Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: February 23, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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n mem with Jutg J. W. lembe
Vdrn Amok5 a 0. Loa*e a m Mi
aiomS. U. IE Uces anda W. l LocAk
GEL. R *InAn. Aplatant United

Beer. Watie StMae wmar in their
gtMr pWes, ad a number of uttor-
mr, w tnem jurors and spectatus


SS el I 2ft irig o fthe0l9newaskaWitnened
b7y Ts.ns.- Crowd.-Sunday
a Wmed'S # Sa Concert.
am e .e ma03esm to h s
salSa J"aud --vl. t '-At" least one thousand people visited
et ySdsM a eltames Ince t Pai Tampa hundaY afternoon to listen
S a std- to the first concert of the season at that
-:w ntatoab pople POPr resort by the Tampa Bay Hotel
rpheeBa to witness the departure of
the. Immense government transport
"*- .. ,, *,, Ml'* n atnewaska,, loaded with soldier,
horses and esupplies for Cuba, and the
TO nhA'fVIA Au vl of the steamaship Olivette from
The innewaalca was lying in the
en-al In front of tshe Inn and was the
g center of attraction for the crowds of
ibleeteT ae PM e On visitors. The ship is the largest ever
.the Ohve. seen at Port Tampa. and was loaded
S down to twenty-one feet and six inches,


ith troops and gov-
from any southern
elone shows the im-
amp&a as a shipping
ot suppies -e
cken in tow by the
filibustering fame,
moved down the canal
"otel orchestra
Bangled Banner."
cer and soldier lifted
a mighty cheer was
ed even the gigantic
mble.- On shore the
took up the cheer.
owned the music for
number of ladles
displayed their en-
ng and waiving their
Spangled Banner" the
Lp "Dixie" and then
bbys ot the gallant
owed wvAst cheering
bey acted lIge wild
lr hats In the air and
ey were haors. .As
sene (which was be-

The money order and regietered let-
ter system wavs itroduced Into the poet-
office today. Thirty poatotflces In I Cu
are now in control of 'American post-

Magnificent Silver "Loving Cup" Of-
fered to the Golf Winner by Xr.
A. E. Dick.
.-roi Tuesday's )ajly. '
The Tampa Bay Golf and Social club
held a meeting In the casino club reoms
last night. A good number were pres-
ent and considerable important busi-
ness was transacted. Manager J. H.
Gillespie made a report to the effect
that the new golf links located, west
j the race track grounds were com-
p ted and ready for
dent A. E. Dick exhibited ar.agni ent
solid silver loving cuip as a trophy for
the highest score in the coming golf
tournament- It will be suitably en-
graved with the name of the club, to-
gether with the conditions on which
it may be won and eold as a trophy.
lArrangements were partly consum-
mated for the beginning of the games
bn the new links sometime next week.
In the contest for the club prize oTiY
ntenjbers of the club will be allowed to
enter. It promises to be both inter-
esting and exciting. Those who have
not already ucilted with the club and
desire to enter the contest are urged to
Join at once when they will be entitled
to all the privileges offered to members.
'A resident of Plant City who owns a
half. acre strawberry patch, shipped
fifty boxes of strawberries to New York
on Friday, for which he received $67.00
net. He el shipping every day and es-
timates his net profits off his half acre
at $1000. Before the freeze he waS
netting only 320 cents per box with the
price steadily on the down grade.
lAnother grower in the aame locality
chipped eighteen boxes two days after

The stenier Tpon, the tu abeototely protect an acre o werres
t i solt Ctharine renoeinded from such freesee at an expense of
a t08epeQiO tWtlos' tve S avcheer. ,rom three to five doam-
- Use DoURtle- and Catha-sne aesom- The wildom of such precaution I*
PedtO e to the bar which now apparent, and those who neglected
Sae eely .oreee uaden tio ekultul to provide the neeeoesry protel ion are
alsge Of Pooltat l John Sitzgerald. watching "the other fellow' operate his
After -th deqiture of the M&nne- cold mine. There is no question that
ei*&a the abeoetra played a number tbe northern markets will have a doe-
I additia-eclona, and the con- Vend almost entirely on South Florida
wt wi reatea3 tl ogred par the orowd growerW for their supvty of berries for
V r The concert proved' h some them tocome, and a the e
i9- eel 0 ad ttractlot for victors will not be near equal to thelemard.,
hnt N| gerdam uaiaa of the lun. hlb prices will prevail.
w0l &*xae pieembte I- have a con-
it L front at the Inn every Sundsay eorge Chase one of-the largest and
Oteenpo. most smceeseful truck growers and
Asth r" attra etio for the Sunday farmers in Marion county, was hit very
Nkoa visitors to the Port wan the hard by the bi freeze last week. His
TV O th esteamtship Olvette, the ine farms axe located south of Ocala
bl of tUe PPlant Itne from Havana, and near ILake Apopka. His flfty acres
Nith en unoieUly NWDe number ot pas- of tomatoes were full grown and nearly
a. The custom house omacials ready to pick They were as fine aa
evou e vigilant than iual, sikt and would have brought big prices.
S home people were afforded He estimates his loss on this alone at
iti amusement watching the in- 1eU thousand dollars. His early five
lec lo f of the baggage *belonging to acres of cabbage was also a total loss
be new arrivals to addition to a large acreage of other
'. trudk. Notwithstanding the fact that
tNmas Henderon, manager of the he lost everything, he is at work with a
Ned a Ise f e and Wagon Co., left lage force replanting and wil l ede
IstinIgt on the Plant Line steamer another crop ready for market as soon
Aeftte, -for avhan&a where he will as any man in the State.
peabd a few weoi drunminag up some
p onetheiland.* e has already Mr. C. D. Walker,. for the past two
in mTapIg a number of er year the irrepressible agent of the
Res tote my o ers and ot S ange ewing Machine Co., will leave
S]vaf sadi hi ~toing at this s to-da for- his new field of
neo al& Lof aeW bhsinew Hs. ef- labor to the regret of his numerous
fet* to please some of the leading ot- friends and admirers. The Tribune
elie ia the qurteriastera depart- takes 1ieasure in recommending him to
hmt haqwe Pev. so saltstforli that the kindly consideration of the people
wRll aew ake an effort to a re the of (Atlanta and al Georgia for that
a 'i..10 of sicne of the oth dep041rt- matter as one of the most excellent
,Ma Ue wiM re Yeain (n D vsna as business factors that state has ever
saBwa.heew is any ghace to d busal- had.
6 4"'00 a^.ect.do*ate ot a return
I asneertalna. Mars. OiD. iMcFadden of Van Wert,
.. Ohio riedi the cit last night, and
4, Wwa ipa. haWthe otyjwih be the guest of ber tPh1er-i-l-aw
i npp niarc i;9B u Wetter Mcfadden. the0PWU teas
cv -55 -./ thekst agent "r a few wepkt. -

WIam Sheppard. colored convicted
of semugling agmuidlente, was given .
sentence of 15 days in Jail H e was let
off thus l ghtly, oseing to mitigating
ciroumitanoea in this particular case,
and a*o the fact that he has already
beeInli jJail eating trial, and Judge
#4,ocke stated that t ds light sentence
would not be a precedent of the cets
action in other cases of this nature.,&
Felinpe Aceigo, convicted of mand-
facturing cigars without having given
a bond as required by law, was given
the minimum penalty of three months
in jail and a fine of Slen.
The cases of Jose Antonio and Fer-
nando Gonzalez, charged ;ith w-iling
cigars not properly boxed and stamped.
and Vicente Lopez. charged with smug-
gling, were placed on the azs-enteen
The t e= s against Julioh Garcia and
Andpea Garcia. charged with manufac-
turing tlggars without giving the re-
quired *bond, w,- re .ntinued until
March Is.
Mnrs. tary C. Shay. postmaster at
Mayflov*r, Pascco runt. was indicted
tby the g-and jury and was. cali-d on
to pliatto the charges of using post-
"Tge Stamips that had previously been
canceled. and'making false returns in
the quarterly reperc tie amount cf
stamps cancelled during July 1S9S.
8he entered a pi- rf nti guity an l
the case was coniinu-l unt March 13.
the defendant bI ing rlea-sed on bond
appearance for tra-ld at that term.
W. E. -Hope and J. T. Chivers. indr-
for appearance f.:,r trial at that tvrm.
converting to th.-,r oAhn use enules t,--
longing to the government. ad Wil-
liam A. bMrDonai.l. irlaiced for passing
ted for taking and carrying asay and
pleaded guilty, and their cases sterc
continued for the term.
The most important case of the day.
and the only one tried by a jury. was
that of the United States vs thirty-
eight bales of tobac e. Guerra, Diaz &
Co.. claimants, proceedings tor for-
feiture. The prosecution was con-
ducted by Assistant District Attorney
tI. H. Buekmen, and the claimants
was repeanted.by E. R. Gunby. The
thirty-eight bales in question formed
part of the shipment o f 15) bales of to-
bacco inrported from Havana by Guer-
ra, Diaz & Co., as nller in 1897. The
United States customs appraisers
claimed that thi thirry-eight bales con-
tained more than fifteen per cent of
wrapper and a duty of $1.0. per pound
was asseeeed. on it instead of a duty
of 36 cents per pound, thq regular duty
on fller. The duty on the thirty-eight
bales at 11.6,#pei pound amounted to
$7,877.00, white the duty on the other
112 bales of the shipment at 36 cents per
pound, only amounted to $3,860.15.
The claimants oura Ditoa & Co.,
refused to pet the duty as assessed on
the thdrty-eiglt balen, contending that
the pratsment ot these bales au wrap-
pers was erroneous, as the bales did not
obtain fifteen per cent of wrappers,
and should have been awpraised as
llers- The government thereupon in-
tituted suit for forfeiture of the tkfrty-
eight ,bales. The case was of the ut-
nmost interest to the totbcco mant&ac-
turers of the country for the wrongtful
appraisement of filler tobacco as wrap-
pers has seriously intfwerred with the
cigar manufacturing busineee in Tam-
pa and Toor City, and other places tor
several years.
Witnesses on both shades were eg.
amined. and while Mr. 'Vicente Guerra,
one of the claimants was testifying the
fact came out that he has succeeded in
getting this shipment of 150 bales out
of Havana notwithsttanding Weyler's
decree, proihlbdtUng the exportation of
tobacco from Cuba. To do this, how-
ever he had to pay i.-500 Oi $10 Per
bale in excess of the regular custom
duties. As nothing was said about the
siae' of the bales and there was no
customs regulations regarding the same
Mr. Guerra had the bales made as large
as possible. for instance, some of the
bales contain the contents of two ordl-
niary -bales, while in some cas.s three
bes were made into two bales. In
doing this, Mr. Guerra explained, the
bales naturally contain two and some-
times three grades of tobaco, but be
Insisted that it was all filler tobacco,
and the United Ntates import duty on
tiller is the same irrespective of grade.
'After the testimony was all in District
Attorney Buckmnan, argued the govern-
ment side of the case, asking for a
verdict for the government, which
would mean the forfeiture of the to-
bacco. dir. Inaby was about to begin
his argument for the claimants when
Judge Laices instructed the jury to
bring to a verbict for the clalmants.
Gorrk. Diaz & Co. The result 1s
Inked upon an a> great victory for the
ctgar mansfnfisrere and ate claimants
in this come, and 3Mr. Gusny. their at-
tIetey waS heartIly congratulated last


fia a mw M m
SINS MY a albeu" lK tfhCH bf ..


im lAmBot s urerstPsee-a without was Sariely athiai ha sI go

NhsangMu e l alais nrke] o Tess ml a i ib l|
en as a Eider. Ing the f .

epecaJ to the TrUnwe. ha .

Sam It i et the a0 OWO Mer *e'l k u41 flet fed a ewar
bIB eustheo h Se eM an eMltl eniNo Stan
vwdi Oatr 1W hi mm t he16MOM

tnorldms IbwU taken o are m r In the gasi i t Wil na--
MU reported the committee. Noe
of thb ltemI In tlh le tuinl g thwere,. re- Cl llm .
doeed and oewosil additions were made, gto whe deeM- It
moo~ r lea new tt m emeapproprmiat- Ngl a t
$MWOM cash for te Improvement- i
EirHborough bay. and fxing the flria ams oeet **,
inmt for the work at MSeOn. Thb e at lmn tiaj t I
House bill carried an aphroptriaton of it d asm hs'
M3.000 for the bay rematnada the ew n tely w 'I
Item of 8100,000 Is for special work not gOOdwh4 n 4Uavered f h o
covered In the Hous e bilL e "ch-' i porter, ed in fmap, -
nel In to be deepened from the city of i
Tamnpa to Tampe teby. The limit isa pOidae So t t he
ftied in the Senate bill at 800,0L. ud of roste So the sevlere riwl ia
this amount the 0000 0 Is for new work f tt fe i
and the original House appropriations o me. W aSm r ,
in to be made vatable during thepres- Col. William H. Paou, l.
ent yew. ninth infantry too}lbt ts" *:;'
Another important Item Ifor Floridai,
ia for the t. Johns River from Jack- the rat beer w as served ba
sonvle to the ocean. The sum oft table at Santiago. 'I odoaM Sat
$1.360,750 is fixed a Bstbe limit for this t n id be.a "ft wa a l a n ar. me.
appropriation limit. The House bill ol na
recommendation of $12000 Tor other weed than ytbhiDg I Ae thiak ue."
wor is a retained. An appropriation ot Colonel Albert T. aSmtha te t rlile-
36.000 is made for the removal or nya- o le e i-
cintha n the et. Johns River. teenth infantry testified that invei --
The bill gives Miami 1,000.00 under tion made in September a 8una
a coartinuing contract ofa which 1100,000 showed that the cned o
o ta0 be expended this-y e h sho we that the a ed roa ad
givei practically s aotfa= j',.
flRAIflhl A m I/ eitberusoup or when eaee frut
C M ING B ACK can. He bad no suspicioDb he "'
Iw ile using either the canned re-
Tourists and Visitors Who Went to 1rigerated beef, that it had hbine:trer
ed with chemnicals. <
Cuba Scrambling to Get Back to Leut..Co. Charge L. .e
the Unted States. fl.st cavalry, testified ,tat .the ed
--- n- roast beef gave so sati betlit u a, .
Ac-oring to a statement made toHe, saw a grat deal t -thtbrwnewa, -
'he T.itiv.mE reporter by a genseiaS hotd. ,What refrigeretk i bi B
wno arrive from Cuba last 0b0h on command received in Santiagio ahemel
board the ateamer Whitney. Tlere is to be good. He hd never
general scramble among the; Amet- Santiago any such thing aa the s f .g
cans, b.th soldiers and citizens. to get rated beef being tneatd with ebem-
away from the island. He stated that icai. He had eaten some of iouoe:
the dissatisfaction among the troops aid that was enough for hkim. e ex-
Ionired in and about Havana ap- plained that it bad a "cose, inaity
proacned nearly to muotny, and unless smell, as thought had Ibeen e p ia.-
they were allowed to leave the island in a close room," and it turde5!a him ,
the very near future there would sure- against the meat, so be toolt loa n
ly be trouble. He seated chat frcy-' it place. ,
two came over with him and more Brigadier.Generao 8. H. Hwo kine *,
than len times that number were at Capt.J. W Duncan of the tWnty.
the wharf ready o dandonois to come, fis infantry, Capt. d oW. .t em at
but were not permitted to do so. That tbr thirteenth infant.R .' OakCe We
the coitagiuus diseases about e e fourth artiet.
camps and in the crowded part of the eral other witnesess teter t et
citV were spreading with remarkable univeral complaint M 1 .t
rApidry and startling fatality. The cannedsoar beef. bt noaiofft
weAther wa. bt cumning very warm nad gave any positive testimonyjo.
all the seespig apartments were so the charges that either the ofanaMi i
crowded that thecuondition was filthy or rrigted beef, lad been- *.
aod almost uiubearable to the average cally treated. "
American. He epreses the op i ion Every witIes apportd the aea
that if the malaria fever continued to tion of ( ey ner ie r tehe
spread as it was now, and nothing was Cube and Porto Rioo a blh d have .
done to take theaflicted away from tbe spped with h ttl, or
isldndor in some way relieve the con- on the hoof, instead of -refm
greeted state of affairs, there would be a beef, when examined on the eubjeo'.-
panic whiob might result in more orb ho
low bloodshed. He stated that the -
present police system was very obox. Florida Iiae A s
ious to the foreign residents of the During 18907 there wer nst
Island. resideam at the State lsae r

Street Paving Delayed. s& la ooobee, 176 being
Street paving, so far astheeactho i improved, three emped, ld fl y
laying of bricks and otbhet paving ma- diLd, leavilag 443 at themtdeef .te
tenal is coucereed, wems to have come The number of patients durit t.
to A sand still in Tampa on account of was 678. tas admijoas wuse W M
the son-arrival of vessels. The 8. eighty-one were discharg ed J
Leosar a company has not been able to covered or improved, four w M
proceed with .the brick-laying on charged -unimproved, two n t
Franklin street from Lafayette to three escaped and aiaetjW-e
Washington. The paving of Florida leaving491attheendofihtbeyetr 3
avenue from Lafayette to Jackson and percentage of reeoverte fur -
from Casse to Harrison has also been df- reckoasd from adOsNuoa d4Be
played. The bricks are expected ly ar Xr. was 28 60. Ree d okpuots 0*f
and then the work will be rushed rap- admission for 1808, 2. per east.--
on Florida avenue from Harrison
street to Sixth avenue is about com- for actual maintenance.
pleted and the two blocks between salaries, renslrsaad all incIietJ.
Sixth avenue and Oak avenue wi I be lintel contingent expenmss,

in suitable condition for the work to vautiente treated domIng 1597. 4e7
proceed. 0 e expedluree eAggegated

M~i9-. de Marnmd

Mdm the fod m iwd-I' 'I

?a CLas


NO5. 5.4 0


!i: t1TIT~i ^WWIllnti CIVE FAVORITES o[IlilHI HINT OF gTO KEi/ nnOiLiitnT 6 Tii T iHE - i**** --n-iTT r- "" 'r
try, as the severity of the winters pr ARTICIAEm OF N-ORPO
F events suc --,elsfu. horse racing in N evw P A e
MI ^ T MOrleans. and on other tra-ck& with the I._ Mp
,__V~U1HI1 __ UU exception of San Francisco, which has Artles of ina on o& :H
lt :ge du tBookmakers Hard Hit on the Tampa ls- t ie deto the very loaeng dis o Ferry
'!. ~ Bk~r ad to h ~ ..tsnce the horsemen have to travel t4 hstet't f J:
1: I.l fat is I son loac t of the Bay Race Track-The 1 is l1 Only a Few Hors When Datth Subsetibers Failed to Pit Up the Coll wet re and toe excessive railroad 189, by and bewn Wt
charges for transportation of horses. Son. OuT C. o and .
t.t.l. ende Xe... e g. ..C& W IBi WOW. Ni MI t. Exin TO -nh P eR PeN e
F -, 'rotn ri~la JDaj:. --"-- body corporate, under Den fmiikitHll
"" m + ' '" 0. uzlf Rac'ng ana' F ,r ,*-' - b 1 m b 0f na e h
Te Bad Conditon of the "Board came to an end yesterday, and tirst Loved by the People Over Whom Mrsic by the First Florida egi- ea n of God l a be re town of Fort r-e COae
yan th fis:Fola R g-is a prince of good felalwor and a r0o3 .... . ...
I ease .Mas,^r aComxs ^^aTe L' tefa"^^* assassuW S of. Buran. Menta Bad-A Good CarA-or O nfamer st ibt hp.e ohv a o
Accid t will ge v day. ii q W a x Tak k 4y tM feredfor the Day-Sea wel suppa to the leading members ,h pany m
F '^ ^ S ^ ^ except.-mnaiy~nMo-ftjay. - .'+ +" : .... *^ r' .. .... ...l-, .... e .... +, "e.... of the Baldw*a-MeMU11 <3PBlnT, and +I i| T i ~r > i 1 11 |j f
AIJmlage S1~so The card of yeste day was a good one Loubet Will be Chosen. Yesterdays Race- a few personal friends. The super was usine-s to b11
and was full of class and quantity It' servd in the ordinary oafu t of( Ti
r ~ ~ ~ ~ Im I'ad t' nO o 4a o, g e eE Sat ay' il Ail o nroo ap
., Pursuant to. a4ou,-nmant, the City first place in each raAe. Two heavily Paris, Feb. 17.-Francois Felix Faure. The last day but one of legitimate able affair. This morning Mr. Falk
I'" "h t i Jh. 4ir mt Vr .,r ae o the Re blic of France is,, horse racing during the present season
A oe_ *nswri;a, ^Alr,- torol r1.; ir A ifu&a* iipq&Kalh ct ,-djp throohoul ( Jh reB.,ai who witpessed a c a.d ot events lacking of the popular CBaldwBin-Melville (o!-omay l, qwi .aon I
r ** ,3!eJ-uAP',W -tkWM/.-t-e his official cWpacitr heisdoingpneno- dent Faure died atMj0o'-ola^^ght in vollirtie, bt noe dettfr t l iat., pan;.3 e^U^&Aptwe",tiear tal ^R^^^a^s ^iL, !"
o r ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ c p c t l a i s d oi n p n e n o p g g d en t t F1 4; "'o st i n r h pn w l e c s o ;t e e m d t
OrL, de NUM1 1took U :ro-nd nal vroMtand hao iat ~ V fe*er-tre of a stho* 4hm on the 4i _orrs tac-s next for only three hours. starts by Mr. aunders were good and la 8 t biTaamP Bay e a
.. de Arnaschiman of the summer where IrI2 Ait _n In the He died at eineteprfence of his the decstofte 'by 3ug ebt> ,wrev# fair feet, and .( har y aed y him, AbelaeM*tf
-.ure 'ArmUlaa haantnrman or he 3and as sociate to the best judges wife and his daughter. Mile. Lucie and impartial. will make a trip down the bay. Mr. Tock a t one
Committee on sanitation made a brief on the turf. Faure. He bade them an affectionate Tehe first raece saw Lady Attendant a watlk has engaged the First Florida dolar to be e Into
statement in regaft.tb'thb ordinance 'Mr. Saunders mnAe erect stata ye@". farewell, and then bade farewell to the prohibitive choice. She led from the regimental brass bantd to glve a streWttmd
k- re t theitt n ii 4%* city. terdY, a.4a he Mas done. all along the, member -of the( -abinet wlbom bIe had fall of the &a by a goodly rnamin to "-" + -- vatae oo jae oil
OAr',--l -- line-',^ ,i,., e lesa4Votn"ie.t. nmoeed hi edde . the end wMhinning by hal a length fom parade this morning an turtaish .m. m u tatcl T listo
"LOW t44 %Ctlou Benr PqkE d.. Gr.euv.&od and George The news that Pre.ldent Faure was General 5fatruder who was cointng during theMra6ee t afternoon. b1 n J
tl t^~~a~adl^ ae(i: Catles 'VCf4e I-r'n twa dytng spread qiildW~ and oha the boule- tastt- cans"e Mokaad, on the -ftvorlte* bellies in having #, ood tbrzie rhimellcto jdCn Unr~iinrti
kl --'--dClt Ott;+lhBBS ,?..... .. + l ..d rda me sreatest e=doaan wad i- to mbrzy oer v&- a bit. Lorena l . ,", ,S ,e lJ,,"tlelut*, 1 l>t, r
11%p e k onftt e o back money QA (he "de end, clak tohmore rowd re(atrned ante too lowed' bLftc Attendant sthe P oemae er, ant wr 1
h -lt.tht3l uhlc bet tis on te flve clice a of the i Eysee a1 night. The b od- th bnir o blon the a"u p o*6 ofltr rod In plabok Bu$
te w9 iscu0. el .neX e beot or l out well ahead, conseqed ently le t- state mntil next Thursday, when tana passed out by Judge Davi koe e b'- tten a
tk.,spo L. S cenitm to eery one is greatly pleased over the the funeral win occur In Notre a o e r a n ,.- w klI l'll 1er b e1 she t BhrX rtLe inose-
i- +hr'itr*>^_ T. -+ + onwaP. irogects of the contmnuou- r&Wzg. .. oathedral, and the Interment wll be in Wt. RuM.t t 2 to 3, led from the a It11 1- I I V wtU . .. <_ !

a 50 mtl o the Multt the legrtimate oboloe who went k Loubet, preCadesit of the senate odr Ad sond lace all the wayJ., a < .' i
!W njpar e.:-, ,-cited A _ wa of -to the front after nodulgig Wllle Clari has been nominated to succeed (Mr. several leanths before SaRy 0ark, St. il

i n. o place with a. with the lead to the stetcb. ally Fa dre as p tesldont at trance. leo a t ar ed a to Xa a otr Wb tfor the last sixten
='o+ lJtio or, 0 iu was* re- led b7 manw teotthe at all stages, hut election wIB take place at Vwallles at Modred +xHdy for th last ttxteenth .. h lilr tn dil. jg K

rl, Flemaw towdv ek m tdt treet dropped back to the bunah on the end, I o'clock to-morrow (Saturday) anter- of a mile, bt the result stood as the Oecupiotm Artl -ood t- A tak-1 P."frll

r A" w11,11111P by th ctyr e ohal nishing second to tulatto, Shield noon. It is generally conceded that finiahed. Vt a. 00rtt lan 0B on tt s
SStberie orianeprhbi Bearie was a poor third. W. Loubet will be elected by & larg 6low-Go-outclamBed hie ndd in the **wv eothtMo h ir fni 1
u be u Ludnade praibed In the seond event Mamitate Iou majonch .ty. third event and led the frst one hund- l dm rowhowBl h 4lelee-aidP.Uhl t

tb IMd& kx e a lumber ad oened at three to one, but closed at red yards throughout the race, and she ot l'S CoMy vet tl
abodt She g0hon -atohowi- mtae ex- h to 11 at post time. The "wat nailo o Uttile 'Dick crowded the raRoriTe The United States Cut Iet at of Fl:8ad a, otc
Th u~-t~io ,lsw r tand-m e c.,io e dWho stuck to her were much to the cow somenwhat. little ,t)tok came Cast on this morning with Jud .e Locke onatl e B- l a e-< ral *.

dealow toSB lceon t ae e ter the race. as she led from start to sellngthe end and gassed out Onaretta wh beitr The rrnd Jury came in n t eeued te to ai a
i .t to tS op buhswn Tno e hfinAh it e Hraverty chased a hter her FD L C RT had ben in second pce all the rout. a number of Indictmenta, aeMww In0y 0 E R 11. 0 ib't _1
wan a t-- The oen event at n t e hKd mile went wnone o all Pnt- -W. b. P17 scourth. The tbame oTs tta mile ne natW a la e
some time. and fdfty &and over until .ng PrinciWe for p.ce. Another manatee County CaWe Tned, to Barney Aaron. Jr., the decided fav- charged with forglng a money order. t o h O Ipolo f I^ tM'
Spriname took third event all ortte. who secured an excellent start. True bills were returned against a uce t ter

.. 3 lr oSatselwsbe- ewy,-m twood. r. oled theclc Findng of te Grand Jury Unlucky chaed after the favorite, but number of other but as they are no It ol -
inpreset wa te lled uon ftor othrs u_ the way from thp faHof the _--- had no chance. Roy was off badly but yet placed under ret. ther namee o ie-nio --. i
a -srnent itn l to how tl e ha W Bag. netme and Lockwood solct Fromn Saturday's Daily came up like a whirlwind on the end, were not iEbD 'f 'e bum Bneot ofe
how he ws ikely even at 7 to most of the time. e r getting second place with Unlucky Immedtate ater the noon recess tn ll be cdcted by
? aAds,~w l~made feven b t~a on Skylark, heranma veryL he United Otates Court hoped third, the we of S. J. 8rnxeton of Kentuty -vce-pedent ceM n aa, i S^"
''- A^ ~tateinet In recrd to the Poor race. Springtime won w"t Locik promptly at 9:30 yesterday morning The results of the races yesterday are vs. J.ude A. T. ComweU, wBerit A. retard and treasurer, all n I-J
'.- saltemnl t Ieen gard to tcomopshe wood second arid Chiquita third, soon after which the following cases given in the following surmmaries: S. Watson and Tax Collector, E. C. three, nor r than f dtPeta Wr,
Bworkhe b~d 6 averto aoit mnnrIe, The fourth race went to S-FIrst race. half a nril.e-Lady Attend- tNel ail of natee county.e le, T
wh ic tb ecit government had been we took the track at flatall, winningwere ted and, (96) Bolaad, 3 to 5, first; Mug, (109) The faeta in the case are substan- h c tlon tor tj?
w*- ~ll c% y 2o^rket hsarl handi bly w Y a le tirh and a half from W. B.-Prildon of Manatee County Fortune, 15 to 1. second; Judge Davis, tially as follows: Aibout four years xo<
S O' nouten a slm des of thbe rekecdesat New Woman, whoso Jockey had his was tried on a charge of having forged (102) Dixon, 6 to 1, third. Time :53. S Singleton was engaged In canvassing t hal m; Wlfred 0. Clauteol r, I
: and dexpen H steted that formerly stirrup broken soon after the flag drop- his name to a money order on which he Algus, Lorena, Levin, and Sun God, M1aatee County, taking orders for ptc- president; P. Ban Martin u I :*
there wa to a laE t extent, no means ped. EITmaline sauntered in a fair obtained the cash. He was found guuty also ran. lures, delivering, and collecting" the t edem t 5d eeal mSr%| -
- of obitaininc an idea, of the financial third. Se-cond, race. seven furlongs+ St. Ru- money for same. Mr. MXeNeil, thenr y,"~r~ alli"e.lr "+
-con*lon of the city and this made a The last event was a mile and a half and sentenced to six months ia the pert (111) Boland. I to 2, rst; -miss t" collector of the county learning thatr
retdlofwrneesrinodrrace the longest ever run on the track Manatee Count-y jail. Mcodlred. (109) Jackson, 2 to 1, second; he was violating a. State law in regar C l( ~ n.P ~rL ~ j!t:
tol obtana cl lwoiar t tosrthe city's at the present meeting. It went to In the case of the United States vs. Sally Clark. (106) Rynal, 6 to 1, third, to the Da.ynent of a license caused his C. Cl .rk!n. u director. !:i '
ft banme a lesate tnhat to he ity s Be-le of Corsica. who led the long Jour- William Furte who %N-as charged -iti Time 1:36,1-2. Jacob Lilt and Tteraf me, arrest. He Protested a4nst the proh ht
wlrasnowe doing whaen complethed wo ul d ney from flag drop. Jack H ayes, act- also ran. eedings, claim ing that the license wa s e.e, s o"l hti y O kL r
be' of grtadvata w the ciptyetdoule mirably ridden bY Dee Hennessey, was the unlawful selling of cigars, the Jury Third race, six furlong-s-Slaw-Go, unconstitutional and could not be col- poratio.ata dnesubectiS
be o^ gret d, ofXt t O th t"ndse- an second all the way, and Volutante ran returned a verdict of not guilty. (10S) Boland; 2 to 5, ,irs., Little PICK, lected to law. The ofEcer differed shall be fifty thu d dotati_. r *^
*'conuingl business d transactions with in third position almost thruughout tne Thomas Calhoun was tried and found (115) Harrison. 4 to 1, second; ^nxre:ta with him, and refu-ed his release, names atd residences of the .-
o ? busa S iness t ras ac s wit entire race. (115) Black, 6 to 1, third. Tinie !:26. -in- Singleton refused to give bond and went e ae as follows: ,Wilfred C. Cak -
outside Parties. He expressed the ulyo asn onef~tmnv oJiweeh eandutlr
ovinion that as a result of the work .The summary of yesterday's i-a,,,s T'uirted Lor Henryn aounterfeit money.
^ hat wai belM done, the city auditor is as 0follows: and wa-s sentenced to s'x months in ran. leased by County Jurdge Cornwell. r U yo ,r boi<>ugh CouiF, :t-B "^
t w as bng done, the duao First race. one mil-;-Mulatto, (s-) the Hiilsborough Cauntv jail Fourth race. half mile-Barney Aaron, Singleton then brought suit for dama- Florida '!) '.. .
would be ens bled to perform the dualJakon. 6 to 5. first; Sao.;v Cnat-v, j,"l') i- Jr., (1^); Moore, 2 to 5. first; Roy, (11s) ges against the three above officers in .rVILFRED C. -LARKSQy, (Sea^ ; -
duties of cit auditor and tax assess-b Jako n. 6 to 1 It rsj; S a r The grand jury return-d true bills J Hanr., (1 1 to 1, -Sae 1,)nd: Lnmu, :.v, Cn,") th iteda t i our t. h ew
r or. He thought he would ,be able to TaI, to1seo ; h Berr(, UY 2AR S J -
An iLsh his work and make a final report Harrison, 3 tL" 1. Third. Timt 1.0'l. _\ItKX- a,-ains t the following D~ellniz.< 12 to 1, third; Tine, :55. Call,.e with illegal imprisonment, He was P %N .x TN 1 +
bout tt 2h ^ March. Kelly' Bi-^M tallist, Cha<, Farr:r, and J. M. rMartinez fur a violation of the' timarL also ran. represented in the triaJ yest-zrday by t f iFlorida, Cou.ty Of AI/ --
The que mtion.of ore' city li-hts was J .-0- t also ran. internal revenue la,w. TURF TAV, ;. Frank Harris and B. B I,,hardt borough. . ,
It ws Seodrcsxfro ghnia)In the .-e7ond rac rerra-mie, ,\Ith . while IV. A. Carter and Jo-;. B W\ali esnly apae eodI '
co' n sidered to smel extent. M amiendou.(105)s Ca ro toha, 'Wal--- er Anderson e for violation of the -n,-d- Clark, p, was f irst and le oked after the interests the de.- t h d a t .
s IantaS t oplinone h CCdred additional Ing, first; Mike Havertv. t95). Tal-, 7 United States postal la-ws. for nearly a sixteenth, when greatly to fendants. The trial occupied the en- en. Wilfred C. C-arkson, P. "Snilt. c^
that t" should be erea ted In different o nd; Principle,Caaga for peddling cigars the surprise of all spectators, Clark de- tire afternoon and just b^o:-oe court t n u clarkson, wA>, S
s, s 0j the city,*Ithout delay. Some to 1. third. Time 1:1S 1-2. General without a license. Andre Garcia un- liberated pulled hirn- turned and adjourned the jury returned with a dt^% s w .?S

obfi* 0 d. Mr. Eruen spoke of the new- Third race, seven furlonris. owners' The greater part of the afternoon ses- spi^e of the cries of Terra nie's backers. $100 EWARD $100.'
ly:= 0fented stee light known a the handicap--Sprirgtime, (97.) 'Harrison. 3 sqion %-as occupied in arguments in the The reaer ofge tho deaide will thr as- / .e;4
no raxSn~ufueS theI^ 0 race-T^ was llowd. Wen The reader ofti paper will be GUT ^ 8^1 ,C ^ :,:,".:
M' wasach iSnturh Comtpany and Jachson. 6 to 1, second; Chiquita1.. case of the 1n.ted tates vs. P. L ,ar- called to the Judges' stand Clark claim- pleased to learn that there is at least
^*''Sfr' q^~lmes s k of a stret torch, (80) Tally. 5 to 1. third. Time 1:w+. L'n- ca-ba and Son, tobacco dealers of St. ed that the track fnaf had +not fallen, one dreaded disease that science ha Sworn to aa subscribed be~o me "+.=':
.~80 Tally 5ne The 1e.de thrd thee 1:a6. flag deb been aSbn, tobcc dealer of St.l Itd thates the trac tflag hae nots fallen,
a*. Hrolf me y the Golf Oil Ceor- luckj Galgo, Sun Crod and Sky-lark also Augustine. It was an appeal from the and that he considered the start a false on d e d ta s hF a
Th.SlI. ley were instructed oa-rn.Board of United States general ap- cLrdta ed rptefa t that is catar-rh. Hall's Catarrh Cur( 89
paw h o~ n illn ulte F'ourth race. five furlongs--SIow--Go, cleal) thatL hedi dopthfagatth
crafin thefl cosad reortin qat litimest (110) Ralard, 4 to 5, first ; New 'woman: P)ra~iser. E. Rt. Gunby represented the same time the starter gave the word. Is the only positive cure -knowqn to the
a97 themkon 5ibt and reor aetnd ]raane pliT-fs M1n h-4- ar-et-h1A a heJde o~l o co lr medical fra.ternity. Catarrh beine a Ntx u~c tt fF -
?-,".-- ef o flf anltatio>n Weir was (10) Castro. 4 to 1, third. Time, 1:05. quite exhaustive, he made an interest- excse an odrdtred his su~wnsion for conslttlna dil *^atereue aonlarge. NOTICE. J ; I
^*. : cnS~t ti~e floor. ;He made a state fzi 1/,, Cairo C., and E tta P., also ir an comprehersive s^pech on the to commend 'thathen'ever" n^ a ^a~r beCtr en Lntrally, 2Slnlr dlect.y ^tlce hereby Eiven tto/ glO -

Belle of ( orSsltcaTto (1l3) fthe and, 6 5, thedteso h dfeetl-le o r trl~ay k. Mlr is-M oneofthe u t coe tive ofter, theHlreby, dlatro. te tor any t of {],ril trt ;

s;_! l*St S f>.he tthioB W Oa " to*" n, 8e IM"'; VTOlaae ( to ,. Si-.^S not*^h" rer?-ti until5^.>~ nA'^*nc *tel^^ma-^S S ye^steda w"hen IM1 ;-Sl be50i t hen l tlS 4 MB toi wi1. Btird,< F.Im :o. La e .e, o'lockcortit recssdn him tie lmt 9:30 this u rod thrrme. country iuin wthe Then pHTsIrletor cltv? ht oS~tM~
'w "~ii Afte Bh disWW s afnd ehtmie mal i teso cn ^eti~efo ntetmldIt ran.umer P.- rl y-TODAY RSieAtOBtt(at Jrb fintieI ci .it morning.amcya Dyo *re The waonrk on wite Mt~unatrs J.s muh faitd iurnte it curaie Cowers, teehat~ Sli sMraM H'
+i( l w hil.... th The o rei ^o etnde eth v^l^ .^^! ter..loc di...dTere.s i't cn te soffet-r On Hdore ,las fL~? or any " os.' i^
-;..l : mlldl ltlf~y aeur 1c t lag Mel- a t'eo ta e laHIst A.ace: should+M sot any ls iO none hthscr-bxofc nd ,edntr esdhay"tu oee cav- that it ,l to 28s, Bend 1for ;31
Ubtotfwl i^^Bcoc~ nd-ated ta oettlem nt lmet The enre o oada forlto-d: ton lips isrl anced w ork w asdne. at th bsinles word Nel lieb, Beo has reige th edior, i c.niuu rsdneuonaj'
Pr ^*iSS M.t. @n plitlf' re-y Fist wrace. k one quantity. maidens n m uc xie -n mala, eigithes falsiaon. soerf the Tra Ime s. EWIaOS_ Bec I wriTe lowis-amed tletand vl-;
-W*it"''f~ a. f^ on th slt w i] 'Ramo d E,(14;S. Aeclgul. .1) L:o dra Rln"gbwhowsind the palmotnni-taly ofthe mid-witer- daeeeing onthe fcr- dral reputCatio. an der J cai D BANCH thatM
^r'si tmi r m n-t- ,,, "' en. (112) 'Lvi. (109); o i ent (10);adnstere an ....... whic. atued ito mp Ba aetak..lpsi.ey....o ndhrmn finstrs ER ACA amd ~

S..... v flc~coodling to the O uPin- Sun God. (101): Judge Davis, (9S); Lady same time removed the drug and the com to a close to-day. This was de- that shewil soon be in a poaktion where M. ..DAVl8, w.9" \-3
9by-c^M ton oslce-gh would not l1ee danger. To. 'Mr. Knight the man gave cided upon yesterday, and the hors her talent will be displayed in a wider
n en-eights of owners, bookmakers, jockeys and em- field* provided that In securing uh W.G. ROBsuch& 4
j." .ili to meet on Friday 5t. Rupertel, (111); Jacob Litt. (111); Miss his name as Charles '3. all, and his poyes of the Racing Association have position her duties will not compel her R l t
'Modred. (109); Terramie, (109); Spring residence as Tampa, Fla. He as ot already begun preparations for depar- to remove from Tampa. No announce- ; .
W~yWT"-* -Time. (tW); Volutante, (I8); tally in a condition to tell more. He was lu to new felds, meant been made of the appont- .'" ^
ap.ftement was noticed by Clark, (106. It was hnped that the extension or ment of a successor to Miss Beck. NOTICE OF FINAL SETTL
'ascribe yesterday in the law Third race. three-quarters ile el- apparently asout o ae. the mee ings would l.e carried out as an- .SEED CO
SS +' UtB a yeera> awing-Imported Lord Henry, (124): tnileld \ all Nwas sent to the Savannah hos- nourced. but satisfa-torvy arrangements SEED CORN. Six months after the date hertet,2
c^^s- 4K-B Ob. XKnght An the Exchange Bkarer, (118; Pearson, (11 S); Little Diicki, pilal. -,her-, the, house: 7"hysieian, Dr. 001-11d nu~t be made on account of certai;n-r-ilpeentoteCut dej

b yI 4ank huiding. All the 0, 115); Onaretta, (115s; Slow-Go (o); Harton diiagnoel Ii CaS as a k l UeSCrib. failing to come to time withPn. o rda h p o ber C F
i v been taken out and In The NaUlahka, (110). n dn t t th amount ,f their suscription. The has received a carload ofsed corn account .ad voues a I

th, e pol ati e mo out an d i n v u T e na nahkn ( n0 h 1 nL Ar In.O T e tr t IE $ thAA R IO N m a a ,. th o t h ass, stz n na ea r-I the eh u sdt ee r of ere d Jun g ] l rid8 l tast ew of o .s d aC re o il .
." now v r neatly con- Fourth ra half m Rar p Aar tr pro abl i that ai had t n n in nt th ass ation hascar- the cheapest ever offered i rn ..o. da last w l .a. .d.
Jr., (118): Royv. (UlS: Unluck-. (IIS); aboard a t,>o +lentiful load o,f li,1* r,' l'ir- out its awreemenm in ev\-yr parti- Ask for prices rn corn and other teeds, and will make my final settlemt., -

re have beene rplunced tha are, I1 I d- I whleal an retul tr1m TmpuDe.
l e pac a are Lckwood, (,); Clquia II., .(-'a- a.i that the laudanum, was an a:el cular, t -ven though at a consi'derab wholesale and retal o m. such exeuT O L
Wfo convenlence. They are uni- I lie Smart, (101). Ihrxjgh, deignd to erd his xisttnci h, I t ad make the office present!. IL.aei.aat Itd ..oe the o be wruh Tampa had the honor yesterdayh On INofnA brprah
V:S- more &tractive appearance Mrs. E. S. J. Rathbone, wife of Post-! Wall's companions anlift"'vanishe d smalllfi- throughout th" meeting than being visited by Judge Isaac H. Trabue,
old cases. The new cases mater neralRathbone, of Cuba, art- Nien he sw his re, and h de te attration offered the the founder of the town of Trabue, now e
Sby Me+ssrs. dMorse & Cole or a t of P a t
lf'tr. Th style. finish and work- rived 1here from Havana yesterday and parted, disciaimin knowledgt,- ; i -^ ^ ^ant hd c a part oPn C arlott e arbor b .November ",
tI the man's identiy Ht- -seemed to10-, T'he, ci has had much to, eon- ive Port on Charlotte Htarbor bay.
H(| itel ptP played Is a fair sample of Is a guest of the Tampa. Bay Hotel. surfferng- fromn szage fright. or *-*'-ittend Nwith. and deserv-es the highe-,t Judge~t Trabue is one of South Florida's AMNSRTO OIB. ***
i a t is being turned out by Mrs. Rathbone is the Ohio State regent wh-'i.d by" an IexTlem dista._ttt .ort" Trais le atiss. o the MDughte-s of t'e -mepriean notr'.e>', have overcome all obstacles. The first i build up the country. While here he All persons having elais agln tt 4
B .---' and Reoltio a is of toe W asln- was with a starter. who stowed was the Quest of his friend Judge 0. estate of Tho.. C. Co de I
B_ lisWoMf, the popular clothier and Revolution, and is enrouttto Washing- LRIOV WITH M\LARIOV plainly hat he was int-rested ftnan- i Farr. of Hyde Park. requested to present a proper, -JS
utirnlser, finished moving his ton to attend the annual convention of TABLET. ialty in the result of certain races I thentieated to the ,unders gnel ;
400VSnt from the Tibbetts the organization. -- that the public demanded his removal. One of Sheriff Spencer's bloodhounds time prescribed b law, or they
at- o ranklin and La- Guaranteed cure for Chills, Fever and The management promptly dismissed was killed by a train last Wednesday ar
*3 6traef *t tnewo ro fromat0 Ague. nr money refunded, 50 cents. All him. and in selecting his successor, while tracking a negro who had es- .P^ l '. ,?^,
'B e st two doors u rom-Wf Druggists. made a happy choice in naming Mir. | caped from the county convict gang at
H^W^ 'flxe ia oieni' "P a~n im- V Saunders as the weilder of all the bunt- work on the rock road. The negro had Tama10 a. De ? t-J od to-day and will be Col. J. B. Bellinger, who filled the inr. Next camne the conspiracy among! run along the railroad, and the dog,- !' ;r
bi e by to-morrow. He position of depot quartermaster at this the Jockeys to fleece the public. Three tracing him refused to get of the .-NOTICE OF 1I30OUT0 .'-
thp nleatest and best gpace in such a satisfactory manner of the boys were promptly suspended, track when a train approached. He : -'+
headquarters In tde I do not believe there during tqe war with spain, arrived here and this action served as a warning to was struck by the engine and instamt Te co-pt d eetet )
-la 18 a case of dyspep, from iMvannah Thursday, and spent the others. Then Judge Wheat began kiled. "
N-^^"'-- - i-LBA, indigestion or yesterday at Port Tampa looking after to make trouble by rendering "rank" ,FakC ayr ne h U msB
on&&1 boat Suwamee. ny *tomaeh trouble the loading of the government trans- decisions, -and he soon followed (Ex- Attention is -called to the notice of el BEaacker Bw b- t~l lt ^NCK.l H
i, left Pont that eCnmWt be b-8 port Minnewaska at Port Tampa. CoL Starter Flynn. Since the removal of dissolution &f partnership heretoforegdosotd by mna oeia
Of o the tu -Biscayne- j lieve at "once and Belfngir has had his headquarters at Judge Wheat, the office of Judlge has existing between 0. R Leigh and Percy.
-'. to*S 20 W 1 -o a Sanently cured Sarannah ever since the shipment of been filed In a perfectly satisfactory EDeam dealers in ~ple and fnc C.B
IOHra s te an e1 byrl 1 troops and supiptlee from that port was manner by Mr. G.ME. Webb. the assist- series. i&. Dean retiresifrom business
the st johns river. C begun. He has A host of friends in and secretary of the Tampa Agrtcul- and 3&. Leg i% s now mole proprietor. .-- -
d e Z NNU M --^N o n. .' who were e to welom tu Plng and Pair Aso't- i, He Ud the busnes thoroh-
th rpo h t: IUd6*twbm on hi return.,n Imwa wish that under his ruling everyhn ha been ly aind w11 be p~leasJed to ner-ve oldan
25e- :+ a!=!. via 0 0Glid he wol be swlone,t~ here Perm&- puiked off smoodldy.n UM
!1H-.................. l*a .,-- --l mmll. nently. rThe ve of T"mea will m ap tbe nw D
71he wood mutzr om nev win ter on, asthe a bde rng od n
HB -1 aiPaul ,m ,, who bas been with his radine will be ****** E 'l! ^''"'" '*" i iilH n H father for th~e past ixmonths, In lajgid track under the sauactln orf the Trifollata stock&- Also fft tam t I |Mitt~S l a^
A~t~ la. hoel ast ~ematn Brnc at the National TaC ote r usr n
A r M* bwbe -drdt osr ,wth the fies 6mvese n 40,"16va~
I=a Flowm an W21 ms Haevrtanigtrb P wT W



SsCapable of Self.
IJJlijxlim.r Theh 22ab: Onven
Oha.oc A Close Vote on
l lh rtiot 9i6 to 22.

1st to the Tribune-
*-aihi.. W'eb. 1,-The McEnery
pdi ov rg thae policy of the
t5 states In regard to the Philip-

with the agree-
lSt atu rday. and it was
v to 22.
a vt wa preceded by debate
4woelm and a naf Speeches
iod l v Ird-by Mr. &ewrt (Peps-
- 0 AW3 W s Bacm Uen LeGa. .M r.

od Ffto and In-



The Bl.mxard Hs Spent its Strength
and Warner ather is by tie Bishop of HaTURn at the Graes
Predicted. of the Ile Heroes.

Special to the Tribune.
Washington, Feb ..,,-F t forDRINKS REFUSED THE DUCASSE
Florida for thlrty -slx hours ending at
7 p.m. Thursday. Rain to-night and
Thursday. warmer to-night in north And in Consequence Holman's Wash
and west portion; brisk east winds. ington Cafe in Central Park Has
OCAL DATA Been Ordered Closed by the
Maximum temperature yesterday, 48;
minimum temperature in the past Governor of 4avana.
twenty-tfour hours. 23; minimum this
morning. 38; precipitation in the past Special to the Tribune.
twenty-four hours, non?. Havana, Feb. 15.-Monsignor Santan-
WKATH.i' .NOTn.s.i der, bishop of Havana. has declined to
Wceat,er Burean, Tamp-s. Fei.-J t.- allow Father Thomas Sherman, who
1hI high pressure is over the .sitlantic recently arrived here from Porto Rico,
States. The pressure is low west ofrecent arrived he from orto Rico
the Missislppi Rlv.er. A stor m is to hold prayer at the cemetery to-
central in the West Gulf States, but it morrow, when the ladies of this city
has no great energy. Its path aill decorate the craves of those who lost
probably be across Florida. Rain m their lives through the blowing up of
fatlng in the West Gulf. it ie threaten- the nited States battleship Waine.
ing in the Mast Gulf and cloudy in e the ited tate t aine
South Atlantic States. air weather The City Council has decided to be,
Prevails elsewhere. With the excep- represented at the ceremonies by three
tion of the Gulf itate no0 rain or snow of its members
ha fallen n the pat thirty-four tours. During a severe windstorm last night
The temperature has risen over the en-
tire country excepting the North At- three hundred tents in the camp of Ma-
ttntfl- States and extreme northwest, jor-General FitahAgh Lee were blown
where it has fall 6 to 10 degrees, down, among them being that of Lieut.
Tha rises. are more In Florida and the
th Atlante States, and range from CoL Maus. chlef surgeon ot the seventh
a2 to 34 degrees. West of .ae MbIsts Army Corps. The consequence was that
Lthe* im a&s to-10 decrees. The one thousand eight hundred soldiers
Ctasslog1Une.- peses throuigts central
Q1pc-a-a,. Mbnja. MbsIgkppl.&m were deprsIed of shelter.
a* And enatal, Texas. Lieutenant Algernon Sartoris and
There i s no probability of colder Fitzhugh Lee, Jr, and two or three
weather in lorida for severalas oe.
Treaybe a slight drop in tmpera- other young officers c to the
Ptre Idae morning, but in the mean- of the tent in which Major General Lee
Vulile t will continue getting warmer. was sleeping through the severest of
Rate will opastbly occur to-morrow the storm, and kept it from being blown
inornnl, lasting all dat and all night, down.
The ofaelal weathEr bureau reports Honins "Washington cafe, in Cen-
the lorida, Mast Coast as sent tral Pdrk. has been ordered closed by
to the Jacksonvlle Meropolts from Benor Federioo q ors, Civil Governor of
JApiter yesterday says that me temn- lHavana. became & the refusl of the
eraturl reached. 8 degrees aboveero proprietor to serve drihk to a mulatto,
at the westher bureau there, and two the Cuban General Ducasae. Mr. iool-
degrees lower on the ground. This re- man, who is an American, ays he will
port also says that a Klilng frost was reopen. claiming that he is sustained by
experienced there. The director ex- the American authorities. It is con-
plainhi that the weather service never sidered that the controversy will raise
Uted the word killing'- in their reports the race question.
unless to deslgnute that It was desu-uc-
Oaaltr suders to a very great extent. LA
Telegraphic reports from other points RIL F LL
on the ast coast thwo momaLMr show s

i6t the damage
aiL It will
e to fully esti-
d section thiu
The trees
id the orange
d beyond ex
eIphia million.
thousand dol
rotee tlon oves
-nt grove. The
boards,e a
sees, and wai
e parts of the
vas hoped th
* trees, but tU

tnermometer yesterday morning snowet
it was 18 degrees inside the protection
and his trees are all ruined.


A wsagl Wr--n-4e Secret5s y oftb.
Tbor City B. & L. Asoaon,

t Officer Middaugh Sustains Serious In-
juries by Palling From His
From Thursday's Daily.
Police Officer 0. L. Middaugh, one of
the moot efficient men on the force,
s met with a frightful accident between
6 and 7 o'clock yesterday evening. A
e week or two ago he bought a new tl-
-ycle. and since that time has been
utilizing all h e spare time in learning
Sto ride. Lat evening he was pinning
- up and down Florida avenue and finally
r ventured up to where a lot of china-
berry trees had been cut down and were
Sting In the street. In some way he
lot control of his wheel and dashed
into one of them, pitching clear over
and ending with all his weight and
e force wath the point of his chin on the
hqrd pavement. Mis cries brought
brought passeers by to hls assistance,
and he was carried to his home at 1413
Morwan street in a semi-unconscious
Dr. Oppenheinmer and Forwood were
at once summoned and the wounded
man was given careful attention. The
physicians. after a close examination,
pronosiced thim serloutelly Injured. Te
0 left jarw was fractured, and his chin
w ba redly ot and lacerated. It is
feared that he ie Injured internally.
About an hour after the accident Imp-
Pened he became unconecious and hbad
not recovered consciousness at a late
b0or last nigbt. His many friends
e will be grieved to learn o his mistor-
Stune. and will hope for his speedy re-

Sfourw Convictions and One Acquittal,
Was the Record of the Day.
SFiProm Thursday's Daily.
L Five cases were disposed of in the
- United States cota yesterday in which
& the defendants were charged with vlo-


thagaWsd with somu-
8i stva, c charged
om inmiw lett I
enos ot Jo4aldootea.
Es. a negro, wn
slitne nd selling one
ber :the United
5. colored, charlbdd
Spossesston and at-
the same, a counter-
lar sUver coin, was

Id senm im tn" uniea enaces
3 the court ajourned until 1:39
c'thli morning.
editor of the Tribune received


Pirst Anniversary Observed in Differ-
ent Parts of the Country-The
New Kaine.

From Thursdays Daily.
One year ago last night the United
States battleship 'Maine, was blown up
while lying at anchor in Havana har-
bor. Two hundred asd sixty sailors
and marines were killed and a large
number of the bodies of the victims
were buried in a Havana cemeter-. The
bodies of the other victims, were
brought to the United States and bur-
The first anniversary of this terrible
disaster was observed in many parts
of the United States yesterday. On
all public buildings and buildings oc-
cupied by the customs department, and
on all vessels owned by the government
flags were displayed at alf mast in
memory of the men who lost their lives
by the destruction of the Maine. The
only observance of the anniversary in
Tampa was the half masting of the
flags on the custom house ans on sev-
eral vessels lying at the wharves. At
,Port Tampa the custom house nag was
at half mast as was also the flags on
all the American vessels and some for-
eign vessels.
Special to the Tribune.
Washington, Feb. 15.-The Maine dis-
aster -which occurred one year ago. to--
day in the harbor olf Havana was for-
cibly called to mond to-day by the dis-
play of the National flag at half mast
on the capitol building and all govern-'
ment buildings in the city, and on all
naval vessels and shipping in the har-
A number of vessels displayed the
flags of the signal code reading "Re-
member the IMaine." Reports received
here from New York, Chicago, Boston,
Brooklyn, Baltimore, Pittsburg, New
Orleans Kansas City and other places
state that memorial services were held
to-day in memory of the men of the


Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 15.-In the grsiMte,bytlheterms ndeuatlenoftwechtftay
s out we epsdrk isf ee t rf c isaTytm
yard of the Cramp Ship Building Com- i=Tdwewell refa i money i eouns
pany to-day the keel of the new battle- pusjsiesid-L "05of.th rw *gssl sbe a d a ,
ship ,Maine was laid. A large number J gsinss. Iay. -U ord
of ditsinguished visitors were present., OUR REUABILITY IS ESTABL!SHE9 ND ?l
and the ceremony was impressive. sdeiJtwrtsus sk yourneirbhborei out sU., wr"it.e '
Several addresses were delivered Itn r zof o pertLp,.r oI -o t-ssa
which touching references were made a i ol 41' .re""POM-P '-,I' .... Well i IlWp 9,
saems s bidsoro acia-ade sm, Fysopeisa scr w or
to the death of so many brave Amen- t s ..d sin o ',eret.,,sias;S senso.
cans as a result of the destruction of wpmi orw. .pino md n esiii iittrrt.t-i Ctso.c. Adirea.
the original Maine. The Cramps have WEARS.OROESUCK & CO. 55EL.1. PF5th. L ines5a
promised to have the new ,Maine ready
to be launched one year from to-day.
Work Of Reconstructing Street Rail- VOO" no smu is" m r-
road Tracks Will be Rapidly Pushed. s i.3S e- %
From Thsrrelay's Daily. saSndstsiiSaSh M Ws mifohm'seioS1 =
The agony is over a ethe Ybor City e p 4ita.ss renSS Seosim
people wo have been afraid that nRe, rleWin, or MY
Seventh avenue would not be paved rio. bsmhmi.U e ds m esI
with vitrified brick before thme Board ^.I" .and.
of Health regulations stop the wont, e$ e -080.8A9 IntbpmWon
can now rest eeay, for the work of re- =M TwBeee'h e Boe t abooy m
moving the s htreetcr track to the cen- THE f3 1 odm p
ter of the street has practically begun. SS68t9S 1S3& =6meaut hi- |
and the paving can now proceed. ,10s6115n1, ,sis sam-e si o mr srsme sn
A fom e of m en 'wa put to w ork. yes.---.11 rd 5.. -.O.-
-erday removing the earth from be- .g -1--65ssBS libwajr
teen the croes ties of the street rail- Saisam in i
road. preparatory to moving the track. r oSmM a-w-. n -ow _
The actual work of reconstructing the UAA
track twlll begin to-morrow, and as saons n& a --- 5pmei rs.^
as it proceeds for a block or two, the Beek -.be--7---B-s ..s ..-
paving contractor can begin the work'"t"AS urS aw kO mw =^I
At the last meeting otthe City Coun- OrmI iS S i^shm
cil, a oommIlttee consisting of Council- we LWWf.M" TOM sgoalo as.s
man Holmes, Wing and Brown was ap- SMTE FM FI R CGATALOIUL AM ROI=1
pointed to walt upon Mr. C. W. Chapin. s. .
receiver of the Consumers' Electric WE
Light and Street Railroad Company W- 10O
and confer with him regarding the
Seventh sivenue paving This commit-
tee called on Mr. Chapin, and was in- And all
formed by him and there would be
no further delay, as the work would f inlad e
begin to-morrow. The committee will Well P
make its report to the Councjil to-night. 7 Ow of
D -OqW74 ATO EmoneyAt
Three Tamnpa Pishermen Lost During
The Storm Last Week. e ttl idae
The fishing sherpie Pirate, com- -
manded by Captain James Ullvalne,
and having on board Joshua Bush and Tam
torm ,last week. and a none oat th .
men have been heard of the" ame sup- .
TIM beat was found Artiday venln_ -

Foundry. Machine and
Nesw 5.. saP. Deti.aPi
SPECIALTIES :-Hea BUlcksmithi
Works. Store Frots, IU,, Colpmnn,
Steamboat Machinery and Boilers. Ou
to installing Irrigating and Steam Heat
Prices. Hisching Posts and Iron Fence

sor miea i' OA D 5 5 M
90.0.. s 114.m .:, wsas .ss I

-D 1' *i

s' aboe that are

tipBe and ahladie 6 ..
Woe abo for indie a g '
are sb Ta1
ay and rest -M .. ',

new and bgndseo a".e."

o be FrginT l

lapi and sx' q -i W "0 '
erhe abwSeb y i

i de -.1:se b -. I i
ng. hitecturaksi

r proimpta stbtu
M PInat
es *.r~ ^;*

astor of the alpiscopal 1 ty, aeeefsr t POFESSIOAL CARDS-.
this city. The novel a S 4 been shining alday, more
contains 314 pages, and co tathe belief that there has be
by F. Tennyuon Neely ically no damage to orange C C. TT&KR,
Bath Mr. Shackleford an that therewill be a-fIr c op ATt AT LAW
rt are writers of ack- f this ear. r ATTORNY AT LAW,
t, of which "By Sunlit n alone as the op9ilon of be writ Wi or, a i" e Msta as d feaer a sewrm.
ear ample testimony, Sas that of ma.f oIder m6es l Prsspta sue ts givt sA at & Islms
Eight, sparkling and in- agrrs and who art bettio pE Zhsanze Beak BuLdiag. Tapss.Fis
ing from beginning to a t e gttent W. th' .
t is aid in T ad a wEa jearnae O. noHT.
recognize many familiar pha s Wa0r e ea d .
rite resorts in perusing that tile this of ATTORN AND CoLTNSevmfsa
is evatFng in In ts tonse, i a EreYA fa coCOU -T
ugage 'pare n senti- o ty t ee AT LAW, -
n theinteresting l of M I W Ta a- EX. Ba ..nk i .) :LA..
It ftae5as tg style, The m -nnsm eneSa .. Jsepk & Wall, -W rew
the digSes wwpSento- -o ALL & STEVNSM ; *

estlofa& trary sXen-I t W SaU n n .
V Wbo-nd to liecome lot- fits exasseots h-ow .l! ATTORNTSSAST7yWB
neSS. ;indsll. ow W~as__ PhD" sk
iWt.2.aft. r 2. s5. '

r b" 11 d h Ia'.si eib

litten by Mrs. Ada
Se..tWas take"e
rattled on my nlum
al termnlmsated

Wanted Agent or, Braoh l Zo,

On Salary or .o

P A.IMT03so 9. Mdo
HI-RT nd MACKINTOStES .Order Free of C ..
Samples and self measure blanks seet by
-AM 127iip

H. .



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hI a
.rfTw n"

LR w 41,;

Oo~5~~0h2do n-~







ready r reared for hooZr. That ril go to a dark hora,
Fieida LeIslaturA and that the woods of South Florida.
pril next. ain'othre re full of such horses. Ah. the dark
eir a semlon an y horses are not only to be found in South
ha Sat. The w n.- Florida. They are in every part of
tew" tob hea warm the State. and that will be oine of the
-f- the candidate is difficulties to an election, as every dark
New. hores will want to bold back the vote
that mlght elect others until bhe enters
too old a man and the contest. A deadlock is what some
or to -a in ope fore, and they must run in and
or to inde a in united upon to break it.
reterenc to the Were there fewer of the horses in the
dot b i s itnened woods the end of the struggle might
i otb be couldered be easlly reached, and not prolonged,
b 1 fhtd nanve to the great detriment of the tltate.
- if the 5 -tator The Tribune might, however relieve the
e .od tell and situationn somewhat by naming the
horses in the woods in his section.
ay .th..ek-vin Ja Jksosonville so far seems to have but
rest leavill yone pronounced candidate, and he was
Iset ROlway wlsen b om t forth months ago by the en-
'"Jl ^ tho 'scthe'" dorement of the County Democratic
pril? with thp Convention. Others have been men-
ities Itt u tloaned. however, but not by either oon-
STAP It is"-M sent or authority. L there are any
/" andlf dtdark horses in this neck o' the woods
od off _he jW ve do not know them, though we do
oed, uelan. not pretend to sa there are none.
weathe we" At all events, It is to be sincerely
weaSher last wee hoped that no mistake will be made in
aiS s e lecting a Sensto, adthata good,
.saltisache"paD ca" m oknzca a.m.,....,manmass bo



known ftamer
tng Ino the nor-
. Witsn Tamvan


U h W e Evlry Welt Man

e Hath His AIDay-s
A doctor's examination
OVAL. Edior and Manager. might show that kidneys,
liver and stomach are normal,
r++++,+++++++++++ rbut the doctor cannot analyze
SOF SUBSCRIPTION. + the blood upon which these
r malt Postage Prepaid, Daiiy + organs depend.
month- .- $ 60 Hoodta Sariiiarilla purities, vitalizes
r months-. .. 1 ." 5 and enriclhes the bluood. It cures you
onths-.. .-..... ... . 250 -when "a bit of" or when seriously
year-........ ........ 600 afflicted. It tiever disappoints.
+ D7pa a-'My hustmnd had dyspep-
.+9.+..+.4....*.*.. .. a*t-nd Huaft .arstaparilla cared bim.
Our little boy was nervous and the baby
bad ulcerous sores. It cured both." MRs.
r+++4+ 4 *'++++++. EsExA Bacc, Portage, Pa.
in+ -- I could not tat for Some
Ssuhacriptions are payable n s on amount of dsts and ndiges-
Sto n. Hood's Sarsaparillt a ured me as that
t .a retbr ar eraqused r+al eat and silee well." Mas. G. A.G (ez,
remit hr ,seok, poetoffee Taylor and Watlnua Sts. Wilmington, Del.
sWroera pOwan)note, or reg-
1. w ", anWhh the., b-+* JaJai,

Ittes an the ad- + in i a ct of uc a oheme r-

+e DUTnw c m tmed -b. D o R and

they ato teid we avtue A t beoen Ihpoatena
SIn Its tme wasd ownl m ed h a sc ouhene as
t now nm- d f ia nby a2Sr. Di kl aad ter.
sead Aate anPro- tenudw to make the associatio moret
_tt btMl wu & DIn uom h w rU popular W beiyeetent UP the nunty ak
sere. wahs well am ged. it would tee
S uocee financially as wall as other
wtheetAo ad Phnatorse the There is no county in the Stte as well
wel heiide. They know abtis to make a credItable display of
t wo. -iar w=mietty the fult. vegetable, fiAsh, stock, flowers.
h iMt"le, i t fine 1mart tob acoo. cigar, etc., as IlU&s-
0 borough. In addition to an exhibit
N I -to at the Dl0phete mines that wouM open the eyee of our north
40f A O O.t Sd not w *for ern visitors we could have a fine pro-
e 0 00em u a of the coidaAl of gram of raes and other sports on the
wai w sent Inft the took- tack. such as trotting, running, pacing,
hew a, big re was kept up day hurdle, bicycle, baseball, sprinting, golf,
etc. This would be mupoeeweted by
Sa grand Industrial peeade tbrofth the
tseowrl tOfetropolls is au- city It Is the opinion aof those bet
niMr the Statement that at the ohted on the matter, that a movement
10. of the Gerand Lodge of n this direction would result in malk-
ot Fleida, ubordinate lodges lug our Agrionultural and Racing assao-
rdeed not to receive as members olation a grand success in every parti-
B-aged in the liquor traltc. cular.
eaphsate industry in the south- ABOUT. DARK BORSES.
ot t Coi'Wba county continues
revs. New mines are being -
, up. end the rook in bringing In retering to the Senatorial election.
nes. -e outputli Is on A far bet- the Tampa Tribune says Pasco and'
tne- besisethea ever before. Taliaferro are the two strongest candi-
dates. but that neither will bear off the

ae grow ng and exteeDS gall over tihe% Marnde latsmhw l-divaOd uOd ok
city. ,b a

S The Beoner line sehooner, Bundleti, At-&& S nhis ,
from New York was towed inte the -I m I ei M mhlsen.hine sI .
river yesterday and tied up at the Ibeysme lelat teseem heMilag a
free.' A' dooL She has l board a large argoe I m ad wilh em aslem ed
of merchandlee for general distribba- s*.Lok eow Ibun
"@Ul aU r ~tion. A rough voyage is reported, al- T no lt -- atIa M"e salase
though no damage was sustained, ata a epmas Wsm
Work we commenced yesterday on I s3 imu 0
Sa new dock which is being on anThe li eMen ea Ssowf aMIA
BIneERw, u srs he"ed In we s0.he.mMUMMA le
T* the west side of the river. The dok oe
Sis being built for Mr. Washington and "YeT, you caMs you isht have I
sle to be of large dimensions. The *Obr'"-Dtef tPM Prso.
e work is being pushed and it is expected neer e the emw.
Auvi to be completed at an early date. Admil Dewra hee bemybk mui1
s men e b peleop els a te in m
A"K---- | The Jauuary term of the illsbor- a 0 &SN
onugh county criminal court will be **:= "Algial I bt, *apmmnw
resumed next Monday. The list of member ea"
cases was so large that It could not be A E DSr-I. SEw Idimem
completed in time to get out of the ?Toeve wee r *S ead won"2
S way of the cirealt and Federal courts
and Judge Carter took a recess entil In f31 MSseed. ,
TI ~the Brst Monday in Maro. 11wh01 e
"na wmo w u ,Ase ssdk?3h3BBS3
The heavy storm of last night anI miems.-weN i" h a
S iccemsant downpour of rain seriously the eVea'es adsnm aMSGui
Ioo pamoI,%ni Interfered witb the proper obnervanoe w010da00& .
f j i of Waslingte.'s birthday la she even-. pam"" me .a
l In. Tampa'ssocial funoaos a are a ry ,2 T.-,sn m
siCsi d. Imported. JAst at this season the O mWeang alte ahe sar n t
year aadaythifg that Interferee with Oe we.
theirproper drelypment is frowned t eIl
-aOI t e UeeSM 'e.e :--
'Q 0

cultivated Florida oil has cue Poison!
quaititem equal to that of any Southern ,Aiid-iALIAN CORAL KEE=P.
State. It is also a well established
fact that It will yield quicker to culti- BV Vs,1 c |i'p ii;n'irC.I-ld ti1.-. ILo& and e Ol
vatilon after a rainy season than any e World. W'oander.
oll In the country. Take the G-eorgia ", :t -r barrier n If which fringe
l Cir Fre .:whichtheAtia C r
Journal in its issue ol Thursday" 1: 4r e he --,t ,tf ,or Q-nei.,ndi north of lrlesban
th fu relF ree, 1ti., ,,,v,,--.. a,,!s-i Trcires -straits mustnia-
-... re,.,o, al, at e wundere of ths
-Three is only one little ihld that haso r- i.k a.tr .oot it the coral anmalof the
b.net broken up and plowed. bi-twtn-ej H TRIE R. 1 1 r !2X) n,':l the Coral Animal.
Atlanta andc rimin along the li : HAV E YOU TRIED B. B. -uL 1 a-te sraid a l lid protection against
th- (C,.ntral Railroad." .said ,nii.i- w %' thirvin fwrll nt a distance
sioner t'teveris. of thi agricultural T- To prove the wonderful healing power rL ,nOfr te o.owil1 ia afrtn the
npartnient. this morning. "ThoN \\h; f c it. tB. 1. evtry sufferer may receive tin,-. esR.tnrc a cnuiuitrlncly safe and
and oats that have bI en planted sn, .s <"-Ie bottle of Lr. I. B. free by mail. -amn inntir anstt. uintihle for navtiga-
th leirst of Dceiiimber have b-en kli.a 1 i ::. ,D POISON. whether acquired tnton by the lurguas rteaimers on their %oy'.
a ent riventhe t'alos that e remplat, l or inherited. man or woman, absolutely arts north and ent. Sundry channels
iOunSly daniaged. itU-'d to sta. cur.-d by ticianict ilood ptnetrat Ri-t,,o-ef at Intervals. ard whole
-onm land \\ hich Nvath not w,.ll pr?-V Palm(TI.tD. B. patientss cured otteen 1eets of tradi t schnosrrs ar .trgularly
pciard. toit e~ch cnun otc.1iyjle- lalin0.engogro aiuld the intricate labyrcinthof
grainuhad lnodbecome nn-ly imbolde, perfectly well to-day, with no trace of Those who havePeen theskeletonmadre
therb \ %il be much loss to the farmers. the dieahae rlet. If you have PIM- porea and braunhiing o oralan 0 the thely
Then, it is time for all of the farmers PLES. MUCOUS PATCHES. LIT'rLI fi -fa museum can torn. no conception of
to be well prepared. The titeenth of ULCERS on tongue or lips, UGLY the surpanine beauty of the living orgaa-
February is the day that thi farmers in SORES. sore throat, BOnE PAIDNS, lams, vigorous at or near the surfceof
the southerti part of the country begin the transinent sean. On the ebbing tide
planting corn. Not an acre of corn COPPER-COLORED SPOTS, falling wefind everydescription of animatadoon
has been planted, and no one can tell hair or eyebrows, painful swellings, growth exposed from thaepunded ise
when cdltionut will pe pnit the fainr- skin Itches and burns, color bad, hands of beain cmsal to the tsaa horn made-
era to get to whek." and feet puff up, boils. scrofula, eosema,
Plowing Imposetble, and It will take then B. B. B. will cure you by driving o e th of corymtnteform ad a T erl-
days of warm Isuvhlne before the land the deadly poison out of the bones, sty too nnne so lono The l-
will be in a cultivating condlt~n. In body and blood. The only remedy flant onlortion of the myriad s of polyp
all the lowlands of the State tie snow that does this and thus cure. when all Includes every shad, from e moream-
has drifted, and In many places it is a else fals,. Don't dose your ystemr with bar brown of the fungl tribe to dell o
foot or two deep, and when this melts mercury or pay heavy doctor.' blle lemon yellows, lilac, pink. rieh grep In-
the land will be a veritable swamp anid when B. B. B. is at hand. B. I. 'epermied with golden hes, apple gileee
will be too wet to plow for mrany days. does not contain minerals or vegetable tipped with viole, bright o eboooals,
"The farmer will lof e as much tf poison, nd can be taken with perfect purple and em blue The vauioa uosogg
not more than the fruit growers of the safety and pleasure ELB.s. Be. dis-Naion of mine vivisomeu aimele
State." sa d Commiassoner Stevens. covered by Dr. oilman the great At-se all mmtaa.o of ndered
"And the farmers are the least prepared lanta rSetallset, and umled with hbsolutes cn m and on besadia
of ai claser s In the State to loe their uccs by him ln his Driate practUiae see m ave b head It
crop and be thrown behind in the plant- for thirty ye B.B.rB. for e by other e d a eao6t*, wie
I= of thiseaon. It gre hard- leadingdr n rggimtsev rywhers at J$ per enu be ir.sayl r a h nX si
ship upon them and will cause untold large hottlem, or asix bottle( full trea-pacoadingo ton the d alshaend g eat
ive, and dieeitopointment.ment) $L Sampie bottle of B. B. B. me ema i aI
alorida armeas and truh t of r and valuable pamphlet sent to all who Thnem Swon O a mm l o oaU-
don'et have to wait minute after sthe suffer free of chrge. Describe your a w arda ba edLotshe
heaviest rn bo benia to plow trouble and we will include special mtin ng o ar le pea % s o wne-
heavet r medical advise. ,Addree BLOOD red a an an of aisedn k
and t l an. With the partial o BATh Co ., 11 Mitchell Street, AtlUadta, oan are se swarm wih e npaebsi
teon of crome n moiw other State., andu Georgia. b l b u Ms at orcanldsi
the aeriole drawbacks encountered inp woGe oria. Byomor'ow, aee -l bM

ready market at good prodpices. seds. o rida, aNsT. 7. 1 n kt e paso o
Florida has no the ou ve of gloatingy and the twUnt otrd oin t f p odl"
over the mni fortune of Georgia or any t t s I are o h l ansOB-
other State. dOn the other hand we s Isad Ofat ethe lafedwhin" dina u
deeply s ly patis eve w ith them in their o la h a) for fatoe
great I ar. But t ahe peop le of this te o in ntd
etate have a eopvportu ityoresulting M-- VDl Ud dby i helantr neS a. Ltaolesae ,.n
from the effects of the recent freeze aT ellt exc i T
a, if rightly improved will place p t Ppe, The pLa stulnon os ybrn lta h pm
ple in a much more proeperoue ondi- on Friday, Nov. 7, 1783, in the prison of
tion than they have been for mwnY John Ault n,m convicted on the pagodIng
yOearsO..TaerSaturday of robbing John Sper and e ou
CCR.TOB GO. PtprCUp OGLYCLUG t ringe and wounding him in anaele man-
ThIE C ODERN W NY ner. In Walfoerd's "Old and New Loa-
Cdon" in ise rroDeoucly naid thMt "the s0he
Commends itself to the well-informed, Intereatingr teams Portraying lzi criminal executed heae wa one Rylaed,
to do pleasantly and effectively what dent land Accident pof -veryday who we hung et ) for forer Ia n 17tm .",
was formerly done in the crudest nan-' William Ryland was executed on Aug. 99,
ne and daareeablyas well.To Life in T p-roa two month before the date of A n'
cleanse the system and break up colds, and LipereonaL convicton, and many a poor wretch made
headahe, and feas wihuthe fatal pilgrimage to Tyburn in the in-
headaches, and ferere without snpleau' terval, hangIng by wholesale heing the
ant after effects, use the delightful Jackaon bad i by wholeale bi te
into after effet, uise th deoightul wThe lgnes Bell eame in from t e p l e In those dale
liquid laxative remedy. SyruTp of oigs.t e T perbnken B bl c ia-aym n th here lonhpro dead on wetw had bon
dade by California Fig Syrup Company. the snapper banks yesterday wi th tended hy g edirao iefrul sones th at
Ra fine lt of red _,napper-, the awt thorities resolved to hang criminals
The law Oftice of N.B. K.P ettengill henceforth outside sgevrate prices,
Was the scettO hn(tieurinA yesterday In Mr.'hapin' ayaeht Sapho, wa tt)wed straight from theoodemn d c0ell Aooord-
o cth auei. of J C a, M7oy of rtheboy yesterday af ertooa ne al- no Des ,1783, the recorder ordered
te hatk rucys sa,-ofJCr y ra rne o t intotht bSayiestera ras aterotthe erection of e scaffold in front of th
Co. Mr. Pet tengilli is the matter 1 tie Mctrnet. ptreparatory to a cruse jail, of which a notieoand der asritlee so.
in the case.I,, Ti urni u arsnauer ill ite llf. graving appear in The Gentleman's M g-
& Co.b i s repre., a ted wby GuMby ne for the csane month, and ton the o10th
&lCo.tod retireh d toy dipthe new hanging place wa sinnoursated
Gibbons and Samuel Fitiher, alao a Tie thr i-ma.tcisd shionsn.r leedwell by the execution t,f ten male..taers.-
memtber of the Arm is represented by ha'tflnisite leading and utwill leave thi Notes and Queries.
Sparkman & Carter. Onotore weeks ago morning aitli a general cargo for
the tirm, w h,ch has been engaged in theMr D.emarek a-san Eeort
manufacture of cigars dissolved part- lett. A Swekholm newpper tells a assoy
nerahip. following this di.solutlon vsbout IBiinardk, for which an aged Swed-
was imot onforvolun arybnkrupcy te steamer er apL Jackson ishlady Itheauthority. Nely0ea
into which Stmael Fislipr the com- which has temporarily taken the place ago. hn a girl, she went to .Ba li,
plaoant was ;drawo. l The settileunt of the Government boat Bilaynte, left where sheelsed o0massenl, 61
of the case nvolves a number of very last night for Egmont Key with a studying as the university t here This
Som fasmall cargo. einati -youth. For veral days he was
The benefit bull at Leiver'e hall last a constant gio-t and a charmlngomnpan-
eight under *he auspices of the race Many of the race horses were loaded fon a It wus only wha n she was on the ea
of departure that he mfdo the ea-lana-
trackjockeys wais attended by as Icm- on the Pant System car. yesterday, tion "You me, my daeacousin, I am os
mense crowd, notwithstanding thedie- preperitory to being ahIpped tonorthern your sein. Myfriend your sonelsII
agreable weather. T''ose proent nt- ponte today. By tomorrow there will so vary b Pusyreparila fnseanmEan Sat
joyed the 1 oo1alo 1 to the fullest ax- be little left either of the bote or the M name is Gno k iem"tsh. ti,
a bitch or a jar tod the crowd was tie- In Det l l eu eke saile donS tem blhs,
lighted wIth thecever work displayed The Yellow Kids chewing gum who market 'I ha a ato k i L T yos-M
by thoe who bad charge of th^e t- novelty is the latest and cutest thing inres, I h ave sear ie m sele."--
Imgment\, that has etruok the city for some time, edem Oh .simioa .

t tr dis eappontmnttnote mer ns to see the entire performance. 'seie In

best to be. marki

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an L~i


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Which will be here in
days, come and help us

Our Great..

The succe dem
have made -

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And reduction, .ia
find It gratly to jar,
sage to a#aU yonro lof
porm atuy e -s
Ladv st' Wrd kiruv i
,rade.for ily 96.'. .: .
Yard-wide 3losdbed
5 grade, Mnly4B. .
A10 of dark-oobrl
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New lot of Umea*.-
low prices.

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New StarM hOtm Jt

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Carre linta ga




Items Concerning Those
Cfrtlan Offiers to ba Rewarded for and Go-Neighborhooc
Gallantry During the War. chat.
Piant City, FIA., Leoru-i
SCANS TO COME FROM CUBA I% t...ee le moe s ......
weeks, it i-. aithl iut to .-a;
Court of Embalmed Beef Inquiry present or future pro-pect
Have Sent to G Brooke Fr Every da l sunshine brain
I H!ave Sent to Gen. Brooke For rev,-'al no good spirit. whi
Some Sample Cans-Will hope to see a pruhcable way
e 'd. prosperous season ent to ci
I beAnalyzed. he l2esL uur vegetables cuff
and peaches, too. The straw
s though hurt, will survive
' Special to tin Triobte. Many growers who fortunate
I Wasuing, u, ea. 21.-l. was learned" t leir pantt, are making
t tonigni rmLU a meiober or nue reeft ments of berries each day. i
i court of iiiquiry that nasructious hada ,an output after such severe
) been giden Lo Major General Brooke at, The larger orange trees a.
SlHavana to send to Wasnington at once very little iLiured. but smul
Sporty cans of the roast beef supplied to lered badly, :o that toe crop
r the army during the war witti pain." here will be very light 1
t Brooks naa beso instructed to selecLt ason.
t oqly those cans which appear to be ingart aft
the worst condition. Rv. W. E. Bogart aft<
t It is proposed to analyze the contents several days with his many
i of the nans to determine the amount of turned to Ocala Thursday.
Snutrition they mountain and whether Dr H G. Lawsoo, who
r they have be cheuicaily treted
i Tbeemn themselves wi be aalized to ereoce for life on the coast
t determine whether any lead was used to St. Petersburg, expectia
n their manufacture. the spring and summer m
th court conaiders this a most:im- the water edgie
portent feature Of the investigattion. be watered
It would also like to get bold of so The Warneil Lumber & V
refrigerated bo4, but ties will not be mills have temporarily a
possible. It is propose, dbower to partly on account of the re
traom the manufacture of the met andate freeze and e nessanti
to enquire into the treatment given le freeze od e meeans
the bee furnished under the clause in having sufficient storage roc
Requiring It to stand seventy-two accumulating stock. It is
Sbours in a tropical climate, alter bav- pressMed, however, that tl
been taken from the refrigerator. oe rty
company ha- oa course of
! POLICEMAN PULLED HIS PISTOL brfiding of imense stores
Mr, B. H. Farr is having i
i Lnd Shot Three Times at the Flee- cottage builitnear the resid
tog Kurderer, Two of Which Took and Mrs. Jasper Evers.
Effect, Causing Almost In- Seed is in demand, a lar
r in vegetables is about to be
a taut Death, Mr. F. L. Moore and I
-r Tampa spent Sunday at tl
r Special to the Tribune. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Beaty.
t Gainesvtile, Fla., February d2.--Late There. will be an ent
on Monday evening a terrible double Saturday evening by the W
* tragedy occurred at High Springs, net Band in the pretty oak
) north of this city. In a very shorn the school buildirrg. An
b space of time two men were killed one program has been prepared
by a stab from a knife and the other ice cream and cake will be
from a pistol ball. The name of the the entertainment. These
nflit v-ctim was Harry an, the well always a success. A cordi
Known and high esteemaed young i, offered to all.
i clerk at E. K. Anderson's grocery
* store. In one anoenre of the proprietor
of the store, a man named Napetr ask- Death of Chas. H. Co
ed credit for several doars worthU I Charles H. Cnnr of Ma
L goode. Mr, Bryan told him that in the Connor of Ma
abasece of Mr. Anderson to could noLI who has been in the e.nplo3
grait his request. Napier, after some Curbing for a rumber of
I inherent remarks went out. Partese esterdav morning at the h
who watched him stated that he sent tter n Nebraka e
to a butcher sh.-p and stiarpened an
ugly locking knite thar he took from twenty years ano rie came
hits pocket. Later in the day he re- for the benefit of his health
tured to the store, and walkiog up to vigorous and strong, but at
Bryan struck him ou the head wio the
open knife. As the boy fell be stab- victim to that dread disease
bed bim again in the ba.k, from the tion He was 33 years. Id
effects of which he died in a few min- a devoted wife to mourn hi
utes. Napier walked out of the store was a man of noble charact
and was starting off, when a man whoheld
Sbad seen the murder, pointed him out held in the highest estimt
to an officer. After two attempts he who knew him. During I
broke away from the officer, who fired ness the members of the
three shots from his 44-calibre pistol, Fellows' ,lodge of which he
two of which took effect, killing him her paid bhim every atteftic
almost instantly.
The affaircaused great excitement in maios will be ent north to
the neighborhood. Napier bee been home for interment.
Sreoognised a pan of bad reputation -
Sand te people se well satisfied that
Strhe ountry risnd of him. On Trial for 0or
SSteceal to the Tribusp .
S TAMPA STiL. OH TOP. Santiago de Cuba, Feb.
3 DeiLrrwy S .rgna to confer with General
r 3a na Nade In rho S y 0 military governor of the
SYesterday was the amiversary of of Santiago, and toarrange
the birth of the "Father of his the departure of his re
r country" and was also the day that Third Immunes, next mot
saw rhe completion of the first Amei- also appear as a witness
can beer delivery wogon mamfeactured the trial by court martial o
in this sty by GOsev Loeffler, the en- ward Wilson on charges of
Sterurisngesrvlage and wagon mano- embea.letaeot. The opini
Sactrer of te oity. The doebe here that MaJeWilon is
aetwt was celebratd in approprnato mnd anad ow set ealse 1
Style by Mr. Leffar ast his establish- The evidence thus far g
mat corner of Marion and Tyler Wilson's offenses to be gi
streets yesterday aflteroon with a indicated by his alleged ac
mpMton umlbseon which was par- mei.

5 takseofbya uusmberofniuvited ueetas
and the attaches of the factory. Dtribtag
T- wagon was made from the ptan, npecel to the Triune.
and speailflatioo- of Kak J. Tow, Washlngton, Feb. 21.-
the general agent of the Florida Broa. McKinley has come to the
ing company, ee ly for the that several officers wll ha
So te cowardedfor gallantrdur
cantly returned roes Havana where war. Brigadier General
b oeta wnsbls oweabng awb amof e a retire on Marh 16. Col. E.
Po sis thei Cuban oapft&l t$y. pow brigadier general of
The gon s a thesebdeer, with will be transferred to a si
I's, axl s, o nd whlo quite light is ex- mand with the regular arm
by two hores and Will e used fr th Unle te y
delivery of the outtied goods of the General Otis cannot be rew
Flaild Brewing eosmpay. It Is the retirement of Major Ge
painted a habst blue and has the demne ritt on June 16, 1900. Otis
of the OompaIn golden letters onnextmaoger
tb l uppewr de 'o o ny't Urad major general of
mark, he coat of arms of Florida on army.
a boer barrel sarmounted by aa allaga
tor, Is shown oonspiauonsey on tb Pightiag near WaM
frost of the wagon. lbhe workman. ec
ship reect credit upon Mr. Loeffer, ec to the Trbne.
the nmoanfan rer. Manila, Feb. SL-JudglB
The Insobene yesterday was n iam- frequency of the rile fr.
ojoyed by m oall preset. Of course the'
waMgon wa elatemed withSh te f rently concentrating in s
S of sFlorid rewina compeay. of Manila but is is yet
gn O.f 1amilrde eg tobe a 11 g a n of
teotored by Mr. oIffler for We i ookn. lolo. Throughout al
pny. there was occasional ibe
S- which was renewed at 9 o
The Turner muds recital yesterday morning.
aternoe at theheadquarters 8 The ooatest became quite
mka sltn ret was attended by very and aheUs from the Hawta
MaWereowds. The program was the p re to a convent whiet
"" a any yet given In t present graod. A hot ruanj
a aof amfeom mental and the eup for overan hoar
powdsweasere tan delhed ceased frig and,
lifthgI aei win f. ebshe..
. _- .. > .
'" '- ," .... ":':... +k ubm":"-




As the sun seems to smile and get down sto-=
its normal state, and the weather mar tells
us that this will be a real Spring W.atha jr
Week,,e will display all the New We ;
Fabric nd productions of this and allH drms
eigan .countries. .. k

. .

a To one and alla if you call we willshow .
you the handsomest and mostJ complete dis.e-
play of -- I

8prnog aU1 Semr

Ever shown in Florida. For the newest and -
latest things in the Millinery line this is
headquarters. .

Just to Rimind Y

Our Great Shoe Sale is still on. Better Goods'
for less money ever gotten in Tampa keeps
up the rush. .


ue. Nearly PresldenL Vice President Cashier. 4i1*taat -

D, Exchange National ..
to Florida .
and became h.
clast died a
and leaves i
death te TAMPA, FLORIDA.
er and was
i by CAPITAL. $100.

Tampa Odd
as" T e Soe c te Siss of IhMiiSlSt, COfMsanisil C
lfl. Tb.re-e OULIISIW LI
his former
PETER 0. Eeu.L 11CRANf, 3 AR a .
ry. 3 W see- w otte enmstaM t*th sl he*f
s urpas ed fUtls fer mtia ffg too no asaN pa ltentsta
C3wAnadubal, Mexicoandall NUroe. U u eova t.
Of the 14.L
namo today *4.. .4.+.4. ++. *,4. 4s*44.4 .e
Wood, the +1
giment, the + i
. He will + r-
omorrow in +
fMajor Ed- + *
foereryand .l -+
on prevails --.
out of his* i07-..
iven show .. -
rMter th" "
knowledge-n e aW e dair y our Spn .

+oon o t S. "Si
tobere- o +. 0t and exami ofow stock. .
n g t h e la te .. . . .,. .
Miller wil l

. :. Henry (iddens
vlu Majocln ers -.

will be the 4.
.he regular co-+ ***H i*d.* ...

s ~~i , z,,~L mal~


Mnar Ad Mfer.

Al'i aar1lAddims shows appes,
ASr a contiiaous run.-
31i.et naki1tant's memory was
* i paired by the freeze.
Challenge from a golf club these
_ WO dW& be likely to Incite a riot.
s aone been cruel enough to say
ir the freeze was a blessing in dis-

Hllhambmaee people are discussing the
ot of an ice palace carnival before
S*season is over.
A few more such capers by the
nherad artificial tee will be a thing
f1be rs t in Florida.
cit en should take a pride in
Go the pavement in front of

.-Apprehension in
pium itree as to

r|Ut has proved a dangerous
to "he Hot Nip" urng the
fewtAlEy as a, nose decorator.

a toer's trust has been or-
|sd (Wbt's the matter with the
andi de ole cawn pone."

naturalization upon the

Xak o-N'ree Press is a thea opin-
h e Mormon elders tramping
.gh S-91r9Ma ought' to be arrested

not ceatky ge
Mk th* of secretaryy sL4-
see how he looks in
inkt of wlotewash.
sdeem aby the experiences of
few d* that Florida pros-
Saecesstully meet all op-
ith the, exception of Jack

har baa been en-
i4'e4rbbrarry harvest, he as

t ld mfests of the-frigid
d gaggedt toake more t-an hs

ainqd ,cdeqy weather and
H aot yesterday and last night
Is et very best mnedi-
a bpe prscribed for the
N there s any life re-
i ~tftwill arrive it.

Cubasand the Phli-

a the ited States. TBer

lase 'sat s 1 her em-
*hWU Pi Me kis. se
to placuma of

-^ re sarat did whpn it

Sm all

Sewas received from several see- Nothing succeeds like success. andl
tosn athe county yesterday. stating Causes fnly halt the sickness in the world. It he most active principle of success Is
that vegetable growers were already at retains the digested food too longI f the bowels energy. Whether the object for which
Ark cleaning up their land and getting and produces bilousness, torpid lver, tndl. e strive contemplates private gain or
everything th shape to replant at the public weal. energy is the dynamo that
earliest Possible moment. This is the j furnishes the power to go forward. The
proper spirit, and fairly represents the success of the individual and the suc-
recuperative qualities of the average H cess of the public are dissimilar only in
SFloridian. The fact is the loss to the gestion, bad taste, coated ll that the former represents the motive
vegetable growers is not near as ser- ton a e, c hadah i power generated by one person and the
Ios as where the orange groves have; cureconstipation and aU lts latter is the product of many persons
been destroyed. The ground is fertil- :-esults. easily and thoroughly. 25c. Alldruggists. united for a common cause. The see-
Ized and all ready to begin anew, and Preptred by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell. Ma-. ret of individual success is also the
in a rw weeks the vegetables will be The on!y Pills to take with Hood's Sarsaparla. secret of community success. Both
as far as they were before the are achieved by energy and persever-
freeze. The season is yet very early, STOP THE SILAUGIHTER. ance. A progressive city is the high-
and with those who push their crops, -*- est expression of a community's energy
and lose no time in replanting, the In the Tribune of yesterday was pub- and co-operative efforts. It is marvel-
prices will he fully as good and probab- lished a copy of the McEnery resolu- .ous that magnificent results to intel-
ly -etter than if there had been no tion that was passed on Wednesday, ligently directed public spirit. We
freeze. The continued rains will make by the United States Senate. It passed could mention cities that have gone for-
the soil in excellent condition for a big by a vote of 26 to 22. and had the ward despite the absence of attractive
crop and a quick crop, and taken all in party lash not been used, it surely natural advantages and the acuteness
all. the growers are In much better would have been defeated. It repre- of competition. The cities of this glass
shape for large and 'better returns sents clearly the policy of the adminis- owe their importance and advancement
than they were this time last year, traction, and. signifies our determina- to energy and enterprise of their citi-
when the country was suffering from tion to rule to natives as serfs and vas- zens. Tampas is splendidly located
the drouth that coatinu-ol until nearly sales or dispose of them to the highest and enjoys almost unrivalled natural
everything bu-ned 1o the ground. bidder as we would a lot of old army advantages, and her progress, while It
Everybody it waiting for definite mules, has not been commensurate with her
news fro.n the o-snge groves, but all If any act of ours would tend more to ability and capacity for expansion, is
opinions at this *arly date in regard to make the Filipinos fight and continue sufficient to warrant the most sangu-
the condition of the trees le mere spec- the war than such legislation as this, ine expectations for the future. 'More
ulation. It will be the latter part of we fail to conceive what it can be. Any attraction needs to be paid to the push
this week or the first of next before an native, that would not continue to tight and enterprise that have given our cl-
intelligent opinion can be forced. This rather than submit. to such rule is not ties possessing few, natural advanta-
rule of course does not apply to well fit to exist. gee their growth and solidity. A
protected groves where thA fruit has Tbe Bacon resolution that was de- broader spirit of harmonious co-opera-
not been frozen or the tender sprouts heated just previous to the adoption t ion needs to be cultivated and practi-
destroyed. this one tby a tie vote, the vice-presi- ced in all matters pertaining to munt-
A well known citizen residing near dent casting the deciding vote provided cipal progress and prosperity. In
Ketptle Pairk about 3 miles west Of the chance for an independent form of union there is strength, and Tampa is
t ($ty fcaUed a Tribusme effce government that we now offer to Cuba. beir to inestimable advantages if her
eterA Sla stated that his large As conquerors and much the stronger business men will press her claims
grove was absolutely uninjured, and nation, we could not afford to do less. against the competition of rival cities.
will not so much as shed the leaves. The adnost unanimous sentiment of
From some other sections the news this country. is to end the useless "HE WAR BOARDS REPORT.
to not so favorable, but while the opin- slaughter in the Philippines, which un- -
ion Is general that the young trees are doubtedly would have been done had, The voluminous report of the War
killed back to the bud, the owners of the Bacon resolution passed the Sen- Investigating Commission shows that
old groves are confident that no serious ate; but the adoption of the McEnery the investigators consumed all the time
damage bha been done. resolution mean a continuation of the and money they could get away with,
slaughter. A war of extermination. hP.ve reviewed the whole field, It is true,
THE QUESTION SET'IED. as Agulnaldo and his followers will but found very little to condemn in
fight tc? the death rather than live as the management of the war with Spain.
(At a caucus of the Democratic Sena- slaves. The report is unanimously in favor oT
tors in Washington t,6 discuss the party President McKinley and his over the powers that be, except as to Gen-
oolicy In regard to the Philippine quee- zealous but deluded followers may live eraT iMiles, who is given scant praise
tion. the question arose as to whether to see the failacy of such a policy. for the able part he took in whipping
or not the ratification of the treaty 'was the enemy. There Is nobody but re-
a settlement of the expansion issue. Such o4"aeous conduct as the See- voices over the quick termination of
Senator Vest of Missouri, expressed ond Ohio Regiment is charged with in the war and sounds the praises of the
himself in the following language: Macon. Ga., Friday, should not be al- mighty Republic which proved itself
'"That aort of talk is nonsense. 1The lowed to pass unrebuked. They held such an easy conqueror, but the Secre-
Qoestion was settled by the ratification up people on the streets and went into tary ,of war who had immediate charge
of the treaty. We have lost our eight stores and robbed them indiscrimina- of the army, can hardly he credited
and we must now look for other issues. tely. Overcoats, gold rimmed eye- with doing this great thing. The peo-
I opposed the treaty because I did not glasses and other property, it is alle- pie did it, despite the Secretary-4on-
believe the acquisition ao the Philip- ged, were taken from people on the gress a generous and patriotic people's
pine IWands was a good thing for this streets by force. The regiment had money, the heroic navy- these were
ctttry. "' However, the islands now just been mustered out of service and the real powers.
belong to us and they will belong to many were drunk. Pretty hard stor- The report of the Commission will
us as long as the republic exists. The ies these to be told a President of men not be received by the people with
only way,*in my opinion, to prevent ex- from his own State.-Jacksonville Me- cheers.
panmlon was to defeat the treaty. Do tropolls.
not delude yourselves, gentlemen, that We have taken Iloilo, yet one-half of
the fnt agaInst e.panason has only On account of the salubrious condi- us don't know what to call it, let lone
just began. It is over, and we were tion of the atmosphere the New Or- what to do with it.
whipped. Can you cite an instance leans Mardi Gras did not make a "hot
,where the Ango-axon race surren- time in the old town" on Tuesday night. The poor are always with us, but
dered an inch of territory that It one The mules were unable to navigate on never as much so as a time like this.
got its hands on" the icy pavements, and with the tem-
The President's war investigating perature a faew degatherees below d and frizzled It will no doubt vely soon be Admiral
commission's report, and the mitiga-, froze fast to the fire. An ice carnival Dewe in fact as well as in name.
tion ot the sentence of Gen. Eagan, are was talked of by some of the managers
beOiU critlcised qte a severely bythe but the rise in temperature caused them winter. Jak Frt util n
tRepublican as the Democratic news- to announce that Rex would resume
wpaer prees. The Baltimore American business on Friday.
calls the commission's report a "white-
Wash." aIdk'ts Cl lcago (Tri0Re 1S The Atlanta Journal is Just a little U
ebqt the sine opiOa of it. In the previous in declaring that the Florida
matter of Eagan, nunibers of Repubil- rae crop was killed by the blizzard.
can papers, such as the New York Tri- The statement is doubtless true regard-
liase. the ston Tr-veer, the Pltt- hig the northern and middle portion of -
-i IAeader. t1lb ffalo ,xpres. aha the State, but according to the latest IbJ B
others, hare hesitated '.wonder aeports received, South Florida will i & Tf
bow tow have a fairly good crop. Sfch sweep-
had statements as those made by the Jour-
S.. sal are calonlated to do more or less ,
ther in S at ndajy and no good except to raise the Dd o0 ever try to dodge the
slap. S o v wood selce of what e remains un sold. Did o s e d

o .of the blowing up of the bettieship f O flfaLpto. Yot

tree or ~ e must important factor in prei stantly talidng them into our
sy 'pitating a war with tDhin which re- lungs
egsme ^ saisted in Cnha's freedom, Opain's be.- Tfgn wiy don't we al have
558. Ae thi di @5..S h t benause

0o&anal pseseatone by the United these germs cannot gain a lost-
sHttes. Remember the Maine. bold In a trag throat and
Un esal satisfaction is being ex- e
preewd at the action of the Tamp w k that the germs atMtbeW ed
Agr'ouitri. Fair and Racing Assocka- W t lmube M p l
tlon in deciding on a fifteen day 0on- whthfablbspo anger M
tinbitlon of the racs They are be- hY the blod s poor andt
-' otasoming more popular every day and to body 1 thi. l I ou g doe!
s stop them now right in the midst of not y an your tiroat and
the eeason would be a big disappoint- lungs feel raw and sore, yo
iwon:- ment to thousands of patrons. should not delay another day.
u" in the In New York City alone, it is estl. T
stated that fifteen thousand destitute
hysi. families are facing death as a result of C O tt s
the bitter and long continued cold t
30 V x weather. All the charitable institu-
^ terw tions are beng taxed far beyond thel I ll I
hm"^ b% resources. The demands for relief are UElsio n
ll hi unprecedented in the history of the of Cod-LUver Oil with Hypcphcn-

ra"h city. phites at once. It will heal the
A b "W'Whil..e so many repairs are being inflamed rsernbrines and Fcreaty
made to our principle streets, people strengthen them as well. The
e should be careful in driving out or rid- digestion becomes stronger, the
aw toi cycles after dark. Scarcely a appetite better and the weight
Ogbt passes Without one or more ac- Irease The whole body be-
fi% ate and as a rule they are the o wellfotified and the
IWast of fast and in many Instances te of cocumpto cannot
eckiess driving gain foothold.
The quicker you begin to tear out It's this nourishing, sustain-
the ftret bitten shrubbery from your Ing and strengthening power
flower garden and plant new the quoe- of SCOTTF' EMULSION thai
era w, wlU be herset again. It is has made It it such value in
qoneeaMisne to 7 ever s m mUk all wasting and iatg
ies 1 s thew ogeNtO W awo h u i eases. %
... .. t-, --

' ".^^Z' "-.te :_ 'r" th- I" elt ,
$^- 4il^BesB 'ta 7; 6 ML

63A-.'^ *.^ ^ ^

asmsM, sd fspaufad has
sts tes than ONE RCNT

ss-s-n Establlsh"d 17e0* 0-

2HOPPING BY MAIL. Established Presat(


Importers and Retilera


Mail Order Departi
We have a regular orgpni'e dpar~eut g
vision of one of the firm for this raneh
at a distance can send for samples an s-if
any opder entrusted to us filled wth the a
care, And at the same prices as if peroa0 ael
us for samples and prices on anythig in th
Line. Our store has beet speoclally _
of a Dry Goods use. It is the rgstt
beat co0stru od, an oA0 i all Sa epi UA E
to render it the most useful, Comfortable and attre
kind. It is accordingly one of theighyt Lovuifio -a
"Bacon's AAvertiser COataiDS price
Goods mailed free -on application -

J. BACON- & ONS,..

425, 425, 429 E. Market ft. above Presto
_____ ^ _____ f ___ x ,." ^ ^ ^ f

Meast'Obilizand4Serries.No Ossihbetys 5saslsaonfi.
?bsFlssslseobp~dsat lsfdelgU aaesb
Comanche (now), Algonquin, Iroquois,.- rtke
From JaeksosYellIs n(&bW4 .. Fi (slgshts .
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C.?P Lovell AssI Fe. opS..
Jeeksonvillk. F-4.6ss
Theo. P.G, e. 9 I.. Sflwflg 4W,.
Bowling Oeess. N. Y WM. 1jCLXD a

IT 1EA TK lIN of OII [in AN OLD PAPER. OINM f 10 I[E 1
r Officqrofthellorida Boardof Health A Tampa Kanu Has a Copy of the
Mf Mi-is'old Thetr Annual meeting in To Filly IllS Farther North Tht the Firt Daily Ever Issued in Chicago. Will Brftg Atttatm of Ill Stalt Ti.
0- A Al BIR3. acsonville. Freee of 1895. From Friday's Daily.T l tO P1 P G
', ^ '*' "* ~ " ~.' ~ -Mr. D. L. Miholiand. a venerable .
rom Ie Metropolis. and highly respected citizen of Tampas
]if" "f 'i l In''th DECIDEDLY LESS DESTRUCTIVE ge at the Tribune oe yesterday, NATIONAl CUARD IS ENEBE

-aer nt Wm. iB. To the Orange Trees and Pineapple served riof hefirs phedn Mut be Made W ad nroled
and L. Than Former Freezes-Report of Tuesday, April 9th, i, a M nost sity Force of the Uoe.e States Volun-
a on-aiog-eas go. it is a four page four cl-
te. Forida Commissioner of umnt folio. and contains a number of teeri Under Direction of
S ]hflf TiturS~ -. ^~A ricultur- queerly constructed adArertisements as nh -
ided Agriclwture. ell as a considerable amount of read- the Psiduet.
tbr ing matter, whicn at the present time
te of t p the Trib e -ould hardly tbe considered a firt-clae
S- of iSpecial to e t h im to e tribune to-ghtsa to r. a eed l Secial ti o the e a
le he I ved b7 t apd proprietor. In his half a column it t o he co ltj oe sl !o
oO f y ''. In t rl e s an t e .O fe ~ prw o e ol f a ve We w j 'e ab a e` ass e n e
that the freeze of Modat y and Tuesday r In t la s o the atta iye o a riy- tae_ athetaslnl t h
the. was ee dest te p oem we this- day' presen tto *he tiary Co a x
tBl w ee ol m s a ou eother-a Queen city of the State, the Umr da wy Ke, oq.c* i hr e 1 lh l f5
St oripe t i-pie fe. pl aole. plts o .th e paper ever issued in IllUoti." We tcon- 1heria s ree t 1
cs ropse tp.h waste fres-e.orFebuary, mence the new enter tws th mingle d clo i t
mot...termotion ofhrope a d fear, with alter- wil eolot ge be eold IT -y
d c ined ".I. esen s" e Y 'O eer d re- Tobject bring.to the
nasingle Setabeion o V rt m the nwhOle O s After a statemet in tre ardi the. ttes l et n the- e
Stenens- oth State. bt-to IentilrePdtio of the b ouiness prienlple@ on whi k t t V nt-o, t h i ona t o! aa-
ct-oris w- ee teinewd tWie "m -- woid- d hbe pabthed," the editor cotol- .v aerv o d o ti
be re- te ee ot our years wo has th r 1tr i sco amia tced r with a wt e neDthe el. d a A 't .1
t S For~t rhe time. el of the and hunoliti-merncneCsi inwith th-ee o tei. w tedt en- n r

Qm_ tO thH I = *b f h t d t. Tile line t he tinerty ahMie .i1:1 lr W frbUnted, g
S ei end d orteiio aren Wthis n at he hW eoom eis e of i n ne rme st t w e ~w

St h o ld e art nor thn om n i s, onpther t o t shrink Tma ni wiotherl t ilgb tohe ia 0ct
o .- n t he aso ct e EW 10 0 n d e ftor Wethoerno ti th adversity. I l t sinat With the to -serie ihe ad t Ion 0 -A ne t en
Po or the r omptd lyt -r t ean n nte th s s as penigleaves uanndo thre ne en w eass dt e w ieo ts e
e n. the r e os th i n to the e tiesu inbet proer th e tpringwhen a te oed are std erk n e G

of itib n ler registered low-er thea n hr^ the o alr the oceu anSa d l he o lthedad rm b lcato. . . U. IST
Ths print Meltay in I. Ray- t e

to b lis P s s a mT a tf i g mr th O ft t"s a cr ot i A ll m a otters quic and e b sting e Into a f u d

be e .-SuS.. @ i o a tthhe es to a nere do uvi- ar mondt the s the ayaor ot the trehca and rom undayi s Daugly. t to h d that
Bs edatlo l Fa : ees lt 1 tn n ma rI IteUi ds To those ie ciand oftcattevs. A in the United ttes ot yesterday, it .amei.
St a Te th mri te o ate s iecompason of h testie d this unique a per wi the an enrolled criminal cs e tr Y B O,
Shs as ot -- the jioeurns th muat ae nowen ~and sue- States olp i of the
tate t over 4,000 accine o lar the f mpa nfor the i- t ehed in Chlca*t .would be atrrut ieson beforesde a j It wa s ti ve C ath aed
S-- lte ponti T whohavfle not been in- coron with the Hel charged with receiving ldacton-we retun o sincere act-u mo t e p
e p t t r fieso n r all datte dosceoi the lyedgnnentes andEwoukiPreqieeaully CCJ.%U

oola can o o free o charge o f naturse of Ciau -Charter cit e now and who It s tohe a suoods, b-. notb tot a

-dlnd roie vo in rs ingalrdo t Oe tie but below that the out-isinasete lfiends ednd neighbors to dow fly e
-th i eet om n nosgwho; toke teast n as he i Ta ettleWtfeukebwisie .o We nowo 1ihour -humbleTWOr s ourdsurnre

Though e ntand oe hundred vaccine w ester n a more prosperous Peteu on the gret oeanby plact the world. a dramatobeW n
No., W were a it o oe ordered to that village, condition than o at the presferent time. n o d ty He3. tis ofL
Sfinto t~ thetate It al an te o anepro sen sfi e aen-- certainty or f sae and with what

t.o.a. t he Gemn as she is too ee rather borce of workmen nd som the Gee ofits Fnjoyage the sunshineenre tt e P t at wo Wig n un
asmell moase for rough weather. and rthestorm. v a tit.en e ite a
ia \ -eA.RKf oLtsf the session the boar all the of them are building i ond as the mayor of Chicago a andtsnItfIs to be hoped that

gf: qtow f-,d e H hduor tng the iabiu weer ista t i v afull listu f the city officials. A In the United States Court yesterday, with i DUI T m

"heew Teoft.teSoardatan r inHeath& oigpaNEnW CM AY, n e a a the wscomparisonof this unique paper with there wa butone criminal case te

t a r V OA nti o Uassrnoutgh ort rooke. The members o the cor- ba merican Cigar Company and that te defend t has already een n
I P t thattheSltat eO, over f nnet" vaccineIoporat e d in T ampa for the Nakson Guy hished In Chicago w ouife av e a m out delight- jail fve or six months awaiting triaL O CENT" ma
. re n te e- pointel enths a o there officers held The ckeeppital stock of the company is o nger uests o the Taco mparison withotel tempHarryting to pa, charged with receiving sold at mo s tl
a~m e asw? smce- in y Mony ceto thdure i the pas t week, goodsterfore th100,000, divided into one thousand bo o'clock in the morning the knowithe the same to be conterfet M
eW O the ad A casei hoos of x wa lsboro h indicated ep the atles of corortedra- Tap Bay Hotel sewharf, not yet beenpay aest thei r n ae of es are..
.* r n tY discussed te Quetion of "How to n Thwill be theigar manufacture e i nd sale here the beautiful naphth launch wimoth hel d from publication th ob- e isa punted

all theeerwl dS lie to en &-ng Profession of TeaUUhUng of cigar, ci ......ad chero... For n readi.s s to take .i. f o. side atgthe grand Stjuryatnvestma the laS r Stghtins the l(e
Sin da e Tmes-non nd lowig all te lath e officers arof the new frm: doA.n the bay. Th e weather was per- a statement of the cae and was ves al next Ts s

rl-, ( Po l BocbholI'S a s: president and. general manager, P. a en n e nU h tTe ride on the water was en- tr g bill. dnenienceInt h e"case
m ung their force of n xorhn e and s ome GuestF joy the Hospitality let off wita ne of 5. BROuSy 2rr t
tt -V, m- en-.he o pte Ld Lo h drl of them laroe building altdithreen ofthabe river to th moo and ..d the point pridble g op.e Compt, te of a fogn g-
the "O Suhr factories. Among ti wonew firms in- a puwofie tmon.ey order, wa amended l
s= to t. e that s eil t o u in hfrom sixmnts' imprisonment to sixty wh the success of theaps
l .W ^ dria s they in their method To new a o will ae phenomenal t Fo m. caturi Coia s and a ys in the M anatee County jail. This ST
of P. San Martin & ompact So enor Vicente Guerra, mana ger of the was done in consideration of the fact

rpU ontt ello by Hin borogh's Fort Broke. The meters of the cor en to tAmerican Cigar Co mpany andok thro tha t the defendant hasalourteadjOy been I for a us

ie o a o Supern tene t, are Co 8. Gthe. Cl d S klled untal rset mMooednl moln t e og. st
e o xo y"-o "o hif an from alfounerit and e t inop de re red to the city last even- oy e m akin aa delight- Jail fie or eix m on ths a lng tril 10 CENT
s o he part e te and culture g. Clarkon, their or. Sange grove on the AIl- m intesy to Hon Thomas A Dean The grand Juryn ro Jr fading a TRIAL SIZL
'a & f Lt ....t to t waste oe o, f ont e rntsoTam a. t e and wife of Chicago, and a number of for having ion his possalon, and at- i Crem 9
S SE 2In thoe up erinjedets and other offltle l They taped in frontock of the company their guests of the Tampa Bay Hotel s tempting to pamw a counter tcoin, o eeai
the .t...g tees FBo theid.otTtk" o 0e an d o i bntedio large toand smaoeannll t indeio ly. oao es T ro ee "
t s Went& have In Monticello during h the pat ee e ad About o'clock in the morning the knowing the name to be c unteofeit&
a IState ProL EW. thlat su ch perintendent shares. The naturnd ome of the mobusinesst party to the number of thirteen assem- Indictments were also oned against i Js
nine other peresonsout an they have Itois quietly toor-

Sefet.thereese of pubio schools of tlborogh indicated i on the atices of inren ra-N ed at there Tampa ay Hotel wharf, not et been rested their names are lvese e
W--gold Coundty, discussed t question of M"ow t n i be f theo w b fe the u reee. randal here the beautiful naphtha launch w y ithhel o d from publicationked up w u .I S
o .rn e r a a ai n e hs Itdeals k declared unhelta that a f e numerout e fa- ver tna.S
b e t e "- elo B he d not believe either ha orange or tori e loted n that bu a of t ruh e bill. dr ggiferb ssll.
S ere melet tha preInct s the Coheesmopolitan tesefth t Ts
e a g h ou oe s B ola spoke from ex- Man-tin secretary and treasurer, tiytoye They were taken dossthe tinthe case O f the Cen t T *- n 6Wa .

them d sta.fs for 'inner..
'-woo =0 inat^^e il k tw isu The proprietors prepared a spread Co
yw n .eow inshe o nl thsftte. t 7that would have done credit to any
Sdown pos In schools. Tl I first-class restaurant In the country. It I F u`
.le re pw so WOMAN'8 HER was strictly In keeping with the famous Any e predIsipsd to eful
:CP qoverom~le -and the benefits n N
havi'. mlng I IIU~e r e~e.os' E PWE drive through the principle streets of consumption. lleingntihadeep-ne --ed ___
asohe roesin HEALTH POWER I9, e-dne h at to laatt~tt h blood^^ ^ ^ ^natnraly.zlt nt
h e' ted Womna's power is ia hr beauty. We bow to it. the city, after which a stop was made blood disease, Swift's Specific is the S t-
;* "" " Her face is a mir~rr not only intellectually, but 7 P
jy)-Hen-, CI R BBTO' I- face I-s suet t ealy iielttally, be at the palatial home of MTr OGuerra and only known cUre for Scrofula, becaf
alop _nvah, of her loner -
o ewOrlens by the life. f lned and family, at the corner of Florida avenue it is the only remedy which can reach foh
&r Jrestri.-e pla ice -neans by the eed ardopai ando Laayette streets. After a pleas- the disease. y a H
": = :"".8 "01tw; coveredwith erruptions, nal
i.:c ..^'' .s-o ..- . .d, rou h e p s and blotckes, it. reflect s the ;t hour spent here they were driven crohula apsesred on the head of mylttl 1 ina
!V m k "&the T.. Ibu Te sco weakr ess of her nervous tissue, i in ncu -rof tv the Tampa Bay Hotel, where they randchild when only 18 so nthsb old. 4 0-- W
lb Feb. ,--- e schooner theiOrganic functions of her womanhood. iomsarived at 6 p.m. The members of the h n-y.ki o utotsIn opeadrapidl amll
profuie in inn-n-prais eo f od.Th esoab h es oen ld
.-sau0 .' a eon fronm balt ie. Oe- w. s. yes, e countless numbers are cheated out party were profuse in their praie tO off on ule sileead tohand the odor IbLk -
i5naafr Ta=mpaFUx,,with *t7,SiQ nf life's moe Ionsted-for blessing bresouew to-hne m.Ger frhtn io olds~emd r t
rttitqseaooreus ad lsi pilntin. ss atotooslantknsreanf~e fniineisr. ided a day of ouch rare and van-ted inespheresof lbsroom
-nd 3.90 ptainta~lnS was sutor looks iuto the mirror of the feminin acee ckkning and unbearable.
enjoyonents.. The disease next tacked
L woked on Ch. ban at asS sees then- sock a refleitios of dranged Following are the names of those wino the eyen ad wefeared she
eri- p Las. Ii physical *oudkitisks that heconjectures for his composed the party: -Mx. and tMrs. would loisekersight. m.
rew. Onenedng ofCapt-I-er p1nn-y, weak bodies and sick tendencies; if Gu-erra. of Tampa; Mr. and Mrs. Thos. pitn t 4nwhm the
s 'W A t-.MtttV dl Fi~d Cook Hen 'a truth then-a shall be pOgroey at all. Ah'hu- A.ADeanBMajor andMns. O.W. Ballard, COesaiY
a'3 od &"*il SS to NewOr --On~tin siel-iss>k, and draws ba-ck-even before Mdr. and Mrs. Llienfleld. and Mrs. M. anoing tl n sJut '/s s l
sad'- n kero to H'ew the 'th eympt y and attraction may haves Stmer Of Chicago; Mrs. G. G. Tanner iSusee, sad wv I t
. ...a,--t oeb.t BnFAsgup, from9 aachaprospect, of Clevelandt, 0.; Mr. J. G. A. Balse, as their itsm= tooht g
MsePeas-if,~It i no a lu *, repesnting the Pearce Tobaco Cola- ft"MWas hopelga" ain
Scouselor atlw.S EALTH pny of Roston; Mrs. Dr. Jackson s od wld-0 04 il, n-g_
now andD. R~aws NEW HEA =1" ddddtmryM1N
TaSulig bay Hotel. Taimmissosstisa 55n- ae,
4*, bar *' thw-sri 'ooulrt of thelsads a and aamiX.t > d voat be- The pieasart outing will be supple- ie e a es%. 2 beIs issw a y"MBiB
J-0MUKAN M -ii t_ h-Tslot-Ida. *M r tain-h st&n kpphs_. _'iNeow BHalin' melted by a dinner party this evening s 9'0rhds&g8 he irei 9D s u
nSA mesenSt isa a t asmimiin- ioittm a ea".t the Tapa Bay Hotel given by Mr.3Io B n misbol
barid M.sIi an Dean Irihboro-of Mo-.and Mt-Z
~ Ofthe her. ebspessand Ossinmes or happaums. :it 15fl Guer-ra and their charming daughnter. Scrofula in an obstinate bloo diseasss%
OkOfand iq heymnd the reach of teaes
am& s pasfww The dinner party at the Tampa Bay b ,ood edicu n f
slyIs*. ~ idee the 0s'M elev:nrnes =myafmnysteasn Hotel last evening Sin-en by Mn-. anid
memeiggsbfna.n-1.&&u~-Iosd dyqwpp Mn-. Th.-m"As-i..Deanso( Chicago In
as Ma ad..46 Vde dteof Jm as. alh,55um.joes. kotnor- of Deaw ierVete Guien-n-. witse
h Oand vsa, am lr Sa daughter was a mot delitnl
_____YmeaT~t U&assssinuswaitnervousin- fa, Hin-. ThoeePresent in aditon to
aila_ eslefwan,"awn o e f 5- the above nae(d werst Mr. and X mr.
.- l- Dth06- 4fert1.n 5.tmo n andmos. a 0. .o .- ...
____ d___--.b---NMan Also...lan-..it-W. J Bela.J-hnBain Jr.1and DenitDi.fs 1wfdd s
Unawhobm 9"Wm "qd*6 cow'

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iwil"pedible ce
It EOn, Lodlov
or of the city of
toepCnrtO comm

WtM8at for a

it Stronge.

ulg cilnenaf


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MwSte adyltr

SHArana, to re-
ander in chief
a" 13Wors.


ctutk Iorida

Ta-Wpa done
nuerI cie

ML I NM. OOe. who ia shbot dspi-Me

p earmiemaitme w as#a
'. peU~etlefrtoU W. ,Bl he-

_ < dos m _T-x m *I*3*a He-

*!i-^ -iS we5J l President alt itoi -Ia86
SeW asma t *5 use. "M
o* at~i ^Sw~ g =o dbtWc* ^f
AIN!W bW- Paw&& Heis aa e h mst, epem 0.
T-1 --3 6- m I"- mlen
inasr setM m^'Ta K.-e. -

hlam Willard h oward, geners mana-
cer of the associstom, has started for
Cnab to make preliminary arrange-
ments. The province of Havana has

for te employ t o rural C u-ba

with tools and seds that will be taken
to Cuba playing will begin at once.i
er of the asso laidon by be as started forion
tablson n theyof it plan o relieffarms

which, it is claimed, if properly sup-
ported, will tsvg many millions of dol.
lars to the benevoleDnt people of Amer-

Soute lclda Will Hold a Keetig.
rep of organic The following notice in circular form
sty and South was distributed amoog the business
sieclatioa as houses yesterday.
gieNtio a ,otice is heieby given that there
no, woold in all will be a meeting of the citizens, prop-
Sshape i the ertl owners. residents, stock growers
favorable prop- and others interested in the question
relating to the Conaumqr's Dam on the
from tWepree- Hlaborogh river, held at Barney,
:a Bay racing little Bilaborough, Saturday, March
4tb, at 2 p. m., 1899. A general invi-
iton is on* station is extended to a interested to
ad he s hob e be present. By Order of
d Te e COxmITTmz."
i lie that ha inquiry failed to reveal the object of
people of this the meeting. In fact no one could be
it if thepM t food who knew anything about it.
Md it will rwt Some of those who were interviewed
h b however expressed 'te opinion that the
t people. The notice meant an organized effort smong
reet yeara has the property owners along the river to
a to *ae defeat the rebuilding of the dam by the
a 1 ual pehin Cosaumer's Co.
l, aeiotnitral Saturday Afternoon.
S'wMld al An afternoon tea will.be given at the
etothis Tampa Eay hotel on next Saturday af-
drift to, ernoom from 4 to M80 o'clock to which
ite. all members of the Social and Golf club
made with th are cordially invited, together with
Fteb-4ecerryi their families This afternoon tea is
Sitended as a means to inaugurte a
s Utes of Tea Dance to be held on two
afternoons of each week at which many
e 0l0W5Ise 01. neveolae in dancing and other forms of
oriateglein eatertaiinmentsand soaia enjoyments
Is bflowa wll be introduced. The hosesees for
ws the first meeting will be Mra H. B.
L m Plant, Ji m. A. B. Dick. Mr. Bew-
rtesR sad the ditch orton, Na L. L. Champlin,
per will cor. Ms. 0. G. Wood Mn. A, Jackson
mlet- it wi- ant Me J. Lw WIllad.
is Bdmfeeld and Jetton the well known
owre of W a" ely, wore
a ,warded mte contract to mpfr
q-as-6eiwMb er 411,111c1t at the army
*dfttel. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ au -tOitfeS n

0 FMlbYIII1 il 1MOM
o the mitalN tir as aal U-agNy
atlaIti by a lamijorItfl .


tab- Weas Presidet of the Sate *ad
Sf rVameury sremier-- Uss eteon
is aegasded us a Vstr hr

bedlal to the Trib-m.
NNW Puri& wbt -N. Noae pIhbet wa
*a elme da" 6. a t &wat rseby tlbe lee-

^1>111,1 Pini_ I -O1 to
atliseam 49 iirri r psr I* i -.
Apiv pm e S asvo*sol 4 I

enM"a"mdsa seatmmbrond h"m
WNW ow dmeiw 14 ope&N

lol very polar with both tourists and
bustiess men, and her list is steadily
Them large British steamer eMicmac
sailed this morning with nearly four
%boaiam4 tons of pebble phosphate for
ailed this molding with Dearly four
thousand to of pebble phosphate for
Captain Aex. zHarvey of the trans-
nart Minnam-sfcn won the plaudits of

AeuoavewC or toss emioutw had accidental gotten bimeeti. Wile
Sr i r g l going out on one of the booms
V IM an G eorge a dtsturbed t7y coughiag regatioums. hh up in the rigging to overhaul the
"d "'.ert, eorg. e No N xot for It now. ,bs sale by 8. tackle he lost his footing and was hold-
aesO Y, Q. astroG U Lene-di & Co. ando esit p% ing on by his hands to the rope when
inacy t Tampa, Diamond Pharmacy of noticed by Captain Harvey, who went
m Tampa Diamond Pharmacy of mediately to his rescue. The peri-
Tbor C(it. lous condition of the boy attracted the
Attention of not o2 those ony those deck, ut
h 3. I Lasneoette of Port Tampe City, a large crowd that soon lined the
B aIo f-mOarery In charge of the weather wharf. The brave captain was up the
brg here was calling on his Tampa rigging like a cat. and the next minute
S frIend w terdy. assisted the frightened boy to a safe
position. A hearty cheer from the
--3. Shed, B edalia, 'Mo., conductor on crowd greeted Captain Harvey's brave
O electric tree cr ne, M writes that his act and when ha descended to the deck,
ttled ter was very low with croup he was the recipient of many compi-
P 'and iher le awed after all physicians mets
S ha failed i nl y usingOne Minute not imitated. Get DerWitt's Witch
S Co Saleby B. Leon- Co John A. Henderson general con-
4 ," di t o -s4 i e g ..O y Y o sed for the F. C P., passed through
< f Tartir & -T5zTip D I'amond Pharmacy ot To r to 'anvs. CoL Henderson was reared
S ~17. in this section and he has a host of
friends throughout South Florida and
^^Sf R n^g'le~iOa^or they are found amnng &al dames and
45good narty urbod condition. These appreciate his great
q!jfm,slPI't7O _eeoot do it. talents and sterling worth and great
ifpersfnal tategrity and it left to a popu-
A^ Srce lB r vote. te o is no qeention but he
... .5 would poll a-larger vote for United
.- I mias- o County Demo-


ig Vessels Loading for Cuba With
Soldier and Army Paraphernalia.
Visitrs at the Inn.

Special to the Trfbune.
Port Tap, Feb. 1.-Notwithatand-
Ing the Incessant downpour of rain that
continued all forenoon and a greater
part at the afternoon, the docks and
stores waieroons were crowded with
men loading the big schooners, govern-
mant treasport and Plant Line steam-
er. It wa estimated that five boad-
red haads were at work, aad they were
kept bustn reit through the rain.
The mammoth sovsrauoa. bane-

ree ndad a a d with a great cwd of

t -tue rwato hft the mMeM afmew

at a ledn a the lee tio Ilc i. a
e- d at pp tam woVl0
wa f t e raheObsib ew nde

Iko -a, a t k n s
ttb a & r4 nd er tohe a l ab- um
io- it I ad rta o to ma with
embroe as ber d w s4 a pseemn

As saS Whe ariesai__u t eo ane tor
e.W at

inth ed it e o thes rawo roe
Mte~ rUy 4 bad ta re. w h~wn

tatS enon roard Ise b or waum1ideaa

ofsthe datnude v itoes allttrr ee
ohtW saweoB wta I en L"

ba f at m oo t la i n eas the a e h
otanted tesI eadtwed fr
oeP eee. toein eoisl beo fin arVd a-t

itn nrigt and a sere t oade hud aot
asr&e % te A Ttyt ter sste d of 1e
ao tand ed o wit wIthe nop strw tou-
te iadIn ofoR the mrMornt eas sad
=aneri everr Dr R. C. msaesyn eating
as3 etastr adt wasinho ari tte
inalihed satW seamed to havehig hands
fa LheL 1crUeo w of reht loaded anthe
haptbanort where they werea gefesa
sutotantial diner and otherwise roared

for. load Ingd o horse I arivhd lith
theitronee sad were taken on bod*

dwas ongtef the rnoon. Thy ware he-
ing shipped with the tro.o.pfor Our-

Tnhe loain of the transpo rt was ldone
under the personal supervision of Cot
T.e lantrsger, and thsea witnessed
the qantladty of goods,- toning c that
ras taken on board can form somewIdea

of the magnitude of his contract. The
captain ofl the big a vessel washopeful
that the loading would bet finished late
last night and a start made, but at
last accounts theainere still loading.

and the probability that no trt would
be made before this morning.

The Plant i nesteane r Whil toy
finished lad ting late this evening onwith
a heavy cargo of freight fat Havama.
and left the dock at 10 o'clock. it
was one of the largMiste arrivods e

ever took from thisd some. t e
oacag-c t .annalh of he Inn vas rable
to b' -outaohia morning. r t..Oral
time laftre hisoaeds. scoosn Cwrmly

more. He still looks somewhat tn-
worsine for wear, but i;o orprr ctare
will be himself in a lew dayre His
beautiful little sailing oacht that wasn
so badly damaged io the ;toira of last
Sunday night Is being repaired and
put in shape again.
A little pleasure party from -Wheel-
ing. West Virginia, arrived at the Inn
yesterday and remained over until to-
dav, when they proceeded on to St.
Petersburg, where there t will splewnd a
few weeks hunting and fishing on the
extreme West Coast. Their names are
W B. Stone, T. P. Thoama, R. S. Ir-
win and G. E. Winchter.
Wre. R. ^. Thomas. a prominent citi-
zen of Buckfield. Maine, arrived at the
Inn yesterday to spend some time en-
jloyoing the balmy air and varied spors
of this famous resort.
The large four masted schooner Col-
umbia, is at the phosphate dock un-
loading her ballast, preparatory to tak-
ing on a load of phosphate for Yoko-
hamae She carries a four thousand ton
cargo. The schooner ora i s also b e-
Ing loaded with phosphate for a foreign
Tourists and visitors are arriving
hre Pevery day from the Manatee coun-
districts along the bay south of here.
Jack Frost clears away the reports are

here -were practically uninjured. Even
blooms on the hearing trees are con-

As a rule the tender vegetables were

nothing Is a fine saubtitute, will The team tag FPoter.of the massne tlia .W
"answer the purpose," or is "jut as bospleet svietas simal e TaiwpaSte he.s mi
good" as One Minute Cough Cure. That Ways waelit e toeosegly o"er- .,r
is the one lIoalible, remedy for all hauled and pet is fst eldl cOBditlen
lung, throat or brochial troubles In- for patrol dOty dauriag te oamag W aM e
sit viorously 1 upon having it Itse ason .."el,, "S
somethingg els" is offered you. For m a steamer atB of the lade.- _-W .
sale by Lonard & Co., and Cen- sM
mond Pharmacy of yhor City. WSYaatthe ahlpyso alhgrebullaid Bte
fitted up- for the ibsasa river roun.

LMr. Jonn B. Coraero ox fJa wsovavr.
has been appointed aent of the eBlnger
Sewing Iac&ine Co., with headquarters
in this city to succeed Mr. C. D. Walker
who has resigned. ir. Oordero isa
gentleman of many fine btness ual-
fcations and is a vaLtube acquattaon
to Tampa. He is a sterling gentleman,
a hustler for business and one ot the
best salesmen in the country. The
Tribune welcomes him sald his esti-
mable family to Tampa with a great
deal ot pleasure and hopes that his
new home will both be pleasant and
Kidney disease is the enemy we have
most to fearx, as a result of the feverish
restlessness of our much vaunted civil-
ization. It is a treacherous enemy.
working out Its deadly effect under
cover of the most trifling symptoms.
The first indcatlon of changes in the
urine. frequent headaches, digestive
troubles, should be the sign for prompt
remedloal measures. Prickly Ash Bit-
ters Is a kidney remedy of supteriatlive
merit, it is nothing, ealing and
strengthening, quickly rele es the ach-
ing or soreness that always apPeas in
the advanced states, checks the pron-
rems of the dama aad throu b Its
ezoellent ctemising and avgaatin ef-
cap in the atomas. river &ad bowel&. it
brings hach. tm tiat 4 an r4ndy
9 at 6 igoras alt.. Soldby S. .
S W *CO. :.

of the best boats of ber elesei tohto- sruetij *iijjs
era water. When the repairs to he Prom
arm fintabed she will be equal to Dew
and will be m-re popular tbas ever
with tbe patrons of tho IdepODdent, leavear reIt
Line of which Capt. 0. E. arer is wsis
president and general manager. itoce S
- The revenue cutter McLane, which i c Utt't4
did duty ae a gq6boat during the late bisptf
war with Spain, is being thoroughly
overhauled, and nearlyallt ebar wood. tSs
work rebailtat theTampa tea*mWays, b bea$t s
The MULane is ome of the oldest ves.- nma
les mi the revenue service, but whem t
the work on her is finished she will be
good for A long time to come. yf
The Plant system is edge is aSi ila
work i n the rive r in front of the Tin-M -
pa Bay hotel groundf between law w i so;
favettotreet bride And the =ralroaoP a
bridge. detgo -is doing g,-

T ~;-' -ty-r -i K^J11~, ~ ~FrtW8a-"^fe"??^?B~ L^*s'??~^^^



Ci Mt CrteatoMIiUr M thu Days Thonsands Rely on

iews Not Masaght on th e Mi m-*
and Th O sfg ad Gebg of
Psepl-ofd mt.inue of

Vatt asr r o oale5 mri m hasiare

chronC I letian pr a-
Cr& pe ntly sold 8. B ches?
Sof m e already begun to have

whre ohe pol ar a roe u a f w
oewes e t2 or delita or emtsal

h i thVe s tt t a es it i O
mended ithe -ub bo sisise

eak ters, pan thehs da n ge at eos es
p reain cr s orlear o asne, i frghtie w erearhe a slar-
I.lg reoahai n oad to rael -N. take r
o ela perfect order. aid by he
w es atna k eoPoney ^.eth so i&"

atn Wned i inu th re.i istiiUorida ie
av the btrowteal doeenr, ts Wa the ietresmeit noraglf

rai fenro is ael a & u.ns endoaengtr re D tis lousufner O wib rodi alppebo h ie eA t 13

Cauys ofrt manty. goolddr di geost i of abedhshe pospj *-eri-e r
yonesm in Taole. Dl a few daon he tonof iboow bein s aree -. oiM
waews a teleephr, one ontaend ontereS and ci sote loetBSR l
parti osa ndc the serchiisOea m a wie re-a d e ea toe, he .m
peser anr r ime paondU eemnwl do r the relk-of ine s-"orte
Bitters it a reliable system regulatory a o yo suffer with periodical head- Mite sAmelia
lena that o C. asy y et nben complain of seep- n rm

Ma rshiason onthe of t yhe leading Besanea? go' s oomw l
dy Toohs and clothing merchants osf Have yo already begun to have moos remedy
gKey West, arrived on tha Olivette An- spells of dizziness? -toerh ee thein

dayree b a ne a t e dr a l e i-by aS kin d'a
Ta mpeas. he g to. le nus i lh r. op Doesl constipation or dyspep. a In oaitm
Kirc ek tne popular afnd prospeus any of its many forms warn you of there the90gio7&
merchant of this city. ing mevitabl e oncoming of general neor- u n useod S
If you have a cough, throat station. By all means go to yrem ur druggist ooa. A i
Forak lungs pa in the hea, difficult ndin get a bottle of the moor t wonderfulte cluboe
breathing crop or hoarsen let us rese torative within the rea lhch of woman- attkey0 Me
suest tOne Minute Cough Cure. Al- kind today-get so ta botef P l ic dtfaesimond

nayds reibrlt and coes. For sale by st e r esmerin ormal no-buPs d" 1o
may of Tampaand Diamond phar- onth ,endo

macy of Yborci&y.klneg s h woen dhedroel bnliefotrey -ee eyou a nd glam toke
ao adgoesrt. theas toeand m ore must do, yop wil &Iponkpod ru,
a For a quick remedy y and o ne that is ind in itns peculiar curative qualities e mne heD st
perfectly safe for children iet us rocum- the womanly strerghsand health that i t0ahePn Wi

mend lne Minute Cough Cure. is t is you desire. soiiIatted tlaieasti
iexcelent f o r croup, hoarseness, tickling Take Paires celery compound aod Many women
rin the throat and coghs. For ale by the liver will resume ita normal fune bue Pa ie'sel
S.B. PLeoard r&Co..andeCfniral ar- lonsd biliousnmess will disappear; the thWeis lt6-g a
a oy of Ybor C ey. m digestion and the proper ami- s from peopi
sLT.RE vnoURSELF against the at- iastion of food wias begin at once, dizzi- whomithaasi

--- lug down t coes t ces to so many wo- yet failed t

,of five lae orange and grapeRrVt I FRONT ilt 7 I
tronves n Laret county. He thinks his _e

troubles are to be guarded against. gstextat -10b 9 : SS

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