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APO MIAMI 34002-0005









J*r~ i rrr~~ i27~F



- J

Discoverer. The statue of Balboa stands on Balboa Avenue overlooking the Bay of Panama.
Unfortunately, the bust of Balboa that once was in front of our school was stolen.

Spellbound. Students intently watch
events at one of the year's pep rallies As
hot as it was outside, these were still a
nice opportunity to miss class.

BHS Goes Wild

Student Life


Heat In Motion



Sparking Interests



Mental Madness



Shiny Happy



Monkey Business



Who's Who In This Zoo





q )

BHS Goes Wild

Student Life

"Here we go again!"
"Where? ... Where are we going?"
"You never listen. Just let me finish telling youl"
"OKAY! SORRY I'm listening!"
"This is going to be the best year ever!' BHS is a great place cuz
there's so much to do!"
"Like what? ... What's there to do?"
"Well, like going to football games, especially the Jamboree and
the pep rallies and all the spirit days and BHS-BHS field trips.
Then, we decorate those class showcases for Halloween, Homecom-
ing, Christmas and Valentine's Day. Next there's the Winter For-
mal, Carnavallto/Mardi Gras and the Jr./Sr. Prom. Oh! and the
French Club Fashion Show and Drama Club plays and Band and
Chorus concerts and the Cayuco Race and all the varsity sports.
Then all year long we collect cans and white paper for the Ecology
Club ... Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! Before you know it, Gradu-
ation Day is here. See? We're going to have a wild year at BHS!"
"Whewl Sorry I asked! I see your point!"

Muevelo, Muevelo. Dancing to reggae, Melissa
Royo and Ricardo Valdez enjoy themselves at the
Winter Formal. Many people continued the fun
after dances downtown or with friends.

Carefully tying a knot, Brenda Davila puts the
/" ... i tr finishing touches on a decoration for Mardi Gras.
FrStudents fICom the French III class helped the
.. y French Club put on this event.

No break. Even on Valentine's Day, Katie Good
win and Brian Dugan must use their lunth time
to study. Many students found this necessary
because of after school activities

Heads up! Frank Westgate "and Sot Wood wolf doini JeU-0 ilor. Anna .i l .. "i il ... :
to win Ihe class competition. Franl's appetie proved 16 be Pum hi mheple not
Where had everybody gone that fine Friday the more formidable ulprelanknemen, J akln Smlesw
afternoon? If that afternoon happened to be Au-.
gust 30th, then the entire BHS student body
could have been found out in the stadium
screaming their hearts out.
In support of their class the seniors sweated it
out in black while the juniors pulled out all the
stops in red and white. In the mean time, the
sophomores hung out in white tee's and the all
time fav-jeans.
The Cougar, Bulldog, Red Machine, and Green "
Devils cheerleaders riled up the crowd as their
teams looked on. Good old #31 on Red Machine
decided to lend a helping hand by doing a few
flips and cartwheels himself to the great amuse-
ment of all.
In between, of course, there were the messy,
ever popular, pep rally competitions. First came
the Jello eating contest. The sophomores, obvi-
ously approving, supported their man by thun- .I
during, "Un poquito ... sauvecito!" Frank West-
gate took that one away for the juniors but the
sophomores bounced back as Anabel Burns sur-
prised everyone by winning the find-the-gum-in-
the-whip-cream-thing with an unexpected bub-
ble. There was some question in who won the
Izzy Dizzy, where participants run circles with *
their foreheads pressed on the end of a bat, but
does it matter?
All in all, in the true BHS spirit of overcoming
all obstacles, the Jamboree pep rally was a suc- .
cess in spite of those speaker problems. The sight
of those busses filling up and heading out to
Cristobal definitely proved it. And so, another
football season gets it's start.

Heads up Shannon Lord dlsappomntd after ,r, enre compete Ateshbock. Joy Hauser, overcome by airyllnes. mumbles
n sondersn lr i was all w rih it romethirng tC' the effect of' Sop tie world. I ,Ami tL usep off
for a while
Jamboree Royaety (left D right) Iriludile Qeeina Aileen
Jenkins from Red Mathitne AMUe Mt1n) ftim Buldogs, Wis Lfa sinking. Valer)e prhmlng can only dream of soph
Green own Margarita Piere,. and Marls Gar la from the omores being number one

Beep. Beep!l Tke r dl ateard rhr M.rii.. e.r T ..ill (Clowning around N aOmi Ing-r h-... Jerem..ah kr le

HALLOWEEN 1991 Li which srep de

The witching hour had ome in Iasn'
quite midnight though More like n,,-n The pir
it week for HalI.,ween hid reached iit rlima%
with the annual oilu ume ronltest in Ir.lnr .. he
school during lun(h
It was the moment .f truth Forgel ib.iul
winning the adsplaI casee It waI time to wPe Ah.'
won the hundred dollar f.rst prize
There were French mna.d pearh a Frdd\
Kreuger, and ilouwn by rhe Idr-ve s `ie abuT
that rumor of a ,ch. bol bui roaming Ihe halls
that was true'
It was crazy There i.s ,,n n, other ,.,rl lT
describe the madnne and ma hem that enrel
oped the student bDd;
You had 'o be careful A.1 any e.tond tihat
devil lurking in he c..irnr might deu:de in pke .
you with his f-r-- ,AI any minurr The- nra ggi.
"housewife" might g.T ;.u %iTh her riling pin.
or that giant rI,,aIll might dr,,.i e ;hr %%rT1; I.,
hurl herself in i,,ur dir.-CT..r,
From all thl ..ha.. tlhe dinner eier t ge.id Tne
Phantom of the Op)per I elli.a R.-'..i mtrri r
ously arrived 11,, *t.,al In- -njv, but she tira
barbarian (hW ilirr :Cru.uL hi Tlrught hasV 'a to her
side to split the prize Mr W\augh rillsrd hi,
days as a bilpipe but Thin. Pear Share IM,
Hinkle, Ms. 6ib..r aid M. GeMrgr I ialkErd iff
with first plr ir I. lh te.rr.her l ... n ..-

Cai t ILn the tL Tr- i .ir. r ..i- r .l M.II-.r ,.r r
the Phantom (f tlh Iipr. _i


On gur r .j~... -r~...h.i dliJu an aefniii .ri i.. ~

Glrli jiult rL n a bl has f i 11 '- I i, r.l .Ib L-1 K-'n
Snill j..rir.r E-r rI '1 .

..*, M... M..'nil. le rI u M- r.ra Hll ir.r. I

41n guIard AI e Bir-t r.- r. wr -u r, fir t-. it. r.r
R.-.r.ir. H-. L..ar. M it.-


The date? November 8, 1991. The place? Bal-
boa High School stadium, The occasion? The
Homecoming pep rally.
This time there weren't any interclass compe-
titions, but a few of the highlights included the
following: the innovative cheerleaders came up
with new routines with great visual impact, and
the dance team appeared for the very first time
at a school rally.
The Homecoming game was held later that night,
and the '"Carnival" juniors atop their red fire

Homecoming Queen and King. Mayra Nieves and Carlos

engine not only hosed down the crowd, but took
away first place for the best float. The second
place float was made by the seniors, with their
theme of "Flush the Underclassmen." (The more
spirited seniors went around equipped with
plungers!) Third place was won by the sopho-
more float with the theme "Grease."
The Homecoming dance was held on Novem-
ber 9, 1991 at the PCC auditorium. Although it
was very hot, and they had to bring out the fans,
most people enjoyed their evenings.

Carnival time. People manning the junior Homecoming Stand your ground Bull .i r.-rl. d.rli Oili-.r. Huff ~ld
floats take turns hosing down the crowd. (Below). alie i ,is.r... i,.i iii R... .r up i' rill, i Fir .i.. I

.: .1

Getting the right start. Ms. George and Eyda Pineda share a
laugh before the dance team performs at the rally.

All wrapped up. Seniors Maria Garcia and Brenda Davila
test their "plunging" abilities on underclassmen Trinity Mar-

Senior princess and prince. Jenny Navarro and Jimmy Seniorprincess and prince. Allison Huffand Shawn Fizgner Junior princess and prince. Caroline Hinkle and Ray Wil Junior Princess and prince. Saray Duunn and Craig Fish Sophomore princess and prince. M.ilh-nc Buiitamon e anid Sophomore princess and prince. \Nai).i \iees and Billy
Oakley aid liaIams bough John C(respo ,ing

I. . -llf~~
r ;.;~t


It was hoi The restless crowd suddenly erupt
ed into wild cheers as the cheerleader' began
their routine
"Firecracker, firecracler,
Boom biI'm Boom'
Firecracker, Firetracker.
Bom bonrr Boom'
Girl's gro the muscles,
Teacher's got Ihe brain'.
Guy s hae e h sexy legs.
and we wm I he game"
Wall a minute 'Guy. have Ihe se legs'' Wear

ing thor ihort cheerleading skirt' iney did'
The place was BHS isadium The date' De
iemper hi0. 1991 At opr ot hik in the aiterrinon.
the student' were Ilt Oul 1f il .s to attend the
Mastara B.v.I here the uriderlas.imen girls
challenged Ihe 'enior.. 1 a Ioitrbllll game In
suppirl of nteir team, Ihe und.-rl.isrmenr gauys
dunned cheerleading ouL'fiti ard utlrren up thn
student body a, the underlici.mer. girl led ihe
wan to stia ry All in dll, the MaiLafa Bil
proved in be a greta 'u,...ess'

No guts, no glory. Mayra Nieves tooks for an opening to run

HailMary. Aileen Jen ;.. ;r. ul 1..r r .r .nr r. D,.,
despite her efforts, 1ir .nd.- .la., i.e., jl i j I'.. frr.u.ri

t wJ i

Heird upl J arl rr.. iu.r r.r..) ir.. r.,ii r i.
Sr0"s 1 unr.

The neat Barn) s ader
I u. r..j ..

Passing InterferencelVeronica Chatman and Mayra Nieves
Ii airborne it catch a crilical pass,

Getting down to business. Tony lUsera, I)at ratilt, Joe tPer-
Pidv, and Danny Hright show the flip side if the cheerleiding

trh ,'.. M., .r r.I r. f .. .


I I+


As the year drew to a close, stu-
dents at BHS found that the spirit of
Christmas had descended upon
them. During the final week of
school before the holidays, class
competitions reached their peek.
The sophomores trimmed their tree
outside the main office, the juniors
built Santa's house, and upstairs in
the senior's hall, a nativity scene
with live animals was erected. There

Does anyone have any sunscreen? Santa de-
cides to take a break and work on his tan.

was a day where everyone wore red
and green, and all the classes par-
ticipated in the annual food drive.
Also during the week, some of the
BHS students and teachers partici-
pated in the Christmas concert held
at the BHS auditorium.
Winter Formal was held on Janu-
ary 18, 1992, at the Amador Officer's
Club. The door prizes were enticing,
and the night was danced away as
the holidays happily drew to a close.

Is the world celebrating? Mr. Waugh's first Dancing days are here again. While dancing
period class gives Santa a global look. (Far with Michele Tassel, Mr. Waugh disproves the that all he does is give government home-
right). misconception work.

The Royal Pair. Ramon da Pena and Claudine Eckerle pose,
for us.

How Romantic. Ballroom dancing is not quite dead. David
Fisher and Stephanie Kuhn show us their favorite dance

Royal Faces. (left to right) Stephen Betrisey and Alix
Puech; Ramon da Pena and Claudine Eckerle; Eddie Howell
and Rachel Berger; Ronald Green and Yvette Wilde.

It's a secret Using all her willpower, Jennifer Pownall My balloon'sblgger than yours r..r lar.n Nharrm,, nd
resists telling her friend who her two admirers are. hiHr Gu.m.:.r,n il l r. ri hallua ni r, alenur.es [Da


What's red and pink and white? Valentine's
Day at BHS! This year Valentine's Day left be-
hind a lot of lovely memories.
As always, there were candygrams to buy for
your significant other. The candygram balloons
brought an assorted number of sweets and Her-
shey's kisses, but if you wanted to add a few
kisses of your own, that was okay too! The "can-
dygrammers" went around delivering those en-
dearing little messages of love and affection dur-
ing first period. Everyone wanted to carry
around a balloon. One person was even heard to
say, "I didn't get one. Now I feel so unloved!"
Roses arrived by the dozen at any given hour
of the day. These were delivered by the ever
faithful student aides.

Secret admirer? Cenira Lopez wishes she knew who sent her
all the candygrams,

The occasion was marked by the return of the
Computer Club's dating service and by the red,
pink, and white dress code for the day. The
sophomores won the display case competition
with their heartshaped balloon arrangement and
the seniors came in second with the juniors in
Did you know Valentine's day was originally
an ancient Roman celebration to the wolf god?
Later when the Catholic church began changing
these pagan festivities into religious feast days,
it became St. Valentine's Day after the Christian
An English custom of the 14th century was
where all the unmarried people in a village
would draw another single person's name from a
box and exchange notes on February 14th.
Charles, the Duke of Orleans, in France, was the
first person credited with sending a Valentine's
Day card. It's too bad he didn't send his wife a
candygram too!


LA MODE 1992

Give yourself a hand. The models congratu-
late themselves after successfully completing
a skit.

La belie femme. Saray Dunn, typical teen 4
the go. (Far below.)

The annual French Club Fashion
Show, L' Amour de la mode, was
held at the Balboa High School audi-
torium on February 21, 1992.
The emcees Kiran Chugani and
Richard Samson welcomed us to the
show, and proceeded to introduce
the models. The first fashion con-
sisted of party wear. That was fol-
lowed by casual, jeans, aerobics,
evening wear and swim wear. There
was a slide presentation giving a
short biographical sketch on each of
the models, and during intermission

you could buy delicious chocolate
Things went surprisingly smooth-
ly, in spite of the tension backstage.
As model Maria Garcia put it, it was
extremely hectic with everyone run-
ning in and out of the dressing
The Fashion Show was not as
profitable as last year's, but never-
theless the models gained the audi-
ence's definite approval with an ex-
cellent show.

So masculine. Carl Gale shows us what a well
dressed guy looks like. (Above.)

How much? Looking forward to the evening,
Jennifer Tafe buys her ticket for the show.

Masters of the ceremony. Kiran Chugani
and Richard Samson introduce the models.

Comment estque je vois? Betty Meyers
struts her stuff in a velvet party dress

Chic Romantique (Ienira l.opez takes the
vake in a black., fringed evening dress. (Left)


On February 22 1992, the place to be was the
PCC audilrrum here the Spanish Club and the
French Club co-hosted the second annual Carna-
valito/Mardi Gras.
The night started off with the Spanish Club
court giving us a taste of typical Panamanian
folkloric dances. After the nmir.du..ii.n they
performed Las Cumbias and La Danesa. Then
the queen, Melissa Royo, and her escort, Dwight
McKabney, performed their solo, El Punto. The
final dance was La Chorrerana, where the lights
were dimmed and the faces of the dancers were
illuminated by the candles they held.
The emcee then introduced the members of
the court by name, and the queen was crowned
by the Spanish Club sponsor, Mr. Carlos Vaz.
Melissa was also given a bouquet of roses on the
behalf of the Spanish Club.

She then gave her acceptance speech and
assigned the members of her court their specific
duties with a little personal advice to each which
earned many laughs from the public.
Maria Garcia gave a speech on the meaning
and origins of Mardi Gras which was then trans-
lated into English by Cenira Lopez.
Next, the Spanish Club comparsa performed a
very spirited number and were joined by some of
the members of the court. Waving sparklers
amidst a colorful shower of confetti, their perfor-
mance drew to a close by drawing members of
the public out to dance with them.
In this manner, the festivities were continued,
and all the work that was put into the occasion
proved to be more than successful as the night
was danced away in festive glee.

El Punto, Queen Melissa Royo dances with escort Dwight
McKabney during their solo.

sparlUe nd glitter, Tr.i..i M rl.tri- :...[. T.. .limre the
( drf,,,' hi *jrr,,i

M) head feels heamll Mi, Put,... Lt her ire, -- arc.-l
hi-..r- h-.. h.i,

Watch t, you lght burn mel Frank Westgateand Vanessa Road to r.la \I-I Ir. r.r.r. .r ; .., r .
Uhorchack dance to the Chorrerana. .
or, o Ip I ,'. jhl --dr %I f L, .

Ibr I I Ili bl~ rlli.l LI II.







The Kodak moment. That's what you're
searching for when you take that picture of
your best friend in the shower. Or at that
party where you catch an amorous two kiss-
ing in the closet. Or maybe it is when your
entire sixth period chemistry class goes out
with their cars to run over those tortuous clay
models Mr. Thale inflicts upon you.
What do you do with all those candids? You
tape them inside your locker, you stick them
into the frame of your dresser mirror, or you
keep them cluttered in that special box in
your closet. The really ambitious, however,
keep their memories neatly filed away in a
big, dusty, old-fashioned scrapbook where the
sticky tabs on the pictures that keep them in
place start falling off.
As a tribute to those of you who never
throw anything away, and to those who run
around capturing memories on film, we pre-
sent the BHS scrapbook.

You're mad! Everett Grundon refuses to believe
that he's been voted Time Magazine's Man of the

The Bridge of the Americas.

Suicide Squadl Hosea Dixon and Grady Hale try to stop
Warren Mobly from jumping to an untimely death.

It's a bird! It's

a plane! No, it's ,hiin Pierre going




- S

Are you sure that's edible? Kiran Chugani stares at
a pile of mystery meat at the French Club picnic.



-~ a


Run that line by me again. Rosalina Nixon isn't quite sure she
heard right the first time.

Really, really, really? Erin
Hatchett gleefully exclaims







i(ogie, woogie. Daniel right expresses heartfelt
'finillns with his vidre if delinilte apprlv.,d

She's mine! Annc-.L'lv- Ihintsh bn Ids't' t111 i (11
mind Birhard Sjiunlnfl IIIllingl1T hlrl


N r


0 ,.i In h> I....T,.,r, l r ,' .. .. li ierms
,n .. ,, 3 II I,,,1 ', .1 .. .,v r., lts "

Stuff on my face? Where? Alix Puech has a
moment of extreme panic.


Uttle kids? Where? Lauren Schulman take, a quick lonk
around as one of the little munchkinr sneaks pat behind

Don't give me that attitude! Alli-n Huff is
caught in the middle of a routine

Don't tell me this is wrong! Karen Trppin refuses to do
anymnre Analysis


A moment of terror. Eddie Howell fears the
seniors are falling behind during Powder Puff.

Guess what I heard? Jimmy Oakley can't wait to
spill the beans.

Just hangin' out. Michael Womble spends some time in the
breezeway "relaxing."

Open them or close them? The blinds seem to pose a serious
problem for Lorena Milares.

What are they doing up there? James Beattie, Caroline
Hinkle, and Alice Keoughan wonder what's going on up at the


! -*v



IA I4.

The sky's the limit. Aileen Jenkins reaches for the gold as
she does pull-ups.

- -M --

Look at that! Just look at that! Wendy Lawson makes a
discovery at track practice.


Skip to it! Shelley Johnson finds herself doing "Double
Dutch" years after she thought she'd given it up for good.

Who is this? Even the masterful yearbook detectives ce
not identify this grotesque werewolf.

Travelling Incognito. Judy McConnell accompanies All
Vowell to the parking lot,

Fl -

E a

------,;-sr *


LI~; YIL~ .:

Heat In Motion


"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?"

"With a tennis racket under one arm, an empty can of tennis balls at your feet, a
deflated basketball, a baseball glove that looks like it hit the dust long ago, a broken
baseball bat, three dirty volleyballs, and HALF a soccer ball you look ridiculous!"

"I do not!"

"With a pair of swimming trunks on your head you do! What do you think you're doing?"

"I'm getting ready to letter in every varsity sport at Balboa High School this year."

"You look like you're getting ready to leave for the funny farm! You're nuts!"

"Hey, I'm just a wild and crazy kind of guy ..."

Smart thinking. Before basketball prac-
tice, Amy Longacre wisely stretches out. In the alr. Troy Lloyd leans back as he
Most sports participants chose to stretch performs a back flip at swim practice
to avoid injury. which was held at the Balboa Pool.


Too late. Cougar Ritto Ballesteros fails to stop Bulldog Torric
Myles from scoring two points. Basketball games brought a large
turnout of spectators.

*n, 4 '< t .7L '

Are you ready? Red Machine Quarterback Chris Hovan hopes
his teammate is prepared to catch the ball and run for six points.

Three more yards! Red Machine quarterback,
Chris Hovan, exerts himself to gain the few more
yards he needs for a first down.

Way to block Tom! During a rough day at prac-
tice, Tom Ellis, touches up on his blocking skills.

Lienrl f.,rn- r- linr Leading the block is
C.r,-i Morras

)nwn, set, R-i Mj hn, in r.-rJ, .1 .Jr-
S. .... ,r. i, Ihr ppr lh* n'nlr Hulldj,,- Jri :

r-.1\ i.. .:.irdr..ni a inp them blIjrr- te ~hat a hole! Bullid. Jerrimt Prli.- i .ui up
r'-.1 h Ih- 9,il lin- thr'-ugh a h:ile ,.pen-d fIr him b) hi; e-ff



(4all me If you alm o il rrd.. R.chhr,1; i.;i., d-nfeil irn JbUt a U JLe late LRtere uir C g 'C (nr ) In ,t luhio "ul# c
the hr.p; of t.,rrlg !c- pILs f..r r-i; leanr. Mtt14L i. bilr aurcni I l '.1,. I--

Green Devils. (1st row) H. Reasonover, A Leeb, E. Knudson, E. Betts, N. Piper, D. Robinson, T. Decerega, M. Buchanan, H.
Cabrera, L Gibson, J. Staha (2nd row) J. Szymanski, J. Ortiz, R. Colon, M, Wing, A. Gonzalez, J. Wilson, M. Dreckman, J.
Gonzalez, C. Cook, Q Underwood, T. Cooksey, T. Norton. (3rd row) Coach Husted, L. Ibicki, L. Oranda, J. Williford, J. Vega, M.
Watanabe, I, Rivera, K. Steil, M. Banasick, B, Wood, T. Qiunn, W. Pole, A. Richards, R. Meyers, Coach Sweeney, A. Vowell, M.



Red Machine. (1st row) D. Thompson, R. Gomez, G. Hale, D. Foster, J. Olivares, S. Fitzgerald, J. Thompson, B. Isbell. R.
M i r...jr... I i.. ri i. i r.ii. i v)sito. (2nd row) H.B Twhohy, M. Bleichwehl C. Corrigan J. Hildreth. R. Sirias.
A rn, ii .t i.n. I ,tIl. '11 I r. ,ri. George, J. Oakley, R. Azearate. (:rd row) K Barnes, A, Bowler, P Penalver. J.
Lloyd, J. Hanning, C. Hovan, P. Pratt. F. Ender, H. Dixon, R Pinzon, W. George, I lcaza, E. Perez, Coach Dahlstrom.

."n" I i i r I. I I. a r. rt al .r Ni Nieves, K Wilder, E. Stuam"s, 1) Esthlam, I Ellerson. (2nd rnw A
rl Dr, ] 1i. r, . I ,. 11 VonR otil n,. s liinnelly.J. San os, H. Salazar,C Fishbough,C Estever,
J Naun, A Dunn, A .I ,1 Il t.. I. h nsen, B. Hawley, J2. ltpi, K Arnold. L lCai,), M Morgan, B Smith, W Huf, C
Gale, E, Stanford, M r.r B r r. r .. r akmie, C Seemm I. Williams, I IHo rgui -Mresa Suhah, Co(h Grade,
Coach Balesh

Cougars 8-t0

Green Devils 5-3

Bulldogs 5-3

Red Machine 1-7

Touchdo i,. i ,. r. ,, i. r ,
six point.

* *. / -' ,, .,*-? ','. '. ". : y ; t. j "t ,z ..'. .

Bulldogs. (lIi row) N Waltkins Hun, H Hll rwa. A\ Ketughaln M Seppi,C Inkhle .r I I 1 r..r I t.,. ; M1 ,.;
Sirlihng, K Hollnd. .l Beaitli,T Elh.A l 'he., r N ,t:lidr u t )i l ;a'|h ElSlI'i. aI h M.arior o n,..i . i hntt . t...1
Zornes, NIIwve, S Kup'er, P2'rie, I llardisa., Coa. i1ch I> t'h. i \ Ih' lli.ini t'hach ti tlI. (4th n iw) Lopez. B S mentl T
Kohayais, hI. Kirksrv.0 HBll -.I, tCl llo:.rd. Ii Iih.nl, T ,Johnn. (ith rw) I llunl. A althene.2 J Zlrnd . Bestrese\t
I' Am gili- W Ut,nzah, A 1 Shk I. li n l ( 111 -tu) I To ,ld. i I i Lug.."I Ns ln .1 T Mi ih.tn, I. Guerret>. R Morr



F iL iiii n H ig h '* r r.- .- , i.J- r I I .- F i'
I, ,, s 1,',, I 4,- L Il' ...." .. I- r ,
h, ,',klr r, ,[,~i,' , ti, r, h v. ,v',

Cougars. (top) K. Wilder (2nd row) N. Nieves, D. Eastham, R. Wolf. (splits) L. Ellerson, 1
M. Renfro. (3rd row) I. States, Camacho.

Red Machine. (left to right) R Sangsland, C. Thompson, T. Kemp, J Engelke, R, Berger, V. Hopkins, K. Goodwin (Captain), K. Twohy (captain).

A different view. Cheerleaders Allison
and Jill Roscoe use their muscle power

Bulldogs. (left to right) C Hinkle (captain), J Roscoe (co-captain), A Huff, N. Watkins, J. Hunt, A. Keoughan, M Seppy.

r a

flip a fellow teammate

SGreen Devils. (top) S. Oakley, M Pearce, P J. Thompson, C. Maduro, M. Samuels, S. Ji-
Shakin It. Dinah Eastham dances to the ea Ave-Lallement (co-captain), T Nelson. (hot- cha (co-captain).
while the crowd watches n. tom)

i '':~12;::;'' '~


Bulldogs. (kneeling) M. Cobham, J. Hauser, N. Robinson, I. Dargan, (standing) Coach Oliver, L. Jones, S. Beattie, L i..per M%
Ascano, A. Howard.

I have a question. 'P, ),u think you're g-ing to get that bal
0t mr'" N'.in] RK,,jnron question J.1.y Hauser


Cross your fingers. Saray Dunn hopes for success as she shoots
for the basket.

Cougars. (kneeling) T. Norton, J. Hauser, M. Rojas, A. Pratt, J. Penkoske, (standing) Coach Moffit, M. Versailles. A D)avis. J
Posey, C. Bertao, M. Bryant, K. Honeycutt, J. Ernest.


Itay out of my way! Ann Wagner looks for an open team-
Rate to throw the ball to.

Green Devils. (kneeling) C. Bryant, S. Dawkins, M. Womble, J. Hauser, G. Hattabaugh, H. Clary, V. Chatman, (standing),
Coach Stromberg, A. Tippins, A. Earnest, K. Stromberg, T. Gilbert, A. Puech, S. Dunn.

Red Machine. (kneeling) T. Herrera, L. Rojas, M. King, Y. Colon, (standing) A. Wagner, T. Hall, D. Squire, A. Longacre, A. Going up strong Bulldog's Laurie Jones breaks away and at-
Gundin tempts what looks like an easy layup,



Bulldogs. (kneeling) K. Devine, P. Johnson, E. Dawkins, J. Canjura, T. Myles, J. Husband, B. Hardsaw, J. Shaha,
(standing) Coach Quinn, S. Dawkins, A. Abrego, J. Benjamin, E. Jones, A. Bowler, D. Stader, C. Evans.


Cougars. (back row) H. Davis, A Feliu, J. Thompson, Coach Reyes, W. Amedee, M. Herrera, D. Ballesteros, C. Ward,
(front row) L. Cooper, J. Price, V. Duncan, L. Von Hollen, W. Chatman, F. Adams, R. Valdez-Hernandez, G. Barber, J.




Sj1 - 0
*III IRff^lT

Collision. Going for the ball E. Jones and Walter Amedee cross flight


had Callahan breaks away from his opponents and prepares
himself flir what ln,,k Ilke an easy dunk.

Total Rejection. Tnny Herrera, hine flushd hba.k da, f id Sald.-r
eap- fnrLard

Green Cougars Bulldogs Red
Devils machine

8-0 6-2 4-4 2-6

Green Devils. (standing) J. Jemott, W. George, J. Zornes, H. Singh, C. Callahan, E. Herrera, B. Wood, H. Singh, R.
Mokillo, Coach Moffitt. (kneeling) L. Cairo, R. George, M. Torres, S. Scott.

Red Machine. (standing) R. Morris, V, Chen, T. Cook.sey Coach Chen. V taunh.iuMt. F tHil M. Vaughn. T. Johnson.
C. Ottley, C. Barter, K. Steil, O. Batista, N. Robinson, Cot;ah Morris, (kneeling) iH Nichills P. Beard T Cannida, C. King.
M. Banks, M. Austin.


Bulldogs Cougars Cougars Green Red
Black Gold Devils Machine

W-3 W-3 W-5 W-5 W-O
L-2 L-4 L-3 L-4 L-7
T-4 T-3 T-2 T-1 T-3


Bulldogs. (standing) Coach Weade, C. Welch, J. Penkoske, V. Colteryahn, K. Cowes, B. Kemp,
(kneeling) K. Kemp, A. Cedeno, A. Wagner, J. McGuinness, D. Sprague, T. Kemp.

I've got it! Addy Kinghorn lunges herself to You better get this! As she throws to a team-
one side in an attempt to block an opponent's mate, Anabel Gundin hopes the opposing
shot team won't intercept her impeccable throw-

___ __ __ __ *1 aC -~ aI a

Cougars Black. (standing) C. Hinkle, T. Hall, J Diaz, I.. MeGuinness, B Walsh, N Blanc C Cougars Gold. (standing) E, Sanchez, Coach Wruck, V Sanchez, A Vidauri, A Sherroe
Avis, M r ..- i. I Morrissey, M Estrada, A. undin. A. Strong, '. Mnnoghan, J. Burton, L Sasso, J. Chunrh, T Norton, S Oakley, W Winklen, Coach Rico, Coach Cook
iaz, K. - (kneeling) B. Allen, A. Buval, M. Baker, M. Norton, J. Hauser.

S, Devils. (standing)Coach Nimhlett, J Sanchez, C Bilurbeau, A Wall, i B,,llin, C Bernla, Red Machine. landingng) C.(aih iOBrtin, M. ParkIr. t M 'intu. .1 loWnm.ll \ Heinwhtn. \
a iatt, K Wilder, Coach Stromberg, (kneeling) I. Lincoln. M Womhle, I. liia, Hauser, I Kingh,,n. M Canto. IEinest. A Ernest, (kneeling) N Niee'.. H.auset, \ uiz. h .,nes H
1 s l TIr mltl.l JI l' in.ill. \ tl.ll)

I p

Boy's Tennis



Focused. Michael Robison gets ready to
"slice" the ball into pieces.

Giving it his best shot, Walter Fernandez
delivers a forehand winner.

r *, "t.. % .' .
... , :

Bulldogs. (back row) D. Kan, C. Sierra, J. Naum, S. McGuinness, G. Higgins, Coach Bales, (front
row) J. Henriquez, J. Castaneds, P. Norman.

Cougars. Coach Schulte, W. Fernandez, L. Llach, B. Peterson, J. Cedeno, R. Samson.

I gotcha' now ... Jose Castaneda prepares to seriously abuse a
defenseless little tennis ball as he plays Bulldog's number one



Green Devils

Red Machine





Green Devils. (back rowa M Rrtbi.on, M Dreckman, S Wa.vd, : Mar.llta. M Charlesi. Ilront
roH) A Diaz, A De La Guardia, R McGuinnres H Mi.Farlind. [' Balle. A .Jciotubii

Red Machine. (back row) Coach Dahlstrom, J. Castaneda. B. Swent. (. (irrian. R. Pinzon, M.
Pearce, C. Quintero, E. Gifford, (front row) G. Wilderman. E. Watrson. R. . .1 Panvini, M.

C U ..----- --I------
-I~-IY 'ILI"

BHS Track

Catch me I'm falling. Kevin Keiser practices
his pole-vault at track practice, This was a
very popular event.


rearmIg to In. Jol Shal eueL, r.iIr.iet aa Piece of cake. Alison Howard clears some
ne Ir,-. II, ,ura... hi. upp.,ninl lori jaurp serious height as she soars over the high
measurement jump bar.

Determination. Rachel Berger strains to put
her team in a good position with a strong shot
put performance,

Up and over. Troy Lloyd demonstrates that
he can easily surpass his opponent's height on
the pole-vault

I7,I I

HHSa Track Team (tFi p Irw) S, tli- i+ , 1. K>,hIt.>lli. E HUth, (lthlln InM) It S.inilarhd, .! )hi .ilC. I
l.aw, A FMliu.

ir rl~-~~'P~t4~.
;rrr c*



With total concentration Y.-,1 1.1~.k las .. .~ t.. h hhbr
Green Devil opponent during rtr m.irn

S'ning for the match. Tatiana Llach shows perfect form as she
pl .1 Ma. r.,r,,. number five player,

Don't strain too hard! Dinoreth Grajales accomodates herself to
whack the ball with her one-handed backhand.

Keeping her eye on the ball, Christina Thompson prepares to
pass her opponent with her wicked forehand.

. .. .w
... . ... ./. :.,... .;. ... .

Buildog r r,.i.,,,.. r. r,, r,. r. ., Vidauri, M. Fulton, Cougars. (standing) J. Morales, L. Gibbs, Y. Nakagawa, B. Ritchie, N. Nassiff, kneelingn
M I.. ...i I ehr Coach Stroup, S. Livingston, R. Sangsland.

'* *.. :-.; .

;reen Devils, (standing) D. Grajales, M. Diaz, C. Quintero, C. Numata, Coach Tucker, A,
latheney, J. Staha, M. Samuels, (kneeling) C. Bates, C. Herrera, J Cruze, M. Dabson, L.

Red Machine. (back row) T. Llach, M. Kuo, Coach Stromberg, B. Kemp, (front row) J.
Thompson, C. Lively, M Hart, L Rojas, E. Gifford, S. Golembiewski

rr~r~l~ I ~r~~ .. :. .,:



oou're Oal Inrfl d..4 r. rLt I-dy ir Lag Look what you stepped il %aJler Airk de
[.l.rl, Brid ..ul i.i F.r-r- b.,- -.1-i. a fxI r.ill I.. I :irn ,nl tIh batter


Buildoga Ir .l-i iR *. i .a,. I O a,. ) I i .i, ,1 , l. i,,. .i, a ,,r.. i Tara, Cougars.(kneeling) Y Ruiz, C. Lampas,S Scott, F.W- ,. r.u i ,,,.. i j,;
(.tn.i O lr K arl L,.rn .t, M ,.r... a K.,,er, E, A. Abrego, B Shaha, Smith, W Amedee, P. Lincol. I <,,r ,.. .
Wendenjeke, K. Arnold, If M..ri. 1 ,*,.,E,1r- F g-,. r,.i i H.rO., H. Singh, R. Martinez, Coach Fenderick.

green Devils. (kneeling) R. Mokillo, L. Maddox, D. Bilgray, D. Strong, E, Ortiz, B. Wheeler, J.
orio, S. Fitzgerald, M. Watanabe, (standing) A. Vowell, C. Brayton, C. Riley, E. Herrera, C.
ihbough, R. George, M. Dreckman, E. Holland, K Barnes, C. Buval, F. Ender, Coach Moffitt.

Red Machine. (kneeling) T. Murata, H. Rivera, M. Simmons, J. Olivares, J. Miller, T. Mitchel, B.
Howell, G, F.,, ,. ir..lr.r . .J- W. George, Q. Underwood, L. Salazar. H. Singh, J
Jemmott, K. Hr..:.i] H.li4.. I n1 ..H Coach Dahlstrom.


^ r


U ,

lm TeamI ilt .- I T r..., M. Petrucci, V. Stern, E. Pineda (2nd row) L. Sponberg, B. Kemp, K Sears, N. Henderson, B.
Har., i ir r.- 1~ i:.. i ir Johnson, T. Johnson, S. Berries, J. Rillamas, Higgins, (4th row) Coach Beech, M. Kelly, J
',arn. 1 B.,it) i. bi.Lr i Krage, (6th row) A. Puech, A. Heinichen, R. Petersen, T. Lloyd, Coach Sweeney

BHS Swim Team


Breathe. After several breathless strokes, Tony Bieker Near miss. As he practices his butterfly stroke, Jeremiah
comes up for some air as he swims breastroke at one of the Krage comes extremely close to colliding with one of his
many practices, teammates.

L 0

,"-ft '" IT^._

. r[ C~i

Perfect ten. Eyda Pineda displays splendid figure and style Air spm 1i. r...r -r.i .irro a r .i r ... rr. 1 Ir.- r., ,F-.I,
as she completes what deceivingly looks like an easy back- i, .'r...... .,, i i.. r., ,i.I t. ii- ,i...,r.I.-



Buldop are 1. The Bulldog .ma'sr Laues a small break t
Deaue. Ruchel Sanplad approaches the net it volley her shire is views on which rooLball uarm Ir the be.L Although
opponanl'a eak shot Ihe Bulldos did n.it imn the season. ihcy h.d a very Lough
and agile team

Lelt' go girls' %- rr.I referee ..r- the play Nhvdi
NI .. i LT hr. .. P.E..r.fr ri o i .l I rhr ril tirh thr qi lf er.
I Jki r.- ...nr r.I .,1 lf

Wh) me? Q.udrrterrda J.aer [ ILin. l. Dominion. In a hurt, I. ..v I .. If.,l
oin as he dichere R,, Bdlldrn trnmaln f.tr hi. Ifrit J.,njilaln ilrr mr,.n Iru~ i-
prA.lc Irrm auflera. ru .i. rn- In I.. l- p Ini e ull ur[.I rr.r.lr.il
jur) in ine brirnin -n f ir Ip r'r d&.ir I. hr
fore h- -.s unnhi in ri" in-.i .II Ohf


..; .i

This in so boring Chelbea Corfey practlen ner bark
btirimI in ih Ir delre of doing ell .t her net ;.in, meel

r pi*

Up. up and Bsa )l L.ili.rra I .11 Ir-nilll Ii ri I [. i
.nili.'n- harll II i. Ihin hl Ih III-

Toua h )our toes. It. re. I plr..lll, i i p lrt..[r. .1 Il.t uni

" Nu *"'.!.."

* 0- a: -.

Kick iefl Mik, Be. hmn.fhi lur. ii ,.1 ,. ..-. 1 ir.r. ilhr. ll Make It safe' rr.c ..r,r,.upr n,,i4r .. .n d.- nr I.. Tnr Dar
r, ..r.l,r g., l jr. a., Lir., i ... i >,rg 1.. -iI ir rr .. I.,I- Ihf t.a l *.

Corner kickl Li, Rojei hopes ihat she'll be qble to center
bhe ball cculraily to one of her teammates

Sparking Interests


"So what clubs are you joining this year?"

"Club? Why would I want to join a club?"
"How could you not join a club? What would you do in your free time?"

"Catch up on my sleep."
"Oh come on, you'll miss out on all the fun. do you want to be a couch potato?"

"What's so great about clubs anyways? They just have a lot of boring meetings
you have to go to."

"No way! Clubs are a great way to meet people who have the same interests as
you. They always have exciting things to do such as picnics, pool parties, hikes,
and trips around Panama. Some clubs even help out other people. For example,
NHS does charity projects in the Panamanian community, and SADD gives out red
ribbons and dimes for prom night. Plus, there are always clubs selling pizzas in the

"I guess you're right. Maybe there is a club out there for me to join. But wait,
do you think they'll let me sleep In the meetings?"

"Oh forget it, you're hopeless."

Mirror, Mirror P'..llnrng i t- I *' -1 .4u-w-n i.n r. na a, r.l. Ni ..i la p.. h -rn
inptI hf rr. i ,.. ii n r.i 1 i....- .rl i ir. IS .. .r r i si. ..I t ls.. T..
p~rt in in P i ..i1-.0 r'9 t..- ne 4h..h d. ai.i.r ri..ihhqnr ..-I tI.- pl,

Working hard on Ecology Club recycling boxes, Cindy Bryant and Afsheen
Siddiqi make sure every detail is perfect. Encouraging recycling was one of the
club's main goals. They placed many bins for paper and for cans all around the

Nature's wonders. On a BHS trip to Isla Grande to study marine biology, Jenny
Navarro examines a sea urchin. The club encouraged its members to leave plant
and animal life as they found it so as not to destroy the ecosystem.

Maybe I should buy one. Gazing at the assortment of candies and junk food,
Scott Leffler helps raise money for the Close-Up trip to Washington D.C. After
the club raised enough money, the store was turned over to the Senior Class.


The French Club Keeps Its Members Busy With
Cultural Activities.

2:.I~~-g. :

Struttin' her stuff, model Angie H1rnrnddi-z
walks across the stage while S.1ra' Dunnr
poses. The models practiced for appr,.iiT.~ji-
ly 2 months before the Fashion Sh,-

Future goal? \Nt' Lir-na Milanep help wash
I.dri .il rhe Fre-n.h Clur (C r %, ih Fund rals.
rr werei nt-Leir.? rl.r iralitl-e such as
Fihi-.n Sho and Mirdi Gras Carnz%.il

Band: (1st row) E. Smith (2nd row) C. Helm, A. Mitchell, J. Krage, J. Jordan, P. Squire,
J. Hung, Y. Sakai (3rd row) T. Castro, J. Ellington, J. Tafe, D. Fisher (4th row) C. Pai, J.
Montalvo, S. Doughty, R. Singh, E. Butler, J. Chaky

Biological Honor Societ): I I- r-%' S B-lrir-., L Lithr. L ..prnberr k Kt.i-r 2nd rnw i K Eckerle,
C. Helm, J. Krage, D. McR'.irniu,1t er-ger J N. trr.,. M Ler.-. R Spurlin I (rd r-I'. I Paredes, C
Eckerle, M. Rivera, T. M,.rri-t M Nrni-. BP Rhihie M Quezrddi K Gi...linn. K Toppir. S WpA.t, A
Flagg (4th row) M. RobEi-rl.n Peter.en N .lneer. I HIenihen. R di P'rn,, Mu-e A reeling. B
Villamil, K. Chugani, C. : iarr..n-ll % R.,., irlh r-.* i. L..u. rI Fihrr N Pu-, h. h emp. C Quintero,
E. Pineda, J. Lavallee, Y ilde 1 Mills K H..-u, -r. K G.m-rr- ihh r,., I i Seilz. M Seitl. A siddequ,
S. Wood, E. Howell

I mI

Freeze-frame. Desiree Squire and Ed Daw-
kins strike a pose during one of the practices
of the French Club's Fashion Show.

Bon Appetit. Ting Kai Lin enjoys his dinner
at the Rincon Suisse with other members of
the French Club.

*l k 1 ilrw

r x -t'

?yaeW( )

BHS New Members: (1st row) L. Schulman, S. Honeycutt, E. States, K. Sears, C. Fishbough, R.
Stanchfield, A. Siddiqi, B. Shaha (2nd row) J. Roscoe, L. Gibson, S. Leffler, R. Hanson, M.
Pearce. R. Blades, 1. Chow-Kai, C. Hinkle, E. Scribner (3rd row) T. Bieker, T. Norton, A. Howard,
Y. Park, L. Ellerson (4th row) M. Charles, E. Grundon, C. Lam, J. Castaneda, C. Sierra, M.

Business Club: (1st row) A. Bowler, K. Sanchez, C. Martinez, M. (iar;, t, M. addo, (2nd row)
B. Villamil, M. Ruiz, L. Lou. R. Nixon, V. 'horchak. K hI Mraihs, (:rd row) T Castro.
C. Diez, Y. Olton, 1. Camacho. M Nicholls. K Lee.

f k "

4 .4L -to


Curtain Call. Thi, .ir pru.du, lin ..1I 'Snju
Whail- jnd The Seen ['wari-' -iarrtd jItle
Sedr- i, Sr-' Ahite .ind .Jff Caughte as
Prim-. Charming

Chorus (Mixed): (first row) A. Rivera, M. Webb, A. Hernandez, M. Hattox, V. Hernandez
(second row) E. Downs, J. Young, T. Llach, B. Kirkland, L. Welch (third row) A. Brandenburg,
K. Sanchez, C. Bourbeau, E. Garriga, V. Valdez, T. Morrissey, R. Gaylord, (fourth row) C. Kelly,
L Martinez, A. Keeling, R. Demas (fifth row) M. Guice, A. Puech, D. Kelly, C. Castillo, N.
Traywick, D. Takahashi, J. Gibbs.

Hear ye, Hear )e! A the- ladie. in waniing on,
FlIt,.her Harom a- Sir Dandipralt, announces
the .irrial of Prince I harming Fleihher's
fI.rpplih 1 harjacerizadlin of thi C(.url Cham-
ticrl.un &.-j met r1h much enthusdsmr from
the audience

Chorus (Select): (first row) Y. Nakagawa, J. Fonken, N. Unger, T. Rand, K. Toppin K. Eckerlf
(second row) V. Chen, M. Cooper, E. Stadler, E. Hatchett, A. Velasquez, V. Hernandez, N
Henderson, R. Petersen, D. Yanez (third row) M. Royo, D. Marquardt, M. Propst, A. Marrera

Out with a bang. With a bewitching rhyme,
Nicole Blanc as Queen Brangomar, calls
fourth Witch Hex, played by Naomi Unger.
Together this duo enchanted the audience
with their constant bickering and exciting
chase scene.

I 1


lose Up: (first row) A. Wall, S. Wood, N. Unger, (second row) K. Keiser, L. Sponberg, A.
toward, R. Sosa (sponsor) S. Leffler, B. Ritchie

Dead for the Count.,The Queen, transformed
into an old hag, now played by Erin Hatchett,
awaits the effect of the poison apple given to
Snow White.

J 1- -
eq iy ,ir-' ,*

Computer Club: (first row) R. Samson, R. Peterson, N. Henderson, C. Rigby, A Liehr. A. i.l.1.
(second row) B. Balzar, T. Toki, M. Rivera, R. Luttrell C. Carbonell. Y. Park (third row) C.
Obert, J. Caughie, C. Lee, J. Howell, S. Wood, B. Kemp, Y. Sasagawa, .1 Hernandez, P. Baca

KEEPING TIME And Keeping Our Feet Tapping

This year's BHS Band has certainly
been busy. Concerts, sport events, and
other activities kept the band playing
hard. The entertained fans during BHS
home football games, and kept shoppers
happily humming Christmas carols at
the Valent Christmas Village. In honor
of the 200 year anniversary of the death
of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the band
played songs written by the Austrian
composer at the Christmas Concert. The
band also spent many hours preparing
for the Honor Band/Honor Chorus Con-

cert at the end of February. All their
dedication was appreciated for keeping
the spirit of music alive.

Ratta-tat-tatt. Drumming away, Desiree
Squire leads the band during an upbeat song.

"I'll huff and I'll puff and bring the house
down." Rebecca Petersen entertains goers at
a BHS football game.

Dance Team: (1st row) N. Robinson, E. Pineda (2nd row) T. Cannida, E. Dawkins (3rd row) D.
Squire, R. Davis, R. ward.

Drama Club: (1st row) K. Shadeck, N. Unger, S. Honeycutt, A. Rossan, (2nd row) G. Pierce,
K. Chugani, K. Sears, N. Blanc, N. Traywick, E. Hatchett, J. Ullrich, M. Hattox, M. Tassell, R.
Berger, (3rd row) S. Cowes, T. Rand, J. Gale, S. Berrios, J. Krage, A. Mitchell, N. Henderson,
M. Jacobowitz, Y. Wilde, A. Wall, R. Hanson, (4th) M. Nevarez, J. Scruggs, J. Caughie, A.
Kinghorn, S. Unger, V. Hernandez, C. Modelo, C. Coffey, Unknown, R. Luttrell, (5th) S.
Leffler, E. Grundon, C. Poveda, L. Sponberg, E. Paredes, M. Worcester, O. Gifford, T. Loyd, F.
Hirom, S. Betrisey, J. Krage.

"Don't ya just hate it when you blow and
Playin' with the band. Keeping the beat is no nothing comes out?" With a look of determi-
problem for David Fisher. nation, Jeremiah Krage and Jerry Ellingsen
hit every note.

Thespians: (1st row) A. Rossan, K. Shadeck, N. Unger, S. Honeycutt (2nd row) M. Ja-
cobowitz, K. Chugani, K. Sears, N. Blanc, E. Hatchett, G. Pierce (3rd row) T. Rand, S. Cowes,
R. Hanson, F. Hirom, N. Henderson, A. Wall, Y. Wilde (4th row) J. Krage, L. Sponberg, T.
Lloyd, R. Luttrell, R. Berger, S. Betrisey.

Ecology Club: (1st row) E. Blagg, J. Young, A. Wagner, R. Montgomery, J. Hunt, A. Huff, A.
Siddiqi, J. Hauser, A. Keeling (2nd row) K. Eckerle, L. Sponberg, N. Unger, S. Kuhn, D. Fisher, C.
Eckerle, R. Hanson, J. Ullrich, M. Quezada, F. Navarro, M. Lewis, B. Mcdonald, P. Baca (3rd
row) C. Helm, J. Scruggs, P. Alaniz, K. Chueiarn T. Johnson, J. Howell, C. Smith, F. Westgate, A.
Wall, N. Navarro, A. Siddiqi, A. Liehr (4th row) K. Gomez, E. Paredes, J. Krage, D. Strader, E.
Schnack, C. Morris, J. Lavalee, N. Henderson, D. Keays, E. Howell, S. ..i S. Fitzgerald, T.
Rand, K. Keiser, C. Modelo, D. Takahashi, J. Krage, A. Meyers, M. Jacohowitz,


Save the Earth. Ecology Club members cut and
paste recycle boxes for the new paper recycling

Preserving Our Planet

Toss it here. Aluminum cans get recycled for the
Ecology Club to make money and help protect the

French Club: (1st row) A. Heinichen, D. Grajales, V. Uhorchak, I. Chow-Kai, R. Malave, M. Garcis, (2nd
row) G. Pierce, J. Cain, E. Pineda (3rd row) J. Gale, N. Profis, K. Sears, L. Milanes, C. Fulsom, J.
Olivares, C. Gale, C. Lam, I. Merkel (4th row) A. Mitchell, B. Villamil, R. da Pena, A. Gundin, T. Johnson,
J. Palacio, J. Bodkin, S. Daily (5th row) C. Guerra, H. Fulsom, J. Staha, H. Ollendick, M. Kuo, T. Lin, W.

National Honor Society: (1st row) M. Royo, C. Helm, C. Lopez, E. Howell, C. Eckerle, K.
Eckerle, R. Berger, K. Chugani (2nd row) A. Rossan, Y. Wilde, B. Ritchie, S. Fitzgerald, S.
Wood, Y. Muse, A. Liehr (3rd row) D. Fisher, K. Keiser, L. Sponberg, E. Paredes, R.
Petersen, N. Unger, L. Legere, K. Gomez, S. Betrisey, M. Robertson.

It's in the bag. Earth conscious brothers
Jeremiah and Joel Krage help get bags of
paper ready for recycling.

Scrub-a-dub. Hard worker Taichi Toki helps
clean the bohio which was being restored by
the Ecology club with the help of Mr. Chen. It
will be used for pizza sales next year.


Parakeet: (1st row) B. Meyers, L. Milanes, G. Pierce, J. Tejada, K. Chugani (2nd row) A.
Mitchell, D. McKabney, S. Kuhn, K. Toppin, M. Rivera.

Peer Helpers: (1st row) D. Grajales, J. Severson (2nd row) A. Mitchell, M Kuo, S. Wells. S.
Berrios (3rd row) B. Barris, C. Coffey, M. Kelly, L. Legere, V. Morrison. C. Hinkle



JROTC Prepares For The Future

Drill Team: (1st row) I. Hale (2nd row) A. Aird, C. Cobham (3rd row) T. Thomas, D. White, G.
Garrido, V. Hernandez.

Rifle Team: (1st row) E. Chong, S. Estupinian (2nd row) M. Webb, C. Lee, D. Srague.

Alpha Company: (1st row) S. Hoeber, B. Santana, L. Welch, E. Cruz, V. Hernandez (2nd row) J. Bravo Company: (1st row) A. Borowicz (2nd row) A. Roach, N. Charleville, E. Smith, C. Estevez,
Cain, E. Barker, J. Hernandes, I Hale, P. Rivas, D. Shirely. C. Lee, C. King (3rd row) C. Del Hoyo, R. Abrego, C. Gale, C. Rubik (4th row) D. Sprague, D.
Marquardt, A. Vassier (5th row) D. Roman, J. Thompson, A. Padilla, R. Rivera, R. Lopez.

1' Ij



Salud! After the Christmas Sponsor Program
a party was held in the honor of the JROTC

You've almost got her! At the JROTC Organi-
zational Day, companies competed against
one another and Cristobal's JROTC.


Delta Company: (1st row) D. Robinson, S. Lord (2nd row) L. Hutchinson, A. Frederick, S.
Santiago, M. Ruiz (3rd row) T. Thomas. J. Gutierrez, A. Nunez, S. De Lora, J. Vergara, H. Cooper
(4th row) A. Abrego, C. Castillo, A. Aird, M. Nissenbaum, J. Joseph, W. Luttrell

Charlie Company: (Isl row) M. Webb, J. Oakley (2nd row) J. Robinson, R. Carrera, D. Robinson,
I Brdrsfield, K Pierre (3rd row) J. Brassfield, R. Rivera, D. Brown, E. Grant, T. Bennett.


Biological Honor Society


After a long trek, BHS member, Yong Suk Park Where did they all go? CG i., F,.t.'-..r, emerges
takes a break to catch his breath and get a bite to from under the waterfall to rn rn. r. Ii-.i.* BHS
eat. members have left him stranded.


Spanlh Club Ii I .- I I Rillamas, R. Molina, S Grecco, G. Pierce, J. Navarro, H. Clar M
k ,.. .T...T... .,, ... T. Llach, J. Schaw, C. Febus, A. Liehr (3rd row) D. McKabn i
Betrisey, A, Crowdis, C, Rigby, G. Pinto, E, Howell, L. Milanes, C. Hinkle, F. Westgat, i
Berrezueta(4th row) K. Pierre, C. Lou,, Chang, Y P.rl I f..ir;i.,. i r,.i,.. 1 '..r.t. ,
Petersen, E. Paredes, D. Strong, S. Wood, K. Lee 4 i... f r a.-r % r.. ,

took I LbhaL rhilt |I ih. Ljr.a r-,-r- '*.u..lndi..
BHl r.i.-,.rr rli; I .. r f.r- .r- i Tr.- r rer- -A.,
ideal for learning about Panama's flora and fauna.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to embark
upon an exciting adventure to the beautiful Isla
Grande. Please keep hands, feet, and small children
inside the boat.

~ ~,

S-. o

ibsh Honor Society: (1st row) J. Schaw, R. Molina, J. Navarro (2nd row) C. Quintero, A. Students Against Drunk Driving: (lst row) M Tassell, G, Pinto, A Mitchell, R. Nixon. S. Wells,
'i, L Milanes, K. Goodwin (3rd row) F. Figueroa, L. Sponberg, E. Paredes. L. Legere, J. Navarro, S. Grecco (2nd row) A Hernandez, B. Spurhn, I.. Lou, MI Quezada, NM
Lewis, A Wall, J Gale (3rd row) S. Berro, K Myer M ., Hattmo, TI Catro. N Navarro, A
Hernandez, H. Clary, G Morales, G. Pierce, Y Muse.

Balboa's Dating Game. S,'ui-r.t. I. uint Is something missing? Computer Club Presi.
fur Mr or Mr. R.ri .. ... r..c r irt, dent April Liehr goes over the program for
Computer Club's dating service, this year's Dating Service.


Zephyrus:(lstrow) M. T.i rt.r f klr, i .r.ar r i h Hu.r. .r r I .r.I b Chugan (3rd row)
S. Martini, K. Haeuser, i..rt, i r ri i r,, r % I F-,i ) p rson.


Dealing With The Digital World

Program Computer Club;
(Main Program)
Writeln The Computer Club kept us well fed and well
Writeln loved. Every week a bake sale was held
Writeln before SURF. In February they provided
Writeln students with a list of prospective dates
Writeln just in time for Valentine's Day. The money
Writeln raised was used to buy a new Gateway 2000
Writeln 20 MHZ 386SX computer.

(Main Program)

Mr. Sandman. Helping make dreams come
true, Jarrod Kirksey, gives out results of the
Computer Club's Dating Service.


Exhausted. After a day's work Jessie Staha,
Stephi Kuhn, and Yvetty Wilde compete in
the 1992 Zonian Staff chair race. We are

-' m


Have you been through this kind of torture before? _
If so, are you a glutton for punishment?

Are you afraid of killer picture croppers?

Do you realize we only have one yearbook ruler? _ _
If you're aiming for a spot on the photography section, would
you mind working in a darkroom smaller than your car? _
Do you know everyone's name in order to identify pic-
Do you like feet? Bellybuttons?
Can you work weekends?
Are you a chocoholic?
Are you allergic to the smell from the refrigerator?_
Do you mind play-doh on the ceiling?
Do you collect empty M & M bags?
In short answer form, describe why you think you are crazy
enough for a position on the staff. You may use separate sheet
of paper if you wish. (250 words minimum.)

If at all interested, please tear along the dotted lines, fill it
out in triplicate, and return to room 202. If we're not there, ... .
we're probably having a desk chair race up and down the halls.
Staple it to the door. We'll be back soon.

S feat. Cathy Rigby's unusual ideas helped
e a colorful flavor to our yearbook, Her
activee writing skills also made her a valu-
le asset.

working together to get the job done. Co
...itors Yvette Wilde and Carlos Quintero with
."o JVlsOr Melanie Bales kept the staff busy.

Yearbook i i h k" I ... 1r ir. ,.. I,, I .,1 i i' Ven) (Juniors), G Valencia (Sophomores) (ird Ro) C
C i.*,,. .. *.; hI I r.. .., n.I v ,. i r. 1 r, .. i , r I . (Sports). ( th Row) K Toppin (Ads), D Fisher (Club ).
S r r... ,i ..r., i i. r.. i I ,' r... *. t n i.,r I, ail.e (Sports) (6th Row) M Bale. (Sponor). S Boizer
(Sophomores). (7th Row) R. Samson (Photography). C. Quntero and Y. Wilde (co-editors).


1992 Zonian Staff-Printing Pictures Of The Past

"Pose? NEVER!" Yearbook photographer, Richard Samson, Pied Pipers of Hamlin? No-BHS. Jennifer Tafe and Juanita
I is caught on the other side of the camera. Jordan charm spectators with their music at a BHS football


SY t


oil I

'-;"~ ~nk~ -~



Moving up in the ranks. Sergeant Sanchez promotes Carl
Gale as others stand by. Getting promoted is a special honor

Please wake up! Saddened by their loss, the creatures of the
forest and the darfit wish for Snow White to wake up.

Buy one get one free. Scott Wood and Bette Ritchie try to
get customers to buy their last hamburgers. Close Up sold
goodies at the Track Meets to raise money.

Mental Madness


"Academics? Why would a yearbook want to do a section on something as boring as
"Well, I'll admit school isn't always loads of fun, but you've got to admit that some
things are actually pretty interesting."
"Oh, right! Like what? Taking notes?"
"O.K. maybe not that, but what about field trips, or special projects? And don't
forget labs."
"Yeah, but our school doesn't do any of that stuff. It's all tests and homework."
"Well, you've obviously never walked into the physics lab when they're working on
their egg drop, angle measuring, or rockets for their rocket launch. What about biology
or physiology labs? And You couldn't possibly have missed seeing the many biology
students who actually had to go birdwatchingl"
"I guess you're right. School isn't always quite so bad. Maybe I should come more often."
"You know, that isn't a bad ideal"

Work _- 0- 91o
Flipping through a magazine, Donald Clarke makes the most of
his SURF time. Although some students disliked this program,
others appreciated the fact that they could read their favorite
book or magazine.


Do you see what I see? Peering through microscopes for a Physiology lab, Sha-
meeka West and Khitan de Vine draw tissue cells Many students enjoyed Physiol-
ogy because of the large amount of hands-on work.



Hoping her rocket goes highest, Belkis Galvez readies it for launching.
Physics students had the chance to be creative when decorating their

J ". F -
;. S*


Balancing act. Yutaka Sasagawa rides a bicycle as slowly as he can
without falling He and other students did this a. part of a phystcs
assignment to measure constant velocity.




Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty
had a great fall from the second floor breezeway,
right here at BHS. Mr. Thale's Physics classes put
their eggs to the test. The purpose of this experi-
ment was to learn a bit more about momentum.
Students were required to take an egg, place it in an
insulated container and drop it from the second
floor breezeway. The person to achieve the lightest,
fastest drop without breaking the egg got the best
grade. The winner? Theresa Rand.
A lot of creativity was put into padding the
containers. Peanut butter, styrofoam chips, gel,
mousse, and even marshmallows were used, strange
as it may seem. You can't say they weren't effec-
tive. Only 4 out of the 46 broke. Quite a successful
ending for Humpty Dumpty.


"Egg-citement" is shown over the Egg Drop.

It's a miracle! Bette Richie is surprised to find that her egg
survived without a crack in the annual Physics Egg Drop.

wwJ W
ih ,... **
."". .. ...
- :.

How tall is the flag? Eric Paredes and Christine Helm use
only string, a protractor, and a ruler to find the measure-
Did I get the A? Brian Dugan, Matt Dreckman, Trey Arias,
and Carlos Febus anxiously wait for Mr. Thale to declare
their final grades.

I a I

Classic Concentration. Yutaka Sasagawa concentrates on
packaging his egg just right.

See ... Physics isn't that bad. Stephanie Kuhn and Alix
Puech enjoy a rare, happy moment in the physics lab.

VrP, i


10. Have a good laugh. Kidding around with frr,.,.aq ii
very cheerful Rochell Blades almost gasping ifr t'-tir,
Laughing is definitely the best way to begin or t r- -.t. .
here at BHS.

Here are BHS students'

top ten

"Stress Busters"

9. Take it out on a friend. Taking this advice are Nicole Blanc
and Erin Hatchett Many people agree that no matter how much
you love your friends, you sometimes want to strangle them.

8. Do a Strp Tease. Posing coquettishly, Alix Puech removes
one of her two bathing suits. Many swimmers chose to wear two
suits for practice to increase their drag in the water.

7. Go to the beach. Tanned and happy, Morris Rivera digs
through his carefully prepared knapsack after spending a
day at Taboga. Towels, sunglasses and snacks werejust some
of the items students found necessary at the beach.

- ...r~

6. Eatr Here, giving us a lovely demonstration of her lunch, is
Michelle Baker, who is most definitely relaxed. Showing ABC
(already been chewed) food was a favorite way to gross out


. 6- .

4. Rock your way to Rock Cafe. Don't know what to do on the
weekend? Well, many people found going dancing till dawn
downtown was a great way to spend a Saturday night

3. Skip Wh iI aii ,l, ; in ft-,r. R .A rr r .j'vr:n aI r .I g.
lee u'ill .. lr. l I -,.. r .i.r- r pp. ,iP i ... ..uIj t y Tr..
method of relieving stress sure seems to work.

5. Shout! Shout! Let It all out! Jenny Jones releases her
excess energy while pointing an accusing finger, Some-
times yelling really loud is the only way to resist the
temptation of hitting someone.
2, When all else falls-POUT! After 12 years of heavy duty
schooling, Cherie Mumma has found that comfort is a
necessity after a hard day, Especially if it comes from a
special someone,







1. Graduate What all high school students strive for Or course,
for many, the stress begins again in college, but it's nice to
know you're halfway there.

.q. %

I ~u


On August 19, 1991, a coup began
in the Soviet Union. An eight man
committee led by Vice-President
Gennady Yanayev took power from
President Mikhail S. Gorbachev.
Yanayev told the Russian people
that Gorbachev was ill. As Russian
President Boris Yeltsin called on
Russians to resist the coup, tanks
and other military gear moved into
President George Bush was joined
by the European community on au-
gust 20, to demand Gorbachev's re-
turn to power. Three of the leaders
of the new eight man ruling commit-
tee were said to step down. The next

day, the leaders of the coup were
reported to have fled Moscow.
Tanks and armored personnel car-
riers moved away from Russian Par-
liament and leaders of the national
legislature demanded that Gorba-
chev be returned to power. The Com-
munist Party denounced the ta-
keover. On August 22, Gorbachev re-
turned to Moscow before dawn and
reassumed power.
Days later Gorbachev resigned
and turned power over to Yeltsin.
The Union of Soviet Socialist Repub-
lics has now become the Common-
wealth of Independent States.
This new government has begun

with an incredible poverty level. The
country continues to have economic
problems such as lack of food, jobs
and resources available to assist
those in need. After 47 years the
cold war has ended, but the abrupt
fall of the Soviet Union brings chaos
and confusion to a country searching
for renewed leadership.

Victory Demonstration at Red

Boris Yeltsin

Anti-Coup Gathering

Mikhail Gorbachev



Anti-Coup Tanks



President Bush nominated Clarence
Thomas, a 43-year-old conservative Re-
publican, to replace the retiring Justice
Thurgood Marshall on the Supreme
SCourt. Nearly three months later he
was confirmed by the U.S. Senate by a
vote of 52-48. But, it was a tumultuous
confirmation process. After a series of
public hearings, the Senate Judiciary
Committee split 7-7 on his nomination.
Just days before the full Senate was to
vote, some serious allegations of sexual
harassment were raised. Professor
Anita F. Hill, a 35-year old law profes-
sor from the University of Oklahoma
and former assistant for Thomas at the
E.E.O.C., claimed she was the victim of
sexual harassment while the two
worked together about 10 years earlier.
The Senate committee reconvened and
heard about three days of riveting testi-
mony from Thomas and Hill and a
group of supporters from both sides.
The full Senate then debated the issue
and voted to confirm the U.S. Appeals
court judge to the nation's highest

Magic Johnson, the famed Los Angeles Lakers basketball star, announced he was infected with the HIV
virus that causes AIDS. Johnson made his announcement to a stunned press conference in Los Angeles.

Michael Jordan flew through the air with the greatest of ease. The 28-year-old basketball star of the
Chicago Bulls lead his team to the NBA championship in 1991. In this photo he drives up the lane for a
finger roll lay-up during a game with the Houston Rockets.

The United States and its allies liberated Kuwait
after it was invaded by Saddam Hussein. Hus-
sein's soldiers retreated from Kuwait, leaving the
country in shambles, but the Iraqi leader re-
mained in power.

One of the many rallying points for international environmentalists was the Brazilian rain
forest. Thousands of square miles of forest were being cut down and environmentalists from
around the world petitioned governments, held rallies and led marches to stop the devasta-

South African President F. W. de Klerk tried to move his country closer to the United States and
other western nations by loosening his tough stand on apartheid, a form of segregation.

After nearly seven years as a hostage, Terry Anderson was relea ed on December 4, 1991
Anderson spent 2,455 days as a hostage in Lebanon He was the longest held American
hostage. He is shown here arriving in Wiesbaden, Germany, bing greeted by his sister,
Peggy Say.



Natalie Cole, the daughter of Nat
"King" Cole, thought so much of her
father's talent that in her latest album,
-Unforgettable-, she remade 22 songs
that her father made famous. One of
the goals of the 40-year-old singer was
to be recognized for her own talent. She
has certainly accomplished that goal.
Country superstar Bonnie Raitt
swept to the top of the charts in early
September with her hit album -Luck of
the Draw-. Two songs that have hit the
charts so far are "Something To Talk
About" and "I Can't Make You Love
He isn't a big guy, and he doesn't
have a big voice, just a light, floating
tenor. In an age of punk and heavy
metal, Paul Simon sings harmonically
and rhythmically rich melodies. The 49-
year-old Simon and a 7-piece band
drawn from five nations stepped on
stage in Central Park in New York City
for a concert.
As the school year began, Wilson

Phillips' album sold over a million
copies in no time. The children of the
famed "Mamas and Papas" first hit the
charts last spring. From what the crit-
ics said, they were worth waiting for.
Their music is a sweet mixture of easy
rock with great harmony patterns.
Singer Amy Grant has sold over 10
million records worldwide. She proudly
displays five Grammys in her home.
She recently hit the charts with the
hugely successful album -Heart in Mo-
tion-. Her biggest hit is the number one
song "Baby Baby".
Guitarist Nuno Bettencourt of the
rock group Extreme designates "Get
the Funk Out" as the Boston quartet's
theme song. Why not? The song from
the band's second album -Extreme II- is
an irresistible blend of blazing guitars
and soaring four-part harmonies that
are mixed with everything from piano
to rap. Their first bit hit was "More
Than Words."









c ~c F' E1RAr1-I\J




Wanna try? Trei takes a break from his
computer to give a questioning glance.
Trei Cooke helped out at PCC Graphics

Now I get it! As a monitor looks on, Na-
mor Lebron gets instructions on how to
use the copy machine. He worked in the
CJHS office.


Taking a break, Aaron Lewter and his co-
worker pose for a picture. Aaron worked
at the PCC Marine Bureau.



Graduation! CWE student James Hulick gives
helpful advice to Diablh student John Mon-
louis. Both James and John will he 1992
DoDDS graduates!

Is he going to play with us?" k4s a girl
as Chns Hoan hls hr k'Thall ('hris
lent a hand (oir t1I ) ;>l (,IiS



"It's hot"
"You noticed!"
"Pool? Beach? Sprinklers?"
A Air' hnlitiiriliii '

"Let's do something interesting."
"Like what? I want air i..n.i...riro,

"How about a movie?"
"Only if it's air conditioned."

"Get serious!"
"I am serious!"

"School starts in four days! We need to do something spectacular, something
exciting, something ..."
Indoors. With some serious ...

"Air conditioning. Yes, I know." I can't believe you're so boring. Why did I ever come over
here anyway. I could be at the beach, or the causeway, or the slab, or the pool having
fun. Instead I'm over here bored to death doing nothing but arguing with the world's
most stubborn person'"
"Run out of steam?"

"No, I just don't feel like fighting; it's too hot."
"What do you feel like doing then?"

"Going inside to sit in the air conditioning."

Amused, Olga Ramos watches television in one of her
classes, Many teachers took advantage of the school's audio-
visual supplies s teaching aids, and to make subjects more
interesting to students

Giddy-up. While at a;.^ r-i ,ir -- ,,r,. r,-, ri ,... s for a
picture before riding r i ..I. r,. .... ,, r.. .. ,was a
must for many people r ,-,1 I'V,.,., i r.. ches


Thumbs up. Ms Garthll shows her approval of Parent's Night
aciitities Parent*i Night was a great oppirtunitl for parent, to
mmel teachers and see their chid's progress

Breaking the rules. While it a girl's s-uer gatme. Je-.sti. San-
chet listens ti Inmu l(' n hrr wilkman The snho'll rule fhrbthdmin
waikmans was prnhaihl ihe on'ne nilot often hrokeni


Secretary Alix Puech, President Ramon da Pena, Vice-President Michelle Baker



Beating The Heat

Here we are, a bunch of brave seniors standing out in the broiling
sun, having walked all the way (on an empty stomach, even) to the
Administration Building stairs. Although we complain of our hunger
and discomfort, we know this picture is an important part of our final
year together as a senior class. It's this kind of patience through
unpleasant situations which will help build our endurance for the
many obstacles that lie in our future path. Hopefully, When we look
back at our smiling faces, we'll remember all the good times of our high
school years that helped make us who we are today.

Alfonso rbrego: "..... r.r,,,.iri Karen J Adams: 1k.lTi: F-.r hmn .-r Ruben E .\Aarado: ',pnlh i lu i Waller Amedee: Tit..' Bakijli)l,
B -.h'i' ll BE'.--ijll j. rl t .. rrmnitrJr l i',.J.-r pull ,inrrrminrg dni t. r I. Iin.-l .ild l u.' ni.l (l.,ugir r1.s in ipplrn ind M P
Team, Soccer. "I love you Casey and keting."

Ana R. Amell: "Ana Raquel"; Dance
Team. "I would like to have a success-
ful career in Fine Arts and be all I can

Helen I. Anderson

Sara B. Anderson Teodoro A. Arias III: "Trey"

Alexander Arosemena: "Fulo"; "My
future goal is to work in a government

Osvaldo M. Arosemena: "I hope to
either join the Air Force or go to col-
lege. I want to be a CAD."

Michele K. Baker: "Mish"; Senior
Class V.P., Ecology Club Treas., Soc-
cer, Volleyball, Basketball. "Liese and
Dawn-Thanx for the fun times and
long talks."

Enrique Barker: Tennis, Soccer, Dra-
ma Club, ROTC, Best usher guard of
the year JROTC. "I would like to go to
the Univ. of Tx. at Arlington and ma-
jor in Business Administration."

James N. Bealtie. f.rit..ill bi'-t.ll. Jonathan Benjamin: rh..rllill (arlos 4. Bennett: Ti i. jnd i. 1. 1 Rachel Berger I h.-i.ll'r i L' I Hs
\ .I|| ,tn ll *....r. ri p.-. p .-, irI, i 'l .ir .-.i ".[.uri I'lt Trj..l. .n.lr n i.,,j
i p-I..ll. '\ jnr,J .. lll I h illl- -t.I
Th..r., rn \H

Steven A. Betrisey: "Steve"; Football,
Track, Swimming, Drama, Thespian,
Spanish Club, BHS, NHS, SHS. "My
future goal is to be accepted into a
selective university and try to get in
Med. school or aviation."

Lesley E. Briem: Bulldog Manager -
Football, Basketball, Cayuco Race,
Soccer, Albrook Riding Club.

Jose A. Bodkin Jr.: "Tony"; JROTC,
SADD, French Club, Soccer. "Peace".

Carl B. Bristol: "Tempest rocks the

Rachel C. Bottin: Cheerleading
coach, Soccer, Volleyball, BHS, Ecol-
ogy Club, French Club. "Don't do any-
thing Rachel wouldn't do." "The War-
rior is my hero!"

Dana Brown: Red Machine Tennis

Cecy L. Brayton: Manager for Foot-
ball, Baseball, Soccer, Ecology Club.

Adam W. Brunner

James D Cain: Rjtt" JUOITi RIfll Luis N. Cairo: French (lu., Bi'cball, Chad M. Callahan: BaR iihji.ll, AI Tyrone D. Cannida: "I A N E '. Step
Team, [,rill T-im, I h.r I ..ir.r guard hi.kertldll. F..i.lb.ll I h,..p 1. be I:lhmn r, B b. BlI. k %A r e Club, A, B,( Ci' 'Out .) hrr,, lik, tell
Fr-n.h Ilub. S~ [l[. M ,phi i. Fir'i ....mr e a pilo.tI in [he irmnel f .r<.e. Club V P 'I .ill gridudle b inr bh i..n.
Sgt Ir',mp.an ( nmmaurnder '4 n2ar, ne-- ar'

Jerry S. Cantu: Soccer, Cayuco Race.
"I'm going to college and study Engi-

Juan Cantu

Celso A. Carbonell III: "He did it all."

Roger W. Carpenter: "Stash: 1"; "I
plan on becoming a commercial artist
or a fashion designer."

Paul A. Carrola: Drama Club, "Fu- Temple J. Castro: Advanced Band, Yajaira M. Chase: Dance & Jazz Roberto A. Chiari
ture U.S. Marine and basically an all Honor Band, SADD, Photo Club. "I'd team, Volleyball, Track, Spanish Club,
around nice guy." like to thank Yanick & Star for a Afro-American Club, SADD, Home-
super year. God bless you! '92 rules!!" coming.

Edgardo A. Chong: JROTC Rifll Ilhana Chow.Kal: Spanish Crut. Kiran Chugani: NHS. BHS Frr-n Donaldo Clark
Team. "My goal i t- ,icmp-lee m% Fren, h Club, [iram3 CIlub, BHS f.1ah f lub in l Ph,..... Ilub. -,. v rh,.,,
senior year and ,.biain a Ma-tr r [c Dt I.,n Sh,:iw Thdrl I. all m frier-nd, Ther piun El'il.i I.lub Pir,lci
gree in Business Adminsltrjtion." fr i wonderfull eitr.' Belitic in uur dreaema and let luoe
live forever."

Heather Clary: Ecology Club, SADD,
French, Spanish, Drama, Letterman's
Club, Track, Basketball, Swimming,
Volleyball. "Special thanks to my fam-
ily and all my friends in the world.
Alix, Hill, Mom, etc."

C.A. Colwell: Crimestoppers, Basket-
ball, Voc. Ed. Award. "In the future I
would like to go places."

Steven Conway: (Folk 2) Cougar
Football, Step Club. "I'll see you
around like I don't know ya."

Chris Cook: Football, Cayuco Race

Charles Cooke: "My future goal is to
travel to the strawberry fields and
find tangerine trees and marmalade
skies. Whoa ..."

Bron Cornett: "Red Dog" Solbrett Cowes: Spanish Club, Drama Walter Crouch
Club, Thespian. "Charlotte's Web",
"Little Mermaid", "Doctor in Spite of
Himself". "I enjoy playing guitar and
piano. I plan to go into International
Business and Compose Music."

Nicola, 4 D'Anello Ramon Da Pena- trtn,.r i l.,- Pr-- Joao Da Costa: Pii. .. q \ur. Henr) K. Daquip: iJ:' Stlrt
BH' Hs I'h..I. i I tlur' '.irtj r i' j niu .i.. .i i h Ihr 1II. -I .. ii R .1 M1.-.hr nI- bJ keibilI [i* m
S ,i in ril. T- ir Frrri. h il lut, I.Ihr. Jr' 1 [p r-ii Ipt
S, [ [ 1 M ...1.1 I 1 ,- ri..*,, i'r. 1r...
a.lphfl S- 1i '*I in I Ij-1

Brenda N. Davila: French Club,
Photo Club. "I wanna be filthy rich -
I'm just glad to get out of here!"

Cinara I. Diez: Volleyball, Softball. "I
plan to study law."

Shondala M. Dawkins: "Shon";
Track, Basketball.

Hosea M. Dixon Jr.: "Peanut But
ter"; Red Machine Football.

Khitan L. DeVine: "The man with the

Shannon M. Doheny: Photo Club, Co-
Editor Yearbook l'rh,..t.. qlh., Youth
for Christ. "My future goal is to be-
come a famous photographer."

Rattan b. Dhaliial: v',. ..JhROTC
Still 1 en.jl is t i mi PH[) in
Business Ecunuomiu tt Harvdid.

Matthew J. Dreckman: Green Devils
Football. "My plans are to go to col-
lege and study engineering."

Brian K. Dugan: Ph'jlrurapri,
Cayuco "My goal is ti, e- rii h

Thomas L. Ellis: Cayuco Race- first
place, Football, Baseball, Golf, Surf-
ing. "I like to go out with 'Just Us'."

Shawn P. Fitzgerald: "Mouse"; Foot-
ball, Track, Baseball- All-Isthmian,
Soccer, Battalion Commander, ROTC,
Rifle Team, Cayuco Race, NHS, BHS,

Claudine M. Eckerle: NH.>, BHS SHs
I'.inm pu r I 'lul .. -.. E...I'1L,, i.luh
TI F iji-bhill jnd s .... i t r n .Iaei

Carlos Febus: "Jungle Truck"; Base-
ball, Track and Field, Spanish Club,
P'h..ir.. tiph> "The 'Gawbidge' Posse,

Terrell E.L. Flanigan

Karen A. Eckerle: E.i ..fI.e lub \ n .
Pr-. \HS PnS TH'Ir r
\l. ,in ,r \"*...*-r \1 ilrn l

James T. Fehrenbach, Jr.

Germaine M. Floria: "Germ"; "I like
beaches, p irii- ir e., nand salsa mu-

Keele) Elgin: P['hri.il lu. %1\ lulur-
eIjl I I- i.- i i- .jr Jr. rij-.. 1 l].-I

David B. Fisher: NHS, BHS, Track,
Soccer, Ecology Club, Band, JROTC,
Rifle Team. "I want to attend the
Univ. of Notre Dame and win the lot-
tery. I love you, Steph."

Jennifer S. Fonken: "Sri
Chorus, Honor Chorus Pi
"Thanks to all mi fihe ;i,
forever young"

Belkis M. Galvez: "Cookie"; Photogra- Maria E. Garcia: French Club, Busi- Shannon E.M. Garmen Gabriel A. Garrido: Drill Tedm Com-
phy, BHS, Spanish Club, Computer ness Club, BHS, Soccer, Football Man- m3rar, -r. ( uf JROTC 'I pljn 1 i"lin
Club, Ecology Club, Excellence in Edu- ager, Volleyball Manager. "See ya!" trh Air F.r, '
cation Award. Goal-To be an Engi-

Amiri C. George: Volleyball, Swim-
ming, Track, Model UN, Honor Chorus,
S.A. President, Photo Club, French
Club, SADD. "I hope to be a successful
international lawyer."

Jason D. Gittens

Kerry L. Gomez: BHS Band Treas,
Ecology Club Sec., National Honor S,-
ciety, Biological Honor Society, Span.
ish Honor Society, Red Machire %. S
cer, Spanish Club.

William Gonzalez: Bulldog Football, Kathryn M. Goodwin: "Katie"; Red Chad 0. Graham: Volleyball, Foot-
Soccer. "My future goal is to be a Machine Cheerleader Cpt., Tennis, ball, Photography Club. "My future
professional soccer player or an avi- Cayuco Race, Biological Honor Society, goal is to succeed in life."
ation mechanic." Spanish Honor Society, Drama Club,
Computer Club. "Thanks Brian, Jen-
ny, and Aileen for the great memo-

Stephanie A. Grecco: National Honor
Society, Biological Honor Society,
SADD, Ecology Club, Spanish Club,
French Club. "I plan to attend Jack-
sonville Univ. in Fla. and major in
Marine Biology or Communications."

Robert L. Gaylord

Ketin Haeusser: RP.ri HJr-%' P..
l o.. 1 .i H..r...r ..ar t

Ronald L. Green Jr.: JROTC, Sirr
Team SA[II Preidenti

Thetia Hall: Basketball, Soccer, Soft-
ball, Boys Baseball, Volleyball, Letter-
man's Club, French Club. Future goal:
"To be happy and successful in what-
ever I choose to do."

Anne-Liese Heinichen: Ecology Club
Pres., French Club, Swimming, BHS,
Volleyball. "Mish, we made it!! Dawn,
only 2 more years to go!"

Jon D. Hanna: Surfing, Cayuco Race,
Football. "It's not over till it's over."

Christine C. Helm: "Cris", BHS Band
(Sec.), NHS Vice-Pres., Ecology Club
Treas., BHS.

Julia A. Hattabaugh: Ecology Club,
Tennis, Volleyball.

Angelina Hernandez

Joy M. Hauser. Basketball, Soccer,

Manuel A. Herrera: Baskt;!,:
all in the attitude."

Melissa L. Guice: 'Tll-i
Ch.ir, S.,llnall

Ida Hale

Teresa E. Herrera: "Red"; Basket- Shugo Himeno: Tennis. Christopher B. Hovan: Football, Edmund W. Howell: 'Edlji Red
ball. Baseball, Volleyball. s.,,i.er Tii.hk. S lrnmmn. NHS Prr'.
i HS IHS, li(.mpulr Club, L:TlI-r
mAn l.lub E I.,h.,g\ 1ilut. Iimp ('..
\ "i.,J Milh \wadrd

Allison J. Huff: Ecology Club, Cheer-
leader, Soccer, Cayuco Race, Volley-
ball, 1990 Homecoming Princess. "I
plan to attend college at the Univ. of
West Fla. and study Occupational

James Hulick. Malina Jacobowitz.

Aileen D. Jenkins: "Queen"; Volley-
ball, Jamboree Queen, Red Machine
Football Manager, Photo Club.

Thomas E. Johnson: Ecology Club,
French Club, Baseball, Youth for
Christ. "My future plans are to travel
to all the surf spots around the

Jennifer L. Jones: Spanish Club,
French Club Fashion Show. "I hope to
attend USC and study marketing.
Thank you for all the wonderful
times; Rita, Jessica, Rina and someone
very special."

Jaime J. Joseph: JROTC, Chorus.

Nien-Lon Hsieh: "Nairron".

Angela K. Keeling: BHS, I. l*.cIt Kevin J. Keiser: "Kev"; Soccer, Base- Bryan G. Kemp: BHS, NHS, Football, Rebecca A. Kirkland: "Becky"; Year-
Club, Softball, Tennis, YFC. "Psalm ball, Trj.l Cayuco Race, Computer Soccer, Swimming, Computer Club, book, Library Asst.
113:3". Club, Letterman's Club, Ecology Club, Cayuco Race, Peer Helper, Band, Or-
BHS V.P. "My goal is to become a chestra. "But WHY???"
successful businessman."

Jeremiah J.K. Krage: "Sapo": Ecol-
up, i-lut. Pres., BHS, Drama Club, Peer
Helper, YFC. "I plan to pursue a ca-
reer in either the Biological or Eco-
logical Sciences."

Stephanie L. Kuhn: Yearbook, Para-
keet, Ecology Club. "Thanks N.U.,
E.P., R.P. and J.K.; love ya Dave!"

Stephen R. Kupec: Swim Team, Foot-
ball, Future goal: Go to college in the
states and then get a job writing com-
puter games."

Jon M. Lavallee: Model U.N., Comput-
er Club, Swimming, Yearbook, Para-
keet, BHS, Ecology Club. "After col-
lege, I plan to study computer and
information sciences."

Lionel A. Lawrence: "Leo"; Baseball.
"My goal is to be a thoroughbred

Gwendolyn Lawson: French Club, Namor Lebron Lisa M. Legere: 1. tr,:'
Cougar Volleyball. "C '. Euolog) Club. F-li .
Sec. Drama Clul). I [I ifS.
Swokin Team \ I :a jin
IhP FBI .ffhir 'll' c- ,ito h ii i

Maribel I. Lewis: BHS, Computer Aaron T. Lewter: 'Flinn', Mr. In April M. Liehr: NHS, BHS See., Cum Patrick L. Lincoln 11: "Pat', Ba-e-
Club, Ecology Club, Spanish Club, visible", Assistant Manager of TEM- puter Club Pres., Photo Club Treas., ball, Football. "My future plans are to
French Club. "In the future I would PEST, Parakeet. Spanish Club Vice-Pres., Ecology Club, attend P.C.C. for a year." "Pat is rad."
like to become a veterinarian." Tennis, Honor Band.

Amy R. Longacre: "Rae"; Basketball,
Softball, SADD.

Cenira Lopez: "Ceni"; Football and
Basketball Manager, Soccer, French
Club, NHS, BHS, SADD, Photo Club,
Yearbook, Business Club, JROTC.
"Live every day as if it were the last."

Elvira Lopez

Shannon B. Lord: Basketball, Track,
Spanish Club, SADD, Photo Club,
French Club Fashion Show. "My fu-
ture goal is to have a successful ca-
reer in International Affairs. Thanks
Chola & Rican for making my High
School years the best!"

Lidia E. Lou: Biological Honor Soci-
ety, Ecology Club, Photo Club, Com-
puter Club, Spanish Club,' French
Club, Select Chorus. "I plan to major
in business & computers."

Jose A. Love: "Chief"; Football.

inobert J. Luttrell: Honor Chorus,
Thespian, Computer Club, JROTC.
"An undecided mind seeks adventure,
I wish the class of '92 the stars."

Margaret E. Maddox: "Lisa"; Green
Devils Baseball Mngr., Business Club
Officer, "The Corner Crew". "I love
Kevin Barnes!"

Ana C. Marrero-Lopez: "Anita"; "To Christian E. Martinez: "Droga"; Ricardo A. Martinez: "Rick"; Foot- Stephen H. Martini Jr.: Volleyball,
ill you immigrants, and you know French Club, Business Club. "I want ball, Baseball, Surfing. "My future Soccer, Cross Country, Drama Club. "I
who you are, this year is over!! ... so to become a Reggae singer and an goals are to attend Art school and plan to attend Midwestern Univ. in
tow did it go?" advertisement executive." become a graphics art instructor. I Texas."
will be surfing until I am 101!"

Darla R. McConaughy: Drama Club,
Biological Honor Society. "My future
goals are to marry Paul Dmytrewycz,
have lots of kids, and be happy!"

Judy M. McConnell: Photography
Club, Track, Swimming. "Alex, Yvette
and Angi Thanks for a great year!"

Dwight D. McKabney: Yearbook,
Newspaper, Photo Club, Spanish Club,
Computer Club, Boy Scouts. Future
goal: Go to college and acquire a Bach-
elor's degree in Political Science.

Rebecca S. McWhirter: Volleyball,
Dance Team, Jazz, and Tap. "Smile
and the whole world smiles with you."
"I plan to go to Oklahoma Univ. and
study Child Psychology. I hope one
day I will open a dance studio."

Lorena C. Milanes P.: SHS, Spanish
Club, Photo Club, Yearbook, Parakeet,
OWE. "Thanks to my real friends for
being there ... you know who you

Christina Mills Angela M. Mitchell: "Angie"; Band,
Honor Band, SADD Sec., Soccer, Span-
ish Club, Ecology Club, Parakeet, Peer
Helper, French Club, Computer Club.
"Dreams come true through ambi-
tion." Future goal: to become a psy-

Rita R. Molina: SHS, Spai; t !- b
"In the future I plan to aPt li
at PCC and then conin:e : y :.die
in Fla, "Thanks to my friends Jessica,
Jenny, Jen, and Rina for all the great
moments together."

Giselle E. Morales: "Gigi"; Ecology Casey R. Morris III: Basketball, Charles H. Morris: "Charlie"; Ecology Tristan M. Morrissey
Club, Computer Club, French Club, Black Culture Awareness Club, Com- Club, SADD.
French Club Model. puter Club.

Cherie A. Mumma: Dance Team,
Ecology Club, Soph. Class Sec., Track
and Field.

Scott Needling: Needles", Soccer,
Track. "I want to give special thanks
to my mother for always hanging in
there and always believing in me. I
love you!" Goal to finish high school
and then college.

Yira Y. Muse: NHS, BHS, SADD,
Track, Swimming, Basketball, Cayuco
Race, Parakeet, French Club. "Lots of
love to my 'extended family'; thanx
for all the great times!"

Theresa M. Nelson: "T", Cayuco,
Cheerleader, Track. "I'd like to wish
all my Senior friends the best of luck
in the future."

Fabiola I. Navarro: Computer Club,
French Club, Soccer, SADD, Ecology
Club. "I plan to study in the medical

Melinda M. Nicholls: "Meli", Black
Culture Awareness Club, JROTC. Fu-
ture goals graduate from high school
and go to college.

Jennifer L. Navarro: "Jenny". ', ['D
Computer Club, BHS, SHS, lpinlh
Club, Yearbook, Cheerleader, jr. irt)
Volleyball; Manager, Cayuco 'il e
Princess Homecoming & Pri.m
"Thanks Kate."

Mayra E. Nieves: NHS, BHS, SHS,
Homecoming Princess, Volleyball,
Tennis, Football manager, Spanish
Club, Jr. Class President.

Micheal Q. Nissenbaum Rosalina Nixon: "Popy"; Goal-become Tabitha M. Norton: "Tab"; Yearbook, Jaime G. Oakley: "Jimmy"; Red Ma-
a cosmetologist and hope all my wish- CWE, SADD Sec., Football Manager, chine Football, Cayuco Race, Spanish
es come true. Ecology Club. "Thanks to everyone for Club, SHS, BHS. "Pata y Palo".
all the memories ... I wish Paula
had stayed to see this day finally
come for us all!!!"

Yanick G. Olton: "I would like to
thank Star, Nalsi, Fina, Norma, Shan-
non, Jessica, Popy, Karen, etc. for
a great year. C-ya!"

Eric L. Paredes: NHS, SHS, BHS, Ecol-
ogy Club Pres., Drama Club, Spanish

Pedro F. Penalver

Charles E. Perez: "Eddie"; Red Ma-
chine Football

Rachel A. Petersen: SADD, Honor Rebecca A. Petersen: NHS, BHS, Julio A. Peterson: "Bronze"; Basket- Gregory M. Pierce:
Chorus. "The corner crew", "All Computer Club Vice-Pres., Spanish ball, Baseball, "Peace!" Pres., Yearbook, i'r k
stressed out and no one to choke." Club, Letterman's Club, Swim Ti irr Club. Letterman's Clui
"RAGA", "My friends, I love you." \i.ll-,hiill Close-Up, Band, Honor Drama Club. i F
Band, "Guys and Dolls" backstage SADD, Swim TainT
band. "Love to Ayesha, April, and Na-

Eyda '. Pineda: ,-llt.hbal, Si r Ali Puech: Frj.hu-' Sn.,r Maria I. Quezada: E. ol.. Llu. BHS Carlos B. Quintero: 'D..r"
Te.rar \inijger R'dnL. T ijIrrf,. Fren.h -Ij.. *e.. Fr~r. h I-Iluh PrHe-t.,.-n 'l [', I. mnputr ilub. Fr-ni:r, Clut, Y"-.rb.,'.. Cujedlir., NHS Treas.
Club, BHS 4 BE-Bri .,I luil. I. t, rht pirih I.Iub Prin..v4, s.,mming, Spinilh Ilu .......-r BHS. SHS, Spanish Club Pre..S A
Irwr nd. that mad,: nr. S.nirr )t.,r ild Bh.tlhjall rI,,n l nn.,r %\Aar] BHr, Tr J .r li s Se,:, Prom Princ
and unfrgePlltabl I1'1l, Tennil., Sorcer, Foot.hll
Cayu,.... "In the future I plan ti
pursue a career in mediLne."

Olga E. Ramos: Winter Track, Stu-
dent Senate, Class Officer, SADD,
Yearbook, Tri-Hi-Y-Blue. "Thank you
to all the people who made my senior

Teresita Rand: "Teresa"; Thespian,
Drama Club, Select Chorus, Ecology

Aristides Rezex: Bulldog Soccer. "I
plan to graduate and maybe go to a
Junior college."

Bette M. Ritchie: NHS, BHS, Con
puter Club, Cougar Football Man
ager, Tennis, Cayuco Race, Yeai
book, Presidential Academic Fil
ness Award.

Ana Rosa Rivera: Consumer Math
Award. "I want to be a very famous
clothes designer."

Donald W. Rivera: "Don"; Soccer,

Marcus Rivera

Morris L. Rivera: Baseball, Ecol
ogy Club, Photo Club, Parakeet
BHS, Computer Club, Physic
Award, Analysis Award. Goal- ti
be a rich doctor.


Armando A. Roach: "Diamond".

Matthew E. Robertson: BIK Vice-
Pres., Spanish Club, Computer Club,
BHS, SHS, NHS, Bulldog Football -
Most Dedicated Player, Swim Team-
All- Isthmian, Model U.N., Letter-
man's Club.

Evan M. Rodaniche: Lead singer

Llexandra K. Rossan: "Alex"; NHS,
)rama Club Sec., Swimming, Thespi-
m, Play Production, Ecology Club,
yearbook. "Angie, Judy, and Yvette-
hanks for a killer time."

Yutaka Sasagawa: Computer
Club. "My future goal is to be a
computer engineer."

Melissa Del C. Royo: NHS, BHS,
Spanish Club, Honor Chorus. "To the
Class of 1992 Pax Vobis!"

Jessica M. Schaw: Spanish Club, SHS.
"I thank my friends Rita, Rina, and
Jenny for all the great memories."
Goal attend college and then contin-
ue at a university in the states."

Richard A. Samson: Photo Club Pres.,
French Club Vice-Pres., Computer
Club Treas., Yearbook Photo Editor,
Tennis, Volleyball. "Stealth".

Wilford E. Schulz: "Willy", Track
and Field. "Hippie Salad"

Jessica Sanchez: "Rican, Jes"; Soc-
cer, Volleyball, Computer Club, Photo
Club, Ecology Club. "To my two cho-
las- thanks for making my H.S. years
memorable." Goal- to become a pilot
or doctor.

Illeanna Shoemaker: I
stiltskin", hang with RPse ;
and ALL the guys "CL

Roberto Rivera

Ayesha A Siddiqi: Spanish Club,
Ecology Club, Computer Club Co-Sec.,
BHS, NHS, SHS, Track, Journal Club.

Becky M. Sollami: BHS, SHS. "I plan
to be a veterinarian."

Douglas C. Strong: "Dougie", Spanish
Club, Computer Club, Lettermen's
Club, Soccer All-Isthmian, Baseball,
Tennis, Football, Cayuco Race. Goal-
To be a successful businessman.

Harchand K. Singh: Baseball, Basket-
ball, Volleyball.

Lee Ann Sponberg: NHS, SHS, BHS-
President, Ecology Club, Drama Club-
Stage Manager, Thespian Society,
Varsity Swimming-All Isthmian Team,
Volleyball. "Someday I hope to do
medical research in space."

Adela Tartaglia: Business Club, Bull-
dogs Soccer, Bulldogs Boy's Soccer
Manager. "Thanks to my 'grandma',
'mom', 'tia', and the rest of my 'fam-
ily' for a great year."

Ramon S. Sirias Jr.: "Monchito",
Football, Baseball.

Elizabeth D. Stadler: "Beth", SADD,
Honor Chorus, "The Corner Crew".

Michele Tassell: Drama Club, Plays,
Fashion Show, SADD, Swimming, Vol-
leyball Manager. "See all ya lovely
people when I'm rich and famous.
Best of luck to the best of friends:
Yira Muse and lliana Shoemaker."

Angela R. Smith: "Angle"; Track,
Softball, Volleyball, Basketball.

Vicki D. Stern: Business Club, Swim-
ming, Soccer, Track. "I plan to go to

Josefina N. Tejada: "Fina", "To my
Pooh & all the fishes: Thanks for the
laughs. Thanks Shannan & Jes. I'll
always remember the stupidity of the
cooler. Choasito Baby! Wow-it's final-
ly over!"

Liz D. Toledo: "Dianne', Spanish Karen N. Toppin: BHS, NHS, Peer Mary J. Tutzauer: "Marijuana", Ze- Naomi L. Unger: BHS, NHS, Ecology
Club, Soccer. Helper, Yearbook, Parakeet, Select phyrus, Spanish Club Vice-Pres., Dra- Club, Thespian, Drama Club Pres.,
Chorus, Honor Chorus. "I hope to pur- ma Club. Goal-to major in Fine Arts Honor Chorus. "All my love to E.P.,
sue a career in medicine. May all of us dedicating my life to the same. "All is L.S., R.L., R.P., and J.K."
accomplish what we set out to do." fair in love and war so chill baby!!!"

Venus M. Valdez: "1 love Unique!
Hanging with Ill, Rose, and ALL the
guys! Class of '92 rocks!"

Augusto Velasquez: "Gus", Business
Club, French Club, Music Award.
Goal-to be a Salsa singer.

Jazmin A. Vergara: "Jaz", Drill
Team, Bushmaster, Delta Co. XO.
Goal-to go to college and then join the
Air Force.

Andres A. Villalobos: Baseball, Foot-
ball, Wrestling, Boxing.

Brenda M. Villamil: BHS, Spanish Alison M. Vowell: "Peacequeen, Angilee Wall: "Angie", SADD, Ecol- Deika M. Wallace: "I pi n i : a-
Club, French Club, Photo Club, Busi- WARRIOR, Granola", Ecology Club, ogy Club, Drama Club, Thespian, Soc- duate, go to San Anti,. I tudy
ness Club, CWE. Photo Club, Green Devil's Football cer. "Alex, Yvette, and Judy-thanks medicine."
Manag. Goal-to revolutionize the for an awesome year.

Brenda L. HaLsh: !...-r Bail-thi ll, Fernando F. Ward: In..rrput-r L.ig Michio Hatlanabe: Fr.,tird ll, .llr\ Douglas H. Weeks
.luni,.r 1.1.. \P S-' Pr..m (.rmiri irtlil. d, i I .riuld lik. t, 1. i.m hall b di tdball. Trnik .nim Tram
Irt- Hrmr,:."mnir Sr ~ Si,. 1ir.jel pli.h m\ e'".dlI in :rigineerirne'
P.4l'rbill Miinai r if \V.u .. ira ma19
in', it. ,,ju sin Aj.hi-'r it II s au 1 in
dr.-am iI \.'u '.ia t'r- ,,mr it

Snameeka S. Hest: PFr,r.lrin ijirl
Ba ketb.all, ( t l.r..ru', RBli.. t ul
tur, Aw vrrn.,- C'lub, BHS .\idm.i-rn..
EXL',l1'n.e \%I-lll I.l mrn'r. ir
Scholarship Program Award. "I plan
to go to college and get into the medi-
cal field."

Collieace M. White: 'Li'. I nil-
*, ,rirl.. a pr Jl t'l urr ind i,., ur-
i.., I i tn 111- I al'', l ,- ,i1l the. lin
I-ll.i- I jlsj win, i thjnk mri.) pir.
ents. And to my husband, Marcus
Shefer, ILOVE YOU!!with my heart!"

Daimon White: Blai l (.ulture .,-,ire
nrt- Club Bialkibt-ill, Hrav,.s L. i :irn.
rr niltr. ,.IRIOT, [rill Tlar E\., Of(
h,-,r Ij-.dl t- 1'n .mr 'an .llicor in the
Armed Forces.

Yvette M. Wilde: 'Wilde Child", NHS,
BHS, ) earhin l, C.Editor, Soph \%ce.
Prt. [rnra.r Club, Thespian 'Ale\
Angie ind Juda, thanks for a great

Michael S. omble Carmen L Wong Scott D. Wood: BHS, SHS, NHS. Ecal Kohsuke loshimoio: Bulldog Soccer.
*g., Club Sri: Tt-nni, Prei-dential E.,ul.ng) Club Sate the Earth' Inshl
A, adrdma,. Frtna-_. Aard I plan i. .Hdas here
nliend a Uni.rr-lat in Ith-e ates, and
major In either Lad orr Buiinre Mar
keting." "Thanks to K.K., S.E., K.E.,
C.E., E.H., K.G., and C.H."

The Jungle Crew. This is what happens when forming
a pyramid fails. Aileen and Jimmy are on the right
track, but poor Mayra keeps falling down. Allison,
Tristan, Rachel and Ali decide to just relax!.

w q

Tarzan and Jane. What better way is there for sen-
iors to beat the heat? Brian Dugan and Katie Good-
win relax at Rocky Falls.

On the way home from an exciting
day at Taboga, Olga Ramos tells an
excited Rachel Berger about a danger-
ous encounter with a killer minnow.

Row, row, row your boat. Carlos Febus
attempts to emulate Christopher Co-
lumbus, but the only thing he discov-
ers is the bottom of the sea.

Artwork By Evan Rodaniche


^^^ 1^ '

A7 4 e

How abool som1 e saIl with Iha.' rnlr Lr-,. Hiln r.ic r uiJ rdlher di her her n.- Iein I..,e 1
t,'re *t Carr

How's the food, Jenny? Jenny Navarro expresses her opinion on the cafeteria food.

Don't hassle with Tassell Michele is having fun in the sun at Taboga.

can'tt believe it! Yira Muse hears the news that she passed Mr Thale's Physics exam

Great minds at work. Carlos Quintern, Greg Pierce, and Kevin Keiser contemplate one of life's
little challenges a post-it note

Patricia Alaniz

Phaedra L. Lalemant

Phaedra L. Ave-Lallemant

Geraldo L. Barber

Luke D. Anderson

Steven R. Barnes

vbJ IJ

B. rnjrd'. I Aru ih'l.Il~

Sjhj k B.,rrer.,

Carlos A. Barter

Tony F Bieker

Irving G. Barton

Irving G. Barton


Patrick J. Beard

Rochell P. Blades Erin S. Blagg

Jorge A. Berman

Nicole C. Blanc

\Ihnri4, i4 l drn.hlnl


Michele Bleau

Everly Adams


Marco A. Austin

Michael J. Bleichwehl

Eric N. Butler

Jose Castaneda

Ana H. Bowler

Juan C. Canjura

Juan R. Castrellon
Juan R. Castrellon

Jonathan Brassfield

Iluminada M. Cantu

Aquiles A. Castro

Daniel R. Bright

La'Shanda D. Carver

Miguel A. Cedeno

Domiciano Broce

Heidi N. Casperson

Julie N. Church

Victoria E. Chen

Tannia Colon

Yaira L. Colon

Francisco Choy

Shawn D. Conley Camille S. Cowger Elvia M. Cruz

Roger A. Demas Eric J. Diaz Esther L. Downs Kurt E. Drozd Sirao A Dunn

Michelle L. Estrada Saul A. Estupinian

Craig S. Fishbough

Omayra E. Fontanez

Honoray V. Frith

124 *


Edward % Dawkinms

Jay G. Fullerton Cynthia M. Fulsom Carl S. Gale Carla B. Garcia

Joel M. Gibbs Brandon L. Gibson Oscar M. Gifford Nathaniel A. Gladding

Robert A. Garcia

Robert A. Garcia

Jessica D. Gold

Shannon C. Golembiewski

Roberto Gomez

Daniel Gonzalez

Holleigh L. Gordon

Michelle D. Grandstaff

Ranier R. Guzman Ida L. Hale Brian L. Hardsaw

Luis C. Guerrero

Marco R. Guillen