Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: June 15, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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tewn talk iso the breakdown of thte negotia-
tlpes odt lte probable serious recent.
.ies. rta mab; gnashing or teeth.
I5Ad4 there are grim references to the
^SSSaA ONaGao H BrLh aluI noflated by
s dw r togr G lUdeones premmtr-
an the ree a frequent emoe-
aloha that Onhe s is now ripe to wipe
qu;t ne ef _at at B &Joa Hill

.rn... ef lati.ec w.itooIy w. te con-
.i malio came that te worst feazrs
6 wa realaed, that Preesident Kruger
S. ref. to yield one jot, and that
n Uft h eO coiftrmo usimply ended as tt be-
u tn. Othe n temeanst increased& veon
Wullrl3e6dnse papers which have been mot
t..-- bi aand warned their neiglaors
So ep cool, im outt In a tee t
Kstiger with at nears o
trub threats.


^ mimisr hseetf apt Wade Oat -MUre

=IO Are Colored.

'---a.: -
mied alms the entire

aet i wa a e lge mber of
wliewatt. a itatto girl, 15

'w. asMmt her in a par-
110eleadt 1 ib-ent Tiinaer. Acoordinftto
lar at. aMesden brke ato 3r house.
Bb a winter, ts at shout. when
waq no am bt butmhu a emit
hernef". ke ad retired,
gle ml S pee her pthe throat, ac-

% IC. Mastasri saud the defense

wl tsa tor nhek tfte gire s It~iwtS
to hapeath her character did

4 rdauebat5 dobah an0 her spory.
AtmlWM a & oabam of teensy, hbut
e mni. F7 na proseentrix
s mndetebaoule&VNISerOaNmogfonvsu-

pa Esrllernoon hi Eatdrnr for Othe
CeOWL ases t a mhe om mi m
W leaWgi the dadendas
Ad lueS 3 hn."- aM here

MW hs vz aP amh




The-Uitlanders Are Now Fleeing

From the Transvaal.


Mh There Kay Be Trouble-ruger
,Ref~Ms to Yield One Jot and
it s Probable That There
Will be War.

Capetown, June 1IL-There Is a panic
aw the Uithanders in the Trans-
vaL and "emptiea" are being hurried-
Sra ild nort e fem this vicinity

GMerl Bemanr will arrive this
wefk totake came of the troops.
'7 rwisd eo rPeted to precipitate a.

Loa4oB* = 1te 1-Affairs in the
Tenaumal are the o m a eortng topic

Ois f 'te tise ctimsmntantlal of
tbe IaMw ist to the'effect that Prewi-
dW" amoer ta w bee given three
wth to meet the views of the BrU-
I.1 agpvernmznt, ead that l failing con-
ecoaeme .wr will be declared.
MiWb Gte stormed obtain no credence
agmm w a-lam ed people, there is
,no bt that great anxiety exists In
~' esrnt airces es to the outcome
e 'tlh0- between Kruer and
ftr Alfred iner. In trala, In 'bues,
la the lailes of the theatres, in clubs,







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ess. The funeral wt occur this the evil-doer oi theb clot of night. heretofore. to
Morning at 10 olock ftrom the rmelt The new engine whch wU fturnetah East coast train Na 78 w leaves
enee. The services will be conducted power for the street lihattl plant, Ibmpa for Sadord, .bJktsoaftle a wao,
p Rev. J. B. ey. The bereaved rel- unt the water power is again avail- all points eat at 9:56 a. mn, tstead If wnp
dwves ae the recipients of eitnere able. is being rapidly placed in posi- 9 o'clock.
latrhy from their many friends tion. As soon as It is in worktog wr- East coast train 3S wl leave T'amn- .oV
are der the street lighting service will be pa at 735 as heretofore. in*
-- 9 reuMed. 'he nt will bA#ve a ca- Train 2 from & ponti east, includ-
T- STu-,J, 1 QUEhRAIY parity or i ,00 lights. lg Jacksonville, Snford nd lert-0
'om Wednesdar'As Deily Chef 2raLe will probably be em- diate ont will a-rrve at 7 a. m as sa
'ActtnW General tanager Taft, of the i Powed iy the city coundi to place heretotore.
omn ertM tonpua w1 donate and the new street am lbihts. They will ftain 5 6 a all pots st. -e a
taee the elebtrio E lnl ons for the be of candle power each. west coast wM arrive at 10 m -as
raIs street mamsde ball or ete It Is not POssble lust now to give he-retofore. -
ampetwr. w -la hea been projected the exact date of t'he .eu ptio of ,
r the slibt of Jo'yi 4 The fete will electric street mlahag, hbut it sth rea- kA DYNAMIT CANARD.
Cur on leabette street. and t naly certain that Tain b lobigma-
minateios and operations w1 make will he bfitlantly ai niteted anain From Wedneeds Dalr.y I .
at thoegte a scene of beauty, before the July cautnval. O le i.to astott ef t
--- that the loewbiotve used bp i' #*,I
ly in operatm a lumber Re a o
-the Canomesa dam. ba bee" n W
"0wo mth b hem wtlm w .te,

roim Wednes are lm w M
*"^ ---- fm T:The rdefr .ot to.e -: ,.
M -.-th-efe-d ose ..teo".;d

.... .-..


iusnally LargeNumber of Cases Special Committee is Ready to Henry Winter Had Both in Crim. Nake

Before the County Tribunal. Make Report to Council. loal Court Yesterday ~m


nbealement Case Nol Proseed- Counilman Frecker's Suggestion A Legal uestion Which Judge Car- Flipi
rhis Term Bids Fair to Last Two Finds Ready Response and Need ter Wants the Supreme Oourt to ore
Weeks-Those Tried Yes- Can Be Supplied Without Pass Upon-The Other cases
terday. Delay. Diapoeed Of.

om Tuesday daily Prom Wednesday's Daily. From Wednesdays Dally.
The adjourned- lsp teem of the coun- Ta a is to have two park. Henry Winter, cow thief, was the a
ormtonal court convened yestd If the city council want paZks at star actor tin aminal oort easterda.
ning 1 ocic. Jdge CarteralL it now has the opportimity to pro- PretendedSl Intsa et dba eWd as
prtiesleand Twtne t 4 attendance vide them. and on remarkably easy from the lunatic awhm as ore, he
t the seating aacty rof the com- terms. faced the bar once more to amunr wem.
dioun oa ,trouss was taxed. Cou0lltman Frecker's suggestion has ve obarges of cattle stests, eitm
The court enter upon this session interested the peoples Winter (who 0i also known as Will- -
th a great maso of busineam before The Atecalt ornmnittee appointed at ism omith) cdsted i himself so peon-
In addition to o the 100 cases appear- the lat meetUnc oi oo0cil to Investi- t a
1 on t e docket, a large number of gate te opoortuentle for securing a in the court room that ay Aft
w ones were placed before the oomt good eI tor two or more pzdblt parks, those oreeent became inressed with i1i
sterdatr morning, hba iade its investlpations, and is serious doubts a to his s anlty. Bl s P
feany of the doepternte called to the reed to report to council. logged Indifferene ois vacant star LaW
r entered pleas of guilty and were The lbomittee tas learned that two
omptly sentenced by Judge Carter. excellent treats can be s ured--oe of and parent unconcern It wat m ,
Bome of the camblinwg contingent ad- ten aee 0on Nebraska venue and one tr nsptiring icated a mental mondl-
ted thal course, but quite a number of five acrea in the oarrtson property. tlon. which was at least qseatlonable. tn b
them prterred to risk their fate with These can be purchased by the city on Winter was amaned on the \lrlt olm
jury ten year time. of the chaeres agalnat atm. He reta.-
the followknt caoes were disposed of k timate Ibows that, in order to ed to enake a l afsrUm nt. A ca ren A
ring the day: rchqe and equip the parks, it wil investigation of the case, in wiMt
Mank Drley an ad costs de neoestly to add only one mill to the Judge Carter took a watbal part. to
t.. k Darley, gambling, i5 andants I-
30 da s rese city tax as w.eYn t. It la not see that no advantage was taken af _I
Will Douglas gambling, 30 days in believe that there would be any the defendant, left no doubt as (a tl
Will serious obJectlon on the part of the tax negro's gust. He was sentsnerd to
le Seey a n 5 das e to this inconalderable sqeclal five years In the peneienteryl. Fowir-
iAnie eeney. g blin 5 da levy 'nmslar c-arges stUtst Tand against 2 :
il. 0 lThe matter will be brought before him.'
Roxie Grtffin, gambling. $1 and oosts council on Friday night, and some delf- shortly after court' reconvened after tre
W0 ays. nlte a4tlon will, doubtless, be taken dinner Winter, who was sitting with
'Annine Wintus., petit, laroeny, $10 D the other prisoners In the or f otthe
id nesta or 30 days. -RM TO 10MAN ,LA P box. had a seeiou ep.eptRO
Esen RoberM, gambling, 1 and Cana Hutens, Depot Conmmesary, stroke. He tel to the floor and foift '
John Hall, carrying cons-led weap- a Long Trip Before Him. wlth desperation the men who trled
Jon Hai carrying oneaed rap- to quiet lim' e inckhent created Bea
n. 31 and costa. From ednesdasra Daily: some excitement in the tourt 1irom
Will Robertson .receiving Ltcen Captain . Hutchins, depot conm- which Seriff Senoer d so a t o-
oprty convicted. sentence deferred. nir of the United S eates army, who ble in qtutetingB.
harles Marvi, grand larceny, ac- has bn smtaoioed In this city for the It is stated that another investigas-
itted. past e4 months, has received orders tion .as to his sanity wilt be made
Sam Chapman. embezzlement, con- to rep, anl before he Is sent to ehee _lteO*pry. '
cted, mentene deferred. apt Hutohlns' orders are so Jla Andmbrist. tMamie Hendermon,
Wiliam Orffln. assault with intent dated to enable him to proceed on Maile Serge t and Alex Wiley. gam-
muder, plea of guilty, sentenced his lo journey without the necces- blers were sentenced to five days in low

G. W. evens, attempt to ln La .eere.g hence t F for larceny, got D0
ldCi. Pea of g atty, sentence de- CWc to see umber of old friends ,inte ounyJaiL t
.i., e tand thence to Omaha his home city, Riobrt ai wo s c atte of petit
Athur Dexter, grand larceny, ac- e oend several days. From Omaha po
uitted. he wilc go to lan Franat-vco and em for Tburglary, was oln iosedL.
Te case of the State vs. Antonio bark for the long sea-voyage. The case against C 'arles IWilia m
ernandes, charged with the embes- Some interAet was aroused in the
ement of W000 from the Thor City tr l Lrial t J. E. B errien. d ared with
building man LJ AbtAomoclation., wa- U forgery. iMerren s a young negro ,
Wied. and annondxauent made tha and. the State aluage, "raised" a check
te indictment had been not procee. -on tb FiMrst Qadonoil beak. atven a'n
m the payment of costs. Reconstruction of Onn-pers' Dam t& y C W taHd. of Teeo T Ow Cla or
Ie ourt wfl reconvene at 10 o'clock l i to $40., then 2 temp ti
!is morning. The tern will, from a Bapidly Nearing Completion- the same on MI. fiei steba ei.aS
acatlons, last two wek. Closely Guarded. in treet mrrsime t. The "r- '6
DE OITOS #OPEmNING.m was rather awkwrip dose.
rom Tuesdays Dally. From Tuesday's Daily. for t!e new. onted ou t artn at h ted M
A'lage number o Ta a people will The new coor- n's dan is rapidly nical flew5 in O he nammms In I 1 am
tend the ooensling be.l at the De- ne sars-lugno etloe L Wltian a ew lhe was sustained W J e erise.t, im
ito hotel, Garmasota, Wednesday weeks the tg mosm of stone and soiu ltere was thea a sto rn fight be- .mo
ight The me st tletoe will will be as strong and through as it tween Bolicitor Tuan ad Attornh welt
kte the party at one-hatlf regular was before the wok of the dynamiters WIL tlrivovi tha e r1at of the -..=
re. The following committees have made it a wreck, o
een appointed: John BaIvareee, H. L Col. Peter 0. Knight, lknaer Tat, Cade the Wt thet seliliE t lsSma
erht and R. LA. (rowell on tvlta- Clitef A. J. HarriA of the flre depart- s me dobp On ts end in tiSre
ons. WR. H at ler, C. W Btevens acd met. Mr. Paul Bmith and a Trtbune e f nvt a
SL 1neoleld on recepton, and A. C presentative visited the scene of op teas to have the matter esse ~s tl e
lewis, ,Herman Glogowlki and A. erations yeeterdaay T 7 by the euoreme courtL n
oore floor m~oneaer found the work progresteg most satis- Wo verdict tad been create i to mel
Bfactorfy. In fac the entire destroyed ose at the hour oa --"tui
W it ___R DItoD. pr-ion has been praccsiLy rebuit,
ron Tuesday's Dally. and it will be only a comparatively PLAJC S-tWIW B
Has Cora FlTcer died yesterday short wltlq before the water power can Anomter Important Chan la Sin hedae hi
oninog at her home on Florida ave- again be utUlsed. ^ B re the
e. (Mrs. Fisher was 6 years of age. very ecaao tin iso being taken, aseee Jube i t
nd had been Il only a short while the work progress, to gurd agaiLnst. EffectIve 12:01.- a. sn., ee 1, 11e .t4-
he leaves a tatmand. IMr. A. Plasher, thie intruseon of evl-disposed persons, towIng changes wil take lac tn ',
O t Leon dalrtL to mamra her un- or tOe r viotation f the asvet-rous schedules of Plant stern tralns to Deq
mefr death. The deceased was a-. dynamitters. A strour cordon of ansd from ~kug"a.
aKhter of Sirs C Hedix., of gcard is on duty night and dtay, and Wet coast train 7i wt lease a a o
plant CitiF. who attended her lat ll- a citle a brtiBlant ar"-itsHs deprive at 7"30 a m.. instead of 5 aCioS, as rae

so~n be mt --

Icdtiumm Wm take iads

-q g R amw

amtsed .to noem o l


dus Our "
aw audft
SI u atrei kea

qom edes~hasre

er a dits.esselmi
I ''
tit a46& after hail

'awra orbs


I i


COY as Iwo

a" -yWew. OMW (:

moutEs w ck

leaua b,

JoUM0IN, Is ean o MOM`to 020 e8a9West Udeed very strange that they do not Havana to the effect that, be are
&altth i Phatlda, where he to serving oontrtate Mberally toward the fund to dying like aheep in cholera time.
..a' theimerament In the caltty of post- make the oocanon a zl event. Ameriana had better e taunting new
1 b agorms Fourth will be fittingly .astures for the a nmer mootlan
ta A vi A prsert tgentleman who toIs viat- celebrated, and thbowr at o pyle will at a recent meeting of the trusntees
.- I ea.pa ios a Cew day, amid to a be here from an parts of the tate Th of te anintle Imndutrlal Behool, held
*l h auMG Tr man yesterday tha0t omer- program of ainmumenta wilU be an et0a- at Jadabonvae, Mar. J. R Pa.rott was
't clab speaking, tde clir Is the most orate one. and the festivittvies will e chosen prekldent aqd Mr. George W.
prospemawoamplae in the entire Slate. worth coosag many mnles to see. Wilson e ary.
aeJalo md Cusan to evi bhe. clhs of Tampa have onranized The report that G(over Cleveland ha
.i.U4m1 Ga itemax i prdaIameait as and propose to nke it very interesting been put offI a farm a- poebaglaS di
Is Tve-?bW reg'rdism the mnlota for the mnertamts who reft e to close ntedL It takes more tn a were ira-
:10 Wf t s t ,onvbi .They are won efy eiing tGa he heated term. mor to put talm off a tar.
S... By beag wy O Parisa on Sunday. The cattle dealers of Florida are n-
Sas" Mr. T.h jonrnamlt Vwho was hit on thae Mr. WIlam W lWdort Astor mMssed the loying an era of prosperity never be-
,e .In.vl- heand th a Jewded top at OCate de eldlen apwMttunhly of his U life to root f fore experienced. It is ike the good
iq ." Din a n cane, sho ga've his name eral. tyid days in the sixtlees.
o J t deBIy. Slame la rety to earwn The Andree letter season has opened The oregres o( cI'latUon In OA-
tit t with bratt promise fthr a good croli s& has already remaced the
T chanvang asnrte of the and a steady iel drews ball sta Manl i l now on the
SOOLf .juA netayatlan has 'dome -- eve of the pink esa.
Ip. "d s -s-Is toward ...vh-
EN im gt HS Seatlor Han ti reported as having
AreDOO a f N said that he does not want to manage
.... e--,-", -N.d at S- -- + -W- ^ Are prepared from Na. te wP&I ere.aremoth-
,t -, ..mi ,. f ea.J Wm e ture's mild laxatives, a~d
te while gentle are reliable
.a Pade Sickient aThey Bia-ofa, asm a o N an-

.I W -. Os, our Stomach.0.. a a la t ead
.+ rthl-. tTheS MUMtofe Ok, Ct hais dac id d r,

.:-- C ions t sonvl Sod Jt bf -w 4f Of r -
-. Sh so5. perbo se.ma ..0.-101ew19k.e l-.
z-m .- --+ ._ .;-.s : "- C' - .,

Ne w ork his le d o fr ,,, a at
S ~ t colBnto S qwaMe per- New Ortenas to to te congratulated. UUo UU
I t art t s season ot thew It Iama watched Frampia municipal m n-
I- Co. Te l rgMktsat of that State improvements witth an envious eye. A Is g e at
m ftt known ashe FO rd hil at at la.t ban ftoawed In the wake of pro "
tt iatatMbaager. kes the s tatteeal fruit grews chazm tersatUc of is city tby vot Th l why Xyap g
-- a meniter. It a ve7 Ing or bonds that will be sufficint to T M &
OBmT 02eV d te tow. and fftoni t t publ erect a modern sewerage system. Ida Thi i b ir mnt?
Ocaanlalna oparer a n otection r tte prvoeperou Southern city has been a KapI*I4 Lk RwEha l e
-lter dteta- thbeveri ts I o uthe hot pesthole for years for all kinds of con- W sh. A imp uig F
.. .......... olidtor months the coneumption o o tagik diseases, aad ils miserable sani-
Sa drink io enormous, and thae bLc Is tary condOtion has been the cause of f wid.
entitled to reasonabe many deaths and the lose of many G.maa,
. .... ...500 against h adulterati All thousands of dollars' worth of valuable
A.. ... " O drunks dispensed at fountain sta are propertY. The Picayune of that city
L3... .... not mwome0 DM n do al vendors of In jollificating over the glorious vie-
rek .............15 6 these ve rage ue aduit but tory achieved, in part says: ME MANF o.
-- 1 that somI Imre 2 a d e-ink a re d [ -For all the years since Its foumatlonI There is something pathetic I in Go
S-ALM: offon en, as wel amduits, is;e-I were laid on the muddy a3k of the mez's farewell to his arm. Oven thas
.10 tsain. 'Iupatron asbald Soon exactly, stslesiv ,rivereo Ories, in re- who suspect the Old Oman rs otives and
- ....ood wa be in ttinI. The ateO ect to works for public sanitation, doubt his patriotism mamt conesst the
- I mittee on Pare Pood at ts recent sit- has been little better than a camp for-
1 t ort tins in Obakago partially dislosed the nished with the crudest appiances for he a fought a good flht, and ino
.otha Unitad BtateS extent to whidh charnkIrle and other drainage and pursuing barbaric meth- the close of the war his conduct has
,tKaiO iS m avace Uoo u adulte1rant enter into many .t ods oef disposing of the filth of a large been dIlgnMfed and consistent He h.h
mnlvtse4 every day our mot aotant and generally used Dpopuation. In a word, there has been not hesltaed to express his belie ta
NMoaGD sad is de- articles of tood Bt tthe government no provision of the improvements which et out of the island. am
In the ty sad suab- Is deu with the food quesUtion, a are demanded for the comfort and w t he i n
ylt n pSotp'd the piuMe o is protected to thae extent, health cf the people. In a wd there he has done what he could to indue
Ulted states Tor the ow c f wtt aem d acdvity int has been no progress whatever in the the Cubans to be order' and self-re
enteba-G tae provtisons of the pure pRMilc worMM required for the sanlta- strained. How soon bAi hopes may It
th e 10 Is leg#0 tood law rn aio governmenthl tUion of a modern city. realied I s a problem which It awo
eMplahtt Hb mail not taIen u thel of dr*tus But an this is in the past. The er- take a wh mmnto solve. It will do
e so that the roatter and reform on hat score must be talny tor the ftture In grand. The pend in art on thbe degree Of our owa
ac?%op*ut&-d tv the States or tih'oft property owners of Now Oriesna voted good faith and in part on the capacitl
nama 1y the ak W a-- of city councdla, as m yesterday to tax themselves for a term shown by the native We acr ooc
u A IM ak e omase at the n ulk tilpectio If It of 43 ywaes at a rate of 2 mills on each stanty heart at what our army o
s I aw as to sel tasre mM Iktis wrong dollar of asse ed values to pay tor the er are doi at Santiago and at Ha
on Me te prinptle to dpe e a contrucon of sewerae, drainage and vaaa a d at other Oufmn town, t a
the smarm away tet ruit re, andb te consumer water nwork to be contrned and main- there seems to be a damrth of native
WLhae tihe T l aane Is ente to IttakVots f50O ta ntaithned by the city for the Dlo iuse strong enoiha to take held at the hein
St MtlOI thei M A thOte- T ax will produce some 10,000,000 themielveO. Tt mar come in te

%OOD ODD TiiEB to 812.M000.00. wtlh will be at once real- however. Meanwhile. Cuba. wUl prob-
) JUN'J, 180, Ised by betag made the bas of bonds, ay bene the th estifactio of I Uwl
About this ttm last year the peo- and so the Mmaen woll be made aval- under the bet pv..._.mnat it has ever
Nt 'fll I vA. pie of Tanma were efoijIW the great- able for the almost mediate construe- e-perinceat Amerlcan military gov-
.tion of these ipJmUvet ata ernment may offend Cuban senslbUl-
S eaem i.et stoer It onk remains to P tr te to the. but there to one thing about it-it
loM rMw the rb th In the B o Wt V store wyrmn taxpTay e woPMWwere aUowed de shtnip AnLhother 09 ta, It wll
ias awt ,t aal dwelling in the city was occu- iuer the law to vot m and ey were not able .enUet and. Fm all
aea the 4 r som e t anNoand- aS for progress, y talked and wrote a hountAwat the Island of Cubs and4
he a. reM. SL *ome lces. Every maz, woman and in Ito Mavor before the election, and the bul the eope on it Deed mot
or ia the lt er- chbd In thae city were making money, | Yeterda ha voted for It. Ths was th t ot h eso nrIt W et
wne repnda onM and 6Mw otf it The streets were ito bn e ob expected, for the women are Cuban friend thove learned what soap
anMMI *l witto-the boys in blue, day and night.w away gramadeet, nrst and bet in a water ae for, they wt have come
Spop f tH wo ad money to burn. Th woud emergency, and for tht we le preu ner demostratln their apa-
Ga th'e ,rt nd of b,. an ,t .a form a glasm of .w a a thhem bes. ,'o theme t thesr J Icaty ,to nuage their own affai,'.3 In the
e aln ttO aMIn up to a wnhos bea t I re fpeo-r te -for the fact that this morning rele -n tbrhene Gomez auld not deLspair.
at Ud en&e. ate ewhw ere hasely Tninm a evlw loe siin out t nicth in_"h grand un o He bas dore oast s to deliver CoeTamns
LMt *ina.*et dwll ndeveloped soddenAy into good oftcurn of proumes and ad spety. f-rom e.we orst Sain. It tooktthktn
eM M st s Moer% and sanousa People tr ad-td T a dtts camnuEe n9da .h
We. A"U 0 sand resaibiobta~ined.good positions A, matlppi editor makes this ap yearst Te Ue S ta as
r stlbttd at lourative awlarith Bverybody and peal to delalnqust Msrlbe8: -Fatl iindertaktento deliver temtrCm the
mdtlta aMoin od ev.0,4 w as in a rsEh. Bven the down Into your potketa and dig p tdut evUi ot Oloth and 1th and several cen-
& prM OfS t ewan sbonon the street made as the editor ta Isnry and the paper bMet turie of m2ls Wernannt- It otght not
L u two dS bgh am S per weth. to bust. We've trusted you for several to be exeted to complete Its work in
gram Will be up to Unt-ne Sam% bya were here then, month and did It wkb a mnle, to Jt a daW. "
aar,. Sad o at amg abhot 5.00 0f them, with almost asm return the comp, dent and trust en for A NMBER ONE E3
At people Wfam a anl mny hoream a sd im, and an enrS awIle. Our wife he needs stoc- A -i t e.
wMf e here to m a aMnt ot ar y pararnal Iains id tbe G tawy needs a dream; Jim It is Indeed very, ratlfytng to the
ta gt tiM at at EIverymcatt.Si=- and emery store In thel needs a me breahes and so does Kate Tribune to know that Counrtirmna
avtore 'sl be city was taxed s y7eoed their campitt anAd Be; Piud is on the lo tran 5nd Freoker ba introduced a renotatioa in
a w aw'rMLge a to wait on the crowd Mayn stores Peggy satk wth grielf. and, good gohe the coueca ordertin the Immaediate oe-
emeaiott rate fm trunmnl e open all night. It Io different a 1tgty, can't yo gtr a man relief? tabIUahment of two publc paes in this
and a ena I- ltl tho wr, am whde the TrIoune does shell ot tee nickie and turn loose ty. Oue is to toe located on Tampa
meztader to aln ot idvocate any more contiloht with the dLes, turn 'cm1 loose and whistler Hetahts and the other In de ParkF
en that.tia r tl egn a. oaes, it would be mighty and wel bme ebeUer times; there wi The augeMston i a capital one in fact
wl[ wMlesEt eto -l e UncietSam nr ta. be ewer patches on the bsona of our It in Just we at the Tta1Me T ma been
Sa entire ten awa foroea to some of Our pamts and wel make the paper better advocating for yeaae aid we trutt hat
pW. oCtli' trick A-sas ag M hIa des to a end if wehaveate haff a change. Don't gve us the scheme witl inusiely material-
l Tbr 9e Car the summer motb the old story, long gone to seed `bout Ite. There is nothn? that could be
A It "ma 4M 4I te talkig mome famniy papers then the done the city cin nltratUon that
MO. II d t The tis I committee of the fainny wants toread. but help to feed would e b more ormneIbe and at
kt Is both the a t Do#arth of #g celebration Muld n I grow. and tthas eMaC4 the sMtphor In tA same time U tbasoltey neceasay as
ML 0 0 Bft lk. vttb Senator TaWderro, of Jadtsonvle. -ow, and cape the a ulp i er the -l nthe ew at of p libc i ark. IA
S1 I a t4at to me a speech. If he a Tampe he regions down beloww" ctie o any importane and chnardacter
t MM=MLassnwtor.we sor w a owresreto suaser in be
ta O -n been Mto Make the !libune tie- 'l. foreign Commerce of the port of hmve s chata s and IA t IsI
at 1oer il, It wood hee etlneiel preeper ort iel d a gafip-ts on tine.
hgafyter botpe r e ito m a l re 1 r twil craacm with a --- city It ,w ld be reat aitomls tfor
., ,._lr-< ^ot to*w Oaf1.460, carng arnaggregTae Pete to spend afternoon mnd arwe
Ofh eeat;s e tt was a e; le the clearanceS win- tbaltif iid other tlaI ESle
dmin 'Gm s rant ptpm a nate hoe tie n '- b l i. with cmi aouwast5regatlg r6 ne t-e, hso held sand eo f oe

-i m agpor. a It a ? We caled onthelr reprietativea in the U.5k be esili l onced .

iw,, Ga heaboum aitnaut thS e p5ao date at whch the lisator wi w r-a h out I npa. Iti bags.
a^Mar~rtr il D oimt D syw Geen. J. B. Wail, Ite ednaat i t, -otpted and at- an ttak on tab water, tit It will
i, To he hew 3 e al. y ea.srat tI Ike te tengtadC tae tGaheneit o their co- ave a rival in the ummer gIrL
.q 5s"lJ Tr.b!ne, It batt that there tI not a ntt e. (Blacte ridine on t.e pved B

ldtni te wl herre owded ongGaotvernort ,Is^ m e g t. gtettt!n wa' pular. 'Tlere wI be
,frM thB r news to manb, ... more thal as o otoer at least ens isn i pa artican te on
Wo : e< m.sh' s Tl to bern ^ MA t wSi be beasefitted by theit thoe thorta faret this afternoon.
!j-' e.. atwew O olpe, Ga former Tampa'cedwxa tiut wIll oome here, and It st Btartllin .Information e tm o

ihee Goa
a ms



h^ +,ett

su .

-dume am: aiiMa

Th d ,inagie uto a O tft i
touan wt tihmc a ae Ofhe lw
am JOm w p ttaff S "tag
Tmx the peoponf tortmhm t
sL tU tegrypeM Ies 1abe m WSt

neither at to he rmr h ang !te

r-tobe of on. a n tadd a Isanm theam
ese eab it to nte n ao id aie atn-
Itrom other mtiea. o

e omas osf to t to atd bwre
PMe o uta in emfor a th tig bat

ianteh and t the Iase t the hlm
wto drega min in ma toe tw t

from the bed-end of a oa0 a w 0

ioThe swhoawnrmaItsAtowy
rtvsled G ma t whor tame Ghia -ixdh-ot

Gtote arf tenr d xao IL a
K ~W tha

heaitn ba i
Grmiuey It ln ahiMn .iE. ht- O
Inovas- lbu ta tundsonmW.mi MW
nter tale al tm mra ha g et s

NivtwotA mam to nm a eon at A

TDerefa thO e e p mdo t the s
kgrta Ch t s e aeto t te *&vim ,' x
mante t thex lmb at-Gba, E -

Notie to v m a s m I enam imn t ?
the wrooest ,mow-- Ga wt .seioW
iwaln MM baOaeeMr MiowI:

There r Is xj o l' n a ia the i
tahotuwl Mua Itd'nanthemr usa pm

the at ot next AmVL ema io

Notice Is her1 an Ga trmabi-partf
firm nam m a te af ee ')e che
condau ated date, wh Uxo wilt -^W
pay all Oafthe ad l e t t 'a k
oOmf &la-, am*.teT Mt. O

Thirty dataafter .ia i of tthis node1,
the housiehold effects of WB. Erati f
no in poomblen ot SUrs mwa te
Keaedwou aat a"lo Mico wrne, w0a t M u t** 1
Pal o streets, JML he MeLt to theh et a

Tampa.FM.. Ai a I

in HemEbtals JilHtio
uponthe ium wra a mEamest- -

To n wa it ma tam
YoU wi tabe motie ft
m.ead and O*A,
itn" o 43. i Ptr 1w

ine ate. and itaftet
ae Oath ders. als O-

eeid m*4m ato*e am
low teb~m aip li a
balem and asd nta
WItnews oarmsiati
ft .
.. of aM i L L m

IL& al PAiW a
rea h the p ate 9Lh dae
Is blood or caitetini
in order to wei' ft yoU ril
nal remedies. -BU's Ca
taken asterast -and a
the blood mad Soewea seo
Catarrh Curm Is not a 4
It was rearrited byf o
ptyslcnns In this Vrhmtatj
Is a regihesr p v ittio.
]PC, f 0 hbeat ito-
hteed with tko beal Used
I= directly an ,th MV
The perfect oeihn ereanIl n a but is at

sold by dtamtbl u t
Heall' YmiBFr Ptis mt,

weka after daft hersq CI
Satke at a06 Ss. X/



L a-.'

M -'+i

\ i


Jkit Puts the Champio. Out

IN EBeves Roasds.


mO. Geat a etOctandhowm
0Ca to eslt -Ir Crorwd

"ES5ftst'tiuy Ti At s o-
n a sigo' mat close1to f te h ring
b'am e S tin ge s. Uvn rsude. lto-
-- m t s a S tsW ondaotrand theo
e t mre* ildtey rmited L. times
-3. w an ut. ChoI MCs
;0wF4IWgUre l5 oInaltendancec and fuma

Ote batttam wasf almost unveersaln

S Jedhrs entamer ed stAg Mokla
a genu- agAft anortain. ta*smmons

gkg low. 4ftr 3e 0 tase tMae ring. -may the
..e., -m w ,-
sop W ,Tisa sLoryW ro, WoUd -

ftead-Jaf -fsed leAt for heart.
at le tiat o metk "t over hears
Elinm liadJe W eft on amo-

OW ,he anG ona Cninohee bomh
reaek $Jeff togs wildly with

lad salit rght, u m. g In Jef s

Jtoe sol Gootd oa ot work msae

Jst- en t wa.ts Jes ey e, bre, ingt

e Je d i to i J Bob w J a l ed

va th IBp f to spoWti the d iahe

set It' noseedln again, and
.Az Teb-m wua Je' Ieven. Fits
&*a d hhst tm'U, oon r- oJefflnd-

t der. Jeff Jands
e ewpg ne f ated, th c tihed.

W lhmoea t te. eO M woit lf..
U w,4wn-- g f. ht oml-ronekeAt f
4, sM&ad Usmded savge le

I I repeated/y Jef

wrwith left and rlrht.

TL' -Tis t f e wasntei oto ran. Fit
tprhsh oSa id moby se.nd-
N te mt o ab ulr. Jeff lands

t V Ui s ai nlse yoert n s e ot
11U Staeh He-

v'Ise mltheo- lo geo an ther.i
L..w.::blet- J abw thleft

a w o a nudrd

w shintntbg asrough a domatf
t.she l earidet oe r loaded
for*ASUsWdOst hM a MW
ft' =. _Amok. wam s.,.,
-0 1 is =aq= m kvw t.
pmM$. i r, ism
iavoemiewh iun s, ldent

A od amd


Officials t 'TTllahses eard the
Law asjUnooteUntuionaL

A social di~tah to the Athanta Con
stitut.lon. fom TijUaisee. says:
Officials here consider the anti-ciaa-
rette bil passed at the recent session
of the leslature. as unoontltuttiond.
It wanso euAch amended tat por-
tions of the meawre. when it reached
the Zoveer scarcely made sense. Its
provisions are also believed to be un-
oonatuttonal. because of Its restraint
dtf interstate trade. For these reasons'
Governor Mrasn m withheld hins Bsi-
nature from the bill. oit allowed it to
become a law tay not vetoing it within
the time the limitation act becomes
operative, Auost 3d. sixly days after
final adjourninat o the legislature.
Itat IFrtday, and untH then no test
need can be made. Cigarette dealer m
with few eioepton, will diregadrd the
statute, unlan the courts sustain Its
vandiry. No arrmaements bove been
yet made for hrlMrAt a test case. but
it Is emxected that nrooeeduga will be
Aniamated in Jae~owe. when every
effort will be msde tos ausain the law
The rest at the Btate wiA probably
await action and abide the decision.
DeWitt's Little Mar Ris-ers act a
a faniltls ptl should, cleaunsin am
reviving the system Instead of weak-
enion It. They are mld ad sure,
s I and pleasant to talke, and en-
tirely free Crom objectionable drug.
they asslt rather than ompel.
Bold by 9. B. Lonardl & Co, and
Centrea Pharmacy, Tampa, and Dia-
mond Pharma-y, Yhor City.
Maoon, Go., June 10.-Newspaper re-
ports quoted Judfge Emory Speer as
swaing. nla his address at (Mercer Uni-
veralty, that he "loved the neroesa of
the south" and would stand by them.
Judge Opeer denounces the quotation
ks criminally erroneous. He spoke of
the whitp people and not the negroes.


Sharkey Anious to Go Against Jet.
tres Again-PFi ts is Badly
Used Up.

New York. June 10.-The after-news
of the big fglfht has been plentiful
here today. The sporting world hams't
as yet ffu 1 realized the fact that one
of their ex-heroes is nursing a broken
noee and an utter defeat, and that a
new giant from the west stl&nds In the
tee once studiously reserved for the
lankey and freckled Austrailan black-
Jtm Corbett Is reported as one o0
the heaviest winners on Jeffrtes, his
gains being estinmated at over $5,000.
The conservative element lost heavily,
faUlIn into the common error of back-
ing a champion once too often.
Joe Vendlg lost $18,000. staked at 2
to 1 on the ex-zcbampon.
Tom tarkey today challenge Jet-
rites, Dosting $5,000 as forfeit. It Is not
believed that the new champtnon will
entertain the chalenge seriouely.
Fito9ha tc nose and his various
bt.l see are giving him oonftderabie
trouble. He Is probably the worst
Us ed-up aon that ever cane out of a
batde-that Is, his punlhmennt in more
plaulfy visible. Jbffrles, however, was
as fresh ever today, and the lion of
the hour in sporting circles.

They Keep O*e ye 5hat.
A recat traveler In Mexoico, who visited
mines there during hil Journey, says
th was much cn'-hed at eaing the
men who carry the ore ome out of the
mine, eseh with one eye shut.
The foreman, seing his sorpelee, ex-
plained the matter. He mid the esndlM
helonging to the tecateros (who drill and

blasb) do not give s iment light in the
rift where it consequently quite dark,
utr where, newsathelem, the ftaes so
well eoagb not to run thelr heads galni
the ieke, mbu a on emerging Into day-
Ugh% ty wouMd be blinded did they not
iske eersutFone ryimeesuum
For this mrawn, as the approach the
mouth of the ft as the point where
they catob the Nrst glimpse of ght they
dr tho eyelid of onee a- md km thi

-er eye, prevlousy open soa sonm
blinded by the daylight, perceives no
alL--CtnatmIne Enquirer.

| Hais Peeregative.
S'Speaking about speeches in the m
t Don Caesmon had the record forlth
Ssler with me longest smervl eand the i
I sanm t. The then *senator from I
S msdmla spmt a good deal of time I
L, m r Ohm w, but he aIways I
Se nd inl his chair, apparently tkli
- Ilie ln the prooeesdinS Thet
I mm ssmmnned o4b ehim until I,

Expert Cleribe



Other Matters
SSpeedily Tran
aey to Han

From Saturday'a
City council m
ceedlng 9e i

A) ornemmrunoa
Mayor Bowyer e
nrwvc kos t hoc
ohardt represen
Metcalf. aki ng
ary due him be
referred to the

0. Knight. attor
CocoiMeur, in re
ttfleatles awalse
ure He aske
either canneiled

me city attorn
At petition wa
erett asking ta

The matter war
A cogn~auict
Audltor Weller
sudUiting the bh
different omcoers
A oo.-, inc~t
pert Accountan
which he stated
financial conduit
now in the hand
same would be
tion in a few d
The cotoenentic
the question
then same upI
some disouheon
erred to a spec
struotions to aM
give It to the !o
A communlcat
Messra arris
Lett and Knight
for the Fourth o
They asked tha
the fund that w
Owe people. The
a hearty respond
Mr. Flrecker I
donating 200 to
mittee. It wes
A pettiton wea
ertv owners of
tha U council o1
with vitrified br
to Florida avent
Mr. Hoknmes. fr
streets, alleys at
in favor of tlay
along the south
to the east side
aSaoa the north
to the east side
the east slde of
to be 18 an, 24
post, approtomat
cendatlon was
Mr. Holmes a
itendatlon chat
built at the foot
foot of Whitins
mendatlon was
hMr. Holmes r
ments had 'been
company to melt
f 0mh tatks undo
the conneotons
Mr. Webb reap
Uon of the Bell
been accepted,
as to give the cty
matlng twelve 1
tp-oe Oire alarm
more est than a
wy adopted..

W. B. PhmIos a
Ileemen The so

A reshotion by
Instrting Tax
furnl- the cty
of delinquent tar
the new charter.
It was ordered
be required to b
3, 4, 6 and 8, t i t
SThe dog qoue
ega n In the iA
eicth was Intro
and second read
provided tha ai
neuteot to :
do"s sha boe pur
court by a sfo c
imprisonment for
or' both..

clef his claim, es It sesm-
only way of receding his
Lot" Pos-DlsaW
lls th
e m a s a de r"l. the-
of the jwy." adked the aisoo
^ erT agreed h ipr-04

_ = ,

a box system, at no and was cured after uing two bottles A
it present. 'te report and cored a V1bd3 whom the doctGre
oInfro i ar ha Bow- had given up to de who hbad suffered -Wi
at the teA appointed fto yeare with Indigestion and new he d
ind A. B. tiooLs po- prostration. Mr. A. BevUle, Wo04- t.
)pointmnente were con- stock. Ala. '-nDe
Old a
P Mr. Webb W was&Md p GQ5).Ry'5 TI MTreO
Collector 'Hendry to-Po
attorney with a lM t P0
Sales, as provided by our all Cougha Colds, 'Boarsen, Cv
aore tThroat. Broncehltl Hemor-rhag -ar
aed seoow O throatA"sad lng awt ie-
Sfillediin: Ltsotal. .
block L. gant rabl
Ion w brought up 35at druggist. Prepared oslGd& &Y o
ape oif an ordinance, Dr. B. Mesley, Atante, Ge.N
4uned. and given ,mta
ing. tne ordinainne Gerngay is nbegmnaig to cast er' eye -
nyone weo refises or around over Uncle Sain's islad bar
e preg eda a on n-Oenter. It pWys to advertise. rom
rAised in the munkigal
f not MneE than 6 or
rnot mose than ys Am d raal O .eBp o~oe to dessm- bhriS
eate isleb berotamn bp refusing qffrs es W1
ume maid that i wi a of the naesInes tor wme artl es mland
Dt my people were 1
h teit s without hay- r. ForerotOhta ioIr M m tven ast E
heqared .ouse.. l e tHe le
s an on tos whio v e lbu topoke tIs head out of hi CyctO*
without & saloon wi m c .
aiad that something -
to make ba patle N tarot AJ has gne to Cae
I [beAxtums O ci hoty to Is etng pretty toe to a tr
ibusines hoaues of the Busitness a a general thing Is
a &U of those who are ushy g a for ho sdasou of the Year. iaae
witoart a licensed au

terin a trM No mf ar In ** n oTM lasat;l
ae pnexta tset to tempted to abduct thPlat buea .
on the bhay front and erpot the next maM that ON % a l b'
oulei randL tnk- .
l$ts aiv&COtMA- No mi o M UWM ,ad


Elaborate Program Being Prepared
ew Says It Is In he oriou. Sect

of a Printer. uvitie. a

EOR THE PEOPLE el... )any .. h PULI
....- Fourth of Juy f celebrartion. hmas eo-
of a General Nature aed a program or the Wb
width promises to be one o gat In-
sacted-City Aitor. terest and attractivenes th
idle he Tax Sale Tae oebrathon wnle ocr July 4 and
5. The fund of 1,000 has been raKed.
Katter. and will be distrtMbnted In prices for
the var o evenas.
A mtesm s wttbe fre e to all ex-
I Dally cept the tbdcycle races, for whict a Pa
ret tet night. The pro- gmai entrance fee wil be changed. to'
more knPortant than The Ta fi re pertment andan the a
paid fire departments win hbe excluded r.
ton was read from from the firement's ontes t.
tnAtoeoi another coin- The program as given out by Secre- I
i hfTris Peeples & Bor- tary Cunni am. t, the Board of ht
ting former Policeman Trade, i as foniim : mor
that the balance of sal- July 4--lhring, grand parade, la- atel
paid. The matter was ending local and visiting band, poce All
fnance committee.. force. tav a rifles Namvs reseofve, r.,
Uro was read from P. Are depat ents, other owarssuetoa Psme
neg for the Consias and a big trades display O adverUstag di
terence to tax sale oer- dosts. arra-Wed by the merchants ot tft,
t saId Consumras Corn the cUy. Trap-hootteC oest by Tb
ed that certificates be Florf gun Chiba, potato race, tug-of- N'M
Sor dAevered to the war, maok races dinabl TM0TM pot0 6 "
matter was referred to July 4-Afternoon, inspection of Tam- ftrom
ey. a fire departnmmt by mayor sad o60a the I
s read rrom J. W. Lev- cl. Twebre-mile b acle road race. alla
na some needed filling Oroteeque. costene bicycle parade, In ti
m 14th and 15th streets. Ladles' tebicle parade, with decorated dent
Referred to the street who AI
JIuty 4-Bventng,Wluminated street mer
tono was read from City masquerade carnival and fireworks. to at
explaLnlng his delay in j t--Tournammt and eontest of Th
ils and reports of the Fiortidle vo teer fire depsetno.ant a sm
PI. ed for reference. Horse, poor and name srae had 1
Ilon was read from Ex- Other events for the second day an swor
t A. C. Clerihew in under advsement and will be announo- tli
that his report of the ed later. ft
Ion of the 'cky wse ver arrei'asement will the made r w
s of the printer and the the acommodation and pleaire o vtvW aa@
In shape for distribu- ltam. Iewater ln barrea with WtteAd- t w1
ays ants wil be distributed along the me-
atlon was ordered fed. streets and there we be anabuodanau ssu m n
of printing said report of benches on whioh the iVttore c an
for discussion. After rest.
Sthe matter was re- (An andw* hro the railroad in re-
ilal committee with in- eard to cheba rates for the OCtNdon
dvertise the work and hea not yet been received. T(re is
west and best bidder. every asMlranse, however, that the rate ms
Uon em read from will be at lemt one cet per ea.
Oaas. ,Savarese, Gil- The oorrrt- wIl hold another a M T
t, solItUin committee poretat meeting on Monday. at wch o
Jf uly oelebrauon fond. f utetails IVI be araWed.
t council contribute to t
ras being subscribed by MOZLHir LMON "~ i. At
SProposition met with Rergulates the i hver, Stomach. Boweelst,
Pse.. and Kidney. thi I
introduced a resolution -rv a
the credit of the con- For billiousness constipation and ma- st
tunanlmlouiy adopted. larna. rII
presented by the prop- For indigestion, sick and nervoustr W
TwiK street asking headache. and
ler that street paved For eplessness, nervousness, heart d
idk from Tampa street failtre and nervous prostration. td-
u. The pettitIon was For fever. chMs. deblUty and kid- arePP
ney diseases., take Lemon Elxer.
rm the cougnttee on Ladle& for natural and thorough Or-ner
nd buldtlns, reported LanIc requtio, take Lemon UaElxr, tor
S w r and $1 bottle at dremlsta tem
tng sewer drain pitpe Phepared only by Dr. H. Moeey. At- Lj
side ot Jackson street lanta. Ga. ho.. -
of Ploridla avenue. and ----
aide of Jakeson street GRATITUDE. One
s of Jackson street to
Amaley street, the pipee Dr. H. M iey, Dear Sr-Fnoe sin and
inoh. and to work to your Lemon laxzir I have never Bold
ely $1200 The reoom- another attack of those tearful sick Centr
adopted headaches, and thank od that I have moild
iso reported a recom- at last found a medoine that will core
stone b be those awful spells. Mrs Etta W. Jones.,
of Jackson street and P 'renrtrg. W. Va. 1T9t
* utteed TS reoam- MOZLEY'S LWaON ELIXIR. waso
adopted. --- tt I
reported that arrange- I have suffered with Indigestion sad Conma
made with the walker dysentery for two long years. I heard Inst
e connections with the of Lemon Elixir; got itI taken seven t i
r the old rate and that bottles and am now a well man. Harry .man,
would be made next Adams. Na. 17 irst avenue, Birming,- me0
haymn. Ala. Iomm
orted that tine propes- MOZLETS LMaMN NLiXIR oeg
T Jelhone Co. hed nndrrn
ree new telephones.
n alL. etd aiso a tale- for yeare with lang ulcers on hisg '

mthe a?.f the IMAm&
tIheai~ guarn e. r -geh
lot o to gi-otat the pawdst tewag
toesorr~. .* .*..
he ai ads thUM

ia fle the he raaW and
m"e 1 t of e ~ gte
g at o ai tolAwtb
re IstnsaMct moorded tme

A-r < { ^
AWot Owem Oac'd1f
hers ;t the Pstoltuo Tiague
tend the gana pria.
Wle odaera letter< le
mr-at es MntsInh imU l-iSisl
hessM aseggA te~ws

B to alabet Vt
ir =dejft l Who xagkeeft6
iMtsewa. kItaette Shtt
o isenn for the

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affdred her a snuff beerfan srsw.

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utqr we ragtfdly sMsbthd, -B
lynlostu med uy Iefoum u
cpl1 be expTeMk L %&
.! --- l ---- ^ --- ^
o Shohar. of Bedaala. hoAk.^jd
11 from death by oenxgh"I(,
Mi-dus Ooh Ca ,3I
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te best In tlh.snruiw i
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kger.- Weekly. -Me oee t* ctaomb Thlrouga
White House Window.
S By 'T iAn... An amusing story is told of President
FPUiU N CO. Arthur gardeng an occurred e which Caused By an Alleged Telegram
.t u or. haanaser during the last year of h oc-u Which W Supposed to Reveal
SManty of the White House. He vi., one of Which Was Suppoed to Beveal
A, lititoi and Manager. the most princely chief executives who the Site Secre'.
L oRIG- CityfA Editor have filled that high o efice. e entertain-
T lavishly and dined out quite frequent
S..~oinln tas4ager ly. President Arthur kept late hours. anl
o the nAtufhe-s who wte u on duty as the Whir,- From Wednesday's Da nsi:
S olcr House times went to sleep. dcpeccint i r. H. L Knight proudly exhibited
on the -e r the 1aiageof the wh and to his curious friends yo-sterday
sC PO t AFhnt : the horses' hoofs um wake them before. i.' a "copy" of an alleged telegram. dated
.. presi ldenth could o+anch the door. O..-' -Washiglron. which professed to dis-
eight a dinner uas given in Gene rl 'close. with a few bold telegirahic tiis.
S........ ur' or by the governor of thatY Narl- abs f hold ton ho lt-s
es0ths- ..... .... L6 Soldiers' home. and iwas 2:30 in rt e al abauor l cr-tr e p,-
'Month.............. .BO morning Itfore he returnedi. The fi,:r li -building site
SWee t.............. ushers a.nd policemen went to sleep, tb.-p The "copy" was dated Washlnxtonr
E L M' saf.: of them in an anteroom just east of the- addressed to 'Mr. Knight. and signed
SprTpt ding rooni and the fourth went "Gage, secretary." It stated that the
...... 100 to theo basement to indulge in a short ni-p. Tama Dpubllc building site had been
.50 While the guardian of the peace w. selected and a-cepted, and that the
aseep mow began al anwouldd the prcocated on lot No
0-, ca5sthelarg est dent's carriage sped noiselessly to tL, 'iuIdiur would he nested on lot No.
isS dun Fofia It manson,"ofours tte usher sl ut .Lafacette street--the property now
ot CCt Unitd Stalete on. 'No footman wan on the box, and. on occupied by Charles Ball', the gro-
tSloUt0y in advance finding the doors locked, the nrsidct cer.
ang the bell, bt failed to receive any re- Nearly all of those to whom this
it pqgbHsa eder day spouse. Afle trying for mveral minutes orecioous information was "coofdentlal-
"t Idvnds dk to rous as one he raied one of the y" revealed were disposed to regard it
S t windows and climbed n. Findingthe a nt hoax ated by the
at by -" PAl t p met asleep, the president took thes ar- asapeasant hoa r by
tte Utited tate for t age robes and spread them over the men te MrO. Knight for acseuent
l and retired. fore dayligh the slam- solely. The coonlpieous absence of
y of the ow Ils rres- bmers awoke and wem startled so learn the original telegram, on a regular re-
Swil l se r a rt the president had found they were negUl- celvlng bilman, was commented upon
n oB '* ut r 'o mall h=agent a o several as exxpoetng the hoax.
karn so tthe matter he jigit up. bt remarked one of And so the information lacked a
te lS de cahed hit desk. Faltly -reat deal of being ertousty considered
is 11. t Sey mutesedwupo isge enough to apolo- --uPart-culacaly when it was noted that
S 20 rd a use, to whichtGenel rthur r lted: el r. Knlght did not seen especialy
""ZhUg am coming to a prVy pasis anxioUa to vreme ti citiens to authen-
when the president of the United States is tic t.
I th.e s .away oompeiled to climb n the window of his In the meantime Neaty and his 1m-
ea aw n Tribune own houm. aRetrn to your duties and do e suers have thertora hve n secret st9l
r 4W by nmal wtthwot ueot, Ithapps agn. g Thefourth man onIe in Washlngto. The T'ribumne
who wanted to square h uhaelf entered want uthepswen t
the president's o with at Tpda- w tell you the news whenever the de-
RiDA JUNi IS, 518 tiom and humbly apologized. "So you apartment officiate decide that It Is auf-
wou asleep tos were you? I did not fluently well-preserved to be taken out
* eiR sfl oasUet.g kmnom it %but as' loang as you am manly of cold-storage.
-O H. t m eeenough to ctmiess I will overlook It this
C ldm time.',-Chi h gErord
f-t-ram 0'- B"' | PLANT CITY
13 UinaS PWtt*l Mae i to Aid t es P .r ithoout Pas-
T2-16 V-,- x^ pseidag Them. Interesting Items of a local Nature
cu i t,9; durm -e lloeThe dboffot pebkem of shifting thie
t sac p i e withoutzeairie p d z.a the eems to Concerming.People and veutsa of
S M s has m asuemsfully met by the Dutch Ger InteresttoAl.
t ftm Us Pbvlt- munitywhere thoea who havel*ost theLr -
; ft V e who bold on prec i are restored at least a
s" t er- emblanie of s support, family ties are Plant Cty.' Fla.. June I-dMr. C.R.
St di to be piM ved, ednatton isafforded the young. Reed. our late jeweler, left ot'r TanMpa
he ao l t ea ho in short, the utmost possible is m de Menday lret, where he expects to staW
a forof othe An np UnIw ng material. rse time. having a good paying
" of"i mo taeosdb The poer colonies of Holland, four In tohitreon nin vew.
. ldsoaI not a bad on anumb, ar not, as might be supposed. T weather nas been exceedingly
t iS toa a me nt &a government nisistttion, though at one er do-mng he past wek.n
L *ee t re thrVel rsm eo-operation with the government h I trd. teldon C. Wells. oL the postal
IS ert in to atteptd which resulted quite in- delivery ser ivee In TaXm. spent a
S.s~ w Jurlonsyto ow h undertaking. These col. few days at hoe It n town last week.
SGah w om owe thel origin entirely to a Society Mr. 'H. J. lNamne. of L.akelamd, made
Te r W lit of se-eK- ("MaaMchappy van Veilds Plant City a &tarlness call o WVednes-
set of ional gumard dighehl")organised in ISS to meet daY of last week-

V U-a Mt ha oaa teer o life tas beneficiary of the society is3 Mr. I1. Jones and tsaminly left on
fl t o de ha family; also with the immediate none u their earl home. M. Jones has being
15 1.11101" fes of lvin and, above all, with work. iE LJe iart oef he t&te for several

rarson_ ofrer Tb oe a&se tee nnset er Ofl hbe
S t e- frmtNher a pdofewhic h he begin s t hoimen One a ter maerlon ade
a e seal te t1514 -Muof thein. F. & W. sections a this Place.

g Ma o Pon crenitatthe time In the neighborhood 0Mis Kellar. boarded the F. C. & P.
.1"Is "'k 011 ae paid week, anmd there isn deducted trayn on Friday mming of &a summer
Ft5 o befwe that. teral aum them-asan installment a, the deb vilt to their early home ad the home
K -b o.lmed o volun- b ouMe nt not exceeding 20 cents. I cent of t eier Kinvartd mother at Otmr svVa-
Snfrmary fee for eaeh inmateof the home, at m Julia eA. Grove has been, absen t
'i 4 cents f or a clothing fund and a sum P several dan y vitstoh l PeterBiburg.
BAS Madvance aetohim.r suheuoftt July celebr.F tion.& o A very. entertalan-
earng t for a reervefuind against family g rogra wilu be prepared and din-
id 4~t ll pY em gincies. A valuable contribution to nEr provided The Confederate vet-
ite U. Bt e Oal eh household Is the ewe sheep proihed erns are to honor the occosion with
Mihe "eme nfo e' hu by tree olony and also to be paid for by o their Presence. and Sons, and Dugh-
Int, due e-ooAa omy. Its fo nallck, equal to goat' terac of me 'ontfederaov hasvee pmaued
lmtL> .a it i4 milk nt quafo ty, supplthi food, and ia to be witrl us' Elverything wtPiltler done
WVo BAiR wod soetnt ingto 10gperme of the to anta-e our friends and visitor t oh a

K5.tfcB-"rtl portofle gf the amly ife being, as is peredg T wiie" beprepal r Lumaer and
mjaio sw byb known, eve. highly e teemed tn Holland. Veneer Comvaey's splendid hornet
Its- CM t o s tb" whcUe the e uge is of Jewish blood eBand wila futnosh the mu of tbe da.ow
- e bto the Dutch ol believed to have also a Prof. t e G. pe mandey. whon has teen
so 'lllM nti strotg and ml vorable i nfluenp e upon tand very sock. be wtu d to be Irprovine

lif t o e time aeamon wa c the Sabbth Invhool
fThebmwly, i w ill Pel obwre. d, cital c at ended 's t rtdao last. matere
^I t^& t05 5 Thways ll ped of i ite nt the hou-e, is no plaue in the Slate more envmt.ng
te -ina taum he deep otah odfn of b eing, loth. The than thome rnemicks and avenues
it We5. 45 ue lds ma ow the house begin nofJsg abolt to leadill to the old mrove house of Mr.
- bunthe Dutekisbelievwed to havdes himas s Po. H. C. ne, beh.
. -, td strong end f nshlem Itert Hupon a1 d very s te Iaoto who b as
66,rL h- Ohe romn. been in town for enveoabl ou left
*rt-RB iBe. Th- "Hmml It grows stronger," be tdd. wltoh his factn on Frtdhe bthr sBloom-
^i-'c -5lm5" Id e' te1 A P i P eesea n agagns a lnc-dlae, for the Kg resent, elast.c er to

There. isa smelld off. "No; it's th his Une calla m o
epi' b+ lhtal- ae mmp anof hbe At the hoorsto thbe er D. sg Paa t leae hoLusey for
sel iu pon his Wk ern n rsonfet. He ie H 'oral Citv. where he will work in the
wm twt nj^ LHm1I growsgt1 ofn the mid. ith Unhon i o d Am-
f ) Ta. odorwa tf 0 ao. e hured doH, S weather of the oust week has

H e pat hist ad into hNotoat pocket IRev. B j. oae returned Baturday
1 sa .' -e r ns e tad the fire bor his on tme for Saba.th dan services in the
souseof Smash and went up stairs and Ws- 7 chnreb.
OWpour-ed water into his peekers. B 0. J. Irin. of keteazi. tiled

fgI!am. IV at alsm, wo mate brei Master's En
Sa the'he esres t mase in a I eg ar V intent t the Bapast
mm imt didqmhi obe. Jpn edon the hand if you do. Mawent to
e aeh 0e1 tb"Pee--. am narrated. Tamma mde v evening.
oat -h--.Ne orak 93sno We-1 Adves'

""k agtnd t'"No E ty," theli#

.. yw t s w o w a w y easil located. If yor blood
*S & u of oraoyt ktooows s-,

e lso me n uo m b u haw-a It ia the specific remedy fr troubmie
B I" TW a o.sttle bIoodaof odeyrbowe or Aie.-
Aw Ml'liSqludlu s Id tlc K B a-*My kidneys tosbled me,

-eft ,,,,,ing. It. e My WU
^^^^BH^BB^^P^ ~ ~ M ''161t^*9- tAZAMAX Boyru6 4473 Deasy trevg

Arttilelal Llab. Orsans- a Puet
andI WIat They C04.s
"Not a great deal of a man's body need
i remain after an accident," sald a maker
of artificial limbs. 'for me to build up Da I
perfect man so far as outward ppear-
ances are concerned. Of course the ,orst
would not be s :uall. for these things oost 7O9 F
money. Hoie much? Well, that depends. 7
be so bat ly cut up that everything that
Scan be taken from a an and still leave
enough tu keep the breath of life going,
yon would get yourself fitted up ia the
betI manner possible. If your means were
imiited. yon would he able to get fixed up
for a smaller -nm.
"'I'll illustrare I would begin by Axing
you on a pair of legs. You cUn got these
for from $15 to $30 a pair The high
priced ones are really works of art. They
have knee joints,. ankle joints, rubber
buffers and a springy foot. With them
you could learn to walk so that nobody
would know your legs were not the ones
bestowed on you by nature and eonId
dance and ride besides. If you wanted
only a foot. I could let yonu have one fQr
from $36 to $10.
"Then you would want a pair of arms,
with hands and various neoessery tmple-
mentu. Suppose you had lost both arm*
above the elbows. The two that I would
furnish would cost from $125 to $ 5. But s 4*'
they would be working members, with el- UE|
bow joints, wriateand flexiblehaads. With J IrEat
tUe hands you could pick up small and
light objects and even shake hands with-
out giving your riend the impression that
be was gasping a blook of wood. Butyo u | r U s
could not do hard work. For thaUt reason
Syou would require a mt of ,inal-unnte *
which you would serew Into the arm after
you bad removed the hand. These ass a AR E
fork, knife, spoon, ring, book and vi .
If you are a card player, you would want W m 1
a card holder, too, and perhaps a billard -
cue rest and a holder for the rein whenbe
you went driving. You might wanthMrr a
hammer, sew, clothesbrhsh and many W
other things. all of which are prepared for t
just sach as you woaMld be. The whole ,D
outfit would amount to about $60. MV.'R CEHAND
"As toyour head, that would have suf-
fered severely. Your hair would bhe al l W fit tO e st
gone, and you, would want a w4g 1 < aRT fO '
would give you the beat that can be made R a O L I
for 150. All your teeth would be gone jJJ V &LL .Y GOT
and your palate would be alMent. The
palate would cos t you $15, but for the repre eni ed o0
best teeth I would be obliged to charge '
you $. Of course youwould o want a are rnaki fg it
noae. The making of this member so-, A '
that it would harmonize with threat of and trade Wit
your face i a delicate task and requires reap the benq
great skill. That would ooat about t100,
but the nose would be as good as the orig- t s
final, almost. A pair of eyes, useless of |R l
course, would cos trom $40 to $150, so- U
cording to your chole. A frst class tube
in your windpipe would oost $10, and two
drums for your new eara would be reason- Wil Clo 010 f.1
able t $16. That isall I could dof tr yo. '
How much does that amount to? I iern aU of
had such a customer before and never ilo .
thought of the lump sum. Just $1,116? Wiloi Bro. 's 1
Well, that would not be toc much for a Monarch B
man who has lots of money, but no lmbs." Screven's Drau
-Albany Telegram. only.
Let Haseif out. Challenge Dra
Luigi Lablache, the singer, was a giant AlR 50 and 75c
in size. "One of hisboots," saysabiog- A u nd
rather, "would. make a good portmanteau. at .......
One of his gloves would clothe an infant."
There is a humorous exaggeration In the lineeI
staement. but the fact remains that he
Swas cer ly an enormous mai Fa y BOslb
It is recorded of him that he was very
generous and also a lover of jokes At i. y, Suspendi
one time e time he was saying in Paris t the
muae hotel with Tom Thumlb An Eng- Hose 0and SW
ush tourist, who had been making strenu- and al l t price
0ou0 efforts to meet the latter, one day '.,
burst into the great basso's apartment. der and force
Seeing the giant before him, he hbeitated
"I was looking." he said, "for Tom
I am am be, answered Lablanhe in his
deepest tones. e. .6IJAlI 1T
I The Englishman was taken aback. He s ,, '
must have b-en a trusting ool. .
"But," sa e he, "you were very tiny
when I a t h yo yesterdayy" nd
"Yes," sd Lablache, 'that is how I
have to appear, but when I get homo to
y ownroms I let myself out and eneoyl e j t ri d and
Then proceeded to entertain his ,^, only. Remember ^
guest, who did not, after all, regret Tom thing we sell and w
Thumb. ea a B not as represented.i
"I wonder, child," saod eison'e grand- HATS we are mother, with whom be lived, "that hun- in price. |
gee and fear did not drive you home." J .
"Fear?" replied the youngster. "I never
sow fear. What is it?" G ooi
summoned to Join his ship. The parting
mate and bedfellow, was the firt of those 7' T se
Bit, If the goodbye at school was painful. .

how much mo e so must have been the n to ta MO MS wo01
farewell with his grandmoe here As she a
beheld him, dressed in the smart midship- W drsOd wall V a d
-man' uniform, did she realie that the a il ad in at is
lad before her would, contrary to all ex- dsi ve from the
Spesselon-, take to his profesion with en- made clothi *w,0
Joyment and, within about a year, shake give him freely.W
of afatof depression bysaykne"Iwill be r "ka suit of tetbi
a hero and brave every danger." X hiVste iy Myt Is ip*"w
Did she me in the upright figure the to ,f titwill beappsteM it
ture visount whoe doughty deeds, n- e exquiM i flihld. at
paralleled in history, were to call fOrth tllt1 s M aW tteee f
blessings from men and women o every voting
class as he st out n h last, fatal veOage
day a nation would weep fur the lo of
one of Ite noblest sa whose dying wods .
sbould be, "Thank God, I have done my
dntyF?--Casel's Lattle Flks,
DItdat Get the n a t. -
He was the new pastor and f ad al r
somewhat difficMult to get -...qntval with e
On his way home after his a f ersmma
he recognized e ef b eongreg a we---i- '.
he greeted him with a mtadbe a ad
felt emboldened to tWlk to hber etrmey. -
"I wasglad," be sald,"toe see 7 t :
churh. It always gatles me grttyuatl
to obdere a young persn voluntelly
I seeking the one true haven"--
'"Excuse me," interrupted the girl, with
Sa slight blush. "You haven't I itheiif yW
a name quole right It's Havene-Jim .
S avens.a He passes one of tse plahe te M" O"5 .....
S Then the paste -ngthedS. beet.-i t t
Cleavekd Plats Deafier-
newsa'sRsa *Mes. JL.d.l
r ItwasHEdent's Balday46 oibed, andloam 1

!~ ~Th~



Ltbe uttlyW
hLlts a yor- -
refs, just a i

o bi rtB we are clinigout,'

'that make
O3 to bu t

prt on Ais

ill refund money on il

losingg out and wiN. i .


I_ ~ _

1 .p o.tis thas f.net
L he i eRTsOy club, h m y be3atou during
:t~dm~da b Xs!I J Low Return Over the Plant System to Some Lively Baun Ilpected at the ", te, rtamy to
aniUPOs e aell Reorts in the United Second Bace Xeet of the Samme i veia .i th rough h
SeStat aries This Afternoon. luve b ter than my erassie sweet | T
S ;\ """" Thai enti te-m tb' ell] qite -aeezi hundred feet.
.pt-a I-- -- la. thee better th. an my rdrive grnd I
Which has beer hbesied by old Tom Morris"
Eff" active Jone t the Plant System From Wednesday' Daoy: ha d.
w mlen anmner exmarson tUclets rom The second meet of the series f rd raL-er hare ihb as withi nay walls
^- al 9olnt nts Floribda to all prtindcpl unmer horse races will occur at the an if d at h ad er teed on
.3 L.Wam oiI tr -tu i,'ea.nd t,,wt-Jn an esoast resortJ East Tamoa track this afternoon, ih
~a o inorld ot indl AU l O a. Aob Uer, aoa- 'Some aurorisea are said to be i sto ore Id wehr ethe t uth the vilest mUppy e It 7
.I- ae m nd -tp. Bt Cian (tea North Car0Unl" for "the talent"T Ito thee, deormc. muth Id no t omplsain J
,AKataclK Arfneai n ?lennessee, Vir- Three new horse are to be entered, lo the so Id bere Dl
a and tWeLt Viindaa. New York, and they are elected to show clean Iftho shoudst speak upon the puttinggreen. DI U
i Mb a,,,,,,II Indiana. Iowa. 9s o Illinaos, heels to the favorites. Much money I Insded thee'd e small woe wiatn my cup
,a r s as: .n Wisooln, fnne-nt already up on the events but to get the e I ge a upl
OMarf aa. n*rI Dakota, oaMi Dakota dorado. "Dr. Rhodes." "Levin." and "Sun- rl Wm 1 Woo bbe -
M..R! 1 Cinada. Prance DWward ansod." the winner at the st me w A QUEER EXPERIENCE. nt or tro
s C Brlitain Ilaa. Taa t a gain this afternoon. They are -oretsh reales96 aand 8.f S.
MOg' re e d iy until 0c tembel r 0t belng backed he their ownem with- Am Averio: to a Room That W aso re ella
atra in M te l out reserve. Proved u n Be Juattabte.
I ;'it-, i- muu ouie. The 'bs line wUl connect with the The overa had drifted into pre- fOdai
Oasth the Plant cars at Twenty-second street, and ad- monitions. second sighs and kindred not, l ow
i~lad Gen l1 e-gtit ira t ttrithendtiet: mlsl on to the grounds will be cents. pie. I donaknow moh abot h O
e i9 things," said a nerchant in the group fof Ia. nd SW M
a btobCsleat. II q NEreIjtLEiyD rpmN sTFS. after several queer stort s had been told, I LT. W. em
t sio O. a- o. I r. at -- "butlsmppoeethatenery man luhhadad atol w Imalo "o
t.iiOa 'oiari to e Oak t ow -N Saul as purchased the .Ar- least one unaccountable experience in his my be b wii 1 .s b" nI- e E I.
5_ oans 'adia ioLoteLt AdiaL life.e Mine was like this: Shortly after I w to
din m -- r Q 'la to Vldost at low rate of was married my wife and I went to live a
.. u Gorda uch-goer are in an old house in the lower end of town -to no p M
aLll 3" Whoms to lJmaa low rate of W ,' bodksG A Seat cUtlOos chat was owned by my father. The house 0E0mm t Id fl
ranwato -h-dortmlow h-merty been the hone of my parents I W" mvfnawe mm by
-tt -R Mayo people are looting for a and was a good deal larger than we would
S to asetp 'to Montlkela at low rate 49 "fake" Chicago drummer, who osed have cared for otherwise, so we only fur- Ar h ma ll>iiit pi
.-1gt mMA on their trustmtul natur-es. nbedthedour.ize=att"i b wi"
-s t tha t ouar" e .Well, we were hardly settled in ose ur otlemoe .r
--- lbn oe weref aoud in the de-new quarters before I began to feel an e-
Sbe Jl h. ofthe bin osf s th4reettvle ptaordluay aversion to one of the front BLI

..trl a t at. orEre- rva "l of It%, bus I never cro seed the t hre hlde o
.. r te ww rat e without a vague eanse o pf uneasiness and b' el S ..
r* OBa O BBI U N. -C. G. toronn. of Lake Ivanhoe, de-prlon, h I oould neither explain Valuoo idt Swiftp,
L TOB o MGo h rf. snr en the Plant a tm tom e cenriGon tplnea e of the norhake off. Moreover, the room -- . "
Sto way in my mind with a haunting Idea of
f3t% t.'Y. t rs oa "86and trhl. -'Ie Sowtb f tomato crop Is danger, and often I would get up l night
3 i 1111 i t It ckets June 20th. fo r- h ort aod look In to ea whether the o windows B -.+

ant jS e sten uim h all 14h thels fr mu- aV eed It and it wm prIncIpaly on that mc- U TT a r
Tha~ to Ij Ae km Chir. At 1 te f -daee ountyra nohool hoard ke fore long to getanother house. Thechange
l f ~& 6 t t- oad d the laswit htnent of a .v exed my father, who regarded it a mere'
]ftiMlt-,O1i' k M sto-overa th eat ina e o whimlonl, and I m aId nothing at the
Swu-I ,9 alowed en th tickets wea t tinme about the underlying reason for fear
Wtl5lS? l'Wma lt "P tMCIadigl i Paso, Trz nad, -The C. T. & G. raroad will spend oaoonfirminghis opinion '
eSemRp lo ad OCorado S9 s =000 at Tallbaasee interminam-c.cedmn ou y a however, M
"P116hA TO 'A NX. C. ltis.baneed to mention my deep aversion to
' V E .N. C. he front root of the old houe and tried .
i.e i t BF emaM n u-w t sell MoBnd trip todeserhbe the singular way In which itt
tFtoOlN. C. At rate oKA V R N. depresoed me. rhat is very strange,' he
one .. o v M talp an Jana 131:h, 1,. A R K sad,-for the same room is associated 'with
.and 1th. Pinal limit of tlcketso of the most painful experiences of my
Life.' He then tuld me how years ago, be-
AaW TO JASPEIR T mLA. he mg_ there by an Insane negro, who beat him by reading som
1- .021it" 0 06ilUl.UthaNt a uand14 TThe Niaga Fall -Tragedy Which horrible with a club and left him fordead. readi
. a .. .\ t Plant G laem wi ll e road trip Gave the Spot Its Name The lunitic was afterward shot by an offI- Great proriS re mde, but
So- ra t-i tk- art atn neverr menti" Soned "n the do you flnd when yu o therei,
&9*leegnnedasinaer -i u m re ao ni family, and that was absolutely the first I
I! 'q*14 Bansmt bet^ad ea 40 cA t o had rev heard of it There In brief, i n We don't promise yoSUany more 1
i M.uIisoft eai F4Al fewh rennehr sthive waboueful INdtl =m yarn. I ....vo.. planation to offer, tgreoa o
.l 9 -. R--MEN Falls who member the woeful incident and of course It may have been mere oin- we can e giv, bu yo all 1
SV l_ ant MORWAN'S RIFLEMEN. which gave name to Avery's rok, a ciden, but if so I think you wll agree we -
-ep -the point usuallyuf interest to the ti that t was somewhat out of the odl- we prmie.
W4 0a i nsane Fssesas .kae*s a On Friday, July 19, 18A3 Joseph Asy. nary '-New Orloans Tioe -Demonrat.
bin 11evellAltw te mr War manes. a German, was on the river above the n t.
'" FLe am A, pedik A an Ln, and lsaneater, oestaracts In a mnal skiff withha oompan- fi Didn't 'hoe.
m ean, nt P, t n of seap's company gave Ion. In i e way they loss tro ofE ieidtsho Waist
a.: "s-i- ~s of Ibirastonis hing skill with their boat, and It wentnover the fails wrth Ecer oe the Wild Weal soaw .appeared A
.-O Ihenri e, Atll s g by turns a Averynscompanion. Averyhi Jno- In Budapestithe citizensobelieve thatevery

eneall iAstir erhootingdemry near a rot no fa aaove thbe brink o the folIo ai aoe m Wa areat a0 Ie o ur haitk. The priWris
isn osf edr 5 aad Ae passed Ig on s n tabl In a m hal ordrng s been made accordingly. Y. know it means -
',ol v r."'A few ni h before my arrival," n
ll~i 'Baa ;.+o- bn aa bl nd by rhln.ng a nhItaoti' hic hring made hcotmeja momndagore by lying moro'orets no nay he obtained atn thai
-I. enesand thou firing, 4S ashw thi they himslf to in withm aIpiece p of r 't ed of a pole. WMhe Amorican rall-4 Shirt Waists at lowest pria"e, ;
u-W m -. inqn5roekeon oaf their itn w ea whm b e ahe ad is h hi n p ok e arod t forhis c heck, the wat rmed ap r t I ia "'
._W. mneuivernl g x as i- aliht ine. Iy n the moarag Inn man u-ma seen,. ad feat Ia mealbe ma, tis r and, teamd thtgWelc. .TUG
flQ_-i n ally cam of stwco brother nookabrea sthosanda qtedly gathered aon the shors Itee Iatms thea made ib. minw
am t a n t boan dtnly B ine aMd antd 1nhey = A 8 hugh plaard was held up where i oould "The Americean found fault with thisma r'
iasinle.ather n thewsapotes Tho young woman who nold F
-. .. ,meofpa. Pastwo ons -era .the n A nlday tpeplge r e sho re heve o andsahee d t im s rm. Pleea e don't' she.

.tCC'.IL4 Ctber h the make tirwoy'geo. anydevoSuwe o r Aei 0Poor. mn Haewifte Why worry this hot wueaser by fmrela t
e'a6 ... uw t sms wew mae i e trind I Ton One boa Wma let down and family. Tne ana o er came running. when o can e l el
14 A- T' SStlaimt lreve o fW e"fwoale, nto o the current by roeee, bun thinc was aw, acIb entreated. 'Pleane do Underwear ywhen o bty equally el i
o their horr2 of the b swamped teal. Another followed any ub I a you arme for th O Rria

Se tsss of een athgh ho the lIn ene peley entangled you shold not shoot!' o Te T
toSininnolelUlAt It t, a, stoo emilloly In hb e rA k an i h adl y rope a boat eldngtotheeen e. theAmeri- < -,
& whilehrer dhn sigli hs lmanie m ie atero au rt u-m ia s en don ran te adthe l.fe of thf tretbnl wat " wat
meniselrelyt htoar. Tish utt ana t r h it rehe d the r os h u -ho.od made aito for l r sta or F at -

im ,mari 0hav nan 'nrai of the yead ad wa eagerly n waiting a chance to made them simply through ignorance or O get a pair of o Sho. We e

't.aeaspa .t... uio." t Ta chow she shin- u-rels into the boat. Jumped for it; hot, aripldty waa proverbIal. He once met o b o. no ..a- -.X'^
yiul-rnuyen- haS they had to ebh oth- eing weak from ug an me, he P. T. Barnum, the showman, n ad very be t, but s o m th yon
's anaramausiip seao or the riflemen anmt his ou.mb fu l l d m for infInor goods elr.whef s ef r izf-
-.K aget amnl with enolss oa theIr leauda sm nd In an Inslant uas swepi over the but Barnum dId not know him. or g o ods 'olew p

"A thm shot them aoft a a coumider- ball--F A-Aland in Youth"sCompan They entered into conversamtion, and
idlatsane, ho tihe sensible towulaspe to.a Barnum told him of a number of nurims
,-md to w atoese ut h foolurdmnesb which had been picked up in Mexieo for
HWW'S /a4nIn' An odalm tat their aty, con- his museum, but which his agent In NoNw
*somem uoWesooe pundsof snap evr York, not realising theiralue, offeredfto
rsu of m astat an vesmanr- SJnils from t.he color of hlebaWor they couId be put on ahibitkeA
W. .on=maue& W the malarlenthe wate, all the baothin nasal be done "And they uwerasmd?" asked Profnar

en r ., ,Msomelittle coums up in New avm
bought them," answered Barnum.
"I thought sD,I" maid the amCentis, mU'
Mng and hadingout his card. "I was the
.4 7. No usd Ins Eit.her.
In a rural Inston court adarky, charmed M kd A h.
with hog stmaling, was asked ti he had
anything to May.
Only d t,se." he replied. "Gimme

"'Well, suh, dat beLagdeasse, dee gimeJ
SBOiBA'&t r aidtheisJudgeu-ijmll n... --G.-. .
a I R .-m 20 I-A
... you up for two yea and six lnelhe. B "
9W M badn b Utlngtoebtaln inatkL "D ain't u-uth a duron--lsller one
;"nm-Juste m or meryl' he rr

11011"Juohn.,'aid Mrs Pervenuweartlly, hot
-, .M, + S o U M h a os O S U -2 0 1 A '1 9

-sI"But ,Maatos," eVpraeeied,'"yooaInve
Rla& OW. 4rb l Ip Pri F. itng but a old an thbe he d."
4a* B.. ..OW...iel&.l as t w sitedh Fi.e e d
Edo 10--.,-- in-. iacon."ttion of physicios, and I Cgom
we Awn effort anythIng thai the Drowns
Baftha Vessels we maniaas datoaW
41 km l'l~ Sevend ooaft of f

- ".5-



Sd of Pah, Iaotion An- i The Old Style Cartridges to be Ship-
^( ^ ll d ll.^~on J-Bowden Defeats Knight in Jack. pedtote dUed fses t
T..:--,. ... sonville's Primary. Target practice. Sri

S Pn raa FIHT WAS CLOSE AND FIERCE' Hav"""aJune 8.-During the presenSTOOD W
b2u e"rafoa N' a re Board aPuilic InstrUetion hals FICmT WAS CLOSE AND FIERCE week the quartermasters department S W1e
ansnooneed the following additional list has aaqpped to the United States a
ST tesebers: Bowden', Majority Beiween Two anamount of suphles which have The Lapri
am +. Ityma Finley. Tanva. Graded an Tre Hde d i been found to be ueeleos, to the aiw
-L G gra de. Hundred and Three Hundred- 1 In Cuba. Among other things sest back Joy, Th
MSs Mamie Ganling. Tampa, Grad- He Ld were LIl of the 46- cadbre back-powder
,d ol. sith grade. Ht c trid ,e. .such as were used in the old-
cL. CIhmn, Flth Wkrd Seool and Won. y lae prinaseld nres. writ whwhi a
GOuards were armed at LAe beginnlaff
SJ.' 'C ' CJ, Rivervlew School, prin- of the war between the uniLed mite
r ,- h.* L Jacksonville. June 8.-The "wide-open and Spn. About five simiuon of these Cayenne,
. 2t A t I M EBmen P. Hmas. overvieww Schoo town" platform was so.s.estul at the black-powder oartrldges were sent to June -Dri
? J -" laint rolls to-day. Hawana when the ftrst troops were sent Kaia thi
S -Guy Mm. Planoe chooL The primary election for mayor andihere fro the ite aseut as t was perfnt
'W. C.'BM *f Penot. other municipal officers was hlld, and she30-caber, K8ug-Jorgso rifle., gwernmenl
B RE. IcodChnm Keyavlie. was bitterly contested. whtch use smoakeie-powder caruidge, Fthe dispe
J. IL S llaU ,. S.Ho wl.The i opposing candidates for the ited-style cartridge is tiseise sand heretfor D
Smayoraltywe D. Kni t and J nce their sh nt to the arsenals te sup erv
d. .. .- cm T.Bowden. w n I the present in-I the rUnitedStat dd o
-- IMi-fttiteNet Hopra It isourrently reported here, and the t

Se riC y, aro Acasde. adbeent o a th oce. orts O t a eFend che tob
k S .'- J MJ T. B Te admt.Sprn. emontthersbt between these two menorv.trineld oi t5be P5 srs, obat te o he ot&
.'k Ci n t ,,d ,b e e o n a n d t.hr -was .a. l l et$ rdl b e e n hf cp t i ont o f t h i l a n d mt D r a m

S w The Borsl it ity w t paper i My are to be issued to Coler ClMte thi etes

hIA llt !3d KBnl 's Sratio BIG e I was r TO onoO h for Rest and Recrentyon. erv

W.6Sbe&SS Asid~t. L d Fitsaintn. and not are Bot t 8.t4 o-atIber & Walc laet rets a
iliu r -e er o ewrscs to be used in targetaoning HORDES
Ua1 'Wild.. W"l. wilder. Bowden. suliabSe every d va" thaev ero uecthea r
i th r amr uhae they n put to ino the
.. .. :r'.b P sn r brde e s l C lt a the United 80aes connerns the s ers Omed to h
--* I. Ja aeTononpartien siIn, here verlttle, m all amrpleased to
1.:Nr. 1.a pra aoa ny -b Mn nd w

^ g^ t reverend tem tor New Yorkf whe they will r e dam
00 '4 o f at sF "J M hads-si aoonteat at atta polls t rasistw- aecon se et rd pollthe -ert h are t was t
I. .". rm.but Ht wa evtden hat Bowde only lit to betray the location Ofo o e verdomt ot;
bbt O cs h ae p e on ed in the promise nt dt portta men w to G o o. known the
S e ventCoeM d tk t ,me,.re? l eft eed the Plant te yetoda

can aughdoe sa-d tiy wife of a tat tei e Both men runer mo r ie b
"l 5b,5r ta RObNDE pay, *l ter, pr not been announced. de In f r. pmin. te
w th do," majored the There il a time betown a nd200t Te a h B Ma ando her on s30.r

Anete L L1r ABA At e ro passed on. u9e o take DeWlt BP nl o com t dau Coter M le An ime wl walt aC
G nlM s gtheIT. ND o BIG bTt TO-NIGne for Rest and Recreation. ey
Ai a: RP P. O t, e FiBarmelon a m mons awdJeffnres are BoR L S. enert. of Kna & Wa Seminaly at le the a hol

MbSam*. aned Bunn e winters at A m enee. C. ar Co. ndt Cenra Pr tanton. Va, In Reptber where she t ol,
:. Peters-ax I. Mas BReady fot the Ring yesterday nmning for Atlantic Cfty, 1199.
t.. m t s e ei nd Diamond Phm where he er wi spend tverl weeks.
own=Tom&Ismis u toa-T d INCDEeNT. New Tout. n Fl n. e and 0 a
Sd Jesffriese We btIn excellent oodl- Perry Wall ft yeatervf ly momang HORDES
dear res,' nmed Iawyer Bar- rfor the big fhbt in which they w i hlePanyserolan

Ieft blm. aep S ds g med Jame ,rtr next ay. ac comaTnte by nke
s SS Se thei ew rnm. lithe ton y ine toe Pinery Industy a te Sirc o tory ed and
rA a l o Geo Ster, the referee, had t a tldk ity. to a mend e convention of ha-d- *erm
mo sW O rdne le te'e tev w i lta Mwoott on the loterpretatiO ware 'een ret.
mL5IW bt e. newve sd doe thos mten? I of the cle-bre" cause ofa esterda Jud Za Kn of Ahis ed fook
0 1isal tftwb e g.to tmd lty & B. Laieoard & wtha. sorts es.- Famoul piw erie. he as madte a ndd s. Pew and daughter c leftme up rist n
i Item t bl e ces in pineat thie to t re c it g viay yesterday e Plat herdSy- pe st. We
atobadadiseases?" atifithed withbeast.We fom
er shehfistepbark on e atenword
"AndsoIoS "nd r e "pwledt hel orv .e.. dr eenm fom r the rEferee, after they tem for New York, where they will in that damI
Car k dtap Ier m ee e. ed to-da ad attack of ndi- t ed. er wi se Jeffries to sed er, the new edtor and thick asa
a. geston and from that time on my on e at c ent e ecty o it ne prprietr the ctual lo
e w apples have brought the fona w i readilce as in the aly ye erday cal pl ng on vcry gion h
.. "roo ae a ount I O beg anFWR O AHoAINd th the tra inin northern arte vt old t for theiend and mne one s eath, his phave
2 whfc hbas pP ut me on ry ed ry man prominently u-to-dae news Ter manh markable a
Im fsid cured El wnat loma trou- day. i ure? G. W. Aaedmr of Tbonot-a hruehwod
ew fe te ar s t-l s i t n s aspaered very le hthly e s t t there mseons o n e Y
r-,e0" -and tossed the meii ba wn ile Jet left oerae h Plavdt s yest p o ne do I
ESra don-t Dobt I iRt id the plaw eotrins apped rope, wrestled and took -o Providetne. iR. I., to spend the to
TB Issameo m ine u red my wife of a lr Igo am at the beaod PBoth men summer months.ab -old of
5 i d en m n Ittl e d2 at scro- lan to be in exce let mdItlon t h i
^. Wm m te m Its the beat met- John I. Sullivan ts Jeff rieeI to .wi M a' J. G. Prew and children have then i oung
SPAW butm says the fht wil l Tbbiay sbe a m t to Ornf, igN. J., o tere theo will loto b e ra yna
t moer Mam .8tly they only tell i one. sIt to n ds e th eyrw ll st vro ts
"1 f. 7M so dy do,"e replied the ere time tot all thine s. The As.h. g. sa ram a e a Our poo
t p lW d11a9d tlbe. 1wo n p sed an tUme to take DeWitt's Little Early hire OBE B. Mactatane and her ao u p
risers is when yen s-re suffering from comteished daughter, i Annie. will walked bean
Hin oAX I lT NX=D. constipatiom tillousness, sick-head- lea"e July 1st fuo rmkte, where i ,est'rbtteas Frk
O tr -ache, Indigestion or other stomach n%1l spend the summer. Ihe ss Arale ev0 few nh
AWmSS. hla witeofBr atlona. Spainor liver troubles. Sold by S. B. Leon- wil ener Mis Baldwin's Seminary as- o thesm hor
aq* his win^ters at Aen, It wo.e .ard& Co.- and Central Pharm-acy Statoon. Va. in lReternber where she o ten dfflul
iAM:-L1stnervesLbad eoased severeIJ Tap and Dito n will compete her action In that Waddell and
In. e is-i. Of hibesd. On n Ybor City. ,elebrated school. pewatitiots
X630, -and Zrvs einR y, all pIan soon SELLING SLIPS. MIss ,L Ereher will b. ve tod k a'l i10i km
-d- ft- lltrhm. J gsee hids grand mediciInawee for Germany, her old hosne. She leacthes "sI
oin f %*athea coit Allontryne A!11Amer- ]aEbgageO ven More Extensive- will return next MAy LaccompaIe J by having dero
t irakj Wl that it urg ver sand kid- ly.Lim the Pinery lnduaty, rher sister. d im t ulda. whohas jc se t(tow indto a
ny e I t pe -iflets the blood, tones yrrs~uatein tie Leipsic Conservatory ed. and all
S . strengthens the nerves. From Sunday's Day. of Music. The %4otin is her special in-. ourously
vimY vigor iand new life into every Jamies tott, of Orlando. the -pine- stromet te, "Iponies AU
y mncole. nerve -nd organ. of the body.- apple king." wae In Tansp yesterday.' Judge Zkba King. of Arcadle. was ed forestL
If.'. I g wer thred or allingr you need It. stopping at the 'Arno. Mr. Mott Is dis- tng m s3eore
Ns-r) bottle o dnly 50 cents. posing of a s-bge number of slips from theirDne
II- ba4ly S. H. i~mamrfi & (CP.. drus- his famous pineries. He has made a W. Losw, o, cfClearwater, casme u dupiou!n! m

.MM.' -, o Myers, of New York, is aut o s
nt WItht5ItIn7h0vas BY" TOIBWIFE. xranhed at the Almeria. funers-invi
herea' r, tar.! malad not care to en- Paris. June S.-Hme. Dreyfus Isb re George C. B fans, of the United They do i
a Ab r agt of last tgt etved the following telegram from her Statee army, and wife are enjoying in Rio as w
Bf- r l t pr"tt.--G. IH."aband: the hosputality of the Almert. Ity great
'P *tLI,,. "',._Le vre Friday. Await with joy mo et, vme i n e n
1 W 6-P %. Pa. .bi reOmedy meant when I kiss you." city ye.esty ah ah
I& ftrsale by .B.w&L-LoerdU C06. all 9 9I 0e0a vike
n11fa *Salem El W. CodriniAton was in the city yes-. o d
-- Lte Preelent of the Pennstvanlaserd- from Bartow, registered at the whhi pp
VUl. Br uIW *=A.ft Railroad Interred At LaureaL. H ee.rl- rist l t
Geoe... enma Of A w for the unas
Ok; 1 ssI Sta e, mat mK r wromn- P a.delphs Pa., June 8.-The futer Gesor o T a teSata w as
i at oeeO ya O people win be al servlcee of rMank Thomeon, late ltortoTaa g /W The invits
s d oreadOwweredconkuced of In the ram- reed R. S. Slon, of New Orleans. is au- otthelpar
It wI bhe one a the lwetweddingsrea w.Cer o uerVu ner Aer, oatey tograp1ed at the L.mnera. pamet,
P oenT e &lok ier Hil. 1 the reIM-,0iU m suppoad It
Sw ng..t e ourred in tM e t The oco k thia morning, bt the Rev J. HI. Eddy. of New York. who has blem at arH
w of th e he erntde mnaosids wCrdLfre vice prestents and been spending the winter In Tampa dom naed),
Sa nSo -LA Otf bonoar a the mt ot e v and vicinity, wil leave In a few daga bouse. Th
SCmsyf the vfe mpr reher has ever .t S o the for his heo e In w York. l ooksb
SS'.itO& areoiams of tM bride- PennMylvania Company Philip Bitu- Frank Fox, operator for the F C. and priemt
deat i beimad etyi a ftaflonable t and Jon dwalla of New left las t for rta.. i
;Jo 13,Th Yak,,Dr.S.oWee D. 8 C. where he baa scepted another knikkncm
H d er"on. acted ua honorary pallbearers.no p bg aupom
MI aThebodywab oiedaxLauo' la r set htt fo -
aPlled en isn at let & It was aI Generai ofoes of the Pensyevanta Ha n tctrrsleftwere polt
phraif a sM* A soon be 'wel, Raroad and its principal stations were a m When the
hMwe* draped with moiin tn- Od teM- W. El Howse of Tampa Height a n d he
___ amiit nad her little sun left yesterday-fo! r e s-TbI
-- ~adllm. It contilsisi Kodol Dyppe GsOdre completely ad Ga.. were s
aaI J to I'e W Ieat to a dL iniitedine and renders a- classes eof *teem head 0i
Ow- h ae drIs st Pieaqamtd eood sale Of beingassimilMated and Hr. Jam 1A. g1Asot has go*e to Da" oresamdAIeSt
93.ah e4 rb ra i.Bal-w r Into strength s SA rn t. 00..-m5ber he wil !phe se,. than men.
H ; Lt a0-64 Mtl aeta m oe. Sold by .& Inc g 6god tie enerally. bight Ib
=09s 4.X a8- Uaardi & Co., and cenatrl Phar- Afte wr W
~ I~fV~* .UfWam xvati- WOiat~ld "~P f5is-

o Wear the aise- a
ped Fre l i


meoz t wt wis, m Tuk
t He Is toBem ive a
w TriAl When He
BeachM Paris
-- t ts
French Guianaa ViA Baarti' th
efsus reftme as yet to wmewAl
mintry unIform wdtebs he "
ted to do 5t the Freab m
L L* i a! I ;
M o"tha GoelAm&.th ~e.let" il


I s the hungry eneayVOIf
TAnd eches wae oitwI
that overhunagoure sa0 '-LP4

ir servants aid coollksWho
mfootedw wm of ooorse, badly -
sm their ankles and les Ittte
bloo mtrlekd all da and ad Reeives f
BqP VW had ItD opidbAk lok ,
rrd little pest and It wiasee QrO,:in
iO dislodge btheM."-, .iio -
i omne of his friends lo b h
adu bind i dg th-oge T! s eet
of dus.tuOdngleocklWn too- *. "t
Mn with "i t .
a' boots." NuibencOfthemid ^ r.
k ll they oold hod, "ore"i
or booseand theregob sqmash mot
tis had happened qulte -n
to s. :
Itiful lalstosin the r an* SE dl
nd goas in tOmee n I.o b=
Their leg. were always blee .
less. and theie pests lodng In -_r
sand hbang from theiryeo oer so]
parts of their body. Tsda"l
from the excesses of the bmno
en, It is said, keep th4 poor tronae
water for a day or so, and
selves and nmay "to
rs of these leeeh tiesnaAd thei
of blod In this waymu be
I ha- ; odonbo a dO e M 2
nmethiry todo wLth the re-
sene etf fbor foosed ,ga In -l
aM andweI
Not a Solemn Ae aIr WI TO
e firt things thatstrwke al 11w =
angeria Rio de Jamtro m gr. ft
king moriaes. You think N'o
benca snmmIlntwIm. biaiO- hIitia
told 'those an rems" Ow -
malsea corpoemeSmo be kwq
rm. nor will Ms aw.lwit%
rhave their dooth.A made an
itadons printed bdum jm*

wedo in North Aineari es j
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]p^ler, sonal Pointer About Prominent A n Bk odft
Peop le-New Or ... Sometbing About the Extesive P
s t One Cet a cap. tion, Bt. Operations at Egmout Key. Tampa XMuiing ompeay. I P_
.. ar~.b s. t .rTrade.MarLt.
.... Tarpon prin. June 7.- t HICH WALL ABOUT HOSPITAL From d -. Alt
taf W U t% OUMNI, DiMG. meetlgW of the Wremans ATon ImA U HI The West Tpa Mini= Om
provmenut Aesoiation. It was decided -- saw and planig proprietsor and opers-
ALTER BAKER & CO. Limited. o e tot ti e O t t t a The Two Large Schooners and Their w= w e e n e a -
I Cemetery Association, and in response Cargoe of Stone- alroad The action was taken on the mot~
DOR ST A to the call, about twenty gentlemen 1 B it and Many Men of the xhanWwe Naional Bazn. of th
and ladies rot at the Ferns on Mon city. which held a meora on than
day evening. 0. E. Nobkiti was elect- at Work company's plant amountinI tt 34,000 oT
ed chaiman of the meeting, and V. W Judge Wall named J. A. MLrab
Pakeot secremr.. After the object if receiver for the concern HMr. Grambl
S g t \he meeting had been stated by Mrs.. From Friday's Daily. avYe a good and u ifcient brod, and Vt
a B nan. and a general nda The extent Of the government opera as reoebver, wlU continue the operation he b>
3d Bemarrived at. H. B. Webster, W W Par1 LJons now in progress at 4rnuat Key. a the trant ea-
S t ket and W. W. K. Deckerwe ap- is not fully realtzed by the people o- Hon. Peter O Knight appeared in thea T" Mom. .
pointed a oonmittee to draft a conei- Tana and vicinity case counsel for the E3a a i"05 -
Orne tutlon and byh4ows also to draw up A gernti-mn who -lsted the scene of Naal Bank a M end T iems IDAk e a
Nel papers of incorporation. The next operation on Wednesdra tagoed In-d Wb0klrt as. wel tor the Wp t a
ones il he held in the -sam Plce teremtnKly On the -ubject to Tribune Tams Cb Ss '
on the evenng of Juome 26, at which reter dyeoeday s o t M T lhe
A Patsi. time etha co2mrontttee expects to be The ondaon and mounts for toe NXWS FROM THE NEWARK w. ewe goe
redy to rewport.wthen a permanent or- be tun"hea said."are nearly complet- ad ---- Ao-- ptO k -
g nit onwiUbe made ed and the carriagens htoh are now be- Wastlnwton JJue n -he navy d- e- h a 1
ls kdrene r dy willU be observed in ing shipped through Tampa, wlU soon parlment odficia a~end with a S W rwa~dw
fa C-PeriMeeo Wd b e e Pyterian Ihnuoh neat Bloday he place In oalton. The s will otf relief todaw from the .1w,0 i
bMey e f h d appropriate wes v Rat 2 ooloc connadthe water pproacat bot wt beeI tha t o io t SI T. d m
.. t-...st . and. wl ike the ae of the ends of the Island and. when they are erable 4measine for seve aira t e
t B CesCa- 26*30 N.WrIinet rure. At theeth- ecomoeed nd mued. It nwl he a mat. The ewart was. ilderae l ft
,* odftat durcis tthoe even wIl be s-ve ter of aboae tipoe wtbil uty for any due at Vaipwu l and had e bee e M im" a.w
.i to the exeviseis of th children sel to pos the fortfications unis heard "ns., e-5 tis".
'The rany season aeg set In a d ,- such passage Is agreeable to the author.- Toda e duat wes reletf fre Ba '
-h^^ --~ *-: *h fting h owers are now oft dally oc-Itles In tact, this will be one of the Ootrnn-.ter oby. of the Mrie I eft flr
Sbem paroteatsd harbors in the world." dated bnnteveldso tating that the Pr e w
SCptain P tten wilM oon'bewn to run A ratrad has een contreoted eer at a PacitOc ~er rs~ord a M d be I
weekly excutreons to kAnedote Keo, arOm the key for the purpose of con- leg the Newark pds Bailf Plant, a he "loeka r
eiThese wfi be app cited, espectaUy by veytng material used In construction. haraor l PtWgots, on Mwg ,
those who enjoy bathtaU In the Gulf The new and extensive oopital but Tb s wou mnke the HNstaWR d 8t 4a &
Mrs. W. H.L elow entertained at a tIn are belang reridy pushed to comn- Va&perajso tomera. a i
5-oclook tea on Priday Petion, under the dketion of Contract A NW iAP
0-Several drove to the Spoyie Kri or _.derileLdo A beth stone boll is to ____ s4 n S. y s
Sn Son Sunday afteroon to attend te erolose the oqat bltlIgs and Thekful word .witten by Mm. Ad= 4 Ilro sMlien
e-rvices conducted by Rev. S. T. Irounds, to protect them In case .f at- E. But. of GrotO, 6. D.: "Wi talseO t .-
Sm.w g n thThaan s with a bad od. which settled on N oa MIft
The Tarpon Springs Record made Its Te gentleman sates that a lmat lung; cough set in and na tenal- ram ~ I
ledbut on baa r saeimy of men Is employed at the key nated in CoD-s netota dotarnes re",KM g .
ra. t rIeeoOseran g. he haidllng thbe large cargoes of stole me op si onid set l ivi- _5 lT- Znse
mayor. lelft last week to spend som which the b shomoers NathantehW bbut Ihort tioe. I ave Ia ey up e toup t Io- t I d -
time at Dunedin. at the home of 0. L nadLnk A.& PalmetA aem dm cba- nm bwaviour. determled If I not *e oods.p I l
IncThe stone is to used at the for- tayw-ts my frten4oa0oneartIw'ld aK tw1 4 S Sl
a nk Outhrte lef n Tcm iaYmorn- fications. The two ehoner mentioned meet n tammt ones aeo. -s 4 B 1
-nx B or- amer ugs visit In Irolansd rte amon g te IargeK afloat, the band ws advised to get ,Dr. ,l g' -Ww "3 1EU
W. B. rown, the drayman, ts putt Nag t ae Piere aV flve-meeter New D.isove"y for w-ttpV.-s." k i I s
r-ig)1 e two new cottage in (br Stor renti of over 1800 tons net girtster. took n rai elxt tteri It A L J. r tisl4 0
A new section house is being btut A lar e force of oarpesit r hes been me. and thank God, I am s:*ed asd rt i1 s 'U
souzt of the old Mrs L T. Afford and daughter tee bottlUe ree at B B. IEons ar-d t of to .
Mary, will spend the summer with .rs RQImD lANT CONSUMBpTVL El dsag atomre. BeenW Sfi and L t W r
R. W. C lemson at New Suffolk. Lio -.-- Guaranteed or prin ref unded.-
SId nLINGd. enOh Pe-hys cian Willn T7rea.t 6Oe -I dtir -
Isad in America. VOLL WHH1BSR I E5TO f CIN 01FRtP sid St S
The Tribune was the only Paper in Columbus, NEW*YOune S.-A -the W....Relieve ,bo Bellf.-r,'-,Wheni
AND N NEW YORK, MV th pi an account ofG o.s Jne -At th m- W o lO w n a
...0-b I Lth CLabli w iaj gse .elotis & affray In New Yorki FP- IV def th-e American (Medlca Assoca- oea on H Tour M.onUe lie-a
day nigbt. But there everybody knoistion to-day, a sensational report w- .rees trthe- van,, News. the 21 A
I& St.15 E W-in that the Tribune is the oniy newspaper -premoted onr the oure of cons ptlon The lastatf June or the -e of ,lJl" f .u alt ine it
nb r-anciqlee C Orotte, of Pu H. O .l Be eW E and and Southern Lines otte. oa .curedm ore t ohanLOu- olae.me t"" a- v a o.
a nl se of the neatest weiy papers In For- ie now offer-s to treat g-tis 5 0m 0m"etave wherever his CUM
$IaL I nteO MR% Ids. Its patronage, ho.wver. is very coneumtpivee fros different States In lead hir. It wei be a swei-eaued- ai4 9t a "
Fn aere the Union. H e come% to America with been arhly uesadn rest, fr I or a A. f
3'1KeLXA the hlgrheet credentias from the moat bea e a ulr. *or mer A. B. z-e I.
ToU Set the news I n thle Tribune while eminent hyab. and "he prese thn yar "e n a" t as o t rG 3
L... .. .......... ..... .....a- e Lwris Wbharf, Boston its tre If you are notn a mbsriber easinent the er st at b Tn eetas h OR. ]., A
.. .. -. bem B fet of a5gt Jtssl ev-lle-you ought to hbe. Send in your name a y trassnrt coltstt in the nha.a- at Bnna and p eW S H
e teat Johns Biver Linte. ent consists. In the -la- at an h wrat 3 a
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"-." The two rival kinsn of Smoa he avediecly through te tissues by the aid dum i i to once t "
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ZRADFOCLD*In. his apasa fl notlowg me Is

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Ostaifob20 PasetLocaton, Oct. l,184s onvlies BetterOASf ALabama, brt,8t Cetral Jasano Ps o an
FEAERGLTR onh fredns agtDe n X

.In ev Ineta.C It .ee day Wahngtos D C., June 1.-An- b e e he ,
NetnSOtNS wdws hasadem whcnlsted for yew
2 a bow at drug stores. or more between ishop John F. Beast __n
e ofbook about of the ewdis Epeoopalp hrchw anden"
Tl NOd 8Rel at rCLe.,Atiial b. l e wI e, -a o.arminted. It Is under- "mAgI A
stood among ter riende here, in a J aen h ,st -
. .. Dmiannt svemlon.andVIce-Pred~dept send GTe
.I. r.Root. oif-B uffale- N. YV..
er Department. MADE MEAMI BAN r B. "
under. the super A Os yesterday, closing up financial ma Paeasr r gntH
for his slater, who i very wealthyc P55555--r Agent !& 0.,
of our business. Parties he anlm e wet md mhe Pouarin Ostrfr andl A y Wre s

t ay Oen onha meatthe meomoq d ~kh ot led Lw l.o
..e -O toeparate permanently fst her lus- st the m n eM m oomrAt d twose, msmi-e
.a. me. rn .atIn&O n.e t. s reported rm hen gnd New O a...,a
be-rid. Iot is rpoe thtl I he teregz e d o oInthe aessnoo atMhe
SO0IV- ltoooal attsorneye to Instituote proceedings !sa
00fa8 Dnr for le-ral separation. Wat no papers have w 0
.or hPyet teen filed with the localons-caurt a si
When Mrs. HUrwt went abroad moret ____ad 0
U A r sale In Tamps byMorton -Co, than a ea ago she expected to rtn b
.- : =last autumn. Mqu afterward decided tocooilow'-
sipaoffhehrl ehes h etomis s gtha t ~ d ythe g
of Loulill. PE FECT mocr*iat"itty. andI to stay Ir Paris nam o.1 e
'PERFECTM rLutM lill istew&i st. the ito with barzm Ontheo ot lde of the Ea __t_

o-aule"and Dr3kr. HIs Mb.-wife-ofaCh.o.e Ir U,
Bawber. and heryoung rsioourl nee&. arienPland inisa-e-#0CG* aim. .w i 0 S- ,
MM fb4uMutha With bhebr ha -70ar-old feeK eOisftaken to UVm @ a, ae55sr Mi ia
mrss aeo. Rout Mte GaIT child of the 000046 tbhergorod mulopioed try Sa H"
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17 i, hiln..:mi dl:411H.ar o t ; --- aa- --t a" 1
-,-.- to their friendsma"the B.: ti- -,-.O- ....f. IfIt- Were Oem h ,SPo
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Se SR am tProgram, Rules and Regulsitons of rd aUaorew l
; uWe gleam oweituds my sma
skirts. Them was the Two Gala Days Which Tampa "Thou tiring IahL
r sde of Oh ear for When moy Bile all my heart
ow human beings Will Have Next Month. Thbo mmao al migh
his room been taken ove, when I follow thee,
f seats the matrons I meet bat strife.
ough skilt room- The outside world is respectfully Andyet I would not tara-
U in life, ofc r asked to remember that Tampa ro- T art my l Nw Yrk fe
humble glem1 at --H. A. F. in New York s
which all of the poses t e the btgest celerton
amnted with bro- on record on July 4 and t5 VINEGAR, THEN LEAD.
and then clutched There wiltU be all sorts of atraction, Tth
e matrons looked at all sort of fuheSttled the abe te
r, as much as to ay. Tampa Intends to entertain a large xci
alth to stand up, 0oon "I think my most exciting official fore-
mse three moe Lthe days mentioned. early United States postal Inpector,
One of them was a Cheap railroad rates--cheaper 0to "was at the town of CarbonvU lle, Col,
other two were In- come than to stay at home. in 1879. % was a star route post, and
and In war paint, Acomod ns for the crowds-- there was much complaint about tbe non-
clothes. The white visitors w not have to go hungry or ecept of mail, I went over to nest-
i two Indiana was o hnigale.
a, and only glanced The potmaster was a man named W-
i taken op by the State Fireman's To Iarnamet--'O in eon, who kept a general Stoe, and the
thelnevitable thing prize. postoffe consisted of a soap box an the
up and grin. The Bicycle road-race--for championship end of his counter. When mall arrived,
looked a bit harder long-dietance record of the state. it was dumped in, and evry ow help-
of roamabeingb- ed himself, an arrangement that worked
w lmen g Grand l nated ereet mneqterade well enough untll a chap kilownas Blask
ao, got hold a a ball-with flre-warks to burn. Bills Pete oame to town. Pete disturbed
Y jaw eame down Ehabittion drill of Tampa's paid fire- the entire sysem. When he didn't get a
mnemed o haveT to department-u-to-date fire Aghting, letter himself, he would tear up several
as natural enohi. Bg etret parade and trades dis- others on the prinetple that misery low
rw paintedlI tndi,Dlc--ompanyworthetnD. Thewam pmy, and, being a notoariuaspr-
thaingesandI letthem ome of the leading featuree-more faets, and as the mall came in that even-
tall, araghOt, Sue details from day to day. aIng I took a seat In the corner and awast-
't 0 yes old, and Be with us on the Fourth and you ad developments, first ordorin4the box i-
charm*. He was u-ill ver regret it. moved.-.
ig tebk as had been w"l never regret "A little after dark the miners from
n e foursome DRIL p began toassmble, and prently
caeme Blise Ellis Pete, Bawasabig beute
dtna's side of the The Btyclists Will Have a Good of a fellow, and I saw as once there was
an obvlas eye to chance to Msow Their Speed gong to be trouble. 'Wbere' thatlt er
he amiaud each i am -En tn axbo? he denam-ded of Wlson. 'I've oder-
i tn. The each eed him not to use It any more,' I aid,
nervous am d his co B arrw Is aottuns tthe fire de- getting up. 'Who the blank blank awe
* the y didn't make apartment through a series at davy youte" roared Peter. I'm ahe Inspectr.' 1
Off'. T blanketed quick,' he retorted, and, seeing him reach
them to do Just which the department wt ive dur- toward his pocket. I made a grab for my
Iaw thOeh wasn't I the carn.al. gun; but, as bad luok would have it, the
picked oat a space This exitAbition will be one of the confounded thing a sto1t and CMS 5- beat ever lven by a fir department, "In a twlng Im had we covered, but
'w or them smeate, -nd how how the Tampa depart- before he ro"ltl tLrl iooln a quavering
a longa bonyAnge r r i Tmpe, depa icelild ,,fit .r "'- Oh Pute' The
lo madebna smag ~ent is betie kept up to date in every d,spcr..:lo l :re .,.n an there stood
he madetatpimple,
hand held borlon- re ae t.- i v,'n hnld irI Lrh-p tit n iirt gun used
Sas plain as words: The worit of the men with the newj ; r dr..- l,-. T rhcU iAghti was so
t rmngongtosit call ladders ia approacAing perfec-I "tdirrmn that ili> ll. lirst into a
fit" tlon. This will be an interesting r eat i ; l.Id iiiJ .-' .. : Ail uit e: 0 drive
roms divided in a tmre of the exhibition. The bicycle ,,.; : ..' I' ur .iquart of the
-p their atlas,:and-,:r -.iuarely into
w e -suit, nat wi th- -ou-,owt.. enxU wh and be-
the o iately blank- ho eome -'x w1k. This squad is ,,,. r.,,,-,r htil he store-
i they had moved devotLn" oonioubrtile time each day L,.. ;., i. lihti- shoulder
her, there was plea- ': .at : .Ce -\ 1 he strangest
e of the car for the :..i. .. :, w-st Pete
op. The four men ROAD RAC e arrested
eep thankfulness -in v'aule-PrI for-qa xc-E utto New lex-
e proleed sIndiane-d Valun ePr OaeVdforT Ecl .4Luther Coi-
ton Post. ing Event of the ComanMg &oaival. . .. r ...-. t ng
---,. g,: .r : ::" i I, listedd States
UR HANDS All the local oycllnta are interest- ,..,ie I have
UR HANDS ed In the road race. wuhict wl be one ,. ,"r trouble at
of the carnival featuresa-New Orleua
a a Rale. It i The o to i prtil lst o the New rle
e Obe. orison offered to competitors in this : '"
gets the drop on eradceInaa: t o therd ise
r asensblesianto Chote cif aany wheel sold in Tampa, pe
hand ~ said Jamea tiven b the oeleratlon committee. 1 ,rI cent of all
Kan. "To throw Plne Kold medal. W. A. Morse. c. I. .. I i. .- ., I'. e rcver without
Cycle pone mr tFredt CF';;a,,:" til O'l ..:I CaLAltIN percent could
iflection upon your Pair racing tires, Tmpa B mrness and I -,. t : cl l.,: l IpLiy on every
I west To a pt Wagon Coan. .--.11A -III itQ.-..k: 1 -od This diatlosee
when a man has Pair kangaroo tires, i. A. Benjamin a!chuze t.f .-, gwflcance, for physi-
to Inviteaverdiit & Son.
for being a -- Bkccle suit. Gordon Keller. Clate m:r'ein e Morr than estimated that
Bicycle gas lamIp-, D. obbe & Co. the nlrgeot; Mania ha united thai
I mlin will throw up Bicycle gas lamp, R. Lowe. there a r m,21. 0)now cas mw of aptpendeldt
a the wost omat the Biarole shoes (1M), MeFarlane & discovered each year In the United States.
it If hblee Il n a lenn- Il. If this is true and she surgeons ae right,
aTo a lihases of Bicycle saddle (Christy), Uniton Cy- 46,000 of them would be ruthlemssly ri-
t a i eto Cowe.se Co. ficed under medical treatment. Butphysl-
at im wh, there weaterMe prie will ero l as t (and I wish I knew whether
atevenm iwh, 7 lh to', list ot pries will be truly or not) that autopsies upon subject
ageccech guards ton RiId intend' to enter thLi race tap have died c s om other disease sum-
ir arms. th at esa orce. so that g the work or handtcap- camesm about the appendix in one-thurd of
te robber w imn i one. so thet tM e work at ad the case njut sold tuberclouscioatricoes
l men hame told EDtr blt ancan eooured frm are found in the lungs where tnberouloas
W. Ae avm 1t Lafette street, or has never be suspected. In other words,
s fargo man w-' at Tampa Cycle (a.'m etore. one-third of all coming to the antopmy

theol n h ^--- oumly from an unsuspected trouble which
5 at th5 St to Roles and BIegutatlons of the Contests would have sulJected them to a life en-
Wem hislse Between F'lorlda's Volunteer Fire dang-ring opecaslmn had they fln late
m 0 Fttghtere, the hands ofs maegan me sufficient skill
im ey aGae orF. ---- to make the diagnomla
ayor F'. C. Boae, Ct J. B. An- When ma-geons extol the mkm neremmr

um te f .e B sl havn pe Ju, ttbe oefoca Obviouely the subject has net crystlaie
heNk esteasttalma urcacam for coole st and Is in puoeeemofevolution, bituenthe
Is maam th The contest will occur on Fra~nklin laity clamor for an operation when then
a- r mrenet and will be wItotaed hr the Is recognized tumor and poisoning from
bMs H h*e eth at vlsltot ('who will he in pma absorption.-Medlcal Reseed.
f AlorwaOud, jid copies tf the Program I ow They Used to Kill.
wesp forwanadl at ve bee s eit to ivern volunteer nre nold honesein Danfod
milth,< h5 o otnas re einDTintId h e nes England, not long ago thewetmonfound
^vmagaM srewlyd weee. ancie whn- te m anc-ent death warrant hearing
kGAv lilw was up The ftiltwlnr Is the oficlaj program, tOh silgture of the Duk of Portland.
-Domert. with regedeim and prIses: mnister of KingGlea-geInI. Oneof them,
WItrat Test-Hun one tendred yards dated June, 1798, glve an 14 of what

Sthe O. to cydaamt. larw It feet of hosee break legal hanging and quartering were like in
Scoule attaoe e wet fag 11 tbo e days. It runs:
aummutinoodu, feet f hydrant.. Reel to carry 3i0 "Whereas, Jam. O'Coigley, having
iaghe lta thbef leet ot hoe. Twelve men allowed to been attained of high reaa and ad
Sa wMhat it s ech team. besides mitagman and pope- a ss upokn hIms be drwsn
6 sigh, i ta t. man. Plumma to start from lbeb at upon a hurdle tonhe pe ofsa
d or paPira I wheel, and tpeman with the drag. and to be hl o haned by the ner but
Ae "wit wag Pirst trise .T; second prize, t a o Me er ans y hene,
Sws 1 and weSn co Tem.-Pbae e 5 yards not unt heIsdd, but that, being alile
Ms a&da MMdwaL from hydrant, men to hestet beton 0 N& h all be taken down and his bowels
em r dmn o cards in rear ot reel; rim to rees. carry taken out and burned 1eP his face, that
amumaes, mid same to hydmrnt, lay 1W teCt tomee. his bead ahaUll be severed from Mi body
tmeBaddte a dv- breek coupling, attach pipe and wet and his body divided into four parte, and
flag 150 feet from hyalnt Prise, that his head andibodyashal hbe dpced
Saod ftwas We 325. as we ink ft and wheresawe thnk St
P- tGa uney Third rret.-Foot race, i yad; Snr thaprt of Gthes Stene dirst
~ bealls enoughmen to only two mnen of each coin- lag the burning of his bowslaad dividing
L Ye, we Un d eyr who b ve elres particlpated ing the bodyi ntof sour pes, o winlland
ftetdtoMNctnin., second-rS& please is that he shall he d Srawnand
t em cMfeh AN coLa>UIg to have three rF -turns hanged and have his bhed severed from his
a by t wI, -betore beian broken Any kind of body."--Balttinmore Sun.
Tmenmwent b.- hoee and seeil aow-
b"Va Mfel quse- Three or moe m euamies muet par- Hew ie R--o-dert&m4.
i I U have been tietatem in conteam No ralau or There w neloud cries furma man inl O
.IJackeonvile company will be allowed beck of the halL mad the cornet w at
I to enter.
0y leetr"-Youth's The chief of the TLaLpa fire depart- tt fsrtp.a
meat wl Piave racl reedi at the Them were moe crmts fm ot Pm
dlsawal o t Uoee mp-ntip not havIng adthe hall, but, with that am adstinlg-
one. Jefa sndau tnme-keepems to be lgin his ears, ta emnett kept it up.
bega Mr. Dlkay. a elected ar the com2 taies entering anld "What ae you trying to do? crIed tM
at ti poi&t by h the Invitation committee. anssna.a "That's no eeors."
e BorG.wiM6 k -- w."NoeneoreP" sirmnids the eonwtiste
w OTCE. hea hahad heemn tadumed to bre k aoff.
MG at MZgU S" Do fNotl e a In herebr given that four ma' fmuorsK f s m *uebc ,- "
8 w paint o e weeks after te fbst publication here- "IMNot ," any C as Gab w1 6 ,
powmas a.swof of, I wil T P to th iBMo. Josepha B. "Nol any," a e w ie
i eatmiesat WatLJ ofc t a Ciret Court of the He's a oelsa .%M ead waMt ha maid
-ad tGta Mf. tth JMeWal C -tmtt a the State at w', Hoot Mel'"-Ch4OW POA
ina memml al erMa, at hi on M Gthea citr of Tamn-
. pa. b er tMe parpoe of having an order Oany an Anmaear.
Ma de to.let1nae theadoptlon of a chid M Driver-Yoas bmugry, ebt Whet
NOW in' as inPseion and aged e menym a- Ye mway sl tAm i *
S pM ^sa. the name or which child, an well I mpmOSa -
%* as Gr same at iSa Parents being to me Reade Walker-bi, elay, rem not a pop.
ur- --lm .. j loria LA Gamal. Mb' admi masyteo laa. I

.*A'-. -: ..*.-.... r ^ .'* (H a- Y" -'. : : .- -. ',. .


tea gondnr seld In -bhig.

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The Larqest Prlant in tk S

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filtered through three mIt ting bu0b .oea alAI i
Same system am sed by ths ar ur4 ea, Tsi be m.ltb
yea want pure a e order froa


| Wholesale ocers .

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(:oarry a complete StocJ and soliMt th.

m0r8" B 8 n0S84. W .

SI hereby inform my former custom
and the public in general that I ha&s
store corner Tampa apd Can e
-end thoroughly ovvorhjk" ,aman :
to furnish anything i .

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