Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: September 7, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00154
Source Institution: University of Florida
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311 III fl3fi;!D(QQ1 ir* mim tIUAIW

...a. :m Cmi tal Court Full of Lively thet the ordeal at sitting down was The witness awe an ree ad .
almost as Painful to him as was the or- we uetion was reputed rm
Sdeal of facing the fierce intetrogtlots wtism M he took no formaan sts'
of the hostile Ma rtait e. He twltehed ot "sasM
neausMily, in tender memory of carbolUc r. Ma rtasiv.ne became Impatient .
K,. AT -TW LAR f nAe a movement toward the acid and cow-wt 'Mowa oilweyu" 1 yr
AT BA oR Pakites who were gria omn n e star witnee d hW nae The m youo been editen mty old."
sasty. Then it w- w iowereed trct attorney conducted the direct w paper" oe m
fpa 3. w t"mlM baVw"l WillUams had gone after eanTiUtion %On August 3, I was Mr. Str inz-"l fall to see al-o n3- a-
M r.- rm, with a1 the warrants In If Morrieon was in possession evance in theseauestiona" atfl
ta swHr. frl ne--I warin to put ta s1
-i m_ =Wlupl y was settled by consent. e was ads fpoto ofoer asked him a question a plan re o Ihal with
jTa OCrai bk cahile the tiMee of the UnUted esso a- as he feto seem to know what
SU I aaea a* t twoh Gmntmss to atm Me word oath It I either tev
o aI" f t c m ,, ti ioe w" then pro -
CW the bar tmL pla02c wiod1i verb" iTh i||WBl h. o PAuS es to reaS within d with. the artaIt ow n the e fartwentr or twe re-fte yhae it'1r
S reac m of the r ivf*L*hi ro question asked I tr. M efaran. The .- .tltgrIan- 4. e you S firS y m
p*l ac- lhemk sme witness o t a ve the business d o o M d stlat
Swa ied ke h o w the records. 'the
"man" Wa ria1n 1whed wse It arIeeud. tu ount t bhet a bak. whe oe r a mt
ST ai d. t was thl a h mbe ian 6 wrtahl a e A isn
aLL re 0*yt a n prelha In raly to another r Qu es ti
ta iW l i o t of the r s PrOgdc master at Peckt was at o d lthis rh is e. &a ofdn I'x
e iias aal saed a Uet matte Mi. taU Aw-1 may it P Mr i please -rw o f eo so." n ta
Id. r 40at" to M do the ourt. the ouon theI the a aCtnt the Wietso. pLttv y ,r c
h "a Isat Ia s these. hoirso.t et e oft 't. Itats n ht to thrt a tn S nmo s3th whatgret a as
.pa twe ti e o thi maoer, teo0ws. the om oe er. I ask the 0 tor n t lth- f e temuos dl. ator
b m' d e w .-* thl w to alow they It h Inopt- rtbet aIhet ofar.t d. The N-a .aw
we Mot 0 tohtbves fom see- r. etrevire-I object to the produ r Dpro ems ed his qely: port
d o* tie fo"he have beeo Wl- the dat the commlo It itlt neces- t e. Ts a strong point ained by coo
d n-? to b hepavoided r- omar. the deft me. Mi
ada Use dat e s were -I t azrl e---t .or vo etl n0 o sa7. Mnr. .* I giy here olas tested that it
eosea d o wish too m the.teI 0oUn p era in ning to IL ae orate ore reeeu e
heaa he enbied to thremtart ee O. A'lney soWse e beh ea. tM- fe oe lmeted La thae to a
Pl l wa9s t% w as hd n ouon the ha a ialwaek e t e I -boo de eddreeed tri a Lt eey ato proeawce the tco dmls.
."msm r "eSasrst o w be w e on thr e cwt atsome lezth :T :"'he wbho sM t Of e 1 10 1=8 byan on chun e tW e
te sma to dme a rn.d uae toCM"her Li-u on iM eo very T e first das fightled ls taino
a A tse a with a n t. The commission is tter evi- ted eat oan either sie altwhe ta
T Tbearmis herewhe the cases dence than this maes parole testimony. it a ms th the iCs t wiwm th
sm calle.d reay for an o ins- I am wteied at my friend, the dies hre to ea de sroei prot of .O T- sofr
S jas 1 t6b eonduc tit la ttorne. 'for objtIn w eto txhis rhlenSe tinlO as United astateles
e it a ib or a ree in- os master at Ue &t. th r.e Lerast ofn er before ith cnhe for a coa es
I A woo ; 1 sI to. a h e ofta er ane objete hadn. ( nldca ofinscthe neo) was empledin to cated a wtnendant ar the
had t deeadants were poor men, the office by w authority. He ws Ioceen a
"4 wone nUsd to a speed trial. the capacity of a clerk. His dutesF
n a ?s S b aa t cah r ee ds were to receive. datrlbute and deliver From Wed personal colon

M r'Th ast er weover. The f cur.themiMAl, ate wa o ubntantsle*y thu Atree-ctney and tragedy tha was ftrt- m
-a. o athe dama un a up po master" hida febut b6odlels mired lor the tim Th
I8 UiL on. e athe ence m wasm tam Then the district attorney del t rd ye tedyn's'seasslon a t the o Peck white- tr
SWs I ss butpb. tom *WW ald the w ter s lto the by no means t- n-
t1J a nd v w eter. t there d hr bands bfara. tfran. The an in ses intrtn gand. tattimes, was
l 6t Sat eens Colo- r l her's v -es.msinazito was ex:t- exdlting. One new ture wa added lead
ed~at theata rn les.oe.Inn., msat fierce. His orve b atin to the thes l arat era lete csi t the to L
'1 te not ] tito Me. ol f oi b k hai r loked like a. oreun- tri-e. In the form of lbiral applase, o t
tiso feMdob arweMo mw 06Pen o the bent interrogation poLit. He threw
Ma1-0a m3 re of the the qetlons ata ron Mets dayna te o e os w ich greeted the st rikinga tterences A
ain ~ ", and gloa ted over the expl on As of the counsel: a wit es was aeted ecto
tr m a of tof t saon aso m one piroectile was lasncted, he jus as he et tf stand on a c M rge the
0984 m r beao trner*s. and a reached for another. of a erjury: another witness a.vf e a. a
Ma 0 t*L h H tedrt mme ddown mefirst statements elIcIted to the
ma .-.w -cc his fiowri whiskers wltoeswe W hehe h "dbeen post-eo-ic deacrikv"tl of the effects of no
to a Msai t o ite on a har- restart Peckabouth tewe years, and Ta.a whlsky on Pe material; adn te
so to match the other side. bad been noWed of the dioscnt ane e attorney caRed a wltnes 1iar and theo p
=oeme- S ped by the Of th o aqtce darong the put weet. witness cled the lawyer another nebm. the
i P dnSa e ontob...y eb a rse fa t ota ten to aI*t ton as iDmaster actnes rae wthe ,ot
*As "the stes.to-on contingent."H%dn at that office during the month c'. the
A SM r i i .tca aoe d 'Is tee -. h. t ob' b o1je ted "It M b ay a dramatc personal collision. i
Dnthecai. Us t e ad s a ties s er l his ntthe fAltogether the ring was a start- hin
MeD W agpsu w e His ap ash Mnethe ae. Uwich was an important tmea r yAunua tOne, and the lare audi he

4 awmas be tabme r. &erttore. iott on, belac t D- tlon of CaruRl otaa. eld t ted nothbn sth
not a mtlaw ae e 1 .t r t.iure. oeessd: ee at o the tmor'tnie and afternoon s
wsinut oea to te erteriment, ot.,
&*n w. r ,sy patb. wasi no dat- .ver natu demn ad. serssickne felt well reparld or the time Al
Bea .as hWii h a efoundaseW a( The distri t attorneir a t last got a e it i n the ort
TWO anp o o&M r wmse dia-hea-. he R readrom"'Me;aothepi. es oa the ga rte ta oW
211 ^. ssoeaamd to .eltl^y strengthen Its =1

2-Othe1asii111111e" Mr2a&-tee"n l -e djurment, wb c tun t
U~4WO m aWel-worn b ovrnmenrumsdt aegesl tCruta l3
I Mau 3iatISta &nd nodded. postmaster. and must prove eve7 W- but Yeseday three witnesses same de- ed
W"We we am pgemed with t e mamtitn in itscomo=int'hecommisn- tsasOftheVtinCios oUat Peck. ,which the
,am Mae f 51 t is thehieges tVidOLe ,Ofthe mOre or lessdire .l con-s -ted mx of

~"Peck ."ad Mr.-ili dian.thee proseded to r ith th cn'an _t
bn55MmffW, aHe s. An brief, as fo.lom: however. e 0011s the efectof hi morn-
i 060 ,a ar spwr is te" atM omiso s ani1111 o11dertM t ere were
OSIRIS .9W, Uslled Statieetrs soWum- IVenMM wVl we" IM.
2u1,111d1W a M4s t .iwaste-V .bd*ated in tMa dischargetof ha however, told a emny4tprsitfact
11-- duties by chess defe da.tntsL aoe m stach up to the hwaro t adt-
so A.'ts order to mstMai its Uaive, Mthe a w ta I o

.orr. smt was su b t er. .If dPt l2termamnIt s Irit. tthe n dee me

swiia he.placed under ma 1 Ast.hS, risoam n oot come the atternoon dee.def lawom All the on0
#, I Vit the ov ofu. sta-. Aorsoatthe edaybew ta-were- us-11
Aheis Me Ma ftmt sa iesThe ounUtutihio vecwami andotheproceeding w rta W. C. ma

0a am c eof ame 5Ma 1%9 am cra Colonel reay made Danie hMitrrseon. (005a.1 mar onoffi -
- 6M. Uw aserted in a s erim of (crdQered tat the oPSI lon he 015.11 the colored em-dsps^ potona s-
Isef kMaa ths was aB oam Pmo &d ter at PeM-. the QUM pnt'ee, the
i Of t k. us stated that he wold pre- socalled victim of ou.ther eudice, ev
we besme^m.aw afterr thede tat Peraon- who b aske the dop oft A
a m tpaae. a a"y.but that he COd write a note for
e adding ISt. Ped taw w ht queson r. eanse to e from ha is aped-
h aeL Ia M M or lag ro &A with the roso- n testl. am m t cled to the mtand to i
z sre wonouete am .,t Peck on by the witem wa h tothe len whoag

wetuma uwe osiRt -r nhess ss--'I was.' dird the sLM ingorthef e a8r whte
MaM'e Wh o swrlsed r ro to take Waited pof e him was a striooe. He tk
fo-spk SONSn X X. M. cemew ifthe ooffie"' C had told him not to allow, Iliuset to "a
. 'I~toonaction.nwas garrison to t oa

.m5 1 0hethe win I os,,m..te 01ttion ofstatopa and free Hesath He.n% r Gsrantham and amlt
moe e, t a-- a meed thv Ud. wMah beloved to Grmatham were present w1en the stran-
*ho Asewa aInto give htthis Coon-
vemnscomeses orMa to aois asd bIureiom. while go the t4od Seemed.
f-toe bor une r the
4wft hea'0DI. be C"any -ood?- at
"Whfwas Ma te rm for whicblh he knew betM as--erpuah
-"AD.l-. le em e _w w_ SI,. e f ut ige wM tier his

mist .%AUkbe
mm was"d aew hW

2thm man no I -

limthe he a~
uke 44 h0= 0ib 0
Gelt Ift Yiwe em brae

odeur utte if w"
on fa o mmmm

me ooourr d whms the term i
d the Iltter, *ommwhbt io&-i
y. to "'Voceed with the Casm-

am tam w InstrmctM i on*
the oaort retorted the defend- i
oounaeL Che district ta ep I
n6 right to direct me how to pro-I
rplme rjonedm ad thetresfta
a vualtc fire of objectoos and
Ser-obections la t course aot the
l, Mr. Mactdae charged the
let Attorney with stirna adt
,tas bersite evuh the court,
fhatt oudal rented In a. Lpirited
to the anial ednminic that anne
w men oo triW ad ttreatened im,
lMAm (wm aow d to retire, waich
ed to OM him greatly.
e lattoo raw the next witam
s Ne tay in the amr, this wit-
sooMsdeG la m^ki r a spectathe
-mlir that was partly tudierom

tom. it a he6 when arwe d
omasWcit ain the conspiraw made
ruw eadfvit befWore the dteti
tam In whbcb he gave what par-
ed to be a co ete story a the
irao y against rrs om. In the
Wlt. he rnrV-o--d all the parties
uam aend quoci the part that each
taken In the ares-ent
'alit oupona the negr depty.
w-3mABV=t-mM TIwTZINOM'.
t now.wtwhen LAltoD tc e on the
a to tlesW it beumie very% enwdent
decided change had emse aver the
t of his teramon. Altbo be the
lct attorney. whie condasdag the
et ainn ai i. held the ~oarn ao
t Od the witne-s I hlasl ta, as a
ee L wfttoo Weited 1i ndrferU
hi Me vsi statwr'w*_e
hi naturaJki exaiperated the dis-
attor ayi to smne extant anad he
ibUiged to ak questions that were
JIe in order to direct hiso attentn
be fact that e had told a atory
he came once before.
torn 3ePacfaz'tane trtmuasty ob
*d to these elead m Quetlon sad
result was that no mare po-te.
made with the witam at the
nina -ONO Jadte Crane recrr-n
court until 2 o'clock.
hen the afternoon asesloo began
crowd wa saraln in evidmoe, and
too remmmed the stand. tome a.
ice had evidently been playing upon
. and it wAs lmLpossIble to lae
awree with the swoe stateonsA
had made to the distrlot attorney
eral days before. -
tomsrn aaifat ne etago to the
rt that he had brought saothorl-
In support of this objectio to the
mr In which aft. tripIP was
DtaUtln the direct ex U
0atomr5 nade some n radi awt-
wtnafks in refahing his. reasW of
sithorties. J said MM1t be was
*sd at the ttr d W-a of th n
s of law C oy the dartct attiom .
is ta-e b hisa own t-aiinumm

w questiore that are gcety lead-
'.m Is tokaim adraafh CC o the
I thee the t is mat a tLawe.'
k'. Maefotamne bm read rhmm tie
CMW W d peg am334 an
rases wtth g Iu to dbead qm.

WTEo s I PARB t mtaIG A to taisge
tt"Ory aesp eame to -addes ma d- o 4
t. but was tastsbpe M or. ht s, t.&&mat"
w to ameatoo rMsedr taheit- W 4as0
at at oupopgg a MWAd,"I hae sSlo- l
e no Itee owf aemd he adm. sr S m t'
atb read ertain other amentbo t,, ailml

onrlab BaMrani to aqppocrt oa a tmS
it to oomt tg -"ar--~"- tam
too athe had kbee dobia hitra MIn
is. -M*,a*M-4b6 dislpis tWor-
ias nowacag wit ae hasetat a be ag 45d
all thiwou thisa trL H a to
de tbeM UsaP o irns wa I aS"-
we laid dow fB Mae Ma re me ss, 'He is
S' a towra te erceptio a the m

hr the caug to dedds Tw .h
ttorau s te then M alea ea s iMeor Jt^
i dfelird hinem at 5a- bWt1 U aI t
Elm la 1kwa. imw. atu his'. e
Iirte ohes'rta Op tsa Ma Uo tLsa f&
toaw"d in
odke Cr afte 'vnpesstta tib ad. :1&
eamion to aoAlsue for a nae-lM 'M.' I.
d o th ofl & tea, lrfri ed Ithtat t-vS1
I district attiomm hd poced wiUh 5 vi Irt-w
ae Latton then irex>l to tate tosftate
t e he ad bee a I meOIer i $ *pA

ingotf Aflumt L. He didMt onat
r mag theem were. Be saw Gemsor WiOAK
arham, Jobe Thama hiMau a(lrmot.' Iti
0aBl6Wreetriofbld a&Lea aeteta. k-
d intthe cotL *aof a e M w
Hndste wer te. He rsn-t car. .
Sa ahou HeatH e Wereain ther saelr'f
r intatea L tey talked aht tie
gro in the potales The im
4" teI the Masa" nSEt e


srv 1k

Me aidstit widch hbe &0a&ysdet
Mw dutrt t atta r, r. %om, l.
he had-, etedMag ed" a.t flm
IL He was uAmer aM w.

Ma 0 nsm .. -
TaA t .he .tn.as Bse t U

thoe or. I tM almae de iana

R the et to &" Demt maer M m
th an a ttas th show tha4

we to an bau .s.Mdbm
heaa.MMDa 0a0 amti ad* didft Iaao
what he was9 Owgimtwai".
olain w tai ae' wtH -A ehp*
his story.
wes parto of th e
btea m .m ..M -ameaa-
Litton, Io tabwer to the athtI"
-.aI"4 4 12..,_%-..- ,."L
"es., i' bad tm a S tle ,'rha

how MUM.A Am t a 41t.
stw -am up am &4 of ameg AW3

aant, hat I was ji' I an~ I
dUok. I sIok asithee 4I-asl
Ifts get toIt. DoWt -w kaeum

Its cOWN to hww B ateftWANA
teae I ftlt tt ft 6Mixhg WI
I et to ItataOl Iwsa& apwAtbl
Ifts auoln. aOB fao 4r 1.A
papm, I I o .

of h yaet, am


--B r.. ..


-th -0' oreUad Haw.t

-Lw -Her ttroohp of iMteela redoubtable Jackaouvile. sept. L(~i3.
Amli=44i United 9mStm. depoWjr ia.ubiwho 4ews Ot the yUWtre~r OQ13biifelk-
swohbcm5ma doewDacm Peek yeatarday Xer WOA Ism 1a100 r, thdafar. hft
&&iM%4Wft m-nfiNbefore idaybreak.- catured it bh~beeat rdA~3hy etcppremd.
*efutof, o"m cc -owenlfi ozr WhOqmtiey -went..:T iwo doatfif 'iWmxOorrd th"A-W~
~~~ 0w" Xa*s*O09&n. Lke yoghg man fcais-the uap-arkhmm 4~~m'
OW,-- Tfa g"ve i demnue maso :4 clever $9~N0 Sr
910'i"M WhWn t re afterb an afew, teesL a*rw
*Ames antsWtum aOm~
s ome dayi ago, vzrat. ncre uA6MOmw ns
dL93W deoarttm of 11me aof Oft&-n. urveilleaoom IG
up- A44A op. s-I mine1maw nto& -wam cbebmisned it -ATh& -resOr 't S AO-ta tPL &
ia. the O mbkhi.gfr Ckho. O

ece- LW. F AIM" I*~ mC1601100* $o t"

A61 UM" Mic~ h"e. A- ')on

jai; rr.,OL UWf.q'U00'd avi
OV.A atS 9*01W WO peFb oIrrineeor.%N
~ Uk 411-as, ~ims. eap a r tI*.
aet morw. lce.. W ewP'poa

94b, .eii ---b'
~ Uhesa~mmtm~n ehL~-to~

W '.n rv

VpNbIA5AiWIAS., 91111

upfiln O*ur Worh Ltd to a

1 5- %-ecw -_JqrO ebn-

togas a figt now 4be wart-

M~w- wwV~qsrvd b a ohiad nof

t ----l~ 4iuaeti wauprivast bi~

'an d amm waftiol Impwe-

~-~~toagiaedw amdeutibow'auwiereethat

ZWTPS l b~ u h~pmo ody
?-'! 7-w eba-errdd o


U- -ad mit I Ws Ii s

ARMIG. 4, Too

UMeu* ,the k WilVMS@3. a me,-
pemlbe.go*,Muilay But
Can't trove IL

at he w -tm C i *D -ir

AiniVaa maxrin e WMN6;mf

to take erdlem ra a 3,~ e~m
that wtll #ut In w'aa tlp
one het neer tepii
leave bue Meat to aImqt.h
-we the beet M-e -
a&+tum sm.rn Bldby~ie a"
f am C Weas= da.

it I@bs dost Ihat welIot mb a
bee a peat deel to 46alth tho'eow"m
appemnee ta at a. MON.n.eM, pl
when they golt *d r louueiiLwok
6a by ueDha t 'Oft*=fin iel.

The following Is the rango
the Jeazt OlianewhdIch-is to beigete

-bee I b i
an -in Id

lowahe m* ts A;

P6. 4MM


05LAatuotwa JhO

I I I go a Ode luwhsn -T
"W 96 WOW b .i. At. 9

."- wihm nituwo" pro&-
- ki-A
;'t alan~ e been=

*44 bA U Rwa.N C ys

unmeAtLI c Or IO. BwW AAs OC A W AD ABRT.
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.P.. Bdm tO et Ot joint a Vice-Prest- Onyi a few hbort days ago he emerge
C de. tal candidate. Mr. Belmont has from a little political controversy wit
dal d tat te has any political ambl- his kind-hearted n tghbors. beat*
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down the Republcan majority to re- But this Is not all that Editor W. <
Wb=e grgreof the paper Is Ire- spectable proportion. he would loom Crum formerly of Pek. Fla.., U. S. A
S r. mtearibens wfl oaner a fatL up as a very likely oondidate for tie has to say in this dictated thunder.
t .1 y V c9"Goai"t "I ,il Vice-Presidency. of his It is with the rest otf It ths
sm iihb'e eail t It is necessary to have a man from the Tribune has to deal.
Othe ast. or the Central Btates, pre- The Tribune will pass over in charil
y amtU I 1iTSL. semlng that Mr. Bryan is going to head the fact that tlle one-whiskered ed
the ticket again. When the list of |ltor of "rasorback" fame has single
MOOe: Briteh BaUl d~ I0 rank- ,avaable men for second place is can- it out for for a little distempered fin
*MB et. sldered. It win be found s lrprtnily dedeepite the further ftac that the Tril
oe e a mall. If IMr. M ldan make a good one was the only paper which open
y aoom In O %v tsu eTritbayne gabernatorlal campalan and shows a codnemned hIs assailants and extend
W It emegry Sayb m wa llout dispostlUo to be free with his cash, ed sympathy to him. We can pea
g Me Sag.l he will hMwe the Instde track and a dis. over an exhibition of petty intratitud
t. nct advantage over any of his con- Ukel this. In order to fulfill the mal
SOfAT FOR WISy LILY." peUtto mUission of this article.
ABT _OR IT | o be pertectly candid, the Tribun
T i Balmose evidskat coin- PREMUDICS AGcA.LNT OORPOTA- wishes to rive a Ibit of advice to Ei
ie t he oas label's opinic of the TIOS. Itor W. C. Crum (formerlty of Pecl
hbyestead l owet woman ofAtoaton I Fla.. U. S Al). Ue ought to haul
Sn w op. O In publications at ChaLottesville his "bloody-shirt." The leading ed
-. UT o= ar: Vs.. known Miu over the cWllled world torll in hie current issue Is an unw
S"RI t oo late to tteMpt to bully or as 'qqote oif Cases" appears a very step on danrous ground. Because I
a" se the iMath. The people of that able article about the gross Injustice has incurred the forcible displeasure
aatimn and @6 wjll mag their own done rllroad0 and norporatlon. and of one particular clique, he should no
afilo help" f. r MoeJ c-. New for the beneflt of t4e people of Tampa. take c51 to array the Nor
lp rawho are eternally uln the railroad, sLgant the South. and to revive
AglM$ thI a ong been /1if0U tfo a the Trittbune repUiishee the artUcle In 'dead feeling of sectlonallis
A' t patellr.iatd tof sel-rjght* aueeston. It is as follows: 'Wen he sets to work, because of h
Mog asim ~silm who spend heir ives Of all clauses Of coporatlos ras.roada purely personal grievances agalnt
in' of tMa ote gheop. e without re- seem tohave ben particularly under few men who have maltreated him, t
__ dM fin d the loss a"nd salcus scrutiny of" tels revamp the forgotten issues of slaver
MCI* to the thot that they xould fDidItMre tn thit country and there have r ^th o te I e & pv
Am e "1 ~ t ther have and civil war. and to reflect upon th
w wto Ma Ihe the oM n t haracters been moe effort mae to hammer their people of the Suth as a whole,
.t&e&00s gl MB irel mptolyved faoe-rn owners in an effort to make them rev falls a vlct to & very bad and a ver
S" i t ee to s a-proi-P e-ne than has been tue 1 unse hat.
V any obher oase. ift- oniswler Acls There Is ino doubt, that, at present
the a c eniotath thre must have been pased which take the
^^^ th mus -s bgun ta a wil ch felty the editor has the sepathy of a great
ilr m em aMagd anman yoray nd that rLroa wlt cheer u w people In Tamps. He has bee
Sfme ir apo p r destrw valuable rooing stock. lure folly treated. undoubtedly. But h
.#WW lt ohan O n of Crefmnt sand delay traffo therely for the will soon iose all of that Aympath
IWV W i a k& le de- sake f klUlns an emplyee although and Inour opprobrium in Its stead
S. w h tav a ist a a. (oroae da 5~ tthae they he continues to publish articles ilk
U ed s an ne aBt or" tih will be heailwy mulcted in dm es thee one which head the editorial col
Sth pe. thefor nine times out C ten; runou of his lat issue.
msmslem.I Sv B lth6 and ablefotis of rumtah vawse beea staved incidentally. we notce one glartn
wseo %" "Mlo ervera off ely through the mpar.Ual reason disorepancy In Editor Crimn's story c
s 8,Mitn.OM for W he O w the, federal o' rts tio 5 ee.- mh w.rongs. (He omlts to mention th
f 2on- m nts wIth other roads have rovoctin ousf the assault upon hin
r tn m fe. p tor the timated s ooah raciessg aeint the Iet him velhe whole story-bht 1<
.W If t, Dtoo M= n peae and t ni of the oonon- him studioumsI avold a repetition c
I thoe a aost of wealthI tt= .k -M laws makIng the mistake acalnst which the Tribun
"111Nl- t e o t be the l l f t he saSt0emraekod ahbolute now. with the kindest of motives, ad
St .a h-uo, wlh do e, hose beem p ed s and mantaIned"'vi-se. him. n
4dM 3 o ot sypettl ag' m heo to i o the resUtraito which
W -m n Cith oraNSee. rmtnls and faort e to sentorTH TImn is firm believe
S elif tI& a wen W ar have east about the develop- In the shot gun as a solution for th
at i r- Osan. m nt of the railway yteme- tndeed. race problem, but fortunately the pec
A thhee tt tom a deeAe does prejudice spalnat Pie who are trying to solve the rat
3. S cm.ilri ag' ththe rasj rda d exot tl.el In the peoblemn are not believer In etnatt
l^ U lMSoWt ,,uthem end selnn Sta-tes. that a TiHman.

agggii geah| The be t that the r al.s hve been retureS a god of serious attee

m..iabu O of nti ad beoas thoer 'mngas al- 'There is a complaint that every on
Hui b He l d 4 thOfh., B0 dioporportionate to the of the men who went to the war tror
Sthe-1.- ss r -- is all l ru a mote the Diotrict of Col-urriba. wants a pen
ee t. f.- ^rM then theof the producer, he sltn and the charge ist agan made the
amuss hae-t' so very is opt. to elee the cry if extortIon, the people of that dIstTict believe I
a a ll The vast gran fields of the West. the is the dut, of the Government to tak
cotton n of the Bonth, the other care of them. It should ht remecobere.
^erIibi mmlf idwpen- wie1.ledlur ltes agrtOmuill and me- in critlcslnin these people that the.
0 s.er Ul m ry chanloal to a lsswe extent are depend- have no representative in Coonres
B.iIy1 <. thM dclw e on the railroad for their markets have no lenlatiure, are not permttter
Bt 0 Wio i owe to them the openings f new to elect a single officer to adnodnite
B 1. tsf-delTms- center S o eomun4ptlon as well as their affairs and yet have to pay taxe

a y James, saea of prodetion. like other people. And it may net b
4l M years f oni assigmnable reason for the out of place right at this point to cal
popular weardioe whiehb nds its ez- the attention of certaIn loud poUltlclan
rgese1la in host lesiegstaation is that who reach that there should not b
o elrnade are that tob ov f coombined taxation without reresentation, tha
e ptials which bIs the mot familiar and they ought to turn their attention tU
cou.rehe...s to the rge mmas ot the Distritet of Cotuombia.
p. W0Ufsr the people and to have to bear that ON
hansmO 1w imatee wealth wi isl at- I O.
S eat in 'evor man-wheIae t0 forms A Chicago paper says an Ohio village
W hch "6- La s a'* mere diver- undertaker' name Is Phil Graves. The
1 Mh11 esais0the ism iler g tes, doctors name is not given.-Jackson,
pw w the rabeMds fid fairer treatment and vile Times-Union and Citisen.
M GMm ac '-dng me they dretse We have Just received a grapevine
O UP"..-ftratve imporia e special from the village in question,
thbs a n a giving the Important Information thai
~s~g f __ Th mml nneeattendng aLfrevoO'the name of the doctor is Will Help.
,a ... -t is I4tnAmercan countries
Wo- A .esete IR the &il of Santo Do A "veracious special correspondent
I4 hM'M 2e mob torsmd br ke into 1In Manila. by way ac Hong Kong. is
i1.u ", s. b 0e somentl" sad then said to have cabled that Gen. Otis has
mM a PMrviaMl Governament. sdetracked Gen. Wheeler. The a.-
.Eind Ms mobile became curacy of the report may well be
'SON I t .aS p"et they 55 sM*UWOed questioned for President McKinley
h.- how t the advan- would not have Rent Gen. Wheeler to
(II W.' 5IN the PhilippInes unless he Intended he
SIs whma has oferee& a re- should see service.
#Ml .4- N:Ikw e ma husband.
MM that mSmight be able Now If amupson will only betake him-
M 'l 6W 0 amfoekr less than self to a navy yard and tichley will go
A -'toa marbe we shall have a rest from
v-A s the tre-om Samnpson-chiey contro-
Mw 6 na- vers
.plonthe sault us- O-
tam "V n"s- MW ansapo waser job in New York
wee ,eneeredb 10ao otfellows
if. who fere469eOas poeUsed municl-
jbM,- drpp1Mted 03 at wnersip advocaes.
P 4 p t a,,the ,,,wmid no be health or'hap
*fwrvery louW without a riot. so let us re-
p.ews 6W M6 ois

















e down innocent and unruApecting ped- year oI = to 1 i a M W,- 1d
1 estrians she is to be fort to el a 000. The toona e in 187 ws m .1.000. W
a bond "that all damages tjused by the aUd i 1n It hmtd reached 1,4,000, or k6e? 1W
e crmless tidir or other oper heandl- double the tonage from 181 to Is thee.
t lnr or manipulation ot a bicycJe will The Dort bedie 1,005MW a bales of not- S *46don rt
o be paid by the aid female. If the acd- ton 1 n aad 1 t In 1 UK58, while Ively, b
dent ti shown to be twelmtnt from tthe th year. uv to MW 1. over .M000, 0 S
carelessness of said licensee." Here ts baes ve been handled. TheChamber he
a cae for the efforts of the female suf- of of that ty eMimats that w ly
free party the country over. It Is only theclose of I9 l find Oveston dealI ot eSe
e charitable to suppoet that the fraer the greatest cotte n-eb in port In wtttdi Ak
Sof the bll had been tnjud by a frail the world. I hdetta t a
burt fearlesp whaetwoman, and in a mo- *-- Medical Dismo
mrent of wrath hastened to h office, General Carl Browns's anti-trust of native med
Wrote the ordinance and rushed with a fry nsa round a friend at lat. An sarl. t sit
It to the city father s before his ire ex- HEatei scieotist Is out tn an asOer- oceM ofr,
ended itself. for a paIp Prepared in tlon. that people were healthier when tors the
a calmer mood would certainly have in- there didn't bathe so much. ders of the d
L clouded the mercurial messenCer boy "Im y r
and the masculine scorcher with thuoe A reward has been offered by a CWI- ballda new anu
who must bond to pay for damages in- cago woman or. th return of her lIst thee t t
flirted on the w husband. How madly and pasionate It is
#tey love 'n ChIoleo! ases of alldiOs
Another express agent has gxone h d up to cosi
wrong at Bruswick, leavl-t a pathetic Colonel Brya will ruo up against medici4e for al
little memorandum that he couldn't the stiUffet argument he has ever DLEnot deal wI
withstand the temptation of that gag tackled wi~ he aet out among those urge you toW
seaport. Brunswick evidently needs a walls of corn It Kansas. the sake ofa fe
Society for the Prevention of Tempta- T '1 h5Sa bre5 I
tion to Young Men. There is a paint suspicion around
o fthe edxw tiat M. Bertloa fianly ita-
The scholarly edftortalt of the tende to prove that Oeyfust wroLOte li
Times-Union and Citisen Is doing some, "iBoWutgf Soww." hd sw
high-elass work for the psaterlal wel- MeyOTs a
fare of the State. His articles are at- so farlas she haa allowed her feel- W i
traction much attention to Porida. Is to be mown. Boston doetat care Bray Ifck
beans for the diabolical actin Of te A"t "a "-
By telling how he didn't find It. Ex- gr eedy fmf a ', S S
plorer Wellman wIll ow be able to 60, 0o0 h. taonS
give o Interesting inforiation about The It me5W1 wob 10, Nh ew -w' r jo
the North Pole. at so munc per night. Tork will be good enou to ksp. j" < .
u ..- ..i

- ?p~~r3Ds -/"-AMPg


TM AGAIN. r i. m-
k. The Timns-Um andl Cittes al- The 1 w0ak 0a w te I l D-"
n ludes to the or"MN ob o,-_bnstion, aeM Sat wu t ,e7t am .
m a st o A riifollows: a e h sd e
h tt dem t he O SMof e una At bes ,
. "W- t is the remedy? In uoni there the, > amdnMM -U t at RsMemas. ma
y is strength, and the Osfarmea have wick. .
T combined. as feoow.wo r. every Ab6rhrt went the "pa that Ills." .
es other department ot. iausitry have He live beena MsM ea nspple- PWe
. done. or must do. The MemphistBei- eun attom W wt*o t ie stt Male am.
d. Itar objects to thl as the F3oride Fish- wings reached a total oe jI.O. he rl- .
g armen's Trust'. charxinga that it Is an LAted the serious atf his positiUon aad obsat
a attempt to raise the price, o' an article f led
al Nowli his pintore is to the o esne6
al of food. and so cootra to the itter ry y sne d t .
d G ery o f eves pol e department s Tis
and lbirit of a federal law. ut we the coutry. There a price upon hs the osefr.
of nite with pleasure that) the Tampa heaL. He is a marked man and the t we wI
ie Tciblune and the G ineseile Sun. both ee of the law ame watching for him
r, better enemies of a& ruu stsexcept On semy oneteer. behind evwt ash.
ut those of the farmers In the past, have I be s ato uht. which Is reasonably
te come to the succor of te fishermen, ot a mt uffer the irnomiwy Ju P t
e- and declaring In strong term that at the Me1lod stripes; If he Is net e o
in the Florda Fishornen. Trrumt to camght. the tortures of a gutty oon- bahehng mp
beneloeont trust. and it the duty or science, th constant fet of detection t o r
Florida journals to Iat enhen t,.:- will be h .
hands of our neighbors, ad to du tn.., Th lesson to other young me In I It ism
all th. good we can. We gladly accept evidt No man in live beyond hIs ers aI thee
a part of this duty-th# trust nights A*t wttbAi *"t stealing. beg- k 0Ro 1
for jutlUce. not extortion LAd it has ging or borrowing In.nine cases out Oat
every riht to save there rodta of the T e he 1
middle meni if It can. it is a good f ao "Prianro e of U ". I
C. trust, and protoise to build up a Pl- them modem da is eneralty the Pat orlety 6M
) Ida industry; it will brtin money Into to the .VPelhit , w ,k.
er the State, and give eMployment to our NO RBASDOP FOR ALARM.
at people, and It wtMI support our laws --
for the preservaton or our ashes, and TaMpa pt ie have no rgeon to be +be-
ty do xood and not evil. alarmed over the report Of yellow fever to0 r SO
d- IL 10 life to the Florda trust. May il Key W ,s.t.
id it live hlu as a benenoant trust, and In the frst place, the report may prwee
Serve a standlag notice wpon all con- eove to be erreseous. A timalli re- n tae,
cerned that not all, trusst.&4 be abd port whtoh friubtened al PlO] lda trie or p IS
iy trusts and we should nme war only year proved to be the reslt of an for as a
d- upon those which have been dulty con- inno'rect dsdgaca. The preent re-.
as victed >f badness. Prices for Ch lcono ort coe rom Idtmcaty the same l .
le beef are rimed without our consent. se-M 0 A he000 t
In Why should we not pet me t vue upon A n If the report pmes cwer has ts
our ownlproducts. and adopt those snch trict ouaeraole wl be tInat- er~ h V
nI mean for that end which have proved tfed that therewibe olittevdarsbno
d- n at the fever's cononAUsation to other
Smwsuccesful elsewhere? Our coltempo- e r thudOl ds fe
rary of a empes strikes below the hat. oei r Foe~ca ntty. Keyt'Westegeo- a
in This is our end of he the, a n the rp y sdmit of cn i- ;
other I in Mwr4ph-'which 'may ac- ot ectd, overt .
se count for the milk int h tarm Don'tget extited.ThereIsevery .
Ile ---s eson s~ yssou abo it.d It
re A PARABOJE OF K.NTUCKT. Florida's health affair are In saf* e Otis to
ot w bandl Yeltomrw 3et r wtR not hav4 a m5 b"a
th awayros Herald. fighting chane. it far t
h MaX born in the wilds of Kentucky #---- I.t
a Is of few days and esaq virtue. He AS TEKY CAIMPAION IN K fEW -
Sflheeht. flddlt.t fu-etht and fightest all TI%2CY. The tth
s tahe days of his life. -"-- 0 that "M
a He shucmeth water as a mad dog and There is certainly a hot tlUe in pro- so cdlags do
0 drinketh much whisky. rrese in Kentuddkl. Ti campa n r the tet
y When he riseth from 1ls cradle he which started in had blood has qraik- fusard wlte
ge roeth to seek the caL I of his grand- ly dlaemamted Ito onoe of p lOOMti I -
le sire's enemy and bringetf home in his which promise to TOW more pointed a sa.mwa
cy cae the amunnltion of his neigh- aid n more picturewm as Mali day ll
bor's wife's cousin's uncle's father-in- approaches. In Keosttsky. as a rule, 4 t- 0
t. law, who avengeth the deed. a blow o)llows aan fMault; but we trwt l ad t
t Yea, verily his life Is uncertaIn, and the state wll ot lve op to t at rep- .nOw a et
n he knowest not the tour that he may uatlon. If she oeG Du rook Fa"ir w y am
C be Jlerkd hence, would >e a &ieasant and peac fiut c- A.1aas thi
y IHe goeth forth on a journey "half- calon xcomtnsred to the situation taI the d ow D aa s o
if shot" and comet back on a shutter Biue Ges mcoauntr. Mr. Goebel started tomgft of
e full shot. the baNl rot tO" ba g the in* s bowwes.
He riseth In the night to let the cat of Mr. Harwvey iyero ex-loongmsman
out. and It taketh nine doctors three WV. C. OwensWId ex-OooessM AWn .W. It hea.bew
1 days to pick the bock shot from his C. P. Bredmkltabe ona th fdene. % toe o110 40
3f Derm first of esa an s ew smsaker tre, t ih,.4
e He cooth forth in joy and giadnems Kentuck oMUM at ItReOweetkvet 151eff
n. ard meto bbak in scrape and frao- he ea e ton epyroe a lot- aD iO ~
t men, tery 0c0PaL wP W IB- aad fot .* "
SHe calleth his fellowwmn a liar and 5 00 pe 'oo. s Be S60l04 0W. Ow- Mwri
e etteth himnselt fiWed wito sorap tro ens' enmnity to the fact that he (o.e- ngnstdt tc
I- even to the fourth eoeraimom bel)' had a Jw passed uakin m0 0 M01- .tem
A cyclone bloweth him Into the bo- b6uw a Wiony. themboWy L UStefer ng to will, o
r omo of his neEhlbor'a w.ft and his with Oweam r-ular btmlal" l WWh OMMon a&
e neihbbor's wife's husband bloweth him he vot to "Mr. W. C. Polard Breokin- bhorMse ah
Into the bosose of Father Abraham be- ride." as the Called h i. he mid very -
fore he bath time to exriln. little. but held h Bose. Mr. Breknin- M.avr 7o
SHe enpUeth a demijon Into himself rtre h a n pap In Lexinton. toe Ohlo I
and a shot gun into hti esleny, and his In whicbse retorted very sharply. But w d .
enemy's son lleth in wyl on election Mtr. O ets' dm opportunity came laMt Wlt, i t
e day and lo the ooonsitloweth up a Frida0y when he made a speech at Lex- to .
e 40-acre feld to bwy that man. Ingrton. He said he was oppsingr Goe- o With O.M
SANT ATrIACK ON WH) LWOMEN. a naderer. Th ives som idea St e!c n ag
Mar's inbtmans y to woman was the t> ?ne h been lrousd a avt s
shown in a iurtous and moptiat manner _e____

m dlinceew and presented it to the City revisr fl r ad other e
Counatt problltig womet t ootn riding trade of thq port from 1ii to lSO.
bt icycles on0 th reet uit their abil- The growths of the cty in that partict-
t lty to guide a wheel had beo determine lar line Iso rmaktable that e peo-
e ed by three experts, and they had there- cle may be disposed to Question the
d upon been ranted a litcne by the olty correctness St the Sae tbut thbe are
yct c .k Nor does the lnequslty of the vouihed flo by the leading commercal
s-xes in Kenotoha. rom a wheelteg organizaton of pttetmv Sth.
d point of view. end here. for even after ern ct-t Accorting to the statement,
r the experts have decided that the tair the total tona e of the port, toret n
aplawm. is to no dance of runtnnin and ooastwie.e entered sad eared -

Fever VYOM




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Ga~ ~


otle Mr. M. CqW of Arcadia, o. e om Anniversary of the 0th Birthday of Coast Raliadi and was enjoying a By
.. t IMWW orange grower of that sec- an Olp very ood position at a lucrative s-
is in tthe cty on buinemsA for a a-'Y. The deceased was a son of Uncle
th Ue gmae qt CoL W. B. Hen- Frcm Tuesday-a Daily. Billy Hnkins. one of the pioneer set- The
S dWrotn. o. Quite a surprise was given Grandma tiers of Bartow, and had many relatives folow
S Br lat fernoon by several of her and friends in Tampa, who wtl regret a
.-. H ( 4 ,K. Grae and Mrs. J. frien ds, aon wthom were 7ra,,W. B]. to learn of his sudden demise. Ja-il
A-- I.' Osle Stt by the Seaboard for Henderwson rs. MI Poet. -rs. J. -Mor- et
0 5" 1a No s4 Mr t Gable will re- rim, Mrs. D. B. Gvens, Mrs. W. H. ILi F IT rs coneo
t.mcn Its naitill,.'while Mes.Gra- Seckwith. Wms U. K Bird, Mrs. R. B. The County Cos otnies r atther T
ut b' b wM extend her vLti to the mount- Thoma,, 3MMJ asr Well, W ,aM.rA.L meetlvg next week swI be ASk W by- u
M ., r the remainder ot the beated Shaw. ts. John T. Green. Mrs. John a cortaleparytogant a auto
I ?- $^ . R.- wingey,. mlatrnss of ceremony; a saloon in Clearwater. A large out 0
Ym. .. CoL Barry Peeptes ootemsuptae tak- (IMjM India Lesley, and Carson and lon has been gotten up aga t and wEng
a t ne a trip to New Yonr next week if L.otta Brancd grandchildren. as the overwhelming sentiment ofthe and w
hiJs banema entita. His services as Orandma Branch relict of Dr. Frank- community is agast it. It is not be- road e
o unasel are in such demand by clients lln Branch. and mother of Hajry lieved that the commissioner will flcts
&UWOd all ver Bo a th plorida that it is net. Branch, of the first tNational Bank, force the unwelcome saloon upon our g,
ito mimpsiae fpr him to leave the city, has been identified with the history peotle.- btS J. a he' w make ever effort to repre. of Ta&nDa tf the pest forty years, and left t(
a ./etat em a at the XDower reception. It w a Sateift surprise that greeted You wll regret it if you fall to take that it
' s the old Is y on her 8th anniversary, dantge of the stenldid opportunity when
-The M, f&00of.1ar t5 oC Hom. aL B. 'Mac- o0=ung. as it did, from friends of yore offered by the Florida Central and
mTa, r ,cast&a re-y of Ught orer the legal t Peninsular Rairoad to spend Sunfay.
Srterity m the courthopse y tday. C.TARTR FOR A BWAILROAD. September 10th at Amelia Beach. Train Deals i
L Wm w ef ditih sto -W;:l Run from the Georgia ine to leaves flaWa az 8 ocloak Sat" day
M a ainta 5 twere'tenderin all Charlotte Harbor. nitht. September 9th. Returning, leaves Toem
la.. ds at Mw pa&h2 over'te loes of that T-- Fersandina at 7:30 Sunday night, ar- ent,
,Wmlket oontalntrg 37,000 whHie in Fall TaPahassee. Ila., Sept 5.-Letters rising Tampa 6:30 Monday morning. where
ews intent were to-day leaued for the incor- One dollar and ftfty cents for the round of the
Bere-ever n=
s)'.ss.. __ _raElni aIn POrtsi on fthe Gainesville, Ocala & trSp. f whichI
. Bot his intereing Charlotte Harbor Railroad Company. d er
bir.mabe Per e'tim, a-re In with headguartera at Gainesville, a-nd THE t HFo le Sr Y nt-r 30
5... esng,.haviagcomeIn e- capital Of $a0s nto build --d --er- The F. C. & P. Ralr-oad' now !an- at ieas
'--. tve5' M- .a ta S ida u In lxuhia o ty0 to be run at an early date. Tie are ti/to'
15_ ,. .t his see- ti g lacb ias hunter, Polk wll beonly2.150mmdtrip--thebsei'-

ifmialts AgentIszlerwaesoot 7 ysertay a ver..mrqu I

,. ----- SNAP

A., rls ad Departure Ctise and Some of the OEvi to Be Remedied By *-*
V wtors icked Up on the Rounds Organlsation--A Few of The appointment o Walter Hawkins
By Tribune -ortel.m Them Noted. as general agent of the Ocean OtesnR- *
rd.y --'-' ship Line and the Centra of Georg ,
* Railroad. is a merited promotion tO
Fron Tuesday's Daly. It is reasonably stated that a board- one of the most capable men In the
rEj NOH t New B Yor h 1 tt vgcehOoaristgwne n1 ioe ll soon be organized country. t[kwkins is one of the tir-
ORTH in this city. Tfe object op the trust less rers. s with one eye ope
Mr. .& W. onose. the up-to-date in- a3d on the lookout for travel, and cap
Refugees is to furance agent, made a flying visit to ar ily protetion to -din shake op more bualneas In a week than
Bartocw yeste d ey, v hosae keepers, and incidentally to raise Lost railroad men in a month. Herels
1 at w y ra. prices systernatlocarly Ibut judciously. luck to h 4
S Mr. C C. Burns, the poputLr furniture so that: sufficient moaey will be pro- * *
. Adealer. left last night for Georgia. to duced to meet bills enlarged tby the beef The oity-s street cleaning force has
Visit his famlt and to look aiter his trust. coffee trust and other trusts, and forgotten this -portion of town" said
0 branch hosee in Savannah. He will be stik have some profit. but not to raise a citizen in tront of the Tribune offices
t .1,cr -bhset about two weeks, prioee so hit or so suddenly that pat-. yesterday. Then he proceeded to point
i took a rat er ons of'boadirHg houses will raise their out the heaps of rubbish on Franklin
re bm located t(Mr. C. B. iarris Is now an attache wrath iod (uit eating and quit sleep- Street. the mud and trash in the back
c t anf trom of the real estate omfloe of r. ._D.Ing also. except while standing against lots and lanes. the ornamental garbage
11m1 a though 8mith. and a mere efficient and worn.y a pe t barrels on the corners and. last. bit
Sit0 a severe salstant could not have been selected. A boarding house keeper has sug.- ot least, that wrecked awning-wheh
ty4 tl ca"es5 a ma ma friends are glad to know that tested the following standards which sla still there. in defiance of the author-
T. an- he wi mate h omb n ampa. are to be rmanteJned by the trust: cities
in Mdidtwo P mer Warre Gkvens hasa moved Boarding homes shall be divided into
Sd two h euly to h Oliy residence or- tees-flrst second and trd- "I am su artsed at such conuditos
* nd od a ng der to .e d uchilluran he -benedt of three cae-r second and ben allowed to exist In a prominent
the ty chool s during the tall ap to b, graded according to the numnben Drt of the city," he said. And he Isn't
winter mInaU. 'Mr. OtveMs wMl retruc of days in each week store-made cak the only one who has wondered. .
')OTUGAS t his tanem nd kap*At goinc. and sugar sauce are served for dessert * *
'. bp 'Who Mr. 'W J DoJ browai heard from ise O t use this dfmlert fou titmees 18. of thes One mornings tle
.r, weO O Lj. LAndrws helnancial agent ,oer week shall be known as first-diass; residents of this section will organize a
of the d of Tampa,. who is now in fhve times, second-clan; six times, sanitary corps of their own and quick-
,. e GWen. 'Now Yote. neotiatl the city bondsL, third-class. No standards for Sunfay ty abolish these nulanes. Such S Cp- .r
- Hi t Wi be at home within a iew day, desserts need be made: aythi irman ears, at present, to be the doly meabs
t a e detN snow and sugar to p nmkin pie goea) of relief.
Dry5TbrtO6a to Ae OM needing a first-das horse Hash-Prime hash shall consist of "
o w G rq shold ma the eainat stock of Walter potatoes, oione biscuit, water and n- Yesterday, was the 61st day of the ROWI
tp Rock rat, on ac e A fttouched mean not beadi over for a existence at the wrecked awnitr
s. h se anis mals with & areat defa care, lower period thn forty days; ordi- nulsane--ong enough for one man to
Slisad wh be andeee ac" one of them with a poRs- nary hbas shall consist of scraps not have gone over the city at least l bx
of 100 t epi. U ti UMUMi 0e hto advertlasement utilized for other purposes; hah shl times and removed every eyesore ,in 'ebrat
'a s a ho tcie Tr ne and then rive him a cnstat of a ny dd thing, rom takes the town.
Sto soup bones.
S0P. Judge C. EA. IHarrtso returned (tom In soups uniformity must be observed There wlMl doubtless e rel efto some
- west 'oIMt yesterdWy. wbT Ms, stad no difference In gradation bec&au persons n the announcement of one
D iR(M KEY HrrU n and the children are rusticat. t blhn flr that n con
. Inc, and was at his usua place of of extra trinmmnus will be tolerated. sn ae ublishing firm that n its output The
bbminess with tthe Onctuallty that has Ch en soup must contain cictoken o"-bs are to be included in its ompuL.
-T-he troops -at artes sd iam nistration, deal- or feathers. This news is in a measure attX. iorgla
an to ne York l ac t justice to all who appeared be- Beef soup must contain a bone of but the relief would be greater if al.l morn
not decided to re hs trb s sone kind. The same bone will serve music bshint firms In ohe almi
Sa5St att helr 5l'Be ateamer Margaret wil ruim an ex- for as many months as it can with- country had agreed not to ad d to the Allo
5 WIN be tak enrs IO next Tnesda night down the nland the wear and tee.r of steady us- fualready over-stocked market an mely The
. 1B am ilo' hay for the OML st um of 50 cents. further examples of rag-time meloy. The
SThe Isih of the thodnt church will Before ties, e observers have as- die
urtab isefreshments. while Professor Vegetable soup must at least con- Befor this. we obser vers earve disuse
Eallowell w M discourse the mrausl c. A tain one potato; a piece of sea-grass, etinual offered of naowords y n was
-and tim ei anticiatedand a .large roe may aso be ued. continual offerof negro words and was
sadn e;mAaetc e-w-- o will. n dou Gumbo soup shall contain whatever notes on every side. That the end of The
COL GA. I r the In steaks wide latitude is aowes nounced. But the public continues to ubli5
sue inttallyu G attbr', who hF& bet visit- Frt,class beef steak shall be any- applaud the performers who are equip. Permit
r',lmdsen, a car- Ir his par roof in Alabama for that ed with ra time outfits and no other Aha
A hbim we. the pat ve we a ha retu to thin that ear s weu ll. In dealing to puic attention. C
Ta a .aresti' benefitted by ahd out- Ve49onste a mutk hot be taken mea"&apeaing to publc attention. P-.Cue
i ELI@au-, g t m eD were delighted from a calf. and bear steak wsi not be That there has been a general, deteri- The
"fl by b to we th t his eUiable "=doff had accepted a-hen it comes from a horse. oration In the aU lity of these negro aloh
Micm M their eantlr*W recovered fro m ber rent in- tt csonhgso cannot be denied, altiou gh one idere(
S difference; and while kid chops mayy or two of the most popular specirns r
M,'t .r. w. t E. bshhbe the popularman- take the place o l chpes ag were written only a few months ago. (or th
age 11 and 9. makliath trea one of fthets are bared. The decline in quaJlty became more which
maer no trantive in d city. Beida hesandlii Roais-The landlady may set her marked than the exhaustion of the Dramw
the best lH mo on ta U lrket, own andard. Boarders whose bll melodies. The theme selected oy the necem
h eftris"stig- h a 1Iw tores lach that ae unpaid will be served with hot writer of the text have for several :Hug
v e 5w s'nte 'yo to aw h oWhen roasts at ma als. year been invariably the same. Amor- asking
SCBA BB. a is s. mee Hobbward. at the Bank. In desserts discretion may be used oua infdelities and the complaints or from i
in everything except Ice cream. In reproaches of one of the couple con- ranti
i W oS-dwu M XI D. 0Ct ;t. the POPtIr rental this delicacy the milk used mnost be at earned have been the only subjects strict
*the. a ins as aSveribeat oh te ast 50 deriei uider the atantd rd in which apparently interested thesrit- A bi
Me s e W omam ar ha-e one to/ent, or bter fat: and not more than 100 de- ers of verse for these songs. A ew the ca
u dmere/ a ptoe or city odiserty ap reee over the standard in water. York woman who recently returned The
tS IP t* h aFsA a s as or want to Ples of all kinds can be served as from a trip around the world said her sumed
MM ate dtheL an va sr and then give desert. Pie fllUng can be made of any- idea of the fitness of things received a LtLulle:
M a.~L farP m bi c&sl. Re can serve you efficiently thing, from dried-apples to hard- shook when she heard a military hLnd with
0 t0Mil0- and ssa a h o egdgs. playing "Hello, Ma Baby" I1 Port uallty
IG. 5 5 salt-t Sheriff T. K.eSoa- 'as the cyno le r pie crusts should not be Bald. he ha
*0Sb i 5 th Tf al ges et an the btikled together. e A st
St il n odiaty 10 which he ws greeted by Pneumatic pies must be constructed IOARRIED AT LAKhEIAND. lows:
inc for thirty htiS ma aend si onstrated his woo- lJ an eye to the strean i h f o e h---e i A(
adebrt .ulh as a cMsbe official. eiast, Too mu tch wrestre on the eur oMr. L. ha Taylor, manager of the bl- N AC
a b.n nwlel-icsd be. en in Gens a feasting onasco clii bus case
a ta e p ace a hbone, ried chicken ad o ulc the crust andc cycle depertnent of the Tampal Ha- c-
es dot 5.5e-he he 501-ned nine POoda .rs, the less of ts-nrt nee u ess and Wagon Company, was qmbtiy
a.. & N.R361 Seee and the children swere also When no other pie can be easIly made mrrd oin the 27th of August to Miss B
ss a oodMr. intenf ". d ntention pies wil he accept- Florence York. of Lekeland, and ye- eBo
dah e _S a From Wednesda l$ iDaily able. Good intention piles conalat of a terday surprised his ma-ny Tampa ,
S'* o O r ...t s are being made to vacuum with a crust around ftri-edS by brits.ng his young bride to
t s he Teman^ B i Parkis In coffee the standard shall be 1 the cit. The Tribune Join its n'a-- L
e-mLB S t" the a 2th dH this moai.h grains to 1 tub of hot water. The same erI in extending warm congralatiaUons
--------- ~ ucin be Used every mernlain to the ha-cy couple, and trusts that a Total
_. M sd M,- Ce Peters, the h,'tenm-,e and h landlaedsy who suggests- tiese 'H the troubles will be little ones, and B5
t~, B- IM oband nma nager of |the Almeris, re- standards did not intend that hers that er.D8iz ated pcronnu ty wia l s er B
- UAl 1U" tiasad iln n~bt trom & most dellght- should be regarded as one, officially ad- s
at, w^herew fu vlxs *0 JoIteoksvilte. opted in any secret meeting, but she DEATH OF TINNY HANNKIN
. O Jlb me-tb' j W. WUhanma has tendered his rest. detailed them in the hope that their- P
' i mhlfoh" nationn caaStaln of the 'rans Stfles pebileation would brIng out ideas of Mr. Tinny l-a^nhina formerly of this

SE, t e-p ... a14 PO. *. bee .a. PUR uCORE. 'He was employed there by the East Byt


Do you wake up in the mooring tBird udia
S fheshed? Do you perform your Iy d
languidly? Do you mis the snav vim-
energy that was once yours? If thise4
your condition you are in urgent need o t



Your trouble arises in a clogged and torpid condition of the lRt
and bowels which, if allowed to continue, will develop male-
rial fevers, kidney disorders or some other troublesome
disease. PRICKLY ASH BITTERS drives out al .
poisonous impurities, strengthens the vital
organs, promotes functional activity,.
good digestion. and vigor and
energy of body and brain.


s. B1 01m1

E 11.1

I & 00. OpeWal fnslt,



.ka Avenue Paving Inspected, '1Tr to All PrinclMpal m w t-t
nd Other Matters of Impor. sin and Casat Hint.
stance Discharged. At lw BRates.

county comiMlslonera met In The Florida Central & Pe itau ..f,
r monthly session yesterday naflroad w1 wak wmim WZmlp r s
n, and transacted an unusual tokets to al principal pl6aeemoat-
t of routine business Inm and coast rawts in Ilids. Oeor- ..
of the members were present and gia, Alabama.i Mslpl. Both Cr-
red to their names at roll call. [lzas. North CarlTina. Fo'Tta,
regular pauper list -was taken up, Arkaas. Tennesee, VIrlna, We s
wed and allowed. VlrKlnlk New York. MTs7fd. I- _-_J.
notary bond of I. A. Crenshaw diana. Iowa. Qhi Illtnno Mi
resented and approved. Wlaconsin;l Minne0ta. Narth Db t,
alppUcations for permits to sell Soath Dakota. COlorade 4 mb a
s, wine and beer, as previously Canada. ThesM tikets n m a a
hed in the Tribune. were granted. da untM September wo.yth.lth bi vL
its were also presented from L. Umit October lt.
toaw, n precir ct 28 a 29, and
petition from Ben Mooly for re- On Glets t tto ere nanA a -
tment as game warden was con- AJneliaO IBemb adt 1.0 r thea m 4
d and'the appointment was made. t a- r t Jllm leave "-) at
:lay presented a petition aasking'7 : e11:ma nigh. Le ^ Tam at
e privilege of sending hiWmate 8 o'9oa kaudaym nt Se. sft*U t h.'
to the asylum at Ut. Augustine, Elegant st Ctt ng.
was granted, and Chairman TO a "
dy was authorized to tarnish the On tmoLr e th Tad t. 7 an
ary transportation. u of one and one-fourth are f rma- ,
f or a change in the public road U-.._...to.9 vber, kfA
Be eDer to Plant City, 'which was Oa o of the l o t he-
?d, and Mr. Gallighen was in- KUItd gam A, ,sdt i-
ed to make the desired change. Oet1aber to 14t,&.t1 C. & P. "
ill from Port Tampa hospital for wi eall tIICate to Laetuitoe, Ky., a
Lre df H. Norri was refused. return at $20' T'ateket on s Oct .
most of the morningwas con her lot andt.Uslted to e
Sin reading Tax Collector Mc-
n't report, which was accepted On account of Natlobal Rsaks at
a vote of thanks for his punct- the Blue and Graw. the F. C?. & P. wllt,
and the efficient manner in which Be% tdckete to Evanamrlen. Ia., ap& e.,
s discharged his duties. turn at UL40 tfor the d trip. Tm1s-
ynocPis of the statement is as fol- eta on sale October stE andt 1th, it*
fonal limt to bctobert, ,18
C ,OUuir W1fl11 THE STATE OF .
assessment for1898 ......36,768 account Grand t taalienm l
cY c l.-ctienxs... .t... ...... ,A.. ,L., pta....
tLax mle listb.............. ,, .d t at t ot 0 to b 51" hmteme s t S &k &
Y errorsand insovencies.. ,sb. M. with fnal limit 5m9ten b
1899. cltve. -An e xisia t.,.
AOCOUNT WITH 8 58 i 1a li-t maw be, mbta f .
ROL HG ooCUNry. teacher 80th. 18, by dap-tyritsts,
assessments for 18....$89,266.97 with lotet ticket Sggt at Fbmad
c.lletio .* ...g821.9 2 p b. Rh nbe
tax sale list .............. 5,319.81
errors and insolvencies. 19 ee 3 o l e Ratte rma- hI

DISTRIerT. J. Dtata Irol .
assessment for 1 8........S.54 A ton onul Ca lss
* collections.... .... $(298.75 september 1th, 1t aS' 12ti
V tax sal.e ........ ...... 19. final limit to retuki i
V errors and insoevencies... 10.os6 I. inrtvSe: Rate at
ab4 thetround tfrip s offw eda mB Pxt
P.Dots" n>Bs ;'Sm ..P
county treasurer reported the" .. a.
ing runds on hand: T h s m Bo *OT. atr 3 -t
Sfund.............. $502.6.5 an. .at Itct Cet m. ,
n.d....................- C e CM. Au o iS BS
and forfeiture fund........ 15I.40 to 1V2. 36Bat o e o ac e tm0W
SAtd.. .... ...... ....i ,30L.o far foir th tri
tax onector r-ported fifty-dight ertfficfe a .
elected during J uy. "
Ine the afternoon the board drove TO' aR
ver the new Nebsralka avenue trilt Coe e A. L
. and infected the new road, GatmDeA. tO f m am
ere mnuch gmratfed with IL The L-- tor tbhe cd teh gob n'
is the best In the county, and re- P. C. & P. ofts,.. IS 'rtaL
credit on Contractor Levick. tancer 3d aU d WA Nih
board will meet again this morn- to sahi,-be. 2316. : ^..V^
Vt as there is very litle bmonnes lar f-rther innfass etl
0 be tramoacted, It is thought cal 00 H. I9 IrgTiA R

TUHPENry ~ LA.NDhs. Aw 3L-Si s c

left hast night for Jackarnvnle, Hn F 'elS....
he expect to nmomate 0p dry. .

in tmlseetine lands are aoen P n -'t


i -M4 "i-r-

a e toe oetaee colored e aii d oie we tmeaken s and IZ a1
d g.ncaie, r, iJ

a ta fIe how thtd tffem the baby. ,,
i i e a. B t i a All sucle momers need sad def
aa h the nro a bda ent Sowt'd Esllon. Itpgives T a a

irt. t .e -,, d. (th b richeranid wI Ir

.e, .., APPD.
A tf5e I proier and Ue and aw
r& 15.0*6m* fr tce Witn

o si ewett, the nei ltest Issue of his paer. The Florida :
u an swords a.e pae4 nH ount of the rC ilgtherlg of .
_itha"Jtir tsPInthe taui, E a wheh he was PtD. e prn e
.n- o r Pe rovai w Hin T le .,' .Si4) te

atinro hqphNd- (L o oW night M gue ewhen hej

.;," eeditor ar
d- reMUM be .taes edw freottate ReMcan. the fa povnge he ebr tr-

=ft aft a be IUn t he with 2 at which be we a s the Prti n-d e
Vrav- 0"r to nto Himi Then.' Wa

l Peck. was ioing too is Carw cottage- I eq iu

aItfthelp ndae & aulted by about w t ai
'dozean, rmakted men-t e being In the and Ler

a o at t the o Oe the tac e haeateid Gd OmpA
Covered bn m forw thair scowto a and Piosunr.

rtS ..-and ,, 01 so jua o w 'thn s t h to m at o e a

idtt is l.". :l.otre onu i a r cutd n off ths pbea, o ert in
r sL o 6 ad he an td lem a ti him fromaje lo p t der scrbhe.
Son te ca and to K ic ound. thef t tted honds a
Was s W I Wn asa with fe aild htl h ands be-r t e a M

for. q othe s sil ed sako ter t te head.a '4as ,,

ie ., cite am a in wthen a leadeff l sh t h rew him to the wound h- aoad
i- a te .- tDw *i Di sk tam hacn h eishrt and panto behind l.a C O, Mrte
..S es, hv ter lpped h t.ek w naked, ; I and. a ter
mbeattinme mother mman t t a pely. x r powerbe
O no"e t th r than earboe an d an tt e lacerated wounds. t All a te
-S* o o t Ahe C not sattcsed with thit brltalslty Inndr
liLy we or tIWies w dun n Jtoodl ofh jtt s rivilege

- M O....l .te a nd .t .t.fwore&t at aad a'. cowbost whipOa.r c Nsum

ahotew yeas in

knr WEMIM UM1- m not ra d Uoa i CS(Mk, a Oomoratlon Gar. rMl and

Al at4WPI& to h& os the
HtIpi i w s mutem ta from
%,TWOat.y rfs vecbed

-^ >


dewecritbed a Selig the right o .
road bed ties r tratA C a l esek and
ptrenances and eoipmeots CoaerAhs 0M 1
if the said dafendast company nor oi nert tsn
nnd at Inafnst Pot anad weftp afer
unn.m to the ty of Taxcpa; rajme1a4 dSM
of the roadi 'bedAL ra" tiers. tbust. a
right of ways sad the equip- dath --a
id aupurteaaees tbereoC at tne eu- -9., it
etdant. In, over, troiughu, pion .U bt, eei
b#a the streets o the City of wnort ~t s6t6
tiat are theeon located Dan & oCq 5SM
LW the road bed. right oi t e. lamiMctfMl
IsO ties,. tracks. equipment date of deed -qrn
artea tces there of the aId ot W ;
at. camnmen a.D the corner. iBS- a
tuns urd T= ateet In f1aft R we ta n
7 of ntia, and tdeite runw- DM wunat uM
the Cittr of West at amtp eaat1eSa2
en thence In. ovir. throi. n tro -ge,et
ad acroa the streets Ot West thn .
the Iiketeton being to men all mmto Telo
ight of wayvv *o4 bed, rais, thirds a-s in4
to and the. equipment and ap- ran" a, de. a
ose thereot o tbdsal3 defend. date say l SW
" and beLng In toe County, o: 1 he sot wet
ouw. I D cwest quarter 694
so my hand on bis the 2a; north wet ua
Anguest. A. D. i189t. 'nahip is raswi .
JOHN F. HOT, T hat nt- 10 I
U. -3Marushal. uth east oaat
By J. P. wlr.T1A.rf, eat ot9 the mlia
Deputy U. S. Marshal. taluinkt; thin s.
KNIGHT, Alty. in sectllbB ^
Also that Dat
MABT IJS BALE. Qmawter a the

Circut Court 0 the United rOtb over. bo
Southern IDetrltI of iortda..ac re& tta I
lity. i o A w '
i Trust Compairyof New Yo4O wT2irt a
ma.ft vC. Co4m0IMers gle e m BMrte t .
adt Street 'iRalrad C ioany Qitt "W t fo
e Tama SEuburban Rallroid U55t5POUf on& 6
y, defeodanw--Decree of Fore- h ,a4i -
rante 1,
rsuamnoe ot a decr-.. c& ftore-f soneeumes.e*
sod ,sale. ade and entered in "One-hAM ms
n ,cause, entitled as asove, Msth flet tSi
Sto ftnreiose Ia certainly onert- tires-M-ath air

I poaie a

Lt twele
ed Saes

ty, towil
fular th
* k -erv


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tT Distritf

s masn- B
Idier- In
Comty, I
-, h~ uT. I

oa bl6c i
at wMw--B

rt Cboroup l v
ans & Company Ta

e has -
I maot

A=..: .
mnuns In

to soaut
id the

ar interest
r section a
;-range twec
ter ('4) of t
and the tout

* - ..

n the. de. i i

it quarter of weth
ty ac% section a
quarter oat north
so, A9. tfwnshiw S
deed oit coonsyance
L .ii

S, K. Ol,-a.,t..
Sheriff of fiMhborv o County,

te wt to that?
that the letter

r beyond ques-
ft tlhea enrinal letter

n&l 'which
t o o r t ai,, h

j ,tat e wberm

Sstther I te. te.
haoogimre hat am

'it I the
And to- ne

tB f? ebank note-teh h
I s, er letter theo s

D*he Int. ^ some hadm

wi2. wuimnt. Tah.be MWI te

4 K ate stud' .
te~_ aOrea..

.Is wdespread.Thr-foortbaof

#?med ahv

~ pI~selieS

Newspaper Publsher Democrat-
Ic Nemnee for O1 verewr.


The P.atform a mrya ot Docament,
With a Strong Attack on the

Zan&eville. Ohio, Aug. 3t-ftSpelaD -
John R. Iftciea't vaL nominated furi
governor of Ohio son the firat baMot at
the Democrattcet Cvontentina t>-
All the opposition tu Mc'aLea awlttad
alay before the convention ahsai bl-d.
Tbe aucoeafil cand:datole reelvsean
The Wlatf'rm adopted to-day ouP-
poVtU WIlliam J. Bryun. o prooes tlt:
policy of lnmper lim.i dG-one a At-
torney General Grlcgg as AI "f edI or
the truts" ad JalluIded io sw JIo-
sey aR "the batted of trest.
Judge WV. Mooney, of iSt. Ala, Z
Nree pernutn.nt chairmlan, a" W. LI
ilrey, uf JUty-rti. petmoaulit :ae--
Joh IR. sWetie the no'tnm.: .a the
ptrorietor of the CIlifna.til Eaqsamc.
and tae been in the forefront oft hio
PolttickI affulra for mony years. Hie
w posalMIftUtl- meztiooned for the
PteUdental otnlnatlimo n in ISM.
More Than a Sillz fEarned During the
Mftanaemetnt of the United States.
Wamhlnttonm A r. i.-The War De-
Vartment gave out to-dy for publlca-
tie an tnterestit statement of the
fnanial condition- of the Island of
It shows that uAnder the management
of the U L'nite Statee government the
soiftsl of the Islaud from Jenoary L
I. to Jume 3 o the ourrmeot year,
1need the petdloture br the vesry
hexmnmie uMn of 81.4.tMl. This ate-
t praobtby VwHI be a murprise to
nWho het thought that
a ew the marftary occoupaon of

ut the perio, anae.. the re-.
o fro "m alla3m-rsee weTe ,i. 1 .1oM

Inh U1 H --iamnt, etc., of the
fZL.Lft "0?0"*a bampf t, t043'

_.eal"lt": "NC" In aid1 o the
S*tg*: I Ot 45In qua q'natjne utte
tU utatuamat for July howe that
tb E 0toascI esUom Insthe entire
bauqlr TuJy u & a1o0e wrxm sat SA,
_a='aw "u e eOledtiona, .$IM.

si for th owth 1.31 .4 dl-
boreenwnten. IS0.i1'7.
PRmvmmw-mju -A TiArM Dy.

Tuaftlytorminuon Sien Mrs. eorge
LaonC Of bgew Straitslill. Ohio. pee
veted a dreadful trawedym an aved
two li-es. A rightful coan" had lp9
kWpt her ewk eve ig ntOht. She had
lMid an02y temeta and doctoih but
steady stew wome until urged =to y
ZA r, W iG ew Dleovery. One botle
wthooiy end er, end She wrIts .tht
m-wveosa scLIne alo owred hf-r.
an of wvre.s attack of Ptmeumla.
wesh otbrei aren i tve roofU of the
athle mewit of this wEWd rmedy
a n L eah W u.o. 3"-e

The Large sh 6bu s New

SDone Throath Ta pw "a.o th u teiia
'' ^ cbtm .aN. m I ng

. .- -- : .".

The Trouble With )'ieSmOma Kt- AM*-8
S-. a e I .p tMO.o C114o104%
tied-Tapt a r6pp a the in wch he b eathG uo 40e141
Bt~ as I 4.BMadea t*pa esrdea
V-- -- lag a6 a us=oe a
The PipMda t osh and ma Cony littetodaM" it a bt"
tMa b6 recOtvg and AS~eki ti. tie. c n m atls of ,,
teth opebn r of the -4 v ,entie?3, S

atI of the t e o 3in the Wat h him au t.a atethe of theh d-
of Jkacksonrtnlle. I lsuUled Orect Dom InlW roastt
Taortpa All the r ainluder lI shipped The da 4a w
tu hetdbsatoere at inei!iie.' atteotlee of Q.0 ... 1W .46
Twhe trocile aMong the #wn at. oAth eW mke. I&t*W
oroerti era ndIna t t I a
Uth ca&mp haa betn &Aett tturily met- te d n t
ti d. toml C the c taa w re w
in the cit yesterday. and ;h2d a eon- n t It bellowed 6V ynw of t-e
sultatiun with Pant Jo* varej of both a tha t d eelto
at hL ou ,ollKtt w.bart fol o the tar sew lmstt mIX
1 0 w aufg1 y Cabinet
day lsokm T Clok ote C e 6rQoM&tesit Kdlo h
"AedW oI tMAMSEE"0
anottol. brloon a ist a c .1100 a1s1i3 L,
sihel- t e, i thwete kyyoteta .4"- .
aunoo &Qto kdaivssna eY4*1 ae Plant It Is-*V 4 04iiwy thao wl
t.Un xh 'ihvtow-t i we ii 4 a 7 t' M n *e
meUnd In hfavuna for the. vfab. "
'Ie tota retelptes h mn"let -eter '? t 5WLAAPuy. r 4 tcofl 1 M
doap we e ie.oo 1Mh LAWch el .es-ii . *ov. Safm
brtoti l ., end the olj letle t eM Tm4 D .i
Tb# force et ate fab8 kwnrvseS hriSa .
having& aU ie luesa* an a"L"teo B o
1 .to tdr? u U. cio h det oUp.=N- W, of Taip JDeHiosA Th
ping agent there. has no ie moomeant, bor .ty.
othbere o children afreotet with COmtw e ae dsk P badphis
crouo or a sevree old npd not mabet- ftaathaeeo a Tha bwe A
tate to edmniater Cehadielai*ea CoaCg e ar A- 4S-TWOa
Remedy. t contealt noq tiae oa"' "a"e S -
sotis In say form, mad &W be utbe xeYm ls AL u ?A wode
as coiantnbto the bbme" r to an a&. WLeath eastbeae NwTWfl
iLt Mke -reAet W WO .It b aaat- ty b L
tended Ies a mn ta the reMpat9 o6o lae P Ubl
and crow hae wa or tVr s r. h wl hw me100"t-o ftlo xt
and vrmhee It baa n neetv rsswhme se6b e 1Raftk Wati
the United 6Sate an Ia min Si"n AOla OM *b Si hhe
la&tead. ioset 3 s .a lg 4 B S
Co0. ael lewt- mand maolse dabse et ONm -ft km k
I Ij *UP l tr- Ilke-in uww T- IN
BANOE; z W PROMNWP eMI. ama ot MH i aBa iI
Mr. N. V. JSmth RetiwreOm te= u mInded Oby PANte b

orotice le i thbe tin of the stv. OW1A3MAy I s ToatdO
Tibune of &a dheokMw of the Ja- S ;g
protxnt firm CCof ethwith & Room- ier. WL O aiMwls--MriMB
real eLte -wenW whiskwelat we MWyg W Lg e"
2be abea mB iha &Ma 12 the iit at T 2wa
retirement of Mr. N.S tk w=0o *e-. t^ ib*J
he bessoseted wt& thfrme amanSim-ofMW
a partner tat a naumar; pof yeem MIL duS tw-Ie
th wiKSaw the rsUJ bmmlnanig-yb =
wOtl have &isM o Another feamwi, of t^ dMhang eDuiJt ^'us mtor.-a
be the appearances o CC Cteorge
An Wr. Warren W s wa te a vrtnero
a4nusot -O the b -I for iMWs
ype., and nr addLa to theeatlve am.-Odfh i^ thq-O
eartnerlp is me MB*uth oibld We.*0W wO1W5Js
SratfYhnSto u~rot h omm to z eeh
'Mene tyie Ase l -' ( -

sot os, ma eanwor reI f i, t ee-rfm lag NZ!F1-- M*'^

DosA."- A Teat aroont at mchf te S

*sritmapheontnebe b FM^ e
Eei*to neO iiaer~eaifl"
ICooUm Pljecv.eDieriiarr DN^tB^^a~^
beitetl.1,ng..S ^ I


Te c


lift f to mmu godomuw aB t

imiewiwi o- l *ow little e faurs e 4d 4me
I- as a.mre sua acd thsa s Ublooa imsesam set
Ssit as 4i Wrer p e wites GO. U. Jaeue of
e s. CuLs. P"uMt. pieaist.
.11 sirtpe-otbr me o OMlUpaFLOn
M-mus e tbe Una|mvw to acUon end
____ sbeeaion eleks blood Ibeady nerwr
eMVBD rWSls ed a health,? en Mtpplt.
I &. a. oo acrdi m .. Cntral Phau-
t5..aa^maq w. ot tO^ Diamond Pbasmc7y
II~Alta .~ y .
Jim1B !B CLMBli> Baa
a viam imhd wm riTve a free class
S MeMsf e sOnt aweow bmetr ismaIn Wedna-
wiM M-. BSglember & Ber obect in teac-
em r taW tM tree is to introaduoe h art
of the s no-. mo 55Mad set the lSees ttiasro On
MUM tIUVDM fian tWh at .m.fae*.,YI The maneaS wiU
Ue an e*iblitamo maonc, setm sr 4.
AR tWlVm when thaW py be tIaUpecRe t ay
hoew besen C endi. ReWeeAse. rU

0 pom Mnt at hssrtrateonenCC
aoaesnasats en-
ip weshess. I. J4~ Psa, CC Bremedaoo of

&As we un a mesma Uwe.one at wmbm or un
M a soan a m a m b i n 5 oom t h a
emsassee -ss-m n

am ar o haat tin SIt wnB&erae
M me usse fssI we os ntwtsm

'*i e*a is e m m an s f

*02M ombheed -psatppw

Siarv to'* tb -wo*eAt&NOUN

wIth bw Usoti waaOhM of e
tir ame thu..C Ofbep
7%w met and 0Iss4M
And thae BMWim'ese
*bag&e a beieor=hed

172w ~nst O*TM4 to ywo

49wm ow amtn Wt hy wehesom 0
weft WOO et OW
Ionerellgted an *won"and a tmm
iam Odom:e
Wbised amLoobpu x m"emminad
aes ntmwe urnMaftm
And ham m OM. 'Mso Now ineave
we si m~msie-a,

'40 "Oft" kawismCum As a'

: v

SYellow Fever Declared Epidemic

at Kely West.


Some ofTh m Were Pound to Tampa
aud Oalgh-. to bs Looked
3 -.-*A,;er.

ey West, Fla., Sept. 4-- pecial).-
aw cases of yellow fever &re develop-
I in every portion of the city. There
anr now over thirty-eight, with four
deaths. Sinee Dr. Porter's arrtvaL on
Sunday it has been pronounce'' an
pIdemic, but every facility is being
offered to eat as many unaccllmated

The disease is of very mild form,
eqnd but Uttle uneasiness is felt by the
-ad citltses
The tl et s of Key West hmve great
Sftt_ in Dr. T Y. Porter w. Taken
; e meution to r spread
of the dIseam
it atrfr KEY WBT NITORS-
Washlotos. Sept. 4-.Bpecl )-4Dr.
Wyman to"ao' received fro Key West
-a list of rons who artV left that
city rw e unor. tetesber with the date
a"d maon a their departure and
: their desAiatioos.
.he ro.ow persona left Key West
s inc Alewn t o b. when the fie t c e of
low e feNr d Ivetoied. t e number fol.
lm.p"lA tS name sIgnifyiog the Pars
(-"=ot at St hotel which to W4ot08d:
1 eft' on AUuswt -L. A. awards,
IL -. 35 M-a, Plant LinAe TMpa;.
th. W.i Bors, 6, not traced: Thoma
i 7;,- V ArL 1. Plana Lne, TaEua,; 29th,
'C. 2L 3vam 2. notnt traced; Utk. iW. A.
ktebtfaSt. R; H. P. Evame, 1; J. 40w,
I Plant LAne, Tampa- Abe Bereaiv .
W h ant Coast. Miami.
Or PA teCreports that an &those per-
`9 sn o mo nmed above who landed at Tam-
ha hoes been located.
^ tW udUlue App4=ttous for Alrhead's

Da Snoerint 0 O(Brien. of the Sotth.
em10 w = Lm. has just received
' ofr yT apllcaatons for the pool-
tn of lo0al aemnt 6f the company at
1 MntOSWlt.tn amoiM tem is the folow,
IM l, which wasreceived by him yes-
k Ga., Aug. 29.'99.
J*' tax '5bw, Co.. Cbattanosigs, Tenn:
-1 wocp ukesto get the appointment of
S 3o xies atasri at this place dilMing
the vacancy occasioned by tbe-indiscre-



A Brilliant Apostle of Jeffersonian
Principles to Lead the Masses
to Victory.

The following is the record of the
man who now tooms up as the Demo-
J cratic JHIe in Ohio, and who pro-
poses to cWe out the Augean stables
of Republicanism in that State of boo-
dle. bosses and pOim-poUlers:
John R- Mcilean was born in Cincin-
nati. September 17, 1848. and is 51 years
old. Hlie went tron Marvard to Ger-
many. After he served in all the parts
of the Esn-utrer, he became halt owner
in 1872. and sole owner in 1881. tMr.
McLean has conducted the Cincinnati
Enqoirer for over a quarter of a cen-
tury, and its success is due to him He
hba succeeded many other enter-
prises. Ht hase ten a stanch supporter
of organized o bor and a friend of the
poor. When the price of coal was
rained in Cincinnati while the Ohio river
was frosen over some years ag(U Mr.
MoLean went into the coal business,
sold at the old price to *wo4i -w-en
and save coal free to the pour. He
wrecked the combine. During the mun-
mers be geWs ice free to the poor of
Cicinnsat i. S domtions asnnuay to
local chatt olese laI er vsry C rist-
=ma be ddMgiutes, faa 6,000, to $10,M0
to she poar at Cti snatL

he started ~er a quarter of a century
rs a t Ithe late ex-eneator Wltiam
,Qienl6r noadnated and elected gov-
ernor. t r tim timethe Ohio Democrats
had elted o a goveor for twenty years
the Republicans havog haW unbroken
gubenaatorial Succession inCbase, Den-
nio, ug Todd. hrougtL Cox, Hayes and
Noyes. Governor Allen was afterwards
Endorsed bt the Ohio fDenocracy for
President in 1876. Me. McLean was
a- leader in tte ttectlon of Governor
Bishop in 177, of Governor Hoa'ley in
1883 and Governe r Campbe in 118,
these four being the only Democratic
governors elected in Ohio since 185&
Mr MdbLean not only trougbt out the
first winning D oCrtic cntirdatee for
governor in hs generation in William
Alen ,I 1873. tbut be also furnished the
Isue thenin i his oppoeitiokm to a oon-
tracted. ,ouarenc.
In 15 'Mr. (McLean was the Demo-
oratio candidate for senator against
SMherns Two years eo he was the
seneraly recognize Pd~rate of the
Democrats for Senator and Senator
Hansa of the RepubMeans. Mr. Mc-
Le&p has been prpninent at national
as well as at local and State consen-
tlons. &Wben Hanoock wa nominated
for President in Cincinnati in 1880. fc-

. My present ob- ta DemocratIc conventions, and is
t in th next t1 the OO member of tle National
e about 1.000 and Denmoratic Oomntttee. At the last
with the appoint- Democratic national convention he was
Pon my honor, not a prominent candidate for the Presl-
that amout,and den and decne te m nation for
through scces- Vice- Pre~iden.
h as s ynecessi- -
'will not be br.- ADAM AND EVE
ia.1.4 I also ob- ---
FSe aga I will IA Key West Mathematician Figuring
M i be necessi- On the (Apipes TheW Deastroed.
AF reaply is sollc-
Sa my aplicatIon The Philadelphia Record ubdertook
to show how amatty apples oiar first
SGOIJDWIRE ts t Ate A Ker West mathema-
Sdlan hows ondalveb* that the
CALL. zQuaker (1kman of. gures Is not in it
mHigy op. TO TIHE nD)1OR:
memeat Record. 'How many apples did Adam and Eve

ranS2aSe-ff 0tmne sw weve 8 and Adam t, total
j om p usment 19 ofly. We think the above figure
emirelp f 'wrroq
lbI OMOW Com- If v I sad .WAdam 8W, oain the
AVSO a" tax ivld be ol
a nmake f l'eM ntmen, however, on the
kites is the srength of th theory that the ante-
a tle.-a lelans were a race of stants, reason
e-c bout IMatW Oke this:
d .p as t *sef#L iAaftn 82, total 183.
Sn sgaty ,iWTu again. Waiat could be clearer
S ths It Ift e 81 and 'Amn 81U the total
wano be U8b .
ot" I I e S e a4 d ate6 812 would not

S S AMn 81 61 re. Together they got

e**s weltat S Bet WVe 8I1 Adam. Adam 61242
o obti See; total 806.
S.r think this is not a efficient qua
*MS..m ther t d tor thou'b we admt tat Eve 814

~ .b.i feltsorry for it; but her oom-
sUe x anies j mIn order to relieve her sorrow
M35 Therfore Ada if hp 812, 814,242fy
e- e departed spirits. Hence both

oe- We nver seen before such
r6 at- qe efuLi blunderiang with

'1 W I1.! er- lear and reasonable
to gn Me thut boil Adam and Eve

"ewe Adid not care to wait for their
". rsan laadinner. So Eve when she
dim- AL AlM het h strength and that Adam
Ofpp of t H e Sl18U .b hi strength tiao,
.,"fu- Thenreorel. as figures fon't lie, Adam
S ad Bve ay that time ate 163,628,484

of e wonder we are sorry for their

W ilft-Use U is Own Property to

A' S., 8eL ." 4.--R D. Free


The Plant System 1o arranging a big cent oo6u no at Peak. aad his turn.
exuorsion to t lkAugUine leaving this ln xState's evidence was a low to the
city on the night of the 18th Only defense under which they noticeably
SL60 for the round 6rp. Division Pas- smarted.
etger Ageat LIfsey says that he will Smith told the first connected story
be abde and expects to carry at least of the Morrison affair. In brief, It was
one thousand people, as follows, baring the frequent inter-
When you want any kind of job I k GeS e Durham, the Strick-
printing, cal; on the Tribune. It can land boys, the Gsanthams, John
save you money and execute your Tomas and Heath. (Be pointed them
work in a manner that cannot be ex- ti) Itanow D n Morrison I n wa at
called in the South, tf Peck o0 August 3, at the postoffce,
when the committee was in to
Hot days followed by cool nights wil whe th comte cloan taiteo
breed malaria in the body that Is bil- oon t ot lki aftr
lions or costive. Prickly Ash Bitters is vin the r in the postoffice. Tey
very valuable at this time for keeping agreed that they had better give or-
the stomach, liver and bowels wellonard risn a talk. and tell him not to be
regulated. Sold by S. B Lnar & caught in the office ay more Dur-
Sham was doing some Wo the talking.
Every fanner should cut their own The man selected to do the talking to
hay with a Cliampion Mower. Tam Morrison was a stranger. He was selec-
pa Wagon and Harness Co. tf ed for the job because he was unknown.
f I heard he was a cousin of the Gran-
The Tribune job department comrn- teams. He tcld Worrisoh not to bh
pleted an order yesterday of two bun- caught in the Office acain or his hide
o dred thousand pamphlets for a butA- wouldn't hold Bhucks. Georze Durham
news house in Havana. Even the Hav- among other things, in the previous
ana busines people know that the Tri- conversation. sald he wouldn't receive
Sbone i headquarters for everything in mall from a nlaxer. The two Strick.
the printing line. lands made the same remark Johni
S 4 Thom 'said he would as soon receive
E elegant solitaire diamonds. Tur- his mail from a negro as trom Ot
a Man % (7hrum. e men also maid th1'
they would give Old IMan Crunm tall
ST after they got through with Morrison
&dies visiting cards, latest styles, They agreed that it would be better t0
Spited at the Tribune job oSffice whije do this after dark. George Durhan
V= tf a o those who said tlls.
Theww agreedto wai, for (cumi 4 ati
5. "....*i..... .4 ." __ An lag-heous lb the raHrel-, I sw Jobs
Sa eoany- '* yW 6 Centa Ww atnbis taxsettsmarniW.
N o op- u tha be W*1
ud^^ ^^ ^.e..^^ -- J''^^ : t.'-.-lar


PARTICULARS OF 0 OME DELIGMT- (Continued ftm First Pagefj
markable proceedings, your
Extraordinarily Low Excursion Rates honor. s hev eve wit-
to All Points Reached By nessed. In many years of crimi-
te practice. The district attor-
Plant Lines. 0ey after the sacred implied
pledge vouchsafed to this wit-
ness that he should be required
to make no statements incrim-
Bfective June 1st the Plant System matintxl m erf, leads him on
win sell summer excursion tickets from to a point where he fastens upon
all Doints in lorida to all principal him a susicion of guilt, and
D ur e d c. rrthas him arrested while under
iPlesure. nwowt-in aad tchat reso the protection of the witness
in Florida. Georga, aW,,ra f eis hair. Such conduct, sir, is un-
siDpL South CarolasI North Carolina, fair and unwarranted. And this
Kentucky, Aansam. eleamse-, VIr- conduct of the government's at-
ginia and Wft Virgina New York, torney is evidently with a pur-
Pose; for I notice, on looking
Maryland. Indiana Iow Ohio, ins toward the door, that anum-
Mthican. Wisoonsin. Minnesota., ber of the witnesses for the
North Dakota. South Dakota, Colorado, prosecution have violated the
Wtah. Canada. PrinceE Ww ard an rule under wich they were
Caee Breton Islands. These tke been tandnwithin this court-
are on sale daily until September 0th, room. Itstening to what has just
with final limit October 3ist. taken tmce. They hae seen
what has happened to this wit-
TO T. AUGUSTINE. GRAiND AN- ne Lofton. Wil not such a
TO ST. Aspectacde have the effect of in-
NTIL iMAP EXCURSION. lPF- tiidating them from telling
CIAL fltAIN LAAVING PLANT the truth.in this case? There is
eSTEM DEPOT, POLjK STREET, evidently a purpose on the part
7:35 P. M. ATRDAY NIHT, SEP- thedistrict attorney to sare
P. SATURDAY NI(IT, SEP- them witneme go that the itoe-
TEMBER 14TH. ARRIVING ST. AUG- ries which be Aas fixed for thegs
USTINE EARLY SUNDAT MORN- in the secrecy of his office, wil
ING. RIEOTRNING, LEAVE: ST. bet t on the stand .
AUGU IN 7:00 P. 3 S A. witht deviatlon, I protest, in
AUGUSTINEI 7.00 P. 3, St3NU AY, beha 0 these defendants, who
SEPTEMBER 17Mt, AERVLNNG TAM- are here, t eir liberty assaed
PA MONIAT I0OFINING. $1.60 FOR 'by the powestf United States
I ROUNLID TRIP. government. against such re-
--- sorts to force as have been em-
TO ST. PETERSBURG every Sat- loyed In the case of ,Lofton;
romeI venture the as.wton that
urda "for train teavln 6:05 p. n.. tick- hen the district attorney as-
ets rood to return Monday, following ralnel thise orant cracker nto
date of le. $1.00 lor the ro the round tr. his inuistl room, the poor
---- a fellow didn't really know what
TO LEXINGTON, KY., account he was being induced to 'wear
Meeting Kentucky Trotting Horse re!N
Breeders Association, October d-14th. I .RPL G SCORES DMEr DANe T.
Tickets to be sold Octowr 1st and 2d, A h nd o aburst of appiale s greeted
with final limit October 15th. Rate t speech, w ob reminded onm of tue
from IL .result when a hero of m elodrama utters
from ro Ta a lofty sentiment to bring down the
TO EVANSVILTL-,, IND., account house. But the district attorney was
National Reunion of the Blue and Gray, Indignant at the occurrence. and was
October lOth-14th. Tickets to be sold u m on his feet in an instant.
October 9th and 10th, with final linmit With mnuch emphasis he declared:
October 18th. Rate from Tampa, $28.40. I saust say. your honor, that
-- I am snerised that such a dem-
TO MAlOON, GA.e-Account Annual ontraton is allowed to occur in
Pal Carnival, October 10-13, 1M96. hane dOe cu H a row fe
Tickets on ale October 9th to 13th, In- frIends and hedcker f the mef
elusive. with finat limit October 15th, on trial, and we hear sudh ex-
at rate one fare for round trip from PDessons otf sympath1 for the
al points in Florida.. Rate from Tam- criminals buit none for the old
all point lorida Rate from Ta m who was the victim of this
P, $14.10. heniouse rimn. I am shocked,
your hoorr, that such thngs can '
TO NeASHVIn LE, account Annual transpire in a judicial earing-
Convention National Baptist Associa- things which- would not hbe per-
tlon. September 13th-19th. Tickets to emitted, for one instant, by, a
judgeWoaete of the United thaites
be sold September 11th, 12th and 13th, urt. d rewe have iteole who
with final limit September 22d. The are tryirw to screen from Jus-
rate from Tampa, $24.00. lice these Men who have taken
Da decrepid old man, under the
For further information and sleep- oelan m ericas Stte, and sruell
Img-car reservations apply to maltreated him. I ask your
C. H. BMLrT, C. P. A., 312 Franklin honor to try land enforce some-
street, Dbone 6. thlg like order whil-e this hear-
stre .one,9ao eIWen the attorney concluded, tkere
W. V. IS TON D wson asen another burit of applause, but not
as general as the former. It was evi-
Agent dent. however, that the government
6had some sympathizers in the court-
The temperature was now getting
Mothers 'of children affected with cloe to th& boiling point.
croup or a severe cold need not heel- Attorney ht triane shook hisfn-
tate to administer Chamberlain's Cough ger ins ar. StripitIhgo face and declared
Remedy. It contains no oWate nor oar- that the ;toeenueon had become perm-
cotc in any form, s and may be given cotton "You have no rght," he said,
as confdently to the babe as to an ad- "1 delnonoe the sekas criminal
clt The great success utat has at- when they enter this court wth the
tended its use In the treatment of oldsa rn eofin, about them and have

C, i d gi and medicine dealer. h l ^ r to t boo

The Mo rchants' lunch room, nt attorney, i

06.00; King and Queen, 625.00. Bought BA'o-? MI-W STORY.
on eases terms on earth. 610 per This was really the first witness who
'iek and no cash pa'wnent. Monarch rlwe effective ,eIdence fur the govern-
Binjle C-ub. F1 D. Hobbs & Co., m nt i a dsperate attapt
Agents, statements, they stood the fire remas'k-
"EXCUEISION TO ST. AUGUSTINE. atlT welL It wis evident that he had
--- been closely associated with the re-

The district attorney stated that the tx
defendants had busied tbeeeinves to m
get bond for the witzn Smith, think-
ing he was on their dMAd at
IMr. IMacfarae-That is not a cor- T
rect statement. his man came to oi
myself and Major r Wright. In front o I
the Almeria Hotel, and aiked us ;o get
ball for hi as he hod a sime child
in Plant Uity. and wanted to get there, ti
The witness-I dd't ask aeibody totv
stand my bend. h
Mr. IMtacfarlane-You lie when you a
say" 0.
The wirness-Youhre 9anndsor
Mr. Striplinr-I reiterate my state- a
ment that the defendants gave bond
fer this mn ow
Mr.-Wacfarlane-And I reitatte mine. w
So hel t me God, this man came toi
WieIor Wt dght and myself and asked Is
us to stand his bond.
The two attorney, were nao standing, C
faglng each other, each form quivering
with emotion, a
Mr. Utripll-ng-It isn't ma 0
Mr. eacfarlane-It is true..
The two men whipped ota the words,
"The man who says so tells an un-
truth." almost asmultaneOusly. w- o
blows were exchanged so quickly that
the mectators hardly reslsed. uhat Wad
Nearly everybody in theS courtroom
arse. beriff pencer. who was sittiK
within the bar. was between the two-
combatants In a jiffy, and
Friends of both parties Intepomad.
and erxAt was. restored after abst
Attorney Pio' addroed the cort.
statim that he tboht both. attorneys
were (ue the court an apoiogj te
Mr. StriWl made the aim lr.
'Mr. h tMacfarane made s sallstie
explaning ht sids e Sm the aot bn.
I have nothing to poloise tf,'" he
By this ttae everybody was, & gmh a
state of extemen hat that & thwItse
comolainoM nbe ws notr In stconi to
noan win Ib tesiamony.
Jufe Cranme -, 'wwoed a ese nti
It was veyee ev nt, early to the.
afternoon semos s th4& a olo G be-
tween esers. oeaarlane and StrIp-
NOW was We Vtahle. and it w gratify
ing to le S frieods of both partit that
thig l not take a more serious
It 1i prdbtble that. after a d
sight's 6rs the two able lawyemw wanl
aPpear In ourt this morn in t a
smaotner trame of miwh and the re-
mAnder of the bearinr wil proceed
in trar-."ultj.
ANV -i.ia BOOK.
HistorIcal and Bicugru c&a iNoteo of
the Cuban M"ssmon.
Rev. -M. Delcfeu a very talented Cu-
tan minister of this ctry, has lust had
the Trbune Job department print him
three thousand bools of fifty pages
each on the above subjetit The book
is beautiully written in a scintilating
manner, and evry person *wo has any
Interest in the Cuban cause should have
a coPy of the book. wh isoI being sold
by the author for the small price of
25 cents.
iMr. W. R. Fuller leaves to-night for
a trip through the East. Mr. Fuler
will be out of the city until October 1,
enjoying this vacation tour, and will
be acoomoanled by -Mr. C. P. Fuller,-
Sof Eleanton. The families of the two
swenteien heve been spending the
Ssumnmer at a popular Mkfyland water-
SIng place, and will join them at Wash-
ington, a0oompany4ng them on their
tri to the large ities and resort. Mr.
Puller's attention has been completely
engromsed ot late in his many Impor-
taut business affairs, and he is realUy
in need o t the rest which his vacation
will aford.
Dont forget that we handle MWbite

i. B wader a positive guaratas,

I have sever
OTiACtioOn' wi
Tampa Real
and Loan Asso0
and opened- ea
in the G6uld Bi
504 1-2 Fran'
ior the puh
sale of Real'
Collection of
and payment
taxes. TIh&A
wll be .o.
niipder the -

~"i' -

aWe -lARTa e llve
aulee LQ&ty1 ^6W s to (Xo

Ca or o nf bo t,-A
h. tem WO

It DnsoesM wfo wMeX lhose ,-*ine

hi. I reu see t to ge." s mte
P lat Cit\; was arrested for b In I a 1

the crowd; one of the deputy mar- iXH
shasle tckney grae him 64 for hi w ica thiie
service in ridig out to Peck an hck mkers TbS rW '6
*ak t cM&be MOG ,





into Dun, Miti s boufe. "d sqwe . ..

Attorney eMacarlane rcro-exa omed 'aL. _
Plant City was arrested for being In inawhoraneagotaber
the crowd; one of the deputy mnar- l toa in letma on
services In riding out to Peck and back AffkerW p Ae
,I+U +), -1 1- ** t+ v

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