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i.S i


00 5-;L~

A Balboa High School Student Publication
Volume 58, May, 1967

Introduction ..................

Athletics ......................

Student Activities ...........

Faculty & Administration ...

Sophomores .................

Juniors ..........................

Seniors .......... ............


.......... 3

......... 14


....... 102

....... 130

....... 154

....... 178









*av. a,




i. '%

JO- Ata

C ''i


h ~T?~C~'~


Showcases play an important part in keeping
Balboa High School attractive. They get us into the
spirit of Christmas or Carnival, they contain dis-
plays from various clubs, or they display class '
rings or graduation announcements.
But showcases require a lot more than work. A
certain creativity is necessary to make them a "
success. It is phenomenal to think that the show- .
case workers are able to come out with so many :;
fresh and original developments of the traditional
themes. Some of them deal with topics of current
and often controversial interest, while others may
employ popular cartoon characters.
Even so, showcases do require as much work as
perhaps less artistically inclined activities. First
they must be planned and designed. Then comes
the chore of gathering the components of the
showcase. Tedious and often discouraging hours
of actual construction follow.
The following morning comes the true test. As
crowds surround the showcase, committee members .
seep into the crowd, anxiously listening for com-
"Hey, that's pretty good!"
"That's really original!"

Xr ,,

VE 5


h11 i- -

':?tw. 1'.'
AV r Y p 'C'


?0 A f4f

Sports is another field in which the men behind
the scenes play an important part. Their role, while
not so glamorous as that of the athlete, is none the
less indispensable. Their quiet support lends a unify-
ing spirit to the sport, and is a valuable morale
The jobs of these students are many and varied,
but they all have one thing in common: they keep
the activity going. The jobs they fill may at first
seem insignificant: water boy, timer, messenger or
starter. Still, without people to do these things, our
sports could not be carried off with the accuracy
and harmony which the spectators take for granted.


; ... .. Itt, *

r4p"[ *. TF


4-A *h L

'a ~.-
~ *dk%



'- .4





illL .
^gj .- .. ..^.^.. *i wjij
^B *iii~i i r~irr.. ^ ^
&k. ^^WW"^



Each class has its own bulletin board which keeps
students posted on class activities and meetings,
the latest happenings, and a few current jokes.
Several clubs also have bulletin boards. The Sci-
ence Club bulletin board, for example, keeps us
posted on the latest scientific developments, while
the Future Teachers of America Club Bulletin board
acquaints us with National Education Week, or
v.;t, new methods and aids in teaching.

A great deal of confusion, hair-tearing and ten-
sion is involved in putting on a play. Through the
efforts of many determined committeemen, how-
ever, some sort of order finally begins to emerge,
and the Drama Club begins working as a whole to- -
ward one common goal: a perfect opening night.

; ( i..^

Costumes must be made. It seems a near im-
possibility to have them ready by rehearsal time,
but it is necessary so that actors can get used to
them. However, they are constantly subject to al-
terations, fittings or even complete replacement up
to opening night.
Make-up is another vital factor. The members
of this committee must experiment to find the
make-up combinations right for each actor.


Meanwhile, the stage crew is busy constructing
sets and scavenging the necessary props. Lighting
and sound effects must also be geared to fit the
mood of the play.


h pa~

* m *

Some committees, rather than being

club, work on promoting that interest. Pub-
licity committees are in charge of making
posters, sending out announcements and
advertising through local means. The over-
3 whelming turnout at the hootenannies this
4" year was largely due to the work of indus-
trious poster makers, and the publicity
stunt of the Isthmian Inklings greatly boost-
ed the sales of the school's literary maga-

Finally, committees must also be organ-
ized to sell and distribute what is publi-
cized. Orders for class rings and gradua-
tion announcements, as well as reservations
for dances, must be taken.


Athlete: ents .ire a re:ult oi h.,ur, of ,hard crk
and preparation b, team TenmbEri and :lud.nrt
, t ter,t:

' I l




S. .% .
v ; .

On February 3 and 4, Balboa High School hosted the
Seventeenth Annual Balboa Relays. Each year, at the end
of the track season, athletes throughout the Isthmus flock
to the Balboa Stadium to participate in this colorful event.
This year there were three divisions in which the athletes
could take pa-+. All contestants who hailed from the mili-
tary bases on the Isthmus, or the University of Panama,
were put in the Open Division. The Senior Interscholastic
Division was made up of teams from Canal Zone College
and all the high schools that wished to take part in the
contest. All athletes who attended junior high school were
placed in the Junior Interscholastic Division.
A large crowd was on hand both nights to watch Cristo-
bal take first place. Everyone that attended this year's
Relays agreed that it was one of the finest track meets
in the past several years.

En route to victory!

The relays get off to a fast start.

10~:-' '~
2; ~3~I~C



'A~ %

...S...' .i B
"'1 : ''* .. . '
..- .. ... ; .. .

* ., ,. ...


The runners come down the home-stretch.

S .o,

The look of victory.

Wilt Cassibry leads the field.

. ,


Gary Poock takes first place for B.H.S.

Bob Murphy sails over the bar in the first night of the Balboa Relays.

This contestant tries for a record in the broad jump.

Ralph Minton secures another win for B.H.S.

Mike Andrews heaves the shotput.

1 q

- :



2 5
'gr~aaB~~ Ilc-



i 2; "~i~*rp~cr%
't s-*P'~5

* r


I k

t,^ /

This year the Balboa Bulldogs, under the coaching of Mr.
Stew Brown swept through an undefeated season. The Bulldogs
participated in 3 quadrangular meets.
All the boys that were on varsity track this year had to
participate in intramural track before the regular season began.
These intramural meets gave the varsity squad a preview of the
regular season. For the members of last year's track team the
intramural meets were perfect for conditioning. Rookies on
the team profited by the experience they gained in these pre-
season contests.
Many boys lettered in track this year. Larry Quinn, the
captain of the track team, scored the most points for the
Bulldogs this year. i 0
With a large number of the boys that were on this year's ..
track team returning next year, the students of B.H.S. can look
forward to a banner year in track for 1968. i-

Ralph Minton takes the lead in a relay.

The varsity team enters.

1967 Varsity Track

B.H.S. C.H.S. C.Z.C.
531/2 491/2 39
561/2 421/2 45
63 43 41

Richard Wainio clears the bar in the first track meet of the year.

Our "mod" coach.

A Bulldog is edged out in a close race.

Varsity Track


From left to right, front row: Coach Brown; Steve Hubbard; Rich Allen; Ralph Stinson: John Cowan; Mike Andrews; Captain Larry Quinn; Dick
Lloyd; Larry Tynes; Rich Wainio; Mike Chavez: Gary Poock; Gary Cummings. 2nd Row: Rick Velasco; Fred Fox: Wilt Cassibry; Pat Fallon; Bill
Thompson; John Seddon; Mark Pickell: Ralph Minton; Jim McFadden; George Gimbalvo; Tom Duncan. 3rd Row: Manager Pablo Prieto; Clint
Reynolds; John Duin; Richard Ward; Bob Murphy. Not pictured are John Richardson and Ray Beattie.




*,, jl

( "' (? -

<\_~ ^-^^^1^*z

^*<.;:&^ 4


L; ':' Y
; ~.


A -' W 4, .< "
*"f ^ ^'", "
,' n" .- .

*: ~....A


The Bulldogs had a disappointing season this year, but
it was not a result of lack of hard work. Every game was
hard-fought to the finish.
For every pass that was completed in a game, twenty
were completed in practice. For every field-goal that
was kicked in a game, ten were kicked in practice. For
every yard that was gained in games, five hundred were
run in practice. The key word for the Bulldogs this year
was WORK.

The Bulldogs take a well earned break during half-time.

Bill Remy reflects the score of the game.

1967 Varsity Football

32........ Athletic Club ........ 0
12.......... Cristobal ..........32
0........... C.Z.C. ..........32
27........ Athletic Club........ 7
7.......... Cristobal ..........27
6........... C.Z.C. ........... 18

The Bulldog line clears the way.

The Bulldog back-field sweeps around end.

Bulldogs Provide

Rugged Opposition

Preseason exercise for the varsity football team
began in July. Monday through Friday for two
hours each day, prospective Bulldogs reported to
the gym for calisthenics. These exercises consisted
of sit-ups, push-ups, reaction drills, wind-sprints,
and laps around the football field. They continued
till the beginning of the school year, at.which time
football equipment was handed out and regular
practice began.
The team learned plays, different types of forma-
tions, and how to play the position they were go-
ing out for. When the first game rolled around we
had a well organized team.
The first game of the season was the annual Red
and White game. This was an intersquad game
which gave the Bulldog fans an opportunity to pre-
view their team. The Red team was victorious by
a score of 18 to 7.
Two weeks after the Red and White game, the
colorful Jamboree was held on the Atlantic side
of the Isthmus. The Bulldogs and many of the stu-
dents from BHS went to the other side with high
hopes, but returned rather downcast after Balboa
placed third in the all-team contest.
Determined to win their next game, the varsity
squad trained very hard. This game, which was
played against the Athletic Club, ended in a 32
to 0 rout in favor of the Bulldogs.
The following week, the Bulldogs travelled to
Coco Solo to battle the Cristobal Tigers. The
Bulldogs were favored to win by two touchdowns,
but at the end of the game the score stood at 32
to 12 in Cristobal's favor.
Canal Zone College handed Balboa its second
defeat. This game which ended with a score of 32
to 0 marked the end of the first half of the football
The second half of the season was a repetition of
the first half. Balboa defeated the Athletic Club
for a second time with a score of 27 to 7. In the
following two weeks the Bulldogs were beaten twice.
Balboa suffered its second defeat to Cristobal by
a 27 to 7 margin. In the Anchor Game, Canal Zone
College took a hard-fought game from Balboa, the
final score being 18 to 6.

,:"- .' f -. .. ,

j.... ., ',.
"" i '1 X,

-. O,
.i -t~ ~ j- :. .... ;-r--

Jerry Wooster passes against Cristobal.

Jim Jenner smashes -ke : ,k college opposition.

Bob Bacot folHows his blocker around right end.

M l

Coach Anderson plans next move. Coach Anderson goes over pass play with Jerry Wooster.

Mr. Ross Anderson and Mr. Herb Raybourn were the
coaches of the Bulldogs. Mr. Anderson was in charge of
the line and Mr. Raybourn piloted the back-field. After a
full day of teaching, both coaches spent two hours each
night guiding our varsity squad.
Few people realize the amount of work that coaches must
do during a season. There are many problems that coaches
must solve before the first game is played.
In the first week of school the coaches must draw up

team rosters, post practice schedules, issue equipment,
and do a number of other jobs. A coach must be present
at every practice session. He must work his team very hard,
but never hard enough to make them lose their morale.
During the course of a football season, a good coach
will become many different things to the men on his team.
He will become a teacher, an advisor, and above all, a
good friend.

Coach Raybourn sends in a substitution.

Front Row: Mike Andrews; Fred Webster; Robert Murphy: Richard Plucker: Louis Husted: George
Giambalvo: Douglas Artley. Second Row: Neil Doherty; John Richardson; Roy Wilson; James
Jenner; Jerry Wooster; Ray Beatie. Third Row: Marshall Harris: Kenneth Justice: Dick Gregg;
Stanley Ward; John Burkman; Timmy Lane: Mark Pickell; Dennis Dorf. Fourth Row: Raymond
Mitchell; Rick Velasco; Bob Bacot; Jim Hellmund; Barry Douglas: Richard Wanio; David Litz.
Fifth Row: Robert McGuinness; Neil Frauenheim, Robert Hughes: Robert Cookson, Bill Remy: Sam
Ruiz; Kurt Muse. Sixth Row: Mike Beatie; James O'Donnel; David Vosburgh; Russel Arrell.

1967 Bulldogs

AV um ^


1967 Swimming Results

B.H.S. C.Z.C. C.H.S.
Boys 72 3 22
Girls 62 30
Boys 72 9 7
Girls 65 29
Boys 67 7 28
Girls 67 23
Boys 75 6 12
Girls 76 19

Bulldogs Swim

To Victory

All persons that were interested in being on the varsity swimming
team were told to report to the gym on November II. In this meet-
ing, Coach Raybourne told the prospective Bulldogs what the sea-
son would consist of. He told the group to exercise by themselves for
three weeks and then he would lead them through practice for five
more weeks. Finally, after eight weeks of practice the Bulldogs had
their firjt meet.
The first meet was held at Coco Solo. Our team got off to a slow
start, but made a quick recovery, and managed to win the contest.
The next meet was held at Balboa. The Bulldogs were favored to
win by a wide margin. Our team piled up an early lead and added
to it throughout the meet.
The third meet was again hosted by Cristobal, the latter being
.defeated by the powerful Balboa team. Many people thought that
B.H.S., after having won the first three meets, might become over-
confident and lose their fourth and final meet. The Bulldogs, how-
ever, disproved these rumors and reigned supreme in their final
During the course of the season many records were broken by
members of the B.H.S. swimming team. In a banquet held on January
4, awards and trophies were presented to the Bulldogs for their out-
standing performance during the course of the season-a fine end to
a fine season.

-r .- .. _-.

,t:.0* -- ,
. -,,y.... ,,
QP~ .


.t *1

.4 ~

L_~-' ~
~irc~-- .;4t

-T'~C' _C ~J:i~
'' ~rcy
E~- I~ --.:




A good turn can win a race.

Alfred Creque flashes fine form on the backdive.

A good team just doesn't happen; it takes practice,
determination, and ability. The Bulldogs combined these
three qualities this year to swim to a perfect season.
The Bulldogs practiced for eight weeks in order to
swim in four meets. Day after day the Balboa swim ."
team practiced for upcoirrm;n. meets. To build stamina
and endurance the members of the swimming team
swam laps, sprints, and did regular dry land exercises.
Under the supervision of Coach Raybourne the Bull-
dogs developed from an enthusiastic group of untrained
swimmers into a well organized winning team. With
many of this year's Bulldogs returning next year, Balboa ,
can look forward to another brilliant season in 1968. "

Coach Raybourne surveys hopeful prospect

Becky Fall races to a victory in the freestyle.



* ; ; ~ ___ -. e a -e0r

Another blue ribbon for Balboa.

Tom Straight shows good form in the backflip.

B.H.S. executes a lack-knife.

Front Row: Bob Smith: Dennis Jacobs; Jim LeFebvre; Jim Jenner; David Pickett; Tom Straight: Second Row: Ray Beattie; Jerry Bressler;
Charles Shaulis; Watt Jenkins: Alfred Creque; Third Row: John Pylant; Bob Duin; Danny Sovern; Keith Bromley; Butch Kennon; Fourth Row:
Gary Crull; Mike Hernandez

1967 Swimming Team

Front Row: Elve Sellers; Jane Wilson; Becky Fall; Second Row: Florence Thompson: Tonya Huffman; Jerry Jenner; Sandy Laird; Third Row:
Kathy Rosenblatt; Vivian Kosan; Georgette Gunn: Lee Martin; Pat Jones


;spF. -l
.~Ap JQ4af

"JV~p ~ ;.
'~L~:-~r"~~ It
: ?!C:::a~:
~ ,~X :-
iw ,~lsPIEl~..;r..;

*t: ,?



* .Cd~

Baseball practice began in the middle of January.
Every afternoon the candidates for the varsity squad
could be found practicing in the stadium. Before reg-
ular practice began each day, the team had to go
through a half hour of conditioning exercises. These
exercises included pushups, setups, different types of
stretching exercises, and the running of many laps.
Under the coaching of Mr. Herb Raybourne the
members on the team practiced batting, fielding, and
many other basic fundamentals of baseball. In the first
week of practice the members on the team decided on
which positions they would like to play. During the
course of the next three weeks many men quit or were
cut from the team. The final cut was made three days
before the first game.
The first game was on February 8, against Canal
Zone College. The Bulldogs, edged out by one point,
suffered a d;co:uragqir defeat.
As we were going to press, the Bulldogs were pre-
paring for their upcoming game with SDAC.

John Disharoon hits a line drive.

Coach Raybourne goes over the plans for the season.

Larry Quinn throws to first base.

Ron Farnsworth fires a fast ball.

Timmy Lane fields a hot grounder.

A Bulldog takes a throw from second base.

.., i

~a~ D4.


I : ..- ...*a- , .' ,

-,B ^ . ..

T -.-.;*- 2,

.aui -1- < -- ^ -.4-4
^--"l- t-. -* -- ^. *i ..* -A .

!44* a~~e;

* 4*

S 7* tI4'~




Cr. - t s

." I -



'I.. IN

wg as,

- ' .. -- .,

C. -


A Bulldog bunts one down first base line.

Coach Raybourne gives the team a rest.

The Bulldogs wait for practice to begin.


A Bulldog "fouls one off."

Goef Hibner fires a fast ball.

The Bulldog bench shows mixed
emotions over a close play.

Varsity Baseball

Front row, left to right: Ron Farnsworth; Rick Velasco; John Stanely; Alan Gibbs; Jerry Wooster, Reed Hawthorne; Tom Herman. Second Row:
Geoff Hibner; John Disharoon: Raul Fabrega; Wilt Cassibry; Mike Chavez; Larry Quinn; Neil Frauenheim; Coach Raybourn.

* A

I,,.. 1 9 A'1 4




'C1 ~;


?" .!Ti! .: .
"* I ^ :'
I "'. *

Varsity tennis started early in February. The varsity
tennis team is broken up into the girls team and the boys
team. Coach Anderson coaches the boys team, while the
girls team is under the direction of Miss Hardin.
As we were going to press, the girls team was preparing
for their first match. The boys team had played three
games. In their first game the Bulldogs beat C.H.S. by a
score of 3 to 2.
A week later the Bulldogs suffered their first defeat
of the season. AC swarmed over B.H.S. by a score of
4 to 0. .- ..- :..* .
The Bulldogs played their third game against C.Z.C.
In this game the college team handed the varsity squad
its second defeat, the final score was 4 to I.
As we were going to press, the boys team was prepar-
ing for their second match with C.H.S.

Bob McGuiness waits for the serve.

Sam McGuinness shows winning style. Becky Fall practices her serve.

.&' .

,b&1% '

A.. ,

Greg Cascante takes a break between matches.

Jane Wilson volleys with the

Bob McGuiness practices his serve.


.. ..' ..,:, ... , . .Y .
" ]' 4_' .. .. .-,.] . '.. ." .
." .. -' ..' ,'"T ; ,. . ',.Y i :


At (~vF
4~ q __ __

Miss Hardin demonstrates the serve and ..

the backhand.

Alan Seller looks over the opposition.

Wayne Folger slaps one over the net.



A member from the A.C. team serves to
a mighty Bulldog.

Mrs. Naulty slams one over the net.

Greg Cascante shows good form in the

Front row, left to right: Bob McGuiness; Gregg Cascante. Second row: Wayne Folger;
Allen Seller; Sam McGuiness.

Varsity Tennis Team



-A :

Front row, left to right: Georgette Gunn; Jane Wilson: Becky Fall. Second row: Lynne
Frauenhelm; Vilma De Lima: Wilma Zellhoefer.



.^^^^ ^^^R^M^ ^&



ad^B ^^

1; 1

di ..*



Every girl in intramural bowling spent long hours practic-
ing at this sport. During the bowling season a great number
of girls from B.H.S. could be found at the bowling alley,
trying to improve their game. Many of the girls that were
bowling in the eighties, at the beginning of the program,
were breaking one hundred by the end of the season.

Linda Rozzelle was one of the many girls that participated
in intramural bowling.

Barbara Lorenzen was the highest scorer in
intramural bowling.

* .5

g int -i

""` dtwA,'4


The leading scorers in Girl's Basketball were Jane Wilson and Becky Fall.

Girl's Basketball


Left to right, fr it row: Jane Wilson; Lynne Frauenheim. Second Row: Aggie Proback; Loraine
Crawford; Pat H, nigan. Third Row: Trudi Ivli; Valerie Mclntire; Georgette Gunn: Wilma Zellhoefer.


This year the girls volleyball team played four games. Our
team from B.H.S. was pitted against teams from Canal Zone
College and Cristobal High School. Our team placed second
with a record of two wins and two losses. Many of the girls
that participated in this year's \c.lle,ball program, have al-
ready started to recruit players for next year.

Jane Wilson serves to C.Z.C.

Georgette Gunn "sets one up."

Tension mounts as the game progresses.

1967 Football


Left to right: Bob Hughes, Queen Betty Peak, John Richardson.

1967 Track Queen

Front, left to right: Marrianne Durban; Queen ZiZi Jones; Carol Adair. Back row: Larry Quinn; Mr. '.'..Ilm.-. Geof Hibner; Mr. Pettingill;
Roy Wilson.



Dances are among the mar;n act ..ties .,hch require
cop.ous amounts of uork. Corrnrrittee muuit be established
to plan the theme and decorator.: to f.nd a iutable lo:a.
tion for the dance to arrange for a band and to ha.e
the court elected The committee rrembers are rewarded
lor the.r work .hen the dance -s a succe's.

Fran Stabler receives some much needed extra help.

During the school day the students of B.H.S.
study together in class, but at 2:45 they are free
to follow their individual interests. Balboa High
School offers many different choices in extra-cur-
ricular activities; the doors of our school stay open
until 4:30.

Mrs. Gordon goes over a difficult chemistry problem
for interested students.

Howard Davidson 5nd his opponent relax
at a Chess Club after a day at

Barbara Naron puts the finishing touch on Diane
.Mortellaro's costume.

One of the many extra-curricular activities B.H.S. offers
is that of drama. Interested students have the opportunity
to join the Drama Club and thereby be eligible to be on
any of the committees that work on the plays. Any student,
whether in the Drama Club or not, may try out for a part
in these plays.

Gus Rocos and Malena Bremer in Antigone.

Mrs. Gruver directs Gary Polk and Pat Han-
nigan in a scene from The Importance of
Being Ernest.


a ~41_~

Mary Bolton, often seen working in the Bookstore, sells Sandy Garner
a B.H.S. Pillow.

Balboa High School is full of students who are
willing to donate their free time to offer services
for other students. Without these people, Balboa
High School could not provide students with the
Bookstore, the Lunch Room, or any of the other
services available.

Harvey James spends each lunch hour changing coins for hungry

Sharon Botzenmeyer, and other members of the Band, put in a lot of practice before a performance.

B. H. S. also has activities which fall somewhere -
between the category of classwork and extra-cur- F
ricular activities. Although students participating
in these activities receive a grade, they are also .. .
performing a service for other students: that of

Drill Team members spend on the average of five hours of their own free time
each week in practice.

The boys played hard in football, but enjoyed every minute.

The Athletics program attracts more students than any
of the other extra-curricular activities. During the year nearly
every sport is offered.
For the boys, baseball, basketball, and football are the
most popular intramurals.

Coach Brown gives the boys some suggestions.

Timmy Lane warms up before a game.

k'fIT "

,A r

4* :fC




The team gets together for a little practice before the game begins.

1L.. B. . .


1 "

B. H. S. girls seem to prefer volleyball and bas-
ketball to the other sports.

i r"-<,^^ -

With practice time over, the girls must get down to serious busine

* .



l7'\ 1ftj

Mrs. Young referees a game of field-hockey, another popular




4w> 3' l4


'V _,

Left to Right: Charlie Spencer, Juanita Milas, Geoff Hibner

Student Association

Charlie looks over the Homeroom representative list.


Last May the student body of B.H.S. elected Student
Association officers for this school year. The results
were: President, Geoff Hibner; Vice-President, Charles
Spencer. Juanita Milas and Debby Anderson were ap-
pointed secretaries. When Deb left for Spain Karen
Birch was asked to take her place. At each meeting both
girls can be seen hard at work taking notes of what is
S.A. Representatives met in the auditorium every
other Wednesday with the S.A. officers to discuss ac-
tivities and offer suggestions to make B.H.S. even better.
As the Zonian goes to press the S.A. is hard at work
putting together a B.H.S. Handbook to help new stu-
dents get acquainted with our high school and its ac-

A :h .4
l, i

/5; I

Mr. Bondurant explains a point in the B.H.S. Constitution to the three officers.

Geoff considers the suggestion of a Girls' Letterman Club.

Juanita goes over the minutes of the last S.A. meeting.

IL !.*'I 31,i,- 01


Front Row: K. Lucas, D. Kennedy (Pres.) K. Robbins, J. Miles. Second Row: J. Wilson, J. Morales, H. Thompson, M. Bandy, S. South. Third Row: W.
Ouiros, S. Botzemnayer, J. Richardson, L. Axelson, P. Hannigan, R. Rodriguez, J. Thomson. Fourth Row: J. McGrath, N. Hertz, L. Frauenhelm, A.
Baggot, W. Zelhoefer, R. Hammeffer, M. O'Neil. Fifth Row: P. Sellers, L. Bertoli, S. Laue, M. Johnson, G. Hibner, J. Farrish, K. Collins, D. Heck,
C. Stratton.

National Honor Society

The National Society is a society to which relatively few
selected students belong. There are four criteria which a
student must meet before he can be considered for member-
ship: character, scholarship, leadership and service. Candi-
dates must have a good moral character; they must be truth-
ful, honest with themselves and others, and trustorthy. They
must maintain a 'B" (3.0) average or better. They must lead
others, not necessarily holding some kind of office, but
leading others by their own good example. They must also be
willing to support their school by joining clubs, participating
in athletics, drama, or other parts of school life. The students
who arg outstanding in these areas are chosen to be mem-
bers f'this society.
Fall initiation ceremony of the National Honor Society

F" A

d iImI -/

arr IU I -w E E mi -
Front Row: Kathy Lucas, Liliana de la Guardia, Margaret O'Neal, Elena Chadakowski. Standing: Steve Laue, Bill Carpenter, Jane Wilson,
Louis Bertoli.

Spanish Honor Society

President Margaret O'Neal and Miss Perez, spon-
sor, check out the newly arrived pins.

The Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica is a national organization
sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and
Portuguese to recognize outstanding achievement and to encourage
students to continue their study of the Spanish language. To be
eligible, a student must have five semesters of Spanish; during this
time he must earn no less than four 'A's and no more than one 'B'.
Their overall average must be no lower than a 'C', and they must
have a satisfactory citizenship record.

Seated: Mary Bolton, Danelle Haff, Laine Almstead, Standing: Ed Eder, Diane Gorin, Glerda Garner, Charlie Spencer.

Debate Club

I I I I 1'Z.I.

Front Row: Meredith Markun, Marcella
White, Dennis Dorff.

Walker, Patty Jones, Mary Arenz.

The Debate Club, sponsored by Miss Keen, is for
students who express an active interest in debating.
Opportunities are given for preparing debates and
participating in them.

Second Row: Mickey Kaplan, Jim Vosburgh, John Cowan, Dennis

Experience is gained by following definite rules of
debate as well as public speaking. During the school
year members of the club debate with teams from
Christobal and the College.

Library. Club

The purpose of the Library Club is to promote high-
er standards for reading and to create interest in the
library in general. Under the supervision of Miss Rider,

club sponsor as well as our school librarian, the mem-
bers carry out such projects as collecting paperback
books and processing them for the library.

Front Row: X. Wood, S. Allarilla, P. Borden, C. Arnold, V. Brown. Second Row, P. Jones, S. Garner, C. Brown, M. Leszcz, R. Hassler, S.
Derek, S. Cochran. Third Row: E. Sellens, S. Woida, R. McArthur, P. Bower, V. Brown, M. Stewert, W. Gonzalez, V. Schock.

I '

Isthmian Inkling Staff

Front Row: J. Wilson, M. Bremer, P. Jones, J. Longhill, B. Gaudy (Editor), L. Lowe, L. Murphy, A. Baldwin. Second Row: C. Arnold, M.
Andrews, H. Thompson, C. Hermann, C. Kelsey, D. Schneider, Z. Jones. Third Row: D. Sturgeon, G. Gregg, Y. Diaz, K. Warren, C.
Clark, S. Laue, P. Bray, C. Robbins. Fourth Row: M. Floyd, A. Husney, D. McAndrews, D. Dorff.

The Isthmian Inkling Staff publishes the school's liter-
dry magazine under the supervision of Mrs. Knapp.
Talented sophomores, juniors, and seniors submit short

stories, essays, and poetry for consideration by the staff.
Those most eminently publishable are used

Future Homemakers Of America

The Future Homemakers of America Club is spon-
sored by Mrs. Latimer and Mrs. Norton. The members
are those girls interested in home projects, such as

flower arrangement, child care, home management, etc.
Many interesting speakers are their guests at social

Front Row: Eike Foreman, Judy Vogel, Kathy Lucas (Pres.), Janice Hirschl, Julie Murphy. Second Row: Mrs. Latimer, Alice Baggot, Beth
Speir, Marlene Letourneau, Terry Scanlon, Mrs. Norton.


A <,

C '"; .

^T6^ *'^T
I ? -? <
Y' fl

Front Row: M. O'Neal, S. Laue, S. Brown, K. Lucas. Second Row: R. Rodriguez, Unidentified, T. Andre, S. Laird, V. DePiper, V. DeLuna, J.
Morales, P. Jones. Third Row: W. Foscue, E. Eder, A. Smith, M. Bolton, R. Negrone, T. Huish, D. Ward. Fourth Row: Unidentified, B. Walsh, G.
Brestler, J. Farish, O. Bolado, D. Gorin, M. Senzer, K. Collins. Fifth Row: J. Stephen, D. Marchuk, C. Stratton, J. Latimer, G. Graham, W. Smith,
S. Berell. Sixth Row: K. Stall, R. Lloyd, F. Gimmel, Unidentified.

Science Club

Promoting a more active interest in science, an ap-
preciation of the importance of science in our lives,
and fostering an understanding of career possibilities
in the field of science are the main purposes of the

Judy Farish, Jeanette Morales, and Belinda Walsh,
members of the bulletin board committee, pause to
admire their handiwork.



Science Club. In this club one is free to explore a
scientific field by means of films, talks, discussions, and

President Sorrel Brown discusses future activities with club members.

French Club

Front Row: Vilma de Lima (Treas.), Norman Holland (Sec.), Cecelia Lopez (V.P.), Roseanna McArthur (Pres.). Second Row: Kathy Melan-
son, Aleyda Castro, Marcela Chu, Shelley Hicks. Third Row: Vivian Reboursin, Eduardo de Alba, Brooke Alfaro, Diana Gorin, Mary Arbaugh.

Le Cercle Francais is designed to give students who
are studying French an opportunity to learn more about
the customs and history of the French people.
The big event of the club year is the Mardi Gras Ban-

quet which takes place at Carnival time. The club mem-
bers join in preparing French foods and participating in
a typical French celebration.

Latin Club

The Senatus Populasque Romanis, or Latin Club, is
a member of the Junior Classical League, a national
organization of Latin Clubs. The purpose of the Latin
Club is to study the customs, culture and language of

Rome. Each year the club has a Roman Banquet to
which everyone wears a toga, and at which Roman
food is served.

Front Row: Lila Ross, Toni McGrath, Second Row: C. Shaulis, D. Holmes, G. Graham, B. Bryant.

Future Nurses




Front Row: S. Villarreal, L. Denton, J. Morales, T. McGrath, M.
Farrish, S. Stewert.

The Future Nurses of America Club is designed to
acquaint girls with the field of medicine. Throughout
the year these girls have the opportunity to hear many
outstanding speakers on various subjects. Three or four

Andrews. Second Row: C. Barons, L. Almstead, A. Gahr, K. Stevensen, J

field trips are planned, including visits to the Leper
Colony at Palo Seco, Middle American Research Unit,
and Corozal Hospital, giving the girls a chance to see
nursing in action.

Photo Club

This year's Photo Club was sponsored by Mr. Nor-
ton. Using the club's own photo lab and equipment,
members provide a photo service for students and fac-

ulty, which includes supplying pictures for both the
Zonian and Parrakeet.

Front Row: Kathy Brown, Ho Kok Ping, Debby Goldfein. Second Row: Allen Husney, Steve Shepperd, J. Hernandez, J. Bressler. Third Row:
Mr. Norton, J. Stephen, Arnold Talbott.

l :l :':

1 .. 4

ilse 40

Front Row: Alice Baggott, Nancy Hart, Carol Wigg, Merri Bandy, Sara Rodriguez, Carol Adair, Gail Goodrich, Mrs. Bissett. Second Row:
Barbara Lorenzen, Betty Peak, Shirley Fontaine, Mary Ann Durbon, Kathy Melanson, Genie Paige, Nora Quinn, Sue Stewart, Peggy Mc-
Dowell. Third Row: Jane Wilson, Sandra Laird, Sue Speevak, Sybil Markun, Eiko Foreman, Kathleen Lynch, Brenda Beech, Olivia Gomez.
Fourth Row: Madalaine Leszcz, Roseanna McArthur, Mary Rabbitt, Cathy O'Neill, Kirti Huhta, Melody Dymmel, Kathy Wainio, Kay Stephen-
son. Fifth Row: Lois Denton, Mary Floyd, Georgette Gunn, Janet Scigliane. Vivian Kosan, Daryl Garrett, Marilyn Gilley.

Future Teachers



The Future Teachers of America Club is one of the
most active organizations in Balboa High School. The
members of the club not only listen to guest speakers,
as do most clubs, they also carry on many extensive
outside programs. They tape stories and articles in both
Spanish and English to send to Paloseco Leprosarium.
During the year they also visit Paloseco.
Interested members have an opportunity to partici-
pate in a teaching' program. They give up their study

halls and lunch hours to go to Balboa Elementary School,
where they help grade papers, read stories, and some-
times supervise the children's play hour.
The Club also holds an Annual Christmas Party for
the children of a town in the interior. Members supply
the refreshments and bring gifts for the children. This
year four mothers from the \;lage of Loma del Jabon
came, bringing with them twenty-eight children.

Girls' Athletic Association

Front Row: M. Kucikas (Co-ordinator of Officials, L. Frauenheim (V. Pres.), B. Fall (Pres.), P. Hannigan (Recorder), K. Stevensen (Sec.).
Second Row: D. Elia, B. Holmes, C. Boukalis, S. Haynes, J. Farrish, V. Rodriguez, J. Wilson. Third Row: M. Will, L. Lowe, D. Gomez, M.
Little, J. Jenner, P. Chase, C. Clinchard, V. Kosan, R. Hammetter. Fourth Row: M. Stewart B. Toothman, N. Quinn, P. Grimm, L. Grismore.

The Girls' Athletic Association is composed of girls
who are interested in many different sports. In the G.A.A.
they learn game rules, how to play, and good sports-
manship. Many of the more popular sports are softball,

basketball, tennis, volleyball, and field hockey. At five
o'clock one can often see these enthusiastic girls still
playing hard on the field or court.

Audio-Visual And Office Assistants

Front Row: A. Hauntz, L. Axelsen, Bev Sener, J. Wilson, L. Niedanthal. Second Row: J. Aanstoos, S. Stephens, B. Forrest, S Waters, L. Patton,
B. Bryant. Third Row: C. Appin, P. Chase, C. Johnson, E. Clouse, M. Makibbin, M. Sweet, P. Rhoshe, Fourth Row: A. Castillo, L. Housed, N.
Bassan, T. Fritts, R. Cookson, B. Keller.



I ~c ~~r- a

Future Business Leaders Of America

Front Row: Officers: S. Lane, I. Duffus, M. Arenz. Second. Row: C. Foster, T. Hogan, E. Sellens, J. Hicks, P. Jones, N. Garner, M.
Watkins, A. Pescod. Third Row: Mrs. Vaut, M. Walker, M. Ricker, P. Bierbaum, M. Collins, A. Ballanez, M. E. Kucikas. Fourth Row: K.
Mills, G. Cascante, M. Azorak, Unidentified, D. Jacobs, C. French, B. Woods, P. Carastilla, Fifth Row: R. Attia, Mrs. Sheppard, Mrs.
Murphy, G. Giambalbo, A. Garr.

The Future Business Leaders of America Club pre-
pares students for a career in the business world. Look-
ing ahead to the time when they must choose their life's
work, the members of this club study existing business

conditions and work to develop skills necessary for
success. Guest speakers from important commercial es-
tablishments in the community present important points
and methods.

Secretarial Club

The Secretarial Club, under the direction of Mrs.
De La Mater, can be found in the old college building
working hard for the teachers. They busily type various

papers, schedules, and lists. The Secretarial Club not
only helps the teachers, but also collects candy for one
of the orphanages at Christmas.

Front Row: V. Reboursin, D. Boswell, A. Pescod, E. Tinkler, B. Macchiarella. Second Row: S. Engelke, S. Lane, N. Garner, L. Stetler,
J. Lindh. Third Row: T. Smith, M. Walker, J. Deemer, T. Giovenetti, K. Birch. Fourth Row: C. Anderson, K. Mills, M. Arenz, L. Dixon,
D. Lusan.

Front Row: Mrs. Gruver, NATIONAL THESPIANS: Pat Hannigan, Linda Axelson, Judy Walton, Meredith Markun. Unpictured: Malena
Bremer, President, Charlie Adams, Arnold Talbott. Second Row: Linda Lowe, Peggy Anderson

Drama Club

The Drama Club is one of the most active groups in
Balboa High School. The Club sponsors the school
plays, with members making up the necessary commit-
tees and doing work behind the scenes. The Club put

out two plays this year, Antigone, a Greek tragedy,
and The Importance of Being Ernest, an English comedy.
Both plays were a great success.

Chess Club

This year the Chess Club had Mr. Milam as its
sponsor. Although the club is a small one, all the mem-
bers take an active part in its activities. One of the

Front Row: J. Farish, R. Rodriguez, C. Simms. Second Row: M.
C. St. John, R. Cleveland, H. Davidson.

purposes of the Chess Club is to provide an oppor-
tunity to learn to play chess to the students of B.H.S.

Chung, P. Gilman, D. Lustgarten. Third Row: J. Garcia, de Paredes,

Front Row: M. Hawk, M. Bolten, P. Grimm, N. Quinn, C. Kelly, M. Vincent, T. Troetsch, Mrs. Diaz. Second Row: A. Husney, T. McGrath, M.
Jackson, O. Bolado, V. Hoyle, X. Vargas, N. Dobrinich, M. Markun. Third Row: J. Garcia, R. Attia, L. Oliver, S. Chong, C. Aponte, C.
Hirsch. Fourth Row: M. Gilley, D. Gorin, J. Martinez.

Spanish Club

Front Row: M. Kocikas, Y. Diaz, C. Villamil (Pres.), A. Castro, M. Little. Second Row: M. Andrew, D. Goldfein, J. Ybarra, S. Rodriguez, L
Guarniera, A. Clouse, V. Pena, P. Anderson, Mrs. Diaz. Third Row: A. Pescod, J. Wilson, J. Milas, M. Sasso, S. Vieto, R. McArthur, J.
Metcalf. Fourth Row: E. Mizrachi, S. Speevak, R. Mizrachi, J. Risburg, K. Foster, C. Castillo, Y. Diaz, E. Young. Fifth Row: I. Hertz, C. LoPez,
M. Young, M. Collins, N. Andrews, P. Chase, A. Lim, A. Troesch.

/ -


Foreground: Kathy Warren, Pat Hatfield.
Regina Gasperi, Mary Sharp.

Background: John Schwamb, Jane Wilson, Ron Rodriguez, Becky Simon, Christopher Carter, Merri Bandy,

Parrakeet Staff

Regina Gasperi, a working editor.

The Parrakeet is a monthly publication written and produced by
Balboa High School students. The 1966-1967 staff has concentrated
upon developing good news style and skillful make-up.
Hours of lay-out, proofreading, picture-taking and selling advertis-
ing were put in by this year's Parrakeet Staff. To get the latest news,
Parrakeet staff members were kept busy finding new attractions
at Balboa.
Staff members profit from the opportunity to develop a good
journalistic style and to learn the mechanics involved in newspaper

Mr. Brown, Parrakeet sponsor, compliments his editor-in-chief on a job well done.



John Schwamb checks with La Boca Printing Plant on date of publi-


EDITOR, Regina Gasperi
STAFF ARTIST, Ron Rodriguez
REPORTERS: Merri Bandy
Chris Carter
Pat Hatfield
Mary Sharp
Becky Simon
Kathy Warren-

Jane Wilson and Merri Bandy discuss different headline ideas.

Ron Rodriguez puts the finishing touch on a cartoon for the
next edition.

Kathy Rose asks Miss Hardin about the prospects of thick
year's girls' basketball team.

Barbara Bickerstaff, Teri Case, Danelle Haff, Diane Howard,
and Robyn Hammetter are caught during a moment of serious-

The Zonian


ART EDITOR-Barbara Bickerstaff
Ho Kok Ping
Rodolfo Young


Jenie Disney
Kathy Disney
Robert Ryan

Al Schonert
Jerry Turner
Ginger Wertz,


Jenie and Kathy Disney spent many a
Zonian Office.

lunch hour slaving in the

Although the girls insist that it is a teddy bear, the inside story
has it that it's really their psychoanalyst.

1 RP

Gary Johnston, our dauntless Athletics Editor, expertly solves
a problem in copy location.

Mary Rabbit, Teri Scanlon, Barbara Lorenzon, Gary Johnston, Sybil Markun,
and Arnold Talbott try to look serious for the Zonian camera.

It is no easy task to capture the essence of a school year between
the covers of a book, but each year the Zonian Staff sets out to
do this. Many hours of work after school, intensive study of the
esoteric art of journalism, and just plain sweat produce a yearbook.
Each year the staff, helped by many willing hands, faces its dead-
lines, grits its teeth, and plunges in. Each year the staff does the
seemingly impossible and encompasses another year in the history
of Balboa High.

Barbara Bickerstaff enjoys the pause that refreshes.

fl^, '-. k: m'. ^
I'T~ ^ *. ^ tt "^? I'
.. ... ... ^'

,V i

'v 7PiI

Robyn Hammetter, intrepid girl accountant, reads
1,000 and I Ways to Juggle the Books.

Mr. Welch, our able advisor, smilingly suggests,
"Well, if worst comes to worse, you can always
work on Sunday."

No, it's not combat fatigue, just another case of Saturday afternoon "deadline-itus."


Left to right: Duncan Laird, Gary Pickenpaugh, Mike Smith, Al Huish, Jim Snyder.

i'd Ii In l !! u'* Iii Il
S:'] i i iilB i' !'!!! "' P ^ i



Front Row: M. Colclasure, P. MacDonell, E. Gomez, P. Hall, O. Gomez, J. Wilson, R. Cole, T. Mosely. Second Row: J. Walton, J. Snyder, G. Andri-
chuk, C. Anderson, S. Laird, K. Kelsey, K. Leonard, J. Andre, N. Garrett, S. Sloan, T. Dean, B. Christmas, R. Worsham, M. McCauley, E. Lee, G. Brady,
B. Naron. Third Row: P. Prince, J. Jenner, H. Winter, L. Denton, T. Giron, Mr. Thompson, M. Dymmel, D. Vosburgh, B. Foster, N. Night, D. Winn, K.
Lane, T. Snyder, R. Summers.

Mr. Thompson gives last minute directions.






Front Row: S. Adams, I. Campos, S. Walsh, L. Grismore, N. Vecchione, T. Bemvenek, C. Vie-to, M. Turneo, B. Knight, D. Olliver, A.
Row: A. Besaw, I. Walker, N. Posch, M. Rabbitt, F. Thompson, B. Speir, B. Gaudy, L. McBayne, C. Jemmott, C. Malanga, S. Coffey, E
Row: V. Kosan, B. Bernard, A. Goldfein, K. Dei.er, T. Scanlon, D. Askins, S. Walsh, B. Simons, V. Hoyle, P. Ward, K. Lynch, S. Garn
Fourth Row: K. Bromley, B. Jenrick, W. Dockery, A. Talbott, M. Hoy, A. Borrero, Douglas Roper, M. Bannister, A. Garcia. Piano: Inez

Balboa Belles

Left to Right: Joyce Seeley, Pat Hannigan, Sandy Garner, Vickie Barnes, Beth Speir, Jane Wilson, Vivian Kosan.

Ib *




Barsosky. Second
.Dorfman. Third
er, Joyce Seeley.



c* :'.

I I '--

,.y 44

First Row: V. Hooper, S. Laird, M. Markun, R. Fall, L Denton, T. Bembenek, M. Sneed, T. Huffman, M. Kucikas, C. Appin, P. Anderson. Second 'Row:
J. Ybarra, R. Donaldson, B. Bernard, D. Mangerich, B. Naismith, B. Simmons, E. Miller, M. Makibbin, B. Speir, C. Vieto. Third Row: J. Morales, B.
Naron, J. Wilson, J. Holcroft, M. Colclasure, S. Markun, L. Frauenheim, P. Ward, B. Gaudy, P. Hannigan, S. Garner, C. Adair, P. McDowell. Fourth
Row: E. Lee, B. Jenrich, R. Cole, J. Latimer, J. Lavender, K. Lane, A. Talbott, P. Reitz, A. Borrero, J. Snyder, D. Roper, M. Bannister, T. Mosely, A.
Garcia. Organ: John Thompson. Piano: Ines Hertz.





Front Row': W. Kennedy, Battalion Commander: A. Rodriguez, Executive Officer; Betty Peak, Sponsor; W. Quiros, Training Officer; J. Violette,
Adiutant. Second Row: J. Thomson, Intelligence Officer; R. Jones, Supply Officer; M. Johnson, Public Information Officer; L. Bertoli, Assistant;
C. Adams, Sergeant Major.

Reserve Officers' Training Corps

The purpose of the Balboa High School Junior Reserve
Officer's Training Corps is to make its cadets into intelligent
citizens and to provide military training and knowledge for
a possible military future. The program is directed by the
professor of Military Science, who is assisted by four ser-
geants. The program lasts for three years; most cadets begin
in their sophomore year. During the course the cadets learn
leadership and discipline. They study such areas as cus-

toms of the service, map reading, marksmanship, military
courtesy, military history, and tactics. Competition is strong
in the R.O.T.C.: among individuals, among companies, and
the other R.O.T.C. schools. The R.O.T.C. is represented by
the Rifle Team in many matches, and it has now added a
girls' team. The Drill Team performs at all reviews and at
many football games. The Usher Guard represents the
R.O.T.C. at many school functions.

Sponsors: Merri Bandy, Betty Peak, Nancy Hart, .Mary Anne Durbon, Bonnie Lavender, Martha Spinney.




i I

A Company

Front Row:
Tom Dunkelberger, Co. Comm.
Merri Bandy, Sponsor
Greg Cascante, Ex. Officer
Second Row:
Fred Webster, Platoon Leader
Tom Pustis, Platoon Leader
Allen Sellers, Platoon Leader

B Company

Front Row:
Arthur Kraphl, Platoon Leader
Mary Anne Durbon, Sponsor
Charles Joyner, Co. Comm.
Jim Keesling, Platoon Leader

C Company

Front Row:
Doug Artley, Co. Comm.
Nancy Hart, Sponsor
Fred Atkinson, Ex. Officer
Second Row:
David Denny, Platoon Leader
Jim Thompson, Platoon Leader
Tom Straight, Platoon Leader

D Company

Front Row:
Roy Wilson, Co. Comm.
Bonnie Lavender, Sponsor
David Clark, Ex. Officer
Second Row:
Charles Shirer, Platoon Leader
Stanley Wright, Platoon Leader

Drill Team

John Napier,
Robert Boyer, Co. Comm.
Martha Spinney, Sponsor
Charles St. John, Ex. Officer

Band Company

Front Row:
Sue Stewart, Sponsor
Harold Wilson, Co. Comm.
Second Row:
Michael Buyrne, Platoon Leader
Melanie Cofer, Sponsor
Peggie McDowell, Sponsor
Jim Crane, Ex. Officer
Carol Wiggs, Sponsor
Kay Stevens, Sponsor
Harold Winter, Platoon Leader

r 'u .v-

r i


r~J~Q ~3Y9:
ii ,1 ei

Left to Right: Peggy McDowell, Sue Stewart, Kay Stevensen, Melanie Cofer, Carol Wigg.
Sue Stewart, Captain, twirls fire at half-time.


Majorettes, along with the R.O.T.C. Band, participated in the Veterans' Day Parade.

Left to Right: Becky Bryant, Sharon Hamilton, Caron Adair, Diane Gomez, Lyna Murphy, Pam Marsh, Diane Howard, Zizi Jones, Vivian Kosan, Norma
Gomez, Paula Witt, Lesbia Johnson, Marilyn Hare, Helen Braswell, Anita Madison, Becky Fall.

Girl's Drill Team

Captain Zizi Jones, Co-Captain Vivian Kosan

*< w

SThe Girls' Drill Team of Balboa High School con-
sisfs of twenty girls. These girls devote many hours
to working out march and dance routines. They
perform during half-times at many football and
SL t-ebtbll games. The precision and smartness
S, of the group always impresses and pleases the

*. r.

4 L .

Kneeling: Beebe Holmes, Helen Braswell, Sharon Hamilton, Becky Fall,
Vivian Kosan, Co-Captain. On ladder, left to right: Norma Gomez, Diane
Marsh, Caron Adair.

Diane Gomez, Paula Witt, Lina Murphy. Standing: Zizi Jones, Captain;
Howard, Marilyn Hare, Becky Bryant, Anita Madison, Lesbia Johnson, Pam

The Drill Team members practice the 'Pinwheel' Formation.


k Ix
. ? .. - .. J-i ,...- '.
I.. .'

Sharon Mann: Jane Wilson, Captain
Malena Bremer, Co-Captain: Judy Wal-

Maxine Karst; Pat Chase
Janet Hunt; Darlene Woodruff


Left to Right: Maxine Karst, Malena Bremer, Darlene Woodruff, Judy Walton, Sharon Mann, Pat Chase, and Jane Wilson.
S ,. 4-. .
ir ~ ~~~~~ I-~PZ~1 _~~.

Front Row: Malena Bremer, Jane
Wilson. Second Row: Maxene Karst,
Pat Chase. Third Row: Sharon
Mann, Janet Hunt, Darlene Wood-
ruff, Judy Walton.


Cheerleaders must be willing to
give a lot of their free time for
practicing cheers.


hr*- ?^" -^^ "

An lot-d 111 g

Fornt Row: Louie Husted, Neil Doherty, John Richardson, Roy Wilson, Larry Quinn, Rich Wainio, Doug Artley, Mike Andrews, Fernando Ostrea,
Fred Webster. Second Row: Ralph Stenson, Greg Forster, Ray Beattie, Bill Woods, Geoff Hibner, Bob Thorns, John Moses, Ray Mitchell, Rick Plucker.
Third Row: Gerry Wooster, Bob Bacot, Marshall Harris, Jim LeFebvre, Dick Lloyd, Jim --Elrrud, Dennis Dorff, Steve Matthiesen. Fourth Row:
Richard Gregg, Stanley Ward, Neil Fraunheim, Rick Velasco, Bob Evans, Dave Litz, Kurt Muse. Fifth Row: Laurence Tynes, Bob Murphy, Wat
Jenkins, George Giambalvo, Jim Jenner. Coach Brown.

B. H. S. Lettermen

The purpose of the Letterman's Club is to honor
the lettermen of Balboa High School. To be eligible
a person must letter in one or more sport. In order
to iotr, the coach must consider the player valuable
enough! tol be l'.....e to participate in competition
a cer a mber of times; the required time varies
with e c orl.
The ac ivies of The Letterman's Club include plan-
ning the annual I .. Dance and holding the Let-
termen's Banquet.

Greg Forster and George Giambalvo earn money for the Club's
treasury by selling sodas and pop corn at a track meet.



i IeI

I~ 95

+,! .-. .

. .. +i...


rr 95
.: a de e""! .
+ j
.....~ '.%~ <.... +.. + .


Princess Betty Peak,
escorted by Dee Kennedy


Princess Valerie Mclntyre,
escorted by Tom Ryan

Princess Sharon Hamilton,
escorted by Ray Mitchell


Princess Peggy Anderson,
escorted by Bob Smith

Escorted By


' I

QUEEN Betty Peak and her escort Roy Wilson

Football Dance

Princess Malena Bremer and her escort George Giambalvo.

Princess Nancy Hart and her escort Neil Doherty.

Left to right: Tom George, Princess Carol Adair; Mark Dillon, Princess Candi Conrad; Richard Wanio, Princess Zizi Jones; Queen Sharon Hamilton:
'Princess Terri Case, Jim Lefebvre.

Queen Sharon and her escort, Coleman Anderson, dance the
Coronation Dance.



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ZONIAN A Balboa High School Student Publication Volume 58, May, 1967


Introduction ......... .. . ........ . .. .. .. 3 Athletics .. . .. ................... . .. .. 14 Student Activities . .. .................. 5 6 Faculty & Administration ..... . . 102 Sophomores ......................... . 130 Juniors ................................. I 54 Seniors .......................... .. ..... I 78 Advertising ...... .............. .. .... 228


4 Showcases play an important part in keeping Balboa High School attractive, They get us into the spirit of Christmas or Carnival, they contain dis plays from various dubs, or they display dass rings o r graduation announcements. But showcases r equi re a lot more than work. A certain creativity is necessary to make them a success. It is phenomenal to think that the sho w case workers are able to come out with so many fresh and o r iginal developments of the traditional themes Some of them deal with topics of current and often controversial interest, while others may employ popular cart oon cha racters. Even so, showcases do requ i re as much work as perhaps less artistically inclined activities. First they must be planned and designed. Then comes the chore of gathering the components of the showcase. Tedious and often di scou raging hours of actual const ruction follow. The following morning com es the true test. As crowds surround the showcase, committee membe r s seep into the crowd, anxiously listening for com ments. "Hey, that's pretty good " That' s really o r iginal IT'S A SUCCESS! ---




.. Sports is another field in which the men behind the scenes play an important part. T heir r ole, while not so glamorous as that of t he ath lete. is none the less indispensable. Their quiet support l ends a unifying spi r it to the sport, and is a valuable moral e builder The jobs of these students are many and varied, but they all have one thing in common: they keep the activity going. The jobs they fill may at first seem insignificant: water boy, t imer, messenge r or starter. Still. without people to do these things, ou r sports could not be carrie d off with the accuracy and harmony which the spectators take for granted.


Each class has its own bulletin board which keeps students posted on class and meetings. the l atest happenings. and a few current jokes. Sever a l clubs also have bulletin boar ds. T he Science Clu b bullet i n board. fo r example. keeps us post ed o n the lat est scientific developments, while the Future T eachers of America Club Bulletin board acquaints us with Education Week, o r with new methods and aid s in teaching. 9


10 I ) / A great deal of confusion, ha i r -tearing and tension is involved in putting o n a p lay. T h rough the efforts of many determined commiHeemen, however, some sort of order finally begins to emerge, and the Drama Club begins working a s a whole toward one common g oal : a perfect opening night. I


Costumes must be made. It seems a near Impossibility to have them ready by rehearsal t i me. but it i s necessary so that actors can get used to them. However, they are constantly subject to al terations, fittings o r even complete repla cement up to opening night. M ake-u p is anothe r vita l fact or. The members of this committee must experiment to find the makeu p combinations right for each actor. M eanwhile, the stage crew is busy constructing s ets and scave n ging the necessary p r ops. Light ing and sound effects must also be geared to fit the mood of the play II


, , I , , , Some committees, rath e r than being concerned with the main purpose of a club, work o n promoting that inte rest. P ub l i city committees are in cha rge of making poste rs, send ing out announcements and a d vertisi n g throug h local means. The over whelm ing t urnout at the h oo t e nannies this year was largely due to the work o f indus trious poster makers, and the publicity stunt of the I sthmia n Inkli ngs greatly b oos ted the sales o f t h e sc ho o l's lite r ary magazine.


Finally, committees must also be o rgan4 ized to sell and distribute what is publi4 cized. Orders for class rings and gradua4 tion ann ouncements, as well as r ese rvat ions f o r dances, must be taken.




14 ATHLETICS Athletic events are a result of hours of hard wo r k and preparation by team membe r s a n d student assistants.


On February 3 and 4 Balboa High School hosted the Seventeenth Annual Balboa Relays, Each yea r at the end of the t r ack season, athletes throughout the I sthmus flock t o the Balboa Stadium to parti c ipate in this colorful event This year there were three divisions in w"hich the athletes could take pad, All contestants who hailed f r om the militar y bases on the Isthmus, or t ,he U niversity of P anama, were put in the Open Division. The Senio r Interscho last ic Division was made up of teams f rom Canal Zone College and all the high schools that wished to take part in the contest. All athletes who attended junior high school wer e placed i n the Junior Interschola stic D ivision. A large crowd was on hand both nights to watch Cristobal take first place. Ever yon e that attended this yea r's Relays ag r e ed that it was one of the finest track meets in t he past sev eral years ..,;. - I -E n route to victory -I I I --17


, T he runners come down the homestrelch. The look of VictOry. Wilt C",ssibry leods the fiel d. 18


G"ry Pood '"kes first pJ"ce f or B.H.S. Bob Murphy s"ils over the b.!lr in the first n i ght of the B.!Ilbo" Rel.!lYs. 19


T his contestMt tries for c!I record In the bro(ld jump. R(liph Minton secures (lnother win for S.H.S. Mike Andrews he(lves the shotput.


A Page Of Champions



B H.S 53112 56112 63 1967 Varsity Track C.H.S 49112 42112 43 C Z C 39 45 41 This year the Balboa Bulldogs, under the coaching of M r S tew Brown swept thro 'ugh an undefeated season. The Bulldogs participated in 3 quadrangular meets. All the boys that were on varsity track this year had to participate in intramur al track before the regular season began. T h ese intramural meets gave the varsity squad a preview of the regular season For the members of last yea r 's track team the intr amural meets were perfect for conditioning. Rookie s on the team p rofited by the experience they gained in these pres e ason contests. M any boys lettered in track this year. Lar r y Quinn the captain o f the track team, scored the most points fo r the B ulldogs thi s yea r W ith a large number of the boys that were on this yea r 's t r ack team retu rning next yea r the students of S .H.S can l ook f o rwar d to a banner yea r in track for 1968. The v"tsity team enters. R alph Minton takes the lead in rel"y.


Richo!lrd W ainio cleers the b tH in the fin.t trock meet of the year. Our "mod" coach. A Bulldog is e dged out In close (<'Ice. 24


-Varsity Track Team '-=p = F ro m le ft t o r i gh t, f ront row : Co",h Brown: Steve Hubbar d ; R ich A llen; Ralph Stinson; John Cowan; Andrews: C apt,,;n lerry Quinn; Dick Lloyd : loury T ynes: R ich W tlinio: M ike Ch"vel; Gary Pood: Gory Cummings. 2nd Row: Rid V elasco: Fred Fox; Wilt Co!lssibry; Pat F allon; Bill Tho mp son: J o hn, Seddon: Mork Pickell : R alph M inton: J i m McFodden; George Gimb.,lvo; T om Dunca n. )td R ow: MOMger P a b lo Priet o : Clint R eynol ds: J ohn Duin; R ichard Ward ; B o b M urphy. Not pictured are John R ichardson and R a y Beattie. 25


Bill Remy reflects the score of the gilme. 1967 Varsity Football B.H.S. OPPONENT 32 ... ..... Athletic Club ........ 0 12 . ........ Cristobal ...... ... 32 O ... ....... C.Z C .... ....... 32 27. . . .. Athletic Club ........ 7 7 .... . . Cristobal . . ___ . 27 6 .......... C .Z.C ........... 18 T he Bulldogs had a disappointing season this year. but it was not a result of lack of h ard work. E very game was hard-f oug ht to the finish. F or every pass that was completed in a game. twenty were completed in practice. For every field-goal that was kicked in a game, ten were kicked in practice. F o r ever y yard that was gained in games, f ive hundred wer e run in p r actice. The key word f o r the B ulldo g s this y ear was WORK. The Bulldogs tilke II well eerned breilk during htllf.time.


The Bulldog line the WfJy. The Bulldog bfJck-field sweeps around end. Bulldogs Provide Rugged Opposition Preseason exerCIse for the varsity football team began i n July. Monday through Friday for two hou r s each day, p r ospective Bulldogs repor ted to the gym f o r calisthenics. These exercise s consisted o f sit-ups, push-ups, reaction drills, wind-sp rints, and laps a r ound the f oo tball field. T hey conti nued till the beg inning of the school year, at. which time f oo tball equipment was handed out and regula r p ract ice began The team learned plays, different types of formatio ns, and h ow to play the position they were go ing out f or. When the first game r olled around we had a well o r ganized team. The first game o f the season was the annual Red and White game. This was an i ntersq u ad game which gave the Bulldog fans an opportunity t o preview their team. The Red team was victorious by a score o f I 8 to 7. Two weeks after the Red a.nd White game, the colorful Jambo ree was held on the Atlantic side of the Isthmus. The Bulldo gs and many of the s tudents fro m BHS went to the other side with high hope s but ret urned rather d ow n c a s t afte r Balboa placed third in the all-team contest. Determined to win their next game, the v arsity squad t r ained very hard. This game which was played against th e Athletic Cl u b ended in a 32 to 0 rout in favo r of the Bulldog s The following w eek, the B u lldog s travelled to Coco Solo to battle the Cristobal Tigers. The B ulldogs were favored to win by tw o touchdowns, b ut at the end o f the game the score stood at 32 to 12 i n Cristobal's favor. Canal Z on e College handed Balboa its second defeat. This game whic h ended w ith a scor e of 3 2 to 0 mar ked the end o f the first half o f the football season. The second half of the season was a rep eti tion of the first half. Balboa defealed the Athletic Clu b for a second time with a score of 27 t o 7 In the fo l lowing two weeks the Bulldogs were beaten twice. Balboa suffered its second defeat to Cristobal by a 27 to 7 margin I n the Anchor Game, Canal Zone College t ook a hard-fought game from Balboa, the final scor e being 18 to 6.


Jerry Wooste r pas ses 1I9l1inst Cristobo!ll. Jim Jenner smashes through college opposition. Bob Btlcot f o l lows his bleder around r igh t end. 29


Mr. Ross Anderson and Mr. Herb Raybourn were the coaches of the B ulldogs. Mr. A nderso n was in charge o f the line and Mr. Raybourn piloted the back-field. Alter a full day of teaching, both coaches spent two h ours each night guiding our varsity squad. Few people realize the amount o f work that coaches must do during a season. There are many problems that coaches must solve before the first game is played. In t h e first week o f school the coach e s must draw up Co"ch Anderson goes over P"S$ pl"y with Jerry Wooster. team r oste rs, post practice sc h edules, issue equipment, and do a number of other jobs. A coach must be present a t every practice sess i on. He must work his team ve r y hard, but never hard enough to make them lose their morale. During the course of a football s eason, a good coach will become many different things to the me n on his team. He will beco me a teacher, an advisor, and above all, a good friend. Co"ch R"ybourn sends in substitution. 30


-.; . A j. .... ". "" '. '.'. I' \ . M 1io ., '. _." -. 1 ..... r' ',. \' .' '"' ...,. l ,_I, ./.: ..... J ,",\ ',.' (., '\ ,\ ... '" '1-_ Front Row: M i k e A n d rews; Fred Webster; Robert Murphy; R ichord Plucker; L ouis Husted; George Giambalvo; Douglas Artley. Second Row: Neil Doherty; John Rich,udson: Roy Wilson; Jomes J enne r ; Jerry Wooster : Ray Bellfie. Third R ow: MtHShall Harris; Kenneth Justice; Dick Gregg; S tonley W(Jrd; John Bur kmon: Timmy Ll!ne; Mark Pickell: Dennis Don. F ourth Row: Rtlymond M itc h ell; Rick V elas co: Bob Bocat: Jim Hellmund; Sorry Douglas: Richard Wanio: David Lih. Fifth Row: Robert McGuinness; Neil Frauenheim. Robert Hughes; Robert Caohon. Bill Remy; Stirn Ruiz: Kurt M use. Sixth Row: Mike Betltie; James O'Donnel: DlIvid Vosburgh; Russel Arrell. 1967 Bulldogs 31


1 96 7 Swimmin g Result s Boys Girls Boys Girls Boys (.;irls Boys Girls B H S C Z C. C H S 72 3 62 72 9 65 67 7 67 75 6 76 Bulldogs Swim To Victory 22 30 7 29 28 23 12 19 All persons that were interested in being o n the var sity swimmin g team were told to r epo rt to the gym on November I I. In this meeting. Coach Ray bo u rne told the prospective B ulldog s what the se ason wOlJld consist of. He told the group to e x erci s e by them selv es fo r three weeks and then he would lead them through practic e f o r five more weeks. F inally after eight weeks o f practice the Bulld ogs had t h eir fi lii t meet. T he first meet was held a t Coco S olo. Our t eam got off to a slow start, but made a quick re covery, and m anaged to win the contest. The ne x t meet was held at B alb o a. T he Bulldogs were favo red to win b y a wide margin. Our team piled up an early lead and added to' it t hrougho u t the me e t. T he third meet was again hosted by Cristobal the loiter being de f eated b y the powe rful B alboa team. Many people thoug h t t h a t S .H.S., after having w o n the fir s t three m eets, might become ove r co nfide n t a n d l ose thei r fourt h a nd f inal mee t T he Bulldogs however disp r oved the s e r umo r s and r eigned suprem e in thei r final outing D u r ing the course of the season many r eco rds were broken by m e m b e r s of the S.H.S. s wimming team. I n a banquet held on J anua r y 4 awards and tr ophies were presented to the B ulldogs for the i r outsta ndi ng pe rf ormance du r ing the course of the f ine end to a fine season. .... -.9. /., -. , .,,, """ < - A r

, \. ., j)! \ ,.c! I , VICTORY' A good turn c.,n win., '.sce. -A lfre d Creque flashes f ine form on the bo!lddive. 34


A good team just doesn't happen; it takes practice. determination, and ability. The Bulldogs combined these three qual ities this yea r t o swim to a perfect se ason. T he B ulldogs practiced for eight weeks in order to swim in four meets. Day after day the Balboa swim team practiced for upcom ing meets. To build st amina and enduran c e the members of the s wimming team swam laps, sprints. and did regular dry land exer cises Under the supervision of Coach Raybourne the Bulldogs developed from an enthusiastic group of unt rained swimmers into a well organized w i nning team. With many o f this yea r's Bulldogs returning next year, Balboa can look forward to another brill iant season in 1 968. CMch R .!Iyboutne surveys hopeful prospects. Becky F.!III r.!lces to .!I victory in the freestyle. 35


-----.... --.. --.... --............................ --.--.. ---__ ..... _ _-0--..ret -------An o th e r blue ribbon for Bal boa, -. -.---_ Tom Str&ight shows good form In the bticHlip. 6 t H .S. jllck-kni f e. 36


Front Row: Bob Smith; D ennis J"cobs; Jim L e Febvre; Jim J enner; D "vid PideH; Tom Str"ight: Second Row: Rey B eeHie; J erry Bressler; Ch"rles Sh"ulis; W"tt Jenkins; Alfred Creque; Thi rd Row: J ohn PyiMt; Bob Duin; D"nny Sovern; Keith Bromley; Butch K ennon ; Fourth Row: G"ry Crull; Mike Hern"ndez 1967 Swimming Team Front Row: Elv" Sellers; J"ne W ilson; Becky Fell; Second Row: Flo rence Thompson; T ony" HuffmM; Jerry J enne r; S"ndy Leird; Third Row: K"thy R osen b latt; Vivia n K osan; GeorgeHe Gunn; Lee M artin; P e t Jones 37




Baseball practice began in the middle of January. Eve r y afternoon the cand idates for the va r sity squa d could be f ound practicing in the stadium. Before reg ular practice began each day, the team had t o go through a half hour o f conditioning exercises. These exercis e s included pushups. setups, different types o f st retc hing exercises, and the r unning of many laps Under the coach;ng of Mr. Herb Raybourne the members on the team practiced batting, fielding an d man y other bas;c fundamentals of baseball. I n the r;rst week of practice the members on the team decided o n which positions they. would like to play D u r ing the course of the next three weeks many men quit or were cut from the team. The final cut was made th ree days befor e the first game. T he first game was on February 8, against Canal Zo ne College. The Bulldogs. edged out by one po;nt suffered a discouraging defeat. As we were going to press the B ulldogs were pre paring fo r their upcoming game with SDAC. John Dishl!lroon hits" line drive. COl!lch Rl!Iybourne goes over the pll!lns for the season. 1f' ....... .. .,.. 39


" - Ron F ornsworlh fires 0 fost boll. Timmy Lone fields 0 hot grounder. -- --... --. "- __ __ .. __ -="-.. __ .... ________________ ______ -C.- -l orry Quinn Ihrows to firs! bose. A Bulldog tokes 0 throw from second bose.


... .. --- 11.: ... ..... -- --.; __ .-. .. .." tf - -" A Bul ldog bunts one down first base line. Coach Raybourne gives the teClm rest. T he Bulldogs wait for pro!lctice to begin.


.... Goef H i b ne r fir es f.!lst btll!. A Bulld o g "fouls one off," T he B ulld o g b e n ch shows mixed e m otion s ove r .!I close


Varsity Baseball Team .. Front row, l eft to right: R on F ornswort h: Rid V elosco; J ohn St enely; Alc!ln Gibbs; Jerry W ooster, Reed H"wthorne; T om H ermon. Sec.ond Row: Geoff H ibne r ; J ohn Dish roon: Rout Fobrego; W ilt Cossibry; M ike Chove z ; L orry Quinn; Nei l Frouenheim; Coach Raybourn. 43


Varsity tennis started early in February The vars ity tennis team i s broken up into the girls team and the boys team. C oach Ander so n coaches the boys team, while the girls team is under the direction of Miss Hardin. A s we were going to press, the girls t eam was preparing for their first match. The boy s team hod played three games. In thei r lirst game the Bulldogs beat C.H.S. by a score of 3 to 2. A week later the Bulldogs sulle red the i r lirst deleat of the season. AC swarmed over B.H.S. by a score of 4 to O The Bulldogs played their third game again st C.Z.C. In this game the college team handed the varsity squad its second defeat, the f inal score was 4 to I. As we were going to press, the b oys team was prepar ing lor their second match with C.H.S. Slim McGuinn ess shows winning style. Bob McGuiness wllits for the serve. Becky FilII prllctices her serve. --45


4 6 J"ne Wil son volleys w ith the w,,11. Greg C"sc"nte t"k es bre"k between m"khes. Bob M cGuiness pr"ctices his se rve


MiH Hardin demonstrates the serve and ... the bo!ldho!lnd. Alon Seller looks over the opp osition Woyne Folger s lops one over the net. 47


A member from the A.C. tel!m serves to o migh t y Bulldog. Mrs. Nl!ulty sll!ms one over the net. Greg Cosconte shows good form in t he b adhond


, Front row l eft to right: Bob M cGuiness; Gregg CIIscMte. Second row: Woyne Folger: Allen Seller ; S am McGuiness. Varsity Tennis T earn z-":"" Front row, l eft to right: Georgette Gunn: J,,"e Wilson; Becky Fall. Second row : lynne Frouenheim; Vilmt!l De limo: warn/! ZeHhoefer. 49


Rozzelle WtlS one of the mtlny girfs thtlt in infrtlmu r tll bowling. Girl's Bowling Eve r y girl in intramural bowl ing spent long hours practic ing at this sport. D u r ing the bowl i ng season a gretlt numbe r of girls from B.H.S. could be found at the bowling alley, try ing to improv e their game. M any of the girl s that were bowling in the eighties. at the begi n ning of the p rogram. were breaking one hundred by t he end of the season L orenzen W

52 The letld ing scorers in G irl's B"sketb,,11 were Jane W ilso n and Becky F"II. Girl's Basketball left t o ri9ht froll t row: J"ne Wilson; lynne Fr"uenheim. Second Row: Aggie Prob"ck; l o r "i ne Crowford; P"t H o n igon. Thi rd Row: Trudi Ivli: y .,lerie M cintire: Georgette Gunn: Wilm.!l Z el1hoe fer.


ill" Ill: .. Wilson serve s to C.Z.C. Volleyball This year the girls volleyball t eam played four games. OUf team from B.H.S. was pitted agai n s t teams from Canal Zone College and Cri s tobal High School. Our team placed second with a record of two w i n s and two losses. Many of the gi rls that participated in this year's volleyball program, have already started to recruit pla yers f o r next year. Georgette Gunn sets one up. T ensi o n mounts tiS the gcme progresses.


I 967 Football Queen left to right : Bob Hughes, Queen Setty Petlk, John R ichar dson. 54


1967 Track Queen Front left to right : Mc!lrritlOne Durbc!ln; Queen ZiZ; J o n es; C a r o l Ad,,; Bad row: Larry Quinn; Mr. Will m on; Geof H i bner ; Mr Pettingill; R oy Wil son. 55


56 STUDENT ACTIVITIES Dences are among the many activities which require copious amounts of work. Committees must be established to plan the theme and decorations. to find a suitable loco tion for the donce to a r range for a bond. and to hove the court elected. The committee members ore rewarded for their work when the dance is a success.


Frtln $+tlbler receive s som e muc h need e d extrtl help. H O WMd D tlvidson tlnd his o pponent r eltlx tit tI C hess Club meeting tlfler a dtly a t school. 58 During the school day the students of B H .S. study togethe r in class, but at 2:45 they are free to follow their individual interest s Balboa High School offers many different choices in ext r acu r ric ular activities; the doo r s of our school stay open until 4:30. Mrs. Gordon goes over tI difficult chemistry problem for interested students.


One of the many ext r ac urr icu lar activities B.H.S offe r s IS that of d r ama. Interested students ha v e the opportunity to join the Dram a Club and there b y b e elig ible to be on a ny o f t h e committees that work o n the plays. An y studen t, whether in the Drama Club o r not, may try out fo r a part in th es e play s Gus Rocos and Malena Bremer in Antigone. B<'HbeH" N<'Hon puts the finishing touch on Diane Mortellaro's costume. Mrs. Gruver directs Gary Polk and Pat H an nigan in a scene from The Importance of Being E rn est. 59


6 0 M"rv Bot t o n often seen w orking in t he Bookstore. sells S"nd y Giltner S.H.S. Pillow Salboa H igh School is full of students who .re willing to donate thei r f r ee time to offe r services for other students. Without these people, S alboa H i gh School could not prov ide students with the Bookst o re, the Lunch R oom, or any of the othe r s ervices available Ha rvey James spends M e h lunc h hour ch

Sha ron Bohenmeyer, end other members of the B

&2 The boys p l/lye d h/lr d i n footb/lli. but enj oye d every minute. The Athletics program attracts m o r e student s than any of the other extra cu rr icul ar activities. D uring the year nearly e v ery s port i s offered. F o r the boys, baseball. basketball, and foot ball are t he most p o pular int r a murals. CO/lch B r own g ive, the boys some s uggestions T immy L/ln e w orms up befor e /I g/lm e.


The team gets together for a little practice before the game begins. B. H. S. girls se em to prefer volleyball and bas ketball to the other sporls . With pract ice t ime over the girls must g et down to seriou s business j U Mrs. Young ref erees a game of fjeld-hockey, anothe r popular s p ort. 63


64 l e ft to R ight: Cho!lriie S pe nc e r JUo!Inito!l Milo!ls, Geoff H i bner Student Association Cho!lriie looks ove r the H o m eroo m r epresento!ltive lis t. _!OOOIi Las t May the s t u d e nt body of B.H .S. elected Student As s oc iati on o fficers f o r this sch ool year. T he results were: Pre s ident, Geoff H i bner; ViceP resident, Charles Spencer. J u an ita M ilas and Debby Anderson were appoint e d secretaries When Deb left f o r Spain Karen Birch was a s ked to take her place. At each meeti n g both g irls c an be seen hard at w ork taking note s of what is sa i d. S.A. Repre se ntative s met in the auditorium every other Wednesday with the S.A. officers to discu s s activitie s and o ffer sugges tion s to make B.H .S. e v en beHer. A s the Zonian g o es to pres s the S.A. is hard at work p utting together a B.H.S. Handbook to help new stu dents get a cquainted with our high s chool and i ts ac tiviti es.


/ I Mr. B onduran t explains" point in the 8.H.S. Constitution to the three officers, Geoff considers the suggestion of o!I Girls' lelterman C l u b Juani+" goes ove r the minutes of the last S.A. meeting. 65


Front R ow: K. Luc(ls, D. Kennedy (Pr es.) K. R obbins. J. Mil (ls. Second R o w : J. Wilson, J. M or(lles, H. Thompson, M B(lndy, S. S outh. Third Row: W. Quiros, S. Bonemn(ly e r J. Richard son, L. Axelson. P. H (lnnig(ln, R. Rodriguez. J. Thomson. F o urth Row: J McGrath, N H e rtz l. Fr(luen h eim, A. Boggot. W. Zelhoefer, R. H(lmmetter, M. ONeil. Fifth R o w : P. Sellers, l. Bertoli, S. Laue. M J ohnson, G H i b ner, J F(lrr ish, K. C ollins. D. Heck, C. Strotton. National Honor Society T h e National Society is a society to which r elative l y few selected students belong. T here are four c r iteria which a student must meet before he can be con s idered for member s h ip: character, sch olarship, leade r ship and service. Candidates must have a good moral character; they must be truthful, honest with themselves and others, and t r ustworthy. T hey must maintain a 'B" (3.0) average or belter. They must l ea d others, not nece ssarily holding some kind of office, but leading others by thei r own good example. T hey must also be willing to support their school by joining clubs, participating in athletics, drama, or other parts of school l ife. T he stude nt s who are outstanding in these a r eas are chosen to be mem-. bers q)': this society. F(lil initi(ltion ceremony of the N(lti oMJ Honor Society -. -' -.. -.


Front Row: Ktlthy Luctls, lilitlM de Itl Gutlrditl M tltgtl ret O'Netll, EleM St a nd i ng : Sieve ltlue. 8i11 Ctlrpenter, Jtlne Wil son, l ouis 8ertoli. Spanish Honor Society The Sociedad Honora ria Hi s pani c a is a national o rganization s p onso red by the Amer ican A ssociation of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese to recognize outstanding achievement and to encou rage students to continue thei r study of the Spanish language. T o be eligi b l e a student must have five semesters of Spanish; during this tim e he must ear n no l ess than f ou r A 's and no more than one B The ir ove r all average must be no lower than a C', and they must have a satis factory citizenship reco rd. Pre sident Mtlfgtlret O'Neol tlnd Miss Perez, spon sor, check out the newly tlrrived pins. S eated: M tlry 8 0lto n Dan elle Hoff L tline Almstetld Standing : Ed Eder DiMe Gorin, Gler,da Garner, Chtlrlie Spencer. 67


68 Debate Club Front Row: M e r e d ith Mtlrkun, W alker. PoHy Jones, M ary Arenz. Second Row: M ickey K e plan, J i m V os bur g h J o h n Cowan. D e n n i s White, D e n nis D o rff. The D ebate C l u b s pon s o red by Miss' Keen, IS for s t udents who e x pres s an active intere s t in debating. Opportu nitie s are given for p repar i n g debates and participati n g in them. E x perience is gaine d by f ollowing definite r ules of debate as well as public speaking. D u r ing t he schoo l yea r member s of the club debate wit h teams from Chris tobal and the College. Library Club The pu r pos e of the library C lub i s to promote h igh er s tand ards f o r reading and to c reate interest in the librar y i n g e n e ral. Under the supervision of Mis s Rider, club spon sor as well as our school l i brarian the members carr y o u t suc h projects a s coll ecti ng paperback books and processing them f o r the Front Row: X Wood. S Allorilla, P. B orden C. Arn o ld, V. Bro wn. Second P J ones. S. Garner. C Brown. M L eslcl. R H assler. S. D e r e k S C ochran Third Row: E. S ellens. S. Weida. R McArthur, P B o w e r V. Brown, M. St e w e rt W. Gonza l e z '1/. S chock.


Isthmian Inkling Staff \ > t Fro nt Row: J. Wilson. M Bremer, P J ones, J L onghill, B. G"udy (Edit or) l. l owe, L M u rphy, A. Baldwin. Second Row: C. Arnold M Andrews, H Tho mp son, C Hermann, C. K elsey, O. Sch neider. Z. Jones. Thi rd Row: D. Sturgeon, G Gregg. Y D i az. K. WtJrren, C. Cltlrk. S. L aue. P. Bray, C. R obbins. F ourth Row: M. Floy d A. Husn ey, O. McAndr ews. D. Dorff. The I sthmian Inkling Staff publishe s the school's liter ary magazine under the su pervision o f Mr s. Knapp. T a lented sophomo re s i u niors, and senio r s submi t short stories, essays, and poetry for consideration b y the st aff. Those most eminently publisha ble are use d Future Homemakers Of America The F u t u re H omemakers of America Clu b is spon sa red by Mrs. Latimer and Mrs. N o rt on. The members are those g irls i nt e re ste d in home proiects, such as flower a rrangemen t, c hild care, h o me manag e ment, etc. Man y intere s t ing speakers are their gue sts at socia l m eetings Front Row: E i k e F oremon. Judy V ogel. K athy Lucas (P res .), Janice H i r sch i Julie M urphy. Second Row: Mrs. Latim er. Alice 80ggot, 8eth Speir, Morlene L e t ourneou, T erry Sc an l on, Mrs. Norton. 69


Front R ow: M. O'Neal, S. Laue, S Brown, K. L ucas. Second Row: R. R odriguez, Uni d e ntifi ed, T. Andre. S. Laird V. DePip er. V. DeLuna, J M oroles, P. J ones. Third Row: W. F oscue, E. Ede r A. Smith, M. B olton, R. Negrone, T. Huish, D. Ward. F ourth Row: Unidentified, B W olsh. G. Brestle r J. F arish, O. B ola do, D. Gorin, M. Senzer, K Col1ins. Fifth Row: J. Stephen. D. M (lrchuk. C. Str (ltion, J. L (ltimer. G. Grah(lm, W. Smith. S. Berell. Sidh R ow: K. SI(ll1, R. Lloy d F. Gimme1. Unid en tifi e d Science Club Pro m oting a more active interest in science, an ap preciation of the importance of science in our l ives, and f oste ring an understanding of career possibilities in the field of science are the main purp os es of the Judy Forish, Jeonetfe M or(lles, members of Ihe bulletin b oord admire their h(lndiwork. SCIENCE CLUB -) ond Belinda W ols h commiHee, pause to Science Club. In this club one is free to explo re a scientific field by means of film s talks, dis c ussions, and r e s earch, President Sorrel Brown discusses future a ctivities with club members.


French Club Front Row: Vilml!l de Lim" ( T re05.), Norm.!!n HolI.!lnd (Sec..J. Cecelia Lope z (V.P.), Roseannl!l McArthur (Pres.). S econd Row: Kllthy M e l anson, Aleyda Cl!Istro M l!lrcel" Chu Shelle y Hids. Third Row: Viv il!ln Rebo ursin Edul!lrd o d e A lbl!l, Alfaro, Dianil Gorin, M ory Arbllugh. Le Cerele Francais IS d esigned t o give students who dre studying French an opp o rtunity to learn more about the customs and h isto r y of the French people. T he big event of t he club year is the Mardi Gras Ban -quet which takes place at Carnival time. The club mem bers join in preparing French foods and participating i n a typi cal French celebration. latin Club The Senatu5 P opulasque R omanis, o r Lat i n Club, is a m ember of the J unio r Classic al League, a national organization of Lat i n Club s The purpose of t he Latin C lub i s to stu d y the customs. cultu re and language of Rom e. Each year the clu b h as a Roman Banquet to which everyone wears a toga, and at which Roman food is serve d Front Row: UI" R oss. Toni McGrtltn, S e cond Row: C. Sh<'lu lis, D. H olmes G. Graham, B. Brytln t. 71


72 Future Nurses Of America Front Row: S. V iJl.,rre

Front Row: A lice Baggott, N ancy H a rt Carol W igg, M erri Bandy, Sara R odriguez, Corol Adair Gail Goodrich, Mrs. Bissett. Second R o w : Barbara l o r en z en, Betty Shirl e y F ontaine, M ary Ann Durban, K athy Me lanson, Genie Paige. N ora Quinn, S ue Sfe wart, Peggy Me D owell. Third Row: Jane W ilson, S an dra l ai rd S ue Sybil Eiko F oreman, Kathleen l ynch, Brenda Beech, Olivia Gomez. Fourth Row: M a dal aine l eszcz. R oseanna McArt hur, M ary R abbitt, Cathy O'Neill, Kidi Huhta, M elody D ymmel, Kathy W ainio, Kay Stephen son. Fifth Row: l ois D enton M ary Floy d Georgette Gunn Jane t Sc i glia ne. V ivian K osan, Daryl Garrett, Marilyn G illey Future Teachers Of America The F uture Teachers of America Cl u b is one of the mo s t active o r ganizations in Balboa High S c h ool. The membe r s o f the club not only listen to guest speake rs, as do most clubs, they also carryon man y exten s ive outs1de programs. The y tape s t o r ies and article s i n both Spanish and E nglis h to send t o Paloseco Lepr osa r ium. During the year they al so visit Palo seco. I nterested membe r s have an opportunity to participate in a t e aching' p rogram. T hey give up their s t u dy halls and lunch hours to go to Balbo a E lementa r y School, whe re they help grade paper s read sto ries, and some times superv i s e the child r en s play h our. The Club also h olds an Annual Christmas Party for th e children of a town in the interi or. Members supply the refre shments and bring gifts for t he child re n T h i s year f ou r mothers from the village of Loma del Jabon came, bringing w it h them twenty-eight childr en. 73


74 Girls' Athletic Association Front R ow: M. Kucik os (Co-o rd ina t o r o f O ffic i o Is. L. Frtlu en h ei m (V. Pres.). B FilII (Pre s .) P. H an nig ,, (Recorder), K. Stevensen (Sec.). Second Row: O. E lio!!, B H olmes. C. B ou k alis. S. Hay n es, J F a rri sh, V. Rodriguez J W ilson. Thi rd Row: M. Will l. l owe, D Gomez, M. little. J. J enner P. Ch ase, C. C l inch,ud V K osan, R H ammetter. F o urth R ow: M. S tewa rt B Toothman N. Quinn. P Grimm, l. Grismore T h e Girl s' Athletic Association is composed of girls who a r e interes t e d in many different s ports. I n the G A.A. they learn game rules. how to play. an d good sportsman s h ip. M any of the more popula r sports are softb a ll. basketball. tennis. volley ball. and fiel d hocke y At five o'clock one can often see t hese enthusiastic girls still playing hard on the field or court. Audio-Visual And Office Assistants Front Row: A. Hauntz, l. A xelsen, B ev Sener., J. W ilso n l. N iedan th al. Second Row: J. A ans t oos, S St e ph ens, B. Forrest, S Waters, l. Patton, B. B ryant. Third Row: C. Appin P. C hase. C. J o h nson. E. Clo u s e. M. M a k ib bin, M. S weet, P. Rhos h e, Fourth Row: A. Castillo L. Housted. N. Bassan, T Fritts, R C ookson, B K elle r


Future Business Leaders Of America Front Row: Offi c e rs : S. L a ne, I. D uffus, M. A ren z Sec.ond Row: C. Watkins, A. P es c o d. Third Row: Mrs. V aut, M Wo!Ilker, M R icke r P. Mills, G. Casc M fe. M. Azo r ek, U n i dentified, D Jo!Icobs, C. French. M u rphy, G. GiombaJbo. A G a rr. The Future B usiness Leader s of America Club p repares s t u dents fo r a career in the business world. L o oking a head to the time when they mus t choo s e th e ir life' s work, the Il'!ember s of this club study exist ing busines s Foster, T Hogen, E. Sellens, J. Hicks, P. Jones. N. G arner, M. Bierbaum, M. Collins. A. Ballo!lnez M E. Kuc i k as. Fourth Row: K B. W oods, P. Corastill<'l, Fifth Row: R. A ttie, Mrs. Sheppa rd Mrs. c ondi tion s and work to dev e l o p skills neces s ary fo r s u c c ess. G u e s t s p e a k er s f r o m important commerc i a l e s tabl i shment s in the c ommunity pre s e n t important points and methods. Secretarial Club The Secretarial Club, u n der the direction of Mrs. De La Mater, can be found in the old college building working hard f o r the teac hers The y busily type variou s papers sched ules and l i s ts. The Se c retarial Club not only helps the tea c hers, but als o collects candy for one of the o rphanage s at Christmas. Front Row: V. R e b ou rsin D. Bosw ell. A. Pescod, E Tinkler. B Sec o nd R o w : S. E ngelke S. lMe, N. l. Stetl er, J. lindh. Third R ow : T Smi th M W elker, J Deem er, T. G iovenetti, K Bir c h F ourth Row : C An d e r son, K. Mills, M. Arenz, l. Dixon. D. lusen. 75


76 Front Row: M rs. Gruver, NAT10NAl THESP 1ANS: P lat H annigan, linda Axel son, Judy Wolfon M e redith Morkun Unpictured: Maleno B remer Presi d ent, Charlie Adorns, Arnold T al bott. S ec.o nd R o w : linda l owe, Peggy Anderso n Drama Club The Drama Club is one of the most active groups in B alboa High S chool. The Club spo nsors the schoo l plays, w ith members making up th e necessary commit. tees and doing w ork behind the scenes. The Club put ou t two p l ays this yea r Antig o n e, a Greek trag e d y and The Importanc e of B e ing Erne s t, an English come d y Both plays wer e a g reat success Chess Club This yea r t h e Chess C lub had Mr. Milam as its sponsor. Although the clu b is a small one, all the mem bers take an active p a rt in its activi t i e s One of the pu r po ses of the Chess Club is to p r ovide an opp o r tunity to learn to play chess to the students of B H.5. Front Row: J. Fari sh, R. Rodriguez, C. Simms. S e con d Row: M Chung. P. Gilman, D. lustgarten. Third Ro ..... : J. Gorcia, de P Medes, C. St. John, R. C l evelon d H. David son.


Front Row: M. Hawk M. Bolten, P. Grimm, N. Quinn C. Kelly. M. Vincent, T. Troetsch, Mrs. D iaz. Second Row: A. Husney, T. McGrath. M. Jackson, O. Bolado. V. Hoyle. X. Vargas, N. Dobrinich M Markun Third Row: J Garcia, R. Attia, L Oliver, S. Chong, C. Aponte, C. Hirsch. Fourth Row: M Gilley. D. Gorin, J. Mo!lrtinez. Spanish Club Fron' Row: M K ocikas. Y D iaz, C. V illamil (Pres.). A. C astro. M. little. S econd Row: M. Andrew, D. Goldfein. J. '(barra, S. Rodriguez, L GUo!lrniera. A. Clouse, V. PeM. P. Anders on Mrs. D iaz. Third Row: A. P escod, J. Wilson. J. M ilas, M. So!lsso. S. V ie'o, R. McArthur. J. Metealf. F ou rth Row: E. Mizro!lchi, S. Speevak. R. Mizrachi. J. Risburg K. Foster, C. Co!lstillo, Y. Dio!lz, E. Y oung. F i fth Row: I. Herh, C. L oPez. M. Young, M. Collins. N. A ndrews. P. Cho!lse. A. Lim. A. Troesch. 77


Foreground: KlIt h y Warren, P at H atfiel d. J ohn Schwomb, Jane Wilson, Ron R o driguez Becky Simo n Christopher Corter M erri Bondy, R egino Gosperi, Mory Shorp. Regino Gasperi, 0 e d itor. 78 Parrakeet Staff The Parrakeet is a monthly publication wriHen and produced by Balboa High School s tudents. The 1966-1 967 staff has concent rated upon developing good news style and skillful make-up. Hours o f lay out, proofreading, picture.taking and selling advertis ing were p u t in by this year s P a rrakeet Staff. To get the latest news, Parrakeet staff members were kept busy finding new aHradions at Balboa Staff members profit from the opportunity t o dev elop e a good journalisti c s tyle and to learn the mechanics i nvolved in newspape r work. Mr. Bro wn, P a rrokeet spomo r compliments his e dit o r. in. chief on a job well d one


John Schw(lmb che d s with L(I Boc(l Pri nti n g P 1Mt on d(lte o f pub1i C(ltio n Staff EDITOR, Regina Gasperi ASSISTANT EDITOR, J ohn S chwam b EXCHANGE EDITOR, Jane Wilson' S TAFF ARTIST R o n R o dr igue z A TH LETIC EDITOR, Kathy Rose REPORTERS: Merri Bandy Chris Carter P at Hatfield Mary Shar p Becky Simon Kathy Warren Ron R odrigue z puts t h e finishing touch on (I C(lri oo n f o r the next e d i tion. K(lthy R ose <'Ish Miss H(lrdin (lbou t t h e prosp ects o f thi= YMr' s girls' b(lsk etb(ll1 te(lm


80 Bllrbllrll Biderstllff, T eri Cas e D anelle Hllff, Dillne H owar d and Robyn Hllmmetter a r e cllught d u r ing a m o ment of serious ness, Jenie lind Kathy Disney s p ent many a lunch hour sillving in the Zonion Office. Although the girls insist that i t is a teddy belir, the inside story has it that i t' s really their The Zonian Staff EDITORIAL STAFF ADM I NISTRATION and FACULTY EDIT OR-Mary R a bb it! ADV E R T I S ING EDITORT err i Case ART EDITOR-Ba rbar a Bickerstaff ATHLETIC S EDI T O R-Gary Johnston F E ATU RES EDITOR S y bil M a rkun SENIO R CLASS EDI T O R L aura Pajak STUDENT ACTIVITIES EDITOR-Danelle Hoff UNDERCLA S S EDITOR-Te rr i Scanlon S TA F F P H O TOGRAPHERS-Arnold Tal b ot! H o K o k P ing R o dolf o Y oung BUSINESS STAFF ACCO UNTING MANAGER-Ro b y n H ammette r ADVERTISING MANAGER-Diane H owar d SALES a n d D I S T R I BUTION MANAGER-Ba rbara L orenzon STAFF ASSISTANTS J e n i e Disney K a thy Disne y R o b e rt Ryan A I Schoner! Je rry Turne r G i nger Wertz Gory Johnston, our dauntless Athletics Editor, exp e rtly solves o problem in c o p y Jocotion.


T eri 8Mbo!lra l o renz o n Go!Iry J ohns t on, Sybil M "rku n "nd Arnold T"lboit try t o look serious for the Z o n i"n It is no easy task t o capture the essence o f a sc hoo l yea r between the covers of a book, but each y ea r the Zonian Staff sets ou t to do this Many h ours of w ork after school, intensive study of the e soteric art of journalism, and j ust plain sweat produce a yea rb ook E ach year the s taff, helped b y many willing hands, faces its dead lines, grits its teeth, and plunge s in. E ach year the staff does the seemingly impossible and enco mpasses anothe r year in the histo r y of B alboa H i gh. B"rb"r 8ickerst"ff e n joys the po!luse th", refreshes. N o. it's not comb"t just "nother c" se of Soturdoy "fternoon d M dl ineitu5 ." -R obyn Hammeifer, intre pid girl account""t, re"ds 1,000 an d I t o J u ggl e th e Books. Mr. Welch our oble o!Idvisor, smilingly suggests, "Well. if worst comes to worse, you clln a l ways work on Sunday." .. 81


Orchestra left to right: Duncon Loird. Gory Pidenpough, Mike Smith AI Huish. Jim Snyd er. -, III n I Inli II Dixie-"" II" II ml: m II 1111 II lin _0 If .. / land .. Band


Front Row: M. Colcl.,sure. P. M .,cDonell. E. Gomez. P. H.,II O. Gomez. J. Wilson, R. Cole, T. Mosely. Second Row: J. Wlliton, J Snyder, G. AndriC. Anderson, S. Lllird, K. Kelsey, K. Leon.,rd, J. Andre, N. Gllrreit, S. Siolln, T Delln, B. Christ milS, R. Worshllm, M. McCllutey, E. l ee, G. Brlldy, B. N llron. Thir d Row: P. Prince, J. Jenner, H. Winter, l. D enton, T. Giron, Mr. Thompson, M. Dymmet, D. Vosburgh, B. Foster, N. Night, D. Winn, K. Lllne, T. Snyder, R. Summers. Mr. T hompson gives 11lSt minute directions. Balboa High School Band 83


Chorus F ront Row : S. Ad llms, I. C a mp os. S. Walsh. L. Grismore, N Vecch ione, T Bemvenek C. Vieta, M. T urneo, B. Knight. D. O l li'ler A. Sarsos k y Second Row: A. Besow, I. Walker, N. P osch, M. Rabbitt, F. Thompson, B. Speir, B. G l lUdy, l. McS"yne, C. J e mm oH. C. M O!Mg/l, S. Coffey, E. Dorfm.,n. Thi rd Row: V. Koson, B. Bernord, A. Goldfein, K. De" .. e r T. 5c.,nl on. D. Askins. S. W.,l sh. B Simons, V. H oy l e, P. WtJrd, K. l ynch. S. G a r ne r Joyce Seeley. F ourth Row: K. Bromley, B. J en rid, W. D o ckery, A. T"lb o ft, M. H oy A. Borrero. Douglo!ls Roper, M. Bannister. A. Gtlrci/!, Pian o : Inez H ertz. Balboa Belles left to Right: Joyce Seeley, P"t HannigM, Sandy G"rner, Vickie Sornes, Beth Speir, J.,ne W ilson V i ... i.,n Kos"n.


F i r s t R o w : V. Hooper, S. lo!lird, M. Mo!Irkun, R. Fo!IlJ, l. Denton, T. Bembene k, M. Sneed, T Huffmo!ln, M. Kuciko!lS, C. Appin, P Anderson. Second l{ ow: J. YbMrel, R. DOMld s on, B, BerMrd, D, MMge rich, B. Nelis mith, B. Simmon s E. Mill er, M. Mo!Ikibbin, B. Speir, C. Viet o Thi r d R ow: J. M orelles B. N Mon. J Wilson, J. Holcroft, M. Coldosure, S. Melrkun, l. Frouenheim P. Wo!Ird, B. Geludy, P Helnnigo!ln, S Go!Irner C. Adelir, P. McD owell. F ourth R ow: E. l ee, B. Jenrich, R. Cole, J. l eltime r J. lelvender, K l elne, A. T ellbott, P. Reitz, A. Borrero, J. Snyder, D Roper, M. Bo!Innister, T M osely, A. GMciel. Organ: John Thompson. Pian o : Ines Hertz. Concert Choir 85


rJ --- --., I I ( Front Row": W. Kennedy, Battalion C o mma nder; A. R o dri guez, Executive O fficer: B e tty P ellk, Sponso r; W. Quiros. Tro!lining Officer; J Violette, AdjutMt. Second Row: J. T homson, I ntelligence Office r ; R J ones, Supply Officer; M Johnson, Public Information Office r; L. Bertoli Assistant; C. Adams, Serge

,) = > --, I I A Company Fr ont Row: Tom Dunkelberger, Co. Comm. Merri Bandy, Sponsor Greg Ctlsctlnte, Officer S e c o nd R o w : Fred Webster, Platoon leader T om Pus tis. PI"toon Letlder Allen SeUers, PI"toon L eoder B Company Front R o w: Arthur Krllphl, PI"toon Leader Mtlry Anne Durban, Sponsor Chorles Joyner, Co. Comm. J im Keesling, pr"toon L eode r C Compa ny Fro n t Row: D oug Artley, Co. Comm. Nancy H"rf, Sponsor Fred Atkinson. Ex, Officer S e c o nd Row: O"vid D enny, Plo!Itoon leader Jim Thompson, PI.,toon letlder Tom Straight, PI"toon leader 87


D Company Front Row : R oy Wilson, Co. Comm. B onnie l avender, Spo n sor David Clark, Ex. Office r S e cond R ow: Charles Shirer, Platoon leoder Stll nley Wright, P I(ltoon leader Drill Team John Napier, R o b ert Boyer Co. Comm. Marth" Spinney. Sponsor ChMles St. John. Ex. Officer Band Company Front R o w : Sue $tewMt, Sponso r Harold W ilson. Co. C omm. S e cond R o w : Michael Buyrne. Platoon l e/l der Melo.'lnie Cofer, Sponso r Peggie M cDowell, Sponsor Jim Crtlne. Elt. Officer Carol Wiggs, Sponsor Key Stevens, Sponsor Horold W inter, Plotoon LMder


Left to Right: Peggy McD owell. Sue St ewart, Kay Steve nsen Mela nie Cofer Carol Wigg. Sua Stewart C a ptain, twirls f ire a t ha lf. time. Majorettes Majorettes. along w i th th e R .O T .C. Band, participated in the V eterans' D ay Parad e.


l e ft to Right : Becky Bryant, Sharon H amilton, Caron Adair, Diane Gomez, l yna Murphy P am M a rsh, D iane H owar d, Zizi Jones, Vivian Kosan. N orma Gomez, Paula Witt, Lesbia Johnson, M arilyn Hare, Helen Braswell, Anita M adison, B ecky Fall. 90 Girl's Drill T earn Captain Zizi Jones, Co-Captain Vivian Kosan The Girls' Drill Team o f Balboa High School con sists of twenty girls. The se girls devote many hours to working out march and dance routines. T hey perfor m during hajf ti mes at many football and ba sket ball games. T he precI sio n and smartness of the group always imp r esses and pleases the crowd.


. / -'-..... 1. ....... ... .............. - \ '1/:.,; ) Kneeling : Beeb e H olmes, H elen Bro!lswell, S n(lton H tlmilton, Becky Foil. Diane Gomez. P /lul" Witt. Lin/! Murp hy. Standing: Zizi J o nes, Cll pt,,;n; V ivi.,n K astln, Co-C"ptain. On ladder, left 10 tight : Norm.!! Gomez, Diane H owe-rd, Mo!Irilyn Hllre, B ecky Bryo!lnt, Anit" M"dison. Les b i a J o hnson, P a m M otsh, Caron Adair. The Drill Teo!lm mem b e r s pr"cfice the 'Pinwhee l Formo!ltion.


M ann; Wi lson, Bremer, J udy too Cheerleaders K Mst; Hun t; Wood ruff . l e ft to R ight; Ma ieM Bremer, Darlene W oo druff, J u dy Sho!lron M onn, and Wilson. r;a....: --I -, ,-. -


Front Row : M&len/! Wilson. Second Row: Bremer, Jone M"xene KMst Row: Sharon Pat Chose. Third Monn J"net Hunt, ruff, Judy W/llton. O rlene Wood ---(=---. \ Cheerleaders must be willing to give /I lot of their free time for prodic.ing cheers 93


F ornt R ow: Louie Husted, N eil Doherty, John Richo!lrdson, Roy W ilson, Larry Quinn, Rich W ain io, Doug Artley, M ike Andrews, Fernando O strea, Fred Webster. Seco nd Row: Ralph Stenson, Greg Forster. Ray Beattie, Bill W oods, Geoff H ibner. Bob Thoms. J ohn M oses. Ray M itc h ell, Rick Plucke r Third Row: Gerry Wooster, Bob Bacot, Mo!Irshali Harris, Jim LeFebvre. Dick lloyd. Jim Hellmund. Dennis D orff Steve Matthiesen. F o urth Row: Richard Gregg. Sto!lnley Ward, Neil Fraunheim, R ick V elasco, Bob Evans. Do!Ive lih. Kurt Muse. F i fth Row: Laurence Tynes Bob M u rphy, Wo!It Jenkins. George Giambalvo. Jim Jenner. Coach B rown. 94 B. H. S. Lettermen The purpose of the Letterman's Club is to h onor t h e l e tt ermen of Balboa H;gh School. T o be el;g;ble a person mus t letter in one o r more sport. In order to letter, the coach must conside r the playe r va.luable enougt to be allowe d to participate in competition a number of t imes; the required time va ries w it h each ort. The O( tlvitie of the Lette rman' s Club include plan n;ng t h e annual FooTball Dance and hold;ng the L etterm e n 's B anquet. Greg Forster and George Gio!lmbalvo earn m oney for the Club's freo!lsury by sel,ling sodas and pop corn (It (I fr(lck meet.


, ANCES 95

PAGE 100

j Princess Betty Pe"k. escorted by Dee Kennedy Princess Shllron Hamilton, escorted by Roy Mitchell ... Homecoming Dance Court -QUEEN JUDY WALTON Escorted By GREG CASCANTE Princ ess Valerie M ci ntyre, esc o rt e d b y T o m Ryt!ln Pri nc ess Peggy Anderson escorted by B o b Smith

PAGE 101

QUEEN B efty Peak and her e scort Roy Wil so n Football Dance Princ ess M alena Bremer
PAGE 102

Left to right: T om George. Princess Dillon. Princess Princess Z i z i J one s; Queen P rincess Terri ClIse. Jim Lefebvre. 98 Queen Sharon lind her escort. Coleman Ande r son. dance the Coronation Dance. Christmas Formal

PAGE 103

QUEEN JUANITA And Her Court Carnival Dance QUEEN J U(lnit(l Miltls '/ l 1 " -.' 99

PAGE 104

B e fo r e t h e cr o w nin g : Dee Kennedy, Marlho Spinney; Doug Artley, M ory Ann Durbon; Dovid Denny, 1966 Queen Marsha C recelius : J on e Wil so n Greg Cosco nte; Po:Im R owe, Jim Dertein; N e l lie Wood, Chris F rench. The crowning of Q u e e n Jane Valentine Formal 100

PAGE 105

.... I SADI E HAWKINS Sophomores Elect lil' Abner and Daisy Mae f ... '. , Lyna Murphy and Mike Beattie -. "--. -. .. 101

PAGE 107

FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION 102 M.ny sludenls g;ve up Ihe;r sludy h.lls ond hours ofte r school to help t eachers make thei r classes mor e interesting. The Audio.visual workers, for example. s how films end run tapes to supplement teachers' lectures

PAGE 108

104 Art The art courses of BHS give students a chance t o develop their creativity and skill in a balanced p ro gram of art experienc es. Four years of progressi ve levels of art are offered. Aesthe t ically-a ware individuals a re given a chance to exp ress their abilities in many different fields. I 1'.1 l. . (O .. ,A'" .... ....... .... I "". ..... .'

PAGE 109

---\I m The principles of design. painting, sculpture, ceramics. color theory and graphics as well as art appreciation are taught. The work of the Art Department is shown in showcases in the school. in the Civil Affairs Building and in various places in Panama. Help from the Art Department has b een instrumental in creating decorations for school func tions. 105

PAGE 110

-"' 106 ", Home Arts T he Home Economics program is presented in a wellbalanced cu rr iculum study on every aspect of family living and home care. Mrs. Latimer and Mrs. Norton instruct the classes in four progressive yea r s o f learning. Practical eX4 penence IS easily gained in the fully-equipped Home Economics lab.

PAGE 111

Included in the program are units on: family living, meal planning and preparation, home nur sing, home decorating, planning fo r ma r r i age and sewing. T he clothing cons t ruction p r ogresses from blouses to tailored suits. Guest speakers are invited to give practical demon st r ations on subiects such as, interio r decorating and cake decorating. 107

PAGE 112

108 Industrial Arts The creative talent of BHS boys is expressed in many ways. One of these c hann els is the Indu strial Arts Department. Two years of both woods hop and metalsho p are offered and the student's choic e of activities and projects is numerous. A good knowledge o f the industrial arts is gained in the shop, well equipped with all the ne cessary woodworking and sheet-metal machines.

PAGE 113

At the beginning of the year, the boys are provided w ith ten dollars' worth of materials. The products of thei r efforts a r e such things as; c h ests, tabl es, knick-knack shelves, tool b oxes and f igurative candle sticks. Under the guidance of thei r instructor, Mr. Anderson, the industrial arts students also design and m ake all of the background scenery for the school plays. An a r ch an d p latform and screen frames for The Imp ortance of B e ing Earne s t and a Japanese-style bridge fo r one of the junio r class activities, wer e part of their efforts to benefit the sc hool. 109

PAGE 114


PAGE 115

Our Principal, Mr. Willman Mr. Willman administering to the welf"re of one of our students. Mr Willman has been in the Canal Zone for five years and has just completed his third year as principal of ou r school. Before coming to BHS, he was a counsel lor at Diablo Heights Junio r High School. M r Willman received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Valpariso University in Indiana, and his Master of Science degree Clyde A. Will m an from Indiana Unive r sity. Mr. Willman is an ardent supporter at all of ou r activities-both in voice and spirit. When Mr. Willman isn't performing his role as principal or spending time with his wife and family, he enjoys bowling, SWimming, hunt ing, camping. fishing and reading. III

PAGE 116

112 -=:j ,..-. $ L -I WEDN E SDAY \ ----M ONDAY FRIDAY John Knick Our A ssista n t Pri n c ipal Mr. Knick. is f r o m Virginia. He taught General 5 6 e n c e and B iology at BH5 f o r +hree year<; before becomi ng as s i s tant p r incip al six years Mr ., k receive d his Bachel o r o f A rts deg ree an of v rgi J. of Educa tion degree at the U n i ve r s i ty n rna is t h e perfect pla c e fo r h i m t o enjoy his f avo ri te h obby of skin diving. Mr. K n ick also enjoys w orking with t he b oy scouts. Discipline is a n imp o rtant an d n eces s ary elemen t i n any i n s t i tution. Alth ough. at times, this need is hard t o u nderstand ; w i th ou t i t the s cho o l c ould barel y oper ate

PAGE 117

Office Activity T he offi ces o n the f i r s t f loo r receive d ist r i b ute, c reate p r i n t and reco r d all o f t h e ne c e ssa r y p apers required to m ake o u r s chool function efficiently. Pho ne c a l l s hearty bags of mail. mes sy carb o n pape r a n d d upl i c a tin g f luid, s tacks of papersno n e of these thi ng s d am p e n the s pir its of our dilig ent and c heer f u l s e c retar i e s Mrs Lane. Miss Alvarez an d M r s are the Mai n Office per son nel. M i s s R hode s is Mr. W illm a n s s ecretar y and Mr Sanche z fills the s e c r e ta r i a l p osition for Mr. Knick. - I 113

PAGE 118

114 Counsellors On any day in the coun s ellor s office, the frustrations and que s t ions are many-" ... but why the P.S A.T? " I m really interested in mechanics, but that college I applied to ... " How many credits? All these problems and many more are entrusted to the guidance of our understandi ng and experienced counsellors Security is knowing that someone is concerned and truly interested with ou r present educational status and our future plans. As near-adults. we meet so many rugged challenges, this is why our counsello r s are there, always ready to help. So when a pass to the Guidance Office is filled out. it's done with confid ence that help and advice will be received.

PAGE 119

, Wesl ey B on d ou r ant D o nna S tu e be Before becoming one of the boys' guidance counsellors, !viR. BONDURANT taught A lgebra and Advanced Math h e r e at BHS. Our S.A. sponsor was born in Graham, North Carolina. He attended Duke University, where he received an A.B in Math and a M.Ed. in Administration. Mr. Bondurant is an ardent fan for all types of sports. MR. MARONEY was born ;n Bayonne, New Jersey. He attended Seton Hall College in New Jersey to receive a B A and M.A. with majors in English and Administration. Mr. Maroney taught for two years in a Navy Dependent Schoo l in Morocco. From there, he travelled extensively throughout Europe by car. Among his main interests are boat;ng and photography. M ISS STUEBE, counsellor for half of the g;rls, was born ;n Danv;lle, III;no;s. She grad uated from and later taught at Danville H.S. Miss Stuebe attended I ndiana State Teachers College and the Un;vers;ty of III;no;s. She rece ;ved a B.s. and M.s. majoring in Physical Education and Guidance and mino r ing in Spanish and Psych ology. Reading and playing tennis are her favorite pastimes. MISS WEIR, our other girls' counsello r has an interna tional record of colleges to her credit. Among these, the University of San Marcos, Lima, Peru, the Universidad Nacional Mexico, Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. She received her B .s. from the University of Florida and her M.A. from Columbi a University. Miss Weir enjoys reading and music in her spare time. M arie Weir MR. WILDE, our Attendance Officer, was bor n in Vallejo, California. He attended Chico State, the University of California and San Francisco State; receiving a B.A. and M A majo r ing in Histo r y and Administ r ation Mr. Wilde en joys all sports, particularly tenni s His travels have taken him a r ound th e world. This is Mr. W ilde's sixth year at BHS, although h;s f;rst as A ttendance Off;cer. ( Arthur Maroney Gifford Wilde 115

PAGE 120

Balboa High School's library has serve d BHS since the school was built in 1943; then the first sch oo l library in the Canal Z one. Helping Miss Rider, our lib rarian, and Mrs. Ch oller, our assistant librarian, who left the Zone in Janu ary, were 20 students who gave up thei r study halls to assist. Mrs. Virginia Doss is our new assistant librarian. Miss Grace Rider Whether i t a r epor t on the Roman Empir e: the facts on the 1 948 M ary land senatorial e l ection; o r getting out all of E ugene O 'Neil's b ooks, the place we went to was always the same and we always received careful ai d for o ur many projects. Mrs. Doris Choller

PAGE 121

Clinic It is v er y com fo rtin g o n tha t da y w hen you do n't feel well to kno w that you need only go t o the Clinic and e,pla i n your ac hes and p a i n s t o Mrs. Skei e. She will eit her put yo u back in the r u nning o r ad v i s e you as t o the next be s t step for yo u and your g oo d health. The cli nic was ready to give our ath l e te s the i r phy s ical e x am s and ad minister sight and hear i n g tests t o the stu dent b o dy. W e dep e nded on the clinic f o r ready assi s tance and we rece ived it. Mrs. H enri Shie R N. -; --... -.. {

PAGE 122

Thos e candy wrap pers that a r e casually d ropped in the hall; those little puddles of wate r o n the floo r that ga t her b y drip and drop; those-OOP S----<:arboned fingerp r ints on the wall; those dirty towels in the l ocke r r oom an d all that chalk dust! What happens to all of these t h ings? A s everyday-cleaned by our school s conscientious custodia ns, headed b y Mr. Hawkins, who give GHS students anot h er r ea son to be proud of thei r school. Janitors

PAGE 123


PAGE 124

120 I .... Victoria Aderman Algebra Soph. class Asst. Span. New Te achers At B H S Betty A nni s BHpg., Gen. Bus. MRS. ACKERMAN was born in Gainesville, Florida. She attended Agnes Scott State College in Decatur, Georgia. Here she received a B.A. majoring in English and a M.A. maj o ring in Math. Mrs. A ckerma n has taught at Florida State University. She enjoy s reading, swimming and gardening. Her travels include Turkey and Eur ope. Our S.A. Treasurer, MRS. ANNIS, was born i n Woodland, California. She attended K ansas University and the University of Missou r i at Kansas City, receiving h e r B.s. and M.A. majoring in Business and Education. Mrs. Anni s has taught in U S. Army Dependent Schools in France. She enioys collecling rocks and shells and playing bridge. Mrs Anni s has travelled extens ively in Europe, T urkey, Jordan and E gypt. Consuelo Cappon Spo!Inish Rita Clifton Gen. M..,th Alqebra Debate Club Asst. Spon. MRS. CAPPON i s a native of Lima, Per u She attended Adrian C ollege in Mich iga n and the University of Ypailanti; also in Michigan; r eceivin g he r B.A. and M.A. Mrs. Cappo n enjoys travelling. but more than that s he l oves her two daughters who occupy much o f h e r time. MRS. CLIFTON aHended Gainsville H.S. in her h ome state of Georgia. She received a B.S. degree from Georgia majoring In Education. Mrs Clifton likes to sew in her spare time.

PAGE 125

MISS DAVISON, an alumnus of BHS, was b orn in P orls mouth, New Hampsh i re. She received her B .S. from Wake F orest College i n Nort h Carolina and her M.A.T. from Duke Univers ity. Miss Dav ison likes to swim and play tennis. Her travels include E urope. Haiti, Egypt. Jorda n and I srael. MISS DUFFY was born in N e w York City and attended high school in B rooklyn. W hile at Washington State Uni versity. Miss D uffy maiore d in Physical Education, H isto r y and Health Education Unfortunately, Miss Duffy cannot pursue two of her fav o rite pastimes in the Canal Zoneice skating and skiing, but she finds swimming mo s t enjoyable h ere. Morning Sun, Iowa is MR. GOUDIE's hometown. He earned a B.A. from I owa Wesleyan and a M.S. from the University of Oklahoma. M r Goudie has taught in Milita r y Dependent Schools in Ger many. He collects coins and stamps, but his special interest is insects. His travels extend through Europe and the Middle Eas t MRS. GRUVE R was born in A rkadelphia, Arkansas. After graduating from Alamo H eights H.5. in San Ant onio Texas, she attended Mary Hardin-Baylor College in Texas and the Unive rsity of A r izona: r eceiving a B.A. in Speech. H e r inte rest s lie in archaeology d r ama and costume design. W i l l i a m Mclenahan P.S.S.C .. Physics NanneHe Rid ert Enqlish Dt"m" Club Asst. Speno Marvel D aviso n Algebr". Geom. N"t'I. H ono r Soc. P dul G oudi e / Science Subiects Science Club Co-Spen o Mickey Duffy P. E. CheerlMders ( J a n e Gruver Eng .. Speech-Dr"m" Dr"mo Club MR. McLENAHAN earned a B.A. and M.S. at the Uni versity of Mississippi. majoring in Physics, Education and Science He has taught in Military Dependent Schools in J apan. During his spare hours. he likes to play golf, read and try his hand in a rt. Mr. McLenahan's hometown is New ton Mississippi ) MRS. RICKERT was born in Wheeling, West Virginia. After graduating from LeMar H .S. in Houston, Texas. she attended Ho od College in Frederick, Maryland and the University of Houston, where she received a B .A. in English. Mrs. Rickert has taught at Huntington College in Alaba ma. H er interests lie in the theatre. 121

PAGE 126

122 MRS. SCHULBACH's home state i s New York. She attended Notre Dame Colle g e i n Cl ev el a nd Ohio, where she earned a B.S. majoring i n Chemistry. I n h e r spar e time, she likes to sew and play brid g e. Mrs. Schulbach has travelled around the world and has liv ed in I ndia and Afghanistan. M R S SHEPPARD w a s b orn i n Oza rk, Oklah o ma. She a t tended t h e Univer sity o f O klahoma and the U niversity o f W yoming, w he r e s h e re ceived a B.s. and M .Ed. Mr s S h e p par d s main int erest is her fa mily. M RS. S PIVE Y altende d Sout h w e s te r n Univ ers ity i n her home state of T exas There she r eceive d her B F A. ma jo r i n g in Speec h and Drama; minoring i n E nglish and H isto r y Her intere s t i s i n the t heatre Las t fall, s he played the pa rt o f A nne S ulliv an In The M i r acle W orke r p r e s ente d in t he Canal Z one. MRS VAUT was born i n L i n dsay, Oklah o ma, wher e s h e als o grad uated fro m h igh s chool. She alte n de d t he Uni versity of Oklah oma and Oklahoma Colle ge f o r W o men; re c eiving a B.S. degree. Mrs. Vaut has taught at sc h ools in Mex i c o and Fran c e. She enj oys golfi n g and playi ng bridge She has been t o 4 8 d i fferent count ries Mrs Vau t i s the F inanc i a l Sec r etar y f o r S.A D a n Wel s h Engli s h Z onj"n Asst. Ad ver. R o bert Wi nters Eng lish H e l e n Sch u l b ach C h emistry, Geom. F S A. S p on. -N a n cy Sp ivey W orl d Hist .. Geog. Haz e l S h eppa rd T y p i n g F B L. A. Asst. Sp on. l o re n e V a ut T yping MR. W ELSH retu rns to u s this year after te a c h ing for a y e a r at C u r undu J .H.S. Elkhart, Kans as i s his h o m e town. H e attended A dams State Colleg e i n Color ado r eceiv i n g a B A maiori n g i n English. M r W e lsh enjoys r eading an d h i k i ng. J apan and C eylon are i ncluded in his tra vels -, MR. W INTERS, a Philadelph i an, altended college a t W e s tcheste r Stat e the U n i v er sity o f P e n nsyl vani a and T em ple Univer sity, all i n Pen nsylvan i a. H e e arne d a B.S. an d M.S. Mr. W i n t ers h a s t aught i n Alaska, G e r m an y an d M idway I s l an d in t h e P acific Fishing and trapping catch h i s fancy dur ing his s p a r e hour s

PAGE 127

Katharin e Adams Bio .. Physio. F. N. A. Spon. Ross And e r s on P. E. F oot ball Coach C F And erso n Industrial Arts John Bana s i c k Biology MRS. ADAM S was born in M ansfield, Ohio. She allended W iHenburg University in Ohio and Ohio State University at Columbus. She r eceived a B.S. and M.S. majoring in B iolog ical S c iences and minoring in English and Speech. Mrs. Adams enioys boating, water-skiing and golfing She has t r avelled extensively throughout all of the Americas. MR. ANDERSON was b orn in L i nd sborg, Kansas and aIlended h ig h school Ihere. He re ceive d a B.S. and M.S. from Kansas State Teache r's College in Empo ria. He majored i n I ndustrial Arts. Mr. Anderson's hobby is s h o pwork and boating. His t ravels include all of E u rop e and South A merica. Ma son City, I owa is MR. ANDERSON's homelown After he gradualed from Mason Cily H.S. he allended Ihe Univer sity of Iowa where he r eceive d a B .S. and M.A. Flying target shooting and fishing occupy Mr. Anderson's s pare time. He has travelled to Greenland, Ireland Iceland, Aus tria and South America. MR BANASICK was born in Scottsdale, Pennsylvania. He earned a B.S. in Science Education, His tory and S ocia l Studies and a M.A. in Science Education and Sociology at West Virg inia University. He also attended Harvard and Yale Universities. Mr. Banasick enjoys writing short stor ies and novels and gun collecting. He is in charge of the A u dio Visual department. J oseph B arry Chem. Study Calm e r Batalden W.S., Me ch. Drawing Sofety Comm. Chairman MR. BARRY's homeslale is Rhode Island He altended Rhode Island College, Ihe University of Tampa and Ihe U niversity of Tallahassee. He earned a B .S and M.S. i n Science and Chemistry Mr. Barry likes to travel, sing and lake pielures. He has Iravelled Ihroughoul E urope, Ihe Brilish Isles, Cuba, Canada and Central America. MR B A T A LDEN was born in Windom, Minnesola. He aHended Bradley University in Illinois, Connect icut State University, Penn State and the University of Oslo in Oslo, Norway. He earned a B.S. in Industr ial V ocational Educa tion and a M.S. in Administ r ation. His travels include all of the Scandina vian countries. 123

PAGE 128

) Ruby Bissett $po!Ini s h F. T A. Spon. -Stewart Brown P. E. Lettermen's Club Spon. Alabama ;s MRS. BISSETT's homestate. She has attended colleges in the Unite d States, Mexico and Spain. She earned an A.B. and M.R.E. majoring in Spanis h and minoring in E nglish. B oating and church work occupy her spar e time. Mrs Bissett has tra v elled througho u t E urope, Central and South America COACH BROWN was born ;n P ;ttsbu r gh, Pennsylvan;a and graduated from Schenley H.5. in Pitt sburgh. I-Ie rece;ved a B.S. and MEA. from the Univers;ty of Pittsburgh, Dur ing one year when Coach Brown taught P .E. at th e Canal Z one College, trophies were won for every sport. MRS. CI-IAMPIOMONT was born ;n Greenev;!le, Tennessee. She earned her B.s. from Midwestern Un ive r sity, Texas and her M.A. from Peabody College ;n Nashville, T ennessee. Her main interests are in sewing and bowling. MRS. De ARMAS ; s a native of Panama. She attend ed Mic higan State Univer sity, earning a B.A. and M.A. in Language. Mrs. De Armas' interests lie in social and civic w ork in the community. She founded the Inte r national Club in Panama. R"th C h m pio m o,t iv-Clt'l Bio l og y Ligi a De Armas SplInis h IY {Y' I -oph. CI';jt" o P MRS. DEAVER was born ;n Cra;ghead, Arkansa s She 124 received a B .A from the University of Illinois and a M.A. from San F r ancisc o State College Mrs. Deaver i s interested in Ethno logy { s cience of races and origins}. She has been to Ch;na, Japan and the Ph;lipp;ne s MR. D EKLE i s a nat;ve of Flor;da. He attended Tampa University and Flor i da St ate University; r ece iving a B.A. and M.A. majored in Englis h and Socia l Studies and Art. Mr. Dekle likes to hunt and fish and he enjoys "d I-Ie h a s travelled throughou t Austral;a, New Z ealan d 19 J,jlippines, T unisia, E nglan d and Mexico. Winifred Deaver Specilll EduClltion Senior Cll1ss Asst. Spon. Jo h n D e k l e Am Inst., Eng. S. A. Spon.

PAGE 129

MRS. De La MATER was born in Thrall, Texas. She earned a B.B.A. at the Univer s ity o f T eXdS, majoring in Busi ness Administration and Education. She has taught at the Uni versit y of Texa s and Ranger College Texas. Mrs De La Mater enjoys s i ng ing and g olfi ng. MRS. DIAZ is a native of Panama. She received her M.A. Irom the University 01 Chicag o and her Ph.D. I rom the University of Madrid. She also attended the U niversity of Panama. One of her main int e rest s is in arch eolo g y. MISS ELLIS was born in King Ferry, New Y ork. She attended Pratt Institute i n Brooklyn, and Syracuse Un iversity in New Y ork, earning a B.F.A. a n d M.S. Miss Ellis has taught i n Venezuela and Okinawa a s well as in the States. She enjoys judo, swimming and p aint ing. Miss Ellis as travelled aro u nd the wor l d. MRS. GRAHAM was born i n Brooklyn, New Y o r k She attended Hunter College and C olumbia University, b ot h in New York. She earned an A.B. and M.A. Mrs. Graham has also tau ght school in Egypt William Hanshaw Biology Shirley H.lSelden Fr ench French Club Spen. '" -... :: ::: -. .... ..... ................ .......... . ... ...... -" -_ ........ ..-.. Vivian D e La Mater ShorlhMd F. S, A. Spon. J a n e Ellis Act Art Club Spon. M arcela D ial Sponish SPMish Club Spon. Frances Graham Geometry M o t h Club Spon. MR. HAN S HAW's homestate is C olorado. He graduated from Central H .5. in Sioux City, k>wa. He attended the University 01 Ari z ona, earning a B .S., M.S.T. and M.Ed. He l oves the out -of-doors and enjoys hunting fishing and swim ming. His travels include Ger many, France, England an d Belgium. MRS. HASELDEN was born in Cairo, Geo r gia She at tended Wesleyan College, Emery University and the University of Florida. She received an A.B. and M.A. with a major i n French. Mrs. Haselden enjoys swimming and boating. S h e has travelled to E u r ope, N ort h Alrica and the Middle East 125

PAGE 130

126 MR. HATCHETT, an alumnus of BHS, was born in Durham, North Carolina He received a B.B.A. from the sity of New Mexico and a M.A. fr om Ariz o na State Univer sity. Mr. Hatchett's main interest lies in all types of sports He is a faithful suppo rter of the BU LLDOGS. Alabama is MRS. HOBBIE's homestate. She attended Troy State Coliege, Alabama and the University of Alabama; receiving a M.A. in English. She has previously taught at the University of Maryland Amon g her interests are oi l painting, gardening and cooki ng. Her travels include Jap ... ", Okinawa and H a waii. MR. HUTCHINSON's hometown is Salt Lake City, Utah. H e attended the University of Idaho and Arizona State University. He received a B.s. and M.A. majoring in Math. Mr. Hutch inson ha s taugnt across the I sthmus at Cristobal H.S. He find s golfing a favorite pursuit here in the Canal Zone. MISS KEEN was born in Inman, Virginia. She attended Radf ord College, the University of Florida and the University of V i rginia. She has taught in Military Dependent Sc hool s in Germany. Miss Keen likes photography, reading, poking around in ruins, joking and the tropical su nshine. M ary Knapp Enqlish Isthmien Inklings Spon. R oy K noop World H istory Edw a rd H a tch ett Jr. Am. lnst U.S Hi s t. J. V. Bes ketbell -, l e s t e r H u tc h i n so n Geom., Adv. Meth N ora H obbi e E nglish -M a ud e n e K e e n W orl d Hist., Eng. Debete Cl u b Spon. Leavenworth, Kan s as is MRS KNAPP's hometown. She graduated from So uthwest H S. in Kansas City, Missou ri. Mrs. Knapp received a B.J. and M.A. from the University of M issouri and the University of M issouri at Kansas City. B ooks, records and photography are among her inte rests. MR. KNOOP is from the Canal Zone and he graduated fr om Crist o bal H.S. He attended Ohio Wesleyan University where he received a B.A. and C olumbia University whe r e he received a M.A. Mr. Knoop has taught at Air Force D e pendent Scho ols in Morocco and Eng land. His travels include Poland and Yugoslavia

PAGE 131

Alice Latim e r Home Economics F. H. A. Co-Span. Edward McFarland Remedial Reading H a z e l Matthews Enqlish Nat'! Honor S oc. Joe Norton Am. Rem. Reo!ld. Photo Club Span. MRS. LATIMER hails from B ullalo, New York. She attended Simmons College in Boston and Teacher s College of Columbia in New York City. She received a B.s. and M.A. majoring in Home Economics. It follows then, that Mrs. Latimer loves cooking, decorating and sewing. She has been throughout and Central America. MISS MATTHEWS was born in Hollywood, Alabama. She attended Alabama College and George Peabody College for Teachers in Nashville, Tennessee. She received an A.B. and M.A. Miss Matthew s has travelled to Europe, Central and South America. MR. McFARLAND from Staten Island, New York, attended Wagner College in New York. He earned a B.S. and M .Ed. majoring in Elementary Education. Mr. McFarland has also taught in Military Depe"dent Schools in France and Germany. His favorite pastimes are hunting and fishing. MR. NORTON was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. He at tended the University of California at Berkeley and San Jose Coll ege, r eceiving an A.B. in Political Science and a M.A. in Education. Mr. Norton is an ardent sports fan and is e specially interested in under-water photography. With his family, Mr. Norton has driven through Central America to the United States. Virginia Norton Home Economics F. H. A. Co Span. Beatriz P ere z Spanish Spanish Honor Soc. MRS. NORTON, an ex-Marine. was born in Phoenix, Arizona. She attended Ar izona State University and Oregon State University: r eceiving a B.A. and M.A. Mrs. Norton enjoys swimming, reading and coin collecting She has journeyed to the Caribbean and the countries of South America. MISS PEREZ is a native o f P anama. She attended Marycrest C olle ge i n Iowa, State University of I owa and the University of Panama. She received a B.A., M.A. and a Profesorado de Ingles; majoring in E ducation and Languages. Miss Perez enjoys sewing and the theatre. 127

PAGE 132

128 MRS. PERRY was born in Indiana. She attended Evansv ille College in Indiana, Duke University. and Ind iana University; r eceiving a B.A. and M.S. Mrs. Perry has also taught at Cristobal H .S. She enj oys travelling and has driven twice, i n 1965 and in 1966 throug h Central to the United State s Vera P erry l a t i n U.S Hist. L a t in Club Span. Harry Shannon A ut o S h o p Herbert Raybourn P E A t h letics C oach Karl Shirley Adv. M ath. Arg. Nashville. T ennessee is t h e home o f MR. THOMPSON. He attended t h e U n i ve r s i ty o f Tennessee i n Knox ville, receiv ing M.S. de g ree i n Music E d ucation. In his s pare hour s Mr. Thompson enjoys golfing fish ing and playing bridge. MRS. VAN EVE R A was born i n the Phi l i ppine s and she lived n China during part o f her c h ildho od She received a B.ft M.A. from Hq.mline Uni v e r s i ty in Minnesot a and from he I versity of Minnesot a resp e cti vely Her special interests in lude boating and p h o t ogra p h y. COACH RAYBOURN was brought up in Panama and was grad u ated fro m BHS. He earned his B.S. from Bradley University and his M.S. from East Texas State College. His interests lie in athletic s MR. SHANNON was born in Missouri. He i s an alumnus o f BHS. Mr. Shann o n altended the Canal Zone College. recei v ing an A.S. degree ; majoring in Physics and Math. Mr. Shanno n is i nt eres ted i n photography. He has travelled to the West Indies. Central and South Ame r ica. MR. SHIRLEY from the Lone Sta r State of Texas. attended Tex a s Christian University. West Texas State and Stanford Uni versity. He earned a B.A.. M.E d and M.A. Mr. Shirley enjoys skin-diving in his spare hours. Besides BHS, he has taught in M i l i tar y Dependent Schools in Korea France and Japan Bert Thomp so n Music Blin d Folk Singing Club Span. Patr ici a Van E ve r a U S Hist ory Jun;or Class Asst Span.

PAGE 133

MR. WALL was born in Uniontown Pennsylv ania and there he attended high school. H e earned a B .A. and M .A. at the Univer sity of Arkansa s and John Carroll College. West Virginia. Mr. Wall enjoys travelling and has been throughout the For E a st. E u rope the Wes t Indi e s and S outh A m er ica. MR. WILLIAMS i s a nat ive of Florida. He attend e d the University of F lor i da to receive a B.S. B.A. i n B u siness and M .Ed. in Adm i nistration. Mr. W illiams has taught a t Cristo bal H .S. His i nterest in y oung people i s enriched through his being spon s or of the Bri dge Clu b and the Senio r C l ass. MR. WILLINGHAM, an Alaba mian, attended Auburn University, A labama to recei v e a B.S. and M.S. in Science E ducation. Mr. W illingham s pend s many hap p y h ours f ishing and g o lf i ng. MRS. WITKIN was born in N orth F ork, West Virginia. She attended West V irgi n i a Unive rsity and the Univer s it y of Minnesota. She earned a B.A. and M.A. majoring i n English and m inoring i n Fre nch. Mrs W itki n enjoys p l aying the piano, s w i mming and she i s intere s ted i n interior d e c orat i ng. Clementine Young P. E Drill T eo!lm Sp on. Narcisa Zarate Spo!lnish S en. Class CoS pon. Charles Wall Enqlish I George Willingham Chemistry -Henry Williams Jr. Algebro!l Se nio r Clo!Iss Spon. -H e l e n Witkin English MRS. YOUNG was b orn in P anama. She attende d the University of Pa;1ama, the College of St. Cathe r ine i n Mic h i gan and T eache r s C ollege of Columbia University i n New Y o r k City. She r eceived a B.S. and M.A Mrs. Young enjoys ga r dening, t r avelling and all sports. j MISS ZARAT E's hometown is La Union, New Mexico. She earned a B S f rom the University of New Mexico and a M A f rom New Mexico Stat e University ; majoring in Com mer c ial Educatio n Languages and Guidance. In her spare ti me, she enjoys sewing and bowling. 129

PAGE 134


PAGE 135

130 SOPHOMORES Sophomo re s are kepi up -Io-dale b y a few fellow classmen who prepare their bulletin board

PAGE 136

132 Clas s O fficers Pres iden t Ted Henter ViceP resi d e nt-Duncan Laird .. -Se c retary-Peggy Anderson Adviso r s Mrs. Ackerman Mrs. Championmont

PAGE 137

The class of 1 969 got off to a great start. It was easy to recognize this yea r's crop of sophomore girls a n d boyt h ey had a sad tendency to step on the plaque. For the girls. this was the yea r of the mini skirt 133

PAGE 138

1 0 \\:l Committee worker s po s ted an h ono r a ble re cord f o r the year: the sophomor es came in fir s t with th eir Valentine s h o wcase; and the Sadie H awkins dance was one o f the most memorab l e dances o f the year. M any sop homore s take art. This talent aids in their activities. T he sophomores had many committees. This helped involve the sopho more s ;n student l ife and studen t government.

PAGE 139

Sophomores have more privileges now than ever before. As 9th graders they didn't have their own r oom, o r a book sto re where they could purchase school supplies. T hey have more activities than ever before. And as high school students their S.A. cards buy more.

PAGE 140

First yeor ROTC. Lunch time w
PAGE 141

Three days of gym instead of two! The girls may complain; but as a whole the sophomore class was happy to hear that even though academic l ife was harder, they had more freedom here at BHS. For example they were allowed to leave school grounds at lunch time to go to the club house or the Teen Club. .. -_ o

PAGE 142

1 3 8 Aanstoos, Ed Aa n sto os, Janet A c ev e do, R i cardo Ad"",s Craig Afieltranger, Leslie Azrak, Renee Aham, Robert Alarilla, Belinda Alves, Pamela Alli son Elizabe th Allon, David Anderson. Leslie Anderson, Peggy Andrews, Nettie Andre, Jeanne Andrews, Joseph Aponte, Clelia Appin, Carol Applegate, Jeanne Arbaugh, Mary Arenz, Pat Arrell, Russel Ashby, Martha Azred, Renne Baarstad, Paul Badonsky, Lee Baker, Ken B",cker, Laree B Imas, S i e ve Ballanis. Anastasia

PAGE 143

Ballenger Rebecca Bares, Mau r ice B arnes, Darryl Barsosky, Audrey B artlett Robert Bay, John Bayer Barbara Bea tie, Michael Bembene k T e resa Bennett, Betty Besaw, John B es"w, Ma rgaret Best, Jeannette Best, Mary B ickerstaff, Barbara Berhaum Theresa B i rcher. Thomas B orden, Sandra Bouche. Adrian Bower Patricia S oost rom, Paul Bowen, Russel Brady, George Brady, Paul Braswell, Helen Braswell, David Breed, Charles Brid, Jaime Bristol, Steve Bromley, Keith 139

PAGE 144

1 40 Brown, Deborah Brown, T eresa Brown, Valeria Brown, Victoria Brooks, B ill Brooks, Candice Brooks, Charles B urc hf iel d Walter B u rleson, Bob Burns, Katheryne B utl er O nda Cabas sa, Antonio Cain, Michael Calhoun, Cynthia Ca mpbell, Glenn Carra squillo, Pablo Ca stillo, Elvia Castillo, Carmen Cazo bon, Dennis Chance, Jeanne Chase, Patricia Checa, Jesus Christoffersen, J ill Ch urchill, Kurt Clark, Carolyn Clark, Glen Clift, David Clinchard, Connie rouse, Anne r ey. Ly n

PAGE 145

" I Cole. R obert Coleman, Nancy Collins. Carole Collins, Marcia Cote. Michae l Craig. Jeff Crull. Gary Crump. Charles Cruz, Robert Curby. Harry Daly. Darlene Daniels. Sherry Dantes. Edmund Darco, Richard Date Daryl Davis, David Day an, Ezra Dean Linda Dean, T o m Deav er Kathy Decker. David De La Guardia. Yoland a De La Pena, Jean De Lima. Rene De Lima, Jaime Delgado. Alma Dent on. Vicky Dennis, Mark Dert ien. Patricia Detamore Dorothy 141

PAGE 146

142 Diaz, Marlene Dishong. Eddi e Disney. Kathy Dolan, Madelaine Dominquez, Edgar Do r fman, Elaine Doubleday. Jan e D oubleday. Judy D oubleday. Mary D owle r Jaque Duffus. William Duin, R obert D uncan, John Dunkleberger, B onnie DuVall. Joe Earl. Penny Eastman, Nancy Escante, Belinda Esteves, Lorna Fade. Cynthia Farbman. Adele Farr, Steve Fehrenba ch, James Fernandez, Susan Fernandez, C ecilia Flores, Ernie Floyd. Mary Fontaine, Shirley rd. Keith F reman, Eiko

PAGE 147

, Foret, Faye F orkey Rudan Forni, Dennis Foster, Kathleen Foundos, M arie Elana Frauenheim, Neil Fredderick, Jean Frensley, Edward Gahr, Anna Jane Gahr. Alvin Galbaith, David Gallardo. Charles Gamez, Sylvia Gammill. Randall Garber, Thomas Garcia, Anthony Garcia, Carmen Garcia, Sylvia Garcia de Paredes Juan Garner, Charles Garner, Nancy Garett. Nona Gas+eazore. Michelle Gemmell. Steve Getti. Sandy Gibson. Hal Gilbert. John Gilb ert. Pete Gilbert, Sullivan Gilley. M arily n 143

PAGE 148

144 Giren. Toni G i vens. Vicky Gomez, Edmund Gomez. Norma Gonzalez. John Gonzalez, Manuel Gonzalez, Phillip Goodrich, Gail Grabowsky, Eli zabeth Gregory, Cathy Green, John Green, Judy Grimm, Patricia Grismore, Linda Guizado, Jo s e G unn, Gorden Guthrie Michele Hoff, Denise Hoff George Hair, Charles Hall, William Hancock, Anto i nette Hardy, Linda Hare, Marilynn Harnish, Carl Hatch, Sue Hawkins. Jan eald, R o bert +er. Theo dore in] z M ike

PAGE 149

Herman Ceclia Hesters William Hess, Bernard H;bbert, Patty Hds, Shelly HirschI. Janice Hogan Robert Holcomb Pamela Hollis, Rex Hooper. Vivian H orter, Ernest H ortines. Jim H oward, Brian Hoyle. Virginia H oyt, Carol Huerbsch, Lorraine Huffman, Tony H uhta. Kirsti Hu;sh Alfred Hurst, Damen H u rt Carl Husum, Janet Hutton, Joan Icaza Horacio Ireland Martha Jacks, Thomas Jackson, .Larry Jenrich, Brus e Johnson. Carolyn Jones, Patricia 145

PAGE 150

1 4b Jones. M ario Jourdan, James Karst. Maxine Kauppila Dough Kenl, Jack Kennon. F letc h e r Kissick, Peggy Klaeger. E ugenia Klingberg, Frank Klu mp, Melida Kluson, Robert Knick, John Kohan. I r ene Kuyolh, Paul a Laird. Duncan Lanca s ter. Nick Lane. Ker r i Lane. Sherri Latimer. James Lavender. J ames Lawyer M ich elle Leese r Penelope Leidig, Pam Lens h Polly Letourneau, Marlene Letoureau, B ob Lewis. Terry Lee, Edward L"p ale, Deborah' l t Mary

PAGE 151

r -, L oftus. D aniel Long, Steve L onghill, J oann e Lorio, Elinor Lowe, Elinor Lowe, Linda Luke. P aula Lunney, Catherine Lynch. Kathleen M acQuarrie, Nanc y Mad dison. Anita Makibbin, Marsha Malanga. Colleen Malone. Cheryl Martin, Lee Mason Vicki Mattew5 Rebec c a Matt hieso n Steve M c Auslin. R ichard M cBayne, Laura M e Bride. R obert M c Cauley. Stephe n M c Clain. Donna M cCombs. Patrick M cCoy. Shelley McGann, Theodore M cGuinness, Robert Mcilvaine, Rose McKe nna, Geraldine M c Nam ee, E ster 1 4 7

PAGE 152

148 Medina. Ignacio Melander. Eric Melo, Roger Mendez. Elvira M;chael, Steve Milgrom. Sharon M;lIs, Stanley M illor, Manuel Metoalf, Guadalupe M ora da Jesse M orales. Kennet h M ore no. Carmen M orfi. Jesus M orse Janelle M oseley. Thoma s Motype, Lulu M oody. Laura Mulroy, Kathy Mull;ns, Clifford Mullins, Nancy Murphy, L yna Myers, Charles Myers, Rex Naron. Carol Nebleti, John Negron. B e ryl Nelms, Louis Neely, John Nicholson, Pamela Null, Jack

PAGE 153

-. ..- -* -O'Connell, Lynn O'Donnell, Jame s Ogg, Carol Ohman, Edward Oliver, Lee Oll;ve r Deb orah O Masta Edward O'Ne;l, Cathr;ne O 'She;lds, Gene P aige, Genie Patchette, Elaine Patt on. Lynne P elican. Darlene Pena, Vielka Per ales, Margarita Perry, Patricia Pollack, R oge r poms, Alan P once, F ;d e l P orte r Darcy Price, R oy Pr;eto, P ablo Proback, Elsa Provencio. Rick Presetsch, Olga Purvis, Mark Puzzuto, Carol P ylant, John Quinn, N or a Rahn, Denise 1 4 9

PAGE 154

-150 Rathgeber, Donold R e ber Ralph Rega n W a da Reitz, Paul Rey e s Maria Reynolds, C l int Rhodes, Deborah Rhodes, Pamela Richard, Mitie Ricker, Mary Ridge, Rosemarie Rivera, Iris R ivera, Luisa Ribins, Rick Robinson, Frank R obbins, Karl Rodriguez, Sar a R odrique z Jaime R ome ro, Artie Ross, Lila Rowe, Emily Rowell, Carol Roy, Robert Rudolf, Frank Russel, Milchell S anchez, Ralph Sanderson, Sand y Sar gent, Robert Sasso, Mary )canlon, Theres a

PAGE 155

,. r Schill. Debra Schneider, Deborah S chnepa l David Scott. R obert Secrest, R onal d Senzer, Laurence Serrano, Sandra Sexton, Linda Shuey, Lorraine Silen, Mayra Skievaski, Amy Slider, William Sloan, SUSdl) Small. Stephen Smalling, R o bert Smith, M ichael Smi th, R ober! Smith. R oy Smith, Stephen Smith, Wa l ter Sneed, Mary Snyder, Ted S over;, Dann y Spears, William S prague, Sandra Stephens, Norman Stetier, J o rge St. John. Donald Stock, Marc Stone. Mack 151

PAGE 156

152 Strdland. Katherine Stuart. John Swearingen, Patricia Switzer, Jack Taber. Bryan Taylor. Jan Tharps, Evon Thalken. Mark Thomas. Charles Thompson. Florence Thrift. R obert Timmins, Edward T iniacos, Nicky Tom Carlos Torres, Nelson T orres, Tanya Toothman Brenda T r ip lett, Karen Trotter. Bill T urner, Melicent Vaccaro, Vielka Vallar ino, Joaquin Vargas, Xenia Vasnick, Gerry Vecchione, Silvia Vega, Carmen V elasco Alice Vena. Paul Yieto Peggy Y:llar'eal. Mary .......

PAGE 157

Violette, AnneHe Vo sburgh, David Wainio, Kathleen Walker, John Walsh, Stephani e Wallace D e bbie W ard, Phyllis W arford, John Warner, Stuart W ate rs, Susan Webb, Margaret Wells, Mary Wessling, Charles Wh eeler, Ch ris Weise, J i m W i l mouth, Mildred Wilson, Stephanie Wilson, Richard Wilson, Bruce Will, Mary W ill, Barbara Williams, Craig Winklosky, Mary Ann Witt, Paula W ood, Xenia Woods, L a rry Woods, P olly Young, Marina Young, Mike 153

PAGE 158


PAGE 159

1 5 4 JUNIORS The Sunshine Room, which was last sum m e r by hard working Juniors, is used both as a lunch room and a place to catch up on last minute studying.

PAGE 160

1 5 6 ) crdary: Caron Adair Juniors Presid ent : Debbie Goldl ein V ice President: Vic k ie Churchville C lass Adv iso r s: Mr Cappon and Mrs Van Evera " " .111-... __ n 11-' ---, --".--_ .. _--, ..........

PAGE 161

The Jun;or P ;cn;c began the 1966-67 year for all the junio rs. Ever yone agreed it was a huge success, although eve r yone was covered with mud. The two maior activities of the year, the Christmas F o rmal and the Prom. were both a success. The class r ing chosen this year was a r ound ruby colo r ed stone in a gold seHing. This year the junior class presented the school w ith "Corky." Thi s was none other than a cork mosaic of a BHS bulldog.

PAGE 162

Ptom committee The juniors had a whole year of fun. This included their skating party in February and the Prom in May. They kept their bullefin board arranged in original displays.

PAGE 163

on their to the Since this IS the second time they perform like old hMds. All juniors take U.S. H istory and a good portion take Chem Study or Chemistry in addition to the yearly challenge of English. When they have fini!Ohed the year, they often wonder how anything cou Id b e worse.

PAGE 164

IbO Alfar o. Fernando Anderson Jonn Afti.!l, hr(l Bonnister. Michllel Almste"d, L .,ine I Andrews. Jolene Ayala, Carmen Bornes, Vicki Alth.!lUS Ken n j,. Angueira. Velma Arnette, Peter Borillett, T o m Al emon' R icordo Atwell Don I Arn ol d Carole Boco+, Robert Bo!Issan, N"lIe Alfaro, Brookee Andersen, Kathy Asbn Dorothy BlIldwin, An gie Bellflie, R"y

PAGE 165

Sea lev M"ry Besaw, Alet" Bissel, Sherry Bosch, M aria Bressler, Jerry -BefTrens, Corm en Betit, Christina Blumberg MichlJel Botzenmo!lyer, D
PAGE 166

162 Brooks, Arnold Burkm"n, John ,,>' C"mpbeU, Col leen C"shmM, M"rg"ret Ch"vez, Mich"el Brooks, Rich"r d B yr d Ronnie C"rey, B"r bM" C"siro, Aleyda Chong. Ernest .Brow. T ulo C"bassa. Joe Carter, Christopher C assi bry, Wilton Christmas, Willi.,m BucklM, Cheryl Cafzoela, Frankie C"rroll, Mike Chadwick, M ike Chu, Marcela Buker Robert Callt!lht!ln, V i cky C.,se, T e rry Cht!lse, SuZ<'!nne Churchville, V ickie

PAGE 167

Clizbe, Bruce , Coohon, R o bert Kristin DePiper, Coombs. Creque. Alfred De Derrick, Shar on Conard. Candi Cortelloni. Grant RicnMd Dean Donald Diovelis -.-Connors. Mike Cortes. Luis Dalton Mary De La Guardi.,. Diego Dillon. --Cook. CMolyn Cox, William Darden, T wila De Lima. V ilma Disharoon, John 163

PAGE 168

164 Dishong Chris Dorff, Dennis Ely, RlIm on Everson, R o b e d FlIrnsworth. R on V -Disney. Glorill D ougills. BlIrry Ellis. Prisc ilill FlIde P lIt F ernlln dez R lImon / D oilln, J oe .. Drllugho n Gerllrd Enos. Kristinll FlIli. RebeCClI FerMnde z Kurt Donllidson RlIe DunClIn. Thomlls EsclIlMte Christine FlIlion. PlIt Fisher. DlIvid .,-..... Donllidson. DlIn Edgll r EdwlIrd EsplIrzlI, AlejMoro FlIfish, R obert Flowers. SU$lIn

PAGE 169

Folger, Weye F ulcher. Thomes Geor ge, T o m G oldfein, A nne G oss, J i m F ortune, Berth Gette Francis Gerhert, Kelly \ Goldfein Deboreh G owen, Sue '. Weyne Gemez, Gil Gerhert, Keith Gomez Diene Gregg, R icherd F oster, Bill Gercie, Jose Gibbs, A len -! Gordon. Geil Guernieri. Linde Frederick. T erry Gercia, Daniel Glass. D anny Gorin. DieM Gustafson, Velerie 165

PAGE 170

, 166 -Hadst"te, J ohn Hart, Head, Sue H e rmtl nny. T o m Hi!"$ch, Candy H (lffiel d Patricio!! Hebe rt, V irgini" Hicks J tlmes H ocke r Tho mas --Homilton, ShtHon Hawthorne, Al len Helm,,", S an d i Hicks, J ane Hogan, A u rea Hammond, Blanche H"y ZeU" Hellmund, J"mes Hogan, Cesar I Hargrave, $lIndra H erington, laur" Hinton, R alph H o K o k Ping

PAGE 171

Holcomb. Gene r Howard, Mark Hunt, Janet Jacobs, Dennis Jones, Janet Holgerson, Judy -Howley, Susan Hurley, Ronnie J ames, Harvi e Julian, Louise Holmes. Bebe Hughes, Lance t, Husney, Allan J enkins, Wat Justice, Kenneth H ol mes, D ennis Hughes, Robed Husted, George J ohnson, Mary Kaplan, Micke y HolI<'lnd, Norm<'ln Hul on, Di<'lOne Isaacs, Ingrid Johnstone, K<'Ithie Kelsey Christine 1 6 7

PAGE 172

168 t Keller, Willi"m L air d Sondra l emllster, Sheilo Lloyd, Richard Madura, Yoland" Kilgore, Ditlnne l ane, ShtHon LesKz M o d oline Lopez, Cecil;!! MlI9uire. J"mes __ 1l Kni ght, Brenda Lolle K enneth Led, Jimmy l oyalo. Conrtlno Mafchuck. Doris --Koepke Toffy lee. Glendo l im, Alex ander Lustgarten. Dov i d M orcoill. Susan Kotali k S usanna Le Febvre James Little. Marth., lustgarten. R o b e rt Marcl o k Andy

PAGE 173

Mllrk u m M e r edith M llt!hiesen Dllvid M c A rthur, R osellnnll M c Dowell, P e g gy M c M unigie, E illine M llrt i e J esse Mllxwell, Dllv id M c Auslin Robert M c G rllt h Toni M c N eese J"nette M llrlin, G e rllid MllY, B ill M c Cllr ren Edwin M c G uinness Slim M el"nson Kllthy Mllrtinelii Rllul McA n drews. D e b o r h M c C lluley, Dennis M cllvllin, Judy M endow, Deborllh 1 M llriine I Jos e McA ruthu r Billy M c C lung, John M cinti r e. C"th erin e M ichllelis, ZlIchllry Ib9

PAGE 174

170 Middleton, Mllry M ills, MlIrtin Moore, PlItric;lI Murphy, Julie Miller, Elizabeth M ills, SlIndy Montoya, Louis Mulroy, Edward Mus e, Bruce Miller, Gregory M imbs, David M orll les, L a r s M ullins, C lIt h y M use, K urt M ills, A llin M itchell, RlIymond M o rris, De lln M u rd ock, E'dwlIr d NlIlIf Stephen j ) Mi lls, KlIY Mitten, Chris M oses, John Mu rphy. Jim NlIvarro, Geo rge

PAGE 175

Negron, R ichard O'BryM, Keith' O'Neill, Alfred Pere i ra Ida P osch, Nora N ie bch, BeHy -O C onnell, Kare n Orlando, D o rMM Perkins, DonM Prince, Patric i a N iedenthal, Linda O'Connor, BriM Orr, Joseph Pick ell, M ark Proback, AnM Nita, T oni O'Connor, Collen O'Shields, Debbie Pickenpough, Gary Proste, Sandra Norfleet, Bessie Olayvar, Bele n Patton, L indt! Pickett, D avid Provencio, Jim 171

PAGE 176

172 Pruitt Hap Rhea, C"rI" Roberts. Roy R o t h. R offy, Ch"rles Sch i ck TemMe i Rethg a ber, Donne Ridgell, Susen Rogers, Pemela R o we, Sendre SChUTZ, Brien Rayb ourn. Danny Riley, Tom R oias. Evelyn RozzeJ1e, linda Scigliane, Janet Rennert, W en dy Risberg, Gereld Roper, Dougles Russell, J emes Scott, A ngela R eynol ds, Mike Rivera, Gledys R ose, Charlene Sasso. Sydney Sears, Greg

PAGE 177

Seck Chris tina Shepp.ud, P e t e SkehM, Kerr i e Snyder, Jomes Spencer, Chorles Sedden, John S i k es, B o b Smith, AllIIn Soper, Jllime SpeeYllk, Chllrlohe S etlens, Ely.., S imons, Becky Smi t h Hllrri e t Sp..,rling, W es ley Stllb le r Frllnces Seliens, l arry S ims, Charles S mith, S ue Speakmlln DoYid __ II h I. Ke n;:;";:." .. -) I j Sh<'lYer P e t e Sir<'lYo, P lltty Smit h Terri Ann 173

PAGE 178

174 Steeliy, BoBo Str"nge, M"rsh" Tom"n, Frtlnk Varg"s. Lily Villtlreel, Sylv;tI Stephens. Dtlvid Stuewe, Dtlle Tori,,", Pptrid V"snick. Glori" Vincent, Mtlrgtlret Stephens, l esintl Summers, Richtlrd Tre"dweli, Je"nnie V el"sco, R ick V ogel, Judy ,_ ...... Stewtlrt, M"e Th"ms, Robert Tukey, Anne Velez M rt h" Vosburgh, R obert Stinson, Herry T odtl, Olg" Tur ner, Jerry ViII"geliu, Al V osburgh, J"mes 1

PAGE 179

V os b urgh. J udith Walsh Belinda W ells, J u d y Wigg. Carol Willia r Jim -Wainio, R ichar d Walton Martha Wertz, Virg inia Wiggins. Era Winn, David ... j, I ,.' :c. '.' Walk er, liz., 1 Wal lace Ter r y Wesley, S.,rb.,ra Wilm oth. William W oid.,. Sus an .. Walker, Shirley W a rd Stanley White. Joyce Will. Zelia Worsh"m. Rulph W"lk er, Raym on d W.,tkins, M"r sh" Wickline, J.,yne Williams, J.,ckie Woodruff, O.,rleen 175

PAGE 180

176 W ooste r L y n j B.!!stedo, J.!!mes L.!!sso, Lind.!! CMtrell, M.!!rk Yb.!!rr.!!, Josephine Young, Rodolfo New Students \ Di.!!z, M i ri"m E llis, C.!!rolyn Lipko, Peter Young, Emily Z e rr J ohn Hubb.!!rd, Steve K.!!l b H erbert Muller Di.!!nne R odrigue z Fr.!!nk

PAGE 181

Some people htlve till the fun!

PAGE 182


PAGE 183

1 78 SENIORS The many senior activities this year didn t just happen. Each one was carefully planned beforehand by commiHees to make it run smoothly.

PAGE 184


PAGE 186

182 VicePresident LYNNE FRAUENHEIM Senior Class President-GREG CASCANTE I I S SATURDAY VRl f Nll! Foo. I Class Sponsor-MR. WILLIAMS

PAGE 187

Officers .. 67" Tr e asur e r KATHY ROBBINS Secretar y-JANE WILSON Financial A ssistant MISS ZARATE A ssistant MRS. DEAVER -=----183

PAGE 188

184 As Freshmen We were new to high s chool, and not quite sure just what was expected of us. Senio r s were he ld in awe a s we w o nd ered jus t how they got through. But the day s passed as we tried to grasp the basic formulas of Algebra I and struggled through General Science. But it wasn't all wor k and no play. We had the Roaring Twenties Dance, and we went Chr istmas caroling I t was a good beginning fo r ou r high sc h ool y ears

PAGE 189

As Sophomores We w ere the top o f the underclassmen, and p roud o f it. We had made it through ou r first y ear 01 high sch ool, and felt that we knew all there was to know. It was a yea r o f fun. W e had the Sadie Hawkins Dance, and all the fun that g oes with dreaming up costumes and wond ering who will go with whom. F o r this was the dance where the girls could a s k whomever they wanted B u t it wasn't all fun. With the Sop homore year came geometry and biology, b ut someh o w we manag e d to get thr ough it 185

PAGE 190

186 We were "upperclassmen Even though we were the lower part of the upperc1ass we were proud. It wasn't too hard to r ealize we were getting closer to the end, we had been waiting for th;s through two years of h;gh sc hool. It was O U f hardest year. It meant taki n g U. S. History, and Algebr a II, but we made ;t through both The g;rls looked fo rward to G;rls', State, to the new friendships formed, and t o the knowledge gained about political activities. It was seven days of fun, but also hard work. Then came the end-of-+he-yea r exams, and we were on OUf way to becoming senio rs. I As Juniors

PAGE 191

As Seniors Now it is our last year in high school. We have had many important decisions to make, one of which was "Which college to go to?" Since we knew it would be hard to get into a college, we had to do our best. and take courses which would add a finishir.g touch to our h igh school education. Most of us struggled our way through American Institutions, and in E nglish IVC we studie d But it wasn't all work Ther e were many functions, such as the Senio r P icnic, in which we all enjoyed a mudbath This yea r has offered many opportu. nities, not only in education. but also in social l ife. Now Commencement is growing dose, and most of us look back with regret that our high school days a r e over. But we are also l ooking forward to the night of May 25, when we receive our diplomas. 1 8 7

PAGE 192


PAGE 193

\ \ ./ 189

PAGE 194

Chorles A do m s Motth e w Allen M<'Jry Ar dre 190 The Senior Class of 1967 --D on,,'d A doms C o m ito A l f oto / Richotd Allen Debbi e A n d erso n M i k e A n dew\ Richord Appin J e ff rey A llen L ourie Ande rson ..-' --MOfY A re n z

PAGE 195

Dougles Art ley Reymond Aftiil W eyne Austermen Linde Axelsen I E lbe Ayele Alice Beggott Cherles Belch M erri Bandy Phyllis BerreH Judith Berron John Betes John Beughman Sendy Beerup Dev id Bell Bettie Bernerd Douglils Bernherdt 191

PAGE 196

192 L ouis Berloli Zoe Bierman M orilyn Be His --= ( 019 0 B o lod o .. R o d Betit Roy Bierboum Pat Borden A ndres Borrero Gte Cc-Lynne F roue
PAGE 197

.,.,1 Bosley DeMna B oswell Sh"ron Botzenml!yer Jim B o w er: Diane Boyd Robert Boyer M"rieE lenll Bremer R ichllrd Bright Clark Bristol Shermllne Brooks Brenda B r own Mllrthl! Brown \ Becky Bryant Kllre n Burch Michllel Byrne F rllnk Cllin 193

PAGE 198

--) Orltlndo Carlo Jon Corlso n Bill Carpenter -) Greg Ctl5conte AM Costilla J"mes Chancey M"fio Chung \ Const/lnt Chose Joonnll Ch"vez E leM C"ndi Christensen Delbert CI"rk Robert Clevel
PAGE 199

I Suslln eochr"" Sus.!!n Coffey Kenneth C o llins Peggy Collins -. .., I Jomes Merrill Corbitt M ich"el Carrig,," John COW,," J"mes Crane l orrl!line Crawford T h i ngs go better w ith c oke, lIfter coke "fter coke .... 195

PAGE 200

, Robert Cumm ings Je"nine Deemer 196 Ricnl!r d Plucke r "try ing" to s tudy. How"rd D .!!vidson J"mes Dovid son Peter Dehlinger lili"M De L o Gue,dio!l J I I I Reg g y Deck Bill D eming

PAGE 201

Dovid Denny L ois Denton Robert Derrick James Dertien Yodiro Dioz: Lindo D ixen W illard D o ckery Neil Doherty Jomes DolM Pat Donaldson Robert Donley Inez Duffus ---C orol Dunbor T homas Dunkelberger M ary An ne Durban Den ise E lia 197

PAGE 202

SMdr., Ellis SUSM E ngelke Bill Epperson R ic.,r d o Fabrega Xenitl FerMndez -. D evi d F inn Greg Forster R o sem.,rie F oun d os Fred F ox Chris French Ctlrrie Frenslev Katr in., Fritt s 198

PAGE 203

-Susan Andre" Sandy G"rner Regin" G"speri Me, muddy?! Bethe G"udy Fred Gemmell 199

PAGE 204

Paul Gilman Olivia G omez 200 \ I I I Sho!lrlen e Given s JU
PAGE 205

Gwendolyn Gregg Werren Hensen Merc elle Hew\: Rid Griffin \ l -.1 I .. -, Susen Heliey Nency Hert Petric i e Heyes Georgette Gunn l Roby n Hemmetter Veleri Heughton Jemes Heed DM eile Heff \ Peir i cie He nnigen Amelie Heunn Deb ofeh Hed 201

PAGE 206

T erry Helm...,n Russ Herington I nes Hertz Geoff Hibner Jo!Ine H olcrof t Bruce H o m..., D iMe H oward T rini Huish ( Michele H unt louis Huded M i di..., H usted T rudie luli Edntl J...,chon J o A nn J...,ckson Mtlfy Jtl c h on Fr...,nkie J on es 202

PAGE 207

J.!Jmes Jenner Lesbi.!J Johnson Gary J ohnston Fr.!lnkie Jones J.!Jnet Jones Jesse J ones P.!Jtrici.!l J ones "Re.!llly"! 20 3

PAGE 208

204 -" Rtlndy Jones Richard Kelly P atricio Krise Stephen Laue Robert Jordan Willi"m Ken nedy Yvonne l
PAGE 209

Keith Leonard L o rin L e s s i., d J ose p h L ewis J aa n Lin d h ( St e ve U an a Barbara L orenzen lewi s l ove lad y Kath y l u c as 205

PAGE 210

Ye<'lh, team! 206 Dorothy LUSM '_--J' Mo!lrlene Mojor .I I Erin M o loney ShM on Monn BlJrbMo!I M<'Icchiareli<'l Mich<'lel M<'Ilone DiMe Mllngerich Syb i l M orkun

PAGE 211

Pam M tHSh R o berta McCoy M ickey McGroaty P edro Martinez James M c Fadden Valer ie Mc inti r e .. \ Juanita Milas M ichael McCaule, Y -JtIIF,. David McGrath Kevin McKenna Donna Mills David McConaughey James McGrath Vernon M c Namee Lourdes Miller 207

PAGE 212

E sthe r M iuachi Jeo!lnetie Morales Henry Modi Ditlne Mortellaro Edno Murdock R o bert Murphy Barrie Noismith 8orb"ro N oren I --Michael N ehring Dan ie l Ne lson Remon Nieves John O Connor Carrie lee Orr M ll r garet O'Neal F e r ntln d o O streo!l 208

PAGE 213

BeHy Peek ,,-:-_--' Joel Perenti s l ew rence Price Ane Pescod #I Priscille Pyer Seniors et the S enior Reception held in the Querry Heights Officers Club. I I Frences Pie; e 209

PAGE 214

, Thomos Pusfis L arry Quin Gerardo Quiros Vivian Reb oursin Ronald Renner V iena R eyes J ohn R icha rd son Elizabeth Ripley Kothleen Robbins P atsi Robertson Gu. s R o c o s Ronald Rodriguez Victoria Rodriguez Lesl ie Roe Beth Rose 210

PAGE 215

M. Kathleen R ose Carlos R oss Judy R oss P amela R owe j ,..._ . C onni e Russ James Saarinen R oberto S age! I k now the answe r 211

PAGE 216

Gary SandacI Jomes Schofer Vicki Sch och John Schwomb J\Jyce Seeley Allen Sellers Beverly Se ner Mar y Shorp 212

PAGE 217

---I I Cn"rles Shirer R.!IY Shuey M IH9"ret S lover Russell Smith South Matthew $ p ectc.r M"rth" Spinney ltlw rence Spr eem"n J ohn St eine r James Stephen K"y Step henson Eliz a b eth Statler -, P "ul Stetler Violet<'l Stefler Nortllyn Stewtlrt Sus"n Stewart 213

PAGE 218

Raloh Stinson Tom Straight -Janet Stuart Jon Stuewe Pat Swann Ar nold Talbott Sheila Thompson Will ia m Thompson 214 v Chorles Stratton M ork Stupar / I Helen Tho mp son J ohn Thomson : -, Chorles St. John Donno Sturgeon James Thompson Emily T inkler

PAGE 219

) r,->V Timothy T ol.,n d Pres ton Trim \ I \ L.,wrence Tynes J.,mes V.,n l oon \ N.,t lvid., d Vecchione C .,rmen Vieto Wh.,t will tomorrow br ing for the Sen i ors of '677 Ceferino V illomil J.,mes V iolette 215

PAGE 220

C ecili a Wall o ce M a rcella Walker RMdv Woll Judy Wollon D ebbi e Wolt D e b o rah Word K o lhryn Warren Frederick W ebster J oni c e W h ite Jon e Wil s o n Merie Wil son --I Ken Willio m s R oy Wilm o th H enry Winter 216

PAGE 221

Chris Woegens Nellie Wood Sa n drtl W oo d Jtlm es W oo d s John Woods Williams Wood s Sttlnle y Wright Buddy Y ost 217

PAGE 222

218 Wilma Zelhoef e r New Seniors Mich<'lel John Dennis SMd rtl Ellis W<'Iyne H<'Iliburg Charle s Robe r t K<'Ilb Jr. Peg gy Sue Kerr Richa r d Zor nes 1966-1967 Alice Kinney Jerri lMd Elena E. Raymundo linda Rodrigu ez Kenneth Williams

PAGE 223

And with o n e l a s t w o r d from M r HakheH, hte class of 1967 l eaves the halls of Balbo a H igh Sch oo l forever 219

PAGE 224

Senior Activities CHARLES CLIFTON ADAMS: August 9, 1949: P a nama, Republic of P anama. National Thespians V i ce-Pres. 3 Pres 4: R.O. T C Color G u ard 3: H o n o r Guard 4 : Staff Sergeant 2.3,4; Intram urals I DONALD DEWITT,ADAMS: November 22, 1948: Ancon, Canal Zone Band 1,2 3 CAMILO ALFARO: Ap,;1 13, 1948: P anama, Republic o f Panama. R.O.T.C. I. JEFFREY HARLOWE ALLEN: Oelob er 29, 1949: S ylva, N ort h Carolina. S.A. Representative 4: F oo tball I. MATTHEW ALLEN: Dec ember 22, 1948: Quonset P oint, Rho de I sland Librar y C lub I : Intra m urals I RICHARD ALLEN: April 6, 1949: San J ose, Costa Rica. Track 3, 4 DEBORAH ANDERSON: Dec ember 28, 1949: F t B e l voir V i r ginia. F olk Singers Clu b 2 3 Pres. 4: S.A. R ep r esentative 3, Secret ary 4 : Swimming 4 : B and I : Choru s I 2, 3 4 : Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 : Girls State 3 Lt. G overno r 4 : Exchange Stu dent 3 : Spanish Club 4. LORE DANA ANDERSON; September 29, 1949: Milan, Italy. Basketball 3 : Band 3. JOSEPH MIKE ANDREWS: Febr u ar y 23, 1949: Corpus Christi, Texas. F ootball I 2: Basketball I : Track I 2 MARY M. ANDREWS: Septe mber 1 2 1948: Ancon, Canal Zone. Science Clu b I 3 4 : Intram urals 4: Span ish Club 3, 4 : Pan American Club I 2. RICHARD .L. APPIN: May 25, 1949: Ancon, Canal Zone Drama Clu b 4 : F B .L.A. 4 : R.O.T. C Assistant I : Ch orus I: Gym Office Assi stant 4 : T yping Assistant 2, 3, 4 MARY E. ARENZ: September 12, 1949: Wa s h i ngton D C F B .L.A. 3 Pres. 4 : Intr a murals 4 DOUGLAS STEVEN ARTLEY: July 17, 1949: Vermillion, S outh Dakota. Folk Singers Clu b 2: Lelterman s Club 2 3 4: R .O.T.C Color Guard 3, Staff Sergeant 2, 3, 4: S A R epresentative 3: F ootball 1,2,3 ,4. WAYNE RANDOLPH AUSTERMAN: Decembe r 10, 1 9 48: Ada Oklahoma. Debate S ociety Clu b 2 ,3. LINDA SUE AXELSEN: March 2 7 1 949: M i nneapolis, Minnesota. Drama Club I 2, 3, 4: N ationa l Thes p ians 3, 4 : F.T.A. Vice-Pres. 3: Mat h Club I, 3: Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4 : Shop Assistant 4 : Cho rus 1 ,3: Glee Clu b 2: Drill Team 3: Girl s State 3: Pep Club 1,2,3. ALICE ROSILAND BAGGOTT: November 25, 1 9 49: F.H.A. 3, Degree chairman 4: F.T.A. I, 2, 3, Sec r e tary -Treasurer 4 : M ath Club 2, 3 : Spani s h H onor Society 3: Cli nic Assistan t 4 : Chorus I. CHARLES NORMAN BALCH: Oelobe r 28, 1 949: P anam a, Rep u blic of Panama. MERRI BANDY: February 1 8 1949: Anniston Alabama. F olk Singers Club I, 4: F T.A. 4 : H u manities Club 3: S.A. R epres entative I 3, 4-Intral""lt;rals 3; R.O.T.C. Sponsor 4 : AudIO Visual I, 2. PHYLLIS ELAINE B A R R ETT: Sept ember 7, 1948: Tokyo, Japan. Drama Club I : French Club 3: F olk Singers Club 4 : F H.A. 3, Treas u rer 4 : Art Club 4 : T eacher Assi stan t 4. JUDITH ALLEN BARRON: Oelo ber 29, 1948: N o rwalk, Conneelicut. Drama Club 2, 3: F N .A. I: Latin Club 2 : 220 library Club I, 2 3: Science Clu b 2: C linic Assist ant I 2 : Library Assistant I 2, ,3: Biolog y Assistant 2: Swimming 1,2 : Intram urals 2: Glee Clu b 1,2. JOHN eRI BATES: March 5, 1 9 4 7 : P anama, R epublic o f Panama JOHN THOMAS BAUER: November 4 1947: Panama, R epublic of Panama. Let-termans Club I : Swimming I: Intram urals I JOHN OLIVER BAUGHMAN: May 13, 1 949: Junelion City, Kansas. R.O.T. C. Corporal 3, 4. DAVID ERNEST BELL: June 26, 1 949: Athens, Georgi a Lati n Club 2 BETTI BURRELL BERNARD: Jan uary 29, 1 949: Ancon, Canal Z o ne. Folk Singers Clu b I ; Fut ure Secretaries 2; Ch o rus I; Glee Club I: Drill Team I. DOUGLAS CHARLES BERNHARDT: Decem ber 26, 1948: Ann Arb or, M ichigan. F ootball 1,2 : Track I LOUIS F. BERTOLI: Decem ber 26, 1 948: St. Louis Missour i Math Club Vice-Pres. 3: Mu Alpha Theta Pres. 4: Scienc e Club I 2: Assistant S 3 A i r : S.A. Representative 3, 4 : G raduation U sher 3. KEN D BESAW: September 28, 1948: Gla sgow, Montana Football I 2, 3 : Basketball I, 2. ROD L. BETlT: February 15, 1949: Detroit Mic h i gan Latin Clu b 3 4 : M u Alpha T heta 3 : Office A ssistant I : B iology A ssistant 2 : R.O.T.C 4: Track 2, 3, 4 : Intram urals 4 : Gradu atio n Usher 3: Spani s h Clu b 2,3. MARILYN BETTIS: July 2 1949: Ancon, Canal Zone Dram a Clu b 4: Span ish H ono r Society 4 RAY BIERBAUM: Dec ember 3 1948: Panama, Republic of ZOE ANN BIERMAN: March 14, 1949: Fort Clayton, Canal Z one. Office Assistant 2, 3 4: S.A. Repre s entative 2, I ntramurals 4; Graduation Usher 3. OLGA BOLADO: Septembe r 23, 1949: San Antonio, Texas. Science Club 4 : Spanish Clu b 4 . ANDRES R. BORRERO: March I 1 947: Margarita Canal Z one. Drama Clu b 2, 3 : J.V. Basketball I 2: I ntra murals I 2: Cho rus 1 ,2, 3 'I, Glee Club 1,2. DEANNA M BOSWELL: August 18, 1949: Milwaukee, Wisconsin G.A. A. 3; Human i t i e s Club 3; Future Secretaries 4; Library Assistant 3; S.A. Repres entative 4 JOSEPH W BOSLEY: August 7 1949: Miami, Flor i da SHARON LEE BOTZENMAYER: Jan u ar y 23, 1949: Ancon, Canal Z one. C h ess Clu b I : Math Club I, 2, 3 4: Mu Alpha Theta 3 4 : Nati onol H o n o r S oci ety 3, 4: Science Club I : S.A. Repre s entati v e 2; Intram urals I 2, 3; Orche s tra I 2, 3, 4. JIM H BOWEN: May 21, 1 949: Ancon, Canal Zone. F ootball 1,2,3: Baseball 2, 3: J.Y. B asketball 1,2,3: Intramurals 1,2, 3, 4 DIANE ELIZABETH BOYD: F e bruar y 13, 1949: New York, New Y ork. F N A 2: Clinic A ssistant 2, 3 : Chorus I. ROBERT R BOYER: Septembe r 27, 1949: Panama, Republic of Panama. Science Club I: R.O.T.C. Drill T eam Com mande r 4 : Audio Visual 1,2,3. LARRY RAY BRADLEY: June 9, 1949: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. librar y Club 2,3 : Chorus I.

PAGE 225

MICHAEL K ENWO O D BRASWELL: Dec ember 28, 1947; A lexandria, Virginia. MARIA ELENA BREMER: December II, 1948; C olo n Re public of Panama. Drama Club I, 2, 3 Pres, 4 ; National T hesp i ans Secretary 4 ; Folk S i ngers Club I ; F T .A. 3 ; S A. Repr es e ntative 2 3 4 ; Cheerlead e r 2 3 C oCaptain 4. RIC HA R D DEAN BRIGH T : Jul y I 1948; Panama, R epu blic of Panama. CLARK BRISTOL : Apr i l 2, 1949; Panama R epublic of Panama. Shop Assi s tant 4 ; R.O T .C. C o rporal 4 SHERMANE C B R OOKS : September 14, 1948; Crist o bal Canal Zo n e Tri p l e C I. B RENDA J OYCE B ROWN: May 20, 1949; Mobile A la bama. MAR THA MARIA BROWN : No v ember 5 1949; Franklort, German y S cienc e Cl u b 2. 3, P re s 4 REBECCA ANN BRY ANT : October 5, 1949; P o rt Barre, Louisiana. Library Cl u b I : Clinic Assistant 3 ; Office A ssistant 4 ; Librar y Assistant I ; Cheerleader I 2 ; Drill Team 4. KAREN N BURCH: March 28, 1949; Columbus, Georgi a. French Cl u b I ; Clin i c Ass i stant I ; Offi c e Assi s tant I ; S,A. R e p resentat ive 3, 4 ; Intram urals I ; Glee Clu b I MICHAEL T BYRNE: N ov embe r 23, 1 948 ; P anama Re p ubli c of Panama. Folk S i ngers Cl u b 2 ; R O.T.C Staff Sgt. 2 3,4. FRANK G CAIN: A u g u st 23, 1949; C olon, Rep u blic of P anama. R O. T .C. Color Guard 3 Rifle T eam 2 Staff Sgt. 4 ; S.A. Repr esentative 2 ; Int ra mu ral s I MABEL MARIA CANHAM: A u g u st 15, 1949; Anco n Canal Z one F H.A. I ; G A.A. I; Clinic Assi s t a nt I ; Librar y As sistant 1 .2; S.A. R e pre sentati ve 2; Intramurals I CYNTHI A E STHER C A REY: J une II, 1 948; C olo n Re public of Panama. ORLANDO RAFAEL CARLO: J uly 9 1948; San J u an, P uerto R i co, Biology Assi stant I 2; S h o p Assistant I 3; R.O. T.C. Sgt. E; F o otball I ; B a s ketball I ; R O T C Dril' Team 3. JON A CARLS O N : J uo" Ib, 1949; Williamsp o rt Pennsy l vania. R.O.T,C. I. BILL CHARLE S CARPENTER : December 7, 1948; A n con Canal Zone. Spanish Honor Soc iety 3, 4; Intramu ral s 4; Span ish Club 3 4 GREG H, CASCAN T E : Augu s t 9, 1 949; New Y o r k City, New Y ork. F.B.L.A. 3 ; H u manit i e s Clu b 3 ; R O.T C. C o l o r G u ard 2, Honor G u ard 3, 1 s t. Lt 4 ; Class Pres, 3; 4; Track 4 ; Intra m u ra l s 4 ; Gradu ation U sher 3. ANA R CASTILLO: Septembe r 4 1 949 ; Humacao, Puer to R i co, Drama Clu b 4; Office Assistant 4 JAMES R CHANCE Y : October 8, 1949; West Virginia, Chess Club I 2, 3 4 ; R,O.T.C. C olor Guard 2 3, 4 ; A.V. Worker 3 4 JOHN W CHARBONNEAU : March 2 1 1 948 ; Panama Republic of Panam a. CONSTANT W CHASE : J une 17, 1 949 ; Anc on, Canal Z one. R O. T .C Sgt. 4 JOANNA D CHAVEZ : A p ri l 14, 1949; B o ulder, C o lorado. L ibrary Cl u b 3; R ifle T eam 3. ELENA A CHODAKOWSKI: April 1 4 1 949; Urbana, IlIi nois. Libr ary Clu b I 2, 3, 4; National Honor Soc iety 3, 4; Spanish Honor Society 3, Sec, 4 ; B i o l ogy Assi stant 3 ; Art Club 4 MARIO ANTONIO CHUNG: Sep tembe r 30, 194 b ; P an ama, Republic of P an a ma. C hess Clu b 3 Pres. 4 ; S cience Club 4 DELBERT EUGENE CLARK: D ecem b e r 19, 1947; Colon, R e p u blic o f P a n ama. R.O.T.C. C o l o r Guard I H o n o r G u ard 3 Drill T eam 4 ; Intr amu rals 2; Spanis h Club 3 ROBERT FALCON CLEVELAND: August I b 1949; H ack ensack, New J ersey Chess Club I 3, 4 ; Scienc e Club 2; R .O. T .C H ono r Gua r d 2, 3 4 2nd L t. 2, 3 4 Dri l l T eam 2,3; Intramurals 4 ELIZABETH ANN CLOUSE : Dec e m ber 2 9 1 948; Sonoma Califo rnia. Office A ssistan t 4. SUSAN p COCHRAN: N ov ember 19, 1949; Joplin, M i s souri. Library Clu b 4 ; C linic Assistan t I ; Office A ssistant I ; Chorus I. MELANIE J COFER: S e pte m b er 3, 1 949; Atlanta Georgi a. Drama Club 4 ; Fol k S ingers Club I ; Coun s elor Assistant 3; R.O. T .C. Assistant 4 ; Intra m u rals 2; Majorett e 4; Girls Rifle T eam 3. SUSAN EDITH COFFEY: A p ri l 8, 1 9 48; Balbo a C anal Z one, F H .A, I; Cho rus 2. JOHN P. COLE: J anua r y 2 b 1947; Panam a Republic o f Panama. KENNETH DEMING COLLINS: Nove m ber 5 1949; Hart f o rd, C o n necticut. Mat h Club 4 ; Scie nce Club 4 ; S.A. Representative 4 ; Spanish Club 4 PEGGY COLLINS COLLINS : May 13, 1949; Ancon, Canal Z one. F .H. A 4 ; G.A.A. 3; Office Assist a n t 4 ; Ch o rus I 2, JAMES FRANK COOK: M ay 15, 1 9 49; Welch Wes t Virginia. L ettermans C l ub 2, 3, 4 ; Scien ce Club I, 4 ; Chemist r y A ssistant 4 ; R .O. T C, H o nor G u ard 2 3, 4, S taff Sgt. 2, 3, 4 ; F ootball 2, 3 ; B asketball 2 ; Track 2. MERRILL ANTHONY CORBin: Apr i l 9, 1949; Was h i ng. ton D C P hotography Club 4 ; R ,O. T .C. 4 . JOHN A COWAN: Februar y 2b 1 949; Det r oit, Mich i gan, Drama Club 2, 3 ; Debate Society 2 3 4; S .A. Repre sent a tiv e I; Football I, 2; Cho rus 1,2. JAMES ROBERT CRANE: A u g ust 28, 1948 ; Ancho rage, Alaska. C h ess Club 3 ; R O T,C Honor G u ard 2, 3 4, St aff Sgt. 4 ; S.A. Repr esentativ e 3 ; O r chestr a 2 3 4 LORRAINE R, CRAWFORD: Sep t e mber 2 b 1 949; Yoko ha ma, Japan. Cho rus 1.2. ROBERT GARY CUMMINGS : D ecembe r 9, 1 9 4 8 ; Hamilt o n Bermuda. C h ess Clu b 4; Lettermans Club I 2; R O.T C C o rp oral 3; B asket ball 2; T rack I, 2, 4; Reserve Offi cers A ssociation 4. HOWARD DAVIDSON : July 23, 1 949 ; Wilm i ngton, Dela war e. Chess Club 2, 3, 4 ; French Clu b 3 Nat i onal H o n o r S oci e ty 2 3; Debate S ociety I ; Library A ssistant 3 ; R O T.C. 4 ; Track I; R.O.T .C. D rill Team 4 JEANINE LARAINE DEEMER: Januar y 8, 1949; Cham paign, Illinois. F r ench Club I ; F B.L.A. 3 ; F H A I ; Future Secretaries 4. PETER JOHN DEHLlNGER : May I I 1949; Ancon, C ana l Z one. Letter mans Club 3 ; L atin American Club 3 ; S.A Representative 3. LILIANA DE LA GUARD I A: Octo ber 22, 1948; Pan a m a City, R epu blic o f P a nama. Spanish H o n o r S ociety 3, Vice Pres. 4. WILLIAM JAMES DEMING : Apr i l b 1949; Omaha, N e bra ska. Folk S i ngers Club I; Debate S o c i e ty I ; R.O. T,C. S t a ff Sgt 1 2 3 4 ; Football I 221

PAGE 226

DAVID A. DENNY: Odober 1 5 1 949 ; L ong Beach. Ca l i fornia B ridge C lub I ; R O. T C Colo r G u a r d 3 H o n o r Gu ard 2. Stall Sgt 4 ; Swimming 2 LOIS R. DENTO N : J a n u ary lb. 1949; Montreal. Ca n ada. Drama Club 4 ; F olk Singers Clu b I. 2 4; F.T A 3. 4 ; F.N.A. I 2. Pres. 3 S e c 4 ; Band I. 2. 3. 4 ; Gle e Clu b 3.4. ROBERT JAMES DERRICK: July I. 1 949; Cornel i a. Geo r g i a. S.A. R e presentative 2; F ootball 1.2 3 4 JAMES BETZ DERTlEN: June 2 4 1948; New Port. Rho de Island. Librar y Assistant I. YADIR A MIROSLAVA D IAZ: Novemb e r 28. 1 9 48; P an ama. Repub l i c of Panam a Folk S i ngers Clu b 4 ; F N A 4 ; Humanit i e s Clu b 3 ; B iology Assi s tant 3 ; Cho r u s I ; Gle e Club I ; Spanish Club 2.3.4. LINDA LEA D I X ON : A p ril 10. 194 9 ; Col on. R e public o f Panama Drama Club I ; F u t u r e Secretar ies 4 WILLARD M. D OCKERY: Mar c h 22. 1 948; Ft. M o n r o e Vir ginia. Folk Sin gers Clu b 4; F ootball I 2; B aske tball I ; Cho rus 4 NEIL ANT ON D OHER TY: May 4 194 9 ; Pawtu cket. Rho de I s l and. Lettermans Club 3 4 ; R O T .C. 2 3 4 ; F ootball 4 ; T enni s 3 JAMES J DOL ON: Odo be r 1 4 1 9 4 7 ; Mar gar i t a Ca n a l Z pne. F ootball 1.2. 3 4 PATRICK O'NEI L D ONALDSON: Febr uar y II 1 947; Mar gari ta. Canal Z one. R O T C Assist a n t 2 ROBERT M. D ONLEY: Odo b er 5. 1 94 9; Heid elbe rg. Ger man y Scien c e Club I ; S A. R e pres entative 2; F o otball 2. 3; Band 1.2. INE Z ELAINE DUFFUS: Sep t ember 5 1 949; B i ddef o rd. Maine. F .B.L.A. Secretary 4; L i br a r y Clu b I ; Scienc e Clu b 3 ; L i br a r y I. CARO L S D U NBAR: July 3 1949; New L ondo n C onnedicut. O r gan Guild 4. THOMAS E. DUNKELBERGER: March 3. 1 9 4 9 ; Sac r a m ento C aliforn i a. R .O.T. C C o l o r G u ard 3 ; Rifl e Team 2 3 4; H ono r G u ar d 2 3 4 ; Stall Sgt 4. MARYANNE DURBON: S ep te mber 10. 1949; Ft. Mon m outh. New Jerse y Drama Club I 2 3 4; Folk S i ngers C l u b 2. 3 ; F.H.A 4 ; F .T.A. 3 4 ; G A.A. 1.2.3; R O. T C. Sponsor 4; Ma j o reHe C apta i n 3. J OH N O DYCLES: July b 1948; Mer b u rge Ger many. Libr a r y Club I 2; R .O.T. C Assistant 3. 4 ; B i o l ogy As s i stant 2; S hop Assi s tant 2; Rifle Team 3 4 DARREL WAYNE EKENSTAM: Septem b er 8. 1 9 48; Salt Lake City. U tah DENISE SUSANA EllA : A p r i l 9. 194 9 ; V i n eland. New J e r s ey. G A .A. 4 ; G irls Sta t e 3 SANDRA LYNN ELLIS: Dec embe r lb 1 9 48; San Franc i s co Cal i f orni a Drama Club I 3 ; F T A 2 ; H umani t ies Clu b 2 ; D ebate S ociety 2 .3; Lib r ar y Assistant 2. SUSAN ANNE E NG ELKE : Novembe r 1 7 1949; Bal b o a Ca n a l Z one. F B L A Club 3; F.H.A. Club 2 ; G.A.A 3 ; F utu r e Se c r etarie' 4 Offic e A s sistant 2; Chorus I. WILLIAM EPPERSON: Dece m be r 19. 1948; Cana l Zone F oo tball 2 3. 4 B aseball 3. 4 : Basketball 4. ROBE R T E DWARD EVANS: Septemb er 8. 1947; Louisvill e K entucky. F o o tball 1.2; Track 2.3. JOE THOM A S EYT ALlS: Odober 18. 1 9 48; R ockfo rd. Illinois. F ootball 2. 3. 4 ; S.A. R epresentati v e 4 ; J .V. Basket ball 2. 2 2 2 RICARDO ALBERTO FABREGA: J a n u ar y I 1 949 ; P anama. JUDITH LEE FARISH: J u n e 30. 1949; San Anton io. Texas. Chess Club 3 4 ; F N A 3 4; G .A.A 3 4 ; Lati n Clu b 2; Science Clu b 4 ; Co u n s elo r 3 ; G l ee Club 2 NENIA ESTER FERNANDEZ: F eb r u a r y 5. 1948; Panama. Spani s h Clu b 4 DAVID R FINN: N o v embe r 9. 1 9 49; P anama. MARINA MYRTA FIGUERDA: Nove m b e r 1 7 1 945; G o r gas H o s p i ta l Canal Z o n e B asketball 4 ; T ennis 4 ; Ch orus I. GREGORY JAMES FORSTER: F e bruar y 1 3 1 949; Ft. Lewis. W a s hington. F renc h C l u b I; L e tterm a n s Clu b 2 3; F oot ball I. 2 ; Basketball 3. 4 ; J.V. B asket ball 2 Track 3 4 ROSEMARIE FOUNDOS: A u gust 2 5 1 9 49; H i roshim a Japan. R O. T .C Assist ant 4 F RED JOHN FOX : J u l y 19. 1 949; Republic o f P anama R O.T .C P ic. 2 LYNNE C. FRAUENHEIM: May I 1 9 49; A n con. C anal Zone F olk S i ngers Clu b I. 2. 4 ; Bri d g e Clu b 4 ; F T .A. I ; G A.A. I 2 3. Vice Pres. 4 ; H umani tie s Club 4 ; Organ Guild I. 2 3. S u dd ean 4 ; S.A V i ce Pres. 3. 4 ; Ch orus 2; Glee Clu b 4 ; G i rls State 3 ; G radu ation Usher 3. CHRISTOPHER R. FRENCH: N ovem be r 2 3 1948; Denv e r C o l o r ado F.B.L.A. 4; F ootball I 2 3. CARRIE LA VENIA FRENSLEY: Sep temb e r 3. 1949; Co lon. Rep u blic o f Panam a. KATRIN A GALE FRITTS: Augu s t 2 3 1949; Sav anna h Geo r g i a. S.A. R e p r e sentati ve 2, 4 ; A u di o Visual 2 3 4 SUSAN DIANE GALBRAITH: J a nuar y 27. 1 9 4 9 ; K nox ville. Tenn essee. Bas ketball I 2; G r aduatio n U s her 2. ANDREA CECILE GARAVANTA : A ugust 4 1 9 4 9; A u gust a Georgia. Drama Club I 2. 3 4; Frenc h Clu b 3 4 ; Cho r u s 1.2. GLENDA GARNER: Jan u ar y 9 1 9 4 9 ; P anama. Republi c o f P a n ama. F B.L.A. 2; Cli n i c Assistant 4 SANDY G GAR NER: Dec emb e r b. 1 9 48; Maryland Li brar y Club 2. 3 4 ; L i b r ar y A ssistant 2. 3 4 ; S A Rep re sentat i v e 3 4 ; Chorus 1 2 3 4 DARYL LYNN GARRETT: D ec emb e r 2b. 1 9 49; Los Angeles. C a l iforni a F H.A. 4 ; F.T. A 4 ; Ch o r u s 2. REGINA CHRISTINE GASPERI: S eptem b e r 7 1949; A n con. C anal Z one. Chess Clu b I; D r ama Club 3 ; L a t i n Clu b 2 ; S c i ence C l u b 2 ; Olli ce Assistant 4; S.A. R ep resentative I 3 BETHE TUPPER GAUDY: Odober b. 1949; Wa s h i ngton D .C. Drama Clu b 3; Frenc h C lub 3 ; F olk Singers Clu b 4; Human i t i e s Club 3; Choru s 4 ; Concer t C hoi r 4; G irls St a te 3 ; G i r l s Nation 3. FRED W GEMMELL: July 5 1 9 4 9; T acoma. Wa s h i ngto n Chess Clu b 3 ; Mat h C l u b 3; S c i e n ce Club 3 4 ; P hysi c s A s sistant 4 ; Chemistr y Assistant 3 ; R .O. T C H ono r Gua r d 3. St all Sgt. I 2. 3 GEORGE GIAMBALVO: Decem b e r 2. 1949; P itts b u r g Cali fornia. Lette rmans Club I 2. 3 4 ; S .A. Representative 4 ; F oot b all 1.2 .3. 4 ; Basketball. 1 .2.3. PAUL ROBERT GILMAN : Jan u a r y 2 8 1 9 49; Gainesville. Flor i da. C h ess Club 3. 4 SHARLEN E ANN GIVENS: J une b 1 9 4 9 ; P i tt s b u r gh. Penn sylvan i a F.H. A I 2 THERESA ANNE GIVONETT: S eptember 30. 1 9 4 9 ; C o r pus Christi. Texas Drama Club 1.2; Library Clu b 1.2; F utur e

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Secretaries 4; Debate Society 2; S.A Repre s e ntativ e 2; B and I; Glee Club 2 LUIS ABRAHAM GLOTZER: N ovember 25. 1949; Panama, R epublic 01 Panama. Shop A ssistant 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C. C o rp oral 2, 3 4. EDWARD A. GOMEZ : N ovembe r 2, 1949; Ancon, Cona l Z one. OLIVIA KATHERINE GOMEZ: July 4 1 949; Los Cruces, New Mexico. F .T.A. 3, 4; S cience Club Treasur e r 1,2; 01-lice Assistant 2 ; S.A. R epres entative 3 ; Bond I 2, 3, 4; Girls State 3 JUAN ALBERTO GONZALEZ : July 26, 1949; Puerlo Rico. S.A. Representative 3 WILMA LUZ GONZALEZ: N ove mber 18, 1949; Canovanas, Puerto Rico. Library Club 4 ; Library Assistant 4; Chorus 1,2,3. WILLIAM EDWAR D GOUGH: A u gust 6 1948; Panama, Republic 01 P anama. Shop Assistan t 1,2,3,4. GWENDOLYN GREGG : A p ril 24, 1949; Florence, South Carolina. F.N.A. 3 ; G.A.A 4; Counselor A ssistant 3; 01-fice Assistant 2; Clas s Pres. 3; Chorus 1; Majorette 3. RICK WIEL GRIFFIN: June 29, 1948; Miami, Florida. Let termans Club 3, 4 ; Football I, 3 4 ; Baseball 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; J.V. Basketball 1,2,3. GEORGETTE MAURINE GUNN: May 6, 1949; Provo, U ta h F.T.A.4. DANELLE CAMERON HAFF: June 6 1949; Glens Falls, New York. F.B.L.A. 4 ; F.H.A I, 2, 3; F N.A. I, 2, 3; H umanities Club 3, 4 ; Counselor Assistant 2; S.A. Representative 2, 3, 4; G i rls State 3. PAUL DAVID HALL: May I, 1 949; North Carolina. Band 1,2,3,4. SUSAN V HALLEY: Apr i l 9, 1949; Chicago, Illinois. F .N.A. 4; Clinic A ssistant 3; R.O.T.C. A ssistant 4. ROBYN JEANINE HAMMETTER: June 15, 1949; Panam a City, Republic 01 Panama. Drama Club 3 4; Bridge Club 4 ; F B L .A. 2; F N.A. I; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 ; National H ono r S ociety 4 ; Humanit i e s Clu b 3 ; D e bate Soc iety 2, 4 ; Band 1,2. PATRICIA CECILIA HANNIGAN : July 19, 1949; Colon Republic of Panama. Drama Club 3, Assis. Director 4 ; G.A.A. I 2, 3 S ec 4 ; Latin Clu b I, 2; Library Clu b 2 3 ; Math Club 4 ; Glee Club I 2, 3, 4 ; Orchestra I, 2, 3 4 ; Girls State 3. WARREN ANTHONY HANSEN : April 23, 194B; Ancon, Cana l Zone. R .O. T.C. 2 3 ,4. NANCY C HART: March 23, 1949; Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Drama Club I 3 Treas. 4 ; F.T. A I 2, 3, 4 ; Graduation Usher 3. RITA M HASSLER: June 17, 1949; P anama, Repu blic 0 1 Panama. Library Club I ; Spanish Club I ; T riple C I. VALRI HAUGHTON: May 31, 1 9 4 9; Iowa City, I owa. G A.A 2, 3; Ollice A ssistant 3; Chorus I; G l e e Club 2; Spani s h Clu b 2, 3. MARCELLA JEANETTE HAWK : February 12, 194B; Ancon, Canol Z one F.B .L.A. 2; F N.A. 2 ; P h otography Club 4; Counselor Assistant 2; Office A ssistant 4; Spanish Club I ; Pan American Club I. PATRICIA A HAYES: November 30, 1949; F.B.L.A. 4; G.A. A. 4; Future Secretaries 4 ; C ounselo r A ssistan t 4. JAMES EDWARD HEAD: December 19, 1'<46; Ancon, Canol Z one. R.O.T.C. Assistant 4. DEBORAH JEANNE HECK: February 10, 1949; Pierre, South Dakota. Drama Club 4; Libr ary Club I, 2; Moth Club 3 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4; Library Assistant I, 2; B iology Assistant 4 ; S.A. Representative 2, 3; Gi rls State 3. TERRY PATTON HELMAN: January 4, 1949; Aberdeen, Maryland. Chess Club I. RUSS T HER RINGTON : May 10, 1949; Ancon, Canal Z one. I NES MARIA HERTZ: December I, 1949; P anama, Republic 01 Panama. Drama Club 4; French Club I, 2; Math Club 2, 3; Mu Alpha T heta 3; Notional Hono r Society 3, 4; Humanities Club 3; S.A. Representative 2; Choru s 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Orchestra I 2. G E OFFR E Y J OHN HIBNER: Augu st 30, 1949; F t H oo d T exas. LeHermans Club 3, 4 ; N ational Honor Society 3 4 ; R.O.T. C. 2nd. Lt. 4; S.A. Pres 4 ; S.A. Representative 2, 3; R.O.T.C. Drill Team 2, 3. J A N E MARGARET HOLCROFT: November 9, 1 949; Wash ington, D.C. Drama Club 4; Folk Singers Club 4 ; Chorus I 2; Glee Club 3, 4 B RUCE M ARTIN HOM A : July 21, 1949; Ancon, Canol Z one. DIANE L OUIS E H O WA R D : May 30, 1949; B inghamton New York. Drama Club I, 4 ; Folk Singers Club 2; G.A.A. 2; National Honor Society I; S.A. Representative I, 2; Drill Team 4; Girls State 3. TRINI FAY HUISH: August 4, 1 949; Los Vegas, Nevada. Drama Club I; F.H.A. I; Science Club 4; S.A. Representa tive 2; Spanish Club I. MICHEL E MARIE HUNT : July 13, 1 949; Detroit, M ichigan F u ture Secretaries 1; Debate Society 1; Office A ssistant I ; Cheerleader I. LOUIS CHARLE S HUSTED: January 10, 1948; David, Ch i r iqui, Republic of Panama Lettermans Club 3, 4; Foot boll 1,2,3,4; J.V. Basketball I. 2, 3. NIDIA ESTER HUSTED: December 5, 1 948; Panama, Repub lic 01 P anama. F.B.L.A. 2; F .N.A. I ; Counselo r Assistant 2; R.O.T.C Assistant 4; Triple C I; Pan A merican Club I. EDN A JACQU ILINE JACK SON : July 14, 1 9 4 9; Salzburg, Austria. Folk Singers Club 2, 3, 4 ; F T.A. I, 2, 3, 4 ; F.N.A. 3,4. JOANN JACKSON: February 28, 1949; Liltle Rock, Arkansas. Drama Cl u b 3; Humanitie s Club 3, 4; Clinic Assistant 4 ; Glee Club 2. MARY A JACKSON: April I I 1948; Margarita, Canal Zone. Drama Club 2, 4; F.N.A. I ; Chorus I, 2; Triple C I; Pan American Club I; Spanish Club 3. BRUCE E JARVIS: Oelober 23, 1948; Salt Lake City, Utah. S.A. Repr esentative 4. JAMES A. JENNER : April 4, 1949; Ancon, Conal Z one Lelterman s Club 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Swimming 2, 3, 4. LESBIA GARC I A JOHNS ON : February 20, 1948; Panama, Republic 01 Panama. Triple C I; Pan A merican Club 2; Spanish Club 2. MICHAEL L. J OHNSON: Februar y 9, 1 950; New Orleans, Louisiana. Chess Club 2, 3, 4 ; Bridge Club 4; Notional Honor Soc iety 3, 4; Photography Club 2, 3, 4 ; Science Club 2, 3, 4; Chemistry Assistant 3; Biology A ssistant 2; R.O.T.C. R i lle T eam 3, 4 ; S.A. Representativ e I; Orche stra I. GARY LEE JOHNSTON: June 24, 1949; Cheyenne, Wyoming. Ch orus I 2. JESSE JONES: September I, 1948; Staten Island, New Y ork. Bond I ; J .V. B asketball 3. 223

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JANE T CHERYL JONES: January 20, 1 9 4 9 ; Spokane Wash ington O ffice Assistant 3; D r ill Team I, 2, 3 PATRICIA ANN JONES: August 10, 1949; Margarita, C ana l Z one. French C lub I, 2 3, 4; Science Club I, 2 4; S.A. Repr esentative I 3, 4 ; Orc hest r a I 2, 3, 4; Gradua tion U s her 3; Baccalau reate U s her 3. RANDALL NORRIS JONES: Jan u ary 21, 1 949; Arkansas City, Kansas. R.O. T.C. St. Sgt. 4; S.A. R epresentativ e 4; F oot ball 2 ROBERT C JORDON: A u gust 27, 1 948; M cAlest er, Okla homa. R.O T C 2nd. Lt 4. FRANK A. JOYNER: July 19, 1949; Ancon, Canal Zone. R.O .T.C. H ono r Gu ar d 2 3; 2nd Lt. 4. JAMES B KEESLING: September 29, 1949; Spokane, Wash. i ngton. RICHARD KELLY: Febr u ary 21, 1950; Quonset Point, Rho de I s land. Libr ar y 1,2; R.O.T .C. 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM K ENNEDY : F e bruary 23, 1 949; Austin, Texas L atin I, 2; Nati onal Hono r Society 3, 4; Color Guard 3; H o n o r G u ard 2, 3 4; 2nd Lt. 4; S.A. Representative I 2; F oo tball I ; Grad uation U s her 3. VIVAN E STER KOSAN: A u gust 16, 1947; Margar ita, Canal Zone, Drama Club 3; Folk Singers Club 4; F.T.A. 3, 4; G.A.A. 3, 4; S.A. Representative I; Choru s I 2, 3, 4; Drill Team 1,2, Sec. 3 Co Captain 4. JOHN J. KOZLOWSK I : September 27, 1949; Fort Clayton, C anal Z one. F ootball 2. ARTHUR R OBER T KRAPFL: December 22, 1948; Panama, R ep. Panama. Diablo Jr. High R.O.T.C. I 2, 3, 4. PATRICI A SUSANA KRISE: January 6 1 950 ; Darhstad, Germany. Library 2; Offic e 2, MARI A ELENA K U C I K AS: March 9, 1949; Panama City, P anama: F.B.L.A. 3 : 4 ; F.T.A. 2; G.A.A. 3, 4; Library 3; S panish Club 3 4; Tea c her Assistant 4 ; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Chorus I, 2 ; Glee Club 2, 3 4; A udio Visual I, 4. KYRT P A T R ICK LANE: A ugust 27, 1949; Los Angeles. F .B.L.A. 2; Science Club 2; Band 2; Orchestra 2 STEPHEN LAUE: March 13, 1 949; Jama ica, N e w York. Drama Clu b 4; National T hespians 3, 4; National Hono r S ociety 3 4; Spanish Hono r Society 3 4 ; Science Club 3,4; Library Assistant 2. YVONNE MARI ANN E LAVE NDER: Decembe r 27, 1948; Cri s t obal Republic o f Panama. Drama Club 3, 4; Latin Clu b 2; M ath Clu b I 2 ; Mu Alpha T heta 2; H umanities Clu b 3; S c ienc e Clu b 2; Organ Guild 1,2; D ebate S ociety I 2, 3 4; R.O. T.C. Spo nsor 4; S.A. R epresentative I, 2; Or ches lra 1 ,2, 3. VIELKA G. LEE: June 18, 1947; Panama, Republic o f Panama. F B,L.A. I ; Offi ce Assist ant 2; S ,A. R epreser.!ative I MILTON K. LEIDIG: Ju l y 18, 1 948; Levinton, Kentucky. Band 3. KEITH LEONARD: Novembe r 2 2 1949; Heidelberg, Germany. Band 2, 3. L ORIN ADAMS LESSIACK: Janua r y 8, 1949; Anco n Canal Z one. Leiterman" Club 2; Librar y Club 2; Office Assistant 2; R.O.T.C. Seaman 2; Baseball 2; Bas ketball 2; Graduation Usher 2 Baccalaureate Usher 2 JOSEPH JAMES LEWIS: February 25, 1949; Camden New Jersey. French Club I ; Pho tography Club I; S .A. Representative I ; Track I. JAAN MARIE LINDH: September 28, 1949; Panama, Re public of P anama F.B.L.A. 4; G.A.A. 2, 3 4; Future Sec-224 retaries 4; Office A s sistant 4. STEVE R LLANA: May I, 1948; Vina Del Mar, Chile. JULIO R LOPEZ: June 19, 1 947; Caguas, Puer to Rico. R.O.T.C. C o r poral 3, 4 ; Football I; Bas eball 2. BARBARA JEAN LORENZEN: August 23, 1 949; Munich G e rmany. Frenc h Club I 2 3 ; F.T.A. 3, 4; G.A.A. I, 4. LEWIS SAMUEL LOVELADY: Odober 12, 1949 Go r gas Hosp i tal Canal Zone. KATHY MARGARET LUCAS: A pril 29, 1949; McKeesport, Pennsylvania. F.T.A. 2, Treasurer 3, Pres ident 4 ; Mat h Club 3; Mu Alpha Theta 3; National Honor Society 3, 'VicePresident 4; Spanish H onor Society 3, 4 ; Humanities Club 3; Science Club 3 Secretary 4; Spanish Club 3 4 DOROTHY ANNE LUJAN : July 12, 1948; San Francisco, Calif ornia. G.A.A. 3. BOBBIE JEAN MACCHIARELLA : Odob .. ; 7 1 9 48; N ewark, New Jerse y F.B.L.A. 4 ; FHA. 4 Future Sec r eta ries 3, 4; S.A. Representative 2. FRANK MAJOR : June 17, 1946; Margarita, Cana l Z one. R.O.T.e. H ono r Guard I, 2, 3 4 S gt. 4; Football I 4; R.O.T.C Drill Team 4. MARLENE LINDA MAJOR: J a n u ary 20, 1949; Colon Republic of Panama. F.B.L.A. 2; Future Secre taries I. JOHN PAUL MALENE: April 18, 1949; Panama City, Rep ublic of Panama. S.A. Repre s entative 3. ERIN MARGARET MALONEY: February 2, 1949; West Hartf ord, C onnecticut Girls State 3. MICHAEL S MALONE: N ove mber 10, 1949; Washington D.C. Baseball 4. DIANE MANGARICH : September II, 1949; Barks dale AFB, Louisiana. 4. SHARON JUANITA MANN : March 27, 1949; P o r tsmouth, Virginia. Drama 4; Science I ; Repre s entati v e 2, 4; Cheerleade r 4 ; Audio Visual I 2, 3, Folk S ingers 3. SYBIL ANNE MARKUM: June 5, 1949; Ancon C. Z. D r ama 3, 4 ; Folk S ingers 2 3, 4; F.T.A. 2, 4 ; Latin I 2; Debate Society 1,3; R e pre s entative 2; Glee Club 2, 4; Orcheslra 1,2. PAMELA ANNE MARSH: J une 9, 1949; Germany. Drama I 2; F.B.L.A. I ; Rep r ese ntative I ; Drill T eam 3, 4. HERBERTO A MARTINEZ: Septe mber 2 1 1948; Panama, Republic of Panama. R.O.T.e. Corp o ral 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3,4. PEDRO F MARTINEZ: Septembe r 8 1 947; Ponce. Puerto Rico. Baseball I 2, 3 4 ; Basket ball 2, 3 ; Pan American Club 1,2 ; Triple C 2. MICHAEL JOSEPH M cCAULEY: December II, 1949; Lafayette. Indiana. R.O.T.e. 2; Band I, 2, 3; Orchestra 4. DAVID HAROLD McCONAUGHEY : Aug u st 23, 1 947; Ancon, Canal Z one. R.O.T.C Sgt. 2, 3, 4. ROBERTA MARIE McCOY : N ovember 3, 1949; Panama City R epublic of Panama. Library Club 4; L ibrary Assistant 4. JAMES L. M cFADDEN: August 2 1949; Colon Republic of Panama DAVID CHRISTOPHER McGRATH: Odober I I 1949; P anama, Republic of Panama. JAMES G McGRATH : Apri l 20, 1 9 49; P anama, Republic of P anama. Bridge Club I ; Science Club 3; Spanish Club 3; S.A. Representative 2 3, 4 GRATTAN PATRICK McGROARTY: December 30. 1 9 49; Washington, D. C. R.O.T.C. Sgt. 2, 3 4.

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VALERIE ADRIENNE MciNTIRE: July 23, 1949; Ancon, Canal Z one. Drama Club I 4; French Club I ; S .A. Rep resentative 4 ; Bas ketball I 3,4; Tenni s 3, 4 ; Chorus I, 2. KEVIN J. McKENNA: Nove m ber 20, 1949; F t. Bragg, North Carol ina. Drama Clu b 4 ; F B.L.A 4 ; R.O.T.C. Assistant 2 3 4 ; Football 4 VERNON A McNAMEE: A u g u st 21, 1947; Margar i ta, Canal Z one. Trock I. MICHAEL F, MELANT: June 1 0 1949; Ancon Canal Z one. JULIE MARIE MENGEL: Februar y 2, 1948; San J ose Costa Ried. Future Secretar ies 4 ; Office A ssistant 3 ; Chorus I. JOANA J. MILAS: November 1 5 1948; Panama City Republic of Panama. Library I ; National Honor S ociety 3, Treasurer 4 ; Humani t ies Club 3; P hotography Club 4 ; Science Club 2, 3; Debate Club I 2, 4 ; Librar y A ssistant I; S.A. Vice Presi dent 3 ; S.A. Secretary 4 ; S.A Repres entative I ; Graduat ion U s her ; G irl's State 3 LOURDES MILLOR: Febr u a r y 6 1948; Panama City, Republ i c of P anama. Span i s h Club 4 ; Triple C Club I; Panamer ican Clu b 1 ,2. DONNA LOUISE MILLS: November 23, 1947; Painesville Ohio. ESTHER MIZRACHI: N ovemb er 8 1949; Panama, Republic of Panama F B.L.A. 4; G,A,A. 1 ,2; H umani t ies Club 1 ,2; Debate Soci ety I, 2, HENRY MORFI: Apr i l 30, 1947; Mor ovis, P uert o Rico, LeMermans Club I ; F ootball I 2; Basketball I, 3 4 ; J.V. Basketball 3; Track 1 ,2,3. DIANE T MORTELLARO: Februar y 8, 1949; San Luis Obispo, California. French Club I, 2, 3; F,N.A. I 2, 3, 4 ; G.A.A. 3. ROBERT J MURPHY: Febr u a r y 1 7 1949; Anc o n Canal Z one. R.O. T .C. Assi stant 2, 3, 4 ; Football 4 ; SA R epresentative 3 4 BARRIE NAISMITH: February 2, 1949; P iMsburgh, Pennsylvan i a. Office A s s i stant 4 ; SA Representative 4 ; Ch orus 4 BARBARA NARON: A u g u st 26, 1949; Greenville, M iss i ssippi. Drama Club 4 ; Folk S i ngers 4 ; G l ee Club 3, 4 DANIEL LEE NELSON: January 3, 1949; California. JOHN p O'CONNOR: September 20, 1949; Col on, Repub lic of Panama. F ootball 4 MARGARET ANN O 'NEAL: February 7 1949; Colon, R epublic of Panama, G,A.A. 3 4 ; Math Clu b 3 ; M u Alpha The ta 3 4 ; Nat ional H ono r Society 3 4 ; Spanish Honor Soci ety 3, President 4 ; H umanities Clu b 3; Science Club 3 Treasurer 4 ; Spanish Club 3 4. CARRIE LEE ORR: March 3 1 9 4 9 ; P anama City, Repu b lic of Panama G A.A. 2, 3 4 ; Library Club I, 2; SA Repre senfative 2; Swimming 2 ; Glee Club 2, 3 ; G irl's State 3 FERNANDO OSTREA: June 22, 1949; Ancon, C anal Z one. Lelterman s Clu b 3, 4 ; Basketball 3 4 ; J.V. Baske tball I, 2; Track 3, 4; Slide Rule Clu b 1 ,2. LAURA THERESA PAJAK : September 1 6 1949; B alboa Canal Z one. Drama Club 4 ; Office As sist a nt 2; Zonian Stall 4 BETTY A. PEAK: June 21, 194 9 ; F ort H ood, Texas. Drama Clu b 2,3; G.A A 2, 3 ; Co u n s elo r A ssistant I 3; Baseball 2; B a sketball 2; Tennis 2,3; Girl's State 3. JOEL ROBERT PERANTIE: Oelober 19, 1949; Ancon, Canal Z one. SA Representative 1 ANA LOUISE PESCOD: Oelober 14, 1949; Panama C i ty P anama. F.B. L.A 4 ; F u t ure Secretaries Presiden t 4 ; G y m Olli ce Assistant I, 2 ; Triple C Club I 2 ; Pan American Club 1 ,2; S panish Clu b 4 KENNETH RONALD PHELPS: December 13, 1948; Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ban d I. FRANCES MARY PlAIA: Oelober 2, 1 9 4 9 ; Ancon Canal Z o n e. SA Represent a tiv e 3. RICHA R D B RIAN PLUCKER : April 25, 1948: F o r t Cla y ton, Cana l Z one. F o o tball 4. GARY R POOCK : J une 23, 1949; MaDera California. Biolog y Assista n t 2, 3; Physic s Assistant 4 ; F oo tball 2, 3; Basketball 1 2 3 ; Track 1 2 3 L AWR E NC E T RENTON PRICE: J une 13, 1949; P anam a C ity, Panama. S A Repre s entative I 3; F o o tball 3 4 ; Swimming 3; J.V. F ootball I 2 ; Slide R ule C lub I AG NE S S PROBACK: May 6, 1 949; P anama. F N,A. I; G A.A. I 2 3 4 ; L ib rar y Club I 2 3 ; Football I ; Basketball 1,2,3 ,4; G i rls Drill Tea m I. T HO M A S F R ANCIS PUSTIS: May 2 4 1949; Ancon Canal Z one. Stall Ser g eant Color G u ard 3. PRISCILLE O. PYER: Nove m ber 16, 1949; B i ddeford, Maine, LAWR E NCE DALE Q UINN : A pril 19, 1949; Cristobal, Ca n a l Zone. Leltermans Club 2 3 President 4; SA Represen tative 2, 3 ; Baseball 2, 3 4 ; Basketball 2, 3, 4 J.V. Basketball I; Track 3 4 GERARDO W QUIROS: Febr u ar y 26, 1 949; San J ose, Costa R ica. French Club 2 Treasurer 3 ; National H ono r Society 3, H umani t i e s Club 2 ; R.O.T.e. Assistant 2, 3; Color G u ard 3 ; H o n o r Guard 3 ; R.O.T .C. Stall Sgt 4. SA Repre sentative 2 3 ; U s her G u ard 2, 3. MARY MILDRED RABBITT: March 29, 1949; Q i llin Ohio. Drama Clu b 2, 3; F olk S ingers 4; F.T.A. 4 ; F,N.A. Tre a s u rer I ; L i brar y Club 1 ; Librar y Assistant I VIVIAN I. REBOURSIN: December 26, 1949; B u enos A ires, Ar g ent ina. French Club 3 ; Spanish H o n o r Societ y 2, 3 ; F ut u re Secretar i e s 4 RONALD A RENNE R : April 4 1949; N o rth Shore New York. S c ience Clu b I. VIEN A YVONNE REYES: April I 1949; Panama. French C lub 2 ; G,A.A. 2 3 ; L i brar y Clu b 2 3; Library Assi stant 2, 3 ; Chemistr y A ssistant 3 ; B iology A ssistant 2 ; Baseball 2, 3 ; Glee Club 2. JOHN EDWARD RICH ARDSON: M arc h 25, 1949; Floresville, Texas F.B.L.A. 3 ; N a tional Hono r Society 4; S A Repr e s entative 2 3 ; F oot ball 2, 3, 4 ; B aseball 3 ELIZABETH MARI E RIPLEY: Sept emb e r 18, 1949; F o r t Meade Maryland. O llice Assistant 4 ; SA Repre s entative 4 KATHLEEN MARIE ROBBINS: Decembe r 12, 1949; Tacoma, Wa s h ington. Dram a Club 4 ; F .N.A. I; Librar y Clu b I ; Math Club 2 ; Mu Alpha Theta 3 ; National H ono r Society 3, Secr e t ary 4 ; H umanities Clu b 4 ; P hotograp h y Club 2; D e b at e Society I: SA Repres entat i ve 3; Senio r Class T reasu r e r 4 ; G l ee Club 2 ,3; G i rl's State 3. PATS I THEO ROBERTSON: Jan u ar y 14, 1950. Phen i x City, Alabam a F.B.L.A. 3 ; SA Representati v e I. CONSTANTINE R OCOS : March 23, 1949; Lincoln Nebraska. Dram a Club 4 ; Foo tball 4 ; S.D.A.C. A thletic Club 4 ANGEL LUIS RODRIGUEZ: A p r i l 3 1949 ; Colon, R epu blic of Panama. Chess Club 2; Bridge Club 4; R ille T eam 2 3, Captain 4 ; R.O.T.C. BN. XO. 225

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RONALD JOSEPH RODRIGUEZ: Apri l 15, 1 949 ; Los Angeles, California. Chess Club 2, President 3, 4 : Humanitie s Club 3; Science 2, 4; R.O.T.C. Co rpo ral 2, 3; S A Repre 4. VICTORIA ALICIA ROD RIGUEZ: July 30, 1 9 49; Ancon, Canal lone. G.A.A. I 2, 3 4 ; Pan Ame rican Club I; Triple C Club 2; Spanish Club 3 4; Art Club 4 LESLIE G ROE: January 28, 1949; Ancon, Canal Z one. ELIZABET H G ROS E : March 30, 1 9 49; Ancon, Cana l Z one. F.N.A. 2; Office Assistant 4 ; Basketball 4 . MARY KATHERINE ROSE: March 30, 1949; B alboa, Canal Zone. H umanities Club 2 ; Debat e Society I ; Scien c e Club I; SA Rep. I 2 CARLOS ALBERTO ROSS: Septembe r 24, 1 948; P u erto Armuelles, P anama. Leltermans Club I 2, 3; F oot b all 3; B a s eball I 2 3; Basketball I; Swimming I 2, 3 ; T e nnis 3; Track 3 JUDY ANNE ROSS: Novemb e r 24 1949; F o rt Sill, O klahoma. D rama Club 2; F.H.A. I ; D e b ate Society 2; Offi c e Assistant 2; Glee Club 2. PAMELA KATHLEEN ROWE: D ecembe r 9, 1 9 48 ; Panama City, Panama. Folk Singers 2; F B.l.A. 3; F.N.A. 2, 3; Clinic Assis tant 1,2,3; SA Representative 1 3 ROBERT THOMAS RYAN: S e p te m ber 15, 1949; Anc on, Canal Z one. Trac k 3, 4 ; Z o nian Staff 4 JAMES PAUL SAARINEN: June 7, 1949; Ancon, C a nal Z one. ROBERTO SANTIAGO SAGEL: F e br u ar y 13, 1948; David, Chiriqui, Republic of P anama. B and 3. GARY R. SANDACZ: July 31, 1949; F o ri W orth, Texas. JAMES ANTHONY SCHAFER: Octobe r 30, 1 9 4 9; Anco n Canal Z one R.O.T. C. Co rporal 2. VICKI LYN SCHOCH: Februar y 23, 1 9 49; P anama. F.B l.A. Club 3, 4 ; Librar y Club 4 ; Libr a r y Assistant 4 ; Triple C. Club I. AL C SCHONERT: Jan u ary 7 1 949; Ancon, Canal Z one. Drama Clu b 4 ; Lati n Clu b 2, 3; Science Clu b 3; D e b a t e Society 2; Football 3; Track 2 ; Z onian Sta ff 4 JOHN CHARLES SCHWAMB: July 19, 1 9 49; Indepen dence, Missouri. R.O.T.C. Co rpora l 3, 4; Spanish Clu b I 2; Parrakeet Assistant Editor. KENNETH C SCOTT : J une 6 1 9 4 9; Ancon, Canal Zone. French Club 3 JOYCE ELAINE SEELEY; March 2 1 1 9 49; Titusville, P enn sylvania. Glee Club 3. ALLEN JA CKSO N SELLERS: Decembe r 23, 1948; Jac ksonville, Flo r i da. R.O.T.C. Ser geant; H ono r Guard 3; Gradu at io n U s her 3; SA Repre s entative I 2. BEVERLY ANN SENER; September 16, 194 9 ; River da le, Mary land Chess Club I; Drama Club 3; Folk Sin gers 2 ; F.H. A 2, 4 ; Debate S o ciety 2; Office Assis tant 4 MARY JEAN SHARP: August 20, 1949; Ancon, C anal Zone. French Club 3. 4; Pho tograp h y Club 2, 3 4; P a n American Club I Triple C Club 2. CHARLES THOMA S SHIRER: November 27, 1 947; Ancon, Canal Zone. P hotog r aphy Club I; R.O.T. C Assi s t ant 3; Oolo r Guard 2 ; Honor Guar d 3; R.O. T .C 1 s t Sergeant; Track I ; Spanish Club I ; Tri ple C Club I. ROY RAYMOND SHUEY: O ct obe r 22, 1949; Ancon, Canal Zone Shop A ssista nt 4. 226 JAMES E SHULTlE: O ct ober 14, 1949; Milfo rd, Delaware. R.O.T. C 3, 4 MARGARET SUZANNE SLOVER: December 18, 1948; Lame s a Tex a s WESLEY A. SMITH: November 30, 1948; Cana l Z o ne. Sci. e n ce Club 4 ; F oo tball 4; Track 3, 4. RICHARD GRANT SMITH: Jan u ar y 21, 1949; Canal Z one. RUSSELL O. SMITH: Jan u ary 12, 1 949; Ancon, Canal Zone. SANDRA KAY SOUTH: J une 14, 1949; Ancon C anal Z one. F N A I ; G A.A. I, 2, 3 4; L a t i n Club President 2; SA R ep r esentativ e 3 : Class Secretary I MATHEW BURTON SPECTOR: Octo ber 8, 1949; Monti zello, N e w Y ork. Pho t og raph y Clu b 3; Librar y Assi s tant 3. MARTHA JANE SPINNEY: July 14, 1949; Broo klyn, N e w Y o rk. F .B.L.A. Club Trea s u r e r 3 ; F u t u r e S ec retar i e s 3, 4; Of fice Assistan t 2 3 4 ; R O.T C S p onso r 4 ; SA Repres entative 2, 4 LAWRENCE WAYNE SPREEMAN: J une 25. 1949; Newp o rt R hode Island. JOHN WALTER STEINER: Jul y 13, 1949; C olon, Republic of P a n ama. ROBERT W STANLEY: March 5 1947; S a n Jose Costa R ica. R.O.T .C. Assistant 4 ELIZABETH STETLER: May 1 6 1 949; E s tado Zulia, Venezuela. F B.L.A I, 2, 3 ; F.N.A. I 4 ; F H A 3 ; G A.A 4; H u m anities Club 4 ; Futur e Secretar i e s 4; Counselo r As sist ant 2, 3 4 ; S.A R ep r e s ent a tive 4 JAMES J STEPHAN: November 21, 1949; Vienna, Austria. C h ess C l u b I 2. 3, S ec-Treas. 4 ; Bri d g e Clu b I ; Photog raphy Clu b 4 ; Scienc e Club I 2, 4 ; Office Assistant 3. KAY MARY STEPHENSON: June 10, 1949; Ancon Canal Z one. F.T. A 4 ; F.N.A. 3 4; G A .A. I 2 3 Sec 4; L i brar y Club 2 3; Lib r a r y Assistant 2, 3; R.O.T C Ban d Sp o nsor 4; Ch o rus I ; Majorette 4 PAUL STETLER: J anua r y 15, 1 9 48; Venezue l a. VIOLETA STETLER: Januar y 15, 1948; E s tad o Zulia, Venezuela. S.A. R epre s entative 3. RALPH LEONARD STINSON: March 23, 1947; Freemont, Michigan. Lette rmans Club 3, 4 ; N at i o n a l Honor Society 3.4. CHARLES C. ST. JOHN III: Septe m ber 23, 1 949; Ancon, C a n a l Z o n e. Chess Club 3, 4 ; Scienc e Clu b 2; R O T.C. 2 n d Lt. 4; R .O. T .C D rill Team 2. 3 4 THOMAS ALLEN STRAIGHT: O cto ber 29, 1948 ; Greeley C o l o r a do. R .O. T C 2nd. Lt. I. 2, 3 4 CHARLES BERT STRATTON: J une 24, 1949; Bellingham, W as h ington N ationa l H ono r S oci ety 3 4; Scie nce 4; C hemist r y A s sistant 3 SUSAN BLANCHE STEWART: M ay 18, 1949; Ancon, Canal Z o n e F .T.A. 4 ; F N A 2, 3 4 ; G.A.A I 2 3 4 ; B and C o Sponso r 3, 4 ; M ajorelte Captain 4 3 JON H. STUEWE: Decem ber 31, 1948; Ancon, C anal Z one. J .V. F oot ball 1,2; Foolball3, 4 ; B aseball 4 DONNA STURGEON: M a r c h 25, 1949; Manches ter Connecticut. JANET STUART: M a rch 28, 1949 ; Brookl y n New Y ork. NORALYN GRACE STEWART: Jul y 1 5 1949; Plant City, Flo r ida. MARK J. STUPAR: Novemb e r 9 1 9 49; S p r i n g field, Illinois. PATRICIA A. SWANN: Jan u ar y 18, 1 950; San Antonio, T exas. Counselo r A ssistant 3 : Office Assi s t ant 3; S A Rep. 4.

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ARNOLD lEE TALBOTT: Oelobe r 30, 1 948; Ancon, Canal Zone prama Club 3, 4 ; Nat iona l Thespians 3, 4 ; P hotog r aphy Club I 2, 3, President 4; R.O. T.C 2, 3; F oot ball 2,3; Glee Club 2,3,4. SHEilA ANN THOMPSON : Oelo ber 2 1 1 948; C o lumbus, Ohio. F .B.LA 3; G.AA 3, 4 ; Library Club 3; Library A s sistant 3. M, HELEN THOMP SON : Se ptember 19, 1 949; Ancon, Cana l Zone. Chess Club 2; Drama Cl u b 3, 4 ; F r enc h Club 2, 3; Folk S ingers 3, 4 ; G.A.A. 2; M ath Club 2; Science Cl u b 2, 4 ; Debate Society 2; Chemistry Assistant 2 ; Spanish Club4. JOHN M. THOMSON : May I 1949; Ab ington Township, P ennsylvania. Chess Club I ; Bridge Club 4; Math Club 3, 4 ; M u Alph a Theta 3 4 ; Nati onal Honor Society 3, 4; H umanities Cl u b 3, 4 ; Organ Guild 3 4 ; R O.T.C Honor Guard 2 3, 4 ; SA R ep. I 2; Glee Cl ub 2, 3, 4 BILL D. THOMP SON: J une 4 1949; P opla r Bluff, Missouri. JAME S ARTHER THOMP SON: July 17, 1949; Cana l Z one. R.O.T.C. Staff Sergeant 3; SA Rep. I. EMILY R. TINKLER: June 30, 1949; Canal Z one. Drama Club I 2, 3 4 ; N ational Thespians 4; Folk Singers I ; F.B.L.A. Club 2; F.H.A. 4; Library Club 2; F uture Sec r etarie s 3, ViceP resident 4 ; Office As sista nt 4 ; Library A ssistan t 2. TIM M. TOLAND : July 31, 1 9 49 ; Ancon, Canal Z one Library Assistant I DON D. TREADWELL: Febr uary I I, 1948; Clovis, New Me xico. PRESTON MONTGOMERY TRIM III: August II, 1 949; Ancon CanafZone R.O.T.C. Color Guard 2. LAWRENCE C. TYNES: February 20, 1 949; N ewport News, V irginia. F ootball 3, 4 ; Baseball 3; B asketball 3; Track 2. JIM P VAN LOON : August 2 7 1 948; Panama City Pan-ama. S HARON VAN WINKLE: Septembe r 7 1949; Burlington, I owa NATIVIDAD VECCHIONE : Decem ber 2 5 1 948; Panama Republic of P anama. Choru s 3, 4. CARMEN ELIZABETH VIETO: July 18, 1 949; Ancon, Canal Z one. H umanities Club 4 ; Science Cl ub I; C ounselo r A s sistant 2, 3 ; Office Assistant 2; B io logy Ass ista nt 2 ; Chorus 3,4; Glee Club 4 ; Pan-American Club I 2, 3 CEFERINO VILLOMll : Ap61 Ib, 1949; Panama, Rep u blic of Pan ama. Latin Club 3; H umanities Club I 3; Phot ogra phy Club I ; B iology A ssist an t 3 ; S.A. Representative 3; PanAmerican Club 1,2; Spanish Club 3, 4 ; T riple C I 2. JAMES RANDOLPH WALL : Decembe r 18, 1 948 ; C o l on, Panama. SA Representative 1. CECILIA WAllACE: May 20,1943; Panama. Math Cl u b I. DEBORAH JANE WAlZ: Oelobe r 8, 1948; South Bend, I ndiana. Drama Club 1,2. MARCEllA MARIE WALKER: J anua r y 19, 1949; New Cri sto bal, P anama. Drama Club 4; F r ench Club 4; Folk S ingers 2; B ridge Club 4; F.B.L.A. Club 3, 4; Humanitie s Club 4 ; Science Clu b I ; F uture Se c r etaries 4 ; Spani s h Club 1,2,4 ; SA Repres ent ative 1,3; G irl's State 3. JUDITH C WALTON : Novemb e r 8, 1 949 ; F ullerton, Cal i f ornia Drama Clu b I, 2; 3 V ice -Pres ident 4 ; Folk S inge rs I 2; Bridge Club I ; F N .A. I 2; SA Repr esentative 3, 4; Cheerleader 4; Gi rl's State 3. DEBORAH JEAN WARD: Oelober 18, 1949; Bradenton, Flori da. S cience Club 2,3,4 KATHRYN ANN WARREN: Oelober 29, 1 949; Panama City Panama D rama Club I; F.N.A. I ; G.A.A. I 2, 3, 4; latlO Club I, 2; Math Clu b 2, 3; H umanities Club 3, 4; Photography Club Secretary 2; Debate Society I; Clinic Assistant 2; library A ssistant 2; Inkling Staff 3, 4 ; Parr akeet Staff 3 4. FREDRICK EARL WEBSTER: January 31, 1949; Ancon, Canal Z one. Leltermans Club 3, 4 ; R .O.T.C. Staff Sgt. 2, 3 4 ; Football 2, 3,4 EDEVIN HENRY WEEKS: Oelober 20, 1948; Panama. JANICE CAROL WHITE: Augu st 14, 1 949; Gainesville Georgia. F utu re Secretaries 4. DENNIS WHITE: Septembe r I 1 949; P ortsmout h Virginia. HARRY DAVID WHITNEY: Oelober II, 1949; C olon, Pan. ama. R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4 KEN WAYNE WILLIAMS: Jan u ary 2 9 1949; Maning, Soutl Carolina. Art Club 1,2,3. ROY ERDWIN WilMOTH: September 2, 1947; Margar ita Canal Z one. Shop Assistant 3 4; R.O.T .C. E-5 4 HAROLD J WilSON: July 2, 1948; Corpus Christi, Texas. Bridge Club 4 ; Math Club 3 4; Mu Alpha Thet a 3, 4 ; R.O.T.C. R ille Team 4 ; R.O.T.C. Captain 2, 3 4 ; SA Rep. re sentative 3. ROY AllAN WilSON: May 29, 1 9 4 9; Rock Hill, South Carolina Chess Club 4; Lettermans Club 2, 3 Treasu r e r 4 ; Class President I; Class Vice-President 2 ; Football 2, 3 4 ; J.V. Basketball 1,2,3; Tennis 3. JANE WilSON: N ovembe r 22, 1 9 4 9; Gainesville, Florida. D rama Club 4; Folk Singers 2, 3 4 ; Bridge Cl u b 4 ; F.T.A. I 4 ; G .A.A. I, 2, 3, 4 ; Spanis h Honor Society 3, 4; Humanities Club 4 ; Organ Guild 4 ; Spanish Clu b 4 ; Office Assistant 4 ; SA Representative I, 2; Class Vice-President I ; B asketball 2, 3 4 ; Swimming I 2 3, 4 ; Tennis 2, 3, 4 ; Glee Club 1,2, 3,4 ; Cheerleader 2, Co-Capta i n 3 ; Captain 4 : Sec re tary of Girl' 5 State 3 ; Parra keet 4 MARIA A. WilSON: J une 1 3 1949; Panama City, P anama HENRY MAJOR WINTER JR.: May 15, 1949; New Y ork City, New York. Chess Cl u b 4 ; R .O. T .C. Stall Sergeant 2, 3 4 CHRIS W ilLIAM WOEGENS: May b, 1949; Waltham, Massachusetts. Library Club 2; Librar y A ssistant 2 ; F oo tball 2,3; B asketball 2 ; J.Y. B asketball I. NELLIE lYNN WOOD: April 18, 1949; Panama City, Republic of Panama. SANDRA lETICIA WOOD: Oelober 19, 1 947; P anama. JAMES F WOODS: December 5, 1 949; F ulton, Kentucky. Lelter mans Club 2; R.O.T.C. Pfc 3, 4 ; B aseball 2. JOHN OWEN WOODS: November 2 9 1 947; Ozark, Ala bama. R,O T .C. Corporal 2; First Sergeant 4, WilLIAM A WOODS: Oelober 2 1,1948; Ozark, Alabama. Folk Singers 2; F,B.L.A. Club 2; Librar y Assistant 2; F ootball 2; J.V Basketball 2. STANLEY G WRIGHT: Februar y 23, 1949; Wareham Massachusetts. Drama Club 3, 4; Folk S ingers 4; Math 2; Science Club I Vice-Pres ide nt 2, and 3, 4 ; R.O,T.C. Second Lt. 2, 3, 4 ; SA Representative I. BUDDY E. YOST: September 8, 1948; Columbus, Ohio. Wi lMA JEAN ZELlHOEFER : June 5 1 949; San B ernardino, California. French Club 2. RICHARD SHERMAN ZORNES : May b, 1 94B; Ancon, Canal Zone. Shop Assista nt I 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C Sergean t 2,3,4. 227

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228 ADVERTISING This yeorbook would not hove b een possible without the effo rt s of the students who s penl Soturdoys ond hours efter school soliciting edvsrtisements from Peneme ond the Cono l Zone. - ( -, I -

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230 T el. 2-4503 P O Box 1291 Restaurant & Pizz eria NAPOLI Speci a lty i n I talian & Int ernati onal D i shes One Block Fro m 4 t h of July A ve nue Panama, R d e P THE I OVANE BROS Prop The Modern and Luxurious Beauty Parlor of the Hotel Continental is at your service in hai rdos, manicure s tints, treatm e nts f o r reconditioning your hair, cold wa v e s REASONABLE PRICES T el. 3-6348 BEID Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 1967 B ETA EPSILON PHI SORORITY

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Courtesy of ZIG ZAG Imported Materials From All Over The World Phone: 2-2390 Compliments of VOGUE SPECIALIZING IN COMPLETE LADIES SPORTSWEAR AND CLOTHING FOR ALL OCCASIONS PHOTO SERVICE Daily Pick-Up, All PX's Central Lab CUrundu 5219 Fast Service and Top Quality Pictures Portrait-Wallet-Groups Copies-Photostats Photofinishing-Custom Framing LICENSE PIX WHILE U WAIT p o 80.-3069 Phone : 2-3454 A i r-Conditioned Duty Free Store SOL DE LA INDIA 123 C e ntral A ve Panama City The Only Place to Double Your Money Army, Navy and Air Force Hq_ HONESTY IS OUR BEST POLICY Compliments Of 231

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232 DUTY FREE The House of French Perfume s and H i gh Clas s L inen, Ivory Figures. Alliga t or Goods, Fine Porcelain and Brass Wares, Native Prod ucts. Oriental Furniture and Rugs, Binoculars, Pocket-size Trans i s tor Radios, and World Nove l t ies. Central Avenue 17-19 Cable "Bhiku" Tel. 2-3435 Box 1329, Panama Compliments of \ HELEN'S IJNEN CENTER Galerias Panama Central Avenue 17-85 P O Box 3161 Tel. 2-4728 Brenda's for Beauty O n ce you've b een to Brenda's It w ill al w ays b e on you r agenda Telephone 2-3377 Tivoli Guest House

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for brunching or lunching or just plain dining out by a moonlit sea .......,..;.. the best spot is: CLUB PANAMAR -good food-excellent serv ice-charming atmosphere-Sierra Hnos: (Manager) Phone : 4 -4517 233

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234 CHEVROLET CHEVY II BUICK OLDSMOBILE Courtesy of CHEVELLE CORVAIR OPEL SMOOT AN D PAREDES, S. A. Panama CURUNDU DRESS SHOP Bes t i n Fittings Alterati ons and Designs. Moderately P r ice d To Fit Your Budget Colon Specialists in uniforms and suits made to order, wit h a w ide variety of materials to choo s e from. Al so carrying a complete line of men's ready -to. wear Suits, shirts ties shoes all imported from England. France. Italy. and the U S .A. Ao-JACK The Store for The Modern Man Corner of J Street and Central Ave

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Compliments of "b0-.{'" Ll.( x."" )..? $ U "J" Street No 1-132 Telephone 2-6478 Panama. Rep. of Panama Ladie s cocktail, cotton dresses, overcoats, suits, skirts b louses, sportwear and acces sories. All in latest styles and moderate prices. -"---0 :1 (l. CURUNDU FLOWER SHOP Flower s for All O cc a sions For the Best in Quality Service and Prices Call : CUrundu 7292 or BAlboa 2-2793 (Jl > 235

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.. 236 It's a pleasure to move with CAIN BROTHERS ; 4' AiA II l Packing Storage. Crating Free Estimates P.O Box 200 I Balboa Heig hts, Canal Zone Phones: 2-2973 Balboa 82-4243 Amador For local or long d i stance moving Cain Brothers has the equipment and faci l it i es to serve you better. With their world wide agent system, Cain Brothers can move y o u anywhere in the world, s moothly and efficiently.

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Caribbean Girl's S tate 1966 Front Row: Jene W i lson ; Bethe Geudy; Pllt H onn i g a n ; Second Row: Marie Eleno K u c i k os: J eonette M o ra les: Mllry Andrews : Cenie Lee Orr: M erri S"nd y: Kethy Wor r en ; Diane Howard : Thir d Row: Al ice 8/1990t; O l ivia G o mez ; H e len T hompson: S o rr el B rown; Olgo Baroda ; Muonit., Milo s; M e re e ll" Wtllker: Fourth Row: N ancy H ert: Oonel1e Shar o n B ohenm ll yer; Andr e o G orovant o: R o byn H ammette r ; Sue Stew"rt: D e n i s e E l i,,; lou t Row: Sybil Marku n : Mory Arenz: Key Stevenson ; D e bb i e Had; I n e z D uffus ; Bonn i e L e v en d e r ; J u d y F orrish; Lynn F r ouenheim ; M ergret O N eil; Jud y Wolt on: M ory Shor p Offers Cong ratulations to the Graduating Class of VAUXHALL BEDFORD HOLDEN General Motors Products CIVA ISTMENA S. A. Tel. 5-0305 Compliments 1967 Compliments of Agencias W.O. Doel, S.A. SCM Typewrit ers SCM Calcul a t ors SCM Photoco p ies Addo-X Addi n g Mac h ines O ffice F urnitu r e Telephone : 5-0175 Ave Nacional Panam a City 23 7

PAGE 242

238 Visit Our New Showrooms on the Transisthmian Highway COLPAN MOTORS Yo ur Friendly Ford Dealer

PAGE 243

Make your travel e asy-Use a Travel Agent Itineraries-Sc hedules-Reservations Advice on how to go Where to stay and what to do when you get there. Let our experience take the bumps o ut o f your travel road. FIDANQUE TRAVEL SERVICE Frangipani St., Pana ma Coli: Panama 5-1661 Balboa 463 2 COPPER FONDUE POT Panama's Finest Gift Shop #55, 50th Street Courtesy of HOUSEHOLD EXCHANGE HX 239

PAGE 244

240 Con gratulations to the Class of 116711 CHI OMEGA SORORITY Member of Florist Teleg raph Delivery Association F ree Booklets of Desig ns Distributed From Our Offic e o n Gaill ard Highway MORGAN'S GARDENS S ay it With F lowers: GIRL'S DRILL TEAM offers Best Wishes & Good Luck TO THE CLASS OF '67

PAGE 245

It's easy to choose an airline, once you ve got the word. The word is expenence. More people fly with us than with anybody else Why do they choose Pan Am. trip after trip after trip? They know we'r e the world's most experienc e d airline It makes th e m feel good. When they plan their trip. While they're aboard. Whether they're flying a Pan Am Jet Clipper@ to Europe, the U.S.A. ... or any place else in the world. This good feeling can be yours the next time you fly. Call your Pan Am Travel Agent. Or call us. World's most experienced airline nnd1Tlll One of the best restaurants in Central and South America Speci alizes in steak and seafoods For reservations call: 3-7743 Address: Calle 50 #100 Save Buying at P O Box 6596 Modas Aldens With the most complete departments for men, women and children You save and get more satisfaction through our credit system, mer chandise club and commercial accounts. 241

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242 RESTAURANT-BAR AND P IZZA HOUSE WITH NEW A I R CONDITIONED SALOON Italian Bakery and Ice Cream Parlor In Front of the Panama Hilton Sp e c i al ty in pina, lasagna feHucini, scallopini, meat parmesan, lobster, chicken cacciatore and a n infinite variety of international dis hes ae companied with e x qui s ite wines. EXCLUSIVE SHOP FOR THE YOUNG AT HEART Famous brand names of ready to wear and foot wear T e lephone 3 7472 P O. 80l 3 398 Panama, R.P Via Espana Edificio Compo Alegre Front of the Panama Hilton and Continental "WHERE G OOD T A STE IS NOT E XPENSIVE" LADIES SPECIALTY STORE Compliments of AGENCY "DICK" DEHLlNGER Automobile Insurance and Financing Phone: 5 #43 Automobile Row MUCH SUCCESS and HAPPINESS To our class of "1967" Erni, Sue, Diane, Jeanine, Karen, Pam

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No Diga Cafe Diga Cafe DURAN \ LONELY HEARTS CLUB I Sears I Compliments of SEARS, ROEBUCK, S .A. de Panama 3 Stores to Serve You Better Los Angeles-Centro-Colon Fully Air Conditioned-Parking Facilities NO MONEY DOWN on anything you buy on credit at Sears Shop at SEARS and" Save Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back I Sears I SEARS C E N T RO, CENTRAL AVE T e l : ]'400-0pen F rom MONDAY 10 FRIDAY From 8 : ]0 oJ. m to 12:00 p .m.
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244 don't l e t i t happen to you! Come in today and find out how little it actually costs to buy all the sterlin g you need. B udg e t pay_ ments arranged. JPUEIEID &. ::BAR1['
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246 RIVIERA FINE FABRICS STORE ''J'' Street. Panama City CASA SHULAR Box 1491 Panama Tel: 2-3446 GIFT SHOP AIR CONDITIONED 22-07 Central Avenue 22-07 Plaza 5 de May o BAZAR IMPERIAL Principal Central Ave 13-112 Telephones: 2-2475 2-2313 Extension C e ntral Ave. 15-77 Telephones: 2-1466 2-6839 THE WORLD'S FINEST CLOTHING Panama agents for Florsheim Shoes Box 1410 Panama R P DIABLO BEAUTY SHOP Box 998 Balboa Tel.: Balboa 1322 Call for an Appointment

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TALLER CANO Mechanical Work, Smelting Painting and Upholstering Work Guaranteed Next to the Atlas Gardens Good Food Beach Club Telephone : 2 3357 Surfing CANAL ZONE PHARMACY Arr o cha # 4 4th of July Ave., #21A-60 Phone No. 2-1424 or 2-3547 Prescriptions, Patent Medicines. Cosmetics. Books. Gifts. Films. etc. Open Daily: 7:30 AM to 9 :30 PM Sundays: 8:00 AM to 12: 00 Noon Firs t Class Servic e for Canal Zone residents for over 20 years. Cabins Swimming RESERVATIONS: 3-4735 247

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248 We, the Zoni an Staff would like to take this opportunity to thank all the p eople and organizations who made this year book possi b l e W e also would like to extend our best wishes, luck, and h appiness to the graduating class of 1967. Courtesy of PEMCO S.A. WESTINGHOUSE DISTRIBUT OR PANAMA and CANAL ZON E Courtesy of Cia Cyrnos, S.A. Panama Tel: 5-3960

PAGE 253

Aanstoo s E 138 Aanstoos, A. 74, 138 Ackerman V. 1 20, 132 Adair, C. 73, 85, 98, 160 Adair, C 90, 9 1 156, 160 Adams, C 76, 86, 190, 220 Adams, C. 84, 138 Adams, D. 1 90 220 Ad ams K 123 Adam s S. 160 Ae vedo R. 138 Alleltranger, L 138 Aham, R. 138 Alba, M. 69 Alarilla, B. 138 Alarilla, B. 68 Aleman, R. 160 Alfaro, C. 1 90, 220 Alfaro, B. 7 1 160 Alfaro, F. 160 Alga, M. 43 Allen, J 190 Allen, R 25, 190, 220 Allen, M. 190, 220 Allison, E. 138 Allon, D 138 Almstead, L. 67, 72, 1 60 Althaus, K. 160 Alvar ado, A. 69 Alvarez, I 1 1 3 Alves, P. 138 Anderson, C. 75, 123 Anderson, D 1 80, 1 90, 220 Anderson, J 83, 98, 160 Anderson, K. 160 A nderson, L 138 Anderson, P. 76, 77, 8 5 96 132, 138 Anderson, R. 123 Andre, J. 70, 8 3 138 Andrews, M. 69,72, 77, 190, 220 Andrews J. 138 Andrews, M. 20,25, 3 1 94 1 90, 220 Andrews, J. 160 Index Andrews, N. 77, 138 Andrichuk, G 83 Anguoira, V. 1 60 Annis, B. 120 Aponte, C. 77, 138 Appin, C 74, 85, 138 Appin, R. 190, 220 Applegate, J. 138 Arbalsh, M. 7 1 Arbaugh, M 138 Arenz, M. 68, 75, 190, 220, 205 Arenz. P. 138 Arnold, C. 68,69, 1 60 Arrell R. 31, 138 Art l ey, D. 31, 87, 191, 220 Ashby, M. 138 Askins, D. 84, 160 Atkinson, F. 87 Attia, E. 160 94, Artia, R. 75, 77, 180,220 Atwell, D. 160 Auste rman, W. 191 220 Ayala C 160 Ayala, E. 191, 220 Ayrnette, P. 160 1 00, Axelson, L. 66, 74, 76, 180, 191, 220 Azarak, M. 75 Azrak, R. 138 Baarstard, P. 138 Backer, L. 138 B acot, R. 29, 3 1 94, 160 Badonsky, L 138 Baggott, A. 66, 69, 73, 180, 191, 220 Baker, K. 138 Baldwin, A. 69, 160 Ballanis, A. 138 Ballenge r R. 139 B alch, C. 191, 220 Ballanez, A. 75 Balmas, S. 138 Bamasick, J. 123 Bandy, M. 73, 78, 7 9 86, 8 7 180, 191, 220 Bannister, M. 84,85, 1 60 Bare s, M. 139 Barons, C. 72 B arnes, D. 138 Barnes, V. 8 4 160 Baroski, A. 84, 139 Barrett. P. 191, 220 Barron, J. 1 9 1 220 Barry, J. 123 Bartlett, R. 139 Bart lett, T. 160 Bastedo, J 176 Batalden, C. 123 Bates, J. 191, 220 Bauer, J 220 Baughman, J 1 9 1 220 Bay, J. 139 B ayer, B. 139 Bearup, S. 191 220 Beattie, M. 31,1 0 1 139 Beattie, R. 31,37,94, 1 6 0 Beeck, B. 73, 1 6 1 B egl ey, M. 161 Behr ens, C. 161 Belez, M 44 Bell, D. 191, 220 Bell, W 59 Bembenek, T. 84, 85, 139 Bennett, B 139 Berell. S 70 Bernard, B 84, 85, 191, 220 Bernard, L. 161 Bernhardt, D. 1 9 1 220 B ernha rdt, L. 161 Bertoli, L. 66, 67, 86 1 8 0 192, 220 Bertsh, K. 161 B esaw A. 84, 1 6 1 Besaw, J. 139 Besaw, K. 220 Besaw, M. 139 Best, J 139 Best, M. 139 Betit, C. 161 B etit R 192, 220 Bettis, M. 192, 220 B etts, M. 161 B ickerstall, B. 80, 8 I, 139 Bierbaum, P. 75, 139 Bierbaum R. 192, 220 Bierman, Z. 192,220 B ingham, P. 161 B irch, K. 75 Bircher, T. 139 Bissell, S. 161 Bissett, R. 73, 124 Blumberg, M. 161 B olado, O. 70, 77, 192,220 Bolt, S. 161 B olton, M. 60, 67, 70, 77, 161 Bondurant, W. 1 1 5 B oostrom, P. 139 Borden, P. 68, 192, 220 B o rden, S. 139 Borell, J. 161 Borreau, A. 89, 85, 192,220 B osch, M. 161 B osley, J. 193,220 Boswell, D. 75, 193, 220 Bofzenmayer, D. 161 Botzenmayer, S. 61, 66, 180, 193, 220 Bouche, A. 139 Boukalis, C. 74, 161 Bowen, J. 193, 220 B owen. R. 139 Bower, B. 68, 161 Bower P. 139 B oyd, D. 193, 220 Boyer, R. 88, 193,220 Brady, G. 83, 139 Bradl ey, L. 220 Brady, P. 139 Braswell. D. 139 Braswell, H. 90,91, 139 Braswell, M. 68 Braun, P. 161 Bray, P. 69 Breed, C. 139 Bromer, M. 69, 76, 92, 93, 97, 193,220 249

PAGE 254

Bressler. J. 37, 70, 72 Brid, J. 139 Bright, R. 193, 220 Bristol. C. 193, 220 Bristol, S. 139 Brittain, D 55 Bromely, C 161 B romley, K. 37, 8 4 139 B rooks, A 162 Brooks, C. 140 Brooks, R 140 Brooks, S. 1 9 3 2 2 1 Brow, T. 162 Brown, C 68,72, 161 B rown, B 193, 2 2 1 Brown C 45 Bro wn. D. 140 Brown. F. 78 Bro w n L. 166 Brown. M. 70, 193,221 Brown, R. 1 6 1 Brown. S. 1 2 4 Brown, T 1 40 Brown V. 68, 140 Bry ant, R. 74, 221 Bryson J 4 5 Buckler C. 162 Buker, R. 162 90, 91, B urch, K 64, 193, 221 Burch T. 99 Burc h fiel d, W. 140 B urns, K, 1 40 B u rkman J. 31, 162 Butle r O. 140 B yrd, R, 162 Buyrne, M. 88, 1 9 3 2 2 1 Cabassa, A. 140 Cabassa, J. 162 C alzo ela, F. 162 Cain, F. 193, 221 Cain, J, 45 Cain, M. 140 Caopon, C. 120 Callahan, V. 162 Camacho, C. 44 Camacho, E. 5 5 Campbell, C. 162 Campbell, G. 140 2 50 1 9 3 Campos, 140 Cantrell M. 176 Cappon C. 120 Capp on, R. 156 Carast illa, p, 75 Carpente r W. 67, 1 80, 194, 2 2 1 C a rrasqu illo P. 140 Ca rr ol, M. 162 Carter, C. 78, 79, 1 6 2 Ca s cante, G 46, 48, 4 9 75, 87, 1 00, 182, 1 92, 194,221 Case, T 80, 98, 162 Ca s hman M 162 Cassibry, W. 18,25,43, 162 Ca s t il lo A. 74, 1 94, 221 Ca s t illo C. 77, 140 C a stillo, E. 140 Castro, A. 71, 77, 162 Chase, P. 7 4 77,92, 93, 140 Chase S. 162 Chavez, J. 1 94, 221 Chavez M. 25,43, 162 Chodako wski, E. 67, 180, 194, 221 Cholla r D I 17 Ch ong, E 77, 162 Chr istensen, C. 1 9 4 221 Ch r istma s W. 83, 162 Ch r istoffers en, J 140 Ch u M. 7 1 162 Chung, M 76, 1 94, 221 Chu rchill, K. 140 Churc hville V 1 5 6 162 C l a rk, C. 69, 140 C l ark D 88 C l a r k D. 1 9 4 221 Cla r k G 140 Cle veland, R. 76, 194,221 Clift, D. 140 Clifton, R. 1 20 Clin c hard, C. 74, 140 Clizbe, B 163 Clouse, A. Clouse, E. Cobb, M 1 4 0 7 4 77. 194, 221 1 9 4,221 Cochran S 68, 1 95, 221 Cofer M. 88, 8 9 Coffey, l. 140 Coffey, S. 84, 1 95 ,221 Colcla s u re. M 83, 163 C ole, R 83,85, 141 C o lem an, N. 141 C olli n s C 1 4 1 C olli ns, K. 66 70, 180, 221 C olli n s M 75, 77, 141 C o nnard C. 98 163 C onnors, M 163 C ook, C. 163 C oo k J. 195, 221 C o o k s on, R 31, 7 4 163 C o o mbs, C. 163 C o rbitt, M. 1 95, 221 C o rr iga n M 195,221 C orte l loni, G. 163 C o r te s L 163 C ote, M 141 195, C owan, J. 25,68,195,221 Cox, W 163 Cra i g, K 163 Crai g W 141 Cra n e J 88, 195, 221 Crawford, L. 52, 195,221 Creque, A. 34, 37, 163 Crull, G 3 7 141 Crump, C 141 Cru mp, C. 141 C r u z R 1 4 1 Cru z .Seg a rra, R. 163 C ummi n gs, R 2 5 1 96, 221 C u rby, H 141 Dalton M. 163 D aly, D 141 D aniels, S. 141 Dant e s E 141 Dar co R 141 D a rden T 163 D ate, D 141 Davila, H 55 D avi s D 141 D avidson, J. 196, 221 D avidson, H. 58, 76, 180, 196,221 D aviso n M 1 2 1 D ay, M 163 Dayan E 1 4 1 de A l ba, E 71, 163 Dea n D. 163 D e an, L. 141 Dea n T. 141 DeArmas L. 66 ,67, 1 24 Deav er, K. 84, 141 Deave r W. 71, 1 2 4 Deck, C. 1 90 ,221 D ecke r D 1 4 1 D eem er, J. 75, 196, 221 Dehl i nger, P. 186, 1 96, 221 Dekle, J. 66, 67, 124 d e l a G u ardi a D. 163 de 1 0 Guardia, l. 67, 196, 221 de l a Guardia, Y. 141 d e 10 Mater, V 66,67, 1 25 de l a P ena J 141 Del g a do, A. 1 4 1 DeL ima, J. 141 Delima, R 141 D e L i ma, V. 49 7 1 163 D e L u n a V. 70 D eming, W. 196, 221 Dennis, M. 141 D ennis, M. 2 1 8 D enny D. 87, 100, 197,22 1 Dent on, L. 72. 73. B3, 8 5 197, 2 2 1 De nton. V. 141 DePi per V. 70, 163 Derrick. R 197, 221 Derrick. 5 68, 163 D e rt ei n J. 100, 197,221 Derte in, P. 141 Detam ore, D. 141 Diaz D. 77, 163 Diaz M. 66,67, 77, 125 Diaz, M. 142 D iaz, Y. 69 ,77, 197,221 Diaz, M. 176 D i llon M. 98, 163 D i aharo on, J. 39, 43, 163 Dis h o ng, C. 164 D ishong, E 142 Di s n ey, G. 80, 1 64 Disn ey, K. 80, 142 D ixo n l. 75, 1 97,221 D o br inic h N 77 D ockery, W. B4, 197, 222

PAGE 255

Dohe rty. N 31. 94. 97. 1 97. 222 Dol an. J. 1 97. 222 D olan. J. 1 64 Dol an. M. 1 42 Dominquez, E 142 Donaldson. D. 164 Dona ldson. P. 197.222 Doan l dson. R. 85 1 64 Donely. R. 197. 222 Dorff. D. 31. 68. 94. 164 D orfman. E. 84. 142 Doub l eday. J. 142 Dougleday. J. 142 Doubleday. M. 1 42 Dougl as B. 31. 162 D owler. J. 1 42 Draughon. G 164 Duffus. I. 75. 180. 1 97. 222 Duffus. W. 142 Duffy. M. 1 2 1 Dunn. J .. 25 37. 142 Dunbar C. 197.222 Duncan. J. 142 Duan can. T 25. 164 Dunkelberger. B 1 4 2 Dunkelbe r ger. T. B7. 1 97. 222 D u rbon. M. 73. 86. 87. 1 00. 1 97. 222 DuVall. J. 1 4 2 Dyc u s J 222 Dymmel M 73. B3 Ear l P. 1 42 E astham. N 1 4 2 Eder. E. 70. 107. 164 Ekes tam D 222 EI;a. D. 7 4 1 97. 222 EI;s berg. M. 68 EII;s. J 1 25 EII;s. P. 1 64 EII;s. C. 1 76 Ell;s. S. 22. 1 98. 218 Ely. R. 1 64 Emerson, J 4 7 Enge lke. S 75. 1 98. 2 28 E nos C. 1 64 Epper son. W 1 9 8 2 22 Ernst. C 55 E scalante. B. 142 E sc a lante. C. 164 E sk;ldsen. R. 53 E s p arza. A. 164 E steves. L. 142 Evans. R. 94 222 E verson. R. 164 Eyt al;s. J. 198.222 Fabrega. Q. 68 Fabrega. R. 198. 222 Fabrega. R. 43 Fade. C. 142 Fade. P. 164 Fall. R. 35. 37. 45. 48 52. 74 85. 90 91. 164 Fallon. P. 25. 164 Farbman. A. 142 Far;sh. J. 66. 70. 72. 74. 76. 180 19B. 222 Fa6sh. R. 164 F arnsworth. R. 40. 43 1 64 Farr, S. 142 Faust. J. 47 Fawzy M. 47 Fehrenbach. J. 142 F ernande z C. 1 42 F ernandez, K 164 F ernandez, R 164 F ernande z S. 142 Fer nandez, X 198. 222 Ferrab one, T. 4 7 Ferruf ino J. 68 Figuer oa, L. 46 Figuer oa, N. 61 F ;gue roa M. 198.222 F ;lo. c. 46 F;nn. D. 198. 222 F ;schbach. P. 55 F;sher. D. 164 F;tch. D. 47 Flo res. E. 142 Flow ers. S. 164 Floyd M. 69. 73. 1 42 Fo lger. G. 55 F olger. W. 47.49. 165 Fontaine, C. 85 F onta;ne. S. 73. 142 F ord. K. 1 42 F oreman. E. 69. 73. 1 42 F o reman G. 47 133. 137. 142 F o r et. F 1 43 F orni, D. 143 For ni, J 6 1 Forkey. R. 143 Forrest, B. 74 Forster, G. 94. 198. 222 F ortune, B. 1 65 F oscue, M. 70. 1 65 Foster, K. 75. 77. 143 Foster, W. 83. 164 Foundos. M. 143 Foundos. R. 1 98. 222 Fox. F. 25. 198. 222 Frauenheim. C. 49. 52, 66 74.45, 180. 182. 198. 222, 1 92 Frauenhe;m N. 31, 43, 9 4 143 Frederd, L 62 Fredderd. J. 143 Frederd, T. 164 French, C. 75. 100. 19B. 222 Frensley. C. 1 98 222 F rensley. E. 143 Fritts. T. 74 180 198. 222 Fulcher, T. 165 Gahr. A. 72, 143 Gahr, A. 143 143 197,222 Galbr a;lh, D Galbra;th. S. Galla. B. 62 Galla. F. 1 65 Gallardo, C 1 43 Gamez, G. 165 Gamez, S. 143 Gamm;lI. R. 143 Gamy. G. 47 Garavanta, A. 197. 222 Garber. T 143 Garcia, A. 84. 85, 143 Garcia, C. 143 Garcia, D. 1 65 Garcia, J. 165 Garcia, J. 77. 165 Garcia, S. 143 Garcia De Paredes, J 143 Garner, C. 1 4 3 76, G a r ner. G. 67,75. 1 97,222 Garner. N. 143 Garner. S. 60, 68, 75, 84, 85. 97. 222 Garr, Anna 75 Garret' D. 73. 199.222 Garret!, N. 83. 143 Garr;ga. J. 84 Garza. J. 47 Gasper;. R. 78. 79 199, 222 Gasteazore, M. 143 Gastin, Remer 46 Gaudy. B. 69, 84, 85. 1 99, 222 G emmell, F. 70, 199. 222 Gemmell, S 143 George, T. 98 165 Gerhart, K. 1 65 Gerha rt, R. 1 65 G e!t;e, S. 143 Gelzler. P. 55 G ;ambalvo. G. 25, 3 1 75, 94. 97. 222 G;bbs. A. 43. 165 G;bson. T. 47 G;etalor, P. 47 G ;lbert, j, 143 G;lbert. P. 143 G;lbert, S. 1 43 Giman, P. 76 2 00, 222 Gilley M. 73. 77. 143 Giron, T. 83. 144 Givens,S. 200, 222 Givens, V. 144 G;vonet!;, T. 75, 200, 222 Glass, D. 165 Glass, l. 47 Gloner. l. 200. 222 G oimerac, M. 62, 135, 137 Goimerac, T. 62, 134, 1 3 6 137 G oldle;n, A. 84 1 65 Goldle;n, D. 72, 77. 1 56, 165 Gomez, D. 74. 9 1 98 165 Gomez. E. 83, 200, 222 Gomez. E. 144 Gomez, N. 90.91, 144 Gomez, O. 73, 83, 1 8 0 222 Gonzalez, W. 68 200, 223 251

PAGE 256

Gonzalez. E. 48 Gonzalez, E 8 4 G onzalez. J. 144 Gonzalez. J. 200. 223 Gonzalez. M. 144 Gonzalez. P. 144 Goodrd. G. 73. 144 Gordon. G. 165 Go';n. D. 67 70. 71. 77. 165 Goss. J. 165 Goudie. P. 1 2 1 Gough. W. 200. 223 G o w en. S. 165 Grabowsky. E 144 Grac e. R. 4 9 Graham. F. 1 25 Graham. G. 70 Green. J. 144 Green. J. 144 Gregg. G. 69.201.223 Gregory. C. 144 Grieg. T. 49 Griffin. R. 201.223 Grimm. P. 74 77. 144 Gri s mo r e. L. 74. 8 4 144 Grodin. R. 68 Grove. J. 76 Gruver. J. 121 Guarnieri, L. 7 7 165 Guisado. J. 144 Gunn. G. 37. 49 52. 53. 73. 180.201.223 Gunn. J. 144 Gustafson. V. 165 Gutherie. M. 144 Hadstate. J. 166 H off. D Haff. D. 144 H aff. G. 144 Hagar. C. 49 Hair. C. 144 Haky. B. 49. 140. 166 H allburg. W. 218 Hall. P. 83. 20 I. 223 Hall. W. 144 Halley. S. 210.223 Hamilton. S. 90. 91. 96. 98. 166 Hammetteer. R. 66. 74. 80. 81 180.201.223 252 Hammond. B. 1 66 H ancock. A. 144 Hann ig an. P. 44 52. 59. 66. 7 4.76 .85. 180.201.223 Hansen. W. 20 I. 22 3 Han s h a w W. 125 Hardin. J. 79 Hardy. L. 144 Hare. M 90. 9 1 144 H a rg rave. S. 166 H arnish. C. 144 Harris. M. 31. 94 Hart. M. 1 66 Hart. N 73. 86. 87. 97. 201. 223 Has e lden. S. 125 Hassler. R. 68. 222 H atch. S. 144 Hatchett. E. 1 26. 219 H atfield. P. 78. 79. 166 Hau ghton. V. 20 I. 223 Hauntz. A. 74.201.223 H awk. M. 77. 20 I. 223 Hawkins. J. 118. 1 44 H a w tho r n e. A. 4 3. 1 66 Hay. Z. 166 Hayes. P. 20 I. 22 3 H aynes. S. 74. 166 Head. J. 20 1.223 Head. S 166 H eal d. R. 144 Hebert. V. 166 Heck. D. 66. 1 80. 20 I. 223 Hellmand. J. 94 Hellmund. J. 3 1 166 H elman. S. 1 66 Helman. T. 202. 223 Hente r T. 132. 144 Hermann. C. 6 9 145 H ermany. T. 43 Hernandez. J. 72 Her nand ez. M. 37. 144 H er r i ngton L. 166 H erri ngton. R 202. 22 3 H e rtz. I. 66. 77. 84. 85. 180 202. 22 3 H ess. B 145 Hesters. W. 145 Hibbert. P. 145 H ibner. G. 42. 43. 55 64 65 66 94 1 80 202 223 Hicks. J. 75 Hicks. S. 7 1 145 H irschi. J 69 145 H irsch. A. 77. 166 Ho. K. 72. 1 66 H obbi e. N. 126 H ocker. T. 166 Hogan A. 166 H ogan. C. 75. 166 Hogan. R. 145 H olcomb. G. 167 H olcomb. P. 145 H olc roft. J. 85. 202. 223 H olg ers on. J. 167 H olland. N. 71. 167 H ollis. R. 145 Holm es. B. 74. 91. 165 H o ma. B. 202. 223 H oman C. 48 H ooper. V. 85. 145 H o rter. E 145 Hortines. J. 145 H oward. B. 145 H owa rd. D. H o w a rd. M. 167 H o we C. 86 H o w l ey. S. 1 67 H oy M. 84 H oyl e V. 77 84 145 H oyt. C. 145 Hubbard. S. 1 76 H uerbach. L. 145 H uffman. T. 37.85. 145 Hu g he s L. 167 H ughes. R. 31.54.1 67 H uhta. K. 73. 1 45 Huish. T. 70. 202. 223 Hui sh. A. 82. 1 45 Hulon. D 167 H umph r ey. K. 49 Humph r ey S. 68 Hunt. J. 93. 167 H u nt. M. 202. 223 H u r ley. R. 1 67 H urst. D. 145 Hurt. C. 145 Hu sney A. 69. 72, 77 1 67 Hu s ted, G. 167 Hu sted, L. 31. 74, 94, 202, 205. 223 H usted, N. 202, 223 Hu sum. J. 145 Hu tchinson, L. 1 26 Hu tton. J. 145 Hyatt, D. 55 I caza. H. 1 45 Ireland. M. 145 I saacs, I. 1 67 lvii, T. 52. 202, 223 Jacks 1. 145 Jacks o n E 202. 223 Jackson, J. 202 223 Jackson. L. 145 Jackso n M. 77. 202, 203 Jacobs, D. 37, 75. 167 J ames, H. 60, 167 Jarvis B. 202, 223 Jeffrey. R. 68 J emmo tt. C 8 4 Jenkins, W. 37. 94. 167 Jenner, J 37. 74, 83 Jenner, J. 29, 31, 37, 94 203. 223 Jenrick. B. 84. 85, 14. 5 Johnson C. 74, 145 J ohnson. L. 90, 9 1 203, 223 John son. M. 1 67 J ohnso n M 66, 86, 1 80, 203, 223 J ohnston G. 80. 8 1 203 22 3 Johnston e. K. 167 Jones, F. 203, 223 J ones G. 55 J ones. J 55. 69, 90, 91, 98, 1 67 Jones J. 203. 223 J ones. J. 203, 223 J ones. M 146 J ones. P 37, 68, 68. 69 70, 75. 203, 223 J ones, P 145 J ones. R. 86, 204, 223 J o rd an, R. 204, 223 J oyner, F 87, 204 223 Jul ian, L 167 Jus tice K 31, 167

PAGE 257

Kalb, C. 218 Kalb, H 176 Kaplan, M 68, 167 Karst, M. 92,93, 146 Kau fmenn, L. 49 Kauppila, D 146 Kaye B. 4 9 Kees l ing J 87, 204 Keller, W. 74, 168 Kelley, C. 77 K elly, R. 204, 224 Kelsey, C. 83, 109, 167 K ennedy, C. 49, 122, 1 2 3 143 Kennedy, W, 66, 86, 96, 100, 180, 204 224 Kennon, B. 37 Kennington J 4 9 Kent, J. 146 Kerr, P. 2 1 8 Kerr, R. 63, 159 Kilgore, D. 168 King, G 88 Kinney, A. 2 1 8 Kissd, P. 146 K ligo re, M 64 Klar ger, E 146 K li ngberg, F. 146 Klump, M 1 46 Kluson, R K night, B 84, 146 168 Knight R. 64 Knick, J. I 13, 1 4 6 Koepke, T 164 Kohan, I. 146 Kosan, V. 37, 73. 74, 8 4 90, 91, 204 224 Kot, E 49 K otalik, S. 168 Kozlowski, J. 224 Kr apf!, A. 87, 204, 224 Krise, P 204, 224 Kucikas, M. 74, 75, 77, 85, 204,224 Kugel, M 65 Kuyoth, P. 146 Laboy, M. 68 Lair d, D 82, 132 L a ird,S, 37, 70, 73, 83, 8 5 168 Lalle K. 168 Land, J. 180, 204, 2 1 8 Lancaster, N. 146 Lane, K 146 Lane, K 83,85,204,224 L a ne, P. 113 L a ne, S. 146 Lane, S. 75, 168 Lane, T. 31, 43, 46, 62 L arson, J. 49 L asso,L. 176 L atimer, A. 69 L atimer, J, 70, 85, 146 Laue, S. 66, 67, 69, 70, 180, 204, 224 Lav ender, J. 85 L avender, Y. 86, 88, 204 224 L a w y er, M, 1 46 Laychak, F 4 9 L eBlanc, C. 65 Lee, E. 83, 85, 1 46 Lee, G 168 L ee, V. 204, 224 Leeser, P. 146 L efebure, J, 37,94,98, 168 Leid i g, M. 204, 224 L eidig, P. 146 Lavende r J 146 L emaster, S. 168 Leonar d, K. 205 Lensch, P 1 46 L eona r d K, 8 3 L ert, J 168 Lesser, R 49 L essiack, L. 205 Leszcz, M 68, 73, 168 L etou r eau, B 1 46 L etourneau, M, 69, 1 46 Lewis, T 146 Lewis, J. 55 Lewis, J 205, 224 lim, A. 77, 168 L indh J. 75, 205, 224 L ipko, P 1 7 6 L ipko, P 176 lipstate, D. 146 Little, M. 74, 146 little, M. 77, 168 Lin, D. 94 Llana, S. 205, 224 Lloyd, R. 25, 70, 9 4 168 L ong, S. 147 Longhil!. J. 69, 147 Lopez, C. 71, 77, 168 L opez, J, 224 Lopez, P. 64 L ord, J. 50 L orenzon, B. 5 1 ,73,80,81 205, 224 Lor io, E 147 L ovelady, L. 205, 224 Lowell J. 50 Lowe, L. 69,74,76, 147 L oyola, C. 168 Lucas, K. 66,67,69,70, 180, 205, 224 Lucas, S. 50 L ugo J. 50, 142 Luke, B 65 Luke, P 147 Lunny, C 147 Lujan, D. 75, 224 Lustga rten, D. 76, 168 Lustgarten, R. 168 L oftus, D, 147 Lusan, D. 206 L ynch, K. 73. 84 MacQuarr ie, N 147 Ma cchiarella, B. 75, 206, 224 M adison, A. 90, 9 1 Madu ro, Y 168 M aguire, J. 168 Maj o r F. 224 Major, M 206, 224 Ma kibbin, M, 74, 85, 147 Mal onga, C 8 4 147 Malene, J 224 Mo llohan, R 65 Mollohan, R 65 Malone, C, 147 M alone, M. 206, 224 M aloney, E. 206, 224 M anche P. 55 M angerich, D 85, 180, 206, 224 Mann, S 92, 93, 206 Manning M. 68 Marchuck, D. 70, 168 M arcola, S. 168 Marczak, A. 168 lv1a rkun, M. 68, 76, 77, 169 Markun, S 73, 80, 81, 206, 224 Marlow, B. 64 Marlow, D 50 Marohl, K 50 Maroney, A. I 15 Marsh, P. 90,91,207,224 M arshall, D. 65 Marshall, L. 65 Martie, J. 169 Maritn G 169 Martin, L. 37, 147 Martinelli, R 169 Martinez, H. 224 M artinez, J, 77, 169 Martinez, P. 207, 224 Mason, L. 5 1 Mason, V. 147 Matthews, R 147 Mathewson, R. 51 Matta, F. 65 Ma tthieson, S. 147 Ma tthiesen D, 94, 169 M axwell, D, 169 May, B. 169 Medina, I. 148 Melanson, K. 71, 73, 169 Melant, M. 207, 224 Me tcalf, J, 77 Me dina, I. 148 Mendow, D 169 Mengel, J. 224 Milsalf, G, 148 Metzger, R. 51, 134, 135 Michaelis Z. 169 M iddleto n M. 170 Micheal, 5, 148 Millon, M. 148 85, 85, Milas, J. 64, 65, 66, 67, 99, 180, 207, 224 M iller, D. 55 M ille r E. 85, 170 M iller, G 170 M illor, L 207, 225 25 3

PAGE 258

Mills, A. 170 Mills, D. 225, 270 Mills, K. 170 Mills, M. 170 Mills, S. 170 Mimbs, J. 190 M inton, R 20, 23, 25 M itch ell, R. 31, 94, 170 M ittag, H. 133 M itten, C. 170 Mizarchi, E. 177,208,225 M izarchi R 77, 170 148 170 Moetyne, L. M ontoya, L. M orales J 66, 70, 72. 85, 180, 208 M orales L. 170 Morales. K. 148 Moreno, C 148 Moni, H. 208, 225 M orli, J. 148 Morris, D. 170 Morada, J. 148 Morse, J. 148 Mortellaro, D. 59,208, 225 Moseley, T. 83,85, 148 Moses, J 94, 170 Mu ller, D. 176 Mullins, C. 170 Mullins, C. 148 Mulroy, E 170 Mulroy, K. 148 Mullin s N 148 Murdock E. 208 Murdock, E. 170 Murphy, J. 170 Murphy, K. 75 Murphy, L. 69, 90 91, 100, 148 Murphy, J. 69, 170 Murphy, R 19, 25, 3 1 94, 208, 225 Muse, B. 170 Muse. K. 94, 170 Myers, C. 148 Myers, R. 148 McAndrews, D. 69, 169 M c Arthur B 169 McArthur, R. 68, 71, 73, 77, 1 6 9 McAuliffe, J. 65 254 M cAuslin, R. 147 M cAuslin, R. 169 M cBayne, l 84 M cBride, R. 149 M cCa rr en, E. 169 M cCauley, D. 169 McCauley, M. 8 3 207, 224 M cCauley S. 147 M cClung, J. 169 McCombs P 147 M cCona ughey, D. 207, 224 McCoy, R 207, 224 McCoy, S 147 MacDonell, P. 83 M c Dowell, M 73, 85, 88, 89, 169 McFadden, J. 25,207,224 M cGann, T 147 M cGuinness, R 147 M c Grath, D. 207, 224 McGrath, T 72. 77, 169 McGr ath J. 66, 180, 207, 224 McGroarty, M. 207, 224 M cGuiness, R. 45,46,49 M c Guinness, S. 45, 49 169 M cilvain, J. 169 M cilvain R. 147 M cintire, C. 169 M c int ire, V. 53,96, 207,224 M cKenna, K. 207 M clenahan, W. 121 McMunigle, E 169 M c N amee R. 147 M c N amee, V. 207, 224 M cNeese J. 169 McNenna, G. 147 Naar, St. 170 Naismith, B 85, 208, 225 N apier, J. 88 N aron, B. 59, 83, 85, 208, 225 Nar o n C. 148 N aulty, Mrs. 48 Nava rro, G. 170 Neblett, J. 148 N eely, J. 148 Negron, B. 148 Negron, R. 70, 171 Neh r ing, M. 208 Nelms, l. 148 Nelson, D. 208, 225 Nelson, K. 141 N icholso n P 1 4 8 Niebch, B 171 N iedenthal, l. 7 1 74 Nieves, R. 208 N ight, N 83 N ita, T. 171 N orfle et, B. I 71 N o rton, J 72 Norton, V 69 Null, J. 148 O 'Brian, K. 1 7 1 O C onnell, K. 171 O Connor, B. 1 7 1 O Connell, l 149 O Connor, C. 171 O Conno r J 208, 225 O D onnel, J. 149 Ogg, C. 149 Ohman, E, 149 Olayuar, B. 171 Oliver, L. 77, 149 Olliver, D. 84, 149 O Masta, E. 149 O N eil C 73, 149 O N eill, A. 171 O Neal, M. 66, 67, 70, 180, 208, 225 Orlan do D 171 Orr, C. 208, 225 Orr, J. 171 O Shields, D. 1 7 1 O Shields, G. 149 O strea, F. 94, 208, 225 Paige, G. 73, 149 P ajak l. 80, 180, 208, 225 P ancake R 52 Patton, l. 74, 171 Patton, L. 149 Peak, B 54, 73, 86, 96, 97, 209, 225 P elican D. 149 Pena, V. 77 P e r antie, J. 209, 225 P erales, M. 149 P e reira, I. 1 7 1 P erkins, D. 171 P er ry, P. 149 Pescod, A. 75, 77, 209, 225 Dettingill, Mr. 55 Phelps, K. 209, 225 P iaia, F. 209, 225 Pickell, M 25, 3 1 1 7 1 Picken paugh, G. 82, 1 7 1 Pratchette, E. 1 49 Pickett, D. 37, 1 7 1 Plucker R 31,196,209,225 Plyant, J. 37 Pollack, R. 149 P oll i s A 149 Ponce, F. 149 Poock, G. 19,25,59,225 P o rt e r D. 149 P esch, N. 84, 1 7 1 Presetsch, O. 149 Price L. 209, 225 Price R 149 Prie te, P. 25, 149 Princ e P 83, 171 Proback, A. 52, 225 Proback, E. 149 Proste S. 171 Provencio, J 171 Provencio R. 1 49 Pruitt, H. 172 Purvis M. 1 49 Pustis, T. 87,210,225 Puzzut o C. 149 Pyer, P. 209, 225 P ylant, J. 149 Quinn, l. 25, 40, 43, 55, 94, 210,225 Quinn, N. 73,74,77, 149 Quires, G. 66, 86, 180, 210, 225 Rabb itt, M. 73, 80, 8 1 8 4 2 10, 225 Rahn, D. 149 Ramunde, E. 218 Rathgeber, D. 150 Rathge ber, D 172 Ray bourn, C. 30,35,39,41, 43 Raybourn, D 172 Reber, R. 50 Reboursin, V. 7 1 75, 210, 225 R e gan, W. 1 5 0 R e itz, p, 85, 150 Remy, B. 27, 3 1 Renne r R. 2 10, 225 R e nnert, W. 172 Reye s M 150 Reyes, V. 2 10, 225

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Reynolds, C 24, 150 Reynolds, M. 172 Rhea, C 172 Rhodes, D 150 Rhodes, M. 113 Rhodes P. 150 Rhoshe, P. 74 Richard, M. 1 50 Richards, P 93 R icha r dson J. 3 1 54, 66, 94 210, 225 Richns, R 150 Ricker, M 75, 150 Rickert, N 1 2 1 R ide r G. 116 R idge R 150 Ridgell, S. 172 Riley, E. 172 R ipley E 2 10, 225 R isberg G 77, 172 G. 172 River a, I. R obbins, K. R obbins, K. 2 10,225 150 150 67, 69, 180, 183, Robe rts, R. 172 R obertson, P. 210, 225 Robinson, F. 1 50 Roce s G. 58, 210, 225 R od r i gu ez, A. 86, 225 R od r i g uez, C. 23 Rodriguez F. 176 Rodriguez J 150 R od riguez, L. 2 18, 227 R od r iguez, R 66, 70, 76, 78, 79,210 R od riguez, S. 73,77, 150 R od r i guez, V. 74,210,225 R oe, L. 2 10, 225 R ogers P 172 R ojas E. 172 Romero, A. 150 R oper, D 84 85, 172 R osado, O. 53 R ose, C. 53, 172 R ose, E 66, 210, 225 Rose, M 79, 21 I, 225 Rosenblatt, K. 3 7 Ross,J. 211 Ross, L. 150 Ross, C. 211,226 R oth S. 52 R oth.Rofly, C. 172 Rowe, D. 68 Rowe, P. 100,211,226 R owe, S. 172 Rowe, E. 1 50 Rowell, C. 150 R oy, R 150 Russel, M. 1 50 Rozzelle L. 71, 172 Rudolf, F. 150 Rui z S. 53 Russ, C. 2 1 I 226 Russell, J. 172 Russell, M. 150 R yan, R 80, 96 2 1 I, 226 Saarinen J. 2 1 I, 226 Sagel, R. 21 I 226 Sanchez, M 53 Sanchez, R 1 50 Sandacz, G. 212,226 1 50 Sanderson, S Sasso, M. 150 Sasso,S. 172 Sang, R. 53 Sant iago A. 67 Sant iago C. 68 Sar gent, R. 1 50 Sasso S. 77 Saunders, M. 94 132, 136, 140, 141 Scarburgh, L. 67 Scanlon, T. 69, 80, 8 1 84, 150 Schafer, J. 2 12, 226 Schick, T 172 Schill, D. 151 Schmidt, D. 132 Schne i der, D. 69, 151 Schn epel, D 1 5 1 Schoch V. 68,212,226 S cho nert, A. 80, 226 S chul ba c h H. 122 Schutz, B. 172 Schwamb, J 78, 79, 180, 2 1 2 226 S cigliana, J. 73, 172 Scott, A. 172 Scott, K. 226 Scott, R. 1 5 1 Sea rs, G. 172 Seck, C. 173 Secrest, R. 151 Seddon, J. 25, 173 Seeley, J. 84,212,226 Segarra, R 53 Sellens, E. 37,68,75, 173 Sellens, L I 73 Sellers, A. 47, 49, 66, 87, 180,212,226 Sene r B. 74, 2 12, 226 Serrano, S. I 51 Semer, L. 70, 151 Sexton L. 1 5 1 Sharp M. 78, 79, 212, 226 Shaulis, C. 37 Shaver, P. 173 Sheppard, H. 75, 122 Sheppard, P. 173 Sheppard,S. 72 Shirer, C. 88, 21 3, 226 Short, M. 68 Shuey, L. 151 Shuey, R. 2 13,226 Shu It ie, J 226 Sikes, R. 173 Silen, M 1 5 1 Simon, B 78, 79, 84, 85, 173 Sims, C. 76, 173 Sir au d, P. 173 Skehan, K. 173 Skeie, H. 117 Skievaski, A 1 5 1 S lider, W. 151 Sloan,S. 83, 151 Slover, M. 213, 226 Small,S. 151 Smalling, R 151 Smith, A. 70, 173 Smith, H. 173 Smith, M. 82, 151 Smith, R 226 Smith, R. 1 5 1 S mith, R 37 Smith R. 151 Smith, R. 213,226 Smith,S. 1 5 1 Smith, S 173 Smith, T. 75, 173 Smith, W. 70, 151 Smith, W 226 Sneed, M 151 Snyde r J. 82,83,85 173 Snyder, T. 83, 151 Soper, J. 173 Soueri, D 151 South, S. 66, 180, 213, 223 Souern, D 37 Sparling, W. 173 Speakmon, D. 173 Spears, W. 151 Specto r M 2 1 3 226 Speevak C. 73, 77, 173 Speir, B 69, 84, 85, 173 Spencer, C. 64, 65, 67, 173 Sprague, S. 151 Spinney, M. 86, 88, 100, 213, 226 Spiros, M. 113 Spivey, N. 122 Spreeman, L. 213, 226 Stabler, F. 58, 173 Stahl, K. 70, 173 Stanley, J. 43, 173 Steally, B. 174 Steine r J. 213, 226 Stephan, J. 70, 72. 2 13, 226 Stephans, D. 174 Stephens L. 174 St eph ens, N. 151 Stephens, S. 74 Stetler, E. 75, 213, 226 Stetler, J. 151 Stetler, P. 226 Stetler, V. 213, 226 Stevensen, K 72, 73, 74, 88, 88, 89, 2 13, 226 Stewart, M. 68, 74, 174 Stewarl, N. 2 13, 226 Stewart, S. 72. 73, 88, 89, 213,226 Stinson, H. 174 Stinson, R. 25, 94 180, 214, 226 St. John, D. 151 St. John III, C. 76, 88, 214, 226 Stock, M. 151 Stone, M. 1 5 1 Straight T. 36, 37, 87, 214, 226 Strange, M. Stratton, C. 214,226 174 66, 70, Strickland, K. 152 Stuart, J. 214, 226 Stuart, J 152 180, 255

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Stuebe, D 115 Stuewe, D. 174 Stu ewe, J. 214,226 Stupor,M. 180,214,226 Sturgeon, D. 214, 226 Sommers, R. 83, 174 Swann, P. 214, 226 Sweaungev, P. 152 Sweet, M. 74 Swiher, J. 152 Taber, B. 152 Tabert, H. 54 Talbot!, A. 72, 76, 80, 81, 84, 85, 214, 226 Thaips, E. 152 Th.lken, M. 152 Thams, R 94, 174 Thomas, C. 152 T hompso n C. 68 Thompson, J. 87,21 4,227 Thompson, H 37, 66, 69, 180.214,220 T hompson, J. 66, 85, 86, 180,214,226 Thompson, B 83 Thompson, S. 214, 226 T hompson, W. 25, 214 227 Thompson, F 84, 152 Thomson, J. 66 Thrift, R. 152 Timmins, E. 152 Tiniacos, N. 152 T inkler, E 75, 214, 227 Toda, O. 174 Toland, T. 215, 227 T om, C. 152 Toman, F. 174 Tori.n, P 174 Torres, N. 152 T orres, T. 1 52 Tr eadwell, D. 180 Treadwell, J. 1 74 Trim, P. 215, 227 To othman, B. 74, 152 Triplett, K. 152 T r oetsch, T. 77 Trotter, B. 152 T ukey, A. 1 74 Turneo, M. 84 Turn er, J. 80, 174 T Uf ,er, M. 152 Tyr,eo, L. 25, 94, 215, 227 2 56 Vacc aio, V. 1 50 Vallarino, J. 152 VanLoon, J. 215, 227 VanWinkle, S. 68 Vardeman, W. 54 Varela, G. 55 Vargas L. 174 Vargas, X. 77. 152 Varnum, J. 55 Vasnick, J 152 Vasnick, G. 174 Vaut, L. 75, 122 Vecchione, N. 8 4, 215, 22 7 Vecchione, S. 152 Vega, Y. 67, 152 Velasco, A 1 52 Vela sco, R 25,43,94, 1 74 Velez, M. 1 74 Vena, P. 152 Vieto C. 84, 85, 2 15, 227 Vieto, P. 77, 152 Villagelio, A. 1 74 Villamil, C. 77, 2 1 4, 227 Villarreal. S. Vincent, M. Violette, A. 72, 174 77, 174 153 Violette, J 86,214,227 Vogel, J. 69, 174 Vos burgh, D 83, 153 Vosburgh, J. 68, 1 74 Vos burgh, R. 174 Vosburgh, V. 175 W.inio, K. 73, 153 Wainio, R 24, 25, 94, 98, 1 75 Walker I. 84, 175 Walker, J. 153 Walker, M. 68,75,216,227 Walker, S 175 Walker, R. 175 Wall, J. 2 16, 227 Wallace, C 216,227 Wallace, D. 153 Wallace, T 175 Walsh, B. 70, 175 Walsh, S. 84, 153 Walton, J 76, 83, 92, 93 96,216,227 Walton, M. 1 74 Walz, D. 216,227 War d, D. 70,216,227 Ward, P. 84, 85, 153 Ward, R. 25 Ward, S. 3 1,94,1 75 Warford, J. 153 Wargacki, M. 67 Wargacki, V. 67 Warner, S. 153 Warren K 69,78,216,227 Wahsington, C 54 Waters, S. 74, 153 Watkins, M. 75, 1 75 W atson, K. 75 Webb, M. 153 W ebber, J. 55 W e bster, F. 3 1 87, 94, 2 16, 22 7 Weeks, D. 55 Weir, M. 1 1 5 Weircle, W. I 1 5 Welsh, D. 8 1 1 22 Weise, J. 153 Welden, M 54 1 36 Wellington R 153 Wellman, S 54 Wells, J 175 W ells, M. 153 W e rh, V. 80, 175 Wesley, B 1 75 Wessling, C. 153 Wheeler, C. 153 White, J 2 16, 227 White, J. 175 White, M. 55 Whited, C. 54 Whitehead, D. 55 Whitney, H 68 Whitney, P 54 Wickline, J. 1 75 Wieke, J 54 Wigg, C. 73, 88, 89, 175 Wiggins, E. 175 Wilde, G I 1 5 Will, B. 153 Will, J. 68 Will. M. 74 153 Will, Z 1 75 Williams, K. 2 1 6, 2 1 8, 227 Willi a m s C. 153 W i l liams, H. 182 Will iams, J. 175 Williar, J. 1 75 Willman, C. 55, I I I Willoug hby, M 55 Wilmoth, M 153 Wi l moth, R 2 16, 22 7 Wilm o th, W 175 Wilson, B. 153 Wilson, C. 68 Wil son, H. 83, 88, 2 16, 227 Wil son, J. 37, 46, 49, 52, 53, 66 67, 69, 74, 77, 7 8, 79, 84, 85, 92, 93, 1 00, 180, 183,216,227 Wilson, L. 54 Wilson, M. 216, 22 7 Wilson, R. 153 W ilson, R 3 1 55 9 4 97, 1 88, 214, 227 Wilson, S. 153 W inkiosky, M. 153 Winn, D 83, 175 Winn, G. 68 Winstead, L. 43,55, 1 4 1 Winter, H. 88 Wint e r H. 83,216,227 W inters R. 1 22 Wirtz, P. 68 W ist, L. 55 W itkin, J. 55 Witt, P. 90,91 153 Woegens, C. 217, 22 7 Woida, S. 68, 175 Wood, N. 1 00, 2 1 7 22 6 Wood, S 2 17, 227 Woodruff, D. 92, 93, 1 7 5 W oods, J 2 17, 227 Woods, J 217, 227 Woods, L. 153 Woods, W. 75 9 4,217,227 Wooster, J. 29, 3 0 31, 43 94, 176 Worsham, R. 83, 175 Wright, 88, 2 17, 227 Ybarra, J. 77, 85, 1 76 Yost, R. 217,227 Y ou ng, C. 63 Y oung E. 77, 1 76 Young, M. 77, 153 Young, R. 80, 1 76 Zarate, N 183 Zellhoefer, W. 49, 52, 66 1 80, 2 18, 227 Zerr, J 1 76 Z o r nes, R. 2 18, 227 TAYlOR PUBLISHING COMPANY ""'" w ........ .... ... , ....

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