Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: August 31, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00153
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.bSeyat1wKeepiag the Flag there and

ai NoCan CDown
; C-' --

?-;-. *:. ..-- "-

ide" Te a of JoWL= I theo
9rtoo e risiT7p to Gotmem

*. liar. 155 pesenger
.C. & P. Ratrosad a

had decided t<

-dodn Dewey.
k w It olmate k thm
w Tmak tioy aowii train
an hselenay low rat

is mImIsof Me
;aW vWyp rbate that tai
a take mwps to jot thi
map& memama oDW-,P"

-xi d~'Bownoa~way sa soard ct hoon

xtamtes of Bomas of the Principal Brand
ROM Soid iae 1 Vicinity.
ta. e .ost d, o a the paper
o, Of OW aot o. the ..Inaa y aem


W& aomo

110w~.isrted he the palse last
t4t4tatf SW m- had mimi-
Sr-- e two ya no wo
e!as w T m .-- party. it
WM: t wolk. and. when
eieSip'Ae wan reaied, the moe
rWvin 1ndMleart bThe men aeped.
00,4o mlese aw on the lookout tor

.i, aint show-
S- who b be= hm-
, M tre.' whow aok ike a

=K ss ''softy hI s eso1-'ol


Large Force of Government Of.

fciatld Now at Peck.


Vnftsed isat AnuArnsl HaveTaken
Okarge of the Sesft"io

PAMRTIB WZ L M P3to3W-u lEnd

SDistrIct Attorney. Cammestoner, sad
us Deputy ShetiW Go to
o Peak to Execute Taheir

a from Sunday'a DeRy.
aMven men charged wIth participation
in the anst on Postmaster Crum
Swere erseted yesterday at Peck by
a United States ocSers sad wtU be
StroubtM to tod city thes morning.
"Warrants cor sixteen white residents
of that ioontwity were sworn out
* oeiterday before United States Com-
e misslooer Crane. fhe warrants were
sworn out by United States &Li>rict
Attorney y trltDn, who came front
- Jacksonvikle to tsae cnarge of tMe ceas
t Yenterdio afternoon, armed wUIt
eae warrants. District Art tourney rtp-.
P Uta. ConuiMener Craae, Deputy Mar-
a sbatl tckney. rom ocaa 'Jepuy
e Mfarahal J. 2. 'Witliams and U3pe-
ciat 'DOputy JZohn Moooey. of this cicy.
y and three ad4,ono' deputy marsha
Srom JacksovU le. went to Peck to ar-
rest the parees charged with the of-
C tee. lTwo Vxttofnc ienpectore were
e so In the perty, one ot them being
r Cblonel Tue.
7Tw separate sets of warrant were
sworn out-one chargng the nen with
itin5datrnc the former amstsat post-
nmaster. Dael H. hMrreIoon, colored,
s and the other charging the assault on
The Itormidble government -etinue
* reached Peck without Incident. Dia-
trA t Attorn Stripling and Commis-
Saloer Crane entered the town ftrst.
The deputies started out at once to
Sa at their men. and. by night, bad
Stake seven into custody. The men
Sarsted Were as ollows:
yf Geonre Dorham.
Gary Boidth.
N or&ae Topper.
H& arlyWorse. .
i Madlean Barber.
,d Jota 'Webb.
"ar wt h.
All of thee are partee wll-known,
Sfamers and woodmen, of the Peak
Sseks. Nose of theam showed any
reststaues to arrest. bat all denied
SatWI tMteLe of the Morrisoni and
C es asfatra. so far as any personal
L 5att"Cllfa 10 ia tbeena ws concerned.
S WIIaMiletOr asG retwaned to the
6 ctyr at alne do'lk lakt night. He
waa dt in by Dane Mmtern. the
SooIsse aMssat postal ter. who was
psrm to ren fre eIn Ofto by a

Sto ieMam t t he vioity of Pedc.
AU W-M wo;mb* .0 646- ---&a -oIt-A

as they re-
oictals wall
vs. bringinr
I to the city.
wait a pre-

mi Cum. who wae
6*w 0- "Ong gong. I
leave his room. It i
r or not he fuve th

The two noetomce inesectore will re-
main A Peck lonr enough to make a
dtoroueh nsweect cn of the n .fle. ItU
to Va r wobable that the remit of the
Wsos affair wM be the abolition of the
voice at that pota.

Effctvely, yet ent, when costve
s. boa to permanently overeoms
habitua constUpation, to awaken the
idnaya and liver to a healthy activity
wthot Irritation or weakeninc them
to dtapel besdawcha coldu or fevers
ue 8yrup of Pigs, made by the Ca&for-
ala igr Syrup Co.
MBrooklyn, Ang. 15-(pecIal).-Preqt-
&ent Pteslter. of the Brooklyn Rapid
T-anit Company, we arrested thibs
afternoon on a chare of violating the
ten-bar 4aw.

First Regiment Georlia Valus.

teens Now in Darien.


Two. Whfa.. s Two asS Kil.ed
I the W e Troubles.


sAothier itInent lI a I eadinese

to Proceed to berlie at

hbort Notice.

Savannah. OL. Aug. M.-4Bpeoial).-
The Jsrat rectmeet of Geonrgsla vol.-
enteera In response to orders from
Governor Candler, left here at 4 m. .
for Dalen. the scene of the exciting
race trouble
The regiment took with ft fve dayp
rattons. and 16.00 rounds of amnu,-
A specai just received tram Darien
sawa that one of the Delagalls, charged
wkh the anootinS of tDepotes Towas-
end and Hopkthinh. aes been catured
without rtruble ad placed under a
strong guard o oofflcersa
Governor Candler eceved advices
thte afternoon at 2 o'clock that 1,000
negroes are under arms In Mcintosh
county, an tthat whey podlvely re-
tre to give up the Delangalh
ftwer tInfornatlo a b a been re-
caved here r en the oveu'sa office
that Sberiff Bloont, at Darien, has
360 Gsen under his oomianc. being
ewrw av ad ee white man in the coon-
ty% The arrtval of tie Gvannah troops
Is beinm amndousty awaited.
Colonel .awton ea ordered the
fourth Georgia regimnent, tcomposed of
courpanles at Brunwlck., 'W.aycros;
7ort Gatnes, aad other places In that
section. to be ready tor a lmediste or-
dera to proeed to Darn der arms,
and thee seapan es are setting ready
A. wfityat wh mite etn from Bruas-
wick mcberingr 60, bm started for
Defrten ow a steer, to Join the
sheff's pa arty Brwntidk Is conveo-
lent to Darlen by water, and the parts
'%11 arrive there t by ng-. Al are
-heaviy arsed. wad determined to stand
'by te heritff to the lst.
The neroe are nuu ed in a swamp
a few fB from DarTlen, and it Is be-
tverd that. If the word Is ooone iven.
the wthw wtil masrt mnto the wampw
sact lahcbtei them hel wholete 4.
The n ,rce seem dtermtned. t3a
far. to deend temaive a qstn all
at m t ms Mea the w itl.
SThe death %at oe thea e trouble
thus far numbo fonr-two white snd
rw coloredm ThIee men woar shot
tOw f tfe the hear- s oaf ite that oc-
cor.ed 7 terday.

Ter 'aM Attend Dewey Reception at
NOw York Cty.
The Teanna Rile are serioafer p-n
tartainips the proposed trip to New
York. with the Jacknonwlie and Pe-.
ea4el0 p4A o nMania and open action wIN
be taken on the Subect at. ths net
meeting at the o nan .
-Arr- aet wint be made for
S& and pedal train 90 mo00 a ad
if thene oes thlor w o have a mot
4-PW "ttr t. bedes m havt ngthe honor
or .uon a esmtht aar ge and k Fortat
attaton of thke people who rejoce tl
I thais of the hero of maen.


Col Peter 0. Knihbt gsve a diam
waterday evening at the Cherokee
Club at wIsch the gusot were P.,
Bollard. president of the Golwf Sia.va

Crahfordt a proadsent nasat -sto
man of revanswh. and P. R. Putlte,

State .Mierot. i.er 1W. H. Rdynand .
was In the city yesterday. greeting h
wsta.r acQjeTpeamps The genaL o i

bay. They got 100 pounds of good

I U' tam ..a'

And the IWeter is aspelb itre &
h .. ...

SevC peo the Peck Peop ele astoe a W ft A

U iKtile o ittei sad t i diad wheob
Andsttr n t he Wg er o t I t pek. he* IBp tb itf A lmA

|tre aee gend Ifeio b ntiam Lte Pe.L s nm .,5'

Wo, sca taher a s At sa..
uthet r t isto e to ong t60 am fs ofn-

laod--bin* ht ibose ival- D i ( Sha
Ce day wita WH peas wee i he got- s, .dio ;Cha a ^

Cugn5t sa the a- es or wethe or sadathe Ite
theme of traw and tM hte is one other t; e W '~

of the most ardent Caben symwsthla- S e
eCA &"nd. oe the tsd WOwsheat NI m.%
Saserthe t e o eWis Ato mai to& o tA ono Bo ISl .s l .

of~er hok wt ete ettnd nthe do.ini MW 1 0 dge-
iaof t he yIuntjokea rm s e nbl t of theeS t a n,
OW OWNt 0 1 .
tmotr, tshe UItfentts ien ers D sead e dam t se 'etMel t
Oeazietceer. eitd M In Cube- ka

nUo o oEf X p a nt was t.a ir ats,,OR b Plalia

,rtreuluue of te, weBt-known l &ix~iM it' a ".^|
rom se the wanRI spats Sotaohg m ryeand
Unhe des thw e eaatto ko tAn of gTrM n g ,ho Citi
Ceitit efor-t w ich to ttWe t v tl- Dtrimbuftci5am dI U ii rk

rone hda ovnoed on* w theta.e splg- Mt& t IStA. a s

de oe dmoor atom.. a aBdd e be roead egsi bar ~ 'eatOI M3M
ao as n th ne et w aos ad te Hid IN ( &m the i ws *i
theme of F tspLth li euM she is OW e flehor atn*(* %

tor reo rem to the la k Cu na yown tht- noom t$ s *b rf 6
eoat atheem. iraUe t qe Oad to wh ca ridfew e Wa Alm *W g 04-b3M
cionddeom the isasher hmStr 6W& ^s o' STUG&*,
of herbookowoorethodCthet tinoo -*' Jad' -

ot d the rYo and tfee bt ae n Nt t 6811 the S St
mater. ede t to r it nd wrhen ere4 h SW W" it ag tb o ,
yeL 'med to ske I ta it t dee. w e 4
From such WnazM sRtm&the IoSprua tleone atte dohin r
the IdeC an sd whe wehim of the #t- rtw
eras effort which now. in Ithh ms d hea rt1 Mtsa. ,A

bUf hmu cano d o tentiohe axs tarw, 6i m r.e -a
alon, U1t ton. M44 two

Iwo scbool at eU V= U. J. M W MMt.,W ef
oTbrrf wife wt the w jtitow the eomr . . .
ot the peai t. In a m ia at 9bS et- Is ta qg
rioOten of the thatew Waned to %pm o nfw wthti.m

MNowi Judge Tof weis as epaniTrd, se canbe -
rewd and bom w d be read W ne lu iti ti < swa je . . .
wee k' book. he dewided tha it wa t^ vecO IW

so mea tto the btJts on s A "9e9d t O
hte Ita nt ^BM rt. t-te fts t......

t atht the Me WL thm
rses e l the tS ad n oA.
wes tu.safto asest agw Warme

Jiuae g alsears soed the a,
5a5 the attg -g lftg U vestaebi4Aa l ahout ho the m
Setiodno an ther eaem tt. .-
rDeMafN o -Jtag Ag te^Or aw

dbam In an sd vow be.+w *t
tihxs. It pgpeaes that the see ,

cotone m whi, the .oa-o'
cO-t or a'The .Pw isN w. W ist
and Dawn aso oImcobaibf h
es towa to tse euMfia beifa .-Z

Colonel "A deoIAft witM the Velt s-
Me PaOM at "On La
CbL 4. M St dao. Wthe soltaed

loft laet aftht or isw Took. g_'Cto04
AnOsrwo tolt -wlth hbn'dstb efmkb 0
wOEth o bond ed a d to ImuM the
scttya debt.

direction t the Ca. Coond .* .rdi' ...
rnasee deposit the booda w"h
United Hates tB t Oaap ay. wt
wtil deliver them to adolph Kiopboftez-6
ft Co.. who hwre purohand the eaur9j

latter dm hbas been asnximst'9

I e they hbea msno demanded t
one concern wanting POQis wprth
them at oam.

The Manatee to at Petauhcba2t n Iigs-

71ws AterarMsaafte wil take a&'Wlit

the obmettive poat me tMt. PeIWr

Tiksit from MTus to Be

Wtinnt to qBnoa pey at U a"o
bte vcs CO O K -
... .- ^ .^ -.*:. ^ ..;.... -*, i-g

- .. ~. .~'

I Am~aE

iosmmd wholesome
j inu~m.emss..ineeuar.


*.,* -. ..', ,,

77 c rs m

n YUhtax'AM

Sof ThAittlebea

Aid| OiorterO ,- After 'he lef SHIAMROCK'S BIG SiIC.-
bheIs sid. to have admitted -
iI e It rWas Stepped Yesterday, and Sael
teB kDeslf" -A doller is the are Now Coming Across.

O4-Btf d4 MMat laidK back to baok New York. Aug. l2-(peclal.-The
n.. S 2 haenr"b tec o* rooks mainmast
S e n p insome i o-0t-'un was stepped this morning, In the rec-
.flaeg i $ a or tot united, for polit- ord time of 36 minutes. A large crowd
e ett to be presented In open witnessed the Interesting operation. .
S' Six of 'Halsey-a salmalkers left Booth-
t Ur'. "" .rI tbe "cti war, as well as in ampton to-day on the steamer St. Pau
and ^ c te&war owith Spat,. arhoea for New York, string with them tic
ya *wme oef -Me mom- troublesomMe -die- last lot of the Shamrook's sails, in-
et es the army had to contend with. cludinr the mainsail.
na'' s intancee It became chronic, ROBB TE GRAV
kd the ed sodlers still suffer o ROBBED Tfr GRAVE.
Sit. tr. M v Tayor, ft Wild Ridge, A startling incident, of which -Mr.
rei *.BalI. Pa., is ose of these. John Oliver, of Philadelphia, was th
'^ H-I C(ia*mila solic, Choler' subject. in narrated by him as follows
-asl D1iaSmols ReMedy., and says he "1 was in a mon t dreadful condition
see I d a tblng that would give My skin was almost yellow, eyes sunk
1" ch quc lk rllet. It is for sale en, tongue coated, pain continualy i
Or a B. LeonardM & Co.. and all medL- bak and des, no appetlte-gaalL
M dealea. growing weaker by day. Three physi
. '- 3'4 .OT DONE clans had given me up. Fort. na
a friend advised trying lectric BIt
ea t yet. not. baas been done toward tame and to my great Joy and sUr
.pt wsofag* !Wa t Bay " Hotel for wse, the first bottle made a decide
whntoer season. The improvement. I contained their ui
eevLasp% hbwver., thetwork will for thee weeks, and am now a we
'kWb gMhW IS a Saw weeks, and that tl" nn. I know they saved my life, at
resrt -wll be in better condir robbed the creve of another victims
1b eed when the seas n opes_. No are hsold fti to try them. Ol

eaf o repor o ne bof the Tribeun
inieitW e. tMa9 theX &MeSates seatonI

S %tev Ba CUMAag O IN A DA'

Flansdop ZL#*Wo car tin 1 to am


Im F 'THE CfTUY- t te
T. wenty-Five Car Loads of Cattle Were
S Wh E ities tandied Record of Alt Impor- Bilpped to Tampa Last Week.
tant Transactions In the In- Lega] Lbts on a Jaunt.
terestlio Drama- ----
Klesimmee, Aug. 25-The cattle mar-
l1MT iIMIEiT ket sla still ver heavy. Twenty-Ove car-
"" EAw tI e noroooiogy i as ce ows: loads were shipped to Tampa last week.
18" -September 20, Coonel Sandherr They were accompanied by John M.
es to Gen. Mercer, ecetaxy U Lee. e proft In the cattle business
Sa t bOLht to Impl ate Capt. Aired s shown by a traction of one party
r tiUs Dreyus of treasonable acts. recently. A small Loack of cattle was
October 13. BebtUlon pranounces the pTurchased two years ago for $320. The
S i borderea to be in the aaiWritingO owner has sold 750 worth, and has left
.Ute ,. Y .1 toier t. ,rfts'plAced ander ar- even ead.
Si, kn rest. Pasture land to berng bought or leased
November 9, ML Demange is aslgn-. ai -fe.cd. In by the individual stock
m.t-se I-eater. of at d as ig counseL .wo" takin eadvh v of
Deoerhinl .hip trial, by secret e low prices at which this land can
-I5 -.,b December= h. e Is atfound guilty and h bee a. veritable
8"10" wtitoneehas been ad veritdble
lst o slen i stenced to be publicly degraded ano --cheatar rd during the past few
Inzcsoed for e. .. dawn sthe mvvi g a coming
not 15*-juary 4 sentence of de.rada- sc in he ad omng
~----. : u i Sz,,^ itP ooArae o n. AVani-Aew editor of the Val-
teaMMeX ta wo le Osette, A& a number o the legal
January 2m, Psent Calmi-Peler frateity, recetly mide a second visit
Mahd-ely reAisued.rven riaor to TiueJAvlleg an oeita claw
is s er 17,nte J a Prsd aqten t elect- ttoFTitrsvilletoscint-osta W
GIL rs.J.theO grta U aver Land daughter have
Soarc -DeW e!ytIIs'taken ewse tot
Sgone to (leotila b
Priaman- tigies u ff thecIcasS. Senator lCarson is back from Jack-

iiet Isand noff ha coast
Poo of as- 1, 1t.I. icqBlo rt. bead omvme. inWIngifts. Carsoni with
onI.ca-'-- @ 1, eraLeL- Pl ,th tJhea Aim" mduthe eins oved In health.
W a a ,young i.BaMi M We sthe thoe. S. Htera. uitmae. who shbeen
b.1t %&WHope0. anto t-Lhe, th'-of the under' te care of TD. S. w orley, of
ie no complait to the or te Awte, for te pt six weeks,
w .iat& tea C S5 5 lrr h nt, JIn Jai Forret. of Plisadelphlia, is at
tti- "" .r erbe v so e ., tai L,. V s P ro' nt, the'- Hrotel 3iawe.enjoyig he cool
is n t h breeam that weep ,u-acrobssToope-
Aifte a'".' -.- at D46- -_ re1._ 1 was not wtteo by Dreltus. kainas.
X. she Isff de a D. NorS 10. S tthe i L eubi alsed J Foiwathy, formerly'of Kialrm-
tteift B nahd 1;"c il of the hordeWW a af nd 50 mee, mm but now a merchant of Fort M-
.a r w i r Etr- e. to vtaltoanern 1 amr. t Ka t.fot. &
P a. he aor- w- t- s. 3 B. Hton is speOtng the
s" 4isM ta e ]"I ss 97-Aurt PI .S. ..detectiveem- week at S breeze with Mrs. Cla
46..- tl.-t--t t "li d n the DYu i case, found dead' anford and Mrs DickenMon.
e Ila to a Pober aSren ato r s Kear rKinr Mfs. Johnson n just made a trip to
tW. R Harris and wife, of the Valley
oveber.Vistn the minister of war Itors' exunsm.
Gvwith thel t rfhe t'.wgti.I ai is visit-
a Gaov- Novembpr 1. atthew Dreyfus de-Mrs.awtht Hill,e of J.arLdineris.t-
e lanmwiredan to Da- bo e author of the AttorntSey vnow arrived home yes-
' e m to Da- Ore 7. first trial Zoa and tay fro m svi'le, whber e he as
f "a g to .-] PwrelOx etlirsers of 7 L'Afore in been on legal business.
l the which his letter appeared syrIng that He eats heartIly 1t the hottest weaAh-
e5 town eat Nonvember.S a.erteshay rde anae who uses Prickly Ash Bitters. It
m Wlaiyr stdd by coart-martiaL kees his stomach. liver and bowels in
I aSnitteopah ~oNovember 25B. ola's first letter about Perfect order. S. B. Leoonardi & Co.
S" theul-ths Auror
sni the n s fired l S--JaSuary I0, aterhasy s court-1 AT SAVE MONEY'
hi t .no one. martlal begin He is CuLted.
Iela rSW the at Jab 13, Zola'i letter, known as That Old ReooreBook Found By Clerk
I the. "J'accue" letter, y-lnted In the Henderson Shows Tax Payments.
m avel nd e lebrary 7, Zola and Perreaux, pub- The discovery of an old record book
Ai'" e tO the lishete of the Aurore on trial for say- used by W. J. 'Allen, a former city clerk,
.r Wima to-da in. mu S d ter iI -ts acquitted by or- ,to record collection of tax executions.
S taeL2l o'3- P eb isMy it. they are found guilty will Probably be the means of saving to
355 col so- ^' and sentenedto fine and ImprIson- a great mnay tax payers a oonsiderabe
hiF 9 t*5ae th t. sa w Iun of n1yney. ,which otherwise City
iS of He"ry Dt- einister' tiof Jite DdeDreyfusoAttorney WhItaker, laboring in the lack
B d n M h at apeal rTor the retrial of her hus- lformatlor aupied by this book
s W'opkis, prowl- baL would have proceeded to oolccLt again
'IlE'faS sins ? 'ily 10, O'W. Plo qUwt declare the Clerk. iHenderson was looking ovwr
ss S b e of the ne leg f- some of the muety archives of ia office
Q .w COh e the other n .y and -resurrected this
(ltj0 e foired the letter of '96. boot, which had been towed av.ay
tA Ii -R H AWist i I arrestedd and is found there ever since the cl1o of the Allen
t g W"s VIiDsoell, wOMSWN.SwertcBeeu administration of the office. It ap-
f4. IItor'.- Paris to L ndon M Dars a be a .orie-: rrcurd, and st ic'
S -. ".... i 'Bem Il, h Preoceb cabinet that many of tee an-oun ts which -i1y
V0 t -5 5 e r T1e Of the Dreyu Attorney WhiLak-r is nw proce-diltg
5igi-. -t 4. iw a. mi.. r t be oto collect. were ald to .lmen.
pwb 1aii # Preyfu Is noticed of The city attorney alt1, therefore, re-
ANhrvI turn to the clerk the executions in hI s
ti,'- na lgD-Uhi w !fKet Ein jui 'of bands which this old record shows have
alib,.liltlolll k^rif- lU lq) m ) re'tiehhe been already collected. He nam find

^ho- Oo*t-t-fhle rtJ*5. In his hands for collection were paId
lmaimtgoeesbe'p- 9. me -es oi s f -tt,- long ago, and, thanks1 to tha diksovery
gftp B .,C ,^Joqt j preold.lenk of of Clerk Henderaon t.e pamirs will tb
flfli ... .. ... -t proved the expense 7. mr-,ing a second
..^ .... "51U. thbirSer Sar payment.
f nT. ..tCaOlItf abr -q' bt "Our behy" w sick for a month with
5reah-' the -t though ws tiled masy remedies she
.... ni~it5 atl5o*e, It & iute Cough "Vre-lt relieved at once,
m- ad Wll Wmg ei.^ald nadaiet. (t.ron- Nance, porx. Slchosil; Bluftdale

tne imDerenet organs of the my anmid
fortlifle the system to resist the en r-l u ate
vk Inluenc of omer beat. r the loveandectiot lr 'M l Uttle
sale byS.1 B. Leonardl & Co. a loLea-'i 1asoo M"k. 'pied
*WIBES TO SARAPtOM & away n. i* reti-o wm ltdw Mo io.e. s .
I telephone Line from Braldentown to A
That Resort oon to Be Coerpete the beCe the Tribua slas the
It wlla soon te possible for gate4e- p, 9ee 00 S eat pA '- 9- "" in "ngate
e men in Frsepa. whoseM ftalies are at alner
SBarasota. to communicate with them at TRY AIJWa DOOT-MA-B ..-
am tbor of the day. 'Tie eesonne --A--tob95-Is" *0 l MM
ne o Braidentw to Sarasotat in t
Mr W. Puer is now collecting er and hot. and gUe S t Ilr
the balance necessary to complete the iy ou ha ve Am"ll f "tor ,..
Sline. The line will cost IMS0, a al- aho tery Al,'a oo t-a. Ii ol
ready $140 has been subecribed by, par- the feet and nokes walMing saw
ties atx raidentown and imaer O r. es rest aod combat. Try it to-da.
K Fuler expects interested partle Sold by all dr aits. eers. * in Tampa to subscribe the remaining storesnd g general storiesee s eaer OA
dy $ e1re40. stores fd orlsa-" -
where Pros No. 26ar M atkaget Va
SThe ee teleone line will connect with Address Allen 01n10tad. L -ovay
the telegraph line at Braldehitown. thus NY T. Ssfla-, .
Giving communication with this city. ...
Dr. Warre now greatly awwoving Jn s H A
ed the lne of the Tanwna nd Manatee
i Biver Teleraph Conmll by putting C .Il: .. 'I. : 1.. R..
ad i new poles from Pabnetto to Tamp a.v
& Take Laxatlveemar^ or e Tab-
-i iets. Alfldrauisftaso in4 those y f
's I& Q. an ea c lh 0 M.aRe
t. eacheeW. T ,ert t i tmbMWih
youwg Idea bo to, shoot at Bbr-.

04 wm mak tbht rts oma. of the, b I
teachersr It b M GW .b ., . t-.: -. '.. -..


Alab-m- About to ettbl*1h a Freak AnleseagiTW ffle fil ittiig kw
Cc..-. .ithouLt a Single O aL ma ase -
White Ma in fIt. la n .

AnnistoLn Ala.-By a. v- ntim~sa vote I.
of 90 eo cent of toe regisered voters, __ _
HobMon City decided to-day to h te Olvette tat alt tate that e -
set unhns city in the U*lted States, Jadg -A*M A 5
in that It willbe the only emjatwlevely ba mia l a *- V ._-.
speiatto the rtg e ai
To-das eeauion was by rder of the 5W 9 oiib
ateCourt to eitdo LI or reiOeves om .le post on msopa~nt L
not the town should be incorporated. having started to iavesate thle k -
inocorporatio twas oteried l a. iy a r
not a Angle vote being Ont aatgna fi
it. 0 ht ve &t>- d t es "ame. -
Stown locatedree e from ed to pent tnrr mite rthW IM.

boogie. three ohurcm, a -1rx0oxWiand a nona r M BMa V4100. r it
several tore sand no saloon. At to- were at the shead of a it& me a
d" is, e eU tthe h ta LS eThtrk tmp tfW bevieB
out. the males to vote, teTtrnte 6i tM
see thtA he- mpvotd cig o a-d not &a Omi n.g o j .M se.
drop of wibb or the least diorde ,so . _', od Wwr 1w ls a he .m i
adoIOwime the inoorporatlo inwill be Twe oEopt a
the n-mst oIpique eceeaL M. taI t wn na UN
covernomeo ever made In ARIvt-Im- al n -- -

wil ohe o etite o and the A'ags eA, thir s oneo te ,.t htn the -

very black wo is the towns c tetr t V __
'"dest tyl-tlit, ws et 0 at jt t
The negro Ut the y will swaern m 10.0 L1
theseves wiey' and well and the ex- eus woes "
peranmeat will be watched withe t teir matcb e
interest in a Milmsaana an e"aNewtm -
BARTOW. Attn or ththe .s -i,W. DI ,
Bartlw. Au. lL-E- c. StuartIs n nSsSo n -"I
spending a few weeks in, the neunt- ofe rotl m to i eor ote dis. to
OmaotNrth roaer.oand IUdIs tosatderndM tha
H-Senator E. Z.HsHammond has re-ha-
turned, after an abeme of two monthlenw. t Rt
Wine Rby Seward, of Punta Gorda, A bay ham'at n Intw ntt 41 Os- ton ANPU%.
The lare wo--sory r N. ,barni.. .
Crstler burned Sunday nlghL No in- Iuiure .t
Iu roe-nb week ten &W% th Rho&-
ases lora and Vivian Boyd left neierd t wal ~S oecr 6 3e
Monday to take specl cores tIn wentw-two foot chanal whi bh" o*sriS
Maey's Buslness Cllege, t i Jack- been outtin, forts last semv ral
sonville. weeks. up to the wharves of the
Several large phosphate eals are o snwk, Rei s twareba
amd real estate agents are posltiv tivnat R Bt"'-l .
the will be closed. CARTER 'O isv rSe-rj!l
This is the beginning of hay-making, to I fiLads
aid farmers are busy saving hay. The entence orded m the wAaa 00s."te
It1Wi B e uCarriedOt.uL
-Washiongon. Aug. 24.--Cspttln 0. .me
Testimony in. the Atlantic, ValIdosta & Cartes.ce i to bedfpo Olte e i i
Western Cae. mnl&riy on the Preekk renmatr to &1&
-anepltaL. Iht is the understand 0to-
TaUalhassee, Fin., A g. 2-The sec- nh ,wtSe toe staArvanihmoOs w a
ond hearing by the Rakload CoolMsm- cials stl Preserve secrecy 0 r-
Blon of the petition of the Atlantic, ths, one of tthem ay thai the Peadi- lWl-
Valdosta & Western Railway for an or- dent has ad j t reamooa br weihingl IV- ,-
der from the conminsian t rsant that the came arefttt, ad that only at te X
railway company train prl&Lfes in the exDene of nerso.m tlacenwe ience nd A
terminal station at JackaonivlUe. was much attention ls he bees able to &lreto2ilk
begun Modafn --afternoor. Alex. W. arrive at a jufmt. li g*
Smith. George P. Raney arnd E. J. It istMe onion of the Presidat thak
L'Eng te appearing for the petitioners, for the preservation of the integlty" M TH3
and John A. Henderson and John E. and honor of the army, exanw e i
Hartridge for the terminal company. be nude a a llpe Mss who erp i-
Counsel for the petitioners asked leave the lte-ikwr of "ooffce-r and getlet-
to strike on a oeise piaylng for a m an.' Captai Carter made a ir&.a g
right of wa. across the tracis. Coun- appeal frmn bel verdict reeor-ef aT
eel forithe terminal compalry asked for aaIJ t bm. ad .thes wgs ae-ft ah -
a ary of twelve men to try the case. way caknated to moe ate bef x-
but this was not granted& The commis- emmve-b 4 0br- werds, honor nd
aion met at 9 o'clock tta morning. JmtflfkeKom St was tbe si. el l
anLd has conowoed the day In hearing of tht Itbat 4l*a4"ed the PresidefL sad J i S
tetoay. It i N argument s oa caf. '
will coanmeaoe to-mrraowq Et owwr ae Bthe', e9 tolr' _
9rr^,^-, I eonterenoe. Captain Carter will Setwve

Harrlsurgi Pav, Ag. hit-< m ebla.- Mn wli t easGried S.
The iACro-ueAalnea R ._pa;.ie .Stake,
bonvento.n to-day pawrei resolutions A. Las GBmIG -.E./"
einoriad the State t u isoastfon. , .--- /.
the Phopl tai loUe, of toe' groesr- The TSts 4el ,oit saaaS So its
ment and "nchinW' poltjce. kise Job d cpolih re
Fort, the bqo, y to reiat nli1eo ,.oi* sawhick
sims ypi'aztlhg the syst be in pert stautfli- .,saSat. 'It s 'It
stem ragulaor. Sold by. l .5 hm ,- -a n ?o 1 5

-- oot aB suedes fprtot la .the anof *
MXm Otsaq -r. aq uayA a eb poabeohi .s.. ... :.... .. .,, ". St. vb
Helgor, Naples to-ay1 cabea Sir- a,>'-r j v' : SS' S
Keo- Gea Wiman thpt there wasl =-i

If you tent work waLl il hot wetAoer In tonaL a a ie
take.Prio. yAshBittec. ._ _, -,a, o 'e. iseaiaa-


p.. mo1" o ,1ATES.

m% ir.Ig~dthe kineysAnd
""ms b ugalatad and the

L^hesssMosma. J^
FM1itkiU TK --U -

n P. ear- o ar' T ar

W.,CR cO. Umited.

aed^ .lau do estoi s~yata .

Im- mm upN m eatt h yme
l~i'm i^m rr

W. "r_ -'

S. Irta1libris Present Location, Oct. 15,1847


or Depart. ment..
1.ki 'jeparU~te t; der the super-

b ofOdrf business. Parties
1.4 depend on having
ll l 'the same p rompnes ano
ersonally selected. Write to
aing in the Fanc Dry Goods
Scpbsructed for the purpose
ZW.S- be isge$4 best fitted up and
0a1 4W. thaa ejqxperiencc can suggest
rtabe and attrActive of its
the t of Louiwille.
S "p .: ",lid t of Fancy and Dr

oy.-Pftn, oiille, Ky.

.. $1 for ,eala einoimrt whot-a mqr-
,te n st *r VLato Lw our t =w Ia .-
S*7 h dinalme inslutme a lon gLAof

~ A nm no dtuxnu arose over the length
p a uJsn um us t eupne
l tmea that s be allowed after

----- r DArwss favored ninety days.
r Hobnw thoqgbt that ninety days
pectr of Plumbing for Very too short He theorinance
wouel entail the expenditure of thou-
Imporiant Duties. sands of dollars oua the people, and
touBht axr months ought to be al-
MT. DeArmas was willing to concur
COL. ANDHOERSONH AUTHORIZED O nt tio of M. Pll.ns month
was agreed .upon.
-- The compensation of the plumbing
To Negotiate and Handle the City's Inspector then came up. -Mr. Brown
moved that It b e fixed at 7-20 per
Refunding Ponds. year.
'Mr. Holmes thought this wa a prop-
---- er amount, and it was agreed upon.
SThe ordinance was then placed cn its
NEW PLI oIiBING ORDINANCE third reading.
-Mr. Brown stated that Chief Wood-
ward had received a number of offers
Property Owners Will Be Required to to turn the Lafayette street bridge at
le-es coh t than at present.
tConn.el with Sewerage System M Hor lmes stated, that the commit-
tee had authorized Mr. Taft to cen-
Within Six Months. tract for per-manent ImprovpmWnts on
the he br e TImrovemente coters-
-plate. bv means of new rearing. re-
From Saturday's Daly: ci the number of men urged
Fron aturdais Dail: to turn the bridge from three to cne,
The majority bad things serenely and ard of the time required om thirty
uninterruptedly its own way at the rrtnutes.to five minutes.
City Cosicil meeting laSt night. The matter mentioned by Mr. Brown
tesa m Frecker, Krutse aCi Wing was referred to the polloen mc;nittee,
ra a M r. Brown sta.tle that h elt confl-
were conapicnously absent. Tse pres- det the citv could save $60 per month
ent were President Bruen and Council- on the salaries of these bridge tend-
men Holmes. DeTArma, Phii pa, Webb ers.
and Brown. HALL ET( DIATES.
The e was held particularly for A DHA
the purpose of a rtotrl t someone toTh Litte ahter of Mr. an
ant as the financial agent of the city WThe Lite Twt hter of r. an a
in handling .and negotiating the re- Wng Pass Away tery.
fu in g bond. 'hi At 7 o'clock last wenitr, 'Dorothy. the,
HIhlane National Ba, was vested little dauwrhter of Councalman and 3ra
wih iis a utiori and r oaiieit FrP'ank WV'rw. fe4l sweetly asleep. lesv-
wt a tlaorty and reponsibilty. Ine g father and ther desolate nd de-
CoLtonel Anderson will leave for NewNlog ther dmeErdi
Tork City as soon as poesibie, lining orothr was 4 t eard idnd the only
with him the $270.600 worth of bonds. cNrot. shp t ayhr een ol onlv A short
Emma 'H. -Craft petitioned Councl cl d .bhe hi hen It ov foreen the C
to allow her to pay taxes on certain h" of thet Antelir fo r nth foroon-y a
property ot hers for the year 1892, on few dave since, she rematred to her
an aa enL Of 600. claiming that r another that she would "soon be gone."

The matter was referred to he city M .Wn: rselros l iU as a re-
attorne, with power to act. I sult.
A comnnimtcation was read from Mrs. 011 wl r
H. P. Plant, expressing he r apprecia- T"- runera. se-rvices will oecur to-
tion of the resolutions of condolenceI. day at 4 nd fron the resdene.
adopted by Counl on the death of herRev. J. G. Anderson offitiatlin. Tphe
husbandIsy rmpathy ofs aorowing-" friends goss
Chairman Holmes, of the committee out to the bereaved ones.
on Ulrhting. reported that 53 electric TEid a nON nR
street uhta had already been placed. A TEXAS WONaDER
and that the committee had only seven TTAT I AT -a oR
addtotnal liehtss ait its disposal. The HAL GREAT DISCOVERY
oosomnttee tad decided to place these One emaLl botUe of Hall's Great Dis-
additional lights aa follows: cover cures all Kidney and Bladder,
Two in that portion of West Tamnpa troubles. r emove gravel, cures Dia-
-known as Eilinger City, one at West hetis. seminal emission, weak and lame
Ninth and Fortme streets., the other k rhauasm and all rr ar-
at .West Ninth and Greene street r
One In the Becond ward, at Rosa and ties of the Kidneys and Bladder in both
Central streets, men and women.' Regulates Bladder
One at Franklin street and Seventh troubles in chiidremni. It not sold by
- One midway between latter point and your druggist will be ent b Ima on
Sott street. receipt of i. One small bottle is two
Two on Nebraska avenue, at equl- months' treatment and will cure any
distant Intervals between Eighth and case above mentioned. E. W. HALT.
M higan avemes. Sole Manufacturer.
he committee also recommended the ole Manufacturer.
removal of the Htht In the center of P. 0. Box 18. St. LoulsL. Mo.
HKghland Park to the corner of .mor- Sold by S. B. Leonardi & Co., Tampa
gan and Stxth street, and of the light Mi,.
at Nebraska avenue and Eighthl ave- -
nue to the center of the dtreet READ THIS.
The petition of W. 1B. Gray for Bartlett. Texas. Sept. S, 1896.--. W.
permission to repair a buildtng on the HaL nWaco, Texas,: Dear ir-TI have
comeer of llht.h and ,Fifteenth streets
was granted. "usI at Discovery for kidney
By resoluton Cot. J. B. Anderswn trobfe. and can recommend it to any
was authored and accredited as the one suffering in like manner.
floanclia went of the city, with au- t ". "rTHOMPSON,
thority to deliver to the ,Cr1ted .ttten -artett
lortgee and Trust Oco1rpany. at New' M rco'0o Bartlett.
York Cltw. te 70.600 of refundtng "mrE aA T- r Tin I t &C D
1bids iust Issued, for certification ofTHBALE b7tE OLD RAND
the saeme. and also to conduct all nego- PR]w.
tiationfs attendant upon the flostingr of A -
these bonde. The resolution anthoru Ane old hanld ress ira sale-old, but
Colonel 4ederson tn transact all best- i perfect order and abLe to do good
nes pertalning to the refunding of the woilk yet--Georgia Exchange.
i#rt'v debts annd eihe discharge of Its -
floatrng Indebtedne s. Theyi'e selling' out the old handpress-
Tbe 'ionwl then. ft-rmaoIly. 4v the e ores5 the edaccS have pulleded'
pe*asae of the rewtottrtlmn acpted the antaitheir Ioo' were gray;
recw,-t ,r Ti'nert A. ," fi0ld-t h nod The PreO- the 'Old heoIdhbt-i 'loved
made the fndledin of the mono official. 1i days that are no more--
A" Qrdfeanca was olared on fl,1t e.lt printed all the country news
reading. receRling the pavinr nsdl- from Jinks to Jooe' store.
rant-. cr that rortioe nc It worvlding
for the asseesmenet ref ateittita, nrop- They're sellcn' out tihe old handpresa:
ert- owners to pae tbu cort of pavctng -the office boy is old,-
C.tv Attorney Whiltaker stated. In The last of all its editors tas Joined
reigard to this ordinance, that. after the heavenly fold;
consultation with Colonel SBoat-man, No more 'twall welcome "Major Green
attorney for the Boerd of. Ptoblict and famnlly up 'to town."
"Works, he thought It advisable to rt- Or tell us of the melon crop from Bill-
peal the existing ordinance, inasmch v'iule o to Brow.

by aM mean only wkbyrwm* e
CUBAN mSAMMoBr. stats
Decorated wth Ptmle Appropriate S4,einpes h Npa
to the Counmtry. T sst ,k ,ree I.'ry
Washigton. Aw. 2.-There has adasomiiet, tar t.*,-- -
been shtpped to Havana &$1=00 worth eL'qp Fv sgil "* -o
of the ew Oubem, postage stamp. The
"twos." the "ones" next in prap Le,-on
The lstame will be put on sale at ou ,,.s ,,.
once, and wf il supercede the United ae t=m C .bum d P .
States stasw that *ere for servicefs-rhiksewx-oresta nhs
tenA as ,lif In the island. The epathuese'
In Porto Rico and the Philppines the cappedd. Newe,
United States stamps, with the ,Spanish a ""WefdesadM
value stamped upon then%, are stiO in _____ om S .
use. and will be used for some time to les do eyUP= me 900

Tbete new stamps correspond ia size Dr. SemoB c aw tf ae
and color to the postage stamps of this lstimes pr2 g 4ate 4
country, but they are more show and Tis15 Lsfea.ie
are typical of the country in whidik they 4 'us s
are o be used. The "two." which wll
be the most generally used, has a group pr ts-oim
of three royal palm In ths foreground, l 'lh ser
with several other palms int m a atwe t d wi e-S l '
tane, It be "Cuba." prInted at he
tooi with "'centavos" at the bottom laaem s 4,,
and the nmaeral 2 at each ode l e the
'centavos-' It 'is srInateds t'rd. Sma";ei:ls%"

Plant System iwew. left last ahigght ftrs' b^ps
WVUlston, here he wMiVA
doiles of I=a new ir teala lo
axvt a a tWM&.

Ioftauste fomdG Orderes



The 1hitecps Aftir Comes to thqe

.ten" ion qf OO canientl

Wa~hington, Aug. 24.-The assault of

ponnester there, will probably result ACTS 'NTW On
in tdec dsntiotnuance of the pocet office. "' I
nPostmaser W. C. Crum and Nation&al Ke5IDN t .1 YS Ri t ,
Comnltteeman Long have both advis-
ed it, and Crum, who,. L a recent let- AND BOWEL
ler, said he accepted the office because
no on* else there would qualify for It. iANSES TEM
and t hoe marine Ingthe troubs le .
rarely use the mails, has asked to be c tT ECTU
rellevpd immedjatety.
Postaster Crum says the stamp AO
canceltion, on which the alary ais
bae amounted to 2.77 eat month, OVaEPCOME
and cents for the fnt five days in
th3s month. He bas never spent one HI _wmAt..
o0ataWiuB day at the offie tbe aB, l
as he lives at Tampa. and be employs ,.
P tar Geral Smih to-4ah or- ..
dered a potoffice inspector detailed
from Ithe Coatta~Doa headquarters to
proce imntmeu-tety to Peck. inveat- Bav TM lesllmV1 -- -;
He reaM f the act of the whItecap- IIMsJ EM F' ..s
pt A Pubtilshed Is confirmed he weill = '
take prompt and decisive action. This V"
mean dloeominatnbg the office, '-- $ei.S.ll .-t5.. ..
Wduld oulckly leave you if You need
Dr. KIng's New Life Pills." Thousands Tre was a s-onge mMea tohe t
of sufferers tve p-rosrd their match- Wp orKohe'd esAtt fo'
leoas nestt for sick and nervomml head- -eraspa mnps, -
aoes. They. make pure blood and He did not- fear-,,- d -mg he'd- I-M '
stronx nerves and build up your health. It befop, .
Easy to take. Try them. Only 26 cents. re the flrt year of his sere a "-
,Montv back if not cured. Sold by He e a hugs lion wsh t .':'
Leonardi & Co, druggists.m : b~ .
F OUGHT TO FINIrSH. f harp&.
Phglant young grerid. dewsm t -,
Guthrie. 0. T,, Aug. 24-)Special).- th h t o.'e
Harison ,Hazilton and IraCper Then, standing abve hm with teime
two wealt ranch owners. I o-de to nae wt .:
settle a tfenid, repaired to a cave near Tint emnl rrarhlee.S Hmald anj -a
here, strtped off all their clothes, and torps .
fought a duel with sharp corn-knives. Him body as we as the clothes Be
SThe hext day their bodies were found sciw.a
in the cave, covered with fatal gashes. Ia flnany left his all 'wel4terq g a"
Hamilton Clark of Chauncey, Ga., M hlood ooi r -.
says he suffered with itching piles for pop ,
twenty years before trying DeWitt's In thi s ad Idlton IMe thogbt of the .:-

macy. of Tampa; Diamond Pharmacy, Wrh 4 .bor 0 lty. 5Ntr_ fl r a 'ow ^_ __ l. '* _'.
SUGGESTIONS FOR A NEW NAMX th I Ne des r.tleet a -e
It was a coege professor of Bt. Louis loal paper: OwA o ,.
wto recently Ncantedl that the peo- I will aeM at r mia m IM ^
cte of this nabon a*ree upom "Tsona." 19 jmange.32 i'rinillin HH IImIH ia '.'W

ve.tH ee hlvea twt boneo y tsi h M Are -'
the ftrast tter of e w *w tahe *wPi llgt-
Unite States ot North o America. Ao h w -
gBemn B. o read t& WC g l woglCetralhP W Dare.epO 0MAft
tbm ac o that the wm rd p; uam ond bharmac The d bttb< e we st. withA4he Sk er
Ts hort. first noo e
poetSc or 0 laryItc a WnWNEaeace, Meo abe nt
-Ur .e dwod htbl o abbeeniates ,. te n,, .O l i '-

ertes eTIghvetan thIe wr "GagloL" btp Iwsel hot l" frte t
wah Is entmirely new and not easily In ISr'" IF M p a i.*'aAh S
o. .. -eek or. two = n h ..."
B foowg d the St L is em arkied cftjd hist 'W _1 .
Rome ofS theTees o od--Ho l.
Lemeanw d Ise. Btave- sit- 'suni be s t lntowuShb'Ven '

LA oae Galaxy of ftate sTriampant a
sinder Redoubtable 'Auspices--Afgos-iteth s tb g 4j5' 5 ^^1

nof d berty oubaw Indepdenoe-nde. c ", 'tt, -
i orinay, atri..

LPlnLrt y, Unam, Encepdnor, Ne 'THE11 ot ^ lK c^
Plud Ultrar-Epoeoe. *' ^
Os It mlgat be nmore advsable to nee

Dwedy. Eaan. Bul n tose, Alger, datssii I ads dw s
Rbd Sloa O Deha.tso. andatzest t '

as the new city charter provided ftriell o he d
for surh asesmnmts. b re elJn' out the old aadspses.
. Mr. Hoblne wanted thTs ordinance FuI many a breezy day,
beld over until the next meeting, and When they came to whip the editor
ned Mt s deint. we'e seen him blaze away
The plumnbi ordinance was then With hla douule--arreled shot run-till
plaed on second reading, and the thei fled in deep distress
.owncll rd oo ed certain provisions. From the buckshot as they rattled
which had hitherto been left blanL, round the old handpress.
The ordinance provide for the ap-
VHM"e0tof a Inspector- of plumbing, It looks so lomey and forlorn! Oh,
ao of a board of smabing examiners, heartless auctioneer,
the letter to consist t o one pwsician Be careful wben myou cry it out to read
sh two ale tm. Its tlue clear! *
'%de nties of the former omicial For though they ha ve it up for sale. I
wll be to nake a thorough InspectIon, F do not love it lees,
of aUl DMumbio done In the city and For the editor whaled me on the
= see that such work is done ln strict old hamndress.
&iAttstdtj wtth the numerous odes -Prank Staet-on,
'set forth In the ror s rule. es A FRIGHIP Tt BLUNDER
'Ie brd of o will be re-
=uied 2a 4^ ne w^an for Will often cause a horrtibe bur.
.,fceneto asertain whether scald. cut or bruise. nocklen's Arnica
or not, the are capable f doing good Salve. the best in the world, will kill
work. l e members of the board wfil the Dain and oromPtly heal JLt Cures
celve one dollar each for each ex- old sorea. ever sores. ulcers, boils, fel-
amInatlon made
The plumbing Inspector will receive on. corns. a1 skin eruptJons. Best
pile cure on earth. Only 26 oents a
A TROOUSANID TONGUES box. Cire guaranteed. Sold by Leon-
-- ardi & Co.. drutlta, .
Could not express the raptmure of An- a
ole E. Sruinger, of 126 Howard street, Frank L. Stanton keeps clippings
Philadelphia, Pa, when she found that tro the Atlanta Coantitution in sever-
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con- a cloth bega .While he was going over
sUm tiont had coepletety cured her of these to comoHe his last book he found
a backing cough that for many years that rats had devoured several. Now,
bad made life a burden. All other rem- he savy.the rate of 'Atlanta show an odd
dies and doctors cou:d give her no deftormlt. all having two short feet
helM, but abe sa"y of the Royal Core- and one lo r one-the anapest being
"it soon remove the oa n in my doest usual in the poet's work.
and I can now sleep soenly, something II h
I ca nrmnty hme..U.r dong beft A tria, an oiense called
I feellitke sounding .Its eWlse. ,._.gh_ poiestrrwdrgcgeveneben. The Astariana
,-t te Universie" Bo'i O e t-m one d lend it to the Frenh, so thbat
o is Dr New isvery latter can charge Dreyfus with It.
sm I-trouble of the throat, chest or J. EdenBeld has returned from a
BPrie c and s 1.T. Trial bottle trp through the northern portion of the
lC'a" d"i stor1; tate, were he went to attend ,
S. saw mm aterests.

ae $e teamn

OnSe Ng wt

no,,good. e the cit eofftls, IIn some i--wewe the United States
Sa"ld C- .A over ment is the mnast mags %1* -
'. i e ol whk^ wit Bh Andrerson. government on earth. Whet could be
In negetating the reftndn boot kinder-hearted than sae attitude In the
CO. traUMUtM has proven t ivahalie to case of CptaJb Obertin M. Carter?
.the& s affairs of Tampa. The The stvdw first allowed Captain
i ." ....... ear ewo a tte. -Carter to steal one mleon dollars from
U r c ace are now on a yte-Itsown fnds It did not interrupt
ST ttdr c matte 4slta. on which, with a &ontin- himuntil te had had sufficient time to
nauae of the present IntelligeUt sys- get away with the whole million. Then,
Stem df accounts. It will be possible toljust in the way of formality, It had
... ......... oictor kneep them. the captain tried for the theft. He was
*ett tI convicted- A government not so well
SDelSte the t cruclaa of supplied as ofrs with Innate benevo-
SpC jP ON UA'Ma: the work of Erpert Clerthew, It must lence and human kindness, would have,
O T ear............. 0 be evident to everybody who has taken probably, insisted, that when one of
W.A tlp.... ..,......IA
^' ast2s 6 the trouble to Investigate, that. without its officials had been thus detected,
imO" ........ such a thorough review and cla sil- tried. convicted and sentenced, the next
0" Wee..- ............ .................... thing in order should be his punish-
Scation am that made by Mr. Clerihevw, ment. That would have been the pro-
W T : would bare been impossible. not only cedure with any of the heartless, stern
e.t " { w.... .......... to arrive at a definite understanding of unfeeling deeptltsms of Europe. But
r O5~ ....-.... the flnaoes of the city, but so to the United states government wasn't
built that way. Fax from it.
tI a the largest arrange aid ecre the sale po these; Having allowed Captain Carter to
80% t rNesdwnt bond, with fth- great sav- steal one million dollars. comnon gen-
MW USltCtly E maahce ing co interest and payment of float- eroelty dictated that he should also be
I --n debtedne aowed sufflcent liberty to spend and
S s t Ner all theortim o theenjoy his p nder. Else, why should
Nea 41 l' 1 a be ir teI he have stolen? This, the captain is
I _m5 .s t tCM *Aab.- Clerthew report has been directed at now proceeding to do to the limit of
&A 1 f6t IM" the time which was required for Its h s ability-which n the Line of get-
IMubsL the do etI tbI
h .*~" p letio:' no one has ee so barren wy wt money, i no mean
Season sto gest that the work ability. With headquarters at the New
". at reuon .s to sesk that the work. Yot Athlet.ic Chb. the administra-
E r W as tralione darting is living in the fullest
A As to the oontersxi that die s b took glare of pleasure; pleasure. which,
f t.at 4 too mch time, meb a euugestion though it be bought with the proceeds
aries ,ubtsdty traes latl oplatocratic pemulatios. mast he none
Sthe lee psasure to a man who enjoys
S *. n&a of the eZ amM to labor sch acto e freedom ront anytn
S- thin laftene, to ooou likei a conacenee as does the captain
V 3.1.6 M rak pUlh a satatetory rsutj Mr. Cleri- (Now. here's an interesting problem
i h 'ew was intruodled to a mass of cn- for the indusetrious ntlhunatictin: If
S tao at. scattered sad unas- Can nCOarter isto be allowed to re-
s .-aa- at liberty util he spends his
S ar 5sortd pe a veritable mxtey of stealage, and it the actual amount of
irrop tayb ysA without reods. and s to tk was to straJgten that,' tesaae is known, and if his
S-these tangtea to asort tie record. expemnlturee amount to any7tere
And restore them to their p er order'from c 100 to $1,000 per day, upon just
awhat year. muoth and day will he he-
S .. OO. and sequence. gin serving that sentence of hnprison-
6 tar probf The eoqsct ited chao of years was ment which the courtmartlal was so
S ~e &tale of at bire T a. ul t is a matter of won- cruel as to inflict upon him?
ri-m Ol M d orer r. rather than of criticism. that he Can oni figure out the correct ans-
k t' B a B shu ha ve yc'n.,.,pit.--d the work lwer? No? Whty% its as easy as whit.-
r- ttade- I capping a oltlzen of Florida or pro-
* to'*sss the with & di tch ald et the resut tocLng female freak In Boston.
ai ul l t itened at hi labors before the publl in such Gkve our closest attention while we
o the AUan1 tribe kAy- eomldete and lntenUtgtbe form. deduoe the solktlon of the problem.
t oraer oe enterprising Brnswck i We may not hit the exact date, but
t ge sIf the ite out of the wiland enol cse to It. It s all brut ad-
3 t'e ma tee 3 e a otbfaAr ediUon t, to fitted that WUIlm ihomtainey, by the
Iadvertise the big oelebratlon wtich e of God and Mark manna, Presln-
'to it m-corporaturaarkn
that citY s to- have this fanl. Under A of r United Sctatesd wil suc-
S tc ti ie naumement of Charleil Wal- ceed himeet Me hi present caPity.
t er Deninge me ot the brghte K newsa- ra th.Ien al om thdomittingthe poesi-
"m " recod nP& mnMM int GeOS rg the-Te f mns Ia blty of the President's death (for only
0 d- atr pwM power tn the atu.ldding of 0the good die young), some other indi-
i I vidual t s reasonabty oertain to enter
*W,&audb Conm- IUf the whotecapper had been sat-h Wtelious aes tenrtry land-
t t laean of th medo hr trwatsker lord about lrach 4, 1906t. We can
S t-es ed with Edt s whike acore sety laure that, on som e
,a= had ORas8 the rest of his pt aaber of n ate0 win vethee coec a after ch
om w, th e bwsoht oi t 4 a 1 news-. we Captain Oberlin M. Carter, con-
an f -a woM harx e n l arate tarKe vefted th se. wUll Ion the habit of a

42 1 1ad n& erie. Az an er lne hwaed-t rioe wcii thoe pt
A 1 nA t rof areounaga tsera sW c, sb itsho cosue Cap-
t.i hele as pea er Wimtho a b ~ th T tere m" l Prove to be one flaw in
4 er aioS n t armthe Peopeeatt o thrved inste th e oi upla t of thre Presidentialey

S us the Nr. so of the entire na wn. me puedbm.In that eventk-
I'1, Itraet tIr'yearsram in the esght of anderty
-A Pea e oE4VI 0 1 tialtieon nmber to-day w enjo avethe correct answer.
V16 tesi. 9L felsha Sub-Pieinsudar was In a & nte. its a question o t when
4c 0 00C, of. w isen IStMs Iodus at news- we et a new really ident.

saM enatke ashm the provaMon s t so lng a Mark ann stand-
t et "orea eaude r. Asanex n x-Ig ha d-in-iwe with as fthes are Psunato-
m "Softm. iatwa o we ia the Thcratc new Idll pla who contute Cap-

Ist. ot At ha"e been ea's isMproved nate thte ouast of thoe Presidential

-l.l. .'"'ip '- led felon iat m t bthe aun veryt of liberty

itt hean sumxction s not wi ell attended
m ameai ees p ezA has by women.
A-hi 5tgUM Me= ahown tbh That the dhoe tha asa bright yel-
'2 M et I t % Ia ntur the o e- IsminPJune tan now, by p ,
6@4 intalentGovegor IMtter and Ban-
e namn Gsedeg n bie. rad Ben- become a dark brown,
.es* el"'*""That the "iceman" and the m'nllk-
and ma m-re occupying more than a fair
stasre of the teest fakir's attention.

a misi, h eaR t of t it paralys- Pilat ebaratns In fancy work are
stating to be had and lght Uterature has
ti----- at been reduced in pite, evidences that
P th (pa tonhe fek s4tem, cthe the smNmer In not yet over.
t when ySft y7o040 case se
S mag oe is in to'short your 1ihMt the sales of fleecy blankets in
7Mok Ithe ~e seem eurloudy -timed and
aoIadd to the dsnoomforts of the observer.
0=om MA it work In .
ig but the e is plenty of That the returbied traveler declares
ea aw yet. there is no place like home, sweethome,
I '~h but will be Just as anxious to get away
Po" a 5 ,Ml e h tathheey fromnIt next.Ma r as he was this
toqMR h the agMeaiau In
SW the Lm al Way--wlth a ThIngs ae hesitaing to come Dregy-
tm wayr.
Td bgW It was not at all surrising to those
Sla r the man who have noted his past career that
we 9 mtRewair OW te "osd n cumMEMatlon irn ade a prize ass
of himf at the Dreyfus trial.
'"R o & Kiss" is the name of a firm
4u the o aIntre a Brooklyn. RemarkLable to relate,
Ube are in the confectionery busi-
8 ad- ,Th D entMretic C e te for gtver-
or or MflMIIPl ought to send out a
--. to remaicatIn with is name.

1 ,th = W Imer .at LPeterst arm,
PeOP:oi .mh Mayesterday. receiw: con-
--" -t.55 on bla0 hsOmh editlom

oom -OP lots


ion of the greatest Indtutral forces of
the South?
a nowpaper whom cotama overflow
with advertlemeit of tsonews men
has more Influence In attractog attea-
ttoo-to the buSinaup n9 or a eity or towns
btha auy other agency that can 'be
empvowedL Capital and Ilaior wil l-
cate. where there ip an entrprisflg
community. No power is so sEtma n
buildIng op a tow a a newspaper.
property patrouMied It wlS always
return more than It recewve.--ev. e.
wttt Talmage.
Though many think the tax-rate Ia
Florida is too hiatt and thb. it is much
less in other Southern States. it is only
so in three instances, as the followft
rate per housan will show Alab-T t
35.6P; Arcksna, 91.56; Phe-Ia. U.71;
GeOrgia $7.1; KentMscy. -S; Louis.
lapa. So; Missaaisitps. Ss;50 North
Canollna $4.; South Carolina, $65;
Texas. S; Virginia. .

o0 far. there does not seem to be any
way by wlehi It would be possible to
uonounce Joupas' name Just.
Only a few pa"r of those laidles' 94.00
shoes left. that we are dosin out at
89&. Maesrt4ne & Glemn
3. GOulrn ap" his conlanlpoas are
now reduced o an exclusive wall-
paper diet

I In i ratir .. to kimw that the
proposed cigar itu ti notI W otBg op i

.- iT-1 i'ih^

~4 1seI

_ __ __

-A GOOD Wo oD AL tRz aUM -

Atihoue ttem UUMed States Weather
BrMean ts not nfatlibe and ireqrently
coWes to for a liberal share of ear-
casl and abae. th sere can be no dis-
pute as to its "reat value In predicting
the dangerous West India hurricanes
which annually prevail at this season.
The warnings of these visltdrs as given
out by the 'Weather Bureau have saved
millions of dollars of D property and hun-
dreds of lives.
Prior to the recent se4vre storm.
warnings were sent broadcast by mall
and telegraph, and every life-saving
and signal station on the coast flew
signals. As a result. a fleet of per-
haps 500 vessels rode In safety at se-
curly-sheltered anchorages in the Del-
awaxe and Chesapeake bays alone, to
say nothing of the other harbors on the
coast. while a few which had ndt heed-
ed the warning met terrific winds and
seas outside. Some of these latter have
reached port battered wrecks, others
are abandoned derelicts. and others.
with their luckless crews, -will prob-
ably never be beard frocn until the
sea gives up its dead. But for the
Weather Bureau prediction furnished
at every port trom which even a sin-
gle vessel satil, there is no selling what
would have been the length of the ilt
at catastrophes at tea
The store of the hurricane Is one of
resiaLless destruction. The fate of luck.
less Porto Rico. where whole towns,
plantations and vast estate" were dev-
astated. svuests Zwhat mght have
happened to a great t prt of the At-
lantlc fleet had it put to eMA In the
teeth of that terrible gale.' Invaluable
as it has proven tI this! and many
other instammne the servri of the
Weather Bureau sl furnished at a
moderate coot to the government.
.While It Is not Derfect, it has proved
Itself worth many times t1o Lcost, and
should be perpetuated an improved
at any coast.

Th1e Industral Convention, to be held
at Huntaville, Ala., has been postponed
to October 19.
This convention, If Its objects are
carried out. will be the greatest event,
conumerclaty speaking, which has hap-
pened In the South In a decade.
MHere are the subjects which will re-
oelve distinguished conldertion at the
conventlhn-there isn't ode ot the
twenty-three in which evqry progres-
sive citizen of Florida le *ut dlirectlv,
personally, vitaity concerned:
L fWhy cotton factories should be
built In the Sioutth. i
2. The iron Industries of the Soulh.
3. The ovortunlties of the South for
economic wool growing a4d spinning.
4. The timber industries ot the South.
The phosphate industry of the
6. Inmigratlon of the South.
7. The need ot Industrli education
for the South.
8. The railroads of the Both and their
relations to its developn t.
9. The aarken trte of thSouth and
bow it may be ltnprved.
10. The race problem of he oth.
11. T-galtlm t of the Sout. as affect-
ing capital and corporatlU. la the
Sooith. b I
12. The hortlcultoral interests of the
1l The relation of the. Sbuth to the
industrial wants of Booth American
qomatries. !
14. Poutryt raistng in their Southt.
15- Stork raltestag in th t.
1C SIZ culture in the Socth
17. 1tversitfytng the industries of the
18. The banking lnterests of the
19. The prem of the South and its
tylatlon to Industrtal development.
20. The schools of the Sooth.
1. mLaw and order in the South.
2. The mineral resources of the
31. The pottery Interests V, the South.
Pkrticsulary appealing to the atten-
tion of Florida are the torth, fifth,
sixth, twelfth, thirteenth. twentieth and
twenty-first topics,
low many and what sort of delegas
will Florida send to thls conven-

It aooean to be the general opinion A
among the French azogr aotm that
Dreyfus is guilty of the crime of try- Ihtm
Ian to prove hbtmrK inne ent. at
L few m days under the vor-
oca lamt of Malttre LAboa. aad the atr
'General Staff" will be in a condition e TlM
to get the general lL. .

oSmes of poison received by maUi fra m, t O
wyomutwsft., Del. ought to be e tand- w .a
ed e cotrefully. They may have
eanW in thera MOMoeoof' t
canogn~~ nii-m ----- ^^|a^
So far, Gee. Joe Wheeler has been fe d t -g
In the PhlIppLes theee days and a Atetr *'
nothi haMmopped. b t the aenm-Is to ft"It .1
atloon, 0 V to - "'

Editor Poond or Lve Oak, oenat Be i t I i
think that R. W. Dsvla wil eejoy nest of this ear=oeMD
rear the neuliar tons -toedent to m tthe ama sun
a wa-kover. poomilitlee, Sbepr
- datehiedi 3eli
Bditor Robertson. of Brooktrti eo a MM ..l s. -S
giving the Jennings subernttorial boon s Mn man. It -M
-teo-of-ctn. next to reading mat- MMMM"in

S*, ^Isme e
ProtfawirOf'eaea of ttheo yeardi1. 1Mto wthe.

"boom frwstaf 190 a ILS

Iul the aas epaM' g0inuteg Frarc Sf l
Clark a eeue ,cily" anof tb patent
nen-actinga hUL

calls Bed~ T.-U.-f C.a who.-


A& a

04#&s I Dhf +
S ,I e
td smile and be agreesMe to cauatebas
down with some feminine weakneao l e
schescount for little. They must
keep going or ose their place.
To these Mrs Pinkhamas help is
offered. A letter to her at Lyan,
Negroes Hold Country, Troops Two of the Alleged Whitecaps of charge. r .
Control the Town. Released Yesterday. CoL, writes a letter to Mra .Pink
ham from which we quote:
SI had been in poor health for some time. my treMabl
IT D mr ni l I HOW MOOEN MADE HIS ESCAPE ing bee- brought on by standing, so my physician sd. ci
r- It IK-ing serious womb trouble. I had to give up my wwkr, I "
jAstsatbundle of nerves and would have f hinting pl t
Attorneys engaged to Defend the monthlypiod I doctored and took various
SoM--- Men Accused ofAassaulting got no relief, and when I wiote o ya '
Soldiers ScUmr)g the Coutcy to Ds ru. I could not walk me th afor blocks
at a time. I followed you advice, tk.- /
pre lastOe Bants. ing Lydia .Pinkha' s Blood Par.er
Prom Wednesday's Dauly. -In connection with"the Vegetable Cem.
The preliminary hearing of the men and began to in str4agt.
EIGN OF TERR I T acc o artepat ing the assault t t n I a tm tin to be "
RE OF TERROR IS THERE on PoStmaster Cum wm begin this anger to pain and I owe itautoyo .
morning at 10 o'clock before United medicim. Thereis aoneequalto ,
The Prisoners Accused of Killing States Commissioner Crane. for I have triedd =may. otlhe ...
flbe number of accused men, who are to e f ya W or
White Deputies Under a Strong lyinz in JaM. in default of bomad bt6f be aid %o t a e
Double Guard. 3.000 each. was yesterday increased to 11 P OLLY AAIM,
etebt by the arrest of Lee Lmotln, on"
of tho who could not be previously l 32 Ma P f
Darien. Ga.. Aug. 25-.aeiacl).- l OtedL.Iyo Write
SThere been no Ahot isutbreak Weser SoarkmazR & Cartm a"Y b wrie "OU i rmi ar
e De day, but the atuatlon is still Mactrane& n ahaekleford have been
.DetackJ moa the First Geo rtaw i ed as coseo fc'|t ae ge "if* ..
regiment. which is here it Savan- wltecipera, and pll eIar ftI tem b o
nah. and of the Melntosh LEght Dra- at the preliminary heariar to-dayt J
o. ns, the tocal mUlitaccpy7. were District Attorney tcrkpBtn wil a-
S* ent out all over the country to-dea. rt h arad t
o m ok thelbtot Poear fo the government. "Eli p S5 7ey go to look for and locate the were In the city yesterday anO du WOhmW*it. Al *
armed t ne s which are re- theoaboutthecourthouse al -day. Sana ,ome0 bad i ti "
tryd to a eite s Another detachment was dispatched nsitatlon with the district attorney at without pain. Now. thanks to your wonderful n edi r 2 ..
thti afternoon on a slpecil train for various hour of the day. Mr. Striplin tired fueling is all gone, and I am healthy a4p attey .
CrtsoenL where the negroes m re- ha hie cae e maped out. and It- -- -. .L^
Ported to be showing a desire to en- ht._.
ter into hostile and do some dam- is expected that he will make a strong
sDageeothowine for the detention some, oo
4,Detachments of the Dragoons are out not a ll, of the suspects.
summonln witnesses and jurors for
the trialdthe Delagalla who wi be Bart Ogden, one of the men (or whom
VIven a speedy bearing on the charge warrants were sworn out, gave the
Iaglmt ot NiamZlu Dent Grat to a of the murder ofiDeputy Townsend and deputies a neat alsp when they Bur-
iack Wh the be festivftie cam- the shooting of DeputyBopktins.p rounded his house, near ,Peck. The
ees thee wIll be me stunning toilets Double guards have been placed
S Paner s aid to have about the jet and the railroad depot deputies ched their hor ots
pest a barrel of money for pandmome The Irst regiment is in camp. and made a siLultaetom ruth Into
sttes whlee i Pals the house. from each entrance. Ogden
Golfeg Is the raise a Newport and PULLED rTH SLOON. who had taken the precaution to con
se the malady has spread a-way ep -"I e
fa n B;P _olrga, In the Green moun- Twenty-one ISunday qor Sellers cl hmlf n the s of neborIM4
tia Vermont. There the golfy girls Were Docketed In Poice Court. slipped out as soon as the officers were
war felt hats, tight and uncomortable, -- in his own, residence, and mdntantlagE F-- __O U
rhbe ht bewpOat anlmot every eon Fltwenty-one saJoons, with side-door one of 'the best hoes In the lot. be- _ '_-_":......
t*.eatbe dal4 y and picturesque Uttle aitachnme 1 were pulled by thetohe -"e depties, rod -c'l' a g
abanetL 2 Theme began their lift lat iHce odntor. Bach pot USp a dooaf 0 aUs ithw Of *^a A%0 tree. ten. .wis aret. 'WO
qsser, bet Insteadatyting oafthAe yS it was the first raid In soma time, away- Up to last nih neither 01' S
awe s res iy S Lppesit age this season and the resut wa that the police den nor the horse had bean cptured. me _ke ... .. 'ls -i
t-erthanr et. Thke snubonne cosreot receIpts yesterday went UP to Yesterday afternoon, after an lesa 'S t .VIb" .
o esiorsitor whIte mall. shirred and the very u usual totals of N. tlration of the available seidenceL Dim-
fattedtrim wtbow@ Of fei their-bonds. The raid was, off
n asd rbb stitg They Ctahty course. entirety unexpected, but the the warunts against two of the pribeon- 01arti nmew o thibme u I_ ,
Pe pretty a themselves and very becoma- Ioday seller put up their money ersa, and thaer were released. co heart s en f t l
as to every e. The ftot part take without objectlon. This will leave six cases to be heard W
wr nearly the shape of the poke bat,
rth a puffed crowand full ape.There OA CUT A CAPER. b Judge Crane this morning. pfoanext lo l 2 ti
ssme of madras sA .g.--., and WI -H-TH Ecogtain M& new word% auiamo them -t-- .to q tan. "
tat abowts y wasbahMeia The Conumners Compan trolley Wte. n ne
dtais ear No. torman son d no Gossip of the Transportation O m e w he t Wn oman e
#W 0W sheet N@eVwWt Ow shirts attention wiatever to th enit-ve I the -mo & e=d t00n umt them oreto or thI sktnedu,-,M
1aiy at MaAgeat N mleOaw or som track at tSe corner of Laayette and Tam nthemornin and then s &V Wwth eapttte
ut sie sta bk evi without an upta tte any the F. C. & P. excursio- a beedsbe like a maa bsrrel q*pd nvee t is. el .' f
S p street until it had crossed the pave- is returned last nighLt breath bks a s hr b e, he l- aS nd s t~b
Us mtimshtbmrtLd The nsewear Is monttesaiuag t en Gortadon Kef Kerlaeoa-.
dlhm tbs bidC .tl, p as r. Thae see ibt was tued by the BupJt J J Purde of the Plant SW- wye r' be a lamtv tiM Thes m t eI. .

itSamm seatath e twonarrow not Iu.heca-wassoon replaced tran tr," tO name at O inwatia. pule. I p iesSS

s we e ena ofad l CA CASE Th --ner ilknatOe arrived .at S Ahm over InNestAahem Sow-,fbl, M
swaeti S et ---Usk a sclok last Oight. brindle. a several pas- layd Is m w gitf raI et -eres on Ah I 't
wt staps bettalMa straight r wbhat'a the tatmt In the Carter ease * eth telt sad U a eni toher hetso- Itt - i
he laist d I al et creabl the brat "Titne holes an@ one good scoa" re- Cattle allinrtim coxtale very act- ed this plan, It Wmad be' agst tia.,ms' lle boust,..
a. :l : te B -,lb *. pied Attory-enersi OGrigg as be y sever carld han arrived , ot- o t stos --tt' pl a -
Jl/.t a.. eftl am e sne- "ut m lat eap t Gon the vermil of the echcrooln over th FC & P y tn Ueo es. .
eS Tstdae *o r- ths attoarnooe The maroad rates to iew York to ooau poim qa wowsth the arp t he
with tg and l There "You are working on the case- Geo- tOe DWey reception wil, an the ouptuon month on w~gich they were lai am- haaS i be
*M Iupaehlisremlsuagetse af the tah?' e O df tocal railroad men, me the lowest in bossed Owesan. 'then It wud oe easy ^ he. 5
~ear e oros oct w "By Pove-Io as a good 'put'" asld ten yea.r. or a person to ptch out tresh4.hd
e lad ofx4 belts, each be as a golfer tkoed a bal wIthin e r ul 'Msm, ...-..
Ilth 'a e nth e way ofs an inch the t hole. PLANS NEW BOAT. --f- .
s w Ser'Sbbeats ad alms t Sas n as eow long B y I as. Ieoe adec C .. . A WFlueids stitar resorts that be the w o- s tom-. n"
Ow'" e "'Look at that 'drtve;!' Wt't It a tam .PjkmTv ll, whtepe he west te 0a she moe? Am she west? U rs.'5.- -
lg W or the way, is com tunnter? Nearly two hiadredi yds, mls m ttcmhe ne"aie r now he t *Be ber ineT Am wemte Te a= a
Bgat ito fMa. I have sam It as .,raq - a I.....c. the new taaer now besw M e c It a1 ke? JMo 'e l

... ... .m3fore the Pbtfew O M-0oe Iu el*e--toa- t-.o. M' oMt .b V ....
siates*ddtiaehm wrsd-- god"When wl hMr. nvoag C make hi- o.eny.T'he ril4Swvem EW er real tt aeghtr en.' *m, Slis*
".I w blcktr m u t t re YouI n cCr-neering lmpmy mi dongw wek on eter never eart came, s 'e e em -ack to m is sftt m
oiml dnS5 both. 7U TuS "o my fcore thea cle-, t w5k is usereeloemfy dee. I *'eeao Chaey! w tmany are ts mote n, the w er ,etine ge e ham 5 s

ktmB t. s o Well ere goe lktor o Fo d r er wael n dre r. Ata thA r a $ died A e aaad CE M n t a'
o ry e e b. 'M2 SJust g one more question" p td pristAL eT N A aB ORJ E Mt t. at t 21e die&.Twn

a. Owlast isthe c Worlds a o wth trhis ne W.hcampered oa Pd J. A. P r or a lead. troubled no more. In its ie ht from O
ns ma~asy s gM i tsa rdt hM c e been n oga~v or rtn sysah the dar Wet the name of t he eatc h- u t f
-_t_ l~d~d s o tPW sh %a tweleto yom thee b the Attorney-General Brese sentlemenre a in a attend tied oa the story h ns become 4p ad r mi m-
t aS s t mire. t hSe m canrday inntricate problem "ahne n en the onde1teione and upentt rated from ht t l usa bat thue fet thae t c .B
2ES tm0Mt tata me p W el her e e. atO r O F Rid. & r- was ded ad thew died.l A hundred Man d %W..
j^SSL t in h e a1w wb Mis" his. m-nd y um pou eanl to boesdi c atte- arripanied by B .P. Buljard, prei- sixty thousand a 10 l et is. Sight MI" M m y qu, ^ o

S S2^g t, ? n m e lon is of seedhT DeOtWo HOTBL GOLD. Dear BaaldiS: Where do you ntertal ^ .s
"U'segard to sl e F or the o dayeS in tdd week nt of the tg UM tatiand "wrda eld the d di d farmer* Sam a s

ad aankd owh bTrbn'meanes d
t, o thet es et on thepr de and in the car IN aNW YORK the a70 pet the namehof theo contatia-t

.e o nt rb ages beaa the powers ot d ription. -- a idewa or two? Pleae d; It wont t
lads s mtugsu I lt ft t aW = 0 wory t pyou theAttoronrenYG ae btutt Te f g ente n he .t f o In att ti tae n t thess ts s oy c s .' t'
it. m v e M It o00i N N5R@5 y I s aas t t C er me hen h is o h e s te day I n Ot w nt o t he y gueM is of.' the In cident oc utr ed In 21100 is U Is
11 =. and rwItee n ise d ier a- h as f ullro of tfa swi Geria w r. F fuller a garaied'as evidence of I us p osaibt .in.tJ..
y &dIIis. 'e -tlo-r, fu , as o 1Geoe athq:em erta.w,....

ImMlm in tbeOw y- hast m onse had cafght a bhDeel or two of drift BO T SOLD DerSna Where do you
gtOw sa=t .the same should e ,read, the T oMrs.t f.BoPower wpE ; sidewa m09de r to he." Now in si, ...t

" .^ to- t t the wa l bOw atldgi suit. t.

ree asu m 'watlops-

THE- gg-Moi &D -I

-,-..- *.c-.. be Met*ad g more mbortfu
to IL a mn the iatcet of eSdin
mt mlw Crm an boMne Cor goods whlch cma
be puebaWd here.
2 %he TrYone learns that quIte a lazr*
....r. ltr sum of money Is sent from Tampa ti
Northern cites every week, tor the pur.
s i A cs: abase of household neoessltles whici

SOtps fos ...........1..0
FOi Week.............. J

om o CT ............. % .60.
Ar. One Cop...........A 1.0

F^Sii s ait tbe Uted Smaft

a wtes o M and ade-,
4,giow U-tecitty d svab-e

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ka rotlw take the

ie Florida
his kind.
litles a-re

tion of t
source, e

ouid be -obtained much more conven- -- men and
ently from the home merchant.L WHISKEY AT $1 PER GLASS. torem
This is the falsest sort df economy. What are the prospects of the move- cause he
It hasn't a grain of reason to command ment to the Klondike this winter. buines.
whether, owing to the push times at step in
The local merchants axe entitled to' bome. the better chances in the regions word in
e atronae of local e beca lately acquired by the United States, and hero
or some other case. It is likely to be once motr
they have invested their money hbre small, or whether owing to the expectsa- the Lmn
and are am l engaged In a mutual effort tions that It will not be large will lead purpose,
to advance the interests of Tampa. a great many to go there, we do not mon eacl
W n they p .r the city prospers, know. A piece of news comes, how- worfkng
ever, that appears casltlatLed to have the race.
When tiey fall, the city suffeM a a discouraging effect upon many who pours a I
Every dollar sent out of the city ;or may have thought to tempt fortune In the one.
the pur ae of Articles which these the new mining region and that will privation
me ve f sale, is ode dollar iroably cause more than one stout ad- And ev
-' ,-ventu7,er to feel chilled at the heart. datm-sogt
w .tkidiiawus .-Em 15Mefcomiercial iem- This is the statement, that owing to the those .whc
o hp Seri bes 6 "
.machlna.ttos of the whiskey trdat In isferav
Th n pes that theme iuk- that locality, that inspiring and nee- gA
al&x&t ase ulty of ti 1 cessary beverage wil be $1 per glass. TA
bhaitt O tact tW.Qoconsl i iskey at a dollar a drink Is a pain- 1eThe fa
eration aittafi tapeatlee at. ful outlook. There have been clrcum- te
stances -rare and singolar-times of the center
: ._ g.--- ,.f greatet crisis-when It was absolutely In4dutry
Theh b neccessarv to charge a dollar for a lmd
4r04t h "w A rette, U drink otf whskey: but when a man has men iI
tnLn.stlhe hsda, of Judgte onre paid thls he sets It down as eratlons.
i t uebvie Monday, was not inlamonx the unique experiences of his Everyg
Sto4e nt e the bl sought to life. At Dawonef report may be be- Of edgarE
restritct the personal liberty of the in- lieved. It Is to be the established rate nx man7
*vTdulI oiltisen. No euch bill can ever for the winter; and nothing but a trust comnig "
reeve tke anLctio` of Public appro- which essays the boldest strain upon n"tlnig !
L. ston lUberty, when itsenjoy- ibllc patience would have the hardl- tih t
Mint does not entail the commlaslon
Of a asdemsetrI agsaient ee trewnin- hood to so far raie the price upon an for work
d. _oi%. ety. is a right held unaeall- article that in Dawson must be re- island can
%W* .a the precepts ids. Soo guarded as among the neccessittes of The olg
E op ot tmu Oejiegit+t1 j life now In ft
--t ries are
an e shelb lePrltn s Clac as T he ordnttary citizen will be able to element,
bee nsble to jIbe w. as yet, that the
ptVmel ae of snolk .f a cigaotte, when take very few h-inks in Dawson this which hr
adoWe to ue nettidvlvdtal. mtltaies in winter. An appetizer before dinner bigger az
O5, Be9M eaLnt the legal r thts of will cost more than a good dinner it-
ote r, nd'ityidu E -xcept In the self weold cost at home. A "OyIbteap"
s of tl'ar beste pt a nysip awy hose wil be as expensive as a -whole night's No ma
lef a b. abitnr- fe t ulkS ne lf S thl e totndn. The hospitable ATmericnn States g
Weed.&jo man has the riUt to appeal practice of treating may be expected erwlsnoe
la*eJaw to prevent the ladstrlous to wholly die out, for should a man randers,
Ebast tMmsellsing cigazettes to thi ask his friends to take a armle with until the
e o S ark's hi l twoor three tUmes a day, he will sl ha
ia-le' ter-the It- afforded Aind it make' such Inroads upon his ping
o id1, of tobacco wea pocketbook t prompt payment of peace she
4%'s.. t lfft-to Bn a Otab! sam mf bUlal will be out of the quce- will be
tIcatory aer 'wioe eta& Ilalat ti Uon doubt the
Wow. *safuSith ^ { asdecO- A dollar- is to be the price of a ed advise
so. with the sO aS6 hf the ll-ated Plain lter- and. of course, an- little the tAmer
Cluk-bleotten legimsWive Intant dad5cthat the
lmg-Atse. bet. fsAetrst mavy thf e with trvimnhgs. such as julep become a
M tPthe aj w n may ha or a cocktail. wUi doabtes coeet three nation
mae~otu othb Csa-k tsriLet or four times as nvotxh It Is evident new Seen
m ,ad hbt to them-a l g secept at any rate. the mot. of living there approved
'aM ta d dtmos f Mortda. who pn this winter is going to be frighltul. lastbas;
hIfesi l 'Peceed Oi the induirent when we see one Of the staPlee of i' w'" d
pstim a f pffin tthi wvr&the ,of Ite in tMat cltmate auted at the figure are tired
k.l n aommnw-raped cylinder. salreayi named. Th'e cause of teftper-
5 5,I NA UggnOOOefletd1v P a ace. however, as our prohibition Oay on
ltht Siln Sb ie FraSs. tir of blends w- dob*tese note with pleas- Pars is
lm5beblt-.btded woB tse pumtc We. U mare to.be materiaUy advamed. journalism
S, -..; .- _.,- fl or even the uialet sort of "toot" will
gutJPm ,iNA Nag eamcoet not lese than S or 3100. France
S'" .hot weath
5 1't6 M ifa tl oCC tf Drefus Aaron Sm iith, editor aod manager of
itsto'bp i=ot t refr the Mount Pleasant(Ta.) Times he m
II s eikoo -t hre ,U. cr. Review, is the only aribles editor of to hoe his
Plt 40 "b hnWW hairunder a wepsmer in the United States.
I rader Notwli--tUndng this he ttrns u t Water I
.I'ett ies~ c.a tr ~I'~ as fastsas any v eteran In the the Aretic
abS "tout-rty awri aH aboutI
2-es-O i iIl The. vicpets O wtth his fee t with a rapidity calcu- eb
b 4S 0 fahrt a dt s cenc were lated to arouse the envy of any stemog- Republic
2S b lh i,. Co w ho rather in the land. -Mr. Smith was are ashellUi
S Slanedel- born in MIler county, Airk, a little Carter se
mI-t Mthe wehv, ie ma@-brised to more than 30 years ago, armless, but
enchdowed witp a degree of natural he
fim trWhich Is Produc- ability, and I omtable perseverance the 'Atlan
SbidmoI y O an-d an uneonquerable ambition, month. so
~'' a 4mdme b f.r oaddsto the #
rg i it iONI& prearranged The railroad conmisslon some time The-.stai
li the flr t place, Ir- ho ord'eed tbat all railroad ticket Uan mot
N0 AWMA fr 9L bearinog of agents should have frot their general of; the de
e agt p rehtey and pasuer agents a certflcaste oct
I o the seImte i aco a the athority to sell tickets within the n the
Sof the former oourt and con- State. This order has been compiled I 010o500,O
ShtiM osMet oa it per a ln, to that with and now all the Jacoksonville 18N It has
mbib from sc it seems Ina- agents display their permits In a neat' herea
in-ltM to 5tt fal. frame.
th. mh o i Gef Ofe rtee most e not the cc
msk sad whether D-v-t.f lom The Desoto Conty Neows has lu m thot. hut
gif. to D s Xpd, or is trium- dis-nundied s bIs y publlstiag tae somebody
-Nati 0 exo BBrat it sr 1 b ,ae the o~t miserable lie of the whole cam-
.lb efL. em t timeto me, manifest pain of .mierepreeentathon indulged General
05tIruIMq '1lhlll of-the Commune- In by a few consolencelesS papers, In from the
p the stte s of far1 a mendaious attempt to injure the two or thi
-J Mlm aot' juncture woud Trtbha,
*ioroweedm-not D to wield the K clv-aor 4
iieluble "qao it talents In They are now trying Dreyfus over -ollar. whl
l~ sthev erwla. Of t.lis shaeles in France for the purpose of finding mon ra
'0 l o r bfo thle'enter- out whether he should or should not splir
|mx| -et o stt lmM .nd ,tOe-en- tieoeive further ptaishment for not be- Frankli
wwsssstl..ti uram the *nrtnetal guilty. shanks wh
oice which have The kw by fire to Key West has not thotog'his
he iflebsed and front been a hundred doUars thIs year. In o far, t
puatea 'S a ,-. fact the engines have not worked on not brbtl
". a ftre since last Auut- the hebli
rMA-e.- mtmis A.areMs yam- boy.
%qs.pI g(abkthQoce.la ch, Under the able guidance of Clark
t~isuw il't~t Atlanta Constitotton grows bigger and Rietropoll
i t f7'ear oui cu e belter each day. intercestnB
___IIIIII -4l 0dll "a amilanl 0 Therear

SB o e gxea- Dewae has earned the everlasting about tie
S.t mendzt** ed la gattitude of the people of New York
Sdeclining the invitation to visit dent I
Indent Fm3RI

fi tn i s A rich relatUve in a s in noMtny has be- balht t
tra* tse ues t ed to David Lie. e ving south ents a j

Me0 m"ao s a w n o e. her- plea his pom-
fe '^ .-. d D has written to Mayor T is.to aorn
'- r so of ChI- ago .t he will be should be
M 'ble to accept the lvitaon to visit donaMtl .

lIt is M tb Analdo walks in not balke
.,, ..* ,ir MleM. b wmder; keepg on the ave a

-wes end
.a thvem t &e t ftth her .

.114"".... e g 0

the wond, he Is frequestl), a ports, O ha thdI
lon oi enteTprse. mentWl re- bad ordn sei
executive ability, political cu- Itthere a
general utility that ,WOUM wm so Tea ittnatl
at piace in trade, tnanae or o01oalu tia -
1e in a man-aided maa be- reportMs aC, ihlm
has to be. When he ,beg ne fieS of JiM6
be strikes .hie word rll" AI s Be%
vocabulary, and when Fate I "iSMUd
unawares, and rewrites the irOwt v dl 'we I
bolder letters, he resoutely t2l~hbt to be d
ically seta to work to ei-aMe it b shye to corne
a. to tCshe Vwsr a
he ever achednes and st -ves, tsme MOW nu
g embodiment of determLn-ui of los* ~ aor
doing the work of a dozen groNwe-nO-ltM
SdasAy. from jerking a p"ea or set w ood cees
a form to moanktasting D po- wtUl be pad dtr
ml or debating the futwote of 0 no oranWe to c
While the hopper of fortune Ida orange, and c
golden stream into the Ijb of e in1 Falahid I
caaselesm toll and fre uent over all other f
remain the lot of the ninety- Dositon to coma
en when he is dead. an theEX
row above hie dreamless m dust.
o were on his "delmquen< sub- The buttrmsI
list in life will trample on C.. i C Im.a m 1
and say: "Good riddance." OcetrSCsi.A,
ct that Tampa, despite the be P
y set-ba*.as of the lotkooat ts thOdi tn&O
r of the cfar-mannsfacturingxb
toIn this country, Is welt- etab- isilmth
* the present lnfux of cigar obeioderated
to this city, seeking emPiey- iWtyab cou
the general resunwition -W op- "ther
sip Js bringing good crowdm
nakers from Key West, which have
In the flneam oat Its bmart. The
7 weeks am that it was be- 5hl
the whole push" in the clg.ar- pouat11S0 *
lie. Many of them are coid-
tefrom Havana, thua p-woving If Co/ll
y must depend upon ampa i CO 2en-
denied them In their own t AOS d B
tai. hewnbecw n t
gar-making Industry here is tl rega. d to 1,
ll bfast onoe more, the facto- letce h W its D
taJlng on their oonmplte com- tisrl of the p'
of hands, and the output, iseed .Lwen a n
an mace Tampa famoma. is owased eSa
hd better ow than ever. lowedtow
citi"tz, guilty of
POLICT OF PUgH. from his sorse.
oter what policy the I united boM acid u=
orvennem in Its wisdom or Sue aots a t
n may herbafter adopt with main & tlawry
to the Philippine islanas and wN not be toler
there is but one thing to do The mob ASch I
rebehki 1 3Mn these IWelida of female Innooe

mooth tid Dewey oome&
About to found a school of
seems to be boUlng over this

n with the hoe Is not epntent
sown row.
Welm n has e baex from
regions. ind Ia ready to tell
it at so ntmui per cotdtk.
can and Democratic papers
ng the administration on the

re 1.000 veseUe which cross
tic ocean regularly every
me of them twice a mnonth-
te's attorneys in IHindts are
sty in favor of a contiUaanoe
ath penalty.
Itst half of 1898 Japai sent
to DEtlakd. Thus r In
I sent only U(4,6.
re some people who; have
courage of their own doovlc-
are always ready to get
else to do their flhttng.
Wheeler nay yet !return
Phippine In time to spoil
wee gubernatorial booms.
rnor 'Hogg wears a t--In-h
Lch showsathat he is nb ceM-
It of lfoprovement baa struck
street, and all the, little
ieh are now disftiring that
ire will have to go.
he witnesses at Renpew have
vt out any facts bearuw on
i of Captain Dreyfus as a

7's thue of the Jacksonvive
s was a resat paper, ,ull of
and Instructlve matter.
no sgns of premature decay

llle" Jewett sod that, deca-
sih woman who marrTi Lo-
te Indecent aMr p rie,
Join bbeir ijent4 tal-
lecture team.
an the records $how. HiHs-
ounty has noti cant'ilbuted
to the Carabele tmiuerers.
eproachb, the odium otfw hch
mspeedily lifted y geeraus

iow, whose sense of !wit is
I by the sacredfess Of the
gets that %bte most s4wo-
ripUtion for the miondheoae of
nauid be the totte of sne of

ar ab

tennined ofiblal. It tsne to mdle an 4
exazwDe or such stauch keV 4 .o

Ot the tme aso ,r,"arip

"meOtkKhe Westeae Union amVC
awe uwa ever hesa.T Aitst 5 it
iso this-tho. eriB th .oftOw G-vsp O&i
tpany In t .b ia ths Tem

hcoes of are tO be the onoy s tor
even thoese the sans t ibbUvn 4i yC9fVS
has ses ount of existenceu ashr as enoomteutre3
the m aseton li ha 1 Is con- ta Of, _e.a
o ned.. .
"Wer the Western unon Telrah / '
Comn y, in bobn itts nsopn itic ca & .
oesions teor te thoio bo of t pb-. c *Ot
tic tintars as wed of fa. a Of the -
nited tate there at bhe su.m L H t,
eeoed o tbatp on to the tpooet Ip- swns s
in spte of. the i tdan having oba ed r gif it5OJtg
hands but as the cepan ceasionl icU' "

and Interferin with tMhe. publUc oo- e b. .toI
venicoce with Its fvrttd b tee tariff tpr -*
the traceo of et e it isge "-e "

being, to revTie ane terms on thch the Noesotie be
copay hold the I Ult e a D.ess
'aWt wel nowAeUn h fi thine ti .Su s -a-
bulneu a O Others I d we want tt' der l a
badly and ts. e Wbest Union Iseoe* S e Am ca l
of the worst and m6tt opremts ODe- h..ms.'M
apOnatloo with wihdb-the Uct-d the Cty t
tates is ht d F eent adsn orvm ad. ItI
million' of tpheUe Stl li ve in h pe ing a"M!M31sJ a
that wtim o wns (Root wfll r thi waye s15. I.-.
to revoke Alter's trd to r endtinallow t
vtte of otpete cabls tb be handed Wrt-qAB
In Cuba.' an th ;I .I I -
o. th& w rs a" to"M.l. e'f O WM
his s.tin-sawith e b i W -theUg -te "
tte OtsatOftict' 'iboaw of wsog 1 n '"4S ',"
Mot whertoe h We amusres i thaea hopse- b oj ~
mtu for striped es oLA to &M pd whe

pliatnca y anwoned his Inoentios to 'is
C -' rnim isirliM
The mono Mark Mamma Is aeticifTA t dX O L Jp Lwrbi d
not to u e home unti every trace o
s oonut anGi n.B loft hi e- gt keows ,W -
what a aHt he hun coming to Iim when '-<^

The eou es of shat Jek 6 iland et- s sS.c' .
tnu. between McKinley, -aiama. ad sod .S&^^
Reed are stU beite erd The ex- 2

Senator T --- .- to ---
his friens t the.' N 21 k Ui :5.

CD hep It. -

ought to knxorfettl :- .

MD. JI..NT" : -qB
Goveimeat Iiiedof the O r7t

., Notes. AtoMt'n e o. C, a -a-n- Work o Whitecaps. .4,r ad IDrawn .p.
ji. o-i>- A*' I Etc. Marine Hospital to Inaugurate a n Ai 'Arr-e-wwqe-

PUmt City. 9J, AMg. a-WIr. and
S, Da ,Iavand mother, row wr.a Da'
eixoHA Macenoer m lR eT Thredr niag Te Mob Treaed Him ewrely and T bs c -r eq iais te eiar-
E for All .aan other. p PRECAUTIONS OF DR. WYMAN It Ation Will Be I a n-. m aneot t.t
-.. X--rapida. A1 committee is at w e "k "e"r
,essBt ilc Te1ime of ts ]A fe.ti--the -tat #ad .. v0 m.. IN"-,. .
"tm i mostit QAPOaee by mtQanti" Patrol From Key Wet th-u.inma i'a Aip that o rm a or-
N d out at to O dar ey to Intwercpt manh sati m e e hoed.., O
U.na i c oldst tfahgVessels eio conition a dtory ~C. e am ,,on .at the ansila.o-
% wtcormr -. com Hoc w trustN -,so
3n. w hO w-as brutasts dto ..cen t .e t -L-
onTburedi m Ih de ndisdeec to o Other 1-4 7-ausbms and tgeatk u sg ig l a i ss 1 Ao

UBon tA n i F s tc oa th teiro ts oce les atther h an dsae t& aakvemcm o pe atthe, poj t seratan teof la
an-.---, io. t west < e o r eat. woce .isa' me-. u L , d ba n the rm dcfladime.' TeplrS ri i atE
DS y e tao to into etame t ce o ath r hanne reedorn. tiogeveyoppef olo ei opeTiehefiW, abor shae firs tm In--

e L. t I a tththte, e .. o al e vu I I .-eg,. ..I..io-, .er "s.,buttaCrumhenb, was dr a sa eI.

go o2 ... gt0id go
d22 th Masobne= io eed asaeoJat tbo hp s
lw theser w io board fits, a cet
dit connecede- tGa Marine hospital fth sP De1W
rvice has ed the steamer, ad i t urod tWK it-datl

dmN `be wtbew o et me o ndUtim to. cote tTe.. aa
.t h eI-s tae. will eaTOte from Ceda ey QM

>ttehsir- hoOel t "EHO RT Tel EADrr froLL
I Wa Mo.." Q ababy measi o( f ishing boats, and he
r. m rentte- gdecbded o th otsadnthe ur- nmnt ciertrenoe In te nmtter.
-eat war of voS the lanSer. Cbooiel 'i iliW abandon thoe dutle
7M The Walta is a -Western yacht. Sh hhe I B Pck but 4 is
a ete_ ,m_,.9=and bafr]om Sainaw. Se Is a tak& He bas Do Uoefot the Idetty
sah ea the pretty crat nd a.-ttr mti o< the mhbeiw oft the mob, 1 U ct

rw and Mrs Mpete wtU be eter puaed or and irate the enUtr system-unever
Mro pl carte. ere for the westa d lorndt patrol, gripe or nankeate-DWItt' Lwttle
L. B~ec HOW WE WILL WELCOME DEWEY cer Pfte.of Ta paIe:

o their home a

tragg^P IECISortee, et OcAs, w in
nmt T. M'trthkland is viskItng
avlst with

St to Plant Cit y Mday eventng.
e The Wewrr Compomnn wll H resume
med to- ame e aeratOia shortly.
M r. MADraMe. ot Lamikeland. made
AlTal Cit a usinrst call on Tues-

atterOa Be Recelved By
., lt- Ca le. .
hT .'-,I ,

vp rove a

and pudi We I ptwer tobre-~s

Va~afft lut-od96 for ihel
UM41 W easari- aeBIDa AP-

el St o"to the -
Land no9't btiGO1ni0iiiPor-
tor be too

e ne aw e idst he dt-
kWthbM Mtuina win be-
w - suthat the ear-
swate eso wht wnw not
rMbh t. i L& intended to
g ooRn- 6rd tips


wLl .100 a*-@ie-

S4ol or eagftft ud h
ineow wieassmites wead

.Rear Admiral Sampson to Be fne First
Official to Grasp His

-New York. Aug. 26.-The plan. and
scope committee of the Dewey celebrate
tion committee ha taken up the sug-
mentlon thad the naval and lend parades
be held on FVriday and Saturday, Sep-
tember e9 and 10, Instead of Saturday
and Mnnday. September 30 and October
2 as bad been intended. Captain Rob-
ley D. Evan told the conm ittee that It
was qoute feasble for -Admiral Dewey
to arrive a day earlier than he had
set and acordliy a telegsram en senat
urgin himn to do this.
Captain Ivans, after a conversation
with General Howard Carroll, res-ent-
ed this scheme for Me naval progmn,
whioh. he said. would atisfy the Naval
.The Nth Atlantic fleet under Rear-
,Adnmiral Bumon, will saemable at
TuainkLAvmleI n time to welcome
Dewep, to be'afchored in oluOmn with
a berth at the head for thlOtmp4a.
Rear-Admelp ,mpmson will call on
AdmiLral DMer. and raqeive htim, as
directed by the Secretary of the Navy,
in the name of the tMatlonsl Govern-

On the Q Wb after the arrival ct Ad-
mias Dewey. the fleet will get under
waa and roceed ap the torth ier,
Simpson'M 1s 11 ting as escorts to
*sws. Obemnia wial sanlte at raAte'
tm, tn comtermareh and cr
off P1*-eeoond street; the ships ot
ampon'. fleet to perform te same
evoetlon and anchor In socceslon in
the wtbh River as they wiTve in pos-
tio. formiu tiMs a& combined force
oadL uded Oa rAdiral Dewey.
The fleat to be -ml ,ineted at night
and In 9oltkia to hand the naval brig-
ade on the fellowlwa day at One Hun-
daed and Twenty-fifth street for the
IaBd arade.
TWe North. tlantic Squadron will
"a" at f the "eftp Stnew Toaskt, the
Brooklyn1 the Deatrot. the Indiana, the
abtipteta. the lWasa-iamtts and the
Texas. Of Mte ther pbis in the squad-
rnL the Machias to at "n Domingo to
pMatiet Arwk#-ee teagnt and the New
Ode s 8at tan Jm. The Vixen
is at BUaedeifB SticanagUm.
The s AMItIZ and dealing properties
oat COsaberials Co Remedy. its
0- MM a tsm aend mrom and perma-
neft Mam have mads it a creat-favor-
ie with the people everywhere. ror
salbry S9 I. L ecardi & Co.. all drug-
SIsts amd medlacne dealers.
'Memoelal to mer. Plat at WaecroeM
Wi Be I DThat Form
'Wycroes, Ga, Aug. I-l4he Plant
SemowE'l LAsoristhcM has determicned
to ball a nuasw-~ to tie memory of
Her B. Plaht, tinted of a citr park,
as was moed somea me
The UnM adop t by. the etee
fI toD aee d eiets 6 E.....wsd.
Mtle trianilar park iMbetwom
-oneram m.a Pacamsoesntel wash
tkdheWaselMt. Wrant or bhiek. In the
wo,oat M pea"t wiM be aan oral
h.er 1 ses ,as


Big Plant to BSuply West Indian, Cen-
tral and BSoth American

ch'lls sad fwer, y. siatf two bot-" w,
at. om. teemF am nziw anen s--a

noth never di T. V
Cured me of a. olgu o ,h case o
chills and teser.JW o Usi two bate Iq

I trUid a dosen dlftemt mediam
None but LemoEiU ir done me say
Cor. Bebertsam and St. Thomasw t,
St rannah. Ge
I tily Indarse it for nmrvom premi
tration. hmTA*4 indigestion and coa-
stipatimon, bm W used iit w1th mam,
*stlsfco'ry reMa tter all ot er
remedieshe d failed.
J. W. BOU.O.
W S tme.A ua._d'X

From Sundays Dklly: went nt
CapltaIts In New York are now en- LIBOWI AS 21CDIC

Hyd cboweentl and t turn oud 9 A

adding another lae e Industry to thfa cThedy at the l
mammoth ement aor r this bo ws lo. eyb a./bloo
etby Dr. ween Mr .lhr a the a
The facto-ey proposes tou mafnu meaa pleasant leon adrb l Itt
only the finest v er aoe P lanA a d L oammse s. c" t aOn-. ,
Iheadrahe. la"s hldnm
lydraul cement, and to turn fou evrit h, ea dS eur"
tes products in lar e quantities, t1bu fevers.n, hms h af othin -
additheng a or ia e ust tO and the

tnaa l i stec tion. it l ,1 s s an staam, baleo

e T-the me w cwimid n-a cni r uetSd liul
ite yeatsterda relatf- to ts. ;sub- o upon TH s OaB4 ,HB

loot.. heseenMr. W Wm IL u -and the A, mst o.. I
t ,a, the plant, be-latto r *ro .-
Me. -abliro' With refereslor tote iuestest-2 T1l11-
been'n n5,-Cared meatm and

ab eae e reached onstant cv oBsalitAwtln(i r a ee hlted haQf

Lion o( an inetray at tar, .r an wouoad mledl asqnliml
the artever amone lti lae sWm4-Q A* L

VThMe acern proposi e to 4 iAM.. w4 e tortag to arrea t Mt5
s teaa t a t ed -a d1 Ipl oaf uat~"r ae

as -C0th (Amerwoa. to e atl&ek oft reda.to -d6I0tkh ;
omfsesNewse ,new(, V" see

st and at the ton oit for nal Pa Tha9m@ ede. M rs

kmtted deeloent i e per aer, who ed ld
t sroouvrse f a"t itti pe io ss tod

Florida Knaieit of the eU D Ik Boy- Lo-l J8 eNk I.-Bo
and la e raesc ted oi 12 109,,. Am. m 1qsA.9.".

i aored to the mMi ta-e- to ; -al e I
onftlanta. iAnt e-7ae Florida Ptrk $1" dIlW1e u

modtIn eamded J t W. "e ase s
The Iemla Sprig WjhrAe two da"y ds wt"tical towest.
mald*South (tweca. wee "biu in t d-of

and gcien a criaPe drive over the fon P the l
hAted Prment ,Wnter, jot th eme r whoWek.d Xft4M

street car campose, save ten a spsen- Ban states Ite OBsassre I
S e ow the ct in o e~ usto s
ieoresa nigKht, ofthey aaiid latmoy 01. Theao t 5 f tefa

aitd. wase mnt aty da welcomedrneon deadeddaeS I
tertaleda ob etloed a n towapet car men. ?aI" I
ase over Aonaedvta an ated4 a- vmris- ther oelypoitv mT cmKi
we plseat maniypassed. The f Florid tmi^J'* di55%-5
oems l t Te stltnonaltreatment.

tost enutapm the hosialiy reatly. I

street car ..amm.mm gave me aspan- matcfM isIt-iUs

After. madmfl t



B "elm

l^yr~fqiot Dhablt heI

a .teenghths
fhe. AN& 0.
a tti m w' th at

-sa a a ma
e',s, i n or t e-eIn

H s ng hit
a.. u a, o

" _
kwith wMI"ed

vomi t, 0 srta. ,fTsM

Am rai le W. Mhe
a s lethoo

4H ,"- m t.. a-



7 .T

b a-,,r... T p' e ritory. Has relatives In Alabama had Daas (Wese ham 3oh to Befealr to K
Inot seea him in several years, bet mteslatead the imPerVpmeta on the a
^ Snail-111 Dt l wln e, t d c Its from hitm owcceo9-Ry. PI tea hota. N
aat M aO o toa deep water ---- '-- ..-""
a te ao"amu ahbolng season A BAD iPLACB 1N TEE ROaD. m r. 0. L Seatlea, ame of the lapre
&I"aga afford every tadity battle dedasso of dere county. was a uin
The proed of the West Tama'
t1m. The roa bad is tomply bortbte, S.ebeka.h Lod. 9. 0. F., gar v -e
t e mmidMUStar of thete Timps an bo- he looked after r-nediately. delrhtfiU aodal at the residease a
:.' m ,.-s. =a a Cmaompa ahowa sOery day parties driving teams over 'r. and Ml-. J. LsWter at night. .
Htiatur ,i siiu MaM In boaissi over t b rwh oi=0e .oMplain to the Trib-.
1LK.- qp rls. Under tai a man- uca baos. the matter, and It I to be e Spazhtan lhas go to- I
SAWot .- 4$ i& Hs.21 od that the cityr authortles will Wainton to attendI to severalI --
;:a70 M am ISrt cs t look after It and have It rettared LtPoa-tant matters foh s constItaunts. 'T
iLaMa-W eg atm the largest and moat nMr Horace Bate has Jut rern id p
agnHla t Sta e on wo took tme "Clevero m a delstfai trip to Saraota. Bee
*. W !U0*Mn*CtONTSB, land hievle F .F1 En In front of the pos.-waAS geatly hasefette 4And completely
.about... 5 odu last evening, will chimed with his ostir.
L,. Z._ __?"mte -o a c lea- ve m eatma p Tribuneoffice he wul TVL. ooTt(t n e i
haIisSoot -I '-at s .w de-wilvelhTmselfgurtherooubae. Ttl was In the
06"h4sseeu a ne tl- ee chr yesteay an wie conected at
1 K-Mrs N. A- PFauikner. the esteemed with the aale of tepeane land to the a
sanceat hi wife of the popular cashier of the Flor Downing Cmagany. of unws. pa
3I e wUt m ve W kees t all Ida re 0 Is having a J. P. Hardee & C.vored the Trib-
Stalinese phapl c" gt a dainty7 ae friends in DeSoto county.a Ane bench C
l.U atPerv Me aphour of the. f s I of banana. Jt veB. d on the to
a agArhe. Detiug pl -to-ldate, j Trhe ortrinal Dick Platt has returned schooner Bea GulL trin Honduras be
a-. S-er f the 4Unlry depart- from his summer wanderings in the .Thbe m r rriende Dr B. Leon. vi
Sma. of ir t enxperiec~n, and beer ardeni and boulevards of large ardi wi be gaaed le ear that he
s._"1 ; jtai- t r. Gr w ltnch cites. (He Says he left his partner, a wi be hale to b@e
;W"SwIN he wil pleANd. BResa his MWi Woods. asleep on the grass withable e 0g I very lo Os
Wigfl5 a. 4& theWr. Tribao this a Mother Hubbard on in Jackson- acoys. t a v
A leepent dace ws given at Bal-
"old Q&I1 Ar.G l J. Br-manb, one of the bestlest Point last nighMt m boOr f -
wsth stow E men L 1 lortda, is in the Natalle Glean wb o leave to-night for A

n.a-lends In a m p mmsWWafthe
-o, m mSp the t.",. d T Oc .De weetwater. itn, to spend two

O4.QWBViese1 the .fBCt that the Hawkins. of the (law-taaa t span G-
r dgpareas w antknd s rs4retto I"nof the death
thea *Owlittle s ln iten agsi a piontl. at
assi sthug-. La ,_late. s,. U
%Pg dn

0.. w,,. t e. .ae m, PUELY PE AL P TE
*ie.ssLe. PeterasirgO luiw l -
wrW. rHerrin wa s u Mhaased Mr. A r IT Amo Aout 1a0*8 W oa Co-
i C. aOMtto store Ma m.outhf AND--- GO
W-. ...W. W der lft with Mr. P. h. E -
or e Andta.s for ,~,aIrae Bay Stakes Arrival and Departure e Citlaeas and
Spcphat i iS dema aal Buy- .--.----- Visitors Picked 17p on the Bounds
r in thevl WOO A HUNDRED THOUSAND y a iunReporters.
Plant CIty this weak. WORT^t

Kee Dr. B. T. Cowart s returned from a
SpIyU 1 0 O N Starter Yesterday. visit to Geoia a
May--r iDenmey,. of Port Tampa City,
STha's te Way Ohio Cooven. Shet-h.had Bay Aug. 6- Chacornac the favorite won the grest
tiO SttMatico Appears. Futurity to-day. The time was 12- 5. B LKnight has returned from a
The victory was by a neck. Brigadier trip to Thoznavlie. Ga.
was second. and Wndemere third. * *
Pla e pursee to worth M4000. FUtY J. P Eardee :has returned from a
S WAS A FAILUBE ?s u S.ra m. bume tripto Savaah. ta
.t --- LatCsOerSott ao tched, Mr. dW. Tre a turned fm a
an go "Not Go Ias e Fawgr of Any ioudaet led at the start, with GuAden bhuiew vitt to EaMwt Key.
WoD and e Kdes erdsa
bt Cawtf Agamt the -ait At the quarter, Doublet tiB led by a The convent a oty Names will opem
0- qirr wMain. ck, with Pluk second and Okette chol0 oi tho #aof.pten.
S. .. Chcmrn fosud. to the lead. avnd, at Cpai Jasksat arrIved a the
thne 1d.* was Wst hbra neck. Pl!yrt af troane a uOnday.
ee O. Ag -pe a ~~~ assed. and Windermere came up Bue w
eM Al l Sefflorts of te autt l ancaAmn lat a- to tht Wder- 3L aIn of. New Orteens, is amou
e datales ito coaim have asd me"ste btSam s, with Chaeornac .se- the recent arrivals at the AMsl&a.
QC It Waga v iistAm r a m to aet idw anm I rwlMr thLrd o
af tse noaw M sat 16 morari* em-asa t-e d aa In te last l.1 W.(H. Torwse sand wMr e atFUN
quarter, a" wo prettily GoraL. are umgw oC the ', tho
ane KeZo. th owes r of the wmter. we.
h aet The nmWe thaLUtn less om- wMeit hi ymeaodar er M.om His* *
his d wvry Mtaa5lsbT h es "Mm e IsmM a oB te il m lweeilwm Umnt to M frs.. B. B Iai and Mr-. 'paid-
W. tw- now WAd iamr I"l, Ian I3.AL e. am, Kerpe P u
imt wihabe chad ty nwa rignly I paid, p lg havea rnoed from a plemset vtlt
Sw e for him. This remarkable oe has to Swra mah
L a-We Wsdlsw managers to-nAlht earm ed r w e1W.e i the past year.
ddabs 4ft.votas, amaaslaMt o4 or KU- MoCue was the wtmdng fookey. Mrs. Jewell and ims. Kaehy have
5 on i '-opened the ir mki parlors over -
1 aa.,t e. ate ,..t WAS ADAMS ASSUMED NAME? s. s. sa.., stem,
eboer.e has ML and 1McLean a4. * .
a. Mr H. EL Bnow and Camily have re-
DID 'MOT ORGAkNIB LOOKIoG UP tze lNi ri r OF MAN turned froam their summer outing. and
t WHO DIED A PANT HOT feel ereatIr benetted thereby.
Operator Will Prbiabty Join In with * *
tIn the Tampa. Company. ---- "Rev. J. B. Ler and Cfamily are rusi-
S- n stores oer atterfo High rins Which cratiO at OA6 one o0 thMe Most de-
IThe indepenqht naval stores opera-e ahtiu Bsummmer reamrt In Florida.
torn of Slaoda met. pursuaat to call Throws Light on the Mter- *
at O ala Mnoeda. The intended Cae.Mr. LF. et the well-kwn
orgso--tp*a W*a postponed for several engineer, has secured a good position 4
reIsona ---- at Punta Gorda. and will leave for that
r- 1 very powbable that the operators om Wednesdaray Dally. place aurday.
wI l no Into the oaanatl of n&val L. Cope, of Union Springs, The rem which otor De.
sts m whih il he rme here, Ala.. Is In conr-eao4Pce with -parties wler is to erect.for Otto P. SvuI-,

:~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ SZ--- ~. "-
W of thir wthe unknown man who as found ad onevenh ve. wl be one of the
a The 1ndt are excellent tor the in bet at the Plant Hotel thi city, andoet n /
Seay frt tlon o 'the plaUs for Conduct- several weeks ago. I tL Nge Is offering liberal rewards
O ltt an eeve naval FtorreS telnem From Mr. Cope's statements it may for the arrest oC the fl0reos who at-
Str T a. develop that the yninown man wasu emoted to burn one of his places In
ohk RA-4E OP R.M HOLDEN. not T. Adan-m of Maon. Ga., as be Port Taipa City last week.
a reriatered at the hotel, but that he Mn aon c
U-Ms w iden died yesterday I Will H. Parksa of Cedartown Ga., A.m ctcle sa Ke D.
morning at her residence. 210 Eighth a brother of Mr. Copes wife. Hobbs & 0oe e A&eWtt s. ca o h
av-nue The ame at death was can- A young man answering to the der of ble.e not own a wheel
Scerf the stomach. The funeral wii scorlption of the man who died here, o a
odCar thi morning at 10 o'clock, Rev. was in Ocala just previous to the ocurr- sr. ried G. B Weihe, one of the pros-
J. 0. Andrson condutinrg the serv- rence, and left. at hia boarding place perous Jewelers of Ocala, is in the
t eam in that citry an empty valise, and an city, and wi be here for several days, P]
W Dh W ASR envelope addressed to Frank P. 'Walls. prospecting, with a view of locating in
BEU1Aa W9 PA- i On the back at the envelope were writer Tamoa.
.. KBHaMPOWeMoea hJghly respect-&ten a few words to Mrs Cope. wife Wedneto Dally
ad reAdt otds Co t c,. who died last of Ie gentleman noW m u i t inA- A I.,. bmta has gone-to ew York de
f.tdiL .. ourance la the Woodmni quir.h on a bumness visit.
et the bW& mi tr m ma pyabe The note addressed Ma. Cope as *
to terh f e od the om ne= resetWed 'Dear Hiater. and stated that the IL. Cone of this city, was in
base ar SXawp had, t her mind. writer was oiertog tram heart Saaksonvlle yesterday .
T. mi wmasbheamt byUth trees ta-e. Gm and wEr W. P. Ha are
ner ao the loal odp mtil the court Th, note was Incld to Hrs. Cope a ra P a
aS -lotea P.GL.. ae1,& a brother of at Union springs. Ala, by 0 A. Car-
01 0...m.L. ri.M. at t Me uhidaen. mhaaOol.. o 0a. In rPt Mr. CopeW Col. C _. Stevena wt spend to-dar
0tf maap wsi termea ever to him thle wrote Mr. Ca..atohas.l. givtig a desalip- In Jacasonville, on homIntas.
T k. mBi wm re cae ,, tw tmie of 'Wll H. Peaeks and ae tltg 5 '
15. a U& iU .w^o 4ij ta ammsan the author ps aw, Port

We me Dm a r at of *oarh of 4e note beIg -e and the same per. tep- city. ento into lothe nSy.

es-LK: by*i !f mery aad feeta a ve o n etlandoy of UB- ttoBS th the Ciy*l4dw.
a S '3 DO ad w tee t water T who prpsa the Nah ,wad Mea iWe* anad

ia--i Par. a weak (hr'tBe U lyofvlria

r R DOCU. witk the Staie of Foida as ma ta-. a s o,


leal Et iat.


emy Ia n shaibaye harsrvies

S* L L I1 .,


600M "i Relrla las

1" m apah hlrg a* gil j[

sa mm-k d esmI uant eawi
itmii n Mi m

l ad ta toH ha 1 ate 'Thr Tal

Honventa ticL-B pti-tir
Sf te' t.e.taM. r the T et-s Z it
t .,amN Ta aIaL iima, eWmag m
Nor low -l1- roan all Mumam nthMhfPo

atallagnivat. Oatober 15-i, 1-K ag
%a awaim MW M ma
lekes an m tin mobes h 5Mto l in- Th et
Inave, with eal MWUlt Otober ik00 M arts
t rat ta en forr round wIP trom a d hlM'm
1 pointsfha orda. Bate fra m Tam'- a,
a. .1, -. -
To Ha4IvIj&IC anOniM AnaLt in thbrAM
boventimoo Natlol Bapti o /'
m. SePt hew Uth-theL Tlcket to-
s sold september 1th LIth aad 1Uth.
ith final ,t Speam-r M iIne I

TO. pILrA; T7 ,A A, "M a .oo-
ead Nat -alt meat J
at-mb.r .t4k. Ttskt be Mhes l
pte.y-A lot, and i. wthwb Rm
am fte. ISil -ct em-taw

ibBaa cco a 0 lA-^ * {t



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