Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: November 3, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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In* Prsident ofthe Great Plant Of Public Instrlci A Co nOiderRN>dFh
System ArIied Last Might. national Kattees,
From Wednesday's Daily. From Wednesday's Dally
H. B. Plant, president Plant Syetem The Hillsborougf County Board or
tern arrived last night in his private Education, held its regular monthly "
ow" des Have Put the n t ovhm an a~s~' I So Spain Will Declare in Answer to the Demands of the Unitedl ounty er ntendent. mbe ed by. Bueol. W I
otry talW 8MSTheOparty came through Dr. Symmev, the new member pre-
.; 0fromNew York, eMa short stops at sented his credentials from Governor
Sva -nah, Wapcross and Jacksonville. Bloxham, and after it had been recel-
SThey did not stop here last night, but ved be was admitted as a reguar mem-
proceeded on through to the Port Tam ber.
&a Ina, where they wltl make their l IlAfter the transaction t some routine
R- t headquarters. r matters, Dr. Bymmes addressed theL
Mr. Plant is eyGar good health, board in reference to the death oa Ut
a s.,ay: It I* a relief to get back to man whose place he has been aWointed
Vau pa Thist I his ,rst visit here to Vl&. He spoke in the higbefterms
IWO 1At ftft ft* THL nkt o*Bh r ro onotwe s. sof =BDan d is efficient, workS; W:-ricbas aoknti d n t au t
S4Z dm i e t"It Ate, ncludtin a trip to building up te eow.tional Interests"
s arope. of Hiborough county. He osed his
14 i.,, the wheels the lai n- S- S.of, f. a. He
Mr Ptlat's vIsit to Tampa at tits remarks by pasfln a hlgh tribute to
e ion ot the year means a the church Sad wolri of the deceased -
,l-k, fr t aps a,,.a s ,o- i ,,,,Us APPEAL TO THE POWERS TO PTET TE PT E PPIIrUPPNES a e ibe~ tion. G S nn. He U LAU IF
b at 1 tartnea w boatdiags, and blow to the causes of education, and as
esb' ptoyeiat to h rs tf men a tribute to his memory, he offered .-
,, _tMbee y hisVast no the fotowine aolutiona.
smiut lat 4*orpo tr inthiit by the paiah Ooassiamers Kay cWhereas, God In hto myterious wa the Plawe whe 3 a
J* Itsea. .Thel+ast.h.ot s a lMr. Plant Sad be Somewhat Nodifed Bedare the Jit W setiatgton wriday-Xsan- providence has aen aft to remove from Work-Trai by th
S thbei tm he 1 represents here, run well while the Aeseiaa are e Disocustla the Puture oernaament us by death, our friend a d co-woer.
MM& mpamWof the Islands Sad the Time for Takng Possetiton. Jude 0 c. eparfl an; ad whereant In D
Sat Port Tmp alone car t over two m- he was cheerful able and event in Don
l"on, aee the eooela amount to more the discharge of his duties a s a mem-
n It 'P.a that amount. This in In addition her of the Board 4of Pubic Instruction
-t- ~ Uto the raroads, st*eamsnuhip itnes, real Special to the Tribune, low fever, will have the effect ot pro- of Itllborough benty Special to the Tan se.
of. p tsu etin etOls er n. ffhese vast interests give employment excitement prevails here to-day over ibatratlon of United States troops for in the death of G. B. Sparkman, the comptnolim t he g i
IShe.~pe t to thoeusand of men. the attitude of the Spanish commis- Havana. It had been the plans of B. P. ha lost a wise and wsetful BankBoem w hs
not be m eo t a u a %t sIm t g The opelnin of the winter- season, steners on the demand of the Americans the War Dephtmen% to send out the counselor, and the cause of education a were brought here to-ts f .
in Bt ai4 r their ga- m.ore than doubles the corps of work- to take possessionof the Philppolnes. It first transports from. Savannah on Nov. friend whose place can not be easUy Lot wre swg sa ea t
Ithspe w e- ara# ot men. Hundreds of men In this county will be remembered that on Monday ember 3rd. but this sad affair will de- filled night and wil be held as p .
that sick m palard have been waiting patieftly for this the American commissioners issued a lay the order for at least three weeks. Resolved 2nd. That the Board of Pub- to await ln.truons f Bb .a -:a -
,imw mlm Int to 60ad visit Of *.. Plant, because they know -tateuwnt to the effect that the lands It is now understood that no orders will uc instruction deeply deplores and W through
S oettwu ier thlit means work at good wages for them. belonged to the United States, and im- be given to embark before Dec 1. mourns his loss, but bows in recogol- Wto-dhayto ing esete r tegan
wod~t hvw e % t -he It t remarkable the number of inter- medlate steps would be taken to assume tion to the will of an all-wise Provi- ba
insi bes longer exts in this community that are more the ownership and establish a govern- LAMORI NG FR OFICELs Resolved 3rd, That we extend to i hat he w ,
i. AWich marbe their or Iee dependent on Mr. PIlnt. He ment. The declaration o Amerlean -His o
Never re entering new felds of in- ownerhp was delivered to the Spanish General Wood Found 2,000 Cuban Place fasly-r warmest sympathile in their in
n ivestment andS Implvment. His whole oommlasioners nd they were given un- 'Hunters In 3anzaanllo.deauef Amia.
tI a rpose In ife hs been to buid up d Friday to make answer. They gave .Resolved 4th, That a blink page in nh
i rriathtthe reach out." Neither Tampsa nor the
r-tSth S l&il ltiy State of Florida have a better friend out to the French newspapers to-day Special to the Tribune. our minute book be Inscribed to te tnew n thin o er imsind"
^aB ihl in thehope, than aH .n Plant- the statement that they had no answer 'Manzanillo. Cuba, N-ov. I.-The visit memory, and that these resolutions beey were ted
COUNTYeseaart Ad D to make other than to reject the de- of General Leonard Wood, Governor of publishedd in the daily papers Wilt Ie
Z thSifa5 d dei t O N TY ~ Rn D .n mand made by the United States. They the Military Department of Santiago. The resolutions were unanimously is t tas been marked one year, a
.s. ss BOA declare that it is arrogant, selfish and has been Instrumental in bringing all adopted. 38ye o H at
rS I troops n I___ unreasonable, and unworthy of con- the elements among the Cubans to the Prof. Buehbbolz stated to the board pAugsroterhant o JuaWed a ";
sotireda. n umber Oom.sis-- Bs silderation. They will cease all fur- front No fewer than 2,000 insurgents that considerable important .bNsnet her autWilt left home on a ai
W nd r mooe r o o imonerTransact d theSus B their negotiations for peace, and appeal of whom 500 are army officers, want had been transacted by himsefand the for his health. T e en a
aIn sM 10.o men. .In t5s of'the County. to the world for protection. The Span- offices, and their clamor almost amounts chairman of the board in the absence Austrihealth They traveledrc a
U th a 1 4,0 men"rm ish commissioners on Friday will de- to a demand of a quortn., It was matters that had Aubtr at cao e to *America Iate
E i s t ae 14.1f roam Wedne B sdof' oDally. clare the demands ox the United tatos "There are two leading factions, one to he attended to, and as no quorum hat oboen oct. 12, ar ere ee .ou'ea
S o t The Board of County Commi ioners are an pbuse of force, and a most hag- headed by General Jesus Rabi, and the could be obtained, they had done the nother off bl arrive dacovetaue
1,af iIam4 t convened in the court houe yesterday rant violation of the protocol other by General Rios. At present best they could. After stating the hor eo1 ds d w
Sprvine of ftqCirthe morning with the following members 'he leadarig papers here declare that most of the offices are held by repre- nature of the business the boar ud an- reg o W H e
tnp men, of whom IItB men an present: Mr. Drwwdy chairman, H. Spain's refusal to consider the demand sentativcs of the Rabi faction, includ- animously ratified te action nd or- gae t hat me in om
ere n. ng n and C. Blanton. further negotiations wll be broken off. inspectorshipe. General Wood in order Recomendation were then read for ca and the notified their wester
yue t of Pteetfo Pjihs.pe The minutes of the last regular mneet- It is yet three days until Friday, and to pacify the Rios faction, has given supervisors from patron If s oo aent.I
t* #nel I bi g were read by clerk 1ves i... ater many things may happen in thaih time. them six positions on the rural police the different districts throuig1hout the f" traveled thro the na .
S invana i snti oti which the following business was taten Once the proud representatives of SPein force and turned over to one of their country, aftr whi th ow n w n to L
5he ^K, SlJo di- up; seriously count the cost of such a bold people the light house at Cape us, supervior were appointed following Went to St Lo lat Thd
SSd The following names were dropped stroke, they may see fit to change their together with several other minor a1 d4% _-alene-os eh sowperndsorAdvend: waa A
Hoiland, Pat aish, i hMeitw a c are waiting, the Spanish swearing, fled. each thinking that it ought to have Six Mle Creek--V. DD.hefeld had 00 in UnIted ats may,
4,O .'V U is Peterson and th heirs of J. and the French newspapers are davat all the offices. Except when he is on Hurrah-f. D. Polla rd.hean e o e -
ol The follow were pot plenty to write about, Friday may board the gunboat Hist, which brought Camo-bell-W 0. io o,. Bohemian mosey concealed I s
A the tat- John Cpet at 84, 4). Mar- prove an unlucky day in the work of him here, General o-ood is besieged Brav G Bisa clothes. -
,hstsotl eon Sn truesportatlon amonating to $1 to take The Amer mmers o the com- Gen Wood and Colonel Petit regard Hopeweb--on,,,,ls Hlbe aPrry.

ou nty- treMurer fldden submittel t which they discused plans for the Still, they hope that some means may peasant Grve-, B. C ton. ede of J. dc. s iBwt
mo h ro which swed go government of the Phlippine, Portooon be found to break up the Cuban Curlew-W. W. Whitehrte B r s
s- a of mu. .. ........ ......a.s i1w RIco and -lbst army. The members of the rank and Dunedin--J. M. McCIung. Port Tampa CW,ov. 1o-Let
rss-r --'"------------- file are anxious to go to work, but el v
.?- ... .... ...... ...AUs EO SURPRIE IN MADRID. leaders tfnuse to allow them to do Ganga l e fighter. housliago
,, ,e,.................1,782.11a, ,,-olooand the men do not dare desert, as they- ubpc wp. T --

-c g od 0 the Spirit of the Protocol. It wea necessary to send a detach- Campbells-F, l. CsnpbelL house and stole hin pe tboe_ ne
.pa J.:et ebeysad 0P Gonsules ecal to te -taun. ment of the Fourth Immune Reglment Cork Station-Ivy Rtegister. taming a conal ~ame m _
S n ps re'se ei arid ov. e news that thunder a sereant to the Rigney planta- Osona-W- Ii. Roberto. This the frst soio hslan
1 w.- notr plio, prsne their s drid, Nov. 1.- e n that r tlon In order to og the armed C u-t en da P. wa a BeuMtmnet tow hor a on~.h tme
Te report on the read petition of med o the goAmernican commrsl de- ndertaling, however, proved uocess- laed to borrow 4,1 0 &t per cent in. home from their weddlr toi ..:!
P. Bubee and W. A. Hart et. a. or the Americal n of the entirers ful, and two hundred men are now regu- terest to make up the ayrotl of the night. -

SS were 'Tea ahd adopted as were also Philippine group caused the greatest T ltt av nt ru ad t ent et pr *
er4M 3 >. teJ e o S. T. B t S. JW. W. Phil- surp- t Madrd. del Sur. the meeting place of the Cuba senses. ,.
~ W. Is Th strongest feeling prvalla that Assembly, do not report the arrival The report of the superintendent t C. Patts ew ouse le
RPM.l.ohms the govtrnret should protest toee- there of Gen, Ma ildmoGomes but there regard to the erectloa o f t I school ner Uw anew I whene c d l be
A DC a.r o and tle f'oIl ow a a of the spirit of the ptoco h are s pe ont ru at the fes bldis darin tha per .d theh ort to the owner and an sate- |
Seappointedo&VAthetoni S'or. o ftnWI a of.the Wr toftee of Gomee, who are delegates to the 'As- recent appointment of teat to fill mt to the t u
A S k T; PweM The counted ]U*b jWBAZ nIWDAWaY. sembly will endeavor to embarrass Gen- vfvcsnokh was after some 4tcuggion, I.t5el Is ber n sd <^ thegros
P ',A ---. shemm z PBoteebt mtal Ca x isto Garcia, and his supporters adopted, for the lae brick o a icnthMe.
DehiwusiaSpecialtoteTribune. Lieutenant Young has formally A number of btsl hwe represented thh th s to be In th
eP ,o ttes be goeedWaashington, Nov. 1.-The startling claimed on behalf of the United States and those found orre were otere tew

tria s dale to the Sydney omithJJ place w- AN IMPORTTDIr NCE Hs many Patronm and friend e will be John Hw Trsae EN., of IArtedia.
a a ss ned ssioe cod death of Colonel Waxing inNew avy, te wreck of the parish gun- Paid after whih the board aor. an thAe it op eia bo

e o ttttO. t To mtke it apparent to thousands tells your past and future correctdownshore or were
aTtee appointed. tition of G Parkns d er whon thea 1entl ta irr AY awCre o1m IN To a &large Etaiddtn to hiE hospital and dra
o the r was granted provided tombe the memorable ei eth- nb aS- Con6o e Nr. iMsaee, atr
SM adjometers open upat o'clock thsam s t rn ito mfort L Prof. Brus, the celebrated mist Just an Cter a mo

-i&, O .aLa ov Ct. nOs aslwn ,expensecur s and Ofn-t.hTeeb cte
GeneraldWoofdtf.-o.'. r&a dlg and ocult scientist has returned tobe rente
Tmh roa etittiyon t FrC of.W ase enrL W ood leh r fteo i aulgo a tfTampa. The Professor needs no In-
P. ot to extend fro near Bloomln noon to-day on board the ist. troducton tothe people of the city.
ifa mbs_- gdaitoetd yn Commisth's place wat His many patrons acd friends will be John It T e, h.o of tadla.
alee h -e t. Commit ssionerlantw AN i pleased to m eet him once more, He was Inl the cOyE o IrWoesTnal bi.
wbes be a i roiteKd appointed committee to haii fence reads human nature like; an open hook yesterday B
move. Th i nsmov ha g O To r mae it apparent to thousands, tells your past and Als future corrected Hall No
a, P not, r ptioorO.edwho think themselves ill, that the are ouldfa ultm,
Sci ain.-lmce~icr here The road petition of&SG. GEvana"~d EruPowderadvice Is most valuable. He comes Establis
Utf se at far blat others was I-efferred to J.3 Tomberlln -not seited asith any dseanse, J iut sat highly recommended by both press and Concord, N. ilwake ,.
im wree at Oca. for further investigation. The board the oten simply needs cleansing, is people. In Europe he has read the 1is, ijag -
itoh e 50 cno ,-n, t -8o ck- P= to bring comfort home tu their tfarts. hands o f the crowned heads anl th..
the, losing. as ... a costive. nitiono in d e os . ..redstatesmen of Ibiscountr. Teaches
cream of t by usingg-rup of Filg .Mm uc- palmistry and hypnotism. Office 1002 1-2 M
do -augltwoer ~aorbyi roFg Mu- 16room 1, Franklin street. tNn
Very' a vivacious 'dau-hter- of 1-r.-.A-"1 --Cfoo only, and sold by all druggists. A HOLtE To
r san(erftcr Col. W. it. H. Benyaurd c fSt. Augus- BeSutiful shade trees, strawrri Chemists ad DrU
r mstplesant h t. yagafnst Sai tine, who has charge a, the vast gov- with the dew on them, milk fresb from
SM o-ntli- the cow. eggs an hour old, orange- "
rT i mt erument work at Egmont Key, was in enough to eat ani to spare .Thin 1sThe Lar g So i
GWtor4- Kelter, arrived last tght from aemfLtw o f ow day. that Place, where he has been inspect- Bean place. 1 acre, MDVe> The Bott of .
"--4Vharione Harbor, SM will spend seV-lstreet car line at ridiculous low prie..
ral weeks, with her da9 -Augustine last night..enden.D.

: 0- + ::+ ; . .. .:, . - . .. ,_,i -- -:-; ; _- ,. .,:.- + .


*.' s*. fir. *rjv"&s ihetr and'lanisr

Location, Pranklin St., Opposite Poet

Telephone Cal M71

I U <*B .

. . .......o....1 N

o .al r o or regtoered letter.
The date a which a ae rtnm .x-
pirea s on the address label of eae

rar farrnihed ea a&pp1-

Whee deidvry ia ItsmCur, uaborlbere
-wI% please mnake Itmm4l.to 4i*wplant
;* ^ : ..1. ai -

Beitdre Spwr to war with England.
JPrance should enter Into a contest with
Good roads and schools are the great-

can have.
'What has become of Ex-Senator Call?
. is Ms rtASss eucceeded in burying
hi entirely?
In spite of thme many competing sen-
eations, the blissxasd is still holding its
own'in the West.

-Senator Paeco's days are numOered
in the Senate of the United States. The
people want a new deal.

Warewd speculators are putting their
money in Tapa property. It is an
Investment that will yield Ofty per cent.

A strong feature of the Philadelphia
Peace Jubilee to the fact that it is not
held under the auspices of the Uni-
versal Peace Society.

*neral Wheeler is a man of great
Good sense. iHe saye "the government
did not advertise 'all the comforts of
home, whep it asked for recruits.'"

Senator Quay would like to have a
secret audience with the men wno
ralaed Mr. Wanamaker after the Penn-
eylvania State Republican Convention.

mUsing means different things, ac-
cording to where you happen to be at
the time. In .West Africa the natives
htm when they are astontehed; in New
Hebrides, when they see anything
beeMtul. .The Baautoe applaud a
popular orator in their assemblies by
hissig at him. The Japanese, again.
show their reverence iby a hiss, which
has probably somewhat the force of
t t "hush" with which we command
1slMeee. In this country, when a poor.
S frightened soongstresa Is hised, it
means that the people who hiss are
g eese.

At Satlt tse natives have been

workIng in eea e in his shirt sleeve,
and one of the aewspapers protests that
S, t is uiSffi. The Oabana probably
: will ot thak so moch when they get

c..n- \ l co de-to take to shirt sleeves during
-', very hot weather themselves. There
t'- an, niT .a ii prouerb to the effect
- that wheq a man takes of his coat he
5- n rtwto.. we la, esset. M ,yor

s-- eshtlb home customs of reosgalsed

R ai' d that the di a hes of Marl-
.. fogh has may orlglnal Ideas con-

oseu the entertalamont. of guIts,
WS:-, d t"(ise in never at a low wil a

ls latest one, it Is said, that -Part
tsie Knpp cure called grams walk-
' i t of pretty English girt who
^. a op the duchess honu" parties
oe 4 tl9 "O f up at uneSrt*LiY
.oe In the m.nUi, slt out through
the morning-room 1a. their pretty Dare
test *o d add so mauy degrees to their
baty that a Blehelnm Kneipp cure
g r Is sure to be a beUe during te
S' eUre season. The bare Idea is enough
S to make gouty old men get up ana
walk In the wet gra.
Now that Uncle e is to have poe-
eaumon of .Havana. he finds himself in
tee predicament of the man who buys
pa o- l house and contemplates rebuld-
S It-the expense of rsepirs Is worth
I:.- a than the bouse. Colonel Waring
b.as StOmated that the expense ot re-
P :. airing &s and making the necessary man-
V'IarpaddlUtios to Havana will reach
Mi enormous gut of/ 31.000.000. It
w.Md seem tolly to expend so yast a
h--wbich would probably be In-
Grassed as the work pr toreeed-upon
it enir were it not for Pe fact that it
resolut ltnsately with our coum-
i wj- soempaan of te lands, in ob-
t -the yenow fever hotged and
sm rg em oathern posts from in-
1 Wt a altlary and saltaryr
Psa Is Oft& w d be soe
S ap out uthe dreaded Yet-
I. "land is semed
.wo Wagleadla task
i the deadly pee-

As y


40 of h ouhst
9dIe nht foa fh oBii-"oon

For over a year he has been little heard
from, not because of any lack of party
devotion, but like a great warrior in
battle, he has been watching every
movement of the enemy, and waiting
for a tfaorable opportunity to strike
an effective blow. The great contest
for governor that Is now going on in
New Yorck tate has supplied the oppor-
tunity, and he is now in the saddle,
striking aledge hammar blows for his
country and his party. i2s Brooklyn
speech delivered before an immense
audience a few days ago. is considered
the ablest of the campaign. Among
the many good things contained in his
speech he fired the following hot shot
into the 'McKinley and Mark Hanna
"You have not forgotten the cold a-na
unsympathetic message of President
McKinley in December last, opposing
Cuban Intervention of any kind, ex-
aggerating the dif5culties in the way
and unnecessarily reminding our Con-
gress and -the people of our neutral on3-
ligations. You have not forgotten the
attitude of Senator Hanna, the War-
wick of the present administration, as
well as the head of Its financial syndi-

cate--tresh from his Senatorial trium- ui if the court could ave rendereo
us any decision: in fact, the decision in
ph at Columbus, purchased by briber- the tramsson Missouri cae fre-
and corruption, who sent to the Presi- shadowed the later finding. The rail-
dent in answer to his congratulatory way managers claim they cannot live
telegram the famous, or rather infam- in a free-for-all struggle for business.
and this claim may be true. Rate-
ous message. God reign and the ep- cutting is one of the most dangerous
ublican party still lives,' and who, ithn things that the railway companies have
tears in his eyes, was pleading in Wash- to fear. but even with the traffic asso-
ingtnn for peace at any price and la- clations in existence, rate cutting is
meUting the threatened disturbance of oten resorted to by competing lines
to the great damage o, those roads
the business interests of the country which stand honestly ,y their agree-
by su unnecessary a war.' ments. If Congress must take hold of
tEARN!.! SPANISi. this quesuon at the next session, it
AiA hoped that it will be big enough and
,Nearly every .-Ia, leol. are arriving broad enough to enact such laws as will
deal fairly and justly with the shippers
here from northern points on their and with the railways, giving neither
way to Cuba an- iro V U io. As 'I an undue advantage. If the argument
general thing, theU- are going tr' the is- made by the railway managers that
land with a view -of embarking in busi- these pooling organizations are auso-
ness. .Most of oern when they roac.ia lately necessary in order for the roads
to make a fair return on the Ca pital
this city run upo agains-; an olistace invested be true, certainly no ftalr-
that stands in the nway of their further minded man can object to Congress
advance r t. They learn to their treating them justly. If on the other
sorrow that a man to be successful in hand, the traffic pools are shown to t>e
a menace to commerce, as the recent
buasincs either in Cuba or Porto Rico decisions lead one to believe, Congress
must have a good knowledge of the cannot but uphold th present law. Leg-
Spanish language. A few of these Islation, to be effective, must be based
men have already learned at least a on a just regard for the rights and In-
smattering, others will run the risk Of
learning it n Havana. Quite a num- QUO VADIS, FRANCE?
ber, however sare stopping here in To aneye, unprejudiced yet penetrat-
Tampa long enough to get a thorough ing, France se-ms to be knowledge of the language before pro- boggan Nations. She alone to-day reP-
ceeding further. As a consequence, resents all that was once powerful or
the Spanish instructors here aredo- the Latin peoples. The causes for this
Ing a flourishing tusi ness. A middle- decline areI many. Chief, however,
aged gentleman from New York, on among the agencies is selfishness. That
his way to Cuba, informed a Tribune love of self which disdains lee of
man yesterday that Re bad started to country has overturned empires and
school, an ld remain in Tampa. republics before and will do it again.
until he had graduated. He stated There is less if civic virtue ooservaDle
that the chances were that before he to-day in Paris than in any period in
got near through with his schooling, the history of that volatile city. Every
he would make up his mind to set- or him and let Mephisto take
tie permanently in Florida. the country seems to be the shibboleth.

The long hair on a man too poor To the student of French history and
to have It out looks as bad as the long to the admirer of republican institu-
hair on a crank who wears it as a ran; tions, thief is a lamentable picture. It
but he has a better excuse for looking is the old, old story of historical repe-
bad. tltion. Nations rise, flourish and talL
France, once the most foremost nation
of the world, is gazing now toward the
setting sun. When patriotism is dead
It is time to write a country's epitaph.
SIt Is very probable that from now
on to Christmas the export trade in live
S cattle and dressed beet will be of suCnh
a character, as to yield handsome re-
turns to those engaged in the indus-
i try," says the National Provisioner.
.The British markets are now In good
S shape, and the result Is that exporters
Woman's. we is largely dependent sre ilcreating theIr aship ents, al-
upon her assy to interest, entertainat-though vessel space is not hard to se-
bmt sad please, It is for this reason that
women strlve to come accomplished, cure. So promising, however, is the
They study in order that they may converse
elligently on all subject ?They strive out look that the resumption of heep
Become goodmusicans, graceful dan. shipments is talked about. Among
oers and amiable hostesses.
All accomplish nts are unavailing if a other things which may be noted in re-
woman sufersfiom ill-bealth in a womanly
way. The special weakness peuliar to the lation to the export trade in live cattle
womanly organism, will rapidly wreck the is that John Bull's idea as to the enar-
general health. The sufferer will lose her
natural vivacity, her wit, her good looks, acter of the cattle he requires is un-
and tmplishments ad power todi Any dergoing a change. It has been dem-
woman affected in this way should resort onstrated during the past few months
to Dr. Pierces Favorite PrescriptsIe. It is
a wonderful medicine for ailing women It that nice, fat, medium-weight cattle
is the Invention of an emisent and skillful sell better and make more money In
.Pefor thiy years s e a o money :n
I ph o the alids' London and Liverpool than the aig
N.Y. It aims to cure but one class of dis heavy, fancy steers, and the more ion-
ad lais to se good fo thing servative shippers are now sending for-
vigorand virility to the delicate femiboti ward cattle weighing abound 1200 or
-aa hesro a womas for wifehood o 1300 pourds. They cost less in the
Hes- Re seHS. Pe so. TsC Won est than the heavier cattle and cell
bts.yhsMitmyOecgs psonGod hbtthnight better in England."
m Ltf~o' y fr th relefhae Tampa reaky will be enhanced in val-
She i a l. A5She f SeeySf use fifty per cent when all of the contenm-
It m im tdy a hee Sto -- hh S tsh pla sted municipal improvements are
Par a .niin, a regalatsr of t, completed. Now is the time to invest
The quirk coestipelion cure Doctm money in city property if you want tO
Pe Sever gPapt e.te gel In the swim,

Ari needed foe Bcess _
S 1veryw here. NervFs
Depend simply, solely,
Upon the blood.
Pure, rich, nourishing
Blood feeds the nerves
And makes them strong.
The great nerve tonic is
Hood's Sarsaparilla,
Because it makes
The blood rich and
Pure, giving it power
To feed the nerves.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Cures nervousness,
Dyspepsia, rheumatism,
Catarrh, scrofula,
And all forms of
Impure blood.

The decision of the United States Su-
preme Court against the Joint Traffic
Association will have a far-reaching
effect, and winl probably result in legis-
lation for the benefit of the railways at
the incoming session of Congress. Under
the Sherman anti-trust law it is doubt-

"Sois- people worry ov one thing,
some over another," said Mr. Nobbton,
"but I thik prap that m=onr ewuka
S Advice to O Ii-byo., a, ma$ms .,, ^.

There are thr
dies that every
weak lungs, or V
tion itself, should
These remec
about every ca
stages; and m
more advanced
the most advar
Hopeless. Ev
wonderfully rel
itself greatly pi
What are the
Fresh air, pri

of Cod-Liver 0O
phosphites. B
draughts but no
Eat nutritious f
plenty of milk.
that Scott's Er
oldest, the mot
tested and the
dorsed of all
Sweak throats, w
consumption in

*s susssnsseeesseses

he 'i ntTessrs, P a c ',ss p e- AS3B --
'-" o P :l Vok? a n r ontDRA couple of n ROM A
f h he alL AE pp ese n ,s

m of Puhblicc-orks ns hA o
enti ind i t es rnd. annoue nd. a everybody else does att giddy
ment indicates. Approximately, they height, they talked of the dilsoasferwef a ^
represent a total expenditure on our, fall. leto him of tawhle. d
streets of at least one miHion dollas- "ar-am willing to admit," he said,'ti l
This may seem an extravagant state- adop o 0 feet a Stons pvem AT
Dot a pleasant thing to Inki" abox
ment to some not acquainted witb tA s- S a p thin to e
facts. but a mores Vs (calculatten sl"
will soon convince the reader that it is quired the other in a tone of doubt.
an absolute fact. The present Board "Not exactly, but I we t through
L. Public Works. consisting of W. B. "How do ye mean" -i
Henderson, president; S. L. Bigeow, "Listen. Fifteen years ago or there
secretary; Col. J. B. Anderson, Mr. about I was holdlg duwn a job In the
old OGete building in Cincinnati, a ix
Webb and George T. Chamberlain are story structure, which was considered a
all men of recognized business and ex- kyscraper In thawr days. I was 2 year
old then and not In as good fix eas I am
ecutive ability. They have the entire now, I di not kick whes the be as
proceeds of the recent bond issue a told me ho wash e window son the top
floo. I weesdocng very wall&atItand hadam
their disposal, amouniting to M,000.n ot myself ated nlaly on the sill. rub-
Every cent of this will be expended for bing away at the glase, when I los my F"
internal improvements ust as fast as it balance In some way and out I. wnt.
What I d is Igins I cannot say. W .:
can be spent to the advantage of the thought I cannot y. All I reass
was an Istanb'se nseleasemema that It
city. AS two-thirds ef the work will ig bkwad bt where or ow W
be paid for by the abutting property not clear to me. There was ertainlyno
owners, the above amount represents sen or knowledt e that I w an i oulb
ouly one third of the actual amount crusbed to deth below. ,'. )
expended. This will raise the t "When ssdossnee me aga n ~ o C
at bomeiand to wase 4 bour after the
total amount for street improve- fall I did not even know. when eams H
ments to $900,000. The contracts to. what. had ha ed They sold me
I had fallenfrom the sixth etory win-
awarded yesterday specify that the dow and that I had rstoqkon tthe O of a
work shall be- completed op or before low shed In the tack ,rea, what b%
JuAf4'U1t, 1i9, so tha t thdsmoney will broken the fal and saved my Uife. I"KOr'
be expended on our iutblic streets dur- shed oo wsmeot mads ofoard wltbootl su-
ing the next eight months. port except s% the eands and 2had gone
through them to the pavement elow.
In addition to the vast aSownt.of Of That I was not killed was only the' la t
provements called for in the contracts, that somee to people sometimes. I didn't.
nearly all the sidewalks along the paved even break a bone, but I got a shake up
streets will hate to be built new. Many that kept me in bed for two weeks and
of these would made e sore for three months. This
of these would awse rhbeeenbuilt befor monument is some higher than that build-
this, but tlhe property owners have been ing, but I fancy the feeling in falling Is
waiting for the grading and curing on about the same. Washington Star. s
the streets. It is estimated this work
w1ill aggregate a total outlay of $200,000. ORIGIN OF LIBERIA.
The new buildings that will be erec- Hw the Afr Colony Cae to Be a-
ted and the old ones repaired as a re- ltnde pedetm Nation.
sult of the new pavement and sidewalks The American Colonization society in
will be another large item of imp:-ove- 1820 designated 88 negroes to send to
ment. We are safe in placing the total Africa, there to found a colony which
outlay for improvements during the should be a refuge for American negroes.
next eight months at one million dol- This government voted $80,000 and a ship
next eightfor the purpose, A settlement weas made ,
lars. We feel safe in saying that no on the west coast of Africa. The society
two cities in Florida will spend near framed a constitution jor the colony, plac-
that amount during the next year. The ing all power in the society's agents. T" e
benefits that will accure to our city settlers objected, and from time to time
as a result of these improvements, can-new consttutios ns were promulgated, un-
L ae %esutimoathed.s Theimp empentsn-til finally only the ultimate veto power
not be estimated The employment was loaded in the society, all other civil Fo
that will be ig en to hundreds of our powers having been granted to the colo-
people and the money that will be put nista. I ng
in circulation ansong our business tiou- In 1848 disputes arose with the British Cali
S will small matte, compredof Sierra Lmuie, regarding the payment ofDi
ses will be mal matter, compared duties Britain took the ground that the
to the commercial advantages. It w-ill colony was no nation, therefore tbe society Ty]
give our crty a standing second to none surrendered all governmental powers, and eVe
in the South, as our climate conditions soon after, In July, 1847, the negroes o
and shipping facilities are recognized Liberia adopted a declaration of independ- Or j
eoos and a fron constitution. Its lode CODl
as berig superior to all others. fence and a tre constitution Its indo Com
Ithas being sueriortoalldbysothers pendence was acknowledged by all lbs soli
It has been stated by some of the great nations in 1848-9, this country ex
leading men of the country who have oepted. Not till 1801 did the United Sate- dre
visited our city during the past year recognize it a as -nation. The name LI
that what we most needed to place our berla was given by themoclety. Its mean
ty a ois evident. The governmentof the
city on an eual tooting with any republic Is fashioned upon our own, swtt Tai
Southern city, was a complete sewerage president, cabinet, two houses and n
system, paved streets and sidewAKas, preme court.-New York Pres. Ms
It has also been asserted by some of
the leading army officials that had this The Wa" of Wives.
work been done before the encampment Beware of the wife who as she kisses
of troops here, they would not have you goodby slips a bit of paper into yow
pocket, saying:
been moved away. There is some "There's a list of a few little thing I'd -
satUsfaction in knowing that we will be you to get on yonr'way boes. Plea
ready for them the next time. don'tsoverlook any of them. It will only 4
ea tem he take you a few moments, and I want as
BEWtARE tO OINTMENTS FOR CA- of them today. There a der." ,
TARRH THAT (ONTAIN MERCURY. Jenklns has such a wife. He take lbs
little slIp and says:
as mercury will surely destroy the "Yeamy eerI' IIget them. _
sense of smell and completely derange Heg ives hmeth Ion mlmnulM ates bl
the witle acystem when entering it the train for o and this is teell: '
through the mucoues eurfaces. Such "BIt lemonsvas oses or ege yesstd
blue ribbon, don shit u s, otleh -s
articles ehouid never be used except on5 Is he, bunch of eBlery, bo~ o U.!
prescrtptlons from reputable phyaicians mllsla extret,,poudofudtemondS, pound *I
as the damage they do is ten fold to oF mele, ar, yard ef whte c-rt -
the good you can possibly derive from jshlling!. worth. of sm-i lester, c a'
them. Hall's Ctarrh Care, manufac- t glypie, julJunbe for Sebp'eug b eard.
turned by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo., hook nd eyes, fis, des yrof lss
contains no mercury, and is taken B- li e esm -l.s oet ngsl or ehe
ternally, acting directly upon the blood somelheg fore.h y h
and mucous surfaces of the system. He arrilv homewtsh twoe ane-l U
In buying HMli's Catarrh Oure, be sure an creuga sa. Joabe untteseble thtle St

bottle. Hall's Family Pills are the .
best. Thieg Psel Weesr oer.

r sale ata Bargain,
of Presses, Paper
rd CuttemB, Stones',
play Job and
pe, Body Type, an
Erything for a c6mp
job office. This m1
aparatively new
i at a Bargain f

mpa, [



ee great reme- serious bodily injuries and ye
Person with our natural buoyancy. But debt to sk p
withconsump- heevieStleadeofalL A mMn todebt uses
Id und:ersnd -up an his strength 4ariny that od, and U" ig fC I
d understand. s none left wherewith to get aheed. W V
dies Will cure : M It I had any young friends just about
Lse in its first : starting out in life, I should say to them: Extrhs t
any of those "'My son, whatever else you do don't
. It is only
ced that are nto debt "Nw o Sun. oo Boox
en these are "r've a great story to tell you, boys," tell ng how to pee
ieved and life id a man to a rop at the ciy al. -I el to a
rolonged. don't think any of you ever heard me tell te e and delleious dim
e remedies ? Is before." Add ress, Liebtg Co., P. 0.1
Is tse remedies ? t a really good ona?" saked one of
oper food and the party doubtfully.
I"Ito certainly is."
"Then you never told t before," echoed 4408*@501
e afraid of A ses8 t.m.s.o*
>t of fresh air. Popper," said Willis, "why did you
buy a golf cost?"
ood and drink : "To play golf in, my son,"said Msg
Do not forget: Willis.
mulsion is the "Did you need it?"
j "Of course I did.....
it1hoouhl "Then I need a topocat to play tope n.
; highest en- teem 'em advertised."-Barper's Bas "-"
remedies for
eak lungs and AeUT s. h .
all its Stages. : H-I-d give up my lifefor yoWu doea
*s e r S e-Would you really ia e UP the up sb
OM M. M. T o Wu ae iingi-BosoWne Courl.m

M -0 ..------
Y .. Ai -. ~n

* 5i ;sssw'is


tompt attention

- -


87 andt88FiadallB6

?' YAM7.u41l


__ _L~_ __


- -. .. -w

l o-f Sh -


o- f She lreedal Disass
as o board a Ve~
ii Arrvled at San
Stenibeo Teterday.

Sto- tihe Trhunse.
i fracaioses (ML. Oct. 2-A
l m Hong Kong arrived here
m o geaitwo g eame ow the
:in e board. treat eor-
Iwal n the city for fear
All d.The veael was Ins-
st to the qrg-tt sta-
is Qc f~S am 1

i RO Paro isowli That Cu-
ace is Abot Closd.


To the Demands of the United States.
The 4Aomtivitration Hopes there
Will be No Difficulty in Arriv-
lig at a Solution.

1ko -Im nt' q" **-' n-n"

k II lliR P[I810IN PRI1 mM M PU llI OR Pi RI

JIdge Wyck lakes a Good ccut lovemnber H4th ias Day of ational All Differmees Orf tHas as Bin I Am Is 1 a r Ua1
of HiMsell Thkiaagtrtag. Bee Settled. lalCtaes.


The rndications Point to a Sweeping A Big Steamer Lost in a Gale-Bryan Of War Being Resumed With the O er the Sa3e of the One s l o'r
Democratic Victory in New York Reported Xuch Better-Will United States--The t lipin es All Ti-Have 3 i,
State-Democrats Become of the Late Winnie Da- are Now the Only lssae in the DOWS are Peria hr
More Confident. vis Filed. Dispute. G&-esa gi OnOa ,

Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tr|june. Special to the Tribune. Special to the TrO.
New York, Oct. 27.-The present cam- Atlanta. Oct. 28.-Wnj. J. Sherktley, Paris, Oct. 27.-The American-Span- Havana, Cuba, Oct. L2-T Asaer-
Dalqn for governor in this State is the one of the most prosperous farmers In iah Peace connisdton held the most can glVerasaeat, betoes h adeubfg st _
iast fiercely contested and exciting in Georgi&a who does his trading in this important season to-day that baa bees to Havana m as iMtesafte t~ Neinesls-
the history of the State. Judge Van city, was in Atlanta to-day doing his held since negotiations were begun. aon to detenatm ddet heirb
the Democratic candidate re- fall trading and after it was vanished. The Spanish commissioners ha&ve ao- any torpedo- our m -aas i l miss aa.i
turned to this city at a late hour this he took a ride on the trolley cars. All capted the negative view held by the Havana baefor. General Pwrmade to-
afternoon from Syracuse. He baJust of a sudden the man went violently United tatea uulboers twa day sent the Arm *.m eCom ssM~ e ha
Saished a most exciting and trium- crazy and pulling his knite, stabbed J. the p rposGed les oO th Cuf, so U a I tke t

t- oain Qir
I a s i to-day ae
"Me aen War Investi

coast of Denilago, e a"
prospects of awf thbr
M mwmgw to! tt recovery.

lU mlean pertuity to Do Garrd
w Ow Cobs.

w.ho i- eshe admtao
H Gl aw. ere sogs
4 and tenlst both Cuoba
l~o.laaSs who man desire to dl

Caooer With the President in
o0 the Mare of the Island.

, Cuma Oct. .M-Tbe rt
O."Wy conveed at ents

i Garcia. who apolited a
*,to go to W*-mtloton to on.
predenso Isrmizdsw about cu-

10avOe&y compuniise the issue
peace negotatlons.
Paris. Oet M--1he situation
prwoed here to-day. The
has aade several attempts to m
without avall. Great trouble
SIn getting a sufficel
berotogeter to held a meeting.
-' Th-were a number of riotS
O rtlorani laat isft., and ls
ooases it was necessary for cal
to cear the streets. A collie
ourred between a band of youth
fli as'd a emswd of republics
Royaust flag was captured.


Notice Isued by Dr. j. 7.
Btate eat Offi er.

Dr. J. Y. Porter, State Health
of Florida issued a notice to I
agets. State sanitary patrolmn
other officers of the State h
Health of Florida, as well as U
i Iat large, yesterday, as folio'
ty direction of the State B
- meanlt z-aFlorida, all atcerstat
S-anOli restrictions on travel

| o Otober 27. 1SS; except, that
i -An h-gAN v butchbW pu

is little
eet. but
Is being
it oum-
a dem-
Scion oc-

Blter Feeling Against the Govern-
ment, and Outbreaks Possible.
IaSana, Oct. 27.-T- e bitter feeling
among the Spanish troops against the
government for not paying them is in-
creasing daly, and the menaces possi-
ble outbreaks, entailing serious trou-
ble befre long. The orden piubbeo
forces, who, as the name indicates, are
entrusted with maintaining order Inthe
city, constitute the most editions and
turbulent element. At flrst-the gov-
ernment proposed to pay only those
who were discharged. Then, after pro-
test, It offered to pay all by promissory
notes, a proposal which was refused.
No cash settlement has been made, and
the entire body expresses its dissatis-

ms. The faction openly.
Yesterday eight regulars, movilliza-
dos, from the Camajuani regiment, ar-
S rived here and went to the palace to
S demand pay. Their attitude before
Gen. Blanco was such that he ordered
Ptr, them to be taken to the Cabanos-prisons
rstr oa pretex of being fed there, but they
have not been allowed to leave the
prison, and to all intents and purposes
SOfficer arm under arrest.
unitary These incidents prove the real seeing
en and of the troops. The possibility of an
board of outbreak is confirmed In private con-
he Pub- veriation with the men who threaten
ws ri1 they are ordered to embark with-
oard of o*g&ayment.
e quar- rling these last few weeks Spanish
now in r in the island has been marked by
.yelw u*rihbed corruption and license on the
omra- p of every man tn power.

MiA shall 0L M
Florida -
valises,NiN sy Items Concerning Important
whn = to xof a Local -Tilervter.
acerti- # -
.nited etto, Oct. 2.-Oranges are com-
S I na every day. The cool weather is
1onk ngs t them to color nicely. Plekers
atrs B>ay morning about 3:30 o'clock
th ~ry of "Fire aroused most of the
Sfrther ItO It Proed to be the kiteben
Common t Stetneka's. who lives in the
Scorn- eer of the business part of the town.
I ot the by' prompt action and heroic wort
we any otlof e who responded the fire was
egog extinguished with but little dam-
on Into s ad to the heom.
yelnow Iu Lers are tessy preparing the
groen d for all and winter panting.
nts in health ot this section is fine.
It bMvM W ittle to60o.
eu It h hmr"ved vnder the ef-
I ro"seyaent of ProteesworToang,

Planque- Prear Youn is ably assisted by
SJames f Wl b May cwlett and Mrs. SimS

P ft1'0ar (vicinity), Fayette. WILL TAKE THE LEAD.
ti! dSr- Sp6ecial to the Tribune.
Tr- OQe&n w o w Wshington, Oct. 29.-General Joseph
SWheeler has given President MtKlnley
0B; Wrn'i.asdM W* o Sille, Taxod his promise to head the cavalry dtvis-
S ,.. -. i ion In Cuba.
.A H,, TO LIVE f. cuP ,s D DARTS.
ia"nfI e -trees, strawberries Will Trice and the Choice of His Heart
Mth the dew on them. ilk resh from Wedded Last Night.
se cw. emg an hour old, oranges -
to eat t ada to spare. This From Friday's Daily.
lou cai, b-e as the ,Ca. F. One of the prettiest as well as one
"an plane. 1 acre, convenient to of the mot quiet and impressive mar-
vest car line at a ridiculous low price. riaes that has marked the social an-
yterm& s eeIoEoMaon & Fes- na" of society this tll, was the weo-
F ,J tt dtl last night of Mr. W. L. Trice and
SS K tAISTROPHEt Viola river at the reence ot
Sthe rid on lampe. Heights Rev. W.
SOct. IL-Botner WeV t officiated in his character-
Mhe happy r Ape are a non -
S ep a noon to-daypeople of Tampa
-l lshigh ir n the estimatIon of all who

Sde is one or the most expert
4a.th e motrty, and eMs a
"e a -'.matiem s eam a"y.

Await a prtimsnturyf bine gabd&r the aiCean 1= ,
thorag asei.shemetibsb _6 p swel. .

.OL BR..I B T ER. h G kd sars:
ls tot hie hsi btsiantd te ab tle* to-da o th

S tna a e v G as, tofB tc-6A w-at e-
sWashingeto, OcttW t- ntent M-

To prases mentions especially the, been owment between the
asueessful war for humanity and bless- _rftftpowsriS1lA with th*s-ft~ a

Ser United 6t rain t at both sides will ten-

Spectal to the Tribune devared, on htfth thort A, to be unt
Savannah, Ga., Oct. 28.-Thee condi-m he a ren ton tke upheob tPhiUptn qwue-
tion of Col. W. J. Bryan. is very grai-etion fore the United Stats t Ts -
fygale ing to his phian andftriendsoon and America ot want wablished timorn
is considerably better and wtU be able mystery, previously disclosed by the
to be out In a few days. He conversed Gawsols, to become known at present."
Ithas been comprarum eent between the
very cheerful. sixtUnteeen drowned ments antes and consists a dry rdecord ot the
T. protocol, regarding Spanish sovereignty
S AVIXTEEN RWI I. anallegation which has alredyeen
t u declared, on high authority, toeton o
Special to the Tribune. true.
ChNew cagorleans, Oct. 28-The big steamer Te rench yellow book, dealing with
L, t. Doty, las loot during a heavy the part France took in the Spanish-
gale in the laknne Ithis afternoon, and Amercan d ewar was blished this morn-
the crew of sixteen drowned meets and consists of a dry record of
mother odthe exchange of dispatchlee with Madrid
IMIlS DAVIS WILL FILEhD. and eWashington while arrangements
were being read for the mediation o
New Orleans, La., Oct. 28.-The will France.
of Miss Winnie Davs waera hed inere


IAN ff Phiadelp h ia, Oct,27.-This has oeen
BLAN CO'S ORDILER. an ideal day tere for the continuation
of the great peace jubilee. Promptly at

chargisof Soldiers. pe gr gvenpnt .wa l hour in
Havana. Oct 27.-Yesterday General of the army together with many of the
Blanco issued the following general leading officials of the country, oecu-
order: "Having received by cable on Pled prominent positions
Oct. 17 a communication fr-m the nun- The p agean t was reviewed by the
bter of war at Madrid, announcing that The multitudes of people who thron-
the troops will be paid and dib.harged ged the streets and aidewak was the
upon their arrival n Spain, I have re- greas in the history of the city.
solved to suspend-until the minister midnight and the jubilee will close to-
of war replIes to an inquiry I have morrow.
since made-oa further discharges, pur- The city is Illuminated to-night with
suant to my order of Oct. 4, of troops a grandaeasplay of fre works.
to remain in the island. LAWYERS FLED FOR SAFETY.
It has been agreed by the Spanish au-
th e in view e protect of the protest ofthe Par, Oct. 27.-Anti-revisionist mob
stormed the palace of Justice to-dy
United States evacuation commission- when the court of ceusato was being
era, to leave the matter of the sale of eld The appeal of the Dreyfus case
alleged obsolete ordnance in abeyance tht w-as being hqard. ilecqae so dan- 1
until the question can be decided at the gerou that the iaeT all fled for
I Safety. The mowb Ib&areme Ure-th
peace conference In Paris. This after- the guardsL The Se evctement
noon, however, two 6-Inch guns, from trevails to-night throughout the city.
batteries at l Vedado, jut back of the T
Hotel Troch were carted way before T
the very eyes of the American conunis- Nashville, Ten., (ot S-Nearl all
sioners, presumably for shipment to the business portion ofT J W1 en.
SpaLintecky was burned to theo-rodto-d&ay
The Spanish mo steai onaea otevido It was the INdoea tmOusaform In tbe
and Oudad dl C dtae wil leave Havana history of that city Theloi of prop-
on Saturday fsor Gita to embark tboe erty wilteenoe.oan fllbia ofr is
reminder of the I a intn division of yet reported Tbhefre has bsee
Spanish troops, nearly all day and is only partially
under cont.roIl
Passenger Tr.affic f nager Wrenn
Gives. the Da& hesThey Wt Ga O T. Ot. -bea

Colonel Pn Ry5 etit ^ r one,asc requ-

The Tsek Bay wilt spen XDecember l D phlo t pT 353 B
5th and wiW be managed this season by --
L. 1E. pikk. Havana. Oct. 3-General Gomenx has
The season at the Inn at Port Tampa, dismissed all the American synpachus-
wl begin about December st, and wll ere from his ary. This action has
be under .the management of S. =- orted great excitement, and trouble
HAnnatt, V is feared. 1 t
The Semiole at Winter Park, will DAT OF JUDGD BOME.
open January 18tb and will be managed Occurred at Sewanee, Tenn., After a
this seasul (by 0. L. Frisbee. Long Ilniss.
The Believlew at Bellesar. ll begin From Tme-Uni and t" -,

looked after b WV. A Barron as man- last night which announced the oeatn'Y

The OcalaHouse opens December 51t Tenn D
and will be under the management of Te. n
Phil n.ews o the deth of Judge
Mr. threnn writes tco t from all ondl- Broome will be a e shock even to

nations and Information he has renei- tooe who homew of hri beand fl, be hnv-
ved. Florida wall have the greatest sea- n efthe hope atorlfbino fully rest e
son and more visitors then ever before seein the hope of eg fuy r-top(> i
I The deceased, who was a son of ex- j
PAIN PReTESTS. Governor Broome of Plorida, leewos a i
Wa i Oct.--.pain has ca- Senator room of Quncy.
bled to aepartment here a vigorous Broome, who i a sister of s. A, .
protest the Oregon and Iowa Baton of this city, is a daSehter ofB
ben aia Judge Jalnes T. OwNi Of NItman
K+i-S a papfTa ty:" mrA .

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s wam m fS* ani i m 61s
Ij.tarth. mTiarrrt asta a 4Ml ata Is

home of offera.mald was t owr
be each~ succeed ala'6ea, 00
Blaco betaW Ite st bai sar1*t-
dent. It4Ws uearty o4 seMAik es am-

lab, filled with the4oldieR.aad eOAMa
whose ulrinm giveEavana ale-

in the oety ihoa i sngest the O1r6a
whik last m t was -ive Ms
production- a pretty opera. "TUmturi,
at the AM&apt Theatre. YenraM"t 4&
Castro, the Ulberallst .is 0stl O enar-
of Itaiana, and oene of th wOaoRt, ,
and most popular men m thetataad. -
Banches de Fuentes, a ims Caban,
whose family is the oldest h the prey-
ince, is the composer at thm opera
which created a distinct sesmAlo, and I
promises welt for the authors ftutre.
Work upon the pier'at M a
where the fliat trooia and atom are
to be landed, begins aMundayu Work
on piers and warehouses at 'Mas4el will
begin soon unless It Is delded that
wrec of the Alfomnso XIL., at the'miat ,-
of the haroba i to ttad to maWMtb.,
entrance unsafe or transports .
pitals and a houseknlM-b oe a -e .-
tructed in the Omanes Mo-,
A fireman SufterItg hom yeow fewer
was taken off the Ward lMner -y of
Washington to-day W 'Or. Btifuher,
the American heaiih voler b% hObe
ablhpprooeeded Pt New York, where abe
wil probably be held for dbfntlosr, -

brought back &om A ..ssn a Ota.. _.
were given to the s nm t r.
sons decide apts the ..


A1en D. Candler Tae I Bat -

Special to the Tribune.
Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 29.-Allen 0. (Xah.
1w. the governor elect, r IMM -
rated governor to-day In the Anmbe
it, large crowd.- At the speia* A-
ieht of ClOL Caadler here w
pomp or ceremony connected with'I;
.te noon the two hoses met
Wtkon, ,and in the
Supreme Court emhm atate
F Wthle eath of c wae.admt

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wmnansh. Ga. Oct. 7.-There ls attle iWon a c wh
DO hang Il the cOanditon of W. |
Brsaa, oMmer of the Third Ne- | BN 5 Pl
W"5 rsglswnt to SWab.

h -', FU1 f Mni- Cml
W,. .tr s VAv L. t oMMer aad M
SLocation, Franklin St., Opposi
Telephone CalL 17M
TeMM9S OF euscumr-ui
S Mat Postage Prepaid. Di
, M t t
Onse moth.... ..
Thr ee months .............
One mor.. ... ...........

All sbsecriputons are payablf
I" Mai slbemlebe are requeste
alit by cheek, pestoffl mou
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The d ra: t s which l& uhecrit

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I If I. Donnelly expects to ret
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mmuBt supply the public with

-a--' In order to complete his outfit
velt should ensage the services
1. tor 'Mason with bhis song and
s peatalty..
S- Whieis the Prente government
",Tare issuing Yellow Boiks th- p
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President 'McKintey ]i an idea
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se the Atlahtlc, Sohley should
to Paris to bottle the spanish

i Mtew .Mtnlsters of War in
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Im- aomwrmr ot China.
In oider not to drop too tfar
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a .. "-r -BI
UE A C W L E.al C constipation other la cities realize the -
Brigadier General John W. %WUson. onston santages of these annual fairs V P' ^ 2 ---rl 9 1
ehlef of engineers of the United States cases llalf e sickness In the workL It and celebrations. and there is
army in his annual report published at retals IM digestedfood too long n the bowels no reason why they would notl
Washington this week. makes a hnum- and prudes bihomsess, torpid liver, be of great benefit to this city and
' h04 ber of recommendations for coast and J .-unty If the pur~I ic s-nRlmn.nt ;.
te Post harbor improvements. Among others favor of the scheme could L-b e.,stemiz .d
is one for Jacksonville, for $200,000 for s and put in motion, our people cOuid
channel imDrovements in the St. Johns estion, bad taste, coated have a celebration here before the sa-
e t h tongue. sick headache. In- O t a l d a eJ t"i
river. ThisI s made In f t somni etc. Hoods ps son is that would 'e cr i
ON. fact that $1,800,000 has already been cur coastiatioa and all Its S Tampa and South Florida- Our ouIH
y nd appr ted drerlts.edllyadthorogy. we. AllMdrnggists. ne men hav -enterprise and put.,,:
vilU. For flampa, not a cent was rec- The oiuy Pills to take with Hood's Sarsapareb* -:.-it second to none in the State, r .
....S I o lm m ended. [W e ,have no fault to find .u.. .. .... . in i.ch an undertaking their c ,rdial 1
... with, or kick to make at Jacksonville that we now have in the sixteen South- support is assured. The manufa t -ur- I-
.... 5 getting $200,Od but we cannot undetr- ern States. hat in the name of the ers in and around the (itzy, the rai,- +
S stand why Tampa continues to draw a Good Lord the administration expects roads and steamship companies w.uiL Our new Children's clothingg Departmen is
blank. There is certainly a screw to do with the infant industry is a miys- of course lend a helping nand. ana in complete. Here you can find all that is sty-
e in ad- loose somewhere. Jacksonville has t lery. e don't know how t, take fact no department of trade would want lish for boys from 3 to 19 ears, Our suits
now secured a total apropriation of two ca ..f what we have It was only to be left out. The Tribune stands ready are all the latest style, maI e of the very bt ,
order, million dollars and she is to be con- last week that the Republican governor to shoulder its share of the respon- material, and of the very best workmanship ,
oen a.- gratulated. It has no doubt been well of Illinois openly defied the constitu- sibility. and would be glad to puet sn YOU will find our prices the lowest fer sch
Of' e4o expended and the city is reaping the tion of the United States in order to the opinions and suggestions of lea- -1 high-grade goods. '
brnefit.. She seems to have made less keep out of the State colored citizens ing citizens on the question. I -
S fussh hin getting u two million than Tampa of the Union.
has madein geng nothing. The problem we now have is certainly OE KND OF EXPANSION. ers rien ists
No one will deny that Tafmpa as a sufficient to make all thoughitful men One of the most important tactors :
lplst,- shipping point has no superior on the shrink from assuming the ownership in the industrial progress of this coun-
South Atlantic or Gulf coast. It Is the of any ew ones, especially those that try, Is the phenomenally Increasing ex- And Blouses. Why will you worry to make
acknowledged rational center of com- can be avoided. port of our manufactures. Our hard- waistS when yoU have SUCh an elegaDt Li .
lce mereor the Wesl India islands, Cen- LET US HAVE A FAIIQ ware novees are now being shipped to select from at prices less than you Can
tral Amnerica and other southerncoun- Th estion- e in e to points India, Africa, Asia and make them
himself tries, that have opqed up extenve Tribune a few days ago In reference to ith A me rc and other -man-
v*r have trading wIth the Unted tates. The the organate.oT o on of& a county fair as- fo ng cwteB t a eiga m LA JES' MNI fI fRNW UNDE\RW
government a WiaWsIntan is contin- sociatlon has started many to think- erYA a s annfacturer should AUN
ag bust- uIly refusing to do anything for Tam- ing and taking of the advantage~ of make t to refulread the
1 North pa Is simply neglecting to open up ana sch an organization. fWe admit that Cona lar reports emanatin from Thi is warm underwear weather. We-hale :
oor. develop a shipping center second to such an enterprise is by no means a Washngton. The daly papers pblsh f a Iomplete line in WOOl, WOOl and COttonr .
none in the country. In fact the gov- new one to the people of Hillsborough only synoisls of these documents. The garments and uo uits, at Wer
are din- ernment experts and War Department County, but at no time in the history report in full ca be obtain reasonable press.
md Dave officials who have made any Intestiga- of our city and county was there a more plication by mail at Washington. b y
Ions. lton of the channel and Its approaches, auspicious time than the present tor s Pc ny. in
declare that with a compazatively smanl making such an organization of the The Board of PbUctl Works Is deter-
re while expenditure, Ta a could and would greatest possible benefit to the people. mined that the work of sewerage and -
ruests. have one of the most important ports Among the superior advantages in its street pavirg shall be prosecuted with M S BS
In the Unled States. They admit that favor at the present time might be all poolble speed. The orders ror M oy *'
main in the expense would be very small, com- mentioned the following: A most ex- brick and sewerage supplies have al- S.
are, 4te pared to other less important places, cellent place for holding it within the ready been placed, much of which is THE T.EA TERI? .
range but still no recommendation Is made city limits of the largest city in all already on the way here. Hugh Brady
in our favor. South Florida, and centrally located for with a large force was pu to work yes- r d '.
Rouse- The citizens of Jacksonville attribute the county at large. While it is true terday on 9th and 16th streets grading '5 Y 'v o o
if ten- their success in otaining appropria- that this new grounds belongs to the under the new contracts. The State
SdaSne lions to the influene and untiring work Plant system, yet there Is no doubt >ut quarantine restrictions will be lifted 5%
of their representatives at Washing- the owners would be only too willing this week and the work of grading ana
ton, aided by a few influential citizens, to allow its use for such an enterprise. paving Frariklin street will be pushed
officials We too, have our Sparkman, our Pasco It is amply, large, securely enclosed forward. Tampa, as she is will not
palace and our Mallory at Washington. They with a high fence, ample grand stand be recognized in the Tampa of six A ..
A- very are men of influence and power. The accommodations, stock enclosures, splen- months hence.
records as well as the newspapers speak did race track and athletic field. At last the authorities at Washing-
a diplo- in high terms of what they have ac- The varied resources and agricultural ton have awakened. As usual, Ine
hly the com-plished for other porutions of Flor- interests that now exist in this part or awakening came as a disagreeable stEr-
ut say- Ida, of their eloquent speeches on var- Florida, is another item largely in i praise to the haughty Hidalgos. ne i CL SER
lous important measures; of their favor. Since the decline of the orange scandalous appropriation by the Dons C T
achievements in national affairs, but industry, a variety of other crops have of property in Cuba which rightfully
his sie when the list of harbor appropriations come to the front ,that if properly ex- belongs to us, has been stopped. Due .. --- ..
be sent is read Tampa is left out. What is hiblted to the public would do wonders notice wa served on Madrid through
Peace the trouble? ,Have we representatives in showing up our resources. It would the French Erbassy. The riath d So long as this i a i
who are sleeping on their rights and also ,be an inc ntive to truckers, tarm- needs to be brought up with a round the character of its merchandise, the certaind o
France privileges or do they not recognize the ers, nurserymen and stockmen in bring- turn. The is sthe only treatment be its properpri ter cis hand of is etah e nents O
larlty necessity of an appropriation. There ing their products up to a higher state deserves, and the ony one he appre- the faithfulness of it service, it cannot fail to
Kuang b a misunderstanding somewhere, and of cultivation and development. elates. grow in favor. On every hand you see advantages

behind and see that our cause is properly pre- terests including the fish ,oysters and Hazing has been abolished at Prince-
na a sented, and manfuUlly defended at shippers of foreign fruits, could be ton College under mutual agreement. It -
sts, to Washington, Tampa will simply get made a very Interesting development, was demanded by the higher students Farly Brivnv iig Over -
letr. and of special advantage to our city as that if they were obliged to forego W ith W antable Merchandise.
shipping headquarters. the pleasure of hazing the freshen
Ee W BUYING MORE NEGROS. The thousands of strangers who should do their own hasing by beien Sparkling with newness and at ]"' "
mid be -- would he attracted to our city, could required to give up pipe or cigar amo.k- A visit to our stre will discl4 J-. !
on the it is now a nettled matter that the see the many important public improve- ing on the streets, be prohibited trom portunities for your eCOnomical Owning uat. do
entire group of the PinUppine islands ments that are now being made during wearing tennis or golf trousers, and be not get a mention in our -frequent tslks ia the
said to is to be gobbled by the United States, the next few months. The improved in bed invariably by 9 o'clock. Strange- Tribune with you. Uae the store for ye par, op
h refer- It ia also settled that tle debt of the appearance of our leading business ly enough the freshmen solemnly en- venience. Enjoy the looking: You are welonome.
y seem Islanda amounting to the snug sum of houses. 'The magnificent new buildings tered into that contract. Buying is optional on your part.
t it. forty million dollars. will be assumed including those in course of construe- Exceptional interest attaches to the G- a' t
Cnom- and of course paid by the United tion. An Industrial parade over our report of General Greely, Chief S al Greater and Greater
Sra- sttes. This will entitle us to several new paved streets w ta o the ey-es Ofcer oitA^itmy. With all modesty i
b span- thousand acre of land, any amount of of people who have beeB-t$astng, and he p oinl tI valuable assistance IS Our business growing. Larger and larger ae
n pub-. flrast-class climate, and about twelve who know sarcely notng .t t he deesdr. of ~e e our sales each day. Still untiring th our efts
million brand new negroee-. This is tent of these improvements. He emnDhasises the mission of Genera to show the people of Tampa what true, .e .

about donblie the number of negroes Je onville, Savanah, haleston, Shafer to take any note whatever of metropoan sore Or lms re a we c
,"Pres the Signal Corps when the Major Gen- ry the best selected stock and sell oehaper thanm
pthe pn e al Corp when tbe r or General- any house in the city. Our styles ae the newest
smade a .. "eral made his elaborate report. (-eneral and strictly up-to-date. --.-
eo mae Greeley has demonstrated the absolute S3.a -
Kerct M -military necessity for telegraphic and
tDON'tT FEEL RIGHT... U telephone connections when an army
w York g ee
inder- Do you wake up in the morning tired and unre- The period of trifling with Spanish "c
and the freshed? Do ytu perform your dsil duties preteioans e at approaching. e The Originator of Low
languidly? Do you miss the snap, vim and rby thDnitse contentoe patien e of Prioes in Tam aM 1
at coal ergy that was once yours? If this describes bY theo Dons must tax the patiencontrover- of 3. ab m
th os your condition you are in urgent needblethat the Parisian press is partially _______________
A load responsible for the present condition or __- __-_ -_____________.....,-
e nlght the negotiations. The editors have not.. ........... 0 94 6000... ........i
,o lose contented themselves with being ob- V-..
ner jects of Spanish asthsidies, but hae I V GIDDENS A- CO ,
acalon., transformed themselves into expert aa- W S GI -
ncbuai- B I Tm. visers of the Dons,
is also Isn't it about time for Sampson and
a lto Schley and ysome of the ot1er warrior W wholesale ro ers
y UtMble raises in a clogged andtorpid condition of the liver o the late war to have a lnd some eoittle peace e ro rs .

d bowels which, if allowed to continue, willdevelop mal- the r
Brraset rl fevers, kidney disorders or some other troublesome jubilee of their s about
Trench a .sease. PRICKLY ASH BITTERS drives out al the only one who goes right ahead
owledge potlonous Impurities, strengthens the vital minding his own business, without at- .
td, but organs. promotes functional activity, tempting to tread on any but Spanish *

w-t -A number of citizens of Santiago
B etween M AT MLl e TS. CE, $1. E M E. Bauthorites to pay an thereased tax on E E TED. WTE U
an Imports, if the proceeds are devoted i .-_. .
to the Impwovement of Santi-ago ar-

I in the war appears to have giveitan .
B LBONARDI & CO. pecial Aents. bislness a boom
. *a-. .- -.. .- t. s
f ^, .....c o*. -, .:-- .. ..

~B~k ~81 ~-~P ~B~B~Jr~ ~aL~s~s~c--

Interesting Itesna of a Local nature
6r^~~ of how, labt Briefy Xpiunioed... Tmgs Done uf Said by Many Proml -^ lK a / r U rp
no a +....-,,++ +++ t =0* wr*i l. 1 arod Gllev
|^ dk ftf RL Plant City, Fla, Nov 1-w. c. War- Beat People.
-rtnder and son and daughter, Mrs. J.
Sleftt d morning foravisit tod CURBSTONE GOSSIP CUllGLY CAUGHT In 2 hours,
" the bay, returning on Saturday. bring- s
.1 J1WshLP8 an.d Cruise ae Tak ing with them some fine mullet, not- New Notes Cauht on the (Fly Here NIC A A ANC
I^B Ore^ on. Ter withstanding the stormy and rainy ad r-o and Going of
Crowe]II IItlon and Ther' e-Ce odmi + offsh .. .. .g and Going of
|.-" "~a Very oomany ^n e"r night Mr. Henry h. People-Incidentsand Accidents) of A
the tock r Evers, of 'Mount Enon, after only a Averyday Life in Tampa. O
.i ** snort but severe case of fever. Buried
at t EW. ce.....y Thursday TV F GaskiHl of Candler, arrived iniMAKES,..
pet I to the Tribune. r-MT. Gelger .. d the city last night and Ls registered at!
lt_;--sS-a-d .ob the Alm, ;r Ohills Fly.
:+:+:, +F.^^^+IW *i '^8 a^-.y B e. -o had With n Auf F. G. Fuller of Hii Springs was in o C heeks ""
h.s. e dismal expiresls It is Ig some weeks with malarial fever. the city yesterday combining business .....y Chee ks, ""+..
-- '-fl~ed hae been Influenc by the The. death of Mr. C. E. Calloway, witk pleasure ..ant A etite i
:4:;resoetoneofthe leadingFnhwhich occurred at this place on Wed- Col. John OL Reddick of Brook.sville, ant pp
S i s'methin . dl n^i l ast was sa indeed. was circulating among his Tampa || r 1 T LI I
tlemen --Itie F an rmClmaFA U C~lyLFE WORTH UVINC. G^ ^
i: n e I of n i~o~xea ^ W ife and a famlly of six child- The Tampa Furniture Company is8.-'
ren Funeral servaloe in the Baptt makit ing some needed improvements in ..'. ... '
church T'%araday morning, interment the shape of a new floor. Sold Eerywhere and by Everbody .
GMF& troubt- le Oakfawib cemeter, Rev 0 J Frier, Law has the choieest an4 most com-
i are eiush' forward with ot ating. In this bereavement we plete assortment of groceries. Strict- -i -

rta. ad a O of the flelt dock wer- o tIe "... varie ." work in the South. Phone 189, Tampa 1 I r ut
;*; atd~ at~h>'i s o~ftisift'lis 18 ^t.'< 5ker at Lhtla ce ls nowr Steam Laundry, Corner Tampa and Pri. I

greatest fky i taaron d at ii nai Twtags streets tfqt tilbt t i
-0 0n Ate w a alosth h l = Z on I Ve a '' ide by r manyC t e ar nr o wb do ng the f ines shir
tuatt d e m Wne rated ever Cue has c K

Se from QeeMtown, an.d the rst- eek. was len very llck the lrt no nual an antedote for mevera Blue name InOUrn'a Jewel. O a'. S

1.. ,<1141 ttleip Beabow from Greenec, .,f la weed, &ytg saturday night of cramps, pains, dysentery, catarrh, etc. ".
It= t cruiser Calliope, whtaib taver, Iurt e ant Enon taday For tale at LIeon Hale's drug store, tt
ubla h It Iosn unlsto has ee to eim fo r t
co.ig t" o o. .. .. frldsTh youne and old attended hue s d, go e ha dn eeo
+". _W vrlpf_ are eOmmlnl to Join ......... mothe recuperating, +ad hue beenl ^- <" F H '* "- L.-^'W

bbenetted l outing t Forget that One Cet an Ho
Daiteth fc that the JWVI hA .isij fil.a 6i~r,, '~ ',-. to Vi tln".t M. 1W."! rgetida arie ye4 A0 O e t

Sb ha not reta grocery tore In ct In cold weather depends C I. 4 its
Thrasr f cs, sels for cash and manes largelyfon the kind of Comfort- CHNA NoLASSWARE
F, tjtsloc"t. a .t es' o er e The Plant c-ty school for the colored lower prices than anybody else can. has you have on your bed. We -i
ROM t r uot eer so n &av te frs t- % s w e' s d icthe We sela b' gies and pane on, a 1V largeV iety ftor vraious l s e .
.,. b e frei lea uves fr om aoeemnlie n e and t wae ek.- dHar- prices to suit all needs, while etlc- .

I" teeo maa Come and see us. E D. Hobbs & dhpries arwea so ow you w h at
., + renifpape Rers. aln ndaid n .. d a t ..r..ns- better one than you thought. ii hars r fo
A sy. Earr f.d Waddel spexnt Satu-lay (trred their tent from Yor Cty to Ladies' long.sleeved Ribbed
t,. snaa u in Plant decy, returning Tampa Heights, wher_ tay v ill hodI Undervests, fleece-lined, at 15c,
e I to tcis home at Thonotosassa Sunday religious meetings nightly. o:d ai 20c and 25c 1
of Ie' yol the P testant Episcopalse invitation i s w en e a bee.ne sWo
!oT": i : +:bath m n e.o I d Irregular bowel movements lead to Men's Extra Heavy Under-
O ti& V lol h was a ery impressve on and was cminronicgos Prick t- u hirgs at 15cj 20c and 25ca has been
ra% +la^ ^ ,.t~la oc1 weather veywl &trendd. re".11^ ~ here tet is a reliable system regulator: cures ;hi a"1c 0 n o.V _To o ....... ..
Breelned his poet J yester- are sincerely hoping to ve a new p eretl Sod by S. B onardi
naJ to the su rp' e o'f is many church perhaps during the coming year. Lwlbleof al9kindk. In ser
Sble ti y. IP0or t wo M. and lMra. W. L Davia who tave DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve has the deed T
mpent everl months abroad, returned largest sale of any salve in the world.C
he to their itome on T forsy last, bring Thise fact and itc mert haSb led dishonest W. r b S pecilt t
thina in wlth toem. Mnr. Davle' mother, people to attempt to counterfeit I. A NICE LINE at ay vuggs an
t.- ont"oery, of Tallahoma, Tnn., Look out for tB e man who attempts to to sut all needs, while

bi 0whoo d will spend the winter with tbe deceive yu when you call for DeWitt s OF WOOLEN hlesure o nd
fu ,,.1 On1t- -adote ad +,aynx,++o .-o' manyo+o repesntaiv meno ++ wtH+ Cy deid yo can: afor; m c

m.ly edt reat pe cure o AND WORST. uice
1w... --,. M. orto ., ....an of wide ED DRESS ... AB ... b
WOfiSdl 1O the pFour Yet to fee em experience has accepted a position Ri b
H^^^ q^^^gpn- by the Democrats, in the dress a oode department oh Colen, (yOODS. . 15c,

....d^ weS" BALLAST ' " '...
md election day. On tuday ri will make this place hlis future -- 25 wi
9atd Mt .TIaxetne .oL J. B. Bellinger has rented a very OaINf h Standd i L"
Thbenar theaapcsof ieYounS adsome dwePttng house In Hyde Park E S
bath Democrati el and the meet and oe haing it nic kly furnished Bit

ator in the contr7 y wl be poesenL teme ,or his family when they arr tse. at B15b. G2i0 ainTl25
s t w 'a the Plas t tty raty fll t one o i a r expecting them every day. andcures

v)! ,rev the reatet during the campalrn. Tle wen they come, he will coneier him- -- --
eresm ted hi rB ean u) y ecrtle si that enterprel p ng city aod ne pel a ful fedred cltlSen of nunpar d i..eBo-, Mar. OBO~rtB *Wy D -
*dto tahas pre- -- dy. Prmyate pach pehp during the acrtmi ngn yre & el

thiser GO. For Mr. and M W. I.. Dav Oh0 e W tr Ht St h
wt htme ,* h t o th r om on ralas t, bntT h and it m ehri -% le dishoest
at a1 w Ier 1oitld ofe Stfu. Di mother, peopleoto attempt to counterfeitbut.r A- LIN,

................fl .o a .ok.tte -14.iead71 th he...cu.b..,.o...~o P.. urns o** oor f<...... .... pts
KHBlHllrjLMntoeyo TlaomTqnLokou-o-tema-h cattemt to ondi ----------------

" IB ..l?-1 ++$ I it, flic- ^- a^i, Ve yreet and t yro s bod l'~lt taltTI K11T 0 OL.,ti I -' ia, I 111'llt To
or- e to w eattend le t d r o -c i t

*0I1 Wlch H-azenl Salve th re tPiecue < 7 ei
o IItl wo aWmn ULUl W. M. en .ed or to, a a lesman of wideerbg ED DRESS

i"lee isOn .wld held at came over to Tampa on Wonday and at-
I Cdoealeto sionalrs et WiR%. alo Iad- tended the Red Cross K. of P. lodge
;mll 1ta^ 4 10erteai. to dress.wooe bg at. tho4 meetinKLp in the evening. His object was to get
.. .. ^ like T PM 1 = 1^ ,-awtll.&M a nu m'ber from this lodge to visit tI. on-"
2102"tr W1tt wl M on e for Petersburg to-night and assist the 5harpened, Snsead of gri
ou camp---,.ad thy a re Preparing, members there in second dree wo. OR o t all thw orae. as you do i :
Aug at*#Dr. S. 1. Lowrey, and J. M. Tharpe,
,dth*1,44&f Udy the enemy we hope volunteered to go. about the hee. Our h .-- J
i'Ml+ll~il"l~i p'|. tot tOi as 'u a rafflt: of t he feverish
twe a.S a 60+ mtrch vaunted mod- F. D. (Apnold of Chicago. W. J. Allen Zors, theft, carving halires .ot
rI0BL- o d mn. It is a treacherous and JohnI. Scott ofWanega, IL, and table cutlery of all akidd l-
Ina the private enemy, working out tt deadly effect A. Q. .Alen of Buffal, N. Y.. are apen- 1 rom the best Osf e,
une vvr fte amo st b ang i- Iga fw days viw th sighls inprdad nl a
iI I NII4' oc te*011M "L 'on* dlef l, UCon Of chltngO an around our city. Their object in
am* you I To a t in the mrt frequent 1 eadaces, di- con South is to locate a sta a- "e ished, ad pnt together sy hc f-,
edst to -Seeqtivat- bl, should be the signal tory and will doubtless locate some- best cutlers.
aspeakal" PurisJ'cJ6 whgpv In 'Alabama, where they. have
ON Ni kne4r remedy of su- been for some weeks. Being so near $ -
........rtar arltave merit; it is aoothling, healing to Tampa, they concluded to spend a KNIGHT fe W A L Of
.. d stre t Bla;ig, q ttkly relieves the few days here. To a Tribune man yes- *" i
or oe that always appears terday they expressed themselves as N K Cor. Lafayette and Tampa St, Ybor City Bran -Cor. 8
&Bn a ine ste Ittatw. checks Me hbthly pleased with the city. ad SnHORT LONG NECKS Ave. ad.
51B'EOelll I I^andll'e6^1 tlarOM! "M thought that we possessed superior ad- Ave. and 15th StB. ,. ;
5 ct te h.ler we, vantwgee to many other places in the Can easily be suited with the Av inLhS
brti back the etrength an drudty BSouthl They thought the climate here latest styles in collars or neck-
Stow of o^oroo health. Sold by S. B. was simply delightful. wear from our -extensive Stock. P Y R
e "HWMOTISM C E IN A DAY. The experiment o- Neylands & cns, Our shirts for business or dress 1
near Tamna, of raising tobacco> uncer wear are as varied in size wid
I"O XMyic w Ctre" for Rheumatism and canvasd rill be watched wth style as our neckwear. Our wth
i ro Nr** radtasauly cures in I to 3 day. much interest. t ia a cost;,, expenr- stock of heavy winter under If yor roofneeds coating use T C McDonaldls"'(rirginll
o Itn acon opont t system i remark ment; the cost .er acre for coven is wear yo I s kould ex mine. tAsphalt Graphite Roof Coating and Cement, which ig pao '
abl and mysteo. It removes at 36, whHe the .ost of fertis.. labor is8 time to put them on now. ed by the lnt SSe nip ne other orortons. :
: u e t ro c e iM e c a n o a tn d t h e d is e a s e tm m e-dt e 3 i a n d o t h e e x p e n s es, o a v o r a p ; 4 0 6+ p e ro i z.d b yD N 0 r -m ~ ig.l n e t~ h e P a n t o o e ms th e o l y L t i ngp n e s r~ h th t i l p eyu a e t n Y m :t .
46an ye 4ssapeoars. The AMrt d400 acre. making a total for the wbole neld This coating is the only thing that Will W prof yout
S*reat benefit 76 cents. Sold by of ooo. They wi probabiv get 0 roof It is absolutely fire and tut proof and steed to a
J ASdI^Mar Co& per bale, with sn estimate of Un bales [ longer than any roof paint Be Iure that yea a e a ft
+ per acre. We have contended E.er e pnnme No..1, ro"tin, anu) Out tn" f *-*- _,- 3 -. ''
A* MO cc,"04M aii ll- be bol ofc the viarm heet-nt the Cuans r ,iandg'",j
At tbb .. T s as. UP-To.Dute ClothiersrD n aanis the Only Ipo ar^
s e, a..e aiaucae, to rcvr fram the aos of her 4Mg Fnm Irlin St. p. We are headqutrte for Boof
00m40 04 0' *W-- -.p oran. e tr by suppIil the tob T ...co
seen Omw Interests. bm one awe. she Md Wcd by J. D. QOD
s D it is-a wormy
A .. +... | ^ ^, P- " -

'Jmes H. loan tan Down by a Editor Morgan on the Sparkman-
ilb th Cmtnt ar City street car. The Body Taken to the Islad. Where Gunby Campaign.
SFrom Thursday'sDaly. it IS Cmated. The editor of the St. Petersburg Sub-
Jame H. Sloan, a white man who Peninsula who says he is a great ad-
AMAM I baa been at work in the street paving I here of Congressman Sparkman and his O M E '
iE UCOPANY CUICHES gang near the corner of Ninth avenue SANITARY SYSTEM STATED his opponent, Hlon. E.O R. Gunby, touches
and Fourteenth street, was run over those two gentlemen up in the follow
tat for yVit reby street car Nb. 32 about noon yester- He Furnished the War Department ing choice English:
day and fatalby injured. He lived We took the position several weeks A UI8 F*
I a d tone Cuirbi-e1,- only about an hor after the accident With a Careful Istimate of the A t the emocratic leaders n ths
ee Two Go occurred. ago that the Ieemocrmtic leaders in this
T Gd he ear that struck the unfortunate Cost of a roper System State were doing themselves and the
contract. VIctin was in charge of Conructor of Sanitation. party an injustice by not meeting the
f t i a mo carel men on the road, e icas in oin bate
trsd s Dalaly.mUand soa blame for the a ent d bn t p eihe Tri e We are of the opinion still.
d Public tS i ta beld 5 tamn New York, Oct. 29.-o lonel George Demoby had a fine audience last
S n uss workingn near the biw steamw t t t the of y W
a a t he"F sttat- olle ttr s aise of which prevented E. W aring, Jr., the sanitary expert. Th y night, composed large of '
k S yesterday m hearing the approachng tr, who arrived n this city from Havana -Democrats. which were entertained by

And the mote proven t thimrz see-sersMr.g 8oint
Of sa ial 4tractf rpr anI thb mo2e olrerenped him from oe- n last Tuesday, died of yellow fever a description of his chase after Mr.
aU the roller him he Oska e. br md october ase of dress gooda have pasetd atL th ro .atd.
_ .Pa t e -o t,". of c street this morning. He was 67 years of age. Sparkman, who, he mae it Appear,
Ss rrck Jt As theT oa e da Ig Three hours after his death his body was atra d to meet him. It inot me e for it s n
aMlM altt 3o 1t 'aloen. Theon w-rTm s ran his bel 0was enclosed in a metallic ease and as ry or Spalicyhe n to meet anby. in fThr t S t .
Sll at the top of yole t removed from tne apartment. -ord er to beat him for Congress t Heedr ewertingyo
A m & thewI. asseThe over otr tMoani

!S.3^bndk Gte hd"m edab erth in"theuBoara of -ealthl and thib ea t i hte wer doeelw es wi ebou M or. yekeparklckman : b a
a aeroangw i Amii-entinebat, at thke erot of Fifteth dumb and b nda nd ad b~ oth les hundredsout e matter was proper a t I Is '

SW r r p or a Dr. Blauvelt hurried to Colonel War- consistent. Up to the time of theChio H t-K
an. ne. u0was d U of street, hout had been removed who wa sawmitted to the .olicy o fee ree tooIna, illr totU gtbIo or

I. g Oeiron, the tAND. former I chare oGown t the boeoveor lower, w erth .I d a repreaentatlve v oteud accord-ing * '' '.

blt t Co uity gav Oe0th o D, camp at ootainebteau and a physician to preference or circmatanoes. After e
be ni t e E oi 4 unbty eVtoAt eD oty wide eerience n trewa iting to ta the di- th convention t was no loner op NO I

o m- ease. Uona; ass the representative of a Demo-
..w~ amit excellent phyl quaan c lded th at anse was yellow fever, tb. t Mr. i rnb see this Joint 1i n

oteroft ont o m but it wae b impossible to tell to a cer- a would be, for tht is his stock in trade.

a Fsvertthe B-A.IL-e&ec4a,6 to the He netoer planted an orap e tof, .. nor ttatl n,000.00. S $1 (00,0 O .
e nc frternit o c e was a very Aain at.4 oclockt the doctors met in tled ara sor t c nor '
r! attede n mof te d theui then. tera roef e4n% built a mill in theState of Florida e Tampa, Florida. Corner Franklin and Zack Streets,
el a nation they were entirely convinced n butne a wheel outside o the
lit lt at we a oond by the Ma*onc lodge at that Colonel W ring had waell de- i nhis a nd teh e t s t t
tZ n oEd Item. H Rte c ed t O~O~. r veloped case of yellow fever. pisa ee t s hner the a u 'tas- o a prMous d at t. Dm -
f per t rme re tt e e u n bIad bee decided by the doctors culaad hn erof htz~e Ja a hd Of every e es y ,koy

S70 t Thee ere to be muc that t would be atal to move s Colone a hr d e e a a-
t h il led in the soon e uatoodrom. They reported wat once d Ito the Bo ard met turn a wend that is IaL It w So t a l t mays pdcprom
be ,time Inr e ,The Pok COty fair ac csam-cnicedolean "erible aamatmtpon isc ea W w
rb the mtexmaae ae for a big of Hetreealth. Mschael C. Murphy, t theh cittenhp to New York, and Y~ ESsilks. .al4s.

et favor, the c-ttime Barlyin the yprt W hela fair president; Health, Co rcive. Wl- terraD de sto h l e fBe ._ a is5
Wlln. .t ,- r e, a te next la Jenkinso Dr. C. F. obertf, the e soon fac he can sea to eemsel. eatb e t t you
y eikr i nor a ri r dishto ak a man on t a

t* etohes tto warssnet hoIn Iroo o the- ve it tti are oflfli and-yonou geoaway apess aS

( o ett. he n d e tar to en tHealth. ande ti Rise e did with-r. outr lrunte afrs St. e m poa t arkman
lr aker ill bold the bod y lo r enough to o th out delay course In r cia- m atter was proper and
Sadep fwreer s or say Dr. Blauvel a t hurried to Colonel War- cosIsnot bnpth tim be ted h ti

ofsts s per y the a rl S I e aty nth n ten o c led du landt on r his lean at p t o the tnfetie elow
r $ Pieer dayOf tfor sache ehargeOf it, wIeees t a n go t s house, accompanied by Dr. White, ao convention the perty was not s em-

o Pedof the Marpe Ito pit t an d wo w ir o thb lare potlcye ofuee ab segof oe
Tn& r s.fth ef of I el .s, aiformerlyihn charge of the yellow ave ta e a i estate voted a a fw M
to award the coan-a-ntati votedwaccordine
~iAlb~bidders. Mr. Community 9ourns the Death cf Dr. camp at 7ontalneblesa and a physician 10 preference or circumatanoes. After No 5aodsi. arged

li t he wi-t soo-n e L. he W oo ofA. r wqi-lde e incterin e In tr s the tat conv whention it wars noe latonger 0- D-Os 0 B wD
or22to2S? Ame~t- 0a0enw dartteof e.. tloual, as the representative of a Demrio -____________
-Tta t akeland. Ott 27.--gOne oA the greatest In company with Dr. StimP c a theybe wa ibo nd tt K. AL. T . CR.A,ind Of "^t losses g erssustained3by, thistcommun- examined Colonel Waring at 11 o'clock vo e fr fco natetu n oe n thog he oudt R RIM ec, W. e% 0. v u Csnt. )

tNt wta onc e by thedath o ted m or na isrtematue manyar obnt wh oae thort Itcn ag e epavrnace fo ru he

IB ai?.1 +aaatel lh. cwfC ft clete -- Ta ws not int~iurt~r. ho worked ied w upfrom the pnkmad tono T haivthMoghtital pnlacafllr
he w&s"arbe A. a teWil ays agod Geo. was then 102 1-5. They practically de- ave srta

SDe r'wa a meat excellent physician, cided that the case was yellow fe. w vemre M v G yaerl .en r sek e, an td-
t a~e oa ge aeet amount of ggoodnamong but it was Impossible to tall atoa a ec bo tha I Ts h o -
*&~.~ ^. the poor. t(He w very weloknowni aiia scohaeGreely h U te ates tock in trade. T DA n'
I between over the State, epecia. to the tainty at that hour never planted an orange tree, nor
sad the yrresentatlve sonic fraternity of which he was a very Again atv4 o'clock the doctors met 1nIPM- $16010 r- 010.0 I as" A.Ulm

(30" O O np o the' 9 pollen t member, seldom falrng to consult ati On. There w no mistaki rng tilled a farms nor tauht a hool, :nor
,aedr*edeclmd that lodge. The Interment was, made Is ntio n cthey in the cano nvcfte d.exate- never turned a whei 0 (outsider olfthe S d sul Li sb i , .ls ,re ,uhethe.so.s oI is.i
irei the work was 'Lotil uc_,nded TAUenView9 cemetery, at LuAwkeland, and wltod tey ereeni convindeheels in h tis headband never started Ias alU askig hl.. asas el, ,,O.amsNa'U
f.toh -pc-flos_ e bet was was conducted by the Masonic lodge at that Colonel Waring had A well do- "nP e nwam~dnx bwdn u-as ,. ,&-O
1Pa"rlWal tLaim ed Lsk'land. veloped case of yellow fever. a piece of machinery, beyond the mu o isaaa ,ppesvednamessad eel estate. De-
very' extensive i 4 Itocular machinery of his jaw, and if every ll bay andasZlrtoyabwo-ewthseus-:.s
AdvertisedoP It is rumored thatvery-extensiveIm-It had bee decided by the doctorseffortuhe haans p utfoh during h t s t salae ts
ttOeolybidder for l provements are about to be made uponeoh.d s fiftebn.ter Basn ve

wpxr a '* on 0 evacuation com-- qwo 9 t ra Dunn Mah d td business. Ev0era ommodAtionconeirt wi t .a.
E? ? PltZ..lanUt 0,uJtun no -C*n e. orat. run Ashore and the Kate o banking granted. Have uxarpsa faeil + t
ZISS S Se will alt extended1 bonan creptt. ^S es dstaad s' Key West in_ aStorm. for making cn collectionsat aI poits in
5. _o OEBo PBAl. Thusa tWm .iners oaf tip.ortanTe Havana, Oct. 28.-The schooner Cora th 1United Sta&s.
-a ve been lrfipTW referred to P-Mt Dunn went ashore Sunday morning on
a e fdefiarloey jotatdt ptace edminfia- the shoals known ae the Cabe as en BOARD OF DIRECTOhS: Jeo. N, C. Stockeom, J. & Andemae, Zwae
Mio-dm'atd2:ti:' ,e On Nov. the -nenoe Caro Romero, close to Diana Key, Car- Maerar, eso Meyers, Ziba King, C. L. Jones, POet 0. Knigt, JAMt
parahS a anst yellow fevw will oeadat, o that denas, and have proved to be a totalu- L 8. Ct.
#s90,2 ..took-. t at tirteamers between'NHaofana andamepa lows. Her cargo consisted of 3,500 tons A
tPhes the baWt rt te andS&nd 01VW 0m'sut certificates. The Oethooner Kate, which left Key
t, est f-eto of te deceaser I Abouit that time Rear Admiral Samp- West on Oct. 19, with a cargo of stores D.. r.tBOS.rL ttnTdL. on N. L. GILMIW. V IaPenMei aiT a
*01P w1 learn wiltl sincere regret son will leave for the United States to and medical supplies for the Cuban for-l a
SII e otia in StW- of dea, mHe rwas formerly ?m- attend the wedding of his daughter, cea under Gen. Jose (Mntguel homes at ssrn main aUinrt nr ndAn
p anSi. W I antt acksovlle and was here m y k it is the intention of t uaj. Gen. Sacti Spiritus, with Frank Bilo and I IJ I a P i as c rusin f
~ o to the n.ae the encammpnent of troops in Tampa Butler to go to Washington before the Fernando Lera in charge of the expe- N ru n 8u inm
E jo meS ay snot be latter part of next month ditlon, was overtaken by a storm dur- CORMSs a s PI S sf R1N 1
not^g^^ be W BO1TaE GRAVE,. lug the afternoon of Otw1and totally Brokers and Dealers i Leat Iobaooo.
intoe pr of th nd o the meast d you dee and de, no t-aaly TAT JOYFUL Fw LNG scued.Thek ..

ti oa e Q to contain ue te t n C Re- growing weaker d ay by d ay. Three . s
S a -ions. Our plan ,1 to give every oneKteog-.s.
Si 8ta change, $ry thenmrit of Elys Crealn A startling incident, of which Mr. Kate belonged t Key test. JNNe
EgBaln-the esgal h balm for the e John Oliver otf Philadekphia dwastheMand Fis, d nOWI tO tde fewgat hve not A L
lf sarth qVer and Cold In subject, is narrated by him an eIns: dr beyond the old t ne medrtingGrading, Curing andB of

imll w lutte st Head, by mailing for ten cen ts, a "Iee wee4a in amot dreadful condtinow a w cine and cheta rlt lOe-
"d tis wood 2trial esie to test its curative power My sinkmwas almost yellow, eyes eond- Car-s, left hero this morning for uonts Crops Estimated. Planting andHarv
acecws dit~s t.eps It. Test It&and you hack and sides, no aptrotite-gradual.y T.MAT JOY- UL FEELING "S .....W .8..9 "

man I know t y a e od, ut never accepted by tegowing weaker day try day, 1Tree----
ed .isi .ediate ard a cure followiL, physioans iad given me po.Fortuna- th the exhilaratingm se e of renewed --
in Ts... ttea d arid. too .greatjsy -and s ie ar-n whichmo .ows the use of rO.p of
.ta. .th. .priss, tr e firstrbottle maode a decided Figs, i known to the few who have not u-i;. -.-'-

C ~qaN~1.ea~sg. 2?2195 Labyettf tret.DO
'a-As-c -

Tap I r "Item on".StTo t he horiff of Hill ohrouf .h County
1 o..n.. .n Iattems Coo- of e tahe State of Florida: e l I I
B corning the Trade j oo ye, that I, Joon I.. Irat1fort I V i n

St*: 0 : a--. '- an otrderfull-ial to" .... >rct-o daht. pred thet of ed.l Ld ...... on- o a rid
BALL BEAU1 1R F The ctwar factor es re vted ye County. State of Forida, on TuesRailroday
.terdy by the Tribune representative. ext succeeding the first Monday in
'H, fouen, nre, al workgn ea o Not emriceb %e oer, oA... D189.f the raid Tin s 07 o
Chngm on fu tret Many interesting items gleaned from ,1 ih gresalional District of the State of PIor- r t Ia t .

g extent of the trade at present.wormen t ial the rm. For o justice of the Supreme Give us a call and be c
o the p i At the erra-Dintheira & Co's.demand, a l- S OF i ismanu Court of the State of Florida, for unex-
cisa t aimpliedty of the combination, but also For Treasurer of the State of Florida, H o

Lwere r a apeed, after which m en were refused a demand to the CArd sill Fie which For two Railroad Commission ers For Justie of

bluses --s taen up as foisws: Cigs in stodk, a suf eient O t" ok lw o t e the Pred in and for t.S fLld o wined. n a k er a d
Tthe a t {Mr. Bsen, Comcil. n^o fll t2r orders for two or in voiding the woth Justice Districts, van: so. 2, Noi 4, No.i
... iph for *A 8, ioterm of four years. For one Railroad

~ ~~~Bo te chmr, tho $ onta0 In addg o o this, $0 manuf actured by scientific pro Nem 1 Commissioner for the term of. to
andoe the quit kbown to the CALIr NIA Fi Sru year, For to eers he membe r 5fo07 FAANXn
o Webb, Manrara de Armas, wt and ha bee Idle ever since. Co only, andwe wish to impress upon of Repres, tatives of the State aof or-
ril. rohnes, Kruae, W ing and. P. .11 ave yet been made to S the importance of purchasing the Ida Ror clerk of t CrimInal Court

SThe workmen true and riil Record For Tax Assessor, For
aton d ortaces he wrn- t e d original remedy. A Qn Tax CoNllector, For County Treasurer,
e mIe of the precedil mee t fi r Oian their demand and e" in YUe r mof igs is maUtUrO For thre mbers of th Conty oard <
IN were read and adopted, after which tiWalR*VaEors claim to have over one by the CALwsxiA FiG Srup Co. of Public Instruction. For Justce of .
busine was taken up aa folows in cigar In ato, a suffclent only, a knowledge of tht t wfl the Peace in and for the following t 1
In the absence a Mr. Bruen Council- number t4o fli teir orders for two or as't An.. in avoiding the wortUi" Jostle Districts, viz; No. 2, No. 4, No. f
5. No. 8n No. 9, No. it, Nfo. 12. No. 13,
ano Brown took the chair. three months In addition to this, Iiytaton manfactured byothpa. No. 17, No. 1, No. 21, No. 22, No, .
fr ntions from raan owner eown two tbher ve large factor- The high tand f th For Constable in and ford te folow
r o r a wi1 Un and Polk les the Uto440lo at 30*aonville and F Mt SYRUP Cot with th d4' Justiee Districts, viat uiu
,dHavana. E p and the siatys NO. 1, NO, 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5,..

toaitucod wh he ga1 tNoe.the13irr factory 0.o 7A N 8,ay No eNo. 1t, No. o., No. e -

t oa orey n Tampa, we n Der a nd ron at .us e-iAg ,for che "es "-dd er
O eea t Fom te, No. neNo.amr38, Noa u euNo.nl. No. It No. + mn
ar fro sto erect filled in cae they l wp rt2 here. nme hreCom Sn a ee No.N 2 3 Othe o -
o n t had r e an e f of the eam oT ims remedy. It I In testimony whereof, I have herell I

Ao re o fi conu mmitt-eeo afir t swe hdW t eo ine tte yestoere far in radvW Ofane Of all other 1 iStet it nt my hand and affixe the great
Sday tatedtt oeled the trker as the kidneys, liver aad eal ot the State of Florida at Talla- w
-o e tl e ecbassete, the Capital, this the 25th day or1'
ti rom William Hunter, that wanted Bympathy thea they want iwe without iritationg orwno e the As tt 10y 08 1

ba dingwithi Br itsand mney. tbe uthe-p*at free t mran r of August, 18.th s0eenthnennh y hgs
h as ctrty attorney be paid for t money t tinted free ta t he=, and itn does not .rip nor u I ti JOHN L,. CRAWFORD. A
some taxes due the city. pomation for teuieives, and fanliliee nanSUte. In order to get it benefldie Secretary of State.

p tor at C.' e P r abor Re t alc to r Cuba amile / n u t. v R e m o .....o"d by have an ade o T. KdIGH K. SPENC
ettee 'hon appeals and Oan to &o, re have an Ides effects, please remember the nani of a To T. K. SPENCER, orn an bi .
.t e o I ted in t ,e* t that ie they are locked out. that their the Company Sheriff, Hlllborough County. o i n
'm frm t tetta Denny to set sympathy ers will furnish them with a ATme h R IA od i R o FF s.

Ic d rto v red from i Hvana, where ohe snt some Bu h County. Florida. Ther br 3 O s rt
to w which w a t i attt h th r -la e f act ry In t hat c ait f la ra f l po ny, a corporation s n. E dw a rd J.
Icata Hes rv om e sl rtare e t tand Imaovlemen Cn oran ha
letter from L. Bigelow, He saeuCtA the'Tubans wh had U'fl rr n." Glenn a 'Yo wiWll
*-" rof theBoard of Pubtc Works, recently gone,,the fwrot Tampa, were 'U nder and by virtue of a wrIt .of ex- or

H. avna"elays Company, andv the erymty vn, o rmneyo t s ion the an tree t Florida, In a cause wherein the Ysbor o
onoof cefroto e resale te and ta wlS be, longer tim e before the ing Sheet and Talks About Street City Land and Improvement Company a he
S and paying for People ther h able -to see much Car ident tobe f y

of all approaches thereto. ptAitD. dA.1100,I manrlp i the m h ro will soi at public outcry
,!}' %e hr a 1 :1i t,. aid co nractint Beor the srtBrie at this factory, From Saturday. s Dally. on Monday, the seventh day of Novem- tef r h e *0 in
e. e weekly hn pay amounted to about A reporCter of the Tribune calld on er, A.D., 1898, in front of the court
$,000.. ren This would buya lar ount Col. P. o. Knight, counsel for the C da, to the highest and bet bidder for o ois
-orepairs to of bread for needy families. L, & St. R. R. System yesterday, ana cash, all of the following described per- ar
II oae The -total amount Arno Orte A Co., repit a full force acked him what he had t.o sa about sonal property, situate lying and being and then pat
elIteth y a$ s Indicated In the letter of workmen and business fairly good. the editorial of the Tampa Times, ot in Hnllleborough County, State of Flor-
Is 174*1. The city attorney was in- Sedenburg & Co., are running a large the 27th int., which intimated that ida. by getn inferior Work. by getu n
stricted t? proceed to the collection of orce with al departments full and James H. Sloan would tnot been to-wit: 32 coffee cups, 28 butter dishes: i get the of m li '
the amou t orders y p to the capacity, killed. had the street car ben pro Ided 23 pie plates, 27 large pie plates, 40 ca oet s l r
A comnincaton was read from W. Jab H. Creagh, senior member of the uith a fender.4 Mr. Knigt said dishes, 19 glass tumblers, 36 oval dis
SiA/boit in regard to the Ved condi- firm of Creagh, Gudiecht & Co., has "The Tampa Timeo2 glaas spoon holders, 3 crean i
i pitchers, 10 glaos sauce dishes. 5 yellow +
Udn of the street east of the 'Spanish been ok oCu for som. e weeks buying us to run the business of the street pie plates, 2 large dishes, 1 EB ton bean I It I-
pe dnext week. This firm reports, business entea iet, 1 lagae kttble, 1 granite .

peal. ad. gr i d tevances. e ^ t th o^ l"vteaching the company hoit to !ay per- + Colafo d ,"
Mr. .Holes as chalr'tiian of the ire Improvge a r o orkng manet track in the streets r.u n o1 i pan, 2 casting spoons, 4 basting sPO0 oroS ,tT ie t
: committee reported favorably on the allorn & C., are working 1 are to be graded, and now proposes to (tin), 2 soup ladles, 2 skim dippers, 2 R M
S~"~~~~Im toe a en and report a material improvement give them Information, concerning the skim spoons, 1 butcher saw, 1 cleaver, 2
pe-tiinofI. N W t ect n b d h pa weern o ptecting them sen fromstold to satisfy judgmes ent and all costs o 0
bu.ldingewoithen fire aotpsand stof ee The EI Arte C Co., are working a the occurrence of accidents. The un-mn said suit.
S the n atl tomp t full force withhold e orders fairly good. fortunate accident could not possibly T. K. SPENCER.

fotuat onc-ident intereld not pos sibly T b ""
. platform at r. C. &-P. railroad. Re- Juan TLo pe. has all the workmen no beve been avoIded by the company. p P 0. KNIGHT, Sheriff.

on h^dbw located at foot of Jackson The Cuesta Cigar Company, reports cities in his life, and he didn't know SHERIFFS SALE s u Jo I

tsw h de olccantf wor. Mr. A. Cuesta, the senior says that all cities except Tampa en- Under and by Itue o a certain oe 17 202 Franklin Str .
member of the firm will return to-dy force the use of fender by stt car setnihot of th e Crut- 4. h T m
I weldd be In vwessn of the build- from Havana, where he purchaSed a companies. &taEte of Florida, for Hilaborough We -Mo-re RlaTIk
l be In aa o t stock of tobacco. "It is a doubtful question as to County, In a certain cause wherein a
J. C. Wazsbofer & Co, are unning a whether a fender Is any protection FrankHelmers andFrank Ballmanco- # 4

Direm the las aaioet t of street grac- riuilng o ull -anded with plenty hf not consider the question of using them addition to Est Ybor; alto an until- 10

- -The tolowin factories gave the --It sl ridiculous for the Times to p- twoi rangoeeto e fo lintou.s Opan e n Or. apymay
= WV %'remltt 'eerr-t the si umber of cars malrec- pose that the city, or it Io intted "property of the said o rIO nAAe t h odr en.. .. ad h
1b&* Wa*"s being erected on MU aret an the nzber shpped Bl11ad 16me n, o o and wi ll be mid to satisfy suo exel -,

treib to le If not sold by I sfrsett net klmanna wIn od te-T IL S1untd"ftdg ". t U t TAILOprie NG GOt.pww "F.Mal3?i
*otwo u been goodillopo henee : . t athan the street railroad company, bee- tOnd. Ti K. SPE nCl s ae I

c e o5Made. Shipped. cas n I f i Aples d ri m es. b
Pa &. Bo ares. ..c U" t hBe Lseon ralrloadrcocrapnyis By Linre srup c ti
W o!~de Ay BA 143o400-i 146,90 T.am. OutLar. g..O, .ge 4 bnsn SP0.....
os tl of t i Go Patt Cy i o t n & T a m p a T im es. A tto me y fo r F I Io1t ff o f
e ,W i g was to ruin for Tbo Mar-lr Co......2,o 10,000 "We propom to do everything can bet ode d f
ao" at .fPaint. GlNUree tA 00- C -o. 40 0 M 40.000 'to, lAt -se dangersw,NOTICE sneIfr o O1 'fAC#30E1r.
......p h 3 Buatli,, Brog l.... ia 6000 100.00b.el.eraiordirecetly, Intereeted and t eutt.ba Jidc i y not night Of Lonie ,"fle

1W*neh .6 th Se l on n ,..w- N^ - -- C.o. 0.0. 40.8 the reporter departed. ',ld tait ba baes oomsmassi nss i t voa.al v is
4 rns c stad for.. ... 36..00 (.00.00 H900 E -tacuE. ihsishii shaald prt .
-AS 'e5 aetd5 Ae .... Mitchell Curtain, Planfleld, It., e mT.5 do5 ny, O the fn M dy, the ... "
.% Jt 79,0 00. 5 A. . .. .. . mso ne the 5t ate ie t n d tha she u ght suat ekigd .. I'hd oy is e e- sbe o n* 1
--l "si' by- 425,, 4 25,.429eE. Mnwr.t ot.,.above Pe.Toa.,5aag,
..wa.so trae for a month by her aC t ,
*a*m uiieeto d af an eovvry oaree all Kidney and ae Blde r seher was.. Co.hope less victm.f.con-..... s w Z, A lTIy. o.
..t.. an d that no medicine si d Oc.f,.S. d v or to saiI

-I' --=---'-- -o.... "..* a....gn Brao.. --- h.... OLn or0 art ,Managerm
00,ie s4o te o ^teK a B e i, bt on e gt a bottle andto her de- Six months anter the date hereof, I Salary or OnIn ow on
wa I.^1 m I t. r tO'"i 'w m_ Re-gisa "-bladde light found hersef benefitted from nrec will present to the County-Judge ot.
a n. s tl t repar- Yu d l S will he snt by ml o tri .. t f nd... elf. n account and s vouncyohefrs as executrix oy
same wein of James K. Van Bibber, do ) 18I t aeiatK
IWO s of . O s a bol Itw n well now does her o heuseworlt teased, and wil make my fnal settle- dill-omx c s Woas trmat f aehds
to, drftt on c ove mentio a Kdned. r W Hl and is as wellh as a ihp e ve r as v i re o et s... sh e...ntrix, Dated thls
ta v t sB Sole Manufacturer Plan.t B.. .ro A&tog rey xec pb
P.u 0. WacoTeX 5. Large bottles 00 cents aand 81.00. no ...IM
dby S. B, Leonrdi & Co., Tampa foraJ --"s-'s-* -f _____-__- __-_- ___- ___

a ble t o h Kedney* and W ashiniton, s D. C.. Oct. 6.--The W ar Ci S x o t s af a d a te .. ... A
Bo 11 to e look -r n e a n tohy that n has And wmn R l bladd

troubSls t ths c hl dren, If no to, 7 dn3, 1S.-- ct reat sad tse ad H bo Cu aFo a fin a -
A toruLieutenant Coil. John be sent ba c a v aseecus thri aoy
$ cold. esakiny tha my found. here son te tre bl rs v'a n..noadede- rAag from3,J,:L5 .'I- o.,a.=a u

sPe 0s Box wM enx
S Bold by S. B Jeai & .-.' rAw k. aCo. Tampai, 17"OsOti-e n
eitrset t omea thea array. .

h oI' s lid I lis g

B., .

N^ B ss Handle for the Unitd

07 ezn spe1to1rati a strong
Cam Agaltmt IVa..

I Tmtway' Dafr.t
.WIlim *J. DrliooH, tbe well known
tlerk*_l51Ilw in jail in
entrusted to

4 at Port Tampa by Poetoffce In-
3 'eots-Jaespb X. omaen, and H. D.
11 to qirafgped himn before United
taBR ,mniwoe,, 6r. L. Crne, of

a eTM paiidinay ezamilnation was an-
a a faa 1 tae ii deO eter but
ae- ch ieage to P.m.. to anlw"
'tbpWlpreimW time to eoguoy' an attorney,
Zand p emp ftwaw. At the Un. L
e k te theo beinig, Col a np -

.-f %"is an guamrt IL89L AfterP
4444M attais be Wal to secr a
pIOmdam. and was remanded to Jail
aala thaectlomE th* United atem
w whetb meets the rot monday
tKWp a rm is betwetfn Jackwonwlie
SedPort Tama, sad hms lbe bandl"ng
ao nl thoe mc6nd clow Malu matter. in-
laiag boswe pe,*anad and news-
bs. TebSt sinst him. as
ftih ta i inklotis offbe yester-
eaed as tellows: '"That W. J. Uris-
eda ad eerete, embemade, and apro-
to a owna e a padi e which
l ien iatred to him. and intended
Stb* e eyed In the mall ty W. J.
ft Zls i being employed as a railway
i poe lekrf of ke Unaited States post-
Wcome dSSSrtlDnt between jacknonvtlle
IVQA JTkSpo 9Wd package wan
edto Oarry Reed of Punta
Ia and contained a four-laded
igrla silver pocket knitfe."
IJeph Rosen, the oftofice In-
ior, who caused the arrest fled the
agpWn afedavit before leaving for
-ile "I know that a marked
W4o eyekage was placed in mail by
U AW*, -Poetafce tneptotcsu
Sthrough on mai car tron Jack-
Sli t Port Tampa on Oct 3D0. Went
to posl a-nt OaBaflonville

5mo11 nniOKeg a silver handled
He answered no% I then told*
Swanedto search him, and at once
d to do ma In is right hand
poebet I fuof the knttet I asked
-3ow It got there, and be said "It
hat- AX al him tb tie had
-Ow the wrapper, and be answered:
It lg Wttheotitbox or
if| ending to reglter ana turn
iL' I,know this to be the knife
oWsbamoedmanhe 4 bqu at Jackan-
Moal. qioye w
In*ltwaa tos paflee a. -
4gsmd to Sarep HeW d Putta Gorda."
May. also Mied a atatementi
In addItion corrobatin the
tate4 that he had played the
in the car In which Driacoti
4 toramOfkhenwA sad had seen the

J^ tat ar chased

eaed with tob-
'2 mili Ihe s to have Ilt*-

-. bya*irbOae au
setosa ehagleiud quite
991Sof ev~t 1 f MIA
-ot gnlW to tAm
iftther knito
ts all artlelee that had
of the nakaga. and he
untU tbe esehed Port
i r-ltro *afl turniog

-"Men g tNMW tsu tor
Mtha the pgrkAge was'tled 50
y with twiuP wa0 rofthbe tsbanes
w- ae-xt te mpOmdihl tor it to
Ma the package tunlep broken
Cll meldes a Jacoevrille where
Sf.e .,4 two cladren. Re,.
|4n't" highly cnnKected in,
dmhitsw irao n In 1it1 be
elsd eriatendent or af ls
IAgadeBMtl poetofie, and held
ttkoV -W the change of ad-
juon. He held the position of
l-Ieuteploot in the Palmetto
r nAaaietoen, H C., and Captain
1402wa~ivife mLsiht Infantry,
"V*tiit battalIon. About

Sth e conwany.
oftlk of having the came
ttatd awp eI

sa,^ '**< .. .. ^

of DssOM sta that the only candi- L M-.HO aln agedUiea the Bhe o- P is-and t- e -- ... .. -.... .tee Mr. and %di.. W. ..
4t9 the pV tB o r fte had to rec- widowed ster Dr. A. lood P Ivited over,-oand the"so r loc.otalm aly.dbee Mr. and P
o was "thaRev. j. B. Moa died at iM yesterday afternoon afi areipreparing to makeIt a notse rally. enin Bost i
ad hi was the only namnaSed in a moo l llnese. For the past ten Thee who never had Blood P Lre preparation are being made weeks reachewme
nomination. The vote by allot was years she has bet lyvlng wtih her sme an not know what a desperate oo-0 0 y the strawberry rsowtlvers, and plants lC.re.A hi a t f a i
almost moanmomu and the new pastor brother where the death occurred. edition it can produce. This terrible TrisectonIstaerlenclasup thepns eed, Mad I, l
In ae he acepts the call will have The d4"esd ,sepo ed a most ov- disease which the doctors we tota met to the rainy seaeieon ancd showers ule t are iwe ovr tht

an absence of several mot ia inthe aldIthe poor and needU wall loe a kind -hrs M E ml !f to anono a wrhib are abundant on Usa
aoth muete& cit i robe, At thU e no able di h o Ition T ae gleait t er P unle to cure, is i f h ave been frequent and heavy of l &Iate ughterat the ho -

that hee lt h e asentseneed fator The funereall services wi one generation to another, inflicting to Bt. etersb a vrg t of sev readyay for ev. T a . th ee
tdag thatest styles stand dt the held ad respondlock this a, f taint upon eountle innocent one the earlyvisitors, whom the late cold & lmewting of the floth l
t g the ohe yls and wd ve snffring u eo ty. S he ws fa th- sne ye rs w tesealed w th poison snaps is toxpected of the lde thwne s teryt iae inth two o
d te nser next day g, f ul an d d evoted member of the y treated meal cotts e n oube of con- hom nd conwithducted erle
dost l lpcopaC :'hur..h. ii cr d taint. The little one was Re'v. R-mynelfI and family of Chicago, for MamIt I-e will be any

Se enIn I Q unequ tote struggle.hvel t i tructio n to a tet the gtowig deman on S d -8 a
SCurtis h returned home after the commute, th hurh, and most of ad it ife yielded ae arrive S Peturg cas store has i i fove r Sanis
an absence of severalmout h& Inthe althe poor and need7 will lose a kin d0to the fearolpoison. a I a v h, Mrs. Rednits cMother. which re abu ndat' on grd.y isi*;

oIr csi n sac im s on Of the many blood me Rv, Jh D an w TH at ey of haples sesn
Nsomrt. e e pet time friend, a good neighbor, and a faithful thed unoly omisey. Ich ca reach deep From Time-nion andten mother and sisters a
the large cents, benefactor The funerl serviceswilleated, vilcefro head ses. It ever fails to The wat. Leor a visit of several d Rev eranreturned t
stur the latest styles and dsgnr be held at 1 o'clocSk this morning at the Soos, and no la sIat t friends. me br ngakch entetaShe db a

sudin thelatesit styl of the s aidea. from Plant 6xsy yesterday and in- here from Phl The ox> a dance in 'onor of hear
home of Dr. Phillips, on Florida avenue. e rn hoe merits a. Sroe made of the Clyde line is tery, aving been or
will b e by sacrS. S SI had the bes .. around olting shipments of oranges of the gosp el at ths meeta,
'K The se's ervicewill be conductedebye.Rev. y ears- for h's omhiny. Ke Poage. Insterment in 'oodlawn ceme- s pyltretetfor his coany. Kewinof n o
tery. i'untral director,- Nt l.oven- sivelYetreat Te me. butso Seeveralicottagc.sar in courseufcon- home, and conducted erie

nhood! W -.h.at. ta ,,v-n o rflior fr at-'dvised by friends who had sennwonderfulreha
M0,0 St...... by it.. to le cii.- To i. Peterslhurg cash store has ing rlatives in Orlano for
f- ph-s .f 1-z- ,. r got two bc'tles.oand I Ceitl..opaga tnirevrve -nI eroarged its capacity 'by adding -re.Ius honm lsaturdsFr
s t P i. 0cmy breast-honee for healthand happiness "Str "
hidden d an hate been distributed by the neanua-e aeain. I improved from the start. and a coim- anther storeroom to the two already tt Belle Hancock of 710K
What a time for' tubers. What. t proof of 4b r hiete and perfect cure w hcth reaches d oS.oS. au-theguest of her slates-

maki epiles tim.. S. B. I Of the many blood remedies, S. S. S.T.IL +hney of Kples VftlKet*
ci) am seated, violent cases. It never fails to The S. S. LIona dCOMpany, which last week.
reglaidi. u'e i peure perfectly and permanently the has 'he contract Cor patin several On Thursday eventingh
tameis develo, rmost desperate cases which are beyond
twh Uh- baiw wi Congman Sparkman, ret oed the reach of othermedies. heo
meiofB o dfuid's fisrr-ed the Tribone that the hctblaIe -meaft are made by 'ahooner, and l- dW. -

A "th t abig cewd was anticipated. MoA r r f to' 4no tans. T .etokh 1nl A "il .dat ]reINhA NA -

the Al.. erW. Hotel yseter- POW f i ja& n in.

- , ..


'I si i re. o sia ,m =. mm. w='m Te ET W... .-.

To IncaMt Ca Sus toi be leipt. Siana i11l la the La go H*- CaUM Cuklmthtt itd the D l Usse of Paine's Celery Oompon in the
V Ato h tal the ol iti States. DelOgs b al Packbsm. adelphia W C .. (


Over the Health Conditions and Seem Hni Native Land and Comes to Aimer- What People Are Thinking About ina lo
Very AnL oue to eatur to the ica to Wed a Pair Daughter of Tampa-Town Talk Taken Prom
nAfted tatee-Sampson's Georgia-New Prench Cab- Sundry Souroe Personlal
Ship in Harbor. inet Completed. Pointers And Ite s.

Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. 'From Wednesday's Daily.
Havana Cubs., Oct. -General Paris, October 31.-The American George R ikale who toIs traveling
himseBlano leaves Havana thov. 20. e Peace commissioners have presented thront FPlorida towns In the Interest
meant io correct,- but from a s& rtee or Spain with a written demand to take ofat D. Davis, the merchant tailor,
undoubted authenticity that he is ad- possession of the entire group of the sPent Sunday and Monday with his
verse to witnessing the closing scenes Philiplne islands and to assume suchfamily here.
proportions of the public debt on the iily here.
of evacuation, and will go to Spain be- island as has been spent for the benefit -
fore any posidbl entry of the American of the islands or their Inhabitants in The kidneys are emal. but important
.a-. public works, improvements and per- organs. They need help occasionally.
ITe .i thtat January I will the the manent betterments. Prily As Bitters I a successful K-d-
It was also set forth In the demand. P rdek and systeregulao d
dte aweatausil set for evacuation I that the United States would not as- ay onc and syaem reg ulator. od -*
shaeaftheSe tby conversations beld some any part of the Philippine debt by 9. B. Leonardi & Co.
4fth harbeMo9f both commissions to- which ad been incurred by Spain cor r W itc
anish ay t i a p cal the furtherance of any mitary opert- When you call for DeWitt' Witch
i .et g trs ot thesa tions to quell Insurrections among the HLsel Salve the great pile cure, don't
bQt hI all prmobblifty this will be After a brief discussion and ome accept anything else. Dont be talked
*e&ed Ot asa the date of the recog- querles answered about ever points talked into accepting a substitute. for
miton Ofe m4can sovereigntyand the In the demand, the sealon adjourned plies, for sores for burn S. B. Ion-
until Priday In order to give Spanish ardl & Co.
theoretical ate of evacuaton. Main- oommisalonere ample time to prepare
parish troops may then remain, but their reply. The steamer Mistletoe came in about
the Lag will be hosted that day. ER 8 o'clock last night from (Manatee with
S America commision was en- DUPUYIsI.E- a carload of oranges that were loaded
aged jy terday In drafting a note em- Special to the Tribune. on to an F. C. & P. ear and shipped to
bodying the agreement regarding heavy Paris Oct. 31.-The new rench cabl- the North.
uns and some minor etals arrived at net was completed to-day, M. Depy,
pruremer. The other members are as A stubborn oough or tlckltng in the
during the joint seon. This was follow throat yielded to One Minutue Cough
"aImntted to the Spanish Commission Lebrat, minister of justice; Defrey- Cure. Harmless In effect, touches the ...
Monday. cinet. minister of war; Iackrea7, min- right spot, reliable and Just what is .
A strong rumor about Mr. Haml'later of maine; Delcame, minister Of wanted. It acts at once. S B. jeon- --A
purchase of brone cannon, that the finance; Leygus, minister of commerce;
Americans aeed to the sale of these Gullian, minister of the colonies; Viger. Miss Curtis has j ut returned from -
if the proceeds would be devoted to mu- minister af agriculture; Krants, min- the North, and is prepared to resume
nicipal purposes in Havana is denied lter of public works. her dressmaking business at very reas-
by both coainusiloners. MABEL MARRIED A LORD. unable terms. All the latest modes.
Spanish officials express regret at Gold building, room No. 8.
Colonel Waring's death coming so dra- icial to the Tribune. ff.
matically after his inquiry into san- Miss avabelh, Oct.ordon, d.-T he maer of G You invite disappointment when you
tatlon. eral Gordon of this city and Rowland experiment. DeWitt's Little Early
Reports from Matansaa say that Leigh, son of Lord Leigh of Hngland, Risers are pleasant, easy, thorough lit-
notwithstanding the landing of the took place here to-day, in the presence tle pills. They cure copstlpatlon ana The magnificent building at the cor- women run down Intheaclth y owerl
of many distinguished guests. The
Santiago'a and Comal's cargoes, there rilde was presented by her father in sick headache just as sure as you take ner of Elghteenth and Arch streets, or what is worseoverworry0 havel
is a great lack of food. The relief full uniforms. The very Reverend them. S. B. Leonardi & Co. Philadelphia, is a monument that tells restored to perfect health t1y ,
supplies scarcely touched the fringe of James Leigh, Dean of Hartford, offi- what a great charity is the Woman's celery coinpound, that I reaeort A
the suffering. coated. The groom's mother is a sit- Sour stomach, fullness after eating, Christian Association of the Quaker Philadelphia home iha been d"pil
The Scorpion is flying Admiral Samp- -ter o the duke of Westmnister. flatulence are iLl caused by ittperfect City in every large city ine the Unton. 0
son's flag in the harbor, and thus holds LARGEST IN THE COUNTRY. rects this disorder at once, drives out The superintendent of the W. C. 'A. ul testimonials of this character i
eea rank, though detailed to shore duty. badly digested food and tones the home is the accomplished woman whose been published time and aga a il-I
Senor Aloneo, who is reported to have Special to the Tribune. stomach, liver and bowels. For sale portrait sl printed here, Miss Kather- column and .it I a fact that no <
sent a petition to the Paris commission ngton, D. C., Oct. 31.-The ar by S. B. Leonard & Co. ine Kennedy. What he has done, and remedy has ever received a r
praying for annexation, is believed to of letters during the past few days. Members of the Methodist Episcopal what she is doing for the benefit of of the hearty bleasinga that the a
be connected with the firm of Alonzo, asking for bids for the construction of a church, residing in Tampa, who have other women commands the highest agers of publIc institutions have
Jaesa .& Ca. government hospital at Savannah, GIL.
C suffilent to accommodate one thousand not connected themselves with any repet and admiration, accorded to Paone's celer y
Ca taln Broks and Lieutenantt Col- patients. This, It is claimed, will be other denomination, are requested to In all other Institutions of this kind The widespread-vAg.a Paltnd'e
eael Ramos. Spant h and American the largest hospital in the United Sta- communicate with Charles Ladd, at more attention is given every year to compou4, in thee late- ient.
sub-commissioners to make a schedule tes the office of the Southern Express Co., teaching the laws of health and right ful homes, and amo.n tha
of military property, commence wor ACCIDfENT AT SEFFNER Lafayette street, Tampa. UVing, physically as well as morally. tbouhtftul portion ofa elry
in the morning at Santa Clara battery. The health of communities is more and ManoIty, I hats grown up by jest Wbis
The American commission served for- Thomas L. Jordan Loses Le Left Hand A big crowd accompanied the Odd more frequently a subject of attention of personal guarantee, by
mal notice on the Spanish that the work by the Discharge of His Gun. Fellows' moonlight excursion last nigot from clergymen and teachers. An all- mouth, from persons made stKro
on the pier at Marianao for landing Special to the rbune. n the beautiful steamer Terra Cela lng, nervous man or woman fnda it wel to others exacy.
troops will be commenced Tuesday. Seffner, Oct. 31.-Thomas L. Jordan. T e famous first Regiment hand, Prof. more difficult to be hopeful and cheer- of invigoration ad toeela up
Materials are hurried forward to the highly respected citizen residing at Hallowell leader, accompanied ulthn a well one. Panes celery compound
th". Dover, a few miles from here, met w-Rth crowd and furnished the music. Pr-
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The congregation of the Baptist Snavely of this city and Roberts of Othese excellent ladies in iT mpa, they S I
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pups of ca ling apmane pastor. t DBAT OAi. tU will sp"eek here on the night Gill hf Wawe rev H 1
Mr. Sharp, a member of the Board Prom Wednesday'e Daily eovmrT ,-.,, -e Young.. taoss t den s .. h......-

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