Title: Morning Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Morning Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Morning Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: December 9, 1897
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Ill : |Vli t'11 II\ILJa 1tI1 n pre.-. *1- nu siord fortunat- gueit. wto finds pain, have lxhn spard to uai; in the spaceof h by 1"7 feet ha S a1 teal
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S" i r roiit n tin etweather: arA fpr wiq e sput oriitala e J. swim.nio pool and with a floo from
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Si growi n Among theiaam'r r .r'.. r. e gr i.i a 'im l I rg surround the h lare among the m t bo of e pool are lined wic ie .,
P I-ienAI t Plant's P- asure rai a e P gllC ie t a werethoe r.rak I. .t.. .. "ri ,, i ", tn i"" r.- P, . -f it ,-ittitractrs of ttis etabrat ..tie S th. avd tli.r ondi- nd its edick w ails areemetel. lt a
P r sidtlUpll l-- I lt, ~ i a, / ,d,.-u. .. ot ... i, ...h. it.. t yt Oe, ,,.. rn plea. ur a. i, e sto e o d tion t ay- .. n. for . ar t-t,. r-, rcep- si rroun ded by broad walka lhach hd (d-
S n ew o i iL. Henry. New York: ni i r n t eto ta il and ta cn- ti d go.,r.. Anton ihe. t there g and tiriag rea .
2 S nt for A tlhl .r Season. o Atnri (;er A. .artridae, f tw Y trk:.lr-.l" "I 1 1' - in. Aaaont alne-hnttai garderer. who By a simple| mechanical device, a th .
-" . ... Alr .. r ,hi.a ,.I r.. Solace i e openiin the Tamf 'foer-en- be thrown over the pool,.and
S" Mtthll t J h;, rii- ,l A', .i ; : -, i Bay Hotel. t ien e'ntritsted with the the appearance of long rows o[ tul d-
S" P ri .. .k; a ri, S1terne, New charge of the i'roperty. Ttree large me footing chairs trariforetMibe .at-
S. Y rk Adans ad wife t o, o green" io are kept constantly atorilu 'into abr ilantilv e d
S STRIKINGl STATISTICSl O in Tt SYSTEM a 'o i i., A)N ....lS,,iron 7 'Ir, .... I '' .. ". ..... o," ho u ..... "
i,,t tn 4 4 i, lit, .iin d d in, in .t -- pra tiont T h e,'p r e a nd it sic, w which eo eu ptee lah e
on: E t r t Ir ea ll i pt eiw Y of tti t t tll t e h u at e n te doing ground mattero vnd the buildings t hed-
..' htnry t it.arit I. .f ,tavt ani It is i t-posilt in the I mit ,.f an asome and haUtfnllty doerae-td a-.h.
L wire. D ry, n .a lat. art leof ths rsrio gie a and a broad gallery surround abe hall
Tle Long List ol inter Resorts that tave ..a.. i .. .. \ or.f ,h pi.n .u,. and addto is eating capacLi The
Sw .. f.Ak ,, r, ffLr b r btir- pt d w m ag has ben constructed withl m vi w
Gradually Been Add. e to the Glories, of p r rty:, r a /" .":, ,h o h e has he aoa ed wi r.. a .e
I- - , - , f .i t '\ a A t' r t ? t . .. i .,i 1 | fc l U ^ i I .i ,fl a i . . I if tne o f o n e o f N ow Y otte"m n l i eB ."
this G great Transportation and Tour M -a idd,,,, r I. hrh..r,,,, .i. .., h ^ l l i ;t.,,i eteinavi c ciafb. theatn o.of tNew r t0m ,1, a .
is System of the the tt F ir r tine n i larg e of me; nar paint p ive been mpared tdmake
Stst System of th touth. rp PLACES od i th: ip bi aopera hoe a horihy

SGreiti Raiwoy and ote System t 'e' d r.iit hav oo upt ed bT f i owlro a llot ar t o kept c n .
TROPICAL TROPHIESTERSELY AND TOPICALLY -TREATED Epitmizd ,. ited ,n da .in,. and and card rooms; and a pleffwgah otece,
J I t "W i 1 .... I ....1 ,'r, t.... t 1..... :, ,g le o wlrh t1 daily and bourlyy re "ior the
A Vst iMterpr Which o e hs Limits the t C it t -i.i o 1 THE RACE TRACK or the entertainent of the to e
a -gauest. Every-. variety of atS i known g.
Leadi ng at andthe Mostt 6 Attractite Resorht- Ha .... a3 n i n he srn oas me r to cie t n taq

South lFlorida-Detailed Description and Illustrated t found amote pino enit *uipad raoil i t-o scribedt hand seems thrown over tehe e ntire
S way system-a more lu oious list oF i notable fe.at ire .t I'rident sr ture, with its unique combation
S Inf .mati_ On the Roputar Ple sure Peninsular. winter resort hotels-than those for-t d '.r,,gr.. forth, winter 3d one or theatre and swimmm- pool-op
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*ee i.para-- from a patacev h e trycan itt reeption roams -aele- hetn.itt at fthe taf last : ^ "nd. itttie. I He,.a,t i, ti lt '. t ^-ti. tt, t it ol fle, Ta pa Bn-a an,l \ct- .t large torce i ,r tra tin Bay fa!t hetow the h^ig etaadaraiw i

way ireply contented himself with T Bay, nd yesterdayy as thee ndoti taben e i ad the vi stogae ,n a tPAracTt o d ered of,,a a native

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Fo d A I 'a
Vas --ire Whc ..o ,:r ace In It Li i' the wae.-)S 1- -f 1' IIi 1) r TH A EiR C

.. ... . c o w.. p a r... . . . . ..i

The Magnificent Tampa Bay Hotel1 Tar pa, Florida. Opened DecemberS8 1897. 'D. P, Hathi-away. Manager.
T"i el ge oe"_ t in on threww .Ck from a twlitu.and fat ets of stel from South Caolina to F ,ria-- i f l I to it fn t l .n. tl w, atever ti y hotel mtay jil! y be i tseribed as a h bicyv l trrka bah e ball andl ricketri THE EXPOITIONr BoILDIoN G. .. .

w loerr o -ver ked and hLhrough the sh rubbery r which of Nova Cotia aithl t e r r' ,, t . .ilt : ,t alarta.n i t . t re it I re from the Canie ase .
S f l "ettN- de- ow,'omore tho t the bano sembowered, r hills of tropical Jamaica-theJines of atly . el ] I ti-r ll. at,, l. -:;,, ,,,1 ti,,,i.t ak.ng" L- pu.i a t r t j .ie will be tmlled the walls of the expontion builin ,
I -lc every nappo tltmeat o nuIoEs h JR PlO EPocoi th th e Plant System form one otI. he great Ti itiTampa a lonel Ia-n e tirt .,th'-'f .... ..it. o i,r, lthati la k togetb bicycle track ich is to be a quarter structure whose name aspffilcetiea>.
.. tgheu S armagesate hef ter -hfl itnoh pW n s pu have been spared to factors of modern rytranorttion" ad hi e I'a t re-,,rt i....- t,'., i t. -r l t Ic .. h itrtmet.ttlat f rai tl,. ,r ta ile in lengh, and a splendid sys- dication of the p rpe Tor whiai Jt is "
S It ue maalge idmentoa e prop givet heTampaBy if usualattract. it must fore r be mater ot congrat-: t- n il I ... :Moritde. ae rous of the o fins t f golf tinks ill complete the iteded and which s d eitd t
a( .s.ed re-d d,-- l irese need hardly re. Thes .-t a rn a toeres c e t e r Ta f l r it r t fr n iseI a to ea It- ,.rl e em. ntc omtemplated in this s -e p a".d .to th aa I.
sae ro adnoao e~o ,a i e of uth lo rda- tha tl rtyhu 15 acre here and r.po.se-.. a priva s mn Tt. r ,-,f a c.mmod tou rrad sources dadvanta fK ette.
ffp lic aediser fc re as mater fccouroe, beerpsl.cted of th sith.e treinu Io !ef ts, t elen tl n T'l four nowurtr h..d and o-hgr club br. ildin ,s upo., The building i a 100by feet a its

sMe t oari.a, fetehe d nOi a d to be kept at their usual hig level. of thia grP at ileroad aisttn, and O thea t .el. r.nei s, ,TI it t may bie h ave ,ben ratn cked u dc k i- njaparet.ht ustr ie de of the groudao th il wnlls a re34 feeti. h.eigh. The ea-

al cons i-d it w ter front will this sea-on be op as by magic alo o ts li nese has been toier-ad t iin,, ... t e..... ee h nitt t found than .t hat w h f lias track is dsign ed.. and the addition of arch iect'sdeswso, and if its ph .
h-emi b t e ip fa -un uBsally attractive. Tw o e set m nbowersof gre e bo thi placId th rubb ry itt o th it i a -en h>en latel i" tit lont range apart- tis latest lealtre to the long list of l fg row. of plate gtas waoed( 01-
ld: ni ,.A.ad t4 tieamerbha.e been added torthedfleet water oftthe tHinllsbrt ugh .p o ;aed A' a i I l t .r o i,iyo the ground th oor otf arici tion already possessed -hy thes tend around the entire 'apetil t,.
lllhaqfshsalrpfa t pliesithe streak below the lawn, IThe Phit i ltem s ist of a inter t' 'rt. an--tie tal nare of bhrik, with Itue Ietet At that mode-n oience holet can hardly fa 1 to mnrease its de- which is so admirbly1to
^ atmms~ ~ esprgiet andthese t fln otib i astueo placed sor st h osevs be atn a long one. Oqetea atl ua n id ct ncti te an d art 'avi uply-ali tiarn evth erved popularity among the better di ay tthetetadaleit eetla yt.

W' g pp~ t'ag ulit^ne* ad h5B booked a large number .p"ronaeinet et e .ter upon the te rtory of f i- st,.- u mae I....A ,l . ...urt i. ved,,r .,u- rstity in oratin an' t fu sling THE CASING at Aiantt and which now lade. ia -
," a, t.,, sa, mt,.mlalicity-, people fordibe-e o,enwiich prompmii at Ocala ay tanss 1y laiadal st.-gra -r, f,.tt,,r'f t t.i..l.r.. |to e h^ i, t'" l.n t .m,... i a "ith a d a -'- - maneaf home in e xpOeiioe beWl.
S tl aillh calSerite tosoneu lne most tesful in ero the Brik ty thugthe a l e n te rd a. t ired A Effective Cobition of Swim- cd rHolO -
" histoetat enTea tethasthistoriof the house. The orehestet gemmed glades f Winter Park, wierre ratndal .att i .rgiih vistas ing Pool a nd Opera House. The bItding was deignet e -
il or es tosenotaiT stB at -1 which |ass always been made m ea promi-.the ho ltkeSednitole stands amid it of t-wi rr. .. iti aire -en. Tlie GRANDEUR OF 'THE GROKJNDt. A.prominent feature of the grounds well-knoTa architect, Iee r. M le
I t ,i.,e ,,gta E ,tter, es of Dent n e at ureatit t ri e orts will this sea- groves of pra ge and myrtle-past the broad lI wn i. i ,i t t ire hauie "s t. a___ tat surround this palatial pile is r the & Ken card, and formt at e e
? ia ,. ,o a -isite other claim n com. son e t more etff ctiv al organized than broad praries o mKis ,immee, with the I "" -r.l ., ,} t ,i tit rt v.r, tn. its Nature a nCd Art Combine to n produce newt Casn uo btih ing, Whose cempre- et rective ontrib tioan t a no t a. _
evertefore. and it melodious straipst hotel of that lame mirrored in its fa- i.. i e .. h e. tery tion tras ded a n ewattraction to be that go to makeup the t t
.' 1 T tl i re tetlacewalk- wll lend echatmert to the scene; mous lake.-toath io Belleair; where co"iv'able forl u ol verdure known t Pa erect Scene. t' tl, anh Iven he ciy of Tampa of the bot l ga oue nd WI tm r a
I u dM. t- l' rble colu an, theand at no point will the service of thetbe ptctnresque Hotl Beleview tempt Ihe it' ng Ii.itud of thee lanlaapn Na.ture hant done mi th for a t i laoc i al what it hatsevert before had-an ade- aon hardly fail to fild l dhatets

megdlide-rasandupsctoan with he iteof Plant. recture. dediadated to tb de siecle egtuti, altre strtati and picure.l|..e pinaur6 palate; a n fet tnv vatet's nhecas.ry lathe represeataion of Ho th4apleD id and pittareq c
"M lh of eas-nent AlahooM so recently opened, e luxury rears it white walls above the thau.dg t. bin ... sarirt ng d y e ,, g nd -iry t bg rt th i i tpres t 'de si eld e oramastic lion. u t 8a Bat e ;t
^K i tt .-^ ''M .. w t ..e ht. ,l reidr f alreadon contains a nota- waters of the Gulf,until in returning, bathin, t,. ,es all lend thei r attract e natte ctarm shd ciati.y. ?ome of The larger portion of the ltaild$ 0ilagligP as_1l M,
lbi l he ble a _belr ofmna.el.aen d the long-lit the pc tur. dresquel nn O Port Tampea ji tvs. ne- tttie ene. Pleasure nt is. the finest oaks tha t erstret d their ht been t t nlade by th nle oe
of tki lta I".d ,.... ofm e s I reha oftf lerct ,i a h tt h Its Vhar ,m oe ae I . .. ..
ta" -. ,! -I I h c " t I its

glide with their happy oe. tt- ri I 'o .... 1 r "'1 1r' rer w tl- era le i ne ,-o I whr, eL r held "the blons atrac t the wb ds -
In n na.. u m :.*Fern and mo-. ion a .perfect t.t^ i.ri' ,7 ,, . "rd- i.. il.rl 'I rt ir'- i k x I t' 1i h ,r .- h.i n ru in m dr a--t a,- de .Ath e i 1aloter . .
r1 h r\~ l H III ni e,, the ...... ... ,++ : '- .. .>- ". o.. "+' ... + "-;,. i, .. -mo. e. .. ,,dnf ... .., .. o,, ,. o T. J f
A -Il t l M ^IUII 'II Ir Iee- .. .i.e i, .r e ,rr-h ...I. t e bd. , ... r.... .. .h .. . i/ 4e . n .. ,* S I .. ie.. a .ir w id e t he t u r -eb a otteN *" -
.. u .:l l W otn. T i. i n. rmo i rtr r ,a ,.wth ile nn d a t ire Io od.d fi g e t ,l in th e reW hol f .pe i l -. i .o

g : fleh it oa rth. ; , e r ii li o rtr t ibi ;', - th--, e'ri --c .i .. til.. A h oti- .. .. .t. t,, .d .b.. i >p o h4in .... o 'o f e -.
:7' L U l rR^L^SL,. ne lo th rpind e neath, and a .ri iIh 'p .. rii "n.'i, I 1..- ei I e [& r. ..

ffa-i'-ori i aee - . . t ; l f- -. , 1 r li. ,, r In , t i..or ler l The pP at ei itione m l the 4 'E z e

W o. r thy f e0. t le int ....p.li .e.. r .. .. ,b- li f... . r anti. .o e u y i r i -
'Theaprncei andw re ea t. rou r lr e < r.ioi' A ni e nt t
al n.. - ' i in, i, i i.i- -t i'd ,P.. .r .o far o ] -,,,-- .. .
t hbae sac red herr d ode has ue i t al r tt rtr .r i -. "in fr _- h. and aito faud partic.lly adapted -
-been in ded oagnd 5oaven ith nt- it an ida e n

S-pink.h elled, sun-kissed cp st Bet l '', 'i "'- 'a . o i of i . Ft id tea th%- "f I (
u e em ot T o e rin,.,-"'"", ... "...... ., 1 -- "f *-- "----- i- i i Ii': li 'irin fruti ad, iii n oiaoiaU eonu l se'-p n'te
-itir:itd ui in the In ii i rd o ad atiba- \vned cpn t
A f the true metal o a l t anit t -, -Id ite r ealhn Ea cimrodte t tIirotinhojt fhe country. a.d in tie

etl eaf i t esru a a tet re- ta j. " ' '"' "a"- "i-.. .. . I o rio-g l-t" 'Om l e ato l t ap- ro" d "" t of this ple ed edi o
wron th l oft eli -. iroin thii i pSaroLENDORS OF TI'Ir SEMINOLE iititiente. to theerorridorand pan- oath Floridna feed'irgtds watt
Thit onlefly' on . ... -- f ii .. '." L. c "i i Oct -tneasir ifa r-, while all found t. p ourae r d and r iadael ep i p -a

-' e , o f . pn t M d.' in h'j. . _'e I . i i .. it r At I f fc.. M d . . . r R e s o r t . r uo o i w h ir. l at e e' i a r i rt e f ra e o p e n f io m e o f t h e .nl o as o t e a t de e e.s t h a .
ion thele ica n f ro beat m b0d In DrW f Mle-plalen The wato if trim a noose a ginea thi a-ion rf ins .Sfa
00 ae d-i a ri fiir fuon e i t a a aald nelabrty p eR lt culirly at sJ or n r th
, eh o'' tht c art t Prcd an h e ,aea n td, l "- I '' f '", i i. i. ^. i,. v , i I 'r a ir in byar em ,it ot ,fer i-t tr ie t ntib a fa t )ldta lne c -he t.he. .-* .
.itt'ra pr's somr I. t _r t e weth- anpure an that of the o ited anrr l arf f in ne e hr-m grant pr lonelor -
their wl to these shore and a Medi- r t i he Springs i 1 rie eoe o r t u in it daiy e

ir anc asharh tweay tent meg, not "o l I l "i- "i t' t f. ,m an trt h ft r u
i ."e th e e toc asr ra"tarei and -, - r '"t' a i"i r I a i lia 1 " li J .'- ) r
Sffedandi e if1en s qui re n od r f . ,,:, if', ll. '.T i ,t, ,,f, .. .. t e ,t t
to lthl situation. The st ing j no flr e .. .r. i it ....h -,,i....
wheme fnn ri,$m -ny variety tha.could fisti r... i. gained rrc tii i ii- d.h.i irnr it'io, 'r

can be eaght at Bellealo or Clear- the ie st C a', t trop ei al r ty c POii I ,I r : r ifu -'- --- -'a ,u i t- 7 .t. l T f O .
i a .sd. b grouperfsh icondeed r t, r' --TE H TL ISS IE ;. f te c, l ihe
. ... MtWa tertrout Capdif ec' r i i ri:l-,i,.ttil i-t.. _.
Spanih maherel, thu delious p.m "r)tn f An ipr .. cte t.... a '. . . Tb Ru ... t i. tordab Si at .it.. i, ..

p 0 fse- s. and the mammoth .c 'f a la'e.I a r i- i 'I . o .. y.r ,v L... : S t o ny t ter -ar e :
Stap on in beso The atddoor an sporty Fra fani i-,ur Wai r i r i ii- t i I S tion r tr 1b a TlAO Inrin niu ls
S I 1 nomeroens, embracin hunting, c esnt ident bh ot rt rlat ift. ad i. t' 'laie ',F ri ll i Q..'e'ii .r l... o
golfing nd cyc'at c lin a B telir bonts atomic pO.. t h te ie oo l ' r ir it
ofthe finest cyCle trkat in the South hoaIp itatl ltti l .to Whl . r' "
era Stat es. sau.d m u.de men mu t o,'t. Ir -,4 r _
ThePlant System'f new hotel, the th .r e rA ,r c tl 0 i r l. v e itic u ir T mia l, otelGr% ds.

opened rh a in onor If 11a9 f tt i ii ii r ia-teaion lrxt a i nem at ld re- -ri e uaordinar itan laee-
It majet aia .. .d, ta, I have mad ...i h re f .tr n tf t ln a.a in ub alv the m

0f faet f le bri if ale ute d thl tuf have v .... 1,, r,,,i. d A Modeto-dat: And he w y at s 1
....d fr ... .. rar t.. ....e" " i d ot nmn- dent as T ah' ed seli,-

.a ..re g 'he l ie .Ce Ir -.- -t ,ei:

o n ieWi n o gm n modern G r 1 tre m i ar n

fi toreatitinfe I fnl y ar e cah r o i n r l det r m m
telh int i a cl. r o r i h r i oi th rle. eagt, t .. ) t. Th. ik r aPi "i I. bi eminei h iig ed f a ttn-a fen tot
O rnr tc- eit of ther artwi ste handa br. a ure be, at it i. ',, pel .f prre ha t tpe n o ta naoste t
lhre ia g E eoms indi s i--ho eiend r-'-t 'a Is a pt find p rta d---t s-' rq l m;
twatb w i tshir cotal pe rches andtl ofhat brie enc'rcr tn r -nl r i r_ i't y! I I, If iT, IfaiC ) I ae, Spri .- ain ... 'i. iii-. t ha iaose +st
'bletheehato srvey-he htrbmo nual wia. e to tl i a
frol miter u onmeh r of the uet ia n g, hatn Hrni te i y et', tar t wh, le flt 0 =11.' 11S.. i g t ll, toi-

bAn witl tae moeltas bi othe in f 'tre-0 e aapndn ,t e11d n1 lltlt t teI l I
h e am Oleee-gmc thrift' -iii 't ir P1 ' iin I -. I I a 1 I

e rpsfn.he e e"dr vretyh haeom ablo li- l r-.,..ai e to ffine f 11 .1 nai df Ir... eB i. improv. "
ex beia ed lit due l nTa rarpoT B l Win 'ie herl .nt a t m if i 't ..t ,t. ' 'I I . n v e -t app ,l 2, al o
w e faro t atliohesho oort rch a r- Em e o t' ta 'f ea eedieat ficyc- COi r I I fuAP -t. C I r t 1 iI 'I e .11 n l t n(

ila ncnt rieu scairoaees built e l nracfl n I -ut a t n- n t.,. ....:htf,,i i 'pt f a ,. T-- o, ...s ,.0" ple a
bhe odo Otoil sth l h it hoe b ir w ed and pce' - .. I l--he. nu hern Terminu s of the Pl int a{len, i . I f r a ,. -i a i ri aIn e et . . Co f.N
poliev daw polie hedde wt ar, ctpry r e at.. n elitt'e . .. n fr tc Talt en., ..c.. ar t e,,ci tti ..... an. ..... .. .r g r ,it I .n an.-, ...leear There ,I i-itg themSeason, 'u-..-
n curly p n T he larl e po fg no il n n lte ne d o t be m . .d r i . ,m ,.. W ro t. )i- .' e nt ,i ii tr a ar rtat i t ,

ao -,,re ad f- llviewof uthe ibayucra io re r ub Y t Y ac anfu b ivirioe, the1'lrti .) m of r au "tcttier a rI-. L -k' I- Inbi- i n, e, o ,it,,s .,.n ,, .._ total number, of-Ia rTet ls.n
--e r .e sides.. The kitchen I ofC E o the projector of rad fr her t tw n n un an ant a Tr r 1 the ne of te largest an H n somest nw oated In Ta p ay pp -
very -- r -P..... wi,,h c.me, TH E Con S U J a e i to ,y W it and itvan. Cubn water I 1" l tia er l, t r I .i 1 r no I h f sk led oeratrve fd em ...
poor fadthe latst culinary f p-tur f th S i d Bic oc e ... i l. ire-. .. by- ln eat. The icueoftheaqour Iput ''f"0,1

te c ulenr -xrt u Lres tor te ken o hi- enterpre awl 't I i t t i-i-e iio -r: -. -. I it- T
are ,a.. for immedi. -energy has been such as to five.. ..- 1.. .. .... ' I] or at + + 1-1;
ace c fa e r l\ng lhe hi- i l n the e Centers of odoiry lly be 0.
ar a ement li t he U escape of oderp bt t rn s i. u lul --no f r loain tnh o irs n c li ed at ftl,.ril.ref waie hin i nterna
' _t .u cem- of lre eunf r -t. ln i rt t i 'thu 'itr s" om lirf n- I cl i n- t in ''r- "i h Ifr : I g e l l- ni re
r, l g from cokith rg aTre mo, t comr- ec. ide m imt -i i ',m r, ., -. ..r vru col Me tion of ro1en l e, -
.lplo,,- ur Andf"- ,,or . . .g ply derived fom thl"e cigar trae,
plee. An th n rbooesan c Sors rient n-s fe IlrnIil e... el i fc'. Tior- ann-ti y t i. kini-' Ii l-n gi... c-i ---=r u-nri al a door their miiailn... the rapid Magog
are aspe rfec on co enstru ctife ns is every - h d ipen e l d ; .. ... l .. r at B,' r l a l M r ta t u n' r ep -- '
tocioi.ndispensed wilhr. n- l1f lii f ou meat of thai andusiry ha reIeJt -i.

* be rotunda io b gained by t o Ia t tdmnpe nod nl ,ti in h!i. a -wlir n I yearnt o r of the lorrd i and he t
r5 oa otl adeech in deo t hee tba Iel s-valoe noI t, be felt", 'i Dliel ear u. n. r,, n -n,- i, I. .,r ,n ... |,la r l, t ., ; .l land. n eo r e t b ae ofe r
i iwaqd from thisspaciIous gatheeoing ; b ,r ,. r' e te i a ibe l -
Sgro nd i .lor ociat mretig and oflc e- el- i s- A-p-Oa ced { .f o te l -

S ai. oru ,th bfee pl .. .'e a-l . eho setia hote thato th nt r a- f. a n t if t .. he A
S or iand borwl thr m o thoeT sweetest of. ," r' .. - " -"

"ie d a i .. .. Ja tfaaan.,o, n te n ev e v ,n r r I W| 0 I a. lta rg' d r l ap

- i .. -- -. a, ... .. + f f i. , : i S urn.ie .t t Pu o .1 I J l u' -trl r aent dr- ban,,b r.ce fru.t a'eo
l erovi lon Is made in b as e bi a ntfe A bi b d t 'o hate inta. Aa, i "n'em, r ruo n for te l P i't, pr 'i. t r, t '
~~ -fa t a s t ro ica paI ef. a hr co crel ru t .1 ( ,,r l p r h Wat.r t nnerp nad l aad b1t re fty ina Ue
Whic inon1Toes of innoadi te r tterestiig r n t i r dison- d t e ra

.o.. . e. k )"r. a nd *: . . ; r t> O f ` .. h o el . < .. . r .1 .: . u .. . .. .. . . a n d te t -.
rae, for the banfet prhoe the horter a rt
, separ\ed onl ii 01 t sptO iloandonr north oh oh p filial hrwtel-that the hai cap drdeti frp i of th t

wS se a be fUanr5 d alt e i. tol i Finer hamt ofd t agIn.fit- dp'h r n ir f e "be -P c I" ctid thlalt SPRlGS N RL. -
I ue room han heen set apart for ator- -h '4 aA ihn u-nt -b-t eouiat tih he Oo th c unud hof in B ARP N *

_n and checking binp cles, d a photo- rumn e d lfr r ut cr oot are h ftra h, einrot uIn e rry I -t ou ro.t. t aI a e th -. o Pc n
a dio, with the dark room, for art

13 a vest. Itlls noted for it-, I ra~tlurul s pr of P i P! ,% ofI ile
ollet w and hath-rooms to t he cotf- b'nitolimate a dr y al }
ow of the transient -guents are n B'erl: r
provided, and not rairwant of Or

T h l o~~e l lae i be t the mif . .. ar idd T. . . .that "lt in d t. n %%,. 1%%n I, , " i 1 f wr ."
up a t i goverlooked. hearn coco whunbadde ito m u c on t nt ri. ta I. r I c n -a ,- t ti . i nra L _t I h i "" f'i -u in ni-a ou n ld the I l e arp o 'n dra)a n. h a o. s tsr, t s. par-
enter rit; r it h .ot e,res in ?.... id I e, t.. a.. in. rui'. m,, t i, h t. e .. e. I f poia n 1, 1 .. t .... . i .r life .,t ... t... t id as t1. e I*"I ode o" I h..

t. G ff, e astd o l a .d B Frad mant u I se o d ac m d um -. A I r h=e 11.,, 1 .t 1of 11 oth a a ""

f Rom i s ba imlp e i t moef of e et r a d th at i t ) %IIit n the lan h r a on r r'r r . .. t ine iim. th. rdimlt n.h r nu . i. c- li m . l i b mini f rl cha r th o t r oz nl n

ihm nateg p otec e f rm t en 'lhe ranEmtar tled h loa lee hi h -t r tm Ibut ac- g t eT ei i ul ni l '11 ir ire h op rhemo~nd ,rur fe b e .

tj m u- wa e and a t e telinbrina zing rer tu.. .J .ri,' ,,.,r i . ,., if, k i- ,u' %Tva-f- fl ,
b i.- sm flo e, fragrate nt aOh .... ..., Dt...b . nrn.. fir-c1 .... t I t I m-u-n.-. t. 'I ll t tlf-l(if .'. ...t l . .. 0. 1 ru "
etdl eng. an d clim b Ita~rd The fact t lht 't t t- at ack. t a a.id -,t .hu s .... 'itl, .y .i r I" i n .i Er t ... inn.. Ii i-,,pth, ri .arice a Fkr t a. t I I- L'. '.C) ..
sa p r Orer fle champon no. tao il n tu stud od rd iei Ii I r lie i t Er I i n la ri hi al It t tIad
-0IF l i- c I- ' n -t T I ,.,wh 'c .r a L u i ha- o ra..
.. . hl .. .. tAAai r e ,Ltsde tim e 1"4t hoIi i -i" m a ean h ardly fai lea
lo ed. . netI rj Tat n. ft' .e an I,,, by ti.,e V- I

e.re marb1hnertdtnga I d %%chtn-m hatrdfWitfri. m- a'te th ar.-u.u. it, m haup-tm i .... bath e ahe r .... iad .... t for I he seaso n an d f al t nsrat heanitnlld
&v an cares e r th n ee in to e L~;d tr ,"I...+o 'c ujn' h+d ... 11.. {+.;, ..g i .. t,,,,l~ ,, |_ h:+ig i: am td \.,u fo h m eicu ,e|n. ,
.o g, r eil+, l~-+e a+ebdr blowin of d 1-%,. o 1+ lJ''eK .. :,+" .1u k;.t, +hpe ... ~ h a',+e i, o nfrt ... adcesu el ~m fla Io o + -o++ o+,,. + 0.,.,, ,, , + .

S, -I l n d~"imcat "Their Apprecittioel.

K ^g.a 'j f 1JehsoT. L; sley, px-callec.or f o cns-
to=e of thelIPart at Tamps, was amde
-o n the oelaslin last Tuesday night of a
S very enjoyable and impressive rein-
t____ station, and one. that indicates th es-
9s N oeteaiCanto e tin fHtF arc teem in which Captain Lesley ld

S -- Peoplo--Lidentsm and Accidents iws it 7:30 on the evening in
7 l 1 ofvey Day Life in Tampa., question tha the captains reside i
"m "n ^ I I 11 was forcibly- and pe*ceably take
W,. W. Collies, of B mnce, stopped possession of Iy a number of his orf
S .; i, at the Arno yesterday, '. me asocate in She customhoues,
Gent Boys' and Girls'. Ja. Cunniagham o Jaconille, is who through ol. R. B. Thms )re-
a the Arno. eated him with a handsome ssi yer
f~nn \I sl P. Thomas. saromied citizen of service. Captain Lele' tfmliar
Plant City, spent's r ayiin town. mesogram appears upon each of the
W H-. B ;geos, y....n sine pieces that form the set, nd'the
L E W, H-Bigelowa f t he rp" n Springs broadtrer also. bears an apppriate
registered at the Almetis jIyesterday. incription-including the 'following
B without reserve, to Higet Jam, e W. Newbu a of G$isesvilie is names bf his former asnociatee in the
for o year. Cholce Of Tire, Saddl s, a recent ariival at the Arno,. service : F. B. Wilder, R. B. omas.,
It& Wheels nor on exhibition at B W. Hibbe, a prominpt fish dealer G. B. elis, BR M. Trammell, I. T.
F ealin Strot.f St. Petersbnig, is In town. Perk, q. T. Witson, T. H. Birdu J. R.
.Ine Presiden H. R. Pant ill retuSrn glyP..Harlee, W. S. iCath
n Ama.eer.^ P . ',r.t Wl.;'"'.Ea G.
' l 1 fromKey. West c1n S ue Olivette be-
ro Kg t I W. Meirs, 0OGrillion, G. Bale, J..T.
elght Mc Mictael, Jerry Dynen, C. W' Carl
Nelson-MceyIIlds, aprOinsnt at- -to, Archie Ros.
Sorcery of Clearwyter, Jas in the city
on legal busin- s yter~ay., )MJOYAL 2VENTi
r l Sealtor Hoesher ani wife came over
from Bartow yateirdtylto attend the Th cent Club Oives
19lT urman-Lykes eddi Dance.
l i J. Irn Gore, edito Af the St Peters- The lepgant rooms of the recent
S- 'Inder ngement of burg Timer, wa ias e city yesterday Club i(re the scepe of a brilliant
and reports budness slproing at the social event last night, the occaw n be-
1HO MJMiLMQJNDSB, b rg ingoneiof a series of receptims given
SO : The Avenue : hotel on Florida ave- by that very popular organization.
dsa of Fish and Game in Season. -The neatest aid nue will be le4aed in a day or two to It cannot be msid that anythingthat
_-. best Restaurant in the city--- Mrs. Michnfm f Jackao ville and Mrs. lends to apleasint and ePjayable affair
S .Little of Atlanta. had been left noe by the clur. The
SotU B atreethn the rar o mae arrange "apacioss parl rs were scenes of beauty
G te t York Sampleo-RHofm I mente with M. Brown of the Tampa and cemfort. The guests naumbered
1 OnogeS nr Pr o present were t sy of he mOst badu.-
1 0 b The ,Orange Grove l m1l which was tilut and Dopuar in the city.
i artially dawtroyed b7 fre two month Profteeor Hafilwell's orchestra ur.-
Sg. has beemreheilt oi nesw aod more nished the music, which is a aufftent
n -. modern planIo, guaranee fits quality?. The ioor
a Mrs. Sheldon Strlgisr, of Brooks. ,w" a- most exrelleat costition and
r '' hi wTIA. V D !villse,tin the city, having been in at- the dacing bore evidence of graceAnd
S--nU YOJ.Ei NAS.lE m ytendance at the wedding of B. Tar. ease.
bar a u "m oo man and Mim Lykes libS e'lseoni g At a reasonable hour elegant refresh-
fe shmow omtm at ba ga in OUgh d SmoothGos, Yterday wn v by the ath- mentswere served in the club's par ore,
ght them old tariff prices Wrie 'to us for samples oirod y.ob t e an t hey were such ans o satisfy the
. ud mig colorand priceyou wishstoapay.,d i ,ea, of the most fasutdious.
9 : a en ai d vespar-in ian thesewing, Thb e b ement Cloub deserves credisfor
SIn its maagementof se grand evn ts.
o e Dres Go s i- -o-- epeieo. and partieutlrly in calling toga her
wy ............ ....... h ..................2 Thec o rpe brought ag nt n such ssemblies of g ce, beauty and
e ra ys wrtheSperyad,.our pre ............. 415c alian at the inmlance of little JeW- cultunrs.
s Op5uwathehMINOR` in. :o,,twseketreled esa girls moeuar, soee titue ago,wilt
. .t.. ..... .....................a56 arisa g for ithe1 ie
%is A. -i, dyedquaiaty,only ...................46- c come-Up in Judge Hrrison's court as uicipal Onurt.
ofAS W -WO Nasisieey .....k ....If... 5" oonoas the present rlanaw cases In the municipal ourt Wednehday
BlaMnaket disposed of. the following canes wertdisposeo of:
Wsolhm dhemai t An alarm, of frs tunoon yesterday Ernest Harrio, using peufane land
= sSe5 daias l ls,5 ^ ^g IM V45 i On fQnsalty ay Doeble a lan hets. -I-b calleJ out the force 9rdn station No. 2 !abuive langpage, sentence suspended.
i-Sllah.. Sndim ey .hiDo.le- I..............l to n house on Seventh veue in Ybor Sam Cohen, vagrancy, fined 1 or
70lass ils_, dt. withoitrilhbwAda ...................i5 City, were tle tlesble was soon One day n jail.
_1"Ad-WoolDoubl e Red lanw with o to heatb table In defective Geo. Ceslg. drunk, $3 and costs of
_ ofdI&V .....taciadowedwlboassha.. i ........... C. i. Hay, drunk. bond of $d for-
a9r0s asw e 5The case of the aptesof Floesd Ha duk o
' l ; -- *versus Bell Tbanftm. a.and Theodore le(
S J r A I I : S / I 0 .Gripp-r was taken fVre Judge Harri- Buckinghem's Dye for thbe Whiiers
I BlA CO I N & SO N S son yesterday, and I 1 thcotbat can be applied when at hol.ea, lal is
OC-V V I- X O ^ I i the entire day. court sdjdniog an- uniormly successful in coloring a
1 s 426 E.0Msrket b., above Pregto, Louisville, y! tilthbis morning when 4 he case will be brown of black. Hence its great popn-u.
I i taken np a in. ilrity.

-I .
i that cannot be disputed-They are recognize for their truthfulness by very man, woman and child that has ever
(i semporl-m of Tampa and the magnificent trading palace of South Florida. The steady, calm trend of our regu-
N takes an abrupt, violent qwerve today. Don t be shocked-don't begrieved. We haven't changed the familiar
_0 be new-fangled clap-trAp is to be engr&fted upon sterling methods that have idared and succeeded so long.
at created aconservatism stigmatized by some as old-fogyism, decried-by ot ers as provincialis not to $ve
i- eaAble evil'custoims that areso frequently found in cordial association witl the general merphandse s-
eftridi. It is not'or s 1f-itposed mission to correct'errors, Isuppres.s shams Cr ehlightetn ignorance. Our
and industry are centered upon the honorable occupation of developing this business according to the
i lM original plan, ,The sincere apljreciati6n accorded us has been generous and -encouraging. To de-
aEidence of th. truth of this declaration apeais in todan's afnouncment.

84WMEN sandUSTOMERS all join n the good times. Buyers and salespeople because they
"t1wt be q asmee the estsblihment of low prices and superior merchandise in Tampp, customers be-
Sbetter bargain than ever. We believe in striking the iron while it's hot ;-theref6re we con-
"fAT.liGE TALE another week. Another week of Challenge Prices ot) the most magni-
thfatever grace tSe counters a4d shelves of this or any other house; another week of Ixtraor Jl
Always busy store; another week of delighted buyers, pleased heads of departments and salespeople. So
lat thet ome rights our clerks worked ontil the wee 'sma bours in order 4o make prompt deliveries,
il6 Vi [ hav e fw good of the B:G STORE at heart. Some of our buyers we were obliged to send
with i"t tionsito forward their purchases at once by express. Tht is indeed an era of good
AglOa that honest methods and real bargains will bring better and more permuaaeat results
aMd bluster ladulged in by so many houses on the street.,


oth colosal, th most superb, the most1 bewitching and umparalledbargains eve
S and ty are goi,ew ones are taking their place every day. Our stock is c4pti-
0 See' rei able bargains. Evpr body is cordially greeted whether ou
aU gew u s or a-wyou will bdy add your neighbors will do likewise,

ria that can b dplicatedelsewhere. We don't say tiat nobody else keeps Shoes
Ioeepe sFch shOis at such low prices. : i I

in th world. If yohe an eily subject to coldsi coughs or rheumatism you
S"the we l a saittid to this climate. First and last th1y save you money and save
of styles. at o ine m rt,;ressiness and 'protection. Mackintoshes'
keep the to boat., A feline a6 i now ready at prices remarkably low.

h Is Lo were y Xc-

'Events of the -Day-"Old Time
and a Fat Trc
The first bicycle Mest under the unc-
tion of the L. A. W., held at Ballast
Point yesterday w- a marked success
o far as the recig was concerned.
bhe attendance wqf nt as large as
had been expected, andsb the ,jnanage-
mens deoeryed. The service lb7mobed
by the Consumers' line wap good, cars
beginning to leaVe Franklin stree. as
early as one o'clock.
Following is thefecord:
E. V. Whitaker,J. Arannan, Vick
James. Time, 3.1.
C. Staley,A. M, Jones, E. A Benja-
main. Time. T 2.52.
F. A. McFarland, II.j B, Freeman,
Conn Baker. Time. 2 21
A. M. Jones, C. Staley, W. F. Fer-
man. Time, 15 07 25.
One half-tmle esbhhibion for state
record by F. A. McFarland. Time,
F. A. McFarland, E. 8. Aker, Conn
Baker. Time, 3. 35.
* It will be seen that the state record1
has bean lowered snd the mantge,.ent
have great caume for pride.
fhe nders of the Tribune-Morgab
and Wright team jl reported themselars
with much credit. f
O. S. Kimballinf't ride, owing to
the fact that bef called to Louis-
ville n aconlnt lInesein his family;
ot he wasnlsusti' d by 0. L.evens,
who, motwithatoa g Sbe fact that this
was Is bis rt ri g ee -our w 'eks
owink to sicrkn d aniA' e showing.
The first beat of the mile opein pro-
fesienal,was won-by MeFartand, that
prince ofe Tribune te am, in l fight.
ing-4nish from B her. A e
The second heat was easy folh Aker
with Freeman of the Tribune team sec-
ond.and Blanchayd third. Blanchard
being allowed to Atart in the final.
The final was & 1ced by Huffstetler
and Price, who. for the fist two-
thirds seta rattling pace, making a
beautiful and exciting beat.
At the three-quarters mark Aier
started a sprint with McklarlaDd j
length back On entering the home.
stretch McFarland and Aherwere neck
and neck wi~h Freeman and Baker
mraling, McFarland winning by a
length from Freemam, who barely beat
B"ka'. I
The five mile open proreesional was
a very pretty race, the men alternating
in pace throughout the race. At the
three-fourths pole Blauchaid jumped
and gained a lead of six lengths bat
seemed todie out before reaching Ithel
A hot finish took place between. Mc-e
Farland and Aker, McFarland winning
by half a wh.-el-Aker second and Baker
third. Time heing fast coesiderit
there were no pacemakers.
McFarland of the Tribuoe team, was
paced by two Osodems riddep by Huff.
statler, Blancbard, Price and Asi-.
The Belle.ir boys captured all they
came for in both ewents, taking Brst
and second. Manager 'McLeish feels
prud of his crowd ot orders, bat feels
that the people of famps owe these
reese a better patronage.
The following special to the Tait Cjea
was. received at 8 o'clock loot jht
from New York. It iq from lbe ,gat
roc' now going on there atf ite ex-
ported the behst mark ever made ill be
reached before the fishi h
New York. Oec.J8th,

TatwuM Tampa. Score a noon-
Miller ,047 miles. Rice 985 mi es, two
leps:>Sehinner 989 miles, two laps;
Bevierre 92 miles, Moore 9-4 miles,
Stephens 927 miles, Pierce 904 miles,
Hale 909 miles, Wailer 896 mile, Miller,
Elkes 858 miles. Golden 852 miles, En-
terman 830 miles, Cannon 7M4 miles,
three la ; Kinz 704 miles, th-ee laps;
Beacom t89 miles, Julius 7 6 miles.
Oray 001, Johnson 679
A Violet Tea
The Hyde Park (Gild will Iold the
second series of "afternoon tns" to be
given by fCem during the intear, at
the residence of Mrs. P. 0. all, on
Plant avenue, tomorrow teoon
between the boors of Sand O5 o'clock.
To bis ',afternoon witi the violate"
all thoese who helped ,to redder the
"Russia4 tea" so delightful socially,
and so 4icceasfl financially, are cor-
dially ignited to come, ando n*Og their
friends #ith them. 1-f
The Tmpae public will be treated to
.t bona this week. I. L. Turner,
our ate never, will sell at 506 Frasklin
street Friday Saturday and Monday.
10:30 a. m. and 7 p. m n, a,arge lot
of high grade 1897 tIdies' ad Gents'
and Juvenle Bicyclee. The wheels
are an exceptional goo. lot d od were
never .made to sell at suction but the
bad weather north bas,made 0heeingE
an impossibillt" then' at 2 t ad
the makers needir Ocash at oioe take
this quickmems of raising o Yre All
wheels are guaranteed for oe year.
Whepiare now on exbibitiol .
The American I tarmaceuta society,
of whicn Dr. 8. B. Leonardi ma well.
known member, has recently etified
that getleimatof his appointment as
replssentative ft the ,tate of lrida
on the speetal ~uiliary ouMMee son
Beereip, e BchO P. BW Whetl-
py. of Bs al. isohairma.





will be ready in due time and
of selling the best merchandise
Tampa for less money than yo
such goods before continues.

Qur Store

is crowd every day and the
better as the time draws neo
This entire Stock must be old
save money on any article jo


The Leade

MR. EEE WUtud Gl
WiB .e for theb..s fafr a
ead peite -. leas- Sad



A 7



IDDE 9d 'I

You Can't HB | I
But feel proud and happy'afterbeigh~g ted
in oneofour -

Sty ii5 Ufirter itJ .

We guarantee,and will take3pecinpi to. l
giveyou .a .
Perfect FIt,. Very latent F&W.0 l

'And we further guarantee youmperfect sais-
faction after wearing any Suitaeleted h -la,
our Sioek. Our prices are $7.50, 8, $10,r
$12', $15, and up to 30 'persinit. Well if f
you can beat this you will simply a ms ha
record that can't be broken,' 4 1,


S-d412 Franklin Streat. t h


$ Fe.. Wor f

To Our lany Frien00 AJ

It seems that C O me of ot0 copetIteors ar .E
worrying about us, that cup new store would.
not be completed by February Ist, thp delay -
may be for 30 or 45 days longer, Wt while
our competitors feel worrid- we, 'd our
maify friends and customers do not, for Mamis
Bros.' never have and never will make "
any-assertions through the newspapr that I
they cannot back up. We have ner-d- "
ceivedthe public and they apprediats the
ever have we annnouned 'any sal Iunless
we could verify our assertions.

Our Store \'


i"'l" ""

I T.i 3~;-~-

Andweve made prices ouaor elegat
ture and carpets, which, if you will *io
you, will convince you that TO NfED


Beat an auction and the Goods are new, 4t
Everything in Eurmtun= is sold c heapem rnll
else. We say soin the. paper and pro a
Come and satisfy yourself. -


{' f *" >

*i ii .- :' 1

_v sad not only tour-
Mhi s i addbe ore bete seektg a
S orh m Thqy esire to
itire~ d of cold wealter,
ji 'uraes In otherautes.
thei condition
t._ M to e to Florieds,
i 4s darh d everyone
I e '.'. ma f nd a good hoesalueid neve re-
-.^ gre. t caing. Our people should ex-
S^W I tend heartyA welcome to [sese new
Sa .. come.. aa u ve all things, t
'i mm .,1 them =d pri.at theirbeingimposed'
upo ptashould there be any attempts
V adet o do. The AI.ritknpreeaions
us orm are tn at cflastiog, au it becomes
MM eM .iiibR: aUl to do the fir aod preper thi* by
Aans rbst tageo, whitb wll e-lie brad

.. Every .ime-seeker will want to
1M maku tiUbet boargasi poeible, and
h ,rsoan y ose Iake advaoage of
ietser. It hi eom. them it would not only disgust the
S dued, but olers, and be a source
ofg usr t theebest people of' the
E,__ .- a St W e want good people to
g_ M .. Ba om."' to live and to be satisfied.
.,-liwi.ter prombeie well for sbcor-
yl js Mste gen. igtrmw! additions to our popular.
wll have hisn an tla, d along with it will come
*1 fll'p."I 0n1 Core les. espital. liemember
byel ylouso and every junot of
so h r, fo ae costr octed means employment
flfity. Grealkfwr somebody, as well as an increase

The hotels and boarding houses are
1 a, getting many guests, and all who
S I glmi M .p oa ay oerm froe their section
fIra fv puMda of will bl here when the show begins to
r pot bfbak besl. fall at home. Good work in locsat
P -i~ .~s sad taking Florida's advantages
SSo strangers mo t be-done, and it will
to _geta a. i sslt m eolMaly to the entire State.
r y'b. IIt ostd nothing to talk up the cith
an* d State, sad it does much good.
SsawS b.t The State stands in eed of develop.
,, K ,. a ~sl meat, and what we can't do ouorelr e
a e ,g. ( of poHtif it for as. Every itiozen of Florida
should be up and doing at this hAe."

Dl Im. u Keiy, iot couteat with inviting
'a po0aq ias now contrived a flying
ld m abi- adchui. An unsientific reporter
I~ '%ItN il- who hls men it describes it "a huge
| ir.eglja> a-odawpliutsed aopstds, made 'or
- 4 h-L7 '., : mtpuettp.ofiropo"addteelpparp
proldt of iaw tly weithing about two tons and a
wi di6. TTb Two t I. It mest prominent parts are
0i, io W. ,o ,w ,e ls of polio ed stai.
e e lng ey,is king of it, says: "I
mh dths le ll l iso tAe opposite
eto gravation. The machine
r IJ W ill empable of making a sym p-
o _s_ h.,r .m thelic outreach of a distance great
a e e oh about itself to dot onlys ne
SmiU tn esionse he electA of gravitaUion, bt'I
s rr wh. be wtlse m nd Ito equip-
..._ L. Imeal go matter how heavy or how
l heav.. ilybladeaed,tokeepit."Thus
I, ~ '- M ih we s ee how sy it is a words, to-

asg l .g.t.-
bThe pmsoge Ub uermittge wasm
,-M1 N asia hem been sxked for, securing money
ms aq.brs ith tSo build Shq pastor a new
th il. fea t. Good hoaed; aid isiodering the many kind
0.itti lalso made Sltl s ia charge hope to

Sk; taisdy ,mbg o mlet with intsand gill.ats
Gt;piH, bilot wal ,- .o eas, sbioc oes as

S angsh be usen daily pasong
aImong W lbs shores ofppr Charlotte
S~rad. "m to m Rodert A itooni ina
-u i llgj e Me klUo tnd eight 29 mallet with a
7ae. ^--n=-_ few te.

M1 ( rormed

Fally It Ae Inw ly
and Dischafted
TroubleM Begn thDyipepsia
and t1pwre Blood
Thore.gh Cour.e *f Hood'e8arsa-
parilla ComlOi y; Curese.
There is danger 14 impure blood.
Disease and suffering are surely corm.
= g to those who neglect 4his threaten-
ing symptom. RIead thi:
"GUIMsos, fMi souri.
I. ood ~ O4 O, Awe, soin.:
"Goepemen:-M troubles be with
nervous headaches which wodId last
me for two or three day. The doctors
peonoseoed my trouble dyupeeis, but
they onld not do anything for me, and
adb4 a change ontmation. At the age
of 5atumorformedson my spine, which
Wai Ves. Painful
hbt did rimseor di~ha. The doct&
thought best cut it eat, but I objected.
It fMnally brokg u adislirged a great
deal. The do4tosR id they eoold do
nothing for it.s Theathe tamor began to
rhe owardly bdc _charg Iread mni
about ears by Hiod's Saraparilla Ka
thought I would try It. Before I had
bnlfted takin oaq botesp I ws mdeh
nUeed. I cotinf, the pMsof good's
vMr-ip.'ll,,aod aita taking 12 bottle I
was eatl6ely Cred. am now well, have
Good appetite anC:t eel that I owe my
lie to Hood's Srsipreln-a W. 0. Po.

Hood's P s

... .'s l0ds aoesra. e


Extravagance b. the administra-
tion of public aff 's has been the
weakenss of every pirty intrusted
with official power. It is not too
broad an assertot to say that few
private enterprises .could live under
the condition that exist in public
officeL -
Ptblic moueys are pent wilh a
prodigal hand. No tariffs or sched-
ules can be framed that will over.
come the drai ualtsse the excess
leakage shall be stopped. The idea
Chat the LUnited States Treasury is a
nice sort of institution, run for the
benefit of partsans in power. is a
popular r one, tat needy correction.
The old adage: "Take care of the
pennies and the dollars ill lakecare
of themselves" bha never had much
of a standing amog-t -ic -officials.
Economy dots not mea& parsiMony.
lYpon party p atforms it is fashion-
able to preach economy. Everybody
does it. The doctrine is too often
forgotten after the votes are cast and
office won
The word iat ihas gone out in
Washington I.at extravagant appro-
priations must b cut down will meet
with the indoraement of toee ommon
people. Uncle Saw hal been Jiving
beyond his means. Herolc measurot
to render obsolete! the monthly de-.
dcis are sure o bE appreciated. .,

No remedy i s leffectl in eradicat-
lag and curie Caiarrk as Botanic
Blood Balm,(. B. B.) Itpurie esanD
enriches the blood, emiaaten microbes,
bacteria. e., sad builds up the system
from the Brat ose. Thou onds of cases
of eatarrh have behn cored by its magic
power. For a I blood nd skin diseaaa
Ithas no'equa. Buy tclM old reliable
and long tested ,reeeJI, and don't

throW your money awag on ,ahmtitutea
palmed off as just as 9tI. Buy atb
old reliable emahic Blood Balm. Price
$L00 per large e htter --
I cannot re rail freod telling you
Iwkl a gloriomsa medicine you have.
Fw two ymmrmy moter has suffered
with a severe eatkrrb o! thebeidi and
olcerated ayrej at. She Iortd jo
various roesai 'wAsut effect, unD r
she meed Betaic BlooeBalm(B. B.BJ
which cored et catarsb, and baled
her so eth roi. W. A Psum
For sla by r igi s4 Fredoania, Ala
Yt Ia Bette ti tas ai's Wr

acsmaly so pseiaeatly ew
HdVd's P113,dt'ea aaw promptly 00
lB arer J ad hevswCnsone headc-e.


-1we Bes Mea ls*.the Oy
forl5 center as:I -

Bond by U e t n 2. t. ew-
, .penedl Eve.his. first-.

~ ~ -14_

seV, For AmLt, Ltm oRs atd. ,
Ae D Inerted ai THIS o 0 Jnik tOsa
loat a Word = s losaron. N. Ad.
vertmnt take for leuss t alta Uc Ota.
For Sae Chehp-A a od h br adri
cushion. Aptpl at No. 1117 Fl adIMin
stlre. 15t
Fo-al kCheap-A niceb hose'and
lost oe Sixth avam, No. 1l0. .Apply
to-1 7rFna.kliaistreet. at
For trade--A, good liatteodlf ton
fo*e trade for a house and lot o0 small
ornae grove. Euquire ate 81d u lorids
aweao'. Swk
So floe watch and jewelry reprinrpg
go to S. B. Leonardi & Co. They al
wayt have the beat workmen i Soluth

Ji1 Claa Thollkoder, practiusll mid-
wfmdi.d trained suMr. Odaaite of
beUniversity ef Sweden. Offtoe,tN4^
Fomakli-I strest- m
In"tiea a of. waiter during sleep
stopped immediately by Dr. L Detch-
oa's inti Diuretic, Cureaehildien and
adalwaike. Priti-l Sold Icy 8. B.
Lieordi Co.OmgsatinTsuio d-w
Mrchants tUhai arve pbM ns to
oer, i thse Tiaue advprti'e. Read
it e,,efilly adu patriPizelbeOB
lat solicit you pateeIatM .


Se t Yowr Store Wood
fk41s sE w atto Ito" Beaadlotb
ntae sod'dy delivered at jour resi-
len : Tals, in Tor tCity and Tam.
pa. depsioa neither s YTbMor 36M
Ta fo wato will beibome-
diatey;i.a Wddto. M. Fie lr pro-m
Pliet er tf
S Ce a Cold En One Day.
Take LAetd'a BromeocQdi iDTabhe6. AD
dregoIeretafu she monq if i1 i to eve.emj
SWbe a manoisufenrng from a .ach-
ilg e.d.-a sluggish body-wheo his
mnsde aremax and lazy-bhi bradio dull
and his sto0iach disdaining food be
will, if wise heed these warnings and
reort lo the right remedy, before it is
i0o late "Parber's Saraparillls" be
"King of Blood Paorier" makes the ap-
petite keen and hearty, invigrates the
liver, purfl# the blood and fills it with
the life giving lements of the food. It
is a wonderful blood maker aid flesh
buil er.- Fo k le bj Maximo M. Diaz
PlaInucy, Central Parmiacy, Bay
Pharmacy and Tampa Drug Ce. tr
No Cure--o !Pay.
lht In 'h*a'way O u dif st elli oel'a
ThasenC CIl TLDC for Tnlarmtia, CUlhasd
Fee.., It-l-, Itemnvl Ir -n and Quinine i a
-a cle to B-. ChBlder ore it. Aad s pe-
I. to bi-er nwoiseatilg sois. Price S ty
Tore a iotpon ore
Tahkeciesto CvmdvCathauihu 1ic orm1aL
I C fadil tOs ture, rggi tdtrezawl monsy
Belief In Biz Hoursa
Dinre ing Kidney L sad Blsaddo- diseaes re-
t-ve Ir siux hoobt hbe Nfv Great Bou
Americ Kidnue Cure." Tais sew emedyoaa
great surprLesso acant of 0r e emats e
Sro mu s n l relievig pa in bladd r kidne,
back La tcery pa t of he urinary pauage ma
male or fen ial It reli reteinson of water
and pa inina r g It allmiou mei a ely. If
you wt qm2e efand are histsyour rem
ady. kl by 8. B. Laai Aq Co., dBkW, Tamo
"I don't koqw, there may be others
aie said, "but I have used Parkes Tolu
Cough Syrup in my family for years-
and would nolt be without it." He knew
better tban to buy tbhe inferior prepara-
tion that'was being urged upon him.
Parher's 'Totl o ongh Syrup has no
equal. tt.LlI itoua lately relieve any
Coogb, oP Cotld, Whooping Cugb,-ore
threat, HoarienessCroup, Bronchitis.
and kindred ailments Contains no in-
urioui ingre dietts, is plesaot to take
and a safe remedy for children. For
sale by Maieno M. Diaz' Pharel cy,

W -mans Dsa ses
Tampa Droc o Co. f tf

Ar as peculiar as
V dable, and
caWnt be
ed or treated as we
dioithose to which
thoe e -ire human1k a
family are subject.
Mes truation suts- r ir
tains such import. w a
ant relations to h er
-health, that when W
lar or PaiU, 1 I
she soon becomes:
ag -nrvous "
and 'table, he, loom leaves her
cheek: and very rave cobmplica-
tions arise qnleslRegularity and
Vigorare restored to these organs.
Br tleI a receipt
Brad eld sof one bf the
S t mmoast noted
F e physicians
'. of the South,
guz tora where trou-
sorit prevail mor extensively than'
in any other section, andhas never
faled to correct disordered Men.
stnratiom. It restores health and
nttength to tie suffering woman.
*wst hane ate f p boaatsy year haodlud

oOnssaataelseuton. WeesmUor.of Is tan all
sote mUar re edies ombiasd."

,TB amsaae hMsa.eusM co., aeisr, o.


S/ I

T. M. W, .

Fir NaL Bankk Brlding. Take te %beevaor.
I bave a Ir e-Caim office it& all kin&
of Maps, Cly, County and tate.

Strangers We-come.
Come a&d use them. ao rct information
about tibo section of country. Oe bueofollks
a know I give them bargains aodc eU tbe
buniyasfena tras weoaoobbafiodlaab od
hoMe. au to 30 very large itreeons-hatf mile
bluff river fr-ntsal water, beaUibv. 20res
low veget hands inCuivatiuon. Special
price sad teros.
A et grove ear the lake aoot trees.
godahoc plent" of ,rape fe1,d priamebato
ltx aren orange eove won-ebruka vte. Just
out soid city-lim.ile, lne lad on yry e te rm
to nght pany, long unte.
Fine acre grove brehAtk ae. tre ln
condition but smnJi. WeU worth 91.d l
Five acre grove -inU bear 14x boxes t, one
mile from city, dne csn.,rie ,OMOu.e.
Twogmvesheoaiun.tor, Ceuly who al.
lsaB udI the l PNtfhor i b0j oo houseno onec
reg ation and large barne sypachg house,
kita of hd ibisyear. Soldon tae
Six aTe roeve. t ees good but not ared for.
10 crealmULL vi'gron and one-fourth mle from
electric street car line, two milk from city.
This i a abarain cootas 5X0 trees IM0,
mireny.tuee cere. liut good
oaDge trees, eight grape frIlt teesgood hoge
sad dairy 'i, onuuns ia tae Umof fine low
land for vegetables and farmlin. Man of the
land has been 'cowpened,"e eryeacsker kopom
what that means. god ctiug., new fence,
very cheap ato 0.O, terimsa $ M cash and
M penr ear. House rei fcrLa0oper moth,
bay It now. .
I have an orange grove with & A o0wor of
oraie tslhispearwill ihate f AiVm tt yearcom-
pleg craguon, pnce SAio0i0,:oehar cash
balance easy time. grove wl pal it.,
5 acres in 5 sd Ii are ot near ciy Uine,
prkIe Ci ro 0o, pur acre, long 1ie. ,
lmreat BargOin s I a ot e a adr s en on ay and
E:&c:tuiccar line.4mallhhou ae, aJ
Fine sue at ".Merle beach,' *is over IM feet,
Ba) from an dEiectric car front ad 80 feet in
depth, price 15t.0,iu long time yenaa. Ths
has Railroad sti-aDn v.ur pvchay sad biCye
pth to ampa. as well as E fr c -s.. "iasl
I have orange gro ad fnf on Manatee
OiKf aodCouity. near i. oensbhm West
UColt, ear Bano., near.rcat a, and all over
ibuicacity. ij)ous eel cant .vense them
A full lij of city 3ad subur a property wilf
te veu later.
Bememober I sell P"hoaparc timber Fuller'
heart and colony laol. ol buy ullyousne
or hear from rae.

M1oring,,Ceiling and Sidi
Mqde of Long Leaf Yellow
Pine'-vd Swamp Cypress-Lum-
'ber. I .
Common Pressed and FIRE
BRICK, Fire Clay, Pine
and Cypress Isaths. :
Cement, plaster, aait, fibre,
mouldings, Casings, bbards and
Olee 702 Ashley S t Yards on
S. F. & W. R. R. fb(o of ZackSt

Anti-Trust Ma`chae
.-PRIOE 85).
(Catalogue Bsent free.)
a F. OWEN,
315 Franklin St., anima, Fla


Umbrellas Covered a~d Re-
paired. -
9oe and 908 Frankuhli Tampa. St.,


DIBECTooB: OO.TlUCt. W.J DAVIj. L, v,'gt
LW. 811M.nT. B. L U ,CAS. W.-B BY AS c. i


This popular Resort is now being pitqdacd fa
throughout in the most artistic styl# and rif oolibe.
ter .hape than ever to accommodate the plbl nI e2 seesaw
forts. .

Keep your eye on.t ac

Sweet potatoes, per peck....... .............
Nw FiLonda syrup, pergt-..,... le
MIfa] 8 .lbe............. ... ...
G rits8 b .................. ... .... ....
Pickled walnuts, per quart bolel.. ..
Tomatoes 8ib.ean .... ...c T:. ".
Arebucle coffee,21Me...... i *.. g
String, beans pe, r ....... ... ... ........
Peas,per . ..:.. ".". ".'...s
Irih potatoaes, per pech......... .....
Cyclone soap, 7bears ..............................
Table peaches, 2 cans ............... .... .." "... .
81b. a LeCont pearC cans.......... ..
SSAuer kraut 2 oaps. .... ... ..... ... .

18 I
SS. A. P.RU.TPS, ,903 a

Pho t LIne. ewo ",lrida s.All PFala.

verett M n, Ala ooi -

Lows. tC bWDegOuxOnt.I
'iverJuhion"Ps"Os11 "

sad the Pseift colest. e- oiI PM.

C. B. LUCAS- mO IC AS J l BRANTti4 3

Enormous stock of OGrit d s,
Brands of Canned Good, ., etc. oi
cilities en able us to meet bay Letd
Commercial Warehoupe, Noe. 32 14 s
Tampa, Fla. Telephone 175..
I, TitC, Plnst. w.J. DAVU 5 Pr bpL.

Cpl $5100,M .. S 'ru a i MnM ,
TAMPA, FIA. Oogirsnkli sad.:
W&Ioidaii l hiilrStkssniSm isidm t ft


low .jd',. -, .o... r i,.... -,
Si coming! The presents are all displayed ready for y1i to select first choice. WhIt a world
A buty!. We've striven for choice ss, richness o ."gn, and through refinement of good taste iu selecting a
gill eieg together this mighty colection of G-ft Things for Xmas, Firthermore, we ere ortun4te in g
1bMo..a. mast extraordinary bargaindn th. way pOpice. There will bncaneed of ex,*avance in buying Hioa
1 Presetthi, year. We could fill ptagesiescritipl to tiese articles Some bought f.om the Orieot so6ma 1
te siefro ttie faraway So.thIslanis, Frbm Japan, China, Switzerla4n, Mexico and the Canaries. And, to be or
Oft ariles note the design and aish, then see the price ticket. Of course you're surprised. Why not! We'


Shir counterparts and superiors i assortment. All the leading uds in bu-k or oul
Stl you prefer. Sachet owders, Flori a Water, Soaps and all the other toilet reqiseteB. .
^., nt.always find such an as rtbient as wev carry in Stock. .. i

J I tIKWe wonder if every time tie Powd.r or tle Puffis used, the fair user stops'to think what she is
there is quality in Powder, puffs ap well ;s in :Powder. We have them bjth of the very best ql .
S opened. one of.the largest Siock of Christm s Goods in Tampa, Presents suitable for ladies or gente "

Sore Buying Elsewhere Inspect Our Stock
I i- e Silver Trirtmed Purses, Albums, Cut Glass SelligngSalt Bottle, Silver Mounted Stbrling Silver Atoiaizers,
Wh' iBroopis, Musical AlbumS, Match Boxes,C-garette cases,Hand Painte4 Perfume Botts, Cigar Boxes.Celluloid
-... Ladi Sewing s, Fern Vases, Sqap Boxes, Inkstands.Silver Shaving Mugs, Jewel Boxes. Pin Trays, Bohemani
V e Cut Glass Perfume Bottles Aluminuzm 3tush and, Comb Cases, Puff Boxes.! Picture Frames, Lap Writ-
M9 . eE- t4Etc.',Etc. K

S* corner Franr1in and Cass Streets.
Wrila i.w stake of dj-e? Chi, Tl.ls aJONB. WAL ON
b dlow Oe rIr l o be slowly -" G
a.,idw,,,bel -). REAL ESTATEAGENCY
aLil- "s-,- Medicin.e IOFFICiE A 1,Iq E I oWi nA l edsie of
AU solda*er BETWEEN POLK and ZACK MSF. R ..

E@ rWholraleOandOetailyDedlersIn.t 714h
dnr t ot e s r -an tr.B c ues Wagonsol-Harnessec. AIargelini naandceassort- eoT eo -
d n ie essort- l r'Io'Campobello,"tb!tsen ealtbtul el ii
-' i t it-bi- emnt pn hand. 1fu line of "gons ad Bngies, Wood and eoftS: eL o nsmes'loamnc &s B aaCo on 1' di ieu iais
e-- f- l Pole his after. ardwllre, Pais ,.- arnishes, W-I and Red Leads. Wheels ilboonh River ma be eecred it f f npee
oS. at UsmRims ad Spokes,'Axles, Batrs, 1 Fie lron, Etc. 5, 10 20ad ocresech, ly'i-im ed et e Electric ar Li e, all of i
Turn.. ~, o-,, ou.,- 1007 ind 1009 iraa idn street. w .a.rese dt gde ,d e'ye,
S.t.mIa r yocesu take o Try Mbr- -- will rove drag on l h mareS to secu your choice make ate
U Thy.Tii" per.eptue WiDeofr iC Liver er.uI I iu ITa selectio. -l I
R d" ptdormt

e Mo ttF aatonao1) enort in "d ALE
'1tt J'olLI^e 'il 15^ ",no r! ,pr ans ,,W'ATER STREET-.-' ~--MPA, ..-.FLORIDA .
., pb e. nI a, *ri. D j. jrl, ROCKBOTTd PRIOES. "." .
qt f *eU lJsuIptst Solicit the business of Retail Merchants {An".a U ;.

f M InoLime=
r '#a b yDnme, eHariek, Cem ent and Plastes -AM
%IPnce Tu Frall, uststasirD I La &es,
. n 0 ,. Ct "T s First-Class Goods at west .Price a
Is"- J,..- .. __ ,i -- .,
!"W On Copctnttand Centralvenue."

.4 As M a i ali9tr jet,1 to
PoL .an ilMard Tales, eD t Con- F. SMIPH prietdr, 716 Frapikrlin ,
m d' edSal o1 i the C OtT. R j R ion the Il. Ill. 4i4'-G1, ,
GuOODMEAL en be bhafor.&snM t 1 5oamount.5 ao and
PROPRIETOR -,4t r.,l;p, o, +,. t ..,. o. ,..-.--.
"-ohn 8. ulte e paidi avane ,,
J huo S.S u l to he%9 FRANKINATRT LUNCH RO114e. ,",..
To "e ,r a ad "me ira 24C:ent s -.also"- ,e

$wi t 7 .
.' "_. . .

.. t. s a' 'l for
Z~e fl~gTe
illA iuWJKa~ll pIJ.
*~~'* TDc'. 0~rs' Tran

.' lT ett4ws,+. Hi.ing piryc..abed' Ll ra -Tr,."gbler unta
I T'. pa Livery Weiand ra -am po, L" Ia.. ..p,_$1
.... i .4+. ot e ,rt .. hy C ,,ubee. T teamsae,. e table, ,u. ,. i hli.
4t w.; 1:;1 n ... onO-
.tar a F No,,ame'in ,
-. he sut the2 )18


10! NE

Von GaO
Man iX

son. it irsa
veto the Ci

d 'Other

R .R ^So

--10081 FPr n*i.,reet.

ladies and _rib4c ii general are invited to
ay BSock andlccmpnsre prices before purchbo-
llhe I 4. clipettion in quality and

"a .Vu i m ed ats ........15Cp.
-.. "* k MainUIctised t s ......e up
rWtn.' 3.a.. t-st.Novitisin T imminaiu......
f ..so"* ps st ovew ai "Vels gs.........

olidaY a Speciaty. $
hen 8.l Bold elsewhere for $4, my
50, GI rut Bsandkrehies, Belts,
N0o extra.chrge for trimming Hats when
b6nbght here. 1 .
-A& A&^; 'id Ak ^ k Ak A AK A






laaters .and




I B "i Blue Flame

- aa 11897, wilsell the.

rh I.bt L or $1.50 Each,

f fr sold for50e willbe supphed
-.. .t ers fot40c
We imJ tri "nauthorized agent for .hse Genuine Wels-.
Al l A le iIanlw cent gas lighit are imitation and
of idsTe Wsuh ptn(N.
l Ing i genAL uine Welsabacli light are first:
!Mkshta 1.i" ligeU at any price, because iti
a A om to* rf8eet..of gs an hour8lea

m, &miteehan and we can sup
a-manata anytimne to adjust your
W, of har Al. enuine goods have

A,'i3NK 1UEN,
Secret"ry,'Tampa Gas CoC


-MMO o0Wewi o Fst
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bit He I1 Tetothelu


receives a Lettir From M
ston, Kother f the Yo
ed the yuruia-G"o

, DIM 8.--Go rnr Art
ao on g.voo maturity, I
nmous antioouul ,bilL-

--L- LiAU

BuRatn. Wash.. Dam ft-In thp
eral coiar here Judge sHafo'd saw
Qaston; saoobti and Ohstled Bau
s ,gem who started to Alasl
eptei r on the steamer RiHgeus
amaneof Meh agoa the oweasr
eieame l*ir their failure to land
a1Dav :

Aurs Os, Ga.. Ieo s'-fudge
SaOiuerry. 0o;O Amehicus'
WlsMi, nhd fr 9o) yjpar a pioa
mailer of the iesocas bar. is
teily iwith pitauin 4lla, and sa
eed to reaver. ,
S "pl..,., KSi.4j-s
JGuor.ea6o. G.- ri.r -RAlW
ooe-d. th sconit '...t f e
uendby JoinP...r- i .t J. 1. . i.
kiUingebido. iy din T ni. aa
ad wodudi -.i- (J s .
,ea.g mtukw, Of Clev,ar
is thed! e fn to to: the gold Ne

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)Hug B s bMsu
2&.tuii. ^l

1 saia TO ae prEparnirA siefeut td
ons to .he Georgia legislature expli
ig why li has decided to withhold
The faoe that ith measure passed
igislatL.rt With only a few icssent
notes mak its future somewhat pi
imatic, hbtn it seems safe t0 pre
hat Govcanor Atkinson's veto wril
Motained" -!
The bill was passed soon after
killing cf vonug Von Gammi aof
fnivers-ty of Georgiiteam or-.the l
diron n lIt mouth, and the legisla
sit that tpey were arcengngg, sis d
y so promptly making future nr
eants of a. similar nature impossi
lut it turns ont thalt Von 3ia
ame from a Spartan family and t
either hhi retatives'uo, friend
baking thsai sort of vengeauce.
It is the dead man's owy itirhef '
taS induced the i overnoi" to veto
ill. MrAi. Gammon in; her peti
mays tha! botball wuas erison' favc
iame, and thai if he ooulid be cuusu
be would kin In nbe requpst o bhis
ow studoedi for she veto yf the bill
In her 1 Liter this heroic muster c
he goveT or's atteutiou to the
hat Swc of her sou's schoolmates,
leynold ind Arthur Ge chius. h
recently mit accidental deazha, oie
ailing over a precipioe and one by f
ng dowi stairs. Sne,askb if t is
equally elsible for thie egis ature
abolish recipioes and erar-wa8 s o0
count of these deaths f it is ts abc
football mause of thdddea.n o her
Letters trom all parrs oi th coon
save polred lu uaon the rovertizr
the slie1 ias also beet stLorout
mrbnsed. Is has been arroel tha
football isa prohibited at the Geo
sniverei y and the stiir colleges of
state thikel nttrtoui sil be uiab
Compete witi the big schools of
n Oith wees footpil is played.
Oiieo the most foreible astgum
for the veto is ooutaiuedi in the foil
ng poragTph from Mrs. Vqi G
mol's lehlt to tho goverunr: I
"ou r conlifronted wi h tae pr
dtion w tieher the game is of an
character wt should .be prohibited
aw la tie liateie sa of soctetr. Ini
ywer, uuqdeatiouably it is pot. In
fers plae, 1the nlmiition us ecessar
its highistI deveLnImint 4ra oula
stinence frm tlitulictatll i :c11. sti
lting ddtks-alcoholic, oro otherwi
as well da froLa cigareea land tob
in any 'orm; strict regard foe pr
and heal hlest diet aud for al the 1
of health; ;persistent recnuiariuy iii
hours o gaiug to bed saud abol
purity o lie."
Ep*rNV !n the ralton Ii lu aml co
M ill. Wi k OaLn
ATLArTAs, Dec/ -A strikelis o
his FuitA ig upd &C out miLs.
how many people are out it is im
silie to searu. .The strikes saseri
teen 5M aud N00. while 'Presideul
san of tie company states there
about i]50who have quit work.
The strikers declare, throaghb
oommitnoe, cha tiher will nuoi tre
_atil the omepaiiy re listatee une
son whobhas been disoiarged. and p
him $1 p day for his'laibor
As in tee matter of iUambars. the c
pany ant the strikes do not exs
agree an to the cau-es of- the st
They bo h say -'it wa ) 14ae Ne
was fiAre& bt the strikdrs',sap. br
promises uod ba4 falrialso iay apr
ieon figLr. I
last Aagust there Was a lig stril
the same mJils, caused by the im
ment of egro-s, the whiW operm
refasiug o work witlL'the blakh.
strikers Iear seCessful oti O hlt
onion, pininu thle Ight and car
the obnouam blacks to be dlidha
-e-r u ,rmi e.n. Strike.
Ptrsseao. Ddo 8 --The 50M: m
employes in the No'tlngham andl
mania cotd mines of Henry F lohes
op the Wheeling division of .thi ]
and Ohio railroad have tirunk he
of the .rnutal of Plonrestim to's
ooal bel.owe it in areeued.,tn neqoud
with the icfpassyd by tle state li
tSre last nelsuer.
5lira to i tn imi b9 Dr5l*..
SAs F CseIsco, Dee. 1-Serges
Oogtnu eof' Cospary A. VFiesa
ment Un.ied States infatary, shotl
elf through the head in hin qnrt
the Prealso in the preaoes of hit
anau, L sP Brant Coen blta. die
seautly. ts had beeu drhtkig'hea
tough i*til rcealtly he wa i
sald r. i -

lo. sion was severely araiNed by Mr. and Sllersa
Dkerso of Clinch, buta p resolution a 1
eim pissed by a vote of 93 to f3 .. C
S BSenator Berner's bill to lims4 the fees .1LORIDA LEAF Ci
as0e of receiverships passed the senga, Also L and Baled, by Cuba
weigh a bill to make no debhs valid unles tbhe most reanablei
lasuee front retmns from taxation, i Outsid !
21lal, of thiJ'nothiug b~S the passig of a few CORRESPONDENCE
local bibs was tr4sacted by the upper
house. F.M . i, -i .i L &
SJ rrean chtlr try Soain,. waere use
reA. rPISw De< 81-M Schjonuser.Kest oi. n Roon. 0, K a.
bhil nr' interpellatiln of the i L Eteosr on
erg the sibjeet of th Dreyfus easelwas de.
Sca bated in the seuae. At the oicl otio
d in. of the di saseion the fl .a e uuanit.'j W. H1UBBARDp I
iVly. mously voted to -roceed wsi the orders
model o tlthe dday. tens aiuning thet oulis- 1 l |
0 n1an id owaitaeca d e tacwiraua llhhOpf oT
S '. wU llUtJUbtU Vi
f e. Tf Tee di Hw., re-lrr. I
ardid WA sirosia, Dec. 8 -Ses rDavis, 303 Ashley
tw o alsnaA of the e committee at son s l|a wil|l
Sfreitn tielatiosan. said that he would/ OlR 0ll Il
s a s Wednesday ask the seia 'So tas Itl ltIlll IHI
t the up he Hawaisa, sexa-tio, treaty. UUllUUU I111
them Te committee will hold a meeting
We.eesda prior to the seesion of the
Wi r I e' Kr pIMSEiu m emsasrvd. The undersigned tav
w-o SB&tm, Dec- &-The Mouvemeun extensive and well eq
aldee G- -pa atq .anio ..sethat itsarina of bousnt s to I
1111 aissFmech expeditionounderKajorC URE.I -
u. elres AndwBteonitsiwytothe-il% A8801
ba Ben aeuaaWred tear bifetgh L I0
The pnrvw ,s of Abe party, it is a -d o(
t5onld n tBonLu. AND:-
ag ,',p. i p, e. s -5ea= Paul iSel ol Com uml
ulsity d4ihlls who mnrdemi his wif en on AW
al.r OR, 16 w hagdin he *ntty rriua UFVwiI[ i"

lds of AU Mogrfh.eiumatinm
.. B"iars..'A5. I J. H ,i
lmas..Lieu,. n aa..,irna osGa. v .
wood GziiLum:-t b 1 Rheumiatlma ,s 1'i t |
S ntemder Singtsmeitaer. wa dtempr kimlin t '.
s)nuies sqm inatsof teS its. tIsas andvs ls IwiurrlI ii l",-
Inits thie OsslarreeommendigP.P AtIIIIlIIfI,HI, 't"
tion. re,.e-sual ena ntisA
ba t'befot istarsgi wth itth ilM d
Hi yst ^w us ewe, ssd stts.esa 61i FRANKII
Minnum 6.e, It is *dfid bly
00iM- tbas.gitit e41 3 hi A s t oitl~tried. s
fa t6 I dablli y.eoimed iyL onteyt Dytoli. (MBII. anm '
ts. tS o s It. M.l A.C-n ao AL., AND -PROMI-L.'
*Z.'t I-. .i ws= 4 h.tA# work a d.d
himCan lria.t korft trom the t p

ifI w.-rir ) l

Dyla t eI .

or Paral 2ed Lady Rallies Prdm Bet
ag Uuanscous BState Lang Enough to"
i eeognein the Pr6sidenut- decd Nw
I only Expected. 1
0&(aniOs. 0.. Dec. 0-ise man ths |
i chll drei of Nancy Alli'anJ Mceinrle HL U li
'U( have gathered about hoe 4sch. madel

: deLat. The PMnsion is con(plete. The
A preiaisnt arrived before thedepaliasgI
made its crisis and took ih it th1eGA1
S spit of te aged mother.4 WiAh l IMPORTER
iuP ohildhr werq other relates. among# IMPORTER O.\ND D
o whom was the aged sister. Mrf M M4 _
i Kinley. M Abigail Osbotue. mothb Oii'e LIq"O-8 -
b at Conuan W. Lm Osborne. Y
'%e scene was a pthetec one th* Fresh Beer, Ale
ti begr de tion m In tbq midat of a a
r all, there was a joy anspeahSUlotil aowiayeon tap Cog
oi sase of the president. Hi hea ltai n t Beoll Gin a pecia]
So a sheermltsed-hio see obin 4ioner .ivh! pol dt ull r P
eitb He had answered, all she eo lt on t oll Po.1 and 0 Billitrd Pa
lii country. He had fnlfill d his vwi city. Courteotts and
ie. assembling of congress and had been tendants, cocifortal
.ou ehued with the news s t bi same n. elec it fn evrt
s.1a tha; his mother nas better. cls c fans, every
In that little upper rotn at the Mc class. w. cr. 7t
lr Kiuley huoioeteed brre ;a a scene
Salmoes s too sacred for pe.to wnta 14th St., Ybor City,
The eyes of alm present wen tilled wich
tears as they witneesacs be rensarkabals
tion and almost miraculous ey of the pros l THE WOIDEI OF
nt Ideitase medother from e the iaonscioa ____
g iateinto which she had fal en.
i An her famouon o soentered the room LaW Troules ans Cumse
eacompaslied by hi wier and ditn o we lt aa
als Muon Iabel Moinley rthe p i t t- thof president Mi Helen said Mother,
here us Wiliam and Ida." He kneeled An Eminent New York
aVe byp herh bdaide. hw s issed hhe tender, oScientiAt wakes a F
iby reveniatly, and a he did tSoshe pt hbe s our R lend .
fall- arm about his e hk and e aulfl thal
sol she'knew hinL 8 he iso rea:zed thi Thedisti goisbhe New'
Stc preeidensas wife add reached bher bad T. A. Slocum, dea t ne ral
r U- toward bes, and knew Mon Mabel his cover of a relisle and
1lb Kiiley asudtJack Dnca u an. .
an. It seemed to friend that sbe hao for Consumption ( nlmoil
i soniebow or other been waiting for she lo.is) and all bronchial,
d arrival of -er son. Son i after sti and chest diseases, stu
s ejt no anuonsciu seatand catarrhal affecuo s. gei
A0 She doeltreng leb that had beenh usbabs.ded C r .
rin for thelast meeting of son ad mother and weakness, lossof fleat
the iee teoho leave her . ditions of watiin awa. ,
inc 'dent sat by the bedside blldiug !h! Neeree boitlos 1ha5 dib l
hbid of his mother. The attending se Discoverrs l any
ents physician was surpnsed as tlipe remark- of The.TRnIrNE writing fl
lIw- abid rally. A 9:30 h be ai that abe wa His "New Scientific Ti
Ai gettg weaker.a e this she will cured tnouandsd perman
ISiv-- through lthroagh the day.
0.o t-t Phillip le ft i, McKiuley at I timely use,and beponsid
Ila LfSc. She wan then entirely ncrou. protesdional duty t asufle
Sy scions and ressin quietly. She hais to donate a trial ofhis in
n taken no nourislimnu for 24 hnora Science daily develops
ie Th doctor believes the parieur i stead. and this great chemit.
Sitl ly though slowly growiuo weaker. pearitenti n for a ear, ha
bult an benetficial, to u i ho
THE CONVICT BIlA KILLED. te claimed by anymoderi
4- assertion that lung troi
acc Hese Ulndeue A in 15ah Aeenrmptlnled sumption are Curible in
opeit a ithe D.rretui.n o l efrm. proven by "heartfelt letl
1, AirLAT,ir Dec. 8 -The haose killed tile, filed in his Ame
.iss lDenk doonbr s oiaalsoer noue b
tee f 11 4d thereby undid all the Work Medical Pxperts conc
thai hao been done on this bill this ses chial, che;t aod alng tre
T sioni. The otes on the measure was 7 cosumptisn, which, i
to U. fail~ipg a coustitonional majorimn certi n
will now n ave Sc simply write is T. A.
by 10 vo&ed The bill wiU how nave tc 98 Vine etrqet, New Yorn
on s be referore to the senate and it la cer. office and serpress addry
Jto n tathat uo actio will be taken po -medicimne will be prompt
ipJc the me durering the present session fereieshousld lpke osa
be. The bill to reduce railroad commit Ilease tell the doctor
Ikl. ionBre' salary from 2i,500 to 2,00( t his offer i. the "TltPATI
a-e catme up afte r the defeasn of the convicl
bil with a favorable report ,from thsl Eerily says
t.hei r fSqcco tiiitSe a Cascareti Cand Catl artl
Ned BlalOb m e a stroug speech fa. Sert medical disciery o(

1 strongly opposed by several of ale mm cleas the enIre ste
e, dbfleTlely report of the committee was ss Psbo
Anally agreed to by a vote of 68o0. t C. C. toay; t,5

iedi present ew evideos without soil.
e a f'-hebill by Mre Henderson of Coiquil
eloy- So amend she game law of she ewase o

* on Mr- Ftc Pr'o Astralias ballot bill s I11 (I
n came usm the special oirlerhot dwai s a o

ind expenses of tSe pecirtsnary cola.
ines mtlitee which met before she reenlan

Z~alagOXii 0. L, Jonesm.Petai 0. KnightZU4.L a s t

HARRIS Butter.u0
& CO., andEggs F
Pone 7.c VegetabLes,
Phone r |

Everything fbr a. Good lMeal. ,
Prunes and Apricots, Orahge, Limis and (ii
Give us an order and be convined that
in town, to supply your table.


The S.lp-gat ant Swiit eI
We itve f niligli e 'Whf too o wi
6.'a.m. EtLlRe Ti't d l

We ina b ron- For sailing date*
oobles leato tW. R.FULLER,
uninterrupted !
Death. I Agent.
Slocum, c., -E. C.GARRR,
-,giving post- G
s, and the free
iy sent. Sof i1

ttat you saw B I
jy22ly. .
I w Imported and Dome
the pos won- Draug
u et ael Free Lunch ]
ver and bowels,
m. dispel colds, ..
tual Cntirpation ^ Jl
S. I.,.,PJ .

i '*-* ::

~5fb bW'

ratesend all otr h inf5rm aiofl-.u si
H: P. POIITiR, ;. A.,Wi6i!,.
"Aseltant Agent.

stic Liquors and igars ainA seu o.
at, Ale, Porter a GingeA r
Every Day 1 A.. to 24f

S A .,;#4

hod Cash Bargain Sae. !

.., A 1A ecord Break
mo- WL Doi A1ff. .
Ci ir Marvelous Se~li^ of Dress Goos, Cape-s J~cki .i
', . M illhnery. ; .

4 Nearly a crowced hose again aL of. yes nilh,^ hi_
S the sales gear than Monday's big ee ing re
INIit, But why shouldn't our house be cowded C henio ii
buy a Cape an Jasckettat actual Ost. of nu tre
We bought these goods at a ow figure we arena
litag to lose aLtk m yon they o to get of
the way, as we tle room for olida

[ l'- Why shotdn't our hois"e cro whl m
can buy Fane tress Goods, New,
Sat such absotel y ridiculous prices a a
S for '



"Why shouldn't our hotse
when yVn. can bay 81
west price eerD ntet M


ty. 0


Special low prices on Milline
Walking Hat and ailors. Aun
bens add Veilrgs' -
Cut Prices 0 dis' and OC
d6rwear. Blarkee, Table Liaen
ournewliHneofUmltrelli Mex
Yard wide Percaisie onlS 6c& Io
60. All goods icupricA s.

is I'

gnlch s-,


S a ia |ibA .
r: ABH, -,
as CO LAFA i iq" T.



I Cigars. +CHPIT L +$1 SI O
ad Porter LARGEST 0 PITA.Lof any B
I,. ',,,, very AccommoAitioa Cousizn wst Sll
"ty. Finest HxveU Un urpeal 7UitiM for M
arlor in the Points in the Unied States,



S all

.. ; At-Alk ASLAMIM


' -.-,

', -..


c rottare re connepoed ,Ith e tli'i.uI,I1 .ii je,
tim prone hiding for fatilie* V11hO nq
desi-r rms a.om t-From tel ia inr
bioilding. For beioty of locatipr4 d -anij
advaq aces in boating. flshlngid tin
n4_g Iitrei. o better i n lie S1 Ik
re te gr-at spring. from aslpet the
tdua na amedt. 4arm-s wii ma niatit-'
Slpolan urni.dhs sa .afe t 'o nr o p
i? 0e riuer or barou as tcti
4snnects it with oti gulf in 't q renre
o0 weekly regallas and bo .t raul. the'
sijrrpundinu forest. atwund wallt all l
kind a i game. su< h as %il t Its .i .i
qualtt quirrel, deer etc.
'harpon Springs is noted for, its
Ilth Many noted rople winter"efn 'ij
Hod stop at the Tarpon Springi leitel.
This was, to the time of his death.
the winter hone oT (;eo. Inn"ie tue
worlds great-st landscape painter. 1
Tou setn to Florida can ind no moN.
pleasant lace to winter, and no! rore
su.cestful Lotel man than Mr 1*'al1tT
of ttme Tarpon Springs Hotel m i."


The n Zag Hctil of the Brick City
Described "
Ia-CtOl er, IS5, The Oaala llipn e
'was'purchased t I .he Plant s Idtem
and thorcughy -renovated aft ae-fu -
hished, In its construction a m e
bodies the most advanced ideas l point
of sa ety, comfort: converoti r eeenand ,
enerzl completene ts. It is an i o- 1
in s tucture of brick. three stones
high. 'With a central loser ring above
J syirmetricralproportione. Theptec-.
isep cover the area if a city blocl, the
house extending I.-'hip l' hg tu
west and south sides.
The hindnome new depot f tie P nt L


v-t1.-, ,

OcalaHouioc Oca a, F i. Open all thi year.
SPhil. F. ro Minager.


most d-

the gel
in g4 be

txtends-full lerg iu of east fide, s'rvioe] i' all tt at ,,u o 1i tt e .ie r r.-.
on O-etola store t. In-the centre The whole man.tagument his b
lock is a charming yeta of placed.c -by+t-Piant Sy-tem intrt
and tropical Dlnts with a large hands pf Mr. Philip F. lt-ow,-;of '
i, serving the double purpose 61 Rlge Spring., \ a.
tr' atmosphere and'givin the The dyspep:i.i waler frorp thi-u u
A arti-t finish to une 'o t thei brated Virei.nia auum r r re-.-cart wi'l
lightful .kenes sn ine I.aM of furnished with ut charge to patnroi
i. -The interior inioh of' the the t.kala llouse: a oiuntifu ti iil
n in native wood of rich d sign. being kept in the ropmc when a. -.
eral appointments- and lu iish-_ Previou. to the freeze o F-ltru
ii of a tasteful charucter.,i i .19,-there were gr-own and -lii
the nrst tlcrnof the main' ild. from this pilnt one ihird < fthe ra

W .1 n 1.- "

Qw "j l'


L Si ni B Tureoie and Miss Tul.
Ie-Lykes Air Married At Ithe .
"iaptist Chuechu A Ba,.qu-t At,
the Almeria

C r" " I

.I,,, .. . .ik .- ... I n t en
S . i .

01" lai .* S ,*" -
_-- ,,* l l .l a i e. li h I.! ....... II. l i ,r dal
I- .The e
YI Cd -at I %k

- .. ;. l t ,< , , . i . ... ,,a t A I iuii i a ID
".I. I hi ,I t i leay ."
.. I- I.I n ill st

.. L . . ,1 1 .

i l i t 1 tie i lt I .I e

uiuc ,it o in,, I ditidto tl Li bi ti f Fti ulblr jaa h if be isnalTauk, To
dt r [. li. ir .1 ... ...... Tne,1 T .. A .. Ta u s .n.1i h a a

I ? I-:( .-IN b 1 i I beri. kirIatnosto p tt t!a41 am
Q Iu.t L .,.r ,, I ..... Tr,, I, ,,,'

r ni i iu ui ol THE PALMEtTO HOTEL ti-nr ri lieu a dtluuil i ihlu -t bti-l iu a t saatn sjetsd.S h
untie lul .- % II- r ob- I ut rpa -
; II e' ..al '-,1 e.n rt e cro d T i Tan le tr ". t St.1 ree.. .t T1.

S o / t u a Ot t r1 r iit' I eI l1 ca a a I
J i i ). i li ...t...t.. .. .r, ..i. 0-o the lorti t e Ai i i ,a ., S. i n h e t ioa l d nks, t M .ie o
t.6 ehae keui n enpeno. I -u ft t o-ret
r ,r ..p.r of t .. \r., P.- ,, i, "o- a eoe baht arr. .ar n dI &1 45,
S lu'T i , u n el '" h i oinii t- a" t 1ii.e l1.41.in o t i eree t.u. o 'tou ,ida e i a ,, r as'ae r,
attuitll l i i 1- w I. Ig In -ti lilt. iou -i l -u-r t. luau iln rel t r i .iail i~dayof iu t a ruTr tchne.Ais
I ul -. 1 r l' .' I 1- . i' i lu 11 un tu-"llr. fth l olit iiaiin th e. Tndu uoung mh i 0i i eei oe e m

l ,"i r -...i1. 1 , i .i.u r ... i .- i .l,,, u i iid r f ti.-. o, r I i. aei,.t i t f t Tt-n ,,-,i d, psos,,it ,
loeuI. Catliet .lilu ..r .l.i a lit e beIul~. i ens ii anil w Ihiu T u- i o' e t tow i lsr .alty and aosaosd. 0
iOa r., t.,, h il, t I d,.i ti i iIOn of the Best C ,mm uili i louse- aieii.. I -ie e e eth -ort, tic io i Btk.iainati Sea s, smtiniwos
Inuu r-bar, Ia u i dt ii t h'id daiel c i .ie- th ... ..lu e tl In n i o aaidaa.u r.tisI .

-I Ill I

S mu l i t u ]i *dnd, clu e, wi4 lie t ai gree 1 ahe.s oi' ca ck I I.-. .
I ie u ti O I aircihii ,00 iu n on e un !1 1 lu re A. o 11buuu uF LOalt

...... t ci.. .. i. i'i .... i,;t ui 'i ...u itt llen ;.r-1 u h, tac- .. .. ........ +u- .I L .. + ,1 .... ,
r'rI .. r "triu r "n it oed at the tauwia ilotn tic Caon Lre,
.0 eitnui u .t si- 'in 'u i i ,. c a kiut,,'.' I :aie t ..It iu e.a t ,,r the i-,ri-mnp. re- tuI tne .rSOLIC TS Y OJUe S mvnSt. id

cA t I-ua I tl -era utile ar i.N uirtities. tiieh ere c intlue panicrs otto- Every Accom ouioun Consistent with gbiafe anki G raae a .t
ll rt n II I t oPct. i -e d ei l re I alin ti toad yte (ha iuut i u ul -I O ,e boot Ful deekd i Have Unsu,,pased Facilities for Mi oang y oilearid en at ali
i Ip o anni t' hle lull tlesu ui-, teen.1u alit mute cramoed Palate o tke Un attac : 1rent.

er -ur- n-I tilugI i.i nue li-nrc tic .1I-c. hoti I upeh i the to-eel Iwiticb 00 B O to..bt : I i-,S n. sEdward ae, Sea
vV ,I.tr..It e ....... ..i. ..a 3ru i, l ... n.. i,. .t .o ia. ... ..i.in 1 n nu ..rtun... at. eF n . ... Z .i aKu...i.. JoneT.e n K t .. .ru. --
I.Lat I u.n 1n t!io e r tue utr1 a-r trit i i i- d i i Itg l ato -Ir lullbe coat ll
u yrr. t -ist u- ,d e. a-detshe rlt11 e.wthe TI e ye ong
!4aid Il w y, r rl. ',,'I ) .iI i u. l uhIt u1l), In I,:i u k tou uen ttg Atpbeiin
.d. I; rv l,,, 1 :, ,, ,,- .r ,tel ri ,,,;11-i1!- 1 al -l, o n+ .... i ci,:i ulr, -1 0a ilue1 I uIiu b-riiditl. tu oruii itnt, i ele-anat bo n ot m- : ,n .Oe dep's"lt

e r o" r lic oe .tu~ n iir- t t r e-,l amwtid cin ra, t en tis ay uvtied ,deo. S hir,' on
o f. weItn g O.... ps.t- ,eh A. -.E i tiO R t.

9li." tIl i ..I-, u.... iuu... %EuAtNoNI:'

.iv il ,, .l,-l tIN. .I. ,',Illi--, akitr e1 )r nHa d E -L N -G E .. ..A T I O N B A ,


ing are
and ope

eflice an
nearly t
eTb 0
Ing lo
able a%
meatS, i
and the.

ai. Tl
I -c-ea

/ ( Bnut - . ...
S ..... . .\ .j : Only a Bou.ict.
,- -- Bicyblig ing lida I
be office, reception.and writing for Northern uarkete. M~nt of Jit a r- rid arn, r+t-1' i '. 'a"uhu-- i e ..-. -: n.rs'
Th parlor is also on this ouor, large groves hbve tine .ou\zI tre oav. Ti iiik .1 1 r. n I I ra t 1
a upon the front and rear h bal. which bore fruit again this yeal. o wing. ,,, I. b', r k .
The dining room -adj nsa the Quai abound, and furnish line' > 1,r -1 .-l le it irh r ...er", .f a .( i dr.. L-
d hasa seating capaoit fcr to those food of hunting -Ort gei te- e -,t r -..'i < r.u. in -r,'I r, r i .n.r .'r'
wrohundred. I man tagged over 510 birds last -ea-r.. wl.oti- it ti;,v Iu-ae, tl'ire I r -pa5nt
alaHou-e. in addition t be- In additioDDntr-1ial hooting .. ridn or thLtrd .i ut ct s lis
del of sysftli dtic apdf co lfort- Ocala, two hours ride, eart, w i r.n Vi lvet l t-aih-r t C r r hd
rangement, embraces i6 its you to the 0 klawaha, or west o 10 us a ,i a r. el1l 1 -,iri.
nt all the" modern improve- Homosassa and Cry-tal riner, whlire thr ngh N t .i :.u-,i i. h r-
ecluding a-large biliard room cw n be fountl the best f-hing anid du,-k .,- ir. 1 O n l -t I g n. .rr t o...iiiir I
nest furnished saloon ic the tbootijpg in the state. -II-lt;, *lte :rS ih ,t -. lr.. .
S, river Springs-This wor. d-fam 1 ..t. |ow ..I. ,ra.,,rn- ..' ,f
csla Hou,,e receives a largo and "sight" of Florida i1 located about ikc ,, .,I wi ,Lr' ,
r. increasing tourist p- ron- miles east of oela. It can bh rN ac I I o,4h'li 'if etr in ve .i .rt .. I .
M ceisine- hat crucial tei t-ist y train, or, what is better, by a de. Iri.m e in, r ,..v. r i .1 .
ila eyery particular; aed the lightful. drive through evr-thing r g .I it I. Irnit .ptii r-nr ,in tl i ,, h wt I.ru
s'ce "er "Ofi t I[ iii re -% iu.;-I, i Ca T ih-n.
51, T, a-A'.1h O TLL I- arI U t a-- gr .. I *
--. PA. F FlTL a, n ic.1 n .-th p..t !
.,e e t i . ._ I. . I .I

S' Fl oril I lu l i -

,Iuckirnioa' sDOi( aor the 1t iskens
can be apteibl aswhtins at uhome and is
n iag Pool in th~ Casino is 70 feet long by 50, ftee- unformly ...ec.es ,r, in clotr a Ifn you want all the news read thj
wsnd is-walled ud Flooded with White Tile brown of liack, lHence its great p.ppu : .
a M Filed th Crystal Water. clarity.



'Are Grapkically Recounted for thk
Benefit"t ,he Tribune's Readers.
Havana's Gayety Apparently ltn
impaired B the War.

he steaasip On-etre Ct6 c.1 ini
Sport yesterday afternoon'fru IIn vanrli
S h4r every gig flying gily in tl. -if
Florida b--eze from over tille -wf-liin_.
bosom of beautiful lTaina; hI').
S istir.guisit d among hfr p ,-,eiicer
was President l. B. 1'l.nr. tin. 1.a
been away from ithe ity inee McndIiay
S baking-trrthe-iinlii.ht f th (iy t
, ;Hvan.a.
d Plant was :- r ii the rot undan t4
the Tampa Bay -vAtel lat tit hq
STas- srepor er, ar spetkin,g of hI.
tri 3, he sai :
S"'It was a most |Il aar; t o-e tno in .
We arrived ii Iftaini arbir lit n--
dai morning at .-iniT: iu-tn .:, ,Isnt
i hlfrigatewas tiringa a','i' le-r cin
sieitothlcatiedrri (hi n-. r rgegi
ou in hon ofthe l l-' 1the
/ matulate'Ceneption l! ;uiltg ingl
day thesweettonets f ti e, i .s %t r
-__wa telover1h rIt II.',, i Ft inn-
braion in the nin or a.. j -1
S'heforenoohlii-ter ent, 'i .itr .
andi in a butiwss i. y he ,ity:; \,a-
dultt But it has al .- b j t ,,I
thiatimesofthe itar.;. 'i i.. e ( ;I
thrdnkg wereto befe t-n on lihe -tri
hoojver; and one go"lil bcat'-ely ;*
S sanysigns of'the war. Th' l nly wr.ir
like-cenes I round was ty rcusteniar)
p-.rle of the vonetueerse gi- the paradiu
wia concert by the regime-ntal bsnd
iio rint of the Joliel Pda-t :
11 of the hotels i n t, city, t.\ht
Pa' e, Ingleterra,; Ron T, Telegraf
and Masoootte, the leading onec, ari pill
oen for businesiiand are giving their
same excellent service' "
4"Te manager of the Payrel Opera
House told me," continued Mr. Plant.
.ha( his new company from .-New
'Yor bhasiarrivec and opened up the
Ma196on Thursday nightho6 an audit.
enc | 2,500, and to one that is certain.
ly & plain indication of tUe conOition
of s!irs The Tacon Theater is ex--
S' petilg a troupe from Europe, which
will imale indurin the; eitire season,
wile Ihe Albirn s lfying a Spanish
Opera company, as is the new Cer-
-vante, TheA~riies s somme- firder.
: playinig a Ci-en troupe .and all do-
Ing a satisfactorl buiinesq
"Alithat seems to be needed to make
the fehtie season complete in gay Ha*
S ana- tbit customary bull fights, and
the famous Mazzantini. A Span-
ish bdll-fighter ij expected t arrive
during the first week in January, and
S the seao will be on, as he will minme-
diately eogage is a number of t' ese
thrilling contests with the finest blooo-
ed beasts that are io be foucd. Several
fights have taken plack already, btt
they-lebuet intsignificant whea tn.m-
pared with the coming events.'-
Mr.'lant looked into tliecatuel ust-
Dess somewhat while in Cut and said
that he learned that great-tles of dik-
'aaisfactio exuistec- ovcr the.shipments
from Ftorida,owin to the fct that the
cattle ere-crowde too much in siip-
Pi g and arrive. :n bad condition,
l This, saidalso applied torthe Texas
soliidMr. : nant, ru onclosion,.
'My otesrwatifit that llHaana is cio-
S ing to be agay place this winter. The
prepara.io s cerfanoly Ildicate as
much,and those who si-itithe city sill
Saodite streets -i- spleridid condition
alsd he city fll totbe brim with ius
eld time life and sprodor, thronged
Witba pleseure-lovingpople-. wuh an
abundance of everything to appease
the pleasure appeti e."
S Mr. Plast shows ihat hins vo;3p was-
S t pleasant one, and since his return he
las been surrounded. by Diny'frnend-,
whom he left jast long enough to give
thle writer a outhlie of his careful

obseM ions.

O of It lgesf t tadStrongest Li.
qorlrm in the South.
One o seAt e stantial whotoaje
imsfl sinBootb Florioa is that oftl-
3 .. a Co&, pbolaLi bquor deaj 9s of
S Tempa. Thin geitlemen carry an im.
I u a stockq(k the aoiceet brands of
Wi usas, hq brand es, etc. and their
eommeadabhl e laraInstic is the high
-qulity of their goods and the Iow
pnM ehagepd. Tlir have recently
e W abishladabanosbo tbeirCincinnati,
hY in, hs city sad are rapidly
i a spaiargelpaeronage al over
I t- State. s= you make an order
f thus |Memen you get'what
7089oeder and the vefy best quality.
S' iradrertimeUmet and write them
S e of yesterday's interesting re-
ew wa ooe to these Tect that A. S.
AdMr, lbe popular young manager of
', Nia si & Co.'e wbulesale Franklin
-ks *IHlMr sm",,is s noto be or.
nl ito botilady I i every way
'4id I I Th many friPnds
** lyXrJdarigh.d is brief stay
S V' I wait with impaiene
si>M mtelf tfrther dtails.
r :actwrineg Cs buhs
If arrisons street,
Tr1 lter.i .P*4.


A tmmb


The town's Sapid R se From- An
Obscure Couatry.Hamlet to Its Prs
zt iroportious --Some Striking -
Satiatics and Details.

It is not many year, ;igo th..t Tainppa
-now universally .recognized as he
commercial centre of Solith Floria,.
and the comirt metropolis of the eni ire
state, was a straggi-ig himlet, spar.e-
ly populated and poorly Itilt and o'r-
der.ed Today it is the ievond city in
the state! from al point of view purely;
business, and one that is, in some re-
speclt, without an equal or a peer
Ttfe streets thint a few short yetrsI *
ago were given piver to tl e rude teakns:
of .e cracker uarmer-ti the pritli
tive.o utfilt-of the backwoodsman alnd
tr* pper, areno lined with handsome
cominerdialnstruptures rtid reSoundwith
the bustle of tralfe an i business actii. I
Teh tears ago the cIPt 1of Tanp as 1us
pracally a terra incorgnita: tadayi IVts
is fie leading .ciar i nufaiturirg
town of the Soihll and tir4- upon pt-
borders, and mirrore I wiht iintwsfiutih-
stream. one orf he-finet luells thtlan 'n
era of txtraisg'rr.n -a l Ijtry i r.
boast Thi Ta;mli a Bs. y hotet spe.lks
for ipelf, and in ti.? nier.e fact illat I
such men a I'ts-id-r 11. Plant haive-
see -heir way tl-r Ito 4xpen\pnil tiir
mili ins l.re may It- fund the surst I
guarantee of tli .in .to .I fu:,r ireta in i
timatesuccei" a
Thei noi n aower inr approximait-
ly. ciltepr isetari.., whos. anrtjal
output is (stim ted at il.iM. i n t .
these hives itf indiitry no 1-.. tt in
0i00 opemativne are emiplojyed. andi tlie
inta ral revenue and cu-stom I houi-se
'lectiops naouit, respectively. to 2i i
Vt3 ar $",736.
(Tfki hotel prurcerty of the city alone
is iwoth ;I.000,(Xl, and the number of i
toarirs awho annually rass throuahll
,e ity has been-eutimated at 25,i10.
&the jtabisEment, of --he colossal
plaat rf the Tampf Brwineg Company
aUN-lsa nea era in 'the commercial
development of the city. and the daily
outtud of 100 barrels is oce that not
eoly g es employment to a large nuim-
her of uen, but wliich is distributed fr i
and wi e throughout the entire 6outh.
Fecinties in the South have a mory i
exteqsives system of street railway,
than lamiia. and, in fact,'the entire
plantr-of thp Consumers"' Company. i>
one that cn safely be taken as a model
by oshr communities. Thirty mile1
of ca racks thread the city' st reetsI
and 3i00 ipcandesc nt lights illumincj
its dark place. The extedivne imrrot. '
medts now, being carried on at I'oi9
Tampa Py thbe Plant Syeteli, mean deep "
water, chesp freights and ocean comli
aerte .in ithe near future, jand tbli
atajly od legitimate g rrost of thb,
tow .a sdlmetbiag that can best be
meua a reference to it historyI
for the fati decade.
Mr,. ob R. Jamne gave one of her!; -
delighfiAtLaoigales last evening at the "
imideae Of Mrsk Chauncey Wells. j
Her cla is vary roen larger than lartIl
fe ado Esderpupils are pret ssmn'1

H. & I eae, atprominest (apetasit
of Chnsgo and we have arrived in

fr the U iitr at heir pa5t5l5 home
U Mrie eatLj
-l I --


e IV

T6n.. M unn

I ,

,/' .-. .

CL a


W FONl 2 I


S I P t i -lerid
L: S 1 t" n

F3f)ampa Statisti'cs ao 1 zn pI .01t

m Li. "ight Plant..
eN lerc Car Line.- / J|
1N lpandescent Elettrii LighL-
N. rjiles Electric C ar Line ,
daiity rpnngi Waer sn ili. idail. gall'i .
il. Fleatr .a r in ... ........ .
I e i wjC Ellelctnc Fire- Alarm y m hst~rrt Alarm Uoxe
V' v "l-'rt aant h .. .. ..
S ar.. l a, t. rment. ..

Tlkeph. ne .... .3 "- .

N,, e Fat< ic> a"- r '- . .[ .'r'Iin
No. rel t I i- i. e-

\ C lp."; < r, ,,fFa( t,,n,4)F p .'.ix r., m l ."" "" A "^
a e ..... ..
- fN .. C iacit J h y '
S tret Ligit;.
tii'ret Arc.

:r F.r .d, to"f "F
Y, rl vA-nte RA n n '

I. .Crti i..... ... ... .. 8 *, .
N Hi tr .i.. - -

i-t 1'-lf Water at{Oiterlr K i nL. ,,i -,
4ari;. l ZIrcriiiarii inivot viln i. 1 a a.rii Pot Tcra I ic Ne

yL r reanc -hil Hrrt H w p u 7 ra. ey es a *

\ Palmetto H tel

tnofated and 1Teinrb

STwo Blocks from S. F. & W. Depot.-
Rates: : J $2.00 to $2.50 per Day :
DtSpecial Rites by wee d to

4.' Wholesale Lienor Dealers and Importr. i

21 lrnklin St., Phone .: Tampa, F1a1
.[1 ryg R1 J".,\n mrn Iii i ,t t erint cm Whiskey .
ally t 1re l: 1 ".

A al ti. ,r cl i S l 1t I1 PiI
: ..... -1- 'I't tric- ;I w.tiys-used--- .. ..

lli l irlhtl lIafti'tap

.- Trpon SpringE. Florida. "'AKAL% -.LL .

e O i e a, s a d t, ,.yari. l .. l e B, s e l d .
ea rnIen i- m 1 tln:t.g., e R r'i o t hemri o s'a~D a d mfa s a eli a

21 t ,1l e Prpeiar for Si.,l i T p '1 i i t
A t . . .- a. . ..ll-; ,: .

-"c- ;t"ways-

Youian't Helpi.,

I Iut el proudau a ll ~p aM ter bI ini attiid
-0 t o o-our L ..

| I tyisl? 4.I9ter~wt6.

S 1 We guarantee, an will take spinal aim. to
S > giveyoua P ev -i ..

';jN1r~t Ft, ery L a ta3nie

n d w further gqaranteeyouiperfe. sat
L action after wearing any Suitsselected from
S ur Stock. Our prices are m7.50 St, $10
J 1, 1 $15, and up ta$36 persiuit. WeU llif
ou can beat this .ou *ill simply make a '
record that can't be broken

IH li IDDENS&, l'

How Ab
SYour I I

you n ed artistically printed at the Tribune ofice o a sort
:notice. Sen'd in orders\ telephone 176.


-t s as

-- g --- .7- -.

:,.: !



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