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WE, the Zonian staff of 1953, believing that no one person alone is
responsible for making our yearbook and school a success, have dedicated
this ZONIAN to YOU, with our grateful thanks for your support.


The Staff of the '53 Zonian has attempted to travel back through the year with
you-over the road of memories from your Alma Mater-B. H. S.

As our 1953 graduating class marches to the stage of the Balboa Theatre to receive
those well-earned diplomas. many thought of bygone days will come to mind. Each
step up to the stage will remind us of those familiar steps we traced up and down the
halls from one class to another: the walks around the grounds and to the gym; the
games: the parties: and, of course, the clubhouse. These truly are the "I ....tlriin in
the sands of time"-footprints that can be retraced partially by this book.

The editors and staff hope every word and picture included in this book will help
to make those memories more precious.




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C. F. Anderson
Mechanical Drawing
Kan. St. T.Col., M.S.


Rita Andreve
Univ. of So. Calif.

Linda C. Appin

Ilk ?.W '"IF
Claude M. Aycock Hallie Beavers Mary S. Brigham
Spanish Plane Geometry Engrl,'h. Journalism
Columbia U.. MA. Dluke Univ., A.M. Columbia U., M.A.

Ohio State. M.\.

Stewart J. Brown
i'/, .... ., Education
Univ. of Pittsburgh

4 eie

- LR

Ruhy L. C
i' ... dl Edu
Sam Hlousto
Teachier- Col

Alice E. Candee Katherine I. Clark
History Librarian
Co'umbia U., M.A. New York U.. M.A.

- .,. *"t(Wl .EP b

'ryer Elmer O. Edwards Charles M. Ellis
ration R.O.T.C. Eng., Latin, Jrnlsin.
n St. Iniv. of Ark.. M.A.
1.. B.\.

Chris Ely
Physical Education
Colo. St. Coll., A.B.

Mrs. Mary B.
N. Y. Univ., M.A.

John C. Fawcett Mrs. Erma C. Bernard E. Frost
Physical Education Forbes English
U. of Redlands, B.A. School Nurse West. Res. U., M.A.
Bradford Hosp.
Trng. Sc. for Nurses

Columbia U.. M.A.

Ray M. Golden
Texas A&M, B.A.

Frances K. Edward W.
Graham Hatchett
Mathematics Mathematics
Columbia U.. M.A. Columbia U.. M.A.

I 1 ________
Victor A. Herr Robert S. Jeffrey Katherine E.
Music Social Studies Jessup
Columbia I.. M.A. I.of Arizona, M.A. English
Teachers Coll.,
Columbia U., M.A.

Natalie K.
Spanish, French
l)uke Univ., M.A.

Paul R. Kuyoth
I)rivers Training sX
Bradley Univ., B.S. .,

George O. Lee Mrs. M. D. Little
Biology Mathematics
Columbia U.. M.A. St.Xavier Coll., B.S.

Hazel Matthews Douglas A.
Er. l!, McInnes
Geo. Peabody Coll. R.O.T.C.
for Teachers, _M.A.

Kenneth W.
U. of Okla., M.A.

Eloise Monroe
Household Arts
Columbia U.. M.A.


Robert K. Mower Walter Oliver
Gen. Science, Math. Spanish
Univ. of Minn.. M.A. Taylor Coll., B.A.

Mrs. Gertrude
Asst. Librarian

J. Weston
Jane Pittington Dorothy Potter Seaquist
Household Arts Physical Education Gen. Science, Bio.
N.D. Agri. Col., B.S. S.W. La. Inst., B.S. U. of Wis., Ph.B.

Vivian Simmons David A. Speir, Jr. Subert Turbyfill
Commercial Social Studies Speech, Drama
S.W. Univ., B.A. Univ. of Fla.. M.Ed. Mich. State, M.A.

Reynold Vann Allen B. Ward Car Webb
Chemistry, Math. Spanish R.O.T.C.
Univ. Colo., M.Ed. Univ. of Nebr.. M.A.

Marie C. Weir
Bio., Girls' Adviser
Columbia U.. M.A.

N.W. Univ.. M.A.

Captain Earl J.
Mltry. Sc. and Tcts.
Armed Forces Inst.

Harold J. Zierten
Asst. Prin., Couns!r.
Bradley Univ.. B.S.

M/Sgt. Henry F. William E. Zemer,
Yarbrough Jr.
R.O.T.C. Physical Education
Ohio State, B.S.

James H. Elliot
Metal Shop
Univ. of Nebr., B.S.

Walter M.
Physical Education
Univ. of Iowa, M.A.

Kenneth W.
Columbia, A.M.


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Do you recall, members of the wonderful Class of '53, just how it felt to be con-
sidered a B.H.S.'er at last on that first day of our Freshman year? I imagine we were
all scared, and maybe just a little frightened.
We got off to a good start, though, by electing Ed Armistead as our President.
With the help of his other officers, Noble Holladay, Vice-President: Ted Norris.
Secretary; Bill Bird and Joyce Gardner, S. A. Representatives; and Bill Rosan and
Magda Coloma, S. A. Alternates, Ed surely saw us through a year crowded with parties,
dances, picnics, games . and studies! Mr. Ted lMun,:h. our Sponsor, did everything
he could to see that our social functions were a success. Remember when the Sopho-
mores beat us at the Frosh-Soph. Frolic?
The next year we evened the score by beating that year's Freshmen at the Second
Annual Frolic. Polio interfered with the school's extra activities quite a bit, nevertheless.
we were included in all the fun of the year, thanks to Bill Dawson, President; Ann West,
Secretary; our Representatives, Noble Holladay and Rosemary Hollander; and our
Alternates, Bill Kaska and Jennye Stephens. Julene Page, our Vice-President and
Chairman of our own Sadie Hawkins Dance Committee, did a grand job on the dance
of which we can all well be proud. Miss Alice Candee, our Sponsor. was a terrific help
and was always there when we needed her.
Then we were Juniors and looked upon as upperclassmen at last (by all but the
Seniors). It was then that we began to realize how fast the four years of high school
go by. Ed Armistead, our President again, had the able help of Charlie Smith, Vice-
President; Julene Page, Secretary; Representatives Kay Cross and Cuchy Troncoso:
and Alternates Lyla Lou Womack and Bill Dawson. Bill headed the committee that put
on the really extra-special Christmas Formal that people are still talking about. Class
rings arrived, thanks to Joan Forbes and her committee, and we were very proud to be
able to show them to the rest of the school. Mr. Walter Fischer, our Sponsor, devoted
much time to helping us in every way possible, especially on the all-important Junior-
Senior Banquet and Prom that Joyce Gardner and her committee put on.
This year there has been no one to set an example for us. We were at the top. At
the Inauguration Dance our officers were announced, and after committees had been
appointed, everyone got right down to work to make this the best year of all. It took
a little time for us to get used to the idea that we were holding the reins, but everyone
was proud when we finished the football season undefeated, entertained the guests from
Lake Worth, and put on the Valentine Dance, one of the best Balboa High has ever
had. Then when we were fitted for our caps and gowns, and all the speakers were
getting ready for graduation, we realized that the end had come all too soon. It is now
up to us to make something of the things we learned during our four wonderful years
in B.H.S. Our fondest memories will be of that fabulous Banquet and Prom given
for us by the Juniors, and of that last walk up the long, long aisle of the Balboa
Theatre on Graduation Night. 0

"We've come to the end at last,
High school days are passed-
Years that were filled with the tears and joys,
The laughs and loves of the girls and boys;

"So, thanks be to Mom and Dad
For all the fun we've had,
All of it gone too soon!
We want to remember the days from
September to early in June."


t16. I

i, s rv-

Senior Class President

Senior Class Vice-President

i^& r

Left to right: Maria Ali, Bill Dawson. Chairman: Rosemary
Hollander. Lucy Driscoll. and Ed Armistead.

Left to right: Elki Altman. Chairman: Nancy Ladd. Everett
Stacy, Gary Lowande. Jim Suddaby, Helen Hasemann, and
Dick Lomedico.

Front row, left to right: Jennye Stephens, Edna Hart, Norine
Dillman. \.i -i, WjI.h. Bo Kay Crosm. i li1,II.oi. Charlie Smith, and Francis Boyd.


ij i

r ;I


Senior Class Secretnrn

Senior Class Adviser

Front: Pat Hutrhin,- Chairman. Second row, left to right:
Patsy Reese, L).J 1i.,.Iuk, Joyce Collinge, \ldrllnl Ford.
Back row, left to right: Don Tribe. Jim Herzog. and
Bob Rizzo.

Left to right: Miller Haynes, Chairman; Joan Forbes, Kay
Hebert, and Carl Widell.

-- ~ -
Left to right: Marilyn Bevington, Ray Nickisher, Mary
Dillon. Chairman; Don Corn, and Jacquie McCoy.

Left to right: Cuchy Troncoso, Judy McCoy, Bob Morris,
Joyce Gardner, Chairman: and Lee Myers. Not pictured:
Mary Jane Sylvestre.



)De Vails Ilull-. Arkansas
5' 2", eyes of blue, plus a Southern
accent. .. need we say more?
VB. 4; SB. 4*; Fashion Show 4:
Bay County High School: "Toro-
nado Whirl" 3; Wildlife Cl. 2. 3;
Latin Cl. 3; Inter-Club Council
3; Hr. Reporter 2; Pep Squad 1;
Chorus 1, 2, 3.

Manhattan, New York
I'im, Vigor, and what Vitality!
She gets a kick out of living.
Hr. Rep. 3; Usher 3, 4; Pep Sqd.
2, 3, 4: Cho. 2; Off. Asst. 4; Polio
Dr. 3; Orph. Dr. 3; Xmas Dan. 3;
Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; Inaug. Dan. 3;
Awards Day 3: Sr. Pic. Ch. 4;
Xmas Prog. Narr. 3, 4; Back-to-
School Dan. 3; ZONIAN Ad Sell.
3, 4.

Panama, R. de P.
Quiet manner, amiable ways,
always sincere.
Spanish Club 1; Chorus 1, 4.

San Felix, R. de P.
Friendship in her smile and
talent in her toes.
N.H.S. 4; Sp. Cl. 1, 2, 3; Music
Cl. 2, 3; Bio. Cl. 2; C.G.S. 3;
Cap & Gown 4; Clinic Aid 4; VB.
3, 4; SB. 3, 4; BkB. 4.


Panama, R. de P.
Likes action on the Gym floor. If
you're looking for a swell gal,
look no farther!
Ref. Cl. 2; Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4:
Fashion Show 4; SB. 1, 2, 3, 4;
BkB. 1, 2. 3, 4; VB. 1, 2. 3*, 4*.

Panama, R. de P.
A wonderful fellow with loads of
Latin class.
Photo Cl. 1: Com. Cl. 1; Bio. Cl.
2; Xmas Pro. 1; Soccer 1*, 2*;
BB 1, 2; Bkb. 1, 2; VB 1., 2;
Queen's Escort 2; Pan-American
Institute. R.O.T.C. Pvt. 4.

Panama. R. de P.
A Spanish senorita whose quiet
charm and manner impress many.
Sp. Cl. 3; Cam. Cl. 4; Pep 'i,. 3:
Off. Asst. 3. 4; VI. 3. 4; _B. 3.
4; BkB. 3, 4; Swim. 3, 4.

Panama, R. de P.
A likeable senorita-pleasant
and friendly.
Zonian Ad Sel. 4; Off. Asst. 3;
Romona High School.

Panama, R. de P.
If looks were valued as money,
she'd be a millionairess.
Chorus 1, 2; VB. 1*, 2*; BkB. 2*;
SB. 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*; Staging 2.

Panama, R. de P.
Our handsome Latin neighbor who
really makes our diamond shine.
Lettm. Cl. 3. 4; Sp. CI. 2, 3; Cho.
1; Usher 3; FB. Dan. 4; UN. Cl.
2, 3, 4; BkB. JV. 2; BB. 3*, 4*;
FB. 2. 3. 4.

I A-

Panama. R. de P.
She's our tall, sparkling eyed
Fashion Show 3; Off. Asst. 4:
Ramona High School: Xmas Play
1, 2; G.A.A. 1, 2; BB. 1. 2; VB.
1. 2; Swim 1*. 2*: Orchestra 2.

Portsmouth, Va.
Not sinner nor saint, but the
best of chaps.
Pres. 3; Hr. Rep. 2; Hr. Alt. 1:
Cam. Cl. 1; Lib. Asst. 1; Soph.
Picnic 2; Cap & Gown 4; Pro. 1,
4; St. 1: Track 1*, 2*, 3*; FB.
1, 2, 3: BkB. 1. 2, 3; Water Polo 2.

Annapolis. Md.
Mighty Mouse in person-cute as
a bug's ear. Our Daisy Mae!
Hr. Rep. 2; Sp. Cl. 2, 3; Pep Sq. 4,
Lib. Asst. 1: Jr.-Sr. Prom 3:
Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Md. and
Santa Ana, Calif.



Ancon, C. Z.
Seems quiet until you know her.
Then clear the way for action.
Library Assistant 1, 2. 3.

Panama. R. de P.
Our i i, ., .... '.'. prexy! Big guy
with i,. I- I .,rit Freeze orr. Ed.'
Pres. 4; Lettm. Cl. 4; FB. 3, 4* ;
Track 2, 3, 4.

Ancon, C. Z.
She's our sunshine on a rainy da).
Athletically minded, too. Our
Hill-Billv hit.
Ref. Cl. 3, 4; Ushers Cl. 3: Zon-
ian Ad Sel. 3, 4: St. 1: Pep Sq.
1, 2, 3; Fr. Picnic 1: Bowling
Team 3; S.H. Dan. 2: C.G.S. 3:
Tkts. L.W.&M.J. 2. 4; Orch. 1. 2.
3. 4; Band 4; Cho. 2. 3. 4: Sp.
Cho. 3.4: Sp. Orch. 1. 2. 3. 4: VB.
1. 2. 3. 4*: SB. 1. 2, 3, 4; BkB.
2. 3. 4.

Olean, N. Y.
Quiet disposition of an angel. Very
able and diligent worker.
Hr. Rep. 3, 4; Drama. Cl. 1; NHS
3, 4; Lib. Cl. 3; Pep Sq. 3; Cho.
2, 3, 4: Sp. Cho. 2. 3; Lib. Asst.
3; Off. Asst. 1; Jr.-Sr. Prom. 3;
Gls. St. 3: Pres. Cam. & Elec. 4:
Pro. & Stag. 1. 2.

Portsmouth, Va.
Newcomer to BHS and entirely
welcome! Really smooth to your

Ancon. Canal Zone
That spnrk-plug cheerleader with
a friend for every freckle.
Hr. Alt. 2; Hr. Rep. 4: VB. 1. 2,
3. 4; SB. 1, 2, 3, 4; BkB. 2. 3. 4:
Pep Sqd. 1. 2: Cheerleader 3. 4:
Cho. 1, 2, 3. 4; Sp. Cho. 3, 4:
Sr. Wk. Comm. 4; S.A. Party 4:
Pro. 4; C.G.S. Senator 3; Tkts.
L.W. 4; MIus. Cl. Prog. 2.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Live, love, laugh, and be happy.
That fits Eileen to a "T".
VB. 1., 2, 3, 4*; SB. 3; Swim.
3, 4; Cho. 3; Lib. Asst. 1; Off.
Asst. 2, 4; Usher 3, 4; C.G.S.
Senator 3; Comm. Usher 3: PAR-
RAKEET Ad Sell. 3.

"Big Bird"
Kansas City. Kansas
lie's not lazy, he just conserves his
energy. Direct and frank.
Lettm. Cl. 2, 3, 4; Band 1: FB.
Dan. 4; Val. Dan. 4; FB. 1*, 2*,
3*. 4*; BkB. 2". 3', 4*.

Cincinnati, Ohio
Slow and easy going without hii
Camera Club 1; Projection Clulb
1, 2. 3, 4.

Bloomfield, Wisconsin
Quiet but pleasant. Her songs are
as sweet as she is.
Hr. Rep. 1: Hr. Alt. 2; S.A. Sec-
retary 4; Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4; Lib.
Asst. 2, 3: Music Club 1: Mus.
Cl. Prog. 2. 3.

Panama, R. de P.
Sweet as can be . reserved
manner with a genuine smile.
Camera Cl. 1; Spanish Cl. 2-
Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4; Fashion Show 4

Panama, R. de P.
Wish we could get his grades!
Quiet, but very friendly.
Chess Cl. 4: Camera Cl. 3; Chem-
istry 3; FB. 1. 2, 3, 4; BkB. 3;
BB. 1. 2; Track 2, 3.


l)es Moines, Iowa
Even-tempered . quiet, con-
scientious, and dependable
red head.
Cadet Cpl. 4; McCooey High
School: FB. 1; BkB. 1.

.t RIT4 C.
I,........ I

a VO

Panama, R. de P.
Not much to say, but with one
word you know he's really
an O.K. guy.
ARBONE Philatelic Cl. 2, 3; U.N. Cl. 4:
Chess Cl. 4; Chemistry CI 3; FB.
1, 2; BB. 2.

Ir Jll. l i t ,I ,rh o
,,;lt.l- ttl o rr t '.lr ilir.
Sp. Cl. 1, 2. 3: U.N. Cl. 1, 2, 3, 4:
Art Cl. 1; Pep Sq. 1, 2; Lib. Asst.
1:; Off. Asst. 1.

Waupaca, Wisconsin
Our enthusiastic and able co-
Editor. The only way to have
a friend is to be one.
Hr. Rep. 1, 3; Hr. Alt. 4; ZON-
IAN 4; Co.Ed. 4; G.A.A. 3, 4;
V. Pres. 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; Cam. Cl.
1; Bio. CL 2; Ref. Cl. 2, 3, 4;
VB. 1, 2, 3*, 4*; SB. 1, 2, 3*, 4*;
BkB. 1, 2*, 3*. 4*; Pep Sqd. 1,
2, 3; Cheerleader 4; Cho. 1, 2, 3;
Lab. Asst. 3; G.A.A. Dan. 4; Card.
& Announce. 4; C.G.S. 3; Gov. 3;
Grad. Usher 3; Banq. Bugle 4.

Greenport, Long Island, N. Y.
Demure young lady with a
personality all her own.
Hr. Alt. 1; Sp. CI. 1; VB. 1, 2, 3,
4; SB. 1, 2, 3; BkB. 2, 3, 4; Pep
Sqd. 1, 2, 3; Cho. 1, 2,3; Off. Asst.
1; Fresh. Pic. 1; C.G.S. 3.


Amesbury, Massachusetts
A real devil if we ever saw one.
A lot of pep for a little guy.
"Glamour Boy" 4; R.O.T.C. Sgt.

Colon, R. de P.
Romeo has nothing on him . .
sincere and good-natured.
Lett. Cl. 1. 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2:
Orch. 1. 2; R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4: 1st
Lt.; FB. And. 4; FB. I", 2*, 3*,
4*: Track 3*. 4* : Mgr. 1. 2: Bkll.
4*; BB. 2.

Colon, R. de P.
Flash on the track field. Quite
a guy!
Sp. Cl. 3; Lettm. CI. 2, 3, 4; BB.
l*, 2*, 3*, 4*: Track 2". 3*, 4*;
FB. 1, 2. 3. 4; Swim. 1. 2: Clo. 1.

"Gorgeous George"
Ancon, Canal Zone
Slow and easy .. a personality
all his own.
FB. 3. 4*: PBB. 3: R.O.T.C. 2. 3.
Mi/Sgt. 4: Pres. Cam & Elec. 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Really not all "Corn"! Always in
the mood for a good time. Whole-
hearted and good-natured.
Hr. Rep. 4; Lett. Cl. 3. 4: Band
3, 4; R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4; Sgt. Ic.:
Sr. Wk. Comm. 4; Mus. Asst. 1;
Xmas Wind. Dis. 3, 4; Band Uni-
forms Comm. 4; Track 2. 3. 4;
Tennis 1.

m L

Ancon. Canal Zone
A lass with twinkling blue eyes, a
pert turned-up nose and a quick
smile for one and all.
Sr. Sec. 4; S.A. Rep. 3; Hr. Alt.
2; ZONIAN 4; Banq. Bugle 4:
N.H.S. 4; Pep Sqd. 1, 2, 3, 4; Cho.
1, 2, 3. 4; Sp. Cho. 3, 4; Grad.
Marshall 3; Soph. Pic. 2; Jr.-Sr.
Banq. 3; S.H. Dan. 2; Back-to-
School Dan. 4; C.G.S. Sec. of
'tate 3; Pres. Elec. & Cam. 4:
Elk's Cl. Comm. 4: Val. Dan. Ch.
4; ZONTAN Ad Sel. 4: Tkts.
M.J. & L.W. 2, 4; VB. 1, 2, 3. 4;
sB. 1, 2, 3. 4; BkB. 4.

An all around good guy ... sports
on his mind .. typical Irish
Pres. 2; Hr. Rep. 2. 3. 4; Lettm.
Cl. 4: NHS 4; Chess Cl. 4; Orch.
1. 2; Band 2; R.O.T.C. 2, 3, Capt.
4; Jr. Anth. 3; Xmas Dan. Ch. 3:
FB. Dan. Ch. 4; C. & G. Comm.
Ch. 4: FB. 3*. 4*; Track 3* 4*.

La Chorrera, R. de P.
A quiet Spanish miss with a smile
at all times. Neat as a pin.
Sp. Cl. 1. 2; SB. 2 Pep Sq. 1, 2.

Panama, R. de P.
Quiet but very likeable Latin lass.
Sp. Cl. 3; Mus. Cl. 3; Pep Sqd.
3; Cho. 3; Clinic Asst. 4; BkB.
3; VB. 3, 4; SB. 3.


I'.,terson. New Jersey
Bt .' tar general in service.
P 1'. ,Ie and Lore, brother!"
A\I lian. 4: FB. 1, 2, 3, 4; BB.
I H ) T.C,. 2. 3. Lt. Col. 4, Bat.

Boston, Mass.
'i. t girl this side of heaven.
ki :' F ...... 'ie we'll long remember.
Bio. 1; Ref. 2, 3, 4; Ushers 3, 4:
Isth. Bowl Tkts. 4: Mus. Aide 1:
Pep Sq. 1, 2. 3: Cho. 3; Sp. Cho.
3: Off. Asst. 2, 3. 4: Jr.-Sr. Banq.
3; Grad. Usher 3; Sr. Wk. Ch.
4; S.H. Dan. 2; Soph. Pic. Queen
2: Zonian \i `.-1 1: VA rniirt
3. 4; G I- "1 i1: 1 ..uri 4.
Pres. Cam FI.. I. 1I. l. IOr
PEARL M. DiBELLA 4: FB. 1 2 I I. .1:
"Bunny" 1. 2. 3: .. 1
Take a wonderful personality, put
in a cute figure. and wrap it up
with a smile ... that's Bunny! .
Pep Sq. 2. 3: Cho. 2. 3; Sp. Cho.
3; G1s. St. 3: Val. Queen's Court
3; Fisher 2. 3: Grad Usher 3.

1 j

;Ft I, ^P^M

Ancon, Canal Zone
The more you know her the more
you like her. Knowledge
not gained from books.
Parrakeet 4; NHS 3, 4; Pep Sq. 1.
2, 3; Cho. 1, 2; Fr. Pie. 1; Soph.
Pic. 2; S.H. Dan. 2; Xmas Dan.
3; Jr.-Sr. Ibn.i 3; Gls. St., Att.
Gen. 3; Usher 4; Val. Dan. 4;
Isth. Bowl Pro. Ch. 4; VB. 2, 4;
Fr. Play 1.


Xsbury Park. N. J.
A wonderful girl to know. A friend
in need is a friend indeed.
Grad. Usher 3: Sp. Cl. 1; Pep Sq.
1.2: FB. 2.3. 4: BkB. 3, 4.

Panama. R. de P.
Impetuous. brown-eyed Lucy. A
girl to admire.
Zonian 4; Banq. Bugle 4; Pro.
Cl. 1: Pep Sq. 1. 2; Off. Asst. 3;
Usher 3; Gls. St. 3; Isth. Bowl
Tkts. 4; C. & G. Comm. 4; Sr. Pic.
4: As. Bus. Mgr. Parrakeet 3;
Parrakeet Ad Sel. 3; Grad. Usher
3: VB. 1. 2. 3. 4: BkB. 3. 4:
SB. 4.

I \R,ItREr (6,. ED XH R[DS
Panama. R. de P.
Like sugar and spice, she's every-
thing nice. One-man girl.
Hr. Rep. 2, 3; Pep Sq. 1; Lib.
Asst. 1: Off. Asst. 3. 4; Inaug.
Dan. 2: Xmas Dan. 3: Fashion
Show 2, 3; Jr. Anth. 3: Cds. &
Annc. 4; GIs. St. 3; Isth. Bowl
Tkts. 2: Usher 2.

Colon. R. de P.
Another one of our blonde good-
looking seniors. Strong (?)
silent (?) type.
Orch. 1, 2; R.O.T.C. 2. 3, Sgt. 4;
Xmas. Pro. 4.

Panama, R. de P.
Silence is golden. A very quiet
and calm fellow. Nice to know.
Stamp Cl. 2. 3; R.O.T.C. 2, 3.
M/Sgt. 4; Pres. Cam. & Elec. 4:
BB. 2. 3.

Colon. R. de P.
One of the first to leave and we
were sorry to see her go.
Cho. 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
A voice worth listening to ... will
wear a nurse's cap some day.
Hr. Rep. 4; Parrakeet Ad Sel. 3;
GAA 2, 3, Sec. 4; Mus. Cl. 1; Ref.
Cl. 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Cho. 2,
3, 4; Lib. Asst. 1; Lab. Asst. 1;
S.H. Dan. 2; Gls. St. 3; GAA Dan.
3, 4; Jr. Rings Ch. 3; Fr. Pic. 1:
Usher 3, 4; VB. 1, 2*, 3*, 4*:
SB. 1,2,3; BkB. 1, 2*, 3,4.

Boston, Mass.
Gentlemen prefer blondes . and
she's no exception!
Act. 4; Pep Sq. 1, 2; Chrll. 3, 4:
Off. Asst. 3. 4; Clinic Asst. 2:
R.O.T.C. Batt. Sponsor 4; Pro-
ducing & Stag. 1, 4; Fr. Pic. 1:
Grad. Usher 3; VB. 2, 3. 4: SB.
2. 3. 4: BkB. 4.

Ancon. Canal Zone
Friendly guy with a big smile.
Spanish Club 1. 2. 3. 4: BB. 1.
2. 3. 4: BkB. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Ancon. Canal Zone
Candid in everything she does.
Pep Sq. 1. 2. 3: BkB. 1. 2. 3. 4:
SB. 1. 2. 3.4: VB. 1. 2. 3: Swim.
1, 2.

Ancon, Canal Zone
One of the "GriJo Brothers". Most
oiI us have known him since
Track 1. 2. 3. 4: BkB. 1. 2. 3. 4:
FB. 1. 2. 3, 4 BB. 1. 2.3. 4: Swim.
1. 2. 3.


Panama. R. de P.
Just like a Ford-neat lines an'l
plenty of junny noises. Always
ready for a good time.
Hr. Rep. 4; Zonian 4; NHS 4;
GAA 2.3, 4; Cam. CI. 1; Usher 4;
Pep Sq. 1; Cho. 1. 2; Fr. Pic. 1:
Fr.-Soph Frolic 1. 2; Soph Pic. 2;
Grad. Usher 3; Crds. & Annc. 4;
GAA Dan. 4; Pres. Cam. & Elec.
4; Swim. 1*, 2*, 3*, 4; SB. 1, 2*;
VB. 1, 2, 3, 4.

"'Jo "
M j-,,i, i .. \\ -l,
I irliiriil (itl,1, r it, t, 'i l l ,. >..
,,i.,1,, ,iu,- .t.'rul, li.i .I,
,,, rh, ,..,,, t 1 ,,rid,
'A. Rep. 1, Ilr. Rep. 1. 2, XL A
3. 4; Pep Sq. 1. 2; Chldr. 3, 4;
Cho. 1, 2; Clinic Asst. 4; R.O.T.C.
Sponsor 4; Gls. St. 3; Fr. Pic. 1;
S.H. Dan. 2: Soph Pic. Ch. 2;
Xmas Dan. 3; Jr.-Sr. Banq. Ch. 3:
Grad. Usher 3: GAA Dan. 4; Sr.
Party Ch. 4; Fr.-Soph Frolic 2;
\ct. 2: SB. 1, 2, 3*, 4*; BkB.
1. 2. 3". 4: VB. 1. 2, 3. 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Her cheerful manner and rather
shy grin are only two of her
many nice ways.
Sp. Cl. 1, 3; UN. Cl. 4; Pep Sq.
1: Cho. 1, 2; Latin Wind. Dis. 2;
Latin Banq. 2: VB. 2. 3, 4; SB.
2. 3, 4: BkB. 4.

Hildreth, Nehr.
Towering in height. Quiet ind
fun to know.
Band 1. 2, 3. 4; Orchestra 1. 2.

Ancon, Canal Zone
The other of the friendly, fun-
loving pair.
R.O.T.C. 4, Pvt; BB. 1, 2, 3: FB.
1. 2: BkB. 1. 2. 3; Water polo 1.

Colon, R. de P.
A boy who really puts his heart
into everything he does.
NHS 4; Orch. 1, 2; R.O.T.C. 2. 3.
1st Lt. 4: PkB. 3: FB. 3; FB.
Mgr. 3.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Little Napoleon. Man of action
and a few words (???)
Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sp. Cho. 3, 4;
R. O. T. C. 2. 3, Cpt. 4; Swim.
1. 2. 3, 4.

San Diego, Calif.
4 quiet riot. An O. K. guy in
everyone's book.
Football Dance 4.


( a ,n l...r. lI I
A r .-..'. r -.. r l w /' a d ,. I.llr'-.
P .i, t i .. N r.. 1 I

Ancon, Canal Zone
Keeps up with the Jones. Lives,
laughs and loves her way
through life.
Zonian 4; Banq. Bugle 4; Pep
Sq. 1, 2, 3; Chrld. 4; Cho. 4; Sp.
Cho. 4; Off. Asst. 2, 3; Fr. Pie.
1; S.H. Dan. 2; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3;
Jr. Rings 3; Val. Dan. 4; Grad.
Usher 3; Gls. St. 3; Jr. Anth. 3;
Pro., Stag., & Act. 1, 2, 3, 4; Bal.
Relays Attend. 3; Pres. Cam. &
Elec. 4; VB. 2; BkB. 3, 4.

St f -*.

4 i il

Ancon, Canal Zone
7'll, dark and handsome.
life in his stride.
SBkB. JV. 2.

British Honduras

IT ear a smile is her motto.
Acting 1, 2, 3, 4; Pro. & Stag. 1.
2, 4; UN. Cl. 2, 3: Ref. Cl. 3; Pro.
Cl. 2; Pep Sq. 1, 2. 3, 4; Fr. Pic.
1; Parrakeet Ad Sel. 2: Zonian
Ad Sel. 4; Usher 2, 3, 4; VB. 1.
2.3.4: BkB. 1,2,4: SB. 1,2,3,4.

Ancon. Canal Zone
Ever sits still a moment-there's
laughter on her lips and
deviltry in her eyes.
Cam. CI. 1, 2; Ref. Cl. 3, 4;
Usher 3, 4; Fashion Show 2; Isth.
Bowl Tkts. 2. 4; Zonian Ad Sel.
Takes 4; Pep Sq. 2, 3; Cho. 1; Lib. Asst.
1, 2, 3: Off. Asst. 4; Clinic As-t.
3; Pro. & Stag. 3, 4; SB. 1. 2, 3,
4*; BkB. 3, 4; VB. 1, 2; 3: Swim.
3: Archery 1.

San Antonio, Texas
The ready eye behind many of our
snapshots. Gets along with
Zonian 4; Banq. Bugle 4;
R.O.T.C. 4, Sgt.; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3:
Sr. Rings Chr. 4; Jr. Anth. 3; FB.
Mgr. 3, 4; Bethesda-Chevy Chase
H.S.: Hr. Rep. 1, 2; Elec. Cl. 2;
BkB. Mgr. 2.

Colon, R. de P.
A willing worker-we need more
like her. Lots of fun all the time.
Zonian 4; Banq. Bugle Ed. 4;
Ref. Cl. 3; Pep Sq. 1, 2, 3; Cho.
2, 3; Sp. Cho. 4; Fr. Pic. 1; S.H.
Dan. 2: Grad. Usher 3; GIs. St.
3; Zonian Ad Sel. 4; Isth. Bowl
Tkts. 4; Pres. Cam. & Elec. 4; Sr.
Pic. 4; VB. 2, 3. 4: BkB. 3, 4;
SB. 2. 3.



h av"
Panama, R. de P.
Her lovely manners and her serene
charm remind us of a lady on
an old-fashioned cameo.
Pep Sq. 1, 2, 3; Cho. 1, 2; Lib.
Asst. 2; Off. Asst. 4; Fr. Pic. 1;
Soph Pic. 2; Val. Court 1; Usher
3, 4; Jr. Rings 3; Xmas Dan. 3;
'i Rin,;. I; Inaug. Dan. 4; Pres.
( jn & ec. 4; VB. 1, 2, 3, 4:
BkB. 1, 2*, 3, 4; SB. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Tiny li'l gal, but plenty of spark
and pep in any sport.
GAA 2, 3, 4; Sp. Cl. 1, 2, 3; Ref.
Cl. 3; Usher 4; Pep Sq. 2, 3; Cho.
1; Lib. Asst. 1, 2, 3, 4; Fashion
Show 4; VB. 1, 2*, 3, 4*; SB. 1.
2. 3, 4: BkB. 1. 2`. 3. 4; Swim 1.

Ancon. Canal Zone
What her can do with her trom-
bone! A quick boost for
your morale.
PI'rr.,k h .l 1. 4 I jm. I .I. 1 R. -

l H lIa. 2, stg. I. 2. 4. \Iu.,.

"t; I. -2 ;. BikB 4

I' ,ii,'ii. I..I, P
A g tI,tr lltr il, rr l- .rr i/ltt
wo l4. II., erln ,,,rl/l! M,i I.- ,,,tll.,
Ui I 1 I ,r ll
Stamp LI. 1, 2, J; Lilrin. L. J;
Cam. Cl. 1, 2, 3; Chess Cl. 4; UN.
Cl. 4: BB. 3.

Washington, D. C.
always ready for a good time. Get
a look at those waves!
Lettm. Cl. 3, 4; R.O.T.C. 2, 3, Ist
Lt. 4; Cds. & Annc. Comm. 4;
FB. 1, 2, 3; BB. 1, 2, 3.

Birmingham, Ala.
Takes life as it comes and loves
it! What wit, what, wit?
Projection Cl. 2, 3, 4; Drill Team
2, 3, 4: Rifle Team 2. 3, 4; BB.
Mgr. 4: Usher 3, 4; R.O.T.C. 2.
3. /, Sgt. 4: FB. 1.

Panama, R. de P.
A friendly neighbor from across
the border.

Ancon. Canal Zone
Sunshine in her smile. First class
editor of the Parrakeet.
SA. Rep. 2; Hr. Rep. 2; Parrakeet
i. Ed. 4; Usher 2, 3, 4; Mus. Cl.
1, 2, 3; Cam. Cl. 1; UN. Cl. 2,
rreas. 3, 4; Bio. Cl. 2; Pep Sq.
1. 2. 3, 4; Lib. Asst. 1; Fr. Pic. 1:
;oph Pic. 2; S.H. Dan. 2; Xmas
lan. 3: C. & G. Comm. 4; Grad.
Jsher 3; Isth. Bowl Tkts. 2, 4;
,ls. St. Act., Pro. & Stag. 1. 2. 3.
4: VB. 1, 2, 3, 4; SB. 1, 2. 4;
BkB. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Little Rock, Ark.
A guy with an engaging person-
ality. Quiet at times but
always fun.
NHS 4; Chess. Cl. 4; R.O.T.C.
Rifle Team 4.

Colon, R. de P.
A guy who's going places. There's
something cooking when
he's quiet.
Vice-Pres. 4; Hr. Rep. 1: Radio
Cl. 1. 2: R.O.T.C. 2, 3, Cpt. 4;
Sr. Anne. Comm. 4; FB. 1, 2, 3;
BB. 1. 2. 3; BkB. 1, 2; BB. JV. 2.

I',l...I. Ilh,..~ Penna.
Lanky is the word for Tom-a
smile that never seems to fade.
Lettm. Cl. 3. 4; FB. Dan. 4: Xma-
Pro. Comm. 4; FB. 2, 3", 41:
Track 1, 2*, 3*, 4; Swim 2.

Philadelphia, Penna.
His friendliness reaches the peak
that he does. Quiet fellow,
sometime es!
R.O.T.C. 2. 3, Sgt. 1st Cl. 4:
Water polo 3; BkB. 3.

Ancon. Canal Zone
Miniature "Blast" furnace. If
you're looking for fun-
call Hubert.
R.O.T.C. Sgt. 3; Track 4; Rifle
Team 2, 3. 4; FB 1. 2. 3, 4; BB
1, 2. 3. 4: Water Polo 1. 2. 3, 4.

Shanghai. China
i *oert in mechanical drawing.
Swell guy to know.
AMS ANTHON.O.T.. t Lt. 4 Stamp C. 3:
JAMES ANTHONY JONES UN. C1.3: Cam. (1.. 3: Isher 3. 4.
"Wild Jim"
Columbus. Georgia
.ot just another Jones. A nice
kid-and we like kids!
I.ettm. Cl. 3. 4: FB. Dan. 4:
R.O.T.C. 2; FB. 3*. 4"; Track 2.
3*: 111. 2, 3; BkB. 1. 2.

Ancon, Canal Zone
mind filled with knowledge is a
I, r11 h t r,i,, i.1;!.. 0nrr ,

N\ %i, ri 2: %\H 1. I..,A,
\ .-1 4. 1{ 1 I 1. -. 1]- 1.1 1 .
rii. r ., .. 1 i. I dl ini 2. .

s i

Liberty Mills, Mich.
A happy heart makes a happy guy.
Lucky to know.
Cam. Cl. 1, 2, 3; Radio Cl. 2:
Project. Cl. 3: uiin.i Cl. 1, 2, 3;
R.O.T.C. 2, 3, ,1r. 4; UN. Cl. 3;
Pres. Cam & Elec. 4.

Panama, R. de P.
Sweet and friendly smile.
Sp. Cl. 1, 2; Cam. Cl. 1; UN. Cl.
t: Pep Sq. 1, 2; Carnival Dan.
Court 2: Carnival Dan. 2: VB.
1. 2. 4: SB. 1, 2, 4: BkB. 4.

Salem, N. J.
Charming and sweet. One of our
mid-term grads.
Fashion Show 3; Cho. 3; Sp. Cho.
3; Bacc. Clio. 3; VB. 3; Bowling
3: Mt. Vernon High School: Tau
Alpha Gamma Drama Cl. 2; Art
Cl. 1, 2.

Akron, Ohio
TNT-Trim, Neat, and Ttrr,i, '
Zonian Ad Sel. 4; Pep Sq. 2; Cho.
2; Museum Asst. 2; Grad. Mar-
shall 3; Fashion Show 4; Gls. St.
3: Sr. Pie. 4; Isth. Bowl Tkts. 2;
S.H. Dan. 2; FB. Court 4; Fr.-
Soph Frolic 1. 2; Soph Pic. 2;
BkB. 2*, 3, 4; SB. 1. 2, 3. 4; VB.
1. 2. 3, 4.




New Orleans. La.
Cute little red head . a sure
friendship winner.
Hr. Rep. 1; Cam. Cl. 3; Music
Cl. 3; Chess Cl. 4; Pep Sq. 2, 3.
4; Sp. Cho. 3: Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3:
Gls. St. 3; Zonian Ad Sel. 3, 4:
Pres. Cam. & Elec. 4; Grad.
Usher 3: Acting 1, 4; SB. 3:
BkB. 3. 4; VB. 4.

Ancon. Canal Zone
/I you can sleep and pass, wht
stay awake? Everyone agrees
he's a fine fellow.
FB. 1. 2, 3, 4: BkB. 1. 2. 3. 4:
BB. 1, 2. 3. 4.

Providence, R. I.
Outward quietness, inward
sparkle. Just as nice as
thev come.
Cam. Cl. 1. 2: Music Cl. 1: Lib.
Ast. 2: Pres. Cam. & Elec. 4: VB.
1. 2; Bowling 2.

Bejuco, R. det P.
4 quiet bundle of Latin charm.
Pleasing ways and a warm smile.
Chorus 1, 2.

".Unrs Beth"

\ 111 en't and Jllel /rl.
tnlfllt-y/oli Lt atld' /Itt'i'tIt .
Zonian 4: NHS 4; Music Cl. 3:
Usher 4; Lib. Asst. 2; Gls. St.
3; SB. 1. 2. 3: VB. 3, 4: BkB. 4.

Panama. R. de P.
Hare iou ever seen a dreaml
Sp. Cl. 2. 3: Cho. 1; Lib. Asst. 1;
Fashion Show 2. 3: VB. 2, 3, 4;
SB. 3, 4: BkB. 4.

Ancon. Canal Zone
Always on the spot with her
warm "Hi".
Sp. Cl. 1, 2, 3; Pep Sq. 1. 2. 3:
Cho. 1, 2; Lib. Asst. 1; Elks Cl. GARY LOWANDE
I)an. 4: VB. 1. 2, 3, 4: BkB. 1, 2. "Luigee"
3, 4. Colon. R. de P.
Sr. Pic. 4: Xmas Pro. 4: Hr. Rep.
4: R.O.T.C. 2. Sgt. 3.

Panama, R. de P.
g0 l,,shing smile that sends the girls
-ooh! so good-looking!
P.-eksill Military Academy: BB.
2"; JV. FB. 1, 2; Dan. Comm. 2;
S r Pic. Comm. 4.


Ancon, Canal Zone
Charles Atlas build topped with a
spirit of friendliness and fun.
Chess Cl. 4; Stamp Cl. 2: BB. JV.
1. 2; BkB. 1. 2. 3: FB. 2. 3:
Water polo 2. 3: Swim. 3.

Panama, R. te P.
Our friendly amigo from across
the border.
R.O.T.C. 2, 3. 1st Lt. 4; Rifle
Team 2. 3, 4: Drill Team 2. 3. 4;
Track 2*: BBl. JV. 2, 3, 4: FB. 4.

Juncos, Puerto Rico
' i- ..I.. l,'. beautiful brown eyes".
Vice-Pres. 1: Secy. 2; Stag. 2;
Lab. Asst. 2; Grad. Ch. 1: BkB.
1; VB. 2; Herman Ridder H.S. &
Jaime- Monroe H.S.


Buffalo. N. 'I.
Our ambitious co-editor who
really rnakles work a pleasure.
Zonian 3, Co-Ed. 4; Banq. Bugle
3. 4; [IN. Cl. 3, Sec. 4: NHS 4;
Pep Sq. 2, 3; G(;. St. 3; Jr.-Sr.
Ban;. 3: Grad. lUsher 3; Hr. Alt.

Westfield. Mass.
Knows his vway around . curl/
locls .. tall with plenty of
push on the football field.
R. 0. T. C. 2. 3. Maj. 4; Stag-
Mgr. 3. 4: FB. 2", 3*. 4": Track
2. 3, 4; BkB. MIr. 4.

m 1 i
Altoona, Penn.
The real McC(oy-hits the peak in
popularity-our lovely
Football Queen.
Hr. Rep. 2, 3; Zonian 4; Banq.
I -..1, 4: I!sher 4; Pep Sq. 2, 3:
I I1.. 4; Sp. Cho. 4; Off. Asst. 4:
R.O.T.C. Co. Spon. 4: Sr. Wk. 4:
(Is. St. 3: FB. Queen 4: Grad.
I sher 3; Act & Pro. 4; Isth. Bowl
Tkts. 4: VI. 2. 3. 4: BkB. 2, 3. 4:
SB. 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
irfhat, another real McCoy? Our
darling, chatter-scatter brain.
Zonian 4: Banq. Bugle 4; GAA
3. 4: NHS 3, 4; Pep Sq. 1, 2, 3;
Chrl. 4; Cho. 1. 2. 3: Sp. Cho. 3:
Off. Asst. 4: Fr. Pic. 1; Soph Pie.
2; S.H. Dan. 2; Sr. Party 4; Gls.
t : I .hlir 2- C .rad I'*hi.r .:
.1J \ ll, 1 ,I i'r i a iII &
[I.., I. 1:a. k I,,',I..,,I Iisai
I. \. I i ,~ P .. 1 4. \
i. 2: 1 Bkl i : 4
-\ I 2 ri ; :

Denver, Colo.
A sweet voice and a pretty smile
make a friendly girl.
Clover Park High School, Tacoma.

David, R. de P.
Another newcomer. Quite hand-
some. Laughs away his lime.

Lowell, Mass.
A real splash in the water! Grand
guy to have around. Always has
something witty to say.
Lettm. Cl. 3, 4; Swim. 1, 2, 3, 4;
Water polo 1, 2; R.O.T.C. 2, 3.

"Big Bob"
Trenton, N. J.
Meet Mr. Goldilocks! Ile lives to
eat, sleep, and play football!
Lettnt. 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4:
Orch. 1, 2. 3, 4; Sr. Party 4;
Chess Cl. 4; FB. 2 ", 3 4*; Track
2*. 3*, 4*; BB. 2, 3: BkB. 1. 2,

Colon. R. de P.
Friend!) guy with baseball as his
Lettm. 3, 4; BB. 3*. 4*; R.O.T.C.
2, 3, M/Sgt. 4.

Personality, winning smile, good
lools, and helpful ways make
Ted one we won't forget.
Sec. 1; Lettm. Cl. 2, 3. 4; Cho. 1.
2, 3, 4; Mus. Asst. 1; Lab. Asst.
I. 1* I .. 4 4. \ Al [Iji ,
Il; [uian 4. Ir .,.p, FI..II. 1.
i,rj.1 11ar-hlll 3 l- .1 1-.a ,.
4 Z .n..rn \. "l 1 1. I-thi. ',.. l
Tki-. 2. 4. Pr, (.ta & El-. 1
',.: k I,. I,,'L. D.I3 4. 1 H. 2 1
I : I r .k 2 I BLt 4

Panama, R. de P.
Efficiency on parade-proves it
doesn't pay to judge by size.
V-Pres. 2: Sec. 3; Hr. Rep. 3; Act.
& Pro. 4: Parrakeet 3, Asst. Ed.
4; Cam. Cl. 1: Ref. Cl. 3; GAA
3, 4: NHS 3, Sec-Treas. 4; Pep
Sq. 1. 2, 3; Chrld. Alt. 4: Cho.
1: Lib. Asst. 1; Fr. Pie. 1; S.H.
Dan. 2: Jr. Xmas Dan. 3: GAA
Dan. 4; Val. Dan. 4.

iti DIi1.PIi 1. )',rHE%
,. , 1, ., l, I it t 11. 1,1
. I. .. 2
RI1 Ii 1 I ,.k I .
lik l' I i. 1; 1.2 4. ill
1. 2 I
2 ;

Panama. R. de P.
Out to get the best out of life and
he surely will.
UN. Cl. 2. 3. V.-Pres. 4.


I dent
fll ll lll
I.l, III i. 1. 1 I 11. 2' 1. '
( h... I: R li.I i 2. 1.1 .1
4 Jr.. ;i HI.inI r iPJm, I1.
fI l k 2 .; ir \lr .r 4 I
'l k 2. la,r...ur Bi.>' 4

JOSEPH T. 01.11 ER. JR.
"Iloii Joe. o. "73' "
\it nul. 1 iual /.'n1-
tif -. 11 4 1111. 4 li t" t AI rAi 1-

i1, uiN ,, "l. ,lt, ,tu l ,g ,..1.,,.,,
He laughs a lot and jokes a lot
But for work he has no passion!
Lettm. Cl. 3. 4; Chess Cl. 4; Cho.
1, 2. 3, 4: Sp. Cho. 4; R.O.T.C. 2.
3; FB. Dan. 4; "Beauty and the
Beef" 4; FB. 2, 3", 4*; BkB. 1.

St. Louis. Mo.
"Hey, Goodlooking. Got a hot rod
Ford and a two dollar bill?"
Lettm. Cl. 1. 2; R.O.T.C. 2. 3, 1st
Lt. 4; BkB. Mgr. 1; FR. 4*.

McKees Rocks, Pa.
What would football be without
"his" quarterback sneak? We
wonder-does it work with girls?
Lettm. Cl. 2, 3, 4; Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4;
SFB. Dan. 4; Sr. Wk. 4; Athletic
Council 4; FB. 1. 2*, 3*, 4*;
BkB. 1, 4*; BB. 1, 2; Track 2, 3.
4; Singing Vals. 4.

Panama, R. de P.
R.O.T.C. 2, 3, Sgt. 4; Drill Team

Caldwell. Ohio
A friendly disposition with all.
Genial as the day is long.
Cho. 3: Lib. Asst. 3; Fashion
Show 3; Mus. Aid. 1: Gls. St. 3:
Pres.. Cam. & Elec. 4.

Napa, Calif.
Dimpled 'n delightful . our
Valentine Queen.
UN. Cl. 2, 3, 4; Mus. Cl. 1, 2; Sp.
CI. 1, 2; Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sp. Cho.
3, 4; Val. Court 3, Queen 4; Cds.
& Annc. 4.
SR.1 i.L II 1

It I t 2. '.. *",_ 1. I ; .'. i

Long Island, N. Y.
Delightfully bashful. Always
eludes the girls.
Cds. & Annc. 4; R.O.T.C. 2; FB.
2, 3*; Carlisle Military School.

Cleveland, Ohio
FB. Dan. 4; Lettm. Cl. 3, 4; Cho.
4; Sp. Cho. 4; R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 1st
Lt. 4: Swim 3. 4; Intramurals 1, 2.

Ancon. Canal Zone
Petite young lady. Full ot
at all times.
Zonian Ad Sel. 4; Sp. Cl. 1, 2
Cam. Cl. 1; Mus. Cl. 2, 3;
Sq. 2,3: Cho. 1; Lib. Asst. 4:
3. 4; BkB. 1; SB. 3. 4.

Panama, R. de P.
S One of our treasured gifts from
Panama. Very charming.
Fashion Show 1, 2: Sp. Cl. 1, 2, 3;
Mus. CI. 2; Pep Sq. 3, 4; Cho.
1. 2: VB. 2, 3: SB. 3. 4.



Ancon, Canal Zone
'I ;,,. good time is her hobby.
hill's own sportswoman.
Hr. Rep. 2; GAA 2, 3. 4; Pep Sq.
1. 2, 3. 4; Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sp. Cho.
4; Ref. Cl. 2, 3, 4; Soph Pic. 2;
Fr.-Soph Frolic 2: GIs. St. 3; Isth.
Bowl Tkts. 2; S.H. Dan. 2; GAA
Banq. 2. 3; VB. 1, 2*. 3", 4*; SB.
1. 2*, 3*, 4: BkB. 1, 2, Mgr. 3*.

Baltimore, Maryland
A wonder lass with a super-
personality. Always has
a gay hello.
Fr. Pic. 1; GAA 3, 4; Sp. Cl. 3;
Usher 3, 4; Ref. Cl. 2, 3, 4; Pep
Sq. 1, 2, 3, 4; Cho. 2, 3, 4; Clinic
Asst. 4; Parrakeet Ad Sel. 3;
SB. 2*, 3*, 4; BkB. 2, 3*, 4; VB.
2. 3, 4; Gls. St. 3.

Baltimore, Maryland
One of BHS's "brains." Impossible
to forget his friendly ways
and zany manner.
Hr. Rep. 1; R.O.T. C. 2, 3, 1/Sgt.
4: Fr. Pie. 1; Drill Team 3; FB.
2,3; BkB. 1.2.

- .

Long Island, N. Y.
Practical prankster ... ull oj grin.
Cho. 4; R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4; M/"i
BkB. 2. 3; FB. 3; BB. 2.

St. Paul, Minn.
Pleasant personality. Always will-
ing to help a friend.
FB. 1; BkB. 2".

"Little John"
Boston, Mass.
Pea.-l/eapd pnnft perqonitidil
|' 'i, ;. .1 *. 1.5.. ,. ,i s r I ...
( 1... I :. R I I I 1.\l..
...I \. K.Il l Rill, I, am I ilk
.r. ( I.. Ir .* PIr.., i i ll
!UII I'I, II.i II ... 1 :. I;
Fiki" I I:

Birmingham. \la.
Hard worker with the Drill Team.
Parrakeet 4; R.O.T.C. 3. 1st Sgt.
4; Ushler 3. 4; Drill Team 3, Ma--
ter 4; Isth. Bowl Pro. 4; Val. Dan.

Ancon, Canal Zone
4 delightful mixture oj every-
I.', r., y most all around.
Hr I3i. '2 : SA. See. 4; GAA
2, 3, 4; NHS 3, Pres. 4; Pep Sq.
1, 2; Cho. 1. 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C.
Spon. 4: Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; S.H.
)an. 2; Fr.-Soph Pie. 1, 2; GAA
Dan. 4: Awards Day Comm. 3:
Grad. I!sher 3; Gls. St. Lt. Gov.
3: Gls. Nation 3: VB. 1, 2, 3, 4:
SB. 1. 2 : BkB. 1. 2*; Swim. 1".
2". 3*, 4".

Rali- s. \iorlth arI.llI,
fiths.s igh l sl ..I,,'i t,,,* I,.,re i.r
,, lilll, htilr , i, ** .!* ,,.,rl.
X' ili a t / ,Itl.I .1illi.

Panama, R. de P.
We like her slow, gracious smile
and quiet intelligence.
Sp. Cl. 1, 2, 3; Mus. Cl. 1, 2, 3;
Cho. 1; Clinic Asst. 2; Fashion
Show 3, 4: Carnival Dan. 2. 3; VB.
1. 2. 3, 4: BkB. 2, 3; SB. 3.

S Panama, R. de P.
I ...n-ir lad with baseball in his
:l t I 3. Pfc.; BB. 1*, 2", 3"-.
SI tik 1. 2. 3*, 4; FB. 1*. 2".
'. I : Track 3*, 4*; St. John's
'Hi.. h hool. Lettm. Cl. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Fort Sill. Okla.
Ambitious man about school. For-
ever in a happy mood.
Parrakeet Bus. Mgr. 4; Chess Cl.
4; Rifle Team 4; R.O.T.C. Cpt. 4;
Usher 4; Gordon Jr. High: Glee
CI 1,; Stamp Cl. 1; Math. Cl. 2:
BB. 1; Cho. 1; Class Play 1.

Brooklyn. N. Y.
Fun and tull oj life. Indispensable
to her team.
GAA 1, 2, 3; Pres. 4; Usher 3, 4;
Soph Pie. 2; Sr. Rings 4; Ath-
letic Council Sec. 4; VB. 1, 2*,
3*. 4*; BkB. 1, 2*, 3*. 4; SB.
1I, 2, 3.


Ancon, Canal Zone
SLaughing and jesting every day
ii troubles will never come.
Bob has been with us as long
we can remember.
R.O.T.C. 2. 3. M/Sgt. 4.


DIANE SKINNER Panama, R. tde P.
"Di" Swing is here to stay . Kit
Quiet manner) girl with a smile on the Dance Floor.
jor everyone. Accompanist Hr. Rep. 4: R.O.T.C. 2. 3. M/SS
for Chorus. 4: Ftb. 3*. 4*: BB. 1, 2.
Mus. Cl. 2, 3; Usher 2: Ref. (i
2: Mus. Pub. Cl. 4; Band I.
Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4: Sp. Cho. 3. 1
Parrakeet 3, 4: Gls. St. 3; VB. i
2, 3. 4: BkB. 1, 2, 3, 4; SB. 1, 2.
3. 4.

( L

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Colon. R. de P.
lie's really B.H.S.'s B.T.O. Makes
friends quickly and keeps
them with ease.
Hr. Rep. 1, 2, 3; V.-Pres. 3; S.A\.
Pres. 4: Lettm. (Cl. 3. 4: Choru-i
1, 2.3; Sp. Cho. 3.4: Grad. \Marslh.
3; Ring Com. 3; Back-to-School
Ian. Ch. 4; Val. Dan. 4; 11B. 1:
Jr. Var. 2, 3: Track 1*, 2", 3".
4*: BkB. 1, 2. 3; Football 1", 2*.

The reason why parents get gray.
Kind of fellow everyone likes.
Band 1, 2. 3, 4; Orch. 1, 2, 3;
R.O.T.C. 2, Sgt. 3; Sr. Pic. 4:
VB. 1. 2. 3*,4*; BkB. 1, JV. 2. 3.
4*: BB111. 1, 2; Water Polo 1. 2.

as Coalgate, Okla.
Always in a hurry. Destined to
SA. Rep. 2; Hr. Rep. 1, 2: GAA
2, 3. 4; NHS 4; Usher 3: Sp. Cl.
3: Ref. CI. 2, 3, 4: Pep Sq. 1, 2,
3, 4: Off. Asst. 3, 4; Fr. Pic. 1;
Soph Pic. 2: Xmas Dan. 3; Jr.-Sr.
Banq. 3; GAA Banq. 2, 3; Val.
Dan. 4; Gls. St. 3: Grad. Usher
3: Inaug. Dan. 3; S.H. Dan. 2;
VB. 1, 2*, 4; BkB. 1, 2", 4; SB.
1*, 2*. 4.

RON \I.D) T()\ ER
"% ii /*A' "
\..,, ,rr R I
......., l 0

W\ash.ngton Lee High school:
Sports Cl. 3: R.O.T.C. 3, 4: FI.
1, 2. 3*. 4*; BkB. JV. 1, 2.3. 4*
BBl. JV. 2. 3*.

"M. I."
Gal who does the Zonian's book-
keeping. Long golden hair. Her's
is a bundle of complexity.
Zonian Bus. Mgr. 4: NHS 4; Cam.
(C. 1; Pep Sq. 2. 3; Orch. 1,2:
Lab. Asst. 3: Jr. Anth. 3; Inaug.
)an. 4: Sr. Party 4.

Panama. R. de P.
Real credit to his friends. Swell
chap in and out of school.
R.O.T.C. 4.

P.Ii,.,ia, R. de P.
I ,,rt,.i ., t.ility that will mold
hi, t I,,rr Unpredictable.
I',,tr.,k, I Zonian 4; Cam.
I : 1. I io. 3, 4; S.H. Dan.
. 11; Pi... I.omm. 4; Sr. Pic.
I ...i, I I atham Foundation
\,,ril I 2. Water Polo 2, 3;
-,.. . I. Irack 1, 2. 3; FB.
1. 2 ;1:. 2. 3; BkB. 1. 4;
Staging 2.

"Chinito Tamr"
Panama. R. de P.
Calm, quiet fellow. Cheerful
manner and a rather shy grin.
Xmas Dan. 3; Stamp Cl. 1, 2. 3:
Cam. Cl. 3; Chess Cl. 4; BB. 2,
3, 4; BkB. 2, 3, 4; FB. 2, 3, 4;
Track 1, 2, 3, 4.

Los Angeles, (alif.
Laughing eyes, dancing feet, viva-
cious and jun in any crowd.
Sp. Cl. 2,3; Mus. Cl. 1: Art Cl. 2;
Pep Sq. 2, 3; Cho. 1. 3: Lib. Asst.
1, 4: Off. Asst. 4; Fashion Show
4; VB. 1. 2, 3, 4; SB. 1, 2, 3:
BkB. 3, 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
An unpredictable character who's
always on hand for a laugh.
Xmas Pro. Comm. 4: R.O.T.C. 2,
3; "Glamour Boy" 4.

Panama. R. de P.
A model's figure plus a shining
Library Club 3, 4; VB. 3: SB. 4;
Lib. Asst. 1. 2.

Panama, R. de P.
l.oro Latin iwas that we all adore.
Ricardo's our buddy.
Spanish Club 1.

Boston, Mass.
Science -
Brains + Friendliness = Don
Zonian Asst. Mgr. 3; Zonian Ad
Sel. 4; Stamp Cl. 1, 2, 3; Chem.
Cl. 3; Math. Cl. 4; Bio. Cl. 2, 3;
NHS 4; Cam. Cl. 2; UN. Cl. 4;
Chess Cl. 4; Lib. Asst. 1; Lab.
Asst. 3; R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 1/Lt. 4;
Usher 3; Jr. Anth. 3; Cds. &
Annc. 4; Soph Pic. 2; Pres. Cam.
& Elec. 4; Track 3, 4; JV. BkB. 3;
Tennis 2.

Perry, Georgia
Hollywood has Jerry Lewis, we've
got Faye Tucker and we
like it!
Hr. Rep. 1: Pep Sq. 2, 4; Off.
Asst. 4; Lab. Asst. 2, 4; Lib. Asst. HUGH G. VANDERGRIFT
3: Gls. St. 3; S.H. Dan. 2; Val. "Vandy"
Dan. 4: Usher 2. 4; Grad. Usher New York, N. Y.
3; Pres. Cam. & Elec. 4; Mus. Aid
1: VB. 1, 2, 3, 4; BkB. 1, 2, 3, 4; A wizard at math! He's a guy with
SB. 4. a smile and a laugh come
what may.
Cheyenne High School: Band 1;
Orch. 1; Punahou School. Hawaii:
Lettm. CI. 2, 3; Staging 3: Swim.
GUSTAVO TRONCOSO F. 2", 3-; Tennis 3".
David, R. de P.
Always scores, both in basketball
and personality.
Hr. Rep. 3, 4; SA. Rep. 3; Usher
3; Spanish CI. 2, 3; BkB. JV. 2,
3*, 4*; FB. 3, 4.

Loudon, Tenn.
Easy-to-know. easy to get along
with, pleasing personality
and gracious manners.
Drama Cl. 2, 3: Lib. Cl. 2; Mus.
Cl. 1: Pep Sq. 2, 3: Clio. 1, 2, 3;
Lib. Asst. 2; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3;
Fashion Show 1; School Assem.
2. 3.

\ncon. Canal Zone
Flirtatious brown eyes-dancing
is her *,%,' ,' ,' 'i. 0i
uand up-to-date.
Ref. Cl. 3, 4; Pep Sq. 1, 2, 3. 4;
Cho. 1. 2, 3. 4; Off. Asst. 4: Gls.
St. 3: Usher 3. 4: Fr. Pic. 1; Soph
Pic. 2: Inaug. Dan. Chr. 4; Val.
Dan. 4: Zonian Ad Sel. 4: Grad.
Usher 3: "Our Town" 2: VB. 1,
2. 3, 4: BkB. 2. 3, 4: SB. 3. 4.

Melrose, Mass.
WF hen it comes to talent he can't be
beat. Jack of all trades.
Cho. 1. 3. 4: Sp. Cho. 3. 4; Band
4: R.O.T.C. 1. 2; Acting 1. 3. 4:
Staging 1, 3, 4; Producing 1, 3. 4:
Directing 4.

Rock Island, -11.
Quietly efficient. She's friends
with the world.
Hr. Rep. 1; Sec. 2; GAA 1, 2:
FHA 2; Chrld. 2; Sp. Cho. 2;
Lib. Asst. 2, 3; Off. Asst. 4; Stag-
ing 2: Fashion Show 1: Usher 2:
Sl1. 1: Tennis 1.2.

Camden. N. J.
Golden red hair cute little
treckles-subtlessence of humor.
V.-Pres. 3; Girls Cho. 2, 3; Focus
3; Typing Cl. 3; Soph Social
Comm. 2; BkB. 2. 3, 4: VB. 4:
SB. 3, 4.

Colon, R. de P.
An amiable boy with a manner
that has won him many friends.
Donna High School: BkB. 3;
R.O.T.C. 2; "A" Asso. 3.


-A Xr,- I
Ancon, Canal Zone
Likes to come to school, but likes
to go home better. Pig-skin
Lettm. Cl. 4; Stamp Cl. 2, 3;
R.O.T.C. 2, 3. 2/Lt. 4: BB. 1;
SB. I: FB. 1. 2*. 3*. 4*.

West Palm Beach. Fla.
lie laughs and the class laughs
with him, but he stays after
school alone. Great guy,
our Carl!
Lettin. (C. 4; R.O.T.C. 3, Sgt. 4:
Xmas Dan. 3; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; Sr.
Ring 4; "Beauty and the Beef"
4; FB. 1, 2, 3", 4*; Track 3, 4;
BkB. 3. 4: BB. 3.

\ncon, Canal Zone
7The very best of tall misses, with
a top-notch wardrobe.
IUsher 3, 4: Pep Sq. 1; Cho. 1;
Off. Asst. 2: Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; Grad.
Usher 3: Pres. Cam. & Elec. 4:
Cds. & Annc. Comm. 4; VB. 1, 2.
3. 4: BkB. 1. 2, 3, 4: SB. 1, 2, 3, 4.

, /i,. s ,/,ti/i i ,f r,, t, .1i tir-n, her

Fr. Pic. 1; Pep .tq. 1. 2. ,; uioru,
1. 2: BkB. 3. 4: VB. 3.

Cincinnati, Ohio
I.ankily he lazes through BHS.
Smile we would like to see
more of.
Hr. Rep. 3; Orch. 1, 2; R.O.T.C.
2, 3; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; Xmas Dan.
3; BkB. 1, 2, 3; FB. 1, 2, 3; Swim.
1. 2; Cristobal High School.


Portland, Ore.
A cheerful smile for everyone. A
real pleasure to know.
Jr. Student Council Rep. 3; GAA
1, 2, 3: NHS 1, 3, 4; Cho. 2, 4:
Cam. Cl. Sec. 1; Jr.-Sr. Prom 3:
Fr. Cl. 4; Meguro H.S. and Nar-
imasu H.S.. Japan.

ot Pretaned:

Klamath Falls, Ore.
Friendly and sweet. A welcome
addition to our class.

Ancon. Canal Zone
An ideal pal. Good times follow
Radio Cl. 1; Projection CI. 2. 3:
R.O.T.C. 2, 3 M/Sgt. 4.

Panama, R. de P.
Another swell neighbor from
Panama way.
Alpha Gamma Omega 2; BkB. 3;
Murphy High School.

Panama. R. de P.
Quite the joker! Full of Jun and
mischief. A grand pal.
Letlm. Cl. 2; R.O.T.C. 2. 3, 1/Lt.
4: Pres. Elec. & Cam. 4: BB. 1.
2. 3. 4: FB. 1. 2, 3. 4: BkB. 1. 2,
3. 4; SB. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Panama, R. de P.
Lots of room between his head
and his toes.

Panama, R. de P.
I'ery likeable guy who is a real
ace behind a baseball bat.
Baseball 2*. 3*, 4*.

Panama, R. de P.
Good in sports. Friendly guy.
R.O.T.C. 2, 3. Cpl. 4; Track 1:
2: Cho. 1, 2, 3; Sp. Cho. 1.2.

Lodi, Ohio
Loves motorcycles and speed.
R.O.T.C. 1, 2, 3, M/Sgt. 4.





Best Daneers




'''-" .




I~PC~h~3rY~ I


Most Popular


-J-^ A

lost Talented


.. *' -.r~

~%%% ~ '







w u ':i


Best Looking

i; ;;~`"
`rc~Z. ~J
i i 4
. i ;I.i.*Q ~I;. .


Most Athletie

hi" 4


u^f -^




TUNE 2, 1 53



Most Likely to Succeed

Most All-Around







P.I ~
r .

0on or,


Most IntellciOLtual


~a "l4









,!ad& -

t, -

w< i*
*9 ^"\


























U MR. JEFFRIES, Class Adviser

Nineteen hundred and fifty-three,
I Balboa's smallest class were we.
We elected our officers, and only the best.

Paul, Bruce, and Pat really passed the test.
9 Then a committee ordered our rings,
And when they arrived we felt just like kings.
ROur Christmas Formal won't be surpassed,
And we're sure our Banquet can't be out-classed.
So thanks be to all for the best year of all,
S With hopes for a wonderful year, too, next fall.

- r


Row 1: Anne
Connie Trefi
Kurt Menzel,
Pat [Dunmru.,
Shirle) \llIh,

dagee, Bobbie Jo Oglesby,
ger, Ann Lowry. Row 2:
ean Angstadt, Bob Correll,
I nin Davidson.,
i, Bruce Quini

Left to rig back row are: Kenny Lee, Alice Paxson,
Andy Mul gan, Ch. Shirley Million, Frank Lerchen.
Front row. Marian Evans. Mary Rose.

Row 1: Bob ud, Tom Tettenl
Cleveland So Row 2: Mitzi Sie
Joan Wetze Carol Chase. Standii
Bruce Qui

to right, stand
>r. Ch., Kirk
'ed, third, left t,
Glud, Jack Cor
ed, second row,
eu, Connie Glas
SCh., Pat Dur
eed in front: An

urn, Gary Riley,
al, Beth Hatchett,
g: Edna Jenkins,

1 AL
ig are: Bruce Orvis,
ibbits, Paul Smith.
right: Justin Wong,
igan, Frank Lerchen.
eft to right: Marilyn
burn, Beth Hatchett,
ling, Anne Cramer.
te Magee, Chairman.
























'. JANE JENNISON, Vice-President

MR. SEAQUIST, Class Adviser

Nin, i.. -i hundred and fifty-three,
No longer newcomers, you and me.
Our sophomore year now is done.
As upperclassmen, we really had fun!
We had a good year with officers, ours,
'Cause Jane, Carroll, and Charles really worked hours.
A Soph committee planned a dance for the school.
The ideas of that Sadie Hawkins dance made us drool.
Now we are looking ahead to next year,
To every laugh and to every tear.


Standing, left to right are: Jim Boi
mond, Doug Schmidt, Jim McKe
front are: Dawn Crowell, Page Cc
and Sadie Williams.

4 ; ... .
Soph. girls get
the boys lo

ens, Margaret Zent,

Back row: Hi
roll Adams, Si
Pat Steiner, L

y Erhman, Jane Jennison, Ch., Car-
(. llIri.. Larry Cotton. Front row:
SSpencer, Margaret Tewinkle.


9' -


,-:; *













BECKI ESSER. Secrreari.
I ite-Pre~idenl.

MISS MATTHEWS, Class Adviser

Nineteen hundred and fifty-three:
Our first year to hold the key.
We elected Becky, Dick, and Scot,
Then won the Frolic: that's quite a lot!
Next we had a Strutter's Ball.
Ann, our queen, was best of all.
The S. A. activities were great;
We were there, didn't hesitate.
The times we had, what friends we met,
Make that a year we won't forget.









rP"" '


ED S,(.)OTT. President.

. (
Top, left to right
Hatchett, Bobby
Below, left to rig,
Dottie Cotton, Ru
Judy Crosby, jain

ire: David Pace, Bill
Smith, Jeff Goodin.
are: Charlie
i Holt, Linda alone,
.nilb Riley.

Standing: Joh ilamma, llm Hotz, Miche Nahmad,
Blair Buchan n, Richard Carratini. 1st row: Jim
Reese, Angela alentine, Judy Colby, Roselin Breceno,
Vilma C. de oca, Norman Dixon. 2nd row: Judy
Curtis, Ed S tt, Ruth Holt, Dottie Cotton, Dixie
Stoudner, Juli Baker, Gladys Kaufmann, Pat Payne.


We won the Frolic, a d what fun!

---_ 1

Our dance was a great success
... dj't you think?



Com49 T


Charles Smith, Cora Canham and Arline Schmidt, S. A. Secretaries
S. A. President


The Student Association--or the S. A., as it is
commonly called-is the "government" of Balboa
High School. Its officers this year were: President,
Charles Smith; Vice President, Alson Sears; two
Secretaries, Cora Canham and Arline Schmidt; and
Sthe home representatives and alternates. Mr. Reynold
Vann was the sponsor.
S! The president, a senior, and the vice president,
a junior, were elected by the student body. After
i'-" his election, the president appointed the two girls as
secretaries of the S. A. Each homeroom elected its
own representative to attend the S. A. meetings. An
alternate was also elected by the homeroom to sub-
stitute in the absence of the representative.
Committee at Work

Homeroom Alternates

Homeroom Representatives Mr. Reynold Vann,
S. A. Sponsor


All matters of importance during the school year
were discussed at S. A. meetings. The meetings were
informal, and each representative was free to express
his own opinions in all matters.

Money for S. A.-sponsored projects comes from *
the sale of S. A. tickets, which enable students to
attend school activities such as dances, sports, and
parties free, or at a small charge. a

The school owes the Student Association many l ":
thanks for all the activities it has sponsored and for
governing our school so smoothly and efficiently.

Informal Discussion at an S. A. Meeting

Jacquie McCoy, Mary Jane
Sylvestre, and Marilyn Ford
looking over the books.

David Otten, Cleve Soper, Miller
Haynes, Lucy Driscoll, and Lee Taylor
work (?) in the dark room.

Beth Hatchett, Edna Hart, Helen
Hasemann, Judy McCoy enjoy a joke
while making layouts.

Judy May and Joyce Collinge, the
editors behind the ZONIAN.

Mr. C. M. Ellis, ZON-
IAN, sponsor.





Mr. E. W. Hatchett and Mary Jane
Sylvestre discuss the financial status
of the ZONIAN.


Kay Cross dictates to Judy
McCoy while Edna Hart
looks on.

Edna Hart, Cleve Soper, "happy
clown," Kay Cross, and Ronald McCon-
nell, "sad clown," advertise our ZON-

Marilyn Ford, Mary Beth Lewis, Sue
Curdts, Kay Cross, and Judy McCoy
writing senior sidelines.

I: r a

Oww"'I kIUIN
Betty Flatau, Ann Pace, Pat Dunning, The Parrakeet Daily is being put to- Caroline Brewer, Ann Low-
and Andy Mulligan working (?) over gether by artists Justin Wong, Julene ry, Evelyn Molyneaux, and
the typewriters. Page. Jimmy Suddaby, and Joan Norine Dillman setting up
S..tl/.l. Miss Brigham's Parrakeet
bulletin board.


Mr. Hatchett, Business Adviser, and
Fred Schraeder, Business Manager,
checking the ads before the PARRA-
KEET is sent to the advertisers.

Miss Brigham, PARRA-
KEET sponsor.

,, ,I~l 1116, -I
Editor Rosemary Hollander and As-
sociate Editor Julene Page look over
the new PARRAKEET before it is

Miss Brigham making the deadline
while Doug Sasfy, Mary Alice Hicks, Sally Cunning and Mary Alice Hicks
and Bruce Ouinn look on. measuring column inches.

Miss Brigham, Julene Page,
and Justin Wong cleaning

E? H~r' i"I
FA !f


Mr. Victor Herr and his chorus, band,
and orchestra deserve a well-rounded ap-
plause this year. Mr. Herr has incorporated
in the Music Department an excellent spe-
cial chorus and has taught us many new and
beautiful selections.
As usual, the Christmas Program was
the most popular performance. Next on
the list, however, were the popular "Christ-
mas Party" and "'Rinl. White and Blue"
programs given at the Balboa Theater.
Another highlight of the year was our
new "marching" band. This year the band
sported new uniforms bought by the S.A.
They performed for us during the half-time
of our big game with Lake Worth High,
and certainly gave our spirits a boost!
Not to be forgotten is the orchestra,
which has not had the opportunities to play
as many times as the band, but proved its
ability at our more serious assemblies and
the Christmas Program.
Yes, we've had an excellent year. The
man to thank for its success, with his new
and original ideas and many long hard
hours of work, is Mr. Victor Herr!

The orchestra practices for the Christmas Concert



Some football spirit

** r-


sL usI1 Ua-lgla

Battalion tornl: Cadet 1.. Col. William
Drrr. Comn andine Offirer: Cadet Cap-
lain Fredrirk Srhrader. idiulanI: HIloi-
nrar Ca.planl Anni (.ornlan. ;poon-ur;
I adel Mamor William Dais-on. Ercur-

COMPANY "A": Cadet Captain Thomas Grimison,
Commanding; Honorary 1st Lt. Joyce Gardner, Spon-
sor; and Cadet SFC Walter Collins, Supply Sgt.

Top picture: Balboa's Battalion on the "line."
Bottom picture: Captain Wilson presenting Best Company streamer to Company "C."
--- HMA.nquu i

Under the leadership of Cadet Lt. Col. William Derr, the Balboa ROTC
Battalion had one of its most successful years. On Field Night Company A.
commanded by Cadet Captain Thomas Grimison, managed to take just about
all of the honors. Able Company won individual, squad, platoon, and com-
pany competition.
At last reports, Cadet Captain Landon Gunn had firmly avowed that
Company "B" was going to win company competition at least once this year.
mmrum, -m

ROTC Color Guard: From
left to right; Cadet M/Sgt.
Andrew Esslinrer; Cadet
M/Sgt. Miller Haynes, Bat-
talion Sgt. Major; Cadet
M Sgt. D. A. Hope, Bat-
talion Suppli Sp.: Cadet
SFC Ronald L. Slonrr.

The "Guiding Lights" of
the ROTC unit: M/Sgt. El-
mer Edwards, Supply Sgt.;
M/Sgt. Harry F. Yar-
brough, Administrative
NCO; SFC Douglas A. Me-

COMPANY "B": Cadet Captain Landen H. Gunn,
Commanding; Honorary 1st Lt. Jacquie McCoy, Spon-
sor; Cadet SFC Robert Fishbough, Supply Sgt.

COMPANY "C": Cadet Captain Donald
S. Tribe, Commanding: Honorary Ist
Lt. Arline Schmidt, 'p.im-r. r Cadet
SFC Cleveland Soper, Supply Sgt.

Top picture: "C" Company marching off the field after the Review for the R.O.A. on 20 February 1953.
Bottom picture: Cadet M/Sgt. Doug Sasfy and his superb drill team.

NI41. \ I" '-i- "m I

Baker Company has been able to finish second every six-weeks period.
Company "C," commanded by Cadet Captain Donald S. Tribe. although
not winning anything at Field Night. has managed to win company competi-
tion for two six-weeks periods.
This year's Spring Camp was held at Camp Empire with 160 boys attend-
ing. The principal features of the four-day encampment were tactical prob-
lems and demonstrations by various combat units of the UISARCARIB.

Inies, Instructor; M/Sgt.
Carl Webb, Instructor;
Captain Earl J. Wilson,
P.M.S. & T.; and First Lt.
Ray M. Golden, Assistant
"P.M.S. & T.


Queen Patricia II and her Court: Seniors-Arline Schmidt. Mary Dillon. Juniors-Anne Lowry, Con-
nie Glassburn. Sophomores-Pat Quinn, Barbara Hammond. Freshmen-Sue Warren, Susan Hale.

Our wonderful Valentine Formal given by the

mighty Senior Class was held for the first time at

S* the Army-Navy Club at Fort Amador. The tables

were decorated with driftwood and hearts. Our

&j) lovely Queen Patricia II was crowned by Queen Pa-

tricia I. The Queen and her Court received beauti-

ful bouquets and all the girls wore very lovely


Queen Jacquie McCoy and her court, Mary Dillon and Nancy Ladd, and Honorary Football Captain, Fred Cotton.

Lovely Jacquie McCoy, escorted by the
Honorary Captain of the Bulldogs' unde-
feated football team, was crowned at the
wonderful Football Dance sponsored and
put on by the gridiron lettermen. Jacquie's
court was escorted by the football captains
of Junior College and the Athletic Club.
Life-sized caricatures, the presence of Lake
Worth and a Hula Dance were only a few
of the ideas which all added up to a super
and long-to-be-remembered dance.

J2Wi x~'

" T '



"Glamour Boy," starring Lee and Larry
Cotton, was BHS' first stage production. It
was presented at the Diablo Theatre in October
and both nights of its presentation, the audi-
ences enjoyed the story of Chauncy J. Mooney.
played by the Cotton twins, and his heart-
warming battle to be noticed and talked about,
like Flash IBruce True) Horner. When
Chauncy's obviously fictional autobiography is
turned into a contest and wins first prize, it
means a new swimming pool for Oakville High
School and glory for Chauncy. as well as the
affection of Ann Gorman, who played Georgia
Bell Roberts. Flash's girl. Of course, all ends

.,...,_ ;


well and even the principal (Chuck Walsh)
and his secretary Judy McCoy and Rosemary
Hollander) are satisfied with the results.

As the Zonian went to press. Balboa Hi's
second play, "Beauty and the Beef," was in
rehearsal. It starred Aliana Lewis as the Beauty
and Bruce Orvis as Beef. Dedicated to the
undefeated Football Champions of BHS, the
play featured many of BHS' gridiron players.
Mr. Subert Turbyfill directed both of the
plays for Balboa High School's 1952-53 season,
and. as always, he can be sincerely congratu-
lated for a fine job.








IWilma Foster, Sonia Aliponga and Ann
Magee look pretty as pictures in their
new tea dresses.


Jean Kelly in the pret-
tiest net-over-satin we've
seen in a long time.

June fWallace
looks really
"terrific" in her
versatile two-
piece dress.

How we wish we'd had
color film for this shot
of Theresa Cherem in
her beautiful aqua-and-
yellow short formal!

4na Ho looks cool as
miint in her pale b'ue

Janeth Willoe looks sim-
ply perfect in her yellow
dress with the narrow
black belt and flowers
at the waist.

Pat Steiner looks
good enough to
eat in her very
special net-over-
taffeta formal.

Bet whatever they're
looking at in that shop
window doesn't look
half so nice as Jeanne
Toledano and Sofia
Pashales do!

Maritza van Hoorde is a
real latin beauty in this
over-satin creation.


Mitzi Siegel
in the perfect

Back row, le,' ,- ,r I, .1 .1.
C h u n g a n d D .- i. li.l I, I..l" t. ,, r. ,'.1
to right: Patsy -.. \Hri.. i rl..n lul.
M ay, and CarI....- i-r ... /A,. .. I-t
to right: Frailk ilr..-.- i-..l L-. I. H..
Not shown: Carl- .1. Perr... 1 R..-nil.,r
Hollander, anc IliJi,,o. F.I.

I. i. ... ,.1I % ,,,l.r. It..pe, Bill Bailey,
il. i' l I \ I k -..I larence Bright.
S1.'...1 I'ii~1 .i 1 \%I 'son Hope. and
~l~i I '.'', .'.,.I

Back row, left to right: Judy Colby, Judy Jensen, Helen Tilley,
Nita J...i Greta Navarro, Caroline Brewer, Carole Chase, Anne
l ,,Ir, "l..-l -h-. i.1. Edna Arjona, Ana Ho. Ahna Johnson,
1l.irl,. Webster, Barbara Gordon, Luis Ho, and Carroll Adams.
Front row, left to r,'a., Harold McCarrick, Charles Hummer.
Mike Lopez, Donald irI.-, Allen Cox, and Bruce Orvis. Not
shown: Nina Brown, Tom McIntyre, Helen Hallax. Sonia Del Rio,
Carmen Lasso, Nelda Lasso. Sofia Pashales, Judy Brinkley, Mildred
Sandrone. Sara Collinge. Shirley Harned, Gary Trapnell, and
Richard Carattini.

tLHFl I.Ll B
Back row, t. t, F. -.. -ii Ii. -I.., I It .- -
Robert Seavey, David Ellis. Bill Laddl, Jorge
Cl.... I.... Tam, and Pablo Chung. Middle
r., 'ri to right: Bill Dawson, Donald
Tribe, Dan Gressang, Bob Hughes, Simon
Faygenbaum, Richard Carattini, Enrique
Ho, and Luis Ho. Front row, left to right:
\n.. H.. 11I ir, \I, ,..d... ('r;ole Chase, Marie
V.gi,, \i, .~- 1..- i.L Flatau, and Joan
\\,r .,l \ 1 ,'.,..,,, PIi..,i|. Norris, Barbara
Hammond, Cesar Von Chong, Bob Roche,
Albert Calvo, Milton Rodriguez, Barrie
Howard, Alphonse Blackall, Robert Shirer.
John Maduro, Jim Selby, and Carlo' de

q \~.REt I I II
i., .. .i . .r,, Greta Navarro, Jo
l,,,. l ur I,.., I. \ .1r..n, Norma Stanley,
Hecky Lsser, susan Hale. Carolyn Curtis,
Nancy Neese, Kathleen Steiner, Ann Pace,
Marisita Arhaiza, Barlara Cordell, Peggy
Acker. Janeth Willoe. Beverly Crawford.
Virginia Kam. Sharen Hamrnond, Helen
Tilley. Bette Hummer. Agnes Dube. Mary
\;,. ..; '.......;. I..... Anita Schneider.
,r..I ~,. \1. I,,. 1 ., row, left to right:
1111 I'.il. ., Charles Hummer. Jimmy Sud-
daby, Joe Harari, Justin Wong, Felix
1 ...... ( ary Trapnell. Paul Duran. David
Pace. Harold McCarrick. Stergios Garos.
an(d David Ellis. Not shown: Horace Mat-
thews, Bol Roche, Emily Riley. and Shirley


,' ..' .
: qP&


Left to right: Boris Allara and Robin Harrison.

Back: Phyllis Phillips. Front row, left to right: Maria Ali, Beverly
Rosan, Dora Henriquez. June Gibson, and Elaine Prill. Not shown:
Joyce (Gardner and Elda Correa.

Back row, left to right: John Stucchio, Clarence
Bright. Peggy Mitchell. Ida Straus, Pat Divney.
Pricilla Plicet. Loa Rager. Sally Banton, Jo Anne
Sorrell. and Agnes Dube. Fourth row, left to right:
Dora Henriquez and Eleanor Van Zandt. Third
row, left to right: Allison Davidson and Maritza van
Hoorde. Second row, left to right: Judy Curtis and
Judith Crosby. First row, left to right: Cunthia
Orr and Gloria Valdez. Not shown: Shirley Harned.
Joan Hamilton. Mary Tharp, and Tyrone Ham-

Back row, left to right: Sheila Curling, Gail
Oakes. Nancy Gill and Adele Meissner. Seated:
Sally McConnell. Not shown: Edna Jenkins. Ro-
berta Dillon and Gladys Kaufmann.

Left to right: Bruce Quinn. Bob Correll, Carole Chase. Jean Ang-
stadt. Dave Sundquist, and Faye Tucker.

Back row, left to right: Jean Kelly, Dorothy
Hart, Marisita Arbaiza, Gay Edwards, Mary Vir-
ginia C.in;Ainllj.. Tita Corrigan, Marilyn Abreu.
Wanda \\ l-..,. I jve Tucker. and Jennye Stephens.
Front row, left to right: Ann Magee, Jacquie Mc-
Coy, Mary Dillon. Marion Harris, Judy McCoy.
and Bunny Di Bella. Not shown: Julieta Arose-
mena, Georgia Hagler, Nancy Conneely, Margie
Walsh, Eileen Bleakley, Janeth Willoe, Mary
Hamma, Elki Altman, Jan Armstrong. Shirley
Million. Ann Gorman, Sylvia Swift. and Pat Quinn.

Standing, left to right: Joe Harari and Winters
Hope. Seated, left to right: Bill Bailey, Carole
Chase, and David Ellis. Not shown: Bill Ladd,
Jean Angstadt, Earl Boland, Vincent Esquerra, Al
Evans, Felix Figueroa, Luis Ho, Allison Hope,
Joanne Hummer and Mitzi Siegel.

Back row, left to right: Bill Dawson, Norine Dillman, Bob Hughes,
Donald Tribe, Bill Kaska, Tommy Grimison, and Mary Beth Lewis.
Middle row, left to right: Jerry Bennett. Mary Jane Sylvestre. Jennye
Stephens. Inyce Collinge, Arline Schmidt, and Maria Ali. Front row,
I.i, i.. n..ri Judy May, Marilyn Ford, Judy McCoy, Kay Cross, and
Julene Page. Not shown: Laurel Cummings.

Back row, left to right: Elki Altman, Dora Hen-
riquez, Mary Dillon, Kay Cross, Ted Norris, and
Mary Jane Sylvestre. Front row, left to right:
Donald Tribe. Miller Haynes. Luis Ho, Ana Ho,
Pricilla Plicet. Helen Hasemann. Nancy Ladd,
Marion Harris. Rita Arias. Alice Haghorg. Maritza
van Hoorde. and Jose Tam. Not shown: Nancy
Bateman, Judy May, Nelda Lasso and Aliana

Back row, left to right: Jane House, Jean Ang-
stadt, Claire Spencer, and Marie Jenkins. Front
row, left to right: Bob Brayshaw, Fred Schraeder,
and Bob Correll. Not shown: Jim Des Londes.

Back: Jennye Stephens. Middle row, left to right: Shirley Million,
Mary Dillon, Joanne Hummer, Margie Walsh. Joyce Gardner, Joyce
Collinge, Sara (Cillr-.. Carroll Adams, and Pat Quinn. Seated, left
to right: Pat Dodson, Ann Magee. Nina Brown, and Sheila Sheffield.
Not shown: Dora H'rnri.iu, i. Adele Meissner, Andy Mulligan. Frances
Dillon, Etilvia Arjona, Beverly Rosan, Edna Jenkins, Sue Curdts, Nira
Reyes, Nancy Ladd, Kitty Lowe, Nancy Bateman, Sally McConnell.
Judy Hoopes, Gloria Samson, Nancy Gill, Teonilda Larrinaga, Judy
M. rC.. Ernestina Evans, Joan Forbes, Pat Foster, Ida Straus, Sylvia
swift, Robin Harrison, Marion Harris, Mildred Sandrone, and Nancy

Back row, left to right: Joanne Hummer, Mitzi
Sie~pl. Eileen Bleakley, Grace Joustra, Helen
1S iii,,-. Carol Harris, and Eileen Feliz. Fourth
row, left to right: Dora Henriquez, Pat Quinn.
SNita Jones, Faye Tucker, and Arline Schmidt.
Third row, left to right: Beverly Rosan, Mary
Dillon, Patsy Reese, Rosemary Hollander, and
Norine Dillman. Second row, left to right: Marion
r DHarris, Edna Jenkins, larlld o Ford, Alice Hag-
borg, Elki Altman, and Jacquie McCoy. Front row,
t left to right: Lyla Lou Womack, Don Corn, Gerald
Pierce, Gus Troncoso. Pinky Arias. Lee Myers,
Sand Margie Walsh. Not shown: Kay Hebert.
l \. Marian Evans, Violet Scott. Janis Dew, Mary Beth
SLewis, Lucy Driscoll, and Georgia Hagler.

Back row, left to right: Edna Jenkins, Dora Henriquez, and Joyce Collinge. Middle row, left to right: Marilyn Ford, Joyce
Gardner, Joan Forbes, Arline Schmidt, and Julene Page. Front row, left to right: Ann Magee, Jennye Stephens, Nira Reyes,
Judy McCoy, and Beverly Rosan. Not shown: Violet Scott, Mary Hamma, Frances Dillon, Orlanda Cruz, Oderay Salas.
Teonilda Larrinaga, Pat Quinn, Nina Brown, and Connie Treffinger.

Back row, left to :.:Li Donahl Morton. David Sundquist, Jim Jones, Bob Morris, Tom Jenkins, Bob Glud, Tom Davidson,
Andy Wright, Abdiel It 111. Al Sears, Larry Keene, and Bruce Orvis. Middle row, left to right: Francis Boyd, Bienvenido
Salas, Francisco Delegado, Bill Fullerton, Gerald Pierce, Lee Myers, Jaime Salas, Coach Fawcett. Jim Fulton, Pinky Arias,
and Bob Rowley. Front row, left to right: Jim Herzog, Bill Beil. Fred Cotton, Ray Nickisher. Carl Widell, Ted Norris, Don
Corn, Simon Faygenbaum. Donald Huff, Charles Smith, Bill Dawson, and Ed Napoleon. Not shown: Jim May, Rudy Ostrea,
Joe Oliver, Mario Mata. Ronald McConnell, Ed Benny, Miller Haynes, Tom Grimison. Everett Stacy, Ron Stover, and Gus

StB B.

Our Senior Cheerleaders Ted and Kay You can't talk your way out of this one, Bruce

Now is the time for all good Seniors to di in!
Now is the time for all good Seniors to dig in!

How about that, Faye?

Jim and Gerald, the executive types

Notice the full plates



T' if

Slumberless party

Judy, our co-editor

Warming up to cheer a good game

The lovely Jamboree Queens

The lovely Jamboree Queens

Ihe llhnlling ISulldog.


Decorating for the parade

Yea, Team!

1-2-3 La Conga, Balboa is La Stronga!

~'( b

Seleorne Trojan-!

The "other" Cheerleaders

The hustle and bustle of industrious students
-or is it three o'clock?

About face, Jacquie, Bunny, Jennye and Shirley!

Fishing or

Lake Worth's first glimpse of Balboa

So long,

You must be
winning, Jaime

It must be an interesting Inauguration!

The pause that refreshes, 3:00

They are the Future Builders


Mopsies Shapely Legs

Mopsies! Shapely Legs!

Dancing the Tivoli way

shapely legs'

Food is the root of all evil


Betty and Hugh spinning platters

Uga uga boo, uga boo boo uga!

In the darkroom

Girls State, of hysteria!

The library is a mental workshop?

Smile, pretty,

Ooh, is he heavy.

Stretch for a strike

^^ U- "- p' -aniB

. ', ,- K"

Up in the ... where are you anyways?

Cooler on the outside

Classy class officers

Jan's back Why all the grins?

Need a push?

Didn't you learn before?

Trying to grow up?

Junior; One Year

Senior: Two Years

Senior; One Year

Once more the spirit of Balboa High School was
outstanding in every way. This year there was quite
a hit for every B.H.S. fan to be proud of, since we
not only ended football season undefeated, but ours
was the first Isthmian team to beat a States' team.
Our players in.all the other sports displayed sports-
manship that really gave B.H.S. a good name.

Twelve girls were chosen by the judges this year
to cheer Balboa High on to victory. The school then

Left: "Dynamo. let's go; dynamite, let's
fight!" Our cheerleaders in a popular

Below: Here's our Pep Squad going through its paces at the Lake Worth



Senior; One Year


Junior: One Year

Senior: One Year

Co-Captain; Senior;
Two Years

elected eight girls from the twelve to be cheerleaders.
and four to serve as "alternates" and leaders of the
terrific Pep-Squad. All twelve, under the sponsor-
ship of Mrs. John Fawcett, did a super job as was
shown by those pep rallies and by the spirit at the

Most of the credit for much of that "do or die"
spirit of our teams goes to our Pep-Squad, who faith-
fully donned those red and white outfits and yelled
their loudest when the going got rough.

Right: Here are the four girls respon-
sible for the Pep Squad activities. Left
to right: Andy Mulligan, Edna Jenkins.
Anne Magee, and Julene Page.

Co-Captain: Senior;
Two Years

wonderful Bulldogs running through the

Below: *"V" for Victory-B.H.S.'s
"V" at the Lake Worth halftime.

. I

"\_'r vzz~I\IZA' nUIL]EJTIICIJ











B.H.S. Bulldogs, undefeated Cham-
pions of 1952! Our offense was the
best. That's evident by the scores.
Our defense was the best too. Look
at the scores again. Our aerial attack
was more effective than any other
team's. History was made on Novem-
ber 28, when we became the first
Zone school to defeat a state-side
school in football. Yea. Buldl..-'!!


Sept. 26, '52 ........AC-6
Oct. 17, '52 ........JC-0
Oct. 24, '52 ........CHS-0
Oct. 30, '52 ........AC-0
Nov. 7, '52 ........JC-0
Nov. 14, '52 ........CHS-6
Nov. 28, '52 ........LW-6

BHS- 2
BHS- 7



,.-.u j

The try tor extra point m mte A. U.. vs.
September 26, 1952

Bob Morris crashes through the J. C. line for eight yards
to gain B. H. S. another first-and-ten in the game
of October 17. 1952

Nickisher's arm goes back as he readies for another of his
accurate passes against A. C. on October 30, 1952.
No, May wasn't stopped by the C. H. S. player in this picture.
He went on for another five yards on November 14, 1952.

Jim May on another of his first-and-ten runs
in the A. C. vs. B. H. S. quarter of the Football
Jamboree on October 3, 1952. We won!

The muddiest game of the year; B. H. S. vs.
C. H. S. May's coming around right end for a
gain of five yards

Orvis readies himself to hit the ground as he dives for
a pass against J. C. in the game of November 7, 1952.
Managers of our victorious football team: Miller
Haynes, Bob Presley, Bruce Quinn, Tom Grimison.

Orvis goes across the goal line for six against
Lake Worth after catching one of Nickisher
passes. Orvis is at left.

On this play our line really showed its strength
by stopping the Lake Worth quarterback

I tis one ian lt get away

Our hearts really skipped a beat when Lake Worth crashed
through our line for six points!

A Lake Worth ball carrier breaks loose and starts the run
that brought them right to our goal line.

The Lake Worth team had a powerful line too!

The game winning T. D. as Mav crosses the line

Hey! Who's who in this mix-up?

OUR BASKETBALL TEAM: Back row: Jim May, Francis Boyd, Everett Stacy, Fred Cotton; Front row: Gus
Troneoso, Bill Martin, Larry Blick, Ray Nickisher, Ronald Stover.

No, this wasn't BHS's best year. But our team

did play their best for Balboa High School, and we

are certainly proud of them. Most of the members

of our team were playing their first year of Varsity

Basketball, and they did very fine. They improved

with each game. The nice thing about it is that

most of the team will be returning next year to give

JC and CHS a rough time.



Dec. 16, '52.

Dec. 19, '52.

Jan. 2, '53 .

Jan. 6, '53

Jan. 13, '53

Jan. 16. '53

BHS :;;

.CHS-57 BHS-27



.CHS-41 BHS-32



CHS-46 BHS-39

I AX \
Nice going Ronnie! That's Stover getting the
ball for us

That all-important jump in the center. Ronnie
Stover and Fred Alegres are jumping for the ball

Another lay-up shot! Jim May makes it against J. C.

Here's a picture of one of the most important phases of the
game: a foul shot. Everett Stacy takes the shot

Everett Stacy gains some altitude as he drops Francis Boyd shoots a long one against C. H. S.
one in against J. C. for two points
Number 22, Jim May, dropping another one Here's our high scoring forward Jim May making another
into the basket for B. H. S. two points with a lay-up shot against J. C.
-o ms=
II Il~r I:

'IN 100,

BHS BASEBALL TEAM: Back row: Pinky Arias, Ray Nickisher, Bill Martin, Lambert Mantovani; Middle row:
Coach Brown, Abdiel Flynn, Bob Rowley, Jaime Salas, Joe Cicero, Manager AI Hope; Front row: Jim May, Bien-
venido Salas, Herb Raybourne, Ed Napoleon, Don Morton; Kneeling: Jim Barnes, bat boy.

Feb. 13, '53 ..
Feb. 20, '53 ...
Feb. 24, '53 ._
Mar. 3, '53 ._
Mar. 6, '53 ...

.. ........ ...... ......CHS-3
....... ...........CHS-5
...... ... ....... .... JC-1
............... .....CHS-5


Don Morton, our pitcher, swings

Jim May prepares for the catch

Flynn prepares to swing as he watches the ball

The throw to first was in time

Captain Bienvenido Salas at the bat

Morton running the bases after one of his hits

That's Abdiel Flynn catching for BHS

Rowley hits one out into left field


W0 *

i ,~f


Jaime Salas, 5' 3", clears 5' 6" in the high jump

Ray Nickisher practices the shot put

Tom Jenkins breaks the tape in the 440 against J. C.

Bill Biel clears 10' in the pole vault
Bill Biel clears 10' in the pole vault

lll &*

JRaEr~i -a

Jim Jones tosses the discus

Jim May in the high jump

Rudy Ostrea in the 100-meter high hurdles

Baton hand off to Ted Norris in a relay
' < N i M ^ I I ^



SBI "~~~ MHBW''i'lttw'

*:^S a; U'<

,4 f-"


Swimmers Dave Otten, Edgar Jaramillo, Bob Connors, Sam Beckly

BHS Girls' Swimming Team

Bob Connors and Al Sears work out

Jo Jensen swimming the "butterfly"

Bob Connors and Buereguerd of Panama in the
400-meter freestyle, in which Connors set a new
Central American record
Start of the 100-meter freestyle for men
in Costa Rica

Swimming in the Costa Rica 100-meter backstroke are
Arline Schmidt, Camille Ellis, and Laura Walston

Judy Crosby, Ida Nlrau-. and Camille Ellis-three of the
top free stylers in B. H. S.

Dave Otten in the 800-meter freestyle
in Costa Rica

Arline Schmidt, one of the top notch swimmers
in the Canal Zone

Left to right, front row: Joyce Gardner. Beverly Rosan.
Milvia Arbaiza, Marion Harris. Back row: Joan Adams,
Fran Dillon, Jennye Stephens, Teonilda Larrinaga, Edna
Jenkins. Not pictured: Nina Brown, Sheila Sheffield.

Left to right, front row: Pat Payne, Orlanda Cruz,
Andy Mulligan. Eltilvia Arjona. Back row: Dora
Henriquez. Ruth Holt. Connie Tr, In ii., rLinda Ma-
lone, Angela Lee, Pat Quinn. Not pictured: Oderay

The intramural teams for softball season were not di-
vided into leagues this year. Instead, Junior College girls
and members from each high school league constituted
a team. Because of the many rains, the season had to be
run off in tournament fashion with the winner of each
game playing the winner of another game. Joyce Gardner
captained the winning team, and Jennye Stephens cap-
tained the second place team.

The All Star season was also in for a change this year,
due to the change in scehdule for the Panama Railroad
trains running across the Isthmus. Cristobal was unable
to enter the Interscholastic ganes, and "B" League played
again "A" League and Junior College. Final standings of
the season were:

"A" League .......................
"B" League ........................
Junior College ...................


Seated: Judy McCoy. Left to right, kneeling: Linda
Malone, Jeanette Gau, Faye Tucker, Joyce Collinge.
Standing: Jennye Stephens, Captain; Eileen Bleakly.

Left to right, front row: Orlanda Cruz.
Nancy Gill. Joyce Gardner, Diane Skinner.
Back row: Pat Payne. Joanne Hummer.
Andy Mulligan. Jennye Stephens. Not pic-
tured: Ahna Johnson, Connie Glassburn.

Left to right, front row: Judy Jensen. Nancy Vann,
Milvia Arbaiza, Marion Harris. Back row: Grace
Joustra. Joyce Gardner. Captain: Nancy Ladd, Nancy
Bateman, Marilyn Bevington.


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DEDICATION WE. Ihe Z0l1i<111 s t a ff of 1 953. b elicvillg I hal 110 o n e p e r,on a l ullc i s rc,pons ible Ior making o ur yearboo k and ,choo l a succe s s h ave d e dicaled Ihis ZONIAN t o I'OU. wilh our g rat eful thank Ior your s upport.


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'I'll EO. F. IIOTZ. I Jr;"c ipu/ O h i o \1. \ Sk"arl J. Bro \\11 A l ice E C: llulec K allH 'iuc t C hlrk (Junlfioll lIislOr) Librariall l ni\. of P ill .. b u rgh Co'umbia l'. .\1.\. ... o r k L .. \1. \ L. t/III"I/l1U1I .... alll I lou .. to n 'l'l'U<"l\<"I''' (011.. II \. ElllIe l O. C lwrlt,:. M Elli:. N.O.1'.c... Ellg .. LallTl. } ml:-,I/I. 1 ni\, of \rl.. .. \1. \ C. F. A nrl c r s o n Rita J\IIf1r c \ c Linda C Apil ill \/echfmiClll DrawiJlg Serretllr) SerretM) K an. T .Col...\1.5. Lni\. of C31if. Claml c M Aycock SPOil ish Columbia l .. \1. \ !:Illi e I3C;l\c r:.-M o lI'Y S Brigh a m Plalle GeomelfJ E IIBlis h JOl/f tllllism Duke l n h . \ \ \. Columbia l .. \1. \


Cluis E l y Physical Educatioll Colo. 51. ColI.. A .1t Ha" M. Col d c n R.O.T.e. Texa::; \8. \1. B.A. Mrs i lia 1':" U John C. Fawccli Euge n e Ph)sica/ EdllCllti on Commercial L of R ed land-;:. B.. \ 8. 't. UniL. '\ I. A. Mrs. Erma C. Forbcs School 1 \ IIrse Bradford Ho"p. Trill;!.. Sc. for Nur:::e. B C I'IHlI'CI E. Fro::'1 English \'fl!. U .. \1..\. Fra nccs K. E d wa r d ',"' V ictor A. I l e n Hobcrl S Jeffr.>, Gr'ahllltl Hatc h e tl J11lsic SOcilll Studies Mathematics ,1'I(lthell1(1fics Co:ulllbia L \1. \ I of \rizolla. \1. \ Columbia l .. ),1.:\. Columhia L'., \1. \ Natalie K. John::,on Spallish. French Duke l niL .\1. \ Paul H. K nyoth ool/workillg, Drivers Trainillg Bradley Lni\ .. B.S. Ceorge O. Lee Mr::,. M. D Li It It., Biology tIIalhemMics Columbia U . '\1.A. St.Xa\ ie r ColI.. B.S. llaze! i\1allhc ,,'S Ellglish Ceo. Peubod) Coll. for \1. \ j \ RoO.T.C. B e atrice Sturtc\r ant Gnrdnc An Columbia L., \1..\. ({alilerillc E Jessup English Teach e r ColI.. Columbia U .. ).i.A. K ellnelh Martin Ph)sics of Okla . '\ I.A. E l o ise Monroe HOllsehohl Arfs Columbia 0 .. ,\I.A.


Robe l t K. Mower Wait ei' O liHI' Cell. Science. \lath. Spanish l 'nh of ).I inll .. ,\1..\. T ay l o r ColI.. B.A. j \ 'l!-.s Gertrude OIH l e lf!ollk Asst. L ibrarian Vivian Simlllons Da\' id A. S p eir. Jr. Suhert Commercial Social Studies Speech. Drama S.\ V U nh .. B .A. L Ili\' of Fla .. ) I.Ed. ]o.l ich. S l a l e. ,\I, j \ Jane I illing ton Dorothy Potte r I-/o/lseholt l Arts Ph)sical E ducation N.D. Agri. Co l.. B.S. S.\'\;' L a. In::1.. B.S J. Weston Seatlui!!t Gen. Sciellce 8 io. U. of \Vi s .. Ph.B. H.c l lIoifl Valin A ll e n B. \'i 'anl Car W eb., R.O.T .e. M ath. S pall ish L "lli\. Co l o .. )I.Ed, Univ. of Nebr .. '\I.A. Marie C \V cir 8 io .. G irls' Adm'se r Co lul1lh i a U .. ,\I.A. M:II'gal' e l \'''hilmi lll Ellg li s h N.W. llni\' .. \1..'\. Captain Ead J. Wi/ SOli M l tr y Se, and T e les. Armed Forces insl, I 'brold J. Zicrte n A ssi. P ri l l., CouT/slr, Bradl l') Uni\.. B.S. M Sgt. H enry r. \"'(lillhlln E. Zerner. Y :IIbrough Jr. R O T .C, Ph)siea/ ElJl/c ation Ohio S l alt'. B.S. James H Elliol M etal Shop Uni\' of Ne h r .. B .S. \'(fa lt e r i\I. i\likulil'l. Ph ysica l Edll c af ion L1ni\' of I owa. M .A. K ennelh \ V. Vinlon Mathematics C olumbia


(9.:,"[ " s 3 ;T.O"..,. It 4


Do you r ec all. m e mb e r s o f th e w o nd e rful Class o f '5::\. jus t h ow it f elt t o be CO Il a B.II. S.'e r at l a s t o n that fir s t da y o f our Fres hman )ear? I imagine we \\en' all scare d. and b e jus t a lilli e fri ghte n e d \Ve go t o ff t o a goo d s t a rt. th o u gh. b ) elec tin g E t l Armi s l ea d a s o llr P res i de nt. With th e h e lp o f hi s o th e r o ffi ce r s. N ubl e I-Iolla da). VicePres id c nt : T ed No rris:. Sec r etal'): Bill Bird and J oyce Gardne r S. A. R epresc nt a t i \ es : and Bill H osa n a nd Ma g da C o l o ma. S. A. Alt e rnat es Ed sure l ) sa\\ u s thro u g h a year c r o \\(l e d with parties. dances p i c ni cs games ... and s tudi es Mr. T e d Mun c h our S p o n so r. did e v e r y thin g h e co uld t o see that our soc ial fun ctio n s w e r e a s u ccess R e m e mb e r whe n th e Soph o. m o r es b ea t u s at th e Frosh-So ph Frolic? The n ex t ) ca r w e e v e n e d th e sco r e b ) bea tin g th a t )car' s Fres hm e n at th e Seco nd Annual Frolic. P olio int erfe r e d with th e sc h oo l 's extra activ iti es quit e a b i!. n e v erthe l ess. h e w e r e in clud e d in all th e fun o f th e lear. thanks t o Bill Da\\ son. Pres id e nt: Ann \ V est. Secr e t a r y : our H eprese nlativ es. N o b l e I-Io llada ) and Holland e r : a nd our Alternates Bill Ka s ka and J e nn ye S t e ph e n s. Jul e n e P age our Vice Pres id e nt and C h airman o f our own S adi e Hawkin s D a n ce Co mmitt ee. did a g r a nd j o h o n th e d a n ce o f whi c h w e can all w ell b e pro ud Mi ss Ali ce Candee our S p o n so r. was a t e rrifi c h e l p and was alwa ys th e r e whe n w e n ee d e d h er. The n w e w e r e Junio r s and look e d up o n a s uppe rcla ss m e n a t las t ( b) all but th e Seniors). It w a s th e n th a t w e bega n t o r ealize h ow f as l th e f our years o f hi g h sc h oo l go by. Ed Armi s t ead. our Preside nt again had the able h e lp o f C h a rli e S mith. VicePres id e nt : J ule n e Page. Sec r etar) : R eprese nt a tiv es Ka) C r oss and C u c h ) Tro ncoso: and Alt e rnat es L ) la L o u \ V o m 3c k a nd Bill D a w so n Bill h ea d e d th e committee th a t put o n th e r e ally ex tras p ec ial C hri s tma s F o rmal that people are s till t a lkin g a b o ut. Class rin gs arrive d. thanks t o J oan Furbes and h e r cOlllmitt ee and w e wer e ver y pro ud t o b e abl e t o s h o w th e m t o th e r es t o f th e sc h ool. \ 'vlr. W alte r Fi sc h e r. our S p o n so r d e v o t e d mu c h tim e t o h e lpin g u s in e v e r y wa y p oss ibl e es pec i all) o n th e a ll.im po rtant Junio r S e lli o r Ban ( !u e t a nd Pro m that Jo)ce Gardne r and h e r co mmitt ee put o n This yea r th e r e ha s b ee n n o o n e t o set an exa mpl e f o r u s. \(/ e wer e a t th e t o p A t th e Inauguration Dan ce our o ffi ce r s w e r e a nn o un ce d and aft e r co mmitt ees had b ee n appo int e d. e v e r yo n e g o t right d own t o w o rk t o mak e thi s th e b es t yea r o f a ll. It t oo k a littl e tim e f o r u s t o ge t u se d t o th e id ea th a t w e w e r e h o ldin g th e r e in s. but eve r yo n e was pro ud whe n w e fini s h e d th e f oo tball se a so n und e f ea t e d. e nt ertaine d th e g u es t s f rom L a k e W o rth. a nd put o n th e V a l e ntin e D a n ce o n e o f th e b es t Balboa Hi g h h as e\le r had. Th e n \\ h ell w e w e r e fitt e d f o r our caps and gO\\ ns a nd all th e s p ea k e r s wer e getting r ea d) f o r graduati on. w e r e a l ized that th e e nd had co m e all t o o SOOIl. It i s n ow up t o u s t o mak e so m e thin g o f th e thin gs w e l earne d during our f our wond e rful ) ea r s in B.H. S Our f o nd es t m e m o ri es will be o f th a t f a bul o u s Banqu e t and Pro m g i ven f o r u s b y th e Junio r s a nd o f th a t l as t \\alk up th e l o n g. l o n g a i s l e o f th e Balh o a Theatre o n Graduatio n Ni g ht. \6 W e ve co m e t o th e end at las t. sc h oo l days ar e } e ar s that we r e /ill e d wi th th e t ears alld j oys. Th e lau g h s and l oves o/the g irl s alld boys: S o thanlr s b e to M o m (tlld /Jad F o r all th e JUII we've h a d All oJ;t galle to o SOOIl! W e want t o r e m embe r th e days /rolll Sept embe r t o {'(lrl)' ill }lIl1e:' 1-1'05>--df? \ . \ ....,.,..' )0 s E N I o R S


E D BENNY .'ip"ior Clflii CAP AND GOWN COMMI' l vrEE IA'lt 10 right: .\Iaria \ Ii. Bill C h :lirlllan: HO"'('lllaf) lI otl:lIld,'r. LuC} I)ri ... ('oll. and Ed \rmi ... Il":.II1. SEN I OR I I CTURE COMMITTEE LI1Jt t o right: Elk i \\1111311 Cha i rl11an:l\anc}, Ladd E\'('r e lt !"IIU('). Gary Lo\\andt'. Jim SuddalJ). H ele n I-IU"',man n a nd Dick LOI11t'dico. I 'AT IIUTCUINGS VA L ENTINE DA NCE COMMITTEE Front rOIll./!.'jl 1 0 ri ght: J p n nye S teph e n", Efln.:! I-Iarl. Norin e Dillman ,\iarl!il' \\'31 .. h. 8(1("1. row.lejl t o right: Ted Noni"_ Ka} ero"", Chairman : C h a rli e a nd Franc i s Boy d


CARDS AND ANNOUN C E.\ I E 'TS COMM ITTEE FrOllt : Pal I -Iut chin )!,. Chairman. Secontl row. feft t o r ig ht : Pats), Bel'''l'. L yJa \Vomak. Jo),C(: Colling\', Ford. left 10 r ;g hr : Don Tribe. Jim II I'r.log. and SEN IOR IliNG COMM I I -fEE Left 10 right: ,\lillt'r l-lay ne.:;. Chairman: Joan K a ) H e b ert. and Ca rl Widdl. MR. ALLEN Il. W ARD Sf'II;or Ch,ss AlI'l i se r S E I NOR WEEK Le f t to righ,: n Bc\ inglon. Ha ) Nicki-htor. \Iar} Diltun, C hairman: Don Corn. and Jacquil' _\lceoy. SENI OR I'Alln COMMI'I I'EE l.e}1 t o righr : ClIt h y J ud y \lcCo). Bob \Iorri,.. J O}Cl' Gardner. Chairman: and LIT .:\1}l'r" \01 pie rured: .:'Itar} J ane 5)1""lr(>.


ANA A DL E Il Panallla. R d e P Qlli e t maf/ll er. am iable /lJa)s. lIhl'lI)S si1lcer e. Cl u b I : C h Ortb I 4. MARIA J O S E All San Fdb.. R de P Fr ie1lds h i 1 i n h e r smile (lIu! t alent ill h e r t oes. \'.11.5. I ; 5 p CI. 1. 2 3: ... i(' CI. 2. 3: S;o. CI. 2 : c.G.5. 3: Cap 8. G o w n I ; C lini c \id I : VB. 3. I : S B 3. I : Ilkll I. JOAN A D A M S } Olll."." Dl'C Bl ufk j' r e)es 0/ bllle. p Ills (I SOl/thern a ccent. lIeellwe sa) mo re? "B. .. : S 8. .. : Fa hion Show I : Ba} COlln t } H i g h --T oro na d o \\ hirl--3 : -ildlif(" CI. 2,3; L a tin CI. 3 : In l e r Cluh Co un c i l 3 : H r R("p o rt{'r 2: PI' P S q uad 1 : I. 2, 3. ELKI ALTMAN J\lanhana n N e w York I im. Vigor (ln d wh(lt V i talit)! She g e t s a k ic k O llt 0 / filli n g IIr R ep. 3 ; 3 4: P e p Sqd. 2.3 1 : Cho. 2: O ff. \ .. 4: P ol i o Dr. 3 : Orph. D r 3 : D an 3 : Jr.SI". Banq 3 : I naug. Dan. 3 : D a y 3 : S r P ic. C h. 4: P r og Narr. 3 4: Bac k l o, Dan 3; Z OX1AN \ d Sell. 3.4 GLORI A D ALVARA D O Panama. B d e P Li l.es (lc liOIl Oil th e G)f1l /Ioor. 1 / )oll' r e lookin g jo r a swell g a l. look no / arlh e r-' B e l. CI. 2 : 1. 2. 3. ,,: S ho ...... : SB. I. 2. 3. 4 : BkB. I. 2 3. 4 : "B. I. 2. 3. GVILLEllMO E. ANGULO G. M e mQ" Panama. R d(" P A w Of/fler /1I1 / ellow with load s 0 / L a ti" cI(lss. P h o l o CI. I : Co m Cl. 1 : Bio. Cl. 2: X m a ... P r o I : Socc e r I 2 : 1313 I. 2: B k b I. 2 : VB I. 2: E .. c o rt 2: P anA m e ri c a n B O : r.c. p \ '1. 4. MAlll S I TA AllBAI ZA ll. P anama. H d e P II :ip oT/is h SCT/orila who se qllief r horm (111( 1 mWlll e r impress //1(111). S p CI. 3 : C alli. CI. 4; P e p Sq. 3 : Off \ .. 3. I : VB. 3 4 : SB. 3 I : Ilk B 3 ( I : S wim. 3 4 YVETrE R I T A MilA S P c nllu P a n ailla. H. d e P A likeable se n o ri t a ple a s a//t and /riendl)'. Z o nian ...\{I ScI. 4: Off. h>!ll. 3 : Romona S c h ool. M I LV I A ARBA IZA H P ana m a. R d e P 1 / f ool.s were 1 'lIllIe l / o s mO/W1, s h e'd b e (/ millio//oirc ss C h oru s 1.2: VB. 1 .2 ; 8k8.2 : S B 1 .2 .3.4 : S t ag i n g 2 EllA SMO RA U L ARI A S Pi ky" Panam a. R dt' P Ollr hondso//le L a till n e iGhbor w h o r eaJ/) makes o llr l/iomolld s h h l c L("IIIII. CI. 3.

'OLA I S A BEL ,1(, LOL HOES AllI, \ S )'fJ/itu" Panama. H dt' P . ..,hc:, our tall. sporlding e)ed SellOrllll. Fa-hion Sho\\ 3: orr. \ --1. 1 : R amo n a Hig.h School: Xrna ... I. 2: G . I I I. 2: BIl. 1. 2: I'll. 1.2: S\\illl 1 -.2: O rdw-tra 2. Edt/i,..' P o rt-mouth. \ 'a. \ot :,/nller 1I0r SOIllI. bllt the best 0/ chaps. 1. 3: I-Ir. H('p 2: H r. \ It. I: Cam. CI. I : Lib. :\ ..... 1. I : ::;'oph. Pi c ni c 2: Cap & Gown 1 : P ro. l. I : St. I : T rac k 1 2 3 : FB. I 2. 3: B k B 1 2. 3: \'I;' at{'r P o l o 2. JAN \nnapoli-. \ 1. lI/ghl) 1I0l/se in persoll Cllle liS fI bllg's ear. Ollr Do/sl ,\I ae! H r. R ('p. 2; 5p. CI. 2. 3: Pt'P Sq. ,1. Lib. \-"'1. I : J r.Sr. P rom 3: Bt'lilc"daChe\} Cha-t'. \1<1. anll .sa n ta \ na. Cal if. 1 1 ELEN E. B A R Il '/J,..III>' \ neon. C. Z. Seem:, qlliet IIl1ril )0/1 ',1/01(' hcr. T hel/ cleM Ihe WCII lor (lei/Oil. Lihrar) \ .... i .. t a n l I. 2. 3. 1I0IVAIlD ARMISTEAD WALTEI I E. Il E:-;N Y JIl. "Ell" Panama. R. d e P. Ollr extrtlspct"ial prex). B/g g//\ II /Ih (I big hellrt. Free:.e 01 er. E,l' Pr('-. I : Ll'ltm. Cl. ,1: VB. 3-... : rrad.. 2. 3. I NANG Y LEE IlATEMAN "N"I/" \ n con. C. Z. She's Ollr S/ln shi lle Oil (f raill) (/rll. Alhleticalll /ll1IIc/ e(/, too Ollr If iil-Bilh hit. R !,f. CI. 3. ,.: ll..lH'r .. CI. 3: Zon ian \ d 3. ,1: ;"t. 1: Pt'P Sq I. 2. 3: Fr. P icnic I: BOlding. Tt 3J1l 3; Dan. 2: CG.S. 3: Tkt ... L .\\.&\I.J. 2.1: Orc h. 1. 2. 3. I : Hand I: Cho. 2. 3. I: eho. 3. I: arch. I. 2. 3. I: \ B I. 2. 3. I' : ;;B. I. 2. 3. I: BkB. 2. 3. I. JEIlH Y DEAN BENNE1T Olta n ;-... 'I. Quiet l/ispositio/l oj an (ll/gel. I er) able lIl/(1 diligent worker. 1Ir. Rtp. 3. 4: Drama. Cl. I: N H S 3. I : Lib. CI. 3: Pcp S(I. 3: Cho. 2.3 I: 5p. Cho. 2. 3: Lib. \ .. -1. 3: o r. \-.. 1. I: J r.Sr. P rom. 3: GI-. 3: Pre ... Cam. & Ell'c. I: Pro. & 1. 2. l'\t'\\conwr 10 a n d Clll i reh welcome! Reali) .. moot h to you r ('}t .... MAIl ILY N J B E V IN(;TON /\I(/rl" \neon. Canal ZOI W Thill :,purJ.-plllg ('''ecdemle r 1t';lh (I Irlctal lor e( 'cn jred,lc. 1Ir. \ It. 2: I-Ir. R ('p. 1: VB. I. 2. J. I: 1. 2. 3. I : BI-..B. 2. 3. I: P t'P !"Iqd. 1. 2: Chl'I rleadl r 3. I: Cho. 1. 2. 3. I: Cho. 3. I: \\ 1-... COIllIll. I : :-:. \ ParI) 1: Pro. 1: e.G.:". 3: '1'1-..1-. L.\\ I: \ I u-. CI. 2. E I LE E N BL EA K L E Y "Bulcl!" \ neon. Canal ZOIll' Lilt'. loce, laugh. al/d be h"Plll. That fit s Eileen to a "1"'. \ 'D. I. 2. 3 ... : SB. 3: S\dm. 3. I : Cho. 3: Lih. \--.1. 1: Off. \_,1. 2. I: L .. her 3. ,.: C.C5. ':=;f'nalor 3 : Comm. L .. IH'r 3: II IKEET Id;-& 3.


FIlANCI S L. llOYD "Ili/! 8ird'! .. Cit}. Kan .. a .. lie's not/a:). he /1151 ('on sen es Cllcrf!.l. Dir ect lIlId jr(l1l',. LeI! Ill. CI. 2. 3 . ,: Band I : FB. Dan. I : Val. Dan. l; FB. J., 2 Q l'ATIlI C K Il UIlKE "Put" Dt \I oinc .. lo\\a Etcn-tempcred 'I/IICl, COI l -scient/ofls. lmd fJcpcm/ab/e red hcad. Carlf't Cpl. 1 : \ l cCooc) lI igh FB. 1: BkB. I. EAlIL II 1l0LAND Ci ncinnati. Ohio 51(11) tllld cas) Boillg withollt his mOlQrc)cle. Canu:'ra Club I : Projection Cluh 1. 2.3 .t. COilA M. CAN IIAM "Cor;',," Blool11fidd. .. iT1 Qlliet bllt pleasant, !-Ier sOllgs ore liS $u:ee l tiS she is. Hr. R ep. ] : H r . A11. 2: S . \ r('taf) 4: Chor u:) I. 2. 3. 4: Lib \""1. 2. 3: )'Iu .. i c Club 1: ) 11I". Cl. P rog. 2. 3. "Aurj" Panama. H de P Pretty Latin lass wi'" (UI c)e ca t ching w(lrdrobe. Sp. CI. L 2. 3 : CI. I. 2. 3. 4 : \ rt CI. 1: P e p 5(1. I. 2: Lib A .... 1. I: 011. A-"I.I. TERESA E. CHEnEM '-Ter es itn P anama. R de P Swee t as c a" be resen'ell 1II(lflllcr with II genuine slIIile. CanH' r a CL ] ; Spani"h CI. 2: C h o ru., l. 2 3. 4: Fa s h i on Show 4. PABLO EDUAnDO C H UNG Pub/o" Panama. R de P {\ot IIIlIc h to sa), but wit" onc word )ou know he's reall ) (JII O.K. g/l)'. Ph ila t el i c CI. 2. 3: U.N. Cl. 4: C h(' .. CI. 4: C h em i s tr y C I 3: FB. I. 2: Ilil. 2. JOYCE C COLLINGE "Joy" \ 'raupaca. Wis consin Ollr enthusiastic (mt/ able co Editor. Th e onl) WO) to have a friend is to be O/le. IIr. R ep. I. 3: Hr. Alt. 4: ZON LAN 4: Co.Ed. 4: G . \ .A. 3. 4: y. 4: N.H .S. 3. 4: Cam. CI. I: mo. CI. 2: Rd. CI. 2.3.

WALTER COLLI N S "Cllolllbo" \ rnl',sbur\', A rcul del ;'" i f we CfteT sow olle. A lo t oj pep /or (I fll i le gil). "G l a m our B oy c.l: R.o:r.c. Sgl. F.e. "CO'";P" \ ncon Ca n al Zon e R c a ll) /101 a/l "Co,,,",' Alw(I)s ill 'he mood/ur (l good f i mc. tr' lrofe-"Cllrled (/II(/ goot///olurClJ. IIr Rt,p -t: L elt. CI. 3. ,,: B a n d 3. I H O T.e. 2.3. I I c., Sr. Co ml11. I : \ill'. \"1. I : Xma, \\ i ndo OJ,,, 3 1 : Band l'ni. rorm .. COlllln k Track. 2. 3. ,,: Tl'llni>!' I. FilED A. COTTON Col 011. H de P. Romeo has nOlhing 011 him sincere und good/lolltred. L e l t. CI. 1. 2. 3. -I: Band I. 2: Orch. 1. 2: R.O.T.e. 2. 3. I: J .. l Lt.: F'B. -'\l1d. 4: F'B. l O 2"', 3"', I"': Track3.4 : \lgr. L 2: B k B I IlB 2. KATIIERINE J CROSS "K",' \ neon. Ca;lal Zonl' I la {l with tu'inkling bille C)CS. (I perl IIiTued'lIp nose (llId (I qlliC/, smile for olle find all. :-il' Sec. S. \ H ell. 3: H r. \11. 2: Z O :\'I.\N 4: B a n q. Bugl,' 1: N.H5. I : Pcp Soqe!. I. 2. 3.

P EAI(L M. DiBE LL A Runn,.' Ttll,e 1I It.'UfH/er}lI/ persol/alll). pili III II cil l e }igllre. (llId It.'rlllJ it lip u .'ith II smile ... that's BIIII")! P cp Sq. 2. 3: Cho. 2. 3: Cho. 3: GJ... 51. 3: \ al. QUI:'In .. COllrt 3: t '-lwr2.3: Grad l -llt'r3. \\ ILLIAM II D EllIl /JUI" Pu lt:feo n Ncw Jcr"C} FII'i: star gel/crill ill se rvi ce. "/-'cllce !lnd LOle. brother!" \ al. Dan ..J: FB. 1. 2. 3 . : BB. R .O. T.e. 2. 3. Lt. Col. I. Bat. Comlllri. "'AIIl AGNES DI L LON BOe t on. :''''ccte:.t girl this side of heavel/. Someone we'lI IOllg remember. Bio. 1 ; H cf. 2. 3. 4: 3. I : 1 ... 111. Ho\\1 Tkt ... I : \ ide I: Pt'J l I. 2. 3: C ho. 3: S p C ho. :J: orr. \ sst. 2. 3. 4 : J r.Sr. B a nq 3: Gra(1. USllt .f 3: ':';r. Wk Ch. I : S.H D a n 2: Soph. Pi c. QU t'I' n 2: Zon ian Ad 5ot'\. 1 : Val. Court 3. I : G I ... 5t. 3: FB. Cou rt I: P re-. Cam. &. Elec. I : Orph. Dr. I: FB.1.2.3.

JOAN IlAE FOIlIlES .\nco n Ca nal ZOIl!' 4 /oice worth listen;,,! t o ... will wellr (t /lurse's ('(If) some (/(0. /-Ir. H ep. ,,: P arrakt>ef \ d :-cl. 3: G \ \ 2. 3. I: \Iu .... CI. 1 : Rd. (:1. 2. 3. 'l: B a n d 2. 3, I : C ho. 2. 3 l : L ib. \ .... 1. I : L ab. \ .... 1.1: "'./-1. D an. 2: C k SI. 3: G \ \ D an. 3 I: Jr. Rinp. ... Ch. 3: Fr. Pic. I : L .. ht'f 3. 4: \'B. 1. 2 3 1; ,8. I. 2. 3: BkB I. 2 3 '1. MAIlILYN ALICE FOIlD 1 ... '''''' P a n ama. H d(' P ) 1/:,1 /ike (I F ord flC(11 fwe:, 1II1 I f)/ell t 1 oj 1/111111 noises. Afl('(l lS reach jor (t good time. Hr. Rt'p I : Zonian I : :\,1-1:-I : G r\A 2.3. I : CallI. Cl. I : L .. hef I: P cp 5. 1 : C ho. 1 2: Fr. I Jic. 1 : F rolic I. 2: Pi c 2: Grad. U .. h C f 3 : Cnk 8. \nne. I : C \ \ Dan I : P n ... Cam 8. E],.:. I: :=iwim.l o.2.3, I : I B I. 2. 3. I. 1l0DIlI(;O (;AL\"EZ II. \ neon. Can31 Zo r w Fri el/til) gil) with (/ big :'II/ile. :-ipani .. h Clu b I. 2. 3. 1 : Bg. I. 2.3. 1 : Ilkll I. 2. 3. I I. JOYCE GARONEIl /Ol' \Iaoll Cil '. \,\'a.h. /I"tl/ul! If::(J(ler Ihal po/illln (fir. II spirit elilad) ill the social worhl. .... \ I\t'p. 1 : H r. Rep. l. 2: G \ \ :t I: P e p S q I. 2: Chldr. 3. I ; C ho I. 2: Clini c 4: R.O.T.e.

L A NN Y GlJNN \llCOII. Canal ZOIH' Little I \Ol)o/eoll, \101/ o} flctiQn mill (/ jew words (???) C ho. 1.2.3. 1 ; S p C ho. 3. I I : H O. T C. 2. 3. Cpl. I : I. 2. 3. 4 A UCE IDA I I AG R O R G "Cu x Briti .... h lIondura'-trCflr (l sm;le is her mOffO. Chol ter.(homp" \cling I. 2. 3, I : Pro. 8. Stag. I. 2.4: UX. CI. 2. 3: R ef. CI. 3: 1"0. e!. 2: P ep Sq. I. 2.3.4: Fr. P ic. I: P arrak('cl \cI Sd. 2: Zonian \ d St'1. 1 : ll .. l w r 2 .. 1. I : VB. I. 2.3.1 : IlkB.1.2.1 : SB. I,2,3.1. T IIOMAS w G IlI MI S O N "To,,, Colo n R <1(' P A 60.1 w h o rcoll) I)IIIS his hcart into cl e r l th,-,,!! he docs. 1 : Orc h l. 2: R .O. T,e. 2. 3. 1 -. L t. I : IlkB. 3: Fl!. 3: FIl \ \g.r. 3. RI C II Al W I.. II A L E / J i c k San Dieg:o. Calif. 1/II;el riot An O. K ;;11) ill C I 'ef)OllC'S bool., Foot l Jall Oanc(' 1. 1l0 ll E Il T G II AIlIlELL "/Jol, C r a n ford. N. J A rt'f!.flhr gil) (llid as dependable I I!> he) come. S a rc a s t ic h/lll1or. Calli. &. El t'c. 4 S /' o rI Y \neo n. Can a l Zon e \ el 'cr sits still (J m o m ell t there's luughl er 011 her lips fllI(/ del li!,r ) ;11 h e r c)cs. PAU L J H A R RE n ? 4 : .. til:. \ n eo n Can a l Z on e B O l d 2. 4 : Zoni a n Ad S('\. E DNA L O I S E II A Il T \ n eo n C a n al ZOIl\' K ee p:) 1If) wlllr lire j Ollcs. LiL'CS. lauglrs (//11/ /oL' es h er W(I) th rollgh Ii/e. Zoni a n I : B a n q. B ug.l e I : \'\.p :-\1. I. 2. 3: C hrld. 4: C h o. I : S p C h o. I : orr . 2. 3: Fr. P ic. J : D a n 2; J r. S r. B a nfl 3: Jr. 3: V al. D a n 1 : G r a d 3: C ] 51. 3: J r. \nlh.3: Pro .. S lag .. &. \ el. I. 2 3 ,,: B al. Rt>lay .. r \ II('I U I. 3: Calli. & E I. I : VB. 2: BkB .. 1.-1. Colon. I t It' P lViI/lilt: wor/,er -wI! lIeed morc ""e hcr. L oIS 0; }1I11 (III lire lime. Zon i a n ,,: Ban q Bug l e Ed .. : R ef. CI. 3: P c p S q I. 2 3: C h o. 2.3: Sp. C h o. 4 : Fr Pi c. I : S.H D a n 2: G r a d U""h e r 3: G I ... SI. 3: Zon i a n \ d 4: 1"'111. Bow l Tkt ... I : Cam &. E I l'e. 1\: S r P it'. I : \'13. 2 .. 1 I : B kB 3. I ; 'Il. 2. 3. Tall. (l(lf/; (llId halldsome. Takes I : p{'P S q 2. 3: Cho. I : L i b. Ai''''1, li/e ;11 his s t ride. I. 2. 3: O ff. ",\,"'1. ,I : C lini c A ...... t, BkB. J\'. 2. 3: I. A M ILLEllllAl'N E S San r \nIOllio. The rC(ld) e)I! behilld II/a,,) %llr sllapsho t s. Get s (llo n g with Cl'cr)01le. Zo ni an I : B a nq. Bug l e 4 : H.O.T .e. 4 Sgl.: J r.Sr. B a n q. 3: Sf. B i nI!." C h r 4 : Jr. Al1lh 3 : r H 3. 4 : C h al-(' 11.5., 1\, R e p I. 2, E lce CI. 2 : HkB. '\ I g r 2


KATH ERINEJ HERER T K ,,)"" Panama. R de P lIer lot'el) nU/llners (flld her sere/le cJlflrfll remjnd liS oj a hul) 011 (III oltl-jashiQfled c ameo. P ep S q I. 2. 3: C ho. 1. 2: Lib. 2: orr. 1\:;.:;1. 4: Fr. Pic 1 : Pi c. 2: Val. COllrt I : 3. 1 : Jr. R ing" 3: Dan 3 : Yr. I : I naug. Dan. 4: Pn'''', Cam. & [Icc. 4: VB. 1. 2. 3. 1 : BkB. I. 2 3. 4: SIl. 1. 2. 3. 4. D o n A A. HENRIQUEZ "/)()rilu" \neo n. Can al ZOIII' Till) Ii'! gill. Ullt pfelll) oj :.ptlr/, fllill pep ill lUI} sport. C \ \ 2.: t 4: SJl. CI. 1. 2 3: R ef. el. 3: L iwr I : P e p Sq. 2. 3: Cho. I : Lih. \ ""1. I. 2. 3 ... : F a .. hi()1l 4: VB. I 2 -.3 .J.e : Sit I 2.:t I : BI..B. I. 2 3, I : S\\irn I. DAVID ALLISON 1I0 l'E /)(II'e" Birmingham Ala. Tal.es fije (IS i t comes Will IOlles it.' '''hflt wir. wh(lf, wit ? MAn y ALICE IIiCKS Projt-crio n CI. 2. 3, 4 ; Drill Team "Ma rtl l u u ."' 2.3.4: Hiflt T e am 2. 3. 4: BH. Ancon. Canal Zont' 1 : L ... h e r 3. 4: R.O.T.e. 2. If/wt her e{1II llo wilh her trom. 3. I: F'B. I. bone.' A qllie!. boosl jor Jou r morale. Parra ked 3. 4: Ca m Cl. 1 : R ef. Cl. 3: Band I. 2. 3. 4; Orell. I. 2. 3. 4: Cho. 3, 4: Sp. Cho. 3 .J: Dan 2: Slag. I. 2. ,I : ,\Iu ... ic. Publicil) COIllIl1. 4: V B I. 2, 3: SH. I. 2. 3: B k ll 4. 1C0(;ELl O 110 i'!lIIallIa. H dt P I ./rielldl) nt'ighbor lrom llcrOSS HOBERT P. I IUGII ES, J R. Ihe bonier. "Hol," P anama. H tit' P II gel/tiemlill ill (:I' er) sellst' oj tlte 1/I(1fI/ llis /rit'lI(l/) slllile fl/al,es IIJJ for h is '(.('/, 0/ r ll(llIer (:1. I. 2 .. 3 : Cllt'tlI. CI. 3: C arll. CI. I. 2. 3: ... CI. 4: UN. CI. I : IlB :1. HOSEMAH Y L. HOLLANDEH "f(OSi4'" \ncon. Ca nal Zone SIiI/shille ill her smile. F irst class e.ii or 0/ Ihe P{Jrr(lkeel. S \ Ht'p. 2: IIr Rep. 2: Parrakeet 3. Ed. 4 ; 2. 3. 4: 1 \ I U 5 Cl. I. 2. 3: Ca m Cl. I : UN. CI. 2. Trea8. 3. II: Bio. CI. 2; P ep S q JAMES I I E HZOe I. 2. 3. t : Lih As;::1. I : Fr. Pic. I : "J;"," 2& .. I). C. U!>h e r 3: 1 .. lh. BO\\' 1 Tkls. 2. I I : ,11I1.'(I)s read) for flIJQO(1 l illie. Cd CJ... SI. \ (' 1 .. P ro. & S l ag. I. 2. 3. 1I look III Ihose /l.'llI'es! .J: VB. I. 2. 3. 1 : SB. I. 2 4: L'lIm. CI. 3 . 1: R.O:r.C. 2.:1. I_I IlkB. I. 2. 3. I. LI. 1: S. .\nn{. CotUIll. I : F I t I. 2. 3 : Ill! I. 2. :1. Lin It' H ock, A rk A gIl) willt (III engaging penol/' a/il). Quiet a t t i llle;., IJIII alwllYs }IIII. I ; C he;, .... CI. 4 : H.O.T .e. Hifl t Ttam-t. I'ATRIC K IIUTOIINCS. JII. "Pa(" Co l o n. R lit P II gil) who's going places. There's something cooki1lg whel/ he's qlliet. 'l: Hr. R t'p. J : Radi o CI. I. 2: R.O.T.e. 2. 3. Cp!. I : \nnc. COIllIll .J: FB. I. 2. 3: Ill<. I. 2. 3: ilkS. I. 2: Ill! JV. 2.


TUOMAS A. JENKINS "TolII" Philadt'lphia. Penna Lonk) is the Ilord jor TOil! (/ smile llillt nelf" seems to fllde. L c llm. CI. 3.": FB. D an. ,,: Pro. Comm. 4: FB. 2. 3', ; : Track 1. 2 3',1 : S\ \im 2. JAMES ANTIIONY JONES "WiI,1 Ji"," CI-or:::ia \ 0 1 Jll::. t anolher Joncs. A I,il/ (lIId It'C lila: kills! Cl. 3. I : FB Dan I : JOSE),II IJ. JENK I NS Philadelphia. P en n a /lis Jriendliness rellches th e pea/, thflf he does. Qlliet jelhm. sometim es.' R .O. T .C. 2 3. ';gl. 1-< CI. I \ \ ah'r polo 3 : BkB. 3. W I LLiAM KA S K A IJal"' \nco n. Ca n al Zont f mlT/(f iil/efl",i,h Imow/ellge is (/ IIII"d that IICI' e r J(fils. Qlliet with friel/(II) sillcef/I). IIUBERT J O I I N J ORDAN Altt l'n 2: N H S 3 4: Lab lclHI/Jo d \ ..... 1. 3 : H.O.T.C. 2. 3. lst 1I. -1: \ne oll. Ca nal Zo n e Hifh T e am 3, I I : D rill T e alll 2. 3. M iniature "/3Ias(' j,lrt/ace. / 1 \QI/'re looking for jun col/ H ilbert. H.D.T.e. Sgt. 3: T rack 4: Rifl e Tt'am 2.3 . 1: FB I. 2.3. 1 : BB I. 2. 3. ,,: \'1; akr P olo I. 2. 3. L "Non,," Shall::: h ai. Ch in a Experr in IIIcrlHfllical tlfflWille Swell gil) to lowlt'. R .O: r .c. LI. 4: SI:lIUP CL 3: l \. CI. 3: Cam. CI. 3: 3. I. IIE HH EIIT CAIIL KELLY Lilll' l l ) \Jill". \lic h hfl(J! heurt makes I I hUf)(J ) gil}. 1 .//('/,> to k"OII I Calli. Cl. I. 2. 3: thdio C L 2: I -'rojl c. CI. 3: Siamp CI. l. 2 .. 1: 1l. 0 :r.c. 2. 3. '.t. 4, LIN. CI. 3, Cam & EI,c.4 NELDA J UDITH LASSO "51..;,/,1" Panama. R cit: P Sweet (Illd Jricllfll\ smile. ItO.T.e. 2: FH. 39 : 2. : \', liB 2. 3; IlkB I. 2. CI. 1. 2: Carn. CL 1 : UN. CI. I: p {'p Sq. I. 2: Carni\aJ Dan Court 2: Ca rnival Dan. 2: VB. \. 2. 4 : "'B. 1. 2. I : BkB. I HETTY C. L IIIlEE ::;al("111. i\ J LIUlrmlllg (wd sweet. Ollt' oj 0/11 mitllerlll Bfflds. .... ho\\ 3: C ho. 3: Sp. Cho. 3: Bacc. C ho 3: \ B 3: B o\\' lin::: 3: .\11. \\'rnon Hi g h Tau \Ipha Camilla Drama C L 2: Art CI. I. 2. '1ANCY E. LAD 1"11'".' ('" \l-,rO Il. Ohio 1'/ \1' T rim, \clIl. alld Terrific! Zonian \d St'l. I : P t'P Sq. 2: Cho. 2: 2: Grad \ Iar3: Fa .. hi o n !"-hol\ I: (;1 ... :'1. .1: Sr. Pi c. 4 : B Old 2: Dan 1: FH. COUfl 4: F r.Frolic I. 2: Pi c. 2: HkB. 2 9 3. 4: I. 2.:t I : VB. I. 2 .. ,. I.


A Li ANA LEWI S ... ,\ew La. LlIIe lIttle rell hcad friendship willI/cr. H r. H ep. I: Cam CI. 3; \il .... jc CI. 3: Che,,'" CI. ,,: Pep Sq. 2. 3. -1: Sp. Cho. 3: J r.S r Ban q. 3: GI", 51. 3: Zonia n \ d 3 . \ : P re... Cam. S. ... : G rucl. Usher 3 : :\cling I. I : 3: Ilkll. VB. I. MARY ELiZAIlETIl L E WI S \neon. Canal ZOIlI' If u/IllerJllf (oll/billll/Ion oj qlllt'l in t elligence (llid ZOflia n 4 : N H5' I : \!u .. ic CI. 3: l1 .. hl' r I : Lih. \ .... 1. 2: Ck St. 3: :-B I. 2. 3: VB .:1. I : BkB I. C AIlMEN LOPEZ "(:(I,,,,il,," P ro\ H I Oullt.orr/ quietness. i,IIIAIf(/ $lJorl.-fe. JIISI (/$ "ire (IS ,he) COIIIC. Cam. CI. I. 2: \ I u .. ic CI. I : L ill. 2: P r e .. Cam &. E l ec. I : VB I. 2: Bowl i n g 2. E S P E Rr\ NZA l.or"EZ "ElffJJ' \ncon. Canal Zon e Alu'f.)$ Oil the spot wit h her W(lrm "I-/i". Cl. I. 2. 3 : Pep 1. 2. 3: C ho. I. 2 : Lib. 1\-... 1. 1 : En .... C1. D an. 1 : V B L 2. 3. I : B k B I. 2. : l . 1. DI C K )1. LOMEDICO H o lI YlVoo d P ana ma. R di:' P Dashillg smile tliat semIs the Birl$ ooh! so good,lookillg! Pe{' k ill ,\iilila r ) Acadc1ll}: BB. 2 : JV. FB. 1. 2: Da n COllnll. 2: 'ir Pi c. Com Ill. 4. C H ARLE S L. i\l:t cDONAI.O \ n co n. Canal ZOlll' I I \0// COtI sleep alld pass. will sta) awake? EU!Tyone he's (l Jim! lelloll. F E I. 2. 3. 4: Ilk 13. I. 2. 3. I: BB. I. 2. 3. I. IHMA M. LOIlA B ('juco. R P I qlliet blllldle oj Larill ch(lrm. I J/ellsillg /t'ms alld II It'arm smile. Choru-I. 2. ( ;AlO 1.0WANDE .. uig e,," Colo n R. dt' P P ic. I : \1ll.1-Pro. -I: H r. R, p I : R .O: r.C. 2. :t SON I A A Mr\I\TOVANI Panallla. R dt P f/(lle lUll el'er set!1I II IlreWII 1((lll,i/lg'l CI. 2. 3: Cho. I : Lib \ --1. I: Fa ... hion 2.3: \'B. 2. 3. -I: SIl.3. I: FERNANDO M AIITINEZ \nco n Canal Ulllries Atlas bllilcllopped with II SIJirit oJ /riendliness IIntl /1111. Che--CI. 4: Slamp CI. 2: BB. J \ I. 2: Ilkll. I. 2. 3: FIl. 2. 3: \X all'r polo 2. 3: "willi. 3,


CAIlMEN L UZ MATOS "C(,r"," J PUl'r10 Ri co 'I leal/ l illll. bellllllllli browlI eli'S", I : 2 : 2: L a II . h-1. 2: Grad. Cli. I : BkB. I : "B. 2: H t'rllla n H idd,-r 1 15. S. \Ionroe H .S. JL'DITII ANN MAY 'llff/." Burr alo. ;\. Ollr (llIIlnt/otls ('O-ed' l o r whQ refllll mul,t's It'QrJ, 1I I>Iellsllre. Zo nian :i, CoEd 1 : Banq. 3, I : l ,\. Cl.:\. t : N H S I : PI P 2. 3: CI ... :-\1. 3: Jr.-=--r. B.JIHI. 3: Grad l Iwr 3: 1Ir. \It. I. MAIlIO J. MATA P a n ama. R cit" P O llr friendl) lImigo from (I('fUSS J UI.IA Ihe border. \nco n Ca nal ZOIlt' :3j)r1il: It' //(// (/lluther relll H eeo)? Ollr Track 2 : BB. J V 2.3. I : FH. t. "b:rtlt\A 110NALD t;. M.CONNELL "UOI/I/;," Wt ... lfi"ld. ,\]a .... AllOW!; his W(I) IIrollnll ... ('lIrI) lo, I.s ... lal/wilh plelll) 01 pl/s h Qn Ihe fool blliJ field. l L O T C. 2. 3 \laj. : :-;ta gl' ?:' t .. .J. : T rael-JACQUELY N M. M. COY ")(n '(III;('" \lIoona. Pln n. Th e re(fl lI d "o ) hilS Ihe peal. ill popillaril)-Ollr IOlell Foothill/ Qlleen. ;t I: ,\I-IS 3 I : P e p 1.2.3: Chrld. I : Cho. I. 2. 3: S p C ho. 3: orr. Fr. Pic. ] : P ic. 2: Dall 2: Pari) 4: Cl ... 3: l 2: Grad 3: J r. \nlh. Ed 3: Pn .... Cam &. EI,c. I : BackloSchool Dan 3. I : \ c \.. .. S. Pro. I. 2. 4: VB. I. 2. 3. 4; SkU, I. 2. 3. 4: :-:N. I. 2. J\\ g r. 3. I. DtIHe r Colo. A SW{'{'t fllld II prclt) smile fIIal,1! rt /riel/II/) girl. Ci/)\"I' Par" Ta('o m a. Hr. H f'p. 2. 3: Zonian 1: Hanq. BUJ!It' I: L ... Iwr 1: P ... p 2. 3: WILFHED U MOHHI S Cho. I : Sp. C ho : Orf. \ ..... 1. I : H.O:r.c. Co. Span. I : Sr. Wk. I : GI ... 3: FB. OUt't' n 1: (;rad. I ... I)(r 3: \ cl &. P ro. I : I ... ,h. Bowl '1'''1 .... I: "B. 2. 3. I : BUt 2. 3. I : B I. Trt'J\lon. N. J Heel \/r. Coltlilo('ks! lie lives to I!rtl. !;/eefJ. 1111(/ /llll) /ootbrt/l! L t'ttrl1. 2. 3. ,,: Band I. 2. 3. 4: Ol('h I. 2. :{. 4: Party 4: Ch, ...... CI. I : Fit 2 3. "t: Track 1 :1<1<, ; HB. 2. :{: HI-I t I. 2. :'1.1. c' II A ULES MILLEH .. Child .. .. AI/other nt!W(OIllt:r. Qll ite ham/ sOllie. Lallghs IIICI(I) Iris time. JAMES W. MOHIUS ) i"." LO\\l'Il. .... I reol s l>,'(l s h ill Ihe I/J(/tt'ri Crlllltl gil) 1 0 have (lrQ/lllli. Alw(l)s h(ls witt) t o !;I/). Lt l trll CI. 3. 4: 1.2. :{, 4: \VlJlo'r !Jolo I. 2: H .O T C. 2. 3.


DON MORTON "Mortr Co l o n H lit' P F rit-fl'!.') gil) with /JlfseulIlI (fl!! I lls SIJt!cia/ tJ. LI'IIIII 3. 4 : BU. 3 4 ; R O T .e. 2.3, i\1 / Sg t 4 P omo n a. Calif. A Jrie llll to 1111 III /(/ (I Joe t o flOIlt'. GiN' him fI Job fllld he'" {p'l i t (Io lle. Ldllll 2. 3, : C ho. 2 :t ,,: Cho. 3. t : R O T ,e. 2 3, 1-1. 4 : Jr.Sr. Banq 3: Sr. 1 : F i t 2 3: Bi t 2 .. 1. :0. 3>:0. 4-: BB. k "Slow l op. No. '7.1' . Anton. Canal ZOIl(' 11(' grillS } r o m e ar ( 0 ear III Ihe lIIosl distllrbillg /1I5/'ioll. lie IlIlIg h s fI lot alld jokes (f lot /Jill for 1I'0 r k h e ha s flO passio n 1.1'11111. CI. 3 4: Ch, ... CI. 4: C h o I. 2 .. 4 : S p C h o ... : H O : r.e. 2. FB. Dan. 4 : "B,-aUI) a n d lilt' B et f 1 : Fr.. 2. 3(;1. 1-: BkB I. 2 HAYMON D II. N I CKIS IiEIl U t lYo, R ock.,.. P a. rr'IUlI WOIlItJ joot b all be w i l hollt "h is" q llllr terbarl sneak? /f e w O /ld e r -does i t 1II0rl. wi t h L t'lIrl1 CI. 2. 3 4: C h o. 1.2.:l . 1 : FB. Da n 4: Sr. Wk. 4: Al hll'l i c COllnci l 4: FB. I. 2$. 3$. ,,-: BkB. I. 4 $ : Bi t I. 2 : Tra c k 2.:l. I : Sing in g Val ..... 1. J ULENE E PAGE "Julie" P a n a ma. R d e P EI/i.ieIlCl 011 para(/e prol cs il does11" IlU) to Jlldge b) si:e. 2: :-;"c. 3: Hr R ep. 3: 8. P ro. I : Pa rr akt:cI 3 . Ed. 4: Calli. CI. 1 : R ef. CI. 3: C \ 3. I : 1 \ H=-, 3. 1 : r,-p !'-q I. 2. 3: C h rld. A ll. 4 : C ho. I : L ih. \ ...... 1. I : F r Pic. I : S.H D a n 2: Jr. .\Illa ... D an. 3: G \ \ D a n I : \al. D an. 4. I WDOU'II V. O STREA "Uulh" \/leOIi. Cal ;:11 Zo n t' LOlldt" wilh Latin "Dull/ph". in spor ts. H .O: r .c. 2. 3: TracJ.. 1 -,2.3(;1: BUl. I. 2. o. I : I'll I. 2. 3. 4: BIt I. 2. 3. I : SB. I. 2. 3: :=;wim. I. 2. 3. :'it. \ 1 0. 'lIe). Coo(lIooJ,illg. Cot fI hOI rOll Furd 11/1(1 (f tl(' Q dollar bill?" I.t'llm CI. I. 2: R O : r.C. 2. 3 ) ... 1 LI. 1 : n k B \1". I : I'll I'. FRANK PATR IDeE Panalila. H It' P 0,,( tu gel thl! in's( 0111 0/ lij,. lIml hI! SlIrel. lI'ill. l:\. CI. 2. 3. V.Pr!' .... I. JOl IN PATICIDGE "Co" p j o Panama. H de P. H.O.T .e. 2. 3. I: D rill Team


eEIIALD M. !'I ElleE / l p rc)," Ch:.'\(land. Ohio FB. Dan. ,,: Ldlm. CI. 3. 1 : Cho. 4: Sp. Cho. 4: R.O.T .e. 2. 3. Lt. 4: Swim 3, 4: Intramural., 1. 2. I'II I SC ILLA I'LiCET U. "/lris)' u \ne on. Canal ZOIll' I'd/Ie )01111# /(1(/). FilII {II p e l} fII fill lime:" Zonian \ d 4: CI. I. 2.3: Cam CI. 1 ; \ llI", CI. 2. ; {: P"P Sq. 2. 3: Cho. I : Lih \ .... 1. I : \,B 1 : BkB. 1 : ';1 1.:1 1. GIIACE I I C KENI'A U GII Ca l dwell. Ohio friel/til) disPQsitiQII wi lh al/. Cenial as the (ill) is 10llg. Cho. 3: Lib j \ .... 1. 3: Fa .. hion 3: .\lu ... \id. J : GI ... 3: P r ...... Carll. S. EI,c. I. DANNY !'lliL L 'Jad.-" Glen Ridge. 1\, J To flllllk is hum(/II, to pus:, i s divine. I'AT III C I A IIEESE /lnl s,," Ca l ir. /)impled 'II delight/III. Valclllillc Qlleen. UN. CI. 2. 3, 4; \ 111", CI. L 2: S p CI. 1. 2; C ho. I. 2. 3. 4: Sp. C ho. 3. 4 ; Val. Co urt :t Queen 4: C d ... S. Anne. I. 1-1111 jllg (/ gQod li,,1t' is her hobi), HI/S s OW" sporlSWOIII(1f1. IIr Hq). 2: CA/ \ 2.3.4: P e p Sq. I 2. :t 4: C h o. I 2. 3. 4: S p C ho. Locil., I : H"f. CI. 2. 3. 4: Soph Pic. 2: P a n ama, R de P Fr . !"op h GI .. ,:=;i1. 3: !"Ih Olle oj ollr IreaSliretl gijls jrQIII 1-'(111(1111(1. VU) charming. I. 2': 1 : HkH'. 1.'2. \ 1 }!L'3 Fa .. hion S ho w I. 2: CI. I. 2. 3: \iu". CI. 2: Pep !='q. 3. 4: C ho. 1. 2: V B 2. 3 : Sil. 3. I. W I L LIAM II. I IOSAN. JIl. Bill" Baltimore. \ l ar)13nd Olle o/IJ/-IS"s "brains:' I mpossible 10 jorget his /riemll), fwd :(111) IIIfllwer, 110'. Hep 1 : H.O.T. C. 2 3. I/Sgl. I : F ,'. Pic, i : O rill '1"'3111 :l: FR 2.3: Ilk 11. I. 2. 1I0 U EIIT A. IllZZ0 "Slrflllt!/ p r Lon g 1 .. la n d N. ) /)elight/ull) bash/III. A/wil)s eludes the girls, Cd:.. & .\nne. I: R,O, T .e. 2: FB. 2. 3 : Scho ol. IlEVERLY J EAN R OSAN U f' I'" B ai t imort.'. \la r)land A I,'o/uler [flSS wit h (1 su p e r persol/alil) AItNI)S h(1s (I g a l hello, Fr P ic. I : GAA 3,4: Sp. Cl. 3: 3, 4: He!. Cl. 2. 3. 4: P ep S q I. 2. 3, 4: C ho. 2. 3. 4: Clinic \ .: .. 1. 4: Parrak ee t I \ d ScI. 3: :'B. 2 ,3' I : B kB. 2, :l"-', 4: VB. 2 .. 1. I : (;1 ... !"1. :t


K EN !l OSS bland. t'o.. \ tical Ilrlmkstcr ... lIdia/ grill. Cho. 1: R.O:r. e. 2. 3. 1: \I / S gl.: BkB. 2. 3: FB. 3: RB. 2. Rale igh i\'orlh Car ol in a .tIltholl gh h e s 0111) beelt her!! lor (J little /I hile, he's /j 011 the hearts 01 fill 11,1/0 /.-110/1' hilll, \'lIN HUe O I' HlAi\ --/ ... i"le J ail,," ... pmlls p erso llil ieti f Qllit e fI gam/looker. t oo. Cho. I. 2. 3 : H .O.T.e. 3. I: \Io n .on \ cadf'Ill}: Hifl e T.'ant: T all.. e r ... C I.: Jr.S r Prom Fall \UIUlllrl Dan.: 2. 3: r m .. Ilkll" FB. CELINA S A NSON S ""Celi" P anama. H de P If e Ilhe her slolll, gracio/ls smile flllt! quiet intel/igeltce. Sp. CI. I. 2. 3: )Iu ... CI. J. 2. 3 : C ho. I: Clinic \ ... 2: F a" hio n !:'ho\\ 3.4: Carni,'ai Dan 2. 3: VB. I. 2. 3 4: I1kB. 2. 3. IWUERT E. HOWLE Y Panama. H tit' P qlliet lad wit h b ase/ifill ill 11/:. blooll. R.O.T.e. 3. Pf e.: !lB. 1 2 3 1 : BkH. I. 2. 3 I : FB. 1 .2(.. 3. Trac k 3. : Sf. Hi:,:h !'e hoo1. Ldllll. CI. 1. 2. :!. I. GEOHGE SCBIlANTZ Paul. )Iinn. Il leaS f/llt perso//a/it). Altt'll\s wil/ illg t o help (I /rierui. Fl: I : BI..B. 2 J A MES DOUGLAS SAS H D o ug" Birrl1ingham. \ Ia. /llIn/wor/,cr with th e Orill Team. Parraknl I : R.O. T.e. 3. bt Sgl. k U .. her 3. k Orill T eam 3. Il'r4: 1 ... lh. BO\II Pro. 4 : \ al. 0311. I. FIlEIJE IlI C K A SC IHI A D E H """',p tl" Fon :-;il1. Okla. I II/bit lOllS fllflll l.bOIiI s('hool. For cler /II (f "fI/lIJI moo(l. P arraklt Bu ..... \I gr. 4: CI. I : H ifll T t'a m ,t: R.O:r.C. Cpl. 4: l1 ... la' r I : Gordon Jr. High: Gh't' CI I.: CI. 1 : \Ialh. CI. 2: Bit I : Cho. I : I. AIlLlN!': H SC II M ID T '1" \nl'o n C: lll al ZOIlI' delight/III mi. l/llre oj t' 1 'er.l Ihillg tflll! 1/I0S1 (1/1 arolllld. H r. H I'p, 2. 3: I : G\\ 2.3, I : 3. I : PI'P Sq. I. 2: C ho. I. 2 .. 1. I : H O T .e. :-'pon. I : Jr.-:'r. Banq. 3; S. H Dan. 2: Pic_ 1 2: GA \ Dan. I : Ih) COIll Ill 3: Grad. l 3: Gk :0-'1. LI. GOI. 3 : Gk 3: \ B I. 2. 3. 4 : I. 2 : BkB I. 2 ; :-'"il11. 1 2 0 4 0 E I LEEN V IOLET SCOTT ""Scottie"" . \ 'I, Fill/ I/TI(J Ifill 0/ lile. I lItiiwclIsflble to her team. G \ \ 1.2. 3: l .. lwr 3 . 1 ; :-.oph Pi c 2: ='r. R ing .. I : .\Ih Idie Cou n ei l Stc. I : "B. I. 2 ; 1 1>0: HI-B. I. 2 ,1, I : :-;B. 1>0. 2,


DIANE SKINNEIl "/Jj"' Qllid 1Il(lfIllerl) girl wilh (f smile Jor e/'er)Olle. AccompaniSi Jor Chofus. \ Iu ... CI. 2.3: U".her 2: Rd. Cl. 2: \ I u .... P ull. CI. 4: Ban d 4: C horu 1 2. 3. 4: ::;p. Cho. 3. 4: Parrakeel 3, q: GI;;;.. 51. 3: VB. I. 2.3.4, B kll I. 2. 3. 4 Sil. I. 2 4. C I I A Il LES A. S MITII Quigg/ r" CoJon. R de P. I!e 's reall) B.I1.S.'s B.T.O. friends ql/ickl) alld J,'eef}s Ihem with ease. 1Ir. Rql, 1. 2. 3; V .. P re", 3: :-.. \ Pre .. I: Lt"Ilnl. Cl. 3. 4: Chon, .. 1.2.3: Sp.Cho.3. I; Gratl. \ I U f"!!. 3: Ring COlli. 3: Dun. CII. 4; Val. D an. < I; BB. I: Jr. Var. 2. 3; Track 1 ",2",3" I : B k B.1.2.3: F ootball 1 $.2" 3'. IlOIJEIl T SEAVEY I Jo b -"'n eon. Ca n a l Zont> Laughing tllld jesting eller) da) as ij troubles will neller come. J ENN Y E ALYCE S T EPIfEN S Boh ha". bee n with 1I" a .. long a.. Coa l g a te. Ok la. we can rtIlH ... mber. A/uulls ill (f h/lrr). Des/ille(1 (0 R .O: r.C. 2. 3 \l / Sgl. I. slIccess. F Il AN K S M I T II FrfIIlJ.., P anama. R dt' P Swillg hNe 10 S((I) Killg 011 the DUllce Floor. Hr. Ht'p o.i; R .O. T.e. 2. 3. \1/ SgL 4: FIb. 3 .t* : BB. I. 2. I hp. 2: H r R e p I. 2: C A t \ 2.3.4: NI-IS I : U .. h e r 3: S p Cl. 3: R d Cl. 2. 3. 4: P tp Sq. 1.2. 3.4: Off. 3. 4: Fr. P ic. 1 : Soph P ic. 2: Xma s D a n 3: J r.S r Banq. 3: GAA Ba n q. 2.3: Val. Dan. 4: Ck 51. 3: G r ad. 3: In a ug-. Da n 3: 5.1-1. D an. 2: V B I. 21). 1 : B k B I. 2oe.. 4 : 5B. II). 21).4. "SlII oJ. e New p ort. R l. VIRCILIO SUAZO P a n a ma. H tit" P R ea/ c re(lil 10 his friends. Swell chap ill lIlId Ollt oj school. R.O.T .e. 4 P a n ama. R dt' P III ar t isti(' obi/il ) Ih(ll will molll his jil l /Ire. U"predi("({/b/e. P arrakt't'l 3. 4: Zo nian 'l: C anl. Cl. 3. 4: Sp. Cho. 3. 4: S.I-1. D a ll. 2: FB P ro. COlUm. 4: P ic. COrulll .J: L al h am Founda ti o n r'-r('u '('IIII.iI/. A fI('wwal WI'/("Olll(' \ ward I. 2: Wakr P o l o 2. s: jaCt'in 8115. :--\\ illl. 3 I : T r3ck I. 2.3: FB. EVER E 'rr STACY Chc}en n e. Wyomi n g The reason wh 1 parents gel IU"). Kind 01 jellow el'er)Olle liJ'es. B and 1. 2. 3. 4: Orc h I. 2. 3: R.O.T.e. 2. Sgt. 3: Sr. P ic. I I : VB. I. 2 3 *.4 : BkB I. JV. 2. 3. 4 : H B I. 2: Wall'r P olo l. 2. .. h inglon L'T High Sc h ool: .spo rt-. Ct. 3: R .O.T.e. 3. 1 : FB. 1.2.3*. the lQ"ia,,'s book I.eeping. LOllg golden hair. H er's is (I bllndle of complexil). Zon ia n Bu ... _\I g r 4: N H S 4: Caul. ct. I; Pep S q 1.2.3: Orc!.. 1.2: I ah. .. I. 3: Jr. \nll.. 3: In a ug. Dan 4: Sr. P ari} I I. 2 .. 11 11. 2 .. U k B I. I "'Iagill!! 2.


JOS E A. TAM "eMlli,,, Ttl"," Panama. H tic P Colm. qlliet /efloll'. Cheerful 1II(fII1Icr (Inti (l r(llher sll) grlfl. D an. 3; Sta m p CI. I. 2. 3: Cam CI. 3: .. CI. 4 : BB.2. 3.4: Bkl! 2. 3. 4 : FB. 2.3. 1 : Track DONALD S TRIIlE "/)0"" B O .. I OII, ..... Sciellce +-IJrains + F riell(lIiTlcss = /JOII Z o ni a n \I::r. 3 : Zo n ian \d ScI. 4 : S i amp CI. I. 2 3 : C II\'II1. CI. 3: CI. 4 : Bio. CI. 2. 3: N I I S 4 : Ca m CI. 2: UN. CI. 4 : C lll ..... Cl. 4: Lib \ ""1. I : L ah. 1 ,-1. 3: H O T.C. 2. 3. I ILI. 1: lJ..h e f 3: Jr. 1\lIlh 3: Cd .. S. \ nne. 'I: Soph P ic. 2: P re .. Ca m S. Elec. 4 ; Tra c k 3. 4 : .IV HkB.3: T('lllli" 2 IlH UCE TRl' E "8rpw" \ n eon. Cana 1 Zo n t All III1/lrclli ctab/e c/"'fflcter WIrO'1I a/wa)l on Iranll/or a /ollgh. Sma", Pro. COIllIlI 4 : H .O. T .C. 2, 3: "Clamour 4. Perry. Ceor :; i a J-/olI) wood Iras Jerr} L ewis. we'fl e go t Fa) e T /lcker (111(1 we MAHITZA 'all 1I00RDE Lo.. \ n!!elP ... Cal if. tflllghing t'les. dancing feet. viva ciQII S (I"rI/lI11 ;11 (lfll croll.'(I. .... p. CI. 2.3: \llI .... CI. I: \ n CI. 2: i'ep Sq. 2. 3: Cho. I. 3 : L ib. \ ..... t. I. I : Off. \ ..... 1. I: Fa .. hion 1: V B 1. 2. 3. 4: 51!. I. 2. 3: llkll. 3 1. j ULlTA F. UlIlll'TI, 1 "/u/y" Panama. R de P A mOl/e/"1I jlgllre IJ/II S a Shllll1lg p ersonalit). Libraq Clu b 3. I : VB. 3: S B I : L ib. \"1. I. 2. like i l \ I-Ir. Rtp I: P e p S q 2. I ; O ff. Lab . \ sst,2.4 : L ib. A .. ,,!. I-IU ( ;II 3: G l ... 51. 3: S.H D a n 2 : Val. "Vnndy" D a n 1\: 2. 4 : G rad. U"l lt' r 3: Prt>,. Cam So E l('(', I: ).Iu". ,\it! I : I 'G. I. 2. 3. 1 : IlkB. 1. 2. 3. I : 4 C S TA V O TIIONCOSO F. "CUel, ,, D avi d. R de P Alwll)s sco r es, both in basketball and pcrS0 1 1ll/i l). H r. H ep. 3. 4 : S \ R e p 3: U .. 3: S p a nish CI. 2.3: ilkB. JV, 2. 3 'I : VB. 3. 4. Nt'l\ York N. Y l(' i:l1rtl al math! H e s (I gil) wilh {/ smile and II I(lugh come It'har OW}. (>!lIlt' II igh Sc hool : Ba n d 1 : Orch I : Puna h o u School. H awaii: L{,tlm. CI. 2. 3: :-:-'ta:;in ; 3: Swim. 2 3 : Tt' n ni .. 3 RI C AIIDO VASQUEZ "CII;rl,i" Panama. R d., P J U NE WALLA C E L o udon. T{'nn Eas\,IOI.,IOIt'. ellS) to gel a/ollg w;lh. plea s /llg pers of/alit) (1/1(/ Grac ioll s manners Drama CI. 2. 3: Lib. C1. 2: ).lu ... eLI: p ('p Sq. 2. 3: Cho. I.2.3: Lib. \ .... 1. 2: Jr.Sr. Ban q, 3: V a .. hion ::-;ho\\ I : Schoo l A .... elll. 2. 3.


MAlljOlll E I.. \neon. Canal Zone nirt"tiOlls brOll'1I C.lCS dallcillg her specia/tl mor/em (II/(/ IIp-lo(lole. Her. CI. 3, I : :-q. 1.2.3. I: Cho. I. 2. 3. -1: orr. I: \0;1. .3: L .. Iwr 3. I: Fr. Pic. I: Soph P ic. 2: l !lauf!. 1)311. Chr. I : Val. Dan. I: Zonian \ d :-;l'L I : Crad. I .. her 3: "Olll' TU\II1" 2: \ 'B. I. 2.3. L Ilkll SB. 3 I. C AIlL A WIDE LL. Jil. Palm Bea ch. Fla. IIf' (l1Id Ihe doss laughs In,h hilll, bllt he stO)S (I/ter HhoQ/ (llone. Great gil), Ollr Carl,' Ldll1l, CL I: R.O.T .e. 3, Sgt. 1: '(mil." Dan. 3: J r.-Sr. Banq. 3: S r Ring I: "l3caut) and t h e Beer" I: PH. I. 2. 3 4 $ ; Track 3, I: IlkB. 3. I, IlR 3. CIiAIlLES E. WAL S II Chuc k" ) I e l ro se .\ l a ..... I r hilI! If comps 10 talent he call', be befll. J ack of oil trades. Cho. I 3. I : Sp. Cho. 3. I ; Band I: R .O:r.C. 1. 2: \ cling I. 3. I: !--tagi n g 1.3 I: P r o(luci n:,:: 1.3. I : Din'clin g L WANDA MAlliE WILSON "8"11,,. "'l:oland. Ill. Qllietl) e/licient. She's friends with the worM. IIr. R e p 1 : Sec. 2; GAA 1. 2: FH \ 2: Chrld. 2: S p C h o. 2: Lib. \ .... 1. 2. 3: Off. \""1. 1 : Stag. ing 2: F 3 .. llion Show 1 : U .. he r 2: :--B. I: Tcnni .. I. 2. LYLA LOU WOMACK tiltu)" \ ncon. Canal 20111..' C AlCOL ANNE WOOD Ca mden. 8. J Colliell re(1 hair Cllie littlc Ireckles :illbtlessellce of hUIIIor. \ .Pn'" 3: G ir l .. C ho. 2,3; Fo e u:; 3: T ypi n g CI. 3: So ph Social COnll11. 2: H k B 2. 3. 4 : V B I k S I !. 3. 4 \neun. Ca n a l Zon e .,hl : daill t ) (///(/ neal / rulII her Ilea;' to her jcet. F r. P ic. I ; Pq) S q 1.2.3: C h o ru .. I. 2, Ilk!!. 3. 1 \"Il.3. The ler) best of (aI/ misses with (J topno t ch ware/robe. l .. lu.'r 3. <1: Pep Sq. I : C ho. I : Off . \ .... 1. 2: J r.Sr. Banq. 3: G r ad. l ... hf'r 3: Pre ... Cam. 8. E l cc. 4: Cd ... 8. \ nnc. Comm. ,,: VB. l. 2. I: BkB. I. 2, .l. I : <;;,B I. 2. 3.1. WILLlA,\! F. WIlI(:ln /JiII -Ci n c i nn3t i Ohio I .(ml:il) he throl/gh BIlS. Smile we wolthl like to see more 0/. Hr. H ep. 3: Orch 1,2: R .O: r.C. 2.3; J r.Sr. BanC!. 3; X m as Dan. 3; B kB. I. 2. 3; F'B. L 2. 3; Swim. I. 2: C ri ... tobal Hi g h Sch ool. JOliN WOOD Co l o n R dt' I ), All amiable hOI 11;,11 a rll(lfIllI" t hat has IVOII 111111 "'(III) frienr/s. Do n na Hi/!h School : BkB 3: R .O.T.e. 2, 1 1"0. 3. \ NDIlEW ill. WlliGIiT. III "IIIId)" \ neon. C3nal ZUIl(' til,.::, 10 fOllle lu :,choul. bl/t like:, lu go hOIll': better. /Jigski" p/(l)el. LI"I II11. Cl. I : !"it a mp Cl. 2 3: H.O.T .e. 2. :1. 211. 1. I 1I1l. I :o'B I : F B loQ;.


LAUIl E l E. CU MMI NGS Portland. Ore. c h ee r ful smile jar el' er.\Otle. A real pleasure to know Jr. S tudent Council R e p. 3 ; G \ \ I. 2. 3: N H S 1. 3. 4; Cho. 2. I : Cam, CI. Sec. 1: J r.-Sr. Prom 3: F r. C1. 4: '\\eguro 1-15. and NarH5 .. Japan SAlLl E ClJNN ING Klamath On', frie nd!) (/lid swee t. II welcome (ultl;/;oT! to Ollr class. ALBE R T 1-1. EVANS A I \neo n. Ca nal Z o n e An idco! pal. Go od I/llIes /ollo u him Radio CI. 1: Projec ti o n CI. 2. 3: 1l. 0 T.e. 2. 3 \ I / Sgt. I. CECILI A E. "Cecf' Panama. R de P All o th e r swell n e ighb or Irom PanamllIN I). \ Ipha Gamma Om ega 2: BkB. 3: \ lurphy Hi g h School. SA M t:El S S TEEL E "Su,,," Panama. R dt> P Qllite the joker. F ilII 0/ Jun (Inri mis c hief. A graml pal. Lt'IIIl1. Cl. 2: R .O. T.e. 2. 3. l iLt. I : Pre". Eke. & C am ,,: BB. I 2.3.4; FB. 1. 2. 3. I ; BkB. I. 2. 3 I; S B I. 2. 3. I. J A IM E QUINTEIl O P anama. R de P L o t s 0/ room be l ween his head IIlId his l oes H E I NVENIDO S ALAS Panama, R de P / /.'r) likeable gil> who i s {/ relll (fee behind (f basebll/l bal. Ha"f>ball 2 ,3 JAIME SALAS Panama. R de P Good i ll spor t!>. Friendl) gil). R.O.T .e. 2, 3. Cpl. II: Tra ck 1: 2: C110. 1.2.3: Sp. C110. 1.2. J AC K WAGNEIl "Sp ee d Lodi. Ohio L O I es "'otorc) des and speed. B .O.T.e. I. 2. 3. \I/ Sgl. 4.


p 0 p U L A FAME R I SVD D",,,y T Y


Ilmilt 1I1111l"erS J UDY McCOY alld FRANKI E SMITH






Tldentell lOA I E FORBES and CHARLES \VAL H ... ", :. ., ; .. ... <.' I -(' b .; C ,,' J o o '9 ....., .. '. 1.' j 4 '.


Best Loo/d"g A N GOHMAN and M ILES PACE


MOtlt Atldeti,. N IHA HEYES and HAY N I C K I S !!ERCle ..








Friell,lliest K A Y C ROSS a n d TED NORRI S








lOR s s


PAUL SMITH l'resitl ell' J u N I o R s MR. JEFFRI ES. C III,'is Atlr );spr Ninetee n hundred alld fift y.three. Balboa's s mall es L cla ss wer e wc. \Ve e lec t e d Ollr o ffi ce r s. and only th e be s l. Paul Bru ce. a nd Pal really pa sse d th e l es t. The n a committee o rdered Ollr rin gs And whe n th ey arri ved we f ell jus t lik e kin gs Our C hri st ma s F o rm a l w o n t b e surpassed And w c' r e sure Qur B anque t can t b e o ut -classed. So th an k s be t o all f o r th e b es l yea r o f a ll. \ Vit h h o p es f o r a wond e rful yea r. t oo, n ex t fall.








CIiAIlLES II UMMEIl I Jresidc llt s o P H o M o R E S MR. SEAQU I S T C I(lss Atl f)i u r l\in e teen Ilundrcd an d fifl).thrcc. No l o nger /le\\ com e r s. ) o u alld l1Ie O U f so p h orno r e }car no\\ i s d O llC'. A s uppe rclassmen. we really h a d fun! \Ve h a d a goo d rear w ith office r s. o u rs. JANE JENN I S O N. Vice."rl'ShJ, "1 CARHOLL A DAMS, S('CT('Iflry 'Cause J ane Carroll. and C h arles r call} r worked h ours. A So p h co mrnitLee p l a nn e d a dance for th e sc ho ol. The id eas of tha t Sadi e H awkins dance made u s ( Ir ool. :\0\\ we a r c lookin g ahead t o nex t }car To ever) l a u g h and to eve r y lear


Sop'" ;;ir l s I!P whi/p ,I, p boy$. D A NCE COMMITTEE Stal/ding, Jelt t o right are: J i m mo n(1. Schmidl. Jim iront are; Daw n Cro\\dl. P agtand W -ill ianh






F R E s H M E N 1\1( SS MATTHEWS C la u Adll;s e r N in e t ee n hundre d a nd fifty-three: OUf fir s t yea r t o h o l d th e key. We e l ec t e d B ec k y D i ck. a nd Sco t. The n w o n th e Frolic : th a t's quite a l o t! Nex t w e h a d a Strutte r 's B a ll. A nn our quee n was best o f a ll. The S. A. acti v iti es w e r e g reat: \ Ve w e r e th e r e didn' h es it a t e. 11ICHARD CAIlIlATI N I Y;c e Presit!p",. The limes w e had. what fri e nd s w e m el. M a k e th a t a yea r w e w o n f o r get.




Clwrl 4 > s S",ilil. S. A. IJrpsiflp,,, Committe e (I I Work Home room A'terlll/t e l STUDENT The S iud e n i A ssoc i a t i o n o r th e S A .. a s it i s commo n l y calle d i s the "gov e rnm e n t o f B a lboa Hig h Sc h ool. I t s o ff i ce r s th i s yea r w e r e : P r es i d e nt. C h a rl es S mit h : V i ce P res i d e nt. A l so n Sears; two sec r e t aries. Co r a Ca nh a m a nd A rlin e Sc hm i dt ; a n d t h e h o m e r e p r e se n t a t i v es an d alternal es. Mr R e y n o ld Va nn was th e s p o n so r. T h e presi d e nt. a se n i o r a nd th e \ i ce pres i d e nt. a j uni o r. w e r e e l ec t e d b y th e s t u d e nt b o d y Af l e r h i s e l ec ti o n th e pres i d ent a pp oi nt e d th e two g irl s a s sec r e tari es o f th e S A Ea c h h o m e r oo m e l e c t e d i t s own r eprese nt a t i ve 1 0 a tt e nd th e S A m ee tings An aite rn a l e w as a l so ciec l e d b y th e h o m e r oo m t o s u b s t itut e i n th e abse n ce o f th e r epresenta ti ve.


Homl'rlJom R" IJrese"tatives ASSOCIATION All matt e r s o f imp o rtan ce during th e sc h oo l year \\e r e di sc u sse d a t S A m ee tin gs The meetin gs w e r e inf o rmal. and e a c h r eprese ntativ e was fr ee to express his own opinions in all matt e r s Mon ey f o r S. A.s p o n so r e d pro j ec t s co m es fr o m th e s al e o f S A. tic k e t s whi c h e nabl e stud ents t o att e nd sc h oo l a c tiviti es s u c h a s dances. s p orts. and parti es fr ee. o r at a s mall charge. Th e sc h oo l ow es th e S tud ent A ssoc iati o n Illan y thank s f o r all t h e a ctivties it h as s pon so r e d and f o r g ov e rnin g o u r sc h oo l so s m o o thl y a nd effic i e ntly. Mr. R p"IIo /d Va llt S A: S. A. MpPt ing in Actio


JaCtluie M cC o y, M'II'y J lIl e S:d,'estre, amIM. ril y n Ford looking O\'CI' the hooks. Mr. C M. E lli s, ZONA I AN, sponsor. z o Ka y t o Jucl McCo y whi l c Edna H art look s on. D :l\'id O n clI, Clc\ e Soper, M ili c I Lucy Driscoll, lIul Lce wOl' k (?) in the durk room. Judy Mny und JO)'CC Collinge, Ih e editors b ehind the ZON I AN. Beth 11a l c h c tI Edna Harl, H c l c n I Iasem ann, Judy McCoy enjoy a joke while making layouls M r E. '''' l:IHtc h etl and Marv Jane S h 'eslre fliscu ss the fin. m ciai s l alus o r the ZONIAN. N I A N Edn a Harl, C l c c SOPCI', hnpIIY clown," Kay C ross. and Ronalfl McCon n e ll "sad clown, Hd"crtis c our ZONA IAN. Maril y n Ford, Mary B elh S u e CUI'elt S Kay Cross, and Judy McCo)' wriling senior sidelines.


B elly F latau, Ann rtace DUllning and Amly wOl'king (?) o\' e r thc t y p ewrit e r s. The l:Yarrakeel D:1il y i s b eing pul 10' gethe r b y a l li s t s Jus tin \Von;,;. J u l clle P : l g e Jimmy S UflfhliJ ),. ancl JO:ln Wetzel. C;II'olinc Brewca Ann Low. I'y, E \ 'clyn 1\1 0 l y neau x Norinc Dillman s elling Ull M i s s Brigham" s Pal'rakeet bulletin board. PARRAKEET i\1r. H a l c h ell, Business Advi ser, and Fa'ed Schraefl e r Busine ss l\t..alOlger c hecking Ihe b efore the PARnA. K EEl' i s sellt t o the advertiser s Miss Brigham milking the dCl.Idlille whil e D oug Sasf y M:II ',. A lice Hic k s and Brucc Quinn look on. E(lilOI Roscmary H o llande r and A s s ociatc Edilor Julc n e Pilgc look O \ c a Ih e IICW l : t A HRAKEET before it i s diSlriiJutc d Sall y CUllning .lInd l\'lary Alic e IIIcl.tsul'ing column inc h e s Miss B"i g h am, I:YARRA KEET sponsor. Miss B ri g h a m Julc ll c a n d Jus ti n 'Vong dcnning up.


A Ir. Vic t o r H err a n d hi s c h o ru s. band, and o r c h es tra d ese r v e a w e ll-r o und e d appla u se thi s ye a r 1'1r. H err h a s in c o r p o r a t e d in th e Mu s i c D e p a rtm e nt a n excelle nt s pe c i a l c h o r u s a nd h a s t a u g ht u s m a n y n e w a nd be a utiful se l ectio ns A s u s u al. th e C hri s tm a s P r og r a m wa s t h e m os t po pul a r p e rf o r mance_ N ext. o n th e Jis t. h o w eve r. w e r e th e p o pul a r "'C hri s t lIlas P a rty" a nd R ed_ \\lhit e a n d Blu e p rogr a m s g i ve n a t th e B a l b o a The a t e r. A n o t h e r h i g h l i ght o f th e y e a r wa s our n e w m a r c hin g b a nd This ye a r t h e b a nd s p o rt e d n e\\ u n if o r m s b o u g ht b y th e 5 A They pe rf o r m e d f o r u s during th e h a lf t i m e o f o u r b i g g alli c w ith L a k e \Vo rth H i g h. a nd ce rt a inl y g av c o u r s p i rit s a b oos t N o t t o b e f o r gollc n i s th e o r c h estra w hi c h h a s n o t had th e o p portuni t i es 1 0 pl a y a s man y t i m es a s th e b a nd. but p r o v e d i t s a b ilit y a t o u r m o r c s eriolls a sse m b l ies and t h e Chri s tm a s Prog r a m Y es we' ve h a d a n excelle n t )ca r The ma n t o th a nk f o r its s u ccess, \\illl hi s lIe w m d o ri gina l id e a s a nd ma n y l o n g h a rd h o u r s o f \\o rk. i s 1 \ 1 r. Vic t o r I I err! T I ll' Ort I,,s tra practic e s for the Chris t m a s Concert


T h a t lInforgetlalJl c Chris t m a s Concert Some foollJall spirit


BattaliOll stull: Cnde l Lt. Col William OcrI'. COllllnantiillg" Of(j('cr: C a d c l Cap tain Ar ijulllnt: H OII C : IPl llill Ann Corm lln, C arlt' l l\IlIjor ,,"'illiam Exccli' li,c. COMPAN1 "A" : Cude Captain ThomM Grimison, COIHm lllUling: H o norllry 1s t 1.. Glirfine l' S I)oII' :Inri C :ul('l S F C W;"hcr Collins S Ullpl y Sgt. TOil picture: Ball:lliou 011 Ihe Iin e. 80110111 picture: Captaill prt'scllting slrctam c r 10 "C." L'nd e r th e leade r s h i p o f Ca d e t Ll. C ol. William D err. th e B a lb oa ROTC B a lt alio n h a d o n e o f its m os t s u cc e ss ful ye a r s On Fi e l d N i g ht Co mp a n y A command e d b y Ca d e t Ca pt ain Tho ma s Cl'imisoll. manage d t o lake ;IIS t about all o f th e h Ollo r s A b l e Co mp a n y won individual. squa d. plat oo n, a nd C OIll pan y co mp e titi on A t la s t r e p o rt s Ca d e t Ca pt ain L a nd o n Cunn had firml y avow e d th a t C ompan) B was goin g t o \\ ill co mp a n y c ompe titi o n a t l e a s t o nce thi s year ROTC Color Guord: From /1/, to right; C arl c t M I Sg1. Andrc" Cafl c t M / S g t. Mill e r Hay n c s Bal talion Sgt. Major: Cadc t M / S g l D A. I-Iope, Batt alion S gt.; Cadct SF'C Ronal(1 C. S tOYt!I TIl(' "G"idi,,/; Lig llts" 0/ t'l(' ROTC ,wit: M / Sgt. EIm c r Efl", ards. Supply SI; I.: i\11 g l lIurr y f. Var hrough, Adminislrath, c NCO; SfC Dnuglas A. Me-COMPANY "8": C:lde' Captain Lan r l e n II. GUlln. Iionol 'tar), l S I 1..1, J t lC(luic !\'IcCoy S POil emit SFC Rohc l ( Fi shbough, S III)pl Sgt COM/JAN)' C : Cadc l Callt ain D o n alrl S. Trihc, Ilullorar, 1:.1 1..1. f\rli n c Sdullidl, S pun .. nr. S F C C lcYcl alHI Sope r S UPIII, S g t TO/) Ili c'"r(': C COlllpall Y m a r chillg orr th e fiel,1 aflcr Ill{' Rc\'ic" for th e H.O .A, 011 20 Ff'hr nlll l /1""10111 I )i e'",,(': Carl e l i\l / S g l. Doug S a,;;f y 1111( 1 his sUllt'lb rlrill I cam, B a k e r C o mp a n ) h a s b ee n abl e t o f ini s h seco n d eve r ) s i\. \\eeks. p e r io d C ompany "c." c o m ma nd e d b y Ca d e t Capt a i n D o n ald S Tri be. a lth o u g h 110 1 winnin g a n ylhing a l Field Ni g ht. h a s manage d t o win co m p arl) comp e t i. ti oll f o r t w o s i x w ee ks p e ri o d s. This )ea r s Sprin g Camp was h eld 8l Camp Empire \ dlh 160 bo)s a tt e n d ing. The p rinc i pa l f e a tu r es o f th e f ourda ellc a mpm ent \le r e t a(' t ica l p r ob. l e m s a n d d elllo n s t r a t io n s h)' vario u s co mb a t u ni t s o f th e L S A HCARIB. !\I /S:,::I, e .. rl V cbb, IlI slrucloT C:q)(;'lill E:lrl j. '\: 'ilSOIl, P.i\I. S & T.: nlHl LI. H::al M, Gol l i c n & T


"ie G lassburn. SQ flh OUlO rf'S-PIII Qui"n. Btlrimrn / /flllllllowi. Freshme n-Su e Farre n S u san N(lit-. Our \\oncle rful Val entine F ormal g iven b) th e mi g ht ) Senior C lass \\as held for th e fir s t tim e at t h e A rlll).l'\a,) C lub a t Fort Amador. T h e tables \\e r e d ecorllt ecl \\ith clriftl\ood and h earts. Our lov e l ) Qu een Patric i a JI \\as cro\\lled by Quee n Pa tricia I. Th e Queen and her Court r ecei,' ccl beauti ful buuquet s and all t h e g irl:; \\o re \ c r) l o \ e l ) forllla i s


QIH'('II J 'H(IUiC and IIt' r t 'our. M :lq Dilloll ; lIul Lathl, tlllf l lIollorary FoolIJ:l1I Caplaill, Fre d Collml. L o vel y J a cqui e M c Coy_ escorl e d b y lhe H o n o l'ar ) Capta in o f th e Bulldogs' unde f e a t e d foot b all team was e r o\\ n e d at the wonderful Football D a nce s p o n s o r e d and p ut 011 b ) th e gridiro n l eLLermcll. Jacquie s court \\as esco rt e d b), the football captain s o r Junio r College and the A thl etic C lub. Life size d c a ri catures. th e p resen ce o f L a k e W o rt h and a H ul a Dance \\e r e o n l), a f e w u f the ideas \\ hi c h all adde d up t o a all ( 1 I n ngt o -h cremcmbe r e d dallcC'.


I DIDN'T DO IT! "Glamour nO):' .. tarring L et' and Larq Colton B H:" fir ... t .. tag" produc tion. It \\3'" pn ... enhd a l the Diahl o Tllt'31ft' in O C lollt>f and both ni::dll .. of it .. I'fr-'l'nlalioll. Ih e audie nCl' .. t'njo)l'd the ... tOf) of C ha ullc) J \ \ool1(,Y played b) lilt' COlton 1\\ in .... and hi ... Iwarl warming bailie to h( nOli cl'{ 1 a n d 13Ik("(\ aboul. likt: Fla ... h I Brut't' Tnwl H o rn e r Chaun cy ... oblioll<; l y fic t i onal uu l obio;;;:r3 1 )h ) i ... IUl"Ile d into a conll''-I 3ntl win'" fir ... pr ize. i t I1H'UII" a 111,.'\\ ..,11 i11lrning pool for Oakv ill e Hi g h and glof) for Chau ncy. a,. wdl a ... thl' a fft-cti o n of \nn Gorman. Ilho pla)('d Georgia 1:,-11 H olwfl .. Fla ... h'" g irl. Of cou r .. (>, all end ... C URTA I N CALL f 'OR "CLAMOU R BOI' : NOT A DOUBLE:,E:XI'OSU flE: , I)IlESS IlHIE:AIISAL CI/A UN C I IJECOMES JrlOIIUJ FAMOUS, 1\(,11 and {"le n lilt' pri n ci pal IChuck \,\' a l,,111 and hi "t'crt'laq Uud) \lcCo) a n d RO-.f'lIlar), I Iollandf'r ) are .. ali .. fi n l \\ith tilt' rf' .. ull .. \ .. thl' Zonian "{'n l 10 p r t' ..... B al h o : l Hi" .. .. t'co nd p ia}'. "Beallt ) ancl 1 Ill' Bl'ef:' in r l' hear sal. II :i'tarr t'd \ Iia n a L t'w i a .. Ih e Bea u t ) and BrUCt' On i ... a .. Bcd. D t d i c a lt,d 1 0 Ih e undefeated F oo t ball C hamp io n o f B1-I5 t h e play ft:ature d many of BI-IS' gridi r o n pla yer". _\Ir. S u b e rt Turb)fill d ircc",d hOlh of till' pia)'" for Balboa H i g h School' .. 1 9 5 2 3 "e3"o n and. a .. al\\a) .... h t' ('an Il\' ... i n e l'tI l ) f'o n g r a tll ]a lt d for a fin c job. CIIEE Z !


Mit:.i Siegel ill the perfec l tra velling ellsembfe. Pat Steiller foof.:, goOl/ e nough t o e a t in h e r L'er ) speciaille t ot'e r uIl/era fo rma l. ehej tLoue 1953 Wilma F oster, SOflill Alipol1ga (1/1(/ An" H agel! 1001 .. well) tIS pictl/res i" their lIew leu dresses. J ellll K elt) in the wett ies t lIet-over-satill we've seen ill along t ime. J anet/, lVil/oe looks sill/ pI) perject ill h e r )ellow (iress wi th th e narrow black b elt and Jlowers (It the waist. fl ow we wi:,h we'(/ had color Jilm Jor this shot oj Theresa (herem in her beall t iflll aql/aant/ 1 ellow short formal.' 8 el whalever Ihe) 're lookill& lit il1 that shop window d oes,,'t lool i ha lJ so nice a s J eo llll e T oledollo (llId 50Ji(/ do.' -Ana fl o looks cool (IS millt i" her rud e b'l/!' nWflJlliselfe. Jllll e /fal/ace lool.s reali, t erriJic" ill her "eTsatile two pie re I/orit:.a ttI/I Hoofde is a real latill beant) in this oref-sali" ("featioll.


C L U B UNITED NATI ONS C L U R B(lc/. row left 10 right.' DUI id Elli", Pahlo Chung. and Donald Trillt' o Fr ou t row. left to right : Pat") \urila Carbon". Jud} ,\la}. and Caroline Brew!"r. Kneeling, left to right: Frank Partridge and Lui s Ho. A ot shown: Carlo .. de P ared!" ... H Ol't'Olaq Hollandf'r. and Ford. Back row. left to right : Judy Colby. J ud ) H elen Till e}. Nita Jonel!., Greta Navarro. Caroline Br t'\ \ e r Carote Anne LOIIT). Sheila Sheffield. Edna Arjon8. Ana 1-10. Alwa 10hnso n. Martha \l;!ebst e r. Barbara Gordon. 1-10. and Carroll Aciam!!.. FrOflt row. feft to right : Harold McCarrick Hummer. .\Iike Lopez. Donald TriL e. Allen Cox. and Bru ce Or vis Not s hown: Nina Bro\ln, Tom :o.lclntyre. Hdl'll H allux. Sonia Del R io. Ca rm en La"::oo. Nelda So fia J ud y Brinkl ey, Sandrone Sara Shirll') Harn t'd. Gar) Trapne ll. ancl Richard earallini C II E SS C L U Il Back r ow, left t o right : R i chard Irons Robert Seavey. David ElIi .. Bill L acld, Jorge Chung, Tam. and Pablo Chung. M idtlle row, le/t t o right : Bill Daw s on, Donald Tribe. Dan Cre"'sang. Bob H u g hl ... Simon Faygenbaum. Ri chard Caratliui. Enrique 1 -10. and Luis H o. Fron t row. le/t t o right : '\na l-Io.lI .... ona Angulo. Carolt' :'Il arif' Vi gna. Aliana L e wi ... B,' tl} Flatau, and Joan Wl'lz e l. 1\ a t showII: Phillip i\orri ... Barbara -Iammond. Ce,:ar Von Chong. Boh R oclll'. Albert Caho. 1'I1 il1on Rodrig u t'z. Barril Howard. ,\I ph o n .. Blackall. R ob"r1 Shirlr. John :'Ilacluro Jim Selh}. ami Carlo, cll' Parede ... RADIO C L U B Lt'lt to right : WinlE'r .. H o p e Bill Bail!"}. lIarold and Clan'nce Bri g ht. \(11 shawn: Bill Ladel. \lIi"oll 1 lope. and 1 10,"ard 1 \ 1 l11i .. ll all. CAMEHA C L U B Back rOIll.l ef l to right: Cre ta Na,'arro. Jo j\nllc Eup,' ''' Jallt'lh Vinloll Norma Stanlt). BI'c ky E ..... er. Suo;.an H ale. Carolyn Curli .... Nancy Kalhlet'li Sieine r. Ann Pace. 1 \ l a rif'ila r haiza. Barhara Cordell. \d..l r J allel h Willot'. B{'\ c rl), Crawford. Vir ginia K alll Sharen 1 lammond. H('lt n Tilley. BI'IIl' lI ullIm e r. Agne .. Dubt'. Vir gi nia CUllIllii n g halll Anita S chneidN. a nd Sg1. nn e ... Frorlt row. left to rlgilt : Bill B ailt}. Humme r. J irnm y .sud dab}. JOI' lI arari. JU'llin \,\I o n g. Felix Gar} Trapnell. Paul Duran. 00\ id Pacf'. Ilaroid ::;te rgio::-Garo ... a nd D (l\icl Elli ... \ ot I-Iorac!" \ I al-111l'W .... Boh Rodll'. Elllil} Hill '}_ and IlufllI'd -


B IOLOGY AND GENER AL S C IENCE LAB ASSI STANTS Left 10 righ,: n ori", Alla r a and R o bi n H a r r i<:'on. Ba cle: I'll) lIi s P hillip'" Frail/ row. left to right: Maria Ali. Dora H e nriqUt :z Junt: Gib ... o n and Elaine P rill. N o l s hown: JO)f'I' Gardner and Elda Correa. LIBRARY ASSI STANTS Back row lel t t o righ l : John S tu cc h i o. Clarcnct,. Bri ght. Peggy J\\itc h e ll. Ida Strau5. Pal Di\llt:'y. Prici lla Plice l. Loa Rager. Sally Banlon. J o AIII1I' Sorre ll. and A gile ... Dube. Fourth (ow./elt t o ri gh : Dora H e nriquc..: and Elea n o r Van Zand !. Th ird row. Ie/I 1 0 right.D avid s o n and \ I a r itza van Hoorde. Second row lelt t o right: J ud y Curtis and Judith C ro ... by. F irst row. left 10 r ie ht : CUlllhia Orr and G l oria Valdtz. \ ot showl/: S hirl ey H a rn(d. J o an H a milt on .\I ary Tharp. a n d T y ron e Hamm on{1.


C O U N S E LOR A ID E S Bac/; row. le/l to right: Slwiia Curling. Gail NUIIC) Gill and \delt-' St'llfeti: :-;all y ,\lcConnell. \ 01 shown: Ed n a 1.nkin .... Roiwrla D illoll aud Glad) -Kaurmann. Left 10 right: lirue' Quinn. Bob Correll. Carolt' e ha-." Jean -tadL D : H(" S u n dqui-1. and Fu }(' Tuc k e r O F FI CE A SS I STA N T S B a C h row. le/t t o rigllf: Jean K ell}, DOrOlh) I Iarl. \ l urh,jla f \rbaiza. GU) Edward .... :'lI ar} \ ifCunningham. 'rita Corrigan. \ Iaril) n Abrt'll. \\ancla Wil soll. Tu cker. a n d Slepht'n ... Frollt rou' feft 1 0 nght: \ nn :'Il age(. Jacquie ,Ie I ar} Dill on. \Iario n lIarri .... Jud} 2'd cCo). and Bunn y Oi Rdla \ ot showl/: J uli e ta Aro ... ,, m e na. G eorgia Ha gle r. Nanc} Conne,-I}_ .\Iarg it \\' al ... h. Eil ee n Bl('akle}. laneth Willot". \Iaf} H anulla. Elki \l!man. Jan '\rm ... trong: \Iillion. \nll Gorma n S)hia S\dfl. a nd Pat <.)uinn.


NATIONA L Il ONO ll S O C IETY PR O J ECTION C L U B Slol/ding ,'cfl 10 righ,: JOt! Harari and Winters H ope. Sear c(/, left t o right: B ill Bail ey, Carole Chase. a n d David Ellis. Not s howlI : Bill Ladd. Jean A n gs tadt. Earl Boland. Vin ce nt E squerra. AI Evan s Felix Figue roa. Luis H o. Alli so n Hope. J oa nn e and \ I itzi S i ege\. Bock fow,/eft 10 right: Bill Da wso n No rin c Dillman. Bob Hug hes. ZON IAN AD SELLER S Don ald Tribe Bill Tommy Grirn i so n and J\lary Beth L ew i s. Mil/dI e row. left to right: J e r ry Benn e tt. 1I1ary Jane Syl vestre. J e nnyc S t e ph c no:. J oyce Co llin ge. Arline Schmidt. and \ Iari a Ali. FrOllt row. left to right: Judy J\lay. 1Ii arilyn tord. Judy Kay Cros". and Jule llf' P age. No' showl/: Laurel Cumm ings. Back rOllJ,/ejl to r igh t : Elki Alt m an. D ora H e n riquc!., ,\Iary Dill o n K ay eros .. Ted No r r i s a ncl Janc Sylveslrc. Fr onl row. lejt to right : Do nal d Tribe, ,\Iilkr H aynes. Lui s H o. Ana 1-10. Pric illa Pli ce t. Hel c n H ast.:mann, Nanc)' Ladd .:\Iarion Harri". Rita Aria". Hagborg. ,\Iaritza \arl H oo r de, and T am, } \ O l shown: Nan c)' Bat{'l11an. Nt'lda and .Aliana Lewi".


l'AnnA KEET A D SELLEns /Jack rOil' Jelt 10 right: Jane Jean \ng .. Iadl. C lair e SI)('nccr. and Iarie Front rultl, felt 1.0 right: Bob Bra)!'haw. Frt d Schraeder. and Bob Co r rell. \ ut shown: Jim De" Lande ... IlEFEIlEES C LUB /Jack: Jt"nllye Sleplwn ... l/ iddl e row left 1 0 right: Shirlc) -'Iaf) Dillon. Joanne Hummer .\ largie \Val"h. J oyce Gardner. J oYCt Collinge. Sara Collinge. Carroll and Pal Quinn. Seated. left (0 right: Pal D odso n l\nn .\Iagee Ni na Brown. and SIu. .. ila Shdfidd. 1 \01 shown: Dora Henriqu(.l. . \ dele \nely .\Iulliga n France .. Dillon. Etihia Arjona. B{'vt'rly Ho .. an. Edna J e n kin s S u e C u rdt .. Nira H cye ... Nonc) Ladd. Kill) L owe. Nanc), Bat eman. Sally '\ l cConndl. J udy H oope ... Gloria Salll .. on. Nanc)' Gill. T co llilda Larrinaga. Joan Forbes. Pat Fo"ter. I da S t raus. Syhia S\dft. R ohin H arrison. \I arion H arri ... \lildred San clrollc. and Nanc\ Vann . USI I EllS C L U B Ba c/; row lell 10 righl: Joanne Hu rnnll'r \lil.li Siegel. Eil ee n Bleakl ey Grace J oustr3. H elen Thoma ... Carol Hard ... and Eil ee n F e liz. FOllflh row. lell to right: Dora H cn riqu ez. Pal Quinn. Xita J OIIC", Fa}e Tuchr. and Arline Schmidt. Third row. lell 10 right: Be\erly R o .. an. Dillon. PalSY R(c;>;e. Hollander ali(I Norine Dillm an. Second Wit'. lell 10 righl: .\ Iari on Harri ... Edna J cnki n ... )' I aril} n Ford Alice Hag borg. Elki I\.hman. and J acquit' )'lcCo). F ronl row. lelt 10 right: L r la LOti Womack. Don Cor n Gerald Pi e r ce. Pinky Aria". Lee and .\larg i c W31<;h. NOI shown: Ka ) Hebert. \Iarian E\3n", Violt't SCalI. Janis D e ...... .\lafY Belh L twi ... Lucy Dri .. coll. and Gt'orgia H agler.


CIRLS AT IlLETlC ASS O C IATION Back row lelt 10 right: Edlla J e nkin;;:, Dor a H e nriqu ez and Jo},el. : Collingt>, Mirhlle row, lell 10 right: Mari l y n F ord. J oyel' Gardner. Joan Arline Schmidt. and ./u lent: P age, Fro,,( row. lell to right; Ann l \ lagt'e. J e n ny e Stephen s Nira R c),t'!; Jud). McCoy. a n d B eve rl y Rosan. No/ shown.-Violet SCOII. 1 \ 1 af)' l-larl1lHa. lJ illon. Orlanda Cruz. O d c r ay S al a s T('onilda La r rinag.a. Pal Quinn. Nina Brown an d Con ni e T r c ffing e r. L E' I"r E H M EN Back rOlf), fell 1 0 r ight.-Don ald \ I orton. OU\ id Sundqui::1. J im Jonn. B ob :o.l o r r i 8 Torn J e nkin s Bob Glud. Tom O a \'i(bon. And} Wrig ht. Abdid Fl y nn. Al Sear .. Larry K ee ne and B ru ct' H id(lIe row. lef t (0 right: F r a ncis B oyd. B i e n vcni d o Salas. Fran c i sco o e l c-gado. B ill Fullerton. Gf'rald Pierce. .... J aim e Sala.::. Coach Fawcdt. J im Full o n P i n k ) and Bob Rowl{y. FrOll1 row, /e} 1 1 0 right: J illl H e rzog:. B ill B e il. Fred Cotlon. Ba} Nickish e r. Carl \"Vi d e ll. T e d Norri s Don Corn. S imon F a yge nbaulll. Do n a lfl H uff. Charles Smilh. Bill Daw ... on. and Ed Napoleon. Not s howlI : J im Rudy O slrc a. Joe Oli\cr. i\lario \ lala. Ronald \lcConn e ll. Ed B enny. J\l ill e r I laynes. TOIII Grimi so n EH'rell S l acy. R Oil 510\'er. and Gus


/ I. I, Now i s the lime for :,11 goon 10 f li g in! Mu scles Jim' ? How a b o u t tha i F:I )' c ? Jim a nrl Gerald. Ihe cxc cutj,' c t y p e s II i Aliana! Nnli c c the full Slulllhc r less IllU-' Y judy our co-edit o r


The HOlhe r C heerleade r s 1.3 Ln i s Ln S ll"Ongn!


TII C hus tl c and bus rl c of i n flu strio u s students -or i s it three o 'dock? It lIIu s t b e a n inte resting' Inaugura ti o n TIll" I HIU:.e tha t rcfr"cshcs. 3 :00 A b out facc. Jacquic, J CIIII),e .lIul Shirley! S now b ound o r bound f o r b e d"? Thc), are the Future Buildcl"'"


In Iltt,!' dalkroolll uga boo. uga boo boo u g a Gil"ls Siale. uf Ity skria!


. -l --l Tr:dng to grow 1l1)?


JLDY M,COY St'llior: On(' Y t:ar EDNA liMIT One'" ('ar JOYCE GAllDNEH Two \ ear::, MAHGUEH ITE NEA L J uni o r : On e Year On ce m o r e the spirit o f Balbo a H i g h Scho o l wa s o ut s tanding in c \ c r y way. Thi!!-ycar the r e wa s q uit e a b it f o r eve r y 8.1-1.5. fan t o be proud or. s in ce w e nul o n I ) ende d football seaSOn unde feat e d but o urs \\38 th e fir st I sthmian team t o beal a S lates' team OUf p la)c r s in all the o lh e r s p orts dispJa)cd sporlsmanship tha t r e ally gave RH.S a good n a m e. T welve g irl s were c h ose n by th e judges thi s }c a r 1 0 c h ee r Balboa Hi g h o n t o v i c t o r ) The school the n Left : O)namo. let ... J,:O: d)llalllile. It-t"::: fight!' Our cllt'l'r]eadt'T" in a p o pul a r c hc e r BelOit.': 1-1.;-1'(' .... our P e p Squad go ing through it .. pace .. al Ih e Lakt \Xorth galllc, ,. '" '" .' r\, "'-\ \, ,\,. ... L .... l It, .. L .... I 'l >

ALICE I'AXSON Junior: One Y!'.:Ir JOYCE COLLINCE 's','nior: One Y ea r e l ec t e d e i g ht g irl from th e tw e lv e t o b e c heerlead e r s a nd f ouf t o se r v e as "alternates" and lead e r s o f th e t errific P e p -Squad. All I w e ll c uncl e r the s pon sorship o f i\irs J ohn Fawcett. did a supe r job a s \\35 5 h o\\11 b ) those pep ralli es and by th e spirit at the games. :\10 5 1 o f th e c rf'clit f o r much o f that "do o r dic" sp irit o f o ur team s goes t o o ur P ep-S{IUad. \\ h o faith fully d o nned th o se r e d and while o utfit s and yelle d th eir loudest \\ h e n th e goin g g o t r o u g h ANN GOIlMAN Co-Captain: Senior ; '1'\\ 0 Y ea r::. Right: H e r e an-tl1\' four rt'''POIlfor th e P e p Squad L eft ( 0 r igh t : And) Edna . \nne ,\Iag("(". and Jul, n, Below : "V" for Vi C I Or}-B.H.S:s wonderful running through Ihe "V" al Iht" Lakt: \X'orth halftime. MARILYN BEVINCTON Co-Ca ptain : St'llior; 1'\\0 Y('a f'"


s p o R T ----s ---


CAPTAI N FRED COTTON B .I-I.5. Bulld ogs und e f ea l e d Cham pio n s o f 19521 OUf o ff e n se was the b est. Th at's e \ ide nt b y the sco r es. OUf d e f e n se was the best 100. L oo k a t th e scores a g ain. OUf aer i a l atLac k was m o r e e ff ective than a n ) othe r t eams J-I i s t O f ) \\ as m a d e o n N o \ cmb e r 28. \\h c n \\c b ec am e the fir s t Z o n e sch oo l t o d e f e a t a s tat e s id e sch ool in football. Y ea. Bulldogs!! Se pl. 26. '52 ....... I\C O cl. 1 7 52 ..JCO O cl. 24. 52 .. 0 I S 0 O c l. 3 0. '52 .. tlC.O No \ 7. '52 ........ JCO N ov. 14. 52 D I S N ov 23. 52 . .. LW BI-IS 3 13I-1S BI-IS 2 B H S 7 BI-IS BI-IS 13I-1S 1 3


Tllc for extnl point ill the A. C. ,:so B. H. S. glllllCSeph!lIIlu' r 26, 1952 ann back a s h e for :J,n olhc r of hi" accur a t e 1):J,eSCS ugain:.1 A C. on Ot'lober 3 0 1952. No, May wusn' l sloppell by Ihe C. 1-1. S. in Ilti:. picture. H e w('111 o n for anolhe r fi v(' 011 NO\'C llIb c l 14 1952. Jim Mar on ullother of his firsl.alul.It' !1I runs in Ihe A. C. v". B. H. S. lluurler of Ihe FOOlbalL Jamboree on October 3 1952. W e Oni s rClu li l S to hil Ihe ground a h e di,'cs (01 -POlS" lIgliins t J. C. in the gamc of No,' cmber' 7. ]952. MOlIll.lgn e of our i c todoU e football tCam: Mi li cI' Bob Brul'e Quinn. '1'0111 Gdmis o n


.uross the goal lil1t. for Luke \'('orth ufter catching 011(.' of Nicki s her O I'''; S at l e ft On p i a:, our l i n c I't'all y shnwed it s slrl' lI;.::th b Ihe Lukt, Worth tlUa"lcrhack The galli c winning T_ O. thc line Our h e a t s c:'l l b skipl.e d : 1 b e l l t h clI L:'lke \'('orth cras herl I hrou;.::h 01.11' linc f o r six Iwillls! A L"kc \Vorlh ball t.'arricl' :'11,, 1 Sial I s t h c run Ihal brou;.::hl thcUI a-ight 10 our goal line The L a k e \'(forlh t ellu h : u l II IlI'lw('rful line 100! IIcy! \,\'l1o's "ho in Ihis mix-up?


O U R BASI(ETBAL1.. TEA M : Ba c k rQw: Jim i\h:,' F r a n ci:, Bo:, d E "t.'I'I'1I Stacy Frefl COII O II ; Fro,,' rQw: Troncos o Bill Marlin. Larr:,' Blick. Ra:, Nickishcr, R o n a ld StoHr, 1 \ 0 thi s wa sn't BI' ... s b es t yea r. But our team did p i a) th e i r b es t f o r Balb o a Hig h Sch ool. and w e a r e certainly p r oud o f th e m Most o f th e m embe r s BASKETBALL SCOHES o f our t eam were p ia) in g th eir fir s t yea r of Ba s k e tball. and they did \ ef} fin e. They illlprO\ed D ec L 6 2 .. B H Se \\ ith each game. The nice thing about it i s that D ec 19. G ISS7 BH:3/ 1110st of th e team will be r eturni n g n ex t year t o g i ve J C and C H S a r o u g h lime. J a n. 2. '53 .JC . I O B HS J a n. 6. 3 .cI IS H BII:3 Jan. L3. 3 JC1"'-B1151 J a n, 16. BHS


Nice going Bunnil" SloH' r gelling Ihe ball ror Th .. 1 a llimpo l I:l1I1 jump ill Ihc (cnt e r R Ollllit, S tover ill1d Fred A legre:, al'l! jUIlII,ing ro. Ihe !Ja il En're ll Stacy gain:, a ltitudc liS h e olle in J C. rOI 1\\0 IlOilll:. Numbe r 22. Jim i\1a:," dropping IInoth e inlO Ihe b a s k e t fur B. II. S. }\nolhe r IU:"UI' J im Ma:, i l again S I J C. a picture (lr o n c of the most import ;ulI of the ;;:IIIU': a fuul sltut. [,' e r etl S tacy lake:, Ihe s h o t Francis U o:, .! :.hools il l o n g one agains t C. II. S III 'r(' .'!' our hig h .'!'coring for"' .l!".! Jim 1\1 a:,' makin g ; lII othe r 1\'" 0 point:. with : 1 lay.u p shol ag .. ins t J. C.


BflS TEAM: B" cl.. row: Ari .. :.. Ray .. h e l Rill Marli n L :llube rl M id"', row: Coach Bro"". J \ bdie l F l ynn. Rub Howley. Jainw Salas, JUt' C icero. M:lllagt'r A I Hope; Fro"t row: Jim !\la Bien. cnido Salas, H e rb E d Napoll'ulI, DUll !l1urlulI: K"eeli,,;:: Jim Barn es, bal BASEBALL SCORES F eb. 1 3 '53 .. ClIS 13115 Feb. 20. '53 ... .JC-O 131-15 F eb. 24. 5 3 . .01 5 131-15 3 .JCl BHS3 M ar. 6. 5 3 C H S BHS8


Onll MOI l oll. our C li l iaill Bi c llvcllirl o Sa!:l s al Ihe b a l Jim May rur Ihe cat c h Morlo n runni n g Ihe b:l s c s :the l OIiC of his hils prCl l:Il c e 10 h c \\:ll c h c s Ihe b all Au(lie l .'all,hill!! for BIIS Howle) hils onc 0111 inlo Idl fi eld

PAGE 100

J aime Sahls, 5 ;{", .,I":lr s 5 6" in t h e hig h J UIllP T OIII J('lIkills Iw(' n k s the in the 4 4 0 agllinS I J, C N i ekis h e r ,)rl lt'til 'I s the shot put Bill Siel cl ears 10' in II ... p o l e \ : 1I11t Jim t osse s Ih e fli s e u s Illlfl y O s tr'ca ill titP 100'llIc l e r hi g h hunllts 11:11011 Iwnd off to T e d ill a

PAGE 101

IHIS G il I s S wimming TColI1I

PAGE 102

.In JI'lIill 'lI Ilu :':'I)IIl1(>rfl:-,. Bob COIIIIOI S alld Bucl'cgllcr(f of P:llmnm in I h l' 400'IIH'h'r frccSI"lc. ill ,, ;hic h C Ol1l1ur:! :!cl :I 11('\\ Ameril'al1 l'ccol' r l SIHI'I o f Ilu.' Ju(I:-' Ida Siraus. IIHI C: lll1ill l' E llis-threc of Ihe Illp fl'('(' :!I:'!t'n-ill B. II. S

PAGE 103

A LEAG UE ALL STA R S Left 10 right. / r o" row: Jo),c{' Gardner. Be\erl } Ro<.an \Iih' i a _\rba i za. \Iarion Harri .. Bock roll..': Joan Fran Dillon. J t' nn}(" Slcph c n::. T eoni lda Larrinaga. Edna Jt'nkin ... \ 0 1 pictured: Nina Br own S heila S heffield. The intralllural team s f o r softball season e r e not cli ,ide d int o l eagues thi s rear. I n s tead. Junio r College g irl s and m embe r s from each hig h school leagu e con stitute d a t ea m. Beca u se o f th e man ) rains. th e seaso n had t o be run off in t o urnam ent fashio n with th e winn e r o f eac h gam e p laying th e \\inne r o f anoth e r gam e. JO)CC Gardner captained th e winn ing t eam. a nd J enn) c S t e ph e n s cap t a in e d th e seco nd pla ce team. The All Star se a so n \\ a s a lso in f o r a c hange thi s yea r. d u e 1 0 th e c h a n ge in sce hdul e f o r th e Panama Hailroad t ra in s running a cross th e I sthmus. Cri s tobal \\as unable to e nt e r th e Intersc h o la s t i c games. and "B" Leagu e p la)cd again "A" Leagu e and Junio r College, Final s tandings of th e se a so n \\e r e : \ Lcagu l' "B" I A'ag u e Junior Collc-gt INTRAMURAL R UNNE R SU P Won .. 2 ....... 1 LOSI o Seared: J ud ) I .. e/ r t o righl. kneelillg: Linda J ea n e tt e Gau. Faye Tuc k er. Joyce Collinge. Suwding: J e nn)e :-'tephen ... Captain: Eileen Bleakl}. "U"' LEAGUE A L L STA R S Le/t to right. /rOIlI rOIl.': P at Pa} nco Orlanda CrLll., \ nd) ,\1 u lIigall. Elt ih ia \ rjona. /Joel. rQW: LJora IIPllriqul'l.. Ruth H olt. Connif' Trdfinp:('r. Linda ,\la lone. \ng e l a L ee. P al Q u inn. \or pielIJred: Odt'ra} Sala<.. CAPTA INS Le/l 1 0 right. /rOlll rOIL : Orlanda Crill. Xallt} GilL Jo)ce Gardn e r Di a n t' Skillllt'r. Back row: P at P a}ne. J oa n n(' H unllllt'r. \nd} J enn}(' :-tt'pllt'n", 1 \01 I>;C til red : ..\llIl a J oh n",on Connit' G l a .... hurn. I NTIlAMURAL "CI-IAMP S 'l Left to right, /roll l row: Judy Jfn .. e n NlIIlC} Valin \ Iih i a Arbaiza. Harri... flack row: Grace J o u .. tra. Joyce Gardne r Capt ain: Na n q Ladd. Na n q Bateman. :o.l aril} n Be\ ingto n

PAGE 104

"A" LEAGUE ALL S T A R S Lef t to right. front row: Gloria .\ha r ado. \ nn e \ l agee, J oa n Ni r a H eye ... l1(fcJ,: row: Eil ct'll BIl'akl). T co nil da L arrinaga. Nanc}, Ba1eman. Edna Jenki n .. / \01 piclIIred: JO)CC Co llin ge. Sally Ni n a BrOlIn. W LEAGUE ALL STAllS Lell t o rip.llf. /rotl row: Ju\('n(' P age. Roma Caniza\f ... Ehil lia i \rjon3. Judy 1IIcCo). J an \rm"'rong. B ack row : Or landa C ruz. Dora H enriquez, Co nn ic Trrffinj!t'r. Nancy Gill. Pal Quinn. 1 \ ot pic tured: Violt'! SCOII. M onag e r : T i l c i a Girls' Intramural V ollc) ball se a so n \\as as u s u al. fuil o f clo se a nd exc itin g gam es. The team s e r e fair! ) equal in ab ilil ) a nd th e pla ye r s gave th e ir u t m os t in e v e r y garne to co m e o ul o n l o p. This ye a r th e Junio r College g irl s \\e r e mi xe d in \\ itb th c hi g h sc hool A 11 Leagu e 1 0 ins u r e g r ea t c r co m p e titi o n f o r all co ncern c d. The All S lar se ason was run off in regula r fas hi o n thi s "ilh Cris tobal Hig h Sc h oo l co min g out o n lop in "A" Leagu e and "ith Balboa running seco nd In "B" L eagu e both gam es \\cre very clo se : RH.S. look o n c game and C11.5. took th e o th e r 1 0 li e up th e seaso n. Go o d sport s man s hip \\as di s played in all th e games. a nd B a lb oa II i g h Sc h oo l made a goo" d s h o\\ ing. "A" LEAGUE CA PTAI NS Lelt to right. fro"t r()ll: J (lan Jo)n' Cardlll r j\ira Rc}{ .. Sail } \ !cConnell. /Joele row: Gloria Edna J f'nkill", T eo nild a Larrinaga. i\anc) Bateman. B('\erly \ ot pic t l/red: JO}Cf' Co llin ge. is'in a Bro\\n "Il"' LEAGL E CAI'TAINS Le/l to righ t /r01l1 row: P at Ouinn. O (II-ra} Eltihia \ rjona. \\' i lma F o .. ter. Bael, row: J url) .\!cCoy. Ka ) H eiw rt. Viold Scott. \Ilgt>la L ee. \'o t pictllred: Ca r ol Comh ...

PAGE 105

1 952 "A" LEAGUE ALL STAllS Lcft to right. front row: \Iat' Chalburn. Nira Tibby ,\013n. J oyce Gardne r. JO}c!:' Co llin g", Buel row: Coi l a Goodin. Virginia :-el b}, JO:III Jud} \ekerman. Of girJ... i\ira and tht" IWo arc i n Balhoa IIi!!h Sch ool. 1952 ""11'" LEAGUE ALL STAllS Lell t o right. irolll rou.: Beth L ockridgt:. J O)ct-, Cro\\dl'r. Jud} \ nnl' .\lagee Back fOIt: Jacquit' lIulching-. Bt >Hrl) R o"'an. Sara Collinge. -'Iar) Lou \ lIen. Fran Dillon. Violet Of Ihc"c girl-... ix afe ... ,ill ill BH:;. V ioll'! and Jud} ,\!ceO} are "till "B" L t'ag ue and B,\ H o ... an. Collinge. Fran Dillon. and \nne \luJ!"t" h ,1\t, mOH'!! 10 .. -\ .. L,'agu t'. Ba s k e tball provccllo b e th e fav o rit e sport Ihi s )ear amon g th e g irl s in B a lboa Hi g h Sc hool. The 200 g irl s w h o s i g n e d up f o r Bas k ctball intramural s were di v id c d int o team s. a nd th e seaso n \\as offic iall y opened when Fran Dillon's team took the fir s t "A" L e a g u e gam e a lld Marioll I farris' team \\'o n th e fir s l 13"' Leagu e gam e. With so man y pa rti l:ipants. th e sc h e dul e f o r th e se a so n was very long: th e r e f o r e. th e All S t a r s for eac h Leagu e had n o t )el b ee n a nn o unced whe n th e ZOllial1 w ent t o press. Frorn th e lo o k s o f things. Coach D o r o th y P o ti e r will ha\e vc r ) good mate rial fr o m \\ hich to moul d \\ inning team s. Seven f o rm e r basketball All S t a r s remai n in "A" Leagu e and t,, o in "B" Leagu e. L as t year "A" Leagu e \\ as unde f ea t e d and wa s 3\\ arded s ilv e r ba s k e tball s. "hile "W' Leagu e ti e d up th e seaso n \\itll C ri s t o bal Hig h Sch oo L IlASKETI1ALL CAPTAINS" ""A"" LEAGUE Lejl to righl. fron l ro/v: Joan Anne )Iagcc Nanc-} Ladd. ,\rlinl' Schmidt. /Jack row: )!arilyn Be\ington. Fran D illon. and \I ilz i Siegel. ""Il"" LEAGUE CAI'TAI NS Lel l 10 righl. /roll l row: )Iarion Harri ... Pal SIt'iner. Jeallfm e Gall. Nanc-} Vann. C)llthia Orr. IJack row: Kay I-ierbert, D O ll ie Collon. J0311 Ruth H oli. Dora Henriqu ez.

PAGE 106

Ralb o a !-Ii. do or die y Ol/re th e sc hool thaI we all lou e th e best. Fig ht t o wi n. d o,,' t g ; ve ;11. And you'lI alwa ys stay ab ove 'h e r es t. R ed a"d IIY hit e. ma y il /Iy As 'h e embl e m of Ollr sc hool so bra ve 13/fS. ),011 (Ire Ihe bes l And /l' e'lI slay wilh YOIl 'IiI 'he eud or die.

PAGE 107

To 0,1,,0 P,I"oellt;s It i s t o our p a r ents f o r all th e aid and a d v ice they have g i ve n u s th a t w e, th e Seni o r s o f th e C lass o f 1953 o f B alboa Hi g h Sc h oo l owe our s u ccess. Witho ut th e s a c rifi ces they have made a nd th e h elp th ey have offe r e d our f our yea r s o f hi g h sc h oo l sure l y wou l d have b ee n a f a ilu re. They s h a r e d our triumphs a nd sympa thi ze d a nd a d v i se d during try ing limes. \lie Senio r s w i s h t o s how O llr s incer e apprec i a ti o n t o our p a r e nt s b y d edica tin g thi s page o f our yea rbook t o th e m. With thi s dedi catio n we w i s h t o say, "Tha nk s so mu c h MOM a nd DAD!"

PAGE 108

The followin g n o n-comme r c i a l a dverlisernenls h ave b ee n contribute d b y t h e bu s i nessm e n o f bo t h P a n a m a and t h e Ca na l Zon e t o assi s t in th e publication or thi s yeilrbook. The 1953 Zo nian ext e nd s its deepest ilppreci a ti o n t o donors Their h elp has made poss ibl e thi s book.

PAGE 109

AGENCIAS W H DOEL S A BEST KEY AND LOCK CO Telephon e 2-2766 14 Centrol Avenue T e lephone 2 2693 Tivoli Avenue N o 12 ALMACEN OFELIA BRENDA S FOR BEAUTY T e lephon e 2-1281 126 Centro I Avenue T e lephone 2 -3377 Tivoli Holel CREACIONES ALTMAN LODGE 1414 B P O E. Telephone 3 1342 1 ViC! Espana T e lephone 2 1414 Lo 80ca Rood ANCON INN CAJA DE AHORROS T e lephone 2-3020 J Street Clnd Tivoli Avenue Telephone 2 0720 Centrol Avenue ANGELINI CAJA DE SEGURO SOCIAL T e l ephone 2 -0356 179 Central Avenue Telephone 2 0840 Colle 1 7 Oeste No 76 ARMOUR INCORPORATED CANAL ZONE CREDIT UNION Telephone 3 4885 Marlin 50$0 N o 5 BOl( 664 B a l boa C. z SOl( 1592, Cristobal C. Z FARMECIA AROCHA CASA GILL T e lephone 2 3481 135 Cent rol Avenue T e lephone 2 3456 125 Centrol Avenue FOTO ASTRA CASA MOTTA T e l epphone 2 1733 5 Fourth of July Avenue T e lephone 2 2671 Box 693, Panama AUTO-CINE CEMENTO PANAMA, S A. Panama' s Only Dri ve In Theater T e lephon e 3 -4535 Box 1755, Panama AUTO SERVICE CO. INC. ALMACENES DE CALZADO "LA CENTRAL Telephone 2 1 881 80)1( 3140 Telephone 2 -1086 42 and 120 Centrol Avenue BAZAAR HINDUSTAN CIA. AZUCARERA LA ESTRELLA, S. A. Tel ephone 2 -2933 119 Centrol Ave nu e Telephone 2 -0897 86 Avenido Aneon BESTFIT COLON MOTORS INC. Telephon e 2509 34 Central Avenue Telephone 2 -1704 B ox 341 0 Ponomo

PAGE 110

CLAY PRODUCTS CO ., INC. Comp l imen t s of CAPT C. B. FENTON Telephone 2 -0160 Vic Espana No, 3747 T e lephone 2 1605 BOlt 341, Balboa. C Z CIVA, S A FILO S BEAUTY SHOP T e lephone 2 14 A venida J F d e 10 O ssa Telephone 2 3266 4 J Street COLPAN MOTORS INC. THE FORD COMPANY INC. T e l ephone 21033 BOlt 1575. Panama T e l ephone 3 1258 55 Ave n ido P e ru COROZAL N. C. O CLUB FRENCH BAZAAR T e lephon e 853107 Corozol Conal Zon e T elephone 2 3 165 3 Centrol Avenue EL CORTE INGLES Compliments of SAMUEL FRIEDMAN Telephone 2 -1109 T e lephon e 2 -2942 '1 Tivoli Ayenue DISTRIBUIDORA ELECTRICA, S A. LA FUERZA Y LUZ Norge Hom e App!ionce s T e lephon e 2 48 1 3 Ave nida Ancon and Colle H Tel ephone 05 105 Centrol Avenue SEDERIA "El DRAGON GOOD NEIGHBOR BAR Telephone 2 1527 No. 36 Centro I Avenu e Telephone 2 071 8 Avenido J F de 10 Ouo DURAN S G OODYEAR DE PANAMA, S A. T e lephone 2 -2226 134 Cenlrol Avenue Colle J d e 10 Ouo ESSO STANDARD OIL S A GUARDIA Y CIA. Telephone 2 1315 Esso Build ing Balb o a C. Z T el ephone 3 Avenido J Arosemeno ond 29th $1. EUGENIO CHAN Compliments of Ihe Telephone 2 3362 No. 13 131h Street INTERAMERICAN WOMEN' S CLUB FERRETERIA I NTERNA CIONAL S. A HERFF JONES CO T e l ephone 2 -2777 7 ond 9 Colle J Telephone 3 2877 B Ol! 3387, Ponomo FERRETER I A TAM HOMSANY & BROS. Tel ephone 2 1787 N o 54 A venue B T elep h o n e 2-0078 Colle Colon No. '1

PAGE 111

Complim e nts o f THE HOTEL EL PANAMA LA ISLA DE CUBA T E l ephon e 2 0302 27 Coll e 13 Est! ISTHMIAN CONSTRUCTORS INC. Telephone PAD 3241 8 0 x 2045, Curundu KOBBE SHOE SHOP Telephon e 842239 fort Kobb e Exchonge Co mplimen t s of KODAK, PANAMA, S A T e l Ephone 2 09.d1'l 98 C entro I A yenue LOTERI A NACIONAL DE BENEFI CIENCIA Telephon e 2 0645 Ponamo City MACCOPANPACIFIC CO. T e l ephone 877287 Box 0 80lboa Comp liments of LA NACION MERCURIO S A Telephone 2 3012 141 Centro I A venue Co m p li m e nts of MOTOROLA RADIOS AND INVERSIONES GENERALES S A MODAS 5 AVENIDA Telephone 2699 96 C e ntrol Ayenue Complim e nts of NASH -Will YS AGENCIES N ATIONAL BREWERY T e l ephone 2 0880 A ve nido J F d e 10 O u o NESTLE' S COMPANY T elephone 3 0060 N o II A ye nu e Cubo N EW YORK JEWELRY STORE M idge ond Bus t e r 8urgoon 8HS Alumni NORTH A MERI CAN T OBACCO PRODUCTS INC. T elephone 2 1956 Apartado No 1132, Panom o GEORGE F NOVE Y T e l ephone 3 0140 279 C entrol A ve nu e ORANGE CRUSH Telephone 3 3218 6 A ye nu e Cubo THE PANAMA AMERICAN T e l ephone 2 0740 H StreEt n a PAN A MUSICA S A. Telephone 2 -0083 127 C e ntrol A venue PEDRO MIGUEL ASSEMBLY OF RAI NBO W FOR GIRLS PETRONIA S TAILOR SHOP Telephone 2 2747 10 J Street PHILIPPINE RATTAN FURNITURE STO R E T e l ephone 2 2181 Colle H ond Do rie n PHOTO SERVI C E T e l ephone 3 5219 80x 911 Curundu, C. Z

PAGE 112

EL RANCHO Courtesy of SWIFT AND COMPANY T e lephone 2 2 12 4 Box 3239, Panama ROY AL CROWN BOTTLING CO. SYlVANIA Telephone 3 -3341 AVt'nido J. Arosemeno y Colle 30 T e lephone 3 0383 Vio Espana No. 1 SCADRON S HOTEl TIVOLI Telephon e 2-3042 No. 10 Tivo l i Avenue T e leph o n e 2 2111 Aneon, Canol Zone REPRESENTATIVES SEARS ROEBUCK & CO. TAHITI JEWElRY STORE T e lephone 2-2686 Tivol i Avenue Telephone 2 3486 137 Cenlrol Avenue SEDERIA "LA LUNA TAM YING BEW Y CO. Telephone 2-1399 34 Cenlral Avenue Telephone 2 -3190 N o 2 Jose A 50so S EDERIA MIRAMAR TIVOLI RADIOS S A. Te l ephone 2 -1399 Avenido Cenlral y Colle N o 1 T e lephone 2 -2142 2 Tivo l i Avenue SEYMOUR AGENCY TROTT THE CLEANER Telephone 2-2308 F ourth o f July Avenue Telephone 2 -0120 Colle Monleserian Compliments of TRANSPORTES BAXTER, S A. l. R SOMMER Telephone 2 2451 Calle J de 10 Ossa N o 19 SMOOT AND PAREDES TUCKER McCLURE, INC. Telephone 2 -0600 Avenido J F de 10 Osso N o. 16 T e lephone 836103 80x M, Balboo, C. Z. J E SOSA Compliments of the Tel ephone 2-1730 7 fourth o f J uly Avenue UNION OIL COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA THE STAR AND HERALD Compliments of Telephone 2 0900 Panama, R de P Y. M C. A. BARBER SHOP Compliments of ZIG ZAG SULLIVAN STEAMSHIP AGENCIES N o. lOa Ave. Cenfrol