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dLOC Executive Board Meeting San Juan, Puerto Rico Thursday, June 13, 2013; 7 8:30am Preliminary Discussion Notes Next year, dLOC turns officially 10 years old, so a birthday party is needed. Agenda (Notes by Agenda Item) 1. Sustainability Planning a. Annual Report 2012 2013 b. Update Business Plan 2011 2014 c. Begin Planning for Sustainability Plan 2014 2017 Update on the process with the first planning nearing the end, and the process for the new plan to begin soon. Annual report included. Highlights covered in meeting, and full report included in the Executive Board Meeting packet. Regional Coordinators Discussion on need and support that would be provided by regional linguistic coordinators; need to determine how the coordinators would be trained and compensated for the work; is this one person per region and then rotating every 2 3 years; is this best d one as part of normal duties or would an honorarium be appropriate to aid with the priorities; work details would include answering emails and then 2 3 trainings a year; work scope would include new partners and new projects first contacting the regional c oordinator to see about how to move the project forward, and would serve as a core liaison to existing partners in the region and to other dLOC team people outside of the region. The coordinator w ould be based with one in each region with the coordinato r and country rotating to grow the community and capacity over time. The coordinator would help with writing the project plans and seed grants with one per year for a total of three over three years. This would allow for dLOC to create a project portfolio. The coordinator position should be for three


Page | 2 years, not two years, for institutional memory and sustainable, stable development and support. The seed grants with possible honorariums could be up to $8,000 per year with multiple regions, seed grants, and honorariums. For the training of the coordinator, we should prepare some guidelines to train the coordinator. How much of a commitment are we asking for from the institution? Is travel funding for the coordinator needed? Having an annual meeting of the four regional coordinator s, and paying for their travel, and this would be more workable than an honorarium for institutions and directly benefits both the coordinators and the institutions. Coordinators would have to ha ve at least one project plan complete in order to qualify for the training, to help give things more of a reason to be a priority. How would we decide who would be the coordinator? People would need to apply to be coordinators through the Board, and some o ther factors should be included, like having someone from one of the smaller islands be representatives for the English speaking coordinator, or this could be divided into two people with representatives for large and small. The annual meeting will help br idge across the different languages and cultures, and help build capacity and a cohort for further capacity building. This would be planned and built over the next year, with expectations, duties, and objectives, t o be implemented the year after, when dLOC is 10. 2. Governance a. Approve Online Elections for the Executive Board (3 new member positions) b. Leadership positions Currently, multiple positions open on the board. Discussion of online election tools for the new Executive Board representatives and one representative for the Institutional Members. Need to elect new Vice Chair and others. 3. Funding a. Current financial overview b. Budget for 2013 2014 Review of funding overv iew, membership renewal letters, and other elements in the dLOC Executive Board Meeting Packet. Use the 10 th anniversary to help promote with new members. Thinking about new members from our communities like SALALM, humanities centers, etc. Really affordable membership levels for the Caribbean, and so more institutions may way to


Page | 3 This is also something that regional coordinators could help with. Can distribute some of the budget for travel to CSA to have people other than the dLOC Program Director travel to CSA and other events. Changing the budget line on long distance phone charges and shipping and reallocate to promotion. In June this week, this day, everyone create activities around dLOC as the dLOC Day Spring is less busy and people are more around, so April has National Library Week and dLOC Day could be attached Other materials to create? For a big event, a card to give out, to be a cheaper option than a user guide. This would be another item. Or, just print more of the dLOC Bookmarks. Also, now share a digital display of PPT for dLOC for the partners. Also, c reate new page on the dLOC site that collects and showcases all available materials, like the dLOC app, posters, bookmarks, user guides, and so much more. 4. Collection Development a. Review and approve call b. Caribbean Newspaper Born Digital titles Review of materials in the packet. Need to review the born digital queue and update the titles to add a few titles to the queue. Discussion of the ACURIL archives and possibly digitizing them and having them in dLOC. This could be the first seed grant. 5. Technical a. New workflow and manual changes b. Questions/Concerns Reviewed in the IT SIG meetings and the packet. 6. Communication/Publicity a. Newsletter b. Conferences/Meetings c. Caribbean Scholarship in the Digital Age d. Web Promotion


Page | 4 Caribbean Scholarship in the Digital Age Discussion on who is interested in hosting and how to continue to develop this as a programmatic item. This could be a one day or longer event. This would likely be Could work with vendors to get some contributions, exhibits, etc., with the 10 year anniversary; could see about the Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) offering this as a preconference, so we have done this but have not called it this yet. The next CSA will be in the Yucatan and we have a partner there. This also allows for sustai nability for planning and future years, and ensures that scholars are included and many partners. Promotional Materials Posters, with current very affordable option, suitable for framing with posters to all partners. Updating, printing, and mailing user guides to all partners. Traveling Exhibit Could be as little as two pop up displays. Could tie to an online exhibit presence, possibly a dLOC exhibits page with all exhibits and/or a slideshow or video of updates and news on dLOC. And, each institution c ould do a simple YouTube video talking about the exhibit. Small Seed Funding This year $11,000 is budgeted to seed funding. Developed sample proposal with University of Suriname for a first possible seed proposal. Should these be $2,000 seed grants, $4,000 seed grants? It should definitely have a cap and then there should be some criteria for how to do the grant proposal and how it would get approved. Should people be able to get seed grants for phase two and similar projects, or should the requiremen t be that they must be building on, and how grant rules could be a good starting point for use in developing these. Priority would be for first year projects. I n terms of internal budgets, what are the more difficult elements to cover (staffing, equipment, other, everything). Often hear that getting the approval for the equipment can be more difficult, so the seed grants can be difficult. Opportunity with the gra nts to build capacity in terms of understanding and tracking of staff time as cost share and other cost share elements that can be budgeted and planned for larger future grants. 7. Additional Business a. EBSCO Discovery Service agreement Reviewed the agreement which has concerns, but partners have contacts to follow up on to make sure the records are included in other systems.