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l rl-i








Digitized by the Internet Archive

University of

in 2010 with funding from
Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries


High School
Balboa, Republic
Of Panama


A en
n nt /
9! /o/




L ^-


OPENS 1942

:. Q 0 00P.. I * c
0 o o o .o u oe
oo o0
.. ** 000 *oo 0. *.
S 6*' o 0 ,
. ,....., ,o. .. ..... o.. ...*.*


As the summer ended, students
anxiously anticipated the coming of
the new year. Even though no one
knew what to make of our trouble-
striken country, life went on as usual.
Sophomores frantically ran to and
from class. Juniors were mocking the
Sophomores, and Seniors were zeal-
ously defending the plaque like men
But as the dust settled, it was easy
to see that this year, like all others
before it, would continue.

Kevin Steil, Paul Hurst,
and Mike Banasick are
looking out through
shaded glass.
Mr. Figueroa's class looks out from
their own angle.

Ms. Gardill's
class is looking
out. I


Friend or foe? Saber-rattling in Panama turns
sour and our administrators are forced to keep
750 U.S. refugees locked up in school. Feelings of
being trapped bring tensions within the school to
their peak, as numerous antics such as food fights
and jailbreaks spring from the turmoil. After four
hours of captivity, students are finally released
into a "safer" countryside.

irr .


Neither rain, nor sleet, nor political un-
rest could stop the annual mecca to Cris-
tobal High School for the 1989 JAMBO-
REE. At the start of the week, the students
questioned whether or not the annual
JAMBOREE would actually take place.
Due to the fact that the political situation
in Panama was so turbulent, all hopes for
a spectacular JAMBOREE were nearly
shattered. With the help of the PDF and
the military police, the students were able
to have an incredibly awesome 1989 JAM-
BOREE! The Balboa Bulldogs defeat the
Curundu Cougars in the final showdown.

Axel Antongiorgi and Tradene Smith show
their spirit before the JAMBOREE.

The fans are cheering
on their favorite teams
at the Pep Rally.

Santos Cavazos is catch-
ing some Z's before the
long trip, while his bud-
dies reminisce.

Flashing their gorgeous smiles, the JAMBOREE Princesses wave to everyone. They are as follows:
Kristine Stromberg, Devils; Lydia Garrido, Cougars; Lili Borsellino, Tigers; Leann McConaughey,
Red Machine; and Jennifer Ender, Bulldogs.

The lengthy convoy of buses finally reaches its destination, Cristobal High School.

Shannon Winters, Torrey Gragg, Alan Matheney and Craig
Meyer are venturing out of the wilderness.

Top Ten Reasons For Skip- iK
ping School.
1. Recuperate from the
night before.
2. To escape from the mon-
itors. .
3. Me? Skip school? What's
4. Peer Pressure. There's always a vendor on skip day.
5. Because there aren't
"Panama" breaks.
6. How can I go to school
on a day like this? (Every-
7. Because Kristine does!!
8. Bored! ,
9. Why not? ';
10. Just to get away!

Ordering a pizza again James?

Making plans?




Tony Portela goes high tech in the graphics cen-

Cooperative Work Experience. Everyday, two
hours a day, loyal students joyfully trudge to
their part time non-paying jobs. They learn
about punctuality and responsibility through
these once in a lifetime opportunities. These
jobs consist of everything from working in the
library to monitoring the Administration Build-
ing Xerox machine. But students don't care be-
cause of the valuable work experience they

Kimberly Cooper is working diligently in the Curundu Jr. High School
nurse's office.


Lieu Keller works with the newborns in the
infant room at Gorgas Hospital.
Ricardo Castro is displaying
signs of a professional busi-



Never has such a procession of parents
been seen before in our hallowed halls
here at B.H.S. Upon hearing of "Back to
School Night," parents flocked to B.H.S.
to see if they could separate fact from fic-
tion. Parents were seen roaming the halls,
arriving late, and even wandering into
bathrooms looking for long, lost classes.
We found out by the end of the night that
parents get lost faster than students. Al-
though the parents were interested in
what the teachers had to say, the main
attraction for them had to have been the
library, which contained about 600
doughnuts and five huge pots of coffee.
Over-all the 1989-1990 parent night here
at B.H.S. was "Most Excellent!"

The parents participate in an exper-
ience similar to the mad rush in the
cafeteria; An uncensored melee for

Yearbooks are always a hot item, and par-
ents didn't hesitate to shell out their
$32.50 for this year's best seller.

Parents flirt with the real purpose of con-
trolled education socializing.

"Let's Party!" This was the attitude of the Senior
Class of 1990 at the Senior Reception that was
held on September 16, 1989 at the Amador Offi-
cer's Club. The events that took place were danc-
ing, voting, and an unexpected Guys vs. Gals tack-
le football game. IT WAS A BLAST!

Marisol Anglada and Lelyes Reyes stop to
pose for a minute.

Natasha Barker and Santos
really here.

Cavazos wonder why they are

Louanne Pearson and Veronica Bleau stare
at what is suppose to be their lunch.

Pamela Thompson and Christopher Berrean enjoy the life of
luxury during the reception.

E ~r*


A few of the big "men" of the campus
show their enthusiasm by "Just Hang-
1I ing Out!"


When it comes to costumes, King Kong is a winner.


portrays the
well known

Axel, just
stopping to
pick up

Here's James Jackson putting on his new out-

Mr. Waugh are you that excited about Hallow-

Fond memories Mrs.

Karla Knox stops to
pose for a minute.

Senior Princess Jackie Brogie escort-
ed by a friend Javier Velez.

Senior Prince Doug Hanning escorts
Princess Tradene Smith.

The Homecoming King of the Senior Class of 1990, Jermaine
Puryear, escorts his Queen Kimberly Thompson.

Free Tickets! Come two! Come all! Bring your armored tux! This
years' homecoming dance was sparsely attended due to unusual-
ly low spirits. Even in the face of adversity, couples, anxious to
attend the first major dance of the year, dressed up, purchased
the appropriate floral arrangements, and arrived in style. After
being roughly frisked by the eagerly awaiting military police, cou-
ples were given clearance to the high security dance floor, where
aggravated twosomes danced off their numerous aggressions. At
10:30, the new bewitching hour, the festivities magically ended.
The curfew rapidly approached for the 125 couples. What A Blast!

Junior Prince Alan Matheney escorts
princess Jennifer Sweeney.

Sophomore Prince Sean Fitzgerald es-
corts princess Mayra Nieves.

Junior Prince Paul Hurst escorts prin-
cess Eileen Da Pena.

Sophomore Prince Jimmy Oakley es-
corts princess Jenny Navarro.


Early Grads Mei-Ling
Coon are bustin' out.

Lavecchia and Ryan

I thought the sun was outside?


We're all here!

Natasha Barker finally finds

her dream

Jay Jackson pondering on after graduation plans.

Friendship is great.

Ah, now this is what friendship is all about.

Balboa High Life
Life at BHS is like no other High School in the world. We have a wide variety of culture,
entertainment, and activities that we could never dream of having at a Tom, Dick, or Harry High
School. Here are a few brief snatches from A to Z of excitement that our quaint little Isthmus
has to offer: A for the autopista at 140 KM., B for beaches without medical sewage, C is for
causeway and cutting classes, D for drugs OOH! Stay away, E for enlisted soldiers for some of
us, F for fairs, hey, they're fun, G for Groucho Pub, our favorite hangout, H for hangover OUCH! I
for invasions, Gosh I'm sick of my house, J for Just Cause, or as Mrs. Alvarado would say "Just
Because", K for killer bees, be careful with those rocks, L is for Landcruisers, more stolen than
registered. M for magic, no more open bar. N for Noriega, later! O for observatory don't worry I
won't tell, P for Pacific, no waves! Q for Quayle, What's your name again?, R for race, as in
Cayucoing in a smelly little log across the Canal, S for SENIORS need I say more? T for traffic,
too much, U for Underclassmen #@!#@, V for Volkswagon older than the hills, W for WAR, is it
heck or is it ECHO? X for X marks the spot, what spot? We'll never know. Y for Yacht Club and
Yack, Z for Zonians, see ya nex year! So you see Panama isn't all that bad, so don't knock it until
you've tasted it from A to Z our style!









Cayuco Race 1989! This is an annual event in which about
thirty-five cayucos paddle fifty miles from ocean to ocean.
The event lasts three days, but the practicing starts months
before. It is a sport that takes, strength and endurance, but
also patience and time, lots of time!

The victory of the 1989 Cayuco Race
belonged to the crew of the Utmost!

~a*-., -p-,


;"' as;

Christmas is coming. The goose is
getting fat. Please stop placing bomb
scares in the class of 90's lap! Typical
of the recent situation in Panama, a ter-
rorist threat was allowed to stymic the
1989 Winter Formal. The assumption
was that it would have been too much
trouble to sweep the cafetorium before
the dance. After the first hour of festivi-
ties, the dance had a rather abrupt end-
ing. The court was crowned in front of
the main office in Corundu Junior High
School at 10:00 p.m. with a rather sub-
dued audience of about twenty-five

The Winter Formal Court of 1989 is follows Lisa Goodwin, Luis Cantu, Zenia Neeley, Che Buval, Mei-Ling Lavechia, Kristine
Stromberg. Not pictured are Steven Hovan and Javier Velez.

BIG, small, ..

Excuse me! I'm going home.


Students jamming at an Electro Disco

When is
coming by?

I go, I'm always getting into

Another one of Ms. Piper's pro-

Discussing plans for the future?

Ah, my towel please!

I !



And they said they would be right back.

Two of the most important men at B.H.S.
George Bush and Dan Quayle.

Students wonder if there is a real purpose to this
People come in all different sizes, shapes
and colors. They also come with different
attitudes, feelings and morals. This is what
makes Balboa High School so unique.
Through this layout we have tried to show
you some of the differences in our student

goodness the
trip is finally


A guide iSto howiBand what studets say.

(^InK'mbored, can I leave?) ^^^^^
4. When'is thetest?

(^^^It3hink I mTiight pln o cming downTTT
wHith yellowyever.)

5. Don't you ~ihave to teach sex educa

7. Whn' ou nex asemly

(Its 0rng I' jus puln you leg.)

9.S1 need her to help me "ith this.
(I .re0.ally3 js w3antfotlk to her about
12 ~ 0. We haeatsttdy


13. Sur I'l go ouwtyu

1 44. 1 need to gosemcuslr

15 Do wehveSr4tdy
(Myb can tak a na.)

3. You car strt by itself.
10 orwrteeybcmsyu etred
8. Phsc n 4aclsgt air hl eea
Mat inole complications.
5. Th tad bel rigs whe yo hn o'eo
tim fo class. *

-4. Th las da of scoli4h istdyo WIl

14 Ms., Lei 4os' ieotADs

2 *. The**~ Caswy a iaperd
13 Whe 4 g coe to giv a spec in Govern-
You gilrin ha he ne bofin bra up
w4t you.4 .

11 Yo fin out yo'r nee-evn aaa

15. Yo can' con rmIt- 5inasrih ie

Rele 4or "Ho AbutA4t?

1. I'v go a heada 0he.
2 I'v go tobays
3. I' no0loe og ndts
4. Sor it' 4y tur towshtedihs
5. 4 I' on 0estrction

7. I'v got a4otr' poitet
8. 1 ca' mis Dai 4 4.m
9.N thanks. .
10 Mayb nettie
40. I'v go4.-pthot



f II tl! rllIIU

The music department of our
school is managed by Mrs. Wil-
ma D. Monlouis. She conducts
the band, select chorus, mixed
chorus, and the newest addi-
tion to the music department,
music appreciation. Mrs. Mon-
louis is the woman responsible
for helping musically inclined
students express their talent in
high school. She conducts an
orchestra class after school
that is composed of students
from the college as well as the
high school.



*0 0' 0 4~
,* .. 0 'O *.' Oo o* 0
.o ~ o 0*
a* * o


The Computer Club is sponsored by a new arrival to our
school, Ms. Baca. The club is made up of eager students who
are willing to learn more about different types of computers.
The arrival of the new Apple computers that have been
brought to B.H.S. in order to test their mental capacity is just
one of the reasons why members enjoy this club so much.
And last, but not least, the computerized dating service
which was started here a few years ago is still a success!

Jason Gittens practices his typing techniques on a new Ap-

It's the new Apple II!

Belita Cargill experiments on the new computers.

The Computer Club Members are Sajid Awan, Jennifer Brewer, Jay Call, Celso
Carbonell, Sean Carson, Santos Cavazos, Eileen da Pena, Valerie Forster, Lydia
Garrido, Richard Gilmore, Katie Goodwin, Steven Hovan, Paul Hurst, Lea lzbicki,
David Kuwanoe, David Lanterman, Jon Lavallee, John Haines, Itzel Manning,
Chris Morotta, Robert Morris, Dwight McKabney, Jenny Navarro, Pat Nolan, Anqe
line Rowland, Mark Ryan, Ayesha Sidiqui, Melissa Winford, Maribel Lewis.




The Balboa High School French
Club's main purpose is to celebrate
the French culture. Over the years,
the French club has been able to
travel throughout Panama in an at-
tempt to maintain their goal. Events
such as the annual fashion show
and visiting downtown French es-
tablishments have been traditional
of this organization. This year, due
to the political situation, many of
these activities have had to be can-
celled or postponed. Although the
French club has not been as active
this year as before, they hope that
next year things will be back to nor-

E. da Pena, I.
N. Caffrey, M.
M. Nelson, J.

French club member Tisha Price is sit-
ting in amazement about their future
group plans.

Mrs. Roa the French club
sponsor is wonders why really
is going on.

The French Club members are C. Skora, A. Lewis, S. Nandwani, M. Lavecchia,
Manning, K. Schnack, L. Cooper, L. Lou, M. Quesada, L. Pearson, M. Zamora,
Rios, A. Mizarrachi, C. Carbonell, J. Leitner, F. Navarro, M. Lewis, L. Chan,
Barrowes, R. Chan, A. Geinechen, R. Cain, M. Zamora, M. Nelson


Taking pictures is a good way
to frame your talent. This year,
with the help of Mrs. White,
some 10 to 12 students of
B.H.S. have been able to let it
shine. They have joined the

students learn how to process,
develop, and make prints from
film in a workshop that is given
by Mrs. White at least twice a
Year. The students enjoy the
challenge that is put in front of
them, and they look forward to
the experience that they gain.

The Photography Club members are Loida Cooper, Fred Davis, Jason Krafel, Jon Lavallee, April Liehr, Michael
Maduro, Pat Nolan, Nick Perez.

** i ii i

Valerie Forster and Raymond Sam-
uels portray the leading roles in the
Fall play Egad the Woman in White.

The BHS Thespians are N. Woodrow, V. Forster, K.
Royo, T. Huff, C. Underwood, B. Kelly, N. Under, H.

Putnam, L. lzbicki, M.
Lumpkin, A. Royo, C.

The Drama Club members are N. Woodrow, V. Forster, L. lzbicki, M. Royo, L. Sponberg, N. Under, B. Kelly, A.
Gann, L. Thrift, H. Lumpkin, M. Tutzauer, P. Nassiff, T. Huff, A. Thomas, C. Berrean, A. Royo, C. Underwood, K.
Putnam, T. Donovant.

The sponsor of the
Spanish Club is Mr.
C. Vaz. The purpose
of this club is to ex-
pose students to the
Latin culture that
surrounds Panama.

Jenny Navarro is joking about
Spanish club business.

Eileen da Pena is thinking about new
ideas for the Spanish club.

The Spanish club members are Iliana R. Mesa, Carlos Ruiz, Alejandro Royo, Nicole Caffrey, Eileen da Pena, Monica
Rios, Melissa Bowman, Rodrigo Guardia, Ursula Castaneda, Valerie Forster, David Blevins, Ramon Inchausti, Marta
Ernest, Jennifer Galang, Sergio Davis.



The B.H.S. Student Association is made up of un-
derclassmen and Seniors. The main goals of the S.A.
are to spend money, and to make sure that the stu-
dents at B.H.S have fun. Every year at B.H.S. the S.A.
is responsible for the organization of the Horriecom-
ing activities, and they work toward establishing
pride within the student body.

I am the S.A. sponsor!

The S.A. representatives are A. Lewis, A. Thomas, K. Steil, C. Berrean, T. Huff, M. Maduro, M. Nieves, L. Sponberg, K.
Gomez, E. Wilde, S. Grecco, F. De Lima, D. Manning, A. Gann, L. Thrift, J. Navarro, S. Pedkidis, J. Purdy, G. Mendez, M.
Nelson, Y. Fishbough, S. Davis the President of the S.A.

rhe members of the National Honor Society are M. Mclntire, J. Ritchie, K. Thompson, V. Forster, M. Hoffman, J. Dickerson, C.
,edezma, L. Person, L. Chan, J. Brogie, S. Nelson, L. Goodwin, S. Nardwani, L. Cooper, J. Lively, M. Zamora, A. Ave-Lallemant, J.
ichulte, L. Izbicki, S. Cales, A. Mizarchi, C. Skora, I. Rodriguez-Mesa, C. Ruiz, J. Barrowes, L. Sollami, N. Woodrow.

To be considered for membership in the National Honor Society,
you must first have a GPA of 3.5. Your selection into the Honor Society
is based on four basic qualities. They are leadership, scholarship,
service, and character. The National Honor Society has several re-
sponsibilities. Each member must sustain the high school standards
of the society at all times and be an example, and model to their
fellow class mates. The society as a whole must also have a service
project, something to be done for the community. This year with the
help of their class sponsor, Mrs. J. Lavallee, the society was able to
provide a meal for a blind school in La Boca every month. By complet-
ing this project, the NHS not only received experience with dealing
with people, but they also gained pride in themselves for helping

The B1K members are Tradene D. Smith, Mark Ryan, Matthew Robertson, Temple Castro, Angie
Mitchell, Alix Puech, Vanessa Diaz.

President Tradene Smith and Vice Presi-
dent Matthew Robertson discuss BIK plans.

BIK the "Balboa Involvement
Klub" is a little club with a lot of
heart. The club welcomed a new
sponsor this year Ms. Schulte.
She arrived just in time for a BIK
bake-sale. The BIK members
have a main goal, which is to re-
cruit new members and to also
help other clubs in any way possi-

The BIK members are discussing plans for another bake-sale.

The Zephyrus members are Andy Thomas, Charles Thomas, Stephanie Grecco, Chris Ledezma,
Monica Rios, Bridget Kelly, Chris Berrean, Tina Donovant, Mary Tutzauer, Leane Thrift, and
Noelle Woodrow, Ann McConnell, Harry Launder, Jennifer Schulte.

Mrs. Hanson contemplates on how she is going to
finish the yearbook and Zephyrus.

The Zephyrus staff is wondering how many stories they
will have to write themselves.

It was a dark and stormy night when Zephyrus,
the Balboa high school literary magazine, ac-
cepted the task of our own, Voltaire's, Dickens',
and Foes', into a lean mean writing machine. As
the year progressed, the staff fought to meet the
challenge, facing deadlines, rotte critiques, and
sticky illustration. But even in the face of adver-
sary the magazine overwhelmed the odds and
had its best published material ever.


The purpose of the Business Club is primarily to
promote activities that will put students in contact
with on hand experiences with the business world.
The sponsor of the Business Club is Ms. D. Piper who
is also chairperson of the Business Department. Her
main goal for the club is to motivate students in
getting involved with business careers.

Louanne Pearson assists a visitor with the new Zenith

The Business Club members are N. Martinez, T. Smith, L. Chan, L. Pearson, L. Thrift, S. Nandwani, L. Cooper,
A. Lewis, V. Esposito, S. Bennett, M. Carpenter, M. Aramayo, R. Chan, P. Burke.


The members of the Biological Society are M. Hayden, L. Cooper, J. Zomes, S. Nelson, S. Nandwani, V. Forster, M. Howell,
A. Ave-Lallemant, L. Ridder, T. Haines, J. Galang, J. Lively, J. Schulte, B. Kelly, P. Nassiff, J. Brogie, L. Pearson, S. Carson,
J. Henderson, E. da Pena, K. Ledezma, L. Izbicki, M. Rios, M. Maduro, L. Pugh, L. Smith, S. Sakon, M. Brazleton, T. Huff, J.
Dickerson, M. Nelson, K. Putnam, N. Woodrow, S. Cobham, Y. Walcott, A. Cooksey, M. Bowman, L. Palm, N. Caffrey, I.
Rodriguez. J. Brewer, 1. Manning, A. Royo, M. Lavecchia, L. Goodwin, C. Skora, F. Delima, M. Hoffman, M. Zamora.






The Biological Honor Society is
the club to join if you like going on
trips and learning about the plant
and animal life in Panama. This
club sponsors many trips to places
such as Barro Colorado Island,
Summit Gardens and even Gorgas
Hospital. The club welcomed two
new sponsors this year, Mr. and
Mrs. Seitz who both work in the sci-
ence department.

Whose organs are these?


SADD sponsor Mrs. Othon is discussing future plans with
member Arlene Weeks.

The purpose of the SADD pro-
gram is to organize students to
-- combat one of the major killers
of their age group-death due to
drinking and driving. The SADD
chapter of B.H.S. has been in ex-
Istence since 1988, but it be-
came fully activated this year.
SADD is a proven lifesaving pro-
r gram because it is student moti-
vated. Students believe in the
concept of not drinking and driv-
ing. this is the message they
S bring to their fellow teens. The
program promotes positive peer-

The SADD members are Eileen da Pena, Arlene Weeks, Angie Snyder, Jennifer Galang, Stephanie Grecco,
Eugene Monaghan, Jean Purdy, Katie Goodwin, and not pictured are Marisol Zamora, Tradene Smith


Close-Up is a
week long
program that
allows a selected
group of students
to experience the
United States
Govt. in action.
Throughout the
school year, the
money that the
students raise by
fund raising and
donations is used
in order to pay for
this long and
meaningful trip to
Washington D.C.

rhe Close-Up members are Juan Barrowes, Melissa Bowman, James Dickerson, Valerie
'orster, Paul Hurst, Bridget Kelly, Susan Nelson, Andy Thomas, and Kim Thompson.

:lose-Up sponsor Mrs. Sosa is getting pre-
ared for the long trip to Washington.

Lisa Goodwin is helping Close-Up member Susan Nelson sell T-shirts in
order to make money for the trip.


P : .i




The dedication, hard work, and love for writing have really paid off for Mr. Hager's 4th period Journalism
class. This is the class that we have all come to know as the Parakeet staff. The newspaper comes out 3
times a year and covers eler)thing from Just Cause' to who s directing the latest play. Although the
Journalism class is responsible for most of the work, other pupils contribute their time and articles, and
S they also deserve credit as well.
The members of the Parakeet staff are N. Barker, S. Bennett, R. Boyle, A. Baumgardner, A. Buval, S.
Cales, L. Cantu, J. Carbonell, B. Cargill. B. Coffey, K. Cooper, B. Garcia, J. Gittens, H. Gonzalez, K.
Kelly, E. King, V. Mediano. E. Moore B. Pollard, M. Rodriguez, J. Valencia, E. Washburn.

L The members of the Lettermen club are L. Izbicki, B. Kelly. A. Gann, C.
Skora, S. Jicha, J. Navarro, C. Quintero, L. Thrift, K. Goodwin.
T Besides being ready to sell lettermen jackets, and sweaters, the B.H.S. Lettermen club is the
"real jock" hangout! The Lettermen club was indeed successful again this year.

E . .

U -

When's the next activity?
Where's it going to be at?
What's our class sponsoring
now? From time to time
you've probably heard these
various questions being
asked. But do you really
know the faces behind the
scenes? They're the class
sponsors, and they're here to
make sure your high school
days are the ones that you
will surely want to remember
for the rest of your lives.

Mrs. Sosa and Ms. Manchester are the
Senior class sponsors.

Mr. Chen is the man behind the Sopho-
more scene.

Mrs. Alvarado and Mr. Young are the two peo-
ple in charge of the Junior scene.

James Dickerson the battalion commander of the
JROTC program honors a fellow cadet.

"Drop and give me 50 push-ups!"
"Now dirtbag!"
There is nothing like the re-
spect of a man in uniform. Not
only do they have a field a pleth-
ora of overly accurate names like
Ranger Rick, G.I. Joe, but they
must handle the rigors of becom-
ing a junior officer. JROTC "We
salute you." thank you for your

The company commander of Alpha company is Karla
Knox and the Cadets are L. Oakley, T. Denley, J. Jack-
son, E. Gordon, R. George, L. Veliz, B. Sollami, R. Green,
Y. Cassell, S. Lord, C. Cardenas, J. Joesph, D. Fisher, F.
Jordan, M. Nelson, P. Penalver, D. Wallace, C. Welch, P.

The company commander of Bravo company is John
Caton and the Cadets are J. Benjamin, A. Everett, E.
Washburn, A. Antongiorgi, D. Lyons, C. Carbonell, C.
White, I. Thomson, J. Clark, V. Layne, R. Martinez, M.
Nieves, A. Hernandez, Y. Santamaria, K. Lee, D. Brown,
C. Johnson.


The ceremonial Color Guard of BHS stand
at attention during one of our many school
activities. The members of the Color Guard
are C/PFC A. Hernandez, C/PFC R. Green,
C/PFC A. Bowler, C/PFC Celso Carbonell,
C/SSG Francisco Velasquez.

C/MSG Manuel Love is showing his fellow cadets
how to do a real push-up.

The members of Charlie Company are D. Manning, R.
Latrell, G. Espinosa, M. Bustamonte, L. Clark, E.
Merriweather, K. Arce, J. Cain, N. D'Angelo, W. Nevin, O.
Galang, J. Zomes, 1. Manning, S. Fitzgerald, A. Charris,
A. Everitt, I. Shoemaker, L. Sollami, S. Conway, and
Melida Caton.

The members of Delta Company are H. Launder, M.
Weinrich, Herrera, Bodkin, G. Garrido, Alvarado, A.
Bowler, O. Morales, M. Roberts, D. Willis, Nissenbaum,
D. Codrington, J. Rios, G. Floria, C. Lopez, Vergara, J.
Catro, C. Bennett, Brown, F. Davis, D. Johnston, R.
Dhaliwal, C. Pearson, F. Williams, M. Love, J. Oakley,
and J. McCormack.


The BHS rifle team is commanded
by C/2nd Lt. Jeffrey Zomes and C/
SFC Tony Portella. Other members
include Nick D'Anello, Shawn Fitz-
gerald, Jimmy McCormack, Ed-
gardo Chong, Moises Cohen, Jose
Castro, Larry Veliz, Celso Carbon-
ell, Paul Lenmark, Ronald Green,
David Fisher, Deika Wallace.


The BHS bushmasters are com-
manded by C/2nd Lt. Karla Knox
and C/SGM Juan Borras. Other
members include Luis Oakley, Jus-
tina Jackson, Francisco Velasquez,
and Joseph Clark.

The BHS drill team is commanded
by C/CO.L. Sollami and C/XO S.
Carson. Other members include D.
Wallace, B. Sollami, I. Manning, O.
Galang, G. Garrido, C. Cardenas, E.
Merriweather, J. McCormack, S.

-f~ K- r :-- ,.*'-- .. .. <1 .'. **" +," ^ !* 9 '
f '. *'V ; -. ... .... :. -*-,*' **-.-* .*.i ^ .
.... ... -
/,' .~ ~ ~ -" 1* & : "o.'.~E ,

The BHS JROTC Staff consists of
Roy Pinzon, Sean Carson, Diana
Merriweather, James Dickerson,
James Ritchie, Carlos Nieves, Mi-
chael Snider, Juan Borras,
Louanne Pearson, and Yvanronex

C/1Lt. Sean Carson is giving C/SGT
Fred a counseling statement.

The men that are in charge of mak-
ing the BHS JROTC program go are
SFC Puryear, SOT. Sanchez, and
SGT. Fendwick.



Kara and Wilma take time out to pose for
a quick shot.

back row-Josh Russell, Chris Skora, Jay Call, Craig Meyer,
David Wertz, middle row-Earl Dame, Canute Underwood,
Brandy Pollard, Tradene Smith, Kara Ewan. front row-Kris-

Slick Nikk and Earl with his funky curl.

Shine those pearly whites!

This years yearbook staff got off to a slow start, but with the hard
work, time and dedication o all the students and Ms. Hanson, it has
turned out great. When you look through this book we hope you
remember the good times, the bad, the defeats, and loses but most of
all remember your friends. When flipping through these pages you
will notice it's truly "A Different Angle."

I M~





do~o o "e 0 *.oO* o* -o*
.:. o ,*0 * *

:.... *. ,. .. .. ..... ... . ...



Mr. and Miss BHS is one of the most important
categories and is the students' favorite. The students
chosen this year are Torrey Gragg and Tradene
Smith. "I'm glad to be acknowledged by my peers,"
says Torrey; and Tradene replied "I feel that I'm an
inspiration to my class"

Representing the Best Dressed category are Fernando
Quesada and Christine Yanes. "It makes me feel like I
have to get up every morning and worry about how I'm
going to dress," says Christina. On the other hand, Fer-
nando says, "I don't dress to impress people so it was a
big honor; it was embarrassing, but I was very surprised."

The two you always see chatting in the hall are Stella
Petkidis and Che Buval; they were selected as being
the friendliest students in BHS. "To be honest I was
shocked when I found out that I got Most Friendliest.
I am really happy that people thought of me," says
Stella. "I feel honored that I got chosen," says Che.

Who could be the funniest in class to you? This year's
Class Clowns are Brandy Coffey and Yvonne Fish-
bough. Brandy exclaimed, "It made me so happy, I
got tromms!" And then Yvonne replied, "I laughed
because I thought it was a joke!"

r ;Even though they are not a cou-
ple, Doug Haning and Kristina
Stromberg were picked as Best
Looking. When asked how he
felt, Doug replied, "I feel like I
didn't deserve it, but I was
shocked when I got nominated.
I though it was a mistake when I
a won!"

They are not class clowns but
just a wild and crazy pair. Most
Outrageous are Marisol Ang-
lada and Jermaine Puryear.
Marisol exclaimed, "I'm happy
that my fellow peers find me
outrageous because personal-
ly, that's how I feel!" Mean-
while, Jermaine said, "I think
it's kind of outrageous that I got

. '%" : .

ard Sollami and Susan Nelson
as the Most Intellectual of B1S.
Leonard remarked, "At first I
wqs awestruck, and then reality
set in. Boy, did I feel good. It
was an honor."

Most Dependable this year are Tim
Huff and Paulette Nassiff. Tim says,
"Hooahl I'm glad to be recognized for
people trusting in me." And Paulette
says, "I experienced a great feeling
when I found out I had been elected.
It's good to know my classmates feel
they can depend on me. Thanks!"

The students elected for being best in
sports are Ryan Coon and Ana Cook-
sey. Most Athletic, Ryan says, "I'm
honored. There are so many other
qualified guys; it could have been any
of them. Now I'm more conscious of
the example I'm setting." Ana says, "I
feel honored by my classmates, and I
thank them for it."

The students showing the most spirit are
Lisa Goodwin and Sergio Davis. Lisa re-
plied, "I feld proud to be recognized for
the hard work I do for our class."

SThe students who received the title
of Most Likely to Succeed were rec-
ognized for their hard work. Mei-
Ling Lavecchia and Juan Barro%.es
were selected this year. "Knowing
that my class has high hopes in me
and my ability, it has given me the
incentive to try my best to succeed
in my future endeavors," says Mei-
Ling. And Juan replied, "It's good
to know that my peers think highly
of me."

Wouldn't you like to be voted for
having the most talent by your
classmates? Most Talented this
year is Margot Howell and Robert
Smith. Margot exclaimed, "It was a
shock to me when I heard my name
announced, but I'm glad people 4
thought of me." Also, Robert says,
"I was excited! I'm happy that stu-
dents think of me as Most Talent-



"My main job as Senior Class President has been to pull the Senior
class together in spirit and in its activities. So far, I think we have had
a great year and shown that the class of 1990 is the best!" Lisa

"My personal accomplishments have been finishing the year, being
Vice President, helping our President Lisa Goodwin, and making sure I
was always a helping hand. My social accomplishments are what I am
thankful for. I got to meet a lot of people (Seniors) I never knew and
those that I already knew became great friends. And these friendships
are always remembered through the years." Pallas Burke

"As I look back at my senior year as Secretary, I remember the
great times I've spent with all my friends, and I always think back to
the fun moments spent at the Senior Receptionist and the Christmas
Formal. These are memories I'll never forget. I wish you all the best of
luck. God bless." Nichole Stames

...-', I'I

Aguilar, Nedelka
Alanis Jr., Arturo
Alonzo, Michelle

Alvarado, Teofilo
Anglada, Marisol
Awan, Sajid A.

Barker, Natasha
Barnes, Kevin M.
Barrowes, Juan A.

Bennett, Shahira
Christopher P.
Bleau, Veronica A.

Boldt, Heather M.
Borras, Juan E.
Brazelton, Michael

Breebaart, Sophie
Brogie, Jackie D.
Angela G.

Burke, Pallas L.
Buval, Che
Cantu, Luis K.

Carbonell, Jose
Cargill, Bersilia
Carpenter, Marilyn

Carson, Sean E.
Castro, Ricardo D.
Caton Jr., John N.

Cavazos III,
Chan, Lynn
Chandler, Julissa

Chavoya III,
Cobham, Sharon
Dorinda E.

Coffey, Brandyl G.
Analioska J.
Coon, Ryan B.

Cooper, Kimberly
Cooper, Loida M.
Cordoba, Marcos

Dame, Earl J.
Dauzat, Jessie J.
Davis, Sergio

Davis, Shannon
De La Guardia,
De La Guardia,

De Luca, Karla
Delima, Frank J.
Dickerson II,
James A.

Disla, Yvanronex
Dixon, Gilberto G.
Donnelly, Robert

Donovant, Tina M.
Douglas, Bradley
Dunn, Katrina D.

Elley, Jennifer A.
Ellis, Colleen M.
Ender, Jennifer L.

Escalera, Kathy
Falcon, Ashley
Yvonne M.



Flowers, Tijuana
Forster, Valerie
Fox, Kristine L.

Gann, Mason W.
Garcia, Angela M.
Garrido, Laura E.

George II, Willie
Gilmore, Richard
Gittens, Jason

Gonzalez, Ricardo
Goodwin, Lisa E.
Gragg, Torrey M.

Haeusser, Valerie
Haines III, John L.
Haning, Douglas

Harper, William S.
Harvey, Michelle

Herrera, Lisandro
Higley, Leticia C.
Hoffman, Michael

Hovan, Steven M.
Howell, Margot A.
Huff, Elizabeth B.

Huff, Timothy C.
Jermaine J.
Jones, Enrique

Keller, Lieu A.
Kemp, David A.
Kirby, Karen T.

Knox, Karla I.
Krapfl, Shirley E.
La Caze, Michael

Lamer, Joseph
Lavecchia, Mei-
Ling M.
Leckey, Kimberly

Lewis, Alicia I.
Little, Courtlend

Love, Manual
Mangum, Laurie

Christopher J.
Mclntire, Mark D.

McManigal, Morris
McNeill, Erika
Mediano, Vicki

Diane Carmen
Meyer, Craig S.
Mizrachi, Alberto

Monson, Teresa
Moore, Elaine N.
Nakasu, Takahiro

Sharmila U.
Nassiff, Paulette
Naum, James M.

Deydamia M.
Neely, Zenia
Nelson, Susan

Nesbitt, Carl
Neto, Mercedes
Nieves, Carlos

Oakley Jr., Luis
Ortiz, Carmen
Pearson, Louanne

Perez, Nicholas A.
Petkidis, Stella M.
Phosa, Suwit

Pollard, Brandy
Portela, Antonio
Powell, Judith D.

Pugh, Laura L.
Puryear, Jermaine
Putnam, Kim T.

Reyes, Lelys E.
Ridao, John P.

Riley, James S.
Ritchie V, James
Ritchie, Julia S.

Rocha, Renee R.
Royo, Alejandro
Ruddock, Andria

Ruiz, Carlos C.
Ruiz, Kira
Russell, Joshua

Sakon, Saku
Samuels, Marelisa
Sasso, Bryan A.

Schulz, Stanley E.
Scott, Marcia F.
Serrano, Deneiria

Smith, Lisa D.
Smith, Roberto A.
Smith, Tradene D.

At. .1

Snyder, Angela M.
Sollami, Lenard
Spencer, Shanna

Stahlman, Jill M.
Stames, Nichole
Steil, Kevin J.

Kristine N.
Thomas, Andrew
Thomas, Charles

Wayne A.
Kimberly M.
Pamela N.

Tremblay, Martin
Tsugane, Eriko
Tweed, Scott A.

Canute C.
Kenneth L.
Urriola, Juan R.

Velasco, Kerry
Velez, Javier O.

Vinson III, Freddie
Vowell, Amy E.
Walcott, Yolette L.

Waldron, Julian J.
Warner, Vannette
Washburn, Elsa

Weade, Jason M.
Weeks, Arleen B.
Williams, John G.

Williams Jr.,
Femando A.
Winters, Shannon
Womble, Bryan K.

Woodrow, Noelle
Yanes, Christina
Zaldivar, Sarah M.

Zamora, Marisol
Zomes, Jeffrey


Castaneda, Ursula
Paradiso, Jerrod L.
Price, Tisha


Adams, Jr., Arturo
Allen, Delayca
Anderson, Michelle
Baker, Roger L.
Be Dore, Eddie A.
Brown, Bredio
Browne, Erika Lynn
Cantu, Dennis A.
Daniel, David A.
Diaz, John R.
Fleming, Mark S.
Garcia, Belisario A.
Gonzalez H., Ricardo O.
Groom Jr., Lawrence K.
Heeres, James R.

Johnson, Carol Lee
Johnson, Stephen R.
Keller, James J.
King, Erika C.
Lanterman, David J.
Launder II, Harry S.
Mirrop, Michael
Ng, Roberto A.
Peck, David B.
Rios, Ismael
Roger, Lizzette
Roman, Ruth
Serrano, Deneiria L.
Sierra, Ricardo

Loida Cooper, Sharmila Nandwani, and Alicia
Lewis share a quiet moment and discuss future

"Isn't there any more food?" questioned Tradene.

Feeling guilty, Shannon?

Steven Hovan Such a
sweet, innocent boy!

Kevin "Lips" Steils

Kristine Stromberg and Shannon Davis with neverending smiles.


1. Colleen Ellis
2. Tradene Smith
3. Brandy Pollard,
4. Marisol Anglada
5. Brandy Huff
6. Angela Snyder
7. Takahiro Nakasu
8. Sean Carson
9. Andria Ruddock
10. Nichole Stames
11. Lisa Smith
12. Leanne Pugh
13. Stella Petkidis
14. Amy Vowell

15. Natasha Barker
16. Kristine Fox
17. Shanna Spencer
18. Judith Powell
19. Laurie Mangum
20. Tina Donovant
21. Yolette Walcott
22. Noelle Woodrow
23. Margot Howell
24. Craig Meyer
25. Kim Putnam
26. Shirley Krapfl
27. Canute Underwood
28. James Ritchie

0 4

r 1

Now we are playing with the boys!

What are you looking at, Jennifer?

k 7e
fc, *-'-'

Bored Brandy!

Seniors vote "yay" for graduation.

WC,,l K

Angle, Karen and Peaches: the threesome at the Senior Re-

-L& N 'tA)C c i A k
L(DJA po, -AN-&;-ct cT5
irg,,weF P Ter^it
ly vojer e +cjr~~l
ALL rz'4i~s" rZ


\K- ^^^^^ ^ d-^
^g6;y^ LO

ft4Xj( ii^

^ i~ ~~~~~' cc' , s'Mc^S~x / ?~?,t
^To~y^-^._ 0^ t ^^^ ^^v-,

7 /v ^"^ I )/ / Cr IV -2.
*^A rt <\
7-s6T b pw

\J\% Zu99O J~ I-

sI ---l,:Ao _/ ^ o r -
'-~3c{ "-'Il y 'O'K~CS

AI VAL M,, L u
L"^? /,f W^W^ I i- , taooaecnancS k /
G ke er) vir sti

r-o .' rf o<+ae + b^ :

cg0O (,&r CQaDJ A % 1

li Q-1
) "i Y\ ,

_ -f _- .,-H S

;'/ '7 N 6/ ^ ^ '^
rN <) S'i
1^59P" ..,D
Daq~dY nI

'fb iS`C~], I-)c


1. Curiosity didn't kill the cat; my car did.
2. God created man, then he rested. God created wom-
an and no one has rested since.
3. If you can read this, thank a teacher.
4. Smuggling. It's more than a job. It's an adventure.
5. Join the army, travel to exotic distant lands, meet
new people and kill them.
6. If you love something set it free. If it doesn't come
back, hunt it down and kill it. l. -
7. When the going gets tough, the tough buy an Uzi.
8. Bombs for peace.
9. If they can send one man to the moon, why can't they "'
send them all?

What Graduation means for me?
1. Going away to face the real world, then coming back
at Christmas to face my fantasy. Brandy Huff
2. A new beginning. I could use it! Andria Ruddock
3. It means it's time to throw away the teether. Earl
4. It means the end to good times and the beginning of
more good times. Canute Underwood
5. Leaving a delinquents paradise to a life of responsi-
bility. Andy Thomas
6. It means leaving Panama and moving on to bigger
and better things. Tradene Smith
7. End of a good life. Craig Meyer
8. It means there is a God! Brandy Pollard
9. Leaving the Canal Zone What a bad thought.
Kristine Fox

O* *o@ 0 o ; 0 'd c
:. 0 o 00 o 0oo' o *o
. o 00 *o 0 a 0..o:o
:.* 0 0 0 .* o* o *o
0 00 0 0 0 0 0 4-- ~h
900 0 0- ' '.;;...

: ..... IX

S. 4
":'* '.U-'- "''t ".,:
,,, .f,^ .... *^, ,.
-. . ... ... ,*. *- ,,, f .. a.

','. t .' '." : -" ', : ...,' *, -.

AID 0 7 '; -0?d id

Thejuniors show their class spirit
by displaying banners through-
out the school.

Anderson, Sherri R.
Antongiorgi, Axel F.

Aramayo, Marjorie.
TBerry, Micheresa T.


Balyeat, Catherine .

Blevins, David E.
Bowman, Melissa M.


r 40b

Boyd, Deborah M.
Boyle, Rosemary
Braaten, Kristin
Brayton, Kristy

1431 *-

Brewer, Jennifer D.
Brown, Luis Carlos
Burs, Angela M.

Buval, Anick
Caffrey, Nicole M.
Cales, Sara M.
Call, Jay D.

Campbell, Antonio
Carr, Edilma M.
Carson, Rashell L.
Carter, James A.

dir.- 7



VD 0S0

:t i

to aa N ~*..
% Ye.

Castro, Jose D.
Caton, Melida Y.
Cerrud, Carmen
Chan, Roberto

r i.

f Y.\ [j

Charris, Agustin B.
Chauvin, Fred P.
Chauvin, Yvette J.
Chen, Chun-Ming

Cochran, Bradley
Colteryahn, Keylah
Cooksey, Gilbert L.
Cordero, Freddie

S. I

r. , is

Tz ^Tr

. J"



Da Pena, Eileen
Davis, Reggie
Denham, Jeanie
Diaz, Adriano E.

Diaz, Wilma L.
Dixon, Fernando F.
Dunn, Abdul Y.
Ellis, Luis B.
Ernest, Marta E.
Espinosa, Gilberto
Esposito, Vanessa
Euson, Federico Jr.

Everitt, Aidan M.
Ewan, Jennifer A.
Fabrega, Rafael E.
Finn IV, Albert F.




E-- Off



In 1835 at the West
Point US Military Acad-
emy, the idea of using
class rings was put to Z
use. Since then, the '-
popularity of these
rings has rapidly in-
creased. Juniors and
Seniors all over the
world proudly wear
their class rings as a
symbol of graduation
and moving towards
new heights.

Fitzgibbons, Tina
Flumach, Pamela
Ford, Julee C.
Fox, Darren B.

Galang, Jennifer P.
Gann, Ashley L.
Garrido, Lydia D.
Gayle, Vielka G.

George, Rafael M.
Gordon, Eleonor F.
Groom, Richard K.
Haines, Tanya L.




Haning, John H.
Harper, Robert G.
Harrington, Kathryn
Hattabough, Gladys

Hayden, Michelle J.
Helin, Stephanie M.
Henderson, Philip
Herrera, Edwin R.

Holland, Eric
Howe, Scott J.
Huc, Yaira Del C.
Hurst, Heather A.

O0 1

Hurst, Paul W.
Inchausti, Carlos R.
Islas, Cassandra
Islas, Zandra

li!! -'K .- :-.
* : / ...'.

r '


- cl -I-11 I~c~i~

Izbicki, Aaron A.
Izbicki, Lea N.
Jackson, James Ill
Jackson, Justina C.

James, Nancy N.
Jicha, Shemayne F.
Johnston, Chastity

Keiser, Nicole E.
Kelley, Kathleen A.
Kelly, Bridget B.

Kinugasa, Gengo
Kirkland, William
Kluza, Christopher
Krapfl, Jason 1.



Our class sponser Mrs. Alvarado.

Kuwanoe, David M.
Kyle, Paul T.
Lang, Theodore
Lawrence, Lionel A.

Layne, Vanessa M.
Levy, Ivan L.
Lipke, Aaron
Lively, Jennifer

Locke, Diane
Lumpkin, Heather

Maattala, Jill
Maduro, Michael J.

.- -


TA-DAH! It's Axel Antongiorgi!

Jeff and James Naum showing their "BROTHER-

EE "




10-iManning, Itzel Y.
Martinez, Nayat A.

"Git-it-girls": Wilma Diaz, yaira Huc,
Caey and Zandra Islas pose for a pic.

Don't get too excited about being in school, r Matheney, Alan G.
Eugene! .- Matthews, Ann F.

McConnell, Ann M.
Margaret Ann
McCormack Jr.,
Jimmie L.
McGuinness, Scott

Mecham, Tiffany R.
Mena, Wanda S.
Mendez, Gabriel E.
Meyers, F.


efA *


Mokillo, Roderick
Monaghan, Eugene

The bell rings and Stephanie Helin is off to cele-
brate her 17th birthday.

Morales, Martin O.
Moreno, Jessica

--a y

Morris III, Robert E.
Nelson, Mary E.
Nevin, William H.
Nieves, Roberto C.

Micheal Q.
Nolan, Patrick L.
Oliver, Christy L.
Olton Jr., Ronaldo
4 fr

Jay Call and Tiffany Mecham are happy just to
spend a little time together at lunch.

I: -






Palm. Elizabeth A.
Pearson, Craig V.
Pedersen, Peter
Perez, Iriana C.

Perry, Sherri K.
Pinzon, Roy G.
Reboiro, Richard L.
Reyes, Javier A.
Ridder, Elizabeth R.
Riggs, Chris


.ydia and Shemi may be on opposite teams, but
aff the football field, they're the best of friends.

Rios, Monica
Roberts, Renae

A true Kodak moment.


F r

.--' B '17-- f

Rodriguez, Jario R.
Rodriguez, Myrna
Roque, Matthew B.

Rowland, Angeline
Sakon, Keita
Salazar, Ricardo E.
Sanchez, Hector N.
Santamaria, Yessica
Santiago, Eduardo
Santos, Art Jason Q.

Sasso, Lisa A.
Schulte, Jennifer J.
Scott, David A.
Sevon, Mark A.


j *q

MII- : _

:I: ~.::

rq~~ I



-- Aft%

lrd _R

II f' ;,

Shaikh, Nadia B.
Skora, Christopher
Snell, Pamela
Snider, Michael Lee




lo w.

Soler, Alice J.
Soto, Rudy R.
Stirling, Alexander

Sweeney, Jennifer

Szymanski 111,
Frederick F.
Taylor, Linda S.
Testa, Carlos A.

" F.


Thomson, Ivette N.
Thrift, Leanne E.
Torres, Daniel
Trapp, Bethany R.

Y;;F ~~

N -.

Twohy, Kara K.
Veliz, Larry C.
Ventura, Clark G.
Vidinha, Amber M.

Villamil, Alexis S.
Villarreal, Gisela I.
Walcott, Andrea
Walker, Kimberly A.


Watanabe, Naoki
Watkins, Lianne M.
Webster Jr., Hubert
Weeks, Melissa M.


'"? ~ k-

0111-. I I I



AI Weinrich, Michael
1 Welsh, Nathaniel
Westgate, James
I Wheeler, Steven W.

White, Anita M.
White, Christopher
S" Wilde, Charlotte A.
K Willis, Duane L.

Wilson, Juliet E.
SWinford, Melissa J.
Wood, Brian J.
SYoungs, Lamar R.


Bowler, Angel L.
Brennison, Lewis
Brooks, Leonardo A.
Casperson, Julie
Cerrud, Michelle
Crusoe, Ryan R.
Estripeaut, Michelle M.
Griffin, Melina L.
Guerrero, Dea M.
Guillen Ortiz, Waldo E.
Kraphl, Jennifer L.

Maattala, Denise R.
Merriweather, Elisa
Morgan, Roy C.
Naum, Jeff D.
Rivera, Ana Rosa
Rivera, Anayansi
Roman, Eliezer
Sierra, Ricardo A.
Waller, Rodulfo A.
Welch, Claudette C.
Wertz, David

pary s pot H ti
soppe clss of* 9 f h

d 0. 0 0 raa w

AndS 0nly thoe wh
imoo fo some "sun and surf', thr
^ is always the CausewaythePlatform .
the Bridge, or the beach.
*BE I^^7W 0 5^
0060^^^^^^0 0 -

*^AIS 6^ 0

, ",
,,>*. *

SS----- ----
BBH IB ^- ^^ *" r i^'*' ''^ -- ..^* '*

i^ ^ _ ____

// ./


I ^