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Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2010 with funding from University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries http://www.archive.org/details/zonian 1986balb


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ruble 01 Coltteltts 1. lntrudlldiem 2. Paradise 18. ricket ru Stlldent -Ci/e 32. Admissiun ru 111n 54. Atltletics 90. Ke!l ru :Discipline 100. ricket ru SlIccess 130. On rite Starbuard Side 148. On rite /(igltt rrack 166. VUllr rUllr vllides 176. 8ngineering Balbua Spirit 184. Pampltlets 196. Advertisements 1 7


-&l :t-PREVIW T1 8HS N /(Er If l') Uf(. LIrE PER S'l/biNr elf


2 0 i:ets go rite flamboree /(oute Above: Desa Corridor; and Mary Beth Bowerman enthusiastically board the bus on route to the jamboree. Top Right The 1985 Jamboree Queens were Kar e n Stromberg. (or Red Machinel Melinda Grimison. (or Bulldogs, Kim Lauderbaugh. for Green Devils ; and Kim Ball (or the Cougars BOllom Right faculty can have fun at the jamboree. too -_.-


Above, The 1985 jamboree c hampions were the Curundu Cougars. Below : The jamboree festivities begin with a lively parade by the cheerleaders. 2 1


I KClllactors 111 }lOJl1 CCOJl1 illg .[.HIOL 86 I ( Top ) Th e Senior and underclassm e n powder-puff c h eerleaders enthusiastically entertained the crowd. (Above) Th e powder-puff court consisted of Sophomore king and quee n : Katrina Winberg and C hris Livingston; Junior kin g and queen: S tacy Collins and Nando Graham; Senior king and queen: Marina Zamora and Ron Lytle. ( Left) One of the floals tha t wa s judged (or the parade. First p lace went to the Sophomores. second t o the Seniors. and third t o the Junior s


( Top ) The Homecoming Court consisted of the Junior princesses: Anne Houser. Stacy Collins and Suzanne Rowe. Senior princesses were Melinda Grimison. Kim Morgan. Queen Kar e n Stromberg. and Nancy Escala (Above) Rita Lipta; runs for one of the many touchdowns the Seniors managed to score against the unde rclassmen in the rough and tumble powder*puf( game. 23



( Top ) Ron Lytle gets his face smothered with ice cream ;n the ice cream eating contest. ( Right ) Senior powder*puff cheerleaders set an example for y ears to follow (Above) Underclass men powder-puff team: First rowR Argallow Y Nieves. S Benninghoff. Y Williams Second row* A Knowles T Hackler L. Merrill S Shea. M Rodriguez. M Minnick. Third rowS Collins. S Sanders S Thomas. H Williams K Hoagland. Coaches D Carrol P Hamm. 25


?:icke! ?:o Salem "ClfC erllriblc's enst Belly Parris ........ .............. Gini Malave Reverend Samuel Parris .... ... . !lobert Coker Tltuba ... ,. .. .... ..... Tania Myers AbllJaii Williams ...... ....... Wendy Hassan Susanna Wallcoll . . . ... .. Michelle Wileczek Ann Putnam ..... .... Mary Beth Bowerman Thomas Putnam . . . ... .... Neil Goldfarb Mercy Lewis .. ,... ............. T ami Baudin Mary Warren ... ...... ....... Heather Pylant joltn Procter ....... .. Johann Brockhausen Rebecca Nurse ............. .. Audrey Alves Giles Corey ,., .... . . ... .. Sam Steele Reverend John Hal e .. .. . .. .. Ted Melcher Eliz abeth Procter. . . ... Ivette De La Reza Fran c I s Nurse ..... ............... Deron Lovaas Ezekiel Cheever .... . . . . Kurt Brockhausen John Willard ................... Robbie Sanders Martha Corey ..... ........... . .. L ;sa Hall Judge Hathorne ............. Nunzy Bellofarto Deputy Governor Danforth ... . John KeisllnlJ Sarah Good .... . .. ... NatalIa Lopez HopkinS . . . . . .. . Andy Apold 2 6 I Top Left: Crucible cast and crew behind the sce nes Top Right: John Procter (Johann Brockhause n ) receives bad news from the court official. Bottom Left: Abigail and h e r friends are sporting in the court room scene. Above: Ivette De La Reza and Ted Melcher putting o n makeup back stage. 2 7


ehristmas ricket lor Saitta Top Cen ter: Th e members of the court and their escorts have th e h o nor of dancing the first so n g Above: The Christmas Formal a t tracted quite a crowd. 2 8 29 Above: The Christmas Formal Court is Ivette De La R eza and G reg Cow ies l Karen Stromberg and S teve Mallia Melinda G r i miso n and Mike Woern e r Kim Morgan and Buddy Sims, Ca r o l y n Dragselh and Moises Mamiye. Left: Th e crowd anxious I y awaits the crowning of the queen


Panama's ricket r" Partll EI Carnival ;s a traditional festival honoring el !ley Morna. King of Carnival fiesta Carnival is celebrated in with parties. parddes. and games throughout Panama. Our Carnival I S celebrated in Bal boa under the sponsorship of rhe Spanis h Club This year's party wa s held at C urundu Cafelor;um on Feb I This year MiJria Ramire z was selected Queen. Anyone who attended was bound to have a wonderful t i m e with all the l aughter and Merriment which characterizes EI Carniva l Que viva EI Carnival! (Above) The Carnivalita princesses and the Queen pose gracefull y in their pol/eras ( Right ) The Queen Mana Ramirez and her escorts show a typI ca l example of a Panama tradition under all archway at Old Pandma. ( Top) T h e prmcesses conversing and e n joY in g tht! beautiful view of Old Panama's RUinS. ( Top nght) The princesses fixing thelf tembleques and gettin g ready, 30 I ... "., ... < .... I. "., ..... i I -. "lI (' t ..... ... ; .. r '.-. .. ,!. , .k ," h e Carnivalit o Court consist of the princesses and their escorts from left t o right: 1. Marshal and R T ehra n : M Ponce a n d F Navar r o : M Ramire z Salas and R Terr a n : liplai and B Petkidis: E. L ynn Corrigan and R Nava rro: K. Winberg and T Bright 3 1


1: 6'


VOllr rravel Agellc!! lor t rcitel11ellt The Student Association organizes all student activities throug h out the year, Headed b y Mr Waugh the S.A prepared numerous student a c tivities which were both fun and promoted school spirit, The S A provide d money to m a n y g r o up s in order t o aid the m in their activities. Caro l y n Dragseth. the S A president. was also in c h arge of stre n g thenin g the studentteacher relation s h ip The Student Association raises money by selling m embership cards and havin g bake sa les. The y also hos t the Homecoming dance to make money. 35 Kneeling T Holo viak. T Benny. N. Lo pez. P. Gordon M Wileczek. D B oatwright Back row: L. Roberts. N. Othon. K Klein. T M y ers. S R owe. M. Tsuka moto. J Carzo/a. E Lit,l e. F Alberga. M Grimison M Goldstein M Tremb lay E Anderson. A. Anderson. Or Lar kin bove: C.:Jroly n and Yvette present Mr. Sharenbro i c h with a gift. Top, SA Secretaries are A Staffeldt. N Go ldfarb M Ponce and Karla Wall Far left, Todd leads juniors to w i n Top left: The SA Officer s pose with Mark Sharenbroich after a C hoose To Lead Workshop.


8KomiHiHg /Votllre The Biological Honor Society is an organ; zil lion to h e lp students in continuing their interests in the natural sciences and look into caree r opportunities. Applicants mus t have a 3 0 grade p o int average in Biology dnd mus t s h o w if genuin e interest in science Several gues t speakers give speeches about l oca l topics of interest t o the club Field trip s t o Volcan Baru Maje. Porto Bel/o. dnd Barra Co l orado were hig hli ghts of the club as w ell dS trips t o Gorgas l ab. th e Smithsonian Marine l ab. and the Tropic Test Cente r The club d/so h o ld s several socia l dCliv' lies s u c h as a new membe r initiation piC nie. an endo(the-year banquet. and also hiking and diving. 36 37 Far Left, SfttingR Coker. W Hassan H P y lant L. Urqui z u Kneeling -L. Row/and M Ponce. D L1ovas T H%v iak. Y Barrowes. K Kno x. StandingS o Rogers. R Lavecchia B Thale. M. Anduss. S Jackson. M Tsukamoto. A Stevenson. N. Goldfarb. C. Vragseth. Y. Vela Reza. K Fah/gren. E Ica z a R Samuels X Davis. A. Apold. K Gut ierrez. N Magee. R Shally. N Carcione. P Gordon. F A/berga D. Forte. S Rowe. M Marshall. M Ramirez. K Wall Opposite Top : John Kiesling prepares rot the journey thro u g h Va/can while Mr. Norman and Mrs. Reeves/ook on. Above Left: Club members take time out to pose for a picture Above: Rob ert and Company -dressed to killl Left : Andy the Acrobat pra c tices his performance. B otto m Left: Sitting on top of the w o rld.


rite trolic til lerlaillll1 ell I The Thespians are the BHS Drama Honor Society. Members must be active with l oca l theater groups as well as earning t e n points by either working behind the scenes or act ing in one of the plays. The Thespians. Troupe 3/4. go (0 Stratford. Canada for theater workshops and observ ing pla y s The y also travel to Munde. Indiana (or Thespian Conventions. 38 Front : J Kiesling D MacMurdy. T Dugan. K Connard Back : 8 Petkidis. D. Corridori M Russell P. Hamm L. Rowland. V Johannsen. K Gutierrez. R Coker < , ; -' "\,. , j / v .. .. The BHS Drama Club is open to all students with interests in theater. The club performs three plays this year. including The Crucible. The Voyage of the DiJwn Treader and Joseph dnd the Technicolor Coat. Aside from acting. the Drama C lub members are encouraged to participate in the technical aspects of plays 1st row! r Holoviak J Brockhausen. T Melcher M Wiliczek C. Dear T Baudin. C. Boyle. R Flores lnd row, A. Hemm. C. Dragseth. Y Dela Reu. D Corridori M Montgomery. S Mead. J Lin. A. Granja jrd row: M. Jorgenson. A. Apold. 1. Kiesling. J. Jolley H Pylant. M Hat c het. T Norton. N. Meyer 4th row: K Brockhausen. D Southard. V Johannsen. M Dixon. L. Urqui zu. V Marin. W Hassan 5t h row! W. Wilson M Masin. T H elin. S Clark. J Craddock. F Evers G Malave y Arai 6th row, N. Goldfarb. A. Alves. H. Russell. F Arai. M. Russell. K Connard. E. Ratliff. L. Hilzin ger. Last row, L. Beck. D. MacMurdy. J. Addlesberger. I Salazar. M. Anduss. B Kyte. l. Rowland. R Cazabon D Lovaas. Z Steele. K Gutier rez 39


Membe r s of th e Fre n c h Club o r L e Ce rcle Francais. ar e g i v e n th e oppo rtunit y t o in c r e ase th e ir kn o wl e dge o f th e Fre n c h c ultur e and language. They pla n ba k e sa les with Fre n c h food outi ngs t o Fre n c h res t a urants. visit s t o Fre n c h s h i p s and films o n France. The ir m ajo r event is th e annu al Fash io n s h o w wh e r e each m embe r p articipates in th e progr a m Mr s D e nley i s thi s years spo nsor 8 xperiel1ce rite 'lrel1clt Al1d Spol1islt ell/tllre 4 0 .... L.O ... HI, I O O L ( Row I ) V. D e los Santos. Y B a rr o wes. N. L o pez. S Anria B Ormsbee. E Leos. ( R o w } ) S Naudwan i L. Urquzo. V Mar i n H C h a n io t is B Bolling. ( R o w 3 ) K Wall. C. D e ar S Apold. S Jackson X Davis. W. H asso n A. G r a y s J Sieght. E. Sanc h e z. P C u arta n V Johnson C. B o y l e ( R o w 4 ) C. Clo y d T B a u din ( Row 5 ) J Carzol a Y. McD o n ell. S S tapl e. A Ca lder o n J B o lick . 41 The S p a ni s h Club ;s active in th e Pana m a nian c ultur e The clu b v i s it s mu seu m s cu l tur e institutio n s a n d sees Panaman i an pla y s They a r e a lso active p artici p a nt s in th e C arni vaUto dances. The main goa l of th e S p a ni s h Club i s t o give th e s tudents a b ette r ins i ght t o th e P a namanian c ultur e aF ,< ( Top) O f f icer s C. Kirk l a nd. A. S taffel d t M Z am o r a L. C a nn on. M R amire z -Salas. J Le t z e r M De St. Germain M P o n c e (Fir s t Row) C. Mal ave. E Urqui z u M Di x on. C. D ragseth C. O n o ( S econ d R o w ) 1 I barra. H Aguil ar V Mar in S Da m e. A. H e n n e y Y Barr ows. A Sadow K Win ber g. I Olle r X Davis I D e l a Reu. ( Las t Row) E Co r rigan N. Lopez. E. Lovelad y. T B righ t. V Johanson R Lipt i e K Wall. C. Clau s (Above) Spa n is h Cl u b member s in the lunchroom. ( L e f t ) Leslie Cannon. P r esident L


rite Ke!l ro recltJ1%p!I Tile main goal of the compute r club this year was to have fun The club gave away free twinkies t o all members who vo ted ;n the officer e jection. They raised money by selling colored com pUler disks in an effort to bu y new computer equipment for the club members. Computer club membe r s also are given the op port unit y to learn more about a wider variety of computers and languages 4 2 Top left, V Johansson Z. Steele. L. Martinez. S. Mead. K Connard. R Bolen C. Benson. S McQuary. W Wu Y Yearwood M. Montgomery. T H oloviak. A Anderson. D Beasley. D Smith. J Hutt. X Davis P Can t e rs R Lavec c hia o T Parent. B Thale. V Fernandez. J Craddock. P Gordo n N. Lopez. H Pylant. L. Urqui zu. M r Se ltzer Opposite bottom: Ton y shares his knowledge. Top : Brent reviews a program. Left: Anne cruising the Wang lab Above: Mr Sel tzer grades papers b y osmosis 4 3


ParraKeet Paradise This year' s newspaper. the Parrakeet. is sponsored by Mrs. Sprague and dis tributed every three weeks. With the h elp of the staff and journalism classes. editor Lori Knapp and co-editor Mark Fanning were able to produce a successful paper. The Parrakeet lets students know what is going on in school and there are reviews of past activities. Through diligent word-proceSSing and overtime. the y mel their deadlines at the printers. 44 I L -/?, M Montgomery. L. Knapp. M. Fanning. K Klein. N 0lhon. Y Arai. W Hassan Left: Mrs. Sprague oversees the job in the works. Above: Lori and Mark playing around with Karen


nehind Counter ( A bove) V J o h a nsson D Sa lazar J Mis n e r O W ilson N WattIer. L. Dorres. fl. Padilla I Cab r e ra. O A r a n go. N Olle ndick ( Top) Monica hard at wor k ( R ight) W h a t a g r ea t day o f w o r k 4 5 Th e Office Administra t io n Associatio n is an o r ga niza tio n that allows inte rested students t o l ea rn about office procedure a n d m a n agem ent. Thi s g r o up gives students a n i n sight t o the bus iness w o rl d and s h ows the m which b r a n c h of b usiness the i r capabilities w ould b e ,,,ost val ua bl e


; Top : M Grimlson. I Dela Re zd. S Hubbard. D Corridori. C. Lanterman. K Guil/ie rez. J. Jordan. B Wi/bur. J. Cook. Y Yearwood Piano : Mr. McClain 46 rrllve/il1g JI1 rUl1e Top : Fulvia and David developing in the dark room. Top right: Sa m proving his m embe r ship. Above: C rai g and Phil hard iJt work. eapturiltg ?:he IlIIage 4 7 The Photo C lub presente d in terest e d students with the opportunity t o le arn more about photograph y Members were given a c hance to imp rove their p hotographic sk;JJs as w ell as learn about darkroom procedures and developing techniques. The Pho t o C lub look pictures of people t o send to their boyfr iend or gir/friend on Val entines' Day in order to raise funds (or the clubs' use.


48 -.. r-------". ; .. -49 . -Top : T h e band departs 10 tour Above: Matt shows his fellow band members how confident he teall y is Left: David Stone watches his fellow friend load equipment. Middle left; David. Trind and Darren look e xcited moving the drums. Top left; What a Quartet!


The National Honor Society is to honor students who excel in character. service. leade rship. and scholarship The eligibilil y of joining require s a G P A of J.5 and t o be a student a t BHS for one semester. Mrs. Lavallee is til e sponsor and Winston Wu ;s this years President. Also. the National Honor Society sponsored an SA T tutorial program which prepared the students who took the SA T -lSI row: R Morgan. R Coker D Forte. C. Thoma s. N. Go ldfarb M Grimiso n T Holoviak T. Bright. X Davis. lnd row: J Keisling J. lelzer. D lovaas. Y Arai. K Knox L. UrqUizu Jrd row: W. \ Vu Mrs. L wallee B Thale. M Froude. M Ramire z A. Step henson. K Gutie rrez. A. Hauser R Ortiz. T Tweed. V. Marin. W Has san A Grange Candids: Xiomara and Angie enhancing their eduCiJlIOn at Volcan 50 , _ i,..r ) . , '-.. Above: Winston. Brent. Neil. andoJack with their teache rs at the Spanish Honor Society initiation. Top : N Goldfarb. J. L e tzer. B Thale 51 The Spanish Honor Society was established in order to recognize those students who excel in their pursuit of learning the Spanish language Despite a small membership. each member did their best to continue the club tradition. At the end of the year. the group holds an initiation for new members.


rr!l Jt JI1 rite rropics The purpose of the Balboa High School Dive C lub was to expose students to the oceans o f Panam a With president Darren Dean and Mrs Schramm as sponsor. the club participated in dives a t several popular spots in cluding Porto Bel/o. Garun. Ft. S herman I sla G r ande. and Drakes' I sland. just to mention a few. There was a l o t of enthusias m in all forty members thro u ghout the year. Aside from diving. the club also e ncourages continuous education in scuba diving and underwater safet y The Art C lub at BHS ;s a g reat success this year Mr. Young. their sponsor. h elped students in an effort to "beautify" our school b y painting gar bage cans. and havin g students paint mura l s on the school walls The main goal of the Art C lub is to improve the artistic tal ent of each member.


/ eOflcludiflU 7:lte 7:rip Top Opposite, Dive Club -Sitting M r Seltzer S /lowe T Dugan S Thomas J Craddock. 1nd row R Dunn. P Gar don. H. Pylant D Dean. M Livingston. f Binder. R Willi ford Bottom opposite : Art Club -/5/ row K Kishi A. McLean. Y. Arai, T Makiyama. M. Russell. L. Vaughn 2nd row B Martie. B King. M O s orio T. Hunter. L. Kirkland. Mr. Youn g Above: Don' those c h eerleaders look "nice"7 Top : Marina must really Jove computers. Left: I t looks like Ang i e ;5 o n cloud nine. 53


, . CD15', . t / .. '( \' / / 8Al&OA -V ED MACH1ME -BAl-SO, SUL 6AL60 STAO'UM fP.lDA'I A J 1'1' 1cr05 S: 00 p.M.


56 rrip ro eristobnl Above: Wayn e P e art b r ea k s outside. r o p r ight: S teve Mallia d r o p s back t o pa s s R ight: Devils a n d Red lin e of scrim mage. -T o p : Bulldog manage r s s h o w s pir i t B o t t o m : C arl Scotland run s the optio n The 1985 football Jamboree again kic k e d off an othe r excit i n g I sthmus fo o tball season The t eams that com p e t e in the jambo ree ar e the Balb o a Bulldogs. B a lb oa R e d Machine. Curundu Co u g ar s Pana ma C anal College Gree n Devils and the Cris t o bal Tiger s The Jambor ee h eld a nnuall y a t C r is t o bal i s a presea so n competitio n Eve r y t eam plays e a c h team o nce i n if t e n m inute runn i n g clock quart e r The t eam that win s the most quart e r s is d e clar e d the winners a t (h e conc/u sio n o f the jambo r ee This yea r the Curundu Co u g ar s prevail e d and t ook h o m e the travelin g rr o ph y 57


Hlilidogs first Row: L. McArthur T Martinez. M Liv i ngst o n N Magee. M Kaufman T H e lin Sec ond Row M Co h e n C. Blades D Denley. N Pineda. T Bright E H olland. N Car c i o n e. F Alberga A. Schad 1 Magee Tflird Row, Coac h Magee. R Ric h ards E Vau g hn E Wink ler, W Benninghoff, D Meredirh. 1 Morrissey. 8 King. Coach Martinez Fourth Row: D R e nn o. R Fur/ong. M Laverty J Baldwin. W Ridin g H Ric hards 1 Clause. G Watso n J Frausto. C. Livingst o n A MarIes. J Hunt R Huey Above: John Magee breaks a ta c k l e Middle: Julio Frausto lookin g down fie l d for his receiver. 56 BALBOA HIGH SCHOO L 59 T op Bulldog C h eerleade r s K Morgan 1 A cker. C. Mar tinez. T Kraselnick. Captain N. Escala K Rice Above: Bulldog celebration. Left: Bulldog C heerleaders s how thei r winni n g rout i ne


Ked Machil1e First Row: B Santiago. M Platt e. M. Stivens o n K Phillips R Krumm e l J Folsom K Smi th. C. Mckeever. B Vase. J Sorenson Middle Row : Coac h S Kitchen. D Dean. J Sal a z ar. K .O. Little P Clark I Sanc hez. P Canters. P Wright. T Kelly. L. Martine z. Third /low Coac h P. /lodgers. fl. Turn e r A. Krummel C. Laakso. D Beasle y S Fre n s l ey. T Tay l or. E. I ca za. J Deba t e B Gibbs J Wag n e r D. Smith. Coach S Ranson 6 0 Above Left : Wayne Peart run s th e bal/ Middle, Edward Icaza explodes up the middle. Top : Red Machine sweeps t o the right Above. /led Cheerleader s M Lantr y S. /l owe. L. Gal lard o M Duncan C. /li chards. C. Eud y A. Co rbett. S Rodgers 61


eOJl!lnrs .. firs t Row: R McReynolds. M Gettys. M Tiblier M Roberts. K Co l e man. G Carrero. N Graham. B Geh r inge r Coac h Bale s Second Row: Coach Barlow. M Thomas. T Cu rr ier. R Bolen C. Lan e. S Basile C. Livingston H H urst D Wa lker. B Sc had Third R o w : L. Green. G Cowles. C. S c o tl a n d P Baker J. Unde rhill J. A lt emus. L. Quinn D S t one. J Grass. R Acuna 62 --...... --, .' ... .. If :: > \ 63 ,,? 1 1 .-// ;1iTt -. '\. Top Left: Scotland breaks outside for a big gain. Middle: l ee Green goes i n for a TD. Botto m Left: Scotland stiff arms a defende r Left : Cougar cheerleaders J Corrigan. L Nickisher. T Anderson (Capt.), K Ball A Furlong, I Katsu m o t o. f. Anderson. D Erhart


Devils Abovel Devils o n the goa l lin e Above center: Buddy Sims eulS in side (or d big gain Devils a c t io n photos b y Gar y Ande rs o n Devils A II l st h,,,, an pla yers, M Bradle y S Mallia. 8 Sims. P Wa l ker. J Naum. Top : Devils on the goa l line Top Center: Buddy Sims cuts inside (or iJ big gai n T op Ri ght: Devils C heer leaders prepare for the ga m e Bot t o m left .. C heerleader s left -r;ghtt D Vinton. B. C rowl e y N. Smit h K Bal dwin. L. Kowalski Boltom righll S teve Mallia. l au n c h es the ball for a reception. Devils a ction pictures b y Gar y Anderson. Devils All I sthmian play e r s M. Bradley. S Mallia B Si m s P Wa lker. J Naum 9. First row: E. Ortiz. S Hovan. P Walker. B Robertson D Willifo r d. J Ga llar do. M Mehri nger. J Hutt. Second row, K Husted. D RU5chaup t F A l e x ander. B Sims. K Williams. R Larkin. D Boa t wright. R Can t ers. J Thomas Third row: M WiJeczek. A Anderson. C. Dragseth. D Bussiere S Mallia S Benninghoff, R L ytle S. Newc omb. T Hunter. D Kane. S McR e ynolds. D Keels K Lauderbau g h. Coach L Husted. f Corriga n 65


PlaNNiNg Vour OceaN (0 OceaN JtiNerar!! The 1 986 Ocean I o -Ocean Cayuco Race will be h e l d March 1 1 throug h 13. T h is race i s a n a n n u a l event w h ic h the p ar ticipants paddle i n wooden cayucos with h o m e made paddles. They w ill paddl e the Atlantic Ocean through the locks t o the Paci fi c Ocean T h is event will be the ]]r d race. T h e r e a r e three categories i n w h ic h (h e team s are classified! The t rop h y boa t s con s i s t o f m e n a n d wom en. t ea m s of four people a n d cooed boa t s Pal c h boa t s con s i s t o f eight person s Team s s t art f O p repar e for the race in November and December by pract ic in g. trammg. repal r m g boa ts. a n d lookin g for spo nsor s Aft e r many weeks of /rain i n g. they will fin ally spe n d the f irst weeke n d of sp r i n g b reak paddling throu g h the Pan a m a Ca n a l ""AT= -6 6 -... ---.::. ----=:::-------.r -. '::--_----. -( T o p left ) Th e exh a u s t e d c rew. Situa t io n H ope l ess. aft e r t heir win i n t h e all-girl c rew trophy ( Top right) The N I C still s hows good form a t the end o f the gru eling race. ( B otto m l eft) ''An d The n W h a t c rew still paddling h a r d a t the end o f the cut. (Above) The cayucos a r e lined up i n the locks for fin a l sp r int t o Diabl o 6 7 .. ---


Bulldogs leftright A. Rodriguez. A. Davidson. 1. Lyons. M. Roberts B Schad. J Byard. R Krummel, P Thorn Above Left: Alfredo Davidson going for the hoop. Above Right: Bulldog player goes over red defender. 6 8


Bulldogs First row L R J Delgado. M. Davis. Coach Oliver. T Kneebone Second row L R : M Smith. F Nolte M. Oliver. X Davis .. _------_ ...... -69 Above Left, Melody Oliver dribbles down court. Above, Bulldog player makes a layu p


First Row L R : K Crowley. D Larkin Second Row: S Elder. P Baker T Navarro T Watson. D Lockhart. C. Livingston. S Newcomb. R Bates. Coach Crowley L. Go n za le z. 1. Jordan (Above Left) C. Livingston takes a layup. (Above right) S. Newcomb takes a jump shot. 70


----.. -Top Left: Red player rakes a iumpshol. Top RIght: Prudencia Manuel blocks a s lrot Above: P Manuel dnbbles down the court . -I 7 1


Above, Andy Schad hits a jumpshot. Above right, Carl Scotland dribbles between two Devil defenders. Cougars left-right Coach Erik. L. Warren. V Neil. L. Higgens. A. Deitz. B Jennings. A. Schad. C. Scotland. A. Atchison. Coach Reyes 72


Cougars first row L R : I. Cabrera. S Sanders, M Pinzon L. Gonzalez Second row: Coa c h Wruck. R Uptai. M. Grimison, Third row: A Marcy. M Nelson, B Crowley. L. Merrill. 73 Above left: Rita Uptai t r ies to drib ble past a defender. Above: Cougar player takes a jumpshot.


:D8VJ,cS 7 4 :::: -. 'oJ First row L R : J L e lzer. J Carrero. N. Graham. Second row: K Brandenburg. R Larkin. A. H o lmes. R Morgan. Third row: P Schulte. R Mokillo. P Hamm Above Left: Arthur Holmes dribbles the ball down the court. Above Ri ght: Ri chard Mokillo hits a jumpshot.


Devils First r o w : C. Dear. V Dela Santos. M Tre mbla y. B Hiesimki. N Kan e. Second row: V Lema y. K Stromberg. K Gutierrez. C. C lause 75 -Above: Karen Stromberg takes a jumpshot. Above Right: Devil s playe r jukes Balb oa defender.


1 . _:...... . .-,;.; .. Front row; C. Rogers. S McReynolds. R Larkin. J Nickisher J Letzer. J. F rau s to Second row. Coach Moffitt. C. livingston. B Sims. C. F e rrel. G Cowels. A Deitz. C Scotland. Above left, Buddy Sims at bat for th e Bulldogs Above; Cliff livingston crosses the plate 76


'-. / -.... Front row: H Raybourn. J Car r ero. A Rodrigue z R Furlong. f Ortiz. C. Martinez. Second row: Coach Carrero. 1 Brace G Smith. S Benningh off. K Camille. G Joseph. D Larkin. Coa c h Martin ez. Above; Scott Benninghoff shows his pitching form. Above right; Jorge Carrero dive s back safely to first. 77 -, 11 ---1\ l' .J .... -. -


D8VJ1:S Above: Devils pep t alk before the game. T o p RighI : Billy Barnes awaits a throw. 76 Devils: P Thorne. J. Cox. D Rodgers, S. Dahlstrom. S. Mallia B Bar nes. A Davidson C. Livingston. B Petkidis. L. Wilson. I Sanc h ez. E. S taffeld" J J ean. K. Brandenburg. F. A lb erga, R Shallr


------::-" --... I .' 11 a a 7 9 We sincerely apolog i ze to Red Ma c hine baseball team for not being ab l e t o cover them in this yearbook. Baseball roundup ;S flOW replacing their layout Top l e ft : A ngel Rodriguez delivers a fas t ball. Above: Ca rl Scotland crosses the plate. Left: of course ... the unforgettabl e b e n c h warmers


--... -r A'lllatic Paradise --'.... 60 ( Top left) A splash of success. (Center ) The swim team at it's best (Bottom left) Bullerfly display. ( T o p r ight) Bott o m s up Robert Canters ( Bottom r ig ht) Ash ley Anderson takes a plunge. 61


( Above ) Left t o flight, A. S t e phenson. f. Gal vin. A. Oliver S Fields. M. McKay. M L en flios. S Schu lt e. M Laveechia. S Osawa, Mrs. Denly. (Top flight), Step h anie Schul t e s hows her perfect form for a winning serve ( Bal 10m ): Satoko Osawa s h owing u s h e r backhand. RIII/do{!s 8 2 ... eOIl{!ors ( Back flow) Left to flight, Mr. Hig l ey. M. T o l eda no. L. Warren K Deleonardis. C. B e ns o n B. Wilbur (Front flow) L. Hig ley. M. flios. P Nasiff. S Kn o wles ( Top Left), H e r e I go. here I go. but where's the ball says Kristy Deleonardis. (Bottom), The look of champion Beck y Wilbur co n cen trat ing on h e r game 83


/(ed Machine (Bottom) Standing A. Lampass A. Ichisaka Y R ogers. Mr. Oliver. S Apold. M Hatc h ett. A Knowles. (K neeling), R. Agallon. E Lovelady. M Oliver. ( Top Right), Aretha Knowles stepping in style. ( Top Left), Susy Apold. pray in g she makes the point. -8 4


, -/ - -6 5 :Devils ( Top Left) Vi cky Cannon concentrates on the ball (Bottom Left) Marina Zamora prepares (or an attack. (Above) Left to ri8ht, T Mathinni. M. Samuels N. Bark er. A A veLallemont. M Zamora. M Zamora


J(acillf1 ro Paradise (Above) Junior Varsity Track Team from left to right : first row J Corzo/a. G Long P Clark. C. Herera. J Utter, second row B Beverl y. M Martinez. N. Holoviak ( Top ) J Utter. and 8 Telesca prepared to sprint ( Right ) T Bayer warming up before the race. 86 ---- -----. - (Above) Varsity Track Team from left to right: first row-A Davidson. D Stone. J Morrison 1 Brockhausen O. Rainf ord. A Kirton ; second row-L. Kirton. X Davis. M Osorio. T Meisner. ( Top ) A Anderson attempting / 0 glide over the pole. (Left) P Hamm showing strength throwing the shotput. 8 7


88 Kevfewfltp A rrfp rhrouph Sports (Opposite page lOp): Concentration leads to deter mination ( Bottom left): Red Machine fires up before a game. (Bottom right ), Gilbert Smith and David Larkin share a laugh on the field (On the right ), "Who's got the ball?" say Devil and Bulldog players. (Bottom), J R McReynolds. Chester Ferrel Alex Dietz concentrate on a winning game 8 9


'"T'\1\S \5 10 NOT\F'j 'IOU INTO ALPHA COMP4N"I of .. u\.,,.. orleE 'Iou ItA\l6" seEN DR,AFTE'J> H\6-,", sc "001... l5 1<.0 .T. C. \Jt\J\'-'(00 ARE ll> REPoP..1 TO 4211 ot1 10 RfcEr/E A SHollT Be PRe PAREO l1)Q. ThE D\SCIPL I oUTFIT IN 1l4E ENTiRS r"ANI<. 'Iou J IN C HAR.6E 1l41...8oA IJI&H stHOOL-


Jlttrodllciltll KOrC ROTC ;s an intriguing c hallenge intra duced to many students The purpose of the JROTC program is to provide instruction which will benefit the ca det. the communit y. and the nation The program is designed for physically fit students who attend BHS It pro vides unique educational opportunities (or the students 9 2 -I I .' I I I' G OETHALS 93 / flo - Top center, ROTC staffSgt. James Cook. SFC Ludgerio Mora. Sgt Robert Shiflet standing in command. Top right: Paul Anderer s hows that h e ha s the military bearing (or pushups Bot tom Jefl: Shannan Walker. Carla Rich ards. Natalie Neloms. Doshka McDonald. and Hector Richards iJfe modeling ROTC's latest fashions Bottom center: Co l Kraft reviews the ROTC companies. Boltom right: Ranking officers standing at iJttention


?:icke! ?:o ?:or!ure The purpose of the Rifle T earn here at BHS. is 10 provide practice and training for if select number of interested cadets showing a potential for marksmanship. skill. determination. patience and a ver y high learn spirit Most importantly he must be willing to work. 9' - -The Ranger program is a challenging as well as a demanding course which tests the cadets mental and physical endurance. It stresses jun gle training and survival through phySical training classes. and prac tical exercise. Top left-left to right. front to rear. Rifle team members as followed: H Ponton. F Currier, D. Abrams. C. Silvas B Gibbs S Peck. T Bayer M. McDonald Top center: Paul Anderer explains the next mission to this fellow comrades Top right left to right. front to rear. Ranger members as followed, E. Ortiz. R Chang. H. Harrmond. K. Knox. K Krapf/. P. Labrone. E OConnor. R Peter son. S Smith. D. Vasques Bottom left: Mita VaUa delicately feeds Juan Guerrero as Thomas Bayer watches in disbelief. Bottom right: Herbert Harr mond receives award from Col. Kraft as Martin Reyes stands in formation. 9 5

PAGE 100

PostiNg rite (lllord The ROTC drill team is a group organiza tion made up of both male and female participants. The purpose of the Drill T earn is to produce a precision marching unit whose primary mission will be to give performances (or the JROTC and the community. Left to right Front to back first row: D Grant Second row: R. Telesca. G Lawrence. D Oliver Third row: M. Guzman. J Nero. B Diaz. J Woo ten 96

PAGE 101

97 Left to right V Cook. B Mitchell. C. Kim. Y Nieves. N. Green S. Jenkins J Parris L. Ma cias, W. Masters, G Alvarado. M Perez

PAGE 102

eOlllpOlI1/ .A Left to Righi Front to Back firsl row: T Bayer. S Div;na. D Daninger Second r o w : f. Ortiz. I Levy. F Richard. M. P e rez. K. Mat/aden. C. Morgan. A Ubben Third row: M Santiago. B Tel e s ca. K Knudsen J Parris. A Testa. 1. Samue l s J T esta fourth row: J Robinson, B Diaz. J. Steinme ir F. Nunez. C. Rail. M Greg ory. L. Kirton Fihh row: K. Camille G Watso n K. Best. K Broukhausen. F Zornes. C. Putnam Sixth row: G Perason. C. Val/arino. M Guzman eOlllpOlI1/ R Left to RighI Front to Rear first row: E Ortiz. M Minnick. R Huey Second row: H Rich ards. A Bondurant. A Greaves. O. W;;son Third row: O Rainford. D Roman E. Malave. O Abrams Fourth row, S. Peck. B Radmann L. Neto. O Meredith Fifth row, R Arosem e na. L. Macias. F. Garcia. J Brown Sixth row: J Lyons. 1 St. Dennis. H. Ponton, V Cook Seventh row: V Hernandez ",-,,10-_ ---r .fTT 98

PAGE 103

---"--1..._ --I -, n 9 9 .. eOJllpOlf!l e left t o Rig h i Front t o Back Fi r s t row: K Kno x. H 51. Dennis G. Lawrence Second row: G Moorhead L. Mokillo. C. Richards K Knox A. Juarez Third 'ow, C. Ramirez M Stobi e. W. Mas ters. D Oliver. S. Walker fourth row, M. Gallardo S Pay ton L. Tisb y J G o u lorte. D McGee. P Gomez fifth row D Smith. M. Pin e da. f Mattos. K. Langill. J Mora Sixt h row, D Bustamante. R Cospe r K K r apf!. Z. Wilson Seve n th row : E R o bins C. I banez. S 8aile y Eighth row, P Hamm W Riding. R Rodr igue z eOJllpOlf!l V Left 1 0 RighI f ront to Back first row: P Anderer. Coh e n B Gibbs Second row G A l va rado Y. Nieves. M. Brassfield. A. Ojeda S Bickle y Third row, S Jenkins C. Kim A Archi bald A. Rillamas W Soto fourth row M Thomas K Mixo n S Smit h Fift h row: C. McKenzie. L. Harriss o n T Edwards A Holmes M Guz man Sixt h row : K William s M Puj o. J Dix on H Harmond S eve n th row: P L e bron. J Adams E. McDonald J Wouto n E ighth 'ow, T Gu y ant M McDonald T Hunter C. Durfee Ninth row R R oman. A. H ulick. J L a ngill

PAGE 106

Senior elass Officers 102

PAGE 107

Aimeth Aguilar Francisco Alexander Audrey Alves Vanessa Amedee Yvonne Andress Andrew Apold Osiris Arango Yvette Aidincs Belinda Arms Gilda Avila Grover Barnes Roger Bates 103

PAGE 108

Juan Batista Dan Beasle y Wilbur Bennin8ho(( Eric Binder Altha Bondurant Fernando Boquin Mary Beth Bowerman Carolyn Boyle Geo rge Brooks Cynthia Brown Guillermo Cabeza Ingrid Cabrera 104

PAGE 109

Annette Calde ron Lesli e Can non Pieter Canters Jorge Ca rr ero Yvette Castro Dee Cavazos Rodolfo Cazabon Susan Chyr Pamela Clark IIdaur a C lau s Robert Coker Jeow Cook 105

PAGE 110

Desa Corridori Gregory Cowles Yolanda Cox Magdalena Cruz Michelle Davis Giuseppe De Abate Ivette De La Reza Monique De St Germain Lisa Dean Jennifer Deleonardis Veronica Del Pilar Ingrid Diaz 106

PAGE 111

Maria Dixon Lisa Dorros Candace Dragoo Ca rolyn Dragseth Carlos Ebner Scot Edler John Engelke Deborah Erhart Michael Errhalt Nancy Escala Pam ela Evans Freda Fallas 1 0 7

PAGE 112

Shaun Farrell L o u vi na F e jeran Carlos Fernandez Francisco Fernandez Victor Fernandez-Concha Susan Ferrell Natasha Ferris Lydia Flores Eli zabeth Flumach John Folsom Darrell Forte Julio Frausto 108

PAGE 113

Shawn Frensle y Alice Furlong Mark Fussell Gwendolyn Gasnell Michele Gilbert Neil Goldfarb Ri chard Goldsberry Pablo Gomez Paul Gomez Edgardo Gonzalez Gabriel Gordon Paul Gordon 109

PAGE 114

Nathani e l Grant Anayansi Greaves Melinda Grimison Sheila Guerreiro Juan Guerrero Mario Guz man Lisa Hall Marla Hall Holly H a yden Yvette Hern Craig Hersh Abby Honea 110

PAGE 115

Sharon Hubbard Tim Huggins Jenny Ibarra Samuel Jackson Janina James Melissa Jefferson Stacey Jenkins Barry Jennings Michael Jorgensen Devin Kane Stacey Keith Obe d Kiefer 111

PAGE 116

Cristina Kirkland Lizette Kirton Keiko Kishi Lorrane Knapp Katherine Knox C rist ela Koyner Kerr; Krapf! Benjamin Lamb Ca rlo s Lan e Catherine Lanterman Angela Latorre Loraine Lear 1 1 2

PAGE 117

\ 9 Janet Lee Phillip Lester Jack Letzer R;ta Lipta; Monica Liv;ngston Peter Lopez Ronald L rtle Dawn MacMurdy I Tomoko Mak;yama Stephen Mallia Mo;ses Mamiye Anthony Martino 113

PAGE 118

Wendy Masters Michelle McDonald 1 Anjanette McLean Patrick McQuary David Mer edith Kristine Minnick 114 Richard McKay Ralph McReynolds Larissa Mokillo :,' . ..... . Yhilena McKay Monica Meana Wanda Moore

PAGE 119

Robert Moorhead Kim Morgan Raul Morgan Philip Mullenix Tania Myers Shobha Nandwani Fabio Navarro Natalie Neloms Hillon Newell John Nickisher Fulvia Nolte Niv;a Ollendick 115

PAGE 120

Chieka Ona Eduardo Ortiz Lydia Osorio Aritza Padilla I /. I Irvin Pagan Victor Payne Gustave Pearson Maydel; Perdomo Bas ili o P etkidis Kimberly Phillips Michelle Ponce Luther Quinn 116

PAGE 121

Muri e l Ramirez Martin Reyes Ca r o l y n Richards Hect o r Rich a rds Angela Richardson Rob ert Riding Wesley R iding L e slye Rincon N e lson Rivera Rick y Rodriguez Gerard Roger Donald Roger s 11 7

PAGE 122

I Leila Rowland Roberto Royo Paul Salamanca Ian Salazar Jeanice Samuels Cheryl Schmidt Randolph Scott David Sidelinker Ric ardo Silv a Buddy Sims Gilbert Smith Karen Soper 116

PAGE 123

Anne Staffeldt Samue l Steele Lauryn Stewart Karen Stromberg Cammie Teems Ramon Teran Rogelio Teran Ana Testa Armando Testa Brent Thale Charles Thomas Michael Tiblier 119

PAGE 124

Julian Tijerina Evon Tisb y Angela Ubben Adrian Urquidez -Roberto ValJarino E r ic Vega Mario Ventre Deborah Vinton I Karla Wall Christie Warren Neysa Watley Gary Watson 1 2 0

PAGE 125

Datcelis Weeks Lynnette Weeks Erika Welch Doug Wells Theresa White Michelle Wileczek Robert Williford Omaida Wilson 8i11 Winford Michael Woerner Paul Wright John Wruck 1 2 1

PAGE 126

Winston Wu Marina Zamor a Yvonne ZUBby U't! PIl jll.st Jh,e Ls yt amzt, it t/te years, Grwiuall"!J htth ft,a:rs, M jirert '/IiJ7C, Man riyriwd wtdz @, llik IJy juntl "itC/(et Ib success." 1 22

PAGE 128

jUps! Attractive Kaml Stroll/oerg .Mike Woemer 1 a " " " :. I jUps! 'ci/a/II {;'p Succeed WillstOH WII .;IlId .;lillIe Stal/eldt 'lriend/ies! Victor Pal/lie .;IlId Killl .Morgull 124

PAGE 129

.Most 'Colentcd lvette 'lJe,Co /tao ,;/Ild 'lJoJlJIfI (jroll! .Most Atllletic Poblo (jollfez ,;/Ild /ti!o ipto 125 etoss e lowns Kor ell S o p e r Willie SeJlJlillglloll

PAGE 131

126 127

PAGE 133

128 129 Top Left, "Whateha talkin8 about ''', says Kim Morgan. puz zled. Center : Get up Mr. Waugh. It's no/ that bad. Top Ri8ht Seniors are # I and dont you (or8et! Bottom Left Ma8dalena Cruz. the s leeping beauty. waiting for her prince. Center : Alice Furlong. Mitchie Hem. Robb y Royo. and Mary Bowerman ask "PARTYlI Where?" Bottom Right "Hey. c heck him out''', say Debbie Erhart and Sta cey Keith whil e looking al some pictures of HOT guys

PAGE 135

, '\ t I .. .-.... -,..---

PAGE 136

,. 132 \ r -I I I ..

PAGE 137

Rene Acuna John Adams Haydee Aguilar Frank Alberga Natascia Alessi Angelica A/millategui Jeffrey Altemus Marcella Amaro Christina Ameglio Eva Anderson Mark Anduss Sylvia Anria Yasuyo Arai Angelica Archibold Jean Arias Roberto Arosemena Frank Azcarraga Mellisa Azua Kelly Baldwin Yvette Barrowes Steve Basile Thomas Bayer 133

PAGE 138

Li.beth Bellido T r ; cia Ben ny Catherine B enson Kimberly Best Sherri Bickley Gene Blackford Tanya Bolton Mayzie Brassfield Thomas Bri8ht Johann Brockhausen Charlotte Bronzino Shawn Brown Stephanie Brown Janet Burnett David Bustamante Jazme;ra Cabrera Damon Call 134 Kenneth Camille Joseph Campbell Jacqueline Cardoze Daniel Carroll Edward Castleton

PAGE 139

.' I Steven Dahlstrom Susan Dame Alfredo Davidson Xiomara Davis Vicente De La Fuente Brenda Crowley Marisol Cruz Francis Currier 135 Ruth Cornett Eddylynn Corrigan John Craddock Patrick Crangle Hector Castro Jessica Castro Norma Chavoya Irene Cisneros Sa ra Clark Helen Coh e n Stacy Collin s Kerry C onn a r d Maritza Coons Nicolas Corcione

PAGE 140

Phillip Duhan lIy Duncan Christopher Durfee George Eastham Felicia Edwards Julia Edwards Laurie Engelke Heather Erickson Lacey Estus Frederick Evers Roberto Fabrega Karen Fahlgren Mark Fanning Sandra Farias Agustin De La Guardia Juan De La Guardia Darren Dean Lisa Dean Maria Delgado James Dixon Antoine Dozier Tricia Dugan 136

PAGE 141

Milagro Ferrabone Rosaura Flores Jose Florez Sandra Florian Amber frey Mary Fritts Marilee Froude Christopher Fuqua 137 /lalph furlong Michael Geddes Billy Gibbs Jeanette Goldsberry Benjamin Gottke Ferdinand Graham Annette Granja Luis Green Angela Greer Me lissa Gregory Marcia Guimaraes Kim Gutierrez Terrence Guyant Purvis Hamm

PAGE 142

Helen Hanoha no Fantasy Hargett Marc Harkness Candac e Harrod Mark Hartman Chikak Hashimoto Wendy Hassan Anne Hauser Tracey Helin Antony Hemm Donna Henry Victor Hernandez Wendy Highness Katie Hoagland Tanya Hobbs Retta Hojlo Ernest Holland 138 Seanan Hollan Tamara Holoviak Katia Hooper Timithee Huggins Rebecca Hunt

PAGE 143

I /. Laurye Kowalski William Kite Brett Kneebone Karen Knox Kim Knudsen William King lunko Kinugdsa Alex Kirton 139 Michelle Kaufman John Keisling John Kennedy Charles Kenne y Terrance Hunter Zina Hunter John Hutt Carlos Ibanez Edward Icaza Guillermo Inchausti Viveca Johansson J ennife r Jolley Jessica Jordon Geraldine Jungen berg

PAGE 144

Cori Litorja Robert L izardi John Lobash Natalia Lopez Deron Lovaas Eva Lovelady Michael Lowe Jerome Lyons Nancy Magee Edwin Malave Lisa Lawson Antonio Len Rios Liliana Levy Chen Lin James Langill David Larkin Thomas Latourette Renee Lavecchia frasmo Lawrence Gene Lawrence Yvette Lawrence 140 Amir Krummel

PAGE 145

Virginia Malave Lila Marin Marsha Marinelo Gilberto Marrero Marianella Marshall Robert Martin Cristina Martinez Louis Martinez 141 Niza Martiz Karen Mattaden Philip Mayles Gary McCaffrey Janilka McFarlane Carlos McKenzie Michelle McQuary Selene Mead Brian Meissner Edward Melcher Christina Mercado Nicole Meyer Isabel Miro Jodie Misner

PAGE 146

Kathe rine Morales Mikio Morinaga Thomas Morris John Morrison Joseph Morrissey Paulo Nascimento Ricardo Navarro Victor Neil Monica Nelson Michael Newton L ori Nickisher Kim Nickson J ennife r Nolan Amy O'Donnell Alejandro Ojeda Mark Orendas Enriquez Ortiz '42 Todd Parent Donie Pastre Alexander P ea rson Stephen Peck Robert Peters

PAGE 147

Lorraine Roberts Edward Robin s Jose Robinson Abigail Rodrique z Inocencio Rodriquez Luis Rin con Carmen Rivera Oscar Rivera 143 Patricia Reichard Kimberly Rice Teresa Rid enour Alberto Ri/lamas Ri chard Peterson Frederick Peugnet Nelson Pineda Michael Platte Cynthia Powell Heath e r Pylant Brett Radmann Courtney Rail Oscar Rainford Katherine Reddin g

PAGE 148

Michele Santiago Benjamin Schad Patrick Schulte Valina Scotland Robert Shally Mary Shephard Derek Smith Diane Smith Kelly Smith Michael Smith Robert Samuels Tina Sanchez John San Nicolas Celeste Santiago Suzanne Rowe Gabriel Ruiz Michele Russell 144 David Roman Ruben Roman Wendy Roque Marc Rosenburg Sandi Rogers

PAGE 149

Nancy Smith Rafael Smith Stephen Smith Cristine Snider Michelle Snow Leif Solien John Soto Robert Soto 145 David Sponberg Stephanie Staple Blake Steib Anjanette Stephenson Pierre Stoker David Stone Michael Stump /lory Summers Robert Tartaglia Todd Taylor Connie Teems Claudine Teran Partricio Thorne Michelle Traina

PAGE 150

Mito Tsukamoto Kevin Tucker Jose Tunon Anthony Tweed Elizabeth Urquizu Cesar Vallarino Tania Vasquez Tina Velazquez James Wagner David Walker Jennifer Warren Veronica Weaver Joel Wetzstein Amy Wheelis Charles White Cheryl Williams Felicia Williams John Williams Kevin Williams Eric Willingham 146 Carl Winkler Edward Winkler Sandra Zelko

PAGE 151

147 Top Left, Suzanne Rowe really thought that was funny. Above: Junior s "Joe Studs" Left, Sandy he/ping a desperate Junior choose his ring.

PAGE 153

op re. l -70 5PAco/CAR VATE OF SAle fA/\/RESCRVEJ) ) (OACH Ij, 1986 148 149

PAGE 154

-- 1 5 0 ,AIIIIC 'ColT KrNCJ'Hick I tlld!! J

PAGE 155

Darren Boatwright Todd Binder Shannon Bishop Robyn Barnett Blair Bates Thalia Baudin Nunzy Bellofatto Phillippe Benitez Kohl Sherry Benninghoff William Benny Stephen Bernard Yvonne Best Bryan Beverley 151 David Abrams Jeannette Acker Gloriana Agueda Diane Alston Gisela Alvarado Angel Alvino Jennifer Amtmann Ashley Anderson Michael Anderson Susanna Apold fumiyo Arai Carolina Arauz Rowena Argallon Michelle Aucoin Manuel Balbastro

PAGE 156

Konald Bole n T ori Bolic k El e a n o r Bolling J orge Bonilla Patrick Bonk Jose Borras Renee Bost Kristina Boyer William Boy tim Jason Brace Kevin Brandenburg Selenia Brandenburg Dawn Brayton George Bressel Kurt Brockhausen Jason Brown Jimmy Bryan Scott Burns Veyka Bustamante Doris Bustinza Fernando Cabeza Christine Cable Cesar Ciliar Michelle Campbell Todd Canterbury 152 Rohert Canters David Carnes Susan Carns

PAGE 157

Mitza Carrero Victoria Carter Alexander Castro Amber Castro Juan Cazorla Lloyd Chace Veronica Chandler Helena Chaniotis Paul Charles 153 Robert Chunn Patrick Clark Maria Claus Caryl Cloyd Elly Coats Richard Cofer Douglas Coffey Kevin Coleman Linda Coleman Stacie Collins Ramon Constante Vonzetta Cook Dickey Coons Anne Corbett Lee Corbett Luis Cordero Jolene Corrigan Armando Coto Dennis Cowles

PAGE 158

Raymond Dittmar Carmen Dominguez Gisell Draughon Marck Drennan Anthony Duncan Michelle Duncan Randy Dunn William Duty Jerry Duval Xan Ebernez Todd Edler Mic ha e l Engle Christe n Eudy Mic h e ll e E verett Patrick Fah y Greta Crusoe Maralis Cruz Rene Cruz Patricia Cuartas Virginia De Los Santos Christie Dear Alexander Deitz Mark Delashaw Dana Dickerson John Dillon 154 Ricardo Craft Harlan Crouch Robert Cox

PAGE 159

Nadja Green Jason Gragg Debby Grant Crystal Gehringer Warren Gibbs Mark Goldstein Deborah Gonzalez William Gordon Jaime Goularte 155 Jose Gallardo Miguel Gallardo Tracey Ganl Federico Garcia Tyra Faught Bradley Fell Thomas Fennell Maria Fernandez Martha Fernandez John F erre ll William F ;nn ell Jaime Fior e Daryl Fishbough Robert Flumach Mark Ford Christopher Fournier James French Dennis frisbee Theresa Fuentes

PAGE 160

Michelle Gregory E r ic Grimison Maribel Guerrere Paula Gustafson Jaqueline Guyton Martin Guzman Tara Hackler Beth Haesecke Eric Hajduk Herbert Harmond Louis Harsson Melissa Harvey Scott Hassan Melinda Hatchett Wayne Hattaway Rebecca Heinze Andrew Helm Carlos Herrera Geofrey Herring Lonnell Higgins Laquila Hi/zinger Matthew Hoagland Lambert Hoffman 11/ Saribel Holland James Holloway 156 John Holloway Anthony Holmes Danica Holoviak

PAGE 161

Robert Huey Scott Hughes Alan Hulick Karen Hutchins Kristen Irish Tomas Jecome Kenneth Jefferson David Jennings Todd Jerome 157 Patricia Jones Claudia Jordon Keith Jordon Alina Juarez Lads Andrew Karklis Irne Katsumoto Cecilia Kim Grady Kile Rebecca Kite Kalhleen Kline Aretha Knowles Keilh Krapf! Tali Kraselnick Russell Krumme" Deborah Kyle Kristopher Laakso Marilza lantry Rafael Larkard Richard Larkin

PAGE 162

Leighla Macias Tammy Maddox Lisa Marohl Eileen Marquez Rebecca Martie Jaime Martin Melissa De L. Martin Teresa Martinez Melissa Mason filirico Mattos Leanne Mcarthur Doshka McDonald Eric McDonald 11/ M e lissa Mcfarland Dann y McGee Irene Levy Erik Little Veronica Lopez Terrence Lovaas Pedro Lebron forrest Lee Jerry Lee Virginia Lemay Esmerelda Leos Sandra Levine 158 Jason Lawrence Michael Layne Traci Lauer

PAGE 163

James O'Neil Tamara Norton Frank Nunez Cristina Neyra John Niedzialek Yadira Nieves Christopher Nobles Marcia Noboa Jeffrey Norman 159 Yuri Morinaga Matthew Mullenix Miguel Navarro Luis Nero Charles McKeever /I Herbert Meadows 11/ J ennifer Melcher Lori Merrill S t ephanie Milham Michell e Minnic k Mary Minor Barbara Mitche ll Kevin Mixon Eduardo Montegro Meredith Montgomery Richard Moore 11/ Gardner Moorhead Jovany Mora Christopher Morgan

PAGE 164

Shelly Oakley M aria Ojeda Masateru Oka Damien Oliver Kevin Oliver Pamela Oliver Itzel Oller Erly Ortiz Lexy Ortiz Satoko Osawa Irma Osorio Kuby Padill a Markelda PaBa n William Palm Jessica Parris Priscilla Paul Pragedis Payne Stac y Payton Iris Peles Monke Perez Monica Perry Maricruz Pineda Leyda Pof( Hugo Ponton Mark Popovich 160 Michelle Posey John Powell Michael Pujo

PAGE 165

Marlene Pusch Christopher Putnam Brian Radmann Carlos Ramirez Omar Ramirez Raquel Ramirez Emily Ratliff Nicholas Redd Joann Reilly 161 Michael Rexroat Daniel Reyes Edilberto Reyna Nicola Rhone Carla Richards Fernando Richards Laur a Richardson Michelle Richardson William Richardson Ricardo Rivera Laura Rock Angel Rodriguez Denise Rodriguez Madellin e Rodriguez James Roman Clarence Roque Renee Rowley Donald Rushaupt Harriet Russell

PAGE 166

Staci Sander Nelson Salas Debra Salazar John Samson Victoria Samuda Ronald San Nicholas Elinka Sanchez Robert Sanders Wendell Sasso Alexandra Schulman George SciJlieri Jeffery Seats Omar Sealey Tanya Seeley Suzanne Shea Mark Sherry Jennifer Siegert Christopher Silvas Satbir Singh Matt Slothower David Smith David Smith Mark Snead Dawana Snow Wilhelm Soto 16 2 Kenneth Ryan Claudia Saborio Cynthia Ryan

PAGE 167

Mathew T omlet Juan Thompson Aneth Tirado Augusto T erracina Sergio Terrazas Jose Testa Marcus Thomas Michael Thoma s Shannon Thomas 163 Dawn Southard Heather St Dennis Jamie St Dennis Susanne Stames Crystal Steel e John Steinmeier Evelyn Stelfox Kathleen Steuart Barclay Stone flussell Stromberg Douglas Stumvoll Nancy Sudder Antonio Suescum Tracey Szymanski Francis Tanzania Lawrence Tartaglia Darien Tartt Benito T elesca Lorena Teran

PAGE 168

Roy Torres Pamela Townsend Margarita Tremblay Roy Turner S hanna Unlker Jonathan Ut ter Evangeline Valdez David Vasquez Edwin Vaughn Elizabeth Vaughn Eric Walcott Paul Walcott Sharteer Waldrup Harvey Walker Shannon Walker Rene Watson Thomas Welch Casey Wharr y Herb White Cheryl Wicks David Wilbur Rebecc a Wilbur frederic Williams Holl y Williams Juan Williams 1 6 4 Kenneth Williams Stacey Williams Yadira Williams

PAGE 169

Dale Williamson David Williford Wendy Wilson I 165 Zuleica Wilson Katrina Winberg Angela Wood John Rile y Wooten Laura Worley Martha Wright Natasha Yearwood Frederick Zornes Above: Some of the sophomores decided to cheesecake in front of the cameraeven Ron L ytle thinks the sophomore life is best! Left: Matt Mullenix gives his best G.O. pose.

PAGE 171

ADMlT ONE Sn .4DNr ;/ / ;/ ',. / .. ',/ VALID ONL'f oN DATe Mitt> .... 9-MoNTH TlCI'ET

PAGE 172

Mr. Vernon Caturia serves as principal of Balboa High School. Some of the primary duties with which he is faced are supervising the educa tional program. setting expectations for the students and teachers. and insuring that these expectations are met. Ms. Elaine Lewis is our school disciplinarian serving as vice principal She takes care of anything that concerns attendance and student superivi sion 1 66 -

PAGE 173

, Office Staff (top), Esteban Mayers, Pat TOjeiro, Roberto Parchment; (front row) Tanya Lopez, Lilia Romero Special Aides (left to right), Roberta Berger, Joan Othon, Donna Gillis, Joanne Ognibene, Winifred Deaver. Mr. Ernest Holland (left) is the second of our pair of vice principals. Mr. Holland is in charge of the school's budget, extracurricular activities, and any emergencies having t o do with fire, bomb threats, etc. 169

PAGE 174

l Kathy Alexander Patricia Alvarado Back row, Randall Barlow Robert Mowery Ronald Jacobs. Front row, Sonia Ci garruista S ydney Corbett, Nora Kemp S u e Bar c a Hortensia Baudin 1 7 0 James Ames Kenneth Anderson J ( LaRose Brayton Jack Camp

PAGE 175

-{ l Rafael Chen James Cook Mary Deheck Rosemary Denley Felix Figueroa Julianne Gardill Laura Gregg Stanley Kitchen Judith Lavallee Richard Johnston 1 7 1

PAGE 176

Valerie Lee John Mclain Ludgerio Mora Frances Morrissey Samuel Ognibene Bonnie Oliver Doris Pearce 1 72 \ i I Nancy Manchester James Norman Sheridan Pearce

PAGE 177

Deanna Peterson Larry Quinn Barbara Reeves Truly Schramm Marky Shea I Lucia Ramirez Robert Shiflett 173 Steve Ranson Donald Seltzer Karen Timko Mary Short

PAGE 178

I f Jose Ramirez Doroth y White T ommy Turner Rita Sosa Angel a Ve ara Marsha Sprague Maria Visciano Karen Spulin Bruce Thale Kenneth Waugh Jimmie Wickham 17 4

PAGE 179

Toni Williams-Sanchez David Young Your Tour Guides On The Return Trip Ronald Jacobs Cleve Oliver -- -Dorothy Piper 1 7 5

PAGE 183

VOllr '(rovel .Agents Stnll Edito r ;nC hief-Mich e ll e W il eczek Seni o r Edi t o r Anne S taffeld, Assis t ants -Debbie E rhart Marina Zam o ra Juni o r Edi t o r Kristine Minnick AssistantChris t y Dear Sophomo r e Editor Tali Kraselnick Assistants-Kim Rice Dawn Brayton S tud e nt Life Nancy Esca/ a Assist antRobby Raro ROTC Edi tor-Car o l y n Ri c hards C lub s and o r ga nizat ions Edi t o r s Pal McQuary -Kim Phillips Sports Edi tors-Buddy Simms -Mike Woe rner Index Edi t o r S h eila Guerreir o Assist an t -Mich elle G ilbert Fac ult y Edi t o r Z aem S t ee l e BusinessDawn Brayton I --... -1 7 8 179 -.. -J (far left ) Yearbook class i n action ( left ) Ca r o l y n really enjoys h e r work. ( top r ight) Mr R a n son Zonia n Sponsor. (above) Photographers, C ra ig H e r s h Phil Mullenix. and Victor Fernandez

PAGE 184

J6ehilld rhe Scelle The Zonian Business Staff is the section of the yearbook that raises money to pay the Zonian s bills The y sell ads and the yearbook in order to raise this money. (Above) Sponser. Mrs Pip e r. and Neysa WattIer discuss ad contracts. (Right) Business section editor. Dawn Hrayton in a c tion -. .. 180

PAGE 185

181 Workil1g 011 VOllr ricke! ---.I ro Paradise

PAGE 186

nll1 'N02SNtlll JYYJJf.9tW' 'XJZCJJYtlll J2tJfIl1 "a 'SYYJII1 'YYY'11l Y'YJf)NY' 'NJflfln 'SY'W'OJf2 'JYY'Jf2 JNNY' '2 aYJY'2S ynY'd 'Y'.9NOW'Y'YY'S Y'YtJY JYJJf.9tW' 'J.9NOd OtYtSY'fI 'statx2Jd OXOW'02 'Y'W'olttXY'W' 'ZJdOY X.9Y'C Y'YJf)NY' "a 'Sf)NtNNJC nll1 N02SNtll1 N'JI'tJl 02J1'2 n YJI'S N'JI'tJl02()tClJYJI'I1 "Y' ItJ.9Y'2S 'SNtXNJC JNY'C NY'tYtY Y'aNtYJW' YnY'd YtJN It.9NY'N 'Y'YY'.9SJ "X J22JIlt Y'Y Ja J22JtynC 'SnSJC Ja Y'NJYY'af)Y'W' 'ONY'YY Ja "Y' NY'sns Y'tIlYItS Y'Ntfi Y'aYtf) 'Y'YtllY' Y'aNt YJfI 'aYOdY' 'SJIlYY'

PAGE 187

WorkiNg ON VOllr ?:icke! ?:o Paradise ( I ( Top ) Shiela Guerreiro does not agree with Buddy Sims layout. (Bottom) Edi tor, Michelle Wileczek advises Christy Dear and Tali Kraselnick on typography.

PAGE 189

01-52 (J.uRReIRo I 0"140 h o"t 38 GA$NeLL O:t5D GK.iMI.5oN 15'14 HALL I-{A'(DE t 01<01.0 1<6\'1 01>1.o f.E ll D1qC 01-94 L.A' J E?. MAN lo V '"I \ t.-T.-L.t: SALBOA. \-\\G" SC\\eoL PHA '-'Sf t41\ME M I( I-\E. LE ME-LINDA 5 L-i'5 A L HOLLY M IIC.H I CRAIG-A STAC.e'! A C.Q..,SnNA c.Ant'1 RITA. o GAAD' 12-11-12-12 12 \"Z.. 12 12 12 1'2.. IZ \2 11.. .T-12

PAGE 190

A 8albastro. Manuel/51 Baldwin. Joel 58 Baldwin. Kelly /33 Abrams. Jr . David 95. 98. 151 Barnew. Grover 103 Acena. Maria Barnell. Robyn 151 Acker. Jeannette 14. 59. 151 Barrowes. Yvelte 37. 40. 41. Acuna. Rene 61. 133 IJJ Adams. John 99. 133 Basile. Steve 61, /33 Adams. Thoma s Bates. Blair 151 Addlesberger. Joseph 39 Bates. Roger 70. 1 03 Aguedo. Gloriana 151 Balista, Juan 1 04 Aguilar. Aimeth 103 Biwdin. Thalia 39. 40. 151 Aguilar. Hardee 41. 133 Bayer. Thomas 95. 98. 113 Alberga. Frank 37. 58. 133 Bays. Kimberly Alessi. Natascia 133 Beale. Shawn Alexander. Fransisea 103 BeiJsley. fielding 43. 60. 104 Almillategui. AngeUca 133 Beck. Lara Alston. Oi.me 151 Beers John Altemus. Jeffrey 61, /33 Bell Robert Alvarado. Gisela 9 7 99. 151 8e/Udo. Uzbeth 134 Alvarez. Victor Bellafato. Nunzy 151 A l ves. Audrey 39. 103. 181 Benitez Kohl. Phillippe 151 Alvino. Angel 151 Benninghoff. Sherry )5. 151 Amaro. Marcella 133 Benninghoff. Wilbur 58 104. Amedee. Vanessa 14. /03 115 Ameglio. Christina 133 Benny. Tricia 134 Amtmann. Jennifer 151 Benny. William 151 Anderer. Paul 93. 95. 99 Benson. Catherine 43. 134 Anderson. Ashley 43. 133 Bernard. Stephen 151 Anderson. Eva 63 133 Berryhill. Billie Anderson. Michael 151 Besl. Kimberly 98. 1 34 Andress. Yvonne 103 Besl. Yvonne 1 5 1 Anduss. Mark 37. 39. 133 Beverley. Bryan 151 Anria. Sylvia 40. 133 Bickley. Sherri 99. 134 Apold. Andrew 37. 39 Bi/grami Bina IS1 Apold. Susanna 40. 151 Bilgrami Sajjad Aria. Fumiyo 30. 151 Binder. Eric /04. IS1 Aria. Yasuyo 39 44 133 Binder. Todd 151 Arango. Osiris 45 /03 Bi shop. Shannon /51 Arauz. Carolina 151 Blackford II. Gene 134 I Archibold. Angelica 99. 133 Blades. Conrad Ardines. Yvette 103 Blanco. Karina Argallon Rowna 15. 151 Boatwright. Darren 151 Arias. Jean 133 Bolen. Jr . Ronald 43. 6). 151 Armour. Sharon Bolick. Tori 151 Armour. Teresa Bolling. Eleanor 40. 151 Arms. Belinda 103. IS) BO/lon. Tanya 134 Arosemena. Robert o 9S. 133 Bondurant. Altha 98. 104 Aucoin. Michelle 151 Bonilla Jorge /5) A vila. Gilda 95. 10J. IS1 Bonk. Patrick 1 51 Azcarraga. Fraflk 133 Boquin. Fernando 104 Azua. Melissa 133 Borras Jose 15) Azua. Veronica Bost. Renee 151 Bowerman. Marybeth )/. /04. 119 B Boyer. Kristina 15) Boyle. Carolyn 39 40. /01 Babb. James Bo y tim. Jr . William 15) Bailey Sheila 99 Brace Jason 15) 186

PAGE 191

Brady. Timothy Brandenburg. Kevin 74. 15) Brandenburg. Selenia 15) Brassfield. Mayzie 99. 134 Brayton. Dawn 15) 1 7 8 Breckenridge. Jane Breckenridge. Joan Bressel. George 15) Brewer. David Bright. Thomas 11. 58. 114 Brockhausen, Johann )7. 19. 9B, 134 Brockhausen. Kurt 39. 15) Bronzino. Charlotte /34 Brooks. Pete r Brooks. Sylvia 18) Brooks III. George 104 Brown. Baufio Brown. Cynthia 104 Brown. Jason 98, 15) Brown. Shaun 134 Brown Stephanie 134 Brown York Bryan. Jr . Jimmy 15) Burnett. Janet 134 Bums, Scott 15) Bustamante. David 99. 134 Bustamante. Deyka 15) Bustinza. Doris 15) Byard. Jeffery c Cabeza. Fernando 15) Cabeza. Guillermo 104 Cable. Christine 15) Cabrera. Ingrid 45. 73. 104 Cabrera. Jazmeira 114 Cabra Lemuel Caiar. Cesar IS) Calderon Annette 40. 105 Call. Damon 114 Camille. Jr .. Kenneth 9S. /34 Campbell. David Campbell. Joseph 114 Campbell Michelle IS) Cannon. Leslie 41. 105 Canterbury. Todd 15) Canters. Pieter 41. 60. 105. 18) Canters. Robert 15) Carbon John Cardoze. Jaqueline 114 Carnes. David 15) Carns. Susan IS) Carrero. Jorge 6). 7 4 105 Carrero. Mit za 153 Carroll. Daniel )5. 134 Carter. Victoria 153 Castleton. Edward /34 Castro. Alexander 153 Castro. Amber 153 Castro. Hector /35 Castro. Jessica /35 Castro. Yvette 105 Cavazos. Dee )4. 105 Cazabon. Rodolfo 105 Cazorfa. Juan 40. 153 Centeno. Ricky Chace. Jr .. Lloyd 151 Chandler Ve ronica 151 Chang. Roberto 95 Chaniotis. Helenia 40. 153 Charles. Paul 153 Charris. Christian Chavoya. Norma 115 Chism II. Edward Chunn Rob ert 153 Chunn. Robert Chyr. Susan 105. IS) Cisneros. Ire n e /35 Clark. Pamela )4. 105 Clark. Patrick 60. 151 Clark. Sara 39. /35 Clark. T rina Claus. IIdaura 41. 75. 105 Claus. Maria 153 Clingen. Gary Cloyd, Caryl 40, 153 Coats. Elly 153 Cofer. Richard 153 Coffey, Douglas 153 Cohen. Helen 99. 135 Coker. Robert 17. lOS. IS) Coleman. Kevin 6). 153 Coleman. Linda 153 Collins. Stacie )5. 153 Collins. Stacy )1. )3. 135 I Connard. Kerr y 3S. 39. 43. /35 Constante. Ramon 153 Cook. Jeow )4. 46. 105 Cook. Vonzetta 96. 9S. 153 Coons. Maritza /35 Coons. Jr . Dickley 153 Corbett. Anne 150 153 Corbett. Lee 153 Corcione. Nicolas 37. 5S. /35 Cordero. Luis 153 Cornett. Ruth /35 Corridorri. Desa 3S. 19. 46. IIJ6 Corridorri. Desa 3S. 19. 46. IIJ6 Corrigan. Eddyly nn 41. 135 Corrigan Jolene 63. 153 Coto. Armando 153 Cowles. Dennis 153 187

PAGE 192

-'-. . -. -, I Cowl es. Gregory 61, 1a5 Cox. Robert / 54 Cox. Yolanda /00 Craddock. Jolln 39. 43. /35 Craft, Ricardo 154 Craig. Cathy C ran g / e. Pdtrick 115 Cross. Tania Crouch. Harlan 154 C rowley. Brenda 73. 135 Crusoe. Greta 154 Cruz. Magdalena fa;, /19. IS) Cruz. Maralis 154 Cr u z. Marisol115 Cruz Rene 154 C uar cas. Patricia 154 C urri er. Francis 95 115 Cuthbert Leo D Dahlstrom. Steve 135 Dame. Susan 135 Daninger. Darryl 98 Darde n Chandra DiJvidson. Alfredo 68. 135 Davis. Michelle 69. 100 V.wis. X;Otnara 3 7 40, 41. 43. 69. /35 De Abate. Guiseppe 60. lOS De Jesus. juliette IS) De la Fuente. Vicente /35 De J a Guardia. Agustin 136 De l a Guardia. Jua n 136 De la Guardia. Lar issa De f a Rezd. I vette ) 7 3 7 41. 46 Ia;. /15. IS1 De los San t os. Carlos De los Santos. Vi r ginid 75. 1 54 De 5 1 Germain. Monique Ia; Dean. Ddrren 60. 136 Dean lisa 136 Dear. Christie 39. 40. 154. 1 7 8 Deitz. Alexander 7 1. 1 54 Del Pilar Veronica Ia; Deldshdw. Mark /54 Deleondrdis. Jennife r Ia; Delgado. Mdrid 69. 136 Didz. Bart 98 Diaz. Ingrid Ia; Dickerson. Dand /54 Dillon. John / 54 Dittmar. Jr . I?aymond / 54 Divina. Shandra 98 Dixon. James 99. 136 Dixon. Maria 39. 41. 1 0 7 Diminquez. Car m e n 154 188 Doubleday. Yvonne Dorros lisa 45. 107 Dozier. Antoine /36 D ra goo. Candace 107 Dragseth. Caro l y n 37. 39. 41. 107. 181 Draughon. G isell 154 Drennan Marck 154 D ugan Trici a 38. /36 Duncan. Anthony 154 Duncan. Ify 136 Duncan Michelle 61. 154 Dunn. Anthony Dunn. I?and y 154 Dupree. Dodd Durfee. Chris t ophe r 99. 136 Duty. William 154 D u va l Jr J e rr y 154 E Eastham. George 136 Ebernez. Xan 1 54 Ebn e r Carlos Ed l er. Scot 70. 107 Edler. Todd 154 Edwards. Felicia 136 Edwards. Julia 136 Edwards. Terr y 99 E n g leke. John 107 E n g leke. Lauri e 136 E n g l e. Michael 154 Erh art. Deborah 63. 107. 119. 1 7 8 E rickson. Heather 136 Errha lt Michael/07 Esca /d. Nancy )3. 59. 1 07. 178 181 Estu s. Lacey /36 Eudy. Chris t e n 6 1 ISO. 1 54 Eva n s. Pamela 107 Eve r ett. Michelle 154 Evers Fredrick 39. /36 F Fabrega. Roberto /36 Fahlgren. Karen 37. 136 Fah y. Patrick 154 Fariman. Andrew Falla. Freda 107 Fannin g Mark 44. 136 Faria s. Sandra /36 Farrell. S haun /OS Faught Tyra Feje ran L o uvin a lOS Fell. Bradley

PAGE 193

Fennell. Thoma s Fernande z Car/os lOS Fernandez. Fernand o Fernandez. Fransisco lOS Fernandez. Maria Fernandez Martha Fernandez. Victor 43 lOS Ferrabone. Milagro 137 Ferrell. John Ferrell. Susan lOS Ferris. Natasha lOS Finn ell. William Fiore. Jaime Fis hbough Dar y l Flo res. L y dia lOS Flores. Rosa ura 39. 137 Flore z Jose 137 Florian. Sanra 137 Fluma c h EUzabeth lOS Ford. Mark F orte. Darrell 37. lOS. 181 Fournier. Chris Fox. Brian Fox George Francis. Tanzania Frausto III. Julio 58. lOS French. James hensley. Shawn 60. 109 Fre y. Amber 137 Fri sbee. Dennis Fritt s. Mary 137 Froud e. Marilee 137 Fuent es. Th e r esa Fuqua. Christopher 137 Furlon g. Brenda 63. 109. /19 Furlong III. Ralph 58. 137 Fussell. Mark 109 Fuster. Martha G Galindo. Manuelita Gallardo. Jose G allardo Miguel 99 Gant. Tracy Garcia. Federico 98 Gasnell. Gwendolyn 109 Geddes. Mic ha e l 61. 137 Gehringer. Crystal Gibbs. Bill y 60. 95. 99. 117 Gibbs. Warren Gilbert. Michele 109. 1 7 8 Gill. Katrina G ladney. Elizabeth Goldfarb. Neil 37. 39. 109. 18) Goldsberry. Jeanette 137 Goldsberry. Richard 109 Goldstein. Mark Gomez. Pabl e 99. 109. /15 Gomez. Paul 109 Gomoll. Fred Gonza le z. Deborah Gonzalez. Edgardo 109 Googe. Kenn eth Gordon. Gabriel 109 Gordon. Paul 37. 43 109. 181 Gordon. William Gotlke. Benjamin 137 Goularte. Jaime 99 Gragg. Jason 61 Graham. Jr . Ferdinand 11. 6). 7 4 117 Granja. Annette 39. 137 Grant. Debby 96 Grant. Jr . Nathaniel 110. 1]5 Greaves. Anayansi 40. 98. 110 Green. Lui s 137 Green. Nadja 9 7 Greer. Angela 137 Gregory. Meli ssa 137 Gregory. Michelle 98 Grimison. Melinda ]1. ]3. 46. 73. 110. IS) Grosdidier. Gary Guerreiro. Sheila 110. 178 Guerrero. Juan 95. 110 Guerrero. Maribel Guerrero. Ruth Guimaraes. Marcia 137 Gupta. Vibeka Sen Gustafson. Paula Gutierrez. Kim 38. 39 46. 75. 117 Guyant. Terrence /37 Guyton. Jac qu e line Guzman. Alfonso Guzman. Mario 96. 110 Guzman. M artin 9 8 H Hackle r Tara ]5 Haesecke. B eth Hain es. Christoph e r Hajduck. Eric H all. Li sa I/O Hall Marla 100 Hamm. Pur v i s 15. 39. 7 4 99. 117 Hanohano H e l e n 138 Hanson Amy Harg ett. Fantasy 138 Harkness. Marc 138 Harmond. Herb ert 95. 99 Harr od. Candace 138 Harr y. Carlos 189

PAGE 194

' ) Harsson Jr., L ouis 99 Hartmann, Mark 138 Harvey. Melissa Hashimoto. Chikako 138 Hassan. Scott Hassan. Wendy 17. 19. 40. 44. 118 Hatchett. Derek Hatchett. Me linda 39 Hattaway. Wayne Hattawya. William Hauser. Anne 13. 138 Hayden. Holly 110 Heinze. Rebecca Helin. Tracey 58. 118 H elm. Andrew Hefllm. Antony 118 Henry. Donna 138 HenSley. Anna Herbst. Lillian IS) Hem. Yvette 14. 110. 119 Hernilndez. Victor 98. /38 Herrerra. Cdr/os Herrerra. Manuel Hersh. Craig 110 Higgins. Lonnell 7 1 Highness. Wendy /38 Hildebrand. Jane IS) Hi/zinger. Laquila 39 Hise. Mark Hoagland. Katie 15. 138 Hoagland. Matthew Hobbs. Tanya /38 Hoffman III Lamben Hojla. Reftil 118 Holland. Saribel Holland. Seanan 138 Holland. Jr .. ErneSI 58. 138 Holloway James Holloway. John Holmes. Anthony 7 4 99 Holoviak. Tamara 37. 39. 43 /38 Honea. Abby I/O Hooper. Karia /38 Hubbard. Sharon 46. 11/ Huey. Jr . Robert 58. 98 Huggins. Tim 11/ 190 Huggins. Timithiee /38 Hulick. Alan 99 Hunt. Rebecca /38 Hunter. Terrance 99. /39 Hunter. lina /39 I Ibanez. Carlos 99. /39 Ibarra. Jenney )4. 11/. Ja) Icaza Edward 37. 60. 61. /39 Inchausti. Guillermo /39 J Jackson. Samuel 139 James. Janina 11/ Jefferson. Melissa 11/ Jenkins. Stacy 97. 99. 11/. 18] Jennings. Barry 7]. III 18] Johansson. Viveca 39. 43. 45. /39 Jol/ey. Jennifer 39. /39 Jordan. Jessica 46. 139 Jorgenson. Michael 39. 1/ Jaurez. Alina 99 Jungenberg. Geraldine /39 K Kane. Devin 11/ Katsumoto. Irene 63 Kdufman. Michelle /39 Keisling. John 37. 38. 39. /39 Keith. Stacey II 1]9 Kennedy. John /39 Kenney III Charles /39 Keifer. Obed 11/ Kim. Cecilia 97. 99 King. William /39 Kinugasa. Junko /39 Kirkland. Christina 41. II] Kirton. Alex /39 Kirton. Lizette 98. /I] Kishi. Keiko II] Kite. William 39. /39 Kline. Kathleen 44 Knapp. Lorrane 44. /I] Kneebone. Brett /39 Knowles. Aretha ]5 Knox. Karen 95 99. /39 Knox. Katherine 37. 99. II] Knudsen. Kim 98. 139 Kowalski. Ldurye /39 Koyner Crisrela II] Krapf!. Keith 95. 99 Krapfl. Kerr; 1/] Krase/nick. Tali 14. 59. 150 178 Krummel/. Amir 60. 140 Krummel/. Russell 60. 68 L Laasko. Kristopher 60

PAGE 195

liunb. B enjamin 111 Maddox. Tammy 158 Lane Carlos 61. 111 MaGee. Nancy 3 7 58, 140 Lan gill. hmes 99. 140 Makiyama. T omoko 113. 181 Langill Karen 99 Malave Edwin 98. 140 L anterman. Catherine 46 III Malave Virginia 141 Lantr y. Marit za 6 1 Mallia. Stephen 56. 113 Larkin David 70. 140 MaHuye. MOlses 113 I L a torre. Angela 111. 181 Marin. Lil a 39, 40. 41. 141 Latourette. Thoma s 140 Marinello Mar s h a 141 Lau e r Traci 158 Marohl. Lisa 1 58 Lavecchia Renee 3 7 43 81. Marquez. Eileen 1 58 140 Marrero. Gilbert 141 Lawrence. Erasmo 140 Mar s hall Marianela 31. 3 7 Lawrence. Gene 96 99. 140 141 Lawr e n ce. hson 158 Martie. Rebecca 158 Lawrence. Yvette 140 Martin. Jaime 158 Lawson. Lis a 140 Martin. Melissa 158 Layne. Michael 158 Martin. Jr . Robert 141 Lay n e. Michael 158 Martinez. Cris tina 60. 141 Lear Lorraine 111 Martinez. Loui s 43. 60. 141 Lebron Pedro 95 99. I S S Martinez. Tere sa 5S. 158 Le e. Forest 158 Martino. Anthony 1/3 Lee. hnet 113 Martiz. Niz a 141 Lee. Jr .. Jerr y 158 Mason. Melissa 39. ISS L emay. Virginia 75. 158 Masters. Wendy 9 7 99. 114 Len Rio s. Antonio 140 Mattade n Karen 98. 141 Le os. Esmeralda 40. 158 Mattos. Filirico 99. 158 Le ster. Phill i p 113 Ma yles. Philip 58. 141 Let zero Jack 41. 7 4 113. 181 M cArthur. Leanne 58. 1 58 Levine. Sandra 158 McCaffrey. Gary 141 Levy. Irene 95 158 McDonald. Doshka 93, 158 Levy. Liliana 140 McDonald. M ic helle 114 Lin Chen. Jenn y 39. 140 MeDon/ad. Yvette 40 Lipt ai. Rita 13, 14. 31. 41. 113. MeDonlad III. E r ic 99. 158 115 M cFa rl and. Melissa 158 Litor j a Cori 140 McFarlane. hnilka 141 Little. Erik ISS M cGee. Danny 99. 158 Little. Ken 60 McKa y. Ri chard IN Living ston, Christophere 11. M c Kay Yhilena 114 61.70 McKeever II. C harle s 60 Livingston. Monica 14, 58. 113 M c K e n zie. C arlos 99 141 L iza rdi. Robert 140 Mclean. Anjanette 114 Loba s h. John 140 McQuary. Michelle 141 Lopez. Natalia 40. 41. 43 140 McQuary. Patri c k 114. 1 78 L opez. Pet e r 113. 181 McReynolds. Jr .. Ralph 61. Lope z. Veronica 158 114 Lovaas Deron 37. 39. 140 Mead, Selene 19. 43 141 Lovaa s. Terrence 158 Meane. Monica 114 Lovelady. Eva 41. 140 Meiss n e r Brian 141 Lowe. Michael 140 Melcher. Jr . Edward 17. 39, Lyon s. Jr . Jerome 68. 98. 141 140 Mercardo. C hristiana 141 L ytle. Ronald 11. 15 113. 115 Meredith. Jr . DaVid 58. 98. 114 M Merrill, L o n 15. 7 3 Meyer Nicole 19. 141 Minnick. Kristine 1/4, 1 7 8 ...... Macia s. Leighla 9 7 98. 158 Miro Isab e l 141 Ma cmurdy, Dawn 19 111 Misner. Jodie 45. 141 191

PAGE 196

Mitchell. Barb a ra 9 7 Mixon. Kevin 99 Mokillo. Laris sa )4. 99. 114 Montgomery. Merideth 39. 43 44 Moore. Wanda 114 Moorhead. Robert 115 Moorhead. S Gardner 98 Mora. Jovan y 99 Morale s. Kath erine 141 Morg an Chris topher 98 Morgiln. Kim 13. )4. 60. liS. 114. 119 Morgan. Raul 7 4 liS 181 Morinaga. Mikio 141 Morris. Thoma s 14) Morrison. John 14) Morrissey. Joseph 58. 14) Mullenix Matthew 165 Mullenix. PI:iUp /IS Myers. T an;a )4. /IS 1 92 N Nandwani. S hobha 40. /IS Nascimento. P aulo 141 Navarro Ricardo 31. 141 Navarro. Jr .. Fabio 31. /IS Neil. Victor 7 ) 141 Neloms. Nat alie 93. liS Nelson Monica 7 3 141 Neto. Lui s 96. 98 Newell Hilton 115 Newt o n Michael 14) Nickish e r John 115 Nickisher. Lori 63 14) Nickson Kim 14) Nieves. Yadira 15. 97. 99 Nolan J ennifer 14) Nolte. Fulvia 69. 115 Norton. Tamara 39 Nunez. Frank 98 o O Connner. Edward 95 O'Donnell. Amy 141 Ojeda. Alejandor 99. 141 Oliver. Oamien 96. 99 Olfendick. Jr .. Jerry 45 Ollendick. Nivia 115 Oller It zel 41 Ono. Cheiko 41. 116 Orendas. Mark 14) Ormsbee. Brian 40 Ortiz. Eduardo 116 Ortiz. Erly 98 Ortiz. Jr ., Enrique 95. 98. 141 Osorio. L ydia )4. 116 p Padilla Arit z a )4. 116 Padilla. Rub y 45 Pag an Irvin 116 Parent. Todd 43 141 Parriss. Jessica 97. 98 Pastre. Donie 141 Payne. Prag edis Payne. V ictor 116, 1)4 Pearson Alexander 14) Pearson Gustave 1/6 Peck. Stephen 9S 98. 14) Perdomo. Maudeli 116 Perez, Monica 9 7 98 P elers. Rob ert 141 Peterson, Ri chard 95. 143 Petkidis. Basilio 14. 3 1 38. 41. 116. 181 Peugnet. Frederick 143 Phillips Kimberly 14. 60. 116. 1 7 8. Pineda Nelson 58 99 143 PIal t e III. Mic ha e l 60. 143 Ponce. Michelle )1. 3 1 37. 41. 116. 181 Ponoton Hugo 95. 98 Powell. Cynthia 143 Pujo. Michael 99 Putnam. Chris t opher 98 P y lant Heather 37. 39. 43 143 Q Quinn II. Luth e r 61. 116 R Radmann. Brett 143 Radmann. Brian 98 Rail Courtney 98. 143 Rainford. Oscar 98. 143 Ramire z, Muriel 14. 30. 31. 37. 41. Ill. 181 Ratliff. Emily 39 Reddin g. Katherine 143 Reichard, Patricia 143 Reyes. Martin 9S. 117. IS) R ice. Kimberl y 59. 143. 1 7 8 R ichards. Carla 93, 98

PAGE 197

RIchards Carolyn 61. 1/7 178 RIchard s. He!clor 9). 98 1/7 RIchard son. AngeI.'J 117 RIdenour. Tere s a 14) Rldmg. Roberl 117 RIdin g. Wesle y 58. 99. 117 R,lllama s. Jr .. Alberto 99 I n RmcolJ. Lesley 117 Rincon Luis 14) R,vera Carmen 14) RIvera. Nc!lson 117 R,vera O "car 14) Robe!rl s. Lorrame I n Robin s Edward 99 143 RobmsolJ Jose 98. 1-13 Rodri guez. Ablgal Rodriguez. Angel 68 Rodri guez. InocenC I o 1-13 R odrig uez. Madel/m e ]5 Rodriguez. RIc k y 99. 117 Ro ger. G erard 117 Rogers. Donald 117 Ro gers. Salld, 3 7 61. 14-1 Roman DaVId 14-1 R oman. Rub e n 98. 99. 114 Roque. Wendy 14-1 Rose!nbur g Mar c 1-14 Rowe. Suzanne )3. 3). 61. 1-1-1. 147 Rowland. Leila 3 7 38. 39. 118. IS) Ro y o Roberto 118. 1)9 1 7 8 RUiz. Gabriel 14-1 Rus s ell. Harrlel 39 Rus sell MIchele 38. 39. 14-1 R y an Aenne!th 16) s Sab o rlo ClaudIa 16] Salaman c a Paul 118. IS) Salas, Nelson 16) SaI.'Jz ar D('bra -15. 16) Salaz ar. Ian 39. 118 Samson. John 16) S lHluels. Jealll c e 98. liS S mlU e l s. Jr . Rob,,'r t 3 7 1/-1 Sail M c ola s. John 1-1-1 San Mcolas R o nald 1 6 ] San chez. Ellnka -10. 16) SancJle z. TlIla 1-1-1 Sanders. Sla cle! ]5. 7 3 16] Sander s. Robe!rI 1 6 ] S,mlldgo. Celeste 14-1 Sanlla go. MIchele! 98 14-1 Sasso. Wendell 16] S chad. Benjamin 6]. 68. 1-1-1 Sell/nldt Cller y / liS Schulman Alex alJdrla 16) Schulte. Patrick 7-1. 14-1 Scilllerl George 16) Sc olland. Va/Ina 1-1-1 Scolt. Rando lph liS Sealey. Omar 16] Seals. Jeffrey 16] Seele y. Tan y a 16] Shal/y Jr . Rob ert 37. 144 Shea Su zanne )5. 16] Sllepard Mar y 14-1 Sh e rr y Mark 16] Sidelmker. DaVId liS Sle gerl. Jenmfer 16] Sliva. RIcardo liS S,lva s. Christopher 95. 1 6 ] SlIn s. Jr . Th e r o n liS 1]3. 1 7 8 Smg h. Salblr 16) Slothower. Malt 16) Smilh. C a s sandra Smith. Cesar Smith. David 16] Smith. D iwid P 16] Smith. Derek 60. 1-1-1 Smilh. D,ane 1-1-1 Smith Gilb ert I/S Smil/l Kelly 60. 14-1 Smith. MIchael i.J4 Suuth. Nallc y 145 Sl1l1th. Rafa e l 145 Smith. Stephen 95 145 Sn ead. Mark 16] Smde r C hrl S llrJe 1-15 Snow DawaIJa 16] Snow. MlcheJ/e! 1-15 S o llen Let! 1-15 Soper Karen liS 1)5 S oto. Robert 145 SOlO. Wilhelm 99. 16) Soulhard. Dawn 39. 163 Sponberg. Davi d 145 St D('nms. Brlall 98 5, Dennis. Heather 9 9 163 51. Delll1ls Jamll! 163 St J ohn. DarvIII Staffeldt. All/Ie:' -II. 119. IJ-I. 1 7 S IS) StaUle:'s. !'us aml e 163 Staple Ste!phanle 1-15 Stee le!. Cr y stal 163 Steek Samu e l 39. -I) 1/9. 1 7 8 SI(,lb Belhany Steib. Blak e 1-15 Steillmele r J o hll 98. 163 S l elfo)., Evel y n 163 19 3

PAGE 198

--( ----St ephenson Anjanette 3 7 1-15 Slt! U dri. Kathleen 16) St ewart. L iJUry n 119 Stobie, Mark 99 Stoker. Peirre 145 Slone. Barclay 163 Sl one. David 6), 145 Stromberg, Kar e n 11. )3, 7 5 119. 114 Strombe r g Russell 163 Stump Michael 145 StumvolJ Doug/a s 1 6 3 Sudd e r. Nancy 163 Sues cum. Anlonio 163 Summers. R a r y 145 Szymanski. Trac e y 163 T Tarta g lia Lawren c e 16) Tarta g lia Jr . Robert 145 Tartt, Darien 161 Taylor. Todd 60. f..I5 Teem s. Cammie 119 Teems, Connie 145 T e lesca. Benito 96 98. 163 T eles c a Ruth T erafl. Claudine 145 T erafJ, Lorena 163 T e ran Ramon 11. 119 Teran. Roge/ie 31. 119 T e racina Aug u sto 163 Terra z as S e r g io 163 Testa Ana 119 Te s ta J o s e 98. 163 Tha le. Brent 37. 43 119, IS) Thibodedu Jac k Tho mds Charle s 119. IS) Thomas Mar cus 16J Thomas. Shannon )5. 16J Thoma s. Jr . Michael 16J Tho /upson Juan 16J Thorn e. Patrici o 68. 1-15 Thru s h Terri Tiblier. Michael 6]. 119 Tijerina Fernando Tijerina. Julian 1]0 Tirado Aneth 16J Ti sby. Evon 99. 1)0 Tomlet Matthew 16J Torre s. Roy 164 T o wnsend. Pamela 16-1 Traina Michel/e 1-15 Tre mbla y. Margarita 75. 16-1 T sukamoto. Mito J7. 146 Tucker. Kevin 146 '9' Tunon. Jose 146 Turner Roy 60. 164 Tweed. Jr .. Anthony 146 u Ubben Ang ela 9S. 110. IS] Unkler ShanlJa 164 Urguid e z Adrain 110 Urquizu. Elizabeth J 7. J9 40. 41. 41. 146 Utter. JOlJathan 16-1 v Valdez Evengeline 164 Val/arino Ces ar 98. 146 Val/arino. Joaquin 110 Vallarino. Robert Va squez. DaVid 95 164 Vas quez. Tania 146 Vaughn Edwin 58 16-1 V iwglm. Eliz ab eth 164 Vega Eric 110 VaJazquez. Tina 1-16 Ventre. Mario IJO V est. Randal Vinlo". Deborah 110 Vo s e Robert 60 w Wa gner. James 60. 1-16 Walcott Ene 164 Walcott. Paul 164 Waldrup Sharteer 164 Walker David 6]. /46 Walk er. Harvey 164 Walker Scott 99 Walker Shannon 9J. 16-1 \fIdll. Kdrld )4. 39 0/0. 41. 110. IS) Warr e n Cri stie IJO. IS] Warren J ennifer 146 Watle y. Neysa ]4. 110 Watson. Gary 58. 9S. 1]0 Watson. Rene 164 Weaver. Vero nica 146 Weeks. Oalcelis 1]1 W eeks. L y n ette 14. 111 Welch. Erika 111 Welch. Thoma s 164 Wel/s Jr .. Walter 111, IS] Wetzstein. Joel 1-16 Wharr y. Casey 164

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a es Issin or naval a e

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Wheeli s Amy 146 White Cdr o l y n White. C h a rles 146. IS) Wh i t e H erb 1 6 4 White Theresa 1)1 Wicks. C h e r y l 164 Wilbur. David 1 6 4 Wilbur R e becca 46 164 Wileczek Miche lle 19. 1)1. 1)3 1 7 8 IS) William s. Chery l 146 William s. F e licia 146 William s. Fre d e r ic 164 William s. H olly )5. 164 W i lliam s. J ohn 146 William s Juan 164 William s. K enneth 164 William s Ke v in 146 William s S tecey 164 William s, Yad i ra 15, 164 William son, Dal e 165 W i llif o rd, David 165 Willif ord. R o b ert III Willin gham, Eric 146 Wilson Omdidd 45. 98 111 Wilson W endy 19. 1 6 5 Wil s on Z uleica 99 165 Winberg, Katrina )), )4, 11, 41. 150. 165 Windom, Leonard Winford, Bill 1)1 Winkler, C arl 146 Winkle r Edward 58, 146 Woerner, M ic ha e l Il" 1 78. 114 Wojasin s ki. Sean Wolfe. J ohn Wood Angela 165 Woot e n J ohn Rile y 165 W o rley. Laura 165 Wri ght. Der e k Wri ght. Martha 165 Wright. Pdu/60. Il/ Wru c k. John 1)1 Wu. Win ston 41 Il). 1l4 IS) y Y earwood Natd s hd 165 Yearwoo d Yan i na 41 46 z Zamo ra M d r i na )). 41. I)). 1 7 S Z e lko. Sdndrd 146 Z ornes. Frederic k 98. 1 65 Z u g b y Yvo nn e 11)

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J've got one ticket to Paradise. Thro u g h frustra tion a n d h ard w ork. the end i s fi nall y h e r e I look ba c k and the trip thro u g h p aradise seem s m o r e g l o riu s now than a t the begin ning of the year I have t o admi t I was afraid tha t I would n o t b e able t o handle the task I was a l o n e with a n inex p erie nced s t aff. Th e only h o p e I knew wa s Mr. R a ns o n After w orking togethe r th e previ o u s year we knew w h a t t o e x pect of each othe r and our s taff. Th e staff's coop eratio n and willing ness t o learn drove the m t o produce a m e m o r y book they w ould b e proud of. Con g r atula tion s Eve ryon e I h o p e the yearbook I h e lp e d everyon e pro d uce will be o n e you '/I r e m embe r and e njoy for m a n y years t o com e 2 0 4 .. I f . ) .. J' Jt1 leaving now.

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:!i. -.' '. , ,,( " .;; c . .' '':if' OJ;. , , )