Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: May 4, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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pi art-aAt idM a Cban Folla aid Cigars lade and Shipped Last Weekl i Jacksonville Capitol Boomers itTallmse a Isktr baTMIN ,
t l hTMIM. Tamp. Congregate at Tallahassee. Siato t IU -


s 'a" *i Dsl tion The tustion Unchanged But the Xr. X Xullen of Hilsboro is pom- The Leon Hotel satift A teda Are i
N * 5J VUiaPOwtS Prospect of an IXem4i-te Bet- ptimnentedtor tris Be4 Hot Argun- saly Deearsted in 3mer fa t
ks, a e iso B eegginga ument is aite Bright. meat-Oark's ape Bim Pass- oie tuieto ro.

From Sunday's Da"y.
yli 9f -ectL)The o- with the exception of the mor- Tallahases eayL- ecl.-A dele-
mtom ai ,p o pad, li those Manrara factory the cigar factories o n o*wt ffh- ieversl acore ar- r capti avd. .-4. 0 o- he
rft in ta g o Saw "ag e a"been anuad pa and vicnactsy hve settled down rved to-day from Jacksonvie 9r tal
mTh d sMedftn ort erler tis past few to & steady s gt tnh e nrt- ra the t of aSetcitg leglat on~e o g" j p3P,
at .tn t 06C e i ir. nW weed. into the IO" twrAs to the rpsval of t"o!he.b sbgte thR
smA tOnBaft 8SteBtesed' that taW e made Tamaeas. ss r sai that city. lh-y were led b, ae
thar atee w wa t 29n-.. a kiinde.veiht p n y
,. ,se- *vi*- z, wswa a% xa u .oC U t B. 9 ft date o Plannw inrg an i the

ow gave M Ian on -eopes, CCthe r B eer ree r T~ematre as-o thely reat- o y ovl s0ES
s as b l b puoated maker In we its at wor iw k pit t the Uwamew dovted to tola a

Sby a bid ortey woutdase Ste by-or arite h a yet, e- ened c e an "t -rlm cotea ee wer ce

a elo ormerly a cit en p erlenoacd Bo t s e. The cti &abrm er3 t4o e bo nd s for ui8 hoam ver in tly e toa .
gldnl e p, nse. s b a o eiere t ws nott hoatcie t to wdork as s d Jels, ta aiclde hul u The hooes
Oas. Wnsely e ehbilmge the reito c saer former condtio wthe there reo in- redrb and tie. aa agon those who was t avely e w heold- a

EE..IV - ate5 attacked a store in ae last night, may have some effect on te tered that their action was nothing MORNING BION. 'lboe s
onE 0 g- of Thea Azl, abducted the situation. Tui strike is dli.otrnas at more than an attempt to array t The m esison of the house like teen b"e ,t-
d propietor and his wife and carried teat for the ciga.-maker anb its country against the cities. The bil was the afternoon was ver largely taken to it
St gee sm- < j W G iSn- speedy setlement is a con ,iitvtion frnall en grossed for third reading. Mr. up with the c erdti on Of ills on
a- The Seole of the ocality are trancti- devouy tbe wishe. Jn a Paz MMollen was warmly conratulaed ondL reading Thee from the
S. cl~ m < a biingd for protection and a force the Wb e Tampa cigar manao ,clurer for his able defense of the bill. governor and senate was the e or y
Stheco- tf raral fuArds is gre.tliy needed. Tihe will in the near future build a large The following illas passed third read- break in the monotony. n t
3,g.m country fots are movonu into the larg- addition to his present factor for the uin A bill to regulate the burning of The goeror attached hs te a s tho
S by th er town fo safety. while the planters manufacture of domestic goods. t -s woods; a bill povldtng for the pro- The oernoratta e ature ort
t ny f oWfh have bought quantitie part of the bnusings will be o ipetted teetion of hea in Osceola county anda- to the oil setting the claim of the the ts nS
of sugar clae In Isolated localities. fear separately from his clear Havana bVsi- so one for Lee county, state against r on. W. Jennings, as a rett diftts
or. that the marauders will destroy it be- ve.e MORNING dBStION. skurty on John Duna bond for- e- for a teUm s

K-". City, had a sort of a two-for-a-nickle lg was occupied largely with the re- signed the memorGia to the United tp ll

tis eeale abdter In-e that e not orth lving The lowfh were considered: A me for the t o tt
Ul gei. .o a ovel (. me.. without a raise of 2 1z agents per tar- presc bing the number of Jurors re- owne-rs .
4e"s ro Promn Times-Union and Citizen ret for stripping wraxer. Mr. Ar- quislte for trtals int all state courts In In the senate the biB permitting com-
; ah aO. CoL J. HamilUton Gilespe, the organ- guelles, r., who is manager of the civil cases, and also a bill relative to ty conoulaso.ia, to issue roadbluldtlg
M awt be paved "der, and Dr. Pller, the secretary of the factory, was wise In his generation, the assment and collection of taxes bonds Pind third reading after a long mtlion was l g
ayg lrred to mmm Golf Club, have found an and capltualated immrnniatlely. to Orlando were passed to third read- M effect hat t
answer i.tactory to themselves at IMorey & Co.'s. -ke s also tried tln. l -Walker' memorial protests .town tare ls
t tle st. and to aln true -ters, to the their hand at a strthe and demanded a XMr. Cark's rape bill ltroduced at egaclit the seating of C gre an tns
Cigntime setirn of tashoa pAeminsts, What I, rase on all etsoe e wenl as some other the special request of a number Roberts, of Utah, was tled. Pacut- la0 th
i tn T.t fort Their answer is that things The matter was compromised of womanos 1ut, was passed to its ecay the same dose wuas t ia*ered Dwsg n a~
mas His agood plane to play bgl*eoon- after a few days and the men rewnmed secoom reading. It placa the age to Ml. Casyi agIl-gaeyf tt :l ugWMgl
Inagi la -AgrI A fear days age or to with Thturday morning. coosnt at eighteen years and nx~b a 'BnT MOW IjOwK aetACi.ku le m
M.< -4-tows-.- fi saf pe thee two et E. Orti ao e Orts & Co,. left penalty of death for carnal kowcie a-
io th ltgelf nyasImi wish the t r t-P.5.TaOat pght. e goees to awith a female nader that age wibs or How the IWistblagtqa ~lalSio ew V mor w r
to .m dtohaded theqantiies Pa thbuis hOss ee without her consent. o Th g, at ol. .
s ft- gonly teir ate ag Oaabs to expected home WThe .toAlJsni new tal is were introt ge
Qurme -[ersplayed a uatc on the from @fer Tork (Unodae. Mle went doned A atM givIng attorneys tWe uaehlfton, .-WIMde Sthe ---mrersw llm --:t be rem Cl Neo at watch Mlacp hee oht oo ve ises for I eos; a Ial, pro- a
Awe it'cn se a oni- wa eedoowa alter a he Interests t ose vitar tor a thie housirelp tin ts moun- b the w -
ht. ! _____- no r a Vas In their cigar inPuontin State aPinemf 0 hool at es
c. leaves to-morrow Isig for ew aners isn the storm telyit exteadineg .
GOYork on a Y.OessetIp 'Test ipm in- i tsrm Lafayette to liessdte osntSe t il-day, tskai o by the w'-ar

rnaeed their ror las wepk admcard seL cnldra dmn d a resolution pro-

at tes no" bsrads Ctosa.atoe of the hattie o ~- e. Otis reported it estlerd y
or-dm Pos im. frst, bookkeeperM. at Selden- ua 'lB esolr to was adopted. Ic is uo that Imtes ~ ig

qpuaa- Iee & tP asf r twsy se expected home in the senate the following tmpor- pushed forward fro an ae to the nartat
to 4 fG t ha city the coming week from an extended vis- tant bills were passed: a bhll allowing t.t the t, n order th t t
aber sh oa ta second eds.al- It to re&latbve and friends in New counties the right to lesse negomtable rr orotestingr te
1t0ng adtoi read by title,. i-id a an YTork. coupon bonds for the refunding of pue- mayeritartthe i tt g mo ve ,
.e ' J. M. Martinez is nsupdly bringing lac debts; a hilh legalrting the Incorpor- se rty d sO b, as a tIn scam nec t
-4eApuesrift V wa lntroansdede Mrij his Laormsa to the front. He got atfon of Arcadia; a bill granting te There heas been no uspemasion of -aoate s Dee
.atbm 'ess edertt the lot at th ners In a large shipment of choice Vuelta certlfcates to teachers after four years tilitles, but it is orarded as treiry that
L a sr pAt ande Jakson street be prop- Aibaj tobacco the pUat week for the of continuous service. At 1 ofecock the Gen. Oti. while not teing any Of the a -
ecy lUed adL daed, ad as that manfab cture f this favorIte eigar. senate went into executive session, advantages. h M a e w aa a "
Stityr U i"n lots'e and 7 of blo' k ke at knma whole the past weeklls e- uTED i TAt] jWP. the Fmilipinos remasone time to coo- .
5 0 ,oi6 the fourth War1 and chr5 same been eaoass in the egar business toi -- eder the ituation ird terms as he Hlog. te T
S.S tb. owa r.. The resolution was Tampa. WI0i Hereafter Govern Commerce o p resented thea to the envoys of G en T aa
onwynth nam esf were eWt by U OC T u G e the ndoPorto Rco L It expected noldenwly by hepe
e m appnt- An Ilino anSo Wel Peased With There wa e noa or the the wa toeae no being pve
**I ABa MnBts <0he pe force: J. 0. Miller, -Manatee County That He Invest- ent inthe executive crier by wnern me further negotlailons silt be onensi hv ero.A w.n I

10 a.asn

-w frnrs tie

Ikit 0iie
Not ci M

ean t, N H- Psi.. ie, lM. ln a Grov'e. United vaes navigatloa La'"s were ex- the urgeMts II i believed tob
_.. IL in ar Gr)oove.. li- tended to the Isiand of Porto Rico.
It h a been decided to revoke t ts or- probable that the s tant news A
1-1 EAO&P C, 'AL Storyand D r lrr o, rmnntct-l
W. Crlrugton, a, prominent ctt- der so as to &llow vesseLs of all na- received from Manila will e that the 7
enOf Peoria, Lac'rompanted by his T ',!
Woo .dAi l the Ve s wer ofdau Peter, ar. a c atton id o f ortez: tionaditles to trade between Porto ,M- Filipinos have made additional oer-
t ranporte and the UnIted tains on the turse toward a conclusionof hoetllties,
Sw tee sae nnh Of Li. Manatee caounty, a rr"ec In the city grouan that resicting the commerce
.a5 : e e wsar taken on h.r yesteedaf from the latter place, and to American vessels operated as a hard The war department ha been noti- -day
7n ~ W-odward it resulted in stpigathPlnbel, ship on the Inhatttante of Lt.-e slaenotied of the arrival at SaLn anie
frndf r u-in Corrington has spent the Past and those doing business between It from Manla, of the transports Gran
o ter at the home Of his daughter ad and the i~uited States.
.tsC o w th pm- w so dlgt with the O One of the ch e f grounds of ,complaint aAd -bhermaZn, The ocials ar ee- nt
i: : t not n-U te th he Purchaed Mmslf ..... x 'r
was that there was not regular and re- IF gratified at the rapid rn O of w Ow
M400-Wa.s takef .that he received ange grove sea- Corneg He has tried liable communication between the va- Shertn.n, She mEde the tr*p omr.e
atmeay aceS throughnet the country, rious ports in the IslsaLn d. Treaa- than 7e00 ms
im the votes of the eomun blot decares that DohPee has ever ury Department receded is f urte-es
csglN510 h kWvote froWbm beensuais Manatee county asps win- to-_day. tha tbUthis be renmedied at iirarWASsat~
Whi, s .samine .wase TQ@WL In addition to the unequal- once by putting on an American stean- ------- A.
Stated that he &&wisned hell Sih "-l hethIX" the people am ciwhich will nmake weekly yge ..K[laaroistcts-J o
Emu* Plwipercos than anY place In the clear around the island. stopping at
departsMmt to rNk ste And hs daughter will leave ports As ttle wi ramoe me r of Mannhl, o., lately had a wn-
rmother states to t0-6ay ftr Peoria, wbere they will pal grounOot mpmintIthas been de- derfUstdetlversnce from &arighlM
te w.4h@at it a the e. retitrI to Ma s- chided to await fmr her ormktoh be- death. Intealng rofi a u
oa ithfAl. Ito realde during rew in avy wag modkylngth order tknwt leei eeta
DOW n fotte.into PW"u0sm 'MYie My lansbeftm-c~a

eves, sit up in hW. Nothing helped14M.,
ItCW"Cted oSoongdie ofw... tr -
Fnd l. .. .when I hmi of Dr. 315b ~IIa

ha'. I --- .. I o .I n -
S-L. ....- 91I6 -A



17&U UKm

~hir -~0

Sa Ity wetprikler is once
JcJl o fethe dust
o *din sote of the Judges are
S n i thwart demagogy.,

Bo. eed T. Mgyer, Leon county'S
a tat senator, is being favorseai
u s4attheed as a candidate for governor
I* succeed Baboham.
It is the opinion of men whose judg-
imet cannot be questioned that Tamspa
offers the beat advantages for busi
-ess and manufacturing Investments
o y city in the state.
-- hiyoraMity -te are *beginning
b to Dad. There are quite a number who
Sseam willUng to make the necessary
Aaeeltfoes. Whbe It comes to a public
Sfle therm Itea limit to Tampa's pa
-It now looks as It our little squabble
ev i the wordtng of the charter amend-

U'Wn members of the cIty ouci-l.

6 Kd e t eoag out at Tialahassee
ST w adt and r Ialon wianD nota .

gselSB theteosaps th e oltaln of their
y atesprd Aast hae nrporisd to

bqntSo s or 3botme salatist red-
'dmate so bash awoza was sesated
u-.4eoewm -td ot t o*aer. The stnes

..--.a* t f sl I- e not the trobt an a
qtaM $. Netwiihetanpdla the
eA i-5 of prthowrn vitoe t and bbw ar

,T e henev r Lse o mi
t;;; I at ilp s in the volume of
l e act Is this city s bigs

-- tm ithehmon to os former poialtion
^ b"thi.e, lIafthilars ir 'Penn4vanla
p ss.^*Hnedita oI hds anoldtlal Governor
e appointed hmn to the position
"e e-OW whilh he had been such a tenacious
AS IMrat All precedents In the Nation-

A't seate aem aga nst hi confirmation
hat the senate is not bound by preced-
=a, sad has the power to establish a
w, one wbeever it is so minded.
CsBed Q beeyh t onfilned by that
tlon It WeM then be In order for the
*4"agtraiic govSernor at Delaware and
"j^ltt yapulsllc* governors of Califor-
Z.o f atasadBa Utah to lose no time tn -naking
ts-50*lnla The same rule that ad-
la e sWO surely not depri vte tge

',. Thogh dclaed not gutr ons tha
hssra* uehate, Quay Its tid one o
hes mrt CidInA iiitd men tIa pbitc
IM M MBos h a h s managed to 40
_the sheea ti dos not mai
o sre-etar the Unted tat os

Iobr appoThe Qame aso 1

d16-ag to asaet A e1wn. s-
raise'" maa e lamd pat th tMae saM&
i -^ ta y theam maen thon
0i isgis~e n late haeiu tais"

t'hs ai s t a resass the a

t eseOtp whutho told oate

5i o t a paper it Ieedleo f Het is

Eat tbWjmanw who aemt 15 to
9* 4 Write without pen and
q anwver Was "Try a lrad ien-
Buatt be twin broth-r i) te
Who sent 2 to Sad out how to
Sao siiuHot whor, and was
B^ ^o~ bieskfcllm acou a noeiss
i for must as we do."
UMOSta-'llona, Delaware
4Hoti9 la sad Utab-wi he rep-
thRe pet coagreas by one
Moo e tk, ieJ lature it them
IRMAsho fte toa
hat e io h failed t

a an e hoagec regrnauny
t^ihe Iselaatorar o each elafe Wsi

la ae maoiy n
sO, bruMy by opt
had the espesmirlaw
*^ ^ ^ te -.4setet lowr sow,
es Joodd have rep
1^^ at. *rtp' tr ahoykea in tinu
_A w bhoSe a-rougM
~~e~ insl slvew 4or tow
l egthe best sir,
_9,the -country to
*0Pawesuc of' tme
A~ok m llb i

Did you ever try to dodge the
rain-drops? Did not succeed
very well, did you? It's just
as useless to try to escape from
the germs of consumption. You
can't do It. They are about us
on every hand and we are con-
stantly taking them into our

Then why don't we all have
this disease? Simply because
thoe germa cannot gain a foot-
hold In a strong threat and
lungs. It's when these are
weak that the germs master.
The body mast be wen supplied
with fat. The danger comes
when theblood I& poor and the
body Is thlt If- yarP cough does
not yied and yor threat and
luMngs l raw ad sore, you
should got dglay another day.


.I Co4-Utpverl' with ypophos-
phbltes .at ooc, ft wit helt
infl ed membramnems ad greatly
Sstrengts's themes welL The
digestion become; 'tnger, the
appitobettr sod the weight
increases. Te whole body be-
comes well fortified and the
I germs of copss"mptlo cannot
rgala n foothold.
It's this nourishing, sustain-
ing and stsatUwhening power
has made it of such value in
all wasting and exhausting

SCOTT & DOWNE, Chemims, New Ycr%

Quay saved his mutton, but lost his
plum tree.
Since a senator has been elected the
Florida legislature is quite a tame at-
The Atlanta wholesale stores, insur-
ance and railroad offices have decaea
to make Saturday a half holiday.
Readers of the Tribune from differ-
ent sections of this great country are
continually expressing their amaze-
meant at the wonderful growth or 'cam-
c pa as related by this paper. I
The battalion of railroad passenger
Agents that was in camp at Savannah
'has been mastered out Railroads poot-
o ed their IMuc. divided the tnc
D and the agents were oat ot a ,job.

Ja" konvile has raised her bid Tor
" t state caiWtol to pOseAW If it is
Knocked down to the highest bidder the
SDwal county peop Me can fel safe at
L this lat id at leas a far as Tamnpa
Is oooca a-e-.
The Awusla Chroocie says: meap-
1 en tranm baa Somuet a eomutry Somu
In Surrey. Bn-lan. and is reported as
hard at work oa a new novel cthe
soenes of wilob are laid In a few Bn-
glad unilversitl towe, lew York ad

Secretary lage foresesM a Bsortage
Sof P7,51000 tsr this year. The s-
terest-beartlu national dt has now
orseased to $156gOOes, tbough it was
only 385,e,000 t years ago. Jmeinent-
ly lb theariff protects bat does not ur-
sab revenue esmept to 'snp-tgn coma-
Smittees, and the repmiican party is a
t failure as a nancial agept .
SJaickesoneve Metropolis: The nsaiti
of lFrtida is worth more to her fitlre
prosaperlty than anything elSe A state
or community that neglects the public
health cannot expect either bomeseekt-

ers or the Investment of capitaL There
are many people now in Florida who
would not care to remain here were
There no safeguards as to the spread or
dangerous epidemic disease. There
should be no object appealing with
more -force to the gloature than the
- protection of the people from fatal dl-

S If the men, some of them glad to be
caHed statesmen and occupying prom-
inent positions ito federal and state at-
faira, who are deploring the killing or
PilUpinos by United States troops, naa
not opposed so vigorously and vehe-
Smently the ratification of the peace
treaty and lost themselves in then-
contentions for the rights of men, peace
would now prevail in the Philippines
and business would te booming. 'They
claimed they were anxious to preserve
to the IPUIWUpn their rights and they
havre -ucoeee4d in forcing a war upon
the United States which no one desir-
e ad. Ina nlent day this would have
'been eaed reason. for it was giving
ai5d and ae .-- atto se me enemy.
T he Lsid ad Bun s authority for
- the steent that the trek growers
et that Whetfarg .,ltb here real-

SWna s C4 *aW bo into

~tk.~iQ y~

The dispatch also state Gen. Law-
ton's opinion Is given a great deal of
weight among the officers. They say
his wide experience in guerrilla warfare
-akes him a most capable ejudg-a of
the situation. Is this to be the begin-
aning of another Miles-Shafter affair?
The farmers are falling into line ana
Uke the great money powers that Don-
trol the grasping corporations of m is
country, are forming trusts. A T-w
days ago the Tribune mentioned tne
fact that the melon growers of AlacnUa
county had formed a trust, and It is
indeed gratifying to this paper to see
that they are taking a practical inter-
est in their business, b'ilich must mean
that the condition of the people gener-
ally will be conaideraibly bettered. It
is news that wil be hailed with deUgWt
by the press of these great 4JUtea
States. The farmers have true friends
among the newspapers as the follow-
ing from the Raleigh, N. C., Post con-
clusively shows: "The cantelowpe
Shower of AsachuMbs Forda, m awo-
alted i ntves Maoa trau to ZA-
tain and perpette the pre i et other
prodctbt y bptridilag the output.'We
hope t far-Wte em will -ed Is tUeI r i
e xatloa. The Pont rejoules to -Ar

whtoa ths sMt t gs oe t to ",re Of
t OWr a aft U- ma ea me us aft

:',i~Fi~S~ 5~5~5~~7 :~1~~~B~g~i~E~~

The fifteen New England editors
whose patriotism and Journalistic seal
constrained them to make a tour of the
Southland and to use the columns of
their papers in a noble effort to ob-
literate every fragment of sectional
strife, are still engaged in their lauda-
ble undertaking. Their efforts to clasp
hands across the bloody chasm, seems
however ,to have been relegated to
the background by their inordinate de-
aire to merge their philanthropic tour
into a money-making scheme.
When it comes a paying nearly cne
thousand dollars for these alleged
chasm clasps the average Southlander
wilH prefer to "let her yawn." A
Greenville. South Carolina, paper, in
speaking of their proposed visl to
Lynchur g, Va., very pertinently
"The New (England editors reported to
be playing one-night stands in the
South, reminds us of Mrs. John Gilpin,
of happy memory. Though on pleasure
they are bent, they have a frugal mind.
It appears that when they were invited
to a town they sent notice to thtt
town that they were on a wrte-up"
trip, and would describe the commtml-
ty in their fifteen newspapers in ff-
teen different styles of eloquence and
veraoty for cold cash. They wanted
90 to "write up" -Unhoburg, Va.
Thereupom the hospitable stworf the.
oothern tow" ooe faster than
oresardie air ina & -wer bmeusrd. and
the chairman of the rsenlspwto noit-
tow nesnicoony teiqeaphod-Usta the '
fifteen INew egland editora-n the,
words folkiwing, to wit: 'Nay, PanM1ne,
new. Nit, no, not any. Fine day.
Dood day.' We who were preoring
oursetres to work the fifteen, editors
for reading nottees, oound we were to
tbe worked. Bot it wouldn't weork We
do not shake hands wcrowe Uhe lboody
chasm at sMO a sake, We shut right
down on the write up. 'We love New
aotland and honor the Intellect of the
New England editor, not yet do we love
and honor our nine hundred and fifty
dollars more. Northern editorial
cents out for fun are welcome, but
when out for mon they had best go and
try the Pennsylvania Dutch or the peo-
ple in the Ohio reserve, who are said
to be good things. It is true we have
resources awaiting the magic touch of
New England capital to wake to grand
development, as we are wont to re-
mark in moments of oratorial enthu-
aiasm after dinner; -but we have no
capital to stand a magic (New England
'touch.' We are in the touching busi-
ness ourselves. Please, 'MTr. New Eng-
land journalist, work the other side of
the street. We are doing business on
this side."
It was not to be expected that we
should be without a military quarrel
in the Philippines. From a copyrighted
special from Manila to the Chicago Re-
cord we learn that there is, decided
difference of opinion between'Oen Otis
and Gen Lawton over the evacuation
of some vliaes. Gen. Lawtos claims
Santa C rs at lest should be held with
an Amdricaa garrison In bM judg-
ment the possession of Santa Crus is
most important trateglcaHBy, as it
commands the entire Ia de Guna dis-
trict. With the 'Americans In control
pf Santa Crus, he e%, they would be
In a position easUy and effect lly toi
intercept any communication between
the Inurge.ts of the northern and
southern portlom of the Island of L-'
Son. Gen. Otis detende his aorer for
the erecatlon of the caitsmr4 sd lilages
ry declarting he consideras it ia
cable at present to 8pore al tiest
number of troops to garrison Santa m
Ores, Be say the plain of campaign
he has adopted atteep*- a contina-
.oes of the awatinw In the nortAers
portion of the island and that every
man of the available force will be need-
ed In that iocaUty. Besides, Gen. Otis
argues, Santa Ores and the other cities
can eaasly be retaken if necqsaary, dur-
ing the rainy season. He holds that it
will be much easier to repeat the cam-
paign made by len. Lawton'Sa expe-
dition during the wet period, because
the water in Laguna de Bay will be
less shallow, making the transportation
of troops in ooats a much less difficult

W t- jipHouse Will Hold Two Sessions
.,.1.hJ Daily at Tallahassee.

se for the' nal ordeaL Mothers
notd m a internal cure-al, but a
o-s Iuimst approved by medical i
d ed by yeas 1 Gien a the Cas for the Litra HOUrs
&'-lr.?Wst hr Si. Valuable eie

w amm sN AuVxA. A Heavy Contingent WHI Arrive On
A owng 1y 'we nt in .mpa Xondom-Talifrro Bano at On
Iacrs a Prominent Citinen of Tueday Night-Le-laa-
'L ve Peoood ings
2bsm Ism 54ee ^ tr thi city oa the
w5S e thmat T 'allahassee, April 2L.--pecQal-T-h
eharmai n boone In mseton to-ya adopted a rea
bibof isuodutnced by f Cle rk, oftV-

T m.erteIn.s"-daM be ni mnat M da.

S .2151&ameeto-l=ae4P..o A.. Areal premumr-
et~ of budnm banm=a& QtheSeepneos-

tate h esible that it may fall in the
b.a sn& i or at-leat thpople ant, pbet-

a aauo ramcn. heint-das. They made & good im-
ithalmtgiM"- pprealoa here.
i V OleItIs Ger M pnION.
we kow Tthe a houme met at the usual hour this
*a tre ad ISW 2W and C oceeded at once to
a ehea.* die- bus1ne1 .
e 'ea nat- Mr Wilder's bi1n prohibiting dogs
' c pat- from running at large, in and out ol
Wk Tb 3ron placete of plTbllc worship, during time
Baa e of re wa killed by a series
wic th ko ilTm edi house amendments
5Ah -a mng P ,rWilder aln o introduced a con-
re na memorial protesting a ns
I the *eatmng of Congressman Roberts o1
SNUE. Mr. L'Elngle Introduced a bill reguia-
P ela.- tng the ass ment of taxes for puib-
-peofl e Improvements land authorities th
O, i-"eutali division of ouch aessment n install-
e, Mer- mes tIn dOlties, counties andi towns
iltwo- .ent l aslo a bll sup plementing the Jackson-
IST onle -ville charter bill and extending thai
T "at an 'O mulcpalty, -
normal periods [Mr. t& arfffn. introduced a bill pro-
es e ItoW ad hiding t or the Issmn of hoeds by the
r d twn of nenandins.
in tarf duties T he Lee county game laww and any
SOW a act rpeatt
Sallso, a0 a bat s lIng the fence law in cerotai
2l 5, v allchr t e of Lee county were passed.
t efo Mr.e e LOr. Clack. introdued an amendment
a l Hsvanam to the statutes providing that each
t ssa oose in- cistaty be required to sses for schoc
he repwhid at pureoee not less then $3.700 taxes.
Vats ot be coun THy SENATE.
me thenbee d At the' morning session to-day thi
31 than u9,0,- sente passed a bill incorporating the
us seiJ4 b 4Flortda ,Baptist Conference and also
See bill Provlding annuities for veteran sol
There was only one dissenting votE
lffMWO. tn the final passage of the bill pre
rented by Senator Palmer. providing
I. eminent rugc'- for the -relief of John C. Jeffcott. W. J
mac' on MTa&nX- LInhart and C, W. Smith, of Te.mpo
cOM of the Mot for expenses incurred during the Span
proriee in S ish-American war.
y-Neoond birth- 1 6- _
looking as hale ATT'mDF tlF aOhrm
M atfty. He ___
Wa W the past uch Speculatlon As to His Fe ,-
e lauled Towar d eut 'nit-d -;tat-s.
tflamed Invdll:
ag uo p ~- : Havana, April 23.-Special.-- Tn ;
I e.k. ts9S b: has been much disc i-sr in ere for
qn&tb! d t1 a eral days regarding the real attlfibdt
- = beMahe of General Oome- toward the Ilntec
to locating States. Politicians and newspaper
rmut a have been greatly stirred usp over thl
dr OofB a matter. It is generally considered tha
ream or Flk the following opinion expressed by E
rI' b OWItn member of his household comes near
UI na d k n1ad s er striking the na-l on the head thai
- q t sany thing yet given. It Is as follows
tin g-ia'ste 'Of course (en. Gomez continues t
D ste nee.a favor. as he always has favored, ulti
's Peo op maes Independence, but hbe consider
.ulve-s eft a period of American control as a log
,iCka~MIMS leal- preparation for that Indepeendece
f C hsThreforehe wishes to eo-operate witl
the Anmerioa-a without reservation It
dl.. ading the troops and in quetlli
'_ and reoonstructing the country.. HA
S camnot tell how long this period should
bel but he would probably have issuc
Mt* 13a-. a stateseet, decdlarn hbi formal sup
*pM? ?U? port of the American provisional con
ILR ate trel. If the recent severe attacks upoi
imaiaae of hI- views had not been made"
A~s t,.rS4 l Is. uctha&p ehee a dispatch fron
.OslqWDH ,n province of Santiago de Cu
ai be- I. reporting- .that bandits yesterday
a' t tamed -the v]iaes of ,aro, Hutls
r.V Is W rrniaO l aOnMe and Sana all i
S. ,. inlM the north mn part of the province, an
tBat otber Party of fifteen attack
Ag MI, 5. San Andres, aiont 16 miles northwest
hede SSL v of Htqubin The outlaws robbed' t
me. H t boa a a ct 9ef, place, seourigr princm
'of m Paly Oo aes and clothing.
The dIssatch says that Ctoben Gen
X AM PIL. SAeXar with seven men pusued to
WO iandts anad overtook them In the VilJa
MO sWcetalne, where a hot fight e'wuet
IL y w. b. The roh sra wesr eventually drive
fm f behInd the rot end rretated
S. leaving one dead-a negro-fow- horse
," ._ and several bundles of plunder. Th
Dead man was identified as Doming
. T ir IIItn ,.Mfartaetse a JsmakIcan who has Ionu
Of I resided near eolquin.
iom If you have ples ncue them. N

^^ i@i'' iUftt c rnk isda ae

,O iIJ,,BI RD ict.RC MSO

A Terrible Win d, ail and Rain;f I I Grud Gal Holda InTka J
Storm in Missouri. city

HUNDREDS MOUNDED IN HOUSES The City Council Wrestled with FINE PRIZES FOR THE FLYERS The Naro p between
An Appalling Condition Reported Charter Amendments. The Winners in the Races Wi:l Be Amny ebel Streoqi
Alter the Ruins Had Been lnves- Rewarded--Big Parade Will iI'jIL
gted. Everything Wiped uTake Place the City.DT
O ni o! the IgflhiIL From Sunday's Daily.
A movement was inaugurated Jve-
Kirk ville, Mo.. APr -I T TOhe D cmeIDt Rnorted to Co0Ufil terday to make Wednsda, May t,
One of the mont disastrous cyclones a grand gala day for Tap.nothato
that has ever visited the West swept By the Committe. day there will be an immense excur-.
over this section to-night, killing and aon to this city from Georgia and Ala-
wounding everything in sight. It coMn-
pletely swept from the face of the PEACE AND HARMONY PREVAILED ams The railroads he the nsa-t OUf I FR M A
earth every niovbile obstacle and in tr aog y elling r t tl
many place blowing trees up by the her W the Bet of feeling at one fare from all points in the state.-
roots, turning houses over and com- a,* add to the pkweuree of the day !lto
pletely demolishing them. Over sixty Throughout the Meeting Among the F amp wheelmen. under the lead- pit a als Cn s B se
persons are reported dead and over a i .,-
thouand seriously wounded. the embers-All Bigned ership of W. A. Moe, have planned 8 .
A path a quarter of a mile wide and the charter as for a grand bleyef parade and twelve
as clean as the rare, was swept mile road race. The Marade will ps,,
through the eastern portion of the city, an. through the principal streets of the ctky
and tser hundred s erolIns, homes and the road race will take place i oa ll-
the ground in scattered rings. Nebraska avenue daring te -Mn ot
In the heavy rm a that followed, the A goof tsed crowd of ntereted ra iu e*t new t tIo
people who had eaiped m-ned out to spectators were present in council 1pa 4racOf n le aitr.Ibas uSH ISt
iewie theInlara -h" er lti gt wmm Preder part of theAt, Ithasosl
here are hen, women and children Brn es called the meeting. to order. The recently that there has been d et-
1w agn. and the ertrling cop s are -.lan hard roads abtck the- city suitable for S

quate sad soany needy ones are Ems. the e that e the reglar order atf city wil be invited to parti-ipatee is
i vt ora t a nd thue- asg taa-ieg e mberswer egreee tis event wiaand the ini surwrt m dwil no ls

=lreSa of tbm after the ed wie of en uat rra Holmesl aD n eA r. the optnien that there wlr be at rlea t
paed. The e at e btr noentirelys randeoit, but Honej as chair.n of ad Cobmi- b orte y starters of whac at efat one

Sthe for th time top the .eedgdFing the half w Ireceve eld In the cityuea.
sown reu W wge amendment h artersas ptptt ed mby.ues The re pritse w e a beautit 0ul0 s
tearlnd ts needy from these bonfres now ofect co atttee o ar city co il d medal, appropriately to engraved. In ad- baIn Oa ..
Ini mlte a eath's wake and is hetping boaed of trade. He told rf the work don there will and the prices eonsisnr r l o atwr t il i
therwaease to brr o their e oto ry th e charter amen dment coerntee o he c r later,
meralf aent' ,ndertln etolisl- many d. The resoluton was adopted doubtld- bi e uveryi larm. rl-latres i i of c

mert t being used as the charndel in anetlas and of the trouble in not other valuable bicycle sndries. Thbere a
psd T he bells rang ue there, .I AHolme ta charm o a Oo ill no etr fee ch and thoe

S|M| LELO V legislature that the committee was Every citizen is urged to co-operate In ke ".a.t b f tgW IPIli..
compelled to rush matters. On the entertaining the crowds ot excursion- tf<1i.
H ow People with ve to Bp the t was called on for a report ha wll receive valuable pries.
soateppy Al the Time ft to thder Holme stated then produced eI

Own rebu ineo.e amendment chat rter as prpaed by m T he Nest r ouse Will Be& beautifulygold o s- t
etll than bi nea ry heveryd a br es u h re ad. nodt h a e- s t M d inI
Urdidgt wht from thes bonfires now Ji oint, wereasitte ofcity t o1 n l d me al appr t Inad H

lunnor rilnae The uneIected ma al- trdon f thrade.t had been made t the d co n there will e ris consisting

This. And th eesswe xd t h mu r this fad t he attached his signature resent tm ve -opkins ot h llnoie has l et W On the re not made to order Nor will they terward nghehe had time to rea of a the at ft-sxth
m e taundertakn elsieis- maamendUments he fncountered isomen hold- bito cycle suits, camera t lanSUpprt him Wvand
et so being used as the ch t arnelte which he was danposed to rasth e trouble In not or their valuabl e bicycle undries.entatve niht of r
house and not se te the dead are therebeing able to report distinctly accounder-t will be Ca no entry fee chaedin a deter- ale wotde
some of the verm da think was t ad tood, however ,that if arrive had madthe exAct races are fighree to local riders. Hlln ad hv
Sh nothinn Itspptnt ndebtedness ofi the acity.endmets a wl problydIre the thtlele- W 00 g.t..
my be the day on hih we recev prepsred bro ghtthe committee It was h gallon and draw Iome strength T(am o.Snt 3
our richest blessing; the in was a stake ofximty to head and nt of the rade will be announced at althe date. eqhe^h di
s discipline most needed and the mellow- heart. Repverycintatie is urgednor of Ohio, -operateIn keoptg z e et' 1
in influenceoftie r i show whot Mr. Plebb, the othmatter sOcting member will not bthe a candidate. These are tso a, 04 wLit
H Pne wopn, a e spirit whos e oB the committee harterd also Taslned the imltaillnt developments o te .da in umPleUew a fom J
Stpo mrr n eto sign it fohrte hwith so tha it could go e the akeshcon- "
All lrcumstanoces. forward on the evening malh kHe eta- esto s .
On way to be happy I s bot to think of changerhank at 0:ishd. rm .he told. tbha-e r d^ '

happiness.The tee t esaing a Ander whc that It wmlate format Of the o Next fouse Will BeHthssH col- N P -
po awful discipline, and now thatyia te d to sign a document that he had not Conte l g over the ed for-Severalp i- *e -ma
gimost and nearly e love is hers, knowusth a read. On eMr.ng told that thell am other tse to e one o te mst excit in Two O of OW
Surprise it wedoinrot foridit by glos memntbers ofaIn thie city council ha been may ear pp. There wilc be two candl- a Co foe th a o
Sor repining. The unexpected may l- tinsn that had urged tomade atted the cmeet- t.dates frmi t at leaedt tree a-Ne
Sways be expected, if I am Permitted mittee meetings, and on be"nglassured washjngtoN. April 200a-,-pecl aV k- ---te.-woded i-Utah betSIT a

tIf. And the oples go about maing moran that ints facthe attached his s Yoignature resek Illinois and Iowa f n, &10aL pil IO
we wilteylarenceive Happiness, like loved, we may depend p- t Mr recumker in He stated that a-eUnle there is stoe unexpected de- upi- ae it r fo .
ae not made to orderNor will they terwaihedswhen he had time rstooread the resentat veopect in the contest the pfrs wixthll only cooO tey tl
Sbe lasaso oed. They t arelusive oo and the amendments he fouhad somade either ings to congress, oain to one of these three ibe u10d advn 0et
we could not see then r to pbl w or Hrante in regard stinctly under- Cannon other drift of pils making a deter- eleven. w ou
The very day we think a t fri lost s refer tod members othat If the had made ounc mined fight s etween Mr. Hopkins and heav ot Ltwo 's t e
had nothing in it out disppCintmint, mistake in signing the amendmnon ts as will Probably divide the lnoti edele-- a t l aB eC*tbI a ..t
Smaybe those dayonwho c whe rleanlved prepared by the committee t a gaon and draw some strength from ofa te t

ouit bsleaf ngd the pol ai u t a mistake of the head and not of the Mr. Hopkins wthrog bout the West. i e t

u ariestudynhbessingo; iwas-a tronret eoaddtby see a !natoS8t,
g influence of time will ow us what Mr. Wbb, the other acting member will not e a candidate. These ae the unth cbttoe
did not value her womanhood siion he seated that he taonk ohjtons test tcominhe KQu u a river.
cause he 'Was to much a brute an to certain published reTasdks by r. im the way the candidates areo
S c e o t Freer, which intimated that t he looming up fro all directions the co 01
awful discipline, and now that the committee had held secret sessions-ie. Ati -ght over the speakership Prom-
most dt a rDa soe Hs ceeker, as well as other tees to he one of the most excifd T wiot o ead oft tAguIOl,1dO' A

tht arenot lOve, Arel may-depend. upr- t edetcy umaeretoodev thatveopnd In the contest th potrizetwillonly cos-idA++the y name

E. George of the _muder of Oeorge D. discussionof- this section tMr. HImaes city."
Saxton and ended her seven months took occasion to sharply criticism the The next stab this Ill-fated section "The to rebel officera to
Confinement in jail. city attorney for not Ieing present at received was in the .4ant claume, ire they hal-.ae 00m
The verdict was reached after a trial the meeting to explain the meaning of amendment reading as folow: they sSal. a ao t
of twenty-two days and three quarter certain clauses of the sections. When "'Provided that the city council shall e do o tl
hours deliberation in the jury room. it was announced that Mr. Witgjcer have the righ tto nm and designate for a o waoS n o~ t If bo -"|_f
I- n less than an hsur after the ver- was ifL Mr. Holmes retorted that "I allU street, alleys n avend e which Filipino' rereet which -i
Sdiet had 'been announced congratula- think he should have taken an anti- are to be paved and shaM direct hy tre to l0lWoime foe woestasn -SP
1tory telegrams were received by Mrs. dote and made a special effort to be oluion the boardoft public works to saidwo decade wet rt ....
nGeorge from synpatSlte ers in many at this meeting." pave the same. The property b older t 5 5i5 i -
Squarters of the country. More of tem Section 18 proved the big bone of on the sald Street, alley and avenutS es ofte S zt ig t
were addresed to attorneys and were contention. As the clerk finished read- to name the nuterial U oed 0 said &=W1 I3ld Wot 7 5009f
co0ngratuatons on a professional vie- Ing it several emers were on their strt.rb y petitionto the city, "couc P1110 o Lt J
oa try. fe to be bed Te entire To th added another cJa&Uee 41 5ejft
During the afternoon and this QVi- section as presented by the committee Which provides for vochers or bine toarm y n la fr b
n Ing Mrs, George han been kept budy ra- read as followetio :maony all warras on the tree- fog ti' stibe-fua5 to
delving her friends "There shall be elected as freeholders urer. said vouchers to be filed with Mthe. ree0ment. + rot
M George said she .would who are registered voters In each ward, city auditor. .
Sin alnton until Monday orho g, & board Of commissioners, consisting of The same provision was made in sec- arig et it that It is1
when she will start for her mother's four members. one from each ward. on 23- -. Ta -n lo *. -
Inome ifn aoverto .who shall be caled the commtsieoners Section 24. on motion of m DeA tllo of .he cong.o-r
S A' lof the telegrams received by Mrs. of public works, whose duties shall tbe a was amended to make the tax GemOtispuned-td
d George are not congratulatIons. One, It as follows: po equallie tax assess- levy for street purposes not over 3-b. thae Ir ttbm
S Is announced, is from a theatrical corn- ments by raising or lowering said as- mulls Instead of not less than 3 mills make war withptop t
it pany in Columbus, offering her $500 sesaments; to receive all moneys rain- as it was reported. otolId tp wlt.ls t'
Sfor a week's engagement with the corn- ed by taxation or otherwise for inter- A very alight chane was made in the body- I ". =
Slany. 'Another offer is for the same nal or municipal improvements; to have vluatlon percentage ia section i2 and WhIl the
suim for a lecture in Plltshurg on 'W- exclusive power over the control ana in section 37 the change wa simelar to Ly-tredo:1po1. 91
man's Rights." One of her relatives, construction, supervision, repairing, that of f 2. e lS t
k speaking for her, said both offers hiad grading and Improving all streets, al- The last section in whichObJetosU TS .
been declined, as would all such propo- letys venus d lanes lic were mai was 42. In reg to its i t
si altuons. wharves, l market houses, bein brought for taxes ,it was dec14- a Wt
P D Tspace. bridges sewers, drains ditches, ed to amened a as to orovl e a fee th .... 55flh1Ol0'i5
SDEATH OF rS. N-OLAN. 1W;^ : ^ ee*"^
OFculPOSOF NOLAN, oulverts ,canal streams, water not to exceed $5 and not to exceed ?he e I Od t LP.( m --ar
-,course dock lines, and the establish- total 5a00un reeavered' 'qs""e r" a Ie -en
Se Mrs. Jane iNolan. aged about 60 years, l g thereof, sidewalks, curblng, p .,lc 'The proceeding were intersPered" 0 sjib.tkB
died of a complicatIon of diseases at buildings, and the establishment -f wi- with one rare flights of eloqeroes ft I&M s-R S '
0 ter workM as electric or other hL*t- Mr. feckeers efforts beIng par t lar- ,-,A 154d' hm 1th1k
g her home. 204 Florida avenue at 3 in plat nd to fix ad establih.neSb bllint s -h of td,
o'clock yesteotay afternoon. Ilceased grSdin ot all streets and allec. ave- r Webb was the only member ot g -b aS t te
has been an InvaLid for many months nues and thoroughfares. Said t hard the committee that stock to the re pt O. W.n hi S- to N:
and through allhrs e h al ering she has l have exclusive power, supermsion fr begu dnl to end. It e- 9 f ,s
and control over the enat'Cuction End minute after 12 O'ClOCk when Co nCil..
e alntateed that Same patient, Chris-rPairing of all public hluidings asd of finished conaideratio fof the charts. -
Slin spirit ,that in the end deprived a public l Srovementeof e city. All the member pres t Shed I t.B TRVen-
Death of all its terror. She han been and the said commiAlsoners ot putUlie fore adjourning the commltte'o W0-
a a member of the Baptist ch mch neary wrk shallt keep a record of their prO- peal and grievances was instructed to
ceig-adjust MrM.. -P[ rsbas tax rebate. .J j i.
all her life and while strength w givv- M wd
d on er she a on e or gthe mt ufu 'Amendnments were seen fying In ev- 'A motion prevailed to renew i on- i- o
Sen he she was one of the most useful ery dieoen and wit Wloon evident tracts with the three cty theh pi I th ot -
membera. See was alw&ys true to her that the troucleome section would be Trbune He.drald and t L hseu dlS* E
r. tyilctIton and strong Inrthe t In torn to neshreds. ret ateik was the city tax Sale elst MM t
Ltmade "a, M. Wrecker. 0His amenotment last yeer. Coumell aPuqd t9 mdli se!ri-sys -
t bet death the o tity loes a true provded that the mayor aball be anon next Monday evening.
friend id her church a faithifo mem- ex-ofado memwr et the board o con-
ber,. The funeral Services will be held 1 ea -w!lith powe to vote at ay he c cno oIt~ lat r
oK~ECOl a 2 'clck romtheand aL nwmetiuwe of said board is the send ne.Yicab' o
_, ., e at t S lorida avnue. xr -uu it v th _a-e ba.y the cow I
If,' -." .I - _-- 7 :-s . ,

'eotigh sand to mae .mortar or H 1 TH 3 SEATING OF QUtLY. Captain Coghlan's countrymen are go 4 J .
the buildings and public Works tsat ded-n-t republican pa- mch disinclined to see one of Dewey's EO L
can be constructed in 1,000,000 yers;her r u rs officers suffer severely for an indiscre-
O RUS her fruits ae e n i al ats th why Mr. Quay should d be seated. The -n nd to g nSoS
worldaodhervet arei hhas been ound to ge him out odf the, '
t the urrsnt peaking and pots as far north aa Greenlani; her E notself and in is pickle into which his Lnin League f
*per writing on the stubject of snipe is the game bird of the cet ; n s a law unto ise ad itak got him. The apias e-
s S ted in one or the rthee-of her fish outnumber in variety and ex- fUcton of i s th ua planation of his speech, wil,. rher-r. health, and f do Ho "
4901 ". e w e a grea u tity cel in flavor those of either .emo..i..re. Cations of ito membershiip it may re- ,l, fis
We ve a great quareatety ael Inn flavor those of either nem ered Corbett decisions be accepted as apologyy enough if he attend to duty the bUme s
air1riademuntdation, wio. threat to her deer, her bears, her alligators, her erse the ate and cedentt dfor ns will not do it again.- Hir.iacs atte hed the bl .

-"- - % -. 'o r s, a n d r e a t e.. . . aw p r ncn n f o h e
C i ,.r6,o.trustsf hst with no visi- ducks, her geese, her herons Li'gi nto d idio mean to say a u esi yt loc te. youo od tri s,
WeS5S af ufin'c'ng the thrva~s. n the state every year $ tier su- plated a reduced rep resentation of an y.eth oug hte wnat the ,. ,_-w .JU i ono.-
5rAA s' hand, it Is frequently held in gar iis-better than that of Cuba;.... .... l ae ri ep.. etaainays the-gettlemen.atntheap ...- ..-
.Iae 4oiotty superiority that all at- tobacco is finer than that of uv-n.i;^; satede to the a nate. ity to haistales knowt a i yee wspaper.n.. S- saparilta awill purify it.rouh t
Isg to-deal with the problem are her women are the fairest undir the, l dea eat h le at ai ent. In addition, heo It is the specific remedy for trouble
ddWbe* 6 ue trusts are an inevitable bright skies of heaven: Tait .o m .r I e senatepshouldepine ota :-c printed account of his -p,-. n of the blood, kidneys, bowels or lvr.
dct Ot economic development, and your revered Andrew Jacks.o'. 1V no elecn a1 ato or r ia e e fair representation .:' ht i ,h l Kkeya-a My kidneys troubledm 1
rwhatoishas there is a lapse betaeecatheand on adviee took Hood's Sarsma rilis
*0 trow and flourfsh wtha little e or no' was he but an old skinflint? '' r intention o t the framers of the coo rti say, much of (which v, i. .. ou. . "> which gare prompt relief. better appetite.
d to thing that may be at- would he have landed in nisr tut he declaration of that in questions from those pr-fesnri. We al My sleep i refreshing. It cured my wife -
Wte by restrictive legistion had not been for Florida a t up teon in the constitution itself. This ow that the Germa ii. "nag our Ma. BO 34,'3 Denny Street OU L
teetionnIn the constitutionitself.Thi en at iana ut te as1 know tat l -" Inr
In this country, there is one thin an Indian war in order trha h- .tght a ill be one of the interesting pro-i me at 1epanila, but a ied oso oknowm ta tfu-" Iwas in terrible
Uch Is very 'widely recognized as a have a chance to make a name and iun blems to come before the next senate the man t. ns I t w should e unbearabled t istalnOs humor. Grew wormning a
wc the ihvernn't has in Its for president? There is some reason in ,this, ut wea treatment of er doctors. Took Hood's imp
$ ad wh 1 ch wit heeeri ted Ifs-V CMETO rTAY. venture the Sun never advanced the men in authority in our naty should Satpariliand Rood's Pills. These crd S
t opton demands it; namely, the H HV TO he previous contests and we permitted to talk with such an unbrid-0 ma thoroughly." J. J. LnLTE Filton, N. Y.
a V at the aid which so many There is no doubt about it, bicycles go Atl further and say that if t'e ap- led tongue in a public place as Captain
a get ftrln the protective tariff have come to stay and the person who I poiee nad 'been a democrat nobody's Coghan did. Nobod however, cares
t. mpech ft ew Tork on the occa- does not -own a wheel is not in the ridicule would be so keen against his to see the first of our oflcers back from
dt hi.s Ity-t birthday, Mr. whirl. There is without the least ex- being seated a that of the un. Such Manla more severely di sciplined than l
W Depew ad. e a suggestion ain ggeration over one thousand wheels is polities. However while it is true the occasion calls for, and, as Germany Hood 's liosc e wuverUs ess t it"s tug sao iTS
Swo m det =t. direction .and one in use in lTapa. and new ones are the consttuton never contemplated ears to e satisfied with the ex- ily csshMsatoe a o as wmassE- s@s*so m t a
at lteat worthy of very serious being sold to novices every day. The duced rerentao. of an state in plantation forthcoming ,the matter t
To is the posing elegmtly paved streets in all diree- the senate, nevertheless it the state should be let drop. It is not at allay r. H. Lt. Player ha shown his ap-
"MOM "9", in the nature o tions thrWugh the city, and out In the e to e noone a fault but probable that other navy officers wil preedation for the excelent and tflth-
apm to the sulmrbs .ae made It posIbtle for o- Its own. and as the legslatos are the theoon be so forgetful o theirr duty to r wvtee rendered by s eper Anna i
Ssttes s*a o pie to u e wheels wlttOs less exertion and direct representatives of the people, it he a e -"ac " A ihhousekeeperat
'siie stqurtameut ct 5suck expose than vehistes and horse&ir the amounts to Uittle abort of overriding Dr. Henry Walton has presented to teVroissrsd@ bi-Us *At-0t hAontel wastn1

i the flare, a very, Imeortant nhnber at people avail tihee-elves o to0-en1 t bek uaAiea Mhe P da .IA -a
~.~s6 to tha pt- s S orts v uty to take an- teIltn on TO REGiXlIRATe EoISCTION a pittn.." ...e.mt .... 'tev ;rtone .
what .s to be 'Goon w~th not ceme of se-ing and e Ab strong effort is being m y tn proposed to e in aS- MI s h
si isst ausi- sae one, completion of so man paves streets e it le truhe to ot e ht to hoene a__
E ageep t g P tq soth euagagln bto it elders s-hre soite ly opcrea- bothregulate the election osetlength- oe lan't i sabtondsp blewdiei who man ingem aYaa M f w- g
-C o ecat~ ~MS d oaQmf lag. hors who ridthew the wheel daily h term o the county oecials worldd s vn d r I of UMa oe G r .

y with the great economic country roads to woo them to mount The le throughout the state.hall provide the lndfor plertsom aficte, and w It i t kbercuIolg and "A ntular Mrat. t -a wtoi
aV is nyv o n brf so- as a practioal road machne, are con- matter Properly before the people the with dietion whih is soght o have adndtns i et t ei on..

W a' p wd -ely hane to tae In ter they have ridden to and from Uteir each county of the following county of- tors have each girl and each beau in fly of Andrew Divine. During ln th.e

S it b men able nd wIl- places of bulnes, or about the city ers: A clerk of the circuit court, a the state go albsout it wth & certificate otf and thunder storm. the lhtnng came tOU 1 l
e ?I e 0ititl, m int brinin In the pursmat of their chosen avoca- sheriff, constables, a county assessor of inspection pinned in a conspicuous down the chimney and completely g '
1te t M men bte as-nd wsl- tion. It is not to these then, that the taxes, a county tax collector, county Place? As far as spitting Is concerned smashed clock, doing no other dam-
oikp. such questIons with de- Trtl tne would speak a friendly word treasurer, a superintendent of public that is easier to get at, and the prac- age. The lightning mut have'found its M(j ei S rVM
il paienc d Insthit. of counsel. These do not need it. It instruction, a county surveyor. The twice of the filthy habit in public haJlls way down on the outside of the chim- W oS.. 81. -
s the novice and the ameteur sports- term of all county officers mentioned in car and similar pla e should be stop- ne, as the clock on the mantle was the ne 81 "
:: ..a.. PEAss n t as=&m-a- ,who, in ethl outing season Is this section shall be four years, except Ped by the strong hand of the law.- only object injured." It l quite pro- --
Js Old18t a or te vacant speaker- likely to abuse this great agent d- that the term of office of the county Savannah News. able that the n ock was hesitating
h a ,Age tsheo of representative s-re wholesome recreation. The boy and assessor of taxes, county collector and ie t s -h, n ahbouot striking Itself when the fighting
ahs.thia leaves in Vaiomnro- girl, and grown folks, too, for that mat- county treasurer shall be two years Gainenvlle un: If the capitol ort struck it.
e -othis we believe Is the l-egmesn.nt eo, a St. Augistine, snd now ity editor of J
fSre s arL i. The thing. heyae so voiced at being a no shall be elected for terms of four laree majority SC the I-elair of ite t Jasknonville Timre-Unol o and
twf presett the a-me. of eoer- able to spin along, almost without er- years each, and thenceforth all county state. hen the ppr i bWn hanobeen sectied b en to 1 a
Ea Sbnd of N e York wnd the fort, that they take little heed of di- officers named in this section shall be Gainesville will, most b uredyt C e Ma ? ab netedbysOertor 101d Florida
*MI s alin right to the office o tance or speed. They want to go as elected for terms of four years. Their her claims for rechgnitrin. This city pri ali rro eay during hi s r os of D n A a
Ionade that the republican West far as anybody else, and if a scorcher powers, duties and compensation shall centrally ocated, is easy ot access service In ie united States senate
wiPt had a speaker single the days comes along, they put out after him be prescribed by law. from all parts of the sate, and o d is St t s4- nae 4
- O. Jtt alter the war, Kee ri d tr kp his .prce. Now thl.stllon top, crowing as oPrfobae that wher th tme for aecr The members of Battery A, -Pirt
t Vtrr excepted, will pAr eent e atn scorcher may be seasoned by daily lustily as ever. e action shall hate arrs'.ed. re c ne- a.rsm rs ho are stationed at the bar- ;m
I"o sam-d execrise and training and quite alOe to r seas of Gatinesvile and t.anth e boa coa rage-hy s at Key West ,have received oir- flt U ti-
iS "11t n ad "H-pitns, of 1111- maintain a galt that would soon give The bicycle season in Tampa will eill boe fully prepared a nlici ho ders to Join their regiment for d n
Iand Htapbors and Hendeson, of a novice palpitation of the heart. There soon be in full bloomeI question, the Philippoines. They whi proa the
Max l amen who have made rep- are a number of young men in "Tamnpa t f leave by the middle of next mo ntho Prot-
I fr the veA and possess who ride out to six mile creek every morlnel Funston of Koansithas once The Florida legislature has before t AN A.Uh t w h
[5Ly of S matepd so Any one of atttnewh on simply for '..... oe.Andbsse do. theefficacyfteato a b a h e isu THE. P IV'A!E 5'tOLfhNTEIth I.u n n i:
n I a biGl which proposes t:at *n s'. ,-rO N
S tmke a a peas r, but rier not seasoned to this severe exer- e damages for personal inues th ou-t
Swll hew that dominating influ- tion who attempted to keep use with The poets are beginning to write ver- in its discretion, may order a pbs.eal About the lth of July I joined the an-
.E ... the "'ar' 'took upon him- these profesisenal riders would soon ses to Captain Coghlan. This will be examination of the person briging the grTy band a- u'ime .. ',, i,,
-anhe at ascended to the chaIr, find themselves going at a pace that punishment enough. suit. sNew York has a lat 's ha..a And Ieft a weeping mother to tight tr1mely qequistt faasly Iy
a h bc never relinquished. Shler- lthals. b similar. Sometime agot a oung for ncle Sanm. i
Sprove the stronger of the Ridden in moderation the bicycle is The alibis are already beginning to .man ao had been bitt-n by a dg and Our pain informed us--perhaps he )
s -e mem, as he la Platt's candh- blessing to both men and women, but fieure largely among the participants the oer thought it right- *
Ca-on, from the West, will not used to excess it can do great harm. in the latest Georgia lynching for damages, lost her a aue Tha before we reached Saitago we
ach iowi, we imagine, owing to Century runs or any riding to a point Gainesville wants to take a hand in declined to give ocsuar prx,-f of the would have to fight. tJeLES annhemItatipg
statement he gave to the public of exhaustion may do serious injury the state capitol removal. Nothing truth of her alegations.-avnan I saw the smoke ascending;. It seemed a two dollar bill orthe
tbie aO concerning the apipro Beginners often make the mistake of but cash talks in this instance, i News. to reach ithe sky. and yet I fursh y
bedn so eaormou that at their lives by riding away from home -- The frst thought that struck me was, -
S.L a tter of time before they 'sntil they get tired, forgetting that it The appointments soon to be made by The Woman's Confercn. e c.fo Etraucal Is this my time to die? ....
S the revenue asi the govern- is as far back by actual measurement, Governor .Bloxham will be quite a sur- Culture aof New Y rk, ha b-n engage d Then I thought of my mother, who in
would be n strats. The admin- and seemingly a good deal farther in rise to the people of this county. in a number of usefu \i s-c in its tears to me did say,
4if not like this a little bit, the amount of exertion necessary to hat in the world are the poets awlo time, all of which the litig u,: ed tt you are neither old nay.or strong;
etly Its Influence will not get home after one is tired. a the l e something in the lifti me urn youd better wilh me stay
f m.a.n..TheM deres sn w and The bicycle In its inducement to out- write aout thosee e Philippine battles of mankind; but in its present: undei- e mi e o tT m i
'.Qwnnys of Ohio, ls barresnd Theebicycle in itfresh air is a great going to do ,when they come to the taking, that of helping nn .nn o il is- I told her she was childish, the best she pSll D l
h t y order of the preal- blessing to women if it is prudently gb1a" river? pose of their money, it bis air to -u- dd no know n 50 .
4W not think it would look used, hut if ridden to excess they re- Those Sing Sing prisoners who nave do all of its previous re<-ri- ,,pbo '. My mind was bent on Pgh'.ing and I 'e
or Ohio to have everything, in suit in permanent injury, begun the publication of a paper of usefulness, was bound to go. A a still handsomer se le.
a obe generosity. their own, probably found the yellow I heard the ugle sound, ani our cap- .. tdfferece
I me Is to l eIt troduced by the Florida legislature is journals t saonal. Committee to enlarge its ao "Arm to arm!" we sntouted, and y sy pre.

St < 'B tdeflere :the n mposg a& ~heavy penalty upon Taking everything into consideration, ers, it begins to look as if it would ,e our comrades' stand. gg 5at tal to tak a gip M
''' e staha A. Grotw, >ersons who maliciously break and the fact must finally be admitted that wise for T. Platt & Co., to train up on I saw the Spaniards c.ming.; heard
c 1a % ne susa AG Grow blow up, or In any manner, whatever, a Kansas warwhoop is equal in dispers- how not to remember. them give a yell. ..
b aflBt h~rde held tehe oce dam running over streams. ing qualities to any six of the rapid The popMy feelings at that moment no nu- e T ow ith nyri m o c
s..aga. h im* hel t -wa ppare amcey Col. Peter fire guns. The people of Tampa are hearU.y ana tongue can Tel a"
e a h the D Kiltt I d Itroducedd In the house g disgusted with city charter scrambes. w the glittering bayonets; ; heard
in pary' s- -Oy 0Ibn. Don. C. *iillen and in the Dewey begn business at Manila just Every time the legislature convenes the cannon's road.
.? o the isn t eneate toy Benst-ir 5aer, of Manatee one year ago last b3onday Since his amendments to the Tampa city cnar- We fought them near a yaer before At wY ad t Oe"
t bt thi m Ontya, and ably backed by Senator remarkable naval achievement millions ter are in order. the war was o'er.
y h ho 'o*. Pmmer o atthis county. Parties of dollars have been spent and hun-
..... .. who arsr comeopte and deaking dreds of lives sacriAiced in an attempt A prevaricator makes, a failure When we get to Cuba we'll have a not 4
w enough to btow up dams an was the to subjugate the natives. The question of the affairs of this world is known. ,-,old time.
slieth. A io r us ease In theCto smners recent &appalling is, are we any nearer a final and satis- as a terrible liar. If he is a success he,' h Candler surely thought so 'the
catastrophe, s-are mean enough to shoot factory settlement of the Philippine is a man with a wonderful Imagina- ..y that he rea tned.
Sperson. i from ambush or burn up a problem than we were one year ago? lin. Oh, when we get in battle, itf we should
mum Cu* rsldence while the occupants are Captain Coghlan has now acquired have a fght.
sskha,^ 4_ J~'-^^ .^^ asleepe, and It as indeed very gratifying According to the newspaper market sufficient notoriety to make his name You may look around lor corporals,
V to tnow that CoL. Kntght has been so reports cucumbers sold in Augusta, a desirable quantity in the contribu- and not see a stripe. D R aw "
F to se l -n instrumental in securing special legie- Ga., last week at the rate of 25 cents tion lists of the illustrated magazines You can bet on the privates ,for they'd Toroslhy
ais 1 o ). tlon that wl miatertally check these each. Tampa merchants were satistled 9 be in the front,. WIV faA.ibhd.
e a^ !law vio ltoW m from further depreda- to get two cents each. People who It is now reported that the Filipinos And mark just what I teH you, they'll light, electric be s a A
Spa p. o ,the k tiAona In this county, claim that the price of living is h;fher are learning to fight like Americans. have to bear the brunt; slan lathe. blet a
"s ta sron on in Tampa than it is in the north sim- They could hardly learn to fight with T 1heyll bepr the tolL Tes; they'll en- with the bet that
The irl-eln-e Valley Gasette greeted ply don't know what they are talking such reckless and enduring bravery. dure the pain, buy "
Slannd f elar as e i t aud *alls receiving heond the rgtu- until t $hey A
Omis-a@e, in ,ci46 Sight-page, Ight-column edition, the end of the year always find the latioes k his vast army of friends no-.. conqelser Jpan. .rO
it the sher balance in favor of the city. day over his a ntment to the tdge- The United States of Atsmerica has ninev- .
d asnd mws up the business Interestsfshipofthis circuit. c now n et TMPA S ShnT M
mado the ]& fo that ci1tiand sunty in fOne shas-pe. One. Orlando Reporter: F d urleeties s ... of thiscircuit ...'ernknowgtdefeat.
ols- county Is pushing to the froit s are in demand, even from as far away TheHaTaiaferco banquet at Tallahhas- the beat.
sate. e ast o pid gait and her progree la due as Europe, tor this week A. M. Nichol- ++AlfeotauttTaa hee
Vt stat' e at f & large measure to the enterprise s E, pe, cuor t als week A. M. Nhipml see to-night promises to be the grand- Elbe has won a naval victory and never
? gt n a~ lar& ge mnaure to, the eterprise son, the curio dealer, made- dlsipment est scial function of Ih reason, i ost a fight.
^ B s than the P a nd esect- e work oa the Gasette. The of a lot of snakes, alligators, turtles est social function of the season, in lost a fight,
n 1 les proprI*eto --arris and Agnew, and gophers to Germany. the hill city And when you go to Cuba you w
S>l.M t Sta; she are entitled united support of the 4 see her Stars and Stripes.
.. tret people. Senator OTBrien's iill appropriating, Should Tallahassee be unfortunate w
Ste t $20,000 to pay Escambia county and the enough to lose the state capitol, its Perhaps you have a mother and a sis-
Sii -Y .,n; e The Jaokonvte Journal Is after the c of Pencola for the fumigating charms for politicians would 'be. thing ter kind and true, e .
,l.1 'ti e % editor of the Sanford -Chroniclel i s t at the quarantine station has of the pant. Perhaps yoo have a sweetheart to
|Hsganhs kr.- maeur that caUs for blood or coward- passed the senate and has been certi- weep and mourn for you.
AOW",1o.w- 1Ib -wmit to fled to the house Grant's deam of a day when tnere So, just In your condition, altho' I
-'er' is to be a great harmony between Fed- like to roam. ,
1 One Iaded thousand doBars and a The intelligent merchant who is uni- eral and Confederate" has eomne true I'll advise you troa experience. You
09e t fle the HsaildlftW is teast OffOe versaly sasceassful in business can al- had better stay at homde. m 3g |
i aft t cap ways be counted in as a liberal adver- Caluinpit is the one that the Ameri- MEO iDGE P. NE AsO,.
User. an forces did not fall into. Co. G, 3r O., Vol. Infntry J n

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an the following Itema nt macder plead guilty to the charge lm my presence, this 6th day of Decem We sell Ex0lusively Burpee's Calebrated Philadelphia Seed.
I-A coUL s-dnerstion Otf saftauit asa battery. It wiII be re- ber, A.- D., 16. Proprietor of Orient Potultry Farms, OreIntaFia. Breeder en
r t was read. After metrimbered that these ara the two West 0seal.) A. W. GLEASON, Black apn-iof Orient Pormtry armC, Orient. h. BreederS. WQit
It Wsn turned over to Tamp Italian youthe who made a Notary. PUl laeck gansae, C i t rhme,h Br. P 4hrn gs & Whi te
Stevens with Instrue- fierce attempt at fighting a duel with 41k- Legborns S. C Buff Uffbona Silv P@=U H r wh#4.
wr1ut with k a v iew knives. Hails Catarrh Cure is taken inter- "IT%
matter and report at A. Walker, alisa Leonard Lockhart nally, and acts directly on the blood, Wyandotte, Slver Wyandottes, White Pmoi Boekse e hi
alia te Bleoe array rtaden was f d g and mucuous surfaces of the system. Gams Bantems, White Japanese silki, Embde Geese, White
for consideration. A tensews The charge of grand larceny
been made to acept against him was nolle proved. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, u. 1 S m '.:.
!ttlemet. A motion to Joba Demeon charged with entering old by ruggsts . Eggs $1.00 per Setting of 15. Geese ggas25c each,
aan the cunty at- at ilding2in day time to commite a Ms-is i*aenih. Put sre the beet. '
acted to I after th aed with embea a ement, were both 0o
5see- chr Pg wetht eda nd eSaeet were bt What is rag time, and where did it
Ltter were referred to Thomas ParkhlU plead guilty. to the originate? it a question frequently
and 9 bertin to Cour-t then adjourned until 2 p. M., songs, which took a firm hold upon +
gaton and report. at Dat which time the following cases were pular asor ew years ago, and. de-
OBhion scale matter Edward Wyatt,, charged with assault spite all predlcltons to the contrary, + | E I
p and came tn for with intent to commit murder, Pik-ad bave held it ever Since, led to a varis-- +
It wa fnal l e- guIdlty and was sentenced to four tIon in music known as rag ume i l N
a cointttee with months In the county jal.+
allowing are the names Julia Scott was founa guilty of as- Since then -rag time' 'has been an ex- + J. M. TOWNE, Man ":
we: Messr. Belchr, salt and battery and was sentenced pansionist. There is rag time music; ge
H e. (liet, to 3D days In county jail. thereae gi s str sI
f leasithe Burton E. Tony Ricy was tried and found rag me songs there ha .
the west end of the guilty of assault and battery and sen- been a rag tlmne opera. There are pro- .. + O I _O
bridge was next co- teneed to one 'ear In the county Jail. feusors of rag time, Instructions of r ag Rye, Bourbon, Malt Case Goods,
e dlsion it was Otto Rowellpiead g-uify to the time, and spesists in rag time,bu+ and Corn Whiskey, BraLdiesm
lse a lease for the charge of areny. It was his second precisely what It is, n twnd Corn icaey ie
ead as an armory for Offense ad the Judesentenced him to precisely Ginhat it I t m er'Rum, Don estic, M -i aO
years, with privilege six months in the county, jail. airihioritles agree, except, on the point +F-
to of 5 per month. Jack mnith was tried an acquitted that it is something very popular ust FORWaters, Ginge i
o.buldIng the nd of the ohsige of carrying conceaie4 now. One teacher of rag time here, +
ted. the main point Nathan Floyd was tried and found tells us that rag time takes its iniLta- + Old Mock 14-year-ol - -
on was whether the gulty of ttempt to rob Morris FaII e sep rom Spaaish music, or. rath 120 proof Whiskey, SEE HE ...
t It out br ontrac or Be got one year in state prison, er, from Mexirs, where It Js known un-: +
nmto t budding o carrying concealed weapons and was heOs and ban I A UO SALI I I &IjU OR C i l
iL. After a long de- ned 6 ind costs or 60 dayu in Jall. aa and Seguld a.- being nothig +
W of anventinsion In J. C. Walden piest guilty to the but consecutve music, either in the + We keep thle beit goodain. the Soth "Mid haye.
l. -lem of.men thu dischrge Ofgnnding and sent io treble or bass; followed by regular +a i, ai, "i "
VAe wt t owits r 10 time in one hasd. in common time te + lished reputatonfor selling aie.
s*B M ,atme lng, Tbhe mtinitse Babcok Hobbs & 4qusrter note of the bass precedes the + orders solicited and perfect ertisacti5
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front as an economic
old style of wood and Was the Insurgent Officer at the To- i -. E ltor Trib1ne:-
"',m ... ..,.1^ t .H O ,. P..ea e .i.s Bfl a z f t Doctors' ali"ho.d.,t,.UhLt"
Oe n m e a lo n g t h e ld n ea t h e g enme r a l tuhi-,1i n5an "- t t tu ,JeIda tot o r s d o m h t h e n g o d I
eating appliances have sion-No Time for Dis mn et o unsidered very peclJiar p.- oI ItO Iou s Blood Po eB ;
heat The use of gas cussion. t lo sal the least .otiA t Ca, thisthaome dison N
as igsht Is as qki aJ- Ictitmoltraltic c us inoto a i democratic. ar IOU of loathe d he IA
of a-.-- Manila. tn- Patchwork; Can
rfl erec f gas. i e Manila. May 2.-CSpeclal --In his- egn-! u re,. deci..ded wa ts io at ...es to edoW4iserous'ypandjil. lit
titl very recently ee rda with a constitionai conventon which a rc- or Vnrlf at Uum onl redieswhihthedO"
l na nt h gte n'lew yesterday with President a Cotea na co ne non i ch Yours n at nw.
t cases a very expent- Schurnan of the Philippine Commi- lion vasa endorsed it the legisiatttre, IIidIb i n lood poM oiso n
sion. Colonel .Manuel Arguels. one slefned by a democratic governor an this vile oison, Oy attemptto hedalcr se woltliaablet
weaver, triumphed over the emissaries sent'by Genera J Luna. became a law. Tno a democrat. disease-thesores a&teruption. Tehistthey.o twbydri dpt1" 11"tSac l
beating and hcostincra diea e sore and erupions. This the do ydrvi e nre
been intended where to ask for a cessation of bostilities, state convention a-snmbled to select i Jsystem, ad endeavor to keep it shut in with their eoosta < = o4 -"
n edas a beed that the independence o the delegates at large. endorsed the ca and mercury. The month andthro and othrdellese aems them ha k
money over either wood Filipinos at once be granted. UMr. and declared it a party measure. into sores, and the figh is continued ldefntely, the drug d ng tt i.i
the expense for gas is Schurmnan said he was unable to dis- ws this, the latter action, that started moe dne 1n the disate it ,eWl k J o
y very gre*t to the CUsS the question because American pandemonrum In a rage. It was Known- hu edd iththd wheS
a, because'it Is always sovereignty was now established. For that a large number oi aemocratc out- th coulddomenoood Ihad large potll over -
time Is saved. Second, the same reason the commianson was side of the black belt opposed a con- and them soon broke out into Rig ceB. S -
ved in the way of ear-' unable to make a treaty with the Fill- stitutlonal convention and it wa s tne edlsd s ltheI whichW is disease p- I
hef and boxes and pisoL The granting of a truce, he wish of the state execauve commitete dsoonm. deri t fol tW d. S. se le rs4a wa
r a wood fire. Third said, was a military matter which he to -whip them into line to prevent the I5.- ,S le W l e t
regulated to perfec- could not discuss. convention's defeat at the hands or ehet begWn to pOW P. s ad tdst s, aM hele
e danger of fire Is n ot Coloer Argueles appeared much dis- these demurring democrtq by a coall- disajp ed enasv I Ws see nyI
ke to stoves.- ten with the popsias. Gotvhfimi,, skils Jas been e Se cwS 8. gl evlsas 146"
o C L, ha seclre*d the heted y te re of mission Johnson in order to prevent the threa- s"eat ho4, a th d et a-- m
city of a stove that on ac ount of the rapidly exhausting ened schimnin the party, leaned a call, i tis val a
motluaL.ent Man agrerourom a t he Imsurgents.a He said after having written to every member Bleed P g d 1.
nthey desired a pes which would be of the legislature to re-assle-tb s fthee e ""O-.
66 san &aeer- tA -b-t la to erais a ond at the same author ain th e A sttUtIona cO ft 6. FOR HE
the st, latest a t ime t wbuiltg to the Wpim ventlon. The democratic ezeotive '
SHe added that he oouadered aS umcon- omaitw them held another mamti -et1 is Sn entirely d1eeOt b i r
an- thnSl et edder aery hujmtating amfl e which t h ed- Mot of be, yd of .WA "o is
.c SIh(BeBin t F Viperpe Jobm In w ms- ai- Whl W iaI De 1
.... --WusngesMatl SHE A &Ls K R
M dr. bcarmaa rexed to e Fs ared ter uM a dr cU a naP6f ust S-a@ IAT. -Hea iwBlact t hn Arci fte u
S t up the p storesno noemifary toat oenerai Ofe wa only c party e t aleoy tho ho ownp- eS w s af lW giv l a S

naeRU TIO otr r al rhise t brtihe r tI the a e Porumritleaewr meeal enth s r an s wther, ea of Mchr erS Iad iles. t ro tenM
d stops, free of caLne l to s. The people ar waitsinwithWriteLfort f-nfrm"-swift eo
WtiNlr to e one of sameeda one eO tha t Gb Grant treat- hatedbreath to isee tha haeo se of the
d Iaed and cookers that ed th confederates at A poatth battle whtch begin at these ate capitol
A t n lm> by. Colonel Auelles persisted, however, to-morroow.-
is wl cat the mml-In leclartng ht Idea pof the necessiMty Tbh lsta great country for ho apg and.

$12 pvestvebutie of permetng th e ittrgents to sur- hominy, asnd for pretty woan rite.
o the F ls present a rof s the p e, t thei r ftd ts, petr wtrw IS H EA & K R A U SE, .

exctell ie Int e oorder render wIthsot lssind the i hn ore. e sink- fastp.it ig clna atlhens lo ass to g ro
a limited period and con dnldad. ad have their crep in splendid condi-
I improve the oppor- Mr. t churman suggested In concita- tlion. Good stand of corn. but the FAj-Ctambo M fac hinery and Bo le Work .p tt iJi
to Xw quick. tory way that the insurgents by sur- stand of cotton ias bead. The fruit crop t er ou ry. Ma. n anda 3o W-er
to learn more In re- rendering now would be permitted y will be a failure. No plums; very few
ved method o f heat-the commlsison to co-operate in the apples, and fewer peaches. Tampa w ingte
to call at the ou of Preparation of a plan for a form of have to eat Caifornia ftruit mostly N arF. C. gad P. prt. Phess 148.
.y, where they will be government to be subimiltt to the this seaoc. But milk snd butter,
they ca secrelafree cnsderation by the cornason of beile, and the like are abundant aSHe Backsmithig. Achitectral *a
excellent oo their Idea of Independence. He said cheap. Big, ne fat hens,2 pstaw. C.Ltoe ndS ineournetc.
6 the corm logdesired. to dralt a plan eggs 8o to cei t o Works. Store Fi-on1s, ills, Col ns2. etc. RprSn .1 -#r
0 MEUPTION. of government satisfactory to the-iegit- cents, corn and meal 60 cents, and other Steamboat Machinery and Boilers. Our promt i attention givinq
I--aslte aspirations of the, Filipinos. things In Proportion. A man who does p oilnstallingIrri'gating and Steam Heating iCta at rea90;ab1W
t Skin Ecotions rob thereby granting them peace with dig- not live and grow fat up here is hardly -iCes. HitchingPosts and Iron Fences.
cklen' Arinb Sakie nity and with influence at the same worthy of the name. tcngPo and Iron Fence
S Runng and Fe- time. '.CCASIONAL .
SBoils, Felons, Corns, Sirnce isuing their proclamation to '- ... .-,gi-- ,.-
lses, Burns, Scalds, the natives, the conmnlstsoners .have A T A
Chilblains. Best Pile repeatedly asserted, and Mr Schurman, AN DITOS PASS. +
Drt out Pain s and aserted to Colonel Arg uelles, that e baie ca an -- F1NiT
e. abox. Cureguar- when American sovereignty once1 ne of the beauties nd charms of an
. B. Leonad & Co., fully recognized al lgovernmental editor's life, says Printer's Ink. Is his +
questions will be open to discussion.d duad-hea.lsng it on ali occasions. No
SMSr. Stn R a-n a thinks the end is.tee.r one who has enr feasted on the sweets + A
S I. this being the fir-st manifestation ortI
W SSStIN. weakness. The Filpinos realize that I of that bMss can begin to lake in the +
y Commissioners Met Mr.tchurman is desirous of peace, and 1 glory of Its happiness. He does 31014 +
with Peace esabliahed It will bE- easy oruh of advertisng for a railroad
a Regular oMnthly to eaty the ip ,s in the at-b"'wrgth'ss a rioade sd t5 a:
inference. of self -governm ent. gets a 'pass- for a year. rides 25 t t I I +
-s-a io th, .t and then is looked upon as a I.
Ly'ts Daly. mereglf bne flT ..emad-hread or half-blown deadbeat. Re. ,
enbly meeting the "'11 --puffs" a conemittroupe $30 worth and + r 4k.
co nisoners coven- I gets $1 In complimenarI-3 tickets and +
house yesterday morn- s th c.E-d fr-. If the al is + We are daily receiving our pring Cloth-
flowing members pres- A.Large Number of Important Cases -ci.:rd,:-d he is b-grudged the room he Weo
S. J. Drawdy, E. C. Disposed of Yesterday. ,ccupies. for if his complimentaries ing, the very latest design W Now i the
mherln, .-nha le,- w.rnpaling tinhkes th r -.r n would time to get a Spring Suit, while the
Va lnd.Lgha~ni From Wednesidapa sDally. t.e much 0n pocket iHe- i-ows and 4
eeas the mslnties of the The county criminal court MI t at puffs a church ftival frelue to any de- + goods are fresh and bright. $7.50 to .
er which the business o'clock yesterday morning and pri- sired extent, and does the poster print- +
rith in the regular or- ceeded at once with the work of dls- ing at haJf rats, and rarelv gets a + $20 three and four-button Sacks. Call *-
pauper allowance sing of the fol winhank you" for It. It goes as a partn and examine our new stock.
m utmlsn, $ per monut. State "k lorlda \s. Jrom,- (Maria. Martin, -.4u, e- i forgng checks, n. gratuI11ou0sly for thr ta-:wn and n counu- + i d s -
00nd 1tion f fi nee s

.... ...... . .. "-,I.o ber of witness were e.am ined anl m an do.a.-s a few dillan s to a Fourtl | TA-
............ ." the Jury- returned a verdict of gsilt3, of July celebru.tIon, bane 'ball club or t .. "
..fond- 6 ....... The J.dge Otap ..d.d ...ec . h... is g .atef.lls remembered. O, C o '-
ade the following re- manded the pus-i-ner to jail. 11 is suih a sweet thlrg to be called anOtt SUI ___ ?A___IT_ -_____________
-.............. --2.2.60 tried. He was charged Wiiith &.sauit | t --- h c ,. + ,
............... 1. and batter- on the p-irsonofC. Bali en.o n Sl'ar 1'04 C uil 4-T-dcd+ I
.... ...... ......-$21h.l2 The Jury reiurned a verdict of guilty. ts |, ',

Ricpaa.. tlm. s the netnior partner of' the firm o

ring amounts ooUected of aues-tieng Louisa- Thomas. City of Toledo, County and State afore
...April: 153&6. larail JHirschran plead guilt" to as- aand, and that sriid frm wil Pay hei 1
- .-.-... .Sa ulttng Lvo Hirshman un two dif- 5u11 of ONE] HUNDRERD DOLLARS i iI -1 B
wumtJe wsryreported bY Francisco Pitishi and Calantano Fu- cannot be cored by Hal'st, tarn t-
s o l .n g c o u r t f o r a u dt w i t h J n e n t t o or u -, |

;44a& jt ufo4

, -W .th .
Laad Ivowelii wo

Uthtis. I left

toted sale


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t ftrsw

In 4orda to-
4) days of
..... .

^ir n.n .11,11 1 -v .. .. .^ .


WtilS.Pote dHeld qu Ha-^after T eof Senate ConfirmsCommissioners The Representative. Start for I M na ait -

SE Caitol Yesterday. the Bill From a Number of Counties. the Place of Meeting. ___
From P^lY Dy ------ From maturdey's Dblly
A great deal of trouble with the bicY-,I came to this cit-y some two or three
e o cle path runnidel ong between wt there andT- months ago, representing himself as a
sector roa Gaaden l lts Point on account of pee e mad E Th eloquent U. S. Senator Addr2e- There Is a Stroug Probabi ity That globe trotter booming Dewsey or the
Osnaty D hered a Splendid licioue driving over It either In wag- ed a Joint Meeting of Many Peacelul Settlements presidency, ilanguishtl In jaiel- at
Sor on horseback, thereby mingHvan It will be rememred t
Mwir_ A.onddeto oiI on horse icyackle thereby making Will Be Accom- he appeared In open cou and de-
Sto it alnt ft for cycle use. rney the ouse Yes- handed of Judge Phllps that he be ai-
Vt were In a manner powerele to stop erday. pliahed. lowed to make a speech. Theb jmae
th.veterans. the nuisance, as there was no law ear- ____ Wa forced to order him arrwed% a Ing on thoeer case. ,lm-
atassee. Ar -4pecal.-The aer hast s beenbroght to tne Talleahasse. kpril 27.--pecal^.-The Washngton, April7-ir Ju free wod desist in his arm*er
na ro-unim of lorItdaveteramot notice x of mebere ot the legsialature. senate held an Important seo teus Pasiucefote, accompanied by Iad n le was escorted out oR th
Omfederat se ay was held here not only In regard to the troufte nere, afternoon. The iatflter of connrmn lPauncefote and tis four daughters aet court room by the sheri Mbut soon
OIUn htepnedio'-&areta thrmo -but elsewhere and there Is now every county commisisoners was the nUrst Washington to-nigLt for New York wdagain and repeated is e-
'GI ARthetow ad d urroua o Amranne that bicycle paths will e thing broufiht up for consideration. where he will tak the American ine mond. He was agalUn arrested. a
M Ee = peNV t>d ty lISM protected agalnet further encroacA- The list of nominations from the101- steamer ew York for *thamptoMpieced in the county jl where t e was
SUioM besidea 2Mtderahle num- meinta The bill that has een rougnt lowing counted was duly confirmed: Before his departure Sir Julan call- allowed plenty of time to cool off
f&GM A dig"N Sad S mIL turnOmi hbfore the senate bearing on the mat- IHttlborough, Brevard. Jiernando, ean ed upon the president sodjecretary After rema.Lniungt o I nffnerent for
M I .ledlW many- Vi1l- ter has passed third reading. It reaus Pasco. Hay and received the usual coOUrnment several days he was vten him freftdm
le beM1- daae lbba aestsisa-s ftolows: The Lake City cadets arrived on the of a cal from the s ors no on the promes thbat he wosid leave the
:iS?'"3Sho con city.^^^ ? ^ at*aa Q Mob^ a VWY-Victuresqueun
-ectIon L That allbicyclep"abtnoh w afternoon train and paid a visit to the FraVnceGermanyAnd RuNsawhoon- city. Iwormaverpoteqe nt-
I Wa tendd Cen tnr- o ted, or which m thereafter e legislatlv ha.n. They presented & agratuated him his appointment form A out hal wa betwo. a 3 ol-
cc1 Ocl6, the veP- constructed. in sam city, town or coun- very fine awearance and were ennum- as senior memr of tihetMhde e- dier Snd a c rcux owiL '. D sliUt-
i e the lorUid dvi- t n th state, Mall be for thexciu- aticay received. It is underStoo 8ton to the I srmament noo oser e. In e Itedg oce ta st l Sod
w-ale-'Ve eeLsam alve um of a the person or persarms that they we here losing ou r ca r e- Secase ot Sir Julenestrong e' t stWMhis al m tma c temr
at-&M dnot rpeel- assois or corporatiMon cUmeten ptg riationo. to nevotte an arbitretcn U treatyWt ad aistotnolmfl 4uitt a;,*U
4Eem to meeMm bs sod* It shahhe u l (or j^COPter 0. Knafth, who has bmhn at the Uiited Otates, his selection n4t" ParsehS "Wh Im"l A& "
orm ir v Aw to d wto art.o d nae the capitall fur two or three e on ts 0 o.m it s readed to woI
p mlas.a* Rh full w erat-amhlSttmslh-l L ate- ft. lega lnandptiMatters, left withusintf ta crles as a daa dfatlmoCo tahi
IU edi id soi eem,-. st-.theE te. e.,, to u se or fsmigtfr hems to-day. Hehas Oe 3p of fLrd vI* hss5 t ehri.
Ba thw~~cI-o~ he. 6ner~le eied seveal-sidays 2wthe illness Of a68PtUM of a 918n Ofettaer -_ or. -seenwUms&thetsssto MGMofet"
Iaase In m-1* me 1.thrsw e torto Vm'meksk -91495. his uhiid. JVAdes arter ios tillhee iltiaim In dipiumtesde on*alaf- .meleaat eanaIs heln
mjmnCar a isjeic 54 id TOMB3. H.I heeO orN*MOCWmpeIteM sUW ite4 s i t Is geWSW admmttedhim out09 Us truobissboAtw's refi-
____ _____-a" s"- wamsemapme-asir zadSU hkew Um Mm tb iiS

Ii., Sn- gasdo-s o smost tesiie sas bsand bsvev awa* t- P st99 Was*S o-M
*"* m &S ao% n -, d py essto meeyimet^two eUndere to a s A t me
Ik .Ml hie remark th at bbwa t on hias ywa tion of 0,
r1 fP ets, TamM t m I hL Iseer vlolIates toe bome from on, eieaded"t r V 0 MObe cb ."f -drawn up W
-1w ,11s p m- -r dls.dth-.a i j con- th oatbern and mI ddle on=1e m Co te *..sM d -=a-i ae n

Sm Than Poetr in t Polowing Stor could remember had such slowing re- -
w *be T theo states ru d b oe"ua thies o- pl s atpao nmr an o
'ad ^ dre&A N N" I 0 pr at in1 2be of the hohor atgbeing fn-wet WsMon M sik -raefroensa -

Sws the t At-riscointyjailntlees th antenCAY a tedtodrrh moy k ody oftat-uld v eeplesneof n--- pow es and t
BuntSSat e or MI Sthan 0i0dams orbysi ot hea soeihHh praise o0 to is Pe asTh. eeareblmnt and sid T
a afteserw, seer wh CssU aa m-1ho Couts the present session i rl the rcdh1anat in te r t disates to thisetma blut tV Ito
ms'that was bein made along the line *Ccwim be At riwty to s them if gr-en
R E ., unity. they fdemltProper to Boo. It
ea" Be referred to the fact that he ead 4 etri

MOR lt th spent sevoereeal terms as a med iser t a0 d wi l t ftif LXIR. r a
....e a n a~ S tbot h houses and at no time in the es-- It M

o eeapoei oo a tem ule o te torey of the state aofmar be eas n he A Potleasant Lrmon Tonictl. T.
Tha aln etr y in tbFowi g Story could remeer had such going re- tbiy
of-W the 2coLf-The of t pt ortt been o e over the set wr bloue costipatien and aP- po
t the aa on ate a ot *e n the grand work done by the rletalators. pendicitl Mot
#, 00stin- a O tisgo. It soTe well for the state & the For indigestion, sick and nervous Itg
Sc ou t t democratic p Vy. e closed v state s ee. Ti
t w had been asked to write a Ing that o party or sate could r0 For sleepless Ies, nrvousnees and It
It s t m or- co mpo tion on th benal talite very far astray with such a body of heart failure,
alT t remen at their helm.and For fever, chilsdebility and kid- t I
t'sm l riio tfnamsun stemmed up a waeTa an't runt ldon. George P. Ranen.iInenal n o hey diseases, take Ifeonro e ixr. It4
it,, 1 A o I ,p V teer o me eed UHR e tbor th houses, responded to Senaor Ladies for natural and thorough or- ket te
oberli "i mak, Cerveryarf come rIt.he od s h Ie eu t o i lory in a few welld chosen word gn rega t I re a take Lemon E lixir. ii
Sar to make a rum for I t. So he crckt on. which he took oceaon to refer to hics Dr. Moey'a Lemon Etlxir Is epr- Of ltt
oire b*wrhic toh m mt an m cuse a bosn' thru the nare spl endid woc in the national tongre ed from the fresh Juice of lemos t e
d bel ning to pe where' e tHobsm ikt the oerryt and to thank him for is copianne- combined with other vegetable liver
tOSW o1 Poia-macrk. and be stored clout to shore-in taxry references to the present eglsea- tonics. anad will not fall you In any it
i eSirloe oa hi- bep to it wa,. Sly seen him a tive body anrd Its work- of the above named diseaes. h0c d it a
Nd &aD cease Ofr domin' aI le sigdnuled to the other The remainder of the morning session t1.00 bottles at aI ll st. It
m4l J iSU 15O s imsan e tha. all went for Cervery liwe in the senate was devoted to the con- Prepared only by Dr. Moae, eight.
Sc of thLe athousan' of bric a k. Sly swinged the sideratlon of the Peacim ola water DUID. Atlantma, e It a
W ad Ctfe ells Borukin round an' let 'emr have Ita w th After a hour's dIscusslon it was oae- r
Is 8883 T iginn both bans frum the ward go. An 'prit- cided to send joint commIttee to Pen- AT THE CAPITOL. sleeps
Sa.tlltteo s ty soodn elI the agi anish ships went esacola to get somn e desired totmUOetn. I am In my Saeventy-tlrd year, anti It r
5t Wth O19O tS Of &S down Dlunkr like as: trr tory had tn the house nuber of iportant for fifty yea nen a reat su day

Ice. holes Ine'em.n T Pe nwen an' oInther houe a numbr n o i important CA
Sb d n 'e. Then when an' matters were considered. A eonrent ferer from ndigeston, constipaton I
ts l dly the rest of the catAins wase wpin' resolution wp passed autherietr ta e and bliousness. I have tried all the It
S r qt- there forrid anW lettin the guns cool governor to offer 00 additional rewra remedies advertised for these diseases It
40d. plplr orltat off. up steems Admiral SamonAun..el- for the murderer of the inmit hs i nd got no permanent relie About fattes
5lbhosoeIn 9osition to Ih,' me B pieseay, 'where you bin Santa tRoss county.ad one ya ago, the dIseas a U a It 8

e rge neta this w e t Pe le Mr. Palmer introduced a bill giving More severBe and dangers formo. ge
I 'sw o sorts. wIt 16 to me.' he ez bitter- judicial powers to the rarlro co n- came very wek, sand lost flePsh ra pidly m
Ot 13i5B .... as p If .you wse the hole thing.' But a misson.,I co mn usnD. oa estLm rTelc
__i ebswe%= tho tre- Sly, he only ae Ott I don't kno',' he uMr. Clark's libel bill, after a rea 1t on Elixir. I eMined twelve poinde in
'sbysellte n whaoes, awins at te -cptins. p'I geso argument was amended so as to ex- three months. My strength and h health robe
_wweed.. on-. therWes gore enuf to go round But olude printers and newsboys and the my appetite and My digestion 'were It a
Mot-ell h re- Sasu w as c ofu 'Wousa if you'dpenalties were areduced.nIt then ise l tetlyrestored. arnd now I feel as burd
R. yonbi otaed orders,' he sez 'this diasgrays- second reading. young and vigorous as I ever did in toen
Se5St o t Pa ma fults Of fi woodn't ea happened.' then The bill Introduced by 3or. aceks on m l le L. A RED. white
it looked asthoght it nt to n moe ngate aw how m l J..5d
seruy Sthetwo- dldcnasay no more os he saw how Citrus. relative to raroad rates, pro- 1Door-keeper Ga. State Benate, hill t0
a Mr. bIalyim Samsun was. An' the Cervery videos for a Maximum passenger rate State Capitol, Atlanta, GI. ,itI
oad OAittClub(hb hDela ships beto' sunk for good an' all tha of 3 cents per mile on al ul raroaais do- tasho
ins" at t meeting Ht- couldn't try It over again and thats all Iog business in this state, wVnetner ov- (ZLETM LEMON ELIXIR Its
at wt whf the nWMersm know about it up to the present writ- rating under the laws of Florida or 01
aw ts ing.S lo-Cleveland Plain Dea ler, any other state, and prescthing a is the very best medicine I ever used the Ii
penalty of 0 for each violation or for the diseases you recommend It for, It i
IIJW W.0 5EAD. STAPE UNpVEILED. said provision. a nd I have used many kinds for wo- to pr-
... -M A bill to ponsolidate the several state man's troubles.
k-oi 6f ofot .htr-l Anr Impresslve Ceremony Attended BY seminaries into a. university otf Florida& -U S A. GREIBHAM. A-
ga Lsrge Trong of People. was introduced.rs It will dotltAless Salem, N. C. ,gives
w widely discussed, and tIs expected to Lnendg t teaROPS. Draw
?J-S3 e Philaldelphia. April -t pecial.-'he. cause a long hard struggle, and con- ea n w aad g O.
aR-_ "d Ceta onvelling of DaWnel Chester French's sume much timrne of toth houses. It cures all Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, T
, imagnificent se ue of General Grant is safe to say it will not become a law, Sore Throat. Bronchitis hemorrhage, Wnt
. caSgats s V Irmont Park toot place. to-day as public eentment is opposed to It" and a, l throat and lung diseases. le-cyg
f ..ies. in the presence of thousands of eiec- and conditions do not favor it. it e gs t reliable. dee
tg *ed RIL Iuon tators President McKinley and all the openly hinted that it is a political move an et e dulists Prepere olyby G
ik sp Bamemers of hisl canet were present to entrench upt. Seats in power.: Dr. '. otley. ATla t. Ga. J.
owZnto* i we re r te-ccc- in addition to all the stale city e of- g a.e n
sa d- lals.A A mir m parade receded rru MADE .
were Sp the rnve aing I ld -'
wI e e ms-N ppe of --ton The presentstion address was ne mad6ete A EI and
m &Johnh'. /Vtn ltmby the president of the Fairmount NO MA ana
sawM T^g J. j. i at Association. The address of cs- eTha
SpdWSIum A-ceptaee was made tby l yor 'Asnley. ToInducelsPlant System to Transfer The Summer Term For Whit e and
- .Praesident e n~ niy madtee a brief act- Headquarters om Savanakh Oolored sthe rem Wil
iS cS y The G&nt banquet was held at the to Jacksonville. Begin tay 18. Un
tAae the-rloa eM oe ft 1 to-night. It was -a*
.... ~ crowded to the' dard s daenpton ,..
'son was Introduced as the orator or From Thursdy's Daily, Notice is hereby given that the sum- Phl
1E Wl ta theevenig Prmidenkt DIK y also The business mene of Jacksonvile ored techers of a gi rog cOonty the
__ delivered a short e A tos have Inaugurated a movement ingmer normal school for wrote sW cot-Him
-A-. to n 1sdr- en warm. J Dent Oant, wi- to the removal of the Pla nt System wi b heta I Da abeginningL Mon-
dow d t owof"neral Or*" headquarters from Savannahi to Jack- day, Way 8 thand continuing for four
o n lr lle. he arument is advanced weeks. The wora will de stnctiyupr a n,
Slr 019AIM IERBT E.D that the most of the property owned tica ad is intended onL k er w CO
.X <.:by the ystem Is located tn this state ad those intending to teach. Attenm
mum tMr. aY. P. itn Roaeaie Sain, than elsewhere, and that Jackonvile dat wj be require to conduct -
is 'A enehswt SC more centrally ocated for a great t&aIo, reviewsa, and give lessous I"tdd
106003A 3 10- w^ at C major OrO th e ptron or the system taheseveral taspcet.
Wi rvBs haed c551ed move a *li11than Savaonah. At a meeting of the A course oa orti lessons in English o
.rid tsWo. IA M l on last o ondcayeving Mr. ttr' The prof te eai- ciency shown by teachers y
n emda l pStocktona scha rma of the boatrddIn- will be tairn Into consideration --A nbei
'a` 0". f i g Remedyall ainP lefft trod the fotlowtng restuions asking up the Hat atteachers eltie tue
Ha mpthSis grand madene i- s which wrere unanencuay adapted: l for appintnfment. Those who do not m
hst MOMer Waft e r 1 eeds. Al Americal "Whereas. The city of Jacksopnvile give satisfactory evidence'of teaching
-knews that It camesiver &P4 kidneys moef centrally located with refer- ablity w pa be required to at- wit:
the g overn-1 ^d "*yence to the railroad and steanhip tend an d addltsont two weeks. the I
0"Strhpu ttbloe toe "up the property of the Plant system than any All teachers are requested to bring
et-. h. s .tIneve, ps there cit, and full set of text boo. Teachers re twen
g vi, 'Ucrand noe Ine Ain every mus- "Wheree Cnsidemably more of expected to.be prompt in attendancet tyI
Oiet. 6W. and organ o the body. If said company's said properties are Io- the first .M
ore ailingdan ned Itcated within than without the state of Desmlone for white teachers wll he joisi
w rai. tired osneed It. Florida; therefore, be it held in the graded school buildings, for lng
N rry hbotte ir ttee R eolWed by the hoard trd e Ofcolored teacher In the Harlem a ..d-rwad
-president Sod ecretar. of he hoe- Information in sear to board c e

%-. and boar and consder reasons porch-in their tickets

: ~ t.:--Ot p ; ,

edBsg^Elsyseople @$. lo

Pabrtgan is self supporting .n-

is cheap -e wuen it to 4W. r
i not affecta4 by the agbt. I
Snot drowned oUt Py t5e eatvy
a never killed by winter. 'J
a rings and .earty truet A-e.->
lie it. '
ato buh do not dieatur It.
h and rast donot destroy li-
rowl nights, tundsa, radnyo"
even holIday
rines a e sarop every yer an
ties twice a year. o
rodces oaash every tUme
Ies not hagre to wsit for the mar-
i not mbject to the p
e bafls end bears.
* a load thet galls and rets aa

eats with him at ta table.
eta under his pillow 'when ne
Ides upon his shoulder during the "
consumes his grain crop. g
levoulrs his cattle.
elects the finest horses and the t
st steers a a
talks into the dairy where the ld
housewife totls day after day,
h after month Sand takes t ao-0-
aeese Lud the choicest butter.
shares the children's bread aad
them of half their clothes. "
stoole the toilers back with Its
en of care. It hardens his hands,
ohs his intellect, prematurely
*ns his locks, and often times
i him and his aged wife "over the Ri
o the poorhouse."
s the inexorable and exacting
whip is as merciless and cruel as
ish of the slave driver.
s a menace to liberty, a hindrance
ogre a, a ourse to the world, .
A. 1. Frealh Egin butter always
Satisfaction Served by S. J. td
wdy, F. W. Barse & Co., Philpe &J&
or, Strickland Bros., R. L. LIw, J. -
ers., V. B. Milivatne, and ali fan-
nocers. Wholealed t y P. P Ear-
i Co. 'Phone 170.
W. Roberts sells garden bose at
for 50 feet. _tt
M. Fisher sells the biggest loads CV
the best wood for the. m Oey. A
nei2. i

HAiMZt'Z8 SAL -p
der and by virtue of a decree o0

nesh MeaMt of a
tables, Etc.
anv nUa* of thO

Ve take pleasure i.
ie trading public
tat we have the J"
ock of 4ital<4df
*to behad ib -

New, Frosh at
ad are being ao-dJ
sn't be touched I
i our lie Wa wimil
Hat order with.
erfeoua PtiafauTid&
Your. fortra6*-

lakfast Cocoa
Cu has.. ai One Cent a cup.
Be Msre the Package bears oar Trade-Mark.

a-uW FA Pil Pk!, habI OM


enWa .- t *_WTPE-D MA

S-of the BtSe
Administration to Place Strong to So a

Force in Philippines.

was p resent
Several egimento Aggregating A sum of r
Twenty -Five Hundred eg the friends t
Be Selected for Kanila Ber- or any oth
Swish to go
vice Without Deay. rice was sn
f ree transp
IWashington, ,April .--peclal.-To therespo
Prevent further disaffectlon among the premed a
volunteers and show the 9ilipinos the leading citi
intention orf the United States to main- Ing o& the
tain In the Philippines a force suffl- that in his
cdently strong to estatulsh .peal, the ment could
war department ts expediting its prep- When only
aratlmos for depLhlng additional dred who
troops to Maana. amount tol
Orders were teklegrapbed to recruit- weeks w1ll
lng officials by Adjutant General Cor- tion to go <
UMn under which reerui ts wiUl be oh- TaM. NM

C_(fort! Qmck Time! Low Rates!
cande m iSm IGere. o tassferbetween JacaevillleandlIewIeors.
k ". l h eipoMsewd f te tohfowing Handsome Kew Steel etteauen:
qIl.9new), Algonquin, Iroquois, Cherokee, Seminole.
ba; -. e.ap-.in te M S toIa, aeowdiagto nteoe s.
.............. .............. :, a dw d- Th onay sanda

-.- 3-OUND.
p teM li kemsa b Ptr 2 ast amBlver, .New York at 3 p. m. follows:
". .. T.a::. ..:;: dayaq. WS dasds2 nodr.. ays.

l i n4Soethern Lne-Freight Only.
f- .. i..CM-iptSo. b b W4..-

i S. J ,hnB Rivt r Line.

'". -ow .o" ,Tw,, .! MW, )


IF S .. Fir ..Olas in Every Respect.
....J...Ak U e dVI e.... .. .... Arrive:00 amnoon
.. ... ...... Pa atpr a...... ....I..L.... av :00 a.m.

..... 25lerpringse......1:0' .m.
S6 9Enterpre. .... :30 a.m.
.la Tioket Offioe. 204 West Bay St.. Jacksonvile
.P . L. .=r, ,me., wN.. Fa.P. A
SeTw rI. Nr VVa b oa n,, ave; TPn
f, e . Hw ard s ent
a CO o.. e Ag 12S e,., le.. Ave.. Phl,.

ia. lalsbed Present Location, Oct. 15, U147


ie.Importers and Retailers of

all Order Department.

ar gaized department under the super-
#m for this branch of our business. Parties
a4-for samimee and may depend on having
Lv fi ed with the same promptness and
E sioe asif personally selected. Write to
p pp* anything in the Fancy Dry Goods
am e "Uycoi.tructWd for the purpose
S-fisthe lMa st, best fitted up and
all that rpeiene canM suggest
and attractive of its
ef sights of Louiwille.
prIce list of Pancy ad



Personal Points and General News

Ice cream at Gros' tf.
'Phone Carruthers tor stove wood.

The Invincible Babcock. Hobb &
S $ $ S $ 3 Money to Roan
Auburn Wagons are warranted and
sold for $30 by Hobbs & Co.
Tresh candles daily at Gross', corner
Lafayette and Franklin. tf.
Seat ice cream in the city at Gros'
corner Lafayette and Franklin. t.
Monarch. Defance. King and Del-
mar bicycles. Take your choice.
Hobbs & Co.,
Ground bone for your chickens, in
any quantity at Wynne & Co., 1101

The only cigar that satisfies, is the
LaNoena snimoker,, be. J. Martinez.
114 Lafayette street.
Fine Uie of cigars, tobacco and
mokf.s' undries at Gross', corner
P rankla and Lafayette tf.
Remember that you get the beat ice
cream an the crtt at Grow, corner La-
fayette and Franklin a treet tt.
eebeMve vasUa and pineapple
r ftt eme crema to-day. E. I ros,
nmer Frsaklin and Lafayette streets.
OnOne of your friend have been Atted
with qpectaile by y r.
them abost Ii O I et
ey. I '. .:,.-
NW O x sive a e Rn

he finest thin m the world for your
hens. around bone. Makes them
vigorous and healthy. 'Phone or send
to Wynne & Co., 101 Pranklia street.
Pneumonia ,la grippe, couhs, cold,
rou tsand whooplng cough readtty
yield to One Minute Cough Cure. Use
this remedy in time and save a dec-
tor's bill-or the undertaker's. S. B.
Laeonardi & Co., Central Pharmacy, of
Tsmpa, Diamond Pharmacy, of Tbor

A. A. 1. Fresh ign lQutter always
gives satisfaction. Served by 8 J..
Drawdy. F. W. Barse & Co., Phillipe a
Taydor. Strickland Bros. L. Law, J.
Winters.. V. B. McIlvalne, and all ran-
cy grocers. Wholesaled by J. P. Har-
dee & Co., 'Phone 170.

If you suffer from tenderness or full-
ness on the right side, pains under
shouider-4blade, contlipation, billous-
ness, slok-headarhe. and feel dull.
heavy and sleepy your river is torpid
and congested. DeWitt's Little Early
Risers will cure you promptly, pleas.
antPy and permanently by removing
their on tiglon and causing the bile
duts to open and flow natrally.
They are good pi sa. B. Leonardi &
Co.. Central Pharmacy, of Tampa.
Diamond Pharmacy, of Tbor City.
T mem you people tar and near,
Why It i that T m tth sells
lorida beer?
H thi question you can not guems,
rU t youn the reason because 'Us
W Becase Cr b the best to sell,
Wt drink gExport. pucal or Pale.
Tha the bet doesn't away come by
Bo now you see the answer quite clear,
Why, Charle Reeves too, sells
ioidab ser.
Weor Ihba two man who are after good
WD. the bet ter made.

the lan* movement which Gen. ,MO-
Arthur attempted to emote at Mala-
It is oharvy thought that IAwton will
make a junction with (MaoArthur. but
rather that he will leae the road when
nearing Chiampit so as to strike the
city tn the rear while MacArthur is
attacking In front I the place h bas not
been taken when he arrvee.
The President of Costa Rico Has a
Long Talk With Seeretary Hay.
IWashinton April 26.-Special -Pres-
Ident Igleelan. of Costa Rico, called at
the state department this morning ejnd
conferred -with Secretory Hay. The
secretary has Impressed upon the Costa
Ricans that the president does not
deem It explleint. In view of the act
of congress directing a further investi-
gation of the Isthmlan canal routes, to
enter upon any negotiations relative
to the construction of the Nicaragua
Although Great Britain is willing to
relinquish her right to share In the NI-
caragtua canal 'by abrogating the Clay-
ton-Bulwer treaty in return for a quid
pro quo fro mthce United States, It Ie
apparent to officials of the state de-
partment that she is taking measures
to provide transportation facilities
aero-osNlearaga for her own trade.
No official connrmatloo mab been re-
neived of the deapach from Managua
saying that President Zel&aya had
granted an option to the British consul
at Managua or to any company he may
organize to purchase the railroads and
oteaaeeia of Nicaragua. with the
workshop apetalnin to them, for
the sum of .600,.000 pews (silver), btt
details of the agreement are expected
by the state department.
A CAIL OR 35,000 MEN
May Be Issued By President cKinley
For the Philippine Islands.
Washinigto=,6 Apedl l-e.-Tbe
ftlUre of General Otis' plans to crust
the bedy oo inumeno a&gabt which
Qwa MM**Afethur ad.howed a
ereedtamle pall foe te-enltmatiot fat
'Tl s resdent h been strong
verse to taking mach action, but he
loatctory result canont ee obtained in
the present oampasn it wiil be in the
intearst of the Unitded Stales and o
the prompt restoration of peace an"
order in the astern archipelago to
place at General Otis' disposal a force
which wiH enable him to hunt dewn
the FipInos and entirely destroy their
army organftation.
It is plainly imposisble to put under
General OtCW oommsnnnd more tian 30.-
O0N regulars, the remaining 6,000 troops
of the regular army being needed for
service In Porto Rico, Cuba and in the
United IStates. The selection of 7,.O0
more men to send to Ma.nila to taik
the place of the volunteers to be re-
turned home has been very difficult,
one regiment. the Twelfth, being taXe
from Alaska where a military tfroe
should be maintained, and seven troops
of the Fourth cavalry, now garrison-
Ing a number of Important poets in the
West; the Seventh regiment. distribut-
ed in the Hiddle States, and the Twen-
ty-flfth *stationed in New Mexico, Ari-
zona and Colorado, being taken.
It Is necessary that all the posts from
which troops have been drafted shall
be garrisoned and the war department
will find it no easy task to arrange
such a distribution of the troops re-
maining In the United States as te eta-
tion a satisfactory number at each
point. There are 14,8 men in Cuba.,
and Major General Brooke has asied
for an additional regiment.
Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada
E. Hart. of Groton, 8. D. "Was taken
with a bad cold which settled on my
lungs; cougth set in, and finally termi-
nated in Consumption. Four doctors
gave me up, saying I could live but a
short time. I gave myself up to my
Savior, determined that If I could not
stay with my friends on earth I wod
meet my abeent one ahove. My hus-
band was sadvesed to get Dr. King

Cougars and Colds. I gave it a trial.
took in ll sight bottles. It bas mared
me ,and thank God, I ase saved and
now a well and healthy woman." Trial
bts free at B. Leonard & Cus.

31alar aimecan .nd 1l. Garanteed
of -s aee--.

,.ec~eaV.c ...( a

- --Y71 --Fs--3P~F~4

S place it has een many years snlce the WHAT LQUID AIR CAN BE UED
hav ielqffdl'= etmr a^y-o, venorbxe FOR.
ME AC the ea conderso Ht would seem that certain uses may
SA..hich h t. be or. xohau n Geo un Prers, thePur e oundfor liquid air in which on-
or the his message and in private consulta- Air and 0ild Oimate of Florida ant as is the abHity to obtain the ef-
.. . ... Bloxha. has been a democrat o the ot. fects in view. In warfare to example,
iM ;! r In Florida for thirty year, and the possession of highly concentrated
S4 the most popular man in the From Tuesday's Daily, energy--stores under control Is very
M- ttailb.1 1I.-4pecial.-The state. George Munsing. ex-superintendent nmpoaa. Liqtua a& ait six tons per
S of the l e of '- is I the senate, Col. Tom Peter Uaires of the Consumers' Btreet Railway ad square Inch. This would probably be
Sad it Is irleady demonstra and ex-Tesre- r E. S. Crill are older Electric light Co, arirved home last useLui In tne projtcuuon of nign etp4o-
S.i"St thi s a phenomenal Idy of leaders, whose advice and opinions are night from an extended vLsit to north- ves. ommupressaira o orsn'
sciono, They don't drink; they constantly sought. Looking over toe em points of interest. About one p u mo a de torpe dor. fisr .
" ,lia e to go Into little games." and floor o the house, one notices a really month ago he was called to Bpringtleld, torpeoes emituer depend for power
N& i." ao to i to rest at nine wtnn ,britliant galaxy of old democratic war Mass., by a telegram announcing the upo ncompreased air or ine electric en-
bS besnseath their head. What horses. Foremost among them is the sudden and serious illness of his moMn- rgy ol a. storage t iCrl. Compress-
'ap Why they work. man-though he is certainly not yet an er. On his arrival there he found tiat air requr high pressures n
,1"owr time is Spent in Intin ornig old ma--who, working vaUantly wihMi she was recovering even more rapidly els. iqua air can ioe stored without
't khorno Bioxham, boe the brunt of the aurcien than she had tpken sic.- H e thereupon pressure or at low pressures, and can
S m p tWo sessions a in edeeming lrida from carpet-bag- turned his visit home into a pleasure 'e evaporated at any desired pressure,
tobehe i Georg P ttney was elected r ati- tr. After remalnlng a ith his parents under nt ats Aere stArI tge -
i I the dewm n to o m.. torn enral In I, and after serving a few days he left for New York, Pnhil- under atmy would pr o be from ve to
o' aea eh ti t" srt eight years most use:!Jy !n that ottle.e adelphia and other places, at all of ten times as heavy as liquefied air in
em lThisaM h hase served teyears u the supreme which he tarried several days on his re- ptacle, foreq ava energy.
A mh the otm bench, the latter bi -f his term as turn trip. "Bt no store bLt. co Do-
t th t bminea tU.e chief ati. Tl l8 he resigned trom To a Trio n representative who saw aumaine boat nd yg ma-
U o" fth are c4taitn to the bench to Mraotice hls prcreasion. him last evening, he spoke of the many chines may yet find use for la uid air.
c'; jz r Last fpall e was pseai.. s oby ala tea- evidences f prosperity -in all part ofInhe sbmar at it eould.te evap-
Sr'. a t tow ctles of Talaatsee to o to the the country were he had visited. Says ,water at hater furnizheir power it-
c' e of house, and Florid is to be CGnatula- he. "I d not (been north for two years would v@nilae the boat. Before the
W= -;nj as I 'k AA.L & i ted that hmL al co ted. Some wondered and can see a marked change for the anals discharge it could be burnt with
Ahow MOM' h We my3od "use for it in the fSyt l
LSF~ ffftr st a t con- helwer tv Pe ihupe, Udxe tan- tri-t of all klndt seem tD be mooe gen- si' b S.t o ency work t cedL
pM IItoM asitt n-g -o r .- -l At any rate era*y in operation, great pros -ss has in e vatian cool the Ocrluders f

MONSO -therseseemed to'be less t -roust sac- -amvSeme a sithe e d
able MeaL. George -. ,ly. of volus a optentop among the labortag clawne d, to add A the d*ieP Wses '
atMr. wOa, iemii'al. mO dlU i r DeOe and n New o& city It seemed to me T grqteatre oc the *4
'ln oiIatlmte Cl, U dt i adfmL WMosrer erln- the everythuiw wM soeag at rid u 5 Csoc a powe r as. l.aird M .
hia umn Amatfa t or oaf them addresso the house he b oert- low prieS, xooept vegehtbwtbe &bAfrl to blalaan wt ,in.& M&a Se
S .i fl. itened to with respect and nis judg- The people of Forldla have no idea aC easLtut far beyond the normuL it-
-' s twil t asa.L n y o0ldered. the effect of our big freese and loss o ma powe r otablyaposnasem t eer-
.. '-.g .^, ' .' 9 winter vegetables in the city of New erci tValuensy Sthe.i depeSleo _
About.-: T oMrl They feltIt there more than we u p The act that, when needed the
DtRESJS DON L n A .L A very t on article o strawber- stato loan be aued pooor a tenm-
ue m.lasD -ES, were so-e oed i r lord f v enths er.a porn y dHodery to oSarnsyarl fcar or
S &l isas i wef r te etrai L of a power srea ofulin e a
0iott the Protant episcopal yo-ae x a sas houd Canomit 2 I and very scare at that. Cabbage at o Dthe rated output of- the motor.-Pro-
a mi eexampt. while ,an- e cents per head and none to bte f ound feo d Thomson, in the Dagineer-
c m1 asresd ied that the provl- to ry-Te Wll at that price. Lettuce 10 and 15 cents Ing s's( etne nor Mavy.
-'do -the -act Iould apply- to bull Ne ow ctant for one tinle bunch. All these were #A PE S SING STYLH.
, d y.. The bIl is very dead. eetion. mrked Florilda goods. very-thlUng .
St Abo Pne tM Dpros ed rem oval or else in the vegetable lin about the Te a art of qt.etation requires delica-
Isesdo.y sgt nwha -s Dont udiow scarehhas originated and developed into very
tW i"itMW- It bes m & d Don't sacrife fitness to faslo I stopped to inquire, the proprietor told promsig advertising a mass of old,
t e. w reception at the Leon Don't let martr" verge on loud. me of how dependent they were o quaint proverbs. We refer to Messrs.
whe Dot hold up silks and display rags Florida for vegetable at this season, C Hood & o.f Sarsaparlla fame
'she oset11 n t we dc Wc t y tallte Pine.t er but those of thousands of sourmatoemS-
riet whpoet'. awon'tuld eetiedwherest Withailltheprosperlty, edoradpotaries, in adapting wise saws to their
i"," knew the uses Don't wea- r'a smt a .hat and ost luxurious living that I saw Iin t e ser.-ice by clever and practcal turns.
of th 'lne'p surpring ju.ces," shoes.north. I am free to say that I o.ld it is refreshing to see something new-
t o y the nger tnot exchange for it my humble andand bright in this tine. Clean cut ar-(
t.det limo jo the flavor Don't sacrifice urneaM o artistic e- oenFor U L e gumentis better than big dspl ay
.- -ney, water." fet. happy home e i Florida- Up p lre i they type.
.th year. The president of the stui tomy h oes but o the ..n MAKE dPERFECT MlDoENz
1otL. m .ran Adams. wl U ave Don't If you are September, dress as coped to the pre and nId c =i ne
hmfor a visit and I love to meet the no- i 'l r mnwcrb ry tim.
.tft 1w reaches the allotted Don't wear tan shoes- if you have a ns g aneu ee artdS pie
a ten, and Hon. Robert large eet. b e nd generous he arted people., u =r f t orc

.a .ht t -ras', a t, pa at D- don't neglect qua ity for the y usa nte of be&a nr g whl a-
e 1 -id .t- ra.ie -, quanti ty. ofourlhands and ee t.tr bev 55 P1Umlin. w. a,-- se an, e .

J.J. ReeveS, of egius .-h, otsint trs good material wthi coie Don't wear a fu or fe,,-heo boa with MAS TA 5p bS P5i.Y5
55551'1 i d- Don't t oe ta- beauty wil atone Don't pat .at before cot. Corde ^ J G

pulsB of amansb wea 700 can do it welL cant afdret 4te genuine artiP le' el es, *< I
methjsAW d 1 et Doi't i qpect great bargains to turn D toreti that h a made i S s -
U i Bg rJ y "*1aT"t 4 Don't the expn ed t t mtr w om t a for dess- & W TA i- Or^
fit peel. toloo6k dressed. oo destrst 3. M
,In & i... tftdme yfour-he aattheaexiense era tryotopfoUlow. eforeu&.Co. rd

Now to-Use Stok:Peas.
No.. P, .,_ i. "'S

4e MAs sess b isgo a-
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te ouB mewnor hs o utrh-

- .. eel Mther than ee-
hbrigCItak g et s. rarely be-
p sa p atbauem 4 by

SPalsi, at Orlando is an-
istr. ho is making a
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Of all varieties of Stock Peas, Clays are the best. We have just received 1,000-
bushels of this variety for samples.
Peas are like clover, distinctly an air plant, the Leaves of which absorb oxygen
and nitrogen from thd air, while the roots descend deep down into the soil bringing
up the necessary potash, which combined with oxygen and nitrogen,nakes a complete
fertilizer. Planted for fertilizer alone the stock peas are far superior to clover from
the fact that the number of leaves are far greater and naturally take in more of the
fertilizing properties from the air. They should be sown broadcast, one bushel to the
acre, as early in the season as possible, and the first crop cut for hay, just as clover is
cat, and in about the same condition. The roots should remain untouched. and in a
short time, will put out a new growth, which con be turned under in the fall of the year
as a purely fertilizer material. Any'farmecr can thus secure from three to five tons of
the best hay in the world to the acre and greatly enrich his soil at the same time.
Cure the haylike vyou would clover aid inotlingc better can be grown, as teed of
all kinds generally irrefer il to any of the well known hays.
Anothervcrv"profitabll way to grow sNtock pe[a- is plant ing corn. First plant
your corn four feet apart and uihen the time come- to, ly the corn by, drill in a
row of Clay pe--i between each row eof corn. The peas will ripen early in the fall,
especially when fd- ler is pulled. When nearly matured turn into the field all the
stock you hetr ,c-n Ithe farm, :c,;1 they will eat ci.ry particle- to the peas and vine.-
never touchirv- th.e c,-,r until ali the peas are eaten up. By that time they are fa.
enough to market- :.1.il can l- .-.,t tihe-rc without exc r having been fed a bushel of
corn. The fle-h w ill h rI har.l a tirm. miakug every bit as good ta corn-led meat-
By cowing -tock p.cai: tbih iianniair a iarmtur can make as much corn per acre at
he would otherwi ce hav -don% t ly plantinizth.. rto\_s three and ion.-half feet apart,
and in additii.o, raise whatever beyond the- ct of hci seed c-,i as, and the labor of drilling them in. The
hogs and catle dio the harvesting. the land being left much richer in the meantime.
Use only one half buhc-el to the acre when planting in corn.
In planting i-c a. for v.cd they can be drilled in like corn, or broadcasted one
buahel to the arc, and if harvested properly will surely make from 25 to 60
bushels to the acre. Plant about May or June.
Wherever Stock Peas are generally grown, the sale of commercial fertihzers
entirely ceases. It is beyond question the most profitable of all crops, figuring from
any standpoint that can be imagined.
Very respectfully,

S..Orowell-Savarese Co,. .

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