Title: Morning Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Morning Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Morning Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: December 5, 1897
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00002
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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. - : .'- ^ -- -- -- t - - __ __ ,.. : '. . ,/ . _. :_. J ^ ,- -... .' ?,
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VOL meI. TAMPA. L RIo llA -.R1LL rFfAV,. nvp aV, nre,-, ......L, --JJ-1DrjJo,-. .

*jR P. STB1I1TRT &00

STo loseot all Winter Goods far below the former prices. We are notgoing to move orclo iutwr- business, but expect to cnti
bneineu at the sae place, and will give to the public of Tampa and vicinityinducements that have never been known thisity

T-is .A&cvanPoe Sale /
toserve the Peo-time of need and ,with! ENTIRELY NEW and R~.TTATiTF GOODS. We invite your inspection ofburenti
a tfu dsome of thefollowing prices are but a brief description. These gbods will besold only to the Trading
w .i7-.Public auid none in quantitiesL..lw'

0 Best talcum Baby Powder, sell lOc now.....: ... '7c n7-"w "-h-! W r
ICotting Silk altl com on spool..O
SM s Hndreds of other Nt iOs such as Darning C> itonf 2c 0. P,,ir extra heavv e c f
the Advance Sale,. only...........19C $15 Pairs fil Wool Blatket- only $1,75
Novelties, allcolors, formerly sold for Hundred, other grades ranging in all prices and qualitiesTt at U
........ .. ...... et cost ....-
lored Seges,fine qualities,all wool Our entire stock of these goods are Tran new, lut like the rest of
68c. To be. sold regardless of costOoC the Stock will be slaughted without mercy. The- first selection 4 ('as ; French Saten comforts full size were $3., at this to
tines. These are great values at is the best. cose out. -
Cashmeres, greatvaltes for' 7J .[II3N AN5I [ i I
,BIM "[ Best Cambric.for Skirt'Liningt.. ...... 3 ..c .Bf1Rllll 11[ f lftll- _ --.r
.| o: Bes Percoline-sellsekverywieire for 12 1-2c,'now .... inLonI WLL u lt nIl if e -pada:p
ac ntett gti cta Best Taylor Lining '0 inch idetet designs of Tapestry Curtains worth I6 pair now t
i o 0 . Best Moire Ru ,hline at. .. .Latest -esig s of Oriental Portier per pair . t
:s -. 00 qualit-. .. .7,co1 pe r
n, l ede Chenite Cur.ainis excellent qilalit-, regular selling price --,s !ar n d ilslig
a-bna "leader. .The il llive ffilK gave yn'-
11"11 UlIWl~~U~ly UIVWLBL. ~ Chenife Curtain 40 inch wide, was 2.75, now -. 'a
SJersey Union Suits, stgrade for.-.............. 35. Other prices and qualities to numerous to Inention FitIYV I i I
Ladies Jeisey Pants .............. lf -
0 c's" Jersey Vests ................... .. 15, And we mftirte r. .e.. ..

25c now :c In both Cotton and Wool. fullizs oo w onl .. aml
1cno 1l Nitu Vbolan Camels Hair, sells e erhere at 4 at DE
SC Heavy, Fleeed Rib Vests, regular price-5c, entire lot at
thisSale only............................. 43c 412
Heavy Wool Camels Hair Suits, was 75c now ......:o.... .. F o spoce e cannot quote prices on the- e .oods. -
i .C this Department will e found some of the rda-est bargain -n 1
...15C50Dozen Men's Heavy Ve t, worth 35c now thi.s. House.. i_

TW_ -AR& -- M-r--AASMR@

lgnis ratneir runinntimssta y I am ry eaMn, won m am ieti 1.a o ii -. a -- .-;-- M .. - -
entrigpalace of South florida Thie steady. calmhn trend of ne -eTzu- Pe-i.sa- ie iat= C --w s yma ya peae a wyrB
S Don beashocked-- dont be grieved. We haven't changed theft a rmnizmeiY- s-ts? re e. se.- a t- o--
be engrafted upon Sterling methods that ave endured qand stfcceeded so long. to rei a : o :, .r ws. z h-, - .(!
fordd,&, eadifn cthaiec i tases1oreate wiiea l
gmatized by some asold-fogyism, decried by otherswt. pvincial,is not to giveir' ad that Os w ra o cA r-" m
Sso frequently found dit4 association wish the geHe'al niercliandise lt)u-i- se d bflicoe ..!nThe sm s. waid ,erd : zoed. Os d
Sof the child, who are Greek fruit-deal- among the whita wereeqeatty dir-ded -
mission to correct-errors, suppress sians or enlighten ignorance. Our ers. Thej rocaton w. takkn to say among maies a.d femnieswsle mon
pon the honorahlo occupation of developing this business according to the nothing to the family until the arrival the colored population six femies
sincere appreciation accorded us has been Ygenerous and encouraging. To de- of the girl, and Friday niight a tele- $ied to four males.
his declaration appears in today's announciunt. gram from Savannah-andousced her de- Thecauses of death are tabalated as
parture for Tampa. folows: Eateritis 5; enters cotttis
1 The littilewaif-whp is eight years and heart diase each 3; o om mp"aea
e i n sa t h 'Ifl .0. oil and who has evidently been some- ; senility, infantite lockj malar- lt
,j . I7 whatnegxlcte tof late-arrivedl ester- fever, meniogtis, sand iniaition, 2
S inin- goodime. Buyers and sa ecausethey day onthq morning train, and was at each; hilee colts, tAeryna
B all join he good imes. Buyers and sespopl because they once taken home. She seemed over- etrop g insale" tiactaoBamlnn- |
iment of low prices and superior merchandise la Tampa, customers be.- joyed at her arrival and recognized her trition, pyaemiapremtaure bi iand
an ever. Wd believe in strikiug-tfe iron while it's hot; therefore we Con- parents some time before she reached rheumatism ae eai treditel wiadte-
another week] Another week of Challenge Prices on the most magni- te fruit stand, Shi had with .her a death.
counters and shelves of this or any other.house; another week of extraor- little luph basketW, th which the Sa- Tbe records showlthlat bt in out qf
Week of delighted buyers, pleased heads of departinents .and salespeople. So pvedennh authoritieshal thougihtfully the 34 deceased were b ntives of Tam",
i our clerks worked iatil the wee 'sms horse in order to make prompt deliveries, the last. otda outside thacity lim, ber eight
ad of the BIG STORE at heart. Some of our buyers we 'were obliged to send t is supposed that thehfild was left were o foreign birth aix wereborn i ht
ims too- rdteir purcaa.es at once by express. This is indeed an era of good with relatives or friends i vinnah, other t of Foreign birt, wh sixne were o unknown
stes$ methods and,real bargains will biing better and more permanent results and that as the parents neglected to
iaby so many houses on the street. stnd for her, the Oolice were applied Toe meteorological sumary forthe
for relief. month shows it toehave boenonof the
GOODST A D >MT TN Rji .coming weekgis to be a table 'dryest" on record. The average No-
h s m t J a ua one in society circus. Tqesday-aight vemnbertainfall for 21 ears is U0ui-
o l,-the -most aupeb, h most ewitcing and uparalebagais eerme drens eneene to beldhA w iBt gae a e i t e i ta
they are going,new ones are taking theirplace every day. Our stock is capti- at a -ser7a:; *eisnt Og ne-i_ --isi w
these remarkable bargains. Every body ist cori.ally greeted whether you the data set for- the Torma-Lytke two cloudy days ot otf te .aes3'
Sour prices-you will buy and your neightbors ill do likewise. weoiag, tas.ibls ,diner.a the Al- a the ami ty for tes mth
'- . ~ _-mena:iand the Creeeat d eb op. The-aswegadu -
a't be duplicadIelswhere. We don say that nobdy else keeps Sho e b by smes ls the o usk i& S
such good shoesat/such low-prieesbe-b tee Tats.. & hol wn e t houitae nat t e & H
day 11131. 7 ~M t. : u w

ese at&heMaeystahee M"th 5t- SIR5suea
Judgegsssh% aarema K-




AL AJ L.&T.AL A.' J,&%, Ak-JLJA- IJL&-LM X&i n X

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U i "' dO-.
~ ~ ~ -.7 -~

I FWLOBRIDA. Hart'sE.- ;,n o fi I ivrr Oil R OWiTOBEAPPY

o ithe or- L river Ills ..i't Aroent- a W .
voted to an ezhanative Lik e-bousns, dysen.ia heada-vch en n t i t i n luh Iands and Wives, I D o"
he peculiar and inex-. olseer ato rcommenh it. For le bb 3in the Light of Existing Fact, Why "iTheh,.lvei;hrtnhtope.i i Revir, W.a
arOm Of Florida in D M.ximo M. li Ih rma.y. i e'ra Argue? O- bo- r.e th BaT Bptit church
T a. and South F lo i- Pi. .y, l.i rni.i i i .i T un ,s "thI m morning. U p f e. p'e a-s s
." i he paper was Dru Cn. Then i '- t "1unyoni-o ..om-.ho hoiT .iinnxiii. lto khow itiedutip. or of the mir-
i-"-i)te with l tl o.Ir.n .,-I .... h...he passed the s..... h..ar..gI-
W nP ills ii i .i ....I.. .r.an ., -*inc (Ioi
e t enei and the entire ar- ea ty and thoroughly. k dod nIe ,- in i- c n -. Io .o a ,i-inn ofr i c rmion.
written 4a s very fre le and B.esater di er: pills. i. .
manner. Editorially, the Prepared by C. I. Hlood I n.. LaI, oelcO i. l a e y "e ae.nV',.o

41 ,Cs TI ---- -- AL- Yaiv- ; d Co I.fc- r. Li.-you ;-1" i.c. crer Zi.k street and Ffdri
S earth ~ig of u -nnlr thr,..ink. t .i ,if T,, T hT r- aien.. n. l.
to hunttebrain. To Rilltborough Teachers HoldanInter- rhivin1 po t0 i e- f the b leak h ours of a north- eating an d P rofitable Institute .n" Y 1.1.. u t -h i I. o.rf the- I. I .a rder nd l ind igestion .
member day to wheie the FrpecLorspoMdunee .l3rnneDTrePtu.. For ile .h n. 31 Dh P -rm .T< nt tno-Eary To tn. iwn. le un-
are abloom, the birds singing. Plant lity, Dec. -The lill.boro Central Pharmay. l:ii Pharmacy and tr o Tun i i -ni ny For ine watch and jewelry-repairing -i lN 1W,0 .W B *
ir oft andg tle, i to oo County Too teachers Insitute, which icon- Tamp' Dn,, ,. i f t ia.i- .. n. ..a ly i to t.. found go o ot B. tLonardi a Co. They ao- TAMPA, FLA.. Cor F'r
ya al from harboring in the vened at P1tnt Cify, waws an un'tI .... r. .. nie.r k.i an y. o w ays have ithe bet workman in South kh
success The regular wort of the in- r '. n. I ii i n r o wf--see i--or the irieh. Florid). 1t8
e itate was begun by a reading by Mis i .t i, -o.. r ii-io -.rnBull.nh -inu-i n-. l l i b Burns, l it F1i nklin e ee -
St_ ln1ichng lungs and irorbted Mary S. Johnstonr. irirpal of ti / It Looks Yellow b- i- n r, -- cwiii fnuitl iun fatt f
shivering before tie keen Tampa graded school. MrToo ni That. co Iir n I .ln, ht i t i a- nnl. ture od Sewing M hine, fur- .
blslil-O wiilir, turn we to where followed Sir an able paper, entitled net idindied nl i til,'[-'rmp ,, e..... o m l k ir -Muni i U mn'sR nitore-andhscoe d:6.tf
Sr o Chare 'ier Boildoing bythe Teaching L idr-iior '; 't Ti f can. its urarln oct S. Aaron. the peoples baker, 1012
thees balm andpem forthese o Arit. uu. A e Formatin f Tos Cure old mDay Frankl.n tret. Two los for five
t.- Tre, weof this latitude are Charc:er -theTeach ng of English,o" e.c.. .l, 1n....... ,,,ir- Tn-i i .i, ri. r I anr ,'" ay ce .
l th blm t of mankind. The very by Mis3fMcEtta Ilancock, opened i. ,'- i ,e i i..-, i t... -it u, n.--.c si- r J. n, n y '.!l al '-rit Our ready rem bedes 6atpat. -lnt med h
lg oraof o)- ilter tends to confirm subject for discussion. "The Tacher. Iflo[,,r p. ar, ,n fav r.[e farm u- I t r .ltinJU0 f "h "t ine.'n Made to suit i. i seL ea i- I t he
Ilta ~irdye ..tita tions 1 which have n Tab was p e.,ided over I,% .e tiat,'. .a.. oi kh. ,i- operlst 'n m righi ." "..a ni .i r e- m ite. Ango- .ricin Dru (0o..
1 I rnve Ryfon d Tbe8ivfi l lhSuparinteident. Buchholt. All d'- R el'ao hf .iI li. a Iiata f .e.cd- Rheumatism ii a fne h-i ii r e .-,. r in . ti i_,rrr Can-^a Pt i nd c nd ab i .r. f rd
tquliarter. It inriii.nliitei,.vw.iim. al. S h i o.. ear-, i. fr.ri t .Inan-
dow from co gen c s were limit d to"Tte T Fie!d of n tn ,t,' h r ,s clf-t riml) :' r . tfl- ia io n
eraion of vigorousVikings and war. Educational ivics," comprised witnln ie, tle bl...id i adrJr thr ,I .- i, iJ I ."I a I" crE on- ,r .. ,s a uta ca -a1re..
g i or f the aho reof theNorth Sea. two main oub division., "s.-hool Hlygi r3n- oif rai-i m -e -nti -a 'l f' Z...I .a.- :- t i '. -i n
H & e ous g wAIO gril e recom. ene" and "Ihat Teochrs Should li,,,', I. .. at -f r.. n rr.'; srnJ F n,-r.y. . -'. n .. .
pDleefen toll end effort, and as fStudy. Il tfs work the Oaim was o on t he 'a rd 'l C- l i rraiCuesa..g
let drew about the roaring fire--or in o n-l y O eoear' d ai ra Toadoin, -; e i t. r-.a=tLac I h-
otf -qs dlm .d-el l i ll-N Ce N ---. : r - --tn ni b d-nb-d c-- a ------ -
ther hmd r-c toithe=camretae ti edM IF 10
SO0preheidM the blessing-oresid3 ee short time devoted to a bu iness meet- .. . . told it makes h blood c, pu and
where the 0oldi s ullciently severe ing, the committee on resolutions ex '~ -,' ".Pr, .-n, -urjt hrng It cures scrofula, catarrh *1
p. th hbi of hft and indus pressed the appreciation of their t- d eumatsm.' D .
P. to confirm habits of thrift and ludos- -.1 r-1,65 _'e I wji !: t I,,f you: i, D = L Ju JNO..T02 W.J.M"ire ji,
ers of the courtesy of the railroad oni li-I on-a- i- fir hft .11ou: M N. Hood'-.P015 act bmhrmoniouslv with- L .-M' rR...Lyto. w e.na
it tuy, and where-thesummrer'stoilpro- companies; the regret at the absence gt thebbe iM it ntier Rye a- Inc t W ANT GOLU M N.. H nsis.NapraI Curealo lioverill- .
vides for the winter's comfort, of severlof the members, and the ac- b -- in Arnri-a 11 at all bor, cents. .
iood B tt not all are thus equipped. knowledgment of the great kindng e To ure onn al. ,,I ore. r. oI.DVRTISEMEi Wof Want The TRIBCE o e is headq artery T otr t Th
giaa Gentle botte are, nl at times vur and hoptalty of the lant Ct i ple. r f re Inerted in .T!co I c Nat Oc e for artist job printing of all kinds nat.
Tnin ue e An d whoa th t Is he le resolutilons a or love and borrow foer t;. C.C l.. ltoc r. i jrur srfunr i .,LM y cent a W ord each in oertlun. o Ad. e Ad o
inhel itnee. And when that isthe the deceased teacher -,-s VIa If a, dt. -. ak-i ,t-.I k- -i. en.. takenr.orle ,tan 5.Ct. Incontinence of Water a.primn sleep"- -,.
cue we, in many instances, seek were the unanimous expression O lthe poti l i. bl For Sale Cheap-A .cd hor and top umedaey E Eth a t r a
s ome0 moresalubrious clnme where we sentiment of the ios'itute as a bod .. E D robb -1 ahaveionAu ty at Ne.on tre a I, on-t adults alirke. IriceL. Sohld-en .nd C a
s .the strain and trinl ion- Th otdu dor t i harnll at til fir-.f Fuor cIe (_heap-A inic- hot-i and Teeonaidi & tn .draaggtlTn, Tampa la e headnuart S
dit a winpald nm the shorel--A.hou first Stturday td March, at rampand n. ..dr .Ta Are headquarrs
the visitors returned to tf .ir .di iant 4 i'+ lain ... i- h & loten St n... r ,o 1 il A.ppy ." -_ .w tr eest M EATS i
and. of. tie Great Lakes. To-these the bhimseand work with lasting remem. Fe"nderonr- -to01117 Franklan tIreen. I.5t l 71.00 aoIno.o., .ia-ini,.,a,,i lourlelehwau.
-. .^ ^ ........*T o.. .u.u...........n..... solicited diee d
Fmo Jlourn this morning Offers alluring bra -ces of a most enjoyable and prfroi- If 3ou want tl. .e 4 I t i o For trade--.\ good little drug .sore oetle. ful of li. nt .eo SO.licited.and ror o-
!l suggestion of ta land wber6 the south able. day. T. _1. BU .a Co. for Irad& for a I,o..ue and lot orM11 llu Bac.t . rIcr i, a al wenk Ou W t tO 188 t
,. 'a"' -.' oranc or,-, F. niriiire at nI%1 Florida aicocg ol dlgrf l ig 5 C"54-7$. Curecuzoa -
wind blows; a land where the fruits HOW TO FIND OUT Telephohe d onr lr ftove wood a'nne. k ted oe and le r e .
a-. of the tropic hang from stem and Fill a bottle or common g'a-i citli t aymond ells wo ..-tee.line 3a P i) For line watdi and jewelry repairieg -
v ine and tongb; a land wheo the urine ad let it stand twenty-fourLo dt ._" rd. &
boanr a s.d.. e..t.. .. mouot i LEo o a _.Wood, s C ue- bn 3 -t0 -F -n & C -Car. -
M W -o d S t_ - .
I-. fl- .~. .. t >n .lml n id i f -? d- __ .- . .' _.
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"Down by the chores of the great convincing proof that the kidren-an, l Fa I the n ri orwedn ice cemb Imo ,h "loU
iOl.nI lp... .. .... bladder are ont of order. FL Ikli lm .Ic .c
od uthern seasO where the nightingle Wbladder are ou of ord Ino tne of water lturin oleep 1 ld i w, thero male'e thersT
o nhsorin esd, tbat lien.ii;- opped immediately by Dr. E. fiect uc, *A PIT AL +
th pn woods woo with their slum- Swamp.-Root, the grtat kidney renmedyc. U n d f lArtiiuretic. anemaiiden and i nepinn fronm i-T A
Sbm gsoag!S:then ht watches ft flfllls'every. wsh in relievj-gpai n"au]alrke. Pr:ce $r Tldbyf.cB. anP nculdenot beSwithol..1a. lIaloe knew L RGEST hAPIwtiAL i
.. . .tc "f the h k in. l d ai w cithe back, kidneys.lie, d a0i n..t T liver, bladder and i thnt bu i .. .. .. p,..o l l
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j, tl.rae nt eypart of the i-rinarY pasages. It 8 iita a It lerchntni a ililt, hnve mr-a In to r" r'i "Tolt t 1,it -.3rup has no iis 01
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SundayJournal." caresOfthemostdistressing dcae if Catarrhofn en appears. onlyacold at.ferred a-i k F ian erit tampa Deri g.Co. tf I- -
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t e tiaI on ytaiple bottle and a pampbtft botrh .erly. Taesy -mptomsn c-Dnncth em Ais- Vj Fahh N.iC.n n 8C
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anerd with all the latest-desig ns A-k for tli)'s ream Balm, tbe.mdst - Everett Birmiha, olly
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afbt U NOWC atoderelc c annoot beg tototouch n oI sufereid fro-citanrrh oft the worat ti o V 1 Ur B P a ap
t r wianca Jnth ad R-.r io tfd. e oder since-. a boy, andI never .a orO I Kr-rs ...A T AO
turned"wit I "the "ana of- n,-l-I: or Onrthi o-ialsomln-
agive p S^ any kinadPord design ran-h eo4 3%arnees tae usod it with'exeellnt rei- g or'Show Cards. G(et es- "
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amit Pria m al saspleor mal do CasaeUsCoot a CaLl-artuc. %be moat vrvn. i- liam ion aSft. av., hklir. o r
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ha- pI e P mea m ptue ,tm a ttc, was g,, nal,, t y g iri.gwor O tcoa cure not e Iheadache, fenve, habilt _con tipatlon Im p
I was -ntidn tr tm rlo =1 first-clas phy- ai d *iilornte. Posnse buy sad try a has ___x
lbdia ,Ta pEL .F BSia ctians, buhe r remedi s were app ali e 5r C. Ce h I ie ns. Soaiond nltw5h as
R Iu I am seltng t he best and c npesi tig o firm H con dl h meDt ll oe thee a ias itef lnSi H a w. a a
Mh.tebesusthe Im andleadisonthei nd. If , at acn- Ic to-beo ft in -six h our 0 0 i N.'l,,oeator,.a l lls as Furs esi )
aei o.. ...U... m -w+oe tvaieI wasiads adi r2an. w nibw An i etotry S.S.S.. Thistem- An aiante rc lr'u biroe om ty-a '- .. --it - EsO
_h moba" n=t h e Yunfent th e beefed cheapest h- eypro lth gli-tone, foritgntat eat surprise on accountt ofl its n-eeding
gi_.g +,bkndsa(eraw repair job, come a nd t o there dio.ltneof a wounbotles curaedme acup nor Bany arhe mnt ic 'n .a p Ii1dF di wa p y t im ig n,, prices&
E. D.. .oms. pe Uew.. en-cn-a penoer m female t reievereentio n o fol : " e -
,-g. =_ "oue,',sac, and I t .eint I f, aatouch of the ds ad P pinipn saig it lllmnsti anaaiMy. If '" ....n ,V il I ,I
o Onr- eodiday ciloo4 ace thai s year' . Sonma.y .r. Sn-otoSp-ecfict'3eS-. Ce.n o e in.o, Black ,o7 -
Aast ye- Centrel Phal mcM_* or Fa l is te ofh ... Itat m tll have the pa, i-o. Dry Flint. ..r...... 15c
Onand Coss ie etreetseat '10 flercirr", irord .tarrh- shpy d get4 --In a" minute" one dose of tart's o- DrySl. i .. .-
anddo*%-:.stard.onth lon,,be-othe coldioeoneof inge-rwi crtr rvltl n e a i e o. as. X..2
h w e U i nt e reRf y e for m en ,ed a p urpo re w eath er e g ta v ot e lt.. TTh o se w h o l hs n aary it -k "ou c-Cra-ps,,or N"usc.. ..R-
s oS at sil ere e been re -iog." -upo n I .al t reat menot w ill Ao eo1eee r l ri mdy for a to rrfu ean. R .i . . ,! =.TUPL
dmutm -otfai is all that is e eyh"n .- ,
l t P nleater-Rye whiskey is.abiifttlly ceededlaheitbatleI eas istfll Choles a Morbus,, um er .emdrnj+ints -Sananneb, L ad
.-ou1 m ney a et taeetht Waaany othr. Specific) will oven0 .as.- osmade Maxiamo:sM.qa6iz" nirmae,, a ,
e mneeyaiLoefflr's rat-any other tothe a.seof the ti-oable-theblood-_. Phriaac, Ba y Plrnaey, and Tampo a u m e- .'e.n
Swift's Specific nioo de o! rem y
n e n it Sl dnat i h at all barn. as u r esoat wa C rrh. r R ....

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"w"brI 'lj m . A . i. ^.b --. i a .A -.U S '* ,c .. .. . ..
,"* 0"1"r. lE" 1'D o, ,::' Sunshine makes UROY ES IT-RINGS PERFECT MAN
do by-& uer .id o. tr the Perfect Rose and. *.'.. PHYIICAB
_ roah., .w i P P. P,, t P.d e n PerfectA...

S1 a Wa1ry Nd a r-The Agsd the negro clubied .11r. Sditiley and cit F TEit
sDistinguished Son, Wi his thieiOt wibh a kLif te no't ero po.el.r .... .
Me' " M. S"t-gley de to READ WHAT TbHoy PAI It.hei
U. ___ 1. P-. 0 i! ^nrPr:- i-BS,--- f-ay f<--i:iw. ,_a-- _
-throane"s t a reveri ..ng their hei d 1 N ,L
(nIa.l 0. De r 4 .Mts. Nanty Al- e, ten opee le r Anid *< to Mm S 0

.mentbitof the, f .^ er ,.man ,a.s" .. ..... 1 a i 3 0 0 strao l oor other causs. ... ..--- "-..._ .
'sar "e i ec o aote d bi y otte wh try li r ue weo ri e W Pi P P, r is a sover id iai r .
morI p d placksdi t hk e k egrodhr ba t Scoero beee of LUCt g A n B N L p.U
- rtueeth o g pe d h e th a tbshe i tt e. rn- clO ill b deal, ish s ly Po ron ti s o: tarm a i 00 -1 e,

aShrldof the v*t1 a re a t h1er,, wan aselel a e ..t.a itrDealers Irriegua ;:n 7,... .-: ee t"e'
h'a p, 'l'te 'ni't' me no""e' o. oeoritle LIPP \\AN ,.r eS, f.i --iaog aewr fhon, Gs wortbdl- i 'y i,:.',i....lt' 's: r h. eL si M l m nm .. ..
d- s, P ios, Gai, due
'sl;e En>r. ,taut.tot n a ti e m__ hot, ... / ihe t o ia klll Se "7" t ...ii..r-do"w, ", ,;,, i .....P. r, .Goo s PePP M ept, ro-
give t h en me nl ofi he esiatt ae ate oe wask RueW ofI.L, lc O~u .,opl lLno e'n a ,_.
S. o st fapit h tor -alyats r ea fe oIle rentots bnthe> ue t .b ,e a r .1 :.^ a 11 o'r, 1te .ti",:''. rw e. ,_ 7 .
it hon te''hy` eli cs im toiok WaehueNez1 3ssnt86WBe SE

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pl .acei tl. n du t w a s _ever a In ho *( ,- ... ..
th4 A a lieted r wph rsett r S, lieli w twtitlt hlei e. .wthy - ---"c '" "il' ......... B".dE.. B. AC""LLIC .r JQ4ORA .N [ rniap lycA i "
S at tolass the tl t e fait e o t m .er o. r. ,.. g.iv ,t name o. ii s w.,:,.i by. ,pimpleal -m ,.. ae. M T I

th-me iil ths Wll e tsne -i i nTEr D mS. ,-. .. L uck.. D s so.- "... ,,oP
imoo s f, TX 0'r b'nd 8Uggle,. .agons, Harnes., etc. A ..roo Mne and ?,nice as*ot-
et in r'iw n .r wsered ^ as r_ left the o u ,e He w,,n ii emnt oi hand Af liknne of \agons an od andI -.... a, 1 i.r S EA.....
sh e resi D de Qof p a y ra o i m a Al C of rhe Eirt thea tcrime eill J!ewiia v inke.ilb

w oe was h-aeo i evR uiA -,en egaY 1007 be e gand 1009 t franklin lt r enet n. L 1i4- t.i, ., .- w I L
.- sinijul h ys iia.w.i m ill ne a itehd Stat -es .ep d the. ai"o"er h e a o,,- mi ..... e.woe 1.. 5 .1 D.'t C. J.

huitulhieb 1C1ttAe t silehe I l o lo UiidStle P I tRO LP y *i.I t... I c m e a....... llalh l lW,. "

L i te l icbito,, r,,, ss s he ,, was.- -- aga t. .. hO, I".' ':I. re r'..-Gu" Fionla ...... u ..a. P, .. .. ,_
S ie frth a their weau d Pat hbe nha d re pt rsers. ath e d "4 -Arthr e ea tariieo ,. i .

iag ^m i... -e. o b .. 8um 1417 5THA r bu sy tENUEh.. .. . hair ,.....e ... uO.RT I.H DISISEDi.
itfimri i ann t ione were l ur eda po it but ee theds saioin dates rates and all othpr inf m ti n apll ao

s u t he e eeyania. t ae d b rne l, were ai. a eed n th e Usined aR O n 6.? GARNER, l.. . G er Mn aa u
'the r piid' .t turie n eo e sttile di. in a hci Teold doeizeldini> -T B l O nld +he bet -1 r T Enr M.Orunck 0 o Grit LW d" Lead i i. ; '
e o nd ew u ha h wan si l wt tmeI a e ar o Bks sad. \A
a a loei.eto ,ld .li..,, Al&,. Doo t, Milo .. o. not; 8 -- l0; .. .. a C ,> I n Sl of.
s-,lit ean e b eeofi tif ole lnirai n med" e taid gr cohteon was eoro ori: brldi. m nod- i "s ...We u-o 1 4 na r-

isse-_ be-o-aring -ier o.... e-Pthred i t r "W. It Hs oon ter, U a ir Il c G, 82 L
rcA 7h )s As'. as duN cas1 nicm mwee eS onWhole

h:e me liu t the s a sly Caoye -l Raoucing the elcio Ieof C nitoe d 4 -1e r 7,. To r ..
.theiulSd mt1ewsKibd "in Tamnil b trei e es ck agiatinsH arae m Vit i nrd Plen- O Gl ae Ile
train MS oisit th e yid t i Upimmpe nite n t-aroei r ac r n-orl eIt ea tiee R :by Pokes, Axcstoc ofo Grit hod I"

w...as s:e At d i onwas dSe hired void da newon m ings, asin.,oars an d ii d e ec

L ." .. .. -- . .,- .. r (hun ir 0rn fo 1. toh VOWa aim-with .. 14 t. o
.... ois oberlv alis r ofi cia cw estop JasonP o alaFl, Dee tj-Tlehe liu m a Le&

p0" a. she t iemother Pree _, 10DSON aT1EET0 FaRY OODSn kR. F. SH Propneettor, 7l15..Frnkli ti
Oi bas bs yhhre .0 an., SheoIw, aim
eMUSY. The lttle fa rily gr rem ttot ofatIh 0irei (4r ri-ni repItied. .

,'--iii. od -der sd e ao n sier ad toleftt bt'. He aldeVenan ,d f oei A f l e of W g luc- a U r ar .- I'1..

JW In o the V ii oausteetoavban qhthitclimedm -Uorfls 'thie and n cEroca la. vry in lrt-fhe Uvzt L 4
teama qo aoes WM is %of K toe I ioesner ilildr~h 4PIng ta eo oncetnon. PI'estfriead bso

4v owl sBoB anilequ n*t. board of the stea"uer. -. -.- -.. . .. A ...001 MEIL can be had for a small amo.nt. 5 Icets for $.,a tnld*
a. aen. t --msa o mm Loa. re Fih tm ed ista rrl,,kiin tnTompi. m1 come to tiLhe FRAN IJN TREET LEECH BOOM.
-s? W O. -.ar.,4St
Lr AOtn* twnho hri so Hboart.L Lowe ad Atorney James Regular Meals, 25 Cena .
aiil yr old., in Gae a Bllea.tine came to blows in the 207 Laaette Street i ...Regutar Boird, Per Week, .50. ......
" The st lda-'n Uat court hre. Lime u Tantauu. 207 Laf ayette Street. 1 A'-SE- in
A W= Lbitf,_isrWb feWiod lwve a vtieht Boelale btnded lien iii rtin ? inn L erlye
l s am. W ien he wss. sne- w ari W l inie swith The only Restaurant in e ciiy run by Clhiiee. ahles nO Served tyles.
T hreels sersihd ehe hane and Ballantine retaued two blow falt supplied with the best thic markets afford. Fish and game in l1I'v l T liUl I T
: s o. 1 tmies m Si. M ampenel The romtio on. 615 FRANKLIN STREET. S. H N C O
h r sae wp e ated b She'"rpfa" Reglar Board $4.00 Per Week. i u w inD u o l .i -
h!.Aasebslauborl* All work r. rrOteed S evir mode tc
en-- i i ilit istheA ES gror TAT A r J W BLBBARD im J s ICI
w awtlSma dfrg git ta e etot eJn J L He islol i B. BARD- iHUBAD .Jii.) I " -
Of eat wise was sma to bi .

OnP~n~a W~w i iL "OFFK1"TtI fi tViPWtI W -AND UN INPROVED CITY OR SUBL3BA"13 hlev Lirery Sale ad Tr er Co., I v _pre p al ehl
teoti, lgeag Grovee, Vetafl ble &Md kneral Farming t1ropertieee. jqo Tampam Livery Sl an
Sa nof Tallow Pine and Cypses Timber and tr g- tans in the best teams, single and double, on the or st li, a
**^^^ --x^^ MiMu as a Tema. Dft i-Tu cimisf il,, al0tormlgh od th Fliona nes. Special inducement are priceI to suit the time& We sre well eotlilt ,,.. o J.
_.--, sr be 4 i s, Viiof "CJpobello71 ,n heallhfulaandpleasnt suburbof Tna^ which is
ass h ear e I to h h" of th city over Umoe w extension of the EEle- Teephone 4 COR. MADISON A NARIOI t : -
Si t no year "'. h i o i e e is ai e unesnd whic ei oeail f a ll tedig t t r em and e n a e 'd
byAIMft = aml w e U ll an hwas rem., mrkely Hilleerebgh River, mdy he secured if applied format one; tracts tehb-acng ue tc",_
bVia ,b ava iftle WW, d te..T1. I, 10, 20 od 40 acres eah, lying immediately pr the Electric Car inoe, all of of business to
ccad- Iwhi..cr h are emlinentll adapted for country-homes, gardener dairy men, fruit OmRE, n t -C R
i -l ed ', o.. a ri-,. gtwere and poultry iiig, et. d Theia iproprtle of their own intrinsic F- ,
Hu v H AIua. D- --Au i u. lal ltwillprove modn esr-lite misaket and to euro your choice makphast ASSORT, -
4_.. SAW, e relyo wth a A,,tI,, STORE. T EPONE OAI 70
" ."hamt! .t.. I .Rp F L-TEL, ]EPHECONE CALL 179
6 A-t,95 ,oba ... P S Keep ConstantU on Hand From 500,900 o 8 O FP-t-
S u Sell on Commission,. of First-Class L.umOber
a ," gfrmn oda Cro Tobaceo .
"asin a tob dy-wbihe ii WHOLESALE.__,

Min o licit he be of Ret"a Ail 1M,. tat s m _

~aI s eagatens i.e Is ;i meUrtok, Cement and Plastro i.e.e" .t m .aio m -
SooTorurec DriWRe, ned, em a-t, amaa fae bow
Sth QO tlp Me reR 4 t. "RIupo.y with modeth sneei Ae.,
OTre ]rl and. n. .f .. see







^ S i h1 is & A9

nPt -W -What Peop_ Are. Taking A.,bout

ys, ois,. Games,' |; a.go

Sa rises Donoallltoo 'aB b
s -y Badls-,U-Dell 'Ctacetoba^yirdress isMaxi

"O See the bicycle rider train at Ballat
s othepsandOther
Thp predicted cold wave has not yet
ran-,,,,kinn J o--B-"
-f s <>) -8e4uting onty 4%c; 2 te, oply 7"c,
atN Msa Bros.
BfTI'911111 Beau Twomey's ad, ad batted bis
Fr HumkI: (t, 1U iItlpa cut plice sale which commences Mon-
S l 8, Ilday. .1,

W0FW Aiysc the ebust and always the

Cap~Griffi and wife, of Idlewild
Pa rk, spet yesterday in tow .
Exhibition bicycle training at Bal-
Slt Point today at 3 p m. St
uf H n ers a d sboesiamp, for the mo.ne
ltnes Bros.
n D. H.8loan, of Lakeland, was to be
found at the DeSoto yesterday.
The crack bicycle raceo will train at
)1 HteatePrs Pointtodyat3p.m, lt
H.e' e r I --. Drew, of Clearwater, spent ye.
SAT terdayin Tampa.
I | The best shoes at the lowest prices at
T oBush & Co.'s.
SAt 8 p. m. tody at Ballast Pont the
t Ballast Polltfibdayt*3 pi m. It
BUrinIe and Blue Flai me. mustgoat
and. 11 -, Capesand aekets must go at ayI
; rice at Maas Bros.
SCui- Glai Perfusie bottles Ceptral
SPharmacy, Cor. Franklin and Cans Ste
M PA GAS C Messrs. CwellaidSavreare ex-
Spected to return from-ney West to-
Ot and atcerDececeber 1, 1897, will sell the nght.
Prof. J. T. Lowie, principal of the
lbach Light For $1.50 Each. ig fIs,, .'f wat at
- Bein a Bedufction in Tice of $LOO -Silver novelties suitable for presents
foimer1y sl01d for 50c will be suphedaCo car iPnarmacy, co FraAklin
t tCubloiaers forT W. w aly, ofBartoww in town
thEO (ly aofiorized agents for -the Geaine els- eyssertdy Ho register* at the Al-

fat 1I tk -TUi iNM 01 l C r N th LNo c1
M d0ak noet.

II m u T mIlS lTE OIl 1011 TiAPIls TRDE IS 101 TRl= IIIG.

A Young Girl In the Garrison

Is r IM m-B an d'o Show Deidd ewireal All
I Along the Line--Holiday Olaes.
y I Increasing
For some time past thbelal sathori-
ties have been quietly Ogtged in the the local clartrade ts foat feeling
investigation of a sadalous ad s- te impetus generally given busineu
sationfl t$,the partculars of which by the appreouco the holiday season
are no for thefirSt time et forth for and a considerable number of roew
the edifioation of the Tenua's* read- ord re o being booked.
am several of the factories are putting
The scene is laid in the garrison, and on more operate fesand in more than
the heroine is a young woman who is on fa tory every aailab!e ioch of
at preet Ibtarding with a family in space is occupied5 Toe supply of to.-
that quarter of the town. This par. bacseemusto-be abundant with the
ticu lar young woman, like many othi. lrner flrtms, ad many large. pot
ren of her Mex, some time since trayed chase have recently bean -ade.
from thie pthortv e In &a e Te gure for the figures for week, a given by
not only strayed-she mde tt'wild. a number of the tieipg factories iodi-
est possible detour from the strait cafe the prevaleace of the uspual activi-
anditarrow w dael s today the t7.and show that the volume of bsi-.
tral figure of one of the mostiunsavory nesu in this direction remains at he
scandals that ever assailed the nostrils usual high level. .
of the people of Tamp. The rea t house ofTYborh Mtann
It was som" week sgo tnat this beads the list, with an output of 244.-
Syoung woman gave birth to a&child. 70 cigars. Tbeshipmentsiorstheweek
The event w asubietdetheronextSc. were 221,1f, Tbs return of Edward
ted-t was the sequel tot tolk aay dalarara hmas gain been defrre ad -. is
the breath of the rson, Te moth- kely totke place now until ittor
or had4no pariculr us for the chithe child he Year. .
Which was neither ornamental nor ure. SeidebecJt Co. are ,hlding their
ful; and it was not long before it was own with hipmenurof 1 ,000, ad an
quietly shipped off to a respectable, output of I2,0., This firm is run.
buti childless family in 1 Port Tmpa ning foruoeof iruly 200 men, and is
City, who felt the neid of such a daily bookngm w sorers.
household necessity. J. Etinrl A C T forwarded 178.000
Strange ti say, the ~ aby, though cigars duribg-the-. week and manu-
healthy nd welforemedatild to sit. fractured 1867.00. This hi.use is one
It was not up to the, description inone with whic 'busines is alwnayes tinfa.
important particular. Something was torfnd 'lwe rand bave a big
tlacking.- The bale wag not-just the reputation h the market.
right tint. iA'M ake had been made Y. Penda& Alvarez redoing a n
somewhere, and. a close examine. offi ca iusne and are working a full
tion revealed unmiatakable indications force. Theywill soon improve their
of its egro paternity. Is the words of factory bythe addition o a see of frm
t song, it wasn't "colored it wes proof shdtters. The total shipmutot
bore that-re -orth wsek ere were-tt,4to, the out-
The indignant family .promptly pat beis .130M. -
shipped the unwkome bylrid back to A. B. Ballard ar n adding ter
theXgarsn, and, little by little, U us i-a ory trade. They mnade
unsavo ry beain to oe oat aod 87000 and shipped 09,000.
set t al canda.J-na sger by the oean The wiek's work with- Guarre, Ds
Itwas soona IraeD tte te misguided A Co. is epresented by W,0oo shipped
xmoeerlbadfor-aoeg times keep- slad100M made. Theyarenow run-
Ig compeay wiakh &omuo m man, aga wf00o M adire
tht thev?-ttad a. reag r emonph" doiagde beqtbaiBon
wk-Ch they fVqnee *cam eaicMI ly an s ofthehosce.
to excft unh"Ammat of thM ibeme The 5The am f She wf Um A cre
"A, fb M& wrar wafhourr. s t u 'bes .e

Bomro aAMLAEIf l.C

The Rieyde Cmue hcnf thw *

down to BalLu Point last evenhr,
and frim now ou the circuit chasers
who are to be in Tampq and, w int
for the winter will be domciled in tae
comfortable quartet provided for thft
athe Point.
.The men will be lodged at the pa-
iion, where seven commodious apart-
ts have been arrangedI for them on
tl second floor. These rooms arm
handsompely furnished and the quartperi
are supplied with every modern con-
vetalenoe, including shower and paung
T- -L 4 1
en of the craMCa weat dowh yes-
terday from the Almerlt where they
have been quartered for the pst week;
several more notable nameare snooa to
be added to b list,w vc when cac-
plated will read a follows:
F. A McFarland, H. B. Freemainr 0.
IL. Stevrs, E. S. Aker, Conno Baker,
W. I. Hplfstetler, F. A. Blachard. W.
Warren, C. Newtoo, Charles Prinae,
F. Ed Juth. -

H. B. Freeman, of he Tribune-Mer-
gan and Wrighbt Team, was born in!
Fortland, regon, in 1S77, and ooms
mmoced biis career as a racing moan i
the fall of '65. "
In he npingof 16 be was thrown
into the profen l ranks and sc-
ceeded in defeatine all the Californi
and Westeron cracks in that clms whs
were not on tke eait The moat im
portentft Frmeman performed Mw
while on the: lsrana nd Weigh
Teamat Log Bensc., Wsiagnss,
A egu1t]2, lM9, 7l rode a Aerighi
away mile is 1.2U tas heng the aes
mis eve rideen hbeid pac. Ie I t
ride he was Pace the wiatediam I
am tea rMaes en ltetpa i

..tan etMi; I Yht .h

Mr Jin a the Pl est at iepe sees

tOrgs Mwe to Be Mitaiteaf to haft
thpat the _el ete eI. a.- the

soom While tuhe hulbsthea ibet loa
tanounced i-aW ofmioa e wa. i at- .
terabubofi Pot ieslanllyd .eems Tmnig*
shoseo o ,eidWithutt seA0o, 11 iVA w bt
Cientibga aeno4 1 out neellafeithat be
4hat the rep Ie the fr"eih
tes decided Rpa ne o t Ah ..o

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eJack br theen r ack tmt freight t.-
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eral freight utrand Xr. JuM1-w, tendsoi i
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will now rete and leave he fright

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pame nter Mr. and Mo st*n hat. a e
ant genal p giiM ,Iea. Swhc a. -

.is madie lioo e t Mr. P a is n
a to leave tie Plajit xatel, biUs will be
. tendered the appoi e sent mal
Sfreighta W ,a position abra' g Um
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w- tddiekoaljdr ineton, kgis w .ad, W"i
a will makeitoneoffar more lHportae M ,
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m th P. B ms me-d t n ~mtima
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PC ion lights at any-prce. eC0ne it s for 5& Twietea. msmeo peved torof.Be oA- en ath Ckt h 5 soded
roesone to three feet of gas an" hour less.- liver nmm Ladies Par, Cen- ev to t aewo b eo ngmat 1,00 more to ter
S. tr. Pharmacy, Gor. Franklin and Cam of the circamstaces, a td reta of Goealer, Mor Co. ar workilag a
: pa- p arne all1 interchangeable and we can sup- streets ilenceasid tonhave obees hevyfrco--mn, ali tl. t
"i th61 partof the light desired. wv. Taylor of Witacooee, is the aworn coon by some of tehe oo- force IBrael out 0,0w0 cigars duru
rd e will send a man atany time to adjust your re isterd at the Cli nHo for a et ishermn wt haotrear him phil- theeek ad forwrded 10.00
r i t n e r .. ..dering afterdit girl% q .c .e Tt wevkns b a ,,.a oodJon wi h
V -A __f-ifree, of charge. AU genuine goods have "a dys. feb g c T k a
It". r t a nro' genuiae goods have ets birth of the child. Forsomereason,it Arguellee, Lopez & Bro. They for-
or emnans of el nnts has thus far been found impossible to warded 96,000 cigars and manofactuted
A N .. nants of dress goods, identify the negro or to learn his 75,000, This bouee eas recently c-
S-l N BRUEN price,.tTwome'es. name; and the authorities seem quite quired some choice lots of Cuba. '-to
S-me Very finec bg re o muth in the dark as be garrison bacco. They nave force of 100 opera.
S Secretary, Tampa Gas ting brought nto met by locgipa I pon seral o- livesemployed. V
growers. caionstbe scoundrels rrest seemed OWHalloranA Co. made 08,000 and
A I t, r L e your order tor your hat at probablebut at every point has co- hippel 65,000 for the week.
St- n i r rest and identification, nd as he ba Bros. & Dit were o92000, the output
-' w. C. Evsis, who comes from Ra. probably gone into hiding, be TRIBUNn 68,00(0 They bae 126 men employed,
S-T ernae t Of veinna, obiois domiiled at the Col. has concluded to-give be story pub- and are, as a matterof course, doia
lins House. liiy. good business,
8 "ees Bess. geat clg- sI Two things are otin. The child Trujillio&Benemeliturooedout61.000
Sd has -s b DMONDS, epset a this. time and shipped 66,000 last week.
VU mobl t gol,;a6 O te rbeep "9
earlo. yP2n leM-e Oh*avatyes motey Oh ...ny thfnae "tfor koep;', and the micther'a board is
Sof p& dGame.. Season. The nete an n th being pid bysoeilhropt who 100 pesyard.widpecal, worth
W -^-. Statllmb1in Itho" city- -Wall('e n'tNw Ybrk) Candies Fresh discree'y 'keeps himself in the back.- i ande; cash sale prie only Oc
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M is yet complete. "riage ofSolos B.Turmsa to Mis Til Twomls.
N o or IPsalerp ricp .lya 59 c B
S .R o m.Dte l Al rigerowd ise ypected to attend lie Lykes .which is to bet emnined at
Sthe exbibions to be iven by the b. the First Baptist chUrebon Wednes. A prominentarrvl n the city A
\' E *F- cyclists at Billast Point this after day even next. Mr. t' an 4 B L. Duval, of Memphis, who, with his
S*""m t o mon a t of the best-known of ansdpa's nsnout-, wife. daughter o son, is now located
g LW Beftre buying your boly goo fal bs e, h m Lykes is at the eSote. Mr. Duval wu former-
ai L d Christs Presents take a looat one of South Florida' t charming ly connoted in a responsible capacity
wnhat me bass Central Pharmacy, and popular belles., adding is with the De GOaris Printing Co., of
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I' W .uOSES, Ptopr. .i g m.u morning foer th flo Ilugh ham- cpreme court in Washi'toni luc -eek
SBoth of the CrowellSarese Co.'s mock, eighteen il th city, to have the record in the Consumers
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take untBH#en.V N 4 n1 to, pa al Pd-it .


Th y So to Beintsr Md .at BOW
President I. B. Platn of
seveo returned from Belle Fridayy
evening, after making a thorough in-
spection of the new Hotel Belletiew.
I is hardly. necessary to.say that they
were more than pleased at the condI-
tion in which the property w.s feig I
and that nothing bet word obtriein
were heird for E. C. Hoadley and the
manner in which be bad brought to a
successful conclusion the enterprise
which has culminated la'the copstruc-
tion of the famous Colisseum.
Through the exertion
ley. Meirs, C.W, Price s&ad
Webb, the well-known bicyclists,
been invited over for the day and
m-ida his' guests Col. Godwin's
homelike St. MargareAr-ii. At M0
p. mw. a seras of biycl race were-
held under their supervision, President
Plant and party being among te in-
terested spectators. The one -mile,
single paced, was won Oy W. E. Joae
in the very creditable time for an
amateur of 2.11; and -t mile-open,
with pace-maker, and the boy'. race,
both proved highly creditable and in-
terestiog. The events were onoducted
by C. W. Price, and were found vry
enjoyable by Mr. Plhnt, wbo, at the
eoscludion of the races sid that bI had
never before aren any bicycliog, but
that be believed that be could become
as mue eatbused over it as over a
goodhore .rare.
After the raet, the distinguished
party was driven to St. Margaret'sInn,
where they embarkedkd on Mr. Plant's
private car, reaehingn e city at 11 :15
that-eveninfg. '. The vesrable railroad
king expressed himself as mocn gratl-
ed at the mansser in wbichh bis plan
t m tn carried out by those to who
their execution had been entrustedc
and was especially delighted wi 0t$.h_
beautiful fountain that bWa been ct
edin the grounds of the Hotal e-
view by the appreciative citine s;or
Belleair. j
Thi unique work onr @ r p se '
Cupid, mounted on a bye, wbooe
handle ba-aire so arranged as to form
bthe typical "bow." Acro the terme
string is poised an arrow, .4d abe
pathway before thI wheel i& paved
with bets, .4reaflxel with arrows.
One of the most noticeable features
of Beleair-mand 4 is one tlat was
fienty commented on by Uiese who.
we*n over from Ta pT -Is ih-mbaser
is which its rteeeandd public Oac
are kept. The Joeas re continemsly
sprinkled and ar in excellent ouo ntic
for ehiwer weefng or driving. A
lanee fre of en is s ow amptoed in
keeping up these hghewra sand the
hotel groneads a A! entIre tows

Mreac beof wi thepntsp t slod11.s Pam ra m l hTd
Biely t n tthe-elradf me te -" "" '

There ics w omtee mT. inet . a ru l
ae g wheo he gln U sgives

hich event hthas appi tmPent wlm m Win W:

cot Jan 1. Iesterf & s1 ab10,0

Beim WM a ei a iedothfnd lof t oeh t i do
epar u soiatlseiknw yaydM.lesOYa,' w fb

l ikse o CUT THE PRICE. On
Thea i pionmaabL i noste WI a

b .he n oe whave m.aed4 .
lik e a osu e .of.I i cleria ene -.

id Bul

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