Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: June 1, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00140
Source Institution: University of Florida
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a Both Houses!British Government Will
finished. Plea for Reciprocity.

Two Colonial Representatives
t That Senator Sent to Washington to Co
ceasMes" wiI With United States Of-
diBMlyin flcial.

Kingston, Jamaica, May lr-
B7.-The legislature ca's prayer to rhe Britlah gove
to be allowed to negotiate a re
l aysuso I slowly treaty itih America In
it naflniahd built- quence of the failure of the C
04 Jt*--i a Office to do so, has resulted
B toever bUS ] Joeph Chambertaln cabling It
ilon at sixt Y d tlons to send two represe
1ct clear the dockstJa ca, with Cavendish
ies s weU. on the acting governor of British Ou
at. siis ore- treaty o simhmairlnes.
, Aupers ae aae- In a letter signed by all the
w o. mesam ..a d the eilatve coui
,Pm itloclma- 24mlca. and addresed to the
IrasI m the leg- ovenment, the following requo
ia ae wState tor made:
We have ome to the con
pria etlea tio te in the intereMatof the ti
Sm be w metton. te tand. a n. caprodtly treaty
Sb Q rebukt r poandre be o included w i
sto. prosV e sopa- United States of Ammerica. In
fto black -and the cndit o of the Dingley
ea /-Y 6t0 intro- Section 4. If we desire to make
M, ot Walton, ie e oclty treaty witaiout havingtt
sTored to legWilate mtt t to Conlree, but only
t o exitence. President and Senate, this mt
ii has already arranged before Judy 23 oaf thi-
WyW. it is diffict and we. therefore, feel that n-
tgmolbe result of should -be koet in taking the at
op the street ail- secure this end."
at of trouble and America is understood to bave
A reason. ed (r. Chamberlain concesaIon
whIchb not at A vided by the Dingley tariff-
t tin bite o- its Der cet. e off some produVts, aI
1e law that made plarirg of others on the free
sn So utti Caro- and in return asked fifty per ae
dedi th to remove Americat imports. This tfor
SUQW from the ltrgTe a proportion of JamaIca
ry sand municipal tatflclert rev*n.ue that Mr. Chi
are to have -such lain could not accept.
;Sffe as is enjoyed Mr. Charnbertaln's present ob
P_-r*l, but wtalcb hblt.ved ;L ; .- to quell dlsatais
, oonmna d Itself h- at his failure to negotlale
0e". ,1 proclty treaty.
fuld df ine the

WooQ t questuo.
,Msa d p`& g'lFour Hundred Clerks Will Or
ed. Speaker Hc- a Clerk's Proetectve A-goial
a Spi.eL and, hLv-
asl-S iotes This lvenin.
iS pieWW4loa. The clerks of Tampa, about
ila aons, and as tUidred strong, will meet at t0
roduced something at the atise's League to-night
*Bl here ..C r ts r e pus-pose of perfecting
but he did
seia the historic glnISe5l tMtebe "son at to
2B032 who spoke tend to make it so wuarm ai
ev i er as s ono rtaia e tor the (ew arciu
6f. %t U12 ta- te city who refuse to okose their
iU at of busaes at 7 o'oaick In the e
___, .t. dry. thli thew l be wKlUng to close
3- 0A- and keep closed all day. lrZe be
60 i s Ies on the warpath ad intend to
0M6 was Bo lopwe tb red unles tewy are abol
4 \ Vtpar ConAilerSUoI.
- samtad OM h The Tri-bne thinks that the
aW ,at bhr beet at their ,ctj e Jamsf endUtid to
_PVIsSW -SA he t Uossed at 7 Pclck: &wM =e l M
be M1 he rsulkin moais sad troaf that the maz
,t q 5b' M tr a will co-operate wt them In n

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sto h0old A. A Stoe. mea on party from
"^S^ '^-tJl..wer arrived at the Dunps
aTbeir~br in their handsome
O ioi party: o LOVR e"C.S. Fa rs.
FRev. G. MoKInI

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ise arwd was entire y unequal
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Special attention is called to the ad- he wspted e oer took experience a He Kong and o~ r n w ct.,c
c no D ei at "lenn WVsl e the m ob w as organ- ola s s s d t hat -the plague Is es aen. lldraild U< t i u t in
l i Rvr t m e at o D a v s B r a s t h e w e l n nl -, .t t n We h f o t h a t
is pro- known tailors In the Tribune in to take him from the n Jail the ma lth disease,r and spreads t
Io thi0 s mo t ng mh o BGd. Tdeh& ha lcng firm ha ,comp.e Pir b>awent the condUtions are lL 7te- toe s tt.
Co-ia thIs moeen This snilg to oufficers slipped him away. It was re- a.ilo n Te E tin or
Sfat. Dome rare bawaln to offer the puAblic, ported that he had been brought to a:b&. as at Corsaant nopLe, Genas,& ts. o
i the ha1 ing a large seoek off the ontt this rlace. but thLs @tma a ruse of the s contax l a gm st worse than eoslae in sal eoaei t a-obta "al
ad Its desirable and up to date conal goods to tohtwseians to i the mob off the sut. Kong Ctow w is t

o h the trading pb.c oan tipe on bc troos to the scene from Atlanta was n
spered "ans that will be -worth dollars to afterwards denied. Great excitement Unles the lagui i rooted out of aheuaddd hin WOM M .
porary Invwestgate. Read their advertisesenti preva.H, and there Is no telling ahat Egypt It mSa cost mlllons of mo e t a ar
chnes and then grve them a call. hect- towd will do if he7y discover and many tives to Europe. me eare uAaft -h-e
Laean Hannaways wte-reabouts. la Quelon ha an lnteal
WiOll The scommtteetngt Was apponted a F Bene of the wholesale firm adaPecL Hiterto the difflicurty was to n i3bole. pa o .
loing to confer wtfh the rieswith thGel I .S. Giddens & Co., accompanied by iret local goverinents to stand the h 6 .
orIon oneUf o dining power ra tes to and his wife will leave In-&a few days or fiancalatraAin. The EgPtlsa or t. m atM
e b ts-maTampa is evidentlystilldetit)- 1 ASheville. N. C,.axd other mounutn dtlih govoenment is unprepared to ML
cnsti erating.IIta-aiidn'tbe a bad idesa re-ta t-where they will riomperate end largely In order to eradIcate 11 a IBM.-
I b to cal fore a report. darin the l mer months dsaes E gypt's positIn In reatoh O o a d "-..
I'oar to E tope, howse er, osnp p noll o taL lm
a t.o 1 _oiWsWld lt on ti ise .tts I sa t wa u
-W no the necessary fn ,. a ..| :
tSp s ftnd iaouMW he re& free ]2aln| "
.M -h _. S ince Marc 4 te thave bem e B I-as .
SW5 M~iNa W case of plague i Hown a. O their
as Fww~l~ iR M deaths. O-GaIy"-I
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Heed For the Cuban Soldiers---They 0O Wtich Tamp'os Public Building Wi. AlaAn B oundry dispute is Prostg a 1Incl SUa'S Iuy IIt
Will Cling to Arms. Rs, .'ectd. Troablaso I'L to Settle. e' a d Mill.

Will be He is Called a "Traitor to Cuba Libre' From Washington and Will Stay Un-' United States is Willing to Arbitrate Th6Y Urse tae Seoldlm-
mnfer --Strong Opposition to Surrender- tIl the Important Question is De But Not on Terms That Endanger bought t MOba1na g194
ing Their Arms-Cuban Plant- cided --Will Push the Work American:Interestsa-Hope for Xiai Thaeir I
era Hold Meeting. of Building Speedy Settlement. Tampaiteam in Z a ,.
Jamnal- Haiani Cuba May 2 -The fight From Tuesda)a Daily. Washingtos. ay 29-Despite ru- Staff .Correponden -
r-rnenit between General Gomez and the old Sid H Nealy, of Vashing-ton City. more to the contrary. It mit be stat- HJ-a5va u bE. 6
arrived in Tampa yesterday, and dur- ed en autiteelty that naotta, Uoo be- stanslist s w.
pir- ba .ssembl" leaders s ia ig ng his stay here te will make his tee te United tte ad Grat Y f PW I
conal sed to the soldiers -day requifesto is- headquarters at the Almeria hotel. g in the dutsrfatuon of the._
.-otia .oed to the soldiers t-day- r ~He is an experienced-i architect, and is Britain on the .laskasboundary qs- -uA-
in Mr. themn. to give up their arms and re- ot lmpotant personage to the Lio b h en b i ken off. Th t -hascused10
rruc-t turn peacefully to their homes willh be a lola pe at the pres t time. gve ae edavoring to inda thartA s -
niative met to-morrow by a strong manifemsto plte Tampaate preet s lan of solution eare-toryt to both Sates3t a
Boyle, from a majority of the Cutan chiea His mission ere is to select a siteand Canada- This government h diar p taor o alis
Boyle m a o the for 0,000 ic building for this
dxll to A mW~ng the uirsd not~iB noon e to t ni-et-reated ftraoto-s U asftiue aof pl ,155 ''*vIlem disim'e
inS. tO 'sng tile soldiers 0 itt Sto ept c ncity. tor which an appropriation bas boWW* to the prbll tboe e ftre-ess-
ager a aRy of the $3,000,000 offered bo y the p osit been tade o 5g yes ars tc a-l be s0- t Braaitai 0 n e W
United States. t to disband and of experience in thals kind of work emni- reInforced by the n Canadian su1,es-M
meal- keep their arms. nentiv fits him for the ta**. @1
Me41 Of A meeUng wasb eld tis atemraon The nrbune repmeentati'e found The United States i favraWe to ___
"titIh atU hoo e of (teneei art"a od-I hla yesterday afternoon at the hotel, a-blratjos as aaitail~e,sbat bat It oh- u toKd i to n
sorroundedm ,by a corterie of gentlemen eits to pscl In aibtration terni- WCO W It
est was guez and attended by the antil-m amekin-" normaton Vhae ver ese torn wtch isa en Aa o t sAmerlian. and ieus rS
cluasln ofloatr n the Cuban armn. Strong mao be said of him he has the ear- his iS t ana Is anoisfor b 'ni ie MAsroSo e
rdeof antt-Amerlcan asentiments were ex- ma-ekls of a gentleman, and one who gioes-nnt i s d leading between %e
should peRd oez was called a traitor understands h businsa. Hu e gurae- theUesn o d. titn bse ot aswesn b n t n the pa yV et WON
ththn e ddttoethes o a toiethe di- r tNo
h" the t s br," andl severely cored l ulit gave ptrhe repo>rtef-ot en le dent to o the a es t l ,es e inet e Sm

lew ofn entering into the lest negolalo or a brief intteriew.tdte inhEto
e with enerala Bhrol without xoonsut- In repty to a query concerning the viclnIty of La ameg, s-t declaim theo ,n
a 7-3 0 ia the representatives vo the as- y. nature of his ist here at ahLs trne her f*or wild we her the port on b t it will. .s
to sub- tHiactions s we re construed b cy the he aLid: "I came murder the direcuod n the aCfIc 0e0t. whichsheis oD -bat toivethem lam ab&sase .
S peakers as ana offort to further his of the vU. S. Treasury Department, loue to obtain. While the authorities f bee- prto ie e solaa, h&.
t e o-n polltkl a ggTandizement, clothedAts un power to Select a e la- tn e very po nibe way 'in -ew oa wI beK h et ol,
be l enmeral o-soke to-dayy apprutved i the tion for your public building. 5idy friends hip fore the United htate s-a a lqa r .as c e
'o time Gomezmanifeato. asking the so"die decision as a matter of course, is ot ayed during the earw w SIpain w hoCeMi nMt OWl .
tep:>a to to er. There are many odlcationsn Jelet to Lhe ace-,tancet-ar e useL9rey the-" have no Intention otaking side. withtg he h51155
Soffer- their tuntl- tl Gomez's Ptsthical expe-rIenc-snm dmy ci -v.: i. uctile the A- can nitBe on te ka 2 ...I
enemies are -working uith, them. The matterr" The srwrender olf a port on.theP&- 6woulde.... .
-tinsty rei.-usa] of the soldiers to accept the In atoser to th qucsto n as to what cflc atone wotold be eatly InJolosa ath7
nd the money and surrender their arms oinusi he c rnsidered the most Impor- to the omi-ee of the Pacifictp ope %OWthe k ow .
liot- 'ould he a vt-tiong defeat for omez. tact In making thee olectIun. he said: and also to the rest of the country and tea AGOh41,UINIAla -
enL o.T Hei Is using all efforts to prevent it i"One of the mo-tr important tning s sfcr toi reason axbItration will not be fa'oreftd t t ot as e
sso but an intimate friend of ho sadomits to locate thi. building here it wmil he aceptotet olleaIs at ed t teheth I
os In- trhi a majority of the soldlers will rmest convenient to the greatest num- aest line Is a Invt sa ed In the a In lerrb- rt
a'sin- de *o lineinnotrThIn theb nto dR heea hu rope frs ?
ember- return to their boneo with thvr saame hey ef petoplc. in crier to arrive at traction tMada b.a raised is imalonrta
and without the nionet. the t. 4t conclusion ont this point. I ato oah asettletennt of the disute. otbea donot44011
lect Is Thme politicians s-ho ar. -opposing shall doing rrmy gtay here and before t-cause It falls to give her a, cbne --in an ol It.
atlon mez say that the ge-ecal fee's his making a selection, mingle wvth the to senate GeeuIa-t she ses It b e no "e
a recl- position keenly and thinks he has been people as mnuchl a posrkble and do my et tythe uLthoi-ltie, howevJ iern- ttt a -nd
treated shamefully b- the Cubans. rot utmost to obtain the public sen imeni m e a plan will be f f hit upoted
i he fought without a thought of An other poit that roust be consid- whe will i Fit n a e nt ofh a o s. e t at
recompense. ered is a place where sc can get a matter, bunt It ceao be dated a.U l b -thieft
WH 0WIMIN.tP ERcIS good. solid fountiaotIn. On some netot tativety that canvr the plamn ad- m a sum d mhe
WHY WO.E:N ..kRP NERO[I. etn.,cities we have had conaideranle opted. (ate a t wipl sd- obtail a the pett -qjX't aditlt 1111111111
-- difficulty along thls line A flrsit-class abe des. reCs oa ar i io na thwst0 t e
British .Medical News. sever main Is another Important are WiE
,t--5 The frequeriu eases. of .neo ous prose- olnt After three points are carefully ONa E MN E S-ted -the Gatas ar W
Vlon tration or utter collapse ca t he ner- conedered the matter of price will *.IM, their dlgnilt ad to ,"n"
ous system under w ich women "go tn hNeE token u t. th L. i LnLU th U si
all to plees," as the saying is. have trmet and the construction of the build- -est a Ih&q S caused much thought and Investigation Ins. sMr. NeeJly said. "It will be The Citisens' League Criticises the w iat drtvia dbmat-1
four on the part of physicians., plannc-d and constructed principally pooaw efeenwat of t6W -
he hall Certain Inorganic suhstanets are for ith needs of two depeLrtments. toe l-gialature for Trying to RuinLt into sae'wooda to become at A
well known to cause various forros or nostoffi-e and courtu-on-m. Just as Fiorida's Oreatet Industry.. ro
at 7:30 nervous diseases which are readl"ly soon as a site Is elec-ted and plans and 'mThe Florhisa, sad nig"
an or- trae.Ed to the poisons producirg them stectiflcations are arranged, bids will -Ta---T-rilte in a teua sa s11W
1" in- Further research leads to the belief be advertisLed for, and all responsible The Tmnpa Citlmen's League at a Inef Psmve, me flo .Us M
that slum s ea prevailing cause o so- contractors a- 1 builders in the United wetl attended meeting held last nsi bt OWih- lUlMt 1ieath. -
nd u- called nervous prostration, for the .tat... Ill have an equal chance. The a4o.teX the oilotn -ng resolution : IA V1vt1,lva-a %VS N
t osynptoms It produces on the nervous con tz 3c t ill be awarded to the lowest 6estesi i1 te ar i exasts ti 1aia
places system after It tsaCbprptlon into the reputable and responsible bidder No Reeo at ved. l .t -Th atte ci ga mas- os" hsa"ad
rentlg, blood are very ret n os le Indeed. Ex- urtair advantage will be taken facturi Intodustt of Flalda heoaflih t tfo vii Iias Bn X w th e w gCv"t
se 5t p eriments oh ioloilcay made- uponl of an one. The government emerige tfren a -protracted strigge oC W g wI eMU
s aire aninmlUs by Orflla. Professors Hans oronoses to erect a building to the futll 1 W op n a bpa 6 'am bt-of
Paint Mayer, Paul Seim and others, show extent of the appropriation for the three ve Tor oxisee, cbroagst o (a U% 5t bik ciw
wn the that alumni frequentbn produces no vIe- people of Tampa. and the Important by the Cvtan revolutitlon, and the scar- J.IL"at tcmit ct09C
iber e ieymonaitomsf or -any days after Its point Is to get the -bet possa ole buidld- cty of high-prtced tobee .ro,-Tt thee @o af a, 0 w a yis a U
clerks introduction to the bod. rhei o-0 li-n for the money located where it tactorles are u building up ctiesteoa
Sre- low loss of appetlte and other allmet- will be most convenient to the greatest -5 i 3 1 -
__ar_ ars l nterbance, and ifnaly a serious number of people. I will se pleaed and IBy Isees the i W. A. Va'ts-. is b biagdiq d o.
i g protratlon of the whole nervous is- at any time to give you ma the very vaaw of the Sttie. pot akrie ptsli.n ft
tea. The most prominent pblyiclans latest derelopments In the matter, and -Regaive d. 2d. That the effort ton hovp g reru st ad dwrot f
effect- now eteve th -t Ownea PM-Lpot- salt! be glad to have you call at any a tax twteeny-f centa ots ot es T tO nlsdm WiL "
ti"aia d dmeanyl affnreiatons of the time." ca oJ. P. A
em-res frnt Ach both me, and thousand cgars made Is o ll-ti ,
women suffer are caused by tGe conl- h/AZLp atAZY V H.-.NNAWAY. and utwise. W'mC 0MB? iWIL (Wal
Sdock tinned atmsorption of alum Into the yys- Resolved. 3d That the a bt -eae's --aO M
little m. Attemnptsa to Outrage Three ULttle Leaguet ofMU=a iaves isom m-mt 7 Thotan WTh im ft R dh-am
ItI %probale.thatmayGIrls in te Wtd. ai ps av s -.
meo are unaware of the extent to and ReipreaentaveB to oppose *uob -
l, oft iednto the bodY', being under S wa a haM crazy white man .cait to tinltoi the legtatoure of is in- aleinstp Isabul. h d
ry hd in a esd to ,rohiblted. Aum,. however, three little trbtie girls In the woods frtnce of sald tax, and ot the dam- po, emit off tr ks-sum thel
meots0 Is still mad serrsepltiotiay to some ex- about one moe and a haf from the age to the ciltie and State tlks7 to Oe-sl iee, tAlkatk Usl,-. pa
return tent to whiten hres, and very hit-ely small to-n of Vienna, and attempted result therefroso a ,- st i: mo o
d It n aer.n nlies where lltteg powder A/ ^TIO^ ^^C-D. tim rti^
te wenersally ued reat care should be the gi-s screamed at the top of theIr --- toe pamreI haghesi
town, exercised to procure only those irane soloes Tie tried to choke them into The Chlnese Pisgue Caoadng Grove on iler. Sm. ..-o uxu "
otoonn- made from cream of tartar. The a515n quietness but cot don't holds afl three. u'ereae Tri-cgibeoui leurope, henihang woah for isp ta.'-i
he day powders may gene-eay be dletlnguish- Fina^l'. their screams frightened lm odo y 30. e Is grave op- w t y SLOW h S .,
Tanspa sold. a lardng dismver-, he let them go, l h ere to e t ese -on nng Geat th g aphans to wldols vMa, 1
to the GABfET WON'?T" I. RlRP7R. Te hlld^-n ran as fas as mat inter wit'h Admiral Dea-e fs Is 10JO sa e,
were -^Mo ^Sl.ay 30.--The oabnet here possble. sa-d related what htd hap- return tri-n ITalla. Many gvern- The vetesh lt tt>e ^.
p t- m a lter te nat on haa decided pened Threats of lynching were moe v already Quer. an. weee nook aad
dddnt to lnteTsee In the oase Captan heard on e'er side, and an excited agelmert Iog -Kon a FedeaRports A Pase is con- Marks schooner. lielvetla. lTe de-- mob s- soon s rnlng the woods In Jannes osa-on, one of the most nteed the catwar ^ n"ia d. .uL^
colon vea general satisfaction. seso of the brute. In about an hour authorities, who had n lslkh had clem-d t at tt
a t ..alr uhrte hohs~- Si a lssti a tP








'' ~.'

-f ... -a

A" wwi Does the

TereAdl ir Jon Hopkins, of B Thrive
: *-. outrank "i. But for all that, the1 V
W11 t5AZ or ead .ianager. Brttia Admiral, in honor of Admiral
:..} ^ Deweyts glorious record, will hardly If not, something must be
stand o rem ony. and wil give the wrong with s food. f the
SgIPIHON RATMS. American Admiral a reception worthy w n l ik A 00t I
O Y eas........ ......5.00 of his fame. This home-coming of othe il oen n
0,W ..Mo .ths.... 2. 50 Admiral Dewey will bring home to i h it, She needs SCO; TS'
I ths.......... 1.5 other nations the tact that the United EMULSION. t suppies the
SOwnkWS.............. .1t states of America are something more cement of fat required for
Week than a partnership of States, and that lm t of at ir ure or
WEEKLYT 1ATE: forced by circumstances into the most the baby. I baby is not ,
Pr- prominent place among nations as a nOUished by its artificial 0
th ne C y ............. war power, the people and the gov- food then t requires
eminent will maintain that place lion-
;i Is s ovrd orably under all conditions. Thi s sanme a0 m i n
*L5eaoept &Md, and I sde- _rogres of Dewey, honieward bound SCott'S E li iS n
*.0,vrfier In the cty and sub- over 6,00) miles of the briny deep, says
Aent by pst paid the St. Louis Republic, will be a his- Haf a teaspoOnlfu three
W tSe'UnltedStates for the toiloal pageant, it is well to bear in or four tmes a day in i
-A the paper Inlirreg- mind.t Notaisnall the centuries will
iwillrro r a get It hav been surpassed in gloryand bottle wiil have the desired
" iMgt 'O comPlanint by mail sign fcanre. E-ery great power oft, effect. It seems to have a
Ad at*am goo tJhat the Malter earth that sees his flag fluttering from' magkal effect upon babies
the. lypia s masthead wi hasten torn.
Jo It honor. The world will chart theI adchldren. Afifty-cent
O 176. course of that ship and follow it with bottle will prove the truth
f- sclated eyes. The Oty npia's en- of our statements.
K3asIdh BuWd ng, 1006 Frank- trance Into the waters of Je West- S uM be taken in somer as
ern Hemispbere will in itself be an well as wInter.
epoChal incident. And when she sales le. and $1.o. ai drugiS .
JUNE 1, 18l.a.lnto New York harbor and Dewey SCTT & IBoW. ChmrsY r. hasYok
'.' stands on her bridge and sautesa hiS
if" native land once more-wel, well the
ij i 7W, .eulR4. he i peo-de who are not of our blood mest1 THE FISHING INDUSTRY.
form a ring on the outside and keep
!W *be ftocheMtl a at of the crush. In commenting upon the importance
CjllB ll. ,- of the fth dealers of Florida In or-
iey ato be veep- VA ING OUG- H HIB HAT. anizing as the Tampa and South Flor-
Aw ar is ; I'le We 3 18WCr. W. C. Cram is pulbbing a little Ida dealers have wisely done, the
S over and paer in Tampa that few people know Galnesviye Stm very appropriatemy and
atte rng h about. It goes under the trutl'fuly ays: "ThIe effort now be-
i a lra lto nade 6ef the ,Florida Republican. In in made by those engaged in flshAng

H .aWJ e: irse ts2o rty officials as &set of thieves, swind- in the ritt direction. In these pro-
4 .et it is not lk lers. etc. To be certain that the Re- gre ti it inesIt b eeleas to attempt
este._ d l" ebhan is ts o mrrect, we bore- to conduct any kind of business with-
______ aa at' wa. tx with append from ou orgizatio andt system. s a hin
. .. artt c e.e Wr. N ays: both in the interior and on the coast
Sth dhsan po,.nt be- 'bul stn s alsne, both s in Its o Foteorida thas noFt been as proinobe-
.liaessbuaofibe United omnnICIa land county affairs, as being as i i should hate been. Indeed it is
= n oWM-lPoSI re- Bthe worst tax-reldien and the longest claimed s tmanv wiho stdve been en-
$* At. "5 5 In respect tO brow-beaten set of people'of any cson- gaaed in thy hsuiness that the trade
It b aes, Eeat~ie oe Tar- nauithe in the country. It is a con- has become so demoraized that for
,. ti rd l r temptnop o poplar entiment on the part years pse t it has been the rle and,
l dMlleult and aaa- et the old ring engendered by a thirty not the exoo&tion to elke out a onuer-
S WV291 n ,a fair rF df years practice of systematic robbery, able existence. The lack of organiza-
m.e asa eri dispute wth no voice or presa Independent tion and harmony among fisahcTmrnr,
U'4Ci4n bat the enough to Weak oot and call fror a halt. it i slaimed,lis the prime muOse okf th.e
Put & so to all It is fact that the ftrequent teomi- deplorable condition of affairs. We
St hs Ue d aisn i of crime -hardens men In it. The can see no good reason why this should
"ai -wags apart u e gor tr ng hi s a into vested in the tishd ind lutry can ea-
tio.a the ai a acked safe, aver for a moment liy protect themselves, and under ex-
S aal oant ore- cried, "t hief! thef" 'Silence is the is ting conditions they have not orreis
i nd If not. settled it wateabword--divislo then ch let end. the oeht but it is their duty to do so.
e.. st n aSBust there is coming a ti m a eoe ras In the past e pofits that shorId have
.vS t. the sun dnes In the Florida heavens, gone to the fishermen have been ab-
Sjourna,. with charn- when an end to this cofUition of things sorbed by the iddlemen o and the
5'r 4-pr, .l ei"r out ao will be nasal, O fcers, tax w snes transportation con. pales. w The fsher-
be te neat Dea Ios-ratlc and cotlectors, city dtreasurerso audit- men havebeen l furnishing the capital
b i It, and has ar- ore and rulers of the courts. who,-hase a th o.l es-ecst
ai unfty articles rbmten compelled by a condition of of- tion companies haoe been a ply ord-
-prominentDemo- fairs over wo ich they -virtually had pensated and many of tvb rsiddleman
".'' seected to no control, excepMt to 18 their breda lo' aong rioh, e tlul oreanie .t-
i his ModpiIonshtould be and dinner if they did not obey th tloh on t, part t the liheen iht
-eeU Twf o i rt.i mandates of the bosses, are perfectly bad condition of affairs will not only
94*0 ikwkcJ. T wa o not mandaates ofthe bosses, dae pearfetly continue, but glow worse, Witng
axased in the ogS izant sC these things, hal hoi
a k Ot. .r m e d, no u they help thenselves?" united and harmonious action thd fish-
-AbIl"aMtt, on lay 7 Is. edilteof the Reulics is one g indut of Florida would spi-edfuy
".9t0raeib.. ; the other Of those fellows who talks through his grow into inamtmoth proportions, aid
mmAmuse bat. He Is like the man who talks, become an important factor In aiding

-. heae affidavits were sent to Senator organization no business of any oon.
as Weet ams, who no doubt, lay the seouenee can be maintained. We are
-. o su matter before the governor, who. it is therefore glad to note the tact tlhat
41hi- ltn etr ected., whi take immediate action the flshcrmen will organize& It w,11
1114-e-tted B Stab n
I I- -. uIn she p remie- be better for the fishing industry and
*Ws si a -- ... better for the Interests of the people of
M of aDewee t lA>dn< hsFlorida.
ham t reward journey se as to aHow him
bv- roesBfu" at y of time to have tie buttons Lake Worth News: In a strictly del-
scd hretes tot to Ma do lar and cents "nse the Florida State
2 -1, foss l Board of Health has saved dozens of

Th*e eDsttc&l drama, in N4w York
p. reached the nip-and-tuck scene
> .^^ a^i^ bdeuen. 5ocselt and Platt for the
Sast tlplowdown,,
; he Ousts are tintg heavily on New
tlaP'sth.. Jrpwey's stomach. The litle State is
,0X a aBl dci ^ *As AytOg snakes and monster sea

Is-ad- r ir. e MMaltlan, of MrIfMgon, seems
ths bent upon embahmntag a few of Secre
t ry letgr's Biltical ambiltions.
qu- uAprdens to the reports by General
Ca (l V. sev r, 1to teMo has almost
Stea~ e the basta stage of Amer-

e~lor~onoh rde~b0can1
mew Sink Beedamhe Bad

times Its cost to the people of the State,
to say nothing about the lives also
saved, and the extra reputation it
has "gven the State for healthfulness
and freedom tomo epidemics, and every
r" FIloidlan should demand that the
I State nt only continue the board in
Power, but give It all the financial
backing required to keep its work up
to the present state of efficiency.
The Bartow Courter-Informant says
that Judge King, representative in the
legislature from iDeSoto county, has
introduced a. measure to provide fro
he inspection of all fresh meats
brought into iFlorida. and he also
offered an amendment to the revenue
ftil leaving a tax of $700 on every
firm that 'tbrin fresh meat Into the
p3tate. Thej idge believes in protect-
Ig bone lndxatry, and it is said that
h ha quite ano etenoave "inftet in-
dustry' himself. havingr 1, eealves
tls yewar.
The (beem eitt eabt-.Sar ohmeale aS.
new aLt he 3 3 e if. okcial
Joorneais" This looked lIke a chance
of the aer e his, own
rweoa N~kaB-.,r'., t .

AirW'SALE. sp t^t ids th of
In the Circuit Court of the Sixth Jo- Book t9, OR ao and 4d ato giie-7 mbo
dicail Circuit of the State of Florida thorough County, Florida, ghty-four
in and for rHirsborwih County-In feet south of the northwest corner of Ga e
chancery. said block, thence run mth along ad hreaf -
Mark Z. Brandon vs. Leonora Bran- west line forty-two feet, thence run Bsood. a "e r t -t
don. Bill for Divorce. east eighty-six feet to the center line blesa toe a ras
Under and by virtue of an execution of said block, thence run north forty- conducting managed al. Ni
for costs in favor of respondent, issued two feet, thence run west eighty-six hotel or hotefe; to p Ae asO m
out of the Circuit Court of the Sixth feet to place of beginning, together ae steam boats, sal t o
Judicial Circuit of the State of Plod- with all and singular the tenements, water crafts; ;ild ad opeaf te
da. in and fo rHillsborough County, In hereditamnents and appurtenances houses pac and pisasera wam
chancery, in a certain cause, wherein thereunto belongtng, or In any wise ap- said. omny may alse .mai Ia
Mark Z. Brandon is complainant, and pertaining, andd also all the right, to- estae .shall bay, s.et l mVa a
Leonora Brandon. is defendant, dated tie. Interest and claim of the said de- ga real estate as Utdhe wer I
the 20tb day of Feb., A. D., 1899, I fendants therein and thereto, vidualk. The said cosipag may -
have levied upon and will sell at putb- CHAS. S. ADAMS, nave aug or ai" power germatto I
tic outcry befor,- the Court House door, Special Master. business, necessary to tiea lWy-c
in the city of Tampa, Florida, during COOPER & COOPER. Ing Out of its operations and, pun
the legal hours of sale. on Monday, the Sol'rs for Compl'ts. Third. The amount ao Gasotal e
5th day of June, A. )., 1899 ,the t ol- ____ shabl be five thousanddoars (
lowing described real estate, situate in I NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO SELL to be divided infto ftty thame- -O
Hillsborough County in the State oi LAN D. ndred dollars each ($3) each 1
Florida, levied upon as the property of Notice Is hereby given that four ty-lve Mundrei 4 lla m( W)-otLi
the ipaiat, i the above stated weeks after date hereof, I will apply to Oadtael Stock to be fully jaid up
cause to-wit: The unuivided one-eighth the Honorable C. E. Harrison, county baJance to be held by said aa
interest in and to the southeast quar- judge of Hllsborough county, Florida, be sold from time to Ul .tte..
ter of northeast quarter less one acre fIr an order authorizing the private of directors may deaignate.,
in southeast corner of sectl.i twenty. sale of the following described an-2 i'e- The said caital stock-maV A'-
two. townships twenty -uinE- .' longing to the minor helFs ;f t.'hffqr. creased hereafter to any amount
:angc twenty east; also the west half L Mizell. late of Deoto countyy '-- may be desired.
of soteiast qaurter of section twem o ceased. to wit: e% of the ne and the Fourth. The time for tls ceo
two. township twenty-nine, south of the sw and the w of the r,e meat of this corporation ehat ba
range twenty, east; also the west all p. 2, 2 eas This date of the is e of tei
twelve and ninety-five on-hundredtAD S th day of Mays lS2 M. R M1ZEIsL, dateO and it I a tiM iM
chains of north hakf of southwest quar- 8th day of May, 189 F. MIaZErdian.L, pateno the tera Of i tine-i
ter of the northwest quarter, and the tFifoth. The buseaes ofA ant -
south three quarters of west half ofe eondo thd .MF
northeast quarter, of southwest quar- SERFF'S ALE. tin-preshallben edute 9 a
ter of section twenty-three, township tarr, ePliec a, e fl
twenty-nine, south of range twenty, Under and by virtue of a certain exe- shall be elected Snuaalr i
east. caution issued out ot of the Circuit Court Te oera e oee th
execution and cost. of Hlisborough County. State of Flor- bre ye osrAtl the
T. K. SPENCER, ida, in a certain cause wherein. Julia JoBn Savareb,
Sheriff of Hlllsborough County. A. Proseus is plaltlff ,and J. W. Wi- A. C ew ta
F. M. SI1ONTON and STOLON B. 'taej and E Druarlht, partners, tr; t
TURMAN. ESq's., Solicitors for Conm- doing business as Williams & Drum- Knight, John &a -
oadaant, right, are defee.dantse; date& the third X. Cro .L C
a day of May, A. aI., 1SM; I have levied U -der aadi- ttte
NOTICE OF, iASTER'S SALE. upon and will sell at public outcry on 0b St .I ttllhil
the first Monday in June, A. D., e, dab M or IiMe' t-a
Under and in pursuance of a certain between the legal horsa of sale, the tl- owaq. 1. ... ..t. w ...
decree rendered on the 2th day pof lowing descrtbed property ,to-wit:-A M rashel b" w-t
April, A. D., 1899, by the Hon. J. W. certain steam laundry building situate (00"). (e naie a a
Locke. Judge of the Circuit Court of on the following described real estate, t guactibe ans -#aMm If
the United states, in and for the South- to-wit:e--tarting on the southwest Knight John
ern District of Florida, in Chancery corner of lot three (3) of block elgnteen A, A.Crowa, C. W,lT W VW
sitting, in a certain cause wherein J. (is) according to the general map of fyHleger aod 1. & B Akje; a
A. Anderson and BM. A. O'Byrne, re- the town of Tampa, and run thence the city of Je Tan- oa f
centers of the Southern Mutual Build- northerly along east side of Tampa ruSgh, gea S Iti1 1 4
ing and Loan Association, of Atlanta, Street seventy-five () feet, thence eas- ,
are complainants, and Jesse I LDoreey, terly parallel with Caas street seventy JO8*Mb
and Emily C. Dorsey are defendants, (70) feet, thence northerly parallel with A. CL. '5*
I, Charles 6. Adame, as Special Mas- Tampa street thirty (30) feet. thence R. A. Cr
ter, shall, at public auction, expose for easterly parallel with Ca street thir- C. Im.
sale and sell for cash to the highest ty-flve (36) feet, thence southerly and W. iL i '
bidder before the Court House door of parallel with Tampa street one J 4L
the Circuit Court, in the 'ity of Tam- hundred and five (106 feet, thepce eStag of lAgMs,, Ji-
pa, County of illasborough,, Florida, westerly parallel with Cass street to OI -. ,
during the hours of public sale, on the point of beginning, being in Hills- p o paPSmiP 'Sfsmre en
Thursday, June 15th, A. D., 1899. all borough County, State of Florida, to- thel 2edd4% tf Aril,4,4A B; I 1
the following real estate, to-wit: gether with all the boilers, engines, and3 j9 .yg j aobsa ( ,
Lying and being in Hlllsborough machinery of every kind and nature A Crow C. rW. teve .CS
County, Florida, to-wet: Lots eleven whatsoever, situate In saJd bluldlng, lk J. mdopaslM ij ho
and twelve of block twenty-one of together with three (3) wagons, and &do kn thao ihai-iu
Macfarlane's Addition to West Tampa, two (2) head of horses used in sald the.oin aioxm
according to the revise dmap of said business Old property to be sold on the _: and piaMom
Addition filed in the office of the clerk the premises as above described, and :, -
of the Circuit Court In and for Hills- the said property being levied upon as L. N
borough County, Florida, together with the property of the defendants, fnd to X.JOIfjW avx l
all and singular the tenements, heredi- satisfy this, execution, "
laments and appurtenances thereunto T. K. SPENCER, Sheriff., .
belonging, or in anty wise appertaining JOHN C. -WRITE, Atty for Il't'if,
anH also all the right, title, Interest and ---Y
cla m of the said defendants therein 'atIF rS SALE., J S
and thereto. m d S S
C SOeOE Master Under and by virtue pf a certain ex- thais dayot April, -DA.,M.
OOPER& COOPER, ecutlon issued out of the Circuit Court (eL)
Sol'rs for Compil'ts. of Hillsborough County, State of Flor- e C_ W]UTA&. B
ida, in a cer tain use wherein J. B. Notary Public, State o Florit
MASTER'S SALE. Anderson, as cashier of the Exchange Large. I.
Under and by virtue of a decree ot National Bank of Tampa, is plaintiff, NOOTC ..
sale rendered by th e Honoraole arron and J. W. Williams and E. B. Drum- NUce i s hereby o that 4.
Phillips, Judge of the Circuit Court or right, partners ,doing business as Wil- catio wll be made to the g a*
the Sixth Judicial Circuit of the State liams & Drumright, are defendants, the *tate of Florida irty da
of Florida, In and for the County or dated the third day of May, A. D., 1SM dat hereof or eer paent
Hlllasborough, in Chancery, on the Zma I have levied upon and will sell at pub- foregoing articles oat 1o0atal
day of April A. D., 1899, in a certain lie outcry on the first Monday in June. ] 3 i
cause wherein Rtome Chamberlain is between the legal hours of sale, A. D.,
complainant and Souder M. Parrisn, et. 1899, the following described property. .
&t., are defendants. I, George P. Ran- situate in tlllaborough County, Florl d R.A. C A
ey, Jr., Master in Chancery., will fetU at da, to-wlt:-The lease hold interest of .
public outcry to the highest and best the defendants in the following real 9- W, J,
bidder for cash, within the legal hours tate-Starting at the koutbwest corner J, g,
of sale in front of the Court t0VF, 9 lot t.!.hree t) of lod019 A ghten (18) ...
door. in the City of Tampa, County Of according to tohe general :!W W f the T9It OtF he_,
Hillsbdrough, State of Florida, on the town of Tampa, and run thee inorth- w?
5th day of Jqn, 4A,I ., 189, the same erly along east side of Tampa street UderAnde in pranee o
being a rule day, the following real es- seveaty-Ilve (75) (feet, thence easterly decree rnderd on te .th dai'd
tate, situate In the County ot fLms- parallel with Cass -treet jveYnty 1 0) A. h . .
particularly described as follows, to- Tampa street thirty (30) feet, thafifl Ju*u of th Vlecet -a
wit: The west half of tee west nfi ot easterly parallel with Cass street thir- ti4 St le s, Xo 'h
the southwest quarter of the northeast ty-fOve (35) feet, thence southerly and Ditrlct ot A.. td 5 a5,s i
quarter of section one (i), township parallel with Tampa street one hun. is. a ca in ce
twenty-nine (25), south of range twen- dred and five feet (1O6), thence wester- UWR
ty (B0) east. containing ten (is) acres ly parallel with (aes street, to point of dera$n aad *M. ^ ,
more or less. Also a strip of land an- beginning; also the laundry building0 the: Soutbeei U Isa l f
Joining the above tract on the west oe- situated thereon, and the boilers, e. Loan isaeigalo < AS,,
Ing seventy (70) yards wide, east ana glnes, machinery and fixtures of every i
west, by thirteen and sixty-eight one kind and nature uses or employed la 1 .14h, 3,W S.elow' S
hundredths (13 U-10) osia long, said laundry, also three (3) W550 u aad 'eilt.APnurnel lP
north and south, in the southeast cor- two (2) head pf horses and all 9they d roes A ?
ner of the southeast quarter of toe property pertaining to said laundry j djsf.,a, CqSi a -
northwest quarter of section ,townsnP business, situated on said real estate. rtS^ 'A. r *^
and range afisesald containing tour Said property to be sold on tlbe preus- e aioo, expg 2 to m2
acres more or less Also the north nat lses above dqelbed and the said prop- %the ^li.ghe LS
east quarter of the northwest quarter, of the defendants, and wili be sold tO S A e^
section (2), towneblp and range afore- satisfy this execution. tas, ilarng th
said, containing five (1) acres except T. K. SPENCEI t Sheriffg. [er on T esg. Jnlth,. ,'&
flfteenfeet on the east and ten i0l) feet C. C. WI.ITAKEIt, Att'y for PI't'ff.. I 0^ tSeSf X
on the north for streets; or so moen 0 .. ..

thereoa as may be sufficient to realuse ADMINISTRATION NOTICE. w: *
the amount so due complainant, princi- o..---. y and aglmIa rIhett.-
ple and interest, attorney's fees &no TEu PsHl niaN.rougie
the costs of this suit, Lncludin tees, All peon having laims agalat th .Lot ni(9
disbursements, and a commission n estate of Thos. C. Collins deceased, are "- K ea ; sdIveal. j -r
this sale herein mentioned. Said sale relulested to present same plopMrly al-i i, a sai
being made for the purpose of at usL- thin tleatd to the undersigned within, a M he
Ing said decree therein rendered be bearede bma mdylaOrenl atndt old, le l- ab L
Dated at Tampa. Florida, is tis e be barred a Dee.a ne nll Indd inPlWaookVW. Mv-
28th day of April, A. 'h., 10M. Adalh~is tatoh e of old estate. 1wih all ra f
GEORGE P. RA.INIX, JfI., here S Master In Chancery. Tampa, Fla., Dee, th. 1858. throt te
Solicitor fe r Complainant. OTICE OF INAL atereUT aT M-.T ande* -,e$t
-. Six month after the odae hereof, I fe-dants

-- account and vouchers as exeates aof j I ,ls
Under and in pursuance of a certain last will of Lda MadstaGregor, dede '
decree rendered on the 28th day of and will make my final settleme n | ...to
such executriLx
April, A. D., 1899, .by the Hon. J. W. Dated this th day of Nov, A._ D. 10.-
Locke, Judge of the Circuit Court of I1A. SAOE POET, -
the United States. in and for the South- Executefi of last we l of Ld. Mae- ^s1SOW T 06'
ern District of Florida, in Chancery po r is .' 3L u
sitting. In a certain cause wherein J. A. __
nderson and *M. A. O'Byrne, receivers ADUMWIWRA2StIX NOTICE.
* the Southern Mutual Building ansi str.led -'of _
Loan Association of Atlanta, are corn- Nottce is herdyu given that the on- dieak or nt
plainants, and Corrie L. Johnson, A. H. dersigned las been appolinled adfmin-- T<-W
Johnson. Henry L. Knight P. G. G nWat istratnt3 of the estte of RboBd
Jr., C. L. Knight and Edgar Wall, Wells. deteste a pa h-lnn imty
partners, etc., under the firm name on claims of inatW ganst said es- .| <
Knight & Wall, are defendants, I, tate are no er d t .the M)-to
Charles S. Adams, as Special Master, me, properly a -P imted, witit1
shall, at public auction, expose for sale the time orovedd y bW or the Salb
and sell for cash to the highest bidder will be barred A& ep bed5
before the Court House door of the to said estate m o tb" d o. --
Circuit C oTrt, In the Ctty Of Tampa, Immediate settlenkedtt WM sf.-
County of Htlllsoroug6h, Florida,, during 351 '. F. WmA "I
the hours of public sale, on Tialadaj, Admlnestratrtx of t 'SL . .
June 2506AD, D 1 9 Ia thehT = deou-.ass ."".
real est.. t-wk.:.-
I loand d bcf tt cp is AItTIL O F- W
H5Osh~ ~atta laa. lei^eT9E 4 TO G '-as 1 III ^x B

- ** 5 **. tS-t

Of Small-Pox are Now Confined in the Capt. Garer s Confdent Thab it WiIl
greatest Celebratiom Ever Seen pest House-severe Xeasure win Filipinos Refuse to Surrender on be Removed to Jacksonville by
in Tampa. be Taken Among the Negroes. Terms Proposed by Otis. the Present eglature. *
From Friday's Daily. From Thursday's Dally. "-* "'
I .etierd ', from D .- Ira~n U-.am. who Ja-aksonville Board of 1rade, and also
In City Hall Last Night, Outlined a has charge of Ihe ,-esth.,ue. he stated They Said They Asked for Independ- president and general manager of the Hod Fist
Plan of Action and Appointed there ere now eleven p-rsons eAn- ence But Received no Notice Independent Steamboat Co.. as i
fined at hits ani-acrum. Nine of tremr Tampa yesterday mingling among his nnirui
Important Commit- e the m pox. but all the ,aes That They Would be ,any friends and made the TrIbIne
tttees axe very mud. One of the number Recognized a p or a ca. Cpt. G aner ia i [
secms to inave had the dise-as-. and is warmn friend of rrsttjt. and is connt&nt-
-Heit Comb sationlm- rom Frday's Daly. JUsE recovering. He had evidently Manla. May 25.-Four of the FilLpi no w ng for the nreres of tal c
method and be1ef ie) There is no doubt about the eagle escaped the vigilance or the neaita commissioners called early upon Gen- Ital from Tallahassee to Jacksonviie,
the well lnown reedy creani in Tampa on the Fourth of owcrt-r until tie disease was ar aw- -i ti. t made no osclal propsi- tis geeidi gentlemnn gie many -
u sOf -aV i i r of in toe detention camp. tions relative to the surrender. The e e, nd he Is very ent t
obtsnm te lclid for i pro of mTe or satea Lat the health In- met the American commission later the present egisanture t authorize
St IOwa to be ta ting the tail ronl It was small spector had reported another suzpliclous and held a four hour's conference. the removal. He saga that Jak STEonv PS TAKE TWA
-in n0Mbera Ibt chck full of enthu- testO case ua Is n cta to It Ls said that the Filipinos were dis- la one of the most pritlreve at5V
It siasin sd patriotism No oratory was Me stated alan that te expecieo model cities In the entire &South. ad
oft WONand patotism. N o orator was hve bs coitps of vaucinators ready in ma-ed at the terms offered in Presi- with t It Is geero to a fault. Both Xatrana to th0 1
.. M a o tle e seats, tut a .}lar=e a daY oz" so arid It it 1LoOK an summer dent McKinley's cablegram. Gregorlo It is the "Watswar to noortda, and pe-
.Ia t oi bar.d work was done. rh. he as deter"ned to have every rgro del Pitar turned red under hdi brown pi& from a sections of the State do t te g Wi M
& = *wg* a Fourth of July celebration as the peo- man. woman and child vacclrratea. ie skin when be realized that he was toe- to se the cie ma de. Besde Jack- Zo OId .
eabdr i lu gi pie of this partof Florida demands suaid: .le new law gives the ,ooard o0f ing offered nothing' ut vague promises 8onvmlle offers Wl0,000nL a site for tNe
S s is car tboaeht and consideration, health ample protecuon L nusaking vac- of possible representation for his peo- bulling. and i1 necessary tepory
:0 s 'Sam CalJaStdtob and :plan, have to be ca .tion compiu oiy aimng tne negrti pie In case of place with the Qdoarter u & new .taa be oe ol _.
b s !Wi over. and noes coioaar& Sucsh iand we propose to have It cmt-le oat American demand that they lay down be erected. Ocala and (alsmilde aLe
the character of the meeting last to he letter If t neye hide from us armse. 5i jo obr g d his s obol me por ln te m t
'o and refuse to -go to the pest-houm e we very pFlipIno rugged his ao- ig and number of other important te de at to te
CoL J. U Awn wo can always twl he conompeied to do the next beat de as glow l propiees of the towns throtut he Sate. mt
2 .. oi m se'a bdlir gliert sbd evl thing and that is to vaccinate every utnure. affter the cesatlon oof hostll- #e Is a seaiots asvomaft of an Inm=- c5 & pit-te BMsUh
In a enterprise that tend to the pot- one of thn. tes were outlined to them by the mem- dite T l.a one A theO mot se e 49 e =61K am
us w uww T l wetfarp- was Drimmt. and van 'The disease seems to be confined ad- bears of our oum10-on. rhueesoie wske1 int Staote. W111l11
to erma of the meeting. Tbl e moat entirely to the negroes and tMat They &aid they asked for Independ- he wV In tfa city yestert l he r -'L aet
ns of aH Be p the reaon w- we are testing sevee ence an Ierty wit dignity, under icetved & ore of te v from d or
iN* **^*-daainRd 1P. Itn Kro "r a p e barad measures t with tbam, at tile Same ttime the protection of the Lnited a u tes, forest prominent rte Im all phea d f oPa tea .lAs.

'S teon .es ; e e e avow disease to do ta were now offet notainh but tbe of Dorida. uging O Ect
A it o eadIni but- tame in a t et Pycian in Indeite a ace that Indldu and he w it Is ttuL way every a
88 t o peo t I e of this par- t oount are uianitoeousa In the he pin- natives ah o d oical pstos The pel e e lamortg fo-r K, aMd JS
ie wsh t to go omue- don vaccinaton is the beat known under the proposed government. his breast deGre to meet the approb
Sis ton the PRurth. If tbey reventtve. The conmnoners have great dread tion of the people of ti rea eTt Aswl &o. 1
'l ip is cant spend ome or two dollars and Our plan now is to have four or ive ttf the saniCncante of future Congre- rioua State, he s iPo ty ban to t I-S
t = in' oome to Tista they will sperm a toommtent sd re e men who will siosl legislation. They wili accept erktabe and Is ing his pant like iS
l- 3:s1 .* ,,afJ lger amount and go to places far- canvass the entirecW. one street at a not a sn lie condition of those proposed lttie man. a f t
A '=twu zS m To.m IL sweray. qsm* whe-ld hav el time. They wW be under the aupevls- but whil return dissatbted to Agui- (&M Ganer is one otf tne amot h VdvP e 4 Pel
I"5 3tlrl S t, esibtMlom to brinr owu country peo- ion of Inspestor Murphy who is an ex- naldo and report the results. ant geantleen in torsidea and his hot e
vp ."- i e here and at better aiuainted if pert in this line of work. Every oiol- A leading baker of Manla seys: of Tanpa friend w*i Oe delighted to
.. for otlng eae. ored person wil be examined. Th ee -The present proposals are only a rp- h mot samine aitcipa s dSLone. ,
e. "e i ts of as en ws wa o cannot stbow good mrats wctl be etltion of the provislons of the comnmLa- realized. ea d .ineO
"ital ow In a genera way* and the vaccinated Thoee who refuse till ston'. proiDannation That means that odP onf)S Tahesairs nvsite 0 :
I*'l ri p es hLobslote tWS art oa wts was decided be immediately turned over t io the this I an Omerican colony. You have o A.-ih SON 6 SLtMhtER CRCiMe h h
on. smect of course, to any changes police. and dealt with according oo the aAopted te Imperialistic pcy: t en-- n t
or hdidtom that mglfht in the futire lerm of the law. It is going to put ,why talk over matters with tie envoys Begins Next Sunday and WH IOncde Ws tt
S A be thought advisable. us to considerale expense, but 1 te- of a hostile force which must be Considerable Manoeureinc t New- ns
P fT de tuet; parade of Conad- sdes. if we aow the disease to spread is propoe can be establi led." of
-erate and A. R. veterans; parade the expense to check It would be much The opnlon of the milItary officials Washlnrto, D. C, OLay 5.&-are
- 01 of a military company: Wpeaklne on greater chan the amount It will cost here Is tat the negotiations merely tary Long haa received from Rear e th tmiteB
t.' WIRY oiorthou" square; concert by the us to prevent It by beginning in time." encourage the Insurgents to hold out AOmiral oampeon the itinera sy vo --seOsS t 5tai,,W
us qttfl&t'ties to band, Laduetdlal parade by Tqmpa-s I for better tenos. especially since the witl be followed by the Nerth Atiantve poteSy to
"":'t.l n'pVege- o iMlnesa Imeand aomfacturre: blh- DEATHS IN THE ARMY. commanding American general is not squiadron In maldng Its msnmer crul l anexe o l
i ,.n. V099' cycie oad raoe for p mrise; grroteeaTue -- consulted In the negotiationa 'he squ u on wit leave New Tori on 5 'O C--
a li. i di &d anr cWe parade b men and More Than 6.200 Sbce the War Began General Lna is bound to continue on next Sunday and wil proceed t
J, *J~ ItSwbe!ea, hwo for vrises; bicycle trade by 3.800 at Home. the ffprht for independence. Negotia- Newport. It will remain in Newport,
lies for Prizes: fireworks in the Washington, D. C., May l5.-3dju- tions which encouraged the rates to engaged in the sotttlon of probhei e n i .
Be ;-= Pag B evenlm itant General Corbln has prepared this bope to obtain great concessions may prepared -y . . the War .Col"ege. uin um os lltne h ..
e l M mw On nIt en the opilnion of those present statement of the number of deaths ..et the ives of oa-ny Anwractn sol the middle of June, when It will p ioattos t
II a, n"soz$i5S Cms~kOpS on that to get up a celebration to Ittutd which have occurred in the aimy since diers. teed to Boston. Returnin ftrom h ihe w-i g
aaaM& Sshipment COm- the abore perogwan about M1000 would the d esiining of the mar ri spain 5 ron to Newport, manoevrevs wilt agat ^d eS hSs sT5e3
'A-s la~lways fresahand needed. 'With that antunt In the in Cuba... ....... 1.399 GEYNRRAL GRANT SAILS. be pertaorosed- and on July 8, tis o ^Stt b
hands of a good n tittee this city In Porto Rico ..... ..... 287 ---- I squadron will sail for Portmout
can have the biggest celebration in her At Honolulu............. .. 45 Com-nans the ranport Sherman, N.'.. asd Portlatd. Me. It wlh return 5a_ 0n
.. g ',R. J-e l" history, and ast the same tIme sbow In the Philippineo. 60 6 .. Which Takes 1,875 Men to Manila to Newport. and on LAuust 1 wil pro- a eon-oemunlw
the people of thi. section of the State In the United States .. .... 2. -, ceed to Bar HtIrbor, returning to N ewf.o u wIfo l rm..
ta that they can enjoy pleasant holidays San Fran eco. blat il.-The trans- part about August 22. e a nied h e h uad
j Tlxb bMil of expense, of course, will imine. bearing 1I00 men and 75.offi- has been directed to sail for Guatn e-nee-. fft-eitr
$t "i '6 l | have to be met by the people of Tampa. SHAKE IT IN YOUR SH( ES. c-er-. the largest number to leave this after leaving Rear Add irl H ts sufzl eda Rultt M
7j. Ilt shold not take long to raise It. The Port on a single transport. Brigadier dent coal for the Philadelphia. Bet5
Sret busanes hoses, rsaIlioas, street Allen's Foot-Base, a powder for the General Grant commands the expedi- proceeding across the Pacific to JO4 oici 5n ,Ou5 6 '
&.'. a i. wteam- im eooto hotl, rta- an swll mrt- lon The SIxth infantry, under Colo- Rear Admval Kuts the Abarenda will &v Qunw .lie5
omtsie- okl SeOs 15 rentisard -aimn w htoe soutd mahl- lpg. nervous t eet and insftantly tskc- tark Ke Kellogg, make up a greater part put Into Valpamlso, wnli happenS sentdb H. te Su
-r seo -,a aount without any best- Of t hi Shnerman's human cargo. She aleo to be the sertlatlos t the -nt g
N c't o tlOt. he stir e out of mort bunilonv carries a large cargo of sulplies for N -wark and the cruiser Marbhlead -
H|^.:,WMl afm Mn with cold 8up- Afirt-clas celebration ot the Fourth; It's the greater, comfcwt, discovery of, th.. army and navy. No ordered have been sent to them vst, N p.OP nA)
pw --- tand to help supply these woudl attract at lest te thousand go e 1so-Ease mahes oght h els to proceed to Ape i be t t t osel d I F _''*'.--
"s wa : day Visitors Eo T'ange There is no thought ItDI lNG CUiBA.N SOLDIERS- i condition of affairs In Buanos wa-rent Convict Queson tay a
on the pam of the promoters to turn cor new shoes feel easy Try it to-d. -. it, they wIll be directed to proceed t icos steedils
-?'co itmp Freh Lotter any part St the celeIratton Info aBSold by all druggists, grocers, shoe Saneuilly and Others Tell Them Not with all dispatch to reinforce the Pill Taii ,as h -In
onios &silse, saoney-totaie e eme. Yet. at thestores and general storeheetpers every- to Take the 575. t delphia. tine to o e
ftVs same tovey esow an1e By mail for 2cts. en noa: ate Has ass y I- The Sanguit2y
Jl& ej-hlm-110a Po" s Irrk-,s spend more o lese noney. It don't Trial package free. Address. Alien t LaCret. Vidal. Mayla, Rcnrriguec and
m w wher they Z t money Is Olmotead. Le Roy, N. Y. all the late members of the Cuban oo the tuba Isl CAPINS
leapS Todgue, mitt einwasa spent. Soch a crowd ofj miliutoy assembly, aided by tbe oppo- ____ j sesseons the 5a
B^^ B e.'^s Salmon S people would nateraely leave consld-| ni. f action newspapers, are advising the Will m in a o tie ta~a~at (
.4 & ]nTm $,00 isahte nent In their even If D||1 | A 1 -n Couban soldiers not to give up their Rmain 55Ta5ahasom,"8 a
,- eT a p1,000 s sent in tha er entertainment. L D L 'arms-not to sell the soi-enirs of the Florids gislatnrs ow d i d eo lltl3
iTantpa would he largely the gainer i ht-.ir heroic struggle for liberty, and i selison. i ect to vi3
Sthe end. ng ax it from a to part with honor for 075."
sellf1 s 2tandrpoint, which is the most Orlando Real E]_ ate Men Have Be 'n Troni, of- course. will proceed -e, T he.--uhe prse ..
g te irow-contitee vi ve tha llt ca y te censty Sold 211,000 Acrts of Tur- wib his prog-ra-m., without heeding t- o coTal titah loa l a endnily t to ret- Awrot latsoa ferd3.
1 RLande ommittee ought to 1, liberatt., pentic Land. 1 move the Statse cap4ltal dro ai t aa- eldo ,^i; iar-
l .. 1 f---- at It from a broader and _- A HBA VY 0 s,.ee to Ja nksonvhl es was killed In thh eled on o -0
;] i .B*moTe ptriotic standpont we otght t1o Orlando, FL. ay t4.- in- Hote his morning, after a l0ng de- The. that se lle d t hs.
wro -t a Dail B0bcribe the retiz wd amount e 'en t-" lpe year or tw y o, nothIng has been From Surda'sDaiy Representr-te k, in the
t" 'u we neuer expect to ret a cent In re- te toward the tsroduction of naval Calptain 'Fred (H. Thompson of the Williams Speaker tMoNanee spoke vote and (ttr Oa gpl
SK^'^ aade *ooft4 wl Bhd res.,'at, t tn ih p of Florida. t ill-fated schooner Anna fM. lsteU ar- vo, aver f te a.ure while Judge the State C 0Mmlon.^
B- Tt 'h X L tte fo"owlg Itne and: canvassing was generally understood that the vin- rsvt home yesterday morning- from
WS S i b Cl-alMdB T committee was appointed: A. J. liar- he wan nractval aeley for tur- is the scene of the wreck- He left last Ranes aend Cale. eat 'Walker oed 'Fqe e ea0t St es
S-' t rie. MI. a. Gllett, ldhe baaa. John nit for BaltImore. where he expects it. These grentlem snare the best of- S i tileSaewiot
A ./ ".. and IA. J.3KHttt. rrpentne l'e uohtovse anonr lange onrto tore In the House and orosiuls f t d. cte e ere a555
i committee on tlintlsportadton: Mayor telil. Of la te then- have turned theIr place where sie was wre-ked ine hail and lest excitemet t o tie e sm hbley t 5ili
szhasecumrrn c Boyer. W. Pt. Fuller and C. G. attention this -an, and te indiatons of the meet dangerous pnts a he sBso since the senator coatest. i teat itefore t ene lt
It was decided to lease the apoint-; e than they will capture South Sor- "'c-"t Tte Btell y one of a
Ida. l great mans Gnat have gone down to Therg.nvije w ere-trty e 'rorle ---r w il.- c
tte m ss a pre flns non-. Blesrs. Ho~tai & Beecham, has sold I staMted thasst the net lose would e to ibmit tghe atnesutnent to ^ -
I^' only ==, avo .^.~ ^^ ?2^? ?H th-s3 sg^ or ^o.it^ai ,% m n .t s -

-+ be In -sust is fdsl_ tof + the wheel ad closes a od S this line -f trf ,fici betwee. n thiscit es adteOate, tiefrS
t'.w "r and s ott e thD tb ioa. 6 oneer. anier isw ute weorie o and Now Orleoan Tthe hste They me ma it the governor Mappoin Is tE
o n h cy, o pble for our merchants to obtain points trne the Stt to

an. la the howe, Try them c ea d ts n. ae. o it. Tm a n- tr m d f men:
im. e a t o tem e .nt i wsys It Ie ra tueM tion with mase e any me amofd the titled d r of trade a mfcon a rFllA aS.
aways ite themAE O the the workian of thaOe those iwo h np Westers Toilt er theo awine h r it an arri e r te danla d. l
s eosarti o i e Cnts, s ettl Phe arly of Piri for turpenn te pnirpoes is e d m har ptorne t Thismenviris the n isa hreus lndtf alaategnt The
er n Ta o be t ultimate rdun of tUg ti e. as oup and whooping coh rely wt local prf hd Wi nt kb al
SI s s Ql st ruin wOf t'he stm-a orn theld to One rnute Couh Cure. u Company n le the lat to blstne omy -H 5t .

thathadbeenlltfmfldents hi qber the woktelting ofe them The noo a e in Ohat ve a V the d h

Diamo mentd Phargc of tslte- t abte of tlaicy o af t m tohey hefoetmaill Pruoniad aa grippe. coMgor co. lds, tB. daearrnger o te7 taut company of
citB ya. Jot dbenda from a t he ultuitla n ruien the braest tr emed woropi usneg couge readilnal corpsore a
LA'IRCEINY CAS.os Others think that no dieLdrasntaue this remedy in time end save a dec- a battation of meta a militia,. a- .e yth i-6
sill foow. Opirnon is dtided. 17ne to r' bill--or lnthe und er'.a St a .os 3a.n sed the bill making atn apprope-ia Oef rdsttdisul
Tried In Jue Harrisomn's Court Yes- lne w4il setite thr e question- Leonardi & Co., Central Pharmacy. at lion for trhe Paris trttbe lt .
tei-d&Y--Dteessd for Wain of Owing to tahe dot t concerning the Tampa. Diamond Ph matry of Yb- et
Elvdeince effect uo the country, IL Is exceeding- City. MURE SIGNAL OAEf COIN n v
-H- |hiy' diffltit to saecure a lease of land or C Another Compea is e x rete fo .m
Frm lpunsda y'sa DI timber oy the turpentine men. They Thire Is not a store in nia that h"a .ther vpa a ise a"de fe( d
i, mn &, colored woman, was Mre cosmpelen Do puarehase the land made snoh wonderful progret a (tn- s
~ Judg sMitms court Yes- Oe- asutht. and this means a consider- nife grocery, at the corner of Ha- rom r et-an mah News t on at .. M L
'WO mornng On a cange Of stea- ais outla tf money before opera- rion and sMbrega streets Mr. B Ol. singer has learned t at ti i irs
I=a -- got of de goods froim Mass tons can begtn. But lands can be Canning, one of the gri-eatest hu Cm pa Is one more compe eoft In te gas-k epor' i.I-
See... s- storte. St. Abe de d as the r t low prt-le, at present. and in TanM3 as an experienced ale-t, dtit is to no t v tis nthe 'n
;. is-.ss. .ting ws~tl In his testimony it is puhetie-stable that the demand and te I-s working up trade that is Tipany a. It s esslbtteOr t a
imHB st Ate that be bedn received an in ti-sr yeat-s sS cause an nsmte sourpriLn a to even the older it has m etleft the ? a e Oleit- the pO1 t e il
za'a., .s. letter smule time ago fro avance in pricee, so that the pmr- I meruants of the city. If there is nPy- The etoanw ,wiO te declined t 5e- re o tlh th
Sa snokiOwn pari, tchaeergng the chase may pro'e a good Irwestmnent. body In Twpa, who deserves success mont Ken- for the flvw da y reqepisel hadcp5 ,I&Pse
--P-' Mi i WOUp en Wanith tle theft. On it is the t1wo Canning brothers. T under the marine oepltal asvtoce rora- sotartt Itya
M 3 thesrnt h Of t cler he had Purmfy the tsters of the body and are hard workers, stricly honorable, lations. Justn as the o Ia sies dofae Cmat S30; BaffS
DWOr Ot- a warsaaL 7% woman's stlnulate uhe digesto' organs to rrmain- olite and accommodating, and it is morse that have preceded It to vn- s i T
U000w1ae sea-clhd, and a lot of are- tain health, strength and energY, indeed a pleasure for the Tribune to -nab ha e been detapedLe tae
.Ie.s an.egrl the d description in the Prickly Ash Bittes tis a toni- for the noe thesr prosperity. Company sil h e the last nte Sa i patel ton r
letter' 1* t. a smal bw thepty Shwer iff k n i ve tom a s-and boeli. C service the others whel mx- hrid ars -ofr.w .J
lub. MIrW. lMas Identified them a. For sale by S. B. Leonardi & Cb.o Bridg e, editor and proprietor vian f a towers nw thre, vei
ShURe fl'he ancients Believed that rheum- of the Democrat, Lancaster, X. 1I., have been mutered oat 'tde -Io cep pstp th
The dofendent wpe represented tr tlar was nhe work of a demos wIthin says= 1 would cot be without One 4ce It is said there wifllto We ilen- 'Thw(-g!
Mhthl HeW- B. KAiotlane. He called seerael a man. Any one who has had an, attack icute Cough Cure for my Doy, wnen ht-rops nat ittt iSvannah Wto be diis ,3
lTanat nernitant who> teated then of sc~slac or Inflammatory rheormatistn trobuled with a cough or cold. It 5 the departure of the tast companyof "
I hihs had slid defendant a postilou of will aree. that the inflctton Is de- the best remedy for croup I ever used.'" the signal corns awileav no I r Ien
the g0ode In ths way they were aS mfantac enough to warrant the belief Sr t Cia. ,es4
1. sobeted fig eceePt so9me lace, wsehh It has never been claimed that Cham- S. B. Leonard & Co., Central Phar- ,ytB troop n1 C
6ai' d e h pui ea Ps-in Balm would cast out macy. Of*Tampa. Diamond Pharmacy, Me effects jaif teh e'rwe o-
;i judge siter es- demons. but it will cuie rbesmnatlam of Thor City.
Se- and hundreds bear testimony to the

i ts cisi Sos- salem l i .
-~ ~ alt -the l'oittth eor July ltetthi- y


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agHH. flgon A MtFourth of July celebration the grandest Itration o great shows and parades
a s nat ever bedIn lordi When e returns He will reach New
....n=... U ml a lomey y th"t bad cooking Iis'
ft has lli mp- an flltor a get n deal of dronlk- The Chicago longevity records are York about October 1, and by that
ane S. l w about the had whisky? row making an effort to keep up with time the unbonded patriotism of the +
B -- --the censau records, and It is a pretty oeople wil lhave realized that there + ".* ,
* 9 ai5 iar"tb The ienident is now prepared to ot race ant round. is much a ting as caring o-atlons + on'' I
sMmIII ownt f a Istihya and glowing cer- too far. All the people of the United I + U t
.l ll tL lifMt"l C fte has00 so'011 Osour, iS diseussng plans to have the ForTh to and for the Admiral but hig- h-
j 0- S. so o" of JuIly peas off without any noise. Not priced dinners have about had their -+ 0
hL T Bteo ha sio ttr shown no tyear day. and by the time tle sAdmiral sails '
010 W fro to eJo r Per in his aino iNew Yorkc harbor the gratitude + We are daily receiving our spring Cloth-
Jrs t a. p n. Fy ;of a gretC people will flnd mOTe gthe vry latt d N htb .
Ih --" Now is"its "'rr threJonassfmpaerollBeeris DCIft way of expressing itself. + if.gt emgi Now ,
S itk iOsNtonuea011w" of itsf , +. time to geta Spring Bdt, while the *
Snt- Precep r t." F. Myers Press: The Crit obal co- goods are fresh and bright, 7.50 to 4
t -- r. -d ides saf~Iowrihes o etsr e I $20 three and four.butto Backs. Call
tbuwem.sr s-qi.s- r ,marsdin S ravIdly Rbnot what we say. but harbor ot L msa She is, however,-$, t 4n "
i tl tato a cla with the plumber not the Spanish cruJser, which sunk and examine our-new a
l asi a, te Ia. ulWit Hoods S apa ila off the Cba oast but Mr. Bat;te .
,aftg a s u a e ,r does, that tes < the story. s aooD. and aome wag painted the name
ed as to whose Peace Thsands of testimonial ar e o e wa wrecked aw -e H henry G dde
examples of what Hood's AF 9 .+
IfDtor &cith-?, o hsdone for others, and c.e f t ngs ar re now in the la r +
40" vi aa tSaSL to es. what it will do for yo stae of decay and destruction The 412 T
acroful Running scrofa tsorea tw` Southwestern railway docks and -
"a""Wfkl ..W aWladw*Mverf f o =&me ahunned by neighbors. Medical the Ctinch docv6 will somn be things of +4-
D nL ? e renwergin. Th tse treatn failed. A relative urged me to st. '
atr. ml m itfo t the Fretcma try Hood's Barsaparlla. Dld so and In few . -, -
.mon6m s tlhewsores completely healed ". Ms AtDrotnientecigarrmansfactttrer in- +++ -+++ + -+4+,4-

S before h i ftthks e grip left me with InfluAmra osho td the L"EPigie revenue bill beco me
S are hated y rbatam. Am 89 years old, but a law. that nine-tenths of the cigar
mb et S and warl anywheared me a sv- manufacturers of Tasnpa would re- +
NOelf-Usstatirs A r l cor edlk an d" J. i sI. ,
,tr2evt-' i ima 37m F3 gA Ave., 1 Bffalo, N.Y. mo)ve back to uaL. .,, -- .
-I- bagna tn, arWe _-a- "y + a beautiful stock of Oxford Ties and 4120.
S hr O--,II aridt-6 ebfata 'lA tuw .+ at LOW PDICES. We t.g. a

am m t or te of 0on- 5 Tprihe ri onlyafwd

-It O e SO to er Pttt ,o Tnr o o Secretarky G ge e e e to the deficitT M-
It s:upft n" "ber W to hew Pl;att ISome of the mcmib or t.of .lorld rd Iit
boondumwh MKiey Tor the presidency. le olatumre see ent rely out o r their s TYear to be V00000,000,0 and his I
.# al Z 1,B ]M T2e sermitori sot realize that some ebhere. As law makers and promoters forecast for next 7er s 9that it will!
A "f e w'll consid sser td n evlene of of progree and prosperety they are a amount to. 30,00,000. The possibility,
a break wt Roosevet. ut they ill dismal faiiure- Their ignorance of the is also admitted that It may becomeS
E C CR L anevertbmiles. It tI known that RooeO- needs of their constituents and the imperative to pt on tAhe market tiAe 1
IS ^ Inepivelt was foroed upon him for governor. general edare of the Stae, and their remaining 3;).u0.0Kw of three per cent.
Sowi thi i with hbleusual hrewdnes, Platt nexcusabe stupid is pitfully dem, war -ons authorized by Ciongress.
rtth a sigh aaged toget at the head of the onstrated eiery day. to the di -V9-It aThis e ans eri that the Dingie ,m is %
Procession, and In a little while ap- and ttnentc-%f an uuiragl pc-pr. aKin ism is on v
id In lnum is f Wei peared to be leading it. instead of be- The I vnu oeu inroducedSaturda ah t--' is bu a reflection 3o- nII1 -
Id as repr- ng a minor part or the howo In the b a sap-he*ded legislator frN-m Dustl D .l bill, the Mckinley adm,n,str.- S
dozrding laChure matter of the taxation of franch.is.e:counry and souporLed ,> a number c tion has tailed to produt- a gooa tia--
o s iun I ehsbg Roiosevelt has given a b iod-, blow hto ihis ol gues. v lo ar- equ 'l ay a son for its xv stenc .. It I has been
oe 1 arel gven Platt's prestige. For years the -easy o," d vth an Inadequate know- foundd waLnurg in the very essential
t-bhepew ae hao the r n of being ledg of the tent industries that hoereb. ii madi- its ai t i.r popular-
pw qualms a nof the to forc preovet e p have made- Flrida famous a .d prost- Ity ax onver.

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e t(M itshc dtUef is bound lo hurt ilis stateidn'u ap stiedaly preKt s. Ion wlh entirely de- dItIh an isat1 ii oud precpitate. strength. It IS a luxury wIthIn the l all, a.
uhat t is aiat he o lsb '"h i II5-oa xm esst3at5hast*een1erftep r ea mcn a
ooe o Itrn. thia e wi r not e strop the great c iusndstry of Flor- Lrader th e rul e or disguise o r freat j Insist e on "Uon Coff
hto oUet t hone o ars- .wRoosevet overboard as ida. which is recognized fare and wide moa d s, ever, the par- is Nv u d nor s old s n l .
5 o~nly hAi, a prelodental p andidtane. I t trasgg s as one of he greatest factor too arie e atabTle of performing wore v-ry of- None nem eeblLcn h o wh L s -ead
S l tilaiclY *at she hs hna found a deelpin h resirces of te itae todi, legerde n. and It roy nu r 'g ln. lS. 3
istw h sld cte- te l ned ior t e out. hisge, edtIand ide fc.t o sacif Hvana egars t atnt the thdi of ex linIng" 1 UU U r r i o i
in the nt, r eletai ao ,p eo ha g.Ivoe the ...t a oid t aIn l-os o peat e wdih ther-esin vo,,baC w k
s ed sod L th eru wide a i reasonn for a18u nop- wid repmtation, and tn ashietd vaunted .Dhnie0 bell, plus a war r-ev- .. ..
ot o e tlion, too. hen e htle Is eook veo tney ar e co it untr i he major peor n se, oItaaand t Kepubcanva can d.
i bt tha It in him^esnoun dL hut hisan P~liast'1 ais- -oyment of t o o wortely cit- they are Incas e of avoldding a de- I w ta
Lent op ol en s '- tit atre wmaot y irarr te pos e n ens at lucry ate ry in deve op blood o( the .OOO.OOu. t, a point to an "
Do sl h evt i s Tbu latestt exploit oIf the German E r- the t6te and h ave be ar en n n a exceMento opportenutom f c Denscra to .
Son srm t" it touoe taste thee German Lid wl. an were n- perform any f her oquent rO
S? ,n o down t IIt at e boa she bee own a- du ed th Aor Foorda by estr -tir =thet r diasomety In Eltnrma |
"'ow F is-cll o esn ndl -y. A0 c an rate. peoplt h o p uaded te op acn poveave n se nrpernlty w thiei o th er nmnturee Ido iJY

e .er l 1theIn o nseqe e mmlost whch the been alen It ry mld e r h imlliaung to viounkica ,melo and there u iL a e .l p oe n
r Itoc trd o~ ~th dstles o1 tils e w d ehl e t ot l oni ownom ais t ues avoid not e and a eir secret or | a v w d .
owed and tlb the ma o.t e brn tat memo es o e e oly r enonIb to o inspire to r -ley support the 6te IndrLt rial corn-
Sotund endpf -"-deo to pn aettasat iasl c ft or the hwn an osa thes r san ith ustr and h iem b trInaOnil I t ehe aeo r i vIe;asn the i
Ont e somda of snet ce ss or, t is oB Ptti pre -eive at ad a ol tey n talt of de e p blood o t yhet t al pn t th o ans i^ 3 v a d
Doo lo a the1w ea: td mn The tes a nd hav e been intro Detal e o omi int f r D TODAY will agar find us as .
S, wn s ely e I tih e apponutent of an adbt- In makin s driving itieos ci ithf m osre t o heoi re t er Of I O .. TODAY'Srp the. -p
- ef fant wich tIorra s atoe llu I the e rma n ch iasaeoa hame a e in mai ngl T anpe Ted iefo atfhectino ep eu bli ya r

la oAr te I- fut Ae two dued o that the patients renueat ve ou so naerow- d bnded aand usurm. their dJabonesI of dt men, int

e t dtwhatlelied o exlo plantir o os res o tah on, it nior nb o y as rop endeavor to thc art tst a glrotms entran ie of the rnptld nzed p nt a pr scti e bent h s oa Bo th lo- -
nle3 Ia ofe- the dOsT l jot rna ist" daty to pre- te prosper o the entire State, lm- o stepr to e cota n center i moe and u ippi e coeU n on f Y _.

n 6r Is th os Wite d a t o onet aw r the e na t a and a tax on the number Ow Kn ilht, ve all rg e giten stroi at maiopa o e m er a in n

tin amae lcon bdrn iof hs e scored enmoes. o f men they eo ions; tpie py regve- deaws o eab emas ber oe the t S dy a Tw ou-'s Temple of Trade. All sii artll y no ?
wit "the l&adBBs. ne1 aler o Plathos n oury mrui et a da nly sti aat -o theae, t t gul. wn r o htel a ken uc them li at -cBs- ReY I
r o ehW the L .e l steourn a m -t O t ubl re ts he e asd e roster mateiio e kssi and the orot- how apt wost d retord the ya rell perity of .t p a

S1,b ht e B n t usat- tor of attorneys who are bn e hoe to see the bill killed as an the Btate and kill tr e mr imporO witah
t &id. we l a.to t er h aons u for ith mte a kyf and wiSst oatr as mlch unamtaY oin.dust y in l ieda. It ei to peo an n m gis S M

SM bra a or, whoh entle adedG n Cas f or- Tme ie toa a e aLpeida leg islatre to ized any one pe to drive fro Fine White Goods-open w k--- pld, onl L .
Mb-hon o ru baaaB e e at dscn than. t i strat ewents r b oethQen ft sd eo ner manroa-hidsnd aud u rt- e2 Of te anyhetl a secof hide me
i *s "ofca dru hw01s sournaelalsonor refutation. I ot ogmd oy s as to endasor ao this- arti hou t a lous r aneg o the Ltrtatel of W p int pa i ha m s

e it h owas a Mr send ath stne, as ar hocapta Ln o ther St e and eto aptd deveiopm the ,ate itn one m y our sh 'opgpn T o c t a n lo o ....h.t a

PrW fe tewt Yota t ank ash t he 30ts' Being a clever lad. fo cotmtries that Florida Invites! day than a thousand d e men as Me r. Fancy Lawgs only ... ..h.l.t.h .... : ti .......... S -
lne experiences a winter realdent took a tancy to him It and s protect it, an d this Staten LEnle could possly do ai as many Two cases new o Whie e Goods worth l to gt, o h .10
Sw er awae c wf aiten. W o e arevycmountry fure Dr.i pa dat Stda tc ou oressnty aslct tax aoftie l ofa p and C.hlAGRA GAUZs any q iant uvty yo es ue t.. 25,

A be.to la ter0o8te themgol crnasend movedd, pamhe result will g Flr i i s knt o PFlrdt grIatetopsresent eed ,ort Idola ad oyS l s Vc
Mai U the people l men1i asw forte, which is now un- T pie In home affairs. Our home nesdus-on Vests worth 30, 35 A nd 40; for only 25e. i a
Wupmat wX"e-t a thoei o bdtn mother. Mmatilda Pearl, ar- t thi of^ r denth mneo nces thaetytered wl hoeme pauevna the ma Our h mrne ar -oo eerery d-a- in- i
tsd thft h nane t o erio st tu y lawyers In charge ofr he w a take an active part in the come- rputalst showed show their hone- All OUg Shirt Waists ct in price All our Mil-
Eo hast e vpAow d the estate int careepaigns in hts Sta. That my ands uiue in dte ful .m oftheon ty by lindery cut in price. Great bargains Embroideries -
t.. e o s f r something. It moean tete enap raedu on making mor. h..me on vestmengts. The t andy Laces. Great bargains in Rihbos.' Great. bar-
ssap subi v the u-a Uep t0,o 10a ho uode lo into na o ltnf tI nome esspaers---w* do more to- gains in Table Linen See the new penial Dofted

g Sf 'S 'Autlir A nlerica wtnr to make the national tteketm The pr ene f G,,r- aitr- 'ome b ne ork ul thre 80. Cut prices on all goods for spot a rn. d t r ui
.eco Usa e etc. Gen. J. B. man. if he decides to become a can- f.dr Penyacola if we expect to make ,- t ..a
e Wh lla te Trid me's candidate, is a didate, will mean a good deal. too. P h g ature int -
t-an u h sre I t r os ated aton the oman Peise hpe ot ul a lre to b al-l tae do-k he nae and s come tPenftom ewo I |
Oin gel seorarcin or r th m issing& uittly a nd wh to a n ousextun.e indus the Brydto lof Trida.i aop he hoieh 4 u A l Il 4 A It--I *

-, "'th bh W" U eta S Voi int orf prevented hr ew Leeraton Ky. That should dti- tcnhreated by the contLued drry hNO GOODS CHAaRGE' "
e tin thoensntert being sfowmindled by a couple ooe of the popG-lar Idea a r eapher. pah for w rthee blah mad l

at ew ft a fndund rtaksno t and chsapxued ro n m ven at cshane to age in the is now in oraler. t .
sin. It am Into the b oa-ian, Bore Grawr Ptate. w orab t'e, today only
Oa sagtra- l '%W2tber the old man do or not. It is 'Admiral 'Dewey kr a mdeetU. m e, d -
Momfwa a reid e n of the youWg gsl0 of Weft The catrlens at Tamo should exer j evidetly ded ohta not in the proposed m.a+r.t++. 4 l.ra.n.d+e.nl. --. a + 4. 4, 4,,4, '
. -w ex la isw V int er tre e papers, every~ poa bible inmfuence to mant e the i scIheme to mad o him the central at- w Go't mI, .10y

W. IL. SpiMer Finds Part of the Jaw
Bone of a Kastodon-Eight Inches
Long and Three Wide.
From Sunday's Dalky.
W. L ,pitler. oc this city. \ tu :;
employed on the rebuilding ofthe
Consumers Cx'a dam, was a welcoTr.
velitor at the H Prihune office ila eng:t.
He brought with him aE rexm iruala
curioalty in the shape of a mvnst-r
tooth. evidently from the jat %of a
mastodon. It is a little over eight in-
ohes in length, three inches In width
and the cavity on top is about six
inches to where it broke off. The tooth
containm six mashers, eacht one a little
ov er a Inch wide. and three incbs

e ainrtl t It eem be- Mr. SBPtler picked It up about sev-
O *hMertileB at the enty-fOe yards below where the for-
vim sa stated It sans dam was washed out. It was
1r to Ste poise 01- dawn In a cavity about seven feet
ta p-i ons whe at- deep where the water bad washed the
-pt te pVwment wths- stb away efer down to the pebble
T..sand Em formation. dNo animals in
th isountryi at he present time have
0 TOYRK. teeth one-tent as large as this one.
S.1 Mr. Birter to- I proud of hita prte

tar the Netcomlo-al uS

m1- i re-b ms ass evidently nu erous goin.

S' West isa. Titiy morning at

rm oslha Sr riAe tg" r fa oory of F.
S mtrbe^,. i Napoles & Ot wasem caneeed by the
a; 'V 'esy ifoeandd -astt nign aive cot-
i.ms" sI5 1e gee singing to Hughl kae.arlane.
W '. and loc d ated on trees street ana erance
%;=.o enll IIta. venuee w total destroyetd. irnee
Son ntools e Nwere nt ed. and orons
tem wa r s-a caai andine man-
.M, B r In n desai t .pead and consumed
111MBMBdItkha6 t itt wamt the wre of fire-buses
b h auI i-leo, k and ling a so dar frost ta ttopy ma,
|bes-heai -1Wfire department could do it no
IJu temnt C sorter of Ahe police force,
wenti-theSteee, and he In onainced
en nas than the o seen weresetn abase, brne
mcrimnnai oupe an
... P-uM FOR 'MAMPA.
R a W. A. Carter I Appointed Judge and

Csimine fCthemrt Of
1a1 re5.tRecoard.
Spa Word reached here rom Tat anasune
INC In Y o'terdsrda Sta Gover~or Bloxham had

"*"eI a aMb SN CC record ot t ib county, and Slolon B.
Temawsn as county soUcitor for th
e ae PM0 samne court., Sand that the sane had
t M he asen dutAy nmfli is by the Senoze.
SlmrPia 555MW lati r takes the place of P 0.
Their eod irf KIght, who remaed to aoept the
ofSe mtff- appolmenent of states attorney.
,otSktN fo t the Both aeppointsnts wil, doubtless,
.. m werse ms enne epa atielint cory to the
l-b"e srens o ittis county. Sr.Ct-e
F I % ham treaedan estatlll obed himself in the
iid-Ud N et. to which e has been appoint-
st W.1 se-2w we ad. -He a made a moeet able and cf-
p sUeSe ficlent Judge, always vtearles and irn-
1 Ldewhih I t n the discharge of his du
S 1r. u-gTurman Is omee onf Tampa's ,ris-
tSI de e 'ad Iag yosier attorneys. An an abbe nx-
StMhoWa. i ting Wde of Htsatoneb he has been
I. a -.ih ent- ame.=sril and good w
"4 s of1thet ees acsll oris tact ed w erek as coTunty saijtor.
.re tnoAlamer Cioumsniion Has Prepared a
tileg e Volaume.
W a bngtin, Sly 30.-Through Its
-a o86-0oV- nraesiiamet. Gen. Kenneiyr, the insular
.. .,- ,.e -eto-t h ms ra tde t s report to ec-
755' Sr, Wav ,Ah'w. "tn diaicnent is ex-
Ia s B p satme vo "una and t Apa I e a
Ie.I" P history of e ever p th orhe
-- vfCthSe imtsSlon t Porto Rteo.

Iena lIgod a n d teuni, the Ion-
ft. To S t.-- Maine, the In .

^^(tat ben S. pe for the
U~ta .ot ...e, were >* i_"18'' ha! aaedy et lsbe hh l in ,he
'. mdi ^Bp Nel ,otto owc e a be p .i

FMW OthbeNew Pave.
s mWI vmNae to
Wih OrdiaT e.

sl O aer tated yesterday in
I-itwwh 4 Tribune represent-
IM. vemead to take seere
VtU*l mba-w ase digginrg

.sr Ma gme ppes h es
aenba bLhetg out p indis-
S-W hae tdewy were

iesest were tC1. |W. B. Hendeson addition raise enough material to fat- |
IOo. J. B. Antderson, Col P. O. Knignr, ten all his cattle and hogs at no ex- p
ioC. LR B. IsMcterlane, Hon. Perry pense whatever beyond the cost of his to the man that would be
(Well. (Ho. E. tiLR. Gntb Major John seed peas, and the labor of drilling dressed well arcd characterit-
Tice iHOn. tL J. Ir-wy and a score them in. The bhogs and cattle dothe call and in a stvle that is
itia es. eJxiesent anti~ nlusiastc harvesting, the land being left much distinctive from the ready -
Mpeeches were made by a number s richer in the meantime. Use only made clothing man, we w l
thoe ven Joe i tcaung over Tara- one halt bushel to the acre when plant- fmla. e wal
pak bi vker over- J s e anlogI in corn. give him freely. We will
Matiloting Wahe r t era of p Irospey In planting peas for seed they can be roake a suit of clothing fnm I -n
tin-t ts ras[- d darw uron this ? drilled in like corn, or broadcasted one exclusive styles in Oe fabrics ,-,
ct and ithe o industry. bushel to the acre, and if harvested that wiH be perfect flttug sird
nib&a everi wan s egantiy spent, properly will surely make from 25 to exquisitely flaished, a& prices,
anrd So Go eaprovedhlimsey f as M60yels to the acre, Plant sbout that ar ttractive as our
tnae d lt a hot as he la Wherever stock peas are generally
L andbn factor., grown., the sale of commercial fertil-
IN FORJDDAW LGImSLsrktUR b. h ers entirely ceasess It ia beyond
question the most profitable of all
esoluton for Removl oCapital to c ig rom any stan point D A y B R O
nesos e Up AaIS n. VerA T aspect c **ully, *
ITala atlmee. Ta, liy 0o.-The leg- Tampa, Florida.
es hw eeuu VADE ME A MAN 709 FRANKLIN Sr-I
te ... Uu .t =h busi- MA. DE ME A MAN'
rhs le Is weM up with its work, j ALL". al_-'v-v. 161qstss r-.
and has to -wait on the House to pass a bym anad.* _____ 5
and send over tiBl for it to consider 7 rS nt.. vr. --- -- nr" .
Ite moat important bill tLoe .niate pt', an^si da asttmns- n.
pa to-day waU 7 for pensions to ex- I .ec't.rs o.-r" --. t) +-+ .l
Coofediezue soldier d T&C.1 I
The Hbuse worked %esy- hard on its i La -r -C a,', o- :.,1 r
h-Qvv c~er,, after tRo ed..uo'atlonal bilts. Si. H AJAX EELY CO- i" - G R C ERIES
pawykzx g for tea ohers stmrnmer For sale in Tampa by Morton & Co hereby inform former cu o tmr
afor tis go andwerekilaed, tobutthe t and the public in general that I have boeug s obu
Sfor wco t nth rwmity ofdb text- M store corner Tampa and Cas streets-- ~ease)
b s w teaed.- MAKE PERFECT MEN -and thoroughlyoverhauledameand
tbe e.In H movuse sthe tar T ..f to furnish anything wanted in .
CheM Ak T, ttmeH rhetateUsOS. fPROCERIES, HORS- j TT.

W.... s .e1 B... -e'ft,. wi "s eFEE ANA -
AM -, & e. e

ALL TAMPA BILLS TOBACCO Experts^*****,*****
I tntrodlncedInto the Legislature Have O Ocala Arrives in the City toPay aA I
Become Laws--Good Work Ac- Vunt to Tampa's Numerous
complished Cigar Factories.
From Sunday')s Dai) From Tuensday a Daily.
In a interview da ith i L J. dro a prominent Cuban to-FRAN LIN ST
Attorney C. C. h i- h- 1 a o-rt and ctxar manufacturer. 7 F A g'
that all the Tarepa Jlls ttu i -i thatlJ b of utla. arrived in the city yeseroda'.
I introduced Into ith.- 1-onsiature had At thr creating out of Lhe war with A
passed and were nol. laws. That Siie oned o nedoe of the richest to- T h opu
there was *practically no positionin to ba-, o ar.d s-rugar cane plantations in
the eharer amenndmen; and it would the -Pr into of Pu-rio Principe. In t
soon be ready for the governor's stg- addition to this he had a great many *-
nature. This is a better snci lng than caWte. rules and other stock- Before in ladles soeity is awa S
a great many anticipat-, and speaks Lte Epanlsh invaders had an opporLu- in -- lp" poeledy is ael a :
wekl for Senator Palmer and our two nity to send ont their foragers to raid i lires ed. Good clottes pave
repreeentatves, Messrs- Wilder and his plantation he turned his stock the way to pepmray ad s
McMullen. In addition to taking good ovIer LO the Cuban army asdi set Plor-Irity, m*pd to I.be e n be
care of the Interests of their consatu- t his esugr cain. tobacco and bulid- a I ut fitrli st3 r l2 t tbe t bep t
the leading and most exciting on the im gathered P bihn fami y. const- right, with 0si the kdl .
floors o both houses. HiLlborough tIng df a wife and nine children, andt jt ,. a llor'i flrest IcucheW. We
county hI reason to feel proud of the fled to America for safety. i will ke you toit of the
recordta Is beng ae y ore rep- That was over three years a. icat b rMa ut. ado
resentatveswmost hionb cut'.
In the work on the bill effecting Since then he has made his home in .er cerfect fit, at a reesosatis
this city the representatives were given Ocata. where he has engaged in the price.
nmsch abIle asistance by leading men ii-nfar tire of cigars. -He is a m
of Tampa. incauding MLessrs. P. 0. of superior meniU attainments, having
Knigat, lot U ie, onton. C.C.. it- contributed many articles on the
ter and others., tthet were tptbed i n al! so leathWding
tobacco Journisa oi th fihe oount, Heb e o$ 1 9f
MOZLITY LHEMiWN MLIXER. has taken second pain with the edo-
cation of his children, and the four or
Regulates the Iaver, Stomach, Bowels, five old enough to attend school have u
and Kidneys. acqtised re be prdoiency in the *- o e r s H
For blHousnew, constipation and ma- Mr. Medera rebuilded his Culban
laria. antations irm leAeiy at the close o s Wc a ws
orndestion, ckand ne the war. and I receunityving c derit E ARE going tO t Et le THIS
S in n s ev tob om WIc ofW last od -. His t m e
headache, favorite cigar he acqued quite a W a w one long to be emem-
For sleeplessness nervousness heart re utatlon in the market. -n o l b t.
failure and nervous prostration. he oNow the e ere not only by
For fever, chills, debiUty and kid- MARIZAPT.R low p
derneaI rm t d ove bh plant to Taer pa and enlarge
L nLney di restitake taLemonElixir ,0 it to besor times riet .esensbe DI ah ct w
Ladles. for natural and thorough oid.nodo ut- -son.beco e e. a together witt F R8Tte .A8R
n rsiatlontake Lemon i ourleng cigar sesTm ers. No mar in MERCHANDISE but by th
0c. and a t bottle at druggist. the State has a more thorough practil- w ue
and 1 bottle at druists owledge of the tobacco and cigar ant to establish T AT
Phepared only by Dr. H. Mosley, At- business and with bis knowietge of e T OHAT V
lanta. Ga. the leading Cuban growers ajo the SELL ONLY such Goods as we P
---- hels p of his own plantation. he would. iy l .
GRA IDE. have a outleapportunity to make It a ITIVELY GUARANt'reJ tbejustas
Dr. H. Mosley: Dear Sir---Since using GRo sutcce s. represen d or or your money ba u We
your Lemon Elixir I hat'e never had TOl K I AO a
another attack of thoseearful i I aTerakii it toyourinterest-.6 come
hoeadach es. and thank God that e .hate aOCd tr adea wi t u.s.. and wa t P
at last found a medicine that will co and trade with us and wa n you to
hParkersburg We. Va- i One of the Most Profitable Crops v reap the benefit.
MOZeLEY'S LfE ON LIX That Can Be Grown i n Fiorida.| OUR CU T P C

I have suffered with Indigestion and Of all varieties of stock peas, Clays
dysentary for two long years. I heard are the best. We have just received -
of Lemon Elixir; got It; taken seven 1.000 bushels of this variety. will close Saturday. W e have put .
bottles and am now a well man. Harry Peas are Ike clover, distinctly an air + al f p
Adams. No. 1734 First avenue, Binning- Plant, the leaves of which absorb oxY- 4. al
hamn, Ala. gen and. nitrogen from the air, while Wilson Bro.'s and t".e justly celebrate i
Ethe roots descend deep down Into the Monarch Shirts at your disposal ao...75
^ MOZLERY S LtHMON ELIXIR soil brhniing up the necessary potash, Monarch Shirts at d a.
Cured my husband, who was afflicted whIch combined with oxygen and nL- Crven Drawers, USt a notch ow
for years with large ulcers on his leg, trogen, makes a complete fertilizer. only .. ...... .. .......... .60
and was cured after using Itwo bottles Planted for fertilizer alone the stock + Challenge Drawers ............ ..... 40
and cured a friend whom the doctors peas are far superior to clover from the All 50c and 75c Shirts we areclosinOg t ou
had given up to die, who had suffered fact that the number of leaves are far A at---- ------- a-c-i-i- g 35
for y-ears with Indigestion and nervous greater and naturally take in more ot .... ............. ..
orostration. Mrs. E. A. Bevill., oo d- the fertilizing properties from the air. Our line of Lisle Trlead and
stock. Ala. They should be sown broadcast, one Our.in e of Lle T ed and
hMOZLEY's LEMON HOT DROPS. bhhel 0o Ihe act-,as early 1 the sea- Fancy Balbrigan Underwear, Hos-
Cue son as possible, and the first crop cut A e i< j ,ery, kSus end r e -wear. Bicycle
Cures all Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness,1 for hay. Just as clover is eut, and tn rUS en NTe- -
Sore Throat, Bronchitis Hemorrhage.i about the name condition. The roots . Hose andc --Sweaters are unsup *
ad all throat and lung diseases. e-should remain untouched, and in a nSweaters are unsurpassed
gant reliable hortL ti mv. ill put out a new growth and allat pr s that make yo WO -
Zbc at druggists. Prepared oL10 031 which can be turned under in the fata make
Dr. H Mi y. Atata Ga. Iof the year as a purely fertlitzer ma- ot der and force you To buy.
terial. Any farroer can thus secure
WINED AND INED' the world to the acre and greatly en- -
rich his .oil at the same time.. I J1 0 0
Senor Guerra Banquets the Commit-Cure the nay like you would clover and
tee Who Solicited Money for the :of all kinds generally prefer it to any *B T-.i .BRYOLW1U N
i Fact of the well known hays. M
Edrection of His ]Factory Anotleer very profitable way no grow *
stock peas is planting in corn. Ftrst ,.
Bonor Vicente Ouerre, presideni .. plant your e3rn for1 Aevl apart, and -*

Jacksonvie, tedred the solicitlrg In pulled. When nearly matured turn only. Renenber we positively GIJAR IIEE i-ery- .
t n r st into the field a the tok you have on thing we sell and will refund moue- on .nv ri-Je -
of that committee aji e4nte banquett | ctIe to the peas and vines, never> not as represented. ,'
ysr af'ternoont at the e 'rnsineatennup. By that time they ae fat HATS we are closing onr and wIll itte-Ir 30ol
Cate at Dedote Pprk. enough to market, and can be sent 17 in prices.
He deostestrated his gratitude and there without ever having been fed a -
aaopreeiaiion of tne eltorts mace by trn t bushel of corn. The flesh wilt be hard --

to get the Jacknonevile factory locatevi in this manner a farmer can make as cv' -L -
here acd also keep his own large fac- touch corn per acre as he would other- '
t0ffy in Tampa. wise have done by planting the rows -=--.
Among the im-any prominent citizens three and one-half feet apart, and in .;. II


Por Tampa Yesterday.

r I E
.... ....-. ...

C dnte tW 0 Maffieta od BBt

,j, = .

to Maka the. Occ as

the S osss-'Dtoh Sotg e on
Whe Mesa ra w

OEM At at-

noa "-pooj>o th5is
ic I &M lr so ding, to saaea theo

inspired by Go highest
Siand Mi e hands at CoL
H f ma msTled GaotWh Is a
ah .-.- ** l sst-oisssseBA~to-ts _

~rkbom w verem at
L hse 'wiho were not rWovided

R a *a bug dnah table in fu ll
sf'i'natd tiB be Wm utterly
wh a te the crowd
4m0a vIed me an cos He
'M00d Gote sowDaate In better
&a tsu mores than he had
1 as i br. Uimad an ample sup-
Ofserisin,' and tey' mere the
1 et"h aatr, bat he ladked
0oCAer of rin tGot began
Im 2 p. m. latetd sme-
-Vot boa raaes It outiimed
hamasme 4 o'book, when
t '.sgin, and every-
aGomiLqU a- ta Gt It had rained.
l. dows ftm Taemsee..rtd
-..'Q r t, n wf. roandtG the

Wmf4Iopt meW e ..stll late at

mnt t B amt eamaret Was the
He--rdm a t G-th Day.

'America and ifsiand ar. The
btessing of liberty have been
preparation. 1'Lest we forget"
EnKWite speaking people will gi
future ages the wortd' Wl ihest,
and mostet endurai c0vlao.
eebratios as this ae moe sii
ans= than we knouw. E very sot
every cities who contributes
spreading this holy spirit of
,brotherhood of man is doing *
service. At this board is one
T. T. Wright, f Tennessee-whc
for twenty years, In this country
in England, preached the gosp
un-ietion and peace more pec
ctityr and effectively than any pi
citizen of either country. Two
ago Her &aclous Majesty's birth
was celebrated here .at Port T
What histoMa has been written
that celdbratlo One year ago
Her 'rfJesty's government wnisi
to the ]oMid that blood sia th
than water, what a thrill of Joy e
over the Ameriecan contLnent.
Increased. w ide it our kinship,
deepest gratitude for brotherly
nmvas-htse ymaptitw, we come
to celebrate tnt birthday of her
is the wards greatest woman,
th world's greatest ruler. To
English prayer. "God save
Qu.en." IAmneica adt, "God Bles
fSore calnag enebhers the sp
'a an unsb as L ssfMasaes fromr
LtAlm ,ted peupieTretting thel
-etty to he present.
CRMnd Burr. of the Intr
was then called upon so respond
tos-. l-% Queen-" Zis many h
almion a to f s bloved Queen
S'wi th0rwe % wblutsts a
a Be was followed by Hot
,B ELad3artane, whoe wae called
reo eepon to the tO 'osiM
et 'ds a nett4 aelement Impro
LAdss. ant) 94o1eied a dmnire
keeping he crowp in the best 01
'Bloxham," was the toast to
CoL J. B. Amtedsou, of Taonp,
called u on to respond. was a
best. and made one of the hap
hlt of the day. It was a speec
hbistled with wit, eloquee and pe
Htois refa ei to the fta te of i
and her vast resources, kept the
convubed with s@M1er. He cone
his descrhition of our wonderful
mate wtth Ge promise that I tfe
pie of Greait itLn would ondy
Queen ViAorla to Pltorida be
live ighty yeas longer. Hts alli
to Governor Boxham did hono
Florida's dee executive.
lbe to- "Port Tampa City,"
sheWnded to in a net speech by M
,W. J. IDenipsyi of that city.
Captain Goodrich, of the Pe
made an eloquent and very Intere
response to the toast., rbe Br
The address the day was dell
oy" HEon. PhlemTg Sd Biu Eon, o
gia. He responded to tne toast,
Day We Cealbrte" Evey
Umskes 4. W Ot5 most eloquen
Amserican orats ws listened to
rapt astenrtin. It was an add
peoulsriS appropriate to the occa
and tGe pubme wMi ere- leng bar'
pleasure of reading the ful text.
ws cheered to the echo, and r
Cgahered around him at the doh
extend ocsgrsm tsaltlons.
The cbetshied nime of Hon. I
Plant was rPmiornw. and by a a
moass vote Judge MacIendon
asked to respond. He gracefuUl
oepted o task, and made one o
beat speeches of the day. He ss
sart: "I thank you for this co
m10t to 3Mr. Plant end ftor the co
me-at to me. My reAtions with
greet man have tseg'ht me to re
him with the same tender feelings
I do my own father. 'He was to
the eaine year with Queen Viot
and is deeply interested in this 4
to-day,. He is one of the great
road men of te day, but he hasi
been a railroad specudator. He
never bought a road to seU it, ant
never sold one that he bougbt-
money has been spent In moonevin
railroads, and the country tar
which they Pasa He melgously I
all the contract he makes an.
word is as good as his bond.
better he is know the bigger
broader he becomes."
Bonor Jose Morales briefly respo
to the toast, "t'Mautuacltuiers
hJi dosed Ghe toast making an
emnetieg dosed by Bdsleg three h
Ghes-s to OSs- naval gte Th
muole, by the band was dtetligh
Reviewed By Col. J. B. iAndersoo,
resenting the Goversor of Fie-I
'A very Important amd most 1n4
leg femisse of the oneesian wai
presence St dbe two Btikth men-o.
the Intrepid. ownnore. by Cot
dwore Burr, sax teG Pesarle, by C1
J. C. Goodr55. T -hep were trsgge

a awa

mepid. d Chptato Gooddrich, o
PMartB q were aoorwnpeitet
AMsssit Austin. Major F. C.
r. cs Tempa. Clector M. B. I
r an. bwor Denve of
-no CIty god DIr. Atree, au
tasbe Port Tanwa Naval Resen
- fort Tampa fwarl Hes
dkwm 60 csow. coemsn'sivd tby
f ltmurtaKd, acted as ewot t
Iia At the onmchuesm of tG
tow oe brake ra~esm a during
u sathdr td ~te dB both omfce
m parmtlated tintGe fest -vit
me VisCorsa's Pftotre is Unv-
Sa oBtoa Prisd By Gn
grw sBcmex


mise Ibteisbura and many visitors who this section. They were groptly I hare for years been a u fasIgp nrfo -,
morn- came s i thGo te im- Mbesidesth pleased w*t our town, and in 5con- kidney and bl4addr I
ay In guessa of the tn. it w s the miost
ized bcillt afair o the kind ever given psan withM & e. Hendry and the tried all remedies that I coun" ".a e
Imre and reflects great credit on the editor of toe Press were driven to the bad almost given up all hope 4t v-j a
the rmansr"- cmm tee. Orange river section and shown the getting relief, until I tried Hali 4 '"
land #
S Rbee ITINIA AND COLUUMBIA. pIneapples and fine orange grove. Dweovry. I am now, tasing It 5M4 fd i $ S
Sthe -- Major Hutchins Is an old veteran of like a new man. It'reffect is -
serely (To the tune .oft "Te Girl I Left the etv war. He is greatly interested tol. G. W. WILLLASB,
such Behind Me.") in pineapple culture, and the showing As't Chif oPotle
tilors Prom dAmerican strands to English made by (Mr. 3 K. Wooislair In the e"
h lands short thne of fourteen months has by G Florida et ? Co. tolimee,, W_
where From Jon Bull to hts daughter, made him think still more favorably iMr. J. dL. Townes as emflalait srTi pe u ." -
pres- Teere comes a sound eer the deep. of the enterprIse.-Ft. Myers Pres. tende nt andsalssm'n.S r.'LsftLi 21sS
people, Piofou eminenet y qsal:6ed to SB the
mid- A "blood is thTern r." ROBBED TH ORAVE. tion d w, e o S Ls
otics. And i so be. at a fu tHr dayeId Moulr .
J. They'll flrmly be tunited- -- In Gtine at business, da ey rpaojd eag,
Blox- We'R sing a song and the note prolong, 'A startling incident, of which Mr. popular wit the trade. i-tsst.
SIn- Wlhen their troth fore'er is pllghted. John Oliver, of Philadelphia. was the -
C h Brons al, both great and sL subject, is narrated by him as follows I s0d6r.. t nW ooly a plare bt s
Bow- Know that John l's young "I was in a mst dreadful condition. a d-ty I OWe to S m.to 'sl
rac- daughter My s kin was almost yellow, eyes smuk- my 'by M ithe tlmf use of m r-
Port Is one who sees and firmly agrees en. tongue coated, pain contlnualkiy in lain's ielo. Cholera and Dinoe
~e~n q'hal"blood In ntwater."am
e. Son Tha td nsrth e thewtr back and side. no appetite-grad- Remeg I27 was Otd 7 ve
ive, Who fain wou&l we twain aseer, uaily growing weaker day by day. r-ep. Wt few do ot fl It
S We'l Join our hans, te Iron bands Three physicians had given me DermIP ont cure. Tlas f01ase am viga
o the And rule the worId together. Fortunately, a friend advised trying OmMesidig It to Otiese
bre- P.H. L. tthat dradfuldlsesse-j
the 9 Electric BtUers;' and to my great joyth Dor dl se----,, W
s and It makes no difference how bad the and surprise. the first bottle made a &. B. LeoaMoUs & C i sanS-k -
ies. wound If you use DeWites Witch Ha- decided lhupixiovsent. I continued medloaie dasleret
sel Salve; it will quickly he a their use for tre weeks, and am now p p
leave no soar. B. Leonardi & Co.. weln I know the saved
etlei Life .any, of Tampa. Din- ed ibbed the grave of another S in jiiP
- mnd Pha y. Thor City. vtim." No one sheotTail to try B t a e
A citizen of To1ete, Ks..bu has found le.aar&0&di s s Z s x Store. b be= "%
910- In hit cgrien a. radish t1Gt had tied Tm hut is. marem GoLat!.ensae taw ta s
O atS ae tn o. ak= u t rat e hed Be" lalt Aet e tMRtexIat e "t Go t *estet

i.m. .-e-.-nr!------*.f. p ,.e -.essed,

Ci I

weet can. These fl were held in place ni U l n
OUT by an electric wire which had been riUiIU1i 1t
the sected with Gvern .. Roosevelt's PL M FOR
best Alt the eppoinwd moment, when thou- .
nS- s t b dthe op- Will Not Exchange Their Arms n y a -a- fmt-
to victoria. The drama c performance for the Money Tendered Them. Year hr-o rme by md by M
the was cheered to tche echo by the vast
God's assemblage. As the cheers rang out
--Co. for the Queen. the Britia SHIPPIN INJURED BY STRIKE rom s a
o -s sells responded by firing the Quetn'sIaPPae INsURED BY STRIKE rom Saturdays 9
y and saeuLe. Governor -KoosevelL Com-|-- ICt. Peter 0. Knrhit returned home .'
li of pamdued his button performance the Five Hundred Lightermen Refuse to st from e llahasee. where Th
ise foowing te N. Y, May 24. Work Un ess They are Paid More has een for the past week t e bIt A
years TCol. T. T. Wright and the Port fampa) Wae-Are et. 60 the welcome intehgene that he elid Nen.e sb
tnday Chamber of Commerce. er onthn appointed tte ttorne for
t.mOPa. "I oongrae.tte you, and thron-h LPer onth.bea~rth lntedl ltCrcustby- a Gkenifor
since ou te citizens f Florid on your and the ame been
when action in celebrating the S0th tirtn Ha,-as.ay.-Thecontn o e eaa s e-
pered of Queen Victoria and Eipress. itlH-YIntlnc f oafu byhe 90tte enam *Ila DP
Wicker Americawn who hold their country dear the lighternen's strike is causing i- atnment dates from. tU e S at ~M. M
swept and who realize the essential brother- ots inconvenience to shipping. 18. a1 d extends to MA o .'I" .
With hood of the Eigiuth speaking peoples Te greatInrush of vessels unable Hs re'l*nto totto of w o --
with must join with youtt sending the ty criminal ourt wich was tendtw
and hertilest greetings to the Sovereign to al finally led Coector Bliss to on Atll 2, hase been aoepced a0d Ift o: all
again herself, and to the mighty nation over cable Surgeon General 'Wyman asking his successor wlK, doAdes tlrs, O se
who which she relgns Last year England permission to lay the vessels at the by Governor Bloaabm neat week. m
and save us euthing proof of her friendam p whes w Kt work as couaoy -oor -
the at a time whea her friendship m meat w hares. wiboter eoied tat tso is t Uin wit G O
e much t o and if we are true to our- rhe dnat eaen aei rf I Io tate toa tq- #
s the seles we shall atwayi keep this fact nle t e t 'between mt o ida. It is a fact well eatbled. 9"me
In tidnd. Lit us -s realize how vis hnd Caball', t bu ony between foe-promt.tnsus 4aptitude and a ourt 'tw.
baker It Is to the ewel being of i othe EnIglsht wharvs.Otside th e se ulatiois rsto- D tAm i topMsOsfi al dui t .4 i B111100" .
i s- sei -5-ot psn-othee ar theWAmericaa sagtaf rgls oem In am "tal e. P 1 ini
Lr In- and there to the cause of civt-hibt the l ing of vessels. owing to thee a n
tion ad humaiud throuisot Ate hen filths wheh the sewers deposit ofe aste dit to Gote U mle e e
-pid, rsea-ft that every ort should be m e alons the ha r shares In .e r t t an 0 h t
o the now and 5 b ,erf.5 to draw closer the Nine hunded sin Ug ^ ita nvobV pstioan of a esi attornt-. tb. Sp
T apyde s d of frenda b abeeween Amed and Goin the strlk. 'he M&rt that hoy nor w to bi a & a tm & dm
were bgand. B and let ail men, and espe- h&%ebeen esin .. 0 Wamoonth, and" no Flw& ea p"Me11 a a a a* cao_
i &. fiall& ithis i mmen, keep this at the difference between them end their Deta o net iMLe somt blat t -'.
n. a. heas-t-do w4attever in thpnm lid. tmtioyerS 4s m. s dte of 51S y th 4
Uo that there Is n o relnxation In the e rno l to 1steit the m rter to far- Irnsew t el GA m 15 n sft 1 h
mstyu wtse"n b"" ndf cordial good n will and tati .. t e
rnn nes tem m leno u nsonf t uh ine ithe riousty mlob t
atU e-Lee one not affected, toat scnpay' hitVinm h wron. s ik B hr w at
fhu- FUN FpOR THE CROWDS. a GR RSEO h omtorendeen. I wa, po t sfce
__ sd military g.ust-d at the whales is tb.ma t Vets 0or e e .,: l
d-htch The Prograsm of Ans mri.wnr Included bhv dbee t ncre mead Com ast' d"s o Os la stre e e m
was H y Interesting Events. B J. Cromwell captain ofthe port e te 9., ~tP ttwe
it hiu of i Hamann. lias ordered the marines ,aru rm wteB bt s
npest t ausemen ots beo&tt on at to hold tobeMaelves In re.lhnes.D --a r g!
tet tie parade gonds with a tug of war Gen. AIst o Oinmes has received a Prom Saturda's ltey .
sa e tbe 1-nwelve Brh aleesselec- teloram from Gen. Beaches in Bse- -hator Cixter weeluy, Goe tth-i .*
orida ed ife 2 twohbunddre d sea nan tlianro province. onyain m some and d handed teder e aSt MeS
rmwd I ke number sel d fm the Port divisionn w not aeopt money." National BMI Is tem te sto
fed Tam pa Naval Rsesec t.Engeer. He has repd~o: the t tnvOr fever. Aor nesri o
I l Ik a t ted as i n of e the useH every effort compatible ym rs e hia b tml 6 M f" ,1
peo- lsh and h. Altreet the Anerteians. with dtanits sr and honor." adaynht It. rad ooni a few 40l 4 w aSB
move 'A stone rope wa secured and dte ThM OuCibon ener aly, eepectaft did te consent to havel t qiuah nte D s
Wrsld twen5y-fow gSts--fwele at each end hose beloneing to the f intlng dlvl- restuctlons re dA As a ret he i It
alons -s--tok their ce When ea was in stons which are cheldy westerners sa.Y in now st Nsualig in G th eatb cthe 1
>rt to read iess Captain Altree shouted for that most of the soldienrs will accept ever. -?3
everybody to pull, andt pudl they d. the money. a 6 apiece is better than In the first ta S this d M r
wan Bic heamin to and ro and paw ng nothing. OmlyW. IMe all oter tets, te-
a)yor up the sand has seldom been witnessed- etared he w n oi to tide bel A .be s t
The Port amps bos, wth their heels HX- ARR,. ON REED DE.AL.. or dte in te attempt'. H ted
arle, deeo i tnbeo sand, were striving to hoid able-bodied rosterr, and tisa iad
l W te th ey Their English breth- Was Governor of .Florida In the Recon- vantse os tGe meooiu b~ e, 3e o be '
ritih ren were not only doing hat,N but men- ctio Periotd. tU ed and 'umped esnmnss eel i.M1r- a -
ged to gain a few Inies. Fisall-. -- Ida wenoue until the bruises *a& dte- '3. .2
verend cake beg to ver, and Jaoksonv'le, Fla., Ma .-Ex-Gov. loctUoCnst eL O n busl s en-
Gae- the next niute they were Jerkedt ouo Hrrison Reed died Tilcday' evenaig g, when he c to
*'The of their trsc*.. Another try w, at the residence of his son.r Ltat-yt t. rest for a few dGs, His dctcs.-A-,#Ilu ii 5
word me with the same result The png- Reed. in Sout.h J ksonvHle. in the to master the "do gaste Whleel was 1M. Cai,
t of ishmeno were both stronger an bet1- 8h year Of ht is ae. The cause of stronger than ever. di 1 i a
wirth ver turned leath was the general deblElies of On his sod eatt he mahnsged to t M
dress A number of lbgUah cricket experts age. _keep ftrom fll under. eUte me of - -.
ion. then gwve an exhIbitlon of how this '-He was born in Mdiddlesex county, F. ten, .and ahis brusim were- l ms s reWW. e- t w
e the great lsh game is played. Mass.. in 1813. His early lir was spent He so bas oto awe ome thea .-e -;-s .
He Nlext on the program was the horse in the last. and he moved to Wlseon- mvyterles hote w md wand. tSgt.
nany race a three-oquarlter mile dash. Two sin in 1nt. ihe was the founder of the wa able to t al keo t and. At
e to horses came to the pole, Newholose. of diwautkee Sentinel, and aterwardg r, piting bIm heaillw 2evfes
Tarnpa. ridden by George Robinson, va a member of the constltutlonal ourbtmtoe&, H te had passed thM131 O1.. liW1 S Im
Fi. B. and iMarles Bowden, of Brtoksvlte, convention of .Wlsionisi. the excerimenta siteos ssc4esfe pets l eioD&I O
AOni- ridden to Jim Geodman. The race was At the outbreak of the civil war he and by the tad m ne on hs n e Am s e .ufar
was won easily by. Newhouse. removed to Washlngton and filled an he entered dbe bea the ext morni g
y ac- Followin this was a burlesque miule mpartn'tt place in tne Treasuryy De- the tboy knew vthat sonweethi u ml & Lean
f the race that furnishted no end of amuse- partmeet- ihbad iapened. ils -nl ^
ld itt ment for the spectators. This race was In 1868 he was elected governor of Yesterday afternoon (Mejor GeOSaW made to Go plI
mpUi- not fnished as the rrmies could not be Florida under the new constitution, bled himnwsif to the Tenap WaLsI& and ,i Tl
npllp- Induced to so around the track, whlch place he filled for four and a arnes Co.. water' heW '1=ees i Ti. .
this The most exciting event of the morn- hatf years of the stormy period of re- t- wme now wHe. etAs be trae .SS)o,
-A. Ingl amusements wa the tournament construction times. He then retired to into the areit wtth iUs W his U
that which began at 11.30 and lasted until private life, and has never sice fUled hbibe hat looked .verdA si ',.too a p' lI
in in nearly the middle of Ahe afternoon. tblio office. though being at various small for him. (He te rid eis the e G "ow
lorts. There were ten entries. as follows: times a contributor to current political right, and without anw u ereog .xaAne .
event J. Hi. Rye's. Harry Hope. S. Rhodes, literature, made a bol d ah to swelpt.' U gt on
rail- R. 'J. Lovetti., G. Hope, Sam Stribil, from the wrong s de. There wo a T
never Louis Hope, J. H. 'May, Antonio Diaz GREAT RECORD sgbht commotion and tGen. I t sa. AL S. at tibti
has and J. C. 'iAoltune. After a spirited race between the major and t wheel *be d i -m
d bas contest the prize was won by Harry Being Made By the American Troops which could strike the pavement irat. -S r l
His Hope. TYis closed the sports at the At -Manitla It wasn't the ot z grs(el f is tG e
Ig hft parade ground. I world bu- the banker was sooofiea. e has eexapiati
-out A number of the aquatle sports in 'Manila. May .--General La WtOo's feet brushing the sand from his t'row- with ,entskwB fi
keeps the afternoon had to be omitted, on ac- expedition, now at ialolof, marched era "w-hule Col. Tom. Henderson !bus. witlnt rbm a mg iT
id ho count of the downpour of'rai. The 120 miles In twenty days, and had tit the wheel beds Into the sd d for r s-
The most exciting contest in the bay was twenty-two flghs, captured twenlty'- some ramle On ithe next try tUO inew te D :
and the 12-mile yacht race. It was won in eight towns, destroyed 300000 .bushels candidate tAfor icycle honors wi s*- A the i d
fine style by the Defender, owned by of rice and lost only six men killed sisted to nount, and he rcde *ea a Person who d
onded John Savarese, of Tampa. There were. and thirty-one wounded. On the bther grceful4y as an old veteran. at wt4.. to
0 of three competitors in this race, all hjand General Lawlon estimates that
from Tampa. his troops killed four hundred Iteur- A TEXAS WONDER.. Cipvl evitmI
ii the Another excitin event nas the gents and wounded double that ntin- I------ Q B.;. ":.
earty swImminng match across the canal and her. HALLS REAT DUSOV 'ke)'clt
e re- retmun. There were six entries in the Twenty insurgents were killed and HAIR' GRIAT D3BCOVEB7. ^^) 32.
the race. It was easIly won by F. Wil- forty' wounded in the engagement nesa One tmisnail bottle of Haila Gretf Die- P -
B. llama who gave the finest ex.hbitlksi Santa Anita yesterday, 'with flMojor cover cures all Kidney and B adder 5bs 54.
of fast and fancy smlaming ever seen Bel's reconnoitering party, consisting- trontiea renidves svel, weefl a. JD *S le
here. In all the swimrming events he of two companies of the Fourth caw- hetis, seminal emssen weak aln h .s.
had everything his own way and won airy.
Rep- as he pleased. The Oregon and 'Minnesota reglmee4 iscits ihmtlna 5Ii all aU flarredi als- na ,9 .
ad. -- are returning to Manila. ties of tG Kidneys and Bladder Id both good tos thec-P
FULL DREIS BALL. The spanish newspaper Oceania has enS o wo uen. eaas Bl.dirdder parts '1(p^
m Go Host Brlliant and Sucoesafid Affair tiot edi"torials.
--war. At the Inn 'lastNgiht. t your druggist will he sent by mal on s.e oat wItt- .
n-nt- ----- '1) O TRT SAYERS. receipt of B. One smal botle i. two vidw with .Ap
iptaln The gra dress bell at the Inn lat -- mnths' treatment and wll sure
:d out to-hight as a t fiai to Go ktalr E. ft. ,it tDt ol os- monthso troftnit b- m Wt b

in an e o os t fibs ocs"on was t- bat th statIoned at Tsta SoUldy8.byd. >BMf le.d & i.,'oamn .
,th tended op oSe' five le ,Sn edI i el mrng into past year. were a1ii0 oS ... .
essee cers t Goe B-li^s war vetssel. die ' ' d a'l ^^ TBB.
sports elte of 'tampa, Port ramps City, St. hiving come here to take a look at Janken, Mlh., Jan. 17,. M3. .J / '

BRIERtp eaP esr TraLe-Mark.

BAKER & CO. United.


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eGood Crowd Prea on the Open-

i tos aks tot os The General Outlook in Cigar o A Am *,t- er
People for Their Expression ofh Tray-RsWonby
Congratulations-The War- Circles Glowing, Tapaeo.e. mC Utr i seW
ships a pe .3'
From Friday's Dally. fair opened to-day T In grand style at
The tPbr British men-of-wa Intrepid Strn er Returning to Work-Fac- 10 o'clock this morning. The ball game -MTwenty I% ad lam4i.w
pa participating in celebrating Queen stories Running o FullTime-A was the first thing on the program, theZso t. O ',
Victoria's birthday. depaned at 10 Word With Proprietor., Book. nd attracted a ver large cowmd iof g or 00 Tt P TW Ir-im.
o'clodk yesterday morning for Port keepers and XMa agers rains thns motting" broht large dole- 1com ing'-"t"M
Roy-al, W. I. The Intiepid has or-
ders to pe--ed at once to Eg gallons from the towns along the road. --
ders to proceed a one to Errglan 1 From Saturday's Daily A great many from the country dis- Chicago, I.L. May X--Cade b i ftvMs
on aIs ounnt of t.he expiration of the It wo-uld seem at last tnat the dis- tricts are arrivrng In private conve'- rter carriers are atter more mra" -iey
ances. Conside-tls" the fact that this 'Aey
allotted three years' cruse. The men- dressing strike question about is the opening the crowd is q want .00 lte o
bers of the crew were flUed with Joy settled. and the Tampa manufacturers large and fully up to expectations, annum. Orge snttos have bem. n
at the thoughts -e getting home again coudo again brea.theast. for this week The outlook for an immense crowd to- fected all over the amtryIr $r-
The Pearle will return to hEr station shows all the factories runrung at full morrow is very brht.. e p
at Jacaicr e iet t with e exception of the Ybo.- centered in the tournament oand pony lw otd 00O Boarde .
BoLn ozaers "ere much elated at Manrara factory, which is gradually ra es They were very exciting 3 d tees of Lette Carresy ho .
atheu caolata re.anti.on cu t L coming bck to Its old .ntcdard. Their hotlv conested. inmonk the winners Ktorer the inoemet. -
avting Loonoioa u[l, oft the la- arTUajble manager, Mr. Pons. says he Is were ta P.. owned t' Jact kteven6, The fund wU he besied tV
'repto. a l to CAo. 'i. L. t'rgiat. sible, and expects to have his factory To-morrolw afternoon the bliycle ILart night M e mina a ir a .'
H. my. ;. Intrep.b at Port, Tampa, beck to it former greatness in a very racee witN take pace and the chances eaO l b line tt*s tati'..
ay 1 m In behalf or toee etak e em te hane

UTL FROM TaPE QUEe mar thfrsteadnoree e rahae at $1 eond mo vement
manner-in-che an ornacers oo t-e short [t1 If Justice to his naen andgare nirst-class fcr some real hot tOl- ornent. Sad aime IM
blxtbl Bsqu-otn on tue North n l good-wI will accomplish these ends. tests Te ranoa contingent hopes Wpto aed by S i.amM-
casn and, m tan station, I ,ag to Reports from twenty-three o he Carry off a good Share of the Prism = tu li ss Mo:.'-
tendora to you, ann to t ,hn nyou to the kigest factories show that In the past Followirg Is the proat1 for the toh: c revt o the ulst MQsdM'Inw'ill
coma Btteerotot le ione anathe pen- igars ab tae at t m.we Prise 4-to -t BS iaS,, wbedlr .-
me of Port 'am xy and Port rn- anufa.0ttred and t2443,460 o ars enip- ing team. s uL29a
Pa. rrry hearty t-nas for. Vne onitant ved, whie the reports froma te trans- Tdsensment at 12 ocIt 0. ed A ieetig en 4Kat
Lupttetnuon as bespitlity shown to rotation ties show a shipment of pon racesf irteolss ni u Mas-
h a eJestyes w)oe1, 0ntrep cd ant ove 0 s. Thest fures show a, Bicyce sae St 1 e:20 p. UL .woid 0 1 16mstoo
Peile. dsr their o tr port reas of over 300.000 g as over tre rot eve one-mile handlC- b ,. PsI'f
and trust n ,yvoutv W make gen rots- of fn iufactem at week. FL ht o si at s; send
own m. s 'a.on of te r s It dss not tear2 that the dul th e of t.est
ilnowitn hW so aia iy oxteinof. season of t'Tnapa was ha arng ny. very s d evontd twamo e r&p race-- New smowi 16 tah n,
1 or d, o tDh deblitati fft upoun the iar mant- hmct ~inoh saihW eAlt $10: ;seNondt etAn no Is hki.
J. L .IJU13lJlR utdlctut1is of tl ectotln. But peo- $ third. d .r60, t
pai ole wil moe and thel are n grow ii TAMir event. throe-mile an rsceap---s t Tmi1!1st I
To Col. Those. T. 'Wight, cl brman to reallze more forcibly all the time Fi rstvalWafed at MOO6.00; second, mf t1 Was
reception committee, Port T-amps, Fit., that thegoods turned ota by the Tam- $7-90; t1hILd, Pt. dt e '
U. S. A. va factories are superor to any on the Fout wvent. p. 3 r.ot -4tt ra t r 104 _ptu 2,.Vi N w-,.
ro THU marke- therefore the asa Increase prize valued at s $7.0 se
tIAI'i~E FRO M Tibe m U N 'Lr of orders received bhirdm $6. ofnth5 e he

e foltasowing cattle messagewas ee Ws t T a fabcl et er- are all. a isol t 't a
y. ..e slt a terdy mornfingsbvhColonel The rhotL Tampa faiwO "s are all page&

^aht from Queen it oria. anco at bo mngandjudging f rom ao the ama- yalu. r anwsto 6 ot less Ma hat hes bee.n.
-,s Caste, May of the people In harge they will 1 e vaed c motl
-h.e Queen sincerely thanks Ame- continue to do so for some time to 32d 'Not .e s thee estria l~M. Mg*o- M o
.. .oan frienwdsiassembledatiePort'dropa.cr e a 0 n. L a

Mort Ta npa. the .Port. were ..e...11...... .. ... "m ho ,f x Lomrif & Co n If ty A$ I il
tor their kind congratulations. heuanLa a f1acryto i w rneo nner 'an i a go n
aes from various parts of the nc new annex. and they ae sth hcon- a t --
verse were received by [Col e an 1. tetnplatlng am meetextensive addition and o U f w C t r- T TAOa ir u a t
WertKa rongaeusai e&chim' ine ganh- also a inew business connection. FA OUS TAMPA- )1 the I d-- -,il's^
most enotre and cordial rnk tner toe and should eisaie reaIzed eit aIt o vs x the spleae i datpand" omis aams t
the phenomenal enom. e of the great that aldte argefactory st.il hhad r The Queen of the GulffRapidly Mlet- vi tits^ssut
sandertaklug and The a ahrmoniu ma- Ion the lbst. ran w Iti t second to te to the rt as a Un e nn o v in l q E

e wr ci In this vicinity. h r ey ar he ntinualt ito the ront a fto A o the. euug
Dri n w ch te t I r re sh ieng out or ders thxatcpour in daily to e en. S ur in g tr a r 1. Cenlear. e at.ini] .
The lion and eagle, representin ig and are wort-king foit time. e l iea 4u-to n _,S .
a d and A meric. .. at the Port. were The new Viaml & Co. factory i beCado&. I
from the Inventive brain and genius a1 stmt handsomelye re-e-ving, From -Friday's Dalyu.'Z9rRB121N U" ADM

attac eT henP l ftan et sysotem tyto7 and -rapidlyh the oming lto tront' Much he s beensas and wi tt n t. t4-
a 'ite shi e P antd Watn, re mra sttea one of the leadingwres in the bust- about Tamipa as a e an f or stlrlng cM- wwld -bos jsM v a ..
o 3& Feflie. the welil-known lorets tnose. They are beginning to receive ten e s sme8 l y," trom tlarsI M w tchreas ". lnss0 0W .- La ...P,;".
,af the Plantosystem,. orders quite extenM vety. soand are put- into Blrorlean countries, hbt anotherofn sil e
All In al the daye Pan one of the ting forth every effort to meet all the line has quiey m antds I tm ruo .n rof A5 5 t u5 P 5
aite er "prtInF a In demand ao theotradel and their gods woitebbnd t5wayto ter ftosit. A re- nsmon efit Nk Sar eNeSO
PhIladelphIa and Boston I.t...tin heavy force, and are receiving dailyho, stated tt has t thee wasthe only aim -NNWto
Tort t u -a large ordersw hich they fll pro nOpti. in the 1s nWth f i rr.trl.ng bome s ItAir se- lt. 2,i 7
Tritht Is-tingee lyte uCcess T T.They say' there Is no hard tInte swith s n ueed eh la and patent moedcines l 6 I 9.i
t IsS" d th succss al toforosign ooun;tzaIn oseruheratto,,
tne vast underta g 0aing, and the grateful sfor, a theA and awhich thei hoed w0i' f ar h e
aged the -Poro eings elicited the huh- eait or daily and ee wo3toreerrkti g owon. p fre artIes In T-eW G n el Sn '

et Trase from hose who were aml- a full f tore of enonae wd te ls a p 1tae Ialw D a. 1 tA.-tliet ti wi J
ro'withgthndeworkingsof.I TheSeidenberg rose gardonareover six nonthe agoMesroMo Amongt&edeprtesri "meal-
fg Jgeent.e now a most delighthel sight. and pre- ftebbins started their remed y n its1 sil1l estosm were i C WRAA

sh be vt~ble m~m tIthIWmtheiexcelirnricae o-stm. SouthaandWiest. tMr. 06n0k is after aet ef SA111111e1
'NEW S.t S.w Le lne rwether the kand of fertioier. to- alsoJ uniform 0er if2ats nss ,We Lr. lh

ardtt.;oi oaltratttive- they axe certain- satLive Oak.Fla.. whose thelyown I rem 0
Transport&ion anrWith Cub& I ly a thing of beauty and a Joy' fore-'er.thend own plant. tihey ad- openedie randd k":
Tra~e liness i o rusti :an bt en to those -who have had the pet Aewtn a ty ote b%,and alltheir pro&-c mat0- e ei r 8 .
A wackaovill e amtropolis.t o fvi lmiing them. vt ts are b Irivm.vha rellM W Oaann- I C .tl
Ie op t rpo rwi ther ient t VidaNCt, tocdunnthe affable anda enter- f241tuos Pf leaehtloa. a datea of l '"tnin to 6-

ttfdlirrsormci ndju^lg res lrtigI nhieb a Wt ca Neiss ^haei v;iht
IA.viit asmae tosera o^estenobe fmnreies nteBe o^n ulOttntU teri .L~4a (s 40'

absent eevemsl day.rs. M.eM mr S.W &%ok stated its
The firstA is expected to arrive her E F. O'Halloran, of the West JTarn- hore Me- -M7ok stated .. q ..
P t ta firm t OIOailoran & -Bros., return- 'from Its WSeA W
'A p GHT BLUNDER from New York Tuesday night, and especItally qul l or the nfme.aot- d46atI t e .

Bald. Cut or Brutoe. Boklen's Arnicea clerk of Binche & ftya, went on a indne hem o" tt"I g btn m nf .
Salve. tc ahet In the world, will k l very pleasant fishing trifr Tmluba pUlHa witt and ulin resMerdl the anmpl. aftin BW CU L- .J
the pain and promptly hoeal I. Acres He reported a fine tir f t plenty of and on their retronling ome Wdaeedl e with to thew ths. NowaW
ld .res F oer Sores. Ulcers. fisk. te fanse of our r prods Wepe pre ct 4vp S ,'e
Old o. er~Las a Ucera h s Caitro s n leh diasomo- that others in tine w rea e these
Felons. Corns, an 1inZruptln. es moded on account f the, lack of her advantage and tat TWI rat o o t'tt esd a 11M
Pile cure o erth. Only 25 cts. a box l Ebacco stsUly, but expect to be re- well with th e la'et t eit ge s RO In w tr 1 '. g
C Iref gr teed. old, by l.eonardl 0 lUeved earzy in the week. in this especial eline ct tde.
Cmdeol.. D iL Mtirnb n t cd expects to makpte anf SIf yoe ameir mtend rnMesi
omply oe ~addition to hism force art n early date. State of OM.o. Cpr of 11Te5 H. res n the right ide, Ds.!Jiml
a *# ,Arffulles Beros. & Lapes will receive Luneso untly, bl.
e'AtJh oe o tr destroyed b. fire a saet Pbhlelpmmeet oa tobac co ry the Frank J. Chiene makes oath that he a
eAt. JPlace your W i denc n DWitts net bot from S a. Ins the senior partner of the drm Of n essM iek-ssAdC. O
Wich 4.7eSalv t haivid never ed fortwen CnBla pT o has returned rom Ha- J. Crefey 0A Co.. doing tsnes In the heav3r ad 3,s dti
to eAe hern FtInsrance Compaa to vanre hr awh he uentn to insect the to- City of Toledo, Cnty and State a or e-
a Nwich aUnonpa, Damnd not for other make and docto of One H tndged DIteds for ea .0och a.-t t

-If ya have 1m. cu them. No use -. ca re1eM .0 D
undengoing horrible operatons that Cd not express the rapture o FrANIs K J. Cr OaX ter
rm wn a remove the re ts or the dis Annie u'ro ton s ab p tee t ha d e d
wet stng a. disas it- sre Pa.7 presence, this 6th day t3rtet r .. Mbe
eae Wf it G t dit w wa the dieas It- te. Philadelphia., s Phe A. D.1 10L Di 5ne 6.pa 4.
sef. Plaae ymorC oMfIdence in DeWitt's tsoud that Dr. KIngs New Discovery 08eal.) A. W. MON. A-'N
Witchtl Basse Nve. 'It has never failed for Consusmption bad cotpletety cured Notary PolUintic.rIn mi
to em s hMrs H itll sot fail to cure her o S a hacklg cough tha fouar. anny d Halls Catarrh Ce tha kn in- kteaer- t
FL00. 4'B.,EL LenrDi & Co. Central year td made life a burden. l and maose sr ae of theblo.
Ph Q ps. Dtmon Phar- other remedies and doctors =old snot Send for e free. Wtae. .t
?. St Y hOf tM y. ve het no help but sbe =qof tis F'. J. C HCE 00Y & CO.. Toed. 0.pr5ept tbAt .A
Royal cure-"ls soon remnovedthe jpa"pit Soldblip alyd&itsts7k- .re tham-
i d e a make in my chest and I can now deep Bal'r-e .a g
a di bluet snd nmM as the rse. ly s.omething I can m ocey retnember "As& a umvne^r mreson Ftlori csn 'l
doWin before. I feel lMe sounding tis out of sigbnt. Winda
Dap't think 706 03o ems thi Mhlght pralses hoummt the universe. so I t
- atte9t Ot Dsmqel-R rbTiMnM or that wil every one who tries D r.Kng's hl,,a&'s b oar m ofunyW mMA1- .aloe.,
,I Cem woTlst oa, s tor An Primefor- and we ha
4W. S. .=1416 am= e. a. ..sDrugStor.- ,every hotme guar. listed this smm.. t -,.

zPednig dalys&1 am come,
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IJ lE BEST M1-= --- AN AHM uFF
l- to A: -y
Pip S -aawa SSwl A NW& A'sttaempl
ml i i ly way th be is after rmt s ansd Masts With
e ase has attalird to healthyBa* A4cidat.
---t womthehattheir live
iSa ~iim u EI e mn Tuesdayas hl/me. ked by troublesofthis From Tueday'a Daily. .
i L du ... .. i clerk at debate d ption be- Fernmando Berrano. one of the pc-
t. rt Tampa and the Hotel ane and th prudery of nickers who attended the Balast Point
A 0. aOA.Bp.oa'tldaTV"y Ar % tht c Ity. is now repre their o- blowout on Sund', mert with a very
s e Plant t Shoe Man he the wander- se s a* accident while r hiring home .
Iut- ......... Co aid oi health.... %i....In
Addysas by Capt. Hutch n a n dd a l&hip dribuoo Ytorr about 8 oeo i t heene-t h
S-. ..t-mratth. HalL. e. .n e AAmer -el Toa Trl b-tes o Sto rn bo i in. er trano. with m others, was e -
that tic %Asy`rretlered 1 ithe lidfe of a st right fo r' tiold idpltd It i nL t Slntrwhist 0 otl
"* ia 11A9 lpau J&E. (uP.P A drummer to that o a hotel cleri. Not strom ofdeath. Th the carr sa going at a lively rate. he W I
QI monoll dr was dttingl ceiebra,- .:j .....- saL...r. LI-tOr, i>ut the vari- wrori" ::,j has not been taught hi n. C i ,,:-;d to ) p oi,. In hang so
to-nA e yta tettmy u L.o -.* tm t- Lgta ettnig changes siiv .1" nk ng care of her health *n o -o-. h,: ui3,.yeed neitther said tot- cotston Earn d tgjI
SH. in A i sey tend to make It more at- ar. iv a ship adrift upon Ase -.: .. .s a result h- I. hea,, w toNow B i UU U IU i i s .
1 .1ll Me t L. B T re POta M J. ete. A- -. .a te ig i.. ,-nr Diseases that willw- .: i -;;- wLn i.,%.ent. and his ris.ig- arm going from 6 t
S'iiatsd W 'the WO nMM' ReOief Co .. tIn reply to a query concerning the u- .-i-swill soon ass.n".- ,-"-.and i ,1,-l h vneo. it wan ut o% f eean. the remedy whleh will keep_ ther_ a yhJya.Pks. h
. ia m== at.G. 'A. R. ~a~ll since e I began work selling shoes a 11. and if the y e n gt a id
three rmonthi ago I haveib n in eer esa e death ... waysiho.and with ey mea zar weont almost to the ctmalng theI b Is
S a usr We e pitat of e state here ie e could be steepped. The criles
;. nw mairc to St different cne0 I n jy iUne i sdtene. Pensaolo, Jack- 'e eh crn oos e wouned man mon brouelt aA- M-- 1 Sarah rae. 4r,
.,. e is done. Pen a Ja affected by the constant drag and d asin o the ioead crr oon broti an-
.4i1ara. S wing flowers on the graveS aonvi.,-e. Mhatnmd. Key 'West, .Tanima and pon the delicate and f. mine organs istance He was carried Iito eet o.
"[t e~fi^s Aa m atsf ers erts all tie lue tosrse In the interior and r. Pierce's Favoriti- Pre-cription is the by drug store. where In a e m foro -M I w i ..
so I < free to s en-ots ar t m enttrel- d&3- one perfect and unfailing -noecific for every on-tes the- Wonnlad Maunwan receivina dditcai.t
.tA601a. l Wi- b wr n1 d West Ta, s a interested standpoint that TamPta derangement and disorder or this descrip. medical aid. It did not take the ph- dotor SW that Mof
IM Ttaltl. l d. altoether twenty- takes the lead. Not only is It i Lhe lion. It fits a woman for wifehood and sncian long to see tbat id he wih d]ouLd ds m11 twi asImxlll

^ s reu^Vm Pierce, Busfao oN *s ws
a_ esAe r o assetl-here e else in the State. Other the most eminent and skillful specialists rIng c ruhed a.nint t o pow er.
_s a -t tal as the e a ut a in'isease of won. t the iide o g.o Cl a-
C ae d by the sa- -theirl dipping interests. but there is I wasntrouhled three yearn with female we stank% saree so -his home atppMI 2011
sno honaon h o rFloridas ocoasttasama. S write s Ninaitot ritey. of edfor Cite. a we His wifeds-o toad been
'. " i M ^ B' 1 1 o -rn dhedfo r Coe.. ua. I had two dnphaysians .ilt tIee n
.. te as n. mcslal an te -Il tte e can T. e TeaTea ite A her did o me dgn I was tro'blea d witht w for his coing all evening. al- 0e by
tset e torm fruiott plantatot pains a my loeft se al7e1 the time.. .Whe it was moa t went Into i sterile s when she Xti W a ,
tald tahag nu e ler ate ippingM mitee restsand i ng toingt d e saitwn inamcomlaach.Ielsorblood imwbgoe ine heU04 I[
W, O a meat eraa ietat as-un cand npa on anlmnt every di.,min paina, in d mya ia staseb aI .o oes-ered withWo toeowMY t. I 0
si okd of aWOLh b chills -I eoulld ogeupswithts i 8nt FOR TinH hg.e
S i b povss lu0lded b3n 10am t a n Wea q e Int he the -a r Finally I took three bottle of Dr. Piee'se a- thel tno wcneesad othe acden t
_;0fa rateos, a cannot he otherwise esmri pion n d twolof hiis d-antwoftGolde-_M de-& aIany at t t nse n te tne to ." Se bL T s
-no -tom prospe rou esea 00 Arznascofthe1 0 nort have anypainsreatd either Motorma n fily or nth toera
7 y cs a g utog a ea innd fr .at e r W. a tnn to Kb WottWest, vt ana mynbtter lth no IMa Oeead Ge 8 thI the man hado ob servedthe i ois mo m partklMS the Crt, and is now on his way m ife.nr um forege-rtIng off theecarsthe sc-inft@at o
o t tr e a estme North R o Is ao eolf the beat hotel Ro w to pte eho health and be ya-u tarecient wn cat her e occnarred. b ookf124116=7

te ""- BIG INCREASE F Phi ippitle tShow
S te s e a uatiti Vego table d e r ial.i e t
Sh eso ien t o w s prom Thwil ty. dennce Wan Not S uvcient to War-y the wet season flns te I wirectt Im .
Mob W 906i n Str i Cot inu e toGond rit the e a W an T reden Be thts e d h a M ayt & 21.-T heaproh of
LoeAs O tU H a e at pr Tu-eda Daiy ant the CourtinHodidng Ht m. Allb adong the American ines e e hR
9w iar e cmand a Frot T uh e teshs farl o the rebels are sho ow onh more amre-oe 'e l "
it l M d. to t river s ion and oints c.e trta o J. Com elias he Ybor at an time before since the tall of
Alrt i a- ndlteareilagad- aloeh of th ctyh ,tuaunobt eh to tootdcit l baker,. haged -lg dorh at olng a in e t
theo-h bindiyg27. agg4vstar tAeddrs e & 1
dt. ..p hw et n w s The ppim rotn p thts pla on lttle -year -old iril named Josepha in the tren a., s eep lng I J theIr wet
r T b I iananto at b re s ibn markt s f de tn tool place before Cunty Jod s clothes and con Amtianl on the Odort an hi med b n y
s3100 o S ate, Dne l of' fahmere Harrtson no terday. Alderman ue- against dashes npone or outposts and tE ospe~wie~ -B prUfa
11.oVuerticec vened in t. V. e ononwee udirm.
a bat A. Wel- t omt e Tas an inca f 000 A as of the Fourth -ard, appeared tie make lfe warm tor lbe A0n iecsl hoe lO t 0 ic te eIn me
Shnethee.tot oe t p at enlaeg over the p week and the prosecuting wltnes. The a rrie od Gee d a toi thet priee it irri bed eotHten
more'anePhtoo B _-ns I u than doith le w hat it w an last wThe ha s r o Glenei ti s.d a owan rd n M In-A TL es t h n s 0iAe I

o m .a m c im etest wea her In other ve .etable aecrio able to hold the trial In he cou be eait be ctwee on eneot h M c-oAr- valu es g e al a e he d
.sdia ot a brt h n e m the roa oThe S a d an e rened and n-- nwt Lhe .re- o b o p with th
aiW. H aris-1 a1aoae to masto es dM atInefor v tery oo the C-1 n.Stev and e hy turned In fo mtoe to their old h
ra,'an toand the pries setll hover theme rond tB-----n-cd---dwereteir r offered 'toe you by thhivt q Uo
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wswHtorrible Atro tiea ring CommItted witnesses tor the defense were cat et. fed thc at bwm
as ^ f t pe ;by th in ?he Intondth- eo.t , a ^ roof i te, rlO f ta l en hes o pbe c o ea 40i t
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W".6 -r W Ol.n ttaay 2.--Informathon acter of the eendant. arire h etn fod, adp fe Atrha.nBae.nc adteth.ng them sel ovs p"on -te# 25 pieces CottoO Cover., _- e t. a s
adIa a l 0\ M ie, receined here In pIrate letters b0rom Alotet the yrtr the evidence and teart f thoeirni newr yn y i d I

Ee 1. todv a ,sain dead. In o ne natance charged the prsoner., de n. the e- r a-dA o the Fi- ios ma- s. Donot fta o l to see hB
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-S 1 W m edk wl tresmm a t p i le to thRod the n w t esoa stw sw eet wIth hay. a recent enga enent with theB 1Fll l l .t, 'w -rT ..r.i _. ... -;-e *
Swoundd. TJhe aO-atd f the t p inos in &a Ionand of 'I atn ne sTyWhosga-il y wto wd Inore
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.. Slt t e 1ea me Isp epa et fo ll be the death frieans attend ing the aer vic le men n e

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rt AP ort U u r ris e rko cibaredot and followingm Ba. the loe

S a_ l Smweest of a a Twoe ihndred miles since sun-up-ara t e aves

Is M a t n othe g er m lth to Aets I ms-n rest toroa boors a pell sgta-i' e p o to meet wioth se |

I a trwith .h alman. Wlthishhell a s rec* blat mre so OR

Aim 'ia s ti SO ail to eesa, there th nhanoteeer unleton sr ef oersturs iebteehofoerin To
a - --P ser., Mab toad has had Ia worse. Id et, took a down Te maF when rd the story +
as el i "mmt Oflem "r all t sad worh e to e here eogoe a-od the ov ent, w ch- O
-a eall. thMe e iWeat a n to Its They mest have camp stools or a a atande I rrke down there for three + I an es
k r w are d fad With amlie s or tour ds tom.- ea wDNith sa-ter. ,
'toMd4C pbatnx tOr soue old-fanhxinnd kinds of seat as Work c ti p on bitW n ouey rap dly + 1

B B B Iem to be 'Hartrthere'saaer l ostn inci oCear wtil he tn tohed tn- -- ttro^ Gin orpme of +
; ,--o-' o o ft h The man who cGhestsrBahinter. +'

wth ia l. ..e ft t -...g a. sad wordn s r tongue or p an .s. of em. l ak e centd Mhr forU 1, +
-Ift a be d the Fs C. The saredds are thea e: *i o scootRng W-l new reas h that seaeny land

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