenburg, Andrea D 58, 150 Brassfield, Jasskel B 63, 144 Brayton, Ross E. 58 Briceland, Thomas P Jr 144 Brien, L. 150 Bright, Daniel R 20, 35, 127, 129, 168 Bristol, Carl 26, 30 Broce, Domiciano 35 Broce, Fermin I. 58 Brogie, D 163 Brooks, Deron D 58 Brown, Mellany N 35 Brown, Robert L. 156 Brown, Victor E. Jr. 144 Brunner, Holly K 167 Bryant, Cindy A. Buchanan, Michael A 10 Buda, Ron 146 Bullard, Dana l 58 Burton, Stacy L. Bush, Prescott 109, 110, III Bush, George 110, III BustamanteHerrero, Marlene T 58 c Cadiz, Kevin 58, 127, 134, 139 Calo, Adriel 48 Calo, Jesus M 58 Camacho, Nilda Ivette 58 Campbell, Kelly 99 Campbell, Randy G Cantu, lIuminada M. 35 Carbonell, Monique A 12,31,54,58, 66,67, 129, 131, 145, 146 Cardona, Dmar 54, 58, 70 Carlson, Elliott 153, 169 Carpenter, Benjamin S 169 Carreira, Francisco M 35 Carrola, Felicia 132, 127 Carver la 'shanda D 35 Casperson, Heidi D 35, 48 Castaneda, Jose 35, 55, 11 7, 165, 168 Castillo, Carlo M 144 Castrellon, Juan R 35 Castrellon, Maria 58, 127 Castro, Aquiles A 35, 123, 129 Castro, Migdalia L. 20, 58, 127, 129 Castro, Ruben 20, 21 Caughie, Jeffrey A 58, 140 Cedeno, A 153 Cedeno, Miguel A 35, 150 Chaluja, Adolfo E. 35 Chang, Itzel N 18, 58, 129 Chang, Raul 95, 144, 150, 165 C harles, M ichael D 8, 35, 131 Charl e ville, Norman D III 58, 144, 168 Charris, A 150 Chas e Michae l J 7 6 169 Chastain, Bruce A 5 8 Chavez, Albert B 150, 156 Chen, Rafael 86, 91, 99, 156 Chen, Victoria E 35, 167 Choi David TaeSung 58,127,131, 134, 139 Choy, Francisco 36 Church, David M 95 Church, Julie N 10, 36 Church, Micheal169 Cisneros, Antonio G 58, 153 Clark, Martha O 59, 95 Cleveland, Herbert E. Jr. 150 Clinton, Bill III Cobham, Monica I 154 Coffey, Chelsea M 59, 65, 67, 131, 133, 129 Coleman, Raven J. 36 Collazo, Dolores 95 Collins, Choi E. 83, 86, 94, 132, 127 Collins, Michelle L. 155 Colon, Yaira L. 36, 155 Colon, Guarionex R 95 Constante, lourdes M 59 Cooksey, Anthony V 59 Cooper, Alexander J. 169 Cooper, Daniel C 63 Cooper, Heather 59 Cooper, Melanie E. 59 Corbett, Sidney 98, 99, 100 Corbett, Virginia E. 13, 133 Cordoba, T arina B 59 Cordovez, Pedro A 36 Corona, Carrie A. 3 0 63, 72, 167 Coronado, Julio C 144, 167 Corrigan, Christopher D 59, 151, 153 Cowles, Patricia 98, 100, 139 Cowling, Samantha E. 59 Craig, Heather 10 Crespo, John H 14,59 Crouch, Chad A 59, 70 Crouch III, Walter E. 27, 3 6 Crouch, Oli n J. 82, 150 Crowder, Javelle N 82, 144 Crowdis Anghela M 59 Cruise, Tom 133 Cruz, Alvaro R 59, 129, 139 Cruz Elvia M 36, 127 Cruz, Jonathan 36, 140 Cuevas, luis 100 I,d .. 8

PAGE 202

CUlte, Katie 82 Ellis, Desera M 4 82 Gale, Joshua R 63, 75, 127, 146 Cuite, Pilar 78 Ellis, Tom ISO, 153, 159 Galindo, Ramon 37 H Cuthbert, Laura J. 59: 73, 127, 167 Ellison, Gina A 18,36, 120, 134, 1 3 5 Galvez, Jorge E. 83, 144 146 Ganziano, Susan A 59 Ender, Frank R 48, 116, 153 Garcia, Carla B 3 7 D Engelke, Joy L. 82, 153, 162 Garcia, Daniel E. 83 Epperson Doyn S. 36 Garcia, Nestor D. 95 Erder, Amanda R 82 Garcia, Robert A 37, ISO, 165, 176 Hager, John 3D, 102, 169 Erickson, M elinda S 59 Gardill, Julianne 100, 102, 119 Hall, C 150 Ernest, Audrey E. 18,82, ISS, 161, Gargi n I. 154 Halvorsen, Penny 102 162 Garrido, Ronald J 59, 169 Hamilton, A 167 Dahlstrom, Richard 153, 168 Espinosa, Julia I. 3 7 Gaslin, Michele R 83 Hanf, Stephen M 38, 145 Daily, Stephen J 59,150 Estevez, Carlos A 37 George, Cecilia 121 Hannah, Jennifer R 83 Daniel, Giana M 95 E strada, Michelle L. 37, 127, ISO, 129 George, Roberto E 59, ISO, 169 Hanson, Heather 101 Davis Henry B 82 Estupinian, Raymond A 63, 95 Gettys, Joanne 100, 102 Hanson, Joyc e 101. 102 Dawki ns, Jr. Edward W 11,36 ,48, Estupinian, Saul A 37, 127 G ibbs, Joel M 37 Hanson Rejoyce L 38,133, 145 128 Gibbs, Lindsay C 83, 129 Hardi n Martinson Jennifer L. 19,83 Dee, Geri 12, IS, 100, 102, 145 G ibson, Brandon L. 3 7 Harris, Michael A 60 De Janon, Paul 82, 165 F G i bson Camille 102, 129 Hasebe, Ryoichi S. 5 38, 70, 129, De La Cruz, Girlie C 59, 127, 129, Gibson, Lee 28 131, 186 140 Gillord, Oscar M 37, 117, 107, 133, Hatchett, Eri n C 38, 133, 145 De La Guardi a Ivan J. 83, 144, 150 140, 145 Hattabaugh, G 162 De Lora, Shan ida I 47 Gilbert 155 Haughton, Julyannette A 84 Decerega, Horacio A 59 Gladding, Nathaniel A 37 Hauser, J ill M 18,84,95,154, ISS, Deckard, Monica N 82 Faye, Kris t i n M 82 Gold, Jessica D 37 162 Del Hoyo, Cristina M 59, 144 Feli u Alexander 59 Golembiewski, Shannon G 47, 54, Headley, Herica S 38, 144, 155 Deleon, Carlos E 63, 150 Fendric k Gene 100, 168 146, 162 Heard, Rebecca L. 14,60, 133 Demas, Roger A 20, 36 Ferguson Arnold S. 59 Golembiewski, Shawn C 59, 165 Hemm, Pamela E. 38 Dhaliwal, Narinderjit S 82, 144 Fernandez, Walter 59, 165 Gomez, Jose A. 83, 85, 167 H enderson, Nancy M 5, 38, 101, 131, D iaz, Daphne 82, 127, 145 Ferrell, John 26 Gomez, Rachel E 19 146, 167, 168 Diaz, Eric J. 36 Finch, K 154 Gomez, Roberto 3 7 Henriquez, John J. 60, 129, 139, 165 Diaz, Joanna D 82, 155 Fischbach, Paul Jr. 59 Gonzalez, Angel A Jr. 83, 144 Hepburn, Alejandro 38, 134 Diaz, Luis C 59 Fishbough, Craig S 19,37, lSI 169, Gonzalez, Baneza J. 83 Herazo, Oliver M 38, 150 Dillon, Ian H 82, 165 206 Gonzalez, Cristina M 3 7 128 Hernandez, E. 167 Dittl, Christine A 36 Fisher, Amelia 100 Gonzalez, Daniel M 37, 78, 127, 168 Hernandez, Jos e A 60, 133, 139 Dittl, Katherine M 3 6 123 Fisher, Michael C 26, 59, 1 3 1 Gonzalez, Erika K 63, 83, 168 H ernandez, Jr. Victor O 60 Dobbertin, Bradley A 3 6 Fleming, Audrey M 83 Gonzalez, Francisco J. 83, 150 Hernandez, Vanessa E. 30, 54, 60, 72, D o dson M 155 F o reman, Latoya 6 3 Gonzalez, Jose R 83, 165 129, 131, 133 Domenech, Jason L. 82, 144, 165 Fos ter, C 150 Gonzalez, Luis Jos e 59, 167 Herndon, Christopher A 38 Doughty, Susan M 59, 112, 127 Foster, David E. 83, 153 Gonzalez, Marcos H 59 Herrebee, B 154 Downs, E sther L. 12, 36 Foster, Gary 83 Goode, Benjamin 93, 95 Herrell, David 78 Dreckman, M 169 Foster, Jodie 133 Gorman, Rebecca M 83 Herrera, Carolina C 84, 129 Drennan, Lawrence M 59, 1 3 4 Frady, Christopher A 37 Grade, AI 153, 169 Herrera, Vladimir 38 Drozd, Kurt E. 36, 169 Francis, Tama r a A 95 Grajales, Dinorath P 59, 127, 129, Hert, Maria V 144 Dunn, Abdul 150 Frank, Nicole A 2 1 95, 167 131,146,155 Hess, Gretchen M 6 3 Dunn, Saray A 36, 155 Fri as, Luis A 63, 144 Grant, Elbert Jr. 59, 144 Higley, A 155 Frith Bronwyne J 59 Grilli n Emil S 59 Higley, James Jr. 84, 102, 144, 165 Frith, Honoray V 6 3 Groom, J 153 Hignett, Paul F. 84 E Fry, Amy Marie 83, 85, ISS, 169 Guadalupe, Evelisse 37, 127 Hildreth, Jason M 38 Fullerton, Jay G 37, 144 Guerra, Carla V 23, 30, 59, 127, 1 3 H ill, Finley W 60, 156 146 H i nes, Roger J 84 Guerrero, Luis C 38, 112 Hinkle, Caroline C 14,38, 131 G Gundi n Anabel 59, 127, 129 Hinkle, Dana 102, 114 Eastham, Dinah R 36, 155 Gutierrez, Alvaro E. 59 Hinkle, Jr. William S 60 Gutierrez, Edwin O 59 Hirom, Fletcher J. 23, 38, 64, 77, 133 Eckerle, Karen 8 Edwards, Paul F 82, 144, 145, 168 Gutierrez, Joe A 63, 144, 153 Hoff, Chelsey E. 60 Guzman Ranier R 38 Hollman, Jonathan H 38, 63, 144 Ellingsen, Jerry L. 12, 59, 144 Hogan Matthew D 38, 129 Ellingsen, Raylen J. 82 Gale, Carl S 37, 7 8 e Ind ..

PAGE 203

Eric 169, 153, 165 Kelly, Sharol K 60 163 Maxwell, H 162 Ernest 99, 103, 107 Kemp, Bonnie M 85 Llac h T atiana 60 M c Auliffe, Stephen S. 87 lohn A 84, 144, 139 Kemp, Karen L. 85,155, 167 Lloyd, lennifer C 60 McConaughey Ryan D 61 Shannon W 63, 156 Kemp, Teralee R. 28, 60, 127, 1 29, Lloyd, lason A 39, 153 M c C ormick, lennifer S. 95 M ichael A 60 131, 153, 167 Lloyd, Michelle M 86, 144 McCoy, M ichelle L. 39, 144 T. 150 Keoughan, Alice N 85 Logan, Bianca L. 95, 144 M cDonald, Brandi E. 3 9 C 165, 169 Kharbanda, Pooia 85 Lomba, Brenda L. 60, 144 M cFarlane, Clement S. Ir 61, 134 Alison M 38, 154 Kibbler, Marebel B 85, 91 Longoria, E. 153 McGregor, lohnni e 102, 103 Christopher 1 .14,95,150 Kinghorn, Adrienne I 60, 129, 131, Lopez, Analida G 86 McGuinness, lanelle E 14,87,93, I Ralph 107, 114 133 Lopez, David A 39, 153, 165 153, 162 Yaiseth A 84, 144 Kirkland, Caroline 95 Lopez, Etelvino 86 M cGuinness, Lauren 162 Trevor 66, 77 Kirkpatrick, Ariadna L. 85, 144 Lopez, G 163 McGuinness, Samuel A Ir. 95, 165 III William B 8 4 150 Knapp, M 150 Lopez, lesse 86 McKay, Milton 61_ Amir 63 Knisley, leaniette Y 60 Lopez, loel 150 McKee, Scott G 87 iung, ChingYeh 60 Kobayashi, Tomoyuki 39, 129, 150 Lopez, loseph P 60 McKelvey, Wendy M 87, 95 Doris 107 Krapfl, Arthur R Ir. 60, 85, 1 2 9 139, Lopez, Kathleen 23, 71, 86, 133 McNeil, Oscar 87 loanne M 38, 103, 113, 134 153 Lou, Cesar D. 20, 26, 60, 127, 129, McQueen, Danielle M 39 Kelly R 84, 95 Krinicky, A 155 131, 134, 139 McWhorter, Daphne D 61 lessie 60 Kuan, Nelson 39 Love, Salvador B 39 Medina, Kelvin M 87 Chrysta L. 60 Kuo, Franz G 85 Lowry, Scott A 60 Meredith, Ikishara M 87 Kuo, Michelle A 60, 127, 129, 1 31, Luck, Edilia 86 Merkel, Ian A. 39, 127 146 Lugo, Bryan N 60 Merkel, Stacey A 87, 127 J Kupec, Steven 150 Lukkasson, Eric W 86 Merriweather, William C Ir. 42, 64, Luttrell, W illiam J. 39 144 Lyle J. 153 Meyer, Karen D 61 L Meyers, A lberta T. 42, 146, 167 Meyers, Sharlene 14 lackson, Angel N 84 M Michel, Timothy B 29, 42 Miller, lohn M Ir. 87, 165, 169 laen, lose 131 Miller, Nichelle M 61 lames, Shondre M 60 M ills, Dean A 42, 128, 129, 134, 139, lellrey, Hector A 82, 84, 144 Laird, Sheila 118 146 Johnson, Fernando J. 95 Lam, Carlos F 9, 39, 77, 78, 115, M inn, Ryan B 82 lohnson, Susannah 60, 133, 146, 167 116, 117, 145 Maddox, lesse E. 1186, 144 Mishiro, Kayoe 42, 167 lohnson, Timothy R 60, 150, 156, Lampas, Carlos E. Ir. 31, 86 Maduro, Christine M 60 Mishler, lustin D 42 167 Lancaster, Marilyn L. 39 Malave, Ramon A Ir. 86, 127, 156, Mishra, Vandana 87 lones, Corey L. 85 Lang, M 154 169 Mitcham, Thomas T 61, 127, 134 Jones, Kelly A. 85, 154 Langill, Anne M 60 Malave, Rosadely 5, 39, 707 Mitchell, loanne 103 Laurie V 39, 128, 1 44, 154 Lantry, Dilia 86, 134 Manchester, Nancy 102, 103, 146 Mizrach i Michelle 42,129, 131, 141, lones, Peggy 103 Lantry, lames T. 60, 134 Manning, Karina E. 60 146, 207 luanita Ann 60, 169 Larrabee, Beth A 86 Manzanares, lohanna A 48, 144 Modelo, Candy M 42, 133, 129 Michael D 39, 128 Larribe, K 155 Manzanares, Lui s 86 Modelo, Roberto F 87 Laura D 85, 146 Lassaler, I 150 Marotta, lesse P 60 Moffit, Dave 155, 169 Luis A 60, 153, 169 Latorre, Sergio E 86, 156 Marquardt, Douglas C 61, 133, 140, Molina, Rina R. 42 lames R 95 Law, Terri M 60, 65, 156, 167 144 Monaghan, Paula M 87 Lorena M 85 Lee, Ana I 60 Marquez, Gustavo A 39 Monlouis, Wilma 103 Lee, Carlos 26 Marribitt, Ami L. 61 Montagne, Karin A. 87 Lee, Christopher I 60, 144 Martinelli, Carlos H 61 Montalvo, lahaira 61 K Lee, K imberly Y 60, 153, 162 Martinelli, luan A 39 Moore, W illiam Thomas 61, 75 Lelller, Scott J. 14, 29, 39, 70, 78, Martinez, luan C 87, 144, 150 Morales, Patricia 105 115, 129 Marinez, Raul M 87, 168 Moran, Nishawne J. 61, 127, 139 Lentz, Kisha L. 63, 144 Martinez, V 150 Moreno, Aneris 87 Leontiev, Lisa 86, 129 Marx, Angela M 5 61, 87, 129, 133, M overo, Randy 87 TaWei 39, 127, 139 Lewis, Sherry 155 139 M organ, Michael G 42, 122, 150, 169 Lilley, Laura M 86, 127 Marx, Brandyn D 82, 155 Morris, Eric A 42 Marsha 103 Linton, F 169 Mason, Chanda I. 95 Morris, Kenneth H Ir 88 Dawn E. 39, 78, 101, 146 Littrell, Michylle L. 86, 167 Matheney, Audra A 61 Kelly, Megan I 60, 65, 129, 130, 131, Morris, Raymond H 18,23, 4 2 1 4 4 Lively, Christine E. 54, 60, 127, 129 Mathews, I 153 156 133,167 Livingston, Alexander L III 86, 150, Mattingly, Shanna M 61 Ind .. 8

PAGE 204

MOrrison, Christopher S 88, 129, Olivares, Lee 82 Plant, Jeremy P 13 Rivera, Roberto 44, 144 139, 168 Olivares, Joseph J. 61, 127, 168, 169 Poggenpohl, Ryan D 61, 67, 156 RiveraRosa, Isamari 89 Morrison, Veronica L. 61, 73, 129 O liver, Montie C Jr. 88, 144 Pohl, William H 61, 127 Roa, Laura 12, 105, 126 Moss, Leah E. 61 Ollendick, Henry 0 61, 127 Poore, Catherine M 43 Roach, Armando A 44, 71 Mourning-Young, Rory D 88 Orande, Luis A 61 Posey, Jane M 89, 127, ISS Roach, Jeniffer 63 Moyers Erika I. 42 Orillac, Alberto E. 88 Po veda, Carlos A Jr. 61, 127, 129 Roach, Jhomahara L. 44 Munoz, Stephanie M 61, 127, 156 Ortiz, Agus t i n J. 95 Powell, Luke E. 95, 144, 15O Roach, Thamahara 89 Myatt, Luchaniya A 95 Ortiz, Brenda L. 61 Pownall, Jill E. 89 Roberts, Todd R 19 Myers, Kimberlyn L. 88 Ortiz, Jose A 88, 89, 139 Pratt, Amber ISS Robinson, Dalila D 44, 127, 169 Myers, Sharlene L. 42 Ortiz, Patricia E. 20, 2 1 43 Pratt, Patrick G Jr. 43, 53, 146, 158 Robinson, Joniseff M 62, 144 Myles, Torric T 42 Ortiz, Tanja M 19, 61 Price, Jerome O 62,16,17 Robinson, Noni N 3, 9, 14, 15,44, Myrick-Reese Brent a. 88, 129, Osorio, Javier 95 Profis, Nicole L.K. 62, 66, 75, 127, 48, 102, 109, 110, 145, 154 Myrick, Trinity L. 48 Ostr a nder Ruth-Ann 89, 127 129, 133 Robison Michael R 44, 165, 169 Othon, Joan 101, 129 Propst, Michelle M 44, 131, 133, Rodaniche, Evan 26 Dura, Midori 61, 167 207 129 Rodriguez, Roberto A Jr. 14 N Rodriguez-Mesa, Ivan 29, 62, 65, I Q 126, 1 27, 130, 139, 167 P Rojas, Elisa M 62, 127, 131, 133, ISS, 162 Rojo, Tirzo D 153 Nakagawa, Yoko 42 Romagnoli, Ingrid L. 62 Roman, Daniel Y 44 Nandwani, Rajesh U 88, 129, 167 Roner, Helmut F 44 Nassif!, Nicole M 61, 127, 131, 163 Padilla, Daniel 61 Quinlan, Jessica D 31. 89, 129 Roscoe, Jill D 44, 131 Nathan, Nakisha M 85, 88 Padilla, Jose A 43, 144, 15O Quinn, Larry 98 Roscoe, Mark D 15O Navarro, Norma I 42, 139 Page, Andrew H 89, 167, 129, 139 Quinn, Tyler Ross 28, 29, 62, 129, Rose, Angela M 48 Navicky, Michael E. 88, 94, 15O Pai, Ching I. 43 131 Rowley, Brian T 62, 150, 169 Neal, Jonathan T 13,88,129, 131, Palacio, Juan C. 95, 139 Rowley, Derek D 62 133, 14O Palumbo, Luke Sr. 1O Royo, Carlos E. 20, 84 Nealy, Louise M 61 Paredes, Leonardo 95, 144 R Royo, Tanya 14 Nelson, Talisa A 88, 144 Park, Yong Suk 43, 1 3 1 146, 129, Ruiz, Doris M 44 Nessler, Ronda L. 42, 53 139 Ruiz, Minolka 44 Nevarez, Sandra M 42, 131, 133, 14O Parsons, Gregory E. 43, 111, 12O Ruiz, Wendy A 62, 167 Nevin, Gregory S 61, 64, 144 Patty, Shawn B 8 15,43, 78, 118, Ruiz, Yasier I 44, 144 Nicholls, Wesley A 61 134, 145, 146 Ragsdale, Jimmy L. 89 Rutledge, Timothy C 44 Nickisch, Anthony D 88, 15O Patty, Stan 119 Nieves, Nayda J. 61, 150, 162 Paulsrud, Nina ISS Ratliff, Heidi M 62, 75 Ryan, Lawrence J. 45 Nieves, Robert 15O Pearce, Margarita C 43, 127, lSI Reese, Wilbert 89, 144 Rye, D 15O Nolan, Richard T 88, 134 Pedersen Jean P 89 Renfro, Misty D 44, 1 34, 15O Ryley, Shane P 95 Noite, Khristine D. 88, 154 Pedersen, Robert F 26, 27, 43,120 Reyes, Robert F 14,62, 15O Norman, Daniel A 88, 165, 169 Penkoske, Jessica R 61, 129, 131, Rhoden, E. 15O S Norman, Peter J. 61, 165 133 ISS Richards, Alfredo S 14, 15,44 Norton, Tara M 43, 98, ISS, 184 Peoples, Joseph R A 43 Rigby, Catherine E. 8, 44, 55, 78, 122, Numata, Chieko 43, 139 Peoples, Lateefah K 89 127,134, 139, 141, 146 Nunan, Jodie M 48, 113 Perot, Ross III Riley, Christopher J. 62, 169 Nunez, Alicia II Peterson, A 169 Riley, D 139 Nunez, Armando M 43 Peterson, Daniel A 48, 54 Rillamas, Joseph D 20, 44, 129, 146, Salterio, Ricardo A 62, 169 Peterson, Deanna 101, 114 167 Samaniego, Esky J. 45, 165 Peterson, Jerrone J. 89 Rines, Latoya T 62 Sanchez, Efrain E. 62, 139 0 Petrosky, Dana L. 43 Rios, Osiris L. 89 Sanchez, Kara E. 45 Petrucci Mindy B 43, 117, 129, 167 Ritchie, B 163 Santa, E ileen J. ISS Pettaway, Sommer M 89 Rivas, Peter A III 62, 15O Santa, Rosa Teresa 45 Phelps, Shanna M 61, 82 Rivera, Carmen E. 62, 134 Santana, Bernardo III 62, 144 Pierce, Brian E. 95, 134 Rivera, Glenn 89, 134, 139 Santiago, Laura 45 Pierre, Katherine L. 19, 61, 144, 156 Rivera, Ivan A 48 Sasso, Lisa 10, 15O Oakley, Dielta S 21, 43 Pinto, Gabriela A 18,20,43,73,127, Rivera, Hector M Jr. 44 Squire, Desiree 155 Obert, Lionel A 43 146 Rivera, Pra,edes 89 Schepper, Jeffrey M 63, 165 Olandese, Kevin A 43, 71, 1 3 5 1 29, Pinto, Sergio 129, 15O Rivera, Ricardo A 48 Schepper, Lisa M 45 134, 141 Pitts, Meredith N 89 Rivera, Robert A 44 Schnack, Ernesto 26, 62, 129, 131,

PAGE 205

134, 139 lauren C 45,131, 140, 168 Ipcrlullll, Marie A 8,12,17 ,18,62,67, 129, 131, 145, 146 15chulllz, Wilford 8, 26 Shawn K 62, 144, 168 Emma T. 45, 131 Hugh F II 91 Jennifer l. 45 Jason A 45, 144 Katherine T. 45, 116, 131, 133, 183 I ,Mgura, laura 18,20,30 ,45, 131, 146, 166, 167 David 98, 105, 114, 1 3 1 141 Katherine 8, 9 Seitz, Mayra 98, 131 Morgan 62, 133, 139 Francisco T 9 3 Judy 105, 145 Karen G 45, 131, 333 .,",ma, Benjami n J. 45, 140, 150 1"''''''', Joseph W 62 Tanaiya R 62 Christopher 91, 144 Catherine D 91 Aisha l. 45 ISh,,,,,. Ana l. 62, 64, 127 C .62 W 63,144 Is, W illiam D 91 Ajsheen A 45, 146, 129 ISil Marioly M 91 ISimmon,s Matthew D 91, 169 D .l. 169 ISimllO" J 150 Harna K 91 Ryan J 62 ISinltleton,Meliany 11,48,155 I sbel A 91 S 91 I S Ingrid 168 "11",,,1, Erika E 62, 127 Smart, Jeneill. 86, 91, 94,145 Smart, Kathia l. 48 Smith, Aaron l. 91 Smith, Angely M 91 Smith, Bryan J 45, 150, 168 Smith, Enrique R 62 Smith, Kenneth J 62, 67, 144 Smith, Kimberly N 48, 73 Smith, latoya N 95, 144 Smith, leovihilda A 92 Smith, Richard W. 45 Snyder, Jennifer M 48 Sokol, Hemda M 92 Sosa, Alejandro A Jr. 64, 92, 127, 129, 139 Sosa, Rita 101, 105, 114, 115 Sponberg, Carol 104 Sprague, Devon 91,151 Sprague, Drake K. 29, 63, 65, 125, 131, 134, 146 Spratling Valerye M 62, 131, 155 Spurlock, Amanda C 20, 21, 62, 127, 131, 167 Squire, Desiree A 11,62, 149 Stader, David B 45, 156 Staha, Jessica A 14, 62, 127, 129, 131, 146 Staha, Mariette 105 Stames, Erine M 45, 116, 131 Stanchfield, Renea C 46 Stanford, Eddie G 62, 150, 154 Starks Robinn R 92 Staton Anthony A 46 Steinbarger, Maylinn M 85, 92, 169 Stephens, Dmar M 46 Stephenson, Has h i m K 92 Sterf, Crystal S 6 3 Sterling, A 150 Stewart, Renee H 63 Straub, Tyson A 46 Strokes C 153, 163 Sween, Rhoda V 92 Sweeney, Matthew A 63, 92 Sweeney, Ryan 2 9 165 Swnety, Brian M 150 Swistak, Brandon J. 92, 150 Sylvester, Alyson M 92, 133 Syrdahl, Kari M 62 Szymanski, Jenilee A 10,62, 129, 131 T Tagaropulos Kathia 92 Takahas i Dai 46 Tapanes, Carlos M 62, 1 34, 139, 144 Tapi a Sebastian F 92 Tate, Johanna N 62 Taylor, Constance S 46 Taylor, M 167 Taylor, R 153 Terrell, Doris M 46 Terrell, Joseph 92 Tejada, Adrian M 92, 156 Tejada, Maria 105 Thale, Bruce 71, 71, 106, 115, 116 Thames, Aaron C. 92 Thomas, Jennifer D 62 Thomas T oumani T 63 Thompson Christina 46, 54, 71, 153, 162 Thompson, Derrick D 46, 144, 153 Thompson Heather A 62, 146, 167 Thompson Jaqueline M 46 Thompson, Jesse C III 5, 63, 144 Thompson, John E. Jr. 63 Tis b y Kathy R 92, 95 Tola, Martha S 63 T oney, J o moore K 63, 165 Torres, Marlon I 48 Torres irizarry, Samuel 46, 110, 127 Toth, Daniel M 12, 13,46,176 Traywick Nathan E. 18,63, 133 Trembly, Helle n 10,46, 54, 150 Trippany, Suzanne 63,127 Truc hsess, Michelle R 92 Tulk, Gregory 92, 144 Tunon, Marci a 63, 144 Tunon, Yessica 46 Twohy, Henry B 11163, 153 Tyner, Ed 106 u Uhorchak, Vanessa l. 20, 63, 67, 127, 131, 145, 163 Ullrich Jennifer l. 63, 70, 131, 133, 129 Underwood, Quint P 46, 114, 129 Unger Shem D 26, 63, 127, 129, 131, 133 140 Upton, Melissa A 63, 95, 144 Urrio la, Annelle 20, 2 1 91, 92, 1 2 7 Usera, Anthony C 16,63, 1 3 1 134, 153 v Valdilles Tabitha I 92, 167 Valenci a Gabrie la 63, 146 Vanairsdale, Brian W 92, 94, 167 Vanderwall, Karl R 46 Vasquez, Mari a C 92, 144 Vasquez, Michelle A 95 Vasquez, Mildred A 63 Vaughn, Michael J 46, 156 Vaz, Carlos 20, 106, 126 127 Vega, C 139 Vega, lynnette M 4 6 Velazquez, Damaris M 46 Velez, Gloria 92, 155 Vergara, luis F 92 Vers a illes, Michelle C 63, 139 Vidaurri, Alexis S. 87, 92, 129, 162, 165 V i d inha, Andrew G 92 Villareal, Gerardo 6 3 Von Hollen, lance C 3 1 63. 66, 150 w Wagner, A n n F 46, 131, 129, 155 Wagner Robert Van 92, 167 Wall, Cheryl 12, 106 Walker, Shane C 47, 75, 110, 129, 134 Walte rs, Jamie D 47, 133, 167 Wandwani R 139 Wantanabe, A 167 Wantanabe, Riuw 63, 153, 169 Waugh, Kenneth 12,48, 107 Ward, Carlton Jr. 95 Ward, Rossaue J. 47, 54 Warner, Nijah V 92 Was h ington 155 Watkins, Natalie E. 47, 55, 1 3 4 146, 151 Watki n s Wayne M 92 Waugh, Kenneth 102 113, 114, 140 Wead M 150 Weatherby, Samuel C 92 Webb, Marianna C 47 W ebb, Melissa S 47, 122, 123, 127, 150 Webly, Soni a 106 Weeks, Edgar H 63 Weeks Jackeline A 63, 64, 127, 131, 139, 146 Welch, lottie I 47 Wells, Stacey l. 47, 129, 145 WemhoenerCuite, Benjamin 63 Wemhoener Cuite, Brynn K 95 West. Richard Jr. 86, 95 Westgate, Frank 12, 20, 47, 127, 129, 146 Wheeler, D 150, 169 White, Adam J. 47 White, Dottie 106, 120 White, Dwight C Jr. 92, 169 Wilder, Katherine l. 14, 15, 93, 1 5 0 Williams, Cecilio 106 I n dex (31

PAGE 206

Williams, Harry l 48 Williams, Jessie A 92 W illiams, Reynaldo 47, 150 Willia ms, Robert C 92, 150, 168 W illiams, Tamiko M 47 W illiams, Tanya R 47 Williams, T arji T. 92 Williford, John M 28, 29, 47 W i l son, James 1. 63 W ilson, Russell W 63, 153 W ilson, Troy M 47, 168 Wing, Michael 1. 47, 117, 131 Wing, William P Jr 14, 28, 6 3 65, 127 W inkler, Wendy 153, 161 Wolf, Jaime 63 Wolf, Raquell. 63, 127, 150 Womble, Michelle T 95, 155 Worcester, Marc u s 1. 63, 131 Worthington, Charles A 92, 132, 133 Wright, Jonathan O 6 3 Wu, li Chuan 92 Wu, Wai fee 63 v Yanez, Oilcia Y 63, 129, 133, 146 Yano, Naomi 93 Young, David 98, 106, 127 Young, Jennifer 63 Yu, ChungDar 63 z Zafrani, Arie 47 Zapata, Oscar G 6 3 Zayas, O skar H 93, 144, 167 Zimmerman, Daniel 1 2 13,4, 1347 Zornes, Joseph R 63, 134, 150, 153

PAGE 207

93 WEL DIANE YOST BETTY On F ebruary 17, 1993 three special visitors came t o Balboa H igh School. Thes e three women were no stranger s to B H S Each of these ladies are graduates of the Class of 43. Imagine, they came back to visit their alma mater after 50 years. Of course they have visited Panama before now, but they wanted to make a trip to BHS this year to commemorate their 50th High School Graduation experience. Mrs Betty Chan, Mrs Diane Yost, and Mrs Isabel Zemer a r e the three special women who graced our halls this pas t February. The Zonian staff and C lass o f 1993 salute them for maki n g our yearbook an even more special photo essay of Balboa High School because we have a memory to share of thei r time with us. That's what's great about living in this beautiful country and going to BHS People make our memo ries fond and when we return to our "roots", it brings bac k all the nostalgia of a time of freedom, fun, and f r iendships W e here i n the Zonian room hope you have enjoyed looking over your pas t year at BHS and we wish we could come back 50 years from now, as these special ladies d i d and visit the hallowed halls of BHS I ,d .. (3J

PAGE 208

''., e Ind ..

PAGE 209

r Vol. 84 of the ZONIAN was printed by Jostens Printing and Publishing Division at their VISalia, CA plant. The Jostens Representatives were Royd Moore and Ron Buda. The plant Consultant was Gil Quesado The trim size of the book is 8.5 x 11. The book contains 208 pages which are Smythe Sewn. The stock is 80# 191 gloss paper printed in black ink. The primary typeface used throughout the book is News Gothic condensed The cover is an original design by Drake Sprague It is custom screened. The book is white with applied colors of blue red yellow and green. The yellow endsheets are printed with original artwork in black ink. Portrait work was provided by Calvo Studio. The tuxes were provided by the Pacific Theatre Arts Centre. The candid shots were taken by student Photographers all of which were developed and printer in the school darkroom. The 1993 ZONIAN had a run of 400 copies. These copies sold for $45 each. An optinal plastic dust cover and extra autograph pages were offered for $1 each A current events tiIHn for Jostens was also included The book cost aprroximately$25 ,OOO. This figure includes Photographic expenditures Special Thanks Mrs. Manchester Mr. Holland All advertisers Mr. Young Mr. Anderson 1993 senior class Mrs. White Mrs. Hunt Parents of Zonian Ms. Dee Candy Modelo Staff Mr Hpwell D.LSima Pacific Theatre Mr bales PCC Graphics Arts Centre Mrs Sponberg Branch Tropic Times JOS

PAGE 211

C raie fishbooeh IS stopped a teammate who wants to ask him a Question Baseball season IS later on In the school (Photo by N Wilt' kms.) A group 01 socw lans SIt out at the bleachers Girls socw occurs alter second Quarter (Phot o by F Westgate) eE) Closon! The Bulldogs and Cougars meet out on the Ileid ThiS year the teams ptayed hard In Older to win (Photo by 0 Keays) Students hang around after school waiting l o r the bus Many BHS students get Involved m e x Ira-curtlculare actiVIties, (Photo by S Patty) Michen e M iznchi and Michelle Props t prepare for their debate Mr Howell's AP English class Some 01 the Red Machine girls get ready lor a spent a week dOing them. (Photo by C Rigby) shot trom tile foul line. (Plloto by F Westgate) s the year draws to a close, thoughts turn toward prom; vol leyball season; and for seniors, gradua tion. While the underclassmen struggled along with CTBS testing, the seniors en. joyed their Skip Days. Juniors move on to plan for college and look forward to a relaxing senior year. Sophomores pre pare to make the most of the summer and the faculty look forward to a break from teaching restless kids. People will move on in their lives. Even so, BHS will open it's doors for a new year before you even know it. CIO",! 8J

PAGE 212

T his year marks the 50th annIversary of the main building. The front of the school has undergone many changes since it was rebuilt. e Clos,"! late 1970' s Balboa's head stand s with btg 8HS letters. They were later when vandals struck. (Photo by O . .-\1 i 19921993. In a panoramic view 01 thl fronl of the school, we see BHS' newes look. B alboa' s pedestal stili stands and thl front wmdo w s have changed (Pho t o by G Dee)