Title: Morning Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Morning Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Morning Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: December 11, 1897
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00008
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UUI IL lt I Mi e tAMrous Came and the Alleged l u r
SExplanation V
A | : optlt b cDaeaeeWh Cod AghtscagoeTh bor City Ripe Case HReat
i S lSpdo teresideots or Hilleborough street C 1.
S ; -i ,* were stable .by laud and piercing cries .
, a I ay, Dec. 10, II, d 13th, R houqeioth r rud nateNU DEiUERTO8fME BYDImaC And wev'e made pfieews on o
I 7:00 P ne ighborbood. In a few moments the tureandCarpets,whid, if y li
iO A' A.7:00 P. Mw., ho WmHArnte4 Lata >iN t By 'tire vicinity was aroused ad the The Point I amp.. Over you, will convince yo latv~O
"s w only policeman on the heo hurried to L t o -
tie aras4dl While, a g d t Ct h snehoarte time J"a 'the
Atis:gt a ''ive te Resie-i bady uhide ari e Prisonerd Pdta e i or T UR PRICES "
Local & tece'deAnt quent invetga ton failed to In the thot ,i "
-!. 9 71i ii!tivf eithttr party to the aetault. ---- --
e I i rade, I ladies Gents', Bo y' and Girl'. A httlehf re 8 'o occk latt igh: s.me f the people who Ive. in the The heaEing thbYbr City e Beat a uetiod d the Goods
"" arha 3urke arre.tul a se o who neighborhood. however, tell an inter, ca ameitaLasowm whaG onexp Everything ip Fu niture is iold l;Aa
Swas 1i r aitloaty a eu -iosity m more ue tug story f the iroubli which cu)-. ermination i Judge Harrison 'sc else. We Say so n th e paper a nd
senses than oeseatd whose artItn, left minated m the assault. A,'coidin vesterday afternoe. The mor g | Come and satisfyyouraetf
himnopec o '11e a erket ~i 0 o00. this version e affia the mJ a .,nman hpe.ned iby the conti d
Tnearre t w c 'ande nar Le resi. in whose ioue itlefight curried I erns ixarinintion otbe alleged vic-
[ dece of Cat Jaa MKay :on the for soma tite. toe .. enain ho s h tim r he a t .after which her N
S sold once withodi srve, flniglest bidder. corner ofLfayette and Mario streets, and one hi.uns entub.)w ts h ben so a. m-lher and Dr Birwr put on the :
fgQn mte .for one ear.' Ohoicebof Tires, Saddles, andUhedkrey ~ s 1 uppole4 t l e saiduous irt hi. aittentiina t hiu stan d. Tned p.rto msliemoy in the ,0 7 -' l'
eBas, Etc, W' eels o Y n e. ti ition iat mame mat ebt ha, oq overt c "ca- e txcte th u. puc of tome of- c e .whtle apparel ly concluslive m as-
S! I oo re tone lem ebeen io 11 i ng 1 a iatrei o- are a uto h t an;asault. wae pohbably not alto-
S. I t about ti premises ih a mt er that i4 for b oin the night toi quieti gather mti tr try the -presutito. I on.
L IJB~E Bi .AUtciQn Ie r. ftyetheem tbers .he f1 ily urood With hlurk til.ma seeorabbiu The hearing was resumed t 2 o'clock 1
SA u ti neer[D. cau for .urm. a ..utenth doutlul i ndiion P. m., the.tate r UA g bout a halfan -i I
Cn th4 d 'key 0 s taken i n tow Cppered th Coper -hour lau tr <'a.uasq ftr the defete "
-f"- : ".1. entereA delli-urrer t1o 'tbe eviden e.
by tiOI. CUT O B WARE. b t marshbo, he sbt6ed a l de- d Y1 e rd v ,fternjo twobnyDa na nrrer o eidet ,
--- adisinelitation to meet that via l[an of. -o' n. Sk0nnru rp decd wh a ioh a s e-t. etniatlest to th e ri t
INeto e Chugedto Somie Choice ad t.tet c Desigps clawtouewsasto the propriety tf ad.sctlnI g tpper trom the tot inthe aeuptiita.e tting the truth fo 1111 i
lEi t tiyoleMe6 'Oat Vlew journingthe tneetiu to tie 0 t ion rear uimf th u sum-r Co.np th v nce ,no offense hasbe eahh e

cb iyod r to hegi t.ve,m r e of the large bho window' s tof1hos ,he and when lii- ra.ittle force pwas em n n retIy d Thedn rw promptly ver-
inwilltbeheld nex' t" c k oorton's drug stores n.owoccupiedby pio tie lw tell t n o oen d rt ta eighty r-I hy court, aeh curseh under

r i be charge. and the v.inual piece Leing ,n it way a em-- b irt trus i er a ,,'ee lar;, ,.n thr iTf o BAeY O PIwC. *i l l I
ft e nttr o pearaSe was such a. ta eare sodie. rned loert U) s per.tol-.d er n- 1e Saw n Orc hetra Already En-
urt om as tie ptoc ethis sa class of ware ee rne C are bynaa thing or a sensation at the tal uingafter as repr r td t .J beu.n gaged-tAn Admirabrthaofation. M Sre lThid Wy
aeMorgan Ae n Wma ht c te- vad fwh i ger bows, etc. etc. ye g ch sbeete he n orderedP from oeehas .1t. I0r in I oeftheoa L i rt e ot wa wirfM ensaived, an Boys Overdo
nimor wagaiet he e f thee atP u theass of cutin g cover all tsh ei emploed in He a it.ata trk-t on i a thaa l weo y ontenth.ron e ans t eealr tr ou s t l and t eer tuii
W1 orgAT wer Theoeitn m te ia t ote i sa teathhioercoat he bd on t be R the ar taltoa
1 0 dg dt-rwac-ih Jo d e b.... e. self hyi, D A ater~nd oswire oa hn ,. d ta e eloe if ot Ipet bti otopiny wh b e o ste reae f ur tieosi withcatbitt.
tIse eoacasom me admittaneeI are nerttah^e wo^rksof art, eachlimdi.onA t

ris d a ea experieDC. ,n e iaD,-BeatrCe,etc. can belittdout that hr ohg.w n x ni kus y r. Bok. e, l r eji i a PADAYTO 41M Fran.in'
io-lti arger and thea u piece arti c conceptiontsway s vgoem- w lurking ab l te e O mi in

I terw s break opt at tead h, ve i been bought forit cash re nd are of. C liptain M tK)n it the -sttoesday a lt e ar cr ne r m thetu i b e e d a t
h eid the ptht.The c tr arlcl le ic crn o ery warl ti J Addis rphy w s no co elu. Jor, ir e a womn who recently shot prison tree A
yflC "oe-brok. ou tin ID. webkown mereare. eho ce, t im e. voes alo hing F r ans re ti, n e ro u. atthetie ng, afhter....-eJ| P h rlhoipn b n beg Jo^ l, indjnt

So or t h-ooe ate c t-inteo . ... .. .u t O.. .. numrberpota eight nAtmle ntalss o
ias ta ef m io r t the owe er ei m elnee ic city. Tbp pieca rete w omrrow nights The Tam Bay o orchestra will.eron by the lades n

recrdfar a o'ed s- emhracmd in this unique col ection uem Whea ueeti thedbe gu have nn tion of Coma- hotel-nbwn ofmtheHyder rk nn ild at the m inds v
re-o tof f Bs t 45 5 scods, brac n apprys, iadceleny ld oWlive ofJonWIIi smlm, and ai ,l Tet ic fno r the meeting lomo. iaw pronii ot s and ie t hr, fr e f o o C ay ,

Si g Tmp:fr: .he 44 two IS I d (M ee a Our Ads *n o
S c and thesatlee. eof c utfl g c oer all the e ed He ts meat m rph wi prom.ent lo. al attorney will be en- ev s of the Bo esn t an, ws e largely i

[ Gl.Wrei and Da. wie'. o TheTakte, inadvertanrt, omie' ed o Dr -La, Blhatt ah,, oedt d,,, i o... n .. ........ y tt of c i c har oi O | g
a to ca tp t -o the iheames is Eva Br &n gan klinh ord expected to weield ab n We e 1,y00 ni l hoghoI a ie.t h .al dqarthkierdat" lade by the hoi p t ality and sf laed by t yle m a t .

hAT' we Mrl. Pwll Geow ehu r anoo thn e GFeu Cltaffeyet, e b twee-knt of ecm. ia g a me mber of the asbto forc a oew l eight e ann rauetal n And spolt withoutte.
tt d r fort h In e dost art th e oesignen tese o tos sa is g ent, and on. of te I oun. daI He left tor Key West on tt ree t ve e it w judge by
Iq ov present a t thin meetut. v i of high rank thh.world of misic.

lerr keie l h a Small m be .uti f T waiei, nudini g p d, was .t o u e in lo ne isy o n nMonoin, i e a'ungc literature ohie d f ro n tae I fee bosetowe upon answdi p

S of Dr. Gale, who for i terd His mill has sawed went t mep y hIs tamly, bo il et of great wc ral n Thank, Awfre.e pl w try t.. W e are'
S the pride abo the oaig as th eads e n ed in mane tr b imlta e in Florida forcuthe Ipeg h et. r ltoul au nvt lhe s t b he oe ila a l be foie 9 d in the prot l

._ i very handswoae th e al erk n to mark petNtos, WR ae otD '
t ,. - ,-- ,'the JoerPeri g of J- e TanI D eeye notel W d oreta ya er iG the fmo
Vre hd a 1e exMereap c mn etne, ranBeatrcea b et ca m be h i I, he ap evoled Pi boi lhe appearance, s ce llingthe best

I-. littl \.N tItI H I \ b erin'NewYoru.aBoosu.mme imprinted nhandsoNewtyl tre lasr
Aefiir re actuaatiy These," r rich and tieti coceplitsvagao~too woooeek .urohg wil pott, m, toag attorney t will.renuo-du i o fac toif rt sedt n aonm bme res e ly oa 41 "
" _d era. time _itlookeda sif tefd ot the closesthfigurer opi..ible. sight,a nd who ewta eicedInteu i roithe ho th e vet e o r oT

hi and ais tas 7 eThsy are ifertAilyechasto'repayi-ne ig her ot Lie C int Ci t it p r w er s te e ad
tistofcoaoI ia eprsoetelegramt, pdvidiigaeim that Rene St tered at Ferhandes t restaurddn eyHar-
aee'emk not im the sown Le- neareI t'|easKe haoie tpeim"m I AA ASecen l 'qn Oaneet e
eta epeasedtnliy prethes Among the atherelgnt Ieltiee J .Ad eu tep e n.aou l J ibPei, th w n who recentobtn noon- treet ,
ta a toage oom for the n seef w toahe Fate warrb ed n p owe . . . .. th ast Itung hving ti o f thw omas e Wet o f the oh tea' es by the ..--e,_
employed in bedding- the e ramic whose.artistic beaut y mus e t he oao' i ero it to thelas t ow a m h ti' n hgohiic aaga Whi- l e Iorugo f.t eH-y, t1 -
Ntatio .l w.Nobody s e apprectand.. Thiswm4l4 aWilted eyde ark ons ata, th rest-

who L H ~iR U ha tohaqurera mib)Pyte opiaiyiaHg e b h

If0! i i I Major T. J.-Burne represepting that IV
t al t : : i Atlanta Journal, in the city for a
___ fJ few days looking after the iqterests of ever SOld i Impa io0
In Frontlf Out Stor s? r easat
l I' ". r6 te|South an enjoy alargei aoquain. Thi) |t'e Sall
taace than any man in the profession.
It s a recognized faOtamong the mere- If you want a Dress, Capf
be of the frAterni in Georgia that Hat go to .
SI he as built up more newspaper circa-
At 1lati no than any dozen traveling men _
in t e state. Bis many friends in Tam- S B.
Pia w W S ancordek ham's a royal whey.and .rey ui,
o o1 1a nd'a re g lad to k n o w th a t he ,t '
Wd $ o n I e has ra,, '. li.llK re.".,

I-liverybusisBess to C. Boulware, and will
-forothe future devote his entire atten-
ion to th esaloenwL with c bo he b las
bl herto been so prominently identified. We er id..
Un- i uder Mr-. Boulwae's management W e ever di
the business from wbich his predeces -
sar retires will be continued with the -eeverytMen'
same energy and liberality that ha e
rendered tis former ventures in pbe

r exactly what it : vIAASBl
I mine direct".neo afcemefet. - 'f[
o t oar great cah. hgtinmale goes 0.
S ..' fnom day to day, p during Ot. I rgaia ng
with a laviahnesm until Dwew uneown M A A
..tand onattempted. It will still keep-on
with that same set purpose, conUnlag
to give the people the btet bargain
c-t w everffered it dry g oo ad millinery. T ,
Jno. 8, Twomey.
S' night was not helk. The umal uim. E
-YO4RS d DotForget
._i," eriene d anafter..longwait en0T
scmbris as were i a. atte anse slowly
ash ia rsof Low Pries. "cpcd
SCol Fred Gby, who has beem n '
I .d friaedsastitacqu int a 'ee"i

!)> low prim. .mp e l ", "i
Bellig, herehe h I 1r

do bhlhby thbom and tieed to
4ke IWle1t 1 ba l behaf the
d M shaoielregIle for frne.
k maar 4 ae dbilee upowe admiraetion pad
the .ympaumlde of the entire
S elifltand world. Many of thUiem At.
-nU p 1o. he CebaM er aOn.g L$4 1et
S PO Uw ONO plalseet of Ibeir ram nthe UUnited
S atotd t ii I mong the
S.Mi fquestion 'a'to flandUce the
In gS6easraf T'mOerat -to [ake smch
q6 Op. me will lead tothq prevenBtionof
e A Y1 farther ravages upo the distract.

p" a5> e This a by mp sasue in% tirm ue
Storyof the Caban recobi-
t patrioslo eamee who In
am awreasim their adloptUdl eontry have done so
Se 11-06.chto aliwe the incred ffres
o fp 0tnoq in the heart of their
iia.l ltA.rgenpe coegreeN he vital seam-O

14. 1"bla7. 01aie brherefsfore been futile,
1. W- V_. . .Az" 9
111 r' ad we ntM~,. to ysh that alaner
S -s-'- di bsat iion_ little or nothirg
e i saeva ia a- will be dloein this dreete, in spite
aufttnl afterward. of the fet hat the !yapaUlhe of tbe
melaakn ht A vierban pe wli altogether or

Na4y forelga colute devote much
bIiialtd bbaegIlitNoah0Miotheboetumms
Th...a hth idhfalol sol laynt oat of
Count Boreo Diaoovich, of
S ...I., 0ABtr1ow In Chicago, hua ,is
ha he I Sdof obility more clearly
He_ aye fat for thirty-four years he
be. ad- ait paclaltyptostuadypri
y? a0iiuhc OW. Bo hm a,.r 'ise .aye .fel.
S ydrikem. Th d mdnuB toget inand tha
lab IteJPJhl ':-worked ltbEnglishtreadaslle, awept
objetd ithe lr n Perevian chaigangs,
lli Pio^lntiesnataluoit'snaal land
S.toe with Astrallsn, African
be. Ami h rian*ilh. HeayABAmeri.
O w ith o an ouity ojail am diry, but the
po... biteedutamr dlightfal. Africa
Sish bad- i be, Australa tio frightful.
he to y Ilad ye oawtthamtens to vais gremt
"Im" Pai0Df6a. Now York, hie hcunot to much tc
oitWr Ma-n him after he has seen Chicago.
as my rm tou ma Now Mr. Walker, of Mueho letv,
tohdamanss of the hdobm committee on
e 1, atakineglaN to question "whether
theDigley tariff will faraishreyenue
S U o'lri ig br ho neit and economy.
-V..16. ad.-11atr1at11n of the govern-
e t aeet.. Be tfavoe a nfIposition of
a additional Iternal tax of v$ a
straml6 on -4ereaedy wst..
SaS bwhen the loom

f o(aei t Baa^ns. .edn apjad to affair.
e of govefniment woualdmnin aop the
1100A tafhe amm*4efete"te. All
ip toom Tk ak u p e -U.ited

S ,-i. n a 2g e now i Mark HannM,whoe
l hgte agrieeedjn gill be obiged to give up pood coin

edftoerMides~acb hefelo htsa le tlb honest choice of
h ilakto heat ho nliead State senator.-

.a1rob ie ebHfetto Ign. Thpy are not
Aety ._ rbea ahrd$et a armonD. od ll pa

... U m cu hMi ly tepdolw at Ute Snmt leviatloe.
,T p: ; T srld- t is no cuy ina

~ buier sydate;hbitoquite a
blpoi. 1* olnas Teoindalthis

~.a~sin~ caiwkishb fthaeal

Ste i tas Too Weak
td Rcatn Food

A Compete Cre Effected by
Hood's SAaparilla

viow Men mtng the saot of eathe
With DWgsaipon Pedfec.
S M, wo eriwubjet to idk bhead-
ae sadd; iadlelee r foover a year.
OSe wm oehble to otad for any length
ate af h am wu oblged to stay In e dark
19oM as* Oold a"bar She lght. she
hod no iqjltfewhsi and herteomact
was aweaOW she would not evali nvb4
Iaed t4 id eat. i She ao had severe
pus hIbend. hed t csBffered sO ranc
thatbe bia Ime bt the aedaow ol henry
st. Oed y I happened to read a s te
modlal alateoorasT aparlla. It
Iqunded $o Trethfuft
I penatdd here to try this medltine.
Beo imabftlat the anet battle tberm vs
in mpareuint inher conditloa. Je nc
cxeuMnt;w up beg food ad hb* head-
ahe wmaot am e eere. Meh tWopi In al
Joe bottom of Hood'LagLepar.t a tr
.vral bhaoof lmd'e eimdbtgae-
.sr weh%. he i pew eJoying fhe bt
Sheaith ,er ditAtlonsa o roolt and she
meatmRIcmtiany hhageftwialh*e. she
@ 4 ye aold and ay she leeak u well
When wshe wu as eod' BeraparlUa
M bs MAraMe, leerton, Ohio.
04 9"...-
Hood's 8Srsaparilla
thabe thefa tDt Oem rue Bleld ieriu .
lrepaMoualtbyC.I. loadCo..LAtli.Masi
Hood's rPilii oopds a a


The presldent'i metsuagb made no
reference to further revenue legilat-
lion in.ora r to supply the dflcienc
in the aiaglty law The lvesi 4iti
like other learili; rpeluhli' ans, is
probably aill hugying 11tie iil- that
when hsatks importedil in aotilp-
%ion of the lint have bern cxbajsted
the reienue ii jnrrease. Thi hope
appear to be m$ily based on the
light importqtioans of wool and ougr
yet made under the existing hisw.
Thseare two articles of ,whic' the
United Staps is t large consuDme add
small producer. :Large toeiklu most
eaosarily be imported of c dab, aqd
'wlli vte-o swell the customs r ve.
ue over the figures of the nlast e
_here is O asmUrabee, hvwcyT,
that the Dbigley'law will ever suppy
tareae re nse eddi for the gove .
meant's support ibles. supple.entI
by meanures nirato d by the tresePnt
coagrees either to raise more revee
or to cut down expenm.ee., Norepi.b-
lican oongrese was ever kuown fO
punure a policy of retrenchment a d
the alternative, therefore seems o
te more taxation or a continued j.

The only refeneoe made to the (e.
Odt by tbme president w9s in his tret-
ment of. the currency quentij.
Speakiag in tha( regard, he said.le
propoMd plan orrieisaimggreenbak n
to those only wlb deposited gold lim
their stead sBhoaul begin ma .on n.
the treasury reeipts .wevt rnnibg"
oven with Ilebaeiaente. This very'
refereaoe showi Itw important it it
to have itedecit stopped and the
matter should npt be delayed on auy

homhe Uhpaghtful republicans, ufo
recognia kIte fscthat a: continued
deficit would be a worm bloy 'to
tbeir party tlimathe failure of (he
Dinglep bill, ptapoae prompt aes
area at the begiameig of congress i to
pst more moov in the treasury.
This would be the wase plan.' But

the indations are t tihe reputli.
am leaders wUla wt until necmsit
foe thee fore such action is
serio ly medepkfp.
The mos popal mform ct honoring
dmi oishad glsM in ibern cities
is for eeoomispee to get up a ban.
qat to which gueial pay for invi.
tatio, o pret enough mory

T1e btla f is to be
hrIstened by W ryts ai e Brad-
ley. It wonld be appropriate to
heak a :lestt ofr go od Kentecky
whisky ow tloiow ioatead of a

*sfr tht obe ercia whosen
dlom eIaluspa of paplsoi0 th.

sw..ae m aot

as e, r .. ,
owl- wIlbl i 09 ses of

mrj4i3e st rion gi tle pam-
at Ua Kdsl
aa~J*^ti~d.4 ,' *

'hsre U tT r16attYor oet \
time wood l *to ay aeMaud -
nire vd dry delivered at our at
dedic. Y arine Ybor City ano Taa4
Ta. Tlephem. neither 248 M bar t3M
T'ampa, and your wania will e larme-
dmetly aitanded to. J. M. fisher, pro
I rikor. ,! ft
When a ma,i Sufferingsfr.e a Seb.
log head- mlaggish bodyr-Wbna b19
muscles are lai and lazy-bhi ean dull
and his stomach diadaiinog food ho
will, ifrwise heed thee ware ags and
resort. to the rigbt remedy, before it is
too late '-Parker's Sareapillls" he
"King of Blood Punfler" m4kee the ap-
petite keen sano hearty, invrorates the
liver, purifies the blood andfllis it wilt
the life giving elements if lefood. It
is a wonderful; blood maker and flesh
builder For sale by Maximo WL Ds
Pharmacy, Omearal Parumacy, Bay
Pharmacy add Tampa Drou CeA. tt
No Cure-No Pay.
1h' a b hwa al u ea elGlOtvel-n
P ac Je a Cb 11 t. r 0&tis, ChOWand
Fever. l is a.-.pi Ir n aa Quuine la a
a-teld a to w. Chikldvn loveT 1Adul *per-
er i t r It v.asating t na i jP. Fri'e frty
eet dw
reim^calmttn erore.
Pa,- ".l ..ie r :udehat, 1uid e orae.
t a: C. t t a1Lre. druglmase fIend moo*e.

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e im Apply at No. 1117n F

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lot"an SIast arena, No atW4.
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orange grove. Eoqire at 810

For iBo watch dad jewelry re
goto S.B.Leomnardi& Co. T1
ways have the bat workmen In
Mre. iClara Tbollanmdr, pratic
wife &4# gained ume. Qrad
theUniversityar of 8edea 9i
Fenm~iaki shalene L. rA

DEBalwo Jlo.TR B w.4
UW. BgMR, aI LmicAs, W.

you wat quik lef ad cm hbis to yeour rem.
edy. byl by. B. Leonardi i., dreg, Tam
pa. Fis.
MrsS.s. Whaley,fashionable dress.
maker, plain Ond fancy teweig of all
kinds done at reasonable prices. Room
12,Caml.bell block. Imo
H' M. Waler, of Emont Key, was
at the Collins, House yesterday.,
It Is Better to take Hood'i Baraparill
than to experi met with unknoniid untried
preparations. We know Hood's ame: rt&a
aotua'ly aed prmanently corem
Hood'd Pill art eaeuly andiproipily a
,_th liver and boels. Cme sick .da .
To Clare onal4z y mt
Take CitareC Candy 'Cuhartl4 fc o" &c.
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shoe in dorw, 711 Franllin street
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Who can fail to take a ivauage of
this offer. em d.10 cents to us for a
generous trialsiem or ask yoor duggisit.
Ask for Ely'i Cream Balm, tWe most
positive catarrh cure. Full size 50cents.
LYY BR08.,6e Warren St. NY.City.
I staffered from catarrhb of the worst
kind ever Jlce abay, -pd I never
tped for cure, but Ely's Cream Bilm
seem to do even that. Mamy acquaint-
ances have'naed-it with excellent re-
sult.--Osete Ostrom, 45 Warren Ave.
Chicago, Itl.

Woin 's Disas
Are peculiar as
unavoidable, and
cannot bq discuss-
ed or treated as we
do those to which i
the entir. huma-
Jamily are subject. .
Menstruation sus-
tains such import-
ant relationstoher r l
health, that when I |
Suppre adI-rreg- \

she soon becomes
languid, nervous
Xd-irritle, the blookleaves her
qheek andd very grave complica-
. ions arise unless Reglarity a nad
Vigor are restored to tee organs.

,i,,a d's aOone qf the
T?^wi o. most noted
i~k physicians
Female. Wfh

sort prevail more exteosively than
min y other section, nd has never
fald to correct disordered Men*
struation. It restores health and
strength f ume suffeAing woman.
-we have fIr ase p iba riebs hsadled
BSrdaelds Fea eBaatdneh hola-
miemeaad retal, ad mto o aa s as s led
ofelveslmmaetloe. Weeallieaese aad

AUa, Maei Sad Altamyl,a.
T i9 MRAtcLD RMSJuTM l6. AWAiRt, n.
sees r eare ategg u Oner eaMeo


'315 Frank]in St. Tampa, Fla


GOOD MEAL ean bhe ha
2.;75 Tickets for $2 6 6
come to the FRANKLIN
Regua s,2

'ma. e ewe moatvaerin



T./M. .
Tao L WL R.R
Firt at. BMk Buadlog. Tale the gleeTir
I have a iarsnt ClaBsM ies with D kiadn
of Maps, Ity. Oousty and Hate.

Strangers Weloomb.
'Come and mn the &.ahe xet ameoe informo
abot thia estion ofcoOstry. The boimeelk
dil k.w I give them barga ud ".eiteU
Oasf.ewo mples Ileacesilgod d
=o3s 0 tio30 YM S0 uea one- In'
bauff, river frY. eatwater, healthy. actrm
tow eeatae uas Is ciudiamts. lpial
A fn poe r o e te he kk about tOhDo
good bose plmla^yof pap. edt priem
Six mre ~ We go ve o eakaave eJOist
oat ide dty lmi ta lad h rery eaq m
lo right partnelogtwe.!
ntvme re grove SlmMl ave. trees ib A
-tUoudblut ba 1malL 1 worth NI ,
ve acre me ve, willt em moebowmf ru[o
OeWefm oltv, fine md,-tett e$ew.
TwO eveVe haiagto ly Iy l
blngo and e" ebat o __ jSbigrdse,

le sctreteuarllire, two

if osaw *a

ve ehe at Se m
Ip* per pr. H eB om
lk'y it Saw.

e I have oniahgegroeWit

0le 16 ar'ta Dmalrn
Flee udtea ,,ertjekaesl
Bay front mad WKleoulearl

pu toe oTmpiaswelleas
River Mdllm. y mee

A Lul, lar IBa myw, ea l Ai
the gbiomouty .Iooel
RememlMbr I n Pbapi
eart, mad SoloW n meek.
o bear frm m.



demo kern c t.

I 10 e0 good
sag. agcmof the
y aemke knows

l pA mmworthof

aneallr city lime,
aom on By ay
IWa over 100 feet,
*e meA8 tlead
Swa ymd etae

ft ..- A

tue tadbme rdlen
isbmrtanspopet iri
't bie tl ymare


Made of Long af yellow
Pine and Swamp re Lam-

Common Pressed anI FIRE
BRICK, Fih C y Pine
and Cypr tthe.
Cement, plast hair, fibre.
mouldings, Cias boards and
shingles, i .
Office 702 Ashl 'S. Yards on
S.F.FAW.B. TootofZackSt

1sLk. A CL


This popular Resort
throughout in the most
ter chape than ever to ao

Keep your

)phetor. 715R

fbr a small amouaL r iehas tlemr
sne psad in advance. Wha ype aa

.Board, Per We6*
Served in all StyeAk%.

s now be ig painted a.d&fur
Iistic style and will soon l i
pmmodate the public n ease pa

eye onthidpac

Imported and DOmestic Liquors and (igat, Wine sai R
Draught. Ale, Porter and Ginger Ale
Free Lunch Evry Day 10 A. I. t i

Sweet i ate, per pek. .................. .;............ i
New Florida Sape per a "ie
Now Florida syrup, per . .................... . .
Ma l 8 lbs ............ ... h ... .... .... ................ ,
GrIte 84bs. ............... . .... . ... .......... :--.j
Picked walnuts, per qua bottle .........-........... .. .l
Tomatoes I3b. .cn ..a ............"................
Ar e offee b .. .................... ......
String be aam per ca .... ....... ....... ........
Pea, percean......... ................ ..... v ..
Irih potatoes, per peck. ....................................
Cyclone ap, 7 bars..................... ..............
Table pe es, cas...... ................ ..!........... .
8lb. can LeConte pearN t cans............................. iO
Sauer kraut, cane ...... .. ... ............. '.............O
S. A. PE Z 1 1% 903 F yrldin

.7 .-

/-i ?

LvwOaidt, Sioanuatyn a&. uM6 oM
dlbL.Norntewaor, Phaac nh. .hma ew -rt 1.-ms l1
aid otheMamfe) tosat. Ii~eI5ep.1,O%
N. BiTnLbm H4lt was, A Bo*W #
M~er wN."t~olwx~m~l Nw OrftesT t,
rrAUFA elb.

bams ,oafoel*






JL dL.--..,t't. UL-- J .

moww" -P

fi 'i" lM.6r ;Wrmm



riphsam RLXL

1 aeiUm ,Unio snm.e "s feet hpa th. Her ce is
-.Av AMs Ah e 6 10.-A"fter gling notmam iserable ered
On, do e idloa. l for neair' N're",Wasting -ties,
011mes Whe house, poied the o me, Dysep :I s the Bl4, 4or y of NI PER 1
sby a vMt of 933so 70 The bill will the RalFS fol-pgn e "s .b
. ,o the meahS where i I ca 1ed by weakoripre 1 ,l esqt
S it a without ame She i full of life mand ambitido. am L, ,
S t e s. She is handsome. S e is hippy.
apS s to The mleesare prrideshi the state rEth blioLd coaoag t ronlg heT .
l abp' l haveeWhire supervision ovear veins rfiaintains Ner
demnesee eonveta.; that a central farm ve ina tid, waste off in-
a.'' n j i -b-he sad t fi r all women and juvenile name able lheaiesi to wh1h ac
.W OI E NC._ ev ta; Wthat all r.bledqd con- e akei womanwl b .e eaoOw ep-ta a TH E .
VAtI s ed out ible eo a ,
D a. i o lb-ebdte1 =ni. IsIb. be d jc ts oplte k ere wern ski -+ ,b .

rO eD ed b y maPonh t B a e oah dl e ,r e w e t e "from the -
Sn ra g ainst e b *h hoantieae, iTuesday. Ga .,"Yll" a... I-O an Ai -
11AlWaidith -she nfing, all In udo lte aw Md h01 e so isu al

t o.a be .ade in tla At hheer rswa re n amendment wsn e w a e; t re
m --.el ik don ba| fl --i the apptrpdatioc to carry ts e _adt w I complete'

esesoe aS of a b ie se bysthe taessee. I B OTHE wan ana a. .
b .eiiaryOfS o.oe l osB to vu hrMndsitaete oat'LIPi P. CPOD T E Le anty an e ituth eei rarom e bI O

III She ; S, s SnolFr in ine aoefesie, fa cn orielnl d bfo r o P. P.., c cp m to S c i om m ~a
,T heaN a CU nC1 o h n' loro .o as E O amendmentwP edy, wase -tiled; e thee.r, t t

l S A 1s w oef foutes. it Foa tsinstest e i A i .
IltS- a sc A a usan pr'o.hderdl'i PPO ,. P E oin A.ea i Aent ALin LI W
b e wll ty o I w am euded by Pres denlt s t ati-actienee which Is-ath aliTne cam be. "D I
g all isinr the ebheldtary l i oi ian lhe iii. deca laonre t .--a | r t w. T P.P.i $he' test 3 ld P dfierk k owntic 0F '+ 5"
a the i tr lt in whi wil d are thi medical e iepe, tr: alScrofl .lecio::s,, Dyspeps a, Rheuma I
assoPH t0 he ii.f*h day de on and will thereby ent. ar, CatU 4, t 1Feate a.1i.. tIn. MeCar.i tnd ervous Die neneta. .
T sad0 p ried to eavor to onsaitinne these ssionuntil pa P. i so by : ggi n i.T. $ St a bottle; x o ttlea, $$. ,. ,
i be prriatedoo Thurs y. P is. s. o
wpop esofsitrelion. at Ath ti e ,of taisuacndeud President LIPPMAN OT HERST Si Savs nnah Ga. l
tan1SiOrstI' t Tas n el uA Mrsatel ba te il wis nuder. dils- bU
Wanoff tilie by M r. Chan eanstoa mad wa moved o tht luge Aer
of lassoquestion d ,len 1.e1 tw is Ct tsfwa.t',
aavoasea-Ph motion eos ped thai theea se n aot
I i of rPli Ke I pbI.hed thi cij The t Rims and Spokes, APoies, BataasIlip, Fire Iron, Etc. I p a t
de atorey adrn aowo,,.p.m. cama

"oe-i,.ng "he ,r q en" e ae Lata et e Streett he lmllost a i.lt istt day ot 3 11 1e
,M S J t oIr iUoFo riath a W m RTeElegan t andSwiftaSteiaemere.es bit .. .AN . eater

d. ron pi o lnsh e IL A .oly Restaurant ir. the ci r by Chinese Tables .7 5TH AVEN E.

wOPasINs s p stthe mark -rrd. Fit and gamae, t ndehr f mt in a t known I
_eiuT aco s. the ssdt '4 l alI N .
hu tens tahen, a prey tShnang on Jaa. 7. P*B L LAWY

In the oese orreore lereetb clansofrshepeon.e--leon.er-r--.rmtionm-ue fto
a bI e.*lgilorof the Flnat reser 'wamp, ,.. .. ,,Casiu Arr, J oseph Fi.GAeavest A t Et A G E[ cQ Y
I n yhis;. . 1.' ome Of .e t I ...
wirch"- wt ould ofn ie,d ndget murde Apl ln .I BETWEEN POLK and ZACK STE.
wh b I.,h_ itsel u .sd .g even t warn-NIL polo.OTiL tlh pentJag, I 1 8 I OFFRIIING IMPROVED AND U.,2I MPROVED CITY OR dUB B =est e -..ai
t w b by .hop kins leveleds hund isgeve wotuorn- .. It. C oA i Lots,Orange Groves, Vsgetatle and ennearl Farming Proe t.eti Also
sot -s 'hs- spb" 'hp a, hh'-v-e ehun. ... m ... o.s. s.. u ilrborough and otherSooth FloridaCountie. Special insa e or? re f RR PE r "s
ler its -ho fsreed. Af .illi g Harrn.-isorder" toeon-P B NIa ' palro, pJ ai ll 115P now offered to parties dsirous of w duringg dwelling cites on the new ebdi -
Open D e of vr e access to the heartoftbe ityno'er the new extension o e leo-
4- a. ASS1tr, Ta,, im cn -inu n 1 Power Hous of-the Cossumers' El tic LghI& A it ',,Raiay Co. t, ; D
Open-J"in-- -- s s anMn I n l o Riverw, may bT be e -o f C applied for at once n tolb s p en l Iin
_e willee ef tn ung e bd t into the river, all ef .,, is l 51 40 ereseat, inr a tlyorthe Electrcc rear Usfeine It at a
tshe Boo b lohi tcsHo after-havingt mades Boo 1. ePace4wh,,iag, dargnd poultry raising, est aostpSoperyp of [Itoh o wn I s-w In' ,
a1 t s" ente T m e a s t h e e S d to t .. meritwill rove no drzrOn the and to ,serie your eeiep makboat
hIakl d so dzorresay uotbavy. A 'ler BiriHtr. ,whohad foderi East Co,.t. D3th s ...... -
I mmix 61t o'. ou 0of U0H n.toeloolk atsomecattleswish fZ "I- I-
&.heew t robasg.,he robbedithe s. I" I e I dIiIIJ rl 1 'I,
fTTwrdaj f dis .thepseinoe eeasneiaSu'seointendetlIo p t 0 -[ot1tSystem'lI00.
Wash' abin anse s"the .muri e r
Pt .1d.--Thoeemmit- dsdas -e'am Osere fna m d. TWso. LuM .c -J. 31. MADDN. ,
'rsWtf- _e xheld AuNaSsen U,,Dec. l0,-HdgsWi tnTiCki1ea
esretsst e slgn quen .l oabr Idad..one of the olidt and mostr IFAIFIA--1"IJ.""11

S.. i Med., d a non Regular oard Per a
l'.w^ iU be*. ws; '- \ ",,. .1 & '. ?btA' ,! h
fail : oSharis RESORT whiHandles only e best '
a' Wi math s aWt ltd oquo t-'"
t. i.nt.hes oa IN -In, R SORT ),j .

.IM nv Oi Corstant and Central Avenue. ,Boarb, I UUI week "
Si A Dm ft.-HoL Jhn a y opened, Ev .tig i
beand of reowaistle Jude of She r I SI flID e'tairs claoh.
a. .oin l..l..=,-,. I -IN ti -
0toi75 th1IOa iOar ANDEDW-RD &RARA-O J.
o, re fr, th e del l T on m a o^ l titU41 ]2l in" """i .on a Jt so. ron a n .-
,tm,. nsa.i .ta t .e ene sl n.= Pool and, Billiard Tables. Best Con- l r
%-.sLh wil.t.sed t on i he City. dsate

aOdw John S. kSaul er OWETO TAMPA.I .ORIDA. gin
.t... tL + 1O.OOOeOO s ignso ,T
..om.. i ,' De e1-Te gran -- LARGEST CAPITAL of y Bank 8 south tf Jakksion lle. . .I
l S ,, Silk -n m a-shaed '- mAlhl ro "n I I n Sho' aKSc
,,=, itI.-. .." inn nuou=or t Uu81N Y us =.
*:.+. ._ c: S ,I. I LL HCU S tI + luulllO, ..= = ...-.
OWN do ml Att.he we e Unsrpauwd Facilities inking COa4on ll tSU
ofC S eten y Ut L Pointe si the United States,
".t, H AoR I sutter. Ltese. Pou try i i r,, o e. l ,JobU Co, s ,l", t A sod. g G e...i
o t aee heh Ph O-at3. nd Eggs fruits and " .a. - ,O. "" a...

00W 1 M 'Phono I Yqetable' , S oH tN l i
week, has msdeAAspl
ee WItJ' -' e ruEvery ing qr a 'rood Mea l Raisins, urrants,
Aupeoste henm & Prunes mml Ap pts Orappe, L eand itrohPeel.
hj| l -~ I ~ (j~Give t a orqirand nvit.ed that this is the best places luh i U1v .
a n t wn, u npl C .urIt

TL ii | | llHavng purchased the Livery ad Transfer business of the
.. Tamp Livery Sa and Transfer Co., aIem prd.to.
i 6*ri i he bWLt teams single ao4& do oa 08
ndan and elegant teams tfo a p asure .^
SS Telephoo ne 42 COR. ON a MRION ST .

L J' t. 4ao.--.... -,+A"

F I I i
- .. I

qWC V "w -W W -,W 'a-,rEw

Fi pColetioin ofn ..

Toys, Dolls, Gamnes, |

SBoys'Ca.S, Doll

r and Other

holiday Goo's.

KC98 Fr1ikin 8L, TauLm,

E^^M^^____ ^^N^^

-1008 Franklin Street-
The ladis aind public in gnenral are invited to
inspect my Stock and coparepfices before purchas-
i3 ig sewhere. I !defy competition in quality aud

; ;a-,'-_ i_ Unt _im_ d- Rate.. u

h* n PLiuLy uo vu-0a J a mjJoituy.
I' BeiWCenille eordteree sol&elsewhere ror $4, my
$2.50, Gloves, Corsets, Handkerchiefs, Belts,
l, No- extra charge for trimming Hats when
Smatera is bought here.

i -Healer, and

aend Blue Flame,


..'... On and ster December 1, 1897, will sell the....

Welebacis Light For $1.50 Each,-
---Being a Redoton In Price of l.oo .-. ".

/Mantelsforiaerly sd for 500 WM be supplied
/ p ufmsfor:4.0
S' Wae athe oly authorized agents for the Genuine Wels
S Lights her incandescent gas lights are imitation, and
Si t of theWelsbach patent.
advadaain naing the genuine Welsbach light are first:
S t e Aper ta the imittion lights at any price, because it is.
,bUd apmoines fromL one to three feet r. gas an hour less

--. con: ie parts are al interchangeable and we can sup-
an/ y w a parof the light desired. .
I We ar nd a man at any time to adjust your,
O if ,,'1*5 f charge. of All genuiAe goods have

Secretary, T p Gas Co.


S Co..
a~ ~ s Ni..&.D

UtUl i0 w By ictssfs


ovw Noteo Caught on (hO Fly He
and There-Ceoming aid' Going
PWopl-Inid-to and Acciden
of Every Day Life in Tempa
J. Haynoard Hull, of Trenton. N .1
iadomiqiled at the Almeriao
The schooner Apoin, of BO view. w'
in port yeSterda.'
The boot shoe 1in Tamja for tII
money, at Maus Bros.
C. P.Browne, a well-knQwn citizen
Of Boston, is in the city.
You know when you buoyyour hat
Mas Bros. it is colect ini style, ai
lowest in price.
Mrs. COaptain Rissell, 4 Manatl
county, wa registered ap lie Colli
Hoone yesterday.
Do your holiday whooping at Ma
Bros.; yon get tee est at,, the loe
Benjmoin Gates, a promitendt ciLiz
of Naracooste, wag domiciled at, t
DeSoto Iesterdon.
The qehoooerJaLlo Foga.iy was 13
isgat i. S.Giddens&Qo.'I4dock 3e
Great Saturday bargam le in cape
jacket%, dreas goods and #ilii rr
Twomey's. I
IlmeA l Laurens, a well. nos0n Ne
York corinmrcial oian, is if tt eity f
a, few days.
Dr. Leon Hale has ad ed another
Dew show case to hiis popu r Fronk I
street ptiarnnacy.
L. Soperrille. a pronionset Cuba
residing in New York, is I. cated Lit ti
The pehooner Blanche, of St. Peter
burg, was lading at Philllio & Fullei
wharf yesterday afternoor
The Xfepe, of Sarasota, ,was one
the many river crafts losing on tl
water yesterday.
Clarence Heath, of Terra Cenm, w
in towin yesterday eo registered
theCdlliu qHouse.
The flbiog schooner Join W. Sma
took on a load of ice at i.ng's dot
yesterday afternoon.
WlCn ajou whtnl to buy a dresa, ra
or jacket, you klow laas Bros. is I
place to go to.
J. P. lHollingswortt ad wife,i
Tera't ei, wee amoa4 the ijuets
the Colliea House yesterday.
Capta John Whiddwa ol Arcadia, or
or S9"th Florida's leading calt
owDnei, is in the city for a few aray
Theoew wharf of the Crowel -SIvT
rose Oompany, nearthoe Osd phosphal
*orak, is now pretitally completed.
Maa DBroa. gheat rnqmoval sale givt
you to opportunity ty buy aoythin
ia t" ary goods lineat a great, a.
ing. I ;1 -
Mr. dad Mrsn. Rather. oPari., Tent
are i the lity for a few days. TLi
will soo leave for Tarpon Oprin,
ihere they are to spend the win.er.
If yO need a rape or jacket go
metroe.; th iorgent lia to sele
from, and yod will sa nO r.e iey
every inotaace. ~ -
H. P. Powell and wife, togeth
with Mrs., 8. M. Powell, all of
Pettrburg,. were amodg yes erday
raueta at theAlmenrm. '
TheJohn W. Smart came In yesto
day with 9.000 pounds red pnapp
for Jaohn rarorese. The firm bshipp
twenty barrels to loct 1oiots aduria

the day. a
We don't need to tl you4hroul
tAenMpaprsn that we are .doing tl
boee of Tampa; a eok into o
tore any boor In the dag will convin
you of the fact. Mane Itoe,
C. I. Ball left yesterday for a "Jea
hantiddgtrip among bis frieds to t
viclty of Panta Gord. Heq return
will l awaited with itterest'by h

Ti1 exteomre establishment of
W. Rdoberta & do., on the corner
ZaA street and Florida'avenue, is b
tag adorned with a new sidewalk, la
to bllck and white, by te Tompa Pa
gioand Tilpng Company. i
J4 Langley, a proomnenx lawyer
Ieebog6 is in the caty, acompanlt
by hlidaeghter. Mr. tnWgley has. r
eeoly oeed a breapch office k P
ae o. which isimanagei by 'sa par
oer Colonel Bn4etari.
T6e aecoonres Jeainette, of Palme
to, pad ie Ardellr, of: Samaota, wi
both akioff oo beavy ilgde of gperD
OprsbanWd at Phillips & Falle
whif Ysterday. i .
-etrading aobioer Gev. OGwor
Watbgtol we tied *p at tSe dock
J. 1,Gldden kt Co. |yeiterlay. S
is o omClerwalteand will load wi
geMeral m-noraodi e r that place.
Xais Luaie Whbe isnow ood of B
bitt A Co.'e somee clerks. Tt
polibr arm is dmbhl a magniOfce
bqdnealadi btoe ao thLe largest a
bei-uuiUctoi atooka of Christmas gm




















There exists aiong womea who are To any one tsffering froi any
much in society In form of weariness ills attendant% upon eoqtised of
resulting from overtaxed nerves, jore sleep I can anddo beaily Mreco 4d
intense aed depre.-ing than any known it, Very truly yours.
tired muscles. Mayme R HBai H
Tlie overcrowded liveriof ebchworn- In all c8e4 of ervoua pet1stra ,
en make them slaves of anxities mad nervous arigestioo, aonti,' ia p
annoyances whikh they caDnot iguore. Jesones, hysteria or inceot .
The following letter from-'rne of sche, the objective poiqilof a m
New York's busiest hostlses'sbhows remedy like IPaine's celei'com ad
bow implicitly Paine a lery coin- is to make maft blood, gatl r files ad
pound is relied on among the most increase the amberof od, dseatl t y'-
intellgent, well-to-do families as well rag corpuscl in tp blood.
as in the ma re humble house- Paine's celry compound Ills th I-
holds all over lbe country. ses with reolhood, drive out th(a
New York City, Oct. 9, 1897. gerous humors and thMrs ives rel to
ient'emen-rI think it but rairtoyou a host of aches, painp and weako
that I bear tetnmony to the beneficial Women andwenwho have lees fei d
rqsulits of nmy use of Paine'i celery grown colorlosaand lre subjeetto s
compound, and pains ain qinlclyan m
-Two yedrsagoI*asalmsltawrek Paine's eel'ry compousA. Tb is
ftom nervous prostration resulting hard ly a family of any size where Aere
from overwork, mental aon physical, is not some member feeble, ft ver
I had lost my memory c.mi.etelyand tired and lenw thestiq.irdof Ilth
tends feared I would never recover. to whomtPaoe's ele yleotpoad osld
iter tLriog several rem i64 to no prove of vaieftNI$lp. Notonljdoee
alrail, my plhysiciasm pres=cdivdaes t he at vigidabr dene out the
c lerey compound, pnd i i a dt aches and distremse that have accumn
dya there wasr a dided iprveme la ted because of neglected rheumatism
t my condition. or neuraleii, bu1. the liber. gain is
After the use oflthree-ltiles 1a flesh e I bhlod that is always a notioea
Such better that it w Dnnecesfary bl and encouraging result of it as ,
fbr me to continue Its use.t 'iace then brings about better beafth inthedieps-
S have recommended it idely. and live assimiativ andsecretive orgAs:,
iavne set to hear that it flailed toids ineoimer two*,adllwer the body.
01t that I clyim for it. .

a- IW. R. Fuller. jr., left' ber Jackson- It Looks Yellow
te ville last night. That collar you have on, but it was
iU Plter Rye for medlealpurpese not laundlied by the Tampa Stea
es Sold at all bRrs. Laundry-Phone 169. tf
r An elegant display Of Christmas
SMrs. G"il. of Id'ewild Park. spent venirs at Stuart's (urio Starse,
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SGean. J. B. Wall and wiLe are in Pen- Florlda 118
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Gin Phospbate cures kidney troubles Bcyclesuppr Quality nd price
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Attorney S. Borchardt is feic a-iuo, the neatest, the'best and cheapest bar.
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aFor sale by Maximo M. Diaz Parmacy de the. tu
SCentral Pharmaxy, Bay Pharmacy and
Tampa Drug Co.i tf. R mond sells wood,elephoe 800
g For Sale-25 horse powerrie boiler, W stove, Carutters, Pbboe 185,
hbe horsedit ow.er Erie engine. in'good $ 4 as sam. ieohwlth A
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ith Tbre City. ,f o rson.
If t oaowant tosave 1 go to
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ase "In a minute" one dose of Hart's aU or Pettf's music s
by sence of Ginger will relieve any -ordi Our ready remedie0bh atinet media
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I t iAn urexcelled remedy for Diarrhoea, climstl. Anglo-A..lelaa -g Ce.
4il Cholera Morbus, Supmer complaints reer Ca street an .londa aeed
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SDrug Coiny,s la, Apply at this oEfie. f .
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