Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: September 21, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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a""Thehealth of Havana." he said. I 'h
i S better now than ever before."
pexasen, all for a thanna t tPruvlde
Themsmelvas with Om deotials.
,.. I-mou ,. Bh .a t -lo g at ,brdburs FlooydsainAPAIN STIL its of Un I
tiM jIfij4 Si 15 0U. avi yeeterdly to thoe effect that inky Q Y.---
Av rtuh aof ian gtate rroad ttlote quarantined raltdl Pra
-^ se verbal toinit where yellow fever bAs MyStcry Surrounds A

e e~texiste" o all passengers for that eCtl. Avod rtio

S show- ,tha~t te ent)Ano w ts o ucet Thist eity was visted t a t e elood- -
c WETn S.LOW DEATh RATE heorSmISouimdapsO theelvth, cr MERCHANTS SUFFER LOSSES the French Author
ttAcatea erecIting the fact that they he-
have be In th city we ever in no not to be e
Against Port Tampa City exposed to Infection. RainfaU Began atDaybreak Snny
S.etorieofavaa Stat e Board of t Halthi was applied to and C otinued Usnt, Pri i.tha ets are a

Swe le bya the entiman dwlcu of going to r eere e l tend the deprtu
a 6e8 the Ansti- e afternoon. The ugy C lMen abote Was a R eun.
.. oe n w d the doctor to furnish To A.void

0- thh 3arla tion. An trl t th e r*qu ve u ed dommnts t. Dr. to ompletelam open, and In the mente re
w the ave there had b lowed wh oy on or two prty. a will probably
s ttyl. Ot of s t ah oy r l e t wBr u toatk ba.. Sept. e t ar ee prceednL).s of the
s aA hotht th Th iAnal. with a op ticket Thif city wa vited by a ttt e whether he is cloud
lorhe tto n- b&itt tenot.ade ,o .L :W.I'tt, a and the s tame yee tand t r mpsto r and er.son or to (me plac
1r Hlt h.e e h Iraired.I. yet. to estimate the amount of the da0- sme ooffctlaly reported hei
S ase tlnt the ----- Keony, ror; C. rtlccate. ty cafu pardon obe set t leua w signt
t KTaa City ease. "o.onIed cmoit fully the or Th water In the streets wa almost n Lout to-day.sune

itm e to Ntad ymon-0IMlnAtmtheir adrioses andCel.n n -~e ewe as at th tuie othe tid m HAVAn IN of the UP
q theais an tieonf thst -----othsed to fh the cr. Otober. anyda th r o
APOthe toahe chno e the appcant would Dr wa vl he mechntevrIan Bodte Oe at hLdeut
on eran there webyperly d y htf a hat who suffered reat loas then from the Dreyfx- has left the city
s With Two K theW bean lt thistity' a certain number of flooding of the streets. uffered a -soil- tha I thie facts are annoui
-a-Mete who was I4s tenof at t he tittet agent d not hea lar Peziomeret yetarda. I*e wul attend the depart
erebStwaTd. PtTh er front th We POe woutraveler, Cot aenot Wout daylge cht the cer- nc ept 19he r.
^ oresan tisl -' with a preI s d that hmorvee up bitha ntas eemed, to oompletely open, and In io me anti retfu
g t advlose show the average ffrt to et out of the cty In die- there followed, withat tholy one or two pr on. d will probably r
WiC ebr of BeW oes but the "T Intera=Assions. one of timehesbeaviest rain- eve dayr yet. o

re f newaacesasHebut Saonahha aetir of guards noat abe ofs ever recorded In thiser cnity.uence e r e o
o s n Da eo lD lh. Outhe .Of tSi newhie 0 r. ,l ie ANArIB re t, NSew'ATE. tL euIN.let ar the proceedngs of the
t h e been bt 21 deaths l pehtaeras w Lo wish to leave thebtin, *tret of the cIte. Is Iatueoued because that when the prasornter i
twoafte autbrok at aesissippi at thavt pont to ekbV4 t a certificate, of a lack of adequate sewerage to carry ithe city. It will be !lmpop,
-ami to be koatt t over L t. Iat n otpa th off the water, between Mond H aHowe whether he is being carrte

ses thi to t oncever The ardatne publishett d tDr Brunnerea Prsme sre pt. 1an e cotn erte e of the trom M rtaonsr ad Pina:
dhth the end t eormets repr them from the hoe t 46 e de Chabrol ha s re- well a Havana or to e pla
-theftWOeIer wiltOprctically ban- Ht t 0 eahenyg rooeren.; C. Mc arvey. fuor. catn bet B at lilbety ewilt
B t' e um WT tt Uo ST.ot Bt o h aBURG PRfOTB ed tre, and Julian Burnett. holesale stration,.
harmIA& the .VibU this Mornt- Inrdignan, atatnD Brunnerred %is t grain and i provllsonas, tae auatained w

t-tatcity' bowg that v The water do I s fully three r et deep ehes were de by G
O g threat pr of the n The chan are that e a hould Dr. a lonr the thoroughfare, and all the way Bodies o tOceu and ieut
t rne r a of othe o ethat fr oe o th. i front si inches to wo feet deep In Reov d tow i
Ain A tsas there were Faan- a .t vstml th oe cer of the City o ne of thestoren. Removed to Bemuc
e I l e Savannahe vist the City o r 8t. It wim besveria dayste toe ma-t -..he tx -
Sratd. IPeterbIn t at press t. he would meet act amount of damage can she acer- lni.vnaSep. t. 19.l-Th b
SJ w. it'PO m ah i recepti(n morea emphtc than tame and s the rain continue. there AntonIo Macr and Ueut
K PSCTSatLAltGES^ cordial._ -.In no certainty now that the tood will ceco (ortea. a son of C
r ,aH The people of tha t plucky place at" anot be of even greater consequrence. G o. were rmed
-Been Isolata.ten Days. the statement which Dr. Brunner gave AiATQHiafN TnEATEN GLERIN. tstt re~etony from the
oe o t out to the pte on his return to dSvanO- O t re- tThEntE er y rNU.g burled to any
remn who have been nab afterhi s visit tot hsecttle. for irg ne a the d ous theyora i Isu etonateho
to-oesatonattheport TLnmp the purposee of InvestIgatingthe healthItitoniow th by ytook teor
of their contact with condition ett ,byDdnamiteoleo taohe were at .herjcaln
es deceasedyel vr The Tribune published Dr. Brunner' sParis. Sept. li.-aThe concierge of the Scom atansae and Pina
hv been charged. avannahNew. Tey were to the ttef- celved a written letter in red nik as- be- e- f-.nIV. le th
5l two men are not only immuneo, fe t that be consideredSt. Petesbutgsrgm t tht e overnmen s at ber of le he
peb ses omledU with the precautIon- to be the place where Wtb contracted to attack the headquarters of Jules cession. There wasa gru
l 1M-amansri of the i,"r". Hospital the dieas and also referred to l the Guoln and hi. followers, the anarch- coni setIng of two hund
rot t alleged rval at that place of sevir t will do It. T rY will burn thead-p te were made by Gt
Ina Periodof ten dyra IsOa- As aoon s the people of St. Peters- uerins. house with dynamite. vet, Gen.tart-, Gec. C
H_ .. ..d tf burm readlt te atatetnenta o. the doctor rly this morning three jottrnolstsr Lacoste. Gen. Mayla Ito

oler calling upon him for an explanation doorf? thehuse. Then they hammer- tended the ceremony.
to Manateecounty. of the source from whih he derived the ed vUgorously on the door, arousing the In Havana the houaea
the men give In- -wre tade at the teetIng, and tr. Police Coninuseary Pelatan. at half-mast. There wes

ev eho nse. Im faS tes aftett the Indigs ntion s id the ywworet ers as r eporte rs f nor
Every mao of eotistme. the St. Patersha the notnos of InterviewlnguH (eI T meetng of wot-tn
50 Int CIty CSmet.Laid eadoroed its ac- The reporters added: "Weheard that decIde upon what action t
00LrSl On.cs oftheIree owerethe gavermt Inended to order an labor tVOU91tis ited I
"aM eItheIr former e W sire OWa Mtho Idr mai and we made the visit also In 2ordero ciaratLon ft-i the toba

g f A FpS o s vs v o aS s e th e nmto a t h e ca bdS
S aF stat PoTsm un te lAtter,* 4dath. t
Sgno OE M deemd to th e tdld
*e lm G MIop-_ e tta tet te ,o nriaf.
tben t r l inria uon. it It o
30 --hrib fte perd, who
AsMvftstop ped mentirjet o e aeut meta

WeftwSoo.ere T Arrtw or Teo
to i t return =Mt te TM^
SaiSmed with shot- aim- Wept, l(SWeoSS
reA*_Sa of t he arro at t t
t ,94" at tht hed has tense a paMD
If drectko. wte and the Boer,. ball
EP 4UBT Win. be yall tisejtmu
YeTel lewv ClaO Oawiale ofw ce thetex
1hWA ong People. PUR9CSD ar j& No

th-S eclli.-The? Bde elt Advnte;;of a Lad
M -i s p "sa a M 21 _


Auction of




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re that the
ed by Pres.-
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public utti
It is feared
noed. troubo-
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main there
taken from
sible to tell
d to his li.-
re where he
bout demon-

enant omeo
odles of Gen
enant PFran
Gen Witaxim4
to-day witl
place whetr
new tonbt a
1 that 30,09
nan y monl j
L del Rio a
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funeral pro
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and ruralel
lov. RulIs l1
&arllo, (Mayo
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no musc I
re closed an
ll kindse wet
en to-day t
:o take In tI
in a defiluil
toot worker


But the Jury Found the Alleged

Invader Not Oulity.


Several Vagrante Nehare adge Oar-
er-WhtUs ofJustio e owsto
at Zapi Speed

Front Wedeessr Vs y.
ribe orkmima court d1poae f of ten
caes yeoterdst Juefe Carter kpt the
whteela ot jtoe motrtn at the high-
eat osed omoe btle with tnWmrtality
and It Ia evteat that there will be o
time wsted at tme term oc the i-a












Medical Com e
tigate the flusth atn

They Will be a a Oet


l teatat the etacyb of the police blockade oeart drvars and coacbaen not to strike. . .
amnsti e r we'se00m0tie yotu deMonstratea Another meeting will e beb to-hight m
SlSh. Tar CoSsry was ooMpelled to try and ptwall on the men In other TEM- N W4A TB aRW CROIBR.. c
Under the polar resalatlos. to draw trade* to tut work to help those ali. OHas eane invItV eto the Dew-t
m awB. -oomtor report fr 0 strike. .
te cor m- th t wr the r oe aVOb A wea t I par, tinted cratt o ro val and Dollar Dinmer.
Tha reporters mm roed inB pni and uh In parallel i. Aon wit
So the w akt o : their misAn o i oo.uno. appeared eto r dy. It Is out- oo ito ote tao outside o e To to mea
Aatshosw i tsto V ute he p -okent o tfavorof the nnt of n to atteno the Dxxeatt to
Ptae C- the Juls to- f euorr t S Cobna to the United tates. It 4e ae ets la fme

OC axA teI de : tt roayere D IaPO1oAmT tto Said-tTm" & mer oo tr
SCothel Sod will "Mtthe firemen in turningg sn O. para ad It said la n October 8 a IW Allrd-to- Matk
lsiur at the bhos on ther pa r. to be t te b ed b wealthy n oaHa- dto eom e
W the Ndw- CR on Al OOT n The editor sranlsto lgue- Beto o, 0oMilO ae tee"t- tae
I with the ro. who edited a C ba paper In Nw t ls, of rta former oer. for
said The Reg"la w t Term Convoened Yes- Yor t dAnft the revWtUon. The Bpoc* nor Alva Adae ofCrdoh andOo. d.sh I
I deesa ld AndB- en bardWoat. not a newpr In theol l sen of H. p. Bnetatllut. o New York. terss.
rat lt d i- Ie the word Itdealslw no a yt the q- te o fNowYo.tte at Dhr fes e

an. eqalro l'wn e ,.days Da imuay.-%. "atD t
t.- The 5a rl of the ell nty o ininal lion of nnemtlon t and ho ,pesII totoven o waiting to fr. aad
eW, that ourt O forecrdConvened.yeat rasumnt not se. tha mt an thea- r -cTanno st u t rdh A
poperts morniat atv10 O'clok e J t gW. A.

tid ee oIn Carter Preseding. With Clef d k Lwthey-Tamanysccsdn e-ot. .
rar of the lIoltor 4ntofuen a d Sherff encero TostU AB B. Rt- i t LAWThR ply to the ltaitatics sent to bb TThe
sMlieny ready for the work before. entire Texs D emo cy m B x s loa to
Sae tm in hma ea ite or. h spn' es L ste Place haor mtA the cwivl and dtaonr wt *
thedo. tte oc whioh isr t aet a b there a lengthy a ote P'n drd nitt tee o*
O. ther am liebl atU thi atge Of New Tork. Sept. S-o B sed cr who have ed
m t tht r enOt t at Istae, h as a tned to Nw York and assumed IMPOR.IAT 1T or t kM fri.

ththat tet terswl-l Te iOf e bogt
e* Zzrlte Chease tdlepod of ysterdt y wre: hismtpolao at thebead othe Law firm It W & h .
a SttOntew hYera.wg ranld Lr t'O nol of Reed Thaoher Barnum, at No. Trial of Knrp Plae.MJ R Hav eneet o .d
-A de- J. i.& ToWnta selling lraoor on ounnt. 10 wit O o W BwePeattel *h ie a
er ss that day. nolhlossep. 1. The ex-S.- kekr wasstayingt the tah--inort.m-i ni e%
bic amnOg tent tocTarry awaW nol prosead. just aos the street from the abmding Interest Is bert n sken r ordnt. e. een
Geo--DhOngth. Casrvy-ngconcealedbati or wtt
entirely de- weapoa, Ple& of 9e'a d ts. piece of Cheiak n OthkA. Hanna, of et iaa e
eving that JtoUH Carter. aggravated aaut t. It. eRepublican Nationl Comittee, armw plate WOhi v ill ake Plte.th '
lne-. have oroas. te el'nu inotcll. Instead week at the IndianSeeatd p ufn
W to theo SI J.Patterson. carrying rOceatedh e te afe trnw grounds.
rde. wpons. Plea of guIltY or 30days. P t L g
;OO e The latter can was that of the col Col A. 0. Paine and the evening with
RdO. tri abed1ev. O-was charged with oeraunam friends at, his o and represents part of the armw mais-
an atteT t t his store.but wS sr.Her declined to talk for public featuredd ty the Carnegie Comany or on
ly tn West dieh ed at the Prellmi nary. hearing. t i t h Je l the Russian battleshlp below buUt a
Y. AAhe e -st r to 4^ S^I JS,. s .thhi --ell &4- SUVA#
& As h yae pIstol At ti e tMe. o Crampa. It. will attaeWith aTi'l
his arrest. he was hela charge dress'to his coostlttnte printedyyee-chn dwiave d
IntoMAS Shore terday.contained elI he hadhinmind.a
SSaturday Do Not Belleve FlPIpno Nae Haet . Te oT at a velocity of lObt feet a sasO 1
I asked the Emissary of Peae. Should the plate sccPsefult Astnd a#
W mnoute. Wahinwton r Sp 2-Jtlgshipment obaco Arrtived on trial tw 2talan government w o
n ..t WhIgton S Sc the Steamer Otrtte Sund cpt th e f armor. The reslt of .,
1 by & vic- The officials of the State Departmnnt the trial -wbI he Comopared with the etob
9 away, the *are disinclned to believe that the Fill- The largest lotj of tobacco ever distance of the Jtarveylsed plate of the one
I had wj- UntU tIntend to "e tor peace through brought to this qtat In one ashpment Same thoes pa. tho
WW out the 'tl fo(Cr worhwm they ask penIs.- arrived at Port Tampa on the Plant _____________
wras rIven The offidule *Atit* that If peace over. The sesomen oiteletad of S3 bales&
beIng kept tur- rw-a Intended by the Pllpinbs, Three hundred *od ninety-three of
they would -ad three of the muot them were for -ft:ahs Hays. 76 for
Q. prominent men, In ther ranks. Julhc ElgUir eM0ifor onzales. Mors

b 5wvfll. Sept. a% The Otvett a brought I barrels 16;_
* gb.. n"T" ew casee and no deaths was of the fax Anic pears, for local
noon report at ey Wet. fruit dJeIm Ad of Sundries. Nf LbS bed sm duck
"BPc 6 T i acaft thatthe fever has 5sailedeherw tinS tr3Sp after the 100h Q19
ehbp Ittn otirpe, sevirsiof train OKaf.eat the Pelt -

Nsus4tthetp 1

the conukhemT

AMAhat bbose

hoegitalty cc t tw hlad4p

kft toa~~p I Lsa

trm Asscan&"
he Wel entkedvu

meeing mtem







Ortaut trib-AMna1 d. JD te ohape a Eel-
The meot intreting case of the day W. saaM h;e .
as that of JuI% Green, the neagro tlt e Atabama. I V
ho entered the houae of Nelle New- Met front m ob asked I
wwy t a witWoman. la What Tmpa, theorite of ithe rWauil l.
nd was fomnd, aaoording to the wo- vsateo ato the neeysm lt
an's story. concealed under the bed. condustisr the lateti e
The woman, whose character wa Mayor W Bpwera at oaMe w e a
uccetmfuly attacked in those ortrtomn, 0w Bandea atfoow: .f:
appearing that she had borne'a some- We wal be Naeead tob h
hat shady reputation, sought to nMaka eor po nlolawn ISn ltgae
he Jury believe that the negro had health of mar im tt t aerya
I adrta of dtabollcal projects in his itg will be s thMa ~ t
ead when he adopted this means of atyor Bowyer b*id to I lulqi"
eotrtIon. The negro claimed that tie porter tAMt this step of the l
rotnan had Invited him nto the house, astheatiort was probabt "1
.nd. after he had refused to comply view to Satitf themslvsm 6 e
vith her demands, had "squealed" on Inipeotlon, of te aba e nse1 t ---I
inu Pt10lo08 Ilis i thit Shty. '
The defendant was represented by said the nayor. "Mthat hr
attorneys Peoples and Cohen. be a benefit to as., for th-er
The Jurm did not apreciate the troub. oblied to report, aste af t"hom
eM of Vellie and acquitted Green. vaStlatlon tVat the o aatioe-
ludge Carter, In dicharlrtt him, adr. are ttm t faoable., o farl as 'm
vled him to teer clear of white wo- health Is conoern'd.
men, of whatever character, in ,he 70The hn I cm Omsion
tuttre. or he would te certain to rt ably be here in a tjfe deya,tt
nto serious complications. IMobile is qutaantined a niat
Other case disposed of were as fol- and the steasnr f am,- "d
ow. comtelled to dischafe t a
Avery & Owens, merchandl-nfg witlm- lihtsra, tmhe atthorlsta tU
out a license, not proesed on payment t afe for her to go tpI the-
of cese. at Mobile. Oe Lt the
Keetner A Dillon, merchandljng tbvetiitors li s -
without a oeos, sa, "me direction doubties. be tia -dite
WUI Famen, carrying concealed the meumaess quaratle .e
weapons, gudlty, OD dayin laiL this city. .
iula (Foreater, vagrancy, not gilty. L46IU-_ ----""r
Julia AAmrster. vagrancy, glty., one ')1iRUnL PUBzn
month In county jai. fe inde ^e Affair of las Ca
Bat Hb amaton, v at-5cy. iuUty., one in j Or tt* Ware
month In conty jail. ra
Jose Selva, petit larceny. not gu lty. Ahlditoer 5', a of a A0
'Ed. Davistae ne igro who atole 4*% SRch SBew ai m-wwlasiea, 4eA
pounds of boan tfro SL. Drwdys t T&m-.Wk 1* the tin
store. was found guIlty, and sentenced 0=~eN. at Its 5i Am S
to SO day in the county jaiL Ol4uteta was -|r ^*J
The amrtwi esuItitnosIn ms- outo- &aft of U2& .] omm


rr of a Million People
Staring on the Island.


-----e w
relieff Fond Ess Now Reacheeu
-a Totat of Thirty-MahT
S ThoanqWd

evYork, Set L13-(Spectal).-
General Davis at Porto Rico
Swtten a letter to the Merchanti
lon Reftef lOomlttee of this
-rfn bi b pse conc ereing the
sooadton of titee rendered des-
b ythe recent hurricane on the
"Tbe*fltt and mot of the d croe
tatlap atroe Upo tae te the
9aeeMtit. -itving from hand to
Sand itit these there is noth-
%W latUtim hB vahLt In Porto bico

S'* nil amew cWop is pduced
At theU geat problem to te

with yU.,y lltt claot-
a and of itwtlfhoft oodthere

: L- to the extent
tod hGsples be
srecr. L'1 I h2e Mun er winl be
. In- oei e ar m this forward
nr amaw o w*;L and we st prewre
l faied nobt J thane a quarter otf a
asiielna people ob t thq tea rtia can
smet brin ihjl'S p plies, What
i. mases Je Abewan ry a simple mathe-
'ti.A "te.nouMatie.U At. the rate of
w Pontd of food per day, per person,
ekw many p oundst f foojwill It take
.4, feed= 2I0 person U9 days?
-e m to further In -our calcula-
ift hb considering the cost of this
,od ap nd Olt jdiJr4tlw it, for even
oUb AR 0i0q y resources of the
Modo' sre being used In dhstribuUon,
: etheless tUe expense of petting the
ftoed to the 1*317ry whll # approxi-
BMtei, about ^er oea Oe c$ the doet of
Ahe0utoo'i 7topst cannot bei much les
taa a~ ~iio ad a half d9llars; evea
It the diet be as propoedrce, beans
Md eodoth or bacon. Cnwe get that
Oim? And iwe can. will your commit-
tee be able to prevent Its golng into
lt9hln but the cheapest kind of
'-e Nat ne Bank of'North America,
to deosimtty of the Porto Rican Re-
Set Ml. received $M.0 yesterday
tres the Mfayor Of Cleveland. Other
entributlass from various cities In-
revsmAd tDdf to $Si7n.76.
Bte Department .Win tAsk CugrIs-e
to Otet Thts Amount.

m tao Deplrtment wil Tofer the

iwna.MPmt. ls--eleeIS.-It i a.n-
-w a.4r hat Owing to the heavy
pol. the Oaer erop wi be only
6-ti as asige as qmual

m1 -H iqptr pgw ela-xtT&at
Wd W e IUDUnVW dIibH
r-momaf itetes MayS Be Part of
Ifmeot toi the IAmraL

kdntos is b e w Igreati peelpar-
*er A it Owma celebration to be
tm gu~asesa Slates have in&-


Mon the ratlrSeM extDM month of wainlnr tbeir old workmen, and it is ELsems is more 'than a iski dlseas
Rear s rl otl wilt potebly expected that in a few days their staff en no skin remedies ean a ua .Thes
SC Hear A2Adiral Howell as Pre- will be u to the nornaL The Leon- doctorm are unable to effeet a eou, and
st af the a* i* Bod 'rdi factory lai a1so wofting a good their miner mixtures are d ngl
2teUS Ad L. L.g se s wilt be tore. Ordes with the firm are quite tortheemost pewertfucon1stitultio
detached am wono- s the South flsh
ilit sation a oreed hm to Nicholas Gonales. of Gonales, Mora Whole troupe is in the blood,s&
&w*It i t4weat. eftfte etamon re- & Co, left for Havana last Monday swift' Speifie is the only xamedV
MVz s as o M11of box has not been nighton a business tripW which an rech.msch deep-jaatd btocu
MaOWed. int Rear Ax ar l Ramey wUl F. Vlde.l Cnu of the EN Arte Cigar dieases.
M066 nothbegivaeneomuwsnaofthat Co.. leaves toi-night for 'Havana. He eoes bretl lent amy dalhte,ssd sdeoo
HN&Ulout He w. Dgo to ea soon, and will soend about two weeks looking ased to spread nanti
It is 4 Sti PM th the department will over the tobacco market of the island. hed was entMrely
reate a Iimdiro for hbimn Mr. E. ey, of Cntesta. ,Rey & Co., h h
WhiMetb D anowno vessels. val- is expected homeunday nghttroman sovered.BShews;atreated
ON* &Wr a MBOua sMquadron, the comn- -extended trip to Spain. He returns via by al er 0&ood doitoss,

'.- A.la_ a and WP other veseleun-
S IN GX HOUBRS. sr mme wl moen our.
R-- Rear as LM i m&'s au rnmenti
sm etr dbey anl Bladder Ds- to the Bton Navy Yard Is understood
ms relieved la six ors by "few to be In00 i'fta wth his wishesL
It Is NVupaaredthat orders wt soon
-8ath tAmrscan Kidney CUre." be lmSdesariMa Captai]n F.. Cihtad
l gr&t We on accoito Its ick f' d Of the New York
m rodhsM.I i n reliertnEg pain ad Cean jD. 8liabee from coom-
MW. .laa Um eT and bae. maie m m Me tOfh TOM
L--i Vtolvf ,reteution ot water r 0---
A If Chet2you er H rown. WsRIM-esoo Mich.,
Z f sad csre this ts the says "Kool Dyspepsia Cure cured me
is a BB Lf-1an & Co.. of a ser cae of Indigestion; can
afi &I OU strongly reoomenennd It to aH dys-
JOA Dtta'" tsts what you eat without
lWW C aI :KB. a T, the stommah and cures dys
.. & ay ar Swia IB Io*adU & Co., CenUtra
64&a%, SSuBow. Phan ey. o T ampa; Damoad Pbar-
S. macy, Thor City.
ow l niane their sde- eWlt 1 ttlte ariy Risers penmna
TtmSS^B r In&- ot cu z abmsk contlpation,
someata*bltume s nemwanp s a and worn-out
two Ob- mgem asu. pasat, never grtie


Dr. E. Detchon's Anti Diuretic
may be worth to you more than $100
if you have a child who moils bedding
from inconetinence of water during
sleep. Cures old and young alike. It
arrests the trouble at once. L. Sold
by S. (B. Leeoardi & Co.. Tampa Fla.

Is BabyThin
ths summer? Then add a

to hW mik tree tus a day.

le the otew take the
R--i.Sdoss;s &

but guw worse, and the
to her fase. She wa .'
takento two celebrated -
health springs, but re.
eeivedno benefit. Mayl
patent medilcnes were t ke, ba t without re-
ile until awe delded to try 8. S.,8ad by th4
time the est A Ottle wu finished, her head its
ao to heal. A dozen bottles cured her eom-
pletely sad left her skin perfectly smOOth. 8hb
Snow sixteen years old, and h as amagnificesl
Trwth of halt. Not a sign of the dreadful]
has event returned.
2701 Lut Ave.. St. Louis, Mo.
Don't expect local applications ol
soaps and ahvres to cure Eczema. They
reach only the surface, while the di-
sease come# from within. Swift's

S.S.S. Blood

is the only cure and will reach the mot
Sobstnatease. It is far ahead of all
Ssiailar remedies, because it emes ease
which are beyond their reach S.. 8. Sis
I y vegeable, and Is the only blood
eay guarateed to contain no pot-
Sm nan T o r other mineral.



Silver Wedding Anniversary Was
laterestiag Views o: the Expert Factories Working Hard to Fill Honored By chief
Who Made iuvetigat:on. Orders. HamrrsMen.
It was Just after Chief A. J. Harris.
---- of the fire department, had completed
service last niht. in honor of the
hie Doc&ir Thinks Welsh Consacted All the Wo .*- Who See..- Tables twe i tha a oversa of their wed-
the Diseease While in St. Can G't a Pusition Lt r- y door. and the weloorno "Come In,"
Pete "burg i oa revealed the fact that a committee,
etebu repeeting the entire fire department,
was In waiting outalde.
Entering, the ,om1ittee presented to
The Savatnnh News contains an in- The past week has marked an epoch Chlet and ri s. arri hoantte dbtne and
teresting article, embodyin Dr.. W. F. in the ciar industry of Tampa which costly solid silver te set, accompanied
Brunner's report of the impressions has seldom been paraxelted in the his by a card. enrliing the names of all
gakaed from his investigation of the tory of this stupendous trade. All the the members of the d e as the
Welsh case at Port Tampa.. The fol- factories are working aa udll a force as donors.
low are e extra : ible the only ie ent begin Hrrs taken completely by
"Dr. B u r returned yesterday the Inmspotxlty to secure wrorkmen, ls ^'HesM taken cabl pietely bype
from Port Tampa where he went to but those who are employed are of the h imseeat the eTo a Tribune e-
inveestUate the fever situation. He finest tpe at their trade, as Is plainly elter. a t &few le* To a Tribune re-s
found that ttere had been no other eidened the grade goo they orter few m x es later, he said:
ca an that iofthe man who died "Dodui i fa, the entire In- wThe li togetha nexpre o gy d-
last wunas His name was Jack will altogeher My spore'
Welsh. andj Dr. Brunner describes him iky is enjoying& a degree of pros-cia ooaton ecee kI, words."
as havtiV been a sort of roust-about eri tat will favor ably with The peope oifIn will Join with
N t e ases grow t Of Welsh's a ot branch of tMnems In the the fire
Infetlem. thou b lx mn rwho came Uned S te Of course the ri quir- hefre qei e nt insh wieng to the
wite.n r will b e kver are care yom tne reg tto enorced at ey i and h es m e wie the ob-
I te an will b e e pt ape--t t a M, t and 1Havanas. as well as aruad omrvs u o U th anniversaries
1teA 7. this vcit have the effect of chtsii- o the Oh' mahce them one.
' Petersm several miles from ng the suppy oC workmanef s. and "hist IV ea
Pant T86094' wIa fixed upon by Dr. sesoclated with the fact O tthose t wIth0 Mt P te yo7 need
St-tiera-nd the Marine Hospital mu- 'bJ lettforH1avana v M d Key West PrtcklY Ash Butl r It promptly re-
geWoa aS the place where Welsh prob- dwhthr the stre. are tInantaly o Wx- nmore. imuriWtau that clog and impede
ay Ciaoted the disease His move- abf to return, owing to the oversupply the actoO on the detive organM
nMta showed he had eent a goo dew ot laborers at those points, which they
a his time there. and it w ae- s ted uo their arr i hence create ood appetite and digestion,
tatned tat several Q alt vessels that While they are aware that there Is stren th t bod I and activity of brain.
bad come from Key Wet and other m &e a rd ieno y Of work i Taumae For le by I Ledbardi & Co
iwts to the Iouth had avoided the and at exceedingly remunerative wages.
Marine vserbo' q atie station on them beng no free transportation u P AN T l A o A
Ontet Key, and that of the Florida & ted. as upon their exodus, to con- C N A Sy Ao tou
atatitotles on Mullet Key, man dl- vey them to their old fdeld( which the' erlin. Slept. li-Admvice.oTroa a a.I-
aet for St. Petersbur. It was thought with such Russian Po land, saythat
verY obnlble that the itection had whether they realize this fact or not. thirty-two ersons have bee crushed
been brotaguht into town by one of he it is an eminent trth that for this to dearth th ers he during a panic ithn ae
vessels ani that Welsh has there oon- unfortunate sitution they have only synagogue caused by the r e ttiof
st" i tIto extend their gratitude to the &&I lampT_ he t w me-n
'TWx men were In the Marine Hospital t&r a who exercised such zea2ous an chldreT. eVctm s were allwomen
at the tta Welsh was under treatment activity to deport them, and now:, 1rehdre" Ma iy oM -eni tere
They were taken ot after his death a tter the disptte is amicably settled,
and placed where careful watch could leave them to solve their own salvation, A FRvIGHTtL BLUIDER
be maintained It i Poostble the fever and reach here 'as best they can. But --,1 t e
may be tdeeloved among them. Of one fact is discerned, emphatically, Wi I often cause a horrMle burn.
two. however, (Dr. Brune- is quite cer- that none of these leader have left.
taln He thiln they are in nodan- Tobacco is steadily arriving from scald, cut or bruise. uoklen' Arnica
er. as th ae iomunes The men Havana, at a very gratifying rate, and Salve. the beet n the world, will kill
came Under hi notice while h was the factories throughout the city are the Dai and roMotly heal It. Cures
the 'Marine tHosplia service W I supplying themselves with a sufficient dd orea fever sore. ulcern, boils, fel-
.'Vnnlderable aarm was'mandfested 1 Quatnty of lea to last them througno; on ski na er ptos. Reol t
at Tampa Port Tampa and Port Tan the coming season. and this contributes forn al kn eruption. Bet
pa City. Dr. __ lr saor a On his way' toward materially Increasing the vol- P ile 9ur on earth. Only 25 cents a
down laC t o.ndsa mos On hi mt umaoe business about the custom-; box. Oure guaranteed. Sold by eon-
many rerfgeese who were leaving for houhe. and the employees are now i aroi & Co.. droggitea.
es of undoubted safety. The flight ushed to the utmost to be able to keep
00 tutI"ethe next day, but yesterdK Up with the rush. This is a very1 i TfK IT .WILL HELP.
It had subsided. and Dr. Brunner strong contrast to the stagnation that I L
ncee n.but very few Paeuen.erlearv was noticed there a few days ago. M
U Mm The alarmhavan John Bed. Ca, of Cdreah, Gd- Mr. e received a letter y-
and e eoDle eem confident kneCht & Co.. arrtved in Tampa Mon- terday from a dy in Birmingham,
there is no danger." nthat d and alter a short visit to his Ala-, saying: "K saw that you were in
Here. left Thureda night for Plant lray. looking for a location r
Ha-Ivana. The house received a ttle-at
PENr CITY HAS A BIG BLAZE cram yesterday morning from th'.ira Saloom. Bon you wi locate Int
Uawvana buyer stating he had Just' nar future. We think It will build up
o l--- eted a leaf deal efficient to up- I the place, and. it you do locate, would
BPly their requirements for the ensuing 'I ke to rent my store for a aaloon. My
The factory of Barraco Rico & husband and myself spend about six
MA RtY t )tUR THIS MORNING. Outerra of West Tenpa, which had months In the year at Plant City, and
..- suspended operations for the past two we will do all In our power to get a
weeks 0te acoumnt of lack Of stock, dur- saloon there.'"
They Were Owned By O'iatiora & mn g the absenceoe hr. LAntonio RI Mn
JC. a -ndWere Occupled By business last Mondas with a full force,
Ouban Cigar a e as I is PlaInl evidenced y 1 their pro0uc- How Henry OldIden Found New York
tan Cigar k tion of cigars. Jamo 'With Visitors
___ The firm Of oPendes & Alvarez occur J tb Vsto
piesl a o positOEn in the pro-."t a h
'Three-cottages in Peno City were cesion of manufacturers, .t a sual senry Gie the leading clothier,
burned this marnc at 1:30. The with regards to their production ofC bsbck h the reat marta of trade.
fim s aed headway In a very ahort tiam They are also seating every He gives a vivid description of the

The tHu were located In the rear tibe firm of Julhus Ellnger & Co. re- New York ity,.
Of OMBDNoean & Co.'s cigar factory, Port a ''ery saiiafactory buslnen for 'IAirsady." maid Mr. Gdlddens. "the
w's owned by tha firm. They the past wash. Togther with toesea- alty Is orowded with veltotw, who ex-
wes o by Ctbns. The firs l their fnree nieer-ahy, they have oeot to renalmn thrwb the gra
l S S elS notified Chief Mar- coomsnnt of Vuelto Abeo leae. tewut day, and the weak of tae ap
rts ad drove to the scene, render- The butsnes of F. Garcia & Bmo. does saea It o diflt to xl accamo-
1C valiMabe mmltance. not appear to be sab tn the tenor datima. Tampa. buyer had to oc-
O(BEAOB I NAVY. os durIng the aben^e of Antoniootr
--- Gcla. who is at present in New YorX way through jane of people at night."
Number of Imoortant Changes to Be on a boelnem trip. This factory reoeiv- Mr. Giddeme, Opite tla ^sc that
I t In Stations. ad u bale of fine tnaecoo during the t e were 5. .Waflatllo, Sept. l3)-(Bcla<).-- Hr. Harry Campbell, the amIable ma ed t purnha a very hand-
06i ater t Bhe re- om two mati visit at p mann. asmortinqt c clothing.

tac fine diay as president Oc the ewedlot that he will not be deficient 1s
Navml Baatea iBear d ordered "fish stories" for the next few w.t r.,em a!
Naoy Yard. 'othed onnaio Monday, after a nTT -- n Sure.
Cheana J58. Barker.t who wta ate pro- sa~tatory solution of their contlnied
nodto the crd o rea admiral. ilQlIIeitlon o(l bulea t ranlddly re-

Many of the clerks In the employ of t
the movetnient and Amlwoane in ^jU'
business in the city have been taken -i' .
down with the fever during the past w sewI M
few days. and a wholesale exodus is
o nw caes were disooved on TAMPA COUP
the yacht En ls Sunday, and twelve
deaths occurred in the hopital the
same day. ORAlTE A BEN
All American and CUbant wto are YORK
munaccumeaed have been aviwed by the
authorities to leave at once, if they
value their lives. The army depart- Mrs Isaac White
men tshave been very much bothered f
by these wholesale desertions, and al- ue f
low but lttle to be nt"Dhe .d with ref- S Terms i
erence to the rapd increase in the
number of cases of the fever, which
seems to be devoting Ite attenti= Pair-
ticularly to the Americans. The following as
STOMG EXCEPT IN MIND. wti be of Interest
Clasencd Johnson CommUtted to the TanSm who are
State 1Lusat a Avylum, and Mrs. L t. WI
Clarence Johnson. 6 ye rs old, son a was arre s ted at
(Mr. and s. M b. Johnson. of Mile rre
Greek. was adjudged inaLae by County tel this marniir w
Judge Harrison yesterday afternoon, wife. Loalse Belli
and co caitted to the State lunatic 6event-nilnh str
asylum. aftet
The unfrtunate boy Is somewhat of the ar
a Prodigy, weighing nearly 100 pounds, Police C~ t Mr
and pos seeing an abnormal nmuecular some and styltahl
stremnith. which would do credit to a man with geoden
stalwart youth. His idiocy mantifesta s 18e tol (
itself in continual movementa it being
itnoosiblei to keep him still for even was mariled one
a few~secd When one year ol he lah Hter husband
was the victim of a violent fever, which her fatlie es tate
robbed him o hise mental powers.. valued at o 0
Attendeat Glenn. of the State asy- b t he, as
unx, toon the boy to Chattahoochee ba lert her. r
Uat nitht. The partUng between the has been annoying
heartbroken mnthr and her unfortua- moerUM she was
nate child wta agutixingly sad. Withl rant for bin arne
eareftl treatment at the asylum, It Is *1 don't think
,baeevedt that the little tallow ma out- mw- White. I
graw hls mental lament. bnn' The cae
N Ato-morrow."
We are the repremwetatives oaf South
tloreda for the famous Chaoion Crankms Deni
MHwlw ng heob e. and ane sow reaft- Threat cc
to taok im rder s ar ft G tveM Ywk.
Tboes as the coty maNhse med=Ae & -A
em that sayver re ese tOwe diver to at 64 Castelaet
leav iM samt to nouata TZe d x* d to
ame- ant w e w af oraw a t-ee "tG ieme fgei
er stommx Loit th TamaM Bam. twtve *so& at 4
now asSB Wages -- earthia iini t"e

-sIaMu to the do
kmfl ov a xe t l
OLD WOMEN 1 Us0 Stoedwes

wrheiealbdassrsd knomsi wrs LoivlKv.

LE 11 6


Had a Warrant
husband$ vWois
am "Not Ught."'

eclalt New 1
t to the people
acnualnted mth"-
ite: ,
t. 15,-Isaac B. II
the Grad Urlom I
at the instance of
e 'White, ato 1
eet He was asea
on In the Wet 4
. White, a very ne
py-dressed wi0-'
hair, was pe

year age in TRs
i was the execato
e. hiiab se said
Iast Jmue her I
a tmine that tnu
a her. Driven to
forced to get a i

want to amt

me interferewt
a Cc evesy T

The blbmd m tida
watery; the red corpudi
dteorawem the--, .--o.

. ." ...A'I e as aW1 smk to
How =aL. ahome sre Jey.te ml..- -ay -6- Ieeh advised t
mea are pematurely old for this reasaol ew
many crippled wives and impostible mothers! MItM r
wifehood offers nothing bt suffering and re
rilt; ,*- hox nothing but probate death l form&IOA tAbe
the Gov.cMoA
is exactly what t's name implies. ns,",ew Do are ex
Health" forwomen. Itaherephyslcal svdatio on thee S wt
o corrects the watery and sterile coaditlon of the Graant 0 tb
the bloo: d; giving growth to the redcorpuscee s Wth 13S0m
uatil they predominate nature intended, aA Geore m W. LUd
they in turn b.ild up the weak times of the OMCer ad U22
muscles; put on healthy fttaadi ity t0 witvh h na
and inmate force to the entire nervous system. cM e n d ?W s
This is secondary, however, to the action Dr. 7bs
Reno's New Healthas on tl delete oreaa V Of Valencaas am
maternity. In them is the origia ofn ae-tenths the MSK te
of all diseases comoto wonea. No one ca October 1.
understand how gently, how nm s-n.niy, how Or7.
marelously this God-given remedy enters tato 1
the amecretrecee of womUan's measitiv orga. on the M wlt
lam, and firat repairs the rg of neglect or
o disse through neglect, aad the gradually. the l
butsrely, gives vitality and ao .. &adg X S
itacreasingtr length to that part of her which s & tbeonMtit
momsa happy f uleleat ofbher divinesMialossion T wtans"
nlife. atilshe asa takes this medlcineaasKa the Oa an
perlsn d Is rebaledlzg power. I tprepses h u te rembeg
far csgabie wifehood sad V- MLi i.gTlh a st 5
O-n e' Ne BTasmh i | *nol sa whkw Ntiatd wa

;LA :

a MLow



Report That Who!esale Ex-
od.3 is in Progress.


Key West E.s F -.:a ew -
Kak.ng a Tot.l 0o:
Jacksonville. Bept. 14 -( l8eciaJ).--Ke DNl I V
West reports AfLteen new cases of yet- A M N hl W
low fever to-day up to the noon re-
ports oa the bhyslciana One death lee
occurred sioe the last statement The LEAM T
total to date is 171. M L FF
Rev. Riohardson, pastor of the Meth- FFE
odist church, who has remained in the
city at his post of duty, is reported as
one Olf the new cases
The detention cap at Tortugas are WAM -M
rapIdjy beine f led with refugees. & S w
rivuadvices Orm Havana state W'
that the Amerioan cIvilian em rees W P
of the ofik. of the onT deParantsU
am resrimo& by whotele on ac coun
09 the ne otbreac o yelnmr tver ta W 'i
tbat, ott. -

The Amis the platen or diner, his usual menu
afla was Wergenthaler space-Zbands, gar-
Without it, nished with melted lead and held down A T BAK &
Usmder feld by two or three shooting-sticks or col-
that never umn rules. He complained only of bad PRI -' -Y-
blooms, a taste in the mouth. In one day, he
Bower thbuat devoured 138 matrices, between meals .
night without We knt w that the worst was co_.ing.
out a ben-S ITCosts less ft ne. a c .
Sprayer without and he did a creditable St. Vitus AOMTROUL, INGES. e ure that the Page ear
id t FA W Dance suffering Intensely afterwards TIO VERDISORDER OR
o i IesaOil OmAl W W band with cram-colc.. hStill, we continued WPATM AP t NlO lM.
T rT l To wrthy of the'name. who did not aspire to hove against hope. -
healthy, capable children to hand down Monday before last, when the first- {*- WALT E R Bfl .
his name and the foun satd couer tened up the psng room, -For ae by B. Leonard & Co. WALTER BAKIR & CO.
....e tnersation. There wife fit to he found the remains of poor Aguinaldo
iTit noble title, who did nt wish to stretched upon the floor with the large OPEING DATE CHANGED DORCESTER. MASS
wer woman' odsmost glorious crown, end of a side-stick Protrngfrom his
the sceptre of motherhood. Thousands
IlnII( LL 9 f of wedded couples, otherwise happy, fall mouth. te was dead-gone to his as- ...
srt *Iof wedlock's greatest happiness be- count t ith all his undigested increment CITY SCIHOOL WILL BEGINI WORK
cause they are childless. In the majority In his interior He had evidently plar- MONDAY, CTOBER 2.
sf cases, this is because the wife, through
^ '~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- ---- -"^ ^ -' -^ -- -^ -ar -.>Y -CBD -., _____ ___.__
AM'(, W'11 be[-Pt srahee or infs t frsinwe taken of a hearty Sunday diner of
n and disease of the organs distinctly7 column rules and chases and in the t
S .v for there is. t medicine that does attempt to complete the repast on a Date Pdstponed Owing to the Abeence
t fail to accomplish its purpose. It is side-stick had died 'rom seer gastro-
Dr. Pierce'sF Pawte Prescription. It act nomic exhauslht. He was determined, of Patrns.
directly on the delicate organs concerned
Svirile and elastic. It allays iuammation, needed in chewing up three-fourths of The oDening of the public schools of
heals nulceration, sothes pne and tones the toothsome nmorsel wetch proved this city has bean postponed to Mon-
i-.:2 ." Ikld motherho~te shattered nerweS. It fits for wifehlood ilaolasttoWeconductednahpostnortemrd5hYdt Octobere t n
She distinctly feininne organism. It bans examination and in addition to enough Tos rnedmeetili ot the cu at antaschool
Zf_.e i all lashes the maladies oftheexpectmon printing aerial to eo.ip a small board. ,ield yesterday afternoon
a d alesbby'sin tewor offiee discovered in s exp"nsl e The pstxonlment is one of the re- V

ScMme, wnlPess Io m rlsds nCo.Ea These undoubtedly contrihoted largely tOViBRsmOW GUARDS a b t Xl V
alsosam re-I ss yEr:,nnmedicine,-Dr. l're has untlmely end. M- a 11 S S ANlHsera srk ft Ysw
.I da ri o, a-ali'hwill Tampa Falrenp I wbeed by yoer n TallahaaIee Cmheka ctho-p&sisr Wlit Be e _. lth oss atnd p A O S O,
I bnase efest ireOther f n g iveS i l I S uch irs Ithe sln of~ j~p Amulnalda i Lt ie wey Day. e e 22R Or Y B.P
f t hat E ven though no new p oferth. feel bett er I have tWe rblish the facts a A warning to aahsee 15-It a been
n as lo anoiatiou ON al theor coonsfour-lt edor nvl Tall setetIt e
awlotevehandono su-u or cse o copseion Drt Pierce% t.Dont 1tmnvy VSdtht the Govemor's -
S to T anp tty chaacte it Is det e eon Dr. le g ,ged. lont bite. off inee than .ou Guards. some sIxty strong sro l go to wi -
P eellel shoimld be sed as an tle chew
*blsll ha' the State E]nir of Halrho adjunct to the "Favorite Prescription, Nes York te rake part so the Dewey
to nt he erci of rent ee- they aretrelysimple, perfetlynatral Day Celebration. The pr ion has ShO t .. -
S Iinus toethe epont o de e dsr tandpermanesntio t QUARANlINES ARE ILLEGAL f Bor some time tbe undergo sidera-
ot o our-Etioneand the publics pirtedp people of11 I
t dai eriod, wicbl te w be until Tallahasseea ha.e at last .Suceeded in GJ O 6 A 0 -
a B e e a rt making the necessary arrangements
mthe tihe nnt week. tliereforew g-o DR. PORTERIS PHOCIAMATO to add one more representative o .
to kloqida's quota an Dewey Day. I r ,
I'W llllnaier as of nall co-n-es, l wh ,cr- r r h p t ON IMPCRTAIT iMATITER. It ? E
3bft T"Ma Oity wil cotilonse In ____ PLU'MIB3iG INSPECTOR.
*antokmwvent the return of regees-Toswns Which Declare Guaranslnes Th~t M. J. *l Ai t That
A- Against Tampa Will Be Punshed y tao o >i1 O d Dep l d
p-ftv. nl the tenth day since the Under the ne odcupation tax law,'Mayor B"-yer yesterday, afternoon
pa Ino w n Iesol ation at P t will e ble for the hasckmen B the Statehrouh yourd Health appointed Cant I. I.e e'lerb I r .-plzisl fit-v' e": i.t" sih -a

I tt will be i tporebun- e forh t e a k me n I7 t t o h eS fle c 1d ot i Ae
SO wllnock he cavern o hi unque or erco in Floa has ar hitect of his t, to '
iU tt-e a we ere In contact wit .llh John to rt mixe, f aach Jehu will be The T rib une has recei e ved Ktdfollow- the itiOn Plumbingf I. f- i or t ii- s rc i. iO rl i
ib agnde yellow fever are de- All olne drmtick per a number on hinhatroduction f yellow fever from the City of Tapome. Ot ceO t h i -s
A a rtl Key West that after. Por-dtey,r :re:ndg totthatenhis vehcle.Ito and ins Hlboro- h ay e e have events recould ve dd ,. : the m 'ptL
tlsshs bhe acconted entirelyas at goodIde time to leabe theselow so ,te r T 'beenstMade and a man that would give
Infection o f thet disease. wo of te Boa deilnHealthitofFlorida. 'more univemal matsfacton could not 'f! ,, , t --e .e,'ricn-.t i f '-iov ieected.
Sth arte tntla up every T re by n danger of los- Jascksonvle. e Fa., Sept. 15, 189.op have bee foUnanc inentlye qualified
S ae cone. wcthich proceeded to mak it-. aton of anyth f such character r e or the position, witi tre ,
iMe clos were reported fp to e t tsee and state throw ugh our columns, a thorough knowledge of the duti esof* -A ir O i-ee speci J 1 t
Mia tit!at of ausnow pre ous Illa- rmsation of Judinearit r tcitY. or lac on the main- c t h i n beTies e the in th y est is-ie,"thte ,

^O tM m Patients who ore meet aaml. se of deisacy, 'C Boar of Health of Florida.- > The first victim w1a Amos tearshall, 7
last t teye with rnpect or the dead, h "land of Fmptord ak caot Port TUna &pal lle who does m le a er-
mbroen. Axiou fr i trying t) I der q a survella e, cent official. no it Is Indeed very -)9 .4j4 t ,.c 't.;tL.n S 1 0,. . JX t t l .l
- Al a nnd re thorow y hdzaltc y. In vain to A nd the "open s same" th rat. Neitht no er can personsor, weak. thin randi tifled te know Hartess anyor -e
will unloc the cavern, hof his unique editorial or other corporaon Ranein Florida ha ow enernaed h im tea itleman so .* e Cflfo -. i-'
-. .retirement, any ot orr to tel the athority to m s intain wl e ps a ne. nEA .-I. C. P. DEPO 'RONE -
.p" nwirwhole, the awuest New C -:- Piuaantlne," or to demand hel '-th, .,e, - e ti i l
." Up varo s. If the price of chickenin the notice NOTifi E TO No D CRAe quarantine spect- Ks hery n that under and Ch Spp
Sthe Bordn He Trust orhe me tberas are authemocra except I ut of Good ta- n - -
"J"ui'G pt,, lsa-,-fflpo).-- will adopt aie larderIda line am a precaution against the rBic7sle Ortanance.A-TB CI "
-1. Am a 51 yellow fever are de- to o e drtl whick per year. introdu tion of yellow feveriforom the J' thern Ditrict o .

Key West that Dr. Porter ates West) and in Hllabeugn a The rO HADce have eMACHIvidenRy FORly receivedSAL
That his i)bllc than oto Sme s t ago, Snap S hot con OD between Tamp an A Port Tam- Intron sto strt enfor ie or- 42., 450, 4 E. l .e M E t.,#e. a6oe 0 HP Reto.irvi.
. not for enough to y or thee petos ae of ficers of thee Sw M ee, ih e fee. e
t aXWer o the new" ous- dmenson whi lvwi t ate oardpp o Health; no oth er ue r tin the a of v & e e lder. Oye o &
-'.M. .a., 11102.1.:.1116eu -mevery-T; lh 0f oe by "Aguinaldo"a I are d Te a esno O o er o Ordinane"sass,'keep to th
2te 'so which proceeded to make It-, ation of anytWilg o f such jaLcharacter right 12-1- side of the street."
n -s wert re ortedupo9101o oa an and devour ak the wx-iu 1 t houtauthoit y of the State d Of lateodell it has not been enforced.
of Health is a. violation oa f a State Bic list ee o cn lo sides of the

S t -ledeaths a. It oIs geeesw tosight. Theopublic'hasbeoen tatuean w alilt ith E ,ordc troa wtnd es oe thi es o the

4 pfthene sewhichoeAmeetnldms fateuL U'henserlea o, LoatLMnors aHn ulstai t.o ridnL- WagonNObnpilWE. "4Amoswarshpalngi I

shows a n' esood quaj- the old neww per stage and developed sfFd a on tate AnOnOr W. qtng hig n
S~ ofr t I of a go t- et mnatlon that was s DITORI toularly d ed ge the right pod w n
'f pB sing *Out of consideration for his of way, road bed, tlels, rails, track and ..
S......B -- n panins l ienother, tender feelings, he was allowed to de-- the aplprtenancen' and equipment SHE I AA T'1
i. I usually tiud with Bar- vh a threat a three-lo rarh From the Times ltille V thereof dndan panyA & AUSE
.'" with eaour&to a poo t hren e-d a chalf-ke o I suffered with diarrhoea for a long commencing at B 'Elast Point and
exeursaod thought Iandaa ofs thence rUnithg to the City of Tampa;
ptntsi-heart jobstaff. cundingthat rsd I had spent much time and jnacki, ri"htrof lways and the equip-
..,Aim HInefw'e eiahtmoney.and suffered so much misery ment and ipurtenapce thereof Osthe
K n lf. the hit these littl e cs t were met wit that I had alm ost decided to give up all said defend it, In, oier, through, upon F S
wnrows of alienee- he yielded, in aln hope and cwrato there Streets of the City of
Slllen a wamn tries to crush evil hour. to a greater temptation and sit, buct enoticinh ade d at t n ase fo bed, rIght 51 A gl
-with a look she only succeeds ate five discarded office towels which t Oambeatnaaotiso t adera im andw s tl e ar t bed rightC of

wbb aded to kveAglnaldo a little reprov- I an 3 a h nd h olrty man td-day. | ti ,' tras and theequipmentandap P OA ATTENTION GIVEN EACH D T S
hI ,a a eteam Itasdoe ah rd to th any aDhoea Remedy. and a sI eome tes- and a r s reof the sai desad ^
S th ahea fve. The office tant pob, the promised of-o- MOORE. Bold by S. B e bedendant, ng at the corner
.i as be- O.f -Futuler and the itnin oper-F streets in .
tm eiaV- In sgolito ler and U asle aergeblnc- ofnmr i eO enWrllht by thi s rei- b t re the City f ti t o andti or .ence run-

tB .psno ast htos tl Ro 0ed, I decided to try It. After takng nn totEIYOUlWss WtTH YOUR R Tam*
caarsadiretd. n to ad bue carboard went the a few do e pI was entirloftht an Le~ a ,o ! ice t,o o I beL 5 XT reiv,
Trouble and I wish to ay further uon and cross !he streets d Wes. t. FESSEND Tma
htI A bmayn T e girlD I It was at thisn Jucture that we de- t my? readers and fellow-sufferers, that Of the right ao oys oabedth alt h-
..wth at nt slght. tlded to sAve Agulnaldo a little reprov. I am a hale and hotVy manto-day, ties. tracks and the equipmlent and ap-P ER-0NAL ATTENTION GIV.EN DAC D 5TM.PNT
S st It was n an a well a I ever did in mo tIrtenanos theft the said defend. L
M .0O tACe un de th ol oIin Otalk. It 1 done and with many ante MTwTEL edRE. Sold by H at. l tying n te arid being In the County of
ahead teair ar id re naant sobs, he promised lifeH--I. Go. sliE. Zo1by S. 'otrt-h
at t propet yd to 'reform Bltt s d to relate, the un-,Leonarid & Co..'all druggistsasnd medil- Witness crco hand On this the 3est ,, q E Money o.r nit l i ,,sll rd ate anie,' R 4, '
hy leasing their property fortunate h aht of eatlng everything clne deOlerI'd ay of Au EIt, A .D.I11899.H R-
I^ ^Jtineod ......uo ofiAug e d-.A).1L.9u.sl. I) yn for sy e o rrnt. r -l o pa fore t...
Irk p - iN"n ht hadga.ned toorm ahld upon' They are mply peHctwe F. U. 'ra j n wh t'
1uiSs th,Fey sl '" nys a, him to be lightly shalken off. In fact, Rob't 3More, of Lsayett, Ind., of De- ULp- U,, arshalS, [,EY OU I WI
hi l aia wIna mluetyaman defiance o dvice sse whc bae WItt Littie iUrly e Risers the "famous P 0. S.K' .'L CT.- r e, iVTmu i i ye ie,"i se.'vice trln yoi 1. we or reosiet,.
ia a- m-truto dheroace -toae, entr--a dsse iatwyh, m little pills" for constipation and all t c ty -H 'mpa
allb hem sc he 'Meat-as ase I ohihliver ailments Never gripe. I- onacdi county t Toledo, Luca
tnall of us s1w the ilIhtakable paor- & Co., Central Pharmacy, of Tampa; Fralt- 3- I makes Oath that he .
S 'tenite Of hIs unavoIdable and trgic end. Diamond Phaimacy, Ybcr City. is the senior pqnner of the firm of F.

= re calmseo1re ttnlooedu it. He next aitiloi c,l maid. andthatmAid O will pay theinsi
1"-,emad sOW bevere therather I teec ae*"sBume of one hsssdred dollars for each e"
$ VA',, lWe tht' n a a day,. ,n stugs. 4. t he e me-'becured by, the 0e of Hali's Catarrh deb ._
ipsoonMue e d ealsa0 day o sTugswhere we dv reon- Cure. "PAR 3T. CHEN5iY. ,Red
*susas~l, rm i nc s andlo anh almOfeT ing ws Onewheew o c'i ... r wor to before me and -subscribed -
I,:A&mer- d he tried t9 waow the gasoine-, I .N D CoJ E -on her. A .I 1Sthd atm
91dM .in at It was inactiorn at the time I 'ON. A.Meal.). W. OLGBASON,q Is th
*Adeleftit I ;t foe rnoiherPattempt -Notary Pwubl.
hI.hi']0 O h ad'S f bttre is taken Internal-
SO. 6 sfor ons.u n'a@la. ... ,. of the so-mu ...
w. sorted %F *--a ... ru ,ip '.J. tCREW". & CO0.. Toledo, .0.

PIP ."t~' : A 7c

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A" miter and -fasge.
LAINREGraT. CityP ditor

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i One earr............. SO
. 1WT, Six Months.... .... 150
0 CW. Three bouthe...... .... L26
,Oaw. One Month........h... .. 0
Cpy, One Week .... ......... .5

yewr, OneCopy... .. P00
SMonth. On ............. .60
k* -'eely Tribune Is the largest
Lbest paper published In Florida. It
TM to al parts of the United State
* per an strictly in sAvace
1|Trfie oi psblIshed every day
No gefk exept Modw, and is de-
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be deearatdon of Judge "i meta E.
lkafo of Conneaticut in an address
6p the uAditean Aociation of
i Bdesoe at Saratoga, that in hies
SesoM fint a dyitnWcondition
MS hae slowed to pass out of life
baot the *ASdm traist eof medi-
N to d prloo l their existence, has
111 aroused oensiderahie disous-
botha 4n medical etrcles and out
ttena. 1T doctors are. naturally,
Sy all agahist the Judge, both upon
kt AP moral grounds. except one hr
w ta Dr. Nehemiah Nick-
So eriden Coonn., who admits
t e more than

a to Judge Baldwins views. The
we Aatagilly looks at things from
ewn stoadtlont and W he has ever
oa t the sanal bench mae have
W naated in getting undesirable
ofto at oe the world. the doctors,
vm hare -ae different mission, and
Ar si ms a not only to int hoduce
s le Into society. but also to re-
aUiem thwo as long as possible. Thts
bfdt wsathe genodder made to Gen-
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a w- S to semoVe the eIDCon-
to 3* Ued Aot
s eiL so=e to have
6"1ftMB ieSonagatrts who0

*A the amy go by. and with them The United States consul has met iThe annouoncement first made in the aiWt W 7 ae a
the daae-of any farther results ol the with little approbation from his fel- Trbune two months ago, that all the Z hrs a
Ci. the excellent manner In which w person cot esi a A doctor' ezamftf da
the outbreak.was handled byth a- cighave Intars i the nite tt an..d Cubalcon
ri both tate ad National. be- with h. American business men who intended forming a trust with Tampa sh that
comes apareaL have had long distance personal deal- t O op ...., en HV andstomach aen Om 0" tt C-
lorida, and part larly this imme- ings with hm. and ealous students of nally and undoubtedly confirmed. but the doctor canWnot analyse e00 nor s fcl sha
tulate Itself on the faithfulne ad Zoveluent who see bad in him as the The Tribune peoiulshes the condirma- the blood, ampon which thee A i m "w
ability of the officials who are charged only possible result of a bad system tion of the story this morning. All Yosd He is a. man ti
with the responsible doty of regular- of avvointment. unite in condemtning the details have been perfected. All0rgans n. d ipen
ing matters of quarantine. In the case him as a disgrace to the country; and the factories involved have signed the Htood's Sarsaparla Turifee se ala Banver
of John Welsh. no possible precaution agreement. The papers have been and enriches off or he oo. uent y ouYO C cal
was omitted, and the necessary steps the stay-at-homes and inexperienced, officially drawn. A1 that now remains when a bit off oer whdi en ri, boCt teala, entre
were taken with a promptness and effi- have accepted the opinions of these au- to be done is the holding of a formalJ aDy te-" a My husband had d o- very lateresting. m es s
stincv 'which not only restored tie thorities as accurate judgments and organization meeting and the election f andi eHood'Sy Sarsaperilla ared h ad ve I re
temporarily shaken confidence of the made the adverse criticism of the Con- of officers. Our lttle bo was nervous and the bab The Board of PaUl Worh
People. but made the possibility of a sul era Francis B. Loomi The concern is the largest in its line hd s Portag red both." make the pep ef tta.9 cty
sread of the disease so remota to tpd
disarm su icion and chec the oa t United Sates Mnister to enezuelanow or ever in existence. It will con- -.f -I could not eat o paving few more streets. Lt
tdisars iciotNand checkthe panic ntd as trol the clear Havana cigar product monthsan account of distress and Indgengood w
in its Ioitenrc ,however, says in the September number of the entire world It will operate Hood's Sarsaparlla cred me o ta
telth 'he facet s o the naterc n,. of the .Noit ,Amiericaln Review that, all the mammoth sfaetories in Arperlctio aneast and sleep well."has. 0. A. G The orange in6 y I Soth
Taylor and Warc StsW. wilmitongOB L idsida Is just in Its sest. "
clearly before them, t. h? Tribune and though a bd official is the logical out- and Cuba enged in this ind sitry. ^ i .
the people can Lut warmly conmend come of a bad system of appointment, Its employees willbe an army, each 'When T e eI ib C T
the State Board of Health and the local the United States consul is by no means of its payrolls a fortune, its product dependl W It be tme ,
ofclalo of the National Marin e Hos- o bad as he has been pointed. So lit- unlimited, and Its resources inexhaust- pbi -se
pltal Service for their indispensable tie is said on behalf of the C onsul that Wble. t e The rnbhe' p .e
services in this respect. As long as Mr. ,oom s' defense is to all purposes Several cities h carpeted for selection s Hold'slle'l ome Itve r ios-:e so and e expandig- i. a06
the !health affairs of Tampa an Its now ,though much the same favorable as the tae of operations of thip coloe- i y -m trao tre Silte witnh a e s a
vicinity are in such capable hands. lit- commslts were made by Mr. Eugene sal enterprise: Ha'7ana. New Orleans, n'Ta ma o-lrtehi .is
tie s to ,be feared from the baleful Bchuyler, scnietlmes minister to Greece., ew York. Key West, and Tampa were A oitXVR eE. i Vat .
operations olf aicrobe. Germ & Co. In a wore on Anmerican diplomacy considered. Tampa was chosen. It Then labmar B .fnf
thirteenn Yea" ago. offered advantage and qualifications Sucth patronage as the public has seen T t e t aId of c.
A PD R_'tJ IDELIGPHT. The primary duty o of a consul, as Mr. ottclassing all riv#s4 for the direction fit to bestow upon the Trtesne has been mlobei ooncealed.
Out of the oime that the verdict Loomis sayoe is to keep the Govern- of this particular taede. won solely upon merit. Tbe TrIbune *
aalinat Dreysue has cast uon the ment and through the Government, the Fromi ttea city a a basic poin m. has propered because It has pleaded The COltF crinal e t a
jeso who upon the case. onme two manufacturing and r hopping interests mense factories will e operated-in hsppr eiec t h te chaser bs b its
nare untarnished-thsw ofthe officers of the coun' Informed of the corn- Havana. New Orheat Key West, New the "e botle. ton i th e
who' had themcuags. IA the feof all mercia condit onM of the district in York and other cTiest. Here will be and comoleteneasm o the news-service la
Praoce. to decisre that the prisoner which he is located< He peforen that centered the buasoa of this vast in- wiohh it furnishes its readers but alms o n the mB to
was not crloty. Those two names duty in a manner that not only corn- dustry. because of the Jlust returns whm Ih io t p terp sb M
thtuld be honored the word over, as mnnds the respect, brt compels the The news which! the Tribune gives b s. in every proper e vn is ,
of men6 fair-minded and boniest. incor- adoration of foreign governments. Mr. this morning confirms the greatest B .mBher Thoeeon o. thba
rutie. t to be coerced io stulti- Loomis otesi fromo the official Jour- things that has happened for Tampa advertising patron., tine Recori ivin the la
fyrin their consiee by a meek sub- nals o the British and French foreignn since the Creator endowed us with our The Tribune's atpreciLtion of the the a pt e l i lw aevr
tmaina to othe dcla s of bel die hooer t services and from a German commer- peculiar a missntrlt the dicttesd e of a (h aesat cial Journal expressions of this admira- location. Booms have come and gone, -Senatr Wik Cal thil Acaon
.he expr onf at honest el st. One ofa tlon 'for the scope of the American soldiers camped i r a brief seaon,pee of a and f this sectiongardener nea
themes e o who a thus braved the Consul's work and the conpleteness of transient sason" 4f pr r ty have of Florida. is Incresed in lare degree vlle. He should eostai.Wls ^-
F trench y and us adverse oiion, his execution of that work. The officials visited us- bit tey have ben eph- by the reflection that it has. In no satisfy the "inner man."
ieainthaBeuvats of the Second Ren tof no other country exhibit such rapid meral and fleet This is the story instance. assumed the garb o a men- i y ou to be I
ment of Artiery, this is publicly and accurate insight into events and of an abidtn "boom;" of a prosperity dicat, and gone about the streets with ead the Tribue. Yo cn tt
ontoe. It is rerts abie thl a llt the conditions, nor do the reports of any that will be permanent; of a commer- wt edtccatYut m
612ned FT. It i OsRregttab thftrtre outstretched Palm. beseechingl11m onthetboands w m U barilw1*1
hame ofo his a msocate cannot be made other country show so comprehensive a cial enterprise that, will keep this city outatrethe palm, eech l o the n a es t b r
known.s 'Bt what shall be said o0 grasp of affairs as the reports of our ever on the browning road of pro- from the public, that it might conttinas neighbor's paper
that third officer who was willing to Consuls. The reports oi the Consuls of gress. to exist without meriting, by its own E-Senator Pas a, s the l ." io
free the prisoner yet without the moral other countries are fewer and contain There Iis nd lopler any reason for a fo h prvilee of existence.. myter, Is lying low an
etainin to proclaim his belief, ermrt- fal less information. A great deal of dobtinai the future of Tampa. When Is the r evidently is woriti. MI aWa
ted himself to cast b vte of odem- these good achievements, In spite ot Poor it becomes the cevtJr of such an enter- There is a broad pr iple which ever ton dodge o the people f la
nation, upon the sugent request of four reason for the asoirntment, are due rise as the c r trust, it becomes a oerates in all the affairs of tie-that home.
members. who romised tht a recon- to the natural business ability and en- city 'Ibutilt upod ae rock," and Its hih earns respect and deserves sup- .-
mendatlon for pardon should 'be made' terptrise of the American character; but solid prosperity it ~ured. bund in thel A natural r
With his vote. Dreyfus would have been r. oomis thinks that ma that many of the You can stake yur aith and your p ort, is n tistoo T a that te .S
reed. s name, too should be known qualities exhibited by the appointees in money on Tampa It has passed the receive it while that which iS unde- looking down in the mouth
tha it might meet the opprobrium and attaining political success are those re- experimental stage, serving, may subsist for a time by ery other profentooial man in the
contempt It deserves. uired to make a successful Consul. There i nown enat of the late mere fferance of public charity, but, smIle
SThe haras criticislams the .Consuls hereisavow o aof the la r o t late, rer t necessarily fal t s rumored sl newspai
SI OF TOBACCO CROPS come from the three sourcesme from th e three sources mention- fever caresita ao painful rteo i, sooner or later, mrst nea arily fa thet s oo aIotI el t
h ed-travelers, business men and re- Hayana has adopted an extreme for lack of either inherent ability or that as soon a s llow fever
The following from the' Southern former. The criticisms of travelers treatment for the tagless dog. It cre- individual Industry. exist in KeyW e em I
Tobacco Journal is. to our judgment, are on the score of the consul s lack mates him. i A newspaper, which, like a thankless ham and Graham will
a very proper conclusion,. I these of social qualities. Mr. I.oomis' reply daily free from ath d he h
times when maiets are easily affected, to this obeto is that the business None o the deletes to the Chicago cur. continually bites at the hand which and brands.
methods o othaing correct statements c taity, the timot necsry oqthelilsca- Trust Counfercel has ,yet succ-oded in feeds it. which is ever growling at the
justify all the expense required to oh- ti r the position, is frequently not capturing an octopusbenefactors from whom it has begged mos tas ood a reo
taLn them. It is a misfortune that the ou in the e inhtlv dual with Guerin and it escapade have now a oneb cannot hope for enoaurenent f the aSanish-AmeriCa l W i
three states which alone produce the social polish. The business men, all suk to the level of the comic weeklyy or success, for getting his plIcture 6i;n
fine mper tobacO0 of the conr Unite states Minsters and Consuls joke column. God and the public helps those who e .
cannot out in mrotion a method by ee, k too much of a Consul in 1 help themselves. Th is as true in the e *
whth the crop as to quality a well demanding that he overcome the oh- The Shamrock evidently went out on newspaper business as Is. any other; fibe t of the delegates 1W
as general condition, can be ascertain- tales which they have put in their that trial all Friday without taking and parishes ample explanatibn for Conference appear to be 'b
ed with reasoable accuracy. own Paths. Trhe supremacy of other her four-leafed clover along, the unortunate plight of publiers that the tarism. *.
Tobrh "b Jounls e oy .. manufacturtni countries in many for- The people ought to give the weather who perforce, nmst play the p po r to enoth to bear an g
1tir yba eemenaeer Oto ^ the Iany-n ebron ma ets as not due to the Consul's man to understand that they know a perpetuate their prints thing. e .
Xlof toeen o were a o Vmr- failure to perform his duties, but of good thing when they see it. INVITIOAr>RB WELCO. HE. The idea of thopeope o i
gl~to ad Carolina the American manufacturer's and -In most h uf theso arylandOf York referring t 'the Oceautl #A
stand Nr th and e oCM merchant's failure to take advantage of thecounties of Marylan. he solicitude o the authorities t t stemabl oa wi
l t isIn c The rehl of f Coemm dlosr of the information furnished by the the candidates have now begun to get Aabaa In gard to th e health of the OlmpI to take
oU eect that hit office d Consuls. The refue to make conces- out their political persimmon pole. Tama is touchIng indeed. As told it c o ynt to e
-the ra thilot of lena tob aewoin the to t bthness methods of tbe T ide sen t be gaining ground the ftIibuse's local counmts to-day,
countries in which they wish to compete that the Ramapo water t-as 'ixed up Mayor Bowyer lis been notified by The Ste o t
t s tha the lnformatl0o in pact adhering rigdly to American methods b een ordered to this city by the health When thersLef a rO r --1
may be obtained from the Departmei.. and the English language, while the Tbe proposition to boycott the Paria hoard Of that State. for the purpose of hat worthy orsnl 'wt*el^ wt,
Of 'Ass-tuidtle. merchants of competing countries Exposition has fortunately run up in mating an investigation, the tdcsln of alarm ald te te
"The md truth is that reliabe ta- make the concessions and secure the time against a f w chunk of ,'ommon It is evident, froen this action of a.n:e time to perotre an 4V
the states cnt be bed anywhere. te thattheguardianofthe heh T
The only way to get figures worth har- RELIF WORK IN CUBA "t. Peteraotrg has followed the ad- of 'Alafbama are doubtful about the 'c e or Tampa CotytBOWI
i1w Is to go direct to the growers, as --- vice of the Tribune and its town mar- truthfulnesS of ste .reports give slt by ha been runnnl wely
p done in Kentucky. but the govern- One of the most important, duties that shal is out with -n order to the people the State Board of Health of FSlorida, a disqnisition on the ou "Is
ments of Virginia and the two Caro- now lies before the .people of the United to "clean up." and the officials of the Marine Hosnptal a Hei?" The last laie ci i
lla do ma thInk this ,worth the States, in the estimation of those who t service. These eminent authorities iahborti under the yelow
trobe anl expense. As it is, the size have devoted special attention and The Tribune's circulation Is above have emphatically stated ttht there 1s and the onnsesseot exodl
of the tobacco crop In these parts i. study to the subject, Is the relief ot high afterr mart and its era of pros- no stckness of a supicious nature in fourths Of Its sohoariber#. all guewor. and one ge is a good the reconcentrado0 in Cuba. Miss Clara perity 15 extending and expanding all this city, that there Is none, in foot, "This is the last O f.
as another." Barton, whose work at the head of the th e. r on the maismid of lFlorida, and, par- Iianesa We are
Red Cross relief in the island during General Carl B310n and his anti- tissilarly, that the CIty of Tampa is In here In this life to leave
The authorities at Tampa are follow- and after the war has entitled her to trust army weren't even included in a thoroughly healthy condition, exIstence to He whe doe4ath -

ng' the Tribune's advice In regard to te highest regard, estimates that there the list of the delegates to the Chicago But the Aiabama doubters want to well.""
giving the town a thorough cleaning are at least 50,000 children of recon- conference. see for themselves. .Mayor Bowyer has
on. There to a good deal of advice centradoe who have died in the last done well in wiring them a cordial In- thought 1 thatsoaram be
tkVen the city by that worthy sheet few years of starvation and want. The Savannah vews has issued its vitation to come and take a good, long there ht i in the as
Which could be profitably followed. Something must be done, she contends usual trade edition. It shows up the look at us. The Tribune is glad that Ho that will render It
Tifton (Ga.) Gazette. to relieve the wants of these helpless resources of that prosperous city in they are coming., Their visit will but as a recitation at pubbe
little ones and restore them to a con- excellent style. furnish additional proof that we are meta
As was expected, the chronic calamity ditlon of comparative happiness. The akyor Bowdenp, of Jacksonville, has smilingly undisturbed. Let all the --- 4
howlers have risen in their distemper greatest difficulty in the way of the been silent for three days. This is health boards of all the States In the AS. "
and declared that the cigar trust work is the fact' that there are widely an Indication that he has recovered Union send experts here to InvetgaAte. % are at pres.tt aooer
will '"rin Tampa." Every city is battered parties in various parts or the his mental equilibrium. Nothing could furnish a better aiwer-
awed with such nmropo asses and island and while some of them are of tisement for the healthiest city cn the tormatio on file in the 0.
the man who stop to argue with them doubful origin. many contain children The return of the Philippine Commis- Gulf. We hope they- w!'I all come, and of the Curr'ey fl '-
In wastigr time and words that might of the best Cuban families. The work slon will enable It to make its report stay as long as they lkE, peek into tanks and abtt 9,000 St
be directed in lure intelligent chan- of undertaking the care and relief of without fear df running up against every corner and snff the atmosphere banking lnstalos.
p, ,these children, Miss Barton says, is a the Dress censor. of every home. rampa has no-.h;ng
Udeward Buwi Lytton Dickens, a, subject for both humane and medical Keep on cleaning up. There is room to lose by the most .earchlag inqumuiet rency ttr h ha t
son of Charles Dickens, has just been study-. T.e codltios r entirely di- for improvement iyet. The sanitary in this line. cau bY the o I-!
appointed a rabbit inspector In Aus- ferent from any other relief work that condition of Tatpa must be above re- All that we.ask of the Alabama phy. trusts and comtabnes and&
tral-a. When a "real son of his father" those engaged in philanthropic move- proach 365 day$ in the year. sicians,. and any other board of inves- of the ocUtrities and t
esleclally when he has such an ilusmtri- ments have ever been called upon to tigation that may be sent hitherward es, it note te
S n e taced to him ha to get confront Much has already been done Samn Small. the erstwhile sensational in search of concealed microbes is that
down to the daly task of invettitng for them. but the real work has only evangelist, has turned up in Havana they ll mae the rest o te circuatlon of natioaS V beams
ratAlt. Its aiboat time for Fame to begun and must go a great deal far- and has fallen a victim to the inex- queries as public as posaete. By so increased, aLthough tftw-
Wfta &prfert. other before even a measureable degree cusable habit of publishing a book doing, they il render Tampa a serv- be a demand Jor tleres, e
,~mbs a prc55eL of permanent benefit can be conferred, about Cuba. thu h
As a Yellow fever expert. r. L. W. Miss l1arton and the faithful workers expended in other d irecht f to ,-Nw yrt
Weedon stands conspicuously in the under her in the relief of the sufferers conplish. Self-praise is or aint of a t it..
f~llrt ra His experience. discretion have established a system that bids raise, and are ow about to re- h5nancie s the 1. olhiu P
ld t ndefaitga ble perse.erence en fair to answer the purpose in every celve substantial endorsement from *oy 1
"ls hni to the confidence 0o the waY.
pOOple whom *ihe is so satisfactorily utsie authorityrw
he s so satsfator ch hot September days as we are this s ume? Then add a house to hose canvass in Port ryUi of
now having are well calculated to h i Tampa City, Port Tampa and Tampa promoters 0t W
tesZsesemahp O'eanic, Just ar- breed disorders unless good care is ULS reveals the gratifying intelligence that can only len whe
rat Vessel aYot, i not ony the ten. The best precautIon against oa t hi A m fi a y i there is not a single case Oft any kind put tloY Te
ewtvessel aot. but it Is unique physical distur ance is to keep the a of co diae thr Pto for lh
in the fat that the number 13 is con- liver well regulated, the conscience
ilesoosly omitted In the designation hear. avoid all desagogruesem or fitful i W i 1 The fellows who hate begun to toh t
ef "t ta vtero te, esterage bunks, sal- sPpeals calculated to poison the minds the Hon. J. R. McLean's bi aj
a shagrs. etc. Nevertheless. it had of neighbor against neighbor,- Ad all ng around emphat
the l torune to reach New York on utll together in working for the up- i ..a.d ot dxmgist |that the era of
the' 1 th of the mont. building of the old State of ours. ndoubtedl. da




B AWJT 50 WHO E Steamship Chqrvkee Aground Near
.-7 a Boston and Xay Have Oreat Dif
are, Mot- culty in Floating.
. ArrIval and Departure ot Citizens and __
/ Visitors PFised Up on the Rounds -
SP pn the Boston. Sept. 19--(Special).-The
By Frtboune Reportersa steame-. nerokee, of the Clyde Line,
y ----" is ashtiq'off Naushon island, south of
ioil lan lnm Tassig, of Chicago, is at the
Sa tharaen eria7 The-Cherokee went ashore this morn-
-" Moultd- ing. The particulars of the accident
eOr-, Thee were nlne cases In police court have not been learned.
--Ca- yetay mo ,in It is reported that the steamer will
wesT', M M SJ. j SMggh has returned from be floated with great difficulty. She is
K -a vis t to relatives in Georgia, said to be hard and fast.
S. he Cherokee is from Jacksonville.
""i I" a Burton E. One, has returned froma JHer passengers are still on board, but
S otskl New Yort*. are reported perfectly safe.
wa, and dahter, of Wrecking tugs have been dispatched
gem*l J J H." Da tts trrandtCrdaughtereaofl
. :.a .a -A al_.he e-..... ..- ,,.,., ,,.. to the tcene toereader the Cherokee all

Wt&- with ninas

sestl of the
^ 'AinOelatbon.
ie F.V. C. & P.
ton. Kr, and
a an Mso Octo-
o pqtOber 15th.

Mmihm ot Vthe.
o~r, 9th ad th.
i. 2tC. Rate

Cai raIf On-

l t. A. Lelrt. manager of the Tampa
t Wholesale iquor and Wine Comnpafy,.
and representative of the Florida Brew-
o-b hf COnpey says that his business
aaI f beter l ever before. Nearly
[hmB erybod is paying bills promptly, he
says, nd trade is ImProving every day.
Walter Graham frmery of Key
W e tL one t the must capable news-
Spape inlFoIUWIda, arrived last night
*t iW Jasksoctfle. where he has been
*penbding several 'wecs. iMr. G(rahssn
pt te v* n&,y Created by his manny
S friends. He will Probably remain in
t.s eyiefaor several day.
musl, ss le Pleses. Of oDade City. and
Mr.' Paul 0. Mlen. of this city, were
Wule ualted in mrrlace Suaday,. at 10 a. m.,
at the tome of the brtde's parents.
Mr. and ars. 3Mln are "at home" to
nid thGei' friods ID thi city, which will
S be f as U re ho
.* .... W *tuller and farnmily are now at
wi the bth. D N*ew York City. and will
r. LemaUl tB. the' ntlusoius through the
desLviL tithe iewre noLnum Tihey

DeDartment of Justice Seeking Rare
Law Books.
Attorney General John W. Griggs
has addressed a letter to E. 0. Locke,
cierk of the United States Court at
JacksonvIlle. substantially as follows:
"I encose herewith a list of session
lawsL state and territorial, which are
lackina from the sets ot state laws in
the fibraiy of the Department of Jus-
tice and foar which I am willing to pay
a moderate price. Will you please
ascertain from bookstores and lawyers
in your vicinity or trom any other
source where the laws which are lack-
Inc from your, state can be obtained,
the vrice asked and inform me of the
result of our Inquiry? Careful and
prompt attention to this inquiry will
be aprecated by the department.
Please have Inquiry made at each
lace ot holding court in your district.
You may fit some of the books in
the hands of the county judges, county
clerks or Justices of the peace."
'Accomuanying the letter was a
printed list of the missing volumes,
cverinu fifteen pages. The books
lacking from FlorIda are the sessions
o 1822. 1523, 1824, 1,836. 1828, 1829 and

haowgiz n wiecng comfortable K. KE Tmurner, Compton, .Mo.. was
* oured of piles- b DeWitts Witch Hazel
i WhIte. aot the Plant Steam- Salve after suffering seventeen years
' W Line. d 10ums tom1tff tor W. and trying over twenty remedies.
-. C cart. wae bout the ossly privi- Physiolans and surgeons endorse it.
uss to and rom between Part T o Beware of dangerous counterfeits.
and Tai Both of these ntle- S. B. Leonardi & Co.. Central Phar-
af e IWso e"rp and have not been macy, of Tampa; Diamond Pharmacy,
1 contact Wthn a the suspects. Ybor City.

from Cba/Mon the steamer OUlvette "They are sImply perfect." writes
8tamfay. DM. Ikese Mattend to sev- Rob' t Moore, of Lafayette. Ind., of De-
ehfr *.1, t besine matters here Witts Little Early Risers, the "famous
for Havana little pills for constipation and all
caita, lamitwit s la in the Cuban l
arted W his mustache river ailments. Never gripe. Leonardi
t nd the. add& reaty to the gen- i Co., Cenlial Pharmacy, of Tampa;
^I ,io y at his appearance. Diamond Parmacy, Ybcr City.
t the z market for coughs and,
Aes a trours:e for If von eat without appetite you need

tW troubles: fdor
.. h"s.no '" writes Helryi Prikc Askh Bitters It promptly re-
s7~ I as o~ et'wri~teu Ot 1 moves inmouxltles that clog and impede
i ar. h oh C .anan C.onn ,fthe ati on of the digestive organs,
Co-.Centr-ofsTam=ceates good appetise and digestion,
V Phana at Ybor City.s strength of botdy and activity of brain-
y s P- at Thor City. For sale by S. B. Leonardi & Co,
-r aays hope when there's
Shig r f Ie. "A3 attack TO NEW YORK.
Left m=W lng in bad
K _er .t flrsat ges On accoqt of "Dewey Day," the
co uk Florida Central and Peninsular Rail-
4 .aSell round-trip tickets, T
ork Individuals, 5,


The late Sir Francis Burdett once m
receive, an election bll Ttram his agent 000A
In which was the Item: "To extraor- 0-
an' y 404 Franklin 18., Next te E. L -

Makes a special) of Ropairm Ladies and Gentlemen F Shoes, co o ns
NI< Ur ,get the nicest and most durable Repairiog by alHong on him, next dooWt to A
The Merchants' lunch room, next L. Gross' Confectionery. Invisible patching, Ladles' and Gentlemea Rabw -:9
to the corner of Frakln and Po heels, new Shoes made to order, prices rewonabl. satisfaction granteed,
street. is Coen all night. Capable '
cooks. best of service, meals in any
style. George W. Adams, manager. F C h

right." Neither can poor, weak, thin r C h e
blood nourieh and sustain the physical .
system. Hood's Sar aparlla is the A STOCK OF eFRA M 'ER ANDISE
standard purifier and true tonic of theA SOC K OFD GOD ATIN E
Hood's Pills do not gripe. All drug- IES, TINWARE, ETC.
Hot days followed by cool nights will SELL CHEAP FOR CASH, OR WILL CEIAINGOB OR A -
breed malaria in the body that is bl- GOOD BOAT, THAT IS SUITABLE. INQUIRE AT THTS OF-
lious or costive. Prickly Ash Bitter s is N A T 0
very valuable at this time for keeping FICE. OR AT. 802 SCOTT AND JEFFERlON STREETS.
the stomach, liver and bowels well TAMPA, F. "
regulated. Sold biy S. B. Leoiardi &


..... Field and Vegetable Seed.:;

Fruit and Vegetable Crate Material Mail orders
Satisfaction guaratiteed. Very Respect.faly,
12th Street and 7th Avenue

!.. .:., .. . .. .. :'+ X ,. W "


a r ethe assistance possible.

, Cbo ressman Sparkman has returned BASEBALL.
frsmna visit to Washington and Clhar-
lotteileoanr, Va. New York. Sept, 19--(pecial).-
* rfhe Brookl)ns went down before the
l&sJ. C. Williams and son, of St. Chicagoes to-day, and some of the ex-
PetermblOw. are at the Arno, en route terts say that it is the beginning of the
home from a Northern trip. decline of the peerless record of the
lMG imseiunmerlin sad children
hive eutned1 from a dellghtfl visit OGames played resulted as follows:
to A tlanei Cty. v St. Louis 13; New York, 2.
a 0W 0 hicamo, 4; Brooklyn, L
Mis. C. Wb taker. wife of the able Boston. :; Pittsburg, 5.
ity. attorney, has returned from Sara- Rain prevented the Philadelphia-
sets, where she speat a pleasant period. Louisville and the Baltimore-Cincin-
enatir gatims ______am _
atses Fue Easrtlh SIning and Makn- irAiNDuLNG OF THE (OLUBS.
ate an was calling upon Clbs. Won. Lost. r..
s wm frneni s oin this city yesterday. Brooklys . t h'r
rookyn............ 39 54
Sx-Governor aWN Mrs Mitchell have Philadelphia .. ..... a 49 S
Boston ..........S... 80 hi 6le
returned fro a delightful visit to altimore........ 75 5 l3 6
soine. which was highly beneficial to 9. o .. .. .. .. 76 59
the health of the estimable couple. Cincinnati........ 73 60 644
S0 Chicago........... s 64 513
Mr. C. J. Huber, the clever teller of Plttsburg.. .. .. 63 1 468
the Exchange National Bank. and famn-j Louisville........ 61 464
tl. are now comfortably domiciled in ew Yok ...... 3 76 412
the coae cottage of'Councilman Holmes levelan ......... 20 119 142
on Tampa Heights. -
tMR. P F. T alylor, mother of Jim I
Taylor, of the F. C. & P., Is now visit- Shrewd Swindler Who Is Working a
lng friends at Knoxville, Tenn., hav- Game on tis Section.
Ing stopped at that city on her way rle authorities throughout the State
home front Detrot., 'Mich. have been warned by a representative
Vincent Moody, the popular young I FrnkA.unse.ofNew ortto
d~rilk, formxerly at the Central Phar- be on the lookut for a young man nam-
drucst, overly at the Cent h ed H. Bennett Woodson who is said to
mac. he returned from Brunswick, be due to operate in Florida abot this
Ga.. where h- has been spending a time.
mouth. Mr. Munsey's representative in a let-
F. Eknmel. auditor of the Anheuser' ter says:
Bauch 'Browig Associatlon, is at the W'oodson Is soliciting subscriptions
Almeria. and will remain in the city for Munsey's magazine and claims that
far several days in the interest of his Mr. Munsey has offered a free scholar-
famous company. asli in some university to the can-
Svasser who secures the first thousand
Lawyer Nelon0 MaeReynolds, o StR. subscriotlons; also that Mr. Munsey
Petersbus, one of the brightest law- allows a commission of 25 percent on
r in South FlorKida. was transacting commission of percent on
prfessionlalmbu es in the city yester- each subscription. He forfeits this
dF. and made the Tribune a pleasant commission to the subscriber in order
canltl. to awin the scholarship. This Is fraudu-
L. D. .Miller. the window artist, for- lent; he retaIns all the money and
S with Men B wl l e ,n moves on. We have no agents any-
merly with Mats Bos.. will leave in where. e works paxtucutuly an lig
a few day for Savannah, where he will doctors and lawyers tinougn ne does
please the aesthetle tastes of Georgia not. confine himself to that clas. tie-
howWsby his Incomparasble displays., ritv a receitt entitled 'TIhe Cosmopoi-
opper ncotan Publishing Company, Limited,'
aalman Frank Wing was m"*ade (there is no such Company) and also
tama W was kes sbscrtion tor the Cosmopoli-
the pou' d parent of a handsome son tan Magazine. From the complaints
esterday..- The ysUg felHoW made'his which come in he has taken in thous-
appearace at 7 a. .. and the council- ands pt dollars since last January on
wan s these" otonaoingt friends his tri down the ,tlsissipqi to your
I tio.

BprmTA , PA-.
at Nalt"otal MtL-

-4a.Qiacft !Week.
lbaw Ith. up to and
*Sth. liusted'to 30
ft nxtD o]ob

:-er- reception.
6alon Ate /Flrida
it wil sell tickets
kpfteohoer 36th and
staber -'th, to New
st teo;rate of one
trip. P57X. Carre.
. Otro=m all other
^or'l-ntary Comn-
Handa ia uniform
aPy shtmounres

Oafrt-JO. i3 -.
hbe Afrs-Amesiean

ara ton e tea round
- a-atrets of

iDt(' ATWAfta-





"d 1


1' De05 a14tstJv.'r~1 ,~ ". ~1

A aa lk&M90 ft POS- ShMAMOMA



The Fortress of Corte. Where the Pris-. Dekie
owner Must spend His Termn Lee has gone the ast
of Sentence ern and Northern markets, where
i bredec, will purchase one of the a est *
A...a. i .c LUre. r .u. is brte SeiitO S Of -* ,-
writes a Pars corresponoenm. trieu stocksO
to interview nr, bue oer grief was-
too great. At first. she could not utter 1 1 1UJ'3
a word: WVith diculity she was made I 1 I II
to reallse the situation and then. mag- U U
ntfihen woman that sie is, she pushed
aside her own grief and again began
to plan (or the release of her husband. l
ohe is torn with doubts whether to
demand revision or throw herself at
the feet of President Loubhet and beg Ior
mercn of pv0 brought to Tampa. nd to make
The agony ,ofime. Dreyfus was pitt- O for l '-ImORS S r
flto s. room for taus e Mous stock r.-
M1'yh babil she cries, as she
.o: ^ ri..... -* have been reduobd i every depart- *t
weeps, -Poor little Pierre, poor little
This time Pf Dreyfus is not pardoned eAt.
SMne. Dreyfus will serve the sentence .,
with her husband.
"I am determined on that point" she
declares stoutly, and as she is legally in Just received a big lot of bargains in men's. and *
overnent can prevent her. Women's Shoes at 50c to $1.50 per pair.
The citadel at Corte, where Dreyfus
will probably be sent, is situated almost
In the center of the Island oCaCorsica, i0 *
miles northeast tf Ajacelo. the birth-
place of Napoleon I, sad tower, high S 1-/-f -.TY-
E'; ,"M'F,.M ^ SUMR M RBS 60005 DT YOURW UE *
aver the town famous as the govern-
mental seat of Paacal Paoli, hero of COK 3MW 1n S .
the Corsicans and head ot the island's
brief Independet government T s
tart, miseh was begun earty In the FII-
pr e beuse of Its position, is Brown Shoe Co' celebrated Shoes are al mg ar
described as the Acropolis ofaCorsica.to perfect satisfaction. Gent's style as
On one side is a sheer prectpice ofgtti cton e s. Styles s
hundreds of eet, at th bo follows: President, Secretary, Echo and Bumble
black rock slopes gradually on the Bee. Ladies' Styles: La Meer, Anchor, oi and
town side. the walls and towers of r
the fort and the stone houses of the Queen Bee.
town on the slope, all harmonizing
with the rock-black, barren and crum-
bling from exposure to the ele-
ments and centuries of strife for
possession of the fortification, which
has been won and lost by opposing
forces, stormed and defended so often
that its walls are full of dents. e D
she Orlando newspaper man who has Ybor City's Leading Dry Goods House.
suddenly developed into a New Tpork,
banker is making as big a reputation 1330 AND 1332 7TH AVENUE.
in financial circles as he made In Flor- 7
ida conducting one of the best news- ^ ^ ^-^ '
papers in the State. It is hard to keep otV.t
a good man down and the Tribune re -
joieces when it sees its brothers of: BDWWAsD MAZ;RARA. ZTIBA KING j. JLB. ADRSON., C.J.NUBM -E f
affliction climbing the road of farine and President. Vice Presidlent Cahier. AssWtamt Cashi.,
firtune. PVe hope that Brother
Vaughn will smtle on us all this win-'
The esteemed Jacksonville Call in its
effort to defend Mayor Bowdens reck-i PA L RIA
lessness in quarantining against Tampa TAMPA, "LORIDA,
people when there was no cause for CAPITAL. 100.000.00
It int te that the p t political S RPL 30000.00
non.enitytolf the progressive city n the SURPLUS.. 04000.W

he John fre e rJacksonvlle Solicits the Business of Individuls, Corportions aniB ks
should neat time elect a chief executive Eve aZnommwnAH-on consistent with sate bklng gr l '
who makes some pretext ft nerve and m Ultle for ms l1 co lion t all points in toealted St
disacretiol. Bowden has not only made Canada. Cub Mexico. and ll Euro pe. P Iue or oWn drft on al P3 -
bInieelf ridiculous, but he has placed Of the w OdA AR. B JB. ADBBO.
Jacksornville in a very peculiar atti- 3& T-.GL.L CAFT. J O BJA GO A JfD 1RBY ". WAL L .
tude .
Most people are like eggs-too full

It is foll for a woman to put a L n
special delivery stamp on a letter ands
then tive it to her hsehand to mall.
The trouble with a great many young
men who want to see life, l tht they
ireasine there is none of it worth seeing El a nt '
by daylilght- .
'When a man nearly breaks his neck
getting ouat of the way of a lightning-
basg. supposing it to be the headlight
s tthe ledge. Steamer "Manatee."
Lilt things come to Rim who waits, Will leave Phlip & uller's wharf toot of WaahlBgton treet or .
but It doesn't pay to hold your breath on the Manatee 6:10 am. Returning w il Ieave Nllentoa at 1 p.m, ar-i-begf 1 c
until It comes. Tampa at 6 p.m. Fare 51 Found trip p.5 ......" S
d For sailing dates, rates sl a ll other ltomatio, apply to . -
It nma not be proper to precede the w. t' FULLER. C. ,. RINlALtDL H. ]D -. >." |
father otf your best girl down-stairs-- Agent, Assistant Agent. City TElket A _.t
but sometimes we herce to. c .. OAR-'it. ("nesre Manage.
It is o ulte permissible to rob Peter
to pay Pa--It yot are Paul. B ID
Some people are so Jaundiced in mind
the wonder is. they have any-mind, of S J
coiu-se. *,

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