Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: March 30, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00131
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Instructed to One Isolated Case of a Negro The Revival Services at the Army Under Aguinaldo WiUl be Sitlr Palaw
an Property. Taken to Pest House. Church Largely Attended. Attacked Today.


Other Powe to He Thought the Smallpox Guard Was e Diacoursedon Prayer and is Lis. A Popular American Army Oficer Unanimouas a
r Manner to Trying to Beat Him Out of tenedto With Close Attention. Wedded to a atensm Bea4uty erTer--40
Pomseseions His Bent When He Wa meetings Will be Contin- Two Offaers Witieal the donad fl
ihina. Shown the Red ag. ued Tonight. Ceremony. r

a. NotwthstandinC the wild rumors Rev. John Porter arrived last even- Opecial to The Tribune. A tew minm
sl.-InstructilM that hve been lying over the city in ing at o'clook over the F. C. & P. Manila. sMarch .-General McAr- Demomto
by Secretary !Ba record to erous cases t emallpo railroad from Kentucky, and though thur's division has pressed forward to (B11oroG o o
er, United states in the city, there is only one case with- Weaiied by his journey took charge within two miles of the lina t's for the purpoe
Sotin him to pr- In the entUre limits of the city and of the services at last night's meeting. breastwoci- at Mlooin. General out of tWn
CbMenta upon the that to the case of a negro woman that Rev. Porter Is a brother of B. H. For- Hale's brigade Is now wen up san lead"- tas s
at ONe 4** f and came here a few d ago from the jer. bookkeeper for S. J. Drawdy, and int the right lank. General Ot etera
United Stces the Petible Phosphatei inea in Polk ooun- a coUcN of Jamee H. Tharp, of the ade covers the left and General CaArima P.
advantages that ty. and it was proven thet she had it ampa Steam Laundry. He come Wheaton'a briade is closing in on t0e mnmedas to
opny other naton. before she left there. The place were f i f rectmended as an eloquent, center. The premeit adveam Is Wasp- ,
een able to ascer- she Is stoppigr located in the scrub and eirnedt evlngelist -HIl 'remarca tng everything before it L hoe Sower m l strl
thtion fears ay in the eateern a rt of the city and the lasA -latt- lIndicated an earnestness of Aguinaldo&s army Is behind the en- A.-S;. aare;
the Amertman set- house is being tfuictrly quarantined. tfat wosil rook no disappointment. trechnens and a decisive attUe will ft i%"
o0d that the sate tayor Bowyer and City Physlcian the services were prefaced, as will te take nlac Csoon after sunristae in the eshth B.
ted Inw, tt,, D.- Jackam asa taking severe meas- the cOatom by a thirty minutes pray- morning. Palmer- ninth
glish and German urea. in regard to the vaccination er and consecration service, after J'WO A CTA B. El twee .
taken measures am ong h colored population. The which the preaching began by Rev. Polard:- fe
sion of their 're- mar. Issued orders tat every col- Porter reading the ninth chapter of A New Yo Army Officer Weds a talor; "te0est
at Shanghai. and ored person in the city would have to' Acts. He stated that he wa& fglad to Birl teath B. Tf t
onceselo adjoins submit to vaccieation at once. Three have dome and be welcomed by so Beautiul Mantansas t. ir roxy; sve
ed to permit them Oored phybfticians, namely, Dre Culp, many fa that he had met when vis. teent WUle .
of any portion of Anderson and West were deputized to saddened by mtisafn the saintly face Lert to Th T n Ptnn ton; rotn
begin at once and make a house to Iting this tity about one year ago but e Yorlu k, o srch -teutelnt a 'n"-tn tPoa
community has house canvass. They are given strict and stately form of his dear uneAe, J. Clausen. Oftw peair F, Tewlh re- tw.. ir anan
the British and orders to report all those who refuse O. Th ar He took his text from Acts, meant. rNe or.k VolMunteera, who fore- tw D
Istretion believes vaccination, at once to the police offi- 9-11 and discussed the subject of turned yesterday from Mtak on A. f Ewe;D.
he United States era, who will cause their immediate prayer and its importance in the su- fthe transporthis ade, made the la Knighty twenty
n case of the ex- k arrest. They will either be sent to cess of a revival, ew daye of his experience n CSa twenty.iegth,
malos of these na- Jail or to a pest house, where they He stated a revival must be prayed memorable in his ife by the tw immediately
erican boundaries will be confined until all danger of the down Instead of worked up, and that termination of romance the r call
atere, will, sharP- disease has passed away. he was bringing no new gospel, but le malrired, a week s o, a g o. Can Palmer introdti
on and agreement It Is very necessary that tae city of- the old one of our fathers' which was belle, whose home is in ointhne AI for the elepi
e British and Ger- ficials and police ,.ie:s ev gi n all not broad, but narrow, as Christ pre- His bride acomaed resolution he i
)e foRowed by the the assistance .pos.oi'.e ty the citizens seribed, and straight. He remarked transport. She is a beautiful girl, with speech that c
e demand by the in their efforts to prevent any spread that some church members were spir- black hair and an olive cewplexion. than argumsent
tive. of the disease. itual agnostics on the subject of pray- Liratieutenantethodn met his bride o rim
that the United By the way the white people are tbe- er. and told of the master who said about a month ago. They were at- em when ever
eting jointly with sieging the office of Drs. Jackson and to the darky, "There is nothing in traced to each other at the estat .y aIows or om
an representative Weedon there will re no n,.cessity of prayer," and the darky said, "Master though the Lieutenant scarcely knew governor for t3
lon of the foreign enforcing the vaccination ordinance, don't say that, say nothing you knows a word of Spanish ad hl sweetheart declared o e
glhai, as reported Yesterday both physicians exhausted o." spoke little EBglish. tee in thne aele
Pekin. The Uni- their supply of virus and hundreds There is a difference in saying pray- When orders came for the regiment te e
will not act with called during the afternoon only to Tbe era and prayer, and that the Lord's to sal the liteant deded that he took thed floor
his question. The .informed that the would have to wait Prayer was the greatest martyr in could not leave hi posi be- tion toethe
ad that the French over antil to-dae when a big supply the world. God did not turn loose this hnd. so he proposed. Te n arksion sto t
awn the protest of new virus will arrtw. old world and say, "goodbye till we took place in the city with two officers I
consul at Oeaag- The work of the three physlcitas Ait acala." A ooed sister'a dadU4ti of the regiment aa witnesems ebe wwa
lih and: German among the colored people will be'done of vyer is "It' just being and The new of the .iaad lmW ft A vote was
taadint being that under the supecvision of Dr. Jackason thanking." 8pgVeon said it was ring- spread in the eeliment and cogra- ted t t dhe
y in the rear of The city pest house, which is located ina the bell rope of Heaven. Martin latioi were powered upon the lieu- of to L '
oas shall not be Gome distance up the river near the Luther said, "it was bombarding the tenant and his bride. T. lhe -5ets t hO trtli
old betl yard will be ready to-day aleas." He. aaid the most eloquent 15 the on eoer' of the rg t mwho th perimm
aondthesitck womanwill benmoved In-.pranyrhe ever beard -wus owhbe did took %unto teofa wife in Cub. 31f.S t .
- ^ .to it. The hoilse haa not been used 4 e not hlear as It was Ilk a deaf and diamb -o ---- war, i
SSb.TrtessU For. the city for asene time and it ha Tee t at L We should not, at the' i eet-en re PorT potl th
in Blue. e oe ted aby ,mn named n Pa to e:w ln, pray or the wrlad in sections and ee
- kept It from bete. destred W. *eoti, t .r 0 and oBetween Pert Ta nw la H iVA S a
ol.kd, c e e trned wt. HN e was given he UAWto. *wn 1o bo Ba i sta e u 6' a.icn d&d i- dwH ftI'o Be M oT ?

pthe BS 3h a A At *ol te ee t .. ,. yeair wesyi t oWei fromd 'ho ntrto o AttinO neet'wo

r X. .Un-" Mti re. H is, was I ma din hs-ses -tM. h and oro e tit o 'erth, the tharsem
in tan "'inftherreh Pre ov er sae t eIrt-p riastnIr~s t h e

i- tamked in uPat ~we e n ha tm oeae U is w t a "e hedhen bel a tS h eame t lt a. d thte lSm

-ra e eeat, d Wieeo 'at the midh efw vahce hMrsat Wciri eple nhow u o ed te T lA Y Ar OttiM. md e ti t temp

t i e i e d Ln mbe t ker afna f nd refts"A imstrea t-e ent Sheeas Inteaed uoftheir.ft I tnoc otn.the
W* te t .ent. e b s oon skidw h le t o s heay fl t aPdt was c rire Arils Ma nct 2th 189w r c i f

egm over on the he truth began t dawn ont Ke si n-t ba' o Judgse S ymonton tin Hyde He had sent a to make

rHIN t.Pete ger. Hm o face grew pale and his knees Park. to thei city. When near the a thorogrh InveBtrgatnon with the those present.
ere in attendance beanto thke wAd.that It hadmet Ba ist church on P eclant avenue her He stated further that to by neaye

ainW cigar maker, the officer to escort hem at onue to ette street the bugh overturned and d. argued icas

cturing a clear i oun l Qui ck d n tr a d trew m w od pn ement. She was rendered uneon- E the occa-on _i
e cents.o Try one blood was soon trickling a own his re left scious by e fall and was carired Arrivals, March th, 18e9. tle omec
arm. He began to breath easier and bace to Judge Simonton's residence, menmattee. i
sO peopleN. told his troubles tothe physician wbo where medical aid was soon in attend- urs. A. T. Barren Boston, M1:1 ; 1 tprin" c of t
and o His Party Blogyers offlletAis er an ew. mHnetoo ance- An examination showed that her e. R. ednshlp, Maoonr Gla; Dr. and grand occasion
closing To-ney. consultation between the doctor and 1 injuries were very slight, a severe Mrs .E. oWrners W aorcester, famls.; viter Thner
Bay lor- the mayor, Mr. u isnsinger was informed' brulie on the left arm, being the w nears te r N. B .Crosoby, E wast Gla smraury; ind kevinagii

ne. fortw or te wee untilantinhe Her escape from serious injury was Mrs. E. C. Robinson, and Miss Robin- to a visit thr
March 27.-Presi- operated. The rent collector objected almost a miracle. The frightened son. Ohnice; Miss Fitzgerald, Port treated the ca
his party left here -strongly to this and finally as a corn- horse continued his mad flight over the Tampa; H. Berlew and wife N. Y.; T. tendered a hem
ternoon for Wash- promise he was sallowed to visit rela- bridge, up Lafayette street and on up M. Heguenebourg and wife, Dunkerk, democrat and
Swa delihtfu ves a few miles out n tsafehe country Franklin for some distance. The bug- N. Y. ; L. K. Crump, Philadelphia; H- lie spirited me
regretted that he he wontt question the veracity of the gy was badly wrecked. G. McDonnell and wife, Lexington, parting with
onaer. They will next smallpox guard that he has oc- -- -- Ky.; Mrs. IL MoNeill. and Miss Ann one a handful
morrow morning. cadon to do blne with. An alarm of fire was sent in from MoNeill. and W, L. Powell, and Mrs. Dom
to rensin here,
rie Freadent H President H. B. Plant arrived at the box 21 about 7 o'clock last night. It Poweil. and Miss Young, Marlow. Ga.; crowd broke I
at the advice of Tampn aNy on the Olivette on Sun- proved to be a lamp explosion on Tam- J. 1H. Britton. Fredericksbr,. Va.; L. wan in waiti
Ie g longWrasLHe take fon F. PlanMt's w here t I been na Heights and the trouble was all D. Kiot. N. Y.; A. M-. Rhet. Chare- so w end
ell the lastthree ot two weeks go. He stood the over before the department got there ton. S. B. H. Haywa S. R Dr ett a
'rng Ue earlp"" t trip exceedingly well and feels much The damage was very slight G. Rhett, Charleston., C. Toledo, 0, an
taes a coolerand improved In health. He will remain at I day from Han
prove benef' the hotel until after the close of the Hon. Zlba King, of Arcadla, vice- rNORBA.E IN ToBACC DUT. the
twift'erasd vthe season. president of the Exchange National the sta me
lt to rid is y-. e. Geo. Wider, the suave and hand- bask. of this city, arrived in Tampa Believed to Be Bnlband's Plan f a prspetl
He tMht a trs some stenographer of Conoreasman S. yesterday and wil spend a few da~y Making Up Her Deficit. plaefe of t
9ht, nad this- with Sparking. n will take a& three days' with friends here. He Is being urged wiRleave B
b mde It 0e0s- vaction tht week, commenting this by his many friends of Degoto county S T
p gut'amdobserve moenn. He will visit his parental and elsewhere to become a candidate t- e tobaTr 'Rev. A
r^ e been roo and Join his father in an angling for United States senator. He would Londo. iMarch 3.-4Be tobacco Her, .
tin ltsv eweditionfor the ney tribe. make a noble representatlUve of South manunacturers at evidently s,s-d wre.
as e a slht Florida. that the chescellor of the aSheaer, the waat-m
J. B. PhlUllm, who has occupied the ai rMichael Hicks-seab. c iate ht A aleas oiac.
900liion city samea n for the frm C&pt John Teppyi o Cynthiaa, Ky., TAMA1^m.A-,A
a J to Hat- o phImIM& Poer, the wholesale and A. L MBorton, of Chattanooga, bteN y lemeasing th a O -.3
da Nheiie- rcatA has tendered hW ree' were passengers on the Olivette fren on tobacco. At Ltewrpook the eater
1 ad wfilV open Up a rookery toreCOnb where they spent seven week tie de int w M sWO .W S--,-
ei on his w 4wock on upper FranklinonO a prospectIng tour. They are top a actar tp rw Th"e.
IL tret T. x .Jakaoc. formerly of ph* at the Arno hotel and wilM enjoy 1Wn I t e a tPon
Bartow. ha been engaged to lMi the a few days In Tampa before starting. ttallediI P dt ',- --
show -.-i ---"t7 V: 4L p o" "i'
.0 -.' -

0. vwuitkr -1111.h
z ladgaei the

ft~ ct i ty UM

of otb neg
.4;Z W-mnlneaqu~

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, e I -4";!t


]PRIM+S ISNO -o-+o Uo-Hel
"I -e da-.he.., Just as the Tritmne predicted, the
.' -u imrn T Is often a armu.e '. I lv. 'Demorati e Coutmy Executive Coen *
| m v i % 1 1A c o i m ; I s" o"ped a u n n iuou ea
Storp.d o .r ;. S,.' rt,;.aus mitre yesterday- by a unanimous vote Jay 0s Sz o
.e th C Y., Icte mayr F ,n- 7- i rnommend ed the appointment of the T8
S:i iver troGbej, Lare ) present board of county commission- 90.00
oo 's PI s ers for re-appointment to Gov. Blox- BUGGIES
S. F. STOVALL. Editor and Manager. ham.
._____ le h/ .-. -be ,er. -eoe There was a personal fight made SURREYS
flli. regular a.a the t.: n a few members of the board and r
An army of sprinters Ibeseded Ini they da not 9171,; Ur L) !.k;;
al ee t the l Lur Col. Knight. chairman of the commit-
a a p ..jt la e a^ r"F \- ** -'- ;tee by the two evening papers and a D a ilrn It
1 C. .roper Food, rarely ever modi-
:uEaster ho.ets will be out soon. t al u b rua ,- caamity howlers and advocates of Babies and children need
They have reached the shop windows. C. I o& Lo., Iowell Masa the primary system, who were afraid proper food, rarely ever medi-
to trnt the sound judgment of the
.. e ftr-tMe o, to Ht n a cin.I If they do not thrive
ve to be very tow drawn out. executive committee in making the One.
endorsements. The proceedings of the their f something is
People should beome cqurd of the HOPE FOR ORANGE GROWERS. meeting as published elsewhere in the d a litte
g1olf fad before the tired feeling comes --how what wro. They need a little ...
j Tribune this morning shot wrong. cy C 5 .0i
Fro Savannah News. diorizer s i help et their diti
A couple of weeks ago we publish-, no hlip to g" e ther di sabis WEat
rTheate onoonee i soNe gw u h xnt these disorganizers sar I I- PR In ere a
centered for the time being upon th edan interesting article, based on in- rontmachiy wo i e property Te
SMSn khmmsl wTy. formation obtained from the agritctl- ant to incur thrgh these iof holdcissi
n ad -a a erinarieis0 a;nd o0 through te isiss at &t& .
givin n acthe et of "Ii
S Phlladelpfia hba an outtfit of water- tursa department, lvt an cont oif ides and turmoil at an election for W% 9aa I
-vorks that even a FhUptIno would not a new, hearrdy-n called the Jap- thes at turmoil ofhe aso elction- for S
want to capture. anese trlfollate. with which the de- h nt purpose. iteny andis of

lprin to banter hi Chim into taking dispatch from Neow Orleans eoatans t eeutatee committee and so dem
Suh to b anter his. eA taat pa t of en'aoita witaL oi iastrated their faith by instrluting the wR i
t orange in Tmouintd It in sid ithat ommltteemen from the various dis- COD UIVER OSIL El
-4 orange to T'alsl It nis sad tm co
S e e of the hippie the orsane s fully as fe as the best traos to act as their Judgment dicta- ip hirS
a eto to heive oeei a dek- Florida rangPe, and WqI stand very te o they could be unthamr ered i I .
miven andms to s eioo severe el. tO S he s eee last wtiatt Led bh leW
wett eso ^an z tne oa nge teS idi u: their obigations tothis
at*. f getan. re long, be Loudana were ktlte& that is the the people-. "n
called Sm.to hel sep the poltic l swet ors5en te, and, those known p.., oou'd of county commit. s- '
: bossw- u. t e .as the so-sweet orange tree The lioner in tr-t"y &a admirable one and f y wl* ;..on 0M. :
S bla Wtter are the on t of toftr h use bthe people of this county are to the

raw ben'S ea w taz beeen a tL 09 a oramwe. -hse W ore trse being congratuated upo n the fact thant thea f hti at
he S her?l CP. nnch hardier thbn the sweet orange. have -&ain '-en dhone to olrchatye i bays tf'M Ou four.
S A year or e ago qite a number of the duties of the most important Pto-
/ e. m I Joe te,,e b e nt. e dra awrt tre et out. a an e azi tei w Iti n tn gff t of the people. a O
s ,Ol ev en t tohe 1 wh t~r e at noon a e t.a gretsn of. thte amn tri rltotin- tad dCe l esw ed i y t il "-
o s eSS- It tb n foliate trees. Tihe old of lst whler The unanimous endorsement of -Mr. 4 a1W 4 w10P Froensor
ts ar .z n every^ althog tin he severest known In 'te olan- C. a. misttker for JuOg 1 ce 01Lr ( i er l impresn fIy nhef A S
Sna. dld not hart them in th leat ty criminal court of record is an hont- Ithr d1155W% ksw W to
bastoh toe, eat d Te TAnUou.t orwe ot'Si growth r nm or fittingly and deuervinotA bestowed a i es n acoi d te m
t__ _. a tree haa been found that wilt stand and the action of the committee in
A.- m-u bs.si denl pa..w any deere" of cold that Louisiana 1is ib respect has been favorably corn- diso in teir i
lAos A tke ur el. to, have. Would ot It bhe wrel mented upon and meets the universal if you so desire wt very
lost -if heneegiet M t toRfft ad fw tele oranae growers of Florida to1
tgive some- ittnlo to Sthkl new kind approbtion of all who are in the least its nui
."- I zt be ther a t an e an~f u ofr age? f f orlda Is to r in -.. interested in such matters&
orange growing elatet a hear,.' Re i ,...... u t.... -. K- ing power. If the mother's
0 rvtes n t n i~t. h od-- no. grow ther e milk does not noumrish the
We are not prepared to eat' In 'what Iu ci-3 117th.,euee P
rk epee this new ore-ore differs from in 11711. S o.LlfL.baby, she needs the mut ,
Sit b Jefferto wnSm't twins. Planted in this setion a number of sion. It will show an effect
e it le nIpns tth a thw New vears a go and we do not know that u t f.in '. ii l d when meenr
ItwM bae nip and tk at Moe Ne the new orange is a ood as tho or- .-. ...- .. -.-. at onCC both upon moter
S- Yor'k banueo between the Croter n": whirl a w in nor- w in .-. ru.. i ... e. . a-nd child.
rad Of Jefferonan =tn PiClty and da. Our only information about it t.s 0r* .. land" c. ld.
S t e' -Bry an brand contained in the article w e public Lied. .... .. .. . I .. d 11.e dmgIe
1 f and the New Orleans dispatch to which titl i to-r.it .lu. c SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, New York.
i TWbe some of the testimony before we now call attention. But it seems :.4.;.....i a ,..cCT&I. I ow. Cun.s Se Saefty!
a u tthe Court of Inqutry is neW, it can to us that there is enounh known c....- i .c tn r-
.berdpy be expected ttat the public about i t Jutify t he orange gTow- nt V,. % 1c1111 c .-'0t- Fine
Wi view it as fresb srs of Florida to make Inauiris about SlICKLY aRA.90N IN THE PHILIP-
it. if they have not already done oeo. -16 PuI .n L c n-. PS Comanch
ft- 'TH hotel Windsor seems to have -t eoot' he thak ootr of tho e are or- a coi...- ... .t ;t .. | ____
been aitentun covered with innsu'- e painted with it. It would not -be Ito.. ... .. i is to be hoped for the sake of oar
-sr ei.ven ft there wa a ack o fe thr oag e f were thof eaor- a The smooth and graccful way in soldiers in the Philippines. tnat ,Agul- From Jactnon
-,;s_" C a ar e. as a role wel at-ua-lnted with t .. .t.c -x i.I .,t p.-taO uc.' naldo and us loliowers will shortly rwomeCiarseo
4taip a s are teganized in everything connected with the orange t z:er 1 a.1 s.it.ttC( be sufflcdently impressed be the pcw-
u-N ewt j tr s e T-ft Flt B lea | i lat y. It ow ers whoae & rny O t1he i I carried e t- :y point, e.i..tEl er of the United States to Pither ac- ta mee
to .- w J0 oh S.1otto:" 1 with tht sowera w ho have ought i adriirauoa ul a--ti. tue in- cept our terms or retire out of tLe way FoorCharlatns
.s In -tr t to : ldi wth reuls orange they ought oo s a e. ii to the mountains. The s.cky season For Jacksonvi

.-e"n. n sil he abl ,e to spend other growers. AS a I.enocratic *>.nec n0,- i time comes our soldiers wifl have lVfy
h" S pJ.iod of omv sleence reading Governor Roosevelt could not have South, ,FiOrida he has no equal, and as without having to m ae o forced
A .x" hnclearjy rly or c y his reason an a"tute political leader, he is a hoa I-
aver V fora nonttihaceths og-dhmeltcn marches ea-inst Fillpinos u,.der a
"%,-alve tenwnTtten about m e for *r nl r to comPanmte the death ing ad phenomenal success. tropical sun and through malar'ai
Ope t"0 rs 15.LII her deetl- metenm C Slm Pja than he did In marshes. The rainy season begin in from FnaofL
salsd pfL. .and In sodilOn fora el one sestenme of his letter on the ub- RIECRUIT THE ARMT. April and b the midille of May the
ba g is a jecL After ret*itlM the fact of the -- in I in its zenith reanlIng near
g *ES-?%s- case and stateing that "this murder The mwar In Luzon must -be pnshed If this position till ftPtenuler. A 01a- 01
'u.... r wialone onf pectl-Mk eiatt nd the United SSt" aau tborities are to nlte tter,to the SL. LoaS Globe-Leo-
'-'+ n\-+ t2 hti ,! 10 T i_ a i~ l arc i- 'o-the!- s tw o aid: 'to in- tbAuntty aw raroft outhoittr Ie o t Votnta +out kat a. "larre terace jaaroe ii
c A. %** DO abnW=S rVAt teltegg with ha course of. the law in be iai.t& ia am% in (Wars 'Iiu ected and even Jackoo.vi]
S- e ro th-eba e justided onlyon l ;- s on ft a e abolera is to" be fared. The tatter
0M 1./were be rFound that newr Sesfte er, ses-as L ms ie 2 season tseasea se f-ear.te ravag as r the
SIret~aaa .e an clromstassee, should capital t leAmsSn 5tSoa-' Manih arnV at tbat season two years
It f y rmn ,.' *. ei t t 'poai 11bte v ictim wan her- WM . . have fge ot o i -ut-e we
g PaI pfac, nelf amw and evren though it g ll-tsW,? ^ * tat 855 law eat leM
s-7i hera 11s t e iwneiw foeod. reenain tnt of thte oun
COL. T 0017S6T wov oerthsnails a mooeMs t'rS as cow Oft% o ago Mb oea o*Ab, raftener *twL e re "
: w 3SS '0to -w tIe as-o 1n US' l o o t en e00ea tiveI S- amo AoKMn o a . g the men. P-T bo : *, .
if1' ~ T?6"76. 74"'.ve.M Won .'1i n ot .r rete div-e ,.,. ashie_ .a o
o .,. ,' t- "on One 92M e amnsa too Chmmh es

e ?he sot d ea be w-oel. en ly hou these r o rom oh l na me C.-o .... .
,- e = .J cmasnn toat .. .. . a ril d of th i b e tn o f a itti m mi he B L ea
3,o, e *r eery duc e lonpoed. Itnw t mewde ecu Stas I i- is onultr ..re.ldest. T re0 ins -- te so -e " 8:se4

o n sawI me woner n his heed would Suia crlt l gant tby congress anUd a s- a he dv d e hen t we founevero
u '. O as pgnla pion the rse nor who had the dilsre- the tull llmit, for the need of most are now. wtl

ie e are ai d of ti populace. as antluaed in sarny or tieir iaeas gtion ti our control in Luzon, will The above eusion from the Herald 4-
R ht, tbaer. the rwson, the police will and backward in following examples neet the approbation of the people.
B l, b, v ar ont -hat A oth ,eto .r They wa n out authority estab- that sheet on the meeting of the ex- -OUR hSi
n for keeping peace and order in that the Emperor of Korea. who hs lished firmly and at once. ecutive committee. Such rot is an in-
B the 1t7; iy not had half their aav.ntag"- has n. i.. ;
S4 only joined the procession teiA.l!. tby TYPHi-ID IN PHILADELPHIA, suit on not onl the chairman but ev-
Ja ador Choate has made a good this .aunr. but ln dtn hi- bt tc ery mcoccr ,i the -omunIe. I; in-
al In Londont and e pers t The eademic of tphoid fever now inuae t th coun xeuti
_41..-Lket"at he will do much to stern* kLh- p sop. Hli majetv t tu. ragirg in Philadelphia due to the il- ,t. :n- used the Tribune as a me- -
the rieny relations existing be- out in full and comp!-t .n,er.r. Turet drinking water furnished by the rouh which to efea pim
. ,we Great Biain anad the United untf-,rrn, which ha.- c urce ,u,,' it'. and after attention had been I nr"uLh e hicn.tecai prima
. ate No. Nw. uAmt h adoar Choate nation amon h ., stuJ cal t the condition of affairs, too, i insinuates that County Chair-
.--'eam esedilr over the dnita- roressve rur g mrka in tha it could occur in an Kniht used it to ratify his .i, -
.ove'r S2 eS g53? n British For- thls cr esesive ruler gee- u-d to a eiy" sc bnservave, so wealthy and ,,a : d i n the I cse-tion of at
O Mite that he raids made by Uwe the Ltrousers and frok .-t. nht- i-c a ld-- li Such a sentiment of obuoati-h T .
-'n&> CaOada mounted police along our ersaulettes and th e.ro :-k-- ha-. w, rnmay, n'-se inte9sity. 'When the financial coolmnitisoners. This
.Alas tim boundary must be stopped and e r ta h will present a : -re as issi p St'cPm the er~inlp some yeasthe Ier-
expect hat he will some a g as; nu intans the fishst tiane the Her-
'. at andoce, he wWi convince his p I p 'u a ago Phiiadelph a :elt it as little a ha mired the ood ork
f lo- widO itneus of the United States imposing as that of asy ,,tentae n at.i 1y. It has allays been regard- a are i-,,ion on thge moodcracc anald
t. .it he is in Egiand for something the business, not even exepting Em- as a sld town, and so it is, and
n'S re teea deaverig tfelicitous ad- pirow Witiam. with his upturned mus- e'aiisc to 0 re n ion solid an aed 0-^ ui se c-unty cth.irman. The A..,
Soag.the ot th therefore, that whare tie I on of county commissioners e-
.l advanced age of the Pope and Korea come out in this new toggerY.o, oudn--s r cot-.rnr !alho n 1r s oAnoi r o ato o. t lrida in kIi.n"a-vx
'^1 nsreil feeblenees naturally but he has also cut off the top-knot | hi an.Je comm-vtrial ret io sound i' CcTS
"-e4lst Vp0lt3iet as to his ouu.es.- which from time immemorial has that Is i'tics hsould bet so entirely v u-' c.- .ci, e declared r yoe3 fr"et
A~bQWio the recent stifi chre- head T an- corrupt. Prof .i....e said th t,.e cac.cuti.e COM i. ttee Shall
l l ent u aored his mperiat t i it as one of th- most corrupt e rcommrnd and such recommendations
a sngi views of his along now and take in all the new change for the b-tter sinoe his day.ill e cog-
it. O art rieni, It is Amea des, epeiaLly as he a It tak-s something likt :-i- eptiire i.zed by the governor. If the editor i ii
3-WEMformobft to Poe tbatm S o i-annot, I A n m s c iny as f he s typhoid, however, hrini'cng tcath of the Herald could be taught that
fa me Wt @1 oe sthte '1 i-nnOt ssued an edict commanding all his t.- t- hI o.l the rich as well to be a opal democrat Is to obey Sit
I & Theirei att sfyoTow eason adon h a heariech el to be a oyal democratt is to bey the
3 9War1 T m 18 an- attendants to follow the fashion adopt- the p0.-or io cr00- the people and
OW Vpt ofthe h prIelate ed tw himself nex"t efecttin they can probably be. will of the majority he would have lew tui y
ft to thle IeAti o the induced to come to the tolls .nd "turn to say about primaries. TOne faot is
bG &aMt Pope. and on the The people of this county do rot t raols out." he has never published a single tan-
SI e no t little want to the estra expoese t. The people of ty have ible argument in favor of holding pri-
T ss sa .- ..-. b ho rLui for thldieg.tos rs bounded faith In the Iotegrtiy ad ma-rien-
neE owe ih-be about scouts astonelsonars when tL Derr.- bau, ne sagacity and patriotism of
gta~ t .budit he is eraito Cbnt e Dzucoave Comr ttee, tle Democratic County Exe.utive Ben ,Moody said the primary scheme
NOW shr oinpoal 51 some ef the tmw .onor- committee and will trust to their judg- was nipped In the bad during the late
-- s1 meON* IInm t sheon can .ectm.-rd maenl the selecton of county corn- cold nap and It looks e Ben wVA
o ba'w ais M dc ibhoi bd fot the people of their v- miaslonerts. about right in his 1prnnosutcatlos.
fll a rM dstricts d bwa e the rwerno
heV apoat them. It iS te same old Tee are always a few kicker9a nit Th prknp biler did no cut
BSa b thait b tins the kidEin. They Prwlerm and to-day the minority ; who much-ice i~setes r.
S asag eble a ar Just growl- are howt for primaries for the e.ec- it wil be diS clt to couiae the
i. b. they r. am blt that way- tis of cmty commIssioners will be DeotpS that th 5 peopspet VqiWi t"b I
be* IL M snowed I lzt br uut In Wot a shell saAe.


;~..i, .iiia;ee- ) its1 ni. EE-, cb.


Comfort! Qit k ThifT! .
it Cuisine and Servioe. No transfer between JadeeostfUlea
The Fleet is composed of the following Hanndome NewSteel
e (new) Algonquin, Iroquois,' iCherok
Steamers are appointed to sai according tehet e.

l eFVla., (caingK at Charleston) ...... ...... d W.

(Con, calling at Char......le on ......... bo .)
S eteamyd ers Are" Sch edule, or Jae liwn.
n Jack onvulle.

yde's St. Jht&e.Rlv

ie apptn>ro i Tor oesImtesId 4it-
aity of.ma

aw Enger and nToket Offo.. 2 i -

NE YU W G P b ClD0 ea
smice tit rAn airS -Cban-. i.. -

Of :....... ... ...... AN rtow- M .,-,_

S A.m........... ......Bluea r ..... .,...-.

'awancor and.Tioket tfoe, 204 Vj .t B1y
.Bovitg G-=, New York. w i

Theo. G. er I M o i, y '-.
,.en, N. Y- Wm- P. CLf D9i 1:Oa c1s 1

-..A-',. U-H^* .Et:^w

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SJd ies Will The Cuba Army Will be Dis- A Large Number of Troops Were Hle Will Surely Attend the Big lsed the O Wrk In t hic an y Says Be V llllisriga I4[
atu ay 26. solved Saturday. Brought Over Yesterday. New York Dollar Dinner. ffWere wounded. date for PidfibL


ight For a Puse of They are Anxiously Awaiting Their They Were Very Indignant at Being Have Already Been Applied For By Regarding the Withdrawal of Troops V. J Bryan Accepted the I
T-'To"-= 4 DoMlars. Share of the Three Million Detained at Port Tampa Distimuished Democrats In Gomez's Body Guard Positive To Speak t athe Fasens 3 ii-
OofrUhioato Pro. Dollars That Wi'l Be Di- While Their Baggage Was All Parts of the Country. That No Cuban Officer Was aer-Johnb W lii -1
ot8i Bqeeted. vided-Trouble Feared. Being Fumigated. Great Political Event. Among Participants. Coming to Florid.

The Pihain. Bteqsa to The Tribune. The steamship Olivette arrived at Special to The Tribune. arch 22-Wbe the fght special to Tb
-The bi t Havana o4.-The Cuban as- Port Tampa from Havana at 2:30 New Tork. March .23-In response Havaeen negroe and the police wh eavannat GT Tre
daLTbigfitern ce aPo m a n, between negroes and the police arch
b-- s dJ ales bly 'lt p robshig pa a resolution o'clock yesterday afternoon, but it to a telegram from William J. Bryan believed at first to have eome politi- W. W. MaL a returned
So a& f this ea utUder'the Tor the disbanding of the armny and was nearly 5 o'clock before all the the date of the Dollar dinner by the cal icance anad it e thought terday from a trip to
Ihe Cns I slnd Atiietic by the same act disolve itself. This passengers were I handed. The delay democratic club, was postponed until that many of those engaged were lInton and New York. Ifr.
: this afetrnoos will be done wbthot reference to the was caused by the action of the p-oet April 19th.
Sn i 11an settle th e ,oa $3,0.,0 oranother' physician tnsis uuon e36m,.wrigr Over three thousand applications ememoe rseofh ewouddytae ,t aeeGe anai
I3n ne a e e eothe t. onedr tak en acmos ancer o th
P @y a.EhW wed the amount. I the health certlfioates of each soldier for tickets have already been made il thatlew. returned fromea trt to ^b^-s
sO Mn fo A motlon to W effect Was offered on board and as there was on, hund'ed and the indications are that the turn Pollce Captain EAtrampes, who made where he saw Presient Johen0
per ca nt. at the meetlln to-dy by Depty Ca- t hrty-five or more of Uncle SaIm's out will be tremendous. Bryan's ac- teraid, and was shot in the shoulder, Wams. r. Gbbett ad he W
I G. 15 Pao taht sonoan 0 themastteer 'ys in blue on 'board the work me- ceptance of the invitation to address sid this afternoon that he wa er- not at be to d e anth
;rfil 1 W- G. x ~WLit edor t A I oe~elaly took me Uime. the meeting has caused the greatest n that no oers were ee- may ve een od T-
Iil tof the mtori disclosed the fact The maJority t the returning sol- excitement and he will have an au- ent ed at the meeting o the
s two-th o~ of theuieswerein insisted of oce and elted diene that will do credit to the oc- LUeutent Mor ay however, that fers tof the roa
n P PjM th itmoi.eedite disbandment men of Second South Carnclon. he record one or tw but tf vtiew t st a t hte Ta gat l~-
ia o. t armt. ande the disolution of the volunteer Infantry. This regiment has ene Brewster, .ho is managing a l eSt Witnesses- an te1 esteahe 1dtetilcll ls
amaiuyt o hl- sM, t been ordered to Saannah to be mus- the Bryan dinner, said tonight: te ci Menocal coteldes. Thie Is, of the Georta and a e
a lenron"it Rafeel Portuondo president tered out ot service and Oompanies A 'Some confusion has arisen over that the prty In the house wa om- Florida. C r and s r
rein *Mt .R.* obS. desbr In ald in a teoeiw that and B were brou tlt to Port TnaMl the name of the dinner. It was decid- posed o t cilenA. road, andl S al
he had ttle ~ the oti u on the 0vee. Tet left on the ed at die not to call it a dinner o ehe f eling n the town Is ery a short. while before eoethig w Ib ,

theS adS e:S to t- h A -ert he at t t he as ected p System train last night for e Chicago pIatform deortsbeau s hi gh Is ha a eve tatse he. the knwsA abo twowlhea 9Taith 4 knw ab
,,*l.Ye m ate tt c., man o ant, he o le -ty. sad a id It v s aa hofa _o overnor Pl nreeand others, who criminal element Is proving too srg the onsolldsd sOEvicea, r i .

4S77i e tea bandeofQtheewrec- rsM dst e di tp ote LECTITOeS OF thBAaxeELOR p n s .e at r
$singii m a ffeatss mbthnc eFeece moBraen to-nfoutttn eneftsr-gi- av ar e sar ht est e re a lca s we la i e ed f tola, and the. ei t s atle aha suto tSe *
S s1r an aoft- c o Ot e t couleth d oarem. meat l be f l avaa yes terd s on b oard ema te, r n e of ottee o a l tl el- i ees to he i eowi ioS. oos 2 f of Amer n do
"1iim sni ut twem se en e e anm ode hst-opl a-sh.ed a ndt lea- toe ere an ent th Invation it re mode teaainlloe the rito toraith PoOFreE tuInest w es. nlst ta
V,,t a tMW ,retu b un hmade:to themayU General. e. at Po t. Tamp to-day whroe name o- f the Chicago platform people. or eortwo people wo st A Sa*- 03 Wist.

N &tIh M .sd it ore 4p-Le cou ldJudge,- 1t *e o ttiaen ambit a peot trasi in t e thant twe Mae leaancl dowole 'o te fro the ut ing Cr a cent Me. Whee a
shy-IMs. It Was a lpr a eo action oa n n e to Savannah.gibe baggage 'thet we will h e able to give a dont e trial wIthateo toraile Se '

p j pSa rt o y th e we*s se to t he n ua was candesaes a rt n ySa sserr was dinnth er such a s has ne ver b eeen heldbe wo af the ry berepsf h out mh d B in b e eir ko tt
M& 2&s to m a 8 .rcadhdMMe bu'Wees wou b ed cfs-e dhee a t eove r pwo hee tiube lande 'ate Port' before. w e ay t s ud ln oda hu s an a oWdral a

saws W cit o as onlmt boda y In touchoWeith re t UP -t r be fa tepo L t'hi o o I nI(Fl osrida. or a o n to bpnddand fre oo-thtedAvgyeweorekilled and it .Gbe anx Is td o

n Ith lasa e1. t, dat t1 tor td o ni neto -b lon e i on d the m tr& o It ian de tl ledhat th e s e i Bo N o e a tmeo icto is
rmbiltasis s n dmedsme teso &awew re-ol sy bs eci. to Is of snmll -.Bes, se of the t Tribune.g o Tiw*he mes to e grow. Tit nhe ac =. tgandA oA lb amal

bhe her e. In anylso e O erda Italiare tn g erm nt that Ch- a-theran lopped the tihours mo pa been a et03 P"tae
eteisi1 g the state leareof anx infec- fruSGav. Pingree, 3r Aloveid- acd s es wew fa to tt o rgan n betn of

Son dte SUet.t ChnoiJones that they would ding men and Attorney P. o. Knmeht durlw his na absolutely euse the demand of pole Is t
--- who o uo e aua to i ne state capitol this week Itly for a cesion at an D.un C Pay. Goe ys I0. wl se
m~ ~l~mmm-mAm m..eo'Weet not go ito RE--h ieaBeLn FEAthe ra).ay odegartmentioftronreOtloh e" t. t-ks the vices w WIl so MO e ne d o t er u

SI^-- S .- aad less brutal to k a I a bein senator by the incoming legislat hre, e. attasW Gray crossed bats ac n the Tarra dt wred.taorl a h i
v~a e than ormey cut no fi n Jus- To a Triunties are determined not to take Special to The Tribune, the extent ofrword being rent to the
e rManychances of endangering the health WRShingtt March 23.--Thidvt r e-3 c't unt the polleeweraeob h e
et sad the 0ev. Boise oa the statsew o every piece of bag- ceivedg Dem to-dy from Cuba stated n on Bhe Jose steet, which A COLFeRS

cienmti H de thage ftrm tehe military e am ps in oa that the Aea wil surely dissolve aycouots fo th a co
ul gwll be furIgted before being landed O n Satrda. he st disturbance Tj o o the pri soners Admit that ti
r ltt e^eS t' l top- t. Te fa. It tl o Deas w in Forda. ati ull co.y n stineue tas a menace to the Io- 5 e was& ods hac yto drive thed pl -ce t e t X
miglliWm* b tb e n l hnt, ) d tell n be:l Sy he : In b m opln ion tl o t o he cintroai of th areshea r be I l out of the e ncty r r a s lby a seree ef Cuban Ot
andinformatio r ceA Gomez It< it Iwhle t i on F d A r 7h feared that serious tron-Wadrz'o m s e outi I t .
W S S 3 Ol wilh tm ay lf o he e i r r ent I t ios t stwn l follow the dissolute o .on al of the a gs .a tWtna cing r t u r i

4 30> inSl< o on th- B tha'. t Ia ,t p Be .o(Oe
sem Bt n b t Eitbe- r F -.thae riune:-at ttiti o e dore stt. A U the l atayter no t s tn CotmrdayntO t t.n'e r L o f Tl o T he"ar eg e s I te,
-s t4 1 ria 5 m5.t t rni- The n a i i Ut rmorning'so Tribune t i Lh candidates o f e ble o twie t keex trom heon a'diipi h. h e p
o .ihe ieldaaU id t hes reexa precauIstone to u Uo ese- n DE S '"' A N B A hip 01 W est "_r "
l teil dJustifof ation of the electrocution of -v ent o anydisturbance. Ihrt

I det oh e w o-Ms. Pt oovf N ew oc e and which o e eha sa- aic of the ilo o te I' stry or ae tdaWILL NOT YIELD.r LUo ao C l
S Amherisea. me tofaofer a oew re- F lorid 'd e s c-et y ho ou Special to The Tribune o The Fona o hat. e: er isit ed It 1 gan yester the o e w gg enfe

da ad i in a ttton to K oa Ra ohetmesM ahe - ais underst o td .oodresesn tties of th gen
marks ow thne subJect In -crt icism of It h oe tsr. y R o-o nd Ran Bases Likde Old Vlt- w o t ua.
Im go ral lw ntes His Governor- Roosevelt and also of thetttheIaiane e nminitr ha CI -s ned rth e h -of pasy b b od
I Op .don on the Subject. m. I r far antic e t of kill n ys t wer- was utit gorin m helatte rtndance and had the.e"

*O who we^ go Unf.or a.m n a nsod sAttorney P.0.Kniht during his na absolutely refuses the demand ofh! 7 0 one- o re
wom en.lwho aret s oun dfort unalt bethe aw s tol visit o the state capitol this week Italy for a oncession at an Mwimen Pay. t -lye s t 10 mn mr w
isrhs =orveeT have klled some une else. The factI beard many p-Son e s expressed in re- weather wasra h ie f ot
f' ,1 t ba soer snc kence has made it eads' gard to the election vr ofa'td a sn Aa Blone a 1t the T a ailn an the aplyor s, al of, s S and less brutal to il a humanbeing senator by the incoming legislature. c e re ale trssed bats at the Ta m p Bay were a ateu tme
Se l r ci ertaed n than formerly cut no ff re in Jol -t o a Trounr repr I esentative, who tink- o March 22.-The Dollar lacoita Sk grundty est reay after;-ceial, dar
tS 'u fla re- in h e r. t dt Iain ofo ti ms o hais h .terviewed him yesterday in regard to Democratic p Club, of thisott received ton ag the B pr set i lit Sof It.god medsa ise d t n
tm e them InCsa. bt ca t iote tofed this m o s t b aous a te matter he inexpressed o the opinion a telegram to day from t 'im nem to- .ito hat cen aisermen ry the Plant te.nThee w i'xo
mu them adverse m t. The fact that she was a o- that -M. Pasco would succeed himself. Bryan, stating that he had accepted ya x a ted ase r ngtnm f
Go .1preWAike inothe con- man,;Ignorant., and nen.$ally unbai- hays be. I base my opinion not only th e ins itatloi to address the r big eb tner:e ince the nen race tra'ak was cont9tants G as b ,tows: Fra
have stayed the hand of thethxe received from different portions of the
the Usedte na o t Yt wREFLEC TION'OFAkBACHELR. strong lub, of that place by a so re Glle Mr T urnerIea, n I-
The! aw Vatted 9f argu.s o nernf. tg esaboutateomo rkl se t ateoAs thematt adof.7toep.aten y are t egoth ied as the po soon after theplay began ,'w
The aOnanemercbouty tthem-ffct isn u nch the strongest andidat. inb all club of the drew from tv
fk*, M and the field and besides that he Is the A reali, sweet laugh Is one that you tted tareto o an r boe in settle leUquestion the t/n-
so 80iln Unding thei f the eomnthiyub aing bad, to oo- most deserving xa sin the mstate.He tUnItetesn to`oe r lahi thaos stoped .i io uyOtd ft h t e ship of the WI.t Co ast
M unicipalies en ,large lt e i
nd h..fdtSI ', I debt ought Odte this woman's sosetetu e and let 'has accomplished a great deal for 'ate tctainly one of the strongest balle The tonreI the gam is con
e. udwept upost grounds of her serve a life of labor in oumrknell- Florida and especially or South Plot man, neser loses but oncethe o. tIons that ever visited Fr 0 h e i e o I ll
is ssceit da and is in a position to do a great other times he is sniart enough In t'h.ee o representatives of the gentler to got the ors. ae
l.0iM eneral,In aleinter- ThnInfacttItfIsbhthc-earaddthidealmore. It has been many yea, nrn hointeloving.'_tho ot upy astoy caver a rstier ofItet itor o a we di ng o
of te pov of Le army c a ter since Florida has had aosenator that iitraw t ta. tianny ci their plays ye It afh In a c
l1ya law "th Whno property a lteadbosh. lf killing is a good was as weil thought of or had the in-p PMn genMA s ii o hi outnifth as do ne treh t m t wro- about f our t nc e dame The
gdone openly, and let the woe-id setoit I am not mu of a prophet but I willry te18. To
t in th Island as it formerly did in putblic h anings. not electeillenatoore itwill be ELadark sH hOin are be n practice theo wg the 'ball oe the cws a
namthe roti prt'te an no itiscutomary e s eleced?" he wo asoerked a fash ion pcaate;larathrbeeninbtP;aTdi 3'01a .- .

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_ th t e s d mas rectory Oimce, 9soultd building. .Fom enobn, Do.me wosnicoui wue "u a right field. '- -
---pthehes ppolrt wc ao t th support which has oen cxtnided it for him. Tampa Grays--Donovan, let base; t T T c t
about the easiest inal seduced of ll to the work by -,ur b-ines. an p -o-- Alfonso, Gnd base; Kissinger,o short to Tttne
ni" 'k hind. The faitt is, she was hIl fesslonal community generally, it is Before she gets married a woman stop; Alfonso, d base; Gonale, rt
wi^ ,.e, and any man or woman who does e~-y evident that's good directory of quarrels with a man for the sake of pitcher; Wise, catcher; Manuel left P ednt MB5le n hS p2rS?
e--, maked-it lheLr supreme adort to ioTamda is much neosled =d will be making up; afterws-td she makes Upfield; -,sotKay, center fdeld; WaeLer, sated i hat~ wo s a
it t attHe hir me t cordwially welcomed ,ii its appearance, for the sake of qurareling with him. right- field.
ali _i o M Mak-their boImee lhweiy 'w the wfich.Mr. Sholes s.--tes w i be early --- seay^ o^ n t o th*m .
g l^a esItoid mpt bwautdti pat of in May. ots of men who never think of GETTING FREE DRINIS. from Jle slanted this '
RthA 11Hfi. ji-nj mInhT~i 'ihiis Br Is-Mj-t f maidn wives of their cooks make could noT^- piti' w hie f ic s-a.k
w i W rng i TOO for. we d is ILAmong the passengers on the hand- cooks of their wive A Big Fat alligator Fosn Under AID the wold vlt ~ i~ e
h some little steamer lXi ttletoe yesterday' Y1or (ity itlool. fore returning.
SNo e did the reverse, and tothat act e t rom wa State of Ohio, City of Tolso, Ybor S e loI'enpal iafe Zit t ,e1
-me. ?trace b t tW eh e of the death aoi. little fiing party c o1dof o0 ss For some months past persons who I. AllAnel an hnleaeie S
t an ens, who houldte Fosucaandw Lucas County visited Max Oars's saloon in Tbor is quoted m aiypM thet Sli 5mb
2a2 hien ls hve and a pe an d a dis- r o efhsi;Dr. W ianm Fol and Frank J. Cheney mkes oath that heCity. noticed peeuHar noises. islig never again be acaudie Sir
5 l~ e r be' lfvfnglad and a~-wife and John Pollen, of IyYer bslg, is the a morr partner of' the firn of F -trom underneath the floor. Recently. dent of lthe U ed tate He
b.i& to guate tastened on the civA lation of Tenn.; and tMiss Blanfh Gregory, O.t Cheney & Co., doing business in the a patron who berd the noise dear- atated "
the./.. 1 t t Isete"enc t cet eny nd the great tisouril. The last onar named are csy of Toledo, County and State &fore- ed that it was an alligator. Since that "It Is M. eed depol w
., WfrireTn dusiTd poor Ig- ,n, of'Mr. Luaaaand are spending said. and that sa4d rm will pa th me a rinoe watch has been kept on draw fromi ,xtl ear.ly.5 .
wimummd por. a few weeks here as his guests. About sum of ONE RLx_%-DRjDD DO(LLARS -the almel openings in th ora and '"As to Mr. Reisa sts .
S i Who can read the awful deed of the ilng and hunting traps, tenrs, provi- that cannot be cured by the use of ison that he saw something that look- lesrani, there *i M
slate-f EaWw Yogk without feeling sor- saoms et, ad l "ent down to Anna Ma- ha.l s Cataarh Cure. ead very muchI like the eye ot a 'gi.ntor.' It. Wth regard to eW
S -.row -- tt. -"wmother who had worked r1I. Key, where they' had a to de- Fd-RANK J. CH 'NY. Te"lerday they had ocasIon to tear Mr. Reedbn i so >ma i
Sitl time f ahing, hunting and boat- S.wo Arn to before me and subscribed in up a portion of the fldorto have -It i -ve han w's L s
night and lay, and denied "h1esf of Igi. This is oee of the fldest fishing us ,r.:o this 6tth day of Decemetr, re ireti During, the afternoon il ,hfthestIWnimig."
wy pleasure tt s he m~ght educate resorts i" Forid6a (eiedes being &a .A D. 1886. A. W .GLEASON.. 'they were engaged at work one of them "As to there wsrini x
and elevate Into usou citleushb Ike beautlful place for camping, and the (Seal.) Notary Public. suddenly noticed the nose and J ws 'ppic Red is s l
sM s te htad bose. fee this whie delftghtfil weather of the past week Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter- a al igator protrodin from a por- with" It.. "..
tabftBn '-oman led to the wretched gave the party every opportunity for rally and acts direetlyc on the blood tion of the floor that had1 not been
S td Y lenti o leiitl l mentt of death, is some- h aving a gsod time. .. mueuous surfaces rf the system, taken up. EH B e. ''
*P ---- Coo t4simonlals free. Police Officer F. W. Loevister. who
B_&.t M nit to mab has made Rev. AL B. Carlisle1 of Birmingham F. J. CHMENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. -wa standing near was cated in to The Twelfth New eek Vo te
leone toW l," but tMr. Ala.. arTved yesterday from Cuba, .,!d by Drueists., 75c. arrest the hideous looking intruder. Their Way Mon I -
S.. Bdt. the get eted men and where he has been engaged In milssion- He Hed his gh u and aent a bullet -
". ft__ po. t Usagt r hwne decided this bar- Ta' work Vor the past v.. months. He Send in your orders for field peas, crash through its head. It gave Special to T "t e '
BB arB d (ie. AX reoormo come wil S-iit friends here for a few days Pmeanuts, chufas ,beggar weed, upland a prolonged hiss, rose u as if to at- Matansas Cba. March i
lUm takes OnUr'to educate man 1 before proceeding north. In oonvere- rice., velvet beans and corn seeds to tack the croed that had assemWled New York regiment wi
): ft.--'aS f the effects ofhiopast environ- satlon with a representative oy the y'ynne & Co., sueceeso. s to Cren-haw- and then rolled over on its baek d- ad. soldiers, left hr fo hm
Hi5*l69mI18 N-* bc vass awr and a1u things in, was a great country and present- 4. feet in length and looked as if it had troopswpm a
dui. k-"' hri oms now. Io wonder this ed great posellRlAUtes to the American been living in luxury. the 6ho t o avln ai
app ealed to c whom she people. He has been very successful Keep this address and send us your gettwbackto o .
t-h3 t ad marcy. "Oh, Lrd he-sve in his reelmapr work and after a brief orders for everything In the field and ... -- g b t ho .
wast^.S wa h ber i7yMw plraer. He visit to his hcae he wll return to the garden seed and produce line. Wynne W b ... A t.T. 1'
iW lied a the woman. who was island and rens e his labors. & Co.. successors to Crenshaw-Sharpe t4 A IAT W p t
beaout to a stoned to ldeath to 'Vo Seed Co., 1101 Franklin street. 4t. These tiny flipsat 'n ;o s pliecial to The Ikibam. -o
4 ilas t hry sin ho more." He was the only 0 capt. 'Hutchins, chief commissary of 4 a Q R-'tr oe 00 A 0. A ink
.-ftl d t.. s wAtcbed wom a c lduid te depot, wais pleased to learn yes- It is now garden and field seed sea- CLbebsot ivn.rbonsanc wresco dss .
a-.ath It pee e-dt hbous e o ,Of ray that he had been elected a son and you will find a complete line. e | R e w S oo ad S
n .. .t ft .to Mas .nust. in member of the *Sl.V and Mitary of all kinds of field seeds at Wynne IV I N e48 s J -OR e oka
me. i wto.V Order of the 80asiah-American Wetr." & Co's.. 1101 Franklin street, atirses- the less %raed' t'. s 1eer Bt B
XWsNattfAi ly'f ya. i T" -nWiatvwdr of t ne Gov. sorS to the Crenshaw-Sharpe Seed ct stonen ..j wied
9 .A.BTUBBB. BcMemveit. of r ew Took. Co. 4L .- nif w dang!0sl sh^

W P )VAiL Editor and Manager.

It asn't intended, of course, thai
'the r accl oaet of the policemen should
prevent them from catching anything
S eept the smallpox.

T-he address oC our Philippine Com-
uaslsson to the natives of Luson ought
to t suimetent assurance to them of
r-W earnest intention not to eat them

'. Soee people seem to have erorneous-
Ty atitipated that the meeting be-
tween the president and Speaker Reed
would take pace in a twenty-four foot

The Dade County Agricultural and
'mrtltturatl Pkr opened in the large
ftet of the cocoane grove, north of
a e Etel Royal'Palms, at Miami, on
M jA. dhal long the farmers
S ndtreat sections of the county
M ang ino with products of the

Egert I eanDe editor pt the Ilbe-
1N1 jBrW" W4 SB Uthatk ha wIW bee

l rente odicer.-- tallahaoser
a 5 tform r m-elpoet in this ats-
asl e alarm. TherS t o Itepresenta-

49 t he lotheom malady
Ute paist IaseBowyel and the
s to s e oaget its sprad n and
autsssd at tW IseaM e in this CeRn

-,no alarm. is" alsoisntai ao
at once atd ih the nkeep
t| l b.oport af t he an" On
ina htarrlson Chaae ity Howlvery
Btasid 0wt t 4eiare M bacon skin

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Strategic movement sed, ems
ha een to sntend a flying wedge

ite B Ntter of the Filipinos ar-
S dr a n and the ounty ex-
it OWe are whmn were apoin-

said eatch the enemy on the
r as heard few r the rovoil
ow ThbNse will forgive it with
tBo Ih tatte will go sand sin no

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~~amu Of -the ceasfi

mie syaw,,-


"No Eye Like the V ., ,,i.
Major iGP H-al-. cone of the lAad-
Master s EyE.dJrinoi h D M AAS BR
i Siye n diecumsing F;.'rida rp:itic5 ith a
You are master of your pih ats. Ma d OnS B
health, and if you do not Pitt.. ..-d.. in Ilo da r iap. ;yfrom i r,] n f. \
attend to duty, the blame is j a a]ta T in-
easily located. If your blood this Is be ausi substantial mrnn hav.- -
is out of order, Hood's Sar- come to the fr.t and ar. taking an
interest in political matters. This -w--I t isht*.
saparilla will purify t. should always be the case. Men who pc, .
It is the specific remedy for troubles have at heart the interests of the state 1 | *
of the blood, kidneys, bowels or liver,. should b>y no means be careless in 'he s Ar -1 a ds nttto Ttealti
Kidneys "My kidneys troubled me, selection of capable and worthy men AN
and on advice took Hood's Sarsaparilla toft
which gave prompt relief, better appetite. o the various political positions.
My sleep sla refreshing. It cured my wife So far as the senatorial contest is con-
also." MICHAEL BOYL, 3473 Denny Street, cerned. I am candid to confess that I
Pittsburg, -" I was in terrible blieve a new man will be chosen. I
condition from the itching and burning of cannot recall a time when so many .
oos umor. G rew wor under me areituted lmieke my friend, Z e- Some people always complain about their feet.
Saraparilla d Hood's PlUs.These cured ty their shoes hurt or wear out too quick, me,* t
me thoroughly." J. J. Lrrmes Pulton, N. Y. bat where they are at. The failure
of so many representatives to make to find out the cause. If shoe does not t
known whom they favor for the United urr While the lier tfind out the caue If a shoe doesn't fit c
States senator leads me to believe a Were camped in Tampa- ably it is not the fault of your foot. Every. foot
dark horse will eventually win. The A Soldier's Story. be properly fitted, only you must go to he ri
hoda% nl.st r U ill the ata tt-ett a" I1"mpreesion in the minds of some that -
if ethsarbetotk wasts s ass ust r asaira, the contest will be short is erroneous Mr. Edward West, city editor of the place to have it done. If your shoe wear et
because everything so far indicates Rome (Ga.) Tribune, who was a soldier the fault f the poor leather
that it will be long and a most bit- during the war with Spainh and who er .
THN A ND NOW. terly contested fight." has many trends in TamPa, has writ- have given this matter a great deal of the t
ten a long and interesting article ftor thl
As the modern reader ptiks up his The poor old garrison Kicker is try- his paper, of which the olowin ar- COnideration and thinkthat we are beter p
paper to learn the news of the same ng to bite his whiers off because he graphs will be of interest to Tampa to fiSt you i ho than y o dher i l
day at WManila. he hasdy realizes what and his little sheet got itcked for prt- people u y
a difference the telearWh has made 1 manrtese. He saws he accepts the will The second Georgla was one of the We sell only
the making atnd marring of men's for- t the majority but will begin at once favorite reg nents of Major General t-
tunes, says the New York C5omnercial the eight for rimaries for the next John J. Copipager, coms"nding the m a
Advertiser. A mistake t far more fa- meeting. That is acceptance with a Fourth Army COrs, (a full omr 1 is l is
tal now that it was in the dIva o fold. vepgesace. People who had the tern- twent-seven regiments) cons ae tly LH lU 1
As Sir John Seeleyi has pointed out, erity to use such language in regard to he was a frequent vtistor to our camps. W
Napoleoa's career would haw ended in the iMca platform he stigmatized and always a welcome one. One Mc-
Sey t had tleaditte publicity been as traitors to the party. It is about day morning,' we along in Julr, we
posnble and the responsibility been time that the old calamity dodger marched from a temporary camp, near U f l l qumHH.,
brought home to him. Neleon had de- learned that the committee method of the le regular artillery camp, called R"" .. W .1l
strored is fleet, he had lost ,000 selecting county commisisoners was Cantp Rogere over to a beautiful site '
soldiers. and he was deserting an army democratic doctrine in Florida. and on Tampa Beigfts, vacated the two
he could not fring away. Before those who oppose it arm traitors to the days preceding, y the Eleventh United and handle nothing but the rvery best m aks
France knew the fact, he had won her party, just as much as those who op- States latantry. which sailed for Porto warrant every pair we sell to give you satitl I
heart with friah victories gained with pose the Chicago platform. For an Rico.
fresh soldiers. Similarly the real truth alleged editor to be exposing typo- Our firet glimpse of this beautiful your money refunded. Try our Shoes ift we
concerning the terrible Moscow cam- graphical errore puts us in mind of a spot proved the truth of the rumors as tf *I
pain was not understood for months, blind man hunting for a spy glass to to its beauty, and pictures of it in our never given them a trial and see if there isat' a
Even the result at Waterloo was not look for whiskers on the man in the possession will bear out the most ex- ference in both your feet and your fhop bill. '
definitely known in London, a few moon. trI-agant description. Before our tents
haodred miles away, till four days lat- were brought over we were idling
Jaoe 22nd. under the heading, "Total It is announced that our government around in the refreshing shade of the
Defeat of Bonapartel began Its dis- will enlist at once native troops in tall pines, or hiding bits of plank to
patch. '#We stop the press to an- Puerto Rico to maintain order and make shelves in ow tented. General
nounoe." etc, The modern reader will form a battalion to do duty with Coppinger rode up on his handsome
would not buy his paper cou:d he not American troops. The commissioned charger, accompanied by several mem-
hear at even trivial occurrences of the officers will be Americans, and the na- bers of his staff, and alighted under '
day after they happened; and while an tkve recruits are to be drilled by offl- the spreading oak that Col. Brown had T E T r ATn *
old-fahbioned general would be decid- cers of the regular army. This is an selected as the location of his tent. .*
ing what to do next, the modern one experiment, and it is worth trying, After greetings and introductions to A "
wobld be hopelessly condemned by the although the experience had with ne- several officers they began to talk on
world and recalled by his government. gro volunteers in the recent war is not general subjects. He said: "YesI ex-
-- --1- t encouraging to the attempt to make pect to get the Second Georgia bff to + +++ + ++++' +**I* + l|+**+ +++ ,+4..4 +.4 "
DON'T LIKE THE PHILIPPINrE3. good soldiers trom the mixed classes Porto Rco in about a week, probably + +
I- n Puerto 'Rico. If, however, they can two." +
Thomas R. Wilson, a prominent busi- be converted by drilling and discipline How this made our hearts 'bound, for
ness man and republican politician of into reliable soldiers, fit for the duties no news could have tingled our nerves. :
Pittslbrg, Pa., has been having a big required in Puerto Rico, a great ad- to a higher pitch, after months of mo- +
time at the leading Florida resorts vantage will be gained, and will be notonous routine. 1 ,
during the winter, for the benefit of followed by similar enlistments In Coppinger is an old man and has + .
his health. He is thoroughly posted on Cuba. Hawaii and the Philippines. since been retired from the service. + ,
national politics and enjoys giving ex- His hair is white, and his moustache
pression to his opinion on the leading The Cuban assembly seems deter- l-ar and about the same hue. His
msues of the day. On the Philippine minded to make the Cuban soldiers pay legs are badly bowed and he walks h ,
problem he expressed his views to the for the indifference shown the assem- with a short, quick step. A strange .
reporter as follows: "This whole thing bly by United States authorities and accent gave his voice a very musical 4
isn't worth the amount that Is spent for the popularity of Gomez. The as- sound. + r p' i
for ca ndles. he killing of American semb, refuses to furnish the muster Don't think by critical descriptions + We are daily'receiving our Spring Clot

appeals ver forcibly tous an even rolls of the Cuban rmy and demands hatere ientor insoers inate ing, the very latest design. Now i
sbould hut tt wan an admiring awe that '- time to get a Spring Suit, while tfbie"
many of those heathens,A It can tof cation for them. Gin. Brooke will n sharpned our ken. l
worth more to the world than a thou- Cbans under arms without giving brigt $750
sand of them. I am a republican, but heed to the assembly. If some Cuban Shafter's bul, he wa unft for Cbsae + 20 three and four-button Sacks. Oal,
an anti-expansionist. I believe that soldiers do not get their share of the etampaigstng, and ens S correspondent "
we slates that people passing Shelter's + and examine our new stock.
when the national campaign rolls $3,000,000 on the first payment, theyl headquarters during the hottest of the e *
around 5 will be found that the re- can place the blame upon the folly of what wounded of-
publilcans will be very much divided on the aesenably in refusing to allow the engagement, ase what wounded oti-

not sui'rse me to see tour presidential A geen.lman in Tampa from West h c h fs frn ryfG id d e n s
tickets in the field, put in by expan- Florida. a day or so ago, remarked to line, peevishly scolding his orderlies +
so republicans, antl-expanso n the Trbune hat in his Col. not hvang cooler water to bathe h g+ co ol e a '
publcans. aold democrats and free p. 0. Knight, of this city, stood a 'it- his brow. + i( 412)'PT? 'RA -rT w: s
silver democrats." ter chance of being elected to the i1. seniority gave him the leadership, + w{i 1 a iKA ,LT .L1ST"RD. '

6 ted States senate as a dark horse thanbut they ought to pension him now, +.
The slut for $15,000 damages brought either Pasco or Taliaferro. This wise- for fear we get into another war, and + + ++++4. +++ ++++++4 .+ + ..+.
by John A. M[oon against the Plant acre from the west gwve some good he can rightfully claim first place.
System, which was on trial in the Cir- reasons for his opinion, too. Coppinger was not of that variety.

suited in a verdi tfr$12,500soroh ePrewl s ea nd hv e t ha te hand- Pf^W W W 30 % of best
plaintiff on Friday. In Mtay 1897, the the prognosticantions of astute p liti- told of a dashing spirit that was doom- I

and when ha regained condbioosnes he Itews comes from China that Li Carew. of Tampa. for her kilndness to U W Wg, UL P o
found that a shiver from the tree had Hung Cang is on the point of coming them. Co spany A.. of this regiment -
peoertated bias left eye, which he pull- back to power again. But if the ema- composed of the cream of Baltimnore, Al Kinds of Garden and Field oeds
Paed ott added. The reht wa io de- preo a dowager knows it he wll be hae t resented to her very hand- W rr f th best
stre nd d na swe rgioal operation was coming to the point of the sword' some cut glass cup encased in silver,
"e Wnd o to remove eshe remna es of "t 'sa icd aand ao es quality and fresh. c" a ti
eam to smre theeremnant of n r ssu oredat ,
t whe e be b a. idNWith a Tamsc pa man inat congress and with atprorate critic lo. i
lf a t auone In the United esates senate, Ta ingathonghtft rcog n f her untir- C-OUNTRY PRODUCE BOUGHT AID

A story of the late Geortge Augustus pda wl gt w Io t set are of reon atl n They were encamped wedthin a stone's e E
teaa and nunm i told by Tid-Bits. from the powers thno be. throw of her hoe and she always Ch ens, Egg Fed ff Potatoes, On n -
A rpt -- tven the American trs m o Mi othe, of Washington, spoke of them as her boys. se is a pies and eeerythfnasedhe niarkets forrs '
oa the occaosro eo the last visi of the D. arrived in the city on Sunday, sister of the late Mrs. T. 0. Ha d, of .e -" "9 o O I
e amols showman in ngand. Mr. l a- and left last night for Key Wesst on this c rity, and for her loving motherly Seventh AV
S d In the receptIon, room bard the Olivette. ae Is the wife of interest, and generous hospitality, ther-
ere all were wting to w me the h e Cat. tnythe, o the United writer will ever look upon her as one'
sae"t of the eveniL Mr. Ba rnum m;tates revenue service formerly well of God's noblest creations and feel that '_AC
cams in beaming and tskib hands known In thisn part of the state. He i her reward will surely be great for h t a yr e s i
with the ch e- er said with a trong- was stationed at Key West for sever- her constant and watchful love. _|i_

Indeed a sr prem to me." "Did y 'Fred Lenfestey, aged 25 years, son of
ear that?" (r. Bla whispered, Col. S. S. tone and wife, of Albany, Mr. and Mrs. James Lenfestey, reesd-
lWhy. he arranged for the dinner him- N. Y., who returned on the Olivette ing on Florida avenue, died yesterday.
self" (rom a trip through the princIpal afternoon, after an illness lasting for -R !,Wa.
ipolnte of interest tn Cutea, stopped several months. The deceased was
Poutidans frm the rural districts over at the Arno hotel yesterday on greatly admired by a large circle of $ Ou3C8essiOr tO Coln GrpOee
are already warming at Tallahassee, their journey ho young friends homeo Cy deepr Gr-rmourn yMampa w n s il -up
prep ri torhe great polttIcal .love Mr and Mrs. Ignaclo Haya returned his untimely death. The fulsral ser- W ampa treet
tistob offattheo .TampYesterday from an extended o will be held at, the residence at
Ceta some time next MIthU They o10 o'clots this morning._Interment in lHlID N STAIL
M love accohto the lea ptrpt hrougf gncount. tostN_ DEALER IN STAPLE AD FANCT G
Is.,- Um kindof mtriotj that to fta"- Their .arrivalhere tter such Hon. E. W. Hammond, of Bartowa. a
'"g nitw-n adberes to. The man a lon tg absence willbe welcome nes leading atormy of Polk count was in Chmpt Groceri in the oity for Cah. But line &f4
that Ms the hee pile ,H get tim to their many friends the city yesterday transacting legl the sltesand yur trade is 1loitalsJ wia a gasrte sri

ena 'Vd% _1 W pVra gt th, 9 e Tarpon SpIng was in the city yes-C Wtcorjdge to succeed Judge
w at.N-Btr tccs af rrondasaca
- w', ,IL


-o '-.~" ie~w.cn
adiut~k&tihtOw.tk,.5 50


SSafely ;t the Famous Jdge Graham Gives Them $100 Each Soldiers is the Number Now They Have Taken Possession of Great Work Being Done to Sub- The Secretary of War haswes (
Cuban Port. For Contempt of Court. Fighting in the Filippines. Dollar Dinner Arrangements. due Our Adopted Children. ders None Shal be ate.


35 and Chadwick Paid a Visit Mayor Bowyer Suspends Judge Gra General Oris Thinks Their Numbers Bryan May Strike the Key Note of a With a Great Tell the American Ar- refused Pmioa to a l
e kwmral Lsonard Wood Who ham From Office anu Ap. Have Been Greatly Underesti- New assue at the Big Banquet- tillerymen Break From Ambush ae Cable Prom waited
oorted Thema Through the points S. B Turman Pend- mated Plenty of Reserves Eftorts to Induce Helen Gould and Scatter the Rebels in all aeto O1ba od.
fa emusC sl9. ing an Investigation. in Training. to Attend: Directions. Porto .

bi"al to- The bUtle. As predicted in yesterday's Tribune Special to The Tribiune. Special to the Tribune. i special to The Tribune. S to The T
-tia0 Ge Cuba. IMarch 26.-The the troubles existing between Judge Washington, March 27.--Full confl- N'ew York, March 27.-Labor men tManila March 27.-The liveliest work bt'iston, March 7.l-Attori
tAlted& latest armored cruiser New Graham and the police department dence is felt in the judgment and ahil- have taken complete possession of the and hardest fighting of the campaign Genera Griws has ad leid tb hiS
r a id Ue SbotS Vickburg and wa renewed during the morning es- ity of General Otis, and it is believed arran events that are being tade occurred near lalv today. Thi at- det gra
Iarrved here this morning. slon of the police court. The officers to that he has taken the best course poe- the silver dollar dinner. A. J. Boult posng the read guard of the inurgent to run a sub marine sanih
Sd POantrl Q atop 50comapanied whom the judle gave orderS to arrest sible in view of the situation. There of the Stereotypers Union, has taken army which was retreating toward United State to Ob adt. .a
oV. & Cihawck, of the 5s certain inmates of houses of ill fame is no doubt in the opinion of the of- the place of Eugene V. Brewater at UMaliooe. Aguinaldo' hea He does sot hold that the r, -
.W ara,,

A-t lsed l Pg Maj. Gen. LAOOad were present when the court opened,
o. the Mitsu governor, a.Mut* but they were minus the women.
bl ed In lomaer of the admiral. Captain Jones when questioned as
hi afternoon QGa. ood returned to why he had failed to obey the or-
Ae vt. TiMb e were fther comphi- ter of court stated that he always re-
*eiatea7 l i the wNtIaSe left ceived his orders from the chief. The
Mts Wtyte r l tu -I JamaiC.a. ju~ge isormed him that it was his
bUtl theday Adaal hsmagion duty to obey the e ourm. The captain
Mated lswo a reM r hatg ex- was refused time to get legal adivce
Whh r4or mad is reWard to the matter and the fudge
I.S the s 7igine of a Sase him a few ponltera on nis dutcy
i a rabir on the o the rt land the stand he wa t ok-
hi mt sg ng, stj a his. aSett. other of
Am erss anrs ppealed -to with the Sa
resuat sad the iudge wound UP the
BVVOOeedig by $agooeg a fine ct S
menu P et se o court.
WMb toe alon f aJudie Graba
wSM"osee T1 ted to paarw Bower eh de-
I tha s!,eidedto it aahanAInbede0r-1-1%
a* ie wjeW -ltTy isued an Order wn-
pendi s d Graham fran his po-
iSE t~SL 55 "aid= stllR the ct counoL He asow op-

I 'l I Ib- a Trtiue repreentattve yester-
A *16,_d Bo per stated Mat her-
__M t' Tlog= a- tr sxretted the friction between thaeMf
MUM. S "M and lJdie Graham aOd thhat it w
to g i a question of authority between
wss tw and In suspending Jude Gra-
aton& b-'^^ Ithe -oune that hb charges
wereae to wr very ample and wonh not In-
Ww"^'WPd Ctae anytlhng of a personal matter er

-* ft---l' --.AU NT InataAA-- ef & -akm orde- r *th*at. 4 Bh&e

TbaSere!mw waitms

The company Isa
s W larme in at
M :mePtla Those whi
pleaem ef -I Ing them
Sed at he musfeal abs
Sshplpana Mn. Turner,
-* IA.0s enterprise, is
a thaslt and silence of =
io to asoend the
sft '^bs Triue wtshes i
Froa-ae degree of suet
baATI72M CL D I1 A
hElos Cme"- for Bheunatl
nagIca radlesy nine tin I t

45ydhease ts the enemy
Sw to. L a mEsult of the
MW o ao Ior mush uvana
2 1 tiaUgeterous
wt pa desdly effect
s. tbse saus trifling 51
*o indisatlona oc ehangem
I. oesnt headaches. d
mbMW ad he the sign for
SeamNuresa Prickly
h kidney renedy of ug
is M& beihia beams
5 i reI relievees
thwt awsag ap
V cA asem th
aesend, regthma

liver Amd b
addIrength A

esse here as

se s e&

0 t

rant woM have been served giadly
S i by the officer aad in failing to do so,
Of bohe contends by the written advice of
o his attorney that the marshal was not
e I In contempt %f court and would thor-
IL. ougly salfy .hmeif amd the public
by a thorough Investigation by the
r cosin e SH of the matter.
Its no umred that Judge Graham
WWrelor, w hold the pottlon in spite of the
tonet- order of his removaL In case he does
the ae- tesre wiB be more trouble when
t Pro. courrtconvenes on Monday morning.
dst are Two "odges hI one police court pusll-
St, giv- v ig in opposite directions would make
appear- rare sport for the spectator.
a house. ------

Utp and
wl be They Can Draw a Crowd of Sight-
lltt of seers But They Can't
who is
u skill- Play Ball.
mueic as -
Dladder The ball game In Ybor City on dun-
s. d was attended by an immense
crowd of people. The blondes appear-
DAT. ed in their naughty bloomers and the
Tampa Graya showed them a few
am and points about the national game, before
1 days. the nine innings were played. Three
men were put in to help the girls out
of their difficulties. but the Grays were
we have playing for blood and they hit every-
feverish thing in sight and ran bases like Com-
*d cUil- manche Indians. The score was 8 to
eemy, 3. and would have been twice as many
on the Tampa side had not the boys
Suader let up in orderso gIve the blondes
1itom"- sohne show at their next stopping
g In the place. They might be able to play
si Old Maid. T1ddilywinks, or lawn len-
Me~ive ls. but they can't play -basebal. 'Weae
prompt it not for the assistance of -he threee
Lsh Bit- men who play with them they could
erittve not beat a club of nine year old school
and'boys. The most unfortunate thing
about their playing in this 'ity was
the ach- because they didn't have aeven more
psers In men to play and then wve tinint l vee
M prog. seen some good ball

wells, it Another great discovery has been
ruddy made. and that too, by a lady In this
by B. country. "Disease fastened its clutches
upon her and Tor seven years she with-
stood its severe tests, but her vital or-
the re an were undermined and death seem-
S.there ed imminent. For three months she
W e.is coughed incessantly, and could not
sh le5 She nasmy discovered a way to
S recovery b purchesalong of us a bottle
b at of Dr. King'e New Discovery for Con-
S sumption, ad wue ao much relieved
on taking first dose, that ashe slept all
pa ews atsht; eandowlth two bottles, has been
osougha, lutei cpured. Her name is hMes.
4d lan Lathr Ehtts." Tus writes W. C.
agatsm Hamaick & Co., of EbeeAK (N. C. Trial
N* WUll bottles free at S. IB. ILeonardi & Co.'s
tiat a DonW Stom.
Ia. That Regler else 4t andL0 iEvery bot-
ft 'aS tSe S arsanteed.
A. K Lodge and wifte, of Peoria, DL.
Ss who lave been enjoyin the season
a amg trieade at St. Petersburg stop-
e t over la the city yesterday on the r
r r ho& They expressed them-
selves as being highy pleased with the
. W t Coast osmale.
.laJEr per cent. of the people hae
su m an d of bunmor In the blood, and
. m. ee ma dfmesee. Hood's
s a res these diseases by
esmsthlg the humor.
- .. U seSd'l P are nn-iddttating and
55r 5 a *I0m plls to take with Hood'a

1 fr aetn upon the stem is remark-
In 1 t myseriou It removes at
obs.wi caam and the disease tmme-
y isappea The first doee
AP 7efts mSeeta. Sold by .

W .. oI mu *l m sm rpsark-

flcials in the war department about the head of the movement which is de- e a s entrenchments near bart-o o he take
strontentrno s ear hint etaes
Gen. Otis having enough men to car- signed to make Bryan the hero of river. A bloody engagement followed "it wotld be te npedlen
ry out his proposed movement. He has democracy in the stronghold of Cro- in which six OAmerieans were killed, cirfomiut5 r s."
29.000 men in the Philippines, and of ker. including three officers and forty men ila-. nl 3 that
these 26,000 are in the lines about Ma- Incidental to this radical change, ThewoundAmerican fore then advanced ce the matter n
nila and in the reserve in that city. there is doubt as to whether Mr. Bry- from eManfyanL The brigade was of the war t met
There are 5,000 more troops now on the an will attend the feast now that the commanded by General arrisan Gray, United itatesr ee
way to Manila. silver idea has been buried under the Gen. Otis left to gua d the railroad a l of
The strength of the insurgent forces load ot labor sentiment. but there ten. Haancg e distance to- ee e depaent
is not known here. General Otis some exists hope that the silver candidate of watrd the riverthe Americans disceto rea. t a L
ti ago estimated the total number 16 will not only be present, tut that ed tho"-"d of the enemy perched oa nsaml ae w h
of men in Aguinaldoas force at 30,000. he will give voice to the tenets of a o the green trees beyod the driven bha 1 vwatev e
maee then -I has sabled that he couldroft ees ad yong the rovegt
not form a reliable est te of new democracy in tde anciation of Theo sseemedSt o i her L ,rs of trhe W*h^Mt to,
number. It Is believed at the war de- truas. monopolies and the conduct of fordable and coming close to the banks e govnm et
apartment that Agutnaldo has had from the a king alive an Ins"tent Ltt' they kept up an i reg5r fire ton the wohld be W t*S
the be ning a ch ger number at te ame time a stbornte sie. Americans. The Amerian artillery s tSl
of men than he had arms for, and it Pesu tme a sn he r sto. put as o most Intensely aramatn en t to Of le I
Is thought that be s able to keep hihe Epecial effort win be made to in- thins a a4en show at strength. a Otey tt
fighting lines up to the ll number of duce Miss Helen NMler Gould to be approached under cover of the bushes foddm co lons o
rifles that he has at all times. Tde preset The other woman on the Il- to witn abo t xi ya the be 'ranted s estt
accounts fr te apparent a. re Of We 1 ttrenches. The arttder7a thena addt o ri ewader atS e- T
t te Ameria forces to t ip reitly dimin tatlon list whose name the committee e e d upon the open space ei0 Y 0ise 5SleSs a a"
Aab the number of ptt atno would not ma public ise p Is M E manding the town. As they can dash- tim l. dbretinga
O leiaps here are mh inttereted In beth Perkins Stedman. The request of Inv out on the full rn they C a whatesIn the sl d
fndng out where Agrletdo Mgets his the labor men trit these two should great yel and the awuo of, 1 yellw wntherlad
MnPv atoe of tmol ve hin .Thea ver i-e their guests will be accompanied by So e b a lndred -sougbe ate" tinta s
large supply at the beginning of the statement tbats in the opinion ofSflight, while the remainder raised& a n theorne o
hosttMhtes or that he a ireceiving those who are mrvgi.;g "he, ins.ern, wane Mae and snousteed '"Amlgo 6 s" 6e the eowO
plies from some source which General they are the grd types of Ameri- meaning friends. h f
Otis and Admiral s ewey have not can womrnApeom For them a peial CoL naton with twenty men of the snd'rs Vjifcs a It
been ao e to discover. It will not sur- box will be prepared, with a table Karns ,re gIment swa across the B"*e up asn'Utbeeae,
prise the officials here f they find spread with more of elegance than wil river at the left of the rairoad bridge dn, n t n ele
when the final surrender comes that be noticeable among the diners on the and captured eighty prisoners with mnei.
there are a considerable number of E- floor of the Grand Central Palace. They their arm
ropean officials serving with Aguinal- will have the prWvllege Or Inviting The Pennaytvanla regiment captured e".ue I i J r
do's troops. guests. (forty more prisoners after a aerd and UM L t
b t exciting chase. 'r this time te rigIt ilalo r A
oo dt t h ent rin oI of the Filipino army was deorail sed. t e

26e DW ELLINGS e rdinto the town obut General Ott isuede 3is isI e
E T RM Aorders not to burn It a hade at fis Ta at is e
been intended. highly Recomme
eded Ov er he uniie o our Being Erected in Ybor City For a Night was coming on and the army i e
Presided Over the Municipal Court decided to rest. Gen. Otis' brigade S ilpox sadSom
For the F dirs' Time Yesterday Colony of Italian Cigar Makers. croeeed the framework of the railroad -
P Fr ime Work We 1 Started. bridge and Gen. qale's y.lgao, re-
Morning. malned on the south bank of the river. A reader of the TIM
The American troops made heavy Citien sends a hdUiVn
A large crowd of spectators were Considerable headway has already advances all along the lines today and the Times-Union a nu
sorely disappointed in the polie poli court beien made on the erection of the new had decidely the best of th gt
yesterday morning. They attended in buildings of the Seldenburg Cigar The capital will rely be captured ago, giving a remedy
to-morrow when a proclamation will and requests that It be
anticipation of trouble In the judicial Compaw near their factory in Ybo be issued that will be calculated to article wa originally p
department. Some were of the opin- City. tle plans call for twenty-sit bring peace on the island. Stockton ((a ) Herald
ion that Judge Graham would disre- dSwelling houses, four of which are : "b herewith sappend a
guard his suspension and attempt to completed. The'others will be pushed A l AIil OA has been used to my
hold court, but such was not the case. to completion as rapidly as nott fi the case. to completion rapidly a hundreds of cases. It I
He did not appear and S. B. Turman, The dwellings will be occupied bye a R l Rcore the amaipox, thou
who had been apolnted to take his colony of Italian cigar mtrkers, all oc -e are flline. Wen Jenm
place presided Itn hae dignity and whom will he employed in the Seiden- The -People of Brooksville Want :a cowpox in E land, I
wisdom o an old veteran. Aboout a urg factory. Whnen they all g et their
dozen petty cases came utp before himNwLnsulr e.ew t rom Her- science her t r an avalo
all of which he promply disposed of. families here it will make quite an ad- anhi
Among those wio were brought up ditlon to the ecitoy's population. nando Coubnty to Tam uonhIs he whmet
for trial. were the four women, Laura The proprietors of the cigar factories -- -that of Pal-ftuhiosh
Crlsdla and aera ,Hernandez, who as a rule, prefer to employ men with Brooksville Star. as a remedy for small
forfeited their bonds ano who were the families and they find It a big advan- If taken advantage of, Brooksville unheeded. It is as uis
cause of so much trouble between the age to have them ocate near thethem locked near the never had better had a better opportunity than and corners In eey
police darment, Judfatory Te Graham and factory The statement was made to now to secure another railroad, and harmless when taken by
the mayor. When all the other cases a
had been dispoed of Chief of Police a Tbune representative yesterday this to Tampa, which would be very It w also cure sca
Voodward announced that as he had that the present enlarging of factories desirable. By reason of Its location is the recipe as I hre
promised to bring the women into and building of new ones will gisve em- Tampa -is obliged to be the outlet for cure my Echildren of
court provided tey could be found, plment to hundreds of additional the productions of ths entire county here it is a I hve
he had done seo and they were readyevu
or a hearing. The charges against men- It was also stated that when the To have a direct road would lessen the smallpox; when leam
them were for being Inmates of houses new crops of tobacco in Cuba and distance nearly one-half and of course said-the patient must
of ll fae and ad pald the amount Porto Rico were n condition or ue od essen he cost of marketing our Suphae
of their bonds, 7. each. Their com- which would be during the next six or w ould aein ate ofa o, one
panions who had stood trial has been eight months, Tampa woujd see the productions in proportion, as all know (digitalis), one grain; ha
fined $5 each. When the circumstances greatest activity among the factories the carriage charge is the biggest item of sugar; x with t
were explained to Jsege Turman he in. the history of the trade here. in cost of marketing what we raise, fuls of water. When thi
order her release from custody. OOL TE RG S. Take for example the one article sweet add four ounces od we
GLORIOUS NE S. potatoes. As it now is no one raies spoonful every hour. J
,- All doctors told Renick Hamilton, of them for market, but let Tampa be will disappear'in twelve
Comes from Dr. D. B. Cargile, of ,West Jefferson. 0., after suffering 18 brought to our door, by building a di- child. smaller doses, ace
Waties of hilectri. T. e writershas cured ot months from Rectal Fistula, he would rect road and there will be a market If counties would compI
Brewer of scrofua., which had caAused die unless a costly operation was per- for our sweet potatoes, as will also be clans to use this, there
her great suffering for years. Terrible formed; but he cured himself with five the case with the numbers of other need of pest houses. If
sores would break out on her head and boxs of Bucklen's Arnica Salve, the things easily raised on our rich lands. vice and experience, use
fano he andpbuthe bet dcuctors could give surest Pile cure on Earth, and the best But this will not bulld the railroad, terrble disease "
her health is excellentt" This shows ealve in the world. 26 cents a box. but will be the result after it is built.
what thousands have proved-that Sold by S. B. Leonardi & Co., Drug- There Is always road in operation
Electric .Btters Is the beet blood purt- giats. from Ehren Milla to Tampa, with only A -
fier known. It is the supreme remedy 4 a gap of five miles, which will shortly t
for ecaema. better, salt rheum, ulcer Mr. Louis J. Brumby, editor of the be built. The milmen have recently
boils and running sores. It stimulates OcaJa Free Press. and his cultured secured a government contract for"
River. kIdneye and bowels expels pol- sister, came down yesterday and will several million feet of lumber to be
son. helped dtgestion and builds up the attend the editorital press association shipped to Cuba, and the nearest avail-
strength. Only 60 centa Sold by S. that is now in session at St. Peters- able timber is in the direction of
B. Leonardi & CO, Druggists. Guamr- burg. Brooksville. With a little Indnoement
teed Por a quick reed d one that on the prt of our citizens these hn-
At the meeting at the iarion county perfectly safe for children let on that sher" men would continue their road on
democratic executive committee held mend One Minute Couth Cure. It istBroohlle In order to sere this
on Saturday for the purpose of recoi- excetent for croup, hoarseness. tickling timber. We will at gtht here, as
menS a bo ootmty o< is- Ia the throat and cougt For Sale by some seem to think why a raimnad
sinners the question of holding r B.B. Leonardi & Co.. and Central Phar- would be built to Brootev~le Without
series was defeated by a vote of B many of Tampa, and Diamond Phar- some kind is. an induoement to do ia -
tO wa of Ydsor city, so? We will pause for an answer. It A Excellent Coa
must not be forgotten, though, that The pleaeant method
Btrawberrlee were very plentiful n Mrc J. B. Wagner, of ,Rochester. N. the turpentine Interests In Hermando esocts of the well hi
the local market yesterday, retailing Y.. a newspape correspondent of well are assuming large proportions and are STiatP or Fled in mnuc
at 10. 16 and 20 cents per qart haet known ability, arrived here yesterday in the hands of men who wouId aid CAMttroAl Foe. SrtS ,
according to else and quality. Those for the b-enefi-t of her health. She is in building the road; and Tampa, with the valneof: obtailnlg
for which 20 cents was demanded were stopping at the Arno. her usual enterprise, would readily lmediinly .- Yt5 a
as large and fine as any ever seen In see the benefit she would Jerive -rum tbeminthe nBsrmBmost
this mrt BFB8 (iS ALL this road, and would give a helping taste andaooeptable o t
For frost bites. burns, indolent sores, truly beneficial manner, when the the market for productions of this tire, _?,nIOPSS^S
seems. skin dlsese. and especially Spnsngtim comes. use te true and per- county and would also furnish al the Pentletig cold,
Plies. DeWitt's WItch Hazel Salve fect remedy, Syrup of Figs. Bayu suppUlies bought here. Could they re- to oween a -o
stands first and best. Look for dis- genuine. Manufactured b the Call- fuse to help when these facts are manenet." Its petfest

ituwer all Ua

I. OW ra"s
et he mU



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as ~o~ows:
fore! i. whl

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the wore m
nbee ofW yfasr
te mos te ,

tosthisos. It Is
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jutwe pint to

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t Sever. Were
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sew it freer
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Either se
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el their p j
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oe thrbremie

honest people who try to imitate and rnia Fig yrup Co. only and for brought to their notice? A market in every obetible
counterfeit it. It's their endorsement sale by all r at 50 cents per Tama would make a market i tanee, and escSIn M
of a good article. Worthless goods are bottle. Brookavllle. therefore, you could e or irritatIng them, sbaw
Hazel Salve. For sale by S. B. Leon- what you raise right here. The coun- laxative.
ardi & Co. and Central Phamracy of TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY. ty will be further benefitted -becam e In the procefot man
Tampa. and Diamond Pharmacy of Take La ve Bromo Quinine Tablets. the road would increase itas renues. use s theyeel
Tbor C ty. All druggs refund the money if I Happy is the man or won who a remedy bt id
y aals to eute. 2c. The genuine has1e other c aremtic paintW
r you have a cough, throat irritation, B. Q. on each tablet. eat a good hearty meal without s ffer- o tho ho ClTPiO
weak lungs, pain in the chest, difficult Give me a liver ulator and n afterward. If you cannot do it, O tot i
wm-rlthing, Iroup or hoarseness, let usrcan
tin, croup or oareness, let regulate th ord." said a gus. The take ODOL DY PSA URE t s a toavi
siggise hanateCdohui.m adtours of-De- digests what you eat, and coaqs
Eau reliae and safe. For sale by & Wltts Littie E Isses the fmous forms of DIysieps and Idlgfttlon.Ott....
J. Leae &C ..rd& .. amdCentral Phm .itt. VpIns, Porslbu saleyb&S. Lesari o, andC
UM ofCTampeanDianid ha-, Co.. Oentralh armnay of Tampa. Cer al Parnwy o. .t.. a & ZM..
.g of Thor atyi-amond Phwsmcy of Thor City. 54 e of ..rn ds- .. ..... .
-.-.-v. .mbd.0s."'' *...-.-- ... s -Tifrm lner- - ^

ate, a

-k* P Ico hR&L W

PcL' Inks man~


IL Death wR due m aknnX aid 5 esnta. Matinee priceee
tdn at fteam a 10eand I cents.
ew B0s gs S he*
M Case ge t o--. T O
o i.so- tCok ---
hmebt will be In A Sneak Thie Reliees a PBLrh:-r cf
raaresgesn's under- Cash While He Was Relting in
be baa hesa 'f the the Arms of Morpheua.

DR FPR IMMNT. Willa&m yesra. the well known Polk
street barber was visited by a sneak
sesqle Apposnted thMef on To'urdy nigbt and as a con-
*Meo i he I mime 118C O in cash and
- a numb Of veabluae articles that
bone. were loom he In bs poket Mra Mbyers
-March 3.-Tal- aM a roomr in M t eooon story of the
beiaaId over wthe Mislg Lok maon, It opens out with
al.i.M. compan- rands. en he returned to bed he
AVr Co U M the raised the fwisn& a. Sew Inches. threw
I11 Ao har his pants containnle ais valuables on
_to o-qeLt h a Itr*. tandifn Immediately under
ssam for Mhe re- the windows. The thief slnvply climb-
dm t oa t s passr- ad up on the vanmda. reached his arm
Ir Mt sf t T6- In tMe wIndow and helped himself. Mr.
rg '& I ahedod to My k did not dicorer hb bows until he
i Ton a apo~el reached in lN podcet to pay for his
breakfast the next morning. It then
baa mode &a requl- dawned upon him that he wan pennl-
a Gtoeo unitm6 les. lAckItb hins fine gold watch was
mt or thlhwmas- benglae in his coat pocket In another
iOak and tar ordt part of the room.
fW the Bradford Mir. ayers came to the city about
three weeks ago from Jacksonville and
C%6 of Fort Brooks assumed ebrage of Col. Jones' barber
ratd by letters of shoo. By claos attention to business
19 OWtl toi maa- he ba built up a Ine trade and the
dew andm otbhe meney stolen from him wa Just what
be had showed nce he came here. Nk
'a not the least ke sto tae unwelcome
WPMRfCH. ndiwrader. but he peonuses to give him
a., a was- rsoepton on hMs next visit.L
Web t 4 r'FBto mUlpm saM n iGRANTED.
i|at the -Mto to-
1 'e = jBy ChifeisJtioesoTayor in the PFamoua

5. broe sadthame,
bu bwwo px-. Peter .0. Knightar-byed bumeyea-
wh ereefta m i fro rTallahassee-
*k.. an *si where he argued the appeal for sOper-
_ -- esdeea In tMe casr of Winajns Beros


Tedred President Mcileky
And Party at Tallahassee.


Then a Drive to the Stock Farms
Was ejoyed by the President
and Ris Party Governor

wed al to The Trinme.
Tahfahaise, Fa., Matrh 24.-Pr-esdent
MbWKuta and par" arrivs-di at nO n-
to-dy in a special car from Thomas--
velle. As the traia approa-,ned toe d-
peot asainte of twenty guns was fired
WaWd te largest crowd that ev.- ta-
asskah tn the til oitr of Florida wel*-
o-I Me tII IMeIed pe.yV ttoo the
protwael oft cosa. q3me. tboxham and
9Ws EGFam and a eM& nutVe cf
pro" Mt people met the pary" with
carrtine and derie tbhemo to the leon
hatel eeeorted by tMe Goeernoi5'

nmlMttar'y etpiea. It is believed that resident ot Tamp He thobgMt that When the Rmnabls soled on Man-
Gen. OtIs wn consent to the ransom o"nl ci s-lea should be conidread elTl daS n At a had-b. G a
tf the prasoners unleas he is conneed gbe tor otone on the pollios force. A anda 1
tae It 0W be tusafe to do aa Wme Mr. Woodward expnaled that on &4- ftron the crmubew Boibm. P2ov W WA
it is regarded as tiderasoe to bhve coamt of the limited alars the unca are pUrcheod m the MMs. w6
the epanlards relesad, It is stM me talntyof lettlpMd a&d uthe Iprt- fret enter the taM.l artnad wtlt
Geairable to save theI lves, of American nce of the woek he bhd been unahle hkies and speara0. ~"
aldier and if Gen. Ots beUlieves that to find & man in T&apm cootenst to
be money that would be obtaIned for do0 the work. After oW further tis- Ths StaeiAm oummsndanft General eald
the ranom of twh Sanloeard.woUisd an- cuelos& a motion prevailed lastructing Montero, a0rled the AmNOsaOne not tO W
tbe -.Alrto to mtiam be %.the city attorney to dhat up an ord-land except in M0a lfunhet ho* T12
sse "IO he w D not permit the nane reul eW thele oTft police theona threaten a oud and in-
tiegotiatlona for their ransom to ,be appoint only citizens of aTapa to his. t e(ft/va t taca -
#VON-- ... . .. - tend to take nmnamt ofthe ,lrwn.

mam. ASIP ZR-si

IN.. Rat.,
A Slight Friction between the Many Questions cf Vital Im- To Accept Alger's Place on Cera-. i
Judge and the Mayor. portance are Considered. tain Conditions.


For Refusing to Bay "Yes' or "No" Aud Other I.p rtant aLttezs Come Dun's Review;of Trace ForThe Week They
Judge Graham Popped a $100 Up For r.-nd-ct.tn Mr. Shows a Healthy Conditsda of Be
Fine on Him-More Fut. Frecker ~ a pe' p e -hon Industrial affairs Through-
For This Morning. Puic .nuis. out The Country.

A slight jar occurred in municipal af- itry Council met in regular aeeelon special to The Tri=une.
fairs at police court yesterday morn- last night. The following member r We al ton. March .-In a conver- Mae
Ing. The climax of the session was. ported at roll call:' President B sv at wit G3enart Clarkson, of Iowa, vsi
reached when Judge Graham declared De Armas, Wing, Frecker, Kruae to-dWeted that he wndd accept the with
Chief of Police Woodward guilty of Brown. Webb, and Holmes. appointment oft secretary of State On t
contempt ot court and fined him $100 After the reading of the minutes of the condition that he a not to be C
and cots. the last meeting the tausLnees was ta hampered in has aiolntments ot Obf
The real ssuane in the case e a con- en up in the fouowing order: ordinates.
Met of authorlty between Judge Ga&- commnunlcation was read from a0 eal
ble ornated soeme dtaa eo,. when John Darling Lode, f eNo.15F. and A. TRADB ia OOD. ft
the police arresed a number of white, W.. ask the city to set apart a block -- 01
Cian an d negro women nsa rte of ground In Woodlawn Cemetery. the Dun's Report m a & Good Woerw taml
MF Brooke ine on chargap of e same to be used ror bry"yg the rbodiles aor the
Iatae o esOf e of Ill f The of-
Boe reqpIred each oe to give bond poor bret"hlren. The matter waA re-'Special to The Maft.
ftr t.S0 o- go toL Ja. Some or them ferred to the street committee with New ,Ta fit W L-Te mytwy A Uas
were able to cotmp with the demand power to act. view sd ham owawS St3b r a
amtheoths went to o, an.Tose A petluon was read from Ella turd essM safth Um.,ft a S **
S .who 1pL s AiDs of$; were, of r a meW ,o0Pef
tee ir freedom. on Wed in which she asked payment for a sed pa t for a strip tc6ta ofo g W =t r M
ionldi- those Is the women ..ho were of land cunaing through IL 3itche11~ -a t hW n$ O M~ ROf ta an&- art"
hi Ji.1$ weAwoent tup (or -trIaL One su b ainoan.east of Prank Palmers 01s 6 MIN A", 00 'm
be two of tm werediaharged a
ath noeee bder hemReferredatoethenatree coo- a.
find sfor fte e who ea forfeitted m. .oe 1t
ltr .O bonds. T lwere aot res- t. Jamesn Weiu of t.Peter- maVA -
eat oad .tarempon. ordered- m the emf '.brg ,we r Lee nt enrea d fM rn6ount O O M
to tes the aln m ourt tonhralor I rttif t f
,a0 morning. whn -r totbamwhie
thea filled to neswin to the rol btIt ia hr ti. On motion of A ,
1 or ltham saveOeain at- eItmes, tm Ians 0ommite w M e tha : ,
'11 -a hisa ewa od statedtht hot- s,.tWWr eclwoMLbithatte T
&V Woud expect the women to be in could atord to vw at tbo ,m ,,wek- cV ttFA seam aem
ej-t 't e n -tPrldaty horning. *A communalceaon we sread THos tEe sum We dkO ..
- d the ttbuns am*ae yea- part Aoem t ( inaLw. In weh he -c- l 'WM l
te dao morniiwt the monet waOed stated that epaw d be very u net RA te P on CK T.
-t0aides were conapteuosa by 5ewr a- some tUno jtd g a osale aM omms ed o nt-- --
iite. When this anncmicement wa O standir n acc mmtn of whieb the b tGY The War Departnnet ah 1 0
--tfde to Htis Honor, it wa easr to see had little or no knowledge. The trou- s H
that a stomn was tbrewa-O Tnnti to hie hd abeeq traded to carelaneMs and ad U sM d5tPd
OCief Woedwanr the je iaaued or- ha baookleetisam. The ) e-nn sication
den to have the women atend Im- was ordered fled for reference. FJ re (OESdL a tOs the f.tie
maedtefy and brosht before him. M r. e Armasa made report in re- L HNews ye ndI et ofw l b ea UM
.The didef demrre sl attg tht he wd to the renting of, a vacant butid- to the people _*9 _a TawI
1had received 4ffamt order freo the *Ing tht beloved to the city Here- r Iahw tpotrb eeatbh war
nmow-. Wvhenf the Judge tinasted on commended that it be rented to Mr. dePtrkset 0 -- srad M S3e BmeNs ,
having ti order emated Mr. Wood- R V at .6 per mouth with the un- othe he Plant g aMtIn 00S1. t1 e
wa asked him to delay the matter deratanding that he ais to do certain tMOaMt -tattonoatO a--- -debc ef_
mnel he could comiolt the city attor- repairing. The report was adopted and At the war Me i rs toWr a ces- m
w In regard to whoee orders It was Mr-. De Armas was authorized to0 oo- ly telreoeM ia .vm r A s weeC t
his duty to obey. lect the rent. ried on between N at m at
On the eblef Sarther renusal to obey M- IF. Randal mae appUlication for. iavane"h and OL B W. We^ of
Ithe order the Adge deliberately took a reduction In tbqhe assessment at. oa-.; the Plant-V Ten awi. . Ma <
out bhis watch, stating a he did so: tan properties he owns In the city. It appears at the l .vma t B.
'Mr. Woodward I wlU give you Just Referred to committee orn appeasIBad Plant SyUte8m owd in brinlatts' Kh "
three minutes to answer me yes or no. gievances. U ttedaMtes t 2a OE O0
whether you will en.':.-e thr order of A communication was read from ex- refuse to stop At the qma nl e Mta- 'At ti
this court and saend ai, .: er after Mayor GlUett. In whIch he stated that tlon to allow the bhee of the raw
thole women." Mr. t7oolv.-.-d ptared the city wa.lndebted to him to the to be mutdated. r
that he bad been advised tl-ai his or- amount o $250. That he owed the Acting.Quartermints rQW hre Brd aw
dera came from the m tyor and at the city about 7S taxes and requested to-da ynotifed )oL Wraw that th e m
expiration of the three minutes the that It be eboarged ag aJnt the amount utnders anding wa that the Ve0s18 doe
Judge declared him guilty of contempt the city owes him. 'A motion prevailed would be expected to delver the bl- new
of court and Imposed a fine of $100. _that a warrant be issued in favor of gage Ot the troops t Sranat I t de
juM Gesm next called up Cap>- Mr. GlUeit for $75 with the understand- requlrements of the contract ae not tha
taln Jones, who watnext in command lng that he use said warrant In the ftly complied with. no more troopS Ac
and aeked him if he would carry out settlement ot his taxes., will be transported over the Plant "W,
the order that had been refused by Mr. Holmes reported that the filling SYstem.' aid.
the chief. Mr. Jones p-umlspe to get had been done on 13th and 14th rtreeLt en
the women If they could be found and as asked for by Mr. Arango and others TO DEMAMND INMGItTT. Clenm
a suapenslon of hostllties was declar- for the Seldemburo Co. -- end
ed r. Kruse reported that men were at Special to The Tribune. he w
It is aJtegether probable that the work painting the bridge and were Wahington, March t 4.-The United p-o
trouble will be renewed at this morn- making good headway. Sates bae decided to demand rePala- wht
Irng's session of court. The officers re- The committee on appeals and griev- ton from Honduras for the killing of ad 3
fuwe to obey the judge unless sWdered ances recommended that the petitions Pears. an American citlsen. ffK a in1- Wi
to do so by the chief and the chief will for reduction of Interest on taxes try. Indemnity will be akted for. room
wait for instructions from the mayor. made by 'Mr. Loepontlere and Mrs. t era
In the meantIme the women are en Sarah P. Brown be granted. dReport ,F WRriI.IMIeA Ma0 U
jlying the climate and having a ood adopted. 1, a t
time generally. On motion oif Wr. Holmes a treet s T --ttic
Se y J light was ordered placed on Florida Spcal to The T nwe. I
avenue at the Hampton corner. New orl. Marc 4.-The naytsrf ehi
it-. te'bb called attention to the concerning the murder of DouryRaw- Tpm
t)? i' J ~ Ifact that some of the city officials had i nods is beinlea1re t, lot wt-
Li' I U L "I nit g iv'en tlhe'ocd required o u ne mes apeas'ediln ourt to-day f a n
SHie slated that nearly a year had PO poaltivety identified Dr. Kenned as
S--" ed by t the pesent admleratration the man who wa seen at the hotel
Span'sh t :-'. r: -te lPe! I'. the and he thought it was about time that with her. In C
offcers furnished their bonds. The ty.
Philippine In urgens. clerk was ordered to notify all rebch

eraj Otis and the other me. ixrs i-r The nm..tter at a water suIply with
the PhlippiUnes commistson will ies'le which to flush the sewers came up for -- MOi
whether or not the ransom r tie confederation. Mr. Holmee s asked Itatlves ofMtindanto Threaten to Take ut
Spanish prisoners held by Aguinaldo s vthac It was one of the most seriteoa
.to be permitted, matters that confronted the city. The Pssession of the City of to to
As a result of the represetationa sewers most be flushed hut the city Is (Xr
mads to the president by Ambaesador at lc 'gereeads with the water mn- who ans of
Cambon and by the Natlonal Red pany. He thought that ooething --- eld
Cree society sharing the depiorat e ouht to be done. After some further tseemi to me Tribune. Stab
condition of the prisoners and their in- discuasson a motion prevelled that a Ilolto. M 4--me cost stimm- Ami
humane treatment by the PI~pulo, It special committee he aidwointed to dte- age
hsa power to act In the matter as he deems ply sufficient to fluh the aewera 3 l5'nbo5s.. on the Island of Wtmaco Ini
best. after advising with his associates 'Foliowitg are -the names ot those ap- with upswa-d of 10p0 psmengs. ha- bi1
on the Philippine Commlaison. pointed: Holmes. Fracer and Web.b
The president Is hopefuli that It mey The ordinance creating chief of sani- /aldtng SpS cniale with tea
be found poeslne to obtain the reieme tation and. pa'e5crtbng the dd e wives and fenilale. who are tetiHwl yo
Of the oprleoers with little delay trot same, passed second and fnal rsadang. to SpSitn. They repeat that 2.0i ien- It
he doea not wish to give Gen. Otis du- r. Ft-recker made a atatemenet In isn troos, colected from "the. anh- a-
rectlona In the. matter, in view it uaat regard to the eptyismearent of a daeS r isi landte are at Zablecge, awraY- btS
o wce's former oijeotdon on the ground by Chief of Police W.odwaOd5 He it.-
that It would give Aslnaldo oeac etrongt objected to smi p apointment ing a mraneort, whIch Ia with wte te secure arms aa other eacount of the olells being a non- dte. (Se

in regard to the Their attitude tI determined. The
tramns to stand R l R 'rl- I ePMsrdm-de anad2a0 96
at theJr. & retr-ning to CeB wienme ttb W ed
slons dringthis Upon th abonaaumpt ty the MOS U enh
A In the soss ing gacrisen .a a
another time B A.pasenger WAm that the bgsBO@a. Oft A<
L i instrucetee wa.as ded for me daws at uank*i oUs-itcMan
lef of police w- t.In I t. aeert
few reeys erIn jr __ai ras ti
Mrthg WreMe%-keln --- - fRyofndcuh

Batn o as "r' IsasXo"W 090BOe n tWaasss-- CbtLeinngerI
Sthe a w~il l t Ing c done by the police department, ea-
Bw1 thei b wily 'NM Srj PwT.z-'. peclaiy in regard to the large amomut
untIlB decided by ofiothatwS donen theFm a
Special to The Tribune. streets the ct prisoners which m the b hO
Pekin. March 2.- gnor Martlao, w a saving onf os,--nds of doia t the a-e for
ILT d. the Italan minister. who he& been re- to the city. o en fo
. alled by his gvovTnment, be left Pe Council adJowned to executive e- er e opened y
Gkml Horace kin nd Sir Claude M. Macdonald, he sion, gts. dtot q
aesl Horace Brtlsh minister. leaves here on Thuw-s At the executive session 1301 we u s *even hun-a
lm"e 6a0yPol- day next, on leave of abtmence. ProprLted to pay for brining the Toar- twexsimg01
le to enceed4onto cadets to attend the MiSitary. Co- Jme3. wx
iitoTetibune. to 4 In favor of the aiproprlatlon. ulo
1.od o March 2.-Tbe Berlln cort-- oA 7p 6b e&SPinto bPANJ. met coa.
. rempodent of the Time e says: "Frace - the wmesahcse
O S&,-W2 D- -a withdrawn her bje n t ns to the special to The Tribune.
C "B._ Paa. Eteasm-on it the conopotiltan a.t.e- Madrid, M "arch".b -The Quen Re- P. .-

S Atl.GL Itsp0e Matb_' f.- oreiaa..' an4...'C l mni. r --.h. . t. Wash.-- g.. i -
M U&- e e I ". "Inoth e t eat m -- -t. leg on S -l .-'- in t . -.' B a s- : -.

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'w!" ejacolated Polly and Wagon Company, o
ore a show window. street, conduct a cart
Jt lovely spper." here Lhat fCor variety an
i Josh. (M ra-lane & stock cannot be beaten
quelled in style and surreys, carirages, bug
Loon. Go in and look tons of leading makes
equalnted." It might are satisfied with a m
not to have extended too." Soon after intro(
ad not Uncle Josh Henderson, the general
e economy It Is to tou.iy as soon 1nv p
toe. & Glenn's, for handsome carriage ,b
s and prices so se- Ileft sCarley also got r
pureisased an outfit In a rodd wagon. U
ipper to a handsome what wan up, so he q
Charley Inve ed In will honor your draft
fine shoes, while Un- boy, 'cause I know tha
in a par of Doulass get of Tom Henderson
with rubbers for the rhis s also the boss 1
feeding footwear can establishment, you mis
and prices offered by out a set o0 fine tsa
mnn. necessary turf goods.
omised you- a gold marked that he tbi uri
queried Uncle Josh of couldn't get satisfied a
Turner's is the place I Fl-irness and -Wagon
me cheap." Entering taiowenent, It 'would b
r store the old man Ai this poInt, momews
d himself of the pro- fusion of Charley, the
ftected POlys atten- ed in a half serious csit
lor stock t. mflver- sonal appearance. "TYo
he ouie. "There Is off style for a towmnm
Me Wose In town," "and I guess you'd not
6 "and I will guaran- suit. would you? MDavl
o be bet very bet. people to see. They
nly clock whble here. talors, who understand
er ares a m 1n0fl- styles, sand I guafnte
forget father act," more like a newly maw
Sever yon unfortu- you get tos@d opt In
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aber and stal- For constipatidn and indigettions Dr.'mAes
I" d' t a cPierce's Plea ,an? .lets are th.i ,ost 3nt.
to ever' cu- seal and tsr-ect ca -v ever dee ad- They
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Imoh -' it's baby carti:g, ard-" US for sfanples dnd pries on a &ny thing O Nn t S

otlsm ohs per- but Polly had taintedL iLine. Our tore has beeirspeeialty consisieted t
.dd, e, ~-- O of a Dry Gods bosn.ess. Itis. th largest
obsess-ort to a -., OCyody can ebe constmd, dcntin a hat Uncleloshe
tb rUehaa free ---.-- fo render it tXCImp orders and talee ad jt

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for that too my events of the day Folly began to Vol-

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lsoc D ublyexpressthanka "You havee bought a. ... ..
Company's es- "W-h-y, exclaimed uolly with great ode en to us filled witit-the P!O'
hati ato c bC 'wt"elt. it's a baby castrage. and-" tius for samples and prices on atythingiu tn

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veutf ,In IL oM tet GUatOf gentV said imoctatlon. to e Honoratwte br-",

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uOW 0AeW 06 dWaW ee aet 4.I25, 42&-,sb
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mS S: S7 ^^^SJ^ reon AJDMIN1,EeATiiRIX NOTICEt ,* Wa..idi.ag g .ti ,
=In mouhas Bros. eraho rr. aefo -. Eee 3f m... .
lbS5s = EmpeSe1m useer eofm sad and fi old Ian cTIEi ;
iatdiseuonr to hbl wo l~lloopithtaea; 'te derslgned has been appointed &dman- Works. Store FroSaw, OCORamns el0.-]
tmewta' ntheber.Hsc cr WSteamboA Machdea. dTAlte&q Bald. twitr.S
Ups0 0mfesn J ceded y Ib o be at fnest an rth. ate are notified to ant them es to metalling 1ri9*ig and 8T *
n fs ryel ant a sose Sct LSiI t ex Prices. Hitcblpg Pouts and Iron Feae. __:e
3 thorns ce lock so of i'ca 'oyoday o hertug herself the ttme provided by law or the same ______..__ _ _..___.____.. _.
t2 resth. temptaion mch urAbk ng song as there wil be barr-i Al person inebted
le objed, or a good .~er Sw town lUke 8 Aaron. to ald etale are requested to make DIVO)RCB rw6 ,
Sant Ito a nonfSlSon- Ito. 3*12 r'ar"tti streetL He made omoediate settlement with me. D .l^ ,^.^

Untie Jroib sad "at- said t was Just tovey" eagerly re- deeaset--t
td lee aream, too," so e onded FPoly. dNI-In C11"o I I-
Ite e temen were e, a whilewee are on thits im- I- n Che, 1-ea d % 11 6
So ndelcous c= pora.t to of gastronomlc AST ALE Emma E,. trickland vs. Edward
nough to make every ih and with bread. Now to locate a Striokland, Divorce. ed the lbtend W S
tr ahe. Pot was I meat market where yoU can get fresh In the Circuit Court of the oixth Ju- I mi cane tomIag on to be heard a the m Ml m
a of sweetme i, an I whole e O meats and fresh green gro- O! ,-ia. Citrcut of tJhte State of upon aptpoaton for a order of il- lr.t b he .^ E
a proft e, but l e 'er- cles at aed im sa y favorite nur- iora, in a nd o'or Hilisbo- s- llaes to dirta ted against the defend- ta d I.
r just comYlmeNts to bbetb man is W. L. Fultond 201 Lafayette ourh County.-In Caaan- ant, Edward 8. l and it 1 mae and o
choce selected sto treet. Hs maet s nicely fitted up e aoperling to the eaattfactonw of the a a.01 dli e 1 d
Sthe street Uncle JoJosh Is kept scrptrlously clean and Is fast -t Clerk o said Cout u affidavit flied AWI to the l s -
y murmur sosethin becoming poula- with everybody who Lie.-- Crorgiai State Building and I with the r ui of con laInt In said ca e en all udlebte him like "new woman." t 1 prtlcula to havet the dbenst The d- i. asxeatlon, that tee said defendant is a non-rel- be paid by It
young laeye qaoth the reason for this Is all because he l very- vs.S dent of the dtate of CloritOda. and f a S t
in a tone stm'gestive cf careful in the selection of stock and :' 1" H. Bal and Josephus G. re'ldett of Thomasvlie, Georgia, and Ui B
), I just told Charley ge ls the best of everrhlyng and kess ,. over the age of twenty-one years. 34
ld s h fresh on colde coldol-ge. 'o k-ep your ,-,,e s n by virtue of a final de- It is therefore ordered ta you. Tampa. Florida, M C
led -bicye thlis um hubby' in a good hi morw zoily, trade ,L rendered by the mLn. Barron .dwasrd B. Surctltand do aper to the1
.led Folly "Ye, at W. L. Fulton's maret every- tioe." i .. mo. judge of tie 6hi JudIciai cri- at bill of eomotnias t on or before a d T.
nds ate s emply great," o y aterward agreed that Lncle o: > -he sate of Florida. in and for i the s day o May, A. D., 1899, else
etrs. F or easy speed J,_?s knew what he was talking about h i rrougih County, in Chan? -ry', in a decree pro com feaso will be entered t
tet and d and d h e ol d n poat s andfresily een t 'p ru -l- f '**' 'Jt lhe> Georgia Batiding and against yott ,
ch usen 'but sed,-. ed to "oy her meats of any body else --,i Aseociaton and against ,errie It is fut-ther ordered th a copy of
sod tnce Josh,. "'Wl hut 'uton. L,~ll and Joeaphus G. Ball, her hue- l this order be abuibsed in the Tanaa t between. .
tad se my priend Fred n route to their home the party .' --. I Carios F. Sevens, aler in TrIbune once a week for n ttid omaen e and 2 T. Ma tds m
Pn Cycle Company ck called at The Tribune office. 'Youtll 'r.ne, w sell at public outcry in I tive weeks prior to the io t dfay and ItyMfte ft
tou get your Clevelad wand tcs nbews ever' day. remorhed frj-it of the court hou.g door in Lhe of May. A. 1., 18*9. thmfi d tseIl
o thst kodak ale o, Uncle Josh. "and as this is the favor- ,lry of Tampa, In said county and (iSeal.) ,r- ,f. 1' i Vadtot
en taling souet. A h i te local o gpa r hore I'l subecribe'd w ho ae. 1 ihin the legal inbura of salei. i I il fim TrtS-^"^
erri Uncle Josh handed When the trlo reached home Uole n the 3rd eday of Apinl 100t. the s1me 1t a or 2 b pi.bI
sneat ittle che" t 'Josh remarks d that he hlad jeust haiout ieng the frst Monday in aid month, B y S a GIVeoFl d an tte aId ;Js"

ow e wed arrange t1lena theietnpon produced from a sin lg resa estate, situate lit Hills-I V. .WHITAaSB- f_.Ii_ ak'-
m-d a y I. hethet a bottle 'if 'E.cho Spring" woIls- borough county and scale of FlorIda, L H. L, rIar'mrwwei 0r C(Numat Ph.ineai -5 3
Lto sise hue tlis key, madf e by Sl Gbfeliloer & Co., of and more particularly depsbed as Court for mald cint ma teFe omitt- beasi 3iSO
, jThe ht pl n R Me, the poCar wheolsale wIne feet and sthreet t e east from the te ag et ofte btd B, n I Y a wr
,vdLefto" ur msbo tIe and lIequor merchants "Now," aid nortth y eta orber of lot number two aforeMid caoeo. ',.oj6
-inve tment oms I a Unbye Jofisn 'good Burtng toj L aj w Of block elayregir tyd toed the cIty H Wl.Bro m bas6 L sand lCtIsalt -to t j
S sidrneedm t ,e told known brawled. Is brw wAutehy pure and Tatp.a' on the mouth ne of Washing- at Tdap1 this 1f day MEoh, . -es. 9 .I
"tlsw r easy spe ad rMaoshe and just the thing for faunly -to s5tret, rou tog east tinhir'ty-fv, Dee. 1M. _.. ..t
- inere asn't t oUialy uashe -ad that timbd feeling, I honeloy feet. thence south one hundred and (Sea.) .
h'em." of c e. eywdto toempahe ttle ofItt an y mfelve feet Waet with c at an ainsstree ItiWA L '
e st ',Jo m" at ab times for In case of so- t ae ndoe in a westaty direction osfl- rt r a-t' stOdr. -. i,.rti t-I
Lad .e emy fesd liroent, tphury ,om he prtyiu, leeep t with WaeinonI street, th ty-flve i n. B y VM, Dnce Ikt0 9 00n-,T
mdo gaet yotmItad mafkes- a fene remedy I ipcel to be fa-ee. tbmnof rthet pa usa dor'Lbei-I. .tn.i..a
bu.t Lh k aoAl '. aUcl e J and I l tl you there is *hf 11vofrr. c o onetiUafdlmal, fnve s a i s a ,S t i
.e tali a* m. Al s Bradl vut up r alf so mellow a.s feet to p llnt o( laf m s oan part. I .. . t .N..
rnleJs handed Whenrcl th e t riog of lot hhr odehom mai blocka at-' AD3tINfISTRtAXIO.t th satecU. r EB

ad db- soSowrtht cmanomeup to 8h*la aS-"
oal brand. 'Snow's Mobby'" It's manie
Lbsme, from eotice selected wheat, and bread
and-" made from It docet get dry and stale,
Obyi bht retains moisture and the natural
d th# flavor at the wheat for several dare
C. B. tAll good housewives use "Snowta
many w ote" It may be had at most atly I T
lor a first-clasa grooery and don't forget, '0 f 7 I
as for Polty, when you order floss', Inrsist 3 "
quatid upo getting 'Snow's ,Hobby." Wel, I 1
m in- gwem from what you say that flour
y sta- wit soon be 'Polly's bobby,' sentes- -
ble-a- tiously observed Charles. .. -
r table After a pleasant ten minutes' visit
oet of, with Giddens & Company Uncle Josh A horse in the lead pulls in vain whea
owpa- -began to ponder where to go next, the wheel horse lays ck in the breehing.
Itg In when Pofy suddenly asked. "Uncle A ran's body is a good deal hike team of
nerasi what about Ice?" We've got a fine re- horses.. ad in .st. rk harmoniously. The
hen to frigerator you know and-," "Jews so, head may want to worL., and s:rive ever so
h nice Jess so," laughed Uncle Josh. "all new- hard to work. but if the body is balky and
ly married foks shotild keep cool tNt I iiC k the held will make no progress
Joash. t uing so much In one day kinder -rus- The man who is out of condieon physisl-
must rates a fellow. FortunaLely however, ly may as well give up trying to work men-
k and It won't take me long to thhInk of the tally. He will not be able to do good work,
along place to order Ice. Fact is, I've got or satisfactory work. and in the endeavor to
A M. it right In my eye now. See the Tanma do so will only do himself further harma
for of Ice Comnpany's factory over there'? The reason that men have nervous exhaus-
tion and proaqxtton is that theyftr oor
them WeBlt you needn't ibe afraid o ,M- toussad Zprytius irtha ktyrtowork
toeb "eJb nuee t he TazfdeCo-the brain when the body bly. The
to he e If yces tse the Tampa Ice Com- right thing for s man to do when he finds
people puny's product. T .he water tey m l be is out Of sorts physically is to give the I
ink sis douie distilled and rt abolS te mind a little rest, and-promptly resort to
Iverae, purlty characterizes their Ice in every- the riirt remedy forhis physical a5menutL
&m and deta of Tn--n-ae ," Uncle Jo Dr. Piree's Goklden Medical Diacovy is
1 tm soo contracted with the manager, the best of all medicines for a balky body.
xmo- Mr. J. M. LoAg, to auoply Polly's re- When the head aches, the appetite & pour,
I prin- frigerator for a whole year. the sleep is restless, the erves after Iay
what 'By the wey,' 'exclaimed Uncle Josh, .and both body and brain suer from d,-
y the with a paternal air, "the next thtng to e d lasi tade, it is time to reset o
at he look a tter is the lumber for thoae Im- this grstt remedy. It restores the appetite,I
ear- provements which are absolutely nee- corrects an dirdersa of the digestion,
Id Jut emary. Come with me over to tte makes asiiatikiO ._rfect ivisoratethe
sotahern nbe 9 upply Ce hver and puriesand nounaihes the blood.I
hF e e It is tle griat blood mfLn.' aend rades |
Ped 5TSe the principal delerm jt b aild. It is the best of nevte tumcn and
restdftves. It esaker both body and brain
rnse ne h~ers, nd they ase a wa S equip- sa& gd elctie Medicine sia haret
we wr e. pod VbNug to ll isn o ossecsiees giod -
r b" asaw te Mot aw^o*-ImaC bftd
Sthat, may e mot aoatste km h6 d- "1 yeas with an ulser ae l the
be.see 1M mnxtedi_ IO BoW _m_ a nese hbe* -ld a ot do me any oos." writes

ad so the
rway," r



*. -
ma d


Army is OomepttU y
adm =ema Wl be Osp-

& eTeIM. emmalt th a.
,,tartd or Uan8ktld To-

dAo -sea"weork n

^toGAalphagg p *
At* flar e kt V Elocek to-a
?j e as inbk f the a y.Z w
ft hfr*M~t ooteeing to. hte.

Alb t ..e e a n


Bllief Soiety of Cliica En-

dorses Paine's Celery

a Compound.

The P-esilar Slgewg LtMeS Setwesa
TWrO es a" t"eM Caame.
If you will look on the map of New
England you will me two curious reegu-
laritle In the dividikng lne between Ma-
machumetts and Connectcut One of them
is in Ganby township, a little northwest
of Hartford, and the other in Bneeld
township, on the Connecticut river, mouth
of Springfield. It is a ending conun-
drum why, so long as the boundary is
Imaginary, they did not make It straight
instead of crookel. Buo thereby hangm a
Those two little jogs on the map are
monuments to human obstinacy and to
the persistency which is one of the chief
trait of the Yaankee character. The an-
cestors of the farmers who own those little
spoteof ground preferred to live in Maasa-
huserts rather than in Connecticut and
fought for their preference until they had
their way.
The controversy began in 0131 and con-
tinued for 112 years before It was finally
decided. In 1724 the question was appeal-
ed to England. but the mnT-ernamet was s



thIrsts- sad e relpel ai
ith Werld-.-aw 1 AftekM aM
and nu1 ItsoTeIms. -
What IsAthe nagh booatiean w ad ft
tine animal In the WorM? Nupc eOto
nor the tiger, nor any rmlaivem whi ,i
theftsit tb the lake a tq eos"h
New York. This animal Mis n6 a
moat naturalsin remMnly hale domd b
adnolmnon ee into the elarM of Ab
The mor they wfll gati ttt he f
flishlike animal. The lapIOay tis h Os
eA formof animal We iswhirl toe a

ua ka

-b M -^e & a ' t*th---- -InoI- me = AM
be found. In 1890a third eouhnualb tie
Intrus ed with h he m GeO ttSa aMn E "& adbyli**'m m ail
boundaryin whiw ass w adopd by h lt y ae las, mead
leglatuissl of both shta m-4hi.agn loPA- is inljY a 1q0 IDn hedef
e ,,-- ,.P oir r, .nge% in i
HE WAS A WLUFFER. flab in LakeCG"Mesoa
lofi.erme combined AM

"" -. whether se he in chare of & noose- easee is shown ', the following letter, Coliee Fpemse. psety for innoomseao J
i fro 'M F ax e Wear, r.rrent off A succesful Auburn man tells the fol- Si fln A6 1dIa Me M
hold, where the work in always do&.n hef outh S id.em able ear re. dafn
.r. Wfs j. but never or behind a counter eao. The letter ~tA ted Det c P.Ler wanted to ge stom money to go p o a ddle of Aril e maences: "

S~ a - P e of work. doctoral wat y g av ImmedIate rle 12. : teo. When I went t store thepo- m wla ttmarlt u PrIesMrwag
diooragemt. B t of nervoosne B. al tn do, and 1 ufe and adh e otusa the
I ~a a rarOne of other with sd onen th or t "We feel aery glad tor alnwentse of told him I coul md n st oli wahtd a 'It bnt Ifreqe A ly Oaim

Snervoe trength is the inabi.l t the fine qualites of body and weakner s him. I had seen men cut meat, but had oaine of meag e ft reuHae e
OWf bs I wea B pmo4e are evIdeitee o p roor blood. tInresle notown' never Ic drwt any myeaelLs 9 heesr emed w kno
IWO* aVM goin gOWnked iso f0t th &more eakowny estarhed e of for iuipldin ofU the heart a csystem- "So wb I took p alife and went to Boston, anted. Eh- L
an that e a inr the l rea c ur doctors prs oribe oan e n tt, pa e t is at k Ir wawhiles ot ui ka joband mea ut-hs se pathboy a ams o
.. 'o ORiA, s ti- ises an thteh bu pof otoe ways girwest h i madste relie a." ter. m hen I weal t int o the stor ethe. a g atn mi

twhih.e h emhh orn icy to m e r t'at o fraesa
M OPn y -theCsfancanne i for. Thegreat e(f- celea'y compound Ie na&ed tie of tdhaIclmedhitmeat. i1 'Look ha, eoungqea y a um
t. -oo* t a B it_ s M trtl len6rt e Tof fatn Iwms tni poverty orelewi th e blk eood mosaWt eult, and I he out with nase turi the g0
nervogtr hanfo ed tr hi tis o abilityet women and ne o f body dth se am been ht m. d u en Ven men t 'm e bdontr"s' womh 1ofga ls&to mev i
omtt than thewsateep rega in the tired erof little t of mlialnd when the poverf e work Dttd tisIs not Voemo I wntHe Iouh stoeabj
hte" 1 own story e th nwe n elitoand tig ratlonu to o otut most in hsa asth yOU'va ya t I c ot m ot mbe t h o"d m

___e ra11n te Mf y o tr peBe not If a w afan fouls that she Is losing the way we ou Ifc' And with this he hereyoun gefwo
B_ Wtoal to i ee'. t hm, e oeever bit upon the roAtfld in weight and ruet us t e t eg ooi the halh a nd the mt w an d thow a a in i
ggt t eo am e. e fact Its toie efe t n renewM the blood meb.'oWe thseid 1, mtat's the wInds ey Id-sme mmotn iss5S
*pere ee nere ome ia dretorlng the t"re' wth has beenatrmm tupnVanyet.hn "nlBsof hee. owra"E
"'M W 1P*ft s ad IM P t hte not cured OfUttle gsr eteo t f ofu in calltremede a0 "C o aina-ulfr The

--We* ea VthL.its triaLsemasa M m..t h ereere0 moveelrbsq-ing. d q

&L Ahoutabew isIfe.
.slbheam a ma~g
m wGlovU7 A
Now W"W

. omo

sifi- d09tgtc

~leend a

ORme.15. 1ou a. afew

5 the la.es-
j juya mor" of

B 0.

bem @PXaIR. Jei, h m & tlafmU Dnthur

Sottr seMWme- "oastNaton and 7 P-

nS m shil daUlor and kid- Seventh ABT5vBiWIl b Opned From
mas ot- aKl*oa Awenne to the leasbor.
9 W ough Iradr and Paved With
d Tom -the fr J iue of lemons, FnA DaM BOC E
d wmm ha oter ve w Aetabee liver

o he st ame d MtdiasSa o1 an d rdge Cline, of Florida Ave. hts.
L. boies at all drggtotU. earned for himself the title of public
mAtl nt I *js benefactor. Some weeus ago he, made it
reparea only by Dr. H. tole oble to extend Franklin street
AT Ew C.APITrwn tf north to where it opens Into Elghth
I am in my seventg-third year, and avenue at a coot tothe city so trifing,

ad bUlomete. I have tried all the eby one of much greater preporUons
rnemtot svertoreds fr these diseaseI, and one that m oans even moae for the
and got no permanent relief. About develop nt of the city and the open-
one year tgo the diease -- g a lng up o or principle thorougares.
more severe and dangerota form, I be-: On last irriday be made a propoaitin
came wry weekr aad lost flesh rapoidiy 10 the board of tubUl works that In-
P omnenoed .uIong Dr. Mosley's Liam- so-re the opentno up and PavIng of
on lixr". I gained twelve pounds In Seventh avenue from Florida avenue
three moth y trenwth and health to the Htllloeborotgh river at utile or
Smy appetite and nt' ditgeBtiaon were no co t to the city.
perfectly yestoued e anad now I feel as, Mt. Cline stated to the board g tha
yan and vigorous an I ever did in if the city would remove the top sond
my l-e. Is J. 'AAieDRea. land do the grading he would open the
Door-kn c O. te ate Bntriate. ot street. donaxe the ground and pave It
State Capitol, Atlaenta. Ga with flrst class Florida rook clear to
Sthe river, a distance of four or five
m aor LEPU LWMON d tSXfr, Iblocns tMr. Henderson, president of
1le ti be veat best medicine I es' used tbe board to whom the proposition
S atte anes yo recommend It wor, was made did not lone a mate In
Pfa I tNe.need many kdnds for wo having it aoCepted by the board and
awat fl. . yesterday morning he put a large force
' j and v r as I-BL ever did C H iABn. Iof men and wagons at wmo k preparing
BUm &Jen. 'Il. AI t for the paving rock.
IOw eTr HStat eHRn DROPSte moSr vote of thankaL for nhis generosity.
'It Q O Cold'M t%-"Mee,. Hi actions are wnrths of ematldinton

and A ham used lum kingdmnsefr s i xaiacA ba IXPteSOar D.
LUt S efl7 Ueu Prqaared oly ha ---
.. .. .-- fo th p avire L-.
_. :-_" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 7% city_ o...wes.. .,.. .. .Judge ,, n -,a u ....-

aa wneI Wrs o a eentaer coaaeonseemea
May to have me go. a lue then I have
graduated& froo elge, and bhe I am ol-
lowing my rotevtion, eble to hoe my row
with my lveliest oompotiter."-LwiSiton
(Me.) Journal.
A Hardy Plamse.
In 1660 the Dutch city of Haarlem was
devastated by the bubonic plague. Whole
families perished, among them a f&alily
by the name of Cloux., wbose varionu
members were buried in the Haarlem
church yard. Thirty or 40 years ago it was
found that the masonry of the tomb was
out of repair, and the vault wa n entirely
rebuUt. The masons in charge of the
work descended into the vault and re-
mained theze during more than a day.
Now, although more than two centuries
have pasaw dunce the epidemic, all these
workmen were anacrseked with the intec-
tiou s bubo characteristicc glandular swell-
ing) of the plague and had to undergo
loug tr atuac-t at the lompital. Neverthe-
less, there were nosymptomsof theplag e
proper, and all recovered.
l Is yetalgbt Was Deteetlve.
flow did he happen to mnuy haer?
The young woman to whom the qnues-
tion was addressed shrugged h r boulder.
it was her boet that she never spoke ill
of her friend, and sbe was dee-mntd to
Uve up to that high ideal.
"Yon can me for yourself that he weam
goggles," he s-id.-Chicago Post.
Leesum Fal Diiea.
Leemw when applied toperveeat ogea.
at.namokem. dron off dmed. diAtmm'

bried ped of om ehedil lag med &M o
tiity thesIn i anther kind C k5 -1eI
found In central few TN c Wohb baj
neew been known to asa a. & inM is 1w 0
the b hook tempey, w is never o nd'r*a" .
in the lakes, but is to BcMA tRa mSM -
ta& Its t I spposedathtbhe does mt A r 0U
his eating before he beoees a eialai- black sb
prey-tn the larval perid th as a-e L
tits may-and iLs never hungEry aft d. Owl
velop into area lampreand he lives only e4t -
a few months aftarhe ois dweloped, thlO
seems likely, or it may be that wben he n .
grows up and aeea the horrible glutemny tf 0OM W
htis lake cousin e ie msodegmSied that e
deliberaelyarves himself todth. d "Oh
The lamprey tribe damoes not e to be t1 1
abletodoanythiinagmIn iblea mod-.
-eate manner. Herem a woSftA coS e ,
e of whom starve hmnl-- f to death an ,'
dte other of wbom kilis and albsdey-M t i
ding ne comes aroses. The ihmlpeWns,
lgignal and normal home ito am i, = A
it exim n Its orgnal form= today ina*,
ams which wash Ctesdheses VC s e
memon fis, or l*ng, whish --a fi- niuf,
hat a flalke anImael,i
chauseof al a9s ao ~tfbth4M W %M=e-

op a goodwi or a good bkadt
there is no bender mcoeaeM tMan a&me
g wov

la cotiasM,

fiva 6h


:-i, .. .-

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