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Digitized by the Internet Archive


in 2010 with funding from
of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries


S*I ....

Presented by

The ^oda-Rine

Senior Class

Balboa High School
Balboa, Canal Zone
." -' -"--: -'- . -_ ,

,' .. ^ 'l i ',"
*/ ", -.

'* ^ / \ *- -

Lois BAUMBACH....-........Editor EDWARDW. HATCHETT...Business Sponsor

MARTHA ZENT-....................Buine Manager Miss ELLEN THOMA'.......Editorial Sponsor
MARTHA ZENT--..................Business Manager Miss ELLEN THOMAS........Editorial Sponsor


Dr. George Eugene, our school doctor, our friend and
our counselor. His patience and understanding .....
his quiet humor . . his warm smile and friendly
greetings . . his wisdom in saying just the right
word of counsel ..... his interest in each one of us
. . will always remain in our hearts.

We've "pioneered" from cover to cover through the past year, and now
we proudly present to you your record of memories, the '49 Zonian. Just
to be original, the staff "struck" upon a theme in keeping with the year
of our graduation--"the 49'ers."
During our journey through the past four years we have gained treasures
in the form of countless memories ..... the meetings under the clock
at 3 o'clock ..... muffled whispers and giggles in the study hall ..... the
rush before the tardy bell ..... cheering and excitement at the big games
..... the thrill of a super date for a big dance ..... and the acquiring
of mature qualities, self-confidence, leadership, dependability, and re-
spect for others. These are the golden nuggets in our treasure bag.
"There's gold in them thar hills," and as we say goodbye, B.H.S., we
set out on our search for "El Dorado."

Forty-Niners and Other Prospectors
Nugget Winners
Pickin' and Pannin'
Gridiron Gold



~ _L -~PIC~Z


{ ..I

& w -'w XiV a'





MR. THEO. F. Horz

In spite of his pressing routine work, Mr. Hotz maintains a sense of humor and a
contagious "will-to-win" that makes him loved and respected by the students and
faculty. His friendly smile is one of the pleasant memories we have of B.H.S. For
his constant efforts to guide students and solve their problems, we are proud to
claim him as "our" principal.

he s I in there "outin' fo uI" at all the g, an bIes
lie is in there iootin' for us at all the gainmes

Capt. John R. Ross
The "boss" of the
R.O.T.C. who's really
done a "super" job
Miliitatr Science and
United States Military
Academy, West Point

1st Lt.
M. R. Klerekoper
One of our R.O.T.C.
men . . known for
his affable ways
Hope College

Field-stripping of the M-l rifle is one of the accomplishments of R.O.T.C. students
in the course on Individual Weapons and Marksmanship


M/Sgt. Eli Poppovich
He can really be called
a friend

M/Sgt. H. Yarbrough
This happy-go-lucky
sergeant is an ace at
the bowling alley

M/Sgt. George Wood
A friendly and likable
fellow whom the cadets
will remember
Penn State



Claude Aycock
A personality that
makes her everyone's
Spanish, English
Women's College.
University of North
Carolina, A.B.;
Colunbia University.

Hallie Beavers
Her kindly will to help
will be remembered
Plane Geometry,
Women's College.
University of North
Carolina, A.B.; Duke
University, M.A.

Edward Beckman
Tall, dark. and
handsome, all three
size up Coach Beckman
Physical Education
Panzar College of
Physical Education,

Neil Branstetter
"Branny," you're a
perfect all-around guy
Band, Orchestra,
Kansas State College,
M.S.; Columbia
University, M.A.


" ?T-



Alice E. Candee
Fine teaching ability
.... an understanding
Social Studies
Columbia University,
B.S., M.A.

Helena Clardy
We'll always remember
that helping hand in
the library
Unisersitv of Alabama,
A.B., M.A.

Miss Dahlem clarifies the American history lesson on the map


J. Richard Clark
Known and liked by all
lor his well-rounded
General Scienre
New York University.
B.S., M.A.

Raymond W. Clarke
Friendly and cheerful
..... sincere in all
he does
;Geometry, General
Western Union
College, B.A.
State University of
Iowa. M.A.

Mrs. Marion Courville
Our school nurse ....
friendly and
School Nurse
Arnmy Training School
for Nurses, R.N.

Betty L. Dahlem
A tiny bundle of charm
..... she makes
American history
University of Michigan,
A.B.; Columbia
University, M.A.

John D. Dettor
When asked to do
countless favors, he is
helpful and
Shop, Wloodworking

. .' *. l

Mary S. Brigham
Charm, personality,
and brains add up to
our Parrakeet adviser
English, Journalism
Battle Creek. B.A.;
Columbia University,

Mary B. Eugene
Sweetness personified
. someone we will
never forget
Iowa State Teachers
College, B.S.

John C. Fawcett
The man behind our
football team .....
has the girls swooning
Phiv.iral Education
Uni\ersitv of Redlands,

W. M. O. Fischer
Our brilliant teacher
who made us like
University of Chicago,
B.S.: Columbia
University, M.A.

Olga J. Frost
Helpful and very
pleasant to know
Frenc'h, Spanish
College of Mount St.
'imnent on Hudson.


Betty P. Gerhardt
\ regular C. Z. gal ...
she's all "reet"
Penn State

Mliss Frost gives special help to her French students
on a difficult lesson

Beatrice S. Gardner
Our hard-working art
director who is tops
in her field
4 rt
Columbia Universit\,
B.S., M.A.

Edward W. Hatchett
Brains behind the
budget at B.H.S ...
likable and easy to
United States Naval
Academy. Duke
University, B.A.;
Columbia University,

D. A. Hutchinson
Study becomes fun
with this teacher
American Problems,
State Teachers College,
Wisconsin, B.Ed.

Katherine E. Jessup
Her friendly
disposition and sweet
"hello" put her at the
top of our list
Meredith Collegre B :
Columbia Ln nie,-il
M.A.: New York
University, M.A.

George O. Lee
A tireless worker with
a friendly word for
Iowa State College,
B.S.; Columbia
University, M.A.

Francis Minert
Led B.H.S. "B" League
teams through
successful seasons
Physical Education
University of Illinois,

Alice A. Misenheimer
She's shown many a
gal "the way to a
man's heart"
Household Arts
Iowa University, B.A.;
Columbia University,


a d

Eloise Monroe
Chic teacher who is
responsible for the
style show each year
Household Arts
Kansas State College,
B.S.; Columbia
University, M.A.


Gertrude Onderdonk
Always a cheerful
smile and a pleasant
Assistant Librarian
Columbia University

Theodore W. Munch
A welcome newcomer
to B.H.S .....
personality boy
Phlysics, general l
Ohio State University,
B.S.; Colorado State
College of Education

Ethel Pitcher
We'll remember your
sincere interest in each
of tus
New York State
College, B.A., M.A.

Cecil L. Munden Patricia R. O'Connell Walter Oliver
Our friendly counselor She's our peaches, she's We've had fun in youl
who knows just how to our cream, she's the class, Mr. Oliver .....
solve our problems tops on any team your humor is tops
Counselor Physical Education Spanish
Rice Institute, B.A.; New Jersey State Taylor College, B.A.
University of Teachers' College,
Wisconsin, Ph. M. B.S. in Ed.

Fractional and regular distillation problems are worked out in
chemistry lab with the ready assistance of Mr. Fischer

Z, "

Dorothy E. Rector
Diminutive and
laughing ..... a
bundle of fun and
I'. ,. I Education
University of Montana,

Mildred Swenson
enthusiasm in all she
Typing, Business
University of North
Dakota, M.S., M.A.

Ellen L. Thomas
The Zonian's
"guardian angel"
Journalism, Latin
William and Mary,
B.A.; Columbia
University, M.A.

Subert Turbyfill
Our "super" play
Speech, Dramatics
University of
Oklahoma, B.A.,
B.F.A., M.A.; Rice
Theatre School

C. R. Vosburgh
Always willing to help
each and every student
English, Reading
Hamilton College,
B.S.; Teachers' College,
Columbia University,

I~_ ~

Allen B. Ward
His subtle sense of
humor makes him
pleasant to know
University of
Nebraska, A.B., M.A.

Marie C. Weir
She goes out of her way
to help ..... with a
smile too
Girls' Counselor,
University of Florida,
A.B.; Columbia
University. M.A.

Margaret V. Whitman
Her smile and bright
"hello" livened tiup
the halls
University. M.A.

Students of the metal shop class receive instructions on the lathe
from Mr. Yankee

Nellie K. Whitney
The "wit" of the office
force ..... always
ready to help
Efficiency Business
College, Los Angeles


Frank Wilder
Just another one of
ls . . fun-loving
and an all-around guy
.S/....'. ; English
University of Florida,
B.A,.; Southern
Theological Seminary,

Dr. La Mont Whittier
Genial school doctor
School Doctor
University of
Nebraska, A.B., M.D.

Lauren Woodby
Personality plus .....
this prof makes
physical science
Physical Science
University of Michigan,

Herbert W. Yankee
Dignified and pleasant
..... a true Bostonian
Shop Math, Metal
Fitchburg State
Teachers' College,
B.S. in Ed.

William E. Zemer, Jr.
Tall, good-looking
..... All-American
swimmer too!
Physical Education,
Ohio State University,

Harold J. Zierten
We won't forget you,
Mr. Zierten. You're
one of the best
Mechanical and
Architectural Drawing
Bradley University,

Frances K. Zimmer
Her keen sense of
humor has made all
her classes enjoyable
Hunter College, A.B.;
Columbia University.

i '''


.i i ,t



i "mmmgE mrg Un mmm i a
-.. mE~ U ImR mmmmm
i.... ...

Smmmm m. a
mm:_m 'm
1 *^l?"'1^*1 *'* *.*-fy ^
^BS Kry l



irE People

I. In private life we find Mr. Ward
working as airplane mechanic on his
children's toys.
2. Mr. Lee, whose hobby is camping,
proves that he is a true "49'er."
3. After hours, Miss Gardner, an-
other Rembrandt, can be found paint.
ing a beautiful pollera scene.

4. Mr. Oliver finds relaxation by over, he entertains a charming brunette
trimming the hedges at home. .... his daughter.
8. Miss Monroe relaxes with her
5. After hours Mr. Zierten can be records after a day of teaching.
found at his favorite hot spot ..... 9. Mr. Munch can be found at Bal-
Zip's Place. boa swimming pool testing his ability
6. In her spare time Miss Aycock at diving.
10. Miss Weir, whose hobby is color
takes a dip at the beach, photography, is reassembling her movie
7. When Mr. Branstetter's day is projector.

.^ -_i%



*/ .5,



1.. t X


II. Sgt. Woods has a wonderful way
of relaxing ..... he hits a ball, chases
it, then hits it again.
12. "Clothes make the woman" .....
that's the motto of versatile Mrs.
Misenheimer, whose hobby is sewing
during noon hour at school.
13. After a busy day with the R.O.T.C.,
Captain Ross takes time out for his
hobby of cooking.

14. Mr. Dettor takes it easy by tuning
in on the latest radio programs.
15. After hours Miss Whitman drives
to the library for some entertaining
16. Miss Candee, ace marksman, spends
her spare time at target practice.
17. After school Sgt. Yarbrough enjoys
himself in a few games of bowling.

18. Don't give up yet, Vosburgh .....
you've got until tomorrow!
19. This pistol-packing prof, Miss
Thomas, claims to have made a
20. Last but not least, we find Mr.
Munden at home playing with his dog,

k II~ i



And OFije

I/ "'. I



A w&
00 W


* F

"OON ,

SClass of '49

SFour short years ago, we,
.. l as "scobes," stood before
Swe the doors of B.H.S. quite
t ., Da,." proud and a "little bit"
Aw scared to think of the
"scillions" of new teachers,
)uL ,io students, and experiences
.... to be faced. Our pride soon
t l left us as we chanted the
oh, so familiar-"I am so
low, so gash-darned low, that it-." Our confidence quickly returned with the making of super new
friends at the frosh dancing classes, and "our" class meetings and picnic.
As sophomores, wee were out of the T.W.O. class (Teeny Weeny Operators) and fell right into
the groove with the Inatigur action Dance and the list big games. The whole school enjoyed the Sadie
Hawkins Dance, our p ride and joy.
The junior year was "'chuck" full of unforgettable events-the all important ring voting, the
junior Christmas Dance responsibilities, and the tug-of-war. We will never forget our first Jr.-Sr.
Banquet .... the laughter and excitement ..... dreamy Iorm als and corsages ... the impressive
dinner and speeches ..... the gay, oh-so-wonderul prom.
At last we were really "Big A\ Ihli Ik." Life at B.H.S. was just as thrilling and full of new things
as when we were "mere underclassmen." We "loved" the rhythm and color of the R.O.T.C. and their
"out-of-this-world" balls ..... the color and gaiety of the night ball games ..... and our masterpiece,
the Senior Valentine Dance, with petite \I.ia Lea Azcarraga reigning ..... and through the year the
warm interest of our own Mr. Zierten.
And so with these memories cherished in our hearts, we wave "adios" to good "ole" B.H.S. as
we step into the adult world.

Chosen to serve the Class of '49 were the following officers, left to right, first row: Dorothy
Dedeaux, Secretary; Barbara C(rles and Mary Sill, S. A. Representatives; second row: Hans Breit-
barth, S. A. Representative; jack Johnson, Vice-President: Tom Solan, President; Harold Wilson,
S. A. Representative.
S. A. Representative.


The Senior Picture Committee, Jack Johnson,
Dorothy Dedeaux. and Hans Breitbarth. made
the arrangements with Mr. Jorge Sosa, com-
mercial photographer. to photograph the
seniors, arranged a .ini.iI.h illinim work
schedule, and insured the delivery of fine



The Senior Cards and Announcements Con-
mittee. Stan Klepper, Joyce Zeeck, and Dot
Taylor, considered many types of cards and
announcements, chose a distinctive style, and
arranged a schedule for the seniors to place
their orders.


The Senior Cap and Gown Committee meas-
ured the seniors for their mortar boards and
gowns and made the arrangements to provide
each senior with his cap and robe. The mem-
bers of the committee were Paul O'Donnell.
Fletcher Phelan, Linda Lee Willard, Peggy
Veney, Peggy Evans, Joyce Masters, Lois John-
son, Janet Kimmel, and Tom Peterson (not

Manchester, England
A tennis racquet, ball and partner are
down this Spanish lassie's alley
Camera Club 2. 4; Music Appreciation
Club 2, 4; Volleyball 2, 4; Basketball
2. 4; Softball 2; G.A.A. 1, 3; Glee Club
2; Fashion Show 2, 4. Los Angeles
High School. Hamilton High School.

Colon, R. de P.
Attractive blonde hair and blue eves
.... always bubbling with humor
Volleyball 1, 3; Archery 2; Softball I.
3; Pep Squad 1, 2, 3; Counselor's Asst. 3.

Roanoke. Virginia
With wavy hair, a southern accent and
plenty of intellect, this newcomer has
scored a direct hit!
Secretary 3; Chess and Checker Club 4:
Band 2, 3, 4; Library Asst. 4; R.O.T.C.
Captain 4; Virginia All-State Band
Workshop 3. Jefferson High School.

Ancon, Canal Zone
A Spanish senorita whose quiet charm
and manner impress many
Basketball 4; Volleyball 4; Softball 4;
Fashion Show 3.

New York City
Wise words and wise deeds make a
wonderful person!
Dramatic Club 3; Pan-American Club
3; Spanish Club 1; Psychology Club 3;
Music Club Treasurer 4; French Club
3: Volleyball 1, 4; Basketball 4; Archery
I: Glee Club 1; Office Asst. 1, 2; Junior
High Office Asst. 4; Pep Squad 1. 2.

R \1 I \RA ( i
i' t ii.. R .h I' 1
.A 1,, 1 ,.,., ,.l sp,- 1 ..,.,, . ,t, ...

2i|paniih ( Int I 4 1,, .all I BIa.k 'll.ll
'_' r,.,,,,,L,, l _i -a

.- ^- S
'~~~ 0 a~Pi

4 -



', y

S t. Ancon. Canal Zone
,.I (. i.' di .-( iendly and conscientious with
m imi!l g 3.u.p-. I'C. I'.' i ..., I | .. ., ..,. i or o, she's tops
.u ... .~ er -' 1 \,,ll, ,.,1 i 1,2, 3; All-Stars 3; Basketball
BasLk thal l 111. Iri"l g I I, 2 i s.Itball 1, 2, 3; Speech 3; Chorus
3 ,R. .- P, H '-m I h .ii .. 1, 2. lPep Squad 1, 2; Office Asst. 3;
1, u., r 1 C,, l S (.i.i a pj| ll ...; i l. .I

New York City
When it's fun you want-it's Bob. 2 to I
Chess and Checker Club 3; Radio Club
I; Class Picnic 1: Staging 2.

A friendly Latin neighbor liked by all
Football 2; Softball 3; Baseball 1, 2;
Water Polo 3, 4; Basketball 1. 2;
R.O.T.C. Cadet Captain 4; Plastic Club.
Marshall High School. Chicago.

Panama, R. de P.
Lovelv to look at . . . i. d i''i,t to
know .... ... an accomplished eques-
H.R. Rep. 4; Glee Club 1, 2: Pep Squad
1, 2; Fashion Show 2. 4; Home Ec.
Club 3.

Queens Village. Long Island
His miischevious brown eyes i.i.l. many
of the girls
Frosh Guidance Play I; Football 1, 2.
3; Baseball 1. 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3:
Water Polo 1; Track I; Swimming 1.
2; Archery 1.

Colon, R. de P.
Her wacky ways and sunny disposition
have made Olive one of B.H.S.'s
Zonian 4; G.A.A. 2. 3, 4; Broadcasting
Club 3; Softball 1, 2. 3; All-Stars 2;
Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: All-Stars 2; Volley-
ball 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars 2; Manager 4;
Sports Award 2, 3; Official Basketball
Referee 3, 4; Band 1. 2. 3, 4; Orchestra
1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 2. 3. 4: Pep Squad
2, 3, 4; G.A.A. Dance 3, 4; Zonian Adv.
4; Junior \.tiilh.g\ .; Baccalaureate
Chorus 2. 3 BI.AktttIll Manager 4.

." Tex"
San Antonio, Texas
A cute, easy-going Texas lass
"Madness in Triple Time" 3; Bracken-
ridge High School 2; Latin Club 2:
Orchestra 3, 4; Treas. Asst. 2; Speech
Act. 3; "Getting a Date" 3; Producing
3; Staging 3; Fashion Show 3, 4.

Cincinnati. Ohio
Slow and .i.', ...i.-, i..,' Don, a
really swell guy
Stamp Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Camera Club 3;
Softball 3; R.O.T.C. Guidon Bearer
Sergeant 4.

Lakehurst, New Jersey
A Jersey fellow who's very likable
Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2. 3: Water
Polo I, 2; Football 1, 2, 4; Glee Club 3.

Charlotte. North Carolina
Our easy-going, all-around sports editor
H.R. Rep. 1; Zonian 4; Stamp Club
3, 4; Glee Club 1; R.O.T.C. 2nd Lt.:
Basketball, "B" League All-Stars 1;
Football 3. 4; Softball 3. 4: Softball
All-Stars 4; Basketball 1. 3. 4. Larding
High School, N. C.

Cincinnati. Ohio
Her /..//. .1 l ways, her ever-
sparkl.,I .. I...1 r t .....- wit
helt, to marke nu/r life -'orth irhlde

( _[ \1 I 1 I'l, sI \ 1 ,, I l \ \

II..on, 1 2

i., I I l'I I)J I
.I, I. (.hI.,_" l, 1 1 1 .' L _\' I l
1. I .1,. 1 I 1. II. ... I t I l

TwH'^ln .I. l'i.lllr\ ll liP I i
i ,/ I ./ ", * *. *i *,, .,} ,
:i,,... .. i t i ,,in ,,
\ _, 1 . I "L ,\ II II +'i.i "',i
ball i: Softball 1, 2; Archery 1; Glee
Club 1; Pep Squad 2. 3; Office Asst. I,
2; Counselor's Asst. 3: Fashion Show 3;
Usher 3.

San Antonio. Texas
A Texas lad, quiet and ohl, so-o-o nice
Orchestra 3, 4.

Bli I Iull uaii Washington
B.H.S.'s own tiny bundle of T.N.T.
Producing 1, 2, 3, 4; Staging 1, 2. 3. 4:
Directing 3, 4; "Problem Father" 2;
"Clui( lw, n, Claw" 3; "Elmer" 4; "You're
Fired I; Zonian 4; Spanish Club I;
Spanish Club L.T. Play I; Volleyball
1. 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Softball 1:
Arrhery 1; Swimming 1; "I Am an
American" 3; Glee Club 1, 2. 3; Pep
Squad 1. 2, 3; Cheerleader 4; Lib. Asst.
1, 4; Frosh Party Comm. 1; Usher 2, 3:
Fashion Show 2. 4; Zonian and Parra-
keelt Adv.; "Getting a Date" 3, 4; Jr.
\lill,.,.lts 3.

Panama City, R. de P.
An all-"reet" guy from out Gamboa way
Football 1, 2, 3, 4: All-Stars 2; Baseball
1. 3. 4; Basketball 1, 2. 3; Water Polo
2, 3. 4; Track 2, 4; All-Stars 2. 4; Softball
2; Glee Club 1.2.3.

Brenham. Texas
Red hair, blue eyes. and a freckled nose
..... our Pat, known for her sparkling
Class Party Comm. 2; Staging 3; Parra-
keet Adv. 3; Parrakeet 4; Zonian Art
Ed. 4: Music Club 4; Camera Club 4;
Volleyball 3, 4; Softball 3; Glee Club
2, 3; Pep Squad 2. 3: Office Asst. 4.
Hearne High School, Hearne, Tex.

"Gandv Goose"
East Spencer, North Carolina
Tall Tom" is one fellow who's really
tops" with us all
football I; Baseball 4; Glee Club 2, 3.

rp ''


Ancon. Canal Zone
A quiet, likable lad-a real credit to
the Senior Class
Football 4; Water Polo 4; Softball 4;
Track 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 4; Chess and
Checker Club. Grass Valley High
School. California.

Panama. R. de I'.
Lovely black hair, big eyes and long
lashes make Sonia a )podtuct eac to
look at
Music Club 3; Glee Club 1. 2, 4; Pep
Squad 2; Fashion Show 2. 3; Art Club 2:
Otfice Asst. 4: Art work in "Junior An-
thology" 3.

Colon, R. de P.
Smooth on tlie dance floor .....
triumphant on the field . our "B"
Club prexy i. really tops.
Zonian Adv. 4; "B" Club 2, 3, 4, PIres.
3. 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars 2, 3, 4:
Track I. 2. 3; All-Stars 2, 3; Water Polo
3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 3,
4; Sports Award 1, 2. 3; Glee Club; "B"
Club Banquet Chair. 2, 3; Jr.-Sr. Ban-
lquet 3; Valentine Conmm. 4 Tackle
Football Comm. Chair. 4; Fashion Show
Attendant 4; "B" Club S.A. Rep. 4.

Santa Barbara, California
Take a tall, graceful figure, smooth
clothes, topped off with a sparkling
personality, and you have our Carol
G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Art Club 4: Volleyball
1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball
1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars 1, 2. 3, 4; Softball
1, 2, 3; All-Stars 2; Orchestra 1, 2, 3. 4;
Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Pep Squad 1, 4; Subst.
Cheerleader 4; G.A.A. Dance Comm. 2.
3, 4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm. 3; Valen-
tine Dance Commn. 4; Christmas Dance
Comm. 3; Sadie Hawkins Dance Comm.
2; Fashion Show 2. 3. 4.

Millbury, Massachusetts
Friendly fellow with a perfect build.
R.O.T.C. 2nd Lieutenant, Platoon
Leader 4.


Panamal. k. de I'.
SI,. i .. i"n I .l.. m... .l . .1 1 .

t. ** ,4.
l...i. h1 ( iN[s. ,l ,, i lKi..l.o i y s -'
,' fith. l, t-o t 4 I s thip l l ,'
f- ilt i 1e l adIt. 2 . p

Fo;tb al. ; Bae a .4 -Spec Sp ci.a-l.

7.".r-f 44 --4.. .4 rc .


P.at i. *d P
Class a1 lii olee 2;
S.A. )Itb ll, 3I 3;
i..-h i l,,,i m -' 3 [ I hla .. \l( t In -

Asst. 4.

Chicago, Illinois
Ever faithful to the Navmy is this tall,
friendly lad.
Football 2; Baseball 4: Speech Special
Assembly 4.

Planama ( i\, R. de I'.
Studious .. . .. and ever so nice.
Softball 1, 3. 4.


WVest Orange, New Jersey
Jazzy on the sax and a whiz in baseball!
Baseball 2. 3. 4; Football 4; Band 1, 2, 3,
4; Orchestra 1, 2. 3, 4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet

Coffeyville, Kansas
Sweet dimples and smiles that cheer
Acting 1; Zonian: Parrakeet; Cougar
Call: Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 1. 4;
Basketball 1, 4; Swimming I; Inter-
national Understanding Club 3; Glee
Club 1, 2, 3; All-Stars 4. Ada High

Baltimore. Maryland
A fellow with a winning smile and a
willing heart.
Softball 4; Poly Follies Variety Show 3.
Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, Balti-
more, Maryland.


Ancon, Canal Zone
A tiny bundle of sunshine fot B.H.S.
Volleyball 1, 2. 3, 4; Basketball 1. 2, 3:
Softball 1, 2, 3; Pep Squad 1. 2, 3; Office
Asst. 4; "Junior Anthology" 3; Fashion
Show 2, 3.

Panama City, Panama
That smooth, velvety complexion and
dreamy look--what a combination!
Parrakeet 4; Spanish Club 1, 2; Broad-
casting Club 3, 4; Speech Act. 3. 4;
Office Asst. 1, 2, 3; Parrakeet Adv. 3. 4;
S "Getting a Date"; Chorus 4; U. N.
.' Club 4.

Panama, R. de P.
A quiet bundle of Latin charm ....
pleasing ways and a warm smile
Glee Club 1, 2.

Norfolk, Virginia
Her snappy cheers, ier radiant per-
sonality, her cheer greetings endear
this peppy little gal to us
S.A. Rep. 4; Zonian 4; Volleyball 1, 2,
3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2. 3;
Swimming I; Chorus 1, 3; Pep Squad
1, 2; Cheerleader 3. 4; Office Asst. 3. 4:
Xmas Dance Comm. 3; Usher 3; Elks
Club Dance Comm. 4; Valentine Dance
Comm. 4; Zonian Adv. 4; Jr. High
Office Asst. 4.

Ancon. Canal Zone
An easy-going, likable Irish boy who is
an ace behind a bat
Parrakeet Ed. 4; H.R. Alt. 4; Ch. of
Sr. H.R. Rep. 4; "B" Club 4; Baseball
1, 2 .3 4; "B" All-Stars 1; "A" All-Stars
3; Football 1, 2, 3. 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3,
4; Water Polo 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 2; Jr.-Sr.
Banquet Comm. 3.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Tall, erect .... one of the best on our
Chess and Checker Club 3. 4: Football
1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4: Basketball
I. 2, 3; Track 4; Water Polo 1, 2, 3, 4;
All-Stars 3; Swimming 1, 2, 3. 4; All-
Stars 3; R.O.T.C. Staff Sergeant.

Harper, Kansas
A delightful newcomer to know for hter
sweet and studious ways
G.A.A. I; Biology Club 4; Music Club 4:
Y-'Teens 2; (lee Club and Chorus I, 2;
I'ep Squad 2.

"Libby" "Don"
R,,,un. l ..iA l ..\ Atlanta, (eorgia
i: .... .. (. eo G ina! all the liime ......
;~r~.~.~. .I -I BH..+ lasses 'surely do loie those

-a ll' -I XI' ., ,.., h Footbalt 1, 3 4 "3" ; A l-Stars 2;
Baseball 2, 3; Softball 1, 4; Water Polo
2; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3,
.- 4; R.O.T.C. 4.

' F, I, I I. I .

,,,,r .... ,.. .. .. ., ,,, r ;- B-rflB ':~ B
Music Club 1; Speech Act. 3; (lee Club
1, 2, 3. 4; Pep Squad 1, 2.

Buenos Aires. Argentina
Take a petite bundle of charm, add t
beautiful brown hair plus the "neuw
look" and out comes Mary
Zonian Adv. 4; 'Iriangle Y-Teens 3;
(,lee Club 4; Senior G(lee Club 1. 2, 3;
Rhythm Romp Dance Comm. Cooley
High School, Detroit. Michigan 1, 2, 3.

Gulfport, Mississippi
There's the devil in her eye and twinkle
in her smile ..... an ace in any sport
S.A. Rep. 1, 2: Sec. 3, 4; H.R. Alt. 4;
"Evening at the Blakes" I; Zonian 4;
Jr. \ihlolg 3; G.A.A. 3, 4; Volleyball
I. '. I \ll- Stars 4; Basketball 1, 2,
3. 4; All-Stars 3; Softball 1, 2, 3; All-
Stars 1. 2, 3; Swimming 3; All-Stars 3;
Sports Award 1, 2, 3; Basketball Ref.
3, 4: Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, 4: Lib. Asst. 2;
Fashion Show 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. Dance 4;
Christmas Dance 3; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3:
Usher 1. 2. 3; Class Party 1, 2; Class
Picnic 1, 2; S.A. Club Dance 2; Valen-
tine Dance 4; Sr. Pic. Comm. 4; Sadie
Hawkins Dance 2; Inauguration Dance Wr
2. 3. 4; Water Ballet 3.


Panama, R. de P.
I'.,' ,"' . i . lasting friend .....
quiet and mannerly
H.R. Alt. 4; N.H.S. 4; Stamp Club 1;
Speech Act. 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4:
R.O.T.C. Cadet Captain 4; N.H.S. Pro-
ject Comm. 4; U.N. Club 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
The G.A.A. is mighty proud to call her
their pyrexy because she IS just "Neenie"
"Buttons" 1; "Problem Father" 2;
"Clutching Claw" 3; "Elmer" 4; Staging
1. 2. 3, 4; Producing 1, 2, 3, 4; /onian
4; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Pres. 4; Biology Club
2. 3. 4; Volleyball 1, 2. 3, 4; All-Stars
2. 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars 2, 3;
Softball 1, 2, 3. 4; All-Stars 3; Speech
\ct. 3i. 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Pep Squad
1, 2. 3. 4; Sadie Hawkins Dance Comm.
2; (..A.A. Dance Comm. 3. 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
. quiet gal who plan a good trumpet
Volleyball 3; Band I. 2. 3. 4: Orchestra 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
The Spanish type with Latin good will
Volleyball 1, 3; Basketball 1, 2; Softball
I. 2. 3; Chorus 1.2. 3.

P'anamna City. R. de P.
iThe fellocw We can't ftoget r or his tire-
less pitching for oir class and school
during the past four years
Class Pres. 1; S.A. Rep. 3; S.A. Pres. 4;
Pa rakeet 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars
3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; All-Stars 1, 2, 3;
Football 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars 1, 2, 3, 4;
WaterPolo 2 3, 4; All-Stars 2. 3,4; Glee
(lub 1. 2: Sadie Hawkins Dance Chair.
2: Christmas Program 3; Inauguration
IDance Chair. 4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3; Usher
I. ,. 4; Jr. Anthology 3; Xas Drive 4

IL I .- Hk
10 t,.. t t,, u,_

I, I I9

/ 7I! y .i~i d RENEE ENTEBI
l. a C'anoama City, R. de P.
]Il.I Yii l4 AniAv disposition plus a flashing

:IL;! 13L 1F,.,1 ` "e'.,'.n,. Club 4; Music Club 4; Volley-
'I -: ril..1. \u l ill .' Basketball 1; Softball 1: Speech
S, . '.. _l Io 'i Office Asst. 4: Spanish Club
I A1, : C Ir. I'.-T Prull '-11i1' t I iimas Dance 4.
I . 1, ( l t i' t. ( L ,, I'. n ..
(:omm. 2; Jr. Anthology 3; Bacca-
laureate Choir 3.


Ancon. Canal Zone
(Good in sport., pretty, and overflowing
with friendliness is our Peggi
Cap and Gown Comm. 4; G.A.A. Dance
Comm. 4; G.A.A. 2, 3. 4; Volleyball
1. 2, 3, 4; All-Stars 2; Basketball 1, 2,
3. 4; All-Stars 2; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4;
All-Stars 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2. 3, 4;
I'ep Squad 1, 3. 4; Office Asst. 4.

Dark hair. smooth d,,-,. in,. i,,d cute
clothes make a very wi. h,,,,til' called
Volleyball 1, 2. 3, 4; Basketball 1. 2, 3. 4:
Softball 1, 2, 3; Tennis 2. 3; "A" League
Volleyball Manager 4; Iib. Asst. 1:
Office Asst. 2, 3; Fashion Show 2. 3;
Usher 3; Pep Squad 2, 3, 4: Christmas
Orphans' Party 4.

Panama, R. de P.
Quiet, carefree and friendly ..... our
amigo from across the border
Swimming 2, 3.

Brooklyn, New York
Wit. brains and beauity-an unusual
comb nation
H.R. Alt. 4; Freshman Guid. Play 1:
Softball 1, 2, 3; Volleyball 4; All-Stars
4; Basketball 4; Water Ballet 1; Orches-
tra 1. 2. 3, 4; Lab. Asst. 4; Fashion
Show 2. 4.

Ancon. Canal Zone
Our all-around pal who is as good in
sports as he is on the dance floor
Class Vice-Pres. 2; Homeroom Rep. 4;
"Clutching Claw" 3; Staging 3; "B'"
Club 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars 2:
Water Polo 2, 3, 4; All-Stars 2; Basket-
ball 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars 2; Freshman
Team, Holy Cross College 1; Track 2,
3, 4; All-Stars 2, 3; Softball 2. 3, 4; All-
Stars 2, 3. 4; Speech Act. 3.

"Bob Will"
Colon, R. de P.
Full of fun and mischief .... a grand
F.F.A. 3; Football 1. 2. 4; All-Stars I;
Softball 3. 4; All-Stars 3: Water Polo 2;
Baseball 3; All-Stars 3: Basketball 3;
Orchestra 1, 2; R.O.T.C. 1st Lt. South
Cristian High School. Cristobal High

ESTFI i\ \tI'--.

Planri.,i R d,- '
A darling nec... "(,' .1--i7tmi- ,."t I
lik.,,,', ,!i, .

I 1^ "' '-- is

Ancon, Canal Zone
Our tiny blonde artist with loads of
Music Club 2; Volleyball 4; Baseball 4;
Archery 1, 2; Pep Squad 2, 3; Lib. Asst.
1, 2, 3; Sadie Hawkins Dance 2; Zonian
Adv. 4.

San Antonio, Texas
Ou lall Texan golf fan who is Cristo-
hal's loss and our gain
Hi-Y Club 2. 3; Spanish Club 2. 3;
Baseball I, 2: Basketball 3: Football 2;
Vice-Pres. 1. Alamo Heights High
School. San Antonio, Texas.

B1r. \r LEE GUNN
\n, ,n Canal Zone
4 ... e .. e.. ber .. . arbs will
our hearts
RjI. lih. i L It iI ': G(.A.A. 3, 4; Volle v-
lall I .2 I Wil-Stars 4; Basketball
I -* I I1l jars 4: Softball 1. 2. 3;
( Il.- (I.lj I. 2 3, 4; G.A.A. Dance
( iiIlI 4 ( lilnlinas Orphanage Drive
I \ I.iiI. D.i ,ee 4; Pep Squad.

Binghamton, New York
.Sie helps make our days enjoyable
... d.i il i dimples
All-School Play 1: Parrakeet 4; Broad-
casting Club 4; First Aid Club I; U.N.
Club 4; V,ll_.l.1ll 4; Basketball 2; Glee
Club 1; Otll,,I \-st. 2. North Phoenix
High School. Buchtel High School.

Beverly, Massachusetts
The ambitious boy from Massachusetts
who really knows his model airplanes
H.R. Alt. 4; Freshman Play; li.lIte~
Club: Football 1; Water Polo .- (,l,.
Club; Junior Anthology; Capt. R.O.T.C.

Ancon, Canal Zone
A quiet lass with a smile for everyone
..... a credit to the Senior class
Fashion Show 2. 3; Volleyball 2, 3;
Basketball 3; Softball 2. 3.

A -- -^ i4 i .,,

,i H- \I

Panam.a KR. p hit I I'.I,.e j[i '
A demurte wL.-aK i4- ...., 1,1., ,i.e lI
Glee Club '-' 4 I'c. 'lii l I I )i .-
Asst. 4; Fash m ii n ..'.

Ancon. Canal Zone
A likable rchap lwho is friendly to all
Spanish Club 4; Football 4; Swinuning
4; Baseball I; Track 2; Basketball 3;
Speech 4.

Ft. Benning. Georgia
A i, i. ll, smile lops off his dark, good
"B" Club 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Water
Polo 4; Baseball 4; Football 2. 3. 4:
All-Stars 4; Varsity Football 2, 3: Soft-
ball 3; Track 2; Hi-Y Club 2, 3.


Durham, North Carolina
Enthusiasm and friendliness go to make
up a "swell" friend to all
S.A. Rep. 3; Vice-Pres. S.A. 4; Business
Mgr. Parraeket 4; "B" Club 4; Chess and
Checker Club 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Soft-
hall 2, 3. 4; All-Stars 2, 3; Water Polo
3, 4; Basketball 1, 2. 3; Glee Club 1, 2.
3, 4; Pep Squad 1: R.O.T.C. Cadet
Major 4; Usher 2, 3: Baccalaureate
Chorus 1, 2. 3.

Hutchinson. Kansas
careful l gal with PLENTY of chalrm
Fashion Show 2, 3, 4: Valentine Dance
Comm. 4; Office Asst. 4; Camera Club 1;
Volleyball 1, 4; Swimming 3; Pep Squad
2, 3, 4.

Brockton, Massachusetts
A cute little blue-eyed lass with a warm
smile fot all
Parrakeet 4; Volleyball 1, 2, 3; Basket-
ball 3; Softball 2, 3; All-Stars 3; Archery
2; Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Pep Squad 1, 2;
Sports Award 2: Class Picnic Comm. 2;
Jr. Ring Comm. 3.

Pedro Miguel, Canal Zone
(;Cabou lad with a flare for scooters
Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Water Polo 1, 2. 3. 4;
Basketball 1. 2. 3; Football I, 2. 3, 4;
Track I; R.O.T.C. Platoon Sgt. 4.

Washington, 1). C. (.ia-SI K'N HI\
Our smooth beauil ... she's got J. ,' 'l
lhat t it takes P i niii R.'lr P1
\rt Club 2; Basketball 2, 3; Volleyball i1 %."J I" d., 'l t .1.
3. 4; Swimming 2; Softball 4; Office .,. ll. I .if ii,'1 -2
Asst. 4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm. 3; Stag- r -
ing 3; Usher 3; Pep Squad 2, 3, 4;:i
onian Adv,. 4; Chorus 2. :

".- :" . . . . ..., .


t Br.j .( i u1 ( I lu i~ 1 img ';
-. "Clutching Claw"; "Madness in Triple
'*' 1 Time"; "Getting a Date"; Directing 4;
Music Club 1, 2. 4; Sec. 2; Pres. 4;
Biology Club 2. 3, 4; Sec. 3; Stamp Club
1 2; Basketball I; Softball 1; Swimming
I; Speech 3, 4; Orchestra 1. 2. 3, 4; Glee
Club 2, 3;: Pep Squad 1. 2. 3.

Balboa. Canal Zone
An unforgettable ./..1. . . carefree
A ....mann er and petite figure
Class Pres. 1; G.A.A. 3, 4; Sec.-Treas. 4;
Volleyball 1, 2, 3. 4; All-Stars 2, 3:
SBasketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3 4;
All-Stars 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Office
Asst. 1, 2: Jr. High Office Asst. 4; G.A.A.
Dance Comm. 3. 4; G.A.A. Banquet
Comm. 3; Cap and Gown Comm. 4;
Cheerleader 3, 4; Capt. 4; Pep Squad
2, 3: Usher; Football Dance Comm. 2;
Z onian Adv. 4; Parrakeet Adv. 3. Vir-
ginia Intermont College 1.

Colon. R. de P.
A sports-minded whiz who makes a
wonderful friend
Producing, Staging 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball,
Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars 2, 3; Volley-
ball 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars 2, 3, 4; Chorus,
Pep Squad 1, 2, 3; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Vice-
Pres. 4; Biology Club 2, 3, 4; "Problem
Father"; Bus. Mgr. Little Theater; Jr.
A.ii .lii,,g Camera Club 3; Office
Asst. 4.
El Volcan. R. de P.
Beauty and brains go hand in hand
..... win ning personality
Music Club 1; Spanish Club, Pep Squad
2; Usher 3; Dramatics, Producing, Di-
recting, Physics, Chem. Lab, Office Asst.
4; Glee Club 2, 3; Volleyball, Biology
Club 2. 3, 4; Sec'y. 3; Broadcasting Club
3. 4; Pres. 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; Pres. 4.
Balboa, Canal Zone
Sportsability, smooth d.,,, ir,. d fun-
loving attitude make JI.. kit nr man"
Class Vice-Pres. 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4;
All-Stars 1, 2. 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3. 4;
All-Stars 2. 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3. 4: All-
Stars 4; Basketball 1, 2. 3; All-Stars 2.
3: Water Polo 2. 3. 4; Band 1, 2. 3;
Christmas Dance 3; Sr. Picture Comm.
4; Valentine Dance 4; "B" Club Dance
2; Party 3; "B" Club 2, 3, 4. Castle
Heights Military Academy. Heights "Y"
1, Corporal 1.


S146. I
-A' .

Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands
B.H.S. really gained when this pert
blonde lass arrived
Maryview; Volleyball 1, 2; Basketball
1, 3; Badminton 1; Office Asst. 3; Jr.-
Sr. Prom Comm. 3. Byers High School,
St. Mary's Academy.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Quite the joker ..... Ithl 11, with the
gals . . another l.lt, Theatre
"Ramshackle Inn"; "The Clutching
Claw"; "Elmer"; "Yes Means No";
"Buttons"; "Our Hearts Were Young
and Gay"; Water Polo 1, 2, 3, 4; Water
Polo All-Stars "B" 2; Softball 2; Navy
Day Program; Pan-American Day Pro-
gram; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Pep Squad
1, 2; Producing and Staging 1, 2. 3. 4.

Washington, D. C.
Clever sense of humor ..... quiet and
Speech Act. 3; Football 4; Track 4.

Hibbing, Minnesota
Good-natured and conservative ways
are Ben's tip-top features
Baseball 2; Asst. Bus. Mgr. 2. Lafayette
High School, Columbia Military


Ancon, (anal Zone
Unpredictable ..... good-natured and
Staging 3, 4: Zonian 4; Zonian Adv. 4;
Biology Club 3, 4; High School Work-
shop 3, 4: Music Club Prog. Director
4; U.N. Club 4; Volleyball 2, 3, 4; Or-
chestra 1. 2, 3, 4: Attendance Award 3;
Basketball 4.

Wichita, Kansas
B.H.S.'s own Lil' Abner .... .has a

-' R p) 4.

- ~n h ( i4-- d .. ,

S i,', e i ll ,i ,t 1ll I
I H a im A

4 l' ..* i a l* a. *l.'.a, 'i'
one sharpshooter
Football 1, 2, 3. 4; Baseball I, 2, 3, 4;
Basketball 1, 2, 3: Water Polo 4: Swim-
mning 1; Orchestra 1; Usher I, 2; H.R.
Navy Day Prog. 4.

Bozeman, Montana
The lad with the trumpet ..... .quiet
and pleasant to all
H.R. Alt. 4; Football 2, 3, 4; All-Star
4; Basketball 2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orches-
tra 3, 4; Library Asst. 2; Biology Lab.
Asst. 2; Fashion Show 4; Usher 3.

Topeka, Kansas
Happy-go-lucky ..... wit at his
tongue tip
Zonian 4; Softball 2; Navy Day Speech
Prog. 3; Pan-American Day Prog. 3;
"Getting a Date" 3; R.O.T.C. Lieuten-
ant 4: R.O.T.C. Dance Comm 4;
R.O.T.C. Drill Squad 4.

Nashville, Tennessee
A brainy lad . . deep expressive
Latin Club 2; Folk Dance Club 2. 3:
Pentagon Honor Club 3; Hempstead
High School.

Englewood, New Jersey
The boast of B.H.S. for her talents and
"In My Opinion" 1; Parrakeet 3, 4:
Parrakeet Adv. 3; N.H.S. 3, 4; High
School Workshop 3, 4; Biology Club 4;
Music Club 2, 4: U.N. Club 4; Volley-
ball 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2; Softball 1, 2;
Chorus 1. 2. 3; Pep Squad 3; Library
Asst. 4; Chem. Lab. Asst. 3; Cap and
(;own Comm. 4; Jr. \i,,Ih.l,I' 13 Stag-
ing 1; D.A.R. Awai.l '. I nll and
Scroll 3; Scholarship Award 3.

Long Branch, New Jersey
4 knack for wearing clothes with
I -p! ..... .laughs away her days
\.alentine Dance Comm. 4: Fashion
slio, 2. 3. 4: Volleyball I, 4; Softball 1;
i'B.k ilhll I. 1 4; Swimming 3; Glee Club
.' 2 I' l'. 'quad 1. 2, 3, 4.



Powell. Wyoming
A lovable, lookable lot of charm .....
tale and magical singing 'voice
Ir. Anthology 3; Fashion Show 3, 4; Jr.-
Sr. Banq. Commn. 3; Sadie Hawkins
Dante Comm. 2; Class Party Comm. 1:
(lass Sec'). 2; S.A. Rep. 3; N.H.S. 3. 4:
Volleyball 1. 2. 3. 4: Basketball I. 2. 3.
1: Softball 1. 2. 3. 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3;
Pep Squad 1. 2; Cheerleader 3: Office
Asst. 2. 3, 4.

Ancon. (anal Zone
A "flaii'. on lth track field . ... an
all-arouid super fillow' who's lops within

S. A. Rep. 1, 2: Football 1, 2: All-Star
1, 2: Baseball I. 2; All-Star 1. 2; Track
1. 2. 3, 4; All-Star 2, 3. 4; Basketball
I. 2, 3; All-Star 2. 3; (lee Club 1, 2;
Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3: Cap and (;own
Comm. 4.

Valparaiso. Chile
Cla i. oi. e tigsl ki "loler" .... n- -
lagious griill
"B" Club 2. 3, 4; Sec'y. 3. 4; Football
I. 2, 3, 4: All-Stars 2, 3. 4; Baseball 2, 3;
Softball 2, 4: Water Polo 3. 4; Basket-
ball 1, 2, 3, 4: All-Stars 3: Track 2, 3, 4;
Jr. Christmas Dance Comm. 3; Valen-
tine Dance Co(im. I.

"Casa LuLnt"
Colon City, R. de P.
Mischievous eves and smile . ... . are-
free and happy
Football I, 4; Baseball 1; Softball 3. 4;
Captain 3; Basketball I. 2, 3.

JOHN J. 1X 11't \
Newark, New Jersey
lHe's in the groove on /the football field
..... grand guy to have around
"B" Club 2. 3. 4; Treas. 3; Vice-Pres. 4:
"B" Club S.A. Rep. 4; Football 1, 2, 3,
4; All-Stars 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4;
All-Stars I; Basketball I, 2, 3; All-Stars
I. 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars 1, 2;
Water Polo 2. 3, 2.

S l i- il -. I .N11

\, ,...I I.,I /..n..
r, ... .. ', ,t .. . . lovely

la,....1 ul I I l | B ll..I, . iiT .

i, . .' ijii ,ir ... .*(. .. 'M,,. g 'nt
rA l il"rc i I. k '
'. II., t -'L-' t I P i- '
*'th~lklu:it l i\-[1- r.J FeTTl
i .r i i ii .i ; "la -r i > l l > \ , I I
Football Dance Comm. 4; Cap and
(.own Comm. 4: Usher 2, 3; "Getting a
Date" 3. 4; Zolian Adv. 3, 4; Di lelili;
4; Staging 1, 2, 3, 4; Producing I :*
Chorus 1.

Colon. R. de P.
;ood looks topped off with a strictlyl
"A-l" personality .... rhytlln in iis
let I
Speech 3: Band ., 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 2.
3, 1; Chorus 4.

Peking. China
Balhona' gain ia. (as alifornia' Ioss . .
an eltervescent lper sonalit within looks
to n match
Music Club 4; Volleyball 1, 2. 3. -1;
Basketball 2, 3, 4; Hockey 3; Pep Squad
4; Tennis 2, 3; Ping-pong 2, 3; Riding
2. 3; Glee Club 2, 3. Don. Convent.

Colon, R. de P.
An alluring lady ..... carefree and
Spanish Club 2, 3; Music Club 4; Volley-
ball 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Glee Club
2; Office .\sst. 4; Spanish Club Comm.
3, 4: Usher 3, 4.

Panama City, R. de P.
ITakes everything with a smile ..... a
personality Ivhat is the best
Spanish Club 3; Decorating Comm. 3;
G.A.A. 1. 3. 4.

Ancon. Canal Zone
Our ouin Blondie" .. a dainty
bundle of charm
Staging 2. 3; H.S. Workshop 3, 4; Broad-
casting Club 3; Volleyball 2, 3; Basket-
ball 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Squad
2, 3; Fashion Show 2. 3.





JAMI 1' K%' I1

Ancor ( .I ,.I /m.. .
Excels in every '"' ,
smile with mat S.A. Rep. 2: "*' .- \1 l n ,. *1. \
tons"; "Evening 11i Il BakI.1 "P 'P
lem Father"; Stailll I 2 1 PI ilii.
ing 1. 2, 3, 4; "G(...ti g, a [)iai. ( I.i,1
mas Dance Comm. 3; Parrakeet 4; "B"
Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Radio Club; Football
1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars 1. 2. 3, 4: Baseball
1. 2. 3. 4: All-Stars 1. 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2,
3, 4: Water Polo 2, 3, 4: All-Stars 2, 3, 4;
Basketball 1, 2, 3; All-Stars 1, 2; Swim-
ming 1, 2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus.

Colon, R. de P.
I'int plus vigor plus vitality equals Ellie
..... plenty of class
Fashion Show 3: G..A.. Dance Comm.
4; G.A.A. 3, 4: Glee Club 1. 2. 3, 4: Pep
Squad 1. 2; Volleyball 1. 2. 3, 4; All-
Stars 1, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; All-
Stars 3, 4: Softball 1, 2. 3, 4; All-Stars 3.

Phillips, Texas
"Best it, iir. come in small packages"
..... sweetness personified
H.R. Sec'y. 1: Chorus 3, 4; Pep Squad
3; Typing Award 1. Harding Junior
High School 1.

Selinsgrove. Pennsylvania
B.H.S.'s Barryore . .. smooth looks
and good manners topped off with a
ready smile for all
H.R. Alt. 4; "Evening at the Blakes" 1;
"Buttons" I; "Ramshackle Inn" 2; "Our
Hearts Were Young and Gay" 3; "The
Clutching Claw" 3; Staging 2. 3. 4; Pro-
ducing 2. 3: gettingn g a Date" 4: Zonian
Photog. ;: Parrakeet Photog. 4.

Ancon. Canal Zone
A wilty and fun-loring lad-thanks foi
the laughs!
Speech Prog. 3; Football 1. 2. 3. 4; All-
Stars 3; Baseball 3. 4; Water Polo 3, 4;
Basketball 3.

(. I I C, .l 'l'. ll, . .I I .. ,till I

S .... I ,p.A ,.
I( I I I I' I a
I\1' l, I I ki l' lhI l I i i...l h .

(.i'I ( I l I l i'p N I ("eI ,.
- -J t'-U,. ,L. I ....

r.- 4. 1 I

Baseball 3. 4; Glee Club 3; S.A. Dance
Dec. Comm. 3. Cadet, Isthmian Batal-
lion, Panama. Corp., La Salle School.

Colon. R. de P.
There's ,,,. 'l,t, on her lips and life in
her fascinating dark eyes
C.lee Club 2, 3. 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
A likable lass and sincere friend ....
sunny disposition
Usher 3; Biology Club 2, 3; Music Ap-
preciation Club 1; Glee Club 1, 2, 4:
Pep Squad 1, 2. 3, 4.

Medtord. Massachusetts
A tan to turn your eyes g re' .....
erry likable
Volleyball 2, 4; Softball 1, 2. 3. 4:
Basketball 1; Chorus 1. 2. 3, 4; Lib.
Asst. 1; Typ. Asst. 4.

Colon. R. de I'.
appy-go-lucky personality . . a
".sharpy" in the sports world
"B" Club 4: Football 1. 2, 3. 4; All-Stars
1: Soltlall 1, 2; All-Stars 1; Track 3. 4;
All-Stars 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Water
Polo 3. 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; All-Stars 3;
(lee Club 1, 2; R.O.T.C. Private Ist
(lass 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
A e adl smile and a surprising sense of

Football 1. 2. 3. 4; All-Stars I; Softball
2, 3, 4: Water Polo 2. 3, 4: Basketball
1, 2, 3; Usher 4: Cap and Gown
(Comn. 1.


t w


\ncon. Canal Zone
I. is of funl .. ... (. si\ to know .....
mu nscietntioun workers
H.R. Rep. 4; "Buttons" 1: "Elmer" 4;
"It's Eass to Get a Date" 3, 4; "What
Is America?" 3; "Ode to Peace" 3;
Staging 3, 4; Acting 1, 4: Debate Team
%M1i|. Club 2, 3, 4; Vice-Pres. 4;
Biology Club 3, 4; Pres. 4; Football 1,
2. 3, 4; Baseball 2; Softball 3, 4; Water
Polo 2, 3. 4; Basketball 3; Track 3, 4;
Swimming 3. 4; Sports Award 2.

' 1 II \ P ,1 11 k[<- N '
I ;,; /'
.0,'K ,tk ; I /
usiAII yapn/.*ne
/ -., r. ,, .; .P. .. h ic

t ,r it il .I...in h ll I I I. l I ll'ra 1, 2,
. 41 4- K rf'l- : I

Medellin, Colombia
Amatrur radio fan ... to/s rilth
ui a/ll
Track 4; Asst. Mgr. I; (lee Club 2;
Library Asst. 1; Cap and Gown Comm.
4. Douglas High Schbool.

I /
. .' "Alva"
Planama City, R. de P.
A lwhiz on the volleyball court ...
friendly siinile for everyone
Volley ball 1, 2. 3: Basketball 2. 3; Soft-
hall 1. 2, 3; Glee Club 1. 2.

14i. QtUINN
""Tito" '.
AnIton, Canal /one \R. '(. | \ I RI)
The guy with the "I. Q." . . 'IV is R j,
lurky to rlaimn him .. :.. t',, ,, -
"Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" -,,a ,,' -,,,i'j.',
Voc. Guid. Plav I; Biology Chlb I I l, I
Basketball 2; after r Polo 3; (;lee ChliuI ..
:; Valentine Dance Comm. 4; Navy Da' -
Program; Producing 3. 4; 3,..1int 3, 1 -

V, .. ..

H I -~~,~4 I l' t ,E I.T' .1.
\sst. LfF\ ,
Voile hall I I \II sus I 10.,k
h,, 1. ,t ,,l I I \

I, I hIt, I -" .. %kin, ll I).ince
Connmm., S.A. Dance Comm. 2; Football
SI)ance Comm.; G.A.A. Dance Comm. 4:
Fashion Show 2, 3; Freshman Picnic I.

Panama. R. de IP.
l inning personality .. ... accent on
sports ..... a dynamo of vitality
Fashion Show 2; G.A.A. Dance Comm.
4; sutginie 2. 3: lsher 3; G.A.A. 2, 3, 4:
Volleyball I, 2, 3. 4; All-Stars 1, 2, 3. 4;
SBasketball 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars 1, 2. 3, 4;
Softball 1, 2. 3, 4; All-Stars 1 2, 3: Arch-
ery 2; (Glee Club I; Pep Squad 1, 2, 3, 4;
"I.Lib. Asst. I. 2, 3.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Attllractive .... .quiet sense of humor
.... one who is well liked by all
Basketball 1, 2; Volleyball 1, 2, 3; Soft-
ball 1. 2; Swimming 3; Orchestra 1, 2;
Pep Squad 1, 2; Library Asst. 1, 2;
L fashion Show 1, 2. 3: Junior High
Office 4; Usher 3.

*t ally"
Oak Park. Illinois
The "silent type" .... tall 'n' hand-
"B" Club 4; Football 3, 4; All-Stars 4;
Baseball 2. 4; Basketball 2, 3; Water
Polo 3, 4; Softball 3: All-Stars 3; Track
4: Band 1, 2. 3, 4: Orchestra 2; Christ-
inas Dance Comm. 3; Valentine Dance
Comm. 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Mischievous eves go with a ical,t.vi,,.
grinl ..... personality plus
Staging I: Acting 1, 4; Zonian 4; Broad-
casting Club 3: Volleyball 3, 4; Basket-
ball 1, 2. 3, 4; All-Stars 2: Soccer 1;
Softball 2, 3, 1; Sports Award 3; Swim-
Ining I; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Pep Squad
2, 3; Cheerleader 4: Usher 3; Elks Club
Dance Comm. 4; "Getting a Date" 4;
G.M.A. 1. Jefferson High School, Wash-
ington, D. C.

St. Louis. Missouri
Sweet, petite, and light on her feet
"Getting a Date" 4; Special Speech
PIrog. 4; "Dress Rehearsal" 4. Valley
High, California; Central High, Mis-
souri; Wellston High, Missouri.


Jetterson City, Missouri
Our basketball and gridiron whiz .....
rloipelition in an sport
Lettermen's CluIh I. 2. 3. 4; "'" Club
3. 4: Football 1, 2. 3. 4: All-Stars 3. 4:
Track 3. 4; All-Stars 3, 4; Basketball
1, 2. 3; All-Stars 2. 3; Water Polo 3, 4;
Baseball 3. 4; Valentine Dance Comm.
4; Christmas Prog. Simonson High
School, Jefferson City, Missouri.

Newark, New Jersey
Amiable Ibo wlitl a friendly mantnei
that winis hinm manyi pals
Football 4; Softball 1. 2: Water Polo
3, 4; Pep Squad I, 2.

"A nnie"
-P._ d i ,.'__ "I i, 2 ,
(I Ft ( h l,; I I '.t- ,.I .. -
(,..-I ( 1 l. I .J :i I T ,|,id I -

'anamia City. R. de P.
alwayss clou ..,- ,i., ,'s Jose, but just
wait until track season
I rack 1, 2. 3. 4; Softball 2. 4; Water
Polo 2, 3. 4: Basketball 3. 4; Football
3, 4.

Brooklyn, New York
Fiiendlv is hie word for Dnave-our kid
frot Brtooklyn
Baseball I. 2. 3: Track 1. 2; Football 1;
Soltb.ll 1 '. iht.l.n I; W after Polo
2.3; ;..I t 1

"I. ., 1. ..I"
Los Angeles, California
.4 newcomer welromne for her vivarioius
looks and pleasing iays
Slarimdas 2. 3, 4; GCvy Offie Asst.;
(;lee Club 1, 2. 3. Manual Arts High
School 1, 2. 3.


-. I

Brooklyn, New York
Business-like attitude .... Iutn to Pal
around witl

Ancon, Canal Zone
"Golden hair and eyes of blue," and a
friendly smile to top it all
S.A. Rep. 3; Alt. 4; H.R. Rep. 4;
N.H.S. 3; Vice-Pres. 4; Broadcasting
Club 4; Volleyball 1, 2; Basketball 1;
Softball 1; (;lee Clob 1, 2, 3; Bac-
calaureate 1, 2, 3; Counselor's Asst. 2;
Report on S.A. Council Conference,
Wash., D. C. 4; CARE Comm. 3; Jr.-Sr.
Banquet 3: Jr. A.nnll -l 3; Usher 2, 3);
Pep Squad I; S.A. Rep. to Student
Council Conference. Wash., 1). C. 3.

Des Moines, Iowa
A fellow impossible to forget lor hIis
friendly wayTs and zany imannier
Football I; Water Polo 1. 2, 3, 4; Soft-
ball 4; 2nd I.t. in command of 2nd
Platoon, Co. C.

San Alltonio, I exas
Ouir B.H.S. swoon ho\
Broadcasting Club 3. 4. Corporal of
Cadets. San Antonio, Texas.

11 ,"
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tops in the sports field . p.le nty
of eve appeal!
Parrakeet Artist 4; "B" Club 3, 4; Base-
ball 1, 2. 3, 1; All-Stars 2, 3, 4: Football
1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars 2, 3, 4; Basketball
I. 2. 3, 4: All-Stars 2. 3; Track :; Glee
Cliiub 1, 2. 3, 4.

Brooklyn. New York
Lovable, laughable .. Ifull otf fun
and pep
Staging 3, 4; Zonian 4; Spanish (Club 1;
Spanish Club L.T. Play 1; Volleyball
1, 2. 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4; Softball
1. 2; Swimming 1, 2; Archery 1; Glee
Club I. 2. 3; Zonian Ads. 4; Water
Ballet 3; Usher 1; Frosh Class Party 1.


~.I: ::';'r

r %

Pueblo, Mexico
A quiet. friendly manner .... always
a helping hand at the right time
H.R. Alt. 4; Staging 1. 3, 4; Producing
3: Directing 4; "Buttons" 1; "The
Clutching Claw" 3; "Getting a Date" 3;
"Madness in Triple Time" 3; "Re-
hearsal" 4; Zonian 4; N.H.S. 4; H.S.
Workshop 3, 4; Spanish Club 2; Biology
Club 2, 3, 4; U.N. Club 4; Volleyball
2, 3, 4; Basketball 2.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Full of ole Nick ..... always a ready
Radio Club 2; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Water
Polo 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars 3; Baseball
1. 2. 3, 4; Swimming 3; Library Asst. 1.

Houston. Texas
One of our B.H.S. "brains" ..... loaded
with talent and personality
Staging 3, 4; Producing 3, 4; Directing
4; Acting 3, 4; "Clutching Claw"; Mad-
ness in Triple Time"; "Elmer"; "Get-
ting a Date"; Zonian 4; Zonian Adv. 4;
National Honor Society 3, 4; H.S. Work-
shop 3, 4; Music Club 1, 2; Volleyball
1, 2, 4; Basketball 1, 2; (lee Club 1, 2;
Pep Squad 1, 2. 3; Lib. Asst. 4; Office
Asst. 2, 3; Chem. Lab. Asst. 4; Jr. An-
thology 3; Usher 3.

Santa Marta, Colombia
A happy-go-lucky B.H.S. specialty
"B" Club 4; Radio Club 1; Voc. Guid.
Plays 1: I.a ing 1; Football 1, 2, 3, 4;
Water I'-I. '. 4; Baseball 1. 2. 3, 4;
Track 1, 2. 3, 4; All-Stars 1, 2. 3. 4;
Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Ring Comm. 3;
Jr. ,\Ml ,l.,.,g' 3; Usher 1.

Tucumcari, New Mexico
Our 'enlior prexy--tops in just every-
Class Pres. 1. 4; N.H.S. 4; Sodality 2; L
Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity 2; Baseball
2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Water Polo 3;
Tennis, Junior Varsity 2; Chorus 1, 4;
Pep Squad 1; Cadet Lt. Col., Battalion
C. 0. 4; Sqd. Leader 2; Private 1; Usher
4; Valentine Dance Comm. 4; Cap and
Gown Comm. 4; Cards and Announce-
ments Comimi 4 .i I4
Parrakeet 4..-C .N- ( I b, 1 C .hal
H igl, 1 tudl. f1. 1 tihn i ,1'i 1 1 1111
Hig 'i-h ,~l

Guyr' 'L B
thal a all II I le
l*i c% R (ft P

1.1 : i Uiy 11 ROBERT A. SWADELL
S [) .1 1 .Fort Bragg, California
S- A likable lad .....zany as they come
7V,, rr.. ^7, ,. Office Asst 4; R.O.T.C. 1st I.t. 4; Rifle

IrCt I'i,., ,. /;. p,' ,,' ,
Ra.diul C(;Ia_ 1'--_ I L I k~a'kLc I DOT TAYLOR
\V,,la Iul luJ- G.L Cluib-2' "Dottie"
f' p--i -a't-. --SR.O.I." ,I t ,ndi l I Topeka, Kansas

Paris, Tennessee
WIhat a gal! Plenty of class with clothes
to match
Zonian Adv. 2; Art Cluib I; (Glee Club
3: Pep Squad 1; Office Asst. 4.

"Jimlimy II"
Ancon, Canal Zone
This super fellow has a friendly smile
and carefree manner
"B" Club 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4: All-
Stars 2. 4; Water Polo 2, 3, 4; All-Stars
2, 3; Track 2, 3, 4; All-Stars 2, 3, 4;
Basketball 2, 3; Softball 2, 3.

The best that comes ..... hard-work-
ing ... f.un-loving
H.R. Rep. 4; Sr.gin1 P.,rrakeet 4;
Parrakeet Adv. BRI.IgD ( lub 2, 3, 4;
Camera Club I, 'pani.il Club 2;
U.N. Club 4; H.S. Workshop 4; N.H.S.
4; Volleyball 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Soft-
ball 2. 3; Speech Act. 3, 4; Pep Squad
2. 4: Lib. Asst. 2; Chem. Lab. Asst. 4;
Jr. Ring Comm. 3; Cards and An-
nouncements Comm. 4.

Panama, R. de P.
Magic at her fingertips ... a friendly
"hello" for everyone
(lass Party Comm. 1; Sadie Hawkins
Dance Comm. 2; Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm.
3; Valentine Dance Comm. 4; Fashion
Show 3, 4; Jr. \milt,.l..m 3; S.A. Rep. 1:
Producing 3; 1 a.ii'. I 3; "Our Hearts
Were Young .in .l I)'; N.H.S. 3, 4;
Volleyball 1, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 3, 4;
Softball 1, 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 3; Glee
Club 1, 2; Pep Squad 1, 2, 3. 4; Office
Asst. 1, 2, 3.

Vienna, Illinois
A special bundle of fun ..... plenty of
vim and vigor!
Biology Club 2; Basketball 2, 3, 4: All-
Star 3, 4; Volleyball 3, 4; All-Star 4;
Band 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Glee
Club 1; Phys. Ed. Exhibition 1. Cristo-
bal High School.

Ancon, Canal Zone
We'll miss your captivating smile and
cheery "hello"
Archery 2; Chorus 1, 2, 4; Pep Squad
1, 3; Fashion Show 3.

Ancon, Canal Zone
The gal with the smile ..... dignified
beauty ..... sweetness personified
H.R. Rep. 4; Zonian 4; Volleyball 2, 3,
4: Basketball 2 ,3, 4; Softball 2, 3; Sports
Award 3; Glee Club I, 2, 3; Pep Squad
1, 2, 3: Office Asst. 2, 3, 4: Football
Dance 4; Elk's Dance Comm. 4; Sr. Ring
Comm. 3, 4; Soph. Class Party 2; Usher
3, 4; Marshal at Commencement 3;
Parrakeet Adv. 3; Zonian Adv. 4.

Cristobal, C. Z.
One of B.H.S.'s own B.T.O.'s .....
super in sports and good to look at -
"B" Club 3. 4; Baseball 3. 4; Basketball
2, 3, 4; All-Stars 2, 3, 4; Football 3, 4:
All-Stars 3, 4; Track 3, 4: All-Stars 3, 4:
\Water Polo 3, 4.

Akron, Ohio
Pretty blonde hair .... ta Itru school
Staging 4; Parrakeet 4: Vollevball 4;
Basketball 3, 4; Speech Act 4; Glee Club
1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad 1, 2: Library Asst.
2. 3, 4.

\rni. n ( ainjl /iln
Model tI,.,* H- i _l & _ud-_ _. .
ow n 1 ,, ., ;
Volleyball I Ba .k1 alih, I ie" -l" hiti
1. 2, 3. 4 I'r-p ', tla.il 1 2 I .4,ijn sh..u#
2, 3; A.pI .m .le ..t'i I.i i.'fer 1. Irun
maculai,- ( iii.t-pi.,n -'ilpl'i hoiol

S -- ,
3, -i* 1:

lir in-. II / U II I II

Quiet, tit ,1o. i t 'i
expert .. i' I
Parrak-. \ii, [ 6,.1,g,. i tlyi .
j. '

Buffalo, New York
A 'cnse of humor that wins friends
Broadcasting Club 3, 4; Football 3, 4:
Water Polo 3; Swim Meets 2. 3; All-
Stars 2, 3: Rifle Squad 4; R.O.T'.C. 1st
Lt., Supply Officer, Battalion Staff 4;
R.O.T.C. Dance Comm. 4; Sadie Hawk-
ins Dance Comm. 3; Pep Squad I, 2, 3.

Baltimore, Maryland
lli tllul miile ..... w. ell-liked by all
Fashion Show 3, 4; Glee Club I, 2, 3. 4;
Pep Squad 1, 2, 3; Library Asst. 2, 3.

li., It,
1.I, Di]-g,. California
/ ... I .. i ..i.t f friends
P.,,' ,t:., 1 i', o .,i t Adv. 4; Archery
-2 ~o inll.. I. (,It. (. lub 1. 2. 3, 4 Pep
s'ilal I J 3 1 (ln e Asst. 1; Clinic
%\,, 1 t.n sl i.. .', 3, 4.

Droadca.i'IIIR it 3 1 (L L Il TIl
Pep SqiliI i -l (i \.. I '
Chemisi lll r R l I\n ,, 1 t1,1 al
Gown ( r.iran 4 R..i.,r, I ....ii.n si,.n

Ancon, Canal Zone
Always helpful ..... a hit with the gals
Latin Club 2: Reporter 2; Chem. Club
3; Hist. Club 3: Water Polo 4; Valen-
tine Comm. 1.

Panama, R. de P.
The vivacious young miss from B.H.S.
H.S. Workshop 3, 4; Basketball 3;
Volleyball 4; Physics Lab. Asst. 4.

Gloucester City, New Jersey
Petite little blonde with a contagious
smile for everyone
Chess and Checker Club 3. 4: Lib. Asst.
Club Sec'v. 4; Volleyball 2. 3. 4; All-
Stars 3, 4: Basketball 2. 3. 4; Softball
2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad 1:
Lib. Asst. 3, 4: Fashion Show 3.

Fort Worth, Texas
Whether I'.in,; his flute or 1,;:;,
on his ty pezwrtter, this cheery .'.it ., ii!
go far
Track 1, 2. 1; All-Stars 1, 2, 4; Basket-
ball 3; All-Stars 3; Orchestra 1. 2; Music
Club 1; Band 1, 2: Chess and Checker
Club 3, 4: Fashion Show 1.

Panama City, R. de P.
Latin bombshell with a sparkling per-
Spanish Club Vice-Pres. 4; Volleyball 2,
3, 4; Basketball 3. 4; Lib. Asst. 4; Office
Asst. 2; Fashion Show 3.

Panama City, R. de P.
A cute little gal ..... sweet .. .. all
that and brains, too!
"Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 3;
Staging 3; Asst. Dir. of Freshman Play 3;
N.H.S. 3. 4; Volleyball 1. 2. 3. 4; Basket-
ball 1, 2. 3. 4; Softball 1. 2. 3. 4: Chorus
1, 2; Pep Squad 1, 2; Lib. Asst. I: Chem.
Lab. Asst. 3; Physics I.ab. Asst. 4; Christ-
mas Dance Comm. 3; Usher 3; Jr. An-
thology 3.

Aberdeen Proving Ground. Maryland l)i \\ It i
An art are-versatile gal and a wonder- .
f l al IIl l I ( ut.l / I. i-
Parrakeet 4; Zonian 4; Hobby Club 2: I' . ",,.i., .. 1. I 1.
Safety Club 1; Cap and Gown Comm .m''l' .
4; Youth Prize for art work 4; Hobbs -y....1ul ,.A : \.t. 'fi I ,*,-
Contest Prize 3: May Day Festival 1. 2 -: 1 H '.' ., 1 'fl-' il, I
Art Club 1; Office Asst. 4. Aberdeer" p -'e .~ -'-
High School, Maryland. '

,. ." .

1, 2; ..,, I ballal
II R .. -.t'j, *t4;

3; A li l l '' "ll, i,

3, 4; Chem. Lab. Asst. 3; Valentine
Dance Comm. 4; Usher 3. Lititz H.S.,
__-______ Pa.; Cristobal H.S.

Washington. D. C.
Nice manners and a rather shy grin are
only two of his appealing ways
Baseball 1; Softball 2; R.O.T.C. 4.

Brooklyn, New York
An ever-present smile and charming
personality describe "Jackie"
Chorus 1, 3, 4: Pep Squad 1, 2. 3:
Library .\sst. 1, 2, 3.

Knoxville, Tennessee
Those who don't know our (ene have
missed a lot . he's strictly on the
Hiking Club 3; Football 4: R.O.T.C.
Squad Leader 2, 3; Knoxville High
School 1, 2, 3.

Buffalo, New York
A girl with a sparkling manner whose
long, dark eyelashes are the envy of
B.H.S. girls
G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Swimming 1; Volleyball
1, 2; Basketball I; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Jr.
Cotillion. St. Anthony's High School.

Panama City, R. de P.
A friendly smile that warms your heart
characterizes our Latin ainiga
Spanish Club I, 2. 3. 4; Spanish Club
Comm. 2, 3; Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket-
ball 1, 2, 3. 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4; Pep
Squad 1.

Lamesa. Texas
The Esther Williamns of B.H.S. will be
remembered by all for her sweet and
friendly manner
G.A.A. 4; Volleyball 3, 4: All-Stars 4;
Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars 1, 2, 3. 4;
Water Ballet 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep
Squad 1, 2, 3; Sr. Cards and Announce-
ments 4; Fashion Show 2. 3; Jr. An-

Silver City. New Mexico
"Mal" . . serene beauty and a
friendly "hello" for all ... . perfection
Usher 1, 2, 3; Marshal 3; Jr..\nili,,.1 L.
3; Inaug. Dance Comm. 3,4; J i 'i R.,i
quet Comm. 3; Ring Comm. 3; Christ-
mas Dance Comm. 3; Sadie Hawkins
Dance Comm. 2; S.A. Club Dances
Comm. 2: Class Party Comm. 1, 2:
Class Picnic Comm. I; Fashion Show
3. 4; Class Sec'y. 1; Class Pres. 2. 3;
Producing 1, 2. 3; "Buttons"; Zonian
Bus. Mgr. 4; Zonian Adv. 4; N.H.S. 3.
4; Sec'v. 4; Volleyball 3, 4; Basketball
3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Pep Squad 1, 2, 3;
Office Asst. 3.

Ancon, Canal Zone
His affable humor will remain among
our memories
Football 1, 2. 3. 4; Baseball 1, 2: Soft-
ball 3, 4; All-Stars 3: Basketball 1, 2;
Spanish Club 4.

Not Pictured

Ancon. Canal Zone
The Pedro Miguel genius ..... always
with his shooter
Track 1; Band; R.O.T.C. Cadet.

Chicago. Illinois
"Darling" is the word for sparkling-
eyed "Chriis."
"Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 3;
Glee Club 2; Tennis 2; Swimming 2;
Class Treas. 1. 2. Ladycliff AcademN;
Poly High School, Long Beach, Cali-



























, p .ip n." .

'Ilass of "50

Along with everyone else the new high
(and almost mighty) juniors trouped
back to o other hectic but
Snever- forgotten
Alters f't e hustle and
Mr. Clarence Vosburgh, Junior Class adviser, conferring bustle\ 1 'l ,a i, ast prexyy",
over grades with two juniors, Pat Peters and Karl Mellander Joan l, rst er our first
class meetin-. re introduced to
our new class adviser, Mr. Vosburgh, and then we elected officers for the C iss '50.

Things started popping along about October 15 when the Ring commit
and chose five super candidate rings for display in the central showcase. Witi
Irwin, Phyllis McLaren and Roberta Hollander working like mad, it wasi
was completed, and the first order started on its way by Iecember 22. We (
ring to sport at the Junior-Senior Banquet.
Remember that super-duper Christmas dance on December 17? "Perfe
decorations and Santa. It was obvious that the large committee worked haI
dance a success.
One day along about January, I glimpsed Shirley Smith and Joyce Ei
hall with big smiles after being elected to the Valentine Queen's Court.
The Junior-Senior Banquet, the long-awaited night ol nights of tlbc-~Cl
to remember. Orchids to the committee for the gala time had by all.
And last-but not least-I guess you know who won the tug-of-war to w

t meeting
e voting
have that

I for those
o make the

g down the


of fun and

Being introduced at the Inaugural Iance are the Junior Class officers. Left to right, they are
Mr. Clarence Vosburgh. adviser; Phyllis Mclaren, S. A. Representative; Betty Jane Kenealy.
Vice-President; Keith Kreth. President; Ginger Sanders, S. A. Representative; Joan Powell,
Secretary: Stuart Plunmner and James Forbes, S. A. Representatives

.ii ( % in n .i iil l.
.l I i Jld i ,5111
IB.1 i I+ .1 I tt l


I ..l I tI t | lin Cirnlll d Ji
0i .. l I i 1 r id iil
jll li.l l.n i |l jnI I liri-tin.r
/ [ine


ISa lllh j ,ll IhIn' Utll ''l 1
tjinnlll t JLI rj k .i.l I
.j I IIhII It l I lp



B ,Ib 1 Dl .111tL. 11 I I l^ A P_, tII-,
he. luI l i l l p lI l i l, i| l jtl.' ilJ lln1

Well, what do you know-Santa
Claus in the flesh!

---4i, .



I, .
t~ .



e- .

Class of '50


C~"' ::


- 1"4

*~JI'~ '


C Inss of ,p1

No longer were we lowly fr
we were now sophomores an<
to all the privileges of S
ear started with a b ng
electe( Gayle MacDon as
dent. I o il new cs s
Hl ul T .I
it1 [l t'l .H ',Il t ,i Il ).1 .
ri hi' I Il II _l, .ii( F
ApiI.uiL'u[. (.IJ LU,-(.wt '-,'
AI. I ~1 .I \ 111 l 11,
R -pne .--nt. i 11j. kit,
( lst.i P,,,,\ II .,1, \h, rlr'S.

Ml. D. A. Hutchinson, class adviser, confers with four of
his hard-working sophomores

.\ .-i plus t,~ I. F ti~5 gave us a chance to become better acquainted. The sur-
pi I-, ol ithi tL' ,u Iw' bI- 4w, which turned out to be strictly O.K., thanks to Rena Boynton
andl (.kSIt. PI, cll. I- 1n t. ,li., and all the other talented sophs who contributed to the show.
Paul j.,ni:,ii Nli hi.) .k i '"l \inerica, Junior, and Joan Sprague as Miss America for 9III1.
Thii L.i %cj Le\ l dispute as to which two girls should be chosen to represent us in the Valentine
Queen's turt. I think we all L, that the choice of Pat Walker and Joan Sprague was unbeatable.
O libuti y..S. life was the colossal Sadie Hawkins dance given in March.
Suggest on "MrlCi vent as the committee argued and finally agreed about arrange-
ments. No s for our annual class picnic became realities. We returned at the
end of the day tired but happy.
We realize that our sophomore year has held some extra-special good times. We won't forget it
even with two years of fun ahead.

.. .

t V'~~.

Sophomore Class officers, back row, from left to right: Frank Mayo, Celeste Ppwell, Terry
Ford; front row: Gayle MacDonald, Arlene McKeown, Frances Dwyer, Clay Lewis

1 in ll I l\ 1 ii
I rI-,Ie' .Jh i Rr |J
IIll i I l i I L I '.
i ll.: ,i I 11 .hL.'


\\ l
Vo'l ii'-*

L .S

11 l I I .J II *II l
I ,,'I ,i |, I. i ll
%1 1 li. i It


I ,. I 'I,,,,.,

lik,,. B '_I L I\ I Ic
I a k i *l lih
ta nL.. In

1 i~b

(A bove) A n:l, liL .t1l.1 ), I -i1jII 11 L,1h1. iI
e\en il ..*I i i i | 1 1 I '.



- I

v.- *i


S..* .


* 'PK. i M .-'




-; c ::r ;n



C .i

M-r' '



SClass of '52

September 8, 1948-a day to remember, for on that day
we entered a brand new world-a world where we could
start a shiny new slate for four wonderful, promising
cars in senior high sch *
We started with a I ang oi election day with Ray
Tucker annoutncedl .11 thi .ib wiii.i ilIIm dance as "our
Mr. Ted Munch. Freshman Class al- choice" for frosh pi 1, i N-i ~k tl,., lg alter, dancing
,iser, being introduced at the Inaugui- classes (freshmen only were stXU13 tor us eager learn-
ation Dance crs. And it ,i 1.11i;i1(1 olff, u e at all the other
dances attended, ,. (i1.l no 'tloo ." A specialty we
can't forget was our very own Hallow'en party. It had everything JlPua -t, Ii 'I amorous cos-
tunies to wonderLul dancing.
Then there was the exciting contest in which two girls were se m si. een freshman candi-
dates to be members of the Valentine Queen's court. The Io..ntii who reigne at the Valentine dance
left a pleasant memory among everyone.
Among the events that brought us into the very heart ,,I.l .I dl.ticin life were the exciting
football games, with IS proudly cheering on the sidelines, ii 'he-i oAol assemblies, in which
some of US took part.
Our studies weren't forgotten though, midst the whirlwi id o i 'tiv ties. We found home-
work was not quite "unbearable" with the help of encouraging teach fri ds, and those "ever-
present, almighty" seniors. And so we t ii.. d Il on.
This grand new life passed all too soon. It is truly a year to i mn V We're looking forward
to more "de-super" ears to come.

Class Ollirers, Ibrhk ow: Ray lTucker, president: Coila Goodin, S. A. Representative; Oscar
Kiotmanvt \ice-president; f Im ni tow: Michael McNevin, S. A. Representati e; James O'Connor.

i-i .,
srrr ~ \r~7

l llIc- lr i i-.ll lK I l.l'rI. III
IIC1(.iI).1.ll ,.Ijl, IIIg l 1. 'l -t dillJ I
Il1\ ,jll, 1\sk -trIll.aC tl JI .j II I ..111 J
I illC ll i .',iIII11n .leIg ) I\ 1 i |'i)


/r A41

I I~

"d I

( l 1 I i..i
k rit I'
Iiii l. I l~i
L1,.III .1 I, .I1.
I I ,l I ..
l~i ll.., a ill
1.II. IIl l \ I
1 I '. I


1ji il k jllJ l itniell i. -- l.i\1 1.Id .si
I, il\ lr,",h Hallri't en pdll\ al [ii-
,i f|i t. C_ iIII l. 1" 11 N .I.CL linI .
I.n aidIiin IIn ih l rln in1 lIlu ;
", 3ca1ii1n.il gIIIlI.cL( LIJ-1

- 0 1


IEu-4Ishinuon BsIIDVoy.A

Frlmshimi:m Girls

_ -- I

HOMEROOM REPRESENT \TIVES include, left to right, to) row: Shirley Smith, Tom
Peterson, Mary Ellen Stac'. Second row: Edgar Kourany. Stuart Plumer. [im O'Conner,
Keith Kreth, Roger Simond. Ray Tucker, David Mcilhenny. Max Kurillo. I i -. row: Mary
Sill, Dot Taylor. Mary Jo Cole, Shirley Walsh, Phyllis McLaren, Margie Rathgeber, Martha
Irwin. Front row: Yolanda Diez, Mary Lea A,' 11 :. Barbara Ladd, Pat Walker, Arlene
McKeown, Coila Goodin, Gloria Hall. Annette Godby. Those not pictured: Frances Dwyer,
Nancv Fuller. Dick Greene. Peter Flynn

IOiiPPrOOlliu ItHbjilprdh d iihiv 1 1

The Homeroom Representatives and Alternates are part of a new system adopted at B.H.S. this year from
student associations in the States. It has proved useful in bringing about a closer relationship between
the individual student and the S.A.
The representatives attend all S.A. meetings and take an active part. During the homeroom
period these representatives report special announcements from the S.A. Council.
These students deserve credit for the success of the drives undertaken this year. Drives include
the Red Cross drive, the benefit drive for the Bella Vista Orphans' Home at Christmas, and the Infantile
Paralysis drive.

HOMEROOM ALTERNATES, left to right, top row: Gasper de Paredes, Tom Fong,
Michael McNewlin, Loran Long, Don Musselman, Howard Hanners, Eddie Browder, Ray-
mond Dairdson, Henry Cruz. Second row: Dorothy Dedeanx, Joyce Engelke, Frances
Farrell, Gay Hogan, Aida Harvie, Barbara Norris, Loretta Smith, Yolanda Bull. Front row:
Joan Baron, Louise Glud, Norma McKeown. Florence Crecelines, Sherry Green, Ginger
Sanders. Those not pictured: Suzanne Shutt. Roberta Hollander, J. R. Shaeffer, Roger
Kelley, Carl Possey, William Gordon, Herbert Dawson

s tB zln. '' -L u> .* A '. . .- '*- a B BBr ft i ? 3





BfST L00OK11

f, ^ )
| r'.



All popularity photos by LaClair



:i" I


G ECRC-c C-",,1 .-,'r'ir.l,


, .1

~ IEr

r;i~L~ i








. ,:.-. .1..

ill -I ,11
1. I 1 .-11

*1 I'I .
S I Eli "i II

I lilt Itr l
1'$.1 i. lli l -
rAiIT1 t I H



r4 W=ll alll

1111* I%* 1 I*I ..
i Il I I liI.I
, I IIW1s It as I,.

I1 1, I
S i I I I. I

[l. I IIo ll IIt
s3Ulkl~t __


.7' '/7



.... '.. :* i .l .i'.t ,


| '^ ' ~
P& *






v. t



.. .








Jack Ruoff and (;Ioria Ives above, are
high on our lis'! for polularily

11 .... I ddie M aa .,'1i It',.
I'.' - the besti I .. i' "


/'l ,r i 'l,, I." .rr t (111 rir .I' ll / '" it:
(above) with their extra-special
talents are Bill Carson, Barbara
Gunn and Martha Berry





H ei Da ,, ,,n1 .tl. l.,t [;.m i l.lu It. -l-.,, .
rlult'l Irred t (..I=lllll llt I l l l *11" ,'1 ,1 1 1t
llir r ia ll i prit l ll llpllt n l ,I ,t,
alit\ lel'i"r. rl,,h l i, .1llI.rt I/m *n r l 1--,
1r e-o I I'at rli a tl ilm h lull .
EllItr l,, I,", sth., 1,11



- I ,, fi..
, / I . I
i. ,,, ,,, I ,, I I,
,,,, ,. ,,

(3 *





[Jr. / I, lti, t,.I J.'..', \,.,, l,
lr I ,, l l: ,' I I.

I hI !,l ll .1, , ., I t, .,, I
,r ll ;.1 .1, ,11a I'g \ ,h1
(I 1 1 Illlll Jllll It ,l l
at right



:.~ r







- &-. r




Ir -l- a



, -,T- L

or L



Our "Big Three" in action, from left to
right: Lois Baumbach, secretary; George
a Downing, president; and Edward Hat-
chett. Jr., vice-president and below

pointers to S.A. Council

The Student Association of Balboa High School
is the guiding hand to all school activities for
students. Purpose of the Student Association is
to promote unity among the student body by
sponsoring extra-curricular affairs.
Otil r.~ of the S. A. are the president and
vice-president, elected from the Junior Class at
the end of the school year, to serve the following
year. This past year George Downing was presi-
dent and Edward Hatchett, Jr., was vice-president;
Lois Baumbach was appointed secretary. Work-
ing with all officers as top-notch adviser was
.Ml. E. W. Hatchett.
The S. A. Council consists of its officers and
lour representatives from each of the four classes.
Fhis year a representative and an alternate from
each homeroom attended S. A. meetings as part
efl the council.
New addition to S. A. was the "B" Club, which
.ends two representatives to S. A. meetings. Until
this year the "B" Club had been an independent
organization .

The Elk's Club Committee (left) bub-
1.tii over with plans for a great dance
and at right, the Inauguration Dance
Committee starting the year off just

Carol sings at the Christmas formal, and right,
our flashy cheerleaders give out with a Victory

First on S. A.'s list of successful activities for
the past year was the Inauguration Dance, at
which class officers for the year were announced.
The Football Dance at the Elk's Club, complete
with Football Queen and Anchor, was a never-
to-be-forgotten dance.
Through the purchase of S. A. tickets the
students received admission to school dances,
plays, and games, enabled students to receive the
Parrakeet. nnd entitled owners to purchase the
7.iP inUM ia n{ ft (I I ('il |)I t<.
The 5. \. I nI in iti.;ildcdi :i Hi, Bi ii'it "
ol the ,thool. m c in t I .iriill .iic l I.IIm lt. IIIlsl, ti
(arr\ 1'io c ih I ;ni-.l liti I hi \l i .1 1 IILt \
ha1311dl td 11 .l( 111i) OlIl 4.11I (11 ( I 111( 11i (,111ic (11
I ft t IfO ll 0111 l lllt'n t,. I- tit11 q_",l ,I t lt ill( ilt'\ 1 t,1,
aiseIl in j id lti ini1 ,. t-.i ( iti ( ilK. .IL 0I L\II :t
(:I(t \w ald, Ill ,Im l t',. No (hcia l 1.,hI). Illj
SIl) tilll l 'h 1 IIl lltll lllt, % il Ii ( lil lllt lll ill)\
the S. A a,. a t illinil illl i 1 (h il.I lt i titiI a il

Jhc Il . In. il h\ | li k ii
[ill- 1c0 t 0 a, %%t ls .1 l 11 Il[11A 1-l)1

.1 l. tllr I. 'l ll. Ip ,i lll 11 li l II 1 thi .mll I l I..l ll.
B. h1 -h. (dillo 0( 11I,11l- 111 [ \ 1i '1 11 11 I) .

f l hi t- I i, -l .

A P.
t),, 1.t,,t ,, .,l , ,.p ,rt 'l ,

Our able spol sor. lat eight, M i. Subert T ,,i'.l,, / '. o I,, i. 1-
Don Mussnelman back-slage and above. "lealous y Pt'\ a
Part" in the Iproress of being presented to study hall groups

Little Theatre


Our capable business manager,
Su.san Hutclrhna,.- workingg to
ke)r p Little I i. ,.. ., records
Diamondl Alasque winners for the y I ar S 9'-9
are, first row, left to .1..' Barbaria Broyer,
Jove(e Alasters, leannine Dorian, Susan Hut-
hlings; second row: Dick Lester, Don

The curtain rose on a promising year in dramatics, but the
season was curtailed when polio restrictions were imposed.
The first productions, presented for study hall groups,
were cast from the dramatics class. One group consisting of
Roberta Hollander, Marilyn Jennison, Ruth Stein, Eileen
Frank, Loretta Smith and Virginia Rowen gave "Dress
Rehearsal." The following day "Elmer" was presented by
the cast composed of Tommy Peterson, Joyce Masters, Bar-
bara Boyer, Kathryn Glass, Bobbie Ann Robinson, Dick
Lester, Don Musselnan, Jo Ann Standefer and Jeannine
Producers Dick Lester and Jo Ann Standefer cast and
presented "Jealousy Plays a Part" in December. In this
one-act play were Betty Jane Kenealy, Kay Babbs, Terry
Ford, Mary Ellen Stacy, Arlene \l ki.,own, Mike McNevin
and Ruth Turck.
February found' 1t R (. It's Wonderful" being presented
by Gayle McDonald, John Rimmington, Annette Godby,
Danny Alexander, and Charles Walsh, with directors Bar-
bara Boyer and Joyce Masters.
Plans then called for an all-school production of "Kiss
and Tell" early in April for Little Theatre members.

Dramatic class presenting "Dress Rehearsal"
in room 103


Junior R.O.T.C. Battalion in tevicu, at .' presentation by Maj. (Ge. Ray E. Porter

Junior R. O. T. C.

A Reserve Officer's Training Corps was inaugurated into Balboa High School this year. Interest in this new class ran high
among the boys from freshman to seniors. When final count of cadets was taken, there were 217 officers and enlisted per-
sonnel. A basic infantry battalion consisting of four rifle companies and a battalion stall was formed.
First activity of the newly formed corps was an informal dance given at Ouarry Heiglts Officers' Club. The highlight
of the dance was presentation of commissions to cadet officers by Capt. John Ross. Professor of Military Science and Tactics.
On December 22. Maj. Gen. Ray E. Porter presented the national colors to the unit. This was the first official public
showing of the battalion as a whole.
On January 28 the unit rifle team entered competition for the Hearst Trophy, which is given by William Randolph
Hearst for furtherance of shooting in the U.S.A. The local rifle team shoots against R.O.T.C. units in the 6th Army area.
A rifle range was completed in the basement of the high school building in February. This range will be of great advan-
tage in future matches as it will enable the cadets to practice more easily and more often.
February 14 saw the R.O.T.C. i'nit participating in a formal review with the 15th Cavalry Squadron. The highlight
of the ceremony was the lowering of the Administration Building flag by the Cadets.

Cadet Officets of Balboa R.O.T.C., left to right. 1st row:
Cadet Capt. Thomas Peterson, Cadet Maj. E. IV. Hatchett,
Capt. John Ross, Lt.. Klerekoper, Cadet Capt. Mayer Bajtel;
2nd row: Cadet Lt. Robert Su'adell, Cadet Lt. Robert Gales,
Cadet Capt. Gaspar de Paredes, Cadet Capt. Eugene Andrews,
Cadet Lt. Wlillianm Howe, Cadet tI. Terry Trumble; 3rd
tow: Cadet LI. Douglas Suddaby, Cadet l.t. James Lovejoy,

Cadet 1.I. Charles Slater. Cadet LI. Jack Budreau,
Cadet Lt. Harold Barkle),

Batalio Stallff. left to 'i Capt. John Ross, Cadet
I.t. Col. Tlhomas Solan. Cadet Capt. Thomas Peter-
son, Cadet Maj. I IV. Hathlett. Cadet Lt. Terry

"L &~.

. -.. .. . -


Company A
Cadet Captain
Mayer Bajtel
Cadet Lieutenant
Robert Gates
Cadet Lieutenant
Douglas Suddaby

Company B
Cadet Captain
Gaspar de Paredes
Cadet Lieutenant
William Howe
Cadet Lieutenant
Jack Budreau

Company C
Cadet Captain
Howard Hanners
Cadet Lieutenant
Robert Swadell
Cadet Lieutenant
Charles E. Slater, III

Company D
Cadet Captain
Eugene Andrews
Cadet Lieutenant
Harold Barkley
Cadet Lieutenant
James Lovejoy

On April 8, a Field Day was held for the
Balboa Reserve Officers Training Corps
cadets. At this time, various awards were
presented to the best individual soldier,
the best squad, the best platoon and the.-'
best company of the Battalion. Also at '
this time, the Governor's cup was pre- '
sented to the student of Military III who
passed the Governor's test with the high-.
est grade.. -

The R.O.T.C. Dance on May 20(
brought this year's formal activities to
an end.

Next year, the R.O.T.C. will be open
to sophomores, juniors and seniors only.
The military course is only three years
long, and it was decided that R.O.T.C.
training would be most beneficial to
students during their last three years in
high school. .
(Above) Major General Rayi E. Porter presents the Colors
to Cadel Colonel Thomas Solan; Major General Ray E.
Porter and Cadet Colonel Thomas Solan review the
Flag presentation below, by Major General Ray E. Porter
in front of the Administration Building on December 22



k, it
*yl^ *^J~~

Yr- "-

'W^-^-K- "j.-y
"f;- 'a-~~"
v^^hy ^


. "'Old (hof ,rv" in the handAs of the'
1R..7T.C. color guard
2 S 1gt. Pof),povih mea'surte randetf for
uniform nrs
1. ThIe hig moment of the R.O.T.C.
dance a't Quarry Heighl i
1/ (Govlrnor X\ctirolnrr pay'1s t visit to

5. ,Grad Alarcrl at the R.O.T.C. )Dance.
Hom ... looks like Hanners is out of
6. (Cadets taise the flag at 7:45 and
lower' it at 3:15
7. Chow line at the Quarry Heights
S. Ten -SHUN!






II! r

K. f


. /


rh~C~$ ~*1

I\ m\

9. Lieutenant Klerekoper weighs in
the cadets
10. Cadets swing and sway at the
R.O.T.C. dance, Quarry Heights
11. "Watch that thumb!" is the watch-
word in the armory

12. Come and get it at the Quarry
Heights dance
13. The Officers' Club rocks with
14. Sergeant Poppovich instructs a class
in weapons


.... *




Our mascot, Linda Fawcett, took time out
a soda
The best games e; e those nwith "Branniy\"
the band

B. H. S. Music

"Quiet!" seems to be all one hears from our man
"Branny" in the first few weeks of school, but, under-
neath it all, he's really a perfect-plus director, as many
will tell you. Under his able direction the chorus, band,
and orchestra have really contributed to B.H.S. school
S spirit. At the games, the assemblies, plays, and musi-
cales, our music department is there with "all it's got,"
lending a musical air of pleasure.

I We remember the superb Christmas program, when
the procession of girls in their long, white gowns wound
their way from the side door of the school to the front
steps. The boys quietly took their places and the pro-
gram began. Barbara Gunn enhanced the program
with her vocal solo, "Cantique de Noel," and our
talented soloist, Loran Long, who previously led the


Strains of Christmas carol /.l'.',,Jd .', I te high
school band, with Loran i.-.'. *i .c l c. could
be heard on the "Admin" steps


band at the foot of the Administration Building steps,
played "The Holy City." This year the program was
held in front of the school to accommodate the esti-
mated 2,000 people who gathered to hear this annual
Christmas musical.

Other highlights of the season included the music
for the Fashion Show, as provided again by selected
members of the orchestra. The chorus, band and
orchestra combined to produce the successful Spring
Festival. It upheld the high standard of previous per-
formances by Mr. Branstetter and the \Iiui Depart-
ment. At the Clubhouse play, presented in April, the
orchestra provided the musical selections.

Hats off to "Branny" and the hard-working music-
makers for adding the rhythm and color of their music
to Balboa High's school life.

With "Bratnny" the mass rehearsals were as much
fun as the final performance

The ,,1. i.,,rlii, "Angels We Have Heard on
High" sans canctdles

The Christmas Musicale was extra-special this
year with a different setting-our very own
"front yard"

News Hounds
Following Lee Holmes, the Parriakeet's communica-
tions man, into the office iof that hallowed sheet,
one comes upon a scene of deepest concentration
and industry. A monstrous sigh of relief issues from
the lips of Herb Dawson, editor of the Parrakeet,
and he announces the fact that Lee has just returned
from the printers with additional galleys.
It seems that this is that busiest of days for the
staff-make-up dlay. Marge Hayward rushes for-
ward to see if her Sweet 'n Solid column is in this
new batch of proofs, and close behind her is Helen
Shirts '1 Skiris Vann, who is already checking her
exchange list.
lThe news brings no pause in the heated debate
between United Nations Editor Dot Taylor and
Chief Proofreader Barbara Comber on whether
BL-rt Page's cartoon for this issue is in the spirit of
the article written on the General Assembly.

(Counter clockwise:
(Our sulpe-pereift editor, Herbie Dawisop. tells its
how it should be done
\lake-up Editor Tom .Solan takes life easy while Lee
Ilollmes aod jihkie Hall "carry out orders"
IalbAra, NAonmi, anid .larjorie delving into the
mii.tefies of their favorite printing press at the
Ptiainnma-A merican
Reportevs Htelen Vann and George D.. ,iir finish-
iig lheir "'../. I',. -l" i olumns.. See that grin of
Friend!v adviser, Miss Brighami. assists as Associate
Ildilot Jttaet Kinmnel makes out that dreaded

.j-1 *


Carroll Robinson glances over the names of some
of the lovely ladies mentioned in his Iolf column,
scratches his head and pulls out his pencil and little
black book. His co-worker. Mary Ann 11..I 1,- Mc-
Coy, is interested only in her lan mail from the
love-lorn femmes of the Canal Zone teen-age circle.
Girls' sports editors. Mary Elletn St.. ~ and Naomi
Witkin, are in a huddle p.iniil. iit the merits of a
staggered picture layout .1s rhI n page. George
Downing, editor for the male side of Bulldog ath-
letics, wonders where e will put Coach Fawcett's
"lrips" column. His reverie of times when Harold
Wilson was his co-editor is broken when Jim Orvis
rushes up with a baseball scoop.
Janet Kimmel, the paper's associate editor, stands
with a pasty galley in one hand and a pair of enor-
mous scissors in the other, conferring with Literary
Editor Dolores Zimmerman. Their problem seems
to be one of placing Linda Willard's illustrations
so that they are as close as possible to the stories
they depict.
Near Jackie BHS Welcomes Hall, who is getting
a big bang out of Willie Simpson's Phulil Ph'l. -t I
Tom Solan. make-up editor, who is taking type
counts from his style sheet and uttering intermit-
tent cries about people putting too much paste on
the dummy sheet.
Roberta Hollander, who replaced Barbara Baron
as staff picture editor when "Barb" graduated in
January, confers with Miss Mary Brigham, inspiring
P ... .'..i adviser, and both picture in their minds
a Parrakeet issue with a rotogravure section in the
dim future.

l.ilerary Editor Dolores Zimmerman "gels
the ldope" on art from Linlda Lee and Burt
"Blad," Barbara, Dolt and Mary Ann-just
being happy over the results of "their"
Couldn't be that Mary Ellen and iillie
are .,tI.i,. about the latest issue-or
could it?
A screwdriver's the handiest gadget, isn't
it, Harold? At least Marjorie appreciates it!



Finldil .a( Itr! Well, guys and gals, here it
i is-it's all yours! We, the Zonian staff of 1949,
have tried our hardest to give you a "better-
Sthan-best" yearbook.
First of all, we want you to know our super-
perfect editor, Lois "Bum" Baumbach, who
pg osted those dreaded deadlines only too fast at
times! "Doff" Dedeaux and Harold Barkley
managed our star-studded sports pages. Martha
Zent ran herself ragged over the Popularity
and S. A. pages, besides supplying ready cash
for us. Jeannine Dorgan and Joyce Masters
._looked earnestly for new ideas for the popu-
0 larity runner-up pictures while Jim Lovejoy
took over a complete new section, featuring
the R.O.T.C.
Shirley Walsh was our untiring picture file
Our editor Ioi "'Bum" Baumbarh. patiently explain- clerk, and was also in charge of senior activities.
ing the dayr' work Olive Beil mailed our "irreplaceable" proofs
Looks (as if .langie, Gloria, and Miss Thomas have found to the printer. Jean Clement worked like mad
that long-hunted-for layout

Alaetha, business manager of Zonian. takes a breather :
in the S. A. Room ,

Bait ara. Shirley and Joyce looking
lor THE picture

ioan, Bobbie and Martha
siting up the situation

Zonian Staff

on senior portraits, while Margie Kelley racked
her brain over faculty photos. Joan Smith
found a chic layout for her New Look section.
Energetic Barbara Boyer took her models and
photographer to Cristobal for the Good-bye
picture. Loretta Smith was in charge of the
Freshman Class history; Joyce Masters, the
sophomore section; Jeannine Dorgan, the
junior section, thus adding sections for under-
classmen as a new feature to our ever-growing
Betty Newlin edited the l. ulty sidelines,"
while Jo Ann Standefer, "ace" typist, found
time out for the "After Hours" section. Bobbie
Ann Robinson managed the Parrakeet page
while Peggy Enireb originated the \\ Im's
Who" feature. Barbara Curles supervised
"senior informals." Our photogs, Don Mussel-
man, Jan Mirrop, and Joe Crawford, who also
served the Parrakeet, were swamped at times,
but we just had to have those snaps. Barbara
Baron, art editor, was kept busy preparing the
sketches which run throughout the book, while
Linda Willard assisted with the sketches and
drew our cartoon page.
Last but by no means least, we want you to
know Miss Ellen Thomas, the guardian angel
of this staff and others in the past. Her patience
and encouragement urged us on to accomplish
our individual tasks.
All of these were hard-working members of
our staff. Our yearbook is different in many
ways from those in the past because many new
sections were added. We worked hard, but we
had fun in giving you a "super-special" an-
nual. It's all yours now, "keeds"!


io A l. ininmmv, Jeannine and Loretlta pIoe that it's hard
to find that 'jn.st plerert" cover: and at right, Betty and
Jeem lake n feu minutes' ret'l to look Ilrouogh our pfirtires\,
while Barbhiia bliouses though the tile cabinet

Linan lindi tine ourt om ar work to cut and paste;
line out J]or: I''-..,.. ,'.i.r Joe to admire Barbara's art work

()liive aiit anmilthr "i rize" to the priinter

"Doff" and Harold I.,a..,,.. their
heads" for sports layouts

, -!. , l . h h rll l.l, .1- I. ll .i 'l l ,,1 1,- 0 1 ,
III( III 1. l l (. I/' 1- .1 i '. T i lifE l I I

Top row, left to i;. L Mr C. R.
I'osburgh, Miss Katherine J., *,..
Mr. Harold Zierten, Miss Ellen
Thomas, Mr. T. F. Hotz
6 "Second row: Tomr Solan, Dolores
Lowry. Peggy Enerib, (Gaspar de
Pa redes
rl nThird row: Martha Zent, Jo Ann
SStandefer, Marilyn Jennison, Janet
SKimmel, Mar, Sill
Front row: Lois Baumbach, Loretta
S Smith, Jean White, Dot Taylor, Carol

National Honor Soeiety

The spotlight this year was on the National Honor Society, membership in which is the goal of every
Balboa High School student. The qualities of scholarship, leadership, character, and service are essential
in the members, who are carefully selected by the faculty.
In a program of service to the school, the members conducted vocational guidance class lectures and
planned a forensic league.
At the reins this year were \li lyn Jennison, president; Mary Sill, vice-president: Martha Zent,
secretary and Jo Ann Standefer, treasurer. Sponsors for the first part of the year were Miss Katherine
Jessup, Mr. Harold Zierten, Miss Ellen Thomas, \I i. T. F. Hotz and \11. C. R. Vosburgh. Mrs. Mary
Eugene and Mr. Frank Wilder helped to guide the (lub through the last months.

.-H.S. members listen intently to a word from their sponsor

Guiding the club this year were \. d, i, Jen.nison,
president; Mary Sill, vice-president; Martha Zent,
secretary and Jo A nn Standefer, treasurer

Top row. left to ;/.i Miss Claude -
Avcock, Rosalv n Sokol, Corinne
Combs, Uera Miller, Yvonne Koup-
permann. Roberta Hollander, Yvette
Abadi, Rene Entebi. Janet Kimmel.
Carmen Mateu, Pat Kelley, Barbara
Baropn. Shirley II '.....1 ,I Genevieve
Wheel r, Hans Breitbarth
Secrod row: Linda Btesh, Elsie Lee "l
Chang, Elizabeth Anderson. Mary
Appin Janire Osoeorio, Martha e Ho ok,
Helen Wheeler, Naomi Wiktin. Betlty
Jo Underwool. I i, o., Calvo A
Front row: Syvia Sokol, Yvette Hom,-
sany, Svh,ia Altman,. Yolanda Orsini,
lrnma Hernanidez. Julia Oiler, Frances
Dwoyer, Jeannette AMore, Anita Lom-
bana, Gloria Ives, Jane de Boyrie p

Music Appreciation Club
The Music Appreciation (Cluh) was reorganized this year under the sponsorship of Miss Claude Aycock
and became anl active organization. At the bi-monthly meetings, reports on composers and their works
were presented, followed by recordings of great compositions. Object of the club is to further musical
interests and talents among B.H.S. students.
In charge of the club's public programs in the library were Gloria Ives, president Margaret Kelley,
program chairman; Roberta Hollander, secretary and Sylvia Altman, treasurer.


Members enjoy a musical interlude

Di',, tli, club affairs this year were Cloria Ives,
j a.. ii Margie Kelley, /,.'....,r chairman;
Roberta Hollander, secretary and Sylvia Altian,



e~--- C~CF;


fl ~fir'1

T7 Standing. left to right: Yolanda Orsini,
Alvaro Paredes, Fred Drli',e. Wil-
T liamp Zimmerman, Mr. Alan Ward,
Raul Arango, Juan Severino, Jack
Hanson, Mavra Garrido
First ronw, sitting: Manuel Berrocal,
Ernest Melancon, Ernesto Calvo, Pal-
rick Ochoa, Jerry Hohinan. Tomas
Pasamante, Helen Wheeler
Second row: Elsie CI,.,,,.. Beatrice
Cordoba, Ma-lr Watson. Anita Lom-

Acoca, Betty Ruiz, Yolanda Bull
Maria Jackson, Cecilia Zager, Helen
Pasamante, Carmen Mateu
Front row: Lia Saiz, Rosie Alvarado,
Ni di a Ostrea, Mercedes Aguilar,
Amelia Mestre, Cleopatra Sanidas,
..Irma Hernandez, Julie (0 F.i F.i .,,
S" Calvo, Rene Entebi

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club, under its competent sponsor, Mr. Alan W ard, holds its meetings only when business
demands. One of the first activities of the year was the annual picnic at Far Fan Beach, which provided
fun and frolic. Next on the agenda was the Christmas dance held in the Gym with plenty of refreshments
and smooth Latin (lancing. Everyone was invited to the annual Carnival Dance, held on February 25
at the Hotel Tivoli, which fairly rocked with enthusiasm and Latin rhythm.

Heading this active club for the year were the following officers: president, Alvaro Paredes; vice-
president, Mary Watson; secretary, Rosie Alvarado; treasurer, Anita Lombana: "vocales," Efigenia Calvo
and Tomas Pasamante.

Spaltithi Club ha 'ing "mur'ho" fun on its annual picnic at
Far Fant

"Lor ief'S:'" thit \a(air were Tomas PaamantIe, vocal; Mary
it lal.so. vi -pretiderntl; Alihnro Paredes, president,: Efigeniat
(Calho, rvral; Anitia Iomrbana, Ireasurer and Rosie Alvarado,

,dliiL. i, It to right: Roger Kellev. ,A i7 *..
r..,.., l, ..., Joe Crawford. Alfred
Cooper, Mr. George Lee, Jack Vittrup,
Dick Lester, Ton Kelley, Karl Mel-
lander, Charles Beck, Jimmy Forbes
Kneeling: Emil Weltz. Tomas Pasa-
mante, Augustine Fonsera, Bobby -'
Young, Roy Hohman. Harry Hootman
First row: Noralee Roche, Genevieve
Wheeler. Helen Wheeler, Joan Walk- *M .
er, Zoe Ann Karst, Margie Kelley, Sue '
Hutchings, Jeannine Dorgan, Janet .
Kimmel, P., Veney, Catherine
Manush, Dot Taylor, Loretta Smith, '. ,' c
Kay Burwell ,
Front row: Martha Hook. Marilyn -
Jennison, Francis Dwyer, Pat Walker,
Celeste Powell, Gayle MacDonald,
Margaret Ryter, Jeannette Moure, .
Roberta Hollander, Gloria Ives .

Biology Club

A popular club at school is the Biology Club, sponsored by Mr. George Lee.
Activities planned for the year were bi-monthly talks by members on the flora and fauna of
Panama, a trip to Barro Colorado Island and a banquet of native foods.
Heading the group of future biologists were Tommy Peterson, president; Gencvievc Wheeler,
vice-president and Catherine Manush, secretary.

A crowd of biologists listens to a speech on microscopy by
Peggy Veney

Chief dissectors for the year were Genevieve Wlhe r 'm
president: Tommy Peterson, president and (.ii,,,,
Manush, secretary

SNBark row, left to t ,1,t: Bob IDes Islets,
ShJlack Gladwell, Dtck Lester, Bill El-
m tnendor I, Aichael McNevin, Mr.
I'Walter Oliver, Terry Ford. Terry
STr u ble e Karl Mellander, Hans

Middle row. left to right: jo Ann

nismo, Peggy Veney, Loretta Smithlk.
SJanet Kinuel. Roberta Hollander,
.--Margie Kelley
lor s Front row, left to right: Corinne
SCombs, Mary Daniels. Jackie Hall,
JM Marl Sil. lBarbara Conmber. Mar-
Soerite W1ard, Shirley Woodruff

High School Workshop

Having gained a good start last year, the Balboa High School \Vorkshop lot the first time is now affiliated
with the school.
Due to the change of AFRS station to a new location, the workshop had to suspend its broadcasts
for some time but remained active in preparing for future broadcasts. To help improve the broadcasts,
Mr. Walter Oliver, sponsor, complimented and criticized the programs.
The club's broadcasts included special programs in keeping with various holidays and special days.
Officers for the first semester were as follows: Marilyn Jennison, president: Jo Ann Standefer,
secretary: Jack Gladwell, program chairman: and, for the second semester: Marguerite Ward, president;
Roberta Hollander, secretary: Peggy Veney, program chairman.

High School IWorkshop rehearses one of its imany enjoyable
radio scripts

In control this year were MAlarily 't IJennison, president; Jack
(;lodiell, vice-president: Jo Ann t* .-/. t secretary

I.,i,,din. lefti to right: Jack Gladwell, 3 1
\rla II ealIt rh, Dolores Johnson, Clen- n -
ent Aseron, Phvyllis Malson. Efigenia
Calvo, Mr. Frank Wilder. Bill Yierkes,
George Ford
Kieli,,. frid Collins. Harry Akers.
R, lI. m..irt. Gilbert Smith, John
I,',,.,,,, .,r,, Mellander, Roger
l, \ f' uller, James Stevens.,
Harry Hootman V
First row, 41riuc Ramon Morales, Dot
Taylor, Leslie Mortimer, Clay Lewis,
Maria Elena Jackson, Elsa Chang,
Eleanor Buel, Karl Mellander
Front row: Carol Posey, Joan Sharp,
Ann Edwards, Connie Price, Florence L
Cre ce I i us Anita Lombana, Louise
lio,,,id. Yolanda Diez, Florence Lao.
Edith Beauchamp and AIlan Bissell

Camera Club
Amateur photography was again encouraged in B.H.S. when the Camera Club organized under Mr. Frank
Under the leadership of Karl Mellander, president, Jack Gladwell, vice-president, and Louise
Roland, secretary, the shutterbugs strove to improve their technique through discussions, demonstrations,
and actual practice. The club sponsored school photography contests and arranged pleasing exhibits.
Jack Gladwell, president, Karl \lM ,lll l.(I, vice-president, and Clay Lewis, secretary, guided the
club through the last semester.

One of the many lectures on better photography dealt with
principles of modern color film

At the reins this year were Mr. Frank Wilder, sponsor; Karl
Mellander, president; Jack Gladwell, vice-president; Louise
Roland, secretary


*; U9


-me.- sI

Hilly Howe, radio expert, explains
technicalities of radio to eager

Radio Club

The Radio Club, which is sponsored by Mr. J. R. Clark,
chose the following as officers for the year: Jimmy Forbes,
president: Roger Kelley, secretary for the first semester and
Marvin Smith, secretary for the second semester.

Ciub activities included instruction on radio funda-
mentals from Billy Howe, and repair work on the P. A.
system which was used during the Fashion Show and

Members practiced international code by testing each
other on the oscillator, and prepared for examinations to
become licensed "hi. ." or amateur radio operators.

At the helm this
year were Jim ,
Forbes, presi-
dent, and Roger
Kelley, secretary.

Bark row, left to ;.,li: Marvin Smith, Mr.
J. R. Clark, Jim Forbes. Middle row, left
to ri ht- Melvin Meyer. Charlie Holmes,
It,. A.l ','ry. Front row: Gus Mellander,
Joe Fuller, Karl Mellander and Jan Gee

One of the Art Club's project was
to display outstanding work of the
art students

wK ,

Chairman fur the year wais Gemma Wright

Art Club

Although the Art Club is only a small group, much credit
is due the members for their many displays. Their colorful
posters advertised football games, Christmas and G.A.A.
dances and the pep assemblies.

At the head of this busy club was \1 i, Beatrice Gardner,
sponsor, and Gemma Wright, chairman.

Back row, left to right:
Miss Beatrice ;Gardner,
sponsor, Edwin .etendre,
(;ay H-...-. Front row,
left to I Carol Brent-
ner, Eleanor Buel, Gemnna




Back row, left to right: Edwin
Letendre, E. W. Hatchett, Jr., Mr.
E. W. Hatchett, Sr., Mercon Weeks,
(; .i ..' Boynton; middle row: Tim
Bach, Margaret Newitt, J. R.
i,.,', front row: Jane Warden,
Virginia Selby, Katherine Seal


I 1_

Chess and Checker Club

The Chess and Checker Club, sponsored by Mr. E. W. Hatchett, is led by Jacob Cweiber, president, and
Jane Warden, secretary. The members met frequently to play chess and checkers among themselves.
In the Chess and Checker Tournament, open to all B.H.S. students, Jacob Cweiber won first place
in the checkers department, while Mercon Weeks captured the prize among the chess players.

Eugene and Mercon match their wits in a fast game of chess while
Jacob kibitzess"

Officers for the year were Jacob Cweiber, president; and Jane Warden,

Back row, left to right: Mr. Walter
Fischer, Donald Boland, Harold
Barkley, Tom Peterson; front row:
Elias Entebi, Jack Clement

Philatelic Club

Under the guidance of Mr. Walter Fischer, sponsor, the members met to trade stamps and first day covers
and to discuss the latest news in the stamp world.

The philatelists, with the aid of other students, sent stamps to hospitalized veterans and arranged
an exhibit of valuable stamps.

Stamp Club members busily "swapping" stamps r

Leaders this year were Don Boland, president;
Tom Peterson, vice-president; and Jack Clement,
secretary-treasurer (not pictured)

-P U

Mrs. Eugene, right, teaches future
stenographers the fundamentals of
shorthand, then gives speed tests in
which the student should be able to
'rite from 60 to 80 words per minute

During the year the students in Mr.
Yankee's Metal Shop class, below, study
uses of tools and machinery,, elementary
shop practice, and simple metallurgy


Mrs. Misenheimer teaches future housewives
the art of ...1;i,.. They study nutrition,
budgeting, and household management

.1I). Hutchinson's American Problems class,
below, is an introduction to the study of ivics,
economics and sociology. It acquaints the
students with the manner in which our govern-
ment functions

Mr. Wilder's English 9 is a combined
literature and composition course. The
students study punctuation, capitaliza-
tion, spelling, parts of speech and letter

Below uwe find Miss Pitcher introducing
her algebra students to the unknown
quantity "X"


Wendell Spreadbury, the gladiator, was the
main feature of Miss Thomas' Roman Fashion
Show, produced by the Latin II class. The
students translate from Roman mythology,
from Pliny, Cicero, and Julius Caesar

Mli.s Brighanm's English 10 students, below,
continue the study of composition and gram-
imar begun in the ninth grade. During the
year they read essays, plays and novels

PI c,/tilt ? 1/116 ,bliA.e anid acute triangles.
taild pl I 2 -m,aar/I wta t l t i/cu r-itils is i/h
irlrl iatiatli i dealt aallt/ Mi .Al5 BreaLrj'
'rultff /It, t /u'*

* L


)IIJ*ttsI I


/aIaI1II tIlI 'a11 a it.! I aa 1ia .. irciji a''

: i




v, A

I( a/...,, a. irt . .. ,a ,..aI I uai-., a,,
'. ait ,il a, Ia /aa, Il, ,ai l,

* -



.11, .11\ ih r % 'lulli ', .pel/ci i f l Iruarte
iu hul ,iti ,.I,, f ijl I/tlltJd> ,ija a d gale".
aril/ ai l ,ri l' t Iiit I 4.'itl cmutladl aid
ri /r.ha, .'Ia .atr ,1/ .t dlfa d



"Como esta Ud?" And you answer, "Muy
bien, gracias." This is what you hear when -
you pass Room 303, Mr. Oliver's Spanish *
class I


. II.,, l. tllr I, l it,'',, l, ,I,,I, ., l.
.*I ill i .t li' 1 l U It I, '.',IN,1,I' I W I .I,
| r' ,e tl ll /r (i, ,,| r .Ih lllli

+ ~ ,


,- 7

General Science, taught by Mr. Clark,
is an introduction to the most important
fields of science. There are simple ex-
planations of the outstanding principles
by which our modern machines operate
and on which our modern life depends

.'- 7 LI

Miss Zimmer's Algebra 9 class im.il. c,
metric figures for the orphans' ( i,, ri, a,
tree this year. In class they tir1u .,,ut.
simple equations. formulae and ,,,piI


h&. .

cr-;r- -P


a -- bk -OP



- a

November 21-and B.H.S. was in a flurry. Shirley Walsh, chairman of the committee for the first
football dance, was hurriedly completing all plans. The committee, composed of lIalglt Rathgeber,
'sm II) Smith, Barbara Curles, Bobbie Ann Robinson, Betty Newlin, Joyce Masters, Lois Baumbach,
and Carol Brentner, spent all morning decorating for one of the most talked-about dances of the year.
At 2 o'clock, the entire school was excused to witness the triumphant Bulldogs emerge victorious with
the Golden Anchor.
That evening, Queen Dolores 1 reigned over her subjects, with two beautiful Princesses, Lee
Hillnan and Mary Ellen Sykes. Captain Jack Ruoff escorted the Queen to her throne, while C.H.S.
Captain Larry Horine and C.Z.J.C. Captain Joe Ridge acted as escorts for the Princesses. Coach
Fawcett placed the crown on the Queen's head, then had the honor of dancing with her. The music
continued until 11 o'clock, when everyone left for home, dreamily thinking. "What a wonderful
The members of Elks Lodge No 1414 arranged for B.H.S. to use the club facilities for one night
every other month. Credit is due to Mr. Robert Adams, chairman of the Activities Committee, and to
all the Elks who worked on his committee.






$ff lw

1-A striking dress worn by Martha Zent-just
riglit for "bit" evenings. 2-An artist's inspira-
tion is Dorothy Dedeaux in this eye-catching red
and white evening gown. 3-Carol Lawrence.
ready to step out in her be-charming formal.
+-Quick to flatter is this gay dancing dress worn
by Efigenia Calvo. 5-Fu--hi.. r,., 1. is this smart
Sunday-go-to-meetin .I .. .. I- I I by SuaLitne

Shutt. 6-"Glamour," spelled G-r a.e-e H-i-g-h.
the word for this dreamy dress of blue satin and
lace. 7-Ann Hess looks in fashion, in this
charming combination of velvet and taffeta.
8-Party atmosphere from teatime to twilight is
this lace and taffeta dress modeled by Rosie
Alvarado. 9-"Chic" describes this green and

white cotton afternoon dress worn by June
Fuller. 10-Standing outi in smart blui and
white striped cotton dress is Yvette Abadi.
11-"Two loves have we" for this taffeta dress
and matching accessories worn by Ann Edwards.
12-Most perfect, this dress of pink brocalde
worn by Yvette Homsany.


41! f




f mr`1
W t


- i

Upper left: Senior "Prexy." Tom Solan, takes
pleasure in placing the crown upon the head of
lovely Mary Lea I. the seniors* choice for
Valentine Queen
Upper right: Mary Lea Azcarraga I. Queen of


Hearts, reigns supreme at the annual Valentine
Lower left: Charming Mary Lea and her lucky
escort, Bill Carson, enter the ballroom through
the heartshaped archway

Lower right: The beauteous Queen and her
equally lovely court consisting of two represen-
tatives from each class, Joanne Western, Joan
Sprague. Joyce Engelke. Shirley Smith, Pat
Walker, and Coila Goodin



1k V-^^


c a

j ~$L~;i

I ee

/ A
/ / ''


1. Our Latin-American friends take time out
from merrymaking to pose for our "photogs."
2. The polleras and montunas worn by faculty
and students alike added gay Carnival atmos-
phere to the ballroom.

3. B.H.S. alumna, Berta Pena, and her escort, 5. Gladys Fonseca and Enrique Llopez look as
Ivan Garcia, led the procession of guests in though they could dance "el cumbio" all
colorful costumes- night.
4. -but Mary Lea Azearraga and Richard 6. Americans Henry Pi-i.'. r-* d Gloria Hall
Ostrea received the prize from Spanish went all out for -. i ir. .i dancing the
Club president, Alvaro Paredes. "tamborito" in true Panamanian style.


- T
V' rr



K 4







1. (u0 Inauguration Dance went off with a big
".ang" for everyone. It was really fun.
wasn't it

2. The appearance of "Miss Alabama" at ouri
dance was the hit of the evening.


3. Mart really wants that mistletoe, George, so
L. B.H.S. alumni. Bill Edwards, and his date.
Geri Snodgrass, thought it was a "perfect"
5. Edna and Clyde "look at the birdie" while
John Vittrup glides in the background.

6. Hero of the evening, Coach Fawcett, and his
petite wife "stole the show" at the Football

7. Our popular faculty was always on hand. We
hope they had as good a time as we did.




i j I$



U -


I ~F~
t. .a%-


U d"


,I .i


ft w A

1. The Elk's Club dance-scene of the first
coronation of a football queen of B.H.S.
2. The Juniors gave a positively swoonyy"
Christmas dance at the Hotel Tivoli.


3. The G.A.A. "Big Top" dance was definitely
one of the "big" events of the year.
4. It's easy to see that Herbie and Pat are en-
joying themselves at the Christmas formal.

5. Peggy and Moss really went all out for a
good time-which probably explains the
beautiful smile on Peg.
6. Mary Ellen and Jimmy cheesingg" in front
of that super-deluxe Christmas tree.

? pM






L7: I




Every school has its fads, and B.H.S. is no exception to the rule. Water guns, motor scooters, short hair, and loud socks and
shirts were only a few to be seen around B.H.S. during the past year. Of course the big fad of the year belonged exclusively
to the Senior Class, THE RING.
Although in the years to come we may wonder why we had some of these manias, at the time they seemed vital to us,
We have recorded in pictures a few of B.H.S.'s fads.
1. The motor scooter fiends of B.H.S. 3. The all-important ring. 6. White, black, or red. Two straps or one.

2. "Students will please leave their toys at
home." But it was fun while it lasted.

4. Camouflage, or just socks and shirts?
5. Wondering what to do with all of your
medals? Here's a good idea.

The gals went all-out for ankle-strap shoes.
7. Short hair caught on fast with the girls at

I /



& 1y
El" ~



L f/













I ,




IlpiylSI ~




e- t




Full Text


Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2010 with funding from University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries http://www.archive.org/details/zonian1949balb


Presented by Sen ior Class Balboa High School B alboa, Canal Zone LOIS BAUMBACH . ...... EcliLOr EDWARD \ V HATCI-IETI .... BlIsiness Sponsor MARTHA ZENT ............... BlIsiness Manager M I S S ELLEN THOMA, ...... EcliLOrial Sponsor


DR. E U r.ENE 1Ju of Dr. George Eugene, our schoo l doctor, our Friend and our coun selor His patience a nd understanding .... his quiet hu m o r .... hi s warm s mile and Friendly greetings his wisdom in sayi ng just the right word ot cou nsel ... . his interest in each one ot u s . w ill a l ways remain in our hearts.


vVe 've "pi o n eered from co\'er to cove r th ro u g h the past year and now we proudl y present t o you your record of memories, t h e '49 Zon ial/. JUSt to be original th e staff "stru c k upon a theme in keep in g w ith the year of our gradu a tion-"the 49'ers. During our journey throug h the past f our years we h ave ga in e d treasures in th e form of countless m e m o ries. th e m ee tings unde r th e clock at3 o'cloc k ..... muffl ed whispers and gigg les i n th e study h all .... the rush b efore th e tard y bell .... c heering a n d exc it e m ent a t the big games ..... the thrill of a super date for a big dance ..... a nd the acquiring of malllre quali t ies, self-co nfi dence. l eadersh i p. dependability, and re spect for others. These a r e the go lden nugge t s i n our treasure bag. "Th ere's go ld in th em thar hills," and as we say goodbye. B.H.S., we set out o n our searc h for" E I Dorado," V i gilante s F orty-N i ners and Othe r Prospec t o r s N u gge t Winners Pi c kin a n d P annin' Gridiron Go l d


V I 6 I L .-\ X T E S


0111-TIIEO. F H O T z I n s p it e 0 1 hi s prcssin g r o utill c work, 1\f r. H otz m aintai n s a se n se o f humo r and a contag i o u s "will w -win lh a t Ilia k es hi m l ove d and respeCled b y the swdents and f ac ul t y Hi:-. fri endly s mil e i s o n e 01 the p l e asanlllle m o ri es w e h av e o f H H S F o r hi s effo n s to guide sludenls and s o lve th e ir p r o bl e ms, we are proud t o clai m h illl a:-. "our" p r i n cipal. M,. !-Jo,z -tdwlI)' s ill th ere j )i,rllill' for liS; I II h Ollle life Il l' a glll/U 0/ rtib/)flge wi,,, rllild,e ll T;IIIIII ) lIl/(i jllllv: (llId, (II right. fte i5 ill Ihclc lootill'/Ol II:. fit aftll,e games


OUR Capt. John R R oss The of the R O T e who's rcall) don e a "'lIper" job ,\/ilitlllv Scie",-!! (l1Il1 Tactics United ;\I i litan e ... Poilll 1 s t Ll. M R K l e r ekope r GIIC of OUl" R.O.T.e. mell . known for hi:. affable wap R .O T e I lope College F.\( ('LT fie l d s t ripping of the ;\1 ) r i fle j<; o n e of the accomplbhm cnts o f R.O.T.e. )Iudcnts i n the COllr,c ( ,ll I1H.1i\ idual \Vcapoll) and M j Sgt. Eli Popp

C laude A )'coc k A thai m a k es h e r evel 'yon c's f r i end Spall i sll. English W o m en's Coll ege. Unh' c r sil) of Nonh Carolina. A B.: Co l u m b i a U n i\' Cl,it \ M A H a lli e H e3 \ C r S H C I kind I ) wi l l to help will be re membered Plane Geometry, Aigeb/o W o m e n'!. College. U nher:.il} of Carolin a. \ B.: Duke Univcr<;it). M .. \ Alice E. Candee Helena C l a rd y Fille Ica c hi n g a b ility 'c'l l "Iwa\<; r e m embe r :III undcrq anding th a t h e lping h a nd ill friend the libraq \oci(Jf Silidies Lib/illi arl lvlumbia Unhe r s it }. Unh' CI,il \ of \Iabama. B .'>" ;\1...-\. \.1 1.. :'\I.A J Richard Ct:. .. k Known a n d liked b) a l l for hi::. well-rounded Gellellt/ New York U ni\el,it\. B S M. A RaYlIlond W. C lark e Frie ndly and cheerful . . ,iIlCCI C in all h e tioe, (;eOllleil'\'. Cellelllf Sciellce \\'C:.lcrn Unio n College B .A. S tale Universit\ of Iowa. J\I.: \ Edward Beckman TaiL dal k and ha nd so m e al l three i te up Coach H eckman Ph vsical Educalioll PanzaI' College of Ph"ical Educa ti o n 1 1.5. Mrs. Marion Courvill e QUI' '\ch oo l nur:.c .. fri e nd" a n d approachable .khool Swu \1'111\ I rai n i n g School fo!' R .N. Neil BI' 3 n s t etle r "13rann\." )ou're a perf cct all -around g u)' BUild. Orchest'fl, Chol/u State Coll ege. ;\1.5 : Col u m b i a 1\1..\ B e ll Y L. Dahle m \ lim bundl e of charm .. :.hc make, \111 C I i ca n popular lIi stor\' l 'nhcr,it) of J\l i chig a n \ ,13.: Columbia L'nhelSil). :"I.A M a r)' S. Bri g h a m Chann. personalit}. and b rains add lip t o our Porro/wet :}( h iscr j O lll'1lulislfI B attlc Creek B A.: Columb i a Uni\ersil). ;\I. r \ Joh n D D ellor Whe n to do {.ountless fa\ors. h e hclphll a n d dependable '\I/Op. lI'oodll'ol'killg


Mar,. H. Euge n e .. we will lIel CI forgct C OIllIllf'rci(lf 10\la S iaic T ea c h cr, College B .'5. J ohn C. Fah"celL J he Illan b ehind Olll" fOOlball team lhe Ph\liCflf I:.d'i ca/ioll ( 'nhCI,il\ of Redlanth. \ .13. W \I. O 0111 hi itliant tcadlc, 11110 madc lil..e (hcll'1i,tl \ Chl'"I/\ /I\ of Chic.agu B ."'.: Coltnnb i a \1 .. \ \Ii" ho,t gi'e .. 'pedal h clp 1 0 her Flcnch '1I1(l enl<; 011 a difficliit Ic-.,>on D A. 1 lulchi n so n Stud, become<; fun wilh Ihh teacher AmeriC(lI/ Pr oble m s e"giis h State Coll ege, \\'hitcwaler. Whco n sin, B Ed Katherine E J essup Her friend!) and SWect hello" put her at the lOp of our l ist En g li s h ;\Ieredit h College .. \ .13. : Columb i a U nhers it" ;\I.A : New York Cnhersit), M A Ceorge O Lee \ tircless w orkcr wilh a f l ie ndh word f o r e\cnonc Bio i ogl' Iowa College. B S : Columbia Llnilcrs ilY ?l1..\ Olga J Fros t Helpful a n d \el"\ pIC

Eloise Monwe Chic IcncllCI Il'ilu rc,;pollsibl c for th e I c )oh ow cadi )car /lul/sehold K ill1,;1\ St,lIc Collcge. B S.: Columbia i\1.,\ T heodore W. M linc h \ wclctlltle newcomer 10 n H .S. boy PfI)'.I;Cl. (:c lU:,ro l Sriellr.e Ohio Siale UnilcrsilV. lUi.: Colorado Stale.: C ollege of Education ,\1.\. Gel"trude Onderdonk Elhel Pilc her .\Iwa)s a c heerful \\'c'lI r e m cmber l our and a p lca";uH inlcre,l in e a c h word o f I iiHW;'1II Columbia Lllile r s il Y J)orolh y E. Itector OimilllllilC and laughing ..... a bllndle o f fUll and .. P hys irtll U ni,cl,il) of ;\l o l1lana I L \ Mo/he/l/o/in :,\'ew YorJ.. S lale College, ILL i\I.A Mildre d Swe nson \\'hol e h ea rt e d c lllhthia,m in all !

Allen B W ard Hi s snbtle sen s e o f hUTllor makes him t o k now "Chingo n gol" La"gllages U n; \ er ... ity of Ncbras ka . \.IL M A Mari e C. W eir S h e goe ... U llt o f her wa ) to hcl p . with ... mile too (;;1'/.)' COlillselor. lJiolog" LTni\ er,it\ of Floritla. \ 13.: C olumbia U n iver s ity. Margaret V Whitma n Ilcf smile and bri g ltt hcllo Ihcn e d lip tlt c hall... E/lglish Nonhwc,t c lli U n i\er ... ity. ;\1..\. Studel1t s of the IlIct3l s h o p cl ass r ecei\ 'c imtruc t ion s u n thc lathe fr OIl1 Mr. Yankec Nelli e K Whitney rhe "wit" of the offi ce for cc rea d ) to h clp Sccn:/(ln' EfliticlIC) Collcge. Lo:> ,\ngcie<; J"" a n o thcr o n c of fUII. lodnganti a n :.11l arOIlI10 gil) L tt;\cr<;iL\ o f F lorida, B .. \.; Southc rn J Itcological Sc m i n a ry. Th. B Dr. La Monl Whiltie r Cenial school doctor Sehoul Doctor U n iv c r sity o f Ncb rasl..a, \ B., M D Lauren Woodb)' c rsonal;t)' plus. pro f makc ... ph p i ca l ... c i cllce e njoyabl c Physical Sciellce Uni\c r s i t y of M .A. He.-bel"l W Y a nk ee U ig n ifi e d and pl easa n t ..... a t rue Bo s t o n i a n Shol) Malh, M e /al ShOI) Fit c hbllrg Stat e Teachers' College Willi a m E Z e m e r Jr. Tall. good lookin g ..... AIlAmcrica n s wimmer LOO! Physical Educatiu/I Sw imming H amId J. Zi cl"le n W e won't forge t y uu. \11'. l i crten You'r e o n c o f thc b cs t Mechani cal (III(/ Arch;l ectll/"(l1 Dl"(Jw;II g Fra n ces K. Zimlll C I Her k ecl\ o r humor has made all h e r e nj oyable i\1o/lJclII(ll;cs Huntcr Collc ge, \ B ; Columbia Unh'crs ity. B .S. in E d Ohi o S Late U n h c r s it), B.S. Bradl ey University B .S. M.A.


f1'aeh.. l\rfl' People I. I n pmate l ife we lind Ward working al> airplane mcchanic o n children's to) 5 2 Lee. hobb) i s cam pi n g. that he i s a tnle ""9'er." 3. After Cardner a n other R e lllbr;mdt, can be fou n d IIlg a beautilul pollel3 sce ne. Olher rind') rc!lI.:\i1tioli b\ t r imming the at hOlllc ..,. Aftcr hOIlI' 1iertcl1 c.an be found a t hb f ; norilC hot 'pot Zip's Pl ace 6. I n her lime A)coc k take:, a dip a t th e beach i. When Mr. SranllL elte r'll day is o\cr, he entert ai n a channing b r llllelte ... h i s daughter. S. Mi ss M onroe r e la'l;c, w ith h e r records after a da)' o f l caching. 9. Mr. Munc h ca n be fou lld al Bal b oa swimming pool tesling hi<; abiliL) ill didn g. 10. Miss W ei r. w ho!>e h obby j<; co lor photography, h her m ov ie project or.


II. ')gl. Wood, 11; 1,> a wonderflll w ; q uf relaxing, .... he hit .. a ball, clla"c::. it thcn hit" it again. "Clothe'! maJ...e the woman" that\ th e molto of \ crsatilc ;\11'" 1\1i .. cnhcimer, whose hobb} i, ,cwin g during noon houl at sc hool, 1 3 .. \her a bll-.\ da} with the R O r C .. Captain Ro::.s take-;: time O tll f o r hi hobb} of cook in g 14, 1\11'. D cnor takc, il c"'} b } tuning in 011 thc lalc::.l radio prog-ralll' I:,. \fler h our' .\li\s Whitman drhe-. t o Ihe libl -an for '>ollle enlcnaining book .. IG. .\Ii,::. Candee. ac..c mark'lIlan p end .. hcr spat e limc at targct practic c. 17. .\ftCI hool Sgt. Yarbrough e njo\, himself in a f ew gamcb or bowlin g. 1 M D o n t g i\ c lip \Cl. Vo .. bllrgh \ou'\e gOI llIltil tomorrow! 19. I'hj, pi,tol. pacJ...in g pror. ;\Ij,) I homa::.. clai m 10 ha\c m adc a bll 1I,c} c 20. La,>l bill not lea)t. wc lind ;\11' ,\Iundcll al hOTllc pla\ing with hi .. dog, nagwood.


F o R T T N I N E R S Alid Prosleetol-s


Class of f o u r s hon year:, <'lgO, we Ll\ ":'cobes," sLOOel betOl-e l h e door s o r RH.S. quile proud and a "little bit" scared t o think o [ the "sc illi olls" 0 1 n ew teach e rs. and exper i e n ces LO be faced. Our pride soo n left LIS as we c h anted t h e o h so fami liar" I am so low, so gash -darne d l o\\'. th(it il. Our quickly returned \\ ith the making 0 1 :o.uper new iri(,ll(h at the tros h dancing ,-Ind "ollr" cia .. :, alld picnic \, ,>oph o lll orc'>, we wcre Ollt 01 the T.\ V.O. c i a:,:, (Teell), \\'CCIl)' OpCr Dance. our pride and j oy. The junior )c

PICTURE r t I\e S e nior l'icLun.! Cuml.linee. Jac\... J OIIIISOIL Dorothy D etlc.lUx, and Ham 1\.citbarLh. m a d e the arrangcment:. wilh 1\11. Jorge So::.a. com mercia l pho tographer. \0 photograph the 'Cl1iOI!l. a lTanged a 'Illoolhl"running WOI\... ... chedulc. and in ... ulcd the tlclhcl\ of (jue pOrllail"', CAP AND GOWN r l he Senior Cap and Gown COlllmitt ee mea .. \lrcd Ihe ... c nior.;: ror their m onar boards and gown .. and made the allangcmenl' to pro\idc each senior with hi ... ca p and robe. The m e m ber' or the Lommi!!cc were I'aul O 'Donnell. I l e t cher Phelan. Linda Lee Willard. P egg) \'cne). I'eggy 1-:'3n::., JO)CC I\!aqcr", L o i::. John,on Janel K.im m el. a n d r ( ml P e t e r son ( not picltllcd). C.\ RDS \ 1\1) I he Se ni o r Cald, and \nnU lIllccm cnt" COIllmillce. Sta n Klepper. jO\c<: Iced" and D u l I a\l o r malq of cal'll-. ;111d :JlllI0t1nCem ent"). clto,c a tli,tincti\c and :11 ranged a 101 Ih<: ,cnio):) to platc 11ll'i1


YVEn' E A Il AOI "hl)''' i\l a nchc"'cr, England temlis racqllet. ball (lnd p(ll tuer w e dOtl'lI this Spcwis" lassie's alle), Camcra Club 2. 4: \pprcciati o n Club 2. 4: V o ll c\'ball 2. 4; Ba sketball 2. -I; Softball 2: C . L-\. I. 3: Glec Club 2: Fashion Show 2. -I. Los .\ngele-. H igh School. H amilton H igh S c hool. H E I.EN B. A LRI C K L ell" Col o n R d e 1'. "ttmctille bioI/de hai,. IIl1d Uill i e\'l'S always ullbb/i,lg lIjtll /WIlIOI Vollc } ball I 3; A rchcl') 2: Softball I. 3: Pcp Scball I. 2: Watcl' \'01 0 3, I : I, 2: R .O. T .C. Cadct C:lptain 4; Plas ti c Club. H igh School. Chicago. Softball I, 2. 3: Speech 3: Choru .. 2: P e p Squad I, 2: Offi(c \N. :l: Sophomore P ic n ic 2 1\IA l n LFA AZCARRAGA "Millli" 1 ':II1;]lI1a R d e 1'. 1.0T'I 'f\ (0 fook (/1 ..... (it'fig/llflli /n HIIOW . fill (I('('olllplh/l('(1 f>q'H' \ /riel/lle H R R ep. I : (.lecCluh 1,2: P c p Squad l. 2: Fa,hi oll Show 2 I: Home Ec Club 3 CLYDE G A I N Quecn, \ ill lgc L Ollg hland /li s mischel,joll.'> b,ol"1/ t'\l'S b(/ffle 111(/1/\ of the gll h Fro,h Guidance Pla\ 1 : I'oot ball 1.2. 3: 1. 2: Ba,\...clbaJl 1. 2. :1: W alCI' 1'0 1 0 I : I lack I : SwimmillJ.\' I 2 : \rchcn 1. /


OLIVE LEE BEl L OI"fI" Colo n R d e P lIer Il'ackv w(n's (llId .WIIII" r/j:'j )o:,ilioll luwc made O /hle olle of B I-I S .'s Iwforgelt(lu/es Z Olliall 1: G \..\. 2. 3 01: Ihoadcasting Club 3: Softball l. 2. 3: 2; l. 2 3. -t: ,\IIStars 2 : V olle)ball l. 2, 3. 4: 2: l' 1 ;l1lagcr 4: Spons \II' ;nd 2. 3: Official Ba,kelbal] R cfcrce 3. 4 : Band 1.2.3, 1 : Orchc!llra 1 .2.3. -I: G lce C lu b 2. 3. -t: Pcp Squad 3. -t: C ,\..\ Dancc 3. oj: ZOlliall \d\. 4 : Junior Antholog) 3: Bacca laUleale ehoru, 2. :1: 4 1\fARTH A B ERRY T(',\" San .\ntonio. rcxa .. ,., CIIle. efH\"go;II g Te.\fU lass in rriplc 1 imc" 3: Brad.en ridge H igh School 2: Latin Cillb 2: Orchestra 3. I : Trca,. A .. ,I, 2; Speec h \ c t. 3; "Cetting a Date" 3: I' rodu ci n g :1: 'itag in g 3: Sho\\' 3. 4 DONALD H. BOLAND Cincinn a ti Ohio .... 10111 (II,lI ea."goillg-IIIlII's D Ull, a ,call\' :,well g ll y Stamp Club 1.2.3. -I: Camcra Club 3: )oftball 3; R O T C Guidon Bearer Scrgeant 4 JACOB BAKER jake" Lakehlll t. New J e r s c y A jel'St' ) felloH' who's ller) lIkable I 2: Ba'cball I 2. 3: W aleI' P o l o l. 2: Football I. 2. -I: (.Icc Club 3. DAVID HAROLD BARKLEY H e/)( '/" Challolle. :\01"111 C:tl olina 011/ NIIl' -goilig. al/-woulld sIlO/II ('dllO) H R Rcp. I : ZOIl;(/1/ I : SI:lInp Club 3. -I: (.Icc Club I : R .OT.C. 2nd 1. 1. ; U L eague .\Il-Swr... I : Football 3, 4: S Ollh:.11 -I: So ltball \II St:lI, 4 : I. a. -I. i-Ia lding H i g h School. N. C. LOIS C. BAU;\ IIlA C H "/JII///" C in cinnali. Ohio ROUFRT B ERRY San .\I\tonio. A r f \'(JS l(Jri. ,!/lIl'! (//U/ 011. :o,(j O -('J /lire Ollhc," a 3. -t. HARllt\llt\ J O t \ N BOYER "11(11/):''' Bclling h a m Wa,hington 1I.1I. ":s 1lI1 '1I 1111) fJllI/lIle of T..\'. T Producing I. 2. 3, I : S taging I. 2. 3. I ; Dil c c li n g 3. 1 : "Proble m Fathcl''' 2: e ll/Idling C law";$: "Elmcr" -I: "YOU' I C I'ircd I : Z Oll;(lII I ; Club I : Club '-.1. I'la\ I ; \ o llc\ball I. 3. I : H a ... l..clball I 2: Sohball I ; \Icll(:l\ I : Swimming I ; I .\m :In .\mc rican" 3: Clee C lub I. 2 3 : ('ep Squad 1 .2.3: ChCCI1cadcr 1 : Lib ..-\"1 I. I : Pan, Cumm. I : U shel :!. j: 1';"ltion Show 2. I : ZOIl;(/1I and Pilll,,kl'{:1 \th.: "Gelling a D aIC 3. 1 ; Jr. \lIlho log\ 3. BANTON Panama C it). R de P All (J/I"reel" g il )' [1'0111 0111 (;IIIIIUO(/ lI'flY Footb a ll I. 2, .J; \II S tar, 2; I 3 .J; I. 2. 3: WalCI' P o l o 2.3. 'I: Track 2. I : .\II-Stal" 2. -I; Softball 2: ( Iee Club 1.2.3 HARBARA J BARON Pal" Ulcnha m cxa:. /le d hair, bille n es. (/1/(1 II ,I'e cklt'ci IIo:,e ... 0111 POI, k"oil'" for hel slJarklillJ!, I'art) COIllIll. 2: Staging 3: {'anakeel .\d\. 3: Pflrrakcel 4: ZOl/it1l1 \1'1 Ed -I: Club ,I: C .. mcra C lub -t: \'ollc}ball 3. I : ';oftb all 3: Glee Club 3; P c p 2. 3; Olficc .1. Ilcarne High School H eal n c. rex. T. B E I IRE "(;f//lflv Ea ... t Spence ;':01 th Carolina Tall To"," ;1 olle fellow 1 1 ,lIo s reidl\, "lOpS" H '111t liS til/ Football I : Ba,eball 1 ; (.Ice (.Jllb 2. 3.


GEORGE 13o, N ION \ncon Canal l o n e A qu; e l IiIlt/hle ladn Ir 'al ("/r 'f/il 10 Ihe Fo oth;!!1 4; Water 1'010 1 ; Softball 1 ; I rac k 1 ; Orc he (Jill' Cwo l C .,L\. 2 3. 4 : \11 Club.,J: \ 'olle\ball 1,2,3. I : 1,2,3 .,J: B : I,k elhall I. 2, 3. I : \I1 M a r .. 1 2.3, 1 ; Softhall I. 2, :;: \II-Stal' 2 : 1.2,:1. 4 ; Glee ellib I 2. I'ep Squad I 1 ; Checlleader 4 : C \ .. \ Dance Co III III. 2. :\. 1 ; J I Sr. BanCJllct C Olli III, :\: Val e n lillC )) a n ce COIlIlIi. I ; Chri'"lla" D a n ce COIllIll. 3; Sadie 1-1; 1\\'1.,111" Dancc COIllIll. I,. F a .. hio n Slww 2. : t I. JACK F B L 'tJREAU Jack" .. ell' 1 '1I1'lIdl" ft>IIOlI' 11';111 a pelleel fmlf(/. R O,'I C. 2nd Lieule n ant. I'l atooll Leade l 4 F FLIPI Ct\ZOUON "efl:''' Chicago. Illin ois El't'l failhful 1 0 ,h" ,\'lIT l ;.1 Ihis /fll/, 11'1(,lIdll lfld. FOOlball 2: I : Speec h Special \'''cmbh .1. HI.NR' C IIUNG I a n anw Cit), R d e 1'. SI/idlOl/l. . fllld ('Tiel W lIice Softball I. 3, ,I. \ V II ,LlA,\ 1 JA\II-'''> "B;I/" \\'e,1 Olange, i\'cw J c r .. e) /lI:':" O Il Ihe IlI\ (/1/(/ (I ?I,IIiz. ill baseball.' Ba,cb al1 2. 3, 4 : Foolba ll 4; B :rlld I. 2. 3. I : 1,2.1. 1 ; l\anqLl c l 1 0 .-\NN CIIILURI-' S'l Jo(''' Cuffe\\ il l e. "'",.,flk/'t'I; COlIgOl e(l[l; Softball 1.2.3, -I; \ 'ollc\bal1 I. 4 : Basketba ll I. 1; Swimming I ; I nt e r natio nal Undcl'tanding Club 3: Glee Club I. 2. 3: \II-Star<; 4 \da H i g h School. \ V II L I A ,\I CLARKE "Bill" Baltimo r c. l\lal\ i:lml A lellflll' 1.,;111 (I II'illl/il/Po I/l/ilt' (111(/ (/ 1I'illill{!,ltelill Softball -I: I' o h F o lli e .. V :II ict) Show B a himOI C P ohlcchn ic (n'tilllte, /llo.e. M:ll'\lanrl.


l\IARTH A I N F ... CRUZ Tilll" Panama. R de 1'. A 'I!liel blllltlie 0/ ,-",i" CIl"'111 WlI)'S MId (/ w"rm slIIilt' (.Iec Club I. 2 BARnARA ANNE Ba rb" Vir g inia 1It'1 llla/)/) rlluI" l 'lEI radialll per IO/wlit\,. Iter cheer\' s eetillgs elldefll this /Je/ J p lillie gill to u s "i . \ Rep. -I: ZOlllt/ll ,I: V o llc )ball I. 2. 3, 1 : Ba,J..etiJalll, 2, 3.1 : Soflball 1 .2,3: '\wimmin g I : I 3: P e p Squad I. :!: Cheerleade. 3, 1 : Office \SSI. 3, -I: Dan ce COl/lin 3: Usher 3; Club D a n ce Comlll. I : Valelliine Dance Comm -I: 7.olljall \th. -I: J r. H igh Offi ce \,,1.-1. H FRI1ERT DA WSDN \ ncon Canal lone All e(lw {!,oillg. likalJle "illl /)oy 11,110 '"' (Ice uehi"tI" bat Pan(lkeel Ed. 4: H R . \It. I : Ch. of 5 .. H R R ep. 4: U Club 1 : B a .. eball I. 2 .j, 1 ; B .\II,Slar, I : \ \1IStar, :'\: FoOl ball I. 2. 3. 1 : I\a,kctball I. 2 3. I : \\'atcr P olo 2, 3,4; ('Ice Club 2: J r .Sr. l \anCjll et COIllIll. :t CLADYS ",u(llgie" .\neon Can a l Zonc A tillY IJllmlle of lllllsitille /01 IUI.S. Vollc)'ball I. 2 3. 1 : Ba sketball I. 2. 3: Softball 1.2.3: P c p Squad I 3: Offi cc .. h:.1. I : "Junior \nlllnlog)'" 3: S h ow 2. 3. BARUARA Barb" Panama Ciq. Panama That III/ooth. lle/t!l'tv cOIII/JI('\ioll al/(I ril(,(llII r looh-wlwi ( I COlI/himlliOIl! P(II/0IiN' 1 1: Spalli,h Club 1.2: U ro:t tl casling Club 3. 1 : Speech \ (1 3. -I: Qfiiu." \,,1. 3: Pan 'lIhul \ (1\.3. 1 : "(.ctting :I Date"; Chorll' I : Lt. ::-.:. Club -I. '11 I "'1 "wI goel mig/II 10 111(' hew Club I ; S p eech .-\c t 3: (.Iee Club I. 2. 3, 4: Pcp Squad I. 2. l\IARY LOU I SE D AN IJo:L\ .\ires .. \rgenlin:t TflH e (I petite IJlllIllle 0/ "'/(//'11/, orid beal/li/"I blOlI'l/ IIlI;r /}IIIS ,Ill "1It'1II look" (wd 0111 ("ollles Mar)' lUt/ltlll \d\. 1 ; dangle y ( ccn 3: Glce Club 1 ; 'jcnior C lee C luh 1 .2.3: Rh\lhm Romp Dance COlli III. Coolc\ High School. D e troit. I, 2, DOROTlH' l\JAE DEDEAUX Dollie"' t.ulfpon. 7 /i('rf"\ Ihe (Iellil ill her eye (lI/tI lI.'il/klf' ;11 hel .. (III ac e ill lllll' l/JOI/ S \ Rep. I. 2: Sec 3. -I: !-I. R . \It. 4 ; "E\cning at thc Ulak cs" I : lOt/hill -I: J r. \ntholog, 3: G.A A 3. 4 : \ 'olle\b:tll I. 2. 3. 1 : .\IIStars -I; I. 2, 3. 1 : .\II, S lar, 3: Softb:tll I. 2, 3: .\11-Star, I 2. 3: Swimming 3: .\11 51:tr, 3: Spot''' \ward I 2. 3: R ef. 3. 1 : I'cp Squad I. 2. 3. 1; Lib. r\N. 2: S hoh' 2. 3, 1 : G .. \..\. Dancc -I: Ch, i llll a s Dan ce 3: Jr.-51'. Ihnquct 3: Usher I, 2. 3: I'arl\ 1 2: Pic ni c I 2: S \ Club Dan cc 2: Valcn tine Dance 4 : 51. ic. Com Ill. -I; Sadic Halfkin., Dan ce 2 : Inaugural ion Dan(.c 2. 3. 4 : \\'a lcr B a llet 3 FRANCI S UAN I Tlto" \Tlum. Canal Lone Tall. e/'ec l .... out' 0/ the he s l 011 0111 (li(lllloll(1 C hc" a n d C h ec ker Club 3, 4: Football I. 2, 3, I : B ;hciJall l. 2. 3, -I; I. 2, 3; llalk I : WaICI' Polo I. 2, 3. I : \1I,Slar, 3: Swimmin g 1.2, 3, 1 ; \11 'Iar' 3; R .O I ( ')Iafl I)ergealli CORINNE B ... "Cork) .. Ilarpcl. K.an,a, A ( Ieliglil/ul III'WCO/IIl!/' 10 HII01l' /0' liel lll'f'el (111(1 stll(/ Wlll C \ \ I : Biolng) Club 4 : Club I : y 1 cen, 2: (dee Club and Chort" I. :!: I'e p 2 1)0:-',\1 .1) H'.N L" Dou" \Il:lnl:l. (.cnrgia (of ol!!, i,, (.1 'IH!{ifl! fill IiiI' lillll' IL/ I.::'. /t,He\ IIII'd\' d o 101'1' 11101/ Ceolgi" IIIt'U


CASPAR C. D E PAREDES, JR. I'anama. R d e 1'. [/ltelligellt ..... 11Ist,"!!, II/eml quiet {/1I(1 llltultlerl\ I loR \It. I ; :\. II .S. 4; Stamp Club I ; Specch \ cr. 4: ChOrlh 1. 2, 3. -I; R O I C Cadet Caplain -I; I)rojeLl ( 0111111. I ; C lu b I. J"ANi'I N f\I ARII D O RGAN ,\'('1'11/(''' \nLo n Canal lone The G.A.A. is IIIight\' /)loulilo mil her Ihe;1 ple\)' becrwspshe I S J'il/"Xeen;t:" !\ulIon :." I ; I'robletll Falhe r 2: "Clul(hing Claw" 3: "Elmer" 4; Staging Producin g 1,2,3. 1 ; ZOlli(1I1 1 ; Co .. \ \ 2,;J, I ; Pre'. I ; B io l ogy C lub 2. 3. I ; \'o ll c\lxill 1. 2, 3. -I; .\II-Slar .. 2. j; 1.2,3. -I: .\II-Star:. 2. 3; "'oflball 1.2.3, I : \1I, S lar, 3; Speech \(t. 3. 4 ; Lice C lub I 2; Pep Squad 1.2.3. 1 : '.iadi e Ilawlin, Dance Comlll :! : c \ \ Dan<.c COIllIII. 3.-1 .I0YCF \ D UGA" "f)u:t,/r" \neun Cmal l onc A q//;el tl'lw plrn\ II J!,orul '''""pel \ 0Ile\\);1113: I\an d I. 2.:1. I : J\lARY TERESA DORAN .\neon C;lIlal Zone The Slml/isll 1)/)(' wilh Lat;1I goo(1 uill \ o lle,ball I. 3: Ba,kclball I. 2; Softball 1.2. 3: 1,2.3. CFORGE DOWNING I '::tuatua C il). R d c 1' The ,eI/OIl' l"l' c(///'I 100gt't /01 l ilt:pitchillg 10' 0111 tutd .w-llfH)1 (Iu';/lg the /mlt lOll,. \'l'lIn CI:l':' l're ... I : S A R e p S A I're ... 1 : I.}allfllieet -I; 13a .. e b all I. 2. 3, 4; .\lI-St a r s 3; BasJ...e lball 1,2. 3; AIl S lars 1. 2, 3: Fo o lb,,11 1,2.3. I ; ,\II-Slars 1,2.3. 1 : \\'aler P o l o 2. 3. I ; .\lISlar ... 2. 3. 1 ; G lee (Iub 1.2: Sadie I Ia\\ 'lin, Dance Chair. 2; 3; D a ncc Chair. I. 3. 4 : J r 1. 3. 4 : C:OIllIll. 2; J r. Anlho log, :\: B acca l alll catc C h o i r 1\l t\I{GARET GRFY P ef!,gv" .\neo n C a n al lon e Co()(1 ill (1)0111"'1)1('11)'. (11111 /wI',/low;lI,g 11';11, /';I'I/III;I/I'S5 ;\ ()In P,'I!.I!.\' C:1P and C.o wn Com Ill. I ; C \ \ i):ln ce COlllln 4 : C. \"\. 2. 3. -I; V o lleyball 1 2. 3. -I; 2: Ba .. l Clhall 1,2. 3, 4 : All S t a r .. 2: Softball I. 2. 3. -I: I 2. 3; Orc he'lt r a I 2 3. 4: !' ('p Sq uad 1.3.4 : Offi cc \!.'1. 01. J E,ANNETI F FARRELL Uo()II" 1':lnal1la f)ark h,,;r. SlIIootll (/at/rillg llml cllte cJolh e ( make a llt.,-\, nice /JllI/flfe cllllf'd nl'lte \'ollc} ball 1.2.3" 1 ; Ua,"clballl.2.3.4 : Softb:lll 1,2,3; T enni'l 2, 3; .. \ League \'olle\ b all 4 : Lib I ; Offi ec s t 2. 3; Fa'lhio n S h ol\' 2. 3; L h h c r 3: P e p Sq uad 2, j. 1 ; Chriqma .. 01 ph nils' I'arl\ 4. RENEE E N J'EU I Panama Cil\. R d e I i,h Club -I: ;\Ilhic Club -I; \'o llc\-2: 1 ; Softball I : Specch 3: Office 4 : Club Chriqma, Dance -I. ERNFSTO B FAHRF.G/ \ J II 11;01 l'an3111:1. R d e I Q "iel, ('fIrer,a I/lid II;elldh' f/II/ig() /10111 tilt' /101111'1 Swimming 2. 3. F RANCE S ELiZABETII FARRELL Hroolh II. \'orl Irit. //lui iU!IIII/\,(1I 1 111111511111 COlI/iJi'Ill/;OIl II.R . \It. -I: Frc,h1ll3 n GLlid Pia) 1 ; Sollb all I, 2. 3: \ ol1c\bnll 1 ; ,.\1I-Slal -I: U a'lJ...e tball-l: Waici Uallct I ; Orchc,lIa I 2. 3. I : L ;lb. \"1. 1 ; Fa,hioll 2. 'I.


JAC K I E HALL J ackie" Bing h amto n Xcw \'ol"l \111' IIIflkt' 0/11 ( I(l U t'lIlow/bie ... (Ifllling dImples \1I S c hool P!.I\ I : P arlflkeet 4 ; Ihoad ( .. ,ting (.Iub 4 ; Fir .. t .\id Club I; US. Club 1 ; Vollc' ball 4; Ua,k ClbaIl2; Glee Club I ; Officc \'SI. 2. Phocnix II igh Hu:lchu,clI' Till' f/lIIlJiliolO /;()\ 11'0111 11'IrO ri'l/ll\ I/;s lIIodt'f aill)I(/IIt'.\ I I.R \11, I ; FH.:,llInall I'la,; Hiolog' Club; ]'ootball I ; Watc r 1'0 1 0 2: Glec (lub: J uniOi \nthoiog': CapL R .OT.C, .. \ N I T A H_ARR I') "Tilli'" \neoll. Canal l one A qllll' l II/ss 1I'ilh ( I smile lor el'el rOllt' a nellil 10 Ihe ."11'11; 01 elass Fa,hion 2. 3; \ oll ed)all 2 .3: !h, kelhall 3: 'l oft b all 2 .3, PFTER G. FLYNN p 'lr" .\nco n Canal lone 0111' al/arQl/lid pol who ; 5 III good ill SI)OI'IS lIS he I.) on the dallce //001 Cia!>, \ i ce-Pres. 2: 1 I 0 ll1eroolll Rep. I : "Clutching (.law" 3; Staging 3: Club 1 : Football 1. 3, 1 ; .\II,Slar, 2; \\'aler 1'010 2, 3. 1 : \1I SI:lf'. 2; Ba.!>kcl ball I 2. 3. 4 ; \II Star, 2; Freshman ream. H a l ) Cro"S College I ; rrac k 2. 3.4 : \\I-Star, 2. 3: Softball 2. 3. I ; ,\11 'Star, 2. 3. 4 ; S peech \(t.3. ROIHRT CATF;; "/Job 11' ;11" Colon. R de I FilII all/11/ (llId m;seh;,,/ ..... {/ !-!.I'fllld jJol F F .. \ 3: Football I. 2, 4; \11,Slar, I ; Softball 3. I ; AII Star,> 3: W aleI' P o l o 2; Ua!>eball 3; AlI SUll!> 3: Ba,ketball 3; Orchestra I. 2: R O T e Lt. Soulh Cris t i a n H igh School. Cli,whal H igh I;jchool. "Huteh" ,\ncon C:lIl:l1 l o n e Our lilly blollde (II tisl wilh lo(uls 0 / r/as.5 Club 2: \ o lle,ball I; B hcball-i: .\rchen 1.2; Pep Squad 2 .3; Lib. h)ot. 1. 2. 3; Sadie I-Ia\\ kim D a nce 2: ZoniuII .\d\, .1. R I C I I A I W G ILL, J R. Hie"" San \monio. 1 c",a Ow Ifill Te\(111 gol/ {till II'ItO ;\ {,', bill', lo<;s allti 0111' gain Hi \" C lub 2. 3: Spa ni,h Club 2. 3: B a ,eball 1.2: Ba!>k('lb: tll 3; I'ootball 2; \ i ce]'re,. I. \Ia m o H eight, lIigh San \ntOllio, I e .... ; h BARHARA L" to CLN;\ Harbie" .\ncon, Crlll:.1 lune ... IFLA A l oice to rememun ... . 11(// /H 1I'il/ lIlwa)'t "elll(lill i,l 0111 heOlh R a m shac kl e Inn"; C \ .. \.3.4 : V olle\ ball I. 2. 3. I : I : I\a,kctball I. 3, 4 : I ; Softball 1,2. :S: A lillcSJ .J A C K R I CIIARD I I ANSF:N Uichit:" \ncon. Canal IOll c A llko/lle c//{I I ) ",ho i l /1I l'lIdl, 10 (II/ Spani,h Club 4 ; Football 1 ; Sw imming I : Uaseball I ; I lac k :!; .1. ROHFRT HARRISON Hoi," 1-1. Ikllning. t.co rgia A Illel/dll \/I/ill' IOp5 oil r/(//h, good "13" Club 3; Ba,kClball I. 2. 3; Water P o l o 1 ; l \;t,eball I : Football 2. 3. 1 : \1I,S lar, 1; \';'II,il\ Foothall 2. 3; Soft ball 3; rla,k 2: H i Y 3. Glee Club I. 2, 3, I ; G A A Dan c e Comm. 4 ; Orphanage Drhe ; Valenlinc Dan e I ; I'cp Scluad.


EDWARD \V,\LLACE H t\TCHE1r JR. / :.duIJ Durham Calolin a 10 "'liNe liP a s w ell" Irietlll 10 (If{ S \ Rep. 3: Vicc-I're'. S .. \ 1; ,\lgi POI/(INt l l 4; .. n Club I : Che" and Checker Cluh 4: Football 1.2.3, 1 : Sort b all 2 3 I: 3; Wate r P o l o 4: I\a,ketball L 2. 3: Glee Club 1.2. 3. 4: P e p Squad I ; R O T .e. Cadet :o.lajor -I: U,hCl 2. : 1 : I\accalaurcat c ChOnt, 1 2 t GRACE 1\1. H I GI-! Ilutchinson Kama, (.I(/('('{II( j:.o( 1I'ilh PLEN '!,), o{ chfll'lII Fa,hio n Show 2. 3. 4 : Valentine Dance COIllIll.I ; Olfke C:llllera Club I ; \ 0Ile,b:111 I. I : Sh il1llllin g 3: Pep Squad '1.:\.'1. H ARR Il-'l LE.E / f ' \\'a,hingtt)lI. I). r.. ()II! 5/1/00111 l)t'(lII/\ 1 ,IUlI il ((INt'.1 .. ,\. I\lARjORl t : HAYWARO M arg ie" Br oc kt o n A cllfe filllt' blut"{'\e(IIIlS S willi (/ 1I'"r//l III/ill' lUI all P(ln(INI't'/ 4 ; \'olled),11I L 2, 3: Ba s k e t ball 3: Sortball 2. 3: .\II-Slar .. 3: .\rcher\ 2: (.Iee Club I. 2. 3. -i; I'e Squad I. 2; SpOi h \wal"d 2: CIa", P icni c Comm. 2: Jr. Ring [:0111111 : t \ 'VILLlAl \ 1 H II)ALGO "Hill" I'edro l\ligucl, Ca n al Zonc COlli/HIli flld willi (I litHe 101 :'('(10/,' / \ Ha seball 1.2.3. -I; Wale r 1'0 1 0 I. 2. 3.-1; Ba .. k ctba l l I. 2. 3: Football I. 2. 3. -I; TracJ,. I ; R O T C I'l a toon 5g l. 4 II Hr oa d c .. ,tin g Club :S; Sec'). 3: \ cting 3: "ClutChing Claw"; in Triple Tilllc": L etting a Dat e"; Di l e c lillg 4: Staging 3. I : ZOllifltl 4 : J r . \ntlio l ogy 3: Club I 2. 1 : Set.. 2: I'res. 4: Biology Cltlb 2. fl. I ; Set.. 3: Stamp C lu b 2: Ba,kclball I : Softball I ; Swimming J: Spccth 1 : O.chcstra 1.2. :1. I ; Glee Club 2. 3: I'c p Squ a d 1 2.3. LOIS C . J O H N .... O N ",sIl'I'f'Ii(, Ualboa. C ;mal I.on c All IIl1lo", QelltllJlt> g i rl ..... cwelree III(I/me/ (Illd I)elilt, I're'. I ; G,,\ .. \ 3.4: Se c.-Trca". 4 : \ o ll c\l> all I 2. 3. I : \II St:lr' 2. 3: Ha .. ketuall I. 2. 3. -i: Sortball \II Sta .. 2. j; Chort., 1.2,3.4 : Office 1.2; Jr. H igh Offi ce 1 : G .. \..\ Dance COl11m. 3. 4 : ( ... \ .. \ !\anCjlLct Comlll. 3: Cap :tnd (.own Com Ill. 4 ; Cheerlc; lder 3. I : Capt. 1 ; I )c p Squad 2. 3; U"hel': Football Dan ce (;0111111 2: Z(lIIi{/t/ .\ch. 1 ; PanaNt ',,1 \ c h : t \'ir g inia Intermont Co llege I. -SUSAN CONSTANCE f-Il!TCt-II NGS Culon R tic I A \IHJl I I -lIIhuIN/ II'hh 11'110 1I1t/1it'l {/ 1!'OIlfI ( 'lf,d {,if'llf/ Produc in g. Staging I. 2. 3. 4; Ba,ketball. Softball I. 2. 3. 4: All-Stars 2. 3: V o llc\ ball 1 .2.3. -I: \II-SI :lrs 2. 3, '1; Choms. I'ep Squad 1. 2. 3: C .. \ \.2.3. -I; Vic e -I: Biol og) Club 2. 3. 1 : Problem F .Hher" BII' l\l g r Lillie rhcatcr; Jr. ,\ntho log): C;llllera Cluh 3: Office \'''1.4 j\IARILY:,\' J\ N ITA JENNISON .. ,\I II II II if' EI \'olca n R de I n e(II/I\ (II1f/ fll'(li'b g.o liMI(1 ill 11(/1/(/ . w;'willgIH":.tlludily l\lu s i c Club I : Spanish Club. I' e p Squad 2: Usher 3; D ranlatic ... Pr oduc in g. Di recting. P hy s ics. Chem Lab. Officc \ ss t. 1 : Glec C lu b 2. !I; Volleyball. Biology Club 2.3.4: Sec') a: I\roadca,tin g Club a. 1 : P res -I: N.H S 3. -I; Pre ... !. JACK C .! O HNSUN "Uflldie" B alboa. Cana l Zon e Spor/(flbilit)' 511100111 rial/rill/!.. um/ III/I fotlill!!, fllli/udt' IIIONe JU (,Nie "ou/" //I(W" \,icePre,. 1 : Ha,cball I 2. 3. 4 : \II-Star' I. 2. 3. 1 : Football I 2. 3. I : .\11-5tal s 2. :1. 4 : 1.2.3. 1 ; \11-Slar" -I: Ila,ketball I. 2. 3; \1I-St3r:-. 2. 3: W a ter P o l o 2. 3. 4 ; Hand I. 2. 3; Dance j; Sr. I'icture Comlll 1 : Valentine Da n ce 1 ; U C lub Dance 2: Part) 3: B Club 2. 3 . 1. Cast l e Heights J\lilitan \ c adelll\' I Icight, y I Corporal I.


LAWTON "J\1(jrl y" H o n olulu Haw:1.ii a n I s l a n d s I L H.S. n : "I'" gaillN f !I' h ell 11';. \ I Jer l Monde Iras "rri ve d J\1(l) ) l l iew: V olJc y b all 1. 2; Baskctball 1,3: BadminLOn I ; OHic c Asst. 3: J r Sr. Prom Comlll 3. B yers Hi g h S chool. S l. Ma ry 's A c a d e my. RIC H A RI) LEST E R D i c kie" .\nco n Can a l Z o n e Quill' lite lok(',. ..... Ihe g u y lI'illl Ihe 1!,(il s (llIolher Utile T h e at re R a m shac k l e Inn" Thc Clutc h i n g C law": "Elm e r "Yes M e a n s N o "; "Bullo n s ": "Our Heart" \\' e r e Y O llll g a n d Gay" : W a t e r P o l o I 2 3 -I: Wat c r P o l o A il S t a r s "13" 2 : S o ft b all 2: N a vy D a)' P rogra m ; PanA m e r ican Da\ 1'1'0' g r a m ; G l e e C lu b I 2, 3 : ('cp Squad 1. 2 ; P r o d ucin g and S tagi n g 1. 2 3 . 1. C H ARLES L O RI) "Chuc k W a shingLOn D C Clever SCIISt! oj hUIIIo r ..... quie t (lml jricmily SpeeC h A c t. 3 : Fool b all 4 ; T rack 4 BEN F J O H N STONE Hibb i n g, i\l i n n c so t a (;oori -llaiure ri and cOl lsenl(ltiTJe W(I),S lire /Jell's tip -IO j ) [eo / ures B a seball 2: Assl. Bus. M g r 2 L afayclt e High S c h 0 0 1 C olumbia i\lilitary \ ca d c m)'. KELLE Y MII/gi e ,\nc o n Canal Z o n c VlljJrt '(lirloble. .. gooll//(/Illrell (111(1 1071(1bl(: Swgin g 3. 1 ; ZOllio ll -I: ZOlliall Ath. 1 : Biolog)' Club 3. 4 ; High S c hool W o r k 3. 4 : M usic C lub P rog. DirecLOr 1; U. N C lub 4 ; V o ll cy b all 2. 3. 4; Or ches t ra I, 2 3. -I; \ward 3: B a k c t b a I I -I, S TANLEY KLEPPER "'stall" \\'ichit a K a n s a s OWII Lil' A l m e r ROBERT E .I0NES .. cc A urtlill)' ffl d ..... (Ieej) L ; u in C l u b 2: I ; o lk Dillice Club 2. 3: I'enlagon H o n o r C ili b 3; H c mpstcad H i g h Sc hool. .IANET "11'imllle!" En g lewood Ncw J c r ... TIlt' boasl o[ 13. I-I .S. jor her '(llelll 1 (11/(/ I//leffigcl/(: e I n i\l r O pi n i o n I : P fl,.,.{//ice / 3, 4 ; P flrl"flkeel .. \(1\' 3 : N. H.S. 3. 1 : H i g h S c hool W orks h o p 3.4 ; B i o l ogy Club 4 : i\llI s i c Club 2 4 : U N C lub 4 : V o llc)ball J 2 ; I\a "kcthall I. 2: So ftball 1. 2: C horu s I 2. 3: I' c p Squad 3; Library \ t. .1: C h c lll Lab . \"st. 3: Cap and C o wn COIllIll. 4 : J1". Anth o l og), 3; S tag i u g I : D .. \ R \ward 3: Q u ill and S n oll 3: S c h o la rship A ward 3. CAR O L LAWRENC E L o n g B r : m c h N e w A l uu/Cli (or w('orillg dot lies u'illl U 11/ ph ..... Irl1lg iiS awa" 11('1' days Valen ti n e O a n (.c COlli 111. 4 ; Fa shio n : ;.!. 2: P c p Sq uad 1 2.3,1. rI [e/folt) c(ljJ liT1(lti"g 1!,ri" ulle slwl'jJshooler Foot h all I. 2. 3 4 : B a s e b all I. 2 3. 4 : Ba ... k ctball I. 3: Wate r 1'0 1 0 -1: S wim Itli n g I ; O rc h cstra I : Ushcr 1.2: H R N avy Da y Prog. 4 L O R AN D EA N LONG B Olcm a n i\l o llt a nil T ht! /t a l w ilh Ihe I rllm!Je! ..... q uiet (/lid j)le( wwt 1 0 (III H R .-\It. 4 ; Football 2 3. -I; \II -Slar .1; B a s k ctball 2 : Band 1 2.3. I : O r c h cstra 3 oj: Library Asst. 2 : B io logy Lab. \SSI. 2 : Fa s h i o n Show 1 ; U s her 3. LEONARD LOVEJOY "}im" T o p e ka I-I apj,),go-lllc k y w it. lIf h i s I O l/ gllt! IiI Z Ollirlll 4; Soft b a ll 2 : Navy O a)' S p ee C h P r o g 3 : Pan-Am e r i c a n D a y Pro g. 3: "Gclling a D a t e 3; R .O .T.C. LicUle n am 4: R o : r C D a n c e C o m m 4: R o : r .c. Drill Squad 4


LOWRY Dolone" I o w e ll \\\oll1in g A ")1'old". iookfllll(' 10/ of dUll I I I 1("(' fIIlfl lIIogicol l'OIf(' II. \ 111 holog 3: ion 'ih o w : \ I : J I.. 1 \ .lIIq. Com Ill. : 1 : Sadie Hawkin, l ) al1 l..(' C 0 1ll1ll 2: Cia" l'all\ ( 0111111. I : (Ja" '>IX.\ 2; S \ R e p 3: 3. I : \ (llIe'hall I. 2. 3. I : na,kelhall 1.2. :\. I ; I. 2. :1. I : {,Iee Club I. :!. 3: I' c p "\quad I 2; ChCCllcadc] 3; Offile \ "1. :!. 3. I. R .\neon C ; m :!I /(lnt.; A "/1(/\11" 011 lilt Il(l rli f icltl ..... 01/ (If/mOlllld SII/H' 1 fl'l/oll' 1 0/,. 1 I I'ilh "ll/' irOllt ..,. \ R e p Foolball \11-51:11 I. Ba,e baJl \I!"\I:.r I. 2 : I I -ad. I. :!. :i. I : \1I 'iI:lr:!.:1. I : Ba'kclball 1.2.3: \11-"1 .. 1' 2 : \ : (.Ice Cluh 1 .2: I r. -S... Banque t :1: Cap and (.Qwn (Olllill. L LOll i :' \ IALLIA t Olllf C hile ( 1(1\\ 011(' lfIl f " .... rt)lI'''/.:101 /\ gllli n Club 2 : L I : \ et\. : \ I : h'(llball 4 : .\II-SI:II' 2. 3, I : Ba'eball 2, 'Ioftba ll 2. 4 : \\'ate r Polo 3, I : !\a,kel hall I. :! 3, I : \1I -Slar,3: I rad, 2. 3.-1: II'. Chri'lllla, Dante C ('"ltll, 3: \'alen-1111t' \).tIlCC Clllllll1. I. I J I:.N R \' S, L U ,\I CtlSO LIIII/" Colon C it), R de I e r l S (Illd /11' 1 0 11(11/ 01 ) /))' h.w\)all I. I : B"'cball I : Sollb:dl : 1 I : CajJtain : 1 : !\a ,l..elball I 3. .101-1:,\ .J-" (111111) N"cwark. :'\cw 111",1111 1/'1' t.:r o ol't.' UII /1/1' /uvl/wll fidel . !!./(wll gil\, I v fU/TIe W QII, u l "1\" Cilib 2, 3 -I: : \ : Vi c c I'It',. I : B Club S \ Rep_ 1 : FOOlball I :! :1. I : I. 2. 3, 4 : Ba,c ba ll : \ .-1; \11"\I : u I : Ba,kctball 1 .2.3: \11-';1:11' I : \ ; I rarl.. I \II-Stan. I 2 : \\' ;t1c r 3 \ .... 1. 1 : Cap and (.own l.omm. 4 : L shcr 2 "(,clting:l Dale" 3. I : Zut/j a t/ \d\. 3, I : Dircc ting 1 : Stagin g I. 2 3. 4: I'rodw.:ing I. 2. 3. I : Lhorll' I. f-IFf'I'R' EUWAKD 1\1 ,,,. I R. "Eddie" Col o n R de I (,00(1 l/JolI, I O / )/H'fJ { )f{ willi (j IllIrll), A -/" /H' IWllfllil" . ,/,,/11/11 ill I t t l Spced] 3: Band I .!!. 3, I : O](]II> lr:l :;, I ; (!lOlli' I. VERA I 'cl..i n g China Ullf/}//(/\ 1/1(11 Co/ifni lIio\ frIll, fill l 'fft' l'Il(' l("l'lIl /1I.:rH)IIo/ll\ lI'llI/ l ou k l III 111111("1/ ,\llI,il (.Iub 1 : Voll ed)all I 1 : Ba,kclb:1I1 2 3. I : Hockc\ 3; I'cp Squad I : J cnni:o. 2 3: Pingpong 2 3: Riding 2,3: G l e e C lub 2. 3_ D o n COll\cnl. CAK\n N j \ IARI A ,\lATH "(:tH//It.'llcil ( I Colon. R de 1'. All (l1/11I1II!!. l //f/ r dlcelflll ("(II I 'fl f f 1111(/ Spani,h Club 2 3 : Club -I: \'tllle' hall 3 I : Ba'kclhall 3, -I; G lee Cltlb Office 4 : Spani:o.h C ill b COTHIII 3 I : L ,her 3. I C CILIA \ IARI F "Cui" I'allama Cil\,. R de 1 Tflkl'l ( '7'1', ,'IIIII/; /t.ill, 1/ HI/llf 11/(/1 i l 1I1l IU'II C i lih lJ ewraling COlllltl. :.I: (, .. \.. \ I. 3, I. C ,nIlFRIN I E Ll Zi\lH:TI1 "Cal},\''' .\lIc o n Canal l o n e (jill 011'11 ulolldit' (j rillllll, blll/(lIt of rll(lIlII Slagin g 2 3 : H S \\'o]l..,ho p 3. 1 : Broad C lub 3 : o ll c\ball 2 3: l3a,l..e l ball j : O]Llle'":J. I, 2 3. -I: Pep Squad 2.3: F:.,hio n Sholl' 2 3.


11\,\1 F,:, E "jllll" \nCOII. Cana l ( Hl C t.\crls ill et'e" ..... (I Hit/II' ullite ",itlt lIIatchillg pOSOIuliit) "i. \ Rep. 2 : "Ye, ... Xo": l3ut lOll' '': "E\cning at lhe I3la"-c,'" Problem Father": S l ilgi n g I, 2 3. -I: I' r oducing 1.2.3,4: "CclIing a DaI C : Chri,tm: .... Danc c Comm 3: Pa rr ol/eet 4: R Club I. 2. 3, 1: Radio Club: Football I !! 3 I ; .\II-SI

TIIO, \IAS CHARLES PFTE RSON "T(}"," \n((lTl, Ca n a l !'o n c 111/1 flf {1I11 ('(/\V /u hI/ow . (1)//I('/(I//iuI/IWOIJiI' / FLETCHER i'.l c tl cllin. Colombia /llflif) {fill I \meri ca?" 3: "Odc to Pcacc" 3: ",aging 3. 4: \ cling I I : Debal c Te'lm :i: ",amp Cillb 2. :1. 1 : \ icc Prc .... 1 : Biolo!{\ Cluh 3. I : I'I C'. I ; Football I. 2, 1 ; 2; Soflball 3. 1 : W a lcr 1'0 1 0 2. 3. -I: Ba!l.J...clba ll 3: fraek 3. 1 : Ir:ld. I : \"1. I : Lice Clllb 2; Lilu;11 \ I : Cap a n d (.uwn Com Ill. I. DOllgl", H i gil Sehoul. '''mmi n g 3:;,'" fl {""" _LlM ' K,O -' A"'ICLI, \ PONCE .....J. "Ui .." #../:, ",\10\'11" ? fon I (' ya l Ull l'al1;:ulI3 Cit\. R tic 1'. ,. l;.lrv & 1,('/ (I/OII!!, 11'111, ..... IIImi,-.... 11'/1/: /JII 11,(' tlulfe"bal/ CUIII" \ .!l!."IfII'(L ,I I /,it'lldh \lIIil" {u/ l'l'e/YUlll' H:I,d"1I i:'Yooth,1I1 I : On. hc'II" I. 2. V n llcd);11I I. 2. 3: U .. ,kelball:t. : 1 : oj. : H a n d k 2.:1. I ball I.:t. :l; (.Ice I 2. ;\IARCQl1JNN Tilo" \n(.f)n Call;11 1 (lIle Tlll',g/I\' wit" Iflf' "/. Q." III,h, to cfllim Ilim "Our I lean \\'cle ,"u lln g alld (.<1\" 3: V oc. ( .nid. 1'1;1\ I : Biolog\ Club Ba ... l..elhall 2: \\'alel 1'0 1 0 3; (dee Club I : \ a l elliine Dance (.OIllIH. I : Na\)' Da) 1'1Og l all1: 1'lotlllLing I : 'Iagin g 3, 4 I : ( \ h e r t _. .al c Dance COlli III., S \ 1):III(. C (;0111 Ill 2: FOOlball Dallce COIllIll.; C.. A .. \ Dancc (,Ollllll 1 ; Fa .. hiOIl Shu\\' 2. 3: I'icnic I LYUI A BEATRIZ REYE:' Be"" I':mama, R tic I IJ,.rsul/olil)' .. arrf'lll UI/ .\/JIJ"J ..... a d,,"{/II/U of llilalil, Fa,hioll ShuI\' 2: C .. L\. Dall(.e CUI1IIII. 4 : I,jlag ing:t. 3: l),hcr (. .. L\. :t, 3. 4 : \'olle\l1all I. 2 3. I ; \1IIar, I. 2 3. 1 : B'hl..elhall I. 2. 3. I ; I. 2, 3. -I: Sohball I. :t. 3. 1 : \1I 51<1I' I. 2. 3; .\rc h e n 2; (,Icc Club 1 : Pep Squad 1,2.3.-1: lib \ 1 1,2,3. H ELEN R os .. .: \ n eo n Canal I .o n e Aflrarlillt' ..... qllid JellSl' o{ /'1111/01' .. Ollt! 11,110 i s well liked by (ill I\a ,l..clilall I. 2: Vollc)'b a ll I. 2. 3; Soft h all I 2; Swimming 3; Ore h e"tra I 2; Pcp Squad I 2: Library I 2: Fa,hio n Sho\\' I. 2, 3: Junio r Hig h OHi(.c I : U .. h e r 3. \VALTER UENSON REI F 11',11',," OaJ... I'a rl.., Illinui' The Iy/)I.''' ..... loll 'II' liIHl(I -" U Club I : I'ootball 3. 1 ; I : Baseball :!. I ; Ba .. l..ctball 2. 3; WalCI Polo 4 ; Suttb:dl !\; 3: Trad., I : Band I 2. :1. I: Orc hC"lr:l 2; Chri .. l ma, 1)<111( .. (' COIIl111. 3; Valcnlille lJall(. e C(Jlllm I. Jjobbie" huoli. Callal Zone p,o Tl'illi (/ C(lI)/itl(l/lIIg ..... 11t".IOlI(mf\' I)/IIS I : \cling 1 .4: l.Ollitlll -I: Hroadul'ling C I"h :1; \'ollc\ball I ; lia,ke l hall I. 2. :1. I: \1I Star .. 2: Soccer I ; Solth:tll 2. :\. I : Spur!' \wald 3: Swimming I ; Glee Club I. :t. 3: Pcp Squad 2, 3; Checrleader I ; l ',hcr 3: EIJ..." Club Dance COlli III. I : "(.clling a Datc" I ; C ;\I.,\ I. Icffcl'on High School. \\':I h ingloll. I). C. V IRGI N I A LOR,,::'n A ROWI-: N "(;;lIgJ'"'' 51. Lolli:.. (\Ii ssouri Sweel 1)('litl!, (HId liglll 0 1 1 her fert "Ceiling 3 D a le" -I; Special Spccch Prog. 1 : I)re" R ehearsal" -I. Vallc)' High, California: Ccnlral I-ligh. .. SOllri : Wclhlo n 1-1 i g h M i"'Ollri.


STAi\U\ T SH.OUU ",frll/" !\rool..h II, YOII-.. U'Hillc\\/ikr attitllde ... fll" to 1101 on"ltu/r"IIII L\I<' SILL \11(. o n Ca n a l lon c ( ,oldr'II 1/(/11' (Illd ( '\,es of bllll'," olld (/ fl'ielldl" IIlIilt' to 1(1) II (/11 5 ,, \ Rep. : 1 : .\11. I : 1 I.R Rep. I : !\: Vile'Plc" I : Ihoadca"lin g Club I : Vol I c\lxll I 1. 2: B a .. l-..ctba ll I : Softball I : (.Iee Cluh I. 2. Ba c ca laureate 1 ,2, 3: COIIII"eIOl s 2 : R e p o rt 011 S .. \ Coullcil C onfCI'CIlc:.c, "Iitiotl "' (UI" l/JO/I LCllenncn\ Cluh 1.2. :\. I : n Club I : Football I. I: \11"1;11" 3. I : 1 lad .. :l, I : 'IISt;n .. 3, I : 1,2. :1: \11 ..,1; .... 2. :1: Walel Polo 3. 1 : 3. I : ;dclili n e Danle C0Il1111. .1; .. Pmg-. 'il11on"o n High 'iilhool. l erfcl",o n Cil\. ,\li .... (fUIi. ROB)' R J .J. SAARI N I',i\ Noh" :--'! cwal'1... New j c r .. c:\ .-/ Illio/J/(' 1m\' lI'ill, {/ {/1'('IUI/, /1/(1 II I/{', ,IIt1( tt'll" I"", II/fll/\ jJ"l\ Foolball I : I :! : W atC I I'ulo :1. I: Pcp 'Hlu;ld 1,2. O/(, H .If.'I.\iI'fJ(J/1 fJO\ Hroadl.""ling Cluh : J I. COl p Ula l o f Cadc l ... Sail \nlo ni o i"C'.I \VILlIA'1 Sr\lI'')uN "lI'ill\''' I h i li/delphia, l' el11h'h; m ia T O /II ill lilt, 3/)()I/I fidel. .. JIIt'1I1, tI{ ('ve al)/Jenl! 1.}(III'l/hut .\l'Ii .. ( I : "13" Cillb 3, I ; 13a .. c hall 1 .2.3. I : 2. 3. I : Football I. 2. :.:. I : .\II C\lar .. 2. 3. I : B a .. kclball J. : 1 I : \llSI: I1" 2. 3: 11a(1.. I : G lee ( l'lh 1.2. : t I. .JUAN 111 'LI'N .'-)\11111 ''If)(/1/IIU:'' H roo1..h II. ",e\\ YOII.. I m'(illlt'. hllllJ,//(Ii)lt ..... ful/ of filII tlm/I)(:p

LORETTA "Tito" !'ucbl o. A qlliet. [rielldh 1II'"",el ..... a hell)jll8 hOlld "I Ihe righl lillie H R \It. -1: S taging I. 3. 1 : 1'rodu c in g 3: Directing 1: .. Bullon .... I : "Thc C lut ch ing Claw" 3: "Gclling a Date" 3: ";\ I adncss in Triple Time" 3: Re hear:,al" 1; ZOlliall 1: N. H.S. 1: H.S. W o rk shop 3. 1: S p a ni s h C illb 2: Uiolog} Club 2. 3. -1: U .:'I. Club I : Vollc\ball 2.3. -1: Baske t ball 2. FRANKLIN "F/(lIIk" r\nco n Canal lone FilII o[ ole Nirk ..... nlll'(/) \ (j rea(/v smile Radio Club 2: 1'001b311 I. 2. 3. 4: Water 1'0 1 0 1 2. 3. -I: \II ,Slars 3: 1.2. : J 1 : Swimrning 3; Libra!") I J o ANN S rANDEF ER ""JQ" I-IOII' t o n rcxa, Dlle 01 0/11' B.N.S. "I}/oills" ..... londed with '(liellt olld J)I:/sollolil)' Stagi n g 3. -I: Producin g 3. 1 : Direcling 1 : \cling 3. -I: "Clutching Claw ": ,\Iad n ess in Triple Time"; "Elmer"; "Cet lin g a Datc": ZOllicw 1 ; ZOlliall .\d\. 1 : Nation a l I-Io n o r Soc iet y 3. 1 : I-I.S. W ork shop 3, -I; j\lus ic Club 1.2: V ollcy b all 1.2, 1: Basketball 1.2: C l ce Club I. 2: 'ep Squad I. 2. 3: Lib .. \ sst. 4: Office A ss !. 2, 3: C h c m Lab .. \,sf I ; JI'. An I h o l ogy 3: Usher 3. PALME R P'"II" ;\iana. Colombi a A IWPI),go-llichy B N .. ..,. sl)ecinU\ n Cluh <\: Ra d i o Club I : \'oc. Guid. I'la\s I : Slaging I : Football 1.2.3. 1 : "'alCI' 1'0 1 0 3. ,1: Ua,cb : lll I. 2 3. I : rlack I 2. 3. -I; \II S t ;lI:, I. 2. 3. -I: Ba,ket ball I. 2. 3. of: Jr. Rin g Co mlll 3; Jr. 3; Ush e l I. T"IO;\I AS V SOLAN Tom" 1 11(11 IUGIri. :'\cw .\Ic,ico (Jill' \t'II/O/ /Jle:q'-/o/a /II jllSt Cller\' Ildl/g.' C ia" P IC' I. <\; N. H S I : Sodali!1 2: Football I. 2. 3 .f: \ ar:,it)' 2: Bascball 3 .f: H:tsl..clball 2.3. 1 ; Walcr P o l o 3: I cuni,. Junio r \'a rsil) 2; Chorus 1 .f: \'ep Squad I : Cadet Ll. Col., Battalio n C. O. -I: Sqd. L ea der 2: I'rilate I ; I ; V a l e nt in c D a n ce Co mlll .f; Cap and Cown Com Ill. 1; Card .. and Announcem cnts C01ll1ll. of' I e Ill. 4: P fII'rtlkeet ". lub 4:--cdnd High Sci ;M5l;--1\uslin H i g h School: H igh 961. j\fARY ELLEN SYKES MlH)''' I'ari,. Tennc, ... ec 11'1/(/1 (/ go/.' Ph',II)' of lI'itll rlolhes to lIIalcll IOlliall \cil. 2: \1'1 Club I : (.icc C lu b 3: I'ep Sq ua d I : Offi(.c \ ,,1. '1. JA;\ItS \1. "Jillllll) 1/" \neo n Can a l lon c This fef/01l' lifO (I [,;elllll)' Sill/it' Ulld r(lrefree III(/Iwer "1\" Club 3. <\: Football .\11-'lIar, 2. 1 ; Watcr 1)0102.3.

FRANCES VEACII Vienna. lII inoi .. A s p ecial bundle of fUll ..... I)Il'III" of T 'im and v i gor. liiolo g y Club 2: Ba sketba ll 2. 3. 1 : ,\11 Star 3. 4: V o lleyball 3. 4 : .\II,Slar -4: Hand 2. 3, 4 : O rchestra 2, 3. 1 : G IN! Club I : Phls. Ed E x h ibili o n I. Cri sto ba l H i g h School. DALILA GRACE VIGIL Daft)" .\nco n Canal Lon e We'lf II/;SS ,'0111' captit1atlllg smife alld cheel") "hello" h c her) 2 : C h o ru s I. 2 I : I'c p Squad I 3: Show 3. S "IIRUY ANNE \VALS II "Shirl" \11(011. Canal Zone Tile gal 1I'ltll the smile ..... dilf,//ifierl be(lllt, ...... \l l 'eetlless Iu'nollif;erl J I.R Rep .J: lVI/inll J : \'olle,ball 2. 3. I : 2 .3, 4 : Softball 2. 3: SpOfl! \ h'ard 3: G lee Club 1.2.3: Pcp Squad I 2. 3: Office Asst. 2. 3 .J: Football D allce 4 ; E lk'!I Dance COIllIll 4: Sr. Ring Comlll 3.4: Soph. C l a ss Pari) 2: L ':. h el 3, -4; Mars h a l a l COlllmc n cc m C Ill 3 : P arrakeet Aeh 3; ZOllillll \d\. 4 \\fALfFK E. TROU T "lI'all) Cl'i\IOba l C I (Jill' flf 0l"11 11.'1'.0.\ III/}('f i" lwd good to look (II, U Club 3.4; Ba .. eball 3. 4 : U'hkelball 2. 3. I ; \ I\-'ilal!l 2. 3. 4: Football 3. I : \1I-Slar ... 3. I : Track 3 .J: \\I, SI;n ,3. I ; \\' a l C I P o l o 3.4 S.--n y .10 UNDFRWOOD 10" \kroll. Ohio P.t'It" bh)lfde "(//1 . (I 1111(' I('I/onl 1)(11 Iagi n g I : P uII lJkeel I : \'ollc,b a ll I : 3. 4 : Specch \Cl 4 ; G lee C lub I. 2. 3. 4; I)ep SCJuad I. 2: Libraq 2.3. I. .\nco n COl expel / ..... fJOlllldfrn l,el) Parrak eet :\<1\ 3: Ili o log, Broadcasting Ch!b;S. I Glee Pcp Office Chcml slry \ssT .... $0 s h el 3 Cap (.o\\,n Comm. I : Roman Fa .. hion ')how Chairman J O H N FREDER I C K VrrrRUP "jack" \ n co n Can al l o n e Alll'ap he!/Jfu! ..... (l h;, u' ili! Ihe gals L a t in Club 2; R e p o n eI' 2: Chcm Club 3: H i ... l. Club 3: Water P o l o I ; Valen l in e COIllIll I. .\L\RGl'tRITE \\fARD Panama. R de Tlil' T'it'IIC'iOIO lOlli/I!. I// iss frolll N./I .. \. 1-1. W o rkshop :1. -t; B askelb31l :J; \ ollcd)all --t: rh,,1c' Lab .. \sst. I. Tt"RRY TRUMBU T.N.T." Buffalo. New Y o rk A nf IlIImO/' tlwi wills friends Broadca'l i n g Club 3. 4 : Football 3, I ; Walel Polo 3: ')wim ;\ICCh 2. 3: .-\11'ilal"'. 2. 3: Ririe St:luad 4: R O L C. 1"1 1.t.. 5uppl, Officer, Ballalio n S taff "; R O.T.e. Dance Comlll 1 : Sad i e Haw k i n s D a n ce Comlll 3: P c p Sq uad 1,2,3. JFAN V. VAN EVER A "Jeallie" j \alli11lorc i\1:'1")' land II';II/u! \lIllle ..... l"ell -'iknl b" nil F a:.hion Show 3. -I; G lec Club : Pep Squad I. 2. 3; Librar" \ .... 1. 2. 3. RFC I NA HELEN V ANN Helell" San D iego Calif ornia Falin free ..... loa d s of P m 'rakeel 1 ; P aTl'akeet Adv. 4; Archery 2: Swimming I ; G lee elub P c p Squad I. 2. 3.4 : Office .-\'S 1. I ; Clinic .-\SSI. ,1: F a'ihio n 2. 3. 4.


JANE. F. \ VARI> Ei\' "Jallie" C IOtlCC'I C I Cit). Ncw J cr'c \ Petite lilllp fJlOIU/l' wi111 (/ rUlllaglO lI s smile fo/" l'T'l'/"WJIIC Chess and Chcckcr Club.3. I : I.ib. \"l. Club Sec', 1 : Vollc\ball 2. 3. 1 : \11 S ial' s 3, -1: 2. 3. I : Softball 2,3: Orchestra I. 2. 3. -I: P c p Squad I : Lib . 1 : Shuw 3. ,\I' Rl.Oi\' \V.I:..l:.h.!:. \J erC) Fon Wonh. Tc:o..a' 1I'11t'IIIa P/(lV;"g his 1 '1I1t or 1 "I1:.:.illg 011 his IvIH'II'ritel'. rllpcr), lad will .;olar rrac k 1.2. I : .-\1ISlar.., I. 2. I : Haskct ball 3: \II -Slar" 3: I. 2: Club I : nand I. 2: Chcs, and Chec ker Club 3. -1: Fa"hion Show I. LINDA LEE \VILLARI> \VATSON Panama Cit\. R d e P L (I/;'I bOll/bsllell willi a s /){lrklillg /){'ISOIll//il\' Spani,h C lub ViceP rc,. 4: 3. -I: na" ketball 3. I : Lib .. 1 : Office .\"1. 2: F .. "hlon Sho\\ .3. JEAN \I'N \ Vlin I a nama Cil\. R de 1'. A rille lit/Ie gal ..... Yweel ..... (II/ 11/(11 (j/u/ braills. 100.' "Our Were Young and (.;1\" ;\ : Staging 3: \S!lol. Oil' of P la y 3: 3.4: V ollc\ball I. 2 3. 4: Ua,k c t b:1I1 1.2.3. -I: Softhall I. 2. 3, 4 : Chonl I P c p Squad 1.2; Lib . \sst. I : C h e m Lab. 3: L a b \

J OYO: ZEECK "Zeuk" r exa" The Esther Will iaml 0/ B / I.S. lI'i" be It'memberecl b)' lIlI for her sweet lUlll friel/ell)' //Imlller C .\ . \ 4 : \'ollc)ball 3. 4 : .\II-Star' 4 ; Swimmin g I. 2. 3. 4 ; All-St a r s l. 2. 3, 4 ; Water B allel 3 ; Chorus I 2. 3, 4 : Pep Squad 1 2. 3; 51". Cards and Announcement:! 'I; Fashion 5ho\\' 2. 3: Jr. /\n[ho log'. i\ IAR' 1 H A LORRAI N E ZFN I ,\tart" Sihcr C il\, ",\1(11/" serene beaut)' lind (I Ideml l) "hello" Jor (Ill ..... perfection /Jersoll; jied U sher I. 2, 3: i\lahhal 3 : Jr. Anlho log\ 3: In3ug. D a n ce Co mlll 3. 1 : Jr.5r. B a n ( Illet Comlll. 3 ; Rin g Comlll 3: Chri s t Dan ce Co mlll 3: Sad i e Hawkin s Dance Cam Ill. 2: S.A Club D a ncb Comm. 2: C l ass Pan), Com Ill. ) 2; C:1"'t> I'icnic Com Ill. I : F a ... hi o n Show 3. 4 ; Class Sec'}. I : Clas ... P res. 2 3: Producing 1. 2. 3; ZOtliatl Uu, -t: ZOlliatl Ad\. 1: N H S 3. -t: Se c'".

Class of T h i ngs !)lane d p oppin g a l o n g about O CLObe r I j ", h e n th e R i n g COlll lll i and c h o se five !)upe r candi d a t e lor d i splay in the centra l S h O \\'C3 se \ V it 13 I I rwill P h ylli,:, ]\l c L a r c n and R o b c n a H olla nder working l ik e m a d it Wupc r -duper C h r i,:,llllh,lI i ;\I d ,aren S \ R epre"e n t a t ivc: B e ll ) J a u e K c n ea l). ViccPre sident: K e i th Klelh. P residc nt ; Cin gc Sand e r". S . \ R c pl' cscl1Ialhc: J oa n P ow ell. Stu::!.t PIUIlIIilC. :tnd Jalnc ... I ; o l bcs. S __ \ R c pre!lcilla ti\es


Bob D c .. hlch abo\e 1 0 be intent 011 hi, job of dccOIating what do }OU I..now -Sallla C lau<; in the flesh! \ \ OLUng hard ( abO\c) o n lhe fin:place displa), alc Gemma Wright. ;:\ a 0 III i Witkin and Barbara Non Lool.., like John Connard, al leh, is ha\ ing a tangle with all thal timel and Christmas trec


Class of


Class of --I a ;\1 1 D . \ Hlllchin30n cia!>, ad\i scr. confers with four of hard-workin g sophomores 1 \'::' ....t\)S gave liS a chance lO b ecollle beller acquainted. The :-.our whic h lUrne d olllla be s tri c tl y O K., thanks to R e n a B oynLOIl O llre, dance givell in me an rent the cOlllll1iu c e a r g ued and linall), agreed a b out arrang 'cIlIenls. "1'1 I1S l o r ollr annual ebhs picnic b eca m e \Ve r ewrne d al th e end 01 the day tire d but happy. \Ve r ealilc lhat our so pholll o r c yea r ha.') h e ld extra-s p ec ial good limcs. \Vc won't t orge t il ('ve n with lWO yea r s of fun ahead. Sophomore b ack lOW, frolll left lO riglll: Flan!.. i\l avo. Ccle<;te I'S)\\ ell. TeJ\') Ford: frOll1 ro\\': Ca\le ,\lac D onald. ,\r\elle .\lc K co\\ n. Frances J)\\ H : r. C la\


Class of


I cd Cia" ad \i,cr. being inlroduccd allhc Inaugul "lion D all(C call'l lorget our ve r } o\\'n Hallow'en part). Unlit:') to \\'ondcliul d a n cillg. Class of S cptcllIb('r 8, I day LO relllember, lor o n that day w e cl1Lt:red a brand new worlda world w here w e could a :,hiny new s late lor 1 0111' wonderlili. )ulr\ ill hi g h ,"e \larted with ;t lang 0 1 decLioll day with Ray Tucke r :lIlllolilice d a L t 1 lIgurlllion dan< e "our (lioiu'" lor I LOO l o n g aller, dancing ani were. \ 1 I ) lor eager learn l'!"'. ,\lld iL n :rl.linl 011, LtC at ;111 the other d allce') a uend ed, \\. 1100 I t had l'\CI }lhillg 111(:11 Lhc l e the exciting contest ill which t\\'o girl s wcre sc to be 0 1 the Valentine court. lefL a p leasant l11e11l0ry a lllOn g ever yolle. Alliong the C\ellb that brouglll inLO the VCI\ heart 0 1 football with l I S proudl) c hcerin g o n the 0 1 US lOok parL O u r weren't forgotte n tho u g h ,,' ork wa:, nOL (llIiLt.: "unbearablc" w ith t h e h e l p of ahnigllly" ,\nd wc 011. Thi., grand n<:\\' life all too .,0011, to 11I0r<: "de')uper" to C01l1e, \ Ve IOUlld h Ol11e and lho<;c "ever CIa" Olli(CI bark lOll', Ra\ IlIcl..cr. plc,idclIl: (oila Coo

C( lIllpCl itin n j, kcen a f r c .. hmCll CIlI CI a p ic lOIlIC .. 1 ;11 th e (1;1 .... I I : tJlowc'cn pa, : I l c l'c\


Freslnuall Girls


REf' R ESE:-\ 1\ rl\' E S incll1d e, lefl to riglll, lUI' row: Shirlc\ Smith, I OIll Peter,on Ell e n 'ilau. \t:cotl(l lOll': l-.dgar 1-.010311\, 'iluall Plumer, Jim O Conner. Keit h I\.relh, RogcrSim ond, lud.cl Da,id .\Iclihe llll\ .. \ Ia, Kurillo. Third Wit': "ill, DOl 1a,lor. J o Col e. 'ihirle \ \\a l .. h I'lnlih :\Iargi e Rathgcber. I!\\in. /-"0111 /'Oll': Y olanda Die/. :\I a n I. ea Halbara L ad(!. I)al \\"al"ci .. \rlelle Coil a Goodin. Cloda lIall. \lInelle Codln. I hO"1: nOL piclUfed: F r; lIlce\ 1)\\,\CI. :\an(\ 1lIllcl. Die" (.ree11e. P e ter FI\nll The Homeroom Rcpresentatives and Alte rn a t es are panol a n e w system adopte d at B.H.S thi s yea r r rom studcnt associations in th e States. 1l ha s prove d u se lul in bring in g t lbout a close r r e l ations hip b e t wee n the individu;t1 student and th e S.A. The r epresentatives attend all S.A. m ee tin gs and tak e a n ac tive part. During th e homc room period these r epresentatives r eport s p ec ial announcements [rom the S.A. Council. These studcnl.!'t d ese n 'e credit [or the slicces') o r th c dri ves undertaken thi s year. include t h e Reel Cross drive, th e benefit drive [or the B e lla Vis t a Orphans' H o m e at Chri:>tm















)(/(11 UII Of! will (;(m;" hie ... (It( lIigll Uti 0'11 /11. 1/01 pO/lllltlllt\ Til (' 0 I If '-I9(,I"s {'ould,,', COlli/Hilt' t o our '-19 d rltlepr ... Pr/e FI" 11" lIIj(1 Lois /OIIllS(HI fI/ left A b(mt' Mal' (l1Il1 Peg -1/i(' l}(Im ill 1 011'11" Seeolld P,osjJerlOtS 1(" tWIlt' (111(1 (abot/c) 7 1 ';11i IIIt'ir ('\(,a-specwl Itlfellh flI'e Bill C(lIlOtl, IJa,bulfl GIlIIII lid Marlhll B ell)'


Palillillg D it'/( Loft'r (111(1 J oan S//Iith -Iltt' ill'O OVOlie witlt Ihe wit/ii'sl tJIlgj!r/( T ilt It;ddt'll /o(le of klloll'l t'llge 11'(13 jO!lllri IJ, ,\Imc Q'litllllll/(l Je(1II lI'IIIIf'. (It right


a 11 tI I ( ..... -'" I ....


\ Student AssoeiatioJl {Jill' "/Jlg Three" ill lIe/iou. /1'011/ fell t o right: I uis !fallllluflcI',ser/"etlll)' (;eorge DUle/I;lIg. presidelll; alld 1:.(/11'(1/(1 Haldid/. }I .. llire-/Jrcside,,' lIml below them, Mr. /-fa/chell. g iTlillg 10 3,A Cullllc i l The SllIdcl1L \s!'Iociatioll 0 1 B alboa Hig h School i!t the guiding h and LO ;tli school ttCli viLies for Purpose o f th e SlIIciclll Assoc iati o n i s to pro m o t e unit)' among the student body b y :,p o nsorin g extra-Cllrric ular affairs. Offi(er:' 01 the S A. ; H C the pres id ent and i cc-prc!t id c lil c lecl c d Irol11 the Junior C l ass at the end o f th e school )'car. t o serve the l o llowin g }car. This pa'H )car Ceor ge Downing was presi d ent and Edward Hatch ell ./r., was vi cc-pres id cllL: Lois Baumbac h was appointe d secretary. \ Vork in g with all olfi ee r s as LOp-n o t c h advi se r wa s \ 11'. E \If H a t c h e tl. The S. r\ Coullc il o f iLS o lti ee rs and fOllr r eprcsentati\cs Irol11 cach of the four c l asses. This year a r epresenultivc and a n alternate I.rol11 each h o m eroom attende d S. A. meetings as part 01 the counc il. Ne\\" addition LO S. A was the "g" Club, whic h t\\"o repr esentati ves t o S. A meetings Until yea r the B Club had been an inde p endent organi/

(;"rol Sill#, ... III Ihe CIII" i \IIII(lo5 lorll/ol, (111(/ rig"/, U/II l/tll It \ cltcale(/(Jel.'J /!,i llc 0111 wit" (I 'ictor, yt'll Firs t 011 S . u l lor th e pa s t year the In

0uI /lf,lt, '/U)II,"II. fI/ 11;:.111. ,\I,. TIIII,,!i/(, {I(,jllf!, I/I\i,/n/ In D Oli 1\1 ,HI, II//(I/I /)(Iek-sillge (iliff 1I1J0l1l', .. /nJ!fll/l\' P /o)'s (t Pall" III till' /"O('(' H of beillt!, Inl'seliled 10 lI"lI If,'OIl/)S (J/O r(llmldf' III/HIIl'11 "/(III(I,I.!,O. \/1\1'" I, 'milltll.! 10 NI'f'I' III/ft-rll('fI/It' I"ao;'d5 1/IIIiy,'" IJWIIIO/U! ,\It/HI lit! li'illl/("I,) ,,)/ II/t' Y('(II '.j8 '/9 11/(', fl/lt IfnI' I('f' /0 light: Uar(llIrti Boyer, /(1\(;' ,\1(0/1'1"5. }"fllllljllt' DOIf,!,fIll. HII/-f""/! .!,I; ft'COII(/ rOll': Le s ter. DOli MlIs"' //i/{1I/ Little Tlaeatt-e T ht' (urtain ro')<: 011 a promi s i n g yca r in but the curtaile d w h e n p olio r es lriCli o n s ,, 'cre impose d. T h e I ir"lt presented l o r study h all groups, wcre Irom the dra matics O n e g TOlIp con s i sting of Robena H ollander, i\l a ril y n J enniso n. Ruth S t e in Eil ee n Frallk, L o r etta Smith a nti Virg ini a Rowen gave D ress R c h ea r !)a!." The L ollo\\'i n g d ay "Elmcr was prc!)entc d b y th e (l!)t (om posc d o L T O Hllll Y P e t e r so n J oyce 7\la!)tcr s, B a r bani Boyer K aLlll')n C la!)s, Bobbie Anll R o bilbon, Di c k Lest er. D o n 7\l u ssc l l1lan .10 Ann Standelcr and .Jeannin e Dorgan Produ ce r!) Dic k L es t e r and .10 Ann Slandere r ca s t and pre!)cllt c d J ea l o usy Pl ays a Pan" in D eccmbe r I n this Olle-act play wcre B elly K e n ea ly, K ay T erry F o r d. i\l a l y E.lle n Stacy. Arle n e i\l c Kco\\'ll. l\l ik e l\lcNevill and Rut h Turc k. Februa r y r Ollnd P cace. I t's \\lo ndcrful b e in g prc!)entc d b y Gayle 1 ( D onald. l ohn Rimming-LOll . \nnctte Codby, D ann) .\Icxander. and C h a rl es \\'ab h with directors B a r bara Boycr and J oyce i\laste rs. the n ca l led lor a n (l1I-')(hool productio n or "Ki!)!) alld T ell" ea rl y ill \pril lor Littl<.: T h eatre m cmbe r!). Dlfll/lllfir diU ... Dn'll /(eltt'/II,wtl .. ill rOUl1/ 10)


}1111; UI N .O.T.e. Baitllliull III )/'l'Ii,l' (If IlfI!!, /IIOt'1I11111011 iI, ,\J(lj. (;111. U,,) I:.. Purfa JlluiolO B. O. T. c. \ OfriCCI\ [raining \\'a .... inaugurated into Balboa Ilig-h .... thool Icar. III thi .... nt\\ ( I .......... ran h igh .. mon g Ihe from t o .... \\'hen final lOUlll of l.l(ic" w k cli. therc II'cre 217 offilel ... and e nl i .... tecl pel-"'())ln e!. \ ba ... i c i n fa lltl'\ oallalio n eOIl .... i ... ling of f()I1I linc and ,I ballalion ... talf fOllllcd. Fir ... a elilit\ of the 1It:\\'1\ fOllllcd lUll).., lIa'" all infol lil a I dantc gilt:II:11 I leigh" Offi(.cr ... Cluh. I hc highlight o f th e dan(e \\',1'" Plc",clllatioll o f ... iOlh 10 (.ade[ offitcl"" o} Capt. John R o .... :-. o f .\Iili[an Sdcl\(_ c and rac li cs. 011 Dc(ember 22. ;\I aj. (,ell. Ral E 1'0 l'tCI P"c",cllted the lIa,iolial to the unit. lI'a ... [hc fir ... t o fficial public: ... h(,wi n g of the battalion ... a IIhole. On l a lillal l 2H thc IInit rifle [ca lli entered (ompet itiun fOl the Ileal ... 1 Ilop!l\. IIhich i ... ghen 1)1 \\'illiam R andolph l !c dr .... [ 1m hntheJancc of ... hooting in the U S \ ['he loud rifle temll again ... t R .O r.c. IIni" 111 the 6th \1'111\ arca \ lifle lange IliI'" completed in the of the high ... (hool building i n 'cbruan [hi ... range \Iill be of glca[ a(han I II-':e in ftllille matdle .... a ... 1\ will enable thc cadet... to prattite m Ole (';:hill :ln d IIlOIC often. Febrtlan I I "'a', the R .O I .e. l llit paltidpating ill a formal lCliclI \Iith the I",th (..11 all !':Iqllildroll I he highliglll of the CC1CIIIUIl\ \I-a ... Ihe hHlel i n g of thc \dmi n ;""tra tion Iluildillg nag hI the C"dl' .... (,ult'l nf/lftll of HI/lbou R o : r.C .. lefl 10 ri,l.!,ht. IQi/" Ctid,1 Calli. 111(11,,(/( I>elelloll. Carl e l M fi/. Jr. /lf/lcliell, C(lI}/. 1,,1111 NOH. 1.1. "foehn/)('I. Glldel Ca/)/. ,\I(q't'J' /Jallel; :"(/1011': Carll'! II. I\o/Jnl')wur/elf. Cariet U l?olJl'rl Call'l. (:"dt'l (.'11/11. (,/11/)(11 dl' Pan'df'l. Carlel CO/)I. (;lIffl'l II. II'il/wlII !-Iml('. (,'(u/l'l U Tal)' Tllllllhle: ;," /(Ill': Cmlll '-t J) oll!!.',,1 ')llddflf",. C(/{/el I f. /. ON'JOY. ((ld, I II. Clllllle5 Cadet I I. Joch Bt/{/Ie(l/l, Carlel I t. I/Mold iJfllkln Hal/It/lUll ')Iaff. left 10 lighl: C"/)I. jol/ll Non. Godd II. Col. -rholllf/\ 'ohlll. Car/l'l (;"/11. Tllol//a\ Pelf'l lOll. CllChl ,\lIIJ. II'. / /III('hd/. CfI(/c1 I t. rl''''


COli/pm" .4 Codel Callftllll M(ll't')"/J(l}/ef C(ldt Lif'lIlt'lIflll/ Hobert Gales Cadet Liell/elwllt Dougllls Suddab)' COIIIPIIIIY IJ GlIdet Ca/}llllll Gasl)(l)" de Paredes Cadet Lieutelllllli lI'ifliall/ Howe ClIdet L;('III('lIl1l1l Ja ck /Judrel w CUIII/)(III)' C ClIdel (;(11)1(1111 Ho,"(lld 11(111111')"\ Cod(' Liell/ellllllt Robert CMll'l Lieulell(Jllt Clwrin S/ale)", III C OIIIPIII" D eMle/ Cal)/ojll A "drril's Cade l Lielil ellllll/ Harold Barkin C(lde t Lieutenallt j ll/lle;, L Q1lejo)'


On April 8. a Field D ay was h e ld for the B a lb oa R eserve Officers Training Corps carte L s. Al this lill 1 e variou s awards wer e presented to th e best indi vidua l so l d i e r lhe best sq ua d th e b est p latoon and the b est compa n y o f th e Baltalion. A l so at th i s t i m e th e Governor's cup was pre sented to th e sLUdc lll o f i V lilila r y III w h o passed the Governor's test w ith th e hi g h est grade. The R.O.TG. Dance on J\la y 21l brought this year' s formal acti vit i e s to a n e nd Next year, the R.O.T.G. w ill b e open to sophomores. juniors a n d seniors only. The milita r y course i s o nl y three yea r s long, a n d il was d ec id ed that R.O.T.C. training wou l d be mOSl b e n efic i a l to stude lll s during t h eir la s l three y ears In hi g h school. ( A/JUT".) .\ / (//0/ Cellao{ Rln /:.. Pur/n / Jresell's IIle Cul ors 10 Cadet Colullel Solim: M t llor eel/eraf H ay 1:.. P ortl I (lml Cadi" CoffHlel T hotll(l( 'e1.iel. II/(' Bat/alion F lag prestmtatlOI/ befOit In Hf//or (.e"emf Ra) E Porter ill front of the Admi/,i slr(l!IOI' Building Oil D ecember 22


"Old (.Im,," 11/ lit.' I/(I//(I\ o( 1/'(' NO_I L mlol !!,'/(I1l 1 '#,1, Pol'llfn.i,." II/('/lwr/\ (IIti"1\ fOl 1/1//(0111/\ 1 TI" Ilig 1I//JI/lOII of 1111' N D r.c. (1(11If! ", (.!./Iflln f/ciy,llh / (,01"-'110' ,\,lI't'()IIU'1 /1(/\1 /I villI 10 n O. I.L '5. (./l/1/(1 '\//l/cll III f11(' U.O. r.c. Df/I/({'. 1/11/. look, lik,' /(11111('0 jJ 0111 of /1 6. (;(ul('ll I(li,(' I/'l' flag (/1 1:1i 1111(1 lot('('1 il (II ):/; I, C/'ow /'IIC flI fill! Qllf//,Y ti(l/lft' S, Tell.\IIUX!


9. Lielltellalll l.:IerekojJef wei ghs ill tile cadet:. 10. Cudcts S7t'jllg alld swa), (II IIIr R .O. T.e. dfll/l'e, Qllar,.y I Irigliis 1/. Watch Ihal IllIImb!" is flu: walchword ill Ille (11'11101)' 12. Come ami gel il (II Ihe Qllar), I I eighl.., (Ir/llre n. Tile O//irn.'>, Clllt, rocks wilh "'1)'111111 N. Serge(1II1 PO/JjJOT'ich illslrllct.'> a class ill weapons


0/11' mn.srot. Lim/ a /'(jl/lCell. look lilllf' 0111 /0/ (/ s oda The be s t g tlllle s lIt!!t! thos e I l '/III "Jjlll/III, I lIId Ihe balld B. H. S. Musie "Quiet see m s lO b e all o n e h ea r s [rom our mall "Branny in the Ers t r ew weeks o[ school. but, unde r n eath it all, h e's r eally a p e rr ec t -plus director, as many will t e ll yo u. Under hi s a bl e direct i o n th e c h orus, band, and orch estra have r ea lly contributed to B.H.S. schoo l spirit. At the ga m es, the assemblies, plays, and Illu s i ca l es, our mus i c d e partlll ent i s there with "all it' s go t," l ending a musi ca l air o[ pleasure. 'Ve r e m embe r th e superb C hri s tm as program. w h e n the procession o l g irl s ill th e i r l o ng, white gow n s wound their way rrom th e s id e door o[ th e school to th e [rollt s t e ps. The h oys quieLly lOok their places and th e program begall. B arba r a GUlln enhance d th e p rogTam with her vocal so lo, "Canlique d e Noel," and our talented so l o i s t L o r a n L o n g, w h o previous l y l e d th e Mfflill s 0/ Christmas ('arols J)layed by II,e lliglt I('hool hlmd. with Loran Long di,. ecling. could be l1I'lIl'(/ 011 the "Admin" steps


band a t the loot o th e Building playe d "The H ol y City." This year the prograJll \\'a ... h e ld in Jr onl of the school to acc01ll1l1 0 d a t c the Dli m a t e d 2,000 peopl e w h o gath e r e d t o all nll a l Christma s IIll1s i ca l e. O ther hi g hli g h b 0 1 th e ... ill(iude d th e l o r the F as hi o n Sh o\\', prov id e d agai n by 1I1embe r s of th e o r c h estra_ The h and : lIId o u::h eslla c U llibined to produce' th e Spring I t uphe l d th e hi g h 0 1 prev i o u s p eri onlla n ces by Rrans t elle r and th e DcparL-11ICnl. At t h e play, in .\pril. tht.: orc hestra provide d t h e nllI s i c a l }-lab orr ( 0 Br anny" a n d th e h ard-working m a k e r s for adding t h e r h ythm and co l o r 0 1 their 10 B alboa sc hool lil e, Christmas II'lIS ('\/rll-special Illis "nil' u'itlt a d;/faell' selt;IIg-olll' lief)' OIl'" <'1'0,,1 yare/" 11';//1 lira/Illy" lite /IIass reheOlsal1 ll'ere (/s /IIUell lu" tile Ii/ud Pnlol /1UU/ce Tilt> n'er-familiar "AI/gels W e /laue H ell/cf 011 HI!!."" \I/tH ulIIllle. \


-lull(l\\ing Lee Ilul111C" Ihe p(J/'(lkl '('I'.., COllltllUniGI' tiO l h 11I:tIl, i nto the ulHu: 0 1 Ih.11 hallowed ,heel. tJlle IIItC' upon :t 'u.: n c 0 1 dcepc't <'011('11Ir

Calroll Robimon g l a nce, mcr lhe namc, o f of Ihc lo\ch ladie,; melHioned i n h i 11'01/ column. '(Iat(he' hi, head a n d pul h out hi, pen(il and lit tl e b l ad.. boo\.... H h (o-\\()lker \nll l\"o/feH (;0\, i i ntere't c o o n h ill her f:.lll mail h o m the 10\1.:11)111 f e lHlllc, o f the Can:d l o n c teell-age (iILic (.irh edit u r,. Ell e n 'itac\ and :-\an m i W i tk i n are i n a huddle p ondering the melih o f a 'tagge lcd pictu re l;nolH 011 l h eil page. (.c01ge I ) o \ \ning. editor for Ihe 11\:,le ,ide of B ul ldog alii leti(,. hondel' \ dlCIC he "ill pllt C:o:l<..h Fa\\(ctt' Drip'" column, Iii, Ic\el ic 0 1 time' ,,'hcll Ilalllld \ \ i h oll wa, co-cditm i, b l Ukcll "hcn J i lll 01 \ l' 1 LI,he' up wi l h a ba,eb alJ 'coop, J a nel K imme l. lhe paper', a"udat e editD!, t a luh Wilh a pa,l\ g al lC) i n o n e han d a n d a pail (I I e nOl-1 111"" in lhe uthe u ln fcl ri n g with Lit e ral) dilor Zimme rm a n I h ei l p robl e m "'CCIll' t il b e Ol1e of placin g L in d a \\' il lard', illl!,llatioll' '(I that the) are a' ((0'(; : 1 po"i b l e to the 'Itli ie' the\ depict. :-\cal' Jad.ic B fI'" II'dcolllt'\ lIall. \\110 i, gettin).; a big b a n g Ollt of Willie ")imp,ulI" PllUlii Phil, ,ih I OIll s,ola n make-up l' ditur. who i, taking I\pe (flllllh from h i ,heet :md tltlclin g inte l ll1il t e n t about people pUlling-t(1O lIlu(h IXbtl' (Ill Ihe dUllnll) R o b e rt a H o ll a n d e r \, h o Il'pl a u : d B a rbal:! Baron :I' 'I:lff piclure edilm "hell "1\,,111" g r a d lla ted in J allllalV. confe r s wi t h Bligh:lIl1, in'pi,ing Plllluiteel and both p icllli e i n thei r m i nd, a Pm/llker'1 i s'' u e w it h :t It}(og :l\L1le 'euion III till' d i m f .. lUr e C/arkll,jjl' ; / 1/1'/01\ /:.d,/o)" Dolon' ( 7.illllllt'l /1/{'" "gt' ts lilt' (Iupe" 01/ wi /rolll 1./11(1(1 /.t' e (Illd IJIIII "UI/{I," /JfII/mlfl, Dol. (Hlfl ,\/W\ AIIII-Jllfl fUIII/!. "aNn m't'l the It'Sll/" of ",lid,." Iml)('I" ( .ol/ltlt/'I lu' IlUit ,\IfII\' (Illd Wjlfu' ",,' IlIlklllg (IlJout tilt' ""t',1 I""u'-O/ could it! A \("II w(J,irwr.lJ Ihl' 11(1I/(/il',1 !!.(ulJ!.I", in", /1. 1If11f)/t1! A t MarJo/it {//)JJlt:("ifllt ,.lJ il!


(Jill editor, 1.0/\ "Bum" UtilI/nIJar". /)(Il1ellltv p\J'/(li/l. illg 11i(' t/,,),'s work I ('ok<; m If \flllgie. Clol in, a/lfl t\fi,\s 1'110111(/\ limIt' fOlilld 11'(11 IOIl.!!"lulI/led-fm !{/)'uul Forty-Nine Filli::,h t:d at las t \Vell, g uys 3.nd h e r e it i !>it 's all yours! \ \fe. the lOl1iall !llarr of 1 9 ... 9. have tri e d Qur h arcic.)L LO g i ve YOll a "beu e r t h a n b est"' yearbook. Fir:-,L 0 1 all, \\'C wallL )Oll to know our supe r pc:rkct e dil or. Lob Hlnn Baumbach w h o pO')Lcd lho!o>c drea d e d deadline.) o n l y too ra::'L ell I)ofl D e d eaux and H a r o ld narkley managed 0 111' !)pons page::" ;\ Iarth t l Zent ran hcr!:lcll ragged over the Popularity find S. \ pages, b c:.ilic,) .)upplying r eady ca)}h lor lI!I. J eannine and Joyce f\l aslcr::, lo o ked ea rn es t l y lor n ew l o r the popu-11I1 it)' runn e r -up picLUrcs w hi!t.: .lim Lov ejoy lOok 0\'1.:1' ::t compl e t e lie\\, -,ection. featuring the R.OT.C. S h i rl ey \ Vab h o u r unliring piClur e fil e cle rk and \,'<1:, a b o in <-harge 0 1 :,cllior aCtivil i es. Oli ve B e il maile d our "irreplaceable" prools to lh e prill ter. .lea n Clt:llll' Jlt wo rk e d like mad ,\lmllin, /IUI1I(/gCI of lOIl;'''', Iflkf'-5 (I illll,f' S. A IlO/)1II !l(l//ifll"II, J ONII, Unf)hie (llId .\1(1rlh(l l/:'lIIg "I' lilt' .silllfltioll


ZOllian Staff 011 M.:nior while K elley rac k e d her brain ove r laculty phot os Joan Smith Jaulld a c hi c l a}oll l l o r h e r I cw Look seCLion. Ene rgeti c Barbara Bo)cr LOok h e r mode l s and p hotographe r t o CrisLObal for th e Good-bye picLUr e. Lorett a Smith was in c harge of lht Freshma n J oyce .\l as l c r s. the .'Ioph o m o r e J eannine Dorgan th e junior se n i o n addi n g sec ti o n s [or u n d e r clas s m e n (1 ... a n e w feature to our eve r -grow in g yearbook. B elty N e w lin edite d the facu l t y s id eline!'>." whil e J o Ann Slanciel e r "acc" l yp is,l l ali lld Lime Ollt l o r the ",Arter H ou)" ... section. B obbie Ann R obillson managed th e P arrahee t page while P eggy Enireb orig'inate d the \ Vho" ieallll 'e Barbara Curies supe rvi se d "senior infonnals ." Our photogs, Don ;\Iu!t!tcl m a n J a n 1'lirrop, and Joe Cra\\'(ord, \\'ho abo selve d th e Parralt eet. were !twampe d a t timc!t. but we jU!tt h a d to h ave dlo!te s n a ps. B arbara Baron :lrt editor. was k ept busy pre p aring the s k c t c h es whi c h run thro u g h out the book, w hilL' Linda \Villard a!tsi s t e d with th e s k e t c h es drew our cartoon page. Litst but b y n o mean s l eas t we want yo u to k now i\l iss Ellen th e g u ardian a n g e l or this s t a ff and oth e r s in the pas t. Her p a t i e n ce a n d e n couragcment urged LIS 011 to our individua l t as ks. All of these w e r e hard-working of our s t aff. Our yearbook i s diffe r ent in lll allY ways fr o m th ose in th e past b eca u se m a n y new w e r e added \ V e worke d h ard, hut we had fun in giving yo u a "supe r-speci a l all Ilu al. all yours now. keeds"! HaH' wilh '"01 moul'y. Peg! / 0..11111. /illl"n' / {,(IIIIIim' fIIul /011'''11 /'''WI IIInl ;,,( /If/HI III lilld IIItII 'jl/II ju',/a," (01'1'1: (Ill d (II liglll, UI'/I\ (wt/ //'(III Iflh,' fI {I'll 11'\' 1 10 !emli IIIIOIIJ.!" 0111 /)ir/IIII' '', II'/Iilt' {( !JIOTI'\('\ 1111 (ll/!!." Illf fill' (I/billel 1 .111(/1/ IHUI, lillie (llli 11'0111 (III 1I'O/H 10 rllt (/lid InHle: /dlU' Ollt /01 Ph(ltop,ropher J oe 10 adlllire Bm{)(II(1'i) "I" II'OIN (J,O "\II/Jer.(llIpn" J)/Wlogs, D Oll (/m/ Jail, dill riOl/iJll' ( /111) -11'ol'kiug /01' IWII, PQlmkeel mId ZOUHIII 10 Ille pl'ill'er


T OI) roll', lefl to right: ,\1/. C. n. f'o:'/J1l1'gh. Mi.).) A 'nlhl'lille jl'HIII). tH,. J1nrolrl lie/tell. 1 .lll'1I T /uH/Hl s M r. T. P. 1101:. '('('oliff HlII': Tom \01(1/1. /Jo/fJln U)lI'l,. P t '!!.,!!,' (;11.)1)(11 r/l' P"relie( Tili,ri ifill': '\/(1111/(/ l"III. 1 0 AI/" ,\1m il", jr!IIII;IOII. j(lIIt'l Killll//('I,,lf"n' Sill FIOIII '0,,': Lois U'III III IH/cli Lort'tlfI Sill/II,. )"(1/1 Whift' Dol '1'1/"'01', (:,,101 Tholllloll N utionul Hono.o Society The thi'l yca r 011 th e Nation a l H o n o r Socie ty, memb ership i n which i s the goa l of eve r y K alboa High Sc hool T h e 0 1 lhara<..Ler, and arc cSM.:ntial in th e \\' h o ;lrc C:lrelully b y the facull). In a program 01 LO the sc h ool. the m e lllb er'l (ollduc ted "oGllional guidance lecture:, and planne d a l eag u e ,\t t h e thi!, yt:a r ",ere Sill \,iccprc:,idc lll : Zent, ... t:crt:tary and./o Ann Slandcle r lor th e p :1rt 0 1 th e yea r we r e f\l iss Kathe r in e '\ Ir. Harol d Z i ertclI, ,\iiss Ell c n 7\1 r. T F. I l O l l alld7\l r. C. R Vosbu r g h J \ l rs. ElIgl'llC' ilnd7\fr. Frank \Vi l d e r hdpt:d to guide tht: club Lin a u g h th e ias t llloll ths. (;II;di,,1!. I Ill' rI/l11 11,; ( \f'1II WCIC Mod"'11 Il/flid,'"I: ,\1M)' ,\ill.l';f"I' IJlf'.I;dNII; ,\/""11,, l,,"I, 1('('1('1(/1 \ 'U/(/ } o A 1111 SlfU/lit'fel, Ilef/I/llel


TOI} roll'. lell 10 r ighl: CI(lude Aycork. H05f11,,, Sokol, COI;'lIIe COlli/H. I'",a Millt' I l'T'f)lllle K OIII" l)l'I'I"fllll'. H flb, 'r/" lIollflllder. rl'i'lIl' A/Illdi. /(('11(' ""'1'1 Kill/lllel. emilii'll tUftl!.'./. Pat A 'elley, Barbara 1 ;'''011, 'It"le\' Il'oor/ rllf/. Ce1l( l l it'l' e 1I'/1l't'iI'I, IIf11H U't';lbor,Ii ,','('(HId WlI' : itU/a I H I IIt, .e t G/I/Illg. AI/de' \011, ,\Iary A I'/Jill jlll/;re O S(I//O. \1(11"1//(/ lI(wk, 11t ,1t'1i I UII' I 'It' , ,\'(1(111/1 lI'illllll. I h 'tly II) ['mlt'llIrood, E / igl"lia CfI(liO F/'()/I1 row : ",,/11;0 r T felle 111)//1' ,1(/11\' \ vh,;tI Aflll/tll/, r ofol/(Io O rs;II i II/lUi l 'nllllld('::', Jill;" Of/er. F'f/IICf S DfI'\'('/. j ( 'ttl/lld/(' MOlin' AII;/(I /.0/11' bOil", (:(01;(1 I N !::'. Jalle d e lio)'rie Musie AltlnOeeintion Club The \pprnialion C lub wa!) rcor ga lli/ e d )car undcr the 01 Claude \\Cod .. alld bCGllIlC all anivc organilati o n \ t the bi 'lIlolllhly Illccling\. rcporLs 011 and lh ei r were followed b) 0 1 great (ol11po\ iti ol1\, Object o l th e dub i \ to furthe r 1l11I\ i ( al a n d a m o n g B.H.S. !)llItlcllb. 111 ( harge 01 lh c public ill Lhc libra r y \\'('re Cloria 1 \'(.'\, '\ I argan.' l K elley, program c hainll

S.tallis h Club \/flllrilllg, lefl 10 light: )f)/flllria 0'5"11, AIT'liro P nl"e(/ef, Frefl DIlI' IiIlf!,. 11'i/lif/III Zimlllenl/oll, ,\I,., A/atl 11"lrt/. U(lIIf Al"(/lIgo. /llflll 't'T'l'I;IIO. Jark 1-I0/lJ01I, May", Canido Finl nm'. dllillg: ,\I1I1I1It"i IklT(}c"f. 1 '.111('\1 ,\Iell/nnw. CaiT/o. Pnllirk O ello(l, Je'fl' I /ohlllfll'. TOIl/(/\ /" '/\'"1/(1111(,, / /('/(:11 II' /If'eft-,' \t'rolld rQII': E/(H' Cllfllll!. /leatr;a Cordoba, ,\In)"" 1I',,'wlI. Allita 1 .0/11' luuw, Briseida JodI/Iv. Mar)' Sol A coea /Jell\' Nlli:. )"o/""(/n 111111. i\l nr;(/ / acks(JII. Cecilill Zager, He/ell PflSfllI/{/llle. Canlll'lI 1\1(11('11 FrOll/ rOTI': Li(l Sai::.. Ho.l;' A (lI(lff/flt) .V i cI; 1I Os/rea, M CI('ed(':, A gllifm, A lllelia !Hi'slr", Cleopnlro hII/O /('1111111(/1':. /lIlie ()II(', EJi W'II ifl C(lIl,o. Nelle Ell/cui The Spalli"h Club. unde r ib competcnt s p o n sor, \ I a n \\lard, h o l d s its o nl y w h e n d<:lll

lefl to rig.III: Rug.el helin, T OIII P etersotl. j oe CraTl'fUl( I Alfred Couper. M r, George I t'e. jork rill"'J). lJi("k I A'J tn. T01ll helle)! h ar! Mel If/mia, Charles N eck. jim11l)' Fodu:s "tI('rlillg: Emil lI' eI/:.. '1'011101 111f/1IIt', AI/gus/illt: FOl/Il'OI, HofJ/)" rOllllg. I?o\' Holl/mlll. Hon), /10011111111 /I 'll rOIl': ,\'orol('(' Rorlle. Cl'1IellieTl e 1I'lll'del, Helell !I'lialn. jooll I!'alk n. Zoe Ami K arst. Margi e Kelle.\'. jeorwille Dorga", jllllet "'imlllel. P egg)' "elie\'. Catlll'I'jllt: M fllIlIsli. Dot T ( I),/or, L OIett(l Smilli. Kay 13l1rwell 1"10111 row: Morilia /look. tUm j/)'!1 j ell/lisol/, F rol/('is D 1I'ver, I-'a l lIIalkt'I, Cl'iesle Powell. Ga)'It, MliC/J O//(/ld, ,\Iflrg,oret R),/eJ', jeo1lllt'tle M Ol/re, /(obeJ' / a Hol/(Ullier. (.Iorjll ITI('l Biology (;lllb \ popular clu b a t ,ch o ol i t h e B iology Club, s p o n so r e d b y C eo r ge L ee ACli viLies p l anne d lor the yea r wer e b i m onthly t alks by o n t h e flora and f auna of P a n a m a a tri p LO B arro Colorado I s l and and a banq u e t of nati ve H ea di n g t h e g r oup o [ f UllIl' c b i o logi'!'u, wer e T O lllm y P c t c r!'lon G e n ev i eve \Vhc<:!cr, v i n >presi d ent and sec r e t a ry, A crowd of /,ilJ/ogil/s li(I('II S 10 (I ljJeecll OIl micrulcoj))' l" Peg,!!,}' J'clln' Chief j(lr 11,(' )'t'or wer(' (.rllt'l'I('T'I' I!'IIc('ler. llire J}residelll: T Oll/III\' P e tl'l'SOll, JJresidl 'llt (/lId C(ltl'erlllC / l1(1/lIIs",s('("r('lol"\


B(tII; t'lm It'll 10 li!!.'II: Hoh O n 11/"1\. /(lcl; C/"liwt://. D icl; I.eslel. /jill /:.1 "I el/dm f. ,\lic//(Iel ,\Ic \ 't'1';II. ,\II'. Ir(l/In OI;1't'l. r"II) u,d. T el,", T 1"'1 III II/l' A IIII ,\I( I"I11{/('/. I///I/S IJ. I 'll lJaril, ,\Iir/rlft row, hfl 10 II!!."': Jo A 1111 ,\I(lIItil'fn. Out T (I\'/m. ,\lmil,'1 jett lIiwlI. P l 'g}!.V ('t 'lIe)' 1.00l'Itii ,'Hllilh. )(111('/ A 'ill/mel, Robe,t(l l'oflallr/f'I, ,\/mgie A 'e/lf'\' P rOll1 10il'. lefl to righl: (;01';'11/(' COli/lIS. ,\la, \ Dill/ids. jackie Ill/II. M (II\, ,')ill, U(II/)(II{1 Comvcl. M M grlc,ile II'(lr(l . ')I/iI/t, v l'i'uur/rllff Digit School o.-ksIIOlt H ; I\ illg gaillcd a good ... tan bt::'L )ear. lhe B alboa High :--'c l1ool \Vorhho p lor Ih<: Lillie i., 1I0\\' alrili al<:d 'ilh LllL Duc 10 lhl' (hange 0 1 \FRS to a Ill'\\' I O C lIioll. lhL' had LO ')1I')p elld il'" lor lime bil l relllained aCl i ve in preparing lor IULur c T o h elp impro\<: the broadca!lb. '\ I r \Vall e r Olivcr, compl i m e nled and crilic i/ed the The bro;llllasb includ e d pro!-;Iallh ill ke eping wilh \'arioll')

rill AurOI/, PII\'lIis M alsoll. Eligellia (;alr l o. Mr. Frank W i lder. Bi ll }'jukes. George Ford i\"eelwg: DOI, jd Cnll;'l(. /-Iorr\ A k('l's. H al' 1-1011",0"". G ilb ert $lIIi /l,. /011" (:,.i slllger. Gus M e II all del'. RoJ!,CI" h ellr, J oe Fulla. jalllrs Stet/eln. Horn' H ootlllol/ fln l row. fitting: R ail/Oil M Ol'a/{ (. D o t '(o\' lor. L eslie Mortimer. Clo\ L eu' is. Morifl Elella j acksoll, Elsa Chfll/g. /('(lIIor /J1le!, Karl M ellomler F rOllt roll': Carol P ose\,. j Oflll S lwrp, AI/II du'ords. COllilie P r ice. Fiorella r. r e c e /; 1/ S, Alliffl L O II/bol/fI, L O l/i se RO/cllUI, l'ohwdo Di e:, F10rellre L ao. Edith Ileal/c h alll /' and Alia" Bi ssell ,\m

Radio Club The R adio C lub, w hi c h s p o n so r e d b y :-"Ir. J. R Clark, c h ose th e J ollow in g

Although th e ,\rt Club i s onl ) a g r o up. nlUc h credit is due the for th eir 1I1any displays. Their co l orful (ldve rti sec..l looLball alld C .. \ . \ and th e pep . \t the" h ea d 01 thi .. busy tlub \,'(1,) ,\Ii..,., B ea tri cc Gardncr, and Geillma \ \fr i g ht. chairman. -Olle of thl' Art CIII/1'1 pro/eeh 1"(1.\ 10 (/il/,/or lI'OIk of tI,e '" IJarN 101", lefl /0 Miss Ikatria jPO"Wf, I'dll,j" /('Inu/It'. C(lr 1/0gtlll: /01011/ IOU'. lefl 10 rig/I/' Cwo/ B,n,l 1!./e(JIIQr ifill'!. (.('111111/1 Ir,igll,


Hark roll'. I c fl to rig/I I : dwitl Ll'lctldre. E II' Hatellell. j r., Mr. 11' Hatchett. Sr .. Merco" lVeeks. (;('ol'ge BO)'"iOll: mid(lle row: Tim Nach. Mal"gal' e l Newill, j R Sh(lt'ffer: froll' row: j alle Ward ell, J irg;II;a Selby. I\lIlher ille Seal Chess and Checker Club T h e C hess and C h ec ker Club. s p o n so r e d b y J\lr. E. IV. I I a l c h ell, i s l e d b y J aco b Cweiber, presid e lll, and .lane \ V arde n sec r etary. T h e m embe r s m e t f r e q u ently to pl ay c h ess and c h ec k e r s a m o n g th e m se l ves. In th e C hess and C h ec k e r Tournamc nt. open t o all S .H.S. s t u d e n ts. J aco b Cw eiber wo n f i r s t pl ace in th e c h cc k e r s d e pa rtlll c nt. w hil e l\l e r co n \Veek s cap tu r c d th e pri 7 e a m o n g th e c hess pl aye rs. Eug,l'IIl' Wid M('r(oll IIUI/f'h Ihe;r t/';/5 i1l II fm/ galliC of chess whilc jocob "hiflit:.es" Officers for Ihe year were Jacob CUicib er. p re{ i d c llt; olld janc secreta ry-freaslI rer


Back lOW, left to right: ,\Ir. Waite, F ischer, D o na ld Boland. H arold Ba rkle)', T o m P eterson ; frolll row: lias ,ltebi, jac k Clem ent Pltilatelie Club Uncle r lh e guida n ce o f !\Ir a ll e r Fi:,ch er. :'POlhOr. th e m embeb m ClLO lrade t amp:, and fir:,t day covers and to di sc uss the l a te:,t n ews in the s lamp world. T h e philale l i:,ts, with th e a id o f othe r :,LlIdenL:" :,C lll :,l amp:, to h osp it a l ized vet e r a n:, and arranged a n e x hibit of valuable :, L a 111 P:'. L eaders this yellr were DOli B olalld. Tom P eterson, v i ce-p"esidellt: (wd j llck Clelllelll, secretary-t,.easu,.el ( lior pierI/red )


M,s. Eugelle. ,jght. telle/If.'S IUlure Hellogrtll)"ers the f,,,,dll/lle,,tllis of tllell gi,'e5 speed ill which tile sludent .\Iwllld bi' (lbf,: 10 w,ile from 60 10 SO "'0/11\ 1"" millull' IJllr;'lg liJ" "Nil till' ill !HI. rllllHee'l Melal SIIO/) dillS. bdoU'. Ill/til' "les of 10015 (lml III(lrllillt',v, elemell/"r\' 51101) pmclice. (wd melflllur/!,), \lr, 1I111c1,i lllOll',f AmellCIIII P,OIJlellll '/(' 51, beloll'. i s (1/1 i'ltroducIHH/ 10 Ille lila/)' of 1'(0110111/(5 "//(/ sociolog,r, I I (lCq/Wl/ltl Ille ,1"d('lIls wilh Ihe /lUWII('1 III which 0/11 gOller,, 1IIt"lt fUllcilO/1l Illside t\!/(, rHiJ'('Jlhe i/lll'l' tear/If:s III/l in' IIII' fill of ('ookilllf,. Tile\' ,/lIch-1lllllilion, IlIIdg,elillf!,. (wd /Ill/ 'll/gemelli


Class Irnlt/elf SI'rt'fI(lI)1I1\', Ihe ll'(!.f lilt' /IIn ; n /"a/lllt' of Mill T/If)III(lJ' HUII/(HI Fw,li;o/i SIIOt/', })lOdllll' fl b)' ,/,,, UII;" 1/ class. T he Ifl/f!ell/J /1(/1/..,llIle frolll UOlI/fllI //1)' 1 I/alop,\' /10111 Plill\', C;('l'ro. Miff em'sur Mr, W ilder's Eligiish 9 is (I comil il/ed /itertlture (wd cOlllposi tlOli course. Tlu: srI/deI/Is stull), /JllI/cllla/ion. capitali:'(I' liotl, spelli ng. IHnts of speerh ami Jettt'l 11'litilig /J('lull' Il'e {illd Miss P ite/u',. j'IIIOdlld,,!!. IIt'1 {/lgf'lHlI sludeuts to lIlt' 111110/1;11'11 'Iwlll/if\' "S" .Hi\( 10 flu(iellis. befou'. ("(mlil/lle Ille stud) of ('olllpositioll {l1/(i grill/I-111(1/ ',eg"" ill Ihe /lillth J,(!(ltie. Dllrill!!, the W:flr Ille\' 1(>(1(/ {'.).Ifl\..,. /)/1/\'.) flud IIOTleI..,


B'Uillt:ll-letlt'1 11' lit i II g. ljJt:llillg P"llc.tlllliiotllllld ,Iwtll a'l! Illught by III he. COIl elms COIfIJUUj, (lividel's, sctlie$, (mel hlliitl illk are uuful JII ,\I . ZJel/ell') Advanced .\lec/uwical DraWing J>j equals ).].116. obtuse and tlcute tritl1lg1es, {HId pi r 1 equals area of circlt-tllis is tlit: s l/bJect "wllt:1 dealt tl.'itll ;'1 M iss Beavers' geolllet f\ tUl. ,\I/l1Icll e,\plajlls propt'I"/jes o/Illaiter I/Ild //Iee/IlI/II0 0/ lillI/ids l!lld 11",/1, ali(I IIlllchillt?S_ Light, (HId elect, icilr (11"1' {,Iso


"Como esla Ud?" A"d )'ou allswer Mil)' biet', gracias." This is whal you hear Whetl you pas) Hun", )0). H I. Oliver's Splwil/l lhul Miss Zillllllt'f'S Algebla 9 class made geomellie fig/lies fOI Ihe olplui/ls' CI"hllll(ls I,u this )ew. III clall the\ deal !dtll l;IIIple eqlltllwlIl. fQllllultlt! (llid graphs Mr. Hatchell explains lite f/Hlllel/lief/lals of iligeora, tHill/metlc. ge01llell\. Pills JIIlI (I little Vlt 01 el'el\lhitlg Cellelal Sciellce. tallght b) ,\I, Clark, il atl ililroduction 10 the mOll Important 01 sciellce, There are simple PlcUIlI(iolls of the Oll/SUI/Iltillg prillciples Vv which our mode", machilles operate (wd on II'hich Ollr //Iodenl lile depends


FOOTB1\LI. UANCE Novembe r 2Jand B .I-I.S. \\'a::. in Hurry. Shirley \Vabh. c h airma n o f the cOlllllliucc for t h e rirs t loolball damc. \Va::. hurriedly completin g all p l a ns. T hL: cotllmittee. composed o f ]\larg i c R

I A tlr. ... ""urn by Manha Z"nL-j"'1 "I-hl for "I,,:" 2-An ,,,_ ira_ IlUn ,. Daroll.) ". Ih,. I'ye-clllch",,. .... 1 .. hll(' "t .. "ing gown. 3-Carol t... .... llce. ... ;ad) 10 _I .. QUI ill ht-. be-charm",!: fu''''''!. I QUIck 10 fllllle. i. lay ,I ..... "Orn 11)' Ef'gemll Calvo. 5--F' ,. II". _Ularl .... !inll dr . mod .. I,,II'1 :'U/-III'''' CHEZ ELOISE Shu ll 6-"Clamour," Ipelll'd G'r .ce H ';'/I. h Ihl' word for dr".my of blue UIII' an,1 ... 1-lnn II look_ III b . hior., .n ch.un",,!: combm3110ll "I .. and 8 I'llrly ,,!!no.pherc In,," ICJI", ... \0 1 ... ;1'1:111 ,. lace "nd laff,-I", .In" rno d .. lt'd b)' Ko.,, AI_uraclo. q-"Chic" 0.1'-0"",1. .. II". e' ..... IIml .. I,i,(' COli .. 01,,-._ wuru u> luII(' I 'uiler. 10 -Siandiujt (I'" '" blu,' .",0.1 "hil'" ""1"'0.1 culton 0.1" ... 1_ ",'1'., ..... 1. ... 11. II-"Two lu,,-_ h.,,., .. -,," fur ,I". 'arrc'" 0.1, ..... .Ind "Om b,-\'111 Etlwartl . .,,dl'c', .his 0.1"." of '-',oead.., "o,n b) 'H'II,-H OIll'illl)-.


t:ppl" I"fl : Pr",,)." T o m Sob" Id.l.' plutL,. r tlllpl.",,,,chec'''''"1l0PO''Ih,,hc;auof 1"",,ly \Iar} l. .. a I. th e ... ,,;ou' h(l;"" for \'alenl"''' QUh'" A I. E TIN E .. \ N t: t : Formal L o .. l"ft : .\I ;H) L .... Dud her luck)' Mdl CII',O" ,'n.H lit e hallroum through Ihe &.h lI) Lo"", ri ght: The Queeu and h e "

I. Our LuinAmcrica n lake time out frommcrr,makinl; to pose: for our photogs.' Z. Th(> poJl(>us and montunu worn b y faculty and alike: addcd lay Carnival almo! phcr(> t o Ihe ballroom. J. B.II.S Iurnna. Berla Pena. and hI" escort. I van Garcia. Il'd Ih e proc .. s.ion of gUI'5I! in colorrul COllUmI'l-l. -but Mary Lell AU' .. Bnd Ri cha rd O Slrea r('.edved tht' prize from Club Alvaro Parl'deo. 5. Gladys and Enrique L1opl'Z look u though they c: ... uld danet' "I'i cumbio" all nighl. 6. Americans Henry Phillips .. nd Glori. H all wen I all oul for EI Carnaval," danc:ina; Ihe "tambodlo" in Irue Panamanian alyle.


I. Our .. tIO """, "ff with a 1)l1! bll"I!" I ",. .. .... r y .. "H'. II n'ally fun. II !. Th. al'l!t''''dnec (If "\(", .. .. I lOUT oJancl' wae Ih .. hit (Of thc IV"""'I:. J, \1 ;\11 "'lilly Wllllt. that ""& IINO" &0 Jlllllp! I B H .:). alllllllll B Ill Ed .... 1115 tI"' ..... t;cri Ih o u/!h, wa_ B Iwrfte'" 5. ttlna B"d Clydl' look al Ih e bmit .. while J ohn \HlTUI' ,litlu HI ,h" 6. ""ro o f ,1 ... ,,,uin!!. l.(",c h t aw("IL. anoJ 111_ pe,lte wtfe the .. how" "I Ihe Foolball I)ance. 7. Our ItO I.ulu ... I"M)' 011 h aud. \\c hOI.e ,h .. y had a. good a '''Ill' He w e did.


I. II,.. (;'u], ,,<'no' of Ihe coronation of a (0011>,,11 'lu. .. of B.II.S. 'I'll<' U IW>II;,"ly th., 1101,,1 1'i'u li. T .. f : Ie. II. S. W \ -3 Th." C.A.A. "Bit-: 1'01'" d;J.n ce definitely one uf thc "bil!"cvcnllof the year. I. cas)' 10 thai H .. rhi c and Pat arc c" jo)'ing thcm .. )vu al ,he Chri,lmll, formal. 5. P.':;gr \ 1 0 n"I!,. ,,,'n, .. II Qut fUI .. IIUlc-.. h ich .. the beautiful _miJ.: on Pei:_ 6. Man E l l arlll Ji"""I "ch,,. .. ,,,::" in frOnl of ,hat ""rrrrI .. Chr;"mb$ I'''C.

PAGE 100

E'cn \chool ha\ fad", and Il. H S i s no cxcep t ion t o th c rulc. Watcr gu ns. mOlor scooters. ha ir and loud a nd wcrc onl} a few to bc sce n arou n d B H.S. during (h e pa s t )car. Of co u rse (he big fad o f (he }car belo n ged excl u s h e l r to the Se niOl" C l ass, THE R I NC. Allhough in th e t o co m e we ma y wonder wh) we had so mc o f a t thc time Ihcr se c med vita l \0 liS. W e hale recorded in pi cture, a fcw of Il. H S .'s fads. I. Th" mOlor ,OOI"r fi .. nd. of A.H.S. 2'. will plea5t' luvt their 10),a al hom ... But it fun ... hile il luted. 3. Th e all,mponanl ring I. Camoufl.ce, or Jun lOcks and &hlrl8? 5. Wondering what to d o ... ilh all o f m .. H e r(". a rood id ... 6. \\ hit ... bllck. o r r ... d. T wo &tra p or on .... The w ... nl all,oul for ankleltap ahoe . 7. Short hai. cftug hl o n rUI with Ih ... li.ll a t foeh oo\.

PAGE 103

Mille.os' M e lllOloies 1-,\ 1111 MlIlcr ha::-. a vaC: lli oll. 2 -0ur I ir::,1 m eeting a s "Se nior:,," 3 H H S.', b i g tilr ee, ba c k 11'0111 the S \ Conve lltion. I -\Vt.: wei g h ill a t 1 20. 5 FOllr r hcc!)c:' 0 1 th e Senior Cia::,:,. (i-.\h. a h H a L c hett,\fr::,. j -ialc h c u':o, watching YOLI. i Everyollc's n :prc!)cllLc d a l t h e i naugura ti o n Dance. 8 -The PaJlalled i1lt e r v iews Dr. Rood. 9 -Everybody work, (?) in o r r h c:,l r a. 1 0 -The Fro:,h I carn-blllllol rronl Arthur i\fll rray. II S g l. W oo d telb CIll, Try it on l o r !:oj/c." 1 2 Branny" try::, the :'lacl iUIl1 lor the C hri s lllla::, Illu s ic. 1 3 Ever y body t r i e d alit for c h ccrlca dillg. I i T h e big e i ght in lhccrlcading. I S -Oh. Ill )' achin g h ea d! 1 6 FulllI),. the thillg:, yo u see whe n yo u have n t gOl a gun!

PAGE 104

I i -" II 11\ tlu \ 011 {!.O In IN -TIlt' n" C/ufl\ 11, '11' IU>(I/1/if'l 21-T lte f.{;' h WOII, ",,/rit! 22-AII "('fl g l l /)1:'(/711 '/1" /nllli h01,' Iu Ope",'f' Ihe 2-1-/J",IIJ1\ ,,1/, 1 h"ml ,,/ lite gflllWf fOl U o/buo, /{Illd 1 ) ,1//' / ell 1/ 1.'

PAGE 105

16-TIlt' "(.ul(1 A "dlOr" rOll/i' l I,ark lu 13.1I . \.10.!Jlo),.r 2i-COllcll I '(/wrell 0111 {oulutlll quee" 28-l s till/I (I J'{J,\eI 19-T II(II I'ootuoll (/Ollrl' t/'{/,!, 1't:(lU" rrull'rled 30-T I It, l(lke.\ ;11 filre jll'uud /IIemuers 01' oclorsl J1-Jlehellrsal, 110 douut ))-(;.A A .'s fetl/lllni .'Jill};:"1' {II lI1e;I rlollce ).I -Our IUlI'ellls cotlle to .'Je/lUul " i silors Da )," )j-TIIU,!,l' '!'olJl/ s rea II)' IImll' lalellt

PAGE 106

16 -lrflle/ Polo Ille "("Im/('\I" 1/1Orl I'/llYN/ J i H(lIk('l/ud/ /011 {.;. ili-"Ohil-tllillful" fOl /rmlfJl/ I,irlllles i9-(),u two r o ","hn ri01l'1l f//(/IIIU/ ill tlU.' I) IJIfIlt' lilllt IO( ,Ollf!,lflill/fllwm, /)011. U /I l.) I)Hllld to riflilll \'011 'QIII':: huh" 111/1111' th,. P.-T A ('\1", ,.1\" 10) ill NOlllflll Foshu))) \ hoU' )Olll' hlld (l1{HUld tlIllC fit thfll rolo\I(I/ }1IP1lOr C/II/I/llIfH /",IIIf1( 1;_ Thill I/OII' IIIIHlr T/'I/I I"H light /01 l1ell, 01/(/ nil' 16-The clIOIIH prll('ti('e.1 fm the Cillis/II/as MII.!Ji r Proglfl/ll I i -Tllt, n .II. \ Allgels.)ill!!, YOIlt ,,'/I/0' \ Ikll) Jo'! 19Tht H O T .C. lert'/T't' t"flr 'jO 7/1I OIJ'/""H I/'llf Hurl) Ihi1lk tht'le is (I "'flllill C/fIIH 11'11('11 Ihl'" Uf' (III Ih('Je (101l0IirJ115 ('Ollllllf, 'ii-Does i t /II('t t with lOIll fll'/lfO"'''.

PAGE 108

52-f'irlial/ Leigh fllld ,\ilJAHI'r"I'ce OliT,in talk (I'liet/., (1$ Parrakeet re porters tlllllk "l) qllt'stioll.S to (lsk 1-Tlu! hard ll'orkers re s lJolISiblf' fOl those "slIlJer" I/IrIW' 1I1II diJ/)ltI)'S 5 1 -The fif'Jt disPl(l Y was eertail//)' i"te"t'J/illg alld (l success 55_u/lik" tllis I)ullertl. II'IIirll olle du \'011 like!" 'i6-,\I{/q Lea (HId lie/' rour/ reigll suprellle looks vcrv I/lIPI)) over h el creation-Iler (/, 'css 58-The n't!/' laith/lll Cli"k Aides 59rill' office IlelIJel'? 0,. we ll'e sa\, 60 M r. Mumlell cou/cl,,', gel (liollg u,itlloll/ Illese gals 6J-No wo"tler tile libnu" I'IIIIS so sl/Ioo/hI)'. took fli all thoSf' efficiellt workers

PAGE 109

61-G e 0 r S e ( I h e 8.H.S. GllOs l ) H O),IIIOII 6]-1'11(1 St'liior 1'1Ilell/ille Qlleen ctlll(iiclalf'f /1)' 0111 lile /It'll' ClIciilfllC 6.J-lrhetl IlleSI' Ilwio s IJIII the;' Ileacls logeillef, (lin come III' I J 'ifll a "slIl>er" cltIIl(' e 65-Doll (the CO"'t',o) s\lII SSt'iIlj(l/I wa,ks Ol'eflilllc (1/1(1 (luld)le-lillll' Oil ZOtli(UJ all(1 Pou' lIl/ eel 66-0rcllicls go 1 0 ,\lOll/oe /01' 1I/1I1 "super-duller" /(lsllioll show 6i-Tr(Jck sewOll gel!. 'II/denl'flY I I 'illi Clwr/ie 1I'lI)' "he(Jcl 68-" 8" L eag u e sl(l1l.5 sO/lbclll It'illl SOlli e lIIighty good /lllIferia/ 69-0111' "shal'p eyed" A L ellgut.' coaclt calls em /lIS1 iO-Plnsi('ol Science cla .55 t'tIJorillg ils T';S;r 10 A/brook W eal lie,' Slaljoll 71-Good-bl' e B.H.S., lel/clle,s, /riellds

PAGE 111

1919 "l1d Ih,' '\ .... Look ha' ,nIH,d B.II.S. 1 0 Gall, Ih, .JII)' of ,hun ,kir" 3n,1
PAGE 112

I-julie. '\/wgif', lwd jtU:klt! flgrer tlwt (hplt, nothing like fill ice rre(lll/ COI/f' (lliel a (iiO (// '2-/11 the rlll/dwuJe .siuilelllS I,kt' Robt'li (/1/(/ DOleel' COil be {oulld IUll' IIIg till fl!lel-.lchoo! Slll/ck ) -I?obell sr/l fill nail/pie fol' Iht: .... W B. II. S. S." Ii: X It S g;>/lI/t>II/t'1I (I} of JU/ \ 11\' I/O/dill/!. IIU' W(lft" /01111/11;11 fin I.OI/IIII{' -// 'e/(j, l : ul!.p1/p (//U/ /'WI/Ct';) IHllt uf llieit lillie c",('hill#, liP rJII 111(' 5 -AIl'aro, jt'flll (II/{i Pal I"flil ill Ijllt! 10 do 6 -...11 lite office. lJobb\ wid (IIi' [ot/Illt 1l1a;li,,!!. If'tI"IS 1 0 {hpj, i-As rio II/(I/I\' 01111'1 11./I.S.'ell. Chades. ,\/(11 \' F/t' lrh('1 (111(1 Janel /lied (If till' lada !orill/nill /01 a ('ok,. a/lei hOlliS

PAGE 113

AFT., I' U 0 II S 8-/ /011'(1111 'I/ul Il'illill/li /(Ike (I fell' 1IIIIIIIIes out to (/i.5CII')\ the />lOhlelll tl/alglll't' tI,t'",,)(j lIIudl IroulJ/e;1I 1Ii.!!. c/tjJ\ {lml J )f'gg\ lilt/He 11.'>1' of lite tr/ephollt' /0 C(11f lip the "gal/g" fwd /llIINe IIIIUII' phllls IOA (ic/\ rpouh/I/" h" ("OII/pfete for t.li:aUellt fllld Belt\' ) 0 IlIIless 11Ie) 1I'f'111 tn lilt' IJ(HI nffirr In {{pi Ihf' ",fej/l/wil J 1 J-/II1lf' WII/t Impcrllll! ,\l(lII\' !l.II.S. sillf/f'nfl {'(III ht' lUI/lid 1 1 '{l/llIIg /II Ijll" fit lite flo/Jeotl! //If/,hitlt' 12M lII g ie fwd "1'/1'11 '"" /II llit' l'INe 1)0\, II';/h (j (1,(,(1/11\ look ill tlteir t'\t'.5, Iisle,lillg 10 Ollt' 0/ the;' {moodle s Ollgs II/.im/", '1'1'1/\' (11/1/ N t'III'f' II/t'el ill the \odo IOlll//IIIII 10 Jlllk or't"' 1 1 /1lI1 happelln/ rill I III./{ ,he da y (111(/10 It"if 1I';lh a r{)ol dlll/k J.I .H flf7,ill, 11;(/1(1/1/. ,\l(/I\' mid CII/11-t '/illt' ,pelld II few 1111111111'\ ill the lIIf1g0:lIll' Sl'fIUJII hooks 10 lead IlIlt'1 011 ;,/ the ( 'l't'II;IIg

PAGE 115

G R I D I R o N G 0 L D

PAGE 116

FOOTBALL COfl(h J OliN C FAWCFn' In th eir ga m e of th e 1 948 se a so n th e B alboa Hig h S c hool battle d t o a h ard.fou ght 7 7 ti c with a .\Ilighliy I.avor c d Canal Zone Junior College letllll. The game w enL .\Icorclc.\ls throu g h th e fir s t h all altho u g h \Vall y Trout',:, punting k ept ever yo n e 011 hi,:, loc.\I lht: whole lime. B H S ti n:\\' lir!'ll blood w h e n Trout LOok a handol! 011 th e college e i ght-yard lin e and \\'Clll o ff g u ard LO sco r e wi th \\filly Simp,:,on making th e extra point with a kic k tha L ,:,plit th e uprights. College tie d lip th e ga m c into the end 70 n c . \ pass lO B a ld win in the l e ft rlat adde d Ih(' ex t ra p oint. ending lhe '!'cor in g lor th e gallic. B a c k l eft to ri ght: Coach F awcc u M a n a gel' SchmiclL, L o n g, T hompson, \ Vil so n C h arlin, Ruoff. R e if, B ec km eye r Co n way. Simpso n

PAGE 117

SEASON HOllorary Ca/Jlaill J ACK RI'OFF I n RH. S.':, othe r game with c.z.J.e. t h e Bulldogs t h eir Leeth by h o lding Colleg c to o n e LOu c h down sco r e d b y Ridge. Fina l sco r e: n .H.S .. 3 0 -C.Z.J.C .. 6. This v i c tory s n apped lo::.in g streak and starte d the lll 011 o n w h a t s h ould lUrn Ollt to be an e e n l o nger winning :,Lrcak. Ruo!! l e d the licld \"jth two LOIiChdow!l:', George 1)00\'Iling, "()iLO" Slllilh. and J ac k J ohnso n m aking the othe r three. No\\' tha L the ,:,ca:,on j:-, over. we can all thal B H .S. had a t o p r1iglu t ea m eve n thoug h it was dcI ca t e d Their opp O llell ts a lm ost d oubled t h elll ill th e p e n ally d e p a rtlll CIit. The Bulldogs a l so h a d the bCl:Il::.ho\\' ill g in the pa::.sing and the pUllting d epartlllcnl!\. l\liddl e row: Bull, l\l adde n Nesbill, Smith, Orvis, J oyce, Kleppe r Mide n cc. Trolll. Front row: f\lcarciy SCOLt, Plulllme r Downing. Dillman, Zeeck Kreth, Lang. J ohnso n Harri so n Tinnin.

PAGE 118

/j,J-/,S. wllo were ill II'el'l' willi Ihe goods dllrillg, Ihe 1l)4S /ool/)(lf{ u'at' I.et' (wd JollII Srllmi(11 B H.S. lost iu, t wo t o Cri s tobal b y th e close 0 1 2 0 1 8 and 7-6, The l ir s l ga m c was ti ght with C r i sto b a l coming thro u g h l a t e to sco r c th e winnin g to u chdow ns, J ac k RlIolI w a s th e Dulld ogs' s t a r of th e d ay, t wo o f three alle r h aving run 1 8 yar d s l o r o ne. and 76 l o r th e second. Burt J oyce sco r e d th e fin a l tall y w ith a co m p l e ted p ass I r o m \ V ill ) S i1llpson o n Cristoba l' s ow n 3 0-yard linc, r ac i n g i rllO the end l o nc. T h e B a l b oa t ca m t h e h eartb r e ak e r 0 1 th e sca:,o n to Cristo bal to th e lUn e o [ 7-6. B.H.S. sco red lirs t in th e second quarte r w h ell J ohnso n s m as h e d thro u g h l ackle. In t h e second half. s p a rk e d b y Fr e d Cole. C ristobal t allie d and made good t h e cx t a, winning point. ,4 Lea g /le ;1111'(1111111'(11 ('(/1)/o;lIs: Bork row. lell 10 I i ghl: Ceurgt' HIlI/, Ceorge DOll'lIillg. /tlrk J OIIIISOII, \/111111)\" 10llliSOIl PrOll1 OIl': 1\'(ll/v TrOllt (wd Jarll R1I0ff "H" L{'(lg ,l{e ;11 I rt/III II 1111 rajJflJim: Baril rOn': Allie tlIr/{eOlI 'II, .)(llfIJ, fr(lllk Sroll "'1'0111 'ow: OJror ",'0/11'(111". CeQrge / HcAl't ll/lI". 1 \'(}l1I1(1II Howlel

PAGE 120

" LeU/lilt' 01 ;111," \fI)'1 Dilo" fl Ill' S / O/)S Ridge {m ",\" fUl/g, Uup," 1/\ HIIU{{ /)(Ir" { Ille IIl(Iil {ur IIis II loss 76,wlI d /Ollrhllulf'll 1"1111 agohlsl Crj,IulJld gOl'l ur'('1 l 'lIri ill (I "J;" I A'flgue g"llle lIgfl;"S/ ens/obtlf TrOllt \tl/l' h off 011 aile of his long Clld rllIlS Hllnff t:"O/?{ O[lcr /(trlllc /I{lo If'r('lJIlIIg IIII' Il(wd,off {I {Jill DOI/',/illg os 1111'\' e\l'nlle wille of T H ogi,."

PAGE 121

7 TRACK I \ Vt:ck:-. th e mil e tape t o :)Cl a n e w school rccord. 2 -Klcppc:r r olb over th e bar. up : lIl o lh c r ,,"in. I -Flyllil the h orrilyin g 5 -.Iohn5011 wi n!) a!> lIsual. 6 P ,1I11 Smith fl yi n g l o\\'. i-.\lilc: r e l a) c rab lip in d ea d h eat i'I!> Trollt co m es up Iro lll b ehind o n Krcth. S -Orvi!> sta rts Olll LO w in th e l ows 8

PAGE 123

BASEBALl. JIJa\ing in their nc\'o uniform ... lhe H ulldog') tOok a .smaning defeat from
PAGE 124

UASEUALL }\LI. S T ,\IIS H ack rOI I'.lefllo l ight: Coach hill' l.ell Jcrn H alma n \rilh Challie I lin/, Jad. L O\c, K eilh KrC l h Bu d W eimer, Emil \\' Clt/. C lair Codb\ F 01/1 row: Richard Q'II'ca. ROlln ie Capp', B ill Carlin, BOHI llel inglOll. c. co rge D owning I lerb Daw,on. J ack Johmon. Ilaroid /Joc k rOil' It ft 10 rig"': Johl1 Rilllmin glO n Bill \llllian, Harold Bark lc'. Louis i\l:tllia Jo'c Sala, I-rOI// roll': Charlie ).Ic \rlhur. ldgar KOtll:11l\ nob Calc .... O ... car "Olll"al1\. Pelc I hnn

PAGE 125

, !.csbltt B ( J ) A s Ii -' E T B A L L o.d<1 ., \ lhe 1 9 1 9 7.olli(t1l gut: ... LO the inll:utlltra l b a ... l..ct b all 'ciI"'un II : not b e gllll. I-IOWC\ C I. i t j" not diffi cult 101 )Otll" 'pOrl' cditut t o ... el ec t a prob a bl e .\II-Sl a r t ca lll lor 1 9 ,inc c man) of \ c. u ... \1I S tar .. :Irc t ill with U:'. This )car prumi,e, t o b e o n e o r the b e" \ C al"'. Thh lC'1 1lI o f lhe folluwi n g : Jad. Johl h o n (J/II'{/f (l: P h ill ip" guard : Harol d \rihon g llflfc/: \\'all) Tl0 U l. eellfel; Jack Ruo ff. forw a r d : \\'ilh /nn!,(lId. r el/ler: John forw a r d. gllo lll : R a )lllo lld :'\c,bi lt gllard: C h a rli e g uoI'd : and Ceor ge D o w n i n g, furu'a r d

PAGE 126

01 lhc "B" Club .ILt.'. II}I 10 li,l.!,lil: J Ruoff. 11I'III/IIf'l: L. ;\i;llIia.It'lIl'1(II\,: C" Bull. lJ/f'H d('IIf: J ;\Iaddcn, J,jn"I}I('I/(if'lIf I\" (lub men dcmon't,,'te fool hall Ic(hniqtle:lI our p c p rallie,,> John \ 1 .J(ldcn and Klep' pel. the "1\" Club'!,> IIi. ??? .. .. Fellow!'>?? (If thc "13" Club, Imrh lOW, It',f 10 li!!."I: I I. W I rOIH R :'\c..,bitl. \\" (':nlin, I Ruoff. \\'. Schmidl. n L ong \eroll(l /'OI": I Fhnn. J I 110Illp'on. J-J oitn,ulI, B Belin g t o n J-Ollh. Coao \ ice I' r c,iut:'lIt ;\Iadden lOok 01t::1 to guide Ih c B Club through anuther btl'\ I 'il't C\(! llt on the agt:llda the initiation held in when fOllrteen bOI' lIent through thc of I-Iorror<' I'I : m WCl e promoted for a red and I\hitc 1 \ C.lub jac.kel with thc lett e r B o n the flont and a Bulldog'!,> head o n the bac..k. \\,ilh the ordCl 'elll Ollt fl .. thc jackct" the club ,tarted plans rOI the initiation held in \pril. of thc 1I":t!'> the annual banquet. which telminated a n other ucce, .. rul )Ca l '''ere thel ,ore the "morn i n g after!"

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:\Icmhcr' of thc cluh arc, b ack O U' ft 'jl t o li{!.ht: B (,unn. P \Ii" R ecto! S/WIHOI: I) I)cdeau,. :\1. Rathgeber. C. I h cnlnel. \aolld roll': O .O,ig::1Il B Kelc,. 1'.. 'arl.cr. O Bei\. I. Pierc e roll': I 1J\\lcr. ) lIutchi n g". J Dorgan. L. JOlllhOIl ..,. Fhnn G. A. A. G., \ .. \ i .. ,illl;!ar to thc B Club in ih ideah. 0 be eligiblc. lOll n1\"t mal.c tWO \ IIStar, i n t hc sa m e \ ear and be \ oted in b, a lIlajurit I of I hc member,. r o begin the lea .. thc fir .. t had an initiation of flc,hlllen girb \\'ho had carncd mcmbership lhe ,ear before. 1 he o ld and ncw IIlc11lb c r s then p;Hcd the load t o the Cil' ell s Dance held in :\Olcmber. I he IlppCI g'll1 wa ... dccorated in S t\ Ic. anti a t the ,ide .. how began. bncee" )'Iargic" Rathgeber introduced Ihc girl .. chorm. lin c The\ appearcd wearing thcil jacl.eb and g' m ,hon ... to tell elcnbod, HELI.O' I hen "Flo" I'iercc galc hel comed\ acrobatic dance, which pro\cd to be the laugh of the e\ening. Hallad ,inger "Bab," Gunn th e n "wowed" the audie ncc wilh hel rendition of I\e (,01 You l 'nder :\h Sl.in." "\large" Ralhgebcl. Fr.mee, Dw\cl and Oli\e Beil came on ne,t with their paro(h o n I \Vonder \\ho' .. H el :-:0\\'." C .. \ \ memher, GIllie out for thc finale 1 0 Clcnbodl a goodnight. I hc Co, \ ,. \ ,'!) initiatioll" were held after thc ,clection of c\cn \1I Stal team, Olhcr good time, .. ponsored bl thc ( .. \.,\ werc the weel. at Santa C lara during Easlcr and the banquct held in :\Ia" rhc chorm lin c ill the finale to ,a\ " 'c'lI ,ec \011 nexi Icar at thh timc" I he offi<.c r .. of the C .. \ \ .. II'{I 10 lighl: S l I!lt ch ing', 1 1 ;CC I., 1 0hl1'011. W('/e/III) : I J)organ./Jle:'lde lll I he G \ \ demOIl'lrate' \olle, ball al a gill,' a' ... embl)

PAGE 128

\ r oneyltall I he 'pilil dUling the lollc\b;tll intral1llllal 'ca'un w:t, o n c of teamwurk, w illi 120 g irl-I>anidpating till eighl team Enthlhia'lIl ,hown made the galliC" hntl, (onle .. \ed "ilh .. ha,p .. pik e .. and fa .. t .. I 'inal gamc' .. lUll\' lhe l!t,ee top teallh a .. f olio" .. : C(ljJ/fllIl T('fIIll 11"0/1 1 .'111 I 1lllIthing' I)', J 2 1\, e lllll e r C. J Dedeau,-\ gg i c .. 1\.11.:-'. \ \11--'1:1' la"ie .. pl ;u .. c d ,ctuu d thi .. ,ca, aftcl pranitc under the able coachlllg o f ,\II" I'al OConnell. hOIll' of )1I"l for the boo" wc'll ",1\ Ihat C .l-J .e. ended Ihe llllddealed \11-\)1, 0 ',,, ill be Ih(I'c that plate Ii:'''l ... ctunli and Ihird II' the int,alllur,ll meet hcld carll in \1;1\. C ombinc d \ and "1\" Lcague .. "jlllmin$;' \115Iar .. ale .. u,t! 10 m : lk e it f""I-going f O I C./, J .C. and C II .\). o n ,\Ia\!ll. \ lew o f the girl--Ihat II ill make tompclilioll keell arc J O\l..e I ced. .. ( ingcr Cof(" B alha,;t (1IIk ... I l n l'iCICC, B etl\ K cneal\, Doff" I)CdC:lII ,\lal\ \1(.0\. JO:1I1 l 'u\\e11. h .lIlee, I arrell. 1'egS' ban", Ridge. and ;\1 :lIgarel ( .:ttc,.

PAGE 129

COllllleldurN",i,,': B e "ft'lIl11lrl /)111) to II'III! "1'1" Lt'(lgrH' .,lIl, \I(III, l}(IrN IOI!', lefl 10 N R eW'.I. / P OIl'I'If, \ Coo/u'r. ''', "I'(lcll, H. hl'III'llfy M iddfe 1011': } CIIi/d ll'.),), D J)n/t.'rlll\. } Zt'I!CN, \ IIl/tdlll/g.) foilsf 1011': O. Neil. l/"trW!:!"I: C, B'ellf, 1/('1.(1/)/(//11; \ClJOft'I.II//IH'of: B. hl/rd/. 11/(/I/(lgt: 1 U II/ f i ,!!,lIf flgflilllf (;.11.', ,\t'f il III) 10 the Imllt HJII'! .f /HJlIII f!,fIIl/t,(J flO/II th(l/ ,lfI/II! Sict' /JirN 'III) 011 IIwt sPIN"! Il/llfllllll,,11 CIt/ltl/III,I. l)(IrN lOll'. It'/I fO lighl: } Powd/. ht'lIt'lIh, 1<. /'e(/cll. e. !l,t'IIII/t'r, h()l11 1m.'; D D t 'tlt'lIlI.\, ,\/. Uf//hg. IJeI. U. Ut'\I 'I: l/lJt p i(/wl'tI, II II/rill II.!!...) N. It'lIlh lUI II l/lINt' UI II 1/(1111 C lorH7I'l\{': h f l'jJ Ill(h(' I ,, !!oll!" H"I11/'IIII)('1 /0 IlI l/clt Ihult' /0(,1 ( 001 1 /JlOI/H'C/1 for I I 1111 ,tlll'\' 11'/(1\' T IINt' yOIll IJo.)iliow. w,t 1I,'t .. I'ml 1/(Ilt! I/O/Il it /;IIill'('1 11/1/1 I/'(n' l.e('(H III (/1II1II1"ol/.)I"IJ 101111

PAGE 130

I-Tlte Cll/)lfIIlH Ining. 10 choose Ihe bps l leo III. \/11111111114, ,,.,, /11 .iglll: \ Hlllrllill,!!,L ,\I. Ufllhgt!VPI, j POII'ell, COllrll O'Co/ll/ell, D Derlf'IIII\. 'it/jllg: F !'each. \ 'Imlllt.A. O s / gult/. ] -()w "(lll/ll sqll(ut jll Ihe \})i.il 1 011'111. \Imldjllg, lefl 10 lig"'. O B e i!, 1II1/1If1g n ; F r e ach, S. SIII;th, I:. COO/H'. C /31l'11111t'1. P burell. Iflflllllf!,t!1. AII(' I 'lill,f.!,: A !l'Olri. B f. Arllelll,. n Declellll\. \Ilfill,!!,: P ETltIIIS COllcli ()'COllllt'lf. R Ue\'t'5. (;II/llft/li. i -U/,(lfh II') If/ne 1/ II}) off (/wlIIg }"P-It' (OOIl })/fj('lices / \ o llleO IH' III/\If, d II \ 'hol .HJ p",nt'l /limIt's ill 10 I,, fo, Iwo, 5 ( '//coifillg f(n llit, ludl,iJlII 11'111'1(' is it! 6 Hilf/llll1l Ifd.e\ il (II Ihe Cl' 1 11i 1 1111011' lillt' Raskefball I 0 Ihe out with ;t quick dribble. pilOt. and a long fOi IWO, Coachc, O'Connc ll and R eLlo l callc tl for all in ba.')kelball. \\,ilh a good turn Ottt at the plac tice.:; the learned of the of the game, along II'ith the rule.:;, 1 0 b e eligible for capt a in onc had t o attend all p r a c ti ce" The Cap t a i l h werc c lcct c d bl all girh p::lltidpating in the \fte r the .:;elec ted the W;h under wa\ wilh (h e whi':;llc b i oI\' \1 a 11\ of (he who earned theil Official R ating in b:l.'>k clball la'i }eal could bc 'cen lunning the CUlllt and ,,;alling :I' referce, and IImpilc, for gam es, \1I ,Slar.') \\ C l C J allllal\ 2,. ;md the l immcdialeh 'taned their \ i gOlOll' pla<.licc, i n hope" of copping the 1 9 champiolhhip. rhe ga m e .. were \I'ilh the fighting 'pi.-il that\ true of the !l I I. S la"ic,. f o r Ihe gamc, \\erc: n H .'i .. 19-C.II. S .. Ii: c. I J e .. I \.( 1'\. 29 C.11.) .. 2 1 : C.I, J.C .

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I Flu NO/H',lIll1fJ/'''fu/l \(1\. f f II/ode it w!" \tfW{llIIg .l,-fllfJ 'igh' I .. Pwkn. I 'Oll/HOII. O U,i!!.ifW. / DO/fl.''''. D I ),-t/tfIIl\, O .). A (/leal\". h,lt'd/ll.!!,: n 11 11111"1, N FM/I/I. 1-D()I.!!,/lI/ 1/011/(:-Oil (III ('//01 g'" III!' si.c,IIf1I, flud 1101, lieu! glJl') till' /)itrh." I -TIlt' lint IJIIl il Iii" "old II/Olll '\, {mil," k a / II/I ('W' (1// il! i-I'II/H'II !{t'11 )"Nltl\' 10 fille 0111' ill relllt l (, ;"; I d /lIlfli. IJllt (I lIIi,!!,illl, gO()( / I/It",h.' Softbull \IIC. all lill [11'0 II'cd,,' p,c c;I'o n p.ac'i(c 'he (aplai n wcrc lutcd on. and Ih e l ill [11111 thcir teanh Oil :'.Iarch 11. 1I1',;'lI1l1ral gamc, (omme n ce d ;\I al ( h 1 1 COli Ihc dblllolHh I}\ 'hc COllll11i"a'l anne\.. fiLC ; lIi oll, and B alhoa ,'atiilllH. \hhough the 7 011;(111 h c nt \(I p.c" a, the intr amural, ,t:lrtcd. it n O leu that Ihc 'c01,on \loll1d b e filII of IInlold hib, out,. and crror,. \, 11'11:11. thc high ,(hool team, Il' ill p l ; /I C.I.j.C:, inlla lIlura l Icallh, \\,j[h apl )lo,"illl:lteh 100 gir" lurning Ollt fo (he in( ramura l 'e01,on competition fUi p n,itioll Oil (h e \ a r,ill w ill be p \11 good I\ulldog' will b c Ollt 10 b01<.k the I" ... ,ie, \\hcn [ItC I f J(c {:.l. J c. :Ind l a I C ill \}l.iI and calli

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n L":.\ Co E S." 0 n T S I "olln/mll ;"/I(I"I/illd rfll'l fI '" '. l/fIlU/III:':. lefl 10 lip-III: (.tfH()II. {" l.eTl'i5, L /1(111. \ 1 III/, I"/I'd IIII!, : / P ie/Ct'. /. 11(1/(11 '11, A (,It';}I. 2 -'lIIillll!f. fluolll fI ((111,,(1 1llIlu, t ! ""lIe\lmll All 'ItIIl U'O/l Ollf' (111(1 l Oll mlt'.I)!11 tI,e\' ((III Ilill \lIlili', lefl 10 lip,lll / J/(///. ,,'Un, J ( ,i/HOII. Coml, HulcII, S/ '''111, / Fflllt'll. C. (.om/ill, Ath 'e/' III,I!,. A C/cm.,\t. UU/gl'. ,\I -hllll. / .11(1/(/.11 ',IIIII,I!,: /', P i "Ht' ((1/" Ifill /. / f)t"Yel, ((I'(flll/flill I Il/l'I("I' I!,fn l (/Iof/ 10 1/'1111 (Hit' (/011'/1 1(11 (j Imilll 1I1!,(Ii'llI l:.II,.'I. i I litis fI '}(jlll' l ellIll 0/ II /1//1/(",1",/1 W"llet 6-"U" / {'(1j!.'I(' U",,/it'llmll 01111\ 1i'11 10 Ii!!,"/: M Uul!!,! / F(III(' /1, 1'. 'It'lb\, ((11'lflit/. 0 I/(i/lilihall. A '",:ellllg: U UO\lIIOIi. 'I. P IIIIII, ,\I, /'''"11, Sillill,l!.: I lI'flld"II, Cllar" H,'rlol, A ,\/r A ( 'OT/'II i Illllflil/III'" rllllllllll. 1 1 0 r01l1f' 11/)rlt'"III)I, "IIIIf/illf!."I,'flllJlI,!!,111 I /)1"\'1'1, / 11'(11(/"11 U COII(/I U n /0/. I Pi"lft', "IIIII#,: I IIflII, ,\I, 'fIt'irlu, /,,,"11 8 11\ 1111 ()f't'l IJllt lilt' I(,{J/;} (//,,1 ,1,,'('1".' f)-rOIll' ( I;} i UII rOllflUioll!

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Ou.-Sponso .. s "Ve saluate our spo n sors. th e business men o[ th e Republic or Panama and th e Canal Zone, for their ge nerou s assistance in m ak in g possibl e th e pllblication o f thi s yearboo k \ gelld .. Lumina. S. \ . \ gc n cia 'gc ncia<; l'an,\mC l i cana, 'I \ .\Jmac c nc<; 'I . \ -\lllcric:ln Bazaar \neon C.rcc nhou,c .\ne o n Liquor S tore \ndrc' 1'0l1c e Roja, \ C ia .. Ucl:! \llIret e Mll',ic StoIC \ rOll$ ieh \' C ia ,\uwSenice Inc. l3a)..er. r. E. S. Balboa Barber Shop Balb oa B ea ut } Shop Barcia. C U:1la Co. Halanr Hind u tan Bazaar Espano! Ucstfit Boyd Brother.; Caja de Allono Canal Zon e Phannac \ Cardole y Lindo, S \ Calla Vi cja Ca s a F ast li c h Cent ra l Theater Ceno Campana i\l olllllain Rc,on Chesterfield C:ia. d e Se n icio:-r j 'II'. S \ Cia c l \ g uila S . \ Cia. Gen clal de C:Oll"trucciulU::', S \ C i a PanaUiericana de Orange Cllhh C ia lnlenlation a l d e \ cnla,. S \ C i\a. S . \ COlpan l\IOlOn. I n c. Campan ia d e l 'rodIIIe IO, d e \rci lla S . \ EI Corl c Ing les El Ranc h o Gardcns Fab. i ca I'anamen ia d e I'inlllr a" Fidan qllc I-Ielmano,) Hiju, Fr e n ch Bazaar Fren ch Bazaar T:t) l o r Shop F u el'la ) Luz Grace Line ('uardia. E nrique de l a I lt:l'ff -jone:o. COlllpaTl ) Iligll &: We,lIllelly CUlll ra(.tol', I ,tllillian ConSlrtl C t o l s jl)cria Fuller j Ruil A harez. S . \ K odal.. Lincoln Natio nal Lif e hhillan cc Co. Lihlt:1 ia I'reciado LIICI..} Slril..e C igarellc' F elix Galindo) C i a .. S \ 'I('C lelland Coldw) n Ma\cr d e P : lIl a m a l\lcl'cado L olita Carde n ;\Iotole, de Col o n S A :'I\a,h \gen e y Nati o nal Ihewer). I n c Nati o n a l Cash Company ;'\':lIiOIl:l1 L o tter) :"oie,il e' s Com pan New ,-\neon Inn :\'ol'lh American I obano Produc t I nc. A O I IOIl. Lill) & C ompam No\ey, Ceorge F Offic e Se r v i c e Co. I'an Alileri ca n \il'lI'a\, I' a n a m a ,-\me ri can I'anama Auto. S. A I' a nama Bank aud Trust Panama Can a l I'al l I'acifi c Con 'al' n c t iOiI C cup. Photo \ S t ra I'inltlra General S \ PrUdtlc tO<; F lt IOlc, c e llle,. S \ R amirel.. Charle L D r I:, B Ro) a I C rowil Cnl a HI 01 hel' Se; :IIs. Il o n a Sc(ic ria L a I IIlla" Sc d e ri a ")I il'allla, SC\ m all I' .-\genn Sladrolh SIllOOt ) I' a l elie, SOll1l\1el'. I.ouie R So,a. J. E. Star & Herald Sill'. Robert I)i'\on . 'i . \ SlIllha n SteamShip r ahiti jewell') Tcatro Lux J ip T o p 01') Clean er, fj\' o l i Hotel Thoti Radio. S . \ rropicat l\fOtQh. IIlL Ilopicat I'aint rlll.:l..el l\fcCllllc Ll. S Life Imurallcc Comp: tIl)' Villan uC\' a &: Tcjeira Cia" Ltd ... Var n e r Ilr Olher' \\ illi :lIlb Ill olhel Corp. Wlig lll .\\,illiam I.. W a tch Repair Shop y

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Goodbye to D.D.S. Goodbye to B .HS, to a l l ou r memo r ies of the Footbal l games . schoo l dances ..... Favorite classes .. and, best of all, the extra-special n ight when we recei ved ou r diplomas.

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