Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: June 8, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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WEEKLY T. .. .



t .- theCigar Cheyenne Indians cehing Into Important Consolidation of Large Formalities of Peace Now Offi- Kidnappers WereAfter the U
an Ugly Humor. Florida Industries. cially Complete. tie Vanderbilt Baby Firsn


S" A saetarwy Alger Orders Troops to the PFor Xutuam Arotection of Dealers Spains' New Minister Received by Came Jones, the O ark Nairse
eagu' e Rivw Agency Where Against Fraudulent Operations of America'W Chief Executive and veals a PlO to 3teal x& so i'
STheres nh Friction Be- Unprincipled Buyers-J oh n Former Relations are Now Of Ris4h --yM, I 0.4
tween WhitesanadBeds. Savareme is President. Re estab*ehe4 riou Letter.

-o.r ta W*tigteon, June l.-4ecretasv Alger From Sunday's Daiy. Washington. June &-Preatdent Mc- WYortk. June E-anise
='am" wMwM h. s reted the eco nm-n-la general The consumnmatiuo o: the plan for Kknler formally recelved. o d'Arco s,woman ow fsosd
a .m0 islsa ot these rtmet of tot to order a consolidation of ti 1sh interest O the new p ais mtiter to the United nur of theio0taf
SAthe to prced he tate of Florida tcurred w States at 11 clock this morning.- Tl oli otetonl
i l s~ to te To e Rlve r aency pm- d y at the Board of Trade rooms. intemiw will be famous m the occa-
llaS f" .i on a-=MOAt between the Nrthe m The leading f sh drekr of the dtate sion wn ocial r between thi s trer tt bwesen
ias f dia a and C white met at the rooms yesterday morning% toveraneot dW the United States and
i tdsor IW'. In the vTeoity. It is Wit to a call lued tram this Sain we re -esrtnumed. E t V
i hll ti, tCs can be avoided. cty.The result of the meeting was Ths format reseuptlon of relation dor e
4iftigtt r W. -. Third the form.orrganlation of the "Flor- hbvizi been acoo thed, e conular babies for pecunary rewma :
m41dffia nlL .? &iai"Xnt uIda Flh onany" which includes as service wUl be at once re-esemh1"9ildi Aooord&W to Nurr Jeo1we
v wvW 7a e ed ak l to the the important fish Indus&tes of Flor "baIn will place a consul general at t e Mar on Cark was tU
ft bt that eue many Pites on I" waters. Hteva, enor Beario having already, n. e o a ,
us rinhabPo r man c i te This Is probably the first combine, ceen named s the first oomopat o that tolen eee o
B See- ises. u iN o 6 nt oubald hbe n At tion of fish interest on record, and Is post. enor Nevarro will be consul l
hq o. A te squatters later eja- something rather un-dque in the shape aeneal at New York city and Senor 11he real pose of thp
ui a 4a .ewat cause o friction between of self-protective assomialona. Pevinto consu general at New Oriean. -anJtion was to sto od.
1wasis and the w s w2 AS t For somei me the fsn dealers of Ho Bellamy Storer, the D ew mnni- cldo rnsu *
ttl l. Ie wh/te Vl the Florida have sugered from the opera- ter of the United States to Spain. wil ant chi d 1 tO-nen T
l tons of a mnhnber of fraudulent 4xugr- be foma presented to the Queen one g. .
F .R A OV .0 er8- whoo, by m isrepterntation sa opent osaxl next week, and the ex- isa failed because thi
XW.4m is oar an101at work on a the lotal shippers by a lwartsxtay united. '
s Tr-smooth pieces of "deadbetism." In In his address to President McKinle -- r In t
b- 'K .. New P51 h" sla' order to avoid the piwlblities of t les to-day, the Spanish minister warmly famP with o aere
snw arenent. fom auch causes, the organisation expressed his pleasure at the reunw- Carrie Jones eys that B
Afble.5 in "W ton June &-i O direction of eerfected yesterday was proJeeted ldon of friendly relations. He sald tdat inv stated t -e par Cb
liradelnsmi, the nsTarmlo and a system of lustine adopted he was glad to return to America, be- et s a
a tee.hig.L* e- mk s is a liow1ps wln Which will sarallze the "deadbeatz." I. notwitAtandiw all that had oc- pin ned the dea o
M an a aeed p a d Florida fb Ckaeay be- cured. tUl an adlmrer of tbis coun- Vanderbil .t. e
dista1ri l 1 t i* dilstio6r a sichem of Hale gins opereatlone wih a capital stock try, its people and Itsa institutional. e t onomnfrea of the nwuro
,tS aM I sA gwnfMnt tfor Poo RIco andK a of 8100.000. Its main office will be a recalled .with satisfaction his former the foUowftg Ietter, reetWi
S t of taxation te- t JuokeonVle.. and, through this office rea ience to iWshIngton and the so- father of Mulon lask, an4A.
io all orders, shLpmeLt etc will be, in duasitanoe wtloh be had then formed. "-ephilMAo, K of the
i116ti l"4fu- future, handled. Presdent MoKinleym reply was ex- MaFa." 10e letter Is as e
I--S.-biw h 1 .maempe of the oommniLalonT wt The ncorporaior o the company, tremety oordial NworJ
l I tiad to-ay, told me that a stated in the petluent for Inoorora In an interview to-day the Duke sad "Mr. (Clstk-A st mineat
FU a o f a U e o be of etno the i B. M Ilne, P. C'. Ol.rk. L. T. ton until the latter part ot June. whs a m u tr
B 0%. 4d Us-.kaufnt P of Pass iboo, they were n o iSoduoo,. John V. Lewis, George T. be and the Duchess would gro to the we ahgM be dawl*.grieved jf
, ..'g d f, ttle r' fit yet Mtr -geovaefvnt.o Brown. F. E. Halt, W. T. MoCrary New England ooast. He wtud look this to M5 r or live to.
S p rtob Rieashe o gold. e sirbold be- Pa T. Daniel and IR. W. Hilbbs. fbout for a home, eod if possble would reo g M coetee mhena the
C"fz onLeeo he ,tec 1a-e 11wfoliowing rfcen were elected hire the remidence on M % ,A1f-, ,,"Wes Ret ouono APnot.;-
St t terday: aenue nemeriey otou led b y M nir the A,-. Na, ura l
r etrie os Ma tis to Gre Britaitn. 'here are Presid-nt. John Savaiese, Taxpa. De Lona e and Minister Polo. As to to in r men who do n./
iP.Mhadr ham.' 8Ius- illt, mntehipgitles in the i- FPrst-Vice President. F. E. Hale. treatiesth. e Dike said: $100 a ym dume to qs w]ba IM ,
.U4ms .1a1 s F it seem to me a good wp to ea Key. "There is no purpose, so far as I nicate with them. We b "a
.s s e a ispt re n mofSeosnd-Voe president. H. W. Hibbe, know. to take up the matter of now and & few mab erber, and
.10-w,- thegt t oe S0efge f ot e Gern pte..,Ais. treaties at once. Of coure there wil more. We have been
ma0 i W i t tbsre would be to tOks two o Oecretary and pTr-eaarer. George T. be need of new treated c Of pco erme trme. snd re te San- e i '
gag'r e age Imaortat of the rmsenirt-" Brown. Punta GordiL navlenatlon extradton., etc., but it #e- mean to bdo,' rch B
JS -. General Manager. W. H. Adams, mains to determined w they wl contribute e ouS.
Pedr ra.e of sufa with tee Hon. Peo oJ0 K-riht. who wasa We w re Btorn r bab 4
fr y a" f seduftimonal tet. permit "uh to gov- largely ins lImenta. i .Ir&fecting the FOR THE FOURTH. and we do not ww one oa"e
Suw tmetvee. I nth o the p wrkei organlsatlon, was el-cted general and sae seoW for or woresryn
...." "e exed the sytetounsel. o e aBusaness People of Tan Mould Sub rlty. w no atteet pto., i
go ~twtexe f sthe tyste toasc os eard o dir lt be c wl ro scribe ubesya inowards Making O teaais whlo wlo pert
S a & m. iowty, to be are but it five poed o the offers twmed above, with to -utrCelebration thought your ne e worked,
ommw l te piw lie of the tIAid woutd the addition of L. T.:. Blockom. of ti Fo-t norb CtCbon nnste ; it
Sbe wrea e sea to govern it- Punta lGorda. and R. 1. aDanela. of St a euo. had t e ear m t and r al
'Wr;toe no darwOWt ,they will Pwtersx-nr. "--"tetoUs. I o 's
-reit l e at oleft. of th Adam, M the F era a nagr w-t From Wednesday's Daly. Ctaoa o sntiatk pe p
x-t4 W as IAtesA a tla t.aMtrs htive chaMe of the ct-mnpany's man There appears to be wa olittleU d fam natoe prottt
L_ r s.IAn ilnmsand, 1r t oe in Jdbwonvklle. President a"av nbow the peoa "wakeiU Vpa mo aJ
S be Geta I w B^ e Lbu winfo ve bhs offce here. we dene ned assistante. the ropomol L--
,. 'itee arfeotetsweee o 'rhe ora-Ue p and fixrs cohoeinposog the
comiwny airlll continue their business Poeaseh, of July eebaooen winl fal itXr8Se CINS Aoal pb0 a
,afit S I> A osll lomentis ,wi be Elbieet to the '1AT w cad nvassln tommitee .was toet e ike art|.
."^ ----'- _- -* e tonAa of the oresnit ',ti-
IOpassteni Is an mpvortat B epo, ad thos U enkrsmt itid i the plavn te oeoanseo Cub, ina i-e
""^ ...., ----"i>i ave eArti ted In It epect much sre .
-"s t-sf -- froo rorn o lness in l ewn O oppo hert oft the eo W ts thoou- e o t te lsdiz the t en
HBBB iMmio 013 -T wane aUrGHal0 fAr aTATK 5s-Je to te T ri une: o t ha 00 *I
-~fflg-^ o' wtotlw and -ra Govelartnorst WOE iwllse o_. Ol S t the xousable aathxy of the people dr o ting the an xreinms 4,

^^^^g^- te t y pen eote tae dtention of t ""ey c^ In teiork with mub ,itluns, the cee- opinion. :
I^wVtgi S ilem .o i- o luedfrom Slan in QI(ba and Fieo bratlo Wl be a blg ooe." Buverat axawn letter
liB^^ '- -UB t h am crwd m to th cov udernr ofas t te^ huthor a Is necemb- avranged, the em here tLa .e0* an
Mffiffil*1!'!^- ^* *thceMs4- He attetd to 5w5 he dibiSted p E M-i A< y Prevaled for the Queen rs btteisw leB Atnau eesetlall y tei
twni mseatwo B. Th os nn a ge deal for na JunS.u I asl t aS pa | csi.

V on=l & oled In atnd' t pal 4ttpa t to e T&asw. 'the opportunt should not be oreadk. __
Hle l the otttlee all you can.

D PO ma A" Aletter setting ot the war depart G.ORGIA MUN eonar
fme e iage a MsM to Bve Been ment'a station of the question has Pdoock. Ga.., June 6.-The firat car o nom wmuesdasf daily
'b bonb een sent to the governor oft ech melons was suhtped tp-day from There was a heroi e
A d .Aoa to a State. Garwick to Kmba & A Co., New York a saMiOim for the
-m e oa me 80 south- MalJor HaokIa has addressed a let tbe gee paid was sO. the city council,
& set 3 two. bo o tor on te omuldeot to governors O f but It dosafly t d.
m W so States as tfoows: NEAL.Y IN .A"OON H1e 15itr Of e .timo*
S aft ne dates a r .M, ,in, -"It has been decided to loan to the destood that the non-rn
A StrmS and severe States certainf the condee mned e dispa fMpe Mctoa Cleriew or W
^ B fi 4iMrtaC words: s-nd obsolete ordioace easptired in or Met Bpeclai Agent SH. Nealy Snow6 xed Ceow meort
BBB llP^S a e """ Wogiude bstout batioo in thekwr with Spain, in that.city.to passWon keg86tem Im did not ai pr at th l 1i
A te hter thinks t he 'and in this ant atmint onwe gun will be rovements to be made toV t pt d
lbOihaa m ofte letter assiaMned to each Mtate, to re toaned to ui there. A ,&FIAA1LA A i
Ses. oldeT moum et- waolto TH lE ODEIN BEAUTTY Pr om ussda s Ll
o ,,..i..' -- -posts of 0. A. R.or ll eox 'iT odelyaOfferlFMilie,,
H, Aiu MB 3TO BE REPAIRED oration a may be desienated, the lt Thrives on g~od food ad sunaiane. aigit MRr s the
ter to bear M the expenses of trans- with plenty of exercise la the open ar. house and hll ed t o
,iMaOs J1e MT O fe aa portaion. The vsmwwW be forwarded .Her form glows with bealt and her Stiurdge bsht. wN.
Me"b"ae O i -T Imn e in ta cames either from VWktervlett face blooms with beauty. If her ses- burial Uv Uandetaber
Seena at CGovernor'a Island. N T. tern needs the clasna action of a terp ans eaot to Oan
Them re no nwon s ormearriage;U M- laxative remedy, she uses the ntle atero ent he '
100.1tPO0jy EL v the bare ana. d.aesd k.Mat aMPa ot MM nsade by7 and repeated df"tiw 15
I.Mm' ats I es be yo=e wh tat your ate the Cl Na 4 ft Cb on.. w m and thnee dMfbtit
a-oetve Ua g= allotted, w ll you kin

Be, go diedntfS tne name of the amociat0t5,
4 Wash 0. A R.I past, or wnuicipolltsy tich
o ~ to receive it?
tea w terewlth a coyof
ihelhew mawrwnkb the dlmNiss.

Ora is
^4UUua ^erlS


S wasa Id at d A
mal f the @.-
Teffan nd Uts

SOf Ms otf
i ton ate ertes wA

at lmin. 'I ifthW
. lask Iwit l aInt

teufand.si a rmnoe

tm to m

Fsshe iM bted Seth
avlir t e toaf

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m rig s1 ga

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VOm gilbed InFld
e mm tety tn UA

Amkde e at' the paper is
TrHmE eanaerl a

Bar B tilting the I

as i tAn the t-
jm can Sa s

d a"b* ,a wj

*o 4^ mt who hI

el ir editor on i
wi a nie moathu t
4sLtwealbtcaM y by .,
5 3 c o f t B nM &ra wte
-a tt. smn*m-
a- wafretemk wI
Slibasnenft-era to-d
wi am eatmre char
r a dertment o.
PB -hisends et knowesi
Low. 4arin an of t ie
4WMZsW f Steu meamr the
fkAme 4id.atham

Sof the
*,at" -theI

A *eithalnf




-han ft r an .eai PCatena 2I
W1h10s d eI seIsse atoran has been the
at- asMoular obstacle that hbs ever
been put I the w of he se- *eek-
I=i ooliticas. beease it dItaaMns
Ser lm tf other p-,er and i mluence,
whk h depqud sclely on their ablitvn to
Editor deal out political plunder and the
spoUsair office.
A. Doltical boi w ho can no longer
licitor hand out Camors and distribute ofbial
place and plunder wi have no longer
ny following, since the hungry board
....00 which has been fed upon the prey
.. 10 thrown to them, haIving no longer asly-
S thing to expect at their hands, will
5 seek some other source of benefits
and bounty.
It would be supposed that the Chief
.00 Af state of this great Republic, with
.50 the Dower to appoint m&ny thousands
of public officials of high rank, would
largeBtbe glad to be relieved by a competu-
L altes Urve civil service organization of
Ivsance the annoyance of making lesser ap-
pointments and listening to the clamor
Sd-of Dolticians asking favors from him.
d sub- That was the case with such presi-
t pald dents as Cleveand and Harrison., by
;Or the, whom the (Federal Civil Service Hiys-
tem was estalksed on its recent basis.
irre-- Bat President %khlcKiey is an entire-
great it different sont of man. He is a
matter therondapaced .polItAien. otMing
ire nor iess. (He bas chafed rnde
the restraints which the organized
yhtean s .put upon hmM in mthe wn
raak- of deag out pointents and it
has been from time to tlie reported
aw ar timt he teed to abolish t b evl
ftune sescwle law as a-r as It was appUed to
lIhOUt valioue goM nment employees whom
he desired to turn out and replace
S188, Mt h be lanb e and tooawera.
aTerdey. the president coniwm-
oted his t ene. He withdrew from
a so the conoestitve qrstem aboot fou
Mted thousand places, thereby making
e Tri- places for his followers As the Preai-
Ull be dent is imtng sal tie power ,a hil
r. Eld- great omoe to secure a &sconA term, he
as.. e evidently determined that he
and wU stock at ltaing that miay be nee-
speak cessary to advance inl interests, .and
w Mr. butleving tmeLt the mg out of pub-
ge of io ofan to a great number of persons
S e would go far to strengthen tib Inlu-
We of ence. lae yesterday bean the business
-t. of o verthrowIng tf M germenent civHi
Seno- service, and thereW making places for
itasmi flowers and tomee whom he
Istmu wants to gain over and conciliate.

ma olwr his followers He can. If he
ms* ot kooae. wtbda w every pnbUc place
e .wjv re& the emtroi of the dvti service
red- law. %ad doubdess he has only uade

fg- Te Federal cv service law daesm
not pecl the offloe to be put under
ewte.-1 iirovlslon. but name thosee which
Sshe not be supdect to it. The law
ovi p devn thai the President shall name
ym fthe varls ClassMs of officials that
P n shall be subject to it. Under Peesl-
t as dents QWeBnd al Karrison. the law
Gdm e that tihe Pmreident sh name
thae vartiom mies of f officla that
sheaf be adect to it. Under Preal-
dents (CTObesA and HTarsors the law
I t we mBad to corvr a great.number of
is not cles. Pres ment MAfKfiey, however.
I& bea only aend 'wnaUyi a polhticai,
S 1A-; A finding any ree-_wttlin that re-
PUWalcts him in motm-g yTne[ers

r w sp salotae. mad it is not Mkely that
?.i1ve hte wNl sooen sic Tin last raid on
tho clvf sereie dE tthe R.epblc is
iet not the frt made by, tn. Hardly
Wat we hIe nbd lb o bace beg e be be-
aiMKa to akse pisces t or tehis fvi eAra-.
l no as tensl wheie be iarB 5topt
efhthe b e he to a candidate Cor s'-efec-

inudoo term ooffi for bimUKO
Sfi bc te sihe t e ti so 'g and

_w.' b nosed to th sptoaton to us

I fw wts us4 To ewevent smah a pes-
he' nM d sam be omintry fom the
Mnnating adt pitasi exmpiece of

i Jm imd apendiA U le office t o woord
a. It deaI to time trt of a 4uagt

a and and theo ethbebsn at a poalcalt boo
L to 69um hos own retention in office.
AMa tse. prls ldein tena ought to be made
a .or or O Wven a ~ms in with an ao
, -a l ,te cs ohibtloag ot re-election.
se to A ddiinageOw in the preientsti
Sbe shar ata comas from wsc the Aner-
S"mke pem i toi f ft-es rethgl eives
v oul bMa it trest nSthe y sowe-

a m notes that Ma wonda up in Ohio
p,. CWrtle_ fea &uan.tad. Se secured
Sgp~i n a. a b t of lk thma ten dollars.
SBefore iraia4pe he deed iher mod-
h teit tetotage Mn. and afterwards
quo ptuted in the ar aea s was kluled
.a. thAnlst The wMow received 38,000
smuwrance sad wia get a pension
^1ifent Ue m etwemnent as long as ase
9MKve Ufi there are eople who aso
lSS-t Be't pmW to advertise.
-& oefts iAetoM Grand AaV
-- stt s He idea ofa Gen. Joe
the Memaoriat day -

hanmet we.oetonvi

90wSero or JULY. i
Tampa ought to have the bIggest
SMourlth of July celebration in the
Suoh a celebration mould mean
cheap railroad rates. hundreds of vatt-
ors, a day of profit for the merchants
and festivity for everybody.
A committee of citizens is now at
work. soliciting sustecrptona to de-
tray the expenses which will be neces-
sary to a grand demonstration on the
approaching national holiday.
About $1,000 will be needed for this
laudable purpose. The plan of the pro
posed celebration includes a big pa-
rade. music unlimited. horse and boat
races, a fireworks display and numer-
ous other features that will attract
people from all sections of the State
to Kramps-
The carnvasing coCmittee report
conalderable encouragement so far. If
all the business men will do their part
Tampa will have a Fourth odf July
carnival that will make other attempts
in the same direction look "stale, flat
and unprofitable "
As soon as the necessary fund is in
hand. committees will be named to ar-
range the various features, and to
make the program what it should be-
one that will please all and disappoint
arany speoulations and opinions are
heard concerning the location ot the
public butding. Some very wise peo-
ole rofmes to have sufcient inside In-
formation to ktnsw Just were It will
be locked, but when they are chat-
lecued to back their information with
money theb let the cat out of ;the beg.
A number of smak wagers were made
yesterday on the location, and it is
probable that mang more wil be made
before the result is akown.
General Baya, treasurer of the Con-
federate Ikdiersr and Sailors Home,
Jea eonville, is quoted in the iMetropo-
uts as aylng that there have been no
oontribetlions to the home recently
from other portions of the Stale, and
that al Tuanda donated y Daughters
of the Confedmerwy or other organiza-
dLons should go directly to the treas-
nuer. in order to insure their acknow-
ledgement and publication.
Contractor G. ID. BracAnhal has fin-
ished twelve of the sixty new venti-
lated fruit cars he is building for the
Plant system Toey are now on the
trucks at Saaord aand are fine took-
LD cars. They are all equipped with
as- brakes and standard coupKngs.
Thts Industry dt car btlUding is an.
Important one to Sanford. anid gives
employment to a great many men.

As one of the first acts of the Czar
was to ca an international peace
conference, so one of the first &cts of
the KaIer after he became emperor
was to cAl an internaaional labor
congress. The Berlin labor Congress
was a failure. but still seeds were
sown there wtlch may even now be
blossoming, and so let us hope for the
peace coagveesa
The rbune boeo dollars to doug-
nuits that Ml-. IL.Bgle's Infamous rev-
enue bill taxing cigar foctortes 25
eam ts e thous and of their ouaput
In addition to the taxes tbese, enter-
prises are already paying, WlU t1A
killed as dead as it is poeMe ort- an
intelltient bod of llegitators to kill

The war at Tallaksnee over the re-
'moval of the State Capital to Jackson-
vile. was a waste of amnamitton. Not
taer ws the mee se ignaly defeated,
but an slienewt to alwure an apDroprira-
tion to epair the present cauSte was
knocked In te ead.
The la-ong 'Trabne is wellr In tie
fr ont f aJL Bot iFlortda iolmala A

Notb nsext ek to speOd the smer.
said yesterday tha the s-st thing he
Liserat of wua to order thme Tribtue
ndhed to hh Oorten address.
The notorious Carl Brown hs ,placed
aet t the head of 'The *rserdltk.
nth of IAmerkmt." and propsef to
mrlch on to Waahington to deoacese
the trusts from the steps of the Na-

atonal Ciwtal Al1 we have to sat to
Carl is, keep off the grass.
Ite naming of balies after General
PuLmton in Kansas to not confined to
the male ex. One proud mother of a
bouncing daughter has decided to call
her Funstmnle.
fBe latest practical Joke to result
fatally was perpetrated in Patterson,
N. J. IA usual. it unfortunately taIed
to incsutd the Joker in it list of vic-
Sma who Juamped from the
Brooklyn bridge Jut to show bil-wHi
Dower stmpe~ 4etw'r*-ted that he
didkathave any won't power.
All thO PvAeteewt sgonS on in Paris
and Tom Heed moviog around caLmoy
is the mihst of it!

The 8tate captat will remlai at
abaesfee nfor oam pam to come.

mH fOD |am

e-' r

cau 1es Wu wt5isr in


give Nashvile American s spea m-
asof Henry Wttr the d r
and l oocasy. f Ken-
-, wisely s A torthe pes Ists

The Nashville American is speaking an
of Henry Watterson, the great editor all
and Political prognosticator of Ken- be
ttciky, wisely says to-the pessimists.be
the men who are predicting aM sorts of
of disasters to the republic of the le
United States because It has put off its !
swaddling clothes, and who shrink be- th
fore the new. issues and predict dis- A
asters resulting from these issues, we
commend the Decoration day address
of Henry Watterson. at Looisvile, in
which he pronounced his faith in the
American republic when he said. re- h
herring to new Issues: 'Who hall
fathom them? Who shall forecast fo
them? I aeek not to lift the veil on
what may lie beyond. It is enough t
for me that I have a country and that
mY country leads he world.' That's lM
It: These United States lead the
world! Other nations have take ofI
lyrrany practiced, of Armenian or- p
rors. of miserable, degraded overn- PI
meant by some national But t remain- hI
ed for the United States of Amerisa n
enlist citizen sodikes in a war eganast
miagovernment, oppression, tyrrany
and the exercise of barbarri method pi
of wastare by a government classed P
as civilized. The responatbhltite re- w
suiting frou this advanced action by C
the country that leads the world can- a
not be sehmned, cannot he put askde, m
cannot remain nnoteiced The glori- hi
ous fabric' of the American republlo a"
Is not a dream, not a myth. It is a tt
rel&ty, and from the Orient to the 01
Occident. wherever the flag fies, will te
come the thankful refrain of free, in- m
dependent, self-reUlant citizses, Iol c<
to the rePublic and sharing the bless-
ings furnished by Its fair govern-
ment" R
SAt last Indications seem to point to
the belief that the civllians on the
PhUlipLne Peace Cormnlesion are to
. refmin in tie rear for awhile, and
alow Gen. Otis to try his plan of
securing peace. As a member of the
commid eon Gen. Otis took no part
in the pouwdww held by President bl
Seatrman. nor did Admiral Dewey co
parUilpaae. These two eminent of- ti
cera knew that surrender must ante- a
date peace and they hept their skirtsa s
If the wet season in Manila Is to be T
devoted to active and persistent at- a
tacks upon the enemy by small bodies t
of troaoe while the main army re- tc
cAperates preparing for the fail com-
paign. w17 not enlist during the sum-
mer more troops under the army billre
and have them ready in Manila when
the dry season return ,

It is posmmAe for something unusual
to oer in & great city like New
York. In one of Golem's hosirtati W
a (oew day ago, Peter elan, died m
from the effects if tubitual tea drink.

The Ortando Daly) Reporter will
spend publicatoin tanerow. Its I
weekly editon wl te gatf--,., how- ^
ever. Tis Is tam eadeslt lct Orlado
has had i n w a e r. When a

iL cannot aupcrw i dailn ons ieer
It is in a had fOx.

hIbs blI Inroesiord in the legisla-

in tee asm t9Io IsmaS is m a lw. l

Micresry and Xr. Watns, of Ala-

This ta- of re31rstenlng the pat. wC
m~ptoe as Dewey Isaands to aao~her

Illustration of the Toy 05 edbdton. oe
Whet woud tb edo i that came, mall m
the Fllpinos Dewdrops?
The Paknetto Bech rad, when it is
oe-npletea will be a great boon to the a
Deoale who live in that part of the
oOmtryq and do b tsew in Tamma. ]
MMTe roicigAl Oght in Jackwhaovie s
is waxing wan. KniPf trom ai a N aes
oants. Is the anvrtte ita ate tfor an
mwor, ,and wa wI.
9 i
Ties (t.'ngi- of JacdionRvie la ita
makn UB e a burden to tel Opponente Il
Wr MaWor E nJkett r renominqion. in T
that ci or anywor.

the adjacent coump 1ma tbe the gSgt- A
eft advertisement thll section of the
Rotate has ever hb .

full d aedds a Imetls ajrt ifewow
Peoy vadew w Wea atent .. thd

Cci Tte. r~w twir vatie ito n
n Tan in s, me i Cldand 1%
boMU Piortif and Gosna for f la

to mie st hat l vt aswt"

I-at snow -iwtbw to, A

Oka *T v* a *

istla to lb sttht m n
mibsatted p the wt
team at lte Peae
Their p-eevloa r t
ry the tee eaCfrag
se. fWhmenL a' e
wo action and
o arrive at a -f
t aswubs the Sit n !
here Is no otar t
Btmet. and ea e
a15inary rrae--,
ught over or h
It is the purpose of
oeals to have thIe the
i advaflt, so far as
id the mere existsti
rangement, if the tt
SacceDted. will exee*a4
Dtoence in favor at ie
arbitration, or,
set a court os inqfiop

saton even tihoug#t It
aDA pcrwerm It *seek R
w babte that this

mAh on sicA6nt of

r the play of reason
I d a when ba.

he and bones 09
oswern to & constant*
-e to Lbs pthe
ckeri an ton
owners are lving *W t
Mr. Ch A. UW
irchaed tile St.
eniIsular troi
ho will retire o-lse
,l. oranse. f lo 1
public caJamigoF
ore than the
as future m
eassant and 9'.
he new editor r 6 iOi
ab-Penlwa.lais to op f
rwivatsu sad up tov a
e n i~orida, avd
homes him with 4

Editor J. Ie Go
record at TapMaSpB*
an wil haase oek.0 1t
ore WIR Oontiflon
e of the best

The kAheme
o1dedt ia. everiia e

t itn to th e f
5t1lhioe AAt-
Watest oomauty 9t 1

wrain to the Duep
nonmer 4W
e if theat w $ 1
ore be learea.
Admirda Dewrar `0 -

E0 th Ra Wi t.
csod sia lbos
Trade in an i
P .onaf B iod t
M O ,.

m en. ht ew

It 'tt E


r oi

W9- .
t .

S- -

,.l.b. :




6 611 t it'laiSlatosI"


# r Petitions Pour in Prom all Parts of
Bar- the City for Permit to Puash
fand forward the Good
"No in Work.

ia the deve- The city council met last night in
5 5lhai behind repMar session. The following naed
nb' m ers responded to roll call: PreSi-
Sy aganp o dent Brues, aHonmea DmAruas Webb,
a she ra st- Plmft, Wing, CMomey, Fricken and

kt:m. at last reausar meeting were
Sta'^e^m M e n Ma the Reanigular maned taken
-1 i n t;t followlas order:
A e.n lkivation was resd from the

r- ed o encard to he pavtng at Po)lk
shree ceraglg sad also in regard to
Stie. signal hanty. After some
h P niu the matter was referred to
th"ae steet teise
W4.s _-u n e, wass read from
-140 '4 washe. It -!ated
that bse hoakd had accepted-the sewer-

a a& heW tals the sne. A
__ Otlmproveafd"a that hM specalbass-


low~ MIL -fi



w~v- dcant trasms

a ~^1 amiB am
gj'r toajebe

"a eta

I q-WArgtteMo
Ma thbe canti on
med6 hr to ict
3?A 000(-:

'that it b8
^vo too Oeg sh
&am m -

Vs eswat gran
A etitu
'in M a t se I
CUP en

"0 e dw

Os motic

a lr A Batit~

-_ 'ta ~kbt
[ot '-'ia t yis



Adopted by the Teachers of the Coun.
ty mourning the Demise of Pre-
ceptor Simmona.

Whereas. Almihty God, in His wise
Drovilence has seen fit to remove from
our midst by death, Dec. 20, 1898 C. V.
Bimmons. our friend and co-laborer.
thereby casting deep sorrow upon our
beaes pad an irreparable loes to the
vroffedlon iteaching:
Resolved. That In his death the
county loses a faithful teacher and the
cocanunity a useful g ttizen.
Reaolved. That in our intercourse
with him we have found him ever kind,
a good and faithful friend and a true
Resolved That wbae we humbly
bow to Lhe Divine will. yet we re-
gret to have to gve up the association
of our departed fri
RenoLved 1bt d in the schools
and in the church where be so
tittitad& served, wIll his proeoe be
mismed and Ia wrat be remembered.
RemSved. it we hereby extend to
the sorowllr family our sincere siy-
pathy and wAray to God to comfort
their hearth and sustain them in their
ResovWed. That copies of th reeo-
lations be sent the bereaved fmailp
amd ama that the to offered for pub-
Ukakon to the Tampa and Plant CMy
Mrs. Meta Seagie.
Mantle Hendrix.
David William.

we -ower to st la eonect- *%at n wanmt is not temporary
a wth mter miawia rdae frem tpis, but a cure to stay.
a -was had from J. a ViA "DdWitt's Witch Haste Salve cures
a-t an ew I b tax as- an68% ad tIrn are cured Bond
ow lot1. ad 2, Block 2 for bsv 0. Leamard & Co., and
- ta*Lt the saeslent Centret dPhnse Tamps. anad Din-
made a s, w mno Pharmacy, hor City.
'M% matt' wa sreterred a
-iws rean m itom A. J.. Kanglkt,
1m e tie Bell heitr, in regard San Francisco, June 3.-Mrs. Leland
e on tbe taxes on lots 8. 29, Sanford has deeded nearly all of her
, on account of the fact thOt stocks and real estate, amounting to
lo t were located in Ft. 510,00,000, to the Leland Sanford, Jr.,
tnd outside the Wc li UtR university, founded by her deceased
er was reaeed to te city. bhuband

o-eiatibn was read from ~ ST. LOUIS GOLODEtD.
-and sIasani eBorchard, at- outhabapton, June& .--Te American
rpri Intllg iMs T -emer- line steamer St. Loui grounded off
sanS, in 1reteenee to an in- Ecalshot Castle tdis morning, but was
rene ved in 1897 by reason Oi floated at 3 p. m., without damage.
vre street. Salt was brought.
:oa- e litigate^,. irs. HONORED DAVIS.
Sobtained udigaent in the Atlanta, June L-Memorial exercises
2000 aad cos't They naked in honor of the birthday of Jefferson
a. PrWIM be made to pOW Davis. were he4d in Crant Pask, this
Ait W tm reliee he appll- city, to-day.
a her stra htened cireuam-
After a general discunalon LONDON OCT..iIRBATBS.
or referred to the finance L-
and torney with London. Jane 3.-The eightieth 1irtih-
Sa aday of the Quten was fittingly cele-

ln was presented from prop- rated here to-day.
ere of Madison street asking Kodol Dy ,pepeLa Oure completely
e paved with vitrified brick digest food within the stomach and
rtd avenue to Ashley street. intestines and renders aNl classes of
n of Mr. Webb the. petition food capable of being asalmilated and
tedL converted into strength givlngU tissue
Ion w read from lh C. E. building substaroes. Sold by S B.
In whichishe clvamed an ex-
ax _sWsrnVt an lots and Leonardi & CO, and Centra&l Phar-
, 4 'YbTor City, for 1M, anad many. Tanmpa, and Diamond Phar-
a tWe ame be reduced. The macy, Ybor City.
ra referred to the city attor- 0
Jurt a few more moves like the
Ion was read from the King's President's latest, and it will be all
a. a chrtsbe society e, ak- right to spell it drivel service.
L lot of ae-half block in the
atery be set aside to be used The Jacksonvflle mayoralty contest
Magt'vno, yet do net r eriy is developLng into a first-cillass pugi-
) the paper graves. The listic exhibition.
rwa e nTnl1--driy granted. 0
on wa read from a number It ia a good thing for that $3,000,000
ward citizens and property that the Pennsylvania legislature does
king tbat Nlghth avenue be not meet in Cuba.
between Platt and Asele street.
to te street committee and General Humidity has already arrived
I ward ctu-uiftLn in the oohumnn of numerous eorntempo-
Ion was presented frm a rsa-tes.
fiber iC prominent Thor City
owners adng Mt tUerty The Duke d'Aroom is the latest victim
)m Nebraska avenue to Thir-
eet, sad Thrteenth street, of the variegated newspaper photo-
reath street to Seventb ave- graph.
saved wvttost delay. After t
midaon the petition was The emnapox excitement has once
more suspended hsrilitho
t-min tliO was read from The Paris could not be acting more
hr S. in reference to con- obstimnsey if eT e were a real Spanish
dqr "Oiding with the city
min. The letter was filed for s ip.
ttan of several parties to DeWitt's Little Earty Risers act as

bat a pen-
fadang to
a0 ruammwn

faulttes pill should, cleaning an
giving the system instead of weak
Wa it. They. are mild and suMe
ai. and pleasmat to take, and 7n-
y tree from objectionable drugs.
es assist rather than comel.
Id by S. B. Leonardi & Co., and
strM Pharacy, Tapa. and DI.a
mnd Pharmaiff., Tor City.

th power to aet-
umotbin prevailed that the clerk be
rated to notIfy d t Consumer's
-wa to make Immediate repairs
certain rosaias that are in very
d shape. \
Ehe committee on amppeas and grier-
ees reported on & damage cItlm
Ow, Winona Mafbott The recom-
snded that aotbe allowed 400 in full
tiemet for her claim. It was ad-
ted. The claim of Mrs. Scul Wta
Po aettled for $W2I.
me conmmuneiation by Meaor Bow-
mo, recw,-,a- ng the applntanent o
ST. Phillps'sand A B. NLicholas On
police force was laid over antil
x= meetim
te ordinance regatsng the ap-
intment police officers passed see-
d reading and final reading.
me ordinance pr-oviding for the re-
nling of the debts of the city passed
St readIng. mThe noopanying
alsatim was also adoptedL
Me report of aritary Inspector
ren for the nammnth of May wan read
d irdemed f led.
fL motion pevansed ttt ,the three
o emknio ed on the LatMayette street


10o or oluters to Be Ealhted at


President and Cabinet Decide to Sas-
pend Fighting Until the Rainy
Beason is Over-Soldiers to
Return to United States.

Washington, Jane 2.-There will be
no further hostilities against the, Fi-
ince until the rainy season is over.
'At a Cabinet meeting held to-day it
was decided that there was no prew-nt
neoessily for calling out the proposed
35.000 additional volunteers.
It is evident that the President and
Cabinet members think General Otis
now has the situation in the Philip-
uLnes sufficiently under control to al-
low a creation of active operationa.
The dectmon, of course, removed the
necessity for additional reXients to
fil out General Otis quota, but it is
very probable that, after the rainy
season the 36,000 veWnteera or tnaslr
contemph ted wll be seedity enlisted
and sent to the front.
IKcrxiy- Aler stated after a con-
feence with the Prehkou relative to
the itrce whifh abould be placed at
Gen, Otis' dlaetlonn that a cablekgram
had beenasent to the General asking
him to infarm the department how
may men he deemed neceiry toes-
amblUh peace and order in the ilans.
so that proper meamres might be
taken to equip a large force should it
he aeeemary, and to eend the troop
to him In time to reach Mania at the
end of the rainy season.

If your stomach is disordered, bow-
els irregular, and you don't sleep well
you need Priclhy Ash Bittera It is
very effective in removing this aondl-
tIon. Sold by & B. Leonardt & Co.


Bookkeeper in Weet Tampa Knocked
Senseless By Shock of Lightning.

Prom Sunday's Dai1y.
I.aghtnin played a dangerous freak
alow the telephone wire between
West Tampa and the Citizen's Bank
during the shabower yesterday. tAs a
result. G. L. Wrialt, bookkeeper for
Cuesta Rey & Co, was knocked into in-
senstiblity and Mr. Kennedy of the
bank force, experienced a tingling of
the nerves that was more painful than
Mr. ,Wright called up the bank from
Cuesta. Roy & Co's office, to oonmmuni-
cate something In regard to the firm's
payroll. Mr. Kennedy answered the
ring. While the gentlemen -were talk-
ing, lightning struck the wires. There
was a blinding flash at both phonee
and. while Mr. Kennedy was severely
shocked. Mr. Wright waa knocked
senseless to the floor, scarcely realiz-
Ing whtt had hit him.-
Mr. Wright'a Injury proved only
temporarily serious, however, and on
recovering consciousness, ne found
himself in good condition, with the
exception of a deafening buzz in both


Bills That Were Introduced 1
Present Lgislautre That
Become Laws.

Tallahasee, Florida Ma r 1,
The new State revenue law pn
the eaJe of weapons ofC any t
minors, and the penalty for vi
is a fine of $100, or impiWimsM
six months.
Jumk dealers and pwnm broke
recoired to keep a record of al
actions of purchase and sale,
nanms and articles, nd their I
are to be submitted at a tia
othal inspection. The pesall
violation t inmIrtionment from

months to one 7ear. L,
The equor dealers catch it
are tamed (or each place of iI
Soh Uceense tax. mbl be in
aR o Ahee Masse taxes an asad u
"ate. oniowt and xnlpt, a pid"
be divkbed m- foaoa: In sa
sated cithaan otn-e,- g,
the State one-tourth to t
and e-f to e
Outa-i of isaole am cdat.
townsl oe-bat o to Te Stea. i
4d to s e county ,-s1

altm of Ow oe cofert. ladair
sbaM anal m or o~w fr n

AL s~elm)

htm or reenae to nmai e wM
under oat dbam be deemed
a ,Nj a,..W'trr, and shall be
by a ne -of not Me thin
boo han M.
Keepers of tlHardD pool t8A
ailowIst mk ninrs to play, wheo
am solM. abai fotfelt the ica
be improved adx monthoMa.


It Ha.l Adjourned and thdi'
PaWm Reolution of ThaI
Pro. Beuchol and Ot.

The County Normal has a
for the season and in a few
of the charming school mu
have been in attendance wil
for their homes in various p
county. The Normal ba bhi
ne4 success frm negn.T- ito
the teaseern feel as tm d f
spent tneIr tme very prodfl
ing their attendance. Profe
holz. the ahie county super
of public instruction, has bee
inJly zealous Jn his work to
training of the teachers bo
ant and Dprofldtaie, and his

Resolved b
Lnce upon

That we are deeply coni'"t
Thomas Thurman. deputy sheriff oof benefits received and gratel
Troy, Mg., says if every one in the efforts made in our tbemhalf,
United States should discover the vir- do hereby desire to exprecm
felt thanks to MSpam ntendes
tue of DieWtt's Witch Hazle SBa e Buchhol toar his untiring !d
for pUle. rectal troubles and skin die- effclent Instruction.
eases, the demand could not be m8p- He Ihas most cheeifrtuy lac
plied. Sold by 6. B. Leonordi & Co., even to the paint of physical
and Central Pharmacy, Tmpaa and ton for the insp on of
rouchl tencdes.
.. Pharmacy, Ybor City. Nor are we unmindful O' t
4 efficiency and Interest showi
So far the building of the home for assistants, ra. L. B. Matlh
Adnliral Dewey hea not advanced MJA.. LAe n elan. and av
thank it here tended
trech farther than ahe receptim hall. Be it further resou ThS
Gen. Joe Wheeler is going through 'eLm a0nrsd nere ,
life just as ihpWy. as tf that rumor county Sfhool Board
about his marriage had been true. deavo-rs to adva the gZeat
#* e atiobn by making -
"You May Bend the Sap]lng. But through the Normal, of cirn
Not the Tree." Wl en disease has bebetter teacb .
come chronic and deep seated it is n We are rat'.to Ma
often difficult to cure it. 'hat to the many courtesMe etendiC
reason wiy it is best to take Hoods 'We extend thaeks to
SarsaieDrIIa when disease first shows fO conrseraton and nes
itself. dIon o "rates.
Itself tibat a copy of these reM
Hood's Pills are the favorite family iss the hSt e sseading s
cathartic. AdOted this June 1. d
Now that Chicago is beginning to
dllde into the lake, there will be a L& C. t Bay,
chance Tor the Chicago river to prove IMBt'. N. Clayton. ,
its value as a pieOe of real estate. Sa4ie Brand m.
7he hustae men of TwnV hv MAe M CK IRON 1M
learned by experitee that the best re- -
suits ae dbtidned by advertising in the 'Was the rest of his Mplenl
Tribute. Indlomtablr Ill 1 t tre0,Y
What is Kodol Dyapepsia Crew? .Kdneysand. 7
It is the newly discovered remedy, the ode. If V W eant
mad effective preparaten ever de- and tl h coe he A te
devised, for aiding te digestion and ia l a Sw ag Pi_ ,is
asmhitdating at food. and restisg the ery power ai nr ai
deranged digestive organ to a nat- 25 c at Leonadi & Co S
ral condition. It U a pasinig anything yet known to a tee A G C sar r n
medical prateaoa Sold by B. With i a icatons
nardi & Co.and Central Phar- reah te at of ae
Tmay. T 5a, and Dismon d Phar- Is a blood or conatiut
macn. Yorw Ctty, in order to corelit you ottla
A. A. L Wresh EOn butter always tAken nteray, m dcs
givea staton Served by J. Catarrh Cure is not
Drawfd, W. Bae as C., PhllIi A& AIt was prescrlsed by oneW
Taoylor. Strickland Bros.. B. L. Law. J. physicians In t13s cauim"irS
Winter, V. B. Melvaine, J. W. Can- is a regular aeu..'k^ i
nnlg, .HL Granat & on. Wholesale by posd of the lthe anton;i
J. P. Hardee & Co., 'Phone170. i n di wehr S
d The perfectly
Tere i n toraime more --- Thiia edtifes t S
tunan ye hab. It not O a&SNts a,,ful results n
tMa yesa hut M a w . for ta.U &

Y 4k .I-.. ..'


* &
I '

don. Itum 1
ray ot Ma




argot siee stroaramy toased
116-a,. naao o. Iwa..int- ,e race
.a, for Spfeaker. be withdrawal of Hop-
k-a6 of MiiaWsa ntha ,pledge of the
sold laidwaln. together wi theme acton
row 4W&r naswr. of tha comasmen gathered at
h.' r-teot otam bus convention. in de-
11rA Ctty Edito daring for tee Western man, shows
an'. 1--i- wthere t e Went, which is still clamor-
S ale n nsty haezDng _ae ak c.ahip, stands
..o.. victor on thae qemation. It is aid that Groe-
e : or the man whLom Carmack desag-
%rnated a t restoring the shifting opin-
1 bo e.. .. ..... .. J ons and varying moods taking place at
AA. MatlnUs.... t...1. Us the Wtte EBoese, went to Oodumbus
1.r4 e aothas...... 1.. 2 with instructions to bring the Ohio
" ,WaS.k -...11 ad5ewtlon In line for Henderson. A
W rate. te result stands for sf.
I r BATE: Chairman MBabcock, of the Republolan
:. ,. Conseeaslonal Comamittee, has also
.., co e utt openly for Henderson and so
S. Seetremtary Overstreet, t the same
S 2S s5 ? ha cosmmttee. so iM looks as if the ad-
A idair da. s'atsk, Infmtr1aton ws 'for Henderson and
b s~ta la *rance not for maerman. flbere will be 190
votes in the Republican caucus. f all
=A'Isn de sa pronec, making 9 neceasry to a
.. 'a.eon andud ab- choice. Babock snye Henderoa &l-
by nW pest paidL YOMreafb I 76, and wth thae npted~d
UG itlltatebsfor the votes wS go In all rtgbt on the second
ballot. Meanwttle Mr. Platt says aer-
00 W te g per Ib hTr- mao. of New York, wiM wim. and tat
wlt Meb a reamt ow ean put tht in your lipe and
S 't t' "a iokeit. Senator ,MEma. ,we take It.
l5S meam hal 40 .1 ;TL s ie o dele-tin. I tor Henderawmon. Itf
theme two men, the New Yerk bass and
MW3 Bmint IsM r hrank- te Ohio bas, should lock horns, a
Seat cloud of dust would rise. but we
isir aMer awar me ItoIAed to think In suh a coa-
ean hew th TriiUmne test the Oh tasres woldd be victor.

a.rs JatIl t Ocaa "rLday. Ing a
1ilMU J f earinz tot cases Pertp thae most
col MCITYTT BALE, interestIu casa thmt e p was the
'- '. flornaip' from a Pampa wo
i.Camibwraklt ow Isco" ian, Wt aeonmar sa dhstveoe, rear
im W ha legtal rad t ,e a m man., and i now seeking
isew ha A y of ha another searation. and means front m
Sai property of iainquent Wim to abst am % The Judg. denied
OougootoH' a t h request, because t was Quite ewt
o the cIty dent in her f it dWmlos with her hIsa
-.a, deaniquent tax list for b abe had bout captured all his'
end evtis a" iIn the wrwai Upomem~as, so that in this
So coM9 to tte tM of bout are was nothi teft but bMgfated
TMteurtm lasm h day of f aectierns Ad riatka opes.
bsdjk gsey Xr Ttfi Ci offered #
..r amI In front of the HR wll be atoHlyb, to all lovers of
-. t es sto know that the county co
dat to The city c har- misslonerm tet the contract yesterday
Mw. I psMsed. by a legis- tobW aMaosifaot road tro qfnty
Ms may wthv tax sales In soond street to Paatto Beaoh. WWth
, ad i ease a prop- a l w more msuc elegant driveways as
VS. defloulnqt It lstructsha si -mt ae road and (Ndbraska
to- tfbte SmWt and avenue, Tampa will be strcty "in the
Aebo te property ter sls. swtm" so far as good road are con
Ue bda rs*~ of Ue aft are earned.
"0 ma0 ll t oC Me satets tom Ulittle LeanuL politicians In the
id .tnOl yto He as AaI districts or the State ar very
untM "rtlaay emeaw over the fact that the Tribune
Sha the gsoverosr at- has s a-ned Judge J. B. Wall, of this
2M ha b il. The same ctt as a osandtdate for gblhernatorlal
Sthe m several hono- s JiM keep your shirt on. boys.
a nent to the Tampa mw, l not only name. but it will
urna f h the aeit wvernor of Florida
recemie dno se o There ins not a section of oontry in
.. law esl. c itsetets hentimre E9t1mm as rich and productive
RKtose a.;-, s irhe Manatee country. The tuoners
t In i part of the moral vineyard have
Oall dn IL a l maoe more money this year and with
-- ,c- ~ *W les work amd more ease than the anver-
aaW U tf actae can Wa eeet broker.
| lH-e B-w .m Allit-e
i W al t A Mother sanas- Wben Expert Clerihew makesJ ihs re-
= be=ac red Into by port to the council Friday nIghL, the
S. have not been citizens and taxpayers of Tampa will
agi and "roadL At aW be surprised to learn that Tampa Is not
lta.ipl or f ltak. tin such a deplorable conditIon fnan-
||-y ir snot SaUyl after a L
ll k Us Hesldsnt property In Tampa is in
inm mo west demand. Mh"onlnps^l impeovements
ha e enhsnoed he value of thts class
of aseporty fifty per nenti In sIme parts
oher "_ of t .e city.

^a teseet In hae It Is mand Laa the Treland fair was
w. i, t w a hga that m e Malh as w a big advertis-
Aut ie one tas m anen tSor that section of the 4ae
a '.i.t Lq O t ood I teset It next year.
g Stett, ar ha an t is 1 iitonit to tell Wh of e hyel-
alhe oaig at- hawlwsr Iafiead so far in theale-
hi mee-trp e for the honors of recno-

ft Is mold that Jamsosonv0 e Is to have

------ hsstre,"ss o, at city.

Bismg a e elbw dant sprig shMwer are tough
om^ a1 -9d mik wats and traw hats,
S tt a t -kes h rubber shoe and mn-

A .ftse- maa general who nmade Ip the
4-*iWMsre t = sm to have been work-
Sw with hma 'ew at becoming Chicago

..- g..at't ht ate o a
S._ a m- e l&ntfailed to e

Psa.Oar a godt tndi ntove--s
U .i.. .u....id s hta e ,oa er and earty
ei a weh are orreest-SWh1 i and

*a Woeilffedi" Taninespa tthe

.. W t %..... .i~n~
29gglaspell some R ant y

^ -.~..''. MOT,

The N.ew York Times (Dee.) mam:
"Was Mr. W. J. Bryan really serv- M 1
ing her Intended puatme when she ____ A
directed attention to the churches as
proo s oaf feminine capacity fror work Lawyers Have Spirited Tilts in,
and leaderst~p? Women are unques- L o p Ca,
tionably a most Impnortant, factor In t Lp ez C.
every congregation, but is she not as
a church member kept more strictly
and exclusively in a sufbornate pos- HELD BY JUDCE HABRISON
thon than in almost any other field of
human activity? There are, Indeed,
women preachers, properly so called, Case of Rape Not Established, But
tut, taking all te churches together O o a le
these recognition of woman's right and Defendant Bound Over on a Lea-
power to lead and teach in spuitual ser Charge and Tho uand Dol-
mutters are still nmarvlously infre
quent. And the clercal authorities lar Bond
have as yet shown no tendency to re-
move or even to lower the barriers From Wednesday's Dally.
against women, as is maniffested alt Judge Harrison caVlled the case of the
over the world in medicine and the law State against Sandollo Lopez, charged
commerce and industry They ft the with assulting the Itte Italian irl.
ews. but the putpit know's tem not, Elizabetta Bo iloni. In county court
eauept in case so rare as to be rule yesterday at 10 o'olock, apd the pre-
proving exception& Uminary hearing of the defendant was
'lbe peace osifteretae is a fraud and Proceeded with-
a stam-tthegreatet In all history. It's The state having rested, the dfe u
a casorMona.d tseand.eages icon conr(xtoed its witnse and developed
mention in the jungle o hate. ntrigue ase ts
ieaI' and greed under armstdce of e d ense was based on allegations J.
ct, bypotWts and deta. When the ot the defendant's unimpeached good
ows saba ease tto promote the en- Character and on sat.eem-ts made by
ginery of wer and covetousnes and the Drosecutrlx suaOequent to the armest
injustice abandon the hearts of men. oIf *., r u .
uader the univereal reign of the hIsmn- p Iot Alletas t a iebtoer of e a rm
ble Namamene, then we come diMa narms Lope, titled to *s in the E ARE
ment and the rosy dawn of the ase ot made by the f gatind of+ n t -e
Deaoe on eardthp Not before. ^ece of Isiself and of X ra Kac- r
SNot before arlane and Raney, attorneys for
It is reported tbat Lhe East Coast the defendant These statements, a
railsay is ta tbaw a branch to con repeated b" the witness, were to the
nect Its road at Orange City Jaction effect that ikct relatxns between the gth
and Enterpere. The DeLand Board o girl and defendant had existed for some A
Trade has naed resouhtionis request time. M.
Inm it to buNd into the town. and ap 'Attorney Raney alo tetifed to this want t
onted a ecomrnittee to take the mate Interview corroborating the evidence of
In charge. Argilliss as to statements made by the + ,T 01
It wl bee refreshing to a good mny Attorney Miacfarane further cor-
calamity howlers in different sections rotorated the evidence of Messrs. Ar-|j re 8A esen ed
of the ttate to %now t hat Mr Kenry. ar 1 iakingli
F'agier hls public. announced that Juege Torres of Ybor City swore that
he to not an asprant for political Lopes )ad always borne a good reputa- and 1;r 1 e
honors, and would not accept any office ton. 6i
wIthin tae gt of the American people. Evidence s to the good character of
It Is sa that two gentlemen in Da the defend at was also ven by MeosR
county w0l make dornAt to to eco0m Antonio Garcsa and e, Ik
for the defense hoere announced e .O U R
gSvIng $8,000 In land and the other amd tis Hopkines,made the open- will close
U,000 in comb. This i a &le or0 te ing argiment for the posacoution.
byifor hedetense, wo tect or tlson Bro.'a
e Tt e as been informed y and argued that there had been no on h
ewnelenarm slwh knows what he is tar proof of resltence on the part of the CMona'h
tig aboluts hat upper sFamnRn tree girl thus making a case of rape legal- Screven's Da i'e
w hbe the next pawing that will b aln ImpoestUle. a only ..... ..
done in toils munlcipahty. .noon-hour having been reached, + Challenge Dr1*ei4...
-Judge Harrison receoned the hearing All 50c and 75C irtn
lse East Florida semibary has re until two p m.
cetved an appropriation of $3.000. Thi The evening session was a spirited at .......
is conalderefal more than has been re one. the two leading attorneys, l(Mest
ceived during the peet few years. M arlane for defense and organ for O line
t the state. indulging in several inter- Fancy Bal
It that proposed convention of "ho- changes of sabrp remarks. S ql
boeer at Danville, Ill.. does nothing else, Mr. Macfariane argued that there bad 9 iey,
It will no doubt, industriously work the been no praoo ot resistance on the part 0 Hose a d 8
"growler." of the gir, that her evidence had been y .
g impeached by her own adnisaetonsa and a all at
here is some comfort for American that the tesmoy of her parents w der and fore
theater-goers In the PhlUppines, In the unworthy of belief. He contended that a
fact that Philippone women never wear the court could not hold the defendant, l l
hat.s for the crime charged, but that the on0y
t offence on which the defendant ould I
VWet yos leave for the s oumjier re he bound onver would be one of lesser TA
sorts don't forget tole Ive your addreea grade-having Illclt relations with a I i
e that the Tribune an follow you.. female under 16 years of age. o -I .iT
In the course aot hib remarks, Mr. Mac
The noonday sun Is about as brigh farlane alluded to the practice in largeF i
these days as are the prospects f cities partlccuierly in Havana, of offer-
lampe g girts or lender age for immnoral d just received and Me to

nent and stated that he had not had not as represented.
The tasdes.dog in Tarrpa don't stand the expernenc among thbdlves cr Ha- HATS we are Cl eios g
as much chance as a snowball in- vans, and other large cities of which op- in prices. ',

The mebohants of Tampa are all to his feet. with a sharp Interruption. ,.& A C '....- 4
smiles. Good trade makes them happy 'I do not ante that, your Honor, as1 A
o a personal experience" he said, with
The genius of the bar Is the nan wh conalderable feeling "and I will not st Tb-
rives a new name to an old drink, mit to any rircher remarks of such A
The facter." stl t t O

SThe fact fs aUU patent that Ohio is iMattem were soon smoothed over, to tha man thit would be
the Hon. Mark Hanna's State. however, and Mr. Morgan continued his V, dressed well and charblstIst-
9 argument, forciby presenting the case i al y. and 1 a style t Si S
M. Zola seenam about to play the role of the state. m di' s l it n from the *rdi
of hero to hIs next novel. Judge Harrison rendered his decision madive clothing freely We will
in a very few words. He said there make & SIes of e0oth'e from
For the summer months business i was no evidence to warrant a charge of' exclusive styles to One brecas
Tamon. Is exceedingly good. rape. but that he would, hold the defend- that will be perfect fitulB aMd
ant for t4e criminal court, on the lesser exqSidltely flabted. t' Is
The cOih (cama are forming g a re of 111lit Intercourse with a fe- C Lthans as tst. v ou -I
ansie a under 16 yeare of age.
tiat. as It ,we'e. nade uzaler 16 years of age. Clot.ing..
B&l was fixed at $1,000 and was -
Hat Hi's l Day." Mesal HAda and v B.
IM lMdvaine. two of dSloriia's leading fish. 1
A doctor's examination "rwvrante. sal on te adiarte Chae 70s1
might show that aneys erd morlng for an extended
fier and stomach are normal, tsh vaesloa asp poniesnts, and an
tlacpte a pleasant voya ge I",
bat the doctor cannot analyze
the blood upon which these S sR and n nale
MrsdepS.ed. H Hae
Ogas a .are now sole owners and maniaers of 4 M
Hood's Saaparila prifies, vitalies the New White Star Laundry, hav- r lii r
and Conches the blood. It cures you Ila vu-ed the plant at legal sals Generald oirry and
when "a bit off" or when seriously Io ody The n tene Males ugha and sold
afidRse .ispo s A MondtY. These gentlemen are
splaundry-e n- h 1 and they in- TAMPA HO
SSarsala red him, tend to Inerase the capacity of the
1 bo o and hby present plant and make it one of the AL Interferta and
A or.&It cored both. M.I.est as wIi as on e of the moet Street. 'Phonel.
Ups-on-, I comnaM t et mw modern and up to date in the county -
eA s 1t account ofdlistae and 4ill e Thes genfiemnen do a flne Ctnnes w
IO _it .S-Adsd tp w, W eI .= Mi =,C . and stra i reta e a up to. tnte
.2U1N.an W dSlesp*S Vulah(0. and hs e. ha TrlaeNe ie eeves that
Wiaadssathey wtl nake a'.big.s.cemout of
For frst clam commercaesw prnleg

N,.r ....Melia zz ::uWSW
T; .1 ye.arrwam or tssph ye.w 7




to ber
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We bav3tt

ly celebrate& <"
rdisposl ,75
notch lowE,


Thread a



-s sale for t*
oney on any r,


MWaa apse -s -

anth.qaanteenerai Se..znaeter-
odas to Diasregard Thm n-
Umly mad tight On.

WkahlMbgton, June --It appears tha
Gewra Otisa Wf cArnu red to disregard
laistretilo from Warlington in re-
swd to the Al4ung in the Philpplnes
Altbou~i botiaed to suspend opera-
tMos dars g the ratij season, thetenor
of the newz trus Maala s that the
atut Ibc ishe~dpudked mwoe desper-
ste.r anui pesttewi than before.
JUmednalaly oa rnceipt to-day nof the
oW r the advasae on the Morong
usumliae = rae P0 'O." it hurriedly
cMi a s'ting of the Caboet. The
dtimmUe was t roughly diso ed.
'lbo de,-mAon reached is not known.
as aH tJh Cal ie r ers display
g iargl rcetenoe.
dtostnsarn thma rt ll Be Raised
In a aw D sa.

bMU~ibh we that the proposed
S h of Julp oslsahmioa wil be a
- T2hb mime gI ommAitee has been
deim poem spd work &adani aready has

18 1GOIID RII1 I(k

But Her Husband Will Not Be
Banished at Present.


Paris In a Frenzy of EMNitement Over
the Assault on President
Loubet and His

Paris. Juae --Tbe city was rife with
sensations to-day, incident to the at-
tack on President Loubet and party

The Casin, t, wtuhh was in session all
day, seroutmy considered amunizg a de-
crwe of binishment against Count de
Casteilane. whose American wife-
fsronerty Anna Goul. of New York-
led emob of the Jenense Royalite,
ahooUti "l!ve I'Armr.e''
The coon!ves was made te adject
of some very "sharp' comments, and
her conduct was bitterly cenanred.
After prrlomned dis ielion, the Cab-



George Graham, of GaneviUle, Shot
and Killed Himself in His

oalnebiile. a, J..une 5.-Yesterdwy
afternoon Geore Ge. lasm, one of the
most promising young n en of this city
and the eldest son of Capt. James .L
Graham, president o0 thi. First Nation-
al bank. shot and instantly killed him-
self i. his tore in the BTown house.
There sre rman7 rumors afloat as to
dent -.r suicide. His fnrends are loath
to bcbeve th-.t he would have taken
his own lite. They ci!.-u that there
was ro cause for such a deed, while
manv are inc'iLete to beheve that In
a spell of temporarZ iictanity he killed
htalm Itf.
No one %ill posatvly ever know
whet c:r or rot it was an atooldent
'Mr. Graham wasO e ti aed to be mar-
ried al 'iss Liu:e Duke, the accom
pHined daughter o' Mi. a id ira, & V
Dte,. ad at noon to-day took dinner
at the home of his a danced.
George Graham was cne of the mst
popular young men in Gamewvle, and
Wm the mli.r n n tr o ho firm of


8. a r FOR
the disse.and forcelt oat of thssq
don netreMachthebeed-the nali
ud beademeapW. IiW upon 8 & L&
8 8. cures also any cae of 8w
Blood MNeoa, loo, Soes, or sa
boehe an Camoer and Blood D -ns
Swift Specific B or any, AtGlGe



We had a uiowI

day but there was pl

and plenty of good

Some new Values wd
will inaugurate a .s
dies' Muslin Under
> Linen Skirts and
prices never know
grade goods. Our spi


means a saving o:
Shores ou n hav to bA

a ai 0rgll new -l n wm Sum inet virtually decided not to impose Graham Bros., bicycle and funiture
It C hi ^ wu do theirart the senthos e of hban 'ment, for fear of the dealers Hv was honored for his up
I -11fie will be. In evrsr respect. a Doh lie puliical coosequences. r1itnes of character and sterio
a. wag wffl bz saur ofn It seem iS certain that the demonstra- bumdtem 4alitL .
Blw a vmtlwto Th ton was -gand by the Jueneme
-,L! V x Rg teconift Uw variety Royaliste. the L gues des Patmtotes A
Sof sprt1 leteare "d. D)o what and the anti-Semtea the inalyfng sign R A O f FL H
an fw ama W w r thme good etWme when te being a carnation n the tuttonhole.
1i 1a. Motn of the Pemom anrr eted repre-
- o. t $ wti be needed to Inmre sent some of ttle beef families in TJghtis t-- Lift a Bicyclist Over Hil
J the 'emine of the oaselion. Th France.
tws l Itmaa. it lt d, ww hbea raised in a few Comnte Ci rietani is he'd on tte chars e aedle Bars and Drops Him on
*ble,*,ag of attempt' ng to strike the Prehldent the Street.
i- -i Comte D'Aubianey D'Awsy is charged
Am "flU IO inwth won" Police Inmwe Here. and another pocamanad From Tuesdayfe daclmY
Over 15 c-err arrertshav e eeln t.nin" proved a serious obstacle
55 m Ai zxnf^iend rwr tiW be viwho trie to the inltene vropensitiee of Henry
itC q-~~ 3.4 -m .n T~A Day Sess a ion i'oeoaitedd (moiarul, who uned to
strike the rlrestdnt, 1. in danger of Bchoeflin yesterday afternoon.
ow .t m ii W eM t Agala at wit a severe rtrailty. Schoedin was pedaling brilk9y along
S, ng. AT WORK ACTIVLY on Cleveland street, Hyde Park durin
-,9 ... the Saawer, taking orders for Smith &
F' Th lord's PlaWi Company's Head- Nichdbolson. the meat dealers. A mis-
f tr esdaesr Daily.eeton of qse nuters to Be Established at Once. chlevo bolt suddenly lifted him bodITy
.r u "ea,, "+ ", m d.l session of the
m "s- io~ ers lasted all day Prom Tuesday's daily from the saddle and threw him over the
L 3IMMara, daMi will be resumed this The active operate of the Florida handlebarau heavily, to the ground.
a i0.aUOrill, F~S Company will begin at once, Mr. Scooeflin was unconscious for several
S-was a SoL saeon princlpaMy of routine W. H. Adar s the general manager. minutes. (He didn't realize what had
hi7.b-meea. the onoo 0tr o which was gotng to Jacksonville to establish head- happened to him.
iFariel ya&h r o a few Rena eto ersaen ousaners there. The hwead was undamaged, and so
f",'-- ,jI NL "-The- e onasofildation of the lhbh-ealers was StOhoeflln, except in thte rather un-
h m.r jl, fl 7 wIIgtrct for pavlng" !wenty-mec- sem to be a well-cemented affair and pleasant oooeloutsnese that he bad
aod out to Paoletto Beac. was one that will result in great benefit to been baidt played with.
afe 9a After an e--noius4n- of ths the dealer
a' .U4MI bdi anubitted, to MeslrL Preiddent John Sovarese, whose office PROP ,I0ONAL OABDA,
q 4eoe Wasen eal Harney Kendr hkx wil be located in this city, will have a
Tie wordc wM be done In the same general supvision of the cou W. FORWOOD. M. D.
immsr .asd that on Ni Hra a enue. aea. e asand his tang experience In the
T cast of tSUe wot will be 50 centa fisl ingamttry win make him a valu- Telephone 10. Reddence 'Phone, 810.
&We/mBb. and bhJ heahd to the organization. Offm e nours: 10 a, to 12 noon, 4 to
4 .-".. in wia tkea an earl. In addition to the officers of thecom- p. ,L
I rt t Bmsrt tearsvlng at o'olook, pany alread- elected, local managers -
r a apeoeM aa of Nebraska are to te pointed at each of the sip- 1DR-. 0-S 8'AFFORD
S wlb iy return from ths Ping points.-4%ampe, Punta Gords (,OMOPATHIC.)
S t.a.w allamanI e taeir seeaion at or Keyn, t9L. Pteteturg and Titus-, Oflt, t reide No. I0 l ghth
avenue corner Morgan" sLe Offo
Mo' pit e pprotabt&y conducting ve. IThee offdlas will be named by Smto30 a..,to LS0m., and
.a| r I -iAs noon, tmte B board of Directors within the next to ;s 30 I m. Telephone 111.
S ...i elected S. J. Drawdy few rdao D.. L IPF?1I'HMII,
..OZLRyh LfHfON EItXER- I'tl.,.sz,, BANtK BULDWOnG.
..e urer msietted h* report, -OELETm n O12a.,4t6P.
bw tm ls owsg funds on hand: Regulates the IAver, stomach, Bowels, m.e lephone 1 Residence, to de
...37.3 and Kidneys phone Redene, Hy e
d' u. Onn-............... ..S. a Kdy P, oposte Tampa Bay HotaL
S e d.................... 3 .7 or blliousness, constipationand a- Teepone
.For indigestion, sick and nervous &' C. W IR A KER,
..- ....l ........ .....f... ~ seda.e, w pATONc ttate anT W edeal
T'- *.ftbwef,.. ,-, 0an r byet. e t, eK. I For sleeplesaness, nervousness, b. art courts Prompt o as Aeato iva n to a
faur a arna.-s *W Ca- ue and nervous prostration-. S -
5l.5 :lBl. 'W' ln iop d reoeear of For fever. chills., deltUty and kid- B e Bk BeIdt Tnpa a
A L .. -* be tmp a )ourteeM ney diseases, take Lemon Ellixir. l' _DR. LAURA READ T ,
"a e ,-5 ( a Ladies for natural and thorough or- SUR A2D TIECOGIT,
q ta mscseted fatrt e m-thn oC g ao relatBio, take Lemon Elixir. 14i Plat Awenue
W e a and bP puli- c. o and 1 Hbottle at drf -
Sr ,k e e^cM omadaedL Phepared oly ty Dr. H. Moley, At- DR. B. T. OOWART
a POM. a not P pb "t & t DR. T. COWART
10h w w astc p antsd (Is
inorrisnan were approved GRATITUDE.
.VA55 LTr Dr SM. .oey : Dear Sir-.noe using
your Lemon Tlixlr I have never had
:.*- d n ra From Cuia another attack of those fearful sick $ M I
W i *^: 8. m M 4e07. headache. s ad thank God that I have DEiNTAL U~TRFGON.
Oftvette arrived at t last found a medicine that wil core Jaekbou Block. FrankUn street.
^a a temon at 2 B30 oe awl spells. Mrs tta W. Jones, E L WA Biz.
=w riii em' I* & pa Paieraurg, W. Va. L.A. B
S Qf reht E MOZLET' LON ELIXIR Bye, Ear, Ne and Throt Exiuiavely
wai. e mm mmh I hoer s e eaI with todlestiLon and 0iaui i Hours, 3t
|itspl dye dntary for two long years I heard
oaethe o ipasegmaerne of Lemo Elixir; got it,; taken seven C. W. ST'JiVJI 8,
-' g-. bottles and am now a well man. Harry TTORNtY-AT-iAW.
Adams, No. 1773 First avenue, Birming- eal at te a
ci Mae-ort that the hsn, Ala Office, parkmanm Block, Tampa, Fla.
Cas re my ho3 -N-aAMMO a ELIXcm i kJ1TiOK 0 KNIGHT.
Sate war, S tn Cured mr bband, who was mlcted AITIYRNJE-AT-TAW.
f.e years with lare ulcers an his leg Ezcohae National B Bull4ing.
Sad was aed after a~ two bottles t
aPI^ acrsIM m- and carsd a frlesd whom the doctor

at bag' .s-..3msw Prepa m.

.....^ : 3, Moio i mt- ly John Saulter. Pro

91ame^ 'SossssaJ. 5, eTnaefs

- *'


left for

o4 w. E.


+ M-A. LEFOp
+ FOR__...= '
+ Rye, Bourbon, Malt
and Corn Whiskey,
+ Gin or Rm,

Old Mock 14-yeW'W
-t .11P- WIM I....

MAY 01




Do Iso t





T H E T .'P A P :l, .


totrestdt~rn-t.-~ eeT~~


a XaafWVhil Masquerading
Undw alm Colomz.

fEm'fc VIS -. state that by mean of
the secret service established by Gen-
tu aSao cted. Suoeh sead Otis General Plo De-l Pil, of the
;V1_1.1 .&:X- u jt j la Pu Itnsurgent arml. who entered the city,
7., l arrested. The guard on patrol at
o. Of Cabint I ,Cauts Oawlte arrested an insurgent captain
befleved to be on Pllars staff. The
..t. lttno wore his uniform under a suit
-'- '----" of white.
Wsbe i 3p L-Tb ttol or Q c Paul Interetino stories are told of the
". t t woa temea i r was methods empoped by the pFllinbe In
s.+. --r '^ i am the citry to maintain of m snr^a1lon
&wrs"*e vt LAW-raldo and the Imestenta
The C ct hcu Mted Beveras werks after the attempt to
MW. W a i gSed with s- hnI Manmla. a filplno woman on her
W from the city to &iqulna. where
the p aino lines were then establlsh-
SF rench euty ed. was stopped b a guard who ex-
m aatthe mae n better almed the contents of the natset she
RNK F^ I rufh= og w-is carrying. It contained bars of
s="_ ul m -- "- l m three of a which were appropri-
ORO. h* Se of the bars we found to be bol-
IlBr et se l low and a d a folded oltter written
imi te v Prt- In Gani sd a&Lrewaed to Aga-
_t oidi Apr ldo.l Iis aid to have bee an ans-
e wsr to a it en the in-
L04SU1i6L5 GE5. f & zt tieand the writer announced
vted a r no- be Cait understood the pb ew to be fol-
,,. ,^.A'loweda b in .emnlO the lty and had
'3t toeopm the. m outd bt be hd
t lcbe db ohrt e hieV19atnce of
tt T^ i the Amrian trool p and the refesi
'io'f^ bb raamJtnkefurtler efforts
,Bm V.rmus andksdo bad been, fred and
.;a5^ BSr '$ aiu A eia n tra b had, turned out
2aWdou aturme -anded to the leM-
tw ttAIof-C0 "100 Lewt,-o the
VB tow AT= regiment. Aithoritise
SI been enattet to find the
Hb S writer bu so, far. known have not

Cal=P FOp. THE CH11D.
1 MBI aO Crowds urround the Hooe of Lost
V46 simsn and nd Baby Cleri.
09B-' VNo ew Tork. June .-Te restoration
tj'-at"' tte Clark babT to its parents was
L e the one tolic d paramount interest In
Greater New York to-day. A t day
___ T 1ong a great Trowd stood in front of
B II i T he CIClark bmwile all the news-
f ,inS8 .pper extras were eagerly read for de-
int le t U fuE stort of the strange hdd-
-Be.UiA*t* st to sbappin-a m Isnot yet known, and
wastbna..ever ea n i~otibe,,,h theexpected
:'g that b" GW- arrt d et Crrie Jones may develop
Im B rele. tion C sme di the bidden details of the plot.
NBlae Ia. cheak for SLOW wa fornially re-
..e t tl mated to Mrs Clark. for the baby,
-t opek to.b. with the compliments of the
NewY g or.Jo Trn l o
Z_ 5 manure so Vth QANIC ORKUPPONS
_-Ow ji b Towntor Are grand, but in Eruptions rbb
stme naii c at ".y Bucklenfl Arnim'B Salve
t;S e to Hi In 'os them. si Old Running, and
Ni. the_ dW'IePsc asan Fever v Sore Ukers. Bois, Felons.
t Is bellevedL br the Ctor Wartas Cuts. sesz, Burns,
B -vQOs, York "cafd CtaJped *Hands, ChalblaIns.
"t ee :er OC the BsMt P le C ortea on earth- Drives out
ahMn reafd been Paho sad Mches. Only 26 cents a box.
g M, of ereant-at C KWmaranteed. Od by LWeonardi &

# Cib r DlT*f11.f

w/ Jan"C. BelifThat Begium' Actioin Ad-
n of b for sd mlttting XLive Stock Will be Pol
a bitot o- low by Other Co ie.
Whfo dOed A~rr 2T. iWaxsinst, iD. C., June 2.-Officials
ad Or pre tn the uof the a lnlstration are hopeful that
iZ 1S kW proV,_ the action tof Belgium In admitting
tIk.."z an U ble pius- American bve cattle at the ports in
M-' e."54 1-that c y will be folUowed by other
w-W, Ja" In Euroean coentrtes whh at pres-
-m w exclude than
.id fa he would N %egotiatons hve been In progress
H-.jP bl. elo t in -t Germany and Denmark to
lseoure .Se revorstion of the prohibl-
catte In those comntries.
dli '. Tlu* f tea negotUThsoes hAve no.
d- s an there hal not
elib nue in thea aoea air, been mouh hope of suomea
'"rrB itn. ir d The action of the Belgian govern-
12 1amw S ment. h ,weer. itrnishes an additional

r' :' AL"-" vi, w. M- a. of Bryan. Ps..
^^ PwAL1c. Ma's: "For forty years I hbve tried

*e' atOorm-.. C Ok' is the best of al:. It re-
and. l un triniles. Sold by S. B.

- llun.uma L e O*l Om, and Central Pher-
a.Tt s and Dio, "' d Phar-


-.- ]edee bt who bhbarge of
time vaolam crew, makng a house
.-to owe* raid an the neo, t
to thetme the mayefero
emsm md ti hames of wo hun-
dl sd LOftin1the vicdnty of1Boil
la1 5 a5 enue- Of, ths
we compelled. tosub-
mi to tim th r -. Theby no
Sinhecun .aeeuue DW i e positive-
IV seafmdi .o0bvaqcinated and even
Ibst hoto ID~e a ssrace at-
aw at nf o meft tearing his
.AM Ns.notebook In
-...!I so IV ec eVaa-

lm to the
A... m he lwedinto reclne in
hodtV QP ol Mle Ml abetoread~y to
SMth %OW bed apoued-rshl
aamwowiso egb
-- ~ SSthe residents
~4~tedIp.gdi aeadoftim

The Twelve-Kile Bicycle Boad Pace
The lMt Child Of If. d IMrs. CC t Of I Be a Leading Attraction i GNr Bot
FIw YOrt Feoad Testierday. This Ciy on Fourth of July. the Sqrem C rit

MRS. CAREY WILL GET MONEY O of the leading features the CONSPIRACY AM W
MRS. CAREY WILL CET MONEY4thof.,uily celebration in ts city
Swill be the twelve mile bicycle road- --- ''
The Reward for the Discovery of the race It will begin and end at the Ad to b Bsinm KoMn A
Child Amounts to Over ,$4,000 court-house square and spectators Benefit of a sRvotla01i
including $2,000 by the ew il be enabld to see bot the start Payment of Tromti '-l-r
York Jour .and the fni It will be extended out
Nebraska avenue for a distance of isix
tdies and return. a J. i
New York. June L -Mtarion Clark, It Is esa lted that foUny for a ne L-An
the kidnapped baby. has been found at the i riders of p an d the o m ti m oeld inthe
last and millions of people rejoice t0- rounding country will be entered for nt tlt e cT, L
night with the overjoyed parents. this race nearly one half of whom a wtl e sl veanors ot the d t
The chHd was found in an obscure t toe re two leading prize will erS d on of te at
farm house many miles In the coun- be a gold medal and a h bh-grade reati.ngtoth.eIt
try, near the town of Smartesbrg. chalnless bicycle. In addition to this reLtrg to the o ls.a "
She was identified by an old lady l be s ber o valuable prices gov ea n men gen
named les. Cary, who immediately well rth ontestng for. A full lst qumtc osat wereials efi
brought her to this city, where she was of fall these prizes wt be published In people were ditttoed. o m 'lkIt
soon in thp arms of her parent, a ew days.ta. live tat -a o
The story a of the kiddeapping of froti of thIee eSat to a lc- *dhio 'TayS .
Baby Stton ('lark, ten dy. ago, kate In this event axrepracticing ev- tS" -
read like a sairy story. On the even- err as The man or boy who wins
ing o Maiy 21st the child and ter t-prme n thio vent will have to We T O
nurse girl. Carrie Jones, disappeared glide ov the rock ronad at a ve coete
suddenly from the the garden of the beau- ov e N th r O E esthbro^t
tOAul Car bome In this city. Since Ad l the arme1 tos for the bicycle R'toarSoman tito
that tlme the entie police machinery events are in the hands of W. A.e o mI halna tS t s
of Greater Nerw Yorka has been r oek- Morse. Be isle r ized a s getn d ar i
manager of this pat of the er eraie
tor almost als one man to discover raA will atend to the soo nmfenebbe s la
some clue to the missing ch and of all the su-comaaetee Jut time- b 7Nr e tt -0
nurse. very avenue of escape has. keePers and starters. rev edto eiW
been guarded and watched by an STABBED 7TO DEATH. T1e etentad
armw of dete vea L. reward sre- the
LtiUz K1004 was rased tor the person Trenton, N. J.. June 1.->A convict the I I"/b5
who wouldolead to the discovery of the named Brown in the State pernitentioar tand rtbertmeois.
ost child. The father and mother be- at thIs iaoe stabbed another convict and retbar M e i,
cae ditracted with grief, 1 was neamed ,Welas to death this morin i r n a a e
their o wny chrd, and nothing would with a bree knife. ws'ti S2 tha
Chief of Poino IDevery. When o ked
en Tuesday concerning the seareb for
the cbild, exclaied: TR V Dsa o0Y te" ow
"The bunt for this child will never __ Gem 'uer ', .
be abandoned so long as I am Chief rm=a. ended Delegrie to Dto uw a a "s new
of the Police Department of this city. iO@ s A"
The baby is alive. I believe, and it eo lprlyoty-S-gsr Boundaries o ils men.-
will be found If all other police, busi- Apnel 4-
nem has to be neglected. Abolihed atthe ALnmoot
tI do not know of anything that endW ims-
could be done that has not been done, Kingston. Jamaica, June I.-The A eordvt to a dh Map
and if any uone knows anything im- legislature to-day decided to send three the Thd Chian
portant that will aid In finding the reciprocity arranrlemets. They will similar decllosik
mtsSngi child I shall be deeply raU- ro with clear Instructions of Mr.
fled for the intormstion. Although we Chamberlain that reciprocity caumot CEDE T3 pA
ma not Just at present know where be enrertaned I f an appreciable loss W L ,
to turn, there Is always a hope, and of revenue be involved, as appears to The Islands to Be e Qin S i
the hunt for this child wi, as I have him Inevitable. G-ag
said. never be abandoned.'" The governor announced later that
Nothing of a similar nature that he was opening up correMpondence Madrid JJune -Te
ever occurred in this city bans caused with the Canadlan gmurwnment to hands are to become tile n
so much excitement or widespread in- establish direct quick steaswhip serve Germany. "
terest. between Canada and Jamaica for the Athe A he meeting of t he
develotmxent of trade, the Queen recent i
THEIY CONFER. The lewlslature gawe an assurance of cadeon to the effe1ot t ie"
-- a substantial subsif. TrAe depend- to be ceded to that-.-t .h
Choate and Salisbury Hold Ihipor- ence on the United SBtates was felt to sides-tion was not
tant Consultation About Alasa be perilous, and the present tariff rbe tailands Oe aso a
Boundary. menace is causing Jamaica to look for of great value to e
o-- ve to Canada. It Is feared that need i!'I
London. June 2.-The Alaska boun- the United States tariff wtH at no I
dary controversy was the subject of distant date exclude Jamaica fruit In OTHBIBS WILN7 1111 L.4 1
an official and important contuIta- Cavor of Cuba and Porto Rico. Money ---
loon between Ambassador Joseph was voted for the establishment of a Washington. June
Choate, acting under special instruc- West Indian trade agency In Ottawa. Belgium in admittii
tlone from Washington, and Lord The legislature also adopted a reeo- cattle at the pots-if
Salvtuy. lution seaUting that owing to the adop- nubtdtediy be
Unless Great Britain wlthdrmaws the tion by the United States, of counter- conemsions on the I
demand which she has made upon the Valling duties sugar cultivation -opealn oe* '
United iStates on this subject, there is should be saved from actual extermi- exclude them.
little Domlbillty of an early, amicable nation. aad caling on the imperial '
settlement. government to act in unison with the W DDED TO A 1
The Britdsh government announced United Statesa. s the two largest sugar-
Its willimgness to recognize the right consuming markets in the world, to Baltimore. Md.,
of the United States to occupy and bring about the abolition of bounties. Patterson of thi i
hold Satguay, but suggested. on the # to-dai to Count i 7V=
other hand. tLhat this government NOT FOND OF HOME. te ta Guisepe o
should recognize the righi of Canada -- p Maria da Op af 0
to hold Pyramid Harbor pending the Lotndon, June 2.-,Mis IY'Arche, of Italy. C, dinal b
award of the arbitrator. Yonkers, N. Y., who shot herself at the
Secretary ,Hay promptly rejected the Hotel Metropole Tuesday night, is still THE VA 41
Britlsh proposition, and later informed In a very critical condition. ---4- j -,
the British government that he could Miss D'tArthe had been tour- Paris. June 2.-Ov'
not accept its suggestion that the ing in Europe, and frequently de- has been reaed I
United tates declae as Brietish ten-i- cldared that shfe would never return to sale of antllue
tory a neutral strip of the territory" America. When the woman sent by hrsa. which ha s
leading from the head of the Lynn her parents to conduct her home ar- for the past three d s | -
the Canadian fine. to her room and attempted suicide by WOUXD NCOTi
COLORED COOK. Ij Olor two shots Int heer head. FOR FIFTY

Ony One Case of lm&1ipox Pemninsl Neero Severely Stabbed a Man and I awoke last nish.t
at thePh Peat s. WMas adly Shot. In w sto oa I
-- Jasper, Fia., June 2.-Tuesday night h .. '
From Sunday's Daily. at A. H. Smith & Ctx's still, seven

city y t for the first ime since woodsmon The negro had a Inlcut-.
he asaumed charge of that Iustltution- ter which he used freely, stabbing Mr. era anA Dia es, $4
He reported to traiEr Bow-yer thatI Montgnmetk several timne Montgooi- like magc and one
he ha dishagd the patients en- er n ve. critical condition t u. It
cepe one. and thas was the colored Mr. Montoemery shot Ike Huggins 1 1e
oook who contracted the disease a few In the shoulder. Hugglns ran to his ha not i e be w !'. "
been t His attak .w i :a wounsad left. He is sttl at lange. e the _-W-Y ?' |

Mayor Bowyer and the ctry health offi- |L^
oers In- anpolntinz tDr. Gra m to I W--t,-onO

care for the pest house patients is Is for saNO b .
dtmonstrad in the ftat rhat not al Looks Desolate Since !the Legislature deamistU and
asr~le death has occurred, ana as far Has Adjourned-XanyBillsa ah- TH SAG b
as can be ascertained no cases ave d Through in the Last Hourm
been contracted from the patients in t ther w
the vicinity of the pesthouae. His Taltahassee. Fla.. June .-At noon rain. ..'-.
able services have been aveat benefit to-day the BkAte legisture finally ad- T
to the city, and be has done much to JOUred., and there wus a rush of
asmist the officers in their'work o ers to the tran renting in o Spei
S o the that pecu species o desolation, ar
preveUng a b spread of the aiseaew which Invariabldy sett es# down upon
the BHill city at the close of each se- --Ihat the relaM
MRS. $. tRMiAN DEAID. sion o t she lawnaker-s. less do an the i
5a Prankltn atre- L tf longed seasons and urrylns of be- somewhat bt dL,
bMrs. D. D. Shqetnan, aged I years, lated' bills.. ___ s
a hiWhy esteemed widow lady residing Among the bills which were ruan -That
at the corner of Florda and Sixth through both houses in the coi of tht -;m O
avenue, died of consumption about bowrs were those making women eWt- aBit i .
U:30 o'lock last night after an Illness ible as notaries pubc. establlslg a J
astLnWg several months. Her!haswband fine and forfeitMure lnd, creating a -, a -,at he
died ofh the ae disease auPt one 'State finance and taxation tommn- ohntobe a 4C1" ..
yearv-aga They came to this city nine sion. legaaing m-relriages and off- i t e fy
yeas ago from chigan in search of spring of persons of ex-siaves the gen- next c cil oU t e J .
better health. and recevtyed great bone-J eral aWropriation bill and the general '
it from the bae o climate. Five tax levy bill. tat the
tdUdren are loft to mouran the es of nature t alwai,
a 1w07g a althtful mother. he Laost tnL I sprained n left- hipwsUe esOf aerfc ir Nmi
tbneiral Mrices will be ondtte bY" bn ing some heavy be Te dc- 13,
U1e J. B3. Mond at 3 o'cc this wsa -Thatthe
ttor AssstedtiReev0.An- ut-I aled os d at faveirst was a
dersom The inteet will be In the sjlg storan and would soon be w6ll, a a net
etu cemetes sod 1B be Inehva5 e O t but Igrew worse and the doctor thea rtpe. -
1,i, i s ported t be dangerous to s I ba i4aTn o It tne -1n Bj
he .em Mwt in tho Pl,, ppf.t.ea. togrowW, t a nd I wncould hardly g
im as of tho oti if the aiaf aroundto work. 1 went ito a we -r
it2.b ina s IsNafii for the MatomM ^d edrg strM-'. ted _
-^^^ -----.----^'--a------- ii,. ^

. .. _- ,' ,- -
. ..' :f
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FREE d.Kve^

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Patronage spp

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1TBpl:AKR & CO. Limited.

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10New England and Southern Lines

; Iwt 1 aindidal Bateri Points,

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E^ :. ... ~.. ..'a-t...o.fr Entot4e Hegass-t. Jaaos uI<14


j, ,.P. A
|itivb:ande n Iss,.- . l

aei i o,,.=. ,, s 5,. p. a. u.ae T
f 204 Wet Bay St.,N Joke lie

.md etarilen of


iee4<*amtmenti under the super-
h]. blan. of' o ur ib"-eas. Parties
and may depend on having

e na toed Write to
DrFancy y Goods

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ta experience oan suggest
t 10 and Stliamte of its
of Loui Iille.
Mt of Fanoy and Dr3

Pint., ouium.5Ky.,

Li- AM-OB W work l


The State Houe to Bema in the
Hill City-Laws That Have Been
nacted That the People are
interested in.

Tallahasee, May 31.-The event of
the day In the legislature waa the
vcwerwheelmint defeat in the House of
Clark's bill to move the State Capi-
tal from Toafaasee.
The measure required a three-iftihs
vote of the iwole House for passage. I
but received a decid maority-26 to
39. This ends the renmova -l agitation.
and the legislature now proposes to
spend 38600.00 n improving the present
State House.
Mucbh other business was transacted.
The Senate passed a constitutional
amendment. for the popular eecrtion of
mate attorney the bill exempting ex-
Confederate soldiers with less than
6W0 from paying peddler's license, and
the constitu tonal anenadment pro-
hbiting the legislature from granting
Medal ctaxters to corporations, all of
whitc have passed the House, and
now go to the governor.
The Senate also pae ed a bill author-
iacn the conetruitlon of a ceanl to
connect the St. Johns and Indian
The Houee passed a bill protecting
rsekdent. fie Insurance agents, a bill
auitu -llum the. issue of h70,000 state
refunding bonds, a bill providing for
the male of a large amount of tax
certoU ates hed by the State, a bll
ae 1oope an inspector ot convict
eauM and a bil Incorporating the
"Pan-'Ammican Railway CompaLn
The settlement of the Captal loce-
tion uestlon removes the last aeit-
1w event of the ession, which closes
Frtdaey. 7oa wael questions will oin-
-ae nwast of the remaining time, and
the revene, tax levy and appropria-
tlion bdlq age now sunder consideration.


W L. Andews Wntea About Poli-
ties, Religion, Society, Weather
and "Wild Cat" Whisky.

Ozark, Ala., LMay 30.-Had he failed,
Governor Johnlon would have been
a traitor; but he succeeded, and is
hailed as a hero. Yielding to the
clamor of a few -Democratic leaders
and the force df a lobby, the legie-
lasure at Its last regular session
named an act providing for a constUtu-
tional convention. Doubt In the minds
of its franwers and of the Chief Execu-
tive as to the wishes of the people,
oueed a clause to be tnverted, pro-
vidng ffor a vote as to whether Its
rovilslon ehout be carried out or
not. at the same time they should
vote for delegates sent up froa tit
varloos county convention 19 homi-
nate tirty-three delegates at lase
to the oonautinoal convention, when
they met declared a new constitltiOn
to be a party measure. Immediately
the State Democruatic Executive Com-
mittee held a meeting at which It In-
domed the resolution passed by the
rnnatlnirg convention. When Gos'-
enor Johmsonm saw tbat party teaders
had contravened the lIberty of the peo-
vie by this unwarranted action, and
were tryIng to forc the lwae over
their will *A guaranteed in the act of
tbe leglitatre, he corresponded with
ever Member of tat .body to 9obtan
a" ftpr1Wo on the evlabulity of
0lBn en extra seasion to repeal &de
ao- It was called and after a bitter
i fl t ian Which. offioe-aeekers, Palmer
Sad Btckner Democrats, and a red-
at ltuAr took part n one sIi. and
the rm asientativef of the mases on
the o t, th et w repead, and
now the goeidr can call the laud of
an offe wtehn the gift of the peo-
tle of Lalabama.
The ixg 1* ou nh has been
brebem t Mopi rains, and crop
I prmo ep mae bright. Corn hs more
vS sl because of a bed start.
Buesnclo! ,Well. let's me. Pmnioy
Inid munaudag of that sort, bow t
oeem Ue, ,a deeas. It toek its flt~ht
la toar-meet lCtton, and wil patient'
awbet an inittation to return.
The weather delahtfusl, but mane
here 1mw (o the equable ctimade of
rummy WFtorda eote M re-00,g aet
Ida has been In her clImate, one Sm
her pe0lk Utile appreciate, as a
jait Nebrnasob when we were freezing
to death nearly, with six inchee of
mow and sleet. "lorida people were
Joel Calortabie 19 thetr flre, with k
Mlls frfit on the sIde.
A tawre at a'weddlng at C"li, In

the upper edge of thts county, occur-
reda tet TlOaeday evening. The fami-
Hee Interested are wealt, and nurn-
bers f th have been distinguished
for a hat ceatury In boh religion and
eitam. After the ceremony, making
r. A. D. Card and Miss Reynolds
mm and wtfe had been completed, the
Maset, which were numerous, came
forward to offer eograt olalonm
Amo' the fist was Mmrs Gusie
Smartt, aemt for the bride, and me she
turned aWW she mLnk to the floor a
Bead woman On sternation took the
place oft oy, and the evening of mirth
we tSmed into mournln'g.
Tis i a country of "blind tlers'
and "wild cat whiMy stils," and
where Unle Bam's boye are kept tuy
buntingthem for their lven Last
week Richard Plicher and others at
Dothan stole fiteen barrels from his
bonded a.boese, and then fred It.
DepuWt- United Statie iakrabal Kinn-
mer fond seven barrel of it burled
in a field with potatoes planted over
It. The whole comoem was at once
To be boeud bhad and foot dor year
byr bot chains of oleeis te wutst
owm f t Wlymir George D. CwaImiaMM
oC UkA1 1 ch, tells bow mcM
a Sawe was made free. He says. "My
wVIe has been so bOples or ivte yeas
that she cood not turn over In bed
alone. 'After wsag two bottles ofat
IsetriCo B itde ade is womder M
Iftepowed ad ab&e to do ther ow
wagi mA dy WN- r me-

Q -.M b .le -mI

. . ... r - --"

your druagist will be sent by maz on or not. I,
receipt of I. One small bottle is two rallwza I
months treatment ard wil curs ay that the
case above mentioned. M. W. MATAL. raAWW,
Sole Manufacturer, stop a
P. 0. Box 218, Waco Texas. will o
goldby S.eB. Leonard& .Co., Tam pa theI
N ew ANi'i, ZsLA., iMarh i, 1, -i. hsB chnd
R -1W. .MiI, Wane, TeasM-g am 6 o
Yea's old. and TAve tteed a number oi One IM
prop'tltiinc for kidney se bladder Coughe,
trotbles but can tAftuly aa tat and all
nothiOt has prove@ as effeot ea Sold b
yO Wreat diecoverlIn which I can ,dBl db,
oheelftIoiy raftuai. Comm
JO. A. OARLIN, mond Pft
The only ktnd of mac-hinery that will, Now tM
be able to bet Wall street tois the with a.
political the shine
That man Cox seemed to be the whole TO OU
things in Ohio poUllU tWis year.
4 Take LaI
Aten's Poot-Ease, a powder for the taua to c
feet. It oures paInful. swollen, smmart- Q.on
th, nervous feet and tinstatly takes It tI e
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or new isoe feel easy. Try it to-day.
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where. By mail for 25 ce. in stamps Risers is
'Tial pacAkage ree. Address, Alien S constirpat
Olmetead. Le Roy, IN. Y. ache, ind]
t or ver t
Read the Tribune carefully e-very ard & Q
morning and then hand It to a neight- Tampa,
bor. Ybor Citi
President OfoKintey has procured .'a The DO
fine teem and is becoming very fond she is bot
of driving, can. and
S'Is the lat
Aaiaeld may be out of polities, but
he has not surrendered his right to Bvents
talk out in nmeetin'. being o
Sera demeri
M- WORLD UAiM U s e at
"I w=ild heater eO Risyies. TThe he d
I l & eW tim only$ S at b s of
the a em a Won Co. t sbee
The numennle eiatSeUy of Anmiral
Mies af lenli to geBt toge ?b. e C

J btae i tbainasaw to get Se bana- We ase e
am hm ft alw.. I 2&Am .

PNmu bt y In"e a Call f Ion

Much Speculation Among the Officerm
As to the Beet Plan to Meet the
Difficu:ty-President Will
Discus Questions.

Washington, May 31.-The question
of calling for volunteers for continuing
the war in the Philippines will pero-
a.ly come up again at to-morrow's
session of the Cabinet.
Tr siutdation in the slams, as de-
ecribdd In recent dispatches, is such as
to make it almost necessary to raise
a part of the promlsional army
authorized by the last Congress, if the
Uunted States expects to secure com-
plete control of the arcipeligo.. The
administration has been wroug-ht up
to realize thatIt is no longer war and
diplomacy in dealing with the Insur-
genim but plain war. Diplomacy and
the Peace Cofernlnaon must take a
back seat unel the enemy has been
completely whipped and forced to
General Otis baa not a Piffirlent
number of men to accomplish this end.
It is believed thai he has so informed
the war de ertmtent, lbut the officials
will not admt It. They do admit
however, that the outlook for earIy
eace Is very floomy, and tat more
troops are badhy needed In the Phlip-
Jkwt how to meet this situation is a
Question which confronts them and ce-
quires 'rompt decision. Although Gen.
Otis state mat bie will coticnM a&
aggrasobve caox.lgn duAlng the rainy
season. It is avesiaced tmh&t he wil
be able to Ldo little more tAPS. to garri-
son some .C tha towns which the forces
under Generalx MAArthaur ad Lawt-
on beve taken, and !d thpnm until
the rai' season is ower. I bis also
plain that there I more qW le s
Iiiess during thi ha l weather, and
that when the campaign is resnied
the force capable o active warfare
will be coesideraoly reduced.
LntoMading the 7,000 troops now on
their way, or under orders for the
Phlippines, Genera Otit will hive Qly
25,o0 regular troops under his com-
rmand. With 20,000 regular troops in
Cuba, and Porto Rico, there will be
only 17,000 regular left In the Untied
States. ibe question, therefore, hines
on whether It wit be prudent to fur-
ther draw on the regular forces tI the
United states in order to aigment
General Oi' forces in be PhlhPines.
Thee opposed to organizing a pro-
vislonal army favor sending more reg-
ulsar to the Phlpplnes and alao en-
liptir some of the peaoqu Filipinis.a
But another element Inl Ithe war de-
artminent is opposed to half-way
eieaures in dealing with the situation.
They are uTging the President to Is-
sue at once a eaM for at least '0,000 of
the provisionral arm', so that it may
be organized, trained and sent to the
Philippitnees in time to belin an ag-
gressive canqaign in the early au-
It is expected that the President will
disctuee all phases of the situation
with the Cabinet to-morrow and rach
an early decision.
One small bottle of Hall's Great Dis-
covery cures all Kidney and Bladder
troubles, removes gravel. cures Dia-
betis, eminal emission, weak and lame
backs, rheumatism and all Irregulari-
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men and women. Regulates Bladder
trosbibee In children. If not sold by

m -ms e. an- ....a..0

Plant City, aay -ant Cty
as ite well represented at Port .

of Great Britain's moat noble aAt wel- oh BpoIltedlt
beloved Queen. Swl Pal
'Mr. Wil H. Strbcklend with aae is-
ter Gertie returned to their home I
In town on 'Wednesday night from ---
attendance at the Conference Cobge M -
of that place. e*eal was il U
Mr. A. ililito left on Th day w
morning for New Yorc to spend the the yellow feer ad
summer months. 2Naw OGesa ll%*e A ep
A 3ir. Hamllton of Tihomaville. Ga., th Intehltnge bere o
a nephew of Mr. Geo. Hamilton, Sr., ate t pe
came in Wednesday on the xecuraLon eats v" omt so
to make uncle George and big other Intcted dstrieL. One
relatives here a short vist and to look fo. atuld aw a t6e p
this section o Florida over, rebuztomtini us A ft
on a d few esing. d mby Sm 'th Ve;A&
Mr. and e, G. W. Wells left on
Wednesday for Kentucky, their for- ca1m" dwp manywin
rnmie m. where ttBy expect to spend 9. ,w M ---
the unumer montiOOI. ."iO AI 3
Misi Ruby la'rsi left on Sundag T O 1.
night on a visit to retattve tOGeor- twi, a L-
lABotIheo valiueds emsplseoa tf lbs a as 6
IWvteLaoDiUber and Veneer qoa Wr
jnme Q. leIMd died of fevew at Ms l if inatlm
home In Plant (ity on Wdi'nedtar 3s -i' U *''M
evening. The orenves er twe'ks to= W =- I& .2
Colenma Wednemdoa n-ht for Iote b mW"tnipLg bS
mentl Tle deoeand leaves a o ao 0 wSSOfeTw3d
wife to mourn 1i3 er=-y delte. Se Va
Mm's. C. L. Wilder left IrSm aa r 0 6
night for laUahaamm to oin.r bmes- s' S La sSn Mt
band. 'Hess C. I* &ildar. and ressuimP-n I'm ew w -lo
dusioatthe renlder fC the LiB- 4ft- Km- -a
latve .
spent eak-dao'n & hi b s eoao -tToo
ev"ey thi o In the CfarmIng lne a Ai
M"ar. Wesley B. Herr. dar ti. iem s 0" t." n
who has been e rened to W troom for X e,&Weat=miC9
a Ifew dai paNt.. is now stobe kn- W
stateinw9 sup'toa ^mW i
sdi. J ^t C. Cams s d

most enjoya- e vhi returning g l- 'O h d

aturadm y evenngn wch wians as em
well B mttded ad Madh 0yed- Ai n&.
MisM Mamie Bluedagher iCf .S
her home BOOt~a'dfy finl Pnek
where she has been i nttgt'ew; a ,'sSls T
Plant Cic less a o'osecoOna k b

M$. IA. Hm. Stetirkia a"ofi- o
0D E s u --- s -


The soauthem ila&way Puhing Ia
Way to FlorIda-t IXffht be a -
Dlii 1JUIuff flsotor 'mn _

FtoiA Jarckooville oArpous. .
The work of exteding the Southern em Tl;iiMas
tilwaly aouthward from Cotumbi 9. aIVeda e 9
IC. to Jatkmovlie a hasbegun. The wofeiro tI In
purvey from Cayoe, the diet station in U far as "sin he
tht sloft Of tth Co"Wreeon river, -'to w 09ST *-2O
Perry, on s the Q'ollna MdlanHal Rl- R ea=a~-VIM
l&ot. has been oieted and tee ap S g f
i1f onnetruotUon Is nows goin on. te PILtate jss
A corps of engineess, as ae3
stated. in rvwitng from AAPendek g L
the Southern trmkus if Stm CarioM "
MOdland to Savaonata and JdbOm- r to Sm
The 8&vUAnnan0ew of to-doa bk' w iB -
"Wietheei tes iaumer movement to unS' I EL5?
a Muff to bring some railway' lime 4)e- K?&AA&
riman Slavanna-h sad 'bi Plda. ta 4- lush -1'^ ^^^^B

-,mr -as
cl-ad, Op eda, wa Mted & 2
from cm thb y Soasa I ..WM
ce OlOd. Clrw. & Is TW Ia.s -G--eebe l
throat an tr mad s tr m. a,
0. B. Lennarti AOL, and Sito t
Pharemn Thamp. end .17W. 1 -i5
,asna Tbor Cty. .,e
e nwest ienda are gmto al-a
.patent-Iteatar trust to ti e 0'j i
Sof an te other ema Ito wa ft.ev
rmte lwer

tave Brao Qalae TabetS r tB
Kieft refund the money If it 0o oneumO
Mse. M:t The genise ba "L. U oreates *liih
each tetet. aBf silte
t.--I ,,&ardi 6 C&.
baka boundair question is
o have .s way, it will make AMN THSI
* Conference look Uke thArty
Report Tbat Thee
n a time for us things. The 1
sake DeWitt's Llite .arty l. EC m iM
when you aem ssfesug from n eiag
on, mouhneesi, eia-head- bM & adiqh dte4
igestion or other stonaxoh w;helds kwal
roobles Sold tby r B. Leas- mw a aU

o- of Arcosn declares that 'W4w MOWPats
h a Spaniard and an Amest- ULlAbe A
she ta doiUy gad that ae s h e
ter. 69 are the rest o ua. I
in the Phulippines are mti In the oxm a tte

Vtlon of an llasd *I a de ib t ai

a that the Brittish pttc |gn m" Z
a&e to stand a Aet of Uia
a London newspaper a iwe*PIK

usare agas
in eep -
cas"heM i

.. ..2~

. .. .- -IV -

ir-* o4U.




I F l 5 g Depety ahd .s nad .vp Thirty |
He m s no e Nepex Who Ar. chased a
S Hem with Gambina.

ANY BUMER From Tuesays dal.y
ANY w Judge Harrison, of the county cour
-- MoMed tblty-rd ht warrants yesterday gok
'allth y saw -. morning against persona charged with th b
gamnihng. rich
tay at the Peak The warrants were the result of a the.
fehasOnly gengeUl round-mp of suspected houses.
made on dndairy Deputy SOeriff WUI A
t. Hoencer and J. J. Stephen s.cec
-- The odtoers raided aR the colored r
ssnoonm and found a large number of mar
4 .--Admiral Dowey arss. of all clasree and descriptions, ener
aweB oat to the In animated progress. All the parties sta
0~0ftne, and the arrested wee colored, and most at them ativ
SwaWrhtps in tthe were found at Fort Brook. Med
,Judge Harriron will give the prison- spec
health hasbeen oon- erm a preimnary hearing at his earil- rani
-tted aby his reti- eat opport;m"y. TFie majority of them An
- He h refused are in Jan. ,
--.a _ APX-I

peVOW"by the

Mxosa Koag. ~ns

it tON

-r he


-jO.pta 4 ild at 4 'clock f s
2?Ilffian bat Admind Dewey did not
'is fsuwweU d amer, nor woid bae

b ll od 'nsat Sme quiet anage

.41 ldegeft of mh 0otsa at wisMit

Ade e af -w heneande at
. &" o, The aba tem t

,.aires sau as Nai to ansi
; t- h rt anwip otcig are-.

B: .- s n I

beaen harissts
-4460am to te on

i manw, anusi

MimiP.amatji gmWe.'-

. ....._
oC)nimki, i. Ca, ti

teet. aen


K~riiW~g~fig: wa at

*B^^^Jqn Es Qwta.

^*^ Sm^^1^^.

^^^^^^B~llH~jB^^^^y^ cmB*t''.

Of bil


bat 9




se and has taken
Sapiars mew i
effect of the coO-
as been under sad

Er se cown e

sm Swod L -

-- T.- BU

Via ,- g BUSY BURG

whom lmime door shut
hto sm him f. A Genral Mpitome of Little Thing
ever. lesM B
wanuddale H ,appenitagof lnteren % toTribmne
a ready in and Around
dSowni, Plant city.

ma in the smple yet
e power of that wo
dical Discovery" origin
ce. *f Buffalo. N. Y., t
ialiat in diseases of
tong ethse th hands who
nail the cawe of Mr. Ne

As treatment- "'laDece
m to fai I tried many
icins and the more I tool
grew. Finally ins A
.the farm work my beaf
I not hold out to work o
me short and I wa weak
mtes would *pit blood.
L I tried one fthbe doe
hiled Ukabto relie I
clam w d b I read of a

aldm uthasyute I
epid liver and cerA]
speedilyesred by Dr.
ts. They never gripe.
up sad invigorate th
bowels. No subsdtitut
ry dealers is s good.



County Commissioner Va stdingh-m
Attends a Pleano--usiness Pros-
pects Bright and the People
Are Happy.

Peam. ia.. June &-Rev. J. W. Jobi-
s its, his regular monthty appoint-
t 4t the Baptist echrhb ast wts
mmce tsot Vurd ari ad Sundoy.
The OrcEli and Sunday school here
ae doing no lUttle go od, as both work
ataXnhoausly tegethe-. amd everything
Is moving aloig ninety. Crops are In
a flousfting condition--nver better
sinae the world, was Orts pi plited
with ard-wsttg men. The rain it
e Smseon fell unda evening between
1 and 6 o'clock.
Cemm arkoner Veis-At--s.hn and F
.L ThIgon .attended a picnic in the
smathest s r o theiS cutomy, hast Fri
dmM and tep or m h g had a rea l ni
timme. Ttew It was a 16 to 1 picnIc-
that is. there wasin xteen ginrs t one
boy. I do not know bow to accou
for the sMless the poor feows who
used to lve in that part of the coaty
em nei-ered armonL thoas who
went to the r lan Cuba ad never

O(as wematftMen dsi it the firm oa
P. S Lomnasmn & Coi, report ebusnesm
alng tSomlr line to be in & satisfactoey
s.steslttb se e gsmtlenmn are
and oe otnWpcrodu e at fair prktea
sad are iting their customers the ad
vantages fr Wood trade.


KeIpel Election There Teterday
D e Btaly But Not as oCIOs

Te meunelpaml election a West Tam
pa yeatmele was not N doCoe a &ft
tbad been expected NevertOless,
he"e amw --ot Merble excitement
abaut Se poBa, wthoot any actual

.1 r G3ea c M Bejmain was re-
ele t O41w amecmd term.
TftdtlinmMwoa the yo V : .
ateNye.g I. P. jtVltn, 1S4;
Cbles KW MIuta 32.
erk-ft-C. iDdon, 106; Cbas P.

Hflbwal-T., af runes, 143; BE W.

'&e.---Yv. cram nl; Y. F.

fax CaUentr and Amsesor--MA SL
Wi so; E LF. o5.lloran. EU.
K. Wfareno, I=2 votes, and Ptt &S
Unbtng St ites were elected ootin-
MM foer two em-s, mthe M er ean-
dpd*Aw being A. P. Stwvn 83 wohes;
% Pe-ina. 4 votes, and L Par=n 3
FraMneckno i was elected c -ounci-
Una ftr om year, rewhiIg vote..


Oruiasr s ed Ord ed to Devil'n Zland
r& the Yoas W Of-

.mmh qodroa in Tthmes wales re-

DeuTyg Mald off he S oast of Prencle
(mChL. dA was-y mim to France.

that a happy, Plant City, Fla., June 6.-Mrs. K. F.
home is rather SaMsy. of Bainbridge, Ga., arrived on
en than great Tuesday, on her way to their beauti-
til they heat
door of disease rfd grove iorm, at Alafa.
off from all the The hot day of summer have come
happy; he cannot again. following one of the most pieas-
has to do in this antly cool spring seasons we have ever
money he is triv. spent in Florida.
feats itself Any
his strength and DIED.-ln the ear-y morning of Wed-
has an unfailing nesday. at their home, of fever, follow-
vsical health and ig an utack of both whooping aoig
all-potent ltoa-
nderful "Golden and meales, Mis Lizzie, eldest daugt-
nated by Dr. R. V. ter of (Mr. and imr. R E. Ransom
the world-famous aged 1 yea-.
the nutritive or. aged 11 years.
the nutritive urial near Pelot, Wednesday even-
have con mied hin lg.
ewtan Make. of Mr Wl i. Barny ip fro
w.as shown mthe r IM e up from
remarkable eff 7 Tanpa on Wednesday nstoght to be pres-
difert d of ent RttM the family during the severe
k them ithe dis. Mnees of tis father. Prof. E. G. Bur-
I got9o badt ne.
,e or-. MyreiaSth Mrs. Jane Barry, of Knights, sister
kad anderemt. and
xI wu nabte to of tMr. T. W. and Hon. C. L. Wilder,
I eemed i to D ae t f ew day tin town lAst week.
*a book D fen. r. QMr- J. Rtoberts, other o( Dr. J.
Pi e e I Rterts at tofhis placeI, Is in town
en Medium! fii on a visitto oaothter.
ns of this demedyI
the bet medism M.L and r m 1 W. Smith and baby,
am sow eoalg left on hiuisay evening cor Tima.
patina are surely Jldgee WL tA. Ckomn, with r. ad
Pierce's PleaMot MR W. aMolm, o shied their
SThey reg lalte, bouKAoold gcKm and left for Haies
liver, stomaSc at rito-scay nirning ls. We very
much regretted the removal of thse
good people frolm cour midst, trutlng,
1 o ..owever. thbs num bo do wel aoat be
uNCh contented in their new hmne.
po e The MRev. Mr. Haymaa, who has been
on a visit to the family of Mr. and rs.
J. W. (HBa, lert on ThurM day morning
Representative or Tt iAetin o
and Its Hos- Rev. a J. Gates of the QL E. hutrch
Of ibis plane, in spending several days
*vrin fo at Venice, dianatee county, where he
assists Rev. fMir. Tresca in his revival
work there. '
Mir. W. A. Bea-ot arrived from a&na-
ae manilcpal and tee. (lta.. nd lMer. wV. 1-. Davis from
I lrda tom ns GaineviTle on Tuesday niethy
maci coanpeten't A r the vegetable and fruit season
&t i nears it close the Wanmell Lumber and
,t Cit, there Veneer Co.. of this place, wil gradusly
SImprovement work p in a Its several de ents
itoral and flnan the mraufacture of its many kinds
citiesat cour of crater etc. Owing to the loss bI
cold of the peach crop In Georgia and
motavo r othe oher near es, the crate ma 7,r &.e
e maor o th e e seon 's be severniweeks
wan otf rae cult- sorter than ubul.
posseased of a Oaiss Annie McCoy, who has been at-
,kisikitles Wete tehbng acbool at GsJnesvUle, retm-ned
eric powers he to her home in Plant City Thursday.
ie of that.L Utle HBoo. C. L. and M's WilUder arrived
from Traitumt-eee Ltu-rday morning.
s. The mayor- The fle raints of the past few ds
hatds, for when have cooled the heated -typow- bere, and
ae good citizens added very much to the growth of the
is permittled to or. crim and otmer vaitble crop in
the practice of this vlciitty.
L 2. ,Moody, tie The lMagnola Drig Co., Dr. C. I.
eselve druggi Liaow-, maLnager, ts opened up a new
a take cisge and first-class stock of drugs, etc., in
ce, and that the the corner bonding of the postofflce
by the charwe stock.
d ftr the fact Dr. C. Lowry is a former bamless
in Plant Cityr nmn and residents of Plant OQty. who
when i. isn't will be aldad to see his manz friends
d when it Isn't and I atrm s at hIs new .sta


of Tarnpe. A
feel lke he is
we teebeiWng--e
diUon-r d the
ore he fees Like
ad if he stays
eg, he is lUce
d wit the feetr
he will begin to
rtnk it while te
in haste.
getic and wide-
found in Plant
the grocery and
Clemons is a
a in keeping up

expert ClerIew Smrprised to Leamr
That ounol Expected KHi Docu-
ment Lsit Might.

Fiom Tuesday's daiLy
Expert CIlerihew did not heive his re-
pon on the city' books ready for coun-
cS last right
When seen yesterday afternoon by a
Triibune reporter. Mr. Ceruamw ex-
rssed surprise that the members ot
ooaucil should expect him to make a

^r 6D m -' report las ntghL
fiiere is another dry moon on. It "t It is the first I have heard of t" ha
as been running nearly every day favor aid. "In fact, I have never entertain-
a week. BARITELL.0. ed an adea of tawngV tthe report ready
by to-night. It is not ompieted, and
'*Clcumsrtanes alter cases." In wlU not be Cor several days yet."
meA of dypepesa, nervosamnes, The report wM be a voln& one
tarrti rhesmrttlnn eruptions, etc., and Its reading and reepton wjA be
the o1rrtlnt5r" may be altered b- sulffclentr long to occupy the atten-
purffyi and enriching the blood with tion ct an entire sesson of the c y
Hood's Sseaparilla. Try It oouncU. Mr C.,erithew states that be
Boood'c Pills oure e ilousnesse sick will probably iive the Importiat doom-
ie--4.As meant reader for prsent.tnon at the reg-
ular meeting next Fridy night.
'iose pat,rWtic Americans who desire I
to serve UnleO m wt hbae an oppor- iMrs. 8 J. Eagh and her obarmmin
uanity to do so next week, as a re- niece. Miss Janes, has gmwe to OL
rnttin officer of the army wim be Peterstbar to recuperate for a few
ere rom Cuba, for hat purgape. dm before going to Georgla to Join
---- ----her Lumbnd wt lan the commission
Albert B. Wrenn. Morld p*swenger bmanee
agent o tbe luobuie & Olio ra road
W Lu in the ty yesterday, on businee. Not at of the 38 gamblems for whom e
for is ine mand made the ThRame & Jkre Barrmson issued warrants on
pleasant caL Mondary hbae been arrested. ThoB wftl
have been a rreted wa be g vea x
enator Tronma Palmer has returned Imanary Shearings during tae next few

n n..ton.41m.on..ffe- .
Norn O Y without Uon% tl

If your r ---

Fine' Win es ..

Liquo saad.a
. L ,., I

'Colord B0 In Connot"

**** n **n**4

Iti. -191. .... 6-19--.--
C h an.

.'- Everybody will be on tba,
. fetrlni buys- until they mna
to keep you waidtlg. Our ar
- stomre is so frqqumeatly crowded
ing never so Tavorable as od
4 Blgg e s tock of 8prng

- H. Gid
414. I
-6 4111 14 61 4 I I l

We mil Exeldvely

Sand Brown mM

Eggs $1.00 per

vle vAe ,Ae -sA A A

What a Tribune 3
Thinks of Plant City
pitable and ate

Knights, June 6.-If t
annitary affairs of all
were in the hands of
men as are toe it
would soon be a wonder
noticed in the beith, n
eal condition of the
Dr. 0. 0 5 rWiit. th
executive officer, Ia a r
ure, deep though and
bt1s sense of b s reapon
he possessed of geu
would aundebtedly mav
town an ideal city.
But these are ocdben
antly is always In good
In the Judgment of th
the present soimehirl"
devote at has time to
his preifemon. Hoan. M
Doaoutar and ever pgrog
wiR be called upon ti
of the duales at the ofa
office wi llWe notming
-anm oe readits tbeeve
that "it to ever tms"'
madolpal aGLftmaiusirt.;
IWMtAt t,'s Moodis ano
9Aooly it's W ta-e.
B the Smwa-, Moody
sodl fmonain we hav
SMth PFlerida, outside
mibht of it nkes one
in t2 pareoemne of a lm
he to n a podlar epe
loner he ioomA, the me
"tasmng s uona;,'" a
in that v viatA too lo
to become so mis-em
knm of potarslm ttebt i
fe somewhat can
't a mtr w lavor," dh
froth's on and depart
One of the most ener
awke business men we
city wsea L J. eomons,
ub meant man.o Mr.
youim ma 'who believe
wth th e sssdm R

ls in the olwtfsrXsa.D

40 MKUN ,-j

of 15. GoeseeUZg
,OAAA& %A-k A

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