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Digitized by the Internet Archive
in 2010 with funding from
University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries

http://www.archive.org/details/zonianl945bal b

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4.,: .i .. i.'Al..,,! ~ ll~ M

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/ :~


Business Manager

Assistant Editor

Assistant Editor


''' '
! *r


All decked out in rootin' togs

II h) that far away look?

"Now you do it like this .


For your sunny smile and Southern accent... For your
sincere concern for the students and their activities
. for your ardent support at school games .
and because you will long remain in the hearts of
the seniors of the Class of '45 .Mr. Edward
Hatchett, the 1945 ZONIAN is dedicated to you.


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II~t*;~Ll~*.:) on

i..... i i sta tI I f l- could smile at

Aid 4, f y r *i iin


4 U -t -.* W^? ts -
U- ~ i


THIS is the yearbook of the
Class of 1945 The staff
has tried to make it ,our year-
book with pictures, captions,
and write-ups Ahich v.ill help
you to recall your life at school.
We hope it reflects the four
short )ears ,ou spent together,
pacing the halls of B. H S,
griml) attacking horrmework, and
painfully but patient' absorb-
ing kno.., ledge. The message of
our 1945 Zonian is one of lo\e
of school, and ,.e trust that
you %ill find it on e.'ery page.


1 ha, happened to the
letters on the e ,.i -

6&u z///^?/

"That Shakespeare was a
comic, uwsn't he?"

. 1' i


-Sol lights and
sileetr n sirci

We'd better
i.in this game.


. I '

yv .\-i


Will it work?

I-101- '..


;- : ^


- L


i I

MR. SIGURD E. ESSER, Principal
M.S., University of North Dakota

His outstanding leadership and his loyalty to Balboa High have guided our
school in attaining the high scholastic standing which it now holds. His
personal interest in each student as an individual has won him the title of
"a swell guy."


A capable and industrious secretary with an abundance of vitality,
charm, and graciousness.


Really "Alice" to us all ... one of us for she graduated from B.H.S. last
year ... an efficient secretary and everybody's friend.






We thought it was a good joke too!

PVTRICIA L. BATHMANN, B.S.-Physical Education
New Jersey State Teachers College

Columbia University

Springfield Y.M.C.A. College

University of Nebraska

University of Pennsylvania

Lakewood Hospital

Columbia University

R. W. CLARK, M.A.-Physics
University of Iowa

AGNEs R. ENEBOE, M.A.-English, American Problems
Northwestern University

Columbia University

GEORGE DEENEY, M.A.-Algebra, Latin
University of South Carolina

Long Island College

MARY BUTLER, B.S.-Typing, Shorthand
Iowa State Teachers College


WALTER FISCHER, M.A.-Chemistry, Physics
Columbia n1mer-l
Further graduate work at University of Chicago

Personality boy of the faculty

OLGA FROST, B.A.-Spanish, French
College of Mt. St. Vincent on Hudson, New York City

GEORGE LEE, M.S.-Biology
Columbia University

DOROTHY RECTOR, B.A.-Physical Education
University of Montana

Columbia University

HENRY LEISY, A.B.-Physical Education
Morningside College
Graduate work at University of Nebraska, Colorado State,
Kansas State and Notre Dame
CORNELIA REIMER, M.A.-Plane Geometry
University of California

EDWARD W. HATCHETT, M.A.-Algebra, Geometry
Columbia University

GERALD MCKEEVER, M.A.-Biology, General Science
University of Wisconsin

RUTH SILL, B.A.-French
Wellesley College

Columbia University

H. ELOISE MONROE, M.A.-Household Arts
Columbia University

MILDRED SWENSON, M.A.-Typing, Business Correspondence
University of North Dakota

Western Carolina Teachers College

Taylor University
Further graduate work at University of Michigan and
University of Chicago

MARGARET TEEGARDEN, A.B.-Assistant Librarian
Stanford University

Miss Candee takes time out to scan the headlines

ELLEN THOMAS, M.A.-English, Journalism
Columbia University

General Math, General Science, Algebra
University of Minnesota

Northwestern University

Speech, Occupational Information, Counseling
University of Oklahoma

ALLEN WARD, M.A.-Spanish
University of Nebraska

ALBERT YORK, M.S.-American History
Kansas State Teachers College

Columbia University
Further graduate work at University of Wisconsin

COACH HOWARD WOODs, B.S.-Physical Education
Indiana University
Further graduate work at Missouri State and
University of Kentucky

HAROLD ZIERTEN, B.S.-Mechanical Drawing
Bradley Polytechnic Institute

The brains behind the banquet

CLAUDE AYCOCK, M.A.-Spanish, English
Columbia University

PHILIP GREEN, M.S.-Metal Shop, Auto Mechanics
University of Cincinnati


r- A


l kl?'






1 11--1




P- r- 11

wi ..-.o

ciI Ca /945


Prt.,ident Second Semester

Class Adviser

RLi ITH 'Milli tnili (li I \VIA GARLINGTON

(l ',[;.i.[t. iu. EDWARD SCHNAKE
1. l.. ru'a'cntatives


Versatile Betty Gaines takes time
out for a swim.

"Culi" tall dark-and manly thrives on
politics perfect Latin type.
Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4.

New York, New York
"Punchy" small package of TNT gives
with the sax.
Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Field,
1, 2, 3, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Swimming, 1, 2, 3, 4; Track, 1, 2, 3, 4; Water Polo,
1, 2; Victory Corps, 1, 2, 3, 4; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4:
Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4; Theatre Orchestra, 1, 2.

Ancon, Canal Zone
"Texas Al" always grinning happy-go-
lucky track star even tempered.
Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Field,
2, 3, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 2, 3, 4; Swim-
ming. 4; Tennis, 3; Track, 2, 3, 4; B-,,line. -1.
SB'" Club,3, 4; Victory Corps, 2, 3, 4; Little Tha.irr-,
4; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Dance Committee, S.A. Club

Lonsdale, Rhode Island
"Peabrain" twinkling blue eyes and a con-
tagious laugh .good sport in everything.
Pep Squad, 1, 2, 3; Softball, 1, 2, 3; Swimming,
1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis, 3, 4; Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheer
Leader, 4; "Calling All Ghosts", "Murders of Miri-
am", Directing, 1; Acting, 3; Staging, 1, 3; Glee
Club, 1, 2; Chorus, 1, 2; G.A.A., President, Library
Assistant, 1, 2; Speech, 4.

New York, New York
Incessantly picking on somebody a well-
liked boy-around-school a jokester in his
own small way.
Archery, 1, 2, 3; Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball,
1, 2, 3, 4; Field, 1, 2, 3, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Soft-
ball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Simni;n.. 1, 2; Track, 1, 2; Victory
Corps, 2, 3, 4; I.I.'- t-( I., 1; Parrakeet, 4.

Bastrop, Texas
Soft voice complete with Southern drawl ..
loves football short, curly hair friendly
Baseball, 4; Basketball, 3, 4; Football, 2, 3, 4;
Softball, 3, 4; Navy Day Program, 4.

Casper, Wyoming
"Kenny" math whiz... :., ,-'trrtii eved .
smooth dancer .. easy-going manner but ,Ihllirn
to work.
Football, 1; Parrakeet, 4;

Ancon, Canal Zone
Always up to .rmetlhi',, a constant joker...
a friend indeed.
Baseball, 2; Basketball, 2; Football, 2.






Panama City, Republic de Panama
Willowy grace .. easily to get excited.
Archery, 3; Swimming, 4; Victory Corps, 2, 3, 4;
Counselor, 4; Library, 3.

Colon, Republic de Panama
Sunny disposition dancing black eyes .
Spanish Club. 3; Parrakeet, 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Handsome fella flashing eyes unusual
Baseball, 4: Basketball. 2, 4; Football, 4; Softball,
2, 4.

Jersey City, New Jersey
Industrious well-liked soft brown eyes
S. preoccupied air.
Producing. 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus, 1; Glee Club, 1;
Junior-Senior Banquet Committee, Senior An-
nouncement Committee, Student Council, 1, 2:
Chemistry Laboratory Assistant, 3, 4: Physics
Laboratory, 4; Zonian, 3, 4.; Juni..r \nil,..l..\. 3;
Parrakeet, Editor, 4; Quill and ,.. 1II. I


Panama, Republic de Panama
Quiet and mannerly admired by all ..
conscientious worker with unlimited patience.
Baseball, 3; Softball, 3; Staging, 3.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Lustrous black hair friendly manner .
poised and charming artistic both in work
and dress wistful smile.
Senior Poster Chairman, Art Club, 2, 3; Secretary,
3; Zonian, 4; Riding Club, 4.

Los Angeles, California
"Melo" sweet personality .. hair that any
girl would love to have always ready to help
Basketball, 1, 2; Pep Squad, 2, 3; Swimming, 2;
Volleyball, 2, 3: Chorus, 1, 3; Glee Club, 1, 3;
Dance Committee, 4; Counselor's Assistant, 4;
Zonian, 4.

Exceedingly pretty Dresden china features
.. low, gentle voice ... dazzling smile ... loads
of ]un.
Basketball. 2, 4; Pep gE.lJ. 1, 2, 3, 4; Victory
Corps, 2. 3. 4: Staging, 1.

Inseparables ... Towery and car.

I H I.

10 *BF

i 4 ii I i t-

. ii l-l- it l'liE R



Chevy Chase, Maryland
A likeable and sincere fellow devilish
Baseball, 1, 3, 4: Football, 1, 2, 3; Softball, 1, 2,
3, 4; Track, 4; Victory Corps, 2, 3, 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Everybody's friend .. free and easy ... looks
at the good side of things toots a mean
sax off to the sea.
Band, 1, 2: Orchestra, 1, 2.

Somerville, Massachusetts
Inseparable pal of Bob Suisman lnky ...
strawberry blond with mischievous ideas.
Archery, 1, 2; Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Bj-k,-illl. 1, 2,
3, 4; Field, 1, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4 "..IlIall, 1, 2,
3, 4; inimmnr :. 1; Track, 1; Waler Polo, 1, 2;
Victors I i'rp-. ',; Library, 3; Carribean, 3; Trade
Wind, 3.

Br, mloin. Alabama
Dreamer expressive eyes that wink ...
a one-man girl .. a walk all her own.
..fhibil, 4; Art Club, 1; \ i. I..r Corps, Pan-
\In11mi in Program, Zonian.

S..r .. girl Wright slips out for a
breath of air.

Panama, Republic de Panama
"Casey" continually bored witty and
fun-loving .one of those "Gamboa Kids".
Archery, 1; Basketball, 1, 2; Pep Squad, 1, 2, 4;
Softball, 1, 2, 4; Volleyball, 1, 2, 4.

Panama, Republic de Panama
Romantic Latin type dark soulful eyes.
Glee Club, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 3, 4; Victory
Corps, 1, 2, 3, 4.

Janaville, Wisconsin
The Navy Blues for him carefree type of
fellow a broad smile for everyone.
11. S. NAVY.

Ancon, Canal Zone
"Millie" ... forever laughing and never alone
... future nurse.
Spanish Club, Glee Club, 2; Office Assistant.



. 04


Panama, Republic de Panama
"Doncey" blond wavy hair an enticing
smile .winning personality.
Archery, 1, 2; Basketball, 4; Pep Squad, 1, 2;
Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming, 1; Volleyball, 1, 2,
3, 4; "Calling All Ghosts". Stij;n 3: Glee Club,
1, 2; S.A. R,. rr -, nladl; 1. I l.rjr% Assistant,
2, 3; Zonian, 4, Ihidu,,i, Roosevelt Program, 3.

Wallington, New Jersey
Short .friendly never far from laughter
S. cheery disposition post-war plans-
Archery, 1, 2, 4; Basketball, 3, 4; Bowling, 4;
Pep Squad, 2, 4; Softball, 3, 4; Volleyball, 1. 2,
3, 4; Victory Corps, 2, 3, 4; Producing, 3, 4;
Staging, 3; Sophmore Class Secretary, Senior
Announcement Committee, S.A. Representative, 1;
Library Assistant, 4; Zonian, 4; Newspaper, Editor,

Tampa, Florida
Pretty, gracious, and sweet quiet Southern
drawl looks toward a nursing career .
dreamy eyes.
Basketball, 4; Victory, 4; Producing, 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
"Sprout" flashing smile .. dashing favorite
among the fairer sex likes "things" that
come in small packages.
Baseball. 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Field,
1, 2, 3, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Swimming, 2, 3, 4; Track, 1, 2, 3, 4; Water Polo,
3, 4; Bowling, 3; "B" Club, 3, 4, Vice-President;
Victory Corps, 2, 3, 4; Little Theatre, 2; Band, 2;
Chorus. 1.



Birmingham, Alabama
Steadfast fellow on the gridiron.
Football, 2, 3, 4; Little Theatre, 1; Chorus, 2, 3, 4;
Dance Committee.

Norridgewock, Maine
Brings to mind whispering palms, soft music
and a full moon sweet disposition.
Pep Squad, 2; Chorus, 2; Glee Club, 2.

Glendale, California
Sociable girl with a rousing manner.
Archery, 2, 4; Basketball, 2, 3; Pep Squad, 3;
Softball, 4; Volleyball, 2, 3; Glee Club, 1.

Washington, D. C.
Conservative individual intelligent and
talented good-natured always seen
cycling around.
Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4; Sophmore
Council, Christmas Dance Committee, Senior Picnic
Committee, Senior S.A. Representative, Victory
Corps President, Chemistry Laboratory Assistant.




Aw, go on guess!

Dickson, B..S. bathing beauty.

Dickson, B.H.S. bathing beauty.

Panama, Republic de Panama
Envious cloud of black hair .peaches and
cream complexion photographer's dream.
Music Appreciation Club, Glee Club, Orchestra, 1;
Counselor's Assistant, Pan-American Day Program,

Pasadena, California
Kind of quiet always there but in an un-
obtrusive way.
Football, 3, 4; Softball, 3, 4; Track, 4; Band,
1, 2, 3, 4.

Arlington, Massachusetts
Enthusiastic one-man cheer squad never
without dark glasses you can tell him by'
his stride.
Glee Club, 1; V.'i,.r Corps, 2, 3.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Favorite Pastime-sleeping in class free
and easy.
Baseball, Football, Swimming, 1, 2, 3, 4; Track,
Waler Piolo, 1, 2, 3,4; Camera Club, Band, 1, 2,3,4;
Orchestra, 4; Parrakeet, 4.

Brooklyn, New York

Naturally pretty a Brooklyn gal .familiar
figure on the gym floor.
Archery, 1; Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Pep Squad, 2;
Softball, 1, 2; Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club,
1, 2, 3.

\11,,,r. Alabama
Small but vivacious the Esther Williams
of B.H.S red-haired "Betts"speaks in verse.
Pep Squad, 1, 2, 3; Swimming, 1, 2, 3, 4; Victory
Corps, 2, 3, 4; "Voice In the Dark", "Murders of
Miriam", "Tarnished Witherspoons", Staging, 3,4;
Office Assistant, 2, 3, 4; Swimming Pool Office,
1, 2, 3, 4; Zonian, 4; Theodore Roosevelt Program,
3; Pan-American Day Program, 3; "Triple
Trouble", "Dear Departed".

Canal Zone
"Tavie" "ye ed" wacky one minute
and serious the next hers is the road to
success witty energetic everybody's
Archery, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Softball,
1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball, 2, 3, 4; Victory Cr.rp-. 2 3. 1.
"Arsenic and Old Lace", "Tarnished X iIt.r-p,'n-',
"Poor Old Jim", "The Dear Departed", "Triple
Trouble", Directing, 4; Producing, 3, 4; Staging,
2, 3, 4; Or. r--trj. 1. 2, 3; Senior Class Secretary.
Zonian, 4, Ed4, ihr.in-Chief, Parrakeet, 4.

Republic of Panama
"Bucky" sports-minded dashing gent.
Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Football,
1, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4; "B" Club, Chorus, 4.






Ancon, Canal Zone
A will to work quick-witted with a subtle
sense of humor a whimsical smile .
appealing eyes.
Softball, 1; Art Club, 1; Camera Club, 1; Secretary,
Acting, 1; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4; Zonian, 4.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"Squeeky" clear green eyes .radiant
smile a tiny tornado on the dance floor ...
there's a cute pertness about her .biggest
heart in B.H.S.
S Archery, 4; Basketball, 4; Pep Squad, 1, 2; Softball,
4; Swimming, 1, 4; Volleyball, 4; Cheerleader. 3, 4;
Victory Corps, 2, 3, 4; Producing, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4; Theatre Orchestra, 3; English
Class Secretary, 1; Zonian, 4; Senior Picture Com-
mittee, 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Rather reserved a friendly personality.
Baseball, 2; Football, 2, 3; Softball, 2; Band. 1,
2, 3, 4; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4.

Portsmouth, Virginia
STall, blond and gl-a-amour personified .
model material stately carriage.
Archery, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball,
l 1, 2; Volleyball, 1, 2, 4; G.A.A., Acting, 3; Chorus,
1; English Class Representative, 1; Library, 1;
Zonian. 4: Parrakeet, Circulation Manager.



Ancon, Canal Zone
The fellow behind the lens a shy grin, but
don't let it fool you .. pajama shirts are his
Softball, 1, 2, 3; Baseball, 1, 2, 3; Basketball,
1, 2, 3. 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Camera Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Little Theatre, 2; Zonian,
4; Parrakeet, 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Flr, ,hi;, smile .. a beautiful blond ... winning
manner has that well-tailored look.
Archery, 3; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad, 1. 2;
Volleyball, 1, 2. 3, 4: Pi..,d,,n i ., 3, 4; ij-..;ng.
3; Glee Club, 1, 2; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4; t.lJ:
Secretary, 3; Dance Committee, S.A. Secretary, 4;
Employment Bureau, 3; Office Assistant, 1, 2, 3, 4.

St. Louis, Missouri
Independent air prankster at heart.
Archery, 2; Baseball, 1; Football. 1; Swimming,
1, 2, 3, 4; Water Polo, 1, 2, 3, 4; Victory Corps.

Elizabeth, New Jersey
"Betty" rather quiet nice disposition.
Field, 2; Volleyball, 1, 2, 3; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4.

Bobby has an eye for curves.



H A1 L

ii A I H

1W, W

I N .-- iN

HF.i L E II N L. F- P ;. Ili
HUWbh HUsuM 1

Balboa, Canal Zone
Rather quiet smooth as silk winning
Glee Club, 1; Victory Corps, 2; Airplane Club, 2.

Knoxville, Tennessee
Dancing eyes su'th'n accent attractive
.. .likeable manner co-operative calm
and serene.
Basketball, 1, 2; Swimming, 1; Horseback, Art
Club, 1; Staging, 1; Glee Club, 1; Stamp Club,

Colon, Republic de Panama
Trim appearance ready smile.
Archery, 1, 2; Baseball, 1, 2; Basketball, 1, 2;
Softball, 1, 2; Swimming, 1, 2; Tennis, 1, 2;
Volleyball, 1, 2; Varsity Club, 1, 2; Glee Club, 1;
Orchestra, 1, 2, 3; Class Treasurer, 1; Junior-
Senior Banquet Committee, 3; Cap and Gown
Committee, 4.

Houston, Texas
Intelligent ... a good sport his is the road
to success.
Basketball, 3; Football, 3; Chemistry Laboratory
Assistant, 3.



Englewood, New Jersey
Likeable lad pleasing manners.
Archery, 2; Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 2, 3, 4;
Field, 3, 4; Football, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 2, 3, 4;
Swimming, 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis, 4; Track, 3, 4:
Water Polo, 2, 3, 4; B..~,l;, 3, 4; Victory Corps,
2, 3, 4; Little Theatre, 2; Lhorus, 1, 2, 3; Glee
Club, 1, 2. 3; Orchestra, 3. 4: Class Ring Com-
mittee, "B" Club.

Chicago, Illinois
"Chuck" a fellow with a winning smile...
a good sport fond of football and baseball
... electrical engineer to be.
Baseball, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Football,
2. 3, 4; Softball. 2, 3, 4; Tennis, 4; Bowling, 3:
"B" Club.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Reliable friendly manner worth knowing.
Baseball, 1, 2; Football, 1, 2, 3. 4; Softball, 1. 2.
3, 4; Victory Corps, 2, 3, 4; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Orchestra, 3.

Waugh Chapel, Maryland
"Gusie" likeable lass enthusiastic
chatterbox a peppy little piece of humanity.
Pep Squad, 1, 2; Softball, 2; Volleyball, 2, 4:
Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Library, 1, 2, 3, 4; Speech. 4.

full of carnival spirit.




Panama City, Republic de Panama
Outstanding student a natural leader ...
likes everybody and vice-versa one swell
guy always ready to laugh.
Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Football, 2, 3, 4; Softball,
2, 3, 4; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Theatre Orchestra, 1, 2; Freshman Class President,
S.A. Representative, Student Association President,
"B" Club, "Once and For All".

Ancon, Canal Zone
Fun is her middle name blond bombshell.
Archery, 1, 2, 4: Basketball, 2, 4; Pep Squad,
1, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 1, 2; Volleyball, 1, 2; Staging,
1, 4.

Springfield. Massachusetts
Demon of the library a dry sense of humor
S. .always on the go.
Archery, 1, 2; Baseball. 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball,
1, 2, 3, 4; Field, 1, 2, 3, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Softball, 1, 2. 3, 4; Swimming 1, 2: Tennis, 1;
Track, 1, 2, 3, 4; Victory Corps, 1, 2, 3, 4; Little
Theatre, 2.

\n. nI. I a3, l Z7..n-

I .*",', .1 ,-I ,l/ ,4 p I lr .
r ',,,.,ir H I, i .'.ll, r i, 'r,,inl
I .. M\\ Y

n tr a irill

Panama, Republic de Panama
"Keys" is going in for cadet nursing .. full
of vim, vigor and personality plus .. B.H.S.
bombshell forever wearing a broad grin.
Archery, 2; Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad, 1, 2. 3,
4; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming, 3, 4; Tennis,
2; Track, 1; Volleyball, 1, 2, 4; Chorus, 1, 2, 3;
Library, 1, 2; Victory Corps, 2, 3, 4.

Manhattan, New York
Capable individualist quick smile.
Spanish Club, English Club, Glee Club, 2, 4:
Student Representative, 3; Parrakeet.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Immaculate dresser straight black hair
S. interesting conversationalist ... sportsman.
Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4.; Field,
1, 2, 3, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Track, 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus, 2; Glee Club, 2; Victory
Corps, 2; Library Assistant, 1, 2, 3, 4; Physics
Laboratory Assistant, 4; Chemistry, Laboratory
Assistant, 4; Speech, 4; "B" Club.


H T. .. ur. t,,'i., mn thIl f/ sp.rlking
aI Er r. o. i' ip.




. th l. ,,11 th,alt l;l lh l t It I.

: I
" '"""





Allentown, Pennsylvania
A leader in all sports well-liked because
of his quiet and sincere ways.
Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Field, 3, 4;
Football, 3, 4; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Track, 3, 4.

Milton, Massachusetts
Cheerful charming .. and very izlli~nt..

Republic of Panama
"Bugs" popular pest fun loving.
Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 2, 3; Football,
1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad, Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming,
1; Bowling, 3; Camera Club, 2; Band, 1; Chorus,
3, 4; "B" Club, 4.



Ancon, Canal Zone
A good word for all a never failing friend.
Basketball, 1, 2; Softball, 1, 2; Track, 1, 2; Camera
Club, Glee Club, 3, 4.

Edmanton, Alberta, Canada
"Miss Perpetual Motion" friendly as a pup
tops in everything and loved by everyone.
Archery, 1; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad, 1;
Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheer
Leader, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A., 3, 4; Victory Corps, 2, 3, 4;
"Murders of Miriam", "Once and For All", "Calling
All Ghosts", Arsenic and Old Lace", "Tarnished
Witherspoons", "Getting A Date", Directing, 3, 4;
Producing, 3, 4; Staging, 3, 4; Chorus, 1, 2, 3;
Junior Ring Committee, 3; S.A. Representative, 4;
Counselor's Assistant, 4: Zonian, 4; Parrakeet, 4:
Cheerbook, 4: Theodore Roosevelt Pr..-rjni .
Pan-American Program, Study Hall Pi.-'rdmn. "l'dar

Panama, Republic de Panama
Unobtrusive friendly likeable.

Colon, Panama
"Smokey" a lass with plenty of get-up-and-
go deep flashing eyes.
Archery, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball,
1, 3; Volleyball, 1, 2, 3; Glee Club, 1, 2; Parrakeet.

Basketball, 1, 2; Softball, 1, 2; Volleyball, 1, 2;
Spanish Club, 3, 4; Glee Club, 1. 2, 3; Parrakeet,
News Editor.

Panama City, Republic de Panama
"Beto" "Mr. Five by Five" un to be
with regular cut-up
Baseball, 2, 3, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4: Softball,
1, 2, 3, 4; Bowling, 3.

Hower trying to kid?






Ancon, Canal Zone
"Chicken" ... ". t, .. perpetual prankster
... swims with the best ... contagious laughter.
Baseball, 1; Basketball, 1, 3, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Softball, 2; Swimming, 1, 2, 4; Track, 2; Water
Polo, 2; Cap and Gown Committee, 4.
Colon, Republic de Panama
Keen sense of humor ... a head on her shoulders
abundant admirers wonderful pal ...
unruffled disposition.
Basketball. 2. 3; Softball, 2, 3; Volleyball, 1. 2,
3, 4; Chorus, 2, 3; Glee Club, 2, 3; Orchestra,
1, 2, 3, 4; Casa Loma Orchestra, Zonian, 4;
Parrakeet, 4; Commencement Committee.
Toledo, Ohio
Distinguished senior musician, scholar.
dramatist, and athlete sociable and obliging.
Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4: Softball.
1, 2, 3; "Calling All Ghosts." "A Voice in the Dark",
"Arsenic and Old Lace", Freshman Guidance Play,
4; Producing, 3, 4; ,u.i.1 3, 4; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Chorus, 1, 2; Orchestra. 1, 2. 3, 4; Glee Club, 1,
2, 3, 4; Vice President, 2: Dance Committee, 2;
Junior-Senior Banquet Committee, 3; S.A. Vice-
President, 4; Chemistry Laboratory Assistant, 3;
Parrakeet, 3, 4; Zonian. 4; "B" Club, 4; Study
Hall Program, Theodore Roosevelt Program, Pan-
American Day PIr..iM. M.C. Fashion Show. 2;
"Getting A Date', Dear Departed", Election
Committee, 4; Commencement Committee.
Ancon, Canal Zone
Shutterbug lazy manner of speaking .
Baseball, 3, 4: Basketball, 2, 3; Football, 2, 3. 4;
Softball, 3; Band, 1. 2, 3. 4; Zonian, 4: Parrakeet.
4: "Triple Trouble".

Rochester, New York
"Spell it with an I!" black wavy hair
nonchalant air smooth manner.
Football, 3, 4; Boxing, 4.

Boca Del Toro, Republic de Panama
Pleasing conversationalist incompatatl.
disposition .. always ready to be a friend.
Basketball, 1; Orchestra, 3.

MILDRED \lh\i:,,i
Columbia, Missouri
Sweet disposition warm heart r. kn.a
all the answers limpid brown eyes.
Archery, 4; Basketball, 4; Pep 1,...Jl. 1, 2, 3, 4;
Softball, 4; Camera Club, 1; Victory Corps, 2, 3, 4;
Producing, 3, 4.

Panama, Republic de Panama
Easily excited music at her finger tips ..
1. ',, t-.... eyes, adorable dimples, and a sunny
Basketball, 3; Pep Squad, 1, 2; Volleyball, 1;
"Whoofenpoof", "A Voice In the Dark", Producing,
2, 3, 4; Staging, 3, 4: Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club,
1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra, 1, 2. 3, 4; Class Rr. -rntatl r.
4; Principal's Assistant, 2, 3. 4; "(,--'in, \ rIji".
4; Navy Day Program, 4: "Triple Ir..Il-"

Yolanda, creator of "Que Pasa?', the
Parrakeet's first Spanish column.


Mii p UF il


r. f r.- :



WILLIAM B. '\I, l.. JR.
Orlando, Florida
"The Jitterbug" model scientist pleasing
Baseball, 4: Swimming, 4; Football, 1: Staging,
Chorus, 2; Glee Club, 1. 2: Dance Committee, 4;
Navy Day Program, 4: Pan-American Program, 3.

JOHN Ni' Mlil \\
New York. New York
Entertaining mighty mr:n blinding
socks and a yen for all the latest styles in
Baseball, 1; Football, 3, 4: Golf, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Swimming. 1, 2; Tennis, 1; Fencing, 1. 2, 3;
Biology Club, Vice-President, Camera Club, Chem-
istry Club President, Acting, Chorus, 4.

JAMES F. 11 Il t i
Ancon, Canal Zone
Clashing clothes that know-it-all smile ...
a merry twinkle hidden in his eyes pink
cheeks man-about-town.
Baseball, 3; Basketball, 1, 3, 4; Football, 2, 3, 4;
Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4; S,;mnini':. 1 4; Water Polo,
4; Victory Corps, 2, 3, 1: Fr-hn.,in Guidance Play.
Chorus, 2; Glee Club, 2; Orchestra. 1, 2. 3, 4;
Senior Picture Committee, 4; String Trio. 1. 2, 3.
4; Z/.tmn 4; Parrakeet, 4; "B" Club.

Panama, Republic de Panama
Handsome "Paye" wants a car big ell
on the football field "Que hombre sim-
Baseball, 1; B.-lk. lull. 2; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Softball, 1, 2. 4: 1ai r Polo, 2; Spanish Club,
3, 4; Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 1. 2, 3, 4

Springfield, Utah
Inexhaustible little imp
everyone . itty.

. ,,,,, i L. towards

Football. 1; Swimming, 1: Track, 1: Library
Assistant, Freshman Guidance Play, Zonian, 4.

Amarillo, Texas
One of those pretty little "Texas" gals ..
everybody's favorite.
Volleyball, 1, 2, 3: Basketball, 1. 2, 3: Softball.
1, 2, 3; Glee Club. 1, 2, 3: Varsity Club, 1. 2, 3.

Altoona, Pennsylvania
"l'Fr" a whiz on skates incomparably
good natured demure.
Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Counselor's Assistant, 3; Junior
High Office, 4; Navy Day Program, 4.

Lima, Peru
Dark luminous eyes with tresses to match ..
Irish colleen quick smile agreeable
Archery, 1; Basketball, 1; Swimming, 1; Volleyball,
1; Biology Club, 1; Producing, 4; Chorus, 1, 2,
3; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Zonian, 4; Speech, 4.

Why so

S Twenty-nine

C?" i4





| i



Ceorgie, B.H.S.' gift to t


he Navy.

rit .: ,p

ti':P -L '

Curacao, Dutch West Indies
Short and full of spontaneous laughter .
a truer friend was never had.
Baseball, 3, 4; Football, 1, 2. 3, 4; Softball, 1, 2,
3, 4; Swimming, 1; Track, 1; Bowling, 3; Camera
Club, 1, 2; "He Got the Job", Chorus, 1, 2, 3;
Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Navy Day Program, 4; Flag
Day Program, 3.

Panama, Republic de Panama
Powerful little man track star.
Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Football,
1, 2, 3, 4; Softball. 1, 2, 3, 4; Track, 1, 2, 3, 4.

Panama City, Republic de Panama
A quiet sort of person but always ready to
join the fun a man of the world.
Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Football,
1, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming, 1; Track,
2, 3, 4; Bowling, 1; Boxing, 1; Spanish Club,
Glee Club, 2.

Panama, Republic de Panama
Quiet individual beautiful smile perfect
secretary pleasingly polite.
Volleyball. 4; Spanish Club, 2; Chorus, 2; Glee
Club, 2; Announcements and Cards Committee, 4;
Parrakeet, Junior Anthology.

v ir' li:R :



Panama, Republic de Panama
A leader of many things sincere but also
has a bit of devil in him debonnaire.
Swimming, 1; Victory Corps, 2, 3, 4; "Arsenic and
Old Lace", "The Whoopenpoof", "Murders of
Miriam", Freshman Play Director, Producing, 2,
3, 4; Staging, 2, 3, 4; Fashion Show, S.A. Rep-
resentative, 1, 2; S.A. Orchestra, Junior Vice-
President, Junior-Senior Banquet Committee, Dance
Committee, Zonian, 4, Assistant Editor; Junior
Anthology, Pan-American Day Program, "Tarnished

Fisher's Island, New York
"Rosie" ... sharp wit ... sparkling personality
makes friends wherever she goes and
she gets around.
Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad, 1, 2; Softball, 1,
2, 4; Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A. Vice-President,
S.A. Representative, 2, 3; Junior Dance Committee,
G.A.A. Dance Committee, Speech, 4.

Brooklyn, New York
Tall, handsome and good humored a hard
worker and a good sport steadfast friend.
Baseball, 2; Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Football, 2, 3,
4; Softball, 3, 4; Tennis, 2, 4; Freshman Play,
S.A. Representative, 3; Victory Corps, Air Di-
vision, 3, 4.

Panama, Republic de Panama
A Spanish caballero rhumba rhythm in his
shoes carefree.
Baseball, Basketball, Field, Football, Track, "B"
Club, Chorus, Glee Club.




Chicago, Illinois
Smooth easy manner a ready smile for
Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, Football, 1, 2, 3.
4; Softball, 1, 2, 3; Swimming, 1.

Oak Park, Illinois
A sweet girl with a winning smile an
energetic worker with a lovable personality .
everybody's friend.
Ba.k.iball. 3, 4; Pep Squad, 2; Softball, 2, 4;
\I,,lihball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Victory Corps, 2, 3, 4; Pro-
..lu, irn. 3, 4; Staging, 4; Chorus, 1; Glee Club, 1;
luinmr Ring Committee, Junior Christmas Dance
Committee. S.A. Club Committee, Little Theatre
Business Man~wr-r. 3, 4; Counselor's Assistant, 4;
Zonian, 4, Pih. tre Director, Assistant Editor. Junior
Anthology, Chairman.

Panama, Republic de Panama
A dainty, charming girl lovable personality.
Archery, 1, 2; Basketball, 1, 2; Softball, 1, 2;
Track, 1; Volleyball, 1, 2; Spanish Club, 1.

Chicago, Illinois
The good-humored man of B.H.S. never
without an answer.
Baseball, 3, 4; Football, 4; Softball, 3, 4; Track,
4; \ iclrv Corps, 2, 3, 4; Chorus, 1, 2; Glee Club,
1, 2.


Panama City, Republic de Panama

A true gentleman with an English accent.
Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball,
1, 2; Swimming, 1, 2; Track, 1; Spanish Club

Cleveland, Ohio
"Jackie" .,. the silent type .a girl that
falls hard only on the skate floor.
Basketball, 1, 2; Softball. 1, 2, 3; Volleyball, 1.

Pedro Miguel, Canal Zone
"I should live to see the day" takes fun
and laughter wherever he goes another
Little Theatre enthusiast.
Camera Club, 1; "Once and For All", "A Voice
In the Dark", "Arsenic and Old Lace", "Poor Old
Jim", "Tarnished Witherspoons", Acting, 1, 2, 3,
4; Director Freshman Play, 4; Producing, 2, 3, 4;
N":igin,. i. 1. 4; S.A. R.pit -.-:nlji,-. 1; Junior-
7,,vmnr Ranqwu, Committee. \ i. I..r L..rp-. 2, 3, 4;
Dance Programs, Zonian, 4; Parrakeet Business
Manager, Master Ceremonies Style Show, 4; Pan-
American Day Program, Theodore Roosevelt Pro-
gram, "Triple Trouble", "Dear Departed".

in Nelson checks 'em in.





Pueblo, Colorado
Soft voice and friendly manner.
S.A. Representative, Victory Corps.





. ti l l I

Cleveland, Ohio
Scandinavian features 1/. i. is the
future Dorothy Thompson.
Archery, 1, 2, 3; Basketball. 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad,
1, 2, 3: Softball, 1, 2; Swimming. 1, 2; Volleyball,
1, 2, 3, 4: H..I.._ Club, 2. 3, 4, Secretary; "Voice
In the Dark". Producing, 1: Staging, 3; Little
Theatre, Glee Club, 1. 2, 3; Zonian, 4; Parrakeet.
3, 4; Theodore Roosevelt Day Program.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Nautical ideas a quiet but attentive person.
Baseball, 1. 2, 3; Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Field, 1, 2, 3;
Football, 1. 2, 3, 4; Softball, 1, 2, 3; Track, 1, 2, 3.

Colon, Republic de Panama
Doesn't say much but is always in the thick
of things.
Baseball, 1. 2. 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Field,
1, 2, 4; Football, 3, 4; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Track,
1, 2, 4.

Buffalo, New York
"No, I'm the other one" a ga Iwith a winning
smile and nice apperaance she is full of
\r, I,,r 2. ;. 4 B r l l. i. .. 1. \ ,.l- l,.ll. 4

n i ti -1

- \. L il-.
XT \ F,. .


fr rr /'r., rr r,,o, t h i ,I
'J, ,.i 't ,

!i !

i MI I H
ti i. -RM AIN

Tampico, Mexico
"Jack" blond hair and blue eyes nt it
more be said popular with everyone.
Basketball, 3; Football, 3, 4; Track, 4; Jun,,.r
Class President, Sophmore English Class Reprr
tentative, Victory Corps President.

Houston, Texas
Studious looking... credit to B.H.S. and C.Z.J.t
future chemical engineer.
Freshman English Class Secretary.

Panama, Republic de Panama
Oodles of fun easy to get along with .
good sport and a hard worker.
Archery, ,2; Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball,
2, 3, 4; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4.

Phoenix, Arizona
Always full of pep ... a friendly word for
"Calling 111 Chl o;t-;" Virt,7 r--, Cr.rp- Reprepent3tivr.
l. Z..,,ati .. Bandl. 1 l.

Lieby ... worried about that report car(

. a friendly smile

Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Field,
1, 2, 4; Football, 3. 4; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Track,
1, 2, 4; Parrakeet Sports Editor, 3.

Newark, New Jersey
Turned-up nose and curly hair dry humor
forever on the tip of his tongue this class
prexy is popular with the gals.
Basketball, 1, 2; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Boxing, 4;
Class President, 4; Senior Picture Committee, 1:
S. A. Representative, 2.

Ancon, Canal Zone
"Nancy" an ideal friend easy to get
along with dependable a straight-for-
ward manner.
Archery, 1, 2, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 4; Pep Squad,
I, 2; S..fhball. 1, 2, 4; Tennis, 4; Volleyball, 1, 2, 4;
Victory Corps, 2, 3, 4; "Calling All Ghosts",
"(.,roing A Date", Dirr.',n., Producing, 2, 3, 4;
Sraeing. 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4; Zonian
Faculty Editor, 4; Pan-American Day Program,
Theodore Roosevelt Program.

Oswego, Oregon
Aims to please .. a disarming personality and
a sunny smile.
Baseball. 2; Basketball, 1, 2, 4; Field, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Softball, 4; Camera Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Zonian Photo-
grapher, 4; Radio Communications, 2.

Panama, Republic de Panama
A slick chick with an "A+" personality ..
never seen without "Millie".
Glee Club, Office Assistant.

Braintree, Massachusetts
"Pat" penetrating blue eyes and blonde
hair obliging and naturally nice .. a
smile that would thaw the coldest heart .
Oh! that Boston accent!
Victory Corps, 4; Zonian, 4; Camera Club, 1.

Detroit, Michigan
"Skeeters" just towers over the rest light
blonde and complete with car ... que physique!

\lMami. Florida
7.il'ri is his favorite pastime takes his
time but always gets there.
Baseball, 1; Football, 1; Victory Corps, 2, 3.




Atlantic City, New Jersey
The swoon boy of B.H.S...
with a personality to match.



Thirl lr' i r


L-.rain. Ohl,,

long, and fnrli arltiii- alo ill.

MN il,. rrm Flr,,la

"Pe. I ,'" ..iren R iaiJ i ui.7 tht I Z. iit
qllat l t'il s rprl Irig.

I- h.,r,-. 3.

Sin-lr.V. Ari'.-na

.,at feet .4 lui fl lta lluin hhri .. t.l, r- l n ,r,.
the grid'ron

Bads-hall. I. 2. .3. t. Ba-k.tbAll. I 2. 3. 4. F,...l.oll.
I. 2. .3. : ';,. l.i all. 2. 1: r.m muniirI;. 4: Tr i. k.
1. 2. 3. 4. B..wling. J. "B '* lu .. 2..'. 4. ,-, r:olr,
an.d Tr'--iir'r. 4: (.ip- an. (...in- iL.n lin ll r.-
SIane'P I..,,m-nhill I.

RUTH i nLi it. ( REI

Sinllr nnal I.1ll n
trill. e -It'll m l lr iinl ri.se .
Snairtitl, mpl. ...n .ilii hirr. l

,p.ni,-h II, .. : Juiinlr K in; i ,. *mri il-l- .. II
bAll. 1. Trnn.-. 1.

*7 '.., K un,,,,r, ,/l.ir,..,, ,il.

% AI.LiF. \ N i %\ .l. .

P.anam'. Repuili. de Pdan.ma

O Wii't illt nire ,1 l( i *7l/ her own Oh,
thtl giFciAe'

plni-Ih t..Il. 5,-'rr,' iar 4. lh.rini-. 2; Gler Cluh. 2.

J ,XtE. \4 'T \ ELn
\n,. n, ( r nal Z..ne

f(Jul' ifr.tefr .
i rriluaii.*u- prin

per.,n r blaU. Fies and a

B...l;, i- llh. \~ic Pr' -lent. -,pani-h Chlib, NaI\
IDa| Pr'.gr.m.

HIiRERT \ \ % ,\,ER
Br....kl,n. NeIw ..rk

'5 itn .7 itrui.r I rr, bl,-nd itiat a r-ptiatingi
F*. nirll /i .

Ba,-.-l ll 1.2. I. 4: Bj-k t.b ll. 3. 1. F4Fil 1.2. 3. 1;
F....i ali 1. 2. .1 111.11. i. j 1: Track, i.
\ ,.r I s ..rp-. 2. 3. 4: "r-n. and Fr l l", Fret-h
IlIn I.Ililj n. r Pit ,, /Z.*ir.n. 4: l'.irrlk cl pS.p r-
F..l ,,r, 1.

I,FIR1.[ K".\PP V '\KE
\r ..n. I anai Z. ne

,Irrt n.. i ..I i ell

B -i-.l ll. I. 2.
(IIt' I d .

S1 1i T T 1.
. AN 1\V \NEiF.


.aII I ("IIit*>"

4. Bj-k.i-lO 1l ". 1. F...tl, ll. I -4.

-- -` -




Ancon, Canal Zone
"Slim" tall, stately, and distinctive .
dresses in style a friend worth having.
Baseball, 4; Basketball, 4; Softball, 4; Tennis, 4;
Volleyball, 4; Spanish Club, 4; Victory Corps,
Staging, 4; Main Office Assistant, 4; Zonian, 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
"Lyn" adds cheer to all she undertakes.
Basketball, 1, 2; Softball, 1. 2; Volleyball, 1, 2;
Spanish Club, "There Will Always Be a Tomorrow".

San Salvador, El Salvador
"Dulie" raven tresses .engaging manner
competent and reliable attractive.
Archery, 1; Basketball, 1; Pep Squad, 2; Softball,
1; Volleyball, 1; Spanish Club, 3; Staging, 1, 2, 3;
Producing, 4; Chorus, 2; Main Office Assistant,
2, 3, 4; Zonian, 4; Navy Day Program, 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Versatile lass with plenty of class .friend
of all.
Archer. 1, 2; Basketball, 3, 4: Sifiball. 1, 2, 3, 4;
\ nlle ball. 2, 3, 4; G.A.A., 4; \ icirr Corps, 2, 3, 4;
Staging, 2, 3, 4; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; S.S. Orchestra,
Counselor's Assistant, 4.


Hyannis, Massachusetts
"PZ" go-getter .. ambitious and attractive
young lady one who is well-liked by fellow
Archery, 1; Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4; G.A.A., 2, 3, 4, Secretary;
Producing, 2, 3; Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 1, 2,
3, 4; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4; Dance Committee, 4;
Counselor's Assistant, 4; Zonian Sports Editor, 4;
Parrakeet, 4.

Globe, Arizona
"Lulu" knack for looking crisp and cool ..
enviable eye lashes pleasing personality.
Archery, 1, 2; Pep Squad, 1, 2; Art Club, 1, 2;
Chorus, 1, 2; Biology Class President, 4; Jr. Class
Vice-President, New Mexico; Junior-Senior Ban-
quet Committee, Junior II-h Office, 4; Zonian, 4;
Navy Day Program, 4.

Ancon, Canal Zone
Basketball star always smiling well-
liked by all.
Basketball, 3; Softball, 1; Volleyball, 1, 4; Spanish
Club President, 3; Acting, 1; Producing, 4; Chorus,
1, 2.

Panama, Republic de Panama
Tall and lanky sports a pipe ... a go-getter
in many things.
Football, 1, 2; Swimming, 3; Baseball, 4.

Wanke alone?


Ancon, Canal Zone
A sports lover quiet but a man of the world.
Archery, 1, 2. 3, 4; Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball,
1, 2, 3, 4; Field, 1, 2, 3, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4;
Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4: Swimming, 1, 2; Tennis, 4;
Track, 1, 2. 3, 4; Camera Club, 2, 3; Victory Corps,
2. 3, 4; Zonian Sports Editor, 4; Parrakeet Sports
Editor, 4.

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
A ravishing blond one who is never left out
of the crowd.
Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Style Show, 1, 2; Speech, 3.

Panama, Republic de Panama
Oustanding hep-cat of B.H.S. low languid
voice intense interest in dramatics.
S",;Iiii,.. 1; "Murder by Midnight", "Once and
FI.. \l', "Calling All Ghosts", "Poor Old Jim",
"A Voice In the Dark", "Tarnished Witherspoons",
Chorus, 1, 2; Zonian, 4; Declamation Program,
Speech Programs.

Minneapolis, Minnesola
Graceful well-mannered "divinely fair".
Band, 2, 3: Chorus, 2, 3.

Framingham, Massachusetts
Dry Yankee wit .. famous for his speeches .
everyone is a "supporter for Porter".
Baseball, 1, 2, 3; Basketball, 1, 2; Football, 1, 2.
3. 4; Softball, 3; Victory Club, 2, 3, 4; Little
Theatre, 1; President, 2; Vice-President, 4;
Sophmore Dance Committee, Ring Committee, 3;
Picture Committee, 4.

Panama, Republic de Panama
Tall and thin Harry James of B.H.S....
well-known in the field of swimming.
Baseball, 1; Football, 1; Softball, 1, 2; Swimming.
1, 2, 3, 4; Water Polo, 3, 4; Acting, 1; Band, 1, 2,
3, 4; Chorus, 1, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2; Orchestra, 1, 2,
3, 4; Casaloma Orchestra, Theatre Orchestra.

Chester, \ V.r:rlj.
A dynamo of energy with an irresistible person-
ality a combination of small turned-up nose,
sparkling eyes, and wit makes her well-liked
B.-k. ilAll. 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Squad, I. -,,1~. ll, 1 4;
Swimming, 1; Volleyball, 3, 4; S'..I. [I., ( lub, 3,
G.H.S.; Girl Reserves, 1, 2, 3, G.H.S.; "Leave It
To Grandma", Acting, 1, 3; Chorus, 1, 2, 3; Glee
Club, 1, 2, 3; President, 3, G.H.S.; Vice-President,
2, G.H.S.; Secretary, 4; Cards and Announcements,
4; Banquet Committee, G.H.S.; Dance Committee,
3. G.H.S.

Scranton, Pennsylvania
A fellow who will always be remembered among
his fellow classmates.
Softball, 1; Baseball, 1, 2, 3; Swimming, 1; U. S.

! Qun personality!

i tI. iER ,HE.:' K: Ef.

Thirty -.ix


4vow St41de4 .

john Mcqiuw
yali johIWaC4w
QeG49e 9ec/de
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Octawka Qa4i/ctoa
9esome /p94ace
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yoalada1 Ppazede
name4 Mwslcy
/idam/ Olie0"
RadoanPiZ RaCmmie
Reitealo CGavena

Mannie .2'uintee
/cnch SLdian
wawn <(.ewwMe /2"dch
/Afez t 4t/Aaywcnf
2ic4 PcPte4

M4tUon who went toI Glege
Iddi-eV, YeaW
S&tdee, unlke

r I.; Li



r r *1- r

II .J II I InS J IJ-.=Ila4Jj'-t I II j I I I I I If-

P"'f rf

^ J.J U J I

S/. .:

Words and Music by John M. McGinnis

Seniors, stand up and sing;
Let all our voices ring.
Papers are in and the books are read;
We turn our eyes to the dreams ahead.
We hesitate as we go,
Thinking of friends we know.
Fondly we sing this tune.
We want to remember the days from September to early in June.

Here's to the times we knew,
A smile and a soft goodbye.
Here is a cheer for you,
Old Balboa High.
We worked and we played,
And we fought and we made,
And we're proud of the job we've done.

We come to the end at last.
High school years are passed,
Years that were filled with our tears and joys,
The laughs and loves of the girls and boys.
So thanks be to Mom and Dad
For all the fun we had,
All of it gone too soon.
We want to remember the days from September to early in June.



t i'

Ijy*fL(* lyra- JIL~lC



~ ..,




Popularity Pictures by LaClair




T "'''


*. .

T-+ ... .e-' I "q+

fa9uG Mcqcinuw and Octagia Qa Uliit


ce4e4 bcW an aCw adwa Sc.h4e"




P 7, e


edeei M/oie and JaCence Sule

r, : -


I 211








Qec&e Medde and /ett faae ReVi





/AP Au4& and g/amU 7atle


/,Wwu2a _c J-cIaed, a2dl OnieX0


-WI sk




.. *

.is Paie4 a di MldUed/ ~Seda

(;ood looks went to college-
"Ruthie'" and Jack


*~n 8
- W'


Ra^neu ip

"' .- fin. d Aol \ 2' oi th/e it ii pirarde

The brain trust-
Mildred Monroe and Ricaurte Rivera


~: *t:

11"ll + 6,bl1 rel = 7 l .le t ti ,..,ll

J4. 0*4

m!an mm ANEWmm.

iw -y.'f ; .

t~L~r fl *i~T~ : r
L~'~LL.J :

'rr B
r~ ~r
"P,~a~'r~ .
i-. .

* .

. -


f.1 .-





*I h T' ,- io l Spl.lls-t
fthilet,-, Tlnr'e
and Tot,

"Frie /ill" i' the unrl
for Hill and ( nrol

--. d


In a 'ar like that
no It nndirr
"Butr-'". BetL\.
and llhbrt ari
"ail-rnund ".'

Raltf, na popular
Hlarrell and
llannip Quinliet,


.-^ c<,

" _
* i^


Rutl, ttleri, 1/ o'l/ /lln i'tlr ri lhi all il .' rOnI pi .


d. et

I ,

. 1





C7//. 9 Skdieg

The Student Association of Balboa High School holds the
master key to all the other organizations and activities of
the school. The officers and council of the Student Associ-
ation serve as the student government and coordinate all
extra curricular affairs of the school.
The officers of the Student Association are the president
and the vice-president elected at the end of the school year
from the Junior Class to serve the following year. This
past year Ian J. Johnson was president and John M. McGinnis,
vice-president. Louise Harrell was appointed secretary. Mr.
E. W. Hatchett worked with the officers and council as ad-
The council of the S.A. consists of the president, vice-
president, secretary, and four representatives from each of
the four classes. During the past year this council met every
Wednesday morning.
During the summer preceding this year, the S.A. began
a new project, the S.A. Club. A large dance was held in the
school library announcing the club, which opened two weeks

Top to Bottom: Gentlemen, the president of the Student Association
.. more fun! John McGinnis, the guardian of the S.A. funds. Take
a letter, Louise. HiB.2 conference, President Sule and Mr. Hatchett.

later in ihe rimnis oi tllih first thli nai the
juniiir hi'_h [L' ilh iit 'g. Cri.'td ..I tu'iieil -
SanIe Ia, tle, lull e\i SLatrd.1 night Itl d.ii'-.
Ini the l ullU-i Jerrr PragPi'- iiil e-ira 1*r the
luke l,.. tI, -hJria 3niruuiI the irelrlli -hiil
iat Ir hl1e pin.-p.ill IJlae Ir -iinpl,% [i l1hat
a ,,oiid time. hI h S. ol-eiated tlihe ilul %,ith
eat. i la> Ilakiny i. lJr-re ,i .t a dilfi'eni Saiturdi-t
nliht. All pi' 'fii- ier0' -penl t i n ii iiipr,.tl -eiin' I-.
The -sCho. l -yer painedd ith a..l- ele iii,-
anid j faurnjul Fle .li.n iimria.Jien'rlt itm .-i
lihe se(,nd nieek. Thire 5.\. ,niiutiu'd in high
/ear thriil:hiili the ePar. Dam3, -. pi'ici-.
I la3s p.rlir.'i n iPllJi IIIr- d ile lrtill,.,r ml~ t
i..in- ere all -.plin-i-reld l i thll ,--.-eiatitr.
"lhr-re iij- .11 ev,. 'lllE re-pinal-r, I i Ilt' iner
lerrh;ip drie %it l'-. th.in ine per recent
thlie -tudenrt b,,.d failing I., .ubs< rJi.e. \\X ni th,-
ijlirrila-e at Jn S.1. li. kelt. tud'nt- re rit,',l
admniii-i.i. tr daJii-''. plas\-. the A I luil and
ail-, received lihe -, h,-il nerilpjp'i.
S.A. repr'eentatite'-. ,ial-ered at all ,' ,h,,l
pnrL,1rani anid '-l- A. a.n -'' ll-isilr -131'l
,oiciled fund, I'.r the e.arl"b."k. The L.iltth
Theatre pldass furni-shed additional inAr ni'. All
awards %%ere paid fr t' th,- ".A.
ithi- \ear S.A. iemInr'llier iih re -.i[akhilidt-r- in
a rion-prulit i arpairaltin ~hii h paid tilp d \-
ided-.. Tlie \-.t liLan. -pla in-,,red pri,jri s-
lillaned and e-\et utld U hi and l\ tlhe -tIanlriI'l.

T.,p to Rottun," All right Bill\. i..,n'i ill ie l.jll,.I
i',,. Saturday rn1;hi in lie ,'ii rime ,,' a.'n. ',Aw i" ,,r
h,,I. Ill i) ll thl -[, t. N., -I' l.r .a'- 1' ljrit-n.lrr- dt
l-ir ..- \ Inb. N..% ., .id h,- .. i, hai

Ell, [IH It %I [I l


The tables are turned in Room 116 when we snoop on the super-
snoopers, the staff of the Parrakeet. Checking on names, we find the
following newshounds hard at work.
Editors-in-chief-three of 'em! Jean Carson, who served as a reporter
last year, started as ed for the first three editions. Helen Dolan edited three
more and then retired in favor of Jimmy Murray.
News Eds Helen Madrigal and Frances "Fay" May were responsible
for putting your name in the paper, and what they didn't know about,
Assistant News-Scout Phil Bauman did.
SHead Editorial Writer was Jimmy Murray, praising and prodding to
action everything and everybody in school. More editors! Nanette Lynch
headed the girls' sports section, assisted by Phyllis Zemer. In the boys'
sports department, Bob VanWagner and Charles "Chuck" LeBrun brought
in the bitter and bright of the year in athletics. John McGinnis was in
charge of the new literary page, FHl M\I THE INKWELL. He was assisted
by a junior, Victor Dunaway. Another junior was Joke Editor Mildred
"Millie" Woodruff, who did PEEK AND BOO, our corn column, complete
with cobs. Octavia "Tavy" Garlington was art editor. Deena Koch mailed
our exchanges and Ruth Smith was make-up editor.
Ed Schnake was advertising artist deluxe for the paper and Sue Hand,
assisted by Helen "Chickie" Hobbs and Gloria Caries, took care of circula-
tion. Bob McIlvaine qualified as picture director.
Columns came to the fore this year and included favorites such as QUE
SLEPKISH by "Tavy" Garlington, FLICKER FLASHES by Eleanor
Llopis, THE STUDE S SPEAK by John McGinnis, and COVER GIRL
by Ruth Smith.


i: -i


%I, I ? I


And that's not all! Helen Madrigal' LUNDER
COVER, Helen Dolan's JUKE BOX JIVE, Kenneth
Borsch's INQUIRING REPORTER, and Mickey
Shutt's INTERVIEW ARTICLES were regulars too.
Four fledglings, Diana Humber, Pat Mayo, Pam-
ela Btesh, and John Axe, with the juniors already
mentioned, give promise of an excellent Parrakeet
in the future.

Business Manager Ed Schnake was a super-
salesman. He and his ad sellers could be seen rush-
ing off to Panama after school and on Saturdays.
Ed was assisted by Yolanda Paredes and Phyllis
Zemer, who typed his letters and bills.
Ad sellers included Barbara Schnake, Jerry
Prager, Billy Oliver, Nanette Lynch, Mary Lou
Haines, Albert Attaway, Kenneth Borsch, Phyllis
Zemer, Pat Mayo and Diana Humber.

The Parrakeet is proud of its First Class Honor
Rating from the National Scholastic Press Associa-
tion. Almost all the members of the staff are eligi-
ble for membership in Quill and Scroll or for Quill
and Scroll Creative Writing Awards.



. i~


'7 7 -- *--~;~



,^^W^ ^aK ^

77 I,

l ...1/if.1,,,, I*f,.', r ,(r,, A',( ") f F.,II" O,.lll l, l (,ur1rler..

The door of Room 116 slammed violently as Octavia (Fran-
tic-for-Time) Garlington, ye old Editor-in-Chief, dashed madly
in with sheafs of layouts, papers and ideas to be greeted by
Prager and Reif (What'll-We-Use-For-Ideas), Assistant Editors.
Together they rushed to Miss Thomas, A for Adviser, where
1 i e-l-1.mre) May, our Business Manager; Zemer and Lynch,
our Undaunted-in-the-face-of-all-odds Girls' Sports Editors and
Camille Christopher (When does the Art Club meet?), Club
Editor, all waited insistently for help, while, over in a corner,
LeBrun, Murray and VanWagner were beating their heads to-
7ether fnr inspiration n hav' ~ports.
Fl.,.,-d lighit- laileied. a- 1. I, Iainie I,-d ph,.tographers
iChenet (t,,,-,-r jk. n ir Hans,,in. and Grinl .tl r u poseI i
s.1.,thet ,,,z n ,,r ,- lenir hal halten t It ..--Ur piclure ? "

T,,, r, R .i -, r n.-tl P I i.,,rapih, r- H an-. .n. I-, nli, (, .r.ni r n C -.tpil r
. ; ~ ~ 4 n..l s,.rnhidi-h B..-.n,-a 1 Fasm;. r NFr.r.e 11a. PR--ldarti com.rnmense.
"'l 1, .. r.,r," b..I, 1,ll ,n Pii, ,r,- D r ,r r, r EJ \aE.t
%X i r ~ r. [.4I Br,. ai,, 11. rra~ .Ir,.k.- anJ OIlei. T"rh-JITr Edit.,rs.

~t;% &


hailed t.,, dejet led -taff niemn.-r-,. iina.llri Sliniiakc
and Oliter. Ier the pliu.ht if the dramatic -e.inii.
Oter all this a -,arrnm .f t1 p.- riter;- lalterrd irinp.rt-
diill\ a. the St nioI Sideline C.',minitrt I Hairn-s. I)i, k
-,ni. Hendrik,. Hand. \irrrer arid [i:laiil I rundl
then-ele ne ilth la;t miriniiute iuo .- irk. deladmi r hair-
Ita il ng Mc irGinli. %i itlh [peti tda ular JInul ni it Iriu-i
-e, llin %ork I, be done.
Huddled al 'l\ lherii-rli s behind a I luttere'd tale.
Giuine-. Carimii anid %arner kept ,hi-ppring In ,-a, li
.ither. -"'lihh. -hhh. it'z a .- ,%-.'" ,\ter tlie p'pi'ulal ilt
re-ults. imiu h t) Ihe l .hagriln ,of .ur Pii lure (Ciriinittlle
.I ZLent. O'Brien. and C..tlper. Obt in-us -1I thi, all
Ndlan\ Sulli\an ,at .trugligm ilth a onIflu-ing li-l itf
IJaulil degrer- and alma ImlPr-..
And -11 le- Ialf toiled -, n in[-i Ih,' ni. hil hinl
%Fi-'hl and Snllh i.lurltingl. ,r-unmliri anid r'- ...Ullliti
I ll it would i.nl\ reach .110J %, rd-! I. iniiipeliin. %ilh
a de-rperate adlertive--eekinrg eni'.'r (Clniiilltir. hriad,
ed ks Ta"-sell. Arnid all thii Beterl Cd.har inira.ulhuq-i
i anie Ihri.h i ilth a ;shea f ketclihe- It d, tlhe \rt
nlaff pr-tud. A heath, line "a- had lib all!

Fr t,, Tip tou f.r t, It .i,. Z...nir n tir]-' sp..rr- DU. pai
rr-ri- mr-i ajn Lnnch. (i.lln il. .I f -lir ". rtl u, p -ti ff [..'*
ranking a.l --ll.-r-. P.rler. clihrijk' ist jin B.ir-. Il. will
AJ,%- -i Haict'hlu In ite," .1rn .r. Br-,rbl I iu p. I rt I .r l i.r.
Gain-,-. i' Il1i P.puL.irill L.niTrirlr' anJ a d ial .--i-IJ1l Hinil
anrl T\pi-t lt- in.n Nidll \--i~1-inl Ta -ctIl adn P'l..l..;rarJ.I r
\lummjl i Fa .i lli Edl.ir Iill tani i jl.l I,-ri-ral I-rlr i.r- U..Ian
and I mrith I hint Edit r i hr;-hi. l r antd Pi.itr. s ialf / 1il
and C ..*.per. Th,-. a3d II.-r- male ta i-._'2-r and I.-i'-r v-.tjr
b,,.,k p.--.bl-.






^f ttW d *


- a/

^ -

r i"

Making up backstage

W"-&l- ifgWi '1n

"But there ARE thirteen bodies in the cellar!"

During its eleventh season the Balboa Little Theatre
sponsored several notable productions, among them Joseph
Kesselring's "Arsenic and Old Lace," presented at the Balboa
Clubhouse Theatre, Thursday, November 9. The cast included
Oiclaia Carlinlitin. NaneT'll L\rnh. John IiGinnis. and Billk
Oliver in the leadin- rles.. and Laurence Fortner. Richard Her-
man. Pegg\ Sl.e-ier. Edw.ird S hnake. Jerrs Praper. Diik
_u i_ u lill. Di k C.ti. n.i. and Michael Da s.un in the .upporlinl

[, Ed%%ard S -hnake. ( ),la ia Garlington and Bill Oliker.
The .-.ond lubhl ,uer pld.. "Triple Tr..ulle." %as pre-
sw-nledl on Thursda\. Feblruar\ 15. The leading par-s "ere
Spla\ed b E eile n i ... .r.i. 'rankie N..rrell. ai d O la\ ia Gailin -
S..n. \l-. in lthe, A .I r J.ik Mi .r. e. Ed,,ard Schnake. BoL

"Now Jonathan!"

THEATRE, 1944-1945
McIlvaine, Betty Gaines, Nancy Sullivan, Beverly Buckaloo, Joan Bentz,
Ruth Catherine Taylor, and Jerry Prager.
The Balboa Little Theatre is the only high school dramatic group in
or out of the continental United States. listed in the National Little The-
alre Direi tlr\,. B H... lia- held Ihi- lislina fi)r eleven sears.
.'enii'r ctimpetling f''r L)iamnid Mlasque-. the highest a'ard pre-
-irei:d in draiidatic s. % ere (i td\i. Garli iltin. Nainetre L\ nc h. NdnrN
Sulli3aii. Eileen Mlr re F r Scnake.Edd Billh Oli\er. Jerr\ Prager. and
Jnlhn \Mle inni-. .11 ofi the-.- senioir-s liae played major role' in ilub-
h'uI'-se pla'\. all ha\e taped and produ. ed. and man\ ha\e directed
fre-lItnh en iin one-.a pld\s at the Little Theatre. The tinner-. itho i an
number ,ni\ six. tere announced at the annual Balboa Little Theatre
Banquet held in May at the Hotel Titlli.
\nd '- the ,-urtain fall- on the ele\ienth siict.e"ful sea'aon If the
PJalhuu Little Theatre.

Poor Old Jim!!!

"-i ,i ,

'. rA, up the band with the B.H.S. musicians

Ea \h ,-ar the Balboa High School Music De-
Ialrtllent contributes to the cultural life of the
IsIhmius with several programs of classical
,mush The annual Christmas Music Program
aid the Music Festival in the spring are events
,I hl, patrons of B.H.S. anticipate with pleas-
t em, lI year.

11i, or.. Branstetter on the job
Vocal solo iront the Christmas program




L. .f s. Mai

The maestro rapped for attention and raised his baton. The twenty-fourth annual
program of Christmas music under the stars in the grade school patio was about to
begin. Before it was over the audience was convinced that this year the B.H.S. \I,.'r
Department was tops. A chorus of 170 and an orchestra of 40 played and sang such
numbers as Handels "Hallelujah Chorus," Gounod's "Sanctus" and \1.1- .l'1n.'s "In-
termezzo" from "Cavalleria Rusticana." Soloists were John \hl (;iirni-. baritone vocal-
ist; Dorothy Bigelow, trumpet; and Dick Colston, trumpet. This program and all of
the others presented during the year were successful through the untiring efforts of
our director, Mr. Neil V. Branstetter.
The school band was active throughout the year, "pepping it up" at the big games,
marching in parades, pla\ili for the Navy Day and Pan-American Day Programs.
and Jppearing in the Music Festival. The orchestra presented music for the Little Thea-
tre plays, gave several pr-,grjini- for service men and topped off the Music Festival.
The chorus highlighted both the Christmas program and the Festival.
Regular practices for all three music organizations, band. orchestra, and chorus,
were held on every school day. All members performed in public with their groups.
No individual instruction was given but wide experience was offered in group work.
Studreni participating learned the value of co-operation in music and in life.

The chorus blends its voices in Handel's "Messiah"


George Fedde, Victory Corps Student Leader

Over the top in the War Fund Drive

During the past year, the Balboa High School Victory
Corps, under the direction of George Fedde, has continued
its record of war service. Since the outbreak of the war the
Victory Corps has contributed half a million magazines to
men in the armed service the world over.

Competition is keen among homerooms, a silver cup be-
ing presented to the leading room.
Edwin Baumbach was in charge of stamping, sorting, and
distributing the magazines. He sends the magazines wherever
they are needed-perhaps to the Red Cross, perhaps to the
Seaman's Service Organization, or perhaps to the docks. The
last shipment of 18,000, which was taken to the docks, was
gone in five hours.
Letters of thanks pour into the Balboa High School mail-
box from all over the world. England. North and South
America, and the South Pacific are just a few of the places
from which we have received letters of appreciation.

$100.00 was contributed to the War Fund, and canned
food, clothing, games, cards, etc., have been sent to the Red
Cross, which in turn has distributed them to orphanages or
others in need.

Hall a million magazines!


Fedde and "Staff"

The purpose of the Biology Club is to promote an understanding and appreciation of our tropical wild life. At
its meetings the club conducted discussions. The subjects included snakes, butterflies, and dinosaurs. An
especially interesting meeting was one at which James van't Veld reported on Dutch South Africa. Twice the
club attended nrlti;n,- of the C.Z.J.C. Natural Science Society. The club sponsor is Mr. George Lee. The
officers are as tollows: Vie Dunaway, president; James van't Veld, vice-president; Marilyn Rapparport, secretary.

Moonlight rides and picnics from the stables at Old Panama, and a Horse tI..h. the first in B.H.S. history,
highlighted the program of the Riding Club. The president was Peggy Mummaw. The sponsor is Miss Pat

The aim of the Camera Club this year was to encourage amateur photography in B.H.S. The club made trips
to photo shops in Panama City and to the photographic unit of the Army at P. A. D. The club provided dark-
room facilities for members. The sponsor was Mr. Phil Green. Officers of the club included Owen Smith,
president, and Marie Grimm, secretary.

The gay posters advertising the activities around B.H.S., many of the dance programs, the .-ninii for the Fashion
Show, and Christmas and Thanksgiving programs were all made by the Ait Committee. Beverly Chan is
chairman for the seniors; Barbara Barr, for juniors; Lois McIntyre, for sophomores; and Joan Horter, for
freshmen. Miss Beatrice Gardner sponsors the committee.

These gay rumba-minded students have enjoyed an active program this year, including dancing to Spanish music
and pi, ni-ckinr at FarFan. The Spanish Club had charge of the Carnival Dance at the Hotel Tivoli on Febru-
ary 9. Lllu Z- ni was crowned queen and the students swayed to that Latin beat. Sponsored by Mr. Allen Ward,
this is the largest club in school this year. Officers of the Spanish Club include: Ricaurte Rivera, president;
Alda Cohn, vice-president; Maria Elena Valdes and Yolanda Paredes, secretaries; Patsy Thompson, treasurer.

i iL-CrZa iE!I

Horowitz, Rubinstein, Tchaikowsky are all friends of these music-minded people. During its sessions the club
has listened to rehearsals of the Panama National S \mphon and has discussed and criticized recordings. The
members plan to enjoy music more through knowing it. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Helen C. Baker. Officers
include Eileen Moore, president; Nancy Sullivan, vice-president; Camille Christopher, secretary.

o sin




'Y I

1. Our mathematics program begins with algebra for the freshmen. Here Mrs. Wanlass helps a student work out a problem. 2. An
expensively equipped library of 8800 volumes open wide fields of research and entertainment to every student. 3. The problems
of lines and angles are introduced to the sophomore through plane geometry. Here is a hard-working class. 4. The senior, after
advanced algebra and solid geometry, finishes his course with trigonometry. 5. A strong accent is placed on mental and physical


Y ~


44~ 'A1





1I '..

^ .:s


hygiene. Here Dr. Eugene lectures to a physical education class in our large gymnasium. 6. Practical training is offered in metal
shop, woodshop, and auto-mechanics. Here Mr. Green shows how. 7. The basic science of 1..l...I is studied by sophomores. Field
trips into the jungle and the best equipment make lessons easier. 8. The assembly line .I rli metal shop is complete in detail.
9. Principles of physics become simple to the seniors with modern apparatus available. 10. T-square and triangle help the future
draftsmen in our spacious mechanical drawing rooms. 11. This cutter in the metal shop rounds off the thousands of dollars worth
of equipment which makes B.H.S. tops.




A not-so-energetic student,
but an ardent Sea Scout.

L n.ll, t ,IrrI,, brain, on,/ t.ri, n

gSewu,4 t4qw/ Sc~/Iza


u -I


4fir. i.i, ,r. glamourous office
Lee Fice


.4n energetic
itldent and
un ardent
Ilatiner 1i
L llian.

Geoffrey has
done his best
to add melody
to the
Glee Club

Juen 0 Brien a,
Hatlte I airn~gr
an the ,ntl/.ii.

\ "[

R.,,lr ila,,r ,hs a, a ral /,na,. / ifth
a p,,,, t.'Pii- p.',1,.11,




Frank may be another Walt
Disney. Who knows?



S B'.b Simms, after notching
hI, r,av in the sports world,
takes a break

It, ,r r.ul "up and coming"


Geur'' Ilevisre
tiln'e is spent
t h', l.ir, n booil,

Queen L,,u ,n ~ hrunni
as .,11 u ,r,,,

t.iil,. t t, ,1 l ot ,

SenieU QAnd Sc0oo0



-V 4
^ .1**,^

q* -*
''*-* -



1. ? Qui6n esta chingongo? 2. Wide open spaces. 3. Fill 'er up. 4. Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to school we go. 5. Honest-
it's really fun. 6. Why the smiles? Nobody owes money. 7. Did you ever see frost in Panama? 8. Oh, boy! All these "A's"
to give out. 9. "The sunshine ol your smile-" 10. Trip the light fantastic (or swing and sway the Esser way). 11. B.H.S. is
doing fine (or the home team goes over). 12. Now it's in print. 13. Take a letter, girls.



~- c






1', --
\^ ,,

1. "Cuddle Up a Little Closer" 2. "Dancing in the Dark" ... 3. "And the Band Played On" 4. "Dance
With a Dolly" ... 5. "I'll Walk Alone" .. 6. "As Time Goes By" .. 7. -- and Coca-Cola"


'` ~"' B


rt ; f



* ~ir

%~4j4~A~Y .4


" I r

Df ^.

A? 3

O ~
r, 3

.- i


Ike lea

4. Refreshments needed between

1. Golden Anchor Ceremony

2. College and B.H.S. march to-
gether down the field.

3. A cheer for B.H.S. in the High
School-College game
4. Refreshments needed between

5. Balboa's rooters watch the
Cristobal game.

6. Senior popularity contest un-

7. West Point applicants line up
for inspection.

8. The "B" Club lassies' first
glamour pose

9. Grab bag-senior party

10. The senior party-the pie must
taste good.

11. Chow line at the S.A. Club

12. Sweet memories from the
Christmas dance

13. The Senior team's mermaids

14. Classes cheer their swimming
teams, hoping for victory.

15. Pull, Seniors, pull!

16. Fashion Show models

rT'P Ar
v l ~tr



V .,



-F -v.-~l~


1 s niL' in;. lIIIn .i Nt. .'i. I. 2. I.-tl in; .in.IlirhII-I ll ik (on lil '. .~qi-I.ik\ f :(. lt.h himl.n LunIOrti.i n-
ist. 5. Rudy Valentino, 11. 6. Nothing like a little good clean fun. 7. How 'bout a lift, big boy? 8. "Land's
End." 9. Ahaaaaaaa! 10. Owwooooooooo!! 11. Isn't it rather uncomfortable? 12. The pause that refreshes.
13. Lookout! You'll mess up the gun! 14. Oh, you great big gorgeous hunk of man! 15. Ain't it a crime!
16. Sue has her own quaint way of plJiinl softball!



1 I

- >-*&


~;u. ~



- I

1. Iz oo having fun mIlkin_, dwate big squooshy mud pies? 2. Well lit up. 3. Why, John, you lazy old thing.
you! 4. Well, shut my mouth! 5. Roll snake-eyes this time, Elia. 6. The Honorable Robert McIlvaine, Esq.
7. "Texas Al" eyes the vittles. 8. Boy, you really put your foot in it that time! 9. Caught in the act. 10. Ho
hum-they get to be such a nuisance after a while. 11. Up to no good! 12. Who's that blonde that just walked
in? 13. Peek-a-boo! 14. It was bound to happen sooner or later! 15. Outstanding student of '44-'45. 16.
Two leaders-TACA and Porter.

i I
I mm

i ::


:~:~m; ~r

4F J






^_- :r ,,.^

% 1



4 2r





I.*m." -I h.. ana ^.-
-,w-- 0 -& -

We Reme#,e4/






A : .***

rc V,, j




. r



" i


46aund Sceh0o6



;. .

T- y
'; j t




~' ? ;~:

4-amsau 1ace6 .

I ,zh r

-: :I'

F L*

IL Im"



" .r A


v*-' =-r




.... .cand Places

L,rhl, :,1,.'

-Y P; i

v --..^ I
-Io .--/i



Jcead~t/iiel c{ I/4-/245


5. New Seniors Take Office To-
15. Officers For Year Announced at
First S.A. Dance, Hotel Tivoli


27. Students Troop to Balboa Club-
house For Navy Day Program


1. High School Girls Face Col-
lege Net Stars
9. C.Z. Populace Slain by "Ar-
senic and Old Lace"
17. B.H.S.-College Grid Battle Ends
in Tie; Anchor Still Neutral
Senior Formal Tonight at Hotel
22. Ciphers Again Adorn Score-
board as C.H.S., B.H.S. Tie,



Half-Pint Haines is Heroine in
Balboa-Cristobal Volleyball Tilt
Speech Students Lay 'em in
Aisles With Humorous Read-
Junior Christmas Formal at
Hotel Tivoli Tonight
Traditional Music of Annual
Program Helps Students Catch
Holiday Spirit

MARCH, 1945

Boys Play Cristobal in Baseball
B.H.S.-College Track Meet To-
Music Festival Has Wide Ap-
peal For Balboans




24. New Assembly Programs Inau-
eurated Today
Fashions Go on Parade at An-
nual H. H. Arts Style Show
26. High School, College Girls Play
Top Rank Basketball in Battle
For Court Supremacy




Climax of Girls' Basketball Sea-
son Comes in Cristobal Game
Queen Goes to Court at Carni-
val Dance
Boys Meet College on Softball
Diamond Today
"Triple Trouble" Comes to Bal-
boa Second Little Theatre
Speech Students Have Annual
Cristobal is Host to Balboa
Softball Team

APRIL, 1945

6. Juniors, Seniors Strut at Annual
13. High School Girls Meet College
Softball Team Today
28. Girls Journey to Gold Coast
For Softball Battle

I I,

MAY, 19'4.

Little Theatre Banquet is To-
Boys Tangle With C.Z.J.C. Bas-
ket Quintet
Scribes Hold Banquet
Last Dance of Year is Tonight's
Junior Formal
Speech Students Give Final
Program Today
G.A.A. Throws Annual Banquet
B.H.S. Five Meets Cristobal for
Annual Basket Battle
"B" Club Enjoys Yearly Ban-

JINE, 1945

1. Seniors to Get Walking Papers Tonight at Commencement Exercises

'~c'i .fi,-

Phlt by LaClair
GaIMiai 2Ueen.

Carnival .. Music and dancing .... Color . And over
it all reigned beauty, the beauty of lovely Lou Ellen Zent.
She wore bud-green-a slim-waisted, halter-ribboned gown-
and a jewelled crown, which tried, with faint success, to
equal the sparkle in her dark eyes.


-1 r


t Rff
'trA ?U1t



E 'i.6~pV8iI



"i -


... -. ". -" ,. ,.:i
_. ."' -.

1*~' -. '




~ 8~f~~!65 ~ l!~

: .' '.1

c/J V. c:o Szpo4da

F:_- :;*

" ~-~n-- -~


qkimple l 4e i.




-i 11




t m


The 1944 Balboa All-Star football team, captained by triple-threat Harold Tuttle, and under the guidance of Coach C. A.
Humphries, though undefeated, gained second place in the Big Three Conference.
Losing practically the entire 1943 squad, Balboa has come through with some fine backs in Dedeaux. Wallace, Kelly and
"Speed Boy" Ostrea. Big "Red" Tuttle was the most experienced back on the squad, having a year of All-Star behind him.
He returned at the quarterback post. Al Attaway and Robinson Ramirez, also on the squad last year, returned this season.
A shoulder injury early in practice sidelined Ramirez the remainder of the season. Attaway, a deadly runner, alternated with
Tuttle at quarterback. Bob Simms, a first year man on the squad, is a fine passer and occasionally gets off some large
gains. Chet Trim, still another first-year gridman, who hails from Louisiana, held down the second-string fullback position.
Shifting to the line, we see an array of line talent, the most outstanding being 185-pound Foster Esleck, a dynamo of
grinding bone and gristle, who paired with Jim Claxton, also tipping the scales at 185 pounds, made the line extremely
powerful. Assisting were two hard-driving speedy boys in Bob Engelke and Bill Bartholomew, who held down the first
string guard slots. Over the ball was able 170-pond Dick Biava, who did some fine ball snapping.
Mannie Quintero and "Sonny" Smith, teamed together, gave B.H.S. a pair of really talented ends. 'ri.lr-r.-iijl\inr
this top-rate line are second-string ends Bill Bauman and Bob Van '3-n.-rr. tackles John McGinnis and 205.u,..nl "Bu'-"
Little, guards Marcel Martin and Jos6 Naranjo and at center huge 225-pound Bill Weatherby.
Coach Humphries declared that the one thing the squad lacked as a whole was experience. He stated that there would
be a fine squad next year if these same boys stayed around. Possessing mostly a defensive team, with a flashy offensive
displayed at times, B.H.S. looks forward to the coming season to avenge the two ties.

Tuttle kicks out of a hole

Kunkel returns a punt

2 11

A .


B.HI.S.-C.Z.J.C. Game
qT- l ,r II., B.1l ,.. ll.,toru i',uhi
I.h- Juinr I ,Il-k(, h, a 0 1) dl'dl,,ck
'n,~n -a .uip'rl .l The hr.I hall

Sr 1, 011r1r I.. llH 3llld R'And l itil rind

-li, hi h -. h.,,I 1., t I II ball. Trht
c.l-g.,- p..inn d d-J .. tH i, ti .
Ilirratl.nng I., p llh Ihb pi.L-irn .'r-r
H.. pa Jr. -] it wh n th,- hrgh -1,g h .1
.lur i tlphirnv, n Jup I. -,,o ib ,hr. at
In Ihe bImuri h qlnJrlr tIr I, Inlin;
IHH l,: wa. rer-Inr t-d. In tIli l.-i, -,
I rn.t. Fullbatk H. Tolile harekl
mi--rd a hell ;..-i

H Tutth 1,it. 1 A.'" hu'

II, *.!eu rr.. ri,. i i 1

Eighty-eight -

* T' *'. i '- r f ,"*-A-w
,.-* ,. *. ; ... .
'" ';-,* >."* :' j .+s H.


f It ri trein lelt t,, rliih kllh. \\ .A l
lac1 'maih. F-Ir:k. Lnr-Ik-. Biia.
Barlh)l..mi-,. LIa rni. iiiuii ri.. D)r
*lurJ,\ nrd Tlilllr. RII. ru., tr...rn I,*l
ri ri.ht O-trt'.. \Aialaa Biiinan.
1h(,,r.ni-. ,d.mm-. Narjni.r. r,-alhrbr
Marlin. L;uil,. \ in At Jinii-r. I rni.
RHamrt.z .in I ,a. h Hiir'mlphrir-

T7h 1,.., ritl, ru,in / itl it. ri hr
F lrn l-.6 irlI. Il n rl. M i lih.111. P..r
Ir r. Ri. FtIr. an, \\ jrk. 7Th,
I,.I. I n. ir.. w I. /.I if r. chti BRJl
neji h. \V llj1 i. ki ...r i ,nlI .ill.. 1i

/Ir II Stars receive advice from their coach. Rli. B.H.S. rooters
cheering their team on

C7/. A.
c ~cS

- 0

Cibson around right end
for a gain

Tuttle about to start around left end for a short gain


Displaying great defensive ability
throughout the entire game, the Cristo-
bal eleven gained a tie with Balboa at
Strode Field.
Balboa won the toss, and Captain
Harold Tuttle elected to kick. Max
Weich took the kick deep in Cristobal --
territory, but he was t.ig.ed before he
could get started. Several runs were .
tried but were not successful in gaining .
and the ball was kicked back to Balboa. ..,
Dedeaux received the kick and ran .-. ..,, *..-.
it back 20 yards. On the first play, .
Dedeaux carried the ball around right '.,;
end and chalked up a first down. Fail-' '
ing to make enough yardage for another
first down, Tuttle kicked deep into College digs in for a goal line stand
Cristobal's territory. At this point the
Cristobal team took to the air with a
series of incomplete passes and consequently was forced to return a kick to Balboa. Following this the
quarter ended.
Balboa, now in possession of the ball, started to threaten. Dedeaux picked up a first down on a right
end run. On the very next play, Sonny Smith took a pass from Tuttle for another first down, but due to
an offsides penalty the play was called back. Tuttle returned a kick to Cristobal due to their failure to make
any more yardage. Upon receiving the kick, Cristobal once again took to the air with Gibson heaving the
pigskin to their right end for a first down. Cristobal followed this with several runs, which failed to net
them a first down. The half ended at this point.
With both teams fighting desperately to score, Tuttle opened the second half with a long kick-off into
enemy territory. Cristobal returned the kick to their own 25-yard line. Gibson once again began an aerial
assault, but all passes went incomplete and Gibson kicked back to Balboa. Dedeaux caught the kick and ran
it back. He completed a pass just over center to Tuttle for a first down. Once again Balboa tried to open
a running offensive but did not succeed and returned a kick to Cristobal. On the first play il.-i.ii passed.
but it was incomplete.
Jack Haywood carried the ball
around right end on the next play, Our boys planning their strategy for the second half
but before he had made any yardage,
Balboa's left tackle, Little, broke through
and stopped him for a loss. Haywood
continued to run with the ball, thinking
he had not been tagged and raced to a
touchdown, but the referee ruled that he *-
had been tagged and called him back. ..
Gibson took to the air once again and :...
completed several passes for first downs. I l
Before Cristobal could stage a real threat
the Balboa defense stiffened and they
kicked back to Balboa, which ended the V
third period.
Starting the fourth quarter in posses-
sion of the ball, Balboa threatened to
score on a series of plays, but two 15-
yard penalties put an end to any ideas
that Balboa had of scoring. Tuttle kicked
back to Cristobal, and in four downs
succeed in making nothing and once
more returned the ball to Balboa by way
of a kick. With time running short,
Tuttle began throwing passes to his ends.
Of the four he threw, none were com-
pleted and the final whistle blew with
neither team scoring.

For the first time in three
years the Balboa High
School "A" League All-Star
baseball team emerged the
Inter-school Champions by
virtue of a 10 to 5 win over
the Canal Zone Junior Col-
lege and a 4 to 1 win over
a strong Cristobal All-Star
nine. Last year the "Red and

Another College player bites the
dust in annual tilt. B.H.S.
won 10 to 5

Louis Dedeaux digs jor a low ball
in college game

Daze Kelleher, Senator captain.
waiting for a good pitch

-?. -,. i .. -.

T?^ :'^-
-"*.*- ,.. .. .. ....:' .. *_
." -:- t J
,. .' .. s ^
: .. r'

"' ; ** 'tm. '" o-"._" .? 2",, "?' *
<- tn i" "- ..
,. .. 5 ;..,-si imi .".

White" was defeated by both
the Junior College and Cris-
tobal squads.
Alberto Nriega was the
winning pitcher against the
Junior College, with Charles
LeBrun emerging the win-
ning pitcher in the Cristobal
fracus. The B.H.S. squad had
such stars as Tommy Kelly
behind the plate, Dick Tur-
byfill and Mike Dawson on
the initial sack. Bob Suisman
covered second base with


Louis Dedeaux on short. Ace
Wallace did a superb job on
the hot corner in both games.
Balboa had a fast fielding
outfield, with Harold Tuttle
in left, Chuck Husum in cen-
ter and Hugo Perino in right.
Other members of the squad
were James Claxon, Barry
Kenealy, Robinson Ramirez,

Charles LeBrun, captain of the
champions, the Cardinals,
scores against College


Hugo Perino lines out a double
in college game

Big Harold Tuttle drops a neat
bunt down the line in
college game

Albert Attaway and Bob Van

Coach Humphries put the
squad through long and hard
workouts and the squad lived
up to his expectations.




eam Won Lost Pct
. H. S. 2 0 1.00
r. C. 0 1 .00
. H. S. 0 1 .0C


~d~~-~ i~


~~~.r~;- ~
~tt-': '
o' ':'~rl *Y .;.,


Left to right. 1 r,, R;,,, R,.l,. rt Frn, lk.. T,.n, Kelly,
Jim inrir,. it. A i n a.llU V ,
II.r..lI.l l .il., I I.jrles LeBrun

KELLY Basketball holds second place in the sports' field
at Balboa High School. Football alone takes preced-
ence over it in turn-out of players and attendance at
the games. The last two seasons attendance at the games
has been all that could be desired, the gymnasium being
packed with enthusiastic students. This is in line with
the trend in the athletic world, where basketball has
increased tremendously in popularity.

Last year after sinking College twice, our B.H.S.
quintet lost a 29 to 21 game to the Cristobal five. This
year it is our aim to avenge this game. It will be a
tough scramble, but your sports editor predicts that
a safe bet could be placed on our "Red and White"

As the Zonian goes to press, the basketball season
has not begun. Before practice begins, it is difficult
to pick the team that will represent the school, but it
is easy to select a few of the most promising players.
The following line-up is probable:

reft to right, kneeling: Phil Bauman, John Mallia, Jim Smith.
".,,./,, Barry Kenealy, Dave Kelleher, Bill Bauman

gSe46 / 5 .5


*) *

At center, Harold Tuttle, six-foot-three-inch pivot KENEALY
man for the past two years, will give plenty of com-
petition to other candidates because of his deadly pre-
cision with either hand. Tom Kelly, able to block any
shot and with a dead eye for side court shots, will
probably fill a guard position, but he will be a good
man anywhere. A. C. .(Ace) Wallace, fast, quick-
moving, with a right arm "gancho" that splits the cords,
is a probable candidate for forward. Charles LeBrun
has a dead eye for the basket from any place on the
court and will probably be in the other forward posi-
tion. Candidates for the second guard position are
Jim Smith, Bob Engelke, and John Mallia. Other
promising players are David Kelleher, Philip Bauman,
Jim Mullli Barry Kenealy and Bill Bauman.

However, before the season gets underway, a dark
horse may appear to push any of these fellows off the

'F 5

Foul ball!

Strike three!

This year the Balboa High School "A" League All-Stars went down before the onslaught of the Canal
Zone Junior College and the Cristobal High School tens. The double loss suffered by the "Red and White"
was the first in the past three years.
Left-hander John Hower was assigned the pitching chores for both of these games, and even though
he did a sterling job, overpowering opposition won out. Balboa's line-up was studded with other stars
as Bill) Cardoze, who held down the catching spot, Carl Rice who did an excellent job around the initial
sack, Dick Conover at second base, and Marcel Martin at short. Fred Bauman covered the hot corner like
a veteran. Ian Johnson, Jim O'Donnell, Gabriel Kourany and William Muller make up a fast-playing out-
field. Coach Howard Woods ironed out all possible flaws and his team was in tip-top condition through-
out both games.

Junior Co

Won Lost
college 2 0

Cristobal High School
Balboa High School

Conover blazes one in


1 1 .500
0 2 .000

"A" LEAGUE SOFTBALL CAPTAINs-From left to right, first row: Gabriel Kouran3
and John Hanson; second row: Carl Rice, Jim O'Donnell, and Dick Conover

1. Ralph Sherritt, shot-put star, heaves

2. H. Tuttle, leading contender for the pole

3. F. Ostrea looks pretty for the camera.

4. G. Kourany up and over the high jump

5. H. Tuttle goes over the bar with ease.

6. Three probable discus contenders.

7. With grace and ease, pole vaulter De-
Icaza floats over.

8. Attaway leaps into the broad jump pit.

9. B.H.S.'s dash artists.


' )_
^^*^'l 4

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" Thai hake s p e ar e It 'lI S a comic. wasil' h e?" THIS is the yearbook of the Class of 1945 ... The staFF has tried to make it you r yearboo k w it h pictures, capti ons, and w r ite-ups which will help you t o recall your liFe at school. We hope it reFlects the Four sho rt years you spent together pacing the halls of B. H. S., grimly attacking homework, and painFully but patiently absorb ing knowledge. The message of our 1945 Z o nian is one of love of school, and we trust that you will Find it on every page. Wha t happelle d to the l e it e r s 011 the keys? olt lights and swee t music F=ACUL TY SPORTS Will il work?


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/ Jc r:,ollo lit) b o)' of th e Joc u/f) OLCA FnOS T. B.A 5 p(llli sh. Frellc h C ollcge o f j \ ll. 51. V i n cent o n 1111:'(111. N c w York C i t)' GWIIC E Coi limbia DOIIOTHY R E C T OIt, B A. P h JsiclI l El/Il Cflli ulI U nilc r sity o f BI:.A TRICE 5TllRHIA1'T ;\I.A -Art Col u mbia Univer s i t y IIE NUY L E I:.Y kB. P hJsiclIl E duca tioll C ollegl' Grad u a t e w o r k at Univt'rs-i t y o f Ne b r asl.a Co l o radu Stale K a n s a s S tal e and N O ir e D UIll(" COn N t :L1A R E liIIE U l \ l A PllIl/c Geolllc tf) U n iver sity o f Ca l ifor nia EI)lI AIW W l iATC IlI:.TT. ,\l. A -Algeb ra, CI.'OIllt'if) Co l umbia Uni l 'enit y GI:.ItALI) .\IcKuIEIt. I\I. A 8 io I 08) CenemJ Scie n ce Lniver s i t y o f W ill'con s i n RLTII SII. L B A F rellc h W elles ley College K A T u t :HI1' E J E :':,U I' I\I. A Englis h Co lum bia II. I\lON liOE. M A -I-Iol/!)chQhl Art:, Co lum bia U n iver s i t ) ,\I] LtmEO 5\\,t;1':) O N 1II.A T J p il/g. BI/sine:,:, C orn:s p o ndeflce L n i vers i t y o f No rt h Dak o t a COA C H CIIA I 1'CI:.Y A I-ILMI'IIII1I:.:, B.S. Phpiclli ( /II Cflli01l W es t e rn Carolin a TC.lc h e r s ColieAt! \ V AI.TER O UIEII, B A /Jal/ish Ta}l o r lInil e r sity Fu r th e r g rad u a t e w o r k a t lI n i\{.'r s i l ) flf Mi chig a n a n d U n i l'e r sity o f hicllj!o j\\A UCAI U : T T t :I:. CAllIH.N. A.B A ss i st"nt Librariatl S t a nf ord U nil' e r s i t y


\liss Candee wkes time out t o SCl m Ihe headlilles ELLn; TIIO'I"S J o urnali s m Columbia Uni\' c r s i l y W A B.S.-General ,\I(llh, General Scien ce. Alg ebra l n;,e r<:ily o f WIIIT'I"'. 1\1 A. -E1I81;sh No rthwf' .. t e rn l niv e r s i l}' 51 In:IIT TlIIIIHILL. 1\I.A. -Speech, O cc llpuriQlw/ I 'ljormation. COllnseling o f Oklaho m a ALL}:N \ VAII[), M.A. Spanish l l nivcr s il}' uf AI.I1 IIT YOIIK. M.S -Ame ri can H istory Slate T eache r .. College KE;\;.. TII \ V. \ 1;.., 0:-.. M A. Ph) sics Columbia U n iver sit), F'urlh e r gradllal c w ork a l U ni,,;:r s ; !), of COACH 110\\"110 WOOD::.. B.S I.Jh)'sica l Educatio/l I ndiana U n i\ c r s i t)' Furthe r graduatc work at i\liSSQllr i Stute a n d L nivcrsit), o f K c n lllck y II. ... IIOLI) ZIEIITt:N. B.S. Me c hallical Drawing Bradl ey P o l y t ec hnic In s t i t ute The braills behind Ihe banquet NO T P I C T U R E D : CLAll n : AYCOCK. M A. Spanish. Ellg/i s h Co l u mbia l1n i\ er<:ity PIIILIP GIU: EN. Shop. Allto M ec hani cs U nive r s i l Y of Cinci nnati


N I 0 R S


Eightee n 0/; 1945 L \ WHE CE SULC Pr esiden t DICK POwr,R V ice P resident P resi(/ent Second Semester MR. H J. ZIEHTE' Class AdL 'I".ser H.LTII S)IITH and OCTA\,I A G.I\RLJ i\CTON Secretaries GEonCE FEDDE i \ \NETTE LY!\cl-I EDWAIW SCIINAKE EILEEN M OOHE S. A. R epresentatives


AGUIRRE UAUMAN ALLEN BELL ATTAWAY BORSCI-! lSARLO\\' CALOBREVES EOWA BD A CUlHBE G u atema l a "Cu//"' ... r o/l, dark -and mall/Y. rhri ves on poliri cs ... perfec t Larin t ype. Base ba ll. J. 2 3. F ootba ll. 1. 2. 3. 4. B I L L ALLEN New Y o rk. New York P llnch}" ... small package 0/ TNT ... gives J4,' ith the SflX. Baseball. 1. 2. 3. 4: I. 2. 3 4: Fi e l d. J. 2, 3 F ootball. 1. 2. 3, 4 : Softball 1. 2. 3. 4: Swi mming. I. 2. 3. 4; Track. l. 2. 3. 4: Water P o lo. I 2: Vic tory Corps. 1. 2. 3. 4: Band, 1.2.3,4: Orch estra. I. 2. 3. 4: Thea t r e Orc h es t ra. 1. 2. ALBE H T N. /\TTAWAY Ancon. Ca nal Zone ''Texas AI" .. alwars Willllill/? ... hllpp ygo luck) ... track s t a r ... even tempered. Bas-cbat!. I. 2, 3. 4: B as k c tball. I. 2. 3. 4: F i eld. 2.3. I I F oo tball. I. 2 3. 4: Softba ll. 2. 3. 4: Swi m min g o 4: T e nni s 3 : Track. 2. 3. 4: 4 : "B" Club. 3.4: Victory Cor p s. 2.3.4: little Thea tr e. 4: Band I. 2 3, 4; D a n ce Commi lt ec. S.A. C l ub COl1ll11itteec. PII YLLIS K.i\ YE BAHLOW LOI1<;dal e. Rh ode I s l a n d "t'cabrui,," ... twillJ..li"K blile e}cs alld a con tagiollS Inllgh ... good sport in eve r}thi"g. P e p Squad. I. 2 3: Softball. I. 2. 3; Swi m minA. I. 2. 3. 4: T e nni s. 3. 4: Volleyba ll. I. 2. 3 4: Clwer L eade r 4: ;'Ca llin g All G hosts", "Murder s o f M iri a m ". D ir ec ting. I : A ct i n g, 3: S t aging. I 3; G l ee Club. I. 2; C h o r u s. I. 2; C.A.A .. Pres ident. Library A<;si<;tant. I. 2; S p ecc h. 4. l erS(1!i/e BellI Caine s takes time Ollr ior a swim. PIIiLlll1. BAU,\IA1 \ Ne w Y o rk. New Y ork I ncessalltl} picking 011 sOll/ebod) II I('cll lilced boyaroIlNd-schooi a jokester ill his own small way. Arc h e ry. I. 2. 3: I. 2. 3. 4; Ba s ketball. 1. 2. 3. 4: Fi e ld I. 2. 3. 4; F ootball. L 2. 3. 4 ; Soh ball. 1. 2. 3. 4; Swimming. 1. 2: Track. 1. 2: Victo r y 2. 3, I I : Glee C l ub. I: Parrak eet. 4. PAUL C. BELL. JR. T exa .. Soft voice com,>lct e with SOl/thern drllld ... 10ll es /ootball ... shor t. curly h(lir ... friendl} leI/ow. 4: Ba s k e t ba ll. 3. 4: F ootball. 2. 3. 4: Softball. 3. ,,: Na\y Da y Program 4. K E NNETII Bonscil Cas p e r Wyoming "Kerl1ll" ... math ",hi: ... penetrating e) es .. smooth d(lIIcer ... cas) goinC mallller bllt 10 work. Footba ll. I; P arrakeet. 4; J OIir. C\LOBREVES Ancon Canal Zone Always lip /0 something ... a constant Joker. (I Irien(/ indeed. iJasc ball 2: Ba4etball. 2: F ootball. 2. Nineteen


Tl(Cllt) CLaM 0/ 1945 J EA;>' ETII EL CAi\1 PE'ELL Pana m a Ci t )'. R e publi c de Panama Willow} gracc ... casill to ge t cxcit ed, \rtiler)'. 3: Sw i mming. Ii: \ i c t u r y Corp!, 2. 3 k Coull<..c1o r, 4: Library, 3. GLOBIA ELVIRA CA BLES Co l o n R epublic de Panama Sun,,) disposition. , dancing blac/'; c)cs secretaryt obe. Spani.,h Club. 3: Purrukeet. I. REI;>'ALDO TI{lNIDW C.-\HREH A .. \neon. Canal Zone Handsome lelia, .. Il ashing C) es ... wlllslwl handwriting. O a .. ('lIall. I : B ..... l..l;'thall. 2. k Foutb .d1. I: Soflball. 2. I. J GUAC. E CABSO;>' Cit)'. New J e r "cy Industrious.. wel/liked, .. solt brown preoccflpied (lir Prudllt in g. 1.1.3, 4: I : G1Ct' Club. I : JllniorSenior Banque t Committt' t St.:'llinr An n oullcement Cummilt ee. S tud e nt Cou n cil. 1. 2: Clwmiqr} Laborator) 3 I : L ab.)r3!(.r}. 4: loniulI, 3, 4: Junior \ntholug,}.3: Purroket'f. Edi l M, 4: Quill and ScrOll!, 3, I. I flst!parables, 1'01/ t!r) (Ifill car. DIC K CAUTI-IEBS Panama, R epublic d e Panama Quiet alld manllerl) admired bl (III co n scientious worker with uf/limited pM iellce. Baseb a ll 3; Softball, 3 : Stagin g, 3 BEVERLY GRA CE YEE C IIA N Ancon, Can a l Zone 1 .Alstrolls black hOir ... friendl) mOllller poisell llIlll c harll/in/: ... artistic both ill lvork llJlll dress . If-istfll smil e. Seni o r P os ter C hair ma n, I\n Club, 2. 3; Secr e t a r}, 3: l oniol/. 4: Riding Club, 4. JO'CE CIIHI STOPIIEH L o" Calihlrnia I/ e/o" .. sn-t!et pcrsollalil) ... hair that lU1) girl nOl/ld 10l' l.' to hale ... ahl'llls reml) to he/f) o lli ers, Ba;;:k etbalL L 2: P e p S qua d. 2. 3: Swimmin g. 2: \ ollcy ball. 2. 3: ChIHW .. I. 3: Glee Club, I. 3 : Dance Comm ilttC. I : COUll"t']Ilf'.., II: lOllial/,

LlNS. L L COLLINS. L W. CORLISS OSSA CONQVEH De PALMEH COOPt-;R D e SILVA LO;\'ARD L COI.Ll1\S Cltt'\)' C h .. ('. \1.:H}'l a n d A likt'able (lnd sincere fellow dellilish Ba ... c b all. 1.3,4: F\.otball. I. 2.3: S(>ftball. 1. 2. 3. 4: Track. -I: jctnry Corps 2. 3. 4. LHOY \VILLb \ M COLLINS .\ncon. ZOIl!.' bOtll'S friend ... free und eas) ... loolcs al the /!,ooel side 01 thill/{s toots U 1IIt'IUl . o/J to Iht' sea. Band. I. 2: Orch<." ... t ra. 1 2. R I CIIAIW i\IICII, \EI. (0]\0\': Somen illt'. \lu""aciw'-c tt", II/ separable !Jal QI Nob SuislII(UI ... I ll/Icy. !Jlm/t'berr) blond wilh lIIis ch iel olls ideas. Ar ch<."ry, 1. 2: B .. I. 2 3. k Basketball. 1. 2 3. I : Fie l d. I. 4; Football. I. 2. 3. I: Softball. 1. 2. 3 ..t: S\\'imming. I : Track. I: Wa, e r P o l o. I. 2: \ iClnry Corp.:;. 3: Lih rar}. 3: r:flrribt'(III. 3: Trnde If'i"d. 3. LILLI / \ N J \1\ICE COOPEH Brl'm ton . \labama Dre ame r ... e\pressit'e e,ts ... Ihut lei"k U Olle-IIIfllI Jdrl ... (J 1{'(lII. all her 01{,1I. S .. ftb a ll. I \1'1 Cl llh }. \ ict') r } Corp.:;. P an ,\mt'r i can ZOlliall. Officesirl tr right (Jilt lor II breath 0/ {fir. J O \1\i\E R. COBLISS Panama, R<."plIhlic dt' Panama "Case)", ('of/lilllllllly bored ... will) lm(/ /ul/.lol ,jug ... o"e 01 those "Cmllbo(1 Kids". Arch e ry. I ; Bal-kelhall. I. 2: Pep Squad. r. 2. S"flhull. I 2. I : Volleyha ll. 1. 2. 4-. CAHLOS A L BEHTO D E L.\ OSSA Panama. R epublic de Panama Romal//ic Lalill t)f}e ... dark 50111/111 e)es Glee Cluh. 2. 3. L Spani sh C illb 3. I k Vic l ory Corp'-. I. 2. 3. 4. GEOtleE PIfILLIP DE PAUIER J anaville, Tlte tVa/J) Bllles lor him ('are/ret' 41/ lellou: ... a broad smile lur elta) one. I S. N I"\'. I \ II LI)UEI) E\' \ DE 5 If X \ ;\11('011. Canal "lIiflit:" .. lorelter laughing flnd liner (I/U1/I' .. /lIltlfe IIllr:.e. '{'uell/l-one


II CLad4 a/; 1945 D ONNA EVE Panama. R e publi c de Panama "DoTlce)" ... blond wan h"ir ... ( m e nrieing smile ... winning personalit). Arc h e r) I. 2: B ask e tl ndl. 4: P e p Squad. 1. 2: Softba ll. I. 2. 3 4: Swi mminJ!;. I : Volleyhall. l. 2. 3.4: Calli n g !\II Gh ost!'''. S ta gi nl!,. 3 : Gl ee Club. I. 2: S.A. H eprese n tati\, e 3: Library A ss i stant. 2. 3: Zoniall. 4: Theo d o r e Ro o"c\,elt P r og r am. 3. HELE'I BAHBAHA D JLAN Wallin g t o n J e r se y Short ... Jrielldl) ... never /lIT from l allgh ter ('heer) disposition pos t war pla1ls (Jrchitea. Ar c her). I 2. 4-: Basketball. 3 4: B o wling. 4; P e p S q uad. 2. 4: Softb all. 3. 4 : Voll ey b a l l. I. 2. 3. 4: Vic t ory Co rp s 2. 3 4: Pro du c ing, 3 4: S t

LEILA FICE Panama. H e pu bJic de P a nama lIIioliS cloud 0/ black hair . peaches alld cream cOlllplexioll photographer's clrellll/. ;"\I u s i c Appreciatio n C lub. Gle e Club. Orc h estra. I: Co un,>cl o r '::. A ss i l a n t. P an-Am eric a n D ay Program. 4. HIC I IAHD C. F I F E R Pasaden a. Ca lif oTl!ia Kind 0/ quiet ... always th e r e but in an lUI obtrlls it'c way. Football. 3. 4: Soft b all, 3 4: Track. 4: B an d J 2, 3 4. ROBEHT tHANel S F I NC H Arlingto n Enthu sias t ic Olle-I/Iall c heer squad n ever wi th oll t (lark Il/asses ... rOil C(ln tell him b}' his strick GI.;>e C l ull 1: \'icto r), Corps. 2 3. ERNEST FRA NCESCIII 1 \ n co n. Canal Z o n e F at'orife Pas time-sl ee pillg in class free and e as). Base ball. F ootba ll. S wimming;. 1. 2 3, 4: Track \V at e r P o l o I. 2. 3 "; Ca m e ra CILl h. Ban d. : Orc h es tra 4: I J(Irrakee t 4. D ickson. 1J.lI .S. bathing beauty J\J AIHE CATIIEHI ;'\E FREDETTE Br ookly n, New Y o rk Na tuwlly pre"} ... (I Br ook l ) '11 gal . .jamiliar Jigllre 011 the f!J III / I oor. ,\rche ry, I : B a".ketba ll. 1. 2. 3; P e p Squad. 2; So fth all. 1. 2: \ olley b all. I. 2. 3, 4; Glee C l uh. 1. 2. 3. EUZ.\BETII L. CAI NES )Io bil e. Alabama Small but vimcious th e E s th e r William s 0/ B.lI.S .... redhaired "Betts" speaks in uerse. P e p Squad. I. 2. 3: Swimmi n g. 1. 2 3 4 : Vic tor y Corp.:;. 2. 3 4: "Voice I n th e Dark of "Tarni .. h c d Witherspoons'. S i aging. 3.4: OUice 2, 3 4; Swim min g P oo l Offi ce, 1. 2. 3, .l: Zonian, 'l: Theodo r e R ooseve lt 3: P an A merican D ay Progr am. 3: T r ipl e T rouhle". "D ear D epa rt ed". OCTAVI A CAHLlro..CTON Cana l Zone Ta v ie" ... "re cd" wacky olle min lite (llId se ri ous the next h ers is th e road t o sllccess ... witt y ... energetic ... el1 errbod) /rie ll(l. \rc h e ry, I. 2. 3 4: Ba;:.ke tball. 2, 3, 4: So ftball. I. 2.3.4; Yoll e) b a ll. 2. 3 4 : Victory Corps, 2. 3. 4: Ar .. t'nic a n d Old L ace", Tarni s h ed With er:.poom;, PI)()r Old J im". Th e D ea r D eparted". "Triple Tro ubl e", Dir ecting. 4: Produci n g, 3 1: Staging. 2,3, .l: Orc h e .. tra. l. 2,3: Senio r Class Zonian l; Edito r i nChi ef. Parr akeet. 4, JOliN FHEOEIH C K CILBEHT. In, R epuhlic of P alla m a "Blick}' ... sports-minded ,dflshing pent. Ba .. "bu ll. 1. 2. 3. k l. 2 3, 4: football. I. 2, 3 4: So ftball. I. 2. 3 4 : "B" Club, C horu s A TI/:enhthru


/I 7'Wl'lIlj-loflr CLad4 a/; 1945 i\IAlHE CECELIA CHIt-DI A n con. Cana l Zone A lI:ill 1 0 work ... (luick-witted wilh (t subtle sen:,t: 01 humor a whimsic al slllile (If)pl'alillg e)es. Soflhall. I : Art Club. ] ; Ca m e r a C l u b I : Stc r etury. \ Cling, I; Orc h estra. I. 2. 3. 1 : ZOlliall. II. MAin L OU ISE HAINES Ph i laddph ia. "Sqlleeky" ... clear /!,reell e\ es ... radiallr slllile ... (I tiny t ornado 011 rht: d(lIIcl' Iloor ... there's a Cllte pertness about her biggest heart ill B.H.S'_ Arc h e ry. 4; B a s ketba ll. 4: P e p Squad. 1. 2: Softball. 4: Sw i mming 1.4; Vol ley b all. 4: C h eerleader. :i. II: \ ic t ory Corps. 2. 3. 4: Produ c i ng. I 2. 3. 1: Orc he!!-Ira. I. 2. 3. 4: Thealre Orc h estra 3: .. h Clas;;; Secret1H}. 1: ZOllirm. 4: !'enior P icture Cnm millee. 4. \ VILLIAt-1 S H AL L \ nco n Cana l Zone Rarher reserved ... (I Iriendl) I)t!rsollali/). 2: F oo t ba ll. 2. 3: S(,ftha ll. 2: Band. I. 2. 3. 4 : Orc h e .. tra. 1. 2. 3. 4. MAIO' SUE I lAND Vir ginia '1'(111. blolld and gla-flmollr persollilied model //Iaterial ... stalely carriage. \ rcllery. L 2. 3. 4: Bn::-kelb311. I. 2. 3_ 4: Softba ll. 1. 2: Volleyb311. 1. 2. 4: G.A.A .. 3: Chon .... ] : Eng liOO;h I: Lib r ary. 1 : Zonirlll. 4: Parrakeet. Circu l ation .:\l anaj:?er. J O Il i\ i\ '1c T \Ir. H ANS O N i \l1con. Ca n 3 1 Zone T he ./ellQw behind the lens ... a shy grin. bll t don't le t ir /001 10/1 I)ajama shi rt s are his speciallY Softb all. 1. 2 3: B a se ha ll. I 2. 3; B as k etba ll. I. 2, 3. 4; Foutba ll. I. 2. 3. 4: I. 2, 3. IJ: Ca m era Cluh. I. 2. 3. 4 : L i llI e Theatrt'. 2: Z Ol/irlll. 4 : P arrakee l 4. LOUISE H AHHE LL 1\ neon Ca n a l Zon e Flashing smile ... a beau tiflll blon(1 . will"itl!! ... has t hai weJl t (liloreti l ook. \rcher). 3: Ba .. ke l ball, I. 2. 3. I : Pep Squad. I. 2: \'olle\ball. I. 2. 3, 3 k Siaging. 3: G lee Cl ub I. 2: O rchc .. tra. I. 2. 3. 4; C las.:; Secretary. 3: Dance CUllllUill t'l. S. A Secrctaq. k Empl oymen l Blir elili. 3: Off i rt' \ .... i<:.l an l I. 2. 3 I. DIC K C. I -L\lUUS 51. L o u i s l\l i sso ur i Independent air ... (II heart. Arc h e r y 2: B aseball. I : Fuutbl.lli. I : Sw imming. 1. 2. 3. 4: \Va tl'!" P o lo. 1 2, 3. 4: V i c t o r y ELIZ A BETII A Ni\ HEATII Elizab e t h. Ne\\ "/Jerty" ... r(fther qllier ... nice disposi t ion. field. 2: Volley b all, 1,2,3: C l ee Cluh. I. 2. 3, I I: C h o nl'-. 1. 2, 3. 4. Bobb\ has (III ere lor c II,, e:,. GRIMM UANSON IIAINl-:S HARRELL IIAHR I S HALL H AND HEATH


.:\I II UA;\1 I h ::u: Balb oa. Cana l Zone Ratlier quiet. smooth {IS silk smile. G l t'e C l uh. I: \"ictnq Corp" 2: Airplan e C lub. 2. JLi Li A A Ni\'E I IE\OEHSON Knox\ iIIC'. TcnlH .... (e Dancing t.')es .. su'th'" accent ... attractive likeabfe mallller ... co-operfltil'e ... calm lllld serene. Ba .. kctball. I. 2; I: lIorseback. \rt Club. 1: Staging. I: Glee C l ub. I: Stamp Cl uh CAIWL L. I-IEN DlU CK Col on, R ep ubli c de Panama Trim (lppellf(tf1ct.' ... ready smile. Arch ery. I 2: Ba scha ll. 1. 2; Ba sketball. 1. 2: Softball. 1. 2: Swimming. I. 2: T enn i s. 1. 2: Volleyball, 1,2: \ a r sity Clu h 1. 2: Glee Club. I: Orche",tra. 1. 2. 3: C i a"" Trea" ur er. I : J unior Stnior Banqu e t Co mmitt ee. 3: Cap a n d Cown Committee. 4. IIE'ln B. H OLLE 1 101l .. ton. T exa" I"telligent to sllccess. o goml sport ... his is the rO(l(/ Ba .. ket b aJl. 3 : Foothall. 3: Clu: mi",tr y Laboratury A .. 3. lit/lie. /ull oj f(lmil'Ol spirit. J Ol1' II OWEIL JR. Englewood. New J e r "cy Likeable lad ... pleasi"g malill er;;. Archery. 2: Ba<:ch all. 1. 2. 3, I: Ba s k e tball. 2. 3. I : F icld .. 3. 4: F \)"t b all. 2. 3. 4: Softball. 2. 3. 4: Swilllrnin:::;. I. 2. 3. 4: T enn i ... 4: Track. 3. 4: Water 1'0; B owli n g. 3. 4: \ ietory Cl)rp". 2. 3. 4: L illie Theatre. 2; Chorus, I. 2. 3: Clct Club. I. 2. 3: Orche .. tra. 3. I: Cia .... Com millee. ;'8" Cluh. Cl1ARLES J Huse\J Chicag:o. lIIinoi .. "Chuck" ... (t jellolt' u:ith a W;II1I;IIf[ smile ... (/ (.!ood spor t ... jond of foo lbal/ and baseball .. electric(ll tllginecr to be. Ba"e b a ll. 2. 3. I: Ba"ketball. I. 2, 3. I: Football. 2.3. 4: 2. 3, 4: Tenni<:. 4: B owlin)!. 3: "8" Cluh. HOBEHT D. I BW I N An co n. Ca nal Zone Reliable ... jriendly fIIflllller ... It'orlh kllflll"/If!. Ba .. eball. L 2: Fr)(.thall. I. 2. 3. ,,: Solfthal!. I. 2. 3. k \iet,)!") Corp ... 2. 3. 4: Band I. 2 .. 3. I : Orche"tra. 3. I\lAHY L. ]ANUAI H \'\ augh C h apel. land ;'CIIsie" likeable hISS e1lIllllsi(l5Ii,' ch(lllerboJ. ... (/ pepp) little piece 0/ hllmallill. Pep Squad. 1. 2: Sof t ball 2: \'olle}b311. 2 : G l ee Club, I. 2. 3 : Library. l. 2. 3. 4: Speerh. I. Tlt' ellt)'Jht'


TlI' ell t) s i x CLcuA u/; 1945 IAN J. J O II NSON Pu nama City. Republic d e P a nama Ollt standillg s llldent ... a lIar/lral l e ader likes el e r) bod) and vice vers a olle gil) ... alwa ys r ead) 10 lallgh. Ba!ll..e t ba ll. 1. 2. 3, k Foothall. 2. 3. 4; So ftb all. 2. 3, 4; Ba n d L 2. 3. 4 ; Orc hestra 1. 2. 3. 4 ; Theatre Orc h es tr a 1 ,2; Freshman C l a ss President, S.A. H e presenlu l ive S tud c n t A ssoci a t ion Pre s i dellt. W C i lih. O n ce a n d For A ll" J-IABH I E T T MAHl E K A I N AnCOI1. Canal Z o n e FilII is her middle IIome ... bl oflll bombs h ell. Arc h e ry. I. 2. 4: Ba s k etball. 2. 4: P e p Squad. I. 2. 3. 4 ; S(lftba ll. I. 2: Voll ey ba ll. L 2: I. 4 DAVID ICNATI OS KELLEIIEH Springf i e l d. 1\la ss a c hu se t t s O elllo n o/Ihe librar), ... (1 dr y se n se 0/ hlllllor . always Oil the gO. Arc h e ry. I. 2: Baseba ll. 1. 2. 3. 4; B a s ketball. l. 2. 3. 4: Fie ld I. 2. 3. 4; F ootba ll I 2, 3. L So f t h a ll. 1. 2. 3 4: S w i mm i ng 1. 2; Tenni s 1: Track. I. 2. 3. 4; Vic t or y COI PS. 1. 2. 3, L i lli e T hea trt'.2. J Al\ I ES M KELLEH \ n eo n. Canal Zone A good s port wl(l (I big l e a se ... lIe l 'er a (/1111 mOlllellt when K e ller is around. l S. NAVY . fhe SCOllt that is alwlI}s a t sea. J EAN BEVEHL Y K I E S W E T TEH Pttn ama. R e publ i c d e P a nama ;'Ke)S" is goillg ill lor c adel nllrsing ... /111/ 0/ vim. vigor alld persofwli t y pIlls ... I J./-I.S. bombshell ... /orel'er wearillg (I broad will. A r c h e ry. 2: B as ke t ba ll. 2 3, 4; P c p S qu ad 1. 2 3 4; Softba ll. 1. 2. 3 4: Swimm in g. 3. 4 ; T e nni s. 2; Trac k 1; Volleyh all. I 2. 4: C h oftls 1 2 . 1 : Lib ra ry, 1. 2: V i c t o r y Corp s 2. 3 4. D EENA MmlA l\I K OC Il \I a n ha tt an. N e w Y(lrk Capable i"dil.'idualist ... (Iuid .. smile. Span i s h Club. C i llh. G l e e C l ub. 2. 4: S tllCl ent R epresc n t a t i\ c 3: l.Jarrakeet. GABRI E L K OUflANY An co n Canal Zon e 1 1I/1II(lwlllfC dresse r slmight black hair .. inte r es t illg conversaliollo l isl ... sportsman B : l sc ba ll. I. 2. 3, 4: B a s k e t b all I. 2. 3 4.: Fi e l d, I. 2. 3 4 : Football, 1,2. 3 4 ; Softb all 1. 2 3, 4; Track. I. 2. 3. 4: C h o ru s. 2; G l ee C lub. 2; V i c t o r y Cor p s 2: Libra r y A ss i s tant. 1. 2. 3, 4: Physics L abo l u t o r y Assi s t an t. 4: C h e mi s t ry L a b o r a t o r y A ss i s tant. 4; S p eec h 4: ;

EDWI N H OWARD LEIBY Allentown. P en nsyl van ia A leader in all spor ts. wel/liked be cause 0/ his quiet and sincere IIJO)S. Baseindl. I. 2. 3. 4: Bas k e tball. 2. 3, 4: Fie ld. 3. 4: Football. 3. 4: So ftball. 1. 2. 3. 4; Track 3. 4. J E A N AVENILL LIBBEY ,\lihon. ,\lassachust:lt s Chee r/III ... c hlrrming ... alld very int elligen t. C IIAHLE S NOlll\IAN LITTLE, JR. R e publi c of Panama 'B/lgs'. papillar pest ... /till loving. Baseba ll. I. 2. 3. 4: Bas k e tball. 2. 3: Football. 1. 2. 3 4: P e p S qu a d. So ftball. I. 2. 3. 4: S wimming I: Bowling. 3: Ca mera Club 2: Band. 1: Chor u s 3. 4: "S" Club. 4. ELEANOR MAIUA LLOPIS Co l o n. P a nama "Smoke)" ... (f lass wilh plen t y 0/ ge t 'lIp-a"d go ... deep flos h ing t!)es. A r c h e r y I. 2. 3. II: Ba",k e t ball. 1. 2. 3. k So ftball. 1. 3: Volleyball, I. 2. 3; G l ee C lub. 1. 2; Parrllkeet. "'ho's flowe r tr)ing to kid? GEORGE W L opp \neon. Ca n al Zon e A good IL'ord lor all ... a nelrer /lu'ling friend. B a:-kethall. 1. 2: Sflftball. 1. 2; Track. I. 2: Camera Club. G lc(' C l ub 3. 4. NANETTE MAHlE LYNCH Edm:lIltoll Alb e rta. Canada "1/iss P erpellllli 1/otion" ... /riendly as 1I pllp ... t01)S in ever)thing and IOl'ed by et'er)'one. l \ rc h ery I ; Baske tball. L 2. 3. q; P e p Squad. I: Soft b all. I. 2. 3. 4: Volleyball. 1. 2. 3 4: Cheer Leader. 2 3. 4: G.A.A .. 3. 4: Victory Corps. 2. 3 4: Mu rders of "Once a n d F or All". "Calli ng All Ghost,," J\rl!enic and O l d Lace". "Tarnished Witherspooll s'. "Gelling A D ate". Oir ectinj:!. 3, 4: P roducing. 3. 4: Siaging. 3. 4: Chortl .... 1. 2. 3: Jilni or Rin g C()mmillee. 3: 5.A. R ep reentati,, (', ,l: Courl"e l o r'<; Aso;io;lanl. 4: Zoniall. 4: Parrake et. 4: C h eer huok. 4: Theodore R oosent Prog.rarn. 3: Program. Study H all Prog ram. "nea r D e part e d". H ELEN MARY MADH1GAL Panama. R epubl i c d e P a n ama Urrobtrtlsil !1! ... frielldl) ... likeable. Bas ketball. I. 2: :';oftba ll. I. 2: \ olle}ball. I. 2: Spani.::h Club. 3. 1 : Glt:e Club. 1. 2. 3: Parra/ ,eel. New, Editor. R OBEHT L\DUIlO P a n ama Cit} R ep ubli c d e Panama --Beta" ... lIr. Fil e b, Fil 'e" ... /1111 to be In't" reglllar Cllt-IIJ) Base ball. 2. 3. -I: foo tb all. I. 2. 3. I: Soh hall. I. 2, 3 4: Bowl ing. 3. Twelli)-selell


TII'Cllrl-t:ighl CLw.u at 1945 \I \HCE L H . \L\HTI'\ \ncon. Canal Zune "Chif.-hen". --Chesll ... perpetllal fJrllllh' sti'r ... swims ,Lith th e best ... cOlltag iolls Irlllghrer. B a ... eball, ] : Ba ... k e tball. 1. 3. ,,: Football. I. 2. 3.4: Suf tb a ll. 2: Swimming. 1. 2 I: Track. 2: \,(I a t er p(Jio. 2: Cap and G own COlllwill ee. 4. FUANCLS r'\lA Y Colon. B e plibli c d e P a n ama A cell sel/se 01 hllmor . a head 011 h er s llo/lld('( s ... ubl/lldaf/I admire r s ... IVonder/1l1 pal. lIf/fIIllled disposition. Ba .. kt'tball. 2. 3: Softball. 2. 3: \ olley b a ll. 1. 2. 3. Cholw ... 2, 3 : Glee Cl ub 2. 3 : Or c h e .. tra. 1. 2. 3. ,,: Ca .. a Loma Or c h e s tra. Z onicm. ,,: P a rrakeet. 4: Commence m ent Com mitt ee. J OII;" l\IITCIlELL T o l edo. Ohi o Distinguished senior musician. s c holar. dramatist. and athlete ... sociable (mci ob/,(!ill(!. B a .. e ball. I. 2. 3. 4: F ootba ll. I. 2 3 L Softball. I. 2. 3: "Calling All ... " \ \ oice in th e Dark". "\r .. enie a nd Old L ace". Frc .. hm a n Guidance Pia). I : Prod u c in g. 3. 4; S t aging. 3. J : Band 1.2.3. t : C h o ru ... I. 2: I. 2. 3. I: Glee Club. I. 2 3. 4: \ i ce 2: D ance Committee. 2: Junior-Seninr Banquet Committee. 3: S . \ \ iCt' ,,: Chem i",try Lahurah1r y A ...... i<..lanl. 3: !'((rrak et:!. 3. I ; Z o n ian. I ; "B" Club. 4: St: ld y Ii all P rogram. Theo d o r e l\oo ... c\'l,l t P a n Americ an Dar Pro g ram. \1.e. Fa .. hifon S h o ". 2: "Cetting \ D ate". Dt'ar D e parted". Elect inn Co mmitll 'e, I: Comml n Ctml.'nl COllllllitl! l'. HOBEHT l\ lclL\t\I;\E Ancon. Cana l Zone Shllllerbllg ... 10:) //Imlller 0/ speakillg reporter-to be. B a ... eball. 3. I : Ba .. k etba ll. 2 3: footb a ll. 2. 3. L S(lftball. 3: B a nd. I. 2. 3. I : Zon;an. ,l; Paffokt-el. I: Tripl e Tro ubl e ". r olanda creator 0/ "Qlle Pasa?". tire Parrakeets first Spanish coll/mn. \rILLlA" A. 1-1ch:1E New '\ o rk "Spell if wilh (III I !--_ blac!.-u all hair 1I01lChal([1I1 air ... smoo th I/Ilmr/l !r. Fo o tball 3 4 ; Boxing 4 Lli'I \ M I ZHA H I B oca D el T o ro, R e publi c de P a nama PI easin g cOIn ersal iOl/ol i s t in rOIll pttrabl e disposi tion ... al/('o)5 reoci} to be (l /rietlll B:I .. k.e t ball. I: Or c h es tra 3. \lILOHEO I\lOXHOE Columbia .\Ii"' .. ouri Sweet disposition ... worm hearl ... knoll's (til the answers ... limpid brOlltl t'\ es. \ rehery. 4: Ba",ketball. 1: Pep Squad. I. 2. 3.4: Softball. 4: Camera Club. I : \ iCl\lr) C(lrp", 2 3 ..J.: P f(lducing. 3 4. MARY EILEEi\ P a nam a. R ep ubli c d e Panama Eo sil) excited ... till/sic (II h er lips . bell it c hillg e) es. adorable (ttld (1 Sllllll) disl J osilioll. B a 4 ct b all. 3 : P c p Sq u ad. 1.2; \oll()ball. 1: "Whoof e np oof" ,," \ oice I n the D a rk ". Producing., 2. 3. 4: Stagi n g 3 I : I. 2, 3. 4; G l ee C lub. Or c h e .. tra. 1.2.3. I : Cia ..... H ep re",entati\'e. I: Prin c ipal'", 2. 3. 1: \ D ate". I ; Na\)' Day Program I: "Tripl e T rouble"


W" LLI \I B. \10 ) E. JII. Orl a ndo. Florid a ""The ltlft'rl.mg" ... p/casill;! Ba-.c ball. I: Swimmiill!. I: FOt1lbaii. 1: Slaging.. C horu ... 2: Gle l' Cilib 1,2: Dan ce Committee. 1: Na\> Dn) Program. k Pan American Program. 3. JOIli\ \1 0 '1\111 \i\ Nt:"\\ 't orl... New 't or!... ElI/crflliJIIIIl! mlghtl /11" :/1 socks lind (I Ie" fur all the latest si)/es ill clo thing. 1 : Football. 3. Coif. L 2. 3. 4: S"' immin/!. I. 2: T e nni ... I: Fen c ing. 1. 2. 3: Bio l og) Club. \ icePn .. id en l. Ca m era Club. C h ernj-.II) Club Pre .. id t'll l. \clillj!. Chorll"'. I. JAMES F. An co n. Canal Zon e Clashillg clothes. ,1/(/( !;"oll'-Itall :ill/itt' (l merq twinkle hiddell ill his t'\ t's. {Jillk cheeks ... /I/fIll-aboUl-fOUTI. B a ... e ball. 3: Ba::-kt."thall. 1. 3. I : F"ot bnll. 2. 3 I: S ohball. L 2. 3. 4: I. I : W 'aler P"lo, 4: \ i ClOr} Corp ... 2. 3 I: Fre",hm an Guidance Pia,. Chorll .... 2: Gle e C lub. 2: Orche-.lra I. 2. 3 J : Senior Pi e lllrt COlllrnill('t'. k Trio. I. 2. 3. I; Z o n iall. I : Parrtll. :ee l 1: "B" Club. JOS E ALBEHTO \ \R \'\JO Panama. Rqmblic d e Panama H andsome "P(1) e" Il'(mrs (I ('(lr [.II;: }elll Ofl 'he /oo,ball /ield "Qu e hombre palico". Ba ... eba ll. I: B a ... k c lbllll. 2: Football. I. 2. 3. I: 5 0 lIlall. I 2. I: W atf'r P, ) lo. 2: Spani"h C1111J. 3, .: C h ()fll-'. I. 2. 3. I; Glcc Club. 1. 2. 3. I fr h) so sober. Eleanor? e ll \HLES HO BEHT \ ELSO:-' L tah l"e.,h,l/Islibfe little imp t!l'er)OIlt! It'ill). /riend/l toulIrds F(loliJull. I : Swimmin g. I: Trac k. I: L ibrnr} \ ..... j .. lal11. Fn ... hman Guidance ZOlliall. I. B \lWAH \ \ OBLES \marilll). Texa" Ollt! 0/ those prelll lillie 'Te.\{1!l" Cler) bod)'s /flIorile. \ ollnhall. I. 2. 3: B a ... kt,tball. I. 2. 3: I. 2. 3: Glcc C lub l. 2. 3: \ ar ... it, Cluh. 1. 2. 3. F\, ETTA RETn ""OHTO \ .\itO(lIW . P e lln"'y]"unia "Fa)" .. a II'hi= 0/1 skates. il/cumpanlb" good 1I(tlured ... deli/fire. Chorll .... I. 2. 3: Cou n .. c lor's \ ..... j ... lalll. 3 : Juniur lIi gh Qffiet I: Naq O a) Pr og ram. I. JEA:-' ELiZABETIl OBRIE,\ Lima, P e ru [)(Jrk luminous elt's /(Ith to mol(''' I ris" colleen. quicl. smile (lgrceIIUlt: disposition. \rc hery. 1: Ba ... kelba ll. I : I: \ ollt', h all. I: Biolop;y C lub. 1: Produc ing, ..j: Chonh 1. 2. 3: G l ee Club. I. 2. 3: ZOlli(lll. 4: Speech. 1.


Tllirt) CLw.u a/; 1945 GEOFF'HEY O SOR I O Cu r acao. D utch W est ludie ... Short lind /1I1t 0/ spontaneous laughter (f trller friend WllS n ever had. Ba" eball. 3. 4: F oo t ba ll. I. 2. 3 4: So ftb all. I. 2. 3. I : Sw immin g. I : Track 1 : 3: Ca m e r a C lub. I. 2: 1 l e Got th e j o b C h ronIs I. 2. 3: Glee C l ub. I. 2. 3; Naq-D a y P r og ram, II: Fla;:, Day Pro g ram. 3. A NTON I O O Sl'HEA P a nam a, H ep lib lic de Panama P O/ca/III liftlc lIlan ... track star. 1. 2. 3 4: 1. 2. 3 4: F oo tb a ll. I. 2. 3 I: So ftball. 1. 2 3. 1 ; Trad.o, I. 2. 3. 4. F E I{i\,\i\DO O S TH EA Panama City, Republic d e Panama A quiet sort 0/ p e rson but alwu)'s reari) t o ;Qill Ihe /111/ ... a man 0/ Ihe world. Ba .. eball. I. 2 3, <1: 1.2,3.4: F oo tb a ll. 1. 2. 3. 4: oft ball, I 2. 3, 4; Swimmi ng. I ; Track. I. 2. 3. 4: B owling, 1 ; Boxing. I : C l ub. CIl'c Clu b 2. YOI-r\ NDA EDIT II P A BEDE S Panam a. R e publi c d e Panama Qlliet individllal ... bellllli/111 smile ... per/e e l SCerelar) ... pleasinFI) I)oli te. \ ol1t"yb al l. 4: Spani s h C luh. 2: C h orus. 2: Gl ee C luh. 2: Ann o unCt:m ents and Cards Com mill ee. II: Parra keel. j unio r Anthology. Georgie. 8.1-1.5: gilt to Iht! al'). J EROME F. PHAGER. JH. Panama. R e publi c d e P a n ama A lead e r 0/ m(ln y Ihings si n ce r e bllr also has a bit of devil in him ... dehonnaire. Sw immin g, I ; Victor y Corp s 2. 3. 4; Ar:.en ic an d Old L ace". "'T h e Whoop enpoo f ". o f j\liriam". Fre s h m an Play Direc tor. Pro du c i n g 2, 3 4: S t agi ng. 2. 3 4: Fa s hion S h ow. S. A R e p r ese ntative. I. 2: S.A. Orc h es t ra. j unio r Vice Presi d ent, J uni o r Senio r Ban q u c t Com mit t ee. D a n ce Committ ee. Zo n ian. 4, Assi s t a n t Edi t o r : Junior Antholog y P a n Ame ri ca n D a y Prog ram. T arn i s h e d \"'\' ith e r s p oolls". B ETTY R. PHESL) Fis h e r 's bland. ew Y o rk "Rosie" . sha rp wit ... sparkling personality mukes friends wheref er she /foes ... and s h e ge t s urollnd. Bas k e tball. 2, 3 4 ; P e p Squad I. 2: Softba ll. 1. 2 .4: \ olleyba ll. I. 2. 3. 4: C.A.I\. VicePreside n t. S.A. 2. 3: Junio r Dan ce Co mmill ee. C.A.A. Dan ce Commi ll ee. Speec h 4. i V I ANN I E Q U INTEHO B rooklyn. Ne w Y o r k Tull, h(lIIdsome and good h um ored ... a hard worker (lnd a good sport. Slead/ a s t fri e nd. Base ball. 2: B as k e tball 2, 3 4: Football. 2, 3, 4; So ftball. 3, 4; T e nni s 2 4; Fres hman Play. S.A. 3; Vic t o r y Co rp s Air Di 3 4. H O B INSO N P. HA!\ I I HEZ P a nam a. R e publ i c d e Panama A Spanish c aballero. rhl/mba rll}/lIm i his shoes ... ca r efree. Bas k e tb all. Field Footb a ll. Trac k B" Club. C horus. G l ee C l ub.


Roy RI::Di\lOi\O Chicago Illin o i s Smoo th ellS) everyone. 1I ready smile for B ase ball. I. 2, 3. 4: Ba .. k elha l L F oo lball. 1 2. 3. 4: So flball. I. 2. 3; Swimmi n g, 1. BETTY J ANE HEir Oak Park. Illin o i s A swee t girl llIilh 1I winning smile ener getic wo rker with a lovable personality erefJ bod)'s friend. 3. k P ep Squad. 2 : Sohball. 2. 4: V olley ball. \ i clo ry Corp s. 2. 3.4: Pro ducing. 3. 4; Siaging Chorus. 1: Gl ee Club. 1: Junio r Ring Comm ill ee. Junior C hri slmas D ance Commillee. S.A. C lub CommiHee Liule Th ea lr e Business ;\l;JIlag er. 3 4: COllnselor \ A ss i s l anl Zonion. 4. P iclurc Direc l or. A s .. islanl Edil or. Junior Anlho l ogy Chairman. D O LORl::s DEL CARMEN REn:s Panama. R epublic de P a n ama A dainty. c harming girl ... lovable p e r sonalit). Arc h ery. I. 2 : 1. 2: Soh ball. I. 2: Track. 1: \ olley b all, I. 2: Spanis h C lub 1. CARL ]\fALCOLM H I CE Chicago. Illin o i<; Th e goodhumo red mati 01 B.H.s. !I:il h ont an anSwer. Ba" e balJ. 3.4; r oo tball. 4; Soflball, 3 4: Track. 4; Vic t ory 2. 3 4: Chonls. 1. 2; Gl ee C lub. 1. 2 Librarlcm 1 \ clson checks 'em itl. RIC A URTE HIVI::HA. JR. Panama CiIY. R ep ubli c d e Pana m a A trll e genlleman with all En{dish a cce nt. B ase b all, 1. 2. 3, 4: rOOlbal1. I. 2. 3 ... : Soh hall 1. 2: S wimming. 1. 2: Track. 1: S pani s h C lub Pres idcl1l II-:'A J J \ C Q U ELli\1:: S A CI::R Cle\ e la n d. Ohio J ackie" ... Ihe silent t)pe a girl that la/ls h(lTd onl) 011 the skat e /loor. Bas kelLal1. I. 2: Softball. 1. 2. 3: Volley ball 1. EDWAR!> C. SCII NAKE P ed r o ,\Iiguel. Canal Zone I s},oultl live to see the da)''' (lIId Itlllghier IVh erever h e goes Little Theatr e e nthu sias t. takes lUll (1notha Ca m e r a Club. I ; "Once and For A 11". "A V o i ce I n Ihe Dark", "A rl:enic and Old Lace". "Poor Old Jim". "Tarnis h ed Wilh e r s p oo n s". A c tin g.!. 2. 3 4: Direclo r Fres hman Pl ay. 4: Prod u cing. 2. 3 4: Siaging. I. 2 3 4; S.A. R e pr esenlalive. 4: J unior Senio r Banqu e t Co mmill ee Viclory Cor p s 2. 3. 1: Dan ce Program ... Zo"iall. 4: P a rra keet Busi n e .. ., ;\l anager. Ce r emonies Sly l e S h ow. 4: P an American D ay P rogram, Theodo r e Ro""c\eh P ro !!ralll. "Triple T roub l e". "Dear D e paned". BILL' 1. S III::LTON Pueblo. Co l o rad o Soft I'oiee and friendly 5.A. H eprc<;enl a liv e \ i Clory Corp s I' Thirl),olle


ThirrJ-tll'O CIad4 1945 .;\I ARY K AT II RYN S II L:TT Cle,'e1al1d. Ohio SC(llldinuvian featl/res lI ie!':cl" is the juture Dorothy T hompsol/. \rc h er),. 1. 2. 3: Basketball. I. 2 3. 1 : P ep :-;quatl. I. 2. 3: Soft ball. 1. 2; Sw i mm in g. I. 2: 1,2.3.1 \ : Riolog), Club. 2. 3. 4 Sec r eta r ),: "Vnin' I n the Dark". Prod u c in g. 1 : S t agi n g, 3: Unit Theatre, G lee C lub 1.2.3: Zonioll. 1 ; P arrakt'ef. 3. II: Theu dol't! R uosev clt D a)' Prug r a m HOBEHT ALLEN S I l\ I l\ I S 1\l1con. Canal Zon e N(t/ltica/ ideas ... a lJlliet bllt (tltent;, c pcrsoll. Bw .. dJall. 1. 2. 3: Basketball, I. 2. 3: Fidd, 1. 2. 3: Football. 1. 2 3. II: Softball. L 2. 3: Track. I. 2.3. EOWAJW T S I NCLA I R Colon. R epubl i c de P a nama Doesn't sa) milch bill i:. alw(ns ;11 the thick 0/ things. Ba ... eball, 1. 2. 3. 4: B a:.ketha ll. 1. 2. 3. 4 : F i .... ld. I. 2. 4: Fontba!1. 3, 4: Softball. I. 2. 3. Track, 1 2. 4. R UTII M A Y Sl\lITII B uff[llo. New Y o r k "1\'0. /'111 the other 0111.'--.. 1I KU IlI:ith (l winnillg smile alld nice llf)per(l(fllce .. she is /1111 0/ laugiller. \ n : hery. 2. 3 ... : I. 2. 1 : \ olle) ball. 'k (t'TrY Pr(Igr:r ... there's a method ill his madness. J OliN E LDON STAi\OEFEH T am picQ. I ex i co --J ack--... blolld hair (flit! blue ... Illtell more be said. , popIIlar //Jit h l'1 e n one. 3: F oolball, 3. 4; Track. 4 ; Junior C lat':. P res id e n t Sop hm o r c H .... p r e .,;;enlalive. V i c t o r y Corps Pr e'-ident. L U K E PI{lC E STAN OEF E H lI ousto n T exas Studiolls 100killg, .. CTl!dit 10 11.11.5. (111(/ C.Z.J.C. /Ilture chemical ellgil1('t'T. F'rc:.l m a n Eng lish ScCrelal). EllA ELENA S TAHK P a n ama, Republi c de Panama Oodles oj filII ... eas} to gel alol1g Idth .. good sport and a hard Iwrker. Arc h e ry. 1. 2; Baseball, 1. 2. :t I : B a ... J..l'Ihall, 2, 3. 4: So ftball 1 2, 3, II: \ uJll"} ba ll I. 2 3. 4. B EHT S T GEHl\IAI N Phoe nix. Arizon a A///Jop fu/l of pe" everyone. (I fr/elll'" /tor! jo r "Callin g All Ghot'b '. V i c t or} Cl..lrp ... H t'prt.' ... entatiH 3: Zonian. 3 ; B and, 3. 4.


S U I SMAN SZABO SULC TASSELL SULLIVAN TOWI-:RY SUNDQU IST TRUE Lieb,\ ... /tOrried about thM report card BOBEBT J OliN SUI Si\I \ N Atlant i c City. New J e r "ey The SWOOII boy 0/ B.H.S .... (I friendly smile wi t h a p e rsonali t y t o match. B aseba ll. I. 2. 3. I I ; I. 2. 3. 4: Fi e ld. I. 2. 4; Football. 3. 4: Softball, 1. 2, 3, 4; T rack. I, 2. k Parrakeet Sport s Edi t o r 3. LAW R ENCE B. SULC Newark. New J e r sey Tllrned'lIp /lQse f111(1 c llrly hair ... d,,' hilmar fore ver 011 the tip of his tongue! ... this class lJTex) ;s poplil or with the ga ls. Bas ketba ll. I. 2: Footb a ll. 1. 2. 3. 4: Boxing 4: Class Preside nt, 4: Sen i or Pi c t ure Co mmitt ee I : S A. R e p resentative. 2. ANNA THERESE SULLIV / \ N A n co n Canal Zone "Nancy" ... all if/eal f riend ... eas\ to get (110ng with ... d e pendable ... a straigh t lor ward 1IU1l1ncr. Ar c h ery, I. 2. 4: 8ashtball. I. 2. 4; P e p Squad. L 2; Sof t ball. I. 2 4; 4: Volleyball, I. 2. 4: V i cto r y Co rps. 2, 3. 4: "Calling All Gho s ts". "Cellin g A Dat e ". D irec tin g. Pro du cing. 2 3. 4: Staging. I. 2. 3 4: Orc hes,t ra. 1. 2. 3 4: ZOI/;on Fac ult y Editor .:I: P a n Ame r ica n Day Progr am. Theodore R oosevelt Pro g r am. TUEODOBE D SUNQUI ST O s w ego. Or ego n Aims to pleas e . ([ (/;sa rming person aliI) llllr/ a slln n y smile. Baseball, 2; B asketball. I. 2. 4; Fi eld. 1. 2 3. 4: So ftbaJl 4: Camera Club. I. 2. 3. 4 ; Zonian Photo g r a ph e r 4: Radi o Com muni catio ns. 2. GEHTHUOE ELIZABETH SZABO P a nama. H e public d e P anama A slid: chic k with an "A+" I)erso nalit) never see n wilhout "lIillic' Clee C l ub. Offi ce A ss i s tant. PIIYtLI S A NN T \SSELL Brai ntree il.l a ..... ac hus(t t s Pat" p e n e trating blue c,\ es alld blollde hnir ... obliging and "0111 rail) n ice .. smile thM would thaw the co lde s t heart Oh! th at B os lo" a ccen t \ i ClofY 4: Z O llillll. 1\: Ca m e ra C l ub. I. CLYDE TOWERY D e tr oit. 1I1 i chig an "Skeete rs" iust IOlur s Oller (he r es t ... fight blonde and cOll/p/ete with car. qlt e fJh}silflle! Football. STANLEY W. T HUE j\\iami. Florida Sailing is his 100JOril e pa s tim e time btlt allt'ors pet s th e re. trikes his Base ball. I : Football. I : V i c t ory Corps. 2. 3. Th i rf l three


Thirt), Iollr CLcu1 a/; 1945 FRANK R. TURi\IAN. JR. Lorain. Ohio L ong and lanky ... artisti c ability. Bas k e tball, 1 : A r t C lub. I. 2. 3 4: Bio loi!Y C l ub. I ; C h o ru s. I ; Gl ee C lub l. ALENE T U H NER Mulberry. Flo rida P ee Ifl ee" . swi n g alld sway th e C. Z. w(J)! Quie t bllt slIrpri si n g. C h o r u s 3. HAROLD TUTTLE Win s l ow. Arizona Six leet 01 Ari:ono slInshine ... bip I1Iml on th e g rid i r on. Base ba ll. I. 2. 3 4: Bas k e tb a ll. 1. 2 3 4: F ootbo ll. I. 2 3. 4: Softball. 2. 3. 4; S wimmin g. 4: T ra ck I. 2 3 4: B o w l i ng. 3: "B" C luh. 2, 3. 4 ; Sec r e t ary a nd Trf'3sure r 4 ; Cap s a n d Gown s COlllm ittee. Dan ce Committ ce H UTII ELIS A UGA RT E Cin c inn ati. Ohi o S triking looks C llt e IIlJfllrtlcd nosc enviable complexion olld hair. Spanis h Club. 3: Junior Rin g COllllllill e e 3: So h b all, J: T ennis. 1. ELEN A VALDES Panam3. R e publi c de Panama Qlliet bllt "ice ... a WO) all h e r own ... Oh. that giggle! S pan i s h Clu b Scc r e ta r y 4 : C h orlil'. 2: G l ee C l ub 2. JAMES VAN' T V ELD Anco n Ca n al Zon e Glob e t r o tt er picr cillg black c)'cs alld a contagiolls grin Bio l ogy Club. Vice Pre sident, pani s h C lub Navy Day Prog r a m ROBERT VAN \'\' A GNE H Br oo kl y n New Y o rk "Vo,," ... a strawbcrn b1on(1 wi,h (I C(IplivatillJ[ pe r sona l i,)'. Bas e ball, 1 2, 3 4: Bas k e tball. 3. 4: Ficld. J, 2 3. 4: J 2 3. 4; So ftball. I. 2. 3. 4: T rack 3 : Vic t ory Corps 2, 3, 4; "Once a n d F o r 1\11". F r es h man Guida n ce P l ay, 1 ; l Olli(lII, 4: Parrak ee t S p o rt s Edit o r 4 GEOH C E K NAPP \1;1 A N K E J\n co n, Canal Zon e II dreamy look. slt'ell smi le. cockered Base ba ll. 2. 4: B a s ketball, 3. 4; F oot ball. 3 4 : G l ee C l ub. I 'ito" Ra mir e : o/laro/ltH/. UGARTE WANKE TURMAN VALDt-::S TURNER VAN'T VEL D TUTTLE VAN WAGNEIt


WARNER ZEMER WHITF. ZENT WRIG H T ZIMMERMANN YOST H U MBER Wanke ... alone? EVE \VAHNER Anco n Ca n a l Zon e "Slim t nl/. sta t e/),. (1//(/ d i s t inc tive .. d r esses ill s t),/1! ... (l f r ie/ld //Jorth B a se b a ll. 4: Bas k c tb a ll. 4; Suhball. 4 : 4 : V olleyball. I I : S p ani$ h C l ub. 4 : Vic t o r y Co rp s S t aging 4 ; Offi ce 4 : Z o n ian, 4. J \ I A IHLYN ALIC E A nCOIl. C ana l Z o n e L)'n" adds cheer t o (III she undert akes. Bas k e t ba ll. I. 2: Sohba ll. 1. 2: V olley b a ll. L 2: Spanis h C l ub. "The r e \Vill Alw ays B e a T o m orro ..... . O B D U LIA ELLA WnI GJ-IT S an S alvad o r E I Sa lvad o r Dillie" ... r (we n Iresses. ellg a g ing ma llll e r ... cOlilp e t ent a/ld r e l i abl e ... (llfra c tilJe. Ar c h e ry. I ; B a s k e tb a ll. I ; P e p S qu a d. 2 ; So h b all. 1 ; V olley ball. 1: S panis h C l ub. 3; S tagin g 1. 2 3: Produ c i n g 4; 2 : Off i ce Assis tant 2. 3. 4; Z O llian 4: Navy Day P r og r a m I J GRETCI! E N Y OS T Anco n. Ca n a l Zon e V e r sa t i l e l ass wi t h p / ellt)' of class . fri.end o f 01/. A r c h ery I. 2: B as k e t b a ll. 3 4 : Soft b a ll. 1. 2. 3. ,,: V olley b a ll. 2 3 4 ; G A A .. 4: Vic t ory Corps, 2. 3 4 : S t a g ing. 2. 3 4 : B a nd. I 2 3 4 ; 5.5. Orc h es l ra A ss i s t a n t 4. PIIYLLI S ZEJI,IEn I-Iyan n i:=. PZ" ... gogelfer ... ambiliolls alld allmcl illc )'O/lllg lad) ... one /I' ho is //Jellliked bl fellow cl a sslll(ties. A r c h e ry. I : B as k e l b a ll. 2. 3 4 : So fll1all. 1. 2 3. 1 : VolIl'y b a ll. I. 2. 3 4: G.A A., 2. 3 4. Sec r e t al')' : Produ c i ng. 2. 3 : C h o r u s. 1. 2. 3 4: G l ee C lub. I. 2. 3 4: I. 2. 3. 4: D a n ce Comm i ttee. I k COlln .. e l o r' s ,,: ZOllian Sport s EdilQr 4: P llrrakee l.4. L ou ELLEN ZENT G l o b e. AriJ;On a L lllu" ... knllck for looking crisp arid cool. erlllt"trble e) e 11Ishcs. pleasing persollalil)'. Arc h e ry. 1. 2; P e p S q uad. 1. 2: Ar' Cl ub I. 2: Ci1Or u". I. 2: Biology Class Pres iden t. 4: Jr. C la<'5 Vice P r es i de n t Nlw J unior Se n ior Ban qu et Committ ee. Junio r High Office 4: ZOlliau . \ : Navy D ay P rogr am 4 V O L A BE:ATHIZ Z Il\Il\I EBl\l ANN A n co n Ca n a l Zon e I ]a,ske t ba/l s tar ... always smiling. well. liked b,\ all. Ba<:k e t h all. 3: Soft b a ll. I : Volleyball. I. 4 : S p all i "h Club P""ident 3: Acting 1 : P roducing. I : I :t. RODERIC K P a nam a. R epub l i c de P a n ama Tall (lnd l onk). sporlS a pipe. a gO'gelfcr i n 11/(111) I hings. F oo tb a ll. I. 2; S wimm i n g. 3: Ba<:eball. 4. I!


1'llirll.\/1 (J1cuJ a/; 1945 C IIAHLES F LEBnu:'\ i \ neon. Canal Zone A spOrlS lover. quiet bllt II mlln oj thc /wrlrl. Archery. I. 2. 3. 4: Baseba ll. I. 2. 3 . B a .. kctball. L 2 3. Field. I. 2. 3. 4: Football. I. 2. 3. II: Softball. I. 2. 3, 4: Sw i mming. I. 2: T en n is, II,: T rack. 1,2,3. I I : Ca m e r a Club. 2. 3: Vic t u r y eMp..,. 2 .), 4; ZOllilill Spol;t5 Editor. 4; Plirrakeet SpllIt ... Editor. 4. ELiZ/\BET Ii COCIIRA NE i\ 1,\ CKEi\ZI E Guantanarno B ay. Cuba A TllI'ishing blolld ... one /Cho is lIel er le/t 0111 a/th e crowd. GI,'c Club. 1. 2. 3; Sl}le Show. 1. 2: Speech. 3. BILL) OLirER Panama. R epu bli c de Panama Olls/(/Ildillg "ep,clIt 0/ B lI.S, Iuw langllid illlellse i"terest in dramatics. Sw imm ing. I : j \hmle r b y \] idni!!hl". "Once and F' ) r Air', "CallinCo All Chost:'. "Pt1(lr Old Jim" .. Voic e I n t ite Dark". I 2: lOlliall, II: Dec l am ation Prog ram. Prog r am s f)OHOTI I Y i\ I AE PETERSOl\ \ 1 inncapoli.., .:'II Cracejlll If.'c/lI1/(lIIl1ered. "dit,illd\ fair". Band. 2. 3: Chorus. 2. 3. RIC IIAHO G. PORTER Framingham. ;\!a::.::achu".ett-. Dry Ylinkee wit . /OlllO/lS lor his speeches ct'er)one i s a "Sflpporter lor Port er". Ba::.eball. 1. 2. 3: Baskclba ll. I. 2: Footba ll. I. 2. 3 4: So ftb all. 3; Vic l o r y Club. 2. 3 I ; L i lll(' Theatre. I: Presid ent. 2: VicePre:.idlont. ,1; Sop hm o r e D a n ce Committee. Cummitt ee, 3; P icture COlllmitt ee, 4. HILi\IAR C. SCI-IECKEB Panama, B e plibli c d e Panama Tall ((nd thin ... H arr) jmlll:!> 0/ 13.11.5. well.kllowlI i/l the field of SII.:illllllill8, J : Football. I: So h b a ll. I. 2: Sw imm i n g. I. 2. 3. 4: \"X' ate r P o lo. 3. I k .t \ C I ing. J : Band. I. 2. 3.4: Chorlls. 1. 2: Clee C ILlb. I. 2: I. 2. 3. 4-; Casaloma Orche!' tr a. Theatre Orche-.tra, L. H UTI I Che .. ter. Vir ginia A d>"UIIIU 0/ u.:ith (UI irresiS/(fble 1)I!T!>UII' alit) ... (I combinotiOll 0/ sm(lll tllrned'lIp 110se. sprlrk/ill8 eyes. olld wil mal,:cs her welllike(/ (III) It here. Ba ... ketba ll. I. 2. 3, 4: P e p Squ ad. 4: Softba ll. I. I I : Swi mm ing. J ; V o lleyball. 3. 4: SubD eb CILlb. 3, C. H .S.: Cirl R eserves 1. 2. 3. C. II.S.: L eave I I Tn Crandma", A c ting. I 3: C l wnls, I. 2. 3: G l cl' Club 1.2.3: P r es i den t 3. C. II.S.: 2. C. H .S,: Secretary. 4: Ca r ds an d An n ullllcement.:;. 4: B,IIlQlle t Comrni ll ce. C.II.S.: D a n ce Comm ittee. 3. C.H.5. CI..J\HENCE SYKES Scrant o n. P e nn sy l, ania A /ellow who will olll:(/)s be remembcred (/IIIOII{l his /ellow classmates. SofThalL 1: Ba" eball. J 2. 3: wimllli n g I : l. S. N A Y AIR CORPS. QUC persunal/t).' LeBRUN PORTER MacKENZI E SCHECKER OLIVER S M ITH PF.:n:RSON SYKES


... 1944-1945 ja-ltn Jan jO-IuvJrm {je04tf8 tJedde /Jeiitj Rei/-f}ciCULia je4O-me Ma4ie {jUmin jean CCi/tdon Zfaianda jal11R/.L M U'l/ta4f WJUam Ralund-Mt ReinaI.JO-CaMe/l/ta Chan Mannie 2uide/W!1ta;nq; tJ'tanCed-M aIf J::enmdh IlLkYd who went tG jean $tandeje"" .f uk


l'""r.iO LlJ14-. '_'&4--.. .-'It" :j;: F r.-.. /."'. I V r itArd :> /."'10 A :> .> .>:> :> ......... J ITTI I v 1 u r r F r TII/rOd 'IlI'"


CLwu 0/ 1945 Word s and Aius i c b y J ohn AI. M c Ginni s S enior s, s t an d lip an d sing; L e t all our vo i ces rin g. Pap e r s a r e in an d t h e b o ok s a r e r ea d : W e t u rn ou r eyes t o the drea m s a h ea d. W e h esita t e a s w e go Thi nk i n g o f fr i e n d s w e k n ow. r o n dl y w e s ing thi s t u n e. W e wan t t o r e m e mb e r t h e days fr o m S e p t e mb e r t o e arly in June I J e r e s t o the limes w e kn e w A s mil e a nd a s o ft goo d by I I e r e i s a c h ee r fo r y o u O ld Balboa H igh. W e wo r k e d a nd w e playe d. A nd w e f o ugh t and w e m ad e A nd w e r e p r o ud of th e j o b w e've d o n e W e c o m e t o the e nd a t l a st. H ig h sc h oo l y ears a r e pa sse d Y e a r s tha t wer e fill e d w ith o u r t e a r s a nd j oy s, The l a u g h s a nd loves of the g irl s a nd b oy s. So tha nk s b e t o Mo m a nd D a d r o r all the f un w e h a d All of it go n e t oo s oo n W e want t o r em e mb e r the d a ys f r om S e p t e mb e r t o ea rly in J u n e Thirty n ine


f A V o R I T E S


I B E S T L o o K I N G Popularity PIt I","S b) '.uClulf


M o S T T A L E N T E D


M o S T p o p U L A R


M o S T A L L A R o U N D


M o S T I N T E L L E C T U A L


M o S I A T H L E T I C


B E S T D -A N C E R S


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r A C T I V I T I S


.,..-.:. The Stud ent A ssoc iati o n of Ba l boa H i g h Sch oo l h o ld s the ma s t e r key t o all th e o th e r o r ga ni zations and activ iti es o f th e sc hool. The officer s and coun cil o f th e S tude nt A ssoc i a ti on se r ve as th e stude nt go\'ernme nt a nd coordin a t e all exira curric ular affairs of the sc hool. The o ffi ce r s o f th e Student A ssoc iati o n are th e pres ident and th e v i ce-pres id e nt e l ec t e d a t th e e nd of th e sc ho o l year f rolll the Junior C l ass t o se rv e the f ollowing year. Thi s p as t yea r Jan J. 1 0 hnson was pres id ent a nd J ohn M. M cGinni s. v i ce-pre s id e nt. L ouise H arre ll was appoint e d sec r etary. Mr. E. \11' H a t c h ett worke d w ith the officer s and co uncil as v i so r s T h e coun c i l o f th e S.A. con s i s t s of th e president. viccpres id e nt sec r e tary a nd four r epresentatives fr o m eac h of th e f our classes. During th e p as t yea r thi s coun cil m e l eve!") \Vedncsday m orning During th e summe r preceding thi s yea r. th e S.A. began a n ew pro j ect. th e S.A. Club. A large dance was h c ld in th e sc hool libra r y announcin g th e club. whi c h o p e n e d Iw o week s T op 10 B o tt olll: G e ntl e m e n th e pres id ent of th e S tud e nt ... mo r e fun! J o hn i\\ cG inni s th e guardian of th e S.A. fund s. Take a Idler, Big co nf e r e n ce. Pre<:id"nt 5ulc a n d i\\r. lIat c h e t l.


l a t e r in th e r oo m s o n th e firs t floor o f th e junior hig h buildin g. Crowds of s tud ents came t o th e c lub e very Saturday ni g ht to dance t o th e IIllis i c of J erry P rage r' s o r c h estra o r th e j uk e b ox L o s warm around th e r e fr es h ment bar o r th e pin g pon g t a bl es o r s impl y to h ave a goo d L i m e Th e S .A o pe rat e d t h e c l ub w i th eac h dass t a kin g c harge o n a diffe r ent Saturda) ni g ht. All profit s were spent o n improvc m e nt s. Th e sc h oo l yea r o p e n e d w ith class e l ec ti o ns a nd a f o rmal Electio n Ann o un ce m ent D a n ce th e secon d w eek. The S .A. co ntinu e d in hi g h gea r thro u g h o ut th e yea r. Dan ces pi c ni cs. cla ss p a r t i es ma g azin e drives c h a r i t y collect i o ns w c r e all s p o n so r e d by th e A ssoc i ation. The r e wa s a n exce ll e nt r es p o n se t o th e m e m o bership drive with l ess th a n one p e r cen t of th e s tud e nt b o d y failin g t o subscribe With th e purc hase o f a n S.A. tic k e t. stude nt s rece i ved admiss i o n t o dances. play s th e S .A. C lub and also r ece i v e d th e sc h oo l n e w spape r. S .A. r epresen tativ es u s h e r e d at all sc h oo l prog r a m s a nd e v e nt s An a d ve rti sing s taff solicite d fund s f o r th e yearboo k Th e L i ttl e Th eatre plays furni s h e d a dditi o n a l incom e All awards w e r e p aid for b y th e S.A. This) ea r S.A. m e mb e r s wer e stoc kh o ld e r s in a n o n -pro fit corpo r a t i o n whi c h paid t o p div idends. The A ssociatio n s ponsored pro j ec t s p l a nn e d and exec u t ed f o r

[olTo n DOLAN 1k e /944-/945 EDITORIAL 5T AFF The tables a r e turne d in H oo m 11 6 whe n w e snoop o n th e supers noop e r s. th e s t a ff o f th e Parra/ lee l. C heckin g on names w e find th e f ollowi n g n e w s h ounds hard a t w o rk Editors-inc hi e f -three o f e m! J ea n Ca r so n. wh o se rv e d as a r e p o rt e r h s l yea r. s t a rt e d as e d f o r the fir s t three e diti o n s H e l e n D o lan e dit e d three more and th e n r etired in f avo r o f Jimmy Murray. News Ed s H e le n !\' I a drigal and Frances Fay" May wer e r es p o n s ibl e f o r putting your n a m e in th e pape r. a nd what th ey didn't kn o w a b ou t. A ss i s t a nt News,Scou L Phil B a um a n did. H ea d Edit o ri a l \"(' ril e r was Jimmy !\Iurray. prais in g and p r odding t o ac ti o n eve r y thin g a nd e v e r y bod y in sc h oo l. J\' l o r e edito r s! Nanette L y n c h h ea d e d th e g irls' sports se ctiolJ: a ss i s t e d b y Ph y lli s Zem e r. I n th e bo ys' s port s d e p a rtm e nt. B o b VanWagn e r a nd C harles HChu c k leBrun bro u ght in th e bitter and bri g ht o f th e yea r in a th le ti cs. John M cGinnis wa s in c h a r ge o f th e n ew lit e r a r y page. rHOM THE I NKWELL. H e was ass i s t e d by a junio r. Vic t o r Dunaway. An o th e r junio r was J o k e Editor Mi ldre d "Millie" 'Woodruff. w h o d i d PEEK AND BOO our co rn co lumn co mp l e t e wilh co b s O c t av ia H T avy Garling t o n was a rt edito r. D ee n a K oc h mai le d our exchanges a nd Huth S mith was make-up editor. Ed Sc hn a k e w as adverti s in g arti s t d e lu xe f o r th e pape r a nd S u e Hand. assi s t e d b) H e l e n "Chi ckie" H o bb s G l oria Ca rl es. took cme o f c ir c uhl ti o n. B o b M c I l vain e qual ifi e d as pi cture directo r. Co l ulllJls cam e t o th e fore thi s year a nd included fav o rit es s u c h a s Q UE PASA? b y Y o l anda P are des. SCATTERED C I IATTER and CONSUELA S LEPKI S H by --Ta\ y" Garlin g t on. FLiCKEH FLASHES b y Elean o r Llopi, THE S T UDEN T S S P EAK by J ohn and COVEH GIIlL b y Ruth S mith. Fijr\.six


And th a t 's n o t a ll H e l e n M adriga l' s UN D E R C OVER. H e l e n D o l a n 's J U K E BOX JI V E K enneth B o rsch 's I N Q UIRING R E PORTER and Mic key S hutt s I N TERVI E W ARTIC LES wer e r eg u l a r s too. F our fle d g lin gs, Dia n a Humb e r P a t M ayo P a m e l a Btes h a nd J o hn A xe: with th e junio r s a l r ea d y m e nti o n e d. g i ve pro mi se o f a n excelle nt P ar r akee t in th e future : : STAFF Bus in ess Ma n age r Ed Schnake w as a supe r sa l es m an. H e a nd h i s a d selle r s co uld b e see n ru s h in g orf t o P a nam a aft e r sc h oo l a nd 011 Saturdays Ed w as ass i s t e d b y Yol anda P a r e des and Phyllis Ze m el', who t y p ed hi s l e tt e r s a n d bills. Ad se ll e r s in cl ud ed B a r ba r a Sc hn a k e, J e rr y Prage r Bill y Oli ve r Na n ette L y n c h. Mar y L o u Hain es, A l be rt All a way, K e nn e th B o r sc h Phy lli s Zem e r P a l IVl ayo a nd Dia n a Hum be r. :.: HONORS The Par raJ..ee t i s pro ud o f it s Firs t C l ass H o n o r R a tin g fro m th e Na ti o n a l Sc h olastic Press A ssoc iation. A l m os t all th e m e mb e r s o f th e s t a ff a r e e li g i b l e f o r m e mb e r ship in Quill a nd Scr o ll o r for Q uill a nd Sc r o ll Creative Writing Awa rd s. Fif t y-seven


Assis t ant Editors P rage r (l/Id R ei! l e Ed". O c tavia G ar/ il/g tol/ The door o f Room 116 s lamme d vio le nt l y a s O c t a v i a (Fra n ti cfor.Time ) Ga rlin g t o n. ye o l d Edit orinChi ef. das h ed madl y in with s h eafs o f l a yo ut s. pape r s and ideas t o b e g r e e t e d b y Prager and R e if ( \ V h at"II. \ V eUse F' o r l d e a s). A ss i s t an t Editors T oge th e r Lhey ru s h e d t o Mi ss Thomas A f o r Adv i se r. wh e r e Timc l s.J\lo n ey Ma y o ur Business Manager: Z e m e r and Lync h. our U nclaunt e d in th efaceofallodd s Girl s Spo rt s Edit o r s and Ca mill e C hri s t o ph e r ( Wh e n d oes th e Art Club m ee t?). C lub Edit o r. all waite d ins i s t e ntl y f o r h e lp whi l e ov e r in a corne r. L eBrun. l\lurra) a nd Van\Va g n e r w e r e b e ating th e ir h eads t o ge th e r f o r inspiratio n o n b oys s p orts Flood lights cl a tt e red a s Mcilvaine le d photographe r s C h e n ey Cooper. Sundquist. H anson and Gri mm out t o po se ano th e r d oze n o r so se ni o r s "What happc n c d t o O llr pi ctures?" :.: T op t o Holtom: S t aff l l an son. C h e n ey Grimm Coo p e r and Business i\l an age r Frances J\l ay. P o pularit y Co mmitt ee. "In thi s co rn er, B o b J\lcll"aine Picture Direc t o r S p o rt s Eds Van Wa g n e r L e Brun all d \ l ur ra). Sc hnak e : m d Oli\ 'er. Theatre Edit o r s.


wai l e d two d e j ec t e d s taff members. nam e l ) Schnake and Oliv e r. over th e p l i g ht o f t h e dramatic section. Over all t hi s a s warm o f typewriters c latt e r ed i mport. antly as t he Senior Sidel in e Committee I Hain es. Dick SOil. H e ndri cks Hand. \Varner and D o lan ) found t h e m selves \\ ith la s t minute co py work. delaying hair t ea rin g i\IcGinnis with a spec t ac u lar amount of Illusic section work to he done. Huddl e d all b y th emselves b ehind a c1ullered table. Gaines. Carson and V a rn e r kept whispering t o eac h other. "Shhh. s hh h it 's a sec r e !. over th e popularity r es ults. mu c h t o th e c ha g r i n o f our Pi cture Comm itl ee of Z e nt O Bri e n. and Cooper. Obvi o us o f thi s all NanC') Su lli van s a l s truggl in g with a con f u s i n g lis t o f faculty d eg r ees and alm3 malers. And so the s taff t oiled on int o th e ni g ht w i th and Smith count in g. co unt i n g and recounting ( If it w o uld on l y reach 300 words!). com p e t i n g with a desperat e adjective-seeking Senior Committee head e d by Tasse ll. Amid all thi s B e v e rl y Chan miracu l ous l y came thro u g h w i lh a sheaf of sketches t o d o th e Art Staff pro ud, A h ectic tim e was had by all! : : From TOI) (0 B ottom. Clockwise: Zonian Girls' Spo r ts Deparl. menl -Zemer and L ynch. Obdulia o r the writeup .!>tafr. Top ranking ad sellen: Porler, chnake. ,\Iay and B or",ch. with Advi se r lIatc h e tt. I n th e co rn e r. Be\crJy C han. art editor. Gaine .. o f the Popularity Committee, and S taff j\ ... :::i.::tant Iland and T } pist I {aine... Staff A"loislant and Photographer faculty Editor Su llivan and General Helper .. O(llan a nd Smith. C lub Editor C hri s t o pher and Pi cture Staff Zent and Cooper. These ad se ll e r ... made a bi gge r and b et IeI' yea r book p os",ib l e.


BALBOA LITTLE D u rin g it s e l eventh se a so n th e Bal b o a L i lli e The atre spon so r e d se v e r a l n o tabl e p r o d u c t i o n s amo n g t h e m J ose p h K esse l r i n g s "Arse n i c a nd O l d L ace." prese n t e d a t th e B alboa C l ubh o u se Th eatre Thurs d ay Nove mb e r 9 T h e cas t inc luded O c t a v i a G arling t o n. Nane tt e L y n c h. 1 0 hn i\l cC inni s and Bill) O l i ve r in th e l eading r o l es a nd L aure nce Fortn e r. R i c h a rd H e r m a n. P eggy Sy h es l e r Edw a rd Sc h n a k e J erry P rage r Dick Turby f ill. Dic k Co l s t o n and l\li c hael D a wson in t h e suppo rt i n g r o l es. An o th e r produc ti o n in t h e f a m o u s "pen th o use" o r circ u s s t y le" wa s "' Poor O l d J i m p r ese nt e d a t th e n e w S. A C lub b y Edward Schnak e. O ctav ia G arlin g t o n a n d Billy Olive r. Th e seco n d club h o u se p l ay ; Tri p l e Tro u b l e:' was p r e se nt e d o n T hurs day. F ebrua r y 1 5. T h e l eading pa r t s w e r e p l ayed b y Ei l eenj\ loor e. Fra nki e No r r ell, and O c t avia Ga rli ng t o n. Also in th e cast we r e lack \ Ioye. Ed ward Schn a k e Bob


THEATRE, 1944-1945 M cilvaine. B e tl y Gaines Na n cy S ulli van. B e v e rl y Buc k a loo. j0311 B c nt z Ruth Cat h e rin e Tay lor. a nd J erry Prager. The Balboa Litt l e The atre i s th e o nl y hi g h sc h oo l dramatic g r oup in o r o ut o f th e co n t in e nt a l U nit e d S tat es li s t e d in th e National Lill ie The atre Direc t o r y B.H .S. h as h e l d thi s lis tin g for e l eve n yea r s Senior s competing for Diamo nd l\la sques th e hi g h es t a w a rd prese nt e d in dramatics. wer e O c ta\" i a Garlington. Nanette L y n ch. Na n cy Sullivan. Eil ee n l\loor e Edward Schnake Bill y O liver, J erry Prager. a nd 1 0 hn l\l cG inn i s All o f th ese se niors have played major r o les in club h o u se play s all h ave s t aged and produ ce d. and man y h ave direc t e d fres hm e n in o n e ac t plays at th e Littl e Theatre The winn e r s who can numbe r on l y six w e r e a nnounced at th e annual Balboa Littl e Theatre Banqu e t h e ld in j\Jay a t th e H o t e l Tivoli And s o th e curtain f alls on th e e leve nth s u ccess ful seaso n o f th e Balb oa L i ttl e T h eatre. R emembe r P oor Old Jim.I.'!


5i11)-11I0 Ea c h )ear th e Ba l boa Hig h School J\lus i c D e pa rtm e nt co nt r i butes t o th e c ult u r a l l i f e o f th e I sthmus with seve r a l progr a m s o r class ical mu s i c. The a nllu a l Chris tm a s Mu s i c Progr a m Hud th e Mu s i c F es ti v a l ill th e spring a r c evellts w hi c h p atro n s o f B H .S. a nti cipa t e with p l easure e a c h ) ear.


/J . dI $. /Wu1ic The maestro rappe d fo r a tt enti o n and raise d hi s bal o n. The tw e nly.f ourth annual program o f Christmas mus i c unde r th e s tars in the grade school patio was about 1 0 begin B e f o r e it wa s over the audience wa s cOlwince d that this yea r the R H .S. Mu s i c D epartment wa s lops. A c h o ru s o f 170 and a n orchestra of 40 p ia) c d a nd sang s u c h n um b e r s as Handel s :' H alleluja h C horu s G Ollflo d 's "San cLus" and i\lascagni's "In t e rm czzo f r o m -Ca\ alleria Ru s ti ca na. Sol o i s t s w e r e J ohn M cGinni s baritone voca l i st: D o r o th y Big e l ow. trumpet: and D ick Col s t o n. trumpe l. This program and all o f th e oth e r s p r ese nt e d during th e yea r we r e s u ccess ful thro u g h th e untiring e ff o rt s of our direc t o r. Nlr. Neil V. Br a n s t e tt e r. The school band was a c ti ve thro u g h o ut th e year. "peppin g it up" a t th e bi g gam es. marc h in g in p a rades. playin g f o r the Navy Day and P a n -American Da y Programs and appear i n g in th e Music Festi val. The orchestra presented music f o r the LillI e The a tre p l ays. gave several programs f o r service m e n and t oppe d off th e l\l u s i c Festival. The c h o ru s hi g hl i g ht e d b oth th e Chris tmas program and th e Festi va l. Regu lar prac ti ces f o r all three Illu s i c o rgani za ti o n s. band. o r c h estra and c h o rus-. we r e h e l d o n ever y sc hool da). All m embe r s p e rforme d in public with their groups. No individua l in struc ti o n wa s g i ve n but w id e ex p e ri e n ce wa s offered i n g r o u p wo rk. Student s parti c ip a tin g l ea rn e d the valu e o f cooperati o n in mus i c and i n l if e :.; Th e chorus ble"ds its [ oices ill HandeL's M essiah" Sixt )-three


C eo r{:e F cdde i c (or) Corps Sfuden( Leader Over th e lOp in 'he friar F llnd Dri ve Naif a milliOIl 11/aga::.ines! S i x t y jour F edde and "Stalf' During th e p as t year. th e Balb oa H i g h Sc ho o l Vic t o r y Corps und e r th e direc ti o n o f G eo r g e F e dd e. ha s co ntinu e d its r eco rd o f w a r se rv i ce. S i n ce th e outbrea k o f th e war th e Vic t o r y Corps h as contri but e d half a milli o n ma g azin es t o m e n in th e arme d servi ce th e wor l d ove r. Compe titi o n i s ke e n amon g h o m e r oo m s a s i l ve r c up bein g prese nt e d t o th e l eading r oom. Edwin B aumbac h was in charge o f stamping, so rtin g. a nd di stributing th e ma gazines. H e se nd s th e ma g az i n es wherev e r th ey are n ee d e d p erhaps t o th e R e d C r oss p erhaps to th e Seaman's Se rvi ce Orga ni za t i on. o r perhaps t o th e d oc k s Th e l as t shipme n t o f 1 8 .000. whi c h w as t ak e n t o t h e d oc ks was go n e in fiv e h ou r s L ette r s o f th an ks p our int o th e Balb o a Hig h Sc h oo l m ail box fro m a ll O \ e r th e w o rld. En g land. No rth and So uth Am e ri c a. and th e South P ac ifi c a r e jus t a f e w o f th e p l aces fr olll whi c h we h ave received l e it e r s o f appreciation. S]OO.OO was contribute d t o t h e \ 'Var Fund. and ca nn e d f ood, cl o thin g. ga m es. cards e t c .. h ave b een se nt t o th e R ed C r oss. w hi c h in turn h as di stribute d th e m t o orphanages or o th e r s in n ee d.


BIOLOGY CLUB The pllrpose of the Bif>Jog) C l ub i:" 1 0 promot e an und e r s tllnding and appr cc iali u n o f our tr opica l wild life. At m ee tin gs the club conduc t e d di sc u ss ion s. The s ubj ec t s includ e d s n a k es butterfli es. and dinosau r". An (;specially inte r esting m ee ting wa s one at whi c h van V e l d r e p o rted on Dutch South Africa. T wice the club altcnde d meetin gs of the C.Z.J.c. Natural Science Society. The club s pon sor is :-Ol r. G eorge L ee. The officcr,s are a s follows: Vic Dun a way. p r es id ent; J ames van', V e l d. .\l arilYIl Bapparport. sec r e t a ry. RIDING CLUB Aloonljght f i d es a nd pi c ni cs frOill th e s t ablf's at Old Panama. and a S h ow. the fir::,! in S .I-I.S. hi :itor). high li g ht e d th e prog ram of th e Riding Club. The president \Va ... P egg} i\) lJmrna ...... The s p o n so r is Pat B a th lllann. S iXI}-jil'e


CAMERA CLUB The aim o f th e Cam eT..! Club this yea r W:I';; to e n courage amateur pho tography in 8.II.S. The club made Irill!:to pho t o s hops in Panama Ci t )' and tu the unit of th e A rm y at P J\. D The club provided dark room f a c ilities for members. The wa.., j\lr. Phil Gre(,l!. Offi('t' f S o f t l w c lull include d Owe n Smith. prc s idt:nl, and ]ll a r i c G r im m sec r etary. ART COMMITTEE The gay poslc r ... a(herli .. Ih e acli\ili e,. a r ound S H .S., Illall} o f th e dance programs. th e f o r th e Fas hi o n S h o w and C h r ilOlrna s and Thanksg i v in g programs w e r e a ll made by Ih e All Committee. B eve rl y Chan i s chairman f o r th e seni o rs: B arba r a B a r r. f o r juni o rs: Lois !llc l nl yre, f o r c:opho mores; a n d Joan H o rt e r. f o r fres hm en. Miss Beatrice Gard n e r s p o n sors th e co mmitt ee Si-rrj-SIX


SPANISH CLUB gay Tumoa-min ded s tud ents ha\' c enjoye d an active program thi s year. includin g danc ing t o S pani s h mu s i c a nd al tarran, The Span ish Club had charge of t he Carniv6 i Dance at th e H otcl Ti\' oli on F ebru a r y 9. LOll wa s crowned queen and the s tud ents sw ay ed t o that Latin b eat. Sponsored by i\1r. Allen Ward. thi s i s the largest clu b in sc hool this yea r. Officer s o f lhe Spanis h Club include: Ric3uTle Rivera. pres id ent: Aida Cohn. vice-p r es id ent; Maria Ele na Vald es a n d Y olanda Paredes, sec r e taries; Pat sy Thom p so n, treasurer. MUSIC APPRECIATION CLUB H orowitz. Rubin s t e in Tchaikows ky a r c at! fri e nd s of these mu s ic-mindf'd p eo pl e. Durin g it s sess i o n s th e club ha s l i s t e n e d \0 rehears al s o f the Panama National Symphony and ha s di scllsse d a nd c riti c i ze d r eco rdin gs. The members plan 1 0 e nj oy mu s ic mor e Ih roug h knowing it. The club i s s pon so red b y Mrs. H e l e n C. Bak e r Officers in c lud e Eileen M oore, presid e nt ; Na n cy Sullivan, vicepresident; Cam ill e C hri s toph e r sec r etary. Sixtyseven


THE SCHOOL AT WORK I Our Illurlic m a ri c ... plog rtllll Iwgill'-\\ith al,r ehra f'J I the fr e .. hmtn IJc r e .\If'', Wunta::<. h elp", tJ .. llldenl \\or" ou[:1 pl 'vLl elll. 2 An n.p c n "j\t! I } e quiplJ e U libraq o f 8800 \ o lumC!:l O p e ll wid e fiel d ... of fe,;;earc h a nd l'nh:rlainmenl 1 0 e v e r y slUde nl. 3 The pro bl e m .. uf Iinc1:I a n d ang lt., are intro du ced to th e sophomore lhroul?,h plane ge olll clq. Il e r e i s 3. h a rd-working; 4. The se nio r after d d vanced a lgebra and <:olid g e o m etry. fini s h c .. hi.: course with Iria;o n O m C l f}. 5. A stro n g accent i s placed o n m e n I a l and p h ys i cal Sixt y-eight.


h yg i e n e. H e r e D r. Eu g ell e 1 0 a eJucatiun in OUi' large gy nlllu b iulII 6 Prac ti c a l o fft'red in 1111;'131 woo d s h o p. and alltomechani(>. lI e r e :'III'. G reen h o w 7 The ba ... i c sci cllcc Il f bi o l ugy i s i!otudic d b ) ::-oph Olllo r e'!. F ield illl 0 the jungle and the b e .. t Cqui plll Cll1 mak e l e .. e a b icr. 8. The l i n e o f the m elal s h o p is comple t e in detai l. 9. uf ph)"i c ... becom e .::-i m pl c t o the .. c ni o r.., wilh m o d e rn a\'ailable. 10. T ... qua r e and t ri a n g l e h elp the f u ture in our spac i o u.;; mech a nical drawin:t, r oo m::-. II. Thi .. c litl e r in the m e tal .. h o p r ound .. uff the tiJo u .. a n d .. o f d olla r .. wllrth o f equipme nt whi c h make .. B.I-I.S. Sit/}"jne


J ean O Bri en, a H attie Ca,negie in the maJ. ing. A lIol-so-energt-tic student but (11/ ardell I Sea SCOllt. R eina/do Carrera. brains lUllJ brllll'lI R obert All energetic s tude,l( and (III ardent lImilleris Lilli an.


Frallk 11/11) be flllo/ her "'011 O i.we l Who Sf/u/ellt iy da) alld cashier b} nij!h / is Gamboa s R uthie Smit h P hillis Zem tH. ZOIl;OIl spo r ts edi t or. reltues O lleen LOll has braills (IS u ;ell as helm f) B ob Sinlms, alt er no/c h i n g his /l'ay in lhe Sports /I' o rl d, fakes (J b r eak D ick. II r eal "liP anti comillg" music i a n Geo r ge's l eisll r e t ime is spen t checking books


THE GENERAL STAFF I. ? Quien e:.la chingoll)!o? 2. \'(' i de open space::.. 3. Fill 'cr up ..... j 'l! H o! H i 1I0! It's off to sc ho o l we go. 5. lIone::ol it's T eall)' (un. 6. Wh) th e "mi le"? Nobod) owe" m(,nc). 7. Old you eve r .:.ce fro st m Panama? 8 Oh boy! All t hese "A's 10 g i\ e uut. 9. "The 01 }our .. mile-' 10. Trip the light fSllla::.li c (or ::owin g a n d "way the Es"er w1IY,. 11 B II S 1::. doing fine Inr the IWllll: leam mer). 12. 'l'ow in print. 1 3. Take a I ctter. Sel'l'II/)-IIl'O


SWING AND SWAY THE B H S WAY 1. "Cuddl e U p a Liul e C l oser" ... 2. "Dancing in th e Dark" ... 3. "And th e B a nd Played On" .' I. "Dance Wit h a D o lly .,' 5, '1"11 Wa l k Al o ne , ,6, As Tim e Goe. By , 7, .' -and CocaCo l ,, Sevent)-three


1. Golden Anchor Ceremony 2. College and B.H .S. march toge th e r d ow n t h e fie l d. 3. A c hee .. f o r B.H.S. in the School-College game I. R e f reshl11ents n eede d beh\ ce n ha l v es 5. Balboa 's roote r s wRlch the Cristoba l game. 6. Se ni o r popularity contes t un d e rway 7 P o int applicant s lin e up for in s p ection. 8. Th e "B" Club lass i es fir5t pose 9. Grab bagse nior party 10. T h e se n i o r partyth e pie must la s t e goo d. 11. Chow line at the S.A. Club 12 Swee t memories frolll th e C hri s tm as dance 1 : { Th e Senior t eam s merm a id s 11. C l a sses c h eer t h e ir sw im mi n g t ea m s. h o pin g f o r 15. Pu ll. Seniors. pull 16. Fa s hi o n Show models


I. S i ng Sing Inm a t e 1\0. 09771. 2. GeLting Hllo th e r ()u lloo k o n lif e. Squeaky? 3 Ca t c h him ? I. Co nt o rti o n 5. H u d y \ a le n ti n o. II. 6. J\ot h in g like a littl e good d ea n fUll. 7 H ow 'bo ut a lifL. b i g bo)? 8. L a n c i' s E nd:' 9, A haaaaaaa! 1 0. O\\\\ooooooooo!! II. I s n l i t r a lh e r u ncomfo rt a ble? 1 2. The p a u se Iha l r e fr es h es 1 3. Lookoul You'll Up th e gun 11. Oh )OU g r ea L b ig gor geo u s hunk o f man 1 5. Ain' l it a crime! 16. Sue h as h e r own q u a int way of p layi n g softb all!


I. I z 00 h a vin g f un Illaking c!\ Hlte bi g S(IUOosh y Illu d pies? 2. \rel l lit u p. :3. J o hn l az) o l d thing. I. \Vell, s hut m y m ou th 5. R oll thi s lime. Eli a. 6. The J l ollu raL.l e Hobert J\1c1lvclin e Es q 7 "Tex a s AI" eyes th e v illi es 8. B oy yo u really put )our f oo t in it 1l1i.l1 tim e 9 Ca u ght in th e act. 1 0. H o humth ey ge t t o b e such a nui sa n ce afte r c l w hil e. I L Up 1 0 n o good 1 2. \"'(/ ho's th a t b lond e th a t j u s t wa lk e d in? 1 3 Peekaboo! 1 4 I t was b ou nd t o happen sooner o r l a ter! 1 5. O u t s t anding stude nt o f 16. Two l ea d e r s -TAC A and P o r ler. S e lellQ-scLell


Sel. :elllJ-nine


VJace6 .... tight)




S EPTEMBER. 19"'1 Ji 5 New T ake Offi<:c To-day IS. For Y ear Announced at Firs t 5 .1\. Dance. H o t e l Ti\oti OCTOBER. 1 944 27. St ud e nt s Troo p 1 0 Balbua C lu b hou se F o r Na\ y D ay Prog ram NO VEMBER. 1 944 ." I. High School Girl s F ace Cnl -Net Stars 9. C.Z. P o pula ce S l ai n b y "Ar-5cnic and O l d Lucc" 17. n H .S.College G rid Bailie End s in Tie: Anc h o r S tilt Ne utral Senior F ormal T o night at H o t e l T;\' oli 22. Ciphcrt'-/\do rn Sco re-b f)ard a C.H.S . 8. H.S. Tic. 0-0 2. 5. I S 21. 24. 26. 3. 9. 10. IS. 23. 24. DEC EMBER 1 9 11 H alf Pin t H aines H e r oine in Balboa-C ri $ IObal Volley ball Tilt S peech Stude nt s L ay 'em in I\il'-l es Wit h R e ad ings .IullilJl Formal at H o t e l T i\'oli T o ni g ht Traditional i\l u s i c o r I\nnllal Program H elps Studen t s CaTch H o lida y Spi rit J ANUARY. 1 945 t New Assembl y Programs In a u !!uralcd Today Fa shions Go o n Para d e al An nllal 1-1. II. Arls S t y l e S h(lv { Hi g h Sclwol. College Gi rl s Play T o p Rank Basketball in Battle F o r Court S u p r e ma cy FEBR U ARY. 1 945 Cli max o f Gi rl s Ba s keth a ll Season Com es in C ri s t o bal Gam e Queen Goe s 1 0 Courl at Carnival D a n ce Boys J\lee t Collel2;l.: o n Softball Diam ond Today ;'Tripl e Trouhl e Co mel> t o B al b oa -Second Uttle Theatre Pia), S peech St ud e nt s I l ave Annual Llln c h eo n CrislOba l i s IIost to Balb oa So ftball T ea m J UNE. 1 945 MARC H 1 9 4 5 .""). Boy::, Play Cri stobal in B ase hall Fra y 17. B H .5.-College Track Ttl. day 12. F t'''lival I Ie: ... Wide Ap p e al Fur Balboans APR IL. 1 9 1 5 6. J uni or:.. Seni o r s Strut a1 Annual Pro m 1 3. H igh Sch oo l Girls J\l ee t Softb : dl T eam T oday 28. G irl s J O llrn ey 1 0 Gold Coast F o r Softball B a ili e MAY. 1 945 2. Lil1l e Theatre Banqu e t i s TuniJ!ht 4. Boys T a ngle \"(li th C.Z. J.c. Bas ket Quinte t 9. Scrihes Ii o ld Banqu e t II. Last Dance of Year i s T o n ig ht's J IIni o r Formal 1 5. S peech S tudenl s Give F i n al Prog ram Today 17. G .A.A. Throws A nnu a l Banqu et T o n i g ht 1 8. B.H .S. F ive ,\lccl s Cri s t o bal for A nnual Basket Battlc 25. B" Club Enjoys Y early B anquel 1. Senior s to Gel W alking Pape r s Tonight at Comm e n ce m en t Exercises Eighty-two


l'hU/i) b) l .tt(.'I"I( L O U 2ueen Carnival .... Music and dancing .... Color. And over it all reigned beauty, the beauty of lovely Lou t:llen Zent. She wore bud-g reena sli m-waisted, halter-ribboned gown a n d a jewel led c r own, which tried, w i th Faint success, to equal the spark l e i n her dark eyes.


s p o R T S


CO\('II lit \IPllIlIE ... CO\CII WOOD .. The 1 914 Balboa All Star foot hall team. caplaintd by triplethreat Ha ro ld TUltl e. and under the of Coac h C. A. lIumph r i e .. Iho u g h u ndefea t e d. gai n ed seco nd p l ace in the Bi g Three Co nf e r e n ce. Loo!>in g pra c ti cally th e entire 1 943 Stiliad. Balboa ha s come thro u g h with so m e fine ba c k s i n Dedeaux. Wall ace. K e ll y and "Speed Bo}" O strca. Big R e d Tuttl e was the m o ... t ex p ericllced ba c k o n th e squad, h a v i n g a yea r o f All Star b e h ind him. li e r e tul'Ilc d at th e quarlt:rbac k po st. Al Attaway and H o bin .. o n Hamirez, also o n t h e squad laSI yea r. returne d t hi s -eaiIHl. A s hou l d e r i njury earl } i n prac tice !:oid elin e d Ramirez th e remainder o f the Attaway, a deadly runne r alte rn ated w i th T ut tl e at q uart erback. Bob S inllllo!>. a fir st year man 011 th e s q uad, i s a fin e p asse r and occasi o nal!) ge l s off gains, C h e t T ri m. s t ill a notlu.'r firstyea r rzridman wh o from h e ld d o wn t h e secon d<;tring fullha c k p o .. ition. Shi f t in g t o th e lin e. we an array of lin c ta l e nt. th e 1110$01 being 185pound F o .. ter a dy n a m o (If grinding. ho n e and gristle. \\ 1:0 paire d with Jim C laxlon. a l so tipping t h e sca les at ]85 p ounds. lIIad e the l i n t' extre m e!) p owe rful. A ... s i s ting were Iwo boy'" in Bob Engel ke and Bill Bartholomew. who held down th e f ir .. t 'ilring guard s l o t;;:. O\'('r Ih e hall was able 170pond Dic k Biav a. wh o did :-om e fine ball EnappinA. Quintero and "Sonn)" Smith tf"amed tog.ether. gaH.' B.l1. 5 a p air o f r ea ll y t a l e nt e d e nd5-. l nclerl)tudying thi i top -ro l(' line a r c end Bill B allman and Bob Van Wagner. tackl e .. J o hn '\ l cCi nni .. a nd 205'p{lund "Buw:' Lilli e. guards and J ose Na ranjo a nd at cen ter huge 225pound Bill \l' eat h erby. Coac h lIulllphrin declared Ihal Ih e one Ihing the squad l acked a whole wa::: ex p e ri e n ce. li e staled that there would b e a fine "'qllad n eXI year ir Ih ese a m e "'Iayed around. m os ll ) a d e f e n siH' team. \\'ilh a fla.::h y di .. pla)ed at time"'. B .I-I.5. l oo k:-fnrward In the comin!! "'ea"')n to an'nge the two tie"'. Tlltlle kicks 0111 Q/ (l hole Kill/kef retllrns (f plllli


4 /ret' bol/ ill Iht B.II.S. (fil(l r ; ollt'f{e (Ulme B H S .-C.Z.J.c. Game Tid::; yea r IIlC B.II.S AIISlan. OLlglli Iht:: Juniur Collel!;c 1 0 a 0 deadloc k ull a ::;lippc r y field. The fir s l half wa s a Iwn ling duel. T h e Ihird quar t e r found th e B c d and White g r i n d ing 1 0 Ih e s ixyard lin e Tilt' colle g c sliffened Ih ei r and Ih e hi g h sc h oo l l os l Ih e ball. Thl" co llegc p ounde d down Ih e fidd. Ihreale ning: to Ih e Q\c r for pay dirl. wh e n Ih e hig:h ::;chool ,.I a r s li g hl e n c d up t o SlOp Ih c threat. I n lhe fourth quarte r Ih e pUlllillJ! due l wa s re sumed. In Ih e minult; .. Fullbac k II. TUlll e bar e l y a field 1-1. TUlfle. 10/1)' ba C h "chllcks" a /orw(/rd pass


"A" LEAC L E ALLSTAR FOOTBALL SQLlAD Fir s / r o w from lelt 10 rillht: K elly. Wal. lace. Smith. E .. lcd... En)!elke. Bia\!!. Barth o l omew. C lax on. Quint e ro. Dedeaux and 1'111111:. Bac k rOil /rQII/ left to right: Alla .... ay. Bauman .\l c Ginni s Simm ... Naranj o. \'\' eatherb}. ;\I arlin Little. V a n Wagner. Trim. Ramir el. and Coac h H umpilrit' ... STANFORD. TilE ".\" LEAGI E FOOTB ILL e ll I 'I PIO NS The firs t rOIl. from lefl t o right: Gnehm. ,\10 ) nih an. Port er. Rice. Firer. and Wanke. The back rou from I,dt to ri/!.hr: B a u man. \'\"a lla cl'. ""lIran ) and (;ilhen.


CibwlI (lfQIIII(/ ellt! for (J 'irlt'll :-;tar .. re('{"i\:' a(h ice from the ir e "a('li R ight: B II.S. roJutt'r .. c h ee r in g their team (III IJ, d/ $ 0 C ,d/$, o


Di s playin g g reat d e f e n sive abil ity thro u g h o ut th e enti r e gam e. th e C ri s t o bal e leve n gained a ti e \\ ith Balboa a t S t r o d e Fi e ld Balboa w o n th e t oss. a nd Capt ain H a r o ld Tuttle e lec ted t o kic k. \Ve ic h look th e kick d eep in Cri s tobal t e rrit o ry. bu t h e was tagged befor e h e could ge t s t a rt e d. Seve r a l runs were tri e d but were n o t s u ccess ful ill gainin g and th e ball was kic k e d t o Bal b oa. D e deHu x r ece i ve d th e kic k and r ail it back 20 ya rd s. 0" th e fir s t play D edeaux cHrri e d th e a r ound rig ht e nd a nd c h alke d lip a fir s t d ow n. rail in g t o m a k e e n o u g h ya rdage for anoth e r firs t down Tuttle kic k ed deep int o Cris tobal' s territof). A t thi s po int th e Cris t o ba l t ea m l oo k 1 0 th e air w ith a se r ies o f in co mpl e t e p asses and co n sequent l y quart e r e nd ed. CQllege (Jigs ill Jor a gOlll lille stolid was ( o f ce d t o r e tul'll a kick to Bal b oa Follo\\ ing thi.:-the Balboa. n ow in po ssess ion o f th e ball. s tarted t o threaten. D edeaux picked up

Ano th e r Coll e g e I)/a) e r bites th e ill (lIlTl/w/ t i/I. I J./1.5. II' o n 10 t o S :.: L Ollis D e deali X digs lor (I /0111 ludl ill c ollege gam e Dffle K e lleher. Snlfllo r c apta i n. Ilailirl!! l o r (I flood p i l r h F o r th e firs t time in three yea r s th e Balboa I -lig h School "A" Lea g u e AIIStar ba seball t ea m emerge d th e I nt e r -sc h oo l C hampion s b y v irtue o f i.l 10 t o 5 w in o ver th e Canal Zon e Junio r Co l l ege a nd a I t o I win ove r a stro n g Cristobal All-S t a r nin e. Last yea r th e ';Hed and W hite" wa s d e feat e d b y bot h th e Junio r College a nd Cristobal squads. f \ Ib e rt o No riega was th e winnin g pil c h e r a ga in s t th e Junio r College. with Charles leBrun e m e r g in g th e winning pit c h e r in th e Cri s tobal fracus. The RH.S. squad h ad a s T ommy b ehind th e plate. Dil:k Turb y fill and i\lik e Daw so n on th e initial s;:lc k. B o b SUiSIlWIl ('O\cre d second base w ith


1944-45 L o ui s D e d ea u x a ll s h o rl. Ace \l;/ alla ce did a superb j o b o n th e h o t corne r in b o th Balb oa h ad a f as t f ieldin g o utfi eld. w ith H a r old Tutll e in l eft. C h uck Husum i n ce n I eI' and Hugo P erillo ill rig hl. Othe r m embe r s o f th e squa d w e r e J a m es C laxon Barry K e n ea ly. H o bin so n Ramirez. A l bert A u awa) and B ob Van Wa g n e r Coa c h Humphri es puI th e s q u ad thr o u g h l o n g and h ard w o rk o ut s a nd th e squad lived up t o h i s ex p ee l a t i o ns. :.: FINAL I N T E RSCHOOL S TA N DINGS T eam W o n l .ios l P e l. B. H S. 2 a 1.000 Jr. C. a .000 c. H. S. a .000 Charl e s L e Brlll/. c aptain 0/ the ChllfIlIJ;QIIS th e Cardillo/s, sco res aBoin s t Colle ge : : I-II/{!.Q P erillO line s Ollt (l (Iollbl e ill c oll e g e pmlle :.: I Jilt Harold Tllttle OrOI)S (J IIcut bl/flt down th e lillt: c oll ette !Ulllle


Lejl 1 0 rig /If !.lIee/ing: R o b('rl E'ng,clke. T om K ell). J i m \]urray. Stllfldillg: i\ C Wallace. "amId Tuu le. Charlt'''' Jj'Brun "ELL\ Bas k e tb all h old, seco nd place III th e sports' f i e ld a t Bal b oa Hi g h Sc h ool. Football a l o n e t a k es preced e nce ove r it in t urn-out of p layer and atte ndance a t the game s The l a s t two seaso n s aJtelldance a t the games has been all th a t could b e d es ir e d th e gy mn a s ium b e in g pack e d with e nthu s ia stic s t ud ents T hi s i s in lin e w illi the tre nd in t h e a thl e ti c world w h e r e ba s ke tb all J w inc r e a se d tre m e nd ous l y in popularity. Last yea r aft c r sinking College twice, our B H. S quinte t l o s t a 29 t o 21 ga m e t o th e C ri s t obal f i v e Thi, year it i s Ollr aim 1 0 av e n ge thi s gam e It w ill b e a tough sc rambl e, but your sports editor pre di c t s th a t a safe b e t co u l d b e placed o n our a nd Wh i te' squad. A s th e ZOlliall goe s t o p re ss th e bask e tb all se a so n h a s n o t begu n B e for e practice begins it i s diffic ult to pi c k th e t cam th a t w ill r eprese nt th e sc h oo l but i t i s e a sy to se lect a f ew of th e mo s t promising p layer s The f ollowing lin eup i s p robabl e :


Lefl IQ rift/II. Phil Ballman. J\lhn :"Ilal1ia. Jim :-;mith. SllIl/ding: Barr) K enealy. Da\ c K elle h er. Bill Bauman $ew.ic#t 1945 A t cente r H a r old TUllle s i xfoo t thr eei n c h p ivot Illa n for the p ast two yea r s w i l l g ive ple n t y of COni p e titi o n t o othe r c a n dida t es b eca u se of hi. d ea d l y p r e c i s i o n with eithe r h a n d 1'0111 K elly. able t o b l ock any s h o t a nd with a d e ad eye for s i d e cou r t shots, \\ill p r obab l y f i l l a g u ard po s iti o n but h e w ill b e a good m a n a nywh e r e A C. ( A ce) W alla ce [ a sl. q uick m oving, wilh a r i g h l a nn "gan c h o that 5 p l i l S the cor d s i s a p r o b a b l e c a ndid a t e [ o r for ward. C harles L eB run h as a d ea d eye f o r t h e bas k e t f r om a ny p l ac e o n the court a n d w i l l p r obably be in t h e othe r for war d posi tion. Candid a t es for t h e sec ond g uaTCI po sition a r c J i m S m ith, B o b Eng elke and J ohn IIl alli a. Othe r p r o mising p l ayer s are D avi d K elle h e r. P hili p B auman. Ji m M u r r ay, Bar ry K e n ea l y a nd Bill B au m a n H oweve r b efore the seaso n get s und e r way. a dar k h o r se m ay appea r t o pu s h a n y of these [ ellO\ls off the J i sl. "-ENE.\L)

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1'0111 ball S t rike three! Thi s yea r th e Bal boa H ig h Sc h oo l "1\\' League 1\ IIS t a r s w e n t down before th e o n s laught o f th e Canal Zon e Junior College a nd th e Cr i s t oba l Hig h Sc h oo l t e ns. The d o ubl e l oss s uff e r e d by th e H e d a nd Whit e was th e firs t in th e pa s t th r ee yea r s, L e ft h a nd el' J o hn H owe r w as ass i g n e d th e pit c hi n g c h o r es f o r b o th o f th ese gam es and eve n th o u g h h e d i d a s t e rlin g j o b over p owe rin g o pp os itio n won o ut. Bal boa's l ine-up was s tudd e d wit h o th e r s lars as Bill ) Ca rd oze. w h o h e l d d ow n th e ca t c hin g spot. Ca rl R ice w h o did a n excelle nt j o b a r ou nd th e initi a l Dic k COllover a t seco nd ba se, and at s hort. Fre d Ballman co \ e r e d th e h o t corn e r lik e a vet e ran I an 1 0 hn so n Jim O"D o nn e ll. Ga bri e l K o urany a nd William mak e up a f a s t pl ay in g o utfie l d. Coac h Ho\\ard '''oo d s ir o n e d ou l a ll possib l e flaws and his t ea m was in tip t o p con dition through o ut bo th ga m es, COl/over bla=es one ill F I NA L I N TEHSCHOOL S TAND INGS T eam Junior ColleJ,!e Cristobal lI i g h School Balb oa lIi/!h School Won 2 L os t o 1 P e t. I.()()() .500 .000 "A"' SOfTBAll. CAI'TAIl\S-From lelf to right. /irs t row: Gabrie l K ourany and J o hn H a n so n : secoru/ row: Carl Rice, Jim O'Don n e ll, and Dick Co n over

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1. Ralph S h erri ll. :shut-put star. heaves one. 2. H. Tuttlc, lead i n g conte nder f o r th e po l e vault. 3 F Ostrea l oo k s pr ctl y for the came r a ..t. G. K ourany up a nd o,' c r the hi g h jump bar. 5. H Tuttle goes ove r th e bar with ease 6. Three probable di scliS co n t e nd ers. 7. With g race and e;:lsc. pol e "
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l/lIrcel \I(I"in sp la s hes IInder the line for firs, place. I n th e Inle r C la ss Sw inHnin g M ee t h e l d at Balb oa Pool on Friday D ece mb e r 22. th e se ni o r s triurnphe d ove r th e o lh e r cla sses w ith a l op h eav) sco r e o f 5-1. point s t o 22 f o r th e fr es hm e n 21 f o r th e sophmores a nd 2 fllr th e juniors. Senior Swimmin g T e um L e ft '0 right. lirst r ow: J o hn H owar. Rob e rt Nel Jim i'llurray. Stand in/l: Hilmar Schcckcr, Ca Plai n i\larccl H(lb crl 011 )Ollr mark! Gel sel! l\la r ce l 1\ l a rlill. senio r t ea m ca ptain. ea rn e d six po int s and th e pos iti o n H S hi g h senior b oy b y pa c in g bot h th e lOOyarcl fr ee s t y l e and th e 50ya rd b ac k s t roke. Hilmar Sc h ec k e r. J o hn 1 l owe r a nd Jim Murray. se ni o r s w e r e in scco nd pla ce with fiv e point s e a c h Lou i s D e d ea ux was hi g h in th e Sophmore C l ass with s i x p o int s H e eas il y t oo k th e 50yard bre a s t stro k e and th e 60mel e r m e d l ey.

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.. B C L U B o;fth G candidates (I'om softball. baseball. and track. t h e duh promises to ha,'e one of t h e lnrp;est memben, hillS in its exi stence. To be eligible for this h onorary society of Bnlboa High Sch oo!'!' best athletes. a boy must be elected to an All-Star team in a major sport and must s how lI:ood sporbmanshhl at all times, H e must be voted into the club by a three-fourths mlljority. T h e annuli) balllluet of the "B" Club was held on May 31. Letters wete Ill'esented to each member at t h e banQuel. Officer':: were Pres idents. J ohn Gilbert and Bob Enl!elke: Vice-President. Alber t Attnwny: n n d SecretnryTreasurer, Hnrold Tuttle. 6 A A i;se Phyllis Zemer. Two initiation s were held. increas inK its m embe r ship to nineteen. Miss Pat Bathmann. director of "A" League sports became an associate m embe r. An informal dance held at t h e Gym in t h e early part of the year and the annual banquet of May I!) were t h e two outstandinp; events of t h e year Initiates were Alice Ca stro. Al o h a Holcomb. Peggy M ummaw. Rosemarie N i c ki s her. Emelina Schmidt. H e len Ra e Souder. Patsy Thompson. S hi rley Weltz, Gretchen Yost. Joanne Flynn. and Mary Lou Hl!.ines. Ninetynine

PAGE 104

All r earl ) ? Olle-hllnrlrc(1 The ] 9 .]1 1 5 Aid ... 5CaSCJI] officiall} ol)t:llcd til dll: end 'If St'plember wbt'll lilt: g irl ... lurJl c d O u l 1.1 praclice ftlr volleyh a ll. .\flt'r a ... t"hion all g irl ......... IHI had allend"d Ihn:c prac lic e .. ml'l 10 t'lt 'c l Ih eir caplains: NaJlt'lIc L y n c h. \lar) Lou Haines. B e lt } Phy lli .. Zem e r. LI"na \ l lImlll aw. L o ui .. e Ilarno li. !"",. Iland. and Joanne Fb /lil. Th, : .. \ .. L t' aj.!u{' ;\1I$13r It'a m Ihat dtft'all' d C ri"" Jbal. 21-19 and 2 1 1 6. wa .. captaine d b} .I"anlle FI} lln with 'lal') Lou Iiaint'''. RI) "'elliarie LI('lla Sear .... '1t'lct'dt'''' Crifo. PCj.!j.!y maw. \ na Hio .... \I"ila Iioic,)mb \lice Ca .. tro . lI t'it:n Ra e Souder. and Ph) IIi .... Bad'l\\ a ... h'am The '-W -Leaj.!lIl capl :li n e d h} lu"" Ih ei r mal cht: .. 3j.!3in'::l Cri<:.t o hal widt Ih" ... e" .. 2 1 ]1 and 21. Get it II!)/

PAGE 105

Slide. K etl ). slide! The bUffi"g eJc.' On F ebruary 1 2. t h e softb all t e am!:. b ega n th ei r p ra cticing on the "fire s ta tion dia m ond. D urin g gy m cla sses and afle r sc hoo l th e girls practiced a w ee k befor e T h e fou r team s, ca ptained b y Alice Castro. Aloha H olr-omb. Nicki!:hc . and Nanelle L y nch. m e to fig ht f o r the intramural champi o n s hip. The g am es ca m e t o a cl ose o n ) l a r c h 22. Those m i ss i ng f r om the lin e u p this year are Gre t c h e n Yo<:.1. P h ylli s Barl ow, B e tt y P r es l ey. and Donna D i c k so ll. all of whom we r e stron g supporter s of la S I yea r's A t the time th e Z onian w enl to press. th e \'ic tor e tt e ... captained b y A l ice Castro. w e r e winni n g th e l e agu e with a sco r e of two won and no n e and Nanellc L y nch s CoEd s were running a clo se sec on d with 1wo won and one l os !. For t h e game h eld in Ap r i l with th e Goldcoa s t e r s th e Z o "ian s port,.;' w r it e r s predict A l oha H o l co mb, Nanette L y nch H osellla r i e N i ckis h e r, J\lice CaHro. and O c ta v ia Garli n g t o n to b e among tllO"t' ('ho<:.cn for t h e AII::-I a r t e am Thi s i s the seco n d <:.('a"on t haI til e !earn havl > b ee n coac h e d b) j \ l i s ... Bathmann. R ei/ Oil 'he ball Y(.'s i t' s 'he V ost It-ind'lIp One Hlllldr ed One

PAGE 106

Four little mermllitis Scelle 0/ Oll r tjctor) Bottoms lip! Th e s wimmin g se ason r e ac h e d a clim ax at th e Inl e rCla ss Swim Meet h e ld D ecembe r 22. when th e Sen i o r C l a ss won with a sco r e o f 5 1 the fr eshma n class pla cing seco nd. Th e f ollowing senio r g irl s sco r e d for th eir t ea m: L o u H a ine s 1 st. 50.ya rd free s t y l e : 3 rd. 10me t e r ba c k stro ke. D o nna Dic k so n -l.sl, I Omete r breast stro ke. Jean Kies\\elte r 3 rd. 50yar d free sty le. Dic kson. Gaines. Kies w ette r. Hain es 1 st. 80me l e r relay. She /Iies Ihro/lgh Ihe llir . Sal(lam!!!

PAGE 107

Hme (0 be (he blllls-e)e! Th e bull s-eyes w e r e w o rn thin again t hi s yea r by th e arc h e rs o f R H .S Beginn ers. int e rm e di a t es and pro fici ents all s h owe d equal e nthu s i a s m for th e age-o ld game of arc h e r y Goo d form a n d a t r u e eye wer e c h a ra c t e ri s ti cs o f H e l e n Do l an and O c tavi a Ga rl ing t on. a r c h e r y stars o f th e Seni o r C la ss. They proved so n o t o nl y thi s seaso n but in th e three pre violl s seaso ns o f th e i r hig h sc h oo l ca r ee r. Th ose w h o e nt e r e d int o th e contes t h e ld in Ma y a g ains t C ri s tobal wer e H e l e n D o l an. O c tavi a Garling t on. E l ea n o r L1o p i s. Nanette L y n c h. Nancy Sullivan L o u H aines and Phylli s Z c m e r. Dimw -on the beam Tru e 10 !orllt R e ady A im.'

PAGE 108

If hat (t smash! L ooks good Irol/l here. too The t e nni s seaso n. whi c h o p e n e d in O c t o ber. eontinue d thro u g h out th e yea r with th e l o n g li s t o f nallles b eco min g very s h ort a s th e m a t c h es dre w t o a cl ose in April. All games w e r e p l aye d on Saturdays a t t h e Diabl o court unde r th e s up e rvi s io n of Miss J osephine L ee. ACl:ordinp. to th c r e p o rt s turne d in. th e titl e lics in wait f o r Albe rta B oy d or Hosemarie Nick i s h e r. l\larilyn DeLeon and th e abO\e tw o g irl s w e r e ti e d. but i\larilyn" s l ea vin g sc h oo l left th e way o p e n f o r Alberta o r H ose mari e. Othe r s see n o n th e co urt w e r e Na n c) Sullivan. Ev e \ "Varne r. Ph)lIis Barl o w a nd Jean I\i es w eller. If'at e rline

PAGE 109

F o r th e seco nd tim e in th e hi s t o r y o f B.H .S th e g irl s p l ayed tw oco urt ba s k etba ll. Th e seaso n s t arted in November. a nd f o r e i g ht w ee ks th e se l ec t e d t ea m s pla)ed against eac h o th e r w hil e preparing t o m ee t th e ir opp o n e nt s in C ri s t o b a l o n F ebrua r y 3. Th e intramu r a l c hampio n ship was w o n b y P eggy MUIll maw' s V i c t o r e ll es. s h o win g a sco r e o f fiv e wins a nd o n e l oss. Th e \ Vin soc k e r s a nd Tangl e f ee t. captaine d b y H ose llla r i e N i ckis h e r a nd a n e ll c L y n c h li e d f o r seco nd place wit h a sco r e o f f our w o n and two l osl. The AII Star t ea m th a t play e d C ri s tobal eomposed o f Nan ette L y n c h Captain: M al') L o u H aines. A l ice Castro. I\ lary T owery A l o ha H olco mb. R ose mari e N i ckis h e r Grif o. Joann e Fl y nn R osemary Ne um a nn. E h a King. Alice S ulli va n a nd L ois And r ess. Th e ga m e w as l os t 1 0 th e opponents "ith a sco r e o f 1 8 t o 8. / ,)llc h loopi"!? ; 1 I s a d ellce!

PAGE 110

The Senior Class t akes thi s opportunity to express its appreciatio n to o llr s ponsors bllsin ess est ablishme nts, co mm e rcial firms alld indi v iduals of both Panam a and the Canal Zon e w ho haue made thi s p llbl icat ion possibl e b y ge n erolls financ ial assistance Wilhollt ollr sponsors this pllblication wOlild not have b ee n possibl e Bazaar Espai10l A T o u ss ie h Elias IGr ee k Elias 1 927"") Coffey Bro thers An co n Green h o u se Philc o Hadi o An t on io's B es tfit PanAme ricHn W orld Ai rways L ouis D o naldi o D. V illanueva and T c j eria C ia. Ltda. Manuel C. Bereia Novey and Luttrell Marcelo Marin Garage Casino I A.M. a n d A l b ert DiHZ Cia. Ltcla.) S moot B eeso n S.A. P a u l A. S ulli van, '25 S team ship A gent a nd Br o k e r. Balboa. Ca n a l Zone C ia. d e Hu crlama tt ee (Fre n c h B azaa r ) Lux Theatr e Fre n c h Bazaar Tailor S hop Charles" Ph o t o S h op Cencceria Nacio n al. S.A. I Ca n a d a Dry) Casa F as I ieh National L otLe r y Tahiti J ewe l r y Co. Duran's Ange lin i s Pan -American Orange Cru s h Pana ma-Am e ri ca n Publishin g Company. Inc. American Bazaa r Cowes Furniture S tore Bob ert Dixon. S.A. Mc L elland A ge n cies F o t o wol r T alle r d e Mec h anit:a (Avarad o )' H nosl An t o ni o D o min g u ez y Hnos Casa Avil a S.A Casa Antonio t o n g Galindo Maria C h en I Casa Chen) H Olllsa n ) H e rlllan os Mueb l e ria 1':1 Diabl o K oo l Spot H es t aurall l alld F o un t ai n Star a nd I lere l i d Co mp a n y L a Maseo t a Sant a Fe Florist Bal b oa Barb e r S h op Fifth Av e nu eC h a mb o lln e t C h es l e rfi e ld C i ga r ettes Clay Compa ny. In c. La Ofi cina I de a l Cas[I Ka)ser Cia, Panalll e ila Fu c r za y Lu z \Vollg C h a n g, S.A, Cia Ah Chu Bazaa r I nt ernac io n a l Pinoc hi o E lli o t Shipping and Land Company. I n c. E I H a n c h o Luck), S t rike A l m acencs Martinz K o d a k L ewis Se rvic e Co Cas[I G r a nt Beaut y S hop Nat i\le nd ez Hercul e TrunkBaggage Manuf acturers H o t e l Tivoli Libreria Prec iad o Corles In g l es R .K.O. Pi ctures of Panama Andres P once C i a. T .A.C.A. G l o bal Airwa)'s. S .A. M O I Tison's Novelties C lim a I dea l tulle r's J ewel ry ew Y o rk J e welr y j Burgoon ) Scadron's Tro tt C l ea n e r s P allama CocaCo l n B ott I ing Company E I P atio Tro pi ca l Motors I n c. H ote l Tivo l i Barber S h op F elix Maduro La Vic t o ri a S.A. I J udson Distributors C ia. Kit o C h e n. S.A. Offi ce Se r v i ce Company Nort on Lilly and Company S tandard Oi l (Ca n a l Zo n e ) Compan y E sso M a rk e t ee r s H erffJones Company Paul Gambotti

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"IJIl oj it (jMtB too doo-I1. . ." , G o o I : D I B Y E

PAGE 112

. T o a l l the l oya l Frie nd s w h o help e d c u r e the 1945 ZON IAN'S g rowing pains, t h e s t aFF w i s hes t o express it s sincerest g r a t i tud e MR. C. S LACLAIR T h e offi c i a l Canal Zon e p h o togr a ph e r w h o look and print e d o u r p o p u larity pi ctures MR. LAWS O N A ss i s t a nt C a n a l Z o n e p h o tograph e r. w h o di d the sam e fo r th e mu s i c pi ctures. MRS AVilA WARREN W i f e o f the fo r m e r A mbassad o r to Panama. w h o grac i o u s l y o p e n e d h e r home to th e ZOflla" for pi c t u r e Mus BEnN ET TE: BEATTY O f th e Southe rn E n g ravi n g Compan y o f 51. P e t e r sburg F l o r i d a. w h o di d a n excellellt j o b o n our e ngravi n g and h e l ped w ith t h e pa ge l ay-o ut s M H. BEN GRANGER O f the 51. P e t e r s b u r g Printing Compa ny. 51. P e t e r sburg Florida. w h o p r i nt e d a nd bound o u r yea r book fr o m a cross t h e sea. MR. E. W. H AT C II ETT A d viser of the S. A .. w h o cap t a i n e d t h e adverti s in g s taff w i t h p h e n o m e n a l s u ccess. makill g th e 1945 Z oniofl f in a n c i ally poss i b l e MH. VICTOR C I -IAI1L E S Of F o t o C h a rles, whose l e n s ca u g ht t h e Sen io r C lass as it r e ally i s MR. D J I I ENOR I C K Manager of t h e H O l e l Tivo li. w h o provid e d bac k g r o un d s fo r s o m e arti s t iC' p i ctures. MH. WALTEH ALLEN ... O f the Recor d Bureau w h o saw tha t our cop y wa s rus h e d o rr t o the S t a tes 011 the f a s test p l a n e MR. PHII I P GIlEEN Who advised o u r stude nt pho tograph e r s. O U R SPONSO R S T h e b u s i n ess n1f'1l o f Panama. w h o gav e liS t h ei r fin a n c i a l s uppor t.