Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: May 25, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Vegetable Shipments Through This Tampa Will Celebrate the Gloronu
I K Th Arms city Last Week Aggregated over British Naval Offices Pay a 1Beloging tO he CObalSoldiers Most be Fourth in Grand Style-Poh
i 0ise* Momey. Twenty-Five Thousand Crates. Friendly Visit to Tampa. Give Up, it Along.

Wi L a LLY veget 'e itprnent, from the ENTERTAIO BY AN ESCORT ANGRY WITH SECRETARY ALGER"' 11eFourth osafJuy.gestiso t54e
-- asatee sections and other points along -b y Lhis paper some days ago, seconded
PIM nluft*1oil the bp soAuth d this city have grown Col. J B. Anderson Assisted by the GomezDisappointed and Disgruntled by one of ourw leading business men,
to enormous proportions. A Trbune Mayor and Others Extend a Cor. and Even Cespedes Says Soldiers whose interview waa published In the
Sm n ates dete bom the s dial Welcome in Beha f of W.ll Not Yield An Out- sai hem in heart M
pha stiuostlee at both the F.C spouse In the rnin sa s ofTa
and lanst ytane railroads and tie the City break Anticipated. pa's patriotic cdtizena The celeMratlon
Sytf re -b y yesterday e -- -- bas been talked over and diiascued In
t.'."5 todit aMomt Ahlped to Northern mar- From Wedresday's Daily. Havana,. Cuba, (Way 22. General all its phasee. and the universal sentl-
ls' ed "idiIt thle tw ferom the potlt No joMter crowd of men ever set foot Brooks's decree. providing for the pay- -ment is in fever aof Fourth of JS l
llto vei 'Ma.JibW J p L ew on eFte a utte or on Florida soil than the-officers and ment of the Ouban army, was not Is. blowout that WI credit to both the
Cathb s m 'w t"hbomd rates, nearly Al crews of the two BritIsh war ahips ued to-day. sad after his promise of cilt sansthe ea t that T'Ipa
1- br th a 5t Iesthat now a at anchor off the ier a yesterday the Cibans generally look Is the recognized Sot Fiorid aetro p-
aw .cit a Part lay at anlc pror f t ute apon it as a certain Indloatlon that the oil. It tis the k t and mot impor.
-l s' heen nes-rrg steadily at the Port Tampa. LTey not only appreciate b t ad e a ie tite on te Biarie eninh p
1-- 1 "e 4 th the many courtestee that have been ex- arms must be next ed over to arsenals., InThe lg awill sa ntoyer tedI I s
So''s e tino. OLt. If the riwars et a tended to them smoe their arrival at Feeling has grown Intense against A deep-water chamael will moon aShw
eA1 9 4 tma aineas n i h.athe p ort.bt O 7he h ve psove tenm the A mnerlcamn government durin the the laeies vesses ad the G so cct
e w -. weso s es aea will at r abe last two d&s& and Secretary Alger Is them to touch the dsika i Pos. d
.0111'111111 wetL eve adopts at sec~i athM. I n-hL trreelk the fe In ti e n taet&M COWm e
siape nt is juat nw at being scored in the Cuhan press, w oie 0I nsM ni es.
a:it tles Isjust the Among the pleasant events at yes Ouban leads both Goes and anti- and ca. e the s ge to staMe ttm i
0 2t t0t to W t demad terda sad one tat wil be lon re- Gomes, are xndeinin h br the e- wonder mand adud.Atl _
t _AWthe s-sim vms. lOSe i cmbered tyR as mnenbers of the itte la In the ti srwliwg-. wbk they de- ours wans te dty Ito n-ic" the
|ggJX"ftgy" e Ze4 V4110011, thom tte U100, raiy naenrso i re a wig su rey rewalt In travle. Amtrca army ginp, that, Ing 0and
S otens here d at Port party, was a vitt to Tampa by twelve ra th oth ers wlrefuse to sur- o'quered te Sae Bnish bo*. r "
a i pst late In tAte Bbeven both mg- a oiers of the two war vemsels. The4r render their ars at aswe-sae Is boldly where the NAo anl iltsary Co 1 v
ruabft 2 special rdtigervAtr cars I namew were Conmodore J. C. Bir- stated b. Cbitms everywhere Colonel was siel and where Mte l it i Cao,
iB en am ded t mvdt .y n j C Gene, G J Aun. C Gener ome's pee. din cadeM M*
isnng d eaw oen a t nht run to Nottern '. "o h E J. Ai n said the *oMlers would rent It to al wr t efets th Wste oft tc.
E. W. atreeL. t. Staff Eegineer C. M. an and General Brooke must take !tralnoign tiepublic hsooolt and wm'
--'-' ........ .. "Narrts, IAeutenant A. Cacywer, Engineer the consequence. I they partook oi Tampa'sa hosptality
.,to tsf V1OIAW F ClL W. Hart. Liemenant E. W. Wemyss, General Goaes wus closeted saU day with such plea ny reokeAh ons.
with some ot his chlef. lHe is diagrun- WIth waL eb ets before what could
and A .Briitant tuicale and SocIal Buc La tensat Pa>e Gawa-, Staff Bus- ed and evIdently disappointed at the be more appropriate tean a bi ebra-
Il .,,'- l -cess Last L ht geon lManfield. Lieutenant F. 2. R. delay. lion. One that -wald give us ample
-a*ft w iI* e, ar r n -an=ied Carter and ieutenant S. Uugl-lass. Information s been given to the mil- opportunity to display our patlotism P
Sa"Fre omrn Wedesdays Daily. I y e brought up from the Port itary authlties that many new rfles and mnkttl our apfatn hl P
as ee at the residence ofstem spal d a an other armed have ben taken from Tampa's onward march to prosperity
alni. a i kImM'an owi 21- '. I.A A lTrner., Jr..his altn a Plant system special, and were V c" Into the mantra, and gUds honor and renown.
r e o, '- e. m aj.. os an at the Tampa Bay hotel at I p. m. were Instructed t- nrht to examine To give a celraton befitting t -
I'J Awtmlwe tby. the vanoed violin alam gave a most enjoy by rhe follo wing named comnrMtee: all cars leaving the city nid to hold csalon every man, woman and chdald
Mi' t 1inse Ot btO- stand enterta wnig 'retital. Tb -yor Boa er. Cl. J. B. Andersona M suspicious characters w ill be in duty bound to do their Whare
SIo I thod used with sis classes by Mri B. Mat t Is ated that the Cuban agents of the work. A happy union of
3o-.Aba -roas 11W an B. Macfariane. A. J. Dorrrobrowsy la'd have bought up (Mauser rifles frontnpose. coupled 'with a universal desire T
ll irTmut for i 'rner is that ef the great LeonarS Paul Worth Smith. After spending a Spanish volunteers and stored them to do our utmost to perfect and carrsy
-as an t 'by te irenownedOve half holur It viewing the sights of the a ay- I out the plans proposed b7 t he Senesal
O Ws a oe Uwe a Ouin. and In his recital last nlht, Mr Tamp Ba -oe th prt bad a *Two Clbas were arrested last night committee In ohiare will result in a
o O tWN 6e late GGe. t ren- er duplicated a similar recital hI Tamba Bay hotel the party boarded a the povoet guard of the Eighthirousing and oroms ucees.
in.t.d is i prticip n Nw York & 4 street car that had teen provided for regiment for trying to Intimidate a The Tampa (Board c Trade, the isetd-
sen.t k- be partkted in New York duir -"!r
S'obad byeePn atl hi nnectn wI-th the Ds l Via the occasilon t y the 'Consumer's Co. now recrut t on gatu arol. The men stated -r4 business organization otthe city
rIt was P la hionneon with the deoraed by the flags of that the -were detectives and thai has taken the lead in the matter. It
R Oteg q 1et to Glsr un QOLaOL w erti they tried to get information from the is perfectly proper that they should do
Ulli-m.mvw 1 grt- ra e w iwas aa lows: EgiLand and Amenca. uad as to the number of soldiers In go. It now be xAwee every citizen to 1
i tt Unite d Post alital The frlt s mlop was made in frtu of the city. On pretense of examning fail into line and show the people of
a coit scale variation of portion exer cae the masgnlfcent building of the Florida the gun. they secured the rifle and were Florida what tampa can do alonr thi
osie; varotion exercises l psittl s : e s te decampingr ohen arrested. line. The foHowtng notice seat out yw b
@Ad sd tOQ.W: "- 0 -qurth finger, exercises-24 scaes. Brelng Co. during the sito here ihe terday-- b y Selretary ITF. Cunnlnrgtam Is
B th e I-pos- These were played by the las is Darty was served with a very flne lunch WELL;;-AN-DI.\. self-explanatory:
ia" .'* .Mt NU t Ju ,n It a h e my vy e atLer which they proceed to DSu -- --
Iu na t s usonl from memory accourpanlea a k. here the spent a half hour. The .Marriage iunday Night of a Pop- Tapa, Fla., May 2 t
Sarms on by the vIolln of Mr. Turner. Then r ee iar Yung op A meeting of the members of the
Itl fo allowed a solo, 'Flower Song ge The pay xt taken to the Tapa Board of Trade and business
W DM11 i rF ae played by Miss Lizsie Kruse. Solo. deniburg cigar fawIc-r In Ybh CiI), From Wednesdai's Daily. en -n of the city is here called for
I La : Ma l ka Rt mntye Musi t ie where? they eqe inflated into the n-s- One of the most important events In Thursday. the 15th inma, at 8 p. m.
1A Lt stays: -The -w ofe the cgar manoaturig tuBsl *al ~csriels of the s'?a-on was the sharp, at Couoetl Chansber, In the City C
lller mih mre Anna Van Roe. Solo, Bercuee. D ter m manufauring arrilagel re Sunday night aC t th- ee-Iegant PHaJi for the purpose ol arranging for
hoI t 'i a d naotbr to tka- by Mr. J. Corbera. ne by the (ourtecus manager, nenoI residence of EMr. and Mt-. G(o. 'pa.-k- a suitable celebration of the (Fourth of
s l aet of the wer sit we _l received. and Jcse Arangre. Before taking leave earth man. on Tampa Heights, of r. Walter July
I '5 in e were apal recelit o rry was presented with ells and Miss Lizzie Candia. Rev. A number of prominent "usinea men
k e or later enc'ed. had toswpvt e rnumery ap package or e' fn i oody. cf the First Baptist church. cr- ) fthe city have advanced the idea that
I. V uer. Krs. w had to repeat her tumimer neat u t w to he rs of iated in his usual impressive and it is time hiat Tampa hould ome to
at f.tor- rlans o- n-t M neial reqluesat. ae next v 0tAas to t he Klms O characteriUxt.c stayie tht- front in this matter ofat celetierating
STtuA -ey 'ae tth illustrated wht t he famoueis C erookee Club, the leading Mr. Wells is a prominent and pros- the Fourth of July a manner to re-
Ww-is- vMr. Turnhoer the UUtrakE d owanish orKanialiun of Florida For lrerous buslnese man of Tampa. aand Is flet credit on the cidy. and Induce visit- I
t edito-s class woilV have to work on during ab ou an hourthey ow Fr rdta ath' hieW' reteemed b all lwho know him., ors to spend the dWy here, and the ral-
p ,' toW IplItLt l the next montai, and aste renderI about an hobr they were treated wittl, for his Intrinsic worth as a citizen and roads will do their part in bringing the
is ea to tee ia versy artltslato"y the 'B-oriana.- of J a degree of hospitaslt.y that has given business factor, while the bride is a people to Tampa. V
Wow esatmuc h O sna o The. T recital clee-d -by having sev the members of this chub a reputation most idetniang- and culltvated young A -gramn wll e formulated and &
-for sibiatillty and beraJity Ilat'. suneres iiv poplar with all wisho comttees agpipotne at the meeting
AICt-. ot5wn-s to sbre era] selections played by the grapho Tf e distinguished visitors were then know her, and is considered the rose- to take charge of the different features
T '~bwin t 'war phon e, showing the difference betee escorted ack to the city to the Plant d soi te is an t little of the cerata nd it Is d ed
t-u em e.HmscortemdepS61ttot the ,atertoxphessinglady, richly endowed with all the that there should be a P11 e.ts-dO a
meaen cal and siftl stiae. Mrs system depot n 'eere, ater e preseingto t A I u
S..0.arin played the a&cmiopan a their ba h pmeatlon of the generous arms and ac:oorieshrvnts hs that are EL CrUtM P Ci ,1 I
SmuS Streatmen extelnded to them. departed so characteistli c among true Southern a4cretalK. I
Ol ned menti v -eful ly, az added muc for Port T arpa. women.
PERU POINTERS the trts The happy couple will ke n p
A NOTr their home, and teTribune joins their STATION
l t hat Section ct to-day ThIs company .a sincere oregatulaton and wishes-A fne rain la

PERU --- chased an e4a t spri ILer and co roer en kpt standing on Florida t eoon Bat ay has put former
SFla y 25.-An election s su atd arrane t wt the at I known toormestic felicity driven at at Fs of hirits. |
AmeM"-bPre cmaFarmers-A --T MOVEaTHE LLE Rh.atPlm-

bet he ter -day to determine wate rs people and hessit o t and one wh trd to A Crops kig Ni of
S strIot ando the dcations ofa will beginto the ainlng the streets of this ere s a gre hospital of badly o aicribe and nt is better nine
Thed r at Secwrition g it has to-day. lae and inpany is the i ur-bentention made n regard o the ruined Others abbage and all t2.-A fine rain In they could
ed the e of yor correspond ner son to have ho would enjoy drivstaing along the rf i W se tn Black Water n Saturday. t

r l lPe tov lmt o nei.or l n the election Franki sm n ant d as anyoe worit th- avem ent are compelled to drive a di e i n thheal handwrattti abor a
.. .. b settlement atody to atdetermnd Din fares In the city woe business peo- blocIt. aund through n he deep sand in n sh s r choppiing down caba i
Sserte sati Rthe.Jnk Yneaotes a rt ole andthe e rf tre heir streets order to avoid the n roer. TherelI are tre makin fre etS Jbee and better nine
i f ttrsi -'s-tt e tattedlt church, nso d- i sprinkled. It is a well-known facrinkler -t thab e run' lt of vacant lon. His wrorequen asted Knt g weretook the ranlner a of the of
a ouer sa woy nengit hborhooda thea company lai. animply pi is ate intend ret ret where thisorse ruined. Od e agon, and ably uitainedh the reputation od

b teen B heeachin s- and at 10 o clock gpe dte tciy a superb service In tohs kept without any extra expense. r9te us atBac Watere oam Uily .
's .* etht a'vist, a neigre concourse the of l ne Frankin and stsmn le conden theer att-mention tae .. s.peled to drive a e did theEnglish hIs doiwrt ome good

.-...^. --t at the "waters edge.' where te bustimnes people of Tampa will wel the matter and it I the wish ofat many, ,,c on a road leading to the stats t
a t. to saptism were performed come the new sprtnkider In a more sub citizens that it be attended to withest from the south.
B .-IM. I 9 'Ioqpaon and .rs stantial manner than mere flattery. further delay r. H. P. (Blocker is prearing t

l'teby disOO'osed If you have any patriotism in you' Sweet refreshing sleep is glien by rove h a l rom et P
mi'mlam ona! soula attend tshe el etion fetllle Hood's Sarsaparnila which strengthens C to a apot on the F &
ganeised a sam. at Port Tampa to-day the'nerves tones the stomanha and oer- y about Etotne-th of ails rsoatha
DOwit n-l 5 prlOt tt of a ot comes all dyspeptO deymptoms You Knight's etatio mbe wtlrn In om C
qs Ieli t ,and, II C. E. Garmatt. a prominent citizen o. should tr i. necion wi thth a rice shelter ,v. h
sa M taem havIng the, Lakelan4d, was among the Almerla hote will be a great benefit to this section
a bi. pt sea beat wishes o arrivals yaterdays Hood's Pills are prompt and efficient, We hav e not yet interviewed Mr
4 Pla hn An e inent ist predlts a tooth Jeasy to take .easy to operate. 25 cents Blocker, consequently can not gIve hi
- ^g -a t PLaIC c has teen; An eminent secent1st predicts a tooth I
to is oaw a private leem age. Be must have been dunned The elaborate celebration at Por laisuia the write-up It deserves w
S oww MIssMmay% ha 'an bill say. however, he deserves t-0
-: ttat a se a n by a dentist, ITa tt-d of Queol Vltortaa hearty co-operatlon of erery fWiW t
ersa sattctonas a at Prt amp birthday is a happy manner In whilc and trucker in our community, I
ThereMWl be vlis at Pert T it5 to celebrate the cordial feelings exit-
tar ma t .L S '. mneuL9 in to-da fror all sections of the tate. Ing between America and one of the Knight. Fla.. May 2 -The heavy
Abus-aI sisc hele les e Port TIlpa wiU do itself proud to most powerfi Toreign powers in the rain last Sa&t-dr will he the result o
iII l -to h ioslnDe in Both% day e .orld. ',et everybody turn out and the heaviest cormn crop that we hat t
ha Alta th assist in making the event a gJorious had in this viini4ty for several yass
"i yi at All hall the Queen one. Evety thing Is prosperous In thGe wa
.e.a f a crop.
to t 1o sf, .we es.Thbe Broan boys will likely alp a
aMWy tatag s lee car of melons alout the feSt of Jne. I
_E tift.asa OWIt 11=13WMr Nat tHwts-ome is nereting a "ar
arissme, which smes a great Imp's'rp

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Quite a veiy a emotion l took0
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evenImo t thr tant M eu sPassedr Yields to theoWonderful Treatment of .- ..
Wae S.aU b. *Will Yesterday ing a bufttrer Thirteen Year.. tftlFew, IoNIIU
Talla e.iee. Fa, May -rte Of-n-
atenonmmed the day consider -ng the B. Sadl .y of Gainesville, acor n OA
amended. New bills were introdu rd een.ng. For o~rteen yearsfoMr.S -ad-___ .__
it W. a at ows: li-Rer t Drawn by the Judge and De ivered to n a re a ca- H Captures the Iebe Town Alter a
-]le i tI W- a O; rem follows: By IM~r. Rogers, fixing the 0 le- has tbo,-n a sufferer fr I- -,".
*lke tetlktd M l efy Ganes releponsiblilty o fshippears or owners of the Clerk--lwo Subjects of Span ce on h. rigte cheek. During the Hot Fight m Which thMe3nemy
S-He ods and merchandise represented bY Hake Application for Amei- 1ast eight of these eah s ser i Boted-spaish Pri- i
'- ' th m ibi'a r tl s of lading ; by M r. Bake r, provid-w c ns C ite n h ip I eer e oe that it t d hlF
A lg a penatly for eiLg liquor in dr life. He weas given the t e f meanedl o ers R d 1
Noei mlnmel a g1rk d at ti. hi o f b B rood T hurs noy Intenieyrestythreatenede y e
ootnties; l te r Mr Palmer establish- From Thursday's Dally. treatment in Gainelt-le. and finaty, -No news .

2-,l rton g a tmdf ytem of free pu btc The cirouIt court opened promptl at when all attempts at relief aj a nersbe
o lAU6 galP ,at alrcomfort- o .e onewnormal choolforeachnasadvisedM o fIPop ved here in regard ts to "
lS of General Gam rl- The Hise paed seven ults appro- bench. Two subjects of ?paJn who earg of the my sus even lef h o taeciake a s
Soria g $20,000 to pay Escambia com- gave their names as Marias Corces opera dons that had been made by Dr. of itself.
"..It* aw. dI"U the ty for t nag f el tlee plant for man- Felipe Flora y Estrada and Hermen- Hram famp ton, of TIampa, and read- e insurgent eea G r o d
... I d Ci^nnn ^of tihe tailing ilteab p roads and te-idgestoff t ilde M. trada appeared in opin lng some of i flattering testimony i Ps beeve eerl. bs d-
d In nactlo w State. I equirino g phoephate Inspect and mae applicati to become h tet d to gve dm a trial. He PSr. beees at he e bee d-
to Inspec eachcar of bpat ship court and de application to become Fte an
to nP ter of p phate hi- court a aarm red in, tids city with hie wife, who serted by the Flipieno l gveei t ., en
f e- d; linsssrating the Florida Baptlat naturalized citisene of the Lnited was oostantiy at his bedside, and desire to suaender )as can sese .
n N= tr it i feared, be- Convention; rt certain lands to ates. After giving sa.sactory a- placed hinlslf under the care of wdat he rengrds e battle ten i
OW % n cew b* A l been tw Seminole in.Tazm and protectiwh e gsgI -
No* bb do cO plege were to the usual quisetor they were Tam-at's epecla-Ilst. Gen frlinest fs n m ieed
____ A retc .sen .atire of the Tribute by Colossi U c t
A arook kes an se the devoted two hours allowed to tak the oath of allegiance. called o Dr. Sdler yesterday ater- city or Mn oL
dt to C edsae pension bills. The com- 7e aiamngist case of the Forld no=n ulu proir to his detisrture o ber tc l taon 1o a t 9 111 a: -..

ca n acco ts- nietaeenddriag counties to v c e eo- e r b e f i boam 01 r
-Wee We ec becsan mr lBrewn ing o te t o s ,Zln oerbaum cfor bore. In reply to a- qery coner- f.e
N ( t ~ bn l sl s amended, wans orded a cai oft 3e0, was hn called. Both n hi m condition I n andm ood opinion of the re ee 'ab ao Oa

Gaome% i ltrea atme nt oe had rem-eoved, be aa:e Cod Jao I
Sse nrge d ret, ed. Itner Introduced a prinolpalis in the ase emt ually a 'gree tIf t ato hn m en ea r e e I errpved : t fAm cau s a en e

heIa.Ilws Isa dueal wIth lb. dotl. the Pres i ~ ~ ~ he eidet dto e andt w itout ed th atee serM n tight aof rt thg
Cusa lead- a o Bo Mar 30, Unio n c11 0ou-t 1 o diiPene with te here on dla-le 13t yoa could e h t7hhtt oaale So d 0e. d i s r 1r
Aushon i dy. as a. Stateholidayar serViceS of a w-nJusand submit the c0-I- lJudge Of the lugoovez, nt inmy ci- asma5cm .tt-rwart n d hoi&tt, in. 0Ai .a .L

WaLkt o WRCOPdalETEbe) danc n the case to the cout andon. I a rI h e m the town.on the iaed theStr Saacr Laed
ist tbe- my feet. L-Phaer dwere swolen. sandd tEad r tioja ime te C CteeMrAM =l
ener Cabideto the decision. eJ te e endsn of O ad tamed U. a ane m e
&a 555 k stmai e laMk Gen ertime Fate of the -J ofe floaxt waillbeard thie evidence and taimedaraW purple. My ryt -mn ey ot w pratt ofhe srSMtatinao ther
.-S B tL p dh thedi ed- QO. EfKa decision in favor 5re g "-d myIemof te Iwdi e retM e m ena e, acidre rehptedr tobae ith
S lt a Wan itotg May 20. Admiral pontiff in the num of I153.40 and costs o-d yeIr ena hvfe fe ren el ito as' -El
Wals m p. Sa prWedent of the Nktoait g aamounti ng to $7.o. Tee m tml a b is ftereme t r t enn am-n a. eh tin san e

se. -Si"cabe-L dane na d ll i 0al y e se irep b..- e :UNe -- c
S A-. hom to- emi m on, canled at the state de- e next cae on the docket malondIo. I am a oodcolor, corn- y ni Aer th
P1 fl t .J ld, G I rtm e ndt ba ld a long talk with of Ullnan & Co. vs John Saiuter for a par edd ttoawlx s ha soc wand I saIeteven ler tss a i taie ttxsIa w ar m af -
Wehae S eghaslr ~~M y a res pecking the e work a o( e lak of $80 nThe foowing j our was n to he f a ne leaie ono fe. wIi thre weer -o t c
selected: W. a. Hooker, J. dL. Hando. Dr. Hampton t o e hm e tthe e il hend 1m Ofrt the mti aves b -a
a kgcS- the commilson and the come re'to be ha a DBs, Garon, D. that in myane cePr taoc e the o s s to em'Pe a?e .-

SBad rurdun il 0 oi lc hsl mrrung nne ut the bons om pere hh l In t ge wagl th
Wa n" tbe a te lfommistsionfwhichisd to be appointed IAfter heaiM the evidence in nthe not guarantee an absolte cure, he towns lase th te r-e nr t'd a- sNo I-
W tllam ent. ftlte maatod are o wo r the o k ot he pree- c ana the Jury rendered a- v verdict In ontfidetn t tlht tmtn y years eoo ld beatdead ma ea of tI r o tnlra to t an the BS "
twfatv-or ofetheiplai~i ff in the gum Ot added to my life. m oi eata l rm r. oef teen I
Snt pra oat P arm en-t o l ai canal comm Lstion. I $427.83 a nd $7.2 casts. 'He removed all the bones of mly mr favor.
Admiral Waihterwas able to a ouncase The a of th a r htcheek with rena-kaule skill, andi ve Anertcan omi tse re ar- i s e
t T S a tet comnleti of thewo of the pres-' Guano and Chericaj Ma ac lng t she "se a nga t special tratm r tied throgt t~ town lalt week.

aytie ."t t Its the o s tn arhewra ndkn sth e r
S el At lo and rom ied to a t s and on From that ourFro m a I began to recover The becr naftes are u n rs e '
Sicl llato then called. Both parts mutub'ly fro m y suffering and almost help- Nativep are returnibg tbroug the- .
I be dei wih b optymthoe President 4my next Meonday. adence to Lte cuiUt l lout th o n rr One o tLhe most comforting thing y

Ilving alon the Ont ope ths thee ofa rheeportBoard of Health were passed aour Lemon Elioir I have never had asking forn tlidets to enalo e toean !' t
Su defines another attack of those fearful sick return to theywould have bestTTIN
S. ltler inimated tt the estimate e ehada and thak d otht I have tated before accepting a free i

ezwcKv: oS^Sfte C. Bto, at.tl t ed is th-" f. a- t that D.n. 'Ha tmpton "
ze to wash- cost of -the projected caInal w asl lose attention a ito eal or te n l, res ed l hal t 'h T E f my rgt e
rendered a decision in fatvr .>f .if tte was hred. rere to BoR F EELI NG L- d h nih of m rh _
tE ___ it sirtt" F c- b $ 822. W.000,, the mean between the .e.l- plaintiff .for th .su mof $1.112 al oe ao n It* o a11 re ;ias eesaa-y' for im _
-Is*' eS rc-ero It Is n I ent to n e dividau! mrbern. crts, ansntong to .. to rerno e the entire lower the id. e
M&distru "M to a m tes, e oheind The J aige in op-n court and J1 te r fac MsOoL i a healing condition, and Among the Itemanfcure fadt o r
St S It = m ae n, o d ne ho w L, b D te a T 1 r. K. ^ o. ^s ^,. ? ..... 1 The Jr in op -- coX and in the
n l ., will SU al, O F IwillT WlN T o^ T dLNNER. tmfnedte peeene of Cylerk tlle iitma n rvetr resume its former the Stnkes A re All Practicelly
6W -Kid Will -.aG s Maon t whI Attend the Big Pugl-cer, procde to dr from the K ju. ye t.as, g ien m e. nd Settled-.-Factories All
00; bs0 te reaest mIstakes nB Pu i cr Wop e daw j Wo fall to express mo y admiration 0 1 ,
IM P made." said Generalli serAebox the s rorsa testnirt ersedsito for Dr. Hanopon. as a kind hena- B Dusly.
serv,"l eth ld Oe _f it Meas l rs tl next.succeedoatenms f ht.-drto or '
a *pw,- iM e i atmmen o B a Denver C Se, ay Da-The wl .oe o' term of t lhe circuit court. The name s gentleman and a speceallst Of wonder-
fute d aGlmac.. -- .. ...t0A _ a aw clau e n r ed .t the ad e efudAcbilityh. 'He is careful, humane and From Sunday's Daily. M e
Asemea- se a I.w-b tJw were Jealm__ and nerrl-ermi io the clle rkminently correct 'In hiis treatment of h e aitia-ton among the m
Si t be-a mMa law- else P l W KidK McCoy for a firnis e Jn udgfih wnedl et teT gra-m Furysh e alments as mine. In all my Thsuiy e al ns s i. .enaIthe g l m
e e a n ----t-- h e in i d ht tae e s g e d by K ia c a o y f ore ian fi n is h ti s u e om m one d -f o rte y e a r s o fn t nr o u srble oan d asu ff e r in g s I h a ve f a c to r ie s eh o tt a a d e c id e d c h anm g e ,f i
111111119 1 1 r.d- He his teakse pla e in Denv er. cri mina nev oer found his equal. I leave for last week. lb.h El I odelo, strike has
lbwan of a in s go to New York to attend the The case of Ra o ana P ro home to-night a vasly different man been amcaby eted and the Cl
91WF .- of -i g fl eight between 'nlts Insmmna and Jef Cas troe n aad. for a claim ofngr t ae thanM when I caani, and I ittribt.e m e thehenni ob t a t st d Ind the .
P. L^-S T -." r to d e-s u^ m d J. HBrown. C.T. %VAl- .^ d ^ returned to w oThe.resg "ramon
60 rP B to exaltent,W ftor a&finish ftgt witholhesaon, W. R. rtowrhend. H. -f anufen, C.m rB^- H M ahd-MttdJ ,"-L
to-7 -Al tt. Fz.mm i-stwa I tiis italke worse again I certaainly wil re- ing. mThe ma-gemene concluded to F U L
.tand te W i n -wisser. It s my I intention to malt. e t urn to T a for tratn hth
"t Wth a ow i, c g atn the g e."t the case he Judge en- Tampa's famous. aedarin ,located on ade a change i the manner O Fr h Meats of all ki
f hiWdno but a m thoro It makes no difference how d the f te pin- Taima Hehts, has attained an In- lng the filler. Manager C'oso says thmat getihle, Eic. Guodedel e
[J s_ cs~m h f these It kes ... d th tiff for the 9woe of l4.55. anod cos.s valuablee reputation throughout the heis of the opinion that th men aare o
A- "1 i0e for a pacf wotnnd if you us e DeWitt'a WItch Ha' alt untini to $7.25. Court then ad- ths a speclrls. N ot only ib w enti s e the i e
aW ir .t;..j s Salve'. it will quickly heal and hourned until t11 o'cltq-k this m-.un. g. skilled In the treatment of cancers anale j1 6 ,ay l .
a .iao em-r e the leave no scar. B. Leonardi & Co., other skin diseees, but he giv ape- orderR that as lated during the e. I
a e tPers..alhesh Central Pharmacy, ofTanmpa,Dia-log against theciaueimp u po.iles and ruptures in which he has been trouie.
Sam! per.lson-lIm imoThara Bn. sing upon emi.intl successful. The atuike at the horjMann&-am .
teen a tax of $100 a year In each county MOZLEIT'S LEMON ELIXER. tory" aso shows a chan, the "Dto.
.. 41w In T H SH wBhere such mh-s my be. operated. TIes, Rg-gR at-s the Li-er. Stomach, Bowelos, Thursday with eaix caga" makes -thic I
to xT-Afi4 the entire system proheet h atoevter. ill trohe ar ona- and Kidneys.l ncresect to fifteen Friday, the Mr.
1*" r I" ttl at la-has.ee forlSeveal- Days .-Is eontt,'n co o-to p ae trmtanyl agiti l ae Foariam ctraval se tha-tt hey ar e ifl a
amthe.'G.B.suo tsthat it is preumable that the men wi I ral Livey Tzmn,
&..C.-. Gan- a Pharinlsy., of Downed at Last. andr cpeciald)y should those whe. are headache. e% see alinoeshealsoeHinrtlEaml]Bs
,utilIzing ,for their owtn benefit the re- Fors plessness, nertousniss. heart orong in u-)ing to d tte as to O a1d ,
n Vthe fewTho ars caused more val- sources of the commonwealth oe forvied failure and nervous prostration. man a-l co ctP his b n. eaft T e t u

40 S l ae enti W r6matte nto tne at, In met terof d ma be found ne-s- -- not Yetinam t-o-moa rn- n s orA-t fr i
Sohad ae ode t- P teof tbe leheroic effort ot Old Nat sary- I have suffered with indigestion and by the end O net week wfll be m -.et
,ft.Wdsn at a n n ies- he w tof tWe ot Amlait TheState has at lastwakened to dysentary for two long years. I heard lig out cga r at the ratLe ofes dtl a l a
MW raftedC. C. W nabub lnpotpstloned. the.Ita left there are s ba a few Semi fLeo. of Lemon Elixir; got it; taken seven to ua er aW Aforce orf tsety- SS -t
c2 ow-VU a itIt Tmposslble to fresne Dole findianirefat wrthintstsborders,l'ciaraerareatoc.They
.t_6dmt sft agamest h r ess e l mr tab t will sgit and l as r-. thlledry, of Lee. wls maJd bottles and am now a well man. Harry ca-e fa NmOew York, and uge wh5t3Isb%
-aUor eae- ~t S ti at ta-e. Tmhe new game law in the House, they are a public charge Adams. No. 1734 First avenue, Birming- caed Gierma teem woa. It waisre-M aForaal.k-S
anId I the otim o of close observers canntif t thew would,,evade. me eai- of l & .' but M-. 2W.M
.al- or t ba e leWft to the local option prfIn cmtlon. was a bi carrying an apps o- no f uadation, f osh a treporlt 0 ld.
.. orlatlon Of $100 annisly for two years Cu m husband, who was aflctd o hEer of ie wYork enters q
.otr" r otmestas o- been. entered forthPi"o se of endowingran indUs- for yeas with large ulcers on his leg, theC. iba iere lcan l I .
Maimthe.adion of B. &L Rob- trnA shool for t reronants of -a Ces' -sowas here severalS aps w :' 431
0 .. e4 0a ampm of Ucc to his samt in congress. MW that.is"Indeed 9eeL a-nd was ctred after using two bottes week, let. for New York Mondal mIN&A
g B N .*'&A4. C- The G m waaa ep-- ly LAnotht.er "CaLs"e that may safely be and cured a friend whom the doctors accompnied by Ben JS of A. I-
.-S-te" BC A w. -, terte' y na smber of htilgy re- Wded as "lost, is the proposition had gIven up to die, who had suffered Lemlein & C66, eiwr dletributorsa of t "We h Wa
s"o" e tati sae la bton Th. to remove the State c.pitol to Jackson- for years with Indigesion and nervu.New otrk. Mr. J Yok M r .acobsCaMdowba 1 5 b l
or--lwl eewe wI, aut it to much V0- A. A hev delegation from the ,prostration. Mr' E. A. Beville, Wood- within Mr. My'M, and whe'behage per !audry ias
S -." tob he.feaed tht their good Intentioos eropos 1 iin town, ut they camn stock. Ala. feceted awsmmits wwhea-by Liai geely It ia Mm e
li IU wi avaA th em Uttle here, especIaly a never ovewrlde public sentiment in thi & Co. will hereafter handle n3 "
K Y-- Is amL Berequired vey HLtUe in uestion and it Is afe to predict that MOZIEY'S LE[MON HOT DROPS. teat the C Ubaa-Amertan Co.'s W' Ta-naSte Latdf
-.uipHw. a Wh-tko knock out Mr. WUder'rs conm-, t chi troe another Instance In --- When it is oonsdened that IIthItes .-
._ j M feat or a to e =mse bJect. -.ACh 0r. Clark has cracked his whip Oures all Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, usually keep from 1,0.00000 to le 444 444 .444444 .
-- t more to the point is the fact In van. ore Throat, Bronchitls Hemorrhage, clgars on 'hand in Its New TckI ^S a5 -"
^ t ha -n ut te Sena reve e b1I has beend me kNA-eXpected report In the con- and allU throat and lung disease& Ele- It wil 1 be seen it was puitse Ie.
t r dsammiton thai a s wie the: svot amiPs to even now being read Jn gant reliable e 3aJ. O M "tan-tInsatoly intll
te ommnsioin ll has a been oer- the enate. ItlIs not ony a volumninous R2C at dru lUL. Prepared onyI by out thin week a trial order for the lU4.
ft1- 9 to the m-e, where Lt mwa i made O but w,1 reveal a condition of Dr. H. E osley, AtlanDta. Ga S government. If the goods are aUBl B
-.S8 e. aeaWs o order fwijr sd a- awiy .o-, a.Lar re'rvoting to the las degree. factory and there Is no doubt po tbu b
B1 i 2m, I ,, e. Wwwer, was, ot taken 1%mik er 0^a 1,.who has for v- RO.D RATES. tthe wim prove so, It will reult in a
mma Th he twev bad &pted an invite, eraB day been absent from the chair, -- bl contract.
14.a U 't-viwt Cs bsIe. and had found b t thas been very ably replaced by Major Bid for building a public road, corn- But lIn spite of all the str te -
iy to tdjam ear,. .The corn- Hesy.1, one of the abtest men. in the mencing on the south side of Seventh factories have not by any means I
W- .- u walsilWt oe nmaitea e- I BlsHouse. and one of the most effective avenue in Ybor City, to the southwest nukin clge,a and fren the.fleeie
.-;- od Wm1 1 w fr m f it nnlMg, bt as an-; Pertmneras In running debates ever corner of Rodrguea's cigar factory, in given, ae coneerns at work bs ben -
-e_ 'S.. l S.1t ieI tie t of way, witl en I tis or a-se other legislature. ast Ta npa, about fif y-one hundred rulg the f iteet weeds ot tWt ,f e a to
_"Wha.erla.:_ l u .ween- it eflow he i always ready for a feet. more or less, &ame to be con- eore ltvey rae than =. .
la*e .. waa- eplatess sm to lbe that: .in the chair he has the happy structed of rook from the Six Illse from the more prominent fcrl 5
-^^^*^^^^^^*te^^^raiB IBU~te r kwky Ins receding ifeeWty Of expediting business a-nd creek, or rock aa good as Six MUe show them during the pa-s nweek ri'-oI
-" u-.e, us I oa enylig Oyte-Se raMi- clewrtg upt exasperating parliamentary creek rook, will tbe received by 13 J. a-oxmaen er 0If cgars 1
A WOU to a-beatma- 'lbsexcursion gves -the legisla-ten ounty commlsaloners, at the regular masrnia dto a-rattSM 3MD.
'f Oternoon by Senatore WTer meeting lfes- board, to be held on do ds r ipr1esent.all j rtamt
0-sb" devised- sem was attend edr etr odd Semosters June 6th, 1G1. p y anb mean s, as aome Ofl.
ba usl-V woc a spvcIa train, and ran-Ma a*s9be fo4i t -ie starSt#K %, Dno, tse s masS
5"M-- fWdkm*o u -ogammse t ^ $ s Sam teVa.e # -he ,rf, a r.m aetI see=tlvy We te4.:
Ig__wa .lahamA _a_,


a cow

-,f st CocoaI

Ct h ess than One Cent a cup.
B- A the Package bea s ear Trade-.MarL


S~. P WgS AS&

g a Health

Vqp "


40~ st Charleston,8 C.. both ways.)
in the Coastwise Service.

ydNew England and Southern Lines

J TiU Bstoi and rall Eastern Points,
S. '*; " t sf t Cariastoa both ways.

.. .. .. ............from Le s Wtarf, Boston
1. ..' ................ ... .... from foot of Hoge. bt wet, JacksosAille

Clyde St. Johns River Line.
^81|eBB>.IBfrisIs bagersi (Deland). BIMaoe Epr.ags ad Katerproeand
-' 4 flesm lXtoeUt Wheslutesmer
- C riy orJ aolk.onville,
.... .V .A.8 A" '.
.iftII~iSt5 IT U .~T slubdSa 8ys at 5st p m. tuturni g. leaves San.
-.j _- l.W wey @and Fr. Ia&pt ea.. at
llTet Oftlf.e. 204 West Bay St.. Jacksonvlse

Jua. L. iowsil. sup ern en t,
Now .iT. ^p. PCfR IO.. General Agents

stablihbed Preseat Location, Oct. 15, 1847


iOrder Department:

Ipieddertment under the super.
for thi h of pur business. Parties
n.dSi [aay dpend on having
hthe same promptness and
*iffson ly selected. Write to

m rmMaucted for the purpose
SV860best fitted up and
Experience tian suggest
Eand .ttractive of its
of .Lof i aillwe.

a, Laosiaviie, Ky.

receipt of $1. One small bottle is two the wona to the acre ana greatly en- that a prominent Washington lady has
rich his soil at the same time. volunteered to asnne t thebe rt. VS
months' treatment and will cure any Cure the ay lkeouwouldclover and mater o sie s, she e to
case above mentioned. E. W. HALL. nothing better can be grown, as stock otk uD to U w e leabm.
Sole Manufacturer, of all kinds generally prefer It to any +.4.. p. __
P. 0. Box 218, Waco, Texas. of the well known bay I consider it not only a pleasure but
Sold by S. B. Leonardi & Co., Tampa stock pers is planting In corn. Fgirs a duty I owe to my neighbors to tel
FIla. plant your corn four feet apart, and about the wonderful cure effected in
a READ THIS. when the time comes to lay the corn by, my ease by the timely use of Chamber-
Jackson, Miss., Jan. 17, 1899. drill In a row of Clay peas between lain's CWie. Cholera and D larrhoem ]
have ea been uerr each row of corn. The peas will ripen
I have for years been a sufferer from early in the fall, especially when fodder Remedy. I was taken veryhbadly with
kidney and bladder troubles; I have is pulled. When nearly matured turn flux and Drocared a bottle of this F
tried all remedies that I could find, and into the field all the stock you have on remedy. ItA few doses of it effected a I
had almost given up all hope of ever the farm, and they wil eat every par- Dermianent cure. ke pleamre in re
etUng relief, until I triedHa's Great t d cle to the peas and vines, never
getting relief, untiltr H touching the corn until the peas are onmmending it to others st ffe-N from
Discovery. I am now using it and feel eaten up. By that time they are fat that dreadful disease.-J. W. Lunch..
Eke a new man. It's effect is wonder- enough to market, and can be sent Dor,. W. Va. This remedy is sold by
ful. G. W. WILLAM there without ever having been fed a B. Leonardl & Co., all druggists ad
Aasst Chief of Police, and firm making every bit as good a% medicine dealers
corn-fed meaL .By sowing stock peas 9
The Virginia peanut trust is at last in this manner a farmer can mae as Italy's denmmea for a shoe of ChIlais
reported to be a success. In oth.-r much corn per acre as he would other- liable to bring forth a "-low did yon
words, it is now ready for roasting. wise have done by planting the rows get into this. antn query from
9 three and one-half feet apart, and in
GLORIOUS NEWS addition raise enough material to fat- Ruiula and EngLand.
ten all his cattle and hogs at no ex- --
-- pense whatever beyond the cost of his Mayor Jones, (f Toled" o beaut oo"I
Comes from Dr. D. B. Cargile, of seed peas, and the laor of drilling from both of the wreat parties. W ,
Washlta. I. T. He writes: "Four bot- them in. The hogs and cattle do the there are numbers of the Jones family I
ties of EleMtrio Bitters has cured bm harvesting, the land being left much et.
Brewer o crofla, ch had causedricher in the meantime. Use ony
herewer osuffr foran had caT -d one ha bshbel to the acre when plant-
her reast sufferlac for yeara Terrible l in Aorn. eoet mvr a Jewel It MI
somr would break out on her head and In planting peas for seed they can be Sd mn Ot yowa women prefer dia-
ace, and the best doctors could give drilled in ike corn, or broadcastedone monds.
so help: out her cunre Is complete, and Iabua to tinOsaere, and If harvested "
oh but her is complete, n ill surely make from IS to It matterM not e Admls*w .l, l .
her health Is excellent." Thi ews bow buasheis to the acre. Plant about lani the wod wi hM de m e. a .

.uess. theineet qr.sn* -at-UIn. mnfostat--,b.... 2i

Published By CoL A. E. Sholes Was Will Come to the Frot Next Week
Delivered to the Subscribers Yes- TVenty-Si Bidders Are Ente fir the: With a Big Fair-Saperior attne.
terday-A Creditable Work. Pbl) (C Baldtug ConteSt tions, Low Bate and Speciea
From Friday's Daily. AN M T
jThe new Tampa direc.tory, r-'ublis.- ALL LOiATIONS AND AMOUNTS From Fiday's Daly.
ed by Col. A. Sholes. "as dislributed Polk t sml gret prepars-
'to the hundreds of obsueriero over Of the Different Bids as Given Out by Los for the l mnal fair g g bea eld at
the city yesterday. As a directory z Critenden Marriottthe Govern- i nm f r d
is so far in advance of any former at- ritt Lakeland on Thlasdy., Friday and
tempts in this city that any comparison mentArchite t. a n e
would be ridiculous. It contains an Vashingtn. May 18 -T7he supervis- the assoiatlon In repairing the ground
endless amouhe of valuable Iero maoo r architect had the bids 'for the erec- and putting he race t k in first-
in regard to the government id p-etople Lon f a public tbunitg in clane condition.
of Tampa. besides a correct uide to under consideration on .ondaTy. The ps-roeam Is the beat ever of-
il the street sand location of buslnas Twenty- ix had been submitted by the feed aane previous meeting. In the
CoL Sholes has. in every se orfthe property owners of Tampa. The)- horse raoes f e f bTh est n tat-
kat horses ever eTn n Bosnia Btort H
term. applied a "lon-felt want." He were as follows: w il articulate. eSo e n f the beet ia
overcome, epectally Ia his work of get- Tampa Real Estate and Lon Aso- were seen on the Ta.mpa aS treak lat :
ting the correct nates and street sum-w er es iothe .antr
be ts of the foreign popu elation. In the elation.ja sonst et- between Frank- w#e are "a t1 In the cit y',sand wil be
ber e of the foreign pmation s the i ln and Florida avenue, 210x150. 41,0. seen on the Lakand trat next wee@.
face of ad erseueteinmetaoes he haN C. Tallaferro block 9. between Another feature of the presgrsM wi
admirably the publication n Ia w t credo v a1nto Frakdrn -WhiUing and be the bicyce races. dMeary aa te
able ony the publation a mzot credit. Tam streets, 210x210, 2OT ,e e crack riders in South Florida have en-
able one. bnt rIt iered on hedie Tn-epa IReal Estate and Lomn Asso- tered for the different ewnts, and some
tme. prominent plesng feu ctaton. Zact street, between Florida red-hot reom meWy be kbtoed Btr.
heA prominent ad pleasing feature venue and Miaon sAtreet. rO1t60, The press offeredor the tban*on
sthe bre ry is tne os-sete repre- t16000 beaeball t win sti rin g outtlae bet
sental of es -boase that it Same. northin ast corner Zank street talent in tlhs prAt of the S.tate. In asI
centran. Itnwou ld bedlfclqo etntanfind r
aufirtmne Idon't w cud b aneBM M to sau Fprid- avenue, 175x203%S120. Othee weantests Ontl'asitS be wellrep-
a fi that deot cary an t lae ralock Zack. Polk, sRe reaaent, d.and It will be a Chsnr d I
meNt o Its mC. In the aee tlne torida avenas mad Marion street. If our talent o ie wlt a
sonle Te sosleiein ces and x10=, $30o,000. seaps
s s l d In deh. Ene. block 2. Jackson. Marton. The Plant teo e as raned
It conta"In almt fvlive wsnd pagl Wahinton and Florida, 210x210., 12.- ver lnow rate Irt the oocaion e ndiI
NaO bsa ess Orpea tn of wsemane. On addition to isi tO wn provw e a
Sfo cin or4 ltobewito man io B ia ,W. Chapin. aomheast corner nuibser o caI trains between tft
tu -sao5x a obe twitou Z one. Zack and Asdey streets 105x1=2. lt 4,- ti and 1fteia 4. Remenbe tile
Th will e paed on sale At the cit 00. ate, ay th d th.
book stories Were those who have not a ie, May 54 3 rapN a 2 '
dseo and A&NL-py streets, 2 lO, $KOMe I
0 I0L 1131 11161 dhac aml &sheda, & ender.,n rwiCT. street
t fat wItN restit in of this benefit tory 0h treet. i heads-son. -w___.Ttlo S
cityb He o emthtLed to the atlltude JesB. ae l ck between T15an- .
of eemry o pttaen of tmpa. pa and p racklnn streets, 210x106. ,000. Th nth ofthe Pedal I -
e. oca tio, lots 1, 2 and 3 to ofPo
,A BICTHINO olme. block Ta pa street and Sixtah l
Plant Investment Company, Po ----
The Clyde 8team hip Line Acquires !between Tanis and Abiehy street., The Wbftom ooram. ondnst io tet
.I1910X,06100,000. St. Sr. LoaGlobe-Denocnra. hats heVol-
More Pier and s Heuntingr For I i & Knight. block 0. Jackson, lowingt Inteatn account about a I
Bu nesFr aIln. Washlngton and Tanpa mer reideot of Tampa. wo ab .-
Busiess nueeta t10x2l, 1p40,000. come fana di the United Btaeas
-- Same. Whaington, -between Franklin navyh:
From Saturday's Dally and TMa streett, 210x360, 116,7o0. W gingto. Alley 1.-J. & tWfi,
The Clyde Une bave acquired piersi j arme, block K, between iFlorda ave- chief .yeocaa to the navy Wto wo 1
44 and 45 North river. New York, loca-1 nue HuelsUboaoh b and ranklin streets, take tbhe art of Uncle Sam In th pae
ed at the foot of Chrtstopher street and 2110. $7,000.e thi t te ta
oownenceni with rhe eteaner "Coe- |eane. blook 102. between Florida man In the navy, taking six feet and
anche." aaflling from Jacksonville next avenue. UnonM Franklin and Carew sev'en inches in il bare feet. s is
Saturday. Maoi 20th., all of the hps' street., n0x n0, $3,000. aplendhly proportioned sa d wo I a
of Clyde's New York. Charleston ind' Sa me. >lock 2H, between Cam, Mar pleaantand handsome Tace. but a &
Fnoalda tines will land and depart from Ion avenue. Pol street and Florida oqulet and l-m-nuioi nature. and oe-
above-mentioned piers. This Is an ten- avenue. 210O210, f.o000. fer-in te society Of him wife and I-
or-tant matter to the stoippers by the Same. bloek 1, Florida, lorLs e, tie ohlld to any of the vri os
Clyde LAne, patieuuiarty to those ip- FraolMn and Constant etreera, 177x316. attractions of ,WaasMiton. Hi father
rtng fruits and -vegetalbles North, as the $0,00, d wat er4tsof ma atW&bnatS
location of their pie- now Is extremely -'Hendry & Knttght, Fortune. between several years. and It was witse seevM
haMdy to all of the large markets In Florida and Franklin streets, 172x167, in that capaity ate he met samd won
New York. By 'consultIng a map ctf 90.000. the womn wt beame the tal o-
New York city, ashppers of frutts and Same. block 5. between Marion. La- manthes mother hbe was the daualer
vegetables by the Clyde Line wIle see favette. Madison and Florida street, an'sof the Brtaher. cbewasl general at Cr-
thlat their new piers are located in the 21210x10. 356.000. denas a MIss Shoendel Tnnag Wil
heat elf the bpuslness section, and are Same. suffilcent land in block 106, was borne in Scotlandl umt his parents
very accessible. The change of the Caxew. Franklin and Bay Shore, dona- again located in Cubas. where they red
olers from the ESat river to the North tlon. until 1872 when they moved to L -
siver wIt ,be good new- to the fruit and J. B Anderson. Lafayette, between don a which plee his father s&
vegetable shippers to New York, for Franklin and Tampa streets, 210'i106. brother are now e aeged In the eot-
the reason that the Cyde olinte have al- 194.000. log and nopwesgbusine the 'e -
ways given a pLiendid ventilated serev.- The office of the supervising arohltecIt mIan waofl a roving siass e ande
ice to New York, but Pier 29, East is burdened with work. and It will be cured a position as pOs ser In the Brtt-
rtver, where they formerTy landed, was several weeks before an agent can go oah mall steamsip service ,blCh h
a little out o(f the way of the markets. to TamDa to selec a site. Tre appro- held for several yeasa. reining and
ThLe change to North river now makes priaiton for building and site together loatting in OCtha. lAfter two yearsI t
thle fariltles of the Clyde Line perfect is 5).000. Cuba he went to New York cty ere
for frWts and vegetable shippers. The Cbhe lived for aiNt the se-r a!wtylen
new -piers are la ge and eomanodioem. STOCKi fl o ed thnao gtthe ne Florit1
PrOPen o-h lrg of allfruitsasid ve- fever, going to ^ t Sesitee so get rich
ranged as to prevent freezing in the Moa r b n isr Une be'sat : "I atFwas under t
wInter amd early spring seasons a One of the Most Prftab'e op a h stkg tws in
TBhe P rOeTget-.rranrements will be That Can Be Grown in Fiorida. the ground watchIng the gdi n
superb, and pasemegers will now land fruit ripend (an friend, gettih ts
and depart from well-arranged piers In growing rip e In M lfrin d, ir igteM
the heart of the business sectIlor of the Of all varieties of stock peas, Clays s o and a snare. -onl can skt s et-
eIty, aTd eslaly within reach of all the are the besL We have Just received as good process omidlng p a bk
demitots amod ,,eaer ines. The wnral 1,000 bushels of this variety, account by teaiing Florida a1lslt s
ated o s p e So It wI not e o Peas are like clover, distinctly an a to d the = t dance."
nec r tfor p ners tp make a plant, the leaves of which absorb oxy- and Tanaspa paid re 'edartsnts
trip to Bowling- Green, as for- gen and nitrogen from the air, while Ing to assistant torema- n and aiso waot
serly. hast can make all their at-t-atge- the roots descend deep down into tne to sea with a line o smeatsr t the pier from whIch the soil bringing op the necessary potash, te war ils a asJI k out. h e en-
- We ms dIo t hat this chage in te which combined with oxygen and Di- experfeance and the further i t tt
lof te Cyde piers wrill bring" trogen makes a complete fertilizer, he is a man of fine education. 4apMk-
them tots of' new huinems, which they Planted for fertilizer alone the stock ing 5Is G s
,distamnee from their old pier to the de- peas are far superior to clover from the ouanster.asteu In thoeotst at 2 I
pots. markets, eta. fact that the number of leaves are ftr Service. When the was closd e was i
A greater and naturally take in more ot ordered to Warisni. aS is now s
A TEXAS WONDER. the fertilizing properties from the air. dotng duty in ,the Bunemau of hls a-
HAJLL'S OREAT D-OVERY. They should be sown broadcast, one duty, on ar t f' being with iSis i <
One snall bottle of Halls Great Din- bushel to the acre, as early In the sea- he "ietongs to-the Stas and Stripes, asd
cover mares all Kidney and Bladder 0on as possible, and the first crop cut witl be naty and willing' to go sasy
troubles, removes gravel, cures DIa- for hay', last as clover is cut, and In where he may be orers-i.
betll, seminal emisalon. weak and lame about the same condition. The roots to have ef Teonan^ IW. as Uwcte
backs. rheumatism and all irregularl- should remain untouched, and ta a Sas. etalelinKg by the aide of Otasnbit a
tiea of the Kidneys and Bladder in both sbort time, will put out a new growth on a tge float, made to repteesl a&

your druggist will be sent by maDl on from three to five tons of the best hay will take the character of Cissu .ia

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The report of the legabitive commit Jacksonville Metropolis. -o the obrver of the end of pro-
tee appointed to Investigeate the coodi Governor Bloxham recently congrat :gr it seems that th horseless car
# *+++++++* tion of the convicts and convict camps ulateh Fe Poridam Democratic part riage "i as certainly supplant the
*thrtehout the State is one of the mostiage ,,,tas certaily
CRIPTION. ; ~pallingp nt. p on its harmony and pl-ant cond Street hacks and cats as the electrici
repaid. Dally Ic In a cVllied country. It L Innde-J t]-- The gov-mror evdently intends s-ar has th stras ar mule. The L asa
S hocking sand horrible to cotempilate to do alittli mioaro s-ork in t of ,cirnn;e Amrican s ful
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..00 ....00+ ndbaIs o sick and -eli. huddled to n Edito G W fios. oand Editr F .ItanL L L. a. re 1as-5' II CI
Wet:ier I ma-ll filthy stockades. with tdaora s on t rhe ,ard iOn-us-Le i t th I U -s'. ,_,n _. ". 1 ,- s l aut
uta beddir r and treated in a mao- t tei .r.n.t e itr-ura "onge These itno t,,l...-.I I uS- C in tih tniLd oS-ase
S ner that should bring shame to lt Cee r ala editr congra MraUw f eult a ae automobes are now in darly S ih I e
cheek ofwn medicine o hohas anyan a isan l attmert ctt iatre -r oth- nreaed at the of two e ', L s .--n.c ,s is derived

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lflr fI est exten wof t iew. It ree di woand public opinion, thoillh apart, and now taiarc or more New orker.ia hW DICTATORS OF STYLES, VALB
iac the re cap The por : omm- ters hw t oot a we a the he ate o mot

c ood to the a air at to the people of -Florida to tlec thea accomplish re otr the ver-aes now Instes tte ranges rmcity M seald4
portay.t m a te such fagerant violatio of all law. By in- tese anu g, ill betwhan evernefofr. w0of to tr t to-day ee weakened. eit has al de$vl4t fiWor

fUr tnle bedte apendJautice.aon, ote p e and Ln- This e Metropols cfationstLarglates over- coParins rseenty, n an antomobittlw-e trnath.It a luxury wtBimn e a
s teas State wouLd e Jounsted n risite ng o cruel nor Blohait for oig and the'l tveled or lee carrying four pSeventy- I nsat c m""'LAM I
am r "dened tax an and inhuanity pacvIned at leseestOalste for having t a gentlemen so wen maingles are average sno peed t fn daly us Nee :

Sat these ustwoul be hard to reaiose analf other ip eig nominated for chair the potothatci, and hthe ho. f ore no Ibarinage W i thOll
t de of teir ct he praonr preented a gen- ed an It might recognition offered brain pow- iTcreaed aet opthe rnte of two each w ee f Pendulum Tat ee
at te people eray pitiable condition, and the cm a poer which can build up or tear l carriage has come to roctay. Price
l boratn e of what your cogna nittee ob-thhere lion and lamb act, but all the same he ptter o teve economy, n th e arrange

Stact that theo ttee report wa ony aninsciencya our t raseesing governor cane ofave the eay days of th eirlintaoducept athe
tie a urpu 19 ofood as evidenced trthe eaacondition of onsolaton onf knowing that ze n has hordes ric only the very rich an x-
aff ir a s s the re exit: through hi own good way nslght pensive ia n compared with e to he e as the
Aro the use o N.W.a. the ell psonere camp neat a pee betw een two indvidlaas, i.ad o keepi of a an the alert pat. guallthe people
1re e ed ed to sinee all mnty.ied ighty on- have log een engaged In mothdIn t e ARTF hLa L ndre, it is a woinll known aad etabli
be expedient to e. seven waites a me and tree wo-.public oinion rultdh aprt, and W tcs of the various candidate s for Values anTO OF TY V e mpe
a t. lye g at my kind of beddeing the pat year, In- wi i close to Mr ether to learn the yidtn lespad horseln Jackoville One Wager interest, s welte

SaMratt cuding on the k elvere i weaitt er last that I r. MKnley had wot n date for mayor and he is alo suing t Standard time tha ch by ire, o A
Ma invite to water. There wap s abundant evidence o t- ou h r Reed would have been the Metropolis for doing just precisely prices related b Mas BrO' ad While
at both teO P te foun aaOereta lee coni it te of a-t Ohs (editors i e ,o ee n ahotn s a eInd so la' t gatt e arie e d t t he cos ot d .e
Sgo t th fe at te blankets had cannot een -- Meachothererpls on and lle lldance be moandshalre the vl continues now In in the re.
sportant M t er, In n O e that r lin By t in- P era ssC next ter than ever before 000 to n .p y lfor e
se b tre the cma to tom daaAp before the ad rrival- Thers etrlf pon the oriton o rates hover- In ars t, an t Pri Today have ale
iawh ethbeenar vestictO we end a yte day m of cruel nor Bloxham for appointing and the troieled elsng hime cand that four per-

Swab rdeulty tnur andYour committee was present at this State frh, and will make o gentle reat sue e. In an av wide-oagpeedn town Mr I
will at the pre- t seroud toe ee roneard di- fss estate sho washd feel wi y honor dn came t thmake Meropolis reerd. 25 pieces India Wash Silks,39g
t da ofrt. tcatp, which was spreented to them- ed aset tins rec toion oke rain powhe er- tated poitively that he was r pieces Satin and Gr Br ded
pelB are m ed g- the hotw sun, under no hade wht- bran, h and o- down. elevate or derae-and tha will gradually get mch lower wtesse m 1
d the ever. We found tyoe urcstommkatte enob- there a banquet at bhicght haloh f peace as s. matter of. e nomy the Metropo
a=t that the served. There we an ccommodation i of there fter rest ing 0er sthe au.Mi of the and s w e dpl favorable p esne a atesdeig

gstS o number of prisoners the stench and i- expected that large delegation from a wide-open Lon, and when In- 40-inch Figred Belfat Iah L
St a e, and ame food ao evidm the ncedll b thing naseaating. the South Atlannti and Citates w luxuhwe migh only the very rich........... .

tal to ave their there ieng ten seak and disad on be present The c-.elebrath ion will be ir he replied. Tou cant make 2 Cases New Batiste, w coloring, at .10.
Ate. Th1s lnds1-1Isho an evdensed by the lneeibt cuts ourrah -.:,r L.oxl t, r. rif ceUs. it Is llky to be some t-mle
Son the cel and no hospital fail der th as the chamber f the I ive you permSouthdo Orandie Mulho rh 20c 08
mast thatbakfrom Kansias. a ho in some way ges- awss ot-mh barnes, and adopt the C -
e een Ie wr- ties. The cooking arrangement wa un- the .obrcet of that Sy.-Tiluss llery."tar s the ais t ho aes. you can, because I Dotted
e use of sick, the well rIsoer S bteeing t ior of a pare rn Katnsa, Ad to s t n Ever and Figured Malert and Swi' e 25

^"punaat llamtoryin xery rednect, the n#Evrontealer iitate vertsement The Metropol.s has at O gd, O . .................... 1
L50rs we efltltd snelled to sleep all mixed in with se him is due the dlmcotery t hat the sue- ARTFUbL DODGERY. O and welfAire, it is a well knowm sad established .

0o0ne the agrt- DunhaMment winas unnecellsarwhichly frequwaent- -r edir great eclat The Gulf acked Mr wen on his reco, and
I teeet of the and crue to the point of brutality pake residep rom Mr.nts hae Kintaken up the at on cris is one o the chno aractr-y th Ad may hou ther ne fabisnd looked fnd ere

e. eped-ent somany of the men bes n aalure tosuplcause witch has resulted t the e a shft the vre ious candidates oaled r mu Values and up.ri and even .
e. x ut by*m a kind of bedding extent that i- uon of Mr. McKinle to the Parl esidean ni paa honedlyors t Jaceoville. One with eager iMnterest, as welt ai t he -eeusa

eftg and at the wfa diffcult and l aai n ot f ho i eac pr n a rn l emphasized whathBe n no by a wis s o a 8 theanew'goods -..
Sl ti are adue c as wa bl et for e ted by and Mr. Reed to pCh-atexcure.siompsn e Bde o tha pe a a day ad., an as you wol egu you

eearrisstaSrsere petent-od eve weather be run tr t he a aitit.cinlon t had Ion ts d he jaformaor. h that T.incesS ti ...nbyw so we
isa ljstle to winCbate. conhee to talk andant evidence Advothatght iMr. ReFared would have been the etropolis for doing Just preie 4Y se
tW to kee tt therehad Statbeen on beddda Curban re co te wel-known t to do for prices regulated by M aas Bre ads. While
to be wted a hed this camp up to within two ts e chairman of the c ni onas and whar the asked and e titn is cs e s e. t. i -
h and thpre e- eta c t otd hvari ansd the beatMcKinley bait would hae him dd a could onot attn the pte tI o NOT PROUD, as we are ascerad
ad pon to glee nt the vl of yor e th o m g is a glow one of enthe Reed bill and Mr ee adswouldfsure when the light was turned on his' .
n Os way of also a at and core'oboratie esa- 'have been the Presldent putridd and s-rruict fortes Ust-es to thai having led the procession for the .past thirteen
ta ofdeme tha blanets had not onc- a dMetropolis' s ong and dance: I and shall continue to do so in the ftum.e Ij .
eta.iectedi on, the aWfed "or more than a year. until Prt Tampa is repaxingato eprad Mr J FI eBorwden. In thie rrnJng +nl of Tampa may always look for Best .0Val* hi *
oe We Os ataea t two daOs before the arrival .-f therselt an the c ale lotn o fthe birti- paper clams that the Metropolis ic Today we

le at Othes re teens meet served to Ots prone, at ... Two B risah .a-sohilV0 1.tl t aso. den came to the Metropolis ofltoe, -25 pieces India Wash Silks, 3% goods, at.1
tle amaee amonotI
6lue CC propett this eaomp, which ws -senred to them- present an port to take part in thei ele- and stated positively that he was fr 10 pieces Satin and Gros-Grain Brocaded
es-ad Os the ever. -We found Ohe stockade entirely' a banquet at which 'the health of Her can aetify. le alas asked het.etro 00 pieces new and lateso',deigned on.. '.6
s- Os of Flor to mae for Ots eaconmodation of thlbs Is-est. atwill be the ea. ing s-oast. It Is ta cs-steen him as beIng favorable -incesFigudBlast Irih a
It tOs tsad were nanber of -prisoners, the stench and is expected that large delegations from to a "wide-opien to-n," and when In-40
rket salee, and smail from the cell being" nau.-satlng. I the Snuth Atlantic and Gdfi States wil formed that we might make It too hot worth 12 1-2c, to go at ............ 05
Sto save Otheir Otre ebing tena sik and disaied s, 'n Ibep resent- The celebration willlbe for himte replied. "You can't make 2 cases New Batiste, all now colorn-, at ,I0 .
Oe a twi tints IMs tnheell, and no hospital fa-ili- under th- aunpt-cI-s s-f the chamber sf-it ati-i hot. I ,-it yau perma..ien to '2 cases Organdie Muihouse. worth 0, .08. -.'.

y and t tlshtly: Vmia ts-y so nyourrcommittee. cW The: # on......ny re Is ta-i be great relicv-e. ing 5 p o 5 ens-tes ay .r s a tt and Figur test thing outdSwis, td..-

,-x"an mattsata ry In ev--ery cespec i ste s vertsseteet The Mtesropolisn has at goods, only-........ --.-............. .12 1. '-i

Os ic.,frti eao fteya a isttn rw Teotstslyo habs .***4~4**'. **~4fI*v~
ylh ~atet penmea, llofnhas tisppe i o otsosertos gow o oe.Ta

a tate Asew Carie mt inot be taken Iend m all of whae know. paper in Flrda Is only a demonstration tha + 0
%ows e &fto fe a ftoL ecasse be Mwants to par n 9 to get good results, the farmers must *. -- - m b nt o
a be.ta with hiis tmem The OCumberland Prea-byterian Gen- cultivate their crops thoropghy. +
.-^'.t 9 eral Assembly wants to raise $1,000,00) + y A
l a lw b B "" 0400s. O atagbeoesW<20tdtefl.20r thing, ton y shen he hear of that? tatloi of being the moet astute poLi +
maor swe the o e a fair show in fy tician in Florida. Those wo are posted + .
N' ss as.- Adnmiral SDewey haA definitely decided on State politics vouch for this state- T + A '
not tu come home 1by way of Chicagoa mernt. *
a Swab OarS. Os Ow Ulplt sDuvealls decision in this matter is a credit + ONUI fl
D iUa islt lft la ro ed morme to his unimpard Judgment. The University of Pennsyl-vanid will *7-
s es an tite alatare than any other 9 n the future bestow medals for "high + W l k
IMt -- monabeir at m ao t afmsst body of tMayor Jones, of Toledo, has found manhood." Quay might show his ao e an d- y l g a
1 0 JgBlMta3e 2 M'IkMbaIe ld not saying that the task of reforming the State of precaution of the plan by wishing he + inmg tlhe very lbSt dasmm
A1 Z A tA tlSeo ietave or wil Ohio has floored a great many able weres a boy again +time get Spri ng t l
men In the sconrse of time. The Boton Heeld ha perpetrated good e fret a il %

".lAA N i Vs a pie t lo JurnUaUtic aen The 'war rnews from the Philippine on a defensAess public a paragraph to
trWV'atre- tthe New Yorto Journsa still tends to convince one that the in the effect that Grover Cleveland in+20t &dfla 4 *2 9b l ouMblW! Bq
.ahMt to Oer a cadb prize or tr e per s ur ent army is in possession of a eu suffering more or less seriously front *+ and examine O nOW st 8 k.
nt.a m Vho to trat to shae the hand of peftb crop of capitals rumortlsm. +
.VjyA^m WDe weyon aN entrance into Philadelphia Is now tryIng for pur 'nless St. tIous suppresses her poets + --"-
ftT--'w t "*Mibor. politics as a preliminary to pure water at once, there will .be no earthly chancet E U d
T at al to ge PaPton a home me to be a log time before she oif getting Admiral Dewey to come that
Stern attached. and with a bay way his return to America. .
Inse -i a chewing-gum trust as-Use began The vegetable growers In lHsbtior- A 412 +
yellow VW4 ni nmaw ng great! n o the college commencement sea ouwh and adjoining counties ae mak 0
l oKa o. Dman ing more money this year than the -
OirCtrllamAit 5 to seMOMu a oo 1 o far. there have not been any pea brokers on Wall street- '' j
--#a sveal posted i lsublea Isn the Republican party tetle Strerger
.- : ajohnaa conateas. braae Ohe retu-n of Se-twa Paer. J !s Stonbeer of Havannah1 Us I. W. P. it a. s sakes
|a0tiI be to t. t husatlng and aid- awake shoe sales .BllB
I m ll* be made to b This country- appears to e eonfrontet man., is spending a few days amoit hi
'Toni". particu w. dwith a Prettyg ave diraaent Tampa utoers. e As rnls -a 'i
('ba seems to be up to Secietaay fee are aS caused b" l ns I -
SA ger distin. Prily Ado Bittes cor- Maufacture
rftas tie disosader at os, aivestesetast -43&..

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~-.7''2 'PT

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im n i S SS niasi l to day; thethrneo ffE r. Ie Peterson, who bas sell. The sale wi last only a few ya a f
e es tma-a "t o tn Victoria, the presen-t Queen. wan born on Saturdaw Vp Sweden, d o visit cnes. 1
11 -. Ue tWElBV Pr g t. t b rI g Italy, ,, 10 1is 9, ple san t littleee stor to uncie, ore the i.e ofat 1M childhood ad .
aA l it; tme s IV.. June2i0,1 37., at the ear JYos re a otLe o f his par it.,
-1S U Bit Sa *a sikiet a n s---no t &- age ofnei t the een. aRi res. Thiangua of tailetr pistf
l tl'ltt Aif o I l aro n mal fiveren d m bedint et i 1 Her iai 140., to Prince Alberm tRe... oJ the largest o ant.. e of th e A osA F F R '
w ~ Und* r heet t i nmeol e te. "o w iae-Ct i rn-otha. srep entirely a Advent church, preahe mer d on Sunda AT 10, 12, 15 AND
Mlrt Ilm s dH e w s e I- a no v a en you irelamedat.el "Id an l d to be o t r.ed n en t ois v in tuse set ol building. It t
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S OW He will d ewe do ltesve, Itammnuediamelsy'Iamntoabe marriedeasn aI nu t f Wiln o
.-)t... N = WiVth Z IONa4 in O tishead- -woman, not as a Queen." Mr. and ..rs. "J. C. Knight waent to a 30 A DuIUCO UXP fs
tWe fear oea y ode. PIn 140, Victoria Adrelalde, Plr.-so Tahpa Sunday o le present a the irts.lThese cele g i
^ "- ^ o -ara * em taeJ.F .BLTCH Ro ia sl. s wa h a and rhe .ne t n marri f their brother, Mr o W

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ste h shena ed ad he r euns te We ad u it Le of Snda- lasteS Ee aif .r t

s nIAa t l a rm i~ h .. .. G, t "ttonlast City in au even t t oo p. sRAt.
SA' thern p Cmp iny m Du e' of Alba I -, In 1884. brings us only four mjla daily s Lad
.- i o tloy Wnt eQ Mitchell Idl- in B s..he death of the PrneConora c f s bringingIn our Northern mal ,'r ls 1
hli0 ii' a-rM as Pt-6 nreG Gv. rEtheold In 1961. Victoria became a h i-t.o a itd
lit dl da Z wi a tn tltled Before Ua yn o an EX. has remained sh er sin -re at 10 p. m. and the other at 6 eebrated ri "s at 65 ce
. 7.... IU at 040ea.m nBy t ao ofher edem o ugh- mn P in Parti v ,isiting Tam pa ve A full assortment of Wilaon s. Drwers t 0 ta

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. d_ oi n e O reorln the Prei nc- ofa- Pros eia, who s tcSe-"rr d 1.. on the F. C & P a 5 30 a n. and Shirts.i These celebrated goods g at 75 e

eri ando hRbep or er.oe n teePor P du at ansy te 6 lbaOa
s i5i We--ela eO e r trn redat thon e -r ni Mr shenon Pla RegularO 50cent Shirts at 35 ,I-ts. 500 d ento
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t ueno a er oe and coeamoney order Ia e hr heohr ae sion thLse- h r.ia h adk' 'ii h Admi l e pdrightas arn broke a t and his b ed t

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iS -nitth e__ & lbeOtt~ mS o known InOrlando, who is now employed' lDaRAS. a

__.1 m h r h e tlt o he o t h so moe -jQueen Victn is or e FedIhie otba-r Is nd iai i in asiaia e' a hei p r a .r.
WL .rige ot na bern vis ?. t i ith.er -t%-ryI.-al "hatK r- Uan m. I wo. d-
atiress ooBrpawnrin Tanpa.fihousseein orouee.sOs--o0 Osm ,

-e e. d a gr.....One .iornin last week, the old gn-- In 1W97 sh e carlebratn d o f ev .l y .- n' F der for the.i timtt & hl r o f dada At i tc
t e tat per cerkryat u a o l be rt ttiled' exa ntmled Pn thina0I of st,$r1. -. g
t .n .-. et. a. mn o.r t de fo raele t -eat- torlal exr acceslon has b- i- t thing .-us h rh and diagre y. ta e Pri l y Celebrated .S.ri.en. "at c n -
dead dn'^urrat ; i an orcanion rendered doubly mtIat-loy seven ittllin uare he tsr out-o .f corns Itn buiotslinc "clea o i "., -.

IN" .i wb3? thenfa reatAx ,-. ....s F -E e a.... tat o.-. ing AT _, H ATS. at -o!r o\ Ol Brirs.:
0 I04 t4"1 H t "= no nowle the caofwh er e a s tme tn ti ., -h a t rhe a neteu ret cr _sgh- -tit h loas -i -a ac irg olaei s sthe oteine
ot.eI to whll et of t T.hupre et Al b 1. .niughly -at it t 8i s r i tt
gr o. cashed the mone y order, and t ie pushed h, ay. w-th trw- a--s -I-tal a w oee. ddre len S penders and Neckwea All the to t colors n d
t: lm s te- o.In anembarassing pet .ha -of nark Th. erIn Tea- -.i i.. L Underwear in Balbrigganl sie ab$d :a mi .

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s tt m r demanding dent"t of strangers t fmale cth ldr-n. tcfoug.theo elux- il v Jhe DSy and farlely one .iar a a een Hos B cy l, e. -
LAlbertVi-cto. rtie r.raled ter.her |"'iA rean Ear will b become In afes tes adit that a c Tis ta near. Ec&y '.
.111sold owete .-old s- ernord he woai v ldhaveaato i h h bomrin a by-wISt t h p t ah priot I lon is being-a takel 1 sppaen I T o
S~g~ titnorier. exclaimed tehre goerno, ofYoar n inolrn l.ecame the lineal inct hi s it in, t
au with1 i n- t 1.'attl sv rS, youd 'i maa-- -heir to the throne of England. ws E b
me?- '- -"Steen "ing here for forty 19. a-ed as the father of innv aoi" t n. IT T .YoRt- n .s A/

Ida"<-- ^ I 1 Sdyoutl r duringltheln okn g lores -in on f V lalr I n-e i rs. ,H. C. a-Icr on has returned from ihout Se
i l t/ to b -h 4I2 th ll- It wa G Lierks tulmoe wa t l -ts e; -a- -.i LiOf which b he rnti inn-la.nati-r tser she haa been vls-tin i i par uaranteed-at i tha

__iJI ".:'M nJttt. toW nrted the therd b eon atoa. hm kg tled age h moe. A. M. Weler. whio e meanS a loss of dO11.r! anwd O rIotietl..

find apartt their in whIthisot th-otsr-, elrntie a ctianeladywllb you as every article we arry in
iS"s'-:4 S -1l"W.oft tiTunuIsl Hiar h Utei, y ehvbmee icoignerd alleastm in the Itelli ene. is of standard make aJ 'g
= U0 114,gheW8 0" ore lsy-John A. Bh, p.of Clearwaer, wa first-OlaSS in eveiy reSpeO .- I 0
S-.S &t ewiheel inworkmanshipandta mattina business in the cty yes e erlv to enable you to; get a gooda a
. a b bn n i eem- t- election, as the sale Will "ls bta
and.wide.. .proe pr osal nd '_ e t a t tav ote e- . Mann, of St. PLer asburg, W as
poein a p te e ti In t thi ee, A l ways aood wpeed. y li-'
a' rto pall them through, and ass1 709 FRAKIut I ST. ..'
tot nlse-. he raof-s faxtyuye e tso r caro"of im

tiae s i hebm ore inhente dumr n o on at t A Ah o C
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he eletric lites .. tegah tc' e nd time.o-

Saty t ena UC as a o o Vtoso n or ret hr me d Ca
ss 'the mita pit eu ae ari of st . ton. dYly-dalny pol matters of
lnd te ita ls ap a a ituu
e been Inventeu during this h o health. With it you ca-n-
. lief re would be too s-u-ire a a_
-op aatm.n patience. It wo .... ,,, ,,accp<,.miracles. With-
iowe'er, many article oes (i f u r. i -
aw7,t every-day use, that wc ne.. 0r1ot it you are no good. ""R C RI E S

"- "GRO... C R HOC S E AE
S .meno were totally ignorant of them Keep the liver, kidneys, bowels and
While we are egottsttcal enough, I blood health by the huiesof Hood's Sar- .
hbewe. -to oonildentliy qaoticpate a ci.m- saparilla, th fa'nttless blood porifier.
tistesIAso of former discoveries ..a.e DyPogsla- I k.now a positive relIe l hereby informmy former c i tomea aud
nal ,-Ams tsbon of Ge patent report for dyspepsia and that is Hoed'' sasapa-. a nd yga e
a" ot the -prncipal oountries of the world tilla. It ctred me. My neuralgia alom + and the public in general that I have
ba tmee m Ulipitelty a.nJ uariety of Binghamton tew York.
nthhlg therein onaised.T.bm F ei Niti ly nppeolite w Cas -
. ie ts me. in dmw leg neear nwhen he capricious,m y livcr disordered anti I Iws to furnish anything vented in "-
el""" uoomwinto younger nd IU coid a friend of mice of female weak-, GROCER f -
&ands. wme a hers. issar1 e X AsJzmmE IA. M irm, Clayton, DeL *--can --
IOM It t a asm ,- Ma noIM wk
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.to remit by
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Con' ae

CUW A. -
.-- Cuba now bidw ftJr to be a storm
center. 'Not because there la a good
+ ++ 4+ resonm or an uieaval, but becanae
the Cubans are a-le to do anything
0B13CBaA 'LON. M tat ti not reasonable when they be-
se Prepaid. Daily come excited. And the dipattches indi-
4 cate thtt they are becoming excited.
". ........ Gomes' retirement haa not had a (qiet-
...2.... ...... .. : + g effect hi fact bas assisted in fan-
.............. 600 + ring the flames of discontent resulting;
from the ea f a General Brookade to
. .disburse $3,000,000 acoordlng to the de-I
.... siree of Ouban "generaB,," some of
whom never set a squadron in the fled. DO you take cold with
+ Gooer' friendsarebitterlyeonmplain- every change In the
Ions are payable in' + ing. claiming Generai Brooke has not weather? Does your throat
+t acted fairly with him and be deceived fae raw? And do sharp
-berm ar requested
check postoee + him Gomez' enenies are complaining pains dart through your
ital note, or reg- 4 became, they ay, General Gome s has1 chest ?
Swfaic the *ub- ? tried to sel out Cuba to the Unted Do't you know these are
e ns l on the ad- States and haprevned not, only the danger signals which point
each cspy. + payment of the $3,00e,000, but the efforts to pneumonia, brochitis, or
rates furnished on 0 of the really patriotic generals" to ob- consumption Itself?
Stairregular. more money from the United If you are ailing and have
1 plaseWm all thee te +re pe p lost flesh lately, they are
S, fabr-VtiCAonA. pure and simple, they Ceatalnly danger signals. The
how a dangerous state of unrest, a d- question for you to decide Is,
sire on the part of certain elements in "Have I the vitality to thrOW
3D MAY 5" 1899. ca to ret the present occupation off these diseases?"
by the United~ tates although the oc I Don't walt to try SCOsTT'
s DICO cupation is agvinsasreat benefits to the EMULSION as a last re-
Oele of the island and renderingr as ort." There is no remedy
i pstviIy damWer m p ,ue-breedlng spot. Un- equal to It for fortifying the
rus "o tereW in r t with a people having laracter- System. PreeatUon is easy.
l days pgo, 41s hi 1l0l s0 on to a Cabana, ohsrac-
* 16.. .B =theScott
feor Mr. B u titsh wbtc b enxumder cronlc ,us-
recutiob wetqd" m 1 1 S1 a d eCube.n ia ne 811 & O t all

T mtos9oIEmulsionn

Md. elOat a OWB It wOd be pecu*Mary unfortunate P cevpti n as d
mooris ars drive did toe incendiary advice of some of ats f other diseases which
altue party, 'les"i ale Otba pafpe s and Wome of the Chu attack the weak sad those
d as a oubtflSBate in ieada, remuk in afettons teasfas with peor Mbied.
te*eb s6e1m1-sDls 1. to en ea4mbraks, al requiring e SFCOT'S MPAltU WN Is
a to TearM ay H8 Is himtteT forQtes of the United States the as standard remedy for
e reatr New T ft to sudtae *em It may be that Gen- flaed threats a ld luags,
be admitted to tM enal h uCm h the situation so weRl sr eelds, bre hls and cos-
r a liver deleatiM n Iand tat tM e eaunlties can be sompt It is a food medl.
An entire revolution i aw Ied. eItIsINeI that the peotpe cia eof remarkabe power. A
ie -of a othe U bntedRattes are only get ting ecase It ore the
iea t Unitbeforedf tem ezaglmted accounts snd, ark body san a medicine, be-
ou-~N onr th e dark side of the vi- s I crr
m wla preSadeotSl lure. But it is undoubtedly true that C d6 It corrects esd
r VOW Of hew YoPt, Generil Gonmes wa largely depended rfdaions.
*ia dwe not Bsem n uon to assait In teaching a satiefatcory o nmad$S.o, alldrugh t
one seems willing to settlement df the pay question, and of SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemau, New York
teSqe*fRetfuhesan a peacable and quiet disarmament.
,o ae in o semBs It is not now known whethSr he has
oold exclude asstern lost his influence with the army, ,has
ept the party alive been cast aside through the influence TO RELIEVE BROOKE.
years and years 1i of his enemies, or a really disusted' frhe Phladelphia Times published a
at diecouraig ir- nd going ackto an Domingo. It siged special from Wahingo. In
Zusra Democrats si P0osible that General ooke ban1sti It is stated that General Brooke

* The situation- however t such as 10 Cua assembly Is ret arded as a pot
tih Indebted forbeen handicapped blc thaze elupon evatioba an is to be reli as governor general
tUrrUpton to Gme z Cubanoe to be the Cutan hichr and that oond addnd succeeded b ee Gen

nlitary govei-aentr. a a tue cn e en to him d by e n. La cn-
be can get along better without hanlad Wood. wutose a command tever sincfthe
uaty itax year will with 'him., for they have frequonity tar pr"rreee Ias been attended
It can gt and it Ic POO PPhedn tu te story of bitteasb aene
1 h i. h cah edot h tnuccesa a o o
tut freadilg personas quret may well be doubted. d. nitih i d who maike p coated te air
SThe N situation, however,t o is such an t10 o uban aebw n r.aded anap

a tI dooh..T. 't0 o the peopleDa, for a fitOed to coe with.itLof a said. The core
lu ruplion to the CubAppleard. whsome of which a Banna ond Johnt add pren. Fit of th Lee Ci
ic it as uppo- true andct paoofpert vaorgled theof newstor en Bank and Trust Co, of Tampa,
. Ca was pr- vendors.whose vness it recen toly been g- elsp equipped for the miltay goon the river
realst of a cleh of nkt'M'. e bits of reliable news, how- norahip. but the toeition will not be
brtet is a bot -blo pond eerd to ear out the colp tlion that e en to him bec-sme n a with twol con
it y betht his the Cuban sk I not the from time iy-n ider acque.Generalnce has f rom Verona-
e The m y years to get t quare meal, be- call ithut a cJ. W. Andern er since
S t W rior a gAs to yelp prosperity-becauBe le H. enClator. heavaa thentle t tme adHe
a to t ha a ob, and to decr Bran and the a twirhour o authority Coat, and apparently
Sties ed w to the d- ree lver cAse. Ungrateful hor, print- aboithout into rence" It is a ho ea w ityh

f.ue.eabee .nanti and the democracy pty a worth attentia cons. We a re gratito sou
a ndhis astic e aS o db by J. F. Ri tayour lofmiran tso beand ae. powevert to announced te hein
e real troub are ll democrats ts respects to days spent in driving throesecallin
Wohdleomt do to s-y Jefferson Appileyard, of the Sanford nd. good m e o ut n

Sriad Iroubis will dlioirt"s- "Isto day)s pent In driving broh naTe ni tmnnokadlu~xuratq s-o-n

te h It w B as too with r. Spar nmok and luxuriant grovs
toWe MO d T e he n ue almetto temnominates "* changed their opinions, and that hey
d, Wiwi am Of. J.TD. Calhoun fork Topgese,,t W d lke all others who avre visited ,
111011 DAM i .Snpa r lhe km enoTribuner ises to have gone awaye singiesdg praoies to th

w omidef 611 Cuban weoldr like to knowm tst is the matter ou slate ightsof our clirdate

W" UI Vqwe In One sucichou telemlent abotb that re The bit las l th plead ,lorida's Hous
w M hav eo W r ted dcovery of the fountain of per- s-t eek to exempt Wakulla and se
Share.Teyha veanoty ahmal yout in basgo. s thoe t t fact nln nontiesa from the enforcemen
It. Il h that It comes Just aten the tlme uen a of tepruvllone of the Lawor the pro
" "tin t ection of fish in the waters of thel
T e tl 'Now Tork Tamnanyltes evident-StOte, came up for consideration in
S.a1rt '.'1 df ^d do not reits the Idea of belnf called' the Senate Wednesday morning. After
as -aas-a hbeCore th eMnet committee for the a debate lasting for two hours and a
... t b ske ot hearIn the Platt pot call the healif. it was killed and interred.
hiselrttf lit_ 0 e bThe Florida election law seems to
1s-1st s-tM b The tpolitclka= In Ohio seem to be rive unoiver Esatisfaction. Under its
Sblk thb e vy at urgingg things In a wey to comnpel provisions eleotioMn are absolutely
'esle .tas f a.(maantor s-ans- to kee hi' bius-day- fair. There Is no room for complaint
-ae tiAetaendto t ean permanently on the outside. and omequenty there Is very little
1--, -- kicking done.-O-ainesvhle Bun.
J-.. -' l-av body will eommend the wisdom
. .b*. f" g. of the government In bringing hom Large shiments of vegetables hav
u-y- ie ofr the Irusms from Ctba before the been made -romn Kimdeioee during th
g ilM- ev, bretha -ot. past few weeks.- CraAes of ecusmbers
or........% __"#Pbeans. s quaah and Irish potatoes ar
being shipped in large quantities eacl
day. Loca growers have done well ot
strawberries; r. L.angford, from a
&mall vatch, h" already picked and
foun1 msale fo m00 quarts of fin

Ilepeqple of Hot Sprlng, have a
4M- M TN; 5 l queer Idea of rest. They have tendered

NOTICE OF MASTER'S SALE. the United States ln 0 ta r
ern bistrict of erIda, isI
Under and in pursuance of a certain sitting. In a certain easme wh
Decree rendered on te 2th day of April, A. Andemrso sad. I A. O Bys
SA- D., 1899, by the Hon. J. W. Locke, cetvers of the sutherba auna
i Judge of the Circuit Court of the Uni- ing snd Loan An@olatikn. ef lA
ted States, hin and for the Southern are cnmpisAics, asnd Jame2L.1
District of Florida. in Chancery sitting. I and Emny C. Doeey are dt&a
in a certain cause wherein J. A. An- L Charles S. Adams, as Spefis
person and M. A. O'Byrne, receivers of ter, shall at publc auction. exp
the Southern Mutual Building and sale and sell for cash to the I
Loan Association of Atlanta, are comn- bidder before the Court House
plainants, and Earl High, David B. the Circut Court, In the City ol
High, J. W. Harlow. B. F. Harlow, pa. County of etlisboroqqm.
Minnie A .Purnell ,F. G. Purnell, Theo- during the hours of public a
dore Grippers and Andrew J. Kneght Thursday, June 1th A. D, 11
are defendants, I, Charles S. Adams, as the following real estate, to-wit
Special Master, shall, at public auc- Lying and being n itll.ba
tino, expose to rsale and sell for cash County. Florida, to-wit: Lots
to the highest bidder before the Court and twelve of block twenty-<
House door of the Circult Court, in the Macfarlane's Addition to West
City of Tampa, County of Hillsborough, according to the revise dmp a
Florida, during the hours of public Addition filed in the office of th
sale, on Thursday. June 15th, A. D., of the Circuit Court in ad for
1899, all the following real estate, to- borough County, Florida, together
wit: all and singular the tenemPnt0, I
Lying and being in the City of Tamn- taments and appurtena&o the
pa. Hllsborough County, Florida, to- belonging, or in any wise appear
wit: Lot nine (9) of block three (3) of and also all the right. tite. intern
Kennedy's subdivision of Tampa claim of the said defendants I
Heights, a map of said subdivision be- and thereto.
ilg duly on file among the lands re- CHA. S. .
cords of Hillsborough County. Florida, Special a
in Plat Book one (1) on.page 40, togeth- COOPE R & COOP
er with all anr singular the tenements. Sol'rs for Co
hereditaments and appurtenances Isc.t ATIB.
thereunto belonging, or in any wise ___
appertaining. and also all the right, l- In the Circait Co r of the Six
tie, interest and claim of the said de-
fendants therein and thereto, diita Cr of the rts of5m
CoAw . ADAo In and for llhorouh Coo
Speci al Master. Chance.
COOPER & COOPER. Mark Z. Bras-on vs. Lenors
Sol'rs for Compl'ts.a don. Bill ftr Dlvoro.
Under and by virtue t an e=
--- for costs in feor af respondeit,
SHERIFF'S SALE. out of the CnUAt Cot of the
Judicial Cirnuit io the t of,
---- da. oi and to rSlAMhoa- Con
lnder and by virtue of a certain exe- c c nor. a osnrtan le a
caution issued out of the Circuit Court astrk Z1 BicrnAd io aemS lsa ti
of Hlllsborough County, State of Flor- LonIor Brandon 1I Sdd.a t.
ida, in a certain cause wherein, Julia have l adonWsd wal as a
A. Proseus is plaintiff s-nd J. W. Wll- lic outcry befIre thenrut Ba
liames and E. B. Drumright, partners, In th cityit of T Pleis,
doing business as Williams & Drum- 5 th dayhorJs it aA. Dn MeU
right, are defendants; dated the third lowina d/paim d rea Wastehe" a
day of May, A. D.. 1899; I have levied tHilioroh CouutyI tna the t
upon and will seUll at public outcry on Florla. ievf uapon asSt Dro
the first Monday in June, A. D.. 18M, cause to-wit: The lddoe.
between the legal hours of sale, the rol- interest tn and to tMe sentihat
lowing described property ,to-wit:-A ter at 'northeast quarter a so
certain steam laundry building situate In southeast corer of seetoi ti
two. towushn twenst-v-lone -

on the following described real estate,
to-wit:-Starting on the southwest
corner of lot three (3) of block eighteen
(18) according to the general map of
the town of Tampa, and run thence
northerly along east side of Tampa
Street seventy-five (75) feet, thence eas-
terly parallel with Cass street seventy
(70) feet, thence northerly parallel witl
Tampa street thirty (30) feet, -thence
easterly paraJlel with Cass street thIr-
ty-tive (35) feet, thence southerly and
parallel with Tampa street one
hundred and five (106 feet, thence
westerly parallel with Cass street to
the point of beginning, being in Hills-
borough County, State of Florida, to-
gether with althalhe boilers, engines, and
machinery of every kind and nature
whatsoever, situate in said building,
together with three (a) wagons, and
two (2P head of horses used in said
business. said. property to be sold on
the premises as above described, and
the said property being levied upon as
the property of the defendants, and to
satisfy this execution.
T. K. SPENCER. Sheriff.
JOHN C. WHITE. Attl for ll'tff.

Tampa, Fla., April 24. 1190.
The partnership heretoforetofore existing
between F. L. Wing and H. E. Hale,
doing business under the firm name of
Wing Cigar Company, is hereby dis-
solved. H. F_. Hale retiring and tMr. F.
L Wing, continuing the business un-
der the same name.

Tabopa. Fla., April 24, 1899.
The partnership heretofore existing
between F. L. Wing and H. E. Hale.
doing busJness under the firm name of
Ybor City Loan Office, is hereby dis-
solved. H. E. Hale, retiring and F. L.
Wing, continuing the business under
the same name.
Under and in pursuance of a certain
decree rendered on the 28th day of
April, A. D. 1899, y the lion. J. W.
Locke, Judge of the Circuit Court of
the United States. in and for the South-
ern District of Florida, in Chancery
sitting, In a certain cause wherein J. A.
Anderson and M. A. O'Byrne, receivers
of the Southern Mutual Building and
Loan Association of Atlanta, are com-
plainants, and Cottie L. Johnson, A. H.
Johnson, Henry L. Knight, P. G. Wall,
Jr., C. L. Knlght and E)dgar Wall,
partners, etc., under the firm name of
Knight & Wall, are defendants, I,
Charles S. Adams, as Special Master,
shall, at public auction, expose for sale
and sell for cash to the highest bidder
before the Court House door of the
Circuit Court, In the City of Tampa,
County of Hillsorough, Florida,, during
the hours of public sale, on Thursday,
June 15th, A. D., 1899, all the following
real estate, to-wIt:
Lying and being In the city o: Tampa,
Hilisborough County, Florida, to-wIt:
Lot number six (6) of block sixteen
(16), of Clark's subdivision of south half
of lot four (4). section thirteen (13,
township twenty-nine, south of range
eighteen east, a map of said subdivi-
sion being recorded In Book H, pages
323 and 324 of -Hilelsborough County,
Florida. Also, beginning at a point on
the west line of block four of E. A.
Clarke's subdivision of the south half
of lot four in section thirteen, in town-
Sship twenty-nine, south of range eigh-
teen, according to the map recorded in
Bnok H. on pages 323 and 324 of Hills-
borough County, Florida, eighty-four
feet south of the northwest corner of
said block, thence run south along said
west line forty-two feet, thence run
east eighty-six feet to the center line
ef said block, thence run north forty-
two feet, thence run west eighty-six
feet to place of beginning, together
with all and singular the tenements,
hereditaments and appurtenances
thereunto belongIng, or in any wise p-
pertaining, and also all the right, to-
tie, interest and clam of the said de-
fendants therein and thereto.

Oo'rs for Coumpl't.

Umer and iS prsasoe of a eernila
decree enpder en the 0th day or
April. A. D., 1iN by tl Be.nJ.. W.
Lorke. -.,ds- e the Cla'esit Court it

range twenty eart; aso the west half C. W. hi135TS
of stheast quarter of section twe&tr- oW. BI. FlEl M
two. t90owasa tweaty-nise, s-nL. SJ.. W13
range twenty. e st; also etlhe W est states f Florida6e fnl
twelve and ninety-five on-huan dreth e64.
chains o t north a f t southwest gara Pena y 513" e at
tea, of the northwest u-rter, ad h the d smu'r fA Wi A.
south three quarter of west half of Kni& Jo I SOWereh A. '
northeast quarter, oc southwest qart-& A. _roweiL. Q W_ evemW
ter of section twenty-three township lex. J. E. mI0sBl 0
twenty-nine, south of range twenty, 4swors agokaowse tas'tu
east. the forgoing atl a
SaId sale being made to satisfy eal the s- and purposes thW
executioa and cost. "&l -
T. K. S L'JONCtit, B. I*. RM
Sheriff of Hlborough Couaty. i JO
F. M. SItNf'ON ank 80LON B. C. WI "
TURMIAN, Esq's., Solicitors for Comi- I. A. i
HBBFRIFT s-0&lE. j.J. .I Wc
laeranddsa ubbWildin
Under and by virtue of a certain ex- i" hs day f April. AJ
ecutlon issued out of the Cirept Court (tes)
of HUlaborough County, State of Flor- i C. a-
Ida, in a certain cause wherein J. B. 'Notary P blc. State of
Anderson. as cashier a the Exchange
National Bank of Tampa, is plainttL 16,SSCflE
and J. W. Williams and E. B. Drum-/ Notice is hereby gives tU
right, partners ,doing business as Wil- atiUon will be Made to the
liams & Drumright, are defendants the tai-o. f ora ,tfthe
dated the third day of May, A. D., 1891 date JMeffr fo let pas
I have levied upon and. will sell at pube- foregeog rtudes a
lie outcry on the first Monday in June., L.:
between the legal hours of sale, A.. f JOHN w
1899. the following descrIbed property. A. C. CA
situate in (HillsboroTgh County, Flor R A. A W.
da, to-wit:-The lease hold interest of C. W. 9
the defendants in the following real ei- W. B. tIT
tate:-Starting at the southwest corner J. 8. B
of lot three (3) of block eighteen tl
according to the general .map of the U d
town of Tampa, and run thence rti-_ sale reanded by mat
early along east side of Tampa street
seventy-five (75U feet, thence easterly t lr Ph spnJdge oitIh-
parallel with Cass street seventy (70) theSixth Jiifal CUMU
feet, thence artheriy parallel l th o FFMia toin- s-nL Sr
Tampa street thirty (30) feet, thence HllsMaborough. In ChS w
easterly parallel with Cas street thir- da ofApril A. D.
ty-flve (35) feet. thence southerty and, tao.e wherein RoM Cb
parallel with Tampa street one hun- c _ompla tes-nd SanderK
dred and five feet (1006), thence wester- s-I. are Mdlert0 a I, 300
ly parallel with Cuass street, to point 4 ow tJr...Master in es
beginning; also the laundry building. SS AtaBaIS
situated thereon, and the boilers, en- It
gin fmachinery and ftaires ot ecery S- sl e In g qSi
kind-knd nature used or employed in asoor JkMatL o V%
msid laundry, also three (i) wagonsent a -d ftdy us In
two (2) D bead of horses aud sl other being saru lse dys. .Me
property pertaining to msed Iaudry tet sitates-nt in
business, situated on said real estate. borough, States it S
Said property to be sold on the prem- pitRuia.ly tslndS=
ises above descritbed and the said prop- Wit- The wehaMlf f &e
erty being levied upon a, the property the 'southwt I arl
of the defendants, and will be sold to, qrt f s tB
satisfy this execution.q ute r of uSemtai.
T. K. SPENCEIL, heriff.1 ty -is-se e !S t
C. C. WHITAKER, Att'y for P'tff. momor leas. Alo&'st]
ADMINISTRATION NOTICE. i JoIning the ma abe trtt O
pgC seventy (MT7 yr Vw1
---| is by thirenm and a
All persons having claims against the hnndret. (s as tW5) m
estate of Thos. C. Collins deceased, are aorth and euthl-sl fh0
requested to present same properly aU-- ner at them outleait U
thenticated to the undersigned with nortiUwest Qartar it -o
time prescribed by law, or they w alnd ram aStuab o n-0
be barred and declared null and void acres mom orI sm
J. D. SPENCER. iothe ms @,th t qma-
Admlnistrator of said estate. etakiuafte r athe
Tampa, Fla., Dec. 24th. 11. 'section 0. tewna nd-
-tenm feat en the *%Aam
Six months after the date hereof, ~ o'a te Mrth Saf eeS
will present to the County Judge at t MW tas uen5-.S
ttlUiborough County, Florida. my fla. tfins. wIF P-1 WI
account ,ind vouchers as executtix oe p ad -Inime.S
last will of Lid- MacGregor, deceased a S ses4sWit-sAWL-'
and will make my final settlement a- dfAWS55 g3d,
such executrix.t i m
Dated thise 28th day of Nov., A. D. 1i} et =&de afr the m -
INA. SAGE POST. I n dg i4ad deem1 ithm
Execut.Lr of last will of LIa Maot Dated s- ThIM
Gregor. deceased. 28th da iof
NOvember 0.
Notice Is hereby given that the iuns NOTPZ OF AppLMAW
ders-gned has been aWppouted admlnj NOTICEO AWUK5
istratrix of the estate of iit iardX
Wells. deceased. All persons hodig c *is
claims of any nature agsInt sa i es-" t W5 ,, TW.rnTH
tite are notified to preset tthem --s.te-
me. properly s'tbestlneteu' with P 33055 it
the time or rvlded by law or the-n Se us- Su
wUill be barred. All persons Indete el et ..
to mid estate -es requested to m s hs ls .

AAdnifirsttrlx .. R.d U.1"


Increase in the Bicycle Business in The Negro Soldiers Who Raided the
te AUate COBlUs"a Denies a Stae*- Tampa a Great Surprise General Lawton and MacArthur T ampa Jail t b Tlries d h n Rae The
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-TEEP PICE FOR SrDE 'rom Saturday's Daily From Saturday.sDaily
STEEP PRICE FOR SIDEWALK rease in then num..r of i- MAY HAVE FLED TO MOUNTAINS Captain Frank S. Harow, of the WE IS
-- cycles in this city is something wonder- -- Frt L.nited States artillery, arrived in
ive Hundred Dollars Paid for the ful. By the looks of t2). motitudes General ttls Says it Wil b Practi- this city yesterday on a very important He eflied YA
Death of Boy Who Broke His that glide up and down the paved lcaI Imposa;b e to Capture Agur errand. He is summoning witnesses the O
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everybody- is taking kindly to the ex doing Mountain Retrea e of the nero soldiers o
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i The re ar meeting of the city con- de he city con- die the wonderful cycle tad in open reas has evidently been made in the Chief of Poe Woodwad, Lleutenant
Swas held last night. The fllowin mouthed astonishment, wondering how execution of the plan of campaign which Tohnson. Ex-Jaller Blount. Gordon 7%
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to be en, Phillips, Manrara, Webb, DeArmas, without any apparent effort to keep following. Having taken Sa Isidoro leave Tuesday.
SBrown. Kruse. Wing, Frecker and Mo- from falir all over the uaement. and driven the enemy into the mount- eve witnesses. r out d ij
After reading the mite of the las ooker one of the mysteries of e ins. General La rton wilt not co-1 Th ca a oU of
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L;A8L' read rom L t. here by people who W1chaAed other authority that this is the min PuW- a telephone meamage was sent to Jailer dkhI Mln
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A commr~t1on wus read o ex Forwtheinform~ation .of'our r.a #OD O CLeST. afflda'Itsb hearing otpon the ouarage, G a e1,o en
A Ft pctol^n J. Thonta-,as o e For the n t on-li-mn t --;i A sWORD TO CYCLIST8. andImadeaformiai demand, acom-
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'fl -r a e m from theSecond wardTapa Door of Ho. I bg to state Wmn. Capers, and expert in the ,.r)- rnge and the punisharnel of rose ker is saydI
Florida In rpot regad e petition to that the orgniaUon effected by the cle business, and are prepared to re- rThe Papen In the l coase.w r foy
h l id street be paved from Scott street: A. mpa for the direction pair alt kinds of bicycles. We also ,arded to Hon. S. sparkman, at
be ofn to Mlch &enue after the paving of and management of the hme, No. 514a have ( ine lot of new high alg d he P sted the at dgon
,.s o to, pee a W'e~ lin Street had been com -1 R ossa avenue has be-n thus for under grade w heels, and are sole agents for s wa i ade. t r1yr ena, Up b s b n r e- t ine u md p ynol- m
lKe-elw ted 0e-Lr 7ewande a resouondatlors wa ad-C4odls beinge-ty v o n'succesalMul Mcnl the famous Monarch wheels. If yu teived t what b e i n d e to
ri idpg ltiz flttiDR! tle board of public works tgod has bubeen done and great tnpr.'.-'- want to rent, buy, or have your whb. d premtises." a tthee tho
fti -POt 11re 1OW to Woneed with the paving in accord- ments made, but owing to the gre-at ir.- promptly and proPErly repaired tall on v' rhe mn cWho led the mob in Lfthe rt W Pla eB y
Sting have secured our e oe. eon the rigi ide pains under. e i -ith
1 lk len' anyon e I dasmge case of R. Deitweiler nene boa h e broaeed i ion thep shoulder-blade, constipation, hlioun- f |A |U r D fTI mary,
"-- tns "1 nmEteonsfideraion Theafacts lIimeitso I re at flIh souWht to co- ed|E
WEEK $5 BSenSneSlo asonaot Mr. Delfwerler tor. and county authorities" have vow" heavy and sleepy your liver is torpid I PA F. W. PS

. will tor.lueied andfel, l over a home an. we codct, and both have Risers will cure you promptly, pleas-r PLEA SUsnWtna

Ater er a intense at' ony for the public who have w blngly given I the congestion and causing the bile atea Enver. reacoed thi
Iw monte, he died from t good. pnd money toe our home, and ducts to oPen and flow naturally. f--t. 1 s stt
'du tmeg eawa up c in roun, aditwefe t s w av cheered u s b man hindme They are good pslee S. B. Leusardi & Fromi iidayn Daily, accesnwist
re. -ed to the oromltee, on aonppas neeses may know exactly what tins Co.. Central Pharmacy, of Tampa, The little party of pleasure seekers nret o We m
i..tbht an 5giwewncea and report onst bh e done is now doleg, and is plan- Diamond Phlarmacy, of Thor City. tletseo-fW R- Fller and wife
o teeffeot thae In their judgmen ned f .he future a toil reort of Captain R. La Brown and Captain I D. Sit
t hd of th boy wa case-d by a g y a our work at A FAIR CGMePmJEXION. Henry Jervey and wIfe, who left this .tf 15 Nt
... deb ve midleankt and the oy ear c h hebacb of the work sil bie pub- c-ity o Manatee wier. on Tlemdep m* "I w

Webb, Ia behalf of a ntsi, er of oiven the predn of the my kd preparations I can guarantee perfect turdnetd late on Wedneeday night They th
- g u owners. wlhked fer a street Than t a n tio better knowledge of our natisfact-on. CuDimoner cream is the Ci ao W. R.a Fl.er S. B. Leone

ds wor. mThe rqe stven twe subl c maf9 thnest i ehuctence. Sold by all dru- neaday afternoon, when thetr metiAth m
S, The rtt was meeting of all the churches Im being ar- g~ts at 25 cents per box. Mrs. Charles. a that ame vernea costing bor
et ommittee made a favor ranged f the t sunday night in 5044 Franklin street. tf ever* live, .. R
o 'Nrf- In rewfoa to the pvt of Jiun. atrnhrlOh, among other matters I te m ltw inhad been o o
go t, em the eant side of preated, full reports of the work The Garrison Calamity Howler In pos t ees t t had en a
r'xm-;4Vtiwe~ k sidwemt-S doft ti"- aatpe.m xI rshed will be read. lr aa he self constitrted charnopon oft vst to the beautiful. Atiood home and lol
an e UWpass med inetructing The blesing of Him who healed the the Taxm Witer Co., is a radical and rape-frit farm at Wnatee. ~g ear h to-day
eme aof omteae fteOrentow uton thtW=e" withdrw
I a pftaS work to proceed sick and iftedi the faen has been with Inconsistent exponet of that corpo river. Mr. L. C.Roda, ntm eage d coae
us. ma^ d WSW* onBand we prep r, for the continued favor tion's Interests, In its desire to slob tie Atwood r plantation, had cb o5t st CCnJA mSale
a p a repSte street io- of the t ster In our kior of love. ber over one of the greatest nxsnopo tie gueeI pand after npe satin. me
Sl to t4welt ave-uw t- rsj. J. l WLILER, t ies Taina has ever had It goee out rtae s showing them tihen Mr rgo elta lnl
xllas Wtell as a emoioin-In For the W. C. A. of Its way to ive the Trtbune an un- dll'e tuptiha launch Whoab tc.W us isa '.te
boardat wr ks necessary leentre. The mere Idea of the dItanc e over, In abounat tive feeot &"ha
UM1A b e wnfee9 betsB of the poUl.e ftCre. It provides this paper copying anything from a o wte, eonse leakagerfrm thep-
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0 p- sT ok eordoinMuRot. tht ever man m aoiated nm the police sheet Uke the little Herald iss ab- t h tank SSadimg sxos ared scamp. 0 .em O fN
s lt atto w as fore OL urnish oertficte as to s as t Is ridtiou4ous to see a popu- I t as on e leakmeVat ad ex-- Zd
'01 k lna" tOThthe CHiwas Me Cood rai zi' er, and he toeshall I-- ", "" e I b ut itcue d eak sb=o e4 M -
Vae d thatti s cY a tae risat howlingfor the rights ot a cocpo-peoded ms S ea
V iLnawt c it 1 made tlWie resi Itin the city at least three th r tde, tretit a evme'rm 'a w'Ld
-.4 q -se ons?prism to said appointment.eatn aatng s *so ftf

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WMs &w-m "Or destrying red to the O SMy orasmttee. TFhe "Ttiinme's policy i, Itf you cann Sotlow. Samei oe in tVe bolt ted"4'
Id sidewalk, wo2 ih ULreseohtUon was Introdued by Mr. sav a wood word sahou t Tlmpdon' W IBM offaL 'to o a r u. M-.
&M C we vefter declaring the board of any anything.. B you d t kn'tke thoAmewojemagepedhmadpremence ofe m5wi h
.e h IL t. Ithe onS tbat are now grat-ee city. that feede you move to the roya efloAub to keep a taoI on the ban L ewrOMeWS
a an moton re- are pa ed. he onl y exception in this dttricts and grow up wis the coun msbu Jerse wbthe m &faelosn dentg t Mlt
S lt e otrod to rantiom was Twentieft street, from rrytore bhyLM hs.oneplotsion Is .OaI
at Uease to the Ninth to hrewsh avene s.eroma. Itgt relured egrattsn a w er-
I. w** asern on n matm on01- 1r.W "ebb, the damage ls is he sesn of the year when tionr og two orl the men to keeps her .isa .b
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the comatteeon au asreD fe rraiev- the water- m looking after all from drowning. the
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am- ,for aboutfave mites. ne, g neros .. 1A
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fM^4 bt,4 M other- s"ad ddresed the ooute In reftrence citizen excl:omn- "It In hot"' Into the heAt and yti l
Ordeg ts, eft amestal to a 9mcWesA t V atdappeard In the the litdiue fire lht bad igntted =rom!
Pa.nt ff a fst as Ldl taIwhiS ,ed that le FtIty4 mhle bschk frni tanaMllan exploason an d amunced to thoem e
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2y 25.-- Fred M.W, Fe

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A F E A R LE SS SK IP P E R .. . o ,
ate Prep ios o the FROM NEW YORK. i out of breath n-ha.d run up from the
Beach at .-an D -., Lli Nhbere the big
S" A l prtaat EveLt Captala Bryan Got .30,000 For Thai rer. -lers .. ; wth .a ino s..y ro.ir
Job, but Ever Alfter M isfrt ne I i as What i_ 6 eli.! .i atile .t"
i Lu ck Followed Him Latill Squid ui L ii;' n1 The're. jst
I I E TO POTTAMPA L.l-,,, n .lly .ed . In, tbe -urf. Canut ou. l ..ia horse.-
After tosir. erery rest of thh g a t tig .ed bIv. "' ,.
M tC ; lnqortM3l tB t to ecape-froar the country Jamuos Br7..: i L.s sz.r .. d J. _- a ouple of pnls
dr i tiheoN ewtirme nip on, indIt I II o with yon,"
e.t.tUme*iei Year --Sesal diedpennil.athishomd eihwiw t sng into the
Bryan waw a sea ecapti a and wa.a fair.and ud dohwuiihe dn t pmngie beaches
... st. l. prosperous sunil the day when he took tih tu..u ca.e b b"h .. h .-hie.' said
fugitive Tweed aboard his ship anti car
Prit Tsae- M S --Everybody is ed away w Yrk ha the by, asnd. laping n tff e pony, he
Stta So ThenTi hia misfortune began. p_-- So picked up froum he beach where he had
Stt row. ta ei Bryae n did not no w ok his mysteiu W y Women Canot previously laid it. a tbanittm rol about
" ia Vrws uob. aua le-kn eddwnot cwo.- .stbep. e nine feet long that had a large book at the
ste tomorow. An thne grestpassenger was io beh and he did not Tb highly org'enized. ,",. end. Thuaes quippld, he moved down to
deste4 meaner, ~us im sre-; That was ory orhe was choenstot d-, 't finel]-s ngncr'u ... the water's dge
.r rl rk. I tr eptatiof ei system ofwomenrb- It had ters bloi ngahrveyoutheastcr,
opTespt. me wiopau t fse i'ut.of wan mli oer saieled jeertbedt to teeso." ,-,f iei anprebeu. and g-.at' wasy_ osere coming in, piling
V moment s nmd thdk over the impor- boast that he feared neither ma,, Ul n, : The peace of mind. ti. r a.:(, ial poise and up long blkh iuae of kelp that wotnd
I v aca theat e sp ned the devil Oa cue one r ion, when n .re. calmness nader diffihu iueEsahich i nrees away lik, scrasic nt. aosir the anad. Here
seary for happy womanhood is only possible and there j ua a the borders of the
slh Ae Queen's birthda bhI storm was ragig and alhlphipisLer. when the sensitive feminine organism is in waves were strange. uncanny looking
had been warned not to leave port, he, tI a perfectly healthy enndition. If there be croeatuires six or seven feet it length, with
S 1th an J ca use his own words. "saledout in th ny wanes or dean e nt in this n fng e tentles and hi ck star-
.1. s % ..elonglfin I itent srsnssaof the d evil,",iStar
S t oltA t e'PLrts. onaUc Ils n.'mi of the de il." spect no remedy in the world so com.- ing eye. Some were high, dry and help-
S W A ib0 boci=a AoI Ig Bryan' widow told the story of thait pletely restores womanly health, nervous thers were half in the w r-
lrel eteeampltw y wrun for liberty with apparent pleasiire eigor and capabiitiy as the wonderful n abr li te
0ig i;'r tg oe malAomericn' She awas aspround of the capain's dan "Favorite Prescription" invented by i o their kerlke tetacl though
: s hne t g mo W o r ougitus- Slh l.he e told It R.V. Pierce, chiefico ulting physician of Imploring aid, whUe out in the waves
a shheoadnbenlof or Itfehln0. hetod the Invalids' iottiLanad Suragical Insulte other oould bhoe seen, ether driv .es In lt
gi oa o just as he had told It no her. She Said of Buffalo, N Y It purifi es, heals and some large sh or beaten in by the
S tsuhal anoe into p on th rnghemse; insuen functinao regularity "What good ag th ?" sethien lble-
a g nt ant TIhel soI u GI elals.He found that Mihad Murray and provides physical reitforcemeanadt sus- man, who had never seen the animals.
.ill @ t.ts t heldm as JolM Nortoo n who ownal Norton' point, o ttinM power at periods of special weak. "od'"rbo edaneilte boy. "Why, it.
I t= he uid l a e I OaswWilad, haid abdy cleared thn e aes s depression. "'n d h ,'a m n b.th
n reigne a vebashAtwd nth e n a It is the only medicine which makes fun cekabo 'm, nt I man .1 the y
le ta sha F rean y t Aeo no hs g no n balot and ttshethe coming of baby safe and cow o Ively sad pen for 60 oenta Jsw look at 'am,
aL a she r ewas tbold thatheM wrasto to ke tw easy. In a personal letter to Pierce, will you?" and, digging his feet Into the
or6 no eS i "I to ldand he was to trektwod Mrs y Margerite Collin, of Cutler, Algorms luetant eoncho, be urgd him into the
thect nagoInd, eat tI" Aitmd bdtoCudbanoeSehahne would Co., Ot., says: _ma n et surf, wpre reaching down, he hooked on
m m o the World. alesoth ing in It or h. Hdidnot "I wae and was a by Dr. to sano hng A big wave splashed over
w-R U tt foe ofan knowwhotheyBwaoneorwbd pahniofCubaPhie rcs woaderftu medicine. When I-
O e foe of T w o i w he h oolI mecc te mede d -mither his back, drenching him from head to
e m wItl lte a e sow tm ed waA to go to, ad be did no asl de ep. My hand eand feet were costly ctd foot, but he held on to the squid, and the
i a a petty jetuaylo It was not his ht to ask I ad a wasting. troublesoe fr t hd ne broneho, though visibly alarmed at the
ad qe Bm i s tn took D=r. piuerip'swte zwrj hideous looking ereatnre, dragged It out
i .. e s a e dap p d nd t u to tn and it cured me. I fet well I thak t high and dry on the bech, whmr it lay
L agmba~mbd bea etheeboshi. off Norton's point. Thea tugDauntltess Woetla Dtswirasry tMedical Asseei ."e pumping Ink and water, its long arms
a1 ,e to- one'w mesants w allalde, and, to ve time, he Udidolgabout like
:6 M -Aan t n h co n Teed en h er eepn the so tip s sem nalo emisson wea and of ilng abou OPh e hnakes
as, a us it hMeXC apl Weroois orSu Btlndt tobe ehi pt After various excursions Into the tutf
ft hekw a Viewa oI.f .e m-- et upwealt' spie n In a sm the boy, having with the aid of the stable-
... i.aM iantew irbZ0r2 t me h a thea eavisnW w I sip hnaoin f government taranport service, m returned oman hauled the animalss above high water
1 bo rat .ri te; th U a a. ahy r A e ith ma yesterday from Port Tana, where h mark, began to soare his tre a. sa
_- 1e ,a a1m Tohey had arn gs do n ba l wtth e oemend ed E squid had a pen-along, al tLinted,
Sf io't a vl v g hip andtbo w othM e ou b cd eitend l the loading o a h ansln object, thO model of a hul
ta W hthe a Co w r a ev telr whesd her holr Inthte darkness. schooner Ma tanea. that ailed will Pen and holder 18 or i0 Inche in length.
in,1h Q& con "Theem wa no moon, and the clouds s uTrttpad tyrlfrom Savannah Thin was found extedug %b from the tip of
a Tthe tail to the ek of t animal and
SAUmWe attrat1e and cutoff the taorlght and made It one of the The vessel sailed frozen Havana. Captserved as a support, Something like a
I: f"a- but tile sinak Into blackest nights that had ever been known in here now on the lookout for the backbone. But the squild in a squid, not
1~1~.-a cmpd to the on tthe ebay A nalwhere to ladand as e shonw tranporCrook, -hich is expected to a backboned animal. Next the huge eye
puros e Vs it and p wrin- d"a a".greed upon "orh and orrw from New York. She Is th were taken out and the eyeball scud,
Qwen Victoria a-Rs e the Second infaotn a am 1 t
h er'i c. o ia y him that he had found his paseng-r.. ship that in to take the Second lnfant3me w icsh larger d g a-mble.nd a pTea
S"Two muyfled figure stepped into the to enfueos.-Savannab WeNa'S youngfashrmantprodmeda bg aof Ink
ci.:i c9mnallnirees are ver' boat, and they were rowed back to the fro the body of the animal, wlhch te
| otteo aarlsng the dvtalka s hip The paengoter went below, and the Putrly the sewers of the body ande aid was india Ink. Thl was true, and
;rie prn tugtook ttbiothiptfhrnegi the rho R A
S a rti fnely. Th net pr loe time uris lot i get snorirrtlate the digiitr'e org'ans t main- at one time this sepia was the only India
eateii naotNon arrived l Tng uto to lea lot i n beaeh. strength and erg.' Ink known. The pen of some bpe of
the animal Ii the cuttlefish hone of ons-
'k A. m4.t amin be no dtenim- "In the morning Bryan recogr.ized Prtickly Ash Bitters is a tonic for the mere, given .a canary binds The tre-
E.seaSrort--l a t;irongl that line. Tweed by his pirturcs, which every Oui kldneay. liver., stomach and hN>w-ct nnes the young fisherman latm w sold to
i swnsi.'n ay, of Toansviale had seen. Tweed told Bryan to ke e a "i IFor salp by LQ B. Leonardi & Co tourista and curioniry dealers-.,'hicago
.. e'.test.'m-ie'. No rmn' Imouth 'shut, sau ht awouhl he well re Inter Oan
Awarded Bryan did keepL l his biUil0ltshI Captain Farley. -f th- Atlanta sloa.
AsiUs rorsntieapac dTwaded Banehim sid h e fore he left
I e" Ala tigo ta the ship. termaster's departrariminnN, aced i:1s the POF5 SIONAL CARD&.
*oTrcittr wt gtee thow wto LUstet' "Tho Frank Atrwood had been rtrar -dcity yesterday. He Ail! leave t-..-da:.'
t a.ksa sheteottoc see of the richest foe some South American port, I fur.i or to-morre'' f--n EeTe 'ror Key and Mul W. S. FORWOOD, M D.
-'as *f s t a utfl they hear which, and could not go into S.antit.u,. les Key. a Cba whe re Tweed wanted tin Inn i i h-rew the, ill spend several days Telephone 103. lRf, Residenee 'Phone, 10.
.. l OienhBrydobat an ran hin -tip toward I lieuh.rerr the ioaiiins f-sr the ne '- A office nours: 10 a. m. so 12 noon, 4 to
bobsttmal UheU m boarldth as" though he wa a going ton ntl in. ..i leotin th Ir.atins f.>r the n h
"e.' MUie and the indicditaaion when near ohure a amll b sat n-t.c.rl: psial buildings _____
SIt. wi t a rrefy enjoyable alongtde That had be on arranged iy
i Twewlo' friends ii nintlago, nod Tie--i, A TEXAS WONDER I DR. L. A. BIZE.
tt..."- "" 'l and his. 4 ary. Samuel Iiuot, got, li.:,i __ SPCv T.
id' u' ee S mon nIhe city hencBryan ue touttotith s.all boat HALL'S GREAT DrSCOV'ERT. Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat Exclusively
ae t" the tsdheet way o A Spanisrya titbatsurneo phiuit and tof. One mnall bottle of Hai's Great ies- Office, Krause Building. Hours, I to
1g t. deo pfr s wcesat one ant s1eVeralht abCs 'L ,lii uim nUld noti:i h I corvery cures all Kidney and Bladder 13 a .m. and 2 to 5 p. sM.
6"; B ih i, pa at o him I troubles, removes gravel. cures DIa- ------ -- ---
"I" litI p l ti n te COU -"Tweed weal tinder the n.itleo 'f .loh betis. m seminal emission, weak and lame DE. L. S. OPPNE E l IM ER
t&a. ." of fe &n t sMultl- Secor and Saimuie l Hunt nrAr the name backs, rheumatism and all lrregulari- CITIZENS' BANK IBULDING.
6.9tm row- will owt be near as of William Hunter. Bryarn heard thatO o
Si l But he ha thy had s t le wIth the ilanin ties of the Kidneys and Bladder in both to 12 a. 4 to .
g d natta an attica when they mandxd. htlita mlule iuoney ilzed men and women. Regulates Bladder 'im. Telephone 1., Re idence, Hyde
.i rign. Itrubese n children. If nt sold hy Park, opposite Tam Bay HoteL
orf geWestoo. Sad wltl *r"The police got wind of the.thing some I your druggist will be sent by mall on Telephone S .
ta Mislmdh west aaaL. He way asno were looking for Bryan, so to a receipt of $1. One smail bottle is two ---
illthat^.asne lvtetsInh had to utay away from New Yorkfor theer months' treatment and will cure any a WhLlTAKEI.
a .' B e t btte under the namt of John Smith, i cse abshve mentioad Ed w, Li. i ATTORBY AT LAW.
courts Prompt attation given to aS
..'. i amt i ad ld _-ta!ZPhck. He took the 580,000 whIch Tw.eed Sold by -. B. Leonardi & Co., Tampa b nhone 5.
wiet..t will tvau doob" gae him and built the Flying Scud. He | mi, Uzobazge Bank mouthing, Tampa in.
a i^a wil leave te aslad her for awhile and sold her for READ TilIS.
g- "%las .qm, tB aention fiv e other she and sol them out again, I hate tor yeas been a sufferer frfm5
^g^ < -fots oie bu tsowslwsysseemedtololimoney kidney and bladder troubles; I have (HOMHOPA^IC)
#,r,_>.rr ,illll-l n t-o da on every trade. trled all remedies that I could find, and Office at radene Ho. m lhth
g i .ul^'tl taBpe "He bought a interest In the Joe Kelly had almost given up all hope of ever avenue, corner Morgan street Offie
B i llJi> iu 111 te o aB d wma shipwreckod is her osm anaitcva- getting relief, ontil I tried Hail's Great I to 7:30 o. m. Telephone 111.
W. and H. Wltheespoon sad was sip.
U ^-t 'a ck a5bl Ieee a ma r every one ful, G. W. WILLiAXtS, DR. B. T. CO WART.
". %, .w -. oftherew gettitngoffafely, but he lortI Aaas't Chiea of Police.
-Wep wiH wt p to-mo'- s lot of money. -
I t l 4- ba t i "Then he bought a third interest in an -
"e the gaadest *affaIr of other ship, and he and the.other two own E
ghng' e hesS. __ era got tnto a qtarrel, and neither would I
biio-l dstlr '-- let the other do anyrhlng with her, and. ORGAN 6L
ll.. t = e Wl Ts. she lay over at the Eric basin for a couple

'a,---,- "of years until the dockages ae her up. SheJ asAo c DENTA IlURGEON.
s wano good, and the auancecompanies DERANC D Jackson Block. raln Street.
a T wouldot take ber. She wa sold finally,Women do not sleep as peAully as menThe
iand Brvnn's nhfa^a s only 130., The Wimadesonacti..epranpauonmllyasamen. Thei -
manv who bought ber took her to m, g and hiltW-atoe go" o h H is. she enks to terroes of apprehe s .which
kthe he $0 was soon gone, and Brya SLEEP "es r RNEY-AT-LAnd .
!%lst tip was on the .emordla, and It was and calmness ain difcultie os nece y ato oan en al -( .t
',l fera..._ s worst ishe bel toimon How- 'hoodand snotherhood. are not possible when her Of ce, Spartmnanm Block, Tampa, %la.
mard, who jed in St. Andrewt, on the materns organs are deranged in any wac Her
Dd sa ras Veteoneoan cu IL Bryan took charge of weary,n exhausted neres and cell-tissues are not T D A A R
Bi a tl her at Charlntr n ansd sailed er to Wert tfWreshed and rebuilt by .leep-'lerepSi that kniu A A N
I eiisrn tow a Idnian prta setnd back to Charleton. He the raeledsleere of care; great tiatiure'sa hait" SURGEON AND G T iOLOGIT.
bM t was on her 2iyears and never got paid --because she cannot sleep. Insomnia, sileplo 14 Plant Aven
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i hayt- Int teAd Fisialtv acaptatwhoknew one siks into it; but she cannot re trace her steps A.'AX TABLETS rSanSrTeL cC_
Inir so huhom e. ot-unless relief cmes. Firsm it is merely a feeUng '-' I t ews ei .-^ :.,Z.
Po- t n t Willam J SbhartLy out of of weariness; then an occasional headache or ; =jt Lt sunsrd ut'-Imla ro-',
AU' g iall the country after tho.mutn er of Hl'lrt backache. Butl look out!l Before yo realize it. \ 9 n 0 Vt int-.r, 'l ,t-WSW M..
a4-J e-MMa Daunn lU t 1. Tihat was nheu he o nied you are hard and fast in a chronic ailment \ astamansi-rani.t'. tssoaMsmi aw
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V- i cn ,i.P4.ies.d.s. tdok"ulR.ywr ENO'S N ..ItNEW HEALTH. L2 ines T" re 'kw.tsc r
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--.-" blt htn wbcn he was gt h ig to Guha lie did ,-- mrd t .eads a d wrtns. ws at. ,
t,, not &'t c kuythlet ou fieither In. dons not mare )ousrleep. strictlyR.ikalng. Ifit -oir t om easnumstsiean' lB eM s
-st~it:'thte te.a'& h...tfh Sarkey Is Ivingong a plat. did a would hae itocontaii some form of opiates, V..saftssjiswItmla"l i-04. .sL
...na -, a a In cam w....", il whichit isdoes -.. tat man .. ituaror. it relieves 4Q X RE& cost,,eED
mis, hwrroou. s siter a shtoe ill- theerou e or rather giv nonew rtg Forale In Tam byMorton Co.
.- 4"'" to the nrvo-s n that their work U no longer a drUggists
epae er- ve 602S. stri h, lot the gentle. n-aseihos w.ori ing of

s.o. s i ai n rnstfuldeesho uTseands wi m


ON H i

en elation is. a
B o are a severe dra in
stantly sapping away the vitality. le'
be eliminated from the bloo4,i and no II
can have any effect
There is no uncertainty about &he n"r
made for it is backed up strongly bye o
testimony of those who have been m
and know of its virtues by experiemce.
Mr. L. J. Clark,of OrangeCourthou*Vi

-UI. it seawms-ft w rig"x as a
sad Eosea Ut@ pdtsasst, md II- ji

aB fa La FO 'tilli

IMERT WJ2IS._.aas t..n.UPI C M

Interest increases as the high merit of this
Sotfferingo are comprehended6 because you arebeg"
ning to know that tJhe measure of .your su9 f
buying is not altogether in the little you peyM
More in what ou get. It's the distribution -4fOal
and reliable goods that this house.devotes its '
to, and by pricing them less than others do. it
Sits vou. However, this is not the only benefit t
the result of an increased business comes back tuoi
and it's the increased business we're after Strait-
Sforward methcds win success every time, aad it's$i
plan, clean, honest methods; .hat tie our customers ti
us. We want this house to be spoken of l'as wip
Ssafest and moot reliable "temple ofrTrtde O'-
Sbst ability to save you money is easily judged Jfr"
the following offerings of this week:


Fine Wash Silks only ............. 25 -.
Fine Brocaded Silks, worth $1,50 only. .80
2,000 yards Remnantq of Silk at Half -
Imperial Dotted Swi-s Mull only. 1.... i
. Irish Dimities only ..................... .-
Gauze de Soie only.............-.... 4-"
new line of Novelty White Goods U ,-I
5c, 10c, 15c and ............... . ~
A another caSe Faney "awr7 ..........
All Shirt Wasi cut. n
Embroideries out it.pnoes AL
cut in price. All 'ivinery Goods
in price. Visit thais house.- S60,
New Goods, New Syles Newtij
The best valuesifor


$ Manufactured by the Model Mill Oo.:"
STenn., has no eupetior. This flour ws-aS
the first prize at t"e Tennesee Oettaln,
national Exposition. It is 'made from te 6 ht
of winIer wbpat and is absdutely pure. "-
ranged to Carry a large stock of this
at riamps which will be sqted at,malu
We invite comparison and msolie ba b
chants only. r O 1"
h F. C. Byower&.1 A
f Telephoune 307 O office .

4..,,ll^^,, e

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