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1 991

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Hailing ii out. Confident Green Dein
cheerleaders watch Red Machine's home-
coming routine. They are anticipating
their turn to "shake" into the spotlight and
once again stun their audience. Good
things come to those who wait.

Free spirit. An objective of the year's pep
rallies was to promote competition among
classes. Aliesha Ave-Lallement entices
each class with her "spirit stick" and raises
the noise level in the stands, proving that
all that glitters is gold.

And Ready To Go

Student Life

Student life without the
students themselves is
I about as exciting and
interesting as a bowl of

What exactly is student
life? The lives of students?
Student life includes a lot
more than that. But just
what exactly is it? Since you
don't know, you seek the ad-
vice of older, wiser, more
experienced persons, the
editors. They tell you that
it's a good question. Then
they smile. Behind those
smiles lurk the evil slave dri-
vers that will overwork, nag,
and push you relentlessly -
all to meet the deadlines.
"Brainstorm," they say.
"All right, what do students
do with their lives?"
"They go to football
games." you reply.
"No," the wise ones say,
"that's sports."
"Sports?" you ask. "Well
how about plays? Students
do plays."
"No, that's clubs. Drama
(Now we start to get hos-
"Well what about taking
things like the SAT and
"Wel ..."
"Wait," you interrupt,
"don't say it. Academics,

right?" After getting a big
smile, you finally ask, "So
what does constitute student
"You know," they say,
"that's a good question."
Then they smile. Those
smiles can drive you crazy
- but that's not the point.
So you begin to wonder
how you're supposed to
know what to cover in the
student life section if you
don't even know what it
means. You stare at your
pencil, in hopes that it will
burst forth with some en-
lightening scribble. It fails;
it is too quiet with nobody
scream-about what the
weekend was like. There is
nobody mad at so-and-so
because so-and-so is such an
... It's just too quiet. Final-
ly, a conclusion is reached.
Student life without the stu-
dents themselves is just as
exciting and interesting as a
bowl of oatmeal. Cold oat-
meal, at that. So were you
right the first time? Student
life at BHS is simply the
lives of its students? That
sounds too easy but that's
the point.



f, auloigrph, pl..a. Crtan Devil cheer-
' J.J ,. M .r ..i P .*.i.e acknowledges
her admirers after a well-received pep ral-
ly performance.

Gotcha! After failing to hit Patricia
Alaniz from a distance. Craig Pearson
broke the rules, and got her at close
range. That really hit the spot!





Stepping long may seem like a short cut
towards the end, but sophomore President
Frank Wesitgate. discovers that the 3-
legged race is always a "trip".

Leading the pack. The sophomore repre-
sentative, Katie Scars carefully walks her
way to a victory

~swrT -"

Pepping Up For
"WE have a pep rally today? During
sixth?" Yes, we sure do. Or did. The Jambo-
ree pep rally was held on Friday, August 31.
The sun was hot, the cheerleaders were ready,
and were leaving the sophomores a little
dazed. The natives were getting restless.
Sack races for the students and teachers,
lemon walks, three-legged races, class waves
... Everyone was afraid they'd find them-
S selves suddenly volunteered and out on the
field. In their element, Seniors were relaxed-
they had been there before. A wave? No
problem. Out to score points, juniors
screamed, yelled, and waved. Still dazed,
sophomores seemed lost. A hocking voice of
doom came from nowhere with a reprimand. t
S "Sophomores, this is NOT junior high any- s
more! You are in the big leagues now. Let's
get with it here ... I want to see a wave!"
The voice commands sophomores obey.
"Better ... but NOT good enough!" Oh,

The Jamboree

Really? Torture? Well, the teachers were
not immune. Sack race. Three "volunteered"
teachers went head to head.
"Come on Mr. Cowley! Go!" The crowd
roared. Always a crowd pleaser, Mr. Cowley
steadily hippitty hopped along.
The race finished. The people stopped yell-
ng. OK, time to go home. What had this pep
rally accomplished? People were exhausted,
messy and sweaty .. but motivated. As the
crowd dissipated ... there was hope. Hope
hat your favorite team would win and maybe
ome hope that these people would all show
up at the actual game. Lots of hope. And so
he Jamboree pep rally kicked off the football


Spirit Days...

Barely awake on Monday
morning, you peer at the sign near
your locker. What is this? Beach
day? Hat and tie day? Hippie
day? THEME DAY? You don't
even know what your theme is yet!
Wait a minute. This is for Home-
coming isn't it?
Looking into a showcase you
see an aluminum foil covered
bridge and a map of Panama. Ah
... junior theme. "My Name Is
Exploring a little further down
the hallway, you discover palm
fronds falling from the ceiling.
They look dangerous. Looking
into the showcase, you find more
decaying plant life and a broken
sign reading "Welcome to the
Jungle"-the sophomore theme.
Well, they got that right! Trying
to keep ahead of the spirit game is
not as easy as it seems. Ok, so
what's the seniors' theme?
There is a mini bohio protrud-
ing from a case! Closer inspection
reveals a hammock and Barbies
playing volleyball in the sand with
giant flamingos. Obviously, the
seniors' theme has something to
do with the beach.
Feeling good about your pow-
ers of perception and observation,

you wander along. Coming back
the next day, most people are
draped in towels to cover their
bathing suits. (Hmm ... lots of
sunglasses. Good idea. You can't
do work if you can't see.)
Wednesday arrives-most people
are in hats and ties. One person
forgot the hat, but made up for it
by wearing ten ties. My, how am-
bitious. (You can't work if you
can't breathe.)
Thursday brings long-haired
weirdoes out of those old boxes in
closets. Hippies. Peace signs. Tie-
dye. Groovy. Funny jeans ... oh
my gosh! They are actually
straight-legged! (Wigs. Good
idea. You can't work if your hair
blocks your eyesight and when
you breathe it goes in your nose.
Hey! Watch it! You're shedding!)
By Friday, when theme day
rolls around, and seniors are in
bathing suits once again, juniors
in "My Name Is Panama" t-
shirts, and sophomore in ...
whatever they are in, the school is
too distracted to do anything.
You can feel it in the atmosphere.
So when the pep rally finally hap-
pens, people are screaming for no
specific reason.

Welcome to the Jungle. The sophomores
have succeeded in bringing the outside in,
but whether or not they can take it back
out, is another story.


"What's this thing with the fingers?"
Heidi Casperson whispers. "I have no
idea," answers Karl Marohl. "Smile."

.And Pep Rally

Tasty. Alix Puech gets more than just a sample of the
flavor of the month during the Homecoming pep rally's
pie-throwing contest. (She actually volunteered for this!)

"Oh, man ..." breathes every male creature
in the stadium as the cheerleaders wiggle their
stuff. Here we are once again, Friday, Novem-
ber 9, at another pep rally; only this time it's for
Homecoming and everyone is going all out!
"Ready ... set ... GO!" Pies go flying and
land smack in your face! But the pie goes well
with the egg shampoo job you got catching eggs
from three feet above you into a dinky cup in
your mouth. Next, you blow your heart out try-
ing to unearth the coin some malicious person
has buried in a mound of flour. When the con-
test is over, your ally, sympathizing with you
over your messy appearance, decides to add to
your new fashion statement by dumping the re-
maining flour onto your shirt. Mom will never
do your laundry for you again.
Besides wondering what other food will be
converted into weapons against sanity, the
crowd watches the new routines the cheer-
leaders have devised to boost out morale
through the use of standard cheerleader stuff
like pom-poms, cart-wheels, and lungs of steel.
Will this ever end?
The answer yet remains to be seen in the on-
going and forever continuing saga of life at

Destination unknown. With great skill, Nayat Martinez
cracks her egg, and aims. Although the egg landed in the
cup, one question still remains: what was she actually
aiming for? Was it the cup, or Aaron Izbicki?

Senior princesses: Mary Nelson (left) and Jenny Sweeney
(right) Senior princes: Abdul Dunn (left) and Brian Wood

Homecoming King and Queen: Roy Pinzon and Eileen Making all the right moves. John Zornes and Cenira
da Pena share a joyous moment. Lopez wiggle it at Homecoming '90.

Midnight Masquerade

Homecoming 1991

A frantic phone call is made.
"He said he'd be here at five! He's not!
Maybe he's dead!"
"Sheila? I thought you were going to the
Homecoming dance."
"Jon's dead. Jon is not dead. Jon is dead. I
don't look good in black."
"You are going to the Homecoming dance
with Jon. He is not dead."
"Oh great. He stood me up. I'm dead. I'm
not dead ... HE'S dead!"
"I've been twisting the sequins on my dress
for days trying to line them up. And now I
won't even get to go."
"Sheila! What's your problem?"
"What? Hmm? Oh listen, you're going to
have to let me go now ... Jon's here. I'll see

you later."
"ME let YOU go! What ..."'Click' (It
was 5:04 p.m.)
The place was the PCC auditorium. The
event was the Homecoming dance on No-
vember 10, 1990. The theme was Midnight
Masquerade, and the masks on the wall
proved it. It was the best of times ... it was
the worst of times. Worst? Never! Just ask
anyone why they wanted to go in the first
place. Although Homecoming represented
the end of the football season. It also repre-
sented fresh starts and the first formal dance
of the year. It was where you went to meet up
with your friends, and it was a great place to
spend a Saturday night. And what actually
happened? The Homecoming court was
crowned while tears were shed, and the night
was danced away in festive glee.

"Why did the chicken cross the road?" Attempting to That's what it's all about. Put your left foot in, put your
amuse Eric Holland and Phaedra Ave-Lallemant. Jenny left foot out then you do the hokey pokey OK,
Navarro cracks a joke Too bad Robert Meyers ruined it Abdul?
by abruptly blurting out the punch line.

Junior princesses: Mayra Nieves (left) and Allison Huff
S', righth t)r Junior princes: Jimmy Oakley (left) and Shawn
SFitzgerald (right).

' ,

g,.. Im

Sophomore princesses: Saray Dunn (left) and Jackie
Thompson (right) Sophomore princes: Miguel Cedeno
(left) and Eric Diaz (right)



"Say the majic word and win a prize." Groucho Marx,
usually disguised as Aaron lzbicki, just passing through!

Barefoot and "pregnant." Michelle Hayden and Melissa
Bowman give the career center a "homey" touch.


Friends. You seem to be able to find all
kinds at BHS, ranging from the simply
strange to the really, really weird. They are
pretty easy to spot. Just find two people jab-
bering away at mock speed over nothing that
seems important to anyone but themselves,
and you'd be safe in assuming that they're
Everyone seems to need someone to con-
fide in, or at least fight with, or yell at. Little
brothers and sisters don't seem to cut it, so
friends were created. "Hey, you scumbag!

... from the simply
strange to the really,
really weird ...

Kickin' back. Peter Pedersen and Gabriel
Mendez take time for a break to lounge
around at the parking lot and discuss plans
for the weekend.

Give me that!" At first glance, it seems like a
potential fight between enemies, but in reali-
ty, it is a form of greeting between two part-
ners in a long standing friendship.
Someone once said, "You should measure
a man's worth not by how much he has, but
by how many lives he has influenced." So
take a look at the person standing next to you.
How much would you say he's worth? More
than you bargained for? Maybe you should
tell him that; it might make his day.



Putting the trash in it's place. Lisa Palm, Cooling ofi Kristin Braaten. Ashley
Monica Rios and Michelle Hayden threat- Gann, Rashell Carson, and Ann McCon-
en Eileen de Pena. Sometimes friendly nell splash each other as they take a dip in
quarrels can get a little bit out of hand. the Goethals "pool." It looks like Ann got
the shorter end of the stick.




, .4



'C 5




Valentine's Da3

Cupid Waves Goodbye
Valentine's day brought red roses and
sweet, whispered, little nothings (for those in
love), and candygrams with Hershey's kisses
(for the rest of us.)
Teachers tallied up people who were
decked out in the colors of the season (red,
pink, and white) at the request of those peo-
ple who think up things for us to do for class
People crawled in and out of display cases,
hanging hearts and balloons in honor of the
A computer dating service sprang from the
depths of the minds of the computer club -
results guaranteed! No longer would you
spend all your time wondering why dough-
nuts have holes!
Candygrams were bought up and sent out
to make the day of that special someone.
As Cupid waved goodbye, after another
year's hard work, and we cheerfully saw him
off, Valentine's Day drew to a close leaving
behind happy couples and a trail of lonely

Thank you! A happy Natalie Watkins thanks Ricky
Szymanski for the Valentine attentions.

The better half. Wendy Lawson poses by part of a big
heart hoping someone will bring the rest.

Bravo! Ana Bowler gives Julie Leitner's work of art a
"standing" ovation.

S16' `


II ., r
Ii *L




Jr 5u-


1- ,0 '. lM
I ^

qutagil imni n un un F tunm m .-n u iwn mm nt m ti n Inm im t in m n na t nen itviyrm nmit it w cut A r
1mm'-- u ,111111 Mus 1111- ,i1 ms imillll .1111m I 1 .1111 "I 1 Sts .. . 1. r all& g 111 CU ARO
I. i t t t .l i w

A ..i.sp



K, -"


pE B~;~e.


'** ~"




S" O ;ro,


And the winner is ... The juniors' display case came
shining through.
No, we don't get paid for doing this! Maria Ascano and
Teresa Rand go around "candygramming."


w p l
Fr *



Mmm! Marcia Garcia and Jason Santos simply just
adore Valentine's Day!
It's not just for couples. Domiciano Broce and Rosadely
Malave share a friendly moment.

Winter formal court: (from left to right)
Iliana Rodriguez, Robert Meyers, Anick
Buval, and Elver Renfro.




Doing their duty, Carrie Gibbs and Karen
Shadeck buy their dates boutonnieres.
Flower exchange for formals is a "must."

Pull up a chair. Getting help from below,
Monica Rios prepares to hide every hint of
Curundu Junior High with paper.


With the scent of evergreens in the
air, (hey, are you sure a corsage is
supposed to smell like that?) the spirit
of Christmas, if not exactly winter,
settled over the hearts and minds of
the students of BHS, as they got
ready for Winter Formal, December
15, 1990.
Simply getting ready was a monu-
mental task. Students seemed to be
all over the place as the tinsel was
hung. Shiny ribbons wound them-
selves around everything up to the
ceiling, and the miles of tape and glue
could have been enough to build an-
other Bridge of Americas!
Hey! It's not over yet! Quick! Get
those dresses cleaned along with the
tuxedoes! Get the flowers, get the
haircut you'd been putting off, get
your shoes shined, get the car in gear,

'Twas the day of Winter Formal. Jennifer
Brewer hangs tinsel by the entrance with
care, in hopes that a great crowd soon
would be there.

and don't forget your date!
Once there, the happy mood domi-
nated. And why not? In three days,
the mid-year break would start, the
new year was just around the corner,
and as you smiled self-conciously for
your picture, you smugly reflected
that the presents had been stacking
up just screaming for an owner to
claim them.
In the meantime, you tugged at your
hair, wondering if you looked geeky,
and thought about all the good times -
surely not bad! 1990 had brought.
You watched your friends, who had
endured the year by your side. You
smiled inwardly; they looked funny all
dressed up. Almost ... well, geeky.
But who cared? They were beautiful
anyway, and it made such a nice pic-

Winter Formal court: (left to right) Maria
Ryan, Luis Ellis, Melissa Bowman, Mi-
chael Banasick, Queen Monica Rios, King
Alex Stirling.

s-w"rt. ~)t"

FA FAI Bright lights,
A FA1I Fun games.

Gue what I want to be when I grow up? Doug Strong
lives up to his childhood dreams.

Killing time. Shondola Dawkins and Russ Evans wait in
line to see what's at the end of it-maybe it's a ride!

% hai comes once a sear and brings bright
lights, good smells. fun games. and some
bumps and bruises' The CF.A 'air
This year the 'air came on the 14th nd
slated until the Ii8h of Februar) It uas
where ,ou went it get ,oursell dizz2 on the
swings, and bruise )oureelf on the Bomber.
J ou whizzed around in bumper cars, nailing
as many people a; 'ou could. and stulled
oursell with junk 1ou met up with Irends,
and turned oi.urseles louie in a uwack', '.rld
where an)ihing could happen
Saiching Irum one l.1 ot tihe other. ou
were waiting in line ,,hen a ,ioc came out of
nosr here
"I ust threw up in that other ride I hope
thil one doesn't get me sick
'otu slo ly turned around tl be Ifced by a
person Ahom ,ou hJd never set eyes con be-
lore iou glanced at him with i lunn look.
\ j; he talking t ,ou 'Vol uncerl3anl\ man-
aged a weak "Hi
He begin selling sou some 'etn peculijr
thing,. like h,:-" he thri., dart: at dogs i But
the lact Thal \i..ur friend eerrned it. krnoi him
,j comforting E'erlthing wenL along fine
until ',ur friend lahispered "\ l h is this
gu,'" Alarm bell started ringing wildly nn
your head

Thinking of your personal safety, you let
him get on the Bomber first, and then quickly
took a seat as far away from him as possible.
You dreaded the worst. It happened. Spin-
ning around wildly, the guy next to you
clutched your thigh like he would never let
go. Suddenly, all the people on the ride began
to seem weird. You had to get off. Just then
you fell out of your seat and Conan the Bar-
barian ended up on top of you. Limping back,
you wearily sat down again hoping for the
nightmare to end. Miraculously, it did.
Later, trying to forget about the ride, you
and your friend staggered off in search of
something to eat. Just as you took a refresh-
ing gulf of your soda you heart a voice say,
"Hello, again."
You choked on some ice cubes and scram-
bled away as fast as your legs could carry
you. Nobody had warned you about the psy-
chopaths around here!
Trying to get home, you had the feeling
you were being followed. Having some odd
hallucinations of imminent danger, you ran
the rest of the way even faster, and upon
reaching home, barricaded the door.
Your mom wildly looked up. "How was the



-y^' toAE

" ^ ii

Excuse me r can I get tickets here? Phaedra Ave-
Lallemant asks a tentative question.

When does it start? Shawn Fitzgerald and Kevin Keiser
impatiently twirl in their seats.

Step right up! Ronni Green tries to lure the passersby
into trying their hand at the basket toss. A few school
organizations took advantage of the fair for fund raising

Battle of the hands. Leading Tempest, Evan Rodaniche
and Walter Crouch play for the hyped up crowd and land
second place.


The annual Spanish Club event "Carnava-
lito" was held in conjunction with the French
Club's "Mardi Gras" at PCC auditorium on
February 23, 1991.
As the night began, the Spanish Club court
had a dance recital with the dancers in typi-
cal Panamanian costumes. The queen, Iliana
Rodriguez, and her escort performed "El
Punto" after which she was crowned by the
former queen, Carmen Ortiz. In her accep-
tance speech, she assigned each member of
her court a specific duty in her "kingdom."
The French Club then gave a speech about
the origins of Mardi Gras, and how it is cele-
brated. Door prizes were given out to the
winners. Some members of the French Club
had a kind of parade where the Mardi Gras
spirit shone through.
Costume prizes were taken away by Melis-
sa Bowman, who donned fruit on her head,
and Michelle Hayden, who came as a belly
With the music provided by the DJ "Any-
way," the night was danced away in a delight-
ful ambience.

A royal case. Queen Iliana Rodriguez bestows her regal
smile to all her subjects.

"What comes next?" Alix Puech whispers in panic to
escort, Eric Paredes.



SORRY. We regret that there are no pictures of mardi
gras, but none were available.

Left to Right: Eric Paredes, Ricardo Serrano, Jaime Step. glide, step. The Carnaaliio court makes all il
Oakley, Ivan Rodriguez-Mesa, Lorenzo Rivera, Alix motes
Puech, Monica Rios, Iliana Rodriguez-Mesa, Lisa Palm.


"Mm A MdN soft

Where's my escort? Lisa Palm gets a disquieting feeling
that she's all alone.

Something funny? Monica Rios seems to be thinking of
things other than just dancing.

BAM! Oh, great! Now I'm going to
have a headache for the rest of the
day and it's all the fault of those soph-
omores fooling around with that
plaque! I mean, it's pretty silly to be
trying to push each other to step on it.
And that one guy who probably has
no coordination whatsoever, instead
of jumping over it, goes careening
down the hallway, and after rebound-
ing off the bulletin board goes right
for me! Like I said, today's going to
be just a wonderful day. It's a dog's
It seems like yesterday when that
kid decided my blank stare bothered
him, and he whipped out his trusty
ballpoint pen, and scratched some pu-
pils in for me. He didn't even have the
decency to give me round pupils. He
just gave me little slits .. like a-oh
goodness!-like a CAT! .
You might think it gets kind of bor-
ing just sitting-actually STAND-
ING-here next to the main office, but
I don't mind until one of those days
occurs. I hate the days when people
hang on me, and leave the remains of
their empanadas, or when they just
walk by and stick out their tongues
thinking, "Oh, what a dumb dog."
Well, I AM your mascot. I Do watch
over Balboa High School and the stu-
dents, and I AM here for you even "
though you think it's stupid to talk to
a dog. There are a few people out
there who pet me occasionally. "Oh,
how stupid!" That's what YOU'RE
thinking! Well, those people under-
stand that being Balboa's bulldog is
more than just some stand-up routine,
and that I love them dearly. That is
what makes my job worthwhile.
Now come to think of it, this is
some job! I don't think I do anything,
other than watch people. Maybe
that's why I don't get a paycheck. :
Think I should take it up with the


Victories and defeats, games and
practices, all were part of sports. To
some, school would not be school
without the numerous athletic oppor-
tunities offered throughout the year.
To those involved in athletics, the
school day did not end at 2:30 pm.
Hours were spent training and work-
ing out after school.
Each season saw injuries; during
football season, two players were out
with collar bone fractures, and sever-
al cheerleaders with knee injuries.
An ultimate honor given to out-

Over the Top. Chad Callahan "gets some air" as he
goes for what looks like an easy dunk.

standing players was the title "all-
isthmian". Sports had both rewards
and drawbacks, but in retrospect, the
rewards were worth it all.
Being involved in athletics, either
as a player or a coach, enriched one's
involvement with the school. Sports
did more than foster a healthy life-
style. Athletic involvement in high
school made a student more well-
rounded, promoted self-discipline,
and for many, provided an important
sense of belonging (to the team.)

Trademark. Green Devil cheerleaders demonstrate their
original "shake it" maneuver. This contagious move be-
came a dancing trend among guys and girls alike.
First Aid. Bulldog. Delia Solis doctors her injured toe.
Soccer, like all contact sports, provokes injuries.





An Incomparable
The Cayuco Race is an event
that occurs annually and is one
that requires a great amount of
endurance, commitment, and
time. The race is a very unique
experience because this is the only
place in the world where you have
a chance to paddle in wooden
"logs" down a world waterway.
When you mention it to somebody
who lives out of Panama, you usu-
ally get a look of disbelief and a
sarcastic, "What?". It is definite-
ly agreed that the cayuco race in
an incomparable event.
For those of you who are not
aware of what the Cayuco Race
is, it is a three-day race from the
Atlantic side of the isthmus to the
Pacific side. During these three
days, the paddlers paddle fifty to
fifty-five mile from ocean to
ocean. The first stretch is the
shortest one of the race. It con-
sists of paddling from Cristobal to
the Gatun Locks. The second
stretch includes paddling the
treacherous and wearying Gatun
Lake. This stretch of the race
takes about three and a half to
four hours for an average cayuco.
The third stretch includes pad-
dling from the Dredging Division
in Gamboa, through Galliard Cut,
and up to the Diablo Spinning
Club, passing through the Pedro
Miguel and Miraflores Locks.
These "logs" take a lot of time
to prepare for the grueling and
exciting race. The paddlers begin
to practice many months before
the race and devote much of their
time to their cayuco. To prepare
themselves for the exhausting
race, the crews practice everyday
after school at Diablo and Gam-
The Cayuco Race is an activity
that you should take advantage of
while you are here in Panama. It
is an experience that is challeng-
ing and definitely a good way to
keep in shape.

Misconception and High Anxiety. The
Misconception crew; Craig Meyer, Tom
Ellis, Eric Diaz, and Lee Gibson battle for Chaos. The crew: Bryan Kemp, Carlos
second place in the Regatta against the Quintero, Kevin Keiser, and Doug Strong
High Anxiety dBrian Dugan, Luis Diaz. prepare t turn the point and paddle up
Mike Wing, and Johnny Thompson. the Canal
'. mui --

- ma p nei

-- *

Dear Dick. Stephanie Helin paddles as
Katie Goodwin "draws" to turn a corner.

%ilaaIl.n Ilopsh'r. brr ;!~.lg

Nllfler ,Most (r, r. G'Ar.i,m ,ull
.. ..Te .,; ^. if... 'l j i a. ,,

Tr. t .cr TI t j s ....'r ir jrr,, P.I.,I....r.i
,-,,,.,f i i -,r i r,, = -,i .1 ] R c llj'


,,..1 %1 I,. M l, I r., -... I .r.-

Field Goal

The capabilities of many outstanding

rookies compensated for the shortage

of returners.

From the bleachers, it was not always
es,. 10 ;ee ili ofi he ri.L'er .rn thi fo.:.lbsil
reid much Ir-,. Ilinlls .%.h, Ihes 'rS
But when the crucial catch was made, or
the winning touchdown was scored, there
was a buzz of excitement as the person
who did well was recognized. Throughout
the season, members of the football teams
showed how determined they were to suc-
ceed and help their teams win.
This year, the football program saw
quite a few changes. In the past, the play-
ers that didn't play first or second string
barely ever stepped onto the field to play.
This year, however, these players had the
chance during Thursday scrimages. The
capabilities of many outstanding rookies
compensated for the shortage of returners
and the unfortunate loss of ineligible vet-
The football players, this season, had a
lot of support from their cheerleaders,
their booster clubs, and their managers,
But everyone knows that the managers
were more than just a support group. They
kept the players bandaged, doctored, and
fed. And if there was a manager in the
house, you'd never find a thirsty player

with broken equipment. Needless to say,
the managers were a definite asset to each
The first confrontation between the
teams took place at Cristobal with the an-
nual football Jamboree. After the parade
of princesses, (Rashell Carson. Green
Devils; Melissa Winford, Red Machine;
Leanne Thrift. Cougars; Caroline Hinkle,
Bulldogs) the games began. The champion
team of the Jamboree was decided in the
final game, as the Cougars prevailed.
Green came in close behind taking second
Though the Cougars pretty much domi-
nated the rest of the season, they came
very close to losing a couple of games.
Ironically, these games were those that
staged them against the Green Devils, a
team that never did break its losing streak.
The Curundu Cougars finished the season
with a perfect record of 8 wins and no
losses. The Balboa Bulldogs came in sec-
ond with 5 wins and 3 losses. Red Machine
came in third with I win, 6 losses, and I tie
(an improvement from last year's 0-8).
And the PCC Green Devils finished fourth
after no wins, 7 losses, and I tie.

Down set Buldog's quarterback r The three amigos. The right side of the
Down, set ... Bulldog's quarterback Eric Cougars' massive offensive line prepares
Holland is about to give the signal for his itself to fire out against the PCC Green
line to block for him. Devils

Snap out of it! Red Machine player, John
Haning watches in astonishment as his team
fumbles the ball near the endzone.

:1 0-7-1

Cougar Football (First Row) M. Garcia. B. Ritchie, E. Hatchett, L Tremblay, I.
Garrido, M, Nelson, L. Reilly. (Second Row) R. Szymanski, J Jemmott. M. Tremblay,
R Waller, C. Buval. R. Reyes. S. McKenzie, A. Cotto-Pcrez, R Garcia, R. George
(Third Row) F. Bales, J Santos, L. Vonhollcn, S Donnelly, R Salazar, C. Fishbough
M. Love. B, McCoy, E. Whitt, J. Puryear, (Fourth Row) J Naum. B. Donnelly. A
Dunn,S. Conway, K. Gray,S E C ....i .,-,. I i.,.c i uFiii r. iFifth Row) A. Santos,
M. Morgan, J. Tipton, E. St,,i ird H.. i,,.., ,.M ..n.. '.lorl on. H. Nicholls, I.

Bulldog Football (First Row) L. Hunt, E. Holland. J. Beattie, B. Hardsaw, R. Morr
Meyer, L Ellis. J. Zornes. C. Lopez. (Second Row) E. Diaz, O Ortega, R. Niev
Zornes. B. Hardsaw. T. Ellis, G. Coorigan, L. Watkins. (Third Row) B Lugo, B. K
J Berman, K Keiser, S. Betrisey. J. Kirksey, S. Tweed, R. Gonzalez (Fourth Ro,
Williams, V Martinez, R. Martinez. R Estupinian. B. Swenty, E, Wiatt. A Ch
(Fifth Row) T. Ellis. P. Lincoln, C. Isbell. F. Herrera. D. Donoho, A. Mathene

fIbill IF..-i Ro1- H. led I I[;Zk. J eg.. M Ian V a U .. D
Cr Cook. M Bill. I V.il.fmird k Braiiler. Sec'..l R....i L Hu-lw', D
Y kc.ser. MI Dr ckriajr Mh as i l,,t.e I CI.Ireii..r L .'.'i, I v. I
1-duio B S'.,.u G.oc.n ITthrd Ri.. R C,.r... B kad I l( o.-F.
Quir.n P Meoods R Mjarnimn P Hui..I Hidlr. i S.re.-r iFourFh
-'lConncil. M Bi,.-a,.k K Sle.l B Rog,, R es r R E.r.- P M Irs,,.
* .:.l

Red Machine Football (First Row) C. Cobham, R.'& C.,-.i uh, G Bac.,i R G..ri,
S. Fitzgerald, M. Veno, R. Groom, C. Chastain, V. r .p..,. R ;.,ari.c iScr ic. R.-i
N. Martinez, 1. Rodriguez, J. Carrion, J. Rodrigue.: F ReiTut H T-..J, M Blr.0h.
weil. B. Archibold. M. Charles, R. Pinzon, L. Oakle. R Oil.,n D Ligerl MV Hniold
L. McConaughey, B. Fahy. (Third Row) P Grimison. A. Burns, C. Thompson. V.
Hopkins, K. Goodwin, C. Quintero, D. Cantu, C. Hovan, D. Cahamas, W. Gri... I
Haning. F Ender, A. Bowler. 0. Saley, E. Pcrez. J. Oakley, K. Barnes, S. Hel,.. N
Twohy. P Snell, J. Sweency. R. Dahlstrom.




': ^ ^^ ^ ^ *... '. .' .-*

31 s

You're dogging it. Red Machine coach
Bill Fahy gives his team last minute
instructions before the Jamboree begins.

Love Pat. Cougar, Jermaine Puryear con.
gratulates his teammate, Bob Donnelly
after a good play.


nI L .. ...B ..... :. i D.. B ,*II... J

-la d ul* ~T. I '.d J, . I. . .1 I ur

Let's Get Fired Up

Behind every football team
were its fans. its Iriends. and iti
support group And its cheer-
leader, were all of the abose
Following Thursday practices
were team pep rallies, during
which the cheerleaders would
share a couple cheers and plenty
of food lth the gu.i The squads
also had Thursdays re,ersed lor
punling signs and run-through
Friday)s ere game ds., and
lime for the girls to do something
nice for. or gile something nice
Io. the gu;s on the team Popular
items were n1lcers. candy. and

Rah' i...n Hull ,nd t ii JLm .. V l.,.
in.p.l Iht r. *d i I ..--If 1.r ir, iulIJi'.g.

'lshe' for good luck And iinallh
on Frtdas the girls. fulfilling
their original purpose, became the
guy)' number one plans and en.
courage the crowd to share in
their spirit
Shemi Jicha. Green Decil co-
captain. 'sad. "It'' funny how iou
Can be total itranger, in the be-
ginning. when ou find out Ahio'
on ,our squad and be so l,,e
when the .eaon ends Spending
,o man\ hour, together. at games
and at practice. almon t endured
conflicts within the quad< But
the relationship, that Ihe girls de
%eloped always, kept them work-
ing ad a team. eten Ihrough those
rough times

SalkinR like r plrtan-. GJa Mlh..ic
Th,.rr.,l I : r,d i '..N: r. r r.1.rT.
Ihc.r I,,,T.,:. ,- inn .Jjnra f jul'r.


~; vl.i :'': j /: .' * '

1 4*

Rulldi.-g ti H ., 1 i'.r.. ', I). ., . \ i.k... il k1 m i i I
H ...k l 1 r.h,-. r \. Hull

C(ouars (.cft) M Renfro. Y Camacho, A. Gann. (Right) N Nieves. E Stan
D)unn. R Wi lf.

ickwise) J Navarro. S Jicha. M Pearce. P Ave-l.allcmant, M Samuel'. I
S Oakley. C Ford



.C . .3

.-I M h n. i '1 I ... ,. ,-,,
a ,. l i K .. .-. -, s, 11, ii ] ., h 1 1 .i ,-,

Charging Down

The Court

Charging on down the court were
the girls Varsity basketball teams.
The players on the starting line-ups
were always planning strategies for
their next move. Their improvement
and determination were unstoppable.
What the majority of the girls lacked
in size and height, they made up for in
hard work and lots of hustle. The girls
were bound and determined to do
their best, and they most definitely
exhibited their skill and determina-

Dominating the Pacific area teams,
the Bulldogs received the second
place title of the 1991 season. The
Green Devils were tough competition,
and proved it with their third place
win. Although Red Machine did not
have as great a season as they had
hoped for, they did show some great
skill. The Curundu Cougars were the
underdogs of the season. Although
they did not place well, they did give
it their best "shot."

Catch it! A Cougar player prepares herself
to receive a key pass.

Make that point! Under tremendous pres-
sure, Izatel Manning gives it her best

Hustle! Alcisha Ave-Lallemant and Shan-
non Lord show one of their strong points -
the hustle

Sll" :
/ ir

Bulldso F.r.R F R 1 L -. I lN.a dq. ra aI o' ra l.. ,' u',.. t ., t. k ll .. ' rstRow) M Womble.G. Hattabaugh, R Tutzaer,J Hauser, Y Muse (Fir
R I -..r I LI ,.,. ....r: I r ..,. l., ..r. tS..,,,, L ,k. I r., H. e k a, ,,F L .k..: 1 ., ,l I Ave-Lallem ant. A. Puech, H Mendenhall. A. Ernest. H Clary, L Barrer

st Red Machine (First Row) M. Caton, V. Spratling. A Gundin L. Rojas. C Helm. D
a. Eastham (Second Row) Coach Luis. A. Longacre. I. Manning. M Hayden. L. Flores.
Y. Santamari. Coach luis. T Hall,





To The Limit

The players energetically gave
everything their best shot.

Teamwork was a very impor-
tant concept when playing sports.
It was a cooperative effort by a
group of persons acting together
for a common goal. Basketball
was a difficult sport, and the
teams had to work hard to win
their games. The players always
played with energy and gave ev-
erything their best shot; they also
had the opportunity to learn and
improve their skills.
The coaches were a driving
force in the lives of the team
members. They spent hours of
time on the court, teaching, train-
ing, and coaching the aspiring,
young athletes.

The boys Varsity Basketball
teams "shot" into the 90-91 sea-
son with extra spirit and enthusi-
asm since this sport was also cut
short last year. The Bulldogs, per-
haps displaing the most team-
work, linihed the ecaon with a 7
and I record. The PCC Green
Devils, who won the pre-season
tournament, finished close in sec-
ond with a record of 6 and 2. Cou-
gars and Red placed 3rd and 4th,
but that doesn't mean they didn't
fight hard.

"I've got ir-"No, I've got it!" Red Ma-
.r.rL I. i.. Il. j, r. e ...I r. lD e. ..
J ,.-i / rr .. lllc I .... .. .r. I lh

Pr..-ul'..n II.,r. f. ..'.... h...j .; 11 Wow! Ci, .r.; m r;.. ... l..ghi Chad
ch ig r. ..,) r .. r iL..li \.,-.*'.] C allah ,. r. .. ,.pi, Ie ...i..I .1 Ir' ball
executes a free throw as he lays it up.

Bulldogs J Benjamin. T Blanks. A. Bowler. M Cedeno. P Cotto-Percer. I Da.wkins. B Cougars F Adams. W Amedee. C Ballesteros. G r Barber, H. Davis, V Dunt
Hardsaw. J. Husband. E. Jones. D, Morton, M. Slaven, I Van Iloordc. F Williams. Feliu, B
Coach Quinn Hardsaw. M Herrera. W. Leggett. J Price, R Valdez Hernander. E. Von I
Coatch Rcyes

hine M. Austin. A. Baird. P Beard. D Brooks. G Cooksey, I '. .. .- ii Green D)evils I Cairo. C C(ollier. A Diaz. W George, E. Herrera, P Hurst. J. Jemmott.
R Gonzale, T Johnson. C King, R Morris. II Nicholls. C. l I. ii P.. 'r R Mokillo. C Morris, J Puryear, J, Riley, S Scott. M. Torres. B Wood, J. Zornes,
Coach Chen. Coach Moffitt




Over The Top

BHS Overpowered Its Competition.

Clearance. Michio demonstrates perfect form as he clears
his opponent's height. The high jump was one of the popular
field events that JV and Varsity competed in.

Exertion. David Fisher puts all his strength behind the
discus gaining some points for his team.

Track Team (First Row) C. Helm, C. Eekerle. K. Eckerle, Y. Muse, R. Berger, S. Betrisey. (Second Row) S Lord, S
Dawkins, N. Robinson. N. Henderson, A. White. A. Gomez, K. J-Clark, A, Graham, Mr Waugh. (Third Row) A.
Howard, C. Bennett, A. Ramsey, S. Fitzgerald, C. Febus, M Watanabe, F. Chauvin. (Fourth Row) A. Richards J.
Henderson. K. Keiser, E. Howell, C. Callahan, C. Morris. M Dyer, T. Loyd.

lump' Fr,,'C ,: U ul lrer...r. I r, I r ".. I.r
l.' nr-0 ,, .- -i. i t.


Faster Caroline! Trying to beat her opp
nent. Red Machine player. Caroine Hi
kle. races after the ball


Bulldogs (Top L to R) M. Garcia, T. Chen, D. Solis, T. Hall, B. Walsh, J. Valencia, R.
Nessler, A. Tartaglia, J. Sanchez, K. Kelly, Coach Cowley, (Bottom L to R) M. Ruiz, M.
Webb, G. Ilattabaugh, C. Wilde, E. Gordon, V. Esposito, N. Watanabe.

I.i. .


3': .. .

Red Machine (Top L to R) I. Manning, J. Church, P. Snell, C. Hinkle, R. Bottin.
Gomez, Coach O'Brien, (Middle L to R) I. Cantu, M. Winford, J. Sweeney, L. Saswo M
Quezada, (Bottom L to R) J. Hauser, M. Lewis, F. Navarro, N. Navarro, M. AscanC



Ouch! Rachel Bottin plays defense, stop-
ping a Tiger drive.

Doesn't that hurt? A Bulldog player "at-
tempts" to get control of the ball.

Reaching G

Complaining of bruises shins,
sore muscles, and the heat of dry
season, BHS's girls' soccer teams
ran out onto the field, and per-
formed at their peak. When the
players reached a desirable skills
level, they were ready to endure
the challenging season yet to

Dribbling. Bulldog, Gladys Hattabaugh,
gets ready to center the ball to an open


4 W,
*. .. '. ,,
.n# '* r .


Of BHS's two teams, Red Ma-
chine was more successful with
two losses, three wins, and three
ties, as opposed to the Bulldogs
with zero wins, six losses, and two


In the finale,
Green barely
Match Point slipped passed

Everyone involved with the varsity
tennis league this year was anxious to
get the season underway, and managed
to get the spirit up again, even after a
short 89-90. The rain, which took its
toll on a few early games, caused a
small delay, but didn't dampen the am-
bition of the four teams and their play-
Although there were a few upsets as
the season progressed, many games

were decided by just one match.
The championship of the 1990-91
season boiled down to one final con-
frontation between the Green Devils
and the Red Machine. In the finale,
Green barely slipped past Red with a 5
to 4 victory, and took the title.
Red Machine player, Carlos Quin-
tero said, "I'm sure everyone looks for-
ward to seeing another very exciting
tennis season next year."

Don't bite your tongue! Bulldog. Eric Holland It's not going to bite. Cougar. Robbie Garcia
serves an ace in his match against the Tigers. "carefully" hits a forehand while playing against
the Green Devils.


Where's your arm? Two year veteran Red Machine player,
Carlos Quintero delivers a pounding serve while playing Green
Devils' number two player

Bulldogs R. Garrido, J. Henriquer. E Holland, A. Leeb S. McGuinness. J. Naum. R. Cougar E. Barker, B. Bauer, B. Crusoe, M. Erroz, G. Fernandez, W. Fernand ,
Nolan, P. Norman, K. Parsons. W. Perigault. E. Samaniego. D. Strong, M. Sweeney, J. Garcia. S. Golembiewski. C. Hovan. B. Peterson. C. Ruiz. K. Sakon. R Sams .
Williford, J. Wilson, Coach Fahy. Stevens, F Westgate, J Westgate, Coach Schulte.


S Devils D. Bailey, R. Chan. T. Cooksey, E. Dame. A. De La Guardia. 1. Dillon, G Red Machine C Bohensky. M. Bleichwehl, D. Brown. J. Carter. J. Castaneda D
f elia. A Jacobowit, C Marotta, D. Marquardt, M Robison, S. Wood. Coach Chastain. C Corrigan, R. Gaylord, D Hartano. K Husted. R. Marine. Pinzon. C.
7 r Quintero, D Sprague. B Swenty, D. Rainey, H. Singh, R. Sweeny, Coach Dahlstrom




Game, Set, Match

The Season As A Whole Was Challenging And

No matter what others may
say, tennis is a game that requires
much skill, coordination and fast
thinking. Strategy is a very impor-
tant part if one wishes to be victo-
rious and master the game.
Have you ever picked up a rac-
quet and tried to play the game?
It's a lot more than just volleying
a fuzzy greenish-yellow ball from
one side of the net to the other.
The game takes much endurance
and precision.

Forehand. Bulldog Stacie Honeycutt re-
turns her opponent's threatening serve.

Three-Love, Match Point. Aliesha Ave-
Lallemant serves for the match.

The girls on each team were
very competitive, and the compe-
tition was equal throughout all
four team. The season as a whole
was challenging and exciting for
the players and everyone in-

Prancing April. April Liehr "cautiously"
gets ready to lob the ball over her oppo-
nent, hoping to win the point.

I T --

Bulldogs (Standing) S. Bryz, H...i P \., I ii' ,.r. Lcon. M Nicves. Cougars (Standing) Manager R. Samson, B. Ritchie. N. Nassiff, Y. Nakagaua, M. F o
Coach Schulte (Sitting) C. Tt. -mr .. .i D-g I,,, i h. r.u.l, i Engclke. A Lihr. Coach Oliver. (Sitting) J Sweeney, J. Hauser. V Uhorchak. E Da Pena, S Gar

__ : : : : :""'C'.""

Devils. (Standing) M. Diaz, M Samuels. J. Diaz, Coach Tucker. A Ave- Red Machine. S Golembiewski. J Brogie. A McConnell. J Brewer. M Bowman, A
it, L Chan, A Mathency, (Kneeling) C Numata. C. Quintero. D Grajales. K. Gundin, R Carson, Coach Coleman.
C. Ave-Lallemant


Stroking And Kicking Hard, The Team Showed
Great Potential.

Breast stroke. Brian Kemp swims one
T,.bic ,ip h Irf., t f. I "pit stop" at the

,,S, r,,"



Swim Team (First Row) M. Tassel, D Terrell, B K. rT.. R Br :r B Ir; r P;,. ce. E. Pineda. (Second Row) Coach Sweeney J.
Williams, P. Nolan, E Howell, G Kinugasa, '. i.i .. iTr..r P ..i % \\ ., ,.a, 1 Clary. N. Henderson. J. Lively, T Kobayashi,
S, Leffler, (Fourth Row) Y. Muse, I. Rodriguez. L. Sponberg, Y Wilde, R. da Pena. (Fifth Row) Coach Beach, R Peterson, J.
Andrevs, A. Heinichen. A. Puech

Varsity Swimming started the
last week in January. Everyone
practiced hard Monday through
Thursday for approximately two
hours a day. Swimmers were
faced with long sets of freestyle,
backstroke, and breaststroke.
They found themselves being
pushed and pushing themselves to

utter extremes. But the worst was
hearing coach say, "One more
100 yard butterfly". The results of
the first meet proved that all the
tough practices paid off after all.
The team as a whole had a smash-
ing victory over Curundu and St.

Butterfly. Anne-Liese Heinichen "flies" Go! As soon as the gun goes off, Steve
down the length of the pool. Betrisey dives in.

"",,, t, "
; .
.. a -B -


"11 W

Hit And Run!

Speed And Coordination Are Necessities.

Baseball required a lot of dif-
ferent skills, and the players on
:he teams combined them well
Speed was a most necessary asset
The players round themselves do-
ing a lot of running Sometimes
that little burst of speed made the
difference between a catch and a
dropped ball
Another necessity was coordi-
nation Extremely fine timing uas
required in most everything, at
the plate and in the field The
boys land girls) had to clock
themselves just right to get a good
hit or to catch a fly ball
Besides good reflexes and fine

timing, basic "baseball skills"
were required A player had to be
able to throw fast. hard. and far
There 'as a lot more to catching
the ball than just putting on a mitt
and waving it around
l11 in all, the players displayed
a vast array of talent Each team
provided great competition for
the others

Uindl'p -in..,r Br.in V .. Id.us.i C l
radlt..ll fI f the m- unId 3. he .irkc. =u .af

' ft.'! 'ha r i.Ir F. iIjliad licn'ipl I r P il
,,pplrirn t uul t sd i. nOu.- C.C ful

Bulldogs S mice (" ( .'n b llad%.... I J,,.-t.ieie (. ,,,R 0-..i t
,Oh)I I. kc.cv I M i,.r. I ri i R..bs..,n IQ t'r,ki ;.d A `, t. t B
S,,d kl.| is,. ;. I Oakic

t t -
. ...; "'.i "" . t "1 a" j" "

Co Home' Bullidg -)i.ah Mr Qu.nr
u"ar K '.. Ke..rr aru.-u d Ih.rd .lter
bd-.: h

S .. ,- ..
,'V t. --
*' ~3 * *** l
:. *-r*

. W 1 40
r'. .'
Ilk I

Cougas (Kneeling) L Shulman, F. Westgate. Y Ruiz. C. Lampas, S. Wheele
Bridges, R. Martinez. R Garcia, I. Skousgard. (Standing) Coach Fernandez, C
Fenderick, D. Bright. J Tejada, W Amedee. J Bealtic, S. Tweed. C. Febus, E. Lt
M. Rivera. Coach Martinel.

(First Row) T. Mills. B. Bauer, L. Wheeler. R. George, D Norman, S. Fitrgerald.
".C. Buval. L. Maddox. (Second Row) Coach Hager. J. Husband. M Watanabc.
ey. D. Strong. F. Ender. M. Slaven. C. Fishbough, E. Holland. C Coorigan. K

Red Machine (Firs Row) H Rivera. T Hall, B. Hardsaw, R Major, D, Morton. C,
Estcvez, J Waldron. R Demas (Second Row) Coach Grade. H Singh, J Jemmotr M.
Vaughn, S McGuinness, R Gonzalez. R Sirias. C Hovan, L Cairo, W, George. K,




.... ." .. .' . .

",' , "









"Prolect our beaches." Determined to spread thil me,.
sage. Ecolog, club member. Michelle Baker puts the
finishing touches on her Ilk-screened i-shirt

On the flip side of academics, there
were numerous activities for students
to get involved in. Activities were not
for everyone. But for those who took
advantage of them, there were a lot to
choose from.
For the musically inclined, there
was a choice between band and cho-
rus. The drama department attracted
those who wanted to act, and produc-
tions were put on 3 times during the

year. Academic clubs were a bit more
selective and were based on one's
grade point average. Two new addi-
tions to BHS brought awareness of
black culture and of our endangered
Getting involved in school activities
was a way to be with friends, make
new ones, and make a difference in
the school.

' t,"'" ",a "- ".8
A^^l^, o* '-

7 /^ *
I ) -.r X*

K 54

knd Making
k Difference
n The School.

Incoming Business Club officers, Mar-
cia Garcia, Nayat Martinez. Eileen Da-
Pena, and Vanessa Esposito listen as
they are about to be sworn in.

P. 66


Arguing effectively during a Close-
up group meeting, Ann McConnell
presents her view on the situation in
the Middle East. The Close-up
group met regularly to discuss such
governmental affairs.

Proud initiate. After pleasing his
parents with his initiation to the
National Honor Society, Steven
Betrisey pleases himself with "goo-
dies" at the reception. It looks like
he got to "have his cake and eat it




A Selected


Honor Societies Encourage


Three of the must prestigious clubs in
Balboa High School are the Nati.onil
Honor Socielt (NHSi. Biological Honor
Society IBHSi. and Spanish Honor Soci-
et\ iSHSi
SHS is composed of isudenti who ha.Le
excelled in Spanish clajses. maintaining an
A average after three 'ears ol ltud)ing Ihe
BHS is a 'erN large 3nd dcti.e club
Students iishing to join must hjae com-
pleted iLo s0emesters of Biolog iltth d
GP% of 10 or higher. and muit sho, a3
genuine interest in Biolog, and its related
fieldi BHS is an exciting orgnizzjiiun
which sponsors man\ acitltiies for 11s
members This Year' agenda included
walkingg on Pipeline Road. and blazing
iradik and ,Aimming in raging iaterJills in
the Interior The society heard lecture on

subjects such as medical school. beetles
and the Galapagos Isliand
NHS is an eminent organizajon for
which the members are choern lor jcj-
demic superiorsii But members must
pro.e. upon application. that the\ are ex-
celling in chjracier. scholarship. leider-
ship. jnd service a ell This sear NHS
Iocuied on helping ihe communnil
through ser~.ce projects example, of
which included buying Christma, presents
for children of poor rfmilies. and donating
mone1 to the children n nutritional home.
Nuire Hogar The ociieit also encourages
the serious participation of it, members in
actilitie such aj these
Membership to these societies provides
incentil e for Niudent- to achie e excel-
lence academicall ajnd .ociall', a; .ell

Hel 'n Hild BHS member' Eddie
Ho ell. iettie %H Ide. and \ anessa Espo-

SiiO cool oil'" .t fMr Seniz's houe afiera
long hike on Pipeline Road

Close-up: (First Row) Shawn Fitzgerald. Ann McConnell. Jennifer Schulte. Melissa
Bowman, Advisor Pat Al.arado ISecond Row) Rebecca Pelersen. Jennifer Li\ely.
Michelle Hayden, Eddie Howell.

National Honor Society: (First Row) April Lehr, Yira Muse, Ayesha Siddiqi, Claudi
Eckerle, Crlstine Helm, Karen Eckerle. Shawn Fitzgerald, Leah Izbicki. Eileen Da Peni
Guillermo Turke, Angela Moffitt. Treas. Christy Ford. (Second Row) Rachel Berg4
Y'ette Hilde, NMara Nieves. Scott Wood. Michelle Harden. Jennifer Brewer, Michai
Maduro, Melissa Bowman. Jennifer Schulle, Linelte Dutari. (Third Row) Steven Betr
se,. Belte Ritchie, Naomi Linger. Keila Sakon, Jennifer Lively, Eddie Howell, Pai
Hurst. Kerr) Gomez. Pres. Ashley Gann. (Fourth Row) Carlos Quintero, Eric Pareded
David Fisher, Rebecca Petersen, Lee Ann Sponberg, Kiran Chugani. Sec. Iliana Rodri
guez-Mesa, Melissa Royo. AdLisor Jose Jaen. (Not Pictured) Vice-Pres. Ann McCon-



It's a big moment for NHS initiate, Steven Betrisey as he
approaches the table where he will light his candle. The
candle-lighting ceremony is an important part of the initi-
ation ceremony.

ingling at the post-ceremony reception, Mr. Jose Jaen,
HS advisor, discusses the fundamentals of the society
ih a proud parent of an initiate.

ard at Work. Advisor, Mrs. Seitz; Secretary, Leah
:bicki. jnd President, Jennifer Schulte discuss future
ans for the Biological Honor Society.

i Team: (First Row) Angie Hernandez, Stacie Pruitt. Rebecca McWhirter. (Second
w) Robin McDaniel, Rossaue Ward. Tannia Colon.

Parrakeel: IFirst Rowl Venus Valdez. Eneida Thnm... TiflanIn Walkcr. Slacle Pruill.
Deika Wallace. Josephine Tunon (Second Rowj Kcela. Coltcrvahn. Lorena Milanes.
Jennifer Andreui. Michelle Cerrud. Leslie Ellerson. JJmiiL WVler,. Trinit) M-rlinc?



Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stars

Students Shine In BHS Production

Well, Mr. J. did it again! Once
more, he chose and directed a
masterpiece. This year it was
Charlotte's Web, and if you didn't
get to see it, you missed Melissa
Royo (Charlotte) with eight legs,
Stacie Honeycutt (Wilbur) don-
ning pig ears and a curly-Q tail,
and Robert Lutrell (the Gander)
with a bill and webbed feet. The
hard work and determination of
the cast and crew were exhibited
in a wonderful rendition of the
children's story. The other plays
produced during the school year
were The Little Mermaid, which
was student directed by Melissa
Royo, and the fifties musical
Guys and Dolls.

Bird of a feather. Charlotte's Web's gan-
der (Robert Lutrell) and goose (Sol
Cowes) practice their lines.

Auugh! All stressed out, Carrie Gibbs trys
to memorize her lines for her part (Cho-
rus) while Bunny Wilde takes a snooze.

Model United Nation: (First Row) Patricia Alaniz, Heather Clary. Mayra Nieves. Alis
Puech (Second Row) Ramon Da Pena. Scott Leffler, Khaladi Joseph-Clark (Third Row)
Manuel Herrera, Jon Lavallee, Eduardo Sal y Rosas. Mike Dyer Not Pictured Carlos
Febus, John McMillan, Amiri George, Angela Keeling, Yvette Chauvin. and David

a II 1mi I -
French Club: (First Row) Stephanie Grecco. Greg Pierce, Eileen da Pena, Mars
Quezada. Maribel Lewis, Brenda Villamil (Second Row) Norma Navarro, Maria Gad
cia. Fabiola Navarro. Vanessa Esposilo, Lidia Lou, Treas. Ramon da Pena (Third Row
Amanda Dickinson. Pres. Alix, Puech, Michele Baker. Sec. Anne-Liese Hemnichel
Monica Rios. Mrs. Laura Roa. Cenira Lopez. Rejoyce Hanson, (Fourth Row). Vic
Pres. Kiran Chugani, Jason Santos, Alex Villamil, Heather Clary, Richard SamsoJ
Fredrnco Euson, John Zornes.



What are you saying? Troy Loyd indig-
nantly protests Will Nevin's latest run
through his lines.

Moustachiod Mastermind. Every work of
art has a brilliant mind behind it, and here
he is. Mr. J strikes a scholarly pose while
talking to his cast.

OOPS! Naomi Unger's foul-ups, bleeps,
and blunders through yet another line
cause Melissa Royo to give her a disbeliev-
ing look.




r~w ,. -

DLography: (First Row) Rejoyce Hanson, Pres Richard Samson, Mrs. Dottie While.
onsor Pal Nolan, Jon Lavalee, Tristan Morrissey, Vice Pres. Ramon Da Pena, Alison
well. (Not Pictured) Sec. Kiran Chugani.

rL j
i.9 ^'^

Students Against Drunk Driving (First Row) Pres. Yira Muse, ice Pres. Slephanie
Grecco. Margaret Springer. Treas Jennifer Navarro. (Second Rowl Molnicj Colon.
Angie Hernandez. Rejoyce Hanson. America Casey. (Third Row) Mary W3lter,. Am%
Longacre. Ramon Da Pena, Heather Clar) Mrs. Joan Othon (Not Piciurcdi Sec
Tabitha Norton

' 59 ":


Jl` 5 0~


Canmpoirl Club IFir l Rawn Vie Pira Rbsc Pteron rreta Richard Sarnon, Snec katln Ecolgy Club (IFia Ro*) Trae. Michelr Baklr Co h p ,I ison aril. Co Ma,.. .
K rrr.l.Icond Ra.) Pre April Llihr. Norm. Na.l ,o. Teh Ad.,.or M.lida Colon 5cr Ayh,. JInn Nar..lu Allc.n Irlkin. Nedi" Shallh. ISc.ond Ro. Luktbi Barer Sirphen .
SladI.. llThrd Row) Fib.ol. N.,arro. GOselic Morales. Marbel Le .a. Mla Quoed.. Claudine Aprnl Llrhr. Fabol. N,-]r,. Mar.bl L. Ld.. L o.u 1 T.. a R.T.J Be ls GoIeLo Ail
,ckarle I.,ca S..rihra Teran Rand LUAL Brorera. Bre Gal.e. hNadI Shalhb.. IFo-rh Rawl Eric Pa.edes. Arlgl .e Wall. Anela Krl.ng Mary Jacobo.oL Edo.. Ho.ll Manra Aar. W'.
L.r Anmr Sportirg Lndla Lo. aPe. Goodn. Rachel Bolan. Angie Mil chel Karen Ecrerl Hatlbauh. UrGelle M.lailu. Norma Namar.o IFou~lh Ro.j Dong Sul Park JIeremah ,r ,
Ch"llr.e Hrlm. S.ol Wood Mork R,&n Manuel Hrrrre. (Fi'th o.e Doug Blrong. Edde Howe.ll Ernmalo Spuolob Richard S.mson. Heahbrb Clr, Nok, 1alaniabr. Chrilaph Ir S 1,1l0l
Sha wn FItrerald. LIm SaBso Mhssll Wnfrord Ke.rr, Gomer Doeng S l Psoak. lJrry Her on nn Ch Hoon. M P,,anura. S Soo1! Wool. Pil Anlne LIr H.lnhe.nl
Jai.r. Rodrl.lu Ilol Marnninj (5Ixth RP* Eduardo Sal, Rosan Edardo n ulaga Maril Ascano.
Nak. Wi'ansnabr. Ale SillIn Peter Pdersrn. Ernelo Spurlolr R.ck) Saolami Scnol McGdin


Club: IFirsI Ron) lice Pres Melihia Royo. Press Leah Izbckl. Monica Rioi. Threpians:iFirl Rou TTreai JenniferSchullc. 4r,gie hMoffil ~ce Pies Mlchai Rolo
person. Joinrie Hunt. Erin Harcnher Chrisi,n Helmr Claud.ne Eckerle. Slacic Pro' Ltah Izb.cki t5econd Roj Carrie Gibbs Greg Pierce Mounca Rios MIry
ull. Carrie Gbbs. Michelle Ta,,ell Ail Puech Trea, Jennifer Schulle. (Second JacobowiIt. Err. Halcheil klran Chugan,. Lee Ann Sponber.. Aaru.n Ibicki. Agilee
.reg Pierce. Ty ,Mech.m. 11ljna Choa Kai, Erine Slrmcs. Rejolyce Hansonn. Pall) Wall. Naomi Lnger
Nancy Hencerson Mary Jacobouaiz Alex Ro.san. Heaiher ClaI. Sec Angle
IThird Rou) Julic Church JennIrr 4ndreus. Troi Loyd. Aaron labick,. Lee
ionbrg. mmanda Dickin,mn. Eddie Horcll. Noomi LJnger.. .rng-le Wall. ILrr)
son. Kiran Chugano -

Strike Up The Band

Music the universal language. By
banging on pots and pans, or plinking
away at the color coded keys on your
little plastic piano, we have developed
our musical interests as children.
While most of us are content to sit in
our cars or rooms by a blaring stereo,
the more aspiring take classes such as
band, orchestra, chorus, and just
plain music appreciation.
Music can be the emotional release

A chorus line. The ,elect choru, jdd, ch...
reograph. to their singing I.. -pice up their

you need to dry your tears, make a
good day even better, or just while the
hours away. Here at BHS, music
won't only give you that aesthetic to-
wards graduation, but will also give
you another way to express yourself in
this world where material things over-
shadow more important values.
So try that one on your mother
when she yells at you for practicing
the tuba during dinner.

-eeping the beat. Mrs Monloui directs
her select chorus itlh precision and grace

Band: (First Row) Angle Mitchell. Ching I.Pai. Jui MAng Hung, Christine Helm,
Rosemary Dones, Phaedra Ave-Lallemant (Second Ron) lan Merkel, Temple Castro.
Kerrn Gomez, Rossaue Ward, Rebecca Petersen, Lori Ertle, David Fisher (Third Row)
Honora) Frith. Troy Loyd, Eddie Perez, Paul K.le. Rafael Fabrega. and Bryan Kemp.
Not Pictured: Doris Terrell and Patrick Lincoln.
Italicized names are students in Honor Band.

Mixed Chorus: (First Row) Dea Guerrero. Heidi Casperson, Berta Mezua, Jennil
Fonken, Lottie Welch. Alex Hernandez, Ennque Barker, Maria Pantoja, (Second Ro
Yoko Nakagana, Beth Stadler, Rochell Blades, Maria Ascano, Jose Bodkin, Giec
Herrera, Fred Chauvin. Rachel Petersen (Third Row) Sasha Barrera, Anita Marrei
William Nevin. Arnstides. Rezex. Stacy Pruitt. Marjorie Marquardt. Rejina Ruff
Melissa Guice, Teresa Santa Rosa, Mandy Acre, Juan Munoz. Karima Josephs-Clat
Willy Schultz, Danna Queen. Angela Smith.
Iralicized names are students in Honor Chorus.


The Pied Piperettes. Lori Ertle and Re-
becca Petersen play their magical sound-
ing flutes at the Christmas concert.

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do. Julie Wilson,
Leah Izbicki, and Malina Jacobowitz fill
the air with the "sound of music".

String and Flute Ensemble: (Picture not available) Temple Castro, Doris Terrell, Kerry
Gomez, Angie Mitchell, Lori Ertle. Christine Helm. Walter Crouch. Frank Wesigate,
Lukisha Barrera.

elect Chorus: (First Row) Lidia Lou, Tory Chen, Augusto Velasquez. Jessica Jardine,
lary Jacobowitz, (Second Row) Naomi Unger, Angie Molflit, Carrie Gibbs, Jason
ittens, Eddie Howell, Jennifer Schulte, Karen Toppin, (Third Row) Robert Luttrell.
miri George.
alicized names are students in Honor Chorus.

Marching On

JROTC Struts It's Stuff

From toy guns and plastic sol-
diers to junior officers, JROTC
has achieved the ultimate. Their
program consists of learning com-
munication skills, map reading,
the history of America and the

military, marksmanship, and
physical training The cadets are
offered the opportunity to exper-
ience leadership, character, and
citizenship. The extra-curricular
activities are membership in the

Drill Team. Rifle Team, Bust
masters, and Color Guard.

Fair dare. Sergeant Pureear and Caplta
Sanchez A&ai for someone to ir\ ihe
game t)ooih jt the fair

4tP ~.~

That's pride. Jonathan Brassfield shows
off his starched uniform at school. As a
JROTC cadet, the condition of his uni- ws e-
form was part of his grade. ., l-



Alpha Company: (First Row) CPL. Marco Austin, 2LT. Scott. Gulce (Second Row I
SGT. Jose Bodkin, PVT Carlos Esiesez, ELE. Patrick Wodrazka. (Third Row)
SGT. Daimon White, SGT Jaime Joseph, SGT. Carlos Bennett. SFC. Edgardo
Chong (Forth Row) ELE. Ricardo Rivera, ELE. Rafael Parra. ELE. Dioscorides
Ballesteros, ELE. Jonathan Hoffman.

Bravo Company: (First Row) PFC Anthony Ramsay. 2LT. Claudette Welch (Seco
Row) ELE Grady Hale. PFC. Su Yim Hoeber. PFC. Dalila Robinson.CPL. Elvia Cr
(Third Rowl SGT Julio Anaya, ELE Geraldo Barber, PVT. James Colteryahn, CP
lan Merkel (Forth Row) SFC. Gabriel Garrido, PVT. William Leggen. CPL. Man
Bustamante-Herrero. CPL. Daniel Roman.

~t, 9~8
(?; Ai

,, L a~

Motivating Young
People To Become
Better Americans

Presenting the colors, JROTC Color Guard proudly stands on the Balboa High School
football field.

P41 aSH Pia s

Staff: 2LT. Ann Mathews, 2LT. Michael Banasick, SFC. Itzel Manning. SCF. Melinda
Nicholls, SFC. Cenira Lopez, MSGT, Oliver Galang.

- C

.1 .

_, _.- ., .

harlie Company: (First Row) CPL. Armando Nunez. PFC. Carlos Barter. CPL. Saul
isupinian, SFC. Shawm Fitzgerald. SFC. Ronald Green Jr.

Delta Company: (First Row) C/PFC Maria Panlo)a. C/MSG Larr) Veliz (Second
Row) C/CPL Josefina Tejada. CiPVT Enrique Barker. C, ELF Michael Griffin. C/
PFC. Wendy McNamara. (Third Row)C/ELE Ida Hale. C ELE Chris King. C/SGT.
Yessica SantaMaria. C/PVT. Shawn Butler. Ci PFC. Jonathan Brassfield. C /PFC Troy
Loyd, C/SFC. William Nevm. C/SGT. Raltan Dhalihal C/ELE Riley Donohoe. C/
ELE. Carl Gale. C/SFC Jaime Oakley. C/CPL Eduardo Sal Y Rosas. C/PFC lose
Padilla. C/PFC. Jay Fullerton, C/PFC. Jarmin Vergira. C/PFC Raul Garcia. C/ELE
Marisol Manzanares

M poney Fundraising.

The Burden Of

Talks Every Club.

The Evil that money brings. Shawn just
can't resist the feel of cold, hard, (Close-
up) cash in his hands. He counts down the
dollars still needed for the group's trip to
Washington D.C.

Have you ever seen students
selling food in the breezeway at
lunch? If you have, they were
most likely involved members of
clubs that were trying to earn
The Close-Up group sold tick-
ets for the Theater Guild produc-
tion, "Wait Until Dark", to fund
its annual trip to Washington
D.C. The Dance Team had sever-
al bake sales from which the prof-

its went towards the purchase of
its jazzy costumes. And the Na-
tional Honor Society's pizza sales
raised money to fund its commu-
nity service projects.
Every club had activities to
sponsor and responsibilities that
required money. Therefore, fun-
draising was an important factor
in the success of each club. These
pressing needs for money kept or-
ganizations working hard. And

throughout the year, these organi-
zations helped the student body
by keeping it entertained and
definitely well-fed.

"You missed a spot!" JROTC's money
makers. Eduardo Sal Y Rosas, William
Luttrell, and Drew Donoho "scrub-a-dub-
cub", as Troy Loyd supervises.

I -



BiologiclU Honor Sociely. IFirlt Rawl April L.ehr Clandine Eckerli Karen Eckerir Vice PreJ
Iennfrr Laurly. Prr. Irenitec Schulle Lash libick. Yire Muse Rolhal Brrger Melibel Lu.-.
Maria Qucoda iecsand Ro*) Criallne Helm. A1,he Srddqi Stephanir Gio .: Monic. R.s.
Brear Wood. Mrs Mayr. Seilt. Kuaherine Scitz tlblure memberil Third Ra-I Trsr. Morrsy.
Carlo Quinlero ScarS Wood. Keiry GoCmr. Michelle Hoedrn. Mrlise Bo.mn Ilian. Rodiirue.
Alicsha Asc-Lallrment Jrnnmfer Brrwrr. Ramon sD Pene Vanesua Esposlo, Anl.ee Wall Roy
Pinaon Faerih Ro*) Stei. Brinsey Bryan Kemp Melissa Roya liol Manning. Ali4 Puech. Mr
David Srlla. Jrrr Henderron Minrrkl Baker. Ales Roua.n. RrBnel Boin Ken Good-mn Micharl
Maduro. IFilfh Rom) Lee Ann Sponbeig JenniFer Galang, Jeremiah Krage. Ten)o Ha.na Jon
LaIvllre. Eilern Da Pen.. Naomi Upper. Rbelcca Perenrn Lor. Enle. Dab.d Fishev. Kevin Parsons
Eddie Hoarll Keln Krier. Shesn Fiutgerald

Black Cultural Aamreness Club: I Firs Ro I Edward Daiskns v.ce Pre. Chad C
han. Sorha Snmiago. Press Luklsha Barrera T:cns Case. Morris. (Second Ral '
Cecelia George. Sec Karen Toppin. Raymond Morris. Liuric Jone. Ro-saur e
Blian Womble. Alha Sherrod. Mihaci Bclrchoehl Melnda Nicnolrs. Shimeeks '

men'. Club tIFiil Roa I Treas Sherm J.ch. Sec Lia S!jid Vce Pres KuhSin
:n Pier Sherri Andersen iSeic.nd Ro.rl Jennifer Andres%. Angela MJofIil Jenrn.
ullr.Gu llerrmoTare. S iSnc Honecrull SIauKn FiigrCilid. April Lichr. Jennife
ro. iThird Rowl Lee Ann Spuonerg Tire. Rind Kalie Goodmin Leanne at.l
Irelita Winford. Kathlecn Kelles Ashley Gann (Forih Raul Ebgene Monagnan.
Garrdo. Rebec. Peirrten Lor. Erile. kulst Braton Eddie Ho.ell. Bryin
Ketir. Kerer. Doug Strorg

Peer Help;ng (Left io Rightl Patty Alan.z, Angela Keeling. Mary JacobowLs. Mikr
Dyer. Angela Malchell. Chelley Morrell. Mrs. Judy Scaerson. Jay Torres. Luksha
Barrera. leremiih Krage. Karen Toppon



The Leaders Behind The Scenes

Along with the responsibility of
educating their students, a large
number of teachers found it re-
warding to sponsor school-affili-
ated clubs or activities. Being a
club sponsor was in no way an
easy task. Most will agree that it
took a lot of time, energy, dedica-
tion, and patience.
So what made them put them-
selves through such a challenge?
Yearbook sponsor, Mrs. Hanson

Stressing his point, Mr. Figueroa empha-
sizes the importance of the Spanish Honor

says she really enjoys working
with teenagers both during and
after school hours, while Close-up
sponsor, Mrs. Alvarado tells us,
A teacher's willingness to give a
little extra time and effort gave
students an opportunity to get in-
volved, and learn a little more
than they might in the day-to-day

Haste makes waste. A. Heinichen and M
Quezada listen to Ms. Baca explain the
"ground" rules to the Ecology Club.

Spanish Honor Society (Picture not available) Sponsor Mr. Felix Figueroa, Melissa
Bowman. Ashley Gann, Kathryn Goodwin, Tanya Haines. Michelle Hayden. Paul
Hurst. Jennifer Lively. Michael Maduro, Ann McConnell. Keila Sakon.

Business Club. (First Row) Vice Pres. Eileen Da Pena, Pres. Nayat Martinez, Trea
Vanessa Esposito. Sec. Maria Garcia (Second Row) Jason Santos, Seema Nirwa
Rejoyce Hanson, Edilma Carr. Nikki Walcott.

. M

ow does she do it? English teacher, Ms.
amb is the sponsor of the Parrakeet and
'the Student Association. Where does
le find the time?


"Every penny helps." Sponsor, Mrs. Al-
varado discusses fundraising options with
the Close-up group. Money was a necessity
for the club's trip to Washington D.C.


odor EWud90 A,1m

dent Association: Sec. Roberto Chan, Co-Pres. Monica Rios, Sec./Treas. Aliesha
pLallemant. Sec. Ramon Inchausti (Not Pictured) Co-Pres. Khaladi Josephs-Clark.
SPres. Mary Nelson.

Spanish Club: (First Row) April Liehr-V P., Melissa Royo-Sec.. Mr Carlos Vaz-spon-
sor, Michelle Hayden-President (Second Row) Monica Rios. Jenny Jones. Rina R.
Molna (Third Row) Rebecca Pelersen. Jessica Schaw. Rita R. Molina (Fourth Row)
Dwight McKabney. Melissa M. Bowman. Alix Puech, Ilana Rodriguez-Mesa (Fifth
Row) Mayra Nieves, Scott Leffler. Michael Maduro. Manuel Herrera. Matthew Rob-
ertson, Ayesha Siddian. Wric Pauesus. Shannon Lord. Not pictured- Carlos Quintero-


. "- k



"Tell them if they don't get
those pages done their names will
go on the blank pages in sixty pt.
Roman BOLD!" Mrs. Hanson
thus so effectively threatens us.
Yearbook is not something you
do because you just want to put it
on your record. You have to put
up with a lot, so here's the inside
Besides all the fighting and
yelling, a usual day begins with a
drink from the fridge. Unfortu-
nately, this fridge has the most
peculiar, odius odor protruding
from its depths, and if you open it,
one of the editors, Kristin, will
keel over dead and scream "Shut
that thing!"
Now supposing this day is Sat-
urday morning, you'll go to dras-
tic measures to get into the
school. You hear of people want-
ing to get out; we want to get in!
Our minds have just totally cor-
roded away. Greg, on many occa-
sions, crawls in and out of the sec-
ond floor windows in this respect.
If somebody yells for a pica pal,
a funny orange yearbook ruler, it
gets flung across the room into his
face with a cheery, "Here you
go!" from Ashley, the other edi-
You finish drawing your layout
with the ruler, and then come the
killer picture croppers, which
have the capability of stabbing a
person to death. Plus, they are
warped, and all the pictures get
cropped crooked, which upsets ev-
With the editors' approval, you
transfer your layout plans to an-
other form; hence another pica
pal whizzes by.
Now it is time for writing the
dreaded captions. "I can't think
of anything!" a poor individual
wails. "Caption Crew!" Every-
body stops what he is doing to
crowd around one picture. A cap-

tion will emerge-results guaran-
After measuring headlines,
subheadlines, text copy, and cap-
tions to fit into assigned places,
you must transfer them onto a co-
pysheet on the typewriter that
eats everything, or the computer
that prints where you don't want
it to. Pick one. (Carlos' typing
speed went up from one character
per minute to two, Bette amazed
us all with her original writing
By now it is lunchtime in the
yearbook room. About 3:00 p.m.
"I'm hun-greeee! We order a piz-
za and confuse the person taking
the order by changing our minds
half a million times.
A completed page is dumped
on the wise ones' desk, and they
snicker wickedly and bring up
weird rules like "NO trapped
copy! NO trapped white space!"
Meaning, "Do the whole thing all
After a page passes through
these picky people, it goes to the
sponsor, Mrs. Hanson, where it
must pass further scrutiny.
The page then gets mailed to
Jostens, the people who actually
publish the book. Back-up copies
get stuffed haphazardly into our
record book that poor Tiffany has
to unscramble to work on the in-
Once this is completed, the
whole process begins once again
with deadlines looming and caus-
ing everyone to get excited and
There is so much more; the
white-out blobs, the tape deck
constantly on; so much to do in so
little time that we end up staring
blankly at the walls (and the play-
doh on the ceiling!)
So ... how many of you out
there are going to do this next


Slate Driwers. Editor Krislin Braaten. Advisor Jo\ce Hanson. Ediior Ashle, Gann.

Zonian Staff: (Front Row) Tiffany Mecham, Alex Rossan, Angilee Wall, Sasha Veno,
Yvette Wilde, Lee Ann Sponberg, Cathy Rigby. (Second Row) Rejoyce Hanson, Scott
Leffler, Michael Maduro, Bette Ritchie, Misty Renfro, Rashell Carson, Ann McConnell,
Karen Toppin, Jason Krapfl, Jon Lavallee. (Third Row) Ramon da Pena, Kathleen
Kelly, Stephanie Kuhn, Greg Pierce, Lisa Palm, Carlos Quintero, Patrick Nolan. (Top)
Kristin Braaten, Ashley Gann.

, 70

ports: Carlos Quintero and Bette Richie Sophomores: Sasha Veno, Scott Leffler,
and Misty Renfro

Academics: Tanya Haines and Jenny Ga-

Juniors: Yvette Wilde, Carlos Quintero,
and Lee Ann Sponberg


student Life: Caith Rigb\ and Lisa Palm

Ads: Alex Rossan and Angie Wall

Seniors: Rashell Carsona and Kathleen
Kelly (not pictured: Jenny Galang.)

Clubs: Stephanie Kuhn and Greg Pierce

Index T'ffans .lfecham. Business haren Toppin. News Special. Inn M.cConnell. Facul- Photography: Jon Lavallee, Pat Nolan, Rejoyce Hanson, Michael Maduro, Jason
ry. Rejoyce Hanson Krapfl, Ramon da Pena

Stalicized names indicate editorial positions



Going ape, Russell Evans monkeys around
to liven up a dull class.

d l.

Extra. ..

K~~ a

What is this? Aileen Jenkins wonders
what is in her lunch, while her friends,
Katie Goodwin and Chris Hovan, try to
finish their homework.
The Corner: The ever popular lunch han-
gout. You can get junk food, hot dogs, and
hamburgers from Oscar's stand, or raspa-
dos and empanadas from the street ven-


Time out. During lunch. BHS students
joke around to forget the tensions of class.

i ,.6 .
I :. '. /I',:l,
:i *..: 'w ,.

'i -
'..' '. % ** m,
**: . . .

Corme again"' I ., k',cir .l]..t.,,i,,:h i, i,
-..m t.i Mr 1, .,,- H.: ir.t 1h.n .r. ,, i .:
only normal person in a world of chaos.
Comfortable? S enic, I L,. Garrido con-
torts herself into a -,. I position to do
her Driver's Ed. homework,



P k

. Extra

867-5309. Fina Tejada takes a break from
the tedious school day to call her special
ft The driving force behind the yearbook.
Yvette Wilde attempts to emulate Editor
Kristin Braaten's muscle power, while Lee
Ann Sponbherg stares in awe.


m- f ...- ......

O rr


7 5


Resourceful. Making wise use of the research materi-
als available to him, Ramon DaPena shuffles through
the card catalog after hours. Many students took
advantage of their opportunity to use the library
before and after school, and during lunch.


When, during the course of the
year, we lost ourselves in the excite-
ment of sporting and extracurricular
activities, we forgot the main reason
we dragged ourselves out of bed at the
dawn of every day: TO LEARN.
Students had to juggle an average
of six classes a day, with the option of
advanced placement or concurrent

enrollment. Grades were an ever pre-
sent pressure, counting towards one's
GPA, which was particularly impor-
tant for college-bound seniors. "Just
Read", "SURF", standardized test-
ing, and those quarterly computer as-
signment were all part of the aca-
demic side of Balboa High School.

P. 90


K z


Fishbough's fishbail. The use of Craig's earlh"orm goes Side Iracked. Stephan.e Kuhn tjkes a break from speed
beyond biological d,;cciion class to caich up on her chemisltr

Mouseketeer, Lee Ann Sponberg uses the "mouse" to
create a spreadsheet.




infusing chemistry. Russell Evans can't decide wheth-
to use the clay to make atoms or another Smurf

The Way Of The Future

Science And Technology

Now, with advancing and tough foreign
competition, the demand for students with
scientific and technological capabilities is
At one time or another, each student has
had to deal with a mathematical theory, cre-
ate a science project, or work with a comput-
er. Even a new policy at Balboa has been
installed. It requires each teacher of every
class to give an assignment on a computer.

Students realize the importance of these
courses, and many of them exceed beyond the
minimum graduation requirements. Also,
college admission is becoming tougher and
more competitive. Students are expected to
be able to work with a computer and think
As you can see, math, science, and comput-
er courses are necessary for future success.

Touch and go. Rita Molina creates a program in her
Basic II class.


Relaxing in the shade. While Ricky Mar-
tinez, Alex Villami, and Doug Weeks fight
over paper, their friends draw on.

Friends united by physics. Jamei
Westgate and a young girl from Bal-
boa Elementary School work together
to build a rocket.

Mr. Young's abnormal artwork. For a
change of scenery, Robert Harper and Jill
Dany paint outside of Balboa High

Daredevils. Ramon Inchausti and Alex
Sterling take the plunge down the Admin-
istration hill while testing acceleration on
an inclined plane, in Mr. Thale's physics

.."% '~' "*




Does school ever seem to get
monotonous? Taking notes all pe-
D riod, listening to a lecture all day,
D F and just the daily routine of it all
r wearied and bored many students.
e For a change of atmosphere,
r many teachers deviated from the
V AT norm. Mr. and Mrs. Seitz took
ON their biology classes bird-watch-
i ing; Mr. Thale's physics class
built rockets with the elementary
m o school kids; and Mr. Young's art
a class went outside to draw the sce-
r nery surrounding our school.
Those were just a few ways that
S T m our teachers tried in making
1 M school life at Balboa High more
h exciting.
g e

Dart gun dilemma. Linette Dutari
crouches on the floor while trying to mea-
sure the muzzle velocity of her dart gun.

(i *i

Experiences For Tomorrow

Cooperative Work Experience

Imagine having real work experience in a pharmacy, elementary school, or in a Marine
Bureau before graduation from high school. Cooperative Work Experience-or CWE- is a
unique work-study program available to any Balboa High School student. This course is
designed to introduce students to the world of work and to provide skill for training through
on-the-job experience. High school students at Balboa are offered work sites in many areas,
such as electrical/telephone sections, recreational centers, and dental clinics, which pro-
vide opportunities to increase their confidence and self-esteem by using their skills and
aptitudes in real-life settings.
Students work daily for at least two hours. Many of them catch a glimpse of potential
careers. Personally, Bryan Crusoe likes the "good experience" working in Gorgas Mortu-
As Ms. Manchester says, "No matter what happens, everyone eventually has to go to
work ...". CWE is certainly a way to find out what it will be like when that time comes.

Eric Morris asks a co-worker for a ride home from Lisa Sasso takes time to make new friends at the Corozal
Albrook Stables. Vet Clinic.

"Seven minutes in Heaven." This is really
the life for Evan Rodaniche laid back
and "just reading."

Inspired, Jeremiah Krage enjoys volun-
tary reading in the library ... the ultimate
goal of Just Read and Surf.

Engrossed in his novel, Freddie Jordan
"gets busy" with his book.


: : Just Read And SURF
.-,. ..1: Programs Promote Read-
It. ., ing.

The Wave

Now, we're not talking about
skipping class to find "most excel-
lent" waves. The Surf we're talk-
ing about is Silent Uninterrupted
Reading for Fun. Balboa's entire
population sets aside nearly half
an hour every Wednesday for the
enjoyment of reading magazines,
fairy tales, mysteries, and dude -
maybe about those waves too!
Reading isn't only reserved for
Wednesday. "Operation Just
Read" invaded Balboa High

School with its mission of a daily
reading ritual for approximately
ten minutes at the beginning of all
regular English classes. After si-
lently reading, literary partners
complete assigned activities to
hopefully provoke interest in each
other's books.
Surf and "Operation Just
Read" build reading proficiency -
the key to educational aspirations,
careers, and future successes.

5V- ^ .

f .-

Rule #1: Come prepared. Library aide, it was Wednesday. Shannon rushed to the
Claudine Eckerle issues Shannon Doheny library just before Surf.
choice reading material. Realizing



Working in the main office, nurse's clinic,
attendance office, library, or in a classroom
is student aiding. Students take that class
period hour for many reasons such as the
easy crediting, extra work time on yearbook,
or merely the desire to help out our school

and teachers.
Various jobs are given to "Balboa's help-
ers". Library aides work at the circulation
desk, office workers deliver passes and ease
the burden of paperwork, teachers' aides
help out with grading and filing, and of
course yearbook Zonians are always deep
in intense work. Student aides have strict
rules as to behavior in the halls and the
lingering between errands.
Whatever the jobs and reasons, all the
student aides at Balboa High School are
greatly appreciated!

Working on the job. Adam Brunner
period" at the library.

works his "easy



"Oh no! I forgot to study last night! Oh
wait ... aaallllright! I can still pass it's a
multiple choice scantron test!" No doubt this
message is on all the minds of those fortu-
nate, unprepared students on test and quiz
These easy to grade and "maybe I'll be
lucky" tests were a great benefit for both
teachers and students. Of course not all tests,
quizzes, and exams were as ... simple? In
fact, this year a new test practice required
that all major tests have essay questions. But,
despite the different methods of testing, scan-
tron tests still played an important part in the
school's academic aspect.
"Hmmm, scanning it 'c' is my boyfriend's
first initial, I'm really making a cute looking
bunny, and the musical notes for the new
number one song ..." Sound familiar?

Ummm ... C? or is it B? Rejoyce Hanson is glad she
still has a chance of passing . No wait! Maybe D?


hysiological fix. Luis Ellis and Keita Sakon quickly
ram the muscles for their cat exam.



What words come to mind when you hear
the word "speech"? Humiliation? Terror?
Embarrassment? This is how many students
feel about giving speeches. As viewed by one
student, who wished to remain anonymous,
"I drool and stutter when I give a speech, I
can't stand it!" Well, most of us aren't that
scared, but it does bring on sweaty palms
and nervous twitching.
There are ways to relieve this tension.
One way is complete memorization so
there's no chance of forgetting. Another

'* '-^f^.,

way is to make "cheat sheets" note cards
starting off each paragraph of your oral pre-
sentation. Of course the best way is to pic-
ture the other speakers bald, perhaps naked!
These methods can relieve your tension tre-
mendously, especially since you are the only
speaker dressed and with hair! Giving a
speech can make you feel more confident
and allows you to express yourself with

(ABOVE) Confident Jennifer Fonken tries to convince
her audience to buy hair products that prevent balding.





Cramming extreme, last minute prep-
aration. For some people, cramming puts on
the pressure; for others, it's the only way to
study. You can catch many students cram-
ming in the library before school starts.
They're also in the halls and outside study-
ing between classes, cramming in any bit of
information they're able to retain. The hec-
tic and frenzied studying can be done alone
or in giant cram sessions with other stu-
dents in the same boats. Some successful
students will tell you that this is a very bene-
ficial and common method of studying.

Last minute tutoring. Ales Stirlng receives final assis-
tance before the Analysis test.



Admission Is Free!
No, this is not a new disco-
theque for "bookworms". The
Hardback Cafe is a place where
all kinds of students can catch up
on work and eat at the same time.
Booths are provided with plenty
of space for books and lunch.
There is adequate lighting and
lots of people to socialize with
when you're done. Because many
students are so busy and have
after-school activities, Balboa
High School's cafeteria is a great
place to get work done. Come to
the Hardback Cafe and see what
you can accomplish (admission is

Mind your manners! As Stephanie Helin
takes time out of her lunch period to study
vocabulary, Robert Nieves laughs on with
his mouth full.


' U

Caught up in a goon DOOK, KrOnSUKce I -
shimoto forgets to eat and disintegrates
into thin air!

The lone student. Alex Villamil studies on
his own at lunch, away from the group.







In-School Suspension

What? You break the rules, and you don't
have to attend class? You just lay back and
enjoy the day off' No lectures, no notes, no
homework! Sounds great, doesn't it? Well, In-
School Suspension is quite the opposite. Stu-
dents receive an ISS for different reasons, some
more extreme than others. From the moment
the "culprits" arrive at "jail", they are put to
work, and continue working throughout the
school day. Though many students resent a day
in ISS, many of them feel they accomplished a
lot of work. This satisfaction does not, however,
compensate for the strict rules and captivity
inside the "jailhouse".

The guilty. Harchand Singh studies one subject after an-
other in ISS.

Consiced scholar. David Werlz decides if The Scarler
irtter is worth reading while serving Lime in ISS

Innocent until proven guilty. Guthrle Crouch looks out
at the "real -orld", iill claiming his innocence


Questionable Calculus. As Michael Maduro tries to find
the surface area of a cylinder, he confuses himself and
the entire class.

Maximum Overdrive

Students Gear Up For A Heavy Load.

Armed with her heavy-duty kitchen gloves, Car-
rie Gibbs learns the muscles in preparation for the
daily quiz.

Getting Comfortable. As Mr. Johnston returns
Lori Ertle's test, Ann McConnell prepares herself
for hers.

.tEr( O- ;IIic

-I nr ;J

Searching for "Snuffy's spinotrapezius, Leanne W
kins makes a careful incision.

For those people who strive for a challenge,
Balboa High School offers selected courses
which provide exactly that!
In Physics, students work with computers,
bicycles, rockets, and many other items, which
help them to gain an understanding of the
properties and changes of matter and energy.
Physics students also study heat and electric-
Calculus, offered after analysis has been
taken, is reserved for one class. Calculus stu-
dents learn such things as differential and inte-
gral calculus.
Physiology students first learn every bump,
bone, muscle, and notch in the human body.
Then the physiological aspects are taught. The
complete dissection of cats is also a require-
ment of the course. Cat lovers-don't fret! These
cats donated their bodies for the benefit of

Advance Placement English limits the num-
ber of students who desire to be in the class.
Requirements for A.P. English begin before
school starts! APE's (as the students are re-
ferred to) must read eight books over the sum-
mer. Throughout the year, they interpret poet-
ry, write compositions, and read major works
of literature.
Advance Placement Spanish prepares stu-
dents for the A.P. Spanish test at the end of the
year. These exceptional Spanish students study
literature from various authors of Spain and
other Latin American countries. The authors'
lives, how they wrote, and their works are care-
fully studied.
Although this may be considered "heavy
stuff," these challenging courses provide a
straight passage to college and a promising

T le's Apple. With the help of his physics class. Mr.
T le finds that the apple on his belt buckle is the center
o' ravity of his body.



rr oii



C* q


Anticipation. Tense seniors eagerly watch for the out-
come of the egg-drop contest at the Homecoming pep
rally. Who ever said pep rallies are a break from school

It has been said that a school is only
as good as those who are involved
with it. After all, the building is noth-
ing without the people to breathe life
into it. And that's just what the cul-
turally diverse staff and students of
Balboa High School have done. Free
of political unrest, they have put a
fast-paced, upbeat, positive feeling
into the school year and made it un-
like all others.
The little squeeze in student popu-
lation certainly didn't stop them from

moving on up to better things. The
sophomores had to adapt to the new
expectations and responsibilities of
high school. The juniors demonstrat-
ed their new awareness of colleges,
while the seniors scrambled to mail
their applications and eagerly awaited
a reply. But nobody had to endure iti
alone. They all had the support of
teachers, family, and friends.
Unleashed in spirit, they raised the
roof on pride and achievement.

We Make

The Difference

Happy New Year! In New York, it was Times Square;
but in Panama, La Boca was the place to be this New
Year's Eve. There, Robert Meyers, Brian Wood, Mi-
chael Maduro, Ricky Szymanski, and Alan Matheney
heartily welcomed their graduation year with a toast.

cS- _
" 9~,~



Some of the best times of our lives
were spent in these halls. They are
times which we will never forget.
The parties, the pastimes, but
mostly the friendships, these are
things which we will cherish for-
These memories we share will be
there when we got out to face this

Senior class officers: Secretary Michelle
Hayden, President Iliana Rodriguez, and
Vice-president Melissa Bowman. Here's to
you from the class of '91.

big world, and during the hard
times we'll be able to reflect back
on them for comfort.
They will never be forgotten
years. They will always be roaring
From these halls we have exper-
ienced the beginning of life.

Suffering from "senioritis", Brian Crusoe
excitedly rehearses turning his tassle. This
was a common sight among seniors on the
day they received their caps and gowns.



Sherri Anderson "Woodstock," Marjorie Aramayo "Margarina,"
Cheerleader, Select Chorus. Business Club, Spanish Club, Volley-

Maria Ascano Basketball, Volleyball.

liesha Ave-Lallemant "Leesha,"
lost Likely To Succeed, Tennis,
tHS, NHS, Band, Basketball, Volley-
all, SA Treas.

Dioscorides Ballesteros "Chito, Bas-

Catherine Balyeat "I know Ted."
"Cathy and Jill, best buds forever."

Michael Banasick "Mike," Baseball,

.ukisha Barrera "Lucki," BIK, Cor- Tricia Bauer "Trish," Originally from
uter Club, French Club, Basketball, Ft. Walton Beach Fla. Her Senior year
soccer Parrakeet. will be her first, and last at BHS. With
good memories of Panama, Trish
hopes to return to Fla. and attend the
U of West Florida.

Angel Bowler "Pebo," Soccer, Foot- Melissa Bowman Best Dressed, Senior
ball, JROTC Staff Class V.P.. NHS, BHS. SHS. Close-
up, Spanish Club, Tennis. Dance team,
Computer Club. SA. Drama Club,

Julio Anaya JROTC Cadet, Soccer.

97 7


Deborah Bold "Mjarre." CI E. Cho-
rus "Her. uhat'i up'"

Krislin Braaten Yearbook Editor
I191 Footbjll .Manager. Trick. Let-
rermen'< Club. IL .Journahi'm In.tit
"Thjnks to hle. Rashell. and -nn
for the memories

Krisl) Braylon Football MAanager "I Lewis Brennison "I'm gorin home, so.
hate shoe'" later"


Jennifer Brewer Friendliest, NHS,
BHS, Computer Club Pres., Spanish
Club, Tennis, Volleyball, Yearbook.

Randal Bridges Baseball, Golf His fa- Angela Burns "Angie," Cheerleader,
vorite pastime is dozing off Football Manager, Soccer Manager,
Drama Club.

Manuel Bustamanie "Mane. "Spanish

b '"-

Anick Buval "Nicki Bee," Best Dane- Antonio Campbell Soccer. "My goal is
er, Photography Club, Parrakeet, Soc- to work in a government job."
cer, Dance Team 1990.

Edilma Carr Business Club, Spanish Rashell Carson Sslm Team, Comput-
Club, SADD. er Club. Yearbook. Jamboree Princess
1990. Peer Helper. Drama Club. Foot-
ball Manager. "Thanks Ashley, Kristin
and Ann ... till we meet again."







lames Carter "Howie," Computer

Julie Casperson Track, Swimming,
Dance Team, SADD, Business Club.

Jose Castro Spanish Club, Rifle Team,

Melida Caton "Mel," Computer Club,
Technical Advisor, JROTC Color
Guard/Usher, Soccer, Basketball,
Parrakeet, Drama Club. "Excuse me,
but can I do that on the Computer?"


Michelle Cerrud She enjoys going to
parties, and being with her friends.

Yvette Chauvin Yearbook, BHS,
French Club, Model United Nations.

Roberto Chan "Bobby," Business
Club, French Club, Tennis.

Agustin Charris Football, Soccer. Fred Chauvin Bushmasters, Football,
Track. "It's education that opens the
doors to success."

Keylah Colteryahn "Kay," French Gilbert Cooksey Soccer, Basketball,
Club. Yearbook.

Guthrie Crouch Football.


Brvan Crusoe "BL R T. Tenn,, Eileen Da Pena "Tita. Best Looking.
BHS Spjnish Club. French Club.
CompUter Club. SADD "I hope to ra
tend UCLA and get a degree in Inter-
national Business, then get married to
Edwin D."

Adriano Dial "Chino." BAcserbjll.
Soccer "\o I powerhouse on the
Spon "

Abdul Dunn Best Dressed, Football


Kathleen Dunn "Katie."

Linette Dutari NHS.

Kayla Duty Volleyball, Yearbook, Michael Dper ,ie. Debate. Track.
Drama Club, Softball. Baseball

Luis Ellis "Lucho," Football, Base- Vanessa Esposito "Nessa," BHS.
ball. Spanish Club. "I would like to Business Club, French Club, Soccer.
travel around the world and become a
successful businessman."

Federico Euson "Fed," French Club, Russell Evans "Ru tl." "Bucket."
Business Club. Football


_I_ __~_

Rafael Fabrega "Rafa," SA, Band. Julee Ford "Christy," Gymnastics,
Cheerleader, Cayuco Race, NHS,

Ashley Gann Yearbook Editor 1991, Lydia Garrido "L YD," Football Man-
NHS Pres., SHS, Lettermen's Club ager, Jamboree Princess 1989, Spanish
V.P., Jr. Prom Princess 1990, IU Jour- Club, Computer Club.
nalism Instit., Cheerleader, Volleyball,
Track. "Kristin, Ann, Rashell, we've
had the best of times."

Darren Fox "My future goal is to buy Jennifer Galang "Jen," Volunteer,
and run the American Legion Restau- SADD, Yearbook, Swimming, BHS,
rant, and BYC." SA. Jen's dream is to roam Europe
with a backpack after graduation.
Laughter and love to my Yenny and
the Dumper.

Sharon Gaslin "Sherry." Vielka Gayle "Grass Sopper Grillito,"
Volleyball. "I'm planning to join the
Army and study to be a computer engi-

Rafael George "Caballo," Football. Carrie Gibbs "Care," Drama Club, Jason Gittens "De Angelo," Best Eleonor Gordon "Ely," Spanish Club.
Honor Choir, Debate, Soccer, Play Dancer, Parrakeet. "Never stop doing Soccer. "My goals are to be a lawyer
Production. what you have in mind." and complete all of my challenges."

Richard Groom "Jimmy," Football, Den Guerrero "Dee Dee." olle ball.
Cayuco Race. "In the present and fu- Spanish Club. Business Club "I lote
ture, I will always remember the Canal Glen Soloske'"
Zone and Balboa High School." "91!"

Robert Harper His future plan is to Gladys Haltabaugh "Chola." Most
become a recording engineer. Athletic, ollerball. Basketball. Ten-
nis, Cayuco Race

Tan)a Haines BHS. Drama Club. John Haning Football, Parrakeet
SHS. I earbook Her best friends are
Boo. Jen, Yennt. and uI re Her goal is
to become a doctor and lite in Ireland
"Peace Foremer

Michelle Harden Miss BHS Senior Stephanie Helin Class Clonn, Track,
Class Sec. Junior Class Pres. Spanish Casuco Race, Smtmming. 'olle ball,
Club Pres. .\HS. BHS. SHS. Basket- Cheerleader Capt "In the future. I
ball. Equitation. Ca'uco Race. Com- plan to work for the FBI after attend-
puter Club. Lettermen'% Club ing FSl in Tallahassee "

Philip Henderson "Jerry," Track,

Edwin Herrera "Ice-T," Football, Geidis Herrera Spanish Club. "I plan
Basketball, Soccer. to be in the first rock and roll band to
play on the moon."

Eric Holland Football, Baseball, Soc-
cer, Tennis.


Yaira Huc Baseball Manager, Volley- Paul Hurst Mr. BHS, BHS, SHS,
ball. "I hope to live a long, productive Football, Basketball, Baseball, Volley-
life, and enjoy every single minute of ball, Cayuco Race, Close-up, Spanish
it." Club, Homecoming Prince 1989/1990,

Lea Izbicki NHS, BHS, Drama Club, Charles Jackson "Action Jackson,"
Play Production, Thespian Pres., Bas- Rifle Team, FHA Rifle Team, Battal-
ketball, Football Manager, Computer ion S-3.
Club, Youth For Christ.

Carlos Inchausti Spanish Club, Com- Aaron Izbicki Most Talented, Thespi-
puter Club, SA. an, Drama Club, Swim Team, Track.
"Look out world, here I come."

Jessica Jardine "Jess," Yearbook, Shemayne Jicha "Shemi," Cheer-
Spanish Club, SADD. leader, Soccer, Soccer Manager, Year-
book, Lettermen's Club, Computer
Club, SA, Cayuco Race.

Karima Josephs-Clark SA Sec., per- Khaladi Josephs-Clark Most School
sonal advisor for Khaladi Josephs- Spirited SA Pres., Football, Track,
Clark. Diving, Lettermen's Club. "I hope to
achieve all my goals and aspirations,
and Do The Right Thing!"

Kelvin Kangas Hockey, Basketball.

Nicole Keiser "Nic," Cayuco Race,
Volleyball, Basketball. Spanish Club.

. 03
<*. *"

Kathleen Kelle" "Ki'a. "Soccer. ear- Gengo Kinugasa "Genr
book. Lctrermen's Club. ParriAet.
\rr Club. 54. Casuco Rjce. CI'E.
.lIodl L united .rton.ni. Equestrian
Sports riling Her drejrrn t> to ome-
dai sjai Jround the corld

Anthony Kiocho "Ton. illiam Kirkland "IllsI Pep." V-
Surf Team. Parrmng "I uould like to
be part of the L' S CoaJs Guard "

Tavara Kountz "T," Soccer, Volley- Jason Krapfl BHS, Photography Club,
ball. "I plan to go to college and be- Computer Club, Yearbook Photo Edi-
come a computer programmer." tor.

Jennifer Krapohl Field Hockey, Vol-
leyball, Art Club. "Later ..."

Paul Kyle Band. "My future plan is to
go to college.

Ted Lang Soccer, Art Club. Jennifer Lively "Yenny," "All my love
to Jen and Dumper. "Swimming, BHS
V.P., NHS, Lettermen's Club Treas.,
Basketball, SA.

Tera Longacre AFJROTC, SADD. "I Iheresa Loyd Drama Club, Science
plan to become an R.N., possibly a Club, German Club, Honor Band,
military officer. Marching Band, Symphonic Band,


Denise Maatala Parrakeet, CWE. Jill Maatala "I don't know Bill." "Jill
and Cathy, best buds forever."

Karl Marobl Key Club, French Club, Nayat Martinez "Naya," Business
Foreign Language Club, Parrakeet. Club Pres., Yearbook, Football Man-
ager, Violinist, Spanish Club Princess.
"My future plans are to continue my
studies at a college level."

Michael Maduro SHS, BHS, Year- Itzel Manning "Mini," BHS, French
book, Volleyball, Photography Club, Club, Drill Team, Basketball, Soccer,
SA, Spanish Club, Football, Baseball. Spanish Club, Computer Club.

Alan Matheney Best Looking, Foot- Ann Matthews "Annie," Sophomore
ball, R.B. Mathews Football Award. Class Sec., Basketball Manager, Soc-
His goal is to major in business and get cer Manager, Basketball, Queen for
a high paying job. carnivals in Calle Abajo de Las Tablas

Ann McConnell VHS V P. SHS. L'N
Delegate. Tennis. Track. Basketball.
Ca uco Race. Delegate 4F4 P Confer-
ence, Football Mfanager

Scott McGuinness "Bull," Football, John McMillan Track, BHS, Foot-
Volleyball, Computer Club. ball, SADD, Volleyball. "I would like
to become a lawyer."

Tiffany Mecham Banner team, Year-
book, Drama Club. "Dreams are made
to be lived Her goal is to be success-
ful and have a happy life.


Wanda Mena "Negra," Business
Club, Academic Committee Pres. Her
future plan is to major in Secretarial

Gabriel Mendez SA, Spanish Club,
Business Club. "I plan to go to college
and become a corporate lawyer."

Raquel Mendez Volleyball, Softball,
Batton Twirler Majorette, French

Elisa Merriweather Drill Team, Bat-
talion Commander.

Robert Meyers "Bobby," Football, Angela Moffitt "Angie, "Drama Club,
Cayuco Race, Soccer. Select Chorus, Thespian, Youth For
Christ, Play Production. "Special
thanks to K.P., J.S., E.H., A.A., for
making my Senior year a blast."

Roderick Mokillo "Mafia," Baseball, Eugene Monoghan Class Clown, Soc-
Football, Basketball. cer, SADD, Track, #54, "Mr. Busi-

Jessica Moreno "Jessi," Her goal is to Darrell Morton "D-ROC," Football,
become a pilot. Basketball, Soccer. His hobbies are
sports and girls. And his goal is to be-
come a professional race-car driver.

Mary Nelson NHS, JROTC, SA V.P.,
Football Manager, BHS, French Club,
Spanish Club, Drama Club.

I __ _

William Nevin "Will." "Life is not a Robert Nieves "Coco," Most Athletic,
estination, it's a journey." Football, Cayuco Race, Soccer.

Seema Nirwal "Do unto others as you Mike Nissenbaum His future plan is to
wish to be done by." "Live to love the work in an animal hospital.
world and be loved by the world."

Pairick Nolan Photograph) Club. Michael Norman "Aflie." Football
Diving. Swimming "Just Do It'"

Ronaldo Ollon "Roni." F'otball.

Miguel Orliz "\I-AGI." Football.
Track. tolleiball. Baseball

Elizabeth Palm "Lisa." Cheerleader. Dog Suk Park Photograph? Club.
Drama Club. Yearbook. BHS Treas. English Club Sec. Computer Club "I
SADD. Spanish Club. Select Chorus U3an to studs computer graphics in
college "

Craig Pearson slerbooA. Bumneis Peler Pedrren "I Djnes "'fI
Club. Volleyball. JROTC. Soccer plan .,rr ,'tocr.iJd ,r then go to Eur.
"- he u ll ,ponsor tcDonald',' .c ith P.,1., .arc.i

I Q17


y Pinzon "PEPE," JROTC, Soc- Anthony Ramsay Adventure Club, Art Richard Reboiro "My goal in life is to
, Football, Tennis. "I plan to major Club, Football, Track, Soccer, Base- be a tele-communications engineer and
Business Administration." ball. live my life in the mountains."

ier Reyes "I hope to live a long and Monica Rios Most School Spirited, Anayansy Rivera "Any," She plans to
Ipy life." Tennis, SA Pres.. French Club, Span- become a model.
ish Club, Peer Helper, Thespian, Dra-
ma Club, Volleyball, Track, Zephyrus.

* ' I P

Elver Renfro Football, Baseball,
Track, Wrestling, Cross Country, Bas-

Iliana Rodriguez-Mesa "lli," Most
Dependable, Senior Class Pres., Swim-
ming, NHS Sec., BHS, SHS, Spanish
Club Treas., Carnivalito Princess. "I
plan to study medicine and major in
Pediatric Surgery."

Jairo Rodriguez Computer Club, "I Yesenia Rogers Parrakeet Editor.
would like to be an electronics engi- Business Club, Volleyball. Her future
never plans are to be a flight attendant, and
physical ed. teacher. "Don't be afraid
to stand alone."

Eliezer Roman Drill Team.

Edwin Roski "Me, "Soccer. "I plan to
go to college and study computers."



I _


4aria Ryan Class Couple, Dance
'eam, Volleyball Manager, Home-
oming Princess 1989, Prom Princess

Keita Sakon Most Likely To Succeed,
Tennis, Volleyball.

Ricardo Salazar "Ricky," Surfing. Eduardo Sal y Rosas Computer Club,
Spanish Club, Model United Nations.
"My goal is to be a diplomat and work
for my country."

4odiel Sanchez "My goal in life is to Yessica Santamaria "Yessie, Basket-
le a Professional Drummer." ball, Track, Business Club, JROTC,
Water-Borne Orientation.

lason Santos "Art," Football, French Lisa Sasso Cayuco Race, Computer
Club, Business Club, Volleyball. "My Club. "I plan to go to USF when I
favorite saying is PAZ." graduate. "

Eduardo Santiago "Edward," Com- Melissa Santiago "Mely," Spanish
puter Club, Basketball. "I plan to Club, Volleyball. "I plan to go to col-
study Pre-Med." lege and become a computer program-

Nadia Shaikh "Nina," Computer Jennifer Schulte "Jen," Most Talent-
Club, Business Club. "To live and love ed, BHS Pres.. NHS, Thespian, Dra-
are life's greatest challenges." ma Club Treas., Tennis, Lettermen's


Pam Snell Cheerleader. Soccer. Margarel Springer "Monk." S.DD
TracA. Yearbook. Dram3 Club. Com- Pres. Drum tlator. FBL 4. Drama
puter Club. CJ ucou Race. Model L rni- Club. Band. Science Club
ed .vrr'ns

Ernesto Spurlock French Club Chris Sladler Soccer. Tennis That's



Christopher Stiles "Kit, "Swim Team, Alexander Stirling "Alex," Most De-
Art Club. His future plans include the pendable, Football, Weight Lifting.
beach and college. "I'm in love with Jessica Gold."

Jennifer Sweeney Tennis, Cheer-
leader, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball,
Track, Computer Club.

Ricky Szymanski Football, Soccer.

Linda Taylor "My goal is to become a Carlos Testa His goal is to go to a
good business person." university in the U.S., and get a good
education. Then he hopes to join the
Air Force.

Eneida Thomas "After the long, hard Ivette Thomson JROTCStaff, Basket-
years of high school, I finally made it!" ball.


V-W ** -


,eanne Thrift "Lea," Cheerleader, Josephine Tunon "Josie," Volleyball,
'rack, Jamboree Princess 1990, Vol- Parrakeet, Graduate!
syball, Baseball Manager, Football
vlanager, Basketball Manager, SA,
business Club, Lettermen's Club.

Venus Valdez Parakeet, "C-ya!"

Larry Veliz JROTC Drill Team, Rifle
Team, Delta Co. Commander.

Alexis Villamil "Alex," French Club, Andrea Walcott "Angie," Business
Spanimh Club. Club, Pep Squad, Public Relations

Guillermo Turke NHS, Soccer, Track,
AF JROTC, Cross Country.

Clark Ventura Football, Basketball, Mari
Baseball. to all

Tiffany Walker "It took a lot of time Naol
and effort, but I finally made it. It's ball,
like that old saying, 'good things come Club
to those who wait'."

Kara Twohy Cheerleader.

a Vidinha "Amber," Wishes luck
the graduating Seniors.


ki Watanabe Swimming, Basket-
Track. Volleyball, Computer
Spanish Club.



Leanne Watkins Football Manager,
Cayuco Race. Her future plans are to
go to college somewhere in Florida and
go on with her life.

Hubert Webster Jr. "Webster," Par- Melissa Weeks French Club, Spanish
ties, Parties, Parties!! "Zonian Senior Club. "I plan to study Business Admin-
Class of 1991!" istration and maybe become an interior
decorator "

Claudette Welch Bravo Co. Com-
mander, Drill Team, Soccer, Volley-

David Wertz "Dave." Yearbook, Foot- James Westgate Tennis, Orchestra,
ball, Surfing. Band. "I plan to major in Chemical
Engineering." "Deal with it!"

Juliet Wilson "Jules," Select Chorus, Melissa Winford "Mel," Football
Cheerleader, Zephyrus, Football Man- Manager, Computer Club, Letter-
ager. men's Club.

Steven Wheeler "18-Wheeler," Charlotte Wilde "Bunny," Soccer,
Friendliest, Baseball, Football. Volleyball, Swimming.

Brian Wood Class Couple, Green Dev- John Zornes Football.
ils' Rookie of the Year, Football, Bas-
ketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Cayuco
Race, Prom Prince 1990.

1 2


ohn Diaz Varsity Football, Soccer. Marta Ernest
iopes to be a professional mechanic.

.atherine Seda "Cathy", Cheerleader Carlos Wittgreen Snowboarding
capt.), Dance Team (capt.), Spanish Team. Hopes to go to California and
.Tub. Modelling. Hopes to pursue a become an actor. "Give all that you
:arecr in Advertising, marry, and raise have to give in life; if it's not enough,
I family. Would like to thank Anick give more."
ind Yaira for a fun year.

Scott Guice Baseball, JROTC, Choir, Christy Oliver
Band, Jazz Band, Volleyball Manager.
Plans to pursue a career in the military
and move into politics.

Not pictured:
Rosemary Boyle Soccer, Volleyball. Hopes to become a flight attendant after
Julissa Chandler "Thumper", Volleyball. Plans to major in Child Psychology in
college. "Don't show up for your wedding!"
Michael Veno "Taz", "Veno", Football, French Club, Modelling, Basketball.
"CZ 4-ever."
Mary Walter

New students (left to right): (front row) Ekta Kharbanda Newspa-
per, Yearbook, Student Council, Plans to make something of her
life. "Enjoy life and take it as it comes." Stacy Pruitt Track,
"Unique Attraction" Dance Team. Plans to major in Child Psy-
chology in college. Danna Queen Basketball, Track, Volleyball,
Choir. Plans to go to college and become a veterinarian. Henry
Daquip Snow Choir. Basketball. Football, Wrestling. (back row)
William Santa Rosa "Bill", Soccer, Track, Wrestling, Debate,
SADD. Plans to be an Air Force pilot. Margie Marquardt German
Club V.P., Basketball Manager.


Pals. Pebbles (Anick Buval) helps Fran-
kenstein (Lionel Lawrence) celebrate his
victory in the Halloween costume contest.

What a turkey! Mr. Waugh carries his
contribution to the teachers' Halloween
luncheon. He used this holiday as an op-
portunity to relive his senior year.

What's up? As the end of the senior year rolls around, it's about time to get into the habit of keeping up with what's up in the news Paul
Hurst seems to have discovered the art of keeping in touch with the world, the Tropic Times



-jifc^^_^^^^^Btjj im^--i^-^^^^^^^^^^MENEM^"- ^_^_' ki-IHIIb ^f


-MEN' !]I
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I I I Cove r desig n by Brian W ood, 1991 I I 5'"' It 5'"' .26 5'"' 5'"' 76 5'"' f6 lip-5'"' /;3$ 5'"'1:?ff


/ /. 1


Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2010 with funding from University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries http://www.archive.org/details/zonian 1991 balb


2 Waiti n g it o ul. Confident G r ee n Devin cheerleader s watch Red Machine's homecoming routine The y a r e a nticipating their turn to "shake" into the spotlight and once again stun their audience. Good things come to those who wait. Free s pirit An objective of the yea r's pep rallies was to promote competiti o n a m ong classes Alie sha Ave L alle m ent entices each clas s with her "spirit stick" and raises the n oise level in the s t ands. p rovin g that all that glitters is gold. -- -. - , -' -. ." And Ready To Go We are one equal temper of Heroi c heart s ... s trong in will To s trive to see k to find, And not t o yield. -Tennyso n As the hu s tl e a nd bu s tle of a new sc h oo l yea r beg a n ex pe cta tion s wer e high Students hoped for a top locker, exciting classes, a nd a shady parking place. But as the year progr esse d hoped lea ned toward more s ignific a nt m a tter s s u c h as b e ing chosen "all-i st hmi a n", being se lect e d for the a ti onal H o n o r Soci ety, or (fo r se nior s) being accepte d to the college of their choice. The liber a ti on of P a nama rid o ur lives of Per sonnel Movement Limita tion s, blue-r o utes a nd curfews. Thu s we were unle as hed and given a new se n se of freedom With s uch free s pirit s, high expec t a tions, a nd determin a ti on, we were a ble to o pen the d oors to pride and accom pli s hm e nt. Finally, in the end we were unle as hed t o test the ability of o ur souls And it was so ... Kristin Braaten Ashley Gann


Got cha! After f ailing 1 0 hit P atncia Alamz from a dIs t ance. C raIg Pearson broke the rults, and got her a t close range Thai really hit the spot Student life without the st ud e nt s them selves i s a bout as exciting and interesting as a bowl of oat me al. Wh a t exactly is s tud e nt life ? The live s of st udents? Student life inc lude s a l o t mor e than that. But just what exactly i s it ? Since you d o n t know, you see k the advice of older, wiser more experien ce d per so n s th e editors They tell you that it' s a good que st i o n Then the y s mile Behind tho se s mile s lurk the evil s l ave dri vers that will overwo rk n ag a nd pus h you r e lentlessl y all t o meet the de a dlines. "Brainstorm, the y say "All right what d o s tud e nt s d o with their lives?" They go t o football games." you repl y "No," the wise ones say "tha t's s p orts." "Sp o rt s?" you ask "Well how a b o ut plays? Students do plays "No, that' s clubs. Dr a m a c lub ." (N oW we s t a rt to get hos tile ) Well what a b o ut taking thing s like the SAT a nd ACT? "Well ... "Wait," you interrupt "don't say it. Academics, right?" After getting a big s mil e you finally ask, "So what d oes constitute s tudent lif e?" You know, they s a y "that' s a goo d question. Then they s mile. Th ose s miles ca n drive you c r azy but that s n ot the point. So you b egin t o wonder how you r e s upp ose d to know what to cove r in the st ud e nt life sectio n if you d o n t eve n know w h a t it me a n s Y ou s t a re a t you r pencil, in h o pe s th a t it will bur s t forth with so me en light e ning sc ribble It fails; it i s t oo qui e t with nobody sc re a mabout what the weekend was lik e Ther e is n o b o d y m a d at so-a nd-so b eca u s e soa ndso i s s u c h a n ... It s just too quiet. Final ly, a co nclu s i o n is r eac hed Student life without the s tu dent s them selves i s just as exciting a nd intere s ting a s a b owl of oa tme al. Cold oatmeal, at that. So were you right the first time ? Student lif e at BHS i s simply the lives o f it s st ud e nts? That so und s too easy but that s th e point. FR I E N DS P .I4 P E P RALLY P 8 WI NTER FORMAL P IS o auto g raphs p i nsf'. Grecn Devil ChCf:Tleader M argarita P earce her a dmIrer s after a \\dl-rect'lvcd J)(P roi ly perf o rmance


S ll.'p pinl: may secm like 3 short c ut lowards Ihe end, but sophomore Frank Wcslg a l e, discov er s Ih:lI the ). legged rac e IS al"'3),s 3 "Ulp" L.udinr. Ihl.' par k The sophomo r e rcpre 5enlall\>e, K atie Scar s carerully "'3lk s her way 1 0 a victory R-[ D R f d Far left, the Red M achine Cheerleaders per. r orm Ihelr dlSllnctlvc bOlt cheer T heir team backs them up as the y demon s trate thclr unique s t yle Ca llin g Ihf s h o ls. Wh ile gelling complete coverage o r Ihe P ep R ally, yearbook photographer Patri c k N o lan secretly .... on ders why hiS co lle ague, J on L avallee 's lens I S bigger than hiS. A s the y're being Introduced the Bulld ogs anxiou s l y await t o hit Ihe o pen r oa d \0 Cristobal Pepping Up For The Jamboree W E have a pep r ally today? Dur i ng s ixth?" Y es, we s ure do Or did The Jamb o r ee pep rally was held o n Frid ay, Augu s l 31. The s u n was hot. the cheerleaders were r eady. and wer e leaving the sop homore s a litt le d azed The nati v e s were ge ttin g re s tless. Sac k r aces for the s tud e nt s a nd l eache r s lem o n wal k s thre e-leg ge d race s. class wave s . Eve ryon e was afraid they'd find them selves s uddenly volunteered a nd o ut o n the field In their e l ement. Senior s were rel axe d they had bee n there before A wave? No pr oble m Out 1 0 score poin l s. junior s sc r eamed, yelle d a n d waved Still da ze d so phom o re s se emed l ost. A h ock ing voice of d oo m came from nowhere with a reprimand "Soph o mo r es. is NOT j uni o r high a nymore! You a r e in t he big league s now Let's ge t with it here I want to se e a wave! The voice command s so phomore s o bey Better but NOT good enough!" Oh. torture. Really ? T o rture ? W ell, the tea c her s were n o t immune Sack race. Three "voluntee red" teacher s went head t o head "Come on Mr. Cowley! Go! The c r owd r oared Alway s a crowd ple ase r Mr. Cow le y s teadi l y hippitty h oppe d a l ong T h e r ace finished T h e people slOpped yell i ng OK. time 1O go home Wh a t had Ihis pep r ally acco mpli s hed ? P eople were exhaus ted messy and s weaty but motivated A s Ihe c r ow d dissi pated ther e w as h o pe H ope tha t yo ur favorite t eam would win and maybe some h ope that these people w o uld all sho\\ up a t the actu a l game. L ots of hope And so the Jamboree pep r ally kicked off the rOOlbnll s eason


Spirit Days. B a rel y awake o n Monday morn i ng yo u peer at t he s ign nea r yo ur lo c ker. Wha t is thi s? Beach day? H a t and tie day? Hippie day? THEME DAY? You don', even kn ow what your theme i s yet W a i t a minute. This i s for Homecoming i s n t it? Lo o king into a s h owcase you s ee an a luminum foil covered br i d ge and a map of Panama. Ah ... junior theme. "My Name I s P anama," Expl oring a l ittle fur the r down the hallwa y you di scover palm f r onds falling f r o m the ceiling. They look dangero u s. Looking int o the s howca se, you find m o r e decayi ng plant l ife a nd a broken s i gn re a ding "Welcome to the Jungle"-the sophomor e theme. Well, they got that r ight! T r y ing to keep ahead of t h e s p i r i t game i s not as easy as it s eems. Ok s o what's the s en iors' theme? There i s a mini bo h io p rotruding from a ca se! C l o se r i n specti on revea l s a hammock a n d Barbies playing volleyball i n the sand w i th giant Oaming os. Obvi o u s ly, the senio r s' t heme ha s something t o do with the bea ch. Fee l ing good about yo ur pow e rs of per cemio n a nd obse r vation, We l com e to t h e Ju n g le. The sopho more s ha v e s u c ceeded in bringin g th e o ut s ide in. but wheth e r or not the y ca n t ake il bac k o ul. i s an o ther s lo r y Homecoming you wander a l ong. Coming back th e next d ay, most peop l e a r e dra ped in towe l s t o cover their bathing s uits. (Hmm ... lots of s ungla sses. Good idea. You can't do work if yo u ca n t see.) Wednes day arri ves-mos t people a r e in h a t s a nd t ies. One perso n forgot t h e hat, but m ade up for it by wearing ten tie s. My, how ambit i ous. (You can't work if yo u can't b reathe.) Thursday br i ng s long-haired wei r doe s o u t o f th ose old boxe s i n cl ose t s H ippies. Peace s igns. Tie dye Groovy. Funny jea n s o h my gos h They a r e actually s t raight-legged! (Wigs. Good i dea You can' t work if your hair blo c k s your eyesig h t a nd when you breathe it goes i n yo ur no se. Hey W a tch it! You' re s hedding!) By F r iday when theme day roll s around, a nd senio r s are in bathing s uits on c e a g a in juniors in My Name I s Pana ma t s hirt s a nd sophomore in whatever they are in the sc ho o l i s too di stracted to do a nyth i ng You can fee l it in the atmospher e So when the pep r ally fin a lly h appen s, people are scre a ming for no s pecific rea s on "What's t h i s t h ing with t h e fingers?" H eidi Ca s p er s on whi s pers. I have no idea. a n s wer s K arl M a r ohl. "Smile


Tasty. Alix Pucch get s more th an j u st a s ample of the flavor of the month du r ing the H omecoming pep rally's pie-throwing contest. (She ac t ually volunteered for this!) .. And Pep Rally De s tination unknown With great s kill. Nayat M a rtinez. c rack s her egg, and aims Although the egg landed in the cup. one question s titt remains : what was she actually a i ming for ? Was it the c up o r A aron I zbicki? "Oh, m a n ... breathes every male creature in th e stadium as t h e cheerleaders wiggle their stuff. Here we a r e o nce again, Friday, November 9, at another pcp rall y; only thi s time it's for H omecomin g a nd ever yo n e i s going all out! "Ready ... set ... GO!" Pie s go flying and l a nd smack in you r face! But the pic goes well with t h e egg s hampoo job you ga l catching eggs fr o m three feel above you into a dinky c u p in your mouth. Next. you blow your heart o ut trying to unearth the coin some malicious pe rson has bu r ie d in a m o u nd of flour. When the conte s t is ove r your ally, sympathizin g with yo u over YOUf m essy appea r a n c e d eci d es to a dd to yo ur n ew fashio n statement b y dumping the r e m a inin g flour o nto yo ur s h irt. Mom will never d o your laundry for yo u again. B es id es wondering w hat other food will be con verted into weapons against sa nity, the c r ow d watches the new routines the c he e r leaders have devised to boost out m o r al e thro ugh the use of stand a rd c he e rleader stuff like pom-poms, cart-wheels, a nd lungs o f steel. Will thi s ever e nd ? The answer yet remains t o be see n in the o ngoing and forever continuing saga of life a t BHS


liomecoming King and Q ueen : Roy P i nzon and Eile e n d a P e n a shar e a JOyou s mo m e nt. Makin g all t h e righ t m oves. J oh n Z o rne s and C en i r a Lope? Wiggle It a t H o m eco min g 90 Midnight Masquerade Home c oming 1991 A f r a ntic pho ne call i s m ade. "Hello? " H e said he' d be her e a t five! H e s n o t M ay be he's de ad!" Sheil a? I th o ught you w e r e g o ing t o the H o m eco ming d ance " J o n 's d ea d J o n i s n o t dead J o n is de a d I d o n t l oo k g o o d in black " Y o u a r e go ing t o the H o mecomin g d a n c e with J o n H e i s n o t d ea d "Oh great. H e s t oo d m e up I' m de a d I'm n o t d ea d ... HE' S de a d'" "Shei l a!" ''I'v e be e n twis t i n g the seq uin s o n m y dress for d ays trying t o lin e them up And now I won t e v e n get t o g o "Shei l a Wh a t 's yo ur pr o blem?" "Wha t ? H mm ? Oh lis t e n you r e g o ing t o h ave t o l e t me g o n o w ... J o n' s here 'II see you l a t er. " M E let YOU go! Wh a t ... 'Click (It was 5 : 04 p m ) The pla c e was the PCC a ud i t o r i um The e v ent w as t h e H o m e c omi n g dance o n No vembe r 10. 1 990 The theme was Midnight M a s querade, a nd th e m as k s On th e wall proved it. It was the be s t of times ... it wa s the w o r s t o f time s Wors t ? Never Jus t a s k anyone why th e y w a nted t o go in th e fir s t pla c e Although H o mecoming r e p r e sented the end of t he f o ot b all s ea s on It a l s o repre s cn t ed fre s h s t a rt s a nd th e fir s t formal dance o f t h e y ear. It was where yo u wen t t o meet up with y o ur friend s and i t was a grea t place to s pend a Saturd a y nig h t. And w hat actu ally h a ppened ? The H o m ecoming court w as c r owned while tears wer e s hed and the night w as d a n ced a way i n fes tive g l ee W h y did t h e c h i c ke n c r oss t h e r oa d ? Attempt ing t o amuse Ene H o lland and P hacdr a AveLal1emant Jenn y Navarro crack s a Jok e T oo bad R o bcrt M c y er s rUined It b y abrup t l y blurting Out the pun c h hne T hat's w h a l iI' s all abou t P ut yo ur Icrt r oo t In. put you r JcCt roo t out then yo u do the h okey poke y OK Abdul') Senio r prinCl!ss es : M a r y Nel son (Idt) and J enny Sweeney (Tight ) Senio r prin ces : Abdul D unn (left) and B rian Wood (Tight ) J unio r prinCl!sses : Mayr a Nieves (Idt) and Alli so n HuH (Tight ) Juni o r pr i n c(' s: Jimm y Oakl ey (Iert) and Shawn Fit zgerald ( r ight) Sophomor(' pr ince ss u : Safay Dunn (left) and Jad.u: Thomp son (right) S opho m o r(' prin ces : Mi guel Cedeno (left ) and Ene Dia? (oght)


HALLOWEEN 1990 The ancient Celtic festival for the dead, celebrated on October 31 st. h as become me r ely a n other childre n 's holiday-so they say It was believed t o be the night when witches a nd warlocks new ab r oad But w h at abo ut dur ing the day ? Well if you were anywhere in the vici n ity of B alboa High School. you were s ure t o find yourself among the French maids. Bart Simp sons, Raggedy Anns, and barbarians of the student body Who know s -maybe a few witches and warlocks found their way in. and spen t the d ay j u s t hanging out. Who'd notice? Even the faculty gained new members in the s hape s of a pumpkin. a rule r Mis s P iggy. Dick Tracy, and a creative variety of othe r s trange c har ac ter s Now the st udent s were dre ssed like this all Jus t clo,, n ing aro und M elissa R oyo lurns oul t o be BHS' fav mime Keep inlt Irack Sheriff Seo ll Gui c e makes s ur e people s t ay In class by enforCing the law from the a tt enda n ce office in the s pirit of those friendly i nter class com petitions. during whic h each class swore to c r eam the ot h e r s In homeroom. that morn ing. tho se in costume were co unted and the points a dded to the ove r all sco r es The display cases. another part of the class compe tition featu r ed dead bodie s a risin g f r om their graves. and the r eally a dventur o u s se nior s r igge d up a sac rificial alta r comp l e t e with voodoo doll s of the ju nior s and sophomores. I n between. there was the individ u a l cos tume contest. from which se nior Lionel Lawrence. as Fr a nken s tein. ca rri ed away the $50 prize At the end of the day. st ud ents piled into their buses and cars. looking forward to an evening of pa r ties. haunted houses. t r icks. and treats H alloween ... only for childre n ? o way! "Say th e majic "ord a nd "in a prizt' G r oucho M arx. u s uall) disgUis ed as A a ron I zblckl. J U S t pasSing thro ugh B a ref oo t a nd pr"gn a n!. M ichelle H oyde n and M elissa B owma n give the career Cenler a h o m ey" lou c h Y -' "a) -Hey dude! M s Alvara d o trie s her hand at d olO' the B art man E n lfee! M iss Pigg y (aka M s Otho n ) lounges around In the clinic


Friends You seem to be a ble to find all kinds at BHS. rangi ng from the s imply st r a nge t o the re a lly. reall y we i rd They are pretty easy to s pot. Ju s t find two people jabbering away a t mock s peed ove r nothing that see m s important to a n yo ne but thems elves. a nd you' d be safe in assuming that they' r e friends Ever yone see m s to n ee d so me one to confide in. or at least fight with o r yell a t. Little br o thers and s i s ter s d o n t see m t o cut it. so friend s were c reated "Hey, yo u sc umbag! ..... I "loo k at th e .... ay s h e s mil es!" S co tt Wood Interrupt s as M ay r a Nieves deCIdes what she need s t o tell Leanne T hrift can w alt urn Just a lillie l o nger! Lean o n me. Jose Love finds someone he ca n depend on 10 Ennl' Starnes from the simpl y stra nge to the r eally, re a lly weird ... Give me th at!" At fir s t glance, it seems like a potential fight between enemies, but in rea lity it i s a form of greeting between two partner s in a long standing friend s hip Someone o nce sai d "You s h o uld measure a man's worth n ot by how much h e h as, but b y how many live s he has in fluenced." S o t a ke a lo o k at the per so n s t a nding next to you H ow mu c h would yo u say he 's worth ? More than yo u b a rg ai ned for ? May be you s hould t ell him tha t ; it might make hi s day. ." PUlling Ih(' Irash in i"s plac(' L isa P alm, MOnica R ios and Mi c helle l l ayden th reat en Eil ee n de P ena. Sometimes fnendly quarrel s can get a little bit o u t o f hand Kickin' back P ete r P ede r sen and Gabrie l M endez. t a k e t ime for a break to lounge a r o und a t the parking lot and d iscuss p lans for th e weekend Coo l i n g ort! Knstin Braaten A s hley Gann, R ashell Ca r son, and Ann M cCon nell s pla s h each o th e r a s the y take a dip I n the Goethals "pool." It looks like Ann go t the s h orter end of the S li c k --


Cupid Wave s Goo db ye Valentine' s day brought red roses and sweet. whis pe r ed, l ittl e n o thing s (for th ose in l ove), and candyg r a m s with Her s hey's kiss e s (for the re S I of u s.) Teache r s tallied up people who were decked QUi in the col ors of the s eason (red, pink and while) at the reques t of those peo ple who th ink up thing s for us \ 0 do f o r class competitions. People crawled in and OUI of di s play cases, hanging heart s and balloon s in h o nor o f the occasio n A compute r dating s ervice sp rang from the depths of the mind s of t he compu ter club result s g u a r anteed! No longer would yo u s pend all your lim e wondering why dough nut s h ave hole s! Ca nd yg r am s were bought up and sent out to m ake the day of that special s omeone A s Cupi d waved goodbye, aft e r ano ther yea r 's hard work, a nd we checrfully saw him off, Valentine's Day drew to a close leal/ ing behind happy co u ple s and a trail of l onely h earts. Thllnk A h a pp y Naullic W atkins thanks Ricky S7ym ansk i for the V alentine allcnl ions Til lMouer hillr W endy L awson poses by part of a b i g heart hop.ng someone will bring lh e rest Bt o! Ana Bowler Julo e L eltner' s work o r art a "sl andong" ov." o n Valentine's Da l




C upid Waves Goo db ye Val en t ine's day bro u g h t r ed r oses a nd sweet, whispe r ed, litt l e n o thi ngs ( f o r th ose i n love), and candygrams w ith H e r s h ey's kisses (fo r t h e r es t of u s.) Teacher s t all i ed u p p eo p l e wh o wer e d ec k e d out i n the colo r s of t h e seaso n (red, pink a n d wh ite) at th e r e que s t o f t h ose pe o p l e w h o t hink u p things f o r u s t o d o fo r c l ass com peti t ions. P eople c r aw l ed i n a nd o u t o f di splay cases, h a n ging h ea rt s a n d balloo n s i n h o n o r o f th e occaSio n A com p u te r d a tin g se r vice sp r a n g fr o m th e de p t h s of t h e min ds of t h e co mput e r club r es ult s g u a r a nt eed! No l o n ger wo u l d yo u s p e nd all yOU f t im e wondering w h y d o u g h nut s have h o les! Candygrams wer e b o u g ht u p a nd se nt o ut t o make th e d ay o f that s p ec i a l so meone. As C upid waved goo d bye, a fter a n o th e r yea r 's h a rd wor k, a nd we ch ee r f ully saw h i m o ff, V a l e ntin e's D ay d rew to a cl ose l eaving b e hind h a pp y coupl es a nd a trail o f l o nel y hear t s T h a nk you! A happy Na t a lie Watkin s thanks Rick y Szymanski for the Valentine atten tions. T h e b e ll e r h a lf Wendy L awson po ses by part of a big heart hoping someone will br ing the rest WOotl Bravo! Ana B owler gives Julie Leitner's work of art a s t a nding" ovation. Valentine's Da)






P1MlMl'SO "-"'" ..... ---_ ...... Jose Maria FUENTES JOleMiriafiiEifTES .. ... CAPETILLO CAPETILLO olffEilA VILiKNUEVA 5 .,u ifgjl nIITEO 5 5 P'RCII'iBo 1ii1 nma 5 -" ._._ .. -. -BI._JOSEMARlA F\l1:MTES ....... --(APiTUlO llPUP10 villiWvA 5 PAociti:SO S.liiiiAT[O S .. ". -


vIore Valentine's And th e winner is s hining through The Juniors' di splay case: came No, we don 't get paid for doing this! Maria A sca n o and T eresa R and go a r oun d "candygramming ,. Mmm! M a r cia Garcia an d J ason Santos s imply Jus t adore Valentine 's Day! Ie's not ju s t fot co uple s. Domlclan o Broce and R osadely M alave share a friendl) moment 7,':


Winte r formal court: (from left to r ight) I liana Rodriguez. R obe r t Meyer s. Ani c k Buval. an d Elver R enf r o Doing their duly, Ca rrie Gibbs an d Karen Shadeck bu y t heir date s boutonnieres Flower exchange f o r formals i s a "must." Pull up a c h ai r Getting h elp from below, Monica Rios prepares t o hide eve r y hint of Curund u Jun ior H igh with pape r


WINTER FORMAL With the sce nt of evergreens in t he ai r (hey. a r c yo u s ur e a corsage i s s upp osed t o smell like that?) the s pirit of C hri st ma s. if not exactly winter. settled ove r the hearts an d minds of the st udent s of BHS. as they got r eady for Winter Formal. Decemb e r 1 5. 1990 Simply getting read y was a monu mental t as k Student s see m e d t o b e all ove r the place as the tin sel was hung Shin y r i bbons wound them selves a r ound everything up t o the cei ling a nd th e mile s of tape a nd glue co u l d h ave been e n o u gh to b u ild a n o th e r Bridge of Am ericas! Hey! It 's n o t ove r yet! Quick Get tho se dre sses cleaned a l ong with the tuxedoes! Get the nowers get the h ai r cut you'd been putting ofr. get yo ur s ho es s hin e d get th e car in gear. Twas t h e d ay or W i n te r F ormal. Jenn i rer Bre wer han gs t insel by the ent r ance with care, in hopes that a g r ea t c r owd soo n would be there and don't for ge l your date! Once t here, the h a pp y mood domi n ated. And why n o t ? I n three days the midyear br ea k would start. the ne w year was just a r o und the corne r a nd as yo u smiled se lfco n cious l y for yo ur picture you s mugl y renecled t h a t the pre sents h ad b een stacki ng up jus t screaming for a n owner to claim them In the mea l i m e. you tugged at yo ur h air. w o nderin g if you l oo ked geeky a nd tho u ght about alilhe good times s urel y n o t bad! 1 990 had brought. You watched yo ur fr iends. who h a d e ndu r ed t he yea r by yo u r s ide You s miled inward ly: the y looked funn y all dre sse d up Almo st ... well g e eky. But who ca red ? They were beautiful a n yway. and i t m a de s uch a nice pic tur e. Win t e r Forma l co urt : ( l eft 1 0 right) M aria Ryan Luis Ellis. Meli ssa B owman. Mic hael B anasick. Queen M o nica R ios. King Alex Stirling


Guess Whll I "lnl 10 be when I grow up? D oug Slrong lives u p to hiS childhood dreams Killing lime Shondola D awkins and Ru ss E.van s In l i n e t o see what 's at the end of I t -may b e II s a ride. l e p ril::hl up! R onnl Green Ules 10 l ur e the pas)ersb) Into trying their h and a t the tOM A felOo school organiza ti ons l ook advan t age of the fair for fund nusmg Bailie o f th e bands Leadmg Tempest. EVlln R odanichc a nd W alter C rou c h phi) for the h)ped up erolOod and Illnd second place CFA FAIR Wh a t comes once a yea r a nd bring s bright light s good smells. fun games. a nd so me bumps and bruises'! The C FA fair Thi s yea r the fair came on the 14th a nd stayed unt i l the 1 8 th of Febru a r y It was where yo u went to get your self dizzy o n the swings. a nd brui se yourself o n the B o mber You whi zze d a r o und in bumper car s. n a iling as m a n y pe o ple as yo u could, and s tuffed you r self with junk. You met up with frie nd s and turned your s elve s l oose in a wacky world where a n y th ing could h a ppen Switching from one foot to the o ther yo u were waiting in line when a voice came o ut o f n o where '" j u s t threw up o n th a t o ther ride I h o pe thi s one doesn t get m e sick Y o u s lowl y turn e d around t o be faced b y a per so n whom yo u h a d never set eyes o n be fore Y o u g l a n ced a t him with a funny l oo k Was h e t alk ing to yo u'! Y o u un ce rt a inly m an aged a wea k H i." H e began tell ing yo u so m e ver y peculi a r thing s (like h ow h e thr ows d a rt s a t d ogs ) But the fact th at yo ur f riend see m e d to kno w h im was comfo rting Ever y thing went alo n g fine until yo ur friend whispered "Who is thi s guy?" Al a rm bell s s t a rt ed r inging wild l y in you r h ead Bright lights, Fun games. Thinking of your per so n a l safety yo u let him get o n the B o mber first. and then quickly t oo k a seat as f a r away from h i m as possible Y o u dre a ded the worst. It happened Spin ning around wildly, the guy n ex t to yo u clutched yo ur thigh like he w o uld never let g o Suddenly, all th e people o n the r i de began t o see m weird Y o u had to get off. Just then you fell o ut o f your seat a nd Conan the Bar b a rian ended up o n lOp of yo u Limping back you wearily sa t down again hoping for th e nightmare to end Miracul o u sly, it did l a ter tr y ing to f o rget a bout the ride yo u a nd your frie nd s t agge red off in sea r c h of some th i ng t o ca l. Jus t as yo u t oo k a r efresh i ng gulf of your so d a yo u he a rt a voice say. H ello. agai n." Y o u choked o n so me i ce c ube s a nd sc r a m bled away as f ast as your l egs co uld carry you obody h ad warned you a boul the p sy c h opat h s a round here! Trying to ge t h o m e yo u h a d the feeling you were being followed H aving some odd h all ucin atio n s of i mm inen t d a n ger. yo u ran the re s t o f the way eve n f aste r and up o n reac hin g h ome, barricaded th e d oor. Y o ur mom wildly looke d up H ow w as the f ? .. a Ir. RIDE lltKE1S ON .,,, ElCcu se m e c a n I 1::('1 l icke t s h e r e? L al1emant asks a tenia live questIOn Phaedra Ave Wh e n d ocs il Shawn Fit/gerald and KeVin K eiser Impatiently tWirl In Ihell sea l s


eARN AV ALITO 1991 The annual Spanish Club event "Carnava lito was held in conjunction with the F r ench C lub' s "Mardi Gras" a t pee auditorium o n February 23, 1991. A s the night began, the Spanish C lub court h ad a dance recital with the dancers in typical Panamanian costumes. The queen, lli a n a Rodriguez, and her escort performed "EI Pun to after whic h s he was c r ow n e d b y the former queen Carme n Ortiz. In her acceptance speech, s he ass igned eac h member of her cou rt a specific duty in h e r "ki ngdom." The Frenc h Cl ub then gave a speec h a b o ut the origins of Mardi G r as, and how it is ce lebrated Doo r prizes were give n o ut to the winners. Some members of the F r e nch C lub had a kind of parade whe r e the Mardi Gras s pirit shone through Costume prize s wer e taken away by Melis sa B owman, w h o donned f ruit o n her he a d and Michelle H ay d en, w h o ca me as a belly d a ncer. With the m u sic provided by the DJ "Anyway," the night was danced away in a delight ful ambience. A r oya l case. Queen iliana Rodriguez bes tow s her regal smile to all her subjects "Whllt co m es n ext?" Alb; Puech w h ispers in pani c to escort, Eri c P aredes S ORRY W e regret th a t there are no pic ture s of mardi gr as. but none were avai l able. ... - .... GOETHALS .-Ldt 10 Right : Eric P a r edes. Rica rdo Se rrano J aime Oakley. Ivan Rodriguez-M esa. Lorenzo Rivera, Alix Pue ch. M o n ica Rios, Iliana Rodrigu ez Me sa. Lisa Palm l-I 1 ( It ". S l ep. glid e. s t e p Th e Carnavalit o court makes all the m oves


Wh e r e s m y esco rt ? Lis a Palm get s a disqu i et ing feeling tha t s h e's all alo n c So m et hing funn y! M o n ica Rios s ee m s t o be th i n k ing of things o ther than jus t d anci n g I i


BAM! Oh, great! Now I m going to have a headache for the re s t of the day a nd it's all the fault of tho se so phomores fooling a round with th a t plaque! I mean it 's pretty s illy t o be trying to pu s h each other to step on it. And th a t o n e guy who probabl y ha s no coordi n a tion whatsoeve r instead of jumping over it goes careening down the h a llw ay, a nd after reb o und ing off the bull e tin board goes right for me! Like I sai d t o d ay's going t o be just a wonderfu l d ay It 's a dog 's lif e It see m s l ike yes terd ay when th a t kid decid e d m y blank s tare bothered him a nd h e whipped out his trus t y ballpoint pen, a nd sc ratched so me pu pil s in f o r m e He didn t eve n h ave the decen cy to give m e r o und pupil s H e jus t gave me littl e s l i t s ... like a-o h good n ess!-like a CAT! Y o u mig ht think it gets kind o f b o ring just silting-actu ally STANDI NG-here n ext t o th e main office, but I d o n t mind until o n e of th ose d ays occ urs. I h a t e the d ays when peopl e h a ng o n me, a nd leave th e rem ains of their empa n a d as, or when they just w alk b y a nd stick o ut their t o n gues thinkin g, "Oh what a dumb d og W ell, I AM yo ur m ascot. I D o watc h ove r B a lboa High c h oo l a nd th e s tu dents, a nd I A M h e r e for yo u eve n th o ugh yo u th i nk i t 's st upid t o t alk t o a d og The r e a r e a few people o ut th e r e who p e t m e occasio n ally "Oh, how s tupid! That's wha t YOU'R E thinking! W ell, th ose pe ople und e r s t a nd th a t b eing B a lb oa's bulld og is more th a n j u s t some s t a nd u p r o ut ine, a nd th a t I l ove th em dearly. That is wh a t m akes m y job worthwhile o w come t o think of it, thi s is so m e job! I don't th i nk I do a n y thin g, o th e r th a n watch people Maybe tha t 's why I don't ge t a paycheck Think I s h oul d take it u p with th e management ?


Victories and defeats games a nd practices, all were p a r t of spo rts. T o some sc h oo l would n o t be sc ho o l without the numerous athletic oppor tunities offered throughout the year. To those invo l ved in a thl etics, the schoo l day did not end at 2 : 30 pm H o ur s wer e s pent training and work ing o ut aft e r sc h ool. Each season saw injuries; during football season, two player s wer e ou t with collar bone fractures, and s everal cheerleaders with knee injuries. An ultimate h o n o r g i ven to o ut-I II l'rMd('nlllrk. G recn l )evil cheerleaders dcmonslfI\lc (h4m original "shake It" maneuve r Thi S contagious move tK:. came a dancing trend among gU)S and girl! fir ... Aid Bulldog. I )cllll 5011\ d oc tor .. her '"Jured Socce r like all cont act prov okes InJunes s t anding players was the title "allisthmi a n". Sports h a d both rew a rds and dra wbacks, but in retros pe c t the r ewa rd s wer e worth it all. Bein g involved in a th letics, either as a player o r a coach, enriched one's involvement wit h the sc h ool. Sports did m o re th a n foster a he a lth y life s t y le. Athletic involvement in high sc hool made a s tudent m o re well r o und ed, promoted se lf-d iscip line and for many provided an important se n se of belonging ( t o th e te a m ) ........ ',','.'.',',',', "/11111 t ..... IIJIII", HtI"" 11 .111111 fflllill .... 1111 ,""111 I,'l,\',',','j """ .. 1111'"' tlll.II' H'''''' III"'" IH'"'' 1111101 .. II'''' 10I1"1t 11I1I1f' 1'""1 111111 11 1111101 1 11111111 IHIIIII ,,'H,I ' '.',' ','J It .. ", 1111 It IflllI, 1111111 It,t I' t "'''tI fltllI' lit"" I t I I I I I "'"11 IIlIlIt "tI II I '''1''1 Uflltl ""'ff ',','.',',',', 11111. I 111111 ""tI I I' the Top. C h a d Calla han "g ets so me a1r as he goes ror wha t looks like an eas y dunk BASKETBALL P 38 TRACK P 42 BOY S' TENNIS P. 36 27


An Incomparable E rent The Cayuca Race is a n event that occurs annually and i s one that requ ires a great amount of endu r ance. commitment. and time The race i s a ver y unique expe r ience becau se thi s is the onl y place i n the wor ld whe r e yo u h ave a chance t o paddle in w oo den l ogs" dow n a world w a te r way When you mention it to somebod y who lives out of P a nama you u s u a lly get a l oo k o f dis beli e f and a sa r castic. "What?", II i s definitely agreed th a t th e cayuca r ace i n an incompara ble event. F o r th os e o f yo u who a re n o t a w are of what the Cay uca R ace i s. it i s a three-d ay ra ce fro m the Atla ntic s ide o f the isthmu s t o the Pacifi c sid e During the se three d ays. the paddlers p a ddle r.fty to fifty-five mile from oc e a n to ocea n The !ir s t st ret ch is the s h o r te s t one of the r ace It cons i s t s of p a ddling fro m Cris t o b a l t o the Gatun Lo c k s The se co nd stretch includes p a ddling the treache r ous a n d wea rying G a tun Lake Thi s s t ret c h o f the r ac e t a ke s about three and a h a l f t o f o u r h o u r s f o r an ave rage cay u co. The third stre t c h i n c lud es p a d dling from the Dr e dging Divi sio n in Gamboa, thro ugh Galliard C ut a nd up to the D iab l o Spinn ing Clu b p assing through the Pedro Mi g u el and Miranore s L ocks These logs" t ake a lot of time to prepare for the g ru e lin g and exciting r ace. The paddlers begin to practice many months before the r ace a nd dev o t e mu c h of their t ime t o their cay uco. T o prepare themselves for the exhausting race, the c rew s practice everyday after sc h ool a t D iablo a nd Gamboa The Cayu co R ace is a n activit y that you s h o uld t ake a dvantage o f while you a r e here in P a n a m a It is a n ex peri e n ce th a t i s c hallengi n g a nd d efinite l y a good way t o keep in s h a pe S i h uuion U ope ltss. The CfeW, Jerr y Can tu J ose Love, and J immy Oakley had t o paddle most o f the time with three f o urth s of thclr crew -Mi s t e r Mo s t Chad Graham "pulls" a he come s mto the Diablo r amp M isco n ce pti o n and Hig h Anx i e t y Th e MisconceptIO n c r e w : C r aig Meyer Tom Ellis, Eric D iaz. and Lee Gibson battle for s e con d place 10 th e Reg a li a agams t the H igh Anxiety: Brian Dugan. LUIS Diaz. Milee W ing. and J ohnny Thompson The cre w ; Tre y Anas. KeVin Stell, D anny P e ter son, and Alan M atheney coaSt In Lnn lng the fir s t heat of the R egalia Chaos Th e c rew: Bryan K e mp. Ca r los QUintero KeVin K eiser. and D oug Strong p r e p a r e t o turn the point and paddle up the Ca n a l O u r Dic k Stephanie H elin paddles as K atie GoodWin dr aws" to turn a co r ner


Field Goal The capabilities of many outstanding rookies compensated for the shortage of returners. F r om the bleacher s, it was not always easy \0 see all of the playe r s on t he footba l l fie l d ; much less Identify who t hey were B ut when t he crucial catch was made or the winning to u c h down was s cored there was a buzz of exci t ement as the per so n who did well was recog n ized T h r ougho ut t he s ea s on, members of the f oo t ball learn s s h owed how deter mined the y were t o s u cceed and h elp their Icam s win T h i S yea r t he football p r og ram saw qUilt a few c h anges. I n t he pa s t the play er s t ha i didn t play fir s t o r s econd Sir ing barely eve r s tepped onl o the field 10 play This year. h oweve r the s e players had th e chance du nng Thursday sc r imagcs The capabi lit i es of mBny o u t s t anding r oo kie s compe n sated f o r the s h O rtage o f re t u r ners and the unfortunate l oss o f ineligible vet era n s. The foo t ball pla y er s, thi S s ea so n had a lot of suppo rt fro m t heir c heerleaders thei r boos t er clubs, a n d their manager s B u t eve ryon e know s t ha t the man a ger s wer e more t han Just a s u pp o r t group, T hey kept t he players bandaged, d oc t o red, an d fed And If t he r e was a man a ger In th e hou se. you'd never find a th i r s t y player wit h b r oken e q uipment. eedles s to say. th e manager s were a defin i te asset to each team T he fir s t confrontation be t wcen th e team s t oo k place a t Crist o b al with the an nua l foo t ba l l Jamboree. After the parad e of prince ss e s, ( Rashell Car son, Green D evils: M e liss a W i n for d R ed Mach ine : L eanne Thrift Cougars: Caroline H inkle. B u l ldog s) th e games began The champion team o f the Jamb oree was d eci d ed in t he fina l game. as t h e Cougars prevai l ed Green came i n c l ose be h ind taking second place T h o ugh the Couga r s pretty much d omi na t ed the re s t of t he s eason they came vcr y cl ose t o lOS ing a cou p l e o f games IroOically. t he s e g ames were those that s t age d them against the G r een D evil s, a t ea m that never did break i t s l osing s treak The Curundu Couga r s fin i s hed the s ea s on With a perfect r ecord of 8 WinS and no l osscs T h e B a l boa Bulldo g s came In s ec ond wit h 5 wins and 3 lo sses R ed M achine came in third with I win 61055es. and I tie ( an Imp rovement f r om l as t year's O -8) And the PCC Green D evil s finished fourth after n o win s. 7 l osses. and I tic. 5-3-0 C ou g a r Fo o t ball ( Fir s t R ow) M Garcia, 8 R i t chie, E Hatchett, L. Trembl ay L. Garrido. M Nelson, L R e ill y (Second R ow) R Szymanski J Jemmott M Trcmbla), R W aller. C Buval. R R ey e s, S M c Kenlle. A Cotto-P e r e .. R Garcia, R George (Third R ow) F B ales. J Santos, L V on h ollen, S D onnelly, R SaI3 ... 3r, C. Fis hbough M Love B M cCoy, E Wh itt, J Pu ryear ( Fourth R ow) J aum, B D o n nelly, A Dunn S Conway, K Gray. S EstuplnUln. J L opel, J Full erton ( F ifth R ow) SanlOS, M M o r gan, J T ip t on, E Stanfo rd R W i llmm s, M Womble, D M o n on, H Nicholls I RodTlguel S n a p o ul o f il R e d Mach i n e p laye r Joh n H aning wat c he s in as t o n ishmen t as his team fumb l e s the ball near the e n dz o ne 8-0-0 B ulld o g Foo t b all (FlTs t Row) L Hunt, E H o lland J Beattie. B H ardsaw, R M orr M eyer, L Ellis J Zornes, .c. L o pe? (Second R ow) E O il'll O O rt ega, R N i e v Zornes B H ardsaw, TEllis. G CooTlga n L. Watk ins (Third R ow) B L ugo B K J Berman, K Keise r S B ctrisey J K i rk sey, S Tweed R G onlalez. (Fourth R o \ I Wil liams, V M a rline? R M a rt i n ez. R Es tuplOian B Swenty. E Wiatt, A Ch (Fift h R ow) T Ellis P LlOcol n C I s bell F Herrera, D D o n o h o, A M a then e S tirling 0 R W do. 8 R Q 0-7-1 lIblill ( F i r s t R o w ) K H u s t e d L. h b ic k i, J V ega. M W i ng, W W ing A C. Cook M Betts, J Will i f o rd K Braaten. (Secon d R ow) L H u s t ed D Keiser M O r e e km a n M Watanab e, J Cast r e I l o n L. Gar r i ga. J W :lI \1a dufo, B S asso, J G i b so n (Third R o w ) R Car so n B W ood. L. Gibs on E r Q u i nn P M e lody. R M:lr tine z, P H u rst, M H a d ley J S w ce n e y ( Fourt h eConnell M Banasick K S t c i l, B R oge r s, H R ainey. R EV:ln s, R M eycrs. wood D ow n. s e t B u lldog's quarterback Ene H o lla n d is about to give the sig n al for hi S hne t o b l ock f o r him T h e three amigo s. T he right Side of the Cougars' massive offenSive hne prepares Itsel f to fire out again s t the PCC Green D e vils 1-6-1 -. R e d Machin e Foo tb all (First R ow) C. Cobh:lm. R McConaughey, G B :lcot, R George, 5 Fitlgcmld, M Veno, R G r oom, C. Chas t :lln V E s pos i to R Alcar.lle (Seco nd R o\Oo) N M a rt lnc ... I R odriguez. J Camon, J Rod r lgue1, E Renfro, H T\Ooo h )', r.. 1 B lei c h wei l 8 Archibold, M Charles, R P lnlOn L. Oakley, R Olton, D Leggett. M Winford. L. M cConau g h ey B Fahy ( T hird R ow) P Grinllso n A BUrn). C Thom ps on. \ H op kin). K G oodwin C. QUin tero, 0 C:lnl U C. H ovan, 0 CanJmas, W George. J H :lmng, FEnder, A 8 0wler, 0 Sealey. E Perez, J Oakley, K Barne),S H elm. "T w ohy. P Snell. J S\Ooeene y. R D:Jhl Slrom


Vou' r(' d oggi n g i l R ed M achine coach B i l l F ahy gilles his tea m last minute m s tructlOns before the J a mb o ree begin s LOI '(, Pili Co u gar. J erma i n e Pur year con grat u lates his teamma te, B ob D o nnell y aft er a g ood play Plafs K e lin R ed M achme runnmg back Kellin B arnes e'(erts a second dfort to gam as man y yards as possible r ac(' orf! The B ulld ogs' defensille line goes head to head against the Grecn D ellils du r o 109 the rifth gamc of the scason


Let's Get Fired Up Behind every football team were it s fan s. i t s friend s. and its support group. And it s c heerle aders were all o f the a b ove Following Thurs day pract ices wer e te a m pep r a llie s. during which th e c heerleaders would s h a r e a coupl e c h ee r s a nd plent y of food with the g u ys. The squads a l so h a d Thurs d ays re se r ved f o r p a inting s i g n s and run thr o u g h po sters Fri days were g a m e d ays, a nd l ime for the girls to d o something nice f o r or give som ethi n g nicc la, the g u ys o n the learn. P opula r item s were n o wers. candy, and R a h Allison Huff and Natalie W a tkin s i n spIre the c r owd t o toot for th e B ulldogs wis h es for good luck. And finall y o n Frid ays. the gi rl s. fulfilling th e ir o r igi n a l purpose. became the g u ys' number o n e f a n s and encouraged the c r owd to share in their s p ir i t. S hem i Jic h a. Green D evil cocaptain. sai d It's funny h o w yo u can be to t a l stra nger s in the b e ginning, when yo u find out who's o n your s qu a d a nd be so close w h e n th e season e nds." Spend i n g so m a n y h ours together a t games a nd at p ract ice s a lm ost e n sured connicts wit h i n th e s qu a d s. But the r e l a ti o n s hip s that the gi rl s devel o ped always kep t t hem wo rk ing as a te a m even th r o u gh those r o ugh time s. Wilki n g Ilk [I::yptiln s, Red M achine c h eerleaders. K a r a Tw ohy. Christina Thomp son. and J enny Sweeney pcrform thclr H omecom ing dance routin e Oulld o 2 S (Fron l M Scpp),. G D lckeT'on N J C H inkle 1:.. Scribner, A lI uff ('OU2Hr, (Lefl ) M [)unn R Wolf Renfr o. Y Camacho. A Gann. ( Righi) N '1ievcs. E Slam O f ,." ockwlse) J Navarro. S Jicha. / ... 1 Pearce P A vcLallcman l M S3mucb. J S Oakley, C Ford Jlcki e Jumps. G r ee n D evil. Jackie T hompson shoM o ff her "RUSSian" tech nlque K""pin g the Oeal", Raque! Wolfe. M ist)' R enfro. and L ean n e Thnft chee r on theI r Co ugar le arn R r d M ac hine (hont R ow) A C J Sweeney. V ( Bdd R ow) K GoodWin P Snell. K Tw ohy. S I ldln


Charging Down The Court 1 -luSII('! Avc \.llllcmanl and Shan n o n L ord sho w one o f thCIT s H o n g polnh Ihc hu sllc: Charging on down the co urt were the gIrls V arsi t y ba s ketball tcams. The p l aye r s o n thc s t arting lineup s were always planning strategIes for their next move, Their Improveme nt and determin a ti o n were uns toppable Wh a t thc maj ority o f thc g irl s lacked In siz e and height the y m ade up f o r in h a rd work a nd 1 0 1 5 of hu s tle The girls were bound and det ermine d t o d o thCIT be s t an d th ey m ost defin ite l y e x hibited th ei r s kill a nd determina tlon. 6-2 I Bulldog s ( FIrs! R ow) M Cobham. C. Oliver M \scnno. Sears t \ R ow) Coac h Oll\er S B eaulc. L Cooper. L Jones, A H Ol"ard. 36 (Second D omI n a t ing the P acific area te a m s, thc Bulld ogs r eceived the s econd pla ce t i tle o f the 1991 s ea so n Th e Grecn D evi l s wer e t o ugh competition and pr ove d i t with their th i rd place win Although R ed Machine did n o t have as grea t a s ea so n as th ey h a d h o ped for the y d i d s h ow so me g reat s kill The Curu ndu Coug a r s were th e underd ogs of t h e seaso n Alth o u g h th ey d i d n o t p lace well. they did give it their be st "sh ot." 0 8 Coul:a r s (Firs l R ol") W arn er W a t anabe. L W h l ll K H o ne yc utl ( Se con t '{Of oach h eund, J P ose}. J Penk oskc. R W ard, B M c K ee. V W arne r 0 L o ' 4 4 f ... Irst R o w ) M W o mble. G H atta b aug h R Tut7..3Uer. J H aus er Y Muse (First Ave L allemant, A Pu cch, H M en d enhall. A Erne s l H Cla ry. L B ar rer a. I r o mberg R e d Ma c hin e ( Firs t R ow) M Caton V F astham (Second R ow) Coac h LUIs. A Y SantamanJ. Coac h lUIs, THall O.lc h i l A Co u gar player pr e p ares h erself t o recclVc n key pass l\hkt th a t point Under tremendous p r es s u r e I zatcl M an ning 81VtS It her beSt "sh o t .. 2-6 Sp r at ling A Gundln L C H elm D L ongac re. I l\' l n nnlng M t-Ia)den. L. F lores 37


To The Limit The pla yers energeticall y gave everything their best s hot. Teamwork was a ver y impor tant concep t when pla ying s p orts. It was a cooperative cffon by a group of person s ac ting t o gether for a common goal. B asketball was a dirti culL s p o rt and the team s had to work h ard t o win their games. The player s always played with energ y and gave e v cry thing their bes t s h o t ; the y a l so had the o pp o rtun i t y t o l earn and improve their skills, The coaches were a drivin g forc e in the lives o f the team members. The y s p ent h o ur s o f time o n the court tcaching. tr aining. and coltc hing the aspiring. young athlete s The boy s Var si t y B as ketball Lca m s s h o l into the 90-91 s easo n w ith exIra s pir i t and enth u sias m sin ce thi s s port was a l so cut s hort las t yea r The Bulldogs. per h a p s displayi ng the mo s t team work fini s hed the s ea so n with a 7 and I r eco rd The P Green D evils, who w o n the preseaso n t o urnament, finished clo s e i n s ec ond with a r eco rd of 6 and 2 Co u gars and Red place d 3rd and 4th but thal d oes n t me a n th ey didn t roght h a rd o n 'Io pmg the board w.,' c hange by one, (ougar, W alter Amedee a rree throw 7-1 Sulldo!! J B enJllmln, T Illllnl,.;\ lJo icr,,\1 Celkno P I D "",lln\, 8 lI ardS3"', J IIIl\b.lnd I-Jom.'" D M orton, \1 S h Hen I \'lIn lloorde, I \\ Ilh;1m,. Coach QUinn I ',t 20t i l "' No. ('H 201 it! Red M a c h.ne pla)er Ja so n Seals and Green D evil, John Z o rne s baltic ror posse.ssion or the ball Wow! Cleanng some s enous height. Chad allahan has complete eontrol o r the ball as he lays II up 5-3 .. F \ \ \ medee. B alies terOJ.. G B arbe r H \ Dun ( I ehu, B \1 Herrera, \\ Le8gelt J Pr ice, R aldel H ernandez. E on I Cruch Re)C-lI D J 6-2 hin t \1 Au stin, A B :urd, P Bea rd D B rooks G Cooksey J D Angeho H R Gonl.llel, T J oh n son, C K ing, R M orns, H '\Il choiJs, C. Duley 1-1 R n'e r a, CoaCh C hen 0-8 C r et' n O ih' Cairo. C Collier A D'3/ W Geo rge E H errera, P H urst J JemmOlt R M okillo, C. J Puryear, J Rile)" S S co tt M T o rr es. B Wood. J Zornes. Coach M orrill


OYer The Top BHS Overpower e d It s Co mpetition Fro m jumping hurdles. t o throw ing t he s hot put. tho se o n the 1991 BHS track L earn gave it their a ll. The e ntir e le arn exhib it ed g r eat endurance. a nd each a thl ete s h owed tremendou s amounts of cap abi lity. There were, h owever, two athletes who received further recognition. Alli so n H owa rd a nd Alfred o Richa rd s were awarded with trophies for their outstanding performance in the P anama region Mu c h of the a thlet es' success depended o n th e di sc ipline a nd guidance of their coaches, Mr. Waugh and Mr. Oliver. The two coaches felt satisfied with the outcome of the s eason I n every me e t B H S ove rp owe r ed its com petiti o n whe ther it wa s Curundu, pce. o r the Panamanian te am. Thi s made it the s ole c h ampion. fini s h ing the season with n o l osses. Taking II break Ra chcl Berger relaxes after pUShlOg herself 10 a r(lce Trac k ( FIrs! Row) C H elm, C Eckerle. K Eckerle Y Mu se. R B erger. S Betme)'. (Second R o .... ) S lord S Dawkins, N R obinson. N H enderson. A Whltc A Gomc7. K J Clilr k A Graham, Mr Waugh ( Third ROIOo)'A H oward. C Dcnncll. A Ramse), S Fitzgerald C Febus. M Watanabe F ChaUVin. (Fourth RolOo) A Richards, J Hend erson, K Keis er E HOlOoell. C. Callahan, C M orriS 1\ 1 D}er T l o}d S holput A s most events In tra c k demand a great deal of s kill and s trength Shannon Lord gives as much powcr iJ possible Into throwing the sho tput Jump! P a}Ing careful attention t o hiS form. J erf} en denon makes It "over the top" or the high Jump -- Clea f llnce MIChlo dem o n s tr ates perfect form as he dears hiS oppo nent 's height The high J ump was one of the popular field events that JV and V arsity competed In [xerlion. David F is her put s all his s trength behind the diSCU S galnlOg so me POlOtS for his team


0-2-6 Bulldog s (Top L to R) M Garci a, T. C h e n D Solis, T. H all, B W a l s h J V a l e nc i a, R Nessler. A Tartaglia. J Sanc hez K Kelly. Coac h Co w ley, ( B o tt o m L t o R ) M Rui7. M Webb. G Hattabaugh. C. Wilde, E Go rd o n V Espo s ito. N W a t anabe 42 Fa s ter C a rolin e T rying t o beat h e r o p I nent R ed M achi n e p l aye r Carol ine Hip, kle. r aces afte r the b all. 2-3-3 R e d Mac hin e ( T o p L to R ) 1. M a nnin g J C hur c h P S n ell. C. H i nkle. R B o ll i n K G omez, Coac h O Brie n ( Middle L t o R ) I. Cantu M Winfo r d. J S w eeney. L. Sasso. M Quezad a. ( B o ttom L to R ) J l-bus e r M Lewis F Nava rr o. N Nav a rr o M A s can o


t -Ouch! R achel BOllin pla)s defense, SIOPpm g a Tiger d rive D ot's n th a i hurt'! A Bulldog pla)cr 'at temp ts" t o g e l co n trol of the ba ll. Reaching Goals Co mpl a ining o f brui s e s s hins. so re muscles. and the heat of dr y season, BHS s girls' soccer teams r a n o ut onto the field. and per formed at their peak When the player s reached a desirable s kill s level. the y were re a dy to endure the challenging sea so n yet to D ribbl i ng. B ulld o g Gl a dys Hattaba ugh gel s rea d y 10 cente r the ball t o an open teammate come Of BHS 's two team s Red M a chine w as m o r c succe ssful with two l osses three wins. and th re e lie s as oppo s e d t o the Bulldog s with ze r o win s s i x l os s es. a nd tw o ties.


Don' l fall Jem Bulldog Jeff Naum s erves agal nslthe TIgers while he s tr ains 10 kcep his balance Whue'" )our arm? T .... o } ear \eteran Red f\ .. l ac hlne pla)er Carlos QUintero deliver, a pounding whil e pl(lY lng GTe:en Devil s' number t .... o pla)er Bulldo s R Garrido. J H enriquez. E H olland. 1\ Leeb S M cGUinness. J 'la um R Nolan. P Norman. K W P erlgault. E Samaniego. 0 S tr ong. M S .... eency. J Willirord. J Wil son. Coac h Fsh) 5-4 Cougars E. Bark cr. B B auer. B Cru soe. M Err oz. G Fern and ez. W F ernand R Gsrci a, S Golcmble-..s ki, C H ova n B P ete r so n C. Rurz. K Sakon R S am J S t cvcns. F W cstga t c. J Wcst gate. Coach S c hulte 6-4 t f T Match Point In the finale, G ree n bar e l y s lipp e d pa sse d Red Eve r yone involved with the var sity tenni s league thi s yea r was a n xio u s t o get the seaso n under way. an d managed t o ge t the s pir i t up again, even afte r a short 89 The r ai n which took its toll on a few early games. ca u sed a s m all del ay but didn't d a mpen the a m biti o n o f the four te a m s a nd their play ers Although there were a few upsets as the seaso n progressed. many games D o n l bil e you r lo ngue! Bulld og. Eric H o lland servcs an ace In his mat c h against the Tl gcrs Oelils 0 B a iley R C h an, T Cookscy. E D ame, A De L a Gu a r dia. I D illon. G elia. A J acoboWitz. C M a r o tta 0 Marquardt R ob i son. S W ood. Coach 8-2 were decid e d by just o n e match Th e c h am p io n s hip of the 199091 season boiled down t o one final co n frontation between the Green Dev ils and the R e d M ac hin e. In the finale. Green b are l y s lipped pa s t Red with a 5 to 4 vic t ory, and to o k the title. Red M ac h i n e player, Carlos Quin. tero sai d "I'm s ure everyone look s for ward to seeing a n ot h e r very exciting t ennis s eason nex t yea r I I' s nOI going 1 0 bile Cougar R o bbi e Garcia "cardully" hit s a rorehand while: plaYing ag(lln s t the: Grccn Dcv ils R e d I\.l ae hin e C. B o hen s k y. M B lelch-..eh l D Brown, J Ca rter J Castaneda. 0 Chas t ain. C. COrrigan. R Gaylord. D l -!ar13no K H usted. R /1 .. l aruncz. R P lnlOn, C QUinter o, D Spr ague, B S .... cnty, D R ainey. H SlOgh. R S .... ceny. COdch Dahlstr om 7-3


Game, Set, Match The Season As A Whole Was Challengi n g And Exciting. No maller what others may say tennis is a game that require s much skill. coordination and fast thinking Strategy is a vcr y important pari if one wishe s to be victo riou s and master the game H ave you eve r picked up a r ac quet and tried to play the game ? I t 's a lot morc than j u st vollcy ing a fuzzy greeni s h-yellow ball from one side of the n e t to the othe r The game take s much endurance and preci sion. The girls on each learn were very competitive. a nd the competition was equ a l thr oughout all fou r team The seaso n as a whole was challe n ging and exciting for the playe r s and eve ryone involved Prancinl! April. April Llchr "ca utiously" gelS read y t o lob the ball ove r h er oppo nent hoping to win the pomt Bulldogs (Standmg) S Bryza S J-Ioneycull P Avc:-Lallemanl C Leon M C oach Schulle (SIIMg) C Thompson, G J-Iallabaugh. J Schul l C J Engelke A Llchr 46 Couears (Standmg) MaMger R Samson B R Itc hIe, N Nass lff, Y Nakagaua, M .. (llo. Coac h OlIVer. (Sltl1ng) J J H a u s er V Uh o rchak E Oa P ena S G ar ,j Of\il s. (Standing) M D131, M Samuels. J 013 1 C 0 3 c h Tuc ker A I \ve 4nt, L Chan, A M atheney (Kneeling) C Numala. C QUInterO, 0 K C Ave Lallemant orfhand. B ulldog Stacie H oneyc u ll re turn s hc:r opponc:nt's threatenIng serve T hru-lo\e, Match P o int Al ies h a AveL allc:mant se rves r o r the mat c h Rt"d Mllehinf. S J Brogle A M on nell J Ore""cr.,\I Bo"nl.ln \ Gundm R C a r son. Coach C o leman 4 7


Bre lS t Bnan Kemp SWims one more lap befo r e l aking a pit SlOP" al the end or the poo l SWim Team (Fust R ow) M T assel, 0 Terrell B Kemp R B erg e r S B Clrisey. G Pier ce, E Pineda (Second R ow) Coach Sweene y J William s, P Nol an, E H owell, G Kinugllsa.O Galang ( Th ird R o\\.) N Watan abe, H Cla ry. N H enders o n J Lively. T K o ba yashi, S Lern er. (Fou rth R o w ) Muse, I Rodri guez L Sponhcrg Y W ilde, R d a P ena. ( Fifth R OI/I) Coac h B each. R Peler son. J Andrevs, A II clnichen, A Pue c h Freestyle S trokin g A nd Ki c kin g Hard Th e T e am S how e d G r eat P o t ential. V a rsit y Swimming s t a rt ed the l as t week in J a nu a r y Eve r yo ne pr acticed h a rd Monday through Thurs d ay f o r a pproximatel y two h o ur s a d ay Swimme r s were f ac ed with l o ng s e ts o f f r ees t y l e. back stro ke. a nd bre as t stro k e They found th em selves being pus h e d and p u s hin g th e m s elve s t o utter extremes But the wor st was h ea ring coac h say, "One more 100 yar d butterny" The re s ult s o f th e fir s t mee t proved th a t all the l o ugh pr a ctice s paid off after all The learn as a who l e had a s ma s h i n g vic tor y ove r C urundu and 5t. M a r y's Bumrny. A nne-Liese H einichen "nies" G o A s soon as th e g u n goes orr. Steve d own th e length o r th e p ool. Betnsey d ives In.


Hit And Run! Speed And Coordination Are Necess itie s Baseb all requir e d a lot o f dif f e r ent skills, and the playe r s o n the te a m s c o mbin e d the m well. Speed w as a most necessa r y as s et. The player s f o und the m selv e s d o ing a l o t o f runnin g So m e t i m es that little bur s t o f s p ee d m a d e th e diffe r e n c e b e t wee n a cat c h a nd a dr o pped b all. Anothe r n ec essi t y was coo rdi n atio n Extremel y lin e t iming was r equired in most e v e r y thin g : a t the pla t e and in the field. Th e boys (and girls) h a d to clo c k the m s c l v es ju s t right t o ge t a goo d h i t o r t o ca t c h a fly b all. Beside s goo d r e n exe s and fin e timing b a sic b a s e b all s kills" were r e quir e d A playe r h a d t o be able 1 0 throw f a s t h ard, and far. Th e r e was a l o t m o r e to ca t c h ing the b all tha n j u s t puttin g o n a m i lt and wavin g it a r ound. All i n all. the p lay e rs displaye d a vas t a rr ay o f t a l e nt. Eac h t ea m provide d grea t com p e tition for the o thers. Wind U p Sen i or, Brian W ood. l aunches a f as t ball o ff t he m o u nd as h e s tr ikes o u t o f opposi tion S a re! S h a w n F itzge r a l d a u emp t s t o tag hiS oppontnt out. b u t is unsu ccess f u l A C h llve/, C, COrrigan, b IIn r d sow, A Jllco bo ..... lt7 C. T ilda R George. C I s b ell. K K tlse r J M c MillRn. J R i ley, M R o binson, Q Undcr .... ood. Villamil B W oo d S M c Kcnm. L Ollkley C o u gars ( K neehng ) L Shulman F Westgate Y R uiz C Lampa s, S W heel c R B ndg es. R Martlnu. R G I U CIIl, I Skousgard, (Standing) Coach Fern a ndez, C Fendend. .. D Bught J Tej ada, \\ Amedte. J BeaUle S T .... ted, C Febu s. E L c M RI\'tf'U" Coach M a rtl ncz ( I (Fir s t R ow) T M ills B B auer. L W heeler R Gto rge D orma n S Fil7ge r ald, 1\. C B uval L. /I.'I3ddolt. (S ec ond R ow) Coach H age r J H usband, M W atanabe e y 0 Stro ng. F Ender M Slaven, C. Fis h bough. E H olland, C Coongan, K Read y to Go Co u ga r J a mes B t a n ie. t a ke s off t o .... a rd s fir s t b ase aftt r a smas hing h i t Bas e Hit. C r aig Fis h bo ug h belt s the ball dur i n g a Couga r Bulld o g g a m e G o .Iome B ulld o g c oac h Mr. Qu i nn w aves Kcvin K eis er aro und t h ird a f t er a b ase h it. R e d M ac hin e R ow) H Rlvcr a, T H 311, B H ardsaw R MIlJor D M o n on, C Estelle7, J W a ldr on. R Dema s (Second R ow) Coach Grade. H Sing h J J emmott M V a ughn S R Gonzalcz. R Sirlas, C. I I olla n L. Cairo, W Gco rge. K Sanchel




.... --


"PrOIf'CI our b e aches," D eter m ined t o s pread this mes sage, Eco l ogy club member, M ichelle B a k er p u ts the finis h ing t ouc h es o n her sil k -sc r e e ne d I-sh i rt. Clubs And Activities On the flip side of academics, there were numerous activities for students to get involved in. Activities were not for everyone But for those who took advantage of them there were a lot to choose from. For the musically inclined, there was a choice between band and cho rus. The drama department attracted tho s e who wanted to act, and produc tions were put on 3 times during the year. Academic clubs were a bit more selective and were based on one's grade point average Two new addi tions to BHS brought awareness of black culture and of our endange red environment. Getting involved in school activities was a way to be with friends, make new ones and make a difference in the school.


Jetting nvolved \.nd Making \. Difference n The School. j In cominli( Business Club office r s, Marc i a Garcia, Nayal Martlne?_. Eileen Da P c n a. and V ane ssa Esposito l i sten as th ey arc about 10 be s orn In F UNDRAISING P 66 DRAMA P 5 8 Arguing effec fitel y duri n g 11 Closeup g r o up m eellng. A n n M cConnell p resen t s h e r view on the situat ion in t h e M iddle Eas t The Close-up g r ou p met r egu l arl) to discu ss s uch governmental affairs Proud i n i t ialf'. After pleasing his pa r ents with h iS initi ation 10 the National H o n or Societ). Steven BCHis t y ple ases hlmselr .... ith "goodies" al the re cep ti on It l oo k s like h e g o t 1 0 "have hiS cake a nd eal 11 100."


A Selected Few Honor Societies Encour a ge E x cellence T h r ee of the most p r estigio u s clu b s in B al b oa H igh Schoo l a r e the National H ono r Society (NHS), B iologica l H onor Society (BHS), and Spanish H onor Soci e t y (S H S) S H S is composed of students who have excelled in Span ish class es. maintaining an A average after th r ee years of studying the lan guage BH S is a very large and active clu b Studen t s wishing to join must have com ple t e d 1'01'0 semesters of B iology with a G P A of 3 0 o r h i gher. and m u st show a gen u ine interest in B iology and i t s related fields BHS is a n exciti n g o r ganization which sponsors many activi t ies for its membe r s T his year's agenda included walking on P ipeline R oad. and blazing trails and swimming in raging waterfalls in the I nterior T he society heard lectures on s u bjects s u ch as me d ical sc h ool. beetles, and the Galapagos I s l ands N H S is an eminent organization for which the members are chosen for aca demic s u periority B ut membe r s must prove, upon application, that they are ex celling in charact er, sc holarship, leader ship, and se r vice as well This yea r N H S focused on helping the community th r ough service projects, examples of w hich incl ud ed buying Christmas pr e se ntS f o r c hildr e n of poo r f amilies, and dona t ing mo ney t o the ch i ldren's nut ritional h ome, N utr e H ogar. The society also enco u rages the serious pa r ticipa t ion of its members in act ivities s u ch as these Membership to the s e societies provides incentive f or students to achieve excel lence academically and socially as well Close-up: (First Row) Shawn Fitzgerald, Ann McConnell, Jen n i f e r Schult e, M elissa Bowman, Advisor Pat Alva r ado. (Second Ro w ) R ebecca Peter sen, Jen n i f e r Lively. Michelle Ha)"den, Eddie H o .... ell. W e t 'n Wi l d B H S members, Eddie H o well. Yvette Wilde, and Vanessa Espos ito "cool off' at Mrs Seitz's house after long hike on Pipeline Road. Na t io n a l H o nor Soci e t y : (Fi r st R ow) A p ril Lie h r. Y i r a Mu se, A yes h a S idd iqi, Ecke r le, C r ist inc H elm. K aren Ecke r le, S h awn F i tzge r a l d. L ea h l zb i c ki. Eil e e n G u illermo T u r ke. Angela M offi tt T reas. Christy F o rd (Secon d R o w ) R achel Yvette Wilde. M ay r a Nieves, SCOIl W ood, M ic h elle H ayden. Jenn i f e r Brewer f\ Maduro. M elissa B owman. J enni f e r Schulte, L i n e tt e Dut a ri. (Third R ow) Steve n sey. B ette Rit c h ie, Naomi U n ger. K ei t a Sak o n J e n nife r L ively. Eddie H o w ell. H urst. K erry Gomez, P res. A s h ley Gann. ( F o urth R ow) Carl os Qui nt e r o, Eri c p " d,,1 D av i d Fisher. R ebecca Peter sen, L ee An n S ponb e r g. K i r a n Chuga ni. S ec. lIi a n a guez-M esa, M elissa R oyo. A d viso r J ose J ae n (Not Pic tur e d ) V icePres. Ann M r ,';.1 nell.


pos t-cerem o ny re c epti o n Mr. Jose Jae n i disc u sses t h e fundamental s o f the socie t y a pr oud p a r e n t of a n initia t e al Work A dvisor, Mrs. Sei t z : S ec r e t a r y L ea h i an d P resid ent. J ennifer S chulte discu s s f utur e f o r the B i o l ogica l H o n o r Socie ty. Team : ( Fir s t R o w ) A ngle Hernandez., Stacie P r u i tt R ebecca M c Wh i rt e r (Sec o n d R obi n M c D aniel R ossa u c Ward T an nin C o l on It's a big m O mf'nl for N H S Initiate Slev en Denis e ) a s he a ppr oac h e s the t able where he will l i ght his ca ndle The ca ndle ligh t ing c eremon y i s an imp ort ant part of the i n iti o a tion cerem ony. Parra k ee t : ( F i r s t R ow) V enus Valdcl, Eneida ThomJ\, T ifra o ) Walker. Stacie Pf U1Il. D Clk:1 W allace, J ose phin e Tunon (Second Row) KC));I C'oilcr y ahn. Lorena Jenn i r e r Andreu), Cerrud, Ellcr, on, h m lc \\ a lter" TrlOil } M a rllnC1 '" /


Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star W ell, Mr. J did i t again! Once m o r e h e c h ose and dir ec t e d a m aste r p i ec e Th i s y ear it was C h a rlotte 's Web and if y ou d i dn t get to see it you missed Meli ssa R oyo (C h a rlott e) w i th e i g h t l egs Stacie H o n eyc utt (Wil bu r ) d onning pig ea r s and a c url y -Q t ail, and Robert L u trell (t h e Gander) with a bill and web be d feet. Th e ha r d work and dete rmin atio n o f the c as t a n d c rew wer e exhibi te d in a wonde rful r endit i o n o f th e c hil d r e n 's s t o r y Th e o th e r p lays p r od u ce d durin g th e sc h oo l yea r were The Litt l e Me rm a i d whic h w as s tu de nt dir ecte d b y M e l issa Ro y o and th e fif ties mu s ical G uys and Dolls. Bird o f a f ea th e r Ch:lr l otle's W e b s gan de r ( R obe r t L utr ell) an d goo s e (So l Cowe s) p r actice their line s Auug h All st r essed o u t. Carrie Gibbs trys t o memo r ize h e r lin e s f o r he r part (Cho r u s ) while B unn y W i l de ta k es a s n ooze. Model U n ite d N ati o n : (Fir s t R ow) P a tricia A l aniz, H e a t her C l a ry, M ay ra N i e v es, Alix Puech (Second Row) Ramon DaP e n a. Scott Leffler Kha l adi J oseph-C l ark ( Thi r d R ow) Manuel H errera, Jon L avallee, Eduardo Sal y R osas, Mik e Dyer. N o t Pic t ured : Ca rlos Febus. John McMillan, Am iri Georg e A n gela K eeli n g, Yvett e C h a u vin, and D av i d Fis her Stu de nt s S hine In BHS Production Fren c h C lub: (Fi r s t R ow) Step h anie G r ecco. G r eg Pie r ce, Eil ee n d a P e n a, M a ria Quez a da, M a ribel L ewis, Bren d a Villa mil (S e co n d R ow) Norma Nava rr o, M aria Gar c i a F a biol a N av llfr o Van essa Espo s i to. L idia L o u Treas R a mon da P e n a ( Th i rd Row) Aman d a Dickin so n P r e s A l ix. P uec h Mi c h e l e B a k e r Sec An neLiese H einichen, M oni c a Rios, M rs. L a u r a R o a Ce n i r a L opez, R ejo y ce H an s on, (Fo u rth R o w), V i ce P r es, Kiran Ch u g ani, J a s on San to s Alex Villami l H eat h e r Clary, Rich a r d Samso n F r e dr i co Euson, J ohn Zorn es.


. h:,:; ( F irs t R ow) ReJo yee H anson. Pres Ric hard Samson, Mrs Dottie WhIt e, ola n Jon l avalec, Trist a n M o rri ssey Vice Pr es. R amon D a P ena, Ali son (Not Pictured ) Sec Kir a n Chu ga ni. What a r e } o u s ay ing? Troy L oyd indig nantl y prote s t s Will Nevin's latest Tun through his l ines L I .--. Mou stac hiod Mll s t e rmind Every w or k of art ha s a b r illi3nt mind behind it. an d here he is. Mr. J wikcs a sc holarl y pose while t alki n g to his cast. OOPS! Naomi Unger's foul-ups, bleeps, and b lund ers thr ough yet a n o ther line cause Melissa R oyo to gIve he r a disbeliev ing look Student s Again s t Drunk Dri ving; (First Row) Pre:; Vira Mu:;e, Vice Pres_ Stephanie Grecco. M a r garet Springer. Treas. Jennifer Navarro (Second Rov.) Monica Colon, Angie 1 l e rnande1. ReJoyce H anson, Americ a Case} (Third Rov.) Mary W::alters. Am) Long ac r e, R a mon Da Pen a, H eather CI::ary. Mrs Jo::an Othon (Nol Pictured) Sec. T::abi lh a Norton


Comp uu:r C lub (FirS! R ow) Vu:e Pru Petersen. Trclls R lc hll.ld SII.nuon. Sec Kevin Keiser (Second R ow) Pr es. April Llcllr Norma Nayo rr o, T ech Advl50r M c hd a Ull o n Sec A)'oh!!. Siddiqi, (Tlmd R o .... ) Fabl o a Navar r o, Giselle M Onllcs, M a ribel lew", Mana Qu esa d a, Clau dine Eckerle. Jessi ca SanChez, TCfua Rand Lulmha B a rrera BellelS Glllvcl, Nodu! S h:ukh ( F O urth R o w ) Lee Ann Sponbe r g, L idia LOll, K O lle Good .. m Ra chel 8ouln. Anglc M l l chell, Karen Eckerle. C hri stine Helm Scou Wood M a rk R)'lln M anuel H errera ( F irth R o w ) Doug Slrong, Eddie H o ... cll, S ha .... n Fitzger ald, Lilia Sasso. M elissa Winf ord, Kerf)' Gamel. Dong Suk P arI. Jerr y H enderson. J:,"'fO R odnguC1 IllCI MannIng (SiAlh R ow) Eduardo Saly RouJ Edu ardo Sanl1ago. M a fia A scano, NaOki Wanlanabe Aln 5l1rllng. Peter ErllCSIO Spurlock, Rick y Slllaz.:ar, SCali M eGullI. 60 - ----Ecology Club : ( F its t Row) Treas MIchele B aker. Co Vp. Alison Vowell. Co Vp M aria J enny Aileen JenkinS. Nadia Shaikh (Sec ond Row) Lukis h a B arrera. S t ephanlc ( Apul Llchr, Fabiola Navarro. Maribel Lcwis, Lidia L o u (Third Row) Bel kis Alia Enc Paredes. A ,ngllce W all. Angela Keeling, M ary Jacobowil1.. Eddie H owell. M aria Ascanc H a ttab augh. Giselle M o rales, N o rma Nav arro ( F o urth Row) Dong Suk Park Jercmia h ernesto Spurlock RIchard Samson. Huther Clary. Naokl Watanabe Chnuopher Manning. Christine Helm (No t Pictured : Sec SCOII Wood. Pres. Anne.Liese HCHlIchen). '-Our Earth Co n cerne d Stude n ts Take Acti o n -Each club had a s pecifi c rea son f o r i t s existence The m ai n purp os e of the Ecol ogy club w as t o let i t be kn own that o ur planet Earth is s ome th i ng worth pr eserv. ing and keeping beaut iful f o r f uture gen erat io n s The E co l o g y club has COntr ibut e d t o the bea u tification o f P a nama by turn ing tr ash can s a nd dumps t e r s int o re cycl ing bin s T h ose t n th e club h o p e that I Cl ub: (First Row) Vice P r es. Meli ssa R oyo, Pres Le a h h:bi.cki. M o n ica R io .s. 'asp e r so n Joanne H unt Erin H a tchett Chris tin e H elm. C l audine E c kerle StaCie (;u tt Carr ie G ibbs. M ic helle Tass ell Ali x Pue c h Treas J ennifer S c hulte {Se con d i reg Pier ce T y Me c ham Wana C h o w Kai Edne Starnes. Re joyce H anso n Nancy Henderso n Mary Jacobo witz Alell. R ossan. Heather Cla ry. Se. c ('ngie t, (Thir d R ow) Julie C hur c h Jennifer Andrews, L oy d I zb l ckl. L cc 1Onhc rg Am anda Dickinson, Eddie H owe ll, Naomt U nger Angl lce Wall Jerry Kir a n C hug a ni. yo u ca n h elp make a d iffe r e n ce T hey su g gest five w ays that you can help : I) R echarge b a tteries Whe n y ou thro w them a w ay, th e batter y acid see p s Int o the soi l 2) B u y hairs pr ay and othe r s prays i n pump s Aer osol cans conta i n chlo ro flour oca r bons that h a rm the ozo ne 3) Use p ape r bags P lastle bags are not biodegradable 4 ) Use r ags th a t can be r e -u sed instead o f u sin g a nd d ispos m g of so many paper t owels 5) Use a v inegar / water s ol u tion to clean g l ass M a rket glass cleane r s contain harmful chemicals A c tive Pres ldcn! Ann el i e s e H emichen prepares the s ilk screen Pnntmg t s hlrt s was one way t o a dv e rti s e a s eri o u s en v ir o n men ta l campaign Wo r king H a rd Jeremmh Krage and K u Sl1les s pra y pai n t the ..... o rd R ec y cle o n a Ira s h can t o adverti s e thc clubs's recy cling campaign T h espia n s : ( F irst R ow) Treas. Jenn i fer S c hult e. Angie M offi tt V ice Pr es M elissa Pr es L ea h h ;blcki (Second R ow) Carne G ib bs, Greg Pierce M onica Rlos. M J.r) JacobOWitz, Erin Hatchett Kir a n C hug an i L ee A n n Sponber g. A nron I zblch gllee Wall Naomi Ungcr


Strike Up The Ban Mu sic -the universal language. B y b ang ing o n p o t s and pan s or plinking awa y a l th e co lor coded key s on you r little plas t i c pian o. we h a ve deve loped OUf mu s i ca l intere s t s as chi ldr e n While mo s t of us are content to s it in our cars or r oom s by a blaring s tereo, the morc a s piring take classes s uch as band, orche s t r a, chorus. and ju st plain mu sic appreciation Music ca n be the e motional release A chorus line. The s elect c horus add s cho re o gr a ph y to their s inging t o s pice up their act. you need to dry yo ur tears, make a good day even belter, or ju st w hile the hours away. Here at B H S. mu si c won't only give you th a t aesthetic to wards g r aduation but will a l so g ive yo u a n o th e r way \0 exp r ess yo u r sel f in thi s world whe re material things overshadow mo r e i mportant val ues So try that one o n your mother whe n she yells at yo u r o r practici ng the tuba during dinner. Keeping t h e beat. Mrs. M onlo uis direc t s her s elect choru s with pr e cision and grace Band: (First Row) Angie M itchell Ching I Pai. lui Ming Hung. Christi n e Helm. Rosemary Dones. Phaedra A ve-Lallemant (Second R ow) Ian M e rkel. Temple Cast ro. Kerr y G o mez. R ossa u e Ward R ebecca Petersen, Lori Enle. David Fishe r (Third R ow) H o n o r a y Frith. Troy Loyd, Eddie Perez. Paul Kyle. Ra fael F abrega and Bryan Kemp Not P ict ured : Dori s Terrell and Patrick Lincoln. I talicized names a r e s tudents in H onor B and. M ixed C h orus: (First Row) Dca Guerrero. H eidi Casperson, Berta Mezua. J en n i f er Fonken. Lottie Welch. Alex H ernandez, Enrique B arker. Ma r ta Pant oja. (Second Row ) Yoko Nakagawa. Beth Stadler. Rochell B l ade s, Maria Ascano J ose Bodkin. G i e dil H er r era Fred Chauvin, R achel Pete r sen ( T hird Row) Sasha Barrera Anita M a rrero, William Nev in, Aristides. Rezex. Stac y P ruitt, Marjorie Marquardt Rejina Ruffin. Meli ssa Guice. Teresa Santa Rosa Mandy Acre. Juan Munoz. Karima Josephs-C l a rk. W illy Schu l tz. Danna Queen Angela Smith italicized names are students in H onor Chorus.


, I I L Choru s: (First Row) Lidia Lou. Tory Chen, Augusto Velasquez. Jessica lardine. (Second Row) Naomi Unger, Angie Moffitt Carrie Gibbs, Jason Eddie H owell, Jennifer Schulte. Karen Toppin. (Third Row) Robe" LUlIrell, George arc students in H onor Chorus 11_,,", T h e Pied Pipt'u'ltt's. L ori Ertle and Rebe cca Petersen p lay their m a g ica l so und i n g null's al t h e C hri s tma s co nc e rt. Do Re l\1i r. So La Ti Do. Julie W i l so n Lea h I z b icki. an d M alina J acobo w itz rill th e a i r wit h t h e "soun d o f m usic" String and Flut e E nsemble: ( P icture n ot avai l ab l e) Temple Cast ro Doris Terrell, Kerry Gomez. Angie Mitchell, Lori Enle, Christine Helm. Walter Crouch, Frank Westgate Luki sha Barrera


Marching On JROTC Struts It s Stuff Thal's prid('-. J onathan Brassfield shows off his s tarched uniform at sc h ool. A s a J ROT C cade t the condition of his uni form was part of his grade F r om toy guns and plastic so l dier s to junior o f f i ce r s, JROTC ha s ac h ieved the ultimate The ir program co n sis t s of learning co m muni ca tion skills. ma p r ea ding. the history of Am erica and the Alpha Company: (First Row) C PL. Marco Austin. 2L T Scotty Guice (Second Row) SGT Jose B odkin. PVT Carlos Estevez, ELE. P a trick Wodra z ka. (Th i r d R ow) SGT Dalmon White. SGT. Jaime Joseph. SGT. Carlos Bennett SFC. Edgardo Chong (Forth Row) ELE Ric ardo Rivera. ELE Rafael P a rra E LE. Dioscorides Ballesteros. ELE. Jonathan H offman. milit a r y. marksmanship, a nd physical training. The ca d e t s a r e offered th e opportunity to exper ience lea der s hip character, and c itizen s hip The ext racurricular activities are member s hip in the Drill Team. Rifle Team m as t e r s, and Col or Guard. Fai r dar('-. Se r gean t Pur year and Sanchez wait for som eone t o try game booth at the fair. Compa n y : ( F i rst Row) PF C. Anthony R amsay. 2 L T Cla udett e Welc h (SecoM Row) E LE Grady H ale. PF C. Su Vim H oebcr. PF C. Dalila R obinson. C PL. Elvia Cru; (Thir d R ow) SGT. Juli o Anaya. ELE Gerald o B a rber PVT. Jame s Colte ryahn. CPl Ian Merkel (For th Row) SFC. Gabriel Garrido. PVT. William leggett. C PL. Manue Bus t aman te-Herrero. CPL. Daniel R o m a n


,-C ompany : (Fi r s t R ow) CPL. A r mando Nunez. PFe Carlos Barter C PL. Saul i ""pi 'i" .. SFC. Shawm Fitzgerald SFC. R onald Green J r Motiv a ting Young People To Become Better Americans Pr ese ntin g th e colors, J ROT C Color G uard proudly s tand s on the Balboa H igh School f oo tba l l field 5Ul((; 2 L T Ann M athe ws. 2 L T. M ichael Ban asic k SFC. Itzcl M anning SCF. Melind a Nicholls. SFC. Ccnira L opez. MSGT, Oliver Galang Dt'II. Compuy: (Fir s t R ow) C / PF C. M arta PantoJa. C /MSG Larr) Veliz (Secon d Row) C j C PL. J oselina T ejada. C/PVT. Enrique B arker. C / ELE Michael Griffin. C I PFe. Wend y M cNamara, ( Th ird Row) CjEL E Id a Hale, C/ELE Chris K i ng, CISGT. Ycssica San t aMaria C/PVT. Shawn B utler. C/PF C. Jonathan Brassfiel d C/PFC. Troy Loyd, C/SFC. W i l liam Nevin. CjSG T R atttln Dhali .... 31, C/ELE Riley Donohoe. C/ E L E Carl Gale C / SFC. Jaime O akle) C /CPL Eduard\) Sal Y R osas, C / PFC Jose PadIlla, C/PF C J ay Fullerton C / PFC. Jaznlin VergarJ. C/PFC. Raul Garcia, C / ELE M arisol M a n zanares


The ["iI thlilt money brings. Shawn J u s t can't re s i s t th e f eel o f cold. hard (Close up) ca s h in his h ands H e coun t s down the dollars 51111 n eeded for the group s trip t o W ashingto n D C 81010lin l Honor Soc Itt)' : ( F irst Row) Ap,,1 L lehr, C l au dine E c kerle Kuen Ecl"erle. Vice Pres. J ennifer Pres J ennifer Schulte, Leah 1 7blCkl, Vlru M use, R achel B erger. M anbel Lello'is. M arla Qucuda (Second R ow) Cmllnc I-Iclnl, A )'csha Siddiqi. Sleph,nlc Grecco, MOnica RH)S. B nan wood. Mrs Mayr a 8ell1. K a therine SCltz (ruture member) (Thnd R ow) M ormsey. Carlos QUintero. Seoll Wood Kerry G o mel M[ch clle I-IlIy d cn. B owma n l liqna R odriguez. Alidha AveLal1eman( J enn if er BrclIoer, Ramon Da Pcna. Vanessa Esposit o Angllcc W all. Roy Pmzon ( Forth R ow) Slevc BelTlscy. B ryan K emp. M elissa R oyo. 1 17d M anning. Ah" Puech M r Seltz. J erry H enderson. Mic hele B aker. Alu R ou:r.n. R ac h e l B OIlII1. K allc Goodllo'in. t-h c hael Maduro. (Flflh R ow) L ee Ann Sponberg. Je nnifer Galang, J ercmlah Krag e Tany a H aines, J o n E ileen D a Peni. Naom i Unger. R ebrcca P ctersen. L O ti Erlle. Fisher. P arsons. Eddlc I-Io"'ell. Keis er Shawn F,tzger ald I C ult ura l Al'I rtness Club: (First R o w ) Edward Dawkins. Vice Pr e s. Chad C . h

HEAD HONCHOS The Leaders Behind T h e Scenes Along with the re s pon s ibilit y of educating their students, a large number of teachers found it r ewarding t o s p o n so r school-affiliated club s or activities. B eing a club sponsor was in no wayan easy task. Mos t will agree tha t it took a lot of tim e, e nergy, dedication, and patience So w h at made th e m pul them s elves through s u c h a c h a llenge ? Yearbook spo nsor Mrs. Hanson St r ess ing h is point Mr. empha sizes the importance o f the Spanish H o n or Society says she really e nj oys working wit h teenagers both during a nd afte r sc hool hours while Close-u p spo n sor, Mrs. Alvarado tells us, "Arrgh! A teacher's willingne ss to give a litt l e extra time and effort gave stude nt s an opportuni ty to get in va l ve d and learn a little more than they m ight in the daytoday class room. H aste mak es aSl e. A Hein ichen and M Quezada l isten to M s B aca explain th e "gro und rule s to the Ecology Cl ub S p anis h H o n o r Soc i e t y (Picture not avai l a ble) Spon so r Mr. Felil! Figueroa Melissa B owman, A s hley Gann Kathryn Goodwin, Tanya H aines, Michelle H ay den Paul Hurst, J ennifer Lively, Michael Maduro, Ann McConnell, Keita Sakon Bus iness Club : (First Row) V ice Pres. Eileen Da Pena Pres. Nayat Martinez, Vanessa Esposito. Sec Maria Garcia (Second Row) Jaso n Santos, Sterna N;"w" l Rejoyce Hanson, Edilma Carr, Nikki Walcott.


ow dot"s s h e d o il? Engl ish teache r M s a m b i s th e spo n so r of the P a rr:l.keet a n d t h e St u dent A ssoc i atio n Wher e does Ie lind the tim e? "[Ho r y p enn) h elps Sponsor. Mrs. AI varado disc u sses f undraising options with the Closeup gro up M oney w as a necessity f o r th e clu b's tri p t o W ashin gton D .C. Sec R obe rt o Chan. Co Pr es Monica Rios. Sec./Treas. Aliesha I $cc R amon I nchaus t i (Not Pictured) CoPr es Khaladi Joseph s -Clark Pres. Mar y Nelson Spuis h Club: (Firs t Row) Apr i l Liehr V P .. Melissa R oyoSec .. Mr. Carlos Vazs pon sor. Michelle Ha y den Prcsid ent (Secon d R ow) MOnica Rios. J enny J ones. Rina R M olina (Third Row) Rebe cca Petersen. Je ssica SchaVo. RIta R M olina ( F o urth R ow) Dwight McKabney. Melissa M B owma n AlI)I; Puech. lIian a Rodrigu ezMe sa lFift h Row) Mayra Nieves SCOIt L e rner Michael M a d u r a. M anue l Her re ra. M a tt hew R o b ert s on. A y e s h a Siddian Wnc P a u esus. Shannon L ord No t pictur e d Ca r los Qu i n lefl). Trea s.


CAPTURING YOUR ZONIAN STAFF '91 T ell th e m if they d o n t ge l t h ose p ages d o n e thei r n a m es will go o n th e bla nk page s in six t y p c Roman B OLD!" Mrs. H a n so n t h u s so effec t ively threa t e n s us. Yearbook is no t something yo u d o becau se yo u j u s t wa nt t o put i t o n yo ur r eco rd Y o u h ave t o put up w ith a l ot, so h e r e's t h e insid e scoo p B es id es all th e fightin g a nd yelling, a u s u a l d a y beg i n s with a dr ink f r o m the fridge U nf o rtu n a t e ly, thi s fridg e h as th e m os t peculi a r a diu s o d o r protrud i n g from i t s d e pths, a nd i f yo u o pen it, o n e of t he e dit o r s. Kri s tin will k ee l o ver d ea d a nd scre a m "Shut that thin g!" Now s upp os ing this day i s S aturd ay m o rning. yo u 'll g o t o drastic m eas ur es t o get into th e sc h ool. Y o u hea r o f pe o ple want in g to g e t o ut ; we w a nt to ge t in! OUT m i nd s h ave j us t totally corr o d e d a w ay. G r eg, o n m a n y occas i o n s, c r aw l s in a nd o ut of th e sec o nd n oor wind o w s in this r es p ect. If somebo d y yells f o r a pica p al, a funn y o r a n g e y e a rbo o k rul e r i t g e t s nung across the r oo m i n to his face with a c he e r y. "Here yo u go f r o m A shley, th e o th e r edi to r. Y o u finish draw ing your layout with th e rul e r a nd then com e th e kill e r picture c r o pp e r s whic h have t he ca p a b i l i t y of s t a bb i n g a p e r so n t o d ea th Plu s, th ey a r e w arped, a nd all th e pictures get c r o p pe d c r oo k e d, w h ic h upse t s ev eryo n e. Wi t h t h e e d itors' appr ova l yo u tra n sfe r your l ayo u t p la n s to anoth e r form ; h e n ce a n o th e r pica p a l whizzes by. Now it is time f o r w r it in g t h e drea d e d ca pt io ns. I ca n't th i nk of a n y th i n g a p oo r indi v idu a l wails. "Capt io n C r ew!" Every body s tops wha t h e is d oing t o c r owd arou nd one pic t u r e A cap-t i o n will e m e r ger es ult s g u a r ant ee d Afte r meas urin g headlines s ubh ea dl i n es, text co p y a nd captio n s to fit i n to ass i g n e d p laces, yo u m us t tra n s f e r th e m o nt o a co pysh eet o n th e t y p ewriter that ea t s eve r y thin g. o r th e computer th a t prints w h e r e yo u d o n t w a nt it to. Pick o n e. (Carlos' t y pin g s p e ed went up f r o m o n e c h a racter p e r minute t o two, Bett e a mazed us all wi th h e r o r igina l w r i tin g sty l e.) B y n ow it is l un c ht i m e in t h e yea rb oo k r oom. A b o ut 3:00 p. m ''I'm hun-greeee! W e o rd e r a p iz za a nd c o n f u se th e pe r so n t a kin g t he o rd e r b y c h a ngin g our m i nd s h a l f a million times. A co mpl e t e d page i s dumpe d o n th e wise o n es' d es k a nd they s n ic k e r wic k e dl y a nd bring up we i r d rul es lik e "NO tra pp e d copy! N O t ra p pe d w h i t e s pace!" M ea n i n g D o t h e w h o l e th i n g all ove r Afte r a page passes thro ugh th ese pic k y p eople it go e s t o the spo n so r Mrs. H a n so n w h e r e it mu s t p ass furth e r scrutiny. The page th e n gets m aile d t o J os t e n s, th e people w h o actu ally p ubli s h th e b ook Back-up copies ge t st u f f e d h a phazardl y i n t o our record b oo k th a t poo r T i f fa n y h as t o unscr a mbl e t o wor k o n th e i n d ex. Once thi s i s com p l e t e d, th e who l e pr ocess b egi n s o n ce again with d ea dlin es l oo m i n g a nd ca u s in g eve r yo n e to ge t exci t e d a nd nuster e d The r e is so mu c h mor e; th e w h i t e o u t b lo b s, th e t a p e d eck con s t a ntl y o n ; so mu c h t o d o i n so littl e time th a t we e nd up s t a rin g blankly a t th e w alls (and the playd o h o n the c e i l i n g ) So h o w m a n y of yo u o ut ther e are going to d o this n ex t yea r ? Zonian Starr: (Front R ow) T iffany Me c ham Alex Ros san. Angilee Wall. Sasha Vena, Yvette Wilde, Lee Ann Sponberg, Ca thy R igby (Second Row) R eJoyce 1 l anson. Scott Leffler Michael Maduro, B ette Ritchie. Misty Renfro R ashell Carson, Ann McConnell, Karen Toppin, J ason Krapfl, J on Lavallee. (Third R ow) R amon da P e n a, Kathleen Kelly, Stephanie Kuhn Greg Pier ce, Lisa P alm, Carlos Quintero, P atrick No l an ( To p ) Kri s tin Braaten A s hle y Gann Memories Dril ers Edi t o r Kristi n Braaten. Advisor J oyce H anson. E d ito r A s hley


,5,." Carlos Quint e r o and Bette R ichie S",d"" Life : Ca th y R igby and Lisa P alm Sopho mores: Sa s ha Vena Scott L effler. and M isty R enfro A d s; Alex R ossan and Angie W all Index T i ffany Mec h a m : Bu s in ess Karen Toppin: News S pecial Ann M cConnell : Facul Iy. R c joyce H anson Ital i cized names ind i c a t e editori al position s .. Aca d e mi cs: T a n ya H aines a nd Jenny Galang Senio rs: R as hell Carsona and K athleen K elly (nol picture d : Jenny Galang. ) Junio r s: Yve tt e Wild e. Carlos Quintero. and Lee Ann Sponberg C lub s: Stephanie Kuhn an d Greg P ierce P hotography: J on Lavallee Pat N o lan Rejoyce H a n son, Mi cha el r-.hdur o. Jaso n Kr apfl Ramon da Pena


Whir's in )'o u r hlir? Edd ie P erez SpIes some thin g o n Chris Coo k 's head that he d oes n o t a ppr ove or. No hinds! E nr ique Bark e r ge t s r eady t o cat c h his lemon as A n n M a tth e w s an d K a t i e Sea r s p l ay b y th e rules Going pe. R usse l l Evans mon k eys a r o und t o hve n up a dull class -. -----Extra .., , 1 1 W h a t i s thi s ? Aileen JenkinS wonders w hat IS In her l u nch, while her friends K a tie GoodWin and ChriS H ovan. Irl linlsh their home"'ork T h e Corn e r : The ever popular lunch han gout You can ge l Junk food, hot dogs. and hamburgers f r om Oscar's stand, or raspa dos and empa n adas from the s t reet ven do r s


C om" Lo o king with dis belier track membe r Alison H o ward think s she IS Ihe onl y normal person In a world or chaos C omfotlubl "? Semor L ydm Garrido con t o rt s herselr I nlO a relaxed poSItion to do her Drlver'.s Ed. homewor k Time out. DUrin g lun ch. BHS slUden15 Joke a r o und to r o r ge l the tensIOn s o f class 1111 .......... I / i ,., .... .,., .. ....... \ Extra 867-5309 F inn T ejada t akes 3 break from t h e tedi o u s school day t o call her spec!:)1 someone The f orce behind the yearbook Yvette Wild e attempt s to emu late Edit or K rist i n Braaten's muscle powe r while L ee Ann Sponberg s tare s In awe


When during the course of the year, we lost o ur se lves in the excite ment of s porting and extracurricular activities, we forgot the main reason we dr agge d o ur se lves out of bed at the dawn of every d ay: TO LEARN. Student s h a d to juggle a n average of six c l asses a d ay, with the option of a dv ance d placement or concurrent Rh.ls. Ekla Kharbanda and Mike Norman exc h a nge confident glances dler a healed debate The modified debate was a major prOject In Mr Howell's Resear c h Writing class Studio u s Angllec Wall diligently balances c hemical equations IhlS procedure was an Important fundamental of chemistry mlcs enrollment. Grades were an ever pre sent pressure, counting towards one s G PA, which was particularly impor tant for college-bound seniors. "Just Re a d", "SURF", s tandardized test ing, and those quarterly computer assignment were all part of the aca demic side of Balboa High School. Resourceful. M aking wIs e use orlhe research maten a l s available 1 0 him, R a m o n D a Pena s hufnes through the car d catalog afte r h ours Many students took advantage of their opportunity 1 0 u se the library before and afte r school. and during lunch THE WAY OF THE FUTURE P 78 MAXIMU M OVERDRIVE P 90 CATCH THE WAVE P 84


M o usek e t ee r Lee Ann Sponbcrg u s e s the "mouse" to c reat e a s pre a d s hect. . Fis hb o u g h 's fis hbllit The usc of C r:lig's earthworm goes beyond biologica l dis sec tion i t I' .. ... Side trllcked Stephanie Kuhn takes a b r eak class to catch up on her c hemi s try \


l nru sing c h emist ry. Russell Evans can't de cide whe lh 1 0 use the clay t o make atoms o r ano th er Sm ur f : ndant. The Way Of The Future Science And Technology Now, with advancing and t o ugh foreign compet it ion, the demand f o r students with sc i entific and technological capabilities is g r eat. At one time o r another, each s tudent ha s had to deal with a mathematical theory create a scie nce project. or work with a computer Even a new policy at B a lboa h as been installed, It r equires each teache r of every class to g ive an assignment on a computer. Tou c h Iilnd go. R ita M olina c r eates a prog r am in her B asic II class Students realize the importance of these cour s es, and many of them exceed be y ond the minimum graduation requirements, Al so, college admission i s becoming tougher and more competitive. Students are expected to be able to work with a compute r and think logically. As yo u can see, m a th s c ie n ce, a nd comput e r cour s es are nece ssa r y for f ut ure s uccess.


Mr. Young's a b no r mal a r two r k For a cha ng e of sc enery. R obe rt H a rper and J ill Dan y p ain t outsi de of Balbo a High School R a m o n I nchau s t i and Aiel( Sterling t ake the plu nge down the Admin istrat i o n hill while test ing acce leration on a n inclined plan e. in Mr Th ale's physics class. Rel axi n g i n th e s h a d e. Whil e Rick y Mar tine z. Aiel( Villami, and Doug Week s fight ove r pape r their friends dr aw on F riend s unit ed by ph ys i cs. James W estga t e an d a young g irl from Bal boa Elementary School work t oge ther t o build a r oc k et.


-, D e v 1 a t 1 n g F r o m T h e N o r m Dart gun dil emma. L.netto:: Dutan c r ou c he s on the n oo r whil e trying to m ea s ur e th e mU7.l1e velocity of her dart gun Doe s sc h ool eve r s eem to get monotonou s? Taking notes all p e rio d listening to a lecture all d ay, a nd jus t the d aily routine of it all wea ried a nd b o r ed m a n y s tudent s For a cha nge of atm osp h e r e. m a n y teach e r s devi a ted from the norm. Mr. and Mrs Seitz took their biology classe s bird-watching; Mr Thale 's phy sics class built rockets with the elementary sc h oo l kids: and Mr. Y o un g's a rt clas s went outs ide t o dra w the sccn e r y surro undin g our school. Those were jus t a few ways that our teachers tri ed In making school life at Balboa Hi gh more exciting


Anglc M offi tt g lvcs a r e w a rdm g t o a pupil a l urundu Elem e nta r y School Ric h a rd RebOir o g oo d In the e l cetTi' elli/telepho n e \ c e i l o n h e n ee dn l oo k a t co mput e r -------------I lila. - -Experiences For Tomorrow Cooperati v e Work E x perience Im agi n e h avi ng re a l w o rk experien ce in a pharmacy, elementary sc h oo l o r in a M a r i ne Bureau bero r e graduation rrom high sc h ool. Coop e rative W o rk Experience o r C WE-is a unique work-study pr og ram availa ble t o a n y Balb oa Hi gh S c h oo l student. Thi s COurse i s de s igned to intr o duce s tudent s 10 the world or work a nd to pr ovide s kill r o r training thro ugh onthe-job experience High schoo l s tudent s a t B a lb oa a r e orre red work sites in many a re as. s u c h as electrical / telephone sec t io n s, recreational centers. a nd dental clinics, which pr o vide o pp o rtunit ies to i n c rea s e th eir co nfiden c e and se lr e stee m by u s ing th e ir s kill s a nd aptitudes i n r eallire se tt i ng s Students w o rk d aily ror a t least tw o h o ur s M a n y or th e m ca t c h a glimpse or potential ca r ee r s P e r so n ally Br ya n Crusoe like s the "good experience" work ing i n Gorgas M o rtu a r y A s M s M a n ches t e r says. "No m a tter what happ e n s everyone eventually h as 1 0 go to work ... CWE is cert a inl y a way to lind o ut what it will be lik e when that time comes Enc M o m s as k s a CO-" o rker ror a nde h o me rr o m Lis a S asso takes tim e t o m ake n e rnend s 3 1 the C o r ozal Albr oo k Sta b l e s Vet CIIOIC ) -----r I _.

PAGE 101

Ins pir e d J eremmh K rage enjoys volun tary read ing i n t h e l ibra r y the ultimat e goal of Ju s t Read and Su rr "Se,en minut es in Hu'e n." T his is really the life for Evan Rodaniche laid back and "Ju st reading Engrosse d In his novel Freddie J ordan "gets busy with his book Catch Just Read And Promote Read-SURF Programs Ing. The Wave No w we' r e n o t t alking a b o ut s k i pp i n g class t o find most excel lent w aves Th e Surf we' r e t a lking a b o ut i s S i lent U ninterrupted Re a ding f o r Fun B a lb oa's e nt i r e p o pul atio n s et s asi de n early h a lf a n h o ur ever y Wedne s day f o r the enjoyment o f rea ding m a gazines, fair y t ales. mysteri es, and dud e m aybe a b o ut those waves too! R ea d i n g i s n t only r ese r v ed f o r W e dn es d ays ;'Ope r a t io n Jus t Re ad" i nvad e d B a lb oa H ig h Rule # 1 : Come prepared Libr ary aide, Claudi ne Eckerle Issue s Shannon D oh en y choice reading matenal R e alizing S c h oo l w ith i t s missi o n o f a d aily rea din g ritu a l for a ppr olti m a tel y t e n minutes a t the b e g inni ng of all r egula r E n glis h class e s After silentl y rea ding liter a r y partner s co mp l e t e ass i g ned a ct iviti e s t o h o p e full y pr ovoke intere s t in e ac h othe r 's b oo k s S ur f a nd "Ope rati o n Jus t R ea d bu ild r ea din g pr ofici en cy the k ey t o e du ca tion a l as p i r a t io ns. ca r ee rs. and f utur e s u cc e sses. i t was Wedn esday Shannon r u shed to the library J u st berore Surf

PAGE 102

Helping Out Working in the main ortice, nurse's clinic, attendance office, library, or i n a class r oo m i s student aiding. Students take tha t class period hour for many r easo n s s uch as th e easy crediting, ext r a work time on yea rbo o k or mer ely the d es ir e t o help out o ur school Scanning It "Oh n o I f o r go t to st ud y last night! Oh w ai t ... aaalJUright! I can s till pass -it's a multiple c h oice sca ntron t est!" No doubt thi s me ssage is on all the mind s of those f o rtu n a te unprep a red stude nt s on te s t and qui z d ays. The se easy to grade a nd m ay b e I 'll be lucky" t es t s wer e a grea t b e nefit for both teacher s and s tudents. Of co ur se not all te s t s, qui zzes, and exams were as ... s imple ? In fact this yea r a new te s t practice required th a t all m aj or te s t s h ave essay que s tion s But, despite the differ e nt meth o d s of testing, scantr o n tes t s still pla ye d a n imp o r tant part in the sc h ool's aca demi c as pe ct. "Hmmm, scanning it-'c' i s m y boyfriend s fir s t initi al, I'm re ally making a cute l ooking bunny, and th e musical n o t es for the new number o ne so n g Sound f a mili ar? Ummm ... C? or i s it B? R ejoyc e H anson i s gla d she s till h as a chance o f passing No wait! M aybe D ? and teache r s. Various jobs are given to "Balboa 's help e r s". Libr ary aides work at the circulation de sk, ortice workers deliver passes and ea se the burden of paperwork, teacher s' aides help out with g r adi n g and filing and of course yearbook Zonian s are always deep in intense w ork. Student aides have s trict rules as to beh av i o r in the hall s and the lingering between errands. Wh ateve r the jobs and r easons, all the st udent aides at Balb oa High School are great l y a ppreciated! Working o n th e job Adam B r u nner work s his "easy period" at the library

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t Ih,,,;,, ,,,;,,,, fix Luis Ellis and Kcll a Sakon qUickly the muscles for their ca l exam Speak Up What words come to mind when you hear the w o rd "speech"? Humiliation? Terror? Embarr assment ? This is h ow many students feel about giving speeches A s viewed by one st udenl. who wished t o remain anonymous, I drool and stutter when I give a speech, I can't s tand it!" Well mo s t of u s aren't that sca red but it doc s bring on s weaty palms and nervous twit c hing There are ways to relieve thi s ten sio n One way is complete mem ori13 tion so there's no chance of forgetting Another Cra mming It Cramming -extreme, last minute prepa r ation. For so me people, cramming puts on the pressure: for others. it's the on l y way to st udy. You can catch many students cramming in the libr a r y before sc h ool starts. They' r e a l so in the halls a nd outside studying between c l asses. cramming in any bit of inf ormation they're able to retain. The hec l ie and frenzied s tudying can be done alone o r in gian t c r am sessions -with o ther stu dents in the same boats Some s uccessful students will t ell you that t his is a very beneficial and common method of s tudying u.SI millUl t Ivlori ng. Alu Stirling receI ve! final assIstance berore the: Analysis test way is to make "cheat sheets" note cards starting off each paragraph of your oral pre sentation. Of course the best way is to picture the other speakers bald, perhaps naked! These methods can relieve your tension trc mendously. especially since you are the only s peaker dresse d a nd with hair! Giving a speech can make you feel more confident a nd allows you to express you r se l f with pride (A 80VE) Confidenl Jenmfer Fonken tries to con\'lnce her 3 udl cncc to bu) h31f producl.'> Ih3t balding

PAGE 104

Admission [s Free! No. th i s is n o t a n ew d i s co t he qu e f o r b o o kwo rm s ". The H a r d b ack Cafe i s a place w h e r e all kind s of s tud e nts ca n catch up o n work and eat a t th e sa m e tim e B oot h s are p r o v i d e d with p lent y of s p ace fo r b ooks a nd lun c h The r e i s a dequ a t e lighting and l ots o f p eo p l e t o soc i a l i ze w i t h whe n you r e d o n e B eca u se ma n y s tudent s a re so bu sy a n d h av e afters ch oo l activ itie s. B a l b oa High S c h oo l' s cafet eri a i s a g r ea t plac e to ge t w o r k d o n e Come to th e H a r d b ac k Caf e a nd see w h a t yo u c a n accompli s h (a dmissi o n i s free!) Mi n d your m a nn e rs! A s S t e p ha n ie Helin takes l ime o ut of h e r lunch peri od t o st ud y voc ab u l a r y, R ober t N i eves l a u ghs on w ith h i s mo u t h f ull. 88 Hardback Cafe C a u ght up i n II goo d boo k K ohsu k e Yos h i m o t o for get s to eal a n d disin tegra t es into thin air! T h e l o n e s tud e n t Alex Villami l s tudies on his ow n at l u nc h a w ay fr o m the gr o u p

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Jailhouse Rock : o n vicled Sch o l a r D avid Wertz decides if The Scarlet ctler is wonh readi n g while s erving lime i n I SS. In n ocent until prov e n guilty Guthrie Crouch looks out at the "real w orld", s till claiming his innocence In-Sch oo l S u spe nsion Wha t ? You break the ful es, and yo u don't have to attend cl ass? You jus t lay back a nd enjoy th e day ort'! No le ctures, no note s. n o homewo rk! Soun d s g r ea t doe s n t it ? Well I n Schoo l Su s pen s ion i s quite th e opp os ite. Stu d e nt s rece i ve a n ISS for different reason s, some morc extreme th an others. F rom the m oment the "culprit s arrive a t "jail", they a re put t o work and c ontinue working throug h o ut the sc ho o l d ay. Tho ugh many stude nt s r esent a d ay in I SS. many of them feel they accomplish ed a lot of work. This sa tisracti o n doe s not howe v er co mpen sate ror the s trict rule s and captiv it y inside t h e j a ilh o u se". The gui ll Y H a r c h and Singh st udi es one subjec t afte r ano ther i n ISS.

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Armed with her hu,y-du I Y kitchen glo'tS, Car ne Gibbs learn s the muscles 10 preparati o n for the daily QUl1 Gettin g Comr o rt llhle. A s Mr J ohns t on returns lori Ertle 's te s t Ann M c onnel1 prepare s herself for hers /' ,.. Questionab l e Ca l c ulus A s MIchael M adu r o tnes to lind the sur face a r ea or a cy l inder. he conf u ses himself a n d the enure class ror "Snurr y's spinotr.peziu s, L eanne \\ k l n s makes a careful IOCISIon T Ie's Apple W i th the help o f his physi cs class. M r T I e finds that the ap ple o n his belt buckle IS the c enter or r av ll y of his body Maximum Overdrive Students Gear Up For A Heavy Load. For th ose peo ple who strive r o r a challenge, B alboa High Sch oo l orre r s s elected co ur s e s which provid e exactly th at! In Ph ysics. s tudent s w o rk with computers. bicycles ro c kets. and man y othe r items, which help them to gain a n under s tanding or the propertie s and changes o r matte r and energy Ph ysics s tud ents a l so s tud y hea t and electric ity, Calculus. orre r ed arter a n alys i s has been taken i s re se rved ror one class. Calc ulu s st u dent s learn s uch thing s as dirrerential and inte gral calc ulu s Physiolog y s tudent s first lea rn eve r y bump. bone mus cle and n otch in the hum a n b o d y Then the phy s i o logi ca l aspects are taught. The complete dissec ti o n or cats is a l so a require ment or the course Cat l ove r s-do n t rret Thes e ca t s d o nated their b o d ies ror the benefit or science! Advance Place ment English limit s the num ber or s tudent s who desire to be in the class Requirements r o r A P English begin ber o re sc h oo l s t a rts! APE's (as the s tudent s a re re rerred to) mus t read eight books over the s um mer Through o ut the yea r the y interpret p oetry, write compositions. and rea d m ajo r works of liter a ture Advan ce Place ment Spani s h prepare s s tu dent s for the A P Spani s h te s t a t the end o f the year. The s e exceptional Spanis h st udent s stud y liter a tur e rr o m vario u s a uthor s of Spain a nd other L a tin Ameri ca n countries The authors live s h o w they wrote an d their works a re ca refull y studied. Alth o ugh thi s may be co n side r ed "heavy s turf. the se challenging co ur s es provide a s tr aig ht p assage t o co lle ge an d a promising futu r e

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Anti c ipati o n Tense se nior s eager l y walch for the o utcome or the egg-drop conlest al Ihe H omecoming pep rally Who ever said pep r allies are a b r eak from sc h ool stress ? I t has been said that a school is only as good as those who are involved with it. After all, the building is noth ing without the people to breathe life into it. And that's just what the cul turally diverse staff and students of Balboa High School have done. Free of political unrest, they have put a fast-paced, upbeat, positive feeling into the school year and made it un like all others The little squeeze in s tudent popu lation certainly didn t stop them from moving on up to better things. The sop h omores had to adapt to the new expectations and responsibilities of high school. The juniors demonstrat ed their new awareness of colleges, while the seniors scrambled to mail their applications and eagerly awaited a reply But nobody had to endure it alone They all had the support of teachers, family, and friends Unleashed in spirit, they raised the roof on pride and achievement.

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We Make The Difference H a p py New Y ea r I n New Y o rk it w as Times Square: b u t in P ana m a. L a B oca was the place to be thi s New Year's Eve. There. R oben M eyers. B rian Wood, Mi c h ael M a d uro. R icky Szyman s ki. and Ala n M a t hene y h ea n ily welcomed t heir graduation year with a toast. \\\)l\ '1. S 1 \ The G r a du a tin g C l ass P 96 Unde r cl ass me n PP. 118 & 1 3 8 Faculty And Staff. P. 158

PAGE 112

REMEMBERED S o me of the bes t time s o f our l i v e s wer e s pent in t h e s e h alls. They a r e t i me s whi c h we will neve r forget. Th e pa r ties t h e pa s tim es. but mos t l y t h e f r i ends h ip s the s e a r e th i n g s whic h we will c h eris h for eve r These memories we s hare will be th e r e w h e n we go t o ut to f a ce thi s Senio r cla s s office rs : Sec r e t a r y Michelle H ayden. P resid ent I liana R odriguez. and Vic e -pre si dent M elis s a B ow m a n H e rc's t o you from th e class of '91. big wo rl d a n d d u ring the h a rd time s we'll be abl e to renect b ac k o n th e m for comfo r t. They will n eve r be for g o tte n year s. The y will a l w ays be ro a rin g y ea rs. F r o m t h ese h alls we h ave ex.per ie n ce d th e b egi nn i n g of life S urfe r ing fr o m se n i o rilis", B ria n Crusoe excit edly r eh earses turn i n g h i s lass i e T his w as a co mm o n s i ght a m ong senio r s o n t h e d ay they r ec eived the i r cap s a n d g o w ns.

PAGE 113

Juli o A n aya JROTC Cade t Soccer . li es h a AveLall e m a nl "Leesha," 4 0s 1 Uktol y To S uccHd Tenni s I H 5. N U S, B and. B askelOOIl. V olley all, SA Tr eas . ukish a B a rr e r a Lu cki," BrK. Com l ut er Club, French Club. Bas ketball, cer, P arrakeet S h erd Anderson Woodstock." C heerleader, Select Chorus I )ioseo rid es B alleste r os "Chito." Basketball T r ieia B a ue r "Trish, .. Originally f r om Fr. Walton B each Fla. H er Senior year will be her fi r st. and last at BH S W ith good memories of P anama, T rish hopes to return 1 0 Fla. and Mlend Ihe U of W est Flori d a Marjorie A r a m ayo Margarin"." B u s iness Club, 5p3nish Club, Volley ball C a th e rin e B a l yea t '" know T ed "Calhy and Jill. bes l buds forever A n ge l BO""l e r "Pebo." Soccer. F ootIxJII, JROTC Starr. M aria Asea n o Baskelba/J, Volleyball Mi c ha e l B a n asick M ike." B.1seball, F oolball Melissa Bo",m an BHt Dressed. Senior Class V P ., NHS. BHS, Sf/5. Clostup. Spanish Club. TennJ::.. DanCt: ttam. Computtr Club, SA, Drama Club. SADD.

PAGE 114

D e bo rah B oy d M arie." C W E Chorus H ey. what' s up ? J e nn i f e r Br e w e r N H S. B H S C o mputer Club Pres . Spani s h Club Tenni s Voll e yball Yearbook A nick Buu l Nicki Bee ... DucP hoto graphy C lub P a rrakeet S occer, D a n ce Te a m 1 99 0 Kri s tin Braaten Yearbook Editor 1991, F ootball Manager, Tfflck, Let termens Club. I U J o urnali s m I nstil "Thanks to Ashley R ashcll. and Ann (or the memorie s ... Randal Brid ges B aseball, Golf. His (avorite pas time i s dozing o(f. A nt onio Ca mpb ell S occ er "My goal is t o w ort i n a g O I ernmcnt j ob Kri s t y Brayton Football M anager / hate shoes!" A ng ela Burn s "Angie," Cheerleader. Foo/ball Manager. Soccer Manager, Drama Club E dilm a Ca rr Bus iness Club. Spanish Club. SADD. L ewis Br e nni s on "I'm go i ng home. so, later!" Manu e l Bus tamant e M ane. "Spanish Club, J ROTC. Ra s h ell Cars on Swim Team. Computer Club. Yearbook. Jamboree P rincess 1990. Peer H e/per, D rama Club, Foot ball M anage r. "Thanks Ashley. KriSl i n and A nn ... till we meet again

PAGE 115

ames Ca rl e r H owie," Computer Club i Ce rrud She enjoys going to panics, and being with he r friends Yearbook. BH S, French Cl ub M odel Uni ted Nations. Julie C a s person Track, Swimming, Dance T eam, SADD. Business Club Roberlo C han Bobby." Busines s Club. French Club. Tennis K ey l a h C o\t e ryahn "Kay." French Club J ose C a stro Spani s h Cl ub Rifle Team, S occer Agustin C h a rri s Football, Soccer Gilbert C ookse y Soccer. B asketball, } earbook Melida Ca ton Mel, .. Computer Club. T echnical Adl' i sor JROTC Color Guard / Usher. Soccer Bas ketball, P arrakeet, Drama Club "Excuse me, but can I do that on the Computer ? Fr e d Bushmasters, Football, Track Its education thaI opens the doors fO success Guthrie Crouc h Football

PAGE 116

Br y a n Crus oe B URT." T ennis Kathlee n Dunn K atie. Lui s [liis "Lue ho." F oo tball B as e ball. Spanish Cl u b I w ould li ke t o tral'e/ around t he w orl d and be co m e a successful businessman." [ilee n D a P e na "Tita." Be s t L ooking BH5. Spani s h Cl ub. F r ench Club. C ompu ter Club. SADD. J hope 10 at t end UCLA and get a d e gree in I nter n ation. 1 1 B u s ines s then get married t o E d win D line ll e Dul ari N H S. Vant's sa [spo s it o "Nessa. BUS. B u siness Cl ub Frenc h C lub. S oc c e r Adri a n o Diaz "Chino." B a s k e tb all. S occer "No. I po w er h ou s e o n the Spon ... K ay l a Dra m a Dut y Vol/eyball. Club. Softb all Y earboo k Fed erico [lison Fed." Fren c h Clu b B u s ines s Clu b Abdu l Dunn Be s t Dressed. F oo tball. Mich ae l D ye r "Mi ke. Deb a te. Trac k B a s eb a ll Russell [ "an s R u s ty," B u c k e t," F ootball

PAGE 117

R a r ae l Fabr e g a Rafa," SA, Band Ashley G a nn Y earbook Editor 1991, N H S P res . S U S Lellermen's Club V P .. Jr. P rom P rincess 1990. I U J our nalism I nstit .. Cheerleader, Volleyb3l1. T rack K ris tin, A nn, Rashcll. ",c'n: had the besf of times R a r ae l Ge org e "Caballo Football Julee Ford "Chris/y." Gymnastics C heerleader. Cayuco R ace. N H 5. Yearbook Lyd ia G a rrid G L YO, Football Man ager, J amboree P rincess 1989. Spanish Club Computer Club. C arri e G ibb s "Carc," Drama Club. H onor Choir. Dcb : Jlc. Soccer. P lay I 'roduc t ion Darre n Fox "My future g03I i s to buy and run the Amcric an Legio n R est aurani. a.nd BYC." S h a r o n Ca s l i n "Sherry." Jason Gilt e n s "Dc Angelo," Bt's Vanc"t'r Parrakect "Ncl'cr S l a p d oing what you have i n mind." J e nnir e r G a l a n g "len." Volunleer. SA DO. Yearbook. Swimming, B H S. SA. Jen's dream i s to r03m Europe with a backpack aftcr graduation Laughter and 10l' c to my Yenny and the Dumper. V i e lk a Ga y l e "Grass Sopper Grillito ... V olleyb:/II I' m planning to join thc Army .1nd study t o be a computer cngi nee r [ I eonor Go r do n 'Ely." S panish Club, Soccer "\I> 8031s arc to be a la"'yer and complete "II of m) challenges. ,.

PAGE 118

R i c h arel G r oo m J immy," Football. Cayuco R ace I n the present and fu ture, I will always remember the Canal Zone and Balboa H igh School "9/!" R obtrl H a rper His fut ure plan is to become a recording engineer Phi lip He nder s o n "Jerry," Tract, BH S D e a G u e rr e r o "lke Dee," Volleyball. Spanish Club, B usiness Club I love Glen Soloske!" G l ally, HaHalNueh "Chola." Mo s t Atbletie. Volleyball. Basketb:JIJ, T ennis, Cay u co R ace Edwi n Hure ra "Icc-T." Foot ball, Basketb:JJJ. Soccer Tan y a H ai n es BHS. Drama Club. S H S. Yearbook Her best friends arc : B oo. Jen. Yenny, and Wee. H er goal is to become a doctor and Jive in I reland P eace Forever M i c h elle H a y de n M iss BHS Senior Class Sec. Junior Class P rcs Spanish Club Pres .. N H S, BHS. S H S, B asketball. Equitation. Cayuco R ace. Com puter Club, L e llermen's Club G e idi s H e rr e r a Spanish Club / plan to be in the first rock and roll band t o play on the moon J ohn H a nin g Foot ball. Parrakee t S t ephanie H e lin CI. ss Clow n T rack, Cayuco Race, Swimming. C h eerleader Cap t I n the fut ure. plan to work for the F B I aft e r ing FSU in T allahassee." Eric H olland F oo/ball. B aseball Soccer. T ennis

PAGE 119

Yai r a lIut: Baseball M anage r Volley ball "/ hope to live a long, productive life, and enjoy every single minute of it Lea Izbidi NHS. BH5. Drama Club, P lay Production, T hespian Pres. Bas ketbal/ Football Manager Compu ter Club, Y o uth For Christ K-rim a J osephs-Clark SA Sec. per S{)nal advisor for Khal adi J ose phs Clark Paul Hur s t Mr, 8115. BHS, S H S. Football, Basketball, B aseball, Volleyball, Cayuco Race, Closeup. Spanish Club. H omecoming Prince 1989 / 1990. SA. C h a rl es Jackson "Action Jackson, R ifle T eam. FHA R ifle Team. B a/la/ ion 5-3 Khaladi Josephs C l a rk Most Sch oo l S pirited SA Pres. Football, Tr ack. Diving. L ellermen's Club. I hope to achieve all my goals and aspirations, and Do T he R ight Thing!" Ca rl os Inchau s ti Spanish Club, Com puter Club, SA. Jess ica Jardin e J ess," Yearbook. Spanish Club. SADD. K angas Hockey, Basketball Aaron Izbicki Most TII/enl ed. Thespian, Drama Club, Swim T eam, Track "Look out world, here I come S h emay n e Jicha Shemi," Cheer leader. Soccer. Soccer Man ager. Year book. Lettermen's Club. Comp uter Club, SA, Cay u eo Race Nicole Keiser ""ie." Cay uc o Race, V olleyball. Basketball, Spanish Clu b

PAGE 120

K a thl ee n K e ll ey Katt ... Soccer. Year book. L ettermen's Cl ub, P arra keet, Art Club. SA. Cayuco Race. C lVE M odel United Nations Equ estrian Sports. W riting H cr dream is to so me day sail around the world .. Taura K o unt z "T, Socce r Vol/ ey ball I plan to go to college and become a computer programmer Ted tan g Soc ce r Art Club Ge ngo Kinug asa "Gen gi Jas on Krapn BHS, Pho togr aphy Club. Compu t er Club, Yearbook Phot o Editor J e nnif e r tively "Yenn y, "All my love to len and Dumper "Swimming, BH S V P N H S. L ettermen' s Club Tre,1s., B a sketb,1/1, S A A nthon y Kioeho "Tony J e nnif e r Kr a pohl Field H oc key. V ol leyball. Art Club L ate r Tera L ongac r e AF JROTC, SADD I plan t o become a n R N.. possibly a milita r y officer William Kirkland "Willy Pcp." y. Surf Team. P artying '" wou ld like to be a part of the u.s. Coast Guard P aul K y lt' B and "My future plan is to go (0 college Tht'rt' s a toy d D rama Cl ub, Science Cl ub German Cl ub. H ono r Band. M arching B and. Symph onic Band. Yearbook

PAGE 121

D enise !\batala P arrakcet. C W E Marohl Key Club French Club. I F"""gn Language Club. P a r rakee t Ann 1\' l c C o nn ell N H S v.P . S H S. UN Delegate. Tennis. Track, B aske tball. Cayuco Race, Delega t c AFA P Confer ence. FOOl ball M anager Jill Maalal a --I don't knol4' B ill --"JiII :md Cathy. best buds fort ver --N a y a t Martin e z --Naya. --Business Club P res., Y earbook, Football Man,1ger. V iolinist. Spani s h Club P rincess --M y future plans Me to continue my studies al a college le yel. --SCOII McGuinne ss --Bull. --Football. Volleyball, Compuh:r Club Michae l I\bdur o S H S, BHs' } ear book. Vollcyb:llI. P holography Club. S A Sp.Mi s h C lub. Foo/balf. B aseball A l a n Math e n ey B t's L o o kin g Foot ball. R B A I :lfhel4's Football A ward H is goal is 1 0 major in business and get a high paying job John M c Milla n Track. BI-IS. Foot ball. SA DO. Volle y b l ill --I would like 10 become a lawyer --It z e l Manni n g "Mini." 8 H S. French Cl ub Drill Team. B : J s ketball. Soccer. Sp.1nish Club. Computer Club Ann M auhe ,, s "Annie." Sophomore Class Sec __ Baskctb.11l Manager Soc ce r Manager, B a s ketball. Queen for carnivals in Calle Abajo de Las Tablas 199/ Tiffany Mecham Banner te.1m. Year boo!. D rama Club_ "Dreams are made to be lived ... H er goal IS to be s u ccess ful and hare a happ) life_

PAGE 122

Wand a Men a "Negra." B u s iness Club A c ademi c C ommittee Pres. Her futu r e plan is to major in Secr e t ar ial S cienc e R o be r t M ey er s B obby." Football C ayuco R a ce. S occer. J ess ica More n o J essi," H er goal i s t o beco me .1 pilo t Gabrie l Mend e z S A Sp. 1nish C lub, Busi ness C l ub I plan to go to co llege and bec ome a corpo r ate law y er Ange l a MoffiU A ngie Drama C lub S el e c t C horus. Thespian Youth F o r C hri s t Play P rodu c t io n "Special th a nks t o K P . 1.S. E.H.. A.A . for making my S e ni o r y ear a blast Darr ell M o rt o n D ROC. Football. B a s k e t ball S occe r H i s h o bbies a r e s port s a nd g i r ls A n d his goal is t o be com e a pro f ession a l race -car dr ive r R aque l Mendez V ol/eybal/. Softball, B a tt o n Twirler M ajorette. Frenc h C lub Rode rit:k Mokillo M afia," B a s eball F oo tball B a s k e tball Jefr N aum B ucks Elis a M e rriweather Drill T e am B a t t alion Command e r Euge n e Monaghan Clas s C l ow S oc cer SADD, T rack, #54 Mr B usi n ess man Mary Ne l s o n N H S, JR O T C SA V P . F oo tball M anager BHS F r enc h Cl ub Spani s h Club. D rams Club

PAGE 123

Neyin "Will. "Life is not a fI''';,,,,,;.,,,. it s a journe y N oiaR Pho t ography Club, 1 0 ,i""., Swimming "Ju st Do I t!" [Iiubelh P alm Lisa." C heerleader D rama Cl ub Yearbook. B H S Tr ess DD, Spanish Cl ub Selec t Chorus R o b e rt Nie_es "Coco, .. Mo s t Athle tic, F oo tball, Cay ueD Ra c e Soccer Miduul Norm a n "Mike." Football Dong S uk P ark P hotography Club. English Club Sec. Computer Club . / wanl fa study computer g r aphics i n college ... See m a N irwal "00 unto others as you wi s h /0 be done by ... "Live /0 love the w orld IJnd be IOI cd by the world R o n a ld o OlCo n R ony. F ootball. B as e ball C r a i g Peuson Ye arbook. Business Club, Volleyball. JROTC S occe r "Who will sponsor "'kOona/d's?" Mi kt' N i sse nb aum H i s future plan is to w or k in an animal ho s pital Migue l O r t i z "MAGI K." F oo/ba/J. Tr ack. Volle yball. B aseball Peler P edersen "EI Danes "My plans are /0 sradu;Jle. then go to Europe .u/h P ,ltricia Garcia ..

PAGE 124

Roy P i nz o n P E P E," i RQTC. Soccer. FoOl ball. Tennis '" plan to major in Business Adminis tr ation J a \ i e r R e y es I hope t o Jive .1 long and happy life Jairo Rodriguez C omputer Club. '" oul d li k e t o be an electronic s engineer A n tho n y R a m s a y Adl'entur e Club. Art Club. F ootball. Track. Soccer, B ase ball M onic a R i o s Mo s t S c hool S piri t ed, Te nnis. SA Pres . French Club. Spanish Club. Peer H elper. Th espian. Dr,1-ma Club. Volleyb.111. Track. Zephyrus Yl'Sl'nia R ogl' r s P arra k eet Editor. B usiness Club. Volleyball H er f utur e pl:JnS M e t o be a flight a ttendant and phy s ical cd teacher D on't be afr aid t o s t a nd a lone R i c h ard R e boiro M y goal in life is 10 be a tde-communications engineer a nd l ive my life in the mountains ... An9)'a n s)' Ri\ e r 9 "Any." She pl ans to bec ome a modd. E l i eze r Rom a n D r ill Te am [ h e r Renfro F ootball. B aseball. Tmck Wres t ling. C ross Country. Bask e tball lIi a n a R o dri g ue z-Mes a "IIi." Mo s t D e p e nd a ble. Senior Class Pres .. Swim ming, N H S Sec .. BHS. S H S. Sp.1ni s h Clu b Treas., Carniv ali to P rincess. / plan to s tudy medicine and m ajor in P ediatric Surgery E d win R o ski Me," S occer. / plan to go (0 coll ege and study computers.

PAGE 125

(brill Ryan C l a ss Couple. D ancc r eam. V ollc)'ball M anage r H ome 'Oming Princess 1989. P rom P rincess 990 'I)' al oritc saying is PAZ." K eita Sakon l Uos/ L ik e l y To S ucce('d. T ennis, Volleyball Yes s i ca Sant a m aria Y essie." B asket ball. Tr ac k B usiness Club. JROTC. W aterB orne Orientation lisa Sasso Cayueo Race. Computer Club I plan to go to USF when I gradua t e Rica r do S a l aza r R icky." Surfing E du a r do San t i ago "Edw;ud." Com puter Club, Basketb.111. I plan to s tudy PreMed. Na d ia Shai kh "Nin,1." Computer Club. Business Club "To /il e and 101' e are life's greatest challenges Edua rdo Sa l y Rosas Computer Club. Spanish Club. Modd Uni ted Nations M y gool is to be a diplomat and work for m) country Melissa Santi ago "Mely. Spanish Club. V olleyball '" plan 10 go to col lege and become a com puter program mer Jennife r Schulte "Jcn, Most Tslen t e d BHS Pres .. NilS. Thespian. Om rna Club Treas., T ennis. Lettermen s Clu b

PAGE 126

Pam S n e ll Cheerlea der. Soccer. Track. Ye arbook. Drama Club. Com puter Club. Cayuco R ace. Mod el United Nations C hri stop h e r S tile s K it. "Swim Team. Art Club H i s f utur e plans include the beach and college Linda Tayl o r M y goa/ is to become a good bus iness person Margaret S pring e r "Monk." SADD P res Drum M ajor. FBLI\. Drama Club. Band Science Club A If'Xander Stirling "Alex." Most Dep endab le. Football. W cight Lifting 'I' m in with J essica Gold Carl os Tes t a His g0111 is 10 go t o a uni l e r sity in thc u.s.. and gel a good education Then he hopes 10 join the Air F orce E rneSl o Spurlo ck French Cl ub Jennife r S""eeney Ten nis, Cheer Icader. Soccer. Basket ball. Volleyball. Track. Computer Club E n e id a Thomas "After the long. hlud yellrs of high school. I finally mllde it.'" Chris Stadl e r Soccer. Tenni s All! Ricky Szym a nski F oo tball. Soccer !velte Thomso n JROTC Stafr. Bask etball

PAGE 127

T hrir l Lea. Chcerleadcr. r rock J amboree P rincess /990 V ol :yball. Baseb.all "..tanager. F ootb.all 1.fanager. B asketb.all "'''anager. SA. l lsincss Club. Lcltermcns Club V ald ez ParaKeet. "C-ya!" A l ex i s V ill a mil "A lex," Frcnch Club, iSfUlnish Club Tuno n "J osie." Volleyball. P arrakeet, Graduate! Larry JROTC Drill T eam. R ifle T eam, Delta Co. Commande r W alco tt "Angie." B usiness Club, P ep Squad, Public R elations Prcs. Tur ke N H S, Soccer Track. AF JROTC. Cros s Country C lar k Footb.all. B askctball, Baseba ll T irr a n y Walku I t look a 101 of lime and effort. but 1 finaJly made i t I t's like thaI old saying, 'good things comc to Ihose who w ail', Kara Two h y Chee rlcader M aria Vidin h a "Amber .. W ishes luck 10 all the gradua t ing Seniors Naoki SWimming, BasKct ball Track, Volleyball, Com puter Club. Sp:wish Club

PAGE 128

L ea nn e Watkins Football M anager. Cayuco R ace H er fulure plans Me to go to college somell'he r e in Florida and go on with her life Oa\ i d Wert z D ave. Y earbook. Foo t ball. Surfing Juliet Wilson "}vIes." Select Chorus. Cheerlead er. Zephyrus. Football M an ager Hube rt W e b s t e r Jr. "Webster.' P ar ties. P arties. P arties!! "Zon ian Sen ior Class of 1991!" J a m es \Vt-s lgal e T ennis. Orchestra. B and I plan /0 major in C h emical Engineering ... "Deal lI'ith i l!" Mt'l i ss a Winford Mel," F ootball M anager, Computer Club, L eller men's Club Mt'li s s a W ee k s French Club, Spanis h Club "I plan to s tudy Busin e ss A dmin istration and maybe become an interior d ecorator S It-f e n Whet-I e r "IS-Wheeler." Friendli es t B aseball, F oo/b all. Bri a n W oo d Clss s C o up/ e Green Devils' R ookie of the Y ear. Footb,111. B as h:tball, B aseball, V oJleyball, Cayuco R ace, P rom P rince 1990 Claude tt e Welch B ravo Co. Com man der. D rill T ea m S oc c e r V oll e y ball C h arlo tt e Wild e Bun n y Soccer. V olleyball. Swimming. John Zorn es F oo tb a ll

PAGE 129

Di u Varsity Footb311. Soccer to be 3 professional mech3nic. :alh l' rin l' Sl' d a "Carh) ". Cheerleader r eap'.), Dance Team (capr.), Spanish Club, M odelling. H opes to pursue a :areer in Adl'ertising, marry. and raise I family. W ould li k e to thank A nick md l'air3 for II fun year. l\.-larta E rnl'SI Carlos Willg r l'l' n Snowboarding Te,1m. H opes to go to Califorma and become an acror. "Give alJ that )ou h ll l e to give in /ife; if it S no/ enough. glVc more Scoll Guicl' Bas cbllll. JROTC. Choir, B and. Jazz B and, V olleyball Man ager Plans to pursue a C3reer in the military and mOl' c into politics N ot pi cturl'd : R osemary B oyle Soccer, Volkyba ll. H opes 10 be come a flighl attendant after graduation. Juli ssa C h a ndll'r T humper", Volleyb31l. P lans to major in Child P sycho l ogy in college. "Don't s how up for your wedding!" Mic h al' l Vl' n o "Taz", "Vena". F oo tball, French Club, Modelling Ba s ketball "CZ 4-e ver." M a r ) W alll' r New s tudent s (left 10 fight) : (front ro") Ekl a Kharbanda Nc"spapcr. Yea rbook. Student Council, Plan s to makc something of her life. "EnJOY life and lake it as it comes."' Stacy Pruitt Track. "Umque Attraction" D ance Team. P lans to major in Child P S) chology in collegc Danna Quccn B as ketball. Track, Volle)ball, ChOir Plan s to go 10 co llege and become a veterinarian. Hent) Daquip Snow ChOIr, B asketball, Football. Wreslling (back ro") William Sanla R osa "Bill". Soccer, Track. Wrestling. Debate, SADD Plans 10 be an Alf Force pilot M argie Marquardt Germa n Club V P . B asketball 1\. lanager

PAGE 131

I'als, P ebbles (Amek 8 uval) help s Fr an kenstein ( L i onel L awre n ce) celebrate his victor y 10 th e H alloween costume con t est Whal a lurkey! ,\I r W augh carnes hiS eontnbulion to the tea chers' H allo"een luncheon H e holida) 3S an op portunlt) to rd,\c h is senior )eat )', d --...... .. ... -."-, ..... ". \-, \ ...... S h a kin it scn l ors, M elissa Bowm a n a nd EriC H olland move to th e sounds or E cstasy Th e senio r recepllon was a lime to let l oose In an und e rcl assmen-frec environ ment Wh at's up'! A s Ihe end of th e senIOr }ear rolls a r ound. II'S abou t time to gel 1010 the habit of keeping up With what's up In the Pau l H urst se em s to have discovered the art of keeping 10 touch With the world, the TropIC Times

PAGE 132


PAGE 133


PAGE 135

Osvald o I Aro'ementl R i car d o J A/ca rate Fnnque Bar"'er Bret! \ 1 Datuh \ R uben E Alvara d o J ennifer M Andreu s t Mic hele K B a ker \V Buttle I ndna A lva rel W alte r A me d ee T eodoro A A rias III A lexander M Aroseme n a ldl o .('r- Junior s leave th ei r lunch debr" f!( the)' have dis appeared to class J o n atha n B e njamin Steven B e tmey Ca r los A B en n e ll R oche! J B erge r /, . .. -J ose A B odkin R a chel C. B O llin Les ley E B nem D .lna B r o .... n Y o u h o r n y d e. i i you W earing his devili s h horns Chns Coo'" s h o .... s his le a m SplrH at the H omecoming Pep R a lly B e ing "horn)" became a trend among Green Devil s upport ers foot ball s eason Carl B B ns tol D Ann M B ro .... n Mal ... 0 B ruhn Adam W B runner u n 1 o r s

PAGE 136

A u t o g r a P h s -' Cast' dose d Busy j un iors put the fini s h ing touche s on their H o mec o ming s how cas e Their display o f P anamanian cul ture led them to vict o r y in the s howca s e category C elso A Carbonell Temple J Caslro D onalda Clarke Heather A Cla r y Shawn M Butler J am e s O Cai n Luis N Cairo Chad M Callaha n J erry S Can t u Juan R Can t u D av i d ChoeTon Edgardo A Chong K iran M Chugani M o i ses Cohen L cnwood S Conway Jr. Ch r istopher J Coo k

PAGE 137

Charles H Cooke III Sol brett Cowes W al le r E C r o u ch [II Nicolas A O Anell o .... :If . --I. J ooo A D aco l a Shondala M D aw k ins Khi lan l. Dc Vine Raalan S Dh a l iwal G o ldilGCks. A s Carl B rislol check s oul Ihe world (r om ups ide dow n v.e wonder i( Goldilock s ever had Iresscs qUite like this J R a m o n 0 3 P e n a u n M a tthew J Or eckman 1 o C l a udine M E c kerle r s Karen A Eck erle

PAGE 138

A u t o g r a P h s Keeley M Elgin Thomas L. Ellis -Shawn P Fit zgerald Germaine M Flori3 Maria E Garcia Gabriel A Garri d o T Iffany G o nzalc7 Wilham Gonzalc7 L ori M Ertle Carlos Febu s D a I'id B F isher J enni f er S Fonkcn Oliver P Galang Belki s M Galvez ---, R obert L Gay l ord AmiTi C. George Kerry L. Gomez Kathryn M Goodwin Chad O Graha m Stephanie A Grecco

PAGE 139

R onald L. Green Jr. Meli ssa L. Guice Thelia L. H all J o n O H anna Tiffan y R Harris Julia A Hattabaugh J oy M H a u se r Annclie se K I-Ieinichen CriSIIne C. H elm T eresa E H erre r a Shugo 1 l lmcno C hri s t ophe r B H ovan "I k nol't )our e jea l o u s!" Roberl Ga)lord poses for a PICture, as Jenn y J o nes plants a bIg one" on hIS cheek Unfortunatel). for R obert. th is did nOI mean romance Anglc 1 l crnande7 Manuel A Herrera Edmund W H o\\.ell J Huff J u n 1 o r s

PAGE 140

A U J a mes Hul i c k L arry J anse n L eilia A Jeffr ies A ilee n D J enki n s Th o m as E J ohnso n t 0 g r a ../' ./ P J ennife r L. J ones F reddi e 8 J o rdan J aime J J osep h L uis D J oscphs-C I:lTk Ange l a K K ee l i n g h S ----I ) -\ I Kc:vin J Keiser B ryan G K emp R ebecca A K irkland Jeremiah J K Kr age Jon M L avallee Gwendolyn L a w son Namor L ebron Karen J Lee Wi lliam 0 L eggett J u lie W Lei t ner

PAGE 141

J Maribel l. Lewis Aaron T Lewter April M Liehr P at rick L. L incoln I I Amy R Longacre u n Ceni r a Lopez H ans M L opez Shannon B Lord Lidia E L o u J ose A Love 1 o Lisa M addox Ana C. M a rrero-L opez r s ChristIan E M artinez Ricardo A M a rtine z Co n a n Walter Crouch cxcmphlie s the wild bea s t r o und In ever} J unior

PAGE 142

A u t o g r a p h s Stephen H M a rt ini Jr. W endy E McNamara Giselle E. M o r ales Angela R MOrrison D arla R McConaugh y J udy M McCon n e ll Br3ndon S M cCoy R ebecca S McWhirter L o r ena C. Milan es Angela M Mit chell "00 ie riJ:ht Senior, Lisa P alm makes s ure junio r Amiri George shines Ihe plaque properly According to tradition. thi s is a duty for any undercla ssma n who is caught leaYlng hi s footprints on the beloYed senio r plaque. -Dw i ght D M c Kabncy Rita R Moli n a Casey R M o rri s 111 Tri s tan M M o rri ssey

PAGE 143

J ... Yira Y Mu se Fabi ola I. Navarro J ennifer L. Navarro There sa M Nel s on M e linda M Ni c h olls u n M ay r a E Nieves Ro sa l i n a Nixo n J aime G Oakley P au l a A Die s T abi th a M orto n 1 o '. I I , J ames C. Olivarez Yan ick G Olton Orlando Ortega Carla R Ouiz Carlos E Ouley r s Eri c L. P arede s Pedr o F P enalvcr Charles E P erc7 Walt e r P erlg aull R a c hel A P ete r s e n

PAGE 144

A u t o g r a P h s RcbCCC:l A Petersen Carlos B Quintero Jenn y ltzcl Rios Morri s L. R ivera Gregory M. Pie r ce Eyda v P ineda Mariam J R :lmos Teresita R and Say What? J .0.: "Nitid o C Q M N Wh S .. ?" ."' ..: ere s your pmt. B W,: Oooh baby!" FT.: "Why a re you t elling me thi s?" P .L.: P at i s f ad!" J.N.: "For feats!" J ,e.: Hey'" S. L. : .. Pc scao!" A.J,: POW! M D,: "Wh y?" J H.: "Y ese mitag ro?" S W : "Prim!" '. "-, I ", < ( Alix Puc c h Maria I Quezada ---I r Ari s tidc s R ezcx Dwi ght F Rigby B elle M R itchie Anar osa Rivera -f, R ober t o River a Matthew E. R obertson

PAGE 145

, Evan M R o d aniche Vivian R odriguez Alexandra K R ossa n Mel issa Del C. R oyo R ichard A Sam so n J e ssic a Sanchez Yuta k a Sa sa gawa Jessi ca M Schaw Dos de queso por favor .' R achel B o ttin and Re becca M c Whirter prac t ice their Spanis h with two cm pan ada vendors a t th e corner.' The meat o r cheese fille d p ast ries were a pop u lar lunch meal for s tudent s R umor of foreign objects i n thc meat faile d t o disco u rage them as i t was never provcn. -J -I M ark H R yan U n W i l ford E Sch ulz 1 o All ison V Sherfey r s Illeanna Shoemaker

PAGE 146

A u t o g r a P h s Aycs h a A Si d diqi H a r c h a n d K Sing h Lee Ann Sponberg E l izabeth D .,Sl a dler Karen N T oppi n M ary J ane Tulzauer J azmln A Vergara Brenda M Vil lam i l R amo n S Sirias Ange l a R Smi t h B e c k y M S o l l a m i A d e l a R T artag l ia Mich ele S T assell J osc fina N T eja da Naomi L. Unge r J e s sie M V ale n cia A u g u s t o V e lasquez A l i s on M Vowell Nich elle W a lcolt A ngil cc W all

PAGE 147

Deik a M W allace Ken neth H W e ek s III K o h suke Yosh imoto H ea d of th e Class. When th e o rigin a l p reside nt. L uis C l o rk e. m ove d 1 0 Ne w Y ork. f orme r vice-p resi de n t. M ay r a N i eves. moved up t o r ep l ac e h i m Ca r l os Quint e r o r e m ained i n his position as sec r eta r y T he J unior Class w as l eft without a vice p resi dent. b u t the officers k ep t things m oving with the suppo rt o f their class T ra d itionally. th e Ju niors host th e Junior / Se nior prom W i lh th e e n couragement of their sponso r M s W all. the class of 1 992 had many s u ccess f u l ca r w ashes a n d pina sales Eac h of th ese bro u g h t t hem close r to t heir goal. a mem o roble p r o m Brenda L. W a lsh Ear l E W h i tt III Fe r n a n do F W a r d Yvett e M Wil de f' & J M ichio Wa t anabe D ougla s H Week s u -n Mich ael S W om ble Sco tt D W ood -1 -. 'J o r s

PAGE 149

EXPRESS yourself Vluli o n dr n min g Brenda W alsh Bnd Fma Tej a d a count the day s until thei r next h o l i day Wilking lik e an El)pti a n J.::nn)' J ones pr a n c e s through the h alls Dancing I S n ot J u s t Ii .... ec k cnd thing f o r th os e who canno t 'Aail 1 0 groove -.. .. It was thi s big !" Beu)' R itchie l akes time o ut from work t o tell a b out the one that got a w ay No Probl e m Sol Co .... cs s h ows that this ha s been one of th ose rare days with n o connie s o r hassles A day like that is w ort h a smile

PAGE 150

Me. llowed o ul afte r a ha pauentl y await, h ' d rd day at school G r P I S n e home. ... g 1 e r ce C,",h" h t In I t' acl. Eddie his paper airplane h,' hsi. t u te s bef o r e e 0 I S fellow s tu-EMERGEN(Y we',e bad Pr oud of A l lcen J en kin s and SIC h h avlng gotten the ba ck l o n g ride to th J P a m c Grecco sell ] b k sea l e a mb o r ee e ae for the

PAGE 151

Wishing 10 b e elsewhere. Lisa Maddox gazes oul the Nindow and t ries to for get that she is st u ck in school. B ea ming. ll leana Shoemaker shows h er pearly whites_ The las t bell o f th e d ay al .... ays bro ught many smiles In the Br eeze ,, ay. Tri sta n co ntempl ates one of l i f e's una n s wered que s tion s B ut the answe r like her hair, is blowing in the wind. Siuing pr e ll y. Michele T assell se ttles down to talk t o friends Even w i th m a n y benches around the schoo l many st ud ents preferred rel axing on the noor

PAGE 153

In The Action Juniors Get InJ'oJred Thi s yea r th e class of '92 f ou nd thai keeping bu sy paId ofr. Overall the J Uniors w e r e a ver y actIVe class B esides keeping up with their sc h ool w o rk they were actively Involved In clubs. sports, and class co mp e titi o n s Many club pre sIde nt s and sponsor s of ten real ize d that their o r ganiza t io n s had the dedic a llon of man y junior s J uni o r participated In club s suc h as E cology Club. Computet C lub Spanish C lub Fr ench Club, and Dr a m a C lub T he B io-logical and National H o n o r S oc iet i e s also accept ed a great numbe r of J un ior. Sports also a Hra c led many Juniors This yea r Juniors were not hesitant a b out get ting swea t y and tired T hey went o ut for s wimm i ng tra c k football, an d others. J union foun d s uc cess i n some o f the hall competition s T h ey w on th e H o mecoming co mpeti t ion w i th a lo v el y di splay of differ e nt articles from Panamanian culture, a nd th e V a lent i ne 's da y competition w i t h a r omantic d is p l ay of n o wers and hearts. ,.. -No bull these JUnior s have w o rked hard. They have also found that being activ e m t h e Junio r cl ass is a good way t o make great friends Gomg over and arou nd the bulldog : Fin a Tejada, G re g P ierce, Y vette Wild e, M ay ra Nieves, Brenda W alsh, and Carlos Qu i n te r o Co ncen tratio n Along wllh Wendy L aw son and R achel B erger. C h ad Graham Inten lly watches the pep rally Sophomore. Lionel Obert worries that someone Will cal ch him I n th e JUnior section Eye o n t h e b all. Kevin K eiser grimaces at the p i t c her J U S t daring him to throw a cu r v e Mak i n g p l a n s E cology club preSident, AnneLu:se H ei01chen, vice-pres Marla Que7.!1d a, an d tr eas ur e r M ichele B ake r d iscuss their future goals With club spon sor, M iss B aca S h a d y c haracter Ed die H O'A-ell, cools off under a la r ge palm frond after a lo n g hike With th e Biol ogical H ono r Society.

PAGE 154

P atricia Alaniz Walter L. Allen Marco A Au s tin Ph acd r a L. Avc-L allcmant Heads Of The Class They Listen. They Le a d The cla ss o f '93 e l ected th e m in h opes that they would l ea d the way th r o ugh a t r iumpha nt year. Th a t 's jus t w h a t they've done Thi s team of leade r s. Pr esi dent Fr ank W es tga t e. Vice Pr e s ident L eslie Ellerso n and Sec r eta r y Mi c h elle E s trada co uld ofte n be caught i n the hallways o n wee k ends and h olidays. Needless t o say, they went above and beyond the call o f duty. In times o f class compet iti o n they h a ndled th e h all-dec o r a t -109, and noat-b uildin g duties; not to m e nti on recruiting class mates to do their s h a r e But they weren t j u s t s up e r v i so r s. the y really got their hands dirty s elling pizza s. decorating, building. and cleaning it all up in the end. Frank the toughest job i s k eepi n g eve ryon e satis fied. But with a record like the so p h omo r es' first p l ace in attendance at Parents' N ight second p lace in the H omecom-109 noat competit ion second place i n the h all dec o r atio n s for Christmas week, and an ove rall great begin nin g to th ese delightful high school years, who would n t be satisfi ed ? C r istobal Alvarc z R itto F B allesteros Sas h a W B a rr era P atrick J B ea rd Luke D Anders on B e rnard o E Areh lbold Geraldo L. B a r ber Steven R Barnes / Ca rlo s A B a rt e r I rving G B a rton J r D ale J Bennett Douglas J Bennett

PAGE 155

--\ J orge A Berman Ton y F B icker J e ffre y J B lackwell Jr. Mi c hele Ble a u M ic h ael J Bleichwchl II Ana H B owler Daniel R B r ight Dom iciano Broce J u a n CanJur a l1uminad:l M C:lnt u America E Casey H eidi N C:lspc r so n J ose Cas tane d a J uan R Castrellon Aqu iles A C a s tro ,\-I lguel A Ceden o Micha el D C harl es Victoria E Chen lIiana CholOoK al Franci sco Choy

PAGE 156

s o P h o m o r e s s o P h o m o r e s s o P h o m o r e 140 S School warfare rule: one:: Kn ow thy l ocker." ( M elissa Webb) Rule two : Make s ure there is a t ape in thy walkman:' (Humbcrto L opez) Julie N Ch u r c h Yaira L. Colon Camille S Cowger J ose R D a n y el o . . ; . . .. .. ooOO Angela E Co li: J a m es C. Coltcryahn Elvia M Cruz Edwa r d W D aw kin s Jr. T a n nia Colon -, Shawn D Conley J i l l D. Dan y Eri c J Dia z

PAGE 157

Gina R D icke r son Esther L Down s Dinah R Ea s tham Fr ank R Ender Amanda L Dickin so n P aul Dmytrewycz R osemary D ones I1S THE THING' Les lie Eller son, Michelle E s t r ada, and R ose mar y Done s all campaign with Esthe r Down s bef ore the Sophomo r e officer spe eche s I Julia J. Espinosa Victor M E s posito III Carlos A Estevez Riley D Donoho S aray A Dunn Leslie A Ellerson Michelle L Estrad a s 0 P h 0 m 0 r e s s 0 p h 0 m 0 r e s s 0 P h 0 m 0 r e s

PAGE 158

c L A Saul A E SlUpinian Kr isti n M Fe rland C r aig S Fis hbou g h Ad a m T Flem ing Omayra E Fon t anez s s H o n o ray V F r ith J ay G Fullert o n Cyn thia M F u l so m Eyerly P Galang Carla B Gar cia o F .. R aul O G a r cia R obe n A Garcia Daniclt e Y Gardin Lui s C. Garri ga J oel M Gibbs 9 -3 Brand o n L. A Gladding S hann o n C. Golembiew s k i R o b e rt o Go mc7 D aniel G o nz alc7

PAGE 159

H olleigh L. Gordon Luis C. Guerrero L ouIs O H adley ] .. = M c r cc d es R Han c) Anya K Graha m Mi chelle D Grandstaff MIc hael L G r iffin Mesme r iz e d Lian a Surdi wait s for the cxci tement of the H o mec o ming pcp rall y t o begin RCJoyce L. H anson Bria n L. H ard sa w fI. l arlcl: .. E Harns o n c L Everctl L. Grundon A s s Marco R Guillen o F KC\' 1n H aeu ss e r 9 hln C lI .lIc hclt 3

PAGE 160

, .. r .... f .. ,,,. r ..... -., r ..... f ..... ,,,. t ," t P amela E Hcmm Vladimir Herrera Su V im l oebeT Stacie L. H o n cycuH Nancy M H enderson Alejandro Hepburn Alejandro H ernan d ez Jr. W o r ki n g h a r d o r h a r d l y ,.fo r king Smiling preH) for the camera. hard l'Iorkcr Leslie Ellef son puiS the finishing touches o n th e Sophomore float. Victoria A H op k i n s Alison M H owa rd J ui M ing H ung R afael J H e rn andez Car o l ine C. H ink l e -Jonathan H H offman J oanne M H unt

PAGE 161

tJ 1 N o C hadw ick E I s bell James H J ackson -M alina Jacobowitz Shelle y T. J ohn son ic L a ur i e V J o ne s Mi c hael O J o rd an T a Wei K a n Chri s W King J a rrod T. K i r k sey D anidlc M K oon -. r ..... f .. ,,,. r ..... -. r ..... r .. .. 1 t t

PAGE 162

9 3 u I e s Juan A Martinelli P atnck B Mel ody ) Trinity T. Manincz -, I an A Merkel Blake M c D aniel / William C. Merriwea ther. 'c. -Sharon M cDonald T y Lamont M echa m Alberta T M eyers Christina M M ills

PAGE 163

D ea n A Mill s Justi n e D Mis hler Michelle Mi zrac h i -Mi c h ael G M o r gan C h elsey E Morrell Eric A Morri s I T o rric T M yles Norma I. Navarro Ronda L. Ne ss ler Armand o M Nunez D i elta S Oakle y Lionel Obert Candy M M o delo Rina R M o l ina Raymond H Morri s Sharlene L. Mye r s H umberlo Nicholls Chieko Numala K evin A Olandese P a tri cia E Ortiz s o P h o o r e s

PAGE 164

Water break M isty Renfr o a nd T an nia Colon sp l ash their w o rrie s away in Goe thals Memorial Fo unta i n This a re a i s someti mes used as a l un ch hang o ut for people who are t ire d of the s tuffy c afet e r i a Toilet pap e r wrapping co nt est. P at Melo d y a ttempt s t o enclose M ike Ble i chwehl a t the ann ual P ep rall y toitet p a per wrapping contest. And ind ee d they re pr ese nted the so p h omore c l ass well, b y p l aci n g seco nd in t h e co mpet itio n I Juan C. P alacio Greo r y E Pars o n s Carolin D P e r eyra J ose A P adilla C hing I. Pai M a ria I. P anto ja Y o n g Suk Park M a r gari t a C. P earce R o b ert F Ped e rsen D ana L. P e tro s k y Gabriela A Pinto

PAGE 165

W illiam R ogers. D o u glas B en n e tt T an n ia Col on, Mi s l y R e n f r o. a n d Dale: B cnnCII forgel their B iology 5 and aClu 3l1y enjo)' an aft e rn oon i n th e l ibr a r y Who eve r sai d l i br aries we r e made Ju s t for s tudyi n g ? c I M ic h elle M Pr o p s t a s s R ac hel J R a n gel o f M isty O Renfr o Alfre d o S Rich a rd s Sunshin e J R idao Cath eri n e E R igby J oseph D R i l lama s 9 3 E l i nd a A R ios H ecto r M R ivera J r. Nelma I. R ivera Jh O ffi .lh.lf.l L R oach

PAGE 166

Dalila D R o bin son Noni N R obinson Nocm i E R oman F elieita R osado Wi ndin g d own. Taking a break from the excitement of the J amboree. sophomo re cheer leader, J ackie Tho mp so n believe s In th e success of her te am. Mich ael R Robison J ill D R oscoe Ya sie r I. Ru iz E sky J Saman1ego William R oge r s D a niel Y R o man D M ichelle Rui z Min o lka Ru iz \ Tim o th y C. Rutl edge L awrence J Ryan Sofia Sanllago Anth ony J Santos

PAGE 167

Ibliv i o u s 1 0 the world around her. BellY Meyer s casually reneCl s n lifcs simpler matters. Emma T. Scribner Jason A Scales Ais ha L Sherrod Afs hcen A Siddiqi Partners in crime Gustavo Marque z and Frank Westgate get s topped f o r mug s hots. C o uld this be a s ign o f things to Katherine T Scar s Laura Segura K a r e n G Shaded Carlo G Sierra Mic h ael D S l ave n Chmtophcr A Smith I I

PAGE 168

, f .... 1 t f .... , t f ... 1 t Ric hard W Smith Liana M Surdi Jorge L. T o rrts Stev en Urreta Delia M Solis Erinc M Starnes Doris M Terrell Chr isti na Thompson M arlon I. T o rre s Samuel Torres lr iza rr y Pete T. Valdez Jennifer A Valle ) ......... L I Renea C. Stanchlield Tyso n A St raub J acque l ine M Thompson John W Tipt o n H ellen Tremblay Quint P Un d erwood Karl R Vanderwall Anthony J Vasquez

PAGE 169

Art e m i o R V e g a J csse A Vega S a s ha A V e n o Jami e D W a lt e r s R ossa ue J W a r d Natalie E W a t kin s Lottie I. Wetch Fr ank We s tgate Ada m J White Brian L. W illiam so n J ohn M w illir o r d M i chael J W i n g S h a n e C. W al k e r L o nyelt D W allace M a r ian n a C W ebb M e l issa S Web b H a rr y L. W illiams R eynaldo William s P a trick J Wodr31.ka D an iel Zimmerman ., f .... t r .... 1 t r .... 1 t

PAGE 171

SOPHOMORES B e ing a so ph o m o re m ea n s being b a ck a t th e b o tt o m o f the pile Being a m e mber of the younge s t class a t BHS i s n t always easy the d a n ger th a t lurk s everywhe r e take s o n m a n y forms It could be round and incon s p ic u o usly sile nt unt i l yo u s t e p o n i t and th c n i t sc re a m s and b e co m es g l a rin g l y o bvi o us It s p r e s enc e i s d e finit e l y f elt w h e n you bend over t o p o l i s h its e vil g l eaming surface. R eve n g e of th e plaqu e It co uld b e t all. red a nd re a s o n ab l y t a m e unt i l you put so m ethi n g o f extre m e l y imp ortant valu e in it. Y o ur price l ess t erm p a p e r i s shredde d t o b i t s cat e n o r s tr a ngel y d i sap pears. Y o u p anic a s your locker burp s h a ppil y m a k i n g up f o r all the tim e s you ruth -"Urn his h u d f ell orr." K a t l c Scars e:lsually rem a r k s to a busy M eh ssa W ebb O K I'll wnte that d own" Sc ribbl e scubble Eline Stames happI l y doodle s :lnother class period away lessly s lamm e d it s hut. D a nger could t a k e th e form o f teach e r s y elling f o r th a t t e rm pa per the d o g w h o j u s t will n o t lea v e yo u a l one, the little kid who a l ways jumps in fro nt o f t he car yo u a re tr y ing t o dri ve, o r th e fea r o f s ittin g i n the compute r l a b jus t w ai t i ng f o r th e co mput e r t o eat you dis k Y o u K NOW it will h app e n Wh y pr o l o n g it ? W ell, th e yea r i s ove r. Y ou're n o t a s o ph o m o re a n y m o r e Y o u r e a yea r olde r a nd wi se r. Con g r a tu l atio ns! Y o u can now e nt e r th e h orro r s o f b ei n g a j un io r ... a nd th e n a senio r ... a nd th e n ... It's a c tuall y w o rking! R ob b i e G a r cia, J ohn Willif o rd and Fr ank End e r exa min e :I m i r a cl e La uren S h ulman d i ligen tly does h er w o r k ( I am bo r ed 1 am n o t b o red 1 a m b ore d ) One two th ree. J u s tme Mishler fig ur e s o u t how man y d ays are l eft of s c h ool.

PAGE 172

"Excuse me, where a r e the 600's? "Where's the library?" "Where's the cafeteria?" Suddenly it's the first day of sc hool. Eve r ythi n g is new Strange faces loom everyw h e r e in th e forms of st udents, leachers and ot h e r form s of beings But this is the middle of the yea r How i s it possi ble ? A re occu rrin g nightmare ? Not necessarily. If you a r e a new s tudent your first day could be a n y day I This yea r at BHS many new student s have a lr eady a rri ved from places r anging from the far away to the clo se a t hand You're s itting in Eng l ish class quickly c r ammi ng for you r spelling test w hen yo u h a rd work i s i nt e rrupt ed by the p re se n ce of a new being The y mysterio u s l y appear from nowhere s itting in f r ont of you next to you. and even s itting behind you, breathing down yo ur neck! Take a c h a n ce see what the y're like You m ay end up s urprisin g your se l f with a new friend New race One of the latest add itio n s to the so phomore class of BHS w a s Y o k o Na kagawa = ) Ldt 1 0 right : M asa k o I zumi. R yoichi H asebe. T o moyuki Kobayashi. Oai T akahas hi. and T aic h i Toki.

PAGE 174

F a c u 1 t y Dedication Keeps 'Em Going P o lygo n s a dd s pice t o l ife. H e r e expla inin g ho w p o l ygo n s r e l a te is o u r geome tr y t eac h e r Mrs G ib so n Junio r Englis h teacher Miss Gardill s t r esse s h e r p o int. I I D e m o n stratin g h e r s kill s Mrs. Y alla rino e x pl a in s struc tu ral f o rmul a In struc ti o n a nd di sc iplin e; Mr. Quinn's got it al w r appe d up

PAGE 175

Head Keepers Of The Unleas hed T O ALL BHS S T U D EN T S : F o r the pa s t few y e a r s our sc h o o l h a s endured politica l tur m o il. mi l itary c onnict, a nd s i g n ifica n t stude nt p op u l atio n r educ tio n s a nd d e s p ite con s iderab l e h a rd s hip s, i t bas experien c e d m a n y p o s itive cha nge s i n it s edu c a t io n a l p r og r a m f a c ilities. s t a ff and s t u d e nt a ctiv iti e s. The 19909 1 s c h oo l yea r h a s br o u g ht exc it e m e nt for b o th th e s t u d e nt s a nd t h e s t a f f o f B a l boa H ig h Sch o ol. A s s t ude n ts. y o u will h av e fond m e m o r ie s of BH S Thes e ex p e r ience s will h el p mold a nd s h a p e your f u t u r e car ee r s a nd p r ov ide yo u w ith qu a l it y r e miniscin g time. The a dmini s tr a t i o n a nd fac ult y o f BHS h o p e th a t yo ur s t a y he r e h a s b ee n a p r ofi t able a n d enjoya bl e o n e a nd it i s o ur since r e w i s h t hat we h ave pre p a r e d yo u for th e m a n y t a s k whi c h l ie a h ea d Our soci e t y n ee d s matu r e a nd t hin k in g c iti z e n s t o m eet th e c h a llen ges o f th e future w ith confid e n ce May yo u f a ce th e se c h alle n ge s s u ccess f ull y a nd e n joy th e r ew a rd s o f a well-s p e nt l i f e Erne s t H olla nd Prin c ip a l BH S T O ALL BHS S T U DE N T S: The 1990 1 sc h oo l yea r h as bee n a t i m e of uci te m ent an d a n xie ty. W e w a t c h e d ou r g r ea t n a tion d e b a t e th e M i ddle Eas t d i l e mma We c oun t ed d o w n th e h o ur s a t the app r o a c h of th e United Natio n's d ea dline f o r I r a q t o withdr a w f ro m Kuwait. As we walk e d th e tile d n oors of BHS, o ur t h o u g h t s po ndered t h e san dy d ese r t n oo r t hat w as a h osti l e home f o r so m e of o u r pa r e n ts Fo r man y o f us, th e m e mories of J u s t Ca use" wer e still 1 00 fres h I n th a t oper ati o n w e h a d a f r o n t r o w sea t a t t h e dis lodg i ng o f o pp r ess i o n i n P a nama It s eem e d o n l y m o m e nt s ago th a t w e witne sse d t he ca ptu r i n g of P ana ma's dic t a t or N e x t i t see m ed ..... e ..... ere f ace d with a n eve n m o r e men acing th r eat h h as bee n sa i d t hat eve r y evil has i t s rem c dy, except f olly. th e whirlw i nd s of folly b l ew d u s t and san d d urin g o u r sch oo l year. Th e d u s t a nd s and blind e d o u r eyes f o r tim e, and o ur mind s and h ea rt s w e r e con f used I n m aking d ecisions, our n atio n soug h t t o steal f r om th e futur e the g ua r an t ee of not making a m ista k e W e wen t t o class, and we wat ched, ..... e w a t c h e d closely because we knew that we would t he inhe r i t o r s of the co n seq ue n ces Amer ica n s have n eve r bee n known as an i ndecisive peop l e W e do no t let the fear of fail ure hin d er us: we believe th a t o u r na tion will be j ud ge d not by ind ividual failure s. but by the esse nce of o ur prin ciples Ea c h s tud ent a t BHS is t a u g h t to go f orwa rd t o mee t opport u nit y as it appro a che s n o t to t ry t o seize it a f t e r i t h as passed 1 99 1 w i l l b r ing m an y n e w o pportunit ies t o OUT d oo r s t e p I f you l oo k closely, yo u sho uld not be s u rp r ised to find the f oot path t o ward o pportunit y l i tt e r ed with the p r ints of our dete r mined 8HS b rot h e r s an d s i s t ers K e nn e th Ander son Assi s t a n t Pnncipal BHS

PAGE 176

Tami ng The Unleashed P a tr icia Alvarad o M ela nie Bales S u s an B e rna s coni \ Mr. Jonh s t o n ke eps a ste rn e y e o n his s tud en t s Calvi n Bruer R a fael C hen S y dney Co r bett L:lwr e n cc Cowle y Ger a ld ine D ec Sgt. P au l F enwic h \ J-Julianne Gardill Cecelia George J oa nne Gctlys Mr. Y o un g demo n s trates h o w t o diagram a face f or his art II

PAGE 177

Unleashed, But Still Guiding Our Future Camille Gibson J ohn H ager J oyce H anson Sg\. R aymond H eiskell aking s ure everything IS going a s planned. Mr s P iper chec k s the pply of food al the Annual Teacher Appreciallon D ;,} Lun cheon Carol H :ln s R alph H owell \ Rich ard J ohnston L o urde s Gonlalcl Sgt. Fcnwich and Mr. Quinn hop to the finish! -, i '.. '( Gretchen Lamb Judith Lavallee / ) 'I I t>.hnchclcr 161

PAGE 178

They Keep Everything Going A s a student at Balboa High School you have experienced a miniature version of the complexitie s of the world at large; y ou have become a part of history in the shaping of a country, its people, and the Panama Canal. They in turn have taken part in shaping you a nd your experiences Being submerged in the extreme diversity of culture and ethnic backgrounds of the student population you are now aware of the experiences and similarities that can exist among people With that knowledge and awareness, you are also better prepared to function within our ever-changing society It i s the lack of awareness or respect of those differences which causes conflicts -not just among a few, but among nations. You ve become a v a luable resource not to just a few, but to all Judy Severson One of the major differences between real life a nd a TV show movie or a novel i! that mo s t often in re a l life, one s most demanding scene s will be played before a liv! audience without any opportunity for rehearsal. You high s c hool y ears can provide you with the knowledge and s kill necessary fOI successful improvis a tion in life ... s o GO FOR IT. Willingly accept the challenges 0 1 each day and "dare to be your own be s t self'. Soaring t o new height s. H e r e M rs. Whit e i s ge ttin g pre p a r e d t o t ake the s e n io r cla ss p hoto. Thi s i s a n a nnu a l event in w h ic h s h e climbs the t all fire m a n's l adder. Dottie Whit! Pari of the job. Mrs. S eve r son l o ok s up inform a tion for ano the s tud e n t.

PAGE 179

I r :cid e nt o n the fi e l d? Mrs. Wcbl y and Mrs. Corbett seem to think so but Mr. Jacn look s at mething a little more pleasant. Mr. Shaw does not see m to be interes ted in either. The joys of teaching. Mr. Va z f ind s a few m oments to s h a r e with M a rjorie Ara ma yo. Decorating for the C hristmas formal. Senior s pon so r Mr. W a u gh and Mrs. Georg e wor k hard to get re a d y for the night t o come. Dancing is not just for s tudents as Mrs. Sosa s hows. while Mi ss Gardill protest "just stuff."

PAGE 181

A h ead o f th e g anle 'lot )'et. M r r en o drIC:k' We' ll lell )'ou when L o u d lin d ('I n r Sell, geh her A s oda f o u nt ain?" At as SAC meeting. Mrs Braa t en. Mr H o l lan d and M s Se verso n mak e p l ans t o I m p rove our lovely sc h ool. .. --Making cla s s plans ? No. Dee th inks o r arte r sc hool activi t ies looking p l ea n d. M r H olla nd a nd M r Oli v er w a t ch wilh Int e r es t as th e pe p r ally r olls o n Qui e t tinl e M rs. H anson takes a b r eak 10 the sunn), libra r y C o m e again? M r Johnson "onders If the kid Silting 10 the baek is playlOg \\Ith a full deck

PAGE 182

Outside The Classroom A diff ere n ce in o pini o ns. Mr Val i s h ay in g a gre a t t i m e w a t c hin g th e sc h oo l act ivit i e s whi l e Mr. Figuer oa s e e m s t o h av e s pott e d tr o uble o n th e field. > Enjoyi n g th e lun c h eo n Ms. Gonza l ez s tart s with a l i tt le s a lad. Our leac h e r s Mr. O live r Mr. Thalc:, Mi ss Man c h es ter M i s s Hans. Mr. W a ugh, and Mr F e ndrick s e e m to be en g r osse d in a soc i a l o r a re th ey di sc u ss ing the pep rally ?

PAGE 183

Teachers Are Still Gradually Unleashin g T heir Spirit Sgt. Thurman Pur year Sgt. Juan Sanchez -Rita 50S3 Carol Sponbc r g 1 ,J D avid Seitz Kenneth Waug h M ay r a Seitz I --!-Cheryl W all ,-_s , J ohn Shaw l nlca s h i ng her spinto Mrs. A lvarado s peeds up t o finish a l ite r ary Gelling inlo the wave of th ings. M r H olland lead s his f a c u ll } I n u n lea s hin g th eir s plri b at the ork of ar!. H o mec o ming P cp Rally 167

PAGE 184

Mrs Siaha t akes inventory a nd unpack s library s upplie s A com m o n s cene in the orfice. Mr. D o nalicio ma k es a n o ther impo rtant ph o ne call ror Mr. A nd e r so n Staff Personnel Sylvia B ap t iste M ariette Si a h a L astenia P imen t al Guillermo Stevens Sonia Webl y HAVE YOU THANKED A STAFF ASSISTANT LATELY?

PAGE 185

, , .........,; ....... '. ..... ..... .... -. -. , , \ \ . 1 i f \ -. Custodial And Cafeteria Staff H a nging a curtain, selling a hamburger changing a light bulb or just fixing up o ur school, our custodi al and cafeteria s t a ff work hard H ave you ever noticed how nice our s chool is? If it wasn t for our custodial staff, our sc ho o l would b e a mess a nd would not be a place where a n y of u s would want to be for seve n hours or more a day Have yo u ever wondered how many hours a re s pent in the kitchen prep a ring the d ay's meal? The dedic a tion of our cafeteria worker s is so m e thing else; they s ta r t preparing our meal s a round s econd period each day Thank yo u for yo ur dedicati o n ; it is greatly appre ciated 9 -.

PAGE 189

A changed world i s forming T he i d eal of a dcmOCrtllic world is realized T he fall of the I ron C u r the new le aders hip s of Ce ntral and America. and the new refo r m s unin the Soviet Union demon strate change. Will the world finally a c hieve l asting peace ? and G or bachev M eet at Summi t Celeb r at ing the fruit s of t heir s u mmit P re s ident B u s h and Sov i et i M ikail Gorbachev s hook hands s i gne d a sheaf o f agreements inclu d a co n d i tio n al trade accor d D u r i n g t he World June (1990) s ummit. the leader s also em braced a pre l iminary deal t o c ut long range nuclear arms T he two leaders agreed t o s tri ve for a n elusive agreemen t o n redu c ti o n of troops, tank s a nd other conven t ional weapo n s i n Euro pe But la s t-h our n egotia t ing was nec e ssa r y to settle difference s o n a framework for s t rategic arms c u ts and a five-year grain d eaL The lea d e r s were hopeful that agr ee ment s a t t h e s ummit would lead t o beller r el at io n s between the twO countries. I think what is happeni n g n ow ... r epre sents an even t o f momentous impo rtance. not only for our two co u ntries but for the world:' s aid G o rb achev M andcla T o urs the W orld M assive c rowd s turned o ut for Africa n National Congress leader Nel so n M andel a at every stop of his six-wee k t ou r of three co nt i nent s M a ndela visited 14 na tion s in Europe. North America and Africa, a chiev i ng his goals : u r ging f o reign g overnments t o m ai n t ai n sa n c t io n s against S o u th Afr ica. raising funds for the ANC (African National Congress). and explain i n g th e g oa l s of his movement. Nel son Mandela, o n e o f the world's mo s t celebra t ed political prisoners. was freed by the Sout h African government in February. after 27 years in pri son H e was s erving a life sentence for a lleged l y plo t t ing sabotage to overth r ow the w hite gOY' of South Africa. Chamorro Face s Challenges Viole ta B arrios d e ChamoTTo, p u bli sher of Nicaragua's opposition new spaper. led a 14-part coali t i o n t o victory over Sandin ista rule de s p it e political inexperience She i s n o w face d w ith l owe r ing Nicarag ua's l a r ge innation di sbanding the can t ra s. and dea ling with d o me stic problems s u c h as hunge r malnutri tio n and high un employment. One P lus One Equ a l s One W orld leader s welcomed a un i ted Germany inlo the internationa l community on O ctobe r 3, 1990, bUI c o n c ern s over the balance of po w e r temper ed some Euro pean enthusiasm I n a m essage 10 governments worldwide. c h a n cellor Helmut K ohl pledged tha I Germ any would neve r again pose the territoria l cI:li m s thai ma rked Germany from its initial unification i n 1871 to its defeat an d divi s i on after W o rld War 11. I n the fulure, only peace will emanate from Germ : :1n soi l," K o hl sai d T he unification came II months after th e B erlin W all fell in a peaceful revolt th a t cas t aside CommuniSI East G erman governmen t s E.1rthquakc D evastates Philippin e s A major earthquake jolted M anila and nearby Luzon island on J uly 16. killing at lea s t 193 people and leaving hundreds more trapped in colla p se d bui l dings Af t ershocks co n t i nued the following d ay, for cing man y residents to slee p on the s t reets after the quake. which measured 7 7 on the R ichter scale

PAGE 190

. -I :,,; I' I I I 1111111111' , .. I I - I ,.. .. --

PAGE 191

National OUf n atio n has entered a n ew era in the ninetie s. The Cold W a r has cnded and the U.S must s truggle to comp e te in a changing world Regional connicts have grabbed OUf attention as we se nd troops to fight in foreign war s. But d o me s tic ally, the U.S. is faced with multiplying problem s that need immediate attention. Earth Day Rallies Concern An e stimated 200 million peo pie ce lebrated the 20th anniversa r y of Earth D ay as activists plead ed for the rise of a new "conserva tion ge ner atio n to care for th e fragile environment. I n W ashington. Earth D ay founder Gaylord Nelson urged m o r e than 100 ,000 people ma sse d a t the foo t of the Capitol t o work t o m o t ivate p o liti c ian s and corpo r a te leaders toward environmen t al actio n Heightened awaren ess or o ur environment has prompted Am erica n s to stan rec ycl ing pro grams and to "crack d own" on environmentally unsare produ c ts. Supreme Court Judge Sworn In David H Souter. a previously little kn ow n j ud ge rrom New H ampshire. became history's I05 th Supreme Court justice i n October or 1 990 after pledging t o "do eq u al r ight to the poor a nd t o the ric h:' Judge Sou ter joins the Court a t a pivotal time in it s his tory Not only i s th e Supreme Court race d with th e abort ion right s issue s. but o th e r cases involving an and obsce n itie s. ce n s o r s hip capital puni s hment a nd the right s o r th e terminall y ill a r e a l so pending H omeless Problem W o r se n s The homele ss n o w es t i m a ted to number 250.000 t o 3 million. a re b eco min g the numbe r o ne d o m es tic i ss ue in thi s d eca de Their numb e r s rise as more s helter s are cl osi n g a nd public a ttenti o n is ro cusing o n o ther prob l e m s. Co ngress Debates Flag Burning The U S. Senate rejected a Con stitutional amendment agai n s t n ag burning on June 26 with c ritic s a rguin g th a t it was alre a d y d ea d a nd b e ing deba ted l a r ge l y as ammunition ror u se agai n s t them at election time. The Sena te vo t e d 584 2 in ravor l eav ing it nin e s h o rt or twothird s m a j o rit y need ed t o appr ove a mendments. Pr esi d ent Bus h ca lled ro r ap pr oval or th e me asure. which said simpl y that "Congr es s a nd the s tates s h all h ave the power to pro hibit the physical de secration or the n ag or th e U nited States". But th e hou se rejected it. with the dem oc rati c leader s say ing that it a m o unt e d to placing limit s o n rreedom or s peech Floods Swamp South The southern U S s pent much or the Spr ing wringing it selr o u t a fter week s or n oo ding Many h o me s. bu sinesses. a nd other pr ope rties were d estroye d Mean while p a rt s or th e Mid-Wes t d ealt with h eavy rainrall a nd noods. Those s lates s u rre r i ng the mo s t damage wer e Tex as. Arka n sas. L ouis iana a nd Mississippi.

PAGE 192

, .. p.-

PAGE 193

Spor ts It is evident f r om the World Series. 10 the Heavyweight Championship. \0 the Superbowl. tht this yea r could be named "The Year of the Underdog." Germany Takes The Cup Ge r man fans chanted and sang and screamed their pleasure on July 8th when We st Germany dethroned Argentina, and won the the World Cup. "Deutschland iSI Wellmeislc r (Germany is World Champion)", was the preva l ent sc ream among fan s packed int o Ro mes' s Olympi c stadium as a malch that had grown ugly with foul s in the secon d half, finally ended Jubiliant Germans headed into cenlral Rome to celeb rate the victo r y that came after the fru s tration of l osses in the pre vious two W o rld Cup !inals Underdog Red s \Vin World Series The Cincinnati Red s, given no chance to beat the Oakland Athletic s, needed only four quic k games to win the Wo rld Series in one of the bigge st upset s in ba se ball his tory The Red s completed their improbable s ..... ee p on October 20th in spite of losing two star player s, Eric Davi s and B illy Hatch er, to injuries Cincin n ati r elied on J ose Rijo. and rallied for two runs in the eighth inning to win 2. and that was it. I n other ba se ball news, Texas Rangers' pitcher, Nolan R yan, won his 300th game. I feel more relieved than anything else after all th e buildup," Ryan said after Join. ing the 300 club R yan has become one of ten major league pitchers to win 300 games. "Bu s ter" Bust s Tyson No longer is Mike Tyson the Hea vyweight champion of the world Ear Iy in 1990 after 10 rounds of fighting. James B u ster" Dougla s knocked T yson ou t with a five' punch combination "He pulled the greatest upset in histo ry. said Douglas' father "Just call it a victory for the s mall man," T yson sai d I n Other Sporting News The New York Giants, a fter a tumul tous season. came to win the S u pcr Bowl over the Buffalo Bill s 20-19 I n the final two minutes of the game, the Buffalo Bill s misse d an allempted field goal which a l lowed the Giants the one point edge On the College football scene, the Unive r s ity of Colo rado and Georgia Tech ended up tied in di spute d tolls Colorado beat the Fighting I ri s h of Notre D ame (10-9) at the Orange Bowl. I n other bowl games, the Wa s hing t on H u s kie s defeated the I owa H awkeye s at the R ose Bowl (48-36) and the Miami H urricanes c reamed the Texa s Lo n gho r n s (45-3).

PAGE 194

-- -.

PAGE 195

War In The Gulf On the 2nd of August 1 990. the of Iraq invaded th e country ",u,",,"it h e r southern neighbor. world p anic ked. and leader s puzz l ed as to why Th e U. S ieac ted with a n in s t a nt depl oy of troop s to S a udi Ara bia a ;ountry situated to the west of countries i ncluding Brit ain, Fr a nce. Eg y pt and Tu rkey joined the U. S make the ally coalition against inv as ion of Iraq. The U nited Nati c ," s condemned the in vas i o n pa sse d twelve re so luti o n s, n g o n Iraq for an immediate from Kuwait and f o r all n a t io n s o f the world to impo se econ o mi c sanction s again s t I r aq. The world waited A wa r of words had begun between I r aqi leader Saddam Huss ein and U. S Pres i dent Bu s h a nd b y the end of November 1990 the U S h a d sent morc th a n 400 000 tr oops to th e Pe rs i a n Gulf. The U.N. set a dea dlin e for I r a qi withdrawal at J a nu a r y IS 1991. Meanw hile peace efforts had been made b y th e S oy iet Union t o find a n end to the escalating situ a ti o n On the h omefront, American a ntiw a r demo n strato r s staged demonstra tions in many ci ti es acr oss th e U.s .. while supp o rt e rs of Bu s h's deci s i on to se nd troops held yel low ribbon campaigns. On J a nuary I S, there was no withdrawal. Con g r ess voted t o de clare war on Ir a q On J a nu a r y 1 7. the ai r wa r be ga n Thousa nd s of so rti es were nown oyer Iraq. hit ting military t a rg e t s all oye r th e country. For a m o nth ai r r ai d s continu e d ove r Iraq with reported d a m age to intelligence centers, army facilities, a nd weaponry Further r e p o rt s included Iraqi ci 'lili a n causalities. On Februa r y 23, 1991, the an tic ipa ted ground war began. U.S. I ,1'1 ..... '11" ......... ". a nd ally troops were commanded into Kuw ait and met little resis t a nc e f rom Ir a qi t r oops. Thou san d s of Ir aqi soldiers surren dered to coal i ti on t r oops A day late r U.S. troo p s a l ong with Ku waiti and Saudi troops e ntered Ku wai t C it y The Ir aqi army re treated back int o Iraq. a nd on February 28,1991, I raq accepted th e twel ve U.N. resolutions a nd a cea se f i r e was called b y the ally coal iti o n At pre se nt the job of rebuild ing Kuwait which reportedl y was looted tr e m e nd o u sly, is at hand (Associa ted Press photos)

PAGE 196

Zoni an Classifieds Ads Time Is Money Thank s Ashley And Kristin

PAGE 197

R icky. M i c hael R o bert B r ia n Alan Eri c. P aul 181

PAGE 198

= a CONGRATULATIONS Shemaline Felice Jicha Class of '91 These are but a few of our special memories. You'ye blossomed into a beautiful, intelligent young woman, but you'll always be our "little girl". Loye, Mom and Dad

PAGE 199

JIMMY GROOM Good luck son. Keep going from here. Dad, Mom, and your brother Lawrence Kristin and Ashley, There are no problem s ... just challeng es KIT STILES Love, Dad, Mom, Allyson, and Kelly Congratulations on a great yearbook! We're proud of you, and we love you. -your parents ----------------------------------------------

PAGE 200

M arjorie Aramayo Michelle Jenn i fer H ayden Leah l zbic k i Nicole Elaine Keiser ". Maria E ug enia R ya n ChoJas Inc.

PAGE 201

Las ChoJas 1991 -Elizabeth Ann Palm Mel issa Marie B owman J ennifer Diane Brewer Eilee n da Pena MonJc a Esther Rios Glady s Joyce H a u abaugh Nayal Aidce Marline1 lIiana Rodnguez. Me s a

PAGE 202

Grandma loves you sooo much. Dear Nicole, Though we will cry when remembering the years that are gone, we will also smile, for there are more to come. Thank you for being you and for all the memories. We are so very proud of you and love you so much. Keep smiling. It makes the sun shine. Love you always, Mom, Dad, Kevin XOXOXOX LEANNE ... Three cheers on your graduation! Love, Mom, Dad, and Rob

PAGE 203

Best Wishes To Our Graduating RED MACHINE Seniors Mike V e n a An gie Burn s And to the Class of 1991 A n ge l B ow l e r Ili a n a R o d rigu ez N aya t M a rt i n ez M a nage r s R o n a l do Olton J ennife r Swee n y K a r a Twoh y S t e p h anie H elin J o hn Hannin g Ji m m y G room M elissa Winfor d M a n age r Ro y P inzon E lver Ren f r o Pam S nell Your RED MACHINE Fa mily

PAGE 204


PAGE 205

Jenny I thank you fo r the times of (un. and all that has been said and done Whe n we met, it seeme d like (ale. Bu t since that l ime. not .111's been great We've all done things that seemed like threats, Bul our friendship i s strong: and life's (0 shan for regrets I thank you for the limes of lears. for they streng th en me and loosen up my fears. F o r everything t haI w e've ever been through. you've been th ere and I for you. We've suffered and been through a /01. OUf f r iendship, I know. co uld no t be bought I t th ink you for the yea r s gone by Now we mus t go, but please don 'f cry Re membe r I love you and will always care. I thank you, friends. for just being there A s p ec i a l th anks t o o ur f a milies f or a ll th eir l ove and s upp ort Tanya Jen I

PAGE 206

No matter how far apart ... the memories will be kept close at heart. J "Christy" Ford Ka r a Twohy Leanne "Lee" Watkins Lisa Sasso P a m Snell Jennifer Jenny" Sweeney Melissa Mel" Winford Kristy "Kris Brayton Stephanie "Step h Helin

PAGE 207

To Lydia Denise You have always been our joy and happiness and on this special day of your graduation, we feel so proud and happy for you. "Follow your dreams whereJ'er they lead" With all our love, Mom Dad, and Ronald Garrido Bunny Wilde Class of '91 Congra tula tions! We miss you m ucho. Mom, Dad, and Sis. AGENOA DE VlAJES tD UortlDn\1fJl1iJllDn TRAVEL foCENCY Congratulates the Balboa High School Class of '91 and we encourage you all to continue achieving happlnes, wealth and success Gordon Dalto n Trav e l Agency, with ZZ y ears of experience gives you the best ratcs to a n y pMt of the world. We count with the modem SODA S y s tem (Syste m One Direct Access), computered system that permits our personnel. h ighly qualified, to effect and confirm Im m ediately your reservations .stados de Barbados Rd. ( La Boc. Rd.) B uilding 792X, l
PAGE 208

t Mr. and M s. BHS P aul Hurs t Mi c h elle H ay d e n Mos t T a l ente d A a r on I z b i c k i Jennifer Schult e Against All Odds Hall Of Fame .." v .. : .. \ i . ... .. '. ". ., Mos t Like l y to S u ccee d Keit a S a k o n Aliesh a Ave-L alle m a nt Class C oup l e Brian W oo d M aria R ya n C l a s s Clow n s E u gene M o n a gh a n S teph anie He lin -Most Sc h oo l S piri te d Kha l a dhi Joseph s C l a rk M o nic a Rios

PAGE 209

Best Looking Alan Matheney Eileen D a P e n a ........... -. . ---Friendliest Steven Wheeler Jennifer Brewer Most Athletic R obe rt Nieves Gladys Hattabaugh Most Dependable Alex Stirling llian a Rodrigue zMesa Best Dancers Jason Gittens Anick Buval Best Dressed Abdul Dunn Melissa Bowman

PAGE 210

194 Teachers of the EDUCATION ASSOCIATION OF PANAMA Wish Balboa High School Students and graduating Senior,> all the best in their future endeavors. Army & Air Force Exchange Service VIAJES TIVOLI World Travel Service Offers our clients all types of travel services around the world. Tickets j Airline Reservations Car Rental Hotel Accommodation Cruises Train j Evrail and Britrail Pass Amtrak Tours to our beautiful Panama San BIas Conta dor a Bocas Del Toro Bambito Visas (when needed) For more information please call us 62-0445 62-0353 or come to our office at 4th of July Avenue next to the Linen House BURGER KING SQMETIM!;S YOU'YE GQ'IfA BREAKTHE RUllS. WE WOULD LIKE TO CONGRATULATE THE CLASS OF '91 NOW AND IN FUTURE ENDEAVORS

PAGE 211

Community Bank The management and staff congratulate the Class of 19911 Membership has its privileges. Community Bank Offices in Panama: CorozaJ Howard Fort Davis Serrices to overseas militar y communities for mor e th a n 40 yea r s AMERICAN EXPRESS BAN K A m e r ica n Express B ank lid. Milit a r y n anking D ivis i o n Communif), B ank-Corozal. P :lIlama A P O Miami 340020022 195

PAGE 212

196 PANAMA CANAL FEDERATION OF TEACHERS BIDS CLASS . ... .... .-c....... ---:.. ...... ---of 91 ..-=..;.: .::::::---=----------j = -------... -------------.:: --::-----------FAREWELL & BON VOYAGE ---

PAGE 213

after SiiMA'S FORMAL WEAR WISHES THE SENIOR CLASS SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS DON'T WAIT TO THE LAST MINUTE TO RENT YOUR FORMAL R EMEMBER THE PROM IS YOUR NIGHT W E ARE O FFERING NEW STY LES! SPEC IAL ORDERS AVAILABLE LIMOUSINE SERVICE! ELIDA DIEZ S TREET EL CA RMEN Acuario Condominiums behind EL DEPO S ITO in Vista H ermosa TELAS FINA S Af'ARTADO 3111 PANAMA 3 REP DE PANAMA Phones: 64-5434/64-5287 24 hrs. INF FINE FABRICS ALL ON 'fUE PREMISES TELF 36-04 6 1 Almacen Rivera J Street 62-2203 Sewing Center Albrook Mall Sewing Center Ft. Espinar or Gullick 10-4 PM Tues.-Sat. 89-4512 All types of sewing accessories, All types of yard goods Building 803 Phone 86-4191 10 AM to 6 PM Mon.-Sat. 12 AM to 4 PM-Sundays 197

PAGE 214

ta;\ Congratulations to t h e c l ass of 9l! Magic Tours Corporatio n you r n e i g h bo r is a t your se r v i ce for all yo ur trave l needs i n Pana m a and around th e world. ***Specia l Student A ir Fares*** V I SIT US A T L A CAS IT A" L oca t e d o n R ooseve lt Ave (afte r B HS and b e hind th e B a l boa S t a dium). T e l ep h o n e Num bers: 32-5836 I 584 1 I 5842 Best wishes For the cl a s s o f 1991 From Domino's Pizza 9p 9 CONGRATIfUnONS cuss O F o '91 We love graduations Call u s!! 28-2300 o r 53-5072 We'll be the r e i n 30 minute o r l ess. G UARANT EED!!! 198 ALBROOK MUSIC STORE Supplying Musical Instruments and Acce ssories Building 803 Albrook Mall Telephone 86-3196 CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1991 UNDER NEW ADMINISTRATION AT CLAYTON GARAGE "WE TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR CAR" PHN.87

PAGE 215


PAGE 216

CALLE 50 643377 COROZAL 326344 ROr:w.N (U. S NAVAL) 283 6250 GIrlie t:ro3:1 GIrlie txta:j I.aXg<> """'-'tin -.etti bI<:g=> -.etti 9..pture 5:r't.Wldl C H A D WICK T RAVEL SER V ICE Co ngratulations to the class of 1991 200 Y.M.C.A Bld g., B a lbo a Pan a m a Fax 28 1409 52-2742 52-2789 522 9 72 Branch Albroo k Mall 86-3180 Br a nch H o w a rd M all 8 4-4880 0.00 1 .20 4 .00 3 .00 3 .25 3.40 2.95 Rug s N ew: k P:i..u..'I 11.Jt 'oC ol.fu: )OJ be IWds of crust: Cl"i'}ln Ihin II"d ar thkk. W\ldl 18 ttl! Rn ei=>. a"" ....... . ., ., U.", .. ", OS U ., omJro,w ., '.l5 Jt.1O -, ., '.l5 1 1.70 .....,." ., 7." ILlS '''''''''' '.20 7." ...... .", '.OS .OS 1 0.10 6!3e n.ice 4 1 0 S.9!I (lyj, a.Ult,jaul u1pdia1t. 0.60 1 .10 """" ........ -""' "'" GuTd_ ""= dttre Oo1m """'" ()u:n A4 p;lf" """"'" -, "" 0""" ''''''''' ....", Taco P izza 5 .90 8.1 5 11. 70 $01 MANSION ORIENTAL A world of gift s for yo u with a great assortmen t of oriental handicr aft a r ticle s Tel ephone: 60-5436 Pa n ama T a blecioth s Brass ware P o rc e l ain W o od c arvings Furniture We a ccept : Vis a Ame r ican Express Ma s te r card

PAGE 217

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PAGE 218

A ACRE, MANDY R . 62 ALANI Z, PATRICIA 4. 61,138 ALLEN, WALTER L.. 67.138 ALVARADO. RUBE E. 118 ALVAREZ, CRISTOBAL 138 ALVAREZ. I DIRA 118 AMEDEE. WALTER 3 8, 50. 118 NAYA, JULIO E. 64. 97 ANDERSON. LUKE D . 138 ANDERSON, SHERRI R . 67 ANDREUS. JENNIFER M . 57. 61. 67. 118 ARAMAYO, MARJORIE S 97, 163. 1 8 4 ARCHIBOLD. JR., BERNARDO F 31. 1 38 ARIAS. III. T EODORO A . 118 AROSEMENA, ALEXA DER M . 29. 118 AROSEME A ,OSVALDOM. ASCANO, MARIA THERESA 17.36, 42. 60, 62. 97 AUSTI O. MARCO A . 39, 64. 138 AVELALLEMANT, ALiESHA R . 3, 36. 37, 47. 66. 69, 97 AVELALLEMANT. PHAEDRA L.. II. 21. 35, 46 62 138 192 AZCARATE. RICARDO J .. 3 1 .118 B BAKER M I CHELE K . 54. 5 8. 60. 66 118, 137 BALLESTEROS. DIOSCORI DES 138 64 BALLESTEROS. RITTO F . 1 38 BALYEAT, CATH ER INE E. 97 BANASI CK, MICHAEL F .. 19. 31. 65. 97 BARBER GERALDO L. 38,64. 138 2 02 BARBOSA FLAVIO A. BARKER. ENRIQUE 44, 62. 72. 118 BARNES. STEVEN R . 138 BARRERA. LUKISHA K . 37,60.63, 66 67. 9 7 BARRERA. SASHA W . 62. 138 BARTER, CARLOS A . 65, 138 BARTO JR., I RV ING G . 138 BATULIS. BRETT M BAUER, TRIC I A A . 97 BEARD. PATRICK J .. 39,138 BEATTIE, JAMES W. 36, 50. 5 1.118 BENJAMIN, JONATHAN 38, 119 BENNETT. CARLOS A. 40 64 119 BENNETT. DALE J .. 1 38. 149 BENNETT. DOUGLAS J .. 138. 149 BERGER, RACHEL J .. ARTWORK 1 6A 40 56. 66. 119 137 BERMAN. JORGE A . 36. 139 BETRISEY. STEVEN 36, 40 48 49. 55,56.57.66,119 BIDDLE. HOLLY BIEK ER. TO Y F . 139 BLA CKWELL. JR .. JEFFREY J . 139 BLADES ROCHELL 62 BLANEY. ALLEN G BLEA U. M I CHELE 1 39 BLEI CHWEHL. II. MICHAEL J . 31, 45, 66. 139, 148 BODKIN. JOSE A .. 62. 64. 119 BOTTI N. RA C H EL C . 42. 43 60. 66. 119 129 BOWLER, ANA H 16. 139 BOWMAN. MELISSA M. 13, 19.47.,193 BOYD DEBORAH M . 98 BOYLE. ROSEMARY BRAATE KR ISTIN ARTWORK I,93.98 BRASSFI ELD. JO A THA 64 BRAYTON. C ECY BRAYTON, KR ISTY L. 67. 98. 1 90 BRE ISON. LEWIS CHARLES 98 BREWER. JENNI FER D .. 1 9. 47.56, 66. 98, 185. 193 BRIDGES. RA NDAL J . 50, 98 BRIEM, LESLEY E . 119 BRIGHT. DANI EL E . 50. 139 BRISTOL. CARL B . 119. 121 BROCE, DOM I C IANO 17. 139 BROW, D'A N M 119 BROWN, DA A 45. 119 BR U HN, MALIA O . 119 BRUNNER ADAM W . 86, 119 BRYA T. C I NDY A B URNS, ANGELA M. 3 1 35, 98. 187 BUSTAMANTEHERRERO. MANU R 64 98 B UTLER, SHAWN M 1 20 BUVAL. ANIC K ,98.193 c CA l JAMES D .. 120 CAIRO, LU I S N . 51. 120 CALLAHAN, CHAD M . 27, 38. 40 66 120 CAMPBELL, ANTONI O R .. 34. 98 CANJ U RA JUAN c.. 139

PAGE 219

NNIDA. TYRO E D. TU, I L U M I NADA M 42. 139 TU. JERRY S -2 8, 120 TU. JUAN 120 RBONELL, C ESLO A 120 RR EDILMA M -6 8, 9 8 RSO RASH ELL L. -15.31.47, 70 71. 9 8 RTER, JAMES A 45. 99 RVER LA'SHANDA D. EY. AMERI C A E 59. 139 PERSON. HEIDI N 8 61, 62 139 PERSON, JULIE 99 NEDA. JOSE 45. 1 3 9 ELLON, JUAN R -3 1 139 OTI'" AQUILES A -139
PAGE 220

FISH ER, DA VID B -4 I 5 6 58, 62. 66, 122 F ITZGER A LD SHAWN P -II. 21, 31, 40,50,51,56, 6 0.65,66 67 122 FLEMI G, ADAM T 142 FLORIA, GERMAIN E M 122 FO N KEN, JENNIFER S 62, 8 7 122 FO NTAN EZ OMAYRA E 142 FORD, J U LEE C. -35, 56, 101. 190 FOX DARRE N B -101 FR ITH, HONORAY V 62, 142 F ULLERTON, JAY G. 36, 142 G GALANG, EVERLY P 142 GALAN G, JEN IFER P. 66, 71, 93 101 GALANG, OLIVER P 4 8, 65 122 GALE, CARL S GALVEZ, BELKIS M 60 122 GANN, ASHLEY L. -15, 34, 56,67,68, 70 93, 101 GARCIA, CARLA B 142 GARCI A MARIA E -1 7 36, 42 55 58, 6 8, 122 GARCI A RAUL O. 50, 142 GARCI A ROBERT A 36, 44, 45, 142 154 GARDIN, DANIELLE Y 142 GARRIDO, GABRI EL A 64 122 GARRIDO, LYDIA D 36 67, 74 101, 191 GARRIGA, LUIS C. -31, 142 GASLlN, SHARON 101 GAYLE, VIELKA G -101 GAYLORD, ROBERT L. -45,122, 123 GEORGE, AMIRI C. -5 8,63, 122 126 GEORGE, RAFAEL M 31. 36 50 51, 101 GIBBS, CARRIE -1 8,58,61, 63 90, 101 G IBB S JOEL M -142 G IBSON, BRA NDON L. -29, 142 -204 GITTENS, JASON D 63 101, 193 GLADDI G, NATHANI EL A 142 GOLEMBIEWSKI, SHAN 'ON C 44 47 142 GOMEZ, KERRY L. -42 56, 60, 62 63 66 122 GOMEZ, ROBERTO 142 GONZALEZ, DA I EL 142 GONZALEZ, TIFFANY 122 GONZALEZ, WILLIAM 122 GOODWIN, KATHRYN M. 29 3 1 35, 60,66,67,68,73, 122 GORDON, ELEONOR F. 42, 101 GORDON, HOLLEIGH L. -143 GRAHAM, ANYA K 40 ,143 GRAHAM, CHAD O 28, 122 137 GRANDSTAFF, MICHELLE D -143 GRACCO, STEPHANIE A 58, 59, 60 66,122, 134 GREE ,JR. RO ALD L. -20 65 123 GRIFFIN, MICHAEL L. -143 GROOM, RICHARD K 31, 102 187 GRU DON, EVERETT L. -143 G UERRERO, DEA M 62, 102 GUERRERO, L U IS C 143 GUICE, MELISSA L. -62 123 GUICE, SCOTTY D -12,64,113 GUILLEN, MARCO R 143 H HADLEY, LOUIS O -143 HAEUSSER, KEVIN -143 HAINES, TANYA L. -66, 68, 7 1,102 HALE, GRADY HALE, IDA 64 HALL, THETIA L. -37, 42 51,123 HANEY, MERCEDES R -143 HANING, JOHN H 30, 31, 102 HAN A, JO D 123, 1 8 7 HANSO REJOYCE L. -5 8 59, 61, 6 8, 70,71,8 6, 143 HARPER, ROBERT G. 80, 102 HARRIS, TIFFANY R. 123 HARRISON, MARIELA E. 143 HASEBE, RYOICHI S. 156 HATCHETT, ERIN C. -36, 61,143 HATTABAUGH, GLADYS J 37, 42 43,46, 102 1 85, 193 HATTABAUGH, JULIA A. 60, 123 HAUSER, JOY M. -37, 42, 46, 123 HAYDEN, MICHELLE J. 13, 15,37 56, 66, 68, 96, 102, 184, 192 H E I N ICHEN, ANNE-LIESE K. 48, 58,61,123,137 HELIN, STEPHANIE M. 29, 3 1 35, 6 1 88, 102, 1 87, 188, 190 192 H ELM, CRISTINE C. 37, 40 56, 60, 63 66, 123 HEMM, PAMELA E. 144 HENDERSON, NANCY M. 40, 48, 144 HE DERSON, PHILLIP 40 60 61 , 66 102 HEPBUR ALEJANDRO 144 HER ANDEZ, ANGELINA 57 59 123 HERNANDEZ, JR., ALEJANDRO 6 144 HERNANDEZ, RAFAEL J -38, 144 HERRERA, EDWIN R 39, 102 HERRERA, GEIDI S 62, 102 HERRERA, MANUEL A 38, 58,60, 123 HERRERA, TERESA E. 123 HERRERA, VLADIMIR 144 HIMENO, SHUGO 123 HIMKLE, CAROLINE C 34, 42 144 HOEBER, SU YIM 64, 144 HOFFMAN, JONATHAN H 144 HOGE, MARSHALL HOLLAND, ERIC -I 1,31,36,45,51 102 115 ,181 HO EYCUTT, STACIE L. -46, 47, 61 67, 144 HOPKI S VICTORIA A 31, 35, 144 HOVAN, CHRISTOPHER B 31. 51, 73, 123 HOWARD, ALISON M. 36, 40, 74, I, HOWELL, EDMUND W 40, 48, 56, HARDSAW, BRIAN L. -36, 38, 50 51. 143

PAGE 221

61,63,66,67,123,137 YA1RA DEL C 103 ALLISON J .. 11,34. 123 1CK, JAMES 124 G JU1M1 NG 62. 144 NT. JOANNE M. 61. 144 PA U L W .. 31, 39. 56. 68,103, 115 1 8 1 192 I HAUSTJ, CARLOS R .. 69 80, 93, 1 03 ELL. CHADWICK E . 36. 50. 145 AARON A .. 9, 13,61. 192 t 1. LEA N .. 31, 56, 57, 60, 63 103, 184 MASAKO 156 J C HARLES E . 103 JAMES H . 145 JESSI C A G .. 63, 103 I NS, A ILEEN D .. 60, 73.124.134 S HEMAYNE F . 34, 35 103, 1 82 MALINA 60, 6 1 63, 67, 145 ) H SON. SHELLEY T. 145 O H SO THOMAS E .. 39. 124 o ES.JEN IFERL..93,123, 124, 132 )NES. LAURI E V .. 66, 145 )RDAN. FREDDIE B 84.124 )RDAN. M I CHAEL D .. 145 )SEPH JAIME J . 64. 1 2 4 %EPHSCLARK, KHALADI 40 58, 69. 103. 192 )SEPHSCLARK. KAR1MA 62. 103 JESEPHSCLARK, L U I S D. 124 K KAN. TAWEI 145 KA GAS, KELV I N M . 103 KEELI G, ANGELA K . 5 8 60. 67, 124 KE ISER, KEV I N J . 2 1 29, 36. 40 50. 5 1,60.66,67, 1 2 4,137 KE ISER, N ICOLE E. 31, 103, 1 8 4 KELLEY, KATHLEEN A . 42, 67, 70, 7 1 104 KEMP, BRIAN G .. 29. 36. 4 8, 62. 66 67. 124 KHARBANDA, E KTA 76 113 K ING, CHRI S W .. 39. 145 K INUGASA. GENGO 48. 104 K IOCHO, ANTHONY N . 104 KIRKLAN D REBECCA A .. 124 K IRKLA D WILLIAM A .. 104 K I RKSEY. JARROD T . 36, 145 KOUNTZ. TAVARA Y 104 KOBAYA SHI TOMOYUKI 48.156 KRAGE, JEREMIAH J.K .. 60, 6 1 66, 67. 8 4 124 KRAPFL, JASON 1..71.104 KRA POHL, JENNIFER L. 104,212 KUHN, STEPHANI E L. 70, 7 1 78 KYLE PAUL T .. 62, 104 L LAM CARLOS F . 146 LA VALLEE, JON M . 7. 58. 59, 66, 70. 71, 124 LAWRE CE, L10 EL A., 114 LAWSON, GWENDOLYN 16. 124, 137 LEBRO AMOR 124 I LEE, KAREN J . 124 LEEB AMOZ L. 44, 146 r LEFFLER, SCOTT J . 4 8. 70, 71, 146 LEGERE. LISA M LEGGETT. WILLIAM D . 38. 64. 124 LEITNER J U LI E W 16. 124 LEWIS, MARI BEL 1. 42 58,60.66, 125 LEWTER, AARON T . 125 L1EH R APRI L M . 46. 56.60,66,67. 125 LINCOLN, 11. PATRI C K L. 36,62, 125 LIVELY. JENNIFER C . 4 8, 56, 66. 68, 104 LLOYD ROBERT L. LONGACRE, AMY R . 37, 59. 125 LO N GA CRE, T E RA G .. 104 LOOKLlSS, M I CHAEL C LOOKLISS. M I C H E LE L. 142 LOPEZ, CE IRA 10.36,58, 65 125 LOPEZ. ELVIRA LOPEZ. HANS M . 125 LOPEZ, H UMBERTO 140, 146 LORD. SHANNON B 36, 40.125 LO U. LID I A E . 5 8 60. 63 125 LOVE JOSE A . 14, 28, 125 LOVE SALVADOR B 146 LOYD THERESA 104 LOYD TROY E. 40 59.61,67,146 LUTTRELL, ROB ER T J . 58, 63 L UTTRELL, W ILLIAM J . 67, 146 M MA ATTA L A, DE ISE R 105 MAATTALA, JILL 105 MADDOX, MARGARET E . 51. 125 135 MADURO. MICHAEL J . 31, 56. 66. 68, 70. 71, 9Q 105, 181 MALAVE. ROSADELY 17, 146 MAN I G. ITZEL Y . 37, 42, 60, 65. 66 105 20 5

PAGE 222

MAROHL, III. KARL C. -8, 93, 1 05 MARQUARDT, MARGIE 62 113 MARQUEZ, GUSTAVO A. 146, 1 5 1 MARRERO-LOPEZ, ANA C. -62 125 MARTINELLI, J UAN A. 146 MARTINEZ, CHRISTIAN E -125 MARTINEZ, NAYAT A. -9 3 1 5 5, 68, lOS 1 8 5 MARTINEZ, RICARDO A -31, 3 6 45, 50, 8 0 125 MARTINEZ, TRINITY T. 57, 146 MARTI N I J R., STEPHEN H 126 MATHENEY, ALAN G. 29 36 47 105, 1 8 1 ,193 MATTHEWS, ANN F. -65, 1 05 MCCONAUGHY, DARLA R. -31, 1 26 MCCONN ELL, ANN M. -15, 3 1 47 55, 5 6 68,70,71 90 105 M CCONNELL. JUDY M 126 M CCOY, BRANDON S 3 6, 126 M CDANIEL, BLAKE -57, 146 M C DO NALD, SHARON 146 M C G U I NNESS, S COTT A -44 5 1 60 105 M CKABNEY, DW I GHT D 126 MCKAY, JOHN A. M CMILLAN, J O H N R 50 58, 105 MC NAMARA, WENDY E 1 26 M C Q U EE N, DAN IELLE M M CWHIRTER, REBECCA S. -57, 126 1 2 9 MECHAM, TIFFANY R 7 0, 71, 105 MECHAM, TY -61, 146 M E LODY PATRIC K B 3 1 ,146 ,148 MENA, WANDA S 1 06 MEND EZ, GABRI EL E -1 5 106 M EN D EZ, RAQU EL M 106 MERKEL, IAN A. -6 2, 64 146 M ERRIWEATHER, ELISA CARMEN 1 0 6 MERRIWEATHER. JR., WILLIAM C. -146 -MEYER S ALBERTA T 146 MEYER S, ROBERT F -II, 18,31 106 1 8 1 MEZUA, B ERTA A 62 M I CALI, T O DD I. M I CHEL, T IMOTHY B 206 MILANES, LORENA C. -57. 126 MILLS, CHRISTINA M 5 1 146 MILLS DEA N A. -147 M ISHIRO, KAYOE M ISHLER, JUSTIN E D -147, 155 M ITCHELL, ANGELA M 60. 62 63, 67 126 M IZRACHI, M ICHELLE 147 MODELO, CANDY M 147 MOFFITT, ANGELA 56 61, 63, 67 8 2 106 MOKIL LO, RODERICK J -39. 106 MOLINA RIN A R. -147 MOLINA, RITA R. 79 126 MONAGHAN, EUGENE M -6 7 106 1 92 MORA L ES G ISELLE E. 60 1 26 MORENO, JESSICA 106 MORGAN, MICHAEL G 3 6 147 MORRELL, S HELSEY E 67 147 MORRIS, C HARLES H 36, 3 9 40 126 MORRIS, ER I C A 8 3 147 MORRI S CASEY R III 66 1 26 MORRI S RAYMON D H 39 66, 147 MORRISON, ANGELA R 126 'MORRISSEY, TRISTAN M. 59, 66 1 26, 135 MORTON, DARRELL N. 36 3 8, 5 1 106 MOYERS, ER I CA I MUNOZ, JUAN DE RIOS 62 MUSE, Y IR A Y 37, 40 4 8, 56 5 9 66, 1 27 MYERS, S HARLENE L. -147 MYLES, TORRIC T. -147 N NAKAGAWA, YOKO 46, 62 156 NAUM, JEFF D 36 44 106 NAVARRO, FAB IOLA I. -42 58, 60, 1 2 7 NAVARRO, JEN N IFER L. -11,35,59, 60 67, 127 NA VARRO, NORMA I. -42, 58,60, I' NELSON, MARY E -11,36, 69, 106 NELSON, THERESA M. -127 NESSLER, RONDA L. -42, 147 NEVIN, WILLIAM, H -59, 62 1 07 N I CHOLLS H UM BERTO 36 39, N I C H O LL S MELINDA M. 65, 66, I : N I EVES, MAY"A E -II, 14,46 ,56,5 127, 131, 137 N I EVES, ROBERTO C. -36 107, 1 93 NIRWALL, SEEMA -68,1 07 N ISSENBAUM, M I C HAEL Q. 107 N IXON. ROSALINDA 127 NOLAN, PATRICK L. -7 ,44,48,59, 70 ,71, 107 NORMAN, MICHAEL J 76 107 NORTON, T ABITHA M. 59 ,127 NUMATA, CHI EKO -47,147 NUNEZ, ARMANDO M. 65 147 o OAKLEY, DIELTA S -35,147 OAKLEY, J A IM E G -11,22,28, 31, 127 OBERT, LIONEL 137 1 47 OLANDESE, KEVIN A -147 OLES, PAULA A. 127 OLIVAREZ, JAMES C. -127 OLIVER, CHRISTY L. -36 113 OLTON, RONALDO A JR. 3 1,107, 1 87 OLTON, YANICK G -127 O RTEGA, ORLANDO 36 127 ORTIZ, CARLA R -127 O RTI Z, M IGUEL A. 1 07 ORTIZ, PATRICIA E. -147 OSORID, J AV I ER OTTLEY, CARLOS E 39, 127 p

PAGE 223

IADILLA, JOSE A .. 148 IAJ. C HI G I. 62. 148 IALACI O J U A N C . 148 I'ALM, ELIZABETH A . IS, 22. 23. 70. 7 1 1 07. 126. 1 85 IA TOJA, MARTA I. 62, 148 IAREDES. ER I C L. 22, 56. 60. 127 lARK. DO NG SUK 60. 107 rARK. YONG SUK 147 IARRA. RAFAEL 64 IARSONS. GREGORY E . 147 IEARCE. MARGARI TA C. 5. 35. 147 'EARSON. C RA I G V .. 4 107 IEDERSEN. PETE R LYKKE 15.60. 107 IEDERSEN. ROBERT F .. 147 IENALVER. PEDRO F. 127 IEREYRA. CAROLIN D . 1 4 7 IEREZ. CHARLES E. 31. 62. 72, 1 27, 1 34 IER I GA U LT WALTER 44,127 IETERSE RA CHEL A .. 48. 62. 127 I ETERSE R E BECCA A .. 56. 60 62. 63, 66. 67. 128 IETROSKY, DANA L. 147 I IERCE. GREGORY M . 4 8. 61. 70, 71, 128, 134. 137 IINEDA, EYDA V .. 128 IINTO. GABRIELA A .. 147 I INZO ROY G 10,31 45 ,66.108. 187 IR I CE. KENDRA D. IROPST. M I C HELLE M 149 tRUITT. STACI E O . 57. 62 113 UECH, A Li X 9. 22. 37. 48, 58, 60, 61, 66, 1 2 8 UEEN. DANNA J . 62, 113 RUEZADA, MARI A I. 42, 58, 60 66 I 128. 137 UI TERO, CARLOS B .. 29. 31. 44 4 5 . ,128, 1 31,137 --R RAMOS. MARIAM J . 128 RAMSAY. ANTHONY 40 64. 108 RA N D TERESITA 60. 67, 128 RANGE L RA CHEL J .. 149 REBOIRO. R I CHARD L. 82. 108 RENFRO. ELVER A. 1 8 31. 108, 1 87 RENFRO. MISTY D . 34 35, 70. 7 I. 148. 149 REZEX. ARISTIDES 62. 128 R I C HARDS, ALFRE DO S 3 1 40 149 RIDAO. SUNSHINE J . 149 R I GBY CATH ER INE E. 70. 71,149 R I GBY DW I G H T F. 128 R ILLAMAS, JOSEPH D . 149 R I OS ELiNDA A .. 149 R IOS. J E Y ITZEL 128 R I OS MONICA IS. 1 8. 60. 66. 108. 1 85, 192 R ITCHIE, BETTE M . 36 46.56,70 7 1 128. 133 R IVERA. ANAROSA 128 R IVERA. ANA YA S I 108 R IVERA. HECTOR M JR .. 39. 51. 149 R I VERA MORRI S L.. SO. 128 R I VERA NELMA I. 149 R I VERA R I CARDO A .. 64, 149 R IVERA, ROBERTO 128 ROACH JHOMAHARA L. 149 ROBERTSO MATTHEW E 128 ROB INSON, DALILA D 64. I S O ROB INSON. NONI N . 40 ISO ROB INSON. MI CHAEL R. 45. SO. ISO RODANI CHE. EVAN M . 20. 8 4 ,129 RODRI GUEZ. JAIRO R .. 60, 108 RODRIGUEZ. V I V IAN 129 RODRIGUEZMESA. I LiANA 18,22. 3, ROGERS, WILLIAM 149, ISO ROGERS. YESE IA E . 108 ROMAN. DANI EL Y 64. ISO ROMAN. ELiEZER. 108 IlA'TlOMAl \lOMOR SOCIETY ROMAN, OEMI E. ISO ROSADO, FE LI C ITA ISO ROSCOE. JILL D .. 34 I SO ROSK I EDW I N J . 108 ROSSAN, ALEXANDRA K . 61. 66.70 71, 129 ROYO. M ELISSA D EL C. 12. 56. 59. 60 66. 129 RUFFI REGINA D .. 62 RUI Z, DORIS M . ISO RU I Z M INOLKA 42, I S O RUI Z YAS IERJ. SO. ISO RUTLEDGE. TIMOTH Y C.' ISO RYAN. LAWRENC E J .. I S O RYAN. MARI A E 19. 109. 1 84. 1 92 RYAN. MARK H. 60.129 s SAKON. KE I TA 44. 56. 68, 87. 109, 192 SAL Y ROSAS EDUARDO 58.60. 67. 109 SALAZAR. RICARDO E . 36.60. 1 09 SAMANIEGO, ESKY J .. 44 ISO SAMSON. RI CHARD A . 44. 46, 58, 59, 60, 129 SANCH EZ. HECTOR N. SANCHEZ, JESSI CA 42. 6 0 .129 SANCH EZ KARA E .. 5 1 SANTA ROSA WILLIAM III SANTA ROSA TERESA 62 SANTAMARIA. YESS I C A E . 37. 109. I I 3 SANTIAGO, EDWARDO J III 60. 109 SANTIAGO, MELISSA I. 109 SANTIAGO. SOFIA 66. 150 SA 'TOS, ANTHON Y J . 36. 58. I SO SA TOS, ART JASON Q . 17. 36, 68. 1 09 SASAGAWA Y UTAKA SASSO. LISA A . 42. 60. 67. 83. 1 09 190 SCHAW. JESS I C A M 129 2 07

PAGE 224

SCHULTE, JENNIFER J 46, 56, 57. 61.63.66,67, 109. 192 SCHULZ. WILFORD E. 62, 129 SCRIBNER EMMA T 34, 151 SEALES, JASON A., 38, 39, 151 SEARS. KATHERINE T.' 6.151.1 5 4 SEDA. CATHERINE G. 113 SEGURA, LAURA, 151 S HADECK, KAREN G. 18, 151 SHAIKH, NADIA B 60. 109 SHERFEY. ALLISON V 129 SHERROD. AISHA L., 66.151 S HOEMAKER, ILLEANNA 129. 135 SCH ULMAN, LAUREN, 50. 155 S ID D IQI AFSHEEN A. 151 S IDDIQI AYESHA A. 36. 56. 60. 66. 1 3 0 S IERRA, CARLO G. 151 S I NG H HARC HA N D K. 45. 51. 89, 130 S IRIA S, RAMON S JR. 51, 1 30 SKOUSGARD I GRID M 50 S LAVEN, MI CHAEL D., 38. 51,151 SM ITH ANGELA R 62. 130 SMITH CHRISTOPHER A 1 5 1 SMITH, JAMES SMITH. RICHARD W 1 52 SNELL PAMELA, 3 1 35. 42.110 187. 190 SOLIS. DELIA M 26, 4 2. 152 SOLLAMI BECKY M 130 S PO N B E RG LEE ANN, 48 56 60 61 . 66,67,70.71.75,78. 130 S PRINGER MARGARET L. 59, 110 S P URLOC K ERNESTO A 60. 110 STA DL E R CHRISTOPHE R 110 STADL E R ELIZABETH D 62. 130 STAM ES, E RINE M 14.34.61. 154 STANCHFI ELD, RENEA C.' 1 52 STILES, CHRISTOPHE R 60. 61, 110 STIRLING. ALEXA DER, 19.36.60. 80. 87. 110, 193 STRAUB. TYSON A., 152 STRONG, DOUGLAS C. 2 20. 29, 44 5 1,60,67 SURDI. LIA NA M.' 143. 152 208 SWEENEY, JENN IFER L. II. 3 1 3 4 35.42,46. 110. 1 87. 1 90 SZYMANSKI, FREDERI C K F. III 1 6. 110. 181 T TAKAHASHI, DAI 1 56 TARTAGLIA, ADELA R 42. 1 3 0 TASSELL, MICHELE S. ,48,61 1 30 135 TAYLOR, LIN DA S. 110 T EJADA. JOSEFINA N.' 50 75, 1 30. 132. 137 TERRELL, DORIS M 48, 62, 63. 1 52 T ESTA, CA RLOS A 110 THOMAS, ENEIDA M 57. 110 THOMPSON. CHRISTINA, 31. 34, 35, 46 1 52 THOMPSON, JAC QUELINE M II 35, 1 50, 152 THOMSON. IVETTE N. 110 THRIFT, L E ANNA E 14, 35 III TI PTO N, JOH W.' 36. 152 TOKI. TA I C HI ,156 TOLEDO, LIZ D. TOPPIN, KAREN N. 63, 66, 67, 70. 7 1 130 TORRES, JORGE L., 67.152 TORRES, MARLON I. 39. 1 52 TORRES,IRIZARRY. SAMUEL, 152 TRE MBLAY HELLEN, 1 52 TUNON, JOSEPHINE, 57, II I TURKE. GUILLERMO E 56. 67, III T U TZAUER, MARY J 130 TWOHY, KARA K., 31, 34 35. III, 1 87. 1 88. 190 u U DERWOOD, QUINT P.' 3 1 50.152 UNGER, NAOMI L. 56, 59, 61, 63, 6, 130 URRETA. STEVEN, 1 52 v VALDEZ, PETE T JR. 152 VALDEZ, VENUS M 57, III VAL E C I A, JESSIE M 42, 130 VALLE, JENNIFER A., 1 52 VANDERWALL. KARL R 1 5 2 VASQUEZ, ANTHONY J 152 VAUGHN, MICHAEL J. 5 1 VEGA. ARTEMIO R 153 VEGA. J ESSE A. 31, 153 V EGA. LYNNETTE M VELASQUEZ, AUGUSTO, 63. 130 VELAZQUEZ. FRANCISCO D. VELIZ, LARRY C. III VENO. MI CHAEL E. 3 1 1 87 VENO. SASHA A 70, 71, 153 VERGARA, JAZMIN A 130 VIDINHA. M AMBER, III VILLAM IL ALEXI S S 58. 80, 88, I VILLAMIL, BRENDA M 58. 130 VOWELL, ALISON M 50, 59, 130 w WALCOTT, ANDREA, III WALCOTT, N ICHELLE, 68. 130 WALKER, SHANE C 153 WALKER, TIFFANY A 57. III WALL. ANGILEE, 60. 61, 66. 7 0, 71, 1 30 WALLACE, DASHAWN D WALLACE, DEIKA M 57. 131 WALLE R R UDOLFO A WALSH. BRENDA L. 42. 131, 132, 137

PAGE 225

T E R MARY A 59 RS JAMI E D 57, 153 D, FE RNANDOF. 1 3 1 D, ROSSAUE J 36, 57, 66, 153 ATANABE, MICHIO 3 1 39, 40 5 1 131 TANABE, NAOKI 36, 42, 4 8, 60, III ATK I NS, LEANNE M 36, 67, 90 112 190 TKINS, NATALIE E -16,34.153 B MARIA NA C. -42 153 B M E LISSA S -140, 153, 1 5 4 R HUBERT B JR. 112 DOUGLAS H 80,131 EKS, KENNETH H III 131 MELISSA M 112 IOL'_ n C LA UDETTE C. -64,112 L C H LOTTI E I. -62, 153 T Z, DAVID L. -89. 112 S HAMEEKA S 66 r,"':Tr. FRAN K 6, 44 50, 63, 1 38, l S I 153 TE, JAMES 44 80,112 LE N, HEATHE R C. EELER, STEVE W 50, 112, 1 93 ITE, ADAM J 40 153 ITE, DAiMON 64 ITT 36 131 LDE, CHARLOTTE A 42, 58, 112, 191 LDE, YVETTE M 4 8, 56 70, 71. 75, 1 31, 137 LLiAMS, HARRY L. -153 LLiAMS, REYNALDO 36, 153 I LLiAMSON, BRIAN L. -153 ILLIFORD, JOHN M 31, 44, 1 53, 1 54 ILSON, J ULIET E 44, 4 8 63,112 NFORD, MELISSA J 3 1 42, 60 67,112,190 lNG, MI C HA E L J -3 1 153,187 ITTGREE ',CARLOS 113 PATRIC K J 64 1 53 LE, MICHAEL S -36, 37, 66, 131 /VOOD" BR I A N J -COVER DES IGN, 11,39,50,66,112,181, 1 92 WOOD, SCOTT D -14, 45, 56, 60, 66, 131 y YOSHIMOTO, KOHSU K E -88,131 z ZAFRANI ARI E Z IMMERMA DANIEL 153 ZORNES, JOHN M -10,36,38,39,58, 1 1 2 Faculty ALVARADO, PATRIC I A -13,56,69. 1 60 ANDERSON. KENNETH 159 168 BACA PA U LA 68 137 BALES, MELA I E 93 1 63 BAPTISTE, SYLVIA 168 BERNASCONI, SUSAN 1 60 B I LLINGS, DEBBIE BRUER CALVI N 1 60 C HEN, RAFAEL 39, 160 CORB ETT, SYDNEY 160, 163 COWL E Y LAWRENCE -7,42,160 CPT. SANCHEZ DO NALIC I O CARLOS -168 FEN DRI CK, GENE -50,164,166 F IGUEROA, FELIX 68, 1 66 GARDILL. J ULIANNE 1 58, 160, 163 GEORGE, CECELIA 66, 160, 163 GETTYS, JOANNE -160 GIBSON, CAMILLE -158, 161 GONZALEZ LO U RD ES 161, 1 66 HAGAR, JOHN 51, 161 HANS, CAROL 1 61. 166 HANSON, JOYCE 70, 161 HI NKLE, DA A HOLLAND, ERNEST 1 59, 164 HOWEL L RA LPH -161 JAEN, JOSE 57, 1 63 JOH STON, RI CHARD -59,90, 160 161 LAMB, GRETCHEN 69, 161 LAVALLEE, JUDITH 161 LAWLOR, JANE MAGGIORI, FANNY MANC H ESTER, NA C Y 161, 1 66 MONLOUIS, W I LMA 62, 1 6 1 MORRISSEY, FRANCES OLIVER, C LEVE -36,46 OTHON, JOAN 13,59 PETE RSEN, DEANNA PIMENTEL, LASTENI A -168 PIPER, DOROTHY -161 QUINN, LAWRENCE 3 1 38, 51, 1 58, 161 ROA, LA U RA -58 SEIT Z DAVID 66 81, 1 67 SEIT Z, MAYRA 57, 66 8 1 164, 167 SEVERSON, J U DY -67, 1 62, 164 SGT. FENWI C K 1 60, 161 SGT. HEISKELL -161 SGT. PURYEAR 64, 1 67 SGT. SANCH EZ 64 167 S H AW, JOHN 1 63 167 SOSA, RITA -163, 167 SPONBERG, CAROL 167 STAHA, MARRIETTA 1 68 STEVENS, GUILLERMO 1 68 THALE, BRUCE 81, 9 1 VALLARINO, ROSITA -158 VAZ, CARLOS -163, 1 66 WALL, CHERYL -167 WAUGH, KENNETH 40, 114 1 61, 163, 1 66 WEBLY, SONIA -163, 1 68 W HITE, DOROTHY 59, 1 62 YOUNG, DAV I D 80, 160 20 9

PAGE 226

Volume 82 of the ZONIAN was printed by Jostens' Printing a nd Publishing Division a t their Visalia, California plant. The J osten's repre se ntatives were Floyd Moore and Ron Suda. The plant consultant was Gil Quesada. The trim size of the book is 9"' x 12". The book contains 224 pages. which a re Smythe Sewn. The stock is 80# 191 gloss paper, printed in black ink. The primary type face used throughout the book is Times Roman. Dave Young Dottie White Ralph H owell Heather Hanson Dave H a n so n Ernie H olland Colophon The cover i s a n original desig n by Brian Wood It i s custom sc reened, u s ing a silk-sc reened process. The book i s white with applied color s of ye llow purple. pink. and black. The en d s hect s a re fuschia. P ortrait work was provided by Calvo Studio. The candid shots were taken by student photographers, and the major ity were developed in the school's dark room. Special Thanks Senior Class Advertising Contributors Panama Can al Commission Graphics Department Richard Samson Steve Martini The 1991 ZONIAN hadarunor410 copies. These copie s sold for $35 each. An optional plastic dust cover for $1 was offered. The book cost approximately $25.000. This figure includes photo graphic expenditures. Chad Graham Quarry Heights Officers' Wives Club #2 Judy Seversen Parent s of Yearbook Staff

PAGE 227

z o n 1 a n Adv i s o r : Joyce H an so n S t a f f Editors -in-chi e f : K r i stin Braaten Starr : Ra s hell Car so n J ennifer G a lang T an ya H a i ne s Rejo y ce H a n son K a thleen Kelle y Jason Krapfl Step hani e Kuhn Jon Lavallee Scot t Lerner Michae l Madura Ann McConn ell Tiffan y Meech a m P at r ick Nol a n C over d esign: Bria n Wood Othe r artwor k : Rache l B e r g e r (p.16a) A s h l e y Gann Lisa P a l m "Working with the s t u den t s is a r e a l pleasure due to th e f act t h a t t hey are here because they c h oo s e to be. We a r e abl e to ove rcome diffi culties and h a rd ships t h a t a r e a l ways e ncounte red in produci n g a b ook of t h i s magnit ude. This wo r k i s not easy, n o r i s it accomplis hed quickl y However, the g reates t rewa rd i s seeing the fr u i t s of o u r labor when the book actually arrives." -Mrs. Joyce Han s on Advisor W e took on this responsibility wit h h ig h expect a t io ns. F r o m the moment we r ealized we would b e e dit o rs, we began p l anning. and a s ummer's trainin g a t Indian a Univer sity's J ournalis m Institut e m a d e u s m ore confid e n t a b out puttin g o ur p l a n s into actio n A s the yea r bega n we lack e d t h e o r ga n iza ti o n we had been cou n t i n g o n and f ound tha t t o b e d iscouraging. A s t im e went on, t hose w h o we r e n t ser i o u s a b o ut st i cki ng w ith u s drop p e d off o n their own a nd left you b e h ind. A s we bega n sacrificing mo r e and mor e ho urs (not to m e nti on weeke nd s) we beca m e m o r e ac q u a int e d and t hose d iscouraging h i ndr a n ces see m e d t o b e l ess seve r e tha n they h a d befor e we began to r eally work together An d after a while, we didn't min d the lat e h ours and l ong Sa turd ays so m u c h beca u se we spent them wo rkin g w i t h friends. Now yo u h ave t h e sa tisf actio n o f s e ei n g all o f your lo n g h ours and ext r a e ff o rts r olle d int o o ne d arn good boo k (So h ow d o yo u like it?) To t h e seniors on the s t a ff, con g r atulatio n s o n reachin g a t urn i n g p oi n t in your lives. T o yo u "unde r classmen". we leav e yo u w ith the key to the room and best wis h es fo r a n o ut s t a ndin g 1992 Zo nian T o all o f you. fo r your undying dedica t io n we t h a n k yo u ; fo r your s u ccess, we comm end yo u -Ashley Gann -Kris t i n Braate n Zonian Staff Statistics Numb e r or pizzas o rd e r e d : 3 7 N umber of pizzas tha t w ere orde r e d but n eve r ca me: 5 N umber of time s the ja nit o r cou l d fin d the n oo r t o swee p i t : Gre g Pie r c e Carlos Quinter o Mi s ty Renfr o C ath y Rigby Bette Ritch i e Alex R ossa n N umber or whi teout b o tt l e s th a t s pr o uted l egs and w a lked f r o m the room: 8 N umb e r o f item s tha t w e r e con s umed b y the c a r pet and r emain to be cou g h e d up : 1 3 Numbe r of tim es the s t a ff ca mer a was u se d with out film in it: 2 Number or r util e pictures t a k e n : 350 ( t oo m a ny) Number o f c a pti o n s w r itt e n b y the c a pti o n c rew": 6 4 % Numb e r o r s t ories w ritt e n b y Ca thy: 68% Lee Ann Spo nbe r g K a r e n T oppin S asha V e n o Angie Wall Y v ette W ilde R a m o n Da Pe n a Title p age: K r i s tin B i aa t e n Amount o r tr a pp e d w h i t e s p ace turn e d in: 52 p ages Amou n t o r tr a pped w hit e s p ac e th a t go t p as t the e d i t o r s : 0 N u mbe r o f stic k y t a b s" s tu c k b y A s h l e y and K r i s tin : e n o u gh t o wallpa p e r the r o om f our tim es N u mbe r o f v io l e nt a r gume nt s o ve r w h ich r adio s t atio n t o tune i n to: 1 2 N u mbe r o r nervou s br eakdowns a t de a dlin e time : 1 8 Am o unt of m o ney s p ent a t "the corne r a [(ersch oo l : $ 1 60 (eno u g h t o help O sca r s t art his own fra n chise) Numb e r o r t h ings A s h l e y hurl e d ac r oss th e r oom: 2 4 umb e r o r times Kri s t i n r o r go t t o du c k : 1 2 umber o r big word s Carlos a dd e d t o his e x t e n s ive voca bul a ry: 8 (Car l os, don t r o r g e t t o n o t e ruti le'. ) Comm on phrases In the yea rbook room: Y o u r e m ad!" Th a t's c h aotic." B o i-ey" "Shu t t h a t t h i ng'" (fridge) "M o n i t o r let u s out!" I m going to the corner; d oes anybody want a nything?" "C a ptlOn c r ew... "Greg, do something." 'V

PAGE 228

T h e r a py. S o thi s i s n t the b eac h Yet re tr ea tin g to Goeth a l s p oo l side", Jenn i fer Kr a p o h l find s th a t a t o u c h o f sun ca n t urn a nyon e's d ay a round

PAGE 229

\ So true, it is over. And how convenient for these guy s to display this for us However, the afterma th was not so cool. When all the graffitied locker s were painted during morning classes, the fashion trend involuntarily became the red look" and on our way Come m y friends 'Ti s not too late to see k A newer world For my purpose holds To sail beyond the s unset -Tennyson ./" he spirit of Balbo a High a nd f'" r the memories g a ined from the I privilege of attending thi s school are things we will always carry with u s no matter how far we m ay go. Names may fade and faces may be forgotten but there will always be the prideless memories Overcoming the various everyday trials that life threw up o n u s was a t least one thing that everyone h a d in common. We helped one another through the bad times so that we could enjoy the good As stude nts, we gained wisdom, and dis cove red w ays to overcome the academic trials th a t we faced ; as friends, we so ught to let loo se a nd relieve o ur ten sions; as objects of a challenging world we pre pared to face re a lit y and th e re s p onsibilitie s that accom pan y th e titl e of "adult Onl y now, with the year behind u s d o w e a ppr ec i a t e it; and only now c a n o ur memories of B a lb oa High b e put int o their true perspective If thi s book is useful in keeping alive th ose m emories it will h ave s u c cessfully accomplished it s purp ose. -Kri s tin Braaten Ashley Gann

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