Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: August 17, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Bibliographic ID: UF00093470
Volume ID: VID00151
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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-canI for ruW n mm u ee oawte aram-a baaNM mi Mea t a mte to all
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Wk. on ab 3 !.4 i N A
Husband's Dwula Piuroed Nei


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Wtethter the tSpMet at Aid
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a sdeld be not Ikown.
flr. nO irr COb bad been Married
6ar6 tmwo we*ka a@d the afate hasb "
toast a Kont overthis entire sectnm.
Itnolsa Naval fMWtth f Moated GusM

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United DaU&m and Great Britan, owtla out
to the imOt that the neaoote wavj "
MUItla mounted two su.e on the *41
shoomr d Tler thereby vGkolatin the allo
treat or 1oM18, which aYows otr two tide
armed uaI 0 an the nopeo labem .
AeMtiMr rtimb Consul A. R Itty the

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$100 RHWWARD $100.
ie reader of tWs paper will

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a sem became damg.
ea put In ln Dreyo e ruu
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December hla, the prt v
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ie pahaedes Ow times a
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eie.r Ot h~Kue to amitrt l
m me- spoke constmatly oc
na cbhfren. He wept frequeft
"e erlel "It is now ten moc
i received letter:" butt hin
* 185. he received ten.
* he said-
would have lodged a bullet
ad if it were not for my uW

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nnst o t- afmre Junt fWhitaker yesterday, to t
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f tthe mro- aatlat im by i obert P. Jones. an it
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I t e. -or wo are men of honaft leazram
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JuJl uset.te. las has ase In al l t to dictate weti vi"A..they sh shu
wah; itale- ,ie e ntB al g"t ses. h te am er f. m upon poubHc or pivae 'uet-ioba. 1
... T.e r."p. ', of .iW..ed' louese and aMe -t he u- iters
tolumo ^ nis atina e ta Ma "-l &aIa serkosm tangred:
tfat of Jon J fsll assebwtngtth prer s een as ;- e so e tar Richard :

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a "-, oe S D P. %,W aem bet

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^^I --I; ^L 9 O"Yo wfl- be w OR

eest to know ~ re ididALies iinT h Flit'

%1 of conduct tonsartDeetuL It to attil acros ttw *
i M, rew a rded t e dy dh"ate decai en keep up tsf fs W

i lS f hel d othtblo A eent r da e t4
in tttyn whior d hefe bn promn4th tedea m through eood erican A
She will a aow t It i no more to Bt thre anoth ide to

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Ae a 8regardeda s a v etiw d tetter ando re -t eeping nie a the Pat
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e m-l ntly te wte ofn the d oee at -4ee o i n or thn e uiet h In the e ck i
e al heeae s rar aved n a.go tnu day by eno ouses Tr eB te he a l
o MgOW the It n teft oo e e n m siftle w e upo Wht the n.o.rrnr to p toll
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klegainat ioaed In the saw s Part of Tampa eor "- locke to It In t da f u

a v e re e ) o k oam u a n a o n t t b. . t h0r rorz tl di aSI A
t, rm a oIter ,dIs t em .emo tonote "rw n o e p jer-oee f tsS it- e

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aten alod ti. s .w o e It Intrtt There s no -tmw'ow aM
r' g it isagos ther w ond v os trvn ot to h a K s tereet beteon -th l Banth laoi

Ss xslta.N teo tven u n A.ibandon the tro anita wl ea te. ap i~u et

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.... a h sthe it t ,he. eI ~,We ,C e ~t n t- d ed nlthoN mne.Sath asens

.W AO t e har of li te accs ed. 7 %m t s11 wto n a"o I M' the W

hannto re- e 'It Is *- oare to the rsoede wo n e whleoy rM
t isas on It w. i ot in eceray for Mrg otheri Chamberland tO l gIe erIts Unrnk
LAut "a to te us ttsmie r re w rid taher wso metder. tah been theateai the Bt

aWOOLan maw Inftanse -outiea when ie tnAeds o re waz ih tax-parers for b vetenn yea
wasxv atn A mTnOhkU wna llthsthey. run are c beror 's sh. aime o to hc emsi
de a to I- thele boper st tpea opperTstln o r n every ciien over w desertf -he woh

^* d 1ater h h ae to iwhat t te WO uI n9 iiBte i n Week. Td CMP
4tb e haodvecory of hbe 4rerwrneM oaM'the wily racmberit n idea, wo
r a6& kd. or oose. str wnrld _d tooteh ta eke NOr.hBe Thr1eeU11n sn2
wim Se owe Toh d er theil oi. It o ast a u Ld beeIt re1 n ed a one a iely to be Ti

W We the ir b reaO this elose aoin iaDtece vwri ifortly et It a
b itW Sof the cities tot a the greatestit e i t Therve A notwo.hi e a Its
T onag Brof, aitptu "at olo* t and ertill then -
-te busi e the part ofl Tamps, In-

f j&p. op mayhe. e *ut e es aOanso (zaM whooneo tetate Itn needea yhta to

B eolrt wasWar. ha r ra ne. ihe InIortance andot nit on. or learnIN can Iow w
it were hed S oi ni the a band onther os-eii ec t o t n either a kik'so e

ma as a s noer p iea I'n other OYeO loon Weketindtit b i er o

S Bro wn .s wo idc the o ov to haofthem n ben seleen Me

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-a* Southa san&'

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duer of re. noses .
caste toe Otaosylltat tht owe
terwase at cfrtl T s-d9 t ati d

-That gn a" w -"

pectw ota ,ear o
eucer of re1 ao oe f : "ne
-MThat the SundY faS

trct.on o er~ee ad 0Aw I isrf..,-

l Gaily Imn. -.-'. .

-ThatCawih a Aml
tiem-eT e h8Pp i,
?ria-' -..,-- "

acham OBam e aJlM Mf
-.bse with VOL a"

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sui&m I2Lisa oeidbt' R Mastit* A,.
sP M a ,nzwt jrie .-nOadW ," .

(WAnnxow tisfl e tat the
SB dep rtimt. .. -~' ded to at once re.

05ros.m aCrult'pva & islin4 tiQit duty In
asdn c thea i d o m necessary order wtll
a n..a- a- m in ,ver r or d

.110 apoW %These nw o t W be hurried
t.0.sto the ene ot itmlue an oon .as
S J oo et r wheore tse seA the alfwdp
S~~ga^^^-^SinS e1t~ ^w1" *a ta ei~

.rLO ,i . 4 ZP' 5 S.pa

.l aloe. atr H,. aS mtle iuaJ I4
udanm0e Office0r. on.a* .w - "sssr

For d pant sixty days, he Aa

Tlhe pOttroibaor baoanm tr r at r i n fl t wooa anl

sCansdftl. olya bottom lha bein l- ,O .b
fowedtobesenabht otsi- It I wsaz0
* Yesterday thfie. wa A onsiderable t

was esae th o atts fox ty6 t7s. haes a rW Coal &99
I ng ts ntf U marsal a wli rb
abslsy r o -the w a a co sidesrasbr
A w now of, ba& h C fi ar ts onss aC a s 3s ara uT
la. ASn*er4asj sew I Yo e rkato a cse 1ef 1

wtet hr Ie to- pt a t ad aub e te a imt G m Iva&in

oieteA. Aw nat- o aff hSwt- 0 eastet & it ws ado a

dsoarkpeut of Usie aus"y beret Ths fus) 49 hi Bilfl

Pfi46* Ia aw- wan Inagurated present and a ham
es- i waste desicned about 124M
-B t TeeSoWnmme the ao ,seem so anxIous
F to r g thansiles I tnea correct thing
,.-an a O sw tlt e Sou emot man huas Mt caed
h_ Io'h, 8M upa = t interview the fashion editor,
erdw_ _her with the folrtw result:
6 t ereSTed mhe oung man who Is up to dat% and
y t many gtly beyond should rear a soft felt
S hat. crushed to a fedora shape. wIth
.,. a loose wraopt of pooaee slk In-
,If stead. o a fAL = Ls coat and
tvier and kid- trou"iers bos be of dark flannel wit
wea", at alla-na1 perpendlculW triPe of a ligt-
. ^".tsc o. er mcoiPL The at should be short,
o u double-breasted ad should The worn
enbls.aewes-.11 timm 'rho mime.

B. L Olidden. of Tamepa. saye t
aokaosrtee Tmhis-Unio and tlse
mm umfrtunate eary last even I
moUn an envelope which conta'wd
Ldket to Neor Yos tr the. steam
lmnoee this morthls, also a ooeslde
AV auite of mnoc. As he left U
3yde ticket coce he played the "et
elope, a he tlh flt, I nA the ins
oket of 'his VetL and when half a
our later ie looked for It t waa n
o be fotis (e mues) that he bi
made a mistake, and that he did n
*ace the package In the pocket, a
sht It itM1ed to the ground. He w
ms a Iuntable reward for its retu
a the Ctyde office.
&Madrid. Au. 14- pecta).--The r
Ports of the tintroetlon of the b
onic Pamue IntLo Portumal ar oau
mg great approhaslon here. Tme gt
snment Is adola strict qSWane
neasuree on the t Atimr.






Wes haIr is say o9r toward- left
k e^War anA his trouser waie1thber rounded
'VAMPA-ti-tt '18wh rln sak alU the way down or
7 bre a re saaton of a cran-e- NEW PUBLIC BULDING WML BE
..s w tunae eThers e s odho a. waft- UNnED iOR ADIWIONs.
p -sto. ...n---2 '- a stick also: 1w under no r noe cit-
IB TstanleAAB b should It ever be allowed to
*rI .ln4D b Bl- cu touch ta e bgrftd. This is tUe latest
Ta l ..... W. nC Eatil moe sh model. tly changed to The lttles to the Bite Formally ELx-
meet America requirementne Apoved and
-' .-:- aeined. Approved and
^on A tfl*pnaely nturest It now trhtsmse thatU se- taSome A_ ( D.
sv ta- *WASe e te od 0blti t o S full of In- Accepted.
ju*ltltei aofw ot and that there were o a y

-Trnee-.adars. l l a n ou a- es Deat s a
.th at. .$ w.llowe baoe como pted thefi vs@Sao C
S e Aurmei Oma t tLe tothe nd te ern blak.
M b aru q aSta.rtteea n made I selected sd the site or the newe osNbf
Sr a t CooA daiutcd to It iL On the q sae and aeoed ite wperty
thea mones o *t m onstitonMltv The e at step I the SmoosedlfnlewU
s, jf hea awm s fot de a tne ys btv e'the antdingo o the. uotar. U Is

.' -w am toahwe. ait east a tUt s a the anp yea t&atm thae eu meo t n te
!a% wit l W ot pame muster. a erp tion wS &ben to a e l dc s

, t ea s is dec=de, es. lao of06s2t0M w hen, tM
,strbuue inis- meaty for occsanu Ta,
erisraiI Us sin e -hiatewiHol*Uow the exans*toe< 0 tsW bu iekU e -o
.- t t t the JackMoeviHe ,an. The I ua e rttge -o- 5 Sp -- hb"
.a.t..A..i..s la ,,mm .of _o..i da. nr a ruet,, aw ratuec i -,
zyismpolfl i i sti S Whoto S tatothee fosecstiP tg Stw so a provide for a f t-r-or

W & oWlaw. seemly henrt e Is no more aia t asto enA, a..e -slt & iS SoN t
.o S-re* t ptes teredor at, ay time. and ore money
ee.-. Ooe Sbote- -M s l usius to the out into testreet e.
is str et maera ofuti cty t n ya ter- c los I OR ... .

I.&is ....& tn .ofa a au Q .- tne .a *sof n t
w. -h.,W taonizmyrtotun d o" a-

,. '. '0- B, .- ,! yek a sor tion ci ta sa n
rM M i^ J g, D b i"a^.B t'aa^ -I / oattee thaA 5?t ^ : um G iS.%otr
*1wj^ 4ew f ae c w M -en oowZ -otL m 'War -"u t
'S 1~tot b50 .ft mn4 lle 'W G Ofe the rob f oh SOsWSka
gwu-y-q a. .wat~ .z~rv atth Ma gontit 1 &0at tip
x:ion on *0 f b .fl.....

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TM "^^^ Afe mow ot sns tf-p awojk ILu& b T*hu Pn t.

~ c at a s a^ ittle h harder C O: to a phe at. &-ksnpa hn

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WhiM thebimed oil 0S"*. l
that twn asain et d. ouea' tht ;
eman hbaving -em htot-too. *44 _-i7
egsiatlve journal oW Mat the conf-L
fogrewo oomilttee i MW tea pirt 4-t
dteM on ay 13. The Mn thne mne a EMlW
laow Wflbdthe m 3rosal of the Gov-

Parties' Ie bawe btd saM e- .
expertse t Tlorida 15rt4 nat- mall
tenb have ezasnwa the JaOrn alt tin W ma
5went mselr and eapr; the .aid
that man caeaemnas wiseb haVe *itb-q ne w
a place in the psbHllSSW -atiaa. ma- u s- e b
der a 1eg5 Iew t. wod f t l tea4 n oth b
and vlad an account oft'es lrsuias r A
Itles in recorded po dn.

.. _. .. '-, -^
Thor Hold an nf at and
Venee te aGovernmet. -

sal banquet if -the PM"1 10rt60 l Cl

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prTele vre no= VS ow
eon Im atW t M sO .- r- 1

at a a r ant ate Mwr-to-day,
bonor of tbe nd3aB di of-Or th ^ .Dunfa sme
dA ories%. JvF*l1aosafb-w zw thle-

w Mo1i40win Dose I ^ I ^a
CL I f..t-' *

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at do s.q MsM hS s 3a WWIe hamse t
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GL aw .O ME a imra a U a Mu a -w.

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~m~e a Ihas me a owa .. .se nt.OsF

w as -is yThn vce w_ In a -wer -_ at
S~W~at 06Moseo 4s inthem ox a p-
-iwa dam6 Sad a W D a Js-.9 '
mat ast -d n -O Ma to mcetherw manoae

Lm ofe tm O m@WkMm. AbMe, a"suiatnan90- -t- asgdm e

hses one f.on Ui ta f fem 0m mat t al lf l a s

Stlse% e l m aT .mo m o a at I b e 4raMy vwa 'O l,

.-- - in:*. D . -. g 9* --"m
Satr hmr a -- owaa ..-ae,:t-- ..a ..l to I n.L r Wa bm "a kU

UM 0i09t It MaUa t ro af whether a t U Is --- J -
? a tr o mu eh hioe aa rs t o e ll 4W ao 4Me Por oAl s o
-a *. NJ-whoam. mayame,,
a Jos Rat. e eOa~tO 0t mi a Sss3AZG=
sm 61 hasmoM at as.at"&
k p *w sew at Aan 'A es ft 1A e-pntm t mel an s e vi.

09 V o.. t9 o cnm-nmim0 a 0 P-

6 ieA hi mn loer i ter -,m a .0 to S..-=M
ir ftft to. vie tat c e .emwi hvi ws a t . . le. 0 ...

D B. .... .....C. 'OW 1aam "s t g
am b t 1hr :nte I e ti- c5auale
ett. it r Permit toSat1 itheBard.a t W l __ .
hik Els- tle t t ao m uch wther a mn a-L M__, -
tkw Btae6010A. g to th e '3 rrat ht Per P" r m it t 0.
Ne 1=, ther e*-0 pay hi -.lawoer. . m.
aidWh btrie.,,b ,e--- ,Cont ..om W. a 0,.. II.- he.e,..
iao- i sae c and l-. e at re- K. mmorow County. I tir a at LiAMB.. M 0

bot--, -h-.-. amIl ut lD mai - "ii'r cs emL;i ,10.-oa md I
: ,-r- the cc4M- ca D btaintrnu.W 1aai,4. .ua ,em __ hiA.,U,.,i
In _. 01 b e te. clnemaF morae b Co..._ Eo at t ,. .. rd.la o o h 1-

at plot w a _tI le.e tm..Mb S g tmaben Is rI. _V sas

W Wt h e M- -e idaiy. aW. the m* Aafi MiC_ _I _bMC a

.i-..tmw e _t Good fm m ep to n8 dh im1 m b eIhete Id n"A ... I t noi.

VO wi.th, a ai uae. baS S w henIt mp o s. &a-'w. tot
,,)t oaa to eebtwScAWt row =0ae mt.% y th ued. ati ,th aO w 7_.-a
che. moo. iher-. an ey.t io ahi~ i1it ? hIT of- Midh" 0o -IO e "
AM <- b BOOMrmit* A CaWhl be n went, gf meas hf&gaW-
ft. U a. mretwitoecc aAr ,,n.- d "" ma -----Ly bat t "nw "

,oe.g..a, ; t e e shw aa ; orCe to thws 0be o UK -_ O 01'
mm t e"weM th a.'.. l w a i UN.

i ic-k" tu fiYesom af am I ..
ME -'" - t a ndS h .b f M t T-'OsPdaw
.. Ama h t an d er '
. edhp ow hot he m-, ebn- ,, m sle h-- h-,tebF g

l-y. l- yi IiIuth Iwh
h aSISM MO W ho hamaa-? W OfmdoomlIt can ; It's hi Ei0LW

mM uthmam hiemrm77Z 1 I POW1 M 9%
a-wa ~~whya-p;Wwt -h
to OW ssao -n~ ~.e e m
vima a* loonto M AMn if ..09W. le
Ohe IBM bw'tim t s t OW6WA.
Ix .m. BeNx.
OWawe -~(W- a-PMATMAA~
~ hi OW a- 6p 1Leav. I M a~W .Frst toLY MeWD M
him= am .arsiaw.~

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iat Pi 7

--last -

haiManAgeO~Saer. 31 Nxfs

iu~w*Ap u'i&

-maktbelb pat nt inn

p~tb Twa-b- bto fte

bmw dein~s- 161 h~l~ inthe
m.~eh~I ~4vweMere or besdmw d and
___L_ vwea m totow 'do-

enleeTm MMWAn-

- a f lm't p i ad rmdmur @sm
p ntdeed alisatm r Weo Woodward
'Ws m be l. galt by a amcmml axcm-
mates. 'S willeorgt to a mmetlac
at the Cw unc to be nhedi mext
%MTs mr has formaluy rrnaot to
ntertass t0he oeVolatlMs made by the

a mnoultmd fight. aad that no nrren-
Gr will be made on the mayor's part.
Another interesTtg featuAre of the
cas Ims thb decl ion oC the attorney
that. bIt the mayor fats many other
menssent men Wi fall with him

Uxs essed B wlnull eass to Return
to the Philopimes.
erehW ene. ARM lL-45slretsSV

I? !U34Y*

Papers Rai" Exicuris Do-

norallaid By Uios Me.


Started With Nlaa -Svn Bat
Saved Only Seven forthe Idle

(Now YosE. 'Au. A retar.-B--
forte to obtat noan-union omcMitR
In -i4lAeli to 4o the woak for
the lBan m lt n&m otre tai&Lurs. Tbe


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bhumipAm 41"r

Ohe ble cwis rnow&
ai rf tbp Oaa"M cr ,deSvatws are reported
ire. lalai of Gode-
ome w towileand an
avowdte- ilSk- *0m







emium on
s7 of t U
be oni

Monopoly Wllt
e Here.

Traalm-ne for the purchase house on Connecticut avenue, above
Sthro agents and will aoont Circle. owned iy Mr. '"Bsen"
gaa, x ld from the Clde. and formerly occupied by Senor
toar w de, lome. and the 'iatt" Carpenter
at toowe tIquitrtes set on raidenm ce. In Sixteenth street. above
r fcrec.a between Secre- Rhode Island avenue. which was oc-
p aad ome of the members copied by J. Pleront Morg an during
mnlat de latoa n CongresM his abshort visit here last year.
esoator 40a aand Repre- ---.---
ewansom The latter were TO CURE A COLD IN OONE DE T.
*f hebair the tobnwo Interests -
a-FCat dlk-tnnoAtilons Take Laxative Bomo ulnine Tab-
btlb m ft follow the organ- lets. All druggists refund the money If
d9 4#s ie5V5=nM t oRP 0 it taHls to cure. 25- The genuine has
tatised t2a e sonopuiy as a U B. Q. on each taLt.
ea ressarerevenues andW
stem ^obo im interests have T i I- I I 1111 1 iiz11 I
e eeiwtotoreIoyed withethat + oMDERN MAXINEc. +
But adster. te 's report 4."+
suretheet Siae o the I 1 I IT I 1 1 1- I I I I0
Sthe government sants wIl
sales as heretofore in this It's a2 up witeh a man when be has
been turned down. Central lonois
---It costs some people so much to Hve,
Sbail that hit Gh stead- -we wonder why they do it. L A- W.
Newuak. H Ih n the civil bulletin.
tcaud horrible ees that no -
t helped; for t2 0eaas. Then He who wants to do a good deal of
SAnJoa SalvWe cored hito. good at .once never does any. Nauvoo
Wk basem6 i barn as.boiWs, felons. Independent.
"t -g~ot aDist pIe e CM -
Scants a bo. eC ur r- Mlany people mean o be honest. but
Seld by Leeolnat & Co.. d't- th'e live beyond their means. Phllai
delibha Bulletin.
-- hl
-- t a Those who go slowly through life.
-- hav e an moartunlty of reading" the
S AWa. ll-(8idaDLl).-The mde borda asJoe the way. Berlin
t Br eichtW. with a aML) Herald.
Paris x iheea C war and --
oa. SW the taeswaal awrn- If you Ulve a naturaL common-sene
2trt Deea to-dy life y t o-d, e u will be abused but you will
-= :he happier and live longer. Atchison
N ,au ANT .) ,DA lobhe.
Let- aad tAest tMIe thtSie l Pattery iAs like wltewaah; the
.wsastmadt a IsDr. Kin's New amount you ne depends upon the
L eOM, VM pil 06 a U-swtd Q WMty ofthe object It is appled to.
4~sb tha ed Cikl tsLand Leader.
sre ngMth. M tlasneI nto en- --
l5id I 1d" M-ot-i Mower. ADoeWaie are decedtfu. for a per-
wo-derfiin hdi Up the, sOB can never tell Just how mush It Is
Ounr- 15ohts per bmo. t1d by rwoin to cost to keep them up. Kanasa
&. & C.. City Star.
aA&I C"DT We are much Indebted to experience
--- and It to truly said we learn moat from
rw lOPAM Ahead of Eaen- ow mistakes. This i the reason print-
-e fo. _x mnth essrr know so much. Naivoo Independ-
%, lAhc. 1L.-4e lh-sa ----in.
A' of the Isiad oovrers the When people ae arffing. haif o
o yw vt tbee ir shwos cCu- 1he1 think the rest think they are al-
NlO tothe aw t ofso n t wasw r8igt. haf of them tiSnk the
6, ad 'to the amount ret think that they are never wrong.
6We Ilineing a- goI working New York Press.
a* upon this. If we cold only emulate the patience
Sthe hbae tha e te MMom(s of the fly that sits all da on the out-
a M he re aised by the Am- side of the window screen waiting for
W a ane an opDortunity to get tIo our success in
ts a fteneo the tern- life wcod be assured. Philadelphia

D eaplat Ca m=thoPneal di- rerybody who amounts to a pinch
9i4. ah sat ro th0e stom- of Mnuff Is cvil aand courteous and It
I dth b "I ealsam "dr- Is oonl & hea e screws that think
bs flaiw. me.thrt doesanaboth ey are mart and never do anything
t a em and a, be i ed upon else. wO are too Way to be white.
shtttu rtvea dynpevla. S. B. People who cut a sw Ice in the world.
I-& C. -omtsal ramnac.y o( knw that nothing gom such good dtvl-
hi0". Pa"rn ..horn CY. dends on the captal as civility. Wash-
40 ; &U.lsNMSb J .a hton (4.) Denocrat.
1r -^ 'DIED.
OHtlPBri. P s-ut. 10-- jerk ~led to Make a Show- silan minister of foreign affairs died
t- Tes-ater mauddenly to-day, while paainw through
Wtoa, fAug. -4-Bpecal).--u- 9
jftel WbWa, oeoiSal an- '"Whas In a name r'" The word
i, .ft, Isse4mt va. to-l Otter'" does not always Indfate
Was t th ave en an something hsrbh and disagreeable.
p t.hen haveA tiensno's is lps-ne ofSthair Ms. it
No a8%0 I Mat00 dame the last .aeanases.suisasgt Mand regulates the
*qnisN Ihoravlw, yet it Is so pleasant
o. j a' geepe as- tMh moat d ato atomaeh will anot ob-
.je* itoi t. .ldW.. B. Leaooardl.i Co
ebeO.ST B /SUM aree tad nstep to

Cuban Serouply Dib t3 That
Form of G .ui.).
U Ang. -Tbe recently ao-
nom d program of the Neauo Paos
for C ia tviVeendeoP under as AlM.
ericanlte otectorate. has beea the lead-
law topic in the rea of SHaana and
the paovinces during the last tort-

~olee. 'Mar. '.d r eaumenass Jourtec
ney. but men were falliw out of line heal
at every step. and he had only seumn t-an
with him when he reached his destlna- -A
lUon. He was so angry that he topped a=
for several minute to denounce the. Ti
union men. The expedition to Phil&-
delphia In the opinion of the represent- S
atives ht "lyporraphlcal Union No. 6. ,
cost the Sun $12OO. 50n

Reported Purpoee to See the PoDe. atm
May Also Visit England. len
London, Aug. 9.-The" Rome corre- lea
spondent of the Dally MalI says th&t
Admira l Dewey will arrive there on ~Ul
Wednesday, and that" h has asked an i
audience of the Pop&e. o n
According to the same correspoudnet men
the admiral wil visit London before f-
returninff to the United States. f
Irritating stUng, bites, scratches, La
wounds and cuts soothed -and heaJed
by DeWtt's Witch Hazle alve--a sere
and safe application for tortured lash. lev
Beware of counterfeits. S B. Leolari o
& Co., Central Prmacy, of Tampa; of
Diamond Phar acy, Tbor City. A
Crop of Sykes Grove Bought oak the lvh

A biw orange sae1 was conmeansated .
in this city yesterday, by which the
entire croD of the yktes grove. on the Os
Manatee river, changed hands on the CO
tree tro
The crop was bought through Mac-
faris ane Sse hckt ord. reareesentineg
the owners. by Ta ioer Axilne. a buyer. 0.
reassentc ierckiey & Co of Cit a -
clnnatL m
Toe cop broad t .10 per box on the it-
tree The amount lnvotved In the you
tyansactlon wa aboS 11.Mo. rtee
'As stated in the Trtbune' orange- me
crop article yesterday, the entire sn- an
atee country is alive with buyers, who
are not hesitatig to purchase the frult
In adovanoe. IO
A number of pther big trades are In
progreeap and prosperity. In its most
substantial orm. Is making Its home
with the rowers of this God-favored Ha
"DeWlts Little Early Risers did me trw
more good than all blood medicines and One
other pils," writes Geo. H. Jacobs, of
Thompeon. Con. Prompt, pleasant,
never gripe-they ere constUpatipn
arouse the torpid Hver to action aLad
give you clean blood, steady nerves. a
clear brain and a hekithy appetite. Pul
S B. Leonardl & Co.. Central Phar-
macy. of Tampsa; Disamon Pharmacy.
Tbor City. N
,o Awa
The Tampa cigar strike continues Of '
with unabated vigr. sTe operatives I
are stutbocrn. the manufacturers oh- br
senate. and the local merchants down tea
In the mooth. The best thIng that the
could haen to Tsampa would be the lMe
speedy substitutoa of Amserican ep-- I
eratLves for th a Cuban contingent that t
has succeeded n giving TYbor City and P"
'Port un &' a peUMlar davor of their hit
owe.-JadMaonvile Evening Call. ed.
The editor q tte Mw Jacksonville vil
contemporary tas like he is thor- to
oughly conversant with the eitnation of
and .,taMa of "'ort BulIy." <
9 vsa
S hWbe be L so ner the Canadia t
I border line. the President "migt- as
wil tabe s vantaWe of tthe oppores-n G
anty to ao ever and aa0y 0o esolneu" M
to Sir WUftrid Laiwler. .

Ata excuimr ws~a that the ,asse of RI
the -bessm- CONs-' will ave ta be
rvoved. Just new it seame to be: tin-

1Dp ho the preset ikme Peat l.a
reat is t&~ Aweia has ant .w'Sws..Sa

+e ad Aer.

era and ep nte'saO nd 1f6,9
mayor LCts e's order closing the Is now mak.eg
m at 8 o'clock in the evenin has
u amnuled. The local papeW are 'Our baeW was I
med. evsO-e om &mA.
meraml Alemn. editor of the Tri- htbov we trWed
Sof Clenfuegoa. has been warned kant htthfir
the american authortles In regsrd bmnte TeBb lW
l can&Ma n agsaint the govern nd ur wed her to'
<.[ Nance.,TwIo.- VFWl
wvemor General Brooke. after con- Taa. sB. L. X.n
lng m(ith the Nvv. i eHsprment. Pha'nw.. ar Ta'sm
sapouned tisotanant Pr many. Tor dctrj
lei Yomw to hbe o aemnwder of the -
t of SHanaa. O.
Ea. wel-4mow CThas Intend to
r fr MuAo m MUngd. Aoomg Maypor Wooaews.
a is Heremees, former Inspectr tho
.oe. .Atlanta. 4 E. -
& Coloma. a saon town on thea L
tb noaft of tse province of Ptoaw s -SS "*bg
Rio has beeilwarnlson$ by Gemeral d*eJ"r wt t-
In reamon..a petuoo at ., In- send im thi CnU-
tnT- T, gtCe Isa a compam. bnats
ft iLussetaut peafti.The Kva,
A TEXAO wvusidjim. P Wougasy6 la
a T&s.xLin OmA5' --- v w -. O- A

at pae-, .-

WWWII ..Bw.Lvus W. ---- Sn t-fbitki m

-ett. Texas, Sept. MLr4 t W. o the CGi
IL. wto. Tt: Dear l.r-.I .lave t .on i
d YMr reat Diovery for kne he
iable. and-can raenmm it to sag Tha i="Ofrt
Sm-erimn In like manar. sesislma h1i1
W. TOMSONI, sla,-e to be a
yor of Barlett. am laMM oftI

ompprea rana. Paper. ieh h. eh
be emlaglme to
rew TYork. lAm. -9taatals Rmdla wo do nt w
oO the1 m eo I
ume--andVOoL Aqumvto QHV-^ no ^ lq
-, abe swr a sant maer __
El AbMp-4leetadO. a HaBnunA a-S e. J.Jl1
Per, whidh was suppressed recetF Beed srle,-O
M-snCor lenerW.-Adow.= s I! muc-s- I
day fromn alubs on the Mexo borf ss Cl
Ward Line. Both declared that Bred l
o wd nt e i from Cubs., a whme.wA
b mam they came to the Unitd how Ut I
Ltea to lay their create beft S Co
psiint iKnier and to paOlO dwadee
a t btahrb ma been umiatty t Ieat- a-
Ther do&eW to obtain a complat
zseAtion. and to be aWe to weorn
'Havaa and eewm the M "Wb ) --
a Reaoov,,1 4.

abmut hisl
the rebel-
9 thowte
Bady aro-
it. but IP
make an
be oad no
hat direc-


ILAIA& at.



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oA ..- f !a a7a. .
qio an-!P.ATaltoUI0 WN. ti lt-t A t igh t

~aft.Jlrmj Ad e at PotoT Tama t -Th e t eamshi h4ssCSaas-Se
-n.htr- IV?. Burte i '5 5kwas at i

FS asleasl esi d oewisat se

S' D1 '-ly. i"- st na wil creamest eri ght vua and twenty Key West healyt oad Drsgen. o'yele,] f
-if,, as a Victomto N o* -Yd a. for diso ,rd- ofn thi d
L 'E u 1 W 5. t?. t" t arie. te e m a g, Havan and Key ^ ,, ,d a Uc~ e
d Wet. who are anxios to come to concerned is the best t
r.s e aelats Mr a TaImmi^tshas ch. th, hati foa thal mea ato rhes telh er ntemotatSots
.... ..er.e ,l r m st l tt.s

t5"w tre fr a thorough so.atnt, choldrea f the reilt of the ur l a
wise eorDeaases tt iandinme wll eave r Haa agse ly wmmeseca'

.olr a h To nwi" thberea for a tu tt s te o ar adlr. Al.. Wt heeStofW the sa:'T-

11L. a hkN trI- A C b eh or DMredgn g o th e ha rb r h 'e have MARIED iSwTH e-blihaf
bim.w t s a to ahe ra gelmta tosto i sase borle agInn c. ,,, .I
S .e a Pant W. t nil andru re from 1aw -wIfksh,.ltl1eao til r1 r 1t e.. th ,, s aa.

ilA vtl -'usaaw ,2 tbe pobme hms e aAennL Id Ai lmson t e im.dIit.s lan -te pronortloeaa i a etrt2L" hetats
;^!to. ttoa sptItl e "Dcapt. J itda tot an ewr as o u rI t0-*. ^7P^ee
t/ a nh e i orto t o 1 Ametrl t de a I iokfo m amPer cattle interest. ne bt o, N.. The dPeastrio Prea v
r.--R'-'-: ." ieale Pateem. a'ok of Evans- The nowne Awls. h, aded with & ar me b T dst. a as b
Sto l. ratf a qrt o irkey. oWci f ertdter. sled to-day for -
.tto but nis he.d- tehen seered at old.e eto sword. set Wiro. --r -
' f.ra ..ttu i.'- the al*'ta a bat tab ad t fr aBE HPannalh and wife have left MainE a MAOTHEIMi-LAW
. ..,^ 7 L blao. wei .eeai--y halfo ugh S Shi fs ^.,w MARIED HiS

h baf tw yes. tIll ale to ss ateaa n i helr of N E I On O eA IN ABAMA
se t11"s- satrtsig. hovt. and be iedth freight tfor Havaa, and the POeRTnD BY OORdBi NI)Nes .
gi wij tut the weapon's int agVest o=M hi1 er od mnacsoh
te I.-mme Sor- aC i and aed with e hilt a lt the beed another suhi on the Havsana "
a bern oe tea mayor an- wall. Dtill he did not collapse and. ron is beoominh more nmuest, each I of
I luckn he weapon t frot the ound, dina y. It is satfe to say that the t e Secretary of Stae Gave a Un
cm atW'nz, E a Ai 5mld M l 001l to a closet and w aited f.or the fire to
j fwold n ella. to eart SD, sere10tot he we r IIrt s *be en ot-n da ln asnte hba r *W I*.bowe o
qt Su. wen the aUnmnoe ofim. d&Le wais Smta by the mols tis fell an winter, a d that thee
H5" % w "lI fliemen amn takes to a'hrsplta.. He ahes" e wil be here as soon as Qteer atch.
Srecoer" r quarantine Is ltbed. I
l. i,. REPORT ? YorT -CIty and Little Rock, Atl, ca ln McGul'e. the ffalble yard rk. Aa.. AUg. ti-The clans are
no ted the lon master, is bringing the ervce h the destruction of Gav-
tt e wires of tie American Telephone department up to an eirglecy never 8 ls .
w"ntget &.ar.Arze an& ft-bg e Ad (W Dr.
e froA da-iel e to N ew arleaes and toh e with O iae l f twita oft gang ag-lee' k has been veI"a ed.n
mlOe-a *isa s amte s I II i p c III'Md to bet The work of dregi ng t he narrows When the governor planned .the rer v-
completea B S bont lov. L In accordance on the east Bide of Tampa Bay Is pro- Eli. Reylds Prom the rtnin-
Vc l ae sm hee of coJletl the ay- resln seady of a. Reynolds tfrom the airsa is-
t to ai Ga t s ,t PURELY PLANT C -Y POINTERSe aiawW
that.ta' ately telephone servieI from plac'edtwoa v oends frrofrotv-or
--.--" New York to Geveaton Tex.. and New -- lipsced two vowed fTrays o ProfSc
York to aama wl .e arra ed. The in on the "r Jorma o-,
-*l omne ten children. lore-t telephone service given In the IT -is OF liNTg FSdT CAL'GHT ON to oust Dr. Hiddr ge,. the aai e crowd
ii.stif. Patt Pa Ulfnited Stttes and. In fast. In the world oil P cried. "hatnie on such oiilcsai ace n.-
a wiS ar l Ms that from New York to Omaha. It Ii log." Bwht an investigation in hoth caaes
I. lt- os 1 10 for t5 tamnute convesation -. cy State authorities shut the nmoeth
X02Sd 4t at lth" Oi n ha This hI also the rat& to a 1 isfenoed the batteries of the over,-
I r fltlo.cwl Ule Tataely Topics About Those Who Come .w's aenne and he is sti on top.
L nir .beut til e" I i Its hot yet certain he wUl be an
SW a R. oL' ---- but It Is believed he will be hiso owf
El-q1 ." .v 1bey..'-e, ae t lhver, stoma Interest to Tribune ^macem-r.
They,.'t eow idte at blood s toma. Oarrk can boat of two sange
mw.= : 0. hUl tM -Dr. oi.tsyml0bls p relk p faoredRae freaks In te ethIcs of m
a1 1 n ad 5 It mtw bil-- et holds hi o wn as a r-
'ea.... *" 15 int Indigeaton. plant City. Aug. 15.-The past week 51o015. He has three Itue, V moBn
l hea-aChmei. tmalabao k-id ney dseaae, has beeten ao iual one to regard uio mCnage his berge dru buras
4W e 5Im t ftevers. est. heal t o taai w. nervous the weather it has teenp hot and aod amot It him in his pracnce, one of
fell a to-tie. a tH" d vital stormy. heavy winds CwlSE with oc- whomiI aAcourAnlee him everywhere he
saloiMi ahoswers. swith cooler nights aoed
W.inai hy a torid ive and kbdesyu. -han U eNo tishpad or accadentltw The other freak Is a man nwheo 1aar-
Ir ]It 15 a. tetsbllbe fact that lemons, however, lI a thei viinity ond hie mother-in-law. Colonel Tio-
it t e" .m . o& 'id b e,, i dn oter The town election held m Tuesde lmoa eade a we a free dealer a
-,.neaw the!.e. a m',t, deot le lasd. t, was. the t reasaat b tho e hitory th 5hort iSiae before her death aUnd the
=I" uson tha v -, h-o w- the ow with onf one ticket nt the fam ldga fet into thee hands o
.. andtn th to lV bw-field.aJ.. m h w i b h aers who was a widow. To ve
kt*1 ys ao d tleal. 5.an by ail fis. IL B. a-1w4re and tte folkS his csuieahis eatala he married the
am -w 0 mEl 1bthetlona. are msterIsbra anfew i a writ fhis mOzrtI lea.dB e a Aug.a tee
h twse i h"-,m e yi ans n e d a r t V a i r i c o o ho w e v ers he I n au i ore d ct he u ct o n t n .-
WKY xw-4 .'-A It'OBINhv be4l JMO3 UInIR, g a B. Piosket shdesed trvy standp thortt.as if there wa ay lwa to an-
.We Th of bees to ts. Peteaw laet week. thorie uoh a asliaW e They erred
'fcompale t'k aL iMnuas c" rdea Mer. Plunket sla ie of the mnat say iian Whe the agote rcar. and be wrote
""ii tIo ";"" i l-m.oe0a t=o t e Sy -a damL ful sanSd "u-to-date bee keepers ia tlhe imoretar of tate.,t. The reorIj oae
u-- "t ... O. .I t O L5r the at.te. after a tew dat's ao d read: "There t
S .- t .' M t .. -es htrioker. random of Dr. ad no lw asther is u a man to rry
Net la PtoGoea, A.Tx H. B-arne o this P place, left t wW taer. b opt there s no law
1& Ke tn! a ** Yr ftor Camden. Ac. thie hoen of ,him Tinaio I. sat If, N tf man so d-
1ig I : IKMBU B 'IJlosevce v e ,in the er oF M 2onSalmtU A OaN. f too iOn to do mach a thIng. let s me
.-gjrW iL*1 --WV .g W, Toumt and U ttle folks It F"
4M if or. em .5t idiestoo and ners left n Thrday mrlng for Btnnnl- Orn CrOS in this State, as a rle.
SSrs.amm I o H t07 a Mr. Guy o anm b .Elte BrueH drove rty will m inltaie lts ehtat n Sthe
Sinae&h e 70. l ov er Tthedsy to their respective kmd of bo and hominer. ieo e cotton
l J. I -=, .rH a Mr. QB H to tem b the Plant P 4here es to us whamt the shear i&o
__. Tndian Srium,. n s school, Wiat ESie to teach the Bravo 1hMt17 is to Tasau Ua its ef Scoe of
S chool. both in the, vicinity or Peru. money ppy. Mubi leat lmn acreage
1. l ar secretary of the w seeded lat e praln, but the weed
-"l~g~gyrT,' tm m uT L T'T, WarneU lumber Co aod Dr. it T. he. fited wal and the yield wl
l" L W cas ofS l t- certa tok a r mun es to Jacfrnea vlle come w to last year's fllnrea. It la
K. mjjaiEdl ot ony Thurma Mr. Ric-ardn vtitnlr isesla rap edby, ad ls bel-a oised
W'. ,eohs sp Sev. r llbyuing two bottles, Pabi 0ob etore return on the market aa It ts ilcaem.
p J.C. iBTANl W. H. Brday hes one to bt. Peters- The entral of Gerla has check-
~ Io.r H84 TVa-'& Ga, H. R. R hsb for a few dayd. mated the tuat isetem In its more-
s 10 7 r 1ai Katle Cambell. of Sevea Oak. meant to tap the tibr belt of i sthL

1X a W W-st LBO ZPEK* arrived o.L Friday to enter umo Alabama, by building from CI~iMa%
,._-l1' *lk .he school wi at Cotrk Academy. on the Chattabooebee river In L s aocO-
S*Cared me c cA case of heart disease M iss Kate Ytm hbas gone to spend western direction to Eaton, in COe-
a-'d todl gtI o f oser oe as-5 iding a month at PasnetLto. cuh county. The sew route crosses
&Ad riJd ww ge atear! ee t MsN Lennie Seabom I Is visiting the Alabama Midland at Dothan, goes
U4I -Itr 68" dUE t M~C fr'lends near Perm '-on by wa r of Hartford. leaves Gen-
: m" N t i oa lemoblIr done me any Nsay of the Warnel people are re- eva tea miles to the south, and on to
"z DIEmHL. timing to Pant City Some branches ilton. Locatig EHlneer W. IU Sis-
EhehaB ai t. of the nell work. It is said. will be json is at thts writting opooeite Geneva
C,.U I ft. oms5 "se. sun ed shortly. t with his comes of asistants., and will
Therewere interesting services In get through ty September 16. Tbua
.- '- the (Methodist and Baptist chches tCntrajl r its line al among about
"Oi MO LXW edrrtrday. ten to ndteen mules south ot the Plnt
Sors es IMWagge WHder returned tur- ste branch turning off at w-
fny "or .-for nervq pros- day froi Homeland bavinr spent sev.- ton and going to Bba by w, Of B-
teakidgi 311 8 kBl, Iandigestion and con- era] weeks vtsitinz relatives in that terpriaep It In proposed to have the
N Im, a mc 1 with moht va-tn. t e thuaderin along this new road
Sen] a-fi a ot Rev. J. Gates left Ulonaay for ; by the flrt of Ma' next.
,,lli ldiaatt ater O oter" Mansatee.I .W. I& Asj"REZW
rq ea had taled. Mrs. F. Badger Wiler and children
J. W. HOLLO,. are spendJn the week with Hon. and MOWn AHNS,
6 O r ,. C. ,+ W .-der and family. north- --
Ata east of Plant ity. o We are the rereeatntatived of th
", ea H sT s *e 'O the es.. John W.. ,asrey and family I Florida for the famous Ch, pon
g^Waa Sa Cs n they will join Mr. Massey who has been Moytakg machines and are 'albrAE
tiMateein, t. Peterbg r some time It is to take order for future
digd a bhmaain presumed that tbr wHm locate perme- These are the only F ude
a _m_ i athe hisa. nantly In the lty tby the Bay. that will cut In any poaitfon i4tt Is
T_ J. Beatr r moved with hilsafamily tone that never requIres the Its
'".."nte-k ao tesab the eta u eek school this leave his seat to man pula T ahey
_ar are the finest made for oreagtrees
13110mtm bGl rr s. rnew arrwed on Thurs- or S dT
alerWtber ooerat Wa.m-e irli,. s nes w n^d Wageons .
o tra,3. IU lmooneof PloriCity.. V.

- wn

NEAU F. 0 A P. DEPOT^2l..

Machinery ami d 0il erWake

One 50 II-P Erie City EaSgin. Onef i-.
Boiler. One Saw Mill, complete, Wh&o.
loy & Hermage Moulder. One Roey"
Rip-Saw. One Goodell &'Waterst Do"eSt
Feed for Butting Saw, Three S8A.Wpsmuj.
tLree 8aws. One set Trucks. 100 iee 1,1I"s
Thirty assorted Pulleys; Five 62 in. Inwed Vto
An one wanting anything in this line will do well
s ond with


+ P ** A**'* W *mB

AM OLD CO)MrOla,.s PAWTy ,,
bear the'trato and the roar of the n l. "
Uinotn nwtabbew
And waeft te nlahble stnra of thea f S
kers" a k ei na *l
An be owes" the nUamt kr kes
But I mia dse ma Irr mt ofc the
ciftk. elrk. olic,. tow .N
When the nehinem w to mwer to AP gai"
the ob-timedUClt. t
3L P. Tahaferrit ot Jackdfeflen In -
Ahe eit on an b .
George W. hAuA Issow keep
his mab room ammas l nDASL
w..Lum ofnew To-. was
asaxm -esawsViUMte to the .-e

Dr. E La lev thle slsdmorag
tor Bt. Peterabus on profeatonal he__- __

Captain James fatsgerald Is nstfI na( Tb-M I
the-.ounui ns enjoying fe to ItsM U- eativOes
est extent.thqpL3 -5
Idle clear maker tIn Key Weat as= 4'r.aM-t-kiq-'u.I
Ravana will rush to Tamps, now by the We Ia hte .e

t,,.w f. .r.I W m r---
ee. of New Tork. Ia in the -.city, at the

irs. Prank D. Jaion is expected a
to arrte about Aigat 20. to o her ot
Oftuend hem.
W. R Puber eWt last Bight for I
-snea. where be- so to attend taO'_

7Mr. W. IE eoMM ai2mrbak

- a ~ ..~



I 560,11mr."

...I I :.-jq

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