Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: March 15, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Julia Z Cook vs the Plant System on
Tril Before This Tribunal
It. Third Time.

In the United States court yesterday
the case of Mrs. Julia F. L. Cook, of
Vbksgo, against the Plant Investment
Company, a suit for 15000 damages,
WM en up and the trial before a
Jury Co.nIW- The plaintiff I rbp-
resenJd Uy Attorneyv Bhackelford &
Pettlaeal asnd the defendant company
W Saonan & Crter. The damages
claimed te patJnMtf are for an In-
Jory aged to bwe een received b
hebw on Vbrusa& 2g. U, Wpon the
dotks of athe detiudant company at
Poet.Taiu a, wwhe goe oalford the
steamer cmlmmee. be alleges care-
Iesem and na Begiounce the P art of
e -on a ot w and to this
-mU the defndant plead neot ruty.
blist t the third trial of thto ame
etbre this mot sa" conmsquently
mn tme we taken up in securing
a iWIn. each c the formeUr tf the
dtdt- omna awy secured a verdict
ad shiaintf su Weled to the Ted-
t" moe crosit eourt ata0 afs
wbth court revered the decision of
the lower court mand remanded the eae,
for farther hearing.t
Al ol the morning session of the
omat yesterday was taken up in secur-
ig a jury and the examination o wivt-
nwes did no beiftn until the after-

ollowing are the names of those
hbosen on the Jury:
William Clemons. W .J. Weils, W. L.
Grier. James B3. Tuker, W. P. Green,
R. L Bayant, J. J. Evans, G. W. Hick,
0. B. Spencer, L EWarren. Saloman
saw (H. W. whittaker.
The afternoon session onnvened at
3 o'clock and nearly the entire session
until adjournment w as oocupled in the
testimony of the plaintiff. The taking
of testimony -ill be resumed this


A B '? un ,n a Bntk ond To0." it
Storted--0com-z and 77's A-oy
S elm to 1H:V' P ayedQu its.

Havana, Cuba, March l13.-An un-
explained run was started to-day on
the North American Tr-ast Compeany's
back. The rumor ha dspread that the
ootmpa w was in a sbaky condition,
and the depositors flocked in crowds to
withdraw their money. The bank paid
an claims, and many persons return-
ed their money. Later In the day the
officials stated that they had In their
nde P9,$0, over and above the local
Uabdittes. Thew can only eplain the
1 ran by the fact that the policemen were
"paD m estet y in eftats on the Com-
Ap an d *at some trobe r leig

t a report that the baack had
MO asd aI WM mante s rame In

SIr W. VwW.eyT w ho sealed the Ct -
.4r eea t et forw owin me street wM
t af- t rO 0mee MndesU ane of steam-
'We. toa tW= between taabno m tad

.eatnol aotheo Relynto on ton

Ge o esd to dao M a wth Gen. u

B with the prbem

. at. ha sw, by i und tmoaed
hesad t he witter d entim al of bos-
tlllti to ehe ^asnerdd t lost th ton-

.stL w it the suaement made
B ets toy s member of the Apoembly
Sf there aod poatlneo the odhtefs
. =, to are In touch wslst the cu-
t- b 0 a memberL ofneeathve ele-
Smeant ln the city express their salts-

Sfaction tha ien. Gomes, whose hon-
e1 0 of purpose is believed, has cut
bb. ei loow erom the faction, wosee
9 eels w t ppwes to be to discin in
Sseeret sesion who shaU be the first

It Is sao adred MaUt Gomei has
decided that the 1O3,e000 granted by
the HalUted late shall be dtrtuted
to soldiers who sawed ia the 00-
bamw anad wa under awna before
-A"Iha dweA kav of war betweeO the
uistted-t o id pan. 'Tin wai

da t ti *M e or d pr. ri
IWg h ea of at A.

s~ ed ~ iinw as


Interest ng Eveuts iha. He Witnessed In Maryland Without Elestint & UDited

In the Ilantd ity. States Senator


One Side of the Famous Old City Gli- Georgia Zditors Will Meet Here To
terms With Gold and Splendor Arrange Trip To Ouba-Wealthy
While the Other Revels in Woman Dies In Poverty-
Rage and Diseases. Big Girl Baby.

Thoa as f. Henderson, the mental Atbants Ga., March 14.-H. H. Ca-
manager of the TamaS w agon and banis* president of the Georgi Pea
Harnes co an e arrived home yes- iAssociaton. is acrangta e to take the
terdaI on the steammerTarmob from editors on a trip to iuba. The editors
hi ree weeks visit to Hava. win leave Tat ,ta., on the steam-
so trki to the Island we prcelr sahip which salls at n. m.. on Friday.
one cof lminesse bt before returning harh 54 .and on the return trip will
be spent a w daa nlsv n in the leaSve Havana on the following Thurs-
StUt of the bs oity. To a Tribue pr.isdeot C baniss wll call a
reposoterwho cU d In tosee tidm lat mo fatthe aornae FPreom Associa-
ovesing he lNl of so ta1-he-mon
saw and of some niden thatoccur- lo at Tam for friday moa
red during histoay It H2vana. He March 9. One lady wi tbe allowed to
etted hat trom a beumnem stand- a&o.owad each member but abe mut
pient his trip was very umamessul andbe amenmerct th % o he
tUe army offl with whom he mber ed-
tranacted most o his butness threat- propetor or putAHiher.
ed him h a mos hspitaAble manner.#
Thep took sei ins to ma hs ONLY ONE oEN.TOR.
In rg 'd to twhe tesares of the Dover, DeL, March 14.-The general
iy. al&. Henderson stated t11 t they, assembly adjourned eine de at 3.:0
were numerous bt were more than o'clock this afternoon wittiut elect
counter te rt ta theehorrors and re-
molingscens tat oambe witnose a senator. e election of a senator
on any of the principal streets at any now sues over until 1901 unless a 5Pe-
hour of the daw or night. People at- cia session of the legitature Is call-
floeted with the leproy another ed for the purpose of an election.
loatheeome diseases oould be seen r
mingling with the street crowds at any 18 POUNDI GIRL.
hour of the day. Beggars and starv-
ing women and children, with scarce- Toronto., nt,. March 14.-d i Wn-
ly enflcient clothing to cover their att, wee o a working man in Montreal
nakedneOme were on every cner ask- gave bMh yesterday to a girl who
Md or anything that pedestrians were turned the scales at 18 pounds and one
osed to give them. He stated that oumce volrdupole. This Is 'as. Wy-
thouoands of these poor people slept att's eighth child and al her chiildern
on the pavements and In vacant lots are healthy and large for their ages.
where the owners did not object. mrs. Wth tt, is thirti-five years old
Lying all night asleep in such places, and weighse 155 pounds. The baby is
exposed to the night air all the ver- very healthy and iy and "'il be
min and Insects with which the place christened -ictoria .
is Infected it is no wonder so many
of them have loathesome diseases. F' I't f -. flflM ?T
He stated that the society c.iested l EJ i l i S
of two classes, the very rich and the .
very poor. A majority of the former E
class, consist of wealthy Spanish
merchants, who live in all the Suninary- c(i 'Ai- Annual Reirort of
luxury and style of New York Upper the Commsioner of gricul-
Ten. The other class is ust as far In te Coinis er o Agrcl
the other direction as it is possible to tnre f'r th- State
get. With few exceptions they are
lazy dirty, shiftless and i1thy. They .
work for about what they can get Tallahassee, Fla., (arch 13.-Hon.
and do as little as vossible. L. 'BWombell, commissioner of agri-
In regwad to the troops lie stated
that as a rule they were very home- culture also has servsion of the
sick and very anxious to leave the Is- state convicts, and his report gives
land. The camps are In good condition the following data upon this subject:
and the troops are exercising extra Convicts on hand Jan .1, 1897, 656;
precautions to keep from catching committed during 1897, 360; recaptur-
some of the prevailing epidemics. He
expressed the opinion that it would be ed that year, 4, making a total of
sometime yet before the troops would 1.010 ,an Incresme of 3 during the year.
leave the island as there were grave During 1997 dhere were discharged Wy
fears of trouble among the natives und reason of expiration of sentence, 251;
the dissatisfaction over ti- impeacn-c. reon
ment of General Gomez may widen the pardoned 6; died, 29; eacaped, 17;
bresc h and cause tiB greater dtisaen- discharged for a new trial 4; commit-
tion. ted to Insanes anyum, 1; leaving on
04. Henderson gave r. detailed ac- &0 M a of ilW 6M. Of the ad-
count ot the mode of burial practiced m 1 ," d of fn1 W 9 Of ther
by the Jeumit priests, which are hor- mission dntnu 187 there were 3
rfy in tgin e extreme. He brought a naUves md I foreigner. Florida fiur-
nmber of view 3 'he principal nj bdia ; Gso fB Iit osnu-
points of Interest =Anproimaont peo-
pwe In Havana. which are vaylater-S&and 110 8 00
estng. hBe said there was no ivom s los, IS, and Ca dt."^A Xg "s
ISEma for more Americas at U sithe -e w.

ernmestL wHe state that was 14. fo
amoncU to laborli clasasa wrre not is *sateg ald)'15l
monre ta one-laM as much a" they trying,".; murder, 23; amm4t to mur-
are in Tamps and- tat ciar makemr der, 3; 4- OMpUepcen*, p
where the hlghst wages were paid
were not near as well paid as they L TH be V a 3those eomnpttc
were here and they could not Hve as darng In I &a *e-I La e-a U *and
chesapy. 5 mostti Bfitenoed for ia 2^ sen-
TAtone nY HOet ge, 4. ine onvli wee

Arrivals, Mrch 14, 18. at 1 l ,

2H P0.... ofunutia cefllos CD06ah the largest number was sentenced 1O.
HJ. .Tslniesoee, wife and child. U. The record s *td r fe 98 showing the
S. ,Armn; C. iW Cawpln, N. Y.; F H. foUowing data: Cosvlcts on hand
Cai.dweB. and W. (H. Baker JadksKo- Jan. 1, 185, 695; oocmmtted during 189
vile; Mrs. Harry C. uraton, Worce- 234; recaptued, 7. making a total of
ter; Mrf. Jeromne Matrble. Worehester; 1.033. During the year 137 were die-
"J. 'J. Van Meter, Charleston S. C.; charged by reason o fexpliratlon of
Mr. "H. R .1ailott, Tltohford, Ill.; bars. sentence, 16 were ardoned, 40 died. 21
*W. L. Dean and Miss May Dean, Boe- escaped. 1 was discharged for new
ton;; Mr. F. Finch and wife, Wash- trial. 2 committed to the insane asy-
Ington, D. C.; J: W. iltagorald, "Port ume, avIng 717 In prison on Dec. 31,
Tamo, ; Dr. Fitzgerald, Port Tampa; 1898 ,an increase of 25 ductng the year
J .Ed O'Brien, Pensacola; Jacob W. snd 11 less increase than in 1897.
'Weeot. o .y.; Win. P. Morgan and Of the admissions dorin gl898 there
wife. Buffalo, ft. Y.; Mr. A. Spear and were 312 natives and 22 foreigners,
wife, Boston; W. H. Peyton and wife, Florida furnishIng 158, Georgia 61.
N. Y.; W. L. tinheiser, Conway, Mias; South Carolina, 28 ,and the West In-
hire J.J. ictiath an His Mi~rah des. 4. he dmision byrac an

Mrs J. J. McGrath, and Miss Mcrth dies. 14. The admissions by race and
CHicago; Ikev W. V. O'Brien and Stew- sex were: White, males, 50; females,
art V. OPBrien .Chicago; Cias. E. 2; colored, males, 269; females ,13.
Dreeser. Boston; Eugene 0. Locke, The sentences of those committed for
and L 3a. Flemmln g, Jacksonville; J. 1898 aggregate 1,81 years and nine
aky;Upper BaSandu aol to tao a.ol.,fl months. sentenced for life, 16; e n-
A. Maasele and Charlotte Maxwell, tence not given, 6. Twenty were sen-
and B. L. Ayers. UpperSanadusky; a. enced for murder, fort-flve for as-
T. Greeie, Ocala; H. C. Graton and sait to murder, aeventy-aix for
wife. Worce ; 'Mrs. M .S. de L. W breastng and entering, eventynine
N. Y.; rIs WallUoe Gafford, N. Y.; tor all rades of larceny, aid one for
,W. (. GranVr and wife, Newark; rMes One was coM _tedS at the age
Hemry traer ewark; ( C s p. o 11 yrers ,twenty-nine at 1, nine at
Brow and L. P. Brown and Alex. 0, two at 40 ,two at 60, and one t 97
WMtcd Mo tf. Y. yeas.
iCbter 4UK, aWs of FIorIa. oW-"
Jane A. -White died at the Tam- VideA that Us Ct IangZ fom thba
Da Bar mal yeaui in bher seve- hre oh imWconva b hl be dis ted
ty-third year. The deceass has been pro rata among the seerel counties,
a W9ular Iwater Salter to Tampa. for the aae and ftfelture ofmtm ofat
her body was embalmed by loulwae aid counties ,and Iton ovember. 1US
* t inr and wil be seat to b her %ate U4"8 were so dbursed.
Jaat Waerter.Co-, tlday -------
.-'-- -- i BartttO. hasa th0at eg"eae4
T. Geam. a wm3 t atmtsa-s'r. bosed a sao ansteibe an ha ey-

TWgSa 1 was aames mID s walL a


Jacksonville Has Troubles and Judg-
ment, and Lazy Office Holders juria ra U
Of It Own. /

While it don't hekV matters ,Auchit it
might be some consoltion forth o- FRIER
pie of Tampa to know that our cty is
not dthe only place where tong b- Te Banq tWas
jections are being made a the method Th. ll a
of conducting the city municnpal at-
faira Mme city ot flvannah tha had andth "t
a shad ng up that it wIN not soon for- walladBet
get and Jaekonvfle to in a fal r way to
have mae. In, ome iapen tsSh tor p Tic W
troobea are qite imlar to those of ss asmac b S
T&p bot in oe t1Imortant m gter n at. s Ow b
they we nota. nd that one IUsote mnl- am 8mV
agmal miwnerhW o tisctrilo 104. water Twei af
woks at d street railway. te~ re e
We don' t 6 00 Mfu on J m0p1E PhilledaS Ar S
ons ,s we las monte or lthe art-
ioe of Utsae tit t Jack- -Thero nm^ Ad
sooivie la shea* of a. on tbat potnt ]p n ow@ a am
but Wf air riOrts tre c they o Ea asid ao t in I

ot elaso nae o i n biJ i
m1ysUniteomao... cas
tik by W.'N.nBaBeMW tltehed in the

o te
be pada rahet tere rs oo the iotel- d wemas
ntsNXe As wa las mere or lwea ap- o Us Wr S Ias
puoable to tocal affalri. Mf. mery sister iws
is one of the leading candr fat for t hIei i
eeyor of jaTon ille and claims toU det opr.
have thwes andl nated himself on ta-n de r'oo I
ntepal affairs o the Jacksonvle te a"
nation. Mr. p mery said;: u eps
"The key to a cess In rmn-llsa "tte h ets wE yf
government is the concentration t A Amewoms for ooh

of the Maor, and under him in sing welcome and

'A review of the oat shows fiso CbOi me thla (
City Trea. ise shortand no wonder., turned hearth
for the books of the city ame opened adage"Wertwai
and closed and no experts are employ- take Its way" wa
ed to check them up to a balancefor eastward
the 'benefit of the taxpayers. There of two ftags for t
are city officials now in office, honest give thed wort al
men. I believe, who have not had The al ws d
their books checked up for fourteen iLfi and AmlerlC=
years. This is carlessnena. and the 'Or, 19ir FiensG2
practice makes a serious menace to Sir Joino cpts
the interests of all taxpayers. It is te ined the Ar

"The city costing far too much I. The -Ameri
run. It is topheavy and there are no fraternized oarde
adequate benefits for the sums we pay _^ D[C
out in salaries. Our million dotlares 'EP DAiCI
borrowed upo an ioaoe of bosda must The muSIc iMG
be paid. and the Interest Woo. I the Ht was s
are not tfe bondholders by legal pr0- entertai imnt
ceam can reyflrerte to their own uae chebtr as kIted i
the public buildings, including water bewitchoK ing.
works electric U t e Mnt and other room wa lte w
city property. 2ow is the .time to be- the and'
gin economy In o rder that tbhi t. pe- an of stO W
tmoate state o( affairs may never w gree wT
come abouL She ances le
"I tea you that points is corr"t, ne wtat c va
& anl eme we s r r the poUi lm, tootjMn
from omoe soa Vw the affairs o to ter U rm
city as we run our busiea lopp in t pVw t ia U

all le etmODa. aedg 8 M00 1W at t%
can be made aad iwrie mcaw r can b"' Plae
save& we60a owner ame Us wot o M pilldrMI!.

fhed that buasness o Ifteby wasnto Wbn
Ufteha la sanes ould admise r e
moiipai auneathe P WNS to- 'It soa I
m bel 1 ha a WeIr Pu s ow psi&d. wso Aha m
EHalf of toe cit oafit do =a an gm i *a paWi

"To e eieotsin Ift dapartesha- 65 waters w
of inaction and check upon hoovs- bnotheee
Slent plan tio not alp@d the cno W Sn Tel e.mmUi

streets and In the parka There is A p .an !t Uine
somethinE evidently radically wrong '
with this depzIcnt. for to myl owm 1'he h4sfe'ed C
personal knowledge many hills have e both Wak
been sent to consmers of light during ox eo' ac fne I
the past week or two, which ds te erUs him for UM
consumers long ego paid, and have Drr.va
produced receists to show that they"
have pail The Daodtate
"There are now oxitAtsneoHg against Eourt
the city judgments to the extent of "
$134,000, all drawings 8 per cent Inter- The Tampa Ca
esat. Bne of them are held by thxe ten5 of the soafi
banks and others by speculntors. the gram) ewow,

judgments having been bought from modeed s m
those who held them at a discount of nesday, Ma 2
from 6 to 10 per cent.. They are re- trial ~ oaq
warded as gU it-edged security. No repaiird. Dgc
one will blame the banks tor takIng be rea1-
them. nor spesuators for taking Peu. "
Thoe to blame are the city o-ei&.i e". 4 be
who do not make a-affegensp. to MA0nteeclv a*
place those judgments where the In- UM te td ttI" W
terest account ral be less. If tUe aW Mat. W Fii
was able to borrow a million doMhlas tI
bond at less than 8 per ent. It eem -
to me that another arrzL.sea nt conld XiS. X2% O ifta
be made to take owe of the Joim- U psc l-ln
U in time hat we ot oar ga t
aoosring to oar cloth. ad tep kwa m




w *atim

Oise thon. xbe4

in the lr

the mo 'tc
Thf U wduM

s now chamg
the oitt am
etao* .Wbtt

rte wi

and -

Mae O 44

codo ang

oy the wi.


pthe. th

mirOew At
i ecils ecOWhf

oate wam"
it theT"ft"
renM, *uatf aJ


and Brtene Ai
I otthe t Wl~ee

ma Lthte Eton


L, 7.

i evideatyi the season of at-

tew J emr Is the champion trust
abator of the country .

Baseris p-rpart- g to throw a
heto Cl. Bryan's political way.

Ias of the earNiest signs of spring is
S aj t-y -with which all the signs

e"retaty Alger is oce more going
DUgh flee "earty resignation" ghost

pstngi of toe balmy breath of
lag-wel. 'swe may speak of it la-

IP Koalterixodter is doing a to
ta aiB Dr. Croker'sa c
ssedsair treatment.

Toe ABtrfipoat, of Jadsonville,
k st at t be ..sw-ropesktely termst
aft newspaper.

5,R.' N in n Wsldandeaw*on cetl, l
of t thesight tha
*-4 aWay eaUt mad been IlUled
S be a .

bi 5~laae i o
aad tsi dte a ple actions of c
try ci ain ineadr w .s
-l iKM Ithj *tee of r hse Amern
iii. tsae-QpOo~5 a his bill

a tat thd eed bswo, is to
tvahaa *daoent ft al tI Chicago i
Itt~rt *b $to the tilaus of att
.e seb hoes instead -

leod Intenton to cut off
tal hea Cuban Patriots who Ion
i&ss aster fte war was over is
est getislenwIn sobtratton that I
W%6ihr has 16 tackle deid spring.

t os nw ex-Senator Paaco and I
e t under the InpresIon tl
Sctfetlco ainetery wil in t f
iplia e of the-ilc of tte pa
.F0 w hfT beet turned to t

SthbwJwksoalUee candid
Malnited Stbates senate, to i
ialsg muPI eeotbvosisee throul
zi Vnncan U. Fletch
t bethe universal choice

to whie eaelain of hi
t e ia 8 evaluation
MA4 the ysywnes wio ha
tpg de flter Iwhs-fs of th
Retars to tax a
El ag tsqsonw tect to ta
S or e peanl w reduce t

'e op or l gentlemen
thigJm Ustate at

apaahigma. Peter
WIwwkwfermfa aref
agents rflally fot

ewthat wo
how., jas I

mo'st-tee oo
an. do
as esa

a awt Mand jewel
I, t AM AlrSEMy t
y5ossa--. wtl

ease tets It is cali
#mwo granted to
m O ny by Nkia
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bru4eret oy ora *
.I iIla qota-55
Wh5, tatt sefelt n
ps otf tism Oa-rlite Ca
ms Next win
a j*t-s-'oir5Ce .tbs 0l
esn doobt, try to sell

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(oen ai to the one
eI IL TA fbesO
Icasme legisw lynaio
1 m Wkw

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t of







asy to Take

9 9asy to Operate
e features peeler to good's Pills. It
tze, tasteless efoieotl, thorough. As sema

said: Youneverknow you
have taken pmi til t is al
over." 25c. C. L Hood &Co.,
Proprietors, Lowell. Mass.
Th: only pills to take with Hood's SarsaDarills


Gainesville Bun.
If the wlahes of the people of Ala-
chba county and of the whole state
are consueted there will be no deadlock
at Tallahassee on the senatorial ques-
tion. The leftalature, if it dischar-ge
its duty, will steer clear of a deadlock
and devote its time and attention to
ahe discuesWon and adoption of mnea-
stree calctlated to benefit the people
of this state. Every observing citizen
It disgusted with deadlocks The sen-
ator should be. elected without un-
necessary delay and the other legiti-
mate businew rooeded with at onbe-
Al the time flittered away In the
choice of & aenateF will be swore th-e
wasted. No c twdiatoe o is without
the hope of re-election, and who ia
making e race iely a a m iotsnirns
Sllock In the wayofhe o r tbe should
meet with eomouragement. When it
,abeome mqtsomrt that any candidate
i4 in A hopeless cairty he shaold be
dropped. (No good democrat will at-
tempt to thrust hinmelf on the party-
tn defiance of the wishes otf the peo-
Die. The minifestatons of a too hun-
gry disposltion for office would be a
valid reason for defeating a candidate
Any candidate who is not willing, if
necessary, to sacr lice his own claims
for the benefit o the organization and
prlsciples of the party, should be sum-
mariy squelched.



t Up to the present time the great
the bulk of the Atnerican people has not
felt. In the slightest degree, the Our-
dens of the Spinlsh-American war.
ite Indeed, if anything ,the people have
not 'her benefitted by It, as it has giver
rh- manmmy employment in gun factories,
2er navy-yards, in manuractories making
of all sorts of army supplies and in the
transportation bulinees. The war put
millions of Uncle Sam'a money in cir-
culation directly and other minlons of
Lb the capitaltoIt money Indirectly. But
of now it becomes evident, as exhibited
ve UP statements from congressional
6tr committees, that the government is to
s- expend more millions than ever before
Lx- and the people-practically all the peo-
Ax ple-will have to pay for it. Prices
are creeping up on the great staples,
which are used by everybody. Some
in of this, atof emse, has been caused by
iO the tricks of the trusts, bat the vemern-
Ie- ment taatioma I also dontag its share. P
0.' War taxes alwas make living dear. I
all The people of the Uelted Staes wiR
al- bave to py for the expenses f the
to war with emain, Unuding the I 00,-
da OW rren for the PF)lppwni, ad the
Wh other mMloM It 'wN cost to eek Wn-
it- e he 's ammaerignt there latect.

et m llit^'. IBPERIT f e
Pat fM& ? S ITT.
t It a es reiM e a oabatam s vtaoon
to-AMsqMUe e -al a Ts"MAis (AXsogfor

-e to ae to isr thtt tdeas towse tnme
oe gMArwd sew be the slo

94 tfonatIson W4xh cannoIt be raenir-

d* In common with others who hajve ob*
Sobaerved ae antagonisms encounteredo

ra te the cUtzets of Tampa upon
med t s-peidid victory achieved over all

tl e opositlon, e fcarrer which stood
r,- In the way t progress have been re-
f~r moved, perfect coaedence, when look-
t io t he future, ha been est upon a
T'on ed found whier s not a dobt that no.

pn "Ity in aowith has before it a ktight-
n er future than Tampas.-Gaunesvlle

, While it la a well estahbUshed faot
rt thala .T ta citizen s of Tampa upon

Stheot oftendid victory we ee as iev orteo
tea reoosgition of the tact as the above.od

S in the paying and progrwer work should
S be moved along a rapidly aa poblek-
an during to the future sent favorable eather.ia-

d. andre the no reason why the work

ero saboul not be comD!eted *before May
n L cityhen the routh haes oef thore itate boargt-

S health fut ilure than top to excavation
ace e coile it Itos have had thins their
t i own wy Creary enogh and now they
~s~t hia hand worda.

l w. hIerd te no reason why the work
o shouted not be coi teted before ay
L i hn the ruies of the itate board
in dheithatiUl et a SatoptIsexcavations

to- ewart

Psuwth.at Ohlo%
W. amtook bm~ iq

at m4 PJ w,


The list lengthens. The number of
workers in factories. In iron estahlish-
ments, in Eastern cotton mills, in plate
works and in industrial establishments
grows with each day, and from all
parts of the country comes the state-
ment. "Wages Advanced." This means
more consumption of all manufactured
products, more purchases of. all kinds
of 'goods and food products by the
great general public ,more and wider
circulation of money and the unloos-
ing of hoarded funds which have been
in hiding forTyears. The New York
speculative markets are not the best
trade barometers :the Chicago grain
markets are subject to manipulation;
the cotton markets can be boosted up
or knocked down, as the manipulators
determine: but the wage market is
not dominated by such influences. The
wage market represents an actual, ex-
isting deman--a demand for the work
of killed and unskilled men, and
which would not exist and would not
be recognized by the employers of la-
bor did not tarde conditions justify itL
Trade conditions justifying increased
demand for products Justifying em-
tployers are increasing wages and glad-
dening the harts of thousands. The
movement Is at Its inception- It will
increase in volume as the week rof
by, and from present Indications the
summer months will show an untre-
cedented demand for labor at good
prices. It this is not the advent of
prosperity, what is?


Before the very hot days shall have
come-now that COtKinley has con-
gress off his hands-the republican
national committee will foregather to
survey the preliminaries for the pres-
idential campaign of 1900 While doubt-
less many ot the committee will be-
gin at once to sound McKinley's
praises, there may be some who may
say. "Well, as to him-" and then atop
short There are others There is an
Ohio gentleman who, parohrce and per-
functorily, made the nominating
speech at the St. Louis national con7
vention in 1896, who won't do the like
again. He has his own ambitions.
And then there is a distinguished gen-
tleman from Ataine, who, very many
persons say, might have been presi-
dent if-. He won't renominate .lc-
Kinley. Then there are the old reg-
ular standing candidates. All of these
have friends in the national commit-
tee, and they will watch the first de-
liberations of that body with eager
Interest. So will the country at large.

A street sweeping machine and a'
sprinkling cart has become an albso-
lule necessity for the paved streets or
the city. The city authorities should
lose no time in securing these articles
tor the present condition of the panv-
ed streets is worse than if they had
not been paxed.
The army of Gomez ad too many
officers and not enough fighting men.
The officers however ,were not sPom-
inently in evidence until Uncle Bam.
proposed t pay $,00,000 towards the
salaries of the so-called soldier.

Admiral Ten Deidrochb seems to
bave lost la job through not know-
lng enough to go in when it mined
American bauHets.

ThO pakle, an"m- g rh
need a fatty food to enrich
their blood, give color to
their cheeks and restore their
health and strength. It is
safe to say that they nearly W
all reject fat with their food.


2 is exactly what they rcqui-
it not only gives them the -
portant element (cod-liver oil
Sin a palatable and easily d"
gested form, but also the hyp-
phosphites which are so valua-
S ble in nervous disorders that
Usually accompany anemia.
Sfatty food that is more easily
AgesteAd than any other form
of fat A rtain amount of
:.es.isnel. ry for health.
You can et it in His way.
We have known per-
sons tozatnapow4 4
[iadaayd1w. h.
scorrTTa OWNE,ph11k Mlw rVmr.
mArnatiternarimL ,k


There is going to 'be a great scram-
e at Talabasee when the state/ \
legislature convenes among the poU/
ticians and their heelers, benchyn,
and enisaries. There are already
number of avowed candidates la the o
race for the United States senate and
the woods are full of dark horses who It
are liable to trot out most any time. 3o5n
There have been some good men men- Ird
tioned in connection with the office fer
and the chances of the successful one an
is about as doubtful and perplexing as in li
the outcome of a borse race. ties
dMr Jas. Taliaferro, of Jacksonville, the
wili enter the arena with a very mod- of i
rate following. His strength will not 5ma
it is said, ever be strong enough for U
him to retain bis hold very long. Ex- kno
Benator Pasco will unquestionably be Pier
backed by a number of corporations of
the state and among them two large chiti
railroads have pledged him their in- nis
fluence. But it is the opinion of the the
masses that Mr. Pasco is a dead duck tire.
politically speaking and that his -
chances are very slim tate
The sentiment of the people of ato
Florida is in favor of a South Florida
man, and Tampa perhaps star 1d a up 1
better chance of finishing the ma- It5t
terlal than any other qlace or sectkm te
We have an abundant wipply of senf- thus
toreal timber. There are a number of ox
our dletiUulehed citizen, who would
not object to the lightning striking --
Vbem and there is a strong sentimeat Girs

a Sam"u.1 6Ju .

the Hone KongB1hg
Over a Qmarr twi
F im the early yen a fe
dread disease coms

VWen the proper time areve Tampa KcweSaT-as ed ewe, ap todl fl s0
wl hbe at the political funeral of some -eatnt Pellets- Ihave bett4 heal th nwr altor.a a
of the now promLnent candidates with ,hanfor many ye.ara of 55t'" Il :', -
a man who will capture the plum as if Ttuy ea eW a ver .
maailitr o.f a pmpear-CaOd", py"of .
by magic. Pierce (--Common Sense Me dica Ad .thI ba
Duncan U. lIetcher, of Jacksonvlle, Cloth-bound. 3 stamps. Sed -to Dr. IL V,at l tR-.
has been mentioned and is nae Is Pier, Bufalo,. N o the eva tb
creating enthusiasm all over the state talks we tisenedto as
as the favorite Jacksonville candidate, f amUVithein mg Ss. % e
but the Tribune does not believe that anatonslnt cIne9 ty td -ii;
he can successfully manipulate the There Is a great leal rtf w-ulation many of the leading lostae
wires that u-Ill win. The people of regarding the locatla of the among iis e ain.ber.. j!!
Florda wil l coniromise the matter by public tilding to be erected cOV E Do
giving it to a Tampa man aad we have in this city by t1e United
a host of them bsre thatwoold fill the States government. Ev,-ry mi..erc' nat Major WVon WHI to 'o"
position with credit and distinction. has a lot large enough to erect a For One ,i
chict k ..en co.p- on has "j-o3t th,- r;ace" Specii I to h Tr .'b i e i
S t t ii nd there wm t be numerous Ir -cosi- satago Cuba, ML, a.Ih 0.
The trusts talk cs I -compettion tions submitted to the dov.-rreont. tEdwald Witolon. of thte 'urd In[
were a new thing, an enomy that bu.: The Trfbinne has not a lot to sell and regiment, who was w4a em ty t la
ness men never mret cLfore.. 1t the does not care a continental whose ot n of
oldest books on political economy ex- gesund the btrildig is erected upon oomannga oen ar n W g' i
tant deal with competition, the law of so long as t is locatedin a cental has be n convicted ax o.'int.
supply and demand and the survival of par tof the city so that it wi be a dismimaa from the
the fittest. AHl marked ucces invites convenience as well as a oride of our f a and allowance on
competition- When there is no more people. We will venture the assertion itentatry. -GemL; 1 &ta WooLj
profit in a business some get out of that no fair minded person desiresC 9 tary governor, tak pg os
iC and enter new lines. It is folly to see the building located south of La- tioi I rWlen 5 good
say all lines are filled Up. If people fayette street because it woetd: re a and dIrect clan
were willing to go far away to new great disadvantage to the mu-orty of' initted Dso Car sa
lands as our forefathers did, fortune the ]people of the city to go way dewn labor is concerned.
awaits them. It must come to that ther to transact whatc-ver tl.usiness Thes ps amm t
tookei m o e rb O e st.
again. Trusts win drive he majority that might be conducted n toe txited meeting has fust beef
to new fields, where there is a chance States court, the castom I;juse nut the caels foAx e rho e %6
or they will kiB each o0her by titeir poetoffice. Several lots have been racet. 4'Nmeroua e IntIs
rivalries. Trusts are not destined to suggested as entirely adequate and ed. len. Woosell re i a
horses eteeed and ddsb
live Torever. 'Already bushes has been suitable for the parposme. TUe one- that of thdepar ines a
greatly overdone and the financial the residence of the late Dr. Jol P. are offered I tte
world bas become alearmea rt.d resist- wall stands on is aunong the nany ouses, the hotel,
lines,(AUL e nts will
ant- that have been mentioned, and tl-en ery af t ees a ae n wi
t4.~ there is an elegant site near she Arno the 7 l ho -is
When the board of publfe w rks gets toelS ust i front of t new Switt ew leave fo the a.Upi t
the M ock painvemet on Seventh avenue bulldit on Ashley street that edG on bca d the
continued to the brick pavement on make a most idmirntUle st.-. At the .
the same thoroughfare the-e will be -omer of FrankLla and Iarra .son
smne satisfactio n iadng to bor streets is another cation that would e s te a-
Cits. These broken coitneetions cf itee ate a very conveaente tane toes the Jeffleor
city streets shobdd cot be t.-.eated. igar mantfacturere et Wet I Tnpa boee. go1aisd l
ewy street t0at I8 paved would be stt b eor City and. :n the course- rt a -*t&a#atsby
osnected wltth some ea er paved ry ew yer. If he srognotia n f
k0eet :t osnme of our most expert philaco- n miC-I I
Sshes amount to anything weo e baeM aw ketf si S

raright in ts* uchtncpof' 00 city e -a.o&--,&of them.__
Tampa now has the advantage ldt- i s

ahead of Mobile and New Orea v ants leglaa te as L harse oa the A
other iht .orts since it os been v- b blbee wTilhk5 l fu55 amu5 re
m tihs samer reight rates to Cabs net talsetier anWais abszer ia to- s e-
r*s flor it ia so mUch nearer e te the kddfn t a A l A01110l4 t t .-WiW
ar and the other C5nP(W e lt the maort aet thaem..
tbst freightran be lvered r

The abundance ad excellence of tefl wit It Ia med at anniaopO a ef dk-rVW& t M
the French clampapnee will conttmee s&VA I entiDed a bil "lo declare "b- 7. i awt y
to chaMenge the admiration of the lawful and void all armangemeAts, con- o
world. Nearly six hundred thonand naimos made with a view to lessen it did t o a
gallons of California wine have been free competition in the importation he o ofl
sent abroad the past year. or sale of articles Imported into theb-ic a oin S' ha. ia" i
state. in te manufacture or s ale o eleatio on l e 'm^o ,
Why thl CUbas army could not lick articles of domestic ects th or of do- lion ca g ta an elec t
the Spanish army is now disclosedsQut meetic raw material; to declarea- un- Set "d "AiV W
of the 50,000 troops wanting a divide twful and void anf contracts, trusts, tn &tIrsN 'wlleiS on~ia~S,
of three million advanced by the Uni- et. designed or wlich tend to ad- a wet y caun '
ted States, half are officers or officials vance or reduce or control the price of r Jster P. a
entitled to officer's pay such article or prdc to consumer I new hLedoaa aw h
a or producer; to provide for the Torfel- wil be pIeamedto the
Secretary Long seems to be long on ture of the. charted and franchise of the beat 'mae n p -n.ow
letters of defense for Sampson any oorporatton violating any of the exesw hr r
The aslslde of a milliner in Phola- provisionse of this act; to ireqie the gae sad InterfeI 4 ss
delphia because her customers would attorney general to institute legal r itbUe an eati
not settle their accounts shows that proceedings against any such corpor- I
they are even slow pay over there, anion and to enforce the penalties Dro- j The re HMsab gi
- scribed to authorize any person dam- na __ 'Wet *.o -&0 I
Spain may have to enlarge its jails aged by suoh tirut to sue for the re- pete. r Lt
to accommodate all the generals and cover of such damage and for other with ta fea -tri
admirals who didn't get killed and purposes." By the Boyd la the t *
thus lost prestige in the late war. forming of a trust is held to be a con- !the -u-fatedpssse
a sisracy and anybody remotely" con- Praldent Plant
Rumors that come from Manila nected with such conspiracy is in dan' er Lawruee at
should naturally be taken with a good ger of a fine of $5,000 or 101years in ya rlet at 7 '
deal of salt. considering how many the penitentiary. This is a law that The witM e of lttiaiT_ a
miles of ocean they have to traverse, ought to prove strong enough to knock :will give a 1ewak mid
Most of the newspapers speak of out ver- trust In Pensylvania But nivl t in s egts,
our foreign poesesisons But the wil it? Chan it annihilate the Stand- 16. aeS a les
truth is it is difficult to tell so far rd Oil Comany in that state? her are s ome
whether we possess them or they pos- *
sese us. The large reward offered by the el.y '-
A marrIage law Is proved for Da- county ad beard of trade for the a c
kota which provides for a physical ex- rest and cmovictlon of tee paers or in.s-m o S 3
amlnatlon of the candIdates before Persons who blew Up the da of the Ij. S-
grantIng the appl cation for a licenn. Com er" ssal a-ae th tis .wa
An es-mire--on of the flnances so-lId Mfitnwo h river k- not yet had me gS 3! ? B
often remnt in much aler unions. e ffe ca ng rset of e- u at .

Those wthe went to the us--oBn sta- -
tloe epeextla to wltness a bett-s be- The city wB br-omt i be lea s
sween doislaread se*iote. fels..es de- io present a tar les4er and more at-
tentrves asd volunteer preserves of tractle as asanre thqa It 4os -atB
aeaoe, 'were das.-Po e-.. Tiara was ast.f a iukead l a .e.
.no ba m.o .e .ss k i .. the .isaei and t.e 'co.aieotls.. as. ._
pomet mmd a vmlasasee plas~ psemer-- and docks beeyond thia lInei^ n.
ers showed their ftraeM. Whiblted. - 4

A Lrge Number Enjoyed Practice He is Charmed With the Island and Ay tht r it'"
i rOreS Games on the Tampa ay It Deciding That The PrOTisional Body Thinks it a Fine Place for Peo- s 50
Li nW. ll Yeterday Will lot be needed. pe of Ordinary means. | UGE
S'rom Thursday's Daily. r. A. E. Vivian, one of the sub-
- A an naaauarn About twenty-five enthusiastic golfA rA. E Vitians oneofhesu SURREYS.
ATES ARE COMIN players. n several ladies were PLAYING A CAME OF POLITICS otana i..ies of wo Ta. suRREYs
out on the golf grounds west of the __ a practical discerning eye for business
STampa Bay yesterday afternoon get- as well as about 300 pounds of avoir-
rOp Awaiting Patiently the tingain some good practice. A numr Even the Opponents of the Present dupois has recently returned from
Meeag ofong some of the more expert play Army Bill Dec are That the Presi- Havana and to a Tribune reporter
r-Thsy are all U going ers during which some fine scores were dent Has Shown Wisdom in yesterday incidently mentioned a few
S me .Ht. smade. of the many advantages of that fa- \ ,' '
S lg. Capt. J. H. Gillespie was busy in is Present Policy. mos island. r. Vivian is a close o- -
the afternoon giving instructions to server and made thorough investiga- -
mi -- e a number of beginners,. ho were an- tions into the successful operations of I c r*'.<
The TTIbuee xious to -learn the mysteries of the Special to The Tribune. the various lines of business and par-: --. is
S-Mareh ,&-John Gilbert, In fascinating game. Washington. March 8.-President icularly into truck growing ,of which Q ."A
SQMi ty jael to-day osi- mThegrounrids are still very rough, McKinley has decided not to avail he tss very favorably Impressed. He IAC, A S'j
e h ~s making it very difficult for players to I of the optnion that vaot fortunes tA
makehh scored T.he pleasant neath- himself o the authority granted by- await the frugal and enterprising" H" "ACM
a e children near Enter- eof te past two weeks has given the compromise Army bill to organize American citizens,. ho with ordinary i l
S00 last Tueday. Gilbert, the players ample opportunity for a provisional army of 35,000 volun- means will go there and engage in the a., tt'ts.,
a a reward had been offered >practice and most of them have inm- teers truck business on a systematic and al .-.ste
mtedt Iere .y.rdy HL e is Peed this opportunity and are now wt, economical scale. He says that deli- SEND r
abe" to land the bells with a force arid After consulting with officials of the of all varieties grow l- oth
Ot to tUOW f t t .crim le, and eclsalon that would do credit to pro- war department the president has de- there luxuriantly and phenomenally ndO," S u
Ssat dimmre id. nsant Fi- feiesonals. They are getting in ine ided that, in view of the present ia- prolific and that it only requires about at the LOWiX R
d preUsed&l tSheiN f O'Con- b fo the coming tournament and vorable outlook in Cuba eand the pros- six weeks to plant and harvest a WaITl F
at the tgpeeent rate of improvement cmtetruck patch. Handsome prices are t d EA
S coad-th crime go- S s;Peat ofthe complete suwcanyppression of the paid in Havana for all garden truck 1 EA
make a good showing against the Philippine insurrection at an early day and that which could not be consum-
e*l' waa imill in debt rak players of the state who will be it w*11 not he necessary, after the pres- ed on the Island could readily be sold
S tlag to se Enter- tocontes orthe riz noes y ent volunteer forces have been mu- iNew Yok as the excellent shipping
T9H1i Deulte arrangements have o-ctve facilities that the Havana People are
'A,000i e He* bod not ben completed for the Tampa tomn.a- teed out. to ha- e more than the 65,000 enjoying requires only four days to
eShe sat ,. and offered meant on count ot the tournaments men allowed for the regular army un- I ship anything from there to New York Ic
r "ee. tle kept nag ing that are being held In other til July 1, 1901. city. The ground is intensely rich and
X is iert a a s. President Dc ha ct ed te to edite t needs no ferttl ig to make a crop, as
special aieeilng of the cluti to he,,',It5 is 515ohispurpot-se to expedite tieeverything grs ezbeedingly rapid.
i pa ,Wp I a ea g'id gveat the hotel at 81t this evening tor withdrawal of volunteers from Cuba tHe was not very favorably Imprew-
Sj1-rfad &k never bothe oer the purpose of taking action in ?egard and the Phlipoines as rapidly as ipo- ed with the idea of Americans engag-
be-. te siOt -Igot UPand to the tournament and appointing the sble e ndonuter them out of the ser- inog In the mercantile business, as het
Yt t 7. CDak ttui i ne0etyt committee. It o srec tested l c e n tae thought the time was not ripe for that
p e amer and tuit th by (Mr. Dick that a mil attendance of Vice, aetokind of a venture Just yet. as it wouldI
. h 94 the toemebre be present. be brought home from Cuiba without require considerable time for 'them to
iMa st lato o ard delay and those in the Philippines will I catch on to the waTys and customs of
Er t. t he es ran, THETHIRD LBCrBE. be brought home as soon as enough the spantards in buTsing and selling.
ret., mid.prdeshe said that he
M ame beak I 'Would be- "The office of punishment" is the regulars can be sent out to take theirs I realy astonished at the cheapness
WiUses'*w Dot l wII l the subject of Miss Beard's third lecture places, of everything. tA good meal Including
Sting soat on the bed. to he gfven this evening In the Krae In desiring to avoid the enlistment a bottle of e o only costs 50 cents.
ax1 nw It I, O 3 '-l d to s" al at 8 o'clock. This subject is tako- o the volunteer army, authorized the about the same that is charged in Trbor
bot lila9 wtife on e the head en up for the benefit of parents, teach- City, and other things were equally as
t4 h nil she could not era-and care takers olf children. It will president is partly actuated by politi- reasonable. A single man can get his
I( tbeilUed the other chil- hbe found both Interesting and profit- cal motives and partly by a desire to meals at a restaurant and room at a Paris: 22 R
able. The ladies of the free assocla- keep the war department expenditures private residence with a total cost of
Swto s ,lth their huAlbands are Invited on as o as sb If he ra get about $10 per week and live like a
to reception givenby Jabi, dwn o If he ca e fighting cock, or he could be more
In honor of MisseBeard at her kinder- have wt-plout the volunteers the economical and board at cheaper
garten rooms, corner of Azeel stt have surflos instead of a deficit in te plae for $0 and week.D
fis 8---3e5 sMale, 'Who and "le 'Paek avenue, on r-iday aprtspiration for the support ot the IBHe -was surprised at the prosperous, -
s g yesterday andevening, Marchfrom8:3Htos:.. army for the next flasct year. condition of the people and the healthy,. i OURHIG
Aim as far As the rw f 8 t9 He will -have, authority under the appearance the city' presented. el.
Pr we ftrxs to the position law to appoint volunteer general offi- says that the streets are a long way -ei
tha.tB he ocog*ied Vpior to f Ui f li n in cers and volunteer sLaff officers In cleaner than our own thoroughfares in.i r"ttaLa
pgit. A- lasge ody' of the. sufficient number for the developments Tampa. They ar thoroughly swpt v-i a-. ; eix.shrci
Wd ack ting gooi L UI U U I show the necessity for more men th3 Tampa. They are thoroughly swept ev- -.E,
** of e. This even- president will then exercise his puwr -er night and all of the accumulations -' hocie,I&
i0iexd aboat the ame po- to nlist all or part 'f the thirty-lvtc an Otit are carted off. Tbe span- nota mto'1.
r did a beWna the gagment Bernardo Rivera Found Gui ty ot Re- thousand. ards are nard a rly all wealthy and live "' /i0'r a
a. i s te arrival of the fu-ingto Support wiw It is believed by shrewd republican lil plrces in elegant residences, .... but lS.
eO et with re fuits politicians that he has made a good -hile even the Cubani who are sup- TiE BURDICK
*ot iv. has been decided to and Family political move in showing that he does posed to be in such a wretched condl- _, !- v t,,tee
IIea v move against the ene-, not propose to keep in service a larger tion are getting along a great deal bet- S.- iuA6.#hNh
11 ed ffortwaSOe From Thursdays Daily. army than is absoutely required ter than a great many people in Flor- ,, itk
..aes Agaznaldp, which It T* ida. -cen the ones that are existing ,i,,'csIcads.Fp
U.S. end. further hKetil- The county criminal court met at 10 i through the generosity of the United .t..i ..ie, aut.
- xb Tegitent while out on o'clock yesterday morning and a few States government. go to the commis- '.-Lcs. ovedss
seCts. cpture a squad minutes after opening the jury In the Sa| U 11 I in cabs and draw their rations. ,U,.-.
.w po sharpshooters s case ofthe State vs. Bmeardo Rivera, FOR HI HE L H He aid that pov- Irt was foreignto z ,A.
t $s-AS TTW5 rrtfRE,. took its place and the trial was re- --- ed no difficulty in obtaining s
Stunned. The case was referred to in A Distinguished Colored Editor and ii AORTR
Osait SULs- Mrh. S t.- yesterday's Tribune. The defendant Educator af Georgia Seeks Rest Mr. Vivian says that he had short IT COSTS YOU
eM to-dai* the Florida Lglf- e charged with the non-support of talks with tW. A. V arty, Har eyv J. piyyor rneouht
iWbe Its bleanls session- hs wife end chidren. Quite a umber Healh in Flor.da. Cooper. Ed. M .Hendry. J. M. Towne. .^-
dai'of eac honse is to elect of witnesses testified on both sides. Fred Kraue and a score of other peo- it FO
n-pi:h a alomTampa.tandtss elated to
e r. Among the cand- The cae was etubbornly contested and From Thursda Daily. e from all prosperous eatend tohighly
Stheee e:lasted ney all day. The defendant them all properou ad hihly
ct a I eon; Hon. was represented by Frank Harris, Hon. C. Hi. J. Taylor, of Atlanta, one pleased with their new abode. The
OL. O Hamiton, and Hon. B. Borchardt an dHlarry Peeples of the most distinguished colored mren branch of the Florida Brewing Co., -
le. of *Eseanola, For County Solicitor Knight was assisted of the U-nited States, is visiting- was toeing an enormous business It
o'te house Hn ( in the prosecution by (Marfarlane and friends in this city. He is editor and had all of the trade that it could poe-
t "i A Rs.am Hon. 'K Re- Haney. The Jury took the case about proprietor o The, Appeal, the leading sibly handle I-and wasc simply making
t.SS OL o. Robert -M 4 o'clock in the afternoon and after be- colored organ of the south, and dean; a mint of money out of its venture. W.
.J J .ske a n ,C-Pet oft legout a short time returned with a nf Morris Brown College, of Georgia. T. Boyd ard L. G. Cone have both
o n W. A. M I-verdict of guilty in manner and orn it a poltitcan ,odice-hold-r and joir- made money out of horses, continued
W 0 sva ar te canrtldates as Indicted. Rivera's counsel gave no- daflst he has a national reputation Mr .Vivian and so can any one else
itce that application would be made for second onl to that of Fored Iouoa'. w goes there for business.
second onlyttothaanewFcedDl.gThe. .The gentleman was quite emphatic,
i PAPL 9.new tr The judge set Friday He Is the only colored man in Amern- h o nema s o uteo emphatic
lmoring a 10o'lock for the argu- ca who has been appointed to three which people are treated by the r0-
ot-tin,.l .'- tilbe cts Steve lfray plead guilty to St-sat' prominent offices by the president of tom offichaen oad the r eat rsd01 obargen
9.di t- 45it torIe Io intonenoa entering tee bost te w first aponiets by Pectideet and tu's nwho take your stock from the
ofPlant liners and land It on shore. Boyd
t 's :0 : t P8n- I7ohn M_ Tomlinson with intent to Cleveland as United Sta tes minister had to pay La-ton (h01105 li5a a head
00 WW"t a r destert-, commit misdemeanor. The judge sen- and eon p geneml to Liberia. Bin or landing bin horses, besides the
W tA ., as. ordinary and d minister plenipotentiary cst duties and a n r of x
or aaWr~oy end was sentenced to le oriB W ah n t 'h r der g odbltant charges ame made which mase k -s
dS thS e Jali f orthirty days. su the fir t trin to a stranger very exas -
S h h Cutthee adjotune duntll 10 o Sclock since hfs retirement Trom national nt such little irregularities as
ItadOt z ein dad the the s mopniolitles ha s devoted all his time the are.. remedied, how evir, Havana
tnrter s ho A N1 E P and talents to his paper and in this o be a paradise and there is lots of
*twea ms E NT RPRI E. work has gained a national reputation, money there for shrewd people. lMr. ,-
r" t capteiI : One of the new novelties in the BHls health is vet-" much impaired and 1 Vivian says that he would not take .
'-was' ai;rtimeat an t marintlle line wig be the opening of his vislt to Florida at this time is for $500 for his trip, while It did not cost a _.
tit-rta. -e S3 i the latter pamrt Of tho Pirpos of taking a mch needed h s losE of it. It was a night
C .'It Bl-S( t-", thi week. This eetablalabment is Iot- rest. E!s paper has a large clrcua- worth seeing and he has obtained in- ^.,
E" I a T. the faous corn store, owned te frns among the colored people all in the future if he ever desires to in-
S same m ai which wl he still kept over the sate. His great pp I rn there
^pB IN Ofthe large l t heipenegd up along the lines of education and al-i WILL TAKE TsE OFFENSIVE.
-" oolst of everything new and novel -e" a n Special to The Tribune.
in the was of totetarticles, stationery He has In his posession *scores or Washington, March 8.-From the Fines
.......& L ntion end noveltie. With the enter- testimonials and high tributes from nres received here to-day from Gets1 Th
^pt--l:'e " ie and husinsee pluck always dis- many of the most eminent men of the Otis. the general opinion prevailss in Com anhe
^^D5*iesXra~ plsts- iSwy t~rm tine unex will soon country, including soah men as John army circles that he will at once take Comanche
Of W b e a daheaewiltur ThIoradn onothe T'emple Graves. General John B. GO- the offensive and give 'Aguinaldo and
"si, lemne S 'wil ^ be readwtah interest, don, Richard P. Bland. Ex-Goernor h is l hordes a taste of American
n Atkinson- of Geotgla, F. G. du 'Big- warfare. It is thought that he will. From Jackeesvl
H: iD W Mlton the genial ceilsier of non- ,'lark Howell. Governor Johnston not wait for Gen. Lawton wthb his From Chauesto
|P it r;C. aP deDt is el eb3S the Ala bam and others. That of John reinforcements, tet will at o- begin For hour of sali

** l IM 'I axa (of a b0onn -to" -baby boy. The aenPMe naves reads as follows an attack with his entire force and -
4 iburs tt r ed;A .keO C ity are "It is mv deliberate opinion that the molieh the strongholds of the insu,- Steher,
|-JISSO 1 Mrs. Aton has hee sprnsli s some st and ablest of the Neero rae in gent The ardepartment Is look- For Charestots,
gBS -he.t os. Oebe will arrive witA the boy eogi on. C. H. J. Taylor of I for important news from Otis not For Jaconlke
toi IS hiinaL fIar day.- The 7-rp Atlanta- Me has the absltite con iater then ttn-morrOW.
ammph tM.he I& Nrm dence of our people and I think he is Clyde]
Better quaciled to represent the inter- ARRID IN ATLANTA.
OAf en- 4 ----- est of his race at home or abroad than -tm
BXMfmm Bt Can dler.ofG e*' oi r V t hh a negro df his generation I believe Gus Egart onoe of the most POP-
m for haisoweweeksctne FromaFootofwor
fortg tithe tlu rso weeks )on- in the rsicerity a his motives and the uo .youn menin Tampa, who hs From Foot Hi
M- theuroe oais tat2ndhroch and r e n eol patriotlm that moves him. O1oe f the manufacturing desart- TmHUM
heO e Lc hur .c. t. hat- an I conumend him to the confidence ment ot MOrto'a sdrug store, left On
t w the and. oe wll f the country." John Temple Graves. last SLurday for Atlanta; where he
andt e thi remainder, e -UralTyleoor is sting with friends ws smacted on Monday to MWSS Fannie Y
.Oh& rteek tos ostnin the revival on Tyler street He enjoys th balry rve, an estimable young lady o
iwe s st theiair of oth orida and expects to that city. They aed i th city Ja le
S ht remain here f r some weeks, n 'tuesday evening and yesterday
#*they were besieged with friends ez-
W Irish and We of Cb cago The big washout at 'he e r If teneng congr tulations. The Y will
S - ed Iin the city yesteay andti are eattsreet nd Plant af'nufr in make their tfture haoeinRe I 5 sa-
Ste re Pr, tha t occurred dtinms; the where theirmany friends,inclu d
ilaifst fedoa" the rose of talking ; i recent hea -y rans w filled up s- the Tribune. wishes the many hapy
U Otoe" t atdifferens points erda" It was a very bad hle and Ncas days of married life.
eesoewi uto at dt oeerent. poeeintsa the cause of several b r ye r- r ks
cakng iam snetO the F Cl & P.hrailIand-urd tumbles by the riders. Fit- re e B e te ie

MU&-' tea. moer broet e down council meting as being unpleasant for door south of their pLaayette street
h.le a t wocrk apn lower t re wagonse ste was re formiy opened to the Oub-
sanredt a the paving of that A CLEVER DACCER- l ho yister da. The er anterior of t ine Levee Sanford a
havre honto u he suspend -' room ias been thoroughly renovated,
7.henomealy g acful e nd yo ut h- papered and painted aed with the fine
l y th Tamnifor tertained use public with her heatsitil attrartiv' appearanace. A general Leave 3: 30p
20I h po thedy Owiv a spnoal teriormance VA the Inu line o; novelties will be kept tnclial.-e 8:41
UsBk rl i the matF Port Tanmp thi afternoon after stationery, flwate, hardware, )- W. 4:I
"' the OiVal the re of the excorsintiste. ware, jewelrye. etc. s i .
Nm Mhs- hatte p in first little Sar has been here before and 4i." a
6wVRAe Mr soma over Leo- needa no aoditiosstinthose w The psI deer that has been kept In Arrive 8:30 a
wh shell ae see bet-a rdear litie broh-
to aba er method to those |er .a heranso e a dancer of note. Uitile the big back ward of the Palmetto ho1- 9:2
IUl. hes. Osl une Ia Sama Pod- tel was foudl dead yesterday morn-
66 ,%l7& W 5btOctastue.athat pol"oismhiadkilled It Nto oneI t W.H.LWarbe..

..... 12 ly v.ea.i.ts owner,-.pt .. 'W'
0 !,wkMa "


the stuTgt for Co valescects ifra mes t pr,
Feer, and -AU T i t
sre rgthe he Nes and rveaoBuilds aupc thae yi
ueDranot. New Yetr' E. Feegers & Cs., 6 30 N.s W

Comfort! ik Time!
Cuisine and Service. Nfo ransfes between Jakmwl]lttaSr i
e Fleet is composedof the following Handmome New teel Ste55r
(new), Algonquin, Iroquois, ChIeiokee, I
U m, C1. ............
gsee"CdeeLisn' isdassiertaskssvies
are appointed to sil from P e 2. st iver, 1ewYcrk. at Ip.m..m
8.. ............. .... ......... Mos.a.y. w sI. I

New England and Sothern Line--FreigtI
taalts sCharlieston, S.C., both Wo ) .).
Steins Are appolated to sal a fotllows4

rde's St. Johns River 1A
. 8Bmfcrd. EstMepee Fla.. BIntCrsi5ses LMdlaS- tise|
The ElegatntlrosSide-Whel Steas m r
City ofjeJaeostsonvo 1e1 1
CTrec'k. De Be, ry. ,
CAF. T. w. LUND, JR.

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En ( f There tIes a report CaSrrent In-n '- GU 'T. OOLF PROCK AMtA
"A ai p aington that the "Heathen Chinee" has 1irag As1err"i -1 J u \ a
TIT. P cn P nept, a trump card up his sleeve for use h ule GoAerrtng th-e -Gof To
against Italy, in the little game ofn a

xer i eW w a e W e Say, but land-grabbing Italy is playing against lament on Ih Tamp Bay
e China. It Is believed in some well in- 3.. ,- r '/ ;" "" owel Grounds
what good's Sarsapalla rmed circles that the card has been .
+ does, that tells the story. pOayte, and Italy l out or the game eat prepratious arbeing made
+Thousands of test ocnials are ar has not yet been playedthat inth the ago tournament on the te-
Y examples of whut Hood's tmaton of the existence was hint- a grounds under the auspices or -the
has for0 f j sed to Italy and to prevent an open de- ./a -o -h ti on We sia, erdt. it
Shaa done for oth rsf, and feat, Italy has modified her claim 'if o T ia a net an them
SJWhat it will do for y not wthdrawn it entire-y. This cad c day nt ee
4 Scr'oluki- ""onnc .c. a sor' this little "Joker," which peaceably ic tew b" of ollii gsifer3 as l as all
+ S -- soes breings otaon chneseItaly'sdesiregrae ak up ,the e1alnte talet wh t parnetlpaten. 'The
+ made e -iunned by e-hi-or~.tt dicanl brings teo a conciuelon Italys desare e, t, a,. de- o. , t ofss
-4- treatm-e.tc ilrd. A relative urced me to for a Chinese seaport is the avowed A"Tt e/'- r :-'r vioi. soa p laye areet ou n the conrae
try Hotod"e tac.pail. ine.- so and in few intention of the Chinese government imd h. e- .m e ...-oitr h d '. o5 anfd under the inhait re
+ moi othsther o- ro pleteht healed." Mns. t an i o f aptae J H Gillespie are getttIng
J. 1. Hii ti. i'a, N. If to make San nun a free port, an in excellent trimo for the medal con-
S flamt ntory Rer pn-eTwo open door to the nations. This deoi- The Jacksonville Sunday Call is tests, They feel certain of making it
attacklti, i p re mc t. inflammia- sion of the Chinese government, if car not in favor of the re-election of Mr. very nteresng for visiting experts.
the rou ta. i h 9 yearo s old, bt vried into effect will please the govern- Pasco and never allows an int- Te als a bi vl on t
".Hood's eSarstntcrilla cured me and I canm a There is al a b rvarymo them
climb tiluirs and walk anyw hisere." J.Lo- meit and people of the united States nity to pose by where it can seore a fgor the local championship.
*' suaNo, 37 3 Farogo Are.. uftolao, N.Y. till be acceptable to Great Britain and point aainasi o t at len es Following ad the ora for the
+' r P Japan and cannot be objected to by the Call sas: tree das' contests:
Or+ imtJ do France, Germany and Russia. Our "A local contemporary In a recent, fI tm' s ac r o d,
,n + 'J /. government informed Italy that we reference to Senator Pasco's big blufrf Fe steD.y Maelat st--Gold meda ,
were not in the Chinese port grabbing on that Jacksonville appropriation to bona-fide amos members of an
- Ho od'sPillscure over i:. the nn-.T-tinne a tbusinessai. that we wanted equal trade says: Senator Pasco did hLs work c
ei-cs:iiric t tilke ict a l'ood', nro'--ihl rights in China and Chinese ports, well. That our congressmen c not rganised goof clu. Ts medal o-
+ that we are friendly to both Italy and hold their own in the house was no ries weith Ctthe a le ori sa n th
A OUTH {IFLORIDA fFAIR. China, and could not mix in the con- fault of theirs" Tak ingInto conrid- a e
__ tensions between the two nations, but eratlont the fact that the senior sena- awained olea,: s'nedal wsia. To te
bath iWhen the announcement was maae did. want access equally with other tor made his great move with the dts- re tained tris onse wtm ai t thrm e
ome mont e ago that the Tamp ay naton to n he trade of China. Maskio t standingct di that it wot imes. t o &t a. m. on d
race T t and fair gr a were co- an t tan a free pst not only cheak- prove abortive end that Mesrso. ofa.
rt poeted the 1 ritoune begn urer the mtes Italy, but benefits all eommer- Spariman and Davis would 'be held Second Day. aL Tr23-ee fv CUs,
-nea ti of orfan.dIng a South cial nations as well as China. responsible for the action Of the d ent TmpaBy,( Hotel GSo- -d
Flora Fa' Association that would House. Our local con temporary was | , .e gre te dOi e tao
lin have for its object the exhibition of Some people returning from visits justified in declaring that Senator Soal6 O Mn a ove. t -
theproducts of the outwesterncou- Havana declare that the city is "Pasco did his work well." And. It jca p. edal play, 36 holes. CoTnpeti-
t le t mes lndln bds thie county, a pest hole and advise all Americans was. moreover, work thoroughly tors witoe play is unknown i n Tam-
ith Pco, Pok, manatee, oto, ee, to stay away from it, while other peo- characteristic both of the man and his S a must produce certificate of antdi-
h r a e, Sumter finando, alke asd ple declare that the streets are kept methods." cas p from secretary of home cilub, oth-
Oh e s. Thee cone are all oaend- cleaner th than those of the average erwise they will start from scratch. To
ce. sible to Tampa e er by rall or w America city and that there is no er da a the Tribune repro- be retained by anyone wing it three
nd. ter and some of them by both. The trouble for Americans to secure post- dued an edtol from the ae- times. Entries close at 9 p .m., on
remarkable weather of the past few tions and live well at moderate cost. a ilie un headed o Delok Wan- March 22.
l the weaet t ie e rt o i s :l Pted" and in the body of the aticle th NotThe Golf CS b will parent the
t"00 winters has made them the citrus fi-ult The tales of horror ,misei-y and deeti-tNote-The Golf Club will present the T
!.r h followingwg sentence appeared: No w. nners and runners u in the two U
prodcing section of the state and they tutlon of some travelers are set off by
ave en been the winter vegetable the going descripio given by others candidate whois without hope of re- above competition wh suitable me- S
tO onte.nd until the av erage reader does n ot solely as t a stumbling lokhin the rwayl mento.l r i a fi
er tione har iet gy as well the quantity of know w hat to believe. Those coem- o others, should meet wi th a encour Thi w ay-Le dies' Day- e arch 24. ft
farm and vegetable products grown plating visiting the Cuban capitol in agement." The word re-election should Open to a lady players. Handicaps.
s these counties is something won- the near future should re the ofpn- ha e read election. As It appeared in m e ne la n es p str H i
toe aerfule and the or anes and ape fruit ions of several citizen of Tampa ,re- the Ti bune It makes the Sun appear a ., on da of play. s close at

-rki ise, bon le ofat e ipolat tenins etcman why lo ish fedls in the Tibue are to p a9 mand .ape o the c i on al o, on day of play. o i
is unequal in the world. n addi- ceno published the Tribune. The he attitude f fighting the onti- DRIV G COMPETITION.
tio nto these might be named the fish, lnrelviewo have all been with repre- cello mystery hen in fact t .hat paadr wiON e r
e' sponge stoan k, fors, both wild and sent tie business men and while they paper had no idea of making an attack Open, as Gold Medal Three drives, 1o
J r- domestic tobacco, cigars e lumber ffer in their views the reader can on tIM Pasco. The Tribune gladly (be trial drive) aggregate distance to1 l'
-d elis and ineapple. take his choice and at atordingl.o t sets the S in right and hopes that .be outed. Entries close at 9 -
an A fair exhibit of these products sign icant fact that should impress Pascoa fadi a in our esteemed con- ona 1 pa Pe n
e made in a place like the new fair eversiane is the reiurnon every stea e- temporary inhae not been impaired. o DRIING C a r ETITOle. T
grounds during the winter, would be a er os a lastrge number of 'gar maken c e u Open to all lady players. Three ai
slylit that would bring thousands of and laboring men generally ,'om the Gainesville Sun: The people of High dries, (no trila drive.) Ag te dis- Il
to northern visitors to witness it. In fact island. These men ec amng the 6prings ax e adly shared about mall- taste to be counted. Bntrie clon at C
er- it is one of the i portent things theatre s cuito rush to Cuba after thoe xr box and fear an epidemic tf the di-9 a. m. on day of play.

nd 1- thng as een rmned. byThe Oreenestr n ocepte d a p alAllhandirocn in a read, to noth ing apn j a. Priest and w i hest ar tng e b
bring them to Florid here is no ith Spain ended. They are now glad t o sease. Mayor Carter appealed to the s 'All ha ndicas will be axr nel et-
aded in the wstate rhat and s well getfeack to Tampa and all say that ltthe boardoG hllh p ob not a the teen Committee o-nd will, be an- i
hy point In the state that is sowecl g st enek t wo Tapna ani t ternd 1 a o. x tat nounood but wl no along f I so before play lomsnoa AllBa

TaxOpar a there is no fair grounds in e ges ia n t ity than h d a ae to use any serious alarm. The man-b questions and disputes will be seti l In
a t the state so well adapted for suet an the sland of uba nr in which it has been held in by this cotiee he dec ion will

a- exls tonould be held for one weieko, I is no discredit ito s to r.j hav ssrv e to disdul a ears. Al entries o be inr writing address -i
______ aeted to the secretary of the TampaDay
1c. one month, or just so long as the peo- endemes and opposition. Many men -i e o I t t Te
ror pie kept up the exWbit and continued hensitate to take any course that wi. The pieaple crop in the vicinity o Hotel Golf and Social Cl ama ec
to tronze it. e cal fourth the opposition of any per- Palm Beach is looking much better Flo o- ber e e it-
a to ^ patronize It.^ thought. wlh the weeks o iThe memmmera of the a Green Commit- PL
benefit such a scheme would be son because they r do not i ant to have than was thought ibe three weeks tee" are Ote oF. Q Brown, Dr. Bow- 1
n- to southwestern Flori cannotbe es- enemies. The world is full of envious ago, and the crop shipped from tiere ditch Morton and CoL M Ma cfa- h
iated i nldturnpeoplein thspeople. Some people hate a man be- this ear will be considerably larger lane. C
m- direction who no thipk that every- cause he is successful in business or and of better quality than that of last OR N NIGT AD DY. H
ib- thing has been ruined by the freezes. occupies a prominent position in a ear, if nothing happens. The usest an mghtiet lite at
it In addition to the exhibits referred community. The world has no ani-a fe es and ot e
to there are many others that could be mosity toward the quiet citizen who The Boston microbe-hunters of the tKing's New Ife Plus EverTm Pill is
added in the waq of art and mercan- offends no one, gets in nbodoy's way. Health Board, will probably not stop
tile diopla, Outdoor contests could It is the live men, the men of push at sterilizing the telephone transmit- a sugar-costed globule of healtieg that
60, also be added. such as races by local and energy .who incur enmity. Every ters. tbut will go all along the line, so changes weaknesses intostrengtha list-lo
orses, bicycle mes, golf, tennis, eti. man n-ho is fearless in the discharge to speak, and wipe off the bacilli onmi

w, lt 10 slo ngly in the shove editor- coding to its Inventor, shows the re- I tacks of fevers, pseomoula and other

al h and every paper in thia section at latIon between nerves and Intellect- See the way John Bull and Emperor serloas and prostrating diseases by
S ie d.state sbos) Joo it in urging the i uallt. So that the Chicago teacher William are making eyes at Colum- taking a few bottles of Hood's Sarsa- gi
Shuldia of a horticultural and agri- thinks that he or sbe can use the er- bis. Our lady is a fascinating csea- parilla now. ax
olteral fair tor the southwestern telr gograpbt on a pupil and learn whether ture. OOD'S PILL are the favorite fam-
at eosa Snet yesar. Be recent cold the victim is capable of tackling a 9 Dta
6 mp s lef several localities un- or differently aloulus. Tey Hon. H. H ..uckman, of Jackson- Ily cathartic. Easy to take, easy to P
harmed and o01rs.thoagh acuswsat oughtto be& Wbe n ChicM o to fLnd a ville assistnlt Ulwoted States allot- oerte- eI
it am t fluid to inject into the nerves to pro- 4Vlle ,a t Umited tte a or
Ia ored In tber tree are left duce the highest order of brains. Is ney for the Souther nDistrict of L C. 1W. n receiver t of t he
th single lbUtsiltoal products to the Windy City now to become the Florida, is n t e city representing the o--umers 'ZWt. lAght rso&a street re
us make a creutsbie shW next win intellectual Hub of the Universe andendnit inwa5.5has Os Lust andgMts-
take that distinction from the Been- tgovernme In ai cases pendlr in the s t r ed olTbi- Io
d ter. T, ak 1 s an excellent point at eaters? United Bltes circuit and district fCI ArW of several daw i. Heta a W
r lth to coniettrte a plendid exhsb- 4 courts now in season. Mr. Puckenam, elesag taOe a went as far sooth as lit
e- it trom t th o ern counties and ev- The receipts of the Mami custom has been distant United States dis- M .. &
ewp eeW should be bent towashi se- house the first week in March were trict attorney for several years and covs-rmni IDeArmia has returned Di
a 'eq t e o-aperstbn of them all in In 68.9. The imports are becoming so during several term sof the court in from a trip to abe
teaneaxiBatlan f a big show in Use much greater that an additional as- this city hbe been the sole legal repre- 4
S C or at some other convenient sletant has been appointed. It Is safe tentative of the government. As an This is a great dey for the drygooda s
At iant In 100. to say that there is no port on the attorney and oousellor at law he and allinery stores ae
ad The East Coat has brought mmny South Atlantic coast that is paying the stands high and has won a most en- Im
t1illualds of vtittera to it t Uwet government better returns with the viable record ea prosecuting officer of C
Yeaig exhfAts in Dade county and same expenditure of money than Ml- the United states courts in this dis- J NJeli
shits .l ia the state should take up ml5 Up to this time there has been trict. HMr. TFscr,*- is cultured and lit
Sk ae matter and ceVy it to successful but one man employed besides the refined gentlemaan and his many as
N1 a es wete" colector.-Miami News. friends in Tampa are always pleased W O n' hC
+ 'to have him visit this progressive city. C C
Is. Same ote entenrtisaln and pubNlC A rich Iepos't of wotisin- hous been Do you f____e_ __ __r__snir fv-t
ie mlMM f arof anond- discovered in Nassau county. It anal- Harry D. Islar -who has been assist- before and d.urag the t LTuthity siT.'- Ci
b- dMoran th tat city. We we t we yes 95 per cent. ,and is aid to be the ant chief clerk to General Manager neos? A r.yC cDAOy:'.Ct-d? Do
u -Fe Me =am e or Jacshonvlle. richest find in America. It was also' OaxwelL ef the Florida Central & yMo get the bkWles and wiz1 so.me-
I fo that car acI I pyin Penlasular Rallroad for some ttimtimes you Were dead
a .smateri l ei*keonviole wIt iS quantities was incorporated with the past. bps been appointed city passen- If your answer iS Ye" to any. t
LM l l twrhtiang A a mydite wlil at once ger and ticket agent of this road with of these questions, you shoul
r aindsb sa J syII lse S Proceed to develop it, and a force of headquarters at Tampa. This ap- no time in taking i
2- U .NW ttO I h to T flfty eds 'wll be put to wort potintment wlU take effect on Wed- B A T
.o Mt -mb W have of the hotel in ft Augustine nesda next. Mr. Ilar is we llknown BRAD D
s 00a Utein realroad circles, esdbas held sewer- P MALE REGUZLATOR
5S3 S S rar. the montn t ofe letar s s i h Ith will overcome and cre every C
as2 a oft ng a .o ae bae leor nw yea rs. There form of 4. s, icor- r
bp heen .oudde ru of artstl& an iFs fora avenue. to gon to be t-o. hem al inf of the womib .sa Ha
*par"dw te-r- eut' ~ 00'p6 006e re "t -es-e i. In w.... .b< eb o r ut teml r t"

Au Excellent C6
The pleasant setb*o
effects of -'b iveln I
.yRU. oF FIoSmanuf
.ie value of obtaining t
tive principles of plant
,nici.-'lially laxative a
t.ieia in the fcrminot i
taste atnd aceptatle.to I


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'uly beedcial manner, whea
pringtim comes, use the t te and
ect remedy, Syrup of Igt. B
enuine. Manufacture by the
ornia Fig Syrup. Co, oly,. and
ale by all drugglsta, at Si 5 eits

HoRs. MW. H. Bakers, ofe JaAoa
Ounty Jtdge of Dwa county and
f the iadiang lawyer of he stat"
ved lb tMbe c yesit t esda nd.
e here for several it tteg
united Statos court, befofte wbic
as an important case ftOtrial as
a the case Of Mrs. JaktI Cuobk vA
hint Investment Coaoe~a .25
For a quick remedy an one th
perfectly safe for children let us re
end One e anute Congh ure.
excellent for croup, hdarsess, tit
n the throat and cousth For Sa
B. Leonardi & Co.. and central
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For froestbites, burns. dolent
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iles. DeWitts Witch Hazel
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onest people who try toi tat
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Sa good article. Wortilw s
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ampa, and Diamond 'Pharmoa
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sainess triO. This crGenaman
Senormous amount ot produce
aupa and his largesS yse to
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gulate the word," aI a
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itt's Little Early HRU^s the
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Co.. Central of T
amond Pharmacy of t Cit
Prot 0 &of tpe a
Sn th tt cOIG '4 .
Mger agent tor Mst -emas

J. Sheer. eda-ia. Mf i
ectric street car lne ta
tie daughter wasvei ltw
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ad failed, only 4y aaly
ough Cure, Fur aMl S-
di Co. and Centlrsl*
ty. -

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sX g sLockewenders. Decision Pa-
-iM b e n s vorab e to the CigarantiTobseco TmeuirtyIsIaklgaeeNLlne ForTe genais IS logd as Lader of the
Interests-Other Cases. Island of Cit. Syndicate.
From Tuesday's Daily. -
day morning with Judge Locke on the
S t received by e foowlng cases were dis- The Famous South Carolina Senator It Will be Necessary to Give a Num-
Alt asigton ln55l judgment was entered against is .at the Head of the n"rty. ber of Government Buildings Over
%:Pablo B. nrttritez for 3100, who was
WT sea e is Dead- srety on the bond Pedro Caraga. Their Tour is One of Cb to Private Competitions-Too
Sl U The case f Robert Meacm o servation. Man-. For Governmen
-. debt on postmaster's bond was contin-
ued until next term .
uSf TI br nte. Mrs. Wl .E& hay, who plead guilty Special to The Tribune. i Wasahington, D. C., :March 13 -Sec-
i 1s.-In.tead f of violating the r postal laws was fined s vannah, March 11.-The congres- retary Gage is confronted with a
t l A al Dewey at- e Bully ,oiley ,w i signal party, consisting of Senator stubborn problem by the enactment by
.551190" t tothenvy Theas et lB utelly'ileya e Ti 'lIman. ot South Carolina. Col. James the last congress of public building
'C5 ju se l .t e obmule, wre continued unte l next term. Hamilton Lewis. excongressman from laws far beyond the capacity of the
~i _e5_ ti% mule, was continue nt~l next~~~ Washington. and other officials and r rv Department to e.ecue.
iCw .&51o5dk o i ter .holsgte abv eases thei heirto lends passed through this city More than sixty-six federal buildings
B S.. i aSdsdwab hen the ol- yesterday about noon en route to scattered from New England to Cal-
rage.e told 2" to-da t h_!t Iw heard : 1 Tampa, where they will sail for Cu- Atora and costing from $20,000 to $3.-
wet d s .sa ThO case of Julia 3. Conk vs6 the a e d 00 00 each, wre ordered by congress
iSSSSS ^ TWV O leo~d Tle Xlavt Investment Company, the at- it was expected that the party in less than one week and to undertake
w ba k 4hat t dor is 115or wouldfotop overo inSavannah long the praration of plans for this nun-
y the defeseam enoug around. Mayor Myers he with the ordinary facilities of the
Of 5li OIW tO th. V d Selm~an d Carter ,made a motion intended to make suitable prepaxa- Su ervising 'Architect's office is out of
ofty Is. "-Tth thebndl fo further costs. o id tl wasoeard before their arriva.l It will be necessary to give a lare
Ste ^ ^ ^, Is .- the oier Thellm
W U to n for sh o dendadthi e s however, as whether they intended to number f these buildings over to prl-
SeSa W WIn eny e n ca es on the dce were Mar Myers apoointed a committee contemates stecting thirty or foertr
nt.aso'hdk w a oost of ,Alderman Tiedemonf ot empe oeAeorin thngt mthirty or fort
iE s r : o-- illthse ot X. Peres & Co. and r H H. taags Ms to wait upon the vi- to ae designed In that maer. Sere-
We 'nl ftsi uss-ums sai a2= gon te ti manua cturieso- where las itors a tbhetrain, v i f they, cop d tary Gage is not fentiacltaer what
it- Dsk r hand sue I not he le d if tecu buildings he select for private con-
maltls e tateG neral thapprai ses oard notb qe evledupon to stop, to in- petition- and if the ctlien ti any
- i st t er treat- states General a er te them to do so on their return trip city prefer a design secured by m-
,.Srb e 't t 'been taken Nlector of customs 'Alderman Tledem and C apt. D. IG. c Aity pr e a deg s c ere n -

forT UP a Theu a d e amed the de- pnure, president of th e petition to one Maue by tThe govern-
.. l a of the ealsorS In renderin Trade .were at the train. They greet- menst aroh teci te will arObably be
-shtAtXotAI his dec sion the jutte stated that It ed thi visitor and while they were willing to oblige them.
Wt -T5- Ttsn .- 5 asifltmdl to the cae of Carcla & told the pax could not stop over, A IOAiN FOR CLrBA-
aftr fl.-- Rev. Dr. Son, i CCtLAugustlne, on which he they received assurances from Senator
gir.la4 a aW o lvted l d rendered a decision- on last Set- Tilin t a visit would be paid to A N tber o t nftuentsl Amerloans
a6il mal aTEv, 'P. iDew t, h dec ision referred to was bb The committee was particular i the n-
S .. aAer i a l iohed In s Times-Union and Citizen terested in o. Lewis is a form- Special to Tle Tribune.
r f sb ve yed andl Be ndar and & I as foT se: er resident of Savannah. Ie inform- Haa. r

asama B m tt utyt c 12. 1 An a it. Mame h th o uo
Sa st when "Judbage Locke entered an order n ed the cm ttee that he will roba- aoffere the Cuba n assembly for
wl~ fare O5 waet mse I been the United rates courent yesterday bi Rea the party at Tampa and willthe tnentr ofe as s asnd no
Sat orn ng. satrmIng the decision of the reuxn to -van&h to m ingleo being d scued In oreteas been
Un ned States general apraiseren on days among his old friend The fact proposed by an cfluential group ofe
jARTG the aea from that decision on the that he is 'sret known here will doubt- American capitalists. At the end of
S valuation Of tIoae" imported e r less bie the means oi his getting a this groum are said to be Hark Hanna
Mg Wtls ai tI .re at hErly Re-. hrcahba, & Son, of tit. Augustine, on e arm reception and Mr. RunkeL
"-nshssw-t o fibs Iiisiry. efharvw 12. 1898. + The proposition first came through
-Thee fir Imlorted it that time 01 AN IEP ENSE STOCK. Senor Quesada and was P out before
lax "tJTbeihasnae. bales of tobacco from Havana. and of
I -p at-y- two Ma the ole er voice sixteen 'ba C. n Breae at the- leader a of th e assembly h
rfA mow g in a .ooindrHavana returned for the payment of wrapqper Record With Their New Stock orthis hereloanitheMasPrter Is askreto
se Siti-tlr-d e I nte provif e adty. at the rate of $1.5l per found. n of Milliner Goods. i ege the Cub tan revenues for the re-
s WBllqs.M% em the caatxof A piaotest was entd ol seven of pleng the Cua rven er wth ir-
- i 5wi 55 of I the crO t e ales byr toh ea sorter s agdns The milinergoods that ae being amet n twenty years, with nter-
So no the e of. the collector of opened and placed in display n commission of per cent. on the origi-
Mi- l atW sta ilnas and an- teos, in 'whith they claimed that theta ee nmilline department of Cohn, ried- th
-*t- g wllatw sowon, ad duty T B36 cents per pond onl shld man & Co's. store certainly lays in the trancto e
I, 1 V II N pre"t "tat the In- be exacted. the amount due for filler shade anything of the kind ever soeen
, *a" lh re i-esU lshed in hrm toroen. mhe matter wts carried be- in this nty. They axe simply gor-
- fof e oetho gene ral appraisers and th geous an d wort h double the dmisi i B E ti
* .... '-- -I / W- N *tos. ...the, by a majorintydof to an. first clas s how Just T e ~
'.5 fOt i B 3eartes-nt. b rt fnthe board, ro mthl t co sio an am- look at them. Ladies with sore eyes ABENEFI NIOHT
hII OU-TMtt -PAf peal was take to the united 1le-s can. have them cu red in a minute by
tII ITIIeUIa W ter- court b "the collector, and the dci ion a lois through this wone-erland of-
UI DI1 of yeorterdao- morning sustaIned, the :T-anDa. No better evidence is need- Co 7-7. -1hl: Sh a nscI iie ,Ienodered
".h-deecision of the appraisers aed that Tampa is neokjing gigantic
7'Uder the rullirn of th- treastecT-y strides to the, front than to see such a a o:'earty .1c c r-.e t'he C sino
h Ao*fD. nthe Tampa Bay department. the wra.nner duty of $1.01 grand stock of goods brought to our A -ditc- '---.. I l'.
-Yesterday afterr tir t nd is evactot on snoh bales of city. That they will te sold there istno
tobacco ens contain 15 per cent. or more question as the proprietors axe de-
--teree thousand of tocs-e-, fit for cigar wrapper and terrMned to let them go at abOut the at the Tam-
S I ~1rwhere lpes than this Toro-tlotn Is same price that is usually paid for pea Casino last night in honor of
^ ^dBa found. the dut 3 cents per pound cheap goods lstng tn o
I:. i on the entire weight." Hiss Mamie Percival. one of the M.N.r .and Mrs. J. N. Phillips w one
aj the s44ewimatch races Gurb-v & G Ibbons. of Tampvm-ewre most accomplished millinery artists of o ftbte most successful theater events
the attorneys for Carjsah & Son. ew York, arrived yesterday and has of the season. The crowd w'as very
Yo O a M- tf5k yesterday There Is no doubt that the Rlecislon of assumed entire charge of the mnillinery lae fili nealy pat o the
sott A vei7 large one, iTudre Locke will be upheld to- the department. She comes to Tampa with hoisce, and the performance spse
i numbers li it bier courts f the government ap- the most flattering recommendatons strictly up-to-date in every respect.
.h tooguIgredsDeals-.an. dna she is sure to create a Cfurore, in The fine performance given by the
The OiS fot n it is sai the millinery busine.'.' Her work of Nilsson Company was a pleasant sur-
w.-hich she has many samples speaks p to the audience The a l og al '
aed ands on the Hon. Loe. clerk of the Li- for Itself. Those wlfo entertain any let s n the sectaclar order and
A. tan onys dated Stattees clrcuitand district courts, doubts In regard to Its style, quality was the best seen here this season.
Srom. I nte ety yesterday morning and grandeur are invited to wait for The s ide splitting face "The Crushed
fo Jacksonlle. He will be ,here the grand opening of this mammoth Trd a dian" cwas a feature of the showed
ws ..e dlliahi o n I for eeril 'dalys attenlding the ad- mlMnery display which will e heldnThe character of Clam Viender, was
rees .d a~ ~o-- turned term of the court which on- o lar I 16, 1 and 10. aumed by Col. Phillips.ge Wo hen he
t ye aerday. er. Lock has lled appeared on the stage le was given
55r q,._te -filce of clerk ofthe Federal courts te 7 anm I an ovation. T's he applause laste d i re
i4. *ao o fTexa tor te Souther district of Florida for L B TR D t ESTROYED tree minutes. o Mr. Phesllips is perfete-
-=iPat pocsat event mar teer h l sn fT ts p d o n test atw y dand s '.
l the al. rao 1sf o given emas nent saacest atona to audience a fair sam ple of his ol
P5i1155 it t the 0o ciay ls of t e dem pane tment oft as- A Quartee of a 'Million Blaze at Jack-ime deerness as a burnt cork come-
thF a-. r Ue s a and to the members of th bar a dlan. The large number of people
the.: la -a loes andct genra pblic hvIbe dealng P d~ tf o -'s Immens.e Property itn pareset and the flattering gt rreceptiont

.Sethhad sod the eating t oo the ilot Coast tumber-tonmpany, stated on the p'rn many o these

4-aml, t t&il6 o. I f It imld onl be paved, rom Control, Ibt ti-e teampipe burst and -e a
i' "tWa. a Wa- flarrison to Sixthd Ave., Tampa would the men were heipiss to stay the pro-
tW0-"ir 0o- e nethe prettiest as well as( one gr of the lames which ate up the
kusig^h^^S teal t lMalnasa thorokghares kilns dory sheds boaiting bouse,
sin.:e. -U114,-6t i M ate It should be done by l l serintendent's house tremways and
0 Ma m.twelve Cars and1 3I,00MOOoet of turn-
herostacked in- the yards.
SJUs w Locse. of Jacson- The vast qintilty ot fuel made &
t the United s stat seeta a anace or flanwee acres In

W.- rtluf~~~a difstrict oost-iM for t oh e ext loent nd bal ton human re oe e eTl
talcida. arrivedA A reant dome,'e etermoke amended ub-
ri -06 F IV Weeda7 tJ 1t cM 'eeds oit d wont the airt and alarm- HAVE .
W 5"Mwh onverl &l I tame.nda m o cthevmmer y nat ure Of the tota i oss at e
S"as ....ledd overM Oe o oe si Tousoaoe of persons ent to twhe oyser re.u,1
? f &.tty and has wane girolon with its immense ton as a IC i

hs str f tli ne John al l orr, Upnte State

has raC-
M*Wt pobl l ptamiy toohe mill has fef-
St e of any In the ontry forded employment to hundreds of
eseDOW a newat marwketattlicspirit has won the respect and es- ecaumtyl 1

A ~nstee.He WOel ea .. r dyteen calt. .-
^^^^52 1fer tesis n a few days aid will 'Mr. Cummer puts the total loss at fl5a obilt2eraaak6
MG at- cthe adot rkets in s lite a9ieJ.a
Us9^^ ;.eRgH5 wBl bedle eChicago and .l o m UOmall W VIWI
Meals. leMsHouston of FIndlay 0, "
pod over in Tampa yesterday on her
spbeatk iaof theP. C. way to Havana where stat will join A8T116
-nd -an n armyandfrmeyadjuatantgenes-al of
macsg Th. train atv-Ohio. he was hily delighted W ith
s^B^Of .. g tea c 7M5 &andthe city and stated that if the climate

^^B HEHbB l^humSAMewssisIn theCapt. Johns F Horr. United States tell lja
q^Bt5 g 1 to bisnl 155now of Jacksonvilles lin the city at-
vis lbs city Isa "-tenng the present tent Of court.L

.1. N.e WM 83,. KAWMM*&'a&




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Toques and B

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from Paris, L

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4 workroom. E

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lp-c ~ ~ enee
-1 r1*


alIatthe dw tionel Capital
4owaded at the Propoai-
tbs.Aetion of theU Ital-

- Tbe Tribune.
%Wla, 2firca 1-Not onlYf did
qsTr to ascertain what at-
t.e asraned by sAte 1.-
in eaeB- & hmb- oconpation
at i1 pwas learr-
the lls .d ths egov--

tw~ salann o
_A inN g raInue a t-
SUaited a rates beescoa-
Val oroa ower rela-
^Mtfinre-'c 'Ctoeeotrritory.

-wtrdby -the au-
i6^ i rea^ fgrVgw*^" or

i Ut~l~tod Mtates !his
omrt sr th5 war with
4'Bsr ss f h Te

`L-attug a o a

fl~wore of other govern-
Rt'ri~y and imWheret
fhina: and would most
so In the 0e&s of Italy
' note was "depreoaosre
OO6,.but so formal pro-
and frVeon present tiodi-
Ai Jb ma-de.


& the Criuinal Court
-1nd~. Carter

AinfAa courl convened
Aiptrdayi morning and
s-lhelday *was taken up
r order -'
ars tried and conxict-
Ia forged tt'rumaent.
upended until next
So ilt. ia"a was
bnf the mOM of

It isple guaty to the
* teroeny. The judge
W*W ,
AU plead guitty to the
lnug baheling with in-
I A- mbdemeano:F His
wavended inoletnitetri
Wtams was tried on a
bls. The jury re-
at of guilty and the
an f t oW and sesita
_ i was tried and
U uttering a forged in-
SJa'T Tr0o*Iiended him
of the court. tentenoS

a new
%OA. Tnttle. who
At of kmildsoenmea-
ka4de oserrOled the
omd the defendant
Sor, undergo im-
S nty ti for a
Wetrad on a dao e
wot to- mmntmhiru-z
mol -auftly or Agw
mlos Wni -v"waaspelm-,

a* Wlttrtre.. Pa..
cbs t MrWals. .

E LOfMS Y10aO t fOME II8 W1L BE IiRliiGH

Xrfack eaturna rom the Xan-,
ats ountry with ft tian Iny CompUlmeuts Bking H d it the The Cas of Beef Were Brought From
P roof of I omingoerves. Long Delay of lustering Oat. Cuba by tbelidtho Itastry.
Thomas E. Jacslon returned home
tua been for the past two days look-
ing after some valuable property he
owns in that vicinity. He returned As the Warm Weather Approaches A Big Squadron With One Hundred
on the steamer largaret and called the Number of Deaths From Ty- Guns and Fifteen Hundred Men

at the Tribune oce on his wage and phoid Fever are Dangorou-ly Wi 1 Demand an Apo:ogy
grape fruit blooms. lIe stated that On the Increase. From china
they were samples of what he saw on
the trees of nearly all the bearing Special to The Tribune. Special to The Tribune.
groves in the Manatee section and were Havana. March 9.-Dissatisfaction .Washington ,March 9.-TWo chem-
substantial evidences that the trees grows daily among the volunteer ist shave been selected by the Miles'
were practically uninjured by the troops because of no definite news Court of Inquiry to analyze specimens
freeze. afr. Jackson said that the concerning their return home. Weeks oQ roast beef alleged to be the kind
blooms were taken from the trees in ago itwas announced that at least Gen. Eagan insisted should be issued
Dr. Warren's grove and most of his latter part of February. Then it was to the soldiers on transports and in
trees wrere covered whate. Mr. Jack- said that Gen. Brooke had protested Cuba and Porto Rico. One is the pro-
son exhibited a number of samples of against the impoverishment of hisfessor of chemistry in Yale Universi-
Fuller' searth that is causing coiisid- command. Later the news came that
er earth that is causin con discharges might be obtained through ty and the other is similarly employ-
erle excitement among' the property the usual channel. This meant noth- ed in the Georgetown University, in
owners in the vicinity of Braldentown. ing, as the request for discharge must this city. i
fe expressed the opinion thet it would first pass through the hands of the A laee cane of cas was sent to
be a good thing for the people of that company captain. Unwritten orders A large cae o caewas sent to i
sections it was being discovered in have been given wdich result In all each chemist to-day. They were cal-
large quantities. He stated that the requests being disapproved, tioned to keep their work a secret, and
people are very hopeful for a 'big crop On (Ftelb. 1 the general health of the oourt's attaches were warned to
of citrus fruits and large returns for Camp Columbia was all that could be the ntlli ce rom reaching
their eary vegetables desIred. nfteen days later typlhoid P revet the intelligence from reaciu
I # fever made its appearance, and before the publi. The court asserts that
MOOIDAY WTGHI S ATTRACTION. the end of th month no less than sev- these sample caus were brought from
enty-five cases were in the hospital, Cxba by the Ninth Infantry and there-
The Oasino Wnll be (rewded to Wlt- many of wtich have since proved fa-
ess 1t Last Performance of tal. Sine e then typhoid has been con- fre come direc y from Gen. Hiles'
the SeaSoo stantly Increeaing, until now an ept- side of the case.
t e e la demic threatens. By request of the court Gen.
ody oft odthe last theatrical From all of this end the fact that has deferred hi deferred hs departure for Hawaii
foeoam1o0a t o f season win be the Havana is absolutely quiet, only one u
att2rsoton&at tebao. It wilI be a oonsluslon can be drawn. Th keep the uqtil the court returns to this city re-
e0imociai baenet f otr. mi d m. volunteers longer in Cuba is to expose calls him to the stand. Before return-
j. N. p thlmp, i a tgers of the CaMl- them unnecessarily to disease and ag her from the west the court will
Mao. wo hve hbe graciously tender- danger of death. They have served the testimony
ed the ue of ie ioue by Mr. Pnt purpose for which they were snnt here. vsit ew York and take the testimony
(saie wLnagert A a Dick. The play Remaninng longer might gratify the of iGo. Roosevelt and others.
wit be a sood one and a large crowd vnity of some general officer. but no
will ret the show. worthy object would be achieved. The
Nllnses dying ballet ana carnival rainy season oi beginning early, and WANT SAN APOLOGY.
of novelties will heod the board at case sof yeoow fever have appeared. -
the Casino auditorium Monday, sarch When the inevitable oulbreak comes
13th. wondetuand niagnifleent a e-ld demand tor thhereturnof the Rome. March 9.-The Italian govern-
speotacde Is one of the novelties of the w.ll arise from all of the states ment is fully determined to obtain an
present age. Darkness comes over ti tr .__-- e sent volunteers to Cuba. It apology from China for the Taug-ll-
sage,. and then against the bao- wiba then be too late. The disgraceful a
ground Is se.n an airy figure, all conMtlons that marked the closing Yamen's refusal of the demand of
evaue and motion. "Abe figure dances weeks of the war with Spain will be Sienor latino, Italian Minister at Pe-
ad the wonderful play of the light repeated. American troops will fur- kin, of a concession at San-Mun Bay.
begins, always focused at the dancer, niah many victims to tropical fevers, A squadron of five cruisers, with 100
The result is a creation of what iii the and the regiments will return invalids
startled senoes might be a fairy. -How isteead of the phlysical giants that fin gone nd 1,510 meo, till soon arrive as
the draperies are whirled and swir- their ranks to-day. San-Mun Bay.
led! How aside from the ballet the -- --
company Includes such well known

the Leses and many here. AFITTIN TRIBUTETHE RACES OVER
The company carries a carload of -
ner Tot he Late Prof auston by a For The Tampa Pay Track Closed for the
MAuPAiRdIANE-PENNO m Asociate of the eason-Plans For En arguing
Quiet Wedding in Ja.eksonville of Deceased. the Trk
a Prominent .Tampa Business
Mia n. The races that were held on the
From Friday's Daily.
riTge following notice ot. tfaane o Editor Tribune:-I have jtst had my Tampa Bay race track on last Satur-
thIs olo and Mlss Carrie C. Pennock, attention called to the death of Poff. day re the lasent sethat wil bQuie helda
of Ottawa, Can., was published in B. B. Euston. Oving to past assocla- d r og the p resent season. Quite adis
Wednesday afternoons edition of the tons I am probably in a position to posed of to local buyers. The
Mr. D. S. Maariane, a prominent give some points to the public concern- others have all been shipped to
bumnese man of Tampa, was married ing the active and eventful life just the northern race trk Iac there
at 1 p.m, to-s to'itMts Carrie C. closet, that are not obtainable from sthe n- s oon begin work in thefis
taws. an., who ha been te est other sources, arranged at the opening of the season
fr several weeks of ftr. and Mrs. G. He was born of British parents in was carried out and even a greater
W. Clark of Springdeld. The wedding British Guiana, about four score years numb er of races were run tthan adver-
Yhich took place at the Clark resi- ago. He early gave evidence of -a.blll- the first of a series of races ever held
mte frend of the contracting par- ty as a penman and served in the gov- in Tampa and the very 'unfavorable
ties belg present. Rev. W. H. Dodge ernment offices. When he was a very weather, they were eminently success-
performed the ceremony. After the young man he married and came to the ful. The number of horses was more
wedddiga bridal lunch was served United States. He rapidly perfected than double what was anticipated and
a d at p.3 m_ they took the steamer himself in his chosen profession of peri had the track been a mile or even a
City of Jakoovfale for Tampa. aa are and teaching the commercial three-quarter mile instead of a half
tafo-ds. f branches. He became connected with mile the number of horses would have
M a Duff's Business College in Philadelphia been much larger.
as penman and did much promiscuous Plans for enlarging the track to
*OU*^ BA pen wols- such as card lettering, en- three quarters of a mile have already
Visit TO 011 grossing resolutions, executing diplo- been arranged. It will be built around
|mas and portrait work. the present truck close to the outside.
During the civl war he was employ- The grandstand and other buildings
---- ed in the office of the quartermaster of will be kept intact and will be fitted
Upon the close of oostilities he came to -he horse owners who brought their,
tused Last evening on the Macon and conducted Boston's Bust- horses to these races were well satis-
Yarmouth. ness College In a veer sunteseful a- fled with the -inters apart notwith-
the oommercIalJ branches in the uni- They said that while the weathr was.
Prm Saturday's Daily. versoty of Georgia at Athens bad here it was veeryrnatme worse in
Hlon. Ahe srtcIKnley, brother of r While here he executed some master- other places. They were unanImous In
Prealdeat McKInley, accompanied by pieces of pen portraiture Prominent their opinion that wish a larger track

3 I an& Holen, Qs. A 3 ndsley, letter of thanks and compliments upon TE\ DXANE
Paul Seil and (O01 W. C. Brown, wcre the artistic work done, from tie great C
s-passengers on the Tarmootiul from Be g~emeral _The ladies and gentlemen who at-
s st e g T From Georgia he went to New Or- tended the pretty tea dance yester-
vj, lut ey g. Ty arnvea at leans and was connected with Dlbte's day afternoon had the pleasure of
the tampa Bay Hotel aSout 8 o'clock liusime College and was princtoal of r eeting Governor Tyler, of Virginia,
whey wil leave for Washington to-day the commercial department of Tulane lMre Tyler and daughter and mem-
I s ',ofaniey's mnsson in Cuba was- University. He also operated a corn- 'ere r-t the grovemor's staff.

t.& make ersoomal obbervations and in- mercial school, in Texar ,but returned "'^ewty was the guests'of Presi-
qubries Into the social conditions of the to New Orleans and came to Tamp a d, ent and Mrs. B. Plant The dis-
,.atasnts W the t band. k e em- in 1t90. and established the Tampa itingweted guests returned from Ha-
cAdWto dened the reports Pabumh- Business College, wblch was merived vana on the Olivette and were met by
ed Ia 1 ti e newspaper to the effect test into the Tanpa Business University. President Plant and Col. Franklin Q.
v3t h I e Id b had a otical Since beIng in this city he has execut- Brown at Port Tampa. The party was
Irl l ed several pieces of pen art work of entertained at dinner with a few
e mauds a carotl sa .ve oT the surpassing merit. friends and left later for Richmond.
toa tNI a IL i1 adA b uiness One having any aequalntance with )The attendance at the tea was quite
s =drlat, He vidtlted a the prUnt- ornate pen unshln could but feel laige and the entertainment provided
lt~ll3pla A isis la asel 5.ome when confrUontIng his work tuang on was thoro y enjoyed. Mrs. ill,
lr i L to J tk-- wall, that truly he was in the midst of wife of Major Hill, of the 6tIth Illinois,
W4W & master' eforte fa tvored the party with some ballads,
x t h tf h t lbp tO he president in first ank. but his bh t mnItpd wa tb- lodiou voice. The patronesses will be
. WaTO eng at tos.e Intance be eran st ored with a rich fund of gen- pleased to welc ne visiting ladies at
"ftfls ist,. eral information. He was deeply read the next tea, from 4 to 6 o'clock Mon-
S -" -- in literature and history and being day.
d- f'-3 B NT. possessed at a memory tf exceptional
r d retentive n armlity be was thoroughy TIRE MAYOR'S 'tBSTr.
-me TwBa iay -oda and social wen Informed.
i4 .hed a waen attcaed. a enl=n- He was o a genial nature. gifted Hfon Wilbur Smith, adjutant gener-
mt*aslle aanrfing si tte blteLlsat sight in conversation and oblIging In Lial of Kentucky and president of the
-D"m t aempli ined the puara Mner. Thousands of boys and girls owe' Commercial tclee of the Kentucky
* et aen In l.referene to t e eohins ton's elevatlmr influence. His bereav- guest of 3isyor Bowyer yesterday.
StOW1 It. AfteW some dfssoe-o~ ed relatives have our tenderest ymp' Mr. smith is on his way to Havana,
WSm w 1 to bold Iton Wtes-acthy. Very respectfully. where he will spend two weeks on I
ey n d- n tt a e 1s Sumterviea ZT., arH. 7,1 proopectntou. He Is acoopanid
5.2FTampa so- his family, who willtPro-
7 sbep aio f s e aang sa pml- ceed on to St Petersburg, where they
*et is. sthepeov o of George W. Taylor, hlt elerk of the wl visit ntil Mr. Smith's
la my -~sa 1porhlt to Sfttmdell House. of Thomaseille. Ga.. eiVtt rens ntlMr. HoeqerIs a
die -Snr~ntevr hldarrived in t~he city yesterday andfiIs
^ S a S t everheld a eeoftheco lleget the o -o which Ur.
l.t'. "wfi Be ready storpl at the Almeria hoteL S mit thce gofwih1 r
!*ct woetlfm is.fat Is days. disiLasutnm a large amount of adver- there wec Ihenlntimately, acquainted
-- --'- ----- ,' tielng matter for his hotel: with him.
.~tst~n usin f "U ftook Place-
man the S T~ns geM gTrounS AAbner MK'lctey and a party of ten SENATORIAL DRADLOCK.
1. w Dh .. Jl .- r Oullesple and dsldlmuoished men from Washington.
-( A lMg ena 6_ e se, and wM arrive in the ci ty this evening Special to 1 e Trimne.
Ti6 eworfPB5 and Mr. over tse F. C. & P. on their way to. Washington, arcb i 10.-No breaa
-'e t te r." i tM hotUy Cuba where they will spend some were reported in the senatorial dead-
=im t r nujts Is a tie. Bome eet fvestlgating the soctls and po- locks to-nigt. In several states the
S-midm iloli O bo ilol onditons of the people. dates for legtllatures to adjoirn are
'map. Wtesw by *dawing nears and strong efforts will
M dj Int=. a l .l -, '1 Pta U / 7 C.& P. bas made a eight be made to end the contests. At st
IA e. .. _. 'chame In Its time card, to take effect lake the joint asasnuilfy waS declared
to.enm - SuSSHdif onSSnday Tbs teals that arrlvddiadmed s ~e die at midnigt.
*Oak-~ f-. F th a nrfth 7:40a. in., will here- wid r -1ealeeo~t asnao-


A Matter of Oe aa Importance in Cur
Colleges and Pub ic 11
School '

From Thursday's Dalily.
It has been said that a nation's
greatness depends upon the education co
of its people .and to this probable
truth it might be added that an es- Att
sential adjunct of a good education Is
that the young should be taught amid tic
thoroughly sa nitary surorundlogs.
How true this is perhaps those beet
know who have bad the unhappy ex-
perience ot seeing their children, or
young persons confided to their charge
suffer from the lack of mucbi eentls. Spot
therefore in the pursuit of its task as
an adviser of many thousands of fam-
IlUes devotes from time to time con- al R
sideraible pace to the discussion of C I
the *ubJct of perfect sanitation in eol- stat
leges, schools and seminaries. In no estl
topic, moreover, do we discover among at
our readers a stroneXr interest. This is five
quite natural, for what should concern hold
thoughtful person more than the off
physical welfare of the suooeedig T
generation during that momenton se- tona
riod of their lives when they are-both is
in regard to the mind and the body-a bt
yet in a state of development? thr
Ever before, probably has sanitaLlon O
in institutions of learning received _m_
more earnest attention, with the remit rj
that the health of their p epUiajhas on- Am
questionaly reached a very hh a- to h
erage. As as lmti"e.Don of !
this most -attfrtory conitUon o
of our schoo i a ad colle eds s
generally, we desire to ten
our readers attention to the John B &
Stetson UniverSty, at De LaAd F loS
da. None can so n cotend i
that tducatlonal admyate--hOwo two
ever high-a&re any eeivalent for t eM
losa or impairment of physical vigor, i u
nor can the PUpil ftily avail himae ,
of his opportunities if he be denied
the period of study, a healthy environ- PO
meuit. the
At the John B Stetson Unlverotl l
a subject of first Limportance 1is ta "
of sanitation. Its able president. Jobh n
F. Forbes. IA. IM., Ph. D, taa aSlwa7ws in
maintained, as he does the hygvenic W
press that a primary obligation of the hiss
head of such an establihmnedt should V
be the care of the health of the puls-. .dou
Hence the really admirble system V
which prevaie there and which, say
while we cannot do more than glance t
at some of its most Strikingl feature ttOe
is worthy of oar warmest endorse- me
ment In even its smallest detail, f
That cassa room must be well ven- _
tilated goee without saying. But that
toey should also Ie intelligently ven-
tilated is equally neceasaryj so that
stagnation of the atmosphere Is I
avoided without the accompaniment of

he Result of
on and DiMo
Kinley s a
Inspestu a0

-al to Te. i
avanL Alaist


S1TY [[fl

chilling draughts. -Much, too depends sew- % 8 *80WP11 -W4
upon the skillful method of lighttg -
a room where students IAn the pursit SLt Petersba=rgT RX2S Iet l pie
of their tasks, are obliged to tax.
more or less, the optic nerves. Each Soses and Vofs 6 *
of these things is done at the 5ohn B. No WSW :' W ,
Stetson University In a manner which w W .-
cannot be too highly praised. The -' "
recitation rooms are models In these St. Petersburg, M h .-Ti
respects. The dormltorie Bare also nicival election held i yea
well provided for in the matter of ven- passed off quIetly. Tht folilu
tilation. We need not further empha- didtes were sneesasf*o -
size the hygenic value ef this. And as Maytor, Edgar H1rrla(n; 4ti.
nothing in the direction of efllileut J. J. Aiken; assessor. XIra Gio
sanitation of a building where many shal. A F. iWicbwire; therd at'
persons are gathered under one roof men. iA. P. Avery, (eorge X
is of greater moment than perfect tot- and A. Weton. A tieI pecurred-
let arrangements our statement that vote for aldermen bet*PenM A. .,
those in use at the John B. Stetson and 'H. W. Hibbe. J.I- 3o
University are designed with remark- the Sub-Peninsular made a.
able completeness and serve their fight against J. L GI o fe for:A4
purpose with the greatest practical but the latter emereit- trom tht,
utility will be given due weight. Nor mage with 'a najoeIt of 3 .
is there anything connected with the rison's majority for nlaycts
sanitary system in this institution mistead of 29. The-"te on
which does not bear the same mark tion of Issuing Sifl bends r
of having been designed as carefully ing a water works tuS coptUid
as its purpose is practically fulfilled, safe majority. .
Finally, we would merely say that The city council 'wUi eet in:
the reputation--as an Institution of lar session to-night aS, it Is.t 1gi
learning-of the John B. Stetson UAti- ed that there wH be aeeM
versity, is sufficiently well known to sUch a report of the pVreE
need no further endorsement from us. that reproduted n in uua'
hune from the H I. PetersbeWg
Do.Nor's .FOR lE,.
n Don't m arryra tit-you eao
A Number f Cases of Minor Import him ta e a mL ha
ance Disposed of in the Crinum- Don't marry a od -tt
exhibition o su*9 s~
nal&I Court Yesterday. m a a'ul -- ......
.. .. siglo e ne.-.y-,. a.: :V
Prom Saturday's Daily. sighs wi he u u ti
The morning session -f the county Don't marry a poetilrhl *sEs
criminal court opened at 10 o'clock be averse to few tP-Ive_
yesterday. The frst came on the dock--
et was that of tiie State vs. tolect Don't marr- ao Dotora
Thompson and Joseph Blanchar d, such a negative feature.
charged -with gam lnig. They both ___. .
plead guilty and vwrp each fined $11W Don't mnarrv a wiwer-ron
and costs in default of which ttey wfll h other -wie.
be sent to JaAl for thirty days .__
Willis Willla- ns and Maggie Bird, Don't arry a moArinn-
changed With asault and battery were read yur notes. .'. -
continued st-il next term. i '
In the case of George Aokerman who ,o't I arr *m-
had been tried and found guilty of ut- go out when you saca
tearing forged itnstruments hie motion o-
for a new Ltrial was overruled by t. iEDon't irm a -II l
court and sentence suspeedL. miht refect too n
,Bernardo Rivera, tso had b4-en con- T .
victed of refusing to support his tam- 'Qultea number ..a
ily was called up and senteneed to pay Bew B iDOW
a line of $2 or go to Jail for a term oboolioma m a
of 60 days.
The case of State -vs I. "$ *'evens, in A-t:
charged with tsematlng tc set fire to a d 'n
a buildoirng, was continued by mutual ent 16vsow A
consent, as was also the case cf < L1 to the Sd
JolMstob, charged with uttering torg- ;tb te
ed instruments.. -i
Lla Coleman pead ty of the .T
charge of assault aid bttery, and was .
sentenced to lve Oays in e county dThe Iwoafts on. ih~e IesW
Joseph Swyer was tried on a saiergeaV FSS a 1
of vagrancy. The jury -returned a ver- lowp .- -- tiSUSl. -
dMet of nut guilty. pltedthe e Water Young was acquitted of the track a s- the ss
charge of utternug forged setrmenets. wu ge nesry o r u
The rurt then adjourned mtl 2 m. a0 p. rEd-a edP.
When court reassembled the case -ofS Abe- W he im
Samuel Oaffee -was brogh up. He +
plead guiltyy to the charge of assault BraMm street w b
with intent to commit -murder. The with- eik lsea JS-
judge suppeded sentence umti to-day "Washingtos streets s Sm Si
Hamvey Poster peead guilty to the le sheg@Lt eo
charge of gamting and vm sentenced c R B t
to a line of $1 and ons W.- dh I" ,wdin l *a&
in all The coat thea On 4djased un- and-'tm iba j"W...
til 10 o'clock this esingt. of the tSm ic U__ l
Send In your orders for field 'Peas, .
peanuts, csufas %eggar weed, upland it-wl
rice. velvet beans and corn seeds to JIM
Wynne & Co., uccessors to Crenshaw- of an o
Sharpe Seed Co., Iit Frankln streeL &C 1 (fS,, $1 lh3 S--

Mrs, Stimpson. of Newberns, sforahaLotba.
Camonsa. arried in the l ity yvsterd5 ar s gg -
on her regSuftr winter Tat. to 'U _A.M. 3a-%" -
She will be the guet ot ofL. X. Hv. " ,eJatblom-
during the as oe H -

~sI, cQong, jet*


S Tb Comuty rimminal ourt Made A What is Being Done by the Good La-rg BWBillds l Differ PAts ite WALTER RAE .

Flae *aeord During The Past dies of Tampa to Reclaim t ugaR a ei

SS. Week .72 Caes* Disposed Of Fallen Women. clity Cassghtts the Same toh
j WITH CAADIAS The "ty c7ri na court has been Edl Tr ibm uahe nru r the benet FACTORY BUILDING TOOK FIRE
ed the wpek and the present term late ed in public benefactions and'phila-
AMM the Beder Are last evening with a record of which any tropical work in this city, permit me I And Soon After the Large Saloon Be- tha ON T a
to ..be t Trouble- oot in the outryn well be ew words coneerlg the "Door ot longng to R ugge Located Sev- e ar .B
flotd Tie work of the officials ts- Ilope, recently established In Tampa e Blockh Away Wa
L oa n Juadgse Carter, County soucitor as a reslt of the earnest efforts era o Awy W o WALTER BAKER sC
beinb Wi iaerfere Knight. Clerk Lesley and Sheriff spen- the Womans ( lns Assocation. Discovered on Fire. a
The work has had a propitious begLn- TRAM-,,M.
S '. oer and hiz --ima.n. e reflects great ning and thanks to the proamprings of S s s
b.- credit on them and on the county, a spirit of 'phanthropy in the hearts o Th Tribune.

Semestaed ta durta the week ,endin cal organlsatlon has formed a connec- cUarring at the same time, i n dif-
100 in e river s 1 stee ay .MeventYtwon criminal caes te on with the "'Doeor of Hope" ot '.ew f rent parts o the tow e n. n d-
~ besm fssn a sand hand been d aiped of. Of these three YoTrk and s theetby on an equal foot- The ftrt to take fire waso tohe S a- M
e y-nine conictm th ing wth like homes in other cities. The -te c ri a to t e ir w ue -
afiue rst -it co ia object of this work is to afford Rn o- dana cia cO le bulhed o.
tilon boimr- t Mr of the others were portunity tof atny womr n or g -rl who ioranear le southwestern part of e

R ad has be alivind in si tod teoee hel te a e
enle cayre ofrtmei a- 0art rtho V94omnoilwo the city. The flatmes upeed with re- s
to -not tn MW ftlbair Mg- nolle e by reson of their hv- has 'been living in %n to leave her llife m le rapi ty and In spite oC te
1 eO jgl bl O i- s been in oonfnement a s e of hafme an be gin a new lmfe sur- st efforts it w soon te
lse O~ to mded b the wWiesome and el- nde tois

-I wit s eeaemen ald toouk a ricle lcl boau of tieaocconph solicitorita his- dr---to-mbes
7 -__ t 6a" li "M otrin Influences of home lefe. The Tas n- le i e clar factory was gagSt ewows S M~
To 'nt *I tice fd ben d ntaase them and pa iome is ie fohrtt-Sventh lnet un ultn te s itn ad
%ai~~i a te l st i tion of thed knd In the United ta es u In talo
log3 to R lltgge of Tp was din-

ta attention h ntet dr t New rk r ind ee. lown R EBUCK & CO. cD), Fe ooor of HopeS No.
fM tee Antonio Heman th e s i i n atcovered to ime nearly th e ole city
t." In a wayso the bOn of g te t h w
Wg wse Of k rnem than ordiry Im- throughout the country are of meitualJ ait elc6Wsopented In fihesatas an
pea e and an average of twelve benefit. The present o ntio e n oh the tt tl a thenBAveloped tIon Pre nt Loc
I Per a a In a U record Tp -rip "Door of 'Hope," to 514 Ross ome tolht the v Wm oe town would
n mmavenue. a He ightDo s. rhe ao aoca- be bun1ed down. They rushed fre I f

e er ip t I Lnata bew a th wnlt h sins isdeass of has a e be Of MY seliCe. Wi n the .n h r aSr n5 t
S t afea ant W. maent sotd wen te iwsnn a he Y Oe f
orO rn ar n 1 dW mining to finish nup few eound meitsby located and at a rea- the burn of hey u po-, theirs f
us.tMu s IW d and- ^ _A so .tonable price the bisn g te s tiri
te The wirls who eo)me Into the home energtes to aLMng the adjoini uid- aso-
... .e s ori othn court met at 10 are under the charge of a competent oy by tihe mtiot sheroied, 46in do Va
OeIOcA Yesterday morning and took up matron, directed by a local board of byhe mtgar ra has not. *ven oper-
S P o k ca the da in the followingl advii-s of the asociatlon Toheir ae fT iga and h snees o per-,

idma an o tlsn ta anocuid w rinth dmsi dT AtvV 1IOfnOated f1r-some iusand na one wasn
te- aan eder mewing fot r m ed with e eltve a ind t e B, the b a DT wh en the fire sa ted. Mr.
tet vand S a is in OHarvaa buting w to* h
"'." ftv*in Th.rte in the t&G e vs. John ains charged sn tang quilts and other necear or o banai I -y H avan osy rstng hoi
A " me cas with eg easilement was called for household artilesn. Including a ua h use-ner of tobacco I-epar tor to starting ian o
to.1 ea, ful fancyt wecork ase tnrI the tast, ean r sk i factory. The building ad all ts con-is
n 1the CM The oJury sfter he d aring the eri- fltefs ax w kathet o i b a o ntr sted ate as t oll tthass. It could not
guilty The of the worker may select. in some be
dece indeed a verdict t of co. lhe t t-at h d on i t hme aned to-nge et whether or not IIf r al
:-ft dttWW ft3 ipe a erman oa t .i e and frho nds of the association senct was 6re d Te day s estlrr tes t n O y g
IP, e -t. court thereupon sentenced him to hard light sew to e dasnae t0 .e e an m b d The nloss Iis eatiated at a
il R iW S i os tht o labor in the county Jail for a period t as the occasions arl mlv ac-unt t d rom tha t city to Wasin n a fw "BaCO Advertise containS prce list o s

^H l gl .^ nr Steve Maetint charffed with a74ault |e dpeopee of Ta nt 1 th owur ek o o e e rdal reapre- Goodtmailed free on Application
am Rl IL a etter lat ninet. days. rasonale co-rr -eensat ion IQ a-& t'e- the low tent ttkIssaaidnot al l i t a som in on

'Iwits .tent to commit murder and wb u puant into ee a man y to sentaties in the bork of p btalin-tghe
Sete e to iffe for x month uh ren e will ods ng oward appropriations or ri da in gener- dor B k
Joh.n t.E.e B was tried a nd founi d this cauh e as allon re toti linh- at and Jak onvile n paic r. f .B S O N S ,
"Ct6 I-ISM i .e s fg the charge of assauwh a n ten t to o started.i k the part of the afternoon wnh tto tender w htheI nte thohe board el a bet h n o ran of both re is at th es -a,'oe p a i.,-i m ul n Ust n a- sl I l
a aI M wIa elb am wi ed wtthtet t d Had the wind bee blowing a E9Eo-UCK & CO. [h"o-o- meal1
t to the ai ma cae oat Antonio H m a o-h ovr Hope." awh,- is wmidely n i n in r.,i bo.n -o g
Vt1e Emus Homan c n er i Eho i ht e timnve nearslya the %so, b o b le cite
low s o s onl:" been a short time since yHOPPING BY MAIL. only bsehd Preeut horie ,in
S s 1 d to their own extt erm by mut ua coentm. past nine yeis, all corr.nm c per al interest h wa at
The ass tfStale vs. GeorgeM .. an gifts i om tt . - toh cii wasa visited by ta firea thtatr- e t o r)-r l
me- .e ga e and th ,th r. a se.,- a -d %, :h h -! -t t aw aye nearly a score of b build
w hk sf phs and Arthu- m onet ca also > courtn the aei ioard navi - a feovr Q fimrovinr e oarintf glt at a Ql ll
e n- tined. They are charged ith look ith un oavering faih t nt tod. ople te oe having l a a A O I T
--s & e15m1i541 t'igBt5 in'tiesO cfhi . too -c he - i fl ee department.
.-_ . .dt o Court e adjouirnd until 2 p.know o. t i ut n P Stew..d .rid o Flrida h Importers and Retaero
' -i* e4 InU returns f & aport 'after whic l the following .casn were qo-.-t.on hr r.n....tna.-. o i T. . in T FI E o
theian. Iii i.itn tsi-.i ,..y1 if a 'L '
Stake .g

p.n taSint*s S Tent, charter yng him wit h eps I hn0 the Tapo Z-1 E. Garner of Jak ac nvile Express ',
i ie. e i tnGrt Br I- Oin th ere T .r ,m.e- .-- E .. .. ,c IO
'bd O I The case, ol John Ward and William ntiebrs. TBh- ui of 1h Gtification At Tampta's Ap- mail
st thi WIN o n- before oof- i .. propriatins and Business We have a regular orgainized deatment
tt. !iSai" t. eq ssod. the want.s, ptaige and intin.a Ti- Activity. vision of one of the firm for this branch of our
Ie.hm'ss0 .O MS nmel Coffee plead guild- to the great n-ed of timmediately beginning_ -
_. oof asmnst -with intent to cOuM- the work of rescue In Taotpa ha.;, Fi -n Surday's Daily+ at a distance can send for ampes
..' MR cuvo 14" mit mutrter sad was sentenced to one made it necesasry for the CoMittn L t any order entrusted to us filled with the same laozia
S'. -====--- year In stte prison at hard labor seek some immediat- help i n money arivd in tie iy i- a nd n nll care, and at the tame prices asif pr netd. .i
l! Iwnil~dlllll W Pretoet the George .Amleman -was tried and house furnIshings and supply S.. ... d it, ..ien.d a few days he-re. cA: i4 presi- us for sunples and prices on anythmngathe Fay
Zl^6. s tI o its Destlinatlon. found guilty of orgery. The sen. is a Pleasure to say that lh -b I db......d general f the In- Line. Oura tore has benIe c'
.ftence of te court was that he be con- dies and gentlemen who bat -, lc-n a!)- In- Lspt e J
e proached hae -been nore than flte.., ut d"-r--ndent Steat.n..ip inw iii.c.. ot.mn. of a Dry Goods business. It is e l g b t 4
fii2 .. -. fo In the at o to us. tiaio donations .l e." tIy the steatoers Manatee ten leia Ceaia. best constructed, and-contAins all that explarience ose
n.4-W f t ermass Wi-it ucoing anL furdtture ban., -- ,i Mr. Garner in also presntdentw of the tO render it the most useful, comfortable and
time seek the assistance of 1h,-- 3u-- Jacka4o ille board of Lrile nd was
ciag to m o :t le d sentenced to the others of nor e.t" papers, ti--it to a member of the d:'-;Uton that wrnc kind. It is accrdingly one of the sights of Lcuialneo
conty ail for six months. msy. as the .c.casns arise. ., i.-. 1 -. t from that city to WIas a.ho i f w "Bacon's Advertiser," contains price list of Fa +iid
00" mug was Steve Martin cearged with assault Ihe goodpmailed free on apTasniaocith -ur
:& Ib7 WIth Intent to commit nm der and was needs, and we are confident h it l;iid .a r es ag thelp ih clirt inlne plicatio
4r" w sentenced to JaHl for six months. make such tree will offrtngp toward appropriations for lI-oiida it gener-
A tot e e- Ant 11sio aks a s tried and Ifomd this cause as stall insure I hat a- aal and Jakisonvilte 'An pitictar. J. B&O8 .
MY.- tOf amait w intent to com- ps Door of HIope. No. 47, shahl ,n li.tve .mt
n igotmtyn is cTo a Tribune ryprea en.l rsho met
... .. rty would take just prtlie. As him y erday afttmo in al tie F.C.
,Mf M 6 WO pat at the mat-inoon wish to tender the thanks -tf the board e as betng hignly gratt.td at the M bt .
gesgaed with the tin1 at State to the city and county oficisla who ... I -*w

A* sx Past Meos plead guflty to the Offers to Kiss W. J. Bryan And H In- aep river charnel and better dock era wSt'bW wo -- i
S"ID e tI S aiSn and was sentenced, forms Her That He is Not facilities. ited the Tampa team SUSPENDED WORK IN SANTIAGO 1
I. dHob .ir. Gdrneevisited the Ta steamto S
.- ~ idJOsUMed until 10 o'cloelon Monday d afhet-
Ifis nasn-i i1.A ntclo on Mo pecial to The Tribune. W-a-s yesterday where he inspected Is The Work o Public Improvements a
.dat Brenimn. Texas. March 11.--Willlam LtIamer, tm Manatee, that has been d t ds ag
saSS UCCEW IDEALS. J. Bryan passed through here to-day undergoing a thorough overhauling. Stopped Until Funds Arrive to
o ..- en ru.nte to Hoeostoz. where he spoke 11t expressed himself a.s being highly Pay the Workmen--.pect- V ,AV5 j l
whim "Derv 9sccess and you hall canm- to-night at the staton The crowd
330,am4 it." surd abou it him and tsao sed with the improvement that ad i Fa ew Days The extend ciga
-a t shook hands with him. 'Moss Ruby nae being made and thoisght that his
"One a of the people of t world Gairlner, a young lady of this city, S.-cL would be ready for buasLness In Tamnpa are remlse -.p|
'o l trying to ert.the wora toi wated t to vary tahe form rf sal a week H stated that the cial to The Tribune. ba on of
Sdo tI the other h o t tyg to get. the dntetlnuished Nebrakan by adopt- l a week He stated tat te Havana March 10.-The North At- gatin
T OOt To f doing, and both are discontent- int the mode a Ia Hobson. -...-pany had intended when they be- lantic squadron under Rear Adiianl in aproqerou
L 9&, becusMe they can't succeed." Mr. Bryan," Miss Gardnitr blush- gan the re-ira to spend about four Sampson wl sail at 1 o'clock to-mor- rtej we
"-': A' ood- thugt a a- t boos tr s~" aid, is she edged up to him in the i n-e thousand dollars, but up to row. proceeding* by way of CienueTWg
A- go" thought to &-great boonL tbr throng, "wiu you give- to- a kiae?" Mr.I Guantanamo and Kingston. Jamahids
'w -- i G"n in to bbe first ihaled then' n ar surprised for a moment. his time he thought they would Ito Ponto RIC.
,i Wio ltthe Ows to otter it anad then but recovering himself he replied, "you a mount to tully $10,000. Maj Gem. Lee, commander of the the t l n
,in t- be tIoin a obIlen wUlm fatee tb excuse me mn dear n young Mr. Ga-ner spoke very encouraging Beenth Army Corps, wvl go on the lrIn ,
me to ns.- B girl wntxlrew. her face cr .son .. f the outlook for the buines inter- tautinghp Taxis to Cpt .uego fo hep
Ssgw w a of Tampa aad was btgly grati -Maj Duncan B. Hantno, who ba
-' with a purpose conquers. New Tork nrght change fth- name aed to see the extensive public im- been defending before the co rt-mar-
l dtta into anything but de of one of its tbortiughfarre t-, Am- r-rovements that were being made in tpil on on the men charged it e aom
Goa Suds oult God's or teag Acenoe tin-er a score of h way of sewrage and paving. been debarred fr.u fher, amnjhec
iesaAtil sa s ws i I do-." he-electric car accident. have occurred ttoo With thee dese, =owIng to h e
lbs To-o rO ad to victory and on that line during the past few HOT WEATHEIR AT MANILA. contempt of court ,tnsrew eteiney 5d
bpin^. monche. bin ntarenrut efforta- atq Juify his owIJJmm^
- Smonh Speial to The Tfrne. conduct on the on of tho O-W
A 'Oem A earth Ws live Dr Dupree and familywill -leave to-. Manila, March 10.-41he temperature rge, instead of defending his Cleaet. -
_I &.wsain % vat-lo quaktic of _tt-orsnfor their home in Baton Ro e to-day at 3 ugcluck w ey 57 r -
o ;-- Las... s ter hesug spent several weeks XORZ V FM G--:A M
ja ZI m&as uw matt stern-faa- m, t pleantl with relatives and green hot he cloudy air was lke
o- duty f3 friends in this city Dr. Dnpree Ia one steam and the troops on the line Labo-ers to he ut 1W3
hn s to outy. i of t moast renowned physicians i n hIeamlet- et s te
AM.I sor pd w R 'tefith an&sd o s-st aes and I a cebated- e inconvenienced in pte A Rrawee ..
U!" __1_l yellow fever expert. H is a polished of th temporary hade offered by mat- utningO. mis-I-3,
Ssad h lW cuard, getleman and hib tln and bamboos, wherever esslbe. .of sitho a d m"""r
E A BASKRUPT. traVeled axtensivelly and to a Tribune There were fewer tass was hssd very flatterinc and he day are not comnplled to remwan It "tuih wUll toe 'u'

a-otzy Mat had coeaseunder ot- ins the ."sai4s 2% rbl 55094w*
b', m59 ek2Ig5 h I__ W in the op M atl5 In, .
W46 m.6dI have a doi ta -the ea- of Ike scoring an di the s. t. .
.- ..... ....... ,*eat he.W temu en as. a a


Th Bsige ead. Were Throwin
e thaBridge Open or the Passage
ofat Boat 'When Barritt's
os6 C -e astthing on.

W. m*n Barrttt. the West Tamp
Amrmman, met with an accident lag
-a"" th w ar co-star fhim t
lt.. 'e was In tie city until rate
a late -hm and about 10:30. with hi




Le. J. B Cov. tho has been in
W ot the OCU&ban Baptist mission ce
meh and Bashray sool, of Tbor
, left lat nidht for .ptaue^ .
we he wlt begin work among the
ves under the auspce of the
ihern Baptit Milaoefary Board.
Cowv has bee In Tampa for sev-
I eac. dfrimn whir h time he hasc
I op a largethurch of his people c
thas made a most excellent record Be
-t tobwo*. He regrets very
A to leawe thi people he beas labor-
witth so lomw..,bt feels that duty
Sim bht'ck t his U native country es
we h has a larger field and where
bMiuh he can. -ier.vvieh a greater he
Athan he coa ever hope to in m
p esHe aed at the 'ritbune of- ot
et eras ing and requested the he
mr to express :ts thAaks to the st.
se tCTampa tar the many coourte- v
Ia"a eh they had shown him. t
A.t ONOo, City of Toledo, 1 he
.,- -- i c

I*I mskes oath that he
Si Co... O business in the
,,s lthAt id firm wil lPayh

:am an O _a qN""
at-ftaoot be dare& the use or

ocak noy PrueicL

Sa acts Wt.uia on thehod
* csre t mo l -

warh~e onetwo
-w M a e o?N-e nteeOD-
it a maw s a M as Aham geor
-Dt r.e 2asd BLx-W U-

c tw ae tanl
S % s ..t and sa
t &WOO". ad pet a&fte l tra
yMA Salpegl te rkeed or pricere-

SaWait iltfrfloria e avenue
,a afst to atocksn streets is
-on* ited andWthe ock 'ei

a m is ss toabe paved tom

04*5 ~tfWi track through Ume

IW& days so tlat the ears can
,m that street Instead of
S that thw leftte can

Owthe 'r when pileu-

ftr alt













ERUUnat Hyomw s at toanaiw
-R- rY a T Ar G --'Rk coUnty, arritred in the city yesterday
and Is reafetered at the talmeria botel
He is prealdent ot the NUatonal Amp-
clation of bar pilots and his visit there

Paines Celery Compound Counter- 'mdt ws a ' "
SMr. O' Brien a a thdW*t toe pref-
acts the Nervous Strain of of thestate sente atth
in the state is better qualified.
the School Room, I
SA party of tourists from 'larpmu
p rings numbering about thirty,
Started on a little pleasure trip to
STampa on Monday In a small schooner
used for catching sponges. While comn-
ing up the bay In the evening they
struck ka calm and were compelled to
bunk in the boat aver night. They ar-
rived yesterday morning and will
spend a few daye- eight seeing.
Cohen, drtedman & Co., have a
whole page advertisement in the Ttri.
bune this morning telinteg of the man u
bargains to be found at their atomre
Read it and govern yourself accord-
i ngly .

-..'-.. Mfs. 'm Utner opeai will
occur to-day and to-morrow. TheM
are deterndned to upass ee former
effrta iB hS tlune and a vis there
wfil reveal the fat t hat their state.
meats in regard to the grandeur of
.their n di y have not been over-

V(Mr. R N. F. Nnes is &Wle to be at his
atore again aftes S aing been conned
to his bed or sa ver t days.


Ar ticles of incorporation entered Into
this the first day of Februmary, A. D.,
-- se. W, by aid between Witfred C. Clark-
son.o (hy C. Claron and P. San Max-
tin and their associates who hereby
associate theoa nulves ocfrether as a
body corporate, under the constitution
and laws of the State of Florida,
ecFinrst. The name of the corporation
Shall be P. San Wartin and Conmpany,
an i ts principle upane of businesshaeb
S, be I n the town of Port Brooke, county of
S a t t hereught and State of Fioria, anu
at such other p aces as the officers of
Sthe company may h ereafter designate.
SSecond. The general nature 0- ote
business to be transacted sall be the
man ufactuing ahd sale of cigars,
"I know o If nothing so good as Palne' aches and palans that follow healthy cigarettes and cheronots, the purchase
eleryd ooomotm" aM t tsleA pAonnd itsca o uome and sale sof tobacco, and of everything
incidental and germaim to the cigar
[herwin fo rthe pai.?t 37 years princi- Mamy years of suffering might be mamufacEturing us'ness. Said corn-
wl of the largest Lpolic school In avoided, weary months of lost time any may also deal in real estate and
rioominaton. lJA, "to coun'edo-.it the put to good service, and thousands o T may buy, sell, own, and mortgage real
ervots strain incident to a constant livesa tved if persons a ho do not estate, as If they were individuals.
te in the school ro ni sleep well eand those with overwork- Srald company shall have any and all
"I bsive mself "used Paine's celery ed brains and nerves woUld take power germain to said husiness.
mpound" she continues, 'with most Paine's celery compound. In the cure Third. The amount of the capital
,tisactory results It is a splendid of nervous diseases this rimed- has sto-i shall be one hundred thousand
orve tO ide." again and agRain de rionstrated Itsooedars. tob Wcedivided in p one
The discoverer of Paine's celery power to ombat these' tenacious awl- thousand shares of the par
Tmnoeund was himself one ot the g t ments. value or one hundred dollars each,
st teachers that ever lived. It is to general poor health that we said capital tock to be fully ptd up
Eidwar E Phnelis, afi lD., l. D., are to look fr the cause of headaches by. the present business on P. San Mer-
ld a famous pro.t hp in Dart- rheumatiern and neurgia, and to tin and Company, now conducted on
oth College ,eand was a lecturer in overcome these troles It Is the gen- lotas thirteen and fourteen, of block
.her gat unieversites all She while eral health that tust h e ise. Sick nineteen, of Clarksoon Brothers' addi-
was eng ged in t'hat momentous ihead2es that recur, so periodically tion. as recorded in plat book number
tud which led to the ecief aexte- with most women and are so *A evt one. page sixty seven of te records of
hment o the medical research of an afflction sould be treated as Adue HGllsboroug County, Florida, together
s century-the development cof to lowered nervous tone, and a thor- werth all of the property of said PW an
mine's celery compopoD ough btigoration of tihe body shoa I lMartin and Company used in said busi-
Tlhe genela complant now 8stnmg be undertaken witl Paine's ic'ery ness consisting of tobacco, cigars fuw-
ts wo is that they are h compound h lure, fixtures and any and all property
1 anrd driwen and frette almost The best teas to the wonderful value whatevelxtr ienc iding the st oek
a of their senses hb the demands of Paine's celer compound Is o use hand. boks of account and credits ".0
;mon the& time and etrepft it Ai rywoman will soon he covine- good will of the firm of P. San Martin
No wonder that the average woman edtlst t is the one remeor that cvanl-n Company,', the mesineg aad intet
Sboat the c aacy afor sound sleep can make and keep her well and being that all of the persWonajl pro ty
mo dHest sd th Ie feedomre ats. r t oftbheand streeng. now owned by the said P. San Martin
and Company shall vest in this cor-

SwMhers Artle A. Farr and little one of. The said capital stock may be in-
P N I Y a repde this summer with 0&.,creased theater to any amou= %-hica
P NtiRiehard RtPlst. her brother, at may be delred.

Save ent Fourth.h e The time of the cormeea
id-l ment of this corprtion sh a rll be the

n theaoIs insur~ ing Hi ce troubles, should be the sign for prompt GUYT C. CIARKHJSN%, (Seal)

as oo etered doubitl on Saturday, remredlcal measures. Prickly Ash Bit- p. SA^N lARTIN, (eal).
at later his condition was more hope- tere is a kidney remedy of superlative State of Florida, Cototy of Miills-
ILL merit. it is soothing, healing and borough.
Personaly appeared before me on
Mr. and iMre. Ira M. ,Alen and strengthening, quickly relieves the ach- this the first day of February, A. D.,
authter, relatives of Mi. and Mrs. W. ing or soreness that always appears in 1899. Wilfred C. Clarkson, P. San Mar-
L Shepherd who have spent the win- the advance stagc-s, cnecK the prog- tin and GU' C. Ca rkno nd whot e
'r months with them, left on Monday ress of the disease, ani. though its executed the foregoing articles of in-
or their home. (Mrs. Allen, who is an excellent cleansing and regulating ef- corporation for the uses and purposes
valid, was very much improved in t ial. sl rae nt ,i and ulsdy therein ee C Ced. RKO
vslld. -WhS here. bee famiyoe brirgs bach the trength and ruddy VIIREnD C. CLARKZN,
health, while here. The family hopes z',,- of vi-orous health. &)d by S. B.
) return again next winter. Leonardi & Co.
There are .-'u ion s r i.ng RHEUMATISM aRED IN A DAY. NOTICE.
he prevalenc-t ct s-aill pox I nthe vl- -__ I
nilty of some of our neighboring "Mystic Cure" for Rheumatism and In the Circuit Court of Hillsborough
swne. In view of this many of ourW euralgia radically .-ares in 1 to 3 days. County, Florida Inte Chancery.
eple are being vaccinated. By or- I Its actioonupon the system is remark- the Tampa National Buling and
er of the state board of health vad- able ana mysTeriou. It removes at savings Association, notice is hereby
stou is reoognxled as a p&reventatve once the cause and the disease Imme- given that application will he made
i the mamOalx in Its worst forms. diately disappears. The first doM by a majority of the stockholders or
si-atly benefits 75 ceLS,. Sold by said association, to the Honorable Bar-
ses. if anyD Atter vCSiatlonm as said 13 Le.nardi & Company. 'on Phps., Judge of the sasd court,
umfay to be very light and not gen- the first Monday in April, A. D., 189,
nra dangerosR EiD HOT FROM 81 KGUN. for a decree dissolving said corpora-
S Ir Ia S.tPatsn oMf Br Wa is hell ththi ..Sta tion in accordance with the statute
R SJ. ^ ^ L Pa Wass the bell tbt hit G. B. S tead-in such ease made and prov yed by
wnAtrzted on Satibda to take part man .a Newsar, Mir ., to the Ctvii parties interested. whether stosihold-
a a leseM of meetlt now being tod War. It camued horrible Ulcers that ers or creditors wlM take due notice
* tfte cLhrch at tis place R no treatment heed for 20 yeae hereof and govern themselves accom-
Md m Fa rs t de are aln ao Then Bocklen's Arnica Salve ored
SS i m. C ~~ ures Cuts, Bruises. Bone ADM BA IX NOTICE.
Ja&i I. c *af. ot Pert Tama Bo", felons, Corns, skI.n aroptins. -
co -ae is her__ given that__e%.-

Cy, pent anor at Panse utcy. Best PMe Ones on earth. 2 cents aa
BT.i BXsaWt Is with us again b o ure waeteed. som by Leo-
Baa *Wsusec&itcbO. domaists .
06, I W&fegt,. .U with uis wo y oye have a cough, throat Irritauon.
SeaD S ladhtai for sewanee, week lungs, pain in the chest, diseult
Wom whlmM hse pestsd to gfem (se hresathin. croup or hoarseness, let s
'a asisl tohwe aEpo alC eoWegs at saest One Mianute Cough Curs. Al-
I 9mp- aa r \ wa s relisale and sae. For sale byt a.
i i Mim z 2L KasshNta at a Lnadmia & on and Canted Psar.

- -- i- -

N4otce is nhereWt iven that he U-
aeersned has been appvonted admin-
Intratrix of the estate oft Read o
Wefls. deceased. Al persons holding
claims ot any atumr against said es-
late ame notified to "Smoet them to

cry before the oM t Guh s door in the
city of -Tees, oIda, between Sm e
legal no1u it Male, on Moeda to*e 3rd
dwy of Al-fl, A. D.-, 13ie the following
deamrted rel estate. situaed in Hlls
borough county. state Of Florida. Ta
wit: The uodrvided, one eighth inter-
eat in and tnie southeast quarter
of northeast coh er of 2 TP.
in southeast artery, Sec. 22 T
29. S. P. 20 east, Afto the west half
of southeastern quarter, Sec. 2 Tp. 24
1. Rt 1 Esat. LAim went 12 and se-l9
chains of north tait of southwest
quarter of northwest quarter ana
south three-CTuarters of west half of
northeast quarter of southwet quar-
ter ot See. -S Tp. 29. R. 1 m20 t.
Said sale beine made to satisfy said
execution and costs.
Sheriff SUAboroubh Co.
WALL & tsmaymuM
Attorney for Plantiff.

In the Circuit Court of the Sixt Ju-
dicWal Ciroft- t the Stae of

Flora inAd04 of ta iPor .,ai oa"..
ou i County.-Ine ta- ,
The Georgia State BUNding and
Loan AsseciateM
.Werrie BaU and Josephu s G.
Under and ty virtue of a final ds -
cres rendered bi the Hon. barron
Phinel e, Jutae the t M O ut cist ed ,r
cult of the state if tPorfdm, In and otr
Hillbereuft County IsA C tanoery. In
favor of the Georgia Badiding an
Loan (Association and against Ierrie
H. Bane and Jowsua 0. Ball, irn ha ,
band. I Cartos W. Stevens, Master in
Chancery, wil se at public foutry In
fiont of the court house door In the
cite of Tampae, in said county and
stance. within the legal hours of sale.
n the 3rthd day of A rl lIv, the same
beinec the first Monday In aid monLt,
for cash to the igheat bidder .tohe fol-
lowing real estate, situate in Hills-.
borough county sad state of Florida,
and more particularly descrtoed asn
follows, to wit: Beginnigt fourteen
feet and three Inches east from the -
north east corner of lot number two
of block eighty-eight in the city oi
Tampa on the south line of Washing-
ton street. running east tairty-five
eet. thence south one hunCred and
five feet parallel with Mrtion strew.
theoce in a westerly direction paral-
lel with Washington street, thirty-five
feet thence nortnerly paralle; with
Marion street one hundred and lve
feet to point of beginning, being part
of lot numtner one in said bloeir, ac-
cording to the general map of Tam-
pa made by John Jackson in 18M3.
Said sale being 'made for the pur-
pose of satisfying the said decree and
all costs.
Dated at Tampa, FloridU, this 1nd
day of March, A- D., 1810.
Master in Chancery.
F. M. SiMONTON. Attorney.

The co-partnerahtp heretofore existing
between William A. Bonacker and
Frank C. Bowyer, under the Orm Dame
at Bonacker & Bowyer has this day been
diseolved by mutual consent.
Six months after the date hereof, I
will present to the County Judge of
.[illsborough County, Florida; s fnal
account and vouchers as executrix of
last will of Llda MaGregor, deceased.
and will make my final settlement as
such executrix.
Dated this Bth day of Nov.. A. D. 10M,
Executrix of last will of Ltda Man-'
Gregor. deceased.
November 30.
Sworn to ad sAbscribed hbefe me
on this t he first day of Pebruar, A. 11,
9ea1) PAUL WORTH it71k,
Notary Public state of FlorMla at

Notice is hereby gives that sapine-5
tion wl bhe made to the Qovernur of
the State of PFlorida thirty day ,after
the date hereof for letters patent upon
She foregoing articles of Incorporation.

In Circuit Court. Hillshertsgb Coun-
ty, Sixth Judicial Circuit of Florida-
In Chancery.
Hiamma Mart va Dnilel C. Hart, IS-
This cause coming on to be heard
Upon application for an orner of pub-
lication directed aganat the defend-
ant. DanIel C. Mart, and it appearing
to the satisfaction of the Clerk of said
Court upon affidavit fltel with *_h bill
of complaint in said cause tma. the

said defendant is a non-resldeir f the
State of Florida and is a roit- it of
Amarillo. State of Texas and over the
age of twenty-one years.
It is therefore ordered that you,
Daniel C. Hart, do appear to the sail
bill of tcompaint on or before the 3d
day of April, A. D., 1881 else a decree
pro confess will be entered against
It is further ordered that a copy of
this order he published in Tnampa Trt-
obune once a week for four consecu-
tive wee4s prior to the sa-id d day
of April, A. D., 189.
(SeaL) 3a LL. M ttINtDEJL,
Clerk (Cirut Court -
By D. aB GIVONS, D. C.
Complainants Solicitor
WALL & rcSOVa2f.
L L.TMZTCMHi, LClerk Cercuit
Court for *maid Cnmty. hereby ertIly
that the foregoing a true copy of the
order of publoation filed in the afore-
Wtne my b hand*OW Msal at
TanneO. this f3d dar rt March. A. 0I,
09840) B. L& MFBOaWINA".
elrk ClrAit. Coart
y 81 Be arIVUW, D. Ca
All eaviumuafam s mmemt t.ai


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our price s0Iand' 5o.
sold for $1.50, o.t, "I,
Great Values in as
ings goods. T UlTiT
interest to invaesigate


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Box. D5a4,5at.1~h
It's ecidevbsyw~q
The Elisha



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