Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: April 20, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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MOb Positio.


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Wb* Review af Ninth
Dtow Voto-Aew.

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'., Jptgae a"ima meeti of the
'0w *, .-kieustlom of cr elty
-Aft VWI be held at the a-d

S-=maw. Saw beem' Sdourued
i to time for wans of a quo-
saim last Jfm6,t and two or three
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l_ e P. 0. A

c reference to his record in had tforty-nine pledged voters present
Wmhha o. He was early ap- and the star of Jacksonville's candi-
The third and last speaker of the date seems to be steadily in the as-
ewentl. J. P. Talaterro, n was then in- cendent.
troduoet. He was vociferously ap- Soon after the opening of the session
sae 'ltHUea ddres coswt sde- for this morning the house took up the
tivered from manuscript. He descrtb- motion to reconsider Mr. Clark's ci-
ed himself as a plain, every day tbul- warette btil. After a lively discussion
-lsi man. He s no ottosr, but a the motion to reconsider was lost.
years te en president of the Mr. M iliard introduced a 'hilt provid-
tatet of floridea. 'e was born near ing for the 'better protection of passen-
the home of Tthosa Jefferson in A 'r- gers in railroad trains.
gl. neverbe en anything but Mr. Clark introduced three amen4-
ahmsecrata sad'ieseclated to the high
t. tle to whieh ne asapred, he would meats to the constitution relative to
always do his utmost to serve the peo- school taxes and school funds.
pie oif is state. He wished all pres- ,Mr. MoNamee introduced a bill fix-
I ent t-stltatlly underst&and that he
stpd sua y on ee ofte the length of redence necessary
Ch platform. to secure a divorce.
He was repeatedly interrupted with The senate held a brief session and
hearty 9ta4*wsts of applause. When succeeded in pesiang two btls; one was
bhehad concluded his address Mr. Clalk a local road law for Lake county and
Of DM t4l,. mounted the platform an-d the other'was a hill prohibiting the sale
declared that while he had no bou- of seed cot ton between sunset and sun-
I 'ts to bestow on the speaker, yet rise.
he could assure Mr. Tallaferro a To-morrow at noon both houses wil
-arn u~Wlome frnnm tnhrty-4ve thou- meet in their respective halls for thf
,i people upon his return to Jack- first vote on senator. There Is little o0
i as i United Mates senator, no change In the situation. Botbaldes
e-latg .'wavs then adjourned. 'All still claim a majority. The most in-
s .srs gir wArmly congrtetlat- tense interest prevails. The friends of
. th candidates are working hard. The
t- -- nd Taf.tefm. ao.- outcome was never In greater doubt
Mate hol'er U than It Is to-might. -


Expedition Preparing for Occu-
pation of Kow Loon. I

For Sualorial Houcrs Addressed the SECOND TROOPS SUCCEEDED. F
WLalate Last 1 t, First Body Encount- ra Thousands of
B ldiers With Artillery and
U H 1 p Tl 8 Hon. Captured the Position.
llB U IJ l U Hng Kong, April 18[--Special.-
F'ighting has occurred over the British
raU, Talabrro & a Call ill Ttil lease of Xow Loon territory, opposite
Hong Kong.
Thir Ltte StlOr: A small force, making preparations
for to-morrow's ceremony of hoisting
POLITICAL PLAS PROPOSED.the British flag was attacked Friday C
Hundred men from the Hong Kong B

s 00X5 4postl of emoercy operating with the torpedo boat Fame
S M t P iJ and', Indian troops, marched verland
anid encountered & thouased Chinese
n i. soldiers In a strong position, with ar-
T A -. ltY I and rifles. heCMines ire
ice seen Po- The Indian troops charged, carrying
an ents leaB tn 081sel the position, the tamne covering their
dSAdSronce. The Chinese eme was snse
ded t bV. wcld e -thke a r aesd1 there were nO British casuolitieas.
t m* sft. "j ce p e*S& I. e eAAIt wGas evident that the Chinese
an ea" dLeay tV0 t5h& 50,5 tOiT 5d beet gtluty of d55pidttvr, the flag-
f -the petleta ided aLt-'the moar Q tts P tr
lsten to the three senatoflss cat irdadte I Jor General G&ascoigne, with a full
Paseo Taiaferw o and Call item the force of Welsh Puaitlers has gone in a
i A oes of tie y. IT Were boat to hoist the British t ag to-
Invited to dso'bywa otha bi uell eh'Of the
liaSftroet nd 'besides this the day. Another force of Inddan troops
peo ee expressed a strong desire to Is marching overahte to support Gen-
hear them a ts eral acoigne and drive'the forces
.AM d"aiong from ea7 .this n ts'n- outside the leased terrltor.
tie Until the last train In this evening e e leaed terrtor
great crowds have arrived. 'Ev'ery b
fas was loaded and every private P.L-LTRR-CAR.
conveyance for miles around has been I u OLTRh CARt
utillsed to convey crowds to the meet- 0An Ingenuous Contrivance For Ship- t
Ing. Dvery hotel a d boardIng house pn Le Qa nttie
In the city is pAeked to ti.e doors. ping Lage Quantities of Poultry. I
Wen the doors of the ,dbig hall were P g
throw enopen this evening the scramble A poultry car, said to be the first
for seas was a srJiy Indescribable. that ever landed In Tampa, came In
People mushed In a mass to the front yesterday and was switched on to the
rows and for a few- minutes pandeno-sldg of Jas. P. Hardee & Co. The
nius reigned apreme.n Orderw asi sdn o w as P. ard
nally restored and with the assistance ar ia most unique in construction be- ,
of an extra squad of ushers, the crowd iug enclosed sith wire netting on the
was seated, every chair belong ocOu-' outside and entirely open except for
lied. Those who came late were glad this wire. The Interior is built in
to get standing room.
Among the crowdsthat marched in- shelves from the bottom to the too, ,
to the bll was a big delegation t each one about high enough for chick-
Pasco rooters from Monticeio. They ens to stand. .Jong the ide of these-
hald come clear from the home of the shelves are tin tro.t..i. P ateruwhi ch
oassf their choice and theY sae aer
iag to see that he got a fa r show. f r te t lled from a large water tank in
A s the three adld aies, Pasco, Ta- I the center of the car. '
iaferro, and Call made their appear- In this one car five thousand head
anee on the platform they were gree- f sultry and there thousand six
ed with tremendous applause. Ross we- is .ol. l ree a n o m ana he
senta t mi W A. M lt a e d hundred dozen eggs were brought from
ALuustine, was unanimously eletea Hunts\-lle. AkIla. On the trip onl
to preside. After briefly stating iEn thirty too of the ive thousa-nd died,
purpose of the meeting he introduced and not one of ,ohe 43,200 eggs were
he first speaker of the taentng. ri. oken. he ordinary wa of shp-
aLMuel Pasco.
'VWhen F`torida's senior senator aroma pping. in small slatted boxes, the ex-
to address the audience the applause pense .on these .-'hickens alone would
that greeted him showed clear;; to. amount to over $600 and th'- death
he was not without folloa'ers. Tn
speaker, after a graceful acknowled,-g. rate by thai method usually amounts
ment of the generous applause t' ,a, to from 3 to 5 per cent. The freight
his address 'toy defining hs attitua:i on this rar %as $208 aind the death
the democratic aXy. ie e r e p ll nothing besides he
early work as an origins. ,> t *)yo.s- r ate pctirall. ha nothing hesids tien
lower of the party and a loyal surport- p.utry is in about as healthy condition
er of every plank in the Chi,_ag.- p;a.t- as when it started. .Messrs. Hardec
form. had orders for every head of the poul-'
le next refe-rred at con3lJerab.- t bo
length to his work In the fenalt ais tr1 before It arrived and before 10-
Iat *Wash'sgton. Of his tidelity to his morrow night they will b- ready f,>r
bnstituents. He spoke t4.ly of his another car.
.work accomplished during the last 's-
Ion of the national congress. His In a lei-tr r.elved yesterday r io.i
work iL the committee room and on th-'. L. o
floor of the senate in favor of putbl-. 'r L P Anderson, manatr of the
buildings for Tampa and Tallahasse-, Detroit hotel, of St. Petersburg, he
military reservation at Juplt-r and stated that the Item that appeared in
several other important measures taut thls paper on Satrday in reference to
hndneatron. He sttke forty minutes i -r. Le Veeque being one of the proprie-
and his remarks were liberally punc- tors of that hotel, and that it had
tmated with applause. As he conclud- closed for the aeasse, was erroneous.
and in a brief speech presented r. La u do
Pasco with a very pretty boiueuet. a lre' interest in the personal property,
Boo. Wilk Call was the next speak-I and held the position of steward until
er. Hith appearance was the oceaslonI he aold his interest to Mr. Anderson
w egrlnc l-es. Be e his add who is sole lessee ant mas"a er. The
b y defining the meaning of democany hotel wtu be kept open all aummnier,
and what it meant to be a democrat, and Is recognized as the leading tourist
BHe sai that d5e did not ott- resort both for summer and winter on
othe a to spend l the West Coast.
carrying ont let schemes and gigantic ..... ..

aslfwee of fe msajtrity. st e made ed In mystery. Tallaferro's caucus

hm .adows all other One t tre Ports.s .. ',- sto" b -tS-ac s
eged cootinoslly by the warn h from tear A^mirl a
ads of the candidates. If they at- -n-- -"-.. -=
Sto hold a meeting anywhere SITUA ION LOOKS VERY SERIOU an -t .o s
y scaxcely get seated before a note o __ co" a "thei-es as cm
.eived, reqoting their immediate The H*d is eBeing Guarded ~&ld the te 0ed ext t
.ence at a litte caucus. Holding a: Patienc Will Be Sent to S-lg .
slative session In the nradt of such the Pes t House. --
soU and excitement is out of the f*j t e
ntion. to-da when the hewgai The fond hopes entertained by many

ended for the first ballot both houses that this city wou0d escape with one
.e crowded to the doors. ver' .Isolated cane at smallpox seems to
v cron ded to the doom P ^t cry' Arr vaa s osu
liable pace was occupied and as haT been blasted. Yesterday a new
Name arose to call the house to o- case was discovered on Nassau street, Who oe 00 dber
he looked out over a sea of up- in the Scrub, only a few loors from Season In Irt. Zenith.
ned faces and wondered where where the other case was located. It .
y all came form. He announced is a negro 'waserwoman and it is said Plant City, -April -pi ,
purpose of the meeting and called that she has been washing at several Haiscn J ones spent f w
nominations for the office of Uni- places during the past week, while she vicinity, d ng t the t dr last.
States senator. W. K. Zewadski was very sick and gave up a job of visi ng relatives, d latle ngvi
Marion county, responded with a washing when partly through because Tampa Wednesday.
lliant speech presenting the name of she was not able to finish it. Suspi- Strawberries are still in. e
touel Pasco. cions were aroused and a4 examina- many growers setting to *'omnwe ri
P. tcKeown, a merchant, of Con- tion yesterday revealed the fact that representatives on the depot platort
d, then addressed the assemblage it was a genuine case of smallpox.- The Warnell Mill whistles ca.nom
wing in nomination Wilkinson Call. It was first discovered and reported be heard earxy and late and businal
'ank Clark,1 o Jacksonvlle, neg to Dr. Jackson, city physician on Sun- i oin. -"
k the fday, who felt satisfied that It was Profs. J. M. Casey and W,,L
speech of the day, placing in nogreatmi- smallpox and put a guard at the house. Brall left on Monday night for Pvoe
:ton the name of J. P. Tallaferro. Yesterday morning, accompanied by Dr Gorda in- the interest of the lfaterns
Porter, state health officer, he went Union of Aerica. .
n seconding the nominating spe-ches olt and after a thorough examnatint Ui. L. ri.bln who ha been
liant and eloquent addresses whereof Orlado G pronounced it a genuine case of small- Plant City or the w inter month r ai
de by W. S. Palmer, of Orlando,". PC
Hendry, of Fort Meade, and J. T. po stigation y the health author. heath, left on Moday
llis, of take. The speches were Ivestigationle by the fat health autor- Lwrenceb Crg, Tenn.s, o
quite lengthy- and it was late in the ties revealed the fact that this woman r. Sheldon C. s, o
ernoon when the first ballot was contracted the disease from the other after visnga few ays at homik iet
led for. It resulted as follows: woman who had it, or rather from her week, returned to Taripa Wednede
'aliaferro, 30; Pasco, 26; Call. 6;companion who was with her at the Miss Su Buckner, who has etmo
rkm, 2; Sparkman, 1. The Sparkman time and owho accompanied her here the past several month 'with b
e was Hiliard, of Escamb a coun- from the phosphate mines. When this ter, Mrs. Dr. Wells, and family, lfi
'" -lder, ofoHandi oro ghb oted oman heard that her companion had :Monday for her home in aopkinsvis%
Taliaderco and ilsoMoull h i oftsile taken down aswith the disease and was Ky.
nty rl for Pasco. Liable to be taken to the pest house, Miss Ma gie Wilde is spending the
Sthe senate he sene equally shera away and soon after turned up week in pa.
animated and the same deepquain in Port Tampa City, where she is now r. D. L. omg and daughter, M ai
est was manifested in the proceed- P r. p o ^ey, of -Santa .-e, -Ne* .....
es. 5hen President Adams called the r left o t a h morning Ian
t A to orer lant a or Aevery precaut ion to guard against the Carroliton, Misa s.
t crowd to border and resked G -rspread of the disease. There is a strong Mr. i. F. Wells Is a tailt to e
i county, delivered a longand char- sentiment among those living in the tivee and friends n T : a ,ita.
county, deli ered a longs and cha- neighborhood of where the present On Amas eventinglatr Pro on
eristie speech and closed by present- caso heI avor of having the woman brt hWalden a veni e olf I it
Sthe nahe of Mr. Pasco. taken to the citypelth house .tet Walden gave one of U s p-
B. B. cLln, of L'matilla, made a e and anmusln aentert ,iprntsin tlt2 nMm-
e -effort in presenting the name of DIED OF HEART FAILURE. dience room of the s yool balldiBnse.A
o Tallaferro. It was abty seconaedl futtl house greeted h ,.
C. A. Carseon, the brilliant young Adbert Landreth, aged 41, died veryoM, Mr I BH. Owens and little dhil~ite
teman of Onseolt county. The b&l- suddenly of heart failure at Clearwa- who have spent the winter iSkm1,_W
was then called for at d resulted as ter on Ounday morning. Deceased in different parts W o m state, afl
lows: i was president of the Landreth Seed a Sturday t tt fr tBhei hosna6r, tca
'allaferro, 16; Pasco, 13; Call, 2. Company, of Wisconsin, and was rec- Tenn. .
die excitement during the time the ogi-sed as one of the leadlin seeds- i ed on rday nlbi; at her bOme 55
ae was being taken wsas intense. At men in the United States. Some years the Alaf.a. Aunt Elswr Smnith, 4X
nes the crowd was disposed to In- ago he caie to Florida to spend the at 'the advance d a, O" f o .
rupt the proceedings and on several winter for his health. He located at Thongh a helple InvaMid or h t
aions considerable time was lost Cleawater and has been coming there treee years, tm b)eet lftea
restoring order. vith his Mfe and three children every ed and cared for by her only r. a
'enator Palmer, of Hilsaborough, evo- winter since. He purchased a besutl- his family.
Sfor Taliaferro. W. B. Clarc, of fui home, fronttng on. the bay, and had Capt. WF. W. Unn aMe2 *ad_ '
rysvirte, was the only absente. The it fixed up with docks, boathoues. ar- enjoying a visit ft tlraet btr -
ications point strongly to the elec- bor, flower garden and vegetable gar- tbPther.. M.,3 0* I
en of Taiatfenro to-morrow. Both den, until it was a veritable paralise. The city bee I wr m-o'. ue
idldates held ig conferences to- Death came sudaenly and with an aw- Mr. H. W. adth sone 3 tr.
rht at their respec ilve hotels. ful shock to his devoted wife and three having retired fro tes besimne.-
rt fact that there are about ten children, who idolIted their father. Drr. "Qr. Walter Glen Cr ut tof
atI ng otes in the two houses Indi- Douglass, I this city and Dr. Edgar Spent 0dek y 'in town, r ta
tes the possiebHily of a deadlock, of Clearwater, attended the deceased Tqesday morning.
me of the shrewdest politicians in in his last hours and did all within 3 ero. 5. er eGaol&
e state to-night predict such a re- the reach of human power. The re- eY7 CIty.'O4 P4et Tleedag
t. mains were sent north -for burial. -kmQ up a l ve t.....
S Rev. and '%ft.
vl"e ai 'new ar' t .at.!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ hAI ALVA&^.. .. .,,;g2g fffi g-


s r




















He Was Elected Unit9d States Sen
ator Yesterday by a Flatter-

i 1 o B N Jing Vote.

rt Ballot ken at Tallaas~- erday at 122 o'cock the joint as- A
2. for U. S. Sembl of the Florida legislature waste
aled to order ast entd balloting for noei-e
nations of aspi"anl for the United

I f I I I opStates senate begun At the roll cai
A1~A[[11f) lj TIlL 19P theresult was as follows: Taiaferro,

[ Leads Pasoe Sea Votes, Bit Lds 54; Pawo,3; CallT; Clar, OOL; palred
Fou of Hain g Enoug. 2. On the annoemc'ment of the "ote a
F ofTthe greatest entloosm Prevaled and 41

members began to change their votes t
raiplday, which, reslet as. te& I'
oth Houses Pcked Duing the Sesa- TaJiatferro, 659;a tsh; 841 a
sion-Total Vote: Talawerro, 1; Pared .
4e; Pass89 ; a ptat "-ro ;was declared leeodte na
B ted Stais .senator of Florida ap es-
Tallahasse, Ar s.--peclal.-This o ,ed r ,,
ity is packed 4 mba throug-af excited o' *t ut TITT^:oPT
Meple. It haa% e yyearst.ine moot eltossent oase e1t ,A
uch a large cr was een at a leg- honor n '.
el&tive asseniN Pron Jlackson-
ille, Tampa, and Monticello T il l is ,th i i
Pe noticed the arrest tnutbers, but Florida an able repreHtkaltrl.' :
none take thenAe600's more felt in the & .. .* **-- b. : y
enatorial ifght Ib* these frems Tam- a l
Pa. They are aa crowd of politi- ,1 ,W 1f
al hustlers and 1iU have a great dral
to sa about wilo wl be the winner.. 1ti MlllH
The legtlatlve wheels stood still to- ., 4 ...-.i ,'
a n deferenceto the senatorial l con- T ..

several Points 1l1
in Sampan Affairs

n aill HaB Xa4eP.h
Until the ArrIval 00omatl-
siosms ast, lan. -

Wuashngton m r .-pce.-
sough the three goveneea&1 *6W
ry to the Berage tempt hae raw FM
n agreement toe tMe as )agagut -
le ZeaMos cosw51sksa ad the -;44
elerot ftlowvndeiation it ewa1m
-4day that there am stit swm
olts to be imled rea-rdtIag th 3
nsectioelons mer wuh thaey mih

Istructimne sow bdsi de-n41
Ls*drittlh government *5 an I
i otuestioln, ,ut intoeV
Fkgot of the 8-Mida u, UMNC-e
hehbaaantfty s re wt the .W0i
aI ide 'by 0e4VW*aB U6
Wpatl eltbher atisI o db&

Settueo on tor Tacs r
tiwt a decided i-ay not to
pupo the reprt 0S &4T AM
*a~z eond'octeeA the enyveat -
ftrsf S^ the department. apd
alde4 that the three icoeste. i j
Ive the coaditoem 0f wanary 4fA
tog, bad recessed am5 t ea"
ehas of the Nb a"A pearry, 4W
k An theirc&leC as 4rLisiC

AI, t.,Is com-r home. Toe

WU BMaa burden has again
hid to P Iu .

a 'booim ww--days seem to
Wf tie coat of political din-

etIter writtln bout between
ad Belmont to be an endless

SDewey has est accomplish-
ffecttve bombardment ot

% a Prl ha"viM dtseovered
aft cancer, is now at a loss0
Wht t do with it.
. of the preas a ot on th-
mBtd ays the newspapers O.
etd Alm fur mayor .
.w tefn d Pry ti'e U t
Maimd LT .tsmre; tLhte otli,
td'ot o ly one member.
k 9 ias broken out b
T ro mOMS@ tram inkafn 50.
j iJll, P. Aitgaid's A

tan goet Perry Bei-I

&u a4 ofi xwtn oo km
gwameTahim t.A

t. Ohm twea
)afi of soverelgnty
Sto locate the real

l al4141sa'x-whowe srhot 1

in-v ,atq"ote- hd

ofthe armq

op bag, c aw5isro
,wsocbea maim-i
U Wigthe firsl

this eaz
a kind
has be
iton Ci

- ...cec.t..y.- -

sftte ProvInce, Cuba
he n omeous and ag
Brooke. representing
Id tewoh them a -fe
or obedience to law.
tb, woman who kMilek
I terother, has diamond
wa se she is convicted
ih-Arawls in her teeth
for fertlirse," decIar
afore the beef inquhle
- Iut it will not raem
0e the -A,~eI tes
iease tan gone or
lriptreusts; tout abso
Vat'1eM expected u-fIt
FI Sois the spirits.
t' ustloe Stephen J
sfted States Sapremi
m has lost one of it
"d the supreme enel
t valued and esteemed

W M Chagag, refuse
t the eame'table witt
r Huts co mmem pret
MOf WlMum JennIngt
9lr t ersonlon lim



You may nave heard
and have a vague notion
that t is cod-liver oil with
its bad taste and smell and
all its other repulsive fea-
tures. It is cod-liver oil, the
purest and the best in the
worKd, but made so palata-
bit that almost everybody
can take it Nearly all
children like it and ask for


*M abo dyU the ofr

'R( n

An emteehied contemporary says Car-
ter Hlrrson is the bright boy of the
The baseball season will toon give
the American citizen something to
worry about.

With that a20,,00,U0 Spain wi.l bz-
able to replace the ships sunk .: D w-
ey and Schley.

There's a Sam Jcnes in politi s nowv
who seems to be something i a :f'-
vivalist himself.

The weather bureau and tne ,oam'en
with new spring bonnets are once- tnoe

paAy creed In order to hb takns back
into the party. They t ay dissent
from some portions of the platform, as
some did in '96 and yet subscri to
the platform as a. whole."
This is the most significant in i'a-.-
tion we have yet seen that Mr. Bry-
an is preparing to desert his old sl,-gan
of "free silver or oust," although sa :e
wei-kAs ago we noted that he was ,aing
more an moire attention t n.al-
istrn and trusts and ess ant jnss :', tjh
:naney question. The la's, aronu' a-
m nto p ,iI squit stlonlit t, taTl a
belief in A,.. Bryan's mind that the
money issue is going to be relegated to

operating in hearty accord. the rear in 1190', and further to his in-
+ tension to make himself thoroughly
The men who are organizing the available as a candidate on an anti-
watch trust will claim, of course, that imerialism and antitrust platform. He
the time was ripe for it. is plying a very shrewd game of pAll-

While in an abolishing frame of tics and is doing it mighty well.
mind the legislature might foolish the +
high price of telephones. COMING TO THE FRONT.
It is taken for granted at the start John S. Tuthill, of Boston, who spent
the navy department will assign the the past winter in this state was in
battleship New Jersey to the mosquito Jacksonville Thsrasday on his way
fleet, north. In conversation with a news-
o h paper man regarding the gentler sex,
Boss Croker hes been giving his he said:
view of the priloasphy of government "I m heartily in favor of women
to an Lnvestigating committee tn NMew coming to the front. I have watched
their upward m rch in the commercial
Quaya view of the ea is that no world and I tell you they fill their
obrt should admit any evidence that rspective positions admirably. I a=n
aib & tendency to con vct the prisoner a crank on this question, and I give
a*' the bar. It a great deal attention in my t-av-
els. Thie other day I visited Augusia,
The overno of Colorade has signed Ga.. and met s Ida Norrell, who
a till egaitaing prtse fighting any- is now on her "own hook." distilling
I4rire in the state when It Is conducted cape Jessamines, and she is making
ro h properly liceaed eluo. lots of money toy it. I met the Chi-

SrII.f n ^ The Jacksonville Metropolis says:
"Tampa's one case of smalihpox nas
., d ss t,. been cured and danger passed, sot
d W_ to ou M M 10 OW W | 6
S' .f. ,. 1 1,* even a suspicious case Is now in sight."

eSCOTT&T W'E, mistv e Now York. We are beginning to get on friendly
terms with Spain once more although
.- INitlt-UiAGL Pttata.ita there is, of course, a great deal below
S In no Othe surface of things, especially those
been a s&aLrUs Wo aus ..UsaU^s so- sunken tleets.

h b*%tLA XiosA&. Vromni Ialnpa s ais-
C vtac the iml-ovensents ".vCe surpa&s- A case has just been decided in the
u2 asor OtaAS yea prA state supreme court ot Forida that
even rafi r ac&sevetci,,. ss-rue vA ,.,* was tried in Jacksonville in 10021. "-nis
caeus veloe m ita nsa e is sue tua ,.v
ot cuulawc a reuL%,iitos ey is a fair iltuatration io the congested
Siautes& n a loutt La Aantic ports. a condition of our supreme court.
y vast aina Os Che saiieag Lu pi.n-g
ports wa icorUiieta n sititIsom +- '
u or1 um, utaiusrs anu Aew rt'liC..,. One dare not think what would nap-
f as -aisttUod to this tne 'aTampa i c pen to the snade of inomas Jeiterson
cnan r, nave oeen aote ueo Pto were it to attend the ten-dollar Tam-
iumae aunount ot ta tnisrac undi ,-.
States direct tro a theLre. many dinner in TNew York and hear
Sme t xtentiverge Kseotent improve- the modern Crokerian interpretation ot
meats on ctoe targe keys soutuaco .s
caiyT is another actor IL the unpro.,a- democratic doctrine.
-' ment of t e industrial situation. ie ___
cost o t Mese vas&t improvements when
*orampletec between Ders and key s rt; This week's issue of the tt1anufaic-
wsilruin well into tahe u ios. A4 larsetun
amount o te supplies use. t e turer's Record contains tne following :
Construction ot tae fortilncations aita "The Seaboard Air Line, it is under-
Squarantine stations have neen purchas-
ed In this city. it is esumaca tn It stl has prepared plans tca ten add,-
; wMA require two years to conp, ete tional locomotives, which will be hbuiit
Stem. 'ib-ese Improvements are pea,, t-
nent and will contribute largely o for high speed and used in its passen-
tan'pam s growth aid prospect i t t ge service. It is reported that the
'sse cigar manufacturing industry locomotives will be utilized in hauling
Shas hown a maraeti LCIproVeCrnsI through trains over the main line au
snce cie tesginnig of the pros-ons ,r
ana theaoutlooak was never brighter, the Florida Central and Peninsular,
The shiplp interests have kept pae- whith was recently purcasa'd cyi the
with the raVd progress along other
lines and al alomg the coast new indus- syndicate controlling the Seaboard."
tries are being established. f
e fe fact cannot be denied that not The reports from the stawberrt
Son0ly South 'Iorida, but the entire stale st
Sis making rapid strides forward In the sections oIf this county for the pas:
d ine of new developments. ,Florida is weeks' show that the shipments and
right in the race as a manufactuirng
state and shipping center and is sure prices have greatly exceeded any for-
to make a reaord during the coming mer year. The demand has been much
h year. The Matnufaeturer's Record in
. seakng of Southern industrial acttv- greater than the supply and this fact
1 after some years of weary, waiting wili have a tendency to largely in-
the south once rmre begins to feel the crease the acreage next season. No-
thrill of industria-l activity. The prom- r t
ise of wide reaching industrial devel- where in the state is the sol better
*r asnet, and ne sarly, Of general adapted to growing stras-berries than
_Vroser ta for the whole south, which
d theU Matfate urers Record oontinued here. The fruit not only yields well,
0o the iedl* es dreong the time when but is delicious and in some places the
the hominess depressoo was the great-
foth t the tth anW of which was for a berries grow to an enormous size.
0 time deaged 1w poUticael activity,
B COWp a betatioAm o Rthe art o MR. BRYAN'S SHREWD POLITICh
k MitaltSt in 8othe1ea investments, is
S t lflled. r. Bryan does not propose to let
". ts mira' 5ts I creastig n asi- "erring 'democrats have much to do
r eter with running the next campaign if he
.':%; t a U ntaefsts aref not only can help it. Erring democrats are
2 m oas asami," yd tasna e pr- thoee, of course, who refuse to sut,
t U U- S mM I&the Past; otton Ascribe to the Chica:o platform. They
=mlsare running Wht and dsr; lum-
r Interests are aoing- inre iprog- can vote if they wish, but their voices
S n ad stiSr O tP9ew life and are not to be heard in the councils of
n tBOsinu Is Mvas"wbore felt.
a I the arty; rather are they to. be hew-
S in ill ry sensibly er of wood and drwers of water, un-
d r4Mas that -IdKis the duty of the
Iae of trtu a who send representa- ti as Mr' W ryan expresses it, they
t s Ts bS to to sstainhthem in bring forth fruits meet for repentance.
I- all theiraStsi to promote the public
. oo '"theae is no doubt of the tact Mr. Bryan is particularly careful to
5'.that in' p mano e the motives Of
otk smsto S s ,rapaentauives are that gold democrats shall have
q" sstlomd wiUmt t aSs-mi, All eriti- nothing do 'With writing the platform.
be dd on facts. But there is one very noticeable thing
Te Ii Ma 90c tMOiObserves in his letter. He nowhere says thlt in
- bm". -ow equai to & circus In order to be a democrat one must sub-
W- w emWdf" fW mgtht add that scribe to free silver at 16 to 1. Indeed.
i00aM a to" ab.e to draw he distinct2y leaves the door wide open
\ It 'In r- 7s1a yti of the ready to welcome the prodigals, and
jiIIsother IMre T5~an and the o0- omty thesiltating to iturnilsh forth the
1e 1 ifatted calf. He mays:
*%Mi M e W ends ar.. e be- a"The doors dtf the party are always
hS oopinwita of Genosrflou- oe to receIve nww aMttions, wheth-

o 014s 't pdpoiic- r he b ;:' v" or fome

cago boottack a Tampa, (she stopped
for awhile in Jacksonville), and I
learned that Rer southern trip had net-
ted her $1,100. I was out in California

An ordinance to create the ofice of In the C "i Oba
Chief otf sanitation of the City of Tam- dical Circtuit at 1
pa; to prescribe his duties and to reg- ISa w1e H,
late the sanitary department of thle Mak Z. Brand
Cty of" Tampa. don. Bby Ctr ioen
be it ordained by the City Counci Under ad by vtii
section 1. That tne mayor aoti L-for osts in for C
oW Tampa. 'out of th* Circuit
city Oa arampa by and with thew-s consent judtil ret a
of the City Council shall appoint some da. n and f rHl
suitaote ana quauriel person to be chancery, ina &ace
liovn as the Cnied of Sanitation of tue k"iark Z. Branon
c ity of 'tampa, whu shao t nobaid i'.' Leonora Bvrandon.
during the term of the mayor appoint- the 20th day .o ri0
iag tm; unless sooner -reinovea 0or' have levied upon a
cause. ie outcry before ii
The Chief of Sanitauon shall ler in the city of Tat
form suih duties a snUll be prescri- the legal homr of i
ei oy the ordinances of the City of first day of May.
Tampa; he shall give bond payaole to' lowing described rt
the City ot Tampa in the sum ot $2,000 iHiUlaborour Com
for the tltlat l performance ot his au- I Florida. devied upo
ties; and shall receive the salary of the eompil=.aat, I
$75.00 per mont case to wit: The t
Becton 2. It shall (be the duty of the interest in aad to
Chief of Sanitation of the City of Tam- ter of northe"at q
pa to*ve his entire personal time and in southeast norm
attecnt l to care for all properties o two. townshp ft
the City coming i ot his hands; to range twenty east
make a fruil and compete coouAutin of saotheast qartea
thereof to the City Council at least two, townlshi t
foar times each year; be sha keep a range twenty, m
true and correct record of the i of twelve atid -#Bety
all employees In his department and ehaimn of aort al -I
shall on the first of ecb month WAe ter of the m0rc
a full and detailed report of al ex- south thrse qart
penditures made in his department to northeast quarter.
the auditor ot the City -t wms with, ter all 0. X. bills of said eapndliure. t4wtyt-fa, taut
He shall at least peroiaAlr OnuSe dat.
each month make a house to ousein- Beld iON* I
apeetion of the ent itre tYMty W ddt sxeamtta .tomK Ot
make a noqto nd a ermoredQC i i-, Up-l-
' dings maid lS"* so&1 *m0- -P, M
-m t ocif sM7 -9.t00-21 .

in January and rmet a lady who earns portion owner or agnt e- -o.
her living as a wine tester. She 15 a copying any premises in the City at o
widow, and her husband was a wine Tampa to keep the e clean their
merchant. She secured her first job meats or fruit vegetables or otato
through a New York merchant, who tar matter; and It hal boe unlawful ta
wanted to stock his wine cellar, and for a po m or corpo to or
now or deposit on a street, aeY tob
now she has a regular clientage in or vacant lot any traah, garbage, de- dl
many of the larger cities., I aM In caed meats or frts, vegetables, O-
favor of women doing everything, ex- tar o matter. ve,
Section 5. The Sanitary CommIttee the
cpt selling liquor and shaing. I of the City Council by and with the
don't want them around me with a ra- consent of the City Council shadl adopt late
such further rules and regulationsf
zor-and they always get too much governing the Sanitary department of t
foam in the beer-but I like to have the City of Tapa nt inconsistent or
with the ordinsice of said City. eid
them wait on me behind the coun- Section 6. Any person, firm or cor- ead
ters. poration viodatlng section four of this tl
+ ordinance shall be fined not more than
MAI A RECORD $26.00 or confined in the City jail for t-
__not more than thirty ding., or both fin-
ed and imprisoned at the discretion of hs
The close of the second week of the the court.
Section 7. That all ordinances or thli
state legislature finds th- business in parts of ordinances In conflict with this
both houses in a remarkably healthy ordinance be and the same are her-eh Att
condition. 'While the sessions, as a Passed tw the City Council this 24th
rule, have been very brie', yet hse day of Msarch, A. 1A BRU5 A
who understand legislative proc:el-- President of the Cit7 Council.
Wings know that the bulk of thO 'tork JOHN f. HF.N'YDERSON,
is done in the committee rooms. The Cletk. PI
Approved by me this 29th day of I n
economic attitude of both houses is March. A. D.. 1899, n
being maintained which shows conclu- F.C. DBOW ER, Mayor. in
sively that the notes of alarm that '
were sounded at the beginning of the AS
session were not meant merely for! Whether on pleasure bent or business, T.
campaign thunder to be utilized on fu- take on every trip a bottle of Syrup of Ur
campaign thunder to be util Figs, as it acts -most pleasantly and ftol
ture occasions. The spirit of unity of effectually on the kidneys, liver, and the
purpose and independency of thought h bowels, preventing fevers, head aches, the
of ti
along the lines of economic and piti- and other forms of sickness. For sale ca
cal reforms ems to have take deep in 50 cent bottles by all leading drug- ting
ca reforms ems to hae take deep gists. Manufactured by the Califor- in c
root and there is every indication that nia Fig Syrup Co., only. Butk
the present body will succeed in mak- DIVOand
ing an enviable record. The coming In Ciroult Comrt, Hillsboroug Ccun- of I
ty- Sixth Judicioal Circlt of ]horl- plac
week promises to be an eventful one. da-In- Chancery. Co
t Emma E. Strickland vs. Edward S. Flac
KILLED AN ADULTERY. Strickland, Divoraoi froB
This cause coming on to be heard city
Alachua County the Scene o. Another uon &ppltation for an order of Pub- with
location directed against the detend- the
Tragedy. ant Edward S. Stricianad a"nd it smn

The Gainesvilte Sun in its issue of
Friday contained the following parti-
culars of a fatal shooting affray:
At Alachua yesterday morning Geo.
W. Lewis was shot and instantly kill-
ed by J. B. Martin.
Both are white men and well known
in that community.
The particulars In reference to the
kllting could not be learned yesterday.
Wednesday Martin came to Gaines-
vlls, and swore out a warrant for
Lewis, charging him with adultery.
Sheriff Fennell seat Deputy S5eriff
Osteen to Alachua early yesterday
morning for the man, but Mr. Osteen
had hardly left the city when the sher-
iff received a telegram from Martin,
stating that he had killed Lewis and
that he would give up to the authori-
From what wa learned, it ti evident
that Lewis attacked Martin and that
both men did some shooting, as Mar-
tin was shot in the thigh. -
Justice Sheffield empannelled a cor-
oner's jury and after due inves-iga-
tion the jury returned a verdict '-hat
Lewis was killed ity the latter was justified,
Martin was allowed to go at lib-r:-,-.
L. B. Brown has arranged to have
a grand bai GMonday night at the new
Eureka hall. He promises a big time
for all who may attend. He saysm that
the fu= wiS beginn promptly at 7:30.
The directors of the Chfidrens' ame
wil baold a meeting at the home this
afternoon at o'clock. AU Interested
sarties ae requested to attend

I do


ora -.Z-

. 17th X Marc Ah. 2 S9. 13
President at t.r% City Cotac.
tested: .I,.
d)CttB ClelL
approved by me thls, nat day o -f
ch, A.D., 1899. -. C. BOWYIR, .

the Circuit Court of the -n u Jnd$-
il CGcuit at the State at WIoida,4
and for Hltleborough Comity. $n
Me Ybor City B*dIding and Loan'.
elation, & corporation, vs. -Geovr
ghambettial in4 Johnt B. Doa-na-
sder and by vith te of a dwve
closure of mortgage reminded df
30th day of 'aN A. P.., A,
Honorable Barto PlailJli
-he Circuit Court, of tlb Shixt 1ot
Circuit of the state of lod
in and for MSiaborouai o

Cereoft said Court upon affidait filed tMt bidder, all t
with the ht of complaint In maid ameu pieces, or parcels that the said defendant In a non-resl- ing and beiC in tib
adet of the State of Florida and a torousti aid state
realdent of Thonserule, Georgia, and served as follows,
over the ae of twenty-one yeam half of lot three (lvi
It is therefore ordered Mat you, Tbor Qfty, sod
Edward B. iScma W do appei to the map of the -ne
sad bill of o00ombat on or ba the records of 3l
the lot dag of fy, D., AD t. SM F4liFoda" toet- wl|
a decree pro confteo will be entered "eaena, hbrettat
against Yom nonces thermaftoM
this order be ipbised in t he Tampa
Trtbuone on week tor four comeo- -
utive weeks prior to the taid lits" P. 0.,

By 2). B. GIVOM will premsnt to t h
Cbeeepsmlme-Wts Paoickor, OX Q. Hinaioro Dgh SwS
SB. V. W1rpA. ccount-and v ,S "
I. E L Mi C Cakoit lastcwit n e U4
Court for maid d nf nt iaeti- and wiln mak& m"
f that the AmtogAw.a-traao at py of uch ets xcutri:.
ose ordoerof at piaition led In tO Datetd tbjs i
aeforeasfdi came.
'Witnesm my hand and offlsial aesl a xeeveut o of
at Ta.mx tht I dat Of March, A. Gregor, decaseded a
D.. 11in & oven 1U- Oh
EL a IM MfiC=ULt All eeOnAl^
Clo Circufi court. estate"of Thea,0_.,.,
By D. B. EL*VSB2t requested to pD.rat
p. t then 1d toC.
timelms rescrib
Notice is herebSy given that the tn- Admtantrm,
derasnedl has been appointed admin- wamM. Va DO, 2
istratrix of the estate of Richard M.
Wele. deceased. All persons holding -
claims of any nature against Maid s yes
tate are notlfded to present them t, & .'.Ola-
me, property authemelcated, within 36 went oOto;.n '
the time provided by law or the same afterooi. Talt
will be barred. AU persons indebted need in.e,
to said estate are requeastedr to make by tsea mimr 1
tImmedlate settiement with mie. At to Mr.
JA. N .. W. . . EUA ih-
deoea Bs:e:


Oil '.b,

TheO aem ade .ot by the government
te day wa a strong one. There are
Wariy 100 mose witnesses to be el-
amufed. tat Newham' sstory of the
crtme to the center around which the
others wil volvft.
Newbam declared that he did not see
defendasats Kelly, E. Rodgers and
Clark In the mob that killed Baker.

Palmetta. Ga., 'April 13.-Speclal.-
Alf Craniford, a prosperous white farm-
er, living four miles out of this village
was killed to-night, while at supper, by
a negro. Cranford was sitting with
his back to the door, and had his skull
fractured with an aze wleldehd by a ne-
gro .wTho 1-s known to his wife. Mrs.
Cranford was a witness to the horrin-
ble crime. Bloodhounds were tel--
graphed for and put on the tralH at
midnight. It is expected that the ne-
gro'will be caught before morning.

a contain-

forces o ---
's, under The Fort Meade Colony of Cubans
h navy,
pla, they Returning to Their Native
rot to an-
er', Or&- Mr. PelotP a, prominent Cuban to-
,rand ....% .- _ ,_ 1K.. t,.dr,,

ier saP.*'ath alW inty of
<'-b Kmraf., maoe t or' the dis-
ttut attersey to-day -w mFt4y to
.vo thw erhm: s" as-Vm t wa made
1w "'n C, cc-mwet- aof the defend-

The sharsle Vigilant artrved from
the Litle Manatee yesterday morning
with eight thousand mullet for John
Savarese. The captain of the boat re-
ported having made a catoh of twenty
thousand, but Fltsh and Game Warden
Moody put In an appearance and
claimed that the fah were caught con-
trary to law. He compelled them to
turn loose all those not taken from the
nets. They estimated the number re-
malning in the net at twelve thousand.
The fihermen were all arrested and
will be tried for violating the fish laws.
One J. K. Staten was tried before
Judge HDLrrison's court yesterday af-
ternoon on a charge of beating Mrs.
Rells. o f the Florida Avenue hotel, out
of a board bill amountinng to $31.50.
The man was bound over to a higher
court in the sum of 5.00 and in de-
fault of same was sent t. jail. There
has been a number of dead beats,
that have swindled Mrs. Rells of late
and John Wall. Esq., one of her board-
ere. thought he would put a stop to it
by legal proceedings and intends to
prosecute every rascal that endeavors
to beat his board bill In the future.
The Door of 'Hope, the rescue home,
recently established In this lity for
fldlen women, telephoned to poltee
headqarts last night for an officer
to guard it during the.. stiw iors of
night as It was about to be raided by
some masculine toughs who had tatight
the Inmates the path to rin. They
should be Jailed and worked on the
plile roads of the county.

aow Nedloas il s l
4 Viglsaein" to es Its Spread

W t ApeS It,. ca.A
" .e ,e grmi isseved Mmnn Viomll Wild-

cc 'bo dismii aa,5ii~ a lsnle
o-o~ wea~ ~Y~ 'I will requirs


o.I le~at~wrsth


In the Case Of the Lynchers Of On Trial For Murder of Negro Rev. Porier DeliverAd Two Elo-
Lake City. Postmaster Baker. queni Sermons Yesterday.


Witness Who Turned States Eviaence His Testimony Objectea To On the His Parting Words at Last Night's
Told Where the Lynching was Ground 'hat He Had Been Services L s.end to By a
Planned. Confessed to Convicted of Larceny. A Large Congregation. Meet-
Firig the House. L.egai BatL e. .g ..i oub.naue.

Charleston, S. C., April 13.-Special. Charleston, S. C., April 12.-Speclia. "The greatest question of the
-'Dwo of ns government's most Im- -The case of the Laike City lyOncncrs age." was the subject of Rev. J. W.
erat i es tesfled In the Lake was e the Lke on in the United a porter's sermon yesterday afternoon
City lynohlna casein the United States Ocirut Court here to-day. The le&aing at the Baptist chapel. It was take
Circilt Court here to-day. wlintaes examined for the prosecuu-u from the text, 'Wnat muot I do to be
Tber were J. P. Newnum ,one of were the three dSiuiters and One saved? And they said believe on
tl uSn wvro turned stas' evidence, of the potunamter. who was lyched-. Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be sav-
*od W. W. Spctws, a biacyele mender, Each of the witnesses d been ed."-Acts :W30,31.
who swears.that one of the defendants wounded at the tiUne B ker and his This is a question of the som; it la
hmed h to Je*t the mob that killed chid were killed by the mot. They a very natural question; we hear peo-
P-Oa-ter Baker described in detail what they isaw d pie an wear hand asin how they may
1*j5 sik&aWBht man, Of odinar'y heard the nbht of the murdr. Tey et rich; ho w g g welt3 whena l.
IFttll ono. bbt sayi he cannot read woike to a ild the Ir home ia sm. then wh .ao k the most Important
abi wrs 'lIe,-.S -ub asto Ini toLade 8oon men &tgan oootn Intol th o"saE questlo.how h can ieswed?-

.. th e sm ent tma to up rlr yP. the soil. Our bodies wM dis: our
,. meaWv r TW f ''dbJeo- es hewe. Bey man is -
0 "1 S1 th" -w.oMAD bad ecous ofhi -Immorta-lty.
= 0 dWii~, I M1" Itcoad 26 oamlstAnna


By the Council Adjusting ib The United $1
Municipal Muddle. pletei


1soth A b-19%nk6htC io,is And Every Three Soldiers
thing 1s Once blrre airue ae Lawhn Pu
Ou the outomans the g
Gradiicea, ^i, A.. Attack

The municipal muddle in which A4=
*Mayor Bowyer and Judge Graham .mer'can losses
have fgured as princiaa, that huves ?have l eir e
caused muca speculation during the d.
past two weeks was ended last night ih'e i .MgL,.
in a hlgtly sensational manser. The r mand kh
oharges of tMayor Bowyer oe whIch he he t.
based his simpesion of Jie R Graham s
from offimo were esentsd to the 'ity Ameic t
eounil two weesmm a nd oae vweek wow tat Mg
later Judse Graham hied his answer. eean T
A- deeit' msed was uppinted for as rapdbty a t
lat mignh t eonsier sad act a& son aid *s JR&. -s

wo-- b a- re- -
wat .state of
e er

wU ne gUeae- Lto see a im nac c t us foi t.he r Botimfh t" f
post of.dtty. That he will strive to A ,g-&es 06VftLa d at
uphold the honor and diagnty of his to i1-If o a w* n wr
position there is no question and he Is Whitls BtLto emi ?f 4IL
entitled to the support of every law- The nrednf'o MBroB
a biding citien. advisers contIn to MLa
BOTH iAMADS OCMMCEIONS. tary AJger'sdimxal-tcrow ts
Since the above was put in type a If he will 'm* go volut
member of the city council called at preldent, tt beftwe d,
the Tribune office last night and atat- out ainst 4fW seirei mu
ed that a coanmittee of the council It is known t w the phe
consisting of Messrs. L. Brown and ike to hae to have 'ew Ta k
W. H. Fre er whom reker whom e both friendly head ofthe War depr
of Judge Graham and Mayor Bowyer he consmder aMr. P ster_-
called on those ttwo gentlemen yester- eqbIvfped for reoxs alas thW
day afternoon and after considerable for wtiping out the -plague
argument persuaded them, to become which infests the warMdet
reconciled and they both very unwil- It le al e known that heoI,
linigly agreed to make concessions to provide an hepurtant toselx
amicabry adjust matters. Mayo for Mr. ReLd,
Bowyer agreed to withdraw his Senator Plau Is iso xos
charges against Judge Graham Provid- lreaso. to bhive 3 r. Alger
ing Judge Graham would remit the from the simlpintseo" Sets
fines against the policemen, which he cam eAgn athbt he waoald. it i
promised to do. leved Waive all oppelttif
The council is very much gratified to Reld. w
have the matter settled up and hopes
that the Jtude and mayor In future will jMAi RIO4 C= atTr B
have no friction In the discharge of -_
their duties. Clty of MMso AprIl M .-
S, Senor Tw s resenOt t


Oreat riftainand German y Pisoed In{S jU flightsa

n isd - ah -' i Wa M6^ i w st

rtcklan the seven- This Iavitath
MBr. snr Mrs. J. H. selves stnlner
djed of wboopiwn don't want to
dlay nicht, -mv mrtd crttes here. I
lon In WooOdlawn with them? 3
wtalser J. W. Lester ner. you are
ie Interment., cae toi-e
S" 'S1 will give

y redte

rOawseedto Try. ee
I'l.-Ciro lt Court next f

t~ar rt coladl
MHH"sW s the lax

FLthat' Present are:
itut Will romhaeydHAys sen-atef

Aef, rOsasei Col.T Tros. eP.

Aroo t : C. W. elevens, E. Th
.', 1i-ThomaC E. Bug, tonetal f

Shem-c e.Lakelwanthd: and dhlep a
hillp ptwreldngh. MuchI-.tall Ifor

Iatofelr toA conaldertin three there ,
t 'oad ty number of cattle spoflts
kkft'aina Thomas.enas Bu St.ray,

e~. ,4 _s'ses ,s .gs ,-. ,.forts eti, ei.' e ,
T f Co .r faiFSoa ll eft easter- I sa r t let tro e et ealesse o ,t .m f .otia-a
oi f Ve a soro= r, me Ato th r- b we he nd- -

h-t'fo hv d.s noeelemd mtothe y th etmp t the, 1vo u 1. tH e~ ld thav this are betwetiesy dleso the an tire- t
a d ,rod ae d eM na l'] ,pp o rt t. mo. ]at 8 m. o itnheM ye e d Germat y oitshSoe meso is &. somafom
re rea wlo be ne- .. h s nt Kw hee rs he I shall be asop- soerthd si in for th ab tel

to,-ratedfromredr'steeo oeffWonue 't Vet s, held thgoversu ennd e nt t ust -f tryteet t H e0 awto6 t the t ,
mNs aOF sg, ottra o e h 0e g

S ,h es At tDcls wf l d n AtthherS e sLeof ic theta TAiLlSSrentovde the e stacnle tos
r .. ..P. AE'sw ay s rooms thee at AppoIbntkd.tR, S crPorerB ot ce G th atG permanyat oin a unti on to s
lTQe w~ aT" 'Mr. Or.... domma dant C es. E. Worth press thtth t h" b e ep, co uheladz-
E o ltonot e awayb t ow church an atoner who. I am Informed this even-
hte e the ne to Wbeeler camp United* Sons other Sunday and felt that he muaing atthe foreign adceiswill W the

usituo the mcerpln of a fof Confederate Veteransl, held. M Dotheir DEA to A aiS German etary of the Germ an etoassy
Lan eao hundred."A b ttoas e T e nyxse o f .In Mfrtes er- ient o Ithiat stor lda

o ttad fe eolntye -fiv were in- soa .r meeting last et t in their e on in d ws ltSndenp lt ns ar e unt a i so i esto n t ak
an a twihe n t nat elect rooms n the Carmp bell block, w ito thaee t io tewlt le the an Aenireoy etetod eorsiin the os

abadth 'Mr. Pelot was a tterbouts eadth or-Gen- morninat over te faithful er uthortve says the reports n
t with the exception of a few log. has endeared himself to all Christians erman papers that the German guy-
refer reansising here. Messrs W. F. Srtovallt,. l. JDb- and many sinners, by his fearless expo- ert sent ps in a claim for damages
Fort'Meade people ho were I 5- nslird J. T. Weand ter, Jr. .were sition of sin and his e in tenvitations ame nolee saA11nsuchq esnseas c t
ine he o mpany hgav fte Ay 0 Letter was read from Major Gesn morning at 8a.imn., over the Fy C. & aemon of the C bmmlaAoners.
Good crops are being ofatred eral Duncan U. Fletcher of Jackson P railroad for his home in aysville, All this Samoa question is a small,
large acreagre will be planted vilUe. in which he expressed his re- Ky., 'where he expects to begin but wretched business, t or which, it
Sand spring whenmore favor- grets at not being able to accept the meet next Monday. eems a terrible pity that ,00 marks
weather will be hoped for With invitaLuon extended him to deliver an Rev. J. B. Moodyt, the pastor, Invites worth of German property has been
awbaxc Is oveJrewno they are address to the camp at thi meeting., every one to come to services to-night. damaged and lives of American and
ct of a large yield an ,- d buL staLtedL that he hoped to d.) so a as usual, as the meeting will not close English seanen have been, needlessly
a- early date. before Sunday. The subject to-rih a iSacificed
S ___Messrs. B. D Hob r. M. M. Dob- will be "Forgiveness of sin; what It Is' The foreign office has received sev-
son. Jonn T. Durst and J. J. Farns- how to obtain it, and how we ma.' eral despatches from the commander
CLEAN THEM OL-T iorth were elected as delegati-s to at- know when he have It." of the cruiser Falk, in which he makes
tend the annual re-union at C'harles- __ no mention of any disagreeable die-
mystery' surrounding h. s- -a- ton. S. C.. next mo.nLh, and the corn- e6veoin with Rear Admiral Kautez. The
ltuatiotn at rllahaa 1.4- a aemanolantu as auth,'wrizn.i to complete DEATH OF JACOCB ,NAItIA.S. German government talks this as suffi-
a ever Never' in the hsitor. of out Lhe List and appoint.l alLernates. ci dent proof that all stories told on the
rmer satorial contts A vommit-.ee f ihr-f ..-a sting of The home of iir. and Mrs. Frank subject must therefore have been In-
so ttl senatorial cotests h.inin essrs. L. 'Vi. rn.th. P. L. Thompson Eichelberger was saddened last night ventlons of persons Interested in makA
ian aind wire puller as at thec and ''. J. Rowe '. vtr.- agp.-intel to by the receipt of a telegram from N-ew Ing trouble between Germany and the
at adlsa w esionrp Thule rh, ot confer rwth a v)mmrt-e apr--'inted by York announcing the death of their United States.
legislative season. Tih pint the Veterans and DauughLers of the son-in-law, Mr. Jacob Nanmlas, which
reftsal of the members t L Confederacy, for the purpi.s- of ar- occurred in that city on the 12th. De- NEARING COMPLETION.
rona the senatrnis Que-atiem by"langing t'. giie a joint put.lic enter- ceased was once a promirentm.ire .,t-'
Ssonal t Idicaeis I rear ided as ..lrnce-r.t in ord-r ito t.econie better ac- of this city, where he wooed, won and The Large New Cigar (Factory in East
oy thou a well tir quanted with each other. wedded the faithful wife, i., iz 1,o.. Tampa Will Soon Be F1Inished.
ommenablet to the members Messrs. R. L. Thompsor.. J. J. almost heartbroken at the death of the
ias cremmen ltotheMrmconeu-sFaFnorth. and P L. McGeachy, sharer of her joys and father of her In a conversation with Senor Guerra,
U an refreshing to their oativo-S were appointed a commnlttcs on mem- little six-months-cid ,baby. A large manager of the Cuban-American Cigar
Thare onrt o lea l rowd f paid v hership. number of relatives, both here and Company yesterday, he stated to a Tri-
lane apmwed ettof a crowd t There being no further 'business to elsewhere deeply mourn his sad death. -bune representative that work was
r tand petty boodlers, the traatsacl the camp adjourned. 0 progressing finely on the new factory
will the members J to sooC During Qenator Mallory's stay in the building in Fast Tampa. He said the
peopl the peof ayommple. Just so on city he is being shown a great deal of workmen were now at work on the up-
people of So-com unity learn FORGER I1N LAKELAND. appreciation ,by an admiring constitu- per floor and It would not be long be-
.heir represeative is being led ency. Gov. 'Mtchell took him for a fore they would begin on the roof. He
Id. wined ad dined by one or One. Charles Miller, allas Charles drive over the city, Col. C. W. Steph- stated that the terms of the contract
polRtlAsr their faith It him is yayes, who it wilU be remembered, ens. an old friend of the senator, has called for the completion of the buld-
and relation for honesty was In the employ of Lanier & Gri' been with him quite frequently and a ing by the f rt of July, but thought,
be. Ote lbeSe po hl sca-en- as baker for sometime, wwked two of nter of prominent citizens have they would finish several weeks hefoee
Ie tbo leave by treaing their our merchants with "bigus" checs a called on him at the Alnoria. Senator that time. Efforts are being made to
061es WM nt COa-Otninrt. OAR few days ago, and left for parts un- Stephen R. Mallory is truly and sin- have it under roof betom the rainy
is thWe mr o0t ot a Job they wiNI k. iwn. He Let here some .weeks ago cerelY a man of the people and he is season sets In. %
he hinit, ls 5me, "ah o to work' i or Tampa. where he ic.alnied to have mAkIng Florlda one of the beet United He stated that It would be, whe
msaiS ie. Il sooner aspir- secured a postitlo In the Tampa ttee senators in the otry and the competed, the most osmpieteand 0a-
do i wi. .t the t te t SH teamr Bakery. oIn a few daO he re people of his state and especlaMy venient cigar factory in Tang He is
r iw c'ou win, te etter it will tururd and ruine g to 'Mr. s. I. Weeks' a Sooth lorida ae justly proud of him working a large forue of see in the old
t m tr s.o..e o PndFlee street, purchase a psir and him brilflant record. building and isgreatly craanp"d fix
ne u LI t. JamesH.EBacon, of St. Au- conletion of his new buidng and
oo the firm he filmed to hvre worked for gustin was in t city yesterday on tae a Persoe ret in eery pt
for' season and mnade paymble to hitfleif. The his war to Miant Ken where be Is of the work.
SewsA wh ,e Leer on the trc of the for ge has hane or the gowvmnlent we "One advassge the wuesms van wlh
WOV WU, l or oIf hi -e to foundhe Willbt e dat with alOngthe oWsa as fr as BeyWhat. i-ite iuabowa sr ta'

A- 71--- "-"-
.. , -. -a -

WasA 9 peftOat *f

The Moto t 0a i-nS
Pearedn- n t b eothi a

has been out and 'lia
building ha been thorough
edand thI wn open ad w
in that t for a per

The two bAldldings uteare
where the patient was coo
been desfitwith In like Men
person wM be allowed to at
for at least th1rty days. ;
In conversation with May
yesterday afternoon he state
in accordance with the i-A
ment. He dded that h iw
gard to t h matter w"a 1|
of the city clert a d .o&S
made pubUc had the c-tyi4
lie stated ,-hat as far as a
certained.;yey nef
been vccte the tho
sicians apolted forta
ino.done thei work wel..
to this he Bought a large
the white" and foreign p
ilso been: vap-tIped
The mi Is inUtly p1O
grand wox that hasb ee-
ed by the cOty ,health e
tha", judin b R the R
sace in ot*er Voss heli _

hundred *maeM.t&

-and that Wer 5IMa^,

ther -sf ofng a es5
foothold ja this dty. |

..a fiv to '.thi q. t .so ,.A
saei'Ws a &awnaseqr to do what-
>'Vr Go&Wgle sto it.A 4 .,is we are
.wUln. to obey God we. had better
nhver Ak..
The answer, "Believe an the Lord
Jamas Chrbst" not to -d anythjtg..
Man t s s ,damLned.. fa What he dees
but for want of flth, Works will apt
save us. We work from the rofs
not te it. ath "t 'the basis of all
bdness; if the people loea faith It
a man's abolty to pay, htm business wl4
"And thou shall be saved," mhall, aot
maobe, saved; ont savage, obut saved;
nOw; not at deasL. nrod gsyes no prom-
ise for the future to the unsaved. Noow
which are you? There are only two
classes of people, the saved and the
lost. two deUtinations, heaven and
hell. Which will you choose to-day?
God helps you to choose Christ and
The church was crowded In the even-
lng. Rev. Porter took for his text:
'VCome unto me, all ye that labour
and are heavy laden and I ,will give you
rest."-Matt. 11:8.
They were the parting words deliv-
ered by the faithful preacher.
God says to man, "Come"; man says
to God, "'Go." The inlvitation to come
is given in the BIole; Christians, you
don't love the Baile one half as much
as you ought to. Wicked men may
seek to destroy, but when all the Vo.-
taires. Paines, Ingersoll's and all other
blatant inuidels have returned to the
dust from whence they came, the Bible
will still remain.
Many here would feel hurt to hear
the infidel vomit his venom on the Bi-
tble, who will not accept. Why should
you if you do not believe It?
God pity the Godless mother and the
Godless father who 'blase the way to
hell before their children.
You have been to this meeting and
been convicted and refused; you may
never have another chance. You can
come if you willl. Jesus said, "Ye will
not come unto me that ye may have
life." He 'will say one day, "Let him
alone." Why do men hate Christ?

a VS



lied at PiQ
m~e s


I .

Ei Will


a"WOUe An

Ir wwwe P mwa-e
a little palp and

'- .Kaat
s of Losses,
oma "-Te rise to
amonbfg omcals
r in Washin ton
as reached as the
that the situation
d to sens'ffe and
the p*ares to the
ere in an effort to
t q9Mcer, the kill-
s iot mnterialy
.oblem. tihbough it
ed to the dfcult"

lI the Case Of the Lynchers Of
Lake City.


Witnes Who Turned State Eviaence
Told Where the Lynching was
Planned. Confessed to
Firing the House.

Charleston, C., April 13.-Special.
-Two of the government's most Im-
pertat witnesses tes tified In the LAke
City lynolng cae.in the United States
Cl-ruit Court here to-day.
SThey were J. P. Newman one of
Uthe aen who turned stale' evidence,
amd M. W. pn es, a bicycle mender,
who swears.that one of the defendants
askd his to join the mob that killed
' zNwhmaan a wich man, of ordinary
iatellen o, bwt eaIs he cannot read
bad wreK M &i- sbo r to s a in LAke
City. bat sIaupW.b4rasd = 1P *YiT
deamoo-b haa been.. provided for In
#- li a eni fau heswan ct he

-T a m ahese *ar i l the wwnment
* day ws a strong one. There are
nearly 100 more witnesses to be ex-
amned, bot Newham' sto-y of the
crte Is the center around which the
other wim revoive
NewLam declared that he did not see
defendants Kelly, E. Podtgers and
Clark in the mob that killed Baker.

Palmetta. Ga., 'April 13.-Special.-
Alf Cratford, a prosperous white farm-
er, living four miles out of this village
was killed to-night, while at supper, by
a negro. Cranford was sitting with
his backto the door, and had his skull
fractured with an axe wielded by a ne-
gro ,who is known to his wife. Mrs.
Cranford was a witness to the horri-
ble prime. Bloodhounds were tele-
graphed for and put on the trait at
midnight. It is expected that the ne-
gro'wlll be caught before morning.

0 I force t --
InSyttes '"W The fPort ieade Colony of Cubans
?'g 1i0 pla, they' Returning to Their Native
ifrgret t~~to an- T+
^paR; .0 1<__

On Trial For Murder of Negro
Postmaster Baker.


His Testimony Objcctem To On the
Ground That He Rad Been
Convicted of Larceny. A
Legai BJtt e.

Charleston, S. C., April 12.-Special.
-The case of the Lake C ty ync-ncrS
was con i ed in the United tLare
Citoul Court here to-day. The lemAiLg
witeses examined for the prosecuuit
were the tue daughters and one son
ot the postmaster. who wan lynched.
E of the witneses had been
woalded at the time Beter and his
chkld were kIlled by the nwth. Tbey
decrtbed in detag what they saw sBd
heard the ngbt of the murder. They
woke their home in flames.
Soon men began shooting into the
1A lal battle ftlemd sa nedort i
the ovemtme t t .Vo u p BAriy P.
Ls om of thi s Mao ba tucred
106"st ewiAibo. Tbs efein- tojeoL-
ean th 3t ltff -nm bad
:-:_-z,_.r tsnqcMss4

Meo attorntor- y wma m*ey to
*mv v the er*o "a no atss't was made
IN sa one cw-r'tim,- of the defend-
*1m s with t.

The sbaoie Vigilant arirred from
the Utle Manatee yesterday rornln
with eight thousand mullet for John
Savarese. The captain of the %oat re-
ported having made a catoh of twenty
thousand, but FIsh and Game Warden
Moody put in an appearance and
claimed that the fish were caught con-
trary to law. He compelled them to
turn loose all those not taken from the
nets. They estimated the number re-
rmalnin in the net at twelve thousand.
The fishermen were all arrested and
will be tried for violating the fish laws.
One J. K. Staten was tried before
Judge nlarrison's court yesterday af-
ternoon on a charge of beating Mrs.
Rells. o fthe Florida Avenue hotel, out
of a board bill amounting to $S1.50.
The man was bound over to a higher
court in the sum of $200 and In de-
fault of same was sent to jail. Tjiere
has been a number of dead beats,
that have swindled Mrs. Reils of late
and John Wall, Esq.. one of her board-
ers, thought he would put a stop to it
by legal proceedings and Intends to
prosecute every rascal that endeavors
to beat his board bill In the future.
The Door of (Hope, the rescue home,
recently established in this elty for
(ien women, telephoned to police


Rev. Porter Delivered Twb Elo.
quent Sermons Yesterday.


His Parting Words at Last Ntgnt'r
Services L.s. nrd to By a
Large Congregation. Meet.
.g n i uaiae.

"The greatest question of the
age." was the subject of Rev. J. sW.
roster's sermon yesterday afternoon
at the Baptist chapel. It was taken
from the text, 'WHban must I do to be
saved? And they said believe on
Jesus Chrnst, and thou shalt be s&v-
ed-Aes lts .30,31.
This is a queston of the soul; It is
a very natural Q uetlon; we hear peo-
pie on eery band aking how they may
get rich; ho we eto well. when sim .
then why not ak the most important
oi a Questione, how can Ihe saed?'-
'We dQqbt to mke. this lnquy.
irie. Beeause of the ImmortalIty of
the soul. O r bodies wiX die; our
riches are only temporary,, hut the soul
Ues 9a wr. Jrony man is -enn-
scios of hA i-mmortallty.
thoe .. Bere the we are orst sinnael;
not 6=ib tobeoamt, but lost now, saa
wn g t~ e am
de-en ftivet to sk othisn- queAlof uh
sl t-wh ua wtlni.es to de what-
.-V GO&-toll* UP ust46;i iess we are
wlline to obey .Gqd we. had abetter
never as.
The answer, "Believe en the Lord,
Jems Cheist,' not to do anythbAg.,
Mant is noc damned. t~. rwtn he does,
but for want of falth. Worksm will t
save us. We work from the crse,
not te it. iFafith 'the ba xls of all
b nesa if the people lose faith In
a mane ability to pay, hie tluclAess wil
fall. z
"And thou shalt be saved," shall, aot
mayne, saved; ont savabte, but saved;
n9w; not at delth. God gives no prom-
se 'for the future to the unsaved. Now
which are you? There are only two
classees of people, the saved and the
lost, two destinations, heaven and
hell. Which will you choose to-day?
God helps you to choose Christ and
The church was crowded in the even-
Ing. Rev. Porter took (or his text:
"Come unto me, all ye that labour
and are heavy laden and I will give you
rest."-Matt. 11:328.
They were the parting words deliv-
ered by the faithful preacher.
God says to man, "Come"; man says
to God. "Go." The invitation to come
is given in the Boble; Cthristians, you
don't love the Bible one half as much
as you ought to. Wicked men may
seek to destroy, but when all the Vo--
tares. Paines, Ingersoll's and all other
blatant infidels have returned to the
dust from whence they came, the Bible
will still remain.
Many here would feel hurt to hear
the infidel vomit his venom on the Bi-
ble, who will not accept. Why ehouid
you If you do not believe it?
God pity the Godless mother and the
Godless father who 'blase the way to
hell before their children.
You have been to this meeting and
been convicted and refused; you may
never have another chance. You can
come if you willt. Jesus said, "Ye wll
not come unto me that ye may have
life." He wlI say one day, "Let him
alone." Why do men hate Christ?
Because they lore sin.

Bv the Council Adjusting ib Ihe U"nit Stas(
Municipal Muddle. plete- the J oi


oth Maka Cdbcstasioans And Every T-hre Soldifa Died i t
thing ii Once Modre r. ne "Lawnn Eushiac ghRK
OS T saTtomas the i s
_raufcs. ., Au.

The moniclpal muddle in which M 1 ii.
Mayor Bowyer and Judge Graha-m Ame io1o to ats _
have fiured a princVipa&la that have ta have Sc n Ktsd a
causd much peculauon during the o

me- WiUl wews
Ut7 ti

U tnue Me otnor and nIstay of ah to Me
position there is no question and he I Whits
entitled to the support of eery law- The
abiding citizen. advise
Since the above was put in type a if he
member of the city council called at preside
the Tribdne office last night and stat- t g
ed that a committee of the council, It is
consisting of Messrs. L. Brown and like t
W. H. Frecker, whom are both friends head c
of Judge Graham and Mayor Bowyer he ci
called on those two gentlemen yester- eqbp
day afternoon and after considerable for wt
argument persuaded them to become which
reconciled and they Mboth very unwil- It i
lingly agreed to make concessions to provide
amicably adjust matters. Mayo r o
Bowyer agreed to withdraw his sei
charges against Judge Graham provid- reaso
ing Judge Graham would remit the from t
fines against the policeipen, which he camps
promised to do. lieved
The council is very much gratified to Reid.
have the matter settled up and hopes
that the judge and mayor in future wil
have no friction in the discharge of
their duties. C ity


vx Ina%&.--- Stits,

i.p.i'j4d '-.M.s-ueta Ment ftE c emofd be se-
a cured, until the siu b er dwindled to
le then oW' hundled. *'About Nwo
lft2<.es 0 eua ad ft twenty-five went
-- tT C- 4t e t lW and thq' crowd that 1eft
EYriC'1'd*-1tl *'MW. Peloto h-a about
S.asthe last with the exception of a few
,+"* '' .- that prefer remaining here.
The'FortMeade people whowere in-
W'l ProdWy evsO.e terested in the company have 'by no
rWd 1 ser o tor y. means abandoned the growing of the
Seed. Good crops are being matured
S and a, large acreage will be planted
it,. l12.--Clrftt Court next failf and spring when more favor-
Wenesday t-th Jodge as-teweather sit] be hoped for. With
pj"se6in. .Much in- this draw#back- is overcome they are
eisi a the court this confident of a large yield and good
_'rfaesr.iOler cases prolnts.
ene o tkhe docket -
wyers present are: CLEAN THEM OLT.
falaae, Cot. Thos. P.
11e '. Steves, E. Te mystery' surrounding the se a-
sire T Mo.s BU. Mt, torial situation at latahasset is as
tXaewkr, Lakeland; and deewpas ever. Never' in the history, of
waitervile. all former senatorial contests was
ty.- aisconsliern three there so little use for the hrobnobainsg
ad a number of cattle politician and wire puller as at the
'* .cig ..preent legislative session. The point
cgar factory is iank refusal of the members to be
6fits otril- jUllied on the senatorial question by
i5-5.*O of their professional polltlcians Is regarded as
y A stkx* a good sign. It Indicates an inde-
TVA l v take pedenO- of thought as well as action
toSnce. *'sbe that tis cmmendable to the members
ijMnediately an a well as reehig to their constitu-
Y-gir e soy yty entMs. The soonr r legislative ses-
to pey alone are Purged of a crowd of paid
Owa Al"1- l poila and petty boodiers, the
"-," S o e +. r wilr_ the members secure the
W WVgetting' .'ktb ifilene of the people. Just so soon
Owee oWIs-t as the people of s- community leasn
.et. lt' .i....n dI t their represmative is being led
.It.... h tp e .mani wtned and dined by one or
eu atE p aMore pooltlte n%, their faith lo him is
oaf the mhake adb reputation for honesty
IsMOOG. ter i l tt tae" polu1 scaVen-

hotels and
Igara doing

?vife Seen
.i, t*ft eor
th*a wilire-

:" -'Iteslti AiRa f s hifs rest. e 0 -- --'b
S.Tax Co r left yester- ess soe4t, let thil t a, nr-
Mth0af:for' sojrn to the yoshe ... ..that.

eF work fo os I herem I shall b he seoa- gmertma th e ae oma s-p
raf-t& from s. a Wont M sftr isateos

N The Joe 1P eler cap United Sons gr-y -he ah eISat to e overnit the nt&u1its this to the the
sof Confederate Veterans, held am their m 'tinte tot, M d o. m w a etarb ofui tee teat es oaern-

gular meets ng last Ho nt In their bce tere It w5 Sit dee t e tr dW das st om n to --.
rooms in the Altoteia eloekt, with nth the cle w-of retovet the era a P :_,- to s
Commnda t m. E. Worth es- noa arenas. thB faithful t pe h, tra is as reovedthe Stsae nto
lgnt-Oeas auo al, cml e has etearhd himself to a l hristian wrman opaers thn tashe German gs-
not be wway er his oearhless anexpo ernnt put am Infam or damages
son and J. T. Websterm Jr., were si tiheon esint andhs elr atnvtauons re ug at the foreign question a the
The-Jewes dthcampUnite#Sons ir d andt ha1themustfi cetary of theGermanemasy

of elected memberats of the Veteranp, held th toe excused tr e rether ser- n the conde

Letter was read rom Mtjor-Gen- mornlntatts 8 a. m nh ovler tha FA C. & auaon of the Coulan-Aers.
erar meeting Flether iof Jckson- s rod re his ithe nMapsviUeg At thoa Samoa question s a smal.
roonles in the ceampebet d ock, with that t ongregati to e an Ap wrerhed businaost for witch It
retCommandant Chas. E. Wor th presd- e meetml next Mondays theems a terrible pityfaithfulutho tha o mrs

In ton extended hm to deliver an endeared himselfood the pallto invites worthn of Gers than othe Ger hman gov
addressrs to the camp at t. ns meeting, every one to come to service lesso emientd l in a claim for damagesnd
but stand J.that he hoped to do swere action of sina and his einnetg winvitations are untru seamen have been needesslyt

an elected members of the ca tbeforthe Sundayr. The ubll lea to his are entirely matters for the d.de-
son, JohnA letter was read ftnd J. J. Far-ens- morning at obtai i, ver the C. how w eraton despof these from the oneranders
ilworth wer. in ich he e reflected as delegates to a- K w henre he expects to egin but wretched busine fre whihe maeIt
g rets at not being aion accept the meeting net Monday. seems a terrible pity thsaree0le dma-
nvitation, C., next month, and the corn- RevJB Moody, the pastorI nvites worth of Gerean property has ben
adout the list and appoint alth s meetings. every one to come to serves to-nightdamaged and l stories told omerican thead
but stated that he hoped to do no atausualhom as the of meeting wills. Frank subject mst therefor e been needlessly
,Messrs. L. D. .Hobb.h, M. L. ThDompb-n Eihe be"Forgivr was sddeness of sin; what night ventlons of ne has ntereceisted Ien ma
soand Joh T. Rowe eret and J. J. Farnes- ho to obtain It. aend hot r ma'. eral despsatehes from the com and the
confrther with a committee apoins delegates tod by York announcin he have death of their nthe cruiser Flk, in which 'he makes.
the Veterans and Datuniohtes ar the son-in-law no me n of any d. Jacob Nasagreeabeias, whichdi-
tonCfedera.y, for monthe purposand the cof ar- occurred in that city on the 12th. De- NwARion with Rear Admiral atIO. The
ra ging to givet and app joint alputbi enter- cased was once a prominent stories told on the
a nment intee order tho ecoime betir ac- of this city. where he m of M. and Mrs an sbjThe Larget therefore hactore ben Esit
,Messrs. R. L. ThohR.pson, J. Jpso almost hbergbroken a; the deast nghvents of prsnsIeresed in a
Fandsworth. and PJRowe. eL. Maoiea thy, sharer o her jptoy and father of her In a couleratlon with enenorand thuerra,
confer appointed a committee appointed- little six-months-ld ebaby. A large managerth of thr Unied Stateban-Amercs. Cigar
the Vetprans and Daughters othe number of relatives, both here and Cona, Jacob Naay yesterday, she stated to a Tr-ich
Confedeacty, for the p rp.jorned proaresr- cured in finely on the new T .tON

ranging to ginoto public r's stay n the buildnen r mpe. He prmid the
inmt in order to Tonit beter acityhis it ln shee own a g reat deal of workmen were enow Cigat woract on the ast-
fclusted with each othKEr.AD. appreciation heby aihl admrleng aonsitu- per floor and it would not be lo Inished.
Messrs.R. L. Thoo so, J. J almos t heartbroken a; took him e detor a fore they wold ben on the roof. e
Farnsworthasnd PL .l MGeachyrls drive ofer the city and father w Stf her In a conversation with Senor Guerra, cot
re appointedao n tte on em-m es ai othsd -rienld obaby. A Iarg e manager of the Cuban-American Cf the L-
wbership. num i r been w ith him ques, both heretl and a Compan by yesterday, he stated to a Tr-
There being no further bsiess to elsewhere deeply romn-urn his sad death. tey would representative everth&at week beforwas
transact the camp adjourned. c a clled him t the Almerpr. senator that time. fly on e new made to
w tcitybe Is beipa unng show a great deal of workmen were now at work on the up-rain
FOr GerR IN LAKEAND. appreciation by an admirieo ng constUit- per floor and It would not be lowbe-
One, Charles Miller alas Charles drive overt the and the compeity, Col. C. W. Steph- stated that the terms of the coand trcn-
tayes, who it will be remember ens anold friend of thte n senator, he called fonentr the com le tm of the e-
was irn the employ of Lanier & Gri n been with rhim quite frl gently and a Iworkg by the fre of Julye t the old
as baker for sometime, worked two Ofn o Prominent citizens have they would finish sererai we befoe
our merchants with 'bogus, cheeses a Called to him at the Alme. Senator that time. Eorta s-re being made to
few days ago, and left for parts un- Stephen R. Mlrmor. Is truly and sin- have It inder roof befom the rainy

ktwn. He lft here so me weeks a his wa to man t of the people and he is a sea5 nets In.
fr T:a where he claimed to have rti toida one of the beat United He sWted th Itwoul aw
secured a position in the TanpaStates toi the country and the completed the most conetea nd can-

and madeay t .to...eA...Thahsway to ost Ken where he Is of the woerk. 5 y

^ IDw ms, so sPep ^these to ha hiafm


amearedn. n t W
Is anow a -.hlng
who wan nero woman' I j
day. rycthing ingtmn #0

building las been theromvhW
ed and t4;swn open and *M
in that condtion for a period
days. n
The twi buldinge nearedi
where the patient was evt
been deadt with in le mami
person wll be ticowed to ocu
for at leas thirty days.
In conversation with Wtapj
yesterday afternoon he stated
in accordance with the ho
ment. 11 added that his
guard to t"e matter was
of the citl clerk an
made puilec had the cdtT
He stated that as fa as a
certained, eery negma iM
been vIcemated, the tixe&o
silcans appoInted for thai pm
lng done their work wet. As
to this belth a large,
the whiteI and oreign 1e
lohm been is-tesi
The mayoris JoUty*
grand wor that hass %n p
ed by the c tr heithk A,9
tha. Juiag ig the Poo"
eame in other loer he W
ed ThaldktoemoMgag
kosdred easa tnet 'W1

shar coImas" A
ftohoNd 14 this cit.

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_Vuun. V em_ Z l= a a hi gotsing ahead BRING TH 7 R5 1 B.
so ois. s ^-.=Sm *gota" Example is Bettffer U United states keeps a 4
ft-. .u" a" pr e e traste ma-im wa aga.st
pp the half cvty ied nations of the watdo d
*-. *. PURLM DB B*. jPst to think tin what a little while or soldiers will get plenty of good
.- ... WI..... the sun-stroke Tecordt wl1 take the' a practice In sprinting and buahwtiack-
-. plac of the frost-bite co ,he It is not what we say, bhut m.. a
ale citizen to understand the meaning
; daily ptm a what Hood's Sarsaparilla ot a&Lt Ithisaa tngaround amo g
tlot of uncivilized nations unless It
m W A. e, d ad Maae aan a teat of wireless teegraphy does, that tells the story l tokeep up an enormous war tax.
in the wa s department will so ve a Thousands of testimonials are ixou to make a showing why don't
""de a ti mi a alo the aen they get up a scra with a respectable
+4 ++++++4++.+++t+++ do+ nent ofother k, of wires there e.xamples dof what Hood's oe o that is worthy of ota steel?
S- 0 Just why they want to keep chasing a
S TRMB OW' S C +IPTION. The wobf*4ed ptoleare which the thas done for others, and horde of half starved and half clothed
t -masU.Pred.eero a : oes : what it will do for YSou. oodlume all over God's green earth
+ alt e da + to the prerldent the hasppy idea of let-wi d ra mystery. If the adralnlstratton
S mnt.......... the re...... t te happy dea of let- rofula Running scrofalas sores would send word to Dewey. Otis.
.oa t 1 S S 1 t1 25 + made me shunned by neighbors Medical Brooke, Ludlow and the leaders who
61X ,a*iBntl .. ...... ........S PeopleI have .d P $240 for the treatment failed. A relUti- urged me to are keeping up the bostilite in other
S+ S prSwilege of seen o M r.Croker a d h try Hood's Sarsaprillla. Di so and In few God forsaken places to pull up stakes
+i .,friends eat that 510dnner. And the months the sores completely healed." Mie and come borne we believe the foor-
S r tha t edt M. Hteu, trna.X N.H. fifths of the American people would
1- -+#. . ....... .. Price doesn't even include a h. I I y-Two be inflinitely better satisfied. We be-
Vat'ttoachkOf the grip I me with infllamma- leve the church m4ssionaries wiupd ac-
4.4* 44. T ao tfnm m.en have co a- J story rheumatism. Am 89 years old. but compllah more In a day wIth thee
9 w %Cht ict ag owno oonen h ave contr Hood's Sarsaparilla cured me and I can people at no coat to the country then
W A A llptloa ame payable in tcteSdicth aBoey retaurteur clmb stairs and walk anywhere." J. ov- the American troops will accomplish
rmsTor a dinner at egthty cents a plate. .f 373 Fargo Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. In a month Thewatr of carnes
t M a l sb nswe eM gtrwe + The sevet y-nne-cents-a-plate dinner s 'and extincutlon against them I s a dis-
A w1 e' t bsat k i d posofce+ winellt to thets aemd mnoyet.lefo fhsetcredt a an dash gre mtto iol hotmtry.
ants, ," o -na ldWInner who for several
-. Af wOn hbk the M 1sub. yeis has been editor iad p roprietor SHJJ l 3ROUDBP IN eYSrTERY.
APW r t oe OIs the ad- *of nthe Oniando Star. has disposed of
ib e m01S dIpys. t his eret i the S to aWalter i srd Ptnown O verine s ."esrsrrtetq"A Old d ioliticli wmarhore5 and api.r-
S tm fs send O + Y e llli a and J. erels two woll known snly eht t omss. Wm amoue ants for e letcal honors at Pollamss-
S, e 7n o mM o r Bthat Le. see. who haven rveled In log -ulling In
r. IeIdela+onp a s e ioa s - oat i sos f the lialatire oon-
.5 -WMill S IaM /- 4. Had the obje tA the meting been P5.AC JLR TIONO thm, to tL.dm at h. c-
+4. generally en n sre is no doubt-own ,aese aut -t l e theC 0o
+.th the a n b o t vnS alhab e n T. wHw ar itht lais offlcid in de- A t ro bitll tro .oro
Lp t t i".4 tt ...Aiga and sns- eeaanttinve. dany eated at an n: the presIuent Iaa Is- mei fip d a lilad-
________ 'ti i'm 11 ns heai "t Pe s w it favor eda s premnlation -0v ~ ti vnle-w ubis woa g by a. Ylcinti
St t d thg wo rmnosnent" .whie
1 mos Stes22k a#a& w S Smosenae h dr an equale s w d tpr o th w t& anig(it-tfA erty aiOoMe hlhad antd U sf wM lid sar od
ton heo lte g it. r h e Prtntea A bl later to rla l t"I ce tw'po ohuegiralslao.ed ol
tan 110-ae -sch I, 4ee oa the ina ni-
eos *,- *i ae-. -t -a and the United States at*theeoui o Ht o a boutn mos rawe rty5 f
naeft"ltf mmt0 the we.a rWee et. a i eO SS tshne B.a l ta epeaceSpai.aa wtt wasbhle indathe f him to S tnpo na en mairandertpl acdamqidsn
t. sae MtL aght. a tt a wo b t e a railroad In a yet the mal p o the world hat i. the em tt i hradr lnt o -
o te0y. I h orestl believe that several'
.t con t t et a ttet t a estiere tee In tat ci been changed, the United States have of the elent onI suppae
it ht b e thatturne outanogood, thata a ddesaemsbei dthe isidt ofstauita pprthachenl
ff t t Serab ttSreTaon pet bD a ashms umdtted w-chl Ach hmu sbe c rri nd it hto dt ta? Setrtat wbia
s-tuhlu Whh OmMats at Tal- a n & a out. and the Ajnerlian soldiers and he addresses the ogelatore next MS=-
S W o *o t sailo has shown that theyo are of day" nTht, he will amkte the speeeh of
rept nginres Crmae sovery nearly the true descendants of their ig hting life.oD.t T opinion r esgat
t5 ret -lpotht the mamiel wh e he dedared that ancestors. about even in the race."
O ver with sun- 'mAdmiral D w wnhe be wone tle T
I lJ miab great victory at Xanle, should have The events of the twelve months He little tbhuosehith t when he tit-
'tur ned his ak n the coun try and pat have forced the Unite Staeman tered the above words be wanpas.ing
the greatest copliment ever be-
.. A. AL i- tW7 o wa .never looked back. It seems that the a government and the peole o a the twed on a legtoat ime oedy.
- mai. re t n. cncijad ,longer we continue hostiUties, the Untlied States, to the front in a man- #
1 eb* the his i Tor the present, greater the necceshity for maitaining ner little dreaLned of In the early part 1TO ABOt.H CIfHARTER.
P "-els '_ a large standing army throughout the of 189M. But, having been forced to -
.*ootll in s5 .a and s the rovnces.. the front, It s the duty r the duty f the govern- Coast is coidering of the adsall-
at i nl t a nde ce or An eeuange lvs rent and of the people to soW to tn ty of abolishing the munit cipal char-
Witll inepen o Anexhange siv a remedy for balanceof the world that these new lee. A meeting of citlens wtas held for
^Tn -this isthatpu drdes-andnreeponn ?da eper- tTusdyevening, but
5Slng. thp Ueir ultimatum r keeping the chickens of your neighbor duties and respooiniotitaes will be ter for se cause wan ery alimly at-
llg 0t. off FoUr grounds thae t is inuaranteed to rshil med and lived up to in keeping with tended. The Sun In its Issue of Tues-
ba e wa orkn. Here It Is in an e'gnsh lP the henur of a great nation, day in speaking oLf the matter says:
016 wll be kept 'in the family, that when your neighbor's hens get into The president's proclamation ends "After waiting for half an hour.
Sto, sw when we give, them up Eftg- your yard don't lay for him. Put up it.h,.ptpr relating to paidn. Asg ,- whichtinee snt coinsurmed by someiof
tkehagesome nice nests under the h. and those present in an informal discussion
9a tilteLetlke Oaharoe.o t -ercoets. Stai.n and he Unted of the matter the meeting adjourned.

1lMs. rtbune wamer dotars to dough- your neighbor grt ont, the in h,- and no steps taken in that direction,
h T A. e n will will make ascramble to khep Lhus-e WALL FPP.R GiVE;iR.iNii. but enough was said for the conclusion
t that Col. John A. Henderson hens at home. -to be reached that -public sentiment Is
emw ire Mr. Pasco in the United General J. B. Vail is an itieii pretty evenly divided on the queatlon.
0 ss*v ite..(e Ils the dari t horse Pensacola people are considering the state's attorney. He is firm in the It is believed, however, that a majority
@ -ould give unIversal sati saction advhisabiltty of having Ptved streets .performance of dury, yet -haritab;', in of the ioes'own carer.
.J. L pid tf they will send a committee to Tampa
'*. ... #-we will take pleasure In s howing h them h views and. it Is imposlnble fi>r him 9
*, our bang up pavements and In giving to convert a prosecution into a pe8secu- The city li ver' much In need of a
S a- tmwed oust al of a sudden theem a number of valuable pointers In don. He has a legal mind in the high- law prohibiting the throwing of brok-
1.,0 Jla. P. Tlafterro is a Tam. the construction of same. No city est and broadest sose of the term and en bottles, pieces of glass, ntais and
-,+.-I I1 111 off_ g~rK~lle that made a Judlcious expenditure Of
-.iJ m o f a JatoottvUle cit- mnee rhas ever imretted issuing ons he intSitkvely perceives the weak or other dangerous articles on the street.
SIt wIll be oticed that ack-lt o iaie the money for a good street strong points in a case. His analysis It Is a common sight to see pieces of
l a theoBant Coast are exert- Vpaenent. Penasoola like T.mipa, is and presentation of the facts are al- boards lying on the street, stickIng fo l
......cs to ipe Mm elect- pip n sd comme-rcal center, and ways lucid and forcible, while his ap- f naJt.
t t ad tte .senate. fine Avced streets wouSd tibe atitem prehension of the law Is always u1- Articles of this kind are not only de-
. In her mIterla-t dgere. erring. An able lawyer, he Is no lees structive to the tirea ot hundreds of
-p a6 ar r laovel-u y th ime tp an aete statenlai, and wtnlle the peo- Obcyoek and other vehicle that are
am!"aa .W s -ate t r psi- hakttus*e o 66nninc to apprettpie ofWlorida are casting aboiw. for a &Pasinf over the streets at all hours
*e aw"lml. K 4^en the "White Man's Builen." specially ,,--A tee for goernor next yea., they o fthe daybut they are lewle e In-
-gp me-op -1ri m u wai t eo one re soutern cannot podably make a wiser or abet- 3i1ario1 in aoswe5. Persons who know
a GeorgiaPaperUsp stle- "lWlite prenmy and Good ter choice than the aeltectlon t Hon. .t about horses, ulnderstand the
iA k aff bggh reinl' 10 reament is tht distinguisathing cr y. B, Wa. Imealy s know no man damage that may resal t from a nal
It wi aiTWLh-ID ile for him to keep Ithe p sen esli c lin in the. state who possesses In a igher or a p&lotse giss getting into the frog
g M atomin f run maad that y, psrovoked by the pertilciols degree the quallfictione for that office, of a hos-M's hoof. There are pkesty of
"i- -6 f g "ofte ipo4A a or He is honest he is capaibe an he is th clhIt a conveniet a thie
i. ... an AO A u 5re en Ttfs M' tu- qd we^tre im alacd he won$ gie aee.t tor ti-nw-ng these dasww

[ f noto- tions exist. Afay It1 *a wtthou3t st, t oeerai. .
h,. ll s his. kl Mooledl; t--e ,w-,tt o the e--ectl.ton *= At A h oat of =oiury Iwrtash
I- r lk tfa with the es- can he' foet ld how. BMd JWS dPtCoM BAMCOA. the end of It ts*, aarnT ll Mee
!E ^ "^ ^ One of the reatM t acts of benevo- The we from Iana oa tosd&a3y i oc an the otltion of the Islands of the wI1
. .w.r+.l'. ".. es.- lemee and charIty that has ooused Is a- etiw uharasise, and may pet a depotmn to ha im tIn t i nnlng
tles thee. Osessy it appear.; is his cha .-feared t be ouhtl never
. P- t .A.. a fra" b sincee the tmrnig of the 'Windsor h not w nmu ined as wanast fl-nt re- gr-we them ,awl w the inveutigat-
front *tel. Immediately a the fire Miss ported to dicrllne Consl Rose and tnL loamlr t tumied 5k sucha & far-e
14w1 i M t elig Ien Gould opened, her psi, JI home theretby lhlien the dlplosnatlc strain. thi tear was great strengthened.
4awfelnaulrl 4B~w t Te mpalog soup on to the entrtalnmenlt of the crwd .r nonw talkklg ebout an apology from eat the beet that It wan strtngy, tough,
fr55W Ste. aN o rce of workmen who had been eSpoyed 'to Admiral Kaut and a dimwowal from ursimn- ltae. non-nutriUve and natuse-
ta m I-K c tt-e men have to search for the charred remains of vic- this country of responsibility for the atlng began slooty, but ha flowed on
a certain exet frets the los time. Her mansion stands directly admiral's action. 'As yet we have not steadily and daily Increased In vuI-
J tae ha tankers, bet the ex- soross the stree -tim the hotel a full lnowtolge of what has occrned usie. Lsst F'rlda ftay y officers from
there. knd the latest cews can only Ithutenant to brigadier general, stated
1aemL will the end he b*e^ a runs. she has already furnished over serve to complicate matters. A body in official reports thai they foeard the
a a ltile fatmests If the nation twelve thousand meals to the work- of Aimerican and Britshl olors were beef absolutely nfilt for food. 'Most
*ecyir Btndta ly the iessco. ambushed on April 4 by Mateafa owar- of the witnesses, many of them sue-

riors and two Americans and one Bri- geons, have declared that the beeff wa
mad would-be Senator Mr. H. B. Stevens, of Citra, one of tish officer and four sailors were kill- in large measure respontble for the
ed. The dispatches further say that sicicone amnog the troops. The can-
t having so ma ny political mat- the leading authorities on horticulture t slht hcontious. t its verc ned beef was. an one officer reported,
.* 1Attetnd to t hat his fishing In- in the state, has invented a new and important that the three Con'mlission- In the testimony of Saturday, "just as
l e ting sadly neglected. TVe vey Ingenllous device for covering or- ers appointed hy the Lnited Stat's, bad as posnitble. short of being rotten,"
dh t arrisbugI legislature for ange and other fruit tree sheds. His Germany and Great Britain should get and nauseated acId weakened the
a- n itd States senator plan Is to pivot the covering on in sec- to Lhe scene of the trouble tz iui]kly troops: the refrigerator bee. was
g l asail aUttesution. t iea t ons, and 'wem n ot In se the a possible. The fact that they \. r chtermcaly a treated This is what tGen-
9 v &pe atteatioi. 1%e pas- tionus are turned edrgewins. thus aid- ready io start wai W en(ourargir .- ora'l Miles said at th- eginningi. and he
f.te osa cCIrrom bUil that rnittle sun and rain. When a fre-zc, d-nce that te ihr-- naftil rc 'rn .-- has proved t. Th. nex: move la
.Se9BoP to keep him out of jail is apprehended these sections are urn- crd at .rasi as to the -'rr r, President rKinls. Who was re-
ir &atoig up some very ed back flat. and the operation re- steps toward restoring ,he -at un.- spontile.
e ry charges to seouar a quires lbt little time. A number of, in .omoa. There .nnot fai b-1
votes at rsanlIuneg, needs large growers to whom 'Mr. aievens gre apprehension f It ,i--.r this-c s Ex-.Srnatr e aIntl. *f Florida, wh. is
a ter at *oA. L-anbt a not than exhJbited his covering. are highly ond slaugber c ,f .-nerlcan and in- t.itiv i, r-tu-n I-. t. sona- Is the
in tral PhJladelphia on a pleased with its ssinOricirty and appar- tush sadlor, as it will rt-naedr more if- 'an.: Ca. eel ,,r-.rno hbi shhi" and
s- pecetia in estate funds ent effectiveness and( mai"t of them riult the fxirg of the resp,-,a t. r o i f. t
Sa er aspect and re- are aing aage e Ii a for the rebellion, hle making i a:l r.ur f ns ee to
te it l at tendtlon out his trial next winter. the more essential that this resiponsi- th s nat gali.-lor-s sme ynors ago.
f th stae of affars cos- 4 illty shall be fixed. With Gr-elt Br- It %as durlrn1e i,- "eous debates on
Slower be will be corn- Te Seaboard Air LAne is evidently iain and thl United htate- standing th. -a ot t, purchasing clause o t
olgea-o his lshing Interests. determined to provide terminal facil- shoulder to shoulder. it seems impo th-- re n na th purchasing clause or
ties at some Poiat on the Gull coast, tble that Germanty s-11 go so far as tC hl sherman laro. w- believe. .If Qlr.
4rV t lS and representatives o fthe system con- I tebri t een s eouseO thb lahost ilti- tci'.t st woui ,cite t, leat e him
os ote. the tinue In the erch for the most avaIl- the affair wa assuming distinctly a in the land of lowersand alligators,
:mmhap t of this da e able end p tc-ble port. In T-mpa bad look. v here for the next six montths he can
s1.alw revarding adver- ae and sratlcicable port. In Tammna go barefooted, if he likes. ith entire
SB nnmr^-n n odf do at pre t morse are rife that the F. The sincerity at the 'New York Her- cmfort- h -Na e A rcan.
41t at a Wtthout C. & P. is going to seek a deep-wa- aid in Its great design to gain posses-
t- o e ter outlet at St. Petersburg. The sur- slon of the Phitlppines is somewhat The county commisionetp covered
was: ewyors o the road were there this week doubted now that It is making such themselves with glory when they let
Si saying jt completed a survey of a strong efforts to trade them off. the contract for the Nebraska avenue
l n 'Slr. ae rn m'llWy to land owned by the paving and had the six mile creek
_clT(T ~o~y bot be mlete hbove St. The B(att Quay machine in the great road paved. Florida needs good roads
_a sti tP. DnI 4 a mairt. good state Pennsylvania is abhost to col- and good school and it Is nratIlytlD
f 5 lse, thab E.t Hrots erlltea boodlers and brab- to know that HllUeborougt county is
'^ i g I t IsalS. ana the people on the penis- ery eade a arb-g trying leading them van in both particular.
'- gray belere that F & f to bolster his chance for re-election as
t e U nited Sbttes anaor, while the old --Iee enclosed 3-1000 bia belong to
s'ke e dpiclii ont. It might man himself i In the Phlmd--iila the United eSttes traPeaS y. 07mesrtece
4&.a .n h.-aw" .s ta the crinma court w th me penitenuary deenanos It s- aun- 0od knows the
~ P. hl s sihecan st artM him In the tfame Unee he can nm asadth e ian." to the way the let-
alutcssht n a purge himsetl of 1 the 1riusf tar read that went to the traimmy

s... t wiW. ahee fi 'tsrd M. t Wt P't. a .-

^^ ^^ ^^ BI H WWIi:- ." ..-.

Th -1 is co-MOr to ,

TVng into 51 wa ii k-
Croker's big 910-dlnner w Soaed

system etiv lly are reaping a rid thar-
vest. both in products and deat.
Nobody coud fall to remark the
ghastly aor In the idea of calling
an undertaker to temstiy in the em-
bahned beef itIry.
tAt last there has been discovered
one institution In Pennsylvania where An r
everything does not go Quay'm way.
and that Is the cort houtme. ea eph
The tlinols legislature has cumulakid
that Chicago Is a greater nuisance no the
than the country can stand, and has 'ttS!pVnfl
declined to pma sthe 'Greater Chblmotae e
tMI. tuhe
Congressman Sparkfama M""t come t d
In yet for a. voice In th United SatMa
senate. He would make Plfordaid
-oo one eand a Bouth lorIda wNiouK
ra toM his, support.
There never was a ow is tlm W t-
w" as imewa f ftrtne .41orU'tMuss

with th n e od Geh g reen u s oo
erty .;itn tor a" t P asdha e el Iite.
cent mon rs ot he IV t itow tig t a- ibr

of Ryehaid ker the "ma-ny h
B-ea a5 a fut s a a about
tahncg n a WOlsA. e s Andnatt war tF,
the greateot ft e esoGod' areen po fooe
stool. -1 C LW
A gentleman who arrived I stln-Pa g
on Saturday from Georgia and who 1'
has been touring moat of the soWthe 0 !
states with a view of locadto tgld C EA I
Tribune representsatle yesterday that UJ*J
Taopa presented, greater activity In
a mercantile line In proportion to her
size than any city he bad tvitited.
The members of the 3MastetInwestia- s-
ting coommIttee got a little more out WUYI
of Richard Croker, the Tammany chlltf
than they cared to know about Tam-
many and a few things about Biom I4~uJ
Platt that they did not eare to know.
It is now believed that Platt wan two
sole instigator of the entire proceed-
lngs. -

'To be bound hand and foot for forty
years by the chains of disease is the
worst form of slavery. George )D.
Wllman, of Manchester, Mich., tells
how such a slave was made free. He
says: "'My wife has been so helpless
for five years that she couid not turn
over In bed alone. After using two
bottles of Riectric Bitters, she is Won-
derfully improved and able to do her
own work." Tis supreme remedy -or
female disease quceuiy ouea nervous-
news. sleeplessness, pelawty, head-
ache. backachenM itl*Mg and dlWy
pells. Ths miracle woriing medsLne.-
is a godsend to weak, ei., ron
Ge-sn ane-s. Drery bottle gaaranteeG
Only 6 ee5t. Bold Ip S B. Leoneardi
a Co.. DMiStts.
The get z stat of, Pennsy-vania wil
doaubtliU have to be oo&tent with one
sasMter In the- orgention of the next
S-e. If the legiflature cm't scare"
up better timber than the one that im
eabed theM. hbd better do p0tt041

use aadpego"f eroltte operaints
tha elmopltr-eae tmel rong =of1 i
d1iswexs w~tf1oush the diau
iteU. Place yw onfiadeance Ji De-
WItt's 'Witch Bel lUve. Ith b eo-
er aled to mre othea; it w not Mll
to easeyea. .510. 4- _eais & Co.,
Pharmaun at eo Ctegy.

J. T. Burtch
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I .-'

eNM sthabe w VWry- Are Tuesday's Daily.
AO iiap thet- 'ls 1 reliest runaway that has oc-
m bo' canxeg eurred Is Tampa for many a day took
LMi.. Glett 6gy., place yesterday afternoon. A West
k't" eWr iqiked Tampa trutt vender with a small wag-
S. Sudden-. on ad a little Wiorida pony, about as
t the pave- large as an ordinary donkey, drove
Jumn ped down -to the wholesale fruit store of
-4 .ogr, rowell. Savarese & Co., near the F.
kejPW fr4 0cswpa.tsC. & P.'depot, for a load of fruit.
S" _. Wlile he was in making his purchases
k._f hme ne a -the pony started out to seeth te town.
'. M ;-tamed to It started off at a walk up Florida
S,, z. avenue, which soon developed into a
- l s feel. -na'jr- ffort of bystanders to stop Mr.

Ehue ta m; "am. As he pased the fire station and
fleB." l-woret dca te corner at city hall, people
ht-Jh wa4 erft e th u it it -was the fire team starting
9S WhiU t in house yard, coming out at a point near
Y the band stand. By this time the pony
had divested himself of nearly every-

Self -Government and a Uttle
Caoh Would Do It.

By Belgran Consulate at Manilla, who
Has Conversed With the In.
surgents and Know What
They Desire.

New York, April 17.-Special .-fn an
interview published th morning with
Eduoard Andre, the Belgian consul at
Manila, who has Just arrived at Brus-
ses, regarding the. Philippine Insur-
rection, says:
"Only Aguinaldo and some of his
foHowers, who fight under compulslon,
know specifically the exact form of
government that the United States In-
tends for them, and when the United
States has paid them some compensa-
tion for their sucetsemt flgbt against
the svanisris.
"Let the United SBtuM st the lamr-
enim kknow In deinite words its Inten-
Ulm to grant tMm local self-govern-
meat i& aso copess Is them for
their maltf eeres --t Spain
a.nd they ill at ot ftribftl and ilve
on -fftossat. tam wtli the .Amnerl-
'"Iey told me so theme tes, as

be resam of dh o emrilitr of the
oewar X reesen, I esee've &ond-
denoes front parties.
"The Amricanu]s have now fally prov.
.d their nilkesy spertorlty. Those
rough vokuateers have shown them-
seves spendlid soldier, bearing the
cllate more stoutly than the Span-
lards and fighting heroio.ay against
the insurgents, who on the batefield
struggle with absolute contempt of
"I shuddered for the American vol-
unteers, expecting that the Insurgents
would beat them more easily than they
did the Spaniards. M'y admiration was
great on learning how quickly and
fully the Americans got the upper
"But now that they have shown
their strength, let them make peace."
"Vhat about parting with a portion
of the Philippines to England in ex-
change for the West Indies. or Ja-

he Idea being disnasteful to EAg-
land. they wkll not press It. Besides,
the pride of the Filpinoe would be
wounded by being bartered away with
a portion of the archipelago, and this
would only increase the trouble."


A Chicago Ken Will ake a Close
Inspection of the Country for
a Syndicate

Col. T. oehouhme, of Chicago, arriv-
ed-'in the cSty peteriey and is the
Tuest of W. R. FmlUer. Me was Tor
-seeral years an extensive fruit buyer
ar a aeo house Mwith seadquar-I
ers ts this city. After the tf freese
ll he went to Olfornm. where
be made som e ha. L...an-t.na in or-
Nre aoprtsio. He remaend there un-
ti a few wehes ecl, when he dlposed
of his Interete there to accept a pot-
ont with a Cbpro land sth d te tosat
> thorpgh Inspeti of P nwoS the sonth-
poronincues udds. nThe sy ahase has
esred a a optmin of twenty-five thou-
satd acres which inhades all the meost
fertile and desable portion of the is-
land. He will spend at lea.t two
months and probably three in making
a thorough Inspection of not only that
portion Included in the pswcase. but
the entire island.
Mr. losrehouse, In nonversatlon with
a Tribune representative yesterday
stated that as near as he could aseer-
taa the Inhabitants of the island
numbered all told about two thousand,
most of whom were natives. There
were two smail towns or shipping
points with 900 and 300 inhabitants re-

Hel stated that the principle products
were coffee, sugar and tobacco, but ac-
cording to the reports from parties
who had been located there for several
years the soil was well adapted to the
gTowing of pineapples, oranges, lemons
and vegetables. The reports also men-
tion the wonderful fertaiity of the soil
and the entire absence of epidemics.
Mr. Morehouse left last nighton th -
Olivette for Havkna from where he %wiI
either cross Cuoa lay rail or take a
vessel direct to his destination. He
promised to furnish the Tribune a full
account of his Investigations.
One small bottle of Hall's Great Dis-
covery cures all Kidney and Bladder
troubles. removes gravel, cures Dia-
betis, seminal emission, weak and lame
backs, rheumatism and all Irregulari-
ties of the Kidneys and Bladder in both
men and women. Regulates Bladder
troubles In children. If not sold by
your druigt will be eent by mall on
receipt of 1. One small bottle is two
months' treatment and will cure any
case above mentioned. E. W. HALT..
Sole e w-f-eturer.
P. 0. Box 218s Wes Texas.
Sold by B. B. Leonardi & Co., Tampa

tm mp, ila, Jan. IM.
The Am to. certy that after many
Tom's C WI leor with kidney and
ademr frlfn I nhwbe been very
peSly o.t.bd r the ems of one
bit1,o Dr. W,, Great ,,tow err.
t.-.- ,I- T.' *,. B. OB BN .

FlItpico Prisoners Will Be Given TUp
(For Those of Spain.
Madrid. April 17.--Special.-The Of-
ficial Gazette to-day contains a royal
decree appointing the Duke de Arcoe
to be Spanish envoy extraordinary and
minister plenipotentiaey to the United
The decree also creates consulates
at Havana. Manila, Ilolo, San Juan de
Porto Rico and Cienfueoos.
Senor TLarrea, now Spanish consul at
Antwerp, is transferred to Havana;
Senor Boulila, now at Shanghal, is ap-
pointed to Manila, and Senor Criarte
goes to Antwerp.
Gen. Rilo, pain's principal com-
mander in the Philippines, cables that
WMWaJ. Gen. Otis hasbe granted him a safe
conduct for his chief of staff and an-
other officer whom he is sending to
Agninaldo with a letter demanding the
liberatin of the p aleh prisoners In
the n of humanity and interns-
tional law. In the event of a refusal,
the commissioners will ask A.ulnaldo
for a deinImte decision, in order that
they may acquaint the ucvhlsed world
rtth him attitMade.
Gen. Bios has empowered them to
offer to surrender to A inaldo sixteen
hundred FHlipAno prisoners, who have
been placed at the OSpnish command-
er's dinpwss by Gen. Otis.


How the contractors on the Variouu
Thorughfares are Progree-
sing Wi h Their Woak.:

The board of public works has eon-

the work wt be begun as soon as the
contractors on Florida avenue reach
Harrison street. This will be a great
Improvement and will add a hundred
per cent. to the appearance and gen-
eral convenience of the city.
Judge Cline proposes to pave Sev-

public works has informed the gentle-
man, that the grading will be don- at
the earliest possible moment
Contractor Kendrick has the rock
road paved from the Six mile creek
almost to Twenty-s-wcond street. When
chic I completed and the city gets
Seventh avenue paved to where' the
rock paving stops Tampa will have a
stretch of paved streets that will be a
credit to the city.
Contractor Luvfok is rushing the Ne-
braska avenue paving with a vim.
The material used on this thoroughfare
makes an admirable paving and when
thin avenue Is connected up with the
Seventh avenue paving, the public whil
soon learn that it is one of the hand-
somest drives in the city. Already It
Is very picturesque, dotted as it is
with elegant residences on both sides
Wt the street, makes it indeed a very
attractive drive.
Hamey Kendrick, the woeU known
contractor who has the 'Florida avenue
paving In charge has completed that
Important thoroughfare to EL-hth ave-
nue and is now busy extending it to
Palm avenue.
he Morgan street paving is making
Mat street one of the most popular in
Sbe ity. It is lined from one end to
the other with teams of all kinds go-
ht to and -o.
President Henderson of the t o'd o
pouble works says that 9ott street
wil be paved from Tranklin to the
roek road by the jai at the earliest
wss ble mmnest.


State Health Officer Porter Thnk
Tampa Did Fine Work in
Handling the Smallpox.

From Tuesday'sa Dally.
Dr. J. Y. Porter. president of the
state board of health arrived In the
sity yesterday from Key West. He was
a passenger on the Olivette on Sunday
afternoon and stopped over at the
Port Tampa Inn until yesterday. He
haid a long conference with. Dr. Wee-
don. local agent and Col. W. 'B. Hen-
derson. a member of the statn- board.
In the midst of this conference yester-

day after-noon he was called on by a
TrbTune representative.
The genla. doctor paused just long
enough to state that he had just stop-
ped over to see the Tampa health of-
floers ,:,n his way to Jacksonville,
where he will attend the reo-sar meet-
in" of the state boarl of health.
He has delighted ctbh the excellent
%ork that had been done here in ef-
fectually stamping out the smallpox
and the general sanitary coniion of :
the city. He said the reports from
different points in the state were very
encouraging and in a general xx ay
things were moving al:-,ng vecry
smoothly. He will leave fo-r Jacks.n-
vilUe to-day accompanied by Col. Hen-

These tn ,apsulos ere supenor
to Balssr. of Ccnzioa. l
ithe sawne Sl.-3s,-, -r..e. A .,.
W1 5icons'5een,s.
e 'll aD"0". __ I
New Yost, AtrIl 17.-ipeclal.-The
UnIted States cruiser RaleIgh that ar-
rived here yesterday from Mamna, is
lying sereely at the dock. Great
crowds have been crowding her dOaks
all day. e m "%a- =m detail every
Piece oft machinery. The offers and
rew have maLntfeste the greatest
ewtey aad the. many questUons were
aOwered 1a patent and genteeiman-
aer. UntUl teou r to-ntht the
leOed ntmlna ed to come anmlthe em-
a tete in the saiant crew bevel eeas.






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a -~ do -.*~ .-,..;s---
es-i--a- Sct-. ~ 'iB',a.I- '.;: -dcs, Oee34ptog~~, 4...-..

i0t 3



ate. presided at the meettla. Eloquent and erect school buhdings; a bill to
T elogieswets ftsnered by" senators amend the law permitting railroad
SOBrlen of ReI--nbi, (Myers. of Lbon, conapanles to condemn lands for
Reeves. of Walton; Palmler of Hllt- terminal purposes; a bill extending the
borouahb; Harrs of Monroe, and 'jurisdiction of county judges In coun-
.Broome. The leada and most rn- ties where criminal courts have been
presive speeches were made by Pa- abolished; a bill relating to the volun-
or. Myeis and O'Brien. The address- teer militia.
,. were about equally divided between A bill requiring the Inspection or
the two deceased members, tbording houses and hotels by the board
Both houses met at the usual hour of health was to-day passed to its sec-
as m Il m r th linarial this morning ad made an effort to ond reading, after a long debate on
B oler the calendar. i proposed amendments.
SThe committee that reported on the 'Mr. L'Engile's bill to pay the military
C:d7 IIS bill to pay the Ocala Star for the pub- expenses incurred by the state in the
ication of the Marion county delin- war with Spain; Mr. Overstreet's bill
Sit q t tax Iet for 36, reduced the prohibiting drunkards and morphine
anmolt from $2,j00 to OW. victims from practicing medicine and
[I II The btLU main the state health of- Mr. Olark's cigarette bill were all
flor the treasurer of the board of passed.
0 II Lbialth. was reported favorably. In the senate the following came for
Representative Dvant, ofofHernando, consideration: A bill nxing the terms
ftt 80k pf" L Introduced a resolution for the pension of commlslsoners of dbeda; a bill pro-
s mmittee to Investate the warrants testing bicycle paths and one amend-
S issued for Indian war claims and re- ing the states tn reference to lunatics
3\ie C'~ *port wby an appropriation should not A bill was passed authorizing a settle-
-2b- he made. ment of claims against W. S. Jen-
s Ms _s`s M r u -+. of Jsson, Introdaed a nings, as surety on the bond of the
vlTSMUU TMl;t AND, AITHFUL bl1 Providing for keeping up roads in late John Dunn.
the cities of less than 9,000 Inhabitants.
aWs A Th s Repreie native Parrish introduced a Tallahassee. April 15.-Special.-The
V. Al Mat An& d thr Pano bill providing for the granting of first .....
S ra rt~ ates to gradutne of te senatorial situation is in a very Ceal-
ST :, laoI at Dot;unak. otte state. The ctalms put forth by
,' < "."rolfm 'I"- m+'llui + ....... MrM. ft x Mtroduced a bill reglulat- ..
ST dmissio to the bariSgitato thie friends of the three candidates are
4. 77 Ur.. . L&WIS Introfned a bill requir- so conflicting that Is is almost impns-
n. n officials a laooyes to comply ..
^ s a it.4epee -The wist the vegui9lalos-- the LUroad le to arrive at deflate A o euOilion.
?f o wha sprovti ior this CofIto and tovidng penalties tfor u the majorities claimed by the Taia-
wTw r lato W ere "Ada .. cot. duty ferro and Pasco adherents were real-
o- e t or l the Ixed It o dri necessltate fnc eaatnw the

as lmim "o rtea t: 1 rs bl passed as th-a, exed county omir tsa wiathou bitto e to n

.1d .t ede na er s i e on sor the sed tic Thde tof hoetme eto at t
S& W Ol to Inve the holrps, thws morning auo,-,ambh- te ls dhi3

T*oA.- .eours asra ..nt 4 The follow"n, btsmnei was tke not
c bondaqtep d the CGM=# Idaln nit.4o l idto W ways a sure indication of strenh.
& &*m lft' r f*teB t6* on next Monday The leaders on both sides to-night

i ic owir V to z fSSSlhe four ePlers who aimaa to hbe Jaust as well In-
31 0 g h a e i t o of h P m er, of O icftmra rng er, yt oung form ed, predict a long and bitter con-

.sn"o..t are predioting a shortwcontest, et otaut otet-
ts ith ,v Ja.' A. tW.Oun,. tt i wm Tis otet of t test.

sato e s ^ el dse a .t r m oe as a t Ofl csbe tO The two houen met at the usual
t' ibe Theo if h ie toful sutain iet tohy means hour this morning. The senate took (

Tmmad to demt n ho ie by o hm le
_t- s roided aNf t -the tag tax on fertilUer, there up the following business: A bill to a

,7 is 0Il reAsn yrod hand bri- remedy ertason defects in Senaitor
In the a Eeo Biea sh d ls h t eit James E. Broome's "valued polcy" ti-
n ** a Ibm *tat to the 15 the100es ythe bil pro- surance law; a bill reorg~aizing the p
b tyt S W IW^ad ii tnc h e ti deficiency o ut ments in forle- elLte militia.
,m tonsell t Sr f e ostesuts se t ack to theos The bill settlng the claim againstt
.... __ 04 the bill is the committee where it will probably be w e i ernarc
S.I the 'requirel- revised unto death or near on W S Jennint o Heando
t seu.rm petitions sign" by' I Overstreet ,of Suwannee, came out county, as surety on John Dunn's bond
certfta number, of oj0ifled Citizens. It with a very Important measure yester- for Ex-State Treasurer Collins, pass-
gsoviui that a nymAn who can Pro- day. whose object was to provide for ed to-day also the bill permitting ex- 3
Aeoure one without a petition. M I lions at the same polling places o ecutionas oh judgments to issue from
M'tcing also Introduced 4 bill providing 'The first bill passed was that extend- county courts without recourse to
1 e remiums on trustee's bonds. ing the jurisdiction of the justices of circuit courts. The bill enlarging the
br .'jnte, of-lurai.; A Ton autsoriz- oat court. Jurisdiction of justices where no crim-
., t; s NSe U1.0t 'f bonds, to the In the house this morning a number Inal court exists also passed.
Sa-st OT W%0 0, t refu the bonds' cf important meausres were iit-i- The following business was taken up
d- -heidhby the educational fund; a duced- In the house. The Beovard ecu-ty
S #.tll fixing the responsibility of ship- IBy Mr. King a bil ]to 'egulal. ih-I trae lawse: The Brevr i untY
;, tpets o" perchandse represented by issuing of permits to sell liquois et road law p the raising o
A .; bilits of lading; a bill regulating the Also a bill providing for pren umns on funds by special tax passed. b
i dow's dpwer fo hosestead cses; a the bonds of trustees, etc. Mr. Morton gave notice that he
huB authorizing the issuance of bonds By WT. Ll'ngle, authorlzinz h i would moe to reconsider Mr Clark
I&.. ,- a of 13000 totredem the sue of 3`,7-08,0 useript bonds, to re-would Mr
3i -. d percent bonds authorized bh fund bonds now held by the educa- cigarette bill.
the legailatres of lf and 17 tonal funds. Also one fixing the re- The bill making it the duty of the
,"' a m it fxntwitO introduced sponalblllty of shippers. Also a meas- board of health to inspect boarding
a 1- a tbtll reQ ftn mortgagees to cancel ure providing for the publication houses and hotels, was passed on to
1,. 1O t ges within ten days after their an ide of the Revised Statutes Als ouse ad hotel ws ssd on to
S .matli fSlon a bill to regulate widow's dower In its second reading for amendment.
S (Mark. ot (tuval, Int oduced a bill homestead. Mr. L'Bngle concluded A bill was introduced to amendo the
rov.ding for teachers for sunuter hip little morning flow of bills with revised statutes relative to liquor li-
mkn tatOr', . t" o 7n I 6 i brent. interest- cense petitions; also one amending the
T- Wtson, of Iaeola. introduced by b -statl uthrzed 4 b- fish law in Osceola county.
*tar es revolution, sendrn tr of 7r. -A*s73. The WtoCall men seem in high spirits
..-- d States 4%v*..& t fo r s B brr. BrIodshaw, requiring this morning while it Is difficult to ex-
,' nego peswt tot mortgages
Palmer. it OraM. ps.ent^a tareo-. 'dtl. ten 'oraysft:ier. satis.factIon. trcte anything definite from the
hU V hW for t he D tll jlr tl the erection of muss of chtcnery and deceit that our-
OWIIISO to urT l.^ llne oies. rounds the senatorial situation like a
; 0 S elc- thick fog, I am inclned to believe that
r ndOO judSisi.Si ^ P1B7 Nr. Poa-s. to fix the qualIfieations pa500 is 5taduaily gaming sti-ngtit
sdehae savemlfsUoo. prIoviding of members of county school boards, and I am sure that our esteemed friend,
r8 tb0-9'0' taseti*Lgaon of the Mr. Palmer, of Orange, Introdnced a Peter'0. Knight, agreed with me, and
Me I resolution providing for a committee I hould note surprised ,er
Is eea -ak,- .tocarryIntoffStt-the M AdMullen to be much of the eatoo
galled^K ^.SK i con rti nal provision granting the opinion.
t* allro.] coa ^ mt a & ommisieon judicial powers. "vrbod^ y la waiting fr0 tue ioeak-,
r. J W I 'ah' ^he entsept reslsaon censuring the
'Sla T miSS t ^rSnkaates gvrmnoent for Sendng Tallaferro, Pase, skid tail w sound
*- M11000ts : a qolpre4 postmaster to Jacksonville, the tocsin and awake the echoes ot
*iO t. rdtn'i* the summer of '58. the representati'e ball.

i -' f d he-cl the Leon hotel to-night. Thers were drummers, -io Is putting In a few
.' IWbat with be th et ofi toartit-'_ioS'ttthre 4resent, itl -'oting mem- days in the capital, selling goods and
1- In b tb fl aiteM l ers,. e a:sory n -ws czwt. nouat who is now "sold' himeelf. Colonel,
I.tself e w cllo us wore a -ptom of Lake l City, was this
<. 'oom . :.. \ .thg tt. N heieSs, t is moe There was no session of the legis- floar." Those 'privileges" consist
isobale at the pcesnot stage of he nature held this afftes-oon on account ebtefly In the opportunity of pector-
*-. a" moh .a tttpl a .tl e lWC An ly of nearly all the members being busy caielg in the oppostate' .ty or expector
re.iy-' t .h tae reply t the present coin- Peter 0. Knight, the young political its matting, as the spirit may momve

aSt&ers. a td otm is doing yeo-ic you. Butthe Jacksonville drummer
sa;ftd'. i~d tbat the commnittee has no man service for Pasco. strong efforts
power to enforce its orders. All of are being made 'by the opposition to was not aware of the boon conferred
ti Is ttrue, but shrewd obse-rvers pre- counteract his influence. If h6 don't upon Colonel Hampton, and when
W' .th t tfer yews more will see the elect his favorite the other two aspir- some unregenerate wag in the court
1s t of the coomnisSion, and that the ants as sell as their friends will remarked: "And by the waay, Blank,
et o at ut fr om t know that Peter s a fighter from a-m- the house has just granted you the
i: years, themselves. A very slgniftcant measure was in- floor also," the commercial man colored
S Te setatoriai situation presents lit- traduced in the house to-day. It i to the temples, and cried out. with
tiM that Is new. Both sides are confi- came from ,MNr. Lewis, of Jackscun, a arc 'Thai let me o1.
S d or eem s, and one excitable and requires all railroad companies in I r That I e I
SA o te t o-day figured out no less! the state, together with th-ir employes don't want this old floor. I can't make
C"- votes In the first ballot for his and agents, to observe the reguolaiti es a speech. I am going back to God's
_:. Va. of the railroad comtmisison,, rteatin (, country."
.Mr. Talaferas, Senator Pasco and p ossengr and freight rtales, and pnr-
the venerahbe Wilk Call, himseln are hiding a f inalt-y for atn.- failure i M tS F uIELD DE D
S U to' be ilnited to address the legin this section.
.t-1ture by r a special, cmsmitteS of five, ,iri Bradcioshaw s hou ir- soiu'ic i. i Mr Julia H. Fiulni ago gn years,
calling Ir a thorough i:nesi'alr f died ery suddenly yesterday mornings
W .. "mddihe of the road" men, who the railroad co isio. h o of a the heart at hr home
ut.. .. o muc ice here twI years ago, adopted ,by the senat-, and Senaior inRocy Point norh of te city. She
Mal W'Vea to the fore, and w hear' Adam's congressional m-.iri !. "'a was tn i- ai th otat. c.;in- h-r
nu i of o"the balance of iit:vi; a nd so, ng for- the impoieittn if a dLtf...7- t.r- r"fat e a hen h- r udden 1 .-. a-n
.' on. There ft, of course, a ce l .Et. l-urte-d Sea island .ostn. ',; L.- -j ,1 i sm -', "-il.:,c 1'. hC
n et here wso are anxious. i. t.,r., a stimiar conpllm-pnt i tr :. h i .,eI ha xii re 'r ea",.al hain b--s
i4 tohe senatorial contest upon any pre- In Ihe house this mflrning ith- .-'.. ..i Taraa Ic thiri 5re
,. tet. Sone of these men ar s.,-r- apradnt d Palmer. .f iran-f ,'*.: a mania aouLajr.tan.- s an
they w t neither Pasco, 'a! nor and L'Engerigi. '- the c"mnii ..,- j rl tr. 'ommunt a .
V s t^f",rr w hr au he for", I by Mr. Pu ",'s leuti ..-,,, det'.ly marr- ner untimely d"ath.
V N the 1'eent app eance fa'r tie lor, !MTe iMeserc. tervices il ' hi.d at
: t' 1 horizon. I should t sa th necessar.- toms- 'n h, t d N
u,.er sing heartily toward Tampa 'lionai amendment, -',:thief th. morning Interment at a lat-'r hbear
L.,ei.- '. g fiaro, .~Iste'soo. 5.3. Sparkean. ra, Ilroad commisson slteistl I" -,.I.- in the family buhrsing ground Th"
BBB- c'" ,"- ha g is erta I the e"enmeoi er'. ceeeans all ;t.e hnterr-d ty Uindiertaker
,' is 11 not V'tooiCs, sery litt Ie money stil The h6use commitlt, a;p _t. n t 1, LJ oer-green.
-.A .o u lose i0n falualaasme th 7, walt upon OMessrs. Taljaferro. Pa -
i- the event one sht l and Cail with a vsieo to obaianiorg r'a. DE- T' tOF JOSEPH PAl-NIX.
i . ^ ^B SB S thL fate Q! those 110 exsrelsion of their 'iers. r- -.. ted
A Saod renei-this morning' that the inv ..ato.. b- Joseph Pande. aged 66 years. a
h teen asePted, and that the tere di-i- wealth, and highly respected Spanish
tingIashed gentlemen would address citizen, dled of general debility on
T"aliabas Arl 1-Special.-The the legislature upon the issues of the Tuesday evening at his home at Dr.
V r 55, o h.ed a secret da4 in the representative hall n .xt Soto Park. He came to tibs cily fromI
tbUlJ.Ths ow s at- tontde night. Cuba soon after the breaking out of
+i'sie esas p 1rse y tbe saen as the Mr. Davant has introduced a reaolu- ioatlitties with Spain amd has lived
mk 110k mat c 2eag evening. It tI calling on the eommjtee o, OL e. here with lld family ever since. His
f.ao ltc tha *ep'es^entatve skms to Invesatfate the warrants in- Lrge tobacco pianaon in Cuba was
it e ixass'am Wh, who sued for India war clalma and re- destroyed by the Ouban soldiers. me
X- ,aqW._ speak. port why as appropriation shoul not Purchased an Interest in one of the ci-
thueh -,-fne cascvs. be nde for tW P% ent there. gaW fScories here, determining to
S. i a Ia ma- Boh h~es LW=Vin session this fore- mak thit We fut haitte. Iis sone
...... '1.1 Sase Mess Wa I, e .I easth of a devoted father,. Te
~ e *" a~ a it t"o' sitte tathemt's offce. seoelsey e afnoon. Tb
I Ot Mt- bin l 90*th; a bil 1.eRSt wia directed by Untdrtaker
t.g couty hoards to purchase Lmweagree.

Si:MlNAR no! mlY

Matthew Quay and Son Richard
Now On rrial in Philadelphia. Fieml.


They Are Charged With Using the stubborn / 'T
Surplus Siate Funds For Pri- and severe P a 1
vate Speasulation. First ofLes rar Scatyor Pin-
Blood For State. fl Mtenstrnation. Falling of the
--- : achndNarvoaB6M. LIta
Philadelphia, April 12.-peal.-The distinct remedy forth dtitt,- _
trial of MX. 8. Quay and his son Dck ments called 'female trouble'
for embezsslement, was continued in Those are the diseases for which
court here this morning. The conten- should be taken. *5 a as el
tlon In regard the books of the Peo- P. Mtk a egsa..
pies' bank being admitted an compe- jU m *M MD". V=InA
tent testimony, ias been recognized as -
a most vital Vont in the case ever
since the fight began yesterday. The trus
fact that Quay bronut to his assist- UJiD, .|Mj mu
ance to-day. DSwid T. Wat5on:.iW Ifl 111c
th stas st h ws tthat he is xaipre-
ben ae fthe result. Watson ad- '. "
dresd the oort for two theas on trhe |e e, -Lterad t l I
question o ss admitto the ban .O oo W-sot r
-as- .itsewas ahJigh ewstemfdpw*4 ayt .4

.rl, 9tr -eL the de crter th
in n the selon o the books &rid A nrt -1U laiads.,
Mrt. tzahrmowtwho Ims rotver tfh -LI i e -A'e co^ InAr th

Umbou ane Rr N plae d on', th stand w nd oAnlad .
6fktn on hedeacasierdeskdds for gss iaan d e

151t 5 e" piaw taaig t thbe Qu, tralweek ovter western sd othe c ds-

Tthe behesto oi a ayosterious nfr-en a t .

Mt rom. Epwising ooPmet oAw the- con tfi t ceemin ll o re low a sr Y'k
4enatitoa bs the satdnevt e4ab le Inad pirseur s eaterdstrc n whA t S

lleen openhitedeadias iensdea s tof w tornerfeard o nte A
Sgeeaoaand taken therefrom the book and jg
r.at the behest a asterios anorm- teys northerne a nd*wt bn ved iritas S
ant. who spoke to Atm over tae fe- ehrester g has be egteong nwrew e It
phone from (Hambus, and stated L ia ngavadgstrood tsafT d a ood yra
ehst ohere wco a plot on aoot to rteat report toobn sou 5 te o-i9
the compromising document d that counted. ThectionsomfegeaieS Is

known, Hxpired yesterday atnevernoon very good. Growth distl week hte were l
deceasedrn who his a highly esteemed was.t- ml wasth witl corpenwite foe te inMl
tae of the Con ers' lectrTc Light delay' ome shipme ntHs are b 1
anxd Sreet Rawiseay Company, and aad male fom western district sS, oe.
been ith tat corporation for a e- ch'rg qua btities gonf sto where e arye support It
er of year, ccupyng different o- bng f orwarded. The cold days de teu hote vi
isfap.tion to hawse as he was familiarly nee deny to dmn s loe berbs nd ti

a-as a ctIng in the rapa cty of cond u- n td e. m aT urredod i sf lef yv to be is m at
deceased wason a Wghlyest Tampa esteemed ad at-when he warmth will omensate for tt e. hd
tache oe bthe ompniners' Electric ing grel a urSme shipments are beinC, s ouS 1
sick and feeliniy ba. y Ito contracted were dmafroma over set oTunt staS T p =
been with that corporatiew wore ra pidnu- by laht fret reports from thbe relow- su ortn
tilber of yeath rs, occupying di h fferingt yps- beinr rnd southern coddsart n Ceist
tons with credit to himself an v sat- the latter part of the week had&r a g tp i. wuLdT

was acting in the capa ntive of Georgia uc frbein matured P e ciee mt y to be s mo
and lenomves a wif he complained of being progress durng. The week claosd ale anbda.
sick and feetin deg bad. cneHe contracted w dmad rtnunt
Tu funer Old and g trke place at hisy s. sfro te l-So
late ridencath relieved Mit ubering I street this- c and si .se
terday afternoon at t o'clock. nder the y favorable Tor a, ood c"r ofIe. -l.. ,.

auspices of the Woodmen of the World, A ETCTIVE'S RUL. 7
of which order he was a prominent l Metho-- by-. Ws f
member. w r v -
d -. e,.- '
Mr. Bugene Bowling, of Elizabeth-P -M hid *WhiM t4irD a qpaeru m oboe
town, y5, Is -ratn dispatcher of the a I
Plant System Withhe

Tlls What h friends we with himat
Wnhi ']M "TILiks O 0t Jiods w-tsWof V lonola against theMim
Cuba and New York. = "

Largo, Fla-, April 12, 1895.ission from the
Editor Trtbune:- e r:After to get an admission f the faer
nearly a year's absence I am homeof the man who had ade as
again. I left Tampa on June 3rd, '*9, sult I was told to get it I tried aumy 1
and on my return landed in Tampa on way and fal e did not know I wa
April 3rd. '99. During these ten a detective. ie had known me for, a
months of government service I have number of years, but thought I wa s qn-
sojourned in different localities, from gaged In other work. I had another pla"
Santiago de Cirba to Camp Wfkoff, L." to get from him what I wanted. I told
I.. and having had an extensive op- him a New York publication was having
portunity to observe the conditions the affair written up and illustrated.
that prevail in the different 'sections I "I said I had seen the picture of the
am prepared to say that all things liht which had laen prepared for It. He
considered there is no better country was pleased at the publicity that the fight
than South Florida in general, and was to get, for the story of the Waf at
Hillsborouh county-, in particular. the club had been printed, and he wanted
It is true that in point of fertility, it known that his son bad acenked the in-
CUba is ahead o' anything I have seen, sult. I intimated that if he cared tn see
but there are other things that offset it I thou st I could get him te ictplte
this advantage. I would nditiot ca to that g him en prt rear Beind im wereon
gobtain iCuban th ssrth wit was withose eating two o r whoweresupposed t hae
n of athe South I consienty-deredfi thefamili very accompany fried,im a newspee faper play. The
strong, and even then the revolution-
ary spirit ofo the SoCuthans oud b hr ws thou t ie ht to have been in the
menace to their peace and safety copy t he stood bt a where tae eht
Having speoit the fall and part of curred, and he tuade a fair likene si the
the winter on Long Island, I availed flgur's in it. The picture shQwed one
myself of the opportunity to compare tan stcali.g up behind an othera d dstrik-
thile sOelaJ aad hysial conditions that ing him froi the reax.R Behind him were
obtain in the N rth with those exlimang tw o o their men, who were suppoedtoave
n the South I coniderel theory along wompaniedh your im to see fthat he pla. Tair
fai..ra-t- t.,, tohe Peouth. father was thought to bave been In the
tihbie there are a great many neighborhood, but s he owsn't -seen e
wPealbth) e n the North, there are was left off the picture lie exaninoed it
still m-or" i ople, and the poor are ar efully.
very rbl or The rigors of the climate 'Whso arethese two men?' she asked,
maimB mme a rm-ct unendurable.
this moarn when it was learned that spointng to the two onlookers. t
There are M rln other oser-eations They are the two Blacks. who wen
t t Resajt dcearf er ly, along wih your son to seothat he gu fair
A. A. W-S{ITEHL-R3T. play,' I told him.
n 'Tmhat's all right,' he rsaid, 'ut Wh Is
PROMILNE.,NT SMHEiRIFF DEIA.D.this? pointing at the man who w1sstalk-
lngst the other ftm behind d. :
Brooketille. AprIl 12.--pecial.-A "'Why, that'S your u' I Wd Suin.
terrible gloom was cast over the city "' 'That's salieV' hoesea Me y"-4 ie "
this morning when it was learned that ood right in front of him isail hit ha
Sheriff M. R Burns had suddenly ex- qoaroy i n the fae I Itold hi to do
Pired with heart disease. Mr. Bxm-ns that and sand up i. n fe05ontf o mis '1'
had been tinditsposed Ofe several dW, time- I wa right s *r S vtre MA
but 'being a man oLC a refetve dlspost- the two men who mf twt t* ny smosw
tion. kept his troubles to himself. no Close nough toMaea] .that
one, not even his famfy, tbought is Ther ill tell jros" thbat heo 4&I
thIs Mc-ning M'W. BSorns grew suddesnlyH a l
worse apd Dr. Owlna ,was lsoWstlte- we pped him sIy. i'hat w*-
ly nmorned ton his bedside, anwd e ar.yit up to
effortknown to eda skill vbutr M cwhip the ana who sdu I"U
to nas Z1au ]Br ns eepf III Lvnra "wam't prisnstLac wegtote ay'
bly the best known man In the county 511500.1conzarc f s e r
he haviag been sheriff for. neaWrly ten in 11 iw blh dtnJ. cot l,irti4 '11'oInsttit
V'"M sdw as-sservhtn M tbg estaeli- .,. : 'm, '5t':..v-.hl'n"
ty at the ,ns Of oils death.. '
-_ ,.I. ,...- + +., : +

"B.o- e s, .ick Headache, Heart -
Aguinaldo Determined Of0 a burn, r Cotipatior, take dose of
Guerrilla Warfare. HOOd's ,Pills
Oreig AGaGRAVATING TO AMERICANS ,On irig, and ton morow your di--

', I S The lTe kpoc f te ny for ony kind ol work. This a
The Near Approach of the lainy been the experience of others; it
Two hearts can make a love affair, but it Season Wih Make I; Danger- wall be ours. HOOD'S PILLS are
takes three, at least, to make a home, and sold bv'al medicine dealers. 25 | H
one of them must be that of a baby. The Gau For Standing
young married couples that start out in life i"ll n i fINDi 1 1A
N with the idea that children are nuisances, Army. flIlH
and that they do not want and will not ______ f
have them, are the kind that you rca d I B the Pol0c1 01m auSd i
about every day in the newspapers-in the Washington, April 14.- peci-al.- It I jIe r
divorce eolmnn. A home wsicout children is becoming evident to olfflcials of the Of D Il
an sot a home. God and Nature never in. administration that the insurrection in I
that there should e a place called the Philippines is apt to arag along for
5'home that did not resou.;d with the paltte a considera'le time. E|Cl
ofchklds footsteps. Despatclhes received from Gce .neral I m CIFUL AND MA I
Thbr ens of thousands of hoies Otis nhow that the nitives retreat
that are childless because of the ill-health when attacked by American troops In --'----- bim
of the wife and would-be rher.lerThere he as thea
tens of0thonsandsiof other homes child. orce .an d the continuance of thee Of the Cban myI h LU rger Th sudS Eaiaa th
less because the little ones have died al. tactics shows that Aguinaldo has de-
muot a soon as they were born. In both termined not to give the Americans an ia Oo In A e
ces Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription opportunity of crushingo his army atM oPM. V one wate
L oW i l n foreign remedy. It acts directly on one blow, as is so greatly desired by -- Pardo of 1tbe Oorat.
1.4 Wa!the delicate and important organs that the adnstraton c n o
make wifehood and motherod possible. There is a disposition on the part of | of i iI I n t
lAa Oh o. RIt makes them wells trono rporous, virile, some officers to believe th that te at- An mportant asestio o f Eu re lCl-
SWossa : ssad elastic. It does way with the danger tack made by the Inaurgents on Gen- L I h I ll J eurt was h eld yeerday
okee, eminole. of eternity. It banshee te usual dis eral Wheato's no nd was to draw Juit teGrhcam was on the Ateah. fe-
comforts of the expectat ferid .ao General Lawton from the vicitnty of fT' t ee tha iet badbeen l th t t 1.
akesbsab'ad tea Po.t nPts- ait Crat, where he tI operatingm It It Conti eSoO prilte US tar tne eobf t ay tsea n AoMoI ta t -
T 11211t n ~th 00meT3- Is apparent, however, that they, ound
ELVEEth san a SnOdUSE P"d p 1 t u d le m enouri ssh- f oe R se, Bp e A s et,
o oiS& JdI tht. hne sOfoi the AerIca in stai'est r force than of ooe J.a.-Jone,,rh owa

Arrte 2a Ad and lpurpo, e tO 'a.a a~ira t n o ti A tr"smst i n sumo mt. ur ..
S 1 n e t homes 'ueruftTa warfare, which wtSV the .ner e die ot e 'Jil, I feel tha '
w""Hl 5lao ~ith Is'-tel cit Luaon In c 'ut an pokoi tor nMy odut 5f ttm ie-
111 chedae en hol ere stnroega imsesean tisre% Ofa The ri > WIbWelad"0-tb. lot1= h'g oh* we lbr *
o werer strn Ath.iaStry M foecontempt ateooes. Ieat mee to
i tre proachoasf the ralny L chmOw.o ney? n Pow -- 0 th e Pne st er
w h. e ohea few we 4eks r dutai,-tPG ooofsa e-lnInto stee-t atI a st'thet ou Ve
...se deal,, bad a S Amer5LBIWIcan, A TE T a "o t 'vr Be o teto much. I had no itm loae uo ya t ttfom
shPonn e ehwka*-t tS.A.lt -<0tuane fen tol$hdwaor ve tkn to methrtth ntoti Do
er .. r the efcts of Itsr eot r petrect_ Hatvana, Apri l.--SpeclaJ.-Tbe tho e tOA od ww I .n a a.
e s b -- haver not been as gre the anetl adof- mnbttaneteo o fduly meW oXiw U
.ties hoped for. Reports rebeIved here Cua army muster rolls, lwhihereab amwn,. 0ior-
UIn vioW of the statesmen s n eh orityItil 1.

mWJUJ this morning that more troops would through Senor Dominco Mendez Ca- want to ar further that In iture it
Sm IIUW hbe required to crush the rebellion.
SIt was stated at the war department po eare prepeed in new clerical Is m I to dIt N t dues
to-day that General Oti has not call- itye, the 1.21 aro-ed sheets sowing Wtl th uwas anw hedot
The Church m Ptr Cohn tinflueS ed for additional troops, and Insists o o face 4,000 naet-0ou mm to obey thet c sotra ide '
The Church Past Continues Atcettec r werih brug isa bh ted from te-o li-to ou m did womg o or .th shotl t
H u aos cethat hias eent force, reinforced by o At tahe conclusion of this nteMf ed
The Revival Work. the six regiments under orders to pro- missioned officers and 42,000 non-com- j a ge Grabhi addresedbf the ofloIer
ceed to Manila, will be ample.
_No a ton has yet been taken by the missioned officers and privates, ustme Inasstanc m e be folwIn gan -
-, DE FINEm Dr I cOUn r war department looking to mustering The whole statement Is In orderly ar- W uae:
out o fthe vokunteers and nothing will a t aptain Jones, 4 e odth 9pie tes
... _ee a to tt t mr_, done unto l tshe arrIa l of the regis- ras ment a is corps regbmen, battal- whmat y ou a lhai s ind spe46 i
li aars. General Otis will then be au- Ion and company formations.
ljxm Spoke of the Fruit Of Forgiveness thorlaed to re-enlist such of the volua- the ms on hiptl, tha ae a Iod. n
P a teers for six months as may desire to The United States mltary authori- making, r y tut-net Iok l iurtl
ArriveAnd The Only Way to Got serve for that length of time. ties make no attemIt to retoncile the to obew the court when .oitered 74
....ILeave 8:00 am. It-Audience Deeply ,0 non-comnmislsoned officers and committed grevrm offense acShst
1"05 Pt p.m.p rnPvates indicated bfy these rolls with and to apbc1d itsathoritn,
"': 11:00 am. Rev. J. B. Moody, who is continu- W1'8W[8t pared sunder the direction of the pro- inside Its aor thortten ,the esenting -
I." am. Ing the revival meetings at the Baptist __ vncl the time the dIfficlties and enbarrass-
church, preached to a large congrega- a ment under which you were laboring.
Stl lion Inst nigh, le tsions x wit s n s D g i.ee a matter of fat since the Amer- t was right at that time fw theet dy ot
tion last night. He took for his text, Testimony Is Very Damagig1Angue s w eareshed ri has de- t n t ts ourthe -
St Jaconvle Matt. 6:12: "Forg-ve us our debts as an Vio tgsren were ublied it has de-Iath t t
sie,.r., ewe also forgive our debtors. He Against LakeCity Lynchers, setoped that they were, in some re- Just and bierc ouo t and In ciinbde atioh
Jaekonville, preached as follows: spects, misleading. Foer instance i s-
sltinvl, "Prayr unlocks Go torehouse to of the manly statement tha you h ve
S s, every want of his people. By prayer l Ah re province of antago, Gee, Ie- mde tb at e e-
1i e l ...... ), we are to mke all of sor wat and AN ALABI wood, the governor, rei ported loaJt rwa e e ere, the On l coe alupot o fre
Elijah, a man of lIke plasons with ut, there. At headquarters here this Was t 1199 I de t state e urthof
shut up the heavens ao that it rained The Defence Will Endeavor to Prove ta ken to mean that there were tno Cu- rch
not on the earth for the space of three
Years and six months. By prayer the That They Were Nto At ban soldis organized; too eniWoodIn thlis connection that whale It wee
A heavens gave rain. Th ere in noth in g The Scene Of the really meant that there were no Cu an other officers of ths your t In order to
tedt D os. osb'By prayer awe get ouradaly bread, Musier. soldiers in regular camps, the prac- uphold the couemrt's authority, still it
forget our sins, have victory over tice being for the Cuban soldiery to fully appreciates llt the circumstantces
O death, flit up our hearts and say, e separate, going to their homes and to suaondlng you at that time, knd ral-
"'Forgive sins don't mean forges. If -A number of witnesses testified or arms for review, disersing agan af- is the peculi ar position a wich you
'd ii we forgive and not forget we are as the government in the Lake City lyn ch- erawere aced, I always intended at the
an x Jat .ord. n fothe slaqu ghter. if Ing .ast ..day.-2I1 a .ot Spring ..e-n.. ter Consequen the payet proper t .e.. wIt then In author.e yOf
w1e give all the blessings we can think Iturned to thse stand for cross-examina- ince of Satiago alone, some tho- the court was fully esta dlshed and
of and don't forgive we are still mis- tion. He had sworn that Stokes told sands rus hbe added to thb American
e a Prsl erable.s e Think of unforg.ievn sin 5nhim of lthe plan to kill Baker, an d ask- f gues .ou had purged yourself af thie coin-
l disus heaven. waas ohnfun ed him to Join the mob. It was shown' tempt, to remit haednltme, for thowra
^' b 'haema l w o reichave In pa he las t he had been a member of the cr-c a Moreoic cc, ooitorJao tnousanas most tempt. to reit sad line, fo fthre
great tones, but after all s leper. He osers autsr Which brought in a et- be eliminated from the Cuaan lists, blame.' .
did not want Eli to i'sve, Out 10 tait tod t id Baker caome to his death a' because the neo renenned are now At the conclueson of the judges

STElt NIAt "'"We ought to forgive .pare iin s. Look toe defedanit, told bin there ievie The Americanso ill srttini-e the lat- name asn th one nate ,by Jofes al the
1 Prtz at our pail debts and chat we ohe oar onip ine men at the p ynce.hg. a.nd

ing. swore b for the -eoroner he new of flfty rws at Quemadop, and there 'hereby remItted
S "What have you returned to God for nothing about the crime. They aid to- seems to be no doubt here that he will on an ordered in, open out
Pari t all the blessings you have received? day that they were afraid to tell the be appointed governor of the province this. 15th day of April, 19 0 t
^ j Howv will you ntand judged oy God'8 Itut1 at Lake Cliy. Inspector Moye of Pinar dot Rio and Havana province 1oe 1aS-, GRAtA Judge."
l tw? You owe the Lord teu thousand told h;.-- he worked up the case against c o andHavana c iA udge.
Stalents and have nothing to pay it the men now on trial. The govern- outside the city of Havana, sontiblned Similar entries were n"d in the
With. 'You have no chance in the ment ilal probpibty rest Its ease to- in a single military department, cases of the other two ocers.
aos t World asl worid to settle except lay grace, morrow. after a few minor -witnesses The other dear tentss il be Lhe Lieutenant Johson ad lle e
nsllwTyathea Christ says, "Be of good cheer for thy that will be put on the stand. The deprt artments wll te he Lieutenant ohnson and Prom It an
-eases th Appetit* sins are forgiven thee. We will never theoryof the defense will be that Bak-
b et forgiveness until we are ase to for- er was killed by men from the coun- Gen. Ludlow; IMataazas and Santa altogether pabhable that they wIN fel-
i vee every one who has sinned try near Iake City. Alibis %Ill be Clara under 'Maj. Gen. Wilsotn, a d low the example of their r ape-orsan
How to get-Nt by s. set sort of defendant. Santiago. under MaJ. Gen. ood. thus do their a in uravelng and
Hritusiltm or ano y bodily act; but by go- r Puerto Principe and the military dns- bringing to a eseodful temente a
lCtlfo.Oct. 1l, l4 ing to God In earnest prayer. The THI POLAK COUNTT FAIR. trict attached will probably be under very untpleManW e&s n .f sasr .
whole world might Join in prayer for -- the command of aMaj, Gen. Wtson. Inusiceto Jdge Grahamt-mght
your forgtveness but you will never From Bartow Courier-Informant The Yellow fe'er eommilslson has disn- e el to state that he has o nulsom
1 i get it until pou pray for yoursek. The managers of the Polk County cover a San Arelll germ case in the erous occasions, since sa One w" e W
Sinner air Asocatio nt Lakeland have al- Reia r h i lere imposed, stated that It was hi arpo
Sready sohad an eight Laefoot board hab ic-yle Mercedres hospital here, u t n o remit th e Ba s-whenthe aut or
track completed around the entire cir- fears are entertained of a spread ato the of the court was proper-p relect4
IS cle andbefore the "meet they will disease. Fourteen houses In th- C-i. And wben the officers toei ]had& g td :-
I U iI have it made sixteen teet sid all nose district, the usual center of In- "e-oei of the cote t &A tlW
D ISC E around. thus making It one of the ection have been closed did yesterday. and the TtlMso js
most complete tracks in this part f co ae been cloed authorized to state that Lhe remmsion
The Pishermen Charged With Vio- the state. E'ery-thing prosnlses to be of said fnes waa in'io wtno oameone-
In fine shape for the carnival begin- Northern tourists who tarry In sn nor wa It the result any agree-
im r tho super- lastingg the Fish Laws Go ning .on the 25th of May. Fliortda through Apr-Il and 3May, get t me nt made by hhnim with any one.
r be super- 'benefits of the choicest and most heart-
business. Parties Scott Free. OFF FOR PORTO RICO. some period of the season. Not only
---ohaigare these months delightful In F lorida_ Hobby hor"s es e a common t
pod on having The eleven fishermen who had been N. B. K. Petr.tingll,thb well knoun but they are usually the meot d d gree- tate 5l]rl-.T Trare
promptness and arrested by Flsh Warden Ben Moody, attorney of this city, left last night for ablee in most of the northern states ridden by members who have but one '
Id te he fish weregiv-armY sprine-time in Florida s simply Idea in life sal one purpose tn coming
elected. Write to for ven a hearing the fish ta, were iv- San Juan. Porto Rico. where he will incompacrabe. It is the Idea for the to the meeng of the Ielalai t and
SDry Thrsdaiy afternoon Ater listening engage permanently In the practice of health as well as the pleasure seeker. that Is to cv y Oat tla tidea = a t-:: '
rT the DuT e carefully to both sides of the case the his profesison. He will go dire-t to Outdoor recreation cannot be eqtualy press everm-yboy else with tj ImtinIe -
dge di red all the' dfeants Washington from here, where he will enjoyed t any other season during the ance of his mission The s np I
st fitted up and and dismissed the ease for want of esi- attend ao some professional business entire crc-c It is ale time ahen te evep session sours thereis the Jessi
met n UPes dence. Yesterday the fish warden ar- atten o o Proesona business woods are full of flowers and birds oPPortnality to mmake th av ho -s.
su gge8 rested about the same number of fish- after which he will go to New York, shenhn th gardens are full o vegct- ome of them malreadp begl f
&atraCtve' f its ermen for the same offense-fishing where he 'will be Joined by his wife. ables. w hen the lakes, rivers and bays COP out in the pren x tgiz a ..
lisville. with a stop net. Just what he expects and together they will eail on April are fuut of asheren Is laden with mild They e never art d ao l eldsg n egr
to gain by another trial on the same 28th for their new home.l Durhng their paicslar ;-e Is
Fancy and Dr3 charge, the fish dealers are at a loss th i n Durang the giiin properties. Of al the seasons d. conldewaclaw and Sass they ot
to know. Both the Justee in Braiden- years they have made their home in gisve us Florida springtime, talk a tll day 'h they wll
town. Manatee county, and the coun- Tampa Mr. and Mrs. Pettlngill have ----5 -
t Judge of this county, have decided been identified with our very best peo- The fighting in thc Phlippines Is so is .le01 l na An "sits J
a t fisM lawe In hereaoe of oati s ple-, and many warm friends will re- far away that we cannot real-e its ,t s ,o that ,as e In .-t
hhat the warden continues his whet- gret their departure, at the same time seounss b the ouse from dtffleutSt mlJeet toba-.
S . rrests. There is evidently a se- will heartily unite In wishing them a taken byF npino hulle c be I e l s.n. w.S i
| fl r Xj^ < t M andiarg somewhere. I journey and reat prosperity in how dreadsfulotis the blood tthe
-..- _o -+. +,-.+,+... .. : : . ... ;:, -., .: -.-' =,,i, .. ,. -, :... --" ,.
...4 + .o. .. : ""- -=! ', +r..' ' .. . .-A. .# :

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w a- s I wool o...es
WA omq4-be -aras denit Ca"ed
i Down-Items Picked Up on the
g Deep Water Docks

Port Tampa ., 'Apl .-peal.
11US -The PFMt Tampa City correspondent
of the Tamee-Unin and Citlsen could
'not be rated as a reliable news gather-
S er. IAsten to what be says in a let-
rsryday ter to that paper pibliahed April 16tt.

"Some time ago an amusing account
Sl4eft yes- was published in one of the Tampa P.l-
Mr. Jeter per@ about a pair of donkeys and a
r were ae- pony that arrived at the port. in
It his ctty charge of oalonel Dva of a Virginia
mer with regiment ef l v nteers on its way
home to be mustered out. The deputy
coMector of customs. demanded- that
r 0aa de- duty he paid on the animal, which the
6 he u doughty colonel refused, and delivered
tf po tI- himself of considerable choice English
,t' .- In his endeavor to convince the oqs-
r enators an that he t be aeer-
bemme. 'astlai If
^. n bt he pamlJtAsuand'h6 a' ieA
Ci f his troops to rescue his pet from the
o hard- dqplowag t mat sac' 10
i..Br n o them on the trsat'that was to
00 hi meav s as ireatij& 1 hwand.
Wbe pon Oe depytr colector -ls-

Offie'i Thee wrs mas= a lau hr at the ex-i
&. "aI. fia.e*-rcaemes z, s0 am si. aa

'sae mwas to tqk goes e htea n Bew
dm'l,__. nt. .Diy in the mobw order
Mhaow kotikOf Wah.tob gdvesh'6e g tthe
r s oaetor to release the salmamls as
itob*e ty were not sdeet to pay r duty at
LI a ll t hsee- that ther wer the petsp
a-r m or msotlG" of the rMl-smt. and, as
NY ee- mch. 'were entitled to tree duty,"
We are not disposed to witicise too
of efc essaely. tbt it fees seem as though
a 1 s Womathi oift to he dome tn relieve
Sthins lt at the danger that threat-
eroa h life. is
S, wa We we taught that all shoo live
hp or his fetows-men, raise the fallen,
)Pickt up the down-trodden, gtive our
brother a rtink of cold water, etc., etc.,
6 Otped and we think here is chance to exem-
his w & tfy the princples of the chrtitan re-
lii lPynd Uslin we profess to know. -It is cer-
L nahinW tainly time that a physlelan took our
friend in hand and prescribed for him.
It is quite evident that he suffering
.opeto from an abnormal development of the
oN. H liver. PoSafty h e spleen is out of
ort On whack, or his heart acting badly. At
1'd wIh anr rate It is time his friends should
Od. It 1 take him in hand and see that his case
r used." looked after.
Al Pha~- In iregrd to the donkeys, he speaks
Sof, we wish to say that they were duly
sold as advertised, the Port Tampa
assenger ity correspondent of the Times-Union
ip Cb e- and Cizen to the contrary, nObwlth-
ad S. go. st&adlng. The news(?) he deal out so
T. & K. graciously, is indeed news; but tf our
p yeter- friend don't shake off this Rip Xan
be Hotel Winkle nightmare that seems to have

got hold of him the laugh is more like-
Sly to take still another shift.
stave wood. The trim battle steamer Caloosa has
s phone a 300 trived from Byers, and is now on
e the St. Petersburg run.
Hobbs & The contract has been let by the
Plant Steamship Company for an ele-
or Se..- Wee- lant new steamer for Tampa bay.
The Sunday concerts given by the
1- Tampa band at the Inn are a source
tat of pleasure to al. Mihneger Hannah
Sleft l .ti leaving notddng tundone that may
lanq. add to the pleasure of visitors to this
Wd. ANotb- popular rest.
The Amerlcan schooner John C.
_ BaL es arrived from Philadelphia to-
o loan day with 1900 tons of coal for the

---- The MIaSeotte made a fast run from
a""t ticket avanaS having arrived at 2 m. to-
e depotP 10 day. ohe leaves again for OHavana,
V tia Key West on tikdpy night.
-"- The custom home launch Is here
Ss. We agaIn and doing service for the treas-
nry department.
O The Plant schooner bMontana sailed
7i cn t to-day for Mlobile for another cargo of

SThe Ashlag I aoop Vine was picfed up
% Mi t )oade to-day while adrift in the bay, loaded
te psmoey. with Bas. She Is owned by John Sa-
..- 2se British steamship Glenwood. of
West Hartlepod l, En., arrived to-day

4& an6 so, aswas ~ as"M..

ftM ah was a bgntiam othet con-,
L d &W VA aNW ] eu;ow

VMS &M tX W= I t oo o.'D
Abut mtmes me Uw every t ia

O tok- .,.- a m t. the
(.^ ,BalPhe7. it.

.'tA omae 0 tom to

dome is me rck


The Summer Term For White and
Colored Teachers Wi.I
Begin Xay 18.

Notice is hereby given that the sum-
ored teachers of HHisborough county
mer normal school for white and col-
will be held in Tampa beginning Mon-
day. (May Sth ,and continuing for four
weeks. The work will be strictly prac-
tical, and is Intended only for teachers
and those intending to teach. Atten-
dants wl.l be required to -orduct red-
tations. reviews, and give l. -sons ir
' the several branches.
A course of forty lessons in English
will be given.
The proficiency shown by teachers
will be taken into consideration when
making up the list of teachers eligible
for appointment. Those who do not
give satisfactory evidence of teaching
ability wlU probably be required to at-
tend an additional two weeks.
All teachers are requested to bring a
all set of text books. Teachers are
Meted to be prompt in attendance
Ssaloaa for white teachers will be
held in the gaded scol a ildi for
colored teachers in the Harlem acad-
Inormatlon to regard to board can
be obtained from ass-M e Mlme ay.
Mls Jenale Crlty, or W. V. Dont. at
Tnpa. Efforts wSI be made to aecre
=edjd tnraa rtinm rat-n. T(lh-
advisd to take receipts wham

I cm. Oma ert tent t.
Tampa. A S A U .1

Whef -tplea hibent -or business.
take o evyer trip a bottle of Wep ofat
Pi as f t mts mot pleaaantly and
4feetally on the kidnap, liver, and
boawla psreatlnB fevers, head aches, 14'
and ebftr fcema of .tikae. For aale ii
in 60 cent bottes by all leading drug-
lme. Manbfactured by the Calfor-
ada rs Syrup Co.. oaly.
Take LaxatIvre Bromo Qunine Tablets.
All drunlWs refund the money f It
'allO to ee. M. The genulne has l.
B. Q. on each'tablet.
A Pleasant Lemon Tonic.

For biliousness, constipation and ap-
For Indigestion, sick and riervous
Fore aleeplessnes, nervousness and
heart failure.
For fever, chills, debility atd kid-
ney diseases, take Lemon Elixir.
Ladies for natural and thorough or-
gani regulation take Lemon Elixir. '
Dr. Mozley's Lemon Elixir is prepar- I *
ed from the fresh juice of lemons,
comfllned with other vegetable liver
tonics, and will not fall you in any
of the above named diseases. O50c and
$1.00 bottles at all druggists. Lon V. Steplen
Prepared only by Dr. H o. Mozley, ,born Goveritbr of
Atlanta. Ga. ng Kentucky hat
.As chief execute
i(Massourt his pol
AT THE CAPITOL, economical and pr
I am In my wsventy-third year, and Gov. Stephens
for flity years 1 rno aen a greatt sur- rcommendis Paio
He has been great
ferer from indigestion, constipation, and whenever the
apd hiUlousnesm. I have tried all the family Paine's eel
remedies advertised for these diseases, remedy that is us
and got no permanent relief. Abo of this remedy, es]
one year ago the disea auminung a the exeprtence of
more severe and dangerous fornm. I be- of the State told
came very weak. and lat flesh rapidly ter cannot be sUgal
I commenced using Dr. Mfosley's Lem- -xecul
on Elixhir. I gained twelve pounds in Sta
three montOs. Mfy strength and health ntlemen rson
my appetite and my digestion were I have used Pali
perfectly restored,.and now I feel as keep It in my hot
young and vigorous as I ever did in fnd it a splendid
my life. La J. AI.LDRED. eyr
Door-keeper Ga. State Senate. Why is Paine's
State Capitol, Atlanta, Ga. day the most micc
-- in the oorld?
SMOZLY'S LEMON ELIXIR. la is so wooderfs
is the very best medicine I ever used stance exactly w
for the diseases you commend it for,
and I have used many kinds for wo- CITY
man's trotdblea.
MIRB. S. A. GREHA.AM Delinquent tax
alem. N. take notice that t

--"- D being listed for I
SMOZLET'S LMON ROT DROPS. payment of taxes
COre all Coghs, Colds, iHoarseness, gt the newmP
or rUt, BroehltS Hemorrb o to the newp
and all throat and lung disebes. Ele- after which date ]
gcaat reltabl save them the ad
25a at druggist. Prepared only by y Rpectf l YK
Dr. (H. Mosley, Atlanta. Ga.
G--- round bone fc
e world eebe on Woclea. The any quantity at
F snw edamsatmed wilb r *lin tret.

e Tampa Harmn.. and Wgon Co. Turner's tohe
# mtuste for the re
BMAC IM NERVE. Po tt Friday eves
WaS the Mr t of him pendld health. The new lgt.atM
fdomi*bhle wIll "ad tremendoa esn- i not a ma& hlt
rTY are not found where Stomach. emergency, but h
LIve. Kidney and Bowels are out of o1 o its meritsL
order. If you want these qualities and
the mecess they bring, w Dr. KIngs there wIl be thu
Ne w Life Plls. They develop every evening at Ba&as
power of brain and body. Only 2c at FrankMn and La
S. B. Leoari & Co.'s drug store, p. m.

MhTInB. Y allowingto
I amn requested by the French Minis- the poiweto.
tetb re viter aS the cities of the Rsier O toe
Republic of France, now residing in ad you wil sw
T&amt and vielnty, for f itIorm. eoardi & Co. (
ttion. A Cdtlen of France residing ^ pn Dia&mood
here wm please inform ne, at myo-or- d
floe in Bat 1TamM. either n person or "
rby letter,; tataL g, Maceopatlon and A cealed meet
dte distratt of tPraice hr which they Lodge wMU be he
datsum sttsenahbp. s, *pwome of wor
VT WIBE pt ,ERA. 'Al A ember s au
fAlit" dCil Be Agent. .
aiUmqA9 c4Bra ic m A D

MW .,
imily Joins Hipm i

ot Paina's Celery
A 1-

i i.

. -... 4 wir ,.:.. ^

a is the first native And of what other eapi eal
f Misourl; neighboor- be sald?
s furnished the rest. Every form of neervosw te
ive of the State of whether 4qcalized in the muscles,
lcy is buslness-i'te, brain, or n the nerves thesml
rogreslsve. cured-to stay ouared-by Pttne's
frankly and freely ery compound. Every kind and d
e's celery compound. of isnpovertsohMt of the' *ynteA
atly benefitted by 16 overcome by this Ureaeatt of pIl t
ere is sickness in his orators after other remedies
lery compound is the shown no benfia eetc.
sed. It is the spring remedy voucte
he wonderful efficacy by physicians, teachers and wel
pecially in the spring, well Informed men and women
the Chief lxecutkve every part of the osntry.
in the following let- People are everywhere dyim S
tingly passed over: haost:ed evo ene sgy, or deaj
tive ,Department, out their lives in pain and diont
te of 'Missouri because of aleeptesess, newvo*
City, Feb. 8, 1899. and fasged out brains. The obe
k point of Paineos cetes7 coapoua
new's celery compound, s uccesaully during auch nervous
te efor family use, and Wee is to feed the nerves buld q
remedy. | wasted brain parts, parish the
ipectfelly yours. 1sues and increase the a cstructv,
N V. STIEPII N'S. pacty of the blood. Health and
celery compound to- need ilf to all the neramr tU
essful spring remedy thus te t pace of the l
and the deility of disebe,.
ily successful simply Paine's celery o"n-ewld to eamp
plisbes in every in- No ote wl need to be told
hat is claimed for It. Paine'e celery tt-uehod Aoe' its



TAXES. Auburn Wages are warranted
----- sold for $30 M y Hbs && O e
payers will please N.-
etb property ts now Don't think 7yo caa cur -l4et. .
advetising for non- Mtta Dyspe p obl AW.1e s
and that the list winl m e wil itself dAt "
apes on Aprth 20th, eat" aad b AM
I wil be powerlemS to to health.

& M.HlLeNfRY. ifee. FRto5g0. taaspl

or .w chickens. in
Wynne & Co.. le' ,1 ,1
ft reward ywtse ctvetr- tfrth
tas m of a Cleveland *haBef. Nip.
Kra wti faenasb the model S. to D. C. T-
0lar hop at Ballas Stee LA n. 5d
ning It makes no diff"ebow "e 1a 4
wod ityou ue D eWItrs Wltc*t
to -it Ow Pre9M Imwe no par. 9. B. e "--dl O'A ., <.
i a staJndW4a artsd e Central Fto AacY. Of 2SAnOm Bo- W
od ]Ln -mani M0 or <3y. Y Cur.

e reguaIr hop Priday Md't S
t Point. Com leave. tS*Wg eb:Oe rb t asAd
fayette streets at 8 saws sngr tA S
SI bowt ter ,ther ftta
SInd Locnd ,Aw"e ipdi

ye e the entire B. t n,_. n 'f r 'Wo th

Central Pharmacy of'dy
p ,macy Of Thor da ln i" -i.

B ,Rsert l
MW of Jobh Daring 4. f e r e* ., .
Id to-night for the
Mr the third degme. _o_;-- l? s11ONWM
re reqoete M oa bo ""R-A g

Isn the iaft56 se 5u dam0lw4

" I -

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