Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: April 27, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00135
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Ve fs F ile kStory of the
uforfucate Occurrcce.n

.mm mue uaplaiM to ax Tha t

aWould O@ at Bend

M Umila Apti a.L-peclaL-Adminrl
Dewer la an lIterview to-day maid the
espetison of the gunboat Torktown to
a.er was purely to reecuae the Span-
bh slateWe ad priests who are beiBn
beategedde a emuk there. Te eel.
=sea retaeed to liew r when order-
ed t do= 40 theWte M by Genesl
BIr at t eat. it .Pat. Pece
Admra POwTey mald he did Oet kef
whet d become c- Lietenant nGi-
m-" apd tt Joertesr auen is the
be a heaheef ea to mc ad
0e s0eBth.e the rover Aot went ae-
e" ,th *Hend out of sIght o the
15manwn.." .

reat ..o&nae JanuarAy to te t
!t4th arrison refused t.
-the eher.noteoueeht the A oft
P Sl It l, they woad be trapped
fhat esbe epenmee. Olnce thin (ener
such n Jhaidna coPon- letlof wlti
w raht on, and this lis the first
h he had that the Spantish
otxetsat, W at aler
ater'jltp t.. ,ait by the naurgehta, as-h
the N1 t-teuelvee ae besieged a
thmtan W o at gettti to the rive
4.41 to amid he had not been
Conuai-- 4

rHI prO- -
.eaWin ASh
reel- Ihe Ohuetmsto t
th .-.t .
t I. troabe t the lty
A full ao oat ef ,w
e~m e7f~~Ttrie

Co.e to a Stop in Front of a The St ..teC
41igh Wire Fence, [lbxON i

The Drivwer aeble to Go et to Peek od** ae *mB
EDu"eas goods oam 3B Adela a sm
to e ety-*pWIR *pen
aego To mp".
Tadahas..ha g----

he garrisse tynanl mt aaft' a e 3 Mel
d t rrecdr',,oadar yfte ittcomd n a ke m n-
cer or (ear- Mr. In 1 a& Wr to aD.tnqur rt a 6 "0'02 ,-a e"
by the In- no who lUoes aw the tide the e t ail t
"gSo ha ate hewaa tholdtl e eve7 ue ravecu@ f teir
M RIM" a, 1dlnag to the nWeet hooBe m' M ar- Ir.- F oai. 6 -
h the garri- i guarded and unlem he bad a key to
tnformntlon a the 1.ate, to had better keep on t. i '" dlak w*
i Oa*4 t outside. After meditating tor some hbm e 4& 1 e odadatl -I-W h
Am- t~e on the vieciltudee of life he drewe it to certata that hteft defl
bck to the' city with his load of p be done, or,_ eondyaer... .
a were shot viaons and reported the matter to
e Spaniards.r ayr Bowyer. I Thre m was dfpomtbt to TM
ad have no A Tribne repoTter interviewpd the Den in bth b omne af ht, lq
mo a s eveang in regard to the od. ,y Te Asate 'oegmn
er. General matter. Be stated that he was very
consulted. aeh surprIsed at the way the peo one a1ter" TOnina and i=
re actitn and expr"emedthe bptioo with the foiowax Itsoi of..
t th coom they were purWAnMwas BlassVsedw MOW&s.: k

kTE. : h"^ hedsesned ns
t vi ewof.- t tfatt 6he guard o county; a hueto ombiteOn
dt Dtients to Wave the pest hoMne en-- for. publiht the a _b oe
rt Work of se oanprett d Ut; a
he at Wre in the 'g danger pV co -
as s S. bloom
H- e thought w that thei road leaInga to r b L t m ovidtd 0 1 a o.4
hee *-..a_ jt if. aILo ne ontpubuc snov n oU tst. jer iW d dz i
peelt hoe |BCOM Mct.ed d m r edet t.h
tr'M,- Ui* ueilawi et 6 to d noe-atu v at tai r an ae .at
MA _Q- ; W- ^ kibheOt SWingMedu& aSe .bmOle s-at hS eaetb o e hu4r0
I the subjee a hjM -11
bhe 3e Uba- ULhApesmqe

wr asbuef.e heert. a ^e

o "t i. It'" *" !

Stse atas on a learned i lt sp m aeo U diL

o v c 'p- ti' m m neaW"i (he .i ". I .. n_- a.-.
r ithe the 'the -i--- W

I" regh u'Witetssnr arart"heA;~h

-ma e mu.F Port a AUa In addition to this a con-
After deltUvering the goods the officers serable nuanber weome brought in ry
bi hack throu the -sae. Be e the teamer aMstletoe and, other small A
kaf te pteced.a placard orer the m e tApment com fram LP
warnhin any one from ci tff It tert eur, Saresota, HuNtes PaMt andS
d .t mthe e of the mblUe. points along the anatee a d. AlsUia
Det her Stephens hen in- rvers and does not Include ahments o
adte from a ny points north and west ri
thu 'eyed-bWa&-ri, b xr tatlve of thscity. V"
gated that the anutaipo cases were A leading ommisiezn man of thisin
yetWn a .along na e- shape under the ety, stated yesterday that the veget-
.. ..O of -Dr. Granthamn. "able blotnW season bad really notlb
nt ne et of-- ri r.letr- begun yeL That It would be at Itsf p
V-o Mm"yfor the trr-helht about the 1Mth or 0th of May.I
o ti.ta the people of the when he estimated that the Jisaments
*hrood_ w-re carrying the mat- On the two ralroa e *from Tampa wrid rT
Uep rt e aggregate over 5,000 crates danyl: 1
..i faIr and tival nder the -At TAil of a Weekly Steamer From Fiort- o
=e. of the -Tampa Naval Reserves, dto eelds.of
Aa t lestt igat Ia fbAn stye. rt Managna, Nicarawu, vira Galveston, h
aatr e new- armory, at April I--SpecIaL--More than a thou-
Sl1 b Larette street e ca reeption given by Presient di
A BOE dWo U b the men t mn on- I Selaya at JInateMe the pre'enm seat of BI
eo was- ) mnot h.e
BwfiNk~Bre have be4 A re' reantatrte of pi id railway
Interest lb now on the wAy tpiiar-i

kan so
- now

S -a

ia retolry

13 W

t *r.her

er e"


IL-ML qum
T. imLiL
Wer ib"
t&, TMYL *Mid*
O=bW Ade W
mum at tism a

'tDhenannali Newt ba 6i very ex-
alted bpinlon of our new senator and e O3 N ga raamti h 14ver a at
......ediftoiLaoy wa: tomp" or a Alan, pMtmwk
Florida has made no mistake In elekt- troblesma follow. Foraprsn.
..... at ^lWg James P. Talltferro United States efficient cn of Hsa and alln ulAteU te a ms tean dcepr-v," t o. 0 C
~ senattor. H e is a dear-headed business Bia- Lmboes. ta s ta oty CO
man. a sterling democrat and Is Aon 1. Tat the mayor
as been on fire A deed with interests which aOsS on1 That tt e m o
| aIeo : helprin to make the state rich and
on- n er vew As th q s e o a o eroUs.o He Is not a native h While they rouse the jiver. restore City of TMla p Sp sWand with the consezA
Florida bt he could not hve ti he fL regular action of the bowels, of the -City O btShan appSeint a ,
state's'interests more at heart if he trritateor n ametb r e asn iato eCsitrat .Ii BM
.elr'~ r ee u gted tats o eLl~ l(~ r/ T rII~ ~ e p m i twriaFi a, o h o notnhave the is-o e s
4A owwont o Awle?"rwere. He Is a VirgInian thy bith-b ht bpe haoe a positealv e es n Cmit fh a ke
he i b arresidntofFolas atturf h ooFlrioa of-a o ay r. _hp, -.
I NounWI1O a am long that he can properly be cled &a C.. aood &b ya o arg th term ti W 4
WMeOW. Nw Ut of.teonaWill Floridian.- L iwhim;unless m rtorhevo
It has een thit-ty-att A t has been thirty-two yearssince I hl
SO the s ne ay he became a citizen of the oa eh which r f s. d i asur wh all f ',
te of p o n sM haeve has made him a United ta es senator. o b- the o orianf e
"t eoMra.. eb Bt or a e lofHe was a young man with his fortune DIAK PAVINGB To Ee a ve bo hto

Sit cu around Tah e W ble kmbhltlo to sUCeed in life. sad the measures in the work of either remo- s.00 s i
Cod.;bi c It wll b rmm be tis tosucchdinife.ad the e td taH on ItemhalltTaetr they ron 5tThe S it
imsel f these td ability and energy to sustain his ambi- trig orrepairing old b d SideWatks Chief of Sanitation o the Cltyoatm-
k~ bedUnited 'afe Bin os d t-THe was not afraid of worke and i onci ha not elved the sa- sadis
ooael a Ua W S. aL pl n a a desin a seanestne'thonest and onom in his c t rdeal-eoeie e s P t e Ve uen_
.J rtubs the Bch nd t s ngs with his celow men. Therefore port and encouragement from the tax- attet to ea- for di lProerties
S awy h al te Th ws- i has been c aled to the high position of serves. Notice after notice sent to the the to t C oy a
t.t itis nO she ryen rdr0u etha he paers an Er p od pr opert y own ers ot d- m e a tion antcoon
rt ESS no ot of 1a s O afers in touch t senator e people whose sidewalks are in a mis- four times ach a r he a h m
ow at he llam she are now outtof ch WsellpMr. Tallynerro, to In touch -with every
i-- tsk -rmae~ it almhIIost Ufild- tha whch prohies to promote the erable condition, have been disregard- and cort ithe
wo p"-o. r Wdon e ? PrOsperity of hs state. -He is what is ed with imponlty. e fact that she 1on thee enst of geach B tS
ree. Wehateis toybe done I cailied a progrelssiveman. In the more city treamrnty is being cesntos ty a ti andGei0il 9 t tIYore o b d w a than a third ontUrlrt which has passe dra~ed to &i y c4llm for damages by PenditTmae L l So
on toe ew YorkCO D sirna he cns this fortune with those r o e pay e
e... the she of the.people of tlorL da he has sen the reason of these disaetate d an brd en a istr oteidt t i
5sI state grow steaiy in wealth ad ppop- sideways ought to stimulate the tax- e aat ast ersn
_rilia ."e tlo i and b se knows t se pc er payer to action hn having them re- ea month eus e t .
which t-el te this growth. paired. Judad ntse d claims a m Si the O ISW Il1 "
4 t n -e o that eto the railroad the a rak tea TE a l
Is lag-ely indebted lfo what she by. standing against the city now s lent
i Iiy GrfmT tr f l t herefo U 8 he beelves a. to make a big hole in the trreasuy. nr o

sis lo ehos ao e e t fr- not rk a ary or the.^ a o
.t I atm o~ ~itt fa.r- state s -r o in ioh of the rarTlk da Peopl e who have hnot he pridt and fY 7ia M F a
607W b Inortaind ptti Sng s firtd p ubli spirt to b G id ne s nd trab- P e oa t 1'aon e Si I -

bloo..o." aue o a entruded onGlbs hfands stre- t n alkthes o u d at least take th
eU yi o l rseswC ee tea fo a p ooma lon precaution to tar ne the old ad E
'n tv grwo t he betlewe s Going what iori a tbe opw ing oda e o i o
i IC-ypSE'^bsrlef- i: r WS^. : aasae? t? d t thereby preftntf of aadewA to OW11106AW
"are spet to rpatio The eo the t oe can

,LV no mereLr tan that ide nt. The ordineane rsegilating this br ie toS. las ts
--' a e aor, O ask| n o awer mrea than. thU at Otwet. o hie maoder"a ather toe b tse an ith Iat

-. -,e
the Dtr ye~t at anyt d isnigretr~w mores bbwn by matter Is very igberai tn Its nontnc o of
ki A their reVtgal to 1011M~t epnn4"Pt tion and to cotnfSt w ts cou" ibata1ii
Sa i .s Bt d wh .eose stoa kt is trade I sieas e of Ts e w s l not work a hbardshloe any e n. one ash l a n e -
bm rations. 0onmrations avt-Q their thi S 10L" 0on4hwAr.
W S, ft I* T ar state. T hey d t not h ovf course be street and other bus nessthoiobv l the a ea a11ri
N, adas."_JI.permitted to encroach upon the ghte fares car-tot afford tomnegl thework aspossuhe Andwt dee t a

I ., s 11 0 ont 11 AMw y ofthepeople,- d 111 tea on the other hand a hnd expense of a e good stdewsk toc Mo fge ogo d il i
s d.. i b w they, as entiti ed to just treatment tthe Thaw ypee*hof tosshmn all.
.h i the law-making r power. There respond t nw paved etr.ets- that tbe oms i.t or osoups .o -t.

S*.s O of l I Is a every reason tao o.th r on b that Paving materialether vitried bericd, poreio stit h th se lan ,
!b01% __ e p and i ocei-t t good service that he will.te as io In t ptIce and sto dela y et i m r I tst n ot mor`od M s oor uits Vge"tera
d o a se b y n Xo s 1 tWaar a sena tore an 0r. Bloxha n m Is as Potatoes or otheraheithy or
s e- ti ot f t l selr governor. only a drawback to a the nt poer ty s e l- tar- Bmatter. S B
.elk .tia .tCol.i P ke ha S .- UB iI et d 00 = opment of tthe city, a ut a burden to the Section 4. It 9i l e e the
eglatm hpplak bp mdwt mid Son*i tTF2, pat e wOtera l'. n -

^ t.l:n). $ rgh U T a 4 ohaeshs was1b in- The bla re sies s u .ot e s eo es o The city of Jacksonville It meeting ay prem in the CitirQ or S

M..a* UaW hk caae no sm-_ a o r Ceall wdeith t on- a nke. t s is sd top the slir o I *o r ilma
Tljlle -. Cen Now to a t o be on our army coas te thte government 3.40 winth difficulties a verysimilar tOoursTi P ke the samne clesanat
i 4 r i aneot h eatith each. asev the following from vesday s sure Otwn exPend o all ear-bag s .
Is-wub-*te. imM heA ul mtl _ _ T8he greatest depth to which a shIThof the eti-opolis indicates:nieats or fruits, vegetables or pota ego ""
Amw. h has beenanchored at Is 200 fathoms- t Isgood ooreate a board to hat os other unhealthy or unsani bas. JnI-

g-the conag wataO- There are more persons over 60 year s th e decayed board sidewalks rem oved for any peron, i-r m or. i ayl t" 2
S.i the n of the features i mn the senatorial ldIn F're than i n any other n1 by the board of public work before te ow or deposit On stre .
Tl SIis ,. try in SrotI- reland comes neoxt. thereI s a lawsuit Instituted a against the or vacant. lo anytr ga age.-
O.f. fi,... t in the..-- = ', I i-c -- v i- B There are to the United to e .ates overo rt ed meats or fruofovegetabl,_ _
M 4S -E- the pecut ar int l o yet chamt erinti the 10 distinct secret orders, withMOren city towtayhoe r Asomeo dy. tt r t &to e Or O thert o*n-IthyOr unSZ ? .
o-31t1 1 Ss -1 attude assumed by S etor OBrien. of than 70,000 lodges and ,000.000 me '- Tear thm up t, et lrere a one has a t3V Mailer. ,
H 1 11 1s" m w seeo rbla wi-muty w It will be remem- be"sS. chance td fal o on hemnotafter ta h e ect "ont the
ha~I t s hl a1bevr d edthat 8 t&. O rIen wafone olf the 2.4ttteSIOva was encored at Atchiso. othe prbabliy, andS bycity aor save from Of tOn nd With 0 t he

n s d was compelled to die& aes-. 00 0or gt'
.. .. .. 1enorable contest t of two years ago. n ed tine of dollars have been wrung fro the tgover ing the S Oeitary.depri n t -o
's a etU6 tTh - -. o all others whoAts In- The Er l t here l dents o ef Rom se i avthe city bye. suchlawsuts, and those whowi ththeC ofinaofo t d.S

... a hi, be can Ihe a r 'i he rt- C p hodty eelhsa lm Sfeei In ebtal, w teoefc ofe said (IceP. i P
rOf the present rulers of European keep good walks had to pay their por- SectionS nyp ec,. 'arm or .r e S _
h casino was John C. Stockton, empires and kingdoms only out-third l Ofthe Judt tot or Pet- oSofo lt notos r S

q hec .meto 1allahas eeod Tues-a a ended the throne by direct herodi- pias ad walks.-d a otan o o e Ii the ,ity t *-
l. 47 day and Cdentifed himself with Mr. ta ee B rights. a Boe ribck and shell paving is now within thirMs OiM a I
and l deeldp as aetmeaw. T -dayIe to-fall ort e should tole r apte a oard walk e osif t,
S P-., esideut.-I eshte to ezan my by shout 1,r0000 mean. out of repair. Ths a ae city authorities o t
woWa 'WheinI same down h erb to re- A lliN ^ l 1W agen firt fully justified In removincgevery board ordtaace a be -and thesame--

byasaeesasrion a it ndycle tour of iaw p Englanyd ton Ate a
-Mfa-at- reseat h eI tm ente ofEBYstl fo mate Iwl for tis regar ar andex- lkin the ry. It IseanecessarydSo- repealed.

the- e sfnd o" n wh k th pew to de 1 0ms bfore h g ts of l- n If the abutt Ing Pa se W C j -O i hi
s aai- h aft am a sP. I s T ewh W ftheInm e byON fo property owae Is- not able to put OWS-

.".formi os o f $1s.y-s t ash .n aen-tshould be the order of the day until the ir r oD W Wm"l.- t" o..

'es a to Sampson City. It trok $7.. worth of3 Tltei) .
) A Dispathes tiom -M5a15.11 kdicat that revenue stamped to cover the dra iOngaM Co el eJohni-Hen of t n -per ',Oss40 I 8'0U 1
-agmen. wt othe FPUinos and that crrt and wile that geoesn n- 3"DC '-'s
gateemmtee of Filipin has beer- a t There was a slight difference be- ere polically announced his candidacy O- .m" ,
1x tni-t- pointed to confer wIth the United twet-n the election of a United Stater Taetfaerro failed to have secured ani I. -H. IT a T-. Cler
S mg State* Commlsson for the purpose df sseator in the Florida and Pennsylva- election yesterday .hat Mr. Henderson co-t tfor am l3Mty, heretbyear
eor Ig pease and an anicahe un- nia legislatures. Of the two extr*rme wouLat have eventualt won the acen. fY tha the f i a t i
As the people of Florida have con. e dw atNedInr fied he
ending been the lIlpIno and the Florida plan was vastlysup4rior feed h highest honor within their a a.
the United States authrites. but the lat -.r ... l n t cn- ...d gift upon Mr. Tallaferro the TrFbune e a
h' e forces of the United States are to nominate a potltical boodler, u ho promises him its zealolus support dur- a thIs th da of Mareb, A.
1L-e -P gMl*ppe Iladands to establish was being tried in the criminal cour g his admlatLra.tien so long as he
di the a torty 'f the United State to fr the embezzztemente of state funds int rest .' heentire people.
abrni alset pe and a general un- t1
.,derdtfandtma0. to ssist. the FFlipinos The Florida Banker S Assiatmn A CHINESE BABY.
s a'to estahulshlaa permineat Stable anf Oiet Wednesddty morning at thc Na- ADMINBTRAT O
rea.s table form of .-enent. re- tonal Bank of Jacksonville in that city. The frst legitimate iy recorded ii n perTo aTIO, eNO,,
speetlag the rigts a Utirtes of all Very hlite business of importance was e o of of heshh All personssII
a e amd" bez=es at,,U Very Uttle bunew of Lortance! was where the father was a Chinaman, was estate Thiota
t absiemsn. transacted T. T tbulrich of the Na this morning. The baby was born on requested a" prln-saste
t' report at a pof asitar ament teonat Bank, state of #lorida, wap the 13jh inst Jn Patch lane, in the tI e aist i toe Sg
aseehd. wCwtic wlM not "derogate elected president for the ensuing year wete suburb, and s a son of sug tiWIspret
eMAfreei 1 the teta s of the United Phe time and place for the next Geet years i age and -who married prancis '
411i"e 1 Vwaiteers to be re- big were left to the executive commit- Taytrw. a native of iFlorida, whose aego
ta n uow be honor tomis g ven at 2ya rs.a;Thefather is manvsia

In r to subsist on mbaememd beef s w e as A R r allowedsto ses sheir
no vlt li e ethleat lenss tssI

Was, oss /- -"""*M. =one ",, &i 3 1s b .Mh.
.enuno* f-_, ,tao e
wi,,h-'k_.s"-, e l y i |

.- 7

lS*ifl U* rdlis IArsI f i 15 I s t certain from the water works company r
.-""-I"I .1 GI I lthet io ,,,*-et fort he..nt |

-d ^( \ Three New Yellow Fever Cases I Id theotk yaph Iy-
sician was not prompt enough in his
Reported in Havanaeserday. Uxam U UL nato of suspicious caes of di-
pn- q a seases reported to him. that on Thurn-
S--- day afternoon he understood a susp-
SWai the Crowd That Left the CASES ALL CONFINED TO CUBANS Waded through a ,Til Amount e marshal aod hat ito ad Is Nw a U
not yet been investigated. When a
Capitol for Jacksonville. one irhmon irs ot the Disease of Busin ss Last Night. member of the council asked Chief
One_ 1 I. of the DiseaseWoodward-if such was the case, he !e- Of
SAboutl wo, WeekJ Ago in the plied: I don't want to criticism the
ficap M was IlickeaU p LL city plysolclan. nor do I want h to!
11 ....e....1criticise me. Our duties do not con-'
I1 I IlT --l let. and iwill notfllio answer."
tA potion was then made by Mr. De
iHavana. April p.-- 'a -Col T- Armas and seconded by Mr. Frecker.,
Bis Aif.nl ii TTlabil se iwas e Load vis. c tyneal oomcer.reprte L..--.. imoog the lporlao; Qes!;ons Under woSpelling a answer to the q hi a
yellow fevernthe r In t le ity i-&L Sdmraeaolo. wa n oneativ v ot e ta Sandher-
-have the houses .iateY d and a strong this moment eveirththg was qaiet, sa .
havO stationed at each one wiAiC all eyes turned toward the mm. ishdL
M WELME FOR WINNER. e 1sa all oneo pa t ADVICE-FROM JiIY ATTORNEY when a motion to rn was made by LAE
or out, except the attending ph sitilar. "oPhlls ic minghen zt
The &threlle Wcis eold a Btr c ases rlare ail cuihr.n In telaion o A pprprrate led thus relieve ltthe owar-
-WAMMl11l6.Will d & Big Cole Theerethasaseenaat allstimes 'during so Appr,,prista to ssl of an enbarrassitg predicament. The Victamisu
d'ai on To-int ain onaor of the last four or tve mons some >el- Pay E~penaan f Turonta. Ca- T# t4M4L -
low fever- a case or two-and the ex- oats--eeting nds With k DROIT AT I4tIns. "" -E
S a espii'di pectation was of course, that there etiftdWt
S Vicy would be an outbreak this season, Tabeaux Commander Drayton and United 9tat
though on a smaller scale than usual. Minister IMprry Will XInvestigfate ,
," t--=t.r--liih theAnm Ilshnrtno wo was piewice up on From Wsvsdy&^ Dally CohIplalnts of American
l treer Jose dock suffering wit the, The e s y council met In regular ses- Merchants. iss iS
4 Po- tk "_A1,1* depar- were two other cases of natives at the the ehase and te following members --- i-iretm g s oved a cai-ngras
tsd a dscand 0ardpehoaues same time both of which have since present: k-'hillps, tWo ea. Frem nrr,
B ll IL .tsdLe recovered. Col. Davts is i n no way Krse, De Armas a Web. The mir to-day trom, Commander Daton. om- .
d t Str hed OS a lW alarmed at the latest developments nor utes of the previous meeting were read manding the cruiser Detroit, Anmeone-
or that matte n s sed The and appr after which the follw- ing his arrival at Bldttles, Nite-

Mf' BC rcve .4ra^y oU is In A rLpertion was presented by Eden- Commander Dayton sond minister I U5
Il NO ME MWHIIMMENTS field & Jetton askfto permission, to Merry, who wa brought from vlry-
SI make poir ro the buI di f oeopled town to Blruefields Y. the :S-taitnim w 't WMli L
,t i-ria i sboxof cam k h eHILna b F.- YsFs-rn on thecornme of devecthom
s 'e t Ws o in C o alitrs l at 310 avenue and Fsourteenth qtrets. Re- at once co s I .an s
w. -m t, Ion I 3 rtiin ltrt. feared toto- to t s e he om te on fire !ro- to Ath charge s OfC Aaf1t1n 0 n1ecaat SfrIomth
m tyMAI"e collh to loo eotion,, and the chlef of the fre depart- that the Nfc- rpou namentiJt te-
upon. They wefe grown on the veffet- merit ,vitbpower to act. deavoring to compel L ea 4o my don u atItaw. 600064 ,
a-p1 S-nator es abtllt*W-td Aee farm Of Wyum anL rRoadgers. of Petltibna were read froion Meas a. S. dues o 0ilnndIprted bto- Hi lac f&-M f
Stjpr.h Manatee and were -brought up from C. LeooardL ., .H Leonasrd and A. n ile duties on goode Imported into uld- ei W ae
te 3 r SoE aree by n. ulier on Thursday v- .. R5and.all. asking for a reduction In caragum through the cBuAtm u hs i ldua .
-- tat aenl.d Ilesra. nWyman and Ro taxes. Rerred to committee on a*- Bl e, elds tl
j t jkA rare very extensive growers in this lisea s and grievances _,q
a'^s ilfor p oios ueaz of vegetabies, their cucumbe acreage |A penUon wa i from property Monday will be a great wiun day As e
r t p ceain s mounting to nine acres, from which tow e asihtseThr e oard erd la- at Twomey's. gee te taw n t ; t;oe mat
So thepto poe t ofivfe thou- ty of EUInger's factory, asking forJo
14. P 1t'tuize4 down.Theyrhavee lerady ordered tha. to notify- them that as there werenmy ted organdies In d Iitq wiili .
.l Lure-gas mains In that section of th- city. 3 c Acnd 37 1-.asn, 00. 0 il
l and r- nothing eold be Aone until the elec-
111.0ol' l i'of us I geaioeful ow sending out 10 ..... per da. trio ilghit plant e. n emenced operations. cwasontinued l5esn oe ,
', .r fon lly i A petition was presented by property Embrtdhry sl

ohe w-v owS Monticeteo. Patients to Be Takien to the Pes cinding an order gievn to the board of tween H L, Kniht. John lavarese A.t
B M S ON. House and siBects to Detertlon pitblic works last 'March ,ordering this C. ClewIs,. R. A. Crowei. C. ,W. ,wee- W the
boWleet graded and paved In cnaroduc- ens WR. FulerJ..Edsfpeld a j are
an. 40~ wassm- I f avenu esbEithis resolution Mr. webb stated their assocates. who hereby 1 h w S
two ds w no rom ridays Dally. that he considered that any money due themselves together as a bod forpor- and n ft
k :'.^ ^or lss res.ponlibie for the i Mayor Bowyer Informed a Triunae the Second Ward for paving shou- ate under ithesoilrtulon aol laws h e *a
lthe legIsataere it reporter ist night has rho smallpox ued n Fra i on street, tho o d tereo ;w as
set- n aIte '. pattami In uce d iPatients would be transferred to the Sitshtasenued Tohe resolutio n wa sbldo be the Do Solo Hotei CoJo; a to the.bestf bi-atS
Aft. srmt Husutio. to sjourn those housa e thsmorni ntain thai corksnton lasmeny adote rd. rin thidra e be in the City of ra.mp, County O. ffth e, .-
4Iz" I ohst H-restigrnadeiganSataoedornniad ode
rIgthorsolaion.r. wn ob satde do he taken to a detention ,a-. the charges ag nst Miopai Judge such other places in the state of Flori ws
j, I0 hiS aitgswslatlg P0,000 to riam- 'yof keeping people who are In the ly.so Aother communication was read da as the ofie of the coms5a.ny may Mr. P o anieJdsa
... l.tr* the hoard of heaitai for the fi.- sutspected that are liable to take th- i f-in the- mao r siatlong that to more hereafter designate. i on of .te n Te ne alnatl 'e
. -t a.-ttIog plait which the de.th authe Iri- p distease. tnighfshatpohehsmdosrtond 'e rsnatedr eat . ue a tter o
o" t sr tismornir8Le. loeaso In-- There are no pew cases and th e ta.'- cty i- th.e past ti eo see and th
-.. 1 t ld a Ws Wanting fimt-gradn exerting evers pwooulli e0rs re to mth e patients had beeT carried to the hconductie ma ng an opra tind wa s thr o rtesO coa-
t e... .. ,ean m Iucic etrthou setiesae It nd .aouse, nort o te c an ajso g eam boats, sail boats or other spaklng, t we most-
i Senator C diaries Itntroduced a bill for From Fiadens who had ota crm t obe me in otacn f r t water crafts; build and operate bath- Only a few of the p e
--. .te propagation and preservation oi Capt. E R Hutchis. depot a The tni-iancmle-prted pe-' houses parks and pleasure grounds; tending factionse w
S.- grouse anM tt heInAf i. purchaoinw commissary at this place. r.s btr e cleaning hai of thde lit., iut said company y may also deal In real eoference at nl
1i. an IE irH.ls has been appointed by the preed au objected ta ihe priomi scuos i-i-log estaalge slhalle buye ell' own and mOrt-I- sesl on to-da y w '
buios o, fadbal ie-o houm s takc.i one of the twelve' conmlssarles to be n doga an it ca-oes a greaT dpal oa gae realestateas i f th wore ia a -I tor of Talam.
.- r l d proceeded with a, tollows. 'retained In the army. Thies is a de- fr a i-i--Ct hf or r e anitary cof miee. tic-tel The said company may alo ilg were the p
_' d .. K 1 eoC I aI aH owng t ve served honor and the captain's many t In h-d.erece to ti -ing and draininS b he ncesry to the m yart Ma en
6014'l 0 t hebo fheato l th to have but c.e friends will be glad of his success. if AsIhley tr-et. i's h s reported 1n business, n- es ytothehuly-e e.
J ...- J the ,was adopted atpe. 1 Cat. Brown, who has also been sta- an unsaniia i- condition the comalttea ing out of itla operations and "Purppses. rosg ais

pltin w chte nth to ned here for s ometme as asgsitnt stated hat there, w re to funds fr Thalir.e Th e amountd plal os a) t In ea-gt oi p &b S
-tw a -inrtermaster ,and who is still here as street wos uanit lihat iherel cp ld i sht a be ivines s tousa nd dohalls on ,h there strule wi

l w t rd 55HW8t5.t to e ar Beleitpger has been no worek done wnaastoandtdi deed ol; i-iy n e ateepfson th tines wan s
,-aft. d anbill moeda b it-l amqdrn. o is exertlng e wery p osorthygem to athepationg s maden lared h cap Itatl stoc k to be fully paod upit the i A e
a t e.ntlemen wi remain In Tampa is a The petition of i-ad H. Boamt. asalng besan fm te to t ied s asi oa nyrtherboasd a ,th i t ll
50- Senator.dar oduied a bill proce d- a l or F theirom a r wla Iowa toere.craft tae s wnd reoprred baceb"ht T saida c atl so a e fn- w othe tid
....d... l, s one tte pbain ow nerrtin erdtd commiRe tttee on app lnns. and gdepe aa ce-h cresed hereafter ks m nd amount wn teh I n a w aos Idne tla
grouse an4A Obemmlu purchasing commissaryeaw thisor laes The I w ith tbe report that it t- granted. ale-s maeb ed a asleonfer e
be e it nIone from t-s. H. Wi-liiu cs, ach ing for i-ou t h.T hallibuy, rell, e own ence-Jan. essi on tok May ,J
1i-t l nadeTR eWlSn con ditions. W. lha laprda of B yraide ptown. eni onr a red totion i- hertes as F T f e-nt ot-r
.0 i-i-c.otacos seas 9 esent of tr o io-atpot-altan shall be the siIn1at.r of
up ..'Wd roeded" wi~thdas 41'ovl d- ofretainedinthealormda's pi rograselde ably reported The reports w-i-- date of the issuance of tie y ett m ra a oI were t
p rp iworkt foetthe rominent ctthvens. Ho was yes-" sdaptet"
s,&. -w i nuh s elated over Tallaferro's lcctim y Two gas lights were ordered plai.-- patent, and it shall continue in opera- w .&add lS t rSe a
Slntroedmas a bil reUatng to te United States senate als -d thi-n a n Seventba n between FlttenI- h tlon fo h term of inoety-nine ea. i-s S

ampt li t ort iit wterhworsiolardanyreturned tTmpaa -wanterwkhep-artve tarttral sur nseeleted vnui tors wi- Ino dei t
iuarterw ad w pceed h oine thief flushing of the sewers. re dort shall -e ecfiverthed oanu o-lly ar was.k )- er ti$.sWw

-MHmum- tr theh Inmpecdtion of ho- V. W. Hnamlltn. of JacksonvilleiOn motion of Mr. IKrue -ect h est iFds .i .e:rJ.4 Kntgh m
O o.and has ame e
a". dl nt. houses 'y the tare has leased the restaurant of the JIotel I Sth, th. and 10th venues were order 'jdea.o r ce-preadS titd dl t
d see b h r; the directors shall beL.L
e . . ( _s m e has had several p l -bie ciwork s.i t C the w r e A. Cro.eLe wh."ohe S
year elio erise in the eastng hous I An ordinance was Introduced by Mr. Knight. John Savarse w C'e el
.Aa.t hT-i-J B CAPTAIN. tusiaeJs and fully understands how to Frecker and placed on its first reading, R.u owell, C dtev ns.l. WP
cAothe t- te t the wants of the ihl. Mr. 'stating le qualifications of ea of- Si th.Theer haighe., s unot o .
wollte Wft a devote issentire o ove employees of the city. Among ie t itlheihte stamount of th
U- ta atISMeO. the management of the hotel. thlng they must have resided ine th rd o ano t ub ti o t ore moSe. ^
SWt Al, L daL- ron urd. n city six mont hs beore beginning serl- eatio can at ao d rbjett SC 'f
U& h eS J t ^ .n DothNr pucosuth e i self sheaPll be five thousand dil lars,1 8 nd
t t i f tto- rs. wFlb yG. Allen, of temphi s. OnmotionofMrr.e-eb. athe city EaW- ( 7 y d re s ?f
974 aft'i "f s caused te sumerfbern are as fnnwere:' H. Y. t
"a t hisand will spend iometlme vlsting ASbil for repairs donewon the city hallay Knigh. Johnwe ivarese. A. V rees.
Co S2I friends.ulst sclswereaprvdbr ier and J. Sr denfled are sil of ever .i
jWft ,."ithe L1-Z J. H Humnphrtes ,editor a the City Attornery Whitaker gave the" the CIt of Tanea ooty o Hiln- i
t S rdeown Jotrn was registered following opinion concerning the ap-
4W. F eand. of Sanfrno w#the expenses of the Canian school JOM AVARM (Sci.) A Ci-isesofDes"
aWe Lm- Geo.H. FernaldofSeafor d. adW.boys to the military convention held I A. C. QOTWLS. Ieal.) Lrr,9a&
I" thata the Shprlso- Sker, of .Jasteonvile, are among the In this city last February. A A. CROWI="L -a.tfhsantOf lote arrilvals at the Hotel Arno. T"he city counc is the flnaen.a! .W. 4, ,eal .) to" l
L -lo to i.-t d- agent of the citr of Tanpa and ea.,
W jM~'U to f W .WClark. of ] & W, In the appropate city funds for any purpose State Jt Flo.Ida. CoIELty of ( lfalTb aiule a w
city visiting trendsyesterday. that may tod to promote the- Peacess
IONerWof- healthwelfaire proaperityandmoraltAM"-.
k .At W .W. L. u left, ifor- Plant City es- of the eIty, but the Jdgment of the t Personally appeared, Ai -- fi. Is
'bir the PS5Kier epday to visit friends. couil in such matters Innot fhnaJ ^the22nddayof Apr A. D, l fIU.:
of^^ theI-aw cow- 7and Is always open for review in the knlgA..$ohn iCvar .Sev-e s. Clotspu N.,A _.
Dawa5i ?Mi d i.Joseg i Dawaon, the famous hat courts. t a wh i- with s iet
hld l"*" *drummer of New York. who represt-i.ts As to whether the appropriation un- ler. J. s .r-klelgethatyd, w bbeb d 5 u-b-u
'||nand .h i a one of the largest housw ain the LUnl- der eonsleration teaied to6 promote th I the forgoing artels orpotn {r Imtpuo5. 5
o d am ted tates ,Lde his apearanee in the peace health6 welfare, prosperity and theft useso andprpUos t-eoren m(ortllo- n f-
iabtee oo"rduea city yest-day much to the delight of morals, is a matter of judgment which ed se n pup tere.n lBes- n
inE i saosE thatllshemadhe a host of friends. has 4een passed upon by the city coun- ',. nT l.
BSyflR~ thats hIthe bmlow 4 ell and I declne to piace my judgment L S^ltsE. 5pfs
b"eom -be't b allowed to A petition is In cIrculating among against the pudgment of the gentle- C a JO H1N.AV A-M lthe'.i l
-itrips tomta-otf- the tloet owners .A Tampa street men; who voted this aprWprIla-tion' j" A.C. SL S.S ^S=-
.rivi.tten aad between Scott street and itichi gan Respectfully submitted. R 'L n
stardac of avenue sskign the city council to or- C.. C. WIHTPAXER. R. FIASeL dRlnw_5Ub
rats. der that part of the street paved with City Attorney. J. S. DS.F7 te e aOlyn,
tIHe between the cypress blocks. I t was signed by all11 The city attorney relied that In ji -orn and subscribed to before me Wte W"Atlks
-isutufgd t.teto TqB'-. except t"o or three of said property -the matter of the taxation of Be l ah this 22nd da" of April, A .D., 19r. S'cttued l
Pwl %LBi% low, ae d&N ally-, owners. Baptist church, that church property i Seal.)
'jio t *aa "m ... was, subject to taxation when rented C. C. "HITAX a1 .-if
Zio f k &U S for an othor purpose than religious otan Public State of Florida wt
Tl.g aemn of te os- "i determined that if I co. i ,hip. I ae.
l e or te t with my friends on earth I would ecicf passed a resolution ask- I hCrge. by g'.e'- .i cate. ,Sn.k
&._ ftm. V_ .Leni est my Absent oesaboie hm- y s- to send into the coaniNotice.IherbIl. tat t F, ],Vzk
-.'I mad t Dr. ainset o rntaron all appointments of _eatIn will be made to tbiig vetson -Wlasi-
""-- -- ._. ... for ..n.t ...sp a. o~wes a dopted eaeiepngtmseht. the state of Flt-arIda thirty i-g site ...- ii-
-, ...__ *,m _=V~sc. orwm W8 uPted asktzzg the) date hereof fur leq alm iW'- bn -i..
_. i -. -, sad co I rgave It a. trML whei uae h stps a were, ne- toregoing articles of DUIF w.-- ,
dec-a -so a "e be i-s eF Wick .the crossings -
,..- : .-,. 30im_ _-O- ., --" : siii 00li

5PnBsa. D.:y

-a .... .
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3Su-4V aemoes TPC

jwcyof h ep

.. Hon. 7omsM B. Reeds rimolre t3
pabo life .
UIr. Wlalam ArteAr ha confess
1iA-tV*tlr fatr hem eaMty of Ame
rc. women. We are su tos know th&
r Archer t with s.
-me The firm of Wing & Hale has
B. iowed by maual consent.
Wting onottlnuea the bulness an
Hale will aist Mhi to boom It fc
1ao to n.worth.
CGov. Mitcheb and Col, Perry 0.
hawve reiammdfrom TaJlahasmee
itear acoksomU el. 6tey had a moat del
ay. ful time and their desire and anti
tions were gratified by the elect
Mr. Tallaterro to the United S
Judge W. tA. Carter and wife
gone to Tallahassee or a few w
of stay It Is pPmmed that the J
wmi look after ht plam tree.
ost Col J. B .Anderson Inpector ge
Di- of the Florida state troops, Insp
ter- the Tanpa Naval Reserves at the
armory on Ounday afternoon an
pressed himself as being highly P
lt- ed with the showing there made.
the B .. ,'Aderson, manager of th
en- mou LIberty flouring mills, the
eat steam roller mill In the south,
In .Ue city yesterday transacting
nAe with Tampa"3 ewholeeale
ing chants.

id It I really true that the poUtt
gIl. o4 West .lorida have already begin
e. groom Mfr. Pasco for governor.
tl- people a r tired. G(ve them and
on- Paso a ret. "
Ina- OWL ILwton has been sent out
another Jyin ootumnn. Let am
Gel Otis wfilU te able to'bold the
ho tory cmptre 4 aId not be force
a t withdraw fton It asb had to be
g in the case of Santa Crts and the
er towns recently captured by Lay
r t B ev L K. Tigrett, of Halls, I
Swho'has bees spending the wint
-Hyde Park as the guest of his frier
ard Q. Brantley, left for home yeste
ohn, Mr. Tigrelt was in very poor h
Is when he came here some months
ah- but has ben greatly benefitted b5
eet stay here. In leaning he takes
him the best wishes and earnest i
era of many warm friends for
*ea speedy and complete recovery.
1e0 -
on- Col Thos. X. Henderson, the af
fe and popular manager of. the Ti
f iarnesas and Wagon Co., has rec
made some improvements and ,
be- Uom to his establishment that p
It* him In the van aornag the la
- deaes .in vehicles, rne and
on tee In the south. He has had an
ten. floor added which maUfes four
Alooa In his eaoliasOnent and his
det- naes sa private offices are so sit%
S la n the second'floor that he can s
__ hi desk and see everything goli
In the various dep ients. Te
Mi' nas of this est Z lishment ta ra
ary growing into hkte proportions
S ea of these fine mornings It wl
quire about a page in the Tribnl
ga tell the people how it has expanded

lag 1
lag I ts a very nice compliment ti
lb Quay for his governor to appoint
SUalited States senator to fll ou
term which the teglaature fatle
WW eleet the' -lMV t at the goW
sh Wa-~ noaj d void. till Quay
0:0 *OntMa i thbe emste, on both nad
ie, home, and as long as It is QnI
Sa00 a me amedl*the result with

AR 4'a C. J& Alaty..

m lzk. We inble a d
S11 l ryr m and piAttei$ of

af ve. eese to he tha masootte a
Sm lde eglo atre. Xght yeam
1whe Mr. Call was re-ecinted
uti staiea sMNate, the HoP. B
th GCas wa tbe man that plaed hi
PanIiattan and to his untiring
pold fltIcal ace Mr. Call we
-i tg a r hIs last term la the 0

ages elgqbeinas Peak county ian
g~M .us ad it was gneraeli
i' the t td and toea a
^..h ihMdIt nt tumse en to
ra<-A mita ub Ota- f raia r

es of credit among friends in Jaksotnville The Philadelphia Press, one of the td
y no- as the fotiowing Item from the Me- largest and most Influential republican reld
cer- troprolia ot that city wil indicate: newspapers i Pennsylvania, in com- bean
# meeting on the result of the trial of dili
Rev. H3. 1L Turner, of Atlanta, senior .s 8. QMy, has the oktowing to say:
bishop of the A. 'M. church, lectur- Senator Quay has secured & verdict
ed to a very large audience in the 8t. ,a
Sre- Pal la. EL church last night. The of acquittal, but the evidence present-
Du- reverend gentlemen is one of the most ed against him remains nn-,, .ered _be
She o hedcolord divne of the and impeached. By recourse to ev- day,
ago but has given it p on account of the ery act of dexteroan Pleadi ng delay com
o the quarantine regulations. and obHtruction, bl counsel have ob- thin
ra talned his legal exoneration from the lner
im In It is not an encouragtin symptom of single charge of conspiracy. Neither a_
work our political life that a man of the be nor any witness in his behalf, how- ead
w in- large personality of Speaker Reed ever, attempted to disprove a single bad
united should be willing to retire from an of- fact -easM hId by the uncontradicted "AI
Clark floe which he has filled with consjlcu- testimony of the commonwealth. OW
the one ability, and which has given him The evidence lives thomlg the bill of
I ad- power comparable to that of the pres- Jndletment is dead. That evidence,
S'Mr. Ident of the United States, In order to written by the hands of Senator Quay's G
r the accept any opening however lucrative, frienda.s, establishes beyond all doubt erat
"ark, in professional life. The hope of the that the public money has for years thel
-ke, country. if it is to meet worthily the been used for the private gain of the at tI
fe *- great problems which it must surely Quay machine and Quay officials. Not TOM
wth comnfrOnt--wiether It shah adhere to the by tfaL tP--wviu ia swpw yor pardti- _
Mr. expansion policy oa not- st a 0 ta Klpatrick. TSe'*-, of
y ad the eapablity 'of the aptte Bouther will carry that i l
those -ttact and retain the highest m i o
i the which the nation ersisbmee, be Florit left hem berth at a the n
S. no th inU e lB Indea ret ,om Grdo wharf tertday mtorin and ,
tre eM-We. th wt ~ f etrs.s. of w et to the Centna raarm ar arf,






eThe next time speaker Reed ca
Squorums they win be quorum

Akdd MOfrpby is laymg low and
Ing wood tHe thinks an ounce of
S venttltve In worth a pound of cure
S And now the politicians fear
Speae Reedhas a presidential
up his sleeve.
-er It is not so much the question
Staking a Philippine town these da
e. holding It after we get It.
SGeneral Miles proposes to keen
+ his fight for the soldiers of the U
SStates army If it takes all sumnA
S There is no mistaking the lo
4 with which the 'Cuban soldiers
, aBkIlng a stand about that 3,000,
P'+ The American opera singer who
hooted in Beville has the satisfa
p4. of knowing that It was not becau

SThe volunteers In the Philip
S are asxtous to gt home in time
+4. a little fighting on the bass al i

+ Ex-enator l 4 says that Ax
s Saor Close talau too npuch.
4 Kansas statema hea JOt rev
+ the inosuada valne oat ience.
4 PreiMaldent aInIey doubtless
-Vrtavs a- to the permaency o

. ofE'TH Well Man THR8c "was
3A of rf Well Man There are two factors that s'and in asL

Hath is I Day t aof a career of commral and
a-ye industrial activy in the United tat(s. eas
p- A doctor's examination such as perhaps Lbe world has ev ther
t might s w t i seen.. There are too much polfes int
that h i our Ife-national. state and municpaL but
boom andtomach ae normal Over al hangs the dread shadow of the tain
but the doctor cannot ana i Trusts. Politely termed aggregi.lons guil
but the doctor Cannot afly of capital or industrial omolnoi ons, evid
on of the blood upon Which theS j the Trusts at present rtp p.nt the
ys as de d. greatest menace to the happiness and Ye
prosperity of the world. wo
Hood's Sarsaparilla purfies, vitalizes An enormous number o: people are St
P up and enriches the blood. It cures yonvinced that they are against the
ited afflict a ed t I ne disappoints public good .and while the possess the -.

fy Wdl-- My husband had dyspep- awful strength of capital the people 60We
yalty sla aod ood'a Sarsaparills cured him. possess the greater strength of votes. pay
are r little boy was nervous and the baby That Trusts will be one of the most
,000. ZxA Bwr Portage. important issues of the next nadonal Th
M lStl6OIn-" I could not eat for some campaIgn is already a foregone con- and
D was month on account of distress and indiges- elusion. *The drawing of the fangs of ia at
action lio. H aood aLre partly cred me no0 b the Timats is one of the largest con- and
e of Taylor and Walna Sts. Wilmington, Del. tracts ever undertaken by the Demo- who
cratie party and it will remain with posi
pines the Deople to put that party in power In t
to do for that purpose. Otherwise the first opqI
flfing 'four years of the new century will be sah
n5tl rePm reon"eW : m l tse4m leMimn sullied -by the enormous increase of aval
saltr semarae ea take with SaMood thsee ruinous combinations. Ma
nban- the
The W ... o.. -- - THE STATE CAPITAL. int
lsed ats of straw too often show which -A
way the wind blows. The people of Jackasonvme are ence Of

The Waycross Berald is a good paper more castinf longing and envous eya oth
feel six evenings in the week. It restsn on the state cap taL 8o thoroughly are
Squit the Babbatth. they convinced that JackuonlUe is the
% #i "only pebble on the beach' thatt in the 3
It has reached a point in Pennsylva- bill providing for the removal of the *
d his nia where either the republican party capitol from Talahaee, that city yil i
or Quay mOst go. be the only place voted for. So asa-
t Mr. The countrywill now await with re-
newed interest the effect of Speaker passage pofthehill s a gboueorae of ,
Reed's example wil lbave on Alger. has been pledged s a guranteeo. h
been # good talth. About the only reason that 611
r. William Archer, the Eaglish dra- as been advanced for its removal to tok
'or allmatte critic, has gone to Chicago to lec- JacoRvte is the fact that the pres- I
ture. He will and Chicago a very dra- ent building at Talahasee. Is lnede- jse
mate city. quate and unfit for the legislative bod- aoo
Walt ----- te To I
and Senator Noibody has been elected As far as South and Middle Florida
"igt- from Pennsylvania .and the plum tree is o rned there isn litte to chonse b- d
ie:pa- n a political na i, has beerdis-i nedt letohoosb-a
on of has teen Jacksonville and Tallahassee.
takes rented. he former is th biggest town and the Mal
Speaker Reed is to have a guaran- latter is the prettiest. They are both ofte
have teed Income of $50,000 a year, which about as far away from the people of gla8
eeks' will still give lUm a good deal of count- South 'Florida as the confines of the
ludge Ig to do. state will allow them to get. If a new AS
building is all that is in the way of its
neral This is church day and all of the removal It might Just as well be built
ected readers of the Tribune are Invited to where It is as Jacksonville. T
new atend. Services at all of the edifices Because Jacksonville is the largest Kg
des- of worship. city in the state is no argument in _as
One chemist calls what he found in favor of the removal of the capitol The and
Ta- the army beef formaldehyde. The sol- fact is there are very few states in the man
was diers who had to eat it used a shorter Union where the cpaltol is located n am
bust- name than that. the city with the largest population. n.
me'- 4 The Important and by all odds the I s
That tArkansas editor who has gone strongest arguments in favor of the re- pork
la nto bankruptcy with $200 assets and moal of the capitol Is to improve the gm
clans $196,000 liablities was manifestly in- location from a geographical stanpolnt, the
M e tended for the stage taking into consideration the people ri"t
I rr. Deputy Sheriffs Stephens and tester of the entire state. As far as poper nee
raided a number of gambling Joints In hotel accommodations are concerned, alit
with West Tampa 0on Saturday night and that is a matter of secondary consiald-
hope Sunday Tmorning. T"hey netted about eration. If there is a demand, It wil n
terrl- twenty-five law breakers as a result'of
d to their rald. soon be supplied. There are twice as
done t many hotels and hotel men: In the state Ti
oth- 'Masked drwbs and lynching bees now as are making any money. a po
wtdn. should not be countenanced by an Ine If we are to have the capitol remov- hom
telligent public, and the hoodlums who ed from Its present location, let us iWg
'enn., took advantage of old man Murphy, move It to where It will be most con- PIa
er In the other day and tied him to a log venient to a mojority of the people. don
ad, J.
rday. and chastised him, and then swung The fact that South Florida is Increas- the
health him up to a tree, should be hounded ing in population at nearly double the gorn
ago, down and made to suffer the severest rate of North and tMiddle Florida is ,war
Ywhis penalty of the law. another fact that should -be considered.
with #
pray- So it was diplomacy that caused the The cities in the state most con- I
his opposition to revision In the Dreyfus venlentl located, geographically we
case. The Russian ambassador was speaking, are Ocala, Gainesvile and tow
fTable the one wHo charged him with dealing Leesburg. EAther of the three counties "
1t with Germany. The anti-re-isionists Marion ac or Lane would w- o
adn are beginning to realize that their llngy cotrfbnrll the necessary $50,000 gos
laces cause la lost, as according to tne light for a new building. Tampa has no
rgest we can get on this ddJe of the waler, it special claimed to present, although we tet
blcy- ought to be. have every facility for running a first Ls
other class legislature. Our people see far press
large Very few people either from Tampa more in getting a clgar factory for rea
rated or South Florida are going to Cuba $15,000 than they do In paying $60,000 had
it at or purpose going with a view of io- for a state capitol. The factory gives
g on eating. As a ru th.ey have to ead us eight hundred employes who stay
pidly a thing where they are. Since the with us all the year. A new capitol i
and American troops have left the island would give us a hupdred legislators e
Ii re- the Inducements for business invest- and about a like number of clerlksthat 5
se to ments are not as good as right here remain, on an average, of one month plies
Sand in Tampa. in the year. For the good of the state ase]
9 at large we prefer to see the capitol b
o Mr. The fifteen dizzy blondes who were centrally located, otherwise Jackmbon-
Shim arrested on aMonday night by the police vlle can have It It she will vote Tampa h
the officers and fined by Judge Graham on another cigar factory.
d to charges of being keepers and Inmates ---- e
ernor of bouses of ill fame, and either very THTB VIDENCE LIVEP. sm
has hard op for funds or have a standing -e hi_


T -is -iW -
es iern Sop new fl Wjm l '
. dT sie n I MIit

-ne esIlsjPele t ks, .

bean I d ea'
educed thel ith te ,

dasvese i g m t aesea e ends

, natleve of fta ab d y a eis ap -
w tnlr haso s ief=a inma now

e qtCults pi O a fi tM> m o em -i
n% ,hMe h lathdoNat f U In --.. '
Thae healt p tea'sae ho ow aIwn be*- -
o, wheeoaelvasdabt M b a podoa a
IsesesardFectasS-Wmmlk, Pesmes
exte. Aelyraot la"Wsom CaM :m eo
TL anedokI 0mult=20in' t u e .
1t people who know thAe theP 0 '.-
at to t hieonywt Ithe.limb @eg
laere that was lon' asn n nsa. M
a a native of Afrtca And IsnklIats e
sae foulof hingraomablfaa l it
.w CulIivatid eo andera,.afllss i ,
stly reduced eprealnoauthehi "'ar at
nut, although the Sa neth asoe v-
Shas enough grease yet to find a ready
in Frano whin t Oll heb Awtes
that tha eaomase a taeS al
umeotos have rmid n hi oe-Wni g

aa hospital fereaMihe' wives tInalf-t6-
or womanwa M boet fath balan d 1
fto Aelady gotw w ro w ans l- ,
tor the voyage. Unforstuately S'' OI
anS died before e dheouldleto rawg '-,
matron, UxtO e to
elomes, -Ah, welL pore sosol, ateve Pbm
were she won't nnew T a m emGM
m clothing I'-ComhIl.
new K. 0 9o Gr,.ip,-Nra. -a"
heard a qneer ezpnrmnln thootbe~tit --
asspeakingtoa ladyat 06 fins 1 M91
o of Wrentbaim, and sbeazclalulmed:'k'j
Oh, yes, I edw ahut town-u-IfS iNoaB
that has thos perfectly denetous li OW
veyardsI'-Boston Transcript.& yT-

[s$ men judge aocording to thelb- a-
its and abound tin their own samm n
two be of montrasy opinion, gyet as* 'd
uames to have rightlon his side. Bob
on has always bees faislel and um eW
two faoes-New Yeah ladegn.


lie.a parte. S i rnt tia r e-c

ene he" '

terday dipatcheo trogaI
e receSted by M'qw&4W' am&
Sunder at for los S7atasi
rs derly oues ttkl for attl ein

drtta with te arlsae. The ma.
he amlbsence o abi ty to pA ot t I

an of either i en w ar n oe em r trF
Ssea rottea outing streiarnm
Sdrits with teao current. The nuL T-

iem h otn aeso aMk 4lmW pa e i

nve the m er o viapsatlan. t Is-Do
MlA wesapompa T lena

he rim

les. I I -ils


Phaladelphta Apreat
thearepasm- in th ea
imne ""et of apptli
sgua RmployseM of the
sty are subject to J. Whe
Sfor paoitiooas the ib
pted, he is omipelle to 9
IUg him to MAWhl mwa
rm ao' e aenal a -at
kly, anad at the md of t b ft
Salkotoo eadti ia lum pi
e wwk Mos, he .s i1

L It is eruendwl the
Simia an u ai a

in at te awu latat~ t -
ahis Bea nti la .

fet a the B0 ss 3&4.

[ in tufmed byamyhall
i justuke, "tha" t 0am%
a Isdn a feread Awe
has been appeal ter
-ather IMd h ol e SMm-
g inmy-ntad. Tiu Ira
low than con pOt se a
reekanizm aoaS o' the b
mate jaekJag o' balWepr
I drea sowhlhltwap a
k plam, an thm oek at

e y wt, ImV hop ,maw

.-o -B: e Ve Sea. Cooks Gave Way and
0em Was flooded and Soon
S- West to the Bottom.

St. Augustine, Fla., April 24.-Special.
r-The boat In charge of First Mate M.
B. Matson, of the abandoned steamer
W- tMoV Gen .Whitney, containing Matson,
SPalmor Third Engineer D. ackson, CarWeter
G. Olsen, Quartermaster Larsen,
S -- Charles Andy, Thomas Cavanaugh,
Pat Oeilell, Kemper. firemen; Henry
S Lewa. oiler; Pat Belloew ,ooa passer;
0 as 1 returned Leons F. Cook, chiefe-c; George L1
k aa lfbrfits the- Cook, head porter;: John Nelson and
1.0'M Bed i em. sailors; was sighted off
N Wralc theis coast by Coast Pilot Edward Allen
whotSl went to the bo&tn assistance, and
t c rtbrought the shipwrecked men safely
late port to-d-ay.
r -H3aie Matson, says Just after the 3
o!&oqk9 p. a. reservation Friday.
I hoMApe tht the vesse was fIn longi-
-ta e u79, S-4 west, a brpak of the Rea-
Seick vi reported, and the pumps put
wtoe we but the water came In fast,.
e 'lmla the eoal tunkers and choking the
Tp-f t he crew was set to batiUng,
^ b d wor wiat aWSML the engine
.i b ln ode las the AreSes -

sFt la the mere of the hth
t" W awas.aot sda.
At 0 the sha p set.
...--."' n deok. -when Capt.
E .i"SS ? -- at" the b s ,a
iiS 1B I'ositsg r the ca ptaina bat.
tie o of the ese w ef the shps Mate
4 #ASS ~ z bis9*t Ia ')Wvlat si l after-
Sbsaiw m ewaerimeeds grat

I_ leav ofinththe clsied
A^l iR telpA edeed to make for St.

-^J sa th h a to prevent shlut t gt off the cap-

&nAtUeld H-I etln of the tdrowng of

d e-! ka w worked in water i o-
offiew O w- rnb vrana Ignormat of
; g T-il ,acs said the construe-

t ~ ing to seatope l the leak, while the cap-
Spn la d sars hbng saUl over and out-

i y Am.MnATONS.
S' At A" r A competlthre totd ption under the
j|^ g<^i h ey. riesaof the V. & Civii Service Commie.
.l.'s-'-iithe I otC appliants for the grades of
t, F a2nd, and third, In the classified
^^^t ComAins Service, In this city, wtil be
Seld ax City Hall, on the 2lst day hf
a Jime, 1899, commencing at 9 o'clock
& iCo, D Appliceations for this examination
m t. be made on United States Civil
ga C JrM dr vR* iee sonsmmBvn blanks, Form No.
20. ch blanks can be obtained from
990beOM AlplVpirlndhB will not be accepted un-

g heoefem all persons desiring exami-
%. aion should secure blanks and fil
61'.theao -ut at once, in order to allow
Stinme far any necessary corrections.

Secretary Board of Examiners.

Iw e.. removes gravel, uree Di.-

2Ma and women. tegtes Bladder
M a enofes olAchildren. I ER not sold by

-^ receipt of S. One sm all bottle sa two

-iliils e emisafon, t enak Jan X e 1 -

B O e-ssoith KMde9 l an Bwithl kidney and

Sour drug.iist wib the seet Of one

Siteaiia Is called to the ad-

So Mm th l p-to-date con-

*a.Mum es Am -be

I.eg d. water .-0,-,drink
atae,, Igiesmampa iat hei

-IM t Ihe ,t at kew-

, the A. l aae

--.*m -.^e
,li: t< '


is the very Mest medicine I ever used
fer the disease you recommend it for,
and I have ued many kinds for wo

a ME e. I A. (GPMra.A Af
Salem, N. C.

Oures all Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness,
Sore Throat. Bronchitis Hemorrhage,

.e at dqagmiats. Prepared only by
Dr. B. Mosley, lttlata. Ga.

gmv'f l words written by Mrs. Ads
B. Ha.t, of Groton, 8. D. -Was taken
'with a bad cold whice settled on my
Igs; couRb set In and fintsally termi-
5ated I ConImmnption Pour doctors
,W4 me uO9 sMUng I ioud live but a
-srt t aM I ave mysemif up to myl
a ,it, determined that if I could not
~ WIthI my ftrieminds o earth I wotnd
me-e my est ones abc M YM huM-
ba bd WM avised to get Dr. KMa's
S Whanovery for Couwim*ton,
osm ,ad cik I gave It a. trial,
4ghbt botMea. It hasm we ed
iJ.Ma~ o04. I me saed and


Delegates to the Church Covention at
Key West Have Arrived

The return of the steamer Mascotte
from Havana and Key West last even-
ing brought a number of Tampa dele-
gates from Key West, who have been
attending the sixteenth annual meeting
of the .General Association of the Con-
gregational churches of Florida.
IAmong the number from this city were
noticed the following: Rev. E. P. Her-
rick and wife. Rev, Franklin Sprague
and wife, Mrs. J. Bueno, Mrs. C. dB.
Obaw and Deacon J. Mtier of the
Tampa church.
The delegates reported the convention
as being one of the most interesting
and largely attended of any ever held
In the state. Delegates were present
from nearly every county in the state,
It lasted eight days and the greatest
interest was manifested from begin-
ning to end. It is estimated that the
services on Sunday night were attend-
ed by fully ix t hared people. Dur-
Iug the week the delegates were ten-
dered a most detighoftn reception by
the Key West church sand their friends.
On tonday eventag Rev. mirtek, of
this city, deflerd a very eloquent
6=d interesting address to the cozven-
Soan oe the subject of "Cuban' i-
slme," stubv the results and obeerva-
tton of his recent torvea through dif-
feretl parts of the liland.
The annual report of the churches
throughout the state showed them In
a heItby jtooh in and a material In-
creme Son wbersMhp was reported i
men6iership was reported in many
places. She total number of churches
In the state number 77 with a total
membership of 2,M00.
URo Av3SAU sIqq o0 1 mq a2.
ol pvS Iq pgu eqinoet pea4as j .oquo
U1 masqsq V nn,.N HsUtOtni a qs
uo usRusad si oqA 'jaqoJq siq WsA
0o AVfIaVw"a 1a\ M 01 peAniu 1A5p
lid wa 0 ao stntoy. elo on paTasnme
m oqi 'sjauainnioS. T.oao P.tJqjL ,q .
0so "aqwaI t' AosK .* a0o0ao t)
Some are made to sell. Some are
made toosell suckers The Bay State
are made to fit and wear, and they
sell themselves. Call at the Big Shoe
in the Door. 711 Franklin street. 3t.
fThe world beater on bicycles. The
Featherstone wheels guaranteed with
Morgan & Wright tires only US at
the Tampa Harness and Wagon Co.
A Pleasant Lemon Tonic.

For biliousness, constipation and ap-
For Indigestion, sick and nervous
For sleeplessnes, nervousness and
heart failure.
For fever, chills, debility and kid-
ney diseases, take Lemon Elixir.
Ladles for natural and thorough or-
gani cregulatlon ,take Lemon Elixir.
Dr. Moaley's Lemon Elixir is prepar-
ed from the fresh juice of lemons,
combined with other vegetable liver
tonics, and will not fall you in any
of the above named diseases. 50c and
$1.00 bottles atL all druggists.
Prepared only by Dr. H. Alozley,
Atlanta, Ga.

I am in my reventy-thlrd year, and
for fifty years S0- n t 4 ,reat sur-
ferer from Indigestion, constipation,
and hillousness. I have trled all the
remedies advertised for these diseases,
and got no permanent relief. Abbtt
one year ago, the disease assuming a
more severe and dangerous form, I be-
came very weak, and lost flesh rapidly
o commenced using Dr. Nosle'ya Lem-
on Elixir. I gained twelve pounds in
three months. My strength and health
my appetite and my digestion were
perfectly restored, ad now I feel as
young ad vigoroos as I ever dd in
my life. I. J. tAiLW.RED.
Door-keeper Gf. Slate Senate,
State Capitol, (ASana-. Ga.

Ca-pt. J. ML Busbee. always known to
be honest, truthful and polite, has ar-
ranged with Mr. Pifer, owner of the
little steamer Anita, to take charge of
his boat and lighter, and will tru them
on and do a general tpwing business
between all points on Tampa bay.
maknig a specialty of the Alafa and
Little Qanatee rivers. The lighter.
above mentioned is here on the way
undergoing repairs and is rapidly near-
Ing completion.
F. EL Morrison & Co., have mceured
a contract from the Plant Investment
Company to deliver them 0M palmetto
pites at Port Tampa.
W. A. Thompson, the saw mull man,
has contracted tp deliver 2,000 feet cf
lumber at the place of musinel on the
Manatee river of the Plant Investment
Company, who have Just recently made
such a wondezrf find ot Puller's earth
in that seeion of the casay. er.
Thompsa saps the prdbabUftes are
that he wffl secure the contreat'irom
this comply for 40,M feet more, to
be delivered In the eoar ftare. nyr.
Thompson has purchased the J. H.
Dardy planer, and -now has it In put-I-
ton and ta good working order, and is
turning out a first class quality of lum-
Our neighbors J. D. Whitt aind Lee
fSimons are running a wood camp in
the big bend,
J. J. Jones is also delivering a drst
class grade of pine wood from that se-
tion to the Conmunere' Co. ,at TamW .
By the way, Mr. Editor, you need
not be surprised if you are levited, In
the near future to visit and write up a
thrifty growing village. and I expect I
should have said city, in this part of
the country, for mysterious looking
crowds of men are to be seen going up
snd down the river almost daily. It
Js presumed that they are in search of
Fuller's earth, gold or phosphate, and
either one found In this most beautiful,
fertile and favored locality would cause
the wildest excitement ever heard of,
over any discovery made in the state
of Florida. Now, Mr. Editor, what
about having the Tampa street railway
extended on down the-coast, via Peru
to Palmetto? It Is my intention to ad-
vocate this enterprise until something
is done along that line. We need a
road, want a road and must have a
road at all hazards.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
A41I druggitcs refund the money if it
alIls to cute- 25c. The genuine has L.
B. Q. on each tablet.
The Man Who Captured Sam Hose
Gets $600 of the Rewards.
Atlanta, Ga., April 25.-Special-J. B.
Jones, one-of the captors of Sam Hose,
came to the city today and collected
$600 of the reward which had been oo-
fered for the negro's arrest. One hun-
dred dollars was from Jacob H&a-s of
the Capitol City Bdk and the remaind-
er was from the Atlanta Constitution.
The other rewards offered are $500
from the state- and t50 from Coweta
county, making a total of 31,350.
The state's reward has not yet I -een
paid. Mr. Jones and the men from
Griffin called on the governor to-day
to put in their claim, but Governor
Candler said he would hold the matter :
for three Idays until he could investi-
gate the affair. He had conferred with
the attorney general, and It was the
latter's opinion the governor ought to
be convinced there was no ,ouluaion
between the Mesers- Jones and the
mob, and that the delivery to the sher-
iff at Newnan was made ln good faith
before the reward wts paid.
Quartermaster Department Tried to
Oet the Gate City.
From the Bavannah News.
An effort has been made oy CoL
Beilnger to charter the lTate City.,
belonging to the Onean t eeTrhtp
ColenBay,t r to m r to Havana.
The vessel was not available, however,
and other ararngements had to be
made. It was aso desired to secure
the State of Texas, selonginf to the

Company, but nothing tras neard from
the telegram sent "Tith regard 10 the
matter In time. and Cl Beltnget cl,-
ed a deal for the barge Souther ,own-

ed by the Ength & Kei y Com pamy
which wil carry part of the amber In
tow of a tug.
T7e depot quartermaster will soon
send 400,000 feet of lumber to Havana
and tUoty-met to be used for barracks
for cavalry. He has already sent 250,-
000 feet,'which was shipped day before
yesterday o the Kilpatriok. The
Florida andOthe Soother wiU carry that
which isl yet to go.
The Florid tleft hec berth at the
Gotrdn wharf yesterday morning. and
went to te Central railroad .wharf,
where she ti noM being hmade with
her sabe a te &aher.


Local Items About People whusCome
and Go Caught on the Fly
For Tribune Readers.

Peru. Fla-, April 24.-- pecial.-With
pencil and tablet in hand your news
reporter at this place took in the lit-
tle village this morning in search of
news items for your valuaebe and
[widely read paper, In this part of the
county, and gleaned the following:


I >

< >


The public knows well what, they esi
They come to our tore-oalyft ry
in every instance at the lowest pes w3

back If not satieta ct .



+ p

g, te .a d

S p timr to get a Spring Baw

+ "

+ We sell Exlvely Bare daily receiving
SProprtor of Oring, the very latstes
S goods are fresh and brit.

+ $20r thil ree and fo7-buttonW S ad
o and examine our new stock.

Ge Giw MW, BnMB^. fff Ja -
and BrmeraCBhina Go u% .a -:,/.




Foundry, lte -

- r--- .

Special Sa

of Sumnier La-

Ypesterday waa a busy day with -s. b ',
know we never misrepresent a *;,;ti
values offered came up to their
bought liberally. New oetsA willu 1
our special bargain counters day after dy
place on sale -

50 pieces White,
Lawn, plain and Oon wmS
50 pieces Fancy Lawns. I& q tWg
A4Other others S




AOL 9 d dM JM AIL AIL 414kar



t Adam'$S Captu

'f6tlIED. Z
On WedU
.e look a c
name as H

S~~a Pranklin st
he whot
how. uBe
S registeredI
s aboul
a.-4peclaL-A *aseS wba
MiBstd nt r5t w eNaiats
^ ^ cAWepe


n n c akea Ciever & Bloody Combat with Pocket----
eoof ma egro who High Honors in the Convent of Knaivea at *eat Tampa London Newspapers Criticise the
.1. e Hi wreeL the Holy Names. rm Unitcd States.
Fr,,m Friday's Dakly.
Two Italian boys about sixteen years
colored man, who gave his ant bloody combat with knives in
y Thomas, called at the Was the Ent- ,Lnment at the Cjn West Tam pa yesterday morning- England Wat ceng Every Move lad
rnes and Wagon Co. on I eyWest paHofdTh piHSh.rthb -hbl4..c
street and asked Jas. Hen- vent Ha. L.9sa: Nght Largo They are both employed at the cigar m the Islands and Believe.
was in charge of the store, Cr..wd an Grat L factory ot BUtilo Bros.. & Diae and Uncic Sam Will Hold
Sof,'a btele for just one sit next to each other while at work.
person hired him the wheel. t-reat Mict le1cbta. On Thursday afternoon they had a / Them.
his name and thought no quarrel about some domestic afaIra -
Sth matter nll about P rom Frida 's Daily. but the trouble was in no wise eeSIM Lon April 20.-Special.-General
i bs o gt blt whee u A very large and select audience was Yesterday morning they both came L jwt'a- withdrawal from the PMIlp-
nlt eu arhed over present last night at te graduating to work an usual and nothing s5 men pe stowns and territory lately ocep-
on a e cc, icd ,, exeroses of tr ivonveu ot .e.u tioned of their quarrel the day beto 'plied hW i Stroops, and hsu. reported
waM s to ln Names. The large entertainment hall until about 9 o'clock. when they start- statement that it would take fully one
th -- t was iiadeiua.e et seat ne crov ed out together to go to breakfast. hundred thousand troops to establish
s s asrenewed the side doors opening into the r.c .- They were walking along the street in permanent order in the Islands., have
a d ronewtnedlYear tion rooms were thrown open and Li..-. the direction of their lunch room when roused much interest in England.
. wlM all hopes ot recur- were quite well filled. Pitlshl, who is nmdch the smaller of Wne where every move in theattempt o
hnTh wa a oeed The program was arranged with two. suddenly drew a .en-1 1 ...--' the United States to bjuga the
i"el wa s a gtmat eabres t sit athe den. were knife and roahing up behind his Com- Flllpl-oe is watched most closly.
u tea c the wheel was carred out to the letter. The ftrt per- panl0on plunged the blade Into his hack. The London newspapers comment
.. ..-..... .... .. -. lnretrneditasnnd s e h ,,tWnehss eeeLs thr o f nt in % tma

w the

-W = la3t mm IditIts hgh tie

es to the foil 02st of the taw.

R se Been Coeer-ed and the Pian
ybMea Will Opera e It.

Tom Jac4ksoville Metropolis. b
In ooordsmce with a decree made b Ib

a Ctt oast, at. Jobas aad Indian
.-raUroad, which were sold at Ito-
I on the 2d inet., was to be cotm-
ed imte s there were no objections
posed to the *ale. Ten o'clock
the hour named in the decree, and
sat tIme Atorneys E. L. -'trwin and
H. 'Baridse representing the
it Investment. Company: John (.
We., representing the Mercantile
it Conis n; J. R. Parrott and A.
Samntl, representing the Flagler
rest; E. P. -lAxtell, representing
dver.Thinkee, and iMr. F. Q.
wn, met at the court room and pro-
ed with the preliminaries of the
aad the oslirmation. E. 0.
is. aerk of the court, filed a report
he had given doe notice to par-
interested as to the confirmation,
IO objection had been interpos d,
led with him. Judge Locke then
that he would wait until 3 p. m.
T a, ad if there still was no oh-
eon the sale would be finally con-
s disposition of proceeds of silo.
ever, will not be ordered made tO-
..owing to an objection of the Mer-
ile Company, representing the Srst
gage bondholders in the foreclos-
suit. untui a pro rata account of
enses exiUtng between the main
brancb lUnes can be adjusted.
H Durke, the court's receiver In
case of the second bondholders, the
osytvania Company for lnsurane-
Lives and Granting Annuities vs.
Jacksanvrile, Tampa and Key West
aMy Congansy, et al., filed a peti-
to-day in the court, asking how he
i to operate the ford and Lake
ts branch without rolling stock.
of such stock was sold with the
I on the 2d inst., and that portion
o d has not ewn a haatdcar, and
he is expected to operate the tlUne
ary the Unilted states mail.
w San ford and Lake' Eustis raN-
1 extends from Sanford to Tavares

ing aLurda o iALsM JanlI
a most interesting produc-
livered in a very attractive
hitter a well rendered reld-
led "Tle Knight o Jesas,"
Lg hounorS were! woAerre-u
tbers of the class of 1M.
ire te names of the class:
SJackson, Mimss Lunada
Miss Oleeta BarkS. This
exercise was c ducted by
r TyrrL.
the program was a very
I, etitled. "ad Kindly
the Brdabmum class. This
A by a recitatoU, "A Sooth.
by is JSane Givens. This
vse the speaker an oppoftu-
Is hebr gfU as an as-om-
tte Ives," was the title of
active motion song bh a
little girls._

Sact tne
arts in a

The grand march and finale at the
doe was an apprWopriate endIng to one
of the b st entertainments ever given
at the convent. The class of 18 has
reamn to feel proud of the battering
reception they received.
Following are the names of the lit-
tie folks who participated in the mo-
tion sonw, entitled., "Merry little
Misses Pearl Jewell, Florence Guerra.
Valerta Tolad, Angeline Mastranon.
Margaret Btoonzolne, Eva tiddaugh,
Rosalee Ortis. Ettle Aaron. Sadie
Aaron, Jennie B. Anderson: Adel Fitz-
gerald. Hedwwidge Wallcki, Susan Pa-
te, Anna Hermanns, &May 'Nottage,
Rita Clare Symms. Carrie Knowles,
ithugraret Roberts, Catharine Levici.


A strong bentineut lu the City in
Favprr 0n a Cnane ui .ocatiou.

F:j-nm Saturday's Dail .
There is a very strong sentiment tn
this city in favor or purchasing a n.,,
pest bouse. The Tribune representia-
tive Intervoewed a number of large
property 0.t.. r yesterday and wnile
they i "ere unanimously in fa -or of
having one and using it on .e-iosle
Ulte ine present, yet they ver- a.il op-
posed to ha ing une located i h-ere- ne
present one stands.
Qne prominent business man stated
that he is opposed to the present ioca-
tion because of the people residing ir,
the immediate victity Hte said there
were twelve families living within a
stone's throw of the pest house build-
ing. These families he thought all
owned thelr property and most of them
had cultivated gardens and truck
farms that could not be abandoned at
the present time except at great losms.
Besides this he said that it rendered
practically valueless hundreds of acres
of dealirabe lan4 that is especially
adapted to farming and vegetable

amso& aa vwt teemtve rwaW IHB n re ,pily to a question aM to where he
fste d ukey West aiway. e- considered a good location for the pest
Wr t Durftsa a d sted Io his pft- house he said that in h4s opinion one
1 that tils roel haa sot eps'oed of the small islands in the nay, south
00 to -. Its eatS ealenses or east of the city, would be the best
u ft4m 'ay.1M, end le that location. They were only: about a
0,uS ita we h ts Sm~ 'S. half aa mile from the city, could be
em t~abo et,- 7?02.W, reached in a few minutes and at lew
l tha there Is us ftAre reject epense could toe kept entirely free
* -"O.' 3* Ntis&eenM'- et from the outside word. The danger ot
be in charm of WB receivere- taldng patients to the island woulo
al yagthe malls f ~-e; not be near as great as it wsld be in
ther'. taking them out to the present location
the 1. Besides people coming to and from
S t e to show ps In aser.-us proximity to the
a'i Vy^ t... e . aiohouse. He thought the present house
Sp M g iFtass ebthe pnchae. d s d grounds could be sold for a suffl-
95 pa m r dcnimt amount to mbuld a new house 0n
tdQe oaa yes0 once valm l the island.
A5.- tne I e o-a.r Mand. ,d e -
osh- teasoei l t epepe iml A WIBe lsUGGeO,4TO hN.
t and imsser lm Itniness bI conversation with a leading citi-
Sllbt der. esn of Tampa yesterday, who is thor-
oughiy versed in sanitary laws he re-
marked that one of the greatest dan-
-1 WL&A 4WAPt0 DEAD. ger in the spread of smallpox or any
ST Rd S octtl. .. other contagious disease is in the peo-
'C- o. C who occupies ed pie sending their clothes to Th' hanid
s ar .l2S, ,sds. lts at the laundries where -verybodys cloths ar
r '# thrown together and pt through a
.-tyr ttoe m -days. process at a temperLature that don't
JsisroC-e brain tI give as the il the dkAsease germs. The only safe
=ssei' ttik.t8S ismethod Is the steam process used by
F 1W* ur&M m atack on the ,,team laundries where the clothes
". U1" i Ta* F morn- are boiled at a 21 2 tenperatuce. At this
Uni-O- mUl degree of heat so germs will live and
r d atn O any good physician wull advise this as
i5 -..- is gp -. -.Me the safest method. Tam Mp is -blessed
eofh w41M0 t r. was a W" .I first-ciass steam laundries and
a *$1 et _lnlthe* PeOl wili greatly lesser the dan-

pcial attentUon, e caed tc the arli-
N. s-4esz of hoorporaiooof tfL bteSoto Hro-
i, oMnigas^Y, oC-9e st.s, Thise n-

eherlff Speucer. It is understood that 1tke oar o bm, tilledMxlra
they both gave bond for a bearing. gent anuelpae f eoeftt* I fo a g
t ocur. In the ease~sme, do aed t 3tem
Suppose th1. a b =

CUBAN COURTS. l s. tin,
'Me Gloe i --Irt T 'to hr
Col. Evans Says uStice is Unknown been asmntedth nottm Smm t ba
in Them. a mUtaiy prOieamde wVMlrbfeivw l^
in Th ed to produce permanent paeltkmf t0
____ Luson .Itf not ih *e thte swhos e "
Havana. April 21.-Special.-Heavy grouplf islands. It % satml, deer
rain is faLling to-day, wtich is regard- for#, that e sudden awatkba 13t
ed as being the beginning of the wet that unple"eant dream hould grav
season and as stopping the grinding of afect pbe opinion nla the Uam95d
.ugr cane Stat-., --4
The American troops which were The eDaMy Mail wll say to-morow
camped in the city parks, weie move mornlng:-"W'e do not believe for an
into- barracks yesterday. The Seventh instant that the wimshtl prohoe of .
cavalry and the Second artillery, re- Prance, Germnny and Itley rM v be
spectively at Vedado and Mariano, are verified, and that (Americe wa retire
still in tents. Their barracks will not vanquished and hornitaed from the
be ready for two weeks. Seone of the the htBPpw., b A, poste i aB- ta- -
troops at .M.tanzas. Giuanajay. Clen- tlo oof 7;e@;W.ose u iso notho t O Iota a*
fuegos and Pinar del Rio are still in beaten and m aMted by a handle f .
tents. 1l armed semW-hbft=ra. Pled -
Major General Brooke has Instructed doggedness wil tri=uop in the end. uJxent
the department commanders to sus- "No truehearted American cia ralt "
pend or dianis civil officials who are his voioe to recms te troop, or refm -
found to be Inefficient or who are reinloreements. It would be cowardice
guilty of maladministration. This and Continental ntlon would never A
tightena the hold of the provincial gov- cease to sneer.
ernors on civil affairs, which hold has "The conquest of Roin y iAaerica
been relaxed, thereby causing the civ- bas undoubtedly created a teen of
illans to disregard the military author- jealousy and perhaps alarm on the
Cities, as In the case of the Havana continent of Surope ahd nothing would
courts whe,-- the pa t sh lawyers have cause greater delehti than for the
formed a society to support the Latin Filipinos to avenge Spae, but the
la wand reject Anglo-Saxon molca- is aburd for a country that n the.
lions. Sweeping changes are under cause of humanity and civlllsa en
consideration, bravely entered into a naval war with
The superintendent of the depart- a Dun-pean Power to retreat before the
mnt of correction, Colonel John Gary l armed 'bands of Aslatio halfbeedf.
Evans. says it is Impossible to obtain 't would be too preposteroust or a
Justice In courts where the accused can ]atilon that bai Iobly taken up j-
not face his accusers, know the charge s white man's buldeh." America
made against him and see the test- not turn btak, however great these
mony- where there is no jury no writs rlfre demanded of her ,
of habeas corpus, where -bribery is no- $ '
torlous in evenr direction, and where s
the bar. almost to a mon. is Insensi- I|V|l|fl Tilr
ble to anything wrong, is bred of a L | UL
rotten evstem and considers coretuptic, ru
a matter -.f course.' IllllU lilt I S

S Establishing Autunomon3 Oov-
A SNEAK THIEFL ernment Under Consideration.

Private Room.
Autnaldo and ott 1 oa d of LeaAM
On Friday afternoon soeda. WiIg Aep
sneak thief entered the private roo., Willing toAjcopt' onabls"
of J. L Reed. In Lovengreen's uirer- Terms if Offered
taking establishment, on Frankhin '.-
street and stole a number of valuable Washington. A.prIl tS o*
articles. Mr. Reed is the assistant in sate doparom tent h recePved so -
the offloe and in fact does a greater miselon aboat a &iino cptmmittee pra
part of the undertaking work. At the posing to meet the Ameriam ad a e W
time the theft was committed he was for pemsoebt they lave_ o oubt b
absent In Ybor Otty. taking care ot a tth rertils ue. Inew e b so-
body and gettiag it ready for burial. t io .
When he returned abouK 5 o'clock he Gtendri CehtNA. ays the W prps M m
had occasion to go to his room to ment he p ropoed v mdnoIog d
change hi clothes, when he discovered does not know who lsgam.. i s. :W
that he had bden robbed, says that anuoog the report Is t .
The thief got away with two fine It shows that the situaton Is i '. '
suits of clothes one of which cost S, In ,g SL dthbnre e peM e a -
and the other 3 His best sut was ospeedyoif on t bemett .eentNEsa
black and the other blue. In addition the determination oft the president et 0
to the two suits several articles of un- to caUtor f thOS "SuAWitAd' -
derwear, fine linen and a valuable tires- thrs% Sae warm br"s- -Ta
ing case, which contained collars, cuffs to yield, Wererr, to th WresuMs 1be-
and many small trinkets that the own- Ing brouekt to beat from Al patat ai
er vabed very highly. the ematry to have avthnk thef 5."

officers who are doing all they can to pooed tW Captain G -ma, k of
apprehend the thief. He has not the Fourth Mew Jersey t Isftry, &t* ,e
least suspicion as to who did the work, day a d tiurged he d ,t
but declares that he will do all In his president that In case the eutS S'
power to find out. were required New Jerwey staaftd ,,
4 to furnish a regiment. .o
G-OL FEXPERTr. The president, however, fieel t0"t '
effect on the stmuatlon n m Luaon ft
Col. J. H. GUillespie, of Sarasota was an international pent of Vtew mue
in the city yesterday. He was on his- be bad. as sowing that thbBUMeS-
way home from Kissimmuee, where he Ient" n easditAa esa there I
took a leading part In the big prize a stroeK feeling tin ary ietrclee that
tournament, held there during the past the regular force auld hbe utiliXed-t thl
week. He did some very clever play- potting down the rs 0. ktlon.
Ilg and succeeded in braking ,not only ^ .duIgyt Rp pSp 8O9 at
the grounds" record, but all former re- D e v,.,
c.rds made by himself. On account of 'Mr L. D. liler. the clever and er i

playing of Mr. Turner, Dr. Bowdtch n n .

fdent and palastakigr cter, Mr J

.... ..... .... m that nn has sei^-^ ^ _ki .

Aft If

.of orida Sol-
335,- /

Miia.te -

p1>1w ltes


.....m daIly, i e t atrdy.
W, ,

W -a ...> .... ........ ..m dally, ezept uBt ays.
. Dally, exept Sendays
S Ilaas ina Every Respect.
.' a diOillse..' .. ......Arrive 2:08 am.
,.F Patrha................Leave 8:00 a.m.
,..... t B -......... .... .. I 2:30 p.m.
.^ a I i .... ...... ...... pm.
;. e fr (D La .... .... 12:00 noon
,-,H. t ............. .... 11:00 a.m.
. ..... 90 am.
. -.. .9:30 a .
MIkatdOr, .Q4 We9, Bay St.. Jacksonville
Met W, ]MY.StSy .,js,, r, ile. l
O ewsMa Smperlsaeden.,

..lT. .- ,'I "Ss So. tDe Aev... ti

&& OO's

ST,:-IA l




ks W.IL Qras Co., 26.30 N.WM AM Street j

AtshIeoew Location, Oct. 15. 1847

-, b.&"SONS,'



t under the suller-
oQf Our btpsines. Parties
aS .depend on having
S am promptness and
selected. Write to
.m D,,y Goods
M .ICr-U ,fe purpose


;0 .- - !I-

I Il VrIM TMpo of th10 SWt G Cp e, ..
.-! Varnl Tpo, menl do the picking the field
lmatrmoany, and women rout wdt I
_il, h l Admire, be ploked Ye. wat trl e besrra a
the social bush for somebody to oon
THE MATRIMONIAL BUREAUS.along and pick them. Abom b
_custom and one which has led mo
Sthan one woman to take up wit
Women Wait on Social Bush to be somebody who she knew "was not.
A New Obstad. Picked- One BSided Social social and intellectual equal and t
The old obstacles that used to preve ustom stead of whom she woold have oretl
the marriage of loving couple are out o C red another If she could have Ullow
dete. The Mbood-and-thunder vlian is a the instincts of her nature without Vea
myth nowadays. The noel father is only (CopTyrighted, f89. for Charilz Nox of being called forward, bold. unwi
a tradition. -Di ce, absence and ship- Press Bureau.ar
wreck in these days of cheap, safe and manly, and In a hurry to get narrj"
swift transportation do not count. The New York, April -22.-This week's SCIENCE "ANDt LO7 0o MUBfN
ew obstacle a common senseone It letter is for the great army of people Where Hes the remedy foe this thing
soll-heties on side or the other, who march under the banner of spin- Some readers wtU not agree with n
Men nowadays hesitate to marry a won, sterhood. 'ingle blessedness," says In what I am about to write, but I a
as, so matter how beautiful, so matter bow somebody. Very well, if you think It is free to say that rightly conducts
a sti Sfrom Ill-health. All men or blessed to be stale probably you are matrimonial bureau would be a bless
having desire happy, healthy children. right so far as your case is concerned. ing. Do not misunderstand me. I d
asy woman who wi may fit herself ot 'But Nox." says a reader "of course, not mean these match-maklag eoa
the duties of wifehood and the exalted fuse-
tim of motherhood Dr. Pierce's Pavorite you do not meAn that there cannot be ceres, which I fear- leave people wor
Prescripies banishes all hindrance 4n the other things which, operating In a wo- off than they And them. and whtih a
tM of local il-heat. It gives handlt man's tfie. may make marriage a sec- operated in order to get the mnany c
power asd eapseity to the delicate sdhan
portant organs conceraed in wiwehood ondary thing with her, do you?" the over credulous and the tooend
maternt It eIeest all Splaeemeat, I can understand how a burning am- Look sbout you Take into Bem-*-are
nds m dn m Vbition on the part of a woman--aay the tion the thoauaia of unmared we
Mepres for natural, elthy o ambition to follow a professional ca- men who have a wealth of womal
It akes te as nd@a sy d reer-may make marlrage a secondary cha ter to tbetow on other five
12-1 TW" a a thlang with her. I can alab understand when right opport*pitles come. Cog
staad the tsftilo i' eoo&d It 6 the how a woman, who, after observing the template the marriages in whlel we
E3 f5 lo serveteslesm-desead ma~ny cares and the limited opportuni- men have taken up with men who wy"
d SSale alotem l nbttate an yom r for Intellectual & worth i nth.e Ives their Inferiors .a thtar thei would w
salWNI noturt agee a. i upna7016 .f ..o
After tol ertota" wrt Mra of some marteed women ,should think have done had msdltUoa been dli
I t, Ik,~ h ,ae It better on the whole for her to jgve ent Bee the taik ot reason di--l. y
eiaDr. Pier~ saten p any thought at marriage, although in the too-young sad lly maFrriae
Thra Potside of Ui i sealth. The be the desire for such a life might not be that are made. In a word, see the pg
1111111Mliswrttenin th e lrep b 1Of e entirely absent in her. I can also un- pile who come together at theemarrtag
emestipair sand lake the blood and derstand how a woman who has been altar without any reference to th
gms. They sever ip. By n courted honorably, as she believed, great laws of body and miadn
only to be deserted after years of at- I would have a bure-a whitd shoe l
tentlon by her so-called lover, should be conducted for the we e of 11
S TAT flA T~fl come to feel that she can trust no man applicants, that is honeetty &an inte
S ITAT L uun I LI with her heart for llfe. gently the purpose ing to asmslt me
And who bas not met the irl Tho and women who are mentally sad Ah
Dr. J. Y. Porte Speaks g Affalt Zw says: 1I am able to ern a good living, sically fitted for each other to beeon
and on the whole, prefer to remain acquainted. Pegsons whose protfeio
Invasion of State Health Laws sinke and have my money to uae as I al skill would make them competent I
by the Government. please, during the winter I have my examine each applicant. and p
share of good times, and when summer on the books of the burease abot
Tallahassee. April 19.-Special.-By comes I can gto to tie seashore 1-y my appear the stetin"PtP regarding bht
-'easop of his success in keeping the board out ot my dtrn earnings, be In- the weak and strong points o the btod
state of Florida tree from the ravages dependent, dress well, and get lots of and mind at the person, together wit
of yellow fever and other epidemic dl- enjoyment out of life. I am better off a record of his or her preference on
seases since his appointment as execu- as I am." corning nationality relIgion, ail
tive officer of the state board of health OLD-TIME INSTNCT MISSING. standing, age, stature, learning oene
ten years ago, Dr. Joseph Y. Porter. To these three classes of people I nation ,knowledge of household sf
state health officer for Florida. is re- would say that while I do not e.t:re- .complexion features, disposition and 9
cognized as one of the leading sclen- ly agree with you, yet. perhaps you are namncal condition.
tists of this country. Justified In thinking as you do when Surely there is nothing to such a
From pers nal experience and exten- the question is considered from your Idea to cause the most refined man c
eive observation, Dr. Porter has form- point of view. There are, however, oth- woman a shrug of the shoulders. An
ed very decided views upon the moot- er women who given none of these rea- could we have such bureaus peppj
ed question as to whether the federal sons, but who, when marriage is spok- would register at them and have (hei
government or the state government en of. toss their heads, curl their lips charts filled out with no thought what
should havejfontrol of quarantine mat- and ask in a haughty accent, "Is mar- ever that they were do og anything
ters. and he devotes a considerable riage the one alhn in tfe?" They sp-ak unwomanly and away a woman wh
portion of his report to a criticism of of it disdainfully, as if they were liv- will not be uni t with a person wh
the Mb Introduced In the United lng in an atmosphere in which such is her interior, just for the sake of ge1
States senate ,at the late sesslogt of an undestrable thing as marriage is not ting married ,would then tbave oppo
congress. by senator Doneison Caffery to be thought of. To such we would tunity to become acquainted wit
of Loulslana, to plaoe the control of say this ltter is not Intended for you. somebody whose nature would blen
state health matters in the hands of We do not understand you. You dress with her own .
the United States treasury depart- almost like men. You regard Married For one, I believe that. taken as
ment. Among other things Dr. Porter women-as slaves to men, and you lack whole. marriages ssuh under such ti
ays: that old-time Instinct of our grand- tenlliej direction nrsbuld be as tir,
S"The people of the United States, and mothers, who believed that to be wife love matches as the marriages mad
particularly the southern section of the and mother was an honorary position under the present W social rr-e'wtSwt
Union, should protest against this pro- among womankind. TV do not believe aSch a plan would aso be a blesla
posed measure as an invasion of the how to classify you. The biologists to a great n ber of Oves ad asna
reserved rights of the people of eah call our attention to lower forms of opp. I-a.dL tj r a6 truer emresaee O
state of the Unioen, as ourtaling their tole in the animal kingdom which are woMnan' PatI
powers ofat self-gvernment; as violative not Purely masculine or feminine ao nd
of their ee,*elturins 5 rights, as de- so there classy them as "neuttea'" O 0 NA; fCAfE.
structive tof theirAnherent liberties and You certainly lank the most powerful
fte atotomy at state soeru...ent, and Istnct in weenmm kind, and you are not Of Yellow Pevy Repred As Havin
as *41t _'etle to article IV, section 4, men ,however hard yo try to be such. Developed Ia 55' a. ;
of the oosttHtloe of the United States, God did aoeed in making a woman Havna A, rI J --pmeelat-Jwfte w
prVtehpna that the fd sons l out of a tma b an far no one has eases at yetllw fewer developed tOl
"guarantee to every state a reob inoiaenoeeded in making a men oar of a y^^ to-da, ,M r ftve clMhr n
form of government," te veTry, thg woman, As already stated. owe do not -t '
the Caere senate blU to calcat know how t lecaty ro, ad for e- .here are notAmeryans sadnear th-
me tonaMby to eentualy ndevr- mionne Me will ca n aou neuter asd tard a is-knowatthe nf5
mine and t~ be thankful that yon are in the mdmoc- t ef he o o
"The guardianship of the publie 'A WIOMAN W -ALL. ADMIRE American In Cthi, with the tfewer,
health within a state is a domestic de- I know there is a worthy place fo man named i teh who had Me
ty, a p11ce power, eminatIng inmtc some women in the professions. nd for working on a plantation near Pamillal
diately, from the people, who are namt more of them in business Ife. I row Matrana province. He is a discharge
directly affected by and concerned In gat so far as a blity Is concernol tter ptr'rate.
Its administration. and cannot consti- women excel qe of their brothers Io Gen.d oaximo Guei ti arradging t
tutionally, or with eatet'. effltelenqy. these pursuIts. I know that their' are publah to-morrow a lisat -tf payma
economy or discrimination, be confer- exceptional cases where It is no doubt terms and sv-e'tnat- appointed at 1
red upon a chief of a bureau at Wash- better, and therefore right, for v one, meeting held this eveng. Be wil sa
itgton, remote from the scene of ac- to shut out from their thought cry in connection therewith, that, owaing t
ton, himself often foreign to the cli- Idea of a home of their own an- to the neceelty for the estst-ishmsnt t
mate. its people, their diseases and the every woman who Is not marPel 1w- a Peaceful republic at the earlest pos
most enlightened method of treating cause other people are dependent: union able ate ,the only troops needed ar
the same." you for support n' send the n.osc r -d- those ot the interveningpower with th

A LIVELY PFRACAS. ly greeting rins -unday morning Yen assistance of the rural guards In Ioo
are not shanikaed to acknowledge tar lated districts. Therefore. he will con
A lively scrap occurred about 1 you would like to be in a home of ycur tend and Instruct that soldiers of th
o'clock yesterday afternoon at the own .the wife of a true-n-arted -man. "Cuban army must disband, and delUv
Saratoga saloon, corner of Franklin cut :ir. a nave been and, are er their arms to the officers, who wti
and Polk streets 'between H. lardee against you, and you are what you are deposit them In a suitable receptacn
and James Clark. They quarreled over because of your inmate nobUity. Yours or museum, where they wil be guard
a game of pool. Some words of an un- ls a Ilife of nsef-sacriflce, which is the ed as reUlics of a glorious struggle. Th
complimentary nature passed between subHmest expression of love. Yow have men are there to go to work mmnedi
them. With billiard cues in hand they an aged mother or an invalid sister, ately.
went at each other like two Irishmen or an unfortunate father who needs Beveral reports are In circulation--
with shelalies. Each of the combat- your financial aid. To withdraw your cabled to the United States reaarding
ants received several severe whacks support from the family would cause the affront to Gomez yesterday, whfl
over the head. e4rms and shins. They the wtlf to cross the door-sill. And he was returning in a lauaeh, aft
were finally separated but not until so you hide your secret in your worthy saying farewell to his sons and dagh
both cues had been broken and consld- heart, and go forth to your dally tolL ter who sailed for' en3 Domingo; bu
erabit amount of furniture damaged. inspired by the thought that your sac- the exact facts are these:
They were both placed under arrest rifice means comfort and happiness to Gen. Gomes was hissed by some pe1
and will be gfren a hearing in the po- a life that is dependent upon your et- pie who were standing on the roof o
lice court to-morrow morning, forts. Your badge of spinlsterhood Is a house that overlooked the haorM
Sone to be proud of. There Is a reason, They waved .panish ags, cried, "I on
4 B(MB MRCHANIS. and a most excellent reason too, that Ikve Weyler!" and "Long live Spalan
you are what you are. All honor to -Death to Gnmea '" Teath& to I
The Chinese laundryman that left y ou! and thol.meda of re s wtLU, Americna- and' "Deah to the C
yesterday for Hong Kong doubtless tar we think, re-echo nw sentiment. bas!"
rl aweU-led rse tof Tapa mM- But the majority of our maiden BL&- te passengers and mailoo on hebw
inh-sT Docket, Theriches. tha e ters reslngle not became they, have the AVIfoelo epead the ei
b 'rds Ian his tay here wil doubtless others depident e pon them for sOp- Bee the Ppesm that opps Oe=
4-ble iMM to lM In lum.ry in his ?Ia- port; not because they are so absorbed nounce the pvsedia s as an 0ifu
ttve land during the remainder of "a In other-'was In Ute that martrage be- Since Ja& MI. f 3k pepsih d"u
.i. T great dOM f this snney wV omes a secondary thing; not because hawvletftcW r l ta ,4 Te'4e XE
Ntned r.b hi. femal to pay any ta&es they ltook with disdain upo= the mar- took 0M yestw ry ,' .
r~ImntyhWayoayrmpublcMII- Me tie; n t because the wooldat t '
A pri sl or s Cltfsl s get married If the raftet qpptiAbI, IThe Charboafto i ir kie


toD. i~ol~lg
DO bio-h

hmeett h

y nbaud 10' 4 -ii .st

mldo -s -- --
itsms heTOS~

thmatpoit.t -

Ptossneat u12M6

t hS

UIP tioa Tboies da~

or po mlnhe ad 'mi'w s mte-

e aaw&
- t 0
that Dr. Js1 4 .
TtoeM. ho4 been -M I
Authortaest-,taske *.
l two camse. the t
. keep a close watek
L taken tor the "tec14'
spend his eadee trMi
two planoes4a d'w*i,
S properly
L e Heated peit it

or. l.amof.



O Plant City, ia, April --Speclal. -
with 0. W. Robertsoo, of Arcadia, spent
-ssd Air Wednesday with theb home folks here.
S ay The strawberry marketing season
SPnlular for this part of Florida is about over.
ts beesenform- and manp growers are already prepar-
6 emers John Ing their fields for the coming sea-

FIW d 1"rl dD addent Bome fine Irish potatoes are coming
6Bt "li in, tn for shipment at this place, worthy
hra ^M of GCS rdeay. of good prices.
t in A eMfaetion Miss Lissie Caulda left Wednesday
'0.sAl smstps o ra visit of some days with friends
e at lbe sree ao e in Tampa .
at eage O the The spring bean crop is rapidly
MB eamln into market. Many shippers
"-" -MlMa nd of last week received $3 net, per crate.
K '.1 .B fBN. l-ere for good grades.
ide these F. McGJ, who has been ab-
6'"*06. t C om- sent in Key West for some time, spent
PO- the past few days with his family In
j i alde fins town, returning on Tuesday.
=ie t tcntLt5 iq 2U newly repaired Webb residence
w~ci pay- I, receiving a good coat of paint.
i etlor4t Cen- C'. CZ. Barnes is out again after
'Aitead wal be a sevrpe attae or measles.
,.. The Tropical hotel is undergoing all
sR#4 1A* the needed repair.
nd e Mr. #6-d Mrs.. C. Calhoun had a
2,p = u b be dangerous rUmWy aear the home of
r, lMl The their son, Mr. Wm. Calhoun, at Tur-.
'~i t~iC kt y Creek, ommetls over two weeks
t r pay- fo their heber running away, throw-
ik lUm mee ou, *% o q their road cart
t asnd IAsurtiag Mar. Calhoun only allght-
ll Ny, while Irse Casihoun was badly
,,, t. b At&ount the beA, shoulders and
Thrt-lmr 1l e bt been oaulned to her-
room under the ca&re of Dr .0 8.Wright
.N: w^gM w 3arr.id at 4 p. I. Friday evAlng, nby
1t* Pow.- C. Vickers, at his home, the
i^ rsv.. LX To"dd an 'Miss V. Chastain,

3 r pleaseig entertainment for the
I. toB! remen Yomg people, was gjven n the school
hall Friday nlght.
0 ami a l aflna picnic' held at
a[lt t. ti ldertan's ford Saturday was quite
i .wel aittsded. 4 number cf our young
irei m people tve out.
Sthe There wl be the regular fifth Sun-
day Protestant Epscoypal services in
O. tr t the Masonle chapel on Sunday next,
.o.py nw tRev. L. H. Waddell, officiating.
when the new Mr. and Mrs-. M L- Oumm of Tampa,
eted on the are spending the week with the hone
A painful and Adangerous accident oc-
aPlam HIP. curred at the Warnell Mills Saturday,
O a Clontract .In which CbMr 0. Pemberton, the
S- h , ,.carpenter, was ha y hurt by the
lw . away of the scaffolding on the
new water tank MA which he was at

In Prot BuchhoWU of Tamrpa, was in
4alfrt town Fiday night. ,
S Very Interesting revival services are
wsusMa- *beelag held In the M EL-. church this

en~t .the 'Mr. C .1H. Curtis. the tobacco ex-
eter,-- p t of Da.le CIty, was in town-Sat-

,' C. L Joqe ha been looking af-
Mi. t h"aft. hist landed tereet here for the

at tobaco gowes of last year,
tto e sent their tobeeo to Quaincy to be

. .. e ... d. pArt e.. their -t e pMprodct, no tp the
bal, and t at this Utim on e market-

tellrbe -l, ews nar t woooByxbupoe
ItSg. l .a .. Ter a sitef B Ape atly and
I^ W lrtsW~Ip IanSneit boftles by all leading dreg-

e'ulfca v" Mystle Cure- 'rnRheumatism and
O.eoralgia radically cores inl to 3 days.

Or o one of the largest moonlight escur-
adloua of the seeabs will take place to-
1^^ -W..'''al. sight on board the majestic and fast-
15 uoy6 going steamer Manatee. It will be
ander the assplees of Bay Lodge

id m y mot will doubtless be
diqmsed of to-day. The trLp will be
Ote wn the bay, a distance of abound: 25
and return. The beat maMit that,
A. Ta-pa can tarnish will accompany the "
ey -"-l oL- The, resh-neats will i*
. mBan"shed pn boaM the boat by the
Kzg s-a Daughters, and this fact is a
g s'An*tee that fist e asC eatables whll
SB ha a lianpdpso I'The boat will leave
pulw itFunller's wharf promptly at
etic isAdt A i4 return about 12 p, m.
lebeet-s e, y ix nts, for sale at

C, T. GV R ..
M~M.aud O Green ,nuatIonal W. C.
D niser ad chalk talker, will
-n a citsy ta-day, and wit give one
ltatematMV' ad UWqe tetares
Sat chelk, portraying with
ea; life. il.She teaches

r ..4

e Dm l S I R l-* ~the aouewm mms t Jimaa Ma J i, 6BA

Don't thin r r cure that slight
C GMlTlElCUDI L B attack ot0709ih by dieting, or that
Cure will cre t; It "digests what yo
ntesing t Poraying Inci. e" nd restores the dg e ga
to health. S. B. Leonardl & Co., C"en-
dents and Accidents of Everyday tra Pharmacy, of Tampa. Diamond
Lift in Tampa-Personal Pharmacy, of Ybor City.
and Imperona L Mrs W. B. Keith. Mrs. George
Smoyer and Mrs. C. A. Keller, of Ma-
Raymond sells wobd. Telephone 300. rion. Iowa, stopped over In the city
h yesterday on their way to St. Peters-
The invincible Babcock. Hobbs & burg. where they will apend several
# weeks wfth friends.
Babcock sets the standard. All oth- If you have piles, cur
ers try to follow. Hobbs & Co. If you have piles. cure them. No
4 use undergoing horTible operaUons
Lieutenant Carter, of the police force, that simply remove the results of the
Is recovering from a ten days' illness, disease without disturbing the disease
Itself. Place your confidence oIn De- *
Mr. Geo. E. Wilson. the popular In- Wltts Witch Esel Ba ve. It has nev-
surance man, has returned from a er tailed to cure others; it will not tall
business trip to G 1eorg1. to ours you. S. B. Leonardl & Co.,
Monarch. Defiance, King and Del- Central Pharmacy, of Tampa, Diamond
mar bicycles. Take your choice. Pharta r. of Tbor City.
obbs & Co. Bayer and wife, e 7ew y rk
The many friends o iMrs. C. `H. Tidd city, arrived here yesterday and will
will be delighted to know that she is be *6sM0 Of oMr. Bert HUderIy, the VB
rapidly recovering from an attack of knewafr it and commes'elon mer bast.
nease. r Bayer Ir the senor member of
4 a Be r es, of New or, deakrs in
*WW uide wn Sl M or diTor y ies, lass, knmas, a teo. lie mapes tre-
y0m." "-lamp Seam Ieap quent visits to PlordSaa nd inv-ilali .
bm aw Corner Tam a TW makes It a paint to poen anral dayr

mrs. W. P. mill. of St. Peters6tur, I 7o O r t#endewae ti M l
who has been the test of her father ea the ii t Sod%, paW60 wear
and brothers for some weeks in, this m-
city, has returned home. a s 'lne T -he, a fat -4J1,
'Messrs. J. L. Burn and D. T. Zichel- he27y Sa seep~y 7 eer H ltori d.
Qberger have purchased the meat mar- .d noted. DeWLtt'aLttlft
ket at the corner of Seventh and Ne- N yoS 70 aUiptaj y -l
brasa avenues and will continue and AMa) .a pA*DId netlx:'b r :I q1* q E
enlarge the business until it is one of the egestion ad castag the bile
the most complete markets in the state. ducts to open ad flow naturally.
They a segod pUi& 8., R. ie~nardi &
It costa no more for soda waler at Co., Central Pharmacy, o Tampa,
that unequalled up-to-date soda ous- Diamond Pharmacy, of Ther City.
tain in Morton's big drug store than
elsewhere. Ice cream served made by J. W. Roberts selts garden hose at
the Alpha company-nothing equals it S&60 for S feet. t
in Tampa. This is the verdict of all Auburn Wagons are warranted and
epicures who have favored us. Orders sk for $30 by Bobbs & Co.
for delivery if within a mile #
Ice cream soda. 5 cents. E. L. Gross,
The many friends of Eugene Blane corner Franklin and Lafayette streets.
are delighted to welcome him home af- 9
ter having spent a few weeks in Hava- F- H. Curry ,of Braltentown., 'as
na. Mr. Blaine says there is no place transacting business ton the city yes-
like Tampa, especially when one is terday..
turned loose in a place like Havana. J.M. Fisher sells the biggest loads.
air. Frank D. Jackson, the popular and the best wood for the money.
traveling representative of PhllIps & 'Phone 236.
Fuller, will leave this morning for a F. J. Hammond, of ,Hawthora- Wss
trtp through the West Coast country- registered as the .AlmeTA hotel yeste.L-
In the Interest of hsflrm. day.
It is hard to come to specta les but The only igar t satis the
there Is comfort t the right kind to LaNorm asmoker Sc. J. M. Martines,
be sure there could be no right kind 14 Lafayette street.
If we did not need them. Anyhow,
come in and talk It over. Ill be frank L. A- Koehne, traveling asa.-rsVtr
with p-ou. If yeir trouble is only mo- agent of the .L & kG railroxd. was in
meatary eye-tire or your eyes are the city yesterday.
down because yodr health Is below par, G ,
I'll tell n -you po. r-sletion Tree. Dr. Ground bone for your chlihns "In
Loh Optician Office Central Phar- n ty. at Wyne & Co,
mny. kltn a r ,e
Master. James Cobb,. the n-ubae and ulrler's lft for Saford o a "atrd -
bright Uittle son of CoL J. LM. Cobb, the evening to visit trteadi. .
well known merchandise broker, aflv- 4 -
*d last night from Georgia, and will ~B ~d atve w ae an d4 M t
make his home in Tampa with his roomwn have opened t dr es to
atheer. ----"-e "
," '- ,-- Mr. a r. M. 10, Slmaao pg e .
J. D. Bride, editor e-ad proprietor returA -r4 s _tNe wheo. _a a -
of the Democrait, e--' uter, N.t H., Joyed a few Tda ,, visit amn friends. e

Minute Cough re for ha boy, wh i t on a ni the sInattdi yesterday .
troled with a or col. I o Hre was regitered at the A-meria er
the best remedy for troop I ever used.st m et
8. B. Leoarddi & Co.. Central Phar- ( le .oB. Asi r af of saa'o. t j
macy, at Tampa. Diamond Pharmacy, D. LIeLl. ofa t.s k ^ 1d a C. e' -, d.
of Ybor City. pel, of Part Tam pa, eo. amtOg the s
,-- arrivals at the Aim-iti-a'.el c tper-m t-
Messrs. C. B. Bryan & Co., ha'e put- day .
chased the feather renovating business 0 fra
of assrs. Tuil & o M omy and w11 Ds. Pat-telo who was formery in, cr
cotue the business d on a o- charge oe the Red C work in 'this
continue the business on Harrison city, arrived here from Washington, Hi
street. Watch for their new advertise- on Saturday. where he has been located C. 4
isent in the Tribune'. for s5sae time. yost
4 4
$ $ $ $ $ $ Money to loan Sarasota will have a newspaper. It I
ByKwmITr & Ti,,ERSO.n wIll be called the .,arasots Ti-tes and I
BBCKWITH i HENDERSON. Wilson, of Manatee ,as spoken r.f ,sE of I
Jesse and S 'yiester Walden, of Do- the editor-in-chief. oUt
ver. were vilslitLn friends in the crty C. C. Burns. the furniture dealer, left ww
yesterday. 'last week for Savannah, whete he wUil

Sbe located for about two months, look- "
Babcock buggies. Auburn wagons, In" after the Interests of his branch wil
and harness and saddles to suit a!!. E. store, located In that city. wil
D. Hobs & Co. Rev. J P. Hilborn. presiding elder
Mrs. Hugh C. acfaa and rcl- of the Tampa district, stopped in the F:
Mrs. Hugh C far n c city yesterday on his way home to HI
dren left yesterday for St. Petersburg Dade City from St. Petersburg where Petc
to spend a few days visiting friend&. he has been conducting special meet- ch
Get a Featherstoue bicycle at 325 or leo
in Olive at 5W from the Tampa iar- W. P_ Fuller left yesterday morn-
ness aud Wagon Company. It lng on a business and pleasure trip to L
EgmouLt Key view
Dr. If. T. Lykes and wife left on t. Kansas C repre- nu
'Monday night for Havana op a few C. W. Bartlett. of Kansas City, ong the day.
weeks prospecting or. arrivals at the Hotel Arno. A.
The finest thing. in the worli for 3our Mayor Bowyer spent Sunday at his give
hens. Is ground bone. Makes them old home in Lakeland returning to the Dra
vigorous and healthy. 'Phone or send city in the evening., ta
tb Wynne & Co., 1191 Franklin street. The schooner Defender arrived yes-
At Tibbetts r novel- trday from darasota bay with tour
At Tbbet B annex ew novel- thousand fish for John Savarese .
ties are constantly arrivlni and rea- who
sonable prices prevail. The annex ad- John A. Bishop. a prominent mer- as ti
joins our corner store. St. chant of Clemawater. was trahsacting left
brasness in the city yesterday.
Merritt Clarke and wife, of North- Attorney C C or
hjampton, Mass arrived in the city TaIlahassee last night to asdat in the
yesterday from Key West oa their way work of gettinU a fair and favorable Dew
north. Thy spent a pleas6it winter consideration of the new Tampa char- mrb
inte e. te othotis of t th now before the legslats..
Jtate. J. Par-don, whohas been perin- -w
tendent of the VVt division of the
SPlant ytn A" had oae division of two
A"A. Freha .-, b-t.t always.of the -J. L W. b .h addedth

W. &-Co.. :.A, ..
C'at fA



~ T T

st -valrad. asved e, ti

Serday and is stoppaf at tm A
have now in stock a ery petty
bed room sauts which I aem loti
at a vOey low price a d on
kig paymenta. C. C. Bues. #* c
nkUn str-eL e .'
he spring term of the ci ctL
covenen this city next moth
bort term. na predicted.
or a clear complexion, bright spark-
Sekes and vigorous digStion, take

mall" & C7.
W. Baldwin. editor of t he Bell- r
e News-Letter, was calnfag on a
loer of his Tampa friends yister- -0t

. A. 1: Presh Elgia butter aia-tfr
as satiactietln Served g & J. 1
,ty. . W. W. & Coa maea.-
cy grocers. Wholealad by J. P.

Ir. W. P. oflSt .PdershurF,
has ibep a c oya l a vis e-
he guest of haer e. .. P
for her home wYes .
or entire line ra laeJfo.IW
ton sboes .(with th%-.mte4*oCz
wey bost) fIsoer iefee t

F. Z. Pardo&..s

^-- *^*^aE~~tt74,1^
.....j ..... j i tt n


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