Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: March 23, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Fin Li UUJ Cildren Ftna DNOd In I So Warning rf ste I oAgent ChM- .
Jobi l Ho's House.. U L J Ul6 latefion. L IL

J~r p at MAr.Ia to BODIES SIDE BY SltE IN BED Assauited Two White Women, Mrs. Place Expiates Her Crime REED IS TAKINC A REST A Town inSo
sheARe ste M. -- One of Whom lie Killed. By the Death Penalty. S eotho oteWh
S bmFirtzemen Aeached the House Speaker oftheHouseiNowatJekyle *
i theFather Was the Only Livin g Island Viit Was Usherlded
US KULLIIAbout-TooLUB k HoO and Total TALEly Unexpected t E
|Hsad ode apidlyAway. HO O 111 [ Iw O% I8L I I[ the Popie of Brusawick.
SI r -AjWIM- ^ aThr lade a Ccaardly AMsalt on She Was Ii Into the Duth Cuber S aa -w to The TdeAts. t
. w ....- rr t Fled Ppo Att Io. ui Was Se a Corpse. oms.o ,a.. a. o W LL T W
%mom" theebodies of the givep ,on the ora & m
A ---MaW lenwood waNfte ot a i1st M
When Berry Confamed to His Awful When the Grtical Moment 0ae she ls iss-ll vS. ttt ad=Awty Valwk
Si retru so tte th rt a me. owsn- riaze Thzat of L7nching Were NevWr tahad -Hewr Old PI** waneaweIn ha0mm. wh o wit s t Weam sub-
don.-mssuaed on a.ewa e of mar Hsar. F w rery eand and tor ainained By Her n"*i. CREOW t*tm, Ithe d"P
der. Oar. het hew readnumex' Olors Hnrried Him Away. Tailthe and Came. prche4amiamd ethre
--b n O d M p Rt l a t touer aald do or w. ath c w. -ot' T
W= then ad nf Bh St9tecial to The Tribune Special to The Trhaa& The Vdiot the conwr a asr ws to
Lahet& M b t2he sebingion Maro Z.-Mder, fe- Ginga OgN. Y. March 20-.is to the o tt the otoIg was W
as. the *nly on er of the raay rcious a revoting to every detal. tteher tewr crimeimto-d --* wAS reive
sE.lIm veL n Imsed outa e. ist actions was conmited near BowIe, Md., about At S A morni&&a da wasr ed to RED TAKING 1A R=rt. atmmere n
Wmome q se and t" e ve not lt talks 1 miles fro this city last nieLt, With te em Aair by her ad orand daso sperer of the iwlm Is Now at is- 0 at 9 at
'i. "JWMe t t l .4 s ws stMl burning a heavy cIMh John Berry A yom- n, He wes etana g by her aede when the kitiofd. i la d lm ttt. esi
and his children were within tLe ro. attacked two 4nen who had be- shock cama She displayed remat k- te t s ed.
rS1- fifanizt walsu, "he took a horse a* nrtAed him JM Aee luabes Amma Clrk. s bm66 eeO inhelstescGMite a mlet tTheTribue _- ,
y-4oiqwaww. 7ears old, was batten to deeAk and 'onearth. At them ReqoSt ofvwoorewu Ge March tL,.Sueeher 1
S(Whoen the tremen entered the bouse with another Touil crime ae his cdject ON rese th ed to-dj from Wadlaagtom Uh tTahei ase V111

S each ald was deepty indented, and only ended when ti merto and hias T ari f ur whlh (prso Place paid e ap o oeth cty
S^to w fe n rom the dents long tra ture s extende- victim were exhausted- Recovering the h ti pes alty was committed on ethey we en route fo s ter J hpt "
4"M All bat one of the chdreen had he sostht to rob and burn the house, February 7, lit at her hoe In Xr aged ofso i lw Mo g after tehsi- i'
i teen tbbed n the neckf The throat ebut -was induced tO desisr by t de Pln. Her vct im was d he r bste ll- 'ou -bean before the peop rle cau t on to ewio een i M
but ofthe ad-yea zr oy The0beet f AMpl e quadlgs tandeter. ldLa ne. ca killed her by 1 before he aeopie ca on ver t*'T s
Si t ae -year old by h d been lah- pleadingW and promised of protection I her yes with acid and then so the Presence o the distinguished per- o es an
St iow ed so deep that the pdtnaU column had o MIas Annie Clarit. who was made to ering her with the bed olothee until ere . fnrm
Asl n s sever ed. swear on the crucifx not to disclose he was dead. Aoout an hoer later AL E OL A.
?in.' .? U p t hbu facts and the sctraeI be- the r erer s na Bern r was ar- struck him se bhlow on the head gst be tiv en L D. uee o i t o Tr "lt e.
S ehnvtlr o I the father, the atthoritie b et ed and conteesed tis guilty He i th r ae and left him for dead. bef ,ethtpae a ton o B TMAx e S "
ba se base their charge of murder. was held to-day Bfy a coroner's jury After several months of intense suf- N h Py. A down LYthe Tal. SM
F 7 .. %7* for murder, and is now In jail at Bal- fearing he recovered Just as soon as he The postofflce departMent ham Just s sittau g eta e i j
-AnAiiacING F t BODIfE. imore lti Annie hurk in in a -ak able to ape ar In oe-tithe trial lauei a clrmcha- to postens cr wl am s fte d h
itical condiorla lasting only one week and the Fol i the order r ved from
Sw k, The ate a t o'clock last execution was t or Augut 29th. lee st Aslstant Postmaster Gen l e
Nf o_ w York. March 1.-MSny great nh to puspare their supper in the tian two months after the trial. An Heath: hoebleaml en S
S t ien.h tov^rb wigthich waserae a napesi wee taken wch ecued thelaws andgu
'Me. htft. sareubeinsgta .o' -emened woman a stay of sentence. tione, MotoerL o e fInh
SWl boho-ard the hoy step he-, -when the empeal. weedeuided againdstlo- L ws:-I rea as l o- =0
9 es teL Dutglr the day tour more bodies hind her as he entered, bht thought her the d tte was set for Mondsw .FTm and a Zter Ju 1, 1, the b mea to-. Ila
were found. o fethe four was Mien- nothing of approach, as he was ac- rch 20. and e mploye attached to at The P It hasI P0 a
4Se as MIWs Doa Hoirman, of Bal to going about the house. l cl Elizabeth asds 1 ssonam hss p ofl. and bsior to A.hewetstsupofL tndonbes- liomed to going.boutreh o e. William 3. Lansley. ofr Elizabeth the empioy"s of the malt bwgrepair he ter
to. Another sut oed to e Neither sister suspectetd his Vl cie N. j.. and es Blanch i Brynt, of shp, need wt e postal de-
todiu. HEd t t Ot ihe fou A Bar rb, ot waondo o4n the ~ h wune gft a heavy ck stick k, Hgh Bridge,. N. J., who have lcbren apartment of the United StLU. woehtb- b tbta thi y-r
Sidud e asfo na m, we Mrd brought It hevlt down on A n rIL a pla to of the state b ter d lobee temonS t d ,bd 'm
W s t ltous l e sck r s a ead, am rived here atro and are stop- Smo aw e a gsrl b ay o r nl o w.ed rteab- mam am seatre%
4o1111mun get e of two othaem 'wer e tom nd ade sois o r as c vet he il terday and ame o - a men, a he sn Wi th I M ~ r e t 0tt e 4fl S trglIwtI" e
m it. .me afa atisou on two oth ers I e te fonPont The blow knocked the wa&n from iping at the Aarno. M rsm Laneley. who 16 day. In anG one ltoeai year: Preo- d htapenda e*a
her tdo a a h Lnd erry t rened by his ii quite an aged lady stated that this vioed. that Do 0" e *nor e swoplas beI b OO
J t s .oom nd eto be t er. Ammda I n the fnt time in seven years that CrS aeal 1ve Under thse tsw l b pelrs l t inW of
STO sMOrNpL KEY. C Gs0 nd s to Aer SiStes rsoe u and ahead been In qfTne and se Pearce-, sev- e orve amor OW ar te Iv m th
%gp ~tHw ..to a-da.ru he i e tae wtnd s Lent baftr a ar. e rpredr a the gim retL stdee that tessefor adre wh the TamWe Os-a I deflme tsi ca
e. -tmw.ite a~uo u,- t, is u lhshoolkheroffaddat hera low had ben made mnce she wkm here 01t51 63S are hs hmeo ld tad Ss~dSi '.

a at s l et the euCo 'Wthl ovage ei- of re-oeres. be o t h worho etie m sa to d ehe rl atr, -e a *m ^
the o l Osttein S.gloet os baoater. cisnscroi-" m er t he dm e O er al t the s onisato mauid 1 o t S r-J J
fruiun1 W i m 1 ,ven her mad ventto p + .n bldaig 0W.

!^ Bme do so as the heat w pieces of wood from t l boy, ito tho l 5 o lu~ht to e he Invest-gates T
g^^^gllS ^maf 1'te iLBO. S Hel 5tad ck xAnle a saore of me tuae s found. let Iit ppli or testA here on Batmeda to lpie I unegA __ '_

t k H Bft te --WBXM^ W Vattempted to awauht her, but wa the fl-t oft' lest awe m hflkd It the _ite" at U a 10 .. C. r1rhntoy,, B] N

-"M Owat m O~ts. Mach SL-The ftoned in his purpose. wtSU take him at lest two weeks to males have ever been Me toeLt. T*i Wae.t M L.
ii a 10i UlIl tMaties hetM- Texes and Be then ransuked the bouse for complete L are said to be r. pretty us all Chl-. Pa.;
"r DnhaU aad the ruer Matrblebead vlsbi and t .yWaeed to bn aU o eto ma tss me an m t.feet ." a. H si
Sat half-past two o lock the w k saw rdNew P H to be just le gh to
o thIsa erry raw a stradw mttress o Ar A acnd Cou Thuos.Palmer of allp sayer Veq tap. orowm Save- sandU m i lW M
Bltra illl '+the fire iuo t im to go PM fr. ant have formed a lpaw oerp atten ded wherever tber have pviaed sp- PhiaAMa; P.tW.g
S.A Ie narty of Canaa tooriss a and Father Gtnd reands the name of the fsrm wiH be Pal- and there Is no reason sy the msr lim ;
ee wl te st Vatng at the Amo It. I cor- yan n pl00lt l the would do oer & HopkiaW os in Tam- should not have ian imeme crowd on e- adtB a
.t.ladies of te foowo ag named -r l ol pa. M.Hop wifeWi leave Shturday. Tantwa people ent good a H L
a J u oS e. Br.; BiSs Doyls a md :Yrs. an. 3 not to revesi the tn e In a.few lay. for that plate. Whie ball playing ais we I as pretty. gitrl&, Kahfer N 7 W ltssg B5T.;
..f t Or.;W sD 5d of on. drh myahder.th we greatly regret losing" l.s Hop- rT. emea nW H. H pB
Se, 1ftheA tag a amber of places In the Berry went after a usurifi and kings from Arcadia, we hope and trust Eao driO C.; 0 W. Bartma n a
gout1n .er liart of the stale and siter pressd tbe mae to the hidi praebt he e will gain wealth and reputa- Phuaep;
.ggepen-^dost g 9 a* few days a Tampa w 11 ed tpC of his Bving vitIUm. who wore tion in his new home and that he Itbe ft-st gol touramewt ever em tinn.; X. R. Rl
lrt on f~ir u-w ai trioTa t, Cunada. de Woui6m not betray llm. lsatfed will be euccessfol in all his undertak- in Tanpa, willeotal today at the Tam- lir. ( a. -eisqp ai.
That be .ad .secured iamunt tfrom ig&s pa Bay Go c0tb g loa toted o Ndelon. ad aW
22m j. 3. ao brt, %w eof those manager e6awre, Bewy started tar Bowle. iait 4 the vacant grounded west of the ree Tenn.
S f th. Ausutd rires prsed a talle from the Olarka farm he stop- Judge Baoron Phillips. accomnpanled The tournament wirl ast three
Geoug" Tampa etey on her way d ad told ba LnM named Green atat hy State's AttoneJ.. W aAttor-. s to grand prices ounwrg 90. htrl t
% iew -Trk. -itlne ae been with her some one had tried to kiln ~loe tandy neys High C. act1arlane adl W. of a t ..inC:t liver oup pvSmnted inent miner a t t
tlbmsbAnd Oi t loro mme timne asd and said Oreen had better go there. Carter. left yesterday morning tor by r. A. E. Dtck, and a abeantlaMl t hta ismre s..
06d60 days o took quite ll. Not He then rode on and noticed lRy.an R mtowr, courtw oide P sld meda resented by. the._ Pnot g west
ii ayi natsM of Improvement her and Father Giraud. cor ste mit court wila be held h yte Bome good pleam lre mal
sded to dace har under Berry was imme am* ce f a ipbly elan &n send her a4 when aerreted broke down and The big excursion arranged by the tvely pi pttg n y he looked fr. Capt.
to dw TW k coseemed, repeatng his conrn-m hbe- Tampa Capterw., usDamters of the Con- GCtiAe, ofm thi T&S y go fer 1
V of t fare the the oroner'sa lay to-day. OM rtederacy. will leave ore the hLnatqe as given much the to the ir eds'l g ea
I^^9iB Ml L u0 1kr o e lad kept her oath and peraistently riwer pootes at 7 pclock ths morning of a nuanber of the mes'be a- d Mr. &L A
S^hosntoa. hrehe spenedtreftuned to adnit that he had oommit- on the beanttbui steaoner Manatee. hMe some of them are anow aot roa to herd-, ,Si S 3
.dao"svtig 0o -andre, teld the crime until told that he bad fare for the round trip hbs been redun- olent I r *e as their teaOsch. i toe e
S InM tbAU of,9 d cm on e oftreate of .ynching qWere ed to 75 eamt for adults and 5 cent e m ly e tar wl v e tod tta b harto oM-
&Ws weinfl d MAIby Ma athe prisonertwas %mrsed to for che0mikeep a mao orf at thm is O
Urna nbe i = ta ldOers ofor- m tew horehowaspsut injprs he Tamy ga.ann 'the i s to Is
_1119W_ 5&En e one f the peettlest and meat ar- To-dasapw-am wi he a odd itSe

--ne iat m tsoMal car that are tuen In _ty Is thati oIchaaaOft'.as Zs
iW .M- A.- OMaa ey & Co.. a add ed to the street oar service i s a a p ,1,t t ,,,wt ant ac sale wt hIt hetomiet oft.l
BBi t. m am ^ lin. in"ome ntifade1U-n-p -POWmm --- I'i-
S9Cae hae added s 9gre-at g5.-to-e tIo* toe with the houm member &ad peteyn Shemes, Ooseise ath avis O ft a to 1
a d. st itaWir Woeaple. Driag the weeks aomend thsd o- .the elate boate, renuned i Key o-mormw tase eer - "pa" Ms
wI i1.W.t en Aad1W mat t"mm peoe hav aem pl- .,"Wee. .et ytaftw. take place.-*mod*

As..to .4 .AA i*tILen t" vie*Mas In ten ,, en me A : -
"-W-1 w,.-,,..
viar ere- frae,,,.- 6 5 A-



"e B itppitd Ilot Glistn athority to Dissolve The Eilltary Plat Inmestment Ucmpany Giyl. a Ver- Tha Di nguishied Visitors Wbre Shown .0s
au w'Trheir XEL &ssaibly at Pleaure. d:'t Over Irs. Cook T Cu v by Mayor and Pomtma ter


aTra OcXrpy osig, Tag- The Governor General Will Fxercise Shack lcod and Pettingi l Awarded Their Visit to the Is ad is For the
S aerei aMnd shle Work His Authority If the Assembly $2,700 as a Fee For Professional Purpose of Inquirng into the ,
Tmeg rOut the In- Ires ct tcc(n C .a.et Strvicos for the Laflins -other .Needs A ong the Line of Sup-
1Uf 4 -hlanMd. Stir Strife. Atto lneys Secured Feeb. plying Greator Facilities.

S1-- e. h~-~aL rVciil to The Trbune. The United States circuit court opei- From Sunday's Daily. bodtams
- AJfl" 3 n "ay jy.5Via5. M-e l.-Genera l Gomez ed promptly yesterday morning at 9 A distinguished party o t Unlted 55.3_
D w ,he i*lted beld a own bourn conference to-dsy o'clock. Arguments In the dame States poetoffice offIcials comoposed of M
-a ;nattacke4d and with 4 e GdO -General Brooke and has suit of JIla E. I., Cook vs. the Plant Hon. Charles Emory Smith. postmas- nd i.aidp
at- FIe o .0\PN amoounced bat he wkSI proceed With invesunent Company. Without bear- ter genera& General J. I, Bristow, : WoroouA
ib f -swtlu Imkmt. the plai eved upon for distribo- Ing the testimony of any of the wit- fourth assistant postmaster general, ,i
hess M !TC tiV the $3,000,000 to the Cuban troops neseea for the defense, Judge Locke 0e. W. Beaver. chief of the potodlee S
S The on ditandiing. Just as though the mil- instructed the Jury to render a verdict salry and aowa mce division, ta"ce Waemow
'*i p0 T Itary assenmbly did not exist. in favor of the defendant. Dawson, trvate eeoretary of the post- e N
Se okll In t tbe Gen. Bres asked the Waington -The next case called was that of master general and Po todoe Inspector
Mit aiem ton d n the authorities some days ago whether, in Pettingetl & Shackelford vs. A. 8. and F. D. Peer .arrived at the Tampn Bay a S
ee ti .L c' as e dissolved tUe assembly his ac- j p Laflin. The following Jury was from WashIlngton at a late hour on sitba ,
iu lionr he aonW.oul dbe aova He haa re- elected: Tursday nightt mey were met here Wrl
Ias L ;g Pt- se -'a "epi Autasng hin to IWillan m Clemons, W. H. Young, i. by.General E H. Rathbone, postmas- S *
SKj., tmes U em th d -sehe the a 3beantly It in hto u- L. Bryan. Henry C. Vatterln, A. a. ter general of Cut, who can over on
f Prwte Oiroll suck "I an 40t %to necessary. Benedict, W. F. Winham, LA.E Bar- the Oftette to meet We wife who had e-t-:-f'
Hits, A. (iul "Ps nd U Mea Hlr Mis tthe seenMy a t a alato t Ny soW US i ii ot* o aceorld to ld James & Tucker, J. J.Bvan and Ax- husband.
SIts me Gn. Gen. Brooke is determok- tr C__ n Ysterair. monis te pWtyW were
Smu n 4 tuifitI MEi CSb4W there b hm- TThis si was brought to recover at- visited at the hotel ie (owwyr r oeo
rt 1- 3 wm1, d; Private -Se/eae osebll dtsaquietng to the t sor< y fees for professional servima and Potma ter 0. B. Reynolds and &af-
43006SSS.- I 5 5i o i Ta' rendseed the defendants in the sea i.. ter a pleasant tak carriages were or- I .e
SJ~a?4 5~3 ^ *M l*Mr W 'be S hetr ^ iter-, ment o aoertain lalge claIms gant sde-ed and reinrced by U. e Mar
^ a.HiLn -sd 5 fty-IM6n- g'i- .' OSmf '5 oa c oM t S the Plitbrnck heirs of Chlcao. The H r. Mo J. k Lmw. the Florida
eif Sm.& U 1ff" 1S UInald b ^te 'Wi S 90051*'ySt property In Itt-ation was in regard to representative of the National Repubil- 'l *
-?_teB gMnd I aedt *.5 I KKg West property. At the beginning ca on wmna and C tuart. they i
f --. -mw its Paioa laMI'tina If-R sthw it tef othe legai dfl tulUtes the Lfsln's were taken for a drive over the city, re- <
V*-A%0isW 4b5 to thbe l$land on- were representedrby Jeferson Brown, turning* to the botel about noon.
RUTI -- S 1 0 ^ i fhLP "CO of Key WeL A/fter the proceedings In a brief but pleasant Intewlew f
ra Pod. _amO I, e P .- ro wke wI had gotten toa dangerous point, Mr. with r. Smith, just before he board-
ea ande4d an d lHeal 4e&. Go amf t&e' epre- Bmvwnwe, at the reqeet of the Lalin's, ed the train for Port Tampa, the TrI-
Wa they-ceeAuted sentative of the OoMb peeis ucs tseemed t e serce of PetteIngl tabune rersentative lesraned the mkt-
Abeir am osucb time ai the nadonal am*jiblr of Shkdftord. bTe llttatlon lasted sia of the party to Cubs, at this time.
iit -s con uba mSU he o'*rsisei.Be w be aboat two menthe aad necessitated He stated that postoffloe business In 1.
c ns : ted_ an. al points relative to the a nip to New Yrk and aso one to the West Indies was assuming .rge
S WIAlare of ftba, satd General Brooke Key West. The a&nomotfo fees claim- proportions and Increaitng every week.
wi contlnoe to h itW ro W the deference ed by athe intlfa in the case was That n many places better facilties
4 duae his IpUion as the recognied ,W00. LSeveral-witnesses were examin- were needed and In order that he might
L leader of h e Obmns. The reported ed. ciatdiBg the Vialaliff They were obtain a correct and clear Idea oT both
4V -, .1,1 readtWMa o of O M Gernor MOa M represented toy Judge W. A. Carter the conditions and lhe needs, he had P*atl s
S untrue, and the detendants by Judge Baker, included to mafte a tour of inspection
nASent ii <1ay rf ldant A,' ertaa nervous tension aid un- ao JacksoUIlle. Mr. Carter handled He stated that the country was new at .. .
. *1e*&dby -Thousands es e' e y w" S Uthe t cae In a m oat skIllful manner least from a mall service standpoint
f evening is nolceshle in the vicnitty and made a forcible and convrincing and nuch careful wort would be re-
Ll .e.Ytrdy. of Central Past w thee nh con- address to the jury. ite was followed iulred to deveop it along this line. He ',
1'*-* 5s'5iegatc and talk poU1ca. The police In a atf hour pea by Judge Baker. soOke ihrgly of the work of Mr. Rath-
.... here or*er not to allow Troup6 to Tr1e jury returned a verdict for the bone and was well pleased with the '.
9NO(.: X_. P0, e of assemAlse, and are dispersion then. plaintiffs of SX70i. viable recommendations he had made. "
'ne 4oI GTe some 5o0- This e"tous nmcomipllnmentary com- The Phllbrick beirs of Chicag% who {Mr. Smith expressed himself as bt- ng
rVtmfhe.'j ]ee- to the baan- meant about the force, the people de- were the contestants In this celebrated agreeably surprised at what ht saw of
te^iaJpei ring time. The c0a1ri thatthe i police' are lnterferiag case were represented by Hugh C. Tampa during the drive over the city.
Ss'emen Itlo ll te a rhto and freedom. and 1MI B. Macfarlane sad Geo. P. He thought there was here rll the ele- {
3 B1M9 ] l t Raney and G. L. Larramore, all of this ments of a large and flourishing city.
~ elatmrak.eti iatr f~ *city. Their combined fee was 1,000. Hle stated that he observed ani air of
, el,.BW, in artlatIcdeo-. DL | iLA D 6i80 At the. conclusion of the case the industrial activity that impressed him
*ff -B0 0a1M I of gooda UI II LI l R L court adjourned until 9 o'clock this very favorably with the people. He
W f?'^M.' -m i vinnt m-U ll U L morning. was thoroughly pleased with the good
I --- feeling and friendly interest that had
1 ii'< fti S evba" 5 eVe Female Baso baIl Plae^r to (.rossta been shown him and his part by the
t tOe Ke~ allow awladows. dlf aa Ls city officials and others.
& Ot Oriental dra- W.th the anpa Greys B Charles Emory Smith i. .one of the '
hetut l a Wt the Ta ary U SL Vv L brightest and ablest men In the United
-.t -:Ud i t with the Next We-k. States. As editor-in-chlef and proprile-

pas of fash-
3e.f e nr- The Bloomer Girl's Baseball Club is
1 mn beau- coming to Tampa and will cross bats
, enusua and with the Tampa Greys on Saturday
aoe is ar- and S today. March 25 and 26. Man-
the eleota- ager trlMvillsn, of the Bloomer Girl's
Club. arrived yesterday and completed
i --d d aransneent with Caypt .Hale, man-
Sgone to sger of the Tanvpa Greys, for the two
nde'n gO- games. The Bloomer Girls can play
is ball and on their southern tour the
a oJeunters girts have only been defeated once.
Sthe Theyplayed a pIcked teem In Jackson-
B Aa o vee last Wednesday and the Jackson-
alsed bals, vtule boys were ungallant enough to
e t- defeat the girls by a score ot 15 to 7.
h The first-game on the ith will be
SiPt~mPng- a played 9n the Taaos Bay Race Triek
^--9 -lr diamond. The Sunday game will be
iM3xndc In Pryed in Sortsmen's Park, Ybor City.
ed and un- 0
rwmbe the --
p sll I e A NOW tetuer- Ise OI*mng to Tampa
IM ,eesst, Prom New.-York Go on
sivoin. AHl the Line.
bart aps-
mPaes 555 -SovesTl Smnrpap se-shants have aig-
n riffled their intention t taking adv i-
with. pir Sage ofl the- oportuilty or cheap
opened f Nreighs ew York offered by the
AowoferB Sm un idt sis. hteaBhlp om-
- e4 Im rpay .f Te company" has chartered
,MtIle4" S the steamer Seaboard for the ruim be-
S t wel M ot and Mobile and the
Wroutced a steaaer will sal from New York on
fiLl S a atrch at I b ryanfrea direct. The com-
ing aedst- PpM- wilL give a verr low rate on
-expa-' f i rwih sthop and as the steamer
'7f t or will make the trip in about six daOs
- -B,--irn 1rpm New Nw ost to Tampa she will no
5{aes toua~mbt being a goId cargo for Tampa.
gan darpe hMsa. nhe rSeboeard has a caaci-
tyof 5M tons and Is weB fitted up for
f-a~ lwa passenger Isseisesa tBe is 18t
A $ IeA ltk&. 2 feet beam and drws onBy
10 t'et feta s when loaded. Mbe to
inSoltea fr the Mobile and Tampa
b esn an d Itn I* expected that she
-wilt mae a arund trfp sach week be-
AthLIes t.teB tbi twio ports.
: n oo -,,- i ka.

And Min t:- v-' t-.i: T, pa
Eay ... A-ut e. --r'a.ly
U 3j.y c be Audience.

won world-wide fame as a journalist.
He has 'been called to many of the
highest positions within the gift of our
government and it is doubtful if any
man in the co.atry stands 'loser to the

The minstrel carnival and cake president of the United States. The
walk at the Ta-mpa Bay Casino last newspaper fraternity consider it sia rriv-
nigtt under the aus ices of the col- liege as well as a pleasure to interview
sred waiters of the notel was one of either him or his genial secretary Mr.
the most enjoyable events of the retson Dawson. They are pleasant, courte-
A good sized crowd was present and ous and always full of valuable inform-
judging from the hearty applause be- ation.
stow-ed on the performers it was n -g About 2 o'clock in the afternoon the
ly appreciated-. The first part was a part- left for Port Tampa where they
very clever mitnistrel performance and boarded the fast steamship Yarmouth
both the singing and jokes were strict-for Havana.
ly up-to-date. The cake walk occurred *
lar point of view it was an immense
affair. Some of the costumes were T 11 I V
simply gorgeous while others were
rTdlculously funny. The entertainmnt
throughout was first classs and had it Aaorg the Cigar Factories During
been well advertised a micuh larger
crowd would have been present. The the Past Week-Big Factories
performers womld do well to repeat Httow Up ei
as a much larger crowd wouad no Show Up Wel ,
doubt be present.
---- A good showing was made among
Col. Fred D. Peer, a postoflrce In- the eigsr factories during the past
spectgr whorwos formerly in charge
of the field Work in this section but week. They are all running up to
who ras lately besen aged In the their tull capdclty and several of them
New Orleans district, a esed thrpugh have Increased their force of workmen.
the city yesterday en-rolst to Ha-
vwna. Cl. Peer is considered one of There seems to be a feeling of con-
the most competent Inspectors In the fdence among the proprietors that is
service aed is' record is a fine one. having a salutatory effect on the trade.
is many fried in Florid and piwenty-two of the leading factories
esd to larn thLt he hs ISeen promoted ed that the flowing buness
to a hIgh position in the deparrtnent for the week ending yeeterdsam
in Ours 'His new field wilt eMtbrace Cigar made ................2,59,0
every poInt In the land where a Number shipped ............ ..8,279.60
postofflce has been established. Col.
Peer left tor HLBvam Festerr&s matter ;. .
noon on the Yarmouth in o w with -
ftnotmast erGeneral EmorySmrith and

Slate of OhG. City of Toledo
o55 -

rasn J. eie make o




Nafet! 'Comfort! Qick P TiK! Iw
Finest Cuisine and Service. No tasnfer twet,- Js!m1e 7 M-W
The Fleet Is composed of the following Landsomari Nsw tle
Comanche (new), Algonquin, Iroquois, Chlir IO -TH-Bckw . ,
iteamers areappoilted tosai rordibgtom e tie

For hour of sailing see "Clyde Line" Scbhedl, orJ acla ndtie
Steameis nte sapoieated to sail lotm 1t a tBlt-ta Re r oS lr p: a
For Charleston, 5&C
Frr Jakovi a.a a ..... ... ....4...0 aE.
Clyde New Engla d Soeth B
(Osliag &iCharleAt. SC. .hath wsysM) p 3
SSteaerq-Are appborted hi sa" fdin.5 A

Clyde's St. Joh -s Riveri
Jackso: Tille, Sanford, Esierprieas s., and f rt'tsMslaftdlara o tbdfttlM
The legutLErasde.W lselftc.aw /ao
Oity OfrjaokLaoivi11e0

CA" r.Tw.AM. ." '
3'r .d' Dep,. Ear.,< .

L hv .. Arappdb.al tOsUIa. ,,ess
La re as onta .. .. .d ... ra........... ....... . "

BsrVice Strictly First-4in i Evemye

-e wuer- sid.and That weAd SMn wil py 7t .
.s u o *O. HaOv pm. a t.. ... .. ......
or eac and d every ae oA( a atm ..rrh : ... ....... tt, .. ... .... .
ion WOXthat cannot be amod by the use -of43
M* ent 4:26 ... .... 1.re .... .

S oVepree,n this th dW of oe.er, s ...

laKis Ctarrh Cure i taken Inter- An EeentomPa, P nss rTdTckict Of11 .o 204 Ws
S nall ad acts directly on the blood; W.. W, Warbs0. 9,$..V.tA, '
t0 aa ndmoremaa ssutrfaces oCs the system. The pleasant itetcou adt&beaefical a Bswilglgo, ]low Ye. _
Ih ift Send for teetinonlaWs, free. effects of the wel t:known C.P L j A a bIpt.,
atrudai F. J. CEI2ENET & CO.. Todedo, 0. SyTWP or Fzdxs uanifactured bthe
M unsa Sold -W D 3osts. 76et- i 7C&LtFOINA tiG P144 B^CO..illitrate y
FIH AND GAhMP WA3tP. lve prin e Selpe^ ts known to be . "...... "". _:
-u in --- __- P_0 -Y -OMan" .. .. -nmed/icha afmnd
ere is- ISmJssn lss h rooh'. of tM citw has t},,l... I. ,,,.... ......e ,;... "- .. ... -: ;..

kn ow n L e
to HB- Send in your orders for field peas.
Pp a Peuts. uiOUns beggar weed, upland
reln rice. velvet beans and corn seeds to 0
*r tes. Wynne & Co., oeceessors to Creshaaw-
raa, Sb e Seed Co., 11U1 Franklin street.
S4t. a
Keep this address and lend us your r
Orders for everytbhng in the field and c
garden seed anud prodace lInes. Wynne
t Co ..USe O in to Creahaw.sarpe C
fheed Co, IM P10 ranklto Ltreet. _.



la*te4d a Ralt in the N*o-

LAd Oal ssto -fpanish
la-laMar. to Remain.


'te men& dN not e ta t they should
be required to P their own expenses
to JkonTlle where the thveel will
be turned over to them The mater
of expense was referred to the gov-
ernor and on Friday Lieutenant Post
coMin-vfrig the Taempa division was
notfled by the adjutant general of
the state thatthe stt the ate would pay the
neCeaary exenses of the dvislon.
The men selected for the trip are all
familiar with the dutie that will be
required of them on the cruise. Tbey
will take charge of the Waa B tmme-
diael'y upon ther arrival and expect
to make a quick trip down the Atiantl
oat and up the ulf to Tampa. The
state will have to aubeist the men
whMe on board the Wasp and see that
the have every thing needed while
the Tvesl is in their charge.


Brilint Success Scored By Cohen
yrdman & Co's Millinery
Emporium. -

tw pent at t Cobhenf, JIed-
Z d te6 TestaM& *ss a revs-,

UiUUlLLUI 10) ULIIfIff1 UfIlBtB[E t o W1 jr W:AeA

If a Order to Dissole the Revoltion- ctionon ithe Or i'lis h owl the o....Wi. ..Ak
ar Bodj Is Issued. Chief Postped For One WeL jr

of velot les on the street to teep to the
Such isthe Decision of the Assembly Transacted by Council Last Night. Te monthly report of the chlef of
and the Army Will be Directed Nearly Half the Night Spent in o f tnPa rywere returned cor by
(to Aesist the Americans by' Attending to local Aftirs. he cit adtor and ordered fied for
Force ot Arms. Small Pox Ordinance up. Mr. DeAns Introdued a reolution
instrmitin the cty treasurer to payV
E.Hals for dWtne trenches out of
Special to The Tribune. The regular meeting of the city the first money that comesnWe the
Havana. M troh 17.-The aasenAly will council open ed 8 olo n treasury. Adopted.
not recognize General Brokces author- with the usual formalities. The tol- tiy PhWag iter t te amteo no-
ity to dispve that bod. If Buch or- lowing members were ma present: ta budin on Wbitg street bel .-4
ders are received by the American ov- Bruen. ieArmas, Precker, Brown Ins to the dity on or before Arl .
ernor general the assembly will pro- 'Wiebb, PtilMlps Holmes, WInr and o un d coucl ad-
test against the suppression of the on- Sause. ne
y representative reveoltutionary bodS lAtter the reading of the minutes of
on the Island and w9 isMue orders to preceding session the business of fll frll
the Caban army to resist by force of Wisession taken up in the ol-
lowl tworder: CONDEMNED
arms any arbitrary measures of the *A cornfmml wtion was read from the
United States govemunt. secreta oa the board of public works
The fteltng to-nWht ISthat the pres ln to a r t by counc T rd of rad4 s es B u.
dnto the clt ten meer relative to Turnis tions Dpre3iating the Pro-
Ident's decision to OMPIW the "Mem- IMthe proper ade a os daret. wilere
tly wil lead to a conflict between tar-opeerdty ownes deederdtolypave- c-ing. of Hamiey B-
American d-nWloration and btans x-Wn. It staed that the board hadin- w e esting..
in. rit O 6 GOm ,ba poPstruttped the eAneer to foris s ida
In ars lsl -Gn- Comes- -'i' . g. raes at aui times as he could are V- "a
ulsa- aiy amomwe C. cAUTS. & ftwe i f ra r N wat Ued for-ref- A special neetiag ot the boar* oC
eke ae..sS wth4V4ww-'tSsd uls t- -g-Am- ._ _


Italy Preparing
Demand 1 I
3 win

Bpecilatoffb 7


broldered scarf of applique lace caught
sIry in front witlty vjewet and stand-
tug tp high at the bahk are lise wings.
and underneati the brim is a baa-
dea of pink roses. Tlls dream of a
hat tt. over the face and also come
from iDea. Louise.
The famous Zam hat, the rage of
the seaon, weA originated by Mrs.
.easlle Carter and is imported by War-
oeUe. in a LeAghorn with inlaid brim of
real lece, emroldered sarf loosey roll-
ed around tpe crown autpiemented
with huge bunches of sweet peas held
in place rby diamond buckdes. These
with other beearties occupy oanapicu-
oue places I te window. The milli-
nery parlors were a perfect bower, the
flowers looked so real one coAid smell
their perefume. Mis -Manile Percival,
en expert millner of New York ,gra-
iously adorns this department and
witb her winsome ways will soon win
the hearts of aRl who meet her. Se
was assisted by rns. MWHugto, MM.
Etuw and Mia Mathews, all of whom
were beasatliky vr owned for the feS-

a* *- *. .. La -o
r Talk -Wit h Xr:W..,'L. rUoConcer
tog H Vissit-tV Cuba-a Has
S a tRigh Opinion of the Soil.

From Sundays Daily.
In a few minutes conversation with
W. IL. Fiulerk, who returned on Thurs-
day evening from Havana, he gave a
Tribune repreentative a few of his
iniapressis of the Island. On the Jour-
ney over on board the Olivette he and
Capt. Brown and wife tell In with a
Uttle party from Massachusetts com-
posed o tF. P. Lee ,of Melford, A. R.
Olapp and wife and daughter, .ile
I. IM. Clp ,otf WelUsley, and John
B. Day -foot, of Cambridge. This made
a party/of eight and by keeping togeth-
and stMoling at the same hotel they
had a most delightful time.
They found friends in Havana .who
placed at their disposal a comfortable
conveyance with which they were en-
abled to drive to all parts Of the city
and get a good view of the many
places of interest. After getting a good
look at the sights in the city they vis-
ited the American camps around the
city amd found them in excellent san-
itary condition and the soldiers in good
health. The have some sick ones -but
not the proportion that is usual in army
Gen. Humiphrey and in fact al Ithe
officers treated the visitors with
marked cordiality and by their many
acts of kindness contrtbuted largely to
their comfort and enjoyment-
The trip to Miatanazas was of special
interest to the members of the party.
From Havana It is 65 miles over a
mountainous route and Mr. Fuller stat-
ed that much of the scenery was the
finest he had ever seen. The land was
very fertile amd much of it was be-
int taken up by American home seek-
era. He stated that the liucpetl tPi-
dcts that were being girwn were esu-
war oane and pineapples. At Watarn-
za., several at the large sugar mills
were in operation and some of those
that had been tburmed during the war
were rebuilt.
Mr. Puler stated that the wocing
classes and Tarmer. as rule, were
poor, which is always the caane afier

in itt

mw uuusy from early morn u
Sii a 4ate hei tet a night. The open
Sto .Wi Utiss to-day and ioonday.9
should be a a d by all the lad
will V- T Bey M itd the very latest mo
* aOPi"d atIad ?viw7tliw up-to-date.
*a prt A Ten Minute chedole Pilween Tan
l andYd Tbor CIty.

ix _Mo n eoa ox me .oanian - 5u it umudmhi5 n5 *thh lo I'
ccr. hw wagapars at he 6uah eetyte*or: ...: ,'-- ,
.tat ci re k venu that their -eaurc ith k oe gw o e l 5 iama^ssg0 qe6 U d
property, canskwla I'o lot NoI oat^tbs.'*JMMg ro U 1sfsiwar -'^OqveS
block C. bte exempted from taxtione a n oidme, -IgV r SNU N a tb4O&--
After soe discuston the matter was new m at M Then w rse o Tog -N _a It lw i'
referred to the city attorney. lU.sit wt e meiwt adapted Isdtbr ot2 s
oMwr. PeMOetot. wLo has recently the board ,
establiohed a p Iace of business corner Whereas a tiwr t ws ertai par-
otbfevet avenue and lint street, ask- ties v held at Narney. UBsornogl
ed that the undergrowth bo eahned c eouty, Floria,. on tbe 4a, t IVre d Chi. ]i
froi that portion ofl t street extend-- Il, ath whb meeting erta e as ssu- 7i
Ing to Seenth ateoent. The matter ttoga were adopted, porpotoel to itatonM
wad referred to the street cmmmItltee the exisatence o Ceart& otae fte tv mabSe-
with Dower to act .. to the rebulasIeg of the Osowamefstish igj ^Tf
A communi-catlo was read from 1 dam whids were nio weRl ownaded,' is o
Corector Henct.rdstatim that the city and.
ta* hooks were re ad to closed etallyn hereas it is meetand g u Ip,
on AprIs tat, the time indicated by a some office notice atsaid meetingbe'-
vote of the council. taken by some rireu.antatWe business.
City Auditor Wellar reported that he body of this city becarlmSe ch restu a tA l
had checked up the report of the city tons are caicuisted to do the eCOME-
cotudii and had found tne sarme cor- nity an incalcolable injury-C and. HANDS
rect. He stated that a detail?- te- Whereas itsa foot that altboighl
port waulld be made at yirt- Yneeting_ the dana has been town away, that
He-almo reported favorably on the bill Hillsborough river aid the teUbitarisa A A i Itant Array of
of J. H. Dorme- for $30. After accept- adjacent thereto are hieher tha tiey garAttra- 0 d C
lr.n thereport a motion wa i carried have ever been whe tte dam was gar Att-s .
(.rderir a wz-ar.ant for thp payment of there although this is the dy season m ev'sBp E oriua
the bill and not the raiy eaeon. therefore
h 1-a light cc-i',tte'- through Chair- demonstrating the fact that the high were yoiWd'
man Holmes, reported favorably on water along sid river and tributaries where O
the petition for a street light at the thereof is caused by natural cause a and a h amener .Aw
corner of Harrison and Marion streets. no1t y the nmiLntenanee of the Con- ila37d a the StorerI
The-report was adopted. He also re- runner's dam; and S. rlin*ena P *i Ft
ported as having contracted Witn I ton F. Coe, for laying sidewalks on city this board that there is no more sick- eclton 1?
lot sat the corner of Florida aviNue ness or malaria adjoining s aid river dress W ot. S"cKs_
ajnd Constance street, than there ever boas 'been and I there au te lo l em
The street committee reported favor- is more sickness it is caused b.y the nIsibe an 'ti
aily on the petition presented it lat fact that there In more population ad- tr. ft A "-*
meeting by Mr. Arango aud others of .jacent thereto, aid-es, if there h s e i 9 v"*
Ybor City in regatd to filling and street any sick;nesas, it becomes more notioe- ewith NONm e
Lights on Ninnth avenue at 20tb and 22nd able; and,
streets. In making the report (Mr. Whereas the c tstlon and mat- in the
Holmes stated that the parties who tenante of said dam is a necessity to the t hi Sl- I.* 9
made the toCttion informed him that businesses interest of Paints. amd of Pres Wgml3s ai
they would begin at Qnce the ection the lishirants adjacent there & galawia11*m me
of trom 25 to 50 new dwelling ouses- city now of X,OWX ptsssa tlon. and timea mhtb "e
The report of the committee wad adopt- p dl groir and, OSW jgingbaIrrat
e. D I Wilese s we condemn any effort to eSt ereaum c;h
A petition was read from A.. nek intrere with the owners the w on disO s g-.
of tfe Tampa Bay Hotel, asking that street railroad ewsm, in the b udilng t Es aw
Lafayette street be paved from -e- or the alna-ining of Said dams; 0tl 6U 35W
bridge as far as Cresoent Place. After Whereas P. 0. Knih&t and Chemr Uka
some discualionS a rewluLIon was W. hpoin rWea. mi tblg e ow rs a orhour's das
adopted orderi ng the board of public md proerty, b sippwae bbtre i..._
aises to proceed at once with the paB4- thisboar d tl a ted thb e lare noan n i54
MrD. Krouse, of the bridge committee o auw datev!.i ma "cJe necks. i e
reported that painting the Lafayette & n to be sae ftetr at t Nsau-ney thattis 0C
street bridge would commence Just as meetinU bUt that bad b ea td ana ps S
snon as some of the city prisoners could tbat the waww stood a nd f S B
be pVt to wrko scraping off _the old wiina to meet a411 P r .2 6it ,bad eki J
paint. 'He was given authority to ny leaL ai I t pany ruelltoM W O-k on
h*e brbtge rubw posted at each end and that If U ew s ft up s *ab cials inc '
of the bridge. are u n they would to e a uted; and the minsasey -O
Mr. Bmwn pressd5ed reolution ai- Wber UJs mqtmandprowin MOO Am a
nreierl&tlir an additional M tfor the daveipent of ma oosatriss that pin- issbgl ^^if,

pread of es*,-gioee dimessess. He wok. The re td and tor 4
old f1 penOt a good part of hi time looking the apprOiatio was geasted. ty,. WRI
v e w the railroad eltutlen sad was (Mr., ae reported in regard to Net- ye- rV T
wel lstad~d that he T. Q. P. ti- tie tegphens, who had been inlured by which eH,-
u5 teretsweft w elMa wAeal-al for. faiitnagona bed Pavemjent. Hepfre- ig of U. s
The p t ry al returned to Florida to- seated a claim mt NO -whli included the 4eot I
the gether on the Otivette. The Maze- only the medloal seeloe and dru said meet
itab- onuetts party stopped at the Tampa bill. 7%e re,,,,naiNstlon of te corn- "eoody,
men Bay Hotel on their return. They wUl nittee to accept the report and pay the effort of the
bt leave In a day or eo for a ritp down bill wae adopted, Compny to
h to Port Myers where they will vkst The report ot Mr. DArmal Inregard and the cosb
j- (M eMI O the siprvementS m odeOn the buld-ro t constrt
lerak ng f or Mariane Cokeat the corner Of eleotrte Wre
enat; ALL FOR GOMEZ. Seventh avenue and 14th street brogt have be
i -- out a lUvely diseasion. It was fnaly financil reti
art- An Enthusigtic eetlng in Tbor City shown that the tire limit ordinance was era are coDc
L- Last Night Endorsed the Cu- not being violated and the matter was every encour
the ban Leader. dropped. to the owners
oe sf r. -Holmes reported that the sewer anydtin thb
__ A large body of Cubans assemblel in contractors were not leasing the streets tnerewith, l-
Let; iornt of the Ybor-Manrara cigar fac- in which they lay sewers in fit condition the people at
eo tory hast night for the purpose of pass- for ravel. The clerk was ordered to Third. Thea
ar resolutIona upholding Gen Go- address a letter to the board of public be rebuilt an
the mez and ditapproving of the actions of works asking that body to have the asd prctecty
S the Cuban ASsembly in attempting to matter rectified. / necessity.
Leck- deos ehtsm. Palo Garcia was chosen tavor BowTer addressed council in Fourtht W
bi chairman and A. Gomez, saZr-txry. retard to a communication he bad re- lvely and i
oce Speeches were made by Messrs. Gadcla ,led from iteaTI 1 219OCetwr-Porter that we can
mtil A. -Gmez. R .DReAy.a. G. Sot or- speting the question of compulsory tIs rotected 11
lirng ro ds Pequeno and Hernidatz, -. -acc stion. The letts-r tated that in to use V 5P
and. dorW lGen. Gomez's actions after 14 or 15 counties of the state smallpox to bring tie
lies. which reiutions were presented snd existed and as a precaution he believ- rae, thate
)des adtpted- inacordfance with the pur- that the people of Tampa should be of the On.
pose for which the meeting waa call- vaccinated. The matter was freely dlSa- b Thai
S l.The secretary was lntsructed to i'soed and resulted in the introduction are anyPatti
-ED wire ie. 3rOmez of the actions of the of an ordinance establishtng c.mpul- ances agnst
eting and to al send to Gena, -- Yvacctinatlon enrulessw er U ce o fthe
n Ponu s ao. the Cuban representative at nder ad thle ordinance passed final d

aIn a E rsa ---- %b-e r Gen *Goins. A oGnsmz ttee of slx wal
B I qtnng t-,day the Consumer's aisaiUted to ecurwe signatures to ts
O .nyr WI Increaee 19e: sttEet oar rIoPtton&s. after which they wil t
e rtioe between Ta"npa and Tbor City toewrded to Gen Gomez.
Y pat-i an *Mional car on the BeV- 'Mownby atttSd
S w.3Lm tI hasd an addliUoal car ent was characteriltle of the race
3ou the tanlHin street sad Tampa

j te tao 0 tsgoM tI .he tax -dsis wl.bes s.n from tb
55nd la Caw street and SveAth itry so toat ta a*pOl *at Tamg can

4%lL -riI:--
^S^^i~s 1W ^i?3''"^

s do In coni
f tor the ben
deiAre that t
,t it be mata
a matter of
Ige ourselves

sill Pohuson I
ifni yuhicg ladI
heys- willbe, $i
aHon dto aro
Hemely at a
olledllir, of el
menther it-NO
Pi-fre *1k it

the office of.
tion and de-



thil *Ajonrned Auntil thb


-~~r Over the CitY

-o TR smu,-r- kM-vA'oN MUNYC'I'S G'APRANTEE,.
:^~~-i"T ~ ~ --* &k. general quarantine law enacted -
Wth Po t Forward. ve ments respecting the sanita te a
S condition ctf hvana and other Cuban I-W-. i .....
COKifJl. 7The orn point of disease port made public by United States Fi "v' i il
is an ache or pain. But the oci .aaa sent there for the purpose of
aa r. blood is the feeder of the the ft s make t e ne r c abe free
Whole body. Prify it with rom he fear of yellow fever until a ';
SHood's Sarsaparilts. reformed quarantine system is enfor-
I Hood Searsapa, loa. ed or Cuba be entirely disinfecte d. -
TION Kidneys, liver and stomach will at Yellow fever, with existing sanitary
I, Daily once respond ? No thorn in this point. methods prevailing in Cuba, or rather
+ Blood POOning-" The surgeon said not prevailing, will always be possi- Some mer chant
.... $" when he took out the brass shell received in ble in the Southern states. Two things can sell SgOOds t
S2 wound at San Juan hill two weeks before. are needed to prevent It-a national o,< ur.it o cande o .dt the
... 5 + that it wold have so;sonci me if it had quarantine law on the lines of the 'k','1.1.4. ., tIou ad Dot the
+ not beenforiny perL I ait ItoldhiM t orit0e sanitation In li575 you. Our first(
was ltood's Sars.prill. t rade it pure."' CaLffery bll and forced sanitation In .: .... .. yOU Our irs
4 GERGOo P. SCOOPr, So. .i. fith U. S. Inf., Cuban ports. Cuba, without modern select an article
-.- -: Washhngton Prrar ks, Washington, D. C. sanitation enforced, is now and al- A BIG TROPHY. the style must b
S tRheumatismr-" Myself anr d a friend ways will be a fearful menace to the lowest price tha
matism. Hood's Sarsaparilla cured both. health of the United States A a s nmeI- A party of four from the Tamps find evert
gable ln We would not be without it." WM. H. sure of safety, the United Btates should Bay Hotel while ot .o ., rve upryhing
+ Last s. 65 Leonard S.. Fall River. Mass. bold Cb and enforce sanitary laws the bay about flve miles west c: the QUALITY
oceU #e until thas menace Is removed. We hotel on Saturdtn afternoon had an
or reg + d should look out for our own welfare encounter with a monster a"i- 1 The increase in
bhe sb- .lI l as well a or the welfare of the peo- gator which they wIl long re- lager store h
tin" as- t e o r the wiand, and our own were member. The two lakes wo stock, better fa
+ Bk'. Ptwcase liver IrIs. the soB-errlts agusa demand that, as a pest spot and the aWe guests of the hotel were ck, r ac
hed on +anti epaMrtes to take witk Boa f breeding spot of ytlow fever, Oubs aooompanled vo Mr. D v 1. Phin- best 8tore for sh
+tn-ia s -'t ~- .- should not be aMowed to oontline. ny, proprietor ofat the Cayaga Lake
ke ian- THE PISAE TREATY. Congress has refused to enact a need- Bousae, of Caress take. New York,
+ e d general quarantine law. Cuba is and Daniel Wiggins. the prom-
,, + Be .ite os fean e t heo M e atsent the ohief point of danger to us, and inneet real estate aet of this lt. .
S e 1 aeusliW st e the mon- turnigaa over the island to the CubaS The hat named gentleman in s
Me t Of W UnlOAfte te aad the for their own management a provl- ymer de >ww case of the clewer- P aisn -awns, I4
IV ua- I tg at B. All that now i ioul I le IAisted upon that te .t ae tAllicadr -herrf ouana rthi n- ows,
t h be idoe to end the "latest. Greatest
.. ... g ti in teew rulers shalt take proelt and In tom da I he bore the cognmen of e et
..s arof e m=- c sures to free the United and many who shown by any a
o 11 *1nthe a Smm he to ifta ac c0o%1,- states from the conatent threat cc a h F mby th te i e rg Y
ofto di PmrMt teof rmsA'ten a yellow ever inwason. If we haOve to MIte thi party wee pafu a point
ake.- i sms hi, l ",hold Clba bant l thI 0 t Is 8 ated. k -Po b r d- LAew hibl
fa k te WsMy nmust he Paidwin these It s wl tam bebetter for the United States Phueg Silsdp to one side. One of ti e aOur 1 t 1e
S tact t aotl td e "tftw. A mmM of the to do eo than to run taturme rtsks of lades strewmd, lMerey! yLk at i
S st s as .l nvasions of yelow fer. SalSor As soon as the hore fects in swiss,
Is 55inrer Ctisha. I e~thn or were breast under control a short
Bmm o e oeas ty se United cos ultaton was held. The twogs- Our prices are r
lifta BkaR mPis to -othe United Btate- STANM) BT THEM. tiemen decdedtotrysandcaptu-e the
oIsals ersr wty In the West Idies Stand y yos bome merchant He. I ugtly s of the ladi The
Sbelewerand the Island of Guam in the IA- is the man who helped to pty or the hoae carriage and ladies were ta-
M ee d oades to the United tat es street upon slch you walk; for the en to a safe distance and prepratlons
P ipne Islan U d te d o 3t ssol In whie r o children or per- r de s a ufor the c rr ckIll
in retrn to pay a 000,000 with you were ed ted; he helps to over It Into a lasso and earned That we have tb
lamianlng three m btes after the exchange of keep up the dchurah In Which you wor- with the whip anad a club the two men Never have we
m and e dise to ship. He is the man who tbilt a home made their war cautiousy, to wINersee
be admitted to all Ph lppime ports on which ehanew the value of your .eyes ,torp It never movedthu sehtylreasonablever
t., -some terin ansh psp and smer- property. very sihmcrllptlon ampoer ePhye onstddenly mave it a fleMe s h
oat^ as- chandise of the United States for ten h t s osi based has hi name on it; he rod with a stick, ad from that mo- right if it comes
BitiSm Both countres to release all prison- mthe man who cannot aford to awin- sqaeit to th f e t iSte conat S- ee our line
Sover e United ntm to entet, it enot ele, moment stick belt buckle and
send bach to Sanu at its own cost the would prevent this He bears s share touched the slimy skin It sprng p X
xaosqul- Spasish soldiers taken prisoners at of the burden of tlie city government; en ItA hind f~eet and came rushing at (92
ei n S lt."andtheir arms to be restored stays right by you in sunshine and l im ike a dog. r. PhlMnny wa taen
rew Jerseyto *&%^M-, stys in dht s f prosperityan e ff his guard ty the moddennees of
Both countries relinquish al claims darkness, in days of prosperity and l attack and would have been
for indemnity, national and individual, adversity. These are but a few rea- caught in the monster's claws had
ther fish- -t b& have aristen sincthe begin- why your patronage should be Wlaggin not have rusted in and struck
the rhuut nine of the tnsrrectlon In Cuba, and chant it a terrible blow on the ead.
rsa ith at the United States agrees to settle the given to the bome merchant. it atry enragew the aeaAor and
claims otf Itsl cities against Spain It made a leap like a cat at Its new 10 &
thus reltaq raised. postoffice rules have been posted in enemy. IMr. Plunny again rushed in
t a ithgle Ot btate i;tlonarsunedt o Cubay the United a neighboring town as follows: "No with his club and dealt it a blow in v J A,'
Is t, d*w treaty ax'e limited to the time of its letters will be delivered until they the mouth, knocking out one of Its
IisI.,dis haveaeybeenliote.dtr.eti ofts ugly.giteehat oven on
h that re- occupancy. z havetteen received If ou don't et gly, big teeth, ad then tried tover o
+- letter or paper on the day you ex- get the lasso over its bead, but it was
c THEE NICOAAGUIA AtNAL pect it have the postmaster look too quick for him. In a second it
te e without roid- through all the oxes. It t to be was nits hind feet again sutter-
S e aCongressadjourned without pr id-tn than rhideous hie ruling at one
the cari- et_ ion o the rlNcxaraa canal. That for it to please you. if your friends lasso was slipped around it s ne k and
o esnmi o r is it an ait ret don't write, cuss the postmaster. He in another minute it was tied fast to
Sp t the pla, sa the a cu s to blame. If h4 tells yo there is & r a e All Kind
as th-asyhX ia rItNd hen Mr. Penny announced to the
ea few er'sReecordi Congress, however, did no mail for you, put on a grieve ex- ladies thLt the fight was over they War
Sof the make provision for theexpenditure of pression and say. There mut be came forward and viewed the trophy.
L a o andd l. AT, bp the president in a final orr Heis probably, hiding it for it was tied to the carriage and
exaination of the various t rotes pro--osede iobaby her moa t b e o and ie the y
h tor-e pamledat or an th e various roaches pro- the pleasure of having you call for it 'brought to the hotel where it was gaz- +
the brie posedtor an hmoian afTher th e senonecnAsktt he ime ed at in wonsder Say hundreds, who an-
denoy of opinion of A-mericeanengi- two or thi;ee times a day. Ask t sembledan to listen tothe amounts ofCOUT
neers and member of the senate and to look again." the adventure. Mr. Wiggins, in speak- T
r, was house of representatives is In fa or of ----Ing of the encounter stated that it was ChicKens, Eggs
ns s art- Se icaraguam route, and the fina rectors in charge of t he fers and rost vicious aliga-
o a coon- e a minatlon 0itri5t to satisfy object- The drecto s in charge of the trhe had ever sne nd he neverpleand
thle gtht of rs ot t fe ftility of working for IeS County Fair Association held a meet- wnted to tacklle another one like it.
-- i ave le routes and thus ake It lorg in their rooms at the aiTeland lie buit a p -n for it in h s beek yard Seventh A
f off enea o rthe next congress to te bank e at Wedtesday, Marh 15, and where it was seen by many yesterday.
a~tf'p qir- en- tanK aast ey holding It shows some signs of ^te struggle, 09-
ever been n Cornenercee decided to change the date of holding the mst notable of which is the ab- ji fu, .. his
S 4 the rece meet and carnival of amuse- senre of the big tooth in its right jaw
'DEATH OP PATRICK WALSH. mn from Marsi 29, 30, and 31, as ad- where Mr. PltLnny struck it with the
ats who Ston: lasrick w a ot A-irus t Ga., vertised, to May 5,( -6 and 27. Tils club. teth ws foun on the
- died of nervous potration at his change is made so that 'wes point can d he ofrthes itve y bighir. It wa
ilt r ornt after a te oe used in connection with the Queen'a reported yesterday that while the al-
est eal Ia'llness. He was an ex-United birthday celebration at Tampa on the llgator was tied fast he had attached
iMbt t Sta senator end at the timne of his one of his hotel cards of the Caysga
Shs beeo death wsas asr of the uty of Au- 24th of May. Lk House to its nail and when vls- g o
aD arbaud he has been editor and proprietor of It would indeed be difficult To imag- card would sail thrtsarh the air and J&
the adsin- the AaMta Chronicle and for many lne a more satistactory condltion of of course overytutdy would nave to V
ea has been recognized as one of the trade In general than that hith ex- see w.hat was on it. Be this as it may D ,
se not like eatlo 119 hes been one of lung ser- lets In the Unoted States so-day. From o and the uge alligator speaks I
a~d .sets vice to te po and no man in thi Use resorts ipellshed In the New York foritself.
ue peaalty State siauadlhgaer in the estimation lOoomercila of (Monday from all of the --
a ts In wushe m a at ou geat trade centers .it ian .o ready C e Grcre
it. it ia 115_suff:er an a rable loss The seen that the great business actlvnty.. Cbaapat Groeerin

ty comi ub demovtrwation at Uis funeral that marked the week just past is te mate and your t
P Vr- S the largest ever known in Au- not tcted sections but was p t a an yu
Se- general In the full meeal of the word Th uly Cur. atictio.
m t atI T THE P. C. & P. DEAL Everywhere the Jlmer and wholesaler Ecema s more than a skin disease, o a
IV* --in Is say and the nmrntiacttrer is be- Iaid no skin remedies can cure it. The
T.he ', atS i fromt = he Mnuoartur- ing ruhbed to meet his orders, doctors are unable to effect a cure, and
na. AmIer- a eReco f IsatSpecltal vittrest to their miner. mixtures are 135+ 4+
l S E i the .ste h: tsh:rn 'We are told that the Filipino rebels tothe most powerful constita ++The
p oaSaS "a% *report IS current In New York ass making a mning fight. Ot course whole trou e is in the blood, and +
Ilo.g s & t&P. Aa othe e cthrto mewhich em reachshdep-eealed blood +
AbPm rMSA Jw the Whamt IS gmycate ao tn dlaMsmtasetI b gINa + I I
inSl A It as u in taut thatr future man- The people of Cuba are demonstra- utss tso preat unt a +
wile "S t WWha tatSe flyIn thne thm etra ineaVpacty for self-gove- her h dW esntly +
E1sh.a at o tter w rm tg Shat & Obt o r, ment vers1'p y maly live. std. Mewe tas ted +
am at asl* B= O&o, W b m ft bymoelgooddpeto. FO+ U ,-- .
the k. q~eahe. hats made ~ The summer girl heIn the bud. sevaad tre +
atEM a fai&t w to hawvee aes oper- 4 dreadfl dtsas spread J + Rye, Bourbo
IW.fNC s n a narEU~nros oP A BmAsn. ttee. hs )as Was 1 and Corn N
s" special benefit to t baea sy s tm Gin er:Rums
r mon -- I wonder what would have haP-en- health laM bt "d + Gin um
2 We *1 b A*We -dM0ta *10 that ed If Adam had refused to eat the ap- esmied no beneftM. M
S. IL' JtWr 3 wspeat samuAa pie? patentme lnle we taha, but w n- + FOR t..
Ifo1u toe aW wrt a M siastsou gd to be a law that no body dt Old Mock 14

t omml oi elb ,quarrel wieth a man, he canat ealwaLGAve.ST oo +
S -fwbead t s. artmre wlt rheh gaas oy thmer how exp altt, s e Ht s eee p
e a gi s a-- vtsa, e Beia p pi i The stUe doctrine evera ag etse ams from within. 8swift's+ + d ss e a
S... e o tot so muct t that it displeasess + TAPA o
H; / Wb_ a gwt I try ttg t mae op a .H.n i 4, ,. KS
,-.- S-O o ases qa t a ma, he cn a ES hem s .S heas. M
!-Um1of him t sorehnEad &laim PlyctalleNMdobstinlythme sItutosU l&bad S h
SIs e- assoer "a sv she i esIt t r ior vr a.. ..put.ia s.it h "m remedy because it pqr ase eA

mm leet.a ath. e Brrsttt selw Qd hies meat mar- spi, iare OOnirq mieyga. 8.8. PP
Ityossu 7 to lton Bras, ws have already' tby8wn spes ea S
~ aasr um sednasO cpfe OWthMe s OWN" ". Atha*GtO*&.


rst -Co .

s are always trying how-,e
making only the low price in w Mes,-
quality of the merchan
consideration is quality. .
it nust be of the very best
be right and up-to-date n h t
t it possibly can be sold r. yi wl
right. .' -:
our business since M
a been wonderful. iI
ilites, etc., the public fin* a a
popping. .

some elegnt valepah
K offeredin whiteE
S"piques, t

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toe in the siate.

wasnever better. An tI
ainsook, cambricA and

em is easily told by ,
shown a larger vauiet o
have you found such
a prices. Your Easter atif
from here.
Sof parasols, neckweareteaa

HE W. APERS" ... --.


s of -Garden and Field ed
*ranted To be of the best, "
quality and fresh. 4
S, Feed Stuffs, Potatoes (
everything the market a5,
ve. bo-O

to Cash Grocery Coipan
909 Tampa Street. '

And Feed Stuffs. .1
in ti city for Casub. Bess liesf eda
cade s soll|sell wih a gqaraBte e *iipia,
-------,I -,---------

M. TOWNB, Ma .
in, Malt C i
Whiskey, Brand les,
Domestic, ae
Waters, gr

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edt goods in the Aw



S m at the da and through Its l
.... . ezteft cleansing and reulatlstng ef-
tP ev*' Z O t feet Ir the stomach, fiver and bowels. It
O nTJ bo SeiJev a rings back the strength and ruddy
-t' e nfts.- g Clow of vigorous health. Sold by S. B.
""te B aLeeardi Co.
etriad aI Judge Ofsbame'
S *.s' morntlf the MIXILLONB GIVEN AWAY.
NO wee reve5 io "hm ---
A .w'. SS g p It l crtanly gratifying to the
d saWt O fl emr.'Wod- pubUlc to know of one concern in the
Bfta,.6 witth Ih p el tad who are not afraid to be wener-
V 1tI & Ow W s OUud os to the needy and Baffering. The
m dteppiay a h ine o proprietorsa o Dr. King's New Dis-
V M .W sa% l a" yongt cover for Consumption,- Cugha and
.Th BB aof the two ne- Colds, have given away over ten mll-
a-Wetn ern ion trial bottles of this great medi-
te a_ s m fmit cine; and have the atlsfaction of
e teea n bes knowing it has absolutely cured thou-
SI I- Madden wa mands of bopeteis casea Asthma
i Sm .s0t6th the white i BroncltIs. Horsness and all diseases
J06. I 9"hAI w of the Threatb .Chet and Lungs are
Swhite girl ve ier surey cured by It. Call on Leonardi
.-N A PeliaM,. tstt tt & Co., tdumgists ,and get a free trial
I t9a% t ,aeuin Ada esd bottles iruatr s aize m rW. and r.
N &sa in at'.fs-sP livery bothe guaranteed or price re-

p W it Asd- a'
a"! J5IM t Om Lees.e a maers of "tame" wild dtucta
AS S esca be seen at Port 'ranpa daRy. Tte
iti "T l are grU'tl' ashdmired by the guests of
wea u the Is
at S
&UM The staanufflp Tanlia is due to-tdas
ream Havana She will at onooetak
on a seeao and a anl her return
Sto wSk. She triD.
t to .s went As the season of the year when pneu-
p"e. p th e aen monla. Ia grIppe, sore throat, cougha.
|"' v eP colds. catarrh, bronchitis and lun8
O n t lAt 'tb are to be guarded against,
ldx agthe gse- ,_o-ink "Inas a fine substitutee" will
t| H -e was I- answerr the purpose." or is "Just as
060s reed" as One Minute Cough Core. That
r as B Is the one fntallIble, remedy for all
I 1se e to lte h plu. throat ar bronchial troubles. In-
i-tad c 't.Its d islt vigorously upon havrcg It If
somethingg eise" is offered you. For
h left -atsby S. B. L. nardi & Co.. and Cen-
mit ewe.old 4e in trial Pharmacy. of Tampa, and DLa.
t i mend Pharmacy of Th r City.
t. thee sho be a -aster Eddie tIMcOraw, son of Mr.
tm thme wrethre ,W. sec Graw, theef89olent and pop-
I, ccloulntant of the polloe depart-
meant has arrived from Milssoaiipl and
T IE U make Tana s future home,
'IU I nLM Bh^Inc aeg adyt wosec a lucrative
Pol__itlob nwith a prog reessive dry goods
d ."& km. 'Badde s a v tight ytoun man
ttmB of eneury and vim and will make
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.t 'rT- .T,-MATTl. f C7RED IN A DAYT.
ltured audlemne as- "'*vetic ou--'" ',r TR urntal'm and
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Me, Petlae perform- Its action upon Int nott-- ra. n,. ,
kr Sgvetthors, amis- ".e atia my i. ci t rem ,vs a i
r of Tanwpa^ most snce the caune and th, d'--,n-- trrir
ow law vAoCAits. diately disappears. The first dose
eldaore." was tbe greatly benefits. 75 cents. Sold by S.
Sit and sparkling *P- -. LLnardil & Company.
twea tar o" ts mae Ladore tHapern has a new adver-
pd5 osluome. The tsesment Io the Tribune this morn-
.tgMer u tl eit n haer t should be read hy the la.-
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t'mlbn*i onoe a year to
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C wh VSC hu

The -A. M. E. Zion church conference
that has been in session here eor rE-me
days came to a close yesterday and the
delegates departed for theLr hom- s.
S For a quick remedy anid -ne that Is
L perfectly sate for children lt us reconn-
mendr One Minut- Cough .,. 1 .- 1
F excellent for croup, hotrsen-ss. ticklting
I in the throat and coughs For Sale oi
r 3. B. Leonardl & Co.. ana Ccntra 1'a-ir-
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Bitters Is -a reliable system regulator;
Cures permanently. Sold by S. B.
1 -aonaril & Co.
r. Wsa. (Nein, Mrs. Chas Nel-
W s andW -M nia Nelson are
amaong the presndnent people at the
Tampa Ba b NambvlMle. Tean.
S,1njM B. C. Watson and Ja& T.
STAt. two ptesar young men of
V- t Tampa. wee Inn the city yestdao
nad At thee T-ibmune a pleasant

i eas. -
was J. Sheer. Sedalia. Mo.. conductor on
S4 elect-ric tree car line, writes thai his
Hrttle daughter wae very low with croup
: .rs. and her life saved after all physicIans
i "
s----- hbad ftaUled. oly by using One Minute
oeuh Curs We Sale bk y -y & Leon-
e Jgeg asl- & Co. and oeatral PbhamacY ot
Tampa, Diamond Pharmacy of Ybor
iyememb. m &M the Tsribe doea
S ttne hut m oft Jobe rinting to te
SeA io ti on elty. Pstoesm ruwsube
s" OWK Ueap-to-date Int esa parts=-
ier. tr.
t e h= wve a cough, throat Irritation,
I.- Now" weae Iangs. pain in the chest. difficult
W.W6.. *aps One Minute CouSh Cure. Al-
w rela e and ate ro e aby S
IL Kamardi A & Coand Central Phar-
. a ot Tampa, and DI aWmd Phar-
o e of t.er city.
.w C C C rwso the we
.- ftes fps atow attorneys, was hI the
I ,5I05 o an Vei5dWy on p-m o sati-

k -; ure tin dIsovery of One Minute
6 Oisre. woiatser were greatly
Sptsrbed by codghiag congregations.
SI.MW Wor 4t now. For sale by B.

se.alC Tampa, Diamond Pharmacy of

BJ & r sivregulatsor and I can
tian oris," said a geous, The
-g im a. otle of De-

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--- court (f the 6th judleal c reuit Of the -i...:
Local Iems of a Newy Character state of Florida, for lilsboroug aon-
local Items cf a Newsy Character Briat ard Unfading Culors!st e lnFcridt whreiI ..s-on" 2
Graceful y Chronicled For Brll iian tdfad naus Color erin Lonoa 25 e M O e Of
Tribune Readers lude by inmond )Dves abandon is defendar t. dated the 2th
.. .. ..a---- day of February, A. D., 1899, I hv S prig "a
S soled u~on and wid &ell at pebtie out S-mmer
Plant Ciy, Fia.-The U. .Misson- A Ten-cent Investment Often before the co hoe door In Summer
ary institute of this district conven- eSaves Dor city of lTa a tda, between the Have just arrived. All th
ed on 'Tuesday mmrin last .n th Saves Dollars. legal hours of sale. on Monday the 3rd
M. E. ohuch at ths a-. Mat.y able Profetisonal dyers always use dif- day r AirL ra D, ldi OT the folw.g latest and bet and at a ock
and eloquent represent 'ivs of tb-. fervent dYws for cotton than for wool, deItd rh co ntr state of Florida H I To BOtt Om prices.
M. E. church were present each .- as wootl ton is a vegeta .n In ia- b it-I e undivided on e eighth in.r- Fine Organdies, beautiful:
Many Interesting subj.tts onnctei mond Dyes there are some fifteen fast io aon tth o utear t S quar2 patterns at Only ........
l me an cue tttat s os e m .tftOn t quart.r. Se .2: T .29 O her houses are asking 16
during the session were well attended ing in strong soapsuds or exposure to s nheastern quarter. S 2 T. 20 for the same quality
Married at Oxford, Fla., on Frida-y the eunight wi not dale. S.R East. io S owl n o. hf o tho a also showing a new liasi E
evening at the home of the traded's paSee that o sefeiond Des. and White Go s. They
rents. Miss Nelie Reece .xad Mr. F. south three-quarters of west half of to e t alS r
D. Booth. of Obeiltm, O. REDuCT'. trr: .e ac. 2"T. I ,. R. 'o et.- inf ampa. Lsee out line
iMr. and Mrs. Booth are both em- Said .Ole being made to satisfy said you buy. All the latet
pioyea of the Wmrnell Lumber and Brotherly Freling of a ni:o.e P1alnt- execution and cost. ties in prints and
Veneer Oonspasty, well known and er l'or am Airtst Patron.T. K. SPENCER. ties in prints and ry
ihaily esteemed young people to whom Therv is a saying tha two of a trade WALL & Ser boroughCo. displayed for your
we extend conratuladouns can nover agree, but tbere is ron tn be- Attorneys for Plaintl. and remember we are
The dimentsions of the strawberry evthat then is more ersternityof inter- On old principles, all ao s -
crop of this section can be more eas1 t 1 1S upp SeA NOTICE. lowest prices.
c lou on . stance to prove this theory i found In hOR W t Pr
estlmwLted than mag ilned now ty the cae of an artist In the snuburb who had ".
lase amount of ftru-t tipped each dey the front of his cottage painted last week. In the Circuit Court at Hllaborouh
Prices so ftr are all that could be d- I wasn't much of a job, but It was done County lda. It C n o ry.
sired as this season of the year and a very well, and tre painter was told to the matterof the diss al on Of I
good de--nd contain". brings in o, bi1L
Three days later the man of the house s n Asnocntin, note is hereby
0. S. Wright, M. D., retura-d t- was told that the painter wanted to ee gyaen tht appl S thone be made
him.dr fsaidoewsOeetoeWe. hiT.d ar- ss- Depaxtmenl.n
S at bi home on Sa d even- Tell him to leave the bill andI ll send on Ph e thea cour
tnU of para yals, Mr. M. C. WeUons, tn him a check," was the Impatient answer. the fngt oaday inlt pril, A. D., Wf 18s booming*. Up46kaa s
his 74th year. ElscopJ. burial ser- He was Informed that the painter want for a degree mdlssorin said coetora- ming aid low Fi09 h4a
vic at t hme the at 2 ed to see hin In person, so therewas noth- t in in acorftan with the tatue it. sRcattuber my halas
rice at te home the family at ring to do but to show him up. in smch ea made and prerled ty
p. m. Sunday by Dr. A. OM Rarnt. In- "Well?" said the man of tme house parties Intereted, whether stokhold- improved. ram. pem .aly 1at
twanent at OsMawn cemetery at 230 rather shortly. ers or resdtors will take ue notle
p. m., under the auspes of Masonic I hope you like the job," said the hreo a over themselves aoerd-- '
frterntty of thin ptoe. painter with a mysterious mile. l i tng. laftenotl "d ble o fll
IThe sweet arceage f cornm In many He was informed that it appeared to be at lowest prices, my m
The t 0o nm yall right. A4MIN I.RATBIX NOTICE. ,
years Is betg planmted this year. "Ialways do good work." said the AMINIW tA NOTICE.
itBS. 8. Partego, fsmrmaly M:Es painter virtuously. But this here house Notice las here*y given that the on- P
WMay Tyner, duabter of the late (Mr. --bos, I rath,.r throwedn maelf on this designed has been appointed admnin-
S. S. Tyner, former residents of Plant when 1 found out who you nlstratrx 6f the estate ot crd M J T '
CityI. ca oa visit to the family of Ii .rYe When I went to the drug store calms of any nature alsmnst said el- 714 716 and 718 pnk a
tMr.h and Mrs. E. G. Bug 9d other cat the corner Itfr puLty. the clerk told me tate are notified to present them to s
relatives. you was a painter andone of the best in me, properly e tnt icated 'within
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Wellorns and als- this country I asked why you didn't tel tie s-od AldeS by i iw o I the neb
ter, Mrs. Barrett returned from Pun- paint your hoste, then. and he aid estate are requested to makI e
ta Gorda Monday. ha t ayoh nd ut p wt dhen' I rtmedlate settlement with me.
It is u e hat the Warseli Loie- paint anything but; pictures. e when I Xak'E F. WELLS,
t is d th he an Lum found you was in the trade I did my pret AdminAstratrix of Richard M. Wells,
her and Veneer Mills wili resume op- test. And here is the bill--ls.0--and deceased.
erationa in a few daye. it ain't no ino. tha: r.ght, a, you know, Has come and tol
Mr. C. W. Hewitt, Joho hae spent but being its c-:u Ill knock off the 60 Spring is here.
the past yar in the vicinity of Plant 33-.k MASTER'S SALE. 7., ,. f
City, leftTuesdaym morning for ia- Ti -l f
kitr, lettft esday morn for Cha ... e k In the Circuit Court of the Sixth Ju-
Wn and the West.. r. .t'. r' lc. .i c .. Cui o the State of N W SmiS& J: a
+ -. ... Florida. in and Por Hi -'bor-
Happy Is the man or on .an .vho can, ou- County.-In CNEW haSn-P NU
-at a g.-d hea-ry Tnal without su cery .
f-r .o ann I 1 DIVORCE"NOTIE. T x Gorga ate Building and YOU should go to ,
takc -.,' L. DY.iPS'. ". eIn Circuit Court. Hillsbor>utg Ccun- Lar. Association,
S t- Sixth Judicial Clrult: of loritt- TheNew
L ''. t da-In Cha-n'er.. Ba :1 I and J h .
Central Ph rmacy of Tanpa. arnd Ea- E. Striclklan..l vs.. ? ,lnard S. r- rendered b the lon. arron
r a, 'hir, 1 -- :'t, trr-kland. Divorce. | P hil:l judge of the 6th ludiclal cir- ||
This cause coming omn to.- heard i r.ult of the state of Florixd. in and for a
Mr. J. P. Clarkson contemp:ates u-n application for an orderr .-f pub- laor .f a Georg Building and
a airip to Cuba in a few days. llcati.n dir-ct. d as-ainst .-se end- .ant Associatlon and against Merre 918 Franklin Street'
i ant, Edward S. Stricklana,], and it Ball a ad Joaephaus G. Basll; her hu9- F ai tr ,
The Saratoga Lunch Room %,as rn tican o t ierTyler, where yla G
ed u ta che o pr-arir.g to th- satlsfactio of the band. I Carlos \V. Steven,% Master in nerTyler, where wi
closed up .esteafy by the sheriff. Cl-rh f said Court upon a ttidavit filed l ot f front o0 tle court house door In the
S. P. Spengler. of Osten, Fla.. wa-,, th th ltl ,elf -.:mrlaint in -aid cause d city of Tamic.a In sald county and stock of Spring ant mU-.
circulatung among friends in ti- t .:, the i- aid d -fendanit s a. .n-resl- statt. -it lun th- legal hours of sale, mer Dress 'Goods,
y-sterda ti.-c.r ''. oh-. Stat- .-' P1-tel-rla and. a I ,,n ithe' dday of April 1899, the a Gsc
t Th eg the first Monday in said month, and Gent's Fu g
The h c vt. -.c.. t- -,f to ..:e.oor-ndf. ftcandfr.ash to the highest bidder the fol- GoodsMillinerylnd 0
The hair switches no, on sale at o.r tthe age f teenty-oneears. i g real estate, it Goods Millinernd oes
Turner's Jewelry tore Ul s. hrore lore .-rd er-l that you, borough county and state of Florida, See our new Oxfor
taken away. Eiward S. Strckland do ajjiear to Lthe and mo partaularly deseSbed tS for ladies atvery Iowju i
Edirnor Morganrbr, ~ teit'ldyF ~''n ant.~.A nol0,bfr ~l)w es{f t~madet~follows, tonvof t' Beginning fourteen o e
Editor Morgan, Of S. Petersburg, of m ant r before t ad tLiree Inches east from the Special prices -in
was among the prominent visitors to a deue o co y.esso will beD e entered rth e corne lot ab tw Shoes. New line of
the city iesterdatya.againsi you. f o the southlne of Wain ng- shoes embracing so
Is further rderedthat acopy uf m street running east thirty-five Of the best mak .
BET OF L th order hbe oIe ied I Tampa teet, thence south one hutbed antda

To cleanse the system In a gentle tnd M-A 10 lt th Washgon ste, tA. .rty-de
truly honofel manner, athh- 5- "" r 'feet. thence northerly paraelel wi-i J :RA
Spngth ,,or 'eso use the true an, per- Clerk Ci-a,'oumi-t Macton street. oue h niredal, e ROT
feet renrd". 0.yrub of P-. .0,0> ltme a 'Dn Bo GIVoC of lot nueh one Sin a blocs. c 91. S Franklin Street Clou'e T
geTnuine. Mnufacure bo thle 'all- D cording t the gene ma of Tam-
al- iy alt lr-isi ayl.t -o .ent- i,-r COmet for sald WoLnty, eb i- r s- oatisf igth m r id decree and
botte,. to' tart the foregoing a is-ne copy of all costs .
Sdie a-eords- of pishlinalton flied in the Dated at'ampa Florida, this 2nd
Dr. J. R. Gray and wife acre call- aforesaid cause. day of 'ia A 1899
ing on TampaL friends yeste.-day. They 'titns00 t hand and offi8clt seal tla W. Tg'BNS. "
were regisered at the Almerla. D.. 1 o A 1 e u Y L,. A ) -

---iett Circuit Court. NOTICE OF "iNAL bETTt iNT. firiseans f.s
Take Lazatve Br.ono Quinine Tablets By D. B. GIVEN1 VUSix mnlh Va he d he)-eof
dsio to ci-re. 25. The genui.to baha ADMINISTRATION NOTICE. Al rt to the Cout J.d of-
B. Q. on each tablet. account and vouchergs as executrix of iSC I
All persons having claims against the last will of Lida MacGregor. deceased,

The Tribune next Sunday wi pub.- estate of Thos C. Collins deceased, are and will make my final settlement as .
A i n w a requested to present same properly au- such executrix.
Ush an exceedingly Interesting and thenticated to the undersigned within Dated thiJ 28th day of Nov., A. D. 1 .
unique story which cannot tal to In- time prescribed by law, or they will INA. 5AE POST. 1
terest and amue every reader. It be barred and declared null and void Executrix of last will of Lida Mac- 'i
Willu t gelatkmilar .. IntrtastI to th A J. D. SPENCER. Gregor, deceased.
wil he 55tleary Int5 M to e Administrator of said estate. November 0. 0m sid C d.riA.. -
people of Tampa and victlty because Tampa, Fla., Dec. 24th, 1898.
a Number ofa pa's mnost prominent
ctlens and buidnes faetom wa NOL 0+ U 1 I -I
lp e in the afi m of Aa Ift 'e o-waen rhertofore Iitt'' 4. .E-: +
you fall to -e sunday's Trssne YOU ing between E B. Rusle, J. F. Steb- T1
w1ll mia a rare treat. bhis and BL BDrw under the 5smf Stapls and P 'Ga <
name and style ot the Cenotral Phar-Ol. .n
Gen. a M W. P .Hasen, of Tjaon- masY is iths day disaove& H. MRu + We are daily; series Yis sully
oMsa. were amw the many pleas- kle and J. Stei trl pchas + ing, the very have evytig a
ast oalers at thie Trtbune office ye- ed the ttereet of E. Berger therein, + v e ry line fres a'
tteday. and the sad binees wil in future be. + time to get
I oondected by tlse said B. Rutale 4. ti+me tO get bithei t m itv. at
I.. .. .. 'eecOwmo, Kyi. en 7 .Seitno ne h im

I. P. Plercet of Owensboro, Ky%,
dhlet of poce of that csty, Is stopping
over in Tama for a few days on his
way hotn from tOuba, where he bes
eoxleted a tour of Inspeotion of the
..oA t hrea bndrad Veope from
Tamop went down to Fort Tampa one
Bmday amnimoam to mee the sights
and .I-en to the fne concert by the
Tamn RE5 orchestra. The OUivette
from mhs v arrived right on time
with a sse tessansjnr Hst moet of
whom were sodlem.
Tn revival meeting at the Presby-
tlian church last night was well at-
tended and a tdem interest was manJ-
feeted. aleetinge wUl be comtinued
each evening this week.
Juhn R. Lesmnelly, of Owenaboo
Ky., a regular winter vitor to thtis
pat of the state, arrived in Se city
ymsterday and is otopnba at the Ar-

Mr. Chas P. Prirtck. f L tsville. Ky.,
Ofeeientln the RoUhinmon-Pettet Co.,
W5 a Saest at the Tampa Bay yes-
ter&Mr ad made the Tribune a pleas-

and J. (W. Stabbm %mder the firm,
name and style of the Central Phar-s
ma. All HSa due said firm wif her
paid to the sad Cental Pharmacy.
and all Indebtednes of said firm will
be paid by it. 9
I. BE2RnlR -
Tampa, Florida, arc 15, A. D.. 195.*

'Ie Co-pa&Mnersbip heretofore exist-
Ing between B R Ruckle,. l Berger
and 3. T. Moore, under the firm name.
and style of the Diamond Pharmaay is,
this day dtbotved, H.L Runkle and-
J 2. teS bnW having purchased te,
interest ot E lBerger, therein, and the-
asd abuilness winl in future be conduct
ed by the said H.3. E. Runkle T.
Moore and J. F. Stebblns, under tn .
firm name and styte of the Diaond
Pharmacy. All bftis due said firm wn I
be aid to the said Diamond Piarma-&
s' and all Indebtednes of said drm
w2 be paid tby It.

TSmpa. FItGAd, Otmrch 16th, A. Z, 1W-

goods awe f]; eat p le p e
$20 three and Mo rewalOn
we prom ue tos i
and examine best in the maretsuTM.

Henry (jil," 20 w
..5d "aiaso m .--.

d wlth 4

lS fAA the 21

. j .... .

aNo N Crip
s ate btouds are now belnt plan- WM hptakeHe.daP's Thebi,
1 pom are isot wi tIh Hood's. Es
a 'The eart adueetisementa eatches

l- *- a w -m
asn can agree with a woma I u U0 U
St doe" any %O y tonoate, '
There cubt not to b any troabit update I every rspet.
o: r a yellow Journal s o succeed In Sate, eartalan ad sure. All
f-csBa. i- ts. 25c. C. I. Hood & Co. Lowel
SThe only Pills to take with Hood's Sar
fsthe stubs in -ir. Quay's check book _____ _-
A' maht to begin to do some pretty taiH
tinft g before long. ZIBA KINIG1 POPULt.RIf
SGen. Games is pretty much in the at- The ffeowhse from the Jacks
S belet etOf man who finds It neceary Journal, the bome of 0Mr. Jas. P.
to ask were he is "at." ferro, one of the prominent as
i6 for the United States senate,
se stbing l91 W tbei desire is read eith Interest by po iti
I be 'a e om-tahm. irell a. be people of South F
,- b" ds e The Journal vays:
bw DS m who voted I Looh over the enate roeter!
W ifte anI adom to stay on the old O the aWgogated mllioas of the
S fars. berN of that aurust tribunal! -
: "~_e m l an Is as hbellea in such a b
I N Am eAyula o m es him a otlawlessa cat in hades. Thi
F'' be & amor mote to a wealthy wid- aenatorn Wh ott, Tewer, Platt,
of Nevada, White, Proctor, Buo
a is I earor con- utwrt,.. Quay, EiliiM,
bo: em 5- nt ys- he and a host ea others wi

A c u.ented millions to bamnk
'. ", t--f L (higo bou OnMm .AldIch, avis

t lcounts mad soboery and ispaseli
a-la ote Ores. s m .. a t -,m m sa."Wh Iat can a
tena ending mn a man do?"
at aawe AGE howgreen- EtD b
_S e a e7=- tkhe m tie to trie sme

; te omuht to be no wheat- sowe and i or a-l of Shk
S.o- -m- the leg- c be dauth g m million
S -, -, i e,
awrsted atateS senator. It i

Sa for wel to have a sestMor who ha
3' h W;- thate itaetr I Tll a twbe s- He woaere ome w&i
it al tS e K 'alfeeas pthe f*or parsenai even he let qou hfl
VVIrO hi,* 206
,i .t o ----- n home n .es chs sonty Gieo ngrt
SThe Hon er rece a cam to or a ft bect
T-eat nmaw rcrets In reqspnse to 1st- poothsme. IWtithet money or it
Itotiazerae stan bho edap-t.ona lhe ts literaly fought hi
in. -,,, b It ate th life,. atCtne -wIth h
' '- I h hose lises moeqaltoes and cre
g Te s s pion o ef the partition of he has steady forged ahead int
cannot be expected to have ha wealth I ooneerv h tivel est
S. h strt for Baltmoreh, in view of at a oool SQtW. atis ha-bits

IThe Ban X*1 Ci Of e prtition of the tau ces in bua ines, with It
Wt wao, I rdomIta tbe energy and persev
.* to ht fully ,warranta the asiumrption t:

I maa~tt "bitter the feud may I could easy hold his own in Wa
he I ade el, they never think ton. "Old Zibe," the 'a-ttl eKti
/ d a owd-throwit there. They known to every cowboy as well
'het hve to fo lone as they have every hadlyer and politicians i
tR nt O resl water to throw. state. We present his name foi
msl er I ca-reftia confederation:
; e f mSator ne lle Is mtter of You may say where we can go
bWo ..olisltol des to al Demo thte-. He is one !But there's many a strange i

', .-t b~t &e leading men of the comty, anrd Me hails from old DeSoto,
fth "FAI done fa-Ithfl serve. It is sin- And his name is ZIBA KIfo."
eae. hoped that he may soon be hin- i
5. .'Mark Twain has forwarded to the ed- The two gentlenlien who are
4- mro the "War Agaeinst War" an ar- most troubling the administration
'.. '-5e in which he sa&: "The czar is Alger and Reed. The former
ia ." ta-or of dfaarmament. So am I. brouste much ovsrobrium on tb
'here ought to be no difficulty about ty in power and it is the wish
,t '` l rest of the woritL" connected with it save Alger at
# coterie to have him retired as to
'. ; Te tend department of the Florida decency will permit It is the oc
Sast Coast Railroad ham made ar- sus of opinion among the Wash
."" BdIenmtl to thiy be farmers cotrespondt ts that the secretary
long-Chale thI ne with Ka-Ir corn seed. very shortly "gracefuly" retire
i'sma vaery vatambl ecrop Cfr feeding the boards where he has been a
p.Deolb and tak :.and the seed will bet aptouous and that Asistant Se
Betohd free of chaege to a-l who zry Melkleijohn will take his
V ".sqi to 6 -ae It a trIaL This wil be a source of relief
president, out no nooner sh'ltdont
, -' ..ae St. Loa Repubic Se-y: ha a new speaker In the shape of t
Ifta so Iar Aal. and now Speaker from athine ominously
N: ifte t weA a pert and a laSe-ge &ae Vp
a rt s reparaton. bina Betwsen the speaker and the a
b # the stlement of tbe qume- I tialon there is undoubted ho
and King and tbe omefon is, ahaB it ti
Usmsft -sasn!!!%6 and above board or continue as
Is. That the su*ds-A-ratlon eweti

n:i' n me m uim t e edsies be de- oee tt wast to? Would not tj
'.'-m l *ana waer, rather t he Side on be floor of the
pe;b1 where O coUl ester into the
i 4 Ifs1lMaM iir There t a d=- and lt temevluga side m

.-S,, f Lot- be Bee, tht Is en- nms menhetw

ti O5U "- aort Of lR's statld EmottI sm--,n, Of Tew York, and H
.,-- lI5. 7a"The phti-es may w" son, c lIoss, are beIng groomed I

.-i s n its Mace her Ats-antlan sam- tote before It tn-aes the path ot
-. -sign, Its-a place amoug thb nations when m he hti war paint 01

4m0e W2tM to drde Chna- than to actlvly they are displaYing ii
w. Ie a shirt of IA parin to make good crosa no
tl Lm o SsmgEi. kes.sr IfL of ptane S thn e d e b
1 'to -r an outruae bn rees.a-. The farmers are the bat
h Pet-^SSStsd On tmlOIsat- of a uwiroments- and when hey
5oTmd, tbe oly 61 its that a determina n to succeed, in t
po swers q fall Io divide the An- -oft sfrtne. It encourages ev
lq bararernm into pleos "sall eWe to greater efforts.-Per
-T; Baltire SB takes up -' a t
)d.xtbIna tn o tt earn o .l.therhatM et.mal story sracb- been e
'2 S anyhere notarr1bel'ae. laS night from a onaly h
-S-tl S f thi kctual' cftsela who lve In the gentlemen
55Vw k w a,,li ytlnlW and be scrub. They stated a ang1W ti
iSS ends, withwh'oe" w" a en at Mveral times are prt
oss t*.equ heve astav bne In a ntUde con- ways go
0 M2 pS the AmetlMt w eile In this condition ntil tme
.i. t- t w h r~m and h- ha

1^ ?*a.fnn TIMoeun to 46&Mt Mala e he Owae
W the en tbeww eSrka- her. to Usinttme he Iror seai
we- -. nd atSv g them for qme a s uw
d.,efltite period paying bm a woOM utte of hummm
amp GN b kgam
ou mgoodes wft^ mo d re- sVaz are of be opin- ter sojos
in .w own pcSkets. Pw .hpd. he sent to the solid
Us- Iea"be .i ine-n, =n,. -e ws -

ineet YAWssttOur Inaoibtahood wUll venture tWor a
istineitieab lsiea^ from ca(p
Srn mina nm to th^^Cci Of Jawhscoavllle. aa'.%MW W

S The attitude of the Tampa board e t
trade toward the public meeting held e mos mNith to Cobs has ein iiai
o-as at Harney on March 4th as indicated Doliticsal igtnficanee aoomesn ag to t
y a1l tr in the resolutions published in yester- B vmnah Morning ia Wfs wich aM t
day's Tribune is befitting the leading "It I n epected that Pins ter
9 business men and substantial citizens General Bnkith will arrive- a Havas
of Tampa. All e facts in the case etAs morning. is alleged purpose iA
go to show that the prime vtilmng the Island to make persaoal
movers in the meeting at Har- ohbervataonu sld invietntgsees of th
ney In opposition to the re- tPal servtclee with the view of getttig
C onStructon of the Consumer's dam the service e a self supportU tt eal
across the llsboo'ough river were "ItIs probable that his ral pr-
ac tuated by a s-i of revenge. Their pose is to nd out exactly what the
11i. Mass. purpose seems to be to hiock the wheels ps i u exacy w te
apartll of progress regardless of the best in- rospects are Tor getting the politiesl
eterests of the cormuaity. Their pur- A --:-. :. : "-i '--- i affairs of the island i& a better shape.
pose as R chred in the resolutions is herb. ch., bri'i c-tivcr- and s1-i-,cbled in a e W nton t r-
tY to intimidate the owners of the street dungeon. o"-t not 11 a b mI jgned. Beor e eftW awsngton be expi7
car and electric ght property to a u There a-re thoe _a of mcticrs au the;r ed the opinion that the owttAs"4to
onvle an extent that they will refrain from babes who c k!cd by die in the factions in Oub could be brought In-
oa le ew rebuildingth e dam. dueeon of death.
Tl It has b een t ea y demonstrated Vhout knowing it or hav'in g the faint- to harmons, by teper maagenen,
pirants the wter ab v demoastred thf ,est com prehension of it, the fault liu.s with and that the waer would be clear tr
will be dam has been Oufly as high and the resiporb e a- o the adu settlement of C an -f-
lnam as as much land -has overflowed and just erhood while stiffering irom weakness and feire.
loridas mLnyh in WoeQ have assemaled disease of the delicate ad important or- Unless there is a pretty prompt set-
during the present winter when t ere gans that make wifehood and motherhood tlement of the difrer eb e ,-
waA no dam tn the river as before It possible. A woman who suffers in this way Cloemet o the gde iereht ees eto eea
Think wa constructed and it is very cannot be a capable a capable wie and a competent those wo de wt te y a
mem- difficult to ee on what grounds mother. Before entering upon the duties those who utpold the "'polto taken
thne cotlainaants base thetr and responsibiitie ot p she o. Go s the is r to be ge
ody a overflowed their aladr lreveted t ae a nd local. i nro ghly restored. r. rious trou e In the near .tur-. It
nk of from ra ang, bred mosqotoees- o a a t itm s fPorte sct t ptevon t arts dent tha t te mA a Iatr9t
ones, sickness. It is a well known fact that i en li ese or iti purpose.- not want o tt n m ait t
rouge, st mat them rong.healthy aa v s in wilese, Is not k,-
K yte, w hIte the d-m.was. .e. .W.is. .r.....nsod e i th erefore tia t th e ho tr-
"ek their cause for action comStaint? ulceration, chcks usnn atu ani S e will Pe s dlplo c tl
thun- On the other band the use o the wa- i deri aands Soothes it tones aasi In tnto m ing mthe- f-. w tf-et-
& C- ter wten dgm"*d was worth mere btd p the shatteredneres. Itturn-'gr. t he :1&fellilst be vr;
onate- to the pen of Tamr a a than all the the dmagef akd paies of th ernity i sap "1 he i ,-s h wt
S fart am on both de of the river as .amoy--sd e It a rediites W is:thet i oo d ens eebee -.A
ta up as the slaclkhwaterextends at ag o w t r W pro sa wis IwNeM e the nner of hIs avtiaf4
have per mre. The fact is the dsi ne>t d m *o olher. e s6 u ot e p. w -e
Ittive, iaterest of t he City demand theUrse t Salterw'lswan r s e twh is o b mtn m
L Aier Oftsl wts. Its benedt in a com- s'Sen li- -s e --.
on- and the feeling of utalice that actuates.-, Sa1 1 eS< f ,W^ ---,lms s ,t s i e"
L :But the petty oppointton w tsuse ahculd Tta y .Ae fmu ~nd obe tfntono- f dom -diae inpe
m be not be tole- tea L _la mee eB of the im portan* of I -
those Many of those who claimed they wcae Ca^nka S P, a or et is the aaeaeofo the *isal
injured by ea.on of the former crn- etime ta e o te d Ftei" tire t re e the s It,
edf" stru tion of the dsm Pemed their t uaton 0o 41w atn ton t e tfec tit
M, be ChLmS to the Consumer's Corn- I__. v It would reQuir $386,00 to '0 V
* once P"? and they *were settled. penlos earm which application
e haa It a a act twotthy of note THE rW G TROOPS, been made. To meet this it woo_ f eo
cation, that ; claim for dmae by rea- qutre an 4teial tax ey of 3 14
native son Oh lack water overflow ta&t baa--- mills on t lev to of 'Ai e
A, and been potented to the Onm her's corn- The war department has decided to talale property in tbe t. -
or the n' has been paid in full. The court mntter out of service al of the voleun- pro~te m t to t a period of eigl t
difuen- recorti wiU lhow that not a sin le case teer tr-ooe now in Ctba un t ie some year there were 7 aMotlleatios tor
condi- is pending against them,. h ore than u e eors ncoifiency arises. Natu- mpenlons. When tbe I-n nt nto f
vs w this.they have notified alt tese own- enough a str n pu I sa n- letsdow tn e s, t e S 4at"
tnger, tng property along the -ivr that they made to JacksonvlHe, oavannaw l (tt ar- t on beOamit more nueoM and
dlitora, stand ready to adjust all reasonable lewton and haere cities where man of durnInthe be f tw eas ai la-
11 now claims for damages. the oops were embarked to have the caonor pension ve been --
Iniated There are thousands of ac-e of oth- volunteers brought to those cities to ed and flletklsttg ai a totai of 0.5
of life er desirable lands in the county miles be mustered ou t. T e reason for this ao l eon ad to date.
ds In- away from the river that can be is the fact that when troo P are mue- berare now aboat 0 peres6nas
erance bought or leased very cheap and it tered out at aW other place than drawing penseo from the state. ad
hat he occurs to us that if this da-n makes where they were mustered into ser- 19 r M Of
6shing- the surrounding country so very sick- vice the men receive, in addition to itn 115 they w ierse sI9d a0i1m Of
ng,' is ly and such a den for mosqulties, they their regutWlar p ay and two months ex- these 52 penones 7 are ex-sold ler.L
as to would collect damages, pull states tra pay for s service out of the United and 2t are w iprson ti soldserct O
n the and move away. States. an allowance for travel ratlons Fte iS.b persons wgioee awitdca a,
Sour The fact is a majority of them don't and mileage to their respective homes. a9r ex-poldpen. F4l8rdaw wdys aTdMo
want to move away dam or no dam As the railroad rate is considet-abty less to 908 ere-ons becae e of cez-we in com-
ito, and a few that have a personal griev- than the allowance for mileage each emrds from Southern Sttes. Tese
thing, ance againt the Consumer's company man has consldereble spending money n esofw m2a wdow
are determined to make trouble on and the majority of the men wilt spend n fito o Snt 2d acure Wldowa -
general principles, a large amount in the city -where they zensMtp in the sta asprr to 18 0.
That the people of Tampa will stand receive their final discharge. It is the zenshi t tate ir 10
by the action of th heboard of trade, desire o the business men of the cities
there is no question. The importance rferrd to that the money be spent in Mob law in Geornia does not Content
now of having the dam located just where their respective cities and hence the Itself with one victim, its promoters
an are it is and the wealth it will bring to pull to have the troops mustered out t 'ad t it
r has Tamnpa is too great to be destroyed by as far from the homes of the men as satughter -e wholesale and the little
e par- the personal rmalice of a few Individ- possible. for the greater distance from town of Palmetto is the latest scene
of all uilte home the more money the men wilt of action. It is to be hoped that Gov.
nd his have to spend. Chandler wilbable to run dow some
eon a" ONE VIFA V F r OF MEZ. The business men of Tampa, and i Candler w ll.oe able t run doe sh hve,
oncen- fac t he citizens generally are fUlMy if not alt. of the murderers who have
ingson ;oa tsiiEeresting adelighis tt th a Llive tO tthe advantage to be derived brought this disgrace upon the state
y will oarter Weeklyn dbsch-+ ns n to ha fac srot ha-Ving a large number of soldiers and her,peopte. Where mob law is tol-
fromy will larperos.Weeklyv t-hD ClaJmSto ha6pae iad offIn tlh city, lt as 5-ew no ste erased no one, white or black, is ne-fa-
oto f R-Dee,- i'banscorbrespond-n X nated no e, whtee towarrs lal oen te
s-e tr0a l-are eel who lalms to hv the officials of the wr deipanmect to Tnit ed Mates Concular Agent Nr-
"place. yf amono-the Cu-ban P.ple four order the returning troops to be mu1- tens. at Grao, has submltted fsgoes
place, y-sacto a e studied their poll tered om here. a-na is the nes mt relative to the 8paesih trade last yee,
to the tic especiallyy with a view to the port to Cuba having adequate tram-
e than standinS of Gomet as a leader of ihe por to b h t showing that notwlthetandii her' de-
he big native ciames. The picture that he pot s 'ana n d oer diatreed coro
looms Pin of the old hero by no means bodies troops and if the men now n tea in wa a able to ow balance-
Cbo sawre to be brought to aWy sour on was able to show l
-reassuring to those who had ped port to be mustered out ansd pid Of of. trade In her twor for 1M6 The
dtlt ftd him a Lan fit to aid our own aTmp shalid lose no time In endMsl- tolU ^xp were V,41.S, and tbe
govp ttmment officIafs In solving the ortng to hiare an order made desiguat- I aiOM SK7M,
opit oblems that confrout them O Cul' be It as n stng 1 C lt. im2t0tt W72
I!t Aenordix tw o ti ebr& spondent, Go- i tsn the ae m disava- he -----t- Paor- B i
Is no m^non the wa r twasd to tiprea hitef noorentrsion of a arge sy O tros a other Cb dtcies kow pretty
ad a- un his peple as ther sen and to this city even for a 8hort time, Sway wel iohw tbose PSSSO which are te-
s, the ing in esf e has done some be troops e lss dT n and atied iauoadtohe " es thtnae which sue est that he has ta will ret bhe eee ofu wil go and they are preparng to rangi
s one- st tat-C1n American political der and generl ,w ls that fonol a rkh loet o toa 7Kssheedlu
on (it a to a vatE t. its sated, ed erb r O-. a-d many cltt'en sent Isee orde' to New York aI
hotme tsre- nsaSa he baa met with wis J no soebtleS-csw protest gi0M elsewhere for ever e anus-
mi- ward itful __ptoleelty by ki to nes The chif ohbeto however, d15 brdai4- rlentnd baeah fa st-
whereMe ati^en E ha~rehisdepa-Itebe mustered out ws be the dange to tttimab thet be m511 wS
n effect^h-e as ptomat5e,, and plammed a presence of a large hb os s t gewg1af.- a It e ei. -.o
eorned nohber of thesi-c deescement tbtt bare silhe -o s-rn m a0 ^twll he
a- Reead etin wrg his p-i pro- daneous ben the benei Co be do-
h eel- s ress toard aaS e pla tried will warrant the ity into 11 doo f-no bte sontluet to C it O
aee and receptions at t m a g b That there weond be a Seeat rtit can- saU gor 1t a pointed In one o05
wn d even put himsel ot Ina- 1o be denied and trhat the war do- the Honolulu pspsers: Alisimkl Bl.
not o-tilnally in the program of his ^ "tett^Ls son iv AJapal, A Kv, Ah Too IC. J..Ah
tand that oez isan o tobi-hass he war leprtmet i tsfearful o Fat, Boo u Tong, Bow Dtn, Doi i ,
pre about aae of feelngh oat th w i he introduction of yellow fever and is Ioo. fokepa. Hlen Krbtpssete, JDa
ItwitnI- dare his sepeople o oeinssthupon the not inclined to muster out mro In bhe Kaholohbo, Leihitul Keohohalole, Ka--
y Cho creation o a (ba ReP lc, with south. The dispatch queasltmbe wa-t hakna.lnt Not 'Ai and B.. So.
Utbone r ..... .... .... department officilsJ as sa.yIngthat It Is

how ie .a.t. .ea of course. as pel not lIkel any of these troops~ wl be The "Ks" take up three column OL
e ace it is not ln-ear to h r e d In t, c- United States at TaOa. "space ,being three times as imnesro.
e ae while It is not ear to the corres- .vatrah. Charleeton or asy other the relnquen under other
one pndent whether oe is leading or en prt, th the eeption a the.elnquent under
esacola belg led, he is quite positive that the that a few sYmaY he ordered home by letter.
old general has been dreaming a wisL o f Neprpt News, but even this
dream of emTpire all his own, and that dttf Te reso assigned for The dear voters of P ta Gorda and
-erg- he has caught the expansion fever to this is that it 1is psile that yellow vicinity are Indebted to Cuongressman
Id Il" to such an extent that he already plans fever germs may be brouh-gt home S. parkman for a couple of camphor
t be pbcs. ctih Sa Lomingo and Porto en -re-aulheo uitl be taken to ga-rd
Rico annexed to Cu.a and possible against it. ut landing the soldier Herald hopes soon to have a fine cam-
e the Eglish, French and Dutob An- in h,1 st th at this seasr- Of the -ear I phor s-rm. and then we'l Loat i -.

S ton of the United dSates to set up a avoided. It is said at the department and plants received at this otffe there
on despotic sway over them. and that that it iso mot likely that moest of the in na telling how much of a fortoec
L iurecas ea em out .o is eteubnalandingathem
ut in rather than submit to that they stud soldiers wil tbe landed at Philadelphia
call uon t ome to lead them out of and takes to Camp ,Meade. or some we could make In the" course o a tW.
I shat they have already neon taught acher northern camp. and kept there er.-r-Punta Gorda E erald.
sMi to term a new bondage. It is the be- .-or a time in order to allow them to 4 ".
h 0m-lief among intelligent classes every- recuperate. The new coneM hab not pet met I,
th where on the island, howe-er, thatseionandis aingfor e -
lug as G(omez becomes more intimate tilysion alnd iy wat fr t tI
co I known toe better people of all classes An up-to-date street sprinkling turn of the etyl attorney, when b1-
7 I will lose respect for and drop away I cart will soon make Its apeparance On question the valditfy of the raeoet
rxw from nhim, leaving him surrounded the streets .The sprtnkler has been election wllbs teeted. It istardly t
Sthe int. w tseo atimee keepth pc d by a ressve aMin be expected tbt t e water wes be '
L I who n aths with American as I man, who has also bought a pair o will be plaed, as the vote on tbi"
Sc In the background while appearing to 'fine large horse to pull It and in s was s, uo ara era that nO lnvemtos-
St to resreeent true pubc opinion. o few days everything will be ready to wo ld car to monkeys with a -36
a oL Bb Ie i delieri a begin the wo1 Of keeping aS the pew- SL Petersbtrg eb-iPenlnisr. ",
Lrb^rN. COL Bob Ingersof is denlvering a lec-
le tore on "The Devil Out West" There ed thoiouStahre of tbe erit-s' e 1nt ..
Sare a great many -peole nwhio believe 1oe Rtantin street has bea poved Provhdon is betI ntI tr a a
he wVil aw 1l mbot the e sJect in wt th bricb te e098l10 tfor a street ries oT lectnm an lft h sa iA
I the course o tins hasme. bn ie to ev s Mad. it to thih f baWo".
*eVMi- GeM.JoseWlWismisgetting hblmat lol ^l mma.vaid pds20M" I11 gM a V IA m ^ Of WD 1 e S
ti 0amaln a enough to betmeastlom- E he VpMS "to b see t o h at a aPsal- w thto l
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S l;- Bii IVr Ii let l Act as Pi A Forty-Fl e Bodies Bat Bn Becov. ill Sill From This Port on liiijy W ALTERB
,ll Oal End To War. red Up to 6 p. In. spetio Trip BREAKFAST


Sa Sonte- Abaseador Cambcn Conveys the Building Totally Destroyed in Re- Government Will Not be Ca led Upon, t e |ta OW O .T ... "
oed tews to ecretary Hay- Prestdent mkaby Short Time -Abner Me to Foot the Bile-Party Willt TleGx g I
a5iSd McKnley is Notified and Ex- Kinley a Family Had a Nar Consist of Very Few WALTER BAKER & CO. L
.. presses Himself as P eaed. row Escape Prominent People. i. X n' listll 7. I 6n-aUl" "US

to te Tnpe aLal to The Tribune. special to The Tribune.
diggoj.- Bf*i1, Slasep 17.--ffe queen regent Nw York, Maroh 17.-Plfty-flv per- Weshlngton, March i1-steoretary of I5
r4e g ales t the ratm iod of the n Ireb ed t e e i W ar R I ml l A Alger has not aban- O
g tra- of pea between the United the Windsr hotel holoeast of yester- doned his proposed nket to u
Stiles of America and the Kingdom of day poty-five bodies had been re- noe wthstandnlg the odlolal statements,

,giS^ wthe fre are aetll at work amo tod the expose that on ot of the
wqa.^?^ Sola$9 co^^..Anwaked troumh rains reaching tor the bodies at the pressure of publc boslness. he wouid
tjh embisp to iubsamador runs ts r ctpelled to remain In Waihinr-
,th -- and most nagtlfcent hostelries in the The secretary he. made ar reoe-
basdo a esteGaIes abd was the feveiNe I mnte to go to m out temiddle
Net totW7 goByrmet de New York sthopTim eiacb of President of next week. (e wM not be soWoml-
1.is ofKinley and aaErl. all promsent pooled by any ees the members of T
.-. -"" government oials a poltlsls senate or the o military o t-

8-i0s" toeW The rs starte at t oeT rianr e

A Wa1v uls- f lre queen esor ,w aseot s j st ry w htewo. sTh .rcIS .o l kw tarYOil
$0-4w signed dw egatl" o *. ;f.he aeTbelieved tof have perished in the Russell A. .Ve aso.- tnnot &ban-

be me ~ teneserape for datB of them waes I ctlon of atlo 1e Poto TCh,

of itho o f the waooalso. Ten theo seoendro- for0is eta th teold. histaeent

wittote I l r 11.M aoh in- m eatr- pluys are dBs nIt tao -

3S& h* thai i ons" tel tr" the Inti fl tllt were to l'ear n oe l tht $e of isS.is. .5 t .oe ........ 30S,.S9S

Ir mov p T uptB PLoAbE.e on the ctaorway kn e He apparantefertws that their pi h
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owl riuin u Tey ae without J t coel him in to dieenfee so hne oer J s of ecsla m

SS T aifte fh deat Atilslh came near thyem h several oth- abandon hs trip. .. .... -k...
LEb%' in St.In ulroAd Jth er Ju on f me flnor we There Is a strong probably that bImp s and etoof '

^^ ^ "S. 1 retuned _, DRY GOODS, ^^
R5 t.l* and .ats et off the ,.00 0 Mrs Abner Klnley lost 000 worth enough to tak p tssage on board the h -. (.tl e o

4l bet be made, tant no action by Tt Jewelry A man giving his name regular steamer plying between Tam.- mad Ore De
3o -noht wno teded before he Frank Casne has been arrested on pa Ky es and Havanae rg ed depar
l e -th aharge tea theewelra o visio Of o Of tihe firm for this brnc of or i a
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N O.oechag01e f i- ..l an d-.- Mn Ga.; e rs.tmae a j4O rdr

abeth Leand and ss Helen Le- care, and a the same prices as if peronally ee
B w- land, wife and daughter of Warren T,' s f.e Crek A:tst C m et.. us for samples 8nd prices onanyt ing in the Fa cy-
Wale E.11 W 0w sgctatd ne.ta proprietor of the hoad Mibey f oe hit and avana W eLn e. Our store has been specianiy constructed for !
sin ". . .- Addle ldsbeo. t s Placetrand of a Dry Goods business. It it the largest, best
sr, .lk- KetreeK t of C hi;cago Mrs AmelIa Pad- best constructed, and contAins ll that experience i.n esg
dock of Irvington. N. Eleanor L Te new rk oad to x ile render it th most useful, comfortable and-attractiv of
a o vCha E. itBall .the groler, competed Goodman urNew York Joln Connollyt Creek is almost completed. Another kind. It is accordingly one of the sights ofLouisville
n mviS store last night ito his hotel employs week or two and it will be finished to Bacon's Advertiser" contains price list of Fanc a"
da-ite Mdw Madters in the Jat'on o'-jek at Ther were many heroic rescues its destination. It is without doubt G .odS mailed free on application
th corner of Lafaye-te and Tampa witnessed by the Immense throngs that the t constructed road n the state
SA tong yebarty his filled the street, but the flames spread and aes the most pleasant drive to J. BACON & SONS, j -
bIR. I.l'-tf several nal antes with such rapidity that many victims be found anywhere. The material "
wt a e niorda Loda from the old perished within plain view of the used is Florida rock and the work ha '
", a Mpenin ap new good spectators. SIxty-six of the guests all been done by Sheriff Spencer and A2,l 425, 429 E. Market ie., above Pres"ton.
to ecoate the neatly ar- and hotel employes were Injured, the the county prisoners. The cost to the
he.._ majorIty seriously. A number of per- count will b comparatively small to
tW swestos deathcamedsnearthem asseveralnotandonhstrip

WM i99w r Ca EVIL" ac pur.e* >g ..ME Ugpno m.c ary .conujract wor a l iu JLts
wood wokern-shad been located by the police at hotels value both to the city and county at
t and .tinb and private house. lare Is. very grea. .
LnEYn- theo The Are was caused by the careless- At Its eaIters termal& is located
la toa the ness of a guest who threw a lthted a _very pretty grove that t teing fit-
ttlsae 49O7 match against a lace curtain In one ted up into a park LA handsome build-
Ir e la tlied t of the parlors. The hotel building was ing has been erected right In the cen-
ors"p a'job fInsured or 00000 and the contents er of this aroe at which refresh-
a.tmgiwcrs and for $5001000. nient of alL kinds wM be served and
A MVUOt Xatl Warren 1elar4 the proprietor of the
4neowhote wais seria te inuret on the where the t dinary hotel aeoommedz -
ihew U P e t hodc was seriously InJured on the ttn. c be esecred. It ha ben a-
econd to no store head. The death of his wife and ed Park Plae and' a ver convene.
.l- x daughter ams nearly ,razed hin m t place for those drtvlin oet the
TapS road and want a pleasant place to
Lnrieby;on- js top and rest for an hour or so. It ts
LIKEft eHM--- |e l OtnUon of the proprietor to fit
rIKE H It tahe place up for plonme and bicycle
S*w sof -eric partiesL that might wish to drtve or
r_ ck Of the Two Philadelphia Genti men Who ride out from the city.
to-0 d ,pod eir tersin the DW
W.R ffigm Bvergladlt Buating --
tsfleq r- 'mwinrPunta Gordas March IL-At the
msses aMn edirti Dr. Joite J. Khrkbli and Attorney meeting of the coanny demoratic ex-
6--q- WHjIlam g a % a orl of Pansopya ar- ecotive committee in Arcadia Tues-
vE a w.A a& rted In the ttgp estamy bu from the day W. -. Bagmnan was recosmn-a4
SANor&da ftVWerades, where they have to the governor to be -rln etad as
on"een Mb endiam~g e winter months. For conmlr relstra iaoti offiLer, and asa
%at nltf mn a pWl haK a ore of year, them wo IdLane, of Pants Gorda, tohardwtib
,i n eWatlemm have ase t the winter of Owens. whWn, dr WaUt,
s jta tesWd a O ild.ts of the extreme mouth- HeLny, or Cals, and King, of
a svsea ana s eraortosa Oa the state. They at- iAWon Par were renominended Str 5-
SVa 3 W.laWte himWr sad rena tasether oiapimaent as county commissioners.
P -'tbeir ta lat the early pri. The committee endorsed Judge Barron
esa avetbStat smLad OMt P1k1 -k *ml-s*re*won aand re-o.-
*oS.'i ;tat e be hepopinted as w 3e
e oie h rnlyees airt hoem theyUt-o tois district. A reottion. was
e en i llr itad*ownem tayhebal adopter d eather aiOssineMtlo nestf

am-sn 5t herw iely on olle and tepreasm tatootKing to seor-e,

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he 7.7 bw $ On teir Journey onrth- ester tendered his r veaoai. wat
R*-- ^ t the ownmntte declined to aocp t i
,a *W WmU AnneamioSsi here ydte dar and umief him to continue to seie,
S',lvrd SUr who aft for which he amnented to ift
-4 |w w L Brown
lst,(mewotes---a" tht Won Vwtoer to Port Tlaapa ths ot-

aSit task aiBredoi to fee ethtia rn ofim Bsdaths
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CbM^B 4f V"i"l In ftft &NO eso ina to me ai ow b the atInothe


Foundry. M ohihm and oiler,.
Near C. a-d P. lhegor.WsieVkma ls
SPECIALTIES :-Heavy Bltksmiithw. AetA
Works. Store Fronsey Bils, Columns, etc'.e
Steamboat Machinery a&ddBoilers. Our'oiro a.tir s
to installing Irrigating and teamar Heating Plaxt'a
Prices. Hitching Posts and Ir6t Fences.

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|| DR. J. Y. PORTER toCubanPirto Rico Wore Iprce PohBce EMBALMEO BEEF

th--te Quarantine Laws ando u
Wa.n or-etwal Kakas a De-' Importance ofVaccination. Soldiers Sent to SE Frances Ea- A Number ot Fima-:: T e cl tentative of Armour & Co. EI-,
-* e5, g4Ma nations Dutig -- racks-Body Fcucd ". _an By Str.y ur.ul s and Sc -.:v Discua Preseivtine.
-e Wew-RoosevltGives Dr. J. Y. Porter. state health officer, ti go Was Surely That Taim ar Sad ,o bcady Specialto The Tritme
1.'hWw pcilto The T-ibne.
arrived In the city onSumnday from oLtomro Kan ax t e
ig *I W rey WesLt. Yeterday he was In con- ga in n em alJme d beef court of hiry aa- 1 a
__e__fu emmisloed bee omint of l -ir
Ssultation with COL W. B. Henderson. ------ I led the taking of testimony here
aa c h U A 40-A telgram tthe slea membe- of the state Loard. New York, 3farch 20.-3r. Charles 'Te laitet news fof Havana Indi- t0t-k*y and eft for Chicago where -
2 td by araga o0cer ssd the To a reprentrtive of the Trl)unc Hoyt, rhe playwrigbt who has just re- .hed occurred there on aturlday ht. at mexm nS td was 2
i a A MiUrnti J avaUt the who called to ee him during the af- turned from Florida, I stopping at the bout fifty people were more or los Maeok o the e rat i Unito ats M" -
0lt e51rd;ta tmhe tennoon he stated that health mat- Hotel Netheriand. He is nmuh strong- L Injured. aomn quite erhutly. The l &l T. He m are. Me m- a "
reihnet 'be ves- ters In the state were progreOMi in er and looks better In every way than A ociaed Pes di tes of yester- t ith Si ie te b as ba
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h.e t amut bathea a manner Mat was very satiseactory he did when he left her a few month day dtn1ghedthe esene as oo fatlowtt Om
r torrow to the board. About the only thing ago. He ald yesterday that he was public mulatto baB on Sen Jose street "1" mea twe re"ei vas to en w
11r o the troop that was gving t any serious glad to get back from the Land at an unsavovy qoier of Havana. Many oemaSdeSnbaR ti Atres& O natk hw u 5-
...."a. o hd e trouble wa t he mal and they Wiawr. Cuban oftcers. colonels and capdtains tag I iobj ectdtoi ti ",he at~ _y,3 a
Srt them In quart 'od knew wh t would tri ve beet A poiceman on Aty in t hat tree. An agent owt so wasi _SO
Ust the taw -r dime oadedethem Inenistd hMtd .
M e the *tate. stated that ai t o- t id" remaAed Mror. Hoyt e foowing orders to prevent S i i
I.en.o, 'N .ta IIm -t s tm oIt ..Ug
theain e.ftw Tafn rov and theA oie t aWe had tree bttards wIfse a T a llt wasin poge aede, ad been ovw t w
b.% glwr te oi---t ethestatS were oeed- P _' orTmen to go or diper s stMe- lo F aFr.

a0SmeS msol Waftrienm Mat t llGetve e- warms ,eseora hoea oahtgroup. swhereunsmen i n i l e Gi
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gto a- bed 'takeUthsmawm o nwety-euit ,WotwttHeSa5 Us unoempil 'a pr > tunttstely n "Ied a n tBa
Gawkmm teeoe d eota retn, iyt glem. t o- bqedarteit who o-dered twen, 3re- __'
crd b gd oprepared"fo!r ther eol sk dhe olbe
1I=abi Ua"e -=do 02r0._ Is__@toq
am Mane ,- iidheow. h _e yesiitto dd Us openhedw ILe t a the t a as nr Us -=iso-" ..
___ 1 is, f5 ben wi V. o b ad Wi liem stm aita. arm, gouig tn ty renree pod c lbs ie i t tui beint ktoirop1h N Fbe h @ UNW -- Ls
s r% e t- ul0 had q te a nunber oces to gete well ,and ra p oto tealme reitn ed.t amm tatis was morepteaP % tMarcX N V06L AS 10.

at th p fitn gt dow thee th Taho he.n
aOoWNbetine l awsr .=lofer "atdhateThen .I'e twia, rcl- kSS^nSoSw!s at thy wrep.sen- -ha I Ieste
WM b hesused.hatostn ha l plaiti that fore tin 1b hells on Mondayind udiw I Wil set oIer that it" m
vw a Z tNEv Umshquarntine laws wh Ie n toe- AGEIa CUBAN TIP. f or an&&aetthesosame howe. willenetatoheeit i wdi th.
S q -thr t o- e Those w O0gt to t. h b hS
bhet'oe tUsclose nothing to do with incal ~unantlos The Secretary rW WIN toh From Snowsay t e a aeUlty a ke myaff
e AM .i nt-e l.'awawh would not goi" to ak.wBu tt hatt y etirrrea lty the nstaw and-,Uhtwd
untilsow-i' y Let.rPorter Is n ot verTyampa1the taw an dtheat thea ten-mie$, u "d r ou n owire at K looked......
ID^ prd mhe that It ockdnam0
sea"roerfeInsaed aState-ttarymay changebieg order to a later ta Aher-tria tp I to he made on portheteledtt ianothepondic'adt between e .,"ata '

s- iseh en &tf i'laoe.vrnen trmt h naye .-t, oleband. tae c tea -
w t Ipinoh ono a n tV eveningtn the outkirtsofh
riS he t he a VeLAw.oer ent Broolyn, T.. avame -and that two policemen and rmor s
Teth The secretary wHemnbark from Oac- P serera- arera nsnaI all wounded. were '"Y e a in U~wrpositive of thft be-

'" ^KW --to 2%0 T' CB U unp. I ca beaL asd the f o h e et o One of I aoeoutt he's oneeraUf a"
cM t -nab. 0a.- -Wednesday, by whlob time I conveyed to l 101! i, BlIeA.?" Imade 0th Us v b .
0600BBu -M iajb^ I&SwSor(;en- (Gem. Wood Now Patlbed as xc) cC "Was ha a reJ.lent of e'TAMIa Lar
hesde tt o the o the Ingaalls, which left Brok in ^ ^ o Iia ^eted also tha twoe pl OI'- think he was obah i

eta l a dayswllarieve tit eof the Bone.day w in wl l arr the re. The secretary -I w m e ore ileed an d tiatheres I "ea n e Shw assh rt, Wan s Wtg a
,Ied in e- war t-t- g I MarchS 21.-Ai fter s wil h te s m accompanied by his Pt private hu e itn c lled ut.I ArmCo uo adtwo agets ltree. o e a 5 3
alefid It I nar "e p lat a n_ a. i d secretary- .-V ictor L. Ma and I t-ere Is aleo a rumor "aht a t h 'allre- 1m anrso r s B n hi
i goa tht he I ght Usm- ty govenor.aiscomvince l the at p a tid. eaor H ota w w Theteks.rt- ma n ae-o sta be athe fter In appearance.Use one I rles- e wsr t o- O the ato O
xc "02C1"%l P-to dishesl- the skeaton found a few days M9 0tied tar to roeturne abot Mn ieo weeks.Rheir s ftn pdi y4 on31 g g t R mrib

'A* *=s and tha be walked to tin an arm chair o "t o thelocksona mona stiur iea.am a t e ou S2n S 5 o

| Mrrs.Is e the S Srenal otn o amm awd the me eetherr he o.
Lso Ii s e main, tl te adni ao Cuba aod Sam Joan PortoSrtt element Will Onclude 'About e 10e. t "n"
in se sftatetn tig a ld ral Viamil. who rarma-ded Rico. In order that beeaio be ree (1000,000 of Cuban Bonts. "I oeidnot my theA we ould @wa ae
Roosevelt, jin thme torpedo boat destrayers (wro a Aad ec of tess Ii of using a. tbr it off. It would tweak. It was 4o DM h.

p=w*t Csthat any of Plutin rthebattle which resulted In the anportofor u toe f onon h .the ung a co cIern-d e o oi te cr I t i h
-aateqkeisetei to 4Den- loe dpsriu Btton of Cerver^-4a 1s a taqut for a unke t t h b e an- Lono n March B-Te Made-id roe- lat e I itul alint ecrec to n lag 2 IS.

,'l td / I.nouncemen t is made that the lIngalls respndent of the Sa dardi say lD t OF il & itA t t ad to
QMi.na lHed. h il n be i om or nt!he l I am able to s tate t hat the goavern-
Sbear ah the expense ot the Party. I'execute the national guarantee of the One of South Florida s Piomeer toCtih.
bn the The Ingalls was forrm erl y the Clear- I Cuban debt. It Is propoed that t ihe .ens Psses eAw in His0t o
t.c tnd.' iT s ta lb u r Water n d was at one time In the ner.- etin emeot should Include 23,000,000Year

a. eof rs ePatsix ofthe.evw-headquarters at British Honduras. he spercent.bonds ed IsM n win er itiData lt l i

a tl tes"ot it the--'o euo. knwn f"p eMlINnoth

_ ,_9 we-s hWM Purcrhesed French diomaic and conmlar per- tiht packing louaes and siipera aI now. OIls curret I5w end Ug
bre Ued add tUs Uof-islBat HUdo eift rt etory lo- vice contains in a recant number an reap a good hareest. ca#5 ron at am er s-ag ae P r
Mitt sea mON o rrst.uten street axrtcle which aya: As to the -Prie, it is not 'iiy that Jane Da lihs l ra i i H b" I da5ta= et
inW nav1. t < to emore "The conaudar service of lo Ualted I1they win g>o much higher than 4e tion as desk Oa the MW aNSDGe betaI Isw U
Bfore tle. -oft r ^ busi- States Ia a remarkable lastrumeot at Iaat winner, as the fruit trom that sec- on IPolk steet a' with hib w 1Mj in or
leave tis ersado g. br Athanh ,CItY, a"
DOPW* 00inT expansIon- lt Is unique a nesmerde j tion sold. in many cases, hother than N3.T. where thie hascoSSle a Vpd- out kes -
kft:- Lv~mah e w ill o1 wt expannlon. It Is unilque and resembles' that from less favored section The tlion asa derk at the U moieHoose. Ur a
OW *A.itate amount of room. Theade was made none other. Its-duLy is that of a sort Manatee county oranges are now- -
fl roh Solomanson & Fessenden. o bureau of information at the ex- mot as noted as the onoe famous In-
are qsi a *-n-ak.oc of the state. dian ri!ter t-ruit used to be.
-j. Wittikt and senand it I3G The Ar c nsulu does not un- !In addition to a g wo-story pa-ck-
bt on rnaday etaenbng from Havana derstand that he has a commercial ing house here, where they live, esr.
Wibef t% spent about two weeks situation to maintain, but always a Heard & Rall. have a new one at Fort
-AEMA bft OofiMt G Iosdh fr om m Infrm guan d1 counerclal situation to conquer. HLs Ogden. w-here their principal business
bb with h f C ts pi endng ttf the corner of ingenuityis exereed. to Invent and is now done- Th4 summer they ex- H
.ir.--l. .s Th with M..C.neWhield at theormner of n hGu t
th sa ta- Marion ad Tweigg street f ind new markets, and In hia study of ect to make large shipments af earlY
L B H. Sopha, of Janosrttlne, Flo r- was and means, he descends to the beans and cucumbers, as their vie-
ra nddwasIntheallyyestrdayete ot S hu a
an spg it#njury from the oend. Thral rmace outhlookfu
dasa o eo The many rends of Ai. Vincent au h pinds of ospeson the Gulf Ct ast
E .sa d i en dsm.s H' o o d y w lldb ead h Tre s om e e a tol ny chv e e ra i n, an ta r e e t iR

e A. a w Ohw oen somes Doll o F Her, chief oef ra- time to secure in rertamds. core
oe r p a or- the s mited tate arm ce t mmer labor. her wll tbe a n heipl

in^ tWA ow bahUsetending"tis- -t-- IfromHanav on eeyu r Iafter- crop of nrawterarse in the rat-strck-
Sis O interet ti the stat and noon ande loppe over in the ciy om- en oo g..|I
H- e- WanSs^ 4ahTwam&. thor to iat utsht. WIs&e- he et'for 1WA- S5
anWM~ at Uthe baton. .Where bebas beencaltedhy rodon.W9on eA0ont Ot Its onmem A

-r^^ Us I^ da VW meste

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