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Title: Zonian
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Language: English
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Publication Date: 1947
Subjects / Keywords: Yearbook
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Full Text

Yearbook of the




-~-- 1_T= --mm--

VERNE CALLOWAY-Assistant Editor




Balboa High School, Balboa, Canal Zone


\// '. ". --

BARBARA SCHNAKE-Business Manager


Digitized by the Internet Archive
in 2010 with funding from
University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries




! U


:--IP~ CI~T 4"~ _~' *'''
S* .. A.-. .,'Q,7:, ..A. '
.. ,,,


' i ..," ;"' ' "

I I.

)%.- --'._L -
Va'~ -~ ~-- --i YI

: ,.;l ',"
.- ia..,.' .:


i, !



!- ,

EW H- :fl i/ B


* I I

*1 ,

--In ~
"-, C~" r~--..;c ~

* .2


* !.
. r- .

- lI



5k.r. 6. 0.l, (. J .-d



... Take It Aiwai

"BRANNY" ... for the past nine years
your music has provided the appropriate
background for our plays, football games,
parties and commencement exercises. To
show our sincere appreciation for your
ceaseless efforts to make B. H. S. musical-
minded, we dedicate to you, Mr. Neil
Branstetter, our yearbook of 1947.

Mr. Neil Branstetter, Man of the Year.
takes time between halves for
a breather.



Dear old B.H.S . surrounded by stately trees, green lawns and calm
tropical skies . its halls echo many voices and shuffling feet . a new
building but already filled with many traditions . i proudly rests-a
monument to man) memories.

PhA BPn'

From the shadil arch of R.H.S. wIe Inoi ot t on the launs where
tropical plants bask in the sun. their quiri beauty) elling the
countless activities in thI corridors and rloan oomi
of out 41inn later.

Pere by nef'he b I

0 0 0

We, the Zonian staff of 1947, proudly present to you your yearbook
-a pictorial record of the activities of the past year.

We have done our best to make the Zonian vivid in word and picture,
but it was impossible to catch some of our favorite memories. Remember
. . the sound of cracking gum in study hall ... the whispering and giggling
in the library . the small group who always entered their home rooms
five minutes after the bell had rung . the flirting in the halls between
classes . the daily trips on rickety school busses . the "best friends"
seen together every day . the excited preparations for the next big dance
. . the chatter about yesterday's football game . all these-our fondest
memories-must be kept stored in our minds and hearts.

We have done our best, and we hope you'll appreciate our efforts-
no, not efforts, for that word denotes work, and anything as enjoyable as
this last year on the staff has been cannot be called labor.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy reading this yearbook as much as
we have enjoyed compiling it.



~:r~- ial i
n:: :I
: ,1.



The Winnahs

Goin's on

Yea, Team!

They come to school with anxious hearts,

Wondrin' how "they" will act today.

At 3 o'clock, with aching heads,

They know why teachers get gray.

.=I ..,*


! .: .
= . ,

... -.

MR. SIGURD E. ESSER, Principal

The hub of B. H. S.-around him revolves the efficient staff and the social
life of our school. On the football field, baseball diamond, and gymnasium, you
will always find him cheering us on. He is a gallant leader who is always willing
to give us a helping hand. Mr. Esser holds his M.S. degree from the University
of North Dakota.

* -* *



Miss ALICE CRUZ, Secretary

Mrs. Bernadine Lally and Miss Alice Cruz, our two secretaries, are always
at hand ready to "serve with a smile." These two untiring sources of information
are 1lii', 0. K.


B. H. S. RANKS "TOPS" ....

Our school was rated superior to typical high schools in all sections of the country in an evaluation
under the auspices of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

Co-chairmen of the committee which evaluated the high school were Dr. Walter C. Eells, Executive of
the American Association of Junior Colleges, and Kenneth W. Eells, former Field Representative of the
Middle States Association. The chairmen with competent local educators observed the school in operation.

After comparison with 200 carefully selected schools-private and public, small, medium-sized and
large-ratings were assigned as follows:

School Staff-Very Superior
Pupil Activity Program-Superior

Library-Very Superior
Guidance Program-Superior

School Plant-Superior




Margaret Whitman. M.A. English- Northwestern University. Jean An-
derson. B.A.-Art-University of California. L(. \...I Aallie Beavers.
M.A.-Latin, Mathematics-Duke University. I .1 I' M.A.-History-
University of Michigan. Evelyn Branstettr, M.A.--English-University
of Nebraska. Neil Branstetter, M.A.-Music--Columbia University. Alice
Bridenstine. M.A.-Household Arts-Colunlbia University. Alice Candee,
M.A.-History-Columbia University. Helena F. Clardy. M.A.-Librarian,
English-ULniversity of Alabama. J. Richard Clark. M.A.-General Science
-New York University. Marion Courville. R.N.-School Nurse-Teachers
Training School, Army Training School for Nurses, Letterman General
Hospital. Herbert B. Crowley. B.Sc.-Physical Education--University of
Alabama. Charles Dennis, B.S.-Hygiene. Physical Education-Michigan
State College. John Dettor-Woodshop. Dr. George Eugene. M.D.-
School Physician-Long Island College. Mary Eugene. B.S. Typing.
Shorthand-Iowa State Teachers College. Walter Fischer. M.A.-Chem-






istry, Physics-Columbia University. Olga Frost, B.A.-Spanish. French
-College of Mt. St. Vincent on Hudson. New York City. Edward W.
Hatchett. M.A-Algebra, G i ....ir -Cr ..i I'; ....it\ Katherine Jes-
sup. IM.A.- English-Colure.t., i ... .. i \ r..;.it i\- r.r B.A.-First
Aid. Hygiene. Physical Education-Colorado State College of Education.










Oliver, B.A.-Spanish-Taylor University. Gertrude B. Onderdonk--Li-
brarian-Columbia University. John S. Pettingill. B.S.-Physical Eduhl-
cation-Universits of Notre Dame. Ethel Pitchrr. M.A.-Mathematics-
Albany State College. Mildred Swenson, M.A.-Typing, Business Corre-
spondence-University of North Dakota. Ellen Thomas. M.A.-English,
Journalism-Columbia University. Subert Turbyfill, M.A.-Speech-Uni-
p sversity of Oklahoma. Alma Uphoff, B. of Ed.- Hygiene, Physical
Education-Illinois State Normal University. Kenneth W. Vinton, M.A.-
S- Physics-Colunbia University. Allen Ward. M.A.-Spanish-University
Sof Nebraska. Marie Weir, M.A.-Biology-Columbia University. Frank
Wilder, B.A.-Languate-Univer Southern Theological Seminary. Lauren Woodby, M.A.-Physics. Mathl-
M ,. :n matics-University of %I: I. .. Albert York, M.S.-American History-
Kansas State Teachers a I Harold Zierten, B. S. Mechanical Draw-
ing-Bradley Polytechnic Institute. Agnes R. Encboe, M.A.-English,
American Problems-Northwestern University.
Charles W. Krout. B.S.-Hygiene. First Aid. Physical Education-Syra.
ruse University. George Lee, M.S.-Biology-Columbia University. Doro-
thy McKeever, B.A.-Mathematics-University of Wisconsin. Gerald
McKeever, M.A.-Counselor. Vocational Guidance-University of Wiscon-
sin. Eloise Monroe, M.A.-Household Arts-Columbia University. Walter





/1/ (l( i,
,t i, r .




The spacious library with balconies contain many varied magazines
and books for student's reference.


Our physical education program includes such courses as
first aid and health.

Ih/ ,ru i ,'rif I ,,-"- o l r



rebating, drama, choral reading, and speeches help improve the
public speaking of our students.

These modern, well-lighted laboratories are supplied with the
most up-to-date equipment.


Dissecting is but one part of a full biology program.

American Problems enlighten the students as to politics and
national affairs.

Our counselor helps students with their problems
and vocational interests.


Many projects are carried on in our wood shop, modeling
houses being one of the most prominent this year.

Our art students are quite proud of their first project this
year--remodeling the art room to give it a studio effect.

Spiie ri.. well-equipped rooms add to the attraction of
household arts, a favorite among the girls.

Mechanical drawing, a popular subject with the boys,
prepares them for future engineering.


A class enjoyed by everyone is Mr. Hatchett's advanced
algebra class. This helps prepare the student for
higher college math.

The journalism classes gain experience by publishing
the school paper and yearbook.

Useful and beautiful furniture is turned out by our
shop students.

Shorthand is just one of the subjects offered in the
commercial line.


rs- ;r --' ?;i

Iv *-

We finally made it!
We're muchh" proud!
But when we get that diploma,
We'll cry-but LOUD!!


r ,~.""?


i,' '.1:




:: : -*Ei7i

i : I:e

Bob Albritton has worked for us the past four years, always in
there pitching when there's a job to he done. As our Senior
Class president he has done a super piece of work on the
Valentine Dance and the Committees.


Charlotte Dye, our class secretary, and Jim
O'Donnell, the vice-president, walk hand-in-
hand outside B.H.S.

S.A. Representatives George Hatchett, Joanne
Flynn, Peggy Sylvestre, and Francis Dolan.

TEE-Back row: George Hatchett and Dwight
Van Evera. Front row: Charlotte Dye, Bar-
bara Le Brun. and Helen Rae Soader.

Russell. Vallie Lavinghouze, and lc.h. HI..lcomb.
Middle row: Shirley Weltz. Marion ,hj'..-I.1.1 Bar-
bara Le Brun. Eileen Neuman, and Ellen McClain.
Front row: Niza Boynton, Gerry Ryter, Betty Alrick,
and Betty Evans.

Mr. Zierten, Adviser, hands Peg Syliestre her graduation picture.

SEPTEMBER: Hi there, gang! Here we are again, back at i t F,.
Inaugural Dance was really super. Elections were held, and ... I1.
was keen!
OCTOBER: The first speech Clubhouse program found the ;... -r,,.r
trouping to the Clubby. Admiral Shafroth addressed us at th. ', .. L'.
NOVEMBER: The month started with the opening of the ne- ....-r. i. 1
S. A. Club, complete with Naval Orchestra. The first big (in .1 I.-
year, Ramshackle Inn, really packed them in! There were tw. t- ,. %,
football games this year. Following the last football gar. I,.
S.A. Football Dance. Thanksgiving vacation found the Zonian -.ri I. .i
ishly working.
DECEMBER: In the sports division water polo held sway. it.. I.-.
freshman plays went over with a bang! That super-hep Chris... ... .I
at the Tivoli . senior pictures returning . the excite.. r-.1 II.
Popularity Contest . the Christmas edition of the P;. . TI.
largest ever, with twelve full pages . lighted candles .;.J Il.... i
robes in the patio, and those heavenly voices .. followir. i.. I... I
piper-fashion to carol in front of the school . the jolly in r i ...
party . VACATION . thus joyfully ends the year.
JANUARY: Last minute cramming for finals. .. water 1-' .......
credit for the school . B.H.S. models strutting at the Stylk '....
more freshman plays . and the Spanish Club Carnival Dr.. t i...--.
the month.
FEBRUARY: The B.H.S. "Nine" battled Cristobal for baset.I t .....
The Swimming Party at the pool was a splashing success. Dian ,i 1 t..,,i
contestants vied for parts in Problem Father. The
gala Valentine Dance was coronation night for our
Queen. The Speech Luncheon was the last event of
the month.
MARCH: The windy month introduced a big S.A.
Dance, and a speedy track season, ending with the
Triangular Meet.
APRIL: The annual Spring Musicale did credit to
Mr. Neil Branstetter. The Speech Class outdid it-
self in its speaking choir program. The Little Thea-
ter Banquet arrived, and coveted awards were given
out. Our last vacation was thoroughly enjoyed.
MAY: Faster and faster we draw near the end. The
Jr.-Sr. Banquet highlights the year. The Art Club
Party, "B" Club, G.A.A., and the Biology Club
Banquets were all unforgettable. Basketball fans
cheered on the B.H.S. teams while our cheerleaders
went back into action. The shop exhibit displayed
work of this year's students. The Speech Key win- .
ners gave a final Speech Program. and Awards Day
brought joy to many. Then the Baccalaureate exer-
cises heralded the approaching grand day. Con-
mencement. Then good-bye to B.H.S. as we wend
our way into the world.


I >
^ "ag1

hl itl 'i T O- MMIT Lt -T a. k ,
t -,, r I *. ril A 3r,c r,,,li T tt ., r I .
t-..1 II .r- L l - . i l -.

Francis Dolan, Vern Calloway. Middle row: Dwight
Van Evera, William Weatherby, Charlotte Dye.
Robert Albritton, George Hatchett. Front row: Gerry
Ryter, Clarice Dettor, James O'Donnell. Peggy Syl-
vestre, and Mavia Beall.

Sylvestre, Lois McIntyre, Alice Sullivan.

"The Big Three," Francis Dolan. Jim O'Don-
nell, and George Hatchett, spurred the S.
A. ticket sales.



Santiago, Republic of Panama
A sparkling smile, twinkling eyes,
and brown soft hair . that's
our Hilda

Charleroi, Pennsylvania
A handsome, blond navy vet . a
fellow impossible to forget
Parrakeet, Art Editor, 4; Zonian,
Art Editor, 4; In the Service.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Our Senior "Prexy" . a super
guy with a grade "A" personality
Vice-President of Junior Class;
Senior Class President; Acting;
Staging, 1, 2, 3, 4; Directing, 3, 4;
Producing, 3, 4; "B" Club, 1; Bi-
ology, 2, 3, 4; Camera Club; Foot-
ball, 1, 2, 3, 4, All-Stars, 2; Softball,
1, 2, 3, 4, All-Stars, 2, 3; Track, 1,
2, 3, 4, All-Stars, 2, 3; Water Polo,
4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Boxing, 2;
Victory Corps, 1, 2; Speech; Glee
Club, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Library Assistant, 3; Sports Award;
Fashion Show, 3, 4; Commencement
Committee, 4; Junior-Senior Ban-
quet Committee, 3.

E l. iz l iTt J ALRICK "Betty"
l-ankalo. Minnesota
Full ,1 iep happy-go-lucky
Ba.-kLi.all 1 Volleyball, 1, 2,
i. SotlI. l .. .. victory Corps,
1, 2. Gl,- Club. I. 2- .1; Pep Squad,
1. 2, 3: FradIrn hlt~.. 3; Cap and
I,iwII ( omIU lll rr.-,

kir' \aout. n d.r,,t"
'sn'ads 'iianlI. FIrl ilja
A suthen gentr/emm .w r' luv
I,. h.ah thr it rent'
"B" I ili.. 4. Ra.li (lqb: Foot-
ball, i. 2 1, 4 \ll star-. BHa.lall,
1, 2. i. 4, %l t 'tar-, B1 .ke .all. 1,
2; z ji. r P..I... I . s.tl'iars;
Track. 4, Sp..ri- X\arl.: Palmetto
High S, ho.d.. .'neji- I-ianl Flu.rida.

RIn-L.D P F. AwT.I'iLB,,il "'Rnr.i"
Arn'n. canal Zone
( hbb,. but-ml a t tib RKnny"
Sun,, M r 'pt'la nil.,und pl/s
Phildi-lhe iLtnb, 3,, 1:. ;rl. rb-,
Fr,.tLbail. 1, 2, 3,- 4:' .B~SiaT. 1;
.,fthal]l. .4 Al.l-Star-. 34-; altr
P,... 4- All`N3ar,. 4. \ ii i.jr) r.rfp-.
1. 2: t.h.,ru-. .. 4.

r V,

Anco CaPal Zone
Does u& other she oldave

'.-*, ?I.-, n lk .I_. 1 3, S

q2,3, cry In
Corps ,, 2; Gle ub, 1. .
Sporl4 lAward; ashn I l.
S\\,..*.* Wilson igh ho. '

""-"r ,
(f ginial

C-V T 1rfr. i c|h .. anama
Our true school mate who always
greets us with a cherry "Hi"
SGlee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad,
1, 2, 3; Office Assistant, 3, 4;
Fashion Show, 2, 3.

F FRED J. BAUMAN, JR. "Swanee"
Colon, Panama
i His slick looks and irrepressible
wit make this fellow quite a hit.
S \ ting. i; Biology Club, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Camera Club, 3, 4; Riding Club;
Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars, 3;
Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 1, 2, 3;
All-Stars, 1, 2, 3; Baseball, 4; All-
Stars, 4; Water Polo, 4; All-Stars,
4; Victory Corps, 1, 2; Glee Glub,
1, 2, 3, 4; Cheer Leader, 3; Pep
Squad, 3; Fashion Show Usher;
Dance Committees; S. A. Club
Chairman; Class Parties; Staging,
1, 2, 3, 4.

Cincinnati, Ohio
"Ed . everybody's favorite
Zonian Photographer; Parrakeet
Photographer; Softball, 1, 2; Track,
1, 2, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3; Baseball,
1, 2; Victory Corps, 1, 2; Band,
1, 2, 3; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3; Senior
Class Party; Freshman Class Party;
Junior Class Party; Junior-Senior

Berkley, California
SBlonde, wavy hair that sends us
Dramatics, 1, 2, 3, 4; Director
Freshman Play; Parrakeet, 3, 4;
Handbook, 3; Art Club, 2; Volley-
ball, 1; Speech Activities; Pep
Squad, 2; Counselor's Assistant, 1;
Quill and Scroll; Fashion Show, 2,
3, 4.

Bournemouth, England
"Bunny . Formula for
Reserve Board, 2; Ticket Selling, 4;
Zonian, 4; Volleyball, 1, 2, 3; Soft-
ball, 2, 3; Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Vic-
) story Corps, 1, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3,
4; Pep Squad, 1, 2, 3, 4; Fashion
Show 3; Senior Party Committee,
4; Senior Dance Committee, 4;
Zvrnor Advertising.

: "" ""."
* ., . 4
-*:' ..:@

Washington, D .C.
Talent of all kinds .. Good luck
to a future Ethel Barrymore
Acting, 1, 2, 3, 4; Parrakeet, 4;
Volleyball, 1, 2, 3; Basketball, 1, 2,
Softball, 2, 3; Archery, 2; Speech
Activities, 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 2, 3.

Tallahassee, Florida
Tall and graceful with a Lauren
Bacall-ish voice
Volleyball, 1, 2, 3; Basketball, 1, 2,
3; Softball, 1, 2, 3; Archery, 1;
Swimming, 3; Glee Club, 2, 3, 4;
Pep Squad, 2, 3, 4; Fashion Show,
3; Sophomore Decorating Commit-
tee, 2; Senior Cap and Gown Com-
mittee, 4.

Valier, Illinois
One of our high school flashes . .
the lad with the curly eye lashes
"B" Club; Baseball, 3; Football, 2,
3, 4; All-Stars, 3, 4; Basketball, 3,
4; Valier Community High School.

New York City
Manly and gets around
Music Club; Softball, 3; Track, 3;
Basketball, 3; Football, 3; Glee

Colon, Republic of Panama
Balboa High School's busy man . .
one we will never forget
S. A. Representative, 2; Acting, 2, 3;
Staging 1, 2, 3. 4: Pr...uti;n. 2, 3,
4; Directing, 3. 4t Zw,,run, 4;
Parrakeet, 4; Pli2,la 4Br .lh, 3, 4;
Camera Club, 1, 2,.3 4; Biology
3. I: Art I.Ii b. 1: F....to lj3 l.
l..r l..rp-. 1 .- : --< li Pr...
4. (.lIe.- I ll:i 1. *- 2. .1.
quJd. 3. 4; Library A'-i-i.rnl.
nior C _- Pajrt. 4;: Jrn,.r
F (..uLt.wr 4: Davct- t....n
m ri ,. 1. 1 h_-rnfig. f Fr.r -hrnairi,
- awt- : Prrr3a m .-l: Z"nr, i ,t ,, -r.
S. 4: su,niiih.f,'nb. 1; F~ -h.i.n
Waiter. 4.1 \ 11


Ancon, (',,,al 7,.n,
A true Ir ,l. IiU'J I r j i, ., .
our F.'. I. t r r._ t
1pln,-li I h h1 J.. 4. L 1 \ 2 .. l
y f_ ^.'., ...' \ r..,,l'r ..'., r, 5: '\ ,'.ll >i la I. _'
3, \11. i ar-. 1. :. 5: H L-k.-tlall. I.
S2. Ni \ Il.* I 1, .. 'i -.,, ball. I.
, Y 2 ll. ,ar-. 1. 2,- l r,.


Si/ ,

S "in..,

LAP"rs4 i,,r,

i. I I.- I i I 1 -r tI I. i

T /
( ,,, ,,,, .. i a .. .
n h ... ;' '.,-

Acting, 4; Parrakee business lan-
ager, 4; Ali. I 1. ... r "i, li.

Basketball I 2. 4. 1-
Drum Corn-. I. 2. Pi3.. 4 l
Club, 4; .. ..nli l, .-i "' n p.
Award, 3. I jr-i t... \1,r11,n
Academy, 1. -
RICHARD l. ii' l I 1ti i
It li, -, I,,,..I. Il,-rt nl II! .: ,,

President, I. rt Pn, r- .
.tll .. . .,1'/1 ". !tt'int
,l/ #, ,.1.1,, ii. I ,

Aing 3, 4; lParr. une 1.
Football. I. I.

Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Water Polo,
4; Swimming, 3; Bowling, 3; Vic-
tory Corps, 1, 2; Speech Activities,
3; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra, 1, 2,
3, 4; Glee Club, 3, 4; Music Award,
4; Junior Dance C committee 4.

North Benl, Oregon
Margie . dynamic charm and a
voice with a smile
S 1 k ; Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4;
A4; Simig, 4; Softball, 3; Glee Club
1, 2, 3, 4; Office Assistant, 3; "B"

Colon, Panama
Cristobals git to B.H.S. . a
real asset to the school
Acting, 3; G.A.A., 4; Varsity Club,
2; La Pas Club, 2; Basketball; All-
Stars; Volley Ball; All-Stars; Soft-
ball, 2; All-Stars, 2; Glee Club, 1,
2, 3, 4; Pep Squad, 3; Office As-
sistant, 4; Counselor's Assistant, 3;
Fashion Show, 2; Christmas Dance
Committee, 2; Cristobal High
School; Memorial High School,


6 I .or
i ., ',' .

Ancon, Canal Zone
Music in his soul and ;ri.-rrti, 't
Music Club, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 1,
2, 3, 4; Fashion Show, 4.

Louis DEDEAUX "Louie"
Gulfport, Mississippi
When it comes to friends, Louie has
'em! When it comes to looks, Louie
has 'em! When it comes to women,
Louie has 'em!
"B" Club, 2, 3, 4; President, 4;
Football, 1, 2. 3, 4; All-Stars, 2, 3,
4; Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars,
2, 3, 4; Softball, 1; Track, 1, 2, 3,
4; All-Stars, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1,
2, 3, 4; All-Stars, 2, 3, 4; Water
Polo, 4; All-Stars, 4; Band, 1, 2,
3, 4.

Astoria, Long Island, New York .
Sweet and petite . our "Cid" is
a real nice kid.
Reserve Board, 3; Parrakeet Editor,
4; G.A.A., 3, 4; Volleyball, 3, 4;
Basketball, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars, 3;
Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars, 2, 3;
Vi. ,,.ri Cortp._-.l 2,;. P*'p P .Tal.
.. 4: Li-hraN, \--lHan."'---t'
-dJa's Oli,,--,,_ J-;..--.b-y \ari' .
ntnaur Part, t-dmHttc4, ,' /

":ef, L arsl 'n: /
-('rez a denm're, IT 1,l'

_(.,i 7 flr u e :ACi I IIJ j f
\ cal.n 'rr, is 4ah ,, ,

Mti h; bLIctr.t (,.-1-4..r-, . 1:
'p,.-, h Pr..cranr,. 4. (ir he-ir.,. 2.
3. 4: L..Irr- C1,I. -177-. t. Pep
_qaJd. 2 I .,ha.lun hl .. 2. '. 4;

I'hs'. i Jo.,t'n il. .Ii s "Pancho"
Nailen. New- Jrr-v
struirht itrrn \Fr t'c i-ler r r to the
heart ,l B.H. utard all, the girls
S.A. RBprr.siniat';\.. 1, '13st;ai. 1,
2. 3, 1: "B" Qub. 4: Raii., I lb.,
J; Foolball. i. 2. 3. 1: All-Stars, 2,
4: Baskttball. 1. 2. .. 4; Track.
2. 3. 4: .\llrnn.2. 2. BJaeball, 4:
S. ihh ,ll. I. 2. %.; \ll.,iars, 2, 3;
Bowhlnrr_. 1, W after P .I.. I; \l,.t,.r\
Curp.. 1.. Pep b.sI.a.l. 1; Sports
\iw i; Jurr., Rri.: ..'mmittee;
Slnurr Pa3rn I .'lrinllller. Junior-
n. r ,i.r Banqulil I .,C niiiiiie; Fresh-
nr.Tn [)ance C(..ntUllr ,. I 13,s Picnic.
2;, I -her. 1. 2. t, 4.

Wlg'XitR I. D..4. 's "Bill"
'An...n, Canal Zrl e
I.. i.' i t e it.r . poker-
tfced t,iir,,ri
iBI..l...-' I.l ib; Ba- aijll. 1. 2, 3, 4;
IrhaLk 1, 2. 1. I 1l.Stars, 3;
Foottll, 1, 2 1. 11 Stars, 3;
Basketball. 1. 1. 1: .\ I..ry Corps,
I. l vl CluAb 12. '. p..rt, Award;
Jll nSlrr.- 3; Cap and Gown Committee, 4.

"* "" ,



SBarrancabermeja, Columbia
Se . iectious energy ..
N jo-sndle
"X/ftfwi; ll llt 2. 4: !gilt .
1, 4r,% v tire C-i.b. --
Pep 4. Yl Library A- -1
1; Fa-d 6u" 2R 3; ,
Corps, 1, K i h

Panama, P a
A whiz of .'b i
will ma a'. ri t
Spanish Clu 2. :
dent, 4; Basitbi ll /F,i-
ball, 1, 2, 3;\..t 1 3
\ i, m, -t orp-,. \2 R ,tlra. .
2. 3. Falbir 'h.:ri Ca val Dance
Committee, 3, 4.

- .- ,- 91 s-ws.,,aii dhialu*tZ /e-
The Navy type . big and 'f blue
.tall and pipe-equipped
Boat Builders' Club, 3; Camera
Club, 3; Radio Club, 4; Softball, 2;
\-. i.,r-, Corps, 1, 2.

New York
We call her "Pepper" 'cause she's
full of spice . That's a joke, son.
Senior Secretary, 4; Staging, 1, 2,
4; Producing, 1, 3, 4; Zonian, 4;
Spanish Club, 1; Volleyball, 1, 2,
4; All-Stars, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 4;
All-Stars, 1, 2; Softball, 1, 3. 4;
AllStars, 3; Archery, 1, 4; \ ic-
tory Corps, 2; Glee Club, 1, 3;
Pep Squad, 1, 2, 3, 4; Physics Lab-
oratory Assistant, 4; Sports Award,
1; Fashion Show, 4; Senior Cards
and Announcements, 4; Senior Class
Party, 4; Senior Cap and Gown
Committee, 4; Zonian Advertising, 4.

New York City
Witty and glamorous . definitely
S R-.r--niilaihc. 1, 2; Junior
AnllrInd, 3. Rul.I,, Club, 1, 2;
Badminton, 2; Baseball, 1; Basket-
ball, 1, 2; Volleyball, 2; Glee Club,
3, 4; Office Assistant, 3, 4; National
Honor Society Award, 1, 2; Fashion
Show, 4; Sophomore Class Picinic
Committee; Senior Graduation Com-
mittee, 4; Haverford Township High
School, 1, 2.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Parrakeet sports editor . one
of our more dependable fellows
Parrakeet; Biology Club, 2, 3, 4;
Radio Club, 4; Camera Club, 1, 2,
3, 4; Boat Building Club, 3; Foot-
ball, 1, 2, 4; Softball, 1, 3, 4;
Basketball, 1, 4; Water Polo, 4;
Track, 4; Victory Corps, 1; Senior
Dance Committee; Football All-
Stars, 2.

Ocean \ I-.. Delaware
The special bundle of fun
from Gamboa way
Art Club, 1; Volleyball, 1, 2, 3;
Victory Corps, 1, 2; Fashion Show,
3, 4; Senior Cap and Gown Com-
mittee, 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Tall timber . future John Barry-
more . (or is it Red Skelton?)
Acting, 1, 2, 3, 4; lIin;g. 1, 2,
3, 4; Producing, 1, 2, 3, 4; "B"
Club, 4; Biology Club, 2, 3, 4;
Camera Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Boat
Builders' Club, 3; Victory Corps, 1,
2; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra, 1, 2.
3, 4; "B" Award; Senior Dance
Committee, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4;
All-Stars, 1, 4; Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4;
All Star-. 1, 4; Track, 1, 2, 3, 4;
All*..ar-, 4; Water Polo, 4; Basket-
ball, 1, 2, 3, 4.

Cristobal, Canal Zone
Bashful boy with cheeks of tan ..
on the gridiron, what a man ! !
"B" Club, 4; Radio Club, 4; Hi-Y
Club, 2; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; All-
Stars, 2, 3, 4; Baseball, 4; Softball,
3; Water Polo, 4; Track, 2; Basket-
ball, 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Sports Award, 4; Senior Dance Com-
mittee, 4; Coronado High School,

Ancon, Canal Zone
Could you find a truer friend?
S.A. Repr-!, nltli'-. 2, 3; Staging,
1, 2; N\i %r. irdi-n.-.; G.A.A.; Vol-
leyball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2,
3, 4; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Archery;
Victory Corps, 1, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2,
3; Pep Squad, 1. 2.: Sports "B,"
1, 2. 4; Senior Pi. inr'\Committee,
4; ior ParY \om ittee, 4;
,lh re D -iCiml llttr. 2;
1SW1N,,ib C-hit>,, 2. Ur-nline


/'" Aninr. (C'nal Zone

.ma't4 f fuiet and repoaw

aA i L Pr...J.' inti. ., tnr,,. Phil.
al,-JW ---.4 -Bal,-:-n I. IA,
2, 3: Mi-.,. lubh Ba-elall. 1, 2,
3; i ti.ll, 1. ,t Ra;kethall, 2,
3. 1: >rch..,rlra .J-?..3. 4.

Hmiranifr riB FRENSLEei t

Her manners are in\ keeping ith
her appearance

Softball, 2; Victors. I.,rp%-';
Fashion Show, 3; E.irn.c t o ht er
Book, 3.

,SL, ,,n, ;--

Panama City, Republic of Panama

Talent at his fingertips

Zonian Artist; Parrakett Artist, Art


Ancon, Canal Zone

Usually seen with his trombone ..
could be our future J. Dorsey

Radio Club, 4; Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2,
3, 4; Water Polo, 4; Track, 1, 2, 4;
Bowling, 4; Softball, 2; V.i,..rr
Corps, 1, 2; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Orchestra, 2, 3; Music Award, 4.


Panama, Republic of Panama

One of the sensible souls of B.H.S.
. .He always has a winning
grin for us

Baseball, 1, 2, 3; Victory Corps, 1,

*~*-": '



Ancon, Canal Zone
Baby blue-eyed blonde . pin-
up gal, but def!
Office Assistant, 3, 4; Glee Club, 1,
2, 3, 4; Zonian, 4; Orchestra, 1, 2,
3, 4: Victory Corps, 1, 2; Pep
Squad, 2, 3, 4.

Ancon. Canal Zone
Talent in abundance
Staging, 2, 3, 4; Acting, 3; Volley-
ball. 1. 2, 4; Softball, 2, 3, 4;
Basketball. 2, 3, 4; Softball, All-
Stars, -. Victory Corps, 1; Glee
Club, 1; Office Assistant, 1; Coun-
selor's Assistant. 4: Sports Award;
Fashion I...-'. 2, 3; Ushering, 3.

Colon, Republic of Panama
A fellow full of vim, vigor and vi-
tality . loads of fun to know
Model Airplane Club; Basketball,
1, 2, 3, 4; Si;mni;i,. All-Stars, 3;
Softball, 3; \ ii-r Polo, 4; Glee
Club, 1, 2; National Institute, Pana-
ma; Bay County High School, Flor-

Davenport. Iowa
One girl that B.H.S. was surely
glad to get
Dramat; -. ? (1, .. r. ..r-r
R ed Cr...-. I,I. 2- D [ l ., i, < I .i..
2 ; V oll.- ill 1 ..I .l l I' .,
ketball, 2. I P" t..r P,. I I Ah. r
3: Attenl, .I P ,. well IIh. i- ilr .
High, 2 \\ .re II_. --

Victory I .ipa, 1 2. '.I-. Il. I
3, 4; Pep ,.i tI I: F' .li..n Ill-,1 ,

rlper. I:rh--
I ,n ) 1i, e , ere
all t1/m /.,-. er

I, t .
i;, ,,.i

\ i -..r Cr ..- 1- I'rp jarui. '1
H ighLt: ..i-r ni. .School.... h..,.
I -I .. I I lIr l i. \._h, I, _. 1
High School.

Colon, Republic of Panapa
Strict! Iron, Pr, fdr . .
At nu p'rt /'ir -i. "
S.A. R .pr.,--nilat ,. in. n 1. 3.
4; Stjiemn. 3. 1. ir lrl : Pro.
ducin-. 4. Parra Fi .- .F Z iliaL,
1, 2, 3, 4; Water Po o, 4; BS3taH
2, 4; Track, 4; a-k--tbBalh.
Speech; Pep Squ d, A F
Show, 3, 4; Senior lassPtfCo
mittee; Senior Ann unement m-

Wilmington, elaware
A newcomer to the . .
did take Bill Ion to bee me
/ well-kno
udent C.iin. l: Foot 1, 3, ; All-
St 3; B.I-k lil, 1.'- 4; All-
Sta 3; Water Polo, -I-T, ri Sar, 4;
ee Club, 4; Civil Ar/Patrd; Re-
het High School.

[IFn. I a. L. .-.

h6 ( iir ttrtihir .
Softball, 2, 4; All-Star, 2; Basket-
ball, 2; Volleyball, 2; Archery, 2;
Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad,
1; Library Assistant, 3; "B" Award;
S.A. Club Committee, 2; Commence-
ment Usher, 3.

Lincoln, Nebraska
"Hy" .. Tall, rlor-, . business
comes first.
Staging; Producing; Bookholder;
Parrakeet Editor; Camera Club;
Volleyball, 1, 2, 3; Softball, 1, 2, 3;
Basketball, 1, 2; Victory Corps, 1;
Speech Activities; Glee Club, 1, 2;
Pep Squad, 1, 2, 3; Senior Dance;
S.A. Club; Junior Art Committee;
'46 Graduation Ushering; Zonian
Advertising; S.A. Skit, 2.

Ancon, Canal Zone
"Loco" .. full of laughs, full of
fun. . she's all reet with everyone.
Reserve Board, 4; G.A.A., 2, 3, 4;
President G.A.A., 4; Volleyball, 1,
2, 3, 4; All-Star, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket-
ball, 2, 3, 4; All-Star, 2, 3; Soft-
ball, 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Star, 1, 2, 3;
Chorus, 2, 3; Pep Squad, 4; Sports
Award, 2; Senior Class Party, 4;
Sophomore Class Party, 2.

Baltimore, Maryland
Lankily he lazes through B.H.S. life
Victory Corps, 1, 2.

Panama City, Republic of Panama
Pleasing smile characterizes Lois.
Camera Club; Pep Squad, 2, 3;
Volleyball, 1, 2; Basketball, 1, 2;
Softball, 1; Victory Corps, 1;
Library Assistant, 3; Glee Club, 2,

Columbus, Ohio
She knows the value of never
making an enemy.
Pilot, 3; Holy Family School Paper;
Library Assistant, 2; Notre Dame
Academy; Holy Family High School.

Brooklyn, New York
"Bernie" of the twinkling toes
Volleyball, 1; Basketball, 1; Base-
ball, 1; Victory Corps, 1, 2; Glee
Club, 1, 2, 3; Pep Squad, 1, 2.

Balboa, Canal Zone
Brains and talent make good friends.
Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars, 2;
Football, 1, 2, 3; Basketball, 1, 2,
3, 4; Softball, 2; Victory Corps, 1,
2; Orchestra, 1 ,2, 3, 4; Chemistry
Laboratory X--i-t.nt. 3; Junior-
Senior Banquet (.',mnnitel': Junior
Ring Committee; Freshman Dance
Committee; Zonian_ IAdrierlili
Graduation Usher. -,I
E7 r

wt 0o h, s handsome!
Bo uil b. 3: B1o .Club,
F 7ll Z, 3, : a all1. 3, 4;
l r PBlA P,, 4;
GleCb ; f Fn/sher, 4;
Bro v '

enc..n. C. !nal Zrr
The ph,, ique. .. ,h ,..,
onwhere. hut Pi 'p -
football liel-j .
"B" Club, 2, 3, t; 'Fnt'bali. 2.
3, 4; All-'tlr ,- 1, 2, 3i 4":- a-.
| ball, 1, 2, j, 14., *\1 Sl rr. r
Basketball( 1, 3, 34; 11l I.
2, 3. 4: W"~Iter.Pol0. 4_ S.ilh. .'I.l.
2; A.ll ',tar.- 1. Trad,k. 3; All-
Starc. 3; "B" Awards; Sports
'A,,ard.. St. Vincent Prep. School,
Lari..be-, Pa.


AtliN 1I. Kr'.[tot "Al"
K"" Krmm-rer. Wvi,mrig
/ dlpqlcrapple ot all the girls' eyes
Ae-tipt 3A ; Jntu..r Prom, 3; Spaniih
CAW,- 2,: S.A. Club. 1, 2. 1. 4:
Fotrbhtl17- t-VrTerT i orp-. 2:
Glee Club, 1. 3. t.1: Cr -ubal High

\.f- L

KutR[ -WKERN "'RiB"
Kikino, Indiana I
7Th- fuh- T hi _h. Ijt.i
Mo.ldl Nrplane Club 3. Pre dent;
Football, 2, 3; \All-Stars,/2, 3;
Chemistry Laboratorv Asipant. 3;
Physics I ab,.ral,.rv A.,4lani. 4;
"B" for thFmn--lr I.-tj', ilqr As-
sist; Presidni Af'\ ic'rt r ot,- in
Isaac C. El-lon High w, ,-r.l. )
/ / i

( tH.rIE [LLE LL 4.i.rz I "I ty"
...,l..n. 'bt y'rama
Wil\r r thr t..rd/ "ht tt ..
the cute brain tus of BH.S.
Dramatics. 1, 2, 3. 41: biner Club.
2; Spanish r Ib. 2: IDr m3a ( Ihb.
2; Speech. 3. 4. ;Chr-ii-r ry --.lant.
3; Physi, 1 \-llril. 4,- pp.ve-l
Key, 3; I sh r j. Gr~l ,i..n. 3.
Staging, 1.. 1. Pr.:t ulr h 1. 1:
Passaico- allk- HiA(icfSi- L N-w
Jersey, 2. ,

Blytheville, Arkansas
A sweetie with a soothing manner
Victory Corps, 2; Band, 2; Mt. St.
Mary's Academy, Little Rock, Ark.;
Sacred Heart Academy, Tuscon,

Ancon, Canal Zone
A favorite with the guys and gals
... one of Gambods Golden Gophers
Camera Club, 4; Softball, 1, 2;
Baseball, 1, 2; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Basketball, 1, 2. 3. 4; Water Polo,
4; Track, 4; \ lt-ry, Corps, 1, 2.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
"Oaf" . one who rates HIGH
with us in B.H.S.
Camera Club, 1; Radio Club, 4;
Football, 1, 2; Softball, 2, 4; Water
Polo, 4; Basketball, 3, 4; Breck
High School, Minneapolis.


4A -

Mobile, Alabama
"Legs" . impossible to count
her friends
Softball All-Stars, 3; Volleyball
All-Stars, 4; Volleyball, 1, 2, 4;
Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 3, 4;
Archery, 1; Victory Corps; Band,
1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad, 4; Senior
Cap and Gown Committee, 4; Senior
Party C..mmnitir-. 4; Murphy High
School, Alabama.

Colon, Republic of Panama
Looks, personality . "Tom" is
in the groove.
"B" Club, 4; Football, 1, 2, 4; Track,
1, 2, 4; Football Award; Sirri rrin .

Ancon, Canal Zone
Always busy . never has time
on her hands.
Reserve Board, 4; G.A.A., 2, 3, 4;
Volleyball, 2, 4; All-Stars, 2. 4;
Basketball, 2, 3; All-Stars, 2, 3;
Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars, 1. 2.
3; Archery, 2; Cheerleader, 4; "B"
Award; Fashion Show, 2; Senior
Cap and Gown Committee, 4; Senior
Class Party Committee, 4,; Senior
Announcements, 4 Tom's River
High -,4'..oI. Cheefteader, 3

IF 'I {-Fr1' "G6Boni"
\ .o. .t amidl Zon4
Vti, r ,,rtuIbif .&-' di,.-. on the
"e", . I..l ri,, black
-7- U, 7 A ;rt '
F....il.all. 1. 2 '.. 1: .\%X tars. 1,
2. H~,bail.J: 2. :; 4, 4 ll-Stars,
1. 1. Ba.-k il all. -1 1 '4: A11
Nlar,. 1. 1 V: Tra,'k. I. 2' :. 1.
11al, r P',l.. 4. X ,1',i.r-. 4. B nrId
.'. p \ ,,ai r: SpI.nt_ \ 3rt.

I-all. 2,.

Nari-i Tun. ikl.l -ik
'i t ir t..,t..rl cn.t I .'. 2"
H,,tbu,' 11,,6.,,'
F....lall. >. 4: \il '.,r.. ,: Ha-kr.
1. ll. 2'. ;. 4 \ll lir- j.. ",.,iball.1
\- I. I rI lll H l"lh ".ll ,..I. K JIr- I-

\ i,,t.4 1'f T HI 1 L "1 ,

... ,,^ Cof i,,, .' _._ -
s nI-h rtf.- ;f-1 & ]
\ rin-,t ',,rp. 1. *4_.i ,.r i
l..rrn Il ;n h ._h, -


'e II

r *


Conwa, Pen sylvania
"Gerry" . r:emdrely quie~-.
dream mile, and

ftwk eet, 3; B2. 3a.,
VolleyfH 2, 3: -tlll ;T.- 2, ^ /^
Glee Club, 1, 2: Sq 2, 3
Usher, 3

A .RnT MA DE "Peggl
Sewark, w Jeey" "
Tosdbig blue eyes d her fly
I-' n il a lr e htr t.- h, t

Spr, hc 4: GIe Club, I, 3; Pen
Squad, 1; West Side High School.

". lliggst"
Ancon, Canal Zone
Buddy . the little big shot of
Junior Class President; S. A. Rep-
resentative, 2; Acting, 1; "B" Club,
4; Biology Club, 2; Football, 1, 2,
3, 4; All-Stars, 2, 3, 4; Baseball,
1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars, 2, 3, 4; Basket-
ball, 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars, 2, 3, 4;
Track, 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars, 2, 3, 4;
Water Polo, 4; Victory Corps, 1;
Glee Club, 2; Sports Awards; Fresh-
man Dance Committee; Sophomore
Dance Committee; Junior-Senior
Banquet Committee; Junior Ring

Panama City, Republic of Panama
Our Spanish neighbor who has
helped make our senior year
Victory Corps, 1; Glee Club, 1, 2,

Valparaiso, Chile
Our silent (?) man of muscle
"B" Club, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4;
All-Stars, 4; Baseball, 1, 2, 3; All-
Stars, 3; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4;
All-Stars, 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 4;
All-Stars, 4; Water Polo, 4; Sports

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Is there an Irishman around?
S.S.S. in El Paso; Water Polo;
Softball; Basketball; Pep Squad;
Library Assistant, 1; Band, 1;
R.O.T.C., 2, 3; Austin High School;
El Paso, Texas; Winter Park High
School, Winter Park, N. C.

Ancon, Canal Zone
"A Canal Zone gal who's
everyone's pal"
Biology Club, 3; Softball, 2, 4;
Basketball, 2, 3; Volleyball, 1, 2, 3;
Victory Corps, 1, 2; Glee Club, 1,
2, 3; Fashion Show, 4; Sophomore
Dance Committee; Junior Dance
Committee; Senior Commencement
Usher, 3.

Panama City, Republic of Panama
"Small, sweet and neat-the type
you call petite"
Basketball, 1, 2; Baseball, 2; Vol-
leyball, 1. 2; Archery, 1; Glee Club,
1, 2, 3; Office Assistant; Fashion
Show, 1, 2.

Washington Heights, New York
Work fascinates me-I can look at
it for hours . ho human!
Boat Builders' Club, 3; Softball, 1,
2; F.I,ill-ll. 2, 3. 4; Baseball, 4;
i ctirr Corps, 1, 2.

Waterville, Maine
A demure Miss, and quite the gal!
Victory Corps, 1, 2, 3; Pan-American
Program, 3; Orchestra, 2; Library
Assistant, 3; Fashion Show, 2, 3.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Tall, dark, and lia~ .-tf . Bill
is one of 01 1/ 1V.
Vice-President, 1;."B" Club, 3, 4;
.,tlall. 1, 2. 3i.i. I11.Stars, 1,
l, Tr.ck, l. 3.,-,!. All-Stars,
-. Ba,-balk. j. i. 4; All-
I. 3. 1:" Ba- Itlhall. 1, 2, 3,
Slor rr-. 1. 2 "B" Award;
w rin,, i ,4.

b, a

0I /


t .. il r...l r I ,il. ti., .

11 "'h 2 B 1 '
k. \ -.;,-[tllr. ril liV, 2 1.\ ,., ,
I1 \. 3. 1'-l. L, 2. P .-itr I ..r,,
mIIl.r I li.iarwnan. . paun ih I li.
.1. P ,I ,_i..I i b k 2. ,, 1- \, ..il.
,.lll. 1. -'. . I ,~,Lthall. I; Vitr.r'
r .rp-. I 2. P, p" jad, ?; k [.,.
\, r'l. _. Fr, -*,1 ,. inA p ,t C rrn ill
I 1. J.nri..r .i/ A m Comuilr .I ;
f* n,.,r Ili,,'. I ..mTerdir. 4. l nwi-r
l', l, r, iiriini tr ,; I *1,.(|[r _'. -

if..' riiii. u1 il.-n r ,n
;. 1. rein \.| iri +' r It .r

\Al. I .- ll 4 *: T' .

S 1-,,. i. 0 i :-,

]. 2. A, -' \11 I:"'.- 4. . 't '..

Rr~l\ 1: kruPir V.TT I

PATRICIA N. Moi Rr n R ,,

New Orleans, -WuiW
* Blonde a, u..... lrli, d4ii ,

SITphomor.. i li I- r-ia i.. 2;
Ballketball. .I r Pl , 12.
Band 1;. 1 l..r'. 2. r 1. 1 "L'l'
Heart Pn il 1 .
New Orleans, Iluimifa R

St. Joseph V\ ]1, n.r'fr pn-.

Lo.-,i, \1 '
r ,., I,--,,r .[rk
V- h;, r l7:nhis
A fr.i R, H I p t'
S'.r i erg a .
Volleyball. 1S: o.o A. -ket
hall. 1; \1 ,l..rr T-1:. CI.,-
S Club, 1, ". 1'. p .I..il. I. 2.
Fashion I.'. 1; Edison High
School, Miami, Florida.

Chicago, Illinois
Quiet and shy, but quite a ;,, .
is our Bert with a big smile.
Football, 2; Baseball, 2; Orchestra,
S 1; McKinley High School, Chicago.

Ancon, Canal Zone
A real sports gal . always on the
go . and a true pal
Staging, 1, 2; C.A A 3, 4; Camera
Club, 4; Biolog- t.ul 2, 3; Volley-
ball, 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars, 3, 4;
Basketball, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars. 2, 3;
Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Stars, 2, 3, 4:
Archery, 1, 2, 3, 4; Victory Corps,
1, 2; Glee Club, 3, 4; Physics Lab-
oratory Assistant, 4; Sports Award,
2, 3; Fashion Show, 3; Cap and
Gown Committee, 4.

Detroit, Michigan
"Salty" is his nickname-need we
say more?
Cristobal High School.

Panama, Republic of Panama
A friendly manner to all around him
S. our future Red Sox pitcher
"B" Club, 2, 3, 4; Baseball, 2, 3, 4;
All-Stars, 2, 3, 4; Football, 3;
Basketball, 3; Water Polo, 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
"Reds" . everybody's friend ..
always has helping hands to lend.
Senior Class Vice-President; Radio
Club, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; All-
Stars, 2, 3; Baseball, 4; Basketball,
1, 2, 3, 4; Track, 1, 2, 3, 4; Water
Polo, 4; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4; All-
Stars, 2, 3; Boxing, 2; Victory Corps,
1. 2; "B" Clt,..-S,.rLA_.._ar.-.
Fa-hirn ,h.iw. 4: rni..r (.la, PjarHi
-Cnmmitree: .A.-ATw Iit -at' ml rr
\ar-ntln-D Dwe--, Cinr T.rIIer '
Club Dane .unmillmr.-, Ann..'n'r
on ditr Puibli.: Addvt',-S. i, m/ -aT
nr I 1" /

.__ \r.n, I ,I /oneJ
Frretrr a.litr ~ happy-go-lucky
t. l, hrr s pet ? ? ?
\Aring. ~--Stamp Cli.rt. ; Base-
hall. .1 2; .,,ftlhall 3. 1: Football,
-1. 2. 3. 1: Ra-k.-ball -1. 2, 3, 4;
\icor) Corlji. L 2) '.;-petrh Activi-
lies, 3, 4, -Pep Suadi. tV 2; Cap
and Gown igrnm;litzer: 1: Usher, 3.

PmirnAo ANI .~'i (1..l\ "Paulo"
'an IJ-, Ccr-ia Rid d
S-qisret likerblpr Ill.-. .r ho hails
from I .,ta Ri. a
Bja.eali. i: BRaAk, -ljl.. 4; Track,
3: G(:Ie (JI. 2, 3. SIn:cer, 3;
Nati-inal In-litulc, Panama. 1, 2, 3.

Dll-RTHi 'ADLI"NE P;uIHit "Dot"
I .l1,n. Rlpubli. of Panama
4 nec iALi i for langhs . always
a goodf tnr w'hen lor'i around
\ .lleyball, I. 2. Rj-k.il-all, 1, 2;
"..hfllall, 1: (.lr, Ilubh. J. 2, 3, 4;
\ ..ti.r C.rp. 2. 2, Pp squad, 1,
2; Fashion Show, 1, 2; Ushering, 3.

~P- *l


i .
/ iW
-a I a

Good things come in small packages.
Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Volleyball, 1, 2,
3: Softball, 1, 2, 3; Archery, 1, 2;
Victory Corps, 1; Glee Club, 1, 2,
3; Sports Award; Fashion Show, 2,

Panama City, Republic of Panama
Small . quiet . with a nice
sense of humor
Spanish Club; Basketball, 1, 2, 3;
Softball, 1, 2, 3; Volleyball, 1, 2, 3,
4; Archery, 1, 2, 3; Victory Corps,
1; Sports Award; Fashion Show;
Art Committee, 4.

The Jeannie we dream of . small,
dainty . and oh, so lovely!
Secretary, 1; Booster Club, 1, 2;
Latin Club, 1, 2; Biology Club, 1;
History Club, 1; Speech Activities,
1; Glee Club, 1, 2; Library Assist-
ant, 2; Fashion Show, 1, 4; Class
Party Committees, 1, 2, 3; Choral
Club, 1; Mechanical Drawing Club,
3; Art Club; Tri-Hi-Y Club.

White Plains, New York
The songstress with the turned-up
nose and bee-u-ti-ful eyes
Reserve Board, 3; Senior Ticket
Selling, 4; Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Softball, 1, 2, 3,
4; Archery, 1, 2; Speech Program,
4; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad,
1, 2, 3, 4; Office Assistant, 4; Senior
Dance Committee, 4; Zonian Ad-
vertising, 4.

. .. .. -l
",, 1 ,

Livingston, Montana
A classmate that we all admire-in
his quest for knowledge he will
never tire.
Dramatics, 4; Camera Club, 4; Boys'
Club, 1, 2; Football, 1, 4; Track,
1, 2, 4; Football Manager, 2, 3;
Speech, 4; Glee Club, 3; Physics
Laboratory Assistant; Broadway
High School.

Cleveland, Ohio
"Gerry" . continually giving out
with the jokes ... merry to the
very core
Reserve Board, 4; Volleyball, 3, 4;
Basketball, 3; Baseball, 3; Glee
Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad, 4;
Library Assistant, 1; Sports Award,
Senior Party Committee, Senior Cap
and Gown Committee, 4; Mayfield
High School, Brush High School.

Springfield, Illinois
The "Parrakeet's" ace editorial
writer . .with personality
and intelligence plus
Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Baseball, 1, 2,
3; Band, 1, 2, 3; Dramatics, 1, 2;
Latin Club, 1, 2; Dancing Club, 1,
2, 3; Oratory, 2; Quartet, 1, 2, 3;
School Paper, 3; Track, 1, 2, 3;
Edinburg High School; Louisville
High School; U. S. Navy.

Ancon, Canal Zone
"We get a kick out of him .
and he gets a kick out of life."
"B" Club; Radio Club; Secretary,
Boat-Builders' Club; Baseball, 4;
Basketball, 3, 4; Softball, 3; Water
Polo, 4; Football, 3, 4; All-Stars,
4; \i. i nr Corps, 3; "B" Sports
Award; Senior Dait Committee;
Uhi at A remhlie : harlotte Hall

AI i "Sp get"
Anpn, Canal one
Pr P y s . all the girls
v. r a ce th him.
R 1 R.-pr=-enl 3. u\:lrin 1;
[-----' ,b y .q Thl. |, 2 j, 4;
,J. : ( k. 3 4;
All 1 1: iR (.r p. I-

Award; I Banqi rI Com-
/ mittee Jiin( g mmitee, 3;

C7/. 1

Panama. Rfpulhi' nPa ama
A ,7I 'A riu.7rnd-
Aetw'lul/ nonti i.
Musc Club, 4; Trisurr, Spanish
Co 4; Vlegio d I .fjSa-C1s a .
Colegio de SainTe, Panama.

'r -

EDt L III.i RL_..i.LL "R,,st\"
( ,I.n, Repuh lil, C: Olf Panr,.i
Got f'int, h fl T. t1-, ir h' r uilk
1, l~~lb 1: 1.an:.3m-.ra (I 4, ,
S IN II1, .2, 3. 1. BBak..,all. 1.
3 : 6,aV. 1. 2. 3: \'Vi.-t.,,rN I ,.,rp...
l C..-. 1n .. 1. 2 4; Pep .qI ad.].
1. 2T.7-: -Tafd. (.ap .an.
(,**. n *.,m In tlle'. 4": I. ri-i. ib.il Hi-th

.-, h A -"

RI .' D. O -"l/irp"
Pana3lj. Republic of Panamia
/ 1., I abhl lad
Spanis-tlf ,t~i---F.k_ I .
Basketball, 1, 2; Trd.. k.-l-?: Gt.-
Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; NatajuInil In-tl,ttl-.

DOROTHY S, %IL ."'D.":-'
Colon, Republic of Pannia a )
Dot, that precious title bandi, lrnm
Pedro Miguel /. a pal to a
Zonian, 4; Vi ory Cots, 1/ 2;
Speech Activiti r& r .3:
Glee Club, 1, T ual,
2,3; Junior-Senior Ba l t Cornit-
tee, 3; Senior Dance Irh mnr-i- 4.

MARION S, H i,,,,_, /
Brooklyn. V-n 1'rI
Dash of freckles ."r, hr ,n .
bright smile Ito r ,i If'
S.A. RFprr,,-n ti_,-1. G alnia
Reserx,- H..ardl. ;: :..K.5 Z $. 4;
Spanish Club, 2; ..li'4hrl, 4;
All-Stars, 1, 2, 3; Volleyball, 1, 2,
3, 4; All-Stars, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball,
1. 2, 3, 4; Archery. 1, 2, 3; Victory
Corps, 1, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Pep
Squad, 1, 2, 3, 4; "B" Award, 2, 3;
Senior Cap and Gown Committee,
4; Senior Party Committee, 4;
Ushering, 4.

Panama, Republic of Panama
Appreciates the world around her
. and the world appreciates her.
Secretary of Spanish Club, 4; Span-
ish Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1,
2; Softball, 1, 2; Volleyball, 1. 2;
Archery, 1, 2; Victory Corps, 1, 2;
Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Office Assist-
ant, 4; Sports Award; Fashion Show,
2, 3.

Ancon, Canal Zone
A lovely Latin beauty whose dazzling
charm we won't forget.
Zonian, 4; G.A.A., 2, 3, 4; Biology
Club, 1; Basketball, 1, 2; Softball,
1, 2, 4; Volleyball, 1, 2, 4; Archery,
1, 4; Victory Corps, 1, 2; Glee Club,
1, 2, Pep Squad, 1; Office Assist-
ant, 4; Sports Award, 1; Fashion
Show, 2; Zonian Advertising, 4.

.2... ..
g.5 :,5 ; > r..


j I

Ancon, Canal Zone
Quiet sophistication .. but smooth!
Glee Club, 3, 4; Pep Squad, 1, 2;
Laboratory Assistant; Fashion
Show;, 4; Bay County High School.

Chicago, Illinois
No need to wish her anything
'cause she's got it all.
President Freshman Class, 1; Pres-
ident, Sophomore Class 2; Vice-
President, Junior Class, 3; S.A.
Vice-President, 4; Acting, 1, 3, 4;
Staging and Producing, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Parrakeet Advertising, 1, 2, 3; Zon-
ian Advertising, 1, 2, 3, 4; Business
Manager. Zonian, 4; Volleyball, 1, 2,
3, 4; Basketball, 2, 3; Bowling, 3;
Softball, 2, 3, 4; Archery, 4: Vic-
tory Corps, 1, 2; Speech Activities,
3, 4; Glee Club, 1, 2; Pep Squad,
1, 2, 3, 4; Chairman Junior-Senior
Banquet Committee; Senior Class
Party, 4; Usher.

Boston, Massachusetts
Ka-wy-it and kee-yute
Glee Club, 3, 4; Pep Squad, 4; Fred-
ericksburg High School, Fredericks-
burg, Texas.

North Plainfield, New Jersey
"S, at .. one fair laddie . .
with a leaning toward biology
and medicine
President Biology Club, 3; Vice-
President Philatelic Club, 1, 2, 3;
Laboratory Assistant, 4.

%11 I t.... [) i "\-l I y'" A
L.,.n. Ni. jr.itia /7

-litl -t''i.'
Z,-.ni, -1. "B ,i l, 1. 2. 4 1- \ll 11 4a -. 2. 1. fli
F...Lb3ail 3. 4: il "tjr-, -
, .f.Ill 1. 2. '. 4: 111 Ita r-.. 1. .
S4; Tri,k. . 2. 1.- .\IIsia,.
. 4 l. r I'..I.. 1.: \% i-
i.orp- 1. 2: (C.1, f Il, I. 2. I 4l
"R" \ward. 2. 5. 4. ."et, .r Danc-f

F r ,l.pr....l. Fl, i.i.
P lon S mht' ,,,' ]| -. ;
Pr.-ti.l.nt n .i .pl..)nm..r. I la--. I '; "C"
Sluh: Ffo,,l tall. 1. 2 Pa- al 1. 2.
3. Victory (r.rp I: Ring i:,.nmit.
it. 3. Ju ini r *'. -n...r I'.g iy. .,
Trra-,irer of Flrrlda lai <.-.; i a.
i.n o K rid c ,.; I I. arMat, r ilich
School, Florida.

Long Beach. Calilfrnia
Magic at his fingertips . farid
up h:. 1 e
Christmas and Thai k Pays;
Woodrow Wilson IIIS:1$ Long
Beach, California. .
Ocean Port, N Jer
A newcomer to B.H. and a
to the school ,
Minstrel Show; Pult c3ii'tn. O'ua ,ga
Military School; flie hrnb.\ i,-
tory Corps; Library assistant;
oratory Assistant; C %il Air Pa r..:
Onarga Military S hoot-- I.r ana
High School.
Clebrune, TC
A typical American ( It . .a
nlmales skies cheery\hen tey
S / are grey.
onph,,mor.f Class V -Pre dent;
siness Manager of alboa Little
Th tre; Cheer Book, 4 .\.. 2.
4, 4Volleyball, 1, 2, 3 : .: \l/Str-.
2, 3, 4; Basketball,1, 2, 3, 4;
A t s 1, 2: Snfth,, 2'3, 4;
All-ta 2; Archr-rv, 2' Vic-
tr C i 1, 2: Sp ec b l,,,itlie-.
3, 4, lub. I. elJSqllad.
l. r' leader,. t3 N.-.
~~rsistal7^ -4 I ir J1 .n
Show, 4; "oph.'m,..re arl)
Committee; Junior-Senior Banquet
Committee; Senior Announcements
Committee; Senior Class Party Com-
mittee, 4; Freshman picnic, 1; Ush-
ering; Zonian Advertising, 3, 4;
Staging; Producing.
Youngstown, Ohio
Vitality plus . and what a rug
she cuts!
Volleyball; Softball; Victory Corps,
1, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2; Pep Squad,
1, 2; Fashion Show, 2, 3, 4.
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Energetic Eileen . eternally
erupts effervescence
Freshman Class Secretary; Staging,
1, 2; Zonian, 4; Volleyball, 1, 2, 3,
4; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Bajketball,
1, 2, 3; Archery, 1, 2, 3; Victory
Corps, 1,'2; Glee Club, 1, 2; Pep
Squad, 1, 2; Cheerleader, 3; Sports
Award; Senior Dance Committee;
Senior Party Committee; Cap and
Gown Committee; Ushering.
Ancon, Canal Zone
A blonde bundle of sunshine for
the rainy C. Z.
Class Secretary, 2, 3; S.A. Secretary,
4; Staging, 1, 2, 3, 4; Producing,
1, 2, 3, 4; Acting, 3, 4; Directing, 4;
Zonian Editor; Zonian Advertise-
ment, 3, 4; Biology Club, 3; Riding
Club, 2; Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, All-Stars, 2, 3;
Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Archery, 1;
Victory Corps, 1, 2; Speech Activi-
ties; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep
Squad, 1, 3; Sports Award; Fresh-
man Dance Committee; Freshman
Class Ring Committee; Senior Pic-
ture Committee; Class Party Com-
mittee, 2, 4; Junior Dance Commit-
tee; Sophomore Picnic Committee.


Ancon, Canal Zone
"Rhythm Feet," a fellow we will all
Acting, 1; "B" Club; Football, 1, 2,
3, 4, 5, All-Stars, 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball,
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, All-Stars, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Basketball, 1, 3, 4, All-Stars, 1,
2, 3, 4; Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, All-Stars,
1, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4, All-
Stars, 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Football
and Track, C.H.M.A.; Victory Corps,
1; Band, 1, 2; "B" Award, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Usher, 3, 4; Castle Heights Military
Cristobal, Canal Zone
Modern designing and super
S.A. Rep., 3, 4; Staging, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Producing, 1, 2, 3, 4; Acting, 2, 3, 4;
Director. 4: Zonian; Junior Anthol-
,ga). 3. Biology Club, 3; Riding
Club, 2. Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 1, 2,
3, 4; Archery, 1; Victory Corps, 1,
2; Speech Activities, 3; Glee Club,
2, 3, 4; Pep Squad, 1, 2; Counselor's
Office, 2, 3, 4; Chem. Lab. Assist.,
4; Sports Award, 3; Fashion Show,
4; Jr. Class Ring Comm., 3; Sr.
Class Picture Comm., 4; Sr. Dance
Comm.; Sr. Class Party Comm.;
Dance Comm., 1, 3; Zonian Adver-
Panama City, Republic of Panama
Boundless pep and personality .
Acting, 1, 2, 3, 4; Staging, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Producing, 1, 2, 3, 4; Zonian Ad-
vertising, 4; Parrakeet, 4; Riding
Club, 3; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Bowl-
ing, 2; Basketball, 1, 2, 4; Volley-
ball, 1, 2; Archery, 1, 2; Victory
Corp-. 1. 2: Spceth Aii;P-l.e. 34;
( ,orus. i. 2. 4: Pit-pw'ia. 1. 2,3,
Abver1it.lr,'4: Fa-.hlon Sh,,w. 3;
.lJ-(r. Banqie-r. 3: Sphl. Punic. 3.
DoROHtlLaRR.AlNT/fRHY "'Larry"
I In e' YoIrk
irtjti, ir t4'o inma'ke other girls
\ \ *^'Ttlnuu .1 ,. ;'OongrF Skignal"
A"i\ W(N- k .1e, ball, ..4. Baket-
ballTI. l: NflaiR 1. 4;: her%. 1,
S 4. to ps. 1, p ep)Squad,

2 nL. Ca ) T
FBI-, IT%*J _ffj ts Clare"

NhBSAle/\,4ie'Th5r?11 with. nire to
talk t,4' rond ni, 'li'htk ot, toro.
\ icl06 f ,,rp, I. : "G -le Cl1lb. I,
2. 4: Per ice
i -0 -how1 %1 3:
en.ur Capnd 1. 7 rn G Im re
P.1TRILt THOp1A00. 'T "r1
\n,un, Cany.ne Il
Bubbling pep ar-d l"''lof
pullrhrtude pers gniti- e a&
Zonian. 4: G.A.4 2. 3 4; .4 h
tlub, 1. 2, Secrer rv tirea1i'rcr .1 -
leball. 1, 2, 3 '-, 'All dr. Ir- 3;
Baketball,-h 1 3. AI I Sars. IL 2.3:
Soi ,ball 1,2. 3'1. 4. A l Slar.i. 3.:
Archen, I,..2,. Swimming, '2, ll-I
,, Slar, 2: % icrv Curps. 1, 2; Cheer-
le dur. 4; "B" for Sports, 1, 2;
tGaddirn High School, Quincy, Flor-
ida, 3.

g *


Fl I [ Ti ITLL "Til"
-- imn-l.aw. \ri/..ri3

S l 7e' Itlids 0t 1n"
il all reet "
DrdliJt i .t. -Pr.i.lciLu.. 2. ;: 3p-g.
i;. 2, 8 -- 1P'ra.te., 4. Cj mPra

Fl-l-. D a _-_'ta -sa -----ik .', 1u',l. I.
) 1: (ff.'- -- n .. B"
purI .t., r'I J h.. -.. Junir u'\ i.r i in
inio1 j. z,,i ,"t-^ d'^rin-nr,^ 4

nte , .,lf..r ii-..i.
.\, r ,T A Vf v. JR.
-.. ua'l.

.BAin : ,:,,1. ,2

I Z. r : 'd, 1I. 2,

i.- B -1
i. 4: U "
3 1 .1 1. 1

'. Ba-.kt1 311. I 2 [.1s .'Bi aill. 2
Bi. htl I "-. 4^ Viol,,r) 4.,,rps,
I. P-. sqia.I. I: "'. C n r ; rir,:iiii p
tii-rI r.nrniv m ii.f l $emar Cljs

A l,,ikeable gal who's a sensation ona

the gym floor . can she

spike a volleyball!
Reserve Board, 3; G.A.A., 2, 3, 4;
Secretary G.A.A., 4; Volleyball, 1,
2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1,,, ,4; A.rl-
Star Volleyball, I, 2, 3, 4; All-Star
Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 1, 2,
3, 4, All-Stars, 1 2, 3, 4; IArchery,
, 2 3, 4; Victory Co .rps, 1, 2; Pep

Squad, 1, 3, 4; Sports Award "B";
Fashion Show, 2, 3; Cap and Gown

PAU. WESCOTT "Pa. b 4 blo"

Monongahela, Pennsylvpublic of Pania
A likeable gal who's booka sensation on
the gym floor . can she
spike a volleyball!

slReserve Board, 3; GAA, 2, 3, 4ves.
Secretary G.A.A., 4; Volleyball, 1,

Base 3, 4 Basketball, ll, 2; Softball, 4; Basket-
Star Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4; All-Star

ketball,, 2, 3, 4; FSotball,, 2, 3; National
3. 4, All-Stars, 1, 2, 3, 4; Archery,
1, 2, 3, 4; Victory Corps, 1, 2; Pep
Squad, 1, 3, 4; Sports Award "B";
Fashion Show, 2, 3; Cap and Gown


P AUL TER "Pablo"

Bayonne, New Jersey
Our veteran sergeant who came back
to B.H.Panama, with plenty of Panamares
Enviable ella, his books are his

Baseball, 1, 2; RadiSoftball 4; in the Ser-
baice. 2,3, 4; Football, 2, 3; National
Bayonne, New Jersey
Our veteran sergeant who came back
to B.H.S. with plenty of adventures

Dramatics; Radio Club; in the Ser-

S F. . "

". r

New Orleans, Louisiana
A jolly fellow with lots of pep
Acting, 3; "B" Club, 4; Football,
1, 4; Track, 2, 3, 4, All-Stars, 2, 3,
4; Water Polo, 4. All-Stars. 4:
Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3,
4; Orchestra for Fashion Show, 2,
3, 4.

Long Beach, California
That walk! That talk! That Girl!

S. A. Representative, 3; Staging, 2.
3; Parrakeet. 3; Zonian, 4; Glee
Club, 2, 3; Pep Squad, 2, 3, 4;
Office Assistant, 3; Quill and Scroll,
3; Usher, 3; Junior-Senior Class
Ring Committee, 3; Senior Class
Party Committee, 4; Zonian Ad Sell-
,i,=. 4. \\ ,u,.i.,,w At i-,.i High
", Ih ..I, I 'alif.rnia. ,

Dl[,ROTtn It. ,T \.DRF.R Sis"
.a1 ,i. E rlwri
"'. nrinn ,., ,A t bJt ,, n .ui hair"
u'll, Mis bIt'ftl'" Q .- r,. to the

j';:. "cr14rk, 2;J.l-,t ... .; Art
1 11.. 1; Softbaly 1 .; '4j Basket-
ball. 2. 3:.\*..llIs. priming,
-1 \ 1..Ir Lt.r -. B iub, 1,
2 1. 1 PrI Sqi. 4 Office

. I, l ..,IP.

-- ..
KATi l ;E DN 1 e i1,- K- i I
L..t Angel-- r.i2(niij
l ir,,v.".& lr cir;/ V 7, /.- re-
niprit1rrd it I

A. ;. 1; H .i G l. .. : Volley-
.All. 2: Ba-ki dil.aH.' 2. Vi. tory
a *.rl.-. I. -'; p .t , ,l i, i .- 3;
.Irr, (.l llh. I. .'. I:.rL nr Assis-
tani .:>5 .: l.. l .lm, ,' i la- Party
(.,..nIriil.tn 2. Pac, hIn tr..-. High

f/ Arr uv.rn

\,i nrn (....r 1.- 2 I.le.. I lub. 1,
2. 4. N.,ithfield t gh _, v. ,.. 1,
\ rI n.niril


Victory Corps, 1, 2; Orchestra.

Vellefagnan, France
"Tubby," our friendly all around
"French boy"
Booster Club, 3; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3,
4; Austin High School, Texas; Cen-
tral High School, Washington, D. C.

San Francisco, California
A big hit with B.H.S. .. another
gift from Cristobal
Sophomore Class President; Acting,
3, 4; Water Polo, 3, 4; All-Stars, 3,
4; Football, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 1,
3, 4; Head Cheerleader, 3; Dra-
matics Award; Austin High School,
Texas; Lowell High School; Cristo-
bal High School.

Toledo, Iowa
Lady of the press . future ace
feature writer
Acting, 1, 3; Parrakeet, 4; Prospec-
tor; Booster Club, 2, 3, 4; Glee
Club, 2; Monitan High School,
Monitan, Colorado.

f40 -

* ';''l'''
-'I l



tiel K"cia
/10ll4/a 1eta

Okie/ a Q4mm

fBekcd Bacae ed.
9l/de/t foke1$n
aen McGlac
4lce Setio

Chak&ete 12a 2

Gaice 6/endeU
Qetchen 2iez
4C"cia Sckwadt
C1ane AQph
Cl&aie Tattle
Miydon 0 Seid lee



' .

OF 1947


*r . -. -
i ~


-i'E u

Of all the "folkses" we like most,
These are our prides and joys.
Here they are, we like to boast,
The best of the gals and boys!

" :.!.',:: .. ^ S ';'
';I ** V :


i :. '!. :;. .
"' z .:f
.. -2.
".. : ,.. ...
" ''! -
.r ;




Jiac," On, Mafd Popula Couple.: MiA cawd M4. 1A. /4d S.
Radlsa/m Sc/hase. an c ed6o& 4&kl ttoi

Our all-around athletes come into their own, winning the coveted honor of
"Most Athletic."

~":2- [,4

m~Ys L;r

*-...- I .t..


MCadt 4/A/i.t a dau w2 Anda 4 o lcdom

Sports ability, good work in S. A. activities, and boundless pep and person-
ality make Helen Rae and Bill our "Most All-Arounds."





M~zda / /-f//-i,2d/ a~wc7L~/ ad 8ite/enRae c/e


These two hep cats have jittered and jived their way through school and
into our hearts forever.




r *


. : i... .

/?ef/ 2cwce4I: Shhy 5es ani Gd Ca Po^etli

^^ e



Sharp wits and matching tongues make our merry couple.

Thr, f alL



l A


i ~V

... i;
., 1-
~~.r: ~p.


gdiietw Sui4^ta aCd. Ma/liot O&eK


Our attractive twosome are really smooth and popular.

.7&m 2eaae,2 and emelma SgckudV

The curtain falls amid thunderous applause. Joan and Bill, our talented
Barrymores, emerge triumphant again.

Mad c 7ak4k.I jcao4 enI and 71 d gvay

-, I
' *^


Our model students, who are loads of fun and still maintain super-high I.Q.'s.




T -.

, I

Jt&lect."ia lk e c .,. ~ilz ~ .uz. N e /Cp_.Z

B- '~VI


This happy-go-lucky pair have smiled their way through high school and
really deserve honors as our "Friendliest."

NY e

L^ *4

41ez6/./ 6-wca 2/baldaw and Anda atlnsawc




.. ]FR 9z,<

. ..^I \

-:^ w "4^

i' 1 \I

Two of the sportiest characters in school are Sure to be successful are Karl
Harry Ferguson and Shirley Weltz. Kern and Theresa Grimm.

A-HUBBA-HUBBA-HUBBA! Need we say more
about Elaine High and Joe Sinnett.

.... ..I O :~v Pr.". .
i "

\ *I^^ ^ 101 ,iftd Illft

-r -*


-. 4~. ___ h

NAA uri -~~lbG
TS "' &''

Popi.lar around schooll are
.hnni, O'(JDonnell and
tin, i, Beall.

Bernie Israel and Bill Sullivan cut a "mean" rug.



Frienlliness-jusi one t htiracterislic
of Buddi .llage an C(harlotllrt De.

Elaine Tatle and "Open thie Door"
Richard. Met:--jokeri of B.H.S.

.4ll arournd--/i
4.4/ice Stillini



PL:( t


- *



Merrily we skip to school,
Without a "sec" to daily.
Instead of having' Business Math,
We're havin' a pep rally!

... .~, '.1 : h ... k

"': ".:'! L: ":. ,: .,
Q: .': .. :: ,;':!- : [;
; .~~~ ~ ~ v,::. l'


* 1/ /


P "
m if i

... ....

.: .
:".,'I" ., : : '

:, ... ; ; ,. ' ,

e. .., ,. ..:
:I.r r.,c ,. ,,.. , .. ,
-*, ;o'.,'.. '..


The Student Association of Balboa High School is the principal organization of the school and spon-
sors all the activities for the students.
The officers of the Student Association are the president and the vice-president, who are elected from
the Junior Class at the end of the school year. This year Dick Colston was president and Barbara Schnake,
vice-president. Alice Sullivan and Lois McIntyre were appointed secretaries. Mr. Hatchett was faculty adviser.
Zonian is financed by the Student Association, and the S. A. also supports Parrakeet, the school news-
paper. S. A. officers act as ushers at all programs and events.
All the awards-speech, journalism, sports-are paid for by the S. A. and are presented on Awards
Day. On this day the S. A. President for the next year is announced.
Alice Sullivan and Lois Mclntyre, the S. A.'s two e.ii. ,.nt secretaries, Mr. Hatchett, sponsor-in-chief of the S. A.,
looking happy gloating over S. A. ticket percentages



al tlllra Q l, r,:.I J,t B. H. i
fl -'i S tit t ii. f ; . It, h
Si O C If lr T. ih l



The first Student Association dance was given on September 20, and others were sponsored by the dif-
ferent classes in cooperation with the Association. At this dance the class officers for the year were introduced.
The S. A. Club this year was an outstanding success. It was held on Saturday nights and had a record-
breaking turnout of students. Dancing, radio programs, amateur night, and swimming parties were some of
the main features of the S. A. Club.
The S. A. received more income from the Little Theatre this year than ever before. All the students of
the school participated in the Christmas Drive for old clothes and food. The S. A. provided the cheerlead-
er's uniform and sold the B. H. S. emblem to all members of the cheer squad.

Must be a gala night at the S. A. Club,
judging from the attendance

How B.H.S. students helped make a merrier
Christmas for Panma's orphans


' ** *

~" ii


Promptly at 8 o'clock the night of December 19, the members of the Glee Club and
Orchestra presented the annual Christmas music program.

The processional of 180 girls marched slowly around the sides of the grade school
patio singing "Gloria in Excelsis." A chorus of 350 boys and girls sang Gounod's
"Sanctus," Schubert's "Ave Maria," Handel's "And the Glory of the Lord," and
"Hallelujah Chorus." Solos by Barbara Gunn and Dick Colston were included. The
next program was the Music Festival held in the gymnasium on Thursday, April 10.

The Band had the privilege of performing at the Governor's reception in honor
of the President of Panama. Roy Hohmann played bugle calls on the arrival and
departure of the President. During the year ninety members of the Band and Or-
chestra spurred our football players on by participating at games and marching in
parades. They provided entertainment at Little Theatre plays, the Music Festival
and Pan-American Day Programs.

"Two . Three . Mr. Branstedder leads our
B.H.S. musicians in a typical orchestra rehearsal

"And the band plays on," as it always has for the functions of B.H.S.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Part of the Mixed Chorus, headed by Mr. Branstetter,
rehearses for the Christmas program

I LA t


IT lini..,,l, I irr" titli, int 'i,,i *Ram ,i .le Ir.n. ti/h jir. Liut, 7Ti, irte produclu, n th,i< tear.

Mr. Turbyfill not only directs and produces
the Clubhouse plays, but works hard
with scenery and lights.



The thirteenth season of the Balboa Little Theatre opened triumphantly
with the production of "Ramshackle Inn" by George Batson, on November 7,
at the Balboa Clubhouse Theatre. Leading parts were played by Catherine
Klotz, George Hatchett, Barbara Schnake, and George Cockle. Joan Bentz,
Bob Albritton. Catherine Taylor. Don Regnell. Alice Sullivan. Bill Etan-. Dick
I r-i-r. Di..k I..II-I.I rDI.rdlil ll--r Irn ri. a31,I Barbjar, (-rtnn nimadl lip Ir I r-lr
,.I ll, 3-.1.
'Th- -i1\ tlo .) -11it l ,' i nm r [I.In-. I li .ihrd- r *. ire- 1 Ir, r- l \ b arluii'
-rnl*.r-. r'-ali -lirr.-'l I I frr-linidn inirr. -i l II- :Jr.
Thli- 1,r13a1i r-..- I.. Pr-ri. .,, Faill-r." I,, I( .riradl ~ri lel. lIe -in...nil
I lillln.r-I [Ij.1 .. Thl.ii ,la M1ari l 6. \ rn Ia:ll..j\ plai\-. 1 h,- prn bhlmr

T'if al C n,,I l .ri, t..I ii 4 ,.! itri -...l-, /, /,. .J s.i p.il th,: iih.
61.. tihi r r h h rflrh ,J .,I, j// rFi t'

Candidates for Speech Key awards are, first row, left to right: Elaine High, Charlotte Baverstock, Anita Catanzaro, Barbara
Schnake, and Helen Rae Souder. Second row, left to right: Martin Olsen. Joan Bentz, George Hatchett, Peggy Sylvestre, Vern
Calloway, Catherine Taylor, Catherine Klotz, and Bob Albritton.

THEt TRt ,1946-


father, who believed that man should revert to his natural posture, walking on
all fours. Other supporting roles were played by Peggy Sylvestre. Hank \ llJr.
Phlli- lrllr;ii..n. Charl..llr Ba ,- r-... k. Jim Ori-.. AfT,rt;r,. l0 . Ruihl Sr,-in. ni.l

Al ....t-lij lin. a. il-, ,-ni ,,f lh Ball,,.i L ilil. T hl-jir, i.- ri l i i r I..-1.I -
ii thi Nl.ii,..rial TI l-jirr, I .r il, rr, rii.- an .d ha- Ict'-n l-rI .Il in Ilr 1 3. ll. ll I rrlih, ra N
Theatr,.- dl i..r-i 'f-r illi- pa.i r .li ar-.
\ll,-r mnih k r-.n nmilrli..n Il..- Di. rin..i l \li-qin- riiu.-r- fr 1"17 ,r,
annoiiten j rlii- jnrrial I irr, Tl-wir, Bir qiir "h' ,i od- h,' .I \pril 24 a31 ii'
H . I F ,...,,I.
\ndl Ihi]. il, R all-.j I h T h a I ... i l ....r- ,, h, .rl -iiil -i,1. -.
fil --J-.,n.

Francis Dolan at the stage switch board-lighting
is very important in stage production.


The end of the year-our last year in B.H.S.-finds the Zonian staff
reminiscing over the many memories-both pleasant and painful-which 1947
Shield for us.
We remember the early weeks of r, k;n our brains for original ideas . .
Bill Weatherby and Ed Baumbach, the "', a r beaver" photographers, who were
alNays ,jIiii, to devote their time for Zonian . the afternoons and week-
i.ls spent in planning lay-outs and art work . Emelina Schmidt rounding
up, "glamma gals" for the Beach Bait page (and, incidentally, making a nice
., ..Iition to that page herself!) . industrious Alice Sullivan, our editor-
capable in .mnlline she undertook ... the
ri.io.- w. ilt it, Ole &l. Isgn f the %parb.olt
r,,s r rn all.,v a%. %h, underf,,k
I. Irni, un r.I b ,,I -r -ctng, group pie-
t,ir n[in , ,1,i pliplilal 11 ca m pain
i ar ltr .. I rh,- u nn, .r- a -ecret ..
i r I I.. lair. ..ili,1al ph.t gra3pher.
p... rr, I ....peraion helped make
S 7.,,,.or, j -,,. i e-- i l, hb irrnied Irips to
iPm1r3n1 i ll-r a -,r-li n.t-dh-d a naphi ot .
l P -, ,_ ti r,. arid Dl-k C-iston. wh,,
S. ina ll. -.ir i shrt nlrled p,.rt pag ..

Emelina instructs Bill on h

,I .-, 'k r I I bI 1 ',ri ,j P.,( j"i I -tr,



* -...
*ik 4 w

fh r. -r n 'e .' r I.-r A p D f.. I; .1 *..-. Ir
f "'. .- f lt l f*, .*r,.rr.t. ,1 r4. t ,.

STRfff Of '47

The hrarr.br, akinr di-app,,.niminr wslien a picturr didnl'l itrn ur'i .. Dol
aau-l arranging rrad1 liarl n phiT..- and 'hirli it. -7i, -lai ing .~.er ith. mid -
linp- . Barbara '. Ihnak,-. ith hlir h ro,)p- ,1 jiraf rht-r-. h-liI ,:rnl rn fndle--
Irip- Ii, h-lp rinan e i h Ih rir.llii-k .. ( harli.rir D~r, u-Ilin2 in and n111 i n
hii-in,; errand- lr B. IJ \li-,.n. ahi.. ii,.,k ll ihre frm l -'n, ir la]i-
ph ln-r . . he "ki.'k" Ire got ii of -1ime ..f ihl- rraz, pi:mir,- lhich ere
liirned in .. Pal Th.,mp-nn Ind Mla.i- RB-ll rnmil wnirkin: '.n -rnmr acli
iiie- . ib hip 13 la ch- o. p r frirm Eill:n I I inmi' r r,:rn\ i n,,' . Phall\ -
Diinran Il'-ing a liie of thl -. a lill" ,f 1 lial . and mn-I ..f all--l. ;nifer
e-I and palii-ne and r.,'p-qral3rin -h.-.n ti l -- Ellen Tlihnma-. -wiper,'m-r -
Ihr, 1947 v'3rbt,..k.

All -1f rhe-. Ihing make- up .irr mim-rn
OrlP-- mrm.--.ri- hiih hi %-nr mrpem[ir of
Ihf Zml'nan lf ill alnai- h:h. ri-h.

'j,.. ril a. i;, I I d a F I



Ulfr rr..jr . a- I i. ., [' r ft r. .I
pr,'... f ,% pe.'r.. r


%X :,. .
. ; ,, >-. ,,,..

1. "

O-r aJd -le-r rlh- rlm ..*r ur. a p-..r .

Fie ra_ L.C. RD not.:
ddln: mAl fVr.- U. ,h

t q1 rr ~B m~rh-

.,<- -C

',-an Bors, f Ir-Lr ad,0or, Iellgn3
ca 1fu.l- 'nile I!E prl.ner at Ihe
tra'rma-xmem.can explins the rine
p-V. V 'rT 'i? prSL3.

"*Leta see now, where lies th:i leLear 9oT7
The perplexedl epreasionsr belong' T Charlohe
Bayeratock, literary editor, and Catn.rine
": Taylor, ace coluedes..
L-iz ;llue



Above left: Elaine Tuttle, Parrakeet columnist, takes time off from her work to smile at
the camera. Above right: Boys' sports editors, Allan Erbe and George Hatchett, taking notes
on an All-Star practice.


Silently the moon shines down over the sleepy town of Balboa, Canal Zone. It
is late and all is darkened-but wait, what do we see over here? Why, it's a light, burn-
ing in Balboa High School and, well, what do you know-it must be make-up night for
Parrakeet! Let's go close and see what we find.
Inside sit fourteen tired people, around them strewn the make-up sheets of Parrakeets
next 26-page edition. Sitting at her desk with her head drooping wearily is Miss Ellen Thomas.
Parrakeet adviser. Bent over page 1 is Clarice Dettor, present editor-in-chief, feverishly
,oit. ..rn, R,.i..,; bodoni," while in the back of the room Allan "Bill Stern" Erbe and
(. .:- t, Lr.i.II..,. hice" Hatchett, sports editors, strive to complete an eye-witness account
r ir..i I....it..**l tg in which Balboa beat Cristobal, 48-0.
Literary Editor Charlotte Baverstock. and Margaret Ward. the staff's junior member,
are battling furiously over the paste jar while Joan Bentz sits quietly by, cutting out paper
dolls, poor thing.
And what's this? Why, it's, yes, it is Elaine "Wolfess" High-past editor-in-chief of
the paper and minus her head! Well, we knew she'd mislay it someday.
IHere come Ed Baumbach and Bill Weatherby-Parrakeet photographers-just return-
ing from one of their trips to Kodak-no doubt.
Peggy Madden, exchange editor and ace reporter, is trying to quell the hysterical
laughter of Elaine Tuttle, author of "It's a Joke, Son," who has just completed re-reading
her column.
Catherine "Kilroy" Taylor is carefully storing away her spyglass and crystal ball;
Bob Roberts, editorial writer, is in deep conference with the Secretary of State over his
plan for Atomic Control; Aure!io Parra and Bill Affletranger, art editors, are laboring over
the illustrations. But why do you suppose Anita Catanzaro, s'ar feature writer, has that
big gun aimed at Bill's head-could it be that he's being forced to work?
George Cockle, Parrakeet's energetic business manager, is loosening up his snake-
whip in preparation for his announcement that the next edition will contain forty-six pages,
while his business staff, Joan Horter, Nancy Coleman, Liesl Pollock. Elaine Lombard, and
Anita Catanzaro are dreaming of aching feet and $1000 contracts.
t. .hll i- j e the Parrakeet staff in their trifles and tribulations. And as we de-
i..ii i i;: .:rh if dawn streaks the horizon.

slr.r'r---,ll .-;I, ; Peggy Madden and Anita Catanzaro, Ih ,,r.rir.i Parrakeets. Below
;r-\lar:I.ri \, Wr.. ,,nd Bob Roberts enjoying the final edition. Below right- A few of the
P-i'-ukeet subscribers express their appreciation of the paper.

I- 4L,

.. ,V





Members of the Art Club meet to sketch a
picture of B.H.S.

The aim of the B.H.S. Art Club this year has been to further interest in art in general and in native art
in particular. The Art Club was organized in October under the sponsorship of Miss Jean Anderson.
The meetings were held alternately at noon hour, with the members bringing their lunches, and in the
afternoon after school. Art problems and phases of art as well as native art and crafts were the topics for
The club this year took over most of the duties of the class art committees, being in charge of dance
programs and various other projects valuable to the school as a whole.
The officers for the year elected in October include the following: Jane Wiggins, president; Sarita Sas-
son, vice-president; Phyllis Albritton, secretary; and Joan Horter, treasurer.

First row, left to right: Jane Wiggins, Joan Macaulay, Eileen Neumann, Sarita Sasson; second
row: Vern Calloway, Ruth Appin, Rita Tarr, Gay Hogan, Harriet Hillman,
Gemma Wright, Peggy Williams, and Bill Weatherhy

From left to right front row: Susan Hutchings, Jeannine Dorgan, Pr,-T \inn Veney, 11,ril,,
Jennison; second row: Eileen Peterson, Gloria Ives, Lois Glenn, Doroth, I .. Ir third row: Robert
Albritton, Vern Calloway, Howard Armistead, and Bill Evans. George Scott is not pictured above

Headed by President George Scott, the Biology Club has been active this year. This group has special-
ized in the study of the flora and fauna of Panama. One phase in which the club di-pil.1-r. keen interest was
the study of the marine and bird life of Panama.
Under the guidance of Mr. George Lee the biologists planned trips to Barro Colorado Island, and
Changame Beach besides their annual banquet of native foods.
Other officers of this active club were Fred Bauman, vice-president; Lois McIntyre, secretary; and
Mary Lou Mohr, assistant secretary.

George Scott and Bill Evans examine Molly Cotton-
;.ol one of the lab pets


CR cflf fl CLUB

Emma Menzel and Clifford Myers examining a
miniature Speed Graphic

The aim of the B.H.S. Camera Club this year was to encourage amateur photography and to improve
the camera technique of the club members.
The club met every other Friday at 3 p.m. and discussed various photographic problems. The dark
room was cleaned up early in the year, and thereafter only members were allowed to work there.
During the year the club members held a school-wide photography contest for human interest. The
winners of this contest had their pictures printed in Parrakeet. Other club activities during the year in-
cluded a developing service for the high school public, a photography party in April and various field trips.
The club sponsor this year was Mr. Frank Wilder, in whose room the business meetings were held.
The club was open to all interested high school and junior college students.
The club was led by the following officers: Vern Calloway, president; Geraldine Day, vice-president;
Emma Menzel, secretary.

First row left to right: Betty Fllinlrn. Emma Menzel, Isabel Washburn; Second row: Albert
Stallings, Daniel Alexander, Karl Mellander, Jack Gladwell, Clenente Aseron; third row: Mr.
Wilder, sponsor, Clifford Myers, Harry Akers, Vern Calloway, and Bill Evans

Front row, left to right: Gloria Ives, Howard Armistead, Sarita Sasson; second row: Dorothy Hicks,
Mary McCoy, Paulette Toussieh, Julieta Oiler; third row: Betty Underwood, Eileen Rabiteau,
Mary Ellen Stacy, Carmen Bright, and Grace Klein

The B.H.S. MTsi.i Club was reorganized this year under the sponsorship of Miss Ethel Pitcher.
The club this year hoped to interest more students in music appreciation and to further interest in
the members themselves.
The club met every Thursday afternoon after school to study composers. A report on the composer's
life was given, followed by recordings of compositions. Among the composers studied during the year
were Handel, Gershwin, Bach, Grieg, Richard Strauss and Tschaikowsky.
As a highlight of the year the club presented a music program in the school library on February 20.
The public was invited to hear the pr,.gr:nm given by member and guest artists.
The officers for the year were as follows: Sarita Sasson, president; Howard Armistead, vice-presi-
dent; and Gloria Ives, secretary.

Gloria Ives and Howard Armistead listening to re-
cordings of the old masters



Enthusiastic stamp hobbyists meet for an afternoon
of trading

The B.H.S. Philatelic Club went into its second year of existence this year with the reorganization of
the club in early September. The objects of the club this year were to study stamps and methods of col-
lecting. The club met every two weeks in the room of the sponsor, Mr. Walter Fischer, on Monday night.
The club neii''1rii- were divided into three parts: the business meii linr-. the discussion period, and the
trading period. I ie planned discussion periods were interesting, with talks on various phases of stamp
The activities of the year included stamp parties, where packets of stamps were bought and sorted out
to the benefit of all, stamp excursions, a stamp exhibit, and a Stamp Club party toward the end of the
The officers for the year were as follows: president, Rita Tarr; vice-president, Vern Calloway; secre-
tary-treasurer, Karen Kloepner; librarian-reporter, Daniel Alexander.

First row, left to right: Rita Tarr, Daniel Alexander, Barbara Fritz; second row: Ernest Freudman
Vern Calloway, Norman Frank, Mr. Fischer, sponsor, Donald Boland, and Tommy Peterson. Karin
Kloepner is not pictured

First row, left to right: Fred Rose, Allan Erbe, John Hanson; second row: James Shobe, James
Forbes, Salvador Cordoba, Daniel Alexander; third row: Jack DuVall, Albert Garlington, Philip
LaClair, Harry Ferguson, Donald Peterson and Mr. L. C. ... ll... sponsor

The Radio Club of Balboa High School was started near the end of last year by Mr. Richard Clark.
Mr. L. G. Woodby is the present sponsor. iMeetin>- are held every first and third Wednesday of the month
from seven to eight o'clock in Room 102-C of the Junior College.
Any student in B.H.S. is invited to join the Radio Club if he is interested in any phase of radio work.
Besides repairing all kinds of radios, the members practice 1bI,iad ad inir. Different announcers broadcast
at football, baseball, and basketball games, swimming and dances. A series of lectures on basic principles
of radio was presented.
The officers are as follows: president, James O'Donnell; vice-president, Phillip LaClair; secretary-treas-
urer, Allan Erbe.

Allan Erbe and Albert Garlington set up the P.A.
system for our football games


,wj <
515 40

Beatriz and Auristela display their native Pana-
manian costumes

The Spanish Club was reorganized in April
and their customs.


of 1944 to increase interest in Latin America, her people,

It has sponsored numerous dances, beach parties, and recitals in the past three years.
Artists such as Joaquin Fuster have played before the group, and on several occasions programs dis-
playing the talents of the members have been presented.
The annual Carnival Dance was held in the gaily decorated gym and was pronounced a tremendous
success-as what dance wouldn't be with such officers as Beatriz Bacuetes, president; Tomas Duque,
vice-president; Auristella Schmidt, secretary; Milantia Roy, treasurer; and the club sponsor, Mr. Allen

First row, left to right: Reuben Russo, Alcides Davila. Auristella Schmidt, Beatriz Bacuetes,
Milantia Roy, Tomas Duque, Edwin Letendre; second row: Hormecinda Schmidt, Helen Pasamante
Julieta Oiler, Marisae Caco, Efigenia Calvo, Isabel \V .a-Ilnirn. Blanca Perino. third row: Dorothy
Taylor, Jane Wiggen. Marilyn Jennison, Renee Llopis, Maria l'rrn .'.-. In. Bertha Pena; fourth row:
Yolanda Canavaggio, Clotilde Benavides, Anna Rios, Peter Gonzales, Mr. Allen Ward, sponsor,
Ruby Ferguson, Cecilia Zager, Josefa Bacuetes

I /



1. 7

1. Bewitching is the word for Sue Sanders when she strolls by in this sequined black creation . 2. Dorothy Dedeaux is poise with a capital "P"
in striped chambray . 3. Latin loveliness at its best as Yolanda Canavaggio models a gown of red crepe . 4. Easy on the eyes is Grace High
when she "dresses up" in a sun-red and white print . 5. Just the formal for the opening dance is Anita Harris's white cotton trimmed with
velvet . 6. Pert Marion Schjeveland really goes to town in her powder blue outfit . 7. A rustle of taffeta focuses all eyes on Jolie ;it. in
her red plaid evening dress . 8. Tiny Sarita Sasson takes a bow in her afternoon dress of blue crepe . 9. Carol Brentner poses in a -.11.j of
yellow plaid . 10. Maxine Gumban looking fresh as a daisy in yellow cotton . 11. Striped gingham sets off Beverly Harris's Irish charm ..
12. Gladys Colombani and her bow-bedecked blue and wh:. itri;s attracted the photographer's eye . 13. Dainty and demure, Joyce Zeeck's blue
taffeta skirt and lace bodice would top off any high school illiur.

Mf I
Dt A"

FI .-



I, I..

1. Auristela proudly displays her montuna at the Spanish Club annual carnival dance. 2. They really do go native at carnival
time ... 3. The best looking couple at the dance ... 4. Vern and Charlotte-the most original twosome ... 5. Besides los Pan-
amenos, in their gay montunos and colorful polleras, other merrymakers were represented .. 6. Flags, confetti, serpen-
tine, and the usual carnival spirit gave these people a wonderful time.

- .;,.



~fr A~

Petite Dorothy Sausel won over the close competition at the Valentine Dance on Feb-
ruary 14 as "Queen of Our Hearts" for 1947.

Queen Dorothy and her court, left to right: Mary Ellen Stacy, Barbara Merrihew, Lee
Hillman, Dolores Lowry, Dorothy Sausel, Jean Price, Joan Dey, and Jo Hatchett.


S -;T 1 ~e


1. Emelina Schmidt-The darling young girl in the black bathing suit. 2. Peggy Sylvestre-Doing what comes naturally. 3.
Helen Rae Souder-Beware, brother, beware. 4. Barbara Le Brun-She was certainly a beautiful baby and, brother, look at
her now. 5. Elaine Tuttle-Coax me a little bit, coax me. 6. Aloha Holcomb-And her bathing suit never got wet. 7. Maureen
Manush--Adding glamour to the side lines.


4~ l~-Y;

1 '

OW, .7

M~felJI '

T'.,j "

j' C



17ra-' B

1. Mr. Branstetter... 2. Ed Baumbach . 3. Vern Calloway . 4. Alice Sullivan . 5. Mr. Fischer . 6. Mrs. Eugene
. 7. Bertha Becker . 8. l'h!ll.. Duncan . 9. Theresa Grimm ... 10. Auristela Schmidt ... 11. Henry Leisy ... 12. Mr.
Lee... 13. Doris Gornell ... 14. Maureen Manush .. 15. Yolanda Elmo . 16. Anita Catanzaro . 17. George Cockle
. .18. Beatriz Bacuetes . 19. Joan Bentz . 20. Dick Colston ... 21. Mavis Beall . .22. Mrs. Branstetter . 23. Bill
T eatherb,.

-srmB, 2

A '
MIR, "


I* _


- I fII
,I U

T7k. l


Careful! Mad chem-
ists at work.

Remember these

Who are you mad

Are you ready for
lesson number 2?

Aw, gee, kid!

What's buzzin',

Tall, dark, and

Let's go. George!

I'm coming! You
needn't say more.

"Underneath the
lamp post, by
the barricade."

Knock! Knock! Aw,
heck, c'mon in!

Ahoy there, you
man! Hey, you!

We study every

The last mile.

C.Z.J.C., we're all
for you! Who's
kidding who?

Let's be on our way!

All alone? Que

i ;


- 1 ,



"Saludos amigos!"

"Size 12?"

"Going my way?"


"Looks pretty good
from here!"

"Come out where-
ever you are-"

"Just wishful think-

"Kathy reads 'Krazy
Komics' "

"Little Miss

"Ahoy there!"

"Time out"

"THE man"

"All aboard-"

"Something for the

"The dog was
ashamed to
be seen in
the picture!"

"Amado Mio"

"We can't read-"









i.~h -r
~ ~i?
;;"5g ?

i: ;,';,": ~*3~

~- ~,""c~ti~'~~,u'~f!



r. e


"Who ya looking
"Another Chili
"We don't believe
in signs!"
"Yours, Carl?"

"Whistle bait"
"Take a bow-"
"Let's watch that

"Don't be bashful!"
"Hubba, hubba!"
"Eh-what's up,
They look happy
but not com-
Too many fire
chiefs spoil the
fire, ya know!
"Aw, c'mon. Hurry
up and click that
shutter, will ya?"
Look at that hand-
some man! (the
one in the back-
ground, that is)
This is a paid ad-
A B.H.S. gentleman
helping a lady in
"Well, the bell
rang. Let's drag
ourselves in."





it It

Fr. .




"King's Row"

"Penny for your

"Going down?"

"A sniper maybe?"

"Sludying neath ye
olde apple

"Hi there!"





6. ~


1. Spend half of my life waiting! .. 2. Two stiffs at the morgue! . 3. Mi mi mi mi mi! . 4. Me and \ irs ..
5. Oh, our aching backs! . 6. Hedeee-come wis me to the Casbah . 7. Dickie and Freddie were sweethearts! . .
8. Pepsi-cola hits the spot ... 9. See no evil-speak no evil-hear no evil . 10. Very rare pose-DuVall working . .
11. Leg art! .. 12. Run to the hills! Dettor's on the loose!. . 13. Question of the day: Which is the game? 14. Now is
the time for all good men to wipe the steam offa their glasses! .

* 3

W =W'
Nut, 1-

; ,aS~

IV- 11

L^ *


U- -

bm.= .-

I. R mrml-br whn' .I 2. M ans Iong ),a, ajo . 3. N.. no, nnl that-- hi-! . 4. Snilr pretl\! . 5. Ti,,li
banquol . 6. F.llju Ihr arr% .. 7. tSiion RH DIO . 8. Danprr' Zonitn at wrk! . 9. Uh, m, frel ar killing
m . l. Th. Land miri h- on .. I. 1 IInd r .Iunitruclnon . 2.2. Kinda lu huh.' . 13. Gal- in gra ..

: .=" "

P~"' I

~ te



. rf.49

a ZI&T I








1. Happy little moron-duh!! .. 2. "Don't shoot-I'll pay you the nickle I owe you!" ... 3. This illustrates the Darwinian
Theory . 4. Gruesome twosome, ain't we? . .5. That speaks for itself, no? . 6. Johnston and Metz, making like
clothespins . 7. Hi-ho, Silverware!! . 8. Eloping? . 9. "See, Muggsy-I told you he was right behind us!" . .
10. Mi pollera and escort . .11. Silence! Genius at work!. . 12. Just wishful thinkin'-it ain't ours . 13. Here
we go gathering nuts in May- ... 14. Comin' in or goin' out?

5 s
4 t Wt

S1 .ii

The Last Will and Testament

We, the Class of 1947, being of sound mind and good spirits, hereby declare Ihis to be
our solemn last will and testament:

Shirley Zeese leaves her tall slimness to Jean Crain.
Phillip LaClair leaves his height to Clinton Wanlass.
Yolanda Canavaggio leaves her vim, vigor and vitality to
Joan Ferro.
James Nichols leaves all his salt to the cooking class.
Peggy Madden leaves her dancing feet to Nancy Hefington.
Alvin Kennedy leaves his height to Homer Chen.
Nelda Price leaves her fluid grace to Lois Glenn.
Billy Dorgan leaves his alertness to Bernice Herring.
Carmen Quintero leaves her "pixie glasses" to Liesl Pollak.
Joe Kunkel leaves his reputation as "Most Placid Gamboa
Boy" to Dennis White.
Shirley Weltz leaves her volleyball spike to Joan Horter.
Ronald Angermuller leaves his ability to finish high school
in four years to Donald Flynn.
Charlotte Baverstock leaves her rinses to Gloria Glaze.
Ninfa Ponce leaves her height, which isn't much, to Ramona
Fred Bauman leaves his easy-going manner to Robert
Barry Kenealy leaves his build to Felix Felos.
Yolanda Elmo leaves those beautiful hands to Corky Paine.
Bob Albritton leaves his ability to get mixed up in so many
activities to anyone who can have as much fun.
Joanne Flynn leaves her blonde curly hair to Nancy Cole-
Bill Affeltranger leaves his good looks to Marcos del Busto.
Clarice Dettor leaves her shorthand aptitude to Jolie Kilby.
Ed Baumbach leaves his physics problems to Charles Cous-
Ruth Balschun leaves her dark brown eyes to Betty Boyd.
Bowie Smith passes on Dellas' matchete to Tommie Smith.
Catherine Klotz leaves her acting mania to Jean Saarinen.
Francis Dolan leaves his way with the "gals" to some under-
Joan Bentz leaves her ability to study law and politics to
Marie Francheschi.
Dean Bright leaves his good nature to Russell Drew.
Lois McIntyre leaves her "swing" to Helen Fuller.
Vern Calloway leaves his slightly tinted hair and its ir-
resistible charm to Warren Raphael.
Elaine High leaves her wittiness to Dorothy Harrison.
Harry Caicedo leaves his dark glasses to John Wallace.
Pat Thompson leaves her cheer-leader uniform to Barbara
Louis DeDeaux leaves his football technique to John
Nelly Pike leaves her cooking class to Victoria Grifo.
Migdonio Seidler leaves his talent at drawing to Walter
Betty Evans leaves her position as "man hater" to Joan
Alcides Davila leaves his piano to Moises Levy.
Catherine Taylor leaves those six barrels of energy to
Rollene Clark.

Charles McGlade leaves, period ..
Anita Catanzaro leaves her Chi-cah-go accent to I nthlu
Gayle Fortner leaves Mavis Beall (oh yeah! --h. lakrs
her with him!
Carrie Frensley leaves her desire for two addld min;-. in
height to Barbara Bartholemew.
Dwight Van Evera leaves his charm to Charle, (.arren .
Milantia Roy leaves her "peaches and cream" mplerion
to Paulette Toussieh.
Donald Peterson wills the Sea Scouts to John If .,,lthull.
Hilda Abadia leaves that smooth look to Clotilide Rrrinai,lei.
Dick Colston leaves his poise and personali Ito Robert
Gretchen Diez leaves her skill in reading Mr. Bran.uiter'-
mind to Virginia Ryter.
Thomas Leaver bequeathes his "Good Neighbor P,.lii" i.
Francis Haydel.
Mavis Beall leaves her smiling eyes to Anne Fdilardti
James Maloney leaves math class to Peter Cht,
Theresa Grimm leaves her artistic ability to W-lnm Hiulgo.
George Hatchett, being of unsound mind jl: r taking
senior math, leaves his ability to have thr, tamih -ar
three nights a week to Jack Hilliard.
Barbara Schnake leaves her bubbling personalii--..I. \cah!
Charles Maldonado leaves his love for work i,. Roberto
Marjorie Conrad leaves her nickname "Short)" i. Barbaora
Bernard Holland leaves his energy to flirt wiih the girl-
to a freshman as timid as he once was.
Alice Sullivan leaves her even temperament to t.,rol. n Bell.
Clifford Lindell leaves his slide rule to Clifford liter,.
Clara Thomas leaves her sparkle to Ana Rios.
Charles Magee leaves his stature to Arthur Pautt.n.
Dorothy Straus leaves her gum on the bottom ...t ith- lair.
Bill McDougall leaves his muscles to John To.'nre.
Phyllis Fong leaves her "gray matter" to Mary Lou Mohr.
Bill Haddaeus leaves his "Bobby-Soxers" to Cliff Weaver.
Gerry Riter leaves her gift of gab to Barbara Hatchett.
Dorothy Parker leaves her engagement ring to whoever is
lucky enough to get one.
Alberto Noriega leaves his distinctive name "Possum" to
P. Quibilan.
Marion Schieveland leaves her heart to Buddy Patton.
Lois Mae Myers leaves her freckles to Ruby Ferguson.
Bill Sullivan leaves his "B" to John Moranz.
Elaine Tuttle leaves her famous smile to Ruth Menzel.
Bernice Israel leaves her rhythm to Dana Taylor.
Harold Fullman leaves his scientific knowledge to Edward
Obdulia Ponce leaves her artistic touch to Ruth Rose.
George Cockle leaves his job of Parrakeet business manager
-and glad of it.
Edna McArthur leaves her liveliness to Betty Weaver.

of the Class of "1947"

Katherine Quinzada leaves her cute nose to Sarita Sasson.
Allan Erbe leaves his quietness to Rodney Morris.
Beverly Harris leaves her chewed-up pencils, her locker, and
all her books to Lois Glenn.
Henry Leisy, Bob McCarrick, and Don Regnell leave their
seats on the Pedro Miguel bus to some poor defenseless
Pat Houston leaves her pretty brown hair to Barbara Carn-
Kark Kern leaves his -,pi lnir.-lligr-nr to Bernard Kelleher
Betty Alrick leaves her flip air to Ida Henley.
Bert Nelli leaves his shy smile to Thomas Woods.
Beatrice Bacuetes leaves her geniality to Berta Pena.
Harry Ferguson leaves his deceptive shyness to Domingo
Phyllis Duncan leaves her swing and sway to Joan Dey.
Fred Rose leaves his ability in sports to Fred Hodges.
Helen Culpepper leaves her yen for the dramatic to Eileen
George Scott leaves his interest in hunting to Henry May.
Geraldine Lyons leaves her smooth complexion to Aurora
William Weatherby leaves his weight to Carl "Choppy"
Priscilla Hanners leaves that Boston accent to Molly
Albert Johnston says, "I leave my yen for intelligence to
Robert Moore with the hope that it won't affect him
as it affected me . affected me ... affected me."
Maureen Manush leaves her very becoming freckles to
Marie Pierbon.
Ralph Smith leaves his "mad-scientist" ways to Buck Millet.
Patricia Moore leaves her "easy-going" manner to Jo-Anne
Pablo Wescott leaves his 100-words-per-minute typing record
to James Mclntyre.
Auristela Schmidt leaves her Latin personality to Greta
Jack DuVall leaves his pipe addiction to Ronald Chisholm.
Aloha Holcomb leaves her breakfast "Wheaties" to Roberta
Martin Olsen leaves his dynamic personality to John Gill.
Marion Schultz leaves her quiet manner to Elizabeth Mc-
Edna Russell leaves her wolf call to Elaine Lombard.
Carl Rossetti leaves his rug-cutting to Robert Johnson.
Vallie Lavinghouze leaves her "Bugs-Bunny" . "What's
Up, Doc?" to Mary Snedeker.
Walter Weiman leaves his "fresh as a daisy" attitude to
Richard Croco.
Joan Kueter leaves her business correspondence grades to
Sue Sartain.
Richard Metz leaves Ancon to Loring MacKenzie.
Viola Luttrel leaves her solitude to Nydia Gonzalez.
Norman Frank leaves his ever-running tongue to Russell
Ellen McClain leaves her Home Ec. stove and sewing
machine to Gertrude Joustra.

John Mallia leaves his title of "Silent Lover" to Burton
Emelina Schmidt leaves that charm that every girl wants
to Nancy Mudgett.
Paulino Osigian leaves his drawing board to Enrique Ho.
Bertha Jane Heeger leaves her Hollywood face to Berta
Kyle Andress leaves his motorcycle to whoever wants to pay
triple the price.
Jean Andrews leaves her pretty legs to Jean Hanford.
Oriel Garcia leaves his art work to next year's art class.
Alice Castro leaves her swimming achievements and style to
Jane Hanford.
Carlos Grosso leaves his will to learn to Julio Rivera.
Kathleen Donaldson leaves her model poses to Jackie
Lohree Mohler leaves his speech to Bert Seeley.
Dorothy Hansford leaves those high-styles to Eileen
Paul Peters leaves that detached appearance to Tom Tyler.
Evelyn Johnson leaves her hard work (or does she?)
Lewis Tyler leaves his jokes and his far-fetched stories
to any gullible junior.
Dorothy Keplord leaves her writing ability to Gloria
Rene Vermillion leaves his bouncing walk to Pat Coakley.
Hank Villars leaves his compatability to Michael Kotalik.
Eileen Neuman leaves her captaincies to go on to greater
Myron Roberts leaves his I.Q. to Craig Malin.
Joe Sinnett leaves his collegiate air to Leroy Lundy.
Peggy Sylvestre leaves her friendliness to Sue Sanders.
Bill Evans leaves his "great height" to Larry Brown.
Helen Souder leaves her cheers and yells to Phyllis Al-
James O'Donnell leaves his red hair to Fred Horton.
Lois Hollowell leaves her speedy walk to Margaret Ward.
Thomas Duque leaves his soft-spoken words to Jacob Isaac.
Charlotte Dye leaves her jeans and pig tails to Ruth Appin.
Armando Gonzalez leaves Panama's Good Neighbor Policy
to Jorge Halphin.
Barbara Lebrun wills her all-around friendly air to B. H. S.
Ruben Russo leaves his pleasing manner to Albert Doris.
Doris Gornell leaves her mezzo-soprano voice to Carmen
Dorothy Sausel leaves her Lana Turner hair to Renee
Niza Boynton leaves her graceful slenderness to Nancy
Lorraine Terry leaves her glamour to Nelli Delvalle.
Eileen Suisman leaves her winning personality to Lillian
Edwin Wilson bequeathes his nickname of "Burrhead" to
John Landers.
Iris Schmidt leaves her "Ipana" smile to Carolyn Bell.
Albert Garlington leaves his trombone to Charles Crenshaw.

Signed this last day of May, nineteen hundred and forty-seven.

Ie G 47


Dear Folks:

Since this year is the tenth anniversary of our grad-
uation from Balboa High School (you all remember that
day in May, 1947), we are publishing this bulletin to
let all our former classmates know what has become of the
people in our class.

Looking at billboards around town lately, we see that
little Ronald Angermuller, known as "Ronnie" back in
the good old B.H.S. days, now receives top billing as a
wild animal trainer in Bangling Brothers Circus.

On a "Rocket Ship" visit to the Canal Zone this
week, we met Allen "Silent Boy" Erbe, who tells us that
he is raking in much dinero by teaching people how to
concentrate via the Yogi method. Yolanda Canavaggio,
who is modeling sweaters in New York, was also aboard.
She told us that Armando Gonzalez is trying to prove
that you can dig a tunnel to China. She also said that
Barbara Schnake, who is the first woman senator, is suf-
fering from a nervous breakdown due to extreme exertion
on campaigning tours.

Upon our arrival on the Zone, we were greeted by
the new Governor of the Canal Zone, Bert Nelli, who
told us that the illustrious Joseph Kunkel had finally
made the grade-he was recently made the mayor of
Boquete. Henry Leisy and Dorothy Sausel, who have been
happily married for years now, were also at the airport
to meet us. They told us about their alligator farm in
Pedro Miguel.

After leaving our baggage at the new Tivoli Hotel,
we drove over to B.H.S. where Jim Maloney has succeeded
Mr. Esser as principal. Betty Evans and Kathleen Donald-
son are his secretaries. Theresa Grimm and Edna Russell,
school nurses, are Il,,;Jp pl,;t- j time taking care of all
the injured in V..,1-.. L ,raph ,u:-'s gym class. Jim told
us that Clarice Dettor said good-bye to the Canal Zone
several years ago and is now a lady streetcar conductor
in \'rur.' suh! It is rumored around the town that
George Hatchett, the mad scientist, has been shut up in
his secluded laboratory since 1950. His assistants are
Evelyn Johnson and Eileen Neuman, who still think an
atom should be split with a razor blade-dulh!

After our visit to the school we returned to the hotel
for a rest before dinner. Picking up a popular magazine,
we read where the all-around boot-leggers, Harold Fullman
and Dick Colston, were captured and jailed by police of-
ficer Donald Peterson. This report was a disaster to the
Liquor King, Richard Metz, and his gun moll, Catherine

We also found a report that the world-famous com-
mentator, Bowie Smith, announced the other night that
Norman Frank has been chosen by such great musicians as
Thomas Duque, Joan Bentz, and Alcides Davila, to be the
foremost composer of the age. Our reporter also scooped

the networks with the first news of Dwight Van Evera's
finally negotiated treaty, making his Alaskan colony part
of the United States. Glancing at the political section,
we saw where Senator Charles Magee has chosen his office
staff, consisting of secretaries Alice Sullivan, Emelina
Schmidt and Joan Kueter.

Looking through the literary section in Oriel Garcia's
j,i';rn.. we saw Dean Bright's synopsis of Charles Mc-
".li .lt book, "How to Get on with Boys," and the latest
novel of the celebrated author, Ellen McClain, "The Case
of the Crystal Shears." Glancing through theatre advertise-
ments we saw "The Mystery and 1\3iiL of an Ancient
Tale," danced by Bernice Israel at the Stork Club. Katherine
Quinzada in "Songbird of Heaven," her greatest role, was
also advertised. Other ads were as follows: "Lose thirty
pounds-be a slim beauty by the Phyllis Duncan course!";
"Designed by Maureen Manush-to make you so special,
and your suit so extra special!"; 'You can usually avoid
harmful fatigue if you'll remember to relax,' says Dr. Joe

After reading the magazine awhile, we turned on the
radio and caught Paul Peters announcing, "Yes, sir, it's
a one-night stand. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the fight
for the f. jalir ,i, liht championship of the world. In one
corner i- ilr,- o:'p. ,ni. Bill McDougall, and in the other
corner is the well-known squeezer, Bill Weatherby. The
referee is our old friend, Edwin Wilson. Among our audi-
ence we have the star reporters, Albert Johnston and
Elaine High. This fight is being broadcast through the
facilities of Pablo Wescott's Radio Corporation."

After listening to the fight we dressed for dinner and
went downstairs. Joanne Flynn, president of the Hotel
Managers' Union, and Marjorie Conrad, professor of "How
N.. i.. I ook," fellow guests of the hotel, rushed up and
discussed their views of George Scott's movie corporation
with us. They told us that the Zonian, a beautiful new pas-
senger ship, would go through the Canal the next day,
piloted by its captain, Francis Dolan. A passenger of great
importance is the Minister of Foreign Relations, Clifford
Lindell, and his charming secretary, Milantia Roy. They
are on their way to be the guests of the Brazilian million-
airess, Nelda Jean Price. Other passengers were Hilda
Abadia. Cuban dancer; Bertha Jane Heeger, beautician;
Clara Thomas, telephone operator; Elaine Keplord, novel-
ist; and, last but not least, our famed opera singer, Edna
McArthur. Fred Bauman is chief mess boy aboard.

About that time, our hostess for dinner, Catherine
Taylor, the human radio, rushed up to escort us to dinner.
Other guests at the party were Ruth Balschun and Viola
Luttrel, proprietors of the snazziest fashion shop on Fifth
Avenue; Gretchen Diez, piano player with the National
Symphony Orchestra, escorted b\ Kile Andress, guard on
the All-American football trcjt.:Ot.'duhia, Ponce psychiatrist,
who is currently having quite a time examining Martin
Olsen's head; Bill Evans, president of a nut factory; Betty
Alrick, owner of the "Luscious Bakery," who still does
all her own cooking; Tom Leaver, Governor of Coiba, and
Dorothy Straus, comedy dancer.

'-~--- I-I...... ...... ...... ...... - ......r- u--~u


During dinner our "wound-up" hostess told us that
she knew all the news about our ex-classmates. It seems
that Shirley Veltz is managing her own volleyball team
and plans to tour the country with it. James Nichols has
left the sea and is now manufacturing grass skirts on a
tropical isle . hay . hay! Raben Russo, tired of the
rush of civilization, is diving for pearls in the South Seas.
Ralph Smith is designing men's shirts in Hollywood while
his neighbors Nelly Pt.i. Dorothy Hansford and Carmen
Quintero are working for Warner Brothers. Peggy Madden
is now one of the best Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall,
while Lois Hollowell and Marion Schulze are starring in
a movie there. By the way, Geraldine Lyons wrote the book
from which the movie was taken; Carrie Frensley was the
proud producer, and Dorothy Stokes was the director. Pat
Moore is operating a men's beauty shop, and it seems that
Don Regnell and Alberto Noriega drop in often for mani-
Geraldine Ryter cracks such good jokes that she has
now taken a job as the star on Jack Benny's program, which
is sponsored by the well-to-do Charles Maldonado. Pat
Houston and Iris Schmidt are traveling around South Amer-
ica on a good will tour. Their plane was greeted by
Auristella Schmidt, who is secretary at the Panamanian
Embassy there.
On the recent U.S.O. (yes, it's still running for the
boys) radio program, Carlos Grosso, radio announcer, in-
troduced Charlotte Dye, singer for Harry James, and Louis
Tyler, famous comedian.
Ford's new President, Vern Calloway, was the first to
produce the new land, sea and air automobile, designed
by Jim O'Donnell and Robert McCarrick. That whiz pho-
tographer Ed Baumbach now has his own private studio,
complete with models Pat Thompson and Sue Gruver.

Migdonio Seidler is playing professional chess and
drawing girls on the side. Carl Rossetti, Jack DuVall and
Harry Ferguson are riding the waves in their private yacht.

George Cockle has succeeded Walt Disney as the
most popular cartoonist of the day and is everybody's
buddy. Bob Roberts is about to have a nervous breakdown
from pacing the floor with Junior, while Priscilla Hanners
is playing nursemaid to Beverly Harris' eight children.
Phyllis Fong is the head of the new Cerveceria Na-
cional. Her backers are Barry Kenealy, president of the
eighth National Bank, and Beatriz Bacuetes, president of
the Hoteles Nacionales. Others with interest in this big
business are Helen Culpepper and Alvin Kennedy.

After dinner we adjourned to the dance in the ball-
room, sponsored by Paulino Osigian, biggest business man
in Panama, and played for by Albert Garlington's band,
which had come from the States for the occasion. While
at the dance we saw Phillip La Clair, who has opened the
most modern restaurant in Panama combined with a
dance floor. Also seen at the dance were the beauteous
Powers models, Helen Rae Souder, Peggy Sylvestre, Jean
Andrews, and Yolanda Elmo..They were d'hibinti dresses
fashioned by Bill Sullivan and Bob Albritron. Shirlre Zeese
was modeling Bill's new Slick Chick Corselettes.

After the dance our hostess took us down town to
see the 1957 World's Fair, held in Panama City. We were
greeted at the entrance as special guests of the Fair
Queen, Eileen Suisman. Dorothy Parker, world famous
aviatrix, just returned from a trip around the world, was
doing stunts overhead. Among the spectators we knew
were Loismae Myers, Lorraine Terry and Marion Schjeve-
land, the dancing trio at the "52" Club, and Lois Mclntyre
of McIntyre Frn-in,-rir, Corporation. Patrolling the high-
ways was Fred Rose, a sergeant in the motorcycle force.
Harry Carcede, lad.lin, high jumper, and Loree Mohler,
pitcher for the (It, a.,. Cubs, on their way back from the
1957 Olympics, were featured at the Fair that night. Alice
Castro, who has just set the new world record in the Olym-
pic swimming meet, was starring in Bernard Holland's

As we wandered down the Hall of Nations, a fortune
teller's booth caught our eye and in we went. Imagine our
surprise when the fortune teller turned out to be the
charming Niza Boynton-all of us felt that perhaps there
may be something to this "stuff and nonsense." At any
rate, let's see what she has to say ...

"I see a sketch board and paints . and a beautiful
blonde model-who? Why, it's B.H.S.'s own Varga, Bill
Affeltranger and his model, Barbara Le Brun.

"Now it's a street in Chunking. China... Mr. and Mrs.
Gayle Fortner (nee Mavis Bitll are head of the local
mission . under them is a staff which includes Dr. Carl
Kern and his head nurse, Doris Gornell.

"A change of climate, say Alaska . who's that with
the whip in hand? . Just Louis Dedeaux digging up a
new act for his vaudeville show . If we drop in to the
local movie theatre we can see that dynamo of energy, Miss
Elaine Tuttle, in action . also included in her act is
that shadow of a man, Bill Dorgan, who has quit his part
as the main character in "The Thin Man" series . .
What's this? Aloha Holcomb presiding in her infamous
gambling casino, where gold prospector Bill Haddaeus
loses all his sour dough.

"Hollywood . that mecca of dream men and beauti-
ful girls . and who's there that we know? None other
but the shy guy of B.H.S., Johnny Mallia . currently
starring in the "Silent Lover." Playing opposite him is
that nifty little package, Ninfa Ponce . and the big-time
operator, Walter Weiman, is now producing soap operas in
French with Rene Vermillion as the main character, and
Charlotte Baverstock as leading lady."
We enjoyed our visit to the Fair, but the night was
getting on and our hostess took us back to the hotel. We
enjoyed our brief visit to the Canal Zone, but we had to
leave the next morning.
On the rocket we met that trim airline hostess, Anita
Catanzaro; the navigator, Hank Villars, and Joe Sinnett,
the ace pilot.
Well, that's about all for now ..
Saludos Amigos!

__ ,_ II_ _ ...... ...... ...... _

. . ..............I......

The game was long and hard and ruff,
The fans were in a roar.
But when our team got really tuff,
You should have seen the score!


I' N\

_ ~^-)


1 I

ISEIr~ FfESE >. .Y*.*'- 1 _YR




;s. ii


: _::

...a :uz. ia:I S

"B" Leue "" Leeue ague


C. Z. J. C. DEFEATS B. S. 19-7, 12-0

The strong C. Z. J. C. football team emerged victorious in the first panle belteen the tIr. rivals %ilh
the game a thriller to the end. B. H. S. scored first when Bill Sullitan went through tackle on a 20-vard
run for a touchdown. Francis Dolan kicked the extra point. and the score was in B. H. S.'. favor, 7-0.
The B. H. S. team seemed impregnable as it held the line lime and time again. C. Z. J. C. threatened a touch.
down on the Balboa 2-yard line but was thrown hark for a loss.
C. Z. J. C. continued the attack, and late in the send quarter Tuttle laleraled to Keneah. wh.- threw
a 20-yard touchdown pass into the waiting arms of Conover. Then Osirea kiLked the conversion. and as the
half ended, the score was tied. 7-7.

Ou' r heeriaders in their fla'sh
niflormi pose for a picture be.
fore C'ollege game.

B. H. S. kicked ofl lo .laii the sec-ond half. On a steads drie dno n the field C. Z. J. C. ? Iourhdod n on a -leeprr pas- Irrm Keneal\ i. Oliea Howeler. Iher failed to make tlie epira print. Time
and apa;n B. H. S. ried to s.'ore hut ",a held a ,k I.v the sirtriin .allepi- taini. In the final quarter iith
the ball re-ling on the Baib..a li., ard line. Tutlle passed It kerneaI s ir ainilher ialk. idrl Oslrea again
dropkicked for the Fetra p-int. Balbo.a tied desperalell tlo if. e. hu Ithe- liie lan ,iul. and C. Z. J. C. ,in
the first game. 19 7.

RO-'.FT i RT LL I. H\'IENi L 1 I DI N

"B League




DEDE \i \

College tae.s badl through B. H. 5.
center jor pain.

The C. Z. J. C. eIam win rile second game against B. H. S. by the riore ,of 12.0. Both teams plj\ed
a brilliant game un the nffensine and defensive.
C. Z. J. C. took the ball on Iheir :.5-sard line and began a .ileadv addanae and scored a running? lou h
down when De La Mater 'weIn through tackle. The kick for the erura print ienl uiide.




De La linter go', iirr ,, ,r e a
touchdown lor C Z J. C in the
sIPe in.d r lt betrien th f sqh i.ol,.

Balbia ti.,k the .ill and l. I n lice ..i lecp ilIl.ardl Ine b11 .11ui 'l 111, i .r,-r k thrllii .h the i- ..1 g I]ilege

Th.e final ri.re if he ip p.nir t-4 made ,heri C. Z. C. I....k the li.il I..1 I I. 11. I ". I)aid line, anrd ii
\-evellent rai h b\ Kien-ea31 fr.,i 'utI. liT miude the -i ..r i2 II. hilll h lhld In Ilr I.nd .ul ,f tIhe ame.

L 1 \%.11I \

J l\ LLI


] \ \N,

I)| \ 1



Kenealy about to pass for College.


The C. H. S. football team completely overwhelmed the B. H. S. boys in the first game between the
two schools by the score of 36-6. It was Haywood's passing and Hooper's receiving that defeated B. H. S.

In the first quarter Haywood threw a pass to Smith who went 15 yards to a touchdown. In the second
quarter Christobal walked away from Balboa. Haywood passed to Hooper for another touchdown. C. H. S.
scored again when Hooper intercepted a pass and ran for another tally. The Balboa boys tried desperately
to stop the combination of Haywood and Hooper. With a few minutes' playing time left in the first half
Haywood again passed to Hooper for a touchdown, and the half ended C. H. S., 24-B. H. S., 0.

C. H. S. started on a rally again when Haywood threw a pass to right end Chambers for another touch-
down. Haywood threw another touchdown pass to Hooper, which made the tally his fourth of the game.

The Balboa team was not to be overcome completely. The B. H. S. lone tally came in the fourth quarter
when successive passing and iiimniin' by Dedeaux brought the ball to the Cristobal 5-yard line. On the next
play Dedeaux passed to Johnson for a touchdown. Each team threatened again but the minutes ran out, and
when the final gun was fired, the score stood in C. H. S.'s favor over the Balboa lads, 36-6.

Sullivan kicks out of danger for

College gains again as they clash -
through B.H.S. center.- .


BY 36-6, 14-0 SCORE
C. H. S. became victorious in the second game with Balboa by the score of 14 to 0. It was a hard
fought game by both teams.
Cristobal kicked off to Balboa to start the game. The first quarter remained scoreless as Dedeaux and
Haywood passed and returned kicks. In the second quarter Cristobal was caught back in their territory and
kicked out, the ball was fumbled by Balboa, and C. H. S. recovered on the B. H. S. 20-yard line. Haywood
faded back and passed the ball into the end zone, where two Balboa backs hit the ball but it fell into Smith's
arms. Pretto kicked the extra point, and the score was 7-0 in favor of C. H. S. when the half whistle was
The second half was a well-played game as both teams continued their running and passing but could
not score. Later in the third quarter, Cristobal drove hard up the field to the B. H. S. 10-yard line. Hay-
wood then passed to end, Coulther, who caught it in the end zone for a touchdown. On the extra point
Cristobal was penalized 15 yards for holding, but a beautiful kick by Pretto from the 25-yard line made the
conversion good and the score was 14-0.
Balboa again tried to score, but the gun was fired and the score ended C. H. S., 14-B. H. S., 0.

Rossetti runs the ball through
tackle for gain of 10 yards.

-- i
4 K 1

First row: Angermuller, Lundy, BJImI.m. Wanlass, Dedeaux, Cockle, Moore. Second row: Mallia,
Leisy, On- l\ it-..r.. McGlade, Kunkel, Heddeaus.


The Balboa High School water polo team defeated the C.H.S. team in the first game by the score of
4-1. It was a well-played game by both teams.
In the first quarter Dedeaux scored the first goal after three minutes of playing time. The scoring
was slow and the first quarter ended 1-0 in favor of B.H.S.
The second quarter saw Leisy and Orvis scoring for Balboa, and in the third quarter Wilson made the
final score for B.H.S.
Entertainment between the halves included In the final quarter with about a minute left to play a
exhibition diving. Cristobal forward threw the ball into the net for a score,
and the game ended with the score in B.H.S.'s favor, 4-1.

In the second game B.H.S. easily defeated C.H.S.
by the score of 12-0. Balboa outplayed the Cristobal
team throughout the whole game.
Balboa started off the first quarter of the game by
scoring four points on goals by Lawrence, Orvis and two
by Dedeaux. In the second quarter four more goals by
Smith, Leisy and two by Orvis made the score 8-0 at half
The third quarter started with Leisy and Orvis tally-
ing for Balboa, and in the final quarter McGlade and
Dedeaux scored to end the game at 12-0 with Balboa
winning the series of games between the schools.