Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: November 10, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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t p w. -I .re. .. ,

Sarkr~fM;p, FLORIDA. THURSDAY, NO.VMBER 10, 18W8. -~ .N~8

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ed veror by Twenty-five Thousand
wr Van Wyck.

u9alu Gofitslajoty 11111 Vol eachk

gthstr b mths anity-RaeM Riot at Oeenville,
WM .tW m massiV y inTannes-

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the frout yesterday and giave a tre-
,we. the tre,,ht w, nt unu- LI.IILU. c ,Palh,, Ile;, ,S,, :v
Str been --- n been learned to
torhe .teleaton pas edaN97 r AmaNltt and Hurdred i0a Uerintendaits, Kasters ofTrains, know that every endliaafta An5Si.dte stmt BSgiSe
r IN In on thetcketIs elected bOver ty o wo L
w *t3himsnOdn. Boamstr and Deprtmeent tho-Anadma One. reate rsar or
I ben redeeme d by the DeUmocrati --...... aIdi ateth a t ,oteI rt n lk a_
W 1 t fSecial to the fiibuine county-Will reech about a 2eW and the a-
B rWSj 51ihf1e: Jackeonville, Fla., Nov. 7.-Arthur F or 'semocrate majority wll be La
Ie wirotedtothis mn -WnaSuder fthoute aveaN
a a n e st e chronicle wth regret the ran.- did t prod b c
'd'or aprotectionL but assau murderof iLss dnaOgden ferring to Tampa this week of the a total democratic vote of nearly 1M.
i= t n Thttes t de monstra-at ellborn. PT on Friday made sa. Tdendet amasetroin oa p ti nompe teturns o te Scty C T .
suterintexdenta muter of trains, oa- d- : .
St ed only on selon 1a nght, Implicating twoe a 4 la
at .ubS a ecarredn o ny a otte other negroes, eas nLMpo or T ew a master and races of ic, whi ebu mman, a D I;
Avero etb of o othe g* Je have been here for a lotng tUne. This 8Repulican,0tE, E0ad rkm re- oloi S te enacted -
S& There am counties I t o e arat takes abloutL e ighteen per sons celve iL inure votes it would have a nors 'rSS ei'a

bf a la sa eo m' ee t 1 c la st neghat the stabler well go ,1 t dL Bite o Nanlce is t thde ar toy ina t
L the De alialtet 8e lftele o e in ooue last night e therowrable out of the Elty, many of whom have be- oOena vote I St a. yaln~ t
ex and his guo rdnewere overpowered bmolenaoteb and at olarLe p n wa osetino te te .
sA th eocra1t.wil The D oh pcom comfortably located. We regort (No,. 6 iarka e VtGubymthDne f the e h,_
"en legistureb8 twill a crowd of Incensed cftleens, and Wil- to lose them from a social as well as No. 21 20 rv e N atGunby L 4. he ng
Wry~h D l 8itia t h I i05oItY Samess wae n taken from their o. tody,u e stard oite but It is only. for toespai r e12 9er tiby 1 na
joint ba.tL riddled with billets, and a fire builtr'No. 7 ISparkman 4T GIGunbry4 5 ltna, Ucm _
te latest estte given the State ridneim aT abt ttacd t e uIa rt time, we hope. The chief a- No. at t2 e dirment 2 pounby pla.2 Ewort ew eve
SDemmcrats by maJOrItY of 1. upon hi R body. son given for dovlng these officers e This is the largest city vote ever cast Pennsylvania and
o n r n D i tero G o Wm oo at B rll m ai
OTNJames and Tggett are now under ar- that the officials wll have better fa-In an off'year and certainly reeca rule the a U
Srest, but ItIs likely that they will go cilities for handing the heavy tourist great credit on the org ed Demo- elected by greatly
S O N i thewayoflis ton*t. tel. T he e of Tamps The Youg Men's and t imeofkcal
eain ti Ohaot o.-T ay ha tlleme tih travel. TheIr office here were too Democratic b did the work of get- ave estma
e intis Stlet. -hse RweaseaeF TK e i WITH oELAI W FEVER small. and a large peti tion ws sent ting out the vote in the most effective
bed one Congressman The Dezno-- Opbytyr osr, signed by ouran rarka
A ant clam vote on part wo Americans in Havan Have Con- boss mn offering to bulld slent laTa e entire a ence of any d

Se enas e ts torn offer nlas btiHavan a. at l nt a nces. a ot tn t oridheg Pslimen
the ta tet because of e f&- tracted the ,D ln seas e.
U t9 eeirn u ong cerain F ----- offices ifrthen aduarters would re- ggces. The \rst Florld& regiment SI

the endi' e ewti re d yt re e ri ng the ir pe t e Dp e a l k C o. t
whoppo se-o v. 7o.Ca dw e dmailn here,. but a letter from }uern- band., PhL H-aloweB, leader, spent h
. Anh State eleeltorInai lOt WHi -aa t, attached to .- d tendewtlounham to thcn e foy or was re- eirg ptheIr cestm e- Jh "46 0"
Ihm. AsMtthe e. aatche o -celved some dae ago ihaking the peo- lections at the different polling plas. wt
naird wilthsIlan tr.uas-wbe as's department, have' been pe of Lakeland for their Interest In the They attracted large nunberl -& large B l] a
stricken with yellow fever. They had matter and amsuraces of good will, but 1q
been occupying apartments t the Hotel stated that during the winter mont hs
Sit wasnecessary to hae these officials Ki sleslimmdee- ov .-- _
P i ts f C at the termnus. Those we Iloe a: e: Leage held a very i
llamx, the chief quartermaster, who Is Mae te. of trains, L. B. Mobley and wife, e ld e ntns
suffering from yellow fever. G..W. Cirte F. W. Bandy, C. J. Whlte irofgtete bodty g here lt
e fw Bothann wereremoved this after- and wife; J. 'N. Lumus and wife. Dave large bo of delest Int lb
Mte,,e T. t. .Mlitchell, Hugh Conoley, .nf ad d a
noon under the order of Dr. 'Lin to El W. H. McKinley and wife, and W.NH.-r10 ouL The Metbodist
Se Vedado fever hospital Dr. s .aame and Moffett and wife. I.Akeland's lose s
other bylcia say. the Hotel Paseja T ampa's gan and a bWg gain at that.tB
Is Infectedand there will probably be TELM HNSE n T8OCIRATIC. much appreited. la
a stampede among the American guests .. "_MW.
IMI. when the fact becomes known. Special to the Tribune. ere: o C S
-Tashville. Tenn.,Nov. --,McGUlan. .secretary, v Chas IL l* ,
VICTORY FOR W. G. BRIANTLBY. Democratic candidate for governor was 'iseJuli.aprevbt; "
--- elected to-day over foler, ,epuhblcan, o"dett-&. Ne E i nh .,-4
peclal to the Tribune. by 20,000 majority. Big vote was I CW.!
3Atlan GaL. Nov. t-In the Eleventh polled and the Republicans severely. ah a ri o
Congressional District of G eorgia, W. routeb. pte, moonat in thCL Bt
0. Brandey, won a magnificent victory .ENTUCKY GAINS. 9 hap"p coupleaave a t h..
over Wlkinson, the Republican pupU-
ff E !1 1l 1f~ tsolP^StpecIal to the Tribune.Uve In 4fok e i .tW0 on
Is uil cnidtLouieville .Ky., lNov. i-Th-e Democ-r tso etime. .
tet)URI SHJOWS D10I1DCRATIH racy of this State gains one Congress- f t
man hy the result of to-day's bttJe of I am a Peter 0. Knight Birdand crow
-- aemos.uloud and long for the Chairman of the

I W.3. ltoersn- from the various auntles of the St -e sprinkle of which were ladles. The e o w bee. oonst .
show that the Democratic gain has been Special to the Tribune. carriages with the banner of the Tou=M the WitlOWe" r9 "U M
e8 fa congressmen two years UUer than the pyan vote two ye Boston. Nov. 1-Three hundred towns Men'so ub were kept bu an dar el-l n u- run to %luand.: a obat
11 wbsnceKinley bad 11.1plural&ty. BlU M hF in the State give NWhcott. Republican tin out the vote.
* l~Mi9can pilur Pty lasthyearwaabeesely-,udldkte for Governor, Ib*7; Bruce, Congressman Sparkman appeared mthe qgaline. "
ted to Congressby a safe majority. Democrat WSI&. quite early at the poan voted th J.
UITL T iONNEt TIYCUT. most of the day on the principles s Alou C1fitl onsdtlkt.-
t-.,he .workers In. their efforts to Ths.0gad d G .
th o.of West & C.fe Vpthe
where. at 00 e" "oad 1lac outsidO ao the cit was sv Is wtd ... "
P Port TapaCty. psrapad..n.
n wi oe Senatrial 4- 6; Clearwater, Spae-If 1 146 y 1 01F0 ,0

mCon amtny.SparkTman N, olkh: Ii ple IVf ; m IItc m

apeda. @. gow. 1-Raturns fromn(D e 9 County. Sparkman 8, unmby oontddenin Its lt m ar ,_0
pecse n teA n!gvesIt es pies bs .
imloesaft ir il1,3a ChaIrma KnWinht ot tlhe tieuoriest sp- of ,niid1e
w.-.do tt esnt rae t e ecutlve Qummittt-3di dd Im- he"',5n
Wa"belneesut1W. Ver s tworwork from the tn the pedOpened ardi SA Co.
yesterday unt they elsied it the gren- -
..... " tm. He visited evryPopllng place, and The Woodmec ofthw .
encouc .gd the voter tto thir 1full en Important mo.mt,
did to the queens tastm '
ckerom the return roetwvea up to
AnIi tIng .sn.ioti elected with
d iA0-from LiN.. to ZAKi he tIt sat is



Specal, to the Tribune'. rrWA~
Tallahasse. 39a.. 7ov. 8.-The iv-

La Imnc Iman.

v ba 4ww ay


A Regular Florida Landslide in Every County Ia the
State--A Big Vote Polled Everywhere. -'

8IMP1Y 80l i [6FO1R 0 R IE

Gnat Eathbalasm Iial ifet at the Pl.& alM the pi-By i-
Mae ihlyt aDMy iaL. '

It Was a Regular 16 to 1 Afi-r--CoatX d -at ~ -
woeWtod b,000 s an a,,oo0, O e s;-- tpw i
pliUhed thUe Deired m a-, mA the Twn m .M T i
OClb mt th County tXeoimwe ...tt AMee M L.

From WedaesdeT's Dally .ar, 3. M4rynx a rgeb liXpn.
Hillaboroath Couty crme bravely to *


; ^ W ."-.

v --

WI, sI

*p M ~- o oDBIo sdA

........w.......1 a

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p wa e1 a. I amg

, ,,m_,,,,,dp.o.mim bo

. IS.*iM rDepat,,
O a g oin e er, dr,
Sawhaht .o M,

i ..... T .l-
pealsems aelbenaS th eteomss

,rls.wweaU..epsiac Is

^*WIUt a nhyi the mo

isoes not healthy

t ,AMd tooevelt would
v WickCroker ad Dave Bill
Owa qa ruoent .of fought

t wor~d s map marked "Fa-

6o m QMy shows that
fi tr et thin dra in mPenn-

Sta g t rU hes so b-
it^B htbors aid dollars to

weik aviCnrr aned offe is
HffeMrel- "elt record.
loo ar Sme amn ore

biamod thosedat north Car-

u fwo his m n solve t tihe

Shsti drgft t to

^^^Kgf wt win*' '

-a in is ist b" W tirt opBW
.a E W..th bto a trs; t o.
"W 14& heOMOrMOB Vft li fe ire-
wes so far aa to n. that our article
hin roereuse to A deper ebanal for
"a -cannot he egDalned upon any
17w hypothbos ttan that It Ia a
traito- In the T*----"C campp" Ths
Is certainly a bold charge coming as it
does from an avowed Republican who
is maniuaetnring Democratic doctrine
for the official oran of the Hillaboroach
County Democracy. Of course he is
not a traitor in the Democraslo.camp.
He simply pulls the teet around the
court house, laughs up his good Repub-
lican sleeve and then comes out in his
paper and calls people traitors who have
voted the straight Democratic ticket all
their lives. Take away from him the
chance to suck the good old Demo-
crati cow and he would be editing a
Paper in hs true oolrs. It would be
covered wtb MMcKinley bIttons and
Bloody shrt fringes. If tuch It honest
fttoerdai may the LorW help us oVt
I-tob eai' t epohMia.
v- J tav. no apdlog is t make in
-stowenoe to our article on the
't aton of obtalaing as appro-
prjsoa ftar our harbor improvematt.
lo 4ae or ward in tat article can be
oopatiqid as tgecttr In the least On-
Ma. leu m ,en Worary w'P --t in
Ha "paI *o, .j ia tos tI deplor.
Ing the fact 1bM t OfWs boothis far
failed to act favowahip on his reasl-
tion in the matter t an appropriation
tfor Tampa. We believe that Oress
b failed to deal honorably with th

city. That ts has ap,.op.atsd funds
forather objects that properly belonged
to Tampa. We beleve that this evil
can he remied by careful work and
good judgment on the part of our rep-
reseptatives. Tke people look to them
for relief. They have a right to even
erttlCcse without being considered trait-
Mr. SprkLman Will be elected by an
overwhehning majority, even though
the editor of the Times and all his Re-
publican spellbinders vote the straight
IRepublican ticket.

There never has been an occasion
for the Times to defend or explain Its
political record. It challenges its ma-
lingers to reproduce a senennce rom
Its columns dkisloyal to the Democratic
party, or cite an Instance that It has
not loyalty supported all Democratic
nominees and candidates.-Tampa
The Times is in for pelt, pure and
simple. It is on the bargain counter
and is ready to espouse anything or
anybody when it is directly to Its inter-
est to do so. This same self-styled
and qo-called Democratic wheel-horse
is the same Harvey J. Cooper, who
only a few years ago was editing and
publshing in Tampa, one of the vilest
and rankeat Repsb "n bloody-shirt
puitleltions ever printed in the South.
and who enjoyed the emoluments of a
government job under a Republican
- ianentiraon. Since he has been
tlkted out of office by his own party
aMnd j Repabhla paper starved to
aeM th. he has been swinging on the coat
tsi of a eV norats. doing their

YM "Mi-M M .


*Rw --ound and- We.M
&I was l ran dowa atke hav In y-
- tM bt amnsad could a gEt saytm
tha would do m, any good. A Mood
UANd my hubud wVat a wondnful ema-
ldois Hood'% aBraparlll wn forfweake .

my husband persnaded me to Uthis
meliclin Before I had OuAihed taking
the first bottle I was a great deal better.
I had a good appetite sad was abse to do
some of my housework. When I had
taken the third bottle I vwo sound and
welL I bad been troubled with little
ares on my hands and face, and Hood's
Sarsaparilla cured t ese. I an thankful
to know thbc-e is such a medicine and I
keep it in the hu-st aJthe time." MART
J. SIRLETARY, Blue Spring, Florida.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Isthsebet-I fasetcUe One True BloodPuaMsr.
Bold by all drusLm61. *l; sx for S.

Hood'S Pi oolls asS

boot-llcking and fawning, sacrificing
honor and principle for a few crumbs of
Democratic patronage that have been
his only means of existence since his
sudden change of patriotism. What
do the Republsasm of Tampa think
of their heeler playing the roll ot Demo.
crat and wha t dp thaet 'ofia think
of this mcfaft" l of IBepu A-ao sm
proachlimi s *-OMrr*y? It Ih'enotsdh
to .make the Imaculate Thomas Jet-
feeson turn over In his grave and mile
with contempt upon such traitors.


General -Wilson, United States chief

cans, however, cla e er will mk
mals in th6 senahxeal omao aend
.will hae a MAD ws imajortty..

ever, aos uexsUMt a IM f i nsome
of the states where the contest ta ad-
mitted to be close there should be an
upheaval the ains will be Democratic;
and the margin of the Republicans has
been whittled down so greatly that it is
not surprising Democratic observers o
the cam-p-lnn should assert with posi-
Liveness that the House will not be
the Phlladelphla Times, which Is
not In the habit of nuaking olUtlca
prophecies at random, in a recent bs-o
admits that the composition of the
lower house of Congress to be elected
on the 8th -is in doubt," an that It is
not possible to say with definiteness
which party will control.
This la almost tantamount to saying

that Democrats will control, for It is an
Aintimaton that the present Republican
majority la already cut down and that
the Indications point to its elimination.


Referring to rtampas Plant in his
speech at Thomasville, the other da&y,
the io t . aLet i wvry appro-
prIately ad trOthfully said:
"The .lHA'dt rW&* IaI is b"r4 ezi,
prasMBtd4h t tfnin oadt, w or,
achievement of the moral and itellec-
Mal csaetiles h Iwhic c abensHWnt
Creator endows him. Ts elements of
greatness are few sand simple, just as
are the Utnta that deltht the eye are
but combinatioms of seveh colors, and
just as all melody t oompaasied in the

engineer in his annual report concern- even note of the gan Truth, hon-
ing the Florida waterways, says of the esty, indmtry, Intellivence-these are

HfBleborough Bay': "The plan pro-
posed for the improvement of HltUsbor-
ough Bay and river to the city of Tam-
pa, as set forth in a report to the last
session of Congress by Col. Benyaurd.
In response to Congressmas iparkman '
resolution is indorsed by the chief of
engineers who thinks that the expendi-
ture Involved is no greater than Is cot-
mensurate with the interests at stake."
General Wilson has certainly acted
with good judgment in endorsing the
resolution presented by Co.ngressman
Sparkman. He but voices the opinion
of every man who has ever given the
matter any consideration. We very
much dcubt it there Is a government
official who has ever investigated the
necessity of a deep and sufficient chan-
nel between here and Port Tamp who
would hesitate for a moment to endorse
the SparKman resolution. Everybody
knows that a resolution amounts to
nothing unless carried out. 3r. Spark-
man has doubtless labored earnestly
and faithfully for the adoption of his
resolution. His loyalty in this respect
is not questioned. On many occasion
he has presented to congress the claims
of Tampa for an appropriation. He has
fought the battle almost single handed,
as far as outside help is concerned, His
appeals be they ever so eloquent, seem
have been wasted on the desert air.
This is why we are disposed to kick.
The Florida senators don't seem to
understand that they have any business
looking after Florida matters outside ot
the counties they represent. It seems
quite evident that had there been a
united action on the part of the Florida
statesman, the Sparkman resolution
would have been carried out and Tampa
would to-day have been enjoying a deep
water channel.


Juat now there is a flood of forecasts
concerning the political composition of
the next House of Representatives and
as news theme forecasts are published
in all the papers. What reliance is to
be placed to them is an entirely dl'
ferent matter, and each reader nmi
consider them in connection with I
environmental surrounding those giving I
out the gorecaqta.
Republican expert forecasters cia
a Republican House, Democrats ctai:..
the contrary, and it is to be noticed that
both sides admit that a large 'Demo-
cratic gains will be made. In this ad-
mission lies the chief strength o: the
Democratic claim that Democrats will
control the House, and. if not in a0so-
lute control, that the Republicans will
not control, but that the opposition.
made up of Democrats, Populists and
independents, will organize and control
the next House.
The Senate will not be Democratic; it
wia scarcely be anti-Republtcan ,for
If the Democrats and Populists and
anti.S RepbhlkIsseO their own in the
pnat Ss a le-e ls Is abbot the extent
lb sei sdaadaims of toe oppo-
<^ab f ys bahe i m amon*t

the foundations upon 'which rest all
lasting and honorable achievement and
upon these the greatness of that kindly
and knightly gentleman, H. B. Plant
is builded. In honoring him, we honor
those simple virtures, which shine out
conspicuously in his successful life.
Scrupulously exact in keeping his en-
gagements, tolerant of the opinion of
others, considerate of all men and es-
pecially the humble, anxious always to
help the manly rather than the mendi-
cant. his noble life is worthy of all
honor and Irrmitation. The span of his
noble life covers the most momentous
half oetury of the world s history. In
the miJdt of panics and wars, while
thousands have risen and fallen, this
quiet gentleman has moved majesti-
cally forward and onward and upward.
and increasing and beneficent power In
the comme-ce of his country, a bril-
liant example of business su-ce-cz and

The leading Republican citizens and
the party workers of this city said to a
Tribune man yesterday that the ap-
pointment of Joseph F. Lee and his
deputies filled his cup of forebearance
to overflowing. He sail that he had
been able, through much tribulation.
to afBfliate with the negroes to the
extent of allowing then to vote, and
participate In public meetings, but
when it comes to a matter o 0iCSng the
most ImpOrtant offlcee In the Stats with
these same negroes, it was Just a little
more than he could stand.




is5, &apd e nio t Mdl o sMalgdadte% rates nd all o&, imfwa
m to WR. E H. P.

Tw t, he i nss j i s ', I as b ano an *
in-worn m tam Nona novramms.3 GR


Tampa. Florida.'

lb OoWoosasUds
(hm"iuft IIU


favlngs DeartMent.

h en d o s t u o h o O N &in u e d e s o eI e
added& boom ~ ad for l

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W~to~iW.~R. 5, i big% .PLrJO f ~ ~ oii~~

ugWANDA3 *IM. o-


-t- H. & *w
for g oeUws at all -poin
the Utited Stais.

aa So M7es, Ztbi Kiru, L.. --O.. .
andS .u A


Fast Freight and Luxurious Passenger Route to.
New York, Boston and the East. .

Four Ships Each Week t eo Y anT

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tp D a T. eA .,'H m BAn se mW

a Brokers and Dealers m inLea T

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-fr n to ad w.e would as soon accept war with France
..1 the atas He d wvered one of r Russia. or both. and the present de-
th best aAdeass o the day. 'He termined demonstration means that the "
S .. the fre&aft. .of ImperteUlsiM issue rets with these powers. It is
.1oves, dth beloved tha neither of them will ac-
e%)Ws of M bt trn-c~et the obvious challenge. But.
IW. A.CerkrofTh eaps madetheOcloa- should they do so, Great Britain can
fr ai ora m t dew. me wasat11 neve. be more prepared than now, es-
as i esayfePs metwithpecially in view of the possible arran-
,t = ele tbraghoutW was voted gement of an American understanding,
t ep issue t MeMe e A AL ,the political ad social and in tiew of the fact that the Mar-
The s s of" (ma e season sand w hle quis ot Salisburyfs government has the
sql 5pq lBeis oo- isvag remese those W5U*5sl support of all the political parties in
a the C t aad 4t AM IMPOtEAINT A EPN E .BCB Greas Britain.
E the peopl-
i _ng _.Mab g w u .- make It apparent to thousands, DEATH AT PLANT CITY.
S tihat has te, w.la themselves Ill, that they are
ASoRe ttha Is b Wet A ed with any disease, ut that Special to the Tribune.
i.ts ttn amas thb the sWytem sImply needs cleansing, is plant city. Fl., Nov. 5 -rs. M A
stlt bm os w to brts comfort home to their hearts, tlinson, the beloved and noble wife of
:J dleA 4tha & a costive eandltton la easily cped Captain Wiley Stinson, died at theirr
by. u sang y B. of lg. aac- home, two miles north of this place
-O thk evtmg telred by the CaBfornia Fig Syrup Co. at 1 Io'clock to-day. Mrs a inson, who
Psasr. ea oly ,a"nd sold by all draggists. has been quite sick for several weeks.,
l wase taken suddenly Ill again Thursday,
SA MYSTIC IN TOWN. and expired to-day. The deceased was
i a consistent member of the M E.
SPrt. Brsse, the celebrated palmist church at this place, and was a most
cand cult acientit has returned to estimable lad% numbering her friends
t a c e. Ibe Pr5etpr needs no in and admarer by the core. The burial
winl ae place Sundav at Oakiawn
I utos "t .the pAw mplee of the clity. cemetery.
and frtesads will to
m e& aba*- "be an open book,
Stag fta* t eonspt AIMan s hIs "Mystic Cuse tor Rhemiunsm and
l a~t uirll' HBe Neuralgia adically cyres Iu n to 3 days.
wsee5amm hy both preftna Its action upon the system Is remart-
15 EBaSpr be hkas Owth abhle and mysterious. It removes at
~o Lit. a 4p sad the once h cause and the disease imme-
85s tossteyS. T es iadstaely disappears. The first e
*4 Sea onsin 1a5t U 1-5 1 g sresP bheaflts. It cents. 5old b a&
Sitisnt.0: im 4I.nMeI & Co.

le ea ge Ciort House SquareThat Has Troops Designated by Alger for
t Ay Ieetle of the Campaign. Occupation Forces.

11Hl' o f D0ME19 1M M 1 MNI C 0 M(DP IllQD

r kW hI y itIsthe Daly of EvryDan t to *otaG& Carpater to be In Coradu I
nihot lNt Tueday. With Ht dqurtersu I Ietaesm


aoctrin o a onm Tranusporta Beaing Put in Shape to
h e. rry we od. as D e"enmsP.

tr. hq fspecWil to the Tribme.a
te4 the tip q ta ,w y Watibaeon, tov. hT --ecretary of
e o --=- iWrT A Alsr INA -1 t3 the o2st for.
Sat- mWl order dW ht4aat tor them Mltarry oc-
I: l m~ I J ,i ,A "" cupMationa ed Clb. A new corpl is ere-
,t" ated for thte W90oe t nng the
oiw" t A.. -p :t .In ofa oc 10B. Bra&dier Oenersl Louiss
SlM I tiVt '" Ht. Carventer will command the first
i1arbe seM na no,,e ztc Rally.
M rS waieme. -a.- troops to be sent, his headquarters be-
ler Members of the SpeWcal to the Tilbune. ing in NJfMevita.
1306 3Pli Aty lr, ov..--The greatest po- Transports wUll be rapidly assembled
41 o~~~t attn ad barbecue feast for the movement of the troops. Four
''.th t IkA,ce during the present of them are undergoing repairs and
S J.il~ 4 oocdr ed here to-day. It others are engaged carrying troops else-
ac by the First w Democrstle dayfor this part of the where, but several will be ready to t
s fnest heard at county. and thousands were present to start by the end of next week.
HUoeU do bewor to the grand old party ot Theae are the government transports
itan tariff, financial and social reform, now on the Atlantic coast, with their
with Tn hinrlf- Te beautiful grounds surrounding carrying capacity: The Panama, 400c
;b music, the school house were utilized for the men. Port Victor, 400: Rita, 700; Mo-
k, -Jadge W. occasion. They bad been put In very hawk, 1,000: tMobile, 1,000; Massachus- t
f the Young ea's attractive condlton, and with the large etts. L000; Manitoba, 1.000; Minnewaska, r
aI. bitt ie. rha- ng shade trees hiade an ideal 1.200: Mississipp. 800; Michigan, go00;
pac forhe meeting. Roumanlan, 1.100; Obdam, 1,300; Berlin.t
dluced CotL W. (At 11 o'clockt the meeting organized 2.000; Crester, 500; and the Mortera, t
n ea the executive 47 electing attorney G. B. Wells, chair. Mexico, Relief, and tesourl. The lat- .
It Congressional man9. ter tw are hospital ships, and the
esi"h acted as In the audience were noticed people Mortera and Mexiic iwevre capture
mes and displayed from nearly all parts of the county. in- from the Spanish. -
lty.. his work of clidig large delegation from Tampa. The decision now is that the First,
A the were noticed the a Second, Fourth, and Seventh Army
Sthe bandL. e daughE vMissee amle and Julia; corps will go, to Cuba, numbering in
ty, WI M tro ed lseorima Trioe, NeellieCollier, Jul. all more than sixty thousand men. The
Sthe emm ,n Ba s sh.S r peacer and Mrs. ID. Fourth Army Corps, at Huntsville, Ala.,
t ,limrt#iPm_. fWIi. delst spea ker on the program .was w Ube absorbed by the other corps,
Of addresal bt it Hon. (Don. C. MoMullen. 'For hall with the exception of the brigade under
ap mntW an hour he discussed the important is- General L. H. Carpenter, which will go N
C Wa I wa o. in his usually pleasant manner, to Nuevitas, and whose commander will
ra5ss CsOty cy- Cdagrensman ll Sparkman wa. the report to headquarters of the Second
the motbrillant second speaker Introduced. His ap- Corps.
State, ad in his pearace on the platform was greeted ft is raid that the First Corps, at a
.ebstned his rep- with t hIsearey and proloueng Lexington and Knoxville. slU be the t
Pm" good thin and t"tnly. He discussed the leading first to embark for Cuba, but It is be-
r thisia. Amoa ss of the day in a manner tbat left lived more probable that the seventh 1
me that to wth o bt n the minds Of his hear6rs Corps. at Savannah, wil Iget off first.
Just where he stood He pointed out
knr wei al good, the duty of every Democrat when he It is expected that the headquarters of
Sat. It is told to the polls on next Tuesday When the First Corps will be in Matansas,
the A cosed its speech, hearty cheers and those of the Second and Seventh
t'A U f4kt" d tu for the next conresman from corps near Havana. From these bases
i ..r0Ianda "e Co0a 41 Wlamr, the famous Demo- troops will be distributed through the
'as Tbs -caruetl war V oWse, from f Wakulla, was island as far as the province of San-
,n a *..ofsak =uext lsita i.d. He w5, i.dered a tagoa
M rtaprtli tFoe half en hour hi T
sp q wthhs, Chan S eeSsO to oqu ie. CBAIOLNGB TO BLUROP e
teo^l 'n. b 'e d B to e. -- rary e 1 ]= Englan^d Never Better Prepared Than
agos g th "a thlJese the .hi a.noinced PNow tc dace a Crisis.

,t a..s-iSOr os. Itsas' --a e" fi't for Kingaton, Jamaica, Nov. 5.-The Brit-
.ea Ul-go- sad the? o people c Plant bsh naval authorities at Port Royal, the
.iikees S* %Cg ty Including of comre the ladles, have sara headquarters here. express the

lJ .- I t. The isakrhane.d tion of the British North American
hiI-* Hvenl Salu y super, and th accompatnying and West Indian squadron form part
.' *asluJ tht 'delinat s provided & ast th at.a of a grand, comprehensive scheme for
lk es do.dt l- Pa p L atel oioek the meeting Wa a inavll demoastralon on the Pacific I
5W St .. i sela eslied to order ead the first and Atiaset, untele dd to indloateG reat
* i is say speaker h-.'W>d waC captain J. B. Britain's grerdusa to face any and
":" L '"- '-J%lsm the vetecn journalmst and IJ tliostls development.
Su-stiou ,a t he S is 5ti He maDemec- Great Britain, It is added, fully realU-
.m se aW s w gi- dw ven the closest attention see the menaces of the fmure, and

Tampa . Florida

Office in Brick Baiddtt*a eorth idda
of Court Houm S ouar

87 and 88 Fendall Building,
Wahington, D. 0.
o..>-.po. oc Boael ad.

Sin wa b-4 mm an henisu

In Circuit Coet. sbotonW Count
otxth Jd dtd eroadet of e Fllrnda,
in chancery. dward A. Huntint
as executor, etc., Va. D. 8. BucIan-
au el aal. oMWC., e.
Thtu case coining to te heard upon
appicauon for an order of pulicaUuon
daireoted against the defenDant J. j0.
Lawrence, and It appeastig to the eSt-
Ifaction of the Clerk of said cot oup-
m affdavit fued wth the bill of Com-
palni in said cause toat the said defen-
daet is a non-resadenc of the itate
of Florida, and Is a resident ot 'Monroe.
wiaton C.'ounty. a.n. and over the age
if twenty-one years. It is therefore
ordered thlt you J. G. Lawrence do
appear to the bill of complaint on or
before the 5th day of oecemboer. A.D.
198, else a decree pro contesso will be
entered against you.
It is further ordered that a copy of
this order be published In Tampa Tn-
bone, once a week for four consecutive
weeksato the said 5th day of December,
L- D. 198. H. L MrITC- ALL
Cterk Circuit Court-
Comouaaisant's 9 Ucitor.
By (D. .B. GIV'EN. D. C.
LI H. I&. Mitchell. Clerk Circuit Court
for aid county, hereby certfy thea the
foregoing is a true co of the order of
bllsation filed in the aforesaid cause.
Witness my hand and official seal at
Tramp, this 4th day of Nov., A. D. 188I.
Clerk Circuit Court.

In the Circuit C out of the th Judlcial
Circt t Of the tate ot Flortda, 10

C.hantce B. Tbcwpisg n Jane Hi
Under and b vitume of t decree oc
forlciaure ot mn rtgsasrendered on the
2ond day of October, lA. D, 18, aby the
Honorable Barron PhiUl ud of the
Circuit Court. of the Sixth Judicial
Circuit bf the State of Florida, sittAng In
and for Hlllsborouin County, in ihaj-
oery in favor oi the Thor City Buildlna
& Loan Association, and against John
B. Browning and Jane B. Browning, I
will sell at public outeOry, in ront of
the court hboes door In the city of
Pampa, in naid county and State. with-
Inthe legal hours of sale. on the Eth day
of December, A. D., 1 the same being
the first ornday in said month,
for cashE o the highest and
bwet onddr. all the following
Iot, pieces. parcels or tracts of
and, situate, lying and being in the
county of Hilllsborough, and State of
Florida, and described as follows, to-
wit: The south thirty-five feet of lot
two, of fractional block twelve, and the
middle lot of fractional block twelve.
together being a parcel of land, .begin-
ning at the southwest corner of sali
block and running north seventy feet;
thence easterly to boundary of said
block, thence southerly seventy-one and
ninety-five one hundredthL seet; and
hence westerly to point of commence-
ment according to the general map of
Tampa of 183; together with all and
singular the tenements, heredita-
nenies and appurtaoences hereunto be-
longing or in any wise appertalning.
P. 0. KNIGHT, Master in Chancery.
Solicitor for Complainant.

Six months after the date hereof, I
wlll present to the Counts Judge of
Hilisborough County, Florida, my final
account and vouchers as execu-trix of
the will of James K. Van Bibber, de-
ceased, and will make my final settle-
nent as such executrix. Dated this
aIt day of July, A. D. 1898.


Will etaettie is s aad 5 1tsda enne.
Prsaupt attatlotha gles s eat butMs.
euasa ge Bank Baidleng. "- Tampa. a
pK 0O. EiOHT. /
TAXreA, Ex. NSa. Bank Bldg.) .FLe.
aMeph B. Wall, U. W, Staves


arenK al Bank Salldlng. Tampa. ha.
BaxBTw, FLAe
Piomt attention given to all bud-

Near P. C. at IP. De Phase 8l .

SPECIALTIES :-Heavy Blacksanithirng, Axe
Works. Store Front, Sills, Columns, ,eic. -.
Steambost Machinery and Boilers. O0rpioup'
to installing Irrigating and Steam Heating Plan
prices. Hitching Posts and Iron Fenges.


.... asaiaeeaee.ea&6eb44444 **#9 I#*P##9*##C9~


f t ruir-shaJ;

kizdns or i


by get inferiorr w
anmget the be6Cof

In PrintingT.

Ism ""'" 7 ..

> o ..t_?d
. .: .. ..

: Phone 170. 202 Fman- LL e

W 0 MkeRall toksTWe
,.*4**bjt4*O~e4*e*44* T OOL~ti

The Y oj:

Keep Constantly on I


Z ..000


Mail OrderD
We have a regular organized department
vision of one of *be Ar8 for this branch of 'ou
at a distance can-end for samples and may- d
any order entrusted to us filled with the sam u
care, and at .themaame prices saifpersonally
us for samples and.prices on asiything in the Fan
Line. Our storehas beeanpeoa coy nooi ireted r
of a Dry Godse buaines. It isthe largest, baetAi
best constructed, andcontias all that "xperi
to render it the most udeful, comfortable d
kind. It isaccordingly one of the igh of
"Bacon's Advertiser" contains price ist of Ti .
Goods mailed free on application.

425, 425, 429 E. Market ht., above Prestoal

win 4S a to

Samples d self ne etn blanks 'e 1


Foundry. Machine and RoTier WM

er s utpyed

ous r t oc

5 p Apo*~~ lntro=
te otee f the
g ceremonle
,iand dgal


-- -........ and especeIlly In vlew of his great pop-
haritins aft ~g j a to *dA ltarity w'th the Democratic party in
& a re wee s New York, that he has never' been
semi* *essplm rnmaey order, mhand In glove with Tanmnany Hall.
T-ai held a rousing meeting In
hi Ca- latbil of e- the wigwam Thursday night, but Hill
was not there. He spoke the night be-
~Mj i ratse.-,ls 4 rn il fore In Carnegie Hall to cheering thou-
". ": "' s hands. but be did not reosatn In the me-
Utp iolls for the rammany celebration.
Pio3St Chroker and Hi* lift s* They
speak as the o there
Ml" m lndeed, a* -faem-orat-
ib. th ci F tel V.'' atnmaent. Re Is of Ireprebhable
hob w "ld heion- to Democ. character, pare and upright in every
relation o life, possessing as inordinate
S- PbSmaders an tell what capacity for har work. and a states-
"A"Mel man who held his own with the veterans

es 0aise Wire trochas are
JW.peole a eiht of trouble.

seb~ Plas 4onan~ta ners
wj"est what Hobson's choice

WO hew belles are wringing
iso fer fear that they wot't be

-Aguinlido come in in
SfoUattlons reaspecting the

atg a rupture of the
ttias the Spaniards will

es onduet of the
I nd. andibrother Wil-

e k lt alike to John
nterng ato atruce

b to riw to get Platt
ptsi sr hypnokn lIuence

Lftsaaough teders should
hs dangers at get-

1"-e rmd el

i ak
in t Caro-

0 7s ..... .. wf"
'Spanish wea-.

in the United States, and who. If the
Dmoatswin the .Legtelaiure in New
York, should, be again elected to his
ewler office.

All is fair in love and war." John
Bull, It seems, makes the adane the
criterion of ils actions in antebellum
days It begins to look as though the
horsed animal was after the bear and
not chasing the GalUs rooster. Thisl
Intelliensce will prove hurtrol to the
pride of many correspondents, diplo-
"mats and prophets. The persistency
d1lpia'.d by the British admiralty In
war preparations, even on the heels of
Parisian advices, to the effect that
Mercoand would be recalled, is now
receiving Its full analytical value.
'Now that British warships are massed
in the port of Wel-Hal-WeL Instead of
steaming at tuil speed to some French
dependency, the "shrewd observer' to
whom ths correspondent anonymously
refers Is like a ship at sea without a
Two corrolLaries are fairly deductible
fromt this mobilization of war vessels
in the Orient: (a) England fears a war
with auses or (b) England knows that
Rusa Is an ally of France.
.The peace comMlMoners seem to
have arrived at the parting of the ways.
ThI faot will not a& unt to much,
however; for we are strong and Spain is
weak. and Is is evident we intend to
mse our strength to force Spain to get
dkut ot ltaPllUppines. It may bank-
rupt jtin, it thqa the i(Se should
not have been blown up; It may bank-
rupt wropesa wha hold Spanlph
boads, but then Spain should not have
sagwmred amas with Uncle Basi, for
Uncl Sam's eagle has just begun, to
a*ratch graves" and the skirmishes
fg1pMtl xW..whetted the appetite of
the volunteers for bood. K pain, If she
w .e. -y -_.. the fot and ahe

ChU a i dOltU ternage a lot
people'who will keep him in hot wtt'
for years to come.

rpawnee County. Okla., has a can-
paign novelty. Father. mother and
sons are qaunoi against eawk other tor
at casdl-
fn te bl we nner g ItW. I M.
Obanan. the Republican candidals fdr

-.*. : .ri l ^ ^ '<

IJM- _.Ti oN.
dDaly and

-. . .. .. .

rnx M1 $1 A TUAIL

The arrest of a man in Chicago for
having ten wives was not of course,
because he had violated the laws of
btgamy, but because he had manifested
such a spirit of contempt for the divorce



S. hmaa singalm isds sadn d s
teegidigeu a r.
-' aM .

v -y i -

ASSAM, lo 7

ditior. He says that those who go
there now either have to die In the filth
of the cities or fleet the country dis-
iA European steamship company has
adopted the rule of regulating chil-
dren's fares by size Instead of age.
Thob. a child under 60 centimeters in
height goes free; and one over 60 cen-
timeters ano under 135 centimeters
must pay hall price. That rule seems
a more equitable one than the old.
Just why a big, fat boy of 8 or 10
years o0 age, who takes up more room u
than any ma., should travel at half
fare, while a little, slim Jim, who hap-
pens to be a few years older, must pay
fu- farf. seems hard to understand. A
But, by the way, If physical measure-I
ments are tc govern. should they not
be ot the breadth, rather than the
eighth of the passengers? It's the
width of a child that county in alcrowd
rather than the length.

The Tampa Daily Tribune has re-
cently been enlarged and improved.
In appearance It is equal to the best
looking paper in the State. Stovaul
is a hustler who has no superior In
Florida.-Galnesvtlle un.
(During all this talk of vtring Spain
W.W.000 for the Philippine Islands, It
haa never occurred to the Peace Com-
mispioners of both Nations to ask
Agnaldo'a permission.
.I -

1 slnm the hMstory of a campai
have more effective speeches been mad
than ftvid Bennett Hill has been mak
lag, and is now ni in Wew Yorkh
No man is quicker to catch a point an(
use It agaMInt his opponents, and hi
ringing words expomi g the false issue
raised by the Republicans have aroa
sed hs countruZn everywhere to ad
miratin of the man. Although a
*Deocrat of the Democrats and s
party man who never voted any but th
traight ticket la his life, and who
never failed to take an active part IU
every campaign o his day except thi
last national oe. yet It ta remarkable



No ripe e r e ll
e WheFyooaeHeddIBPi.l. TheLhigaoMtaub. received. Indicate that Hillsborough
- Smd, =tased pils, w heh tar you a to County did her Cull duty to the cause
pieces, are not la It with Hoods. Easy to take of Democracy yesterday. The magni- C u F

o o d the Democratic candidatesisfully up to Not l Up I
H 0 s thfcd expectations of the party leaders.n ggf J f -
= stood's to7 hI e 5 teI sllthi result was obtained largely wo
up to datenevery respeei. || orh.uth Uhe indefatigable labors of F. rbta-.... bll6 the g- do 9
a Sa ceertat snd sure- All P 11 . ht. chairman of the countyx- For it h been hoghtt to the ime, t-
ruggiltsa. 2e. CI. Hood & Co.. Lowel. Mass. u l t that Cancer is incurable, and to P d ad = O. ud
Tbe onlyMpilsHtakewilHoodssaparuil. Cui mi. He dir d thos so Ifreticae e to hae aneaftoOf a-r w s.
e work throughout the county In a man-. ufnl affliction have CO- t dte& Xlusiso f*sm ^."

n the same office Is W. T. Obanan. son of ner that stamp p him as a sidered themselves beyod hop of Mand w _tilei"
e the Democratic-Popust candidate. and wise leader. a good general and recovery. The doctor are ahb-ane.I. a
now the middle-of-the-roaders have a nard worer n the genreal bl to d
'nominated Mrs. Ohanan. wife of the 'ort of the county, his ork was ably lief, L and the poor sufferer might
well consider himself on the way 7e .h
nomi seconded by the members of the ex- o
Democratic-Populist candidate, for sounded by th e members of the e- arly grave.
Public Weigher. Consequently, who- ecutlve c mittee in the.r reipetle t is now easy to see why the
ever sins. the office will be in the precincts, doctor have failed to oureCancer. l .
Obanan family. The work in Tampa fell almost en- Theirtheorie havebeenall wrong, ;. D. I t
tirely on the Democratic club, and led and hence their treatment Zniffi_.l
Operations In the map factories have by Judge W. %. Graham, the gallant directed. They have made the
again been suspended. The gentlemen presided, this organization did a work mistake of thiinkig that by out-
who are supplying the world with ot which It certainly has every reason tin# out th sore or ulcer, known do
maps havae been patiently waiting for to feel proud. The educational work of Ca the disease woulde
Uncle Sam to make up his mind Just the cluo beginning with the opening of thIh.
what he wants when Nicaragua, Hon- the campaign did much to enlighten the But p g, fOr w B.S. as ft. -
duras and Salvador decide to go out of people on the issues of the day, and Nb c up he thng, fo ni
the nation business and form the unite the party on the leading issues of &Imp a10 iflelnt than before. flll*sglu
Uaitemo e atak ot Central America. to the day. The rally meetings were 2St b-er i nssemutd bej6 aws esot wihat a0h1 brn111
be official ikno*n as btadoks Unidos managed with splendid judgment. They AL neebs O d h0 4 Mi a atl1sIss, redin "g s'Iste .
de CentrolAomerica With the Emperor were addressed la TV-olratte orators bassX as M V me'a st r
of Germany personally staking out the who enlightened the people on all the I an Pudy V tak l
Holy Land and the French and English leading party Issues that confront the aloewOn hertoue, shjs lw eg an- an tal I 4 l
trying to do each other up in Africa, people. The routine work of the or- _W atJ1 gg agssrhssmE "e r
the mapmakers' lot sla far from being ganliatlon was conducted in the same EWgtISta mtohweain. Ihd D too = iBlmlamdl
a happy y one. careful and methodical manner. As a is r tate ft fef quite a w hile l rst b ftrft V .
result of this good work, when election __
Once in a while the War Department day arrived, the party was united, thor- '
Commission has to take a little bitter oughly organized, and ready t v.. o. -
wih Witsweet, ot wa the c asle ion then Toughly organized. and ready to vote.
with Its sweet, as was the case in the All during election day until the poils
examinationlgl Major Taylor, the suer- ood he slifteret committee ap- -
geoone tn ch e oere of the militaree
Mgeon in charge of the military ho- pointed by the club, worked with a de-
pta, at Atlanta. He testified that as termination that demonstrated their
early as June 2 he had applied for loyalty to a market degree
loyalty to a market n eegree.--
permsslon to purchase necessary hos- Another important factor in the C x-
pital supplies, and that such permis- cellent showing mady by Congressman
slor was. not given until Aug. 1; also Sparkman not only in this, but adjoin
that 116 cots which had been ordered Ing counties, was the fine work of Capt.
early in the season had arrived only ) W. B. Henderson, chairman of the
day or two ago, and were, of course, First Cungressioual District ExecutVe
nol no% needed. That was a sample comrruttiv The uniteu, harmonious
of his experience with red tape. of thes- deffern t It Indicates
The war investigation com.mision a deg(tre- o. part.. 0nt.1 r. "ver bEfo're
came across an exce dtly frank wit- enjoyed I-y iheL)tmocrahs ol this coun-
ness, at LAnniston. Ala. His name io ty. This means aentinued victories
Charles F. King: he holds the rank of In the future and increase, party pres-
major, and Is the surgeon of the Fourth tige throughout the State.
Wisconsin regiment Asked if the men
ever compialned to him regarding the IA.ANA IMtBeD C thND tr4ON.
food, Dr. King replied that they had, o
and, being asked: what did you say to J.. passengeunn of London, Eng.. was aon

the devil and eat what they ha." Gen- aturday from Havana to New York. o es S te m
eral Wilson, of the commission ven- The late areloal of the steamer caused T o S the fetowingHasnsdmeN steelw e gm s:-
aured the remark that the rep was hm to miss cnnection wth his train Comanche (nw), Algonquin erokee, emii
exoeednigly Improper, and the witness and he spent Sunday, at the Arno, leav- .ORTi-OUN. 'r

tFor how ofmlinl mseeC y L^ e W bieh so c A eor.Jbael mvis &W s lsCtAP A4a10 V
Mr. Wanamaker said in a speeob that Tribune he stated that he had been in O so ~ n.
if Gideon Marsh the absconding Key- Havana since last March. and was on t-5raor sre stoe caPioted io. U f.o.. PiUg,... SUa. t, Ric. S e N aTso S. rd1 .
stone Bank president, would come back board the battleship Maine with Capt. FoeJ5Iko5villi,F a., (lea Ch5 ..s......... Iavs.,Wo ss miaj
and tell all he knew he would intercede Stesbee the day before the Maine was ,agas Cha-los, S. t. heth wars.,
to get his clemency, and would give him blown up. ,e stopped at the same UIeO I i gud and Soeskirn Lie-.Fmr Oi y
and his family another start in life at hotel with Generad Lee, and Captain ssatem rsA appisod to sal asfobows.
his own expense. Marsh read the tigsbee. He has a very poor opinion FromFusoo H-- Sit-et Jetseat-le, Pare Lsewis bt
speech in the papers and he took Wana- of Havana, declaring that It Is unfit THo etay S vakv "
maker at his word ard came b~ck. Thi for American, and advises all those Olydes St. Johns R river
is only one instance of the success of who contemplate going to Cuba to haeassssu aset r, 5ane-prs Fla.,anlaeras tios ha esatseis ..Sa
Ms. Wanamaker an a stump-speaker. postpone their visit for at least a year Bt earn er C t:y.o
yet. Ite says the city is absolutely with- CA a. W iaw,.
dome of the candidates who refuse to out any sewerage system, and if the ho- ate Jasoanelle.......... .o asa dfelo.ws:
bury the hatchet in a campaign are evi- tels were in this country they would Lea J rstokso a ,ie......amp.a ysr "ssday
dently inspired by the thought that not be considered any better than third General P oioenger and Tici.e Otfoee. 204 weat Wah St., J

Efld-ro s aforms. TsL D ges- Em- his home in London he would publicly G.P hwell. m 8 T., orLk.

er'a own heart. until it is put in a better sanitary con- i Bowls.grSent, '. Wm. P. CLYDE A ttJtsor A'ss,- tnS ,De. Avh.Th a

S1M 8 ANTm

.str .t

Cfthe Tribune.
SI o. o. 7.-Never In
s nd previous potical
popul t ace been

e brief bo1e.
Fll* A "ow. 7.-Neer int

Ssuch a fever heat eysto-
atecilon agnarichitoe ex-
b nd iet wIlcon e a

beah ltbarse to le a

isagrAloc That

aw last doea of
--1 -1 MLi

a strong wind been
Snothing could ave
Mi"re eastern portion
p.mong, g moe.
a mean oat fghtlng the
, brigade, and it
..ad It not

ks the )me would have

9etheavlet losers were

olmad two dwellingm

tr :'.


DVAtuS of Prominent Citisew-Notes
About Important Events.

Plant City, Fla.. Nov. S.-Our aged
and much respected citlaen, Mr. 0. B.
Smith. is seriously Uil at his home in
From the frequent changes in the
weather of late, many are suffering
from colds or possibly a form of La
Mi. L. W. D.ewry, late of Alabama.
who moved to Plant City nearly a year
ago baa returned to Decatur. Ala., leav-
ing his wife and little ones here for the
winter months.
The saw mills known as the Seale
mits east of town. have been sold, the
new owners are IMr. R. Fletcher and
Mr. Henry P. Blocker, who will do their
best to swily the trade with the best
bunber on the shortest notice.
The funeral of Mr. (W. A. Stinson on
Soupfda evening was largely attended.
Service at the grave by the Rev. W.
FAtelameyer, pastor of the M. E.
Church. assisted by Rv. J. ,.. Forbis
Rev. T. 0G. Btrikland and others. The
deceasd was a lady much beloved for
bar amiable and kindly disposition. The
y bereaved husband has the sym-
patip of a larx* chrcle of friends.
a & ,0. ILC rtaL paessd peacefully
away on Senday night after several
--f-" L2 ,xl '4odying of Sropsy.
T*r E erjsd on'lddoay at
Pleasant grovi by the side of many
=m=bers of the family who have gone
With the sorrowing daughter and
family and the devoted brothers and
siers, we deply sympathize.
r. C. 0. Burts, the gentlemanly and
obigIng proprietor of the Tropical Ito-
td. who B sbeen down with ever for
several weeks Is out again looking badly
but tliproving slowly every day.
TO Rlao1t1ial PICQUART.
Case Against The Officer Has Been
Special to the frribune.
Paris, Nov. 7.--Ite Gaulote says the
Court of Cassaton has decided to hear
the Minister of War. (M. De Freyeinet.
In its Investigation into the Dreyf us
case, and that the court will content
itsel with his statements. without in-
sisting upon seeing the secret docu-
ments In the case.
The Fronde says the case against Col-
onel Picquart, who was charged wth
communicatoin to unauthorized persons
the contents of important military doc-
uments in his defense of Dreyfus, has
been quashed. and that the prisoner.
who has been closely confined in the
Cherehbe-Midi Military Prison, will be
released to-day.

Of Sarasota (Brings Good News of Per-
mament Prosperity.
Harry Higel. the popular mayor of
Sarasota, came up on the steamer Mi&-
Uletoe yesterday, and spent the daye cir-
culating among his many friends in the
city. fI a Tribune repretmtatlve he
stated that S Irasota and the surround-
lbg country was on the rapid road to
permanent prnpertty. He said that
Nkforthern homas seekers were arriving
aimot every daS. many of whom were
' bum vegetable and farm land, and"
ree tlhi comfortable building mFruit
is coing ton bvey and vegetables will
hbe ready to ship fst as soon a the
grower can get crates. The tomato
andt e plant crop will be large and the
quality Brt-elass. Shipments of these
anl other vegetables are being made
gvery day to the Tampa market, and
would now soon begin to go forward to
northern markets. Mr. Higel sald also
that he' would ship asx hundred boxes
of oranges, and one solid car of salt
;mBeL from derasota to Tampa where
tfey wll be forwarded to New York.
While in the city he bought one half
.a car load of tomato crates for his eara-

th l ael appcatos, a thoy cannot

g as notepeNdr Jthe'ut m betoi5 known.
Cb ri~astimam b t lgood purifiers.
S Cs onU41he msonop h surfaces.
.ta fi. .., what produce ssuc won -

a S ecM'nsf inIn ring Cataarrh. end
#dr. L. Wr 0IOtt. Props. Tpledo, 0
mIae t bla, .B ArgtW. Price 7i.
HAWN 5al' amfy IPeI are the best.

WM C" tw -ed 4 mv.ee-n s on the Uliver
a" relates the ystem generally. All

Th It ta r City of Tampa went on
Sawapa-yterday for a generaL over-
51 NW" lana. Tb' Mseaer lAncentCity ar-
"rie yestedy from the Alafla river
,n l t' a, lighter load of wood for the
c.a Cbia tat a due to-day from

usemiaee en IA owe Chills, Fever
*I.I AS kN or from

df.m 5 "to .

bo I mr .t t .Sur Zeko Could 1 1168M
h- Temptaltav !& the Hereafter.
Of the Philippine Ialanda Demandedi "Of Uil hU ,iarLies In the town where I
by the American Commissicners clerk wia Ait btee ery worst tiothe
| 'ine of inaliliry tu keep his bands off of a
Washington. Nor v .-Spain's exhaus- stray cbhckt n was one who wn s generally
tive argument against the cession of known as nZke Ho iav have had another
the Philippines to the Inited Sdtces has name. but as he waa not amorried Zeke
had the result of making the officials all seemed to be plenty lor his uoes and pu-
the more determined to take the silands. chronic For s longer long c ose Nets was o
Instructions sent to Mr Day, chair- his natural weakness, but one sunday s
man ot the American Commissioners. negro revivalist opered up in town, and
.will require him and bis colleagues to when the week ended Zeke had become
renew on Wednesday their demand for converted and before a cloud of witnesses
cessation of the group to the United I announced his Intention of living a better
States, and they will make their own nd so be id much to te urfe.rise of
communication the first offer of money evervybody, black end white. At flrst we
in payment for the Islands. allbtought. he would break over In a few
It is. understood that the President weeks. but the weeks stretcbed out into
will consult to-morrow with some of months and the months into years, and
ile advertisers concerning the amount Iwo years of very defeat living were to
to be named In the American communi- Zeke's credit when he was taken danger-
cation, but I was told again to-night ously ilL The old woman with whom he
that the sum to be paid will not un- lived end who was greatly ooooerned for
der any consideration exceed the aggre- his welfare was much agitated as be oon-
gate of the debts contracted by the ntinned to grow worse, and at lass she
Spanish government for Improvements broke nto load walling.
on the Philippines All Military debts "'Why, Aunt Pasy,'e sld the white
and debts cotracted in the name of n we dthe 'w ayu
other islands, such as Cuba, will be o bet
barred, and the Spanish Clommissioners eserying on than way fort'
will be Informed that they must recog- "111 in' Zeke winter dis?' she asked as
nise this fact as promptly as possible. If the question were etrely uncalled for.
CON'HNTOS OFrHI IAN NOTE "'I think be i, bui that isn't so bad as
Secretary Hay has received a full is might have been Jas think bow muob
statement of the contents of the Span- better be is to die now than be ones was.'
Ish note. Its character wa just what .'DB's what oI' afeaesd uv, doctor.
the officials expected-without any new De's what e'a feed us,' V e walled.
,-ment' oilowortance, I understand "'What a you aid of? I don'tun-
that Senor Riao and his colleagues call dersn.'
attention to the action oat tbr overn- "' Cm lbe so good deintI,' s*he -
mont in delveritg a notehrough .1L
Cambon, the Frenbch Ambassador to planed between soha. t he donam ed
President SMhKnley which set torth the now, stir, hae's o glnta bebben, an
undestanding of the Sanis bgovern- when he gtis dae, deiose, an de tedders on
meant that in agreeing to the protocol dem angels' wings rubts up ag'ln him, doo-
its sovereignty over the Philippines tar, he aln't $ebber gwlter to son'de
would not be affected tem'satlon aho'. Be Jis' asin' do It, doo-
It is also claimed by the pantsh Con- tor, an me not dar to he'phim.' And
omissioners that this declaration was again Aunt Patsy broke Into soae as the
seated to by President 'McKlnley. thought of what might happen to Zeke."
As a matter of fact. I was told this Wmahinguon Sta.
afternoon the note had been delivered. -
but the President had declined to ans-
wer It. either In writing or verbally to CIGARETTEOLOGY.
'-3. Cambon.
T*Uig a Mana's Charseter by a New Set
IR" The tanner In which the smoker holds
YELLOW b ciarete in his hbad while It Is re-
--- moed from his mouth tells much to the
New OCaes Among Employes in Quar- student of cignretteology If he holds It
termaster's Department in Cuba. with ll four fingers alon te top, wth
the thumb underneath, he Is either a born
poet or mntolan. His organization is
Special to the Tribune. very fine and sensitive. Only the highest
Havana, Cubt. Nov. S.-The yelloww in all the arts will appeal to him. He is
fever situation here is causing great sadly lacking In courage and will never be
anxiety among the American officials., married unies rsoine young woman takes
The increasing number of cases, a ma- .dvantegeof leap yerand catches him off
emof whs his guard He is very fond of fruit and
jority of which. are of a serious nature, never cato ieet. e is likely to be oorone
has alarmed the entire Amfrican colony and melancholy
and new victims caused the ali..rc L.. Sde- ail thu iugors and thui ib, wb tio l: it.t-
veiop aJnost the character ow a panic, id d e cwriag ilrectly toward the palmu
The diea it apei spreadingof the hand.i a 'chry bad sign This
ahe dideandi si apparently. preadmg 1smtkr Is a cold, calcuiatlng and desgn-
rapidly, and is not -ontin-d to te lig ng an Ho has an instinctive hatred nof
Vidado district. where Captains For- children and will be totally bald before he
aker and Beebe were stricken. is 23 years old.
Chiet clerk Caldwell, of the quarter- Holding the cigarette between the
master's department, who was taken 1U thumb and forefinger, with the remalintnl
yesterday evening, was seen and ex- fingers closed on the palm of the hand. Is
amined by Dr. Lane to-day. The doec- infallibl evidence that the smoker first
began toying with the cigarette on the sly
tor declared his disease yellow fever, when he was very young and in constant
ordering his removal and isolation in a fear of the deadly slipper. When held in
building near the Trocha. A clerk this manner, the cigarette oan be concealed
named Stuart, of the quartermaster's more quickly and effectively than when
department, has been Ill since last Wed- held in any other way, so Is may indicate
nesday. His case as also diagnosedmany thing This smoker will bvery
dudish. If be drops his olgarettisok the
as fellow fever and he was removed to plaza floor and resumes smoking It with-
the same place. Two other clerks are ou fi m knocking the dus off of is, he is
slightly ill this evening, but fever aym- not as tidy and methodical am be should be.
ptoms have not yet developed. He is also likely to be careless and beed-
MALARION WITH MAL.kRION The fallow who holds his cigarette be-
TABLETS. tween his firs and second fingers is a bi-
--- cycle soorc ber or will be i he lives long
Guaranteed cure for Chills, Fever and enough. Be esi meat three times a day
Ague, or money refunded, 60 cents. All and has Hlitle regard for the sights of oth-
Drug8gists. er popla He will bave muh trouble in
You invite disappointment when you Philadellhie tai in
experiment. DeWitt's Little Early --PhU-d*P*" Inquhre.
Risers and pleasant, easy, thorough lIt-
tie pills. They cure constipation ana Fay Teased Iass,
Ick headache Just as sure as you take "Te seaVragesB paid so popil nurses
them. S. B. Leonardi & Co. Is 10 a month or the flrst ye and *li a
month during the second year," writes
Ellsabeth Robainson Beovll on "The Life
sof a Trained Sums, In The Ladles' Home
S Journal. "'The remuneeation varle In

SU AlIPPER d s t nun paid nothing Aftar
S graduation ead nos in hoeliel wards
S, receive from $S to (80 per month; aper-
S .....^ intendents from S00 to $l,900 a yer.
FROM D- triot nimswhoa apIoyedbywr.
n sk a ho rbes, esoietls and so imes by
S eprtvam besevelence to week among the
DISPLACEMENTS po s ow ot the rame salary as

ldsei e aS adferfi r display ems of the private nre receive from 16 to PS
dsa usc uot smaterety than xi another weak. They hem e eo pay the t disess. wIth the hUing c nrossee1y 1 Pro- ro tom n us aa hedquarters, and their
pnuatlteri~laUisgoftheewob),isqsltgaw e eai l nins are more er Ie surr-ei"s It

all yregarded, w. nA-waly, as a f&o disease re- rare for a nur mto be employed an the
qring oalyl0al treasnet-. This is ranitaly time, and bher watrk Is so arduous that It
wrOmg.snadwomen sufer hbecdae of the ign- would be Impoeable for hber to stand tbhe
am. Pr s Utai is regrded by the best train of oontinnoos work."
genalisisa onO f setisades, tberee f de ic- aaFb
gsm.d.both general r1 atm for the entire An amusing episode in a recent work.
ymnl d m sued tream est for th affected Audubon and .is Journals," published
partL pr. Sdashas made some marvelous dia- by John C. N~ mmo, deeorma how an odd
l n to the treatment oflleaofihcV.king fellow one day banded the great
tin i naurais lester without any remark.
mosete5--toMpport the dliplacedparts, teads "I broke the seaL"mys Audubon, "and
o weaken the naturalmuscls and UgaLieants of read as follows:
mppot If this artificial support is persisted in, "MT DnaKa UUso-lsend youa addth.
franylengthoftime.,the natural supportslose whichys mayprose toibe andemrtbed, and
all power to ifl upeor sustain tt organa which hope yun wtrill do so In your next letter. Be-
they asre deghed, by the Creator, to support. lieve me always your friend, &.
The disease (Palng) becomes Chron-octar 'With all the simplicity of a woodsman
able Juanas a taby, always kept in its crib and I asked the be bearer where the odd fish was,
ever allowed to crawlsandatand on itslttle legs when M. do T.-for, kind reader, the in-
sntilthey become strongenough tosuppot. will dividual In my presence was none else
sever be able to walk, but remain a weakling than that renowned naturallst-sm.led,
and cripple an itsa fe. Thee are truths too en- rbbed his hands and with the gretest
dent to need ery yet people pam them good humor Paid:
by bease of their very mplicty. I1 am that odd flsb, I presume, Mr.

Da. RENOS NEW L dubon'"-Household
Student UMans I the Mlddi. AgA.
If there isea woman who is slenUtly ffertg Sgtudents were not always in residence
Bntad.asb.'-. Ir too i sensitive toundergo for the rewards of learning alone. We
loc l C Iiaed lan teatme st. abse sisesMrest- lad such notice s s thins as Prg: "Stu-
ly r..u-aa- toitake Dr. Seao's New Health dents are requested to keep quiet in lee-
ture, notn to gr anYbowl or him; not to
aconlisig t Matos There is o other sen- cry ouate s gtlaer or m.t. .,n6; to ear-
tise "' In the foan f medicine, that ry no weapons and write no lampoons."
assm moam wah Or. ueno's how Hedthi In E were we fnd. "bStudents em n ord-
.poweri to spas u a dt e to re e sk -inso houes in der toe steal
poweetobadlM exhanstede t;re- n ~meat d ng lm$L "--"Uni reafty LWeIn
fnrnish esegasd SV to a dehbitated ystem; thedMiddleAges," by Professor W. T. 'Hw-
adedselsdnkesweahrealthytnefunctlos t6, In Harper's aiazitne.
Of sabad i t aorects all d-,re--In-; fla sp'sSe.
s-.. a eek sad as tood, sad "What'sdi halt Mbi nGump ts slaiglngr."
ais s g s wce e to aMd shattesed serve. "I baiere ts lMBiking d ang".
sL 11A les-t f sde aepts it. t "O. s I t? I o f sounded stmlt
y a' SIL eNARDI & Co. '
.. e-- -" -



The Proeess oram the raw Matorial ti
thb Fialshbd Product-Their Mafst z.
ta Is Almest as Fatal to Life as ThOlr
Uem lIn Times or Wr.
A writer In the London News, In n an
count of a visit to the Eiteld small Arms
factory. gives the following interesting ac-
count of bow bayonets are made:
It is a big business this beyonet mak-
Ing. The raw material oomwe in the form
of bars of steel, which are tnu up Into the
necessary lengths and rolled. The strips
of steel are then borne off to a tremendous
press, which stamps one end for the
"tang," and from there they go to the
grinding department of the factory. Here,
In the first place, a rather lumbering look-
ing "troughing" machine adiomatiomlly
sours the edges with emery until the em-
bryo sword bayoetw. will Just fit into a
gauge or "trough." This Insures thas the
metal is exactly the proper size and iaepe.
Next comes the grinding by and n
the big grindstones, of which the are 80
in one long akyllghted building, each
weighing, when Dew, a couple Of tuns
though of eours they rapidly wear sway,
as well as the grinders employed at them.
These men sit astride their msa as they
would on horseback. bentiding toward the
whetstones that whirl round at a speed t
something like 9,600 times a minute,
when they a e full s-abeout twe- rt n
ofa mIle a minutes.
Wee betide the unlucky grinder if thes
should happen to be- a flaw In the mosa
Whirling round at sob a paos the esetri-
fugal sain upon It is, of oune, ve'
great, and If the stone wemw not pety
sound It would fly to pleos, so they en
known to do occasionally in saob planes.
There has been at least one occurrence of
the kind at Enfleld. Such a burst op is s
destruetive I the line of motion as a can-
non would be, and the stones In this build-
ing are arranged so as to minimie the
mischief of such a mistake. Each is ln--
spected every morning before starting
It is not the burgngof the sones, how-
ever, that constitute the greasis peril to
the workmen here. Men cannot be bend.
lng over sword blades that are being rub-
bed away in brilliant trails of sparks all
day long year after year without getting
socumulatlonsof steel dust into the lungs,
and If the trth oomld be known It might
be found that the making of the weapons
for European armies andnavies is almost
as deadly as the ose of them. It to skd,
however, to be partly the men's own fault.
A good deal of the mischief might be ob-
viated by the use of magnetized respire-
tors, but they won't wear them or goggles
for the eyes, either.
All the work here is done by the piece,
and the men are of opinion that these pro-
tectors seriously Interfere with their earn
wings. so that, like a good many more of uI
In different ways they kill themselves in
order that they may live. Probably by the
time that we have learned to do without
bayonets, we shall also have learned to be
content to give a man a fair living for the
beat he can honestly do without choking
himself with steel dust.
If onetakes in hand oneof these'moder
sword bayonets which have superseded the
old three cornered skewers be will se
that it is a fiat blade eachb side of which
has a central ridge between two hollows.
These hollows are ground out of the solid
steel by a millstone ribbed all round spe-
cially for the purpose, these ribs or ridges
in the surface of the stone conesponding
to the hollows In the blade. When the
grinding has been carried up to a certain
point, the weapon or the plece of Seel In
process of heeoming the weapon is carried
to another department to undergo some
change in Its ompoetiton. Thus fer It
has been a pilse of ordinary castet.
Now that the thing has been rolled and
stamped and ground te tWa Beeral form
It has to beshated. For t purpose It
Is pon Into a msor if bakers oven-
oven. that's isto y, that I divided by a
ran Brk wall into two pte -one for the
a and the other fe th recMption of the
ineel to be heated.
The weapons ito in here and gi bdo0
whish bas a sam of old a r canIan
roand it to keep down the ssMMratnm.
This hardens th seeI, butbavesitbeitea
Is would map cat if any attempt wer
madetobend it Itheas. cbheMsetobe
tempered by plunging It into molten ln.
This gives it the nemessry elasistlty sad
flexibIlty, and it csea out om its leedeo
bath a lovely bnslelor, aral swed blade,
but onlyas hIldeed seashinrough, too,
and without any odsl. It gsea bch en the
grindIng room now lr.the BnIIaegItoocb,
to ge something aspjrmmti-pg to s ct'
war, bel saoh a moa besasly luteusta
to solders In piping times of psos,
When the grinding Is finished, it onlys -
mains to polish the blades snd ton mount
them with "cessplemas" and "pommels,"
"grinp" and "springs," that will overt
the mm blade Into a verItablo aweed hy
maet and permIt of its being atneched to
the ri The pomliing looks as though

it must be mere detrimental to thi health
of the workman than the grinding. be-
eau sto is all dry wor, waesMa the rLnd
stores areun n a trovug at water. The
polishing is dons by ---of small wood-
en wheels, covered wfth bands of baher
with an emery snrfae, and every wheel
throws off a trail of sparks that give the
ves floor on which the work is carried on
an almost uncanny appearance. There is
a great amount of dust given off, too but
the greater part of it is sucked sway from
the workmen's wheel by as powerful -
volving fan operating through an air
channel, running' along beneath the
benches, so that the mischief is probably
reduced to s m lnmun. It is a most in-
teresting plow for a leisa-ly stroll, full of
|ueer machinery and eurinus rocesses
and suggestive illustrations of tie power
af the orga -I-tion of industry.
LOyend DMcTy.
The laziest and drtirest people In the
world have recently been discovered in t1e
uceauma They are the Svantians, who
live in an inaccessible mountain rge be-
tween the Black ses and the Caspian sea,
and as they were 3,500 years ago so they
aen today. It is their ensiwable rule to
make four days a week holidays. wth
sintl' day sas o a-Now York Weld.

Some fish exhibit great power of eter'
ane lwhemen dep. v of mac so aM.

Thna ikmw

Will not prevent youn frO -
-catching cold, but good,
warm, substantial cloth
from our stylish and haad-
some stock will bar out
chills, coughs 'and sore
throats. Oft onre it's your
affair if you want to y, "
twice as much for an ovwr- "
cost or evening suit as we
are selling at, but o not
think you wili after exam-
ining our stock and the -
prices. -


Up.To-Dbte Oti

41U FrskTld ft


-.; : .

We Wish .

To Collar You, j
And if you are not satisfied
we will Cuff you also, mad
wind up by '0Tieing' you.
When we are through, if ,
you are not $ better-lookig :
man we win give up the
job. a

We save .

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in these lines, especially
our new ties, which e .
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cerielmp~ysnpegb; W,
have e in'thm ,

litore will/"anl
best in the markts

_ _y tof -I
^; M -t


- " ,



Ea.pkom theaeilittle of the P
aadAdmit battle ad Fres

Santiago, Cuba. Oct. i.-Walt
SDenalson. Collector of Customs
aed amr exhaustive report of th
gaamton. condition and result
dshe catoms In the Provhnce of
tgn"4 ,with reeonwneaI4tlons for th
Sta t of the service. The i
raems the statement of the e
S ti oft talm In Sanmtlo, Quan
: a:& Baracao fer september .
eU A eaaoe iaures for Octot
ma m Q Ouastaino and sa G-0
.' m--. r not reprted, bit C
Mood reports -att-fctpry ipr

p Sl m uIt of forty me n San a
400detme af the r dej
7 elAdar guar ad bdatmen
1.\ wOafn.sO thre ia teamen.
salarie aggregate 6,M. In Ba

vepflsost ws receipts fro
"- e or customs in October
SOL=. an e icJe" f ot AU*61
t l M

o. shrt c rer
nA d i&1 ws a great #c
in pumM9 uader the arematn s5
thcugb with a reduced tariff.
It Is khown by the figures for Oc
.. that the receipts for Bantiago, in
uu=ber.,,are iW.W far Goantat
*k ; for Mansanillo, S3.00, a to

Mr. Donaldhon recommends Imp
r" mm3at of the service at all ports, e
tlaly at Gsetr imo1 such as sul
A ir.. t.ii xs.,< a revenue cutter and W
S- laxch. Other recommendation
a** there be an oath of offce to
em; ioe.; the free admission of c
iand f reeh meats, the pment price
&& eaIg p tically prhibittive; a redtm
1 cents to 8 centS per gallon o
-. .. troleum, 'harbor improvement t
-. atla .to be made applicable t
support and re-establishment ol
Board of Harbor Improvements,
ya& nny engineer and the uw
e.latm, p L, oy which it Is
S matesd woead be an adAilce-l In
a ef 5 annually. The recomi
..- i. 4ath will probably be tavorabi
r- 5oeied b Generat Wood.
: r. term teme, and coitnissarli
silAned to the dhffasempttricts o
; the tA o* thot e de
gents a in W-tWhWegten to supply
Ir tioss Under comUMN4 as the gov
ag theC province, it was decided by
S .W e-anot st wthe
auts". rft. OGeneral 1*Woi was Btel
B- Stl.",a".., .
-.. -to MIA. ,tie l mwo ter,

Baool to he irerme

c itth will sass cocar .

Iwar ews thlt 15 ohtiS
I t appre asnitos d I Is
E a neswt a a teldy amerted
aNe ersalng esiutsbetwee
ht ma tmabe= Wesmto
afi the mews eceralStE 5

b^ ega learned hare t
f ateskin
gmimay and .

and 'bw jaiipoe tear

Hmeiv bogfz


F The Spatn in Cuba are Packing
Their Grips to Sail for Span.
CI- tbpecial to the Triuuue.
AML a&,iut. sOV. a4a.- O bpajtibn u-
Mtortties are preparitgt LU Vtue aC. LA -
tere of Lft ao u o *uea ub l UL c IAbu
A decree ha u Deeo i LaU uy uWe .iu-
U eter of France, stating 1001 CEoiUCr
A wu the lest d&sy for Ln t nau6urfA-
DUIT uon of new tvaLtoes, a tMal..t.. L -U-
,ren aRat g wod t be enua uautg
the month of Novemer, wuen infcl-
toriem of the different ueca&LtLumcut,
wolud be compieL and itu. saU
Will Pae tobe sent back to ap-iu.
ora &&L toe requAet of the bsanan a ICi-
ter has teen addresed to &erncfi
ah Woodf at anitago, by the Amerin-oo,
reqiinUncg that he affCrd every ta.Ai,.,
for the removal of the bodies of ue-
eraMi Vara del Rey and &ttocjLce.,
tam oommiLison to remove wO.Ic, .
wave ikasans ao rtly
er A. A iormnai note ln" paed giving Dr.
I. has LeamVfeL uteLau 1 tbn tIL A toidli.
ie or- .luu tu ut tou cve etviaLvtLd. aiidudr Lie
ts of wuJAL u &,.B UCuluau"ai"u. n= vu A&
s f UM atugAugg U lton ry propel. 18 phu-
San- LVWUUog iaaiiYo. oa tW oukrounio uj.
e bet- LU sC tieF o au l 01tb L CU Lcu r-
report weat n-

with PFraident and Cahinet Discuss Carrcncy
Ser in an ri rItr, WettOUt tCuOWL.
nilo pecial to the Tribune.
olonel iwasiign m ,.I C Nov. L--AL a cabi.
ogre net meeting to-OAs Pmamoewt mmcai-
I i aena hr cabinet eonaiderel the nun-
.Mthe U-a.Uve proonUs4;. ,WAL ,Li s levE tO
noeA WithM in sWa ane .o --WRi, obut
ttago. no n1 concucms>a werae eatonM -bhe
ptioe queSuoaU at now OW bt qoriUff about
TnmO H u Unatilon of Jmienrcan l uiune Lour
te Spajush currency now in ciruuatUuon
whoB in kurto L tco wasi conaeieua. 'A u
cLacao iresunt currency is 0to oe aUowea 1v
rie 'ntere are Atrung advocate vrir tree
w Treasury Vsaniurp wtl ad returt un
S ne aeiaA aaure o1 [the iulaud.
cibarta tomuri tu uilcuiLtuou i nrvunay UQaU
tie rtliti 01 Ateiani b CaLCyit or Le
tm alt Lrae w5 l0 turio tUicu, tiUt iL caMDnot
to be m"a i Laniteljy jiat Lain plan walu
r be acupteu. 'I e decaimon ofU te z'resl-
,00 aeent to retain aL toe rhitulpptnee makes
M|ilte toU qAUte n SiAL t tI)r1ioie ioprtat&u, lor
To 11 free trade s t9oprevail between the
om U ited states ao one oQUyt& g poe-A
Jmazon, it is prsate that te pLCte
nNLM sent wouok be loloWea in regwiaung
*stem, tm. e trao e Io toe Ph ilppne* uAe WeLt.
r ecrenary TAJger Flougot forward in
tober the aiutiet meeting to question Of
employing native Cubans and 'orto
roa cant in Le military service or tno
iamo, tLuted States in cuoa and Porto RIto.
tal of 'the plan favored by the 'War 4epaXt-
ment 1 to nave native forees omcered
by A.rnerioans. t is proDSablie that
rove- nothing wl be done ware towar o m e ur-
espec- ganizatlou of native forces unili Con-
htable grewe hau specidcaily provided tur.
steam TO LEbi.N 'WIFr MFL ril.Ue
a are -e
or all Insurance Companies lWill t -ste n.
cattle tollries to diMarriteu wVoric-i.
e be Special to the Trtbune.
action foronto, unt., Nov. 3.-insurance
a pe- Companies doing a life business in
A in Canada, have agreed not to accept risks
hereafter on the lives of married
o the women, unleems they are the breadwin-
Sthe ners ot the faenmily, or wholly independ-
with ent of their husbands.
ThM decision hMe been made with a
se of view to lessening the crime of murder
esti- for insurance, several cases or which
eome have occurred within the last two years.
y re- -
Jacsonville ba a nard the last wree
a as- in Novemaber ie (teia Week, and Is put-
f the ting all her energies into ita proper
pert- celebration. Th F. rind a Central &
the Peninsular Railroad will sell tickets
ernor ftom alU its Fl jrida ptint at greatly
Gen. reduced rates. TtUe road will also ee
it S to complete accomodaloa being prj l-
nrmed ted for the oncabson, including extri
n0a- trains where necessary to properly take
i had care of those who will attend the cole-
igmin Bratlon. .The agen-s of the F. C. a
id bpr B or I. A. dhtoioan assistant and
ftre* general passenger agent ,Jackaoseilie,
ndmer wii be happy to give information ucn
pat- application.

oasis.0 OF W. H. soTEYRT.
tuiqn 'He Bhtred -esterday Morni ng either

Destty4er . qH- Boett is dead.
. He dIed yeeterdI a morning'with mon-

cemet-ry. .
,i Um' or months he has been angering
"with that dread disease which has grad-
muly gaped the life out of his frame,

dad yesterday after a sudden weak
sp0 h be succumbed to the inevitable
CThe deceased leaves a wife asd three
n ,children and a number of relatives and
S filends to mourn his demise, who have
This the sacere condolence of the entire city.
and One small bottle of Hall's Great Dir-
Srn- cdvery oures all Kidney and Bladde
Sthe trouble removes graeL cures Dia-
now betts. seminal emission, weak and lam
that boaks. rhemantism and all Irregnlart
n the ties of the Kidneys and Bladder in bott
sap- men and women. Regulates bladder
po.rt- troubles in children. If not sold by
your drtgglst will be sent by mail on
s-day recent of $1. One small bottle Is two
g the month's treatment and will care an)
saval ease above mentioned. E. W. HALL.
is is Sole Manufacturer
Sthe' o0. Box 218, Waco, Texas,
tar. Sold by S1 B. Leonardi & Co.., Tampa
eived la
rec na Z Texas, SepL. L8--Mr. E. W.
Nfal. Waco: Dear s r--Stx years ago
t1 t the 1th of Jaae. I was stricken Gown
I "- wtth a diabetic kidney trouble; then
a .aftir awbhik it ran Into gravel trouble,
-and then bak hto diabetes and bladder
affseotion. I begasa yor great remedy
W Ja I a til ".ear. and bhad I used it
4LWAlE Hthak I hgad ve passed a
L IBM.ls seyin w. any ife lmsur-
= 6="aMr_ X VANN~bmr-.y*Ur reawtu

A w A tt Armt "7 W am"
drels to Out a Rble ia the Dom a
Trusport Pana Comes Iito Hvaa And lay indreds of People lanre i n ro
Harbor In Satety. Attudae. The fcts heo m to ught that
sometime on last Wednesday isht an
attmept was made to cut the dam of
the Connumer a Companyv that crosses
ter has been kept a secret by the Con-
----- -- sumers Company In the hope of ob- ,
tamning some due to the perpetratomw,
Orders Issued by War Department for McLendon Pays an Eloquent Tribute The parties whoever they were. U
Part ot the Seventh Corps to Em- to the Great Railroad Magnate. gained acces to the enacosure on the
bark for Cuba on November Ware County to the Front. north side of the river, and cut at s-
nel across the dirt win on that sidf.
22-Col. Bryan Better. Prosperity and Progress. The purpose in procedine from this side
evidently was to ent a diteh and get the t5h6
water started through the dam, tifat-
Ing to the pressure to make the op-i- g ft
Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. large to the only thino ma the opee-ng
Savannah, Nov. 3.-Col. W. J. Bryan Waycross, Ci., Nov,. 4.-Thb- Nay(i os vented the sem from wrg wOLJg
has almost recovered his health much Agricultural and Mechanical fair added the sheet piling that had been driven
to the gratification of his many friends new laurelstoo ;is already widespread in this wing when the dam was b NU
here and elsewhere. Ne left his room reputation. As the result of an anu- Tathe arfsw of t te workrndi c
to-day Ior the first time, but is not picious event that occurred to-day. fot they a omleters and fr fte sa rOMN
strong enough yet to go into camp. Plant's Day came ci with thousands fof o being detected had ceased opera-
CAVAL RY AT PORTO RICO people bedecked with yellow badges in toh g,
--- connmemoratlon of the grand old man, A close watch i o i kept in the
Special to the Tribne. venerable in age, and deed. Ware place and cers are s comtantly on
Washlington, Nov. &-Brigadier Gen- County can well boast of Mr. Plant's lookout for the is.~ ts. Shl
Oral Humphrer, of the quartermaster's loya and progressenesa, interspread they be cagh thlcw i v get a very
department who Is located here has te' wnd there with ever 80 many der na rm J.
been ordered to GavaanaA. where he or charity that he did not even meanticn

being sent tos rio Riao The em- an4 'oiMt. as- h teaeru here ..TI$ lSTM I
barkation w Inwll b next week- aione a monin t tt ll lIve a. a -
--- beacon ot gratitade. Thousands vio- AOharateti tc Fc r=ma Esa T6Lb
THAiNWPORTSAGE IN PORT. ted the fair to-day. Exearelons were A -a a S":y.S
Havana. Nov. --tIhere was great re- run at Intervals Cr-m all pomts. Flor- A Mp. Wy.
voicing here this morning when the big Ida as far down as Lakeland was rep- Written for the Tri
transport Panama arrived all safe and resented in goodly numbers. lion Writte t hepr Tri privatesol-
sound from Santiago, fhe was sev- bcLendon. reprenented Mr. Plant die, anmded a t 6am aia tehal
eral days overdue, and the gravest fears In a most satisfutjry sr-s ch In wbich der n diedas ionkname had p
were entertained that she had been he assured the large as.se-olage that seen heter daysse kaau e. had"l
wrecked In a storm a storm along the oast the Plant System stood ready aid wll- been iv m yea ahoe 0to "Wn at
where he had kept a hotel; though he
which is very dangerous in some places. l to Impeove any part of the land pretended to beUeve il nothing or no-
The Panama reached this port at 9 that needed assistance. provided the body, himself incalded.
o'clock this morning, and landed seven citizens would indulge in co-operation A cheerful pessimists are married.
Amerbcan passengers, including several and good fellowship. talor sadsden, and, a lovely wife and two pretty babies
military officers. She left this city an president of the Atlanti; Coast Line i grced the home of thi man. who A
hour later for New York with a big South Carolina was in attendance, and might have been-well.-eme other
cargo and many passengers. was army received, u ,body, if Amt'appetite had not been too
The tair was a gratifying success, strong g for him. There were tome peo-
EMBARK FOR CLBA. and has added renewed vigor and con- ple who aid his wife was A ool to
The Seventh Army Corps Will Embark fidence to those who ire determined 'put up with t," but, they were the
For Neu Vltas on Nov. 22. Waycross will come to th- front a very kindof folks who don t kow what
agricultural center. And to that end. It means or a woman to truly love a
Special to the Tribune. a board of trade will be established at man, and, women are very forgiving.
Waahington, D. C., Nov. 3.-Another once. anyhow.
change was announced here to-day'y There came a time, however, when'
ihe War-r Department in the date for BRUTAL AQQAIIIT the pessignist disappeared from the JO A
Smoting the troops to Cuba. On Wed- BRUTAL AUL I city,-where everybody knew him, and s -
nesday it was decided to delay the em- most people liked himA. AsM te yarsW
the deoa th o Dr warng bs onut the orders Mrs Welsh, of College Hill, Alssault- rolled on be was encountered time For sale s
o .W again in various large ciUe. Some
to-day provebed for the movement to ed by a Negro Yesterday. said he was wearing diamonds, and well i agof PrewAe
begin on Nov. 22. This movement will supplied with money when they met Card Cutts a
comprise the brigade under Brigadier From oeturday' Dail. --ph
General Capenter. ud wIll all be The neighborhood of College HIll was. him, while others had seen him looklin g Display JOb
general Oarpener, ad wi ltilrown into a state of i ntene excite- the pathetic picture of the ahabby gef- Type,. Body oT
taken from the (eveath Army corps- mn iearl"y yesterday morning by the tee!. But his Innate energy&,nd super- everl ing
One of the regiments ordered to go screams of a woman named M-rs. Welsh bior talent never allowed him to quite job. fi I
In this first shipment. is the Third a white woman, who when questioned, sink in the mire, despite iuncon- Ofl.
Georgia regiment. The brigade will stated that a negro had enter6d her
house and made a brutal attack on her. trolled psionts and appetites. om- O p4 Val 1
be sent to the camp of Neu Vitas. She heard a noise at one of her -bed times he got himself into a scrape, but 80ld at & B Tre
UNITED STATES OF CENTRAL oo window about 4 o'clock In the some woman always lpedhim out, dress
AMORICA. came crashing in and a big negro for, unlike the genuine pessimtist. he
--- sprang through the opening. She was had the faculty of making friends, true TH
Washington, Nov. 3.-The complete so nearly paralyzed with fright that friend, especially among the female
transformation of the geography of she could make no resistance. A she se T" .t ., .--
arose from the bed he caught and
Central -America occurred to-day by choed he until e wa almo insen- War was at last declared, and the A.- U
the birth of a new republic to be known sible. Getting his band from her streets of Tampa were crowded fwlth i
as the United States of Central Amer- throat ahe screamed at the top of her the iBoya In blue. There wa a t. -
Ica. By this new arrangement, the voice and the negro hearing somea one ate among them, who, whenever 6'bikS
old repubis of Ncaragua, Blvador, uroachin e good hi escape duties permitted. was the cansta 5
and Honduras will disappear froin the The woman's throat was bleeding compaonot of a handsome brunette. A. S
map, except a states of the new union, where the brute had scratched her with anger in town, yet the pa attracted
his finger nail. It was very dait onneual attenttoa, and, a voluteer ofn
ALONU THE VE un bleWtl o e te a ook a bin 'heS fle rwas once heard to remaE: Ther ss t oT s
TU Iwho arrived on the snene made a search beauty and. the beast for yoa." BuSie
o I the neighborhood, but the scoandrel perhaps, envy was the father in the
T l....._ f had escaped, thought, for the private soldier, whs,
eztas, of Interp Auongm he Shit- dt e esnng a. ng se , yeo no do.b have te lwas
per and Fish Der Sheriff see the neighbor- eerful pessimist; Was a lte i
From ds a- ---ly'. bouts have been obtained. should irt indelible ma kt. "
d Dally. he fall into the hands of ie citiaens,
The pleasant weather of the past few he wifl certtaty be raughlybandied. To a friend wlm he met, the i dtiJL
days had an exhilerating influence on was introduced: aMy wife Mr. i 1
the fish trade alone the coast, Nearly HORRIBLE ACCIDE T. and the friend was discreet, Why* __
all the Inoming vessels are vily Han- Killed an dBadly Wounded- mtr up the r 9t when the prhieset iJs
laden w~th the flnest kind ot fleb which Caused by Carelessnes. all that some 9peple require to be
finds a ready market in the North. P,.
The beautiful little schooner Pompa- Special to the Tribune. When Shafters army left Tanoa
no, belonging to John Savareae, came Wilkeseborre, Pa., Nov. 5.--Seven men Cuba, the former hotel keeper w
In yesterday from St Johns P a with were killed and many fatally injured with it, and, the hendse b "u-e t r

e,00M fine mullet. The schooner .Cip- here to s afternoon at a oal minebyfollowed him on the first available w- 1 la TsUa 4n
per, another boat beftnwinv to 'Mr. hSitneen Po-e, disobeying orders.t. W. ,-*
another boat beonincre run to the top of shaft. 9el she arrived there i i t. 1
Owvarese arrived yesterday from ing and wounding many and totally to cheer and comfort th s hoirs l tl
9tump Pass with 2,000 mtllet. This destroying the casra of hp who was er eal o alltha -
firm shipped to the .Savannah market, Sisgma
besides a solid car In bulk to other T beteltn) LwA eRIPP C is good and nobya&so men .Be h!ed
been wo e by a taser bullt a
markets. There is no use suffering from this the climate had done the rest. While b* E
Late yesterday afternoon the Mistle- dreadful malady, if you will only get life was ebbing aWsy, there proud beduati- -"
toe came in from her regular Sarasota the right remedy. You are having pain knelt by his cot and otered prayer to
run with a tig load of mullet. all through your body, your liver is the Almightty for a breaking heart that sl i
V. B. Mcinvaine's sharpie Elugene, out of order, have no apDetite, no life he might be save him 'or her. Bt
arrived yesterday from Indian Pass or ambition, have A bad cold. in fact then, prayer doesn't save a man when
with 5,000 pounds of mullet. The Grover am coolietely used up. Electric Bit- his time has come. He died in the
Cleveland also belonging to this firm terms is the only remedy that will give annam o her who was far, ta too good'
came in yesterday' from Indian Pass you prompt and sure relief. They act a woman for him; but, it Is not al.aye -
with 10,000 pounds of mullt. Mr. Mc- directly en your liver, Stomach and the best man who is lowed most In thits" I .Aig
Ilvaine's shipments to northern points Kidney, tone up the whole system and green ard glorious world of ours. Were
last night was very large. make you teel like a new'being. They his thoughts really with her as the
The Crowell-Savarese Compahny have are guaranteed to cure or price re- shadows of death gathered a&roUnd him ,
received information concerning their futded. For sale at S. B. Leonardl & or were they reveling in regid" of O
big schooner, the Augusta E. Herrick. Coas Drug Store, only 50 cents per bot- unexplored pleasure and sensuality?.
She has been detained at Puerto Cortes te. Perhaps we have no right to judge elli
by rough weather, and will at least him, for the kind o patriotism that
two weeks late in loading. The com- GENERAL WHEEILER AT MOBILE. does not vent itself in predesge ora- 5Addm r LihBi
yfor abot ^ one week. Special to the Tribune, tory, but exposes a breast throbbing
for about on e week. co Mobile. Nov. 4.-General Joseph E. with love and life to an enemy who
The big schooner Scotia, Captain Wheeler arrived here to-day from kllMs--covere a multitude of s h l '
Davies, arrived yesterday morning from Washington to remain a few days with lie wroe a letter, however, to a T a
New York with an immense cargo of friend-. was met at the depot by r
ca onlwIttee of leading citizens and a- Pa Afriend. after the doctor adtd, t
grocery supplies, rain and h ware corded a grant ovation him the truth--4t was brieb, hut wi '
for our wholesMe merchants. She got and. Instead of thecrasphunk .
stranded in the mud down the bay, and BUCKLE'S ARNICA SALV
the Terra Cel had to go to .her assis- UCK N ARNICA ALV ought to t c-taoe there w= --_-
tance. --them words;
The best salve in the world tor cuts "He who de pays all debts.
One Minute Cough Care surprA s peo- bruises, bores, uloers, salt rheum. feve bye, an that was the trwe toi
pie by its quick cures and children sor tettar, chapped hands, ehblbin.a ws ra 1 b g j% e
may take it in large quantities without corna, and all kinds of skin eruptZisue
the least danger. it has won for Itself and positively ure plies, or no p Irreg ow e ead
the bet reputation of an. preparation required I ISl t is *..--'.y. 4L ...to; .. .... -E P-" i
used to-day for colds, croup,. tickling perfect -attsftctlp or moaey I |I|reg~IIe I lM
in the throat or obstinate cuegba. H Prtof Kseltt per box. ?or iaebiI sNm- -17

4 v~ K V


I 1 ~

ii ~-

At,3~~i'~ i'ic7 $~tt -N

Ad dAad" the giaat.
WMhoeralbedhlwith qulek.-jhebade
TM e blood MttWate'begram uTm
UWhie all the bteva ebr-lkad "Fo t"
Tears amsed, and men,.
ELooking anhi wbte life. j
Bl thet man waa dead
-Kramt Newl Lyon ix Manaay'&

tha report DZh- The Peae a ofureop.
'ad uath ete u 1- B opt lan armed camp.
r Mea-Xtnts Terea Lost Tb.eeloof th.anye Btra'up
Oa*Mt Sea WSalvador. Vhdb an theheafgria earthwork.
ne timawa an L&tte wt th eml.
Ther MS cmS r. wd Ved wilh amao wheel
,mw arm er ftedwith nmrderox ea kl,
.the And avery eaa etralaed to kiU;
th '1' M. t i fle hot or canaon's breath
m- l. C., NOv. -The ocean % trik bom far with sudden death.
Alrtin .to Jdgmeam them that live.
tt atveA In ity this title a r fsod progatlvae
Wr-'-soppi and reported that And at the e1nit. desk and till
paeriat Tareas, tat h" been MaeNamasand ldeks are soldiers etM
-'ni 3obses eome had, Iethe peppeOt n their box
amfaTao e asoe t atth and okasa,
asfakeees Ae eas~tO They wW J natakmn ftorth se day
ar l the Bahaw on Taes- b act i dreadfl tragedy.
^ bS^estorm. >Wh MO thle h aMt oe O blowns
arpasa staoll rie

b a Tmona W stom, wamn- An d It ammra rkxep

*sawTh asa sssmo
1- '.41A -_1A "I"

AAesttt thought the Cape t mae i tait pet

e ftrnle. loo san e5 dm.
^?% NUNLSter&eSn k downde a v av e *In augtas

Rmv. t-e faticuc rooa of m ya bet I re *tlear.i
N e-1b ,tca- lTs f anot ea I. Pmid e
- -.ist-ru anddobaoa o .n
Sare workaig under the lar oaeaay whaengeta deU.
re none escped dn and peace endure.
feen lead hodieta eavae hasmw so where ach ia tair land may be

et ha yet released from the
t -M I as one of the ipost
tastropha thatha n hap-
a Tear. Relatives of the
woWAded appeared on the
I mae it nmoat pathetic and
w Thbouanda of people
elated at the place of the
"iaWest fteling is expressed
.are hitect who planned the
an the case of the aci-


' uwba it hank.

lbs TrIbune.

It i bitaed and blithe and shidet
And never know anghbi sof sin,
But except y me a u asta little eblbdrre
Te e ant enter it
I bear of a heaven of glry, where
Ne marrow can enter or pain or car%
AMd fa and It love are eompiete.
I know not where sch a fair Land may oa,
Bao a kingom of heaven lem close Ito me
In tl~hearet of the children a wu
ISt blessed ad blthe and airing
And never lknow aught of ai.
uta except ye become aa the *J ehildren
Ye annaot, eter i.
-Bew 'ic ibftuse.

Cane Up Into the Mor.OpnIs
9S. u p into the mountalea! Come nop into
the ble Il
O fred down in the valley, the way as clear
controller for you!
the Ftrat the path i fu of perlia and devionus bbt
hlo to ay sfet l tta wintdings and reach to
r a bean my retreat.
a reported lw mosntalnse. o. the monntainst How all
ar" fan* thea ambeMt air
nmch some B ade ll a benedletion and all thea oljis
Saw blinbay on th"s amamit the sehoing
TrS. wuind lrefrin
aisu i to the mountalas, God'a eminens
iS tsb Cl a vallyae.wbhe apratisn.
SCatan r -im
m October b thn he plunging at waterfo;
tht'a larg &WeaShe
bhar .Ar- oCoame up nlato thehe Come ua p into the
dn reports bhto
moog the Leeweary w le ague behind you the lowland's
* -WRa amean"r view,

r we bO" Cae whena Is amowa a lies that bliem
th e boela yoar ruedl
5 fatversS Def e ao the sbtt s e sptet of all these climbing

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nat o a- ms-at iave a oreking horsa
er eff ect thierdbewallsp-asea M.
Kim Pdhr 4dasragbc r
WAMrh W As" gia~tmm e aa hehy anyi s mtte *re. -

th -a pat. htht --hhst
soofiMeth as U hoe a ared have hadgthi
'eanUll wiAa bwitheo pratyGiop
Of a heIh isa their A salbaby ayrs.
nww M h herd h tpa- yigh maoh eno.y
y in wknae`why

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-4 Oa@gil f. Silnga in t ioatbi toupaen.
-, WitO Pty lia Abe Ta
fraw h- a.em thinks be eded eadthe tem
" lux Peerd sitotheameahetry.

he B dd not begin to.
Ibe h Im- and",dt Ak knewn

~PON;- .,04T A,


returned from their summer vacation mare savory than it name h
in New Yozk and Boston. They are In untly, n the past. The ren
exceUllent spirits and report havtog had nMet, .Is at the other aide of
Its Pithe 2 G of anuary
-w- w-- ,wa & rerat of thr,
,_-. .tc c r - Philip entered what is now SByd
hwb. The settlement of the cmi
Ausralae was begun.--C StdagoJ

A doctor aells a good story in
B e D one i with a lad who til
B e iL/ M was in his employ. It was pai
duties to answer the surgery 1
FOR 7M DBUCATD GIRL to sherSthe pospestive patient
.the om multing trm. One
You have tried iron and there presented himself at the
other tales. But she keeps entrance a mechanic with whb
pale and t&inu. Her sallow kton waa on speaking term.
VwP nTw worrye.r Per- "Hello, Jackta l" hoe Tr
a She has a little having' "What's the matter with ye?"
co i also. He head aches ; "Oh, IjusA t want to seethed
cannotstudy. Give her replied the visitor.
-o-\l "e ot to cae mr"Have yer brought yer sy
OM- -with yeP' inquired But d n
SM Sa the t thing he'll ask yer abo
I ain't brought 'em, ye'd better po
The o w w imwn get 'ea. He won't be down
The Ogl Will td, wasting quarter of an hour, an he's aw
a *body e tew soote tikler about'emo I"
her cough, and the hypophos- "And would you believe it
pbita ll give new power and the doctor, "that fellow was
vi btohernerves.andbrain s bout to act on the boy's advice
y ou annot I enter ed tthe negeryl'-Pe
take c -uoiver O ato l you Weekly.
have tried ScotIs -mlinP,. The oitisena of Berlin have
You vwfl 1 iged be ~ to L snary method of topping the d(a
y ai -t Onr-Stm- 5re- practice ot 0arr8ying stik and
,.kn1'.iLO fo- &ual.A5000nas
| 5ma kBcwin'ecka thieu. lirella under i his ia
S lt / huta IOtI W W ll promptly tee a quick tei

-.- *k ., e "! set, pubis. epis
C _


Pine Wood. 1

tnS ot We sell 4-foot Cord Wood and Stove Wood out any
eswrd& length. Carry more wood than. all the other yards
WWI in town. .. .

A:2 oh Telepone 236 aMid 2
Mtnl and
* m' .for Lowest Prices.
m But.
- J. M. Fisher, PrOp.

SIf ye.


atU"y --WH OLE8ALE--

Sao. GROCo5
sba SAicit she busin eiss of l -AW e
In for .
bl e .,_-

-j e j f t I
"_____ OtI SOUTH SEA lSm sTI

m f Put O fom n Keystew -cav ,ver ia. rT

Kagtaade Penat tyam.
The first convict fleet male
SicJanuiero and arrived as Bun
a__ early in January, 1788. In t
were a 20 gun frigate, an armed
Republican Political Methods n hree storeships and six tranp
d |he largest fleet that ever mile
Pennsylvania Receiving a Very o uth sea tough the large
Severe but Much Needed measured only 450 tons and th
Shaking Up ass only s70 tons
On thepsi small transports
_____ Iong, tropical voyage were pal
ricts numbering 564 men and 11
Special to the Tribune. ws Thqee were also carried 168
Phladelpha .'ov. 3 -Gideon W. and 10 offers, a few surgeons
ihanics, the wives of 40 of the
Marsh, who was cashier of the Key- end I1 children, the offspring
stowe National bank of this city that oeta Approximately 1,000
collapsed on March 10, 1891, returned therefore went to tonud the c
here to-day and gave himse up to the newest world lem than 11
here to-day nd gave himselCaptain Philip of the Briti
the officers of the law. TDuring the was placed in command at the
seven years since the closing ot the ton and giean acommniMisoSla
batk. he has been a fugitive from smd..cptaia general of New
Jtloe, andall l attempt to apprehend h i n fa e vaItAr atf I
-1nt have been friatlema. mA ld Ibaklm di
.,John ardsier, prevalent of the bank, i WI f t -
"md Cashier Marsh were indicted for 1it01 D ,kyi ted h -WM I
theasling the funds of the bank. grn lma the & la@ MoMObt
Taeir combined stenalln amounted to as w&*^t to h si~WMft a
a.rt one million deum. Ba Yte e bena Is ha e d by
,as caught Oefboe he could get away, loei t m Oaatif f te b
miad confessed io qda guilt. He Waal bad W6a i M abr
T7tenoed to fifteen year. at hard tabor 1Bk W
the eastern penitentiary. Marsh th 9~ tltl M
will now get his dowP. Philip found an re mia
..&At the time of the failure of this a mm. .eSft* fr Oft
n It was aeged by the newspaper. mens hardlllr havei betb
t the ate that 3L. had used the b W t p .
Cuitds of the Keysane Bank to elect gooda iI4s "I
haihelf state treaMreer and carry into r, an di aafor t a land 0 sti
crect other boodle metbods of State po blee0 Lbo t for4sl
poUtlcs. Certain note discovered and Philip 3aroau p the asinl hi
made known by the bank examinern to hn tPor a beswhonme.S im
IndIcated Q Wa collusion with Bards- o D northaid be found be
lcy and 'avh lg those great gates now ke
SIt to the genernL oprinon here to-day ydney bhed, which Cook ha
that the return of Marab was brought fros a diastete and. tofmde
about by toee d who have prefeiTed Botany Bay, had marked on h
chargestt arnto Quay for speculating as a posMibla harb for al
with the State funds deposited in the Philip rounded the aouth head i
People's ba nk of this city that recently amazed to wee opening btorer
met a ilar tate to that of Key bays of Port Jackson-Snyder
bank. It is alleged that Marsh knows now-tamed the world over a ti
aome facmi concerning Quaya mfsuse harbor in the seven scaa and
of State fund that will startie the po-- for that distinction by few. Ti
Utical world, and he has signilled a of exploration left no posalbhe
wllllngness to testify at the prIyper time. that this was the place to be s
It is now admitted as a foregone on- and Philip returned at once to
clusion that at least some ofi Quao q The fleet was sntarnding out of I
i a t n when two French frigates app
daondt political speculation i he offing. They here an explorir
brought to light at the aop.oohing under Comte d Ila Perouse, 1
Hostile intention, which woa
YOU AREI MAKING a great mistake i mense relief to" the colonietL
n not ending for a 10 cent trial size of Bay was left to the Frenchmen
Es Cream Balm.it Is a pelc for refreshed and refittd and refitted there, stay
catarrh and cold in the head. e til March, and burying on ahor
mall It, or the 00 cent size. Druggist their company, the naturalist co
all keep it. Ely Brother's, 56 Warren pedition, who died of wounds I
Street, New York. in an encounter with the native
Catarrh caused difficulty in speaking land they bad touched A tow
and to a great extent os of earinglater the French expedition w

hearing have greatly improved. J a monumenlwas erected by the
W Davidson. Att'y at Law, 'Monmoith, government to the memory of t
I1l. meander of the expedition at
The care of the -tate of Floridal Bay.
against Prof. Gulllemat-o ainguilly.: a ThIs Ia all of the strey of Bota
Cuban dancing teacher for committing alnmel^on winfamonao bcuJse
a crime fo an unmentilonable nature, aTon witct eoernvic landed pe
was tried In Juatice Torres' court y aet-lement ever was made ther
terday events, and the villain was never had anything more to doi
bound over to the criminal court In the "system" than I have related.
eum of 11,000. He ought to be shot. nireulat bay, with an entrance
DI. W. L. Weedon has sold half In- a tO leave it almost an open ro
teret In his drug sore to ,-T. Gladla The ahore ate fla low, sandy
HendecJon, who will take a position in Interei.
the are. The etock wi elrgeii When I weat there not long l

as the L. W. Weedon DrTg Company, ma ta boon reserved tot
an will be one of the largest and mont ad a they will elbow the
aubatantlal in the State. ssd to t meory of Capla
rT. F. C. Ttbbetta and family have 0 that-m the ftre thu bay wi

d away
dlied At
;my By Bargains as broad as the world's aspiratons, as deep asthe,
he fees currents of supply and as indomitable as the union of them fries
orts, tar ^ DRES GOODS. ..
adt th The eager search we addrepg to acquiring whatever will 'bee
i smaU- serve the utmoss satisfaction of the people in dress maa .
ials culminates in such bargains as we offer Monday.
for tbia See our line of Black Crepons, worth 81.25 and $1.50, only $1. '
kad o- See our line of Novelties st 25c, 50c, 65c. and i1. See the li e
marines of Broadcloths, Satin Empress, Whipoords and Cheviot*, all at :
and me- very low prices. .
ssony A handsome line of Silks for Suits, Skirts and Waists in plain
0 year. plaid, stripe and fancy, 50 pieces fancy stripe, the latest for Us-
sh navy derskirts and Linings, worth $1, only.60c.
Governor 4 .. TRIMM INGS ... I
South We are now showing the largest line of Braids, Lases aadfi
edys,tw Dresw Trimmings that we have.ever shown, at vary kow ipro w.

id bew We need not tell you about our M(lin-ery You kwmparo t t.
seas- Monday wa will have a new,.li. Of M IUt ry and ahiiti
F to show you. Also 14ew Veilingp R IV -

*4what& Is Table Linen, N Bpki n- Towewls. ohe7Y, QIl Ov rni,
"b4b-Merin and Wool U 0erfSar Se our Tin dt 9tU .
o Pins, Combs and ney Od. Great Bargafns n E rf -
a partmens here Monday for cash oaly.
o. ,. -- m. -_

iv L T -WOIKf_"i
ad with s
ed5 VfthNo GoodsCharge4L
Ia chart 1
I1 boats
and was
him the
harbor Will find our est inii for
hpe d* .4e lumber and brick to be beyond
sp tedy I competition at all times, quality
doubt, included. We handle only the
elected.' l best grades of building lumber,
theay, laths, shingles, lime and brick,
eared in that will give perfect satifa- -
ng party tLion at all times.

ing U- 'Phone 62. 702 Ashley St.
e one ol "
Sthe ex. _ _'"
received .
rso ahin
ewas VZ .;;
In ior5 POINT A good restaurant open at all
o PAVILION hours. Prompt attention given
PAVILION : to all.
Botany Baseball Grounds, Bicycle
S Under New *.2 ni. t -1t.
y Bay, = ". Track and othel attrarctions.
ration. i.G og.o -1. Splendid Concerts every Sun.
toer, nt -- -- 2 day. Private parties can sece ;
l, and i i The Cooulet =ad Mm e ,et.e use of floor for dancing at any
rith the auoqe in Flonte a Se tim ..e.
it ham r hathia. Flee Fl tag. Beats -
nowide a ndrhinaokiaforwime. StreesCase Lea ve Fsn as. *mrysouv .
adstead. i,::tIr:Is-5 1 r
and n- _

hd ths an

a- Oak an d
th mnon ,VCfVCL v ^

0 0~~~W7r

Srativetrade which extends all over
South ordMa Hs shop is wen* 1- ^ .-w .
and be I a
Sclaa4ui work needed lt tbis 5r
S l t C Ui Cr f u Day the State. Give him a trial When you
as"" oehn i i want something in his line.
Tl Cnusuttg .t n CouucL l5" IN 5 l 5. 'Mr. George I. P. Daaynakl., repre- .
__ senting S. Richard & Bons, wholesale
v NUM L uATTtg IM IO ir i naII UTICP groceries and liquor dealers of Mobile,
.Ill..__Ala.. is in the city looking after the
T Interests of his house. S. Dslalynskl
t Waes Tned Towrud New York. Dacussed, Considered and Acted Up- What Psople Are Thinking About in s a mst affable and popular gentle-
o S i VanWyca Regarded as a on-Ordinances Introduced and Tampa--Town Talk Taken From man, and considered as one of the most B
or 0tni e e Goe Passed, Blls Credited and Sundry Sources Personal husip oknlgh sef the gridpao rcalway
Rome to Vote. Paid, Then Adjournment. Pointers And Items pleased to eee im. I AM GOING TO
.. 1 Mi. W. Mi S tothe Tribune From Tuesday's Daily. Frm Touedays Dally Wis.. ol ad highly OUT PRI E .
S-Washingtton. Nov. i.-President Me- The City Council met last night with! Di .M G, McLean of Port Tampa. preaciaed -eader of the Tribune have
vkafey left Washington this evening the following members present: Hol- I spent Sunday with friends at this city, been attracted to Flonda by the su.
S- homr a t Caston where he will men, Wing, Frecke. us. Kruse ebt ad T. Shakleford returned last eorlad at stis IS ltte pe
"ono .e ate n e s us Wsebe sod I e-ning from Lakeland. % here he of-t :over all other sections of the country.
vote -orrow. e will travel n de A a In the absence of the sunday Tey will locate at Steriper. this county
S'spealW car, and wsl be accompanied president. IMr. Kruse was elected ppre- where they have invested in some very
s aM M ,Kinley, assistant Secretary dent pro tem. of the S.-u .sLl ,.I Kev We,. ar n d on desirable property. The gentleman W IN OR LOSE, I W 1
an Ge"Uy a Rw el a st Ber t hy e minutes of the previous meeinng board the MasCoLte on Sunday nigh., made the Tribuae a pleasant call yes- W N LO
anatd 4enefal RueseU Hast- were read and adopted, after which and is registered at the Hotel Arno. terday TARO
who has been a guest at the NWite the council transacted the following Mr. S F. lrengle, who has been over From Wednesday' aily.
S .I Ten P rA lt will arriv e tter wa read from Key West on some important busi- J.I. McFarUn of Quincy, was in the S TL -
or. .10 cahle oteE cne on ess for the past two wecks, has re- cp tyeerday transacting business.
s IBank, stating that the hank held a note turned h -The CapeCharlesIdue to arrive
R ga o bashe.abo~ t 7 p.m. on from the cty, due let inst., for *00.00 John R. 'Devane who has been in here to-day from Mobile with a big
which had not yet been pal, and ask- Tanpa for some time clerking at the cargo of freight for our wholesalers. IS t 0TMP IMY y n Si b "
to Ing for some kind of arrangements to F. C. &P. freight office, left on Sunday $ n o pO 1tn I *'
-,e"be made to fiMlidate it. Referred to for his home in Ocala. Imported red and white Bermuda
.4 = Tw TiThree alted laan committee. with power to act. onion seed just received at the Crea- t h '
s a seatars 4S 5rnlcly. CP lGIsklendem toned the Dr. A. E, Phlis has been confined shaw-Sharp Seed Co.. 1U06 Prankiln
e0telB aits-ir euci to allow hm to use o fo to his room for the past two days with e, b .tO "
e s -n..hp.o,....W tu..see
e Tre. maery used by oty auditor. as a room stakness mw e T une ope to ee s
noa w 4..uerySetase In is which to file away the clatyrecords. himotn0 00. P arsh and wife of Sarasota.
.Vsow a&.&. Vmo'n t dBltor La Ro rno was In e titoe. They spent the day with friends
Vmp am titlon from property owners East of city Ny terdoTetate hwtoe & Tribunedthedecity.rsl
g Iatr@a s ure,- s imn orth at eott nan that C5earwater weau do herself a[ I O U
._ -tw *st-reet, to allow Stock to run at large in proud to-dam in ruling up a big Demo- Five hundred bushels of all varletles
desk Twenty- that precinct, was referred to council- uratlo majority, of seed beans. Fresh stock for sale
MenMf.ro t taes -m i m r tNhapt rd by the Crenshaw-Sbarpe Seed Co., 1106 In the

It days ago she fell on defective sidewalk night irom-Wasbington, and left last R. H. Connell of the Tampa Steam the pla0.
ons xteenth street. and sustained se- night for lu where he goes on an laundry, returned home yesterday trom
afi LTW 0 U TORI t vere Injuries. and asked for a cash al- Important million. Anthony, where he has been vWilting
ta p tm ott eeon. eals and k' 0 Quite a large Vartr of Cleveland en- J J 1 5
"Wei' .tiemen passed through on the Plant Now is the time to plant rye and oats
-etio frb T am sa t tSystem last night to Punta Ord&, for fall pasturage., Seed can be had
..~.hsattstsl o at Tamp inee.tbduIdTaW where they will spend a few weeks at Crenshaw-Stiarpe deed Co..'t h e Originator of Low
a- greatest poll-ws f to b oeUs..las teample r fTh Orng andLunUng. Franklin street. tc t. o The Opt Of roW h ao
power to act. W. J. Driscol, the man charged with V. B Mcflvalne's sharpie Eugene. Pi P ceS iwuTampa.
a the cfot f the polis The city clerk was Instructed to notil- robbing the mails has succeeded in giv- came I yesterday from Sarasota Bay
I" Vey W t speakers ty Insurance companies thatthe city ing bond, and his case has been trans- with 7.000 mullet. Thirty barrels were
th e coami d master were hall had been damaged by flre, and ask- ferred to Jacksonville, where it will be shpp. d to northern markets.
b- M T I hR- ing that they pay city the insurance tried at the next term of the LUnited shipped to no er market
SL Inense o n ty r damages. States court. Irregular bowel movements lead to
hra teed the work of T petition from R ugge to erect chronic constipation. Prickly A.sh Bit- )M
sean, d it is ted that the building la fire limits .which was re- Truth wears well, People have learned ters is a reliable system regulator; cures .
wn i nmost equoa the erred to fire committee at last meeting. that DeWtt Lte E rs ace nt. Sold by S. B. Leonardi
i .Tremarkable he petition from Marletta n ns, bowels, curing constipation and SIKI 010
6 1 ned by the was referred to co nittee on appeals ardi & Co. t-rday afternoon from Gulf City and
I a after taking on a load at Phillips
Son boh Idsies At a late hour and grievances was granted. Judge W. S. Jennings, who address-d Fullr'_ wnarf. started on her return M A S I
ig lht the leaders at the Roosevelt Resolutions were read and adopted, the ,Democratc meeting here on Sat- trip.
.4p5* B< W ft nuss ad their final authorizing and empowering the Board urday evening left for his home at. .-
,.nd.f ,W V Iy X~ro of Public Works to pave Lafayette Brooksville. where he addressed a big The kidneys are small, but important ,.
5Cbat.el for to-morrow. Chairman street from Florida avenue to the city rally of the Democrats of Hernando organs. They need help occasionally. -
of the Repualcan Committee limits, and from the S. F. & W. R. R. on county. Prickly Ash Bitters is a successful Xl1a- A
V ga ta er a rgteri Oaovass of Nebraska avenue with flint rock. ney tonic and system regulator. Sold A 0 0
S oo"evlte t ld surely win An ordinance fixing the salaries of When you call for e egittp s Witch by S. B. Leonardi & Co.
.^.Croker the various cstw officials w s plae u Hazel Salve the great pile cure. don ti r Co S a d R
oIt ft reading, and laid over to the accept anything else. Don't be talked The Southern Pacic rIroad Corna = p ea
ti p ftt. e saye that ne meeting. talked Into accepting a substitute, for panys Eteasner from New Orleans to T 1 U I U Pt\A /W
wL l h o ed by fifty to A new sidewalk ordinance relative piles, for sores, for burns. S. B. Leon- this city, is due here to-day. This is IU
'"e d or to the paving of street car and railroad ardi & Co. the firest of a new Ifne of steamers that
tracks upon streets to be paved was a be bi We refer to our Dress
I Iss l w horsRoosevelt stock t. sree ved M Palmer Smith, the expert steno- We refer to our Dress Goods. We have
placed upon its second rer who ha been holding a po- John Savarese's steamer Mistletoe, telling you a good deal about it. The sales
d bee n tho decline for some several changes since its first reading. on in Lawyer Simontons office, has arrived yesterday from Sarasota and this department show that the ladies think
a ght turn for the better, Ordinance was then placed upon its just returned from a delightful visit to say points with three thousand mul- wel of i as we do. This week we will oer
to ilght to on even terms. third reading, read by its title, num- his old home in the North. He had an let and sixtyboxes of oranges. The w itl rt ent e
S o t o te.red and was paeclntoinnssed. t reorts a mo sharpie Defender a lso came in from Cial bargains in this department. Special reT
S ees Of the contt. city attorney, and ordace co ellent outing and reports a m t en- Gaparella with ltve thousand mullet. tiOs in Oadcloth, Whipcords, Vnetians.
le b hes to-nlht mttee were Instructed to draw up an A stubborn cough or tickling in the dies' Cloth, etc. Special offerings in Silk an.
U gal ,They a both in ordinance regulating the empounding One Minute Oough Cure surprises peo- throat yields to One Minutue Cough Wool Dress Patterns, Only one of a kind. "
usda. t r their exciting ot stock. The main feature of the new pie by It. quick cures and children Cure. Harmless in effect, touches the : .
svsn ^ t lL w at fee paid to the officer empouding the least danger. It has won for itself wanted. It acts at ouce. S.B. Leon- SiLK BargaiflsB. I I^a
Yei el, .. Heiort from the city clerk mar- used -day foclds, ardi c Co 500 yards of Changeable Taffeta, elegc
iiJE e s ,age el t r t r f t-mors al and chiet o1 sanitation, were in the throat or obstinate coughs. S. Rev-. J. B. Moody has accepted tu.he cal good shades, regularr 75c. quality, 65.. .
Spread and ordered led. B. Leonardi & Co. of the Baptist church at this city to be-
E ,5 ''. ', b'sh bridge t r atof the city were come the permanent pastor for an in- , .. .. ...l -
i ordme-d placed onder the charge of the The brokerage firm of Durham & denite perlo. This announcement
BrlV se mite t eham will continue in his line ot business members of t le congre ion. the When we speak of our Millinery, it means S-,
The id o eerge T. ,waslngte. to and push it for all it he worth- HMe congregation. rect styles, best material, highest work ssqm
Wou5tri aa persad ackson roedeand reasonable in price. S
g-r ge g Alrm. t S smof hisa osstomera the best line of goods efcient and popular route agent be- O- Sh o
B^A Sll t-rn A. C. Clerihew ftor at the lowest posihie prices, tween PortatfLmpa and Havana, is 0_8
gp"""...soII alV. l.-.Wa sl, Rad n for October P. p,'Carlcaba senior member of the visiting her son and dauhter-in-law in Oc as of
ash nee and oW.re pa id 7.,r 5.o for or ture was among the passers atak for ferir

ilth an dp repairing bridge In Hyde Park, was the Mhcotte on Sunday from Havana, J. Dnlnrowsk, the jeweler. -
early as last referred to finance committee, where he has been for some weeks, pur- M. W J. Doabrn waky, the jeweler.
iMs wee read ftrom D. Gillett for chasing a large stock of tobacco. He has returned Crom the (North and East.
in __ r a the c leaning of aewse in the Fourth registered at the Arno on Sunday and where he has been for the past n tonth.
bw n o ward. In copuoeetUon wth these bills, left yesterday for t. Augustine. personally buying and selecting his fall
u t b h okeep D t i s S h h hdDeWitt's Witch Hade. ha Salve has the and y e has b h
V .wera abea and to recehvp for largest sale of any save in the world. a Immense stork of bths Mot desirable ,-..
-:!S S::,; *: s .r -n : : :':-: ::, d ndoup yodt THEgoTods that coud
so .eO t. ..$ the o per month. Quite This fact and it. merit has led dishonest purchased. ant-tno- at e g days t hishand-u hRe .
HBeae esi i ot" dl*e alon then ensued as to people to attempt to counterfeit It. emporium will be filled from top
,. Of. t. B avng the authority to Look out for the man who attempts to me emporium will bandsoe chilledd rom top
I-ill samisi_ 0M tS t0 .ewata af nOw ofe, in the course of decleve y when you call or DeWltt's doc, diamonds, rings, acl every con-" 'T / y "P'" fo De'it '
S t which XIPrecker statd that he had Witch Hasel Salve the areat tile cure. ceivahle thin for elegant p-.:t. Mr.
CC.Peo. hartethe very lIttle to say as he objected to 8. B. Leonardi & Co. Dombrowsky reports business fush in
to h a peak about a man behind his back. Col. W. P. Haisley came all the way New York, but says Florit is way
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