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Digitized by the Internet Archive
in 2010 with funding from
University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries

http://www.archive.org/details/zonian1951 balb

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inf a CTAawad



4dide Ben Mastel
E. W. Hatchett
Ellen Thomas

Joanne Steiner
David Albritton
Marge Wiley /i2an e F. /awaaea




"The Man BAelhid T e Team"

We've dedicated our Zonian of '51 to you. Coach Fawcett, because
we thought it might. in some small way. thank you for the wonderful
things you've done for us.
You've taught our fighting Bulldogs, through hard dribinig. how
to work and win. You've made them realize how good clean sportsman-
ship ranks above all. You've been responsible for the school spirit that
has overwhelmed B.H.S. since your arrival and made us realize that a
victorious team is a well-supported team.
We came through victorious in basketball and track in our sopho-
more year. We took the football and track trophies in our junior year-
all with your leadership. In our senior year you initiated the unforgetta-
ble Miami-Jackson vs. Balboa football game. In that game your spirit
was behind the drive, fight and "work to win" attitude of the boys on
the team.
You've taught us it's wonderful to win. but it's even more wonderful
to have the spirit to win.
With this Zonian, the '51 Seniors say, "Thanks a million, Coach!"


9o"uQd . .

With our unforgettable days at B.H.S. in mind,
we present this Zonian to you with the hope that
you will enjoy reading it as much as we have
enjoyed compiling it.
As we reminisce, we remember the inaugura-
tion of officers at our long-awaited first dance
of the year. Then came football season with its
jolly train rides, the loud cheering in the halls.
the pep rallies with such overwhelming spirit, and
at night the thrill of watching our boys play with
so much "fight" and determination that it was
enough to bring tears to our eyes-and usually
did. The next day we found ourselves searching
the paper to see what was said about our beloved
Bulldogs. The biggest event that ever came to
B.H.S.. the MIiami-Jac. k-in gal e. lived uI ti .. ui ,
high expe.ltalin-.
UII Inue \t IdJ h Uad ur li.3ppl illnlnlliill Hilh
pul(,I hul during th,-.,c une reniful i,-ek- wr
loked t ho better da l.. I..i.ir,. Then -iant- the
driving onuite. nhich ended tilth high hipei- l.i
thal liren-e. The iie\t highlightl- %er, the "SiiLg.
ing Valentines" anid the BR.IH.. pIr-l.iur lImi1 II
"l.ad\ in the Dark." which rivaled lr.iadt a\.
N,,t ad ,,ur \ da, i t,~er. %i-. ll,- -,riiii ijlk '
up ltihe -laPt- tin reei'P e that q certain Iiel V -4I |I dlrl 4 f/
that ha mieant Iiur nintniIrable reai-. \le lI-a
B.H.S. %tilh the ,i-hI that all ,ur fulure ialj "ill
hie a- suc

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~ ,RTI

Not just a building underneath a tropical sun,

nor lawns enclosing a man-made structure,

but a symbol of the times we loved---
B. H. S. with its well-kept shrubs, stately walls, I1

and quiet serene beauty.

mm m m m m mum*

"0, Wat 4 B eaatiafd Mosnia"

/ J ,

"The Cw of 4 Pefecdt bay?"



wR --

~Ii ~C



C. F. Anderson
Kansas State Teach-
ers College, M.S.

Rita Andreve
University of South-
ern California

THE. F. HOT Principal Ohio S .A.
THEO. F. HOTZ, Principal, Ohio State. -M.A.

Claude M. Aycock
Columbia, M.A.

Major Wayne L. Bart Hallie Beavers
Military Science and Plane Geometry
Tactics Duke, M.A.
U. S. Military Aca-
demy, B.S.

Albert A. Bleifuss
Physical Ed.
University of Illi-
n-ie R q

Neil V. Branstetter
Columbia, M.A.

Mary S. Brigham
English, Journalism
Columbia, M.A.

Alice E. Candee
Columbia, B.S., M.A.

Katharine 1. Clark
New York Univers
ity. M.A.

J. Richard Clark
General Science
New York Univers-
ity, B.S., M.A.

Mrs. Marion Courville
School Nurse

Betty L. Dahlem
Columbia, M.A.

Chris Ely
Physical Ed.
(olorado State, A.B.

Mrs. Mary B. Eugene
Shorthand and
New York Univers-
itV M A

Mrs. Barbara West John C. Fawcett
Physical Ed. Physical Ed.
University of Ne- University of Red-
braska, B.S. lands, B.A.

Walter 0. Fischer
Columbia, M A.

Beatrice Sturtevant
Columbia, B.S., M.A.

James B. Gartside
American Problems,
Colorado State,
A.B., M.A.

1st Lt. Ray M. Golden Mrs. Frances K.
R. 0. T. C. Graham
Texas A. and M. Mathematics
Columbia, M.A

Edward W. Hatchett
Columbia, M.A.

Linda C. Appin


Katherine E. Jessup
Columbia, M.A.

M/Sgt. Spencer E.
Supply Sergeant,

Cecil L. Munden
University of Wis-
consin, Ph.M.

Natalie K. Johnson
French, English
Duke, A.B., M.A.

Bernard Mastel
B..,I.-. Algebra
Colorado State, M.A.

Walter 0. Oliver
Taylor College, B.A.

Lorraine A. Juvet
Household Arts
Washington State,

M/Sgt. Kendall B.
McClure, Jr.

Mrs. Gertrude B.
Assistant Librarian

Ken C. Krogh
Shop, Driving
University of Ne-
braska, B.S.

Roger D. Michel
Colorado State, M.A.

Edwin M. Piper
Physics, Math
U. of Southern Cali-
fornia, B.A., M.A.

George 0. Lee
Columbia, M.A.

Robert W. Likins
Physical Ed.
San Jose State, AB.

Eloise Monroe
Household Arts
Columbia, M.S.

Elmer E. Powell
Science, Shop Math
University of Colo-
rado, M.A.

Frank A. Sawyer Vivian Simmons Ellen L. Thomas Subert Turbyfill Allen B. Ward
Speech, English Commercial Latin, English English Spanish
Columbia, M.A. Northwestern Uni- Columbia, M.A. University of Okla. University of Ne
versity homa, M.A. braska, M.A.

rSCl~s" h";~~~


Miss Dorothy Potter
Physical Education
Southwestern Louisi-
ana Institute, B.S.

Miss Margaret Ward
American History
University of Ne-
braska, M.A.

Marie C. Weir
Biology, Girls'
Columbia, M.A.

Margaret V. Whitman
Northwestern, M.A.

rranK wiioer
Spanish, English
Southern Theological
Seminary, Th.B.

M/Sgt. George F. Wood
Military, R.O.T.C.
Penn State

I % % -
M/Sgt. Henry F.
Military, R.O.T.C.

William E. Zemer, Jr.
Physical Ed.
Ohio State, B.S.

Harold J. Zierten
Mechanic DO .i;,
Bradley I..... i.i

W* The JSegiwo4d..

The Wonders of "51"







Senior President

Senior Class Adviser

The 1. i7. o6 ie SZa eipp oj

It seems like just yesterday when we, the seniors,
entered as lowly freshmen, to become the Wonders
of '51, in just four, fully-packed, unforgettable years
of work and fun. Sailing through our elections, Kay
Babbs took the honors as president, Marvin Smith
as vice-president, and Deon Nielson as secretary.
B.H.S. was convinced that the "frisky freshmen"
were off to a snappy start.
In our sophomore year we began picking up
speed as we outdid all other classes with our Sadie
Hawkins Dance and had the time of our lives at our
soph party and picnic. We were ready to go ahead
as upperclassmen, to tackle all the responsibilities
and do all that was expected of us. Taking over as
president was Gayle MacDonald. with Frances
Dwyer as vice-president and Clay Lewis as secretary.
Nearing the top of the ladder in our junior year,
we captured the spirit of B.II.S., which was at its

Valentine Dance Committee
Left to right: Arlene McKeown, Bill Joyce. Celeste Powell,
Louis Celerier, Frances Dwyer, Terry Ford

height. Patt Walker and her hard-working Christ-
mas Dance committee proudly showed off our ability
as workers, at one of the most successful dances of
the year. We all worked together with our "super"
officers-Frank Mayo, president, Jay Troup, vice-
president, and Annette Godby, secretary-to make
our junior year a never-to-be-forgotten one. Long
will we remember the "butterflies" we all had when
we received the class rings which Arlene McKeown,
our chairman, proudly presented to us, and we
couldn't wait to show them off. The theme Terry
Ford and his committee chose for our impressive
Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom, symbolized gradu-
ation, and left with the class of '50 a deep feeling
of pride and appreciation.
We all looked forward to returning to school as
seniors. At last we had reached the top and the other
years seemed to have whizzed by. We'll never for-

Senior Picture Committee
Left to right: Ramon Morales, Barbara Jones, Rene Feuille,
Nljrllan Flynn, Roger Kelley

A5 .NN
*^' *

a q

._I^ .^^^
L~l ^
3 *es;. T*I


%c ^.v

Senior Class Officers
Back row, left to right: Mr. Zierton, Senior Adviser; Ramon
Morales, S.A. Representative; Don Connor, vice-president;
Carl Posey, S.A. Alternate. Front row: Celeste Powell,
S.A. Alternate; Marilyn Flynn, secretary; Arlene McKeown,
S.A. Representative

Cards and Announcements Committee
Left to right: Sara Sokol, Annette C.ll,~. Fl... n,.e Lao,
Terry Ford, David Albritton, la-.I ll jrlrlll.r

........... Jc4t al 9 a /Wo edju l feai.

get the laughs and fun at the games, the "terrific"
dances, the two best plays which were produced in
our senior year-the dramatic "Our Town" and the
musical hit, "Lady in the Dark," in which Gayle
MacDonald, our star singer, played the lead-the
clubhouse after school: and above all we could never
forget the teachers and the friends. Mr. Zierten was
a teacher and a friend both, to all of us. He was a
pal when we needed one. He also made us realize
that we were no longer "kids," but were growing
up and had to act and think accordingly. Although
we have lost many of our friends who have gone to
the States, we know that there is a bond between
them and B.H.S. which will never be broken.
In the way of a new treat we were on hand for the
First Annual Isthmian Bowl, when B.H.S. played
Miami-Jackson High. This was an event that none
of us would miss! Our plans were being carried

Cap and Gown Committee
Left to right: Cesar Salamina, Don Francey, Merry Mallan.
Leland Brooks, Joan Sprague

out for the Valentine Dance, and we hoped it would
live up to the standards we had set the years before.
The juniors showed their appreciation to us at
our last real big event, when they gave to us the most
beautiful and thrilling time anybody could have,
at their Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. Memories
of this colossal night will never die. Our eyes
dimmed with tears as we realized that all the four
years of fun and friendship were finally coming to
an end. Our senior party was more fun than can be
imagined, and we knew it would be one of our last
We are looking with pride to the day when we
receive our diplomas for which we labored so hard,
but there will be mixed with that joy a sorrow. We
realize that on that long-looked-for day the family,
which has for four years been so closely united.
must he broken, perhaps never again to be reunited.

Senior Week Committee
Left to right: Louise Glud, Joan Van Vliet, Frank Mayo,
Merry Mallan

_ __1__ _1_1~~_1__

-- -



_441TE ,

Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Another one of those all-around Albrittons . friendly
manner and personality plus
"Go West, Young Man" 3; "Our Town 4; "Saved by the B-lle 3;
Letterman's Clb. 3, 4; Jr. Ring Comin. 3; Cards and Announce
mlents 4; "Zon;an" Bus. Mar.

Ancon. Canal Zonr
Betty's friendliness, gaiety and sweet personality hare iwon
her man-y friends
Producing. "Our Town" 4; VB 2, 3, 4; BkB 1, 2. 3, All-Stars 4;
Chorus 2. 3; Pep Squad 3. 4; Sports Award; Jr. Rinzs; Girls State
City Health Officer

Panama. R. dv P.
A "sharpie" on the gym floor . friendly and helpful
Span. Clb. 1, 2, 3, 4. Secy. 2; Ref. Chb. 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep
Squad 1, 3. 4; Sports Award 1, 2, 3; Fashion Show 2. 3; Usher 3;
VB 1, 2, 3. 4; BkB 1. 2. 3, 4; SB 1, 2. :3

Panama. R. dle P.
A quiet and sedate buhndle of charm . adorable dimples
Art Award 1; Fashion Show 3, 4, St. Clara Academy, Wisconsin

Panama City, R. dIe P.
A likable senorita . neat as a pin
plan, Cb. 4; Music C(b. 3, 4; Volleyball 4.



Private Gregg Schoo,.



Panama, R. de P.
Latin goo loos . polite and friendly
Stag:ng 4; Span. Clh. 3. 4; Camera Clb. 1; WP 3, 4; FB 4; Pro.
during 4. St. Mary's High School. Californ a

Ancon. (.. Z.
A studios blonde always with time to laugh ... nice to
Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet; Ir. Anthology

Trinidad. Colorado
"Sugar 'n spice and everything nice" describes Sandy with
her winning smile and sweet disposition
Chaplain 2; Activity Council 2; Student Council 3; "Tattler" 3;
"Parrakeet" 4; G.A.A. 2, 3, Secy. 3; Varsity VB 2, 3; Varsity SB 3;
Soccer 2, 3; Jr. Varsity BkB 3; Choir 2, 3; Chorus 4; Cheerleader
3; Pep Squad 4; Lab. Asst. 4; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comnu. 2, 3. Trinidad
High School, Colorado; Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, Maryland

Livingston, Montana
narejree and unpredictable . Richie has led the girls a
merry chase . plenty of eye appeal
l.etternian's Clh. 3, 4; Track Varsity 3. 4; Sports Award 3. Coeur
I' Alrne High School. Montana

\tlanta. Georgia
Sedate and composed ... her light hair matches her light-
hearted spirit
Secy. 1; Dramatic Clb. 2; "Zonian" Ad Seller 4; Music Clb. 4;
BkB 1, 2, 3, 4; VB 4; Glee Clh. 1, 2; Pep Squad 1, 2, 4; Office
Asst. 1, 2,' ,; Christmas Dance 3. George Washington High, Wash-
ington, 1. C.; Leon High School, Tallahassee, Florida

\ncon. Canal Zone
A girl who will do her job and do it well. Whenever you
hear that certain laugh, you know "Pete's" around
VB 1, 2. 4; BkB 1, 4; SB 2; Pep Squad 2; Sports Award 2;
.Ir. Sr. Banq. 3; Jr. Anthology 3; Coun. Asst. 4

(loucester, Massachusetts
A street person who is worth knowing . well liked by
everyone ... sensational smile
Vice Pres. 1, Secy. 2; BkB 1; Chorus 1, 2, 4; Pep Squad 4; Class
Picnic Comni, 1; Producing 4. Sand Hill High School, N. C.;
Academia del Perpetuo Socorro, Puerto Rico


. *-mAan





Panama, R. de P. CELERIER
Her frequent laugh and her Spanish eyes tell of Maria's
moany enthusiastic interests
Span. CI L3 .4; Art Clh. 1; Musc CIb 4; VB l2. 3 ; BkB 1 2, 3. 4;
SB 1, 3; Music Pro. ram 4; Chorus 1, 2. 3; Pep Squad 2, 3, 4;
Fashion Show 3, 4; Carinival I)ance Coimml 3; lsher 3

Norfolk, Virginia
A boys whose spirit has been a great asset to B.H.S. "
Stag. 1; Letterman's CIb. 4; Chess-Check. CI 3,; Biol. Clb. 2; FB 2.,
3, Var. 4; BB 2, 3, 4; BkB 2, 3, 4; WP 2, 3; Trk. 3, Var. 4; SB 2,
3, 4; Bd. 1, 2, 3, 4; Orch. 1, 2, 3, 4; Cho. 3; Spts. Awd. 3; Music
Awd.; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; Soph. Pie. Comm.; Cap-Gown Comm. 4; Elks
Chb. Dance Comm. 2; Rifle Team 2; Drill Team 3; R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4
Panama, R. de P.
Brains plus friendliness ... a "whiz" on the tennis court
H.R. Alt. 1; Fresh. Play; U.N. Clb. 4; Chem. (7lb. 4; Chess-Check "
Clb. 3; N.H.S. 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 4; Tennis 3, 4; FB 1, 2; SB 1; Band COE
1, 2, 3, 4; Orch. 1, 2, 3, 4; Cho, 4; R.O.T.C. Awd. 2, 3; R.O.T(. "
Maj. 4; R.O.T.C. Drill Teanm 3. 4; R.O.T.C. Rifle Teari 3; Jr. Anth '
3; Fash. Show Orch 1. 2, 3, 4; Muic ('lb. l'rog. 3, 4
Manchester. England
Alwa s a helping hand at the right time
"Zonian" 4; Music CIb. 3, 4; Lib. Asst. 3, 4; Off. AsOl. 3
un,a3. 3-.. Puerto Rico
That athletic, good-natured fellow
"Parrakeet" 4; Letterman's Clb. 3, 4; SW 2. 3, 4; "B League FB 2

(uayaquil, Ecuador
A happy-go-lucky, talkative boy with a sparkle in his ey ies
Span. Clb. 4; FB 1, 2. 3, 4: AllStars 2; BB 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity 4;
WP 1, 2; All-Stars 1; SB 3; Baton Twirler 4; "Zonian" Adv. 4;
FB Ticket Capt 4; Usher 4
Panama, R. de P'.
An ambitious anid hard-working felnow
IJr. Sr. Banquet CoLmm. 3; FB Dance 4; Val. Dance 4; 1R.OTC
BRASSFIELD Rifle Team 3; R.O.T C. Drill Team 3, 4; R1O T.C. Dance 3

A fellow who's tops in every way
FIB 4, Varsity 4; Span CIb. 3, 4; UN. 3 Liceo Scientifico
BROOKS Cscirno, Italy

a EDWARD "Buster f
Agreea K a occasion d easy-going
FB AllS .. .11, Footb mal Comnn 3



pl''r I .,I rI I S. outlh Larolina
A quiet chap until you know him ...
then Hlear the decks jor action
Football 3, 4

Panama, R. dle P.
Our amiable and talented neighbor from across the border
Dramatics 2; Span. Clh. 4; FB 4; BB 2, 4; Soccer 2; Band 2; Jr.
Antholoigy 3; Musii CIh. Program 4; R (.T.C. Rifle Team 4, Drill
Team 4. LaSalle, Panama City

Columbus, Ohio
Naturally nice . Fciininity is her password to her FISK
B.H.S. acquaintances
)Dom nican High School, New Orilan, O.;

Colon, R. de P.
B.H.S.'s tiny bundle of T.N.T. M. E. FLYNN
Vice-Pres '2; Acting 1, 3; "Zon." 4; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Music Clb. 2;
N.H.S. 4; Stag. 3; Direct. 3; Clo. 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Sqd. 1, 2, 3;
Chridr 4; Spts. Awd. 1, 2, 3; All-Star Awd. 1, 2, 3; S.H Dance;
Soph. Party; Soph. Picnic; Jr. Sr. Eani. Chair.; Val. Dance; Fresh.
Part ; Music Prog 4; H.R. Rep. 2; G A.A Dance 2, 3. 4; L.T. 3;
Usher 3; Police Chief, (GIs. St.; VB *1, "2. *4; BkB 1 2, ,*3;
SB *1, *2, *3

Panama, R. de P.
Fashion wiise ... expressive ec's . s.niling and graceful
Dramatics 3; Arl Seller 4; VB 2, 3; Pep Squad 3, 4; Lib. Asst.
2, 3, 4; Office Asst. 4; Fashion Slhow 2, 3, 4; Cla s Picnic 1

Panama, R. de P.
Always sociable with a beaming grin for all
Stamp lb. 2; Span. Clb. 3; Chem. Clh. 3; Track Varsity 1; FB
2, 3, 4; BkB 2, 3, 4; SB 2, 3, 4; Span. Dance Comm. 3

Brooklyn, New York
A boy who really puts his heart into everything he does
CRAWFORD "Prkt." 2; Asst. Bus. Mgr. 3; Bus. Mgr. 4; Cho. 2; Si. Pic. Commn. 4
San Antonio. Texas
Texas loss was B.H.S.'s gain
"Parrakeet" 4; FB Varsity 4; Lah, Asst, 4; Bowling 2, 3; Skiing
DE LA OSSA 2, 3. East High School, Denver, Colorado

Oakland, California
Quiet and friendly . a cheerlal greeting for all
Cam. Clb, 1; Lib. Asst 1. 1. Cristobal High School

Ancon. Canal Zone
DIVNEY Eyes that twinkle ... a contagious laugh
H.R. Rep. Alt. 3, 4; Dram. 1; Prod. 1, 4; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Secy. 4;
VB 1, *2, 3, 4; BkB 1, *2, 3, 4; SB 1, 2, 3, 4; Cho. 1, 2, 3; Pep
Sqd. 2, 3; Off. Asst. 4; Spts. Awd. 2, 3; Class Picnic 1; G.A.A.
Dance Commn. 3, 4, GIs. St., Mayor 3
Ancon, Canal Zone
A lovable personality and outstanding sports-ability
Class Secy. 4; Prod. 2, 3, 4; Stag. 2, 3; "Zon." 4; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4;
Vice-Pres. 4; VB 1, *2, *3, 4; BkB *1, *2, 3, 4; SB *1, *2, *3;
Orch. 1, '2, 3, 4; Chon ', 3; Pep Sqd. 1, 2, 3; Off. Asst. 3, 4; Spts.
Awds, 1, 2, 3; All-St. Awd. 3; Jr.-Sr. Banqg. 3; Pic. Commn. 4; Class
Picnic 2; G.A.A. Dance 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. Banq, 2, 3; GIs. St., Sen. 3

Panama City, R. de P.
A senior who really makes work a pleasure
S.A. Alt. 2; S.A. Rep. 3; Class Pres. 4; Drain. 1, 2, 3, 4; "Prkt."
Assoc. Ed. 4; B.H.S. Wrkshp. 1, 2; U.N. Clb. 3; Cho. 1, 2; Chem.
ENTEBI Asst. 3; DAR. Hist. Awd. 3; Class Party 2; Jr. Rings; Jr.-Sr. Bang.
SI rChair. 3; Pic. Com. 4; Val. Dance Co. 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; Ten. 3; FB 3, 4


Cristobal, Canal Zone
Added to the girls' list of "looks" .. .beaming personality
.. Don's somebody to know
Chorus 1, 2; Cap and Gown Con m. 4; Jr. Dance Conmm. 3; FB
1, 2, 3, 4; BB 1, 2, 3, 4; BkB 1. 2, 3; Jr. Anthology
Portland, Oregon
Always with a sparkling grin . the girl with
a hearty "hello" for all
Camera Club 1; Pep Squal 1 ; Fashion Show 2. 3
Fort Monroe, Virginia
The ambling, carefree Yirginian
R.O.T.C 2, 3, 4
Panama, R. de P.
Always with a gleaming grin . pleasant and app"a'ing
Span. Clb. 1; Library Asst. 1; Volleyball 4
Flushing, Long Island, New York
His appeal, "corny" cracks, romantic and superb person-
ality make him impressive with all
Vice-Pres. 2; Dramatic Clb. 2; FB 2, 3, 4; Varsity 4; BB 2, 3;
Soccer 2, 3; BkB 3; Chorus 4. Wiccmico High School, Salisbury,
Maryland; Newtown High School, Flushing, Long Island, N. Y.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Determined and sophisticated .. she's got what it takes
... a classmate who's tops
H.R. Rep. Alt. 2, 3; i .-in: I; "Parrakeet" 3. 4. Editor 4; G.A.A
3, 4; VB 1. 2, 3, 4, \il 'ir.. 3; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4, All-Stars 3; SB
1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, 4; N.H.S. 3, 4;
Sports Award 1, 2; N.S.P.A. Award 3; G.A.A. Dance 4; Sadie
Hawkins Dance 2; Sr. Week Coinun. 4; Soph. Picnic Comm.;
Christmas Dance 3
Redlands, California
Her sweet and lovely features r'!.'. i
her l,,;,it and sunny disposition
H.R. 2; :i Secy. 3; S.A. Secy. 4; Producing 3; "Zonian" 4; Jr.
\..ii..i,,:. 3; Cam. Clb. 1; Biol. Clb. 2; N.H.S. 3, 4, Secy. 4; VB
1, : ', 4, All-Stars 4; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3;
Pep Squad 2, 3; Sports Award 1, 2, 3; Sadie Hawkins Dance Comm.
2 ; Class Party 2; Jr. Sr. Banquet 3; Cards and An. Conmm. Chair. 4;
Jr. Ring Comm.; Inaug. Dance Comm. 4; Girls State, Gov. 3; Val.
Court 3; Jamboree Queen 4; Ad Selling 4; Grad. Marshal 3; Dra-
matics 2; BkB All-Stars 4; G.A.A. 4

Prague. Czechos.ovakia
A sincere, intellectual miss .. a credit to B..S ....
Susie has a gay attitude toward life
Cam. Clb. 1, 2; Chem. Clhb 4; VB 1, 2, 3, 4; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB
1. 2; Lib. Asst 1. 2; Ofice A,st. 4; Jr. Anthology 3; Counselor
Asst. 2
Ashland, Ohio
.1,',,c man-around-school . sincere . the guys say
I I . the girls just drool
Track 3; Varsity 3; FB 2, 3, 4; BB 2, 3; BkB 2; WP 2: Sadli
Hawkins Dance Comm.; R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4
Brooklyn, New York
"Lanky" is the word for Al . poker-laced humor .
and can he p'ay a mean trumpet!
Dramat cs 1; Band 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Music Award 2; Christ
inas Dance 3; Inauguration Dance Comm. 4; WP 3; FB 1;
R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4
New York, New York
Fun-loving personality . friendly manner ...
a welcome newcomer to B.H.S.
Music Clb. 4; Spanish Cb. 4
Ancon, Canal Zone
4 likable fellow with a friendly smile
Span. Clb. 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2; "B" Award 1, 2. 3; Baseball; Foot
ball; Water Polo; Basketball

mm m m m mm m m m







Boston, Massachusetts
A pleasant personality . always willing to
exert himself to help a friend
Lab. Asst. 4; Christmas Dance 3; Sr. Cards and Announcements 4;
Inauguration Dance 4; FB 2, 3. 4; BB 3, 4; SB 1, 2, 3; BkB 3. 4;
WP 2, 3, 4
Aneon. Canal Zone
Laughable and light . "Sweet" suits Louise to a "T"
Library Asst.; Fashion Show 3; Clinic Aide 1, 2; Girl, State.
City Secy. 3
Alemeda. California
Inexhaustible humor . neter a quiet moment
with "Professor" Harris around
"Soft-boiled Egg" 2 ; "Saved by the Belle" 3; Chorus 1
St. Louis, Missouri
A winning personality . an inseparable
pair are he and his motorscooter
R.O.T.C. Rifle Team. Pipkin High School, Springfield. Mo.
Santa Marta, Colombia
Her many virtues make her a girl who holds
your eye and interest for a long time
Span. Clb. 2, 3. 4; VB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 1; SNwm. 1; BkB 3; Chorue
3. 4; Fashion Show 3. Cristohal High School
Long Island. New York
Not much to sa), but with one word you know he is a
likable guy . another scooter enthusiast
Swimming Team 3. 4; WP 1 2. 4; BB 1


jffii3 _MniT-i l





Baltimore, Maryland
Serene and placid manner ... friendly smile .
B.H.S. is proud to claim this sweet girl
Speech Program 2; Chorus 2. Callahan High School, Callahan, Fla.

I a-lm;.h.,. D. C.
The "Ty" Power of B.H.S .. when Ralph walked into
B.H.S., he walked into our hearts as well
"Zonian" 4; Letternan's CIb. 4; Varsity FB 4; FB Letter 4.
Washington and Lee, Arlington, Virginia

Panama, R. de P.
A demure little girl with a captivating smile . .
always ready to work
Span. Clb. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3; .N. Clb. 3, 4; Cami. Clb. 2, 3, 4;
Chemn. Ch. 4; Music Appr. Clb. 4; VB 1, 4; BkB 1, 4; SB 1;
Chorus ; Pep s.,i;i .1 2, 4; Lib. Asst. 2; Fashion Show 3; Adv.
Comm. 4; Music I II Program 4; Usher 3; Speech Programi 3

Hempstead. Long Island, New York
A voci erous pal in and out of school
FB Varsity 3; FB 1, 2. 4; WP 1; BkB 1, 2. 3; BB 1, 2, 3;
Attendance Award I ; Manager FB and BkB 2 ; Broadcasting Clb. 1, 2

Panama. R. de P.


Our pretty dark-haired miss .
a real credit to her friends
Span. Clb. 2, 3, 4; Cam. Clb. 2; Philatelic Clb. 4; Music Clb. 3, 4;
Referees Clb. 4; VB 2, 3, 4; BkB 2, 3, 4; SB 3; Pep Squad 3, 4;
Office Asst. 4; Fashion Show 3, 4; Span. Dance Comm. 3; Band 1.
Coleg o Internacional de Maria Inmmaculada



Kansas City. Missouri
Our hurdle star . witty . always ready for a good time
.. B.H.S. would be lost without him
S.A. Rep. 1; Letterman's Clb. 3, 4; FB All-Stars 1, 2; FB Varsity
3, 4; Track All Stars 1. 2; Track Varsity 3, 4; Band and Orch.
1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1; BkB 1. 2. 3, 4; BB 1, 2, 3, 4; WP 1, 2, 3, 4.
Crstlobal Hiah School







Panama, R. de P. KARST
The Latin amigo within our portals
Span. Clb. 3 4; Chorus 1, 2; FB 4; BkB I ; Soccer 1. La Salle.
Panama; Saint Aloysias, New Orleans

Baltinmore. Maryland KELLEY
Our gridiron hero . competition in any sport
Letterman's Clh. 3, 4; FB Varsity 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 3. 4; BB .
1, 2, 4. Sequoia Union Hieh School, Californiai I

Baltimore, Maryland
Constant flashy remarks and colossal athletic ability
FB 4; BB 4; Gymnastics 1. 2, 3; .etteriran's Clh. 4. Sequoia KELLY
Union High School, California

Honolulu, Hawaii
Vitality and team spirit belong to Joyc e
Dramatics 4 P. ...Ir,.: 4; Ad Seller 4; G.A.A. 3, 4,; Cam. Clb. 3; KLOTZ
Biol. 3, 4; h .I... t it. 4: BkB 1, 2, 3, 4, All Stars 3; SB 1, 3, 4,
All-Stars 3; Chorus 4; Pep Squad 3, 4; Sports Award 3; FB Dance
Comm. 4; VB 3, 4; Hockey 1, 2; Archery 1, 2; Clinic Aide 3;
Music Clb. 4; Girls State. Senator 3. Woodrow Wilson High. Wash
ineton, D. C.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Mischievous eyes and a captivating grin KOUPPERMANN
"Zonian" 4; VB 1, 3, 4; SB 1, 3, 4; BkB 1, 3, 4; Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4;
Sports Award 3; Christmas Dance 3; Pic. Cn.on 4; FB Dance m
Commn. 4; Football Queen 4; Jr. Anthology 3; Usher 3, 4; Girls
State, Chief of Police 3

Ancon, Canal Zone
Magic feet . good looks . a friendly smile for all
BkB 2; FB 2; WP 2; Christnias Dance 3; Sports Award 3; Rifle
Team 3, 4; Batt. Adjutant 4

Iln.I l iihal, Washinglton
li,,v,,,i ltr; hair and drearnm brown eyes
"Zonian" Ad%\ 4; Biol. Clb. 2; Chiorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad 4;
JIMENEZ Off. Asst. 4; Soph. Party; Jr., Sr Banquet; VB 1, 2, 3, 4; BkB 3;
SB 1, 2, 3, 4; Clinic Aid 3; Usher 3; StaMing 4
Poughkeepsie, New York
A natural leader . always oni the go
R. JOHNSON HI.R. Rep. 3; H.R. Alt. 2, 4; Biol. Clb. Press. 3; Pres.
4; Radio Clb. 1, S2, Serc 2, Pies. 3; 14; Chenim. Clb. 4,
Pres.; C ea ,ci v; N.H.S. 3, &,Are ; FB 1, 2, 3, 4;
BkB 1, 2, 3; '. T:mn 3, -I. 1* 11 Team 3, 4;
Lab. Asst. 1 1.oI. Key 2, 1 aIrd 4; Class
Picnic 1, 2 .. I 3; Sr. 4. ; Jr.Sr.
SBan.q 3; O. 'aa ;et. Major 4
J. JOHNSON T, .ii, i~, perst ality ith lo ga ng
"1', .. Squa 4; 1 er ; ; S Anthony's,
Ga.; Acad a erp u Sor ue
Gatu al Zone
Track sit 2, z 41 3, 1, 3, PaSsaic
Valley gh; 11 oul
elodior true
hatve ma ing to ien
Eusic Cib. 2; 1 Cal
JONES 4, Tre SBi


Latrobe, P' iin-. i.,u MacDONALD
Our "Powers Model"-known for her sunny
disposition andl an ever-present smile
"Parrakeet" Ad-sellin 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad 3, 4; Off
Asst. 4; Fashion Iow 2, 3; VBi 1, 2, 4; Girls State, Mayor 3;
Staging 4; Usher 3
Cleveland, Ohio .
Laughing eyes, dancing feet make a gal who can't be beat 'S
Dramn. 1; Prod. 3; VB 1, 2, 3, 4; BkB 1. 2. 3, 4; SB 1, 2, 3; Cho.
1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Sqd. 2, 3; Lib. Asst. 1; Off. Asst. 4; Ximas Dance
Coun. 3; Inaug. Dance 4; S.. Dance 2; GIs. St., Atty. Gen. 3;
Orph. Comm. 2, 4; H.R. Rep. 2. 3, 4; Jr. Anth. 3; Sr. Week 4;
Usher 2, 3, 4
Ancon, Canal Zone
Beauty plus brains make this little lass an asset to B.H.S.
Span. Clb. 2, 3, 4; Music Clb 3; Biol CII. Secy.-Treas. 4; Cheil.
Clb. Secy.-Treas 4; VB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 2; Vocation Speech PTA 4;
Cards and Ann. 4; Clinic Aide 2, 4; N.H.S. 4 MAYO
Colon, R. de P.
E.sy-going manner . winning ways ... .
he's rated high with all .. "easy on the et es
FB *1, *2, 3,4;Var. Swim. 1,3,4; Var. WP 3, 4; Mgr. Swin. Tm,. 4
Colon. R. de P. McCARTY
Sparkling smile ... warm personality .
she has won the heart of many B.H.S.'ers
Chorus 1 ; Fashion show 2; Music Prol.; Span. Pro1. Academy of
the Presentation
Panama, R. de P.
Petite . ;', ..i let not her
ability be judged by her size
Span. Clb. 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 3, 4 i

Ancon. Canal Zone
A 'it.., .. streak of bubbling vitality
Class Pres. 2; Acting 1, 2, 3; G.A.A. 3, 4; VB 1, 2, *3, *4; Co Capt.
KRIDLE 4; BkB *1, '2 *3; Softball 1, 2, *3; Dir. 1, 2, 3; Stag, 1, 3; Sp.
Pro 3; Band 2, 3; Cho, 1. 2. 3, 4; Pep Sqd. 1, 2, 3; Chrllr. 4;
Spts. Awd. 1, 2, 4; Class Part 2; Class Picnic 1, 2; S.H. 2; Jr.-Sr.
Banq. 3; Val. Ct. 1, 3; Ftball. Ct. 4; Bat. Spon. 4; Grad, Usher 3;
Jr. Anth. 3; Adv., "Prkt" 3
Ancon, Canal Zone
Irish temper and Irish humor give hint a hard to beat score
-. .- H.R. Rep, 2, 3; S.A. Rep. 3; FB 1. 2, 3; SB 1, 2; BkB 3; Water
i tu Polo 1, -2, 3; All-Stars 1, 2; R.O.T.C. Rifle Team 3, 4; Cadet Capt.
4; Supplly Officer 4
Washington, D. C.
LDiving is her specialty
SI CLAO lass V.P. 3; Adv. 4; V P. G.A.A 3; BkB *1, *2, *3, 4; Hockey
All Stars 1, 2, 3; VB All-Stars 1, 2, 3; Sw. Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Cho.
1, 2, 3, 4; Chridr. 2, 3; Pep Sqd. 4; Spts, Awd. 3; Sr. Wk. Comnt.
4; Calt-Gon Coiim,. 4; FB Dance Coimm. 4; Usher 4. Central
1H. S., Brownell Hall, Omaha
Medlford. Massachusetts
Our wonderful S.A. Prexy
S.A. Rep. 2; Class Pres. 3; S.A. Pres. 4; SB All-Stars 2; Spts. Awd.;
6 Inaug. Dance 4; Xmas For. 3; Jr.-Sr. Banq.; Soph Party; Frosh
Party; Soph Picnic; R. (T.C. Batt. Corn. 4; Driill Master 3, 4
Ancon. Canal Zone
iLEE oiiacious iiand cute as a dimple
S"Zontan" 4; VB 1, 2, 3, 4; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus
1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad 1, 2, 3; Sports Award 2; Freshmlan Party;
Sadie Hawkins Dance; Jr.-Sr. Banquet; Clinic Aid 3; Usher 4;
"Parrakeet" Adv. 3; "Zonian" Adv. 4; Soph. Party
LORA San l)iego, California
Sti,'.'r,,, i,,personality with magnetic charm
,.: I'. I 4; Ment, Day Speech Prog. 3; Lib, Asst. 3. E. II.


Hempstead, Long Island, New York
A smile that "gets you" . a constant glimpse of dimples
.. a pocketful of fun . this sums up Arlene
S.A. Rep. 2 ,4; Dram. 1, 2, 3; Stag. 1, 2, 3; Dir. 1, 2, 3; "Zon." 4;
G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Biol. Clb. 2; VB 1, 2, *3, 4; BkB 1, *2, 3, 4; SB
*1, *2, 3, 4; Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Sqd. 2, 3, 4; Off. Asst. 4; Spts.
Awd. 1, 2, 3; Attend., Drama Awds. 1; Class Picnic 1, 2; S.H. Dance
Chair. 2; Jr. Rings Chair. 3; Xmas Dance 3; Val. Dance 4; GIs. St.,
Secy. of Sta. 3; H.R. Rep. 2, 3, 4; Music Clb. Prog. 3; Spon.
R.O.T.C. 4; L.T. 1, 2, 3; Adv. 3, 4; Orph. Comm. 4; Usher 4

Ancon. Canal Zone
Laughable Eddie . always ready with a
joke, but not without a serious side
H.R. Rep. 3; FB Var. 4; BB Var. 2. Adm. Far. Acad., Md.

Panama. R. de P.
A real "smoothie" on the dance floor
H.R. Alt. 2; Cho. 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Sqd. 1; S.H. Dance Comm. 2;
Class Party 1; Nurse's Aide 3. Santa Barbara H. S., Cal.

Maracaibo, Venezuela
The friendly boy with the twinkling eyes .
BB 1, 2, 3, 4; FB 1. 2, 3, 4; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4; Tk. Var. 3; Span. CIh.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Stores of friendliness and cheerfulness
"Zonian" Photographer 2; FB 1, 2; WP 4; BB 4; R.OT.C. 2, 3

Ancon, Canal Zone
The ready eye behind many of our snapshots
'Zonian" Photographer 1, 2, 3, 4: FB 3, 4; BB 3; Band 2, 3, 4;
Orch. 2, 3, 4; Photographers' Award 2; L.T. Orch. 4

Panama. R. de P.
Combine a smile, friendly hello andi incomparable
earnestness and you have Ramon, an unbeatable pal
S.A. Rep. 4; "Parrakeet" 4; Cam. Clb. 2; U.N. CIb. 2, Vice-Pres. 3,
Pres. 4; FB 2, 3, 4; BB 2; Orphanage Commii. 4; Jr. Rings; Pic.
Coiin. 4; Sadie Hawkins Dance 2; H.R. Rep. 3

Lincoln. Nebraska
Having fun is her lfaorite sport ...
blonde and unusually sweet
Dramatics 2, 4; Dramatics Clb. 2; Biol. Clb. 3; Glee Clb. 1; Pep
Squad 3, 4; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; Girls State, Secy. House of Rep. 3;
Usher 3. Mark Twain, Washington and Lee High School

Colon, R. de P.
An amiable boy with a friendly manner
that has won him numerous friends
R.O.T.C. Drill Team 3, 4; Cadet 2nd It. 4

Cincinnati. Ohio
Slow and easy . a personality all his own
R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4; Cadet Sergeant 4

Colon, R. de P.
A quiet, likable lass .. a real
credit to our Senior Class
"Zon." Adv. 4; Chor. 2, 3, 4; Pep Sqd. 3, 4; Fash. Show 3; Jr..Sr.
Banq. 3; GIs St., Sen. 3; Jr. Anth. 3; VB 2, 3. 4; Staging 4

Colon, R. de P.
An ideal pal with that ever-so-adorable smi!e ...
fresh as a daisy, sweet as sugar candy
"Zon." 4; Jr. Anth. 3; Ref. Clb. 4; VB 3, 4; SB 3, 4; BkB 4; Chor.
1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Sqd. 2. 3, 4; Lib. Asst. 3; Fresh. Party; Jr.-Sr. Banq.
3; Gls. St., Sen. 3; Ticket Selling 4; Adv. 4

E I E -
mi mmm Ii*m .

McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania
His cheerful manner and rather shy grin
are only two of his many) appealing ways
FB 2, 3, 4; BB 1, 2, 3, 4; BkB 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3; Dancr
Comm. 2, 3, 4

San Jose, Costa Rica
A spectacular sportswo n . r sweet altitude and
warm friendliness rate Aunalia that "top notch" gal with all
G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Pres. 4; Ref. Clb. 4; Span. Clb. 4; VB *1, 2, *3, *4;
BkB *1 2, *3, *4; SB *1, *2, *3, *4; Cho. 1, 2, 3. 4; Pep Sqd.
2. 3, 4; Spts. Awd. 1, 2, 3; Fash. Show 2, 3; J.r.-Sr. Banq. 3;
G.A.A. Dance Comm. 4

Ancon, Canal Zone
There is laughter on her lips and liveliness
in her glistening black e yes
Span. Clb. 2, 3, 4; Choirus 2, 3 4; Fashion Shlm 2, 3; VB 2, 3, 4;
BkB 2, 3, 4; SB 2, 3

Ancon. Canal Zone
She's our tall, sparkling-eyed Senoritu
Dram. 3; Prod. 3; Stae 3; Adv. 4; Span. Clb. 2, 3, 4; VB 2, 3, 4; SB
2, 3; Swin. 1I; Cho 3, 4: Pep Siqd. 3, 4; Off Ast. 3; Fash Show 3




Ancon, Canal Zone
Light on his feet
Span. Cb. 1, 2. 3, 4, Pres. 4; Cam. Clb. 1; Biol. 2; BB 1, 2, 3;
BkB 1, 2. 3, 4, All-Stars 2; WP 1, 2, 3; BB Manager 4; Sports
Award 1, 2. 3; R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4; Drill Team 3. 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4:
Christmais Dance Commii 3; lMusic ilb, Program 4; Usher 4

Ancon. Canal Zone
Towering in height and jun to know
IH.O.T.C.; Jr. Antholol y

Ancon, Canal Zone
Sincere and dependable
"Zonian" 4; Biol t. lb 3, 4; Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4; Lab. Asst. 4; Class
Party I ; "Zonian" Advertising

Ancon, Canal Zone
Talent at his fingertips . art is his specialty
S A. Alt. 4; "Zonian" Artist 4; Advertisinm Comin. 1, 2, 3, 4

Ancon, Canal Zone
Sportsability personified ... I.,rre. eyes that smile
S.A. Rep. 2, 4; Dram. 1, 3; "Zon." 4; Hndbk. 4; "Prkt." 3; G.A.A.
3, 4; Biol. Clb. 2; N.H.S. 4; VB 1, 2, "3, 4; BkB 1, 2, *3, *4; SB
1, *2, *3; SW 1, 2; Cho. 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orch. 1, 2; Pep
Sqd. 1, 2; Chrldr. 3, 4. Co-Capt. 4; Off. Asst. 3, 4; Drana Awd. 2, 3;
Spls. Awdl. 1. *3; Fresh. Picnic 1; Soph. Picnic 2; Soph. Party 2;
S.H, Jr. Sr. Ban(.. Val. Dance Comms.; G.A.A. Danre 4
Roanoke, Virginia
A bundle of fun and charm . an all-around sportswoman
G.A.A. 3, 4; Camera Club 3; VB 2, 3, 4, All-Stars 3; BkB 2, 3, 4,
All-Stars 3, 4 ; SB 2, 3, 4, All-Stars 2, 3, Capt. 3; Pep Squad 3, 4;
Lib. Asst. 2; Off. Asst. 4; "B" Sports Award; Fashion Show 3;
Usher 3. Planeview High School
Ancon. Canal Zone
Our "-reamn BHo of '51" .. a calm quiet fellow
FB 1, 2, 3, 4, All Stars 2, Varsity 4; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4; BB 1, 2, 3, 4;
WP 1, 2, 3, 4. All Stars 1, 2; Music 1
Panama. R. Ide P'.
A small but worthy parl age of Latin wit
Span. Clb. 3; Fashion Show 2, 3; Christmas Dance 2; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4;
Swmi 1. 2, 3; Tennis 1. San Anthony Academy.





S- -vumama i- I wr


Cincinnati, Ohio
Combine iiiel) wit and a sunny smile, and you RYTER
have Noralie. a friend come rain or shine
Staging 1, 2, 3; Biol. Clb. 2; Chorus 1. 2. 3, 4; Pep Squad 2, 3;
CounMelor A'r.t 4; Siaier Hawkins Dance 2; Class Picnics 1, 2; A
Conference, 1949. Mou.r Iligh Schlool, St. Paul, M.n. "
Panama City, R. d A Latin lass. .. always willing to
lend a helping hand ... rer) sweet
Span. Clb. 3, 4; VB 1. 3, 4; BkB 1, 3, 4; SB 1; Chorul 1, 2, 3

Ancon, Canal Zone
An amazing "lil" gal who's always on the "-beanm" SALAMINA
Span. Clb. 1, 2, 3; Choius 1, 2, 3; VB 2; BkB 3; SB 2
New York. New York
The dashing, intellectual, friendly newcomer to B.II.S. SCADRON
H.R. Rep. 4; Debating Society 3; BB 1; BkB I. De la Sallv
Institute, N. Y.; St .John's High and Classical High, Worchester,

Panama City. R. R. i 1'.
A pleasant guy to know . a real credit to B.H.S.
Soccer 1, 2. Institute Nacional, Pan'uima. R de P SCOTT

San lb ,.. California
Gay and friendly . a miss all B.H.S. adores
H.R. Alt. 3; Cam. ('lb., Secy. 2; UN. Clb, 2; VB 4; BkB 4; Pep
-,,.1 1; Lib. Asst. 2; Counselor's Asst. 4; Attendance Award 3; SEELEY
I.,. I. Show 2, 3; Christmas Dance Comm. 3

Ancon. Canal Zone
Our Zonian Ed .. a dynamo o ritalit . nitl and neat
ROCHE . as ray asaz*v a the day is long . s imuch in ias a
barrel of songs
Draiatics 3; Littl,, Theatre 3; "Zonian" Ed. 4; G.A.A. 3, 4; VB
1, 2, 3, 4, All Stars 3: BkB 1, 2, 3, 4, All-Stars 3; SB 1, 2. 3.
All-Stars 2; Directi;ng 3; Staging 3; Band 2, 3, 4; ( horus 1, 2, 3, 4:
Pep Squad 1. 2; Cheericader 3, 4; Little TIhevatre Member 3;
ROSAS Fashion Show 4; Freshman Picnic; So ph 5 Sadie Hawkini
Dance 2; Christmas Dance ,Cotn.; i -'j *. 3, 4
f Panama,
.... t The gal i smile
I,-nown to ir, I fI II .
S.A. Rep. Alt. ('lh. 1, 3; isilon Sliho' 3
The bo :it.h e "Br ins" U. al
read)t itW an lp
Biol, Clb. C I n hIme r [ l b. ;C n. Cb. 4;
U. N. C11 II I t I 4 F 4;; P 3 k ,3 S8 ", 3;
ROSS NH.S. 4 C and Goi 'ou 4 auguration )ai i

Serin p tta lt ai vel)
ROUX Ioriles to'p hai* list


Tucson, Arizona
A quiet guy who rates "tops" with all who know him SOKOL
Class Tr.as. 2; Class Play 3; Editor 2 3; BkB 1; Grade Award
I, 2, 3; R.O.T.C. R;lle T'fea 4; Christmas Dance 2; Boys State
Rep. 3. Fort Knox H.gh School, Fort Knox, Kentucky
Carrollton, Ohio
Forever sweet ... stately and ta llSPRAGUE
H.R. Rep. 4; H.R Alt. 2; Bid Clh 3; U.N. CIb. 4; Vice-Pres. 4;
VB 1. 2, 4; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 1, 2, 3; Off. Ast. 4; Lab. Asst. 4;
N.H.S. 4; Sports Award 2; Fashion Show 2; Orphanage Comm. 4; -
G;rls State. Senator 3; Usher 4; ,Ir Anthology 3 ,' '
Samarang, Java
A ri t,, personality ... mischievous disposition
Biology Club 2: Chorus 2, 3 STEINER
Washington, D. C.
"Sweet and lovel)" ... pretty blue eyes
H.R. Rep. 2, 3; Stag. 3; Ardv. 4; Biol. lb. 2; Stamp Clb. 2; Ref. Clb.
4; VB 1, 2, 3, 4; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 1, 2, 3; Cho. 1, 2, 3; Pep Sql SWISHER
2, 3; Lib. Asst. 1, 2; Off. Asst. 4; Spts. Awd. 3; ,lr.-Sr. Banq. 3;
Ring Conmm. 3; Xmas Dance 3; Music Clb. Proe. 3; Music CIb. 3, 4
MARVIN A. SMITH "Marvinshsky"
Colon. R. de P.
Quiet and friendly with a smile for all ... another ace in art
Class V.P. 1; Stag. 4; "Zon." Art Staff 4; Radio C(lb. 2, 3, 4, Pres.
4; Art Clb. 3, V.P. 3; Span. Cb., Treas. 4; Caim. CIb. 1; Chem. Clb.
3; Rifle Team 3, 4; Proj. 3, 4; Art Awd. ; P.T.A. Awd. 1; R.O.T.C. TROUP
1, 2, 3, 4; Xmias Dance 3; Jr.-Sr. Banq. 3; Val. Dance 4; Span.
Clb. Dance 2
Detroit. Michigan
"Good things come in small packages" UPDIKE
Ad-selling 4; Biol. Clb. 2; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4; VB 1, 2, 3, 4; SB 1, 2,
3, 4; Staging 3; ;... .;,. 1 tI orus 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, 4;
Sports Award 3, i-1, I,. .,,-, ; Soph. Picnic; Orphanage Comm. 3;
Jr. R'ngs 3; Christmas Dance 3; Usher 2, 3

Ancon, Canal Zone
A sweet and pleasant girl
S.A. Alt. 3; II.1. Alt. 3; Prod. 3; Usher 3, 4; "Zon." 4; Music Clb.
SHORE 2, 3, 4; Prog. Chair. 3, Vice-Pres. 3, Secy.-Treas. 4; U.N. Cb. 2, 3,
4; Cam. Clb. 1; N.H.S. 3, 4, Initiation Chair. 4; VB 1, 2, 3, 4; BkB
1, 2, 3; SB 1; Cliho 1, 2; Pep, Sqd. 1, 2, 3; Off. Asst. 4; S.H. Dance
Coimm. 2i ; Cds. and An. Conmm. 4; Fash. Show 3, 4; Pub. Chair. 4;
Orph. Coni,. 4; Music Prog. 3, 4; "Zon." Adv. 4
Flushing. New York
Rhythm in her feet .. an outstanding cheerleader
90- S.A. Rep. 3; "Zon." 4; B H.S. Hdbook. 4; G.A.A. 3, 4; VB 1, 2, *3,
4; BkB 1, 2, *3, 4, Capt. 3; SB 1, 2, 3; Pep Sqd. 1, 2; Chrldr. 3, 4,
Capt, 4; Spts. Awd. 2, *3; Fash. Show 3, 4; Fresh. Pty. Comm.;
S.H. Dance 2; Jr. Ring Comm,; Chair. Cap-Gown Comm.; Orph.
Comm. 4; G.AA. Dance Commni. 4; Val. Ct. 2; Ftball Ct. 4; R.O.T.C.
Spon., Co A; H.R. Rep. 4; Prod, 3; Usher 3
Ancon, Canal Zone
Small but dynamic with plenty of vim and vigor
Dra. Clb. 2, 3; "Talent Night" 2; "Zon." Bus. Mgr. 4; Var. Clb.
2, 3; G.A.A. 4; Torrid Zone Wizards 3; FT.A. 2, 3, Pres. 2, 3; VB
D. SMITH 1, 2, 3, 4; BkB 1, *2, *3; SB 1, *2, *3; Make-up-Prop. 2; BkB
Awd. 2, 3; VB Awd. 2, 3; Fash. Show 1; Soph. Dance Comm. 2;
Jr.-Sr. Bani. 3; Inv. Comni. Chair. 3; Prog. Card Commn. 3; H.R.
Rep. 3. Cristobal High School.
Ancon, Canal Zone
A.n all-around boy with a heart as big as he is
R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4, lst/Sgt, 4. C.H.S.; ILakelandl H.S.
SM. SMITH Ancon, Canal Zone
He has unbeatable friendliness and i,t,,'et,bilion
Vice-Pres. 1, 3; FB Var. 2, 3, 4; Clo. 1, 2 till. 11 t I I' 1; SB
1; BkB 1; FB 1. C.H.S.; Parker H. S.
SMOUSE Lusk, Wyoming
A quiet, friendly likable lad with a perfect smile
Letterman's (CI,. 4; Varsity Football 4; FB Letter 4; Intramural
Sports. Lag,,na Beach, California




Managua, Nicaragua
You will always find Angela's warmth and
friendliness, U;r. ,.I in her charming smile
U.N. Clb. 4; Music Clb. 4; VB 4; BkB 4; SB 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3;, 4;
Library Asst.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Likable, with energy personified .. .the lass
of B.H.S. with an incomparable gift of gab
VB 2, 3, 4; BkB 2, 3, 4; SB 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4; Pep Squadl
1, 2, 3, 4 ; i. Week Comiiii

A quiet Spanish miss with a smile at al! times
VB 1; BkB 2; SB 1. Maria Inmaculada Panaima. tle P.

Tulsa, Oklahoma
A cute young miss with a captivating
personality and a friendly air
"Zonian" 4; Jr. Anthology 3; Biol, Clb. 1; Glee CIb. 2, 3, 4; VB 1;
Chorus 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, 4; Usher 3, 4; "Zonian" Ad
Seller 4

Shreveport, Louisiana
A combination of beauty and brains... dainty
is the word for Patt . a very popular girl
H.R. Rep. 2, 3; SA Secy. 4; Dramatics 4; Staging 1, 2, 3, 4;
Producing 3, 4; "Parrakeet" 3, 4; Banquet Bugle 3; Biol. Clb. 2;
VB 1, 2, 3, 4; BkB 1, 2, 3; SB 1, 2, 3; Chorus 2, 3; Pep Squad
2, 3; Sports Award 1, 2; NSPA Award 3; Christmas Dance Chair. 3;
Fresh. Picnic; Soph. Picnic; Sadie Hawkins Dance Comun. 2; Class
Parties 1, 2; Orphanage Conin. 3, 4; Graduation Marshal 3; Usher
3; Girls State, Judge 3; Representative to .. I..,,i..i. D. C.;
Editor, Football Program 4; Valentine Court 2 i ........ I Queen 4

Gorgas Hospital, Ancon. C. Z.
An e.,t .gl,,g comical guy with just that "certain appeal '
BB 1, 2, 3; Var. 2, 3; FB 1, 2, 3, 4; Var. 3, 4; BkB 1, 2, 3, 4
Track 2; Var. 2; WP 1, 2; R.O.T.C. 2, 3; Chorus 1; Pep Squad 1l
Freshman Picnic Comm. 1

FrenchLburg, Kenlucky
A wonder lass with a super-personality . one in a million
Draimatics 4; "Zonian" Business Manager 4; "Clyde Monthly";
G.AA. 1; Music Clb. 4; Span. Clb. 2; Art Cb. 2: Speech Team 2;
SB 1, 2, 3, 4; BkB 1, 3, 4; VB 1. 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2; Chorus
1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad 3, 4; Red Cross Comm. 4; H.R. Rep. 4;
Usher 3; Girls State, Mayor 3. Monroe, Ohio; North Fort, Utah;
Clyde, Ohio

Washington. D. C.
An ambitions guy ... a newcomer who
B.H.S. has been glad to welcome
Dramatics 3, 4; "Parrakeet" 4; Carn. Cll. 3; Span. Clb. 2; Scholar-
ship Award 3; R.O.T.C. Drill Team, 2, 3. Leavenworth Senior
High, Leavenworth, Kansas

T e Sewia. Q a U a4eso Iae ,Pedai '

4e. cO#Lw4 qwadS4WteSi aj 4il G"oj '51

Roger Kelley

Edward Browder

Terry Ford

Cesar Salamina

Annette Godby

Margaruite Bouche

Linda Btesh

Frances Dwyer

Yvonne Kouppermann

Florence Lao

Celeste Powell

Sara Sokol


Lia Saiz

Joanne Steiner

Betty Ann Allen

Cecilia Baverstock

Mary Joe Cole

Louise Glud

Suzanne Hammerschlag

Agnes Grahe*

Mary Ellen Kelly*

Sidney Shore*

Ken Withers*

, These four students were not here long enough to be ranked, since three semesters residence is
required; but grades made here and in States schools were high enough for Honor Standing

a"d o/ '5.2


derful feeling. We wonder if there could be another
year as good Our sincere thanks go to Irwin Frank,
our super-duper President, and his efficient officers:
that good-looking Sam Maphis, our Vice-President;
Leona Hart, our competent secretary; Mike McNevin.
our hard-working treasurer; Raymond Davidson
defu felng W onerifthreculbenohr
yer s od!Ou iner haksg t Iwn rak
ou spr-uprPrsdetad isefiintofier:

and Karen Saum, two of the best S.A. Representa-
tives we've had. When Karen left, we boosted Sally
Ackerman, who was equally good. to the seat of
Our Christmas Formal was quite a "let-down."
Since we were restricted because of polio, we decided
to have a Sultan of Swat Dance, which was also can-
celled. To make up for this, Coila Goodin and her
committee made the Junior-Senior Banquet one of
the biggest events of the year. We were proud of our
achievements on that unforgettable night.
We chose two of the prettiest girls, when we
elected Cecil Russell and Tibby Nolan, to represent
us at the Valentine Dance. which turned into a Sham-
rock Dance with a Shamrock Queen and her atten-
We'll never forget all those gay, serious, and sad
times, too, that made our junior year the best yet.
As we enter our final year in B.H.S., we hope and
trust that we have left as good an example as those
before us left to us, their up-and-coming underclass-

Top row, left to right: Ray Davidson, S. A. Representative; Mike McNevin, Treasurer; Mr. Piper, sponsor; and
Sam Maphis, Vice-President
Bottom row: Leona Hart, Secretary; Karen Saum and Sally Ackerman, S. A. Representatives




I]- ~c"~g~~






1O .o?"

We*'e Been Wonde Uu),

The Semiod o4 '5.2!"


rIB -

- ~R

"W e'e


superses 0od0

Come on, boys! Give her a break!
,. -." '.'-'t-u troA


Left to right: Sam Maphis, Jan Broderick, Clair
Godby, Kayleen Vinton, Cecil Russell, Nancy
Wells, Mike McNevin, Mary Adelia Morley

-r At-l

Left ir.,'. Ro, Tucker Richard Abbot
Barbara Sha. Sh.rl, Zm.rn r Jacl.e Hulch
ings Buzz Ba i, Fr.d Lee Richard Holl
Dian.- Honrahon Jc,ce DCal Prgg, L-.-



Well, we are no longer freshmen-we have come
into the limelight. Our upperclassmen seemed to take
notice when we walked by. We weren't afraid to
consider ourselves as part of B.H.S. now! Our of-
ficers helped us more than anyone else by having us
included in all B.H.S.'s fun. We proudly give tribute
to Bill Dawson, our never-failing President; Julene
Page, his greatest helper and our Vice-President;
Ann West, our extra-special Secretary; and Nobel

C"U oi '53

Holladay and Rosemary Hollander, the best S.A.
Representatives in B.H.S.. whose alternates, Bill
Kaska and Jennye Stephens, were always right on
hand to take over.
We and the freshmen got acquainted right off
while having a grand time at our Sophomore-
Freshmen Frolic.
We'll always remember those wonderful football
games and the big thrill of the season-that Jackson
High-Balboa High tussle.
Our dances, parties and picnics filled the year
with more than just fun. One of the biggest treats
was the night of our very own Sadie Hawkins Dance.
It was one of the biggest events of the year, and we
were the ones who deserve the credit! That's some-
thing we were all proud of.
We acquired many habits and fads from our
upperclassmen which brought us right up alongside
them. All of us became strands in the rope of friend-
ship that has bound us forever to l ole B.H.S.
As we enter our junior year, we hope that that
year we can do as well in our studies and have as
much fun as we have had in this, our grand sopho-
more year.

-,,tees, V( e
^ O

L.lt .t r.qf, William Kaska and Jennye
Sle ens, j 4 l. Itr. n11e. Miss Alice Candee
,':.,-:.:,:, Roemrar, Hollander and Noble
Hollada/. '. RF.- :.-:-lai.

r ^ *
-< i'


..r. ,. ,,


K- -

I r









i I O






*/6e' e



A ol

Ray and Julene getting ready for the Piggy Back Race at the
Soph Frosh Frolic

aa 'a igh O n
Cr/r, "> No,,, J, a'k re,
Oe Diflmaisiher K.,
Roland and rI

osh Donce

he n during
11ne GonJ


d U

Left to right: Mildred Damereu, Secretary; and Abdiel Flynn,



Clad (4 '54

The first few weeks we were excited but
s-c-a-r-e-d! But when everybody just seemed to ac-
cept us, we felt pleased and fell right into step with
our upperclassmen.
The sophs grew acquainted with us quickly be-
cause they realized how hard it is to get adjusted in
B.H.S. They had entered the year before, and their
memories of being freshmen were still fresh in their
Remember how Kenny Lee climbed the grease
pole? And how about the laughs we got when Dan
Gressang and Anne A\ ile- went into the Piggy Back
Race! We're sure no one could forget the Sack Race
-every two steps someone would fall. Not a one of
us can cay we didn't have one of the grandest times
to be had this year at our Frosh-Soph Frolic.
Our officers seemed to stand out the night of our
very first formal dance in B.H.S. They all looked
so nice that we'd like to give them special mention.
The officers of the Mighty '54er:-Bruce Quinn. our
"do or die" president: Abdiel Flynn, our athletic
Vice-President; Mildred Damerau, our petite and ac-
curate Secretary; Ed Sparrows and Eileen Feliz, THE
S. A. Representatives of B.H.S.: and their Alternates,
Ann Magee and Henry Pescod-just can't be beat.
,\ll'r tlir pIlin hI arn \ lifted. \\r -dartli Iml lit In
parking anid plannii in; I, ,Ur f re-hianlall P'l ick In
be held dl sumiiimii I Ill tunl diil i laug \r, Idh d that
.13\ %till n-%,-r be1. I,,rptn- 1-\ all% 1 u-.
i\-r ill I I.- Ilit Ur 'I Pr -.' I 1 \r-ar ill B.U.S.. iv.
IJrliii-i I- make iil ei-iirr f,,r "',ur" und ri_-lda-in -ii.
I e ar,- I. king f.l-r~~ rd I.- an l'.ll.r thrill-parked e'ar
ijt lull and nurk in l-^ ie- I I -,i hii-. ",ur iiu "
B.H ,.

Led i1o r'. hl Henry Pecod and Eileen Feliz, SA Represenlacfies;
Mi Michel. Class Sponsor ana Ann Magee S A A'Ternar.?

I '.





*/e' e







t - _J

-MI! mwr












o, i

o.se' \e a

the tree again' Posing are Lce Harringion
Bob Coleson, Louis Charles, Mary Lou Allen,
Joan Reed

Freshman Picnic Committee: top row, left to right: Marian Evans,
Pat Trudeau, Walter Ruggles, Anne Magee, and Mildred Dam-
erau; middle row, left to right: Cleve Soper, Eileen Feliz, Suzanne
Bose, Abdiel Flynn; bottom row, left to right: Henry Pescod, Ann
Lowery, and Kenny Lee

Climbing the grease pole at the
Soph.Frosh Frolic ii Kenny Lee


jP r

Cou., Noas a 0

Is. 3, o .
Oad s l Nh r /
9S o a cy 1 il


Si4 e Ra~a~ Wh1 Cui. S.A'. 4cd&ies Wkeg Saccedd

HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES included the following: top row, left to right: Don Connor, Sam Maphis,
Fred Sill, Abdiel Flynn; second row, left to right: Dave Albritton, Don Ross, Ed Armistead, Irwin Frank,
Charlie Smith, Henry Pescod, and Kenny Lee; third row, left to right: Arlene McKeown, Sharon Garrison,
Jackie McCoy, Sue Shutt, Joyce Gardner, Marge Wiley, Coila Goodin, and Arlene Schmidt; fourth row,
left to right: Nira Reyes, Susie Bose, Leona Hart, Giu'ianna Mariani, Ann Wiley, Mildred Damerau, and
Ginny Selby

HOMEROOM ALTERNATES, top row, left to right: Erasmo Arias, Roger Kelley, Edgar Kourany; second row,
left to right: Bill Wright, Bill Elton, Fred Cotton, Luis Celerier, Emil Weltz; third row, left to right: Karen Saum,
Sheila Fearon, Mary Jane Sylvester, Doris Cothern, Helen Thomas, Ann Gorman, Marian Evans, Idy Linares,
Cora Canham; fourth row, left to right: Norine Dillman, Marilyn Bevington, Kay Cross, Barbara Ladd,
Tibby Nolan, Babe Flynn, Joan Sprague, Ann Lowry, Arden Cooke, Sue Johnson

*W4 *a /h


B. I-

Potential gi.de im




A. di o...

On hseU


~u~ ~wroritU

M OSmm mmLm m Umm m FRANK MAYO
BelSl SMie4-Speciai 3Co~a es

""f-- ii~~ifiTi"

.. m

C~e~LKey~ ~i~U

~--s~s~4ead$ /a4 file S~ta4S


\I 11 P


\ .U

[] ,




g I

m U .. :
U sII~

i ~C~U





A4moUi, t Ia Gqi





"I !:

.... ...................... ... -..




* U


* .

., 4

* .



1Qeoy7 Peck awad .2a4a Tanee a Bv/S

:T~" fMagic int keile 1Feet



I ~ ~ ~ ~ BL JOYCE~L~lii
...... ................
U .


g :

* 3

" (




-. N CA;.. .. -..

\ a irasqeaksu



,- : ..1 i .: -.-

It -.-w piMe*
m,- I "~
,:?, U



ill ll ll l I~l ll l II~ll lll- -li

J2e e 2 oe 2aee#a, PATRICIA I





\4 '


Our petite Patt Walker reigned supremely throughout the
evening of March 10 as also did the Irish spirit.
With her eyes dancing, she was escorted to her throne and
crowned Patricia I, "Queen of the Shamrocks," by Terry Ford,
Senior Class president.
Attending our beautous queen were the following pretty

misses: Front row, left to right: Libby Bowen, sophomore;
Annette Godby, senior; Mary Ellen Kelly, senior; Bunny Di Bella,
sophomore; second row, left to right: Tibby Nolan, junior; Cecil
Russell, junior; Queen Patricia I crowned by the Senior Class
president, Terry Ford; Josie Di Bella, freshman; Anne Lowry,

L1 ~r
:~ c:' p
cr o RltI
IC~.~\ \'li3L


i 1m

BRfS'eui in

Most Likely To Succeed

. ... . ... .

t.:' L .: .l ..-. 1

Hl . / it r i -


r ..
,;,. -" *- . .
' .ir,,i,* S,-'
,'*"' *" < **^ \

\ ~'1 \

Mo I '. .- ll -jal
MJ i ar.' i. r.11. in i .' i ^ i I .' *'



/ ,

I ,


'' ~ ~


Best Dancers
Most Popular
Most All-Around


4, ". ., I

1. I " p..

A cheerful hell,. u.. t ., l -, a
Give Marge aI I l,,. I.tl .,'



::. ,^ *I I, ," "

the NAews

Ei, D.,


- A

;~~ s~~i~I
~k UI(IIX~.I

We oiad

",Ie' Whdt Ma"e" /.df.S. Qo 'fRo<#di

The Balboa High School Student Association is
the hub of all the school activities. Without our
S.A. there would undoubtedly be almost no social
life in school. The S.A. Council is made up of the
Student Association officers, four representatives
from each class, and a representative and alternate
from each home room.
At the end of the year there is an election for the
S.A. President for the following year. Candidates
are chosen from the Junior Class, and everyone ex-
cept the seniors may vote. Elections and campaign-
ing are becoming more popular, and the nominees
put posters up all over school to support them.
Frank Mayo was chosen as President, and he ably
carried out all his ideas. Frank, well-known to all
his classmates, had their support throughout the
year. Frank also helped to "spark up" our school
spirit and make us better school citizens. He has won
the admiration and respect of many and deserves

"Take a letter"-Patt Walker, secretary, and Frank Mayo, presi-
dent, get down to business with one of the S.A.'s daily chores

all the credit in the world for making this year one
of the greatest.
Something new was added in the way of vice-
president this year. He was chosen from the previous
sophomore class, and the excellent choice was Clair
Godby. He, too, has done much to help make the S.A.
a credit to B.H.S. Clair worked closely with Frank
and took some of the load.
Because of the work involved, there were two
secretaries needed: Annette Godby and Patt Walker
were appointed. Every home room period you could
see them hard at work, writing letters, mailing bills,
or counting money. Theirs was a never-ending job.
The S.A. sponsors all the school dances including
the Elks Club dances; all our sports activities includ-
ing ticket sales, uniforms, transportation for the
team; journalism, speech, and dramatics; and it
handles and raises funds, sponsors all drives, and
gives awards for other school activities. An S.A.

Brother and sister team up to do important work in the S.A.
Here are "Our Godbys" Annette, secretary, and Clair,



--. 1

Straight from the States for the Isthmian Bowl, the Miami-Jackson
boys get their first glimpse of Panama

&% I 74 amiolC S.Y

member receives a year's subscription to our school
paper, the Parrakeet, and seniors are given their
Zonians free of charge.
This year the S.A. sponsored the Miami-Jackson
game, a tremendous undertaking. Money is obtained
for the S.A. and the various activities through sale
of S.A. tickets, ad selling, and from gate receipts at
the games, plays, and school dances.
The S.A. meetings are attended by all the home
room representatives. They, in turn, report to the
students about the matters discussed. Meetings are
not regular, but when anything of importance arises
one may be called.
Mr. Hatchett, S.A. adviser, and Mr. Powell, as-
sistant adviser, were always there to lend a helping
hand. They knew just how to handle all the financial
matters and were among the reason for the success-
ful year.

Mr. Hatchett and Mr. Powell look pleased over the returns from
the sale of tickets for the Isthmian Bowl

Everyone enjoyed the Elks Club dances after those football games

Here's to our eight lasses and baton
twirler who went "all-out" to boost
B.H.S.'s undying spirit. Long will
be remembered the lively and orig-
inal pep-rallies, the "fight-to-win"
posters, the yells in the halls, and at
night the endless cheering for ol'

Our nifty nine were (upper left V)
Frances Dwyer, Joan Sprague (Cap-
tain), Karen Saum, Celeste Powell
(Co-Captain), George Capwell (twirl-
er), Coila Goodin, Gayle MacDon-
ald, Margaret Ryter and Beth

Mid SSpecia4ly f '5f ,

2aeen BARBARA I 4

The qudiatt C&ai

(One da\ ,,ur Ball.i..a Bulld.-- erii rgrd
Irm th,- grind -,f dailI praili e-. -h.,.,k ,II
the mud. and putting their mirid- ,1 1 -.Inme-
thing besides tackling. I.ih king and pas-ing.
,Plei erld Ihable Barbara .I li- ti r iin a-
Queen Barlsar: I IhrFirughnlut the F,'..l-all
Sea-on. Ch.i.en almng till, ,ur lel\ queen
were the lasses. Ga %lIt d1at D)nnmalI and
Jianie "prague. Queen Barbara r'lIgnm-11
while thousands, including local celebrities.
attended the Miami game.



"' "~

End of
Second Marking
December 8

.. the Balboa High

parrakeet Bulldogsi

SBow' .2V


.'+ i

TE*K H00Nt fr1

r I

::.; as -

y-:^' --^w

,'~^ '- .' ' "^^* *''^ '> *


s. p

"~:r:: -a-"F

*,L raa,t

-* 'i .
.^ J" a'j
-.- j

I ^IGH: 12

k*-.a alM-. -

i - 1 . ... -- . Ll .L4
.L. 3 i s . 1 ..i .- J a
S/ ..r. ,*r 1 .i .. .1. .. . .. I l r.. : Ial

sI,,. For I.,.
i, 4iIdernr

Ir 1 '11f

, '..?

'2. P


1 . ? ~ orR ..
.rbe --

I .l n ,t l s ::es- r r'.-
-'an. t"!o o Inve-,j tl-s
ll'_ r;\ nri :.,eown nr.,<
'c l ir, I, 1n rn~ t.hr 'j
ti ct. r r ileI or.r:e L iir.l

Varvin mith. Berry rMqlln, Joonne
Golden ani Carl Fnoey. the "eimorandta"
of our year-book.

o.. .

more or the zonian arTrf who ts~ t
time out ror a s'i11 pretty"-rat
eolka?, Jan UMrrop, saro Sokl end
Joan Walkur.

uh tDm e.
8'1 no I.

i 0. 0 1`0 e "
CloB t o~S IXD o
f'ocla %so a LO
cat 0 ,Go I~~o
"a To 3
sort- 'o


Five patient bovs to Whom the whole
Zounan staff It gratosl--Dase ,tten,
S r.=p Bradford. hrles Hand, Cleve
Soper, and Burt Mattheaw.

r^ .\\

. I. 10 at


-'ir. rr Lr rn fn rl.na
SRuJ l fi 1- .ry 'iRn X n
Sannrhlr Or- rt3 Write-Up.



Uream sequence baoulies plus a lively clown lor The circus scene

1K it


Girl o the Moment
and her admirers stole
our hearts

Hats off to the full
cast for their top notch
perform nc

Hardwork r. g :,cge
,. phlnrl th rk ne

T#S'"* On keat4 W%/ t&o BU a!y
()ur In.ul, dsa dal atlt'111l tb Ball....a High N 'chioi I h bring us a
liallengiiig andi inrlhshille Itheatre experience. The (cnach and the
aIl realized Ihal the lan 1 nmalure and \er dilli( ult. This attempt
Iurned ..Iut I' Ie a Td renliriiiU ui u..r-- The players prtilra\ed their
partl- e\lr'-i l\ ell. Miii r thir- -enerr\ Ii tIhe pla\ iin-luded o.nl\ Ihe
I-arre ne e-sili'- -killlul Ian -til flinie %a%3- iiei -eaar\ .
I.(la ) i, ltdr [1i0,.. in1l[ (l t prr eriltd as llir
Zonir, %n tiii I, pre--. gasP '-linrine Ad being
an tlh 1' .pe rtlaiujar .UrLi -si It pIrIraiet d real-
istit r linntii in Irui'-lt.jie Ipeoiple.
The \rt I rlr-iaili tenl alldI the nielal and
Odn,'l.ii] .. prt-,ipared iiarn\ ,f the. priil.ertie-
and Ihli ai lertlis~ellnit that appeared in Isth
Ilia l C IU le li ii\L, .
The-. It i. pla' s br.'ughl great credit ht,
B.H s~. \ e Ihaldk t,.u. Mlr. Frank Sastser. for
irilrgil ip U- sNI, nif It il.n-t entertainingg night'
ill fhli 4,h,,,,I ,-t .r. Il i. l9. )5

The man -ho brought
us iwo highly succAi%
(..I nlnr.

Of(fce help-need we say more?


M- .,

r -'











't i,

NOV. /5-/6 8.00 P.M.

Left to right, top picture at the left: J. McCoy, N. Holladay
M. McNevin, A. Hagborg
Top right: C. Glassburn, B. Wilkenson, J. Gibson, R. Hollander,
E. Hart, B. Elmendorf, M. Falk

Center: G. Foreman, K. Withers, H. Griffi:h, R. Bryan
Lower left: M. Walsh, S. Morley, J. Johnson, R. Peterson, A.
Hagborg, M. Wiley, P. Frazier, S. Zemer, D. Albritton
Lower right: T. Ford, N. Holladay, G. Foreman



- .

\ -?





4t -`
^.'.^^ t>



*I 41



Q4 1iJ4th A 4efe

1. The most talked-about gown in town is Joan Sprague's perfect
party formal, tiers of black net over bright red taffeta
2. "Cookie" Jackson in this organdy stunner
3. Dainty and demure, Helinana Filos's festive dress with its
sparkling stone buttons, will top off any high school affair
4. Holiday time when Miriam Cornejo wears this creation
5. Ann Morrill will be the main attraction of any fashion show
in this dream ensemble of fucshia and white net
6. Coila Gooden in net tiers which grow wider as they descend
to a sweeping fullness

Oa Pa2ade

7. Just what Maria Brassfield has always wanted-a dashing
formal with skirts and skirts of gray and pink net
8. Betty Wilkinson in a two-piece beauty of pure white brocade,
contrasting skirt of green net
9. Bewitching is the word for Yolanda Bull when she poses with
an exquisite white sun dress adorned with lustrous red taffeta
10. A hand-embroidered monogram spelling Gay Edward's name
11. Florence Crecelius will always be "tops" with this formal
having scroll appliques on the taffeta underskirt



We'e Puaad of 64 & Ltai&t wBeadis

These pretty senoritas were chosen by members of the Spanish Club to reign over the Carnival season.
Queen Maria is modeling a pollera, native costume of a city-bred Panamanian girl. Her attendants
are wearing a montuna, the characteristic dress of the country girl.
Seated: Maria Brassfield, Queen. Standing: Rosie Alvarado, Marilyn Toledano


'~' '~'

Harmonious voices, a keen enrhu
siasm for music, and our insp.,.ng
Mr. Branstetter awaken our talents

A1 9 Ce4 JIeae

We may have missed our Christmas Music Program, but we'll always
remember the procession of girls in white walking to the strains of
Adeste Fidelis

1 Mr. Neil Branstetter, or "Branny" as
She is called, has led us through another
successful year. His favorite saying, "I
should be a slave-driver instead of a
.U teacher" may be right, but as a teacher
he has certainly turned out some superb
) programs.

This year he taught the chorus some
Beautiful selections for the Christmas
Program, but unfortunately it had to
be called off because of the polio epi-

A highlight of the year, however, was
the recording of the Hallelujah Chorus
to be played for a world audience over
-1 Armed Forces radio station. The record-
ing was heard locally on Christmas Eve
as background music for a Christmas

When the Zonian went to press, we

With wide-open arms and "get in tune," that's "Branny" on
the job

The chorus making a recording of the Hallelujah Chorus in the
Balboa Theater

42 'm *I4 a i MaiC, MadiC, MWAi 1 "

were hoping the polio ban would be lifted in time for
our Spring Program.
With the sound of the instruments tuning up, the
first classes of Band and Orchestra began. The fresh-
men and other new members of the two classes
learned the music, and by the time the first pep rally
came around, the band's "On Balboa" was perfect.
The band played for all of our pep rallies and football
games. Because of the polio ban, the orchestra has
performed only once.

The orchestra creating the melodies that "soothe the savage

Plans for the Spring Music Festival included se-
lections by band, orchestra and chorus, which were
to be presented in the upper gym for the student body
and the public. A few of the numbers scheduled were
"The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise," "The Hills
of Home," "Dark Eyes," and "Carmena Waltz."

We sincerely hope that the efforts of all the stu-
dents and their capable instructor, Mr. Neil Bran-
stetter, will be rewarded this spring in their program.

Hats off to the bond! They were at the games and pep rallies
to help us on to victories and glories


The Honor Guard for Governor Francis K. Newcomer performed by Company A of the Balboa R.O.T.C. Unit,
commanded by Cadet Capt. Ray Tucker and directed by M/Sgt. George F. Wood

Battalie! Tee-dur Repod! creue Ga6e1m Mte 4l"y!

With a rise in military demand and education
throughout the world, the Balboa High School
R.O.T.C. has offered its first group of trained in-
dividuals in the field of military science and tactics.
These seniors have participated in the expansion
of this organization since its origin three years ago.
They remember their first weapons classes, the in-
struction in military organization in class, the hours
of drill and exercise on the field. In their third year
they were given the opportunity to teach cadets who
were in their first or second year of R.O.T.C.
During the first part of the year, the Corps put
on its first review for Dr. Lawrence Johnson and Mr.
Sigurd Esser. Mr. Theo Hotz was also honored at
this review, which was held on October 26. The fol-
lowing review, held November 14 in honor of the
S. A. representatives, was not so successful, as the

Cadet Officers of Balboa R.O.T.C., left to right, first row (sitting):
Cadet Capt. Tucker, Cadet Capt. Celerier, Cadet Capt. Joyce,
Cadet Lt. Col. Mayo, Cadet Maj. Browder, Cadet Capt. Maquire,
and Cadet Capt. Maphis; second row (standing): Cadet 1st Lt.
Pasamante, Cadet 1st Lt. Abbott, Cadet 2nd Lt. Blakeley, Cadet

heavens poured forth all their -..akiii. IrJpical
(liquid) sunshine. The review held N\.. member 30
for Colonel Richardson Selee and Dr. Lawrence John-
son was performed with all the glitter and dash char-
acteristic of our R.O.T.C. Unfortunately the review
scheduled for December 14 was cancelled because of
the rising polio cases.
The honors bestowed upon the cadet corps in-
cluded the Governor's Cup, whereon the best MIII
cadet had his name engraved. Other awards went to
members of the rifle team for their superb marksman-
ship. Awards presented by prominent organizations
on the Zone were bestowed upon the best company,
platoon, squad and individual during the annual
Field Day.
This year marked the installation of Companies
1) and E at Cristobal. This new organization par-

2nd Lt. Pitman, Cadet 2nd Lt. Altman, Cadet 1st Lt. Burset, Cadet
2nd Lt. Plicet, and Cadet 2nd Lt. Thompson

The Drill Team of Balboa High School R.O.T.C. Drill Master,
Cadet Lt. Col. Mayo; Assistant Drill Master, Cadet Mai. Browder

MMI illi The ROTC Cal
or Guard. elif to
right Sgis
Fuirer. Kelles
De la Ossa
: 'and Load

*. #447

,r i

tL .


The ROTC RIfle leam, an org anuar r ogan no l hbgh

The one and only ROTC Bamallon S-aff Io,,erng
sh colar

lIIl ale, il tie Mr.lrl_ a ,lli slil,,,n, 1 al [l..dh,,J >Jliunt
at th,- .nnual I ibt. l .ia -
Th, su., -..,I Ih111 edr -- atlriltruhd I., Ih,- guil- '- ---.
an,' \Iaj,,r \aDi,- L. Barl and LI. IIHe \1. Gldlen .
i,, ithIhr paI n, and uider-landltt laif Malt,-r
Serrgeat n (_;eirge I \X i..... d.ki,.adall B M,:Clure.
,Frank Narlirugh. atiU l tl,,tn e 'er E. luker. Frank
,Mai,,'s irackr-til a. L III. t:.tiataera. r,'-
[let n I htd i and a at1d ;ure -i1t It I he :i- itt Ihe1 "
S. t're; Ilul altil i itlijltIrri lhili- h,,'i,,,r- \ Jr('nI gi\1m' l

seldi ju-lif' Ihe r-al -ucr- it, tliii \ar s 3a -lie-
V.,Ijrjf dtie tOpl, II lidaed i,% t-serf ll 1hIt-lu3l1 i Ihn-
.IlluIlltl lI, til 3a-- Ihl1 ( .,rri- ,lle ,1 Ith*" it'-i

Company B Sponsor Celeite Poell Commanded br
Cadet Capt Celer;i dnrelted by M Sgi Kendall B

Company1 A Sponsor Joan Spriague Commanded by
Codes Captl. Tuckei directed by M Sgl Wood

Company C Sponsor Arlene McKeown, commanded
b1 Cader Coapt Sam Mophis. directed by LI Rao tr.

l i n H ** "

,. 1,

9t1' Mioe Zwm RileadiU', Riil'


Above: These boys work on one of their projects for the year in
the well-equipped woodshop

Below: Math 12 is made a very pleasant course for many seniors
by Mr. Edward Hatchett

Above: The girls do exercises in their modern gym. The boys'
gym downstairs has just been completely modernized

Below: With the instruction of Miss Beatrice Gardner, these stu-
dents turn out carved soap figures, posters, fantastic masks, and
many other works of art

and 'Ridimelic

To the right: Mr. Oliver's wit and personality help
make Spanish a popular course with Ba!boa High
School students . over half the student body is
enrolled in a Spanish course

Above: Mr. Fischer's juniors learn the fundamentals of chemistry
in our modern laboratory

Below: B.H.S. freshmen study and report on interesting vocations
in Miss Marie Weir's Vocational Guidance class

Above: This small group from Mr. Frank Sawyer's Speech-Drama
class rehearses one of their one-act plays

Below: Mr. Edwin Piper explains his Helmholtz static electricity
generator to an interested physics class

From left to right:
ana Hale, Celina

Estelle Crowder, Rose Mary Hollander, Georgi-
Sansen, Florence Lao, Louise Harris, Minerva

From left to right, front row: Margaret Clement, Marlene Jepp-
son, Beth Lockridge, Sylvia Swift, Louise Rowland; second row:
Noralie Roche, Marguerite Bouche

From left to right, front row: Dorothy Capwell, Noreen Dillman,
Edna Hart, Lila Lou Womack, Helen Kridle; second row: Rene
Feuille, Tommy Catanzaro

Rwec4f, wjotf# aCuI a"1

From left to right, front row: Leo Romero, Fanny Hincapie, Miss
Katherine Clark, Eugenia Espiau, Mary Hamma, Jane Buckaloo,
Alice Hagborg, Shirley Million, Katherine Hebert; second row:
Josie Di Bella, Carol Harris, Donna Lee Fischer, Cynthia Evarts,
Sue Johnson, Helen Barr, Gay Edwards; third row: Hector
Miranda, Joan Read, Marguerite Bouche, Mary Beth Lewis, Mitzi
Siegel, Cora Canham, Pat Morritz

From left 1o right, front row: Arlene McKeown, Zoe Ann Karst,
Dorothy Neckar, Ellen Walker, Joan Scott, Libby Blitch, Frances
Dwyer, Carolyn Smouse, Suzanne Ferguson, Barbara Jones;
second row: Pat Neckar, Sally Ackerman, Joyce Johnson, Sara
Sokol, Yvonne Kouppermann, Marge Wiley, Peggy Lowe, Colleen
Parker; third row: Beth Lockridge, Joan Sprague, Betty Wilkin-
son, Ann Edwards, Linda Btesh, Celeste Powell, Edith Beauchamp;
fourth row: George Capwell, David Albrittan

From left to right, front row: George Capwell, Don Conner,
Noble Holladay; second row: Gay Edwards, Arlene McKeown,
Elaine Smith, Marge Wiley; third row: Fred Sill, Don Ross

Uthe 1e4 a helpi#a ha#zd

From left to right, front row: Gladys Pasamante, Joyce Maoa!on,
Jean Matalon, Violet Scott, Maria Jackson; second row: Betty
Ruiz, Beverly Rosan, Joyce Collinge, Joyce Johnson, Jennye
Stephens, Rosie Alvarado; third row: Pat Neckar, Nira Reyas,
Pat Foster, Joan Forbes, Gloria Alvarado, Mary Dillon, Miss Pot-
ter, sponsor

From left to right; Lambert Baxter, Basil Harrington, Barbara
Shaw, Cecil Russell, Sue Shutt, Connie Treffinger, Dan Gressang,
rs-..:J r^i_--

From left to right, front row: Beverly Rosan, Kay Herbert, Flor-
ence McCarty, Joan Van Vliet, Elaine Smith, Arlene McKeown,
Carolyn Smouse, Merry Mallan, Pat Walker, Barbara Jones, Tibby
Nolan; second row: Noralie Roche, Gay Edwards, Rosemary
Hollander, Anna Galloway, Shirley Zemer, Sara Sokol, Mary
Ellen Kelley, Barbara Ladd, Louise Glud; third row: Diane Skin-
ner, Marge Wiley, Pat Neckar, Sue Shutt, Libby Blitch, Amalia
Osigian; fourth row: Don Ross, Miles Pace, Norman Harber,
John Riley, Augustine Fonseca, George Capwell, Steve Barrelier,
Ramon Morales

From left to right, front row: Marilyn Flynn, Mary Dillon, Lyda Lou
Wolmack, Mary Jackson, Joan Scott, Sara Sokol, Maria Di Bella;
second row: Ann Edwards, Helen Kridle, Sue Shutt, Elaine Smith,
Sue Hammerschlag, Florence Crecelius, Yvonne Kouppermann,
Dorothy Capwell; third row: Arlene McKeown, Connie Price, Mar-
guerite Flynn, Jackie Hutchings, Celeste Powell, Ann Galloway

Members of the Biology Club are, first row, left to right: Joyce Collinge, Maria All, Rosemary Hollander,
Gus Mellander, Libby Bowen, Ileana Hanson, Barbara Shaw; second row: Florence Lao, Dianne Hanrahan,
Doris Cothern, Joyce Johnson, Joan Baron, Pat Foster; third row: Roger Kelley, Russell Pierson, Donald
Tribe, Henry Cruz

Members of the Camera Club are, lirst row, left to right: Jan Broderick, Fernando Alegre, Paul Smith, Ricardo
Gonzales, James Steel, Bill Ladd, John Butler, Henry Lee, John Riley; second row: Oriel Jacinto, Beth
Hatchett, Diane Skinner, Carol Sue Thompson, Evelyn Molyneaux, Briseida Jacinto, Pat Dunning, Francisca
Prieto, Marguerite Neal, Ann Cramer, Jane Buckaloo, Adele Meissner; third row: Sergio Raudales, Anne
Magee, Marion Evans, Rosario Moreno, Sonia Asen, Annette Barrett, Gloria Samson, Donna Rossetti, Mary
Lou Allen, Joan Reed, Barbara Fisk, Ina Russell, Anne Mulligan; fourth row: George Thullen, Pablo Chung,
Luis Ho, Joanne Hummer, Gay Edwards, Shirley Million, Kurt Mensel, Simon Faygenbaum, Tom Catanzaro,
Bill Bailey, Dove Otten, Calvin Fishbough; fifth row: Noble Holladay, Charles Hand, Mr. Frank Wilder,
Cleveland Soper, Herbert Kelley, Oriel Guerrini, David Dickson, Harold Bradford, Hector Miranda

--- I III

a i


Members of Chemistry Club ore, first row, left to right: Dianne Hanrahan, Florence Lao, Briseida Jacinto,
Susie Hammerschlag; second row: Marvin Smith, Lambert Baxter, Jacob Plicet, Jack Clement; third row:
William Elton, Ed Browder, Cesar Salamina, Roger Kelley, Elias Entebi, Gilbert Smith

Members of the Music Club ore, first row, left to right: Heliana Filos, Angela Vollejos, Carmen Man, Joyce
Chenalloy, Mary Jackson, Elita Lee, Idy Linares; second row: Renee Peterson, Joyce Johnson, Joyce Matalon,
Jean Matabon, Cynthia Evarts, Rosemary Hollander, Libby Blitch, Briseida Jacinto, Margarita Chambonnet;
third row: Celina Sanson, Mildred Domerau, Linda Btesh, Marge Wiley, Sara Sokol, Yvonne Kouppermann,
Maria Ali; fourth row: Joan Forbes, Mary Rose, Yolanda Bull


Members of the National Honor Society are, first row, left to right: Florence Lao, Frances Dwyer; second row:
Celeste Powell, Annette Godby, Louise Glud, Susie Hammerschlag; third row: Suzanne Shutt, Sara Sokol;
fourth row: Roger Kelley, Yvonne Kouppermann, Ed Browder; fifth row: Terry Ford, Cesar Salamina


Members of the Philatelic Club are, first row, left to right: Jacob Plicet, Leo Romero, Jack Clement, George
Thullen, Jorge Chung, Jose Tam; second row: Lambert Baxter, Guilianna Mariani, Mary Jackson, William
Dawson; third row: Andrew Esslinger, Donald Tribe


Members of the Projection Club are, first row, left to right: Bert Matthews, Bill Bailey, Albert Evans, Louis
Sanchez, Albert Zebede, Morris Harari; second row: Marvin Smith, Lucy Driscoll, Marguerite Neal, Enrique
Llopis; third row: Shirley Million, Pat Trudeau, Connie Glassburn, Alice Hagborg, Mary Siegel, Joanne
Hummer; fourth row: Earl Boland, Tom Catanzaro, Charles Simms

Members of the Radio Club are, left to right: Gilbert Smith, Marvin Smith, Mr. Richard Clark, Bill Bailey,
Nestor Natters

Members of the Advanced Spanish Club are, first row, left to right: Tomas Passmante, Gustavo Troncoso,
Carlos de a Ossa, Edgar Kourany, Oscar Kourany, Jaime Solos, Rolando Linares, Erasmo Arias, Jorge Barnett,
Ivan Garcia, Pedro Perez; second row: Florence Lao, Norma Retally, Nydia Ostrea, Rosie Alvarado, Maria
Elina Brassfield, Mary Jackson, Briseida Jacinto, Marilyn Toledano, Casilda Castellanos, Christina Castellanos,
Miriam Ungo, Carmen Man, Yolanda Bull; third row: Mr. Allan Ward, Elita Lee, Marie Ali, Celina Sanson,
Amalia Osigian, Gloriela Rosas, Mercedes Lora, Betty Ruiz, Edna Wantuk, Lia Saiz, Gladys Pasamante, Dora
Henriquez, Aurita Carbone, Patsy Reese, Brunny Lavergne; fourth row: Ligia Sanchez, Pricilla Plicet, Nelly
Sucre, Gladys Fonseca, Elsa Rosgal, Rosario Moreno, Teresa Cherem; fifth row: Sergio Raudales, Jaime Boyd,
Elias Entebi, Nelda Lasso, Panama Delvalle, Augustin Fonseca, Adilia Arauz, Miriam Cornejo, Margarita
Chambonnet, George Capwell, Jack Menashe, Francisco Pereira, Leo Romero; sixth row: Carlos Grifo, Hector
Miranda, Rudy Ostrea, Mike Bursett, Marco Raudales, Arturo Cermelli, Cesar Salamina, Marvin Smith, Manuel

Members of the Beginners Spanish Club are, first row, left to right: Jean Angstadt, Flora Lora, Argelia
Poveda, Betty Flatau, Carol Sue Thompson, Ann Lowery, Merlene Jeppson, Ann Wi!ey, Panama Del Volle,
Mary Rose; second row: Georgiana Hale, Virginia Turton, Elsa Quintero, Pat Rigby, Sue Curdts, Sally Metzner,
Sonia Del Rio, Eileen Feliz, Connie Treffinger, Francisco Prieto; third row: Nelda Lasso, Anne Cramer, Maria
Cambra, Ann Pace, Evelyn Mumma; fourth row: Esteban Ortega, John Butler, Miss Claude Aycock, Justin
Wong, Tom Catanzaro


JL4cr ;

--- -

I-i- p II

Members of the United Nations Club are, first row, left to right: Pat Rigby, Rosemary Hollander, Guilianna
Mariani, Alicia Coloma, Sue Shutt, Sara Sokol, Aurita Carbone, Magda Coloma, Heliana Fi!os, Brissida Jacinto;
second row: Susan Bose, Karen Saum, Sharon Garrison, Patsy Reese, Margarita Chambonnet, Yvonne Koup-
permann, Angela Vallejos, Alice Hagborg, Sharon Siegfried, Gloria Samson; third row: Ed Browder, Tommy
Catanzaro, Roger Kelley, Ramon Mora!ks, Oriel Jacinto; fourth row: Mike McNevin, Marco Raudales, Fred
Sill, Mr. James Gartside, Cesar Sa!amina, Hector Miranda, Leo Romero

Sponsors are, left to right, kneeling: Mr. George Lee, Biology Club; second row: Miss Natalie Johnson, Music
Appreciation Club; Miss Margaret Whitman, National Honor Society; Miss Claude Aycock, Beginners Spanish
Club; third row: Mr. Allen Ward, Advanced Spanish Club; Mr. James Gartside, U. N. Club and Projection Club;
Mr. Richard Clark, Radio Club; Mr. Walter Fischer, Chemistry Club and Philatelic Club; Mr. Frank Wilder,
Camera Club; Mr. Bernard Mastel, B. H. S. Photographic Sponsor




C m

Scaool 3ayi! School Sas!

qood LdU Salowa A4ih baV/

1. A beautiful football queen and her court
. Queen Barbara reigns over football

2. Talking about motor scooters-then Dave's
got 'em all beat

3. Those couldn't be students in there-not
at night, too!

4. Smile, please . but give the others a

5. We'll never grow up . or maybe it's
just that we don't want to

6. Hey there, Norma and Mikel Where's the
tropical paradise?

7. Only one looking our way? What's come
over us?

8. A typical Saturday afternoon ... the place
where all of us go

9. Oh, for mud like this in Miami!

10. Be careful-you'll take off! A very con-
structive gym class!

11. A lovely dress on a lovely girl . Ann
primps for the Fashion Show

12. The faculty has the motor scooter fad,
too . Mrs. West and Mr. Michel return
from a fast ride

13. What would B.H.S. do without Branny and
his band?

14. What are they? A bath might help us to

15. Guess they all knew where the camera
was . the team relaxes (?) before the

16. No snow-but a "brute" Christmas tree
. .decorating it was a job, too

17. Who's that on the right?

18. The fellows from Miami were tops . we
hated to see them leave

19. No reindeer. Who cares? Santa made it!

"' *" '- **" 'M;. -'", ..*


Ce.ena 0 Baul/or oin o ,ame

a Baadet&L/a, aoot4il, or 4n7 Qame

1 Through "now or ra'n they came
anything to gel to school

2 It looks Ike an orange uice squeezer
You re wrong-.i, a deeelopr,

3 M.si Porter who., us how not to p!ay
bo keiboll

4 The chosen few show us how ii Sup'
posed to b. done

5 Con.errlble honor guard what more
could ihev wontif

6 Anlhing for laughs but what rhisl
Ed eluding"

7 A rery impreLivie momerr in an action
packed evening-the night of the Foov
ball Jamboree
8 Waiting at the siot;on to go to cheer
our fao orites on to victoryy

9 The cloiLy hardworking Pep Squad dn
a perfect \ for Victor/



\\ "'.


'a-' .).

trp" i-

, r'

;A1~ i.

-"- T-

4?aa at he bansce, and A(4h School P&i9y,

gmofwft 4 2a&e on Ra44U BaiI

1. The best pace for studying (?) is by 4. "Zip" sets us straight at our very first
the coke machine class get-together

2. Singing (?) while we waited for those 5. The "big gears" always hurrying us on
"Generals" to class

3. So that's what they do in gym classes- 6. Before the game the red 'n white gather
always fooling around to cheer

7. Everybody's at the Elks Club after the

8. Here are the kids that boosted our
Zonian sales in action!

9. All these rooters surely made those
stands rock!

q U"

I":. l


eack Peowua Smilde ad

qudemUb WGkaVA Ae

Memowie" We'll

I 1. Our stars learn how to perfect this
stroke from Coach Zemer

2. Thomas and Maria celebrate carni-
val time in B.H.S.

3. Three lovely ladies from "Lady in
the Dark"

4. Everyone wants their picture "took"
riding to see a C.H.S. vs. B.H.S. game

5. The Army gives an iron lung demon-
stration for the "March of Dimes"

6. The cheerleaders and Spike finally
found time for a picture

7. Jim picks up his corsage just before
the dance

8. The "dream people" from the play,
"Lady in the Dark"

9. Bill and Ray are helped by our "Zip"

(1.) Ray (Li'l Abner) Davidson and Libby (Daisy Mae) Blitch
seated on their Dogpatch throne
(2.) "Wait your turn! Cleve's first," says Joe
(3.) Our blonde nightingale, Miss Simmons, helps the sophs score
a hit at the first dance in '51
(4.) Girl chases boy and makes sure of her catch at Sadie Haw-
kins Dance
I __ ~~SZ~LrI~-

(5.) Who wants to study alone?
(6.) "Sadie" Bradley and "Jughaid" Harris cop first prize for the
most original costumes
(7.) The Art classes helped with the production of "Lady in the
(8.) The Bulldogs were favorites with these B.H.S. coeds that day


N 1



r 1

h..- *



0c4 dcMaa4Ie 2aeea IZi 4 4waia4

Tsach4 Twphiea




(1.) Fred Raybourne receives baton from Henry Cruz to place
second in the mile relay
(2.) Sam Maphis moves to receive the baton in the 880 relay
(3.) Oscar Kourany places second in the medley relay
(4.) Bob Morris is plenty of competition for anyone who throws
against him

(5.) Colonel Richardson Selee enjoys the Balboa Relays with
Queen Tibby and her court, Cecil and Bruni
(6.) Ted Norris victoriously breaks ribbon in the 880 relay
(7.) Dick Johnson breaks three broad jump records
(8.) Jim Brady clears 6' 1"





SA4It4tw Sa-e Ps4e in


"Studious"-by Jan Mirrop, first prize

. 4Pl~b~

"Sunset"-by George Thullen, first honorable mention


"Sue"-Cleveland Soper, second honorable

"Take-off"-by David Otten, third honorable

Gateaea elw Qo dedt




We Lewe 1/au,


==-=--=-==-=--=-=--=-==-=--==================== PsML
=== =====Y=Y=====Y=Y=Y=Y========== == [] ==
lIll 111 11~11~1 ~l~~~~ r~ llmllmimilmlIlmiiimlmiinilmi


* -


liiil i iIi i IiI|lII iiI IiI i iiI I i I iI II
MEmmmmmmmmmmmimmmmmmmmm ONmm m mmmmm MENEMMmENm M
ON M %emmmmmmm mm
'lLmmmm Cm.mm3L- --mm---m-iimmmmmm

CL; ~
II 4~f~,

I oft 4v

Romwfi B, Bi4eA, Bele'.
The "Bulldogs" had a powerful team returning this year
though they lost a number of lettermen last year.
Credit is due to the student managers, whose work was done
behind the scenes. If you ever went into the locker room, you
could see "Doc" Albritton taping the bruises and sprains, and
Bill Yerkes, "Ozark" Herzog, and Henry Pescod hauling dunm-
Special recognition for whipping the squad into shape is
due to Coaches J. Fawcett, G. Wood, R. Litkins. and W. Nolan.

Approximately 5,000 anxious fans were present to watch
the Miamii-Jackson vs. B.H.S. football classic, the first game of
its kind in Canal Zone sports. At 7:30 Balboa kicked off to
Miami. Before the Miami back could take more than a few steps,
he was cut down in his tracks. A few plays later found Balboa in
Honorary Team Captain, Dick Johnson

Left to Right, Back Row: Bob Morris, Charlie Updike, Fred Roybourne, Bill Riley, Ray Davidson, Frank Bryan, Bill Underwood, Carl Meiss-
ner, Fred Cotton, John Albritton, Ed Rathgober, Ed Kennedy, Bill Forbes
Left to Right, Second Row: Ray Nickisher, Dick Ostrea, Jerry Johnson, Dick Johnson, Irwin Frank, Bill Fulleton, Rod Ely, Gene Bright, Joe

. .

qihiding fad 41d Pad -4i

possession of the ball and scoring before
the game was well under way.
Before many plays had been run, the
gladiators of both teams were covered
with the sea of mud which flowed be-
tween the goal posts. Balboa, although
outsized, put up a wonderfully brave
fight and. capitalizing on the breaks,
trailed only 7-6 at the half time.
As the second half opened, the "Gen-
erals" scored again, making the score Foot
14-6. The ball see-sawed back and forth until the
opening of the fourth quarter. Then Dick Johnson.
-I'.- 1. "Bulldog" halfback, powered his way through
the right side of the line on a counter play to go all
the way for 36 yards and a touchdown, bringing
everyone in the stadium to his feet, to make the score
14-12. The "Generals" finally caught on how to run

all Managers: Dave Albritton, Bill Yerkes, Jim Herzog, Henry Pescad

in the slimy muck of the field and literally tore up
the "Bulldog" line for two more touchdowns.
Next year during the Thanksgiving holidays the
"Bulldogs" will fly to Miami. Flh.rlla to complete
the "home-and-home" arrangement made with the

Left to Right, Third Row: Andy Wright, Leon Herring, Ronoad McConnell, Bob Finley, Joy Troup, Ed Coe, Emil Weltz, Sam Maphis, Leland
Brooks, Ken Garrison, Clair Godby, Bill Altman
Left to Right, First Row: Jim May, Ralph Huls, Dove Sundquist, Dave Schorr, Dick Dillmon, Charlie Smith, Ed McKeown, Charles McConne!l,
Bob Rizzo. John Ladd, Art Cermelli. Bob Blakely

7PP a lap m

The "Generals" take their pre-game warm-up

|Who wll wn the ta~0

Dick Johnson gaini ground against some big boys


iLrsn#F~qY ~'a

The\ don t ha.e mud like this n Miami

Te Miafi-Lac&oke Qa~e

Ihe Generals and their coaches homeward bound

Johnson comes in to Tackle Berman of Jackson High



-, A
a3 -eq _

-* ""-'" -^ -- "'" l e




Paul Jamesson carries the mail against Cristobal while Sam Maphis Bob Morris, Ralph Huls, and Jim May close in on Trout of J.C.
and Dick Johnson block while Carl Meissner and Lee Brooks come up in the background

13llAYOy 0i4t qoa '740 Cad

Balboa High School opened their second tackle
season with the -"F..1 Iball Jamboree" at Mount Hope
Stadium. B.H.S. failed to score in the quarters
played against C.Z.J.C. and C.H.S. but finished in
a dead heat with J.C. in the 100-yard relay and placed
in the passing and place-kicking.
In the first game of the season the Pacific siders
kept their slate clean by scoring their fifth win in as
many starts, knocking C.H.S. 7-0.
The "Bulhdi.g,'" caught the Junior College nap-
ping in the second game. The high school came out
on the long end of a 20-7 score with Leon Herring
and Dick Johnson sharing the scoring honors.
B.H.S.. hurt by penalties when they cost the most,
dropped the third game to Cristobal 6-0 for their first
loss of their tackle football career.
The "Bulldogs" lost their last game of the cur-
rent season to C.Z.J.C., 19-0, in a hard-fought game
in which Balboa just couldn't push the ball across.
Dave Schorr makes yards against three big Cristobal players B.H.S. finished the season in second place in the
Canal Zone league. with another season of tackle
football experience under their belts.

C!air Godby and Irwin Frank make a stop while Dick Johnson Dick Johnson, Sam Maphis, and Paul Jamesson close in on Wally
comes up Trout of C.Z.J.C.

Full Text


He,.e-if! OIJB .. lbo,,", I+;f. Ve \Ie :ometo#.e. Cond .. tlaGf-. ecJ,ocI days are faG ...,


Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2010 with funding from University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries http://www.archive.org/details/zonian 1951 balb


'Ju..-..:/;b eo' 196'/


MARGARET RYTER, trliiM /ldo-t/.ie4:i Ben Mastel Joanne Steiner E. W. Hatchett David Albritton Ellen Thomas Marge Wiley


\Ve've d e d ica ted ()ur Zoniall o f 'SL tl, )ou Coach Fawcett. because \\( th o u g ht it m i g ht. in some small \\a). thank yo u for th e wond e rful thi ngs you've don e for u s. Yo u 'v(' t a u ght our figh ting Bulldogs. thro u g h hard dri v in g. h o\\ 1 0 \\ ork and will. Y fl U \ e made I hem rcaliz(' how good clf' a n s p o rt s m a n ranks above all. You'"e b ee n r esponl' ibl e f o r th e sc h oo l s pi rit th a t has over whe l med B.11.S. s in ce )our arriva l a nd made u s r ealize th a t a \ iCl orio u s team i s a \\('IIsupported team \X'e came through \ i c tori o u s i n basketb all a nd track in our sophu llIorc )ear. \Ve l ook th e footb;:ll1 and Ir ack trophi es in our junio r yea r all with )our leadership. I n our sen i o r Yl'ar )UU initi a l e d th e unforgcll a hl(' Miami-Jackson B a lboa f oo t h all gHnlf'. In thai gam e your spiri t \\as beh i nd the dri\e. fig h t a nd ""or k 10 \,in attitude o f th e boys. o n Ill(' team. Y ou've taught wonderful t o win. bu t it's eve n more w onde rfu l t o have th e spirit t o \\ in this ZOllioll. th(' '51 Seni o r s sa). "Thanks a m illi o n Coach!"


\Vith our unforge ttabl e da)s a t RH.S. in milld. lIe present thi s ZOllioll t o )OU \\ith th e h upe th a t )OU will enjoy re adin g it as muc h a 5 lI e h ave e nj oye d compiling it. A s lIe r e mini sce. lIe r e m e m be r th e ina u gu rati oll o f o fficer s a t our lo n g'3\\aited fir st d a n ct' o f th e yea r The n callie f ootball seaso n II ilh it s j olty t rain rid es th e lo ud c h ee rin g ill th e h alls. th e pep ralli es jlh s u c h oven,he lmin g spir it. an d a t night th e thrill o f wat c hin g our boys p i a) with so mu c h "fig ht and d e t ermina ti o n th a t it IIas e n o u g h t o bring tear s 1 0 o u r c)cs-and did. The next day we f ound ourselves sea r c hin g the pape r t o see w h a t "as sa id about our b e l oved Bulld ogs. The bi gges t c \ cn t th a t eve r came t o B.H. S . th e Miami J ac kson gam e. liv e d up t o our hig h ex p ec tati o n s. It's true we had our disapp ointme nt s \\ ilh polio but during th ose un e \ e ntful weeks we loo ked f o r b e tt e r days t o co m e. The n cam e the dri"ing co ui se. w hi c h e lid e d with hi g h h opes f o r that l icen se. The n e xt hi g hli ghts were th e "Singing V a l e ntines" a nd th e RH.S. produ c ti o n o f "La d y in th(' Dark." whi c h rival e d J\ow. as our i s o e r. \,e the SCl1il,r s walk up th e t o r ece i ve th a t t:ertain piece o f p aper th a t has meant f our m e morable) ear s W e lea\ e RH.S with th e wi s h that all our future da)s \\ill h e as s u ccess ful as those \\c hav e jus t co mpl e t ed.




o t just a buildin g und e rn ea th a tropica l s un nor lawn s e n clos in g a ma n m ade tru c tu re. but a symb o l o f th e tim es we l ove d B. H S. w ith i t s w ell k ept s hrub s, s t a t e l y walls a nd qui e t se r e n e b ea uty.


C F Anderson S I ) :lOi" h Col u mbia 1\1 A THEa F, HOlZ, Prin cipal. Ohi o Sial e \I.A M rs. Ma rion Courville ScJlOol Nurse Walter O FIscher Che!llislry C(lllImbi:. MA Neil V Branstetter Betty L. Dahlem Columbi:., M A Beatrice Sturtevant Ga rdner Aco C olumbia, B 5., M A Mary S Brigham Ali ce E. Candee En!!;lis h Journati,m Columbi a. M .A. Chri s Ely E d (010 1 ';.,10 S tale, A .B. James B Gartside Amcric .. n Hi stor y Colo rado S l a t e, A B M./-\ M rs Ma ry B Eugene Shori h and and T Y I ) i n g New York Univer", i l y. fool A 1st Lt Ra y M Golden H O T C Te;\;3S \ and \ 1 linda C. Appin Sec r e l a r y Plan e Geomelry D u k e M A Katharine I. Clark J Richard Clark Mrs. Ba rbara West Phy s ica l E d U n ivers i t y o r Ne Lraska, B S Mrs. Frances K Graham M athe m a t ic s Co lumbia, M A G e n er:. 1 Scien ce John C. F awcett Phy s ical Ed. o r R e,r B A Edward W Hatchett M athe m a t ic s Columbia M A


E En glis h Colurnbia, M A M / S gt. E Luker SUPI)]Y H O T .C. L. Counselor o f pil.l\l. F rank A Saw yer S )('('ch. Columbi a, M .I\. V Whitman E n glis h Nor t hwe stern. M A K J ohn so n Fre n c h, A B ., M A B ern a rd Mastel Biology, All:ebra Colorado S t a t e, M A WaherO. O liver T ay lor Colle ge. I3. A V i v i an S im mon s Commercial Uni Frank Wilde r Southel n T h eoloe;ic;.1 Se minary. T h B A J u vel Arts State. B S K en C. K rog h Shop. Driving Univers it y of Ne braska, B .S. --....... ,-M /Sgt. Kendall B J r H O T .e. M rs. B O nd e r donk Librarian Ell en l. T homa.s Latin. Columbia. I\I.A. M /Sgt. Georg e F Woo d Military, R O T C Penn S t a t e R o ger D M ichel M at h ematics Colorado State, I\I.A. Edwi n M Piper M .. th U of Southe rn C ali forni a. B A MA. Turby f ill Enl;lbh Uni"erl>it)' of O kl . h Ollla. M A M /Sgt H enry F Y a rb r ough Milit .. ry, H OTC O l ee B io l ogy Columbia !\I A Kenneth G M iller General Science Uni\'e r sily o f brilska, SA Elmer E. P owell Scie n ce, Shop I\l:Jth Uni \'ersity o f Colo rado M A Alle n B Ward Unil'el's it}' o f Ne 1\I. A W illia m E. l erner, Jr. E d Ohi o S t ate, B S W L iki n s Physi ca l Ed. Sa n Jose Stat e, A B M o n ro e Art s Coluillbia, M .S NOI Pi c l ured: M iss Dor othy Potte r Education South\\est e rn an .. B S M i ss Margaret Ward Anle l ic .. n Jlil>tory Ulli\ 'e r sity o f Ne .. M A M a r ie C. W e i r B iolo!:'), Girll>' Columbia. I\I.A. H arold J l ierten Mechanical Dr awine: B r; ull ey 8 S


... The Wonders of H 5 1


TERR Y FO R D SelliQ r P rCilit!cfl r It see m s lik e jus t yes t erday w h e n \ \ c th e se ni o r s e nt e r e d a s lowl ) fr es hm e n t o b ecom e th e \\fond e r s o f Slo i n j u s t f o ur f ull y-pa c k e d unf o r g C ltHbl e years o f work a nd fun Sailin g th r o u g h our e l ec ti o n s. K a ) Babbs l oo k th e h o n o r s a s presid e nt. M a r v i n S mit h a s v i ce pr es i d e nt. a nd D eo n ielso n a s sec r e t a r y 8. 1 -1.5 was c Ollvince d th a i th e f r i s h f reshm e n w e r e off t o a s t a r t. In our sop h o m o r e ) C a f w e bega n p i cking up s p ee d a s \ \ c o u t d id all o th e r cla sses with o u r Sadie lIa\\kins Da nce a n d h ad th e t im e o f our lives a l o u r soph part y a n d pic n i c \,' e w e r e r e ad ) t o go a h e ad as upperclass m e n t o tack l e all th e r es p o n s i b iliti e s and d o all th a t was ex p ec t e d o f u s T aking ov e r a s pres id e n t \\as Gayl e M a c D o n a l d. w ith F r a n ces D w ye r a s vicepr es id e nt and C l a y Le\\ i s a s se c r e t a r y. Ih e t u p o f t h e l a d d e r in our j u ni o r year n e c,aplure d th e s pirit o f B.11.5 . w hi c h \\ a s a t its Vul cutinc Dance CUlllllliltce tell 1 0 r igh l : A ri e l H \lc Kt'O\\ 11. B ill JOYCt' .. It, L Olli .... C I r il'r Fran n .... Dwycr T e r q For d M R ZIP" Z I ERTE ' c"ior (I(l ss A dl'i s t'( h e i g h t. P at! \Valk e r a nd h e r h a rdworkin g m a s D a nce c o mmi tt ee pro udl y o ff our a bilit.y a s work e r s a t o n e o f th e most s u c cessful d a n ces o f th e year. \ \ 1 e a l l work e d t oge th e r w ith o u r supe r o ff i ce r s -Fra nk \ \ l a)'o. J a y Tro u p v i c e p r es id e nt. and Anne tt e G o d b y se c r etary t o mak e our junio r ye a r a n c vc r to.bc f o r g o tt e n ol1e L o n g will w e r elllCl'n b e r th e "butt e rfli es w e all h a d w h e n \\e r ece iv e d th e cla ss rin gs w hi c h Arle n e I\l c K e uw n o tlr c h airma n p r o u d l y p r ese nted t o u s a n d \ \ e couldn' t wait t o s h o\\ th e m of. The th clIlc T e rl") F o r d a n d h i s committee c h ose f o r o u r ill1press i v e J u niorSen i ol' Ba n { lu e t a n d Prom s)lllb oliz e d g radu a ti o n a n d l eft w ith t h e cla ss o f '50 a decp f eclin g o f p r id e a n d apprec i a ti o n \Vlc all l o o k e d f o r\\anl t o r elurning 1 0 sc h uo l a:, A t l a s t \\(' h a d r c a c h c d th c t o p a nd t h e u ther ye a r s seclllc d tl) h av e w hi zz e d h y \ V c 'lI I1c v e r f u r Scniol' Piclllrc C Oll1mill c c L el l 1 0 rilJht: H a m o n Barb a r a H t 'lIl F I uilt t', Fly n n Hog.e r K('II('y -"""","",,,


Senior Cia Officers Burl. row,leil 10 r;sh, : .\lr. Zic rlon Senior Adviser: Ham on ,\lo r a l e". S. A H eprcscnla l i, c : D on Connor. v i ccpr esi d ent; Ca rl S. \ Allernal c. FruTlt fQW: Ce l('

    PAGE 20

    DAVID LEE ALBRITTO N ..... arn hOc ,,/I'(1rOlllld A l&r;fI(m::. ... Jriend', fII(/IIII(" fllltl,Jcr Sollfl/i h "fils "Go \\'(>"1, M"n" :i, "Our TOlIn' -4; the ;j; Lf'lt('rHl"n'" fill :i. -I, Jr Bill!:: ( 0111111 ;j; ( .'fll .. ;111<1 Announre ment .. -I; /'011;.'11" All" '\It:!r BETTY ANN ALLEN \ IIcon. Canal Zon l' !Jell I 's /riell(/ljllc(', !,!metl (/lid sweet IJ('nol/{"it) 11m e /1'(111 her mimi iriefl(J, Producinl!:. "Our T'}\II\' -I; 3, -I; IlkB 1.2.3, All"", .. Chon, .. t a, Pl'p "qu, ul -I; "'!lorh Allard; Jr Rine;: .. : Girl .. ";I;llf' rity 1I(',.lth OffWl'r ROSARIO AL VARADO P a nama. H tho 1-'. A "ShOffJi!!" 011 t he floor ... {riend!, alld helpjul "]};HI Clh I,:!, 4. t ; Bd Clb -I: I, t. 3, 1: P('p "'q u.,(1 I, t, :{," : "ip", ... AII.in! I t, :;\; F" .. hion .... ho\\ 2. 3; U"hCT ;.I; \ B L:!. 4; IlkB I.:!.:i. 1 ;:-'13 I.:!, 3 MARIA TERESA ARANGO II qlliel (/fI(1 SNlale blllldle of ("//(/rlll. (lflomble (lUI/pIc:. An All Ird I; ..,hOII -I '" CI ... r l .\C."I('IIII ADILI A ESTER ARAUZ .. 1-;,. Panam a Cil). H. P lil.flUI' SellOrllft ... lIeftl lIS (I pili "'p,," Uh I flh a ,.j; 4 I', m;am,t AlBRITION BAV ERST O C K ALLEN BEAU C HAMP A L VARADO BECKTELL JORGE I. BARNETT JR. Panama, H d,' p Lftli" gond /001., ... flO.'lIe flfU/ friendll ""u!n'! -I, S,, : m flh 3. 1; ( ... mera Clh I: \\'P a. I ; H i 4 ; !'n. litlCln'! 4 .... Iheh <"<:hOo)I. Cthforn I CECI LIA BA V ERSTOC K \ n('o n t.. Z. ,!tuli(Ut S blande (l11(' II)S /(,ilh lIllie Iv 1(ll/gh, ,/lice I v /,1/0/(' Chl/ru" 1,:!.:( 4; .IrSI B ... nque,; Jf \nth"I' )cI SANDRA BEAUCHAMP T r inidad. Colorado Silgar 'II spice af/rl el'er)I"ing /lice" de.wribes :)/1//(/1 lIIi ll, her Wilillillt: s mile 011(1 swee' dispusitioll (, h"pl,tin :!; Aeti\'ity Couaei l 2; Studeu Coullt'il ; 1 ; "'Littler" 3; "P"rI",ke"t" "; G A A 2, 3. S ecy. 3; V B 2, 3; V"r"iI Y S 8 3; .. ;,; <;dwl)l, (olor.,lIo; Cl1f'\ Y (h.I'(' I h t h "rhool f\I. I r ylalH I RICHARD l. BECKTELL ti\ i n g ... t o n \ I 0l1la n 3 C arefree (lnd IInpredictable , R ichie 1111. \ led t he gi rl s II lIIerri ch(lse .. plell') 0/ el e flPI'elll Clb 3."; Track ,',IT .. il\ I, "II-orl .. '\11.11'11 3 ('OPUI I)' \]"11" I h e h "'('hool, ;\ 1 0111311.1 -LIBBY ANN BLITCH \Ilanla, G"or !!ia Se(lare (lnll ('ollll)o:.e(1 her light hair II/fltrlres h er ligh t he(lrfelJ :lpiril "'ec y I ; I) r ;UII,t!IC Clb 2; "/.oni.JI1 Ad ; C l b 4 Bk8 1,2, 3. -I; "B 4 ; Gle e Clh. 1. 2; Pep S {111.Id 1.2,4; Office \ .... 1 ,2.:": C hri"lma .. Dance 3 Georct' W,L .. hlllctOll \\';t" h 1111:1011, I) ( ; L eon Hi '!h Schoo l T .. II ... h .... p('. Floro(l,t MARGUERITE Y BOUCHE \nI'OIl. C a nal Zo n e A girl II':/'O lIIill do her job (I//d do i t w ell, I f h Clle l,{'r )'011 hear h t ('('rf(lill / allgh, )011 I,.,/o/(' (lrullnd \'B I. 2, "; BkB 1. 2. -I; $13 P"P ';{IU,ul 2; AII"nl 2; I r "'r B,tI\(1 ;i; ,Jr \nlholocy 3; COILIl A .... I 1 DORIS BRADLEY (;I OUl ,'-. I,r, ... l'Il ... per,'Oll 11'110 is It orr" /;//OI l t illl,: .. IIt(I likefl b l \L ce Pr .. I "'"n '!; BkB I; Choru .. I :!. 4. 1'''11 "'qu.,,] 4 ; (I ....... I', c nl(' (OlLLrtI I, P rO(lurln!!;" "' ,111<1 lI ill lI ich X (" Acad('noi" d( 1 P "flwtuo P u"rlO Hrev ARA NGO B LIT C H ARA U Z B O U CHE B ARNETT BRADLEY

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    MARIA ELENA BRASSFIELD P a nama. H !I., P 1/, .( (ref/llt'lIl 1(llIgh (llId ha ('IC.( lell 0/ 1 / (1(1//' 11/(11/1 IIllef(',\/" ""1I.m CII,3,4, \1"1(111 i ; )\Ju "1(.,Ct b I ,\81,::,:I.13k81,::,:I.I, .... U I :l, MU "l(' Pr(tcr,tlll -I, Chon., 1, ::. :1, P cp '-I(lu:III ::, 3. -I, F ,l, h wll .... hHII 3, -I: c..rlll\,.1 I).tnre ('0111111 l"hf'1 3 LELAND BROOKS .\orfolk. Virginia bQ) S l(' hQse spirit bee" (I ererlt {I.,.'et to H .II." .... t.j(!' I ; Leiterman' .. Clb. 4. rhe .. (hf'c).. Clh a, 13101. Clb, :!; FB :!. 3. \'ar, 4, 138 2. 3, 4 ; 8kl3:!, 3, 4; \\'P:!, 3; Trk 3. \'ar 4 ; '-.8:!. 3, 1 8d 1. 2. 3, 4; Orch I. 2. 3. 4; (ho. 3; AIIII 3, ;\Iu .. ic ;'\\\/1" J r, Sr B an(l, 3; SOl l h 11'. (oltlm.; (01 1 GOlln (0111111, 4, ClIl n allCf' Comm.:!; Hiflc T(';IIll:!; Drill T eJIIl 3; H ,OTe :!,3, I EDWARD HUGHES BROWDER "Ed" Panama. H de P IIr(l;/I' I)III!> IriclIllli//{'ss ... (I "wll;=" 011 the leI/lin I (llIrl II B Alt. I ; PIa); LX Clb. -I, CheU!. CIII .,\; Che .... ('hrek fIl> 3. X II.., 3, -I, -I; T Clllli .. :1 .j. FB I, ::: r..,B 1. n,1I1I1 1,::.a,i:Orch 1.:!.3.-I:Cho."\,HOTC 1\1\\1 ::.3,nOT( :\l aJ. 4. B OTC Dnll T("ml 3, 4; nOTe IMle T pam 3;.Ir Anlh F ,I,II "'I H .III Orch 1.::. :1. -I: ;\lu'l(' (III P rot: 3, -4 LINDA BTESH \la n clw."lt' r. Eng-la n d AI/NI)s (j helpinG hOlld fit the right tlllll.! "Zunl.tIl"' "'; i\lU"'C C1b 3,4: L ib, 1\ ..... 4; Off 1\ ...... \ a MIGUEL A BURSET ,\umacao. P uerto Hico Thlll athletic. gool/,"otured !ellull' P.lrrJkll:( 4 ; L eiter/nOlI' ... Clh 3.4;:'\\' :!. 3.",; "8" Lc,u!uc I 8:.! GEORGE L CAPWEll, JR. "!" p ik,," CUa}a'l uil. E cuador II IWfJ/Hgo,/ud .. ,l. uJI,(lt/le bu) wi t h (J :'/JlIrkle i" hl,\ l'\(" "'".m (Ib 4; FB 1,2, a, 4 : BB 1,2.3,4; \'"r',ly 4 \\'i' 1, :!; \It "",If" 1: :-.B a; B "lon Tlliricr 4; "Zolli,'II Adl 1 ; F B Ti ('k"t ('apt 4; 4 CELERIER CER MElLI CHERRY COE COL E CONNOR LOUIS R CELERIER P anama. H d ,' p A" fIf"b i liollS (//1(/ lell"l11 .lr.S .. BaIHIIH.'t (Ol11m. a; FB DJll c(' 4. \',,1 1),Ince 4: BOT ( Hifl e Team 3. R O T ( Drill Te,1I1! 3. 4. HOT C DJllce 3 ARTURO CERMELLI

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    THOMAS B CRAWFORD '1' 0111111)" Carolina I '1111(' t ('hll(1 1111''/)0111 1101( I"m. ,lte ll ,.(t!(I r 'h e ( / n / 10 1 IIC/lOtI "(lothall : J I CARLOS M. DE LA OSSA S . \ nalult .. P anama. I t d" P Ollr (llIIi able (I"d IIIl clll cr! lIei Ghbor from (Ierus:, the hurde r :!. "'p. w ( Ih -l; FB -I. BB ... ; Succe r :!; B il.lu l :!; .1 r a. Clh. Prot:r,1111 It 0 T C !tlfl e Team 4 Unll T("II11" 1..'''',111", P .I!I.un, MARY LOU DIVNEY Ohi u I\lIIlIrall\ I/in: Fell/I/I/,,;'\ i s Irer !Jasswurd tu IIc / 1J.lI.S ({(q//(/i"((/I/(e ... ])(1111 nie,ttl III<.;h r h n,,1, N('\\ (),tr.III FRANCE S JEAN N E DWYER H ilt 1-'. IJ.J-I.S.\ 1/111 olll/ f lle 0 / T. \ T "Frn l. \'ICI' P I'(''' :!; A clllll: I 3: Zrm," ; G A A 2, 3. ; MU" 'I; Oh :!; NilS 4 ; 1 ,1/:; 3: Dm'cl 3; Cho 1,2 ,3. 4 ; PI'P 1,2.3 ; Chri .l r .': I ) h A\\(I I 2. 3: All 5t:tr \\\d. I 2. 3: 0:.. II O .I1I('r; "'oph p r l_l; "'o pll ",CIIU: ; J r r E.Jllq (h. ,ir; \ 'a l I) 'IICC: Frc .. h P.Jrll. Mu ... c l'r..,e 4 ; H H HCII :!: G A A I) ,IIIC":!. 3 1 ; L : r ;;, :-I; I'o!tl''' (Iud. GI .. "'1 ; \ B I 4 :!, 4 : BkB 1. :!. 3 ; -I. -:!. 3 ANN RUSSEll EDWARDS Panama. I t .It P F ashiQ n IIIW' ... elf/rC,I!}11 C 1:. 1 e ...... s /IIIWl; (wd frtln:/II/ D r",n,tl,C" 3, Ad "'cller 4 VB :!, 3 P c p 3 4 ; L I b \"'1 :!, 3, 4, Offu:c A .... 4 )0".,,,111011 :!. 3 4 CI ...... Pl cn.c I E LIA S ENTEBI Eli" P a nama, H lip 1 ' tlwa p w ci ab/e IIIIIIr 0 "cl/wing grill lur fill .... I"U.I} (11) 2; CII! 3 ; C h f'1Il Clb. 3; Tr, u.;k V"r" 'I ) 1 ; FB :!. :{, ,, ; BkB 2, 3 ; :!. ::S, ; S p m D a n c r Comm 3 CRAWfORD DE LA OSSA D I VNEY DWYER EDWARDS ENTE8 1 fEUILLE fiNLEY F ISK M E flYNN M l. FLYNN FORD RENE P FEUILLE N,: Br ook l ) n. Nt'" o rk 1/ 0 1 who rcall! pillS his hcftrl il/lu Cl'cT)lhillg he. doc 1 I' rld 2; A""I 13u .. r-It: r 3 ; Btl, M c r 1 ; Cho 2 ; S r I' .c. ('011111. ROBERT B FINLE Y B o b Antonio. T('X3!> 1' e \ '( I S loss I('a s 11,II.S:!) g o ill I' r r a k ce l ". F 8 4 L a b 4, B Olll me:!. 3, ... klln-::; :!. 3 I ltd. :::choo1. 1)("lIrT. ( 0101": .. 1 0 JOHN AUGUST FISK Oakl a n d. Ca l iro rni a Qllie l (flld iriendl). (/ c he e r fill grcc.ti" 8 jor fill CUll. (Ib 1 ; Lib 1. (" .. l o b ;.1 H l e h S chool MARGUERITE ELLEN FLYNN \ IlLon. Canal Zo nl: f.)C!) Ilral (winkle . (/ c OI/(agiolts Iflllf!, h II H Bcp. All. 3, ; D r i uli I : P rod I. ,I; G A A -I, "; VU I -2, 3 -I; OkB I. 2 3. 4 : S B ,,: C h o 3: P C ] ) S lid 2, 3 : Off .. t. -I; S pl ". Alld. 2 3; PicniC J ; GA. A D lllce (011)111 3 GI .. 5 1 .. M"yor 3 MARIL YN LOUIS FLYNN \"lOIl. Ca llal lon t II IOf 'able /ler!;o//alil) (ifill O/lI Sf(lIIdillf!, 5 1)Url ... (1",./,I) ('I t .... SCC) ; Pro d 2 3 -I; Stae. 2. 3 ; Z OIi 4 ; G \ \ :!, 3. "; V,c" -I; VB I 2. 3 4 ; OkS I -:!. 3 -I; S B I -:!, 3 ; Un" h 1. 2 3. 4; Clto 2 3 ; Pcp S. 4 ; Dra m I ,:!. 3 I ; "l'rkt" A"oc. Ed ": 13 II S. Wrk"hp. I. :!: (lb. 3 ; ( h o I. :!; ('hcm A ",-3; DAB lit .. AI\{1. 3; I'.'rly 2: J r I r .-S r Ihll(1 ('h,lir. 3 ; Pic (0111. ; \',,1. Dance Co." : N.lI.S, 3 . \; T ell 3; FB 3,

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    FRANCEY FUllMAN GARGUS GODBY H AMME RSCHlAG GOR H A M DONALD N FRAN C E Y IJun (:l'i,lollal. Canal ZOIH' l drle4 10 the girls' lisl uf "Iuo/'I>" ... beamillt; pawllo'ill . OOIl'S somebod\ to /,IIUIt' (lwI !, :!; Cal) and Go" n CUlUm I,. J j IJ.III('(' ("Hum 3; ru I,:!, 3 .j BB I,:!. 3 .j; BhB I,:!, 3, Jr ,\nllw lul!;) BEVERL Y FULLMAN "B,'" I )ur l lalld. Or(':,::ol1 AI/I'(1\ 5 lVith a s/Jorl.lillg Brill Ih e Sirl Illlth (I h eort) "hello" jor (Ill r.llwr,t Club t, Pep I, :!. a RAYMOND W GARGU S Ra," F url \ 1 0IlrOI' V irginia The (lmb/illg. ctlre/ree I IrIUII/(lII H OTC :!. :1 .... MAYRA E GARRIDO Pan, una. H. d e P Alwtl\S will! ([ glcamillg grill. ()Ica:mlll lind II()("'O'/llg "'1 ).tl1 ('Ib I; Lib rary I; \'ollc) ball .j KEN GARRISON JR. Long 1 ... lanll. New' ork /lis tlppeal. "carll. )" c rt/ c/,s. rOll/(lII t i c (iliff I>//(H.:ro (Jer l>u/l' aliI I 1I/(lI,e him illlfJreSl>Il'e with (III ricc '!.; Dramati c C l b '1.; FB '1.. 3, .j, I ; 1313 :!. 3. 3; IlkB 3; Choru .. .j Wi ('cm l co Ilic;h Schout. 'I.tnl ;l!ld; Nell\(lIln Hu::h "'chool. F lu .. llInc;, L ona: /Ii Y LOUISE ANTOINETTE GLUD "Toni" Philadelphia. /)e/ermilled ([lid sophis t ica t ed ... s he's go t what i t la/,es a cI(lssmate who's lOps 1\ B B i' ". Alt. t, 3; 3: P ,tfr.tl..eet" 3 4 Edllor .j: G AA a, 1. YB 1. 2, 3, .j, All 3; ilkS I. :!, 3, -I. /\11 SI" r .. 3: I :!. :i .j: 1 '1., :I: Pel> 1. 2. 3, I ; N 1\ 3 .j. I. 2; ;'I.',SP A ,\lIard 3: GAt \ D,tnce.j; S,ulle D a n ce 2; Sr Wrek COIIIIII -I; So!, h i'lClUC Comlll; (hn .. lnI;\" Dance 3 ANNETTE GODBY h,d l and .... CaJiforni a /fer SlUeet and IOt' e!) fe(lIl/res reflec t h er brieht (lnd SIlI//1) (Iispositioll II. H :!; Scey. 3: S A .j: 3: "Zuni .l1l".j. II' Anlhl)loc) 3: Cam. Clb I, BIo I elb. 2; N H.S :i, -I. Seq 1 : \'B 1,'1. 3 ,.j. All-Stars.j: BkB 1 '!..:i, 1: 5 8 I. 2.:i; I,:!, 3, I' clI 'qu,1I1 2, 3; Allard I, :!. 3: Sa(he lIallkll1. D J llc(' COI11I11 :!: 2; Jr. Sr. Ball(lu('t 3: an d An COIIIIII Chair 1 ; I r Rill e COIllI1l.: Inauc: Dance COIIIIll,.j; G i rl., GOI' 3; Courl 3; lamOOree QU(>(,II .j: Ad -I: G ra d 3; O ra malic' '1., BkS All .j, G \ A GARRIDO GARRISON GLUD GRAHAM GRA H E GRIFO S U SA NNE H AMME RSCH LAG (:1. 1,( 110" olakia -I sincere. IIIlelle('/lilIl lIIisl> ... (/ (Iedit tu /J.II.:' SII I/( Ilftl> 1I ga) allillidc toward Ii/t eJm Clb. I. 2, ('h ('nI lIh .j. S I.:!, 3, 1 UkB 1.2,3, -I .... U I. '1.; LIb A .. 1. I :!; Offl('(' A'''I I ; J I 3; eoulI'rl"r A ""I 2 JOHN N G ORHA M \iek" \ .. l1lal111. O hio Dashing /lHIfIaro/lfldsrh ool ... :l/I/('l'fC th c guP "A-r Ihe !tlfll> JlIl>t I/ruol Tr;-t('k 3. 3; FB '1., 3, .j: 1313 :!. 3, n k B :!, WI' :!. "',jfl.r lIa\lki" .. l),tI\ct' Comen ; ROT (' :!.:i,.j ALFRED JAME S G R A HAM .. II" Brooklin. ;\0('11 ork "LallI. \" is th e /loffl lor AI. (JoJ.er)(wed hlllllor alld "If II he p"11 (I meall trllmpel! Dr,jl1f,j! I, B ,IIJ(1 2,:i. I, Choru .. I,:!.:i: :'Il u .. ie All anl'1.. Chn"l D,jl1cr 3. II1, tul!.ul ',jtio" D m('' COIitIlt \ ; WP 3: FB I, nOTe 2,:i.-I AGNES GRAHE Nell' ork. \('11 'ork FIlII-lol illlf. pCfl>ulwhl) .. Iflendl) IIUlllfler (f /('el('ollle lIeu 'comer 1 0 B .II.S. CARLO S GRI FO \ncoll. Ca n al Zu nI' A /iJ,-(/iJ!e lellow with 1I Irief/(II) I>IIIi1e e l b 3, .j; Choru .. I, :!: "13" A\I,ord 1. :!. 3; F lJot ball; W ;ltcr P o lo; l1a .. l..elball 1

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    BASIL HARRINGTON HO<.,tOIl, \ I a ..... aeh u:-t,u ... A P'ClIS(/II( IJCr:,ol/nfil) ... (I/w(t}s willing III exert himself to hel" (/ iriclld L lh. .j, ('hri .. trn,," D .lllce 3; "'r. C.II"II .. ,md \nllolhlCel1lf'll'" .j. Inaul:urauoll Ihnce .j; FB :!, 3, .': BI3 3, .j; I. 3: SkB 3, -I; WI' :!, 3, 4 LOUISE HARRIS \n('on. Canal ZOIlI' Lflug/wb/e (flld light. Luuise to II "1'" \ .. , F .p.h ion .... llIm 3. Clinic \ul(' 1. :!; Girl ... "1,110'. .... CC) 3 RICHARD C. HARRIS I);x;," \ knlt'da. California Inct'hol/slib1e hllll/Uf ... /letcr (/ lJlliet //Iomelll It'ith P rQjes:,o," I/arri s (trOlillfl boiled EI.te:" 2. Ihe Belle" 3. Chon., 1 BRUCE JOHN HEARN Ilnocc SI. Loui<;. \ I i""-Ouri A winlling penol/otil) ... (/II illsepuf{/bh' {)flir Ofe he (I"d his IIIOlorS(,(}OiCr HOT C BIHc Team. Pipkm lIic:h :o.l u LETICIA HELLW IG 1 ",,, !"antll \larI3. Co lombia lIer 1IIf111) I ,jrllles fIIal,e her (I girl who holtls IOlIr eJe alld interest lor a long tillle Clb 2. 3. 4; \'B 1. 2. 3. 4 ; I; SIII1\ I, BkB 3. 3.4. "holl 3 (ri"lobal IIleh :-('ho<)1 WIL LIAM H. HENDERSO N !l;W Long 1\('\1 ork \ot 11111("11 to ,';(11. bllt fIj,1l olle word JOII ,11011 he is (I IiI. able gill ... (lIIolher scooter elltll/l,';ifl,';/ "-111Il,mine T{'.HlI 3. 4 ; WP I. 4; gB 1 HARRINGTON L HARRI S R HARRIS HOLLAND HUlS FUENTES GLORIA P. HOlLAND t;lo Serclle alld ,)ff/rifl 1II0""er ... Iriel/fll) ,';mile .. IJ. H .S. I,'; {ITo/Ill 1 0 daim II/I,'; slt' eel girl .... J('cch 2. (horu,:! (.Jllahan IIl1dl 'rhtlf)l. (,.II . h.Jn. Fl.1 RALPH HULS W a ... hington. U. (.. The "T)" Power 01 H II. S .... hell R al ,)1/ /t'ct/her! in t u R.II.S .. he lI'nlkec/ jl/tu Ollr hcarlS (IS u:ell "Zonian 4; Lell ... rl11ln ... ('lb. 4 ; \'ar .. ih FI3 4. FU L ellcr ... Wa ... hllll!t on n,1 Ar1illl!ton. \ 'irl! ml a BRISEI DA JAC INTO FUENTES !',lIIam a. d,' p If (!ell/llre lillIe girl wilh (l ("a/lliNllill! ,';lIIile ,t/lI'fllS reod) 10 lI:orl. (,Ib 1. 2, 3. 4 Pre .. 3: ('Ib (. .... nil :!. 3. 4. (hem ('Iii 4; ;\l u ... ,c Appr Clb. 4 \ B 1.4; IJklJ I. 4; 1 ("hnr" ... I: PI'P <:;(IU.H1 2. 4; Lib A ... q :!; F.I ... hion <"h l)\\ 3; Adl ('0111111. -I. "hl"'lo.: Clb. Progr.tm 4. lI .. her 3; PrOl!r.tl11 :1 HOWARD DOUGLAS JACKSON IIIIl1Jl"I(ad. Long 1 .. land, ;\t'\1 or\.. If "ofileroll, \ plIl in (1/1(/ Ol/t o.l,';chool F13 FB I.:!. -I. WP 1, Bt..B I.:!. 3 BB l.:!. 3 \11('nd.!IIcc ,\lIMd 1 M an,U!('r FIJ
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    JULIO E JIMENEZ .. J r P anama. R P The LMj" amigu within Ollr <.,p.m (lb. :{ -I; (horu" I :!: FB -I, B"B I : "'Mr," I L.t ..... 11(', P,III,IIIIJ; S.';nl Alo),j"" (lrle.HI' RICHARD A. JOHNSON Ballimon-, \laqlalHl Ollr grit/iro/l hero ... COlllpetlllU1I ill (III) .I/lorl Lf'lIerlIlJn', Clh 3,4; Hi I :!, 3, 4; Tr,lI" :t, 4; BB J, :!, -I :-ielluoi.! (flli ol' IIl1d. :"<'IlIlul, C.d l f'lI'ni . JERRY JOHNSON Baltilllon \ Iar) land C Orlstan t //ash> rem(lrh-S (lIId coloss(I/ nlh/dlf' lIuih" FIl -I: BIl .J: II1n ..... llc'< I, t, 3. L c urrm.lII', Clh -I "'''quoi,. lhllon Hieh 'Schuo l CalifornlJ JOYCE ANN JOHNSON I-Io n o!ul u lIa\\uii I i talil) nlld telllll spir;1 beJollf: to J OJu: Ilr .IInallc .. .J: J >roducine: "; A d "" ... lIl'f .. ; G AA 3. -I, CUll (lb. 3; BluJ. 3,.J; (lb .J; BkS 1 :!. 3, 4 3; "'8 I :!, 3, .. ,\It .... 3; -I; Pep :::,qu3d 3, -I, :-',)()rh 3, FB D .l.IIcl' Curtl,n. -I; \ '11 3. -I; Hocke) 1, :!; Ar('her) I :!; Clinic Aide 3. Mu" ,c Clb. -I; Girl .. ::'1 ;lle, Se n allH' 3 \\'oodrOII Wil .. o/l \\'a .. h D C. BARBARA LUCILLE JONES Bar b" \ neon. Canal Zone l1i:lchier'olls e)es fwd a cllprillltllll! gri" "'toni.III -I; "B I 3, -I; 5 B 1. 3, -I; B kl3 1. 3. -I, Choru .. I :!, 3, -I, ",)Qrh A\\3rd :<; Chn ... tmas DJnce 3; P,C Comlll -I. FB D.H1cc (omlil. -I; Football Queen -I; Jr Au,holoe:) 3; l l .. her :i, -I; Girl .. .... .. te. Chief o f Police 3 WILLIAM JOYCE \IICOIl. Canal Zo nt" lIagic jee r . goo(1 lool.s ... a Iriendl) sliliit' lor aJl BkB 2: F8 t; WP 2: n llle e 3; Sporh ,\lI,tnl :t, H,fk T eJIU 3, -I; Batt Adjulant-l JIMENEZ R J O HN SO N J JOHNSON J OYC E J O HN SO N J ONES J O Y C E KA R S T K ElLEY KEllY K L OTZ KOUPPERMANN KN I G H T ZOE ANN KARST Zo." B,'llinghatu. \X Belll/tilul ll"rI. h,,'r IlIlff r/reallli bTu/til e.IC:l "Zuni .. ,,"' Adl -I, I3wl C1b. ;! (l1\)t\1'" I, :!. 3, -I. P"P -'(IUJ([ -I. Off .\ ....... -I, ,",uph I'.,rl), Jr. ,",r 8 .111IIU('I, \ 8 I, :!, 3. -I, IlkB 3, .... B 1. :!. 3. -I, Chni(' Aid 3, l' .. ll{"r 3, .... '.H!II!!.t -I ROGER l. KELLEY

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    HELEN JOANNE KRIDlE L atrobe, P e nn ... y" anla Ollr "Ioder 1,l/olIJlI jo r her SII'''" awl Uti el'er-pre:)!!I1 / smile PJfI.lk!'t,t" Adwlllll!! .J; I, :!, 3, .j; 1''' 1 ) 3, .j; Oft \,'-1 .J; F..l .. luoll ... O\\ :!, 3; \ 'IS I, :t. -I, (;U'h "".Ite, ;\ I..1).1" .j; C hem rib. Sec) T n-.t .. .j. \ 8 I :!. 3, .J: "'13 :!: Voe,lllon "'pf'cch P TA 4; C.m!... .. nd Ann 4 ; (Iinl(.' AIII(' t. 4; :>" II;; 4 VINCENT lEA VER V;,,' Co l o n H dl' P E f ,s)'guing m(lfIlI(!T , Willlllllg W(J)$ .. he s rared h igh with (1/1, "t!lIS) 01/ rh{, ('II' .... F B I,:!,3,4:\'Jr S\llIll 1,3,4,\ .. r SlIm Till. 4 ELiTA J lEE "Ell," Co l o n I t tit p S"arJ.lill/! smile . IHlffll /H'I':,()/U/'itJ .. :;he has WOII t he he a r t oj 111("') IJ. II .S.' ,'r:; Churu .. I; F,,,hiQn ,,,In'll :!: Mu .. lt, Prue: .,P,,11 Ac;:ul ('tll)' of tl,l' Pr(' .. Int.Jliun MERCEDES lORA A. P a nama, H tit' P. P e tite . :;milillg , let lIut her (lbilit ) be judged b) her si::e SP,lIl Clb. -I; Chorus 1, i, 3, 4; B ,ult l 3. -I KRIDLE LADD LAO LEAVER lEE LORA MocDONALD MAGUIRE MALLAN MAYO McCARTY M c CLOUD GAYLE MacDONALD B oja \neOIl. Ca n a l Zont A Ilomillg :;trelll, of bllbMillg I i tll/it ) Ct ...... P r(' .. 3.-I;"BI,t,* 3, .-I:CoC"p t -I; BkB 1.:1. 3; Sohb .. 11 I t. 3; Oir 1,:1, 3; I. 3; 3: B,Hltl t, 3; C ho. I,:!, 3, -I: P e l ) 5<111 I.:!, 3: C h r ld r 4 : 1 \1 101 I, t. -I: CI" .... P rl) :!, PicnIC I t; S II :!: I .. UMUI 3. ".JI (I I, 3: F lh,oIl ('I -I: Bal S I}(III -I: Gr;ul U .. lwr:1; Jr. Alllh 3: Alh', Prkl" 3 RICHARD C. MAGUIRE A nl'o n Ca n a l Zon e Iri:;" tt'fIIl>l:f (llId Ir ish hUll/or gil'c h im fI /'11((/ 1 0 bea l s('or(' /I H Hcp :!, 3; :-i. A Bep 3; FB I, t, 3:..,B I,:!, BkB ::I; W .. I('r P ulo I. :!, :-\: All "', ,II' .. I, I t O T C. Bifle '1'(",,11 :l, I (',ul e l ('" p l -I; SUl lpl), Off i c(',' 1 MERRY STUART MAllAN 1'"110' \\' a ... h illg l olt, D C. Uil il/j{ I:; he,. SI)ecitl/ t ) \ P 3; \dl -I; \ G \ A 3; B k ll 1, .:!, 3, -I: lI oc\..I'\ AllSlars I.:!, 3: \ U All 1,2.3: 511 1'(,,1111 I t, 3, -I; C IHI J,;!, 3, -I, Chl'll ll'. 2, 3: P e p 'lqd 4 : 511'''' Alld 3: Sr, W k (OUlIli -I; C"\I ( ;01111 (UIIIlII -I; FI3 I),mce (ullllll 4; U .. I H.'I I Cl'rltr,11 H S, BruIITlt'1l /1 .. 11, Olllaha FRANK l. MAYO .\I" tlr ord, 'Ia ...... .. O u r wonder/III S,A. P rc:q S.'\ H I' I ) 2, ('I.J .... Pre .. 3: SA Pre ... -I; 5 8 All Star ... :!: SillS. A\\l 1 I n.Jue: U ,IIICt' -I; For 3; Jr 8 ,IIHI; P"rl): Fnnh )' .. rt); Soph Picnic: 11.01' C 13,dl Com. -I: D r ill .. I ('r ::I, FLORENC E M McCARTY Flo" .\neOIl, C allal Z OIlt' il'(I('IOII:; fIltd ClIl e tiS II dimple "Zonh,n" -I; B Bk B I,:!, 3, -I: I,:!, 3, -I: ChOrth 1,2.3, -I, 1' ('1' "< llIJd I.:!, 3 Spurt<. AII .. I d '.!., F l'r .. llItI .. n P,lrl): .. di(' I I,mkm .. D mee; I .. B,LlHluet; (iuli c AId 3: -I: "P,lrr,lke('I \dl' 3: "Lolli"n A(h -I: Su p h P ,orl) BARBARA McCLOUD I lo""; e San Ca lifornia S/mrJ.lill/l /Jenolltl/it ) wit IIIII!P,c tic l/'ar lll 3, PrJ,,1 -I, M('III O .J\ "', II'eeh Pro!!, 3, Lib \ ..... 3 E II

    PAGE 27

    N McKEOW N MO R ALES MORLE Y MORTO N ARLENE MARIAN M cKEOWN "\r" H ,It\Jl .. lt-ad. L o n g 1 .. land. i\"\1 ork II smile IItal "get:. )01/' ... (I COrlSltm l glim/>se 01 (/i", ,)les . (/ pocket/til of lun ... IIti:. ,:,llIIlS II/> Arlen!' S.A Bel>. 2 4 ; Dram. 1,2.3; SI.le;. 1,2,3; D ir. ] 2, 3; "Zon"-I; G,AA 2.3,4; B ioI. Clb. 2; VB 1,2, 3, -I; BkB \, 3, -I; S B 1 , 3 -I; Cho 1.2,3, -I; Pe l ) S
    PAGE 28

    WILLIAM NICKISHER S,,;0rts(lbili/l persollilied .. magl/et it' e It'_I thol :smi/(' ''U\ Hel) 2,4; Dr..om 1.3; "ZOIl" 4; IIndbk 4; 3: (; A 1 \ 3.4; BI(J[ Clh_ 2,;'; II.., 4, \ 0 I.:!, 3. 4; BkB I.:!, 3, 4 ; S B I, 1, .3; .... \\ 1.2; Cho. 2. 3, 4; BJnd I,:!, 3, 4, Orrh I.:!: P e l' .... qtl I.:!: (hrldr 3,4, Co Calli 4; Off A .... t 3,4, Dr.1l11.J A\\d 2.3; "p" \1111 I,:!. 3; Fre,h Picnic 1; Picnic:!; "oph i'.JrI ) :!, .., II, Jr .... r Bal1(j., \'.11 Dance (0111111"', (; \ A 1).IIICl' 4 CONSTANCE PRICE "Conni, ,''' Hoanoh, \ ir g ini a A bill/dIe 0/ filII (/lid charm ... (III allorQIIII(/ .I/JUrl:;wofllllll G A A 3, 4; c'III1('r.J Club 3: \ B 2, 3. 4. All :,tar, 3, BkB :!, 3 4 , \11 St r .. 3, 4; :'13 t. 3. 4, All :'1.lr .. t, 3, (:11 )1. 3: 1'('1 ) "'qu;1I1 3, 4, Lil). A",I :!: Off A",,-4 : B Sporh AII.lnl; F ,l"hulII "'h,m :1, l !,her 3. P lanel'ie\1 l-liQh .... choul EDWARD RATHGEBER Ed \neul!. Canal Z Oth' O llr "/Jrew// /10.1 0/ '.51" ,. (I ('(11111 qllie t /dhJ//' FB 1. 2,:!, -I, 1-\11 .. :!. VaNt} .I, BkB I,:!. :1, 4; tlB I,:!, 3 1, WP I.:!, 3. 4, All I 2: l\itl,ic I S ARA ROBINSON P,1I1al11a. H lit' P I ;:,fII(l1/ bill worth ) por/,age 01 Llltlll lui "'1'.011 Clb. 3; F.1"hlOn :!. 3, Chri .. tma .. Dance:!. UkU I, :!, 3, 4, "'11111 3; T pnll.'-1 ,""In \nthOIIl PARKE R PASA.MA.NTE PEDERSEN PRICE RATH GE BER ROBINSON

    PAGE 29

    NORALIE ROCHE Cincinnati. Ohi o .. '\. '. 1 .. (orl/bille filch ,Ut (11/(/ (I :tUT/1I1 5mile. (/Ilf/ Ifill h," e \ oralie. (l Inemf (0111(' rll/" Qf :.hillt! "'.JI.!:J111! I, :!, ::I, H,.)I ('II. :!; (huru .. I 3, .. ; I'f'P "'qll,HI :!. ". CUIIIl-"\OI" \ .... -t; .... u!u' Il.lI\kll'" [).JII"{':!j (I., .... I'lI'run I,:!,"''' CUllf<'r{'nn', \!I .. HI <\\ ulln." "'rho"I,"" P,IIII, ,\11111 G L ORIELA ROSAS { :ul\" P anama H d.' P Lalillla:,:, ... (fIll 111.1 lIiflillg t o le/lt lll },"f,Jlflg hll"d. I t'f\ $It'eet "'P.JII (tb 3,.J, \ 8 1 a .j, 1n..B I 3, .J, ... 8 I Churu, I. :!, 3 ELSA M. ROSGAL \ncon. Ca n al Zom' A" (lII/a:.illg "/if" go/who':. (1/'1-(1)5 QII the "oetll/l" "',,;111 elh 1,2.3, ('hOlll I, 2, :1, n12; BkB 3; DONALD D ROSS Il. U: \ 1.'1\ ork .\l'll o l k T ht' dashillg. il/fdlel'flU/l. Jrielull) m'wcOIII{'r t o H II.S. 1\ H B el> .J; Deb ... !IIH,: "'ocif'l) ::I; BB I ; SkB I Ile I ..... .Ilk In'tlttlu. S \ ; '"It h lm', lIu,(h tlul 1111:11, \\'(orfh"',If'r, Ma .. HECTOR ROU X Panama Cil \. H 1'. A p1 ea:;u/lt gl/) 101.11011' ... (/ real aedil t o n .II .. ;. '"IOCCI'r I.:! 111 .. 1 11111 ..... \'.II 'iOIl,.I P,lIlJm;l B til'l' LOUISE J A NE ROWLAND "'an Uitg:o. Ca liroruia G(l) (1m/ ) riendl ... (I (III B.Il.S. adQre:; II H. All 3; Cam. (Ib" :!; L'S Clb, :!; \ 84; I U .. B 4, p f'lJ "tcluad 1; Lib :!; COUlheior\ .\ .. ,1. 4 ; Alte lld .. nce A\\ ,lrd :!, Fa .. hiOIl ':;h.m :!, 3; (hri,lm..t" I)"nce Comm 3 RO C HE ROSAS ROSGA L R OSS ROUX ROWL A N D RYTER SAil SALAMINA SCADRON SCOTT SEElEY MARGARET LOUI S E R YTER i al'1!i" \11\-011. LJIl.lI /.0111' Ollr L(llIi(l1l Ell, .. 0 (("WIIIO oj lilfl/'/I . IIllt\ 1111(1 ",'III ... 0:; .rll:', (/, the till) I:; 101lg. (H mll(h /11/1 1/\ II uarrd 0/ Dr .. 11,,11<' 3; L lttI.> 1 lw;lIrc :{, "/.ul1i,," I, :!, 3, 4. All '"II..tr .. 3: SkB 1. :!, ,\11 "'I .. r .. :!; 0,r('cI"11I: 3: 3; P el) '"IIllI,l
    PAGE 30

    SIDNEY THOMAS SHORE S;,I" TlI c .. o n Aril.OllU A lIll iet glt) IIIho "tn/JS" wilh aI/ who 1.1.011 ) him SOKOL n ...... T r ... ('I .. .. 1'1.1\ 3, bl.lOr :! 3: Bk8 I ; Gra d e AII.\r,] I. :!. 3; H O T ( I{ flc '\';.IIn -l Chn.,tlll.J., D .. llc" :!: Bo\, SI .. l e B e l ) 3 Fori KIIQX IIlth ., .. h ool, F ort I\no,\. 1 \(,lI l u C]..1 SUZANNE SHUTT .. ",,: Carrollto n O l lio F Ort> ,alltf.'el ... stulel, mlfl/rll! II H nl'" 4 ; 1\ H Al! t, H.d elh 3; \!.;\' ('I h 4 : \',CC P I''''. 4 ; \'8 I. :!, 4 ; 8]"B I :!. 3. 4 : ':>11 I :!, :l : Off A',I 4 ; L.Jb A."I 4: ;\' II '" .. ; p ort., \II.l n l :!. F .. l u o n S h Oll Orpll,II1,II':(' eomm "': G d "'lollC'. 3: lI,h('r 4 : .lr. An l htllo!!:.1 JAQUELINE SEIBELINK Jal: 1 A lerrific Ilerlullfllil) , fIIisrhie l l oli s di!>pos ilioll B iolugy Club:!: C h onl' :!, 3 DOROTHY ELAINE S MITH 0 C. "SlI'cc/ (111 1(JI'ef)" well ) Mile e) eS I I B R<,p :!,:I; S I.Jg. :l : I \ d l 4, 13i01. Clb '1.; 51,IIn l' Clb :!: Her C l b 4 : \'8 I '1., 3 ... : BkU 1 2, 3 ... : 5 B I '1.. 3: Cho. I :!, 3: P e p 2.3; Lib I '1.: Off h l 4 : Awd 3 ; Jr S r B .. nq 3, BUH: (omm. 3 ; Sill:''' D :'lIce 3; MU'>i c (Ib Pro!!; 3: ]\II I'IC (lh 3. 4 MAR VIN A. SMITH Co l o n R til P O llit'! (If/(I J r iel/dh wilh a smile Jor (III ... (lnother o c e ill art CI:." \' I' 1 : S I . g "': "ZOIl Arl S I .. ff 4: Ib(h o C lb :!, 3 4 4 : A r t C l b. 3, \ P 3; SJl.J1l ( Ib TTc.J'>, 4 ; (:.m. C l h 1 : ( h e m Clb :3. H ifle T e,lm 3 4 : Pro j 3, ... ; A r l AIHI I : I ) T.A ,\\,,1 I : B O T C I :!. 3, 4 ; Sill .. ])J I H'" 3: .lr. 8 a ll ( 1 3; \'31 O .lIIce -l: "'fl m Clb. D .. llce 2 MARY CAROl YN SMOUSE U l'l r oil. \Iic h i g a n Go o d things cOllie ill .\IlIa ll par/, uges" /\d '>clllll g -I; Bioi (lb B k B 3, 4 ; \,B 1 .2,3 4 ; S U I,:!. 3 4 : 3 ; :l : I '1..3 4 ; P e p Squall I t, 3 4 Sporh AI\Md 3 : P i c ni c : So p h Pi c nic ; Orph, m ;lI: e ('H IlIIII :{: Jr. H 3 ; 0 .111<.'(1 3 : t, 3 S HORE S H UTT S EIBELINK D S M ITH M S M I T H SMOU S E SPRAGU E STEINE R S W I SHER TROUP UP D IKE SARA SOKOl 1\nton. Ca n a l Zo n e II !>1I't'el and l J / e a s(1II1 g irl A All 3: II R / \11. 3 : Pro d 3 ; U s h e r 3, 4: Zull 4 ; l\IU ll' Clb. :t, 3, ; Ch.lir. 3 \'ICC Pre ... 3. SeC) "'; lI,N ('I b 2.3 4 ; CUll C l b I : NilS 3 4 Inili .. t io ll (h:.iT. 4 : \'8 I '1., 3 4 : B k B 1. t, 3; '"lB I : Cho I ,:!; P e p 5 q d I.:!, 3 ; Off 4 : 5 11 D ; lIlc e COrlll1! 2: (II,> .. n d An (omIU "': F :." h S h O ll 3 4 : Pub (i1;I!r 4: O rph COllll n ... : l\Iu .,ic P rog. 3 4 ; Z o n A l l \,. 4 JOAN MURIEL SPRAGUE J O " ;': Fl u .. h ing. !\e\\ ) ork Hh) t hm ill h e r lee t ... ( 11/ 0ll t sl(wdift8 c h e erlead!!r Hep 3 ; "ZOIl 4 ; 8 U ,5. IId boo k 4 ; G AA. 3 4 : \'B *3. 4; 8kB I :!, 3 4 C apt. 3 : 5 B 1. t, 3 : P e p 5(ld. I 2: (hridT. 3 4 Capl 4 : All t l :!. *3: Fa!>h 5hO\1 3, -I: Fre'oh P l y COIIIII) : II D .lllee '1: Jr. COIllIU: C h:' l r ( al'Golll1 ('1.1111111; Orph. COIl1I11 4 ; G A A D .mce C0Il1111 4 : \',11 CI 2: Flb;IJI CI "; ItO T C Cu. A : II.B, H e l). 4 : P r o d 3 ; 3 JOANNE STEINER J o A n('o n C a n a l Zo n l' .)flHlII bill d) lIo m i c with p/e ll/ ) o f I lim (IIul I Ii8M I)r 1 Clb. 2, 3 : T a l e n l Nit:ht" :!' Zun," 4 V l r C I I ) :!. 3 : G A i\ : T v n i d Z o n c 3 : F 1', /\ :!, 3 2. 3 ; \'8 I '1.. 3 4 : BkB I *t 3 : 5 8 I 02. 3 ; ]\1.l k p ti l ) P r o p 2: B k B AIIl!. :!, 3 ; \'8 A\\;ICh C .J,f I I TIll.

    PAGE 31

    ANGELA VAllEJOS j\icarag ua VALLEJO S p, WALKER ,. \ngie' ) '011 will all/Hl p lilld AlIgc/(,'s warmth and Ir/emlli"e!>!> re/lerrerl ill her cha rmin g slIIile V LIE T WELTZ C lb .J: l\1thic Clb .J; \,B .J; BkB.J; <.,B .J; (hfllih I, :!. a, .J; LlbfJry A .... JOAN VAN VLIET --Joan;,"-1 \ ncon. Can:.J Zon e Ulottbf c, with ('IIer!::) I,,,rsollilieri the I(lss 01 B.II .. '>. wit h (/II ill('om/H/mbh: gift oj gnb V B t, ;j, 4, BkU :!, 3 .J; "13 :t, .J; 1 t, .J; p"p "''111 ... 1 1, t, 3, 1; .... 1 W<' < k ('0111111 DOMITILA Vi llARREAL A quiet .'>JHllli!>1t miss with (I !>mi/e (It (II! till/t,S \ 0 1. BkB t; "U I I nl1l"culJIIJ P,on,IIIl.I. n .Il' P ELLEN JOAN WALKER Tul"'3. Okiah ollia A ('lIle )0//118 tIIis!> wilh 0 ('{Illlil'fl tillg I'cr!>tHwlit) {/fill II Iric/IlII> lIir "Zoni"n" .J: II' AIlIllUlolQ 3; BIOI Clh I: Gle e Clh :!, 3, .J, \'13 1, t, :1, .J, /"'P I t, 3, .J; :{, "; "ZtJII,"II" Ad .J PATRICIA RUTH WALKER --1'",,--L otli .. iana A cambillMioll oj bt'(IIII) (Ind uroins _ doillfl i!i ,lit lI'or(/ for I' utl .. fl I 'e r) populflr gir l I I B Bq) t. :l; ::.A S"C) .J; D r:lIl1.,tic .. .J; I. 3, 4; ProduclII\! 3 .J; "P .. rr .. k""I" 3, .J; n .. nquet Bu!!le 3; BIOI Clb :!, \ '13 I t, 3. 4. SkU 1,2,3; SB 1,2. 3; t. 3; Pcp Squ,lIl :!. 3; 51)(Ofl" AIIJfd I, t; AII .. nl 3; .... D"nce (h .. ,r 3; P U'IlIC; Pi cll ic: .. tlie lI,ulkin .. D .. nce Comm :!; CI .. P .. I,:!: OII ) h .. COIIIIII 3.4, GrJtiu .. lion M .. :1. G ,Il .. "1.11('. Jutlge 3; Ilepnhl'nt,ltl\'/:' 10 \\' .. J) C, E.IIIor. FUOlb .. 1I Prol:r:lI11 4, \',.I('l1ll11e Courl ';h,ullrock Qu eI'll 4 EMI L W WELTZ "EllIo" Goq:a .. lIo ... pilal. \11< : 011. C. Z. A" 1!1IS)-gOillg ('omi('(tl gil> /I';lh jllst tliat "('atoill flfJIJ! 'O'" nB 1. t, \'oIf t,:i; FB I, 2. 3. 4; "Jf 3.4; IlkB I. t. 3,.J T,.lck :!; \' .. r :!, WP I, BOT C t, 3; I, Pcp SlllIJd 1 Picni(' COJIIIll I V ILLARRE A L W ILEY MAR JOR I E WILEY 1o'l'1'ndlbul'g, K"nluck) E WALKER WITHERS 1I'(jl/(Ia lass wilh fI slIperperSOllfllit) ... 011(' ill II milliOtl l?r.IIH,,'il' .J; "Zoni.H1" .. l\1 .. n ,u:er .J, "CI)dt> iIlonthl)": (. \ \ 1; .. e Clb. ,I: 51)"1\ Clb. t: Art Clb. Speech 1' ..... 111 /', ';I"p :: : i .. I li: lI .. her 3; GII I .. 5IJ'e. /'lloI)or;1 MonrOf'. Ohlt) ; North FI. r l UI.dl, ClId",Olllo GEORG E KENYON WITHERS JR_ --K,-,,--I). C. All 1II11biriolls {;tl) ... 1I newcomer who 1J.l-1.s. beell glad to /t 'e/rome IJrJII IJlic .. :1 ... ; P,IIT .. keet" I ; C .. m Clh 3, "',).In Clb :!; !:lcllOl,lr .. llIp AII,ttll 3; HOT C. Drill T .. III t, 3 leJ\,ellllorth Sl'llior I l t\!h L f'''\'-'II\\onh, Kanc.;.. ..

    PAGE 32

    rl' 1 0lll.! PI/( JU g to b e rfl"kf'tI. S;IICP ,ltrf'(> S PrIIl'sters rf'sit/"II,, { ri'f/uirl'd: bUI ;!rmlps 111(111(. hf'rf' mul ill SIOlps wI'r/> hi;:11 PllfUll!" lor flOllor 8 1IH H/ill;':

    PAGE 33

    IRWIN FRANK President a lmost. th e r e! On e m o r e year! I t's a w un d e rful feelin g. wond e r if th e r e cou l d b e a n o ther yea r a s good Our s incer e thanks go t o Irw in Fra nk. our super-dupe r Pres id e nt. and hi s e ffi c i e nt o ffi ce rs: th a t good-lookin g Sam M a phi s. our ViceP res id ent: Leon a H a rt. our compe t e nt sec r e t a ry: M ik e McNevin. our h a rd w o rkin g treasurer: RaYlllo nd D av id so n elrv.u 01 '52 alld Kare n Saum. t wo o f t h e b es t S.A. I{cprese nta. Lives we'v e had. \ V h e n Karen left. we boost e d Sall\ Ac k erma n w h o was e q u ally good. t o t h e sca l h o n o r. O u r C hri s tmas F o rmal was quite a l e t d ow n .' Since we wer e r es tri c t ed b eca u se o f polio. we de c i ded L o h av e a Suha n o f Swat D a n ce. w hi c h was a l so ca n celled. T o make up f o r thi s. Coila Goodin a n d h e r cOlllmittee m a d e th e Junior-S enio r B anque t o n e o f th e biggest events o f th e yea r 'Ve we r e pro ud o f o u r achieve m e nt s o n th a I unfo r gettable n i g ht. \ V e c h ose t \\'o o f th e pre tti es t g irl s w h e n we elec ted Cecil Ru ssell an d T ibby Nol a n. t o r eprese nt u s a l the V a l e l1tin e D a nce. w hi c h turne d into a S h a m rock D a n ce \\ ilh a S h amro c k Quee n an d h e r a tt e n dants. n eve r forget all th os e gay. serio u s alld sa d tim e s too. th a t made our j u n i o r y e a r th e b es t yet. } \ s w e e nt e r our fina l yea r i n S. H. S .. we h o p e a nd trus t th a t w e h av e l efL as good an example as those b e f o r e li S left t o u s th eir up-a n d-coming unde r class m e n Top row, left to right : Ray Do yidson. S. A Representatiye; Mik e M c N ev in Treasurer; M r Piper, sponsor; ond Som Maphis, Vice-President Botlom row, Leana Hart, Secretary; Kore n Saum ond Sally A c k erman, S. A. RepresentaTiYes

    PAGE 35

    PAGE 36

    letl to RING COMMITTEE Richord Abb ngl, Buzz B o I y Zemer Jack' 01, Dionne e r Fred Lee: Rich I e H utch on, Joyc e Daly,

    PAGE 37

    . II BIll DAWSON, Pr e sid e nl \Ve ll. w e are n o l o n ge r fres hm c n -\\(, h ave co m e int o th e lim elig ht. OUT uppe r classmen see m e d t o t ake n o tice wh e n we walke d by. \ V e w e r e n 't afraid t tl co n side r ourse l ves as pa ri o f B.H .5. n o\,! OUT officer s h e l p e d u s more than an yo n e e l se b y havin g u s includ e d in all B.H.S:s fun pro udl y g ive tribute t o Bill Daw so n. our nev e r failin g Preside nt : Jule n e P age. hi s great es t h e lper a nd our Vice Pres id e nt : Anll \V es t. our e xtra-sp ec ial Sec r e tary: and No b e l 01 '53 and R oscma r } Ii olia nd c r. th e best S.A. R e p r esentatives in B.H. S .. w h ose alte rn a t es. Bill K as k a a nd J e nn ye S teph e n s. \\I:' T(' a l wa ys right o n hand t o t a k e ove r. \ V e and th e fr es hm e n go t acquainte d r ig ht off whi l e h aving a grand lim e a t our So ph o m o r e Fres hm e n Frolic W e'll a l ways r e m e mb e r th ose w o nd e rfu l f oo tball g am es and th e bi g thrill o f th e seaso n -that J acks-o n Hi g h -Ba lb oa H igh tu ss l e. Our dances parties and pic ni cs fill e d th e yea r with m o r e th an jus t fun. On e o f th e biggest trea t s was th e ni ght. o f our ver y OIVII Sadi e H awk in s Dan ce I t has o n e o f th e biggest. e\le nt s o f th e yea r. an d w e w e r e th e o n es w h o d ese r ve th e c r e dit Tha t's so m e t hin g we were all pro ud of. W e acquire d man y h abi t s and fad s fr o m our uppe r c l assmen whi c h bro u g ht u s ri g ht up alo n gs id e th em. All o f u s became strands in th e r o p e o f fri e nd s hip Ih a t h as bound u s f o r eve r t o goo d o l e RH.S A s \\C ('lite r our jun i o r yea r. we h o p e th a t that yea r w e ca n d o as w ell in our s tudi es a n d h ave as ;nuc h fun as w e h ave had ill thi s. o u r g r an d so p h o more year. left 10 rig hI William Kosko and J e nnye Sleyens, S A. Ahernoles; Miss A l ice Candee, sponsor; H ollande r and Noble Hollodoy, S A R eprese nlaliv e s

    PAGE 40

    I Ray and Jule n e getting ready for th e Piggy Back Rate 01 th e Soph. Fro s h Frolic

    PAGE 41

    .BRUCE QUINN, Pr e sidenT LefT 1 0 righ l : MildrEd Dom erau, Secretory; and Abdie l Flynn Vice-President oJ '54 The fir s t f e\\ \\ceks we w c r e excite d but s c -a-re -d! But w h e n eve!'} b od) jus t seellled to accept u s. \\c f elt pleased and f ell ri g ht into s l e p with our uppe rcl assrnen. The sophs g r e\\ a cquainte d \\ illl u s qui c kl ) beca u se the) r e aliz e d h ow hard it i s t o g e l adju s t e d in B.H. S. The) h a d entered th e )Caf b e f o r e. a nd th eir m emories o f b eing fr eshme n C f e s tili fr es h in th eir lIlincls. H elllcmbe r h o\\ K e llll ) Lee climbed th e grease p o le? And 110\\ abo ut th e l a u g h s we got when Dan Gressa n g and Anne Vi le) \\('nt int o the Pi ggy Ba c k Race! \1;' e"re SUfe no olle could f o r ge t the Sack Race e \ e r) thO s t e p s so m eo n e Q uid fall. No t a o n e of us can ea) \\e didn't lunc one o f the grandest tim es t o b e had thi s )car at our F'rosh-Soph Frolic. Our o fficcr s see m e d t o s t a nd o ut th e ni g ht o f our ve r y fir s t formal dance in 8.1-I.S. Ther all looked so ni ce that w e'd lik e t o g i ve the m s p ec i a l m ention. The o fficer s o f th e 'S4:?r--Bruc e Quinn. ou r "do or di e pres id ent: Abdic l FI)llIl. our athle ti c Vice-Pres id ent: f',llildre d Damcrau. our p e tit e and ac curate Secret a r y : Ed Sparro\\ s and Eileen F e liz. TH E S. A. H epresentati\' cs o f B. H .S. : and th ei r Alternates Ann Magee and H erH) P esco d jus t can't b e b e al. Aft e r th e p olio ban \\as lift e d, \\e started ri g ht in \\orking a lld planning for our Freshman Pi c ni c tu h e h e ld at SUlllmit. The fUll and lau g h s we had th a t cia) \\ ill n e H r b e f o rgott e n b) of us. N o\\ as \\c e nl e r o u r )car in 8.H.S .. H e prom i se t o make it e3si e r f o r "our" unde rcl ass m e n. \lIf e are looking f o rward t o anoth e r thrillpac k e d yea r o f fun and work in th e b es t o f sc h oo l s OUf own'! RH.S.

    PAGE 44

    Freshmon Picnic Committee: lap row, left 10 righl: Moriem Pol Trudeou, Wolle r Ruggles Anne Mogee, and Mildred Dom erou; middle row, left to righl: Clev e Sope r Eileen Feliz Suzonne Bose Abdiel Flynn ; bollom row, left 10 righT Henry Pescod Ann lowery, ond Kenny lee

    PAGE 45

    H OMEROOM R E PRESENTATIVES included the fo llowing: top row, lei! t o righl : Don Connor, Sam Mophis, fred Sill, Abdiel flynn; second row, left 10 righl: Dove Albritton, Don Ross, Ed Armistead, Irwin fronk, Chorlie Smith, Henry Pescod and Kenny lee; third row, left to rig hI: Arlene McKeown Sharon Garrison, Jackie McCoy Sue Shull, Joyce Gardner, Marge Wiley, Coila Goodin, and Arlene Schmidt ; fourth row, left t o righl: Niro Reyes Su:;i e Bose, leona Hart, Giu 'ianna Mariani, Ann Wiley, Mildred Damerau, and Ginny Selby HOME ROOM ALTERNATES, lap row, left t o right: Erasma Arias Roger Kelley Edgar Kaurany; second row, le ft t o righ t : Bill Wright, Bill Elton fred Callan, l uis Celerier, E mil Weltz; th ird row, left 10 righl: Koren Saum, Sheila fearon, Mary Jane Sylvester, Doris Cothern, Helen Thomas, Ann Gorman, Marion Evans Idy linares, Cora Canham; four t h row, l eft 1 0 righ t : Norine Dillman Marilyn Bevington Kay Crou, Barbaro ladd, Tibby No lan, Babe f lynn Joan Sprague, Ann lowry, Arden Cooke, Su e Johnson

    PAGE 46

    'WhoJ 'Who in 8.1-1. s. rn 0 S TinT ELL E C T U A L R s : LO L\ Y Pot-tial tJmUemd.

    PAGE 48


    PAGE 49


    PAGE 50


    PAGE 51

    mOST TAlEnTED MARGARET RYTER CARL POSEY ........................................

    PAGE 52


    PAGE 53


    PAGE 54


    PAGE 55

    BEST DAnCERS Mtu;k Ut.
    PAGE 56


    PAGE 57

    (!JW/, 2ueut. o.J PATRICIA I Our p e tit e Palt Walke r r eigne d supre m e l y throughout t h e evening of Morch 10 (IS also did th e Iri s h spirit. With h e r eyes dancing. s h e WtlS esc o rled to h e r thro n e and (rowne d Patricio I "Queen o f th e Shornro cks," by Terry F o r d S enior Clou presidenT. Att ending our b e a ul o u s quee n w e r e t h e foll o win g p r e tt y miu e s : Fronl row, left t o righl : libby Bowe n sophomore; A n n elle Godby, s e n ior; Mary Elle n K elly s e n ior; B u n ny Oi B ello sophomore; second row, lefT to righl: Tibby Nolon, ju n ior; Cecil R uss ell, junior; Queen Pat ricio I crowned by t h e Senior Closs pres ident, Terry Fo r d ; J o s i e Oi Bello f r e s h man; Ann e lowry, fres h m a n

    PAGE 58

    Mos t likely To Succeed 11,,/, 1<''''1. (,/I .. ,,, / h .. M.., ,,/1 .. ",1. ,:"" .. ",j A,," "ill ,0 I'" B es t Looking \"1,,,\ "/W'''/50''''', ""It,,1 """ .... 1/ "II R"lpll IJI 1/"" f.H .. H,,,I" u,"'p"/,, MOSI Tolenled for "/"/ to pltn tI, .. p'''''''. '"'' ,,,II "/",,,1 .. II ,," f, .. Mos t lik ely To Succeed SUZANNE SHUTT KEN WITHERS Most Talonted FRANCES DWYER JAN MIRROP Looking MARY ElLEN KElLY RALPH HULS Most Athletic MARILYN FLYNN CHARLIE UPDIKE /f'lil, pn,,,,,u/u'''$ lopJ ""II I.Q:I III" .. "' .. I ,,,,d (...... "",.I .. 0,,, "1/,,1/ "I f ,,"' .. ..

    PAGE 59

    . Wiflie$t FLORENCE McCARTY BASil HARR INGTON Be$t Dance r s BARBARA LADo TOMAS PASAMANTE Most Popular ANNETTE GODBY DAVID A LBRITTON friendliest MARGE WilEY JERRY JOHNSON Mast All -Around lETIC I A HElLWIG DON CONNORS friendliest Bes t '" ,h," ".:",(,'''''/ ''')11"" III (h." y",b '''''/ 1'",,,,,, /"'''/ ,It/;"'" Most All -Around

    PAGE 62

    The Balh o a Ili g h Sc hool Sludf'lIt A ssoc iati o n i:::;. th e h ub o f all th e sc hool a c t i v iti es. \Vith oul our S. A th e r e w o uld undoubte d l y b e almos t no soc ial lif e in sc hool. The S A C o un cil i s mad e up o f th e Student A ssoc iat io n offi cers f our r e p r esenta tiv es from e a c h cla ss alld a r eprese ntati ve a n d a h el'lHlte fr o m eac h h o m e r oolll. A I th e e nd o f th e year th e r e i s an e lecti o n f o r th e ::i.A. Preside nt f o r til(' f ullo iug )ear .. Hi" c ho se n fr olll th e Junio r C la ss. and cvC'!,)o n c ex cept th e se ni o r s lila) vo le. Elec ti o n s a nd campaig n. ing a r e b eco illill g m o r c p opular. a nd th e n o mineb pul post e r s up all o v e r sc hool t o s up port th e m Fra nk i\1a)o as Pres id e nt. a n d h e ahl) carri e d o ut all hi s ideas. Frank. \\ell kn o II t o all hi s class m a t es h a d th e ir support thro u g h out th e )ear. Frank also h e lp e d t o "spark up" our se houl s pirit and mak e u s b elle r sc.:hool c iti ze n s H e has '\(111 th e admi ra t io n a n d reSpf'el of m all) and all th e ere dit ill th e w o rld f o r making thi s )ear Ollf' o f th e g r eatest. Som e thi n g n e w was adde d ill th e way o f v ic e presidenl thi s year. H e was c h ose n fr orn th e pre v io u s s up h o m o r e cla ss. and th e e x c cll e nt c h o ice was Clair C od b y I-Ie. loo. h a s done mu c h t o h e lp mak e th e S .A. a c r e dit 1 0 B.II. S. Cla i r w o rk e d cl ose l ) w ith Frank and l oo k som e o f th e l o ad. B t'causc uf th e w o rk invo l ve d. th e r e \\c r e two n ee d ed: Ann e tt e Cod h ) and Pall \Val ke r \\('T e a pp o int e d Eve r y h Ollie r oo m p e ri o d ) o u could see th e m hard a t w o rk writing le tt e r s mailing bills. o r ('Qunting m o ne). The i r s \\as a n e v c r-ending j o b. The 5.A s p o nsor s all th e sc h oo l dances includin g th e Elk s C lub d a n ces: all our s p orls a c t i v iti es includ ing ti c k e t sa l es unifo rm s. tra n s p o r t a ti o n f o r th c t ea m : j o urll alis m. s p eec h. and dra malics: a nd it handl es a nd r a i ses fund s s p ollso r s all dri v es. and 3\\a r d s f o r o lh e r sc h oo l < l c ti v itieg. An S.A. Broth e r ond s i s l e r t eom up t o do imporlonl work in Ih e S A H e r e ore "Our Godbys" Ann e lle, s e cr elory, ond Cloir, vice pre sid e nl

    PAGE 63

    Straight from th e States for the I sthmian B owl. th e Miami Jackson boys get their fint g l impse of Panama member rct:c i vcs a )car's subsc ripti o n t o our sc h oo l paper. th e Parrakeet, and se ni o r s are g i\ e n th e ir ZOflialls fr ee o f c harge. This yea r th e 5 A. s pon so r e d th e M iami J ac k so n game a t r ellle nd o u s und erta kill g. Money i s obtain e d f o r th e 5 .A. a lld th e v nrio u s a ctiv iti es thro u g h sa l e o f 5.A. tic k e t s. ad se llin g a n d f ro III gat e r ece ip t s a t th e gam es. plays. a nd sc h oo l dances. Tilt:.: 5.A. m ee tin gs a r e atl e nd e d b ) all th e 1I0llie rou m represent atives. T h ey. in turn. r e p orL L o th e s tud e nt s aboul th e matt e r s di sc u sse d. lVlee tin gs a rt" nut regular. but w h e n a n ) thin g o f imp orta n ce IIlle ma) be calle d. 1 \11' Hatc h e tl. S.A. adviser. a nd P owell. as s i s t an t advi se r. \\c r e a l ways th e r e t o l e n d a h e l p in g ham!. The) kn e \ \ jus t h ow t o handl e all th e fin a ncial matt e r s a nd wer e alllong th e r easo n f o r th e s u ccess ful year The spirit of B H S was brought out in our pep by thos e peppy cheerleaders Mr. Hatchett and Mr Powell look pleased aver th e returns f ro m th e sale o f ti ckets for the I sthmian B owl Everyone enjoyed the Elks Club dances after thos e footboll games

    PAGE 64

    Here' s to our eight losses and baton twirler who went "all-out" to boost S H S.'s undying spirit. Lang will be remembered the lively and original pep-rallies, the fight-to-win posters, th e yells in the halls, and at night th e endl ess cheering for 01' S H S Come on Bolboo do your best! Drive em hard, and strive to win! Come on Balboa don' t give in! Our nifty nine were (upper left V ) Frances Dwyer, Joan Sprague (Captai n ) Koren Saum, Celeste Powell (CoCoptain) George Capwell ( twirl er), Coila Goodin, Gayle MacDon-ald. Margaret Ryter and S e th lockridge

    PAGE 65

    One day uur Balb oa Bulldu gs e m erged fr o m th e grind o f daily prac ti ces s hook o ff th e mud. and putLin g th eir minds on som ething b es id es t ack lin g. blocking and pa ss in g e l ec t e d l o vabl e Barbara J o nes 1 0 r eign a<:. Queen B arbara I thr o u g h out th e F oo tbaH Season. Chosen a l o n g with our lovel y queen w e r e th e la sses. Garle Mac D o n a ld and l oanie S pra g ue. Queen Barbara r eigne d whil e tho usand s including local celebriti es a ll ended Ih(' Miami gallle. M;,u at '51 2ueeH. BARBARA I at

    PAGE 66

    End o f a tlte 1_ Balboa High Bulldogs u _ ,.-\:\\1 \

    PAGE 67

    " /-:. /

    PAGE 68

    o ur h eorh Hoh off t o th e full co s t f o r th e i r lop notch performonce Ollr 1'011'11 \\
    PAGE 69

    TTH HEIGHTS NOV /5-/6 8 :00 PM Left 1 0 righl lop picture 01 Ihe leh, J McCoy N H:>lIodoy M McNevin, A. Hogborg Top righT C. Glassburn, B Wilkenson. J Gibson, R H ollander. L Hart, B Elmendorf M. folk Center, G Foreman, K H Griffi h R Bryon lower tefl: M Wo!sh S Morley, J Johnl0n, R Pet enon, A Hogborg. M Wil e y, P frazie r S leme r O Albritton lower righ t : 1. Ford N Holladay, G Foreman

    PAGE 70

    1 The lolkedobout gown in t o wn Joan perfect party formal tien of b lock net over bright red taffeta 2 "Cookie" Jackson in Ihis orgondy stunner 3 Dainty and demure, H elinono f es t ive with it s sparkling stone bullans, wilt top off any high school oHair 4 Holiday lim e wh e n Miriam Cornej o w ears Ihis creolion 5 Ann M o rrill will be Ihe main attraction of any fas hion s how in Ihi s dream e n se m b l e of fucshia and while net 6 Coila Gooden in nel liers which grow wider a s they descend to a fullneu 7 what Morio olway, wanled-a doshing formol with and skirh of gray ond pink n e t B B e lly Wilkin s on in a two.pi e c e beauty of pure whit e brocade, skirt of green n e t 9 B ewitching i s th e word for Yolando Bull wh e n poses with an while su n dreu adorned with lu strous red loffe to 10. A hondembroider e d monogram spelling Goy Edward's nome 11. Flor e nce Creceliu s will always b e "laps" with this formal hoYing s croll appliques o n Ih e laHeto

    PAGE 71

    These prett) sellorilas wert:: chose" b)' m embf'rs of Ihe ."panish Clllb 1o reign O l e r ,h e Ca rll ilia! seasun. Qll een I /a ria is modeling a pollem, nolive COil/lim e of (J ci l)bred POl/all/ol/iol/ girl. H er ot/ellr/olil s are wearing (l 111011111//0, 'he chorocteriil t i r dress of 'he coull tr ) girl Seated: Moria Brassfie l d Queen. Standmg: A lvorado, Morilyn Toledono

    PAGE 72

    siosm for music ond our inspiring Mr Bron s t e Uer owoke n our tolents W e moy hove mis.ed o ur (hristmo!o Music Progrom, but we'll olwoys remember the procession of girls in white wal king to th e stroins of Adesl e Fidelis Mr. Neil Br a n s t e tt e r u r "Bnlnn) h e i s calle d. has l e d u s thro u g h anoth e r s u ccessful yea r. His fa vo ri t e sayin g. I s h o uld b e a s l av e drive r i n s t ea d o f a teach e r Illa y be ri g h t. but a s a teacher h e ha s ce r t a i n l y tu rn e d out so me superb prog r a m s T h i s )car h e t au g h t th e c h o r u s sUllie b e autiful s elec t i o n s f o r th e Chris t ma s P rogram. bu t u nfortunat e l ) i t had l u b e c alled o ff b ec au se o f th(' poliu c p i dClni c A highli g ht o f th e rear. 1I0\\('\,cr. \\a5 th e r ecordi n g o f th e H alle l uj a h C h o ru s t o b e p layed f o r a w o rld a udi e n ce o \ e r Arme d F o r ces r a di o s t a ti on. The r eco rd in g wa s h eard locall) o n Chri s tmas Eve as b ac k g r ound mu s i c f o r a Chri s tmas s l o rr W h e n th e ZOllioll weilL t o p ress. \\"

    PAGE 73

    With .... ide-open arms and g e t in tune," that' s "Branny" the job w e r e h o pin g th e polio ban \,o uld b e lift e d ill tim e f o r ou r S prin g Prog r a m \Vith th e s ound o f th e i n strume nt s luni n g up. th e fir s t cla sses o f Band and Orc h estra b egan. The fr es h m e n and o th e r n e\\ m embe r s o f th e t\\' o cla sses l ea rn e d th e mu s i c. and b ) th e tim e th e fir s t p c p rall y c a m e around. th e band's O n Bal b o a "as pe rf ec t. The band pla),ed for all o f our p e p ralli es and fOOl ball g,lIl1eS, B ec a u se of th e polio ban. th e o r c h estra ha s pe rf o r med only o n ce. The orchestra creatin g the me lodie s that "soolh I h e savage beosl" The chorus making a r ecording of th e Hall elujah Chorus in th e Balboa Theate r Plan s r o r th e Spring Mu s i c F estiva l includ e d se l ec t i olls b ) bane!. o r c h es t r a a nd c h o ru s whi c h w e r e t o b e prese nt e d in the uppe r g) 111 f o r th e s tu de nt b o d ) and th e puhlic. A f e w o f th e numbe r s sc h e dul e d w e rE' ""Th e World I s Wailing F o r The Sunrise : ""The H ills o f 1I0Il1e.' "Dark E)es. and Carme na Wallz since r e l), h op e th a t th e e ff o rt s of all th e s tu d e nt s a nd th e ir capabl e in struc t o r. i\1 r. N e i l Bran s t e lt e r. will h e r e ward e d thi s spring i n th eir prog r a m Hals off 10 Ih e band! The y w ere 01 Ih e games and p e p rallies 10 help us on 10 victories and glories

    PAGE 74

    The Honor Guard for Governor Francis K N e wcomer p e rform e d by Company A of th e Balboa R O .T.C. Unit commanded by Cadet Copt Roy Tuck e r and directed b y M /Sgt. George F Wood \Vith a rise in military d e m a nd a nd e du c a ti o n thro u g h o ut th e world. th e B a lboa Hi g h Sch oo l R.O:r.c. h a s o ff e r e d its fir s t g r oup of traine d in d ividu a l s in th e field of military sc i e n ce a nd t a ctics These se n i o r s h ave partic ipat e d in th e expans i o n o f thi s o rgani za ti o n since it s ori gin three years ago. They r e m e mb e r th e ir fir s t w ea p o ns classes. th e in s t ru ction in milit a r y o rgani za t i o n in class. th e h our5=o f drill and exe r c i se o n th e fie ld I n th eir third yea r they w e r e give n th e op p ortunity t o teach ca d e t s w h o wer e in the ir fir s t o r seco nd yea r o f R.O.T.C During th e fir s t part o f th e yea r. th e Co rp s put o n its fir s t r eview f o r Dr. L aw r e n ce J o hn so n a nd Mr. S i gurd E sse r. MI'. Theo H o lz was al so h o n o r e d at thi s r ev i ew. w hi c h was h eld o n O c tober 26. The f o\ l owing r ev i ew. h eld Novem be r 1 4 in h o n o r o f th e S. A. r eprese ntati ves. was n o t so s u ccess ful. a s th e Cadet Officer!. of Balboa R O T.C. l eft to right, fir s t row (sitting) : Cade t Copt. T ucker Cadet Copt. Celeri er, Cadet Copt. J oyce, Cadet Lt. Col Mayo, Cadet Maj Browder Cadet Copt Moquire, and Cadet Copt. Mophis; second row (standi ng ) : Cadet lst L t. Po somonte, Cade t lst Lt. Abbott, Cade t 2nd Lt. Blakeley Cade t h eave n s p oure d f o rth all th e ir soaking. tro pi c al Il i q uid ) s un s hin e. The r evie w h e l d Nove mb e r 30 for C o l o n e l Ric h a rd so n Sel ee and Dr. L aw r e n ce J o hn so n wa s pe rf o rm e d w ith all th e g litt e r and da s h c har ac t e ri stic o f our R O.T. C. Unfortunate l y th e r e view sc h e dul e d f o r D ece mb e r ] 4 was ca n celle d because o f th e ris i n g polio cases The h o n o r s bes t owed up o n th e ca d e t co r ps in cl u d e d the G o v e rn o r 's C up. w h e r eo n th e b es t Mill ca d e t had his nam e e n g r ave d. O th e r awards wenl t o m e mb e r s o f th e r ifl e t e am f o r th e ir s u pe rb m a rk s m an s h ip. Awards presente d b y pro min e n t o rganiza ti o n s on th e Zon e wer e bes t owe d u p o n th e bes t co mpan y p l a t oo n squad a nd indi v idual during th e annual Fie ld Day. This yea r marke d th e ins t a llati o n o f Com pani es D a nd E a t Cri s tobal. This n ew o rganizatio n par-2nd Lt. Pitman Cadet 2r'1d Lt. Alimon Cadet lst L t. Burset Cadet 2nd Lt. Plic e t and Cadet 2nd Lt. Thompson The Drill T eam of Balboa High School R O T.C. Drill Moster, Cadet L t Col Mayo; A ssistant Drill Mo s t e r Cadet Maj Browd e r

    PAGE 75

    scoring winners The one and only R O I.e. Batlallion Stoff lowering the colors I il'ipat c d ill Ilu:' s l r Ollg compe l il i o n a t Balbua S t adiulIl a t th e anllual Fie l d Da). The s u ccess o f thi s )e3r i s attribute d t o the guid a nce o f ,\Ia j o r Wa)'ne L. BarL and LL. Ra) M. Golden with th eir p a ti e nt and understandin g s t a ff: M as t e r Sergean L s George F. W oo d. K enda l l B. M cClure. Frank Yarbro u g h a nd Spencer E. Luke r Fra nk Ma)o's lead e r s h ip as Battali o n Commande r "as r e o flec t e d ill th e s nap and prec i s i o n o f th e Corps in th e r evit"ws and m a r c h es On th e w h o l e. d i sappointm e nt s we r e lI1e l and con q u e red w hil e honor s were g iven \\ ith jus t i ce. The real s u ccess o f this )ear has th e esp rit d e co rp s di s p layed b ) evc r y individual in hi s (Il1e mpt t o m a k e thi s Corps onc o f th e b es t. (ompony B : Sponsor, Celeste Powell ; Commanded by Cad e t Copt. C e lerier; directed by M / Sg" Kendoll B McClure Company A : Sponsor, Joan Sprague; Commonded by Code' Cop,. Tucker; directed by M / Sg" Wood

    PAGE 76

    1 1 Above: These boys work on o n e of their proje cts for th e year in th e w ell-equippe d woodshop B e low: Malh 1 2 i s mode (I very pleasant course for many seniors by Mr Edward Hotchett Above: The girl s do e x e rci s e s in th e ir modern gym. The boys gym downstairs has jus l been completely modernized B e l o w ; With the instruction of M iss Beatrice Gordner, these stu denh 'urn Qui carve d soap figures, posters, fantastic masks, and many other works of art

    PAGE 77

    T o t h e rig ht ; Mr. Oliver' s wit ond personolity h e lp moke Sponis h 0 populor course with Bo:boo High School stude nt s over holf the student body is enrolled in 0 Sponish course Above; Mr Fischer' s juniors leorn th e fundomentols of chemistry in our modern loborotory Below ; B H S freshmen study ond report on interesting vocotion s in Miss Morie Weir' s Vocotionol Guiaonce doss Above Thi s small group from Mr. Fronk Sowyer' $ Speech.Drama closs rehearses one of th e ir oneoct ploys Below, Mr Edwin Pip e r explains his H elmholtz stotic e l ec tricity generolor to on int e r es l e d phys ics doss

    PAGE 78

    CLINIC AIDES f rom left 1 0 righl E s t elle Crowder Mary Hollander, GeorgiHol e Celina Sonse n Flor e nc e Loo. Louise Harris Minerya Angul o PARRAKEET AD SELLERS from left 1 0 righI IranI row : Dorothy Capwell, Nore e n Dillman Edna Hart, Lilo lou Womock, H e l e n Kriet e; second row: Rene F e uille. Tommy Calanzaro COUNSELORS' AIDES From l eft 1 0 r i g hI fronl row : Margaret C lement Marlene Jeppson, B e th lockridge, Sylvia Swift louise Ro ..... land; s econd row : Naralie Roche. Morguerile Bouch e LIBRARY ASSISTANTS From l eft 1 0 righI f ro nl row : leo Romero, Fanny Hincopie. Miss Katherine (tork, Eugenio Espial). Mary Hommo, Jane Buckeloo, Alic e Hogberg. Shirley Million, Kath e rin e H e b e rt ; second r o w : Josie Oi B e llo Coral Harris, Donna Lee F ische r Cynthia Evorh, Sue Johnso n Helen Barr, Goy Edwards; Thir d row: H ector M irando, Joan Read, Marguerite Bouche, Mary B e th l ewis, Mitzi Siegel, Coro Conhom, PoT Morrit z ZONIAN AD SELLERS From left 1 0 right fron t row: Arlene McKeown, Zo e Ann Karst Dor othy N eckor, Elle n Wolker, Joan SCali, libby Blitch Frances Dwyer, Corolyn Smouse, Suzanne Ferguson BorbOfO Jones; second row Pot N eckor, Sally Ackerman, Joyce Johnson, Sora Sokol, Y vonne Kouppermann Marge Wiley, Peggy lowe, Colleen PorkE'r ; t hil d row: Beth lockridge, Joan Sprague, B e lly Wilkin son, Ann E.Jwords linda Btesh, Celes t e Pow e ll, Edith Beouchamp; f o u r th r o w: I David Albritton

    PAGE 79

    from l eft 1 0 righI fronl row: George Capwell, Don Conne r N o b l e H ol la d a y ; second row : Goy Edwards, Arlene McKe own E laine Smit h Marge Wi ley; I hird row: Fred Sill Don Ross REFEREES CLUB From lefl 1 0 righI, row: G ladys Posomonle, J oyc e Ma t o lo n J ean M o l a l o n V i o l e t Sco tt Ma r i o Jackson; second row : B e tty Ruiz, Bever l y Roson, Joyce Collinge. Joyce Johnson, J ennye Slephen$, Rosie Alvarado; Ihir d row : P o l N eckar, Nira R e y.::s, P o t Fos l e r Joan Forbes. G loria A lvarado, Mary Dillon Miss P ot t e r sponsor L ABORATORY ASSIST ANTS from l eft 1 0 righ l ; lambert Ba)Cter, Basil Harrington, Barbaro S ho w, Cecil R ussell, Sue S hutt Connie T reff inger, Don Gressong, David Otten from left to righI, IranI row: B eve rly Rosa n Kay H erbert f lor ence McCarly, Joan Van Vliet, Elain e Smilh, Ar l e n e McKeown Carolyn Smouse, Merry Mallon, Pot Walker, Barbaro Jones, Tibby Nolan; second row: Noralie Roche, Gay Edwards, RO$emary Hollander, Anno Galloway, Shirley Zemer, Sora Sokol. Mary E l l e n Kelley, Barbaro lodd, louise Glud; third row: Dion e Skin ner, Marge Wiley, Pol Neckar, Sue Shull, Libby Blitch Amalia Osi9ion; fourth row, Don Ross, Miles Pace, Norman Harber, John Riley, Augustine Fonseca, George Capwell, SIe ve Borr e lier Roman Morale s OFFICE AIDES From left to right, fron l row: Marilyn flynn Mary Dillon lyao lou Wol mack Mory Jackson, Joan SCali Sara Sokol, Moria Di Bello ; second row, Ann Edwards, Helen Krid le, Su e Shull, Elain e Smilh, Su e Hommerschlog, F lorence Crecelius, Yvonn e Kouppermonn, Doroth y Capwell; third row : Arlene McKeown, Connie P r i ce, Marl F l yn n Jack ie H Celeste I A n n I

    PAGE 80

    SQUIDS OSMOSIS UNGULATES ARE THE RAGE Members of the Biology Club ore, firs t row, left to righ t Joyc e Collinge Maria Ali. Rosemary H o llander, Mellonder, libby Bowen, lIeona Hanson Barbara Show; second row: Flor e nc e lao, Dionne Hanrahan. Doris Cothern, Joyce Johnso n Joan Boron, Pol Fos l e r ; thire row: Roger K e l ley Russell Pier son, Donol d Tri be. Henry Cruz SIT STILL! SMILE! HOLD THAT POSE! ONE MORE!! Members of th e Camero Club ore, f i rst row, left 10 right : Jon Broderick. Fernando Alegre. Paul Smith, RicorQO Gonzoles, James Steel, Bill lodd, John Butler, H e nry lee. John Riley; second row: Ori e l Jacinto, Beth Hatche tt Dione Skinne r Coral Sue Thompson. Eve lyn Molyn eaux, Briseido Jacinto, Pot Dunning. Franci sco Prieto, Margue rit e N eal, Ann Cramer, Jone Buckoloo. Ade l e Mei$sn e r ; third row Sergio Roudoles, Ann e Magee, Marion Evons, Rosario Moreno, Sonia Asen, Annette Barrett, Gloria Samson, Donna Ros setti Mary lou Allen Joan Reed, Barbara Fisk, Ina Russell, Anne Mulligan; fourlh row: G eorge Thullen, Pablo Chung, luh Ho Joanne H ummer, Gay Edwards, Shirley Million Kurl Mensel, Simon Foygenboum, Tom Calonzoro, Bill Boiley, Do ve Olle n Calyin Fishbough; fifth row: Noble Holladay, Chorles Hond, Mr. Fronk Wilde r C leveland Soper, Herberl Kelley, Orie l Guerri ni David Dickson, Harol d Bradford, H ector Miranda

    PAGE 81

    HERE ARE B.H S .' s TEST TUBE AND BEA KER BREA KERS Members of ChemisTry Club ore, firsl row, left 10 righl: Dionne Hanrahan. Flor e 'H e loo, Briseido Jacinto, Susie Hommerschlag; second row: Morvin Smith lomber' BOltle r, Jacob P I ice Jack C l ement; T h ird row Wi lliam E lton Ed Browder, Cesar Solamino, Roger Kelley, Elia s Entebi GilberT STli lh B AC H BEETHO V EN BEB OP-ALL ARE ENJOYED Members of Ihe Music Club ore, first row, lefT to righT Heliono Filo s, Angelo Vallejos. Carmen Man, Joyc e Chenolloy, Mary Jocbon, Lila Lee. Idy Linar es; second row: Renee Peterson, Joyce Johnso n Joyce Motolo"_ J ean MOlo!on Cynthia Evarts, Rosemary Hollander. Libby Blitch Briseido Jacinto, Margarita Chombonnet; third row Celina Sanson, Mildred Dom erou. Undo Bles h Marge Wiley, So r a Sokol. Yvonne Kouppermonn Mo ri o A l i ; fourTh row: Joan Forbes. Mary Rose, Yolanda Bull

    PAGE 82

    WE 'RE PROUD OF OUR HONOR SOCIETY AND ITS REQUIREMENTS SCHOLARSHIP LEADERSHIP, CHARACTER AND SERVICE Members of Ihe N o tional Honor Societ y ore, f i rs l row, left 1 0 righl : Florence Lao, Frances Dwyer; secon d row: Celest e Powell Annette Godby, Louise Glud, Susi e Homm enchlag; T h i rd row: Suzanne Shut:, Soro Sokol; fourt h row: Rog e r Kelley Yvonne Kouppermonn, Ed Browd e r ; tilth row: Terry Ford, Cesar Solomino TRADING STAMPS-COLLECTING ST AMPSEXHIBITING STAMPS-IT'S ALL FASCINATING! Members of Ihe PhilotellC Club are, first row, left 1 0 right. Jacob Plicel, leo Romero Jock Clement, George Thult e n Jorge Chung. Jose Tom ; second row Lambert Baxter, Guilionno Morioni, Mary Jackson, William Dawson; third row: Andrew Esslinger Donald Tribe

    PAGE 83

    A SCREEN, A PROJECTOR, AND FILM-AND THESE PROJECTION E XPERTS ARE READY TO WORK Members of Ih e Projection Club ore, lirs t row, left t o rig hI: Bert Mollhews, Bill Boiley, Albert Evo n s, louis Sanchel, Albert Z e bede, Morris Harori; second row, Moryin Smith l ucy Driscoll Marguerite Neal Enrique lIopis; third row: Shirley Mill ion, Pol Trudeau. Connie Glas s burn Alic e Hogborg. Mary Sie g e l Joanne H ummer; fourlh row: E n d Boland, T om Colonl0ro, Charles Simms MY THE THINGS THAT MAKE UP A RADIO! IT'S AMAZING-ISN' T IT? Members 01 Ihe Radio Club ore, left 1 0 righI, Gilbert Smith Moryin S m i th Mr. Richord C lo rk. Bill Bailey, Nestor Nollers

    PAGE 84

    " ALEGRIA A LO LATINO AMERICANO H ERE IS FUN THE LATIN WAY Members of the Advanced Spanish Club are, first row, left 10 right: Tomos Passmanle, Gustavo Troncoso, Carlos d e a Ossa, Edgor Kourany. Oscor Kourony, Joime Solos. Rolando linares, Erosrno Arias, Jorge Barnett, I van Garcia, Pedro Perez; second row: Flor e nc e L oo, Norma Retolly Nydia Dsl r e o Rosie Alvarado. Mario Elina Brassfield Mary Jackson. Bris eido Jo(into, Morilyn Toredono. Casildo etaterranos. Christina Cast e llanos. Miriam Ungo, Carmen Mon, Yolanda Bull ; third row: Mr Allan Word, E fi'o lee, Marie Ali, Celina Sonsan Amal io 05i9ion, Gloriel o Rosos Merc e des lora, B etty R uiz Edna Wontuk. l ic Soiz, G ladys Po somanle, Doro H enriquez. Aurila Carbone, Palsy Reese, Brunny lavergne; fourth row: ligio San c hez, P r i cillo Plice t N elly Sucre, Gladys Fons eca, E lsa Rosgal Rosario Moreno, Teresa Cherem; fifth row: S ergio Roudales, Jaime Boyd, Elias Ent e bi N e lda Lasso, Panama D e lvall e, Augustin Fonseca, Adil i o Arouz, Miriam Cornej o Margarit a C hambanne t, George Capwell, J ock Menas he Fra n cisco Pe r e ira, Leo Romero ; sixth row: Carlos Grifo, H ec tor Mirando, Rudy Ostre o M i k e Burs e tt Marco Raudales, Arturo Cermelli Cesar salamino, Marvin Smith Manuel FRESHMAN SPANISH STUDENTS PROMOTE FRIENDLY INTERAMERICAN RELATIONS Cardovez Members of the Beginners Spanish Club are, first row, left 10 right Jean Angstadt, Floro Lora Argelio Paveda, B e lly Flatau, Coral Sue Thompson, Ann lowe ry Merlen e Jeppson, Ann Panama D e l Volle Mary Rose; second row: Georgiana Hole, Virginia Turton, Elsa Qui ntero, Pol Rigby Sue Curdh, Solly Metzner, Sonia D e l Rio, Eileen F e liz Connie Treffinger, Francisco Pri eto; third row: N elda lasso, Anne Cromer, Moria Cambro, Ann Pace, Evelyn Mumma; fourth row E s teban Ortego, John Butler, Miss Claude Aycoc k J us t in Wong, Tom Catanzaro

    PAGE 85

    YOUNG WORLD CITIZENS PROMOTE INTERNATIONAL UNDERSTANDING IN U .N. CLUB Members 0 1 the U ni Ted Not ions Club are, Firs l row, left 10 right Pol Rigby, Rosemary Hollonder, Guilionno Morioni, Alicia Coloma, Sue Shutt. 50ro Sokol, Aurilo Corbone, Mogda Coloma. H e liono FPo5 Bris eido Jocinto; second ro w : 5u:on Bos e Koren Soum, Shoron Garri!>on, Palsy Reese Margarita (hambonnel, Yyonne Koup permonn, Angela Vallejos, Alice Hogborg. Shoron Siegfried, Gloria Samson; third row: Ed Browder, T ommy Roger Kelley, Romon Mora!n. Oriel Jacinto; fourl h row: Mike McNevin Morco Roudoles. Fred Sill, Mr Jomes Gartside. Cesar Sa!omina, Hector Mirando, leo Romero WITH SCHOOL SPIRIT A-PLEN T Y OUR SPONSORS KEEP B .H.S. ACTIVITIES W HIRLIN G Sponsors are, left 1 0 righl. kneeling Mr George lee, Biology Club; second row: Miss Nalolie Johnson, Music Appreciation Club; MilS Morgoret Whitmon, National Honor Satiety; Miss Claude Aycock 8eginners Spanish Club; t h i r d row, Mr Allen Word, Advonced Spanish Club; Mr. James Gartside, U N Club and Projection Club; Mr Richord Clark, Rodio Club; Mr Walter Fischer, Chemistry Club ond Philatelic Club; Mr Fronk Wilder, Comero Club; Mr 8ernord Mastel, 6 H S Photographic Sponsor

    PAGE 87

    ScIuJ ScIuJ qood "U Ba.L6oa I A beautiful foothall queen and h e r court ... Queen Barbaro reign s over foolho" 2 Talking ohoul molor scooters-then gal e m 011 h eol 3 Tho se cou ldn' b e siudenh in there-nol 01 night, lo a! .4. Smile hut give th e olhen a chance 5 We'll never grow up ... or maybe i t s ius' th a i w e don wonl 10 6 Hey th e re. Norma and Mikel Where' 1 the tropicol paradise? 7 Only one looking Our way? Who I '!. come over us? 8 A typical Saturday afternoon ... th e place where all of u s go 9 Oh, for mud lik e Ihis in Miami! 10. B e careful-you 'll ,ake off! A very canslruct;ve gym cion! 11. /It, l ovely dress on a loyely girl ... Ann primps for th e Fas hion S how 12 The faculty ho s the motor scoote r fad, too ... Mrs, Wesl and Mr Michel return fr om e fost rid e 13. Whot weuld B H S de witheut Bronn y ond his bend? I.e. Whet ere they? A both might help U$ to know! 15 Guess they ell knew where th e cemero ... th e t e om relexes ( ? ) before th e geme 1 6 No snow-but 0 b rute" Christ me s tree ... d ecoroting it wos 0 job too 17. Who' s thot en 'he right? 18 The f e llow s from M i omi were lops. hoted to see them l e e ve 1 9 No reindeer Who cores? Sonto mode it!

    PAGE 88

    (]heelz,j,ny (jwz, (J.H, to q.ame !)n BaUzeilJ.aJL, q.ooikdL, G-t ,t:/1Uf qa,me 1 Through snow or rain they come. 4 The chosen f e w show u s how it' s sup7 A very impreuive moment in on oclion-anything to gel 10 school posed 10 b e done pocked evening-the night of the Foolboll Jamboree 2 11 looks like on orange juic e squeezer. 5 (onvertibl e honor guord -whol 8 Wailing 01 the station 10 go 10 cheer You r e wrongit s (I developer" could they wonl? our favorites on to victory 3 Miss Poll e r s hows Ui how nol to ploy 6 Anything for laughs, but whol' $ this? 9. The classy hord-working Pep Squad in bosketbal l Ed studying? (I perfect V for Vic tory

    PAGE 89

    l1)un cd the m .faie OH, a,nJ eiliyh SchooL PLrup, :hrup 1. The b est p:oce for studying ( ? ) is by 4 Z ip se t s us straight Cli our very first 7 Everybody's 01 th e Elks C lub after th e th e coke machine class gel-togethe r gomes 2 Singing ( ? ) whil e we wailed for those 5 The "big g ears" always hurrying u s o n 8. Here ore the kids Ihol boosted our G e n erals" t o closs Zonian so les i n oclion! 3 So thol' s what th e y d o in gym closses-6 B e for e the go me the red n while gOlher 9 A l l these (oolen surel y mode those always foo lin g around fa cheer stands r ock!

    PAGE 90

    tach S"uk and PJ.!UeHJl", 'Wr,up /'IU1e4 PJ.cw;et 1 Our l earn how to perfect thi, stro k e from Coach Zemer 2 Thomas (lnd Morio celebrate carni vol lime in 8 H S 3 Three lov e ly lodies from Lady in th e Dark" 4 Everyone wonts their picture "took" riding to see a C. H S .,s S H S go me S The Army gives on iron lung demonslrolion for th e "March of Dimes 6 The cheerleaders and Spike finolly found lime for 0 picture 7 Jim picks up hi s corsoge just before the donce 8 The "dream people" from the ploy, Lady in the Dark 9 Bill Clnd Roy are helped by our Zip

    PAGE 91

    ( 1. ) Ro), (Li' l Abner) Dovidson ond Libby ( Doisy Moe) Blitch seoted on their Oogpotch throne ( 2 .) "Woit ),our turn! Cleve' s fint," so)'s Joe ( 3. ) Our blonde nightingole, Miss Simmons, helps Ihe sophs score o hit 01 the first donce in 51 ( 4. ) Girl choses bo)' ond mokes sure of her colch 01 Sodie How kins Donc e ( 5 .) Who wonls to sludy olone? ( 6 .) "Sodie" Brodley ond "Jughoid cop fir s t prize for th e mosl originol costumes ( 7.J The Arl c:osses helped with Ih e product ion of "lody in th e Dork ( 8 .) The Bulldogs were fovoriles with Ihese B H S coeds tho I day

    PAGE 92

    ( 1. ) Fred Raybaurne receives baton from Henry Crut to place second in the mile relay ( 2 .) Sam Mophis move s to receive the bolon in the 880 relay ( 3 .) Oscar Kourony places second in the medley relay ( 4 .) 80b Marris is plenty of competition for anyone who throws against him ( 5 .) Colonel Richardson Selee e njoy s the Balboa Relays wilh Queen Tibby and her COurt, Cecil and Bruni ( 6 .) Ted Norris victoriously breaks ribbon in the 880 relay ( 7 .) Dick Johnson breaks three broad jump record, ( 8 .) Jim Srody dears 6 1

    PAGE 93

    "Sue "-Clevelond Soper, second honorable mention ) / Tok e-o HIt-by DClvid OU e n third honorable m ention

    PAGE 94

    ......................................................................................... _. ._. ._._.. _. ._._._. J

    PAGE 95

    I .... I ..........

    PAGE 97

    Honorary Team Captain, Dick Johnso n The "Bulldogs" had a p o\\e rful tealll returning t hi s )C8r th o u g h the) l os t a numhe r o f l e ll erme n last rear. C redit is due 1 0 th e stude nl manage r s. \\ h ose \\ o rk \\ as clont hehind th e sce n es. If o u ever \\e nl into th e lock e r 1'00111. \ Oll ('o uld set' D oc" Albrj' ll oll tapin g th e bruises a nd sprains. Bi.1I Yerl es. "Ozark" Hrrzug. and H e llf ) P esco d h auli n g durn ml es. Special recogniti on for \\ hipping th e squa d int o s h a p e i s due t o Coach es J F a\\cett. G \""Iood. R Lit kin s. and \ V N o lan MIAMIJACK SON vs. S H.S. Approx imat e l ) 5 000 anxi o u s fan s werc p r csc n t t o wa tl' h th e VliamiJack soli \5. B H .S. f oo t b all classic. t h e fir s t game o f i l s kind in Canal Z Olle s p o rts. At 1:30 Balboa kic k e d o ff to Miami B e f o r e th e l\l iami bac k could t a k e m o r e Ih all a f c\\ l e p s h r \\as cut down in hi s Irach. A f e w plays l a t e r f ound B alboa in leh fa Righi, Bock Row: Bob Morris, Charlie Updike Fred Roybaurne, Bill Riley, Ray Davidson Frank Bryan Bill Underwood, Carl M eiss ner Fred Co"on, John Albritton Ed ROlhgober, Ed Kennedy Bill Forbes leh 10 RighI, Second Row Ray Nick isher, Dick Oslreo, Jerry Johnson, Dick Johnso n Irwin Frank Bill Full e lon Rod Ely Gene Bright Joe I Bob P e och.r. Paul Jomesson. Bob Dolan. lee p ossess i o n o f Ill(' hal l a nd s('o rill g b efon' th e game was w ell unde r \\ay. B e f o r e m a n y plays had b een run th e g ladi a t o r s o f b o th team s \\e r e cove r e d with t h e sea o f Illud w hi c h flowed be t ween th e goal p os t s. B a lboa. a lth o u g h outs iz ed. pu t up a wonderfully brave fig ht and. ('a pit alizing 011 th e brea k s trai led 01'11) i-6 a t th e h a lf tim e. A s th e second h a lf open e d. th e '-G e n era Is" sco r e d again. maki n g th e sco r e Football Managers: Dove Albritton Bill Yerkes, Jim Herzog. Henry Pestod 14. The ball see-sawe d ba c k and f orth until th r o p e n i n g o f t h e f ourth quarte r. The n Dick J o hn so n. s p eed) "Bulldog" h alfbac k. p o w e r e d hi s \\a) thro u g h th e ri g ht s id e o f th e lin e 011 a counte r pia ) t o go all th e wa ) f o r )ards and a t o u chdo\\n. bring in g everyo n e in th c s t adium t o hi s f ee l. t o m a k e th e scor e I The --Celina I s finall y cau g ht 011 ho\\ t o rUIl in th e s lim ) mu c k o f th e fie ld a nd t o r e u p th e Bulldog" line f o r t\\ O more louchdo\\n s. l\ext ) ear during th e Thanksgi\ in g th e \\ ill fI) t o l\Iiami. Florida. t o completf" th e h o meandhome" arrangement made \\ith th e "Generals." l eft 10 RighI Third Row : Andy Wright. leon H erring. Rona ld McConnell. Bob F inley. Jay Troup Ed Cae, Emil We lIz Som Mophis, leland Brooks, K e n Gorriso n Cl a ir Godby, Bill Ahmon left to Right Firsl Row : Jim Moy Rolph Huls, Dov e Sundquist Dave Schorr Dick Dillman Ch a rlie Smilh, Ed McKeow n Charles McConn e:l ... """ ...... .. .. L a_dd. Art Cermelli Bob I

    PAGE 99

    The "Ge.,erols" ond th ei r cooche) home word bound

    PAGE 100

    Poul Jome u o n carries th e mail againsT Cristabol whil e Sam Maphis and D ick Johnso n block C!oir G odby ond Ir wi n Fro nk mok e a s T o p whil e Dic k J o nnsa:'! Bob Morris Ralph Huh, ond Jim May close in on Trout of J .c. whil e Corl M e issn e r ond L e e Brooks come up in th e background B a lboa Hig h Sc h oo l o pellc d th eir scco nd ta ckle seasu n w ith th e "Football Jambo rcc" a t M O llnt I l o pc S t a diulli RH.S. f aile d t o s(:or e in th c qu arte r s pla)cd again s t C.Z,J.c. a nd C.1 1.5. but fini s h e d i n a d ea d h ea t with J.c. in th e IOO ya rd rela y and pla cf'd in th e p assing a nd placp ki c kin g. In th e fir s t game o f th e se a so n th e Pa c ifi c side r s k ept th eir s lat e d eal! b ) sco rin g th eir fifth win in rllan ) s t arts kn oc kin g C.11.5. 7 0. Th e "Bulld ogs ca u g ht th e Junio r College nap pin g in th e seco nd g am e. Th e hig h sc h oo l came o ut 011 th e l o n g e nd o f a 20 7 sco r e with L eo n lI erring a nd Dic k J o hn so n th e sco rin g h o n o r s. RH.S . hurt b y pe n a lties whe n th ey cos t th e m ost. d r o pp ed th e third gam e t o C ri s t o b a l 6 f o r th eir fir s t l oss o f th eir t ackle f ootball ca r ee r The --Bulld ogs" l os t th e ir l as t gam e o f th e c ur r e nt seaso n t o C.Z,J.C .. 19 0 in a hard.fo u ght gam e in whi c h B a lb oa jus t cOlildn'1 pu s h th e b all ac r oss. RI--I. S fini s h e d Ih e seaso n in se c o nd pla ec in th e Ca n a l Z o n e l eag u e II ith a n o th e r o f t ackle f oo lball ex perie n c e und e r th e ir belts.

    PAGE 101

    row, left 10 righl: Jimmy Morris, AI Seors, Bruc e Quinn, Dovid Otte n Edgor Joromillo Simon Foygenboum, Pedro P e r e z Corlos Joromillo Bock row, left to right: Vinc e nt leover, Don Connor, Mike Bunet, Dovid Oilton, Bill H enderson. J o hn Tschudy low ton BUller, Dovid Sundquist, Bill B eil This )car the swimming IC31l1 has had few lIJeet s with lIJost uf the m ca ncelle d because o f th e r eccllt polio epide mi c. O n e o f th e l a rgest m ee t s in w hi c h the Canal ZOlle boys p a rti c ip a t e d was h e l d in Panama. Alth o u g h 1I0 t a t ealll /Ilee t. they m a d e a n excellent s h o w in g \\ith D o n COllll o r takin g th e Swim a th o n. a 2300-yard s w im c h o ppill g four m in utes uff the previous record. Other s tars shilling in th e "A" class are Mik e Burse t a nd H ellry Cruz. L'p and comin g boys i n the "B"" class are A. Scars. D av id Mcilhe nn y and David Sunquis t. Don Connor, winner of the Swimothon The working out in the pool

    PAGE 102

    B H S.'sacepol e P aul Jomeuon vault er, Sam Mo p his speedy l o w hurdler J o h n A l britton gets sel l a th row th e discu s H e r e a r c th e cilld e r track boys ph u togra p h e d du ri n g pn.ICt i cc sess i o n s. T h e s peed burne r s a r e D i c k J o hn s o n a n d D i c k O S L r ea. D i c k J o hn so n w h o a l so b road jumps. b r o k e three r eco rd s i n th e B a l boa R e la)s w ith a leap o f twenty-o n e fee l. e leve n inc h es. I rwin Fra nk and C lai r Godby c hu c k th e s h o t w hi l e J o hn AI b r i tt o n a n d Bob M o rri s thro w the di sc u s H enry C ru z was o ut 1 0 b r e a k h is 0 \ \11 r eco r d in t h e mi l e a n d h a lf mil e. w ith E. K o u r all) ill th e mile a nd O oura n y i n th e h a lf mil e Sam M a phi s a nd P a ul J a m essoll CUlllpc t cd i n t h e p u l e va ult thi s yea r and Paul J a m csso n b r o k e h i s PWIl reco r d s kinltll i n g t h e low hurdl c:; a t 1 2. 3 seco n d s. I rwi n F ronk i s aimi n g for thai sho t record H e n ry Cruz s h ows off his w i nn ing form

    PAGE 103

    Jerry H o l s o l l tok es 0 o n e-honder Th ese "Bu l l dog" h oo p s t e r s w e r e p h o togra ph e d f o r t h e Z O fl;afl b e f o r e t h e i r se H S Oll o pe n e d. The b o y s pi c tu r e d h e r e are so m e th a t th e S p o r t s e dito r pre di c t e d w o u l d m ak e th e t c a m B I -I.S s h o u l d h a ve H stro n g t e a m r e t u r nin g thi s ye a r w ith s u c h J o hns" a s L eo n H erri n g a nd J e r r y H a l s a l l stre t c h i n g f o r th ose r e b o und s T o stre n g th e n th e s q u ad. th e r e a r e a f e w b oys co m ing u p f r o m th e J V s q u a d thi s year. a m o n g th e m Sam Maphi s B o b M orri s and R a y Da v i d son. Dic k O s l r e a and th e K oura n y t w ills H d d th e h i g h ge a r o f th e t eam. T h e Kourony twi n s doub l e troubl e for th e ir opponen ts Som M o p nis tokes 0 pus h s h o t l eon H e rring com e s i n for 0 fos t one 1hot'5 Bob Morris with h i s e y e o n th e hoop

    PAGE 104

    1 Outfielders, l eft t o right: O Kou rony, G Copwell, E Kourany, 5 Roe Winfrey s how s off his talented arm 2 Jerry Holman hi s in the pregame warmup 3 P ete fabrega 8ulldog's h eavy hitting fine boseman J Halsall, D Schorr 6 8 H So's ace re l i e f pitcher, fred R aybourne 7 We'r e ahead 6 to O Nolice the grins? 4 Those boilers really watch out for Jack Love's curve b oll 8 A flynn make a put-out at home

    PAGE 105

    ALL-AMERICANS ... JUNIOR GRADE Members of Ihe L elTermon's Club ore, standing left 1 0 right, D Johnson, F Colton, I. fronk. M Pace, F Roybou r ne. M Burs e t D Conner, O Schorr, O B ec ki e!!. P Jomesson; sealed, second row: D Dslreo, E Kourany, J So los, F Bryan H Cruz, Coach fawce tt ; first row : J Holmon S Maphis, C. Godby, O Oilman E Coe, D A lbrillon. Not pic tured: L. H erring, B Carlin, B Forbes R Winfrey, B Salas, J May, B Underwood. B Ril ey, B Peacher, C. Updike, R H uls R Nickis h e r R Dovidson B Morris C. M e issner K Gorrison, B Yerk es, J Henog, H P escod G LAMOROUS ATHLETIC AMAZONS Members of the Girls' A thleli c Association ore, standing, left to righl: V Selby, A 0 51910n. O Honronhon. S Flynn C. Pow ell, C. Goodin, G MacDonald, l. Hart; \..neeling: l. Giud, J Johnson, 8 Flynn C. Price E Joyce, K Soum, J Sprague, M Ryler; 5illing: A McKe own V. Scali F Dwyer J Sleiner, J Crowder, J HUlching s

    PAGE 106

    1. A LEAGUE All-STARS, left to right, top row; Mgr. S Ack e r man, V. S e lby O Hanranhan, Coach Ely, CoCaptoin A O sigian, M (ho,b urn J Forbes; second row: C. Goodin, A. Godby, CoC a p toin G MacDonald, N R eyes; firs t row f Dwy e r L. Hart 2 S LEAGUE ALLSTARS, lef! to righI, standing-J Gibbs, T Nolan, E Joyce, Coptoin J Hutch ings M Alle n V Scali E Giov elli; seated J St ephe ns J Crowder, D Coth e rn o H enrique:r 3 Cel e ste Pow ell gets set to spike the boll 4 A LEAGUE CAPTAINS standing, left t o righ l A Godby, D Hanrahan, V Selby, A Oslgion, C. Goodin, G MacDonald; kneeling: B flynn, J Sprague 5 B LEAGUE CAPTAINS left t o right, lop row: E Joyce, A Schmidt J Stephens, M Bevington, J Hutchings; middle row: 1. Nolan, M Homma E Giavelli ; f i rst row, V Scali D Henrique:r 6 Hey, rah roh! roh! rah! rah!

    PAGE 107

    Ji 'Wa4. tJ)un 'WiHtWfj "SUfU!'t fJut VOLLEY SEASON Captain s and team s pi c k ed. in i r a lllu rais got under \\3) in full s\\ illg. NOIIr o t a ti o n \,as introduced 011 AIIStar team s. and afte r muc h prac tice. the spikes. s lams a n d serves \\('f C p erfect ed. OUf s t a r s in the r e d and while p la)ed c r e dilahl ) \\ ilh College and C ri s l o h a l in v i e l O r), o r d f'fea t. GIRLS IN ACTION A n ell yea r
    PAGE 108

    The six girl s on t h e swimm i ng t eam are top row, lell t o right: M Molian, E Kelly J Mollon ; first row: M ford, A Schmid t P Rigby ; ( n o t pictured: H Edword s ) Our s wimming team coach e d b ) Mr. Bill Z Clllc r trained stre nu o u s l ) t o b e in s hape f o r th e April swim meet. \"'(' ith s wimm e r s like Helcn Edwards Mari l y n F o rd bo th o f w h o m h av e broke n r eco rd s. and E laine K elly RH .S. pros p ec t s werf' bri g ht. N c w l1ewcome r s w e r e added t o the te31l1 this )car J a n e and Merr y Malian. JVlc1"1") hold s th e Junio r o m e n s Nati o nal Div in g C h ampio n s hip in th e rnited S t a t es w hil e Jane s p ec ializ es ill backstro k e and c rawl. W e boast o f ha\ ing o n e o f C entra l Am e ri ca"s bes t swimming teal115

    PAGE 109

    Is Jenn y safe or au I? Softb all i s th e la s l s p o rt o f th e )ear so \\e can on l y name th e g irl s who h o p e t o m a k e AII Stars. The r e are se \ e r a l alla r ound a thl e t es "ho Hilltr) t o surv i ve th e nume r o u s bumps a nd bruises. T o som e o f u s w h o think it's impos.5ibl e t v s t a nd a t t h e pla t e and :soc k t h e bal l f o r a h o m e rUIi o r t o mak e a thro w t o fir s t accurate l),. thi s prosp ec ti ve AIIStar team i s read ) t o s h ow u s h o\\ it' s d o n e \\ h en it's tim e t o "pia) balr' in April. Bus h e l s o f o r c hid s go t o our coach \Iiss P o ti e r. w h o i s patie nt and unde r standing a nd has f ound a p la ce ill th e heart s o f RH.S. Carolyn Smouse is all se t 10 hit th e boll over Ihe fenc e Doris Cothern won t s l e ol seco nd Ihi s t ime You're oul!" s ays umpire Selby Some of losl yeors AII-Stors are, left to righI slanding; F_ Dwyer, C. Goodin, A Osigion, D Hanrahan, V. S e lb y, C. Pow ell, J Hutch in g s; seoted: G MacDonald, J Johnson, D. Cothern, J Stephens, l. Ho rl

    PAGE 110

    \Vilh a n e w s pa r kp l u g o f a coac h M i ss P ollc r ba s k e l ba l l inlramural,S gOI off 10 quic k slarl. G a m es \\e r e rUII off ill a t ourname nt. All S t a r s \\c r e c h ose n a nd afle r h ours o f h a rd prac li ce a nd ,, e ll pJa)ed games our h oo p s l e r s in th ose r e d uniforms came h Ollle w i th a w e ll earrlf'd c h a mp i o n s hip. l. A L EAGUE BASKETBAll CAPTA I NS left t o righ t : N R e y es, D Hanrahan, V S e lby M Chatburn, l. Hart, J Forbes, A O sigian 2 M e rry Mallon g E ls s e t for a fr e e s hot 3 B LEAGUE BASKETBALL ALL STARS, leff 10 right, top row. Mgr. Reyes, J Collinge, 1. Nolan, v SCali M All e n N todd; second row: J Stephens, .A.. Schmidt K H e b e r J Hutchings ; first row: J C rowd e r B Ailen D H enrique z 4 8 LEAGUE BASKETBALL CAPTAINS lef! to righ i sionding; J Gibbs, A Schmidt, M All e n T Nolan; sitting: V Scali, J H utching s 5 A LEAGUE BASKETBALL ALL STARS, left 10 righl. lop row: J Sharp, A O s ig ion, M Chalburn, D Hanrahan, J Forb es, V S e lby ; second row: A Godby, J Croaks, C. Pow ell, C. Goodin; first row' C. Price, Captain M Jackson 6 Scotlie" makes a fa s t pas s to h e r t e om mol e 7 Don l b e 100 eager!

    PAGE 111

    ABOU SAAD TEMPLE LODGE 14 BPOE Tel. 2 350 Tivoli Avenue T c l 2 1414 La Boca Rood AGENCIAS LUMINA S A BRENDA S FOR BEAUTY Tel. 3 1033 232 Central Avenue T el. 2 2111 So x 803. Aneon ALBROOK TAILOR SHOP CAFE PEPSICOL A Tel. 2240 A lbrook, Post Exchange T e l 2 1416 P O Box 3402 ANCON BEA UTY SHOP CAJA DE AHORROS Tel. 2 1322 Aneon Conol Zon e T el. 2 -0700 P O B ox 1740 ANCON TAILOR SHOP CAJA DE SEGURO SOCIAL Tel. 2 1882 Box 3198, Aneon Conal Zon e Tel. 2 -0840 CaUe 17 Oesl e No 76 ANGELINI CASA GILL Tel. 2-0356 179 Cenlral Avenue T el. 2 -3456 Cenlrol Avenue No 125 ARMOU R INCOR P ORATED CASA MARINE Tel. 2 2297 Oem Brid 16 Tel. 2 -2923 Avenue Central 26 ARANGO Y LYON S A CASA MOTTA Tel. 2 Colle I No. 22 Tel. 2 2671 P O 80x 693 AUTO SERVICE CO. INC. CASA REMHICIA T el. 2 1 881 T el. 2 -2840 Aven ue Cuba No. 15 0 CIA. AZUCARERA LA ESTRELL A S A ClVA, S A. Tel. 2 Avenue Aneon 86 Tel 2 0870 Avenue J K de 10 Osso N o. 14 BALBOA BEA UTY S H O P CLAY PROD UCTS COMPANY, INC T el. 2 2959 80x 10 08, D iablo T el. 3 0160 Vio Espano No 37 0 47 BESTFIT CLUBHOUSE DIVISIO N Tel. 2-1 509 Avenue Central 34 Tel. 2 1206 365 Frongipani Street BEST KEY & LOCK CO. COCOLI TAILOR SHOP Tel. 2 693 Tivoli Avenue No. 12 T el. 4 452 Coco Ii. Conal Zon e 1

    PAGE 112

    ............................................................................ . COLON MOTORS INC. T el. 2 1704 Box 1704, R de P COLPAN MOTORS INC. T el. 2 1033 Box 1575, Panama, R de P COMMISSION DE TOURISMO Tel. 2 2187 Palacio N oc ionol COROZAL TAILOR SHOP T el. 2 138 Corolol Box 3561 Ancon Conal Zone EL CORTE INGLES S. A. Tel. 2 1109 Box 341 Panama, R de P MAXINE COUCHMAN C L ASS OF 1948 CURUNDU BEAUTY SHOP T e l 866103 Box 176, Curundu CURUNDU TAILOR SHOP T el. 833193 Box 390, Curundu ALMACEN S. DAYAR T el. 2 1978 Box 547, Panama DURAN S T el. 2 -2226 Box 3393, Panama ECONOGAS, S A. T el. 3 0919 BOK 1039, Panama ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY T el. 2 2208 80x 31, Balboa FARMA CIA ARROCHA T el. 2 348 1 135 Central Avenu e MODAS 5 AVENIDA Tel. 2699 Avenue Central N o 96 FIRESTONE T e l 2 69 Colle Estudiante THE FORD CO. INC Tel. 3 -1257 Ave nu e Peru N o. 55 FORT CLAYTON TAYLOR SHOP T el. 5295 T el. 2 1773 Tel. 2 3266 Tel. 2 3 1 65 T e l 05 T el. 2 181 2 Tel. 2 1895 Tel. 2 0718 T el. 3 -0125 Tel. 832231 Fort C layton Tailo r Shop No 1 FOTO ASTRA Avenue 4 de J ulio N o 5 FlLOS BEAUTY PARLOR J Street No .4 FRENCH BAZAAR PlaIa de Santo Ana FUERZA Y LUZ 105 Central Avenue FULLER JEWELRY STORE 1 22 Central Avenue GENERAL PAINT CORP. H Street No 30 GOOD NEIGHBOR BAR F ranci!oco de 10 0550 N o 1 HASMO S A. Via Espana No 51 H I. HOMA BOK 2005, 8alboa, Conal Zon e

    PAGE 113

    HOMSANY & BROS. T el. 2-0078 Coi l e Colon N o 2 HOTEL TIVOLI T el. 2-2111 Aneon (0"01 Zone LA ISLA DE CUBA T el. 2302 Colle 13 Esle, 27 JOYERIA ANDRES PONCES ROJAS Y CIA. LTDA. Tel. 2 3056 Avenue Central No. 4 1 JOYERIA EL ARTE MODERNO T el. 2 0940 T e l 2 1026 T e l 20 641 T el. 2 1399 Tel 2 -2854 I N o 16 KODAK PANAMA, S A. Avenue Centro I No. 98 V LlCORES, S A Colle de 1 0 Osso N o 30, Api. 1474 LOTERIA NACIONAL DE BENEFICENCIA Box 21, Panama LA LUNA SEDERIA Av enue Centrol 34 MADURITO No. 100 Centrol Avenue MARIO GALINDO & CIA. S.A. T el. 2 2154 2 -2219 N o rt h Avenue No. 7 1 TUCKER McCLURE, INC. Albrook 4233 Curundu, (onol Zone INDIA MODERNA T el. 2 3 491 A venue Central, 131 THE NATIONAL CITY BAN K OF N Y T el. 2-1428 Balbo a Conal Zon e NEW YORK JEWELRY STORE T e l 2 -1347 Ave nu e Centrol, IS? NORTH AMERICAN TOBAl=CO INC. T e l 2 1959 Colle Juan B Soso, 21 GEO F NOVE Y T el. 2 3243 Ave nu e Centrol 279 NATIONAL BREWERY T e l 2 0880 Avenu e J F de 10 Osso N o 15 NASH AGENCIES Tel. 2 -1792 Calle Juan B Soso 21 OMPHROY S AUTO SUPPLY INC. Tel. 2-0810 Av e nu e Ho. Arosemeno y Colle 26 ble OPTICA SOSA T el. 2797 Box 1343, Panama ORANGE CRUSH T el. 3 321 9 Avenue Cuba 6 OTIS ELEVATOR CO. Tel. 2 23.42 Avenue Tivoli No. 1.4 PANAMA CANAL CLUBHOUSES MOTION PICTURE BRANCH Tel. 2 1648 Balboa, Conal Zon e THE PANAMA AME R ICAN T el. 2 -07.40 B o x 5037, Ancon, Conal Zone PANAMA A UTO S. A Tel. 3 3050 Avenue Jlo. Arose meno y Colle 30 Esle

    PAGE 114

    / PA NAMA RADIO CORP Tel 2 3364 Avenue Centrol. 29 PANAMA-TOURS T el. 2 -2006 Avenue Tivoli 18 PANAMUSICA, S A T el. 2 -0404 Avenue Centrol, 127 PANPACIFIC CONTRUCTION CORPORATION T el. 4353 Box E", Pedro Miguel, Canol Zone PAYNE & WARDLAW PRODUCTOS FLOURESCENTES S A T el. 3 -0383 Via Espana, 1 LA PROSPERIDAD T e l 2-3094 Avenue Centrol No 129 A ROYAL CROWN COLA Tel. 3 3341 Justo Arosemeno Colle 30 SCADRON Tel. 2 3042 Tivoli Avenue S E ARS ROEBUCK & CO. Tel. 2 -2686 No. 10 Tivoli Avenue SEDERIA MIRAMAR T el. 2 2308 Calle H., 1 SEYMOUR AGENCY Tel. 2 3214 Fourth of July Avenue EL SIG LO T el. 2 2341 85 Central Avenue SMOOT y PAREDES T el. 2 -0600 Avenue J F de 10 Osso No. 1 6 l. R SOMMER, CONTRACTOR PAD 3196 Box 3010, Balboa J. E. SOSA T el. 2 1730 Fourth of July Avenue No. 7 C. B STEPHENS WATCH REPAIR Tel. 86-237 Curundu C lubhouse STAR & HERALD Box 159 Panama, R de P SWIFT & CO. T el. 2 1118 -2-1048 63 Fourth of July Avenue TOUSSIEH y CO. Tel. 2 -2160 Avenue Central 63 TIVOLI RADIOS S. A. T el. 2 -2142 No. 2 Tivoli Avenue TROTT THE CLEANERS Tel 2 0120 Colle Monleserion AGENCIAS VICAR T el. 2 -2047 Calle Rochel 14 WILLIAMS BROTHERS CORPORATION Tel. 4531 BOl! 5002 Cocoli, Conal Zone YMCA BARBER SHOP T el. 2 2942 BOl! 1228 Ancon Conol Zon e ZARDON T el. 2 3490 Col le 13 Oeste N o 18 ............................................................................