Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: April 13, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Alul MEN E ll

The Maw Was Intoxicated And
Bean to Abuse the Beast.


amI am m-ab Threw the Trainer to the
S mareinApfed On is OChat
ktatf A Or@aahed Xir Life
ath out.

Ese alCty. 'Ar 11. -.,eci l.-l .
b giaftotearW man kUtnu elephotan
&- m omr to his list ao Twcts
ii ; eitBMe wm hbe ie htft isd bl Wp-

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S1ihtioen ae De a rtent a pwrticultry 4ed
Lj i. .t MeMd to h O is oderbs.

e rtbl re.d nthe anes andt he
t bFhed p Ilierm I Dn NS mouth,
.lii s plun It TbM the edephjnt threw
oat sed eown with his trunka anrd tried
Ai to gore aim wlfth his aL ts. Ms tusks
s egre so ahort aOwever, having been
adwed off, that he could not reach his

leS in sfteln Juonped opn i Psber's chest.
Arol be breaking evern rib aad crushing the
we Ate ft him.

V4 air, 00 wow
~,,V *it ietaA G good Post.on For the Right Prty
-i Wt ~ AS at Laucr s saiLr. Try it.
M. "0to6 byT
i da -ea a ater
It- ~ursta ir in D seprtment of Agriculture.
0 Bt It uade. May Y15 18999.
- wa"t the peo- fleM Unitd te ate Civil Service Cmo-
.ia to si. 1A it mOI snn oue t it it s desired to
b* br .aaMr- ta-lb aMI eaUsIe register for the

e.t Tentionediew D:at

^ tr.~b~ (Hts 9 a u of poonl expcrlnce
U la isaseeB tw e thes delopment of
't.b Oiump herr 0 2ids, in-

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I' -a pash swu to. %thoe.san

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401t F aotho e tol ata ersabnah-

i f& a a the reMrit ao ths -ninusmment
-setrfltecito wll "e madeto tt;he pes-

^HB E l-'Iceaittote. at a salary of 91.600 per

T~his aesnd
ses of the U
pyi with the r
be graded, an
gard to any m
albty as sho


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-ron la osen to a eciti-


en lagiilg to late Thr Appnrarfe.
I Fev liprtut Billt .


The Tirt Vote For United States
enator Wll Be Taken On April
8. Think the Contest Will

Taah Aprit 8I.-pe "asgo st Cat noon to-day and after
a ver brief aselon adjouned for the
It met at tt Oe'eock this morning and
proeneda at Oe to usima Bills
wem ihtrdued as tollows;
,Wder, t o nur- & came drst
wut a bill aadif the charter oC ts
saia. iMamssasee s Out Coast rea-
linel. of Dral--mo anthortee the
eonaty commisatoers to make im-
pamentas on publec hilghwys.
mark of DValr-PrPhlI6tinr the pub-
I s awaperst ieos ar-
Deaioha ofan monro to eer the
tate health offer the treasurer of te
state board ou health
tRnil ofp r ohroe--Provdng for the
pet f on of hotels.
Other tills were introduced as fol-
Making an appropriation to cover the
emxemnses inettd by the state In con-

IA hill provlding for the canceFPtlon of
*lxa certificatea Issued prior to the
year of U7. 'A: bill creating the of-
rdoe of tate auditor. Remulating the
treatment of contagious diseases. A
bilatl borisll the erection of a mon-
u ent to General Loring. and in com-
memoration of the catile of Olustee.
Just before adjournlmg the house
elected J. M. Htl ard. os Escacmbla
Count. speaker pro teqm.
The candidates for the United States
senatorsbhe are all here working
hard. The Ta laferro forces are
making an agresswve fight and Senator
Pasco's friends seem very confident
that he will be re-elected. Both of
these candidates stated to-day that
they are entirety satisfied with the sit-
uation and each claims victory on the
second or third balot. allotnf will
begin Aptrn & .
TaJlahasee Is crowded with politi-
clans and political feeling is running
very high. Cod. Talalaferro Is quoted
to-nght saying that if he cannot
be elected senator be will throw his
strength to Senator Pasco. rather than
mee a third man win. This is thought
to be intended to injure Gov. Blox-
hna's chances as Tallaferro and
Bloheam have long been enemies.
Yesterday was evidently a good day
for railroad men In Tampa. The fol-
lowing named representarLes of dif-
ferent roads were registered at the
Ameria hotel:
R. W. fBhoyrr, traveling passenger
ait oef the Uhnois Central railway;
Prank aflser, Flaida rassonger saent
of he Western & Atlantic railway; C.
B. Rhodes, trnreln passenger agent
of theh eor-ta Southern and Seorlda
raniwr af mcefaaoe W. Murphy. the
tmasing thmatner agent oi the
Nseaimr Ps ada rlwao.
Mr. a"d Uma. WB. BSaddler and
dahte, 'M Anniabe, left yesterday
for Thampa where .r; addler goes to
have a cancer on his fame treated by
a specialst. The gentleman 1 eIn a
pitiful condtLan and the Phyicians
saw-he cannot live lo. The family
will remain there tor several weets.-
OaGnesvte SBn.

J. P. uardee & Co.. were so unaer-
tinate as to hee a targe amount of
trait and produe e on hoard the ateam-
er Seaboard, that is now tying at
Norfolk In a badly injwed condition.
On account of a part of the goods be-
ilg per-shable they will sustain con-
sIderble l w.
The Ollvette did not arrive on her
regular run from Havana until 0cmn-
day morning, being over twelve hours
behind time. The cause of the delay
was on account of loading a large
number of soldiers at 'HI-ana and un-
loading them at quarantine. The
steamer was loaded to her outside lint-

United states, who com- it with passengers.
eq ntsa. They will Capt. C. E. Garner, general manager
ad certified. without re- of the Indepdndent Line Steamsblp
onaderation save their Company, arrived in the city rom
wn ty the grade they at- Jacksonville on Sunday and left "es-
terday for Manatee and Bratdentown.
dere to compete should where he spent th day on business.
to the Unlted Staes Cvtl turning to the city on th- steamer
ison, Ws gton D. eManatee 4ast night
tsoa blanks (Forms 304 _- ___
.I tnplnotary forms HELP THE LADTIES

hleh sbaid be troperl Leon Hale's drug store owll he the
tekd utt the Obmmpis- cee of great excitement to-morrow.
aimstoa b C.. prior to rar earty mon until late at night
bam6 9miaeDs on pao 1. his soda fooutain w t be in the hands
of Tanmw's most handsome ladies. MWr.
fal e has give the entire proceeds ot
Sthat day to the society of the King's
As iga~e tourit of Daughters. They win maniputate the
W has beisn Oa spotl to the queens taste. By
hm emI fA r the irtig your thirst at this popular
-l.mi t-OANM t sar Soantato to-amrorw ye7 waMl gt a
CL^ i wa he tea wfil mwt delicious drink and aid a most
-liblsritis ioif J ea -e worthy cause. Shew the good ladies
'i ene"a:.m be W noeooe the sodety, that their of-

Hr ^wgew of bingrf t e hsnltdsm .plaW of gd fitsh ti
Bt e ,Vo Weseda & on& aagab s eow wtidao
J h an t of universal admiration
.... -b oU di- . -wftho passed that wy


For PlaIn lAre bn the Dul With

PopalaUn O 8O,00f


The Formr Contracts By Linay & Co
Loot Because They Were Not
Carried Out. Cities Will
Be Bonded.

t. (Mich., AprU 8.Special.-It
w eamed here to-day that the Pe-
aint lhr Car Conmpa, in which Colo-
ae Fftak J. HBeker. Charles L. Freer
d the I~dllanm interest are largely
Itterested, has practicsAa bought
som laB eontracts for the sapptytng
of wirer to the cietts of Clenfuegoa.
banta aara. NBeJa aad Pinar del
ie. ltkCba. a.n also building a mar-
het sd an deeecre lighting plant for
Pluna de Rio.
Thes eat of the Ouba municipal-
Utes ithis deal is Jea Machado. a Cu-
ben ildet' of New Yo, while the
local manager in Detroit ts Dr. l-
pad qrneaud, forpnerty a resident oa
.L T.Ite contracts. it is said, have
been e ded alresad nd the same pr-
sos ave- an otion on the sewerage
contrast with these dC of Ctefuegos.
The mnicipalities are without debt.
and tOhe mortgages. privileges and
pianare granted in default, the w-
are first class. Outside of the

sewe le contract the value o the vae e-
ot tins is placed at l t700,000. and the
banld* firm of J. M. Ceballos, of New
York, bhas t is understood, agreed to
float bese bonds In case the deal is
The former contracts were owned by
Lims r Co.. Brussels. but their rights
in the were lost because the cao-
tracts were not carried ot. The bonds
will IM apportioned to the cities as
falohes: Ceafuegos. 1900.000; Banta
Clar-a. 250000; Benjucal, S1000. and
Pinar del Rio. S45000. The population
of- these cities is placed at 80.000.
Neither Mr. Phelps nor 'Mr. Arneaud
to whom these statements were shown
will sany anything about the matter.
but Mr. Phelon did say that what the
newspapers did not gpt hold of these
days was not worth finding out.
The steamer 'Manatee brought up a
very large load of vegetables last night
for shipment to northern markets.
'At 3 o'clock this afternoon the ladles
of the Second Ward Kindergarten As-
sociatlon wUl bold their regular month-
ly meeting in the kindergarten rooms.
General J. B. "Wall arrived home yes-
terda)y rom Tallahassee where he has
been for the past week.
J ,
iLxteen '-undred 13ve Joined the
Number and Serious Trouble is
Havana. 'Apr. tU. -Special-The
strike on the United Railroad is as-
smning a serious character. The num-
ber of strikers ha been increased to
sixteen hundred. A committee p-rep-
satin the stllkers waited npon Gov-
ernor General Brooke to-day, explain-
in their attitude. ew general warn-
ed them not to distiOb the Oblle or-
der. The strikers wilt move the malls
-and 'American troop bat will not as-
1st In the transportation of passen-
gus or Vel lt.
If disorders occur the military au-
thoritles will Interfere.
-The military authorities have been
tnaormed that they will receive to-
morrow the Cuban army muster rolls.
,now held by the so-called executive
cemmttee appointed by the late mlli-
tary assembly befow Its disaolution.
The Third Kentucky volunteers, 44
officers sad 94 men saHed from af-
tanses yesterday fur Savannah on the
Florida and Kllpatrick. The Thirty-
flrst Michigan regiment will leave
Cienfuegos to-morrow, as well as a
battalion of the Third engineers, now
sattloned at headquarters. The engi-
neers will be the last volunteers to
leave, as the signal corpe will probably
be mustered out here.


Dea y's Fajmoe Cruiser Raleigh Wil
SSoon Be in New York.

Hamilton. Bermuda. April ll.--epe-
ciul.--Althongh she had been tossed by
a strong gale and heavy seas for sev-
erat days, the United States protected
cruiser Raleigh reached thti port this
morning. Captain Coghian, the other
officers and the crew of the cruiser are
all well. in excellent spirits and an-
xious to reach New York, where they

already know a tremendous ovation
awaits them.
The Raleig sailed from Horta
Azores on April 1, and was expected to
reach Bermuda on April 7. She was
overtaken t y a severe storm on tApril
I, however. and her prawress was de-
layed. Th gale was so strong and
te seas were so extremely heavy that
her speed had to be reduced to six
On er arrival the tRalelgh received
a warm welcome. the British fleet
4olning heartily.
I The Ralelbr w*U take on coal and
ovttos h re and se tfor New Tork

J. B. iioette. of Prt Tampa
0tty. formerly weather rpo at the
WPams statln was in the city yester-
41ay shei heads with friends.


Two Great Nations Have Estab
listed Peaceful Reatimos.


The Scene Was a Solemn One As the
aepresIItatiaes Of the Two
Nations bichaned The
aIportant Do.uaiaut1 .

Washington. 'Apr 11 -4pecal.-The
White House was the soee to-day of
the final ceremnkiesIn the treaty rti-
fications between the United gtate
anr IBpan. Prongptl at 2 o'clock in
the afternoon the ratlgtleos were
exchanged President a MalrY aetaff
for the United States and Ambasadr
Canyon for SpaIn In the presene a
the members of th cabinet the Bpa-
Ish copy of the treaty was Lurded to
the president. who in turn presented
Ambassador, nba, for fpan. with
the Amntercan cOy.
e treaty forwarded by Spain
blndomwrly eongrmed oon parchment
in old EnBttoh erpt. with wide doable
ciumns, one in parish aad the other
in Eerllsb. Its bindiMl is of red mo-
roco. evy- esn-bo. = in gold.
which gives the effect df yellow and
red. the colrs of Opain.
The United Btate cop of the peace
treaty was finished yesterday aad
placed In the posesslon of the presi-
dent at the White House. Jike other
treaties to which the United States is
a party, the domment is a model of
ismp4jnity and neatmess. The text is
reprodfoed in parallel columns, the left
in English and the right in eanoisb,
surrounded with a narrow border of
the national colors. The document is
Inclosed in a cover of dark blue mo-
rocco. with the great seal of the Uni-
ted States on the face and a decora-
tive design in gilt.


The Conoert AtKrse'sGa Hall Lst
Bight One Of the FInet
zver Gine In Tiampa .

The music lovers of Tampa were
given a rich treat at the Krause Hall
last night. The concert given bt lEocl
talent for the benedt of the hmeren-
oy Hospal was slrgely attended aad
at least from an rtisc standpoint
was ri t4eact thatf aTvepr Oahas the
this city.
It began a few mtnutes ater o'clock
with an overture e b the orchestra ft-
lowed by a vocal so by Am (B Ga
Smith. who sag vwer sweetly. "A
Dream of Paradise." Ohe eI a voCse
of wonderful oomnmas and power and
in her selection she ws enabled to
show its remnarklhe traolng.
A well exeoted butrameata dlSi
by Mrs. W erris and Prof. 0. G.
Lavin was rfeoawed r a eMl oedo
entitled. etbollk," b4 Ta Cs f-
woitrsoloist OMk insephis beraetra
Her gitted voice is PcV'II-tiy adseited
to Cjo slinging sand her efbfo t Night
more t.t pie tsa s Udle O
The vioa solo y Andrea TUrner
was his favorite etection "LThe MNt-
encale," aad Its is needi to wa that
It took the oame b7y atom.
"Sweethert Sh No IaMre," was th
title a solo by tAm Giles Shmlth. It
wau s oe t eof m the gem t eve-tg.
"The Cocoaaot Dance," by the orches-
tra was a rare treat.
Miss Abernaetlys rendition of the
song entitled 'sBring ong." was ex-
ceedlungly fine.
A number of other selections were
entered to the great delight of the
audience and to the credit of the per-
The applause that greeted the per-
formers was unstinted and well mrit-
ed. The concert throughout demo-
strated the fact that Thmupa has both
singers and players second to no other
city In the state.
Prof. Turner who 1aboPed so dSi-
gently to make the concert a stmss
Is entitled to the thanks of the commu-
nity for his efforts. He not only gave
those who attended a concert worth

many times the price of admission. but
he succeeded in adding a neat sum to
the Emergency Hospital fund.

The First Florida Regiment Bead
gave a most artistic concert at Pot
Tampa on Bmnday afternoon. The
crowd would have been much laser
had U not been for the echlty coMi-
tlon of the atmosphere. There were
about two handred present. met Of
whom were down frum Taimpe Tb
concert was we S and did credit
to the Tapa boy.

y^ .- .. -
-" -i^ a

Nonem Wem
Above Nuher


Tae Three OCsaddats

tNe o. T i w a t '

T ihe -am laQ a
Tallahaasse (A .
innoitsat scaan Aat the
gent wvas hei i. 'tiB ,

twenty -wR o'ft ute
of the Isme.
The fact is uopse if
that the waoale atf re

tlhdas tbha tl lhe i= l

borty-are wepnnritr

thewvr eveopy. INS ,."-

trodwed wa am bw it 3 a7O.M
aamimmw for tutebM1omm..
In the taw
Introduce. i
A bl to exteno)t t" B ml i*
tion of the Cbmt a Une. 4-AwB

and federal estHioB
plaee; a ba 0 -fi 'the: *^|1
ber ot boom. fat
dayt a uw auss y tha finufid
Sthe oDeeopet an4

Ite r proIIeobe U
tines on the tstUie d s4 m

A aathorisizw the -W*M

Taiaferma Paso s d ci
the legiatay. It w .
amended to ,eb n"wm-rp t
Bradbaws resomoatie
the lavea t atOlh

IA& u R was eItmn 'L

ipe-I l ftr co naathi bi -t

-tobee,1- thes me ssaWia t

Kles. John mWhte
tan Thit cieoRt; s
to Jlidfe
the 5afra cauf

b tr. -atr -se,
iP June tb tt t sfc

sop of e*iai o

t. too vWnel -

po w .- w r i
ror am at

M UP 0 I -* ', ,i"

rmk ate
ad t l rro s ie
ela L a

D" the be n

This does nut neaess y mB 1
either qpe iseatee.. & ai
must puas betwte the 3toin
and with a coniple of a iNodaf
shrew"e pnvvwto l5e. sa

There are:
wbutxv ar s v eer r eas i fs

FI j 3.


X JLI;d,

P:11 e rn l a ose l. ZJ U
S a And te a doseo aaLcIt. L t g rOL 01 tL .i
ira.tt You &trMU w that Tells the story. Tren ayor hood eI .&., L .A LA z 0
a- meI armed with In ace r h e in the you fee pull in valo nn when c i
PII .- pat aed.and out of tune, w:t:: U y,,,:r- n I,, L,. .. 1
e p iloa that the beom= -h oe r and no a ppet, uaku .. ..
Stor k mont the ocoasionctr ae a pr ackagye ( .d,., Id. ,.

LLb- A m s e. . h e..n.... ... .n ledp an.. ... ...
,*tei weilt a c sort- ler e, re. iri a. ., -5 s. 3 5

te no d m te n armed with dne. b a d i osil a-a ..- Ir. cHi cs i-' ta e wihl ona i the tb' 100 in tho ndawork
H d ,9 P,

T~ poJiu ta._i wol b e employed in e e f, wha n o I genea-ughou t t he rh. l horse lads hack Dithe brechy is.
tie pointl seill te eblossomd eridt ma ee a onI aa-f oI-c au Ae dn Ihode i rC-faallEeIIteam O
-a o ya.aha ca--. a ho-C'. and iuo- to,-k harmonile. The
111115,t a-- a -heal may want to swor. arr starve eter so
-pi stm e ae lna ,haaeera are e.. ..... hard . work, but i ei r t ia ibalky and :
eet lSn" w In a s h the hea1d a1au tno te hi
d word will tun away worth months The doctor ate a heart)* din- .e i- prete tne aer ad IeI-i a. l- r a he n thead will ado potin
er eJ. a ust a shart while hear i d a th nech er bst tghors bud iea T y and bra ffc r om tooiT of cttoh b
U- M Rao meter wins every time be and seemed to be in the best tf na tein eP L.It a-nI toll. He . be h -c a d i e -io
It never sas a rd anwo d er and a o tia. aoolt -S ,ei oso "t-n t r tlc, %.' t. h ato w k u .fe w d to te e-aorkt
ItO neover 3 S awrdhtandnter od." '''pir S. Hes %d. ab' .orstifactorw -k andn tetda to-.;"
e -to prove thatit Is right and t-lls ,oldI c r toa taa do so will only do hmlf further harm.
a a si baited Linc i Eros-.nLe14'tiona asdprooatiostni isthattheye tryto wotk

"n i1 .^ a eps b u~m .h . . . n . . T ha n . .ea . h .t ca ha .r in ..er bauw "s
slA o o At ERTINt NT S UBJEe r XT. i -ur- -a;il enact a lto at tL \Ilil recr the brain when the bdy is ba l The
e o rdlr eaie naw! "PofL e ai he administration as a e a eston toe so tr a ral aaree een eroright thing for a man t, dao when S he finds
&S$ t w ueee oteWY dis-w w tagl re a o teTeaid cad egan to r oaEiler S te rom the l torng s rar n-tand e n and brt i- t of sorts r hsin- lv i to gie the
os t influence often r s di athe lawyer of the Texas ca tle rarort t epri lt cadiocs tia na ,e il c mind a little ret. alld prmptl resort to

4vb ee a rI she pIaes. Ont n re spe ..or a. .mmptly re r t
iW.a .g 6 who wanted to sell the government v r3 o t wireome or it.re Year. the right remedy for his physical ailments.
beef on the hoof,'-is What ets on- T he opinion is general inroughout the Dr. Pieree's Golden Me~icol Disovery in
A..an s oatu to a emesytondent tracts." and when Eagan said this he state tnat the present senatrl fa con- the best of all medicines fora balkt body.
SrsaiOlat wt 1 o writes oe-hactI was not lying In his thrat. nor any tes w ea t aa resut In a iong ontunued When the head ache-. the appetite s toa *I

M I eie noa ron the p t un e epen r ay case.m ere e a n nbothbodyeanertinsuferrn
hII^ Loommf w-ith a ou- other part of his body either. pack- deadly haa. t sot he gnve cn toe de- the seep is letless. the smen hae t
S hoi en ox er. laes, by ame. test mand for a law suon tting the sena- Ad both bod and hbas surffi from du i-
Ihea drea- ed-fled throne thir ofw th b tae a ose ta election to thlm e p people i ll 1,e ess and aobitade, it is time to resort to
d fr n demned greater than ever and would ndoubt- thi great remed Itrontare tO heSi vpeidtX, Tl L 31 = ~=dl a
aend 'utht erl rtnt os s Canall'as l tr aboulder.eots uisotheders of nerve ds tionoo o
p 1., 0 to ac. t n any o ngtldsb market." And so It edyreatn it being mae n w m corrects all disorders of the digtio i
S t opes.Bt the evidence i so aemul- the next elelon sate se, te makes assimilatio perfti tvira the Comanche(nw),
Sa and there Ias ast at aount of it her s ret o i s i liver and panes d rishe the blood.
~ Q eno the eve wa M tn h Q rat do. d liver and puorifie and nouishes the rood.

t y a nd? th eeis uch IN an moe nt f it The a ime Id too pree ion we ha ve it fri- I is t e treat bl nood -mr a ker d Scab-e
Saa. t ama ton htet ffo et" that t tbe isa nwas urd s -ed w-aitn a senseless pull bor ta b ier. It eisthe beat of nerve tond l h -r
S... c bd f r -" "utterl unfir t ido h, food," ta tca lta plum. restorativesIt makesaboth body and brain maro g ......
s Rooelt mnld ora itt tad the ae id'e state railroad commission aert and active. Medicine dealers have or o fll r ~of in Ms u
Let o b thlkao .the s- aag anst the packers and o body in should either be made more e- nothing "just as good." .
Sthe war department is cni Who ni.ent or the office abolUshed. "- suffered liveyeans winthjo as Oe sd the __ atemn aneaphedltomitlual,1
A _"*;that somebody or somebodies are vei Commissioners who cane eceoni- dactonheremeold not domeasC:d" writes For Charl ..........
ton Vt. e I took twelve baales of Dr. ure's FI r sO in
maW s slit. to h mfV1161111 ~e t so ttent on theyh- sldmertc Well lkos. h.board has been able to acoptsh Galdes iedxl Dsmoeney and I ami wl
.A 4Wt&."abof The strange part of It Is that the anouid he allowed to retire at once. wos3d have t= itn my. .... ifith" notbu s <
Wr5'I-mtl. 'dprdlnt., who knows now if he never W'e are ilnavor of a comistston ._ a o our medicdnre" ktt Lp . Wi.. i1S
.'--fn'B' e --" d Idid before that rotten beef was fur- canar anow. rregL ae ai e ralroalds; For coustapation and indigestion, Dr. i u s .....
ft.* 1istl overb dinDer I nished. snown s not the slightest esent- one that will stand t rmly and ln- Pierre's Plea-ant Pellets are the mast na
[ V m e t that his simlntstration has been partially between the eo0 porations ad rural and perfect 8 cre ever devised. They .a.A.. "' '
k.j 4, i-et td n .wasg e upon In such a shamneless the people, giving to each their ustn set gently but n rely, and effect a perrs- 9s;m Fot~ a seetja .si..l. ei t
SW. ... a lsa tket. manner or that It has been harboring dues. 'nless this can be done atoe nel s.e-.
aiS *.0-^- L-rasalss in ,h Piao ...c. On the. co t- money spent for a commlsson is a Oim-
eqBsf; # to litetney part-a tart, be seems to resent the meddling py thrown away. I .I C ki.4
S 4ti tof tinth&79to- sheas Into the private affair of the govern- heay ae for nne -pu n speeches for
: btw ith: l" 'oth war ment. in-zptte ogthe most otrvlnclng political effect In the wegsi alrvie halls pol-N1TED P_0G RAPHS. ,
'WNEd ud nOts thOm off erldence, no man omnmected with the is past and the -people W-O pay tne Jlve imgripen Sa wo hen olea CO..o vtlle 1,
J'y l l ble poisoning of soldiers has price ierrtiaa that the gavei eo used Hope is the dream a man has when Tak, e a e as
nQT. o"hs that he hs h beeen ptalahed. Eagan has -been re- when an- sunh reading out is at- awake.
i to -de re ~ unothel tired. hut that was because he spoke temp .e. Ottembers w.o attempt to m y wake mOity" ofJ1 *1
.e se tae. be cowantry ha so lunbErniY owf" Milese. and hls poay the ga-leIic-a should 1 ourie br- -Wtat is sa uce for one may
to hwa e him, eltber. ods were Immediately baaledt by a tatorto to tre gallery tar thae eimanil- goose o another. j
Ic "*Bf'4-'--------letthe president giving hi-i a ftloogh er ca the eacain Ir f ---s ,n .- jt
m-psO n to n make admornli ot foil pay, at the same time apoloa-- -here art: some old latn that ar.lTheatrcal angelsrtsh i wherewIse
kie ta-nin mate of tI. Bosany Ing for this much punishment eo -sth the sadly In nered 0r rtevlson, rtOa -, co-. trc men fear to trea d.
1oIa lk m o aaht scheml t0 sttatement that the circus stances Were a. i.a-. g al..is "-. < , Kf. catcti iad ii1.
W' fort 'reps- e slble con- mitIgating. In some cases tn ei- ooa It- n -e - wr._no a nian reaches t e en- of his
S Unless the adbeIstoral tota bes-e aitAA ta-iea wli to pemtted- ta-o .a-d i -e.kto ai heia, ces A I.. J IS wnboe. eappolalted s iS SB
li'on of i ts ow w t 13'? ay; porte at e Uni tdr m tach s. Ap o utar "te e Jacksonville ... .. ...... ......... .. ......
lrnt ,d oo Ksnat, r"tb't t'i:-rrr-d beasts, for they er ,:- tae........ Irasa. a- i i -. Tct.... r-oue aces t as tse dhi )am -,Enterp'ie'Ue .....a. ... m a a
||te^-- to bea .f ."orom Kansase wlypon to e at lo soldiers ntoeape ro-i n IB tIt InS all t ols return I thers atv- im .
i eA i o M ntsred 4a tow-n faor out tt attributes of h mtr an wl, nL-, t. r[ti Lie- ar,-a-.Lk.-- a1-. Lno--. %. U ag ,Jt.i. i i'lidi th e r lt hie r aa-o.i itt.-cF I.L .. .
dhf.-Come, Colot the peo-owho teinow nglytomdnde and ta- all the, eat a-i.en -tu. o. a t.Il -ave a % Ssrice Strictly First-clas 4 R e.
.S S o e C tho p en-a to t e ir ea.1 o- hth, -,, nI L c u Coi fLo ,ilJa- ,-1 p .13 tw U The anti ouaran stores his m ind with
orcluslon that cancn ip drawn hai t 't..= d ate n t., t I-c Lat ia-a. ni il l n c orgoo n things. Leave 3:30 p.m I----.-.. -.....iJlIoa ic
the administration Indorste 1a pr-,- I I ,pl 1 "4 P.'',
,, WW ho'h -"d nothi o Pg red ings. oSnatu;- H anneo'. a'- e .. .o doun L tIs n Le H;i [niio" I tnly those on the lower part ofhlt thie, Aso .r..
o h'isfAtheslr," Carter H-a its b aringin- to nig-ttt th a oma-l te 1.0 amIo a-:0 ........ ...... B. ....
B etsin. h, 8w onieull i suc .s.. si.-adals dreerv, s the high-esIr e ii ae :.rniA l l.a. m.. .. -rll a.d.. If t te I rL t-- e l. o t i e than .. 6: .t am m ..-..... ... ,e -Bu .. i
shows where hn symporhln Ote I im-n Ta-mpta- C. ihi nallo licl ndt in to be nandst th a servan-c hodgre Art-e idlO am2. f3f ln, i ^ W
g -. .. .. .. W ere are the presli'sn s.'a a-" i L ii-rarOt- c aep sa C _ia aro r I "e a ue 9:2 am .; ...... ...... ..... t net a r .
PP 1 the i a Duke foo r e F h m T nresp cntrri s rto au "-lt aa o .vug The man wdho boats of his upeor o-
T"61111Whe Is A, til Ill or no Et THhei 0w tried byth ad ka-iso LIt hro I sdsnld t a-ablc tO furaenh tbd general Pasasnger and Tickett *tfwm.O W B
an AlSericas heiress and o the state at large. pteari e
etasflsPsiwor0. He h" "OnH ,. Lba," Oas Se enSlo a- ta O_.t r r ,r theg .-coEn a--ta W.a t. W-Iburt-o ln, gOr.WT. P.,1I L I .
matter testily refers to'allaj. Lac. io era-es-at loginiaturecand t--trout that, It aiw-wys ntize a Kentuc an.o Bvellg eel, AsaFs .ha pt
i "l has done the counts- sorh a no.a.ie oeteret .mrjm.r it ilW lproa i. a- .-. h .l to ca. 1 him a ns nge. A snpoge aillCP Lo n illet. .... P
a- d s eus Si Ct ta assembly., I rice in bringing to Light the DOf cooltiuents. take water. Thee.wG. Eger, t. ., 5B eal
i Do reachahu until be scandals, hba dorn nochins wtnlei any O Bowling Oremt, w. TWm.hP. CGLYD f CO. & ee e.
eating a $3,,hA hot et man can object to. Lut ha THE .ETE'RNINCS .L:)iLLtEt I It tin a SLgtal triumph for the weather
done that which al: patriotic t--,;,e I man when his prediction happens to
as b ill applaud. Irhe only tace It hic The Tribtune has been reliably in- come true.
"-t ~ o hlsi man Lee." a the senato-r call1 formed that the government wll. keep
ot u ambadlyd hlm in another place has developed re- about two thousand solaters at Eg- Always Iook at your Joy with a mt-
,naAw disg i anca was present in Agrs n moat bey. during the sumenir montp crosope. and at your sorrows with
OW. ne. one. a offce when a Ug beef contract was and that great preparations are being the wrong end of an opera glass. 9 P -
new hope as!lta let. Maybe Lee was getting too made to establish camps theri for
close to the -syndlmte." Now wi their comfort. These soldiers are to The Cuban assembly's view of llibert:W
l r'. -, composed the eyndsate? UndouLbtedly be te-pt tfr anry emergency that may seems to be based upon Its value as
i_ wa mmn sy there was a s ndloate as charged, for arise and In case or tronhble in Ha- collateral for making- lo0.-
AsWt.a noob 2 [ ib Is even going to try to con- vana they would be easily and quick- 7TH WVIVAN p WHIO WORRIES.
:l .. t people tend that government officers allowed ly transferred to Cuba. In addition to
i U"' to rotten teef to be sent to the sodliers this number of regular soldiers, the Sn takes ee -thing to heart and is
unless there was a taLe-out somewhere troops returning from Havana will be uohapitt .-
a siloamP th -e a0 ~Even the veriest scoundrel would ha-e dtaineo at quarantine for ten day-s n hen the kettle boils over. di O
some..nmt- halted the beef If he had not been befoa th-.y wi;l be permitted to land If ieab cries.-
.Cos-. iend a part of the swag. That at any port nlu the United Stat=s. Abott It the fire sn't always bright.
i'iSema that the exe eomoasltion ot the "yndicl- one thousand soldiers will be kept at a At every sp~ekn of dust, ,
...r1" sort o.te" will ever be definitely proven is time until all of the so4diers return- if there's a spot on the tront step.
nw-O--en*-a---a--- oxtemeBy dlooal. hut there was a Ing frsom Cuba, will have passed If the lcems.nls boots a.e muddy. Ir

And, by the way, although the pres- vouch (or the authentiwity of the If the roast doesn t come along tte-
"h mihown anmy tpasttIcular anIety to mtm anter a.t, so far as soldiers are cow,- Elvery time the beater ned5 attet-
Sdem the raseaL who palmed mag- earned. Cbs-
goty heet oh on thsidlees, hut as The Tribuns under the pnon I the butcher, the baker or the nandie-
__ Mh. t e to-day l is, in at doil a ts andlng that shtold a proper effort be made stlck-mske- fali her in the leas par
I w en-p lce the whIte washing board of un- that the war department would have ticulac,-
pile ae a nd prote t the ot m ta ton serev ice in Tam pa. Th tre in no logical At every m mistake o4' the servant gIr i a k
bta-Ue- ap Ital, ever be fris I~hed, not It. Alt| was= Gcorginaopy to be mustered mat, time than tast. I

iaeaS r -. s -seas slon. even Alger and e~agan. Wht a many respects to any that have heen door.

ting to note that in the re sentsitself fr the BoardOf Trad to ng (ounenance
Spores of the oiondftcOn Of the rcouhar take thin master a b and a c nd e rIy

r peserhttkan, feinm g from imperf;tect m.iaL orL- ,cs. reic ct hib fo lac nla- i t 0 ti c, l h p- t3 o
It La lt Qda -Ie or i adequate traO los.a O ln h1a- C'd.L.I r, : TIh. M la3 Up n G o rl e u L P.' -l t -,', ; '.I o h r P co Fca ad - ahi-i n l- T r a w n
y e 1 s otn int.o-t ry. tthey ate e Wd tin W atrt ndo t . inr ne ptce .tc- o h 'ul,- i o t h a' r L'.d n.. .iai. OI trgail. ears. .. e C ite .t ;b
andtis. W rp h ,t th an a e arm- in lhafi-, rn- i.-z:d- aiina T.- a ,oinpa th r :- a-.J .- id-. n. o ., :,4h |e t 22- Run D rat, 1 a t

ban t-c hr o it evep o 'c il r a u l r I nT ItrPh dIs:22 R m t.Ns.r r ig s ed e i1
d iZ !^. to t oat o t1 andis the rcot i o h ai' .1 ---. l-i ..ta-;1.E ir hi s t n d prn is, of e t.t I I O O o-he.-i,
lt rooedlnss on ment ca'ryin t the Ton general. im e .. -P ernandina Mirror. r of t of the young people who do at a distance can p for
.R. t-to W -'' C.trnorsAeteaithfald.e' hand co ecnd-,- i- .n. -. T ever care ulo h-ve ay Order Tt Sted a illed- g
tf w4 eewn- i taesu olthe oe-be iers, (eor whoI e c are cy for the mayoralty of Chicago, s I I -- care, and at the same pc s as reP l
".h' rft o al realar e t and au od a-a--d. t ne on- lias-'.Yet. ra a .r :...s. of. orIG oti nenhd

MB l 'Municaipal owner P waa rejectede-.wof the paper. be-t constructed, a pg
d h t., elired f to under ot Ier n S..-..... T -, hi. t I I o. . Up a cBt t o h e d

ooesltyKiBf^ her commera-lt eepa heon- ut n ta hat broke tl-hl- n e re b-safaunak Lnt-e iaxn -n atte e A
luft*ftaL an,-ti i- teas coien. eri ci ivota ia the odJBACeO .& rip

S aied a Aleld no e t he centre the war that tot Cuba better or an
' Ks1d the Oft' -West rali-dity thatnisSUorp-isig &w t a Fsna di sn t ahea0 p ei a-s hr .- .. tow e rsd-n e t l ..S do a I
1W otkWe ro nda for under other c gnvs rtanc To-l. a-e L, .--e randic trirror or0i -r, l-t 0.anIhof r their rwyo Into p toeUleed

.dgWgMg.MrE tal t i th te ePh aippinew a- bLt. .. mome dhcfiThg at hi- n ns ctaa o heahd e r e o r,
sdt.. a er-j isAi n 5tlIi cotrae Wt tesbenn w ithrte the codii- ho-e or0d r-ioNeld 0 .1in0 hLe e .a ei t T, Now York I.car decar-
Oen every Page1 tIOssthatPrevailed In nand Portoe r- not chnnidtred daotp- o n ous. WIt-ed th e ster night that sheb c a -d to 'We have a regular orgii~ z ep
ha-Ill do thetas-Ri co. and that resulted Il the beet rlma Carnnt or %till not give any s -n- a f r ha,- thc day whenu tos:ng ewouldtbe vision done of the firm tolithis- our
want atfasd the charges of incompc.DoonsCtor oring on the premises -rt t.f known ewpresced exactly the t a-low at-Li st ore han s en fr
Pk C sos f tdeparoosettts havelcarned a a I the k lweag They nesve car e to hbavs any order entrusted to as filed
RIP vots oU Offthe Soddlere, for whose rLare cy for the mayoralty of ChIcag bern. ow I othcare,nand it tiletsametPeieesse
-44116109 C'el"B 11 s-.nWP t t make for the municipal ownernhi p of w s reetj When distinguished promoters a e t s I

With 4 I It has been reported thaLt Ile iller
th sLa o-bpm Penxamola as a deep wattr port. has been made blind by the dnasLanlg kind It is
=W&_ SWUMe among her gulf co"at riovala.hew an ee to business In let gth tim Goo aie re -
Is sh 6 y-teI A rsth of commerce will be forthcom- news get out. 4
is&to 11th sAjiq of the ol wa-h ans i Ks surprise those who .... e
L10ons111 511o her commerciall expansion. -,ma that broeok M ,b a -aM
JPenMa-ola Newul.' Carlo
ge. _Wsbsh3 till- they Altgeld now will occupy the centre The wls t is he Ins h e a " a-

riled aso srt tent of lulid ez a atlion. .ins is .4 .,a. ....

OI -".-..

*uAre the Sermons Preached By
Rev. Porter.


e Apointed at Te- iarge Crowds Attend the R vival
40. a- t lteen eezings ana a W-nderful
lllItranmdta the Good Is Beng
S ade-. b.. Maifeted.

i .-- eeial.-The Te revival -at the First Baptist
L dfter a- churchontinues with tlanabated Inter-
c omfee eat Rev. Porter entertained the vast
s e faimeno gt some 40 mimnte's lsnt night
from the teat, Mathew 0, "Why
5of bsstand ye aB the day idle."
ds -atum- o ome milmase lifte and go through
ea1 Mtltto satod- it asa ay bate. Thema in b
*dep, AIMr.. ore- ofm fe ah od not beoI to b and
*teW ftf The buid or to set and to gain. Most Amer-
bameiatOn Icamnsd do business for atythbngbumt bh
ihl-t.t. M.- In s. C nl ots and greed ftor gold
Aubn, 1 o, isO heir olee ommuP ibon.Ise i too
t-ir Dova, a tsim u lur Msi. '
-m t.ai sm ep.tdejo iOal dy boOwho t
a M it Mossome
^ a ^ eo Wb, do, qia I wSquttaunin about
Wtter4im ilet-of your bdy, but some da& soon
3=11BR i = at the w ao wil t hold hbih ca-
lifiB!^'M -oa' '1 it. OWs assatins won't
usta 20t.ino he.Atc.. h. qs ma thus araem

S e o w themate to saeep eChrity be-l
i Il"l. ,with IoM the mWe owmme, aim l ed
a'400-Ss0_vat. o.uM Q. otow' ,he ro to the ront

as a Leadiby Railroad Promoter..
I^ .S '1 -^0 l-.i rQ "Brwlrnthird ee p"rel 5
adeat of toe yPlant imtem, arrived t mtb

sin sam Togfther they made a thator-
m34t b nAK d Some sa Iof ad Ine ouatio t on the

699t- ee. thst Iveryhing wa in shape for
m ad.--l.t oa i VW ta%. -MtF eY tOM

In the hotel for ft al ontaide

n owir. BrownAwas called OB at the w o-u
AVli Cepoa hbsllete to ancept Christ be-
--" amimn the. da ur is rnt entaWv.
_it be _..tfbe Tri bo e sad tInd timO for aM

psMyB ow minutes pleasant chat. He exl
-w t ae oo9re -ed imsel f as beintjrr well satil

fed Iith his Breent purchase of thee
fl e,. d tneiet t it t a n e i
a=em rea ol' eat tmo.e ostes tded

_. the p. eo.ndt. t of the road was
I. bught that the shPromoter. and

W belawltcloing ftelr ingho be bettered

RpIf $ys In th tre oht and plsefeal traside
here nieg.uBo!wI .. arQ lBrowl tred a tr e pe ai-
Bt ee. A. _--d ell:nt oat 'tl Ptlt system f arrived In

Souht t t he daya m reonst whent p-

iiitael gt p a deals are behat neo-
---Im- -ie Ojig th4 'waith i specin p ou the Timo e
1 Im-Vit -W d c T e Ptrtaeny mudl bma or-
th-l-g M ..'me C v j al l dion of the premll se to
W e+^..r.., m th, a ea ey t o gv e n t pter esr
A IA 'emlo -cag. After ett sra iu sp a fe

#*res In the hotel an left all outside
1,,_ matesafto Ich rge mof.D eanin l o nt.

e.y oidns. rBr ewscalled e tat thate ho-
c the pyptal ne aund foun do time for a

;I a'lo olf pre thefreight-an psbeing wellr atls-
d! AtaOPs B rownth his recentmgtire e d a the
J,, cTive seand K.of w.n Pant dansta seod

W .'tjIe VJW s_.ally 'W ,.tsb eryu te .. "Ithe wir enable
c ..s., l atpSou-tat l de al glive us ab-
VM ka. tl ad i .ea- w very adesith e see-
.htham ? i nae ed nt d eom, rlte leur

.ly the t Afs-t nvsmhent Comatenyer

'. c Ith ep odlvison of the alt sroad andws

_m-- a d io idds ag pre s feattat

..,- t o f s,.ouectd -wi a the Plant
Jftsm is -hboa -ft hwar regardso then

a iefry spa umWs at getteMn the
QhC pn lrVAsjtkr. Hme is one ao

at stand In the th-t rt m o

~- dC
..- s m a a ,n, ,M

t.l.aa e =snTele r s

.. ki -.kbfftb t :
Xt~l ed. by IM..S..
Mm..- .

'fttw* wbemfi


Creates Surpri.e at the State TlbIa Lit C(M 4i
Capital. Blid ftib EE '


A Vast Amunt of .i.utin Business Peant McKinley a
Traacted, Senaa orial Con- Acceplanei Ot the .-
test Will Be Lo g ad ed y Te
Heated. S.t*.

-TlaUhasaee, April 7.--peelal.-The .Washigton, April S.-sebL-See-
state seate met this morning for a retary r formaOly annolmeed to.; "&W
very brief session. It did not last over th namre it the f,1-s ese -te SW
a half hour.
Palme. of iltllsborough. Introduced by the Prestdet to rest th
a bll pprmltting counties to lasme td t&te5 at thIe coming Alsrmnaullg
bonds for the construction of road. -onference, to be held at aa.
The contest In regard to the coimmit-
tee celer striker contlnoes. Resolu-
tions wee Introducind Into both boows AMt W D. iWut%
reQUttri the comptroller to furnish Statesathbasatmr .
the pay rolls of al the committees. '14a"tW
Heny. ofa PoWk, lttroduced a bjl' 8ta SMSaer' to t.fl,?
in the house to protect the game birds ate .l ~ e ai~ it
Clark. of piral, bobbed up wth his Univewtity itw .M .-,.'-.
Zewad^', it asrloo, introduced am I mmii, IflAtOst W
.W It.ier.. C. C. Porteer his... . ,
hrrf -,omj nUths to about ,700 or e. T a -
onfT .at ofte deStluent 't a A. T. Mks ", 0. 'f-"

to-n wSza a-et.- w.sna, st;,
W ole a rse cc p. -t aso ft.ross l t'hi ," ;90f. _

the hoo4D a owo i -AM. .view Qm a tPA ..*c.
5so theb -iw-,,- a l otme- he .oMu.G.h
pMoer W epattherb to l b" emp t mL' ud814 "i I al.,4

Meist TIs eve ithe- t MI Wil be- 4 1i o w.-

the loM of m thst1e s "on h al tme a l

ter s or enstyr e p1 stare
ahrold ore reared aeti to arils e ti ta
bno tdatle Dr. tat, ite v .dt t. aaslJe .A t'. ea ,"

cm etg niwa la nao-oi-m hit-
t a otelbat d td lto tel is to .,
nbe ean tted ioeek atu e ore oad f .a ..r d b.i-n
tochoois*te ea ,ow ent of Pthaigve ass rteareO t tipl
of the hisb a ifP da ale; n ttei h n evt nitastit Se
Pamt trt Mswn Clar

Income Heesthee to the ,after a ong w ere- oI.f-
sad Wed date, Dr. FesA tothotM

^en----actour agreesss^ Ag

eame eent prVle but tewo' mml nontoeaM
bher aa is me herd te tarmament-on gtowUte

a the i Mgt cDntels of n 8the I n
loi legislature w it" It" s- m $" '
msB an ermis ,sto empl t f it of teee I..-,A
the close of tilesession m w llseet a t od so

oyed, and the usual Wale eon oth t ih
Treasury made. other erected
he weather hereset vie a tdhe atoch .a Tdaerti

tee Is worse. Twent r member are vr I eA
Mnder he weather at the St.a maemn wi wi.-.mll. .

serds e fmr afr omte nation th ared som isttseeA4W
th02e one bo, and t n otf~ lemud un.I

awaliteng te openlngit- the sesu rlb"s t

AnUe'A ;Ft -
coteem- ansdnd ly fancies It is to 5ae
he ended In a week. they'arersadly Wi w h

isese. te o the event- ofK adle II -k en .
widely favored, and T2opa' favorite .'
n may rest Cm.into th fpt. seatsaiseit._
dSTr"ntXiN O WHO DER AULD. i I the au.thorsti, f e,.
Jeclnori letropolis. t s

the hotel and retired to Chicago to a U--oS -
spend the summer. Brow has le
number of mourning creditors. one of

Tribuie man, sae that his failure A F5n at ROSI
in tii hotel was ceased by the gamth- CrY. tO 80 9Ee aglBtw4h

wywtis. tlifT wianled out at moca .-
tor ,by vlstt to .h the, -state ATJs W-
wel" man .w1h defraud the etrol o, A
sad o ers adthem so-hp -o.ut.
troueZhack, put tn laR or state = i -
cc, t" species swu ,hdn wr t 4 a

>Ten Bandits Aree .t-. Assist in PS e rote t y .
Capture a Ot .ers, .. At or

,. momrn ng .iw ea dit s.ew_ Tr. s t s

ThIrty-two hotwida e:not 'In the -

]TiT .". t..-.. A:ll"'
W. Sh- ittn. Ap ril8/ .t r ice. w-. p-O a
* aid at tte ,rg .daiertiment to-0 ha6 fl'yd p
ow n less 1 ,O r v -. t .e U t- ..",ltis Sh-..

d mm-at .i sem .a-nf Tto Raifl +

G Speed. exterior Cu e a .d ieed Even oae'a experlenen tIs -r
ei.emments AI 1tta with the te a .
a t tIF t to its. wt r cra. The best way to ,mke a aMan tr ed
Lt Aroif A rd ar-e af% deveommaen of reurt- One seMe finds the n oden s In
iM *W-and but itre stW exism ttoa- a pawn shop.
dtaplXfftCD o Do At aMa teral for the puruta tLat The yellow flag on an BEater bonnet
In f 04 Add S Qvive conLenioraneouAly with peaee I does not trighten a hero.
(-dkAly it a and sBtLie government. Give (Ceon a | The fool takes his pleasure in hevtr
S vWasi c r hance and she wnl startle the doses then goes to bed.
____ world by her sachievemenr 'i uis The moral level of a commirnitr c
:o pyh gr e'anI not prophecy, but assertion predtcked I be taken In the divorce r*ourt.
u" pUSn -_. I upon reat condiuons. wee opportiti- i One grain ot common sense weih
Sit ties for American capital. thrift, nd more than a pounM of nonnenee.
f ingenuity to Cuna are incalcui&ae. The farmer carries the apply men
e CK GOi~a. flonedicions for the mlanioment at thone. who claim that they are nrrvlaf him.

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n vWbe in op.

-a-*----OWas meaSy a O ,t e ecree of war oe
20 biny 0" 2$ Me Crtntoc.r Jut how our xvenm-
lto powG.re -IL t Is to dln-"M that fumton re-
c ripalA ma. lma to be etermined by the drift
Si2. t the a.- uWndeviloped eenats. But CoOas un-
;, a tlte dir mid, & e direction of Amerila" gov-
to c tedtat rule sad creatWisve Indmatry
S Oa a' the t -and will become a country afformu-
t'theyt niU happiness to its ttlsena and ros-
an of oth r perky to those w tolU for heant re-
0 cinu *the ward.
.i Iat s it has been predicted that L.00,000
*.a its citiseil.5 Ame"nams will be engagoe4 in pursuits
, who i, reellI CU within the next five Yars.
2 be 5hoW0that W1W Btk? The opportunities for in-
S : iurat o- dustrT are tweue and -t M respond gen-
* ,spestfd from esruty rand cmickly to earnest appul-
,e Nicarsagua C4a- Nton.

..W S. tome men go when duty callb-1-but
iMefed the l aPaya 1 the opposite dtrection.
xAaw s A manseeks his ideal; a woman seeks
lha postmaster Is the Ideal of another.
ethSereswas One wa" to get anything on tick Is to
atere w7M ptt your watetander F.
Ftve notices to Wat a lawyer doeW't think he
Metwant It any knows In't worth 71ing about.
iedWt was the Too many ouions at the bouton
hio the subcrip-, may account for room at the top.
la short 10. He The golden rmle is frequently used In
S A yet he stop- drawing a ne o conduct for others.
xter of eooeovvo;- Love s aIt -ht- as an illusion. but as
Snt it to lose AYa ft matrimpny iA the reas thing.
r daa wr Thes man who knows he is a hore and
isleh and hs me- acts a.cordln*ly can make himself
t clew -and loud eeable.
MIjesus Paid It en a woman can wash flannels so
e been m istaken they won't shrink she knoi enough to
Isnpramd w sei mrried.m '
hm a receipt In eone men spend Bhal their lme in
t.hm for not maklin promises and the other half
I sdse as all_ n- In ma ki excuses.
sto theLor.- d- The wise man who profits by is mis-
so th or- takes Invests his profits In soroe other
line of buasess. 1
ti-.. tate -The first time a man goes to a race
sA the ostiook track he imagines that he has disco v-
and new deveol- ered a pew way to Imake'money.
itTieM uaS- This world nmay b a fleeting show,
I* gt ios ums but it doesn't distract the small boy's
ta. M' ~the- stthaMden ion from circus posters.
k s sh cina- If yo expevti to occupy a fiat in an
aSl tment oo mae marry grlt with a
P toll" wnultea siw soft voice. Ybu may not see the
eot lner u point now, b t It wlt l cnme to you with
6 Amii tVnWrY ac you first quarrel.
Aft ,aifowhich A democratic. c-'witgn issue for
Li miiiXments IM Is now unfolding which has real
m wefas forme behind It. It s a -war on trusts.
nd pgea OordaC llhe *egistatures of sootbern states are
umeL. Tb at Gatenhh ithe spirit ofat fist assault on
-M in ftnu the v alesqw lwtlosnof tradeandmareseek-
* Is than hatte RU ts to attac* If this spreads
Sit sttad tridrw ime the aome offtree *il-
_ S ^ ver. a M4 dlo.,s a strog leader the
S; war of "Jsath to Tru-ta' win be
a ,formidable agaD fo "the repoh-

but fl VC t Uqa Tiat, so of the no-
^gj*r >.VeftagIs owti ^tofo1 airabglng for
k e sotal 1111191~' CCofh f athersnew

roIn meant to brng about better uma.

BELL-TO astarib. T asal
r. C. D. Townsend. hipping clerk
at dthe Tamap Steam Laundry, sut ad 5:
Mse Liaxie Bell. the highty MoomC- axcos
puslihed daughter of Mr. 8. L. Bell. VOther W ret te
were united In marriage at the hoe M *-- "
of the brides parents at g o'clock last b^ mmot^%"W
night. Rev. J. B. Ley performed the Due o'lssiate 's '
ceremony in the presence of a few to'- Olker .. ..
vited friends. Both the bride and EMr? EuOm appr s
groom are weH known la this city MV
and a larse drcircle admiring young ot a es arl W
friends will wish them joy as they en- b5aCtLWMa &J e' t
ter the state of mathimoni. olA!sad miadelmin .a.-
..., M .
The revival meetings of the Baptit
chbureh on iunday attratoed very large Treasurer?' r
crowds. Three services were held dur- cuiatlon).... .. ..
ing the day, the regular services at 11.
a. ,.. a meeting for men at 4 p. m., I UTI "
and the regular evening service. The it t
sermons preached by Rev. Porter 8s0"ns a
were among the most powerful and Undiviledproflit% :E-
convincing ever listened to n this city.. e id taxes PaI "-
The evening service waa attended iy Naional Bark nt, e5
the largest audience that ever assem- .
bled in th building. The baptism of to tOthr S
six candidates took place at the con- Due to State Banke a" es
ciusaon of. the services. The meellNo erg .. .."."...
wil be continued all this week. The umpel vud
night services wti be held as usual at IViidal deposits eb t
be held at S:s3 p. m., at the Tamnpa el nd ccatel s...." W
Ifgehhts chapel. Ceied ce.....
stats ccPt V1idK ,.. ,'.
A Pleasant Lemon Tonic. bOLrJ ,. C : ".--
-- named banl. do 'olaseWI S
Por biliouness, constipation and ap- Mthe ahove altet .aj
eendicite ofmy tinowet& %Us. 4eQ.
For Indigestion, sick and nervous 'B.
hemAdaeh BautcrMbed and wamr to l
Fa seeplessnes,' nervouisess and this 19th dagr of A-l.a-
,heart failure. ..
for fever. chills, debility and kid- Correct-Attest T
aey diseases, take Lemnos BIlar. .. a O.
Ladiesfor j, natural and tahorogh or- m w
eal creclatoln take Lno xir. ..-.-:
Dr. Mssey's Lemon Mxi la pre er-
ea fenm thefresh juse of temWat
eminned with other vegetable ivr .
tame. and willnot ftYOU In Dr.. BI a I
S the t ove hamed disease ifae a- nd a -. 3
OeD bottles at ami drmscsrtam I
Prepowed only by Dr. H. h6oe 0. _
*Adanta, Saa.

I m my aott u Smt ihtrye. S A '
for MY .Years "Wn a I a ar es p-2 -.-
Oaw ben the indivawst m- ltt,, -.
-d aormesan da etred ., I h eae rid a e l

n ifI -N .i llne. d .:-sty.
_y lfe. n o iaLBU. -. M tU -
e ye-- ieepr 0a* detase MMe .A+ '

vtw bfla McAdWle m and Wilder Entertals
tc ed. House With Nauber of Bills.


Sre. i Be-W olatiuou Intrkduoced By Mr. Mar-
esiottep In vTl rOviding Pir the ection
-a Lga- Of altd Statea senators
M-. By the People.

iLd. 4-& ail- 2jHsharee. April 1.-OpeLai-LTbe
e .ana .i stoawe met at 10 'cock this
an O meW. The senate after the pw -
AN. O a mnora otf ,niertknt resap.o-
inuspisydjourned for OW day.
S v,, he. bi~SST off thehon mmas 'of a
Am U1i. r wwgre Ovn ftOu wtng and they oc-
'-'010* S ted twh embwter Imt of themason.
.""o- tZ aft ra wlufor
pkl ,e' .-. W -sst^ tbt ie -
(pM;haT eSuTba ft. flB ressdenat itf


td acting

Henry Brash Nas The Swidler
Before Be (ets Away.


Buys Zteven Dollar Worth of L um-
ba rand Gres 88 Check. Is
Paid Dif rincela Oashby
4eYL-. & Jettotno

1A nua who gave his name as G. W
tan lw was mreted on Saturday
evening befesi ax and 5ewvm clock
thr Ctidhor Stelers on a change of (forg-
err. Amer elan caobhed in the sta&
Uton e for sevl b hourt he w"a
turned over to mbert spencer wo
took hUm to the aw t? Ja.
S sto w of hle emieata on aate-

Mi Setunrelft Mre Ear- -me te
osa.. intlolduced res- and with
t the lorwt'a t hre- h F. C .
r indLAue to have con- faranLs
a andadamint isthe cm bA
xyistlsaln to the Poo- When In
* the popuW larection ddO~ teeUq
5Senators. bed him%
solMtoM was Introdue- away. Ht
or a constitution hin but
lation to e nmber l oon wheBr
and made of electing ti=Wl 'A
Mratut judges are now BraWh h^s
* governor. ers k
n Tuesday will see the terwr'ds
menatorial contest. At It wasI
hinted day ea-h tw ldnas had
allot for United States Edefleid
the same hoar In eash Nato"rda
te two branches of tthhe s chcl
let in Joint aesem- to the am
itatve Halt, there to i iash.
te for th highest of- shown to
gift of C W state. The Pslhowst
Pressiye one, atd l it is lisat&
that may at any too-a sUe
n exnftisg one. I am a
ie who look for a dull 5f00an"n
.L. may be brief btt fanlnl "

the me
the am
hold a
n Jadka

^ wwmq

I, ...
< > ," .7
!' > '

venb he went
tof the noraida
SS: ? Gstreetstand
thesfar* aane. Grweat A
in atomuw 1s e .s
chek as the .W -AA
rau S hos am ipdet.4
In alms sa.eb

S it at Omes as ne

Ms waso n s antrh

b-Hop had -DAM..
I.eef.r.t. T.
nd tatd *nto s 8uch a Weo,...
utt In i y banl.M
their ednion thMt it Tpubbc know tw
hrak to the storA he. Our p ic. *
L the bad own extra redutio u
rfc in charge he tart- \
tor hs an. After :.
bl.o.k he found two ,

stret and eded to..
anklin street gain.r
d their man and nab-
e had time to 924 AL A&
one of the good with
ae two men to a en-
4 left them until train

change. He was at- 4.+**+4.+4*<4.***
over to the sheriff. +
yesterday that Haw- + -W
a similar check on + -p r
on in Tbor CMty on 4.+ WEW
on. ,Me amount o f 4 A UU+E3U^
M. He boagbt lumber + OJf U^EA5L3* -
'R and wae given $27 T.
aing the checks were
Filter. O the dm Of S
cousin. C.P Fuleir iti
owa not thoroughlyS

w hie it lasts. w trn. Mnon an rve-r
MO :"cln ply ftr- a'M Pliler. statng tbtt he
"t .to 'had no knowledge of endorsing any
-t.o es ikh .a checks and that b&r. Fortner had
terns. the i- o business transactions with the

t potic.. t e
the lt more osu -chee wii be discov-
ct that e- when searced
Fareak a m- a of tMa ic mad o money on
a as; Hea ox h w ftpernac.
be bhe opet o saa s
.the mpee o lHE FO E UY CASE

form and .n -md
foundis the -
I Tallaferco "H wkiiaw Connma..His Palin.th

will not be the atme u he -m u ,
w very, la a* sYt
IDA&preseat an

m. are a Bn- The arrest of the m an.t who ave h
olw frpO eansJ. M. sawt e rworgery, t
deaht, mfu laceont of which a ad eyew-
s they pe off," terda y Ita thbe. Ta d h.add in a%
im1eS. As s J aonfe ossl ta hegilt. me
iOs o o t little.B tei
tibimbetelhoe&fn monei mefore o
0 e as st tw erff he.t hS MUM n.*
snve. a e. askins. tt It. Jersoan Caaueite-

g (yes. J, egree tao getne pheap Thin Pt, of
ate d eter iemJ. -. was arraget. Agftr
'Wlth- thse su- Phwtoei and 94.lec: satt er whass.
In t oa a f 2 an wcir e Offre ed nhw-
GOmb *Nift Bs lunitaind .te1 fai te. Olt
a Few ever manmer n egis .' .
mesoue ner sgalnig the Irami :ew.

* ,

,1+ .
4" . "


-4 5t' - .. . .

;':::- .-^^
4. ^* <

We am daRil

mtt *9ogw
gOdS aMW


.mhoqRS~nds of i saU
n.-ao^ tory With An Eagtr Throng to Hear lbe Proceedings in the Suspension S
erg jus t he- itt J-ge Grahbam By the Mayor.
achesl. darttinrg pains. torture ,
, bead, limbs eand atl".omeni

IM S i AiI S iNG IN tf[[ IIDY Dl
I )rdlied

story WiThe n cipil Jdge Clalltd Thato Ai His Deeiseams It tlet ilm a si ~

of J e.n ece Jus.b lucil Capeaty HBe Bad S e to Keep I thin B s of tight a tMe.
S tou~r t re.poeai Ii
ad d ien h l tm.lu me that cm

a~ attention -e Delared That the Polioe and m try Department Had DBe Pad Up a
I.- taMches i. m- L il And the alarie of the r DoeprtsDomt Ware Allowed to StA d. 't
wi F wreikher Called Him D On Hi Snt 8 --t And Declared
6 f=res. Je Didn't KBw l ro W .Ttinw Asboat.
,red, rohem

reut ie d m a t
g ^ ,'SS I 1 '%

... t D.A L. oi ms mberti s paor d to the roll emtl: sceabs mrot for the marhtiae andhF ae
a_____t mi d tato ot o a lecout1 fai tWo ties and not to saiow coy an the poa Brn
ri ot Webb, reod i no to re-rest ad -
rio wn* sadr Ph ilto pnisth emad notsto e ow and of the p^ a j
arttD both l thgery l sat In the aorience room w foae to do ro. iWh arrant ano th -
Sd tB used with a ea er crowd wheM the af med court redene othee md relM
Iw-mata b lB the ea se u tin g to orer, t ko w hee o a ng t he woaObet ~
TShear rer oON avs nratiuiao.en of the order o ldrs d w e Sr
e Y ir f 0ti teha e a seeyr Bnawyer. i defJr- tthod thatheo hoIAet e I i y the f -rt1 %
Iom E I t hie Jo olnst himm atthete a me o ll on e dem of the court la t was sheef the li- &
Wok e% t o he! o wd weS ntts ,eeir so tarm -S the .sbs .H 0u the -p ad tii the ba
* t tteon doeeCt eo eue meortoha tda de oe fnoro t t a ieols
wa pwbeat the at ethtw ati utEy to CeE forest tHeS art i e aithe uC Cn hLMlA M dmi d'a
r eUeat.o atendtwhft as th tt e k eu o amm
rDi *eter pert em er aT J3Seht m retrhe Palhd or the Te ft 1 d es

laieltohAedfonm fo ur thr tn th y falomt t of s B- by vti e owh tere of the poliS e a indei- wte
% it i Re i cu.mght het.- na1 t. jm-ad61.sl. e rrow r mtl w-ame th e marshal d teine te d to if

ialtd fbhe mih a d6dr. of bJue Grahm int rfo eren oml or she att o are them erresed Ia
1t5h51ao, t the. chier's we'o Dwyw. r ed ue mtw e oed m o 1,the sa plice force. w
:'imp he hsw1 phoma the attelet as w o ider th a dirado t U e d ate r t.
intti "sedSy. 0 Mactarlite Iun i wia theptyow had mu- ey the maid ul toer stot 0th.e
ePma rt to eoSS tS^ ^*6 to pot poaemel5r 0n by rturtaue ofSemco 5o the thet c -x td .f A
Op. Set wii t e tyothtuder tha eaim by 9&HnH 41.p n m igatt eu e AI even D"ing0 1 n Ot0 wetenk -t ad An d n e Don e th aed oC the p. oe

1Q 5 odbtjieea web deided T m otionea U o fael l the to amen r to the ueccod ea pee- iwo
Sltha j, 5 o* Ca Dter thea re a bat -, te ered naAd a out t .a oh ill
ItCiyu n f uob theoera tni dtitu Gwre hinf puhd erUtm theamo t, tr U.
RlC -TMae o DSMemser trer bydef ae n oant .sco elt n 0s aort hesai d matie a durh theof ..ea W A
^ li~thtm n Pe 4othat roah t ime i.n.o le t court oi. efno tre n iex t of 'is t I At
,, tts, 3 he% '4OLa ri aresA W asbbf l ws:t e oeofs d -lathe pm.nt fearc.the m a tsid e .a s
r,'t te a u te -1Dr l&ah DI nt ies &atena t Joh &-HoenOt ort e oft e Am"-l

B xseo mer el .inthemun cle rt w t en- ame twa s. an d drt eir a e t oh e -f S U
ha'3 h ve e we o e-tr osaman otwaievt n the aoy of t saidcopurtieqL Joes eadlothema'ra t--.
.1tAt ot win* tight I0p nu tded b r iOthue ofledev- to cor. t oano the net day eo oo 't. At
..A... ildden.itoM uly -r maTsir f hed ortax to the itc ; T h ae. ot wrh e ourwt cn vend o rte fth raft
a Y a-& ythe maza yor of t ih ty i et e one der t- her o ereo- uta e fte std no OaNd AL

-- l, Ab -B t dO- wU ihics ar on'a t ftea fora nos o s.s to. wtsher a paes the judg i acd M',the %V
h e.0te b. t be ... e o e tui e t y tn d t themato eetl on ,S aToe b staetend that whe ey lte r-.t
m t i ftorame" ed k v The d suies u tpeed ulea hied to t V they had fullyMne nded o iV 60e

ow l oudt ka e at0M an nd hao t s thertcleaarf teo wher 1 the u ourt andd r setn a intte tea
.m d "rt il ere b aid a o yor, th e said Wo Gra ot tmet ciae r be te ew itoe of e .toh .
t thao!tthes" time CBoww ern- fiyt d Whereon thea dhdebadm
S. otr tiprd noon the dm thare of Was m d o-he r leut antdurl m nt h de

L ..'a -i n p"Aonr a the pok e forre, t wO-. / "a' 00A.r : da ,the athe re fteed to
en dthWJ agrepoee tmhc e actoingad byn the hr g ect mg Int o th pMerthee whom t9e

i to ham. peI ts oi e nte r t wihSte nd ae warth for thet r, A rt ssud y ton
ha v be : o the rftlehand eat coar s-nd o e t he clerk o sai court, oend thereon ut"
J74n. J! dtrt Ike meaytor o.f thertetthnread end"M O t WO they were hact- te
-m~an~ d eapGW-....e8 .. stree ts the li e d of o r int th e. m order of the mayoran.d i

.... ma.._- .. said arrestu ts, Imad"" = 17r leutenants Of Volloe and o~ne oe tbe. at- a
eap over In oshing said arrestS, 'made es-IS .at S fleers Who had mnade the arrest to the
'to AW to Oe to MPs-r< Tests without any warant as theI rst plVAe of the mad parties bareda
ewill he nmse asd to do where e ot-, with keeping houses ofl-Ui-fame. heu- AW-
e, s wB-at a un oe'l t n t nci prese ngcde bela rys remed to obey thei' A
Ma- Ma ert ld oftei after makigsd order of the court mad" on the pee- we
|5s W1se2 0 the arrnfmu whisk were legelMesilfy ande th
e-ug the withoutaherity of law released mldMb1Ms, andhaving slated In opn the
h etc -i.te ouP elrims t gront temd sUpond their om sPeUt th e rea d toobeyaodd orta- -A
ai by t a e bod d and rse-a retsad parteersfo the As
each o them lee their appearance althe reaso that the My of utheckty ofroe
eopri .to mtMd ed ton tthemsceede day; hmadd -deiroeted not 0to
-i~jmm, lt|| ~ *i-mSOL- tbhlt on maeld0mod deay Imaw n mai od the saad -& Is.eraham Do
t "'Yen J-*4!said Jdhnsor Cury at com- am
ed~~~e a~enmt- wa5m oewlasethe 'u casestitJda t 01 mr,,~ the med. ipl~.ad-'
ldectkASd AM d weB hena.they d ler dar ; gy a ma-o .
Of O, MAtb W l e-icri ent t the ema
failed to msw tot-irmt name Is 1tht mk fined the said I
d 9ahea~tp isn, iffeeopo thE"midW. a bbIL__ oobunaSMS for ceatesajt of court.
010he0ee1aprt.dielieddhaInsans*er in the third charge =fh
a blde- had a the arrests to r- a a, itaiscin d acoor'oman
ar4 wrtres he ad ,u the leal right to .A-a. u a ooored ri,
do. 111g behg stll to the catody o ut 4 yem of a, S n"d Aznnie e tne
- r^ ^- 1thlaw. and to brtPi them ln4o Tour and Atte two little ored __
S t4 n Lthe next day ot mad cowt, -r t-re grin abot i ys -rea ofe wefr
aInr of them L sfficent bondt to se befr a ha e
-,.ewe theiraperac. ; Ham b einw t ~t.u
On-t. court being convened of the with heer oi tU and the
Si .d ay of' reh, the partlesbeing moth Asae r S A S.eU & e-.
1e'_ thse "iBed 4d not answer. and th o055,+ t inmates: and Onm-aid'ert .
gw .-wihad been directed to re-arres haing DlM of ^.e.=t_
.M- t eB faied to appear at court, shere- a&dWhithen h
pon the judge of the sId cour- sh inhiJudal i
VRMthe city marshal of the city to ex under t theeiop prtsy
Py -, lASB why said parses mere not press were not Itty, ddid d., chrge "
.t apd why the ofeers were not their, them. the tbstlmy 'o-winK cocV& an
hrL' t n mafhal stated that he did not ively to theoot taS~hi old n
wiW t. oseveweye torthe ~e m tat\tamam '-1 t
-- w whythMe officer'uenotthemman was aitpy a nook a d did dw hp
but that be presumed the pm5ren had C fur some person h kept 0 s
the OUmits of the cl" of Tama houm m of IH fae&.but that there wat at
;Z, imm lto the city o tFort Brooks- f-.&testh .y to $how that the "was -
'dsidemU.M b, etboume or that the hospe do 'Vtthe uk.
'to i-srreW st e maid s adsesad Met tewoir-Vw
-Bc 0j toting inith court e $'etf as4 boone 01111 fame, t I
-oeep dna, the 24th dayt, Is unewer to the othcaehe-

a NCleril Work


Senatorial Cssdl4ate Has
p7 of buttcnkcers Worl -
Say li-ke Trmkrja. Tabl
ferro Draw h'riel lood

ate t l orida le-
eml arltr o In
pii attism gite Inooo
Aim~s h the read-

By the Eloquemt Words of Rev
Porter at the Baptist Cburcb.


He SoI i.s R irthwright Too Cheap.
A Man Who Sells His Soul
Ought to Get Something
For It.

The meetIng at the First Bapttt
chunb is day inremsig in interest.
Th preacher Is growinG In power and
man hbearts are being moved. Bin-
ses are seekhl God's favor and some
are belng o vwrted. The conrega-
tioms are large and markm. The fol-
lowing is a& oAalSne. at it evenmog
Text. (Hule 1U:6: *%m sold his
kartrlt tgor one morsel mat."
The victore of lmu iso oe of the
most pathetic a& all te BIle gtalleW
as 0W. He was a n ta& felow, elm
3me0t asd was -mme-ed ot ammay emble
.natLcts. There was iuthimn "UtWe-
or mGn sKhout him. "ats gr "t ms-

Uqited States Will Make No fov. IS
S Demaaud For Inldesamnity. | cudtes aBrasc


Coomimion Will Be Appotinted toe As Anthonmrmismhem '
sams Upon the Question of lying S -hwi" ; g 9 .., ;..
Future Ownership. England a4nda me n .4
and Germany Will Join. Ek 4-e To- '

Wahington. April ..-Opecial..-It Tabahaeeme. Plan, A. Ar
developed to-day that the United GoV 0lo a's rn- .. -ME .N1 E&
Stttea had expremed to Germany Its lslatore. e-day, 1u' aide relieW 4
reg et that such a condition of affairs the atal, .. .
habuld have arisen in Samoa In oose- 'iFlerida. fnanctal co.in W
Quence of the action of the German says. "Is- umpamek1.y t at oM'g.
consul as tat which necemttated the sU laa the w1c -Os 1hwfio m w
hiki sof the Matet-fam hbr the dfebt: fefw ew 9mi.-.^i

and a druak"ta heB.
r for a few hours' o huat,
s trthrlght and tforver
mg.. There were pasates
in the ballroom that
be extincutehed in heU.
was the cardinal cre
rttrlghtt was gone there
ble chance to recover It.
forever. The amber,
runkard all had their
crucified them. It is pit-
ie trying to recall a rutn-
pent Mfe. The mill never
the- water that ts past.
could not recall a ioni
Napoleon, Parnell and
were given opportunities
d them, and had to pay
penalty. The memory of
artunities would intensify
4 the damned. The wound
bells nd t si ei

in is ever
ait to Its
er could
pem head
re as an
U"a. The
and tel
I f uofr-
id of sin,
D may re-
We can
more in
dng ad


NoDirett Evidence Aga1inst Him is ed p
the Vera.ct of the coroner's ers.

S1 tres
The jury selected to hold the inquet recon
over the death of Frits Gruber was tUuns
held at the once of Juage' ." v.i wo&t
+iLater yesterday ionrnIng. Attor-. M
nesv t*karris a aa ioiOIC er. tC- w co-
ent to eleod Mcr. Aaion, Mr. Peeples 'o I2
being detained by siecness. the a
Ai"as Josephine hlcKlnney was the Its r
adr9 witness sumomned. She stated and
that Gruoer ana Aaron had a qu ncrt It v
on 'Moiday morning of last week. but last
ahe did not see them strike each other, camp
bro0tber had a quarrel In the barber omnc
so and w blow paes between hasa
thei: That OGuber went to TYbor health
C on Saturday tgWht and when be ty as
returned be told her that he baa moB- and
talked a bad fat. 01
i4r. W. 5. Bird, who made the ap- Alt
top.y on Grbe's body testified that he a

- f- -C- Aarnum t en came out and ordered the
he MoritgY old man P= p suta=. G-rabw ctibeda
the proms the stairs with great dlfficaitA holdtng
3c the two dis- on o the banisters. -
5ped3ed by a "an LaasIter was catted and ques-
Iunpa4 ttsens tIoned n regard to (rubers fal on-the
S the tsans. otD-clment on Thursday nghft. -H t tea-.
Pd the hay and. c tfe that he say the u &a d wag Barei
*,far as rald- thal Grullue's rectur ditmdd no t tobo tM
Te inctidts oc- p vement_ when he fell. TbMet he k
that served to c6ly w th hl h anda and knees. Grub-
d a ult U s eor ccold him that he was. not hurt In
ry member of the ese least.e stated that.after Gr
tWTrned-in tUe er was taeu to the ,hospital Aaro
Or to' take the. nre to him and t:.ld bimn about ruo;
Blt. Augustne er iong and getting bu* ad was
a few days. tIier to die frm his i lurtes. He
- testifed that Grubers stomach did'not
jeocft the step or pavemetit whOen hee
I -felle I. . .
eadthly genil--, Te ether witness es examined eor-'
.a been spend- rotated the. above statements .wth(
a baiangtif o- the ewxeiton of Aaron, brother oW,-
aatee O the- the prisoner, who te tlfled that no tg lgt :
berae about the trramw tin hiM shop oa t.e Mond
-is wze sad mornIng referred to. .
at -three yea= IM oae lBg ase1d itS M ic ,,
ta *got e'oW*in the Sttenna-Tlp_-j=Tryster
Wth typhoid i pe out a o, mm t rWm. w I '
dl $hat- hianman i .-inleitht ".orqmBishe him ^Wth..
poenday.TheM at -4 hands of rM- OW
WIth the bodyU.I....wn j to .-
edhemuDRete. -
left--on the It: 0 fVrKtAL ON "SaE H1

IWB. -Thbaat tbao ^ < 3te ^;|ht

wIll strice Is

* r-japt=,3 AGt
*, &ctrbd.

Seifhborhood Goatp teartairnl gly Kath Plie's Bo4y Punctured With Chml 1 Bitastmeoat i' y0
pa, to pre@urne hbs dehe emod
Bb ]z 1 IMmiB1 D Ju China Id b Paragraph, d For Busy Tribune 140 Bird Shot. The Result of slte the s a Pomt fm
Ng Readers. a Neighborhood Brawl. CAW of avin
.- Section 1. TbaU the mayor of '.-
Plant City, Fla., April 11 -Special.- A shooting affray occurred on .Mon- o Ta1mpa. wtSt I
SCannot be Washed Out in Soa8 The family of M. J. W. ,Drewery left day in the vicinity of temper in the City oC TampM. b and with 0 9
Ssuds or Faded by Sunlight Plant City on Thursday last for New northern part of the city that resulted oof the Ciyo q sha pellsn tol be sor
Decatur. Ala. On their way Mrs.n landing one man In the Emergency known athe Chlf of snttat o t ke
t the Fy re The same dye wil never make a Drewer wil spend several days at hospital. His name ts Math Plier and City of Tama, who tl hold o
.... 4M the east olsome o n ysh wool and cotton. r ak a lAuburndale. with her brother, Mr. W. his body from head to foot Is h;lued dU n so the t onef r rteMeye app t-
,ag le 5ing a Of hence Diamond DIoes have a special dmonson and family and other rela- itb small shot. One hundred and aims; r move sor
"M ga A*dleS- of line of color for cotton. ties. forty holes were counted whore the The Chief of Sanitatioh shall Per
Their st cotton dyes a r uaWa.n- [r. and 'Mrs. P C IDrew. of Dade shot had entered his body, and tLhere form, uh dtl.es a S"H e pSw ib-
'4dq Zlft ps teed to give perfect satisf ion, ando oPlnaethe arodbthe ordlemanOth9 Of it y Of
,nake colors mthtcot be washed out City. are spending the week in Plant are others yt to hear from e he ordianebos d ofh e C S
in .' rong eoeV and that will not City. Mr. Drew, as usual. is not idle. The shooting was the resUlt of a the Cty of T ta Ihe un a
t hIsl ndM(talneset was in the fade when exposed to the anlight. but is bustly engaged in the interest quarrel between Pller and a man for the talthftl performance of hia d-
nIf yo wish to dye cotton i oods. use of a life insurance company, named John FreylUng, that occurred tW So and l receive the saIar of ca
only the ftat Diamond Dyes for cot- .1B6.0"per month.
c- orston, and you wilave suk (m Capt. J. B. Webbs about a year Plier stated that n. It ethe dUt ot the
i purchased home property is progress- he and Fleyl" had long ago settled Chief of S& sr-#Bm Of the City atTM- inAM
stMhaff trin e city yeeter- C. A. toot. of St. Petersburg trav Ig finely, their difficulty in a friendly way and pa to give Ias *pe penrsoal time Ad 5
!1. eling salesman for the Warnetl Lum- Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Strickland spent he had thought no more about the attentis, lto Car6f rsCe&srP l o raf
. ~g, who has obase of the berCo tn, of Plant City, was n a few days last week very pleasantly matter until Monday when he says ta he l and comiIeta s ntiB isb to
A er gWorasmet week. was in T* yesterday. In hunting and fishing on Blackwater. he was passing through his neighbor's thereof to the City Coones at 1est
eDr. L. R. McMAten, of Clearwater, The heLvy rain of Saturday Inter- gate. Freylng seeing him. ordered four tim a4 y4 ear, bhe oh he 2&
S. 3 i, .d'. O -.- -" in the city yest d tr-nsating ~fered a good deal with the straberry him n to go and picking up a shot uall anorrectJ1a hi?"M ?MOt
A. iA'.m a d fe ody with a ne aOd rising palms nwith bs Ppicdkia and ltppng,. gun fired at him with the above re- hk o thell nt Of e moth nk m
As t uth Ansersa trends. pring vegetables are beginning to sutt. P erwas brought at once' to a fau and detailed retpo t a
I a n ih ectyr. come in quite liberally such as beans the hospital where he is under the pWt= 4 In hi srtn"tto'
eorge Wilder, son at of Hon. C. L. Irigh potatoes and some cabbage. care of Dr. Jones. WhUe his comdi- Oh1u. o M city Of na "wit.
leadit divine. returned yesterday from Tal- The strawberry yteld is about itstion not dangerous It will be some He sha.l t Uass puiDslhr .ma k
Is ahassee, were he went with his fath- best and prices are keeping up con- time before his many wounds are each mofth make a ame to house 1_-
er to attend tSe openta days of the parativ&-y well. healed. 2ate e etir C UT dall"
r he l ee at leltature. The cold mornings of Sunday, Mon"- yretiag has not been arrested Yet, sanitarl prea1ss teovegm Wta Mbs ,.
idr te 9Mit two weeyt, i Ma and Mteda y anOseat a genu ini fact no warrant has yet been wworn dutang smid l to; lt Nl0a 10ti-.
toelBath. feo to nar T Ba chd Or- halU throWgh the spring prospect 1n oot for his arwet. When he is brought batone oenNIr
.... c te e the -this action. !,ltht-h very Iht into court the oLer side of the case 1iar;S IX 0e .
e w~Mw s~ Taid r, ftt frost is reported, noting is known to will be heard. a he p i a good
ilttM & f- $W 0fabr eraa hurt. na evenmlon vines of any dtlUon he ha i -t.eI PM
,i u b W. 'Mwllt..Wng over bound for New eo,.. kindw.ch are looking "I.. and If RorMAcrA RtE. otohbesl a
-. y Mr. Lous 0. Cone has returned nothing hapens may bring the own- Michael Oartn, talnfeld, l., sooSn to the oionl the City
H B. Waler., a from Ken staky whtre he has been er a full reward for their cost and makes the statement that she caught of tn
lrB en s fformseverallweeks bryiBnasd personale- ca. cold, which settled on her tungs: she oa'a 3 Ther se-of b S 5u e ltwo
I gem i inthe Ty eating a arge a ber o fine Florida In the face of Its many maY w astreated for a month by her fo illy hisO0eemet MkhenSlSoweoraI
,_ i nS th horses especially for tbhis market. oncertalntles Is the only Florida stUl, phiylcan bu ew worse. He told msd si in theS t S aof gg A
fa te eahedr as t we more plainly see this season than her s- was a hopeless victim of s fe l we i am f t. S
amwpoooa tbe and with don consideeStM
Sci salean t-for -aul. Dr. med W. Inmann of W InI- usual when other slttee are ill sution and that no medicine could aoes itaendio.l ua
Sa er, ye di ater- ter ae rrwho ha been vis wrapktd in snow and Ice. We have ns her. Her drgist sun eted Dr. Tce nisne ofs itlto S all e
for c nas n and d Manatee iet l td has ten- our warm and beauciful sunshine. Our Ktngs New MKedical Disceoery- for that the ownr. sgent or oclupaat oat l
b ft ine e for the firm. He ed home to the re t of her many flne and luscious fruits and our sweet Consumptllon she bought a bottle and pretses Sall ke the s am leltan at
nes t made friends and adnureErsd. their own r expenseta uarbe ise.- do *
S t a t andtender vegetables for ourselves at to her delight found herelw benefitted yed meew or v Me or
- b l mir. Wa H. T1bbetts, ox the well home and our friends abroad. We from first doe. She iontl ed ts use Potatoes or other uheaith or ns i
returned from Portland, Me., where he Foridaeandbhersis tCatlf self sorkd and well; now does her own t'y of all pon. firm* or cc- U t
___? s ha. s been wdth his family for the past is as wet as she ever |ro Drations, owner or enest c,- oorbeehe
t moths a Oa can enjoy. was. Free trial bottles af this Great oupaying any premises In the City of t
Pe CO. i The new and immense storage build- Discoery at B. B. Leonardi & Co.-s Tma to keep the same clean at thelt od Vln
ir, teroiti t agent The many friends o Lawyer Pee- ing of the Warnell Mill Company. a Store. Only 50 cents and i, everybot- meats or fruits, ve etbles or potatoes T
MW. C. & P. Battro admand tH. D. pies will be lpaned to learn thai the e ahout ompeted and ready foer ue. t guaranteed. r other unhealthy or unsat- ott
r c'd tt tagge"wl l l eave this Tampa Heights diciple of Blacstioe If there is one time more than an- 4t Lary matter: and It shall be unlawful .d
la n the teamr Manatee for is ca ned to his virtuous couch with other when nature pus forth h- r best ; SHA.KE INTO YOUR SHOES. for any perso., firm or c spora'ion to r
aeda nand other pints o and lndisPOsLun that may cali the alt- efforts It is in the spring Utin-e. i ohrahw or deposit canya street, alley. ,to *0e
kwasten rh oth oe a solitsn tenton of the medicine e man f the extremes of th winterJu sed. Alleys FootEase, a powder for the rcad meats or ntsa g vegstables p- -s Of
S--- Treep bhrubs and ajl nature In Veg-?- fert. I cures painful, swollen, smart- tatoes or other unh healthy or usai-
S- Mr. T. C. TalUafero, of th- First station. seems more beautiful and pleas,- ng. nervous feet, and Instantly takes Lary matter.
tr. upon, -"- stem i remnI- National Bank, a brother of the Jack- ng than ever before. the sting out of corns and bunions. It's S the ton l.ee itary, Committhe chi nl
ai.sot srem It r o- tiloa ctak, ae srothprd tof the r O e J 1r sp of the oCity Councit by and with the r
JeuJ A iand the disease nme- sonvllle candidate for the United The Plant City Literary 6SocJei- has ibhe greatest comfort discovery of the consent of the City Council shall adopt n Of_
dmW 4ap wiar- *The frst ouse State senate, has gone to Tallahassee been lately reorganized with Mr. E. age. Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight buch further rules and regulations
b efi. f oeutL. hold 07 on business o a political nature. E. Rodenibaugh as president and i r. or new shoes feel easy. It's a certain gvering the anltary department of i
aclen*l Ja yc Jes. 0se E. Knight as secretary N cure for sweating callous, and hot tir- he City of Tmpa no t inconsistent
the T. fotterychasd S Section 6. Any person, firm or cor- Mu
ig the handsomet black steeds in tneTEXAS WONDER. by all druggsts and shoe stores. By Doration violating section four o. B Othis
nt on Mond ev- city ndwhllehe isno sport, and the mall for 26c. In stam. Trial package ordinanceshall be fined not more than Pr 4
atld ~tad the dtown officers aaiaud Is not a racer, yet be goes down HA.LL'B REAT DISCOVERY. FRHE AddreIs. Allen A. Ot eo S .00 or confined in the Cityail for
.' a lresil the road At a I rate. One small bottle of Hall's reat D I. Roy. N.Y. not more than thirty dws, or both d.n- h
.tBre. -he ye.pt yerasteo. ortOemlbetl fHall Vise Presirdent. tD18 ed and imrisoned at the discretion Of POA
Died; te an Tee r. Thos. M. I to Wr booming real on-ery cures sadKidney and Bladder the court. ts 1 .. e
ett e ndstw das veydatroubles, removes gravel, cures Dta- BIG V1IPETAIiI. XECROP. actionn 7. 7 t stall ordioanse sor b
A. 9. estatends deals every day. s s arts Of ordofdinanos in conslodt wlhett hi
He ss that the demand for cityad The freig and express buiness to ordinance beandMsthe samae anbu- AitgAUG
.p JSo-pry Gr Is t is tnDly 9,5er-mlI and Tacks. rheunatism and all irregulari- and from the anaatee country, has repealed ,
l "oteX ey-C and"T Blde i toe KdePassed bB the City Council tWhis i ,,
S 0 Sa o iemty m en and women. Regi-lates Bladder steamer M natee is tinadequate to 6 BRUlS'., ,RM. Sk"
a Wr~to it, where t0- troubles In children. If not sold by handie the trade. The steamer Terra Pridaent Of the C. Conci..:
s.er uM months on a Ce id-Id-te Inirested bei ng your druggist will be sent by mall n Ceia was brought into use yesterday. A Jtteted. nim
B I 3BMy. ( ntoer- mtftod In the special council meet- receipt of 81. One small bottle Is two Me leit th e PU & rher wharf in JOHM a( m[. 1
do l tL I= to te beid to-momow evening for months' treatment and will cure any the mor n with & fi cargo of Approved by me this 5th day o IS ib .
.te COnsidOatio of the Judge Grm- case above mentioned. E. W. HALL. crate material for vegetables for an Mwtch. A. D., 1I. aCI
16 Our eiaior& a I Xa "ba aupeno matter. A number of Sole Manufacturer. INCnse vegeUaie busies in tha P. C. b0eJv,,mt, Sayor. gnu,
S i the c Sol by S. 6B. Leonardl & Cc.,Tap is the arest Ob a fe m yea, theL .

ia 4hIfgl kg L B. Leomal me many ltrl~ds of J. Mack Tow-ne B"eD -, quality very fine and the demand at Whether on pleasure bent or bonIhus, an.

^Ri^ U"'.^1^-.^ tm S st w. btder ta le, b hade teeen verr-teIhebeenvery Are grand. tat Skin rupto rob aas"Itea tod-p.
giMamiMM Or- het i C .t tted by the use o one lIfe of Joy. Bu --ene. Arnlca Ses.e e oent botep by allm ,.. leai 4 -
,? "S1T Fo r a quc remedy and one that 1o bottle at Dr. Hll's (Grst Discovery. cores them. also Old, Rutnnng sod Pe- 5Irln. Ma--,,r oad he te Cal"er"- t
4 ;irils whu-f a d One M Coh Cnre It is t Wrts. Outsti, sa. Bu.-t, Scalds, ----nd
he vhs eg esnu tr cre. hosrasa, tckling A P0-5W FIRM. Chapped Hands. Chilblains. Best Net In (Rtail Coesh H Lba o.rm
.S111 M b-d.ay for B B. Lenardi & Co. and Central Pnar- --- n-so eoth. ih >rives out Plains and t-Iy- <.lxbJadiei t *mt
,E ~ b Ire S t Hto a- in the rofUxat and condh For Bale by 1'ked W. Jaomeproprietr of Ah -Ies. 0Ih ety. .box. Cure -ar- b ]a. B I B B

H-'.- -, f Of o a snydlcate composed of J. G. Gra- juion directed ain t h ofsed- w pJ

dl They. n wil en wMl bold a few wees subscriptions man has been owner of the South "Mysrsc Cure" for Rheumalism acv Clerk Of said Coert uP e 'smtit Sled (tee
n ti M term to enable some of the pupIs to Florida news stand, in the room ad- ,c-.--;' o r-od'-:.- -r- Is to 3 dav wth the biN Of cjn in sad o s
.. _~- . . .,.. ,.~ -.. .... .. that the said deenatIs a non-4reel.-

.WMi If dht of inmrest OU1 .ete te-,r grades e who were not i"" .. .. ,MO P t-too w
sgE w hey reide able to pass the regular exanminations. places will be consolidated. The bar- As the season of the year when pneu- dent Of thoe State Olsordf..an !d
and*- near 4 bter shop will be enlarged, bath rooms -nonla- la grtppe, sore throat, cougnb over the age of twenty-one years 'halfit 4
1l.ooe- J. Sheer. Sedalia, Mo.. o conductor on will be added and the place put In ". catarrh, bronchiis and lur- v It is therefr ordered t
le s eon e electric street car ie... wrle. that bl first clas intrim. It. i o the best 'rouh.es a .rt c. b g guarded %ganl n'd41 rd S. _S. taa do a rtoO nthe
Littler. Utie daughter was very low with croup locations in the city and the new firm nth:i is a fine substitute." the 1s t d bll of co y A.t on or9, se Pord
-2he gag expert, and her l lfe saved after all physician will. no doubt- meet with success in 'answer tb- purposer,- or Is 'just a a decree pro confeaso will be entered amenm
IWa f- l eis- vi* tetrday had failed, only by using One Mlinut- th-ir newi enierprls-. s the on- in-allible remedy for al) against you, n
Shs ges. Cough Cure. For Sale by S. .. Leon-1 . -- ood a One Inure Cog h Cure. Ta It Is further ordered that copy o wis
Sfew d & Co. and Central Pharmacy o, O O A ung, lhroat Dr b trubl In Triboue once a week for for oosee- .,
Bi all i n the Tampa. Diamond Pharmcy of Ybor A vigoroiouly upon having it n ue weeks prior to Aed p.O'I
A ntef a in bc l t ever To be bound hand and foot o r foty something else" s o you. e of M
N.d:ineso "M iThe John Say steamer Mbstle- years by the chains of disease is the sale by S. B. Leonardl & Co.. andte (Seal- M
to. arrived yesterday afternoon f worst form of slave.' Georf D ra harmacy. of Tampa, an Di Clerk C t
"Moeotia-o aandottoe her pantsdown the Wiltlams, f Manchester. b. ells c nnn n P i.r-a of Thor C o y tity By D. G NIi
B aSis^ S m O- tha yi n oP r ir woargo owan ist who ane pehsw Tlsch a slae was made fdic. Hne For a clear comp anled Con, bright spark- Co linante s f

&7eggoo ut e o rea ive In eyesAa wagol av a e waeade sdreet Irun ley- oaf .imoa ad Diamond Phar- E. V. WITAKE. Ss
s.. a dd 4 oss of fish, a number of ss. "y wf hasb t t bote t putse be t so h n e to aesn bteCe K
5 S Mae. aes Of tables an severl pea- for fire years" Lhat she could not turt: ''ky A dCourthfor said.Countyhere bri-s-nwI..
at'' Uo er n in perfct rderSo ,dy cS B A e.r
over In bed alone. After using tw, h s thattheforeoin ,

to.C s sRo aforesaid canss&
ihediscoy of Oe inu bottles of electric Hitters, she' is u'on- i-,no. boat imc:i"tatea otrer5 pas hind m oa sa .
.~s-.ameh oCoure, ministers were greatly derfully inprove and able e to do he. If you have a cough., hroat Lerriatis o Witness tIte day Ma iS, BA.
.cBBS- S wvamwduOstnEhed b -y .9oug*ing congregations own i cork." Thn supreme remedy t o a longs, pain in tha e che t D A
If pie O htola eos iorit now For sale by S femar e diseases quicky cures nervtous- -reathing. croup or hoarseness. let u v SeaL)
LIZ--Aim ent bo w s o nArDi & Co. and Phrma c ness. sleepessness, melancholy bead- -iggert One i.tite Cough Cure. Al (l d--S AL
"aeess- ache, backah ntng and dizzy aras relishla and safe. For sale by
Be wa sspells. This miracle workIng medicine .enadl & Co., and Central Phal By D.IB ,
_. he ty a, good h eWty meal" wiltet suffer- down people. Bvery bottle guaranteed nacy of Thor City.
he o 'nia+--e eon &fttewsrdL If you cannot do It, O ly Go cents. Sold by S. B. Leonard. 9 o Is h Etet that the-
rob oya" o ,bO3OL SPoS Ya It & Co.. Druggsts. For frost bites burns, idolent sores, deretnel bas bees app oined
.. echared that _t -,' cures ad* a oema. skin dIOe and especially istratrix of the estate Of
55,. rob ets 1o tast IIdn EL Lo. BSMi.RCE'S L .ngnwltNRVE. elles. DeWitta Witch Hasel Gaksc Wells, dvoeaaed. AAl perSOnl
Ve ecud assoam '1 S. 55. Leenat Co.,and V-&-I -tathe unds first and best. Look for dis.- clims of any mnate aginat Sd

UP__ undtker. l ouWMand these qe a- seqle whottlirtesant. taosi S F l a bo try tS.B. Leon- to add rc -A-aingus
sTs lc us EtUn1fe .. .. - W Sa not fo% nd where Stodnach, -ounterfelt it. It their se dor "we n ltd he tim e provided b 1 lo or
sTheawtimMg -M off IN 0s13 DAY. Liver, Kidneys and vw are ot o. f a g worthless g are will be AS
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