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60 1~~

D.K.. .C,
V. P
V.L. M



ni/ v/\/




rl.K. R11 DP
LL. N. 6E
'S' ~ K .S:



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S' 0



C, M.
IE.GRI 7I- 1, 5.. M.. 17
C.6. jJ.

N. e IA G.







3. E.X. i4.1H

-7T U-.S.

E PC.TST.. 14

.H. R

= N.....JX.N.=t 7 L.. jL.J NZ

_^- --^ ---- --^ -^^^ -^^ -^^^ --- -1 -

C P. A.






4--.R .







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F B.



E5=UER:5 !5I

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;*'.aJ* i,

Balboa High School
CAROLE SYMONDS..................Co-Editor
DOLORES WHEELER...............Co-Editor
JEANNE NICKERSON- Business Manager
MR. F. BROWN ..................Faculty Adviser
MR. D. WILCOX............Financial Adviser

Mr. Hummel-we, the seniors of 1960, in appreciation for your friendliness, your
willingness to lend a helping hand, and your untiring devotion to the Senior
Class, do dedicate to you the Zonian of 1960, as a small token of our

i iL.~~PI

Before we, the forty-sixth class to leave the halls of Balboa High School with our
eyes fixed on far-off goals, prepare to close our last high school textbook and accept
our diploma, the Zonian Staff of 1960 would like to take a final trip in review of our
wonderful years here.
The tracks of life for us extend far into the future, taking many turns and going
out of sight. What is to come, we do not or could not know, but what has passed
we will always remember. Therefore, with your permission, we shall board our train,
good old "299" which has seen quite a bit of history, and take a trip back into our
wonderful four years at Balboa High School. When we come back up to the present,
we will stop and let you keep on going into your future. THE BEST OF LUCK TO


Mr. Theo. F. Hotz, A.B., Heidelberg College, M.A.,
Ohio State University.

Left to right: Mr. Robert G. Mullarky, Boy's Adviser.
A.B. & Ed. M., Tufts College; Miss Marie C. Weir, Girls'
Advisor, B.S., U. of Florida, M.A., Colombia U., Mr.
David A. Speir, Jr., Assistant Principal, A.B., William &
Mary, M. Ed., U. of Florida.


Left to right: Mrs. Louise R. Hunt; Mrs. Katherine G.
Headrick; Mrs. Gladys M. Hatch.
tU '_ -
w sa

Left to right: Mrs. Evelyn R. Koperski, R.N., Atlantic City
School of Nursing; Howard C. Pritham, M.D., B.S., Colby
College, M.D., Tufts College Medical School; Mrs. Henri
G. Skeie, R.N., Capital City School of Nursing.

Left to Right: Miss K. Clark, M.A., New York U.; Mrs.
Helen Kelliher, B.S., Kansas State Teachers College.

Left to right: Mr. D. E. Myers, B.A.-State Teachers' College N.D.,
M.A.-Washington State U., Physics; Mr. G. M. Willingham,
B.S. & M.S.-Ala. Poly. Inst., Chemistry; Mr. F. Y. Hukill, B.S. &
M.A. U. of Ky., Biology; Mr. J. W. Seaquist, Ph.B.-U. of Wis-
consin, M.A.-NYU, Biology; Mr. J. C. Knick, B.A. & M.Ed.-U.
of Va., Gen. Science & Biology; Mr. W. M. O. Fischer, B.S.-U.
of Chicago, M.A.-Columbia U., Chemistry. Not Pictured: Mr.
G. O. Lee, B.S.-Iowa State U., M.A.-Columbia U., Biology.

Standing, left to right: Mr. F. S. Brown, B.A.-U. of Washington,
M.A.-U. of New Mexico, English & Journalism; Miss J. Brown,
A.B. & A.M.-U. of Missouri, English; Miss M. S. Brigham, B.A.-
Battle Creek College, M.A.-Columbia U., English 11; Miss H.
Matthews, A.B.-Alabama College, M.A.-George Peabody Col-
lege for Teachers, English 10; Mr. C. R. Vosburgh, B.S.-Ham-
ilton College, M.A.-Columbia U., English 11 & 12c; Mr. H. W.
Fogie, B.A.-Arizona State U., M.A.-Arizona State U., English;
Mr. C. M. Tatman, B.S.-Temple U., M.S.-Rutgers U., English
& American Institutions. Seated: Miss M. Whitman, A.B.-
Wayne Teacher's College, M.A.-Northwestern U., English 12c.

Left to right: Mr. O. R. McGill, B.S. and M. Ed., U. of South
Carolina, Algebra and General Math; Mr. B. F. Ryder, A.B.
Providence College, M.Ed., Bridgewater State Teacher's College,
Algebra and Geometry; Mrs. P. V. Ryan, B.S.-Idaho State Col-
lege, M.A.-Stanford U., Plane Geometry; Mr. G. W. Case, B.A.-
Northern Idaho Teacher's College, Algebra and General Science;
Mr. F. W. Gurney, B.M.-Miss. State College, MM, U. of Michigan,
General Math; Mrs. F. K. Graham, A.B.-Hunter College, M.A.-
Columbia U., Mathematics; Mr. L. D. Hummel, B.A. & M.A.-
Duquesne U., Math 11 and Math 12.

SStanding, left to right: Mr. R. G. Mullarky, A.B. & Ed.M..
Tufts College, U. S. History & E. W. History; Mr. W. M.
Mikulich, B.E.-Moorhead State College, M.A.-U. of Iowa,
U.S. History & Am. Inst.; Mr. F. J. DeGeer, B.A.-Colo-
rado State College, M.A.-U. of Texas, M.W. History &
English 9; Mr. E. W. Hatchett, Jr., B.B.A.-U. of New
Mexico, M.A.-Arizona State U., U.S. History. Seated:
Miss M. L. Stindt, B.S.-Northern Michigan College, M.A.-
U. of Michigan, E. W. History & English 10.

Mr. C. Dippre, B.A.-Lewis & Clark College, M.A.-U.C.L.A.;
General Business, Elementary Typing & Early World History;
Mrs. M. B. Journeay, B.S.- Iowa State Teacher's College, M.A.-
W.Y.U., Shorthand & Typing; Mr. J. A. Rider, B.S.-Northwestern
Oklahoma State College, M.A.-U. of Wyoming, Typing.

Back, left to right: Mr. S. I. Barkowitz, A.B.-College of
Charleston, M.A.-Middleburg College, Spanish; Mrs.
R. M. Bissett, A.B.-Howard College, M.R.E. Woman's Mis-
sionary Union Training School, Spanish & English; Mr.
D. R. Wilcox, A.B.-Augustana College, A.M.-U. of South
Dakota, Spanish & English; Mrs. V. Perry, B.A-Evansville
College, M.S.-Indiana U., Latin. Front: Mrs. L. DeArmas,
B.A. and M.A.-Michigan State, Spanish; Miss C. M.
Aycock, A.B.-Woman's College of U.N.C., M.A.-Colum-
bia U., Spanish; Mrs. S. B. Haselden, A.B.-Wesleyan Col-
lege, M.A.-U. of Florida, French & English.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: back, left to right: Mr. L. E.
Horine, B.S.&M.A., Colorado, U.; Mr. Karst, A.B., U. of
North Carolina; M. Ed., U. of Texas; Mr. R. E. Anderson,
B.S.&M.A., State of Iowa. Front, left to right: Miss S.
Pritchett, B.S., Georgia State College for Women, M.S.,
U. of Tennessee; Miss Charlisa West (Substitute); Miss
P. A. Lehman, B.S.&M.S., Northwest Missouri State; Miss
J. M. Hardin, B.S., Georgia State College for Women, M.S.,
Florida State U. Not pictured: Miss D. M. Steabe, B.S.&
M.A., Indiana State Teachers College; Mr. S. J. Brown,
B.S.&M.Ed., U. of Pittsburgh.

Left to right: Mr. J. H. Elliot, B.S. Ed. & Ms. Ed. U. of
Nebraska, Metal Shop, Gen. Math. 9, Mr. C. F. Anderson,
B.S. & M.S. Kansas State Teachers' College, Woodworking
& General Shop; Miss E. Monroe, B.S., Kansas State U.,
M.A., Colombia U., Household Arts; Mr. D. E. Musselman,
B.S., Eastern Illinois U., M.A., U. of Chicago, Spanish 11,
Speech-Drama; Mr. V. A. Herr, B.M. Ed, Denver U. M.A.,
Colombia U., Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Glee Club. Not Pic-
tured: Mr. C. A. Batalden, B.S., Bradley U., M.S., Pennsyl-
vania State U., Mechanical Drawing, Architectural Drawing,
Engineering Drawing, Sheet Metal Shop; Miss G. M. Pielu-
sko, C.F.A., Albright Fine Arts Academy, B.S., U. of the
State of N.Y., M.A., Colombia U., Art.

R.O.T.C.: left to right: SFC Richard W. Chambers, MSGT
James E. Kollars, SFC Wilford D. Goff, SFC Richard Ray
Golden. Seated: Major Thomas E. Bruskotter.



,.. ,. . ;
.... .. -l
A ... a**4 7w K


Left to right: J. Marshall, vice-president: Miss Whitman: B. Batcheldor, president; Mr. Hummel; P.

Cage, secretary.

A*- T





b, A
"T Y- *^"
-, **-%---i '-'^ '__f, ^^ ^ ^^
-. ~. j
aV1 'KB tiy.

Back row, left to right: C. Berg; J. Brown; L. Brown; G. Hesters; P. Janowitz; B. Hand; P. Cage; E. Dolan; A. Azcar-
raga: D. Fulop; L. Athow; D. Hoenke; J. Kline; D. Crook; J. Hern; R. Caldwell; D. Dombrowsky; D. Bergere;
R. Hanna. Sixth row: T. Bembenek; J. Garcia; A. Archibald; A. Eberenz; M. Kelly; J. Catron; D. Egan; H. Col-
bert; M. Klipper; R. Flumach; R. Gangle; J. Hawthorne; P. Casaus; J. Cole; F. Bright. Fifth row: S. Aguila; J. Dean;
A. Barley; B. Caldito; M. Bettsak; E. Griley; S. Aliponga; M. Daniel; J. Doherty; S. Gupton; C. Harrison; S. Gor-
ham; P. Becker; E. Johnson. Fourth row: F. Baggott; D. Griffin; C. Cameron; E. Cox; L. Handy; J. Bartol; S. Diaz;
J. Fields; I. Darling; K. Coutts; D. Harned; M. Conover; M. Bowen; M. Davison; G. Batcheldor. Third row: T. Ho;
D. Bartlett; C. Huff; K. Flowers; F. Davis; A. Henderson; A. Braswell; I. Arjona; G. Estrada; A. Alger; R. Blevins;
P. Abadi; A. Cheung; D. De Unamuno. Second row: R. Allen; S. Allen; M. Brandon; L. Kielhofer; F. Gladden;
J. Cornish; M. Dejernette; E. Dykstra; B. Davis; D. Able; J. Heilman; P. Dempsey; N. De La Guardia. First row:
K. Bassett; D. Folse; K. Clark; J. Hearne; R. Covington; K. Casey; E. Kapp; F. Babcock; T. Gatlin; G. Kent; C.
Holmnes; K. Curtis; J. Brinkley; E. Eisenmann; J. Behar.


Soon we, the seniors, will be graduating and leaving BHS. We'll always have
with us the memories of these four wonderful years of high school. The friends
we've made and the experiences we've shared will remain with us forever.
Do you remember when we were freshmen; how wonderful it was to be in
high school at last? Bonner Hadley, Ray Caldwell, and Penny Webb were elected
to lead us through our first year. I'm sure none of us has forgotten the Frosh' Sop'
Frolic when we, the lowly freshmen, beat those mighty sophomores. Betty Lou
Wheaton was our queen. And what about the Freshman Picnic out at Summit Gar-
dens? Unforgettable, wasn't it?
Before long we were sophomores. That year was even better than our first;
we were looked up to and admired by those poor incoming freshmen. We elected
Gary Ness, Ray Caldwell, and Barbara Bartlett to the offices of president, vice-presi-
dent, and secretary of the mighty sophomore class! We were finally given the re-
sponsibility of holding a dance for the entire school, the Sadie Hawkins Dance.
Terrific, wasn't it? Penny Waring was our Daisy Mae and Frank Bright, Li'l Abner.
We were a little sorry to see that great year come to an end. Little did we realize
what lay ahead!
Upperclassmen at last! Mike Kelly, Grady Hesters, and Susie Hele led us through
this year, and what a year! Remember the day we got our class rings? Who can
forget. We made sure everyone else in the school knew too, didn't we? We held


MT" ."w 1I -1
R i 1 -

.'L 'St ,, .. / :- :,, .'../ _.

Back row, le/t to right: G. Trail; E. White; A. White; J. Turner; R. Marciaq; M. Norton; H. Raymond; B. Ruiz:
A. Scott; C. Rentz; K. Sheridan; T. Richardson; R. Stromberg; W. Williams; T. Sheppard; D. MacLean; D. Rogers:
D. Pajak; S. Watts; C. Thompson. Sixth row: E. Ruess; R. Leggiere; C. Ridge; E. Rennie; J. Phelan; H. Womble;
R. Scott; F. Roe; R. Underwood; W. Loar; T. Smith; S. Rodriguez; A. Rodriguez; J. Pearson; D. Melin. Fifth row:
L. Sibauste; C. Sharpe; R. Roper; B. Smith; A. Schwalm; C. Schultz; P. Shouts; J. Steiner; J. Meyers; R. Weade;
J. Sullivan; P. Rogers; C. Thompson; R. Morris. Fourth Row: V. Perra; C. Watson; D. Wheeler; F. Todd; K. Mohl;
J. Mendenhall; J. Tilton; R. McConaughy; J. McNall; J. Walters; L. Marcola; J. Price; K. Pearl; J. Marshall.
Third row: J. Vogel; E. Price; M. Orr; E. Phillips; A. Townsend; C. Lopez; A. Lasso; P. Rose; J. Read; I. Michaelis;
K. MacConnell; D. Strumpf; A. Leonard; G. Rambo; A. Lawson; Second row: S. Raymond; N. Swenson; L. Roberson;
E. Morris; D. Sparks; C. Symonds; P. Valentine; M. Richters; V. Redick; S. Laquidara; N. Webster; M. Stoakley;
R. Thompson; J. Meriwether. First row: V. Lombroia; S. Thomas; G. Vale; N. Litvin; N. Parker; D. Woods; S. Wat-
kins; I. Romero; K. Lytle; B. Stiles; K. McConagby; 1. Smith; J. Such; J. Murdaugh.


the Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet for the seniors that year. Next year they would
be held in honor of us. A wonderful feeling, wasn't it? Our big dance was the

Christmas Formal with Mary Lynne Stoakley reigning as queen. Do you remember
our Junior Class Beach Party? Another Class of "60" first.
In September of 1959 we entered into the most wonderful year of our four

years of high school. We were now seniors. Our class officers were Bud Batcheldor,
Jimmy Marshall, and Phil Cage and they couldn't have done a better job of leading us.
Karen Lytle was our lovely Football Queen and Chuck Rentz was honorary
captain of the team at our last Jamboree. It was sad to think that this would he
th e last year we'd cheer the Bulldogs on to victory. Everyone had a wonderful time

at our Valentine Formal with Queen Pat Shouts and King Eddie Dolan reigning
over the evening.
We were given our caps and gowns, symbols of the fact we would soon be
graduating, and now that the time is drawing near we can look back and remember
the years spent in Balboa High School as some of the most wonderful and rewarding

years of our life. We will be saying good-bye to the friends we've made and sorrows
and joys we've been through but we can now look ahead. Graduation Day, the day
we receive our diplomas, will be the most memorable day of our life, for that is

the day we muenteredst step out into that world of ours and face the future that
lies ahead Seniors Stad Up and Sing!r
the last year we'd cheer the Bulldogs on to victory. Everyone had a wonderful time

over the evening.






14L tofL 4ne

Most All-Round




Most Popular



Most Likely To Succeed






Best Looking



Best Dancers




--u ~r
r:, -t

r .

Most Intellectual

0 9- 1
I. O







Most Athletic



-t 4
tij". H, 1


Most Talented





. / A.4





Z .a

t t-.

Paulette Abadi
Panama R. de P.
"The sincere quietness of a woman is
well appreciated in this world of
Library Club 2; Pan. Am. Club 4; U.N.
Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Assist. 2;
Assrnmbly Comm. 3; Chorus 1; Jr.-Sr.
Banquet 3; Bk. B. Intra. 1, 2, 3; Bowl.
ing Intra. 2; St. B. 1, 2; Ping Pong 1, 2,
3; Volley Ball Intra. 1, 2, 3, 4.

R Ietta Martina Allen
a Panama R. de P.
|'t "A heart sincere, a winning smile; makes
her friendship most worthwhile."
Disc. & Debate Club 3; Drama Club 2;
F.N.A. Club 1; Pan. Am. Club 1; Science
Club 2; Clinic Assist. 2; Zonian 4;
Chorus I; Ind. Sr. Pic. Comm. 4;
Bowling Intra. 4.

Lana Dee Able
Memphis, Tennessee
"A quick mind is richer than a saint."
F.N.A. 2, 3, 4; Ticket Sales 3, 4; Chorus
2, 3, 4; Jr. Ring Comm. 3; Palm Bowl
Ticket Selling Comm. 4; United Fund
Drive Comm. 4; 4-H Club Sec. 1; F.H.A.
1, 2.

Santiago Olive Aquila
Panama R. de P.
"Here's a cheerful lad, well worth
Chess Club 3. 4; Usher Guard 4; Ft. B.
4; Bk. B. 4; Track 4; Zonian Ad. Seller
4: U.N. Club 2.


Addie Josephine Alger
Ft. Benning, Georgia
"A kind heart is the truest wisdom."

*jB~g it

r^ *Hl~w^b,
U,^L ^^ ^

a^^^L^H ^^^

Sandra Sue Allen
Miami, Florida
"A charming lassie full of joy; a favorite
with both girl and boy."
Pep Club 2; Clinic Assist. 1; Sadie Haw.
kins Dance Comm. 2; Valentine Formal
Comm. 4; Sr. Group Pic. Comm. 4; Bk.
B. Intra. 3, 4; Bowling Intra. 2, 3, 4;
Volley Ball Intra. 1, 2; Soph. Showcase
Comm. 2.

Raymond M. Amato
Panama R. de P.
"Nature formed but one such man."
Ft. B. Intra. 1, 2; Baseball 4; Bk. B.
Intra. 1; Track 1, 2.

A. William Archibald
Sarasota, Florida
"There is only one proof of ability ..
N.H.S. 3. 4; Physics Assist. 4; Inaug.
Ball 2, 3, Chairman 4; S. A. Officer 3;
Ticket Sales 3; Visitor's Day Comm. 4;
Awards Ball Chairman 4; Halloween
Dance Chairman 4; R.O.T.C. Rank Lt.
Col. 4; Rifle Team 3; Usher Guard 4;
Sr. Activity Comm. Chairman 4; Ft. B.
Intra. 2, 3; Bk. B. Intra. 3; Clhem.
Assist. 3; Jr. Outing Comm. 3; Sr.
Beach Party Comm. Chrm. 4; Boy's State
Governor 3, 4; Boy's Nation Chief of
Naval Operation 3, 4.

Selso Enrique Aliponga Jr.
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Laugh and live, then learn."
Pan. Am. 2, 3, 4; ROTC SFC; Usher
Guard 2. 3, 4; Bk. B. 1, 2, 3; Volley
Ball 1, 2, 3; Ping Pong 1, 2, 3; Base-
ball 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 3; Science Club
1, 2; Stamp Club 1, 2; Radio Club 1.
2. 3; Xmas Comm. 1, 2; Yearbook 1.

Irma Yolanda Arjona
"Skirma Irmi"
Panama R. de P.
"Sports ability personified and fun to be
with . loves to chatter the live
long day."
Chess Club 2; French Club Vice-Pres. 3,
4; G.A.A. 2, 3, Pres. 4; Pan. Am. Club
3. Sec. 4; U.N. Club 1, Treasurer 2,
Pres. 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Office Assist. 1,
2, 3; Parakeet Ad Sellers 3; Bk. B. All
Stars "A" League Co-Captain 4; All
Stars "B" League Captain 2; Bk. B. 1.
3: Bk. B. 1, 2, 3, 4; Bowling Intra. 3;
Volley Ball Intra. 1, 2, 3, 4.





Leland James Athow
Boston, Massachusetts
"'Ask and learn."
Ft. B. lntra. 3; Bowling Intra. 3.


5 "

Alfredo Azcarraga
Panama R. de P.
"He laughs and the world laughs with
Drama Club 2. 3, 4; Pan. Am. Club 1.
2. 3. 1; Band 1, 2; Orchestra 1, 2;
Xmas Formal 3; Ft. B. 1; Ft. B. Intra.
1. 2; Swinmming 1. 2; Track 1; Water
Polo 1: "Before the Corrida" 3; "My
Client Curly" 3; Pan-American Assn.
1, 2, 3. 4; Carnival Dance 1. 2, 3, 4;
Talent Show 1. 2, 3. 4.

w Il
^^ y ;-s

Joan Katherine Bartol
Boston, Massachusetts
"An amiable miss with a happy dis-
French Club 4; Office Assist. 4; Senior
Showcase 4; Latin Club 1, 2; Riding
Club 1. 2, 3; Glee Club 1. 2, 3; Red
Chair 2; Get Acquainted Dance Comm.
2; Latin Award 1; Tennis 1, 2; Riding
1, 2. 3: Ping Pong 1. 2; Volley Ball 2. 3.

L Frances Fay Babcock

"A typical American girl is Fay . .
mnakes-skies cheery when they are
Drama Club 4: Ticket Sales Comm. 4;
Senior Gift Comnls. I: Chorus 2; Bk. B.
Intra. 2; G.A.A. 2; Art Club 3; News-
' .. paper 1; Spanish Club 1. 2; "Dino" 3.

Francis M. Baggott
San Juan, Puerto Rico
"He is always there when you need him."
S.A. Alternate 2; S. A. Rep. 1; Ticket
Sales Commn. 4; Welfare Comm. 1; R.O.-
T.C. Rank Private 2; Usher Guard 2:
Fres. Pic. I; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3; Cap
and Gown Commi. 4; Senior Ring Comm.
4; Ft. B. Intra. 1, 2; Bk. B. Intra. 3.
' 4; Bowling Intra. 2, 3; Swimming Intra.
1. 2, 3; St. B. 1; Track 3, 4; Track
Intra. 2, 3; Ping Pong 2; Water Polo
1, 2 Carnival; Dance Comm. 3; S. A.
Financia Sec. 4: Bov's State 3. 4.



Asa E. Barley
Ancon, Canal Zone
"A gentleman is a man who can disagree
without being disagreeable."
R.O.T.C. Rank Sgt. 1st Class 4; Fros.-
Soph. Frolic Conmm. 1; Ft. B. Intra. 1;
Bk. B. Intra. 1, 4; Bowling Intra. 1, 2;
Golf Intra. 1, 2. 3; Swimming Intra. 1.
2; St. B. 1: Track Intra. 1, 2, 3; Ping
Pong 1; Boy's State 3.

-. i
Kathryn Eileen Bassett
Los Angeles, California
S "The joy of youth her eye displayed, and
ease of heart her laugh conveyed."
Glee Club 4.

George D. Batcheldor Jr.
Alexandria, Louisiana
"He loves to live and lives to love."
S. A. Drives Commn. 4; Usher Club 4;
R.O.T.C. Awards Ball Comm. 3, 4; Honor
SGuard 3. Rank First Lt. 4; Xmas Formal
Comm. 3; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comni. 3; Valen-
^^tine Formal Comm. 4; Sr. Activity 4; Sr.
Co-ordinating 4; Sr. Class President 4;
Ft. B. Intra. 2. 3; Bk. B. Intra. 3;
Game Usher 4; Boy's State 3; Attorney
L aGeneral 3.

Pamela Ann Becker
Minneapolis, Minnesota
"An attractive newcomer that BHS sure
is proud of."
Spanish 2, 3; Inaug. Ball Comm. 4; Band
1; R.O.T.C. Halloween Dance 4; R.O.-
T.C. Sponsor 4; Sr. Gift Commt. 4; Ten-
nis 3; Volley Ball Intra. 2.

Barbara Ann Bartlett
Green Bay, Wisconsin
"One of those few girls who has acquired
intelligence and good looks."
N.H.S. 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Pep Club 1;
Counselor's Assist. 2; S. A. Alternate 3;
S. A. Drives 3; S. A. Exchange 4; Ft. B.
Dance 3, 4; Inaug. Ball 4; S. A. Sec.
4; S. A. Rep. 1, 2; Ticket Sales Chair-
man 4; Visitor's Day Comm. 4; Frosh.
Picnic 1; Fros.-Soph. Frolic 1; Jr.-Sr.
Banquet 3; Sadie Hawkins Dance Coninm.
2; Class Sec. 2; Bowling Intra. 3; St.
B. 3; Volley Ball Intra. 3; Cheerleader
3. Cap. 4; Val. Formal Court 1; Track
Court 3; Welcoming Conlm. .4; Girl's
State 3; Showcase Consm. 1, 2.

5&. ..

Sr 1


sb\ l

Joe Soloman Behar
Panama, R. de P.
"Knowledge cones, but wisdom lingers."
S. A. Alt. 2; S. A. Rep. 2; Welfare
Comm. 3: Ft. B. Intra. 1, 2; Bk. B.
Intra. 1; Swinmming Intra. 1; Tennis 1,
2; Ping Pong 1, 2; Water Polo 1.

Ted John Bembenek Jr.
"T. J. B"
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Sleeping is his occupation, eating is his
Pan. Am. Club 4; Spanish Club 4;
Awards Ball 2, 3; Firing Squad 2, 3, 4;
Halloween Dance 2; R.O.T.C. Rank 2. 3,
4; Sgt. Usher Guard 2. 3; Carnival Dance
Conim. 2; Game Usher 2, 3; Boy's State
3; Thanksgiving Showcase Comm. 3.



Ralph Edward Blevins Jr.
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Formula for an all-around super guy."
Camera Club 1, 2; Letterman's Club 1,
3, 4; Plotography 3; Spanish Club 1.
2; Stamp Club 1; Parakeet Ad Sellers
4; Zoniai 4*; S.A. Alternate 1, 2; As-
sembly Comm. 3; Ft. B. Dance Comm.
3, 4; S.A. Rep. 3; Safety Comm. 3;
Band 3. 4; Xmas Formal 3. 4; Jr.-Sr.
Prom Comm. 3; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3;
Sadie Hawkins Dance Comm. 2; Valen-
line Formal 3; Sr. Activity Commn. 4;
Class \Vice-Pres. 1; Ft. B. 1, 2, 3, 4;
Baseball 1, 2. 3. 4; Bk. B. 2. 3. 4; Bk.
B. Intra. 1; Game Usher 1; Boy's State
3; Ft. B. All Star 3, 4.

Mary Anne Bowen
"Mary Anne"
"An easy-going. well-mannered girl."
Pep Club 1; Get-Acquainted Dance
Conmm. 4: Train Comm. 4; Chorus 1, 2,
3, 4; Jr. Ring Comm. 3; Cards & An-
nouncements Commt. 4; Bk. B. Intra. 1;
Bowling Intra. 1; Volley Ball Intra. 1;
Graduation Usher. 3.

Carl Nelson Berg
Panama, R. de P.
"A. /ellow we are glad we met; for he's
a fellow wice won't forget."
Awards Ball 4; R.O.T.C. Rank Second
Lt.; Bowling Varsity 2.

Douglas Kenneth Bergere
New York, New York
"We get a kick out of him and he gets
a kick out of life."
Parakeet 4; Parakeet Ad Sellers 4; S.A.
Alternate 1; Usher Club 4: R.O.T.C.
Rank 2, 3. 4 Lt.; Usher Guard 4; Frosh.
Picnic 1; Sadie Hawkins Dance Comm.
S1; Valentine Formal Comm. 4; Sr. Ac-
tivity 4; Ft. B. Intra. 1; Bk. B. Intra.
1; Bowling Intra. 1; Golf Intra. 1, 2. 3;
Ping Pong 1. 2; Game Usher 4; Boy's
State 3.

Michael S. Bettsak
Panama, R. de P.
"It's my life, I live it and I love it."
Letterman's Club .; Photography Club 4
Vice-Pres.; Parakeet 4 Photographer;
Zonian 4 Photographer; Ft. B. Intra. 1.
2, 3; Bk. B. Intra. 1 Captain. 2; Golf
S1, 2: Swimming 2. 3. 4; Swimming In-
tra. 1. 2. 3, 4; St. B. 1. 2; Track 1. 2,
3, 4; Track Intra. 1. 2. 3, 4; Ping Pong
1. 2; Water Polo 1, 2, 3; Valentine
Show Case Comm. 3.





Mary Ann Cody Brandon
Ancon, Canal Zone
"A personality that makes her every-
one's friend."
Pep Club 1; Frosh.-Soph. Frolic Comm.
1; Bk. B. Inlra .2, 3; Bowling Intra.
1. 2, 3; St. B. Intra. 1; Volley Ball
Intra. 1, 2, 3; Volley Ball Intra. 1, 2,
3; Show Case Comm. 1.

Marcia Ann Braswell
Vidia, Georgia
"A sweet attractive kind of grace, an
angel's glory in her face."
Science Club 3. Sec. 4; Assembly Comm.
4; S.A. Rep. 2, 4; Band 3; Orchestra
4; Xmas Formal Comm. 3; Valentine For-
mal 4; Cap & Gown 4 Chairman; Gradl-
nation Usher 3; Valentine Formal Court
2; Xlas Formal Court 3; Future Home-
makers of Am. 1.

Franklin Orville Bright
Panama R. de P.
"An O.K. guy need we say more?"
Drama Club 1. 2, 3, 4; French Club 1;
Nat. Thespian 1, 2, 3. 4; Pan Am. 1;
Science Club 1, 4; Stamp Club 1; U.N.
Club 1, 4; S.A. Alt. 1; Get-Acquainted
Dance Comm. 4; Singing Valentines 1,
4: Band 1; Chorus 1, 2. 3; Glee Club
1. 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3. 4; Drill
Team 2; Usher Guard 2; Xmas Formal
3; Frosh. Picnic 1; Frosh.-Soph. Frolic
1; Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; Sadie Hawkins Dance
Comm. 2; Sr. Showcase 4; St. B. Intra.
1, 2; Baseball 4; Bk. B. Intra. 1, 2, 3.
4; Bowling Intra. 4; Golf Intra. 4; St.
B. 1. 2, 4; Track Intra. 1, 2, 4; Game
Usher 2; School TV Program 2. 3;
Talent Show 4; Showcase Coinmn. 2, 4;
Lil Abner 2; "My Client Curley" 1;
"The Lowland Sea" I; "Before the
Corrida" 1; "The Big Front Porch" 1;
"Hornpipes & Castanets" 1; "Mrs. Mc-
Tling" 2; "Lute Song" 2; "The Adding
Machine" 2; "The Coming of Christ"
2; "The Story of Big Nelly" 3; "Qual-
ity Street" "The Story of Xmas" 4.

f. "s,.-


June Anne Brinkley
Gastonia, North Carolina
"Size does not make the woman, for
grand things come in small pack-
Band 1, 2. 3. 4; Chorus 4; Orchestra
1, 2, 3; "Mrs. McThing" 3; "Lute Song"
3; "Hornpipes & CasItltaS" ; Noon Or.
chestra 2, 1.

James Allen Brown
Washington, D.C.
Valentine Formal Comm. 3; R.O.'l.C.
Rank 4.

Ray Lee Caldwell
Panama R. de P.
"A good looking-rate on any scale."
Letterman's Club 3, 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; S.A.
Alternate 1, 2; S.A. Rep. 4: Glee Club
1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2; Awards Ball
Comm. 4; Halloween Dance Comm. 4;
R.O.T.C. Rank Comp. Co. 4; Usher
Guard 2; Frosh. Picnic 1 Chairman;
Frosh.-Soph. Frolic 1, 2 Chairman; Class
Vice-Pres. 1, 2; Ft. B. Intra. 1, 2, 3:
Bk. B. Intra. Capt. 1, 2, 3, 4; Swim-
ming 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming Intra. 1, 2
Capt., 3, 4; Softball 2; Track Intra. 1;
"The Lowland Sea" 1; "Roosevelt Cen.
tennial" 3; "The Coming of Christ" 2;
' "Tile Big Front Porch" 1; "Lute Song"
2; "The Mad Woman of Chaillot" 3;
i Noon Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Sr. Cor.
ordinating Comm. 4; Mu Alpha Theta
S 4; Awards Assembly Comm. 4; Boy's
State 3; Showcase Frosl. 1, Chairman.


Lloyd John Brown
Riverside, California
"There is nothing greater than these -
willingness and the wish to please."
Chess Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Letterman's Club
2, 3, 4; Cap & Gown Comm. 4; Sr. Gift
Comm. 4; Ft. B. Intra. 1; Track 1, 2,
3, 4; Track Intra. 1, 2; Volley Ball
Intra. 4.

Phil B. Cage
San Antonio, Texas
"Happy go lucky, devil may care; on the
go, going everywhere."
Letterman's Club 3, 4; U.N. Club 1, 2,
3, 4; S. A. Alt. 3; Firing Squad 1, 2,
3, 4; Valentine Formal 4; Sr. Activity
Comm. 4; Class Sec. 4; Ft. B. 2, 3;
Track 4; Ping Pong 4; Volley Ball In-
tra. 4; Water Ballet 4; Water Polo 4;
Carnival Dance Comm. 3, 4; Ft. B. 1,
2; Track 1, 2; "The Crazymen" 1, 2;
"The Do-Gooders" 1, 2.

Balbino B. Caldito
Panama R. de P.
"I agree with no man's opinions. I have
some of my own."
Camera Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Pan Am. Club
1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer; Photography Club
1, 2, 3 Sec., 4; Science Club 1, 2, 3;
Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Usher Club 1,
2, 3, 4; Rifle Team 3, 4; Usher Guard
1, 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C. Rank Sargeant 4;
Bowling Intra. 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2,
3, 4; Track Intra. 1, 2. 3, 4; Carnival
Dance Comm. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Catherine M. Cameron
Crowley, Louisiana
"Always busy, always fun; makes her
loved by everyone."
Drama Club 3, 4; French Club 3, 4;
Library Club 1; Pep Club 1, 2; Office
Assist. 4; Train Comm. 4; Chorus 3,
4; Cards & Announcements Comm. 4;
Graduation Usher 3; Valentine Show-
case 3; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Home-
coming Comm. 1, 2; L.H.S. Bk. B. 2.

Phillip Steven Casaus
Puyallup, Washington
"Everybody loves a lover"
Science Club 3; Band 1, 2, 3; Chorus
1; Xmas Class Play 3; Talent Show
1, 3.

Joan Kathleen Casey
Colon R. de P.
"A smile is the harmony at the heart,
and the kindness of the soul."
Ticket Sales Comm. 4; Sr. Ring Comm.
4; Graduation Usher 3.

James Otis Catron Jr.
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Quiet good natured and fun loving."
Science Club 2; Safety Comm. 4; Usher
Club 4; Welfare Comm. 4; Honor Guard
2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C. Rank Sargeant First
Class; Usher Guard 4; Assist. to N.C.O.
Commander 4; Ft. B. Intra. 1; Fashion
Show Usher Guard 4; Game Usher 4.



~F~~iian rr:


"~ 'ac


Ana Raquel Cheung
Panama R. de P.
"The quiet mind is richer than the
G.A.A. 3, 4; Pan Am. Club 1, 2, 3,
4; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; U.N. Club
1, 2, 3, 4; Counselor's Assist. 2; Zonian
4; Cap & Gown Comm. 4; St. B. 3;
Ping Pong 2, 4; Volley Ball Intra. 2, 3,
4; Carnival Dance Comm. 4; Chemistry
Assist. 3; Girl's State Observer 3; Xmas
Concert Usher 2; Valentine Showcase 3;
Spanish Xmas Carols 3, 4.

Joan Leslie Cornish
Santa Fe, New Mexico
"A sweet little bright-eyed girl who'll
always be flying high."
Drama Club 3, 4; Chess Club 2; F.N.A.
Club 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1; U.N. Club
2, 3, 4 President; Office Asist. 4; Train
Comm. 3; Bk. B. Intra. 1, 2, 3, 4; Bowl-
ing Intra. 2, 3, 4; Ping Pong 1; Prop-
erties Comm. 3, 4; Sr. Showcase Comm.
4; Xmas Showcase Comm. 3.

Karen Clark
"Karen, a tiny bundle of energy per-
sonified . .an adorable gal who
really knows how to live."
Pep Club 1; S.A. Alt. 2; Get-Acquaint-
ed Dance Comm. 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4;
Xmas Formal 3; Frosh. Picnic 1; Bowl-
ing Intra. 2; Volley Ball Intra. 2.


Harry Vern Colbert Jr.
"Silence never betrays you."
Pan. Am. Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Bank
3, 4; Chorus 1; Pan. Am. Club Assembly
3; Pan. Am. Showcase 4; Orchestra 2,
3; R.O.T.C. 2, 3; Soph. Assembly 2;
Soccer Intra. 2; Ft. B. Manager 3; Track
Manager 2; Bk. B. Manager 2.

"* Kathleen Wickham Coutts
, "Kathy"
Fort Benning, Georgia
"Her wit combined with a pleasant smile
and friendly manners make her the
sweet girl she is."
Drama Club 4; Chorus 4; Glee Club 4;
Individual Sr. Pic. 4; Sextet 4; Jr. Play
3; Talent Show 3.

Rose Elizabeth Covington
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Little, likable, and laugh loving."
F.T.A. Club 2; G.A.A. 1, 2, 4; Ticket
Sales Comm. 2; Bk. B. Intra. 1, 2, 4;
Bk. B. 1, 2, 4; St. B. 1, 2, 4; Volley
Ball Intra. 1, 2, 4; Sock & Buskin Club

Ilr "w James Joseph Cole
r Ponce, Puerto Rico
"No sinner and no saint perhaps but
S1 well the very best of chaps."
*Camera Club 2, 3; Chess Club 2; Pan.
SAm. Club 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Drill
Team 2, 3; R.O.T.C. Rank Sgt.; Usher
Guard 2, 3, 4; Xmas Formal Comm. 3;
Class President 1; Baseball Co-Captain
1; Track Captain 1.

Miriam Ruth Conover
S ."Mimi"
.Panama R. de P.
"Fun loving and good natured."
Drama Club 2; Science Club 2, 3; Clinic
Assist. 2; Glee Club 3, 4; Xmas Formal
Comm. 3; Individual Sr. Pic. 4; Sr.
Group Pie. Comm. 4; Bk. B. Intra. 1,
2; Baccalaurate Marshal 3; Fashion
Show 1, 2, 3; Easter Showcase Comm.
2; Awards Day Comm. 4.


Eileen Elizabeth Cox
Colon, R. de P.
"A cheerful heart, a cheerful smile, a
charm of friendship all the while."
Camera Club 3; Drama Club 1; F.N.A.
Club 1; Pep Club 1; Co-ordination
Comm. 3; Ticket Sales Comm. 4; Or-
chestra 1; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3; Bk. B. In-
tra. 1, 2, 3; Bowling Intra. 3; Volley
Ball Intra. 1, 2, 3; Fashion Show 2, 4;
Graduation Usher 3; Sr. Advisor Sec. 4;
Girl's State 3; "Life With Mother" 1;
Yearbook Pic. 1.

Douglas H. Crook
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Always happy, always broke, always
laughing at some joke."
R.O.T.C. Rank Private; Ft. B. Intra. 1,
2; "Quality Street" 4.







Karen Eloda Curtis
"The Lode"
Fort Worth, Texas
"When it comes to talking she's a getm,
when it comes to flirting, ahem."
Drama Club 2, 3, 4 Treasurer; Natl.
Thespian Club 2, 4 Treasurer; Pep Club
1, 2; Counselor's Assist. 1; Chorus 3,
4; Glee Club 3, 4; Frosh-Soph. Frolic
1; Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; Cap & Gown Comm.
4; Bk. B. Intra. 1, 2; Volley Ball Intra.
1, 2; "Mrs. McThing" 2; Roosevelt
Pageant 3; "Mad Woman of Chaillot" 3;
"Quality Street" Business Comm. 4;
"Why I am a Bachelor" Director 4;
Fashion Show 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1; 4H Club
1; Cheerleader 1.

Margaret Anne Daniel
Panama R. de P.
"Friendly personality along with ability."
Drama Club 3, 4; Library Club 1;
Science Club 3; Library Assis'. 1; Par-
akeet 3; Ticket Sales 3, 4; Roosevelt
Pageant 3; Graduation Usher 3; Fresh-
man Showcase Comm. 1.

Marvel Joyce Davison
j "Portsmouth, New Hampshire
"Sunshine in her smile . .merriment
f in her grin . radiates the good-
ness which stems from deep within."
Drama Club 1; F.T.A. Club 3, 4 Presi-
dent; N.H.S. 4; Chemistry Assist. 3;
Physics Assist. 4; Zonian 4; Get-Acquaint.
SDance Comm. 4; Train Comm. 4;
S Visitor's Day Comm. 4; Band 1; Or-
chestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Sadie Hawkins Dance
Comm. 2; Jr. Ring Comm. 3; Individual
Sr. Pic. 4 Chairman; Bk. B. Intra. 1, 2,
3; Bowling Intra. 3; Ft. B. 1, 2, 3;
Volley Ball Intra. 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Outing
3; Sophomore Showcase 2; Girl's State
S,-- 3; Math Club 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4;
Gun Club 1,

Tl OWti

Joseph Henry Dean
Colon R. de P.
"Time is but the stream I go fishing in."
Safety Comm. 4; Welfare Conmm. 4; R.O-
T.C. Rank 2nd Lt.; Bk. B. 4; Bk. B.
Intra. 3, 4; Track 4; Track Intra. 3;
J.V. Bk. B. 2; Drill Team 1.

-A" -Olive Inez Darling
,. -- "!g"
Lawton, Oklahoma
"Lives and laughs her way through life."
S F.N.A. Club 2; Science Club 2; Chorus
3, 4; Orchestra 2; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3;
Individual Sr. Pic. 4; Volley Ball Intra.
.. 2, 4.

Betty Cathrine Davis
Colon R. de P.
S "She is sweet as honey, with disposi-
tion bright and sunny."
F.N.A. Club 1, 2; Assembly Comm. 1, 2;
.' Chorus 3; Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; Sr. Gift
1 'Comm. 4; Bk. B. Intra. 1; Volley Ball
Intra. 1; Graduation Usher 3.

SFlorence Jane Davis
Panama R. de P.
""Cute as a button n' sweet as sugar."
Oct. Pep Club 1; Science Club 2. 3 Sec.;
SClinic Assist. 3; Counselor's Assist. 2;
S.A. Alternate 2; Ft. B. Dance Comm.
S\ 4; Inaugural Ball Comm. 4; Ticket Sales
Comm. 1; Train Comm. 4; Visitor's Day
glCommn. 4; Chorus 1; Glee Club 3, 4; Jr.
Ring Conmm. 3; Cards & Announcements
aComm. 4 Chairman; Bk. B. Intra. 2;
Volley Ball Intra. 3; Cheerleader 4;
Girl's State 3.

Mildred Louise Dejernette
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Ever smiling, ever gay loves to laugh
and loves to play."
Drama Club 4; F.N.A. Club 2, 3. 4;
Pep Club 2, 3; Science Club 2. 3; Ticket
Sales Comm. 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Glee
Club 2, 3, 4; Bk. B. Intra. 1, 2, 3,
4; Bowling Intra. 2; Volley Ball Intra.
I, 2, 3, 4; "Coming of Christ" 2;
"Easter Carols" 3; Fashion Show 1, 4;
Sr. Showcase Conmm. 4.

Nair Isabel De La Guardia
Panama R. de P.
"This good-looking lass has charm and
personality that few can surpass."
Pan. An. Club 4; Spanish Club 4;
Chorus 4.

Patricia Rose Dempsey
Anniston, Alabama
"Vivacious and charming, her smile's
so disarming."
Drama Club 1; PIep Club ; Office Assist.
2; R.O.T.C. Office Assist. 4; Biology
Assist. 2; Parakeet 4; S.A. Alternate 1;
Chorus 1; Awards Ball 4; Drill Team
Sponsor 4; Halloween Dance 4; Bat-
talion Sponsor 4; Jr.-Sr. Prom 3; Valen.
tine Formal 4; Sr. Activity Comm. 4;
Bk. B. Intra. 1; Volley Ball Intra. 1;
Fashion Show 1; Xmas Formal Court 3;
Jr.-Sr. Prom Court 3; Ft. B. Court 4.



Doris De Unanuno
Panama R. de P.
"Not very tall in fact, quite small; her
personality is admired by all."
Camera Club 1; Library Club 1: Photog-
raphy Club 1; Science Club 1; Spanish
Club 2, 3; Stamp Club 1, 2; Counselor's
Assist. 1, 2; Zonian 1; Get-Acquainted
Dance Comm. 1; Visitor's Day Comm. 1;
Xmas Formal 1; Frosh. Picnic 1; Sadie
Hawkins Dance 1; Class Sec. 1.


Sheila Marie Diaz
"Friendliness is her key word."
Office Assist. .1; Chorus 3.

Evelyn Louise Dykstra
Marysville, Calif.
"Wit is the salt of conversation."
Fashion Show 3, 4; Calif.: Yearbook,
F.H.A., Bowling, Softball, Swimming,
Library Assist.

Alexander David Eberenz
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Not much to say, but with one word
you know he's a likeable guy."
Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C. Rank
Sargeant; Ft. B. Intra. 1, 2; Bk. B. In-
tra. 1; Track Intra. 1, 2; Game Usher 3.

Joan Doherty
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
"Her cheerful manner and rather shy
grin are only two of her many nice
Drama Club 4; Pep Club 1, 2; Office
Assist. 4; Chorus 2; Frosh.-Soph. Frolic
1; Sadie Hawkins Dance 2; Bowling In-
tra. 2, 3, 4; Bk. B. Intra. 1, 2, 3, 4;
Volley Ball Intra. 1, 2, 3, 4; Water Polo
2; Sr. Showcase Comm. 4.

Edward Vincent Dolan
While & Lains, New York
"Silence is golden, but we are off the
, gold standard."
Letterman's Club 2, 4; Safety Comm.
4; Usher Club 2, 3, 4; Welfare Comm.
4; Awards Ball 4; Drill Team 2, 3, 4;
Firing Squad 2, 3, 4; Honor Guard 2,
3. 4; R.O.T.C. Rank 2nd Lt. Rifle Team
3, 4; Usher Guard 2, 3, 4; Ft. B. Intra.
1, 2; Bk. B. 1, 2; Bk. B. Intra. 1, 2,
3; Swimming 1, 3, 4; Track Intra. 1,
2; Water Polo 1, 2, 4.

Dale A. Dombrowsky
Ancon, Canal Zone
"You get out of life what you put into
Drama Club 4; Science Club 3; Assem-
bly Comm. 4; Color Guard 3; Drill Team
3, 4; R.O.T.C. Rank SFC.; Jr.-Sr. Ban-
quet Comm. 3; Individual Sr. Pic. 4; Ft.
B. Intra. 2; Bk. B. Intra. 1; Swimming
Intra. 1; St. B. Intra. 2; Water Polo 1;
"Quality Street" Staging 4; Boy's State


Eve Vivian Eisenmann
New York, New York
"Full of chatter, full of pep, never quiet
-that's her rep."
Chess Club 1. 2; Disc. & Debate Club
2; Drama Club 1, 2; Fut. Teach. 4;
Pan Amer. 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club 1. 2,
S 3; U.N. Club 2; N.S.P.A. 4; Parakeet
4; Parakeet Ad Seller 2; S.A. Alt. 1;
Drives Comm. 3, 4; Band 2. 3, 4; Orch.
I, 2, 3; Sadie Hawkins Dance 2; Sr.
Group Pic. 4; Roosevelt Pageant 3;
"Mrs. McThing" 2; Carnival Dance 3;
Fashion Show 2; Showcase Comm. 1, 2,
A 3; Noon Orch. 2, 4; Girl's State 3.


Gloria Estrada
Panama, R. P.
"Where your treasure is, there is your
heart also."
Pan Amer. Club 2, 3, 4; U.N. Club 2,
3, 4; Bkt. B. Intra. 1, 2, 3, 4; Bowl-
ing Intra. 2, 3; Volley B. Intra. 1, 2,
3, 4.

Alexander M. Ferguson
"Alfred E. Newman"
Staten Island, New York
"What, me worry?"
Jr.-Sr. Prom. 3.




ti. ,


? ~i ~F;t

d~sr r~~ !
~Eaa ma~

Jo-Anne Fields
Ancon, C. Z.
"A modest proof of that happy blend -
student and friend."
N.H.S. 3, 4; Science Club 3, 4; Office
2, 3, 4; Physics Assist. 4; Chorus 1;
Senior Ring Comm. 4; Bowling Intra. 2;
Ping Pong 1; Graduation Usher 3; Girl's
State 3; Jr. Thanksgiving Showcase 3;
Math Club 1; Mu Alpha Theta 3 -
Associate Member.




.4 .

4 1- A

Sara Jane Fitzgerald
New York City
"A pleasant girl of sterling worth, she's
half sweetness and half mirth."
French Club 4; Pan American Club 4;
Clinic Assist. 4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3;
Graduation Usher 3; Classical Myth. 4;
Varsity-Hockey 2; Drama Club 2.

Charlotte Kay Flowers
Daytona Beach, Florida
"Enthusiasm is the dynamics of her
G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; Physics
Assist. 4; Assembly Comm. 3, 4; Get-
Acquainted Dance 4; Inaug. Ball 4;
Chorus 2; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Orch. 1,
2, 3, 4; Frosh. Picnic Comm. 1; Sadie
Hawkins Dance Comm. 2; Jr. Ring
Comm. 3; Sr. Ring Comm. 4; Bkt. B.
Intra. 1, 2, 3, 4; Bowling Intra. 1, 2,
3, 4; Bkt. B. All-Stars 2, 3, 4; Volley
B. 2, 3; Volley B. All-Stars 2; "Low-
land Sea" 1; "Coming of Christ" 2;
"Roosevelt Pageant" 3; Chemistry As-
sist. 3; Noon Orch. 1, 3, 4. Spanish
Award 1; Valentine Showcase Comm. 1,
2, 3; Thanksgiving Showcase Comm. 1,
2; Christmas Showcase Comm. I, 2;
Easter Showcase Comm. 1; Math Club
2; Senior Co-ordination Comm. 4
(chairman) Mu Alpha Theta 4, (Pro-
gram Chairman).

Robert S. Flumach
Hallis, New York
"The man who finds the most happiness
for himself is often the man who
least hunts for it."
Awards Ball 2, 3, 4; Drill Team 3. 4;
Halloween Dance 2, 3; R.O.T.C. Rank
Co. Executive Officer; Rifle Team 2,
3. 4; Usher Guard 2, 3; Game Usher
2, 3, 4; "Theodore Roosevelt Centen-
nial" Usher 3; Boy's State 3.

Randolph Alan Gangle
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Happy-go-lucky . wit at his
Science Club 2; S.A. Rep. 3; Glee Club
1, 2, 3; R.O.T.C. Rank Ft. Sgt. Ft. B.
SIntra. 1; Bowling Intra. 2; Swimming
1, 2, 4; Swimming Intra. 1; St. B. I;
Water Polo 1, 2; "The Lowland Sea"
I; "The Coming of Christ" 2; "The
Big Front Porch" 2; "Roosevelt Cen-
tennial 3; Baccalaureate Marshal 3;
Graduation Marshal 3.




Joseph Garcia
Panama R. de P.
"In the spring a young man's fancy
turns toward the thought of . .
Letterman's Club 4; S.A. Alternate 3;
S.A. Rep. 2; Ft. B. 4; Ft. B. Intra.
1, 2; Baseball 3; Bk. B. Intra. 3; Golf
Intra. 2; Track 3; Ping Pong I; Water
Polo 1, 2.

Terry Andre Gatlin
St. Louis, Missouri
"Good things are twice as good when
they are small."
French Club 4; F.T.A. 4; Drives Comm.
4; 1958 Variety Show 1; Fashion Show
1; International Club 3; H-Y 3.

Dorothy Folse
Colon, R. P.
"She's athletic, friendly, and kind; an-
other just like her you'll never find."
G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1; Bkt. B.
Intra. 1. 2, 3. 4; Bowling Intra. 1, 2,
4; Softball Intra. 1; Volley B. Intra. 1,
4; G.A.A. Dance 1; Bkt. B. All Stars
1, 2, 3, 4; Bowling All Stars 4.

Bette Fran Gladden
"Charming us all with her wit and
Southern drawl, her friendship bears
no price tag."
Senior Group Picture 4; Music Appre-
ciation Club 1, 2, 3; Lib. Asst. Sec. 3;
Band 1, 2.

Douglas James Fulop
Ancon, Canal Zone
"The first true gentleman that ever
Ft. B. Intra. 1; Baseball 4; Bk. B. 4;
Bk. B. Intra. 4; Bowling Intra. 2; St.
B. 1; Track 4; Track Intra. 3.

Stephen Charles Gorham
Wadsworth, Ohio
"A very good player her's quite a
good catch; skill and ability with
sportsmanship to omater."
Letterman's Club 3, 4; Ft. B. Dance
Comm. 4; Frosh. Picnic 1; Jr.-Sr. Proms
3; Sadie Hawkins Dance 2; Ft. B. 2,
3, 4; Ft. B. Intra. 1; Bk. B. Intra. 1:
Swimming 1, 2; Swimming Intra. 1, 2;
Track 2; Track Intra. 2.

Lottie I. Handy
Ancon, Canal Zone
"A sparkling personality with a mag-
netic charm."
French Club 2, 3; Fut. Nurses of Amer.
3, 4; Pan Amer. 2, 3. 4; Spanish Club
1, 2, 3, 4; U.N. Club 2, 3, 4; Drives
Comm. 3; Chorus 1, 4; Class Vice-Pres.
3; Bkt. B. Intra. 1, 2, 3, 4; Ping Pong
1, 2; Volley B. Intra. 1, 2, 3, 4;
Nurses Training.

Dorothy Elaine Griffin
Ancon, Canal Zone
"A rather quiet but likeable lass."
Drama Club 4; Fut. Nurses of Amer. 3,
4; Pan Amer. Club 3, 4; Science Club
4; Stamp Club 2; Counselor's Assist. 2,
4; Fashion Show 1, 4; Sr. Showcase
Comm. 4.

--ft *

Edmund Antony Griley
Panama R. de P.
"All things come 'round to him who
will but wait."
Drill Team 4; Usher Guard 4: Jr.-Sr.
Banquet 3; Class President 2, 3.


Anita Suzanne Gupton
Panama, R. P.
"A light heart lives long."
Lib. 1, 3; Office 4; Ticket Sales 4.

Robert Douglas Hanna
Christobal, Canal Zone
"Worry is not for lads like me."
Usher Guard 2; Water Polo 1.

Danielle Ruth Harned
Bronxville, New York
"You'll rarely find a girl so nice; to be
her friend is worth any price."
Drama Club 1, 2, 3; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4;
Science Club 4; Train Comm. 3, Band
1, 2; Orch. 1; Sadie Hawkins Dance 2;
Val. Formal 4; Jr. Ring 3; Bkt. B. All
Stars 1, 2; Bkt. B. Intra. 1, 2, 3; Swim-
ming 1, 2, 3. 4; Volley B. Intra. & All
Stars I, 2, 3; "The Last Kiss," "Mrs.
McThing," "Seventeenth Summer;" Dra.
matics Usher 1, 2; Graduation Usher 3;
Easter Showcase 2; Girl's State.

Christine Anne Harrison
Ancon, C. Z.
"Sparkle and spice and everything nice."
N.H.S. 4; Science Club 2, 3. 4, (2 Sec..
3 Pres., 4 Pres.); Pep Club 1; N.S.P.A.
4; Parakeet 3. 4 (Asst. Editor 4);
Quill & Scroll 4; S.A. Representative 3;
Train Comm. 4; Chorus 1. 2; Glee Club
2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3, (Chairman):
Bkt. B. Intra. 1; "Roosevelt Pageant"
3; Baccalaureate Usher 3; Girl's State.

Bruce G. Hand
Oak Park, Illinois
"He may be quiet, but what a wit; for
every occasion his remarks sure fit."

Hugh Edwin Harvey
"Harvey Hugh"
Panama R. de P.
"Not work, but play. That's my way."
R.O.T.C. 2; Bk. B. Intra. 1; Bowling
Intra. 1, 2, 3, 4; St. B. 1.

L~i"C _~~




John P. Hawthorne
Panama R. de P.
"Happy anm ; from care I'm free; why
can't they all be as contented as
S.A. Rep. 4; Firing Squad 1, 2.

Judith Gay Hearne
Ancon, Canal Zone
"She was made for happy thoughts."
Fut. Nurses of Amer. 1, 2, 3; Pep Club
1; Band 2, 3; Chorus 1; Orch. 2;
Christmas Formal 3; Cards & Announce-
ments 4; Fashion Show 1.

Janice Lea Heilman
Ancon, C. Z.
"A cheerful disposition is a fund of
ready capital."
Fut. Nurses of Amer. 2, 3. 4, (Vice-
Pres. 3, 4); Pep Club 1, 2; Ticket Sales
Comm. 3, 4; Chorus 2, 4; Sr. Gift
Comm. 4; Bkt. Ball Intra. 1, 2, 3, 4;
Bowling Intra. 2, 4; Softball I, 3; Vol-
ley Ball Intra. 1, 2, 3, 4; Baccalaureate
Usher 3.

Suzanne Marie Hele
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
"She's pretty to walk with, witty to talk
with, and pleasing to think on too."
Science Club 4; S.A. Alternate 4; Get.
Acquainted Dance 3; Train Comm. 3;
Visitor's Day Comm. 4; Chorus 1, 2.
3, 4; Christmas Formal Comm. 3; Sadie
Hawkins Dance Comm. 2; Valentine For-
mal Comm. 4; Class Sec. 3; Bkt. B.
Intra. 3; Bowling Intra. 2, 3; Softball
2; Fashion Show 1; Graduation Usher
3; Soph. Showcase Comm. 2; Girl's
State 3.

- .m

John Franklin Hern
"Big Jack"
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Whoever invented work should hate
finished it."
Science Club 1; Bank 1, 3; Orchestra
2; Drill Team 2; Firing Squad 3; R.O.-
T.C. Rank Corporal; Usher Guard 2;
Jr.-Sr. Promn Conlu. 4; Sr. Gift Cmoaln.
I; Ft. B. 2; Ft. B. Intra. 1; Bk. B. Intra.
1, 2; Swimming 1; Water Polo 1, 2.

Grady Lendon Hesters, Jr.
Descatuen, Indiana
"A friend to all, a foe to none; give
him a job and he'll get it done."
Drama Club 3; N.H.S. 4; Exchang'
".. i Comml. 4; Inaugural Ball Comm. 4; S.A.
. Officer 4 President; Ticket Sales 4;
Visitor's Day Comm. 4; Halloween Dance
.6* Comm. 3; R.O.T.C. Rank Lt. & Platoon
"Leader; Xmas Formal 3; Frosh. Picnic
I1; Sadie Hawkins Dance 2; Class Vice-
President 3; Ft. B. Intra. 1; Bk. B.
.. Intra. 2, 4; Bowling Intra. 2; Tennis 2;
"Mad Woman of Chaillot" 3; Jr. Day
1 Clnomm. 3; Boy's State 3; Boy's Nation
3; Welcoming Comm. 3; Thanksgiving
Showcase Comm. 2.


Thomas Mason Bacon Hicks
"Big Moose"
Dothan, Alabama
"He has merit, good nature, and in-
Chess Club 4; Photography Club 4;
Awards Ball Comm. 4; Drill Team 3,
4; Halloween Dance Comm. 3, 4; Honor
Guard 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C. Rank S/Maj.;
Usher Guard 2, 3, 4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3;
Jr. Ring Comm. 3; Swimming 4; Fashion
Show 3; Game Usher 2, 3; Roosevelt
Centennial 3.

Tomas Sang Ho
Panama R. de P.
"Success is the result of whole-hearted
Camera Club 2, 3. 4 President; Chess
Club 1, 2; N.H.S. 3. 4; Pan. Am.
Club 1; Science Club 1. 2; Stamp Club
2, 3 Sec. 4 President; U.N. 1, 2; N.S..
P.A. 3, 4; Parakeet 3, 4 Photographer;
Zonian 2, 3, 4 Photographer; Inaugural
Ball 4; Train Comm. 4; Xmas Formal
3; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 2, 3; Sadie Hawkins
Dance Conmm. 2; Valentine Formal
Comm. 4; Individual Sr. Pic. 4; Sr.
Group Pic. 4; Bk. B. Intra. 1, 2; Bowl-
ing Intra. 3, 4; Golf Intra. 3, 4; Track
Intra. 1; Ping Pong 1, 2, 3. 4; Fashion
Show 2, 4 Photographer; Math Club
1, 2; Chemistry Lab. Assist. 3; Mu
Alpha Theta Club 3; Photographer: Ft.
B. 2. 3. 4; Baseball 3, 4; Track 2, 3.
4; Palm Bowl Game 4; R.O.T.C. Ricld
Night 3; Boy's State 3.

n .'

Anne Henderson
Westville, Florida
"She has a voice of gladness and a
smile of beauty."
Drama Club; F.H.R. Club; Fashion
Show; Music Appreciation Club; Belle
and Beue Comm.

Diana Gail Hoenke
Ancon, Canal Zone
"A wonderful person in every way."
G.A.A. 3, 4; N.H.S. 4; Pep Club 1, 2;
Science Club 3, 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4;
Chorus 2; Sadie Hawkins Dance 2;
Showcase Comm. 3, 4; Bkt. B. Intra.
2, 3, 4; Bkt. B. All Stars 3; Volley B.
Intra. 1, 2, 3; Girl's State 3.

*i.. ^
T 4w.
o ,

-iL- I Il


. A
I .



Carolyn Eleanor Holmes
Jersey City, New Jersey
"Dynamite comes in small packages."
Future Nurses of Amer. Club 1, 2; Of-
fice Assist. 4; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3;
Individual Sr. Picnic Comm. 4; Swim-
ming 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming Intra. 1, 2,
3, 4.

Christine Baker Huff
Ancon, C. Z.
"Three little words can describe her:
Beauty, brains, and personality."
Drama Club 1; Fut. Teach. of Amer. 2.
3, 4, (3 Sec. 4 Vice-Pres.) N.H.S.
4; Pep Club 1; Assembly Comm. 3, 4;
Co-ordination Comm. 4; Get-Acquainted
Dance 4; S.A. Representative 4; Chorus
1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 4; R.O.-
T.C. Rank 4, (Captain) R.O.T.C.
Sponsor 4; Christmas Formal Comm. 3;
Fros. Picnic Comm. 1, (Ch.) Jr.-Sr.
Banquet Comm. 3; Sr. Activity Comm.
4; Bkt. B. Intra. 1, 2; Volley Ball In-
tra. 1, 2; "Out on the Old Front Porch"
1; "The Coming of Christ" 2; "Low-
land Sea" 2; Talent Show 3, 4; Math
Club 4; Mu Alpha Theta 4, (Sec.);
Girl's State 3, (Governor) ; Girl's Na-
tion 3; Showcase Comm. 1, 2.

Pedro Max Janowitz
Panama R. de P.
"He will be successful in any land. For
he holds his future well in hand."
Chess Club 2, 3. 4 Vice-Pres.; N.H.S.
3, 4 Pres.; Physics Assist. 4; Inaugural
Ball 4; S.A. Rep. 4; Train Comm. 4;
Train Comm. 4; Visitor's Day 4; Glee
Club 3, 4; Jr. Ring 3; Roosevelt Pa-
geant 3; Baccalaureate Marshal 3; Talent
Show 3. 4; Chemistry Lab. Assist. 3; Mu
Alpha Theta 4; Math Club 4; Boy's
State 3; School Paper Editor 1.

Eva Emma Johnson
Panama, R. P.
"A lovely smile and friendly nature
S. one of our carefree senoritas.
French Club 4; Ft. Nurses of Amer. 4;
Pan. Amer. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish
Club 1, 2. 3, 4; U. N. Club 1, 2. 3.
4; Volley B. Intra. 4; Carnival Dance
3, 4; Nacimiento Conim. 2, 4.

Elizabeth Jean Kapp
Burlington, Vermont
"Laughing and talking, walking along;
the reason we love her; she's sweet
as a song."
Band secretary 2; Fashion Show 2;
N.H.S. 1.




. ?


Glenda Jane Kent
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Here's a girl who's simply grand,
always lending a helping hand."
N.H.S. 4; U.N. Club 3; Ticket Sales
Comm. 4; Christmas Formal 3; Bkt. B.
Intra. 4; Volley B. Intra. 3. 4; Fashion
Show 3; Graduation Usher 3; Financial
Sec. Assist. 3, 4.

Lynne Kielhofer
Colon, R. P.
"Not ten yoke of oxen have the power
to draw us like a woman's hair."
G.A.A. 3, 4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm. 3;
Bkt. B. 3, 4; Bkt. B. Intra. 2, 3. 4;
Bowling Intra. 3, 4; Volley B. Intra. 2.
3, 4; Baccalaureate Usher 3.

Bryce F. Kimberling
Vancouver, Washington
"Friendly and smiling . a nice guy
to have around."
Zonian 4; Band 1; Bk. B. Intra. 3;
Bowling Intra. 4; Sr. Showcase Commn. .I.

Donald Leroy Keller
Vallejo, California
"Worry little, study less that's my
idea of happiness."
S.A. Rep. 4; Awards Ball 4; Drill Team
2. 3; Firing Squad 2. 3; Halloween
t Dance 4; Honor Guard 2; R.O.T.C. Rank
Co. Commander; Rifle Team 2, 3, 4;
Ft. B. 3; Game Usher 4.

Michael Thorne Kelly
Denver, Colorado
"Work is work and must be done, but
while I work; I have my fun."
Letterman's Club 4; N.H.S. 4; Science
Club 2; Chemistry Assist. 3; Biology
Assist. 2; Inaugural Ball 4; S.A. Rep.
I; Safety Comm. I; Visitor's Day Coimm.
3, 4 Chairman; Glee Club 4; R.O.T.C.
Rank St. Platoon Leader; Xmas Formal
3; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3; Individual Sr. Pic.
4; Sr. Activity Comm. 4; Class Pres. 3;
Ft. B. 3; Ft. B. Intra. 2; Bk. B. Intra.
1, 2: Swimming Intra. I; St. B. 1, 2;
Tennis 2; Track 2. 4; Track Intra. 1,
2; Water Polo 1; Chairman of Jr. Out-
ing Comm. 3; Boy's State 3; Mayor of
Lockport Crossroads Boy's State 3;
Most Popular in Sr. Class.

_*^ *-e0
J-'s.. "

* -.4




Jeffrey Brandon Kline
Panama R. de P.
"A quiet man, but quite a man."
Camera Club 2; Letterman's Club 3, 4;
Photography Club 2; Parakeet Ad Sellers
2, 3; S.A. Alternate 4; Usher Club 4;
R.O.T.C. Rank First Lt.; Usher Guard
4; Sr. Gift 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; All Zone
Baseball 3, 4; Bk. B. Intra. 1; Golf
Intra. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Michael Sigmund Klipper
Ancon, Canal Zone
"From quiet unexpected sources often
spring the world's greatest forces."
S.A. Alternate 1, 2; S.A. Rep. 3;
Visitor's Day Comm. 4; R.O.T.C. Rank
M/Sgt.; Individual Sr. Pic. 4; Base-
ball 3, 4; St. B. 1; Boy's State 3.

Sara-Jane Laquidara
Framingham, Massachusetts
".A cute petite miss with a captivating
smile and a winning personality."
Pep Club 1; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Christmas
Formal 3; Valentine Formal 4; Gradua-
tion Usher 3; Fut. Business Leaders of
Amer. 1; lajorette I ; Cheerleader I ;
Freshman Dance 1; School Radio Pro-
gram 1; Safety Program 1.

Aixa Elena Lasso
Panama, R. P.
"Happy, gay, and full of fun."
Arroyo High School French Club 1,.
3, 4; G.A.A. 1. 2; Megaphone Club 1,
2; Science Club 1; Spanish Club 1, 2.
4; S.A. Alt. 1; Welfare Commi. 2;
Swimming 1, 2; Water Ballet 1; Co-
Majorette 2; Panel Member 2.

Aaron Richard Lawson
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Ambition to learn; to get ahead in a
serious way."
Chess Club 1; N.H.S. Club 4; Physics
4; Parakeet Ad. Sellers 4 Business Man-
ager; S.A. Alternate 4; Inaugural Ball
Comn. 4; Safety Comm. 4; We'farc
Conlm. 4; Awards Ball 4; Honor Guard
2, 3; R.O.T.C. Rank Captain, Position.
Adjutant; Jr. Ring Comm. 3; Sr. Ac-
tivity Comm. 4; Sr. Ring 4; Bowling
Intra. 2. 3; St. B. 2; Track 4; Game
Usher 3, 4; Chemistry Lab. Assist. 3;
Sr. Co-Ordination Comm. 4; Guiding
Tour for New Students 4.

Ronald Ernesto Leggiere P.
Panama R. de P.
"The small courtesies sweeten life: the
greater enable it."
Astronomy Club 4; Camera Club 3;
Chess Club 3; French Club 3; Pan. Am.
1, 2, 3, 4; Photography 3; Science Club
2, 3; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Stamp
Club 3, 4; U.N. Club 2, 3, 4; Parakeet
Ad Sellers 3; St. B. 2; Tennis 2; Pan.
Am. Assembly 3, 4; Carnival Dance 3,
4 Pan. Am. Day Showcase 3, 4; Vaci-
iniento Connmm. 3, 4.

-I& U

F was

Anita Charlayne Leonard
Aurora, Illinois
"Her many virtues make her a girl who
holds your eye and interest for a
long time."
Drama Club 1, 2, 3; Disc. & Debate Club
3; Library Assist. 2; S.A. Alt. 1, 2;
Drives Chairman 4I; Jr.-Sr. Banquet
Comm. 3; Individ. Sr. Pic. 4; Bkt. B.
Intra. 3; Baccalaureate Usher 3; Awards
Doiy Comm. 3; Girl's State 3; Civic
Council Elections 4; Richmond High-Jr.
Arista 1; Spanish Club 1; Office As.
sist. 1; Disc. & Debate Club 1.

Naomi G. Litvin
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Rare compound of quality, noble and
true With plenty of sense and
good humor too."
Disc. & Debate Club 3. 4; Drama Club
1. 2. 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; Zonian 4; Assern-
bly Comm. 4; S.A. Relp. 3, 4; B ind
1, 2. 3. 4; Orch. 1, 2. 3. 4; Noon Orch.
1, 2. 3, .1; Chris!mas Formal 3; Sr. Gift
4; "Seventneth Summer." "Before the
Corrida," "Lowland Sea." "Lute Song."
"Mrs. McThing." "The Big Front
Porch," Roosevelt Dedication 3; Sophll.
Showcase Comm. 2; Jr. Showcase Comm.
3; Girl's State 3 Dance Band 3, 4.

William Emmitt Loar
Chillecothe, Missouri
"The apple of every girl's eye."
Ft. B. 2; Bk. B. Intra. 3; S.A. Ticket
Sales Comm. 3, 4; Ft. B. 1.

Vincent R. Lombroia
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Quality exceeding his size."
Chess Club 1; Halloween Dance Comm.
4; Usher Guard 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C. Rank
Sgt. of the Guard.




Carmen Inez Lopez
Santurce, Puerto Rico
"A pleasant personality ... and rcharm
French Club 1; Library Assist. 4; Drives
Comm. 2; Volley B. Intra. 4; Fashion
Show 1; G.A.A. Dance Comm. 1; Grad.
nation Usher 3; Jr.-Sr. Frolic 3.

Lydia Lugo

911%; ~as

Karen Elizabeth Lytle
Denver, Colorado
"Winsome she is, adorable too, a cute
personality . That's Ginger
for you."
Drama Club 3; N.S.P.A. 4; Parakeet
4; S.A. Sec. 4; Drives Comm. 3; Ex-
change Comm. 4; Football Dance Comm.
Chairman 4; S.A. Sec. 4; Ticket Sales
Chairman 4; Visitor's Day Comm. 4; Band
3, 4; Chorus 2; Glee Club 3, 4; Rank
1st Lt. 4; "A" Comp. Sponsors 4;
Awards Ball 4; Halloween Dance 4;
Cards & Announcements 4; Sr. Activity
4; Bowling Intra. 3; "Madwoman of
Chaillot" 3; Theodore Roosevelt Pa-
geant 3; Baccalaureate Usher 3; Cheer-
,eader 4; Fashion Show 2; Talent Show
3; Football Queen 4; Girl's State 3;
Christmas Showcase Comm. 3; Spring
Concert Usher 3; R.O.T.C. Autumn
Dance Comm. 4; University High: Tennis
Club 1; Spanish Club 1; Pep Club 1;
Honor Society 1; Drill Team 1.

Kathryn Louise MacConnell
San Angelo, Texas
"A pleasant girl of sterling worth, she's
half quietness, and half mirth."
Drama 4; Natl. Thespians 4; Chorus 4;
Awards Day Comm. 4; Talent Show 1;
MacArther High: Drama Club 1, 2, 3;
Brama Ad Sellers 3; Annual Staff 3;
Art Editor 3; "Quality Street" 4;
"King of Hearts" 1; Dramatics Usher
1, 2, 3; Y Teens 1, 2, 3; Bramah-
doras 2, 3.


s~sti "

Kathleen Mary MeConaghy
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Lovely to look at, delightful to know."
Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. 2;
Natl. Thesp. 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1;
Office Assist. 3, 4; Parakeet Ad Seller
1; Assembly Comm. 3; S.A. Repr. 1;
Safety Comm. 1; Usher Club 3; Glee
Club 2; Awards Ball 3; Jr.-Sr. Prom 3;
Valentine Formal 4; Class Secretary 2;
Bkt. B. Intra. 2; Bowling Intra. 1, 4;
Swimming 1; Swimming Intra. 1; Softball
2; Volley B. Intra. 2, 3, 4; "Seven.
teenth Summer" 1; "Horn Pipes &
Castanets" 1; Talent Show 3; Frobh.
Showcase Comm. 1; Mt. St. Mary: Drama
Club 2: Glee Club 2; All Stars 2.

Robert McConaughey
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Takes life as it comes and loves it."
Stamp Club 2; R.O.T.C. Rank S.F.C.;
Usher Guard 2; Sr. Ring Comm. 4;
Ft. B. Intra. 1.

John McNall
Ancon, Canal Zone
"The style is the man himself."
R.O.T.C. sRank Sgt.; Bowling Intra. 2;
St. B. 1.

Rodrigo Ricardo Marciacq
Panama R. de P.
"Success comes to him who is honest,
industrious, and persistent."
Pan. Am. 4; Spanish Club 4.

Douglas Gray MacLean
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Earnestness and sincerity are synony-
mous with Doug."
Letterman's Club 2, 3; R.O.T.C. Rank
Sgt.; Ft. B. Intra. 1, 2; Bk. B. Intra.
1; Bowling Intra. 1; Swimming 1, 2, 3,
4; St. B. 1, Water Polo 1; Roosevelt
Day Ceremony Honor Guard.

Louis Andrew Marcola
Panama R. de P.
"Turning to mirth, all things on earth."
Bk. B. Intra. 3.



~ T






James Marshall
Miami Beach, Florida
"A combination hard to beat; a scholar
and an athlete."
Astronuioy Club 2; Lettermnan's Club
3. 4; N.H.S. 4; Science Club 1, 2;
Physics Assist. 4; Co-ordination Comm.
4; Get-Acquainted Dance 4; Inaugural
Ball 4; S.A. Rep. 1, 2; Glee Club 2, 3,
4; Awards Ball 4; Halloween Diance 4;
R.O.T.C. Rank Capt. 4; Christmas For-
meal Conmm. 3; Frosh.-Soph. Frolic 1, 2;
Sr. Activity Comm. 4; Sr. Gift Comm.
4 Chairman; Class Vice-Pres. 4; Ft. B.
2, 3, 4; Ft. B. Intra. 1; Sr. Party
Comm. 4; Lettered in Ft. B. 3, 4.

Jeannette Meriwether
San Jose, Costa Rica
"A Canal Zone gal who's everyone's pal."
French Club 3. 4; Fut. Nurses of Amer.
2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1. 2; Clinic Assist.
1; Bkt. B. 4; Bkt. B. Intra. 1, 2, 3,
4; Bowling Intra. 3. 4; Volley B. 1.
2. 3; Cards & Anniouncements Conmmll. 4.

Dale Edwin Melin
Hansing, Michigan
"lie's a quiet chap until you know him
. .then clear the decks for action."
Sr. Group Pic. 4; President of S.A. 1.

Judith Ann Meyers
Ancon, Canal Zone
"She walks in a wake of long, low
Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Fut. Nurses
of Amer. 3; Pep Club 2; Office Assist.
4; Ticket Sales Comm. 2; Chorus 2, 3,
4; Frosh. Picnic 1; Jr.-Sr. Prom 3;
S Jr. Ring Comm. 3; Bkt. B. Intra. 1,
' 2, 3; Bowling Intra. 1, 2, 3; Volley B.
Intra. 1, 2, 3; "Seventeenth Summer"
2; "Mrs. McThing" 3; "Mad Woman
of Chaillot" 3; "Quality S:reet" ,4; Dra-
matics Usher 1. 2; N.H.S. Usher 3; Jr.
Class Advisor 3.

Irene Marie Michaelis
"Mickey Mouse"
Ancon, Canal Zone
"She adds a spice to life that's nice."
Pan. Amer. Club 1, 4; Science Club 1,
2; Clinic Assist. 2; Parakeet Ad Sellers
1; Assembly Comm. 3; Chorus 1; Sr.
Gift 4; Carnival Dance 4; Talent Show 3.

Joyce Ann Murdaugh
Charleston, South Carolina
"Red hair radiates sunshine."
Fui. Nurses of Amer. 4; Chorus 4; Sr.
Group Pic. 4; Bowling Intra. 4; Easter
Showcase Comnim. 3; Glee Club 1, 2;
Bkt. B. 1; Bkt. B. Scorekeeper;
Halloween Carnival Comm. 1, 2.

Jeanne Carol Nickerson
South Carolina
"A likeable lass, cute and gay; she's
rated tops in every way."
Chess Club 3; Disc. & Debate Club 2.
3, 4; Office Assist. 2; Zonian 4; Co-
ordination Comm. 3, 4; Bkt. B. Intra.
2; Bowling Intra. 2, 3; Volley B. Intra.
3; Graduation Usher 3; Showcase Comm.
3, 4; Math. Club 2; Jr. Advisor 3; But-
ler High: Drama Club, Chorus. Girl's

-: t

' 51

Ken Albert Mohl
Ancon, Canal Zone
"No sinner and no saint, perhaps -
but well, the very best of chaps."
R.O.T.C. Rank S.F.C. Sr. Ring Comm.
'I; St. B. Intra. 2, 3.

Eileen Isabel Morris
Spokane, Washington
"Friendly smile coupled with brains
Band 2; Orch. 2; Cards & Announce-
ments 4; Bowling Intra. 2, 3, 4; Volley
B. Intra. 4; Yuma Union High : Band 1.

Richard Hays Morris
Panama R. de P.
"True to his work, his word, and his
S.A. Rep. 4; Train Comm. 4; Chorus.
1, 2; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Drill Team
3. 4; Firing Squad 3, 4; Honor Guard
3. 4; R.O.T.C. Rank First Lt.; Jr.-Sr.
Prom 3; Individual Sr. Pic. 4; Ft. B.
Intra. 1, 2; Bk. B. Intra. 1, 2; Bowl-
ing Intra. 2; Swimming Intra. 1, 2; St.
B. 2; Track Intra. 1, 2; Water Polo 2.
"The Coming of Christ" 3; "Roosevelt
Pageant" 3; Fashion Show 3. 4 Or-
ganist; Game Usher 4; Boy's S;ate 3.



P ";'-t



IrI-,~ -


K ,,
iak~ ~


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-4 a1~

Michael Lynn Norton
Los Angeles, California
"A happy heart makes a happy guy."
R.O.T.C. Rank Sgt.; Ft. B. Intra. 2;
Thanksgiving Showcase 3.

Myrna Eloise Orr
Ancon, Canal Zone
"A friend is a person with whom you
may be sincere."
Pan. Amer. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club
1; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; U.N. Club
3. 4; Office Assist. 4; Chorus 2; Bk,.
B. Intra. 1; Volley B. Intra. 1, 2; Vil-
lansicos 3, 4; Nacimiento 3, 4; Pan
Amer. Assembly 3, 4.

r ''~



Kenneth Robert Pearl
Panama R. de P.
"Dazzling smile that gets the gir.s;
snappy dresser."
Science Club 2; Co-ordination Comm. 4;
Awards Ball 4; R.O.T.C. Rank First
Lieutenant Sr. Gift Comm. 4; Ft. B.
Intra. 1, 2; Baseball 3, 4; Bk. B.
Intra. 1; St. B. 2; Game Usher 4.

John C. Pearson
Altoona, Pennsylvania
"Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more.
I am here."
Jr.-Sr. Prom. 3; Cap & Gown 4; Ft. B.
1, 2, 3; Ft. B. Intra. 2; Bk. B. 1, 2,
3, 4; Bk. B. Intra. 2, 3, 4; Bowling
Intra. 2, 3; Swimming 1, 2; Swimming
Intra. 2; Track Intra. 1, 2; Water Polo
1, 2.

Douglas Michael Pajak
Ancon, Canal Zone
"He is six feet of man-clean grit and
human nature."
Lettern,an's Club 3, 4 Pres.; Science
Club 3; S.A. Alternate 2; Valentine
Formal 4; Jr. Ring Comm. 3; Cap &
Gown Comm. 4 Co-Chairman; Ft. B.
3, 4; Baseball 3; Bk. B. 2, 3, 4; Bk.
B. Intra. 1. 2; Bowling 2; Track 2, 3.
4; Track Intra. 1, 2; Water Polo 1.

Nelva Marie Parker
Colon, R. P.
"Neat and sharp, always nice; A vir-
tuous thing worth any price."
U.N. Club 3; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Bkt. B.
Intra. 3, 4; Volley B. Intra. 2; Fashion
Show 2; Sr. Showcase Comm. 4; Christ-
mas Showcase Conmm. 3.

James Eldon Phelan
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Is he bashful? Is he shy? Can't he
talk or won't he try?"
Chess Club 1; R.O.T.C. Rank Master
Sgt. Usher Guard 2.

r^ IktE y.

Ralph Frank Perkins
Panama R. de P.
"I will go meet the ladies."
Astronomy 1; Science Club 1, 2; Bacca-
laureate Marshal 3.

Virginia Lee Perra
Ancon, Canal Zone
"She looks like a page out of "Seven-
Drama Club 1, 2; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4;
Pep Club 1, 2; Clinic Assist. I; Office
Assist. 2, 3; Zonian Ad Seller 1; S.A.
Alt. 3; Ticket Sales 2; Christmas For-
mal Comm. 3; Frosh Picnic 1; Sadie
Hawkins Dance 2; Cap & Gown Comm.
4; Sr. Group Pie. 4; Bkt. B. 1, 2, 3,
4; All Star 1, 2, 3, 4; Bkt. B. Intra.
1, 2, 3, 4; Bowling Intra. 1, 2, 3, 4;
Golf Intra. 4; Swimming 1, 2; Swim-
ming Intra. 1, 2; Softball 1, 2; Tennis
4; Volley B. Intra. 1, 2, 3. 4; All Star
4; Sadie Hawkins Court 2; Dramatics
Usher 1, 2; Fashion Show 1, 2; Gradua.
tion Usher 4; Girl's State 3.

Elizabeth Phillipps
Panama, Rep. of Panama





Emily Edelin Price
New York, New York
"True in spirit, faith and heart, in the
role of life she'll play a leading
Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 2.
4; Nat'l. Thesp. 2, 3, 4; Pan. AImt.
1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1. 2. 3, 4;
Assembly Comm. 3; Chorus 2, 4; Glee
Club 2, 3, 4; Cap & Gown Comm. 4; Sr.
Gift Comm. 4; "Before the Corrida" 1;
"Mrs. McThing" 2; "The Adding Ma-
chine" 2; "Mad Woman of Chaillot" 3;
Pan. Amer. Day Assemn. 3; Talent Show
3; "Quality Street" 4; "Coming of
Christ" 2; Carnival Dance 3; Dramatics
L Usher 2; Talent Show 4.

James Kyle Price
Panama R. de P.
"What is man but a wonderful mixture
of devil and saint."
Letterman's Club 3. 4; Drives Comm.
4; Ft. B. Dance 3. 4; Get-Acquainted
Dance 3; S.A. Rep. 1; Christmas Formal
3; Frosh. Picnic 1; Valentine Formal 4;
Sr. Activity Comm. 4; Ft. B. 3, 4; Ft.
B. Intra. 1. 2; Bk. B. 1. 2, 3. 4; Track
Intra. 2; "Before the Corrida" 1.

George Earle Rambo
Little Rock, Arkansas
"Thought is deeper than speech."
Letterman's Club 2, 3; N.H.S. 3, 4;
Science Club 3; Assembly Comm. 4;
Ft. B. Dance 3; Inaugural Ball 4; Usher
Guard 3; R.O.T.C. Rank M/Sgt.; Jr.
Ring Comm. 3; Cards & Announcements
4; Sr. Ring 4; Baseball 2; Mu Alpha
Theta 3. 4; Boy's State 3; Math Club
2. 4: Train Usher 4.

Harry David Raymond Jr.
Panama R. de P.
"Living is an art and he is an artist!"
Astronomy Club 1. 2; Camera Club 2,
3; Pan Am. Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Stamp
Club 2, 3; U.N. Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Drives
Comm. 4; Ticket Sales 2; Usher Club
1., 2. 3; R.O.T.C. Rank S.F.C.; Ft.
B. Intra. 1, 2; Track lntra. 1, 2; Track
1: Water Polo 1.


Sharon K. Raymond
Bay City, Michigan
"Simple and sweet in all her ways.
she'll be happy the rest of her days."
Chess Club 3; Fut. Nurses of Amer. 1,
4; Library Club 4; Pep Club 1: Coun-
selor's Assist. 2; Chorus 3; Jr.-Sr. Ban-
quet Comm. 3; Sr. Group Pic. Comrn.
4; Bowling Intra. 4; Glee Club 1.

~- ;a RI

Thomas Grant Richardson
Seattle, Washington
"He came, he saw, he conquered our
Chess Club 1, 2; Pan Am. Club 3, 4:
Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2. 3;
Ft. B. Intra. 1, 2. 3, 4; Bk. B. Intra.
1, 2; Swimming 2, 3; Water Polo 2, 3.





Ann Janet Read
Panama, R. P.
". sweetheart of radiant charm and wit,
and a certain warmth which few can
Pep Club 1, 2; Clinic Assist. 2; Office
Assist. 4; Frosh-Soph Frolic 2; Sadie
Hawkins Dance 2; Cap & Gown Comm.ttt
4; Sr. Gift Comm. 4; Bkt. B. Intra. l;
Bowling Intra. 1; Graduation Usher 3.

Virginia Marie Rediek
Dayton, Ohio
"Why be serious when there is so much
to laugh about?"
Fut. Nurses of Amner. 4; Science Club
4; Softball 4; Volley B. 4; Catholic
High School: Fut. Nurses of Amer. 2,
3; Science Club 1, 2; S.A. Representa-
tive 2, 3; H.R. Secretary 2, 3; Quill &
Scroll 2; Crusader Staff 2; C.S.M.C.
2. 3; Library Club 1. 2.

Ellen Anne Rennie
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Rich are those who have her as a
Chess Club 2; U.N. Club 2; Parakeet
Ad Seller 4; Chorus 2; Jr.-Sr. Banquet
3; Sr. Gift 4; Bkt. B. Intra. 1, 4; Tennis
4; Volley B. Intra. 1. 4; Graduation
Usher 3; Girl's State 3; Zonian Busi-
ness Staff 4.

Charles Holbrook Rentz
Ridgland, South Carolina
"Politeness is the chief sign of culture."
Letterman's Club 2. 3, 4 Vice-Pres.;
Science Club 1. 2; S.A. Alternate 1. 4;
Co-ordination Comm. 4; Ft. B. Dance
Co-Chairman 4; S.A. Rep. 2, 3; Ot-
lhestra 1; Awards Ball 4; Autumn Dance
I; R.O.T.C. Rank Cadet Major; Sr.
Activity Comm. 4; Sr. Gift Comm. 4;
Sr. Ring Comm. 4; Ft. B. 1. 2, 3, 4;
Lettered 2, 3, 4; All Star; Captain I;
Bk. B. 1; Track 1. 14; Track Intra. 2;
Biology Lalt. Assist. 2; Boy's State 3.



Maria Lillian Richters
Triesta, Italy
"Filled to the brim with life and fun."
Camera Club 4; Parakeet Ad Seller 4;
Train Comlm. 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Sr.
Group Pic. 4; Bkt. B. 4; Sr. Showcase
Colmnn. 4; Missouri Pep Club 1.

Catherine Ann Ridge
Ancon, Canal Zone
"In goodness there are all kinds of
Fut. Nurses of Amer. 3. 4; Science Club
3. 4; Stamp Club 4: U.N. Club 3. 4:
Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1; Soft-
ball 1. 2: Volley B. Intra. 2; Tri-M 1.


Samuel Rodriguez
Louisville, Kentucky
"I prefer to take life as it comes and
worry but little."
French Club 3; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Glee
Club 3; Baseball 1. 2; Chess Club 1,
2, 3; Pan Am. Club 2, 3, 1; Stamp
Club 1, 2, 3, 4.

Frederick S. Roe
Ancon, Canal Zone
"He that has a good and a merry heart
has the world for a cheering section."
Letterman's Club 4; S.A. Alternate 1;
Assembly Comm. 2; Awards Ball 4; Drill
Team 2, 3; Firing Squad 2. 3; Hal-
loween Dance 4; Honor Guard 3; R.O.-
T.C. Rank Captain; Christmas Formal
Comm. 3; Frosl. Picnic Comm. 1; In.
dividual Sr. Pic. 4; Ft. B. 4; Ft. B.
Intra. 1, 2, 3; Bk. B. 3. 4; Bk. B.
Intra. 1, 2, 3; Swimming lntra. 1, 2;
Boy's State 3.

William Rigby
Denver, Colorado
"He laughs and the class laughes with
him, but he stays after school alone.
Great guy our Bill!"
Letterman's Club 2, 3. 4; Glee Club 2;
Color Guard 4; Drill Team 3; Firing
Squad 2; Honor Guard 2; R.O.T.C. Rank
S.F.C.; Rifle Team 2; Swimming 2.
3. 4; Water Polo 1, 2; Drill Platoon;
San Diego Naval Drill Platoon Competi-
tion; Glee Club; Honor Guard; Ft. B.;


Leila Maxine Roberson
Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia
"An enviable girl, her books are her
Spanish Club 2.

Andy Rodriguez
Bronx, New York
"Never trouble trouble until trouble
troubles you then laugh !"
Ft. B. 2, 3; Track 3.

Donald S. Rogers
Colon R. de P.
"A friendly guy that saves a special
'Hi!' for us all."
Ft. B. Intra. 1, 2; Baseball 4; Bk. B.
4; Bk. B. Intra. 1, 2; Track 4; Track
4; Track Intra. 1, 2. 3.

Patricia M. Rogers
Cornwall on the Hudson, N.Y.
"There is laughter on her lips and
deviltry in her eyes; she gets along
with all the guys."
Drama Club 2, 3; G.A.A. 1. 2, 3, 4;
Library Club & Assist. 2; Pep Club 1,
2; Office Assist. 1, 2, 3; Get-Acquainted
Dance Comm. 3; Chorus 3, 4; Fosh..
Soph. Frolic 2; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3;
Sr. Activity Comm. 4; Swimming 1, 2.
3. 4; Swimming Intra. 1, 2, 3, 4; Volley
B. Intra. 1, 2; Water Ballet 2; Dramatics
Usher 1, 2; Fashion Show 4; Swim.
ming Team Capt. 3.

Iraida Esperanza Romero
Cayey, Puerto Rico
"Filled to the brim with life and fun."
Astronomy Club 4; Drama Club 4: Pan
Amer. Club 3. 4; Science Club 4; Span-
ish Club 3. 4; U.N. Club 3, 4: Chorus
4; Bowling Intra. 4: Volley B. Intra.
4; Pan Amer. Assembly 4; Carniv.l
Dance 4; Cayey H. S.: Stience Club
2; Spanish Club 2; Fut. Teach. of
Amer. 2; B. H. S.: School TV Pro-
gram 4: Talent Show I.


I. - -
. ... '




__ a




Ruth Roper
Riga, Latvia
"Quiet and sweet, most pleasing to
Drama Club 4; Fut. Teach. of Amer.
4; Science Club 4; Parakeet 4; Drives
Conmm. 4; Bkt. B.I ntra. 3, 4; Bowling
Intra. 3, 4; "Quality Street" 4; Mu
Alpha Theta 4; Sr. Showcase 4; Latin
Club 1, 2.

Patricia G. Rose
Panama, R. P.
"Mildness of manner and gentleness of
Drama Club 2; Band 1, 2. 3, 4; Orcll.
2; Sr. Group Pic. 4; "Mrs. McTling"
3: "Hornpipes & Castanets" 4; Show-
case Comm. 2, 3; Noon Orch. i, 2;
Girl's State 3.

Eileen Elizabeth Ruess
Youngstown, Ohio
"At last we have perpetual motion, in-
cessant energy."
Astronomy Club 4; Camera Club 3, 4;
Chess Club 2; Fut. Nurses of Amer. 3;
Pan Amer. Club 2, 3, 4; Photo Club
3, 4; Science Club 4; Spanish Club 2,
3, -1; Stamp Club 3, 4; U.N. Club 2.
3, 4; Parakeet Ad Seller 3; Sr. Group
Pic. 4; Bkt. B. 4; Bkt. B. Intra. 1, 2,
3, 4; Bowling Intra. 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball
1., 2, 3, 4; Volley B. Intra. 1, 2, 3. 4;
Pan Amer. Assembly 3, 4; Carnival
Dance 3, 4; Talent Show 4; Lab. Assist.
3; Showcase Comm. 3. 4; Coniparsa 3;
Badminton Intra. 3.

Bruce Carlos Ruiz
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Rich are those who have him for a
Camera Club 4; Photography 4; Usher
Club 2, 3; Drill Team 3, 4; Firing
Squad 3, 4; Honor Guard 3, 4; R.O.-
T.C. Rank Master Sgt.; Usher Guard
2, 3; Individual Sr.- Pic. Comm. 4;
Water Polo 1; Game Usher 2, 3; Boy's
State 3; Easter Showcase 3.

1 .;rs



Albert Fedrick Schwalm
"Kool Kat"
Panama R. de P.
"A friendly smile for everyone."
Ft. B. 1; Wrote Newspaper Story in the
Sunday Am. on the Jr. Beach Party 3.

Alan James Scott
Jersey City, New Jersey
"A fellow with an engaging personality,
sometimes quiet but always fun."
Letterman's Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Get-
Acquainted Dance 4; Visitor's Day
Comm. 3, 4; R.O.T.C. Rank First Sgt.;
Christmas Formal 3; Frosh. Picnic 1;
Frosh-Soph. Frolic 1; Valentine Formal
4; Ft. B. 2, 3; Ft. B. Intra. 1; Bk.
B. Intra. 1, 2; Swimming 1, 2, 3. 4;
Track Intra. 1; Water Polo 1, 2;; Boy's
State 3; Sr. Co-ordinating Comm. 4;
O.C.S. 4.

Richard A. M. Scott
Ancon, Canal Zone
"To play football, to be good-looking,
to be all-around in everything, is to
be Dick."
Letterman's Club 2, 3, 4; Ft. B. Dance
Comm. 4; S.A. Rep. 2, 4; Visitor's Day
Comm. 4; Frosh.-Soph. Frolic 1; Valen-
tine Formal 4; Sr. Activity Comm. 4;
Ft. B. 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 4; Bk.
B. Intra. 1, 2; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Track
Intra. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Jane Burns Shanard
Washington, D. C.
"Intellectual lass . sweet smile
lots of friends."
Disc. & Debate Club 4; N.S.P.A. 2. 3,
4; Parakeet 3, 4 Editor; Parakeet Ad
Sellers 4; Quill & Scroll 4; S.A. Rep.
4; Ticket Sales 4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet
Comm. 3 Comm. Chairman; Individual
Sr. Pic. 4 Chairman; Baccalaureate
Usher 3; Fashion Show 3, 4 Publicity
Chairman; Sr. Co-ordinating Comm. 4;
Glee Club 1; Pep Club 2; Latin Club
2; Assist. Editor Newspaper 2; Home-
coming Comm. 2 Assist. Chairman;
Mother-Daughter Banquet 2; Cavalettes
2; Frosh. Party 1; "You Can't Take
it With You" 2; "Our Town" 2; "Han-
sel & Gretel" 2.

Charlotte Antoinette Schultz
Panama, R. P.
"The best of sports in any game; In
other things she's just the same."
Drama Club 2, 4; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3. 4;
Pan Amer. Club 4; U.N. Club 1;
Office Assist. 2; Chorus 3, 4; Glee Club
3, 4; Christmas Formal Comm. 3; Bkt.
B. All Stars 2, 3, 4; Bkt. B. Intra.
2, 3, 4; Bowling Intra. 2, 3, 4; Swim-
ming 1; Softball 2, 3; Volley B. Intra.
2, 3, 4; All Stars 3, 4; Swimming Intra.
1; Easter Showcase Comm. 3; Roose-
velt Pageant 3; Baccalaureate Chorus 3;
Pan Amer. Day Program 3.


-T 6

"b x

Carolyn Mae Sharpe
Colon, R. P.
"Sweet, shy. and poised."
U.N. Club 3; Christmas Formal 3; Cap
& Gown Comm. 4; Bowling Intra. 2;
Volley B. Intra. 1, 3, 4; Badminton 3.


Patricia Marie Shouts
Worthington, Minnesota
"Smiling lips, twinkling eyes, and a
beauty that never dies."
Drama Club 4; S.A. Alt. 4; Sr. Ac:ivity
4; Awards Day Comm. 4; Latin Club
(Chas., S. C.) 1; Athena Tri-Hi-Y
(Norfolk, Va.) 3.

Lilia Aracelli Sibauste
Panama, R. P.
"For come days happy, or come days
sad, I count no hours but the ones
made glad."
G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; N.H.S. 4; Pan Amer.
Club 3. 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; U.N. 4;
Jr.-Sr. Banquet Comm. 3; Bkt. B.
1, 2. 3, 4; Bkt. B. Intra. 1, 2, 3. 4;
Bowling Intra. 1. 2, 3; Field Hockey
Intra. 2; Softball 1, 2; Volley B. Intra.
1, 2. 3, 4; Carnival Dance 3, 4; Fash-
ion Show 1. 3; School TV Program.

Betty Joan Smith
Laurel, Mississippi
"Curly hair, shining eyes, merry humor,
she is a prize."
Disc. & Debate 4; N.H.S. 3. 4; Volley
B. Intra. 4; Beta Club 3. 4: Fut. Nurses
of Amer. 3; Jr. Red Cross Rep. 3; Stu-
dent Council Alt. 1; Fut. Homemakers
of Amer. 1, 2.

Thomas Richard Sheppard
"Chow Jr."
Millville, New Jersey
"Talented in the art of mischief mak-
Drama Club 1; Letterman's Club 3, 4;
Stamp Club 1, 2, 3 Sec.-Trcas., 1;
Frosh. Picnic 1; Jr. Ring Comm. 3; Bk.
B. 2, 3, 4 Lettered; Track 3, 4 Letteredl;
"My Friend Curley" 1; Audir Visual
Club 4.

Kevin Anthony Sheridan
Colon R. de P.
"Gentle in manner, strong in per-
Library 1; Co-ordination Comm. 3; S.A.
Rep. 3; Awards Ball Comm. 4; Color
Guard 2; R.O.T.C. Rank Major; Usher
Guard 4 Commanding Officer; Jr.-Sr.
Banquet Comm. 3; Valentine Formal 4;
Sr. Activity Comm. 4; Ft. B. 2, 3;
Swimming 1, 2; Water Polo 1; Game
Usher 4; Boy's State 3; Election Offi-
cial; O.C.S. Officer Candidate School 4;
S-3 on Battalion Staff.

: 1 ]


Beverly Anne Smith
Ancon, Canal Zone
"She'll find fun and mischief anywheree"
G.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; S.A.
Alternn. 1; Train Comm. 1. 2; Usher
Club 1; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Cards & An.
nouncements 4; Bkt. B. Intra. 1, 2, 3;
Bowling Intra. 1, 2, 3; Swinilminng 1,
2, 3. 4; Swimming Intra. 1, 2, 3. 4;
Softball Intra. 1; Volleyball Intra. 1, 2,
3; Water Ballet 1, 2; Fashion Show
1, 3, 4.

Thomas Smith
San Bernardino, California
"A cheerful disposition is a fund d,
ready capital."
Color Guard 3, 4.

Delores Sparks
New Orleans, Louisiana
"What's the use of worrying? It never
was worthwhile."
Fut. Nurses of Amerr 1, 2; Jr.-Sr. Prom
Comm. 3; Cap & Gown Comim. 4;
Fashion Show 4: Graduation Usher 3.

Si 1

4i::: iL

Jerome E. Steiner Jr.
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Looks smooth, talks smooth, is smooth."
Assembly Comm. 4; R.O.T.C. Rank First
Sgt. Co. A; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3; Valentine
Formal 4; Sr. Activity Comm. 4; Ft. B.
lntra. 1; Swimming 4.

Betty Jean Stiles
San Mateo, California
"Friendliness, sincerity and ability make
her what she is; a oell liked person
that's nice."
Drama Club 2, 3; F.N.A. 3; P.T.A. 4;
Science Club 2, 3; U.N. Club 1; Clinic
Assist. 2; Chorus 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2.
3, 4; Christmas Formal 3; Frosh. Picnic
1; Sr. Showcase 4 ;"The Lowland-Sea"
1; "Coming of Christ" 3; "Out on the
Big Front Porch" I; Roosevelt Pageant
3; Dramatics Usher 3; Graduation Usher



af. ~
55 l

AL '.. A

Mary Lynne Stoakley
Flint, Michigan
"Popularity is the glory of being loved,
and we love you because you're
Pep Club 1, 2; Counselor's Assist. 2;
Office Assist. 4; S.A. Altern. 4; Get-
Acquainted Dance Comm. 4; Train
Comm. 4; Chorus 1; R.O.T.C. Awards-
Ball 4; Halloween Dance Comm. 4;
Rank 1st Lt. R.O.T.C. Sponsor 4;
Christmas Formal Queen 3; Sadie Haw-
kins Dance 2; Jr. Ring Comm. 3; Cards &
Announcements 4; Sr. Ring Comm. 4;
Volleyball Intra. 3.



Nancy Allena Swenson
Chicago, Illinois
"Sentences fail when one word is com-
plete; description of Nancy is one
word: sweet."
Fut. Teachers of Amer. 1, 2; N.H.S.
1; Library Assist. 1, 2; Jr.-Sr. Banquet
3; Sadie Hawkins Dance 2; Girl's State 3.

Russell E. Stromberg
Staten Island, New York
"Man is the reason that women envy
each other."
Valentine Formal 4; Ft. B. 3, 4; Base-
ball 1, 4; Bk. B. 2, 3. 4; Soccer 2;
Baseball 1, Bk. B. 2; Ft. B. 3.

_71:` ih

Margaret Carole Symonds
Worcester, Massachusetts
"'-ith a cheery word and a winsome
smile, with pep and beauty, she's a
friend worthwhile."
French Club 2; Fut. Teachers of Amer.
3; Library Club 1; Pep Club 2; Library
Assist. 1; N.S.P.A. 4; Zonian 3, 4;
Safety Comm. 4; Welfare Comm. 4;
Glee Club 1; Chorus 1; Valentine For-
mal I; Girl's State 3.

Dorothy Ewing Strumpf
Atlanta, Georgia
"Without love and laughter, life is
Drama Club 3, 4; Fut. Teachers of
Amer. 4; Science Club 4; Stamp Club
1; Office Assist. 3, 4; Parakeet 4;
Zonian 3, 4; Safety Comm. 4; Welfare
Comm. 4; Chorus 1, 2; Individual Sr.
Pie. 4; Bkt. B. Intra. 1, 2, 3; Volley-
ball Intra. 1, 2. 3, 4; Chem. Lab. Assist.
3; Valentine Showcase 3; N.H.S. Usher
3; Girl's State 3.

Judith Anne Such
London, Ontario Canada
"A friendly manner to all around her."
French Club 1; Office Assist. 4; Visitor's
Day Comm. 2; Bkt. B. Intra. 1, 2; Soft-
ball 2; Volleyball Intra. 1, 2, 4;
Fashion Show 4.


Jerry Michael Sullivan
New London, Connecticut
"One should live so that when he dies
it will even sadden the undertaker."
Pan. Am. Club 1; Spanish Club 1;
Zonian 4; Get-Acquainted Dance Comm.
4; Frosh-Soph. Frolic 1; Valentine For-
mal 4; Sr. Activity Comm. 4; Ft. B.
Intra. 1; Bk. B. Intra. 1; St. B. 1;
Sr. Co-ordinating Comm. 4; Yearbook
1; Jr. Honor Society 1.

Susan Thomas
New York, New York
"Her smile is like the North Star; it
beams on everyone near and far."
Discussion & Debate 3; French Club 3
Treasurer; Pep Club 1; Clinic Assist.
4; Office Assist. 3; Get-Acquainted
Dance 1; Chorus 1; Christmas Formal 3;
Frosh. Picnic 1; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3;
Cards & Announcements 4; Bk. B. Intra.
1. 2, 3 Team Capt.; Bowling Intra. 1,
2, 3; St. B. Intra. 2, 3 Team Capt.;
Volleyball Intra. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Celia Elizabeth Thompson
Colon, R. P.
"Sports ability personified-magnetic eyes
that smile."
Fut. Nurses of Amer. 2; G.A.A. 2, 3.
4; Pep Club 1, 2; Library Club 2; Para-
keet 4; Zonian 3; Assembly Comm. 3,
4; Ticket Sales 4; Jr.-Sr. Banquet 3;
Cap & Gown Comm. 4; Individual Sr.
Pie. Comm. 4; Sr. Ring Comm. 4; Bkt.
B. 1. 2, 3, 4; Bkt. B. All Stars 2, 4;
Bowling ntra. 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2,
3; Ping Pong 3; Volleyball Intra. 1, 2,
3. 4; Volleyball All Stars 2, 3, 4; Fashion
Show 1., 2; Graduation Usher 3; Nurses
Aid 2, 3; Showcase Comm. 2; Civic
Council Voting 4.

Chester Alexander Thompson
Huntington, West Virginia
"The waifs of wisdom and folly meet."
S.A. Alternate 4; Bank 1, 2, 3, 4;
Orchestra 2; Individual Sr. Pic. 4; Sr.
Ring 4; Ft. B. 1, 2; Baseball 4; Bk.
B. 4; Bk. B. Intra. 4; Projection Club 4-




! n .ae_

Ruth Laura Thompson
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Happy, carefree, always gay; quick of
wit and fair as day."
Fut. Nurses of Amer. 2. 3, 4; Pep)
Club 1, 2; Science Club 3; Singing
Valentines Comm. 2; Chorus 2, 3; Glee
Club 2, 3; Frosh.-Soph. Frolic 2; Cap &
Gown Coinm. 4; Bkt. B. Intra. 2;
Volleyball Intra. 2; Girl's SLate 3; Show-
case Comm. 1, 3.

Jim Joseph Tilton
Sioux City, Iowa
"We've only one life to live, so let's
live it."
Chess Club 1, 2; Disc. & Debate Club
1. 2, 3; Drama Club 3, 4; Nat'l. Thes-
pians 3, 4; Science Club 2, 3; Jr.-Sr.
Prom 3; Bowling Intra. 3; "The World
of Sholem Alechem" 3; "Long-John
Willy" 3; "Carousel" 3; "Rumplstil.-
skin" 3; "Quality Street" 4; Talent
Show 3.

t | Frank S. Todd
r "Red"
-7 Colon R. de P.
(- "For men may come and men may go,
but I go on forever."
'7 Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Nat'l. Thespians
1. 2. 3. 4; Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4;
Biology Assist. 2; Zonian 1; Assembly
Comm. 1; Frosh.-Soph. Frolic 1; Jr.-Sr.
Banquet 3; Sr. Ring 4; "My Client
Curly" 1; "Mrs. McThing" 2; "Mad
Woman of Chaillot" 3; Civil Council
Election Helper 4.

i s




Grace Vale
Ancon, Canal Zone
"A quiet likeable lass a real credit
to the Senior Class."
Chess Club 2; Fut. Nurses of Amer. 2,
3, 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; Science Club 2, 3.
4; Office Assist. 4; S.A. Altern. 4;
Ticket Sales 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3; Sadie
Hawkins Dance 2; Cards & Announce-
ments 4; Bowling Intra. 2. 3; Bowling
All Stars 2; Graduation Usher 3; Frosh.
Showcase Comm.; Showcase Comm. 2.
3; Mu Alpha Theta; Nat. Honorary MaTh
Assoc. 4: Girl's State 4: Civil Council
Voting Poll 4; United Fund Tele. 4.

Aura Lillian Townsend
Ancon, Canal Zone
"A pleasant good-humored chick easy
Fut. Nurses of Amer. 1, 2, 3; Pan
Amer. Club 4; Science Club 1, 4;
Spanish Club 1, 2; Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4;
Glee Club 1, 2, 4; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm.
3; Bkt. B. Intra. 1, 3; Bowling Intra.
4; Ping Pong 1, 2, 3; Volleyball Intra.
1; Jr. Class Play 3.

George Young Trail
"Robin Hood"
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Awfully sweet, awfully wise, but oh
those wicked, wicked eyes."
Chess Club 1, 2; Drama Club 3; Physics
4; Parakeet 4: Assembly Comm. 4; Co-
ordination Comm. 3; Get-Acquainted
Dance 4; Chairman; Inaugural Ball 4;
"Mad Woman of Chaillot" 3; Boy's
State 3; Sr. Showcase 4; Jr. Beach
Party 3; Easter Showcase 3.



Phyllis Ann Valentine
Miami, Florida
"A smile for every girl and 2 for
every boy."
Clinic Assist. 2; Chorus 2; Sr. Group
Pie. 4.

Jeanne Lucille Vogel
Washington, D. C.
"May your joys be as deep as the
ocean, and your troubles as light
as its foam."
Fut. Nurses of Amer. 3. 4; U.N. Clhb
3. 4; Chorus 4; Sr. Ring Comm. 4;
Civil Defense Nurses Aid Program I. 2.

John McIntosh Turner
Ancon, Canal Zone
"7rue to his word, his work, and his
S.A. Alternate 3; R.O.T.C. Rank First
Sgt.; Rifle Team 2, 3 and 4 Capt.;
Boy's State 3.

Raymond B. Underwood
Cristobal, Canal Zone
"A little nonsense now and then is
relished by the wisest men."
Radio Club 4; Ft. B. Intra. 1, 2, 3;
Bk. B. Intra. 1, 2; Bowling Intra. 2.
4; St. B. 2, 3, 4; Track Intra. 4;
Water Polo 1, 2.



" ^ **


Dolores Ross Wheeler
Colon, R. P.
"As two eyes unite and make one sight,
her many charms make one delight."
Drama Club 2; Fut. Nurses of Amer.
2, 3; Pep Club 1; N.S.P.A. 4; Zonian
3. Co-Editor 4; Ticket Sales 3; Chorus
2, 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Frosh.-
Soph. Frolic 2; Valentine Formal Co-
Chairman 4; Volleyball Intra. 3; "Comn.
ing of Christ" 3; Roosevelt Pageant 3;
School TV Program 2; N.H.S. Usher
3; Girl's State 3.

4 -
' 4 ..

Sandra Marie Watkins
Colon, R. P.
"Earnestness and sincerity are synony-
Drama Club 3, 4; Pan Amer. Club 3,
4; Pep Club 1, 2; Spanish Club 3, 4;
U.N. Club 3, 4; Chorus 2; Christmas
Showcase Comm. 3; Villansicos 3, 4;
Nacimiento 4; Pan Amer. Day Assem. 4.

Catherine Jean Watson
Guntersville, Alabama
"Sparkling smile, warm personality; she
has won the heart of many B.H.-
G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1; Coun-
S.A. Altern. 3; Visitor's Day Comm. 3;
Frosh. Picnic 1; J-Sr. Prom Comm.
Chairman 3; Bkt. B. 1. 3. 4; Bkt. B.
All Stars Capt. 3; Bkt. B. Intra. 1, 2,
3, 4; Bowling Intra. 3; Volley B. Intra.
1, 2. 3, 4; Volley B. All Stars 2, 3, 4;
Fashion Show 2; G.A.A. Dance 1, 2;
AA Graduation Usher 3.

Russell A. Weade Jr.
"Hound Dog"
Newport News, Virginia
r "In every deed of mischief, he had a
hand to execute."
Chess Club 2; Co-ordination Comm. 2;
S.A. Rep. 1. 2; Usher Club 2. 3, 4;
Bank 1, 2, 3; Orchestra I, 2; Awards
Ball 3, 4; Drill Team 2. 3; Firing
SSquad 2; Honor Guard 3; R.O.T.C.
Rank First Lt.; Usher Guard 2, 3, 4;
Christmas Formal 3; Frosh. Picnic ];
Valentine Formal 4; Sr. Gift Comm. 4;
Ft. B. Intra. 1; Bk. B. Intra. 1; Water
Polo 1; Game Usher 2, 3, 4.

Nancy Belle Webster
"Ding Dong"
Colon, R. P.
"Her friends there are many. Her
foes are there any?"
Fut. Teachers of Amer. 1; Pep Club
1; Science Club 2, 3. 4; Counselor's
Assist. 2; Office Assist. 3; S.A. Rep.
3; Train Comm. 4; Chorus 4; Jr.-Sr.
Prom Comm. 3; Volleyball Intra. 1;
Graduation Usher 3.


-**&- ..


Pr .

Albert McCarty White
Ancon, Canal Zone
"A happy heart makes a happy guy."
Camera Club 3; Chess Club 1; Letter-
man's Club 3, 4; Photography 3; Drill
Team 4; Honor Guard 4; R.O.T.C. Rank
Asst. Pit. Leader; Rifle Team 3, 4;
Usher Guard 2, 3; Frosh. Picnic 1; Jr.-
Sr. Prom 3; Ft. B. 3; Ft. B. Intra. 1,
2; Baseball 3; Bk. B. Intra. 1, 2;
Bowling Intra. 2. 3, 4; Swimming 2, 3, 4.

Eugene Alfred White
Ancon, Canal Zone
"Man of few words are often the best
Chess Club 1; Camera Club 1, 2, 3;
Photography 1, 2, 3; Radio Club 1, 2;
Ft. B. Intra. 1, 2, 3; Bk. B. 1; Bk.
B. Intra. 2; Swimming 1; Track 1, 2;
Water Polo 1. 2. 3.

William Edward Williams
Panama R. de P.
"Full of fun and mischief too, doing
things he shouldn't do."
Astronomy Club 3, I; Chess Club 1, 2;
Spanish Club 2, 3; Chorus 3, 4; Glee
Club 3, 4; R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4; Usher
Guard 2; Christmas Formal 3; Valentine
Formal 4; Ft. B. Intra. 2, 3; "Quality
Street" 4; Roosevelt Centennial 4; Radio
Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 1, 2;
Bk. B. I; Bowling Intra. 1, 2. 3, 4;
Volleyball Intra. 1, 3; Water Polo 1.

Edward Harrell Womble
Portsmouth, Virginia
"Never do today what you can get
someone else to do tomorrow!"
Letterman's Club 2. 3, 4; Assembly
Comm. 3; Ft. B. Dance Comm. 1; Get-
Acqtlainted Dance Comm. 1, 2; Welfare
Comm. 1; Frosh.-Soph. Frolic 2; Val-
entine Formal Comm. 4; Ft. B. 1, 2,
3. 4; Bk. B. 1, 2, 3, 4; Bk. B. Inlra.
1, 2, 3, 4; St. B. 1, 2; Track Intra.
2; Awards Assembly 3; Easter Show-
case Comm. 3.

Jose Heftali Walters
Panama R. de P.
"His days are full of fun."
Pan. Am. Club 4; Chorus 3; Glee Club
3; Bk. B. 3.




S Donna Sue Woods
SS "Sue"
rC.' West Frankfort, Illinois
t "What is a woman if she's not a
Library Assist. 4; Office Assist. 4;
Orlando, Florida High School Jour-
nalism Club; Bkt. B. 1; Softball 1.


Donald Earl Egan
Winthrop, Massachusetts
"The only trouble with opportunity it
that it comes disguised as hard
Bk. B. 3; Bk. B. Intra. 4.

Jose Mendenhall
Panama R. de P.
"Our silent man of muscle."

Stanley M. Watts
Panama R. de P.
"I am a student and girls are subjects
to study."

Left to right: C. Thompson; R. Lawson; G. Rambo; B.
McConaughy; M. Stoakley; J. Fields; K. Flowers; K.
Mohl; F. Baggott; C. Rentz.

Top row, left to right: L. Brown; J. Marshall; J. Heilman;
I. Michaelis; E. Rennie; C. Rentz; P. Becker; J. Hern;
R. Weade. Bottom: F. Babcock; B. Davis; N. Litvin.

>i i iL

Left to right: P. Cage; J. Sullivan; B. Batcheldor; K.
Pearl; A. Scott; I. Romero; J. Shanard; R. Caldwell; C.
Huff; J. Marshall; K. Flowers; Mr. Hotz.

Back row, left to right: K. Sheridan; A. Scott; D. Bergere;
D. Pajak; H. Womble; P. Cage. Middle: R. Weade; P.
Dempsey; A. Braswell; C. Symonds; S. Hele; D. Wheeler;
K. McConaghy; D. Scott. Kneeling: J. Sullivan; R. Blevins;
J. Price; B. Batcheldor; J. Steiner.
i n\Lm,// Clnifil

1st Row, left to right: E. Ruess; R. Roper; D. Hoenke.
2nd Row: F. Bright; J. Cornish; B. Stiles; J. Nickerson;
M. Dejernette; F. Babcock; G. Trail.

Left to right: C. Sharpe, E. Price, A. Chueng, C. Thompson,
J. Pearson, K. Curtis, D. Pajak, Chairman, R. Thompson,
G. Perra, D. Sparks, A. Braswell, F. Baggott.

Back row, left to right: C. Cameron; E. Morris; G. Rambo;
M. Stoakley; M. Bowen. Front row: J. Meriweather; K.
Lytle, co-chairman; F. Davis, co-chairman; G. Vale.

Back row, left to right: K. Sheridan; D. Bergere; B. Archibald, chairman;
D. Scott; S. Gorham. Middle row: K. Lytle; F. Davis; P. Rogers; P. Shouts.
Front row: B. Batcheldor; J. Sullivan; J. Steiner; J. Marshall; M. Kelly.

Left to right: A. Leonard; R. Allen; D. Strumpf; M. Con-
over; I. Darling; K. Coutts; C. Thompson; J. Shanard;
M. Davison; D. Dombrowski; B. Ruiz; F. Roe; R. Morris;
M. Kelly; M. Klipper; T. Ho.

Standing, left to right: P. Valentine; T. Ho; D. Melin;
P. Rose. Sitting: E. Ruess; E. Eisenmann; J. Murdaugh;
S. Allen.

"He ought to be the captain!"

"Chuck, you're supposed to be paying
attention to Miss Whitman!"

"Keep your eyes on it!!"



"Whew, nothing like fresh air!"

"Ok, ok, so he didn't kiss me goodnight!"


"'No, no, anything: but that!"

"I just don't know!"


Top, left to right: D. Bremer; T. Aleman; D. Trasavage;
B. Bowman; L. Sikorski. Bottom: R. Edmundson; C. South-
well; B. Friese; A. Carroll.

Even though our senior year promises to be great,
S our junior year will live long in our memories. To
t .. start our year we elected Doug Sikorski as Presi-

S.Sikorski as Secretary. Mr. Robert Mullarky was our
S . hard-working sponsor. Duncan Brown and his
S' committee did a very efficient job obtaining our
S- class rings, and our rings are beautiful. The Christ-
S | > mas Formal, theme "Winter Fantasy," was a big

Top, left to right: B. Friese; B. Bowman; S.
Acker. Middle: B. Dykes; D. Trasavage; C. Mus-
selman. Kneeling: D. Brown; G. Garcia; N.

i A 1st row, left to right: D. Sikorski, President; L.
-Sikorski, Secretary; Mr. Hatchett, sponsor. 2nd
Srow: Mr. Mullarky, sponsor; A. Carroll, Vice-

Back row, left to right: S. Soto; D. Corso; A. Kelly;
J. Ashton; M. Nahmad, chairman; G. Lord. Front row:
M. Wilmoth; J. Sutherland; P. Davis; D. Bathke; C.
Musselman; J. Sullivan.

success with Betty Friese as chairman, and the
highlight of the evening was the surprise crowning
of Jackie Ashton as queen. The Junior-Senior Ban-
quet and the Junior-Senior Prom were enjoyed by
everyone. The chairmen were Morris Nahmad and'
Ruth Bennett respectively. '
Yes, we welcome our senior year, but we'll never '
forget our junior year. -'- .

First row, left to right: D. Rudy; D. Sikorski;
J. Buckley. Second row: L. Braun; B. Bell; R.
Bennett; E. Ott. Third row: E. Carter; J. Days;
R. VanDyke. Fourth row: N. Hiegel; G. Garcia;
S. Eakes.



II J 1t 14 .

Top, left to right: W. Beardall; M. Baggott; T. Aleman; S. Acker; J. Barret; S. Avery; B. Barker; D. Baltozer; B. Amar;
B. Austin; J. Ashton. Bottom: S. Allen; M. Bertollette; R. Adams; F. Allgood; M. Borowiec; G. Anderson; D. Alderton;
F. Ammirati; J. Bassett; R. Bettis; P. Beeby; R. Battista.

Top, left to right: D. Bathke; R. Castelli; P. Black; E. Carter; D. Bremer; J. Braswell; C. Castro; B. Chieffalo; B. Boat-
wright; B. Bongiorni; M. Bradley; S. Berry. Middle: L. Cortelloni; C. Brown; L. Botzenmayer; R. Bennett; J. Briggs; L.
Bravn; B. Bowman; T. Cordova; J. Buckley; E. Conn. Bottom: W. Cofer; W. Brown; E. Corrigan; W. Camp; T. Deakins;
D. Clarke; A. Carroll; T. Bright; W. Browder; D. Daniel; R. Brown; B. Christensen.

,1g f IrA / .

Top, left to right: J. Clarke; N. Edwards; S. Davis; S. Danbin; S. Eakes; K. Egolf; M. Cooke; K. Coles; P. Corrigan;
D. DesVoigne; J. Days; S. Cunha. Middle: D. Corso; B. Deming; L. Cunningham; B. Dykes; J. Deming; M. Copinhaver;
L. Degenaar; P. Alavis; P. Crook; T. Ebdon; J. Eberenz. Bottom: W. Fink; E. Eddleman; W. Engelke; R. Dillon; S.
Davis; J. Farrel; M. Dubbs; R. Edmondson; D. Ellwood; C. Fitzgerald; J. Dworak; R. Colclasure.

I, flj^^a
Top, left to right: P. Ella; S. Goeser; R. Fulop; B. Friese; N. Hiegel; G. Garcia; D. Hansen; M. Gibbons; P. Friers-
haus; B. Btesh; E. Enriguez; B. Gerhart. Middle: J. Freeman; A. Garcia de Paredes; J. Herring; M. Goulding; R. Gandy;
J. Garos; R. Hern; J. Fortune; E. Herring; G. Gilly; J. Finlason; V. Grimes. Bottom: F. Huddleston; J. Hare; J. Gulch;
L. Frauenheim; C. Howell; D. Jenkins; B. Jenkins; R. Galleher; F. Hinek; H. Griffin; R. Fernandez; P. Greene; W. French.

Top, left to right: M. Hurtado; M. Fitzgerald; T. Leminska; R. Jones; M. Maduro; R. Larsen; J. Maduro; D. Kessinger;
J. Kirkland; M. Izquierdo. Middle: J. Lawler; A. Kelly; J. Mantovani; C. Lam; Z. Lugo; F. Langford; K. Hughes; T.
Kelly; M. Koncir; M. McCarragher; K. Major. Bottom: W. McGowin; J. Lawrence; A. LeBrun; T. Mallia; M. Metheny;
M. Lowrie; J. Kolenda; T. Kaska; T. Moore; J. Metcalf; P. Leech.

Top, left to right: C. Mugnier; R. Monzon; B. Myers; D. Moses; E. Ott; C. Musselman; C. Roger; L. Peters; C. NieBauer;
S. Palaisa; N. Perez; D. McKenna. Bottom: S. Lagassie; M. Martinez; P. Pennington; A. Pipkin; J. Luhr; F. Moseley;
C. O'Donnell; R. Rambo; S. Persinger; S. Mohr; C. McGann; C. Nickerson.


Top, left to right: C. Southwell; L. Sikorski; J. Springer; J. Senn; C. Sanborn; M. Simpson; J. Reichart; S. Smith; S.
Rouse; L. Stratford; K. Reeder; A. Reimiller. Middle: J. Slice; T. Rizcalla; S. Rodriguez; B. Stephan; J. Sutherland;
B. Reynolds; C. Prescott; S. Reeves; D. Snyder; R. Sprague; S. Soto; S. Sommerville; M. Nahmad. Bottom: D. Sikorski;
E. Stallworth; J. Stevenson; R. Rudy; L. Sele; C. Schwarzrock; F. Smith; H. Smith; G. Mariategui; W. Smith; P. Sher-
idan; S. Stranathan.

Top, left to right: R. Van Dyke; L. Thompson; J. Sullivan; M. Vanloon; C. Valderrama; J. Swanson; P. Willard; C. Wil-
kerson; C. Tester; M. Watson. Middle: J. Thomas; L. Stubbs; W. Wilkinson; J. Whaler; S. Whitmore; C. Zelnick; D. Tra-
savage; A. Wilmoth; S. Wootten D. Tollefson; O. Roos. Bottom: E. Idol; B. Wilson; B. Thrift; G. Metzger; L. Wilson;
R. Taylor; P. Underwood; J. Thompson; M. Yohros; J. Turner; T. Witt.

"You should be a model,

"Smile pretty now."


Front Row, left to right: M. Clair, J. Hebert, C. Bishop, Standing, left to right: P. Kelly; T. Collins.
B. Ahr. Middle Row, left to right: S. Mitten, S. Murphey, Sitting: J. Hebert; C. Bishop.
J. Halvosa. Back Row, left to right: P. Flannery, W. Peter-
son, S. Hotslander, P. Kelly, R. Dilfer.

Left to right: L. Zent, Vice-President; J. Hebert, Secretary; T. Collins, President.
Back: Mr. Knick, Sponsor.

Left to right: M. Buchanan; T. Tipton; M. Hicks.


Top, left to right: M. Alexander; P. Bonnifield; R. Bacot; B. Barnthouse; P. Bartlett; J. Arreguin; J. Bolin; B. Ahr; M.
Ashley; P. Athow; C. Bishop. Middle: A. Argerenon; B. Benny; G. Beck; J. Albritton; J. Barnes; L. Andino; M. Barrett;
D. Berger; N. Askew; M. Babb; J. Barba. Bottom: C. Barkema D. Boostrom; G. Blumberg; F. Aseron; J. Bond; A. Bly-
stone; L. Bagley; K. Anderson; H. Barnes; T. Akans: G. Boswell.

W r'^l^-h.. '^^ t NAMA
Top, left to right: J. Craig; A. Conte; M. Cassady; G. Camby; R. Boyo; F. Brenes; B. Brandon; B. Bowman; B. Coffey.
Middle: J. Clifford; B. Carter; P. Calhoun; M. Burillo; H. Cooper; N. Browne; M. Clare; M. Buchanan; J. Cooke.
Bottom: D. Brigandi; L. Critch; Y. Canavaggio; R. Burchett; F. Chase; P. Catron; B. Bryant; S. Cressy; B. Cox.

Top, left to right: P. Flannery; W. Dejernette; B. Davis; P. Elich; L. Diaz; W. Farrow; D. Dilfer; J. De la Guardia;
L. Diamond; R. Fortune; K. Ford; G. Frauenheim; D. Ferguson. Middle: W. Donahoo; J. DeVore; L. Eastwood; D. Dear;
B. Fussell; T. Fisher; B. DeSoto; T. Ecker; B. Foster; J. de Unamuno; T. Dunn; S. Fields. Bottom: C. Davis; D. Dan-
iel; S. Fleckner; M. Eberenz; M. Esslinger; M. Floyd; L. Dehlinger; R. Frangioni; C. Drum; K. Epplhimer; R. Dahloff.

IkA jlb L5" I:L ;; E *11
Top, left to right: D. Haase; R. Hood; B. Hafley; B. Hanna; S. Gerardi; G. Gattoni; J. Huertas; S. Holtsander; J. Hinek;
J. Hatcher; R. Handy; F. Godwin. Middle: E. Hanson; T. Hobbie; J. Hine; M. Herring; J. Halvosa; C. Hatcher; C.
Hinely; J. Herring; L. Grezaff; F. Hunter; J. Griffis. Bottom: D. Hammond; M. Glaes; M. Gangle; B. Gregory; G. Hens-
ler; G. Hatten; M. Hicks; B. Gramlich; D. Grady; K. Hamertoni; J. Herbert.

Top, left to right: J. Lubera; M. Ingram; J. Iddings; J. Jenkins; M. Kincaid; W. Keepers; P. Kelly; T. Albritton; J. D.
Lemacks; J. McCarragher; E. Jaen-Guardia. Middle: P. Kocker; G. Jansen; R. Kirk; K. Kneib; K. Jenkins; D. McKenna;
M. Lane; F. Levee; D. Mallahan; L. Jemmott; S. Kelley. Bottom: L. Lombana; Y. Kawakuri; Knox; C. McFadden; M.
Leonard; D. McNatt; R. Lloyd; C. C. Garcia; M. Lytle; E. Huff; S. Howe.

Top, left to right: E. Mizrachi; L. Manos; M. Moucha; P. Morgan; R. Nessler; G. Nordstrom; T. Marti; P. Mahoney; D.
Leonard; B. Mallory. Middle: J. Laming; D. Major; J. Marcum; E. Mannix; B. Mohl; K. Martello; M. Meggers; E. Miller;
T. Koenig; B. McCullough. Bottom: T. Marcy; J. Martens; L. Lowe; F. Lindn; M. Mack; P. Koperski; P. Manos; M.
Miller; H. Marcola; B. Millar; P. Michael.

KI I S -. & lti LJ
Top, left to right: S. Mayers; J. Rodriguez; B. Rodent; W. Peterson; H. Presottezi; R. Rowe; L. Poole; G. Hoversti; K.
Nadeau. Middle: F. Purdy; M. Morales; B. Nicholson; S. Murphy; S. Phelan; S. Mitten; S. Mitten; J. Pecor; F. Rybicki.
Bottom: M. Parsons; C. Morency; S. Myers; J. Payne; M. Morris; B. Phillips; L. Robertson; M. Ruiz; O. Roos.

Top, left to right: S. Taylor; M. Stewart; S. Ringstead; P. Soto; C. Stough; R. Shultz; F. Strauch; L. Smith; T. Scott;
S. South; L. Scigliane. Middle: M. Ridge; A. Shatrosky; C. Snyder; R. Smith; R. Smith; L. Seldon; S. Randel; J. Smail;
S. Simpson; J. Smith; K. Schmidt. Bottom: J. Scott; D. Sparks; S. Smith; M. Rainey; M. Stevens; D. Tagaropulos; W.
Stiles; V. Nahmad; J. Salterio; J. Spencer; J. Singer; D. Schumacher; S. Santang.

Top, left to right: J. Wise; D. Willingham; N. Voigt; J. Vallarino; H. Watkins; J. Zelnick; H. Van Loon; R. Womble;
M. Wheeler; R. Widell; S. Smith. Middle: S. Strode; S. Stone; D. Young; R. Swanson; D. Wallace; M. Turner; N.
Turner; E. Wilson; M. Vaccard; T. Tipton. Bottom: J. Warford; R. Williams; M. Williams; A. Rosania; L. Zent; C.
Thompson; D. Williams; R. Willoughby; S. Townsend; Y. Velez; S. Wakim; S. Wagner; N. Trotter.


FRESHMAN OFFICERS AND SPONSOR: left to right: L. French, Vice-President; J. Schlater,
Secretary; Mr. Card, Sponsor; E. Linfors, President.


(4Lb 4

left to right: R. Coffman, B. Dombrowsky, G.
Gibson, R. Singleton.

"Is there a shortage on shoes?"


W >1 9 7 rm^^
Top, left to right: P. Ahr; P. Arnold; M. Anderson; D. Aseron; B. Boatwright; H. Allen; M. Booth; F. Arosemena; R.
Bohannon; L. Akans. Middle: F. Barbour; H. Asbury; F. Berg; M. Allen; G. Aleman; T. Alderete; M. Bulch; T. Archi-
bald; A. Bennett; C. Beechner. Bottom: D. Able; W. Arey; P. Badensky; M. Bell; J. Ammirati; W. Bain; L. Aleman;-
V. Baldwin; B. Argerenon; E. Blumberg.

Top, left to right: J. Bazan; J. Carattini; J. Campbell; C. Calhoun; G. Brewer; M. Brenes; Brotherton; Y. Cage; J. Carney;
J. Carter. Middle: C. Bernsee; M. Brown; M. Bittick; G. Casira; R. Boyer; J. Berry; M. Brown; D. Brome; M. Barton;
D. Butler. Bottom; D. Brett; L. Buckley; A. Chase; E. Baumbach; C. Bounds; J. Carlson; S. Bowker; S. Cooper; R.
Burda; R. Coffman; N. Bartecchi; M. Blevins.

Top, left to right: C. Elich; J. Doherty; L. Diaz; A. Castelli; R. Corrigan; J. Dykes; S. Cramer; R. Crowell; L. Clarke;
C. Englert; T. Enzor. Middle: J. Donaldson; P. Cooper; B. Dombrowsky; C. Coffey; M. Davis; C. Corrigan; P. Denton;
F. Evers; W. Dryja; B. Coles; M. Farrubel; D. Cox; R. Danforth. Bottom: R. Emmett; B. Dempsey; C. Crosby; M. Dor-
sey; B. Conklin; A. Eder; S. Brigman; J. Coppenhaver; M. Evans; D. Deming; H. Davila; M. DesVoigne; G. Covington.

Top, left to right: S. Fuqua; K. Charpilloz; L. Ferguson; J. Hall; F. Gaitan; C. Forrest; G. Fitzgerald; L. French; C.
Franks; G. Freund; G. Gibson. Middle: G. Feeney; J. Garner; L. Griffin; J. Girard; E. James; S. Garcia; J. Gleason;
A. Gibbons; I. Hasemann; M. Goulding. Bottom: K. C. Frederick; U. Fox; G. Figueroa; F. Finlason; R. Eisenman; A.
Gerardi; M. Fulop; M. F. Flumach; S. Halliday; E. Friese; T. Hanna.

Top, left to right: A. Hesters; A. Janssen; E. Hansen; R. Kiegley; H. Hodge; T. Hassler; H. Munyon; B. Jadick; J. Kin-
caid; R. Knox. Middle: D. Jones; C. Kissling; A. Kaska; B. Herrington; K. Henter; E. Hunnicutt; B. Johnston; W.
Kinnett; M. Kelly; A. Hogge; M. Holmes; K. Kline. Bottom: P. Barnnart; D. Holmes; L. Hendricks; L. Keegan; T.
Maxwell; T. Henderson; J. Joyner; R. Huhn; G. Jenrich; S. Heres; N. Kimball; R. Kat.

Top, left to right: B. MacConnell; L. McGough; R. Levee; D. Marti; A. Krapfl; M. LeBrun; W. Major; S. Luhr; K.
McCoy; T. Martin. Middle: S. Madden; B. McKenna; B. Mallory; M. Lerchen; L. McGee; L. McCrahen; P. Lloyd; N.
Livingston; M. Lam; E. Lowandi. Bottom: K. Kascher; M. Mallahan; G. Matheney; P. Lawyer; J. Mann; M. Maduro;
E. Linfors; T. Lombroia; M. Mahoney; J. Mariategui; B. Lovelady.

Top, left to right: L. Perez; J. Napier; D. Moehrae; D. Neal; B. Panzer; A. Ozborne; T. Moore; B. Mounts; R. Novey.
Middle: P. Meriwether; F. Oster; G. Parker; M. Morris; S. Panther; A. Phelah; M. Niebaver; M. Mullis; N. Morrency.
Bottom: B. Mooty; J. Perry; R. Ott; M. Nita; C. McFall; E. Olinger; A. Nagy; D. Michel; R. Morse.

Top, left to right: D. Reeves; T. Sewill; F. Peterson; L. Rager; G. McNabb; G. Quiros; R. Potter; K. Prescott; G. Renne-
berg; D. Priester; J. Patterson. Middle: R. Reyes; C. Rodibaugh; R. Pederson; M. Sasso; J. Parker; A. Sasso; B. Poy-
thress; S. Skeie; J. Peddrick; K. Sergeant; S. Sheridan. Bottom: E. Paulk; T. Perantie; C. Price; J. Rogers; T. Stephens;
A. Sanchez; R. Raymond; J. Schlatter; J. Rambo; G. Reimiller; A. Rybicki; B. Slotkin.

Top, left to right: C. Searcy; S. Jankus; B. Parrish; R. Singleton; R. Rowe; A. Tarflinger; E. Smith; W. Ashton; K.
Smith; P. Smith; A. Riveria. Middle: T. Shapkowsky; C. Thompson; D. Stephenson; O. Rodriguez; W. Schmidt; J. San-
born; J. Stoute; T. Douglewitz; L. Smith; R. Reynolds; W. Shepard; D. Soto. Bottom: N. Tejada; V. Steckler; J. Swen-
son; M. Thomas; P. Smith; D. Stephenson; D. Gerardi; J. Todd; B. Smith; V. Smith; B. Such; M. Stallworth.

Top, left to right: J. Todd, R. Selby; T. Southwell; W. Snyder; R. Strickling; F. Toothman; T. Stepp; B. Starkenberg; D.
Stewart. Middle: S. Torrez; F. Toth; M. Springer; G. Thomas; J. Tuckerman; F. Staub; G. Strong; E. Vecchione; J.
Walker. Bottom: M. Wachta; R. Suarez; P. Starr; A. Steiner; J. Smolka; M. Turic; B. VanDyke; V. Valentino; P. Truil;
C. Stoudnor.

Top, left to right: S. Wolf; E. Vargas; B. Willis; S. Wirtz; R. Turner; S. Williams; S. Witkin; J. Wolf; B. Waters; J.
Will; L. Boswell. Middle: S. Redick; J. Wilkerson; L. Vosel; R. Wisers; D. Weeks; S. Waltz; F. Yost; L. Walston; D.
Zapp; N. Watkins. Bottom: T. Trull; A. Willingham; N. Wenborne; E. Whitney; M. Velez; K. Underwood; D. Zemer;
V. Walker; A. Wood.

"All the comforts of home!"

"W~hat, ni~e worryy"


j j -.i ..

r ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I r. cu~ 1*~11~

i iIII
;! I


Following a frantic week of campaigning, the
election for the Student Association Officers pro-
duced the relatively close results of Grady Hesters ,
S as S.A. President and Woody French as S.A. Vice-
S President. Barbara Bartlett and Karen Lytle were -
appointed to uphold the office of S.A. Secretary.
The oath of office was administered by the out-
going President, Solly Toussieh, at..-the Awards
S:In addition to the new officers, another person
entered the Student Association realm. This person,
however, joined our S.A. not as a student member,
but as S.A. Sponsor. Promoted from his former
position as Junior Class Sponsor, Mr. Walter Miku-
GRADY HESTERS lich proved to be quite helpful throughout the year.
President Each and every homeroom, regardless of class WORDEN FRENCH
or size, is represented in the S.A. meetings by the Vice-President
S.A. Representative elected in homeroom. Actually
,- this representative represents not only your homeroom but you and your plans,
problems, suggestions, and questions. These representatives, along with the
I S.A. Officers, compose the Student Council.
In order to become an S.A. Representative, the student nominated in each
Shomeroom must have and maintain at least a "C" average scholastically. His
duties consist mainly of attending all Student Council meetings, reporting your
\ ideas, and then reporting any and all results to his homeroom promptly.
In the case of a representative's absence from school on the day of an S.A.
meeting, it is the duty and responsibility of the S.A. Alternate to attend in the
representative's place. Consequently, the alternate is elected to be a sort of
"substitute" for the S.A. Representative.
With some of the choice seniors serving as chairmen of the eleven S.A.
SCommittees, the S.A. Officers were never in need of interested, beneficial
sources of initiative and drive found not only in the committees, but from the
BARBARA BARTLETT general student population of BHS. Upon the conclusion of the school year or
Secretary the completion of the requirements expected of the committee, it is the duty
of the chairman to submit a complete, detailed report to the Student Council
to go on file in the S.A. as further reference for future committees.
This year the following committees assisted in keeping our S.A. running
on a smooth, even track:
The Co-ordinating Committee had the job of taking all problems and ideas
discussed at the S.A. meetings before the faculty board.
The S.A. Ticket Sales Committee, headed by the S.A. Secretaries, was
established for the purpose of efficiently selling S.A. Cards to students.
The Game Ticket Sales and Train Ticket Sales Committees worked alter-
nately in connection with all athletic events taking place both on this side and
on the Atlantic Side.
The Get Acquainted Dance and Inaugural Ball Committees had the full
responsibility of making the arrangements for these two S.A. sponsored dances.
The Visitor's Day Committee consisted of students acting as guides on the KAREN LYTLE
day designated as the official day for parents to visit our school and teachers. Secretary
S The Assemblies Committee was bestowed with the task of conducting the
annual Talent Show.
The Awards Day Committee had the primary responsibility of making the
arrangements for and formulating the assembly held at the close of the school
The Drives Committee had full charge in conducting the donations for the
various drives.
*.The Safety and Welfare Committee, previously two separate committees,
was continually on the lookout for hazards present in BHS.
With the co-operation and devotion of the S.A. Officers, Sponsors, Repre-
sentatives, Alternates, Committees, and you, the supporting members, our
Student Association displayed a very successful effort to improve our school.
Not only has the S.A. done a great deal for us this year, but its valuable projects
MR. W. MIKULICH and undertakings have helped pave the way to even more success in the future
Adviser for BHS.


Back row, left to right: C. Lam; C. Fitzgerald; D. Keller; R. Morris; H. Van Loon; R. Caldwell; B. Dilfer; P. Janowitz;
D. Sikorski; R. Scott; D. Melin; J. Demming. Second row: B. Van Dyke; N. Litvin; M. Claire; J. Laming; M. Floyd; A.
Braswell; J. Shanard; B. Dykes; P. Davis; C. Huff; R. Bennett; N. Browne; B. Carter. Front row: C. Cross; C. Nickerson;
L. Lombana; R. Eisenmann; P. Raymond; J. Hebert; C. Southwell; D. Btesh; C. Mugnier.

Back row, left to right: W. Fink; C. Thompson; P. Underwood; J. Zelnick; C. Rentz; D. Brown; T. Collins; B. Rogers;
M. Booth. Second row: P. Shouts; S. Hele; S. Cramer; J. A. Fields; P. Ahr; T. Hobbie; H. Asbury; J. Swenson; D.
Bremer; A. Kalb; J. Jansen. Kneeling: Y. Kawakuri; P. Badonsky; C. Tester; D. Bathke; A. Lawson; L. Zent; B. Mallory;
J. Payne; M. L. Stoakley; G. Vale.

Standing, left to right: P. Janowitz; B. Archibald; M.
Klipper; A. Scott; M. Kelly; W. French; R. Scott. Sitting:
S. Hele; J. Payne; D. Bremer; L. Sikorski; M. Davison;
F. Davis; K. Lytle.

Left to right, 1st row: J. Price; G' Batcheldor; K. Kline; P.
Kelly. 2nd row: B. Friese; E. Eisenmann; C. Southwell;
A. Leonard; T. Gatlin; M. Bradley; T. Aleman.

Top row, left to right: P. Shouts; D. Brigandi; J. Sullivan;
B. Rathegaber. Bottom: R. Caldwell; E. White; F. Roe;
H. Womble.

Top row, left to right: M. Bowen; M. Davison; C. Harrison;
M. Stoakly; C. Cameron; F. Davis. Bottom: N. Webster;
R. Morris.



k /




S. A. TICKET SALES COMMITTEE: standing, left to
right: F. Baggott, E. Cox, G. Kent, G. Hesters, W. French,
J. Shanard, F. Babcock, B. Lohr. Sitting: B. Bartlett, K.

left to right: C. Casey, J. Heilman, G. Vale. Chairman, E.
Carter, M. Dejernette. Back row: S. South, S. Gupton, M.
Daniels, D. Able, C. Thompson.

Rentz, J. Nickerson, J. Marshall, Chairman, L. French.

ASSEMBLIES COMMITTEE: kneeling, left to right:
E. Linfors, G. Trail, D. Hodgers, G. Rambo, F. Bright, M.
Nahmad, J. Steiner. Standing: A. Braswell, N. Litvin, K.
Flowers, C. Thompson, R. Bennett, N. Turner, C. Huff.




i~ It~
~L ~~~




If you heard a loud rumble while you were walking down the
hall, that seemed to get louder as you approached room 102, I
hope you didn't run. It was only the Zonian and Parrakeet staffs
working at their respective publications.
Under the direction and supervision of the co-editors, Carole
Symonds and Dolores Wheeler, the Zonian was planned to be quite
different and surely gave the entire student body of Balboa High
'-l ~School more pride and satisfaction in its yearbook. Jeanne
.'. r Nickerson, business manager, tore her hair out trying to keep
I ; the money matters straight and all the other headaches that
went along with the job.
"What's her name?", "Is he a Sophomore or a Junior?" are
Common, everyday expressions to the Zonian staff. If someone
approached you with one of these, I hope you were patient and
did your best in answering. Remember it was all in preparation
for that big day in May when the 1960, bigger and better Zonians

J. Nickerson, Business Manager; C. Sym-
onds, Co-editor; D. Wheeler, Co-editor.


. Standing, left to right: D. Strumpf, N. Litvin, J. Sullivan,
C. Symonds, R. Allen. Sitting: M. Davison, D. Wheeler,
*. l B. Price, T. Ho, J. Nickerson, A. Cheung.

S3Standing, left to right: W. Camp; C. Lam.
.- Sitting: J. Nickerson; R. Bennett.



Bedlam aptly described "the behind the scene" activities of
pre-Parrakeet publication.
Editors Jane and Chris handed out assignments for the forth
coming issue and for the week. "Ruth, you do 250 words on the
Valentine Formal," or "Doug, you and George have the Parrakeet
Daily this week." -
After assignments were given out, there were always a few .~p:.'' ,.C -.
thousand questions such as "Can I have a pass to interview so ..
and so?" or "Why do we have to have a test?"
Tom, our capable photographer, was promptly snowed under
by picture requests.
As the deadline drew near, reporters scurried to and fro to
get their stories in on time and managed to do so.
Proofs were read, dummy sheets made up, and the final page
proof checked.
When the paper came out it was thoroughly "picked apart"
for mistakes. Already plans were being made to begin this hectic '
procedure again, for by the end of the year, eight issues would
have been published.

J. Shanard, Editor; C. Harrison, Assoc.
Editor; A. Lawson, Business Manager.

Standing, left to right: M. Gibbons; L. Sikorski; E. Eisen-
mann; D. Strumpf; B. Price; T. Ho; K. Lytle. Sitting:
D. Bergere; S. Acker; R. Roper; C. Harrison; S. Watts;
J. Shanard; G. Trail.
Standing, left to right: R. Lawson,
R. Blevins. Sitting: C. Southwell,
M. Gibbons, L. Sikorski.

K- --

Standing, left to right: M. Buchanan; C. Huff; M. Bowen;
M. Davison; K. Flowers; M. Stoakley. Kneeling: J. Sul-
livan: F. Bright; G. Trail; A. Scott; W. Brown.

Back row, left to right: K. Lytle; J. Marshall; G. Hesters:
G. Trail; B. Archibald; P. Janowitz; M. Kelly; S. Soto:
A. Lawson. Front row: T. Archibald; G. Rambo: K.
Flowers; B. Bartlett; F. Davis: M. Valez: T. Ho.

Back row, left to right: D. Strumpf, M. Stoakly, L. Keilhofer, J. Fields. Middle: K. McConaghy,
G. Vale, M. Orr, K. Bassett, J. Such, C. Holmes, P. Malone, D. Able, S. Laquidara, J. Stoute.
Seated: J. Doherty, M. Buchanan, P. Dempsey, D. Harned, P. Rogers.

Front row, left to right: N. Browne, C. Symonds, L. Lom-
bana, C. Zelnick. Middle row: J. Dean, R. Rambo, A.
Lawson, Chairman. A. Hesters. D. Strumpf. Back row:
E. Dolan.

Top, left to right: J. Whaler; J. Brown; T. Tipton; S.
Garcia; B. Gramlick; G. Gibson; M. Turner; R. Turner;
B. Parrish; J. Lawrence; L. Poole. Bottom: K. Kascher;
S. Fitzgerald; V. Valentino; J. Cornish; S. Goeser; Y.
Kawakuri; L. Eastwood; B. Bongiorni; S. Stone; J. Stoute;
Miss Stindt.

1 ~ -

LIBRARY ASSISTANTS: left to right: R. Potter, G.
Brewer, C. Hinely, S. Garcia, I. Haseman, C. Lopez, E.
Lowande, M. Nita, L. Hendricks, K. Eppikimer, S. Madden.

COUNSELORS' ASSISTANTS: left to right: J. Swenson,
S. Wakem, D. Griffin, L. Diamond, L. Roger, P. Ahr, L.
Critch, B. Coy, M. Simpson, J. Bolin.

CLINIC ASSISTANTS: standing, left to right: B. Bryant,
P. Catron, B. Gramlich, E. Enriquez, J. Spencer, E. Miller,
B. Rodibaugh. Sitting: J. Pennington, D. Des Voigne, C.

LABORATORY ASSISTANTS: top, left to right: P.
Janowitz, A. Archibald, G. Trail, J. Marshall, R. Rambo,
C. Rhine. Bottom: M. Davison, R. Lawson, K. Flowers, M.
Fitzgerald, J. Fields, G. Garcia.


Back row, left to right: Cadet PFC Moore;
Cadet SFC Smith; Cadet Pvt. Rigby; Cadet PFC
Jenkins. Middle: Cadet Capt. Sheridan; Cadet
Capt. Dempsey; Cadet Lt. Col. Archibald; Cadet
Maj. Rentz; Cadet Capt. Lawson.

Left to right: K. Lytle; C. Huff; P. Becker; P. Dempsey;
M. L. Stoakley.

Cadet Capt. P. Dempsey,
sponsor; Cadet Lt. E.
Dolan, drill leader.

Cadet Capt. F. Roe; Cadet
1st Lt. R. Morris; Cadet
1st Lt. D. Bergere; Cadet
Capt. K. Lytle.


Cadet Capt. D. Keller,
company commander;
Cadet 1st Lt. C. Huff;
Cadet 2nd Lt. R. Weade;
Cadet 2nd Lt. B. Batchel-
dor; Cadet 1st Lt. J.

Cadet Capt. R. Caldwell,
company commander;
Cadet 1st Lt. P. Becker;
Cadet 2nd Lt. E. Dolan;
Cadet 2nd Lt. K. Pearl;
Cadet 2nd Lt. J. Dean.

.4 jl 1'!

Cadet Capt. J. Marshall,
company commander;
Cadet 1st Lt. M. L. Stoak-
ley; Cadet 2nd Lt. G. Hes-
ters; Cadet 2nd Lt. M.
Kelly; Cadet 1st Lt. R.



Left to right: The lovely models are P. Cooper; S. Rodriguez;
B. Davis; K. Hughes; S. Mitten; K. Sargeant.

Girls from the first, second, and third
year economic classes presented, under the
supervision of Miss Eloise Monroe, the

talented Balboa girls modeled street dresses,
sports clothes, formals, and semi-formals.
which they made during the school year.
The fashion show, Chez Eloise, was well
attended in the new BHS Auditorium, Jan-
uary 13, 1960. It was the opinion of many
present that it was one of the best fashion
shows ever presented.

Leit to right: Made and modeled by F. Langford; S. Ringstead;
B. Bowman; E. Carter; R. Van Dyke.

Models M. Conover, L. Frauenheim, E. Cox, and B. Smith show
us the lovely clothes they made this year.
- 1".J "',,L',


This year marks the end of another busy and
successful year for the BHS Music Department
under the direction of Mr. Victor A. Herr. with the
hand having played at various school and com-
munity activities.
Starting off with music at pep assemblies and
football games, forming a "modern music group,"
playing our "Alma Mater" for the seniors on Dress-


Mosely, James Stevenson, Betty Jane McCullah, William Mounts, Sam Witkin, Florence Barbour. 2nd row: Fred Gaitan,
William Cofer, Phil Colberson, Harold Barnes, Jean Walker, Randy Colclasure, Paul Morgan, Walter Brown, Bruce
Parish, Mary Ridge, John Donaldson, Margie Miller, June Brinkley, Robert Bohannon, Pat Rose. 1st row: Senia Lagassie,
Dianne Tipton, Clifford Mugnier, Gene Linfors, Naomi Litvin.


This year the 350 voice combined glee club and chorus and also, the orchestra and band staged
successful performances in the new long-awaited BHS auditorium.
For a little variety, the 59th annual Christmas presentation was given in two concerts a band and
orchestra concert and a chorus and glee club concert. Again at the Christmas concert, the charming troub-
ador singers were featured, and they and a trombone quartet performed at both concerts. The outstand-
ing feature of the choral concert was Roy Ringwald's Song of Christmas, which was accompanied by the
pit band.
At the annual spring concert, which was also presented in two different performances, we heard in-
strumental music from composers such as Greig, Moussorgsky, Rossini, Sonsa, Hoist, and Hanson. As far
as choral music goes, we heard special arrangements for choral groups such as Shaw, Wagner, and War-
ing. On the contemporary side was George Shearing's "Lullaby of Bird Land."
The music department also performed at the baccalaureate services, graduation, inauguration of the
new auditorium and at various school productions.



This year's Sock and Buskin is the biggest club
in BHS. Its membership is about 200 drama-inter-
Sested students. The club, sponsored by Mr. Mussel-
man, functions as an instigator of the dramatic arts
1. Jby giving students the opportunity to present plays.
Two main productions were presented this year.
-'# The first was "Quality Street" by J. M. Barrie. In
addition numerous short skits, such as "That's Why
I'm a Bachelor" were given at regular meetings.

The National Thespians is composed of students
who have earned ten points in any one, or a com-
bination, of dramatic work. Such activities as make-
up, staging, acting, lighting, and sound effects are
considered. The initiation of the National Thespian
members was held in January in our new audi-

As the final event of the year the Drama Club
Banquet with a Hawaiian theme was given in May.

NATIONAL THESPIANS: left to right: F. Rycicki, B.
Browder, C. Southwell, P. Snee, F. Bright, G. Garcia, E. Price,
F. Todd, J. Tilton, J. Blaney.

"Sing, kids, sing!"

"Are you dreaming?"

"What play is this?"
1 8 .ss *';* '*n 1 ; Jf
A, t 74.

j" tf, "'.. .. al.
:L ~iI'LI~1 '

1.4 i X







With President Pedro Janowitz in the
conductor's seat, the B.H.S. chapter of the
National Honor Society successfully went
through a spring and fall initiation. Of the"
many projects discussed, tutoring was de- I t
cided upon and successfully carried out -
by this society which stresses character,
scholarship, leadership, and service. "
This year the Mu Alpha Theta completed r' .
its second year of existence in B.H.S. With
Bill Browder as President, Grace Vale as
Vice-President, and Kay Flowers as Sec-
retary, this honorary society, composed of .
juniors and seniors with a "B" average j '
in Math, has again come through success-
fully. As we went to press a large project
was planned for February.

Top row, left to right: S. Davis; R. Caldwell;
P. Janowitz; D. Hoenke. Middle: M. Davison;
R. Bennett; D. Sikorski; M. Fitzgerald; D. Ell-
wood; G. Rambo; D. Brown; R. Rambo. Bottom:
M. Bradley; G. Vale; L. Sikorski; C. Huff; D.
Bremer; B. Browder; C. Nickerson.
Standing, left to right: G. Hesters; J. Marshall; P. Janowitz, president; A. Archibald; T. Ho; B. Smith; G. Rambo;
C. Huff; M. Kelly; G. Kent; R. Lawson; L. Sibauste; R. Caldwell; C. Harrison. Sitting: B. Bartlett, vice-president; G.
Vale, secretary; K. Flowers; D. Hoenke; M. Davison; N. Litvin; J. Fields; N. Swenson.

LA "A Iif

.Icr ~u




Left to right: C. Watson; K. Lytle, queen; P. Dempsey.

Karen Lytle

-w' A* -
iS *


Pat Shouts






CO j


Left to right: C. Southwell; B. Van Dyke; J. Halvosa; P. Shouts, queen;
S. Wooten; M. L. Stoakley; J. Schlatter.

Left to right: B. Dykes; E. Carter; J. Ashton, queen; A. Kalb; B. Chieffalo.

Jackie Ashton



TRACK QUEEN AND COURT: left to right: Ella Carter, Pat Dempsey, Queen; Barbara

;:: 1:: O

C. Bishop.

Bacot, J. Herring,

,':* a





"Looking for something?"

"Wow! What muscles!"


"No wonder we win all the time!"

"It says so right here!"

"Ah-Ha!! Caught in the act!"

**r~ .~C;'I

"Look at those curves!"

o- -

"Look at all the lovely ladies."

"The epitome of solitude."

"Bull's eye!"

"Yea, Balboa!"

"Eager to go to school?!"

4D I

"Don't yell at me!"


STAMP CLUB: left to right:
A. Osborne, T. Ho, C. Carl-
son, B. McCullah, M. Ridge.
R. Selby, R. Jadich.

AMERICA: first row, left to
right: S. South, M. Davison,
C. Huff. Second row: S.
Smith, J. Whitney; D.
Daniels; J. Hebert, T. Gatlin,
S. Gocer, Y. Kowakuri. Third
row: M. Eberenz, K. Sargeant,
A. Kaska, N. Brown, T. Hob-
bie, B. Foster, T. Fisher, M.
Brown, B. Stiles, L. Stubbs.

first row, left to right: E.
Ruess, S. Watkins, J. Cornish,
President, I. Arjona, J. Vogel.
Second row: D. Hansen, C.
Lam, G. Estrada, S. Fitz-
gerald, L. Sibauste, M. Orr,
M. Ridge, B. McCullough, C.
Ridge, P. Abadi, R. Leggiere,
I. Romero.

Left to right: L. Perez
Venero; M. Kelly; E.
Faulkner; A. Eater; M.
Morales; Y. Canavaggio;
G. Fox; B. Fussel; R.

Left to right: T. Fisher,
R. Singleton, H. Cooper,
L. Diamond, D. Egudin.
R. Widell, Vice-Pres., J.
Nickerson, Pres., N.
Browne, Sec., J. Shanard,
G. Lord, G. Gibson, R.
Eisenmann, D. Zapp.

Standing, left to right:
R. Jadick; L. Seldon; W.
Farrow; F. Aseron; J.
Wise; J. Bond; S. Taylor;
R. Frangioni; L. Tread-
way; K. Kline; J. Blaney;
H. Munyon; T. Hicks; B.
Ruiz; B. Price. Sitting:
K. Kascher; D. Wallace;
S. Wagner; M. Richters;
W. Ackley; D. Joiner; R.
Eisenmann; M. Bettsak;
T. Ho; E. Ruess; B. Barnt-
house; R. Kirk; C. Bern-
see; J. Napier; P. Denton.

t/ !.

rr1 91gvn,

.. .- -- \ .

Top row, left to right: M. Orr; A. Castelli; P. Lloyd; L. Vargas; E. Conn; J. Walters; T. Bembenek; I. Michaelis; M.
Maduro; T. Fleckner; M. Meggers; M. Burillo; R. Marciacq; R. Leggiere; D. Unamuno; A. Lasso; C. Azcarraga; P.
Davis; S. Daubin; W. Beardall; E. Mizrachi; J. Freeman; W. Dejernette. Middle: L. Diamond; E. Price; E. Ruess; R.
Jones; R. Monzon; K. Sargeant; M. Mahoney; A. Rosania; S. Myers; C. Lam; D. Griffin; J. Payne; M. Blevins; P.
Barnhart; R. Kalbarczyk; P. Bonnifield; R. Castelli; B. Fussel; G. Haffen; R. Kirk. Bottom: M. Thomas; I. Romero;
S. Eakes; R. Van Dyke; D. Grady; G. Jansen; Y. Cannavagio; V. Nahmad; B. Amai; L. Sibauste; D. Brigandi; I.
Arjona; Y. Aleman; L. Lowe; U. Whitney; J. Spencer; S. Warkens; G. Estrada; B. Austin; N. Periz; T. Rizcalla;
B. Phillips.

Front, left to right: G. Casira; M. Miller; N. Browne; S. Acker; Y. Kawakuri;
Aseron; L. Brown; L. Seldon; G. Lord; J. Brown; M. Turner; L. Poole.

K. Kascher; R. Se!by. Top row: D.

--. Igo._ .:..." V ,. .

Bottom row, left to right: M. Thomas, L. Watson, T. Stevens, N. Askew, G. Gibbons, J. Bardol. Middle: K. Price, C.
Garcia, A. Bennett, F. Aseron, B. Danforth, J. Paterson, D. Aseron, M. Yohros, L. Andino, C. Cameron, G. Garcia, C.
Beechner, K. Underwood, K. Major, C. Lam, V. Speir, W. Beardall, E. Conn. Back: M. Raney, G. Hatten, Y. Kawakuri,
M. Hurtado, S. Heres, R. Huhn, M. Velez, P. Badonky, M. Izquierdo, R. Castelli, S. Daubin, L. Grezaffi, R. Bennett,
S. Eaks, E. Price, R. Jones, C. Southwell, T. Gatlin, S. Cunha, M. Gibbons, S. Fitzgerald, C. Castro, L. McGoud, M.
Fitzgerald, M. Ruiz, A. Phelan.


m .. .4Z

/r~- ...
'~~jrs...-. ----
4.e .
4 ~ -


Top row, left to right: N. Browne; M. Miller; P. Catron; L. Diamond; J. Senn; M. Daniels; P. Shouts; C. Azcarraga;
R. Singleton; B. Browder; J. Tilton; C. Muniegh; S. Meyers; B. Coy; J. Laming; B. Ahr; G. Gibson; M. Meggers;
M. Burillo; M. Vanloon; M. Hicks. Second row: M. Stallworth; M. Bradley; S. Townsend; J. Whaler; T. Hobble; D.
Grady; G. Jansen; C. Zelnick; T. Aleman; F. Peterson; G. Lord; C. Brown; J. Sutherland; J. Bolin; E. Huff; T.
Fisher; P. Kocker; J. Hatten; B. Barnthouse; D. Wallace; R. Monzon. Third row: K. Sergeant; R. Jones; M. Hurtado;
J. Kirkland; S. South; D. Strumpf; K. MacConnel; D. Trasavage; D. Hanse; J. Cornish; K. Egolf; C. Southwell; R.
Bennett; C. Sanborn; S. Acker; S. Murphey; J. Maduro; K. Kneid; M. Buchanan; R. Roper; P. Bonnifield. Fourth row:
J. Vogel; D. Bathke; S. Watkins; K. Hamilton; D. Brigandi; L. Lowe; L. Sikorski; S. Wakem; M. Dejernette; J. Spen-
cer; J. Payne; K. Cameron; K. McConaghy; E. Ott; L. Braun; L. Stubbs; V. Nahmad; B. Amar; N. Litvin; Y. Cana-
gaggio; L. Scigliani; N. Askew. Bottom: G. Gibbons; K. Couts; P. Raymond; J. Blaney; K. Curtis; P. Snee; G. Garcia;
E. Price; S. Stone; M. Brown; H. Cooper; M. Gibbons.

,k! S Ws pie (Isa F l
......crL a SI == w F: ii IIB I

Standing, left to right: Mrs. Journey, sponsor; B. Reynolds; P. Catron; J. Vogel; C. Ridge; F. Barbour; S. Phelan;
V. Walker; C. Elich; M. Ridge; J. Cornish; S. Wagner; I. Hasemann; M. Dejernette; B. Bryant; P. Elich; B. Philips;
T. Fisher; A. Kelly; L. Handy; M. Baggott; J. Senn; M. Nita; K. Nadeau; M. Blevins; B. Rodibaugh; J. Whitney;
J. Pennington; S. Crammer; S. Wakem, A. Tarflinger; M. Morris. Sitting: C. Hatcher; R. Thompson; B. Austin; S.
Heilman; G. Vale; S. Murphy; J. Meriweather; M. Watson; J. Murdaugh; J. Singeo; S. Raymond; D. Abel; L. Keegan;
E. Willis.



Top, left to right: W. Dryja; R. Singleton; J. Senn; J. Bond; J. Fields; C. Harrison; J. Potter;
S. South; D. Hoenke; C. Zelnick; C. Ridge; B. Bryant; B. Browder; C. Nickerson. Bottom: C.
Muniegh; B. Donaldson; I. Romero; D. Bathke; A. Braswell; D. Brigandi; M. Miller; G. Vale;
D. Briganoi; B. McCullough; M. Wachta; M. Ridge; K. Egolf; R. Selby.


"Preparing for the firing squad!?"

"Follow the leader!"

l)eAve. jouR
FRR'C, K-5

"Interesting game? !?"

"Where is the audience?"

"Who has the ball?"


"Hey, you. That's mine!!"

"Here come the Bulldogs!"

-----' Y-ii
^--T ^., j 'Vf~uS&Mfp~
y'S'S^^lakr _.--if -."

"What's the big attraction?!!"


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l!l4 -7(, / J... :-0 P.T. P ;F, S.ft C .1\. r /U ::T.T <:.T F r D M C> :r ;A) (<... C ?J \)../v. N P rz.e. Te. ({I 0 \-\ !Ol:. 'c. :z pro. /-j f\. L E .J. E:..C. 'S'9 M.e.., DP. v L. KP. !<. L I<.C. 'SdL S.L. C.C:. K .F: (-< .1'1. -s:-M .OJ 'S'') z 0 pM o.U E\.I. GD M D -1 BE]r;]E]EJEJ P.l3. FtD. S .ID. (" .E:. N .L. SE. E .ID. KM. R C/ R.B S.M. p,. G I r.B A.S. A.R. R .Ab. TS. P A. C H c.L. L .L. A) (.11. N A! G. G.I<-m.L. PI. ('T\ C H ::N A .e> oH. 5 .T.L. -J \.....j '--' :r:P. .J. H L .I-{. rH. A .\-!. E: \-j GR. XC !-l.R. B R r.O.ID. s. A. \A..>. R. F.B rHo P G s .0. L H O .H. r s .rr. w L H T.H. -s;o


II" gil Scllool BaOtoa I ANAL ZONE BALBOA C Co Editor CAROL E SyMONDS ........ ........ : Co.Edil .o,. DOLORES WHEELER ..... ss Malla ger T KERSON .. /3usT.lTe '. JEANNE I C ... .Faculty Adv

Mr. Humluel-We, the s en iors of 1960, in apprec iation for your fri endline ss, your willin gne ss to l e nd a h elping hand, a nd your untiring d evot ion t o the Se ni o r C l a ss, do d e di ca t e to yo u the Zonian of 1960, as a sllla ll tok e n of our g ratitud e 4


B e f o r e we, t h e f o r t y six th class t o l eave th e h alls o f B a l bo a Hi g h Sc h oo l w ith our eyes f i xe d o n faro ff goa l s pre p a r e t o cl ose our l as t hi g h sc h ool textboo k and our dipl oma, the Z onia n S taff o f 19 6 0 would lik e t o take a fina l trip in revi e w o f our won d e rfu l yea r s h e r e. Th e tra c k s of l if e for u s e x t e nd far into the (utur e, taki n g Illan y turn s and going o ut o f s ight. What i s t o co m e w e d o n ot o r CQuid n o t know bu t w h a t h as p asse d we will a l w ays r e m ember. The r efore, with yo u r p ermi ss i o n w e s hall b oard our t r ain, good old 2 9 9 w hi ch h as se en quit e a bit o f his t o ry: a nd tak e a trip b ac k i nt o OUf won de rful f our yea r s a t Bal bo a Hi g h Sch ool. Wh e n we co m e b ac k up t o the prese nt we will s t o p a n d l e t you. k ee p o n going int o your fulur e THE BES T OF LUCK TO Y O U I I Y O U R JO U RNEY THROUG H LIFE!! 5


CONDUCTORS PRINCIPA L Theo F. HOlz, A.B. H e id e l b e r g M.A . Ohio S l at e Univ e r sity COUNSELO R S Left to right. : Mr. Robert C. Mutiurky, Boy's Adv i se r A.13. & Ed. i\'I., Tufts College; Mi ss Mari e C. W eir, Girls' Adv i so r B. S., U. of Florida, M.A. Col o mbia U., 1\<1 r. D avid A. S p eir, Jr., As s ista n t Princi pal A.B. William & i\'la ry, A'I. Ed. U. of Florida. OFFICE SEC RETARIES Left to right: i\'lrs Loui se R. Hunt ; Mr s Ka t h e rin e C H ea dri ck; : Mrs. Glady s 1\'1. Hat ch. DOCTOR & NUR SES Le f t to right: Mrs Eve lyn R. Koperski, R. N., Atlant i c Cit y Schoo l o f Nurs ing ; H oward C. Pritham, 1\'I.D. B. S Colb y College, M.D., Tufts Coll ege M e di c al School; M r s H e nri C. S k e ie, R. N., Capita l Cily Sc hoo l of N ur sing LIBRARIANS Lcft to Right: M i ss K. Clark 1 vI.A., New York U.; Mrs. H e l e n K e llih e r B.S., Kan s a s S ia l e T e ach e r s College


SCI ENCE DEPA HTMENT Left 10 right: Mr. D. E. Myers, B.A.S tat e T e ach e r s' College N.D .. M A -Was hin g t o n S lat e U" Phy s i cs; Mr. C. M. Willi n g ham B.S. &. P o ly, Ins l.. C h e m istr y; .Mr. F. Y. Hukill B .S. &. \ \I.A. U of K y Biolo gy; J W Sea qui s t Ph .B. U of W iscon s i n i\I.A NYU, Bio l ogy; f'o'1r. J C. Kni c k B.A. & M.Ed -U. of Va .. Cell. Sc i e n ce & Bio l ogy; Mr. W. 1\1. O. Fisch e r B.S.-U. of C hi cago, : M.A. Co lumbia U" C h emis t ry. Not Pic tl/r ed: Mr. C. O. L ee, B.s. rown S late U .. M.A. Columbia U" Bio l ogy ENGLIS H D EPAHTMENT S t anding, le/t. t o F. S. Brow n B.A.-U. of Was hi ngto n J \I.A. -U. o f New M e xico E n glis h & J ournalis m ; i\li ss J Brown A.B. & A.M. -U. of Missouri Englis h ; l\liss 1\L S. Bri g h am. B.A. Battl e C r ee k College M.A. Co lumbi a U Englis h 11; Miss H Mallh e ..... s. A.B. Alabama Colle ge, M.A. G e org e P ea b ody Col l ege for T e ac h e r s, Englis h ]0; Mr. C. R. Vos bur g h B.S. H a m ilton College, M.A.-Columbia U . Eng l i s h 11 & 12c; Mr. H W. F'og ie, B.A. Arizona S tat e U., M.A. Arizo n a Sta t e U., English; Mr. C. M. Tatm a n B S. T e mp l e U., M.S. Ru t ge r s U English & AllIe rican l n s titution s Seated: Miss M. \,\;' hitm an A.B. Wuy n e T e ac h e r s Coll ege U., E n g l i s h 1 2 c MATH DEI'AHTMENT Lejt 1 0 right: J\'ir. O. H. M c G ill. B .S. an d M. Ed. U. of So uth Ca r o lina A lgcbr a a n d Gen e ra l Ma th : Me B t. R y d e r A.B. P rovi denc e College, M.Ed .. Bridge ..... ate r S t at e T eacher's Collegt" Alg e bra and G e om etry; Mrs. P V R yall. B.S. I da h o S t a t e Col l ege. M .A.-Stanf ord U., Plall e G e o m etry: Me G. W. Case, B.A.North e rn I daho T e a cher's College, A l ge bra and Gene ral Sc i e n ce : Mr. t W. G u rn ey, S t a t e College, MI\'1. U. of Mic h igan. G e n e ral Math ; Mr s F K. Graha m A.B.Hullt e r College. 1\I.A. Columbi a U., Ma th ematics; 1\11'. L. D H umm e l B.A. & :"I.A.Du(]uf'!

8 FORE IGN LANGUAGE Back, left t o ri ght: Mr. S. T. Barkowitz A.B. -College of Charlesto n M .A.-:-"I iddleb ur g Colleg e S pani s h ; Mr s R. M Bisse tt A.B. H oward College, M.R.E. Woman" s i\'lis s ionar}' Un ion Train i n g School. Spanish & Engli s h ; Mr. D. R Wilcox, A.B. Augu s tan8 College. A.M. -U. of Sou th Dakota Spanis h & En glis h ; i\lrs V. P e rry B.AEvan s vill e Co ll e g e, M.S In d i a n a U Latin. F ront: L. D e A r ma s B.A. Ilnd M.A. -Mic hi gan State S pani sh; i\l iss C. Ayc ock, A.B. Woman 's Colleg e of V.N.C., \ I. A. -Columbia U., S pani s h ; i\lr s S. B. Hase l d e n A.B. -\VesJeyan Col l ege, M .A.-U. o f Flor i da. Fre n c h & Eng l i s h I HYSICAl EDUCATION, bac k Ie/I 10 t;ght: Mr L. E. Horine B.S.&M .A. Co lorad o, U ; 1\Ir. Kars t A.B., U. of No rth Caro lina; M. Ed. U. of Texas; M r. R. E. And e r so n 8.S.&.1\I.A S tat e of I o wa. Fron. t left 10 right: S. Pritc hett B.S. Geor g i a S tat e College for Wom e n M. S., U. of Tennessee; !lH ss Charli s a Wes t (Subs tit ute); Mi ss P. A. L e hm an, B.S.&M.S. 'orthwest Mis souri State; M i ss J M. Hardin, B.S., G eo r g i a State Coll e g e for Women M. S. Florida Sial e U. Not pictured: IHi ss D. M Steabe, B.S.& I\I.A. Indiana S ial e T e a c h e rs Coll e g e ; Mr. S J Brown, B.S.&M.Ed. U of Pitts b ur gh. PRACTICAL & F I NE AIlT S Left. to right : Mr. J. H. E lliol, B.S. Ed. & M s E el. U. of Ne b ra s ka Metal S h o p Gell . Mat h 9, Mr. C. F A n d e rso n B.S. & M. S. K a n s a s Stat e T e a c h e rs' College Woo d wor kin g & Ge n era l S h o p ; l\liss E. Mon r o e B .S. K an s a s S tat e U., J\I.A., Col omb i a U., H ou se hold Arts; Mr. D. E. M u ss e l man. B.S., Ea s t e rn I llin o i s U., M .A. U. of Ch i cugo, S pani s h II S p eechDrama; Mr. V A. H e r r B.M. Ed D e n ver U M.A .. Co l o mbi a U., Ba n d, O r c h estra, Cho ru s, G l ee Cluh. No t Pi c tu red: Mr. C. A. Batald en, B.S. Bradley U ., 1I' I. S., Penn sy l vania Stale U., Mechanica l Drawin g, Arc hitcclurul Drawing Engin eer in g Drawing, S h ee t Mctal S hop; Mi ss G. M Pi e lu s ko, c.r .A., Albrig h t F i n e Arts A c udcllIY, B.S U. of t h e S ta l e of N.Y., M.A. Colom bi a U., A rt. R.O.T.e.: left to righ t : SFC Ri chard W. Chambe r s, MSGT J a mes E. Kollars, SFC W ilford D. Goff, SFC Ri chard R ay Gold e n. Sealed: l\lajor Thomas E. Bru s kottcr.


ENGINEERS SEN IOR CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVI SE R S Left to right: J. Mar s hall, vice-preside nt: !\Iiss Whitman: B Bat c h e ldor. president; Mr. Hu mmel; P. Cag e, secre tar y.


BALBOA HIGH SCHOOL Bad r olV, l elt to right: C. B e rg; J. Br own; L. Br ow n ; C HeEl ers; P. J anowitz; B. Hand; P. Cage; E. D o l an ; i\. Azcar. ra ga: D.Fulop; L A thowj D. H oe nk c : J Klin e : D. Crook : .I. H ern: R Caldwell; D. D o rnbr ows k y; D. B e r ge re; R. H anna. Si:l:lh row: T B e mb e nek; 1 Garc ia ; A. Archi bald ; A Eb e r e nz j 1\1. K elly; J Catro n ; D. Eg an ; H Col bert : M Klipp e r ; R. Flumuc h ; R. CanJ!lc; J. Hawthorne; P. C a sa us; .I. Co lc; F. Bri giJl. Fi/lh row: S. Agui la; J Ocu n ; i\. Barlcy; B. CaJdito; .M. Bettsak; E. Grilcy; S. Al i p o n g a ; M. D aniel; J. D o h e rt y; S Gupton; C. Harriso n ; S Gor ham ; P. Bec k e r ; E. J o h nson. FOllrlh row: F Baggott; D. G riffin ; C. C am e r on: E. Cox; L. Handy; .I. Bartol ; S D i a z; J. F i e lds; r. Da rli ng; K. COUIIS ; D. Harned; M Con ove r ; 1\1. B owe n ; 1\'1. D av i so n ; C Bat c h e ld or. T hird row: T. Ho; D. Bartlett; C. Huff; K. Flowers; r. D av is; A H e n de r so n: A Bra s w e ll; I. A rjona; C Estrada; A A lger; R. Blevins; P Abadi; i\. C h eung; D. D e U nalllun o Second row: R. Alle n ; S Allen; M Brandon; L. Ki clhofc r ; F. G laddcll; J Corni s h ; i \1. D e j erncttc; E. D y k s tra; B. D av is; D. Ahlc : .I. H e ilman; P. D empsey; N. D e L a G u ard i a Fir st row: K. B ass ett; D F o lse; K. Clark ; J. H ea rne; R. Cov i n g t o n ; K. Casc),; E. Kapp; F B ah cock; T. G atlin ; G. K c nt ; C. H olme s : K. Curt is; .1. Br ink ley; E. E i senmann: .I. B e har. 10 Soo n we, th e se ni o r s, w ill h e graduati n g and l eav in g BfTS \Ve'l l a l ways ha ve w ith u s th e m e m o ri es o f th ese f our wonde rful yea r s o f hi g h sc h ool. The fri en d s we've made and th e ex p e r i e n ces w e've share d w ill r e ma i n w ith u s f o r e v e r. D o yo u r emembe r when we wer e f r es hm e n ; h ow wond e rful it wa s t o b e i n hi g h sc h oo l a t la s t ? Bonner Hadl ey, Ray Caldw ell, and P e nn y \'\ ebb w e r e e l ec t e d t o l ead u s thro u gh o u r fir s t year. 1'111 s u r e n o n e o f u s ha s f o r go tt e n t h e Fros h S op Froli c w h e n we, th e l ow l y fr es hm e n b ea t t h ose mi g ht y so ph o m o r es. B e u y L o u Wh e a t o n w a s our qu een. And w h at about th e Fres h man Picni c o ut at Summit Ga r d e ns? UnforgeLtabl e, was n t it? B e f o r e l ong w e wer e so ph o m o r es T hat year was even b e lt e r than o u r fir s t : w e wer e l oo k e d up t o and admire d b y th o se p oo r inco min g f r es hm e n. W /e e l ec t e d Cary Ness: R a y Caldw ell, an d Barbara Bartl ell t o th e o ffi ces o f p r eside nt : v i ce-pres i d e n t a nd sec r e t a r y o f t h e mi ghty so ph o m o r e cla ss W e w e r e finall y g i ve n th e reo s po n s ibi lit y o f h o ldin g a d a n ce f o r th e en t i r e sc h oo l : th e Sadi e H aw ki n s Dan ce T e r rific, was n t it ? P e nn y \Va ri n g was o u r Dai sy Mae a nd Frank Br i g h t Li' l Abn e r. We wer e a l ill i e sorry t o see t h at g r e a t year co m e t o u n e nd. LiLLi e did w e r eali z e w h at l a y a h ea d! Uppe rcla ss m e n at l a s t Mik e K e l ly: Grady H es t e r s, a n d S u s i e H e l e l e d u s th r o u g h thi s ye a r : and w h at a ye a r R e m e mb e r th e d a y we go t our class rings? \\fh o ca n for get.\Ve mad e s ure eve ryone e l se in t h e schoo l knew 100: d idn t we? \ V e h e l d CLASS


CLASS OF 1960 Buck row l ell to righl: C. Trail; E. White; A. While; J Turne r ; R. Man.:iu<[; 1\'1. No rt oll ; H R a ymond; B. H u iz: A. S C OII; C. H enlz; K. S h eridan; T. Ri c h a rd so n ; R Stro mberg; W. Williams; T. Sheppa rd ; D . M a c l e an ; D Rogers : D. P a juk ; S. WaIL S; C. Tho m p son. Si: rlh row: E. Ru e ss; R L cgg i c rc: C. Ri dge; E. R e nn ie; J Phelan; H Womble : H. SCOll ; F. H oc; R. Unde rwood; W. Loar: T. Smith; S Hodriguez; A. Hodriguez; J Pearson; D. A i e lin. Fi/lh row: L. S ib au s lc: C. Sharpe; R. Rop e r ; B. S m ith; A. Schwalm ; C. Sc hult z; P. S h o uts; J S t e in e r ; J M eyer s; R. W e nde ; .I. S ull i \ 'un; P. Rogers; C. Thompson; R. ,t\r l o rri s FOUflh Row: V. Perra : C. Wats o n ; D. Whee l e r ; F T od d ; K. M ulll; J. M e n d enhall; J. Tilto n ; R . McConaugh y; J. McNall; .I. Walte rs; L. Marcola ; J. Price; K Pearl ; J Mar s hall. T hird row: J Vogel ; E. Price; ]"'1. Orr; E. P h illips; A. T ow nsend: C. L o p ez; A. Lasso; P Rose; J. R ea d ; I. Mi c ha e li s ; K. M a cConnell; D. Slru mp!; A L eo n a r d ; C. Ramho: A. l.awso n ; S ec ond row: S Raymond ; N. Swen so n : L. R o h e r soll; E l\lolTi s ; D. Spark ,,; C. SYlllonds; P. Valenti ne; M. Rit:lllcr s : V. R e d i c k ; S. Laquidara: N. Web s t er: j \1. S i oa klcy; R. Thollll> son: 1. J\lc ri w clher. Fir s / row: V. L ombroia: S. Tho mas: C. Valc: N Lit v in : N. Parker; D. WO(ltlS : S. Wal k ins; J. R o m e r o : K. L y lle: B. S tiles: K. l \ \cConagh y : B Smilh: .I. S u c h : J l \ \urduug h. HISTORY th e Junio r-Seni o r Pro m and B anque t f o r th e se nio r s th a i yea r Next year Ih ey w ould b e h e l d in h o nor o f u s A wo nd e rful f ee lin g, was n t it ? Ou r b i g dance was Ih e C h ri sLmas F ormal w it h Mary L ynn e S t oa k l ey r e igni ng a s quee n. D o yo u r e m e mb e r our Junio r Cla ss B eac h Parly? An o th e r Cla ss of 60 first. I n Sep t e mb e r of 1 959 we enLe r e d i nt o th e mo s t wond e rful year o f our f our yea r s o f h i g h sc h ool. \ V e wer e n ow sen io r s O u r cla ss o ffi ce r s wer e Bud Bat c h e ldor, Jimmy Mars h all, and Phil Cag e a nd th ey co u ldn t have do n e a beLte r j ob of leading u s. Ka r e n L ytle was ou r love l y Footb all Qu ee n and C hu c k R e ntz was h o n orary captain o f th e l earn a t our l a st' Jamb o r ee. It was s a d t o lhink t.hat lh i s w o u l d h e th e la st. yea r we'd c heer th e B ulldogs o n L o viclo r y Everyon e h ad a wo nd e rful Limp ilt our Va l e ntin e r ormHI with Qu ee n P a l S h o ut s a nd K i n g Edd ie D o la n r e i g nin g ove r th e e ve nin g. \Ve were g i ve n o u r caps a nd go. w n s sy mbol s o f th e fac t we would soo n b e g rHdu a lin g and n o w th a t t h e ti m e i s drawin g n ea r w e can loo k back and r e m c mb e r t h c yeHr s s p e nt in Balb oa Hig h S c h oo l a s so m e o f th e most w o nd e rfu l and r ew arding yea r s of our lif e \V e w ill b e SHyin g goo d-b ye to th e fri e nd s we've made a n d s orrow s a nd j oys w e've b ee n th ro ugh but w e can lI O W look ahea d. G raduat io n D ay th e day we r ece i v e our dipl omas will b e th e Illost memo rabl e da)r of our l if e f o r th a t i s th e day we mu s t s t e p o ut int o that bi g w id e world o f ours and face th e future Iha t lies a h e ad. Sen i ors S tall d Up alld Sillg 11
















Most Athletic IRMA A RJONA DOUG PAJAK Run n e r s U p D OT F O L SE D I CK SCOTT




Friendliest SUZy HELE JIM PRICE Runners-U p MAHVEL DAV1 S O N STEVE CaHH A"l\'<[




P nuie ll e A b adi Pa /cUt" P a nam a R d e P. "Tile sillce, e quiel""S$ 0/ 0 "'0"'''" i s well UIJp,e ciille,/ ilt lloi s wo tltl 0/ ou,s.' Librury Cluh 2: Pan. AUI, Clu l 'I: U.N. Club I 2 3, 'I; Library A$si $ l. 2 : AUcHlbl), Conllu :1; Cho ru s 1 ; Jr.Sr. Ball"u e l .1: 13k. B Inlra. 1.2,3: B owl. illg I lIlr3 2: SI. B 1 2: Pi n g Pon g I 2, :1; VolI ... ) BIII1 1"lril. I. 2. :1.

L eland James Alhow L ee" Bo s t o n i\I u ssac h u se tt s '"...1,<1,' ",,,lll'lIrII. Fl II. I Ulr:l. :1: Bow1illl; 1n\m. :1. Aifrc ( l o A:l.clllTag:1 "Chipi Panama H d c P. "lfe laughs ,IItd lloe worl,l I"",hs wilh him." Drama CI"b 2. 3. 4: Pall. All), Cluh I. 2. 3. ,I: Elnnd I 2 : Orcheslra l. 2: Xmas Form,,1 3: F1. U I: Fl. B. IUlr a I. Swimming I. Track I: \\I'"er Pol" I: "UefuTe Ih. Corrill,," 3: "Mr Clienl C urly" 3: I. 3 I : C"rni"al D"nce I. 2. 3, -I; T"le nl Show I. 3 4 Frances Fay Babcock "Fa)''' Wa s hin g t o n D. C. "A fYl,ielll I merielln ,irl FIJ)' clte",y when Ihey Dram" Club .): Tie kel Corn",. ] : Scnior Gill Com,,,. I: C hon' s 2: Ilk. Il. llll.a. 2: G.A.A. 2: .... rl Club ;1: p"per I: Sp31lish Cln b l. 2: 'I)ino 3 Franc: i s 1\1. BI: Vis ilor's Dnr Co,,"n. 4: Frosh. Pie ni.:: I: FroB.Soph. Froli c I: Jr.Sr. B allq u e l 3: Sndi" I-I:t", kill s D a nce COII"n. Sec. 2: Bowling Inlra. :1: 5 1 B ;1: Vo ll e)' [hll I nl ra ;1: Cheerlc'''ler 3. C"I" 4; V"I. Formnl COllrl 1 ; Truck COUTt 3 : \VeleomillJ;" C"mm. -I: SW l e 3: Comm. I 2. Joan K.lI hcrinc Barlol Joan B os t o n M assac hu se t l s ""'1/ "miuMe miss Willi" )"'PI' y ,lis. l.osilio":' Fre n c h CI"I, '\: Office Assisi. '\: Senior \ : LDlin C],,], I. 2: Hidinl! Club l. 3: G[" e Cluh I. 2. 3 : B c d CIII,;r 2; G"I \ C IE'",i"le'] Dance C on"". Lalin \ war.[ I; '[',,"nis I. 2: Hiding 1.2. :1: Ping Pong I. 2: Volle), flnll 2. 3. Kalhl'y n Eileen B:t sSe ll Kat"y" L os Angele s, California "The jo)' 0/ )'01111. h e r e)'e displa)'e, l "nd .!a5

-J o e Solomtlll Belt u "Pepe" Pana ma R. de P. 'Knowl.ul/:I! com es bll/ Ii"Get s," S. A. \11. 2; S. 1\. H e l>, 2; COnllll, :1: Fe B [lIlra. I. 2; Bk. 11. I lilra. J: SII',,."";III; Inlra. I: I. 2: Ping 1'0111: I. 2: Waler 1'010 I. T e d John Bembe n e k Jr. "1' J. 8" Ancon, Canal Zone i s hi! tlccuJlIllion. elllinr i $ his ,ecreMioll," I':,n \on Club 4: :;illanish C lub 4 ; Ball 2. 3; Firinll S,!uud 2. 3. 'I: lIallow,-"" Dance 2: Il.O.T. C. H a lik 2. 3. ": SJ,;!. Uslwr Gunrd 2. 3: Carul"al Dallce C"IIIIU. 2: GUln e 2. 3: 5 1 ,,! e .1; ThulIksg h ing Showcase COlUm. 3. C:lr l Nelson B e r g "Carl" Panama. R. d e P. "II /el/n,,; "'C <1(e Illld '<''' m er; lor e's lI!eU",, we 11'011'1 forgel," ,\wards Ill.!1 4: II.O.T.C. [hnk Second LI.: Bowlin g V;uSi1r 2. BCI'g c r c New York, New Yo r k "We g e l /I kick OUI 01 him mId ",. I"/s "kic k OUI ollile:' -I: Ad I : S.A. A lterna,e 1: Ul!.I,,r Club 4: 1I.0:r.C. Hnnk 2. 3. \ 1.1.: Us h e r Guard -I: FroslL. Picnic I: H"wkins D ilLlce Cotn",. I: Vnl entine Fonn,,1 Comm. -I: Sr. Ae l;"il)' I : FI. Il intrn. I: Ilk. B. ]"Irn. I: 1l0wliuI( Inlra. I: Golf [n'r: . l. 2. :\: Pin/!" r onl! I. 2: Gn'ne U sher 4: S'LLle 3. MiclHlC I S. U cttsak "Mike" Panama, R. d e P. "11' s ",ylill:. lliv.ilo/ll1 1 lo .. "il: Club .\: Club l "i<:el'r<:$.: I'"ruk<:el l I'hOltll:r:,pher: ZUllinn 4 I'I,olo!;r:'phH: Fl. n. Intr:,. I. 2. ;1: Ilk. II. Inlnt. I CI'plain. 2 : Golf l. 2: S",in"ninl( 2 .. 01: S",i,"",i"g In 'r:'. l. 2. 3. 4: 51. B. I. 2: Tn,c k l. 2. 3. _I: Tr:H ; k Inlrn. 1.2.3, I : Ping POll!; 1. 2: Wala 1'010 I. 2. 3: Valcllli,H' CiIS(l COli"". 3 naJph Edward Bl c \ j n s Jr. R ock)''' Anco n Canal Zone "form"/,, lor "" /ll/./lround S"ller l U Y." ClIllern Club I. 2: L elh;rm3"'" Club l, 3. I ; Pholography 3 : S I",,,i s h CI"b I. 2: 511''''1) CI"b ,; !'u rukeC I At! Sell,r \: Z O lliau I : 5,A. AI,er nul. I. 2: sell,bl)' COli"". 3: Fl. II. D"n" e Comnl. 3. I ; S,A. l{ql, 3: SUfel), COIIIIII. 3 : Il"nd :1, I : X",," s F orm,,1 3. _I: Jr.Sr. I' rom COII"". 3: Jr.Sr. IInll'l"el 3: Sadie DaIlC(l Com,". 2: V"kll' ,ill" Form,,1 3: Sr. Aeli"it)' Com,". 1 : C l ass Vie e.Prcs. I; FI. 11. I. 2, 3. 4: l. 2. :l. -I: Ilk. II. 2. 3 ... : Uk. B. III'n'. I; Game Us her 1: B o )"s State 3: Fe. fl. All S Wr 3. 4 Moan Anile HowclI 1 1 1ar), Anile" "All c .. s), -goill&. &irl." 1'1:11 Cluh I: Ih"e" COlllnl. -I: Tr:,i" Com,". 01: ChOnl I. 2. 3. 'I: Jr. IH"Jl" COII"". 3: Ca .. h i ,\ A,, nOllllce'''<:IIU Comm . \: Ilk. B I"lra. l; llowli"Jl" Imra. l: VolI<:}' Ball I IIlra. l; Cm,III ,tli"" U s h e r. 3. 1\1;:11') Ann Cody Brandon 1 l'/ar)'-AfllI A neon, Ca nal Zo n e "A ",:HOt lUlify filii/ nwkcJ her euery OIU,j IIii",,/. P c p CI"b I: F rosl,.Sopl,. Froli" Co""n. I: H I.. B Inlm. I. 2. :1: B O 'I;I1!!! Intra. I. 2. 3: 51. B. I Ulrll. I: \ o ller Bull I IIlra. I, 2. 3: V"llcr Hall 1"lT a I, 2. 3: S h o,,' COII,m. I. !\tlll'cia Aim Bras w e ll "Annabelle" Vidia G eo rgia 4 at(rae fir le killd 01 t:",rr. ill/XCI' S xlo,), ill fin /Ilr. ... S<:ience Cluh 3. Sec. I : I \!I.'I(')I)I>I), Comm. 1: S.A. HeLl. 2. -I: 1l1I,,,1 :1; 4: Xm3 $ F"ru,al COlllm. 3: Valenlil)< For. mal": C"I' & Go .. '" \ Chairmall: Grad. unlion U sher 3: Vnlelltine Forll,nl C""rl 2: X"",s Formnl COllrl :i: FIIIII" 11","<: milko'r s of A u ,. 1. 1;"1'1111klin Orvill e Bright Fabia,, Panama R. de P. "All O.K. guy need w e say more?" D ruu13 Club I. 2. :1, _I: Fre. ,,::h Club I; Nnl. TI'espi"n I 2. ;j. 4; Pan Am. I ; Se icne ... CIIII, I. 'I: 5 1arnl' Clu" I: U.N Cillb I -I: S. I\. All. 1: Gct, \e'III"illteoi Dauce Com",. 'I: S in!!illl( V"lenl ine$ I. 'I: IIPlld I: Chorus I. 2. 3: Glee Club 1. 2. 3. ,I: I. 2. 3. 'I: Drill T<:nm 2: U s h e r Cnp .. 1 2; Xmu F Mmll1 3; Frosh. I'ie"ic I ; Frosh.Sol'h. Frolic I: Jr.Sr, I'rom .1: Sndie J[u",kins Dalle e COlli"'. 2: Sr. Sho .. cus<: 0\; S t. B lutrn. I. 2: 0\: Ilk. B. lil t .... 1. 2. 3. 'I: Bowling Inlra. -I: Golf lIIlra. -I: 51. B I 2. 'I: Track Intra. I. 2. -I: Gallic 2: SellOol T\, I'rol;:r u m 2. Talcnl Sho'" -I: Comlll 2. I : Lil Ahne r 2: "M)' Clie lll Cnrle)' I: T h e 1.0",1111,,1 SCI'" I: "Belor e Ih e C orri,]n" I: "Tlte Big Front Porc"" I: Hornp;pes & I: "Mrs Mc Thing" 2; L ul e Son!!" 2: "Tit.! A,!oIing Machine" 2: "The Coming of Chrisl" 2: "'1'1,, S lorr of Bi!! Nell y 3: "Qllul. i l ) Slree'" T h e S lory of Xllln!' 4,


June Anne Brinkley Blist er" Gas l o nia, Nor l h Carolina Si:e dOl'I riM makl' fire uomarl. Jar Ilrinfl come in ,mull pock Bnnd I 2. 3. 4: Choru. 4; 1 .2.3: ';\Ire. McTh i nG" 3; "LUl l' Sonl" 3; "lIorn l li,,,"iI ft,. I ; 1'1",," U r, che 2. J. J ames A ll e n Browil Jim" Wa s h ing t on, D.C. V.lenlin.. f o m,al C omm 3; n.o: l .c. Runk 4. Lloyd J ohn Brown L loyd River s i de, Ca l ifo rni a "Tllerl' i,' n o fhin f ,reafer Ilron Ihele-,uillinfnl'llamtlllelllilli lopll'll$e." C heu Club I. 2. 3. 4 : L el1erm ap', Club 2. 3. "; Cap & G o .... n Comm. 4; S r. Gif! Coltun. 4: n. 8 InlrD. I; Track I 2, 3. 4; Track Inlra. I, 2; Volley B d l Inlra.4. P h i l n. Cage "Phil" Sa n A n ton i o T exas "I/oppy fa luck)'. d evil mo)' co r e ; all tl, .. fO. foinf l'llu)'lIllrue." l.ellc rm a"'8 Club 3. 4; U N. CI"b I. 2. 3, 'I; S. A Alt. 3; Firillg Squad I 2, 3. 'I : Valentine Formal 'I ; Sr. Act ivity C o mm 4 : C l ass Sec, I ; Flo B 2. 3; Track ,I; I'ing Pong 'I : Volley B all I n. tra. I ; Wat e r Ballet 'I: Waler ) 0 1 0 4: Carniv al Dance Comm. 3. 'I: Fl. a. J, 2; Trac k J, 2: "The Cruyruen" I. 2; "The DoGooden" I. 2. Balbino B Co Mit o Bam by Pan ama R. d e P "/ OKree wilh no man', opinionl. I Ir/Jile lom e 0/ my own." Cameru Club I 2. 3, 'I: P a n Am. CI"b 1,2,3,4 Treasurer: Ph otog raph y Clull ), 2 3 Sec., 4; Science Club I 2. 3; Spa"is h Club I. 2, 3, ,I; Ueh e r C l u b I 2. 3 1; UWe T eam 3. <\; U lher Guard I 2, 3, ;1; R.O.T.C. Ibllk Sa r gea n t 4: Il"w ling I nlra. I. 2. 3. ,I; T rack 1. 2. 3. <\; Trac k I n l r a I. 2. 3. 4; Carniva l J>an ce Comrn. I 2 3 .... n. .. ,. Lee Cn1clwe ll B utc h P a n a m a H d e P "A 10011 10uki",.rUle all allY Icoltl," L e ller'nau'a Clui> 3. I ; N lI.S. 3, 4; S.A. Al t e rn at e I 2; S,A. Ite l 4: Gl ee Clui> I. 2. 3. 1; O r c heltr .. 1. 2; A .... a rd. Boll Comlll. <\; lhllo .... ecn Dance C"mlll. "; ILO.T.C. B a lik Compo Co. <\; U ,her Cuord 2; Froth. Pi cII;" 1 C hairman; frOflh "Sol,h. Fro l i c 1,2 Cha irmon; CIDII ViceI r e . I 2; FI. B Intra I 2. 3: B k. B I n t ra. CaI ) I, I. 2, 3, 4: S .... im. minI; I 2. 3. 'I; S im",;n!; Inlra. 1. 2 Cal' l. 3. <\: Soft b all 2: T rack lnlra I: "The L o .... land Sea" I: "lIoo.eveh C C II' l e llni o l 3: "The eo"';II1: o f Chri.!t" 2; "The Ili g Front P o r c h I; 'I u t e Song" 2: "The Mud Woma n of C I 'lIil1ol" 3: Noo n Or c h e" r a I 2 3. I : S r, Cor. ord;no lin!; Co m m. I : Mu AII )hu T b e t u 4: AWn"l Auem hl y Conlin. ; Boy'. S t ole 3: S howcuc F r llilh. l. Ch a i rm an. Cath erine 1\1. Cllm cron "Cathi e" Crow l ey, L ouisia n a "Alwa)" bu,)" ul"'a),1 Jun ; mak"" Irer loved by r.v'"'),one," l >ramo Club 3. 4 ; Fre n ch Club 3. 4; Librar,. C lull 1: P el) C l ub 1. 2: Office Aui.l. 4: Train Comm. 4; Choru. 3. 4: Card. & Ann oulle('llIcllt. Comlll. 4 ; CraduIII;on Ulher 3: V.lent ine Sho .... cue 3; 1 .11 Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Home coming Comm. 1. 2; L.U.S. ak. B. 2. Phillip S l e v e n CnsB u s L ucky" Puyallup Washing t o n "Euuybolly lovel II 1 01ler Scicnce Club 3: Bnnd I 2, 3; Ch O T". I ; Xouu el... Pl ay 3; T l enl S h uw 1.3. Joan Kuthlcen Casey Katht:" Co l o n R. d e p "A IIlIile j, Ill e lrafmOIlY lit til e II"nfl, anll fire kinri/lul oj lire loul." T i c ket S :llcl Corum. 4; Sr. lIin Comm. 1 ; Grad ualion U t h e r 3. James O ti s C nlro n Jr. Professor A n con Cana l Zone "Qu i e t KOOI/ /llIfu,ell IInll J un l ovin Sci e nc e Cl u h 2 : Safel y Cornm. 4; Uther Clu b 4; Welfare Com",. 'I: 1I0 n o r Guard 2. 3 <\: n .O .T.C, Honk Sargeanl Finl Clots; U l h e r G uard 'I; A.-i e l. 1 0 N .C .O. Con. man tier 4; Fl. n 1 "lra. I; r u hion S how U s h e r G u"nl <\; GDme Us her 4.


A n u R : Hlu e l C h cung Raqu ef in Pan ama R. d e P "The Ifl/l e! mind i& richcr Ihan Ihe G.A. ,\. 3. 4; Pan Am. Ci llb I 2. 3. 4: Spa n ish C l ub I 2. 3. 4; U.N Club I. 2. 3, I ; Counselor's AuiU. 2; Zon ian 4; Call &-Go ... n C"mm. 4; SI. n. 3: Pin!: Pong 2. 4; Vollf!)' Ball Imra. 2. 3, ,I: Car nival D a nce COIllIll. ; Chemist r y Assilt. 3: Girl's Slal e 3: Xmu Con ce rl Us her 2: Vs l emine Sho ... casc 3 : S pani s h Xmas Caroll 3, 4. K a r c n C l ark Kar en" "KorcII, a liny bundle 0/ ene',,. pt>. 10lli/iflll ... on ,ulorahle ,al who nally k ,IOW& h ow 1 0 live." I' CII Club I ; S.A Al l. 2; Get.Acquaint. cd Dance Comm. 3; Chorus I, 2. 3. 4: Xmu Forn, a l 3; FrOlh. P icnic I: Bo ... l. i u g Iollr . 2; Vollcy B a ll IlIlra. 2. Htlrl'Y Vcrn Colbc l l Jr. /l arry" "Silence never befr"'y& you." Pan. Am. Cillb 4: Spaui sh Club 4; Bank 3. ,J: ChorU! I; Pan. Am. Club Auen,bly 3; I'an. Am. Sho ... eue 4; Orcheltra 2. 3: ICO.T.C. 2. 3: Sop h. Anembl, 2 : Soe!;er Intra. 2: Ft. B. 3; Track Marla;er 2: Bk. B. Manager 2. J':lIHCS Joseph Col e Ji m Kill er" P o n ec, Pu erlo R i co "No sinnt> and nO saini perhaps b/H ,,,ell Ihe very be!/ 0/ chaps:' Camera Club 2. 3: Cheu C lub 2: Pan. Am. Club 'I: Spani sh Club 3, ,I: DTiIl T eam 2. 3: n .O .T.C. Hank Sgl.: Ushe r Guard 2, 3. 'I: Xmas F o rm R I Comm. 3: ClaBi President I; BDie b all CoCaptain I : Track Captain l. Mirilll1l Ruth COllover "Mimi" Panama R. d e P. "fun and ,ood IltllllTed:' Orar1uI Club 2; Scien ce Cl ub 2. 3; Clin i c Auiu. 2: Glee Club 3. I : Xmas Forl1llll Comm. 3: Individunl Sr. P ic. 4; 5 r G r OUI) Pi c. Coml1l. 4: Ilk n Intra. I. 2; B acc:a \Pllr a t e 3: .'uh ion S h ow I, 2. 3: E n t e r Sho ... ca!e Conlin. 2; A .. 'artift Day Co mm. 4. JOll11 Lesli e Cornis h J oanne" Sa nl a F e New M ex i co "If &t CI,,], I: U.N. Club 2,3. 'I Preftident: Ofriee A&iftt. 4: T rain COI1lI1l. 3; Bk. B lutra. I 2. 3. ,J: n u ... l. ing Intra. 2. 3. ,I: Pou g 1: PrOl e r tiel COlllm. J. 4; S r Sho ... case Cutum. 'I: XI1IU Showcase COIllI1l. 3 Kathleen W i ckhllm Coutts Kathy" f o r t Benning, G eo r g i a "/luwilcomblne,/,ullhapleasanISlUlle ami /riendly n""",el& make her Ihe neet:! $hc i&." Dr ama Cillb 4: Cho ru ... : Clee Club 4: Indiddual Sr. Pic. 4; Sextet .1: Jr. I'lay 3: T alen t Sho ... 3. Rose Elizabeth Co \ 'ing lon R osie" Ancon, C anal Zone "Lillfe. likabfe. and fau,h fovin,:' r.T.A. Club 2; C.A.A. l. 2. 4: Ticket Salct Comm. 2: Bk. B. Intra. I. 2. 4: Uk. B. I, 2. 4: 51. n I. 2. 4: Volley IlItll lutra I 2. ,1: Soc k &, Bus kin Clu L 2. E ileen Eli zu b clh C o x / Col o n R. de P. cheer/uf hearl, cheer/uf smife. /J cha,,,, of /rienll&hip aff Ihe ",hifc:' Camera Club 3: Drama Clu]' 1 ; L N .-\.. Club 1: Pep Cluh I: Coordinat ion Contln. 3: Ticket Sales Comm 4; Or cht'Slra I: J r. Sr. nalHl uct 3: Bk. n. Irl' Ira. I 2. J: Bo ... linl: Inlra 3 : Voll ey l liltl Intra. l. 2. 3: F as hion S how 2. 4: Graduation Ufther 3: Sr. Adviftor Sec. 4: Girl'. S tat e 3: "Life With Mot her" I: \'c.rLook Pic. I. Doughts H. C r ook "DOllS" Ancon Canal Zone "Alway& h"ppy. al.eay& bloke. allt'ay, al lome joke." ILO.T.C. Rank Privat e ; Ft. B. Intr . I 2; 'Qualit, Street" 'I.


Karen Eloda Curl i s "The Lode Fori Worth T e xa s "/{IIrCllitc(>mesfowl"b'Kslr":'S"Gcm, wire" it cOllies to jlirfillt;. (,lrem." Oruma Club Z. 3 ] Thcspian Club 2. 4 TrcDiurcr: I'cp Club I. 2: C(>nMcior's I : Chorus 3. 'I: Glce Club 3. -]: } 'ro.;hSo"h. }'r o lie I: Jr .. Sr. Prom 3: Cal) &-Go,.'" Co." .... ,I: U k. II. Inlra. I Z: Volle)" n,,1L ]mra. I. 2: "i\!r$ i\!eThiuJ;" 2: "Wh)' I am n"c h c1or" Direc t o r 1: }'as hioll Shuw 2: TrlIIi\, I ; unilh Clu], I : Choml I. I >ulricia Ros c D cmpscy Pat A nni s ton Alabama ""ivllciollJ ,m" chlum;",:. her snrile', '0 tiiSl"millfl." l>rn",,, Cl ub I ; 1 '''1' Clu" I : OFF ice AMil!. 2: II.O.T.C. Aui!!. .j: \88i l Z : "arnkeC I 1 : 5.,\. Ahernl" e I: Choru8 I: B,,11 I : Drill Tc"'" Sr,,,ulo r

Doris Dc U nl.llUun o Doris" Panama R. de P. "lI'ot Ve!y ,ull in jucl quite sm aif; he! personoli,y i s ollmired by oif." Camer. Club I; tibrar)' Club 1 : "how/: raphy Club I ; Sciellec CI"b I; S,lani&h Clu b 2. 3; Siaml' Club I. 2; COIl1J!clor', A u i$l. I 2; ZOllian I; CelAe'l lIajnl c d Dance Comm. I ; Visilo'-. Day Comm. I; Xmas rormal I; FroAh. Pi c ni c I; Sadie H awk in. Dance I; Cia .. Sec. I. S h e il a Marie Diaz "Sh eil a "f',ienlWneu is he! key ,"orll." Office A$sis i. -I: Chorus J. JO.III Dohc r t y Joan P o rtsmouth NeW' H a mp s hir e "/ler eI'ee,jul """"'er "{I(I ((ull e r sl., ,rin ",e ollly IWO oIlier I/WllY "icc "I1YI. I)r Moa Club ,I; Pcp Club I. 2; OHice Au;sl. 4: Chorul 2; Froah.Soph. Frolic I : Sadie Hawkin Dance 2: Uowliul( In Ira. 2. 3 \: Bk. U. irllra. I. 2. J. 4; Volley B all Inlra. 1. 2. J . \: Water Polo 2: Sr. Showcase Comm. '1. Edw .. rd Vi nccnt D o l a n Gill" While & Lains, New Yor k "SUe",;e i.s Kollle". but we ure oil Ille Kolil IIlIndor./." Lelterman's Club 2. 4: S:trcly Comm. I; Ulher Club 2. J. 1 : Welfare Comm oj; ,\wards Boll 4 : D rill T"am 2. 3 . 1: "'id,,!; S'luud 2. 3 4: Honor G'lIIrd 2. 3.4: R.O.T. C. Rank 2nd L1. !lifle T eum 3. 1 : U&her Cuord 2. 3. 1 ; F l. B Intr:,. I 2; Bk. B 1. 2: Uk. B. Jnlm. I 2, :1; I. 3, 1; Truck Inl ra. I 2; Waler P olo 1. 2

Jo-Auue Fields "fo" Ancon, C. Z. "A modUI proo/ 0/ thut happy blend siudeni and / ri end." N.H.S. 3 4; Sei e H ce Club 3. 'I; Office 2, 3, 4; Physi cs t \ n isl, oi; Chorus I; Senio r Ring C o m".. 4; B ow lin g I ntr8. 2; Ping Pong I; Grad uation U6h c r 3; Girl's S:a t e J; Jr. Thuuksg h 'in(;, Showcase 3; "lath Club I; Mu Alph:! Theta 3 -A"oe;ale "!ember. Sara Jane Fitzgerald "Sally" New York Cit y "A p/easutlt girl 0/ sre,li,,!; Ivorlh. slte s hol / Slueeln ess and hall mirth." Fre n c h Club 4 ; Pan Ame ri ca n Club ,,: Clinic 1; Jr.Sr. B a nqu e t 3: Graduatiolt Us her 3 ; Classical 1\1)'110 . 1; Val1lil) .Hoc k ey 2; Dr ama Club 2. Charlottc Kay F lower s "Kay" Daytona Bea c h Florida "Enthus ia s m i s Ihe dy"amics 01 her lIerso"u/il),," G.A.A. 2. 3. 4 ; N.II.S. J, ,,; Phyai<:8 A u i s t. 1; Aucmbl)' Comm. 3, 1; G e t A C (IUainted D ilnce 01; Inau(;,. Hall 01: Chorus 2: Gl ee Club 2. 3, .1; Or c h. l. 2. 3. '1; Pic ni c Comm. I ; Sadie Hu,, kin s D:llice Comm. 2; Jr. Itint: Co",m, 3; Sr. !{jn g Comm. 01; Ilk\. Il. lulra. l. 2. 3. ,I; B(:I" [i n g Inlm. 1. 2, 3, 4 ; Ilkl. B. AIlStars 2. 3. '1; Volley n. 2. 3; Volle)' B. AIl.Stan 2; "La,, [and Sea': I; "Co ming of Christ" 2; "Rooseve lt Pageant" 3; C h e mistr y As s i$!. 3: N oon Orch. I. 3, ". S ,>an; sh Award I ; V"lemine S huwcase COlllm. I, 2. 3; Thanksgiv ing Show<:ase Cornm. I. 2: Chris tma s Showcase Comm. I. 2; E aSle r Sho"'<:a5c COlnu . I; ,\lath Club 2; Senior Co,oT, 3; Glee Cluh I. 2. 3; H.O.T.C. Hank Ft. Sgt. Ft. B, Intra. I; 1J0wli n(;' [ 'Hra. 2: Sw immin g I. 2. 4 ; Swimmin g Intra. I: S \. B. I; W a ter 1'010 l. 2; "The Lowland Sea" I; Th e Com ;IIg o f Chri st" 2; "The Bil! From Porc h 2; Cen. I C lllliul 3; Baccalaureate l\Iarsha[ J: Gn"lua t; o u Mar shal 3. Joscph GaI'cia "foe Panama R. d e P. .. / Ih e spring a )'ou/lg man's lancr lurns 101l'1I,IlI"e thollfht 0/. IJ"seball?" L c ttcrman. Club oJ: S.t\. A[terna t e 3; S.A. It<:I>. 2; Ft. B. 'I: Ft. B. Inlra.. l. 2: Bucball 3 : Bk B. Intra. 3: G olf Intra 2; Track 3; I'iu(;' P o n g I: Water 1'0 1 0 1,2, Terry A lld l'c Gatlin Andre St. L ouis Missouri "Cood rhillgs ar e Iwi<:e us good when Ihey ar e s mall." Fre ud. Club "; LT.A. 4: D rives C(:Imm '1; 1958 Vari e t y Show I: Fashi o n Sho .. I: Internatio na[ Club 3: H.Y 3. Bette Fran G l adde n "Charming S 1111 will. h e r wi, and SOlllhern dN/w/. h e r Irienrbl'il > berITs I/O prir;e I",." Selliu r Group P i cture ,I; Mu s i c Appre c iation CI"b I, 2 3; Lih. A n t. Sec. 3: Baud I 2.


S l ephe n C h a r les G o r h a m "Steve" Wadswort h Oh i o "A KOOO pl,.y e ht:r' s q uilt: .. Cafe!.; skill ,,,,d IIbility fi,,, S /,O'l&m,.n &l.ill /0 mo/e,," L ette,,,,an't Club 3. Club 2: Counselor's \ n i sl. 2, I; F uhion Show I 1: Sr. Corn",. 4 E d mund A n l o n y Griley R d Pan ama R d e P. .. {{ I thinKS COm e ',ound 10 hi", who willbul ""oil." I)rill T ea m 1; Usher Guard 4; Jr.Sr. Han'ru c i 3: Class 2. 3. A n il n S u z annc GuplO n Susl :e" Panama, H P. "A he",t Uves Ion,:' till. I. 3: OHice 1; Tic k e t SHies 4. Bruce G. Hand Bru ce" Oa k Park, Illi nois "lie nlay b e quiel. /Jul whn, ",il; /0' e',HY oeco&ion /ti.$ ,emarks su'e / i,." LOlli e 1. l lundy L ouie" A n co n Cana l Zon e "'A 'pa,kU"1 pellonll/ily wilh nelic ch,unt." Frend, Club 2. 3: Fut. NUrfel of Amer. J. 4: I'Dn \ mer. 2. 3 . 1 ; Slllnish Club I 2. J. 4; U.N. Club 2, 3. ,1: Drh e COIll'Il. 3: Cho.us 1 4 : Cla M Vice.Prei. 3; Ilkt. I J. Inl.a. I. 2. 3. ,I; Pin P on!: I 2; Voll e)' B. Intra I. 2, 3. 4; Nu r 8('s TrolilliHg. Roberl D o u g l a s H anna 80b Chri s l o b a l Ca na l Zone "l(lorry iJ 1I0t lor Iud s like me:' Ulhcr G uard 2: Waler 1'010 I. DlInicll c nUll. I-Inrn e d "Da,,':" B r o nxvill e, New York "You'll w,e/y /i",1 a ,i,/ $0 nice; fO be /terlrillltlli.smorlh,mY IJrice." Dmnm Clltb l. 2. 3 ; G .A.} \ I 2, 3, 4; Sci c nee Clu b .1: COIl1I11. 3. Bftnd I. 2; Orch. r: Sadi ... III1 ... kin! Dance 2; VIII. F o rl11a l I ; J r. lIinl: 3; Ilkl. B All S IU8 1 .2: Bk!. Il. Intr8. I 2. 3: S ... i m l11i"l1 L 2 l. 4: Voll<,)' II. Inl . 11> All S la.s I 2. 3; Tir e L us l KiM." 'M .s. .\lc T hinl1. "Seyeni llenlh Snmmer:" D r .. -",aliCI Usher I 2: Gradualion Uthe. 3: Eule r Sho"'taae 2; Girl'. Siale. Chri s tine Allilc H arris o n Chris" A n co n C. Z. "S,,,,,kle Ilnd .s,dee ""d n;c(':' N.H.S. 1: Scieucll Club 2, l 1 (2 Sec" ; Ouil l & Sc r oll 4; S.A. IIcl"elclIl liv c J ; T rR'll C t n""" I: Chorl" I. 2: Cle .. Club 2. 3 1: J . S /11111'111111 3, (Ch"ir",,'''); Bk!. B. Inl.". I; nuon'vell I'al/:elln l 3: BaccalaurealC Us h e r 3: Cir!'1 S t a le. Hugh E d w i n H u rvey H arve)' HIISh" Pa n ama R d e P 1


John P. IJnwlhol"ll C Bora cho" Panama R. d e P "//IIP"" 11m I: 1'0m Clll e I'm Iree; ,"hy Clln'l Ihey 111/ be ,15 COlllenled lIS file." 5.,\. Rep. 4; ririn!; S'p,nu I t. Judilh Gay Heam c "Jude" Ancon, Canal Zone "She eas fIImle lor happy thoaghu. Fnt. NurgCl of ,\rner. 1.2.3; Pcp Clu b I; Band 2. 3; Chorng I: Ore". 2: Chrislmas Formal :1: Cards'" An"ou"eem.::nlS 'I: Fashion Show I. J anicc Lea H eilman A n con, C. Z_ "04 cheerlul (/is/iosiliOl' is 111.",/ 0/ relldy callila/.' Fut. Nursc! of ,\mer. 2 3. 'I. (Viee. P,ClI. 3.'1) ; Pep Club I. 2; Tickel S:Llefi Cornrn. 3. 4; C horus 2. >Ii Sr. Gift Con"". ,I; Bkt. Ball Intra. I. 2. 3, >I; BowlinG" Intra. 2,4: Softhnll 1.3: Volley Ball Intra. 1.2. 3. 4; B :ICCalnurealC 3 S uzann c Mari c Helc "Suzy" P i llsburgh, Pennsylvan i a "She'$ prefl.y 1 0 walk Wilh, willy 10 IlIlk .vith. m,d I'/ell$ing to Ihink 0" /00." Science Club ,I; S.A. Alternale 4; Get. A C'lna inled Dance 3: T ra i n C o,urn 3: V i silOr's Oa)" Comrn. 'I; Chorus I. 2. 3. I I'hotogrD llh er; Zoninn 2. 3, 'I I'hoIO!;TDllher; InDugural B ul l >I: Trail! Comm. 'I; Xmu For mal 3: lr.-Sr. Banque t 2, 3; Sadi e 1)ulle c COlltm. 2; Valentin'! Formal COHlIlI. >I: Inlli";dual Sr. Pic. 'I; Sr. Group Pic. 4: Hk. B lutra. 1.2; 11owl. iug [nlm. 3. oj: Golf Inlra. 3, 0\; Track !nlra. I: Pin!; Pon!; I. 2. 3. '\; Show 2, >I Photo!!ra)l her; M atlo Clch I 2; Chemislr)" l.ab. \ n i s t. J: Mn AI]lha Thela Club 3: PbOIOI(18"h cr: Ft. B. 2. 3. ,I: Baseball .l. >I: Track 2. 3. 'I: Palm 110wl GtHue I : n.o:r.C. !lido! Ni!! hl 3: SlU t e 3 Diana Gni! 1I0cnkc O i" Anco n Cana l Zon e ",1 Wllll(/er/ul Ilersoll ill every lUll)'." G.A.A. 3. I ; N.H.S. I : P c]> Club I. 2: Scicnce Clnh 3, 'I; Mn ,\Ipha The l a 4: Chorus 2: H :twkills Dtll1c e 2; Showcuse COII,m. 3, 'I: IIkl. Il. [nlra. 2. 1, '\: Ukl. II. All StilTS 3; Volle)' B. [nlra. I. 2. 3; Girl's Stale 3.


C,u'o l y n E leanor Holmcs "Fish" J ersey Cit.y, New J e r sey "DYI",mile comes ill s11",lI l)1Ick"It" s'" Future of Amc r. Club l. 2; Of fic,. 4; Jr.Sr. Prom Comm. 3; Indi"idnal Sr. Picnic Comm. 4; Swi n,. minI! I, 2, 3, ; Swi"""jn" Intm. 1,2. 3, 4 Chris t in c Bakel' Huff "C hr is" Ancon C. Z. "Three lillie ",o,ds call desc,ibe h er: lJeatH)', {,win s and f!l:rso lHilil y. D rama Clnh I; Fut. T each, of Amcr. 2. 3 1 (3 Sec. 1 VicePrcs.) N.II S. I. 2. 3, 4: Gle e Club I. 2, 3 1: 11.0, T.C. Rnnk 'I. (Captain) 1t.0.T.C. 5pOMor '1; ClrrislnlU S Form a l Comm 3: Fro s Picnic Co"''''. I, (Ch.) Jr.Sr. lhn'lllet Cornm. 3 ; Sr. ACli, ;t)' Comm. 4; Bk1. B Intra. I. 2; Volle y B ,dl I,, tra. I. 2: "Out on the Old Front P o rch" .. tion 3; Showcase Comm. I, 2. Pedro l\bx Janowitz "Pe t e" Panama R. de P. "lie .uill be s

Jeffrey BI'ilndoll Kline JeJf" Pan a m a R. de P. "A quit:! rna", but fluil e II mil"." C,,,,,,,r" Club 2; Club 3. 4; I'holo];raph)' Club 2 ; I' .. ruk e d I\d 2. 3: S ... \.. Alternale 4; Cl lIh ,,: H.O.T.C. Hank F i.,. Lt.: Ufih c r G""rd I: Sr. Gifl I ; B:tfich:tll 2, 3 \; All Zon e 3. I: Uk. Il. llIlro. I: Golf 111Ira.I.2.3.4. M i c hael S i gmund KlipllC I "MiJre" Aneon, Ca nal Zone "From quiel aneJCpeCled $o"rees O/Ien 11Til1{ Ihe 1C0rM's (reatel! }orees. S .A. Ahern a l e 1. 2: S.A. R e i', 3; Visilor'fi Da)' Co",m. I: R.O.T.C. Hank M /S;I.; Indh'idual Sr. Pic. 1 : Bue ball 3 . \: 51. B. I; Hoy'. S lalc 3 Sara.JlHlc La(IUidara Jani e" Framin g h a m J\'lassac!lus c l l s ",'1 P el' Clnb I: Chornfi 2. 3 1 ; F(IfI"al J: Val e"li"c F o rm al .1; Grudua. tion Ufther 3: Fill. BII!ineu L e, .. l e r s 0 1 \ m e r. I: M ajore tt e I; CI,eerlca"," I; Dance I; School Radio P ro o:rall1 I; .sa f e l y I'ro:;ram J. Aixl.l E l e n a Lasso Panama R. P. "flUTNIY, Kay, and 'all o/lulI." Arroyo H igh School -Frc n e h Club I J. 4: G.A.A. I. 2; M cg8phonc Cluh I. 2: Science Clllb I: S pani s h C l nh I. 2. 4: S.A. Alt. I : Welfare Comm. 2: Swim min!; I. 2; Watcr Ball e l I: Co. '\ Iuj o r elle 2; Panel I c m], e r 2. Aaron Richarfl Lnwsoll "Dick" Aneon, Cana l Zon e "Ambil;OI1 t o teaM: 1 0 Kel o/'e"'/ i " se riou., !Cay." Cheu Clo b I: N.H.S. Club 4; PI,yain I; I'arakect Ad. Sell ers 1 M an. age.: S.A. Allernstc .1; I u gural lIa l l C O llIm. 4: SafCI)' C OIllIll 1; We'lare COIiUn. ,,: A .... ards B all"; 1I0 no. Gno .. 1 2. 3: n.O.T.C. Rank Ca"tain. I'olilioll' Ad i utanl; Jr. Hin/: COnll11. J: S r. ,\'" livily Co",,,, \: Sr. Hin!: I : Intra. 2 J : S t. B. 2; Track I: U,hcr 3. I; Ch emislry L "h. .. 1: S r CoOrdinalion C om m. I: T our for New Siude nl $ I. R o n ald Erncsto Leggiere I>. H on" Panallla H. d e P. "rhe s mull courte,ies ,,,,eeUn lile : th ",,,II'cr it." ... y Clu b I: Cumer a Cl,," 3: CI"'58 Cluh J: Fre n c h CI,," 3 ; Pan. Alii. I. 2. J 1; l'holOltrDl'hy J: Science CI" b 2. ]; S J .a"i! h Clul. I 2, J \: Stu"'ll Clull 3. 4: U.N CI,,), 2. J 1; Parukeet ,\<1 Seller il: 51. II. 2; T c nni, 2: I'an. \",. Auem"ly J 1 : c..rnival Donee :I. I I'an. Am D ny S howcue J, ,1; Va e i. m; enlo C om.". J. I Anita C h arlayn e Leo nard "Nee!z" Aurora I llinui s "lIe r "Wil Y virtue& ","ke 10", "ill ... h n 1001,11 ymH eye IUttl ;,lIe,C&1 lor a Ion" Drama Club I. 2. 3 : Disc. &: O r b a t e Club 3: L ibru)' 2: 5., \ ,\11. I. 2: I)rives C hair",.n 4: Jr.S r. lIu'''I"e l Co"'''', J : I nt!;vid. S r. I';c. -i: Bkt. B. Int ra. J: B lleea l .oreat e U.hcr J: A wurtb Ihy Corum. J; S t a l e 3; C;";c Council Elecl; o n s I: Bi c hmon.1 Ariata I ; S a nish Cl u b I : Office AI' I; 1>i!IC. l)cbal c CI,,10 I. Nl.Iomi G. Litvin "Cook i e" A n eo n, Canul Zon e """'/IOu lUI 0/ '1,w/ily. ""d /fu.r -Wilh plc ltt y ol,ell'!: ,wr/ "VI"lh.lIIlarl""." Dibe. oS. 1)c1",I, Cl llh 3. I; Dra",a Clnl\ I. 2. I: N II.S. 3. I; Z Uliio n oj: hI)' Com",. I ; S.,\. li eI' J. I: 11, .. ,,1 1.2.3. 1 ; O reh. 1.2. :1. 1 : Nuo O,,h. I. 2. J. 1: ""rnt,,1 3 : Sr. Gift 1 ; "Se" ""\o'l'nlh S""''''l'f.'' "lid" .. 110 .. Corri'la. "L"w ln"tl Seu. "Lule S",,!;." "Mr! "Til<' fronl Porch." 1I00>IC"clt D e dirario n 3 : 501'10. Sho .. cuc Co",,,,. 2: Jr. S ho",,a.e COI11I11. 3 : Girl's Siale J Dauee B a nd 3, 1. \ ViIIiHIII Ellllllill LOlli' lilLl,ch" C h ille eot hc. Mi ss o ur i "Th!: aTJpl e al eve, y ti,I', eye." FI. n. 2: Uk. U. Intra. J; 5., \ Tic kel Sa l cs C oru m. 3. 4; '1. B I. Vinccnt R. LOlllbroi a Bin g" A n eo n C anal Z o n e "Quality (XcI'edinK hi& lite." Cheu CIIl10 I : IhllowCl'1I l}au u Couun. 1; GUllrrl 2. J. ,f; It.O.T.e. Ihnk Sg l. of th c Guurd.


Carme n lnc z Lope z "Speed)''' Santurce, Puerto Ri co A ple a s a'H p e l so ,,,,lil), ... ,,,,,I peTJ o ilieJ. F r e n ch C I "L I ; Li b rary J \ ss i s l. 4; Com"l. 2: Voll..,)' U I IIlm

J a m cs Rap J\' liom i B e a c h Flo rid a ..... cOlI/bill/l/iOll hll,d lfj beul; II ,e/wlu, II/HI un IIIMeu." Club 2; L clt<,rman's Club 3. _I; N.H.S. -I: Science C lub I. 2; Ball 1; S.t\. IIC. 1.2: Gl"e Cl"b 2, 3. 'I; ,\wanls lIall 1; H"llowecn D.,,,,,,, I ; H.O .T.C. H u n k Cal'!. ,I: Chri$lmaS For m"l (0111111. 3; F ro$h"SOllb. Frolic I. 2: !:ir. AClil'ily Com.,.. 1: !:ir Gifl Comm. \ Chuir,u3n; CIM! ViccP res. ,I; Fl. ll. 2. 3, 1: Fl. B. Inlra. I; Sr. 1'; .. 1), Co", .... \; Lellered in Fl. B. 3, .1. J callnctle l\l cri"' clhC I J ean" San J ose. Cos t a H i c o .., CUllul ZOll'" gul ,uho', eve'YOI",S pul:' French Club 3 . 1; rut. Nur5e5 of I\mer. 2. 3. 1: PC Club I. 2: Clinic ,\ssist. I; IIkt. B . 1; Bkt. I ntra.. I. 2. 3. l :: D a l c Edwin Mclin "Dale" Hans in g, Mi c higan "lIe's u quiel chuJi ulllil YOII kllO"1 Mill .. ,"ell cleu, II .. : deck&lo, uclion:' Sr. GraUl' P ic. 4: I' ., itl,"t "I !:i.A. I. Judith Ann l\1C)' CI'S J udy" An coll, Conal Z o n e "She ,.'"Ik, in U .cuke 01 1011,. foUl 'lihiJlleJ. J)rlll11o CI"b I. 2. 3, I: rut. Nuue! of Arner. 3: I'el Club 2: Office I.uiu. I : Tick", Sale ConlIn. 2: Chorn! 2, 3. I; r""lo !'ic ni e I; Jr.-Sr. !'rom 3: Jr. l1ing COllun. 3; Hkl. B. I n l rll. I, 2. 3: BO" 'Ji n g ]nlra. I. 2, 3: Vollc), B. ] nlrn. I. 2. 3; 'Se,""le<;nllo SUl11m<;r" 2: "Mrs. Me Thing" 3: "Mati Wo,n:", or ChllillOI" 3 ; "Qu'dil)' S: rt:d" 4: ]).". lIlaliel I 2: N. H.S. U81"'r 3; J r. Clau 3. I r CIlC Mari c Mi chae li s "111 ickey M ollse" All co n Canal Zone "She fldlls II ,pice fa file t"al'J nice." Pan. Amer. Club I. .1; Seience Club I. 2; Clinic Anisi. 2: I'arakeel Ad Sellcr. I ; AuclUbl)' COlll'I]. 3; I; Sr. Gill 4: Carnival Dance -I; Talcnl S h o'" 3 K CII Albcrt 1\10hl "Skeeter" An co n Ca nal Zon e "No ,hiller u,I<1 lin J"ill'. /1C1I111IJ1 -bu, .vell. tI' e "e,y best 01 .. hops." H.O.T,C. Bunk S,F.C. Sr. !I;ng CO", ,, I: S\. O. lulro, 2. 3. Eilcen Isabel Morris S pokane, Was hi ngto n "f',ie,,,l/y smUe coup/lid ,vilh b,"inJ Iland :2: Oreh. 2: Canl. &. Announce Inpnl. 4: B owl in g Inlra. 2, 3. 4: Vo ll e)' II. ]nlr . I; Yum a Uni,," Hieb: lIand I. Hi chal' d 1 : l uy s MOtTi s "Ric k Punumu I t d e P. "Tru .. If> I,i, ,vn,k, I,js word. unrl fois I,i,mds." S.A. lIe l l. 4: '\'rnin Com",. 4: Chorn I. 2: Clee CI"b 2. 3, I : D rill '1'<;0'" 3. I; Firinll: S,[u3d 3. 1; Honor Cuo,,1 3. I : R.o:r.C. Honk Fir$t LI.: J r .. Sr. i'rom 3: Individu .. 1 Sr. Pic. 4: n. II. ]nlra. I. 2: Ilk. n. Inlra. I 2: 110"' inll lll1ro. 2: Intra. I 2: St. B. 2: Track Intra, I. 2; Watcr 1'010 2. "Thc Com;nJ; of Christ" 3: Roose,,l t 3: Show 3 .j Or. (;""',. U-her 4: SUlle :t. Joycc Ann Munhmg h "Joye" C h arles ton So u lh Carolina "/le d "ai, (IIdi"' eJ s unshine." Ful. NuuC! or Amer. I ; Choru$ ,I: Sr. Cr"u" Pic. 4: B",,' I;n!; lutra. 4; E us t"r Sho"'ca!c C0111111. 3: Clee Club I, 2: Ilk\. B. I: B k l H. Scorckeeper: Ihllo"'ccn C."uiyul COI1lIll. I. 2. J cannc e m-ol Nick e r son Jeal/flie SOllth Caro lin o "A likeu/.ole fun, cure u'HI gil)'; shr'J 'Me t! IOP& every WilY." CIoe.118 Club J: Disc. <'I: Debute C lllh 2. 3 \; Office AuiM, 2: Z Ollia n 4: Co. ordination Comm. 3, -I: Bkt. B. Intra. 2: Ilow]ing In \ro 2. 3: Vo lley n. I nlr3.. 3: Craduation Usher 3: Showc8!e Co"''''. J. 'I: Muth. Club 2: Jr. Ath'isor 3: nUl I c r Iligh: J)r n m a C l u b Chorn!. Cirl'. Stale.


Mi chae l L ynn Norton Mike" L os An geles, Californ i a "A h"p/lY ,,,t Orl 1I"/i/lY ,uy.' H.O.T.e. H :lllk Sgt.: F l B J"lr:l. 2: Thunk81;ivinl: S h owcAie 3. l\1yrncnrl K enny Panama R de P. "Oo::liol smile Ih"l ,eu the li,:s ; $IIoppy d,use,." Sciellce Cluu 2; Co o n l;":l1 ; O COlllll1. '1: A ... B p ll I ; 11. 0 T.C. Bauk Fir .. Li eu""n"n! Sr. Gift Conlin. I : F I. B InH". I. 2: B a.eb,,11 3. 4 : Uk. U. Imra I: 51. B. 2: G n'"" Uehe I. J ohn C. P m ll son J ack" Altoona, P e n n sy lvania "Six" 110 m o e Iodin, silh ''''" her"." Jr.r. P rom 3 : Cnp '" GO" n .,: FI. U I, 2, 3: n. B. Inlra. 2: Uk. U. I. 2 3, 4: Bk. B. Intra. 2, 3. 1: 1l0wJiuI; I n ITII. 2, 3: S"' imu,illl! I 2: Swim,,,in]; I nlT:I. 2: Track imra. 1,2; Water 1'..,1.., 1.2. Ralph Frank Perkins "Sp eedy" Panama R. d e P. "I ,viii xo me,,1 the ASlronomy 1: Science Club 1.2: hlur",,,I<.: Mars i li'] : l. ViI'gini a Lee Pernl Ginny" An c o n Cana l Zone SI.e lo oks like" 110,e Q UI o j "Srl l<'" ff

Emil)' Edciin r"I' icc Edi e" N e w York, New )' u r k "'1'",,' ;"SI,iti/. / ,,;!I, ,,,,,lh"'''I, i" th e r"le o f li/e $11,,'/1 JIIII)' leai/illK 1""1." Drama Clu l I. 2. :1. 1 : French CI"I. 2. ,I; X III. Thul" 2. :1. ;\; 1'1111. A"'H. I. 2. 3. I ; Cluh I. 2. :I. I; CO""". 3 ; 2 . 1; Gt. e Ch.t. 2. 3. ;\; CIII' d Go .. (.;0"''''. 1: Sr. Gifl CO""". 4: "lIefore the Corri,b" I; "Mra l\1cThi"a:" 2; "The Ma. chi",," 2; "I\I"d W o'"" of Ch3i1101" ;1; 1'311. An,cr. I),,) . "UtlI1. 3 : T a l"nl S how 3; "Ouplil)' Ie:. h e !""'. It" flur 1,e:/lt/S." Club I. 2 : P n Am Clul. 3 .. 1 : S I,,,"i $l, Club I 2. J. 1 : C l lOflb 2, 3; Ft. Il Inlra. I. 2 J. ,1: Bk. B. 1"lrM I 2: S"'i",,,,i"l1 2, J; 1'010 2. 3.


l\hria Lillili ll nichler'S "Spege/.l" Tries la fl aly /0 hlim will. ,,,,d I""." Clut, 1; I'Hakeel Ad Sella 4: Train Cornrn. ,,; 2, 3, 1; Sr. C.n,,!, I"e. 1; ilia. II. 1: S r Comm 1; Miss""ri 1 1 (:I"h I. Ct l l h c l'in c A n n nidge "Calhey" Ancon, Ca nal Zon e "/" tootlm:.u tJoere ure ull ki"d. oj "'iSl/om. F"I. Nurse8 of A'''e'. :1. ,,; Scienc. CluJ. J. 4; Sla,,,!, Club 4; U.N. Cluh l. I : C l lOrus I 2. :1. 1 : G lee Clu b I: Soh. hal! I. 2; Volt.y B 2: Tri.\1 I. W illi a m Rigb y UBi/I." D e n ver, Colorado IIJUfhl Will f/If: elIIS.1 lI,uf"el Ioim. hUI / .. &luys ufter sc/lOn/ll/olle. CreM fUY our lIiII!" l.eller"'4"d CluJ. 2. J. 4: Gl ee Clu" 2: Color Guard ,I; D rill Team ;1; Firing 5'1 '''''.1 2: 1I0nor Guard 2 : H .O.T.C. llank S.F.C.; nifle Tean1 2: Swi""";,,, 2. :1. 4; Wutcr Polo I. 2: Drill I'laloon: San Diego I)rill 1'1410011 Comp."i. tion: Cl,., Club: HOllor Cuard: Ft. B.; Soc .. e . L e ila Muxillc nobe r s oll L eo" Fort Oglethorpe, Geo r g i a "All """,i"ble fit!. Iof'.T books OTf! s lt". .. s." Clu], 2. Andy ROfh i g uez Alld y" Bronx New York "N"I'''' tro"bl", l,o"M.. ""lil )U" -/"",11,,, Flo B. t. :!; Tuck :1. Sn mncl Rod r i g uez "Sam" L ouisville K e ntu cky "J prefer to lak" li/e us il (,OmU untl WOI')' &"1 lilllf!." French Cluh 3: 2. :1. I; Glee Club 3; Baseball I. 2; C heu Club J. 2. 3; PUll Am. CI,,], 2. J. 1: Staml' Clulo I. 2. :1. F rederic k S. Roe "Fre(I" Ancon, C .. nal Zo n e "/Ie 111M h", ,ood (wd II III",")" hi" Ih" ,vOIld lor s"clioll," Club 'I: S.A. Al lc.nul" I; AUe."hly Co um. 2: Hall Drill T eam 2. 3; S'Jllad 2. 3: Ihl lowe e n Danc e 4: Hono. Gua.d : 1: H.O. T.C. lIank Captaill: Formal Com.". 3; rrosh. ]'ic"ic Cu."",. I: l u di"id"a! Sr. Pic .. 1: Fe. 11. 1: FI. H. \n'.a. I, 2. 3: Bk. H. 3. Ilk. Il. I"tra. I. 2. 3: Swi",,,,i"l: 1 lru I. 2: 3 Don a l d S. Roger s "Don" Colon R. dc P. "A flie"dly '''y 1/",/ SIl""S a 'J/i!' fU, uS "U." FI. B. 1111.:1. I. Z: 1: B k. 11. Ilk. II. \.nra. I. 2: Track 1: T'ick 1: T'lIck IlIIn. I 2. 3. I>Uh icin 1\1. Roge r s "Pat. Co rnwall o n th e Hudso n, N.Y. "There: il )U"f1uer on hu lips und ill II.., tyes: s h e ,i:lS "/0111 ",illo ull fhef"}'S." I)r:"" Clu], 2, :1; G.A.A. I. 2. 3. 4; tih.nr)' Cluh & 2; Pcp Clul, I 2; Office 1.2.3; GC\.Ac'l"ui"tc d Dan<:e Comm. :1: C llOrug J. ,I: rosh .. Soph. Frolic 2: Jr.S . Prom Comm. :1; Sr . -\.<:Iivily Com",. 4: Swiu"uiul: I. 1. 3 'I; Swin"ning Intra. 1.2. :1. 1: VolI,,), B. Imm. L. 2; Wot e r 11:011<'1 2: I)ramnlin I. 2: F'uhiou Show I ; Swi ,,, minIlT":1I1I CallI. 3. Iraida ESI )Crn nZa Rom e r o I da" Cayey, Puerto Hieo / 0 lire bri", u i/iJ li/e .mil /rill Cluh 1 ; Dram" CI"b 1: I'an ,\"'e', Clull 3. 4: Club .1; Spur< ish Club l 1; U.N. CI"b :1. 'I: C I 'Ofn. ,I; ilowlin!! I ntrn. 'I: \'011,) IJ. I'''ra. 4; I'an \'ner. A8;;,'",I,I), 4: !lnnce 4: Ca),e) II. 5.: Sei""e" CI"I. 2; Sp3ni5h Ctub 2: F",. Tead . uf Amer. 2; B. II. S. : Sehuul T\' I'r,, g.am ,I: T al""1 S h uw I.


Ruth Rope r Rlllhi e" Ri ga, L atvia "Ouiel and ",,('el, mo., pl('oJi" f 1 0 meM." Dram a Club 4: Fut. Teach. 0 1 Amcr. 4; Scicnce Club 4; Pllrakect I ; Drivel Co",m. I ; Blot. B. In tr". 3. I : B O 'Ii"j: Intra 3. 'I: "Quality Slreet" ,I; M" 1\lphll Theta 4: Sr. Sho .. ,I; uti" Club I 2. Putriciu G, Rose "Pat" P anama, R. P. ",uildneu 0 / m"nnu and fClll/c nclJ 0/ heart." Dram" Club Z; Bam! I. 2. 3. I : Orch. 2; S r. G r OUI) Pic. I: "Mn. M c Tioill):" 3; Hornpipes & 4; Sho"" COli .. ". 2. 3 ; Noon Orc h I. 2: St3tC 3 Eilee n E lizab eth Ruess Lilla You n gs t o wn, Ohi o "AI la M "'" h(lve Jle'peluIJJ 1I10liolt ill' Ct'Utlll' elle,,)". A st rull O"')' Club 4; C"",,,,,, Club 3. 4: Club 2: FUL of Alllcr. 3: } \ m.::r. Club 2. 3. 'I: \'hOlu Club 3. I; ScicII.:: e Cl n b 'I: Club 2. 3. 01: S t llrnp Clnb 3, ,I; U,N. Clu], 2. 3. 4: l'ullkc e l Ad Seller 3: Sr. Grolll) I'ic. ,I; IJkl. B. I ; Ilkt. IJ. Intr". I. 2, 3. 'I; Bowling JilIn. 1. 2. 3, ,I; Suftb ull I. 2 3. 4: Voll c), B. Illtra. I. 2. 3. ,I: Pan Amcr. A-'!f!mbly 3. 4: Carnival Dancc 3. 4; Talenl Sho'" I : Lab. 3: C o rnm. 3. 1: C O"'P"rtll 3 ; B:uhninton l"lra. 3 Bruce Carlos Ruiz Bru ce" An co n Ca nal Zone "Hie (I' e IhoJe h o IUlIlt: him lu' a f ri end." Can' e ra C l ub 'I: Photograph), I : Cillb 2, 3: Dri l l 3, 'I: Firillj: Sq uad 3. I : Honor :1. 4; n.o. T.C. lIu"k ,\laster Sill.; U s hcr Gunrd 2. 3: l"ui.-idual Sr .. Pic. C","m.

T homas Ric hul' d S h epllanl "C how J r." Millv ilJe, ew J e r sey in the Oil 01 "!I,k Drama Club I; CI" b 3. I: 5'a',*p Club L 2. 3 Sec.TreD!., I; f'ro!h. !,j"n;e I ; J r. H;ng Comm. 3: Uk. 11.2.3.

i\ll.1r y L ynne S loaklcy F lin t M i chigan "Populuriry is rhe oj bei"l ;::: we luve yuu beeQuse YQu',e 1'1'11 Club J. 2: CQ'''''leIQ r Aui!l. 2; Office A5.5i.5t. a ll l ,,I .,.. I. 2,3. 4. Celia E li zuhcth Thompson "C i Colon, R. P. "S/IQ'" .. I,ilily I,UJo"iJi.,d""'I""ljC ",-"S tltllt smil.,." Fut. o f Amer. 2: G.A.A. 2, 3.

RUlh L aura Thomp son RlLl hie" Ancon. Ca n a l Zone "1I"ppy. co,e/,ee, alwllY' "aick u/ lVit "lid /Ili, O J day. FUI. Nurs.. .. or Ailler. 2. 3. I; Pel' c.:lu b I 2; Science C ill b J: COll1m. 2; Chorull 2. 3; G l e e Club 2. 3; t 'rolie 2; Cal' .s. Gown COIl1I11.

J osc Hcftali \l;' a ltcrs J oe" P a n nma R. de P UiJ"uysurelullol'un." P b n. Am. Club 4: Choru8 3: Gle e Club J: Ilk. B. 3 S andn l !\fa t 'i c \ Vnlkin s "So n dy Co l o n R. P and sincerity are synony D rama Club 3 4; Pan Amer. Cl ub 3, -I: P e p Club I. 2; Club 3. 4; U .N. Club 3, C h o rl' 8 2: Christrnlll S howcase COUlin. 3; ViI1all.ico$ 3, ": N a cim i ento 4; I'an Amer. Oar \ stell1, I. Catherinc \Vl.1t son P udgy" Gunte r s vill e A labama 'Spark/in, smile U'IUnI personalit)': she h,u 'D(OII th e h ea/l 01 mony B.II. S'ers." G.A, ,\. I. 2. 3, ,I: /,pl' C lub I: COUll' selor'lI A ss l a t. 2: Office AlIlIisl. I. 2: 5 ,\. AHem. 3 ; D ay Com",. 3; froth. P icnic I: Jr.Sr. Pro m COlllll1. C h airman 3: Ilkt. Il. I 3. 4; SkI. H. All Stllfil Cal'" 3: Ilk!. n. Inlra. I, 2, 3. ,I: B o .. ijnJ:: Intra. 3; Volle)" B. I nt ra 1. 2. 3, .\; V o ll ey B All 2, 3 1: FMhi o n Show 2: G. ,\.". Dance I, 2: Graduption 3. Russ e ll A. W e a d e Jr. H ound Dog" New p ort News, Vir g in i a "/n ellery dee, l of mile lliel. h e irati a hl",d 10 execute." Cheu Club 2; Coordinalion Co"''''. 2: S.A. H e p. I. 2: U a h e r Club 2. 3. -I: H an k I. 2. 3: Orchest ra I 2: A ... unl s lboll 3. I: Drill Tellm 2. 3: F iri n g S'lu ad 2: Honor GUllrd 3: n.o:r.C. IIl1nk Fiul LI.: U h e r Guard 2, 3, I : Chrililul U Fonn,,1 3; Fros h. I i ellic I; Val c nlin e Formal I: Sr. Gilt Comm, ": Ft. B Inlra. I : Uk. n. I nt r a I; Wal e r P o l o I : Came U h c r 2, 3, 4 Nancy B e ll e Wcl> s t CI" "Dillg D ong" Co l o n R. P. "lIer I,it-llds -ale lIer /OH -are Ihne tll'Y?'" ru!. T enc h e r s of \IIIl'r. I: 1',1' Cluh I : Sci c nc e C l ub 2. 3. oJ: Com'lIeior'. 2; Office Auial. 3 ; S.A H ell. 3: T rain Comm I: Ch o flls oJ: lr.Sr. I'rom Comm 3: .. II

D o nna S u e 'Vood s Sit e" W es t Fran kfort I llin o i s "J(/hal i, II '''''''''''' il Ihe', m),Slery?" Library Ani$l. I; ornce Atilil l I ; Orla ndo. Florida Scho ol Jour. nali sm Cl,,1.: U k l H. 1 ; Softball 1. U NPICT U RED SENIORS Dona ld Earl Egan "Don" Win lh rop : Ma ss a c h u sc tt s o"/y trouble wilh opportunity i f Ih,u it COlllU liisKuiseli IlS hIJ/Il work."' Ilk. Il. 3; 11k. Il. I nl ra. I. J ose M endenha ll "Jose" Panama R d e P. "Our silent ma" 01 musd.,." S t anley M. Wall s "Slun Pana m a R. de P. 1 Il'" ""d Ilre subjecl 10 sludy,"


SENIOR RING COMMITTEE Le/t. 10 right ; C T h o mp s on : R. L awson: G Rambo; O M cCo nau g h y; M Stoak l ey; J. Fields; K Flow e rs; K. Mol d ; F. Baggo ll ; C R e ntz SENIOR GIFT C OMMITTEE Top row Ie/I 10 right, : L. Brow n ; J. ,Mars hall; J. H eilm a n ; I. Mich aelis ; E. R e n n ie; C. R en t z; P. B ecke r ; J. H ern; R. W e ade. Bottom: F Bab cock; B. Davi s ; N. Litvi n SENIOR CO-ORDINATING C OMMITTEE Left to right. : P. Cage; J. S ullivan; B. Bat c h e1dor; K. P e a rl : A. Scon; J. R o m e r o; 1. Shanardj R Ca ld w ell; C. Huff ; J .Mar s hall ; K. Flow e rs; Mr. H otz. VALENTINE FORMAL COMMITTEE Bac k r ow le/t 1 0 right : K. Sheridan; A. SCOLt; D. B e rgen.:; D. Pajak; H W o m ble ; P. Cage. Middl e: R. W en d e ; P D e mp sey; A. Brasw ell; C. Symo nds; S H e le; D. Wh ee l e r ; K. M cConagh y; D. SCO lt. Kll ee lill g : J S ulli va n ; R. Blevi n s ; J Pri ce ; B. Bat c h c l d orj J. S t e in e r. SENIOR SHOWCASE C OMMITTEE 1st R ow, left t o righl. : E. R u ess; R R op e r ; D H oc nkc 2nd R ow: F. Brig ht; J Corn i s h ; B. S lil es; J Nic k erso n ; M. D e j c rn c ltcj F Babco c k ; C. Trail.


CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE Left to fighl. : C. Sharpe E. Price, A. Ch u c ng, C. Tho m pson J. P e a r son, K. Cur l is, D. Pajak, Chairman R. Thomp son, C. P e rra D. Sp arks, A. Bra s w e ll, F. Bagg ott. CARDS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS B(f c k row I.eft to right: C. Cam e roll; E. 1\'lorri s j C. Rambo ; M. StoaklcY j M. Bowen. Front row: J. M e riw eather; K. L y t le, co-c hair man; F. Davis, co-c hairman; C. Val e. SENIO R ACTIVITIES Ba c k row le f t to right: K. Sh eridan; D. B erge r c ; B. Arc hibald chairman j D S coll; S Gorha m Middle row: K. L y tic; F. Davi s ; P. R og e rs; P. Sho u t s Front row: B. Bat c heldofj J Sullivan; J. S t eine r ; J Mar s h all; M. K e lly, SEN IOR INDIVIDUAL PICTURE COMMITTEE Lcft to right. : A. L eonard; R. All en; D. Strumpf; ]\' \. Conove r ; J. Darli n g ; K. COllU.S; C. Thomps o n ; J. Shunard; M. Da v i s oll; D. Dombrow ski; B. Ruizj F. Roc ; R. Morris ; M. K elly ; f..'f. Klipper; T. Ho. SENIO R GROUP PI CTURE COMMITTEE Stanlling {c!t. to right: P. Val e nlin e ; T. !-to; D. M e l i n ; P. R o se Siuing: E. Ruess ; E. E i s e nmann; J. Murd a u g h ; S. Allen.


"He ought to b e the c(lptai"l" "Keep your eyes 011 itl!" Surprised??" "Chuck, rOIL' r e supposed 1 0 b e Iw)"iug fltt enl. iotl t o nfiss Whit.mau!"


"Whew, "olhing like fresh air!" "No, 1/0 utly t.ll illg bu. t tlrat "01.-, ok, so h e didn' t kiss m e goodnight!" / just. d o n t .I.-l/ow!;'


FIREMEN C HRI STMAS FORMA L COMMITTEE Top left to right: D. Brem er; T. Ale man; D. Tras avagc; B. Bowman; L. S ikor s ki. B o t tolll: R. Edmund son; C. So u th w ell; B. F ri ese; A. Carroll. JUNIOR RING COMM ITTEE Top left to right: B. Friese; B. Bowman ; S. A c k er. Middle: B. D y k es; D T ra s avag c j C. Mu s se lman. Kne eling: D. Brown; C. Gar cia; N N ick e r s on. Even th ough our senio r yea r prom i ses L o be g r ea t : our junior year will live l o n g in o u r m e m o r i es To start Qur year w e e l ected Doug S ikors ki a s Pres i d e nt A r c hi e Carroll a s Vi ce -pre s id e nt and Linda S ikorski as Secre t a r y Mr. Robert Mullark y was OUf h ard-working s p o n so r. Dun ca n Brown and hi s co mmitt ee did a ver y e ff i c i e nt j o b o btainin g our class rin gs, a nd our rin gs are b eautiful. T h e Chri stmas Formal, th e m e 'IWinter Fantasy," was a b i g J UNIOR OFFICERS AND SPONSORS 1st row left Lo right: D. S ikor s k i P r es i d e nl ; L. S ikor s ki S ec r e lar y; Mr. H atch e ll s pon s or. 2nd row: M r. Mullarky s p onso r ; A. Ca rr oll, V icep r e s i dent.


s uc cess with B eLLy Friese a s chairman, and th e hig hlight of th e eve nin g was the surpris e c rownin g o f Jac k i e A s ht on a s quee n. The Juni or-Sen ior Banque t a nd th e Juni or-Senior Prom were e nj oyed b y eve r yo n e The chairme n were Morris Na hmad and Ruth B e nn e tt r es p ec tiv e l y Y es, we welcome our senior year, but we'll n eve r for ge t our junio r yea r JUNIORSENIOR BANQUET COMMn'fEE Back row, left to right: S. So lO; O Corso; A. K e lly; 1 A s hton ; M. Na hmad, c hairman; C. L ord. FrOllt row: M. Wil moth; 1 S uth e rland; P. D a"is; D. Bathke ; C. Musselma n ; J S ulli v an. JUNIORSENIOR PROM COMMITTEE First r ow left ( 0 right: O. Hucl)'; D. S ik o r ski; J. Buck ley. Secolld r ow: L. Braun; B. B cll; H. Bennett; E.O[1. Thinl row: E. C arler; J D ays; R. VanD y k e Fourth row: N. Hi cgc l ; C Garcia ; S. Eakes


. JunIors Top le/t to right: W. S e n r dall ; At!. Baggoll; T Aleman; S. Acker; J. Barr et; S. Ave r y; B. Bark e r ; D. Bahoz e r j B. Amari B. Austin; J A shton BOllom: S. All e n ; j\'1. BertollclICj R. Adams; F. Allgood; M. B orow iec; C. Anderso n ; D. Ald erton; F. Ammirati ; J Basselt; R. Bettis; P. B ee b y; R. Balli sla T op, lcft (0 right : D. Bathke ; R. Caste lli ; P. Bla ck; E. Carter; D. Bremer; 1. Bra swell; C. Cas tro ; B. Ch i c ffal oj B. Baalwright; B. Bongiorni; M. Bradl ey; S. B e rr y Middle: L. Corlelloni; C. Brown; L. Botz e n mayc r ; R. B e nn ett; 1. Bri ggs; L. Bra v o ; B Bowman ; T. Cordova; J. Buckley; E. Conn. Bottom.: W. Cofe r ; W. Brown; E. Cor rigan ; W. Ca mp ; T. D eakins; O. Clarke; A. Car r oll; T. Bri ght; W. Browder; D. Dan i e l ; R. Brown ; B. Christensen. Top leit 1 0 right: 1. Clarke; N Edwards; S. Davis; S. Dan bin; S. Eakcs; K. Egolf; M. Cooke; K. Colcs; P. Corriga n ; D. D cs V o i g ne; J. Days; S. C unh a. Middle: D. Corso; B. D c ming; L. C u nn ingham; B. D y kes; J. D e m ing; M. Cop inh aver; L. D ege naar; P. Alavis; P. Crook; T. Ebdon; J. Ebere nz. Bo(,tom: W. F i nk ; E. Eddleman; W. Eng clke; R. Dillon ; S. Davis; J Farre l; 1\1[. Dubbs; R. Edmondson; D. Ellwood ; C. Fitzg e r ald ; J. Dwo rak; R Colclasurc. 54


Top le/t to right: P. Ella; S Goeser; R. Ful op; B. Friese; N Hiegel; G. Garcia; D. Han sen; M. Gibbon s ; P Fri e r s hau s ; B. Bt es h ; E. Enri g u ez; B. G er hart. Middle: J. F r eeman; A. Garc ia d e Pare d es; J H erri ng ; 1\'1. Gou ldi ng; R. Ga nd y; .J. Garos; R. Hern; J Fortune; E. H er ring; G. G ill y; J. F i nla son; V. Grim es Bottom: F. Hu ddl cs ton; J. Harc; J Gu l c h ; L. Fraue nh c irn; C. H owell; D. J e nkins; B. J enkins; R. GaIIeher; F. Hinek; H. Griffin; R. F e rna n d ez; P. Gre e ne; W. F r e n ch. T op, lejt to right : M. Hurtado; M. Fitzgerald; T. L elllinska; R. J ones; M. Maduro; R. L a r sen; J. Maduro; D. K essinger; J Kirk land; M. Izquie rdo. Middle : J Lawl e r ; A. K elly; J. Manlovani ; C. Lam ; Z. Lu go; F. Lan g f ord; K. Hu g h es; T. K e lly ; :M. K o n cir; l\rJ. M cCarraghe r ; K. Maj o r Bottom: W. M cGowi n ; J Lawr e n ce; A. L eB run ; T. Mallia ; M. M e th e n y; M L owrie; J Kol enda; T. Ka ska; T Moore; J. M e t c alf; P. L eec h Top le/t to right: C. Mu gn i e r ; R. Monzon; B. M yers; D. M oses; E. Otl; C. Mus se lma n ; C. Ro ge r ; L. Peters; C. N i e Ba u e r ; S Pala i saj N P e rez; D. M c Kenna. BOl.I.om: S La gass ie; ,M. Martin e z; P. P e nnin gton; A. Pipkin ; .I. Luhr ; F. Mose l ey; C. O D o nn e Jl; R. Rambo ; S P ers inger; S. Moh r ; C. M c Gann ; C. Nickerso n 55


Top l elt 1 0 right: C. S o ut hw ell; L. S i kor ski; J S prin ger; J Se nn ; C. S a n b o rn ; M. S impson ; J R e i chart; S. Smit h ; S. R o use; L. S trat ford; K. R ee d er; A. R e imiller. Middle: J Slice; T. Riz calla; S R o dri guez; B. S t e p han; J S u th erland; B. R eynol d s ; C. Prescott; S R eeves; D. Snyder; R. S prague; S. So to; S. Som m e rville; M. Na h mad. B ouom: D. Sikorski; E. S tall worth; J. Stevenson; R. Rud y; L. Scle; C. Sc h warz ro ck; F. Smith; H Smi th ; C. W. S mith ; P. S h e r idan; S. S tranalhan. Top left 1 0 right: R. Van D y ke; L Thomp so n ; 1 Sullivan; M. Vanlo o n ; C. Valderra m a ; 1. Swanso n ; P. W illard; C. W ilk e rson; C. T es t e r ; M Wat son. I ltliddl e : J. Tho mas; L. Stubbs; W. Wilk i n son; J. Whal e r ; S. Wh it mo re; C Z e l ni c k ; D. Tra s a vage; A. Wilmoth; S. Woott e n D. Toll e f son; O. R oos Bouom: E. I d o l ; B. Wilso n ; B. Thrift ; C. : M e tzg e r j L. Wilson ; R. Ta ylor ; P. U nd e r wood; J. Thompson; M. Yoh ros; J T u rn e r ; T Witt. 56 You s h ould b e a mod e l Ella." "Smile pretLy now.


BRAI(EMEN Front Row left to right: M. C l air J. H ebe rt C. B i s h op S. Ahr. Middle R ow, lelt to righ.t: S. Mitt e n S. Murph ey, 1. H a J\,osD. Back Row left to right: P. Fla n n e ry \t.' P e t e r s o n S H ot s l ancler P. K e lly, R Dilf e r. COMMITfEE C I I AIHMEN S tanding, l e ft t o right: P. K clly; T Collin s Sitting: 1. H e b ert; C. Bis hop. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICE R S AND S PON S OR S Left to right : L. Zen t VicePres i dent.; J. H e b e rt, Secr etary; T. Colli ns, P r eside nt. Back: Mr. Kni c k Spo n s or. SOPHOMORE S HOWCASE C HAIHMEN Left t o right: M. Buc hanan; T. Ti pto n ; M. Hi cks.


sophomores Top left Lo right: .M. Alexander; P. Bonnifi e ld ; R. Bacot; B. Barntho u sc; P. Bartlett; J. Arreguin; J. B olin; B. Ahr; 11'1. Ash l ey; P. Alhow; C. Bis h op. Middle: A. A r gerenoll; B. B e nny ; G. Beck; J. Albril1on; J Barnes; L. Andino; M. 8arrel.l; D. Berger; N. Askew; ]"'1. Babb; J. Barba. Bouom: C. Bark ema D. B oas trom ; C. Blumberg; P. Ascron; J Bond; A. Bly stone; L. Bag l ey; K. Anderson; H. Barn es; T. Aka n :;: C. Boswell. Top lcft to right: 1. Craig; A. Conte; M. Cassady; C. Camby; R. Boyo; F. Br e n es; B. Bra n doll; B. Bow man; B. Coffey. Middle : J. Clifford; B. Ca rt e r ; P. Calhoun; M. B u rillo; H. Cooper; N. Browne; M. Clare; M. Buchanan; J. Cook e. Botlom: D. Br i gandi; L. Critch; Y. Canavagg i o; R. Bur che tt ; F. C h ase; P. Catro n ; B. Bryanl; S. C r essy; B. Cox. Top Icft fo right: P. F lanner y; W. D ejernctte; B. Davi s ; P. Elich; L. Diaz; W. Farrow; D Dilf er; J. D e la Gua r dia ; L. D i amond; R. F or t u ne ; K. F ord; G. Frau e nhe i m; D. Ferguson. Middle: W. D o naho o; .1. D eVore; L. Eas t wood; D. D ear; B. Fussell; T. Fis her; B. D eSo to; T. Ecke r ; B. Fos t e r ; .J. d e Unamu n o; T. Dun n ; S. F i elds. 1301.1.0111: C. Davis; D. Dan. iel; S. F l eckner; M Eberenz; M. Esslinger; M. Floyd; L. D e hlinger ; R. Frangioni; C. Drum; K. Epplh i m er ; R. Dahloff. 58


Top /e/t to right: O. H aase; R. Hood; B. Hafl ey; B. Hanna ; S Gerardi; G. Galtoni; J Hu e rtas; S. H oltsander; J Hin c k ; J. H at c h er; R. H andy; f. Godwin. Middl e: E. Han so n ; T. H obb i e ; J. Hine; M. H er rin g; J. Hal vosa; C. Hat c h er; C. Hin e l y; J. H e r r in g ; L. Grezaff; F. Hunt er; J. Griffis. BOllom: D. H am mond; 1I' L Glaes; 1\'1. Gang le; B. Crego r y ; G. H e n s l e r ; G. H atten ; M. Hicks; B. Gramli c h ; D. Grady; K. H am e rt oni; J H er b e rt. T op, le/t t o right: J. Lubera; ,M. In gr am ; J. Iddings; J. J e nkins; 1\'1. Kin ca id ; W. K eepe r s ; P. K elly; T. A l britto n ; J D. L e ma c ks; J M cCa rra g her; E. Jae nGuardia. Middl e: P K ockcr; C. Janse n ; R. Kirk ; K. Kn e ib ; K. J en kins; D. McK en n a ; M. Lane; f. L evee ; D. Mallahan; L. J emmott ; S. K elley Bouom: L. L o mbana ; Y. Kawakuri ; Kn ox; C. M cFadden; M. L eo nard; D. M c att; R. Lloyd; C. C. Gar c ia; M. L ytle; E. Huff ; S. How e Top l eft t o right: E. lI' lizra chi; L. Man os; M. Mou cha; P. M o r gan; R. Ness l er; G. No rd s lrom; T. Marti; P. Mahon ey; O. L eo nard ; B. Mall o ry. Middle: J. Laming ; D. Major ; J Mar c um ; E. Mannix ; B. Mohl; K. Mart ello; M. M cggc rs; E .. MilI e r : T. K oenig; B. M c C ull o u g h. Bottom: T. Marcy; J. Mart e ns; L. L o we; F. Lindn ; M. Ma c k ; P K o p e r s ki: P. ,I\' lun os; M. Mill e r ; H Ma r c o l a ; B. Millar; P. Mic ha el. 59


Top, lelt to right : S. May e rs; J. Rodrigu e z ; B. Rodent; W. Peterson; H. Pres oll e zi; R. Rowe; L. Poole; C. Hover sli; K. Nad e au. Middl e : F. Purdy; .M. l'l'!orales; B. Ni c hol son; S. i\l u rphy ; S. Ph elan; S ? Jitt e n j S. Mitt e n ; J. Pecor; F. Rybi c k i Bottom: M. Parso ns; C. A I or e n c y; S. : Myer s ; J Payne; M. Morris; B. Ph illi p s ; L. Robert so n ; M. Ruiz; O. Ro os Top lelt La righ.t: S. Taylor; N l. S t e wart; S Rin g s t cad; P Soto; C. Stoug h ; R. Shultz; F. S trau c h ; L. Smit h ; T. S cott; S. Sout h ; L. Sciglia n c Middl e : M. Ridg e ; A. Shat r o s ky; C. Snyd er; R Sm ith; R. S mith ; L. S eld oll; S. Ra n d el; J Smail ; S. Simpso n ; J Smith; K. S c hmidt. Bottom.: J SCOIt; D. Sparks; S. S mith ; M Rainey; M. S t e v e n s ; D. Tagaropul os ; W. Stiles; V. Na lunad ; J Salterio ; J. Sp e nc e r ; J Singer ; D. S c huma c h er; S S anta n g. Top left to right: J Wise; D. Willingham; N Voigt; 1. Vallarino ; 1-1. Watkins ; J. Z c lni ck; H Van Lo o ll; R. W o mhl c : M. Wh e ele r ; R. Wid ell; S. S m ith. Middl e : S. S t r o dc; S. StOIlC; D. Young ; It S wan son; D. Wallace; M. T urn e r ; N Turner; E Wils on ; M. Vacc a rd ; T. Tipton. Bouom.: J. Wa rford; R W illi ams; M. Williams; A. R os ania j L. Z ent; C Thomp s on; D. William s ; R Willoughb y; S T ownse nd ; Y Vel e z; S. Wakim; S Wagn er; N. T ro ller. 60


RED CAPS FRESHMAN OFFICERS AND SPONSOR: le/t to ri ght: L. Fre n c h Vice-Presi dent; J Sch lal e r Secretary; Mr. Card, Sponso r ; E. Lin f o r s, President. I RESHMAN SHOWCASE le/t to right: R. Coffman B. Domb rowsky, C. G ib s on, R. S ing l e t on. H i s t h e r e II s f,orlflgc Oil s hoes?" 61


freshmen Top, le/t, to right: P. Ahr; P Arnold; M. A n d e rson; D. A se r ollj B. Boatwri ght; H. Allen ; M. Booth; F. Aros e m e na; R. Boha nnon; L. Akans. Middle: F. Barbou r ; H. A shury; r. B erg; ,M. Alle n ; C. A l ema n ; T. A l d e r ete; :tVI. Bul c h ; T. Arc hi bald; A B ennett; C. Beec h ner. Bottom: D. Ab le; W. Arcy; P. Badensky; M. Bell; J. A mmirati; W. Bain ; L. Aleman j' V. Baldwin; B. A rgerenon ; E. Blumherg. Top, fe/I LO right: J Bazan; J CaraLtini; J Camp bell; C. Calhoun; C. Brewer; M. Brenes; B r ot h e rt o n ; Y. Cage; J Ca rney; J. Carter. Middle: C. Bernsee; M. Brown; M. Bill i ck; C. Casira; R. Boyer; J B erry; M. Brown; D. Brome; M. Barlon; D. Butler. Bottom ; D. Br e tt ; L. Buckley; A. Chase; E. Baumbach; C. Bounds; J Carlson; S. Bowker ; S. Coo p e r ; R B urda; R. Coffman; N. Bart ecc h i ; M. Blev i n s. Top, left /.0 right: C. Elic h ; J Doherty; L. Diaz; A. Cas telli; R. Corrigan; J. D y k es; S Cramcr; R. Crowcll; L. Cla rke; C. Englcrt; T. En zor. Mid(lIe: J Donald son; P. Cooper; B. D o rnbr ows ky ; C. Coffey; M. Da vis; C. Corr igan; P. D ento n ; F. Evcr s ; W. Dryja; B. Colcs; M. Farrubel; D. Cox; H.. Danforth. Bouom: R. Emmclt; B. D e mp sey; C. Cros by; :M. Dor sey; B. Co nklin ; A. Eder; S. Brigman; J Copp en h avcr; M. Evans; D. D em i ng; H Davila; M D esVo i g nc; C. Coving t o n 62


T op, lelt to right : S. Fuqua; K. C harpill oz; L. Ferguso n ; J. Hall; F Gaita n ; C. Fo r r es t ; G. Fitz ge rald; L. F r e n ch; C. Franks; G. Fre und ; G. Gibson. Middl e: G. F ee ne y; J. Garner; L. Gr iffin; J. Girard; E. Jam es; S. Gar c ia ; J G l e a so n ; A. G ib bon s; L H a se m ann ; M. Gouldin g. Bouom.: K. C. F r e d e ri ck; U. Fox; G. Fi g u e roa ; P. finlaso n j R. E i se nman ; A. Gerar di ; ]\.1. Ful o p ; M. F. FJuma ch; S. H alliday; E. F ri ese; T H a n na. T op, lelt to rig ht : A. H es t e rs; A. Jansse n ; E. H an se n ; R Ki eg l ey; H. H odge; T Hassl e r ; H. Mun yon; B. .la di c k j ./. Kin. c aid ; R. K nox. Middl e : D. J o nes; C. Kissling ; A. Ka s ka ; B. H e rrington; K H e n l e r ; E. Hu nni cutt; B. J o hn s t o n ; W. K inne tt ; N l. K e ll y; A. H ogge; M. H olmes;. K. Kline. B ottom.: P. Barnnart ; D. Holmes; L. H end ri c ks; L. K ee g an ; T Maxw ell; T. H e n d e rson ; J. J oyne r ; R. Huhn ; G. J e n rich; S. H eres; N. Kimball ; H. Kat. Top lelt to rig h t : B. MacC o nn e ll; L. l\' I cGough; R. L e vee; D . Marti ; A. Krapfl ; M. L e Brun; W. J\' l aj o r ; S. L uh r ; K. McCo y; T. Marli n Middle: S. Madd e n ; B. M c K e nna ; B. Mallo r y; M. L e r c h e n ; L. M c Gce; L. M cC r ah cll; P. Lloyd ; N Livin gs l o n ; M. Lum; E. L owa ndi. Bo(.(.om: K. Ka sc h er; M. Mallahan ; G. Ma th e n ey; P. Lawyer ; J. Man n ; ilk Mad ur o; E. Lin for s ; T . L o m b r o i a ; M. Maho n ey; J J\' larial egui; B. Love l ady. 63


Top left 10 right: L. P e rez; J. Napier; D. Moehrae ; D. cal; B. Panz e r ; A. Ozborne; T. M oore; B. 1I' lounts; Middlc: P . M e ri wether; F. O s t er; C. Parke r ; M. M o rris; S. Panther; A. Phe lah ; M. N i e baver ; M Mullis; N. Bottom: B. M ooty; J. P erry; R Ott ; M. Nita; C. M c Fall ; E. Oling e r ; A. Nag y ; D. Mi c h e l ; H .?I'lorse. Top left 10 ri ght: O. R eeves; T. Sewill; F. P ete r son; L. Rag e r ; C. M cNabb; C. Quiros; R. Pott er; K. Presco tt ; C. R e nn e b erg; D. Pri es t e r ; J Patt erson. Middle: R. R eyes : C. R o dibau g h ; R. P e d e r so n ; M. Sasso; J Park c r ; A. S a sso; B. P ay t hr ess; S Skeic; J. P edd ri e k ; K. Se rgeant; S. S h er idan. B ottom: E. Paulk ; T. P e rantic; C. Price; J. R oge rs; T. S t e ph e n s ; A. Sanchez; R. Ra y mond ; J. Schlatt e r ; J. Rambo ; C. R e imill e r ; A. R ybicki; B. S l o tkin. Top left. 10 right : C. Searcy; S. lankus; B. Parri s h ; R. Sing l e ton; H. Rowe; A. Tarflin ger; E. S mith ; W. A shton; K Smith; P. S mith ; A. Riv e ria. Middle : T. Shapkow s k y; C. Thomp son; D. Ste ph e n s on ; O. Rodr i g u e z ; W. Schmidt ; J. San born; .I. Stou te; T. Dou g lewitz; L. S mith; R. R ey nolds; W. 51Icp;:\I'(I; D. Soto. 110uom: N. T ejada; V. S t ec k l e r ; J. Swc n SOil; M. Thomas; P. Smith; D. S t ep h e nson ; D. Gcrardi ; J T o dd ; B. Smi th ; V. Smith; B. Suc h ; M S tallw or th.


T op, le/t. to right : J. T odd, R. Se l by; T. So uthw e ll; W. Snyde r ; R. S tri c kling ; F. T oothman; T. Stepp; B. Starkenbe rg; D. Stewa rt. Middle: S T o rr e z; F. To th ; ;"' L S p ring e r ; G. Thomas; J Tu c kerman; F. S taub ; G S trong; E. V ecc hione; J Walk er. Bo/ lom: M. Wachta ; R. S u ar e z; P. Starr; A. S t e iner ; J Smolka; M. Tude; B. VanDyke; V. Val e ntino ; P. Tru il; C. S t oudnor. Top le/t, to r ight: S. Wolf; E. Var g as; B. Willis; S Wir t z; R. Turner; S. Williams; S. Witkin; J. Wolf; B. Waters; J W ill; L. B oswe ll. Middle: S. R ed i c k ; J Wilk e rson ; L. Vosel; R. Wis e rs; D. Wee ks; S Wa!t;o;; F. Yost; L. Wal s to n ; D. Zapp ; N Wat kin s Bouom: T. Trull ; A. Willingham; N. W e nb o rn e ; E. W hitn ey; i\f. Velez; K. U nd e rwood ; D. Zeme r ; V. Wa l k e r ; A. Wood. "Whol. m e 1V0rr),?" A ll the comforts o f !IOIIW




GOVERNMENT OF THE STUDENTS, FOR GRADY HES TER S Presidellt BARBARA BARTLETT Secr etary Following a franti c week o f campaigning, th e e l ect i on f o r the S tu dent Association Offi ce r s produ ce d th e r e l at i ve l y close r es ults o f Grad y H es t e r s as S.A. Pres id ent and Woody French as S.A VicePresid ent. B a r ba r a Bartl ett and Kare n L ytle were app o i nted t o uphold th e o ffi ce of S A Secretary. The oath o f office was admini s t e r e d b y th e ou t goi n g P r es id ent, Solly T o u ss ieh at ... th e Awar: d s A sse m b ly. In addition t o th e n ew office r s, ano th e r p e r son e nt e r e d th e Student Assoc iati o n r ea lm. This p e r so n h oweve r j o in ed our .A. not 35 a student m e mb e r but as S A. Spo n so r. Promote d from hi s form e r po s iti o n as Junio r Cla ss S p o nso r M r \ Va lt e r M i ku l i c h prove d t o b e quit e h e lpful thro u g h o ut th e ye ar. Each and eve r y h omeroo m rega rdl ess o f clas s or s i ze i s r ep r esente d in th e S .A. m ee tin gs by th e S.A R eprese ntativ e e l ecte d in hom eroom. Ac tu ally \vOIlDEN FRENC n V i ceI'residellt thi s repr ese ntati ve r ep r esen t s n o t on l y you r h omeroom but you and your pla ns, pro bl e m s s u ggest i o n s a nd qu estio ns Th ese r eprese ntativ es a l o n g w ith th e S A. Office r s com p ose the S tud ent Co un c il. In o rd e r t o become an S .A. Representati ve the student n o min a t e d in each homer oom must hav e and maintain at least a "'C" ave rage sc h o l astically. Hi s duti es co n s i s t m ainly o f attending all S tud ent Co un cil m eetings, r e p o rtin g your id eas, and th e n r e p orting any and all res ult s t o hi s homer oom p r o mptly. In t h e case o f a r ep r ese ntative's abse n ce f r om sc h oo l o n th e da y o f an S.A meeting it i s th e duty and r espo n s ibilit y o f th e S.A. Alternate t o atten d in th e r eprese ntati ve's place. Con seq u ently th e a l ternate i s e l ec t e d t o b e a sort o f ';s ub stitute" for th e S .A. Represen tati ve. W ith so m e o f th e c h o i ce sen i o r s serv in g as c h ai rm e n of th e e l eve n S.A. Committee s th e S.A Off i ce r s wer e n eve r i n n ee d o f int e r es t e d b e n efic ial sources of initiati ve and dri ve f o un d n o t on l y in th e cOlllmitt ees: but fr olll th e ge n e r a l student p o pu l ati o n o f B H S U p o n th e co nclu s i o n of th e sc h oo l yea r o r th e co m p l e tion of the r equire m e nt s expec t ed o f th e com mitte e, it i s th e d ut y of the chairman t o s ubmit a com plete detailed report t o th e S tudent Cou n c il t o go on fil e i n the S. A as furthe r reference f o r Cuture comm itt ees. Th i s year t h e following committees ass i s t e d i n k ee pin g our S A. running on a smooth, eve n t rack: The Co-o rdinating Committee had t h e j ob o f ta kin g all prob lems and ideas disc u ssed at th e S .A. meet in gs before t h e fa c ult y board. The S A T i c k e t Sal es Comm itt ee h ea d ed by th e S.A. Secretaries, was es tabl i shed for the purpose o f eff i c i e ntl y se llin g A. Cards to st ud e nt s The Game Ticket Sal es and Train Tick e t Sal es Co mm ittees worked a lt e r !lately in con n ectio n wit h all athl etic events tak i n g p l ace b o th o n t hi s s i de a nd o n the Atla nti c S id e The Get Acq u a in ted D a n ce and Ina u gura l Ball Com mitt ees had th e full r espo ns ibi lit y of making th e arrange m ents for th ese two S.A s pon so r e d dances The V i s itor 's Day Committee co ns i s t ed o f students ac tin g as g uid es o n th e da y d es i g nated as th e o ffi c ial da y for pare nts t o v i s it our sc h oo l and t e ac h e r s Mil. \V. MtKULlCH Adviser The A sse mbli es Committ ee was b es t owed with annual Talent S h ow The Awards Day COl11mitl:ee had th e primary r es pon s ibilit y o f makin g th e arrangements f o r and formu l ating th e asse mbl y h e ld at th e close of th e sc h oo l year. Th e Drives Committee h ad full c h a rge in con d uct i ng th e donatio n s for th e vari o u s drive s. The Safety and W elfare Com m itt ee, p r ev i o u s l y two separat e committees was cont inu ally on the l oo kout f o r hazards present in 81-1S. With th e co-o pe r at i o n and d evotio n o f th e S.A Offi cers, Sponsors, R eprese ntativ es, Alte rn ates CommiLlees and yo u th e s u pp o rtin g m e mb e r s our Student d i splayed a ve r y s u ccess ful effort. to imp r o v e o u r sc h ool. No t on l y ha s th e S.A. do n e a g r ea t d ea l for us th i s year, but it s valuable pro j ec t s a nd undertakings h ave h e lp ed pave th e way to e v en more s uc cess i n th e future formIS


THE STUDENTS, AND BY THE STUDENTS S. A. REPRES ENTATIVES Bflck row feft 1 0 right: C. Lam; C. Fitzgerald ; D K eller: R. Morr is; H. Van Loon ; R. Cal d w ell; B. Dilf c r j P. J anowitz ; D. S i ko r ski; R. SCOII; D. M el in ; 1. D emming. Seco nd row: B Van D y ke; N. Litvin ; M. C l ai r e ; J Lam ing; M. Floyd; A. Bra s w ell; J S hanard j B. Dyk es ; P. Dav is; C. Huff; R. B c nll c!lj N Browne; B. Carter. Fr on t row: C Cros s ; C. N i c k e r son; L. L ombana; R. E i se nmann ; P. Raymond ; J H e b e rt ; C. Southw ell; O. Bl cs h ; C. Mu gnier. S. A. ALTERNATES Blick row Ie/I 10 righ t : W. F i nk ; C. Thomp s on ; P. U n de rwood ; J Ze lni c k ; C. R entz; D. Brown ; T. Collins; B. R ogers; M. Booth. Second row : P. Shouls; S. H e lc; S. Cramer ; J A. Field s; P. A h .. ; T. H o bbi e; H. A s h u r y;.I. w c nson ; D Br e m e r ; A. K a lb ; J J an se n. Kneeling : Y. Kawakuri; P Bado n s k y ; C. T es t e r ; D B athke; A. Law so n ; L Z ent; n. J Pay ne; M. L. S t oaklcy; q. Vul e. 69


VISITOR'S DAY COMMITTEE Standing, left to right: P. Janowitz; B. Archibald; M. Klipp erj A. Scott; 1\'1. Kelly ; W. French; R. Scott. Siuillg: S. H e lej J. Payne; D. Br e m er; L. Si k or s ki ; J\I. Davi son; F. Davis; K. Lyt le. DRIVES COMMITTEE Left. to right 1st row: J. Price; C: Bat c h el dor; K Kline; P. K elly. 2,/([ row: B. Fri ese ; E E i senman n ; C. So uthw ell; A. L eo nard; T. Gatlin; M. Bradley; T. A l e man. 70 AWARDS DAY COMMITTEE Top row, le/t to right: P S hout s ; D. Brigand i ; 1 S ullivan; B. Rath egaber. Bouom: R Caldwell; E. Whit e ; F. Roe; H. Wom bl e. TRA I N TICKET SALES COMMITTEE T op row, left to right: M. Bow e n ; M. Davi son; C. Harris OIl; 1\' L Stoa kly; C. Ca m ero n ; F Dav i s Bottom: N. Wf'h s tcr; R. Morri s .


S A. T ICKET SALES C01HMITTEE: s tandin g lejr. 1 0 ri ght: P Baggo tt E. Cox C. K ent, C. H es t e rs, W. Fre n c h J S hanard F. Bah coc k B. L o hr. S iltin g : B. Bartl ett, K. S.A. GAME TICKET SALES COMMITTEE, ;'0"1. ,ow Ie/I 10 ri ght. : C. Ca sey, .l. H e ilm an. C Vale C hairman, E. Car t e r M D e j e rn elle. Bac k row: S. South S. G upto n M. Dani e ls, D. Able, C. Tho mp son. S.A. COORDINATING COMMITIEE, A C"Toli. C. H c ntz, J N icker s o n J. Mar s hall C h airman, L. Fre n c h. ASSEMBLIES COMl\UTfEE: k n eeling, le/t (() ri c h I : E. Linfors, C Trail, D. H o d ge rs, C. H a mbo, F. Bri g ht M. N a hmad 1. S t e in er. Standill g : A. Bra s w ell, N Lit vin, K F lowe rs, C. Thompson H. B enne ll N Turn e r C. Hu ff. 7 l


ZONIAN EDITORS J. N ick e r s on Bu s i n ess Ma nager; C. Sym onds, Co e d i t o r ; D. Wh ee l e r Co-ed i tor. THE WRITTEN ZONIAN If yOll heard a loud rumble wh i l e yOll w e r e walking down th e hall. that see m ed to ge l loud e r a s you appro a c h e d room )02, [ hope y ou didn't f Ull. I t wa s only the Zonian and Parrakeet sluffs working at th eir r es p ec tive publ ication s U n d e r the d i recti o n and supe r v i s ion of th e co-editor s, Cu r ol e Symo n d s and Dolor es W h eele r th e Zonian wa s p lanne d t o b e qu i t e diffe r e nt and sure ly g av e the elltire s t u d e nt body of Ihlboa Hig h School morc pride and s u ti sfac tion in it s yearbook. J e a nn e N i c k e r s o n bu s i ness manage r tor e h e r hair Ollt t r ying 1 0 k ee p th e mOll e y matt e r s straight a n d all th e o th e r h e adac h es Ihal w e nt along w ith the job. H What" s h e r name?", I s h e a Sopho mor e or a J u nior ? are common, e v eryday express ion s to th e Zonian s taff. If s omeo n e approac hed you wit h one of these, I hope you w e r e patie nt and did you r b es t in ans weri n g R e m embe r it wa s all in pre p aration for that bi g day in M ay wh e n th e 1 960 b i gge r and b e tt e r Zonian s arrived. ZONIAN STAFF S r.fl/I(ling le / t t o right: D. Slrump f N L itvin J S ulli van, C SYlllonds, R. Allen. Siuillg: M. Dav i s o n D. W h ee l e r B. Prier, T. H o, J Nicker s o n A C h eung ZONIAN AD SELLERS SUI/Il lill g, le/t. t o right: W. Camp; C. Lam. Silting: J. N ick e r son; R. B e n n e tt. 72


WORD REMAINS PARRAI(EET B e d l am a p t l y d esc ribed "the b e hind th e sce n e activities of prr-Parrakec t puhl i ca lion. Editor s lllll(' and Ch ri s hand ed out a ss i g nm e n t s for t h e for th co min g i ss u(' .. nd for t h e week RUlh you do 250 word s on the Val e ntin e formal:' o r Doug you and Geo r ge ha\'e th e Parrakee t Dail y thi s week," After assi g nnlf'lll s wer e g iven O llt th e r e were alway s a f e w thou sand qu es tion s s u c h as "Can I hu\ 'c a pa ss to int e r v i ew s o a n d so?" or Wh y do we have to have a l es t?" T o m our capabl e ph o t ogra pher. wus promptl y s now e d und e r b y pi c t ure r e que s t s. A s th e deadline drew n car, r e port e r s sc urri ed t o a n d fro to get their s t o r ie s in 011 lime and managed to do so P roof s were r e ad, dummy s h ee ts made up, and th e final pag e proof c h ecked. W h e n th e pape r ca m e out it was thoroughl y pi c ke d apart" for mi s tak es Alre ad y plans wer e h e in g mad c t o b eg in thi s h ec t ic proeedurc lignin for b y th e e nd of th e yellr, c i g ht i ss u es would hav e b ee n p ubli s h e d. I'ARIlAKEET STAFF S t ul/t/il/g, left t o ri ght: M. G ibbons; L. S ik o r ski; E. Eise n malln; D. Strumpf; B. Pri ce ; T. Ho; K. L yt l e Sitting: D. B c r ge re; S A c ker; H. Hop e r ; C. Harrison; S. Watts; J. S h a nard ; C. T rail. PAIlIlAKEET AD SELLEIl S Standing, l e ft 10 right.: H L awson, H. B l e vins Silting: C. So u thw ell, M. G i bbo n s, L. Sikors ki. 73 l'AIlRAKEET EDITOIlS J. Shanard. Editor ; C. Harris o n A ssoc. Editor ; A. Law so n Business


GE T ACQUA INTED DA NCE COMM ITTEE S/{//ulillg, lejt. to right: 1\'1. Buchanan ; G. H uff ; } r. Bowen: i\1. Davison; K. Flowers; :\1. S t oakley. Kneeling: J. Sul livan: F. Bright; C. Trail: A Scott; \'i/. Brown. I NAUGURAL BALL COMMITTEE Ba c k row left to right: K. L y ti c ; J i\larsha!l; C. I Jest e r s : C. Trail: B. Archibald; P Janowitz; \ \1. K elly; S. SOlO: ,A. Law so n. Frolll row: T. A r chibald: C BlIl1lho: K. Flow e r s : B. Bart[ e lt ; F. Da vis : .\1. Valf'z: T. Ho. OFFICE ASSI STANTS Ba ell' row le/t to righl: D. Strumpf, 1\1. Stoakl}', L. K e ithof e r J. F ield s A 'hddle: K. McConaghy, G. Vale. M. Orr, K. Ba sse ll J Such. C. Holm es. P. Malon e, D. Ablf', S L aquidara, J Stoute. Seat.ed: J. Dohert),. M. Buchanan P. D e mp sey, D. I l arn e d. P. R oge rs. SAFETY AND WELFARE COMMITTEE Frolll row le/t t,o right: N Browne. C. Symonds, L. L om balla. C. Zelnick. J \lli tfdle row: J D e an R. Rambo J\. Law son, Cha i rman. A. H es t e r s D. S trumpf. Back row: E. Dolan. MYTHOLOGY CLUB T op, left 10 rig"l: 1 Whal e r ; 1. Brown; T. Tiplon; S. Ga rc ia; B. G r amli ck; G. G i bson; i\L T urner; R. Turner; B. Parris h ; J L aw r e ncc; L. Pool c Bott om : K. Ka sc h er; S F i tzg e rald; V. Valentino; J. Corni sh; S Go ese r ; Y Kawakuri ; L. Eastwood; B. Bongiorni ; S S lone; J. Slo u l,; \ li5s S lindL


LIBRARY ASS I STANTS: leil t o ri ght.: R. P O ll e r G. Br e w e r, C. Hin ely, S. Garc i a I. Ha se man C. Lop ez, E. L owa nd e !\'1. N ita L. H enddc k s K. Eppikim e r S. j\laddcu. COUNSELORS' ASSISTANTS: lell 1 0 ri ghl: J. S w e n son, S Wak e m D. Griffin L. Diam o nd L. R ogel', P. All!", L C rit c h B. Coy M. S imp s on J Boli n CLINIC ASSISTANTS: sialldillg, lell 1 0 ri g"': B. BrY 3nl. P C a t r o n B. Gramli ch, E. Enriquez, J S p e n ce r. E 13. R odibaugh. Sillill g : J. P e nnin g t o n D D es V o i g n c. C. ] \ I ol'ellc),. LABORATORY ASS ISTANT S : l op lelt 1 0 ri ght: I J an o witz, A. Archibald, G. Trail, .I. A 'iars h all R. Rambo, C. Rhine. BOllom: M. Davi s on R Luw s on K. Fl ow e r s, M. Fit z ge r ald J F iclds, C. Ga r cia.


RESERVE OEFICERS BATTALION STAFF a n d COLOR G U ARD R OTC SPONSORS Back row, left to right: Cadet pre Moore; Cadet SFC Smit h ; Cadet Pvl. Rigb y; Ca d e t PFe J e nkin s Middle: Cad e t Capt. S h e r idan; Cadet Cap l. D e mp sey; Ca d e t LI. Col. Ar c hibald ; Cadet Maj R e n tz; Cadet Ca pt. La w s on. "A COMPANY" OFFI CERS Cad e t Ca pt. F. Roe ; Cadet 1 s t Lt. R. Morr is; Cadet lst Lt. D. B e r ge re; Cadet Capt. K. Lytl e Left. to right: K. L y tl e ; C. Huff; P B ec k e r ; P. D e mp sey ; L. S t oak l ey. DRILL TEAM Ca d e t Capt. P. D e mp sey s pon s or ; Cad e t LI. E. Dolan drill l e ad e r.


TRAINING "C" COMPANY OFFICERS Caele t C apt. R. Cal d w ell, co mpan y commande r ; C ad e t l s i LI. P. B ec k e r ; C a det 2nd LI. E. D o lan : C ad e l 2nd LI. K. P earl; Ca d e t 2nd 1...1. J. D ean. CORPS B COMPANY OFFICERS Cadet Cupt. D. K eller, co mpan y c o III III a n d c r ; Cad e t 1st LI. C. l uff ; Cad e t 2 n d LI. R. W ea d e ; Cade t 2nd 1...1. B. Batc h eldor; Cad e t 1 s t LI. 1 Klin e. 0 COMPANY OFFICER S Cadet Capt. J Mars hall compan y co mma n d e r : Cadct 1 s t LI. M. L. S tonkICYi Cadet 2nd LI. C. Iest e r s ; Cadet 2nd LI. M. K elly; Cudet 1 s t LI. R. Flumach.


CHEZ ELOISE Left t o ri ght: Th e IO\'dy mod els a r c P. Coop e r ; S Rodri g uez; B. D av is; K. Hu g hes; S Mill e n ; K Sargcllllt. Girls fr o m t h e I i r s t, se c o n d and t h i r d year econo mic cla sses p r esente d und e r th e supe r v i s i o n o f M i ss Elo ise iVlonro e, t h e ninetee n th annllal fas hi o n s h ow. T h ese ta l e nt e d Balboa g irl s modeled stree t dresses s p orts clothes, fo r mal s, and sem i -f ormal s w hi c h t hey made during th e school yea r. The fas h ion s h ow, C h e z E l o ise, wa s well atte nd e d i n th e n ew B H S Audito rium, J anua r y 13, 1 960 It w a s th e o p i n i o n o f m a n y presen t that i t was o n e o f th e b es t f as h i o n s h ows eve r prese nt e d. Lcft t o right, : A 'lade and mode l ed by F Lan g f ord; S. Rin gstc adj B. Bowman; E. Ca rt e r ; R. Van D y k e l'.l odel s 1\'1. COllover, L. frallc nh c im E. Cox, and B. S mith s hu w liS th e lov e l r cloth es ther mad e this rcar.


MUSIC M r H erl' j u s t relaxin' BAND This year marks the e nd o f another b u sy and s u ccess ful year f o r the B H S Mus i c Department unde r th e directi o n o f Mr. Vic t o r A. H err; w ith t h e band havin g playe d at v a ri o u s sch ool a nd com-1l1uI1ily a ctiv iti es S t arli n g o ff wit h m u s i c a t p e p assembl ies and football gam es forming a "mode rn mus i c g r o u p playing our "Alma Mater" [ o r th e seni o r s o n Dress up Day the band h a s compl e t e d a n o t h e r acti ve y e a r 4th row lell t o right: Gary Hu tchin s on Ralph Smit h, Ch es t e r Thompson, Jame s B a sse tt. 3rd rQw: W e ndell Sh c panl. Richard Kieg l ey B o b S pr agu e H arry Colb e rt P e t e r D e nton \Varr e n A s h to n Ric h ard S n yder Don Ellwood James Farrell. S ydn e y Townsen d Paul B e eby J a m e s J oh n s on Arthur Bly s tone. David J e nkin s, J o hn P allerso n Ma r y i\l or r i s. Ford }Jo se l y J am es S l evc n s on B e lly J an e M cCullah Willi am Mount s Su m '''ilkin F l o r e nce Barbour. 2nd row: F r ed Gailan. William Co f e r Ph i l Col b e r s o n Haro l d Barn es, J e a n Wa l ke r R andy Colcla s ur e Paul Morgan. Walte r Brown. Bru ce Parish. 1Ilar), R idge, J oh n Don ald s o n Margi e Miller, June B r inkl e y Rob e rl Bohannon, Pal Ro se l S i row: Serlia Laga ss ic. Diann e Ti pton C l ifford 1I1ugnie r Gene Linfor s, Naomi Lilvin.


CHORUS and GLEE CLUB Thi s ye a r th e 350 v oi ce co mbin e d gle e cl u b a n d c h o ru s and a l s o th e orc h estra a nd band s ta ge d s u ccess ful p erformances i n th e n e w l o n g -awaite d BHS a uditorium. F o r a littl e v a ri e l y th e 5 9 t h annual Chris tma s prese ntati o n wa s g i ve n i n two c on ce rt s a band and o r c h estra c o n cert and a c h o r u s and g l ee cl ub co n cert. Again at th e Christmas the c harming troub ado r s in g e r s wer e f eature d a nd they and a t ro m b o n e quarte t perfo rm e d at b o th co n ce rt s The o ut s tandi Jlg f ea tu r e of th e c h o r a l c o n cert wa s R oy Ringwald's So n g o f Ch ri stmas w hi c h w a s a ccompanie d b y t h e pit band. At th e allnual s prin g co n ce rt whi c h was a l so prese nted in tw o diffe r e nt p e rf o fma qces, w e h eard instrume ntal mu s i c fr o m co mp ose r s s u c h a s G r e i g M o u ssorgs ky, R oss ini : So n s a H o l s t and H a n son. A s far a s c h o ra l mu s ic goes: w e h eard s peci a l arrange ment s for ch o ral g r o up s s uch a s S haw : Wa g n e r : and War i n g On th e co nt e mp o r a r y s id e was George S h earin g s Lullab y o f B i rd Land.n T h e mu s i c d epartment a l s o p e rf o r m e d at th e bacc a laure a t e se r v i c e s graduatio n inau g uratio n o f th e new a udi t o riulll a n d a t va ri o u s sc h oo l pro du ctio n s ORCHESTRA


82 THE WORLD' S A ST AGE" This year's Sock and Bus kin i s t h e big ges t club in BHS. Its m e mbershi p i s about 200 drama-inte r es t e d s tud ents The club s po n so r e d b y M r. Musse l man fun ctio n s as an i n s t igat o r o f th e dramat i c Brts b y g i v i n g s tud ents th e opportunity t o prese nt plays. Two main p r o du c ti ons wer e presente d t hi s yea r. The fir s t was "Quality Stree t b y J. M. Barrie. I n additi o n num e r o u s s h o rt s kit s, s uc h as "That's Why l m a Bac h e lor" w e r e g i ven a t r eg ul a r m ee tin gs. The atio nal Thes pian s i s co mp ose d of s tud e nt s w h o hav e ea rn e d t e n p oints in a nyon e, o r a co m binati on o f dramati c work S u c h a c ti v it i es as mak e up, s tagi n g, a c t i n g lig htin g a nd sound effec t s are co n s id e r e d The initiati o n o f th e Nati o nal Thes p ia n m e mb e r s wa s h e ld in J a nuar y in our n e w a udio t orium. A s th e final e v ent o f th e yea r th e Drama C lub Banque t w ith a Hawa i ian th e m e was g i ve n i n May. NATIONAL THES P I ANS : l e /t t o right: r. Ryci cki, B. Browde r C. South w e ll, P. S n cc, F Bri g ht C. Ca r c ia E. Price, F Tod d J. Tillon, J Blan ey.


" Si"g, kids sing!" A r e yo" cirealllillg? " Wlwi. p lay;s this?" 83




I(NOWLEDGE IS THE I(EY TO SUCCESS \Vith Preside nt Pedro Janowitz in th e co ndu ctor's seat, th e B.H.S. chapte r of th e Nati onal Honor Soc iet y s u ccess full y went through a spring and fall initiation. or th e man y projects di sc u sse d tut oring was de c id e d upon and s u ccess full y carrie d out b y thi s soc iet y which s tre sses character : sc h o lar s hip lead ers hip a nd se r v i ce. Thi s year the Mu Alpha Theta com pl e t e d it s seco nd yea r of ex i s t e n ce in B.H. S. With Bill Browder as President Grace Val e as Vic e -Presid e nt and Kay F lowe rs as Secr etary, this h onorary soc i e ty, co mp ose d of juniors and se ni o r s with a "E" average in Math : ha s again co m e thro u g h s u ccess rull y A s we went to press a large projec t wa s p l anned for F ebruary MU ALPHA THETA Top r ow left t o right : S Davis; R. Ca ldwell; P. Janowitz; D. H oe nke. Middle: tiL Davison; R. B e nn ell; D. Siko r ski; M. Fit zgerald; D. Ell wood ; G. Ramb o; D. Brown ; R. Rambo. Bottom.: M. Bradl ey ; G. Vale; L. Sikorski; C. Huff; D. Br e m e r ; B. Br owder; C. N i ckerson. NATIONAL HONOR SOC I ETY S tlllldill g, left to right: G. H es t e r s ; J 1l'1ar s h all; P. Janowitz, pre s id e nt ; A. A r c hibald; T. H o; B. S mith ; G. Ramb o : C. Huff ; :M. K elly; G. K ent; R. Law so n ; L. S ibau s te; R. Ca ldw ell; C. Harrison. Stl.illg: B. Bartl ett, v ice-pr esident: G. Vale, sec r etary; K. Fl o wers; D. H oenke; M. Dav ison ; N Litvin; J Fi e ld s ; N. Swe n son. 85


Left 10 righl: C. \l' a l son; K. L ytic, qu ee n ; P. D e mp sey. STREAM FOOTBALL QUEEN K r c n L y ti c VALENTINE FORMAL QUEEN VALENTINE QUEEN AND COURT Le/llo right: C. So u thw ell; B. Van Dyke; J. Hal vosa; P S h ou t s, q ueen; S. Woot e n ; M. L. Stoakley; J. Schlatter. r u t Shouts CHRISTMAS FO RMAL COURT AN D QUEEN Leilio r ight. : B. D ykes; E. Ca rl e r ; J A s h to n qu een; A. Kalb ; B. Chie Halo. 86 CHRISTMAS FORMAL QUEEN J ack i e A s ht o n


LINERS TRACK QUEEN, I'AT DEMPSEY TRACK Q UEEN AND COURT : left. to right: Ella Cart e r Pat D empsey, Queen ; Bal'baru BarLl e tt. SAD I E HAWKINS QUEEN AND COURT, G. J a n se n Qu ee n ; R. Bacot J. H ercing, C. B i s h o p CAR N I VAL QUEEN, NAllldc I GUARDI A C ARN I VAL QUEEN & COU R T ..... ",. ...... , '.: ,. ... ,.,. ,. ._ f ... .. SA DI E IlAWKINS QUEEN, G I NNY JANSEN 87


TRAINS O F Lool.:illg for somelhillg?" r f/ow! llwl ",rudes!"


THOUGHT "No lVol/de r rvc will "lithe time!" II S (l),S ,;;0 right /H> r('!"


" Ali-fill!! Cll U g lt t in til e llet/n "Loo k (It t l lo!le curves!" T h e e p i t o m e 0 / solitude "Look {It {Ill tll e love l y ladiu


"B"II's e y e " Y e a Balbof/ "Eage r t o g o t o scllOo l ? " D o n ( (It. w e


STAMP CLUB: le/tlo right: A. O s born e T H o C. Carlson B. McCuli a h M. Rid ge. R Se lby, R l ad i ch UNITED NATI ONS C LUB, f ir s t row le/t to right: E. Ruess, S Watki ns,.I. Corni s h Pr eside nt I. A rj o n a J V ogel. Second row : D H a n se n C. Lam, C. E s trada S fitz. gerald. L. S ib au s t e 1\'1. Orr. M Ridg e B. M cC ull ough, C. Hidge P. Abati i R. Leggie r e I R o m e ro. F UTURE TEACHERS OF AMER I C A: first row le/t 1 0 right. : S. So uth 1 \'r. Dav i s on, C. H u f f. Sec ond row: S. Smith, J. Whitney; D. Dani e ls; J H e b e rt T. Gatlin S. Coc e r, Y. K owak u ri. Thi r d row: 1\1 Eber e n z K. Sa r gean t A. K aska N Brown T H o b b i e, B. Fo s t er, T. Fi s h er, M. Brow n B. S tiles, L. S tubb s


P O I N T O F V IEW C L U B Left 1 0 ri ght: T F i s h er. R S i n g l e ton H C oop e r L. D iamon d D. E g u di n R. Widell, V i ce P r es J. Nick e rson Pres .. N Br ow n e Sec., J. S hall a r d, C. Lord. G. Gib son, R. Eisen mann D. Zapp. W I N DO W D I S PLAV C OMM ITI' E E Lelt to right : L. P e rez V e n e ro ; M. K elly: E. Fuulkner; A Ente r ; 1\1. Morales; Y Can1lvugg,io ; C. F ox; B. russel ; R. Baco t. C AMERA C L U B S t (llulillg lelt ( 0 right: R. l ad iek; L. Se l don; W. F arrow; F Ascroll ; J W i se; J Bond; S. T u y lor; B Frang i o ni ; L. Tre a d wlIy; K. Kli ne; J Blancy; H M u nyon ; T H i c k s; B Ru i z ; B. P r i ce. S itting : K. Ka sc h cr; D. Wallace; S Wa g n er; M. Richte rs; W. A ckley; D. J oin er: R. E i senman n ; M. B e l l sak; T Ho; E. R u ess; B. Barnlhouse; R. Ki rk; C. B e rn seci J Napi e r ; P. De n t o n


PAN AMERICAN CLUB Top row, Ic/t 10 ri ght.: AI. O rr ; A. Castelli; P Lloyd, L Vargas, E COIIIl, J Walt e rs; T. B e m b e n e k ; I. Mic h a elis; M. Madmo, T FlccknCl, A I Mcggcls. l\I Burillo, R 1 \ larcIUC{I R Lcgglcrc, 0 Unamuno, A La ss o C Az c a rnl g a j P. Dav is; S. Daubin; W. S en rdull; E. Mizrachi; J. Free man ; W. D e j c rn cllc. Middle: L. Diam o nd; E. Price; E. Ru ess; R. J ones; R. M o nzon ; K. Sargeanl; M .t\' iah o n ey; A. Rosania: S .t\J ycrs; C. L arn; D. Gr iffin; J Pa y ne; 1IL Bbjnsj P. Barnhart ; R Kalbarczyk ; P. Bonnifi eld; R. Cas t e lli ; B. Fu sse l: C. H arrell; R. Kirk. Bottom: M. Thomas; I. R omero; S. Eakes; R. Van D y ke; D. Crady; C. J a n se n ; Y. Cunn avag i o: V. N ahmad ; B. Amai ; L. Siba u s te; D. Briga ndi; I. Arjona; Y. A l e man ; L. L owe: U. Wh itn ey; .I. S p e ncer; S. C Estrada; B. Au s lin ; N. P eriz; T. Ri zcalla: B. Phillips CHESS CLUB Froflt left 1 0 r ight: C Casi ra j 1I' r. N Browne; S A cker; Y. Kawakuri; K. Kasc her; R. Selby. T o{) row: D. A se r o n ; L. Brow n ; L. Seldon; C. Lord: J. Brown ; M. Turne r ; L. P oo l e. FRENCH CLUB l3olloIT/ row, left 1 0 ri ght: ?-'I. Tho m a s, L. Wat so n T S t eve n s, N A s kew, C. Gibbo n s, J. Bard o!. Middle: K. Pri ce, C. Gar c ia A. B en n e ll F. A se r oll, B. D a n for th J. Paterson D. A se r o n M Y o h ros, L. And in o C. Ca m ero n G. Garci a C. Beechner K. Und e rwood, K. /I' Jajor, C. L am V. S p ei r, W Beard aJl, E. Con n. Back: M. Raney, C. H a tt e n Y. Kawakuri M. Hurt ado, H e r es, R. Hulm, M. V e l ez, P. Bad o n ky M. Izqui e rdo R Cas t e lli S. Daubin, L. Grcl.aff i R. B e n n e tt S. Ea k s, E. Pri ce, R. J o n es, C. So ut h w ell, T. Gatli n S. C unha, M. G ib b o n s, S F i tzg e rald C. Cas tro, L j\' IcCo u d M. Fil zger ald M. Rui z A. Phelan 94


DRAM A C L U B Top r Oll1, felt to right: N. Brow ne; M. lI'lill c r j P. Catron ; L. Diamond; J Scnn; .M. Dan i e l s ; P. S h outs; C. Az carragu; R. Sing l e ton ; B. B r owde r ; J. Tilt o n ; C. M uni eg h ; S. J\tcycrs; B. COYi J Laming; B. Ahr; C. G ibson ; M . M cgge rs; M. Burilla; M. Vanlo oll; M. Hic ks. S econd row: M. Sta llw or th ; M. Bradley; S Town send; J. Wha l e r ; T. H ohbie; D. Crady; C. J an se n ; C. Zelni c k ; T. Aleman; F P eterso n ; C. Lord; C. Brown; J. S uth erlan d ; J Bolin; E. Huff; T Fi s h er; P. Kockerj J. Hatten; B. Barnthousc; D. Wallace; R. M onzon. Third row: K. Sergea nt ; R. Jones; 11'1. Hurtado: J. Kirkland; S. So uth ; O trumpf; K. Ma c Con n e l ; D. Trasavage; D Hanse; J Cornish; K. Egolf ; C. So uthwell : R. Ben nett; C. Sa nborn; S. A cker; S. Mu rphey; J Maduro; K Kn e idj M. Bu c hanan; R. R o p e r ; P. Bonnificld. Fou.r/h row: .I. Vogel; D. Bathke; S Watkin s ; K. Hamilton; D. Bri ga ndi ; L. L owe; L. Sikorsk i ; S. Wakem; M. D e jerncllej J. Speno cer; J. P ayn e ; K. Ca m e ron; K. McCona g h y; E. Oll; L. Braun; L. S tub bs; V. Na hmad ; B. Amar; N. Litvin; Y. Canagaggio; L. S c i g l ian i ; N. A s k ew. Bouom.: C. Gib b o ns; K. Cou ts; P. Raymond; J. Blan ey; K. Curt is; P S oee; G. Ga r cia ; E. Price; S. Stone; M Brow n ; H Coop er; M. Gibbo n s F .. A. Standi ng, f clt / 0 right, : :Mrs J o urn ey s p onso r ; B. R e ynolds; P. Cat ron; .I. V og el ; C Ridge; F. Barb ou!'; S. Phelan; V. Walker; C. E l i c h ; M. Ridge; .I. Corni s h ; S Wa g ner ; 1. H a se mann ; M. Oej e rn etle; B. Bryant; P. Eli c h ; B. Philips ; T. Fi s h e r ; A. K elly; L. 1 l undy ; M. B a ggoll; J Senllj J\'1. N ita ; K. N ad ea u; M. Blev ins; B. R o dib uug h ; .I. Whit n ey ; J P e n nin g t o n ; S. C rammer; S. Wak e m A. Tarflinger; M. Mor r i s. Siuillg: C H at c h e r ; R Thompso n ; B. A u s tin ; S H eilman: C. Val e ; S. Murphy : J. M e riw e l.lther; M. Wa t so n ; J. Murdaug h ; J S i ngeo; S. Ra y mond; D Abe l ; L K eega n ; E. W illis. 95


SCIENCE CLUB T o p l e/ t / 0 ri g ht : W. Dr yja; R. S in g l elo]}; J Senn ; J B o nd ; J Fi e l ds; C. Harriso n ; J. POlle r ; S. South; D. H o c nkc; C. Zeln i c k ; C Rid ge ; B. B r yant ; B. Browd e r ; C. N i c k e r s on. B o ll om: C. Mu n i cg h ; B. D o nald s o n ; I. R o m e ro ; D. Bathke; A. Bra s w e ll ; D. Bri g andi ; M. Mill e r ; C. Vule; D. Bri g an o i ; n. M cCullough ; M. Wae hlu ; M. Ridge; K. Egolf; R. S elb y AI/othe r C(lT mis s " ALle llr; Ol//" P ollfJlV IIw l em/cr!" "/Jrcpflr;IIg for 'he liri"g 8 11l1tll/ !?"


Leiwe. Ljou,," T"F'lc..K.S 1H


"Inte resting' g arne? !?" "W h.e r e is the mulience?" "W ho has the ball?" 98

PAGE 100

" Hey, yon. That's m .ine! I" H e r e C01ne the Bullciogs!" JJ7hal,'s I h e b ig attraction?!!" 99

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In all t y p es o f w eathe r th ey s ti c k t oge th e r to c h ee r OUf t e am o n t o vic t o r y. And that i s e xa ctly what th ese v i vac iou s c h ee r l e ad e r s did thi s ye ar. Afte r th e Easter Va c ation an y girl int e r es t e d in b ec om in g a c h ee rl e ad e r a tt e nd s practice and tryo ut sess ion s conducte d unde r th e s tri c t s up e r vis ion of Mi ss Lehman and the ch eerl e ad e r s. Am o ng th e lllall Y r equire m e nt s of th e c h ee rl e ad e r, s h e mu s t hav e a 2.0 avera ge a t l e a st. From th e final tryout e ight girls are se l ec t e d f o r the c h e erl e ad in g squad b y a c o m mittee of stude nt s and fa c ult y A l th o ugh an h o n o rabl e b eing a c h ee rl e ad e r r e quires a great d e al o f hard w o rk. It i s th e ir r es p olls ibilit y t o o r g aniz e th e p e p rall i es in addition t o dail y practice durin g th e season LINDA CHARLENE

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FOOTBALL TEAil l : bOllom. row left to righ.t: S. Gor ham J. Price, D. Pajak, J Garcia J. : Mar s hall c. R e nlz, H. Womble P. Cage, L. Sp r adlin. Second row: L. Se lf T. Mal i a T. Egan l F. S tewart M. Nah m ad, M Borowic, S. Stranath an, B. J enkins, R. Rath g ab er. Third row: 1\'1. Cassidy, B. Carler, W. P e te r so n, G. Cam by P. Fla n nery F. Godwin, J Rodriguez, J. Turner. Fourth row: P L eec h L. F r enc h R. Blevins, R. S tromberg, R. Paller, W. Fren c h Manager, C. L avalle. Fiflh row: Coac h Anderson, Manager R. Cook M. Whe e l e r Coach H or ine. FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD Du e t o th e fact that C oac h es Horin e and Ander so n had s u ch a large numb e r o f b oys trying out at the beg innin g o f th e seaso n the y were ab l e t o pick o n e o f th e b est t eams BHS ha s see n i n years The Bulld ogs s h owe d th e ir ability b y nol o nl y obt a i n i ng th e Canal Zone Champ i o nshi p but th e In t e r sc h o l ast i c Championship as well. BHS ..... ....... ..... .... 13-AC o BHS 6--J C . ....... ................. 14 BHS 7 -CHS BHS ........................ 14--J C ........... ....... . BHS . ... 25-AC BHS BHS C H S ...... 27-CHS. 8 V s CZ]CAC o 6 6 o ....... 1 2 BHSCHS O Vs. Miami lac kson ....... 47 "Beat e lll Balboa. Beat e m " DolI t just l i e the r e. Do somethitlg!"

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SENIOR LINEMEN: standing, lelt to right : D. Pajak, R. Stromberg, H. Womb l e, C. R e ntz. Front row: J. J. Pri ce, S. Gor h am. COACHES AND CAPTAINS: Coac h H o rin e, C. R e ntz Coac h A nd e r son. B lock til a t guy!" SENIOR BACKS: P. Cage J. Ga r c i a R. Blevins, L. S pradlin. W e lVallt a tOUc/UIOlVlf!"

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COACH and CAPTAIN: Coach Hori n e; 1. Kline. BASEBALL Under the excellent gu i dance of coac h Hori n e, the Balb oa Bulldog s took the Int ersc hola stic Base ball Crown. All th e Bulldog s pla y ed hard and next year's t eam will miss so m e great senio r p l ayer s Kline Blevins Sp radlin Pearl Stromberg Amato and Morris. PITCHERS : lejt to right: B. Rath g ab cl"; C. S chwarzl"oc k; K. P e arl; F. Ammirati; M. Klipp el"; J Kline; W. Engelk e SCOREBOARD BHS 5 .................... CZJC 6 ............................ Dec 21 BHS 5 ... . ....... CZJC 1 Jan. 1 2 BHS 6 .................... CHS 2 ........................... .1 an. 15 BHS 5 .................... CZJC 2 ........................... .1 .. 1. 19 BHS 0 .... CHS 2 . ... .1 an. 29 BH S 6 ................... CZJC 1 .............................. Feb. 2 BHS 6 .................... CHS 7 ............................ Feb 5 BHS 5 ............ CHS 1 . .......... Feb. 12 BHS 2 .................... CHS 5 ............................ Feb 15 BHS 4 ...... ............ CZ1C 1 ............................ F eb. 23 BASEBALL TEAM: /mc cti n g, lelt 10 righl: F. Amarati, K. P earl, F. Rhyhart, J.tI' l a r c unl R. Amato R. Bl ev in s, R. Rath gaber, R. Emi l Manager. Second: J Klin e, L. Sp r adlin H. Morris W. Fr e n c h F. Bag go lt, W. Eng lk e, M. Kl ippel', R. B e tti s Third: R. Oili e r 1. Bat e man M. Mathe ny, C Schwa r z r ock, R. S lromb e r g Coach H orine, W. P e l e r so n F. Huddl es t o n, R. S mith

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TRACK TEAAl: slanding, lejt. to right: B. Furtz, P. L eec h J. Jan se n, L. Brown, C. Sea r cy, J. Turn e r R. Panzey, C. Pre scott, D. Pajak J Pri ce, T. Collins C. S t owe, Coac h Karst. Kneelillg: D. Rog e r s, K. lI' l c K e nzi e, D. Fulop, M. Bettsak, F. Baggott J. Sea r cy, P. K elly, D. Sikorski, TRACI{ Balboa Hi g h Sc h oo l s trac k t eam won th e Ba l boa R e lays by b e ating th e Athl etic Club 34 t o 27 12 The b oys were g uid e d b y Coach Kars t and hi s excellent adv i ce. W e a r e very pro ud o f ou r b oys' cOlllm e ndabl e way they uph e ld the tradition of Balb oa Hi g h Sc h oo!.

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"A" LEAG UE VOLLEYBALL ALL-STARS Standing, Icft to right : S. Acker; J. Ashton; R. Covington; R. VanDy ke; L. Kielhofer; T. Aleman; L. C unningham. Knee/ing: J. Wilmoth; B. Bowman; V. Perra; C. Watson; C. Schult z L. Ra ger. "B" LEAG UE VOLLEYRALL ALL-STA R S Standing lejt / 0 right: B. Oombrowsky; B Gregory; C. Davi s ; J Heberl; M. Powell; R. Monzon. Kneeling: M. Es s ling e r ; M. St e ve ns. GIRLS INTRAMURALS The aim of intramural sports i s to ge t every g irl in sc hool to go o u t for some kind of a c ti vity. For thi s purpose Balboa Hi g h Sc h oo l had a wellro und e d Intramur al Progr am f o r it s girls thi s yea r. The girls h ad a c h a n ce t o participa t e i n ba s k e tb all, b ow ling, volley ball and sw i mm i ng. After about s i x wee k s of compe titi on w ithin th e sc hool th e coac h es mel to pi c k A and B l eag u e AIIStars. These girls th e n p l ayed aga i nst th e All-Stars from Junio r College a nd Crit o hal High Sc h ool. A" LEAG UE BASKETRA L L ALL-STARS S / anliil1g. le/t. to right : R. Covington; B. Bowman; C. Thompson; C. Wat s o n Kn.eeling V. P erra; C. Schultz. B LEAGUE BAS KETBALL ALL-STARS Standing ,le/t to right: L. K i e lh o r e r ; C. Davi s ; B. .Mallory; M St e v e n s ; R. VanDyk e ; B. F u ss ell. Kne eling: M. E s s l i nger; R. Monzon; D Fol se

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"Stre t c h " JJ7IH1t. kind 0 1 gamc i s this?" W ill i t go i ,, ? III

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G A .A. The Girl s Ath l etic As s oc i atio n : an ex clusive s port s club h as sports man s hip as it s k e y n ote. The girls w h o h ave mad e All Stars in e ither ba s k e tb all, bowlin g volley ball or s wimming a r e elig ibl e for m e mb ers hip. After th e All S tars are se l ecte d b y th e c oaches th ey are pl e d ged a s memb ers o f Lhe G.A.A. G.A.A. OFFICERS J. Arjonu. Pres C. Schultz Sec" D. H o c nk e VicePres Top left to right: B. Fri ese; M. S t eve ns; D. Folse; B. Sm ith. B ollom: E. R u ess; L. Siba u s tc; A. C h e u ng; L. Thomp so n ; C. Sc h ult z; D. H ocnke; I. Arjana; K. F lowe rs; R. Van D yke; R. M o nzon ; B. Mallory; B. Bowman; L. Ki e lhof cr; R. Aleman; R. Covington; P. Fre i c r s ha w s j S. H e le; P. R ogers; C. Watso n ; V. P erra; C. Thomp son; C. Dav i s ; M. E ss lin ger; D. I arned j R. All en. 112

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LETTERMEN'S CLUB OFFICERS Top, left 10 right: D. Pajak, preside nt. Bouo",,: C H entz, v ice-pre s id e nt; J. i \'Iar shal1, SCCI"cLary. L ETTERMEN'S CLUB T h e L e tt e rm e n's Clu b was organize d f o r all boys w h o h ave acquir ed a t elle r in an y of th e major s p orts: football, baseball, trac k bas k etball, and swimming. M e mb e r s s h ou l d attend a ll meet i n gs: clu b f u n c ti o n s and fulfill all duties as designated in th e co n s t itution. L ette rm e n o ffi c iat e at th e Bal boa R e la ys and t h e Fresh m e nSo ph omore Frolic. The hi g h lig h t of the yea r i s t h e L etterme n's C l ub Banque t for members and th e ir dates. LETTERMEN'S CLUB Top left to dght: J. Marshall; M. Beusak; :M. Nahm ad ; W. French ; 1. Price; R. Rath ga b e r ; L. SpradJi n jF'. R oc MiddLe: C. R e ntz; S. Gorh am; D. B l es h i K. M c Kenzie; L. Brow n ; .I. Wil so n ; J. Garc ia. Bottom : D. Pajak; D. MacLean; R. Caldwell; A. SCO\{; F. Ammirat i ; R. SCOtl; H. Womble; E. Dolan; P. Cage; J. Kline; C. Fitzgerald. 113

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114 BAS K ETBALL TEAM -Ba ck, left to right : L. Sp radlin, J Pearson W. Engelke, J. Dean, F. Roe. Kn ee/illg: A. Carroll, 1-1. Wombl e R. S t romberg, D. Pajak. Note: Th e e ntir e ba sket ball t e am had not bee n chosen w h en th e Zonion went to press BASI{ETBALL Althoug h t h e ba s k e tball season had j u s t begu n when the Zoniall. went to press the Bulldogs s t oo d unde f e ated and we r e expected t o finish it out as th e Canal Zone c hamp s.

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B U D BATCHELDOR A ttorlley Gelle rai STATE BILL ARCHlBALD Goverl/o r JIM MAR S HALL Treasllrl'r RAY CALDWELL Lt. Governor Back row left to right: D. B e rgerc; C. Trail; B. R uiz; F. Roc; M. Kli pp e .. ; R.l\r [orrisj C. H cs l c rs; J. Mar s hall ; M. K elly; P. Janowitz; C. R e ntz; K. Sheridan; J. Cole; R. Caldw e ll ; A. SCOll; O. Pajak; D. Dombrows ky. SWIIllillg: J CaLro n ; J. Turner; A. Law s on; R. Flumach; D. K eller; A, Arch ibald; A. Barley; C. Rambo; F. Baggo ll ; G. Bal c h e ldor ; K. M o hl ; H. Colbe rt; S. Casau s ; T. Bembe n ek 116

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KAY FLOWERS L t Governor C HRISTINE H UFF Goverllo r NAOMI LITVIN AIt, Geucrtll NANCY WEBSTER Sec. 0/ Stale Frollt row, le/t. to right: D. Stru mp( j K. L ytle; S Thoma s; C. Symonds;; R. Allen; G. Vale; E Eisenmunn; N. Web ster; C Hu ff; K. Flowers; Litvin ; R. Thompson; A. C h eung; N wcnSOll j A. Bra swe ll. Back row: E. Cox; D. Wheeler; J Nicke rsoll; C. Walson; C. H arrison; V P erra; A. Leonnrd ; F. Davi s ; B. Bartl ett; 1\,1. Dav ison; E. H c nnie; D. Hoc nke; J F'iclds;tI'l. DlInie ls; S.I I cle; 1. Mic hael i s; P. Rose. 117

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"So S llIIliowd" "Big co" ferel/ce!" L crlrn your ",alll t ables, do,,',. COil'" Oil your fil/gers!" SPONSORS "Are yOIl far-sighted?" H e re's 'he p/(lce!"

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AND INFORMALS "Tlltlt'!!. (l w i c ketl righ, you 'lie got the re, fri elld / "Loo k s like II wi,wer! I " E I J e r yiJo ti y b phimJ the sli/e ll' lillc!"' W llCr c 'he r e IIrc girh, 'he r e is George!" "011, how p e nce/III I

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"Dancing in th e t/llrk" "Alter tlle day is ovcr-" ;;;;Did Pam pose lor this otle?" "Are you sure?" "lIow W(lS til e dance?"

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NAT MENDEZ JEWELRY AND WATCHES ORCHID CHAPTER NO.1, O.E.S. PANAMA AUTO S .A. PANAMA CANAL SCOTTISH RITE BODIES PANAMA CANAL ZONE LODGE NO. 1414, B. P. O. E. PANAMA INSURANCE COMPANY 122 PEDRO MIGUEL ORDER OF RAINBOWS SEYMOUR AGENCY SHRINERS' HOSPITALS FOR CRIPPLED CHILDREN SMOOT Y PAREDES, S.A. SWIFT AND COMPANY TABACALERA ISTMENA, S A TROPELLOS, S .A. TROPICAL PAINT CO. COMPANIA IMPORTADORA Y VENDADORA The Zonian gratefully acknowledges the cooperation of the following: Printer-St.Petersburg Printing Co.,Inc. HS Eighteenth Street South St. Petershurg 3, Florida Engraver-Southern Engrav.ing Co. 100 Seventh Street Sout h St. Petershurg 5, Florida Photographer-Rene Wolf Calle 50, No. 53 Bella Vista, Panama City, R .P. Artwork by: Bryce Kimberling

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:-u P.T. s.Ft c..ft. :1l ::r.T. G..T. F.T. c> 7J .C. l' \J../v. N P (Z. e. -::re. lIlO \-\ ?Oz j;:) G :L P (1). /-j f.\. L c T E .C. 'S'S) M .e.-M .I{. V L. 'U.f. R.L. S..:L A1-A .C,. K .F: CO S ') 0 o.u. E':W. N .de/,. G. FID. C L S .Il>. N L R .Ab. GE. E .ID. __ __ S.M. Po.G. I r.B A .S. A.R.. :r:p. A E rc. ft. S. C H .:rH. H.R. TS. P.A L I-<.. I L.L. A) C .H. c.L. rHo L \-) f'1. A B G ./<-\D.L. PI. ,<.11. ("f\ C H :::N f). e. . o.H. 5 .T.L. oJ c;.R. DP. K .P. I<.L. I ce. 'sdL (-<.M. C.C:. pM. :z. BC>. H D. -1 BEJr;]E]EJEJ S-, (". e:. y: KM. h w .R. T B. K.s. S .R. P G r F.B s ::r."F. w s.6. TH. L L H -rH. H D H . 0 -s'O