Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: September 14, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Reassured by the Favor-

able Reports.


Ofoor of asvannah ona oMne
-ayor Advis People
of Tampa.

Dreyfas' JadgesSigB Petiai to


Majority of r ,eh PfMt-e Of...
the Vd.oi-A S iam ala



Tribune's Call Meets With lean- People

era] Response.


Lime Being Pleatifulyl Used-A Bima- health
i ar Proclamation in
Fort Brooke.

From Tuesday -Daily.
y W e es e sJobn W
ae's Office, ta* tex
Tampa, ela.. Sept. 11, 189. 9 body se
To the Ctlteene of Tampa: chasloo
y* Tos are hereb directed to pt p
yow prermIses inl a good antf yp .&
# condition uwitt forty-eight 0 All tio
hours. a9 oowudkLa
# hef Jones of the Salnitare 0 TriXmn
Department; Chief Woodward, S the ciit
cf the Potloe Department, and t
t Chief lHaro. o the Fire part- ptoved tl
Sme St are nr ed to ice that t come an
SuthIe'ode r o strictly complied 4r Dr.
With. ofKe0 to
I since-ey hope that we may o
Shave the hearty co-operaU on of to Port
Sall citizens. l sent by
t Ver e o reipectfuty, ve
C. c.MBOWT qP TaCpa

yor. N.os fr
The albove toolanoatlo! was loeuedti Te
yesterday 'by :Maycor Bvwyer. andasDr B
should be heeded by. all the people of as an
TaMCaD. I articul,
Ever since the Trlbsne pbleshed the He aspe
Clean U" td4itorial. th ociize of pee an
Tam oa have been exerting themselves a
to Improve the general sanitary con- Mayor
dii.on of the city. ner by
YTeterdayi In response to the mayor'es last n
Interview In SmndaeW-s Tribune, offers
of asLnotan o were mAade to the city stateie
authorities, by employers of labor. Dr. Brn
Contractor Kendrick offered the ser- I
Ices of ten of his men. Contractor on
Harry tevict offered aixe and the coun- "on
iv authorities tendered thq services of 8"
irWeit- 1rrisoners to be used as a spe- thee
cial force. under Chief Jones. of the breed
Sanita-ry Departnent.
The work Is a very Important one, cove
and should be flone thoroughly. loR
Chiefs Jone Woodward and Harris whit
were activel- at work yesterday, un- othe
der the mayor's proclamatloc. The re-
Sult will be a comparatively cleaA city sort
within a week or ten days. catit
Chief Jones requests the Tribune to aotI
announce that parties who make a ha e
practice of throwing refuse, scraps,
sloa8 etc.. from their windows will be 9AtHl
arrPsted, placed on the police complaint Eea
docket, and severely piAtlhed. safe
The following proclamstion, on the "'c
same line. wa isaued yesterday by .as
Marshal J. 3. Stephens. ot Fort Brook: to 1
S"Notice is hereby glven to all owners. Di. I
agents and residents of property in ves
Fort Brook to Dut same In thoroa
sanItary condition In three days' time -ab
from date of this notIce. Lime must be Taia
treety distrttsted at least once a week rez on
on said preaisa Any permn falHng in-f t
to comvy with this order wIl be dealt
with acoordst4 to law." o for fuf
OaaOF law IDepx.M 4N MUROPE. L it, 6
Two Leaders CauOght at Geneva, one omol
aid to Be an American. has be
London. Dept. i.-The poUc of Ge e- and ]D
nova have I- outlodb two Ue.Ed- n me-
ward Wifutamal mid to be an Ameri-
anM and ffa b on an Irlban. there -
whom they beleve to be the chiefs oty.
of an niernatlouJ m -rof swindlera The
who have been woclinw tb whole Con- an da
i.nent of Europe thn year w_.h remark-

The ie are also believed to be the|pussie
Sauth or f recent bM Jewel rotlerles T Ma
rDetectves from a score of dtols have _S,,
grone to Geneva to hare a look at the which
Interesting people. aitetli

- Nineteen defendants were before the
.city lud-e yei-erday. The eases were, To
largely, for flghtlng. "

ut. I'm tw55s

"t tem fite- h

MMat MOW~t."9'17.V
be wismeasi to',
kk the ofehitsat

pw bathe psue-
ae. ht to.db~ :

ooes fte MM-

Iam*t to menre-
Ift wee. anbmneb

the latter Mofueed

dasezpraw 41

ro ndwiltec
b twe ~a"t Ith

ed the Pu -ff

I een ha~od with
Ndad will boF as-
W cuoajrtty of. te-


STa"ma Attorneys to AYWe One of the the
Reservation Caesl in
-- .1 He
CoL Peter 0. Knghbt and CoL S. T. pod
Finley will teave to-night for Qtincy, at
where they wil araue the case of 8 T. the
Sninly vs. the F. C. & P. Rarad., ,-0
E before Judte Malone, of the Third Ju- T
Sdicial Circuit. the
The case is one of those growing out the
of the claims to the garrisen or reser- the
atlon property. Colonel Finley, who kee
* will argue his own case. claims that the and
F. C. & P. is using his property, and dev
asks remuneration for the ameL CoL odu
Knight. who .e the counsel for the be a
road. wll represent the defendant t.e
company. te
Th case pe before J de -Malone atte
foHIe reason that Circuit Judges Wai, fore
oHAer. Call land White are all out of In
the State, a d Udge Malone is the _
nearest lJut *with the proper jurs-
dielomn, temn
Judkee IF. & amoltoa wiM also leave cM
to-niAht for Qfm/cp to spear 'before M
juige BDlonqn t eertain aaeea

The Plant SEbtwrs samshs p are
sehedued to tokes the run between a
Port Tanxae ad Havana this winter '
In sevens n b=r. the ",ckss.t ime e
ever made. _



bush scare over the death of Par. 8ef -- 9e
lmb at* Port Tahmes Citr sed O Cam s. at LameS
i ytrdeMy. uDmi ttle wa left den ALmt_
51Dm wee rsmmei a gue, Jd a
aM practically ceaued every- dm -that I
Mmed to re reached the ican- to a mecooied ,mgel
that there was no further mam Ti"e -L1
e the t o ask the Pe to
p d -v qpnate yesterday were the thbme
w- tam BSmer hed lth oThe War.
t m" e aWovice was taetm by t 8- tPkmb tS AM
uea ana, by to-ay, it fis be- t e' w6 SS&t
bat the lUttle gtitatios will be- The attorm-B fur I
efor the l inse of determL n- the Prd t t
ikan (r. Brunner, health officer on. S- at ileasto U
ity Of BWrann*wasM a & VUtor tSrft m the MOfe
the mayor ot eavannsib to in- W~nbd Fr sm meRense
a the condItion there and at direct S- ,

other it was necessary or advis- Genasi bbe&ec a
his city to Institute a quaran- JO St to-tybu, ts 1
to be hItesepewed.
runner Is nationally recoignied Y 0 ,
expert In bealth matters, and
sacy in cae like the present. WaeslngtonA Sept
nt yesterday at Port Tempa. se at rt- xa d
nd WO come to TaMpa to-day. w g Ousir a
r Bowmer catted up Dr. Brun- trety vlieh it eh
televnione at Port Tawm Inn teat is not Ot Iar,
rht, and obtained Crom himn a eei ma h ma the
nt of his concislons thus far. MU 1
inner said:
have Investigated the oon*- Laion. Sept. 1
L at Port Tana, City, and PaSL 'Iti. l
no reason for a fear that benst, ithe e
e wRm be any further out- unaaidoed att.faCW*.
k of the disease. I can dis- oepted flan i by th
3 no case for alarm grow- renich wak
out of the sporadic cae DRETWU o
ch has occurred. There i mo
r suempltoius llness of any HuDWlani take a
In the place. Every pre- pront of tberem
tlon has been taken by the Bfet Beptn. 1-
borities. The public should the ver ictb the IDe
e every conldence In the here a &aive crowd a
Ity ot the State Board of of the Fret Desmili
lth to h de the m wtter th the G Onerae-
ly and sucuestdtlyo I shaet m" The ooUesdtp
Ciaand thaIt it ut umoee-
yr at present, for Savaam hL
netitihe a qiI5eniten
almemer wIll make a similar P of
refit To tbhi city. HI rps t
he accepted tw the people of LoSe mWet. U.-
e amthorittalve.. He Hu hasb m nom.ral e. a 'L
ter emNirea&C anytia. and his dbtie
atlom htwe rweaiea so came tSat eu Jny
eterk I "a"wllr MBt
bo-se-house tsanvam in thrtOinto m.

mm dicomered. P .iedent Ben.- if C at 'N .
of the tMate Base of health 31 t
r. .Weti, reltste M state- ... ;
of tmKct-r t oe fttheaI -that -t ---M --P--
e ma Io m r m O alrm In two -ci'ted S*es o _M
Ome as a
sCty mutinry torw w ra t work AJS^ elWWft I
* yeetmtaP. Mbm iwork to pro- S

y yeaWrd TBe sa2es at the 'W '!
d tidrcet oaM hownd a tea-
Sof W par cent. Ceat the dgr u 4.
UL thtete V **iag *0
or Blwyr tim isseid the foSWw--
dimb to the people of Tsmo. M
the TrIbune commneada to teftr ^m4m4^o M.




1.: ,.- -. ,
i.,* . ^ -
Ct ODsr d. Dedes

Quit the Case.

'.:' / .*
0: 7 .. op for ths officer is the in
vltion of Germany and
-i 'Italy.

.-,i :;,- ...^__
R ftisest. *-oBpecial).--Tbe c
t.h -at to p eOw wtH be cossel
W b cwot marUal Is noW vnw
i b-. mei n, ,.tahbte
Ow e'videt bad tbis ootslon
0eoa from the tea of the corfs
and from daciouMee wi
"e atd" 6-_t ai oGab chanm
... at Mattrv 42ltoi at one t me t"
S .le-to ret. m. the Case.
k- state tbolt, Is ' bat, o vo
u. at b--=-hl5 thatum A
**^ lt Uw-anweip to pmoloo them
& "? i d el o Msa.
t-" dc.sio create de
toe VNI Athei etssof

I. fl~ir of l brBSB ot 11te prored
am A. e ofthetaet hewld a mei
this surnaom 1n Ldabd was is

m. a.
It sn~i nggd1~~sahim t

.r .Int de 6ll I - the op iu a otta fto
eads to smf irs the" IN

a-- t es m o ensdr min
.t < "pto (he D-ewpyum
o ..,..h essl- M Gf methis nC Iso

;' ntarvicc.s tof Bepermt ofy evdne
m swastcnd the MDr-yfta lye .o
Vath wua staedoos to-day

3ehemt1Ittoeww of afaoal
be ft. '... bow o..f G fw on v
o e. Pr, te desalve -fsted
w:. s. i SIe teir s nomb ,.m
^ "".1 ; atom. Ms t. a ary on o
S fnbere twi nt e renderedoo h
12next mduyw or Wednesdy mot

o Umephi'. Dept 5-469eitaO.-
aesb-.videsta b this Cur i te-(
vaMthe Kaiser, Is the, interest
50ti t permit saw evidence inIn
A'Mhfe-l In thme Dreyffe case to
adwtted ta the cowat maruil

CAV0CVoemwae with Mus foa aL

x Aante 060hew C~rifl with Gene
an~r,".bwve a 'lrnMM "atl

(ts1hmia a
%EVt. ces
I wri
c o

porw Pim ol

*s'U ftb
I sk hmp
40 ow af1
ah aft IN

51 sA.Tan


be- f



bI- a]


. C-es~- 'K~ -at.i ',. Hl



me a Mlatto; Castillo, White, and
Banderos, Blac., Named
for Officls.

Havasa Sept. L-There were dis-
rders last evening at Ouanaecoa In
ylnctUaon with a meeting called to
roteat agalzst ffyor Hyatt. Stones
met thrown *ne38 damage to buRld-
- wase done and a riot was barely
averted. A nueeer at prominent Cu-
Man among them the Marquis of Santa
,ixa and em. Lecret, were present.
(Gen. Gomms bha Inrmed the mayor
f Dejcal that he ateftully accepts
hbe r ffer of the m cpality to erect
Smausleem mr t he remaIs of his son
ld (eo ,Aantonlo iaceoM by public sub-
eriDtlo. The vault will be In the
Mia of a fte-pointed star and the raIl-
nx erownyo mohelte point'.
The official return as to yellow fever
p to the end of lAtaat fOtw ffty-
ve easm and twenty death. Of the
mems sixteen weAner oana, and of
e death eleven were Americana.
( LocSha to-dau ~ ilshf e an Item
knn the ps1anmart of the lalsd.
MeerUng atht the colored ipulatodi
intends to be bed from tan the vent
c the !ependaw of Ca a6 the
u Ciseot lWankth th at andcase oeen ud-
in the o distifts at Puerto
tm5 fchave hMR sa to pr ehot to the
polls, aO& a stes t 2wE prepared
Mbth (saibmti Ga a zaStop an
Brmident; Tthmw& CbstI & a whIte
mn at v"oe- rsflsnt and Qilinp

hounda Dispute Between United
States and Great Britain Ended.
WA-10l>d>rton- Se~t. L--Grew&t Ra>4*l

great shipping lace and be predicted



What It Will Amount to if the Deal
Is Successful-Bright Prospects
for the State of Florida.

From JacksovillUe Ctall
Tom Wier. one of t &mpas enterpris-
Ing real estate dealers. arrived in the
city etterday to ceor-mew'V one of the
largest deals in turpentine lands ever
made in Florida. The tract in QUestiOn
contains over three hundred thousandI
ares fatimber atens and the pur-
chaiers are reiddeto of Georgia- Re-
cently. quite a demand for turpentine
nds has pi p In t lrida and
nerty& all a real estate men have
been busy nmakit deats
in this connection. a prominent real
estate agent saId this merna that
Florida in the next five years is des-
tined to beooae the turpentine state of
the south. "I am in receipt daily,"
sLd be. o'f naumerouD letters from
turpentine meat throeah GeorgiaE, South
Carolina and North carolina aa4-ing
about farntda. They all seem very
anxious to loc ia bere and already sev-
era aie ials -ave been co'-nnV-
ed and othe are under way."

Plant City. sep. 6.-rail. the busiest
planting season; of the year. has reach-
ed us now an4 everybody is at work
nreparina for the early future of a
large crop 4* vegetables and fine
lUsslous stramberrries, So far, the
weather teas bot been strictly favor-
al for the sproauting roots of the
strawberry plant. This sprouting
sao9ld begin before the plant is reset,
otherwise, masy of them being weak,
wil die. tabu cs t a heavy toss both
of lants a abor
Mr. John R. Garner is agent nm-
porariy at the om e of the F. C.&P
at Abott. Fla.
&&. raere of Jacksonvme. ad-
jluter of lnp*ance wpth hMr. H. J.
DIne of Laeld. spent the day Wed-
nsdA in ow town.
Mr. W. & WlhWte of Floral City, and

and --w--- b that the water commerce will increase -z mFlorida trhis Iamon at leant. -
Sad the ted Statesve prtctically 100 per cent when the water on the 'DruaAt _. Moody aTI ved on
aee r upo a temporary line has been deepened to 22 or ?3 feel Wedrielelhit, hatIng spent some m PsI IT.
^^^ ^*^ *^^^^ ^ ^^^ """ ^^iSboxS THEY APPREMTE: IT.
the ho-n dmybetween 4asa And Can- weeka Pie"aat with friends and rela- -__
00- I* oregy omncIor qu~estoe gqrowng TRUI.spp WITHy 3 Lppj tivee in Tensee and Georila. Kind Words fSeid About the 7Tithe.
en- J3 h to mo questions growing A. rnE* sbeenive A K ByIts iteader
out t the deftlnition of the ine. Cubans Oomplain of the Matny Delays repoosible p Osition in the oe of the---
One, of the ie qel n the Service. secretary of the Wrnell Lumber & urn the past few day seaI
latea to the status of mines owed by V eneer Co. ra reder f the Tia
S America which ma lap over into Havana. Sept. 6.-Tbe present postal I& f. Cm and family of the here been hind enough to mysaloe
( oethe teitory which las been under the arrangements are causing considerable t Postal devery service Tamp, is peed- thos ou it. Ang the epesion
o dc CSS&mal a OReprsenitaivesof tistactlon owing to the large :a needed vacation with the home werethe foilowfui In
American mine owners say that It am of tmluness done witth. ofts at Plant City.
hi would be unfair to American mine own-- mtBn Wate. .a i a so to the fact 31r D.. C. C 1'ompon will spend a few Ocsla Star The ill-ap'wt Depart-a
be "a It no provision should be mad for th mef the AMan doingbi- wes In New York another points moentofTh- TapaT Is one
Sthem in case their property should lie new here as Sostherners. BEast. I of the ma IsetlB ad redable
m on the cnh on the Under the new law all mal matter 'A god many of the Warnell people fetures f that e" sb Walabgper.
Jsanadden Side of the itne. for Southern States must go by have returned to be ready to go to --A
T awt statement the wa of New York city. This Is con- work asa ot as the mill starts. Many Attorney C Peeptes; The Trm-
a boundauestion is due to co_-o s res d r a heat ship are emnployet now In preparing a mne's reports of the Peek wft4IPrW a
I made not oo bhe Ceat Britain, tit Moreover, owtin to the number of getting everything proper runing cases are the mak complete and red-
by this vernent also. cases of yelow fver at Key Westth orde r. able ever vabliad in a Flori*l news-
berery May ba won In the mae- tCnans are anxious to o uarantine Mers. F. and &Geo. H. Wilder paper.
ter of v vA e Canada from the Lynn ianot that por t that tems Sundayed at her rental north
Canal. bt a sort of etry on the ca any daMer, but a a sort of reil& of tOfwn Colonel a T. Flecberl I want to con-
wL W besiverShould( thelinIal settlement tory metsureM aJsthosh the Cuban doc- Mr. IL P. Norwood returned bome gratulate the buone o n the -vo-AIllce
W all to give Canada a penmasent hr- t asert ha wlen eow fever gets on undy evening from' Bshne. of its reports of the Peck witecap-
for .r The Mret&r has also been su-a or in o It Is of a much Mrs S P. Owaideil and dauher left ping h eIg It w as qp to ta stand-
c us In keeping the Ikltiah to the more maltnant type than Cuban yel- on Sudy nda ght for Corinth, Fla. ard of the Journalim of metropolitan
S t the viLg? e of Kluckwaj. low Tfever. and tht there ts greter F. C. P Drew and a ftiend from the ties. -
b it s t 'ad he has greed to thoo pla- danger of brIMtfing It here than taking east coaIt axe spending a week In town. .
Ilg of thne ust above the vbilage it thm tg -On Thursdtay last, at the County corAnnssooer Blanton: Weo
Iard Imtead of r miles beyond, as orti- Te Miani Line manager have re- re-deme of Mr. J. K. MWartn of get the rtbune In the country every .
MR n a113 deamed
es o t quested the department of posts to KDit0. MP- Ale-esdr M m df Ar- morning g btore o'clock, and coetdn't I
ed n VCt ,Tp. sapend the existIng ma contract, as cadla In the th year of his agv. In- get along without I It Is oe of the i
am VXUL VOLU s. at this time of the yearitis excedingly teeat l Sidloon Prlds neceysit otf ou daily 1ff.
55. Two -ltegieaamm to ltIfro IIho Fran' unvrofitable. owtng to the fart that the OMk. Selden V. Wel1s I ted the hetn
w% Two R-Om-tta to m OFran c*SVa^ eke cme3e nttake pssngr- to olk hI Ta., bnW omammloner Voading~e-
I'. clap ef e U Xa otertiLuder The *Hewell people are m.hevt a ham m The Onap-Sbot ooumn of the
Sn. and V Pirector of Posts Rathbone nlce new sC300a house whteh will be TrIbuo is resat. Keep it op. In add- -
Ube &--Two grants the foteata It wl moaneonly rear fur the ley Modky nert. Mr. tion to furnishing meat Iteresting p
L ~~~~the rmll eqekts frwMmeHaanao~ tmnianf= at Jesse IL Knight 4s thepopuilar and rea&ne-.it is 4a power for good. sRld'C
1h 4158O ZSDa 'wek mmHavana until I
25s Wm U ho MAkAY Neovemnher. efficiat fhar the Hopewell school has effected mew notoieahle amproVe- h
u*s we 11 ut HM oafWag volun- cc again t11 seiar. meats.
Lie tw saft to r1aht.I" -eneral BODLZ PR.l-Ahittir. Sr. It .ALoWId got In ewly TBmfdiy -
bad sto I I 9t e f w SMasfL e C .-NOOftstWO SO on time Ioesm.'. 5M111Pa5 & wism-.the enter- 11O&tiely Peds some weeks In New *4ft nt0104 hD W2101a44,MIeSOanspeak-
m OulImba and 4eglaln ierb frm% .yesterday w ea and. -=ve r eP olch
im and the other w. Ileav cthe the" Ia" n = Itre- with ai liew Stock Otanofrthe s1i vifalher
Nbelrts aa re m ang e veals an C-90n10 .dentedamout o s e-Sr- wothoatTraweltw hee adW
ic" e of t hoVat o r'a5nt a t a r doi C nemSO i aW ILtC* lfTpvyof Dadet City, t wfor a sd wdahtheir s umua*t
4MOmaf4-r-*LbO -- 're Octo-n 00In me town.-eme Its MadddftOa*5

mda g ba sooie se, gMt-rad ine toaN t- it b W.h m""' mtra -----9 Weree. g utr T ttonI M IN
__.0 41th tQldIoe V rrI/Z tth the < by the mtrdaaf toh' Idt. ler MT 1 a 5 f -

___ ,- -i_ -_ .3^rb-,4 .e. .vfs*-
.F Mo-10Maf e o le op tM e sooset s ium.din msrHa Yo m i. sai, Te e
=4 NNW AM mthe Gam, hot ter- I e. Il -t eatt"WIrt iUt.e

S-ii In chte aI e ofta wlportes atid saidm ni u4 oM A 'ET II txpr. en ? o.v r to t
BIa "rt- a ho ad 13 1st

Ope a o te number ot ps-t--"-itres WeV VOaItss. el On. e arroit fIe an c Iw 5 tr di. I is
th t. a wre-M ho ri. t sIlann n ewd t r ht. C enpt o-otel ho ( rI ter. te < Tampa, t ao I r 5to horit 1a I Na" bhr-
MEL- e fin c rmmottee th Issed & han wBh-m eioe* ~ bw eowadlt s t. riis gi ef a ho A emars
m a O fwi0080M to M-the hoeothe -t the Uniteds
o.be f from '0. 8LsPoefth TOWI welts4m-aho

IS WMate a- to a bUeetyo uThelr Sexboucm tt mhesaeste- l tt scr lar ft wa and -oO p
wth o e-a'oatb.e-T'he "Msew aihe wepo ato, prao-las_ hrm r ftoeor othee schoer R e o wmileaI X & am- morpene -
1o1 K J, barcai &T 0a0e oe ore th hdrestituate the bare nmst- ses II.1aWe_ whCaptan for. Newhin the Co'. oNsa that owpe.te ac t"
an-I Plmemand. ou .i S1a sf aeda asaled m t6e- STomkto t Ois port on, aesent ceawi. ra ISke *toawhat

- ata elgt- ceamatch I h inat s ane of q lAM tlA Ronved their match- Bve theha dtli two d; sg ae dbele eth
W96ivr 11001this rotso th er c s eV o.. aath ee oe th euIro i a the antd t
60- bw&d110416116The heat'.which Ot f__ %MM-d&*Wer Wee& me6The0 Smith WAS J. 3. DYst' Orre Mis ipelagsThe
ivAmrcans One IWpa Kiled lfgt"and wan; a fine veaaed, being Tlrtim Osoolnes more &adnd mam

. are h ,died br the wine and and One Wnot ouned. Sld bY --- m -- od i n tp e cointy pavhd

4pt s:ruattheo^ wnOa aWos atMO. @becarries &re nOd &P ro. deet.tsh
e WIer e itho ow Ma andrn l .IS at sevm atnhadleads one trip brightestta t tInFlorida. I hams ee
OE ahue w5r M. MTbWare relatd.Mhia Snt -pobeemen Of Colonel here eartr In the Spring. Cetaln joy regadng ft segul~y for evMeral Yews.,

i h ar r Be's rmst e sterda enco utered w e l tnown nthislt. Navy id ww met Not Worring About

" : S Iy l id^ I ^t m un t rn e nd o r ^S ? Sc a rt o n i a r e tt e s A I G R l E S N^ > t h e^ f h l
y^ a~h^ utm --^ -S C^ -. ^R. p. O11;a. n ee n _1 ,, rstg ^, -- ae Napp-rDe
Shee 0 lme watsm.oe ban-a rebC oms Im)tDp orat sami in the amer --r at Aitken. C. n aa to the safety of the tran
io si l n g o ti te d e se nt a p n lme r t n s ehe on h l nen d as tsod aev r aolt Wsh lttting r which me American Sis said
o bf the th U deridd wa k r Ma&abtte on her last in the Sch of his bead. On Sher, to be of.this at no n OTl. Te
@e I Mo' em saild t thKiansTherhederdrove t-he rebe from lectain t Amwhicha's W from New people to rea disaster o ter toe-
dW 'tsto a eEf t" inw SMe wofned. In one ofei the a" r chin tredao andYor onte ReSif I i V ve flOded the sad we-

o f t h e s a r M r at h c a t fo n 0 I H h Re r y 1 d e d i i ne e n t8 I rte ~ le as of h e a n xeot s p a i
f=c wi'u sa ie ww t y thM re.In- Which tore e the Injuarete. smun- e n. nothing hanvwn bmeen heard ad 5 o a e e a
Sfte lr I W seral oTh a from herS inceSaltnU of the ing. kin load- the n
& ulkas,~ aerl ilut# TRAT IUM~ti)qMB sEnADAC]E. ed with lmerchandisesand, 5as prsatotlt Coa mmymniiabrs
&MR h ROU11". Would wui kylae~I i"a31 &new' ship, having- been liilt and Minaon, freon hobi reverWiWand
Din- v ouifyo shdaout two sears age. Sek made ae7- plant Caty smectIOMe rsbtivt~yade f

SWasI g ton. Sept. O-ecl. ttheDr 'Kn' New Lfe Pill. Thousands era triosle ri. Bothvesels ood ld tones an an K AnDo-aVe ets' -
danes DepartmentI .lto-dayWas. tInformed of erhe n-d th-e smtoedh streheti chn tloe todeaytve nsh.Ts two"ytowrue p res
*W a apita srevobtIo ra t aagnayq-l, essmerit for sick and nervous bsead or mee nsr aned They were owned t ,III e acte Inan able and t.ub

.-aa ULTe I crufler Detroi Iow myacsm They make pure beood musa e nerve and the d. arB aoout sr cadets alr to e
0101111t a h A er 8detd to La- s Btrongnerve ansso d yhe al nd t.r e d- mostly baled frrsn ph" do rood to the greatest nyur at all SI
ia turhalt. leeWhere a wrest sieal of -sceasi eimm'.Thur -are st~rong sd~vomtes of

Sdas"toa. Tmae-iTrytem. Ornly 2cenitaL newIsfelt for their arfety good made.ad would Ie te ee every
-M HD R MD(tORIAL hitriev barkItifnet cured. Bold by -Public road In the county Paved like di

L ew N d hr Lonardi & Co... druggists. ee not wO- about the Ber.O
P m h ..omes .s o tl "When th e l ilev.tIsIn nx hr tl m.wV' thlte
wt -la d hfar amr iraaeatm it e -I I erinemn s shipped to a NOjA.PPH* 1SIO1NFELT.
f suffered f loGjT SOMOKI. Boulheme" at -mmmctime. -
heb tlm Aaan thought I was peant being i Navy Department Not Worrying Abocut tb
tecn~a red I had spent much tim and Inspector Cathcart Got Many Cigarettes SqPAINS 'IRHATMHST -MD the ptOr%0tgsheta.
ameY. and suffered so much misery On the Mearotti.
thal IInepectom' Wdecided t .tvcatita Mr.,R. P. Oltiva. 0, of Bmsekina. mte Washington, sept. t.-The -Navy'De-e
sm__ tm ne tr lts at-Drfmeot has; not the slightest spore- re
Shops at emoveyt .and awaitthe Plansteame M t to ten iat oAken. C. henaato the safety of the train-

ca% m da m otntsiue nte W 1 e f4 e o
ho Mt.btnontldingthe advertisement P madtsea r an tyostateto enre 0lheWst nrvv hd_ sed revere nelos leg ship W maeswhich Is said
sev- ~c Chole, ra aophedlatnthe hat-k of bin head. on usingf to be overdlue at Annapolis.
igrtee eet .sa b samelO'st riets hi-it. ldli Itters.'America's getet Stories of tprobalsie disaster to the
In oe ofthe nchr chin Iwreaestvessel have flooded the Navy D~epart- 0
absiah- be sainhpe- scm. yod~s emf-i hesene M.Ctt t o left him. 1Ve says this grand medicine ents amid friens of the. cadets IXord

WAS rel o Ueny lacgaetes s bo l
I904totrbyAftethkisrmreg fngCacgat. s..ug. is what his country need'. All Aoer- but answersa e .returned ineach&we0
ab O. 406 1 ON!d to to Wit. After taig ged from Hasvana. The identity of the Ic knvmthat It omees lver and kid- that the denerimea entertkies no ap-4?
w e 'ob a s I wa n e n t o ,Es LY wo u M n owb ea s c erm t aing o s u ged th e g R evmo y tro u b le Pu r if ie s th e b lo o d to n e s u p T h e n m e e i n a sa ile d &fr o m' a
.. ,. al t i ~It~col o b smrtle.the stoma~h. strengthens the rmorve'.ohson tho first a f" hlasonk an psa n-

POR WRI BNE Itnantpt

Notes About hose Who Come and
Go-4any Ijocal Improve-
me te-eath.

vrougat Over It*-AppM

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bm a buaesed .M
diso aSta..vi

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tm;. L_ .. IT"


A LAm rI AmT -O as 88IM-

The River Soevezsern to Be Converted
Into Codeh and

From Jackasonavrel CO.
J. W. Brown, an enterprtIsin fiAs
dealer Al arrived yeMerday
en route to Klsimnee. where he wili
start a Gabesy with a vtew to depop-
ilatiam the r ep and lakes of that
sectio of the ata of ts catiah in-
itbitt- He bes employed one mhun-
Tred oe more eiwet me of the
North. who wIl aOon arrive Of the
dsrde ltneaod io hi Maat Xt15mmw.
These mf e a tA l m a.str smked
aver thela fcam &" a as t ei aeb
as eLak e ed n ad> wi" be Met-
ed tb native ebman wh o 4itherto
have peid no atttaona to natchig cat-
glb. as theyhadem no zoflostwte-C fdorB
2%6 catfih mnRm ina thse rivers and
lakes tn am1 nuber
and itf Mr. B m Woaw alt the isth-
ermen naixh

Ast Ho fPdic


Capetown. Belt
litsh smI omsint
formaytlon are oOeMto.,
etwees Great Brtaisn -
44 behtoe ota the fr


W= h .d Uner, ile, W can In 8

of the Whitecas Declares That the Twelve Defend-

a*ts Were AeBOg His Assailants.


ittam,Ws On the Stand All Day, and Fin;shed a Graphic Ac-
tof ths AssAault Which Kasked Men Made Upon Himn.

a Dar. Gthe witness through a ricid cross-ex-
ina mai w kvarninatloy as to his Identification of
n t ':each of the twelve defendants in turn.
It was dOrwni this phase of the ex-
4Wt .C ubsiy f:yamv- tties pFtvlen-" In regard to each defend-
.tuogf tDm Ow am" ant, and quoted the remarks which, he
SOc casion. Wbft not exactly a
Sat( tisttaran ootm o "quotaUioons from great
S~~t ss anthea-" they were nevertheless, in-
tbseaa~isi lLT EAICU ONE DID.
sf in D taowg isi a brIef of the wit-
Sisu IDMW btha"M insresad to each of
1thed weaofwa
asm m o 4-r~m-llred for the tar,
t d s; reogniz ed voice
in tk eumieUs.oo; wanted to show, evt-
744 afs4n e- t hews "s ly t to te brae
hal t wee comeveo thi e
mt a; ; b ad bi knees on'my bf,'
SahUnne down; aid. ,"We'll. show
41s11Mt thsStr mcan lt rmle over 'us crack-
es erWsc* goal ooesthlng aboot pe*-ilg
aS rkdi eg -teard his voice among
t' thMe nmakIg threats; whenI wahs
rewe f crase&dIe nmid. "C- d &= t"mget
^~r hikeo now.m sad dus't stop."
an 7 I He rantam-oDilcult to deter-
35 I=? W ..naun mlhs In cenfaMon what each Individual
*mr 1new this z'as voice: a L were
S taltr at rsame time: it was-a Babel
-ai ,t WOW this man said something
i, s about "M to 1" and "us crackers."
iBtSeve Btrlckland-4Vaa one of Lhose
S whoa-smeab W acnmi on horse; said,
ad '- -yot come down aref that
7n bseaess(s h orse. or we'll blow yowr brains out;
J 55 weS, e.' gekeep yotr moiatlbo shut or we'll kill
St, l-H er MMr. asc tariane., after h aving
ls ll t the witness to ooint which tw the
SiS triclktland brother was Stece and
-:tJ whtltr ich was Lee, announced that, dur-
E ^ ,^S --""--L---In lg- the noon reoess the two brothers
E A40 e 4ot hMA chamw UiG+at shirts. the one who
S tm doIsiSa t to e n n nad w rn he ras a wbia irL-
,,-". tnt..d ein colla ., J now appear ng ia
gave IL a colored antrt and soft collar. Iabl
the :oWt-ith r butb tr baved the Gawitness, an a aousea
mhe 4 .on Shai at- messnWae1ile aMUsemeseo 1o nse audl-
h rapone to lly from the a-
otrim attorney. e. Macartane sana:
Chc ""aher eare aome truthful men in -
St -ehiach. tsaragb counwo. 'rney may not have
4CPI-'EBTk.ls I ayof t01th Kind In' the C strict at-
Mtr e U toSneys o0Fy, but we do here.'
Mrsue : Te e was aiamee at this.
S n W lange Crane inaerfuped: "aI wish
-a^|'sa5Sj3-! a the lawyers uaomal't say, so iany
ahtnMMu- -sth, ar n resaonme to further questions von-
SP-mflUth and Ho-raee cermnne the two Strisc a tromauos and
ltur it.n-rttinzgLaDos sorts. Ma. CoUU
i4'9 of th Jurybum-a ai; 'I .at ney "U fan0e Lew aon. ..,
11bW fej' 4ubsed taasy'll t. ufe xeir Voicesa I wotinti L
on 10ins80 k It-s Lru"t ^*'C hey are airu hugersb.:
:_;w-.n- u -e wstness Lten pCnACed IL.U tIu-
dMl ~ usn < ia~ef-Lwtlonf-
BBBS t hrf r- I_ LA W b5Ft---I snai said. -'OU'Lo open
M J -r-1 oa' your naoubn agealn. or we'h uow youn
,- ," .. tralna out."
1 jo koa tItrickand had bees recogmze
MOMu atMt s o oy r al torm a&na ws voice. sIuA
P5. hw neotAt ban a baniy-curvee oacs.
Miorace 'luooer had been idenuuea
k d han his latwes. he asaia: "Get oUn Ut
^Se n ueta6. amn get hoen."
es ded QLUiOaater C POLTICS.
m tweltfe or Sir. -macfm-lane asked t sn witness s
an A he didn't know Lhat -Iacater. was ujie
S" thur (ss a fmloneit a rep lolutw
N w ts mBl ton t anew alytimlng
B oIftetuing.ma abiut ttlflhia politics.
q.'Tlt gave ss e me- la r. iiisri -ase.e has a bettor
eld. (lew over- t, ri toneod Ihet line than yoterosif.

lnised than e 5,m t be Mr- .:-faalane--Wyihat sort of a Re-
Eu. Bsse of e at- SOtariping-1 am not on the awess
'A I saw t bwe face. 1 that hea ddo'e
dm.. and, yar. Ct-tm testified e .
pik....adai.over mIngled with thes of the orers. te
Me- tied ma .amns e- sit: "keep your u- mouth shtu
kes. athsse tnd m- Shout this thing.'
i. e nsewn 'J Matt n hada satd:n "Weill

e helped plm l me off the horee and
-txerad threats and cues ,When

8ltmft5lalensldal. ( e Q5eath had saId, whIte they
keg.. I J L' skesias hans. "06-'e It to him.

ca& Hansathe-r the rasorbaka*.
. uwii- m MW s f e s s stated that he
cI oudt t eu m mtt r srof stories mn-
|. C ,li dted on his od andrdednwt know
-z *I suffered whLat he was beaten with.
ealhe a rl bae Attorney Maefariane announced that
Sat hair and he was tinro with Mr. Cmrucn, ad
S dbt. and bad the dIstrit attorney announced the
ored. I rec- The defense asked for a recess until
1 9C tha these case fr-thesg.t closed .
- Nbteas of th story 1 am uoing home to-night," atd Mr.
Ieinil Inthe after- StriPl ln. -1 am tired of Tampa Jus-
e- sesnstan exemp. hoeb- "
sete s ana aots a few e Ct rane announced a recess until
xKH Ta AVlsrww. Dring the exa&minatlon of Mr. Crum,
B Mcgan Ir-. cfarlane secured the consent of
the stand, and At- the court to .ah examination of the
Inlctedlhn with a forer'm s Person by Dre. Weedon and
Doelas. This was done In an ante-
sMnioin regardR the room but the doctors have nut yet
elotficotlt GP of hia a- ee)n otaced on the stand.
vUilalned that he 1 9
M g"eneraL mane-- A WORD TO MOTHERS.
also gby gesture. ,
es. styiso walk, fothrs of children affected with
otf Immhtr by de- croP or a severe cold need nor hesi-
sBtueqs, that tate to administer Chamberlain's Cough
,people "bthelr Remedy. it contains no opiate no1 nar-
eas gieCi on- o.. i any fom, and may be given
-^^ a wt "h as conedently to the babe as to an ad-
9t. Ma e great success that has at-
tended its use In fe treatment of colds
and crop has won for it the approval
I SMiam praise It has received throughout
ne t0 United State and in many foreign
h nd s. r sale by S B. Leonardi &
o dfflMlat4 and medicine dealeep.


Courtmartial Readers a Verdict of uailty of Irmparting Secrets to

Foreign Government.


The Sentence Read to the Prisoner in the Cent,r of a Ho low Sqare of Sol

diers at Rennes Yesterday. I _____

Rennes, Sept. - of the Dreyfus courtmaltial this after- approachable. but there haa been, as .
noon rendered their verdict. It again yet. no sign of rioting." 'U
convicts the captain of the offense of PARI IN'ANUPRO. .
transmitting and betraying military ---ctn sOe th D rdict
secrets of France to a foreign govern- xcitemente Oer the Dreyfus Vqrdlct # U
nnt. Threatens tq Cuse Expllo si\o4 i
The court then sentenced Dreyfue to Par Sept. --(Special).-Tbe cit h as
ten years otary s conary t at Fort been in an utroar ever since the rceopt
Corale. Dond esltdFiof ca. of the newsa RfromRnn es.e I =W e --
He has already, served five years, itsed erxcttsto of the part < m
which tn will be credited on the pres- days Inretard to t mWaeC DI DAS O
sant sentence. the real extent s f the o% tbredeG to explode.
G ede b esin exraonumbers! a ndOrde Deii p arte6
PawnshmebntowUlbe five years'I mprison-t hies lit Sa nue sip teerlsgrg d tse e hue smper
st n e v eat ers scattered through every pn thorot e ion4Craso Aefterfr ?hsbat It oeeresu art
Lon cit. and reftae to allow the assen o i gep sam om e
Captain Drea rung dialso have again o even the silest crowd. Pb122RascR1 dat. hs m p TwIc a ILfeMrsoca.. 2l -oJelF.I id
to undergo the i inlalon ad mental
olverybod- of gkept moingo m the
agoy otf a pubtl drto aUtheon such as5inilbody w. ke.rt noros on the .r
that which occusted in trhe Ecole aMll- ninal aotveaordsf which are uard- -_____ __fbe ac o" i '
taire over fhe years ago, when h ed witl increolsed forces of soldier..n ..
stries and decorations were torn from MoZLEY'S IMOEL. SHOPPING BY MAIL. c,,iM'td Proit Lotou, it. 15,18po7 D
his uniform and hi sword wwa 'broken _Ie EAIO I A
on the knee of a subordtnate. Regulates the Liver. Stomach, Bowels
e court. in it discretlon admt- R aI d Kidneya. J. BAC ON & SO N S
ted that there were extenuating cir- r alne o a a 5 4
cumatancee. for which reason it was bloune. constpaon Importers and Betailers of
decided that the sentence should be DRY.
hedahe |DRY GOODS, "
When ori he ar d the readi o of hrreadate. heI-nev-er an
the Judgmnent, he turned deathly pale. Ior acolened nervusne a.nd ,r Orde
and clenched his fists until the blood eart failure. Maa Order D part
spurted from under the sharp nails. For fever, chills, debility and dney a relr and ie ae te
Deane seemed o dd break deals tak Le r. We have a regular organized department under the r-
down. and looked at least five1 years I.ades. for natural and tnorouph or- vision of one of the firm for this branch of our business.' Parties .
older. arnic reSulator, take Lemon Eli Lr. at a distance,can send for samples and may depend on .having
Colonel JouaiUn. the president of the bi, and n botis drugist, an order entrusted to us filled with the same promptess, and
hcouri sn rns the decision, oined d o by Dr H Mozlt aGt-a.care. and at the same prices as if personally selected. Write tO
fe wasadjuged glty, anda shoud A P M INT WIT u for simple end prices on anything in the Fancy Dry Goods
spend ten ears in prison at a mil taery ~ Line. Our store has been specially constructed fori the purpose
ortres s. Heonly added: request Afterten years of great aur om rom of a Dry Goods business. It is the largest, best fitted p .ad,
all spectators to leave the courtroom indig Lion. wi-th great Dervo= proa- best constructed, and contains all that experience can suggest
without aye demonstration whatever." Hal an DrtiaUoa aS bee to render it the most useful, comfortable and attractive of its
Wes order was obeyed to the letter. d constipation hav been
er he o the te d b Dr. oey'semon Elxr,kind. It is accordingly one of thesghts of Louiville.
ae te d tre hs t tl and am now a wellnma. Rev. C. C. "Bacon's Advertiser" contains price list of. Facy and Dr
mitnw hetoar fDreyigaln goearnentbth
mittoineto a foreign Sgorernmentt re DAVIS. Eld. M. E. Church, Souh. No. Goods miled free on'Tpplicstion d

The cort formally condatimned the tdto n and been treated b : -
e acia te is, who tailed to give ame any -.r...
under of the alihe prtoxenac f o .Uad totryD Moe-. H a- --- ---- '- been M -
The isv allows ta-enty.or tous In helused for several years. f com- V: 4L .

to file the application for revision sIne I ce LemonE ling r owne Elixir.me ,y
ThJi application wla. rsndoubtedi-, be r I. .ROCIt X. 2H6 Hernando I street, "i t 4. ee
reJected. The prisoner has been al. -Mephi. Tenm
ready granted one revision, and it Is A. CLau r S N AD AHIR
doubtful. extremely. if another will be -- D.NEA . ope, DPt.: P "O
vermlued. This Is to certify that I usod Dr. CAR"
reaat te oseyseLempon xrfort senraigiarLF.ee.tP.DEFOE
me tod .rosemutor ny o r degrad ratiOnf the head and eyes with themot I
aill take.pace on or before Septenoberurt. e tns e t l- ou gensod h. tomyotenw B lree Madr
l. It ill occur at Rennes. I wsid gladly have paid or the a r yand Boiler iaeN

The prisoner's w uard wanse drawn up the ParIts tonbc that a an ca exint t c
to a hollow square n the outtyard of for ome time on a tale hope. One 5ew Ini Ere Cyh Engine. Otsne wiRP BB Tlt-O"
the prison. iAa aoon as the verdict was oiler. One Saw Mill, complete, with- tem feU
read at the oee. Major Carriere the ,. ley & Hermage Moulder. One oley &
government prosecutor, and Greffler Franrk J. Chentfy makes oath l at he Rip-Saw. One Goodell & Waters Double Surfa oe-
and Berieant. attendants of the court, is the senior partner of the ft-i of F. F B uin
entered the courtyard, and t J n & Co., doing buseine in the eed or uttg w. Three Saw Mandrels. n
eontri ed th e centard, a dtheoBqok t i City of Toledo county and state afore-.three.Saw s. One set Trucks. 100 met 1, IV -,16 i9 .
The prisoner was then marchedn. with stnof one hundred dollars fea Th y aborted Pueys. Five 52 in nsered
his ugui attendant at his side. hlis and every case of catarrh tha cannot Anyone wanting anything in this line will do well te a
Wale but motionless face wore the sahe ted pnd THE withU l C.
set expressiOD as It bad during the Sworn to before me and subecrt-Ped "' * a"
early dwt s o the trial. Drnuseem- In med bakT S. 1 t his I dy 4De-
ed to apsrehend fully what was com- cmber- A. &). 18^ I AA -
l. He listened to reere reading e) A. W. GLEASON, .-
of th deeedee apprenly intmeded; yHalls Catat Ce is s lotenal- ------ '
there was nt toe twitchtog o a m- on ly, and acts directly on the lod and -'---
ile or the change of an expression'es of the system,! SendAT1 CCC
the prisome did net utter a word when F. .d te en eooua Toleo, d o. od 0 port r Ce r ^
Greffl Her a fldnfro the reading oryGa Baold by ti a~st s le. ?0 om '. ._
cndemnation When a guard a-ll- -A r, Ift,, YOUR j: i

thato ; a pona e a te- sale of Real Estate, J. H le:1.
tence of deportation, Is entilJed to t7o :'.. .
rears credit for each year lthat he so negotiatnlDg LOanS.
S having served alout Collection of Rents j
Years on Devil's Island, will, therefore, and payments of S---'X
have to be credited already mih taxe s. The buses '
yes- service, and s it ver prbahl axes e Umsess
th he sill be llbera d .n a ee will be conducted '
"ts .iew ca.not. beconfinnd from under the name 01 -o -sI .',
the authortiea at lhi .moment, but ft Fessenden's Rea" Es- -
Is in all probability the correct oL-ne
Dreyfus. however, hatev.r may be tate Agenoy."
determine upon as the extent of Your Patronage is e P:
teM-'ion ent, is forever dishonored, ""
sad deprived of the rights of ctizen- solicted.
S J. H :_.F.:..
Akron..atk^c*. ; 4. FEo


lBreakfost Coca
Catb kas thas Owe Cest a cu.o
Be aroe that the Package bears ear Trade-Mar

ALTER BAKER & CO. Imlttcd.
mM I l11

S VaL. Btor sad latsgner.,
N D D.x. T, Oit(ty Editor
. UhSLON.. ..Ciculttion Ikaeer
C.' ....a.. B .... ..........Solicitor
ja s ,Uj-ussleurilON BsAaIS:

am Cow, Desouth............60
One Copy. One Week...... .15

m M O na Q0e Copyw .............. ..
Si ,. nthf s- copy.............
:The Wse ly 'trlbsneoe Is rg

81 Ser annu Sanica in advance
ois -abI ad -s eiry day

nt city and sub-
l0WAd St by PM S" paid"
o. part t tM Unite tates for The

grw. ; ih ON* t. e is 11 -
g, t g. ._asne v cooiera & g3

A : ~Iet Us so w lU ste matter

-.-" - -the eOs W awy

I-.h; 951or 1 .1 .- -
O. ctl i amS Tri bune
e ve5' -eyby Smal without

A O . .RAZ .IA
=W B fadZrEL s
S aasel t65e with attacks of men-
ri' itm5lttlB. One of thee spells
P V attetked the mayor Sunday
he tustitated a quaranUine

.ss evengamo g that he

so meo to e aware of the
aot that there is a te lw whch
^ nsstoiveitorJW City, town. port.
VW01sn3557 Idp Florida to 0sarantlne
e ate ot city, town, port.
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bines Cry. Clean Up," has
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loywr called upon the people
heds'5s Trtbune., to lead all
dance in their power to the
silUes in giving Tampa a
cleaning up.
vice of the Tiibme and the
Sthe mayor have been. gen-
led. The generous use of lime
fyLtbly noticeable yesterday.
ery householder was at work
the condition of his prem-
er Jonaeas. of the Sanitary De-
wasa tireLee iIn his exertions.
of this good work and Tampa
omperat ively lean. f
et up In your efforts. Keep
Il there isno a sinkhole or a
debris or an unsanitary nul-

bune is entirely at a loss to
d the reason for the symp-
anic manifested by some of
aMIly excitable people Sunday
rday. ,
e of fever at Port Tampa
reported mpicious on Sat,&
he patient dib on Bundasy.
Wr Ias bheod revealth case
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ble infectionban passedL Every precau- r, ae As Lo use other than that o t Under paDst administrations, the city -
et o hat been taken hy expert physl- terh o Ofcen 18that a draught anmal has ever been sug. Rovernnnt has experienced every
ti ha been take ex phys- ster s share n this traff had tested for the horse, there is a wide- ear, from June to October, the period Istol
e chances of a rather spread of spread wonder as to what will become between the ta-levy and te ta-
The chances of a fIntneany small o General iMelerl bgures in al lhe o rUm. collections, an entire absence t vail-
the Tribs e urges the public to small complications of this diabolical con- John Gilmer Speed has his say upon able funds in the treasury. Money love revels n at,

al Theniles fright. Keepbla cool head sporac against an innocent man per- the subject in the August number of had to borrowed. at high rates of in- bw .
and attend. to yri buneas.l Clean up s more flagrantly than any of the the Review of Reviews. He thinks terest, and under whatever terms the
l prems tay home at night, othr because he, i e aleged, al- that the fine thoroughbred will be able accomodating lenders cared to exact, A Wtlee th t
quit drinking and awodd excesses of ways knew Drey)fus to be innocent, and to hold his own and will not go out of for the necessary purpose of paying tih rep"al sheg -
an ittand. llowed himself to it terrorized by the fashion. at least for a good many years current exnes. i. "h waemuvhe*^
*Aiove all. dot ruh out of town in gn until he. himself, oecamne oric to come. but that the common horse, The wisdom and foresight of the otheisp..
a frenzy and risk the discomforts of ofl ..worst me.beres His conduct at which composes the vast majority of eent fnance committee has chanted
running Into ahot-gim and other quar- the trial, and evident anxiety to fix horses. will have to give way to his all this, by creating a sinking fund, The man wios hlts l
antines tose of you who have gone eve Point ,galnst the prisoner, is mechanica rival. This Is very likely ulon which the city can draw during is always tak tn
wil be sorry 1L a few days, and those strog lO corroborative of ihis informa- the right theory rWhile a great many this period, at the same time allowing wh a A
of youh haven't will be glad that Ln. Whber the consprators will people who eep fine horses forus liberal aemr tlosts for such valuable Wsben a she*
you stayed at home. succeed in mallitsuanklg heir persecu- of pleasure will replace them with txe elements as the o-e of peel lopte' .
tion of the pegoathey have lecte self-propelled casirages, for obvious r li o Street a the beautifying Some people
EXPEIRT TESTIMONY. guilt reemaInsthe punishment. r reasos. t many persons like the o Woodlawn Cemetery. evl is one tb
EXP T TrON. r n to be seen. noble beauty of a high-rade animal ver eber of the present admin-
land prefer to drive an animate object.istrallon from Ma or- iBowyer down, A yolnigir
The statenet of Dr. William F. U the people of Florida were thor- and refer to dive an anate objt deserves the hibest credit for the aC- to k
Brts nner, health officer of the city of roughly acousinted with the nancial co shent ofe automobth greet r tof s sPas, ven this
oytheaeorrt oanly foremt eryl frefa Whe
Ses. andto are sady tte Treasurer Carst- nes ton of uca to animals oflid Tampand
runner t td one of the scene o the ance. is health has been impaired So far. none o for and can sup- incontrovertible fats the treo l
now'ted easew fever experts n the speedil for year l anled rough aersity rooe keepers of altil oecearoyon s of the lnitf s heaped upon i n at the em

of stlyng hnlt b a personal has luost all of his acunaatiuns of tersed In the discuion of how to r When W
Untedteate te ade toa theTrib-e. He and ork so far as bune wondividuallyike to se d lo e on a limited ncome hav, the orseed- unfobeertat anils terich are beng
e th ml oud be very re- cerned. I r the State from anauthen ed in matching e t E field to his rval, find are lmicrot Indeedu f e ov r
a to tAll the teon e of this city n aicpofrcp thatiMr. Colins and his 0t, aa he Is a eiso on sotsman who ca y a9isndnigt a c r hercatin .cio "sr
ta gg ap ly ale In almot desutee crcue rina- vsee mucv rl)ort n racineervg two m- Is there any ocety hafo to lean Thpr e itut 'of
to the ec hat was ied that and houd e rally assist ed of chew York s. nancal experts now de against awning on telephone Tamp? for cgarett b o
re s no furtother danger of a e. s heath h been are that thnone of the eon a b support. The tetment of some of te
read oae o ver.e tr the purpose for yeas and through avers s sity ep and that comparatiely little these innocent hor s ta utel' the B a re i i
of Mol d hibiaeK bytat theronaoi h lost all of hi af mir o sin or bLoe iersedn thing discus on d oif how to b xtremne and the city authorities orw to t
t n w f there met He ytsfe Trtbune;woad like to see i sive on a limited aInome have succeed- tnfortunte anLma Whiseh are being t
soe eh infection therey e and Dewolresay e f the State of non city e ed n mheal tcir ss of thr.e wad Atkime s ons driven a other authoritie. l os of the to tre cw

that therewas no occeton forda sia ruoee the nosrrit ci adics uor than that. tile evil. 44 ah
a as Tampa or the rest of the no ears, it eld change s mervica egar he two ce per n e
schemeconditionfrom combined old M-and

w tas e it the fish trust. The FortIa Fl docuen In io entitled ho i Tampa and this section of te State oter lIttle l.t
th n an r, a tment Lacalcuable good. w t o n enough suggest that after elect overwork that they have to lean T l writer Aapi

ean anred the etae Boarde n Health. Is wagrngeauto it tight00-i ty' wi issue one entitled, 'nl r here in fever in Havana year in and out, and now have en oppotadl
to the ect t wase ratified that and should be eraly assisted. Jew York nancl eer now de- anst a has never telt aephone posts and fortune
ther a daer of a care that the country on a cashs The temnt of sme of, m0.-
ralways accepted as att the r ond- if tla Memphis Sc1mitsar was ae- tnais and that comparatively little r thatse it woldt horsemply is cra iracl te i .and th
eqaanted with the manner in scn tuo biaie is beJng done on credit. the disextreme spreads over the C ai authtrie or ticg an era of proo
too were emine y attaory; and a whoee tsh dealers of its city bad healthier signs ot the times s needed sohi me other authorities oueht to correct si ta
-tht crkig au n .the reviea
tadt there wahs no ocaAotn for alarm, -. o ca imae nserr amn o terst ec,'Th t hao t at.h thhe aevil. o o earnest iln anfR i
sotUrep tenWsr thepetoe of theama years It wo id chse Its m resar- Tey aurcl latga ag e s o e u d re i no cule or the people Of otheralittoe a
was coReds e s tnI e noiftse trust. lhed Floswa F.men document on hri entitled Who is Tama and this section of the ate he ot
Dr. e also comended iDr. q st will no lone terustei. e Joneo and his opponents ae cruel to be alard over yellow fever cite G atole o
eaolerf wandh heste roal i at i s the Mi i enough to prest that after election, situation in Ker West. They nave a local writer. AwfriOIp
itf meansthetatthe scardadHeaolthe s morttoJcksonville.itthe-taon-i-ci- atney wilcq issue one entitled. i "hece is fever ing tHvadeYha ntios yne mo.andtnowerial- e ano t~ :
Shifaren ttirhee cnusualdence n das greatest in fudusy. Jones?"ss has not broe tas n the Cruver case that is on i- and hf stared.
ty to Lowet a the situation. ---n tg e tieew of th e tas. to-day. West is said that the coi-
S his temony from a high sour~e. otherr shower puluse cou.,,- fe mw-mo be very monotonous in fat wwith Havana ctanmelnlorld It is ETe r u Cinth .
Dr. Brunner's views on yellow fever are ments a^ "atnrLSt uP-,Mer "rtA*nn Lima Peru. W. E_ Curtis writes that a beautiful island isolated so perfectly to the richest aaoialak
gal at ve. For da a number ol its reaAie. It never rains there and nobody ever t it wuldmp be a miracle lri ad the
1na gera g m aters. whe n. "T n F oe fste e-rsneoh a coh tobo taow ally brumrellauised and mutiae over te nl he- not
the-disease :fmve ove the Epe.' a

wer&1yt rs.p h ,dh uhsbeent in tcecannotget s a elong witho e ou r e I The tto te water the t o r tn b lrip.T
Yo of HtTo hoeth will tale that its Sna-t-
Bssidec, witttt ae etr yuient StateiBoatd

Mrin' Roosep" Service at titnHavanas, s resen r e an For Intersing reading matter just toeal kth i e fet rend it .
E topmng d]contact with he dseao en atl goesnd to duty the blry moramge is youOtcon. the Cr wh he the te-

The continuance of the py' d F. e 6o rt
capg c. ae ful report' of~lls~ ug which m apprehend no danger whatever. ty to a is an organ*

wea dty should read the call of Col. Peter U. There Is plen f room for od work t- .
And wn shan Join Mce of O hio in te SIitay Deptet. The ere- bd lacAl

titn o f P r o v id e nie 1 n a tea Pp e'i n g D r-a 0 I ,- t co
rt to the pe o othecityothe in o the ni Tiibine this ---rg, atfhis o sriends b at the opening Pr er .ompe to Vdean up l t M

i at c he is reonsbic T their phremiseueep ast te city t bmI-
XWardian% tIat there is no cause for Pabio. and will make Jt a sumineri, It is naturao to si uose that the Te bg/ 0hool to ,learn Americans and'acrent deir nem "
r d-ae rn- -4CsM^ th -t-5rs? "
V days lock a n.J y repormible aLSs ,keep on investing their money : this week. c sehorses W o to

e I t A big sensation is promised the apec- c h that
Sit. .%e hoe so. 8fr. th e usual fuss has not broken ttor in the Crum case th Is on Out and hatf starved. ,
A % CMaM.) hsad aaed ne ou~i amorn. the menberw of the tapis to-day. It is ald that the comn- Everr '
o tow aa hm O d os hu, "bNo ye L e I -New York Dt-wey reception com.- VI~tant will be compelled to exhibit hour in the day
cniost torawar him the artec- ITA I I. I ; S. that portion of his anatomy that was is beiric warmly comnpl.14
that&rirlfonaieatistheatoy"tyeLiwasetrulythe te nly repsenti
14i of is wife. qThey don't ,believe Se r E so bruta.ly bruised and mutilated by tnUlhished in South P lorid
S erat matters when he, L at Key Wet is not the whiteapper to the court. For the be t s t
Wi o alarmlr.g after all. The telegraphic benefit of thoe who cannot attend, the the wy new
Y. / You are master of _our ,a, -. tus of the situation.Itpapie n a"er inSuthFloridaT

Govern Roosevelt has taken health, and if you do not .1 'Ike i:, ---- Trade whul be ourate n, it and they rd it.

no, d ab he do cail l Y ih -.: L n r f -actories Of ;1i the Stalp. and hence det he d n y _
Which W VSrY i ahJ T f l syth n, h, ei t . r. blood ........ .... <..L..... .. .... ": ; I-c,- : a s ..... .... ... i .:.-
"." .. ..-- `, a. ._,sE. L I ; : _u _b_ c..... -'.:sTT, o t

we t 1erint o Sft Lember is "ben- '.. "" "' ." i ; r -..- a=. s::

U^ i u* e eL . *. ... .-.. .. . *' .r .. ~' >?^ "iO
Pd e ,01A, -':: :" "' --n


A question of paraKantmou interest In Stomach Bit- Fridy o0e it o. as
the proseoution of Dreyfu --"What was ors, the re a'- I moortantIn t s i ttslmlt i a --,
the motive for it?"-has been answered d. -.renownled oR theoe el of Tama. while& that ,-
with some seow of authority by the "for itsm cure urf a s ever .
London National Review, a publIcation IIONS It wl"ed the co" umnatlo of th e
which is accorded much of the credit .CONSTrIPA- elaborate plan for the betterment of
for securing tardy justice for the ac- TION the financial o ion of the city., )on
cueed officer. According to this author- a nd Bili0,,- which the present administration has
ity. the whole case has yrwn out of ,'l. S"V t a been laborimg for some time. The
the attempt of a clque of officers upon b he invita rfrtbune 1 nhsppw to announce that thls te
the general staff to make a scapegoat STOMAI=H revenue 'tmo pan has been fully petected. and that
of Dreyfus and thereby avoid the pun- now in a better cnd-ton
Ishment which is undoubtedly due to nancially, thA n many year. Wi
them. It is a well-known fact that The tangled accounts of the n ULii- me
the members of the French headuar- THE FL'uTL t OF T fHE HOSE. Vl 5VW g mnnti. by the thooUos work A
ters staff are miserably underpaid.- of Etxpert Clerihew. have been all in- e
General de Bolsdeffre receives but $5,000 The introduction of the automobile, talige tly arranged and reduced to a thU
a year pay. The late Colonel Henry with the prospect that as soon as the airtem of bookkeeping, which under Si
at the bottom of the list of the conspic- vehicle is peroected and cheapened it the able care and attention of City AM- Mt
uous members of the conspiracy, re- will be generally used fbr draught as editor Weller. one of the most capable of
ceived but $1,000 a year. These men well as please purposes, has in accountants In the South. wil be maI-
required much more than tley were creased the speculation, upon the fut- tained with specific rewguarity. n
paid by the French government to per- ure of the horse that began with the Owing to the findings of the Clerthew res
form their duties in the army and n rad of the ue of the cyce report the city through its nancal
order to eke out their incomes r onted a few years ago, ry in the centLury agent. col. J. B. Anderson. hs been t
the National Review al es to the sale machine propulsion made its first in- enabled to negotiate an Issue of tonds, bt
the Natonal Revew alleges, to theoe vasion into the domain of the norse refmundinw the entire debt of'the mInli- th
of cofidental to orwith the locomotive; this new mode of palty, e it to a very low rte
elgo mlitaer attaches in Peris. T.ile travel relegated to the shelf of asaoal of interest and maktng available safe- c
notorious nerhazsy. It apphea fmgued history the stage horse as well as hs lent funds to meet the overdue floating
in these tratisactions as the outside drivers and tIe old turnpl ie im n ins. LHeInebtedness
broker. That is. it wa his duty to remained the ground lost, in a measure, So able has been the mans gmeat of D
rocure marketable information from when street ears were first introduced, the affairs by the citT's ol s
the officers hlh to aahority, and forbut the Invention of the cable, trolley its i finance co tht the t
delivering it to the foreign attaches he and steam car blasted any hopes of o "cr n ehas found it oSsb to d e
was osId a retaInIng fee, wlth his drawing public conveyances other an unptactAcsgod reduction ot 8 ll *B
additional compenMation for awy bit of than caba. The bicycle also threw out in ote tax levw for the pre mnt year.
Infalrmvation of more than onUn1ry of employment to a large extent, Lor t t from the peole She
value 'As Esterhay was only an the time being, the riding and driving burden f excessive taxation. The
ordinary regimental officer he was horse. Now, at the very end ot the nUagre for the general fd r been,
compelled to obtain tismatim century, the automobile seems to for the first time In the history of the I
from the traitors inside the WiAr Oce threaten to supplant the horse in prac- city, fxed below the allowable limit
and to share with them his p under. tIcaly every uIe the other Inventions of gmnlls and an Important saving of
That ths was consderable ma be have left him. for express and freight 1 11-20 mills hea bet effected in this s
Judgedby the rf ort of a French .Ofl- traffic. for cba. and for private car- Ite alone
cer at te foreign ncataul whf i


's. Ubuah t os Cor re pnet ......
95-eltO Pt of McGovern Quickly Knocks Out une v-eunois a rtorm nen.

.. nm eryothlg In a& X Nut shKell .
1 ."'Peda" pa"er PrinDin .
ON ROUN _t E. Plant City. Fla. Sept. lf -Mls Kate HAV E HPVE
E. Young. who has been absent some
city ONE ROUND 01D THE WORK weeks at Palmelto. returned to Plan Tried The reat
l City Wedrnesay last.ysem re .DONE AT. o
TToRw5 ne Stouar dociap -Prof J. H. elden, principal of our
low toasd toe tarmd. T&WV A &a
MW pita city with a verY The Brooklyn an Floors the Bng- school f .r the coming schoolyar, and PRIC L
fret and, the foRowtLOg Mrs. E. D. Burney. were In attendance
es::ot w ha the wile lishman in a Little Over
a captain i ttOs. at the teachers' axam~intion in Tampa
Sr J. Moody and m n. Two rimut*a last week. B T E S
.r. ve Toron apd rs B. J.'H. Strunk and baby daughter ecus th thinkiti
e begs We have Ul made -left Thursday for Ocala, her former WcO rrini 1 TA
attam Tampr a w T he A erit.ha- ree t natyn bekdrngho ESTIMATES
the M t 1yiNew York. ept _2- b <"0 Tonry McGoven. of Brookynn knocked Q"rs. P. E. Gregrwy. who has spent t the stomwh an 4iolar E>T-11-MA TI
5 i ti To Muvern. of Brookla knocked the last few weeks In Birmlnghan, re-
S e toue the eneoage- out "Pedlar" (Thonma) Palmter In the rned home last week to be ready for acToln. H R V
ta-em""^ngOw ftout round in the nght this aternoon school wr.k -cmday morning. A6K THMEI z> IU LY
is agon or the atamwelht championship of Mrs C. L older, being on a visit to
tat esthWa i inte win the fan gha t thIus ae ofernoon0eho00..rtC. da morning der, bein on aitW18D 8
the world a a pure of 10 000.. relatives in ,omeland was balled home HE DESIRED.
aood w ep~" orter The contest took place at the West- by wire Wednesday night.
ta ia to be hankful f theater IAtetic Club's arena before a Mr. T. A- Blvens. of Tama, a former
Stfr l ts er w of over 10,000 people. coumina resdent of or tow spent several Whe n of
s .IN-W r t of both those in sad out of the encloa- dway here last week. His many old
5011w3001 at UoM Mrends were glad to see him and talk jyheis Ruliugq
Stjwd&vln soe Al"though the betting had favored M- ovr the old times of Plant Cty's ea rly i
Id Lias t Gove o the f, fm o days. Mr. Blvens had his book, The nofall diareeable. Numbrng.
wtv totheie w 1W0 to 0 dosn toed 10 to 0 and even 0,m Wa-r With Spaln titn him, and we
M Wo Cor Vtwoor these no one exPected such a sudden ter-na- trust that he made many sales.ar[ acur iwOuul'g
ae so fare ote on the tion otf a bon which was supposedd To a rea onab well-fll d ne, t o~se a
dme I~ 5~"*e ble tha be oerta L to be a loag and hard-fought Ptev. B. J..rier gave hs promed a Leter
Af w ro aTlmeta. 5ed amr n mon a ternal Purbamntsh tnday Dirdem n-
a' 1,T 11161Vamdtifuds n one T ctet started at ia. In morning. n-. FrlPrer's dteo:t as d Note Heads,
.f .1i .e beuiful" Pler hav iw n the atwo mvn stepped into gve Bible dffe large y ham excel
2111111 aies t elL'the igt, es the f tthe Eternal Future we have aftea list-
d atraim Paler waan ouhts of and ut ar Fre by .Leonard & Co. Envelopes.
B9 att, f Wrl 1lp 1e n lightly. 'He made a second attempt, a a lo God.
3jetl 9Ytt C)Oi 5ia= then mixed th upfoo .overih landing I Statements
Seth L an o e f. Te bath da wa one of the Primitive LUBARWATER CAE SETTED. eme
wm tdellobied with our Baptists' big das at LMejomt Enen. A
Ws Va nd- several herd blows. lTe bell was then nmber ofour ynPple drove u The School Board meets and Hears talogu ,
~ater Mrs. BoEatt, are rung by mistake. and both men wet raPetition from That Place.
l wnt ou to for- the bt was r d, Mr R. A. Cratin. of Tampa, spent The county school board met ester-
a s-klit OU tOfor- When the beorutasren nothe hm oe .
to o thf lloSiws tWho te u h the isndly with friend at Ithis la dav morning. The principal matter > Briefs E r.,
ia ojosfor easm that rote- Americas, quick as lightnIng, scnt the Captain G. B. Badker. of West Palm before tBe board wos the contest over
S haBoiawa S l doubtless, E Sglilahman to the floor, with a heavy Bre the board wa the contest over
iW"jl- d -teu to the UmnMe riAt-hand lwine on the jaw. PalmerBea-cL sDent unday with his family the appointment of teachers for the b
us ,of We tenure in oiialqckl e ha l feetbut MCGV-,- 'p school at Clearwater. C a at the T e O oe
iL a wsat ern wanted bi to hold oh Mrb John R. Garner came down frm T. J. herdan and J. W. Wlllamson, for .
5 3 3iled it a gbis? raining blow after blow, which the -bbott h .. ue t o a f hCurr with of l.. er. appeared before the or 'e
e pe tme mi a t could nfi Elshman -was evidently unable so the home olk board and asked ht changes be made
aes ote b m I ther%' ce Hbottsfora aietofn fw u withe app
tI H. boose is spendIng a fcc In the appolntr s already made for ** a ^sPmaAu
to mto.Mf ihd_- rdhbere was a rapid mix-up, and M ac- t me fa MtS that de. T etltion, ate an e- ATIFN NT
oiStol t~ M sl fur yeses, Govern sot In another icing on the JMr. Oscar ttow and Mr. S. C. Blum' hauetlve dlaisslon. waa refused, and aUnIU
to ive the Proftioneright jaw, ending Palmer again he&v- are ready for duty at the Warnells the appointment of E. C. Angell as i
49, oWt tlin be o iy to the floor. in e Brooklyn boy stood Mlsi again. principal and Mrs. A. C. McDaniel as
ilsad, Lt old an s tt r e close waiting for hie opponent to Our district school opened on Monday sasettant, were onfirmed.
: their' dplswure remain his feet, but Referee George morning with a fuil corps of teachers Considerable feeling was engendered
9get aloM. without lMier beckoned him away, counting the and a vey gIod attendance for the over the mrttersome of the people in
f.. lest. nec te i ond before Palimer ftrt daY of school. Clearc water objetlng to the teachers
SERE. eos umtd r m reutg s to rise. The Mtr. ,Henry W. Plunett, of St. Peters, nained by the board-
SM was then ea.rried to hi burg, w greetI hIs many friend following ltpervisors we hap-
p t Pay A sedbtohbm.wase devetings -man poinds ted: Georrde N. Benjamin, for
t t Party Alarm e Monday evening. West Tampa; E. A. Di>bell. for Peck; ,
The rd lasted 2 minutes and 32 Mr- R- W. rraonell and babies and s. J. Lyon, for Ltvlngston avenue; G.
..t.._si "tmerpa me P lt ed sconst wnreA. Ecoated 3od foeeans r
wN ace na purchasing Bettinsoe. Sasm iakelook. Jimmy all. Passed through town a Monday on theLr coe. fy w appointed prcncip
inoslhser* he intends *cGovern's weA.le Xairra.S way to Ktiemille for a stay of some of the school at ona. and Walter Wp -
We... N Wn In The news of yellow fever at P t view.th Ti

F" a t H av ana y -s ,.ay es s hl .i.sese--. .
oso.a P"t tearmo TO caused a deal orf excite- uw I s th .O I .
^ TMPAS NEW THROUGH ROAD ment h ,,e onwo.,.. == ,woMAD. ME A MAI.
~I~lS6 GiLm OCOS have never ltvedas a near to this g A v B.ornit or ,. ":i
fAV s a t d Hava dred disease .before, are inclined to ALL 2%,rv jis-n,- -.-iun sa I ..
1L5 ObSiama Lesgu PIZ1321NM T JOHN SKELTON WIL- leave the country Immedl&tely, "but , b a- ,e .. b :w ..e h 40 4m 1k' Eat-.
,is5 Tum sEm LmertOU T best to watch and wait, trusting and am .-cr-o teIr-. -s--..,.cA. + ern, N ort e m arkee
-, 1h -------- halrt tht-the flact -eare wac- be"-th...- air5"" = .-' .-es.- 4 purchase one of the lareeet-
i gives l ito mte he Seaboa, rd Air U ne and the F. C. only 0 5 Lad waJt until the worst comes i,- n, u i t, 5 ar, 5 r, t on.. s o s Of ,-
k t l 'lt B M'Wprov-u. & P. to Be Contoildsted in city is proej of her cleanlfnea, her ,. G ,Ih^.ets.I,r. d e ,O ...r -
2Wm^sa I d-, the .TNear Future. tou water and lous atmosphere, and .gV. FM> B D"V,"t l:P
bsS g7cirnevnemnmo of nothing wll he lcft undone to keep yor sale Is Tampa by Morton & f'n
Io wau by 505011 de- -t5o),onoU5 contagion from our midst. b -
* te firer0 reitlons he- Last waek the Seaboard Air Une Ball- Mrs. W. H. Heed and little fofs came
'at lOO ,5ad BaSndi d iAo0 us5 'visited A.tlntarn. to further in from Tampa Tu ay mo rning.
Postaim th S recntI terie the interest of thi system- The Flor- OtM. F. hM. Loomis made Tampa a g_ E DOLLAR M'
t hm =M a 0010 poiltlcal Id Central & Peninsular Railroad Is flying visit Monday morning. ew4 v ud m--,, e1 " .. -

Ses o (SSS Gomes con- Atianta Con.sttution may be of inter-
s theEsata ^pe-set r deriWiiiiam of Wearesole L ntforthea-ou,$ have been reduced in every de-
~t ha t Bsaiera thes luststem, paid J received a carload. Thimble skein H mt t
gti lI oonr.UtsisMdea.with a Its-as his Orat visit here doce he Cst an b E. D. Jirei & Co. ved aS o of -at-
apeW t f ti e cena lna- sec-wed control of she dcaboard. He Money to loan. small or ia~e suma.g Just received a big eot of b-inS m Sa
Ses s a oe ne gl, n'sShoes anot0enoovr: --- 0, sm sis" .s i C --

f ,9 t 2011111 As & on ie & a = but had not been ov er . ...... ..... ... i,,,
S a e t.. o s end ofe' i Seaboard since he be- Lird ft i ,."
tt~rit Whe U syP a for "M'r. WiMOlme was accomnpanied by a. .... t, . ... .
p!w, o eIt th l badWeO be- Vitoe-President & St. John, general ( -'" ., .. . .l a B ...9 1tk -
as bW now 01 11WS MI seetendent V. & McBee and W&u- ISM eaftea u hO cwin. (dee SEN111ON L MR ANW01
WtULstb oa *-sM- 1 a hiideowdof. of Baltimore.. Mr. . r tI ....... ,- C.. ,,s OP Onnio i" s 'am
H)e I1to Olf risftwimrs" labe- IMiddemdrtf Is one of the leading flnan- M al j- 6 =r=
v7 tested treey ai a LDA- Brown Shoe Co', celebrated Shesae
t tMa ps .mi -O *oitep about everything except the company s VIRGINIA COLLEGE ..A. nIe anteed to give perfect satisfaction. 46
SP ROVE1)S1"&He that he could not madd For YOUNG LADIdi, Roanoke, VA. r folow: Preident Secretar -
Stw a P lo much eeat present t to what has atoreadytFr ONrD E s k.V aePresident, Secret. ry, oio i

t.eO V50 at LBp R a Ii.mNGM. l atrl e was accepted at Raleigh on South. magnificent buildings, all mod- $13.00 BIR Queen Bee.
nd -te P Wedesday. That charter allows thi e rn mproveme:,ts. CantpuS ten acres s 1 Ito -Md- Ciyt Feydi g D r o
aI d Pa vion toe ar00 lsandset do c STOVE CATA
B- hre ete nt Oe. DSeaboard to take in the Florida Central Grand moun c .r In te Vlley r e or U Tn. t t
-and Peninsular and the Georgiaa fVo f Xca md fr ol Fotuptoti0 5aistromew iai .ioo
O R.....9 ............................ i e e*
t lar-e ovf-t; aU.S W 2ay .in. ed oven d,--. h-a,......
r. iLnlls has let the co nrtr to ,.lab&ina. but it prohibits the company p a nd erlor adt aam cc .g- a- d .is-lc n etor c -c--non .am ndto-i '.-
ier Mmler & Kennard, the welt- s-.ilng out' to a c-moetinsca tt'.Anm, luroIdeep, es.n r.im5 ..r -,. .. I e
On x ltect& to daw plans of "The consolidation Will proh l.l,-) ... o udtont f. ov..n -sv i.. slt.-- eotre e i uo o nt oor e oo)"" ,at r .n
tee' n bath houses. a dacing pu. ti- c.r on 'Septemb-r 271. o or s ,Yn thera- F.,r at r o id e r. ti y no boad r O u ec ee,e-to". ;z, '
t-ATTI- .o'. H. P--o 1.-anke. Y .-
amd other improvemients that e t i-r AnothoLr nieotuioo xli 't. la0 ..- 1 C Ybor Cicy's.Leavdi-g DryGoOdS pe
make Immediately at that pie-! that date.H a-rd i evi-rythinig ready ' -I '*- Cty CnLetdi
Wde reo-Inr dy on the coa.d o .. I ..1 T -B D S ....E.cK&CO. I 1330 AND 1332 7T!H AVE,\?TI0
. xonsd. and as goon as the archi- ,":.-.-3. wrs n,.t r-. Coy i.> .. :,,- "A B -' r"e r b dc .
a conwvete th. plar.?. v._c--c-Ke the alO'L.t L C- P A. L -.A f
l .. ... .. . . . m -- - ,- .... - . .-- -. .. .

.... '. .- -- a r a..* e r- ..-t-A- itr -.ut c a'4e:

-- : ... ,ty" : := -

MsTe4 toU*o t. 'fbeCkO Camn-
m .oe.T: B. Meei ma s ensussy 1It as# that 49se -
HIM .... ......... S e esIIMMOv a f cweve e aochnt or him.
sUl- t he wre ew ercaBll upofn to en-
A M,*l--, ialON AB3 : B*" in s battle. bUt that it is absurdd
I 1 CK 10 la .m with te great sailors. of
-' .-- """*3 M5hstory bee dff the anilae incl-
cSS*a d .T.5 de a' n The Lo 1 atordey Review
YUE. pB -....... reikes usby aw that "nt of the
Copy, Oms.Wl-- .......... Boaslh war vessels were helpless, oid-
ftasbied croft. saxa the victory on the

Nt o. On Copy......... may te asmed that the Americans
* w .o 'W t eepient bout t. or it was no
bet p iWssoliSr t 'F4 1 4yhsrqiodeed to rsik the helpless
M totel partsIof the United eeM& Siwsmlsh s*hips which were Intended to
t pr 9611611 stisy ss 9 dpwp the Tales not to fight
_.'.*_ snared battileaipe and crulsersB A
OWO 1, S J 0MOS as& f G e1of al SEortIr &isatey ltu a Bto_ u coursee. for a Berlin view of the case,
M an sment by masP est p bt. aItgether. the foreign news-
Saft I the Uanited tt m neer il seem to have & very
SOt p.6 lpcnesbD of oromjan-odmn w heron
c Yrr .e t s e ~ aobt. hi.wweer wheth er this will,
Sb wWsnp o r a1 e e t t*te o therda ofthe pe-
=*e ag res be t 4 0p M m 8ll r i d tUe ameL
speam*t so *tagith= 00W There hs bew s caod deal of tesa-
be mo. m from the rem Se elfhtingl ad-
*.. Jainse-a that oeat Wte o a
"Offws wf tosaiastfy ourerities in Serlin
1 Bartok n ". ..I .. i c a.< W Al Wbemrs. tin hawe compared
Sthe dr _tand Zwavecy"of his acheve-
measttjst m of the ftwh e Faresu.
re esdtog the = W Way In-s .afSer ito a tod hahor hn
I the CMlhanvhasIti"Trribunew'e . IeWy day a l without S to~taon emned to be developed
** we ceIetal no ordlMa at a of hero-
is and ,anslhti anve It the sai-
S -aeoent ba title ad hot ano nt to much

1heV s0mMn 4AteleA se expresses ap.
Sew u pas tthe .0 t deal *srnt tlon of bor
Tlbsm.hsbet send- Dewey and the men beyond the guns.
"t% seo pof indebted- *
sueriest. andwerearn- It tsays t h'A Dewe e character Is at no
t t alt of them i tt Inertaace ty mhi m his coun-
C at t ot en ae y ae Cer tainly
O bst ba noe of u w complain i. Austria
oi co leti for take him as a tips of American char-.
eclptiqsn have been. ieter ad manhood. It Is recognition
S fida.t? a n( -e &aria. oopesse and courage that
Met t-*bftatl i M, m ha mad as a n people boastful of
90456 fan tofalthe lB and of Id 4-d. It Is Anerican
m ot& e-iAre sfs v to a .ire the man who does
athi 1 0a Wobe aoiugr things.
bow -W MaeSS !o re- Welreaae that the great welcome
hepaw thian aiscent that Is being arranged for Dewey and
i ^ elarritlons S Ills mes; wilh be viewed In some of the
eg V *, % I Mobatt ^h 0* fnertmedna ct-sm as a further examnple
OwSeSrki we a t American "frotblnc" but it Is per-
moth klugb fol f alT 06 *-U~e fcr any netioun to do a little
end ntetNra, fo fthtw -ever an o06oer ,who, in the
Sr- wprft of onetereign crtic, "performed
this dSuty o i' 1ke a main p"d so far has
of "W S, Sb hetd *atowene She aentleman."
blus hupuarl0ta4 1b PAVIMG BADLY NaEDia>.
tw-2,^ rpeelee of TaMOwa and of the cosn-

H^ *to 6fe- 'S "W= *&w febtska a avenue fiom
___ ~ B S e5hb avenue to where the county
aid hem ^06i ^begun and also Seventh

-ggla ^SS jIleitb affm tipDr aft ty and -welL They
wtwo'aved roads that are the pride
t" axd co- xtI aa4 It is cer-

e' OU9Altbss The Bllaae trists that the
& Board ofat- P4c (Works wti at once

is Ssne^iuiri whIle Tinw% sa 4 oth Frlorida to be al-'

- 1 *,It06I the tmsest and strictest
4* he, word, a Jk Dandy.
.Mlgrtrist awockingslowly
-and Ina tew weeks the
mM he able to tellnIt readers
*UsIto escees is assured.
Aband~sW Aghend be relegated
Iwo' ts. OjheireIs, neroom for -them
-S -I -r fget-up-aIpd-get-

"C ta bi koraficktion. and trusts
Abis.1he ulamewill e off short dora-
's.'w0 n SouathFlors withda

at tSriat of slseethat a man
Sifo NOV tiStt Wealth.

S. of order, causing


webcr. They !
r ft weakeas and "
iffecl the baby.
kr -odaerr need
Mulsion. It gives
nth and makes
Sfood richer and

NorincE OF A1- 3 -5JL.T1iN.
For Permit to Sell Luors Wines and
Pubtlc notice s hereby given that
IFRANCISCO tIT has filed with toe
Board of County Cwrdconems of
iftlsboros h county, in the State or
Portda. his application for a permit
to sell fquors, wines and beer in Elec-
ti District %No. 2 oB said
county and State; that soch aVSica-
ttma wi be acted on bT the said oard
of Cobuto Conapisoners at their next
regular meeting, which wi be hld
oa the first TuesasW in October, A. D.
18ft. at 10 o'clock lin the forenoon -of
saM Gdg%. sad the said Board haetby
cals o.o ena ltsen of such ASkectlon
D .trtges wbo mnu desre to do so, to
ahusS e.ift W as th be, at the.d
vi5a~ Misr of said Bad.
w16 such permit shall not be granled

(whjnisulsonees of 5laiD^bornut 0055*7,
rd ththe 6th day of SeptM-
berA. D 1189
Dl B GIV 1 C.
For Permit to Se 'L quor, Wine and

Pubc notice is hereby given that
L. ATHAIZ4AfAW has filed with the
Board of County CotnuftmonerS of
HMaboroegh county, In the State of
Florida. his application for a permit
to sell touors. wnes and beer in Elec-

IS. date of Aed of conveyanme beitn
.Noveznber BO. 8L51
Lot 1. b 21. town of Tampa, gen-.
eral i*& of W1&i. date of deed of con-
veyrce betr* June 18th. 184.
Lot 5. bloc 71, TYor City, date of
deed of conveyance being Jmune 18th.
The west half of the north east'
Quarter, the north east quarter of the I
north east Qaarter. east half of the
north west quarter, south west quarter
of the north west quarter and north
east quarter ;-df the south east quarter
of section 29. township 28, range 19.
date of deed of conveyance being July
3rd. 189.
South west quarter of the north west
quarter (or south half of lot 1) forty
eight 25-100 acres in section 6. township
29, raasXe 0, date of deed of conveyance
being november 21st. 198.
South east quarterr of the south west
quarter of section 28, and the north
ea" quartet' of the north west
quarter of Section 33, township 28,
range 19, except the following describ-
ed land conpencing at the south west
corner of the north east quart- r o(
north west quarter of section 33, town-
ship 28, range 19, run east 568 feet,
north 2,100 eet. west 396 feet to toe
left balk 0. the Hllsborouch ri7er;
thence ddwn the stream along the left
bank to a >ooto north of said south west
corner, then south 806 feet to point
of beiaci ontainlng twenty acres.
Also o ece at south east corner
of north ear Quarter of south west
quarter section 33, township 28, rne
1s1 and -rn rwes 466 7-10 feet, thence
north 466 7-10i feet. then east 466 7-10
feet. thence south 46 7-10 feet to be-
ginning, co0t0Ilnlg five acres (except,
ig In a ll2[acres) said deed of con-
veyance betn date of August 16th,
South we quarter of outh west
quarter,-forlty acres. section 20 and
north west i iuarter of north wet
quarter sectoO, 29, township 2M, range
IS. date of Aed of conveyance being
AMd that -art of the north east
quarter of -th east quarter ltng on
the north .de of the Hillsborough
river, in $2, towneilp i28, range
19 and all tWlt part of the north west
quarterof t4 e north west quarter ly-
ing on the neth slide of the Hillsborough
river of section 33. township 2. range
19, said deeds of conveyance bearing
date September 22nd. 1896.

nouncemenat mane by saG spec, mas- Won as mte peopfrt ot eJOa
ter at the time and place above stated. and sold to satisfy the uof
CHALE<, C. WHITAXKi. c .tion.
Soeceal Master. db. K ISPBM
BUTLERt. NOTMAN, Sherff of fbo 4
JCSA.NH & KFxirV1iGtW1, Ftorida.-
F r Complainant. By W. C. .BSSCZSM. 33

In the Circuit Court of the United hIn t -bC 1t. "bon
States. Sethern District of Florida. Six iai
In Equity. OsiRTHA u 9 g sl
T. C. Tallaferro and W. R a enderaO.
as trustees, Ce-weg-Bf-Dts, vs. 'rxw TThi E *
Suaburban Railerad COmpany, et aL, apon -1111
T)efendAz*- Decree of Foreoloesre. catsom Mr
In ourwuanch of a decree of forestos- lAntOWW ']BoEqlr,
ure and sale made and entfead tin a a -4 1 t0 A.
cetaIn caue. enticed as aer*. M Ii;

189 at 10 o'clock in the forenoon ot d land. thenee running west 745 feet to the track, road-bed, bridges and right- Comnpgaina ts.' ki '
said day. and the said Board hlereby stake. thence south to the water line of-way and equipment of the said E. V. .-f.
calls. upon any citizen of such Election di the Hillsborough river at ordInary TPmpa suburban aiUlroad Compas. LI, (-A.
Districtwho desire to do so, to te water, nce northeasterlythence northeastern that s now located In the city Tm- rt
show ca se.itay there be. at the said alonx said water line of said river to M0. County of Hillsborough and State a the or 5
next a meetingof said Board, east ne of taid south eat quarter of of Florid. and the contnuation of aid the e order o l
why such permcd shall not be granted th west quarter thence nortl to track in said county and State to Bi1-s aeor t said deu -
to the aOllcant. e lhce of beginning, with right to over- last Point in said county and tate, to- _Vtnes~ tw ana --
By order of the Board of County !0w west half of east half of said sec ether with all and singalar the Im- frmnpe, thshad
Commissioners of Hillsborough county, 'Ion 20 township 28, range 19, deed o f rovements edifice structures. worca, IS. y
elorid. .thlsl.the 5th day of Septem- 9.nveTynno bearing date, February th, carts.roling stoek X machineryimp-
her. Lk. D.1090. 31897.-n ents. riri9ts. franchises, right-of-way.o
H. L. 0,Mri I CLL. Clerk. Commencing at the north east cor- epA-tie. liberties, hnredltramens -t e 'B
D. B. OGIVMNS, D.C. r of rt west quarter of sooth ad applrtenanes whatsoever. unto the -
est arr section township d c premises belonging, or NON-
NOTICE OF (iqAtISfMlEt T. h e 2tE d a det-nino west thirteen and n any wise apertalningt and the re-. -.I
--- thirty eight, and one ha shundreths versions. remainders and issues there- in Cmlcuit OoCt,
In Juttce Cort, Ixth District, Hlls- chains, thence south 2464 feet. thence o ixth Judi the
beonxg Coianty r Florida. east thirteen and thirty-eight and one- All of the above-descr property ancr.
Jon F. Brown vs. Booker Sherman, half hundredths chains, and thence will be offeredas an entty, and each The City Tam .
the Savannah. Florida & Western Rail- north M ih feet to the place of begin- bidder shall first de osit with the ape- p o .
road Company, a corporation, Gar- ning, containing five acres, more or cial master as a D*se that sald-bid- aito MonVL
nothees. Damages, $26.40. less In section 5, township 29, range 19, der will make good'r h ido. n case of busnelltl to S
To Booker Sherman. defendant. date of deed of conveyance being March Its anccd ance themrom of o e thou nne
You are hereby notified that Ue 10th, 1s97. sand dollars in monkey,,o by a certified cna -
above entitled suit has been com- Beginning 660 feet north and twenty check ontsome respohl, e bank or Thu caus o s A
menced against you in said court and feet weet of the south east corner or trust company r one thouan dl- uDon An -VPO 5$ -. 55 fl-
a writ 4o tarnlJhesn-at h&s been served north west quarter of section 3, town- lars of par value of said bonds of the nublicatios drsSVtS
on the Savansna Florida & Western ship 28, range 19, and running thence defendat Tampa dnburban Railroad bdezta__ynPp- -
Rallroad Company, and the said de- north 60 feet. thence west 640 feet, complyny.. ' to I B ne, o -partws,,'
fendant in garniaeMnent has answered thence south 660 feet. thence east 641 For a mo.re plrticla rl decrptiono A under the 2 ..
that they are indebted to the defendant feet to beginning, being nine and two the propertleb and more definite in- Boothers, a M. bai a
in the sumn of $1so0. Now. unless you third&aces in section 3, towhip 2 formation of the terms and conditions ainst SMaid deuCos '-
appear nto said suit., before me at my range 19, deed of conveyance bearing of the sale. reference is herebr made tx lien for taxes tBI y5
office In Tamp In said Oounty on the date May 1st, 1897. to the decree hereinbefore-mentioned. for the yeag M 8 alv-
frtatondag, the same being the sec- The south east quarter of the north The said sale may be postponed or ad- teni o blocr sevwnaygve s- t
ond day of October, A. D. 1899, Judg- west quarter and north east quarter of Joutfned by announcement made by said and it avipfa tote oIM
ment wii be rendered' against you and north west quarter of section 33, town- special master at the time and place the clerk o a eId cort
the money In the hands of the garnish- ship 30, range 20. ,, above stated. fed with the of at
ee wll be paid over to the n5aolmant That part of the west half of the CHARLtB C. WHITAKBRP, cause. that sAMid d s
E. V. WHIITAKERR. south east quarter of section 28, lying Pecial Master. residents of the -9ai s 'I.
Justice of the Peace of the Sixth east of the Hillsborough river, con- SPAREtIAN & CARTER. a rei eknts of.- the Cty o -
District. (Hilsborough County Fila. taining three aeres. more or less, For Compalnants. county of New YTerk, State '
JOHN -F. BROtIN, plaintiff. In section 29. township 28, range 19. Y ork. and that, there is no mp
Also that part of the south east NOTICE. the State of Florida the service<
MASTER'S SALE. quarter of the south east quarter of poena upon whom would tbind I
section 29, lying east of the Hitlsbo- Notice is hereby given that under and fendanta apnd ths Batd.- "
In the CiruIt Court of the United rogh river. containing thirty-eight by virtue of an alias writ of fieri facias, over the age of tof f ntye o
acres. more or less in, section 29, town- issued out of the United States Circuit It Im therefore ordered s
nStteq southern Districtof h Blorida.s ', 18. n.ourt. or the Southern District of that yo y e
In equity. T~he north 'half Fo the north east Florida and to me directed, i a certain rI.O onue, 0pa21Wer6, doling
CentraT Comany of New York, quarter., north half of south east cause. wherein David 'A. A sma under the f nameof
conlDalnant. vs. Consumers aectric quarter of north east quarter and the plaintiff and the Tampa Suburhan Brothers do apperto t he
LiAght and Street Railroad CoMnpan awest half and nonth half of sooth east Railroad Company, a corporation, is n m don o or re- 4th e"
and the Tampa Suburban Railroad qiarter--440 acres, in section 28, town- defendant. I have levied upon and will member, A. D. 1M0, e s ea m
Company, defendants.-Pecree of Fore- ship 28, range 19, the date of the deed sell before the United States Court- tcember. .ill be19 en a a
closure. of conveyeance being April 14th, 1896. House door. In the Ctty of Tampa, It isw bTrther ordentred galt &,
In ursuance of a decree ct fore- One hal t Interest in that part of the county of Hillsborough- and State of It Is further ordered that b.4
closure aWd sale. made and entered in. south east quarter of the south east Florida. at twelve o'clock noon, on te this order be Pe in the
a oertan cause. entitled as above, quarter south of ,.HIsborough River of second day of October, A. D. 18I9, to Tribune. a hewpaper published
browgc to foreclose a certain mort- section 20, township 28, range 19. date the hIghest and best bidder for City of Tampa, once a week ft
gagh or deed of trust, secured upon the of deed of conveyance being April 14th, ash the following described prop- consecutive weeks prIdor to til
properties of the defendants, said de- 11896. erty, to wit: Situate, lying and day of 4th Septen ber, 1.
cree being dated the 8th day of Novemn- And that part of the south half of the being In HBlsborough County, State EL Is UACE
ter. 1898 and a certain amendment to south east quarter of the north east of Florida and being more per- Clerk o4t Circit C
maid decree, being dated the 6thb daw quarter of section 29, township 28, tioularxly described as geing the right By ). S. GIVEFNI
of May, A. D. 1899, the undersigned, range 19, west of Hillsborough river, of way, rood bed. ties. ralst track and C. C. W[ITAKR,,.
as special master of said court. will The west half of the east half of sec. the appurtenances an" equipment Complainant's Solicitor.
offer (for sale at public auction, to thle tion 20-160 acres in section 20, township thereof of the said defendant company. I. aLI. I tl&heC clerk -hic"Sl
highest bidder at twelve o'cloc. noon, 28, range 19, date of deed of conveyance commencing at Ballast Point and for sald m toy. hereb Wetl
before the United States Court diouse being April 14th, 196. thence running to the City of Tampa; the f jregog -isatwe 0cw 4-
in the City of Tamp, HillsbOugh Lots 3 to 24' inclusive, In block 47, and all of the road beds. ras ties-. der of p e vtt-da in the a
County. Florida, on Monday the 2nd. and iots 1 and 2, In block 48 of East tracks, right of ways and the equip- c am.
day otOctober A.D. 189. the following Tampa, deed of conveyance. bearing ment and appurtenances thereof of the W negtmm y T hand nd lV1el
described property, towit: date April 20th, 1896. said defendant, in. over, through. upon it thic S th day of Jut,
All and singular the real and Lot 8 in block 1 of Rankin and Dekle and across the street& of the City of
personal property corporate rights, subdivision m ip tn plat book No. 1, Tamps that are thereof located I
and franchises, leases, contracts, page 82, deed of conveyance bearing and also the road bed. right of DBB I UTIto P PAR'MB
Privileges and appurtenances of the date of June 4th, 1897. way, rails, ties. tracks. equipment Notica In b" teth.at ai
Consumers' Electric LIght and Street A strip 35 feet wide off the east side and'appurtenances thereof of thesaid nsS1o Mstoiw between !A
Railroad Company, including its of the east half of the south west defendant, commencing at the corner trick d -sand HWO -C. 861t
entire electric plant, buildings, dy- quarter of section thirty two, township 0f Fortune and Franlin streets In under t nt ame. style And Sfrl m
namos, engines, bodlers, belting, 28, range 19. the City of Taqmpa and thence run- & C. StrickladL caL yrte a
machinery, poles, wires, water Also that part of the north west ning to the City of West Tampa, es as grocers onCe541aae
power. tools, lamps, supplies, rolling quarter of the north east quarter sec- and from thence il. over, through, the Citv of *Zsnpa, is this day d
stock, equipment, cars. motors, loco- tion 8, township 29, range 19, beginning upon and across the streets of West d. Arthur J. Strickland retllt
motives and property of every descrip, at the north east corner of the north 'ampa;I the Intention being to sel all a btudines will in future be can
tion. kind and character, now owned west Quarter and running thence due of the right of ways, road bed. rils, bRe enrv C. StricklanA who a
by the said Consumers Electric Light west 1320 feet to the north west cor- ties. tracks and the equipment and ap- and will pay a liabilities din
and Street Railroad Company, includ- ner otf the said north west quarter, purtenanoes thereof of the said defend late firm.
ing all rights acquired by it under a thence due south 495 feet to a stake on ant. lying and being in the County of Dated 19th July. 189.
certain lease, for a term of ninety-nine the west line 'of the said north west Hillsborough. A.J. J [ICLA
years, made by the Tampa Suburban Quarter. thence due east 1320 feet to Witness my hand on this the 2rst H. C. TRICKIA
Railroad Company to said Consumers' a stake on the east boundary line of day of August. A. D. 199.
Electric Lkght and Street Railroad said north west'quarter, and thence due JOHN F. HORR, NOYrICB TO CKRBIITOK
Company, upon Its franchise, rights north 495 feet to place of beginning and U. S. 'Marshal In Re Estate Anthony Hepp:
of way, road beds, track and its containing fifteen acres more or less. By J R,. WTTT.TA.IMQ, Upon thl #fing of a writtensa
real and pesonal property of every de- Also lots 1, ;2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 15, Deputy U. S. Marshal. ion of insolvency by the Ad
scriptlon In said lease described; and 16, 117 and 18 in block I, lots 1 and 2 in P. 0. KNIGHT, Atty. of the above estate in my0 oi1
also Including all the following pieces, block 2, and lots 1 to 19 in block 3. S _--" ordered that a 1 persons having
parcels or tracts of land situate, 13-- Also all of block 16, 17, 19. 27. 23. 31. SHERIFF'-S SAL, against saId estate a l appear
Iw and being in the county of Hii.- 34, 35 and 43 of Kraus-'s subdivision of F the same on or before the drft
borough. State of Florida, known and east half of torth west quarter and -- in December. I8, Or the M
described as follows. to wit: north east quarter of south' west In the Circuit Court of Hillsborogh ibnLsreem
The West half of the north east quarter, except two acres in the north range 19. Samuel Bunting Sons & Company vs. ey o4'Jume, A]. >. 1899.-
east corner, the north east quarter of Also right of way for E. L. and St. John T. Lesley CHA& 9 Al
the north east quarter. except ten Railway through Campabello avenue, Under and by virtiie of a certain Vx- "County *4
araes in the north west corner, and the as located in above subdivision in sec- ecutlion issued out of the Circuit t
north half of the south east quarter of tion 8. township 29, range 19, and the Court of Hilhsborough County, Fior- T. -' -.
the north east quarter of section 2S, east ten acres of the north east quarter ida. on the 20th day of September. A.D. (7tiee is herely given thto
township 3. range 19. the deed of con- of the south west quarter o, section 1890 upon a certain Judgment recovered dersip ed.haeve dutly qa
veysetthereof bearing date Novem- 29, township 28, range 19. The deed for in said court by Samnel Bunting Sons torsofthetai o O
her 22d. 1892. the above property bearing da:e May & Company and against John T. Les- n deo aed, And alpu -
Ltsttic-1. in block48 In Macfarilane's 13th, 1897, and upon express condition ley, I have levied upon and will sel claimia, s. ai d estate s t e
Addition o. West Tamvpa. that the electric light and the street at pubMlc outcry to thie highest bidder ranu t e ato, m. .rSe
!Ala iota 21. 22, 23 and 21, block 48 railway line should be constructed and for cash. in front of the courthouse within two .ai~ s '55 tAl
h.emefe1.r.te's addition to Weat Tam- operated over paid land for a period of door, in the City of rramopa, County o Otherwise thels.. 9ff II W- .
3Pa as de.ribed by metes and bounds, three years from September 25th, 1Sli, litllsborough. State of Florida. on the the etatuta ''|
,deed 6 3, 4;2. date of deed of convey- otherwise property to revert to grant- secondaday of October. the sasme being WIINU 2.a
- ,,5I i ,n Ltehangous tub- Booth half of block 74 of Ybor City, of said month. A. D. 1899, betweoc the a US.


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wow "M to a i40Jtoe ta"t tt t c
0 vt Higher Cort asw' tt t tt uto do--r. th ar, t

S*a the law i o ube uphblt hTi I lMd .
f -,the -V6"Lma-;t u-
i i melue ,.I >bWu&& asw mbed e e .

e S *- y to the o M io n toaw er crt a .n twwqes t,*"s
R-Ii rJ ~ MA NOE 1 UAK O M 0 CIL t "Tecr lat o the oase, b the dt is"tr
M was Do menctCke sasa eattorn h clos *tguineflh Mr.
B atB~ T T saidu tB>A lawyer Stripn vw igsO@ Oppoea d grant.
-v OsnUesaster" se eUe wleewKr. a a Ma morertie

--afhis e tte -r h bow e. alowtedtWe at
d t --- seslt thA an oer 4031"t sn* ei, for the Udfiee to probd:
ssA ma &6ed 4Wdo eto *.04 IoL isit "Too are like a woID5A mWd the die
i-I- as" th at the"ame tiOm. ai twte atrnen"ou rmWNiNhavethe last

B"Ma WasthsA at Pe. wce4e aI ^ 7 d
boa idesstmo eSthat t t st-hiO @OWai. lhTcoarlam bitterly deto e Vt whaw
? - I u. t hem. un r isto antt pors i j a w ting 'ua tl oU
^ t-^ - ^m-djS S aft-r 41 to d aa ofore p i- W bto the COu r to amn d"
,"O A r 4(r fmoWaOWm &os s thtM t-%e- he aMahot mad held the daa ndeat;
emfed t"ttemimos of j S oisup- -Tou rosNtoI Is that. Ithe achare
AA As, ahermewr msp oosd c 1 to read ascourt ehoo hold Mompsoth oame othw

m m. -".. minI have Wot," enirted Mr. 7TH3 0 LAW.
t& Banner all-o Ifilematsft"al. to ve"s aou a J"des iem th n -lwd his tsreum

*=wowThe u. |-eiS3 w T bs e rs md.tloatNo


1 was I r b Ms ,rC cour to fix ao sXZaMve
is ^f thboheed formthese denen* A
ssthin Mmm sAiM * thuiea. S! fng. "that the W. M. I
o& MM m a of w ould awwr allthe ro.
ot a enr"IMe't fat the cas."
S "T'T ert will fix the bond at that Fro'
me. MsadsetaA s sa Saim Jude Cran. W A.
appeal to tht The ditrlct attorney thena smounc. j wit
a ctm of ths ed that he would be rady to proceedl o i
S. with the otherset o Mee. ontrhe.sC TMIhDs
ay." he mid elt on W. C. Cram In the Wmornin. haiwUn
it woua b a Jtte Crae it thoe cIas or that This to
hems amen ower tume. i n
i= comL I It n vry probablet hat tb* her inge ty.
tjr M uch which wi %f ent to dy will pro"e Tbh
toM 4o4~- much mbr lnteretl than the b .red- which
ewy severe pus- l ems. A Baninstance ot this in. owns e
Hoes~t meA to eremsed Intrst It Is anfoumd that eat puB
grat expense the attorneys for the defenseeWill Insist county.
a would mpoeM on the exhIbItloa by the prosecutor. Is In ctl
In lawyrW tee Coksni Crum. of the physial Iniures as wm

GOOD AfE ----
us teant NOW A KsfNDER0*R'T tT CAN Ct'C. TO A
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te RSgulatione GAtting Tight. I
I the State ofr o Teth
Is on the Alert.


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It svar not be generly known that
kinde warten at the ChUdren's Horne
a maintaiud. up to the iat of June.
=dsr twhe UMI o af tUh Tlnp& Kin.
weeten Assodaeitto with M1im la.
pn Tarlor as teaber. 'As a student.
Um Taylor. worked tlithfulr sad
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on Oe the Stte Baroad of BNom


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meei of poas & Dgwitta nWtch am
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hywidmi ena surges eSdem It. I
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L a. ALMalS & C0o. Centrt Phar-
Iar. et Tamp.: Diamena Pharnma.

M rrtbus Statant Ait Ms AttentIon
In SteWsrd to Thema.
Albouat a week th TrIbae pub.
teld a a ount 0O theU proposed O-
abumewnt of easaiv oemint m lus

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itoormation. rtyd. &7by the axtemo of tteadin tnade pg.
S Mtr. W. CIRRUTH. riodlal. lthe laeftaetereaw R*eord,
t Take a does of Pritlky Ash. Btters t- w k It almo to keep UPl w ith
seal ngwhten you go to bed and "you ghesno the leding ppeet soda tat

* hu. It wil IKUr. you a OoplouS An d S J Itot s 5lI atwelgspt s.to

iuwanst b olM by B. Lonardt Co. m at o thm mllnt hav se mdy bIes
be taken, an* that. witsal a tea tmchA
TOO C3MBOO UERL th eaMt i at- Portland med by
-' "; dr"rc -ement- "o. d o it be r t -.elsa within
WaMiowtates Sept. T--Opeal.-m. 5 &fw aMiea of tIthis city.
5aioM of the Firsm and second InfAantry 'An T 26 5tm4 tip.
W wN- return hume onthetanSrt. rgt.b ts peer. l. t
Stog& The tetalUon of th TM ea. t o ahta Mb4 Gaspewtal he w*ila
to s*e at t .andM4bttali "g*o". i Hoots -a- isome
e the trmasopert OfePberew'm s eb*
ibeW ew Tork IHcpumber Rth. tor1 9eIPm 4o 0w erips An r

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m r da. .. l.- E`STICKS TO HIS D

etm iI. hesbpl..- .trus him or Bermuda en is
Ofeato h pe oaf tMew snue-

and the Wainton, ept -Specla-
a aa thet.y e a iowi cablegram was received'
.. .. .da.y ro 'AdmralDew mr:
*'P A" -rAltfd his' fromn a dis- 'B'lew Yost twenty-elth."
2 and eeunto e~h Thoe cahiecani il taken to Indlc
1 e -eli brt egth that he w i not reac New York
and heiboeth in e tore September 21
ea As at the Otympa's ordinary
Sf i tt would only take fourteen day
t reeacdhNthewYoip.9iotthe(0.Pp. rek e Itipresumed t
415- Me, &Nc._. of the. G.. C
r. estaih a certain journal and from a the admirp expecsw to stoP at
tjia shoe d w*|I e m od hae t Amspeo or erneudas en route.
S-W Iho iNavy Departteat to-day asL
t oem. eetsen orhImadR BoReat Admiral aotto the cuo
t-.s who vat Inwhihluiene Mai it .the osto WNavy Yard,
C heV w am re r to take mayeimpmeldatetr -n
S e. S. ethe vd a s e. at -New Yor
S t whih oocaalon Nimpon hba plan
Ia n the to .ct a ntpOOm flnBsi.
a nd faBpn Rea Bes qlafoisath asr has been
t..jgjai& tsania 4ass- `dered to suecede nampson In eomm
S t sthe North tal sttia -
add*.*C to.e w or. A a .J
S' b lcam ahW of u p r, ROR IN AN UtG
am& o tl ti IntheD Boers Maa Put Off t"otilities Tuil
SSl twe tm ado *AComma7ht- MeMiddle ot September.
da &"i. alnem tohthe rat McK entu enta BelSet.mIn-Tbe Pan pe
ad ildl mhae oNO Gazsette to-dar, Wm-to Mai advice fr
t 'Bld I w t make of thee t adsb Joh5JMesbtil under date of Aluus
*Yofctieal. tn c t h of trots; 'e annhurW is rapidly ecom
there thhle Pioth thin own hands a city of terror. As the sun ribs
s tho wax ity all the people wake and ak: Has It co
@Adtlom shaft w .xmihne.t ei un to Is there war? As the day dr,
*w eniodoMg' f tqthe ahuenem letl:onas:l Wlthe I
at "k sa rl=y We on us? Is It pioesble
or Ihen ld fie w e ed- Roam will slau hter Us sI cold big
e Then a o d Danielto wo le ton, obey c the war breaks out? Wil tIheya
es oor., but of thle temptim he our food simply? How long wIl it I
o delveredn te mLs Into tad haus el the British to fight their way u ?' It
te t &IAsdaiknes fels the men go to tt
- . D ces of reeort to discuss the gi
me 'nOr they ned that he wa e- topic of shells and death, and the
- theL eo -r-kt thas t hemw = 0ten go to their beds to dream of blo
be hess. 'i? shed and ruin The war Wta star
So that* on ot name nte (he work the hurried arming of
t re hai e unt h ts m meaDsMltsa Bood H brought It toward corompletl
- tsei ut bds mgter g d said: sad. the trog of a Boer volley at
-with t thrts hid ftal-Jobaesbu train has put
hold suBcks-have they ateted me." The OVsaent adds thatI
otetr isi irefn Boers have beem putting off hostlill
ecgA 'hodz hearked fo tothe post until the middWe of September. when
Softe Pa not tow theupr- om ovime of the uriverst will pren
0 OSS ftheVow=&sW;Sfor the anutWt ofs. He concludes
RIF- .fbn dd the man fof a whiske mthan theMmner. prove more r
t r ,xe dml w t0 aad un to the than the eus -e-. -
t i. t the-~a service. even unto THE WrrH OtUSE FLkER
%apt g l did he try out
i"a -lB: "ld. 'we are set upon by A Beauttiful Train to Be Put on
S Mr-batmeve S s ixteen-to Seaboard-Aor nn
Cwas have we been threatened." Seoar AIr Line-
W-ABt cm tn-mss that. on the The Seaboard Air Jne, after its c
1aWiZ a5 t ase ae h day, as he eolldation with the F. C. & P., propo
aep 0 *the highw, he was, set to make many Improvenv6t in
4AWM -... train service for the winter seAeon.
,e t .at'he hEtaa In, te reot- s Seaboard wil make a specia
B I '"s 35th"ui6 W et5uon of -The -White Hooe 71ter ,' a a
then.% L # tsm b the coborts vestibutled tran, which wit run
-' twvon Tampa and New Tbrk. I
.- . e -" s IB" d a r k tra i n w ill b e o o m p o s d o f e lr e g a n t p
*l z ant. ox maa- /lor. drawfng-rooMa sleeping and bta
jnV.-t~have birked care, all painted pure whIte. and v
i e "m W,, have ol p the ecord between -Fiorlda ia
ent andad aivoe the metroo1uil It wil e 'bo tte

Na'4seemmjio w-th O.wtw hweve they A. A
.w-V4 hd. I &M informed that a certain pa
te 3S?5a51 l qutden s to that city, as station
-.Sthm VRin AM" veif" I se' w's- fae w mstoes cases
-'" .._ ....er"is. 4ft e.it. i Bst quotation 4
l.renhopbt .t-h-r-e- t i und Mt
r no suc h statemmt to aP- one. On
S > other hant I have ationeUad
M ayth.a d u te Pew- TaimnEa Cit and deprecated the me
.P> .m S i'st marhlsa 'ho there a whtimy nulwee and mnprovtl
-it.uh sewuitd the lh ourt of 1W. B. JONE, ee. I

H ', .st e and perplexed him Lhtni struck the residence of

I. Y UI H ftutoh the Cap- diecttil an extensive fish business
leSati'i5 them Is the different heraeuta. He is sMoidog a speci:
SMT at~ IWild I wil make It of shipping fish to Cuba and Fra

i tt I t e had it about 18 and has put into operation a new ]
g j'm ere sade tests that has' oes of preparnr the roe, which ma
Ag p A fr bd ut I cant ot It a delicacy sure to be In great
l sm. ehat I hav; got. wlu you R pJiAaf .
t & bring your patron Y --
MiT yo Bo we Can Calculate Parifs Sept. 11-(pecial).-Sebas
bthw at of building 1 Can Fure and the other Socialist asitt
_&e f eon Anost 0. were released to-(
i U an Mteret In the ma- Nobody could be found to ider
S efe' mh n m evm or ter- them.
G ffSLug a& fancyaonne TWO AT HAVANA.
to-have a wzlten contract Havana. Sept. l1-(Special).--
I hve showIt more cases of yellow fever have
-.,j., t A t velopedo among the troops, and 1
a th wbeenl removed to Laa AnImas ITo

ir Ar% nd w Departare CQtisen uand wa seom etaftsaktbtms u tb O
VtS- TieesPlAtedTpieombab&Meoids & JI 11 ^ ^ towth P

w.1-me asswHiesto facmhim on tbfie
By ~ ~ onii titb~ Weon r em"S I rt the velso^ BBtp
0"m. L W. Phillips and two chilUdren Smith cot Tbe -ngUjtary cofogm
kTE have gone to Indian Springs, to spend waa at the depot wbM the t"a.aa-
some time. I rivers ad were reafd,..to g9 "aboffi
The Wisses hall have gone to Talla- strutted te to wat bthe.-or t m
erst hassee., to spend the period of the fever A lter e sage mr otbt GoernMr
scame NOTAMI'll left overtad in a bqcfy tkis' M S -'i
: o e afternoon for mtthoQuWe, aad If'h-e
Mrs. C.- HarrLson has gone to Plant met with s the mob will etwvor to in-
City to attend the bedside of her niece. den these to d tse I ofth onuaty
Mrs C. C. Carton. is the governor'e Am. .
dA"ftI Is etiazUm with the weirder t-
ULM-. C. W. Stevens and daughter. jS TSUS e rote him
bte l Lile= left last nitftt for Madison. from chsehm The lJ aM amswalt- 0
to- TiL. to visit Mrlends. Inc further oerd-ers "
Misses Mari and Madge Uc~ay'left SEUUPXBR TO MXeWIRE.
Wste last nisit tor Delton. where they wUl
be- spend several week. He WiLl Be Retain"ed I nero. as
ed, The sasamer enlta arrived at Ksor o tk em o
to Port ToFnva leterda y and will soon be- Wambnton Sept. .IL--MaJor
tA gin loasfcatle for the Havana trade. Wian h SeteriWl be 44 reel .H
the 0 on October 14Lad. d In seerdanze wttb
Mr. Lamar Sparkman ieft yesterday the e-retknot law he wil be -gmd
1 l0- m-nring fetrom arottesavlle. Va..to re. onthe retheaAM O f tthe HuarWAn
- sme his stee at the Uni esvty of out datet rb.e te Q =i.
the VMIrgi.. Matter In the regu---ta-ser-ine isl -
fttm 5 5 n usensea&L. and 11W n OW the Ak
on President John. loe. of te Cltisen'jes ofaxet s' mtls Is smel h*at h%4
Ined Bank left lestnight for IndIsae Springs.csatbot berelstIe& the casuist
Go.. where he wll spendM tree weeks nmm"t after he bM rwtlew tlk,6
or- remoestim. n of at yea It hbe been 4@ed.,, ow-
and ever. that them is -otuia-l. a the law ".
a" The O tsm C. A. Ward can be char. T flebichhe I 0tmes tda lo- a..J1r-
tered Tfotr any point os the bay or any Genera of Votunteera to prerst him -i .. ,
adjaeneet Island. For lI ormation. call M reetatr at the Oseola saloon. thevotuntewer msw itier have. P00010
Sthe age 1le1it ofthe regularseiar m HB
the rr D.eI lrh returned from wM be ror -i i o te"' ,
JackwsoavlUe.. He accoompsMnted the jeVrtp-weat of Litrma. With t.he .mmU a 4
P. C. & P. Pernandina exeurslonist t o of 'Major oe c Tataer. ". .. ."" .. .
tailthat city. Tbte was done ti the cases of Oeor 0
00 mh Graham and C*PftWsr. beth
t M esss. le;, Mills and Clark of lk be rea.-d the ,' .
the Plant System. and Islar and Tay- whtis holdinr vbomhteer am- T A To n *
ing lor of the P. C. & P., had a busy day of General Kelfer was ar be.
the it yesterday. handling the outgoing y Be resaer army retl ag e
me? trevs when he wa appointed a atjor Gen- -
S " eral of Volnteers for service h n the W. 15t. I-
Lig You are In a peck of trotule when fspe.nlh-Anerlcan war. it,
fort your feet hurt. Boy your next pair of et @ 1l o ot
the soes oten ibe cfariane & Gieno. where HQLINEZM BAWLD B JRRIBW. t ahK Voloftsum
oord they carry all ixes and widtha, and
oP the beet aca tLDt in the city. They Left the City for Ferniadta and w am thiuMt edleMi
eke a Atlanta Yeeteday. ti whick hmotbo mf are u8
etc. W. S. lfhaim. formerly stenographer not- to a5-5mtliitl I
eir In the Quartermaster's office here has Fifty-three memners, of the "Holine dotfty '
rim been ordered to report fpr duty at san B&nd." 'which has been hodidng serv- l &u~ t the "
wO- Antonlo Texas and left last night for Ices at Courthoo square and. Ie other .. .
od- his new otpt. poro onso the cty"Ct & mthpat, oeret lnternAl2
.E *a-a 0leftt Yesterdwinpne n, forS ker"& an sqr,
th Mm utbel and two daughters T1he zremalt~niw forty ieft Last night. for ftrinfg i.b-if k
fon l eW t y. l,,mornl n- Lor Indianampols, Atlanta., n
a Id. T1he Tropical Restaurant, which As soom ams these. aontied worker been l "
on they have been managing, wll be heard of thetuiclfn of yllow fe (ver EW. Sd that be nt viq
closed until October IS. in thisn vtcinltr. they decided that theyI n CSraertimale' to
tie v a coued serve the Lord to more advast- onal is a IMsm-s a.m &s
Lies Pal Eutloff returned yesterday axe in some other sectona of the oral ae 7 o the a ot3 'Juy
the from an extended tour of umope. He vtneard.
ent will leave to-day for Philadelphia, The Salvaton Army representatives al wasdeem ed
by where his fanmly Is visiting relatives, here were ato Inquiring about rl- rant the 136 aM
her retmornin here In December to resume road tickets yesterday, and 'dTaia is as that on orange e
ttal business. tn danger ef being entirely beref of the -.q.n repty. Ihive tab
s street-corner bend of religious entho- narM.ah'26 fthe
0. IH. Fulke. a well-known and capa,- steeL.
ble newspaper mar of Tltusetle. passed nefb.w- eat-
thtrouch the city last nIght. en route NbYWl riOiBAClO OMPCA.NY. cent. ad vaorem o.a -
By to Braldentown. where he will take a other artcles cadtg
vosttion on the News AJbany, Sept. 11.-A corporation nero- o
ed 1M. Stechelber' & Co."' was incor-
on- Dr. 7- S. Oppenheimeor mAi laat night: porated to-day with the f'et7y o nonselca' is a ,osldoft
es "l thir k the other phyBsicians of the city State to deal Inlea tobac clgm ,re. latenfdu o eapom Sa
wil etmee with me te saying that e a-rettee and tobmecco in all formt. 0a*.iUtjj the ba5e ,
the Tamp&a s at resent remarkasbly free and to purcthese and establth factea their
ron any and all kande of Ulnees. sod aseci f rbr t ae inaatre and "'" t
lty ther s no reasoM for alarm In our distribution tobacco. 'MMs eptalt "f ftheiah t
oild hesithfis condition." o 1.0eU.w0. it which n2eo.000 Is prefer- eal and ordimt OWW
be- red cumulative per cent. stock.% The rit O atet.
Mil ad Mr J3. K. Jester left lest prinelpal offte of the eompany wfM be
".s niXht for Indian SprinV.(a.. Mr. in *ey Yerk Ct. The rSwtou are: June 1 i kn
an- Jester has been oremma of the Trib. erard B. Tb*nsr d. Jasee J. h J. 1t& ".
ilet une _onnoona- room for several ninxhasm, oflub Zlliteh. K. C. Daly. lis to the
wul hs.tm The Tribune wishes him the Bernard HNmbeIanda M. W. Daley. duty udr w O/i,
101a mmlsu of micess In his future oil atf 3 2Ubert, stNeo. New York the 42lljut .& t .
rund s Uty, and Fr]ank l ea oatin
-- -- .ew Taft C the at, t z -ow
^ *n--. .._ga f~S S ST
SBvwden. of Jackeonvuie, -
"0" 00mdown to Tampa and takef 'hee is no
a Pe at the situUtion, thenM remrn B5 e 5 l
home a stilst i b o head in & abole and tklsid. the ows Aw 11 ier b- Sienday ^e'lhs :^'
haslVN9 6W ole In after him, county, P ewz EMve d & Jettax6 of Umd ar p MSW
bat 0 cty sa h,,ere smalsthbi a t I naatw- o
hm' ,9, ,= is.on a -~ ~m~-.~,,Nb, Is.-A" a- - r:%WK ,,t anhigt t-dl..ae ;. ._,,wevry. -,.,
.e tie Seb. v wtelnw to-esht leb for ew da and th e o py eee a .
ad Y2 Se^ SS;S S~ E ^ I P a 5sidtle t seTstht. M
the A ~pe j. 1 eec to remain at an elwtmouhh he .agpsmp aert *.i -
the the esine un lfveme L. set from hinteswtll.attei

are B.Waaaul the r tea cc-,,i es,5t 2 a OaD ,. .,i
ted.pe s clerk.i ha. .been occung the renxwal of the.eninia- ne to ,-'.e
ooaltIflo of Clty Clerk Hendeon dew- ine new tows Is asoo beleg issd. .. u ni....l.dfw *eai
D. ln the .later's in on, li poa "llo.'ndha- T -
atteaded to the responistbe (mles of .A MnRS. .....
the alBoe l al.on. vesi i whe ta bteen IEARTTROIJW.
w. e people u.,,alor.- cig at htaseaaet eanasag h duatthed.l.arui
set, Ida hate the nienoat conodeeice In the< l'5Mt B inti He^alh Prestirat Hen Wnhsmin ad Bitrd diStci saua hmcmeS^ S ^ ag
th deeoi It eves on the alert and wten With his fkay M. (UMs left t .. The shalpm .niq
' anything happens the people c"an rak 1 tsr i'" ---'--- TM lemm I S saSea
d a red that hey will know all uts -a hesessyof Seth-au- S
the, mse-eeess'w .sedheeeel


M ...C. BOY P M W. .
Chief ve of the City of e B
President of the State Board
or Selith,
I srtah highly commend the i Hath
tribune i-r the invatuable as- I I numst em d the exelent
ltdance ,'hlch It has rendered avce given to the people of
the cit authorities in their > TamPn by the Tr.mmen this
efforA ts thorouhly clean the morning To my mind, It was
dity. T1e Tribune's aid has principally responsible for caus-
made the task much easier, lu a absioldeesP oft the fOOlah
calHngw the attention of Indvld. msa viwch had exited b er
ual citizens. as it did, to the for two day6 The Trtbne'a
necesty for the wok, and urg- advice did mouh to bring the
1lx tlhem to assist the officials easily excited e. bacd to their
in their nampaegn for improved enem : It tIedl the fe tn isa
sanitary condition The work conservative. atr anmner, and
of such a paper Is of great In sMh a way ttat the public
value to any city, and I wish could ee that there was
to make expression of my sin- no cM :e for plnf. Ta owee
cere appreciation. I the TrM a vote of tbanlk.

General Ci e C eseethea acswj Tn
d-mts.--cfr as, "Bl i.&ndergartetO reoepAreWa ha
per reports of retaWqd from h me maer vacatu
that he ema- adn.ill shoruy open ber hooL Thb
'B C n. teeste" to that asft o work wt
Aha9e MAseMade at 105 Wet Palm aSe

His Bennie BOM4, one of J tan
Tiorl' t wVZnMM e and vbvessa
,? -

tens of ewey eseve Of te
famih. a&d l2wmbusea m

agemrip tpxm a ya a
uneeney beggeao- -agr

Wtfehood offers fbmlUg
gut: nwUetbm~dasihfgIb

DR RM S, 1f
fm kaitly whet hs eausfX
gresrwnees. Blb
I 'ash0_4t (e watery ad
tlebhld;. glg oMeth I
now ithey psmfsif -a"
thy ins tern bohld up Ga
mmdm; ppt eo nlsfthy 6t
"Ad nafte form toetie Nod

is tlrs W'Is .
I sf-hfer me-q

. -,..

I . _IVT~----I-I_\_*_ T


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