Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: October 13, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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flAI .EEKLY TRI"t)NE.( .
E- 3-Ess 'ON



W ei s are IAulag Thkeir Ang the Treablesome ad Treacher. ippraedafd and Cheered by Young Fifty liners Killed uml lany lore

i oentali I loans ia lhn s. I Democrcy Last Ili.o. Serieny Wonded.


City Infeteod the s adeby Xrs George. ur- Were the Xagui cent Orations of Gov. Tanner Orden Troops to Quell
.ish chase a Bevolv r Turman and McoKllen-A Rons- the Rioters.-WomesaadXausI eis
i he aidal, cw there WXl be mg Xesting and Great Good Fleeing fr Their Livwe-Great
a h W rding or Tunenal." Wh Accomplished. Ezitenent Previls.

Canton. 0.. Oct. iL- b ston max- *Tb6 Tomat an'sa Democratic club Special to the Tribune.
"no.B.-o .. :.r 1 4tm reglar section llst night. A Virden. IlL, t. IL-The most. errl i
.emo' Idr ts are afoet TI A i *asm on r 8ow I o'clock president labor battle in the history of this State
tknh pros ut 6n on In te case out W &,Gr led t g I eete g, to oecurrw l her -4ay. For the pad"
.ke. "Por.t S. .well chosen wordR twent-four t ours trouble has been
#As" oaI --rt e pTt T uirman as the rt feared, and the greatest excitement.
3S "i tirey sad stated to s f 1e Wer on the program. Hg began has prevailed all last night and to-oay.
SIN* 0dt to l steto hW I ll.-- t M trihedhig tU o atnmbers of the club In Ever here the mi erst could be seen
S-p Lt. M is etectft lothas'n of the speasrs of arming themselves to restate the landing
Sotorwt fe =o htae a. o e, The Demo- of neo laborers s at. ,wcre bDeti-g
3 t5 O tise* ihtO h atd the J nt- aqt to-ay is the bulwark bpr ought fronid be South to replace theb
r- w t dr tw i ta-' ro &t 1 a s brtlus whtWc protectss our people to the aile:
-I ofatl ow t aad1 o 1M AaWmen g t te ds gd o er m te nsea.ss sA t h2 this atltrooon, the tritabear*-
l ate U S4S a e t ft th tOmaf e wO y a protest cnmon trranar of tuste ba nadredn od f re O Inbrotersop,a tuped
Sa atmyOr of the tty received t tal th D i im n opoay Therefore fInto the depot Th iwaes. the gwsial
6- 6l M dted at. a %lugbida. lch.,Qs tene- w smocmS, we mus1t argalln* for the begthoing of hostlities. %n,
i nmeio.'. t w s sme- yh. o. t and t organize carefully. I wtsb right the battle became desDerate t etweso
." o wl ItW" Z.. d Aweren to congratuate this club of thesotrilng msaaers and the long line of
AwPREW mDENT AT OMAIA. youeg men of Tampa for the geMt deputies under the command of sheriz
good it has done In the past, and what Davenport. Fully a thoUa nd shots
i. eaIn- AB -Cmntinnuesd Ovato i During the L- It eaable of doing In the future were fired and amid the smoke of battle.
Yr -e Trips. The speaker made a strong plea for the shouts of ie wounded and the crtes
Slst *r. to the Tribune. Democrats to rise in their might and oZ women and children was appallng.
Omasba, ebt, Oct. 1.-Pres ent ac- rid the country of such men as lera n1 the great rush and excitement, it is
Pont and h sa wde"r tord Hanna, who has done more to crrupt difficult to tell the number of dead, but
I M ta lp*a won le ip the party it was the ballot than any other man. He has a cAnservative estimate, places the
n W B. flP t doeal6 d that the trip troa bee 'thICs city wa none otontissou ovation. has flled the head of the present an- deltles, besides scores et wounded.
~A~wnt tc to gre t trPainicrowedigth Bministratlon with corruption. tt de- Governor Tanner who arrived on tae
tw.e It s estimated here to-day cleared that "the conditions elf our coun- sene to-day, has ordered two regiments
-. .. Bea othe ldents reSce at the try demand a chags e of government- to be sent here with all possible hoate
Id s e i tion will draw te-b. ars strow War h-asbrought new condition. Ine They will arrive to-night. Sots are
Bie h l Lpa Mttster able" da Oexed tor the party to make their masses the common people, demand heard in different directions, and the
appearsae at the big show. The indl- that the Democratic party anhume con- fighting still continues. The town is
JhUsBpr nWoau mto- stnearetht" thed ovation to therol of our government. 1 wish to tAe terror stricken. M3en are searching
-" i. neot, e President will sop te a anything of re tlhis opportunity to urge the -?aoc cats everywere for arms and a.muniton.
*oahmee wr.LWadsoveraseen. Bee
hN giiJ" .i4sommg- zwor y a m ve of Tamp a and HUlsborugn roum't y to Women and children are running to
Ie'. -- DIAN ROUm, E, do theIr utmost to rally our voters on their homes, and barricading the doors
ers ntwr easer sau one The edukina H Malng It LIIS. election day. Many of the women, wives of the deaaS
.The for the Trkop. The next speaker on the program was miners are frantic with grief, and wil
S dasws are reported Hon. C. L. Wilder, of Plant City. krese- with anger. They refuse to go to their
C_ e tee IPria9, Dr. Puraell 6eial to the Tritane. dent Graham. la introducing. declared homes or leave the scene of strife.
i.pa0 rfeyn e ankatfton to Me W m' a B 1 that he was one o Lbe best calens and Mayor Hall has sent messages to
eiWe smT soiw esph. dies asre shal" to the seemed of ite staunchest Democrats of Hillsouotign Girard for nurses and doctors. Gov-
m a ew f r-' p u and em towUtte, and the atusotteB coStdano to County. ersnor Tanner has wired to mine owners
grow more si.ous and counhcated Mr. Wilder expressed his appre, forbidding them to unload any Imported
The iat ciee ae getting elation of the honor conferred labors. He says the mine owners are
eseemn te"ntie ed aoemrs tired of waltbiig o long fr the arrival on him, and the great interest responsible for the carnage and blood-
gc at troops, sa sare arming themselves. that was being manifested In his elec- abed, and they will be Indicied for
and tb n sadste the seam t tion. He made a very good talk, and murder.
A T wA GUe warK As tes.tinearmst&e ad organtlon was warmly applauded &L the close. peal tras are now hurrying trorh
T A I5_. atlUAptay seura,,thetheow5arlor a opensmns are0BooweralosrngBAthrg
gArrt dad ter hose prot .o The retmial M Joel McMullen, canfildate for tax Springfleld and Chicago with State
WON GAIk eAbIa d res of the hleftsto gartlefooe in the 001t coi-setor was next introduced, to nantroop. They will arrive to-nigbt.
.- t .a ani h n is atth a detachment s lg him as the next apeakr. Presitnt -
i gi . and te. solders and setters Graham stated that the only complaint A NEW WAREHOUSE.
i10su4,)'i.yi.041 L ngaa are i an smthreat at any the county had to mate anaotse -coin. ,L S. Gddens & Co.. Mammoth New
WkA Brt5 .' Was ihat he always trn-d into Me Structure.
oWeisoAnd Asomat an osder to Chicago to have
g .: th 4.toftte pits < tthe Fw infantry atort Sheridan, ws enUitied to. Mr. lIcMullen was The large new storage and warehouse
e. Xjrgmrth l Inoa la d a thA evwemntueth at CotumBbus bar- loudly applauded, when h- arose to b hiding that Is just being completed
I Ii e is wau ei9 r a ready for imodate action in address the audience. His pieaaant at the corner ohf Washlatton and hater
CMg ge- '. oe,'- C ti ar fre n dedw ha eA "fteen minute speech was ofui of ood streets by the well known flrm of L S.
.a. ..t.h... -aa e-"on-. OI CR:- ColJWER MArDED. points and was well received by those Giddens & Co.. ai certainly a credit to
AV1'h teal .ane as'4Joa.n preaent.L e reviewed the history or Tampa. It sla the largest and most
de an with tw om- en.Lee*' Aamy Cos Wil Netot Em-- th Democratic party frr.-t he lanMe iEn convenient storage house along th

shcaamm 3o eI and Teb Tribune *was reliably informed tLhe epublican party, and drew esoue angton of this city, has done a work
S anat. IN la'S gI t s that orders authorslintg len comparisons that opened the eyes of a the construction of the building that
A CW strucwtihe e ievAet&h Ars-my corpe to embaS lrhis hearers. In closing he declared ought to make him a reputation. The
Si tX egaa~. otis tO .o fAamvannah for Cuba had been hat "The white race is going to ruln main part of the building is one hund-
,. T Atermsded. is, tZ Iie Ale.t.d- t ate of Floda, arsf when it cant. red feet ilog b fifty feet wide, etwp
kA went too i s a 5s' awhlS e. d w ith a ae yet ilole to a ig wdill eont. stories, the frst one being fourteen feit
.was s g th who state where this ary woI sal from, CL. J. Anderson. M. H. Cohen. and high and the second one twelve, Extra
4pi ea m l d CorMtt and stll Of ddnoxstra the fact that our Cot D. H. Tancey reenectfudly declined hasy timbers were used in the con-
K^ ^'O b4It. As CedtWlateg coammlce was not asleep Invitations to speak. Mr Jeotffo was etruction, and they are fastened to-
M slM eoai n 1d IS thUxlr. whtle It wes at the capital last wee. called on, and gave a ten minutes talk. gettr with heavy iron rods that malet
4Bp tasMf on Ommltlag deoretary Alger andt Prest- President Graham before adjourning i doubly secure. In addition to the
H -Qtf5 a Dn Up- -n Moey, shbowing to those gen- me meeting announce that i-n ex main building is a shed one hundred
|lo b., l e r thenen with tects and figures the su- Wednesday night another high rally feet long and twelve feet wide, extend-
sas s tperlor advantages this city posessed in ould take place on the court housee hs along the entire north side. A
Slj 1 tlll a the wy M shippIng faclIiles and as aquare. and would be addressed by aole large whenart platform, fifty feet by two
H i p .ry afIrebt as Ideal n ilas~d tim 5aB Wi shall see what we will see in a lon the meeting adjournrd. This is for loading and unloading into
stl^ t (e- teday' veselv.-' lbS froht platform is built

s. The TYen SY n ar- Democratic Club Selma. Ala.. Oct. 128 he.w Catntl t aiie eOi'Thib is a great coeven-
will. a lte ating p Board of Health la- endeavoring 10 lence and a big improvement over the
l *gg ,iS tT-q4 4 IB the aeW ad eosunoditus quarters in caeck the spread of amall-pox in the old style of buildingr the doors right in
Ispa^ Tuopuy gee new Snande burting. In an inter- southern end of the county. There the center of the buIldIng.
B||pgBpBm.tsew withJ4 6sa whg o la Dreet- are now between fifteen and twenty In the northwest corner of the build-
.bhv d 10 t club, he stated that he w- cases Compulsory vacc -ton haa Ing on the first floor, the offices are lo-

Sw e the -merm shi p hbe neen resorted to, and a p- -house s9 cated. They are large,alry and well
C, well si epreslatet d at his t neing. He beihe established in the i. ted dis- arrtaed Between the two large doors
W5i i'r'li W'"ed It t thoroughly, uadetood trte In the front of the' building, Is the ele-
t I v~iLts ot both dies -and gentlemen t TIm town of Yorlk el ty r.llee west wator, which Is very conveniently lo-
Spofglttcal partie would be wel- of Semha. has established a :zpid yellow cated.
iL- fever quarantine. Trains E-r perumt- The firm of I. 8. Giddena & Co., is
.'-The --*n-trn speakers who will ad- ted to stop only for orders, no passen- known all over tbeaouth. It is among
"I Tt. 4 ifd r thIs meeting are as follows: gers are permitted to get off, and traiu- the oldest wholesale housesin the State,
"drt oeien TItrman, Hon. C. L. Wilder, men are warned not to.stop off the right and their reputation is without a spot
C.adAfate for the keglalture, and M. of way. Armed gaards patrol the or blemish. The firm is composed of
S Joel MaKslea, canRmdae for tax col- railroad tracks and public roads day Mesrs. L S. Giddens, Frank Bentley,
-G.t.g" lector. The new ha ais large, well and night, and L. L. Buchanan. all business men
vetilated and well Ughted, and seam N o undoAted abl and integrity. They
-wal be provided. LEAR TO SAY "S9M" when a dealer already have ewo large storage houses
offers you something -just as good" In along the wharf, besides an Immense
WflAT JOTPUL PBEBLINGQ place of Hood's Sarsaparilla. There building at the Port, and with the addl-
b,' can be no substitute for America's ton of this new one, they will not have
Wh the n m.Hs esv g nae of renewed Greatest Medicine. any too much room to handle their
h nde a strenth and fnaernal icklarge and rapIdly Inereasing business
a ; h moOws e e of yrup of IOYS PIL cure nausea, sock
A sMw10 to the ife wwho itasnot headache, biliousness and all liver ills. r broken asuraces. sores, insect
Sp 3Se sse byond tha In m e= Pdi Pce 25 cents. bites, borrs, skin diseases and espo
_le ike" ah lUy plaw Uthere is one eleatb remedy
Wbtmev5erulmOT feeb seretary AUigr wag undoubtedly sra- D eW lt Wch Haen Salve. When you
B~y th g- lle f care when he said he "was gra&ted to ca ia eWitt'a don't accept coster-
Sthe CalifO g Pg dad the men n the goetaJa .. s tst o rad l raudL ou wSt11 not hbedis
.... lts5 a o with *Wf WtehB Hams
0l sas. X 4* 442 IPM &Co.


Spats is EtilUed to lights la Cba u4 is Bh atrU Satt
TWill Preotdct. AeM it bySt


United State Alone Will Decide Now a ope the War is Os
t rtBo 4 R MA Cubas hall Be Amy and avy at C
Governed and Will Be Respon- rid eSGrty Comem
sible for All Transactions. Pa' e Ulgto

Special to the Tribune. Bpies l to be thMia
FePars Qober l .-The Paris commis- Maitd OP. --4gpa4M
sioMn. now in session, have I~een~ (ea thut war wt
41iged by the two belligerent govera- may I e r~emd. It I
ments with the work of conaslherlg Me WaisvfTery M ti elM
present condition of the mitmry ures-mtde MSatio at
of Cuba, the results of the war relative great deal et fatsmlp
to the preteslona c! ePach, the r hbear
nation of those pretensions whenever
they oalct and tlren tBhe t a -onvneri or* i
them into postirve right ando obUsr ,. . .
aow by a tuaty ofptI, To Ttousadat of PetYL
Tbhe-woel' divided iito twro parts, i
because the protocol Me divide t. Cub "
and pqrto ilco are separais-ad mae a Jpeckib eTatoea
been sepqrable, rom the Philippilne, mQgs#a, R ogC. 12.
iow the two former ha'l be governed Kinley and garty m'
when by treaty Spain has rellUqutald' at the ex'fM
her sovereignty and retired will te a wfe gt lv es Sa a .a
domestic question solely for the United o r o oa fta aM.-
ftates to decide. the owd w w so de~se
RIGHTS OF SPAIN. diLuafty ty p
Spalt will aatraslly wi and nave-.3o aAn i e mlile '
a moral right to insist that the treaty tat was tUtemd t 1i
-shall tpulate for the due protectJUoa GSada He eLuList
of SpanLards having realty and other navy, ad exprsied\
property 'n Cuba, which they cannot hopeful of *eae.
readily ell, whether or not wi g ta .
remain in Cuba. The treaties ceding NZAIRI G TM
Loulisans by France, Florida by Spain,
portions of Mexloo by Mexl-c and Alas- special t ttuTbua
ka by Rurela will afford precedents waah w s 01
The United States, and not the Cutrst, with 2 PlI0"s'dl"
will saoQkre all the rights to and will sin the ArvaOl' tt
be liable for the property in Cuba be- redtns dodWt lik
longing now to PFain. regular' anad they i
As to the Phi::Dinm", the problems General Baco, that 1
are far more serious, because the pro- urntder mO the tam
tocol has simply provi ld for the nto!- posed. This will pu a
Ing of the city, harbor and bay of da- hoattiU.ea
nUa by the United States, pending the r" AJ4 OUT O
concluaon of a treecy ua peace. Such .*T _
portions of the Philppines as the l'a- special to the Trttlba
ted States has net conquered and then TaUbassee, Oct. 1
held by military occupation were, and State troops have an
now of coursreare Spani.s. fuiatsvtle, ahd all
What ia on doot m Paris is a dlenitr coampanes will he eus
act by the Unit-+. States and Spain-urday, the 1t&B. he I
described as a treaty of peace, by which weHi, ht very tired i
the war will be closed, the cause and of their long trip. Th
subject of it (what was the cause and selves as being very
subject) abolished, and all previous home agatn.
complaints thrown Into oblivion. The
President, under Isl war power, can.- ROW -AT TARPOI
take, and has taken, posseesson of cer- The ews reached ba
tain panish islands and parts of tnem. s big Ftaca atTarpLon
but only the President and two-thirds two negroes named
of the Senate, acting jointly, can omm- Ale. RmelL. they
plete the American title, and only the ront of a seloon when
President and Congress can annex te, attej.cd to arrea .t
isands to the United States, and icor- pulled hW e rerrrad
porate them therein and govern them. the offer. Several
Such Is the work of the commission, changed, when Eieelli
and It is getting a lot of advice thefeon or with the pt of hi
from the Continent, Enrland ad hi down. Rause t
America. Ing at tNeil and aeS
DIAMOND ON TRIAL. nterferred. an reeoci
H-MNetll and Russell
Preliminary Before Judge Harrison wounded ad are lying
Yesterday-Contlnued Until Monday. oto condition.
Judge Harrison's court was the scene RIVM NO'
of a psrellminasy hearing yesterday In
the ease of Robert Mg vw. Robert
Diamond, on a nha om ilile Teserd

gaed at Port -Hapr,
ringed abnd in ma
aeem that he was m
short in his o ,
the charge against hm
t tel he angsT
gan at n o'cloal, cMr. MF o

Mugge, were placed in evidence, and it n11 to SWorthere -31514
was necessary to go over tem n detalL e
Sthe service of an eaert a.amntev t' let t
The ervkcee of an n e t mnte 3 omn ,V left PY6tst

were secured by the defendant in tes the UinSSa t L p
afternoon, and after spending about ana big "O tPsinbai
hour examlog them, he- declared hePiL
could do nothIng In the way of making
a clear steatementwithout a closer ex- l
amination. Thia would require two or o
three hours, and he woulI not have time
to touch them before Sunday.
Mr. WaJl then asked for, and was
granted a continuance of the case unatl
next XMonday morning. In the mesa
time the books will be thoroughly ex-
amined, and a statement rendered In ac-
cordance thereto. .Diamond was placed
under bond in the sum of .4,000, which
he promptly secured.
The most vigorous workers have
sllals of "tred feeling' now and then.
This feeling is caused by derangement
In the stomach, liver and bowels. A
few doses of Prickly Aah BItterm qlS-
ly oorrects this Bordra. aad mends. tae
blood tingling thr et% th Me ar ..
ing life and renewed energy thxrfuiopt
the system. Sod by SR B. Leonardi
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V. B. Mo
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,a am.w tOA regard o to Tr' a

and lefaabagup a at 'A 0
A &At A matnov' placs is bM ns; m t AU Sctiew s
,jrs.tify.tn ere'lts. 3: t.i not tm thiwnke -
fora isout Ot tnDt pplect ttir the Coonmul ta
Jb weedr jut b u rea e e4ded the to. I Ia jwI nosd B Hod's eeawlrBato be
the b eusue n* s hw ir wa tly I the beat brnglyhga- diI and thL
S proper d fur I le iu.ter.t- uf the alwayt rvetale ster t aing et.
Prto",waysbdb t" Irtak ing. 1M
cit to 60 a./ We dem it a dety to kaubsa bp drhirs d gae t bIeefit trom
c1- Riafts et s uch matters A De ws. io eso, b ve taken it or beitburnad
,- astomareh trobls. We alwaysaspeak hhly
o- upper to a lar. extt i. th i "tio of Hood's Sarxupartll" MLa J. B AT,
plai of the l numixull%. A grest many IDaytacr Florida.
Peopl la frad owain o Matbwr "- did not hab veay ppette end aould
Snmoat rlep at nihLt. bdega tto ltAskeood'a
local paWpr fore they act Thei bing mparatarjUand hter I had fnishbd two
.the r.w eop jiwpro au. refria frum bottle I wasver much better. InbMo
odi ril~twi: v mi o iur o remarks in takng to boUtla I have a ood apptlt
and sleep well." CM AJUR b
e- Ondding thui in LOs I matters ap. ar ey Weat, Florlda. BRemeamb
.5 smpcfro A,..bas.s ab .o Hood's Sa aparilla
sato nda Ianieop thart toi bife, uuTimbt- taat t bestiraasOTr mSoor Pwrr
I je oLrie lu W th e streets and Solde yall ctugetl.; slItoor t t
eadewhaLa aSo var this ot arde dtri. h te t. ls ss abn
meowark jo ttes*anitary colnditi od ad
gC0rt*lhr MM*ao f ourfity. 1be I IOCRATen (OOD YIONTInG
b pa ialt b themt t is puch a ns
T e ii AtdiS sor fit w feel ewatis eled
wtas so e w ill beolte to have I at All U politics l siogn of the time s
I@ p lint totbr e a ear of democratic
i sd Fa. gains aTll over i*t country. In tSbi
m : r 'i ftotbejee isaffesli( of unity within
-i p-rip. 3. Lr the o pollmlc r linoe that ma victory for' the
e h l ~uo ao of a 4ocrdr6j Ne er before to
' e"-achtmaville. tnh r tio St e rir thec htery of tolorY I w ntes d have the
.... ;'' *t^--'--' ^^ 0 I~ H~M- -ic lW srs beeno osex-
the po 'or Jacksonoille has been mi teu&r qa Us vita 4tese
W_,rl ead eolle or of erast revenDnou of Is eounatry. ppaeoo e are this.
_-r1m6t I-e-Mak i The prt.a1 b~h eld with a.reeafbesa tb&at will
,"slhbh"e f tbseof4o Is n eo. W. Wlo eventually pl tla-e pirty io excel-
I .. .. .. alt L aeuor fit f*lthegrt trt, treToe
ar .o. toridt proesttor if tbte Time- twy ar benes. ii oJv are ths
i mh Ualh asrrCilias. !obe rs d wol* e o afford to effect rety uoirt n eing
. se at eirei. nt lletorthat e omade in 'loria. butthere is a Iwole-
Sreol a a nst the pero some ooming totet1*r in dt "si ates
e id hi thi 5o ina tril s tatd and lils whe trrater toa6t isbuep are being
Saa be l oPI. fougt tobis year tbha in tl state. Ia
k wo ask ts ben ly toMp eVned Peoans)lanbia whreQeitpyism is being
*of b tb adMieaoirstiao. L ees ppotot.- wetabsed the baln; In New York
0 ee at to st o r e f color has mnsed where te U amosiala edy Roosevelt is
tnso e atofic iorh trying tof ide into otia on him war
mucbh S al;ne ,urprie throughout the recol; ill Ohio wbhru the Mark Hanna
at" b hutite.scot e denied that he abinbery ease is being n de tb. leaning
. but rt cst ae dd tb tKetucky. iools ond oer
he poewe undoubted quahfliatioos for stat grat C a ttlu me being flouht on
Simpottantltate inauss. Of course it
led the potion. cannot be denied tt oaifforecaLes exist
among democrats 0 the questions of
Tr e ediitr of the DeLAnd News has territorial expansion, the n-organiza-
r t church ion of the army and a few thrs, bu
o r on the grest question of placing the
a regards tibm as' rMlics of barbaritm resp.nsibilih y lor rotten methods em-
that out tole aboluhd d We would plowed in prosecuting the war witn
S e We would pain there is no difference of opinion.
sargges as a remedy for his lacerated Toe omisnitration wil have toanbwetr
feel Iae thatto join t e c sad nod for thisswewllas fo0 the iniquitous
fi church h bod issue which has increased tLe tax
e oout what the bells areringi g for. He burdens to an alhuming extent. In
nearly every state contest it is the
.._rp dan't al're dhatthee mantn monrats and toe laooriog classes
'few of the h bells i jest as significant as agaist the bosses aod trusts. On this
platform the damocratb have entered
the bell on tte locomotive of a rairod the conflict with a large degree uf con-
trein and be wouldn't think of dispeos- fiJet ow. Io Pennsylvania ti.e iode
lw pendet republicans who are fighting
in gilh them Qua bave fur tntir battle cry, *"Thou
* nh bait Not Steal." If the oemocrats
&r The disastrotro 1Eat .ost wrtad do not wio in these strong republican
torms f da nit thn were atrongbolds they will at least make
stors *of &MidSy' bt thSat ere very large gains wbic'h will be regtrd-
thought at first to be of little coona- ed ai a rebuto to the war record and
eqo oes have toured. os destructive to bond issue of the administration.
_ bth his and property toan alarming TdANSPOW TATION OF TBOOP8
le- extent. TDo oy salfe remedy that we
can recommend against these periodis- iloria ports don't seem to be in high
ca rustrms'r a prompt and rapid flight favor with the War Department when
eg O tothe Wet Cat. itcomes to te enbaration of more
troops, as Charlston and SvMnnahb
P efx'l ma o afe is to have Van have beo bigbly recommeDded by
t .. Wtc enjufoed from calling for Boon- Colonel Becker, inspector of gorte for
,vet's tax eeeipt. In aome localities the War Department, and Savannab
to haeb au uaoeml request would b has been especially selected. Wbile
s sci'pot p lilica" and shboold o t both of the bove ports offered good
..btw.rte iodocemroenut, they bad the advantage
b, When the Boston pete Into Chinese of haing Senators and Congrencmen at
are water tlerar wul not be any warship
of th powers sIn oIss: "Go and oet Wauhigton to push tIeir claim and
a S reta to" a ?' LaIs destined to Florida did sot. There is no doubt
prave-a bright mNe to American hia
toray. aboot the Florida ports beiof tearer
, to Cuba and Porto Rico than those of
tare f' Y .^^, ^ ,orgia ad South Carolina, snd an ior

2e01lcties all necessary could have b eD
tor, fin^fratwMnished at Fernandina, Port Tampa
and Pensacola.
I It evideat that I would crot much
Sless tosed tbe troops encamped bere
From either Fernandina or Purt Tampa
then from Savanoah or Charlestoo,'aod
S. if th troops io Kooxvalle AoClston
'and Hootsville are to be exported from
S. he nearest port Pensacola anoul have
"lb [. &hewm 1^ ma*h h beoa selected lb rail transportation
a eatbTl a~k would have been much shorter tnan
m a*m wedeo ~ asding them to& '. ntah and Charles-
AN s ofeire toOa sona, and if thero i .De thing that has
INp e me reas. It created discontest, sicktesa and iocon-
I, =Mq W a woarsO venience in- this cra It has been the
olsopfai ht Mg longand alg d tlious rorneys imposed by
la conD"Wear Gto D eprunmeL. upon troops hoth
met. o an cseesif by land and sea.
S t has main- To seod Sba venth army corps from
inasm. Ieap bhe to Sa annah iu just doubling tte
of a we em thle Ltgt,, ollf the journey, as they will
ar ft permitted tthr ave to come back on 0hip. to the Gulf
?pir s tC o ktreach Havan, white they could havy
M8 aiaaJijU i This efulgone by rail to a Gulf port or direct
,Smte' Mr er who wihe from Fernaodina or Jacasonvilie to the
pare it ad rie to points of debarkation.
Wm e i *a teaemelseIrea We admire the pluck of Savannah
e-11.% mend s d Cbarle o and have beea interest-
t d in their bids against each other, but
] T Medin there is little to admire or commend in
ams" nan tsh qB e war departmoot's method of ship.
S the est eppetie ping troops, as i is either for the best
1at Ta0est' faoter t of the government or the
pluhe. Any mea." troops, who have to be given the long
Wai- d" iN thi haul, when the short one would have
kd. t o tyri been miocbh better for those most coo-

m. osteL o '.~" s wiU 0ot the" government thou-
'm S ode of dolla to send te troops by
rIu rAsi from t&a sity to. Savananh and
e sulhthea hte Is I woul ce" a-l.
me a-.N aebs so send them hsm er be

'- f^uM ___i _IriiTnIrr
Any co predispo to Sera nl tUs U.IL
tiii .ion bfbrhuiict t.il.l/.v.tt lealt n rt Into
Th.- Hi l be healthy and va garo Thkb
as fr as p public rn..rpug *a e .o'rcernd taint in the blood naturally drift.int ..
The coonty te e r-i tl,.r ug-ly eCI.- Oonsauptioa. Beingsreha deep-seatd ra t y Slr. .i '
v...wd arid g',b re, r...t'r%. n I blood dia*ne, Swift's Specif is tb S .
hniad t aII de. ,egdlitr .enter- ifr ppu-, only know cre for Serofula, becaum "
Ltn wlt t,, -ptaon rhoee it is the y remed which c res~ T
theedisease. ."t" r.,.. .
t rday in tris city aol uim ia mw o cn -s
s,, id hi ,, ,,,1 I}tru ,,u ,Alvr v. 0,r. : ,; ..;..
lftn. C iT,, uiqirmon P. nKiti'gt I Serofth aptsvred o thebs hd of wltd! M
grndchild when only 2m onthe 0old _oruf l l1 e. n
d ,tbe on-r' e.' ..L1 the cr. exm-' ~ U &i, rapbe t alt u ..ows x ,, it .-riy lt
.iT C4, m"i r e ar- To w C.>br>ratilatwd her body. The seabson J be sores wol d
on 'h ie'oti- t(, tin-e m-etiugs. They offa n a the al btes a h bd the or m. .
wodd wis *bad* the at- ,. .
hani hwen w-i mdnStli,,horouuhly ad sa are ao fIbl ro m S e Cad Sto l i Ie riae
veretis d sai a .i e bertwd that have as sa igeft a bsaahblo. O t.
le, d-d have tw--i q-,,r-' larre and very Theeardi wef dS next atta ck e d :
wd an h d we tampedrshe
DntCu.,simamr. Th- opeakrne reicelcfd byo wolaoseber igat. ma- .
the cimmuitte *'o ddreos these antchr. s tbn P Miteis of tb.st-. l
Br mere. Dn'Ic rll uxriraeoced cam- tad do t D fta
pai e rs rand iheir work wal highly Sn ta o Ih J the ts k reR O' a HO
satisfactory. Tb Ie iepl who listened tie lae savds e I t
w e c oc m o their out ast this ronte Pit a
to the ir piqeiecr-e have be n cl etrn e AbtU b stl- .,sd
*d as well as sonertained. The i-eadng peiBhe to thea-t e chirl ftr
democrats at pl-c whrv *-, ting t tattbs $we io to try b L h Oai-roey rof srw Inr
have been bo d. huivp hearrtly' conpr. snleearf tbe Is noas ray iSn a1S4 h ." Oub For Naey Tea s ili
stad In the wimrk of mik-'ne hibwa a wshada tnd togn disease y r re .
siDcce The irflnence rof heit meet- Ba MVR M in -
ins bhas uo l ubtelly be' n beneficia), bcr t.ais an iobttoddja aa .pectil to the Tribun/e.
and we prediht a largel aiortreted voteet t e otteveItt
wherever tb. h ve bne he ld, o isb1h od therschl of ths 5rMn C ton 0, Ct re -a PSet n ,:
Amwl le "ti_ s ftwifte *Pf. was burled here otrn e tl -;al ean
POLITICIAMN TO L oAD ART. After the killing the bcearag ixa '-
S ai d twas ten to th t r hme of C: brt
A cen it dispatch onsto ea 'h e h erw th funeral se)trvaetesi r -, be ,
York Wotd and dated at Wa.hitri ofn u.y' sy: n Ther.t"c" ? n "e "
D C. e tas rb.t "the r ep ,ri .t cordi So| sndo~ *fi o t ~of obsi t -* vct re i W L
tloo at GeoraJ Le't oftp toave 0iet a es;it dsi ettion1 of lu pl oweuy. T .
ep satiskctoare y the ie prtmeoa mat qu rantine ia as tob te were "a Iatt ettet a t of -,-
Aroiy ofilke claim that the dieciml i he o y n he f -ra a 4y c d. ate tb tna we e I .
eating ier woiedoeply lax, and tie thie e ,' .tu ano eiva a et Ohe fsi ae :t e 'tho ....
training given the voluntersh01 manet t to i le uwe1 sever w one In thot
bens sUob as to bada tthe e- rau w l t-'a ".
the sOtl w eh othey wll e he t bCldn Opd o -Aonee et n he, ~ao .. ~,~ e r lw -:.
to perform in Cuba.. Be m-mrt McU rterdiy y t ann U- :W# t t h -
'It is definitely sttd that s Geerai l rn. an ho e Pr r' .sent _o p e era) waI attended with a tl ar
Lee will not be given tLn ipportaon' .nd pathetlc ace s t tbei4il a
command irn Haraca. Be will, in r I in speaking of thIs subject, very ftOirn -sson a Peis wematb 4,.
probirMH y e philed in ab g-nf etn fully ay: Intelent opinion, we tahe trt arri i ithla s e -
t h tae wester p orthe h of commusluipr at llvasae h loMri s the view that national qouarntine i tha the party a silet adt i a. -
terve for a)ior General srWae, chief only W e and properpltan or protecUth reverential wei i o o,:., ,
of the evacuation coma I on li he i the country against thea t va of Yen e rhwe on the Pt tt ur tanort Wh yne ;
in hbgh ravor with the department and loW fect one lever a 1 another and Chicago exprel at' 51l, vtra nv .
was to have t n nmt to Porto Rico y to aet one State as another aon i a n a
bt wa evet when It once gets ingrem Into thecoun- In the special car 'CiPrib .- I.
out fw prevted b the igninr of t, d the p moment It croe a a te s Mr, ..C. t arberh thbe Pacrdwl4u c' '
I te protooI l line becomes a matter of inrtew te on- rheothaln-law w at the u tion wtth
Tbe drpatch albo T nticma theT rd cern. and tence properly under M sethvleBd 3 .
nbraukaregimentb commaLde dbyCol. Jurisdiction of the National G oier- tevaer f iw A the ou&h a,.
W. J. Bryau, in the name t- moent. Frainfetrate, wo was cenid it '
Such laCr uagoe od ds A c a i e criti- The New Orlean Times-Democrn t chart of iPrivte John ahear the
cilms are ot to be wondered at when t which ir a onaed toI te tlt at ional
unscropulout hritor have been dllow- d mrane otne the olrofund that tp s eoeThe t d P Brt McKfnt ey he
wsto undermit e and destroy the .,i wa a surrender of Stale's rights to the
tre uodNsioe eand d rean e rtr. tFederal Go ernment. ha at latt taken were the rat oad of tbe car aned 'cWre
tion tof such me for ao other arpose the advanced position, and commending siseted by Gneorge tFrieae through
thao to observe tle political intr Mh t he City Councll of New Orleas Wiar the statIon to the'carrlap li wa&iogM
of rdovernfeg t i e and our soldier a appointing a committee to appear be- ttrobhe tie
board nnhtioe iu over and our soldier afore Congress wtth a view of securing, As tb approached the rowd, with
Are n cale pon t< Ind ,, ad Iface federal control of quarantine matter heads uncovered, bowed silently1, and
Spanish bullet and butO in eel n. rio says: "'We understand. of course, that ieoned a pssaageway through whi"t
wi)tb, special when s mparv repub- the question presented many diffctit e, ttey passed. ra Meialey was R-
oss p aaing alo r but. e lieve one that are r- ported S the arm of the lentoe that e -
military booors. A Aatimte wren it able. It would he strange, indeedI, ifoetd edra 'ht
many preconceived notions did not dil- the care and de attention he always "
itemed that wio'lhinir t tvn Amnori- appear, under the Btremi of Imperious devotes to her personal comfort. He
neet. As things stand nonw. ort andswtheom y1 i goit; ist e
cAn bullet? woN l ic quAr HavaXOa. Le necessity. An thire tond e nt w. r evet ,of ^ tht carriw hto ead
was just the mn- to led inh the Tere wa noin aid thn about h a care war on the word, and this power wed and face a tle paer t
camp not twoing In conmit on. Bit is too often used for the baseit pcuro- usual. 'ra Barber, Mrs. McKinley't
when it iF ectdnrve olV tdi let d oe an ee. Justice and common sense con- sister, os next off the tritn, and was
army of peacrI to encupyv he. nd.e b,i- demn such a state of affwars. Whlen oined by her haa '
die'ts are robetred to the re r adl po' anything becomes a nuisance In this mined by lv'h usb ad
redt MTa p ae weltl ania n aorird I-A dlscrlmnate quarantine is a nutsance, to the Barber home, whIch a the- old
iPeeident Mchiil-y anticipatfs carry- it tbpre ever was one. It Is Quite .axton homestead. and was the Canton
ing maDy Shuthtro stet*s by sueb *c- impossible that there should be any-
on, it reoud he wel ot him to resee thing more than a stuasted development. home of the MudKlerler during his life
this ieathuldbWe)ato frtom a u evisain circumstances of this kind The t t in oipnresig Or. f eKienoey showed
bis aelcul kayons has come to take up this question 1n evidinof the t offering from the hboc
earnest. The thorough sanitation of and fatigue from the jrtey. ti t Dore
NATIONAL QUARANTINE. Cuba and the efficient regulation a le
-ATION quarantIne. should go hand in hand. tP
The contemptible work of quarantin- "Now is the time to strike, while the be ashout the house. E -"pt when the
ing against Tampa that is being prac- Iron is hot." President, accompanied by Mr. Brber.
tied by little worm eaten eastern towne took a short wun t on the oide street
in Alabama and Georgia, shows thas t The opinions of Rear Admiral Dewey t ka r the ,orw, the aiartv rsematie
they are afflicted wkth a disease worse and Major General Merritt on the uete te W remained
than the yellow fever. They have been tlon of retaining the Philippines will at the Boae oalday.
furnished with the best possible proof have great weIght with the thoughtful Mrs. George was arraigned tn court
that Tampa. as well as all Florida is American Yet neither of thee di- to-day to answer an affidavit, charging
absolutely free from any signs of yellow tinguished gentlemen has ever poedhe entered
fever. They know. also, that Tampa at a statesman. They are warriors. her with Sh e PrompUyentered
is free from epidemics of any hind, and Both favor American dominton over a plea of not guilty, at her attorneys
the death rate irom all causes is and the PUlpplnes. General Metrrtt 1r on advice, baslo her defense on amn aibi
haa been remarkaehy low. The fact is. record an declaring that he considers _he will try to prove that the rortnerh
thia healthy, growing and prosperous all theorizing about a joint control at
condition of T'aspa vs stirring up the an absurdity. The hero of Manila-he of Saxton waa, committed bF a man in
envy of these jealous little towns. They who first taught the world what Uncle woman's, clothbea. r
may not have the yellow fever, but It ewad's new navy could do-is of the
is very evident they have an awful bad jeudgment that, having conquered the -,
case of dry rot. Tampa is too fast tor island, they belong to us by right of .lz)rBOaX BOAJUD:-
them, and they know of no better way conquest.
to cheek idr rapid growth, then the yel-

individuals for circulating slanderous Tampa Lest Night.
reports It will be a happy day itOt Promine ap t.dd t t-A
under the National Government. They People of Thie County. A party of dietngasiehed army offi-
will then be permitted to take action cials passed through this city last night
against other places only when so or- Some of our moat prominent speakers' en route to Cuba. They arrived from
dened. after a thorough investlgation will address the people of the county Washington at 8 o'clock on the '. C. &
The Nash-tlle American, one of the at the hereinafter named times and p. railotad, and were transferred TO the

most conservative papers in the South, place*: Plant Oystem, where they br ceeded
.... Hon. ''. A. Carter, C. C. Whitaker, on to Port Tampa. where they boarded
W. S. Graham, Hon. T. M. Shackleford, the Mascotte at 10-o'clock bound for "
G. A. Hanson, M. H. Cohen, W. B. Havana.
S:Mrarda, S. E. Sparkman, Prof. L W. The party was beaded by C. J.. -
Buchholz, Hon. Thos Palmer, D. C. C. Lee., ahstant quartermaster general
McMu!len, Hon. C. L. Wilder, Hon. J. and chairman of the Advisory Board.
BLathes, Hon. Hugh C. Bacfarlane,C
S h ild re n *ou oo
E Frank Harris, Aarry A. Peeples, S. B. aSym of occupation.
e hlMld re n ^ Turman. W. A. Belcher, Hon. Thomas The special car in which they arrived
h F. McCall, Hon. John T. Leslie, Geo. contained the following officers.inadf -b
They do not complain of P. Raney, M. Joel MoMullen, and G. B. too to I o Lee: CoL R. X Riley,
anything in particular. The Wells at
anything in particular h Boomingdale, saturday, Oct 8 assistant chief of the Medical Depart-
eat enough, but keep thianr d Tampa, Saturday evening, October 8, ment; Co T. H. Blis and Capt. Fenton
ale. Theyappearfairlywell, court house square. of the Subsitance. Department; tCoL
ut have no strength. You Peru, Saturday, October 15, forenoon Charlee H. Willaar who will be quar-
anr afternoon. I
cannot say they are really It is earnestly hoped that a full at- termaster general at Havana, and Capt.
sick, and so you call them tendance of Democrats will be present Ham of the Quartermaster D6partmet.
delicate, at the meetings, and all persons, tr- These bfflcer were preceded some
Whatcan be done forthem? spective of pirtoyaffillations are re- days by Col. F. J. Reker, chief o.
Our answer is the same that ings. P. O. KNIGHT. Chairman, transportation and a number of cterWu ,
the bert physicians have been Democratic Executive Com. who will join them at tvans-a They
giving for a quarter of a cen- w. CLARKSON, Secretary. will then constitute an AdvJscrv' Boar -
tury. Give them ALMERIA OPENS UP. for the erection of building, selection
l I -- of camp sites, hospitals, etc. Im li-
stgn rC r B aA grand change took place last even- ately on arrival at Havana, a numzier
w ig ing at the Hotel Arno. manager B. Y of the officials headed by CoL Lee, will-
of Cod-Lier Oil it Benson, who has made a lease of the embark on a tour of inspection through
Of Cod-Liver Ot nt/ I0yp0- Almeria Hotel, and han gotten every- Santiago, Meriel, Matanas, Buezna
Pkosarhtes. It has most re- thing In shape moved the guests and Vists, Manzanllo, -Caio *and
markable nourishing power. all their baggage from the Arno o his waheretroo le
It gives color to the blood. It new place o business. It had been replaces where troop illbe
brings strength to the mu- closed for over a week, undergoing a ed.
sthorogh renting. It has a ed -X L. Crews of Jaspr, was 0n. ..
les. It adds power to the new life and a very neat appearance,calling
nerves. It means robust under the new manager, and will no hitTampatrIendAs yest.erdaY.
health and vigor. Even del doubt le inently ul. The Kah Ioos l aae o the -a'
cate infants rapidly gain i F. Hymen o of Ocala, oe of the amount atof Oee S 0, bau been omsd -. .,h-
fleh if given a sal amo most popular travefin men In the tate. bhdcn In the eana of O te Omer. Th
three or four tisSe hac 5 pa t in the dty droutatin amoog our s trch tAb mam s- wIrsw Sl ,
e or our mer nts. e is topping at the AI- on. An Amnerwc- s ma er of s6 '
% s .rs owI, aft"t.

sca r P*. j -
P7 k :

m ka'th kaUarnl r
les aUt W


an h 'yu&O all-t tlchtinff-
; reA.der. or the Tribe i
be. -bk frteuated-BRenfaOp
=soats &ve Arrived.

special to he Trtbune.
'Wialker, MiXn., Oct. 6 .--Tbe battte
b. twe the murvevirg ditacbmnft 4i
the oldiers uin'r GenerailR B od
*s 'Pillarer Isdran ,a re,-umi.e toao
and rae d flelfely dien 9 i'ctiock thlis
S lmoortinag. tewrpaper correspeicdeote
+ c omiag in thi afternoun report 80 In
.1 l inade M4W~t9ea who led

Sdowno whiII b 4l .hbuh mtith
a re seay. Six private and one ln
Aga lacessa Si. day. .MftMr brridywt o

I *.+v ,'Z .^" "f- : '- M U
-Ie wae s etersoos cad on-

W -..ae t bm a fal of A.item O.t
a. nad, te re po.te from the or he
tie lake ase ia. the ppitle
4 119tr1iU$ae $oed eUa r W jere^ m
n: Wo te tore O to I i.e Milp oe
the atoop Tlii will s(ts ia fa

bo-w, a furtethe t Tha b o
4 pe.St tin -M
*?- T04 1411%u Ochs =Ve ^

40 .ho WJ -ll, ot as jabou oal

{ ioew (a thp.i a, do an (,
A. eoa had boatMs aat wre* o9

dJ< a wtt I .rt niI Ir 01
4 O nt agII win IHmWl hat-eMW ba
Sdr044 aw 410 i w l

h I wb Uilln r i tIl

-"beIn 1: ra~'d tentiro t(d ....
W ttl fte-takIrX btild Inotr rn
be. ofwhoei-&in-MKb-Ce SftelW,
dii who hambe tIne head ae nd

I "trik. his ar I beltil brokA rPiPT

' o ir taed tee b-aenal. lr iniaed
t. y 4how eme- rrioi every dtrec Pez
ad Irot t enl rei d roppl 6r n carI
rid a r tbe droere tl

f biditrm o arn Vet ras, ndot alo
of tbh ole84niaetftre bast rHetd. rian
c ht" fatlft& ati amI (feund bholiter aL
&awicteet aaetber volley to e i then

where to *hot.t Ge ral Banro anw
th.r Wij er Wlk-insn tetiw thr

Snciur iM loraiyo arl id annd wlt-
S onic oi-y he lad.riaiih aatid
i -rdal ti the teo eier .

T ai, itag r 'rey fru Lhe rog o
sIrI l tbat ,et hoe tldo. i(a ger wo
b.o" pel etd ft lh and drove back bih
%1aiVOf -.LeHeIftb*l 1t dpz-.!n fOt then
fdrnpr of b-ite*h aoilal' B' rrc. 'hb
fi lr NOW t," liaers1 I n. b- .am
ow scOtterinpr, and the ro dirr. (ca>i

te am t ter in wi-i tcn niotie bha cnl
an'.:, e lt a then uced by ttt tew-atp-

oorr-eaj-deaim. wIre fl-r. o hn b h
a dtraa
I.neictI r TinIer rwei-al rhboI i
S the lyIred had io e. CCe nieii,,
i Bril Of the Ii- e-e Prace. Bectin
e el.. W IeMre. e e-~eieuc txp rlcp-n Il-
ln e 'i( tbhlIu'wi-ewe tee danuer wa
dieM' Tuee wan. thili bruaoget iot
eei elbt ekeftheflgbh. andtfoohiweit
e mfena. h'i- on I, naa the firsh. coking rliri r.ue pat
thel M t1r erie'r-r. bet irhe wer
igc Ar. liely ici.rie..l. by th
Tei-iliht en Iniliin who mi
cP1 : se, fdrwf em B-er-r tiled ert.iLrt tbat a
th. men cu euI unilf.trm bjii bee
tilledhldr that he Can~ld irt ell ho0
Bj sh yhIeii reored twre cL..- t

S- M eaepotiK. lMnn, Occ. 6 -A tot
S.caml ve r flirvfd t iuuinibht frn-m Wh
&er-, Seiepe4nj HI a fierce nliLt betwer
.te Indihmi n *'be rr% e-1e ii still i
progi-erg vbMarlha OCu"ocnr. report
er, -val fit.lii.rw among ueoldler
i..biS. doe not ivre the number.
S: tranl is coming from Brail
errwb taorandred armued citizens.


i.' ol. B iugw ftpak Highly o
O 04Tu a Shipping Point.
++ ..+. ,_ -- ---

r "eWrat ColoM~oei J.. Bllinge
e. W'epseer staluood hie. he
4M&UL or-,L&, W"Miam; ba u'alanokl Ral.

..9-ams U
Sfaored i
.uouldl ic

in ,FmuC1Y. RUsHI l MIW m il i

S r f Botd FlId at $,OO0 To t ld of Ut StL~a g ll M To lk le *I Deoi fkt F

r Each, :theFrt.


Ate Vaje, hwing That the Slick
S'Pbid ian S Over, *9S0,oC03 Major Wilinson Meets Death Brave- Ad Coppinger Retired rom the 0
of State fundss ir Pri- ly in the Thickest cf the flght. Army-&Orders Hae Been Issued
t ionSurrender of Indians Exptet- to Reorganize the Volunteer
vate bpeculatiou
ed When Troops Arrive. Army.
Special to the Tribune.
Philaloepiil. Pms;, i)cr 6 -L'.Itcd Special to the Tribune. Special ; ;he Tribune.
SSatt- SoaWti-r Q4C, hi- -u,. hictti.rdi alker biin,.. Oct) T-Ne-w re- VhWabiu. to0o, U. C 0 t. 7 -Orders J
B. Quay. 0 tiS+4ts~.lrit- H. McKee 'I c.tee-* tmret thies fterr-..fr t -.te- 'tria were iesud hore toiay by the war de- tl
SPtLwtirj, law w.grtt er itf Li-ute nit tIe leid a,- .are r oseting tile white fii. partment for the c ltplrete re-organiz*-
SOuvlw an LVterbi t ..L.ou. it.e-r-da .inre Ii the gender 1 beieft today that the tion of the volunteer armo. The rFrst ib
a matistrate io thle ieilre+' roi',i. Pii-rger Indiilant will surrender when corpn wtil be ilmcedl undtr Breekio- cq
Court n this city this altto ue toi, a. Grie. biion. wiom, reawmed Waiker from rdizr, which wil b-e ordered at on e to i
s wer a charge of conspiracy I the l et n oattlefield tooa, r o tur or.witn a Macon The Seclnd under GraenIm tL
l.ed mlasie eo pnulic mtone in cou large" bodyy if reinforcemeitts. Bands will have' h-adqvi rt-r. it Aueu-ta.
Ieftiun ailfn utiD H',dikiou-, orimer of Ilnduainoron different purtrsof the Fourth Under Wnt-,elr w 1. go ti,
. oshiero the Yeuples Bauk of thaecyy, c Ctury are hurryltg to Bear Loke, Hunttville The trmop* w ll be -c-t- ft
* who committed a icide on after the Wuee It i, thougrnt thee decisive battle ter-d ovprthesre aein co-p otoe hbr-
1 fadare df bebank in Ma e lIa. Ex- will be f.-ucht. They are tfraid of the g da a a lace.
j.t'Is Trasruprr IHA wuood. lur whbctu a ,olderh. boweve-, and many are of the r
a4 tPrant tie bet. iarued iLi conneciiouM OpemO atlr thir will now00 anotin- Offlcers Retired.
i h ihacopaspiracy obr was cot in er determined battle. This Optimistic -
co rtbuit" It is Aromtsed teiat he will View Is not ehred by the orMeapon- Special to the Tribune. 0
--a leretoowerrow to answer t his o- dents, who behl.v the situstilon s ore WaO'nlitot.- D. U Oct 7 Order
1 cars. critical now than at any time inc the t were iemed h.r- o t01c w:u' depPrt- t'
r After a hearing lating three hours, beginning of bo-tilitiea. They believe meOet t4l ri e-tiri Nej mir n ,, ril J. o
S.itorQgll ail toi.. cil and Mr. Mo- another hbis fght will e.nsus J r, p tohr 1: H-m
Sg i bouCedoA icCur-n e rrane at ton 8. HlaWiam-. IN v"mrr 80, 189; 'T
S wetibofud U.lor eran t --- Ja obh 1 r. K-i ov N h-r 30 1898; ir. ,
the next "^ uru of ot-,ut. bll, 4L frixt Y9l6TIBDAY8 BATI dP.. w r ik, i-T, , e rLrlUi o
a rAG 0Wiu e a ula. 11.LLtier, weedo he.b soa'*-n r ere re ir-teru. to
t- a La ,000 1u ean o nea. l).mtmii Hi L .cr
ioc1al e pI tcIel&l leader. Ot-.e ltg rime L thbrup. Mit ,Ot-t. 7 --YVeetday several bmiairce.
bo1d lur that a .unt. W h co. e thi, lte -uti ita W ltarLed taltt Geerl r-
o enbred when to e eo u c- u ts-u r hore Bavo anUd ts main taull of seventy or No oadiications.
t givenT prel mniare Icwai ti uas. Ml cp'eveity-two me n were *ill fghtiAg on
e ty. The caps wall pe it uie tt Is t B. r l lad Special to the Tribune.
ii tehe I w cuEr 'e;.irg It so nou, io-t what ti e outcome of Par t Ott 7.-Tbe J iot peaoe co-
l:l l l uo-t by Dis.riot the alghti ban ieee u, to this our. ference rertuid Its work bhre this af-
IA-tjro r l C1- P 4sae. t An atlimpt wa, made ti land on hoe terCn"on". Spain wax to~tl that no modi-
a looUt tweDn i letter. aUt ueIrr us tel- isiand ara c rshMue the wvuided *oitdierr. d.omitn in it- l. d.muans ii rgaird to the
= gw u a pieb2ru i rpm sad get the bod e u!v the au. frunate Phl llpiO., wtul i'- m ult
Ieb) ei uior Quay to Las loer HIopdIual,|blu-it wo were killed. Iti we
t i Me *tt0 i i elfa* el lar- Ilpartly -uc eistu so Isr that four NO ICS TO VACATZ.
a Ucoet tl ls euii)id 'rraui.i g her he ogicl awrer recorieoreduu timme ..,luiier ---
Spla oIt uf arLgui a letter cm rlats w ,ho *t i er-. i.. t were w can.. ced. but Sf .pali Troops Bout vacate On or
I. the 'lkepl-ai waL. mQ a lritmli n Irn. te o iIz-..r 1 w.t- n relO t ie. rl t .r, rci Before October 18. I
d AwaiO.t. Alotl t th10i lopkit cotii tn o stL di ivr lt Lu thm e iutjwrei 0 t -,-
I tonig a i numbrr of c *r in t iit. aicb sulKIuig ru-k 'ise pecial to the Tribune, e
o r-p.r.- IitluI ithe cr .rad A apa Cop tc", t l,, 21 tt l i ; t: e aI. 5i ,, ii . t ,',t 7,--P-oeid-tt
gBaic. hitl n .r.ruolu cli i.. l..iu.rt' lr... i .uhrt zu lug, muiler it. Mt Ki'- .. -n. a .. .i' t i.. in Unite r
i {- .. i 0.._ l Ce t iu vti cu tLa iA,1l ul t i-eI u ,, t Ct -t i r ,i tiar- tizt-, m I '* in' ivt i-o ,iu t P, ,rio o
I -- \ i 0c.h ,I tile IDepirome lov1t r.i ~a ,, r r t .. r ini ., + tni tcnand a
"a- r d th at,- rive ol Wj. luW. ier at.3 ...e.. Asuther .-11 -t a p.ioh f rc uo t

S0 000 ca m -pclal tream IetI bht.erd lcd ltt itr b-t -r ii-ber 18.r, a-4 that the
d ta''d- pet of 0 0 iO(O th ith 20r1 ol .rrO mr u re miltm.C. S;.a-,rh rcmtnotm-i, u-r -',. u t be so
iM~t-rop"lee Ila luor I tl.k .la ul-t e; lnspecior I ier vxrrt-.rb ulie iI. iu- i, itroi m ir i.4;-. I- cm1c- i ra lure of
S'l 8i ea was o o-,.wd p ac-oa ou Ltat %.C.e ~& sul.er, ie u .... ...t U let- t.- ... .cud
S100000 Of e-iate fuids toi trie P uple o that I.. J.e e lu t m
- Jdnk ou i. ndnrd.a t illUat th a a.inint oi Will be Utouuld. but tlt( ie here itil ,'. ii- it r it-. '"i L I U"i-d (St.ar
.iseat-) bt gi rd ti 't-, r Quoa'- be tiu Al1t,- 1,u auu mu 4.e uy ut 11 rmUr1;,u'r-i i-r.r iir da r ',,-d to serve
o. o., and- L ht ti Ai- t We r r -UgU.r e- It lmai ld tUe Iiuae tru Imce M.ll ttheu gvri''-'- nrr.
e tBl 4tit ,-f iirr*-'t me n.sate "sr en.t. Lace r Verr nLiuo ala erB.ine. r 1 aruinc4
tne _tiee'mit-,- B-ic k te- irianim -.er untit.
eOl i o;rdltf -it i- to lr. r cK-e. all so j oiI i ,.e I ,rei he b i,,ui,.u, ^m. iI IKURDERERS LOCATED. i
4of p.bict cui eJa ..i a I, .tint t ..iist ... t:, i:i -t he i r- .4 e 50 rrdoI -
d of the State Ioni i,rmii.hihfi t IrtMiio iffi Ioi, i tirups tou 'i 11 u e miz.urb iicse. Detective Scott Locates the Murder- s
m va .1 a f Uta itri o -tAu"& t l raar tria lq, T.jvr ,c 1ill e l
I and that the u.ocl .d persons t e L'e r r, tuea rv e t l i .ed o eaof Banker Kcleod
n guilty of c.nip racy i' jo ning witb hutli m1.11 at rp,. u a e: the. im ---
I Hopl io in lthb- trtn-satlorsm porv.uO.) et..mL L i:) Laec o.tJ $ot Detectve Scott ar-ivei in this city
a PADd T IN PAL O. J Sunday night from Waycross, and told
PIDOT rIH ]PALXTTO. --- the Transute that he had landed in the c
a -rWare County, Ga., jail, one of the mur- a
R ow the People of That Section Re. MAJOC( WILELNI ON'S DEATH. deCr of Bneker Macleod ho was hot
n guards His Visit from aombtsh In this city last June. He U
--- Elled While Admnioihing His Men a t mi
ed While Adonihing His Ken says the tan when arre-ted and platedr
Fr onr Paimetto Newt. to Keep Under Sheltsr. in jail made d complete confession of
e W. E Padtet. mniTer of tie Wet -- the crimeI in the presence of two re-
tern Union Toegrapi office .t Toanmp. Special to the Tribune, putable witnesses, and that he impli- ]
e who visited Pelmett andi other poiotae Minneapol., Ot. --A Wealer bp.- cated two otoier negroes who are now In I
r on the Manatee ricer week h-fre last. cial tou the Jourual sae": this city.
statedto bthe ies man that rto viott batjr Wilkln>cill m-x p-Iiter- aimd r.. scoit told in a thrilling manner,
war made in the interest .f hi.coimpirn one IndiaD pollemao are imd* ard also to certain the i-xacr condi- Soeehabon is sll li) al,o. ri I Iirty bho macu difficulties he had e eoun-
,t f of a teerrb Danslra t tered In locating his man. Hec has
if be-n mmorh!ng on the case ever since the
f point, on the river. He rtasid further uoat nas just return d iriiuI i, i tle- dlabol cal crine was committed, and
r. that his company could nout run a gr-uod, where trier0 ieas been ueop rate fees very muca elated over his success.
line into Palmettoon account of haring dghtiiog all tlie morolog. 'the Journal He says wl h the prop r asnsEtar.ce from
o a ootiract for thes point with the a'-m- boat broueh" out H. S. Talmai. deputy h local !authorities that he will be
h pa Manatee River and inif T-leraph bmarhal, aos Captaio Sheenari. Shea- able to jael the other two men in a very
rt Company. When told that Palmneto ian ii nut bhdolv noundem He i. tniit few days.
e bad no telerraph office and had nlt had in the aborm-o.
since earl in the spring, he altd htur hl Wbmie e be.it wma tra.Lferriag the A Quiet Wedding.
She had leeru-ed that fact mnrBe.ic,,lip r WrUodu l eD si wa fired on fro ot t --i
ne nWo, acd was satisletid that h s toc, brunli. 11> 1e wCi t, cigual for at I la. M3r. MUIlDon W'. Curry and Miss linee

w pany would see tn or tbht an office wa* mediate rtopeuing; ot itoitilities. TI e Henson of Key West, were married in
maintaired at Pa:uietto the year riund troops opened in tie ludialu, and lu a this city in Sunday night at the resi-
Mr. Padgette i. an aereeable r-nt'e s-etid there w a fiCce a fright in pro. d.m ne cf t ar. C. H. King, at 1313 Frank-
man and a telegrph mai.tn thi- manmar rt-,.1gr as ihat o0 e,.etrday Beauiieu el- street Rev. Franklin M. 'prague
Sborn, and we assure him ml v. i-, wa.c na.rowly riaptd %iti hi-. life. le officiatg in hi usual mpressive and
n highly appreciated, and wi I state th.t nad t, i shoulder bored clear through. rom Key r -t and are leaders of so-
n if he seeM to it that a telegrpap- offc-r is We landed provsions and mnedic nes cie:y. ad i,-hly esteemed by all in the
l imaintaioed at Polmetto L.e wcli tive Tne firima icaseo i e i. >t e ere .oLu- Ism:and Ci,. Mr. Curry is a large and ,
Sthe thanks of an outraged public who pcili: tu weigh anchor and lste..m out successu5 merchant of that plac-, wnlmle
n. have been forced to putup with a tele- into the lake The Indians appear to t.. bride is one of thi most charming
phone service for the pa.t nine months be in force. Bacon s command is too caii vivacious young -ldi,:4 of :t'e
small to take the aggressive. The de- South, and has mad- many friendss
Marshal's Sale, tacnment is intrenched in a good-post- and admirers ir. Tampa during her
-- tioni and can bold ru no iot; a-> ;m- visits to ti-s cily. The Tribune joins
S I will -ell ti the higl.est bidder for munitiun tastc i-iajr VWi:k!usom was thlir ma.y friends in x:-rnd- s.rncre
cash. at the F(urth Ward pound, in tcot 'Vle wIa:lkirg LpFp ntu dtn sd z;^rtr tuti;j.ns.
Ybor City, Tampa. Fl0.. on Monday. at: muror .i-bt the men to Keep treir heads r Gy a e hame re-
11 l. m.Oct. 10 One bay horse, has low. Nu braveer man or heater < flicer turned frim. New York. where they
star in face and left Iind foot is white ever lived. TLe umen in b;s ommoand hv berl cn pleasure combined with
m ead in blind in one eye. are crizod icb r-.er. 'itheo re;nf, rc- iu-iness. Mr. Gray has purchas-d an
S. T.SV, Woodward. uients arrive they wi!! wreak veogeance imn.n--er.se tt=ck of goods for his whole-
a Br Johnson. Marbal. on the Pillagers 'u tteirt i way. The sale estaI ishment in Ybor City, and
*y Serious Catastrophe. fi.;bt !s out na i over )et; tie bigge;-t wini '. better preared this -all and
r ct o -- btt e remains to be f'ougtL I .-int-r ian morve to sEa' the merchants
w Special to the Tribune __ I!, Tampai and South Floril big dis
in Atlantic City, N. J Oct. h.-A sv-rious cn: *n their prchases.
Ot conagratlon occurred here to-day, in ..e ou EauopaL-l cr'ii as. uns mm ir purch
- which twenty large buildilns were to- p)r:n n"o .:.u- t-easment of the 1- MDAO SEED
tally consumed by the fiery fiend L.?s dJlans as an millue.r-aion oP our utt0 r un- SE--
0 estimated at lmi,000, Etness f.-rr the w.;rk of colonization and Morton C--., the largest druggist
le har.dling savac- races. The outbreak in Floridh. have just received from
Id Xi Barton In Rey West. In MinnE.ota. tI must Ibe confessed, is a Londrethi (established over a hundred
rk ltimi-ly rtovln. so-r of soe o the difficul- oyars ageo whiti and also red Bermuda
U- Special to the Tribune. ties \we shall a'av to encounter if we onion see.
Key West, Oct. 10.--4as Clara Barton uni'ertaike a Evern thO Philippies. Bimon Goes to te Benat-.
and her staff are at Key West ready There are betix cn eight and nine mu-
to hoard the San Ahtonia, the relief lions of dusky savages on those islands, Special to the Tribune.
i LitI lade with.l8000_ wrhth or provs- most of them much more benighted Salem, Oregon, Oct &-Joseph Simon
ia .JW ready to be dtrlne d among the and unclvllled than the Chippewa In- was to-day elected to the United States
Th* AS" Antol hoeer, .. diank, a few hundred of whom are e nate wi. h a safe majority He is de-
aery ggtB -XWSgy Wet, ca- creating such a disturbance on their feared a sound masey man, and waa
Ireervatlon in the Northwest. elected pa those

umm at Mlawmea


SNew CMasm promu all Loe aena M 2lS
rointa Where DIeae Has Broken the RabUera
Out Reports From Jaekoua ComUty A-d
and Oxford. Leeve CrM

New York. Oct. 7.-Dr. Wilham T. 1 The pretty i
utiinasof tbe heblshn rd bu ecid idAle..in L4hde.
count z t Wu. 50
tie following telegram tod*) : craet rally rest
Ox'ord. Mics-. Oct. 7.--.tatlatl. ftromthe "prnioW
,,, cni,. a. Fouerte-n ce4" ane @sfele o
e. r h. Apprehru#4 nHo h danger. cam;f iW
l' r, o roednegmrue to ee Id ai bod I t 90e-
was clill- eL"= lI
,ke cre oC.f If pi.'aib e b*rauu us aid. member of to
-'W c. BEDDLELTON." mittee from
Mr. H-dli-Vo, i. p..,tnas-'tr at 2r c ,reowd ,,t
a f aeww -tuledv
Ord. be atrouWV0e PD
siTUATIO. AT JACIK O. Tt cabtkfW. .sg W i
Jackon mi* ., Oct. 7.-7-Jack&eta< t WsS s
cver r-curd Crow.. Fr- today it o ethe a
\%ero ri-w ca4ls, ixZ wlhilt '-t *~ I=c
I. r**i. and wc(. (f tb-er c.as l are 1 ite Bapret talT o the tti -
)-pnt,,i-g it-itlutin. ,o ate A-ab tl* i t ;llt WItl
W, uli'e a i ',rt wr of in -'ervr or t # ,itll.irw of small Clti- ;- MI 'Sh^eimIa
T- ptionr are Mi en Cah ll, ftf f
dt Fsower-. tie uMiomr 3Ad eilsat. waL S13bdbU
,*I ,ifnrc**e+ er- LT'itrd '.in rivri- en 9-i! ee a
reot~".t e~tAcmciv'n -Uma
misc oeie~ahxt v1

Farwe-Isierw.*O0t --Dc. fijc'woe
-putt. ft- ,rlriwg r--o.rd for 'Ieuhi-.
#*e t*.r the daj :
New 0 l.ea",.eij arne; one death
Srnkl n, sixca*-e; qas hsb,.
Wilsoe., two oteha: tw6 depthbs
foams,*, one seea: andaths,.
Tb&eille Pci h. *x cte<**; so death.
Bowie, ot,-e rsea
Tampa Nish Narlet.

The total apunt of fish received ye-
erday by the different fish merchants
long the. wharf was a little over S.QVGO 1
>ounds. These fish were aI caught to
the vicinity of the Manatee river, anI
Lfter weighing, marking and barreling
were all forwarded to Northern points,
The Tampa fish trade has.been griwini
rapidly for thepast year. The quality
if the flah are the very beet on the coast
nd with excellent shipping falitlII, e
here is no trouble to ind a ready mar-

[emw ee ihtciAkteNa

YeLow fever ULstrcts Ask the N.a
tionam Government for neap.

Specla' to the Tribune.
Jacksonn. Mis, Oct. 3.-The situation
n the yellow fmver districts are indeed
very grave. The plague is rapidly
spricaerg all over toe State and the
people at e becoming pant stricken. The
O overnar" os ALsoao- m sahrdlu shrdU
suveinor oft 'Missippi to-day wired an
appeal to the National government tor
inancal aid.
ix nw ew cases of yellow fever devel-
>ped in Jackaon to-day, three white
and three negroes.
Several cases of suspicious illness are
under surveillance.
People continue to leave the city and
more of the business houses are claling.
The spread of the fever over the. taie
continues, the city of Natchez being the
lat place to develop the dioeae. A
telegram from there announced that
Dr. Dunn. State Inspector has found
tWo cases of genuine yellow fever.
The Madison report gives three new
case for to-day and four for yesterday.
Edwards has one new case and one
Starkvllle reports one new case.
The situation at Water Vallay is un-
There is a demand for immune
nurses at the various infected points,.
which there is some difficulty in sup-
The report from Taylor gives three
ncow cases and one death for to-day.


Item, of a LNewsy N nature Picked Up


the Reptit A

Rev, J.. Moody the
ist divise, who atrSed
Antonio, Texas, oa- il
his first sermon at tbhe
of this cty on Sunary-m
was greeted with a. vei
tective congregation,
sermon to a conere-gt i
patea extending hImh'WC
future to become pr
Those who attended.
trial sermon which Is
ered taom thiin cxtr.
were sa&l dipo
dried di" e Wai 5
Mr. Mooqy oTpletnedto
lion that the ocac6slao
treyal of any in a 14ia
aid not know why jajrj
out before a I .e r,
critietsed and c-eTZ .
the members of, the
cared that it waseeSOe

then announced: tb ih.
mon, he would spend hat
ing aboutl'hiamei hbs 0
pastorral work. nd
Ing up a church. J
Vwrould relieve the mWi1i
and give the mer mbep'
bettr hance to p rt j
ability to do the wo-rk
The speaker thn dSla
If south It can he ,$Oale
comprejgenave maiope.
that be could have :
have been more besai
than the tall hke g;
al'wlith his worthL, *n-j(

oa the Wharf, speaker,
S- fined co
Special Correepondence. methods
Port Tampa, Oct. 9.-Among the IA clod"4
relics from Santiago is the large car-
tridge brought over by Captain White t
cf the Tiarpn. This shell wad fred and in them
went a distance ot seven miles. It d'd select tb
not explode, and was picked up by Capt. convince.
NVit e. Its weight Is 250 Ibe, when
loaded, but now It weighs 236 pounds, At the
and in the cavity where the powder was great
camr out it holds a bucket ot water, gation.
This is a fine relic, and has attracted discoursm
much attention.
The Lawrence did not make her-trip and was
yesterday to Manatee. on account of an tension.
accideot to her machinery. She will rev
resume her run to-morrow. The Clarta r.e
toolk thei nnte- run, and the tug boat coot of 1
Cnmthri.ne v-as put cn the St. Petersburg The gi
rumn day ye
Tihe Tarpon will come up Tuesday an day
go on the marine ways for repairs to camp Eto
her bottom. She wili be pot in om- ureesand
'r.ision when finished. stoo
The auxiliaryy cruiser McLaune left
Friday for Sr. Petersburg for water. w r.
Shm- went from that point to Cedar
Keys. DepuK3
Between 20 and 300 head of fine 'er trned f
ca-ile are now in the pasture of bloody
en H derson, awaiting Shipment to the charged
Cuban market. from Me
Toe first ar load of oranges of the a mereI
saRson left last night on trat"n 2.' Th .
shipment is irom th t'Mansetee section ge.nt!ii
The car was beautifully decorated with'
bunting ard a large sign "f'lorida Oran- : ar- Al
o -.' first ctr Iciad for 1898. B- Sle s
The Charles Foster, the Quarantine. i
boat. did not make her trip yesterday. T. ,
to the station as was expected, but em. Noew .
lay at the dock where some work on her abte f
boiler was done t ie '
The steamshlp Masette from IHavana P
wti arrive this afternoon. A good ashp-
ment of tobacco for our factories ito ez- enet
peteae t! e -ttl who:ad
MSB. G. C.; IHderly -a"0 cute little Wheric

but as a pIto
nvircons end
of prosecutptlg
Sbe- admonueo
r astde all pear
Lartr n"f ehoaodfi

-ted by tOL
He preach
e on 'Chm
listened ito-
A cont;Ot
for cbuah-i

r the tbulldi

eyswul ht



' 1




.rs noT h*Leoawurverhto satin os 1

MMao o Opoo. 1 t.o PTostt ac;: '" anB O Pe
d personal grievances settle ey and twPemluy towns are ionfecplted with the -
o", "th r ast he we y are meeting to o other Staa and
S M MV. "* I Justified Isn t Lry Wn to settle their dimi- samncst roa Hood's It houl -oa tahrn Ioelt the Infeated die- '
cuPCWie Pos tle os1n the way t thad thermenng.dNolst shpatedn surteesurounti d- pysere .d Wi
m i P ,shlt P 7 bring dhigrace on the itahore encomp- rtAahtoe h g ea ites and towns a bere toe disease w A "
...... .... e me ot More nvestgations will now e w inrbed by L Hood & Co., LowLh Mat has not gained a foothold the business
S.. ...* the order of the day, and weeks it not ketht s Itr le afed a t ter
i ........... .... months will be spent t the efforts to ta SELL THE ANImALd. Pa-time phOytai spl ria n of Job
E.DIT. ..O*N.. ah* e the blame. ThIs worg of course t alm se- an al- pThi macilter of reckless Quarantine o 1
iiSRI I a ovaf er. mdthe e glypart a, a tdhe am thr aMt ha,' tcome no contro.i ed entirely by the tever. ,. r i nt
c? a" m itw y BT .A prehended, there hi little accompl shed, sl k or diseased -rorm numerous causes PetL t J ealus y and personal spite enters.
5 e tep to yre thoe expenses of getting ar taken out and put to death. It largely oo the aose The W5 asht .ington
thesqg~e o lI an ordinary dr o t ken row. Too o cu s to un that it would h e aln act Poat in spealhinD of this ruinous b s -
p505 s2MUO, m- a y ot the soldiers hace excused their of humanity as well a a goo bus iness nes says: '
t hmamoeds on the plea that tony were mote to take those brutes to a hospital The shotgun quarantine system has p
IKe Ia>AaTrnak. If the War Department will and put them rp fror sale to the highest read suh a state in some ofr the '
tase the precaution to atop the use'ot budded. There is no doubt that many Southern 'lateo that It will surely run
ibuor In the camps. t het witi he able of them if taken to the country and them unless it Is rledormned. In some
iLms- esi t e W 51 to dispense with tha e use of invesi- taken care of could be reclaimed. Some places there ais no longer a Justflmable ,
i gailoeg o pmmttees. of gihomt o a eare am ong th t ha ve benma peca a tal ep b e alftin
Th e "a-the a .nd do m a mistake buet a, matter on retaliation between I- ilI1It'
"'-1'm'inuuisa B AD JURY *YpTEM. to p a~ them to death without gIving county and paJrish city and town. t "
S the another chance for life .and u. is a case of you qurantin e us, an
7T insresalto pay the oeuen iofutted n aret a an a e utand t the a -ry Io l FargAe intone h yea, n o..e .|biptone
-am.m tryA rem ard to te ciarnk against t have no aus tsorty to either sell or u ve board ot hea i or self-constituted au-
aL. (enator, M is. iasy, ad they a re them away, but wle are of the g opdnbuion thores t on anoa dlRseases my be
0ounde on act The p, ,f is gu-r tha. if proper *Rort were 'ta, such relied upon to carry out the threat to ba

111-"11r m w eds on oherie&o etha i mo ve to.te wo rth t r ifor, of the South are bgt nntilng to feet the
Sa I s agalnast hI wati e ll bea small matter disastrous earects of this perenal pu hs .. s. i.s..
-' S .. nPe sylvania that w eil convict him. About fifty army ofienals Including Northern and Easters n centers. T "
WOn thripoint thea Loul ie Disbpatch cleIrks passed throk h this city during latter feel it Just as keenly.
.the past week on route for Cuba. This
twsef 0 S .ntotor Qay has been mailseted by a Is an advance guard to the army oe FLORIDA'S CONORSOmMN. ''

S grand Jumpt for tonsp racy to loot occupation, that will go later. It a From the Talaaase < Ftoridlan.
b ka pi son Is Indicted with him. fact worthy of note that this dittin- It is very gram ying to ote the en-
T" tt Is ih small a latter to disturb g tIshed little party passed by Cat arle- Ith st rece n sn which are beIng
mQua rThesy could no mt re convict ton. Savannah and Fernandint i and accorded Messre Starkmaa and Davins mtos0
SEeg ard e thfe a Pensylv ana J uryIh than came direct to Tampa where they em- the candidates for Congreuss from the is
nat oro Au d conduit ark Hanna before barked for their destination. This is State. Fo" a couple of weeks they
an Ohio udas. d M, whose business another strong awument in favor of have been addtressing the people In the
it to steal and buy States are the kind our city as the natural, quickest, and penosular port-bn of the Stat e, and -
of sh that break through the mlshes mist feasitle shpptng point to the they have aroused deep inteoet and an-
-"A "'. -I=' wca always catch mi West Indies This party doubtl ess Ea- usuai entheslasm. It a happy sigWn70 rti
o f.t' T TC t nrscut never h old whaiea ned ge t o bthe qil to d that tuehe peofe o Florlda a p-
,n Cootr. TEE INfDIA.T QUESTION Judment by comn direct to Tampa e r m e

F N tha eoo6r n n t ki a jwat. anoft avlB a In Lb c p ot R O U T E TO V-aI*t*s***a upon*Ieele n tr ade*with
S r RdtiCa lSoh P -nn sylvaniath at Will do r oAtehrAtou duTfifty knew bInc ludi s a rnitmas andoEas isr havet re
rbak of om the New a he was a about, when e sated dered tem. Thes e serves have I.-
-. 'plus tree in Wo, p tay amoue achuk he vr ..na m n toth c A mm it tee las exto w e thoat a pi ,an a ,c t ual uty n aume heo Fpl-d 0 I 5ed 5ss" -"s ", -* '-
'" will proceed toenfo Third nta ryrce Its authority wod not be lost sigt ll of a a sppier n a dut y to the aned comm andh ng poalons In
i l oof thing to keep salns a the Pitl a es it crtn point or a ote d supply s rd le d to appeme in Tallahassee on tid he 17th r B an.
t ly. reckoned a s. And JsIt caore of grv- to rsu heir i n ., and he deservesith fro the ctzen AL
Ha Clevland m ieed l0MIton. i antes t oithe varietand orf sorbie t hr AuLg h ERuth aTcom eFIeD. ties, and those en c toan e them to uia e l b n-
g e r a r a a lle up j0 thn ca m e direct tbands ofT the wheeetr be ll e ath e i eneid ate s io C o ea stst fo t he in ter- J I.

f lJ 1 eon 3 Cent o5 ard at Santdago e a h w tighing ntp- fo bren etubsatated If the Pnargus LCH 9o ACCOMPLISHED. t. all l puhse trm HANT
a l are eto lpan. pwas I sn itat onn eeno pn t e a e I rn o und lesi t he dreo parn k can- omtb In fv o t i o, btfela et OUe tiesigectheFk rf rlielshish. T.
t at Blanco wl n.nd show GIGANTIC TRaST. not blao e itesouth fWa star:tng false a u embarked from Tampat be e hen thaSp hand ll Prompt a l

mr e odyat tfe r e e-an. 'h An eff s r is be m. .sade g e ver e. ot rumors a ob g will not be the a Rbaul of the peoyis. get evrRe D Ilitue l o ft. ih the .5"
eral lee bed to play mhe at m e ratlte i la commi According to the War Deartment haies, r t e nation. These taen ave added. ANK M. SIMONT '

Sere are eneavorin g to regulate ral objections to embarking trps from ahingon We be tha e& Our S0 f ncy dress
b =Ingsllwal d wawn so t oc pretty bm p ut m omp e reatredods on tn e charges Florida point on account s: the State thirngt lustre tha e name nour pa sign P hir .
S to otody tg a generoao m ade by the Pullman Palace Car Co- quarantine la. some o our people no t e tn ll as eW Style Coa and Clif hAs '
agen doulotles s g oe the Third Th at try going to lt-i o t- expto to st all places whet-- in hare gained command sig pos itions In .. T s, .
.t he smielinge, phous cur, anot h -xp.r.c~ceh~rwan d itvtd., uan we wil dou eioos te deliberations, of the porvuar cnanch I Tszuih Ex. ?tSL&IsklBId l)
Son be no ue on to ampa. The remov tohe nffcultyAw a-e .t Con'res Sparkmannd is sheoetlr-
?I" ~ id emo ato taraneas mt the count curiosityc. We a berg manteotd nr t p- a d edan to aper n Ta tlah ts on the 17th -

t'm^lhe Is not[ oli ec the san or ea n . tei p t hro ugh th Noh. All e te l e no shadoemsv of a doubt h t tthe i .

rseeola ai.pr n g aounleas, the partly nn con
s oe. "th&aMtno w-lt find Athe GowGANTIC TRUST. not blame the South f .r staring .l ae If the troops t mt are beng sent to our ti- ,ck ,, rt, rh ff. "RTsw,

Cuba art not embarked ft-m Tampo. because ls Iuwsa thai he will Prompt osm um. a.
yI An" effort iC being made imn yehveta ofitti r nicot esIhe ibs uL of the n peoe, get evrthiil m eel. i o thee-o
the states whet- railroad commusWuon- Since uhe War D department ban ru-ied so the romenla tee that nan soni to latest aii ia-s tirt-co etyle LR
era ar ere.eav." n g to.. reguate traoc. objections to e...sarking troops from Wanhgirt.... We beklef that... escry-Our Stoa' ,f Inty -dress -l SIFOli raz.-
r*5 o' SIWAVfm tinsogoleae to put some retrictnodas on the charges Flurcda points on account c. the ttate thurgpossiblenbalathendprmno anout-np t .hA's nd iaidfs-'-ire,,.
M'O M tosanoody Is a gete~-s made by toe Pullman Palace Car Can- quarantine ha, some e & our pe-ople rtDoviure rec.gltion U the War De- t -
i ." ls~oul~h. ~l at the service of ipauy That this g lgantac trIst 10 bare expressed titemeloes in tarot- patient Tb committee woo the neW style collars tttd Clff,. hat, Tass." e'

o 0 glu h a The esployi ar oe xoriptbac tbeyn d ral- i wulo d be a gre otimlstoriexe othe r tribadi l the expesr e ot d iashpe rle-idap .
si up ther mind ots. reas adf the yehrd.ent gngo the comp y thF o n rtu.n sh ouderoiss k fal y elp l ow fesn- facsd t not-ct&hmy ohf ovethat the- J n 18c7.o &

... .. . -. ............... ith the inter-el manifested g our, .srre os a aoset. "."s

ag thlft ew York election The capital stock of the company is -p "U th "x"es ot our
..an.th .h. o s
awoS at -00 to P1 that estimated at 36,000,0 The state- fever -resr'ctions. nttee t visit T ampa during the Cgm-
sThis week ment for the fiscal year ending July .i.I
t $ to an. Ths aWes n me n t asor the follows. ye ar endinguly 1. It seemp thaL pvvr od broken d-,wn ing b inter, and makeat a a personal in- -'
7 1. 1Spain cann L-convincd e n by the spectin nof our hart o r as the gateway
62. leaving as net receipts from operat- Peac d Thc almt-lon cEnac it h os n ti- i nL i1llr u Iued.y oTh.en epromi AIedVT 1
gre A big laundry shop. Ing $5, 4M3019.59. Other expenses ngure Paris a,00 t he effect that war ta5e ia"et -Matn abligla l er tna pro---
bad boys ;a kil nations up $512,163.15, making the net earnings resumed Th humane policy tnat has ,i appro ,re athI.n ..;ra eper chan-
w5is t s s thai'knowla ,4.6 0.50.44d. A drivident of Sper cnt en preache,: by the U l, ead ..FStates. i or rit-n at-e ch
p a0 o0e iuasde who was paid. which In the aggregate ,ens 5 oV have b-en misundersue..-od b ntE oh t o ut romu r ten ult iu r. u no '
-gang. amounted to $29.860,0, leaving a surplus Spain. Kindnpos don't yem-in ) ,OL in i r Oi.
of $1,,70,50.44. The Inco mefrom hth S 1 t

uno a llismayoh n he itfehat Tama Twi ll be madil he tc base tfin

From the GL onesville Sun. An Ottawa (Kani., .nithor ti. oen- p, .u. Ihe m- n tu a A bCOMPLETE No. 9o,- .-,ms ,l B i', I
i te in the ar y A w-ar between the white- and blanci avring to intr.du. rf..rm in h.& strong t, s thai a port .. of B -.
4.lf isoa"eft' hiu parents, he Repubilcans of Florida has been inaug- church wnich has bu n t... i an-d I i it t. seit here f ..r -mu.r.. JOB N0.. .
k p"erlary % ba *wearing to hated. The whisk .--- ,.n one sidc and emr.inently ue-ss.ul ,n rmany uf n te ton. but tMe ar mir..r e.h.-,.ts. ,r-' --
S. others hei tate to make the blacks on the otelr. bha eir i larg.t East rn church.. Il ]. i .bai hu:. c- n..t. uron. .- NEWS OFFICE Bonds, Stocks, G.ain
stther sos, pickets on the utpoe.nsts and mte n go tr ar. E e.-n n tt nm n For sale at a B rgain onist Provisions.
-o prnil iuauary to 1 ret-e hottit ni 0 c coil r t oi,' -: ...-' ,r huh- O o ,- - 1 .. 0" F o r a1 a a B a O n bi i P rov so, s n .,
tssso s fan inarmned the already commeni-.l. ..A houo divi0 t.. cloiur. ? -,.. .. i ; g of Presses, Paper Cutters, Bought and Sold for B
S tft k '. ,are maynF against itsth cannot sarid The coli n- r.y r.::\ a. .. .0 Card Cutter Sfoin., Cabinuets, Carried on Mar u-
H fia 'nii fto-a the Amehr- So id fir t .- ic s-to ..... ;--' - ..-.... -... . . ; : -., Diplav Job iaud Newi pao er -
^ B Mf s-t 'e Yu possessd til not eas- u:,it ol ...t or t ..e .,. it-i -. . 0 " .... Type, d in fact s r W
We~o rlpBst enrn ti e .t co tLna nfltoatoo 'r iel .n ..T.. .. r i .' .. ' : .ype. Borl Type, ant- in fact seso eLo tyout isMi
u .e s., ..thue c a ; r- s^ ^every.th.. for :u .:o.plete news ssteosa. .n.. .adsl.
H. made A forcch l to supinl. t-n .d L, d,..: .O . . ; r,,.... o o Or job office. Thi- material iS o u aneepi. -"asta or
ge5% to appT ar an control -ac.. nr..: \ ,. ; comparativelv new and -wall be poes and ros ho wbhen
shfe3ers. eos4iPatoto make te bD mc as onte o C
g o : . .:Et ww. i er- cer ned, bu every .n.... .. .. od Ba.gain for Ca....h. Ad- ." e* s osdree- sa tss
eof r e ineret in what may t -. ~.~. T -_E TRIBUNE, ab ,s
oeakist theirs so the Democrt-atoietPust- onda ii w hii s ta TrT Rtate
I .m y a' gavernm nt and li is aural th, .. h. ...- ,-... -. o. f ... .'-" "P e" T m Fla. i nor s io n r-et as
"e to S ite Ires ove Shou .l sympathlz s i ,a .a;..- 1 '. . . .. _: ,_', I : n ,. : 'a.. r ," r'. eared is-der operate asfreb:*p

^- TeT moest mndmeo- ave piOOu n 0 YOUR NA ft!
.gidio qmap s i m la poretant part two litca cani- -n- .. n ;...-J r0 0 ,ia.. n i ste tedom "
ma's main plank i Thou shal t I : t war will occupy a nv .u .I eaIn the ni.t ,rs n: ho- mmittee are eu- Da W M o t
f aore nL" o New York, Mr. Ioo.- in completing the wortL. By thit tome.! toed L0 the tan. of the public for .h- te ss t mpo l es
_ldopte4d t. ad ndde5 tot" .nt most ot the generals now in command able manner in which they bare one _. M |

S..ted evidence that the ury system In the

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- 5 51
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Ji1: iV wwwgtte FE .L ieWAemmei aer ji!e se a fortlea fore
tro ta. S owl, representing te at wot on it agaia In a e w days. and
1 IjiP~ T p.nuwf powalt keeo it humst until t toIs finished to
i. I brper ro too be ued a o ene i
e yP W fhi hotel len. It will be e a yy mwla tree
"W" Atun 12 hours ...
enaft9 lineasIn ~tnraof De W lht's witrch uel f alive have o "onfid In

S enjot. bthism m id will enable th short
it second to anein the te o ,, 2 r
JOINT MEETINGS. Mr W. B. Wlliam of Yorksvill N
C.. is paying his old friend. Mr. d. | U *
E. R. Gun by, Republican candidate Hobbs a pleasant visit. Mr. Williams Qn]
for Congress in the First Congressional may boe one of and the Tnbun Chills F ly.
SDstrict, stated to the Tribune man hopes that his affections for Tampa w.l
yesterday that he was endeavoring to be so warm that he will In future regis- ROSy Cheek
arangr e for a joint discussion with the ter from this place. He is a valuable
Demooratlc Cone reslonal committee. citizen and we need him. Giant Al letite.
Be think that sech meetings would
,, K. maeoLi e1,t Ithelcampnniln, and Col. E. F. lGunby has returned Irom N
would s ie the Iters an op rt ty ewl t Yor where he has oeen onh o- LII .
of erlg bothei isof the Important feseat belnsa FE WORTH LIVINCTms
est ltom arguedA ithoot having to a- ris many Tampa friends were glad to
H r l arg ued H e a vi n g to e w e lcom e fltm hom e a dain. W40
t a-a hbi opint that uich disussto er iwtr' Witch Hasl flat e has the 'A
wom oh tve a tendency to attract ment larbst sale of any mawe la the world
Auge crowd RHe &11@6addressedLa. Tbi Col&. Ea R-. Gunby has leed fromnest
SNew Yoork, where he ta been po- i Grethen Buchol the acom-

SPh o untdt tonal btaew for th a pthed auher o P H W.

egen Ie l trunoy has beem vernber mts.a O. GanbyI t a gentleman hole& county super ltendent of Pubue L .d
Oas se itUh eert s atly esteem by the people of TamInstructlon. left yesterday for DeLan. dh
aopartrmasfts city f'w awere delighted towreet e Skess anwedeiatml en ad be teJh. N
thme oM W bea mM e l u orn . r oe 1 w'
j w o h sas bi e + you call for Do Wiltt'* Witch o Pack was visited by itI

-, ogsoawt hteeamadKent aocet tnutg s else. 5)Wn't a talked day aftenon *< U" e ,
.. the chobo o thrucwoat the 0ou0ty3 0 v7 taoetogBsa A utitut. for(po.-s, for JYOU AN .. 3Uxl t '
aouqted .ttltr0 rW month' rt. Tht Lws, tor burnS. .IL onardi & Co. YELLOW JAVDICE CUR. ... -o *
c.stendsent tha t wasth* The etale of a briht youni lady Sonferain hunnat Bshould be W B d
b mo.nand erepo rts that bakgcakes ad wefers on. a elec* plied with every means pomible for itf Good quality Outing to ftay pastem r ,,- 06 ,
c 1n t hq we wa s tss tr cal -lrae s. woon be witnessed at relief. It a with pleasure we A*uea Indigo Blue Prints for -
Lefayet Mte street The Delmonlco the following: "This is to certify that S poOn's Print for *" ,
*t adthrtere n eftis "WI i sopleei oIatw tISp-to-date. A garbrasher I was a terri suerer from Yelow Whie D Te 10
Slare i s edr me e now- to tuout the detolous Jaundice for over six months, a.d wasA
Vry lare comaredwth stakes for which that famous place is treated by some of the best physicians -
Sated tr In our ciaty and all to no ava i Dr. Pr C d W at r.
S BWWARE OPw OINTJUfTS FOR CA. - BUCKN'S ARTAL- Bell, our drugTist, recommended llec- P .
S" luamttT owDi JAiNmacAURr.a BCI. S AIA bE. trice Bitters; and after taking two oot- ,rA
S--- OTh obest salve In the vo-ld for cut ts, I was entirely cured.I now e We have a new line Of COMFORT8 ifom 0ups A good
as mercury wll surely destroy the bruis. bogr. ote alt rheum, r .ve great pleasure In recommending them: grade Of Down CoirortersB as reiimk Iyrn t pr .
s enseof % o Ieteltr deran& *1,$tettar, chprped hands. ciuot Mm
~le ot al wt enrage oret teti.ar chopped hands. c. 10to any person suffering from this ter- BLANKETS as low a 49o a pair WeIaohqi Iarg
thr ues the . n.er sinI and o kiUve- ufine ple a malady. I an grateful, yours. A eortient of Novelty DIres Goods, to whi we invse
rouh --m --ou surf ce& rieqlre in Is gto arantee'l to i. I A. H-ogarty. xLngtom, y."
r o ver e ecep rfect sfaton or money riun Sold oy SB L,,eonardti druggist.
.Wv.- 61-- prcr3" lon s um repuit&ble physicl&ns Price. cents per box. For nle by a b" 5,L
rOeft." as the damage they do Is ten odt lD B. Leonardi *Co Twenty-tlx pack nmles frr n pack
S the go you can porssbly denies W.V Ly, the urbae and popular trains 5, 6 and 7, located on the Tampa U
.crsc s toured by F. J. aeny &A Co.., irtleJu, .,system, who has been spending hi well for New York, from where thly will."
ooS,: 5. D no m ercury. a a ta.c I .l 'T en 7 1 4 1 i h w l
Ipa if. D. 1" tt, 3 a uriy bpln L A earned vacation In the motn tal witn elbak far -Santiago. b left tin P
~ a md iAn"cou Yurtaca 0t rme sa'seu- a iyis ngtrip to Washington, Philadel- charge of Packnaster arkett, who will 714 716 ad ,
in auiyIB m leo twa4.arroi CtUe, n bu..C phia. .Boston and New York. had a m.st a.com.pan them an their jiorney. They
St yos tea a lue. t e p.e- celn time, ottrng home grea are benig sent to take he place of i
antd n ly. and matua.in Toletu. tnio, by r'. -ecelita time, rtm nh h, h greatly packers .-ho h""e become disabled by
J. CheLaeyF & CO T wlmonal frcs recuperated and ready for a heavs acr packers aho a ue become d sabied byA I I. AD11
' m, Sold by all huggieta,. price T7c. per hard business, which the Plant Cttem s cns ad h cauP kent. Vie akft ielot.. GoeIki. A tA r
at In toget imL PHYSICIANS. E h g
tl-t to -est bos. Rler AnYnuto are .ID. ant.Tatites thi winter. AL ARION 13 E WrED B BEST tio l +

Mel4te u- --- --- Truti wears weu. People nieatucd I
tght to be Tr. J. Th 3 nwne and wife have re- thai DDL itnUI Llt itUe ".ii R.sa c se and guaranteed t, cure Chills Fever
ity- to get utrned from a extended and dellgtful reliabi.c aL e pill to rerti.a&iL tnc and Ague. ALl druggIsts r Icon
l vri tom NewL Vort t. Louls, KentuoKy buls. urng ecunsv at. -n, get p l r S s terom
dly. The and. Kansas. They have ieen gone headache. Tney aon'ti ripc. t Mofflt-Wis t Drue Co, St. Louis.. !. ;o
fven out at for six weeks and have spei. thee time Leonardi & Co. A FLORIDA.' .. .
ong before most eha rllmy. Mr. .Tu..e wit ile f,- J 6,-mk* TAMPA FLORIDA.
tetta in JKenatu ky contacted a e,e of sick- Mr. Hugo Shwab of the Forida fotfl .-h who
t new tha to Indisposed he& that lor Brewir.g Company, woa among the B Bpla s, i t wit nt -W
8 to8 wtew e *aaeolned to her 6 Gase.. the cur-te lir or 0 0
eh2Ma 1v Ie M many passenger on the e Ha. last up- .1 1| | C .CAPITALA 100.000.00. t
SThee room. e They were glad to get back h o ed a case e o o oo tha ~
as home and their many friends were night for Hava where he gotolookn s arge pital f any bnksouh f Jackso l.
h tbi f lghted to we-come them. after the wants ofthoe 1whMoetong Fh sIofcam naec cos ai
P down conttutlonsw o demand something f syes aVMi bsi-.d aEvery aommodso si I .t+ I ..
*t uALARION WITH MAL LRION more exhilerating and Invlgoratlng kiss banking grensd. Have unsurpasmed. fadb .e "
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Agent L-ingston, repres-enting the of Manatee county, came up las: r:grnt.
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MrC. Clitp. of a l Iar abSMr. ----- -_ NO of _
K Xalit Terrible Arraignment -. ,c o(Ular for iso llature, Conspire to Wake the Occasion One By GO:inngthe Visiting Delegations a In Which a Woman lstantly lio
bep"bla rty.- nt *dbe s t ba the e t mei S Long tobe mambered-Peter D"hal Boit Bide Down the the Brother of Mra. Xelaly on i
'eyas it i tlaemy of t roeeralcoai were w ade and O. enisht and Other Party Anclote ,iver-A Bi Day the StreetD of Caton-An -
SLabM new inee r memberwere elected. Iaidere Present. and Much Good Done. Oeorge A "eted.' "

P.rom Thuraday alily. From Thursday's Daily. A most entbuaisiaic and well attend. Special to the Tribune.
The Yon i MW '" <' locratic Sub g 8g eid too Low on the Paving The larett and most enthusastic ed democrLIn c netting was held jester- Canton, Ohio, Oct. -.-George &xin 4 l
of Tapms in their tag ficent, Contract. democratic mass meeting of tne cam- day ai Tarpon hpringa, the beautiful a brother of Mris. William M Iay tel tnlstwit-
cIw a- uao hall n2tc-t iew __paign was held at Clearwater yester, litt e city by to. sea. It waa h ld in wa shot dead at 8 10 o'clock th even.
&|Jea'bl~iaB~raui b{ 3fe bhall if F'Pom Thursday'a Dally. day. When the speakers arrived in the the m.urniba in oeder to give lie speaa- tng, before the realdence of MtaBya g.
a large, we tlitr well I -ai Is the account of the proceedings of morning a gret throng was assembled era and others anu upo rtun ity to cLatc Altiouse, of the- late George Aln W c
j e ei "d in awry w moet ,lorta*lbs board of cosIoy oosniasioners in aed the warm reception tendered them tue alternoo ra m. t r ntairman eeFive shotshe we oyd, three or
bn.at. adr i tCapt. 8 b. Hope had been awarded w ng mb p ad e mtg t eon was unconscoum w
Sit ste .. o% rcr sralt for thm oatruction of the for mlesg around the city, in alAnca orer, an after a ee remarks th es a do n t
at L8 Pras ide -_ L c*daa road on NIebreaka avenue. every style of conveyance, nad come to member of the ex ors ave- to nvega
etn'o bid ant'aed wa ,pI mil listen to the orators discuss the vital uve oimt le oi sa e the ahootlg, and de
e i qul. usmbe same able oaput the contract to isnes of the day. umiog the hair made a few apprpri- mer having expressed the opinion
In .. .' i Illtti iiife lndertoiokit. How. Shorly after 10 o'clock the assim- ate reemnarkS. HI closed by nlotloucia death wa instantaneous, three
--J i 4 o 0 ab tf('5t 2flo ocoetieration blae C eallee o Oi byD County ol. 1 I. Yacey aino to l l te having entered the vltak joet.
ta democbrdtwec c n ndDw h e I the divorced
gf eelesitnaee In..y'en adstor be c ticn eter ns C. come os rvlly pbpua S ms tor Sampleu George who
M TMI ] tJBE Tiltdw^ Ucoo, cnoidat r iue glla-p ty cm erse gae C bali-at ^ .o-aur
hall ^ .14- t clwncol touur was uhaniemOtly c hoen esr.- Ulh ou e t i v It s was of tl in wa tenantdo a rtam.61 o
s^^" S 6d t. of frieds and his ow etter judg- chair he was cheered to the echo. Hle t argutieitos, detoiere is a6 usual n od a proceedlang l led o
4ok wel ntbe at on ntltleo the boas that made aofew timely remarks eon the In aracuve style of peLakini, cate ou o th elate Ge

centrast to the the meeting and hoped that much good hemrt outbursts o0 applause sood owe to cure the di c .t oe
We rbieB^ wab Harrr for the cause would be accomplished. w L bt w10 o- v asi o.the"r e a er a sit I or b d ty

d er t. grea J op eT m H. Ie b dloh audiene forthehoor Proi. L. Wa uonio a H ah theb nintr. aeed. alenatdom ofi the wtmemlf-e
fL m s a The chairman wa authoied to ee: Iie or he onor a 1 naI r el oe r. *i* tin. This ca ha been throuaglr &t a
W F a L8 A i t ai oon t raot with hem ulario him conferrea on hila ald opened bte meei- one of hi d har a treistsu sver- eo. t,* the intermediate conrtn ; adwap t
who w lot ie tohe aUndie na be oIne craene eoer noey of toe iceue. come t a.,r Of io by the tAete sotn as poser ant.
oref bid" statad msewoIattd $7eplntitool of what thhe teits deds- an linters-tedeiViga ed flt remanded l pet.itrieh- asr

ailg w of i W remcase a bee s e-- t-. .re parrired cnvtction, aind a gwrat o u l-cr ato, ade eo and t nngsp hs o r harg on o n acits he. Be
bye A es v Th en ed ai iss spe a Ne burst st au l i f t I mu l fo cs ltI-in T ao 0e ttle dhecurr ed and fwnea dayto a en t is t-eth
I ts eeesnela. A hea rty oun p unres Hro pl Gs a fner s T wo de tha trew a n gre atl h51 oeersen ta a est oi tl emt wf de a n eeted. oon as George atstre
pl.3ause Angeete th e senqa U bs appor oe~~recate.ks ll.Ox0. ino ewoM Iw eis e. oIfll5 2raon w tcaine wtfe orerf "l b ety 0t1. D. moleiea. Yg mou. en as ea
aeaad pde e d -tl an co es s b ethe T rbu e e attorney Co C. Whitkber C of Tampa, numnl c n. eW i l e .rit- Y no e 6

bes sd: '-elOW tulsa ": W tec Jalelton, il un., est l r.- T iodbay w dna. j teoan srvicase ten te Oha isoatefo st tle d e rilsg 5 0 .0e oran desierea5 e5o othsert en edt pon
:- LeOsoloi Of yellw fn ever for .c amal g .. itre ica on M George maIntasned et. l.. t ahs

to l 'the ill eatih, cMr epaer. te w arnes eloi quent an all he demusiotc retesf to bei ln control when arreed San refund t eW
4. yea r r i.i nn beda- I a nI h wllo of the new cu l res onvnemin ing.eu d his arlumey s left -eot and ike i msprort nce. of at- m a tateent. be oithv ria
S esa ; a t prepare an neroe ine.o'allTiy ,oet quar. depimpresson o the pepe. nd.. to t wo ie eiio i s. t neal ta ti e. Geo ol f
d. -b. l bre f .3 u l lIn o te corl no rothe t colony e next wsne er@ on thle l-gr am n im ,t "t c.andidate fore ti
-q Ass a rIe-ta,,f toatdor cs. do p Pnea riil r atha as r a r tf x t ax aisestor wai next i M triDue e l M r t *d a g te S
he I I to ctho l wan i e ii a nth t lea g o m er t o utrts t x lot rees o the too t o e ure th e other e ets re l s a e r
e t e dee arye f. tio a. d hbe coseat attenotioo wl bisues twoorcampair e r g ad to ha- been eot trough thae ii f,."
ahes. W lSs .e-, a e~- Ot e eti n.rIns. u rh g .o pnt.s were Pr H. L.O s eate but Taro o Atu rs tos5 apeat, 4 -en it fde r t g.r. j e
beat' le ura t t went it he t horrain wla infected dstrct H ave cheered, P.ift fall nr bctee bter or aiuleged Impopr ,16 th. *Wms Ihas t ar
A. w? BADTIM e, on ad p e et '

wele ah'tt Ia anh rn ant raiet d un- been wide extended, and now include At tecoc on on addre re s din- J.elt hullen, candidate fur tax use o the monerm ed outu e.-iat otdx i'
pT' ie' "n tShe e nti nil p0rthwet pr n r o w dsnn.u.i eel. .noe who partok n c lcior, wade. aii ca,,uiaig mpaen hs- Mrs. Geore- aove bond ond thenn tdt tehejt-- Ole< .lh C

"' y yd-ieLtLi tnlJ L r-ieK tro tofihe city whicn its lhabtod of this loeant dipwer, soin a ely pr e- tth d io tise b o llf e t i sar an Is known he- a d xthtll- .
s. p &lcla0 l" c padlly by he o n prrr e ode slr e ttha tit aopequal .n a tt w og tis t t h- e t-'"l eO ,ad-eil aW It roa
Sorl lt w h e ei sports mlters. "ery serious at th- w ountAy Barbeeta d uHee.st rh keti cirt tYoe o f s ir s pan d knos t ae au e e Georn ere baonrd ..
br't d i Lul P-L. neOt.S i.xw tf it hetir i se wtnd r. He the cope tl, of r,,a Onw taro tonterie e pP el d
b f jlib fegem.at ie e e ia trai n will leaet pies frit fiheJn in f act ever thn god oinswre lodya ised pormtedn t o-ha e aert Dy patmt ... . p p -p ......

-r palsa gelAa o aba r e of ilel ean' r. that ph-t ty ao n sr pie th a r T n e wt- i eH. fr ItTshe Oinste t w as he Ma ar ea y l n te Snteary a foe to the wmo "His uy a

ri on e ofhav re ak satotih r niomatok eod TiunrTes Dr. Gitb was nerv tote tn r.oso a mos1 and t hail Forh e irs store andir is a of A lliavne. a vasioon anetsurg t oe lax theitoe t.f
t eis tlaeftlt.. Wl9iqnqb., r.~ been sent to.Oeoror to examine suspi. kilforbl h acolr very 0one we tom-en woreKp t gie ing ny he most at t arid
who go te s into a 1 ,- tna Jei tne r a sa.. tiere ftbt op and- co ntend 1wey rebpetful be ar he la Cnui- t he i s e damas econd gae mo rom axo n. a0et0a"dl-aw

i rety o b. y W ler V le) re rt hre e as- ate tr e arta t a many onheglt- trh re p o rof ai d lgo tf n r. heo anon e.ed hsacon ma ertaeo b 1- q WCt t i r--"i rt-
l e oaventes. We have as; two .uspi ciu as; fair ritical- banketluas remainedtae glfocity ore thrug a ed .
a at@ er frm the repubtican^ ly Iii. Noo em ccea for festh ct Or-. Alterdinnera sbol hour tbe dot o the tour and tns grat her and dmetcd her for another Firt iii.. avenue. i j .n
eMai o i lane wood. soci al t isercoorse too Iriecoly greet aeterest tey m nitenied at ti-ia meet- woman, wax gr-etrd; ,nitI
Wc li e yo"l 4o e atr-. if alow.Y n Wrp iinK rA es trn ewi fr s rearspa kesade rt which theMs 0- i leowing ln asa r aingo 00el pttioi Prel dent McKI nleya wandes wfe a r. tt mbetnardae ilXt

..iiqm l t -kingi oo, yenthe M elwer f for ...., awd morning i ac re t ue r..o. i enta of .i..- d Iay. -
A g 4 the SoL o Aho meeti.g ahe wTr wil rriiv cnaM toparten t a t o ;i4 pil a d cnt r. B

er l SllSeoli5 aup ^y aims-' T ret .er. T= t are leaving wt tesy cci grutil ticHa s for tIne e r el o thentea and o fa andu tohe ,,m ei-ng the Babnt- ilera r otu r.o nda-to aothen r. -e B -
or- rilg en- s ear. prat feam oher poiat About 2 on 'c k the meet ng recon- toe wamre sne.erd ao.w m rcp ion toh helamBmne

gre cris Tif e r f is a t d a B.e wedl e9 il- e grove sli ihe apeni t Xli- by the leading citizens after nic on e ors mae bytefto .t ae t srhtli,. tFitt
hi:sn"' Dtepeeial ctB el hf a lung In re-pose to g'-nerei deT anx i he mking was re-i ne. "? l he ciotawd rld the3 ere p rvied th a moat excel- --o tt i or th clel
wrb tike gaient tie lreat cn th*St ie Reard miii tomorrow iseiie an anireosed a oaiserbfy in omoars amd len6 d=iiiir to whsic th y dad ampla Spoecial to the Tribune... u'aay wi' cr5 ei atddlk a

nsknsissorealeb eenltti, oa der prohioiii co tro-af one teah i-aereai Wholt hit'fCXwd t odeall steam- Jwistle'. Wahntn D C.. Ott. s tnd ak-Oit th e ttseib
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these llle doliers end sacrifices tie -,,weTo r. nill he a ,iw-aeo rs ho-sd Knight, knee pepop ir-,'m .t tae tatloal leom Mr. Decker tic weil Mciinley, to-day apnoloted Thomas 5'. hoeTrer t, ar d
ht a of sasy hgeae menu. id- me n trainsf-ori,,rthlern piui. coasnay eweculive cc iltt.o. Ho ooo i',otnepng dealer, ir is rioe down Mi-Gourit to be United Staes Marinh1 'r.i isijscnd ee i .r WUi

whlebvyiy u l%&-dt a b a sie.e ci tails m a.de bea swpidraiay esid genat op. the Atrhe otn river an hii hsiido-,me for thm Northern Dlstrlcm of Florda. c.r oe s o---e
'bal actd Usabie eatio -I~tt t.-c hew oulan-, nct. b--Or, oclu on plau ne. ar id-hiu i l. iapp3 manner steamer This tied a-rio aif tgo maont nol bo .. t-h
p p..-" lle.- T heavily omm paiuit ,o .ma.,e, the soll....ieg report : New niad- n few ,i a rl reo toici p.ie. s..,abc leature i. f u the da s T TROOSS ON THE LOVE. wi t-vitre
e--ts.Ofhelrcetloin e a bein o re five caice. tue dhei n. is n. great imliort.rr..of 0tesaidir ir to war ar i e... t.. o the ..a. it i....f t ahe riv.-r nar a IsMnowet

bancrleed egroat nal"-- --- l-ia-i Ia a onei c wai 'oe n alor. fl byT p g. Ayo....nhd eceirl hot iii ret-ri rd ihtt iitf walt ie f eIi--
b:'" e re-eleaon of lciasien ,, t,,e 5'~ .ee, 0, 5 'eetl -ufgqG "A t-iai -,, gao nextsinr-- tie pDonee fwr t .rio recepahe. for theWinieroinths. they two eoo

deedii't uhe' eudossra'P wee tr,,abted ri tent, red hemP o o ar-i Mr Deko-r fir his -C thg therC aspenldb
D ana e i a I h"e T'h, havcr.i e iar ay liet mPaLte P ver .IK U eon-.f the bti stsaty henri gt sedty. tie dllogltul tr-1- doci, pit- rto here II

ye, i Iiets. fru-t ,oC ctai~aa lii ) Bob the.ndpr- offerevera
.tens tluueAn. "e'l. nam, a-a-.it te i.- both egatertt l:i'-fatid eloqwiat 11110 Pecrdlel to. troin fur -. me. wa'cas h ton the b thee a- ape i sod lagi
I t.a pai" 's E r Ire tSe tim, O rs Iis has hi backancn Asaoo n

mibsa-m r'adi4arm mere ii $ L the To. ynnair Tomit oti,,re, .I H. POLIC vMeN GEt THEIR PLY. han already gone into effect. '"he Vise ap easl 'com
t4 =0 lnaapoUit J pav. uat a C.shes, ma.* Bpiil mitreoil',lf unl dei- -- troopis dtatione at vma rloo parts of the exmmese antfossm
t.-at is *as t 9 t1trMsta 'sf-tis, Jarl asot. I --lm&e dex.am iretec pca- erea a-ey nne sdoras Hi- rem-rko Hxcelintl Sbowing Made by uhief Ul ion have been ordturd to move Sooth -syor I-o t al

T present repuihl.onn party ccv Wesuitrna Ii the nrep is stior t D. P. reined Ily ctap sodi eria. August and Macon have boon c- G'erte Saxton w
e ekoa4two toesio nd a e hav e sa es; t o wu kndry be tue Leg- Several other tonroopt 1 tdrea-at t g ea ted an hea urte r for thE Fot- i ..... -----
ptthemoridI htan aver knowo. 'lie I aurs. ao. W. angietol for C,.ic- were made, letter whirh the meeting Yeeo as ps dos at tie plice sod Ss Inantrycrs retteiy. Hoprirtoydet
budesef th klae i n thus e D i are f nlTreasuier. Theo ores tea peei,,eta for teee-totk... d a ca... of dt- . their beYptMnibr toy. ike) acre all Uoder the. reognIzatIon of the vo- a. commiwite-i
i. omiosa y than it&eIr ro. 'lxe -ieyed haif I W. fe.ver will repaie the 'ihe grove d hernh tie s sleeing ja g in ithe seetcf bol r .1110 The pbi mulgated oy" the Secretary Prtar, to the manner naw
it- vilti araste of a 0-eac i ation 1i.)lnsli's f b*r CountsTao Ci, tecter. heio wa r 'rile an l. ii I emost hand ri-li Ati the epaet-c-i i f 'r lie illtinth Macon is tO have divlslon aseoadiar- to lay meeheirn thle

Iare stake. The primaries parsed off quietly. snip manner wtt butirg, pale-s ao. ci S ptemiutr auii.ut-i io $1 247.49. ters, and two brigades consisting of the Ported ttat ati OM
o, I' .cosclisliui, let ado- nay that I am evs-.green-. 'l'ipe dela-htfui ringing by y ih- -.iit deli.re it ie i tl to.a.i-t ou ts 1
a a Inualieui nake a speuti sta- Pubhc Library Repoe.rt.l iIn1 I l- t et d--tiohency in rthe tmtutt of Third United States V"'unteer kEngi- t
.' war a iximos L my ture of the ,.-'ion and ddei-d much to i.1 e .. i, t. s r i... - m ore neers, Second Ohio and Six i ni, i tr ced to
ty flI-tO ht ili kw clrast my heprt the Ir jyitenlt or the d lThe n et- tii- nia .a ce- ba i t rrei ne tiepArt- Tenth and Seventh United States Vol- covrlng the repot
ad eia*nipslpaithelre Sitt you .1 our The report of th C E C. b.iC ing .tr-..n. u wasr. r t ihtver-yb - y menr fr:.m t pe -re.i .o I f.s c.er Intfam ry.. Tre ea tmnertteeag
erfise to bu a d up a whit- c-one' In Library of the Congregatiotial ti llrch could r j If n-vor3 place in tie e ol-do e, ,- recoie heir full : At.nta. which is also part of the int e thntood of it4
yi work 16r thts .nuse I ball .a. is 1 interest to all the czen of onty d ar fet a- re-r an in d n ofthe First Corps as ha hey
en--. wbvv t in, at-h Tampa. It did a -pIlendid wurk aujong are's in tem poltco woa lr eme t ti e rorket: i-rs s that b ve a brigade of the Thirty-first Mcign, pdht ea
ebpm feAlt- wier thry may. I1 ti- a I Id woo fl te d the moid he to itark- ii rucc. t il li-se a fliugodo of the Trirtc Michigan. hcS
S o fior yowiar athenti o the ,ldiers wlb crowded r.e ruum much larger gnd the good cecompli-ed beer, appartot ir. ih man.,i e',t iot, Fourth Tennessee and Sixth Ohio. the uioard f Pblna
T ga pgCILPOLRD during their stave and wlii will appre- mucn greater. Work g of the f.-roe f-r the '-- e The Second division of the First and furnish to-ga
a few loqent words Pres dent cate them if they reurn t our city. months eb te cuen to oae a crs will have its headquarters at Co- for sidewalks
G"rham iutroaneed Juige T. M. During the month of May 1,714 W much b't'er .howing. It is a fact lumbus, also the First Brigade, conelst- property. -
.'bls lelmq'Au O next paker. H u W. S. Smith Finds a Wife. epr of tet tohe irst West n
Find" baMxlsow peakr l perlous visited tri room, in June l- worthy of note thit the Tampa police g o the Firt Weot irginia, 0 pt a
tBetr*y u your eymp atlies 109, In July 1,L27, iu AugusT 1.046. e . o ae force is a credit to to-e city, and Chief Hundred and S ixtieth -Indiana, and e
-q I of 5,-V. S Smith, formery mngr of Woodward is worthy of tt-e highest Third Kentucky. Th" alah. of tt
t t. bad prered a net spech 250. Duringtne ameper od 351 bo ks th- Almeria hotel, an Miss Nellie praise fr i. cartl and efticient Amerius has the Secn brigade was increased to
o i but I plae were rn from the library. Med, wbo has filled the position of maicieee. Hia report oor the opposed of the Eighth lassachusetti per year.
|BS ''* a,,lf Soh wha i'Doider th were An n from the library. hea watre of the bo'el for omne alonti, of Septembcerread- as follows: Twelfth New York and Third North A umbe, of tU
i colder Mthe A new Webstera Interrational ti e Fines assessed . 903.50 Carolina. f fred to h* tits
ave t l of the CSig.ign My pur- Dictionary anda number s f new books Cotsme. were quietly arred at Bra dec o a3essed4 Alany has the Tihird brigade, con- The coun ttihe
poe as e lb gie you Wsne information hare been added since lit report All town on last Tu'e-da. Bcs torfei -. 22 00 sising cf the Second Missouri, Thir
hawill eghe your achme leading m aznes and repre-nt.,tve AboutTot 1,50 Mississippi and Frs Uited Sates V OB
to the demtoc pert tay kieg r da h e are on file. liert is a tree pubil ea reo a c i vorc in ite 2,, vii court rot- Bon rite 0 uneer Infantr. .-
people One s le reading room anud library aud open i. former wife l-- at -r sent lrig Fineremlte 7 ugusa is to be he hadq a -e o t
.Z"'-SSS party nd thev tlr Ie re- dall). It is who;ly sustaireJ by tLe nith relative- -.t A;..a. N. Y. On C,.t-s rcinei te 5 00 the Second rigadh. Two brigades R rt At
B 1 .'Iere alasother a.irty o frte glltS(f it frieoos. Any wh-)W lati .a I mo--il..i and Misse Finetsc.,lected 51.00 be assigned there, consisting of th -
4 u amed the gold standard demu- to help by giving books or money) can .leid oared ithe tIeanier 3JaBate i tots Co lected ... 45 Ten-h Ohio, First Maryi.ad. "Third ac i1 to the Tri
imt- easI co tirolye o factor I hand ahe same to the libraran or Io an. iahd a rt Brad,.Li.F where hy Fires rolkd out 1 3 Michigan, Thirteenth and Eight Pnn- Claman,
Stodl" -is mo indebted to the the pastor of the Congregatiu-.i se- res a li ere ird re d hloi- iOi r o u ... 4717 sylvana aand Flftnth innoso Contrctr b
Sstadaed (fac.n of tie dmo L urca. -ev. Mr. Sprague. bano aid w;ie Athens will be headwaters of t -veral dir,.a
'faMFwr theelectio of MeKoio Ma. .t u-o-wrT The)y ree.t:r., x,, ii c tv ,r, Total ... a1.b0-. Second division of t.e Seiond Corps. smotersi eof thaet
tliown party. It is ue ibrarian. Wedne-d,,. evn.n ans lok the i i Czrit colleote $1.172.4-5 Two brigad-es will oe i.cated there, con- crui .lsefiViac .-
et1eintnddle, mhOoratoch4 to know that Li sstin of the Fifteenth Pennsylvania. e orto rimtt
e dt dLmorat are tran otr \Wan nlo where ey ill D-,y Sherff Capt. looney left yes- 'ew Jersey, Two Hunred dond ae
nOf t Lt rotubihe tob they Manter of Trains. Spend a ijmitri s-eing the sght. tda for Ta'lahassee to escort obert second N York Third Geo i and s ;
tej P y are gwoog about the W. B. Mobley has been appointed They xoeet t return to thu l city' Diamond to this city.- who is wanted cn Tenty-seo nd so ew Yo ireaia e
ha, tog S usoeane body to kick 0ebd N
-or .i tbIlme them.," master of tramna of the Plant system where MIr. Smith w.il embark in busi- a charge .f sealinz money, from Mr.tona
&t saie. e Ia elaurdefloi. Succeeding W. H. Harrison, who for ne, Mug. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Cramp of suimteo i
g and n a erly held the position hut fo iome rca- Miss Mali. Lucas. one of Tampa's Capt. G. R. Boaz has assumed charge guests of C. Whitfeld They are on C .
S pary ofi tiro inta nterviewcriticising the United rn.si fascinating and accomplished of the Hotel Arno. He is the owner their way to Braidentown, where they -
aT *te p P o eID te fwni yo..ung ladies has returned from Gaines- of the property, and after making a fw will permanently reside. S5
][hF1bh Ltne.In tlahtes gov r'enal ci l The sa, where she has been visiting repairs wIl open for business. This .j ^
id t gi 'oPlan) Bystem was more than ready relatives for quite a while. She was is one at the most popular resorts in J. W. Crenihaw of Madn
o e w OcCloeively that they were in accompanied home by her sister, Mrs.- the city, and Mr. Boan being an expert- the city yesterday. He t1e
g^^iwfy a pirty to such uncalled for J. J. Tinsley who will remain here for enced hotel mnugser will fully sustain seriously of moving he ti d -
several weeks. ita former good reputation. -


c Tl


re bee

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bd esOV

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himself ting

IPo^ and B Udst fl gt.
serious ehauges mil against officials TARIFF WA8 Tt TO T
S o orda, and for these TARIFF WAS RN TAT
sons he would always feel kindly to-
ward our people. By the Eloquent Oongressmsn-Other
Mr.letson expressed bThnelf as on th Pr m t
1ed 1 u ed that tlbework of the on t ram ~a ed to
.o..mis together with that of other A pp-Prof. Buchhols and
iektimben who so material assisted X. Cohea Subetituted.
them in Washington, will result in
asreh oon tot rTampa. He, as'weon as
oe ~good(or'ramps.He, axwe An immense crowd estimated at over
the other members of the committee, three thoand people, mst of whom
eels confident that the War Depart- were voters, asiybled in the court
et. fo ret Tamp -4 house square last night, where the big
aoniment of the troops and army iup- Democratic mase veeteg wa held.
pie That our claimed will not be Lons before the Ye bodnedfr the
ht of and when November and DI- 4ong before the te Announedftr the
Sand was w ed4'ld geat crowds
tihesr way I stand the lt& circle. It was
ie. i t the ltal gathering that has
19.D. j -, n TOpa since the lart

la in4Itofwte wl that at ectlon, ani Te 'bor CQtyabiep played a
Vn ten acres of land near U rr. de of he

dx c Cuthre of chowl1oei atias tie-

^^ *r y __lm~ry exercl ani.Pl9bw' minsee5

a queslections con by a mo.t
: We've bea e to b and te reter 8 oo'o the queS
o p, e s t.md t te Ta mp.an tiair l of the arrito A i. He exo

Leo^wga g^d. tu 'rb @0w eprs sed himsef y,6id^p

a, b q n s asoaostr tong nts In support ey
S a5t-,Do Land Rde60"&d Judge te oii *it "e
A Mor *te lgMwaf oiher sad t
oflt ae H adrv 0 tj ty, aid made some
N rwar A Pa at ra CnpeL Wia rl Hoean. a no

snrgis the wontot nutnto h
~b und- s eake ofi thenaI. Aw their wo
aor preseotht ofd he n~ ieilcettlp-
metor pearance of a' tSpart mr. w After
g o l nd e r apologioinc forta t beina In proper

SiAt of hT ld be the greatest

W esa u an repefea a hour, and rec',ieved
ep5Uhh ^1Yid cas. ihe-eid helt an coatii at the b p thelose.
Trul to or queo stions aham annc a oe tt eon a-
or puli lm We've bei, tlcou t oi skne and t review ot n the aoale

o do omoeth .gE handsom for Broinar Prof. L. W. Buchhoi and Attorney o.
towl for hi. ftfune n the eM- H. Cohen, were subttyuted. After a
rioo erd,. trhe mpe r0 ton o tee itori eprahaton.n He ex-
Caounk I *, tue *rribunei offil, pressed himself 4ad1 iIre th"Yn
srlt I&Sv a to our fr etlp rup poomed ito the utiang to widch
l.y on. li b, O -sunoi baastrong arsmnts In support o
t W411 _" hi.-a 4 hAWIC-L 1 ^ jA4_YteWX He **V*7& naibo Iacr-_
t tb i et r whe0 W( ork he had ac-

i hi shout n W. Cter witn deliver ad-
l at tin r oof deep water channel

Sbt o h o tnIos motty, giving rt oi- his

ax. He said W Dered never forwet "l1a Disoser o
tiaiC Wv*li oe real Biu if re bra opinion that the7&y was not far dis-

e, tbn he did; hat to siz e io DO of
MOUS IB t te wold* W- dobut LobuLfI" when the 4*ropriatlon would be
STaiededyde and then wor oo accomplished Guam.
t iu the way Of ret pavo. when Tadonpa w ld be the reatet; we re e

leg old and never were nosed for'
op as -,116. V1!0" V *If of Mexico. He
Gjtnir At -be amy poaiefor nearly an hour, and received
i-e TiVbwe i to In o utawa on ovat1 n at th a close.
Am eotaest success (it Mr Graham announced that on ac-
Spuo l O count sickness and other unavoidable
itSedf We ,Ap4 v o-apSUiWth c ures, tat' -e her speakers announced
ile ta 0 bran sprlr ut nTewPb oue41 n ot tei othalvn could not he present.
atall for hi, faithluldery in toe dl&- H. Cohenm were substituted. After a
ariofal uplt d te is short address from eachI the meeting
_ewlrr. t out to otlon, gorhrname announced that
h 'A on q pt Wednesday evening tod
i'fim^~i~$S~y~rff^Ka m=W 'aireaI" *ouh'address the Young
>la acQeainiance, ad oaturauij Our Men's Democratlc club in their new
e-revted t ouramog ttev m to room vln the rece some days ang, to whirmch
e. h is true fro m. Day, we a11 resenta invited. He also an-
9n" ha-Mmma Diva by, so V4 on a mask meeting on the court
rALZWIMUU'mf as< Ub square.,A Wednesday evening,
We N1ffy hlta t whent'has C. Wilson. of Bar-
ag about 1WkJtffr. and W. A;f Carter wm deliver ad-

SWihOW tijri to rob the yJuog fpanish commiioners at the meeting
iSai S wrtsele teves, hobut on Tueeday, db quegIAW-uIg i
sP AG od,' Sde, d1 be disposeft atprepqt.
M r. Day's dispatch ,
ii~ CS, -siaosst er ~night, recountlthelw
BIM.ML tlMthisk itis soa bmaDa-t mission yesteryy, announced that the
IfS batiLArsismal. l it not as commission ha dete1inined
r i0of ilek o character and great sider the questions rlatiq
S (i Shiott n of eove"ety Iov4 Piteo

,.MEW &LAW t~ granting I Indepene

i l way, h Q to0o be converted Itna eblleved that the Qnestion of the
be goldeo basd heibeen hraughia by tU20
~ ~"_s~ iaie~heVmaissioners. and It
oft indn gis not be surprising if they were making
in i ftlaniA, ec- to get the United States to
iJ,"tske thebiland of Cubs, and nmke some
S7 aa.v phe 1 in provision whereby this government
5 l s^1S h t&ab aWeppme the deit. The President
his' hso Mch bItention, however, and
,it rI Ilch ntrProption wtil be rejected
l r3 AerttCoiummtoneIrt. It 1s
aggleeriefen bu g expected that the Spaniard wll do all
gp tbey cau to asecre trade advantages in
4i j j B41os, and besides will make an
A Oreffort to obtaipsp ecial flhts Tor Open-
s~- lah nk dtenl reiaidnl on he several'
S'amnd to hor tuned over tom'ia go-
te um0lltl with erment or grted dene.

owcfma tii-a aptes. would
.- he -, .

stkesn5Ip Jsdga C'A .i ns sod-fm ills.
a^ av tv As a a muk . A
brvounneC 'a y. Owei ft fFlorni
CharliL '. Call veg Ed saraJ. Oia, Aattc.
n~- t--atsr *m10.
To dwd JP". Of-nc, d a-fel ni- ,
VYoareb-rebymatmled that tha tboreemti-
'oedanit bsbeen commeneed against vo is
msaeo L t-&d ao-r property atrcbed to ati.
IV tWklaif isd plan-iff in the bum of fl'y
uoallad- Ihty-lwo ceots. Now, unem you
appeti taid asit before me. t my ofee is
Ttmla Isaid county, on the first Mooday. the
same ttng s e I h day of november, A. D, 189
jdome twOl be revered gail tot ubyde-
folt, in fttr of sad plai tiff, and your prop-
rety old o raysaid debt.
Plailtiff. Countv Joudg
C. C. WHITAKER, Hi;'sbor>ugh Co., Fla,
Paint f' Att r Ty.
Oct. 7, I-S.


lad the ericawr s M t lot Acquiesc
to Thu rDmnds.


hat Dietnrb g Equilibr;um of the
De1aty Deai-leiewral of Boa-
tltie lrorwV"Anatipted by
theb Owemleslon

petenlal to the Trlibune.
Par Ocm t-e an-The Spanish ad
Ahe rica Pcoa commlshoners that
have been.i d ieestior heuo.s ha e
faed to &.e. ar d a deadlock toInevl-
t*bla. ,4- 1,-
A Aihtkek*B tia .,nemhbe nasWavss
erofea pe: setctatisi action with mat-
an aft tar s they hase so far pro-
greMedeSara rtaat'ai wt o o riquietude
aith other distintuiebed on the Swpil
fi pfeanr to be uadoubtedly
'hltt ie flmneop of the Americans.
Oenral asf-ritt, In both his co~ter-
ence WIthee tComlmeaQonera, is know
to have strnO l sW ed upon Mr. amr
'and.-Vlis c T -aA the Importance of

Uni&t an stea at would reuit from
the retention of the islands and also
pointed out that fpain was absolutely
p tialm to r1eik b her author. The
General belUeved that the beat solution
was complete annexation.
The Spanish commissioners have re-
ceived very definite instructions to
.-ftAee th.ir aareemetnt to the cession of
tht alas6d Ilason unless the United
States will assume the whole Philip-
pine debt. As to the fndepoepnrt of
the other islands, the comnildoeneis
are, it appears, to refuse even todi0h-
sider It.
The American delegates Intend dis-
poslrig of the Philippine debt question
by the appointment of an arbitration
commission, of which the duty will be
to go into statistics, so as to make clear
how much of this debt has been ac-
tually incurred for-the benefit of the
Philippines, and how much for that of
the Spanish government and military
From the present outlook, the peots;e
of the United States will not be dls-
appointed in anticipating a renewal
of actual hostilities again.

Co!. S. X. Sparkman Announces Date*
and Places of Speaking

The Hon. S. M. Sparkman, Democratic
nominee for Congress in the First Con-
gresseional District of Florida, together
with other distinguished speakers, will
address the people of this district at the
following times and places:
Inverness, Wednesday, October 5th,
Brooksville. Thursday, October 6th, 11
Dade City, Filday, October 7th, 11 am.,
Bartow, Monday, October 10th, 11 a.n.
Arcadia, Tuesday, October, 11th, 11
Ft. Mytrs, Wednesday, October 12th,
Monticello, Saturday, October 15th
11 am.
Tallahassee, Monday, October 17th.
11 am.
Other appointments will be made by
the committees, due and ample notice
of which will be given.
One or more of the following ielmin-
gtlahed speakers, among others, will as-
sist Hon. S. M. Sparkman in his canv.r:
Hon. S. Paot,, Hon. Geo. P. }laney,
Htn. J. Ed. O'Brlen, Hon. L. J. Rlee-s.
Hon. Fred T. Meyers, HIon. W. B.
Lamar, Hon. Nat R. Walker. Hion. 'rlicts.
Palmer, Hon. RI H. M. DL'ldson. Hon.
W. H. Milton. Hon. J. Walker. Kehoe
and Hon. W. Hxiunt ti-"?t
Chairman IDem. Ez Cn'm. First Con-
greesional District.
PERRY O. tVA t Secretary.
Supposed Murderer Acquitted.
Special to the Tribune.

Camden, N. J., Oct. 8.-EU Shaw,
charged with the murder of his mother,
after a long and exciting trial was to-
"day iuttet" lVhen the verdict of
v igui*;f ane known, the whole
oot ots roriclinohjtd and shouted, anti
leeted the supposed murderer with
open arms anu ..mly c ngratulated

is Ar ep, rA~eta nine of the clear-
ain bo e 0 Boston will be oon-
iol ted into one. 4t is part of a world-
Midd movement of bank consolidatton,
seems des ned to produce nn-
eIgn commerce.
SThe horriSe thought suggests Itself
that the French are in league with the
tpaniard and are plotting to wear the
l .metfCan Peace1 4lomr leoaeiters outL
The commissioners won't give them any
ibreakfast until I p.m., which removes
the dinner hour to about 7 p.m. Do
they expect Judge Day, Vhitelaw Refd
and the rest of the peace-restoring
Yaskees to wait for their suppers until
after midnight
'The amount of baled hay that is ship.
ped to and used by this city is some-
thinf enormoam. If this vast amount
of timothy and prairie hay that is con-
semedby the stock of this city and sur-
roondltgcountry could be produced by
Hihtsbrog Ecounty farmers, a large
portion of our wealth could be kept at
home. In some counties by using loose
hay, beggareed and oats on the straw,
the umse baledb hy is almost a thin
of the past Ths ubUtitute hab 'been
found even superior to baled hay, and
a great aving as well as a soroes of
rvemee of the farmers. There is land
In t% country tat Is lost as well
adapd to ra t a this stock feed, as
In 3W ether couotr.


Importers and Retailers of


Mail Order Department.

We have a regular organized department under the sapere
vision of one of the firm for this branch of our business. Parties
at a distance can send for samples and may depend on having
any order entrusted to us filled with the same promptness and
care, and at the same prices as if personally selected. Write to
us for samples and prices on anything in the Fancy Dry Goods
Line. Our store has been specially constructed for the purpose
of a Dry Goods business. It is the largest, best fitted up and
best constructed, and contAins all that experience can suggest
to render it the most useful, comfortable -and at a active of it '
kind. It is accordingly one of the sights of Louisville.
"Bacon's Advertiser" contains price list of Fancy and Drv
Goods mailed free on application.


425, 425, 929 E. Market bt., above Preston, LouiIle., Ky.

Y^^^- vAmt o
isa sep-alhtl or Tow^ 7'7'^T'
-Ong^f y"d Coftmimb&.of

to ft 6 So

Samples uld self measrre-anks sntb ail.
- - -

-_C7~-----~ ~-~---- eees::ssseelL~r~~ea lla

WEes r M2^bottlsdonnt ue a.O
eO r _-.end the do We have e ar
s ev, remedy for Coun, e
U a and yeomen, a ad we maspim fs55
T *-; Cc~rmep eed Oha fftin lf tm ofiS "

a-Is Snane anew
rl- ,-- 1 e- sen. =e r bot. ie o GBof,,ABE lD adrvdnw to .
'el I C4d n- s to y rct t jM"y ot better. Skin
-eit inpr ved. I st stnutter n d Csosr AM AA it ha nt -iy
.et"rnc~. q.YBEAh. Dsved. mylife.-
Joseph Msan, 9P siser C assi. Ga"
I< a toktl- forgO. If yoturdngg^asnn3rS'unSoR ^
.de? Crect, deduotlAglieon4 BwoMrthktohepyoupWyfrtg
Adder Z. D. Repee DrwC., M" Oa.U

. '
w^2 jv '. .-r


* :tN


Foundry. Machine and Boiler Works
Near P. C. & d P. Depot. Phone 148. -
SPECIALIES :-Heavy Blacksmithing. Architectural Iro
Works. Store Fronts, Sills, Columns, etc. Repairs on all
Steamboat Machinery and Boilers. Our prompt attention given
to installir g Irrigating and Steam Heating Plants at reasoable
prices. Hitching Posts and Iron Feses.



To the Sherif of HillsborBibg' iG("
of the State of Florda '.
Know ye, hat I, John I. Crawfors.
Secretary of State of the State. of Flor-
ida, do herebp give notice that a general
election will be held in tHilsbrouglt
County, State of Florida, on Tuesday
next, succeeding the first Iouday in
November, A. D., 1898, the raid Tues-
day being the eighth day of Novembecr,
for one reprOeentative of the First Con-
gressional Dhstrlet of the State of Flor-
ida in the 56th Congress of the United
States. Fop one justice of the Supreme
Court of thbe State of Florida, for full
term. For one Justice of the Supreme
Court of the State of Florida, for unex-
pired term jof B. S. Liddon, resigned.
For Treasurer of the State of Florida,
For two Railroad Commissioners fo-the
term of four years. For one Railroad
Commissloner for the term of two
years, For two members of the House
of Represatatives of the State of Ir'or-
Ida. For clerk of the Criminal Court
of Record For Tax Assessor, For
Tax Colletor, For County Treasurer,
For three members of the County 3oard
of Public instruction. For Just!ce of
the Peace In and for the following
Justice Districts, via: No. 2, No. 4, No.
5, No. 8, No. 9, No. 10, No. 12, No. 13,
No. 17, No. 19, No. 21, No. 3. No. 23.
For Constable In and for the following
Justice Districts, vil:
No. 3, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5, No
6, No. 7, Nb. 8, No. 9, No. 10, No. 11, No.
12, No. 13, No. 14, No. IS. No.
17, No. 118, No. 19, No. 11. No. -2.
No. 23.
In testimony whereof, I have here-
unto set qpy hand and affixed the great
seal of thp State of Florida, at Talla-
hassee. the Capital, this the 25th day
of August, 1898.
secretary of State.
Sheriff, Hlllsborough County.
Six months after the date hereof, I
will present to the County Judge o0
Hillsboroogh County, Florida, my final
account and vouchers as executrix of
the will n James K. Van Bibber, de-
ceased, asd will make my final settle-
ment aa 'such executrix. Dated this
1st day lt July, A. D. 185L8

In the CireWut
Clal Cirect
County-g n
Viring part
nership wbhi
Ioclum Pinle

-- Relief.
oUnler e and by
Rthe-d in the
Eon. W. ,A. 'Hoc
entitled court
third day of
the same be
day of said mx
teen the legal
the court house
Pa, HIllsboropu
for sale and wi
to the bet and
the following d
Ine and 'being a
County, Plorid
lot fourteen (14)
Township TwP
Range Nineteen
demands' of sali
to pay for title.
gender and b
execution. t tjw
Court of the 6et
Otaoe of Flor
Coutty, In a
Pran IHemrers
partners doing
Ballman & CO
rrauncleoo Colad
co-partnera, do;
and Alvdma a
3th day of Se
levied upon, an(
cry before the o
p, Florida, bet
sale on Mionday
her, A. D. 18.
real estate, sit
County, Florida
of block twelve
addition to Ea
vided one-half
and 13 of block
division of Eas
vided one-half
ded one-third
north half of tl
the southwest q
quarter of eec
twenty-nine, rm
Sald property
property of the
and will be aol

Attorney fo




of IFlorlda, Hernand,
DouYt the Lfth J -as -

nu ori. Inley' as -r- .-
%h was composed of

,tne of a i "le_ rg'

October, i D t I "S "
ntg the f s- 1 ot- -

door in the city ofT'am-
Ii sell at Ption othShe

Oteaster, n Canle I
I G0-nilt Gennn,
stk-unne (15) wroth of
I t he first
nth dC. de dybe-
h ofal Master in Cats5 o

SVtrteLa 4 a certain
ed out of the Crty lit
h Judicial Circit of the
SCdat. or Labol r g .'

and Fiank B t mrn 0-
henaebinee as Her iera

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situated n bo rt

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1 .'. D Dtis nVmded Testdiy, water DDs".
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t Omyvamryad theProvostGuard On the Southein afltrad Near Ath Seven Hundred Men Have Arrived
rIto Sbam Upon the Arm7y ad ens, a.- Presidential Party Leave at Leech Lake-Another Outbreak M i
i, Dm Upon trh OUasp Ground. fa.r Om ha-an-'**a 0lla For- of the Indiana Is Feared at
is' ted tby OGen. Wholen merely Turned Over. Any Momfent. E C F SY F S
.i. sa due not only Lu the originality and
o t- o ")U. Am-. .L-Theea- Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. t h e blat ba tATl
SMprvas e mLttary Jadson, Mass. Oct. 1O.-The yellow Mbnneapolls, Minn.. Oac. t. -cn-rl manufactured by scientific p1e es
hrare. BPor ses timerethe as fever situation sa getting rapidly worse. Bacon wires that the conf,-r. n-e to-day known to the CAI.IPORAt FIe ST 1ft1
ii Oad Moo6d ca0Lt e bewee the The spread of the disease over the State with the Indiana accompllshed Iothing Co. only, and we wish to impr- apo
,& S&ab d thS e S avo Ur .ta conrtialu. and new ford multiply rapid- and the situation is as ba l as evi r. al the Importance of rch the
s ts deypra te obnle ael. r There are now seventeen counties UAnother outbreak is tfed at an f uo- tOfra t .original remedy. AAs th
be i lIadtt e- t and n twenty town in this state eMissis- meant. genlhe Syrup of Figs is manufactured
i bw s uedaem go un shot to l) where yellow (everpmrevas. awo companies of the outeeiath by the CArvoasiA Ftu Star Co.
a.p gl afr the go .O o bs at. C innesita volunteers are held at D uiuth s uy, a knowledge of that fact wl S "
6~dster OW had been bl -- ot ...ea in wpiding the wok-tWslb)
Sar atsi n horw, s uprm-e Co rt. ready to start for points Lfo the Fasss s aspidg te
a dead tSl old, lotwo taty t- .ton ne of the Great Northern, where Wti'i a de-e by ot lsepe- WherA the mGt tUpadou :
mrlou w t 'the two batteries of mat artllery- i high ffe red the tapp uS
i..~* att badt l. One o t e ted States Supreme court began the fall men have preceded them, and to-night SA Pie Oragr Co wit. Ored the d *agpbicw :.
| wM e1Wroheb dIe_ Wt wAsa
nsaici;=Heraoeful term here to-day. another cqmianvof the Fourteenth, th pasttimon. anal t 7u aatl 4 )i. All pood es ne, all ns th v'
Ugt.-i yet u sus eQatus~ amoul- teame up ef sI men tream Company or of fiefymn om l tust& and Sl pO~s lh*era lad AS ~
Y -tomIion .. .._ of __mil .b o, ,o _to a -.,__ _ _____ _________
g aSS ?Itt -.-u" -- -4 eul am- Pa and ifuty from the te o t0 h a1 C C d omp. y t
ds- S 1 Aa0 G. OtL- guard. staton in charge of Camp& s Van & D *I oftsa remedy; It i

S1t.el W A o b It,,, nmo on e fstered as ordered to ta t'e a tht e ki a dUo Um Td: E v1eft :
s te IMs not over. hat same r oTese IM O,~ M f, o It -do-"- grips o r
: l-TT w ; i th them the hequiPment I Ia erdertoiget lt bemd ael'ln
--,*'- w actte to.D c.. abaK0 &b. ,uluth onmpasdes. whbch a* ps remember -l a. -
'-w6 =r:- -n H -X D r % -- o s _r .,
; @ e ^.Oct. 0 .- pt -left. CpVanDusee when-t Othe .(nlowy- I
Oam wetsefrleughel. CLdA
30-,Pi dapla paroyases P roe Oen ab3 e ft oThe g Vernment Is particularly -n Zt -- - we.a
43Caf.teeeon. Plwli"ent cKln"ay nd los about the danger oi the e daunfis at mvMa.nra,. u f mwi ao m& uL
e wil ttt at Ct the d waters of theiOlissaippl, 2 oly
S s vvy ah fa 6 ers nd re toi roM here ar e 1
,t:1 g t- nee ao pan h a s mall guard having been stationed --

ud e oe a lSecretary amd Mmts Alger will join the n

Sreef, At he tg r asentn t because they objected .
yQ viMDM h has 111 536 t
i town All A other partyleft over the Baltismore to secuti.ons for illegal eu in
iS ssin onfoloWin eoaliquor to Indian SOLDIERS ATTITUDE SElOUS. To be had at tOhis EemRpSan D
Werb Ow f %R rly and Wheeler with members or t. tn any p
s. u teir.sta d al es, the Cnese and N IY would Uncle sam Uacn te D.s a .a C 1 U " c' m. iis
tsahettrabre ti teafch wuith laee iStaffs and a of War Again and Let lampsoa's
au t thmme t mber of newspaper representatives Fleet of Volcanoes Belch on
eldotle "t Rural Gossip Briey Paragraphed the Untutored Don.
ea M O S*pecai to the Tribune. r Special to the Thri buneh. "
S a yV pl9t4 Cb -- ., Oc-F. -l.-,oeneral -Plant ity FlaOct. U.-One of the Madrid. Oct. 11.--The Spanlishf govern-

011di0401- 3 of n Otte wife and t le ones were once definitely signed by the United Statet. __
^ g I r hi o e# ^ ri .t~ke tu lj .ih der tS- ria. t m a of Plant City and as is gotten
fiends o se4sw mind of CoL Ray. said of people leaving our town, that M S EV VUAITE.
ROF gA, atheyo nare SUM to wanto Fto turn, Is IInstruction SBent to Spain to Vacate
Sa s via "- W sATv Fi U1 S: "alsoi so In this came. MrI. Wilson toas the Island .
Sm -- anxious to bring his family back. n Special to the Tri.bune. rbun f r J b
"QisSt. '* -croful Is a disease as old as nAM- principal object being to look up a ,r nDl---- f.-lI- ,
Manae 1*-*- ts- princ th t t B fd~ dlook o a^ Washington, D.C.,.Oct.ll.-Immedl-
"u' kd Bar Itboio x nd beeo handed wD fora a ultable home for the family here. following the nnouceen ere
en t and lthe s to-dayl as r tWeU, olJari te ss rt Strick-ld en a ete
In e n siop times. It Ist empbh lcslly a eMr. WilliJa and Mlues rtte StrcK- that Spai n would ma n a strong "
IReM.be! f ed am o ld, and te only way land left on Wednesday morning for force of troops in Cuba until the treaty
t9orwe It lAm &Ysrllfyin the bltoo Leesbrg where they were to take a t peace was signed, the War Depart- -,-
S e;g i L dossi e&ct.S In mw, e om" where it to gives n t o coCu msion In Cuba demanding that '-
a salthfut trial It eradicates all CrroLgmi e Spainevacuate the iland and;turn
-a t-t T rths.e re tohe blood, and curesl te 3&r. W. J. Carer of Lognman, Fla over the military and govern menta u
St s. Eo a ate t n u d e n control of the e etire n r sland not later n .... . ,
1..l. J.iM C raiaw, Pondeo for a o e wo e tow n TMu ID say, eveno th ul the firt of ate trer.n ct on r 19
eonae *'th d~oo a|aon r R. end esoxn o ied te T uda P re Of t 1p-h government ha aae
t-'.. Lr P t o W are s s t aM o h bew of an v st s in apendaeng a ci great excited ent here in mll aryo t c- tao |u o r .
-. to ple tp li tanrd id o or-r, w rt5 D the nbtaer fk n t here. w ces. and the od-tcome s bePain 50 atcued
bdtnesenR snOW t lmeiptlte hrs5. W Slhde thlebter ano d ralintUe th pe an p ter e arsee t ho e t a te
So gJL ak l da te- m n er the will cerainl
bee 1si yoe for pending & couple of weeks visiting be trouble. ^ "*
"'"-;Sl'-"" INM M OSP IAM l -" '"0* ...h..o.. D. ^ ..d '. ..* ^

im r o athed Ba ti cha-cne In Apprehenoa on othe ru her f. .re"
S i t I a M sM p ydo Rl' u iems. I d/ l R pev. Mr. Robotam of Dade ityc wa* Dside a. -
i^ 55i5W5t m th-- tr morning t the residence of and lened specil odern a the gartt"n o n ....

fct that ^1 Whereas, ts d the e -leerWoD Heo in the H numerous tOWns near the calital -HI.
*BflK^?^"^ tesr-. TT Q*^teor a to e death from ffvv.e, the try each. l W --- Wn l
nHrJr. .fm T m r n-m -a w ,f .tddily from i t our eL- deteased having been scka only a snort Tlhe Journal des Debate decls.e that .a
afe .hsl. thle s, me- temed fri e ind .co-laborer, Mrs tie. 0thesee retnforcemente will l amount I 0c. -
BI- t esu. 1qsft bee hewa itep hesma 1ev. Win. Shiw, the noted traveling sThe paper expreses the hope htht the :*
H^ahe ln-i 't R C l, resolved. That while we bow In laot- Sunday school worker s with us or a country Is not on the eve of a revolu- -

coft .o eh. Bsunmalm to te will of Him who few day Mr Shaw has many very tion.
W A S t]forOe nt uln ahrese. we mourn the death iAler experience He .e on A11 the troops will be supplied'wlta
i^M~ggl foafr t*ee- yi t~ i-w ri mri deoat interesting experience. ie da-e on to day's rations and eity rounds orf
BBE5s rsiMr rL a tru d&later whose aervicea were a Tuesday night to a large and much ball cartridge.
. a an red rt s eaty to aid the work. Interested audience in the Baptist To-day has passed of quietly. Presi- N EW S
*iE olQ ~a keal d&Id Be It resolved. hat bwe tender thech hs expenses on s at dent Laon<,hama as he bad Intended,i
-owe Church, his experiences on hig last voy-
S ed In usbad d lde deepest ym ae on a Canard liner from New Y prudently remained to hoot at tram-
iage on Ctard liner Brom New Yorb beulllot, thus avoiding a demonstration.
,a~esr~lafw5a,0easo0t:: pathyb this their sad toavettrt, be Queenstown, ireland,.and the re-
---^ ~&to S o)SW m g ad may the Dine ruier be their comn- mainder of his trip to the largest city
l ffwo a ortorDi In the world, Lo ndon England. Tues- W ,HP, wTe are showing ll. te new -
;111Vl.m. whiO e sovd Frt hers Ta eoPY orf deay night with demtontrai ons of what WOMA S
S ,. W "r m t an. a Jnt to t city nof some of the finest obll ed dri c tbldntgs of oly fo
S.. -ti a, Ts for opa aloa copy be thoe city of London, on the occasion ol
SHe*it, 'gIe1 to tb i. Many of e hisatyedl ng the Sabbath Schooi Inter-r, Sca I .

of1 Cd d 5ar okn n* c for O it t eaSmkirt-. Silkc a

^ ---rpos a- -smn D 1SC OT E B Y A H AN rc I ene ltlt s* - JJ w i
tusS". W.^ 0 Bs national ConventIon In London. NO

I'sM 0G.A."." oet e N Moody of Turkey a eh ek. at e ank & a b
i b- Clm tta Be once oOa rident here, istn s tgree Dreng ud
aiuos w p fe-lends adoo s a~~-tro n .t friend to-day In town. osae a., r-'
FH Mra a ne --trenM--'-- '-na. C. S. Andrews of Tamp b s a ar d i ure

s af tMwr. aneSd eMrs. Capt. Those. Sweat, for a and svere REASE b.
etm. I M -ry 3t. few days. cases of wooland8 ,
at an urt Many ofr te new srawber- fields are Profuse, Irreg r. Scantyor l P -
wd $00 ae tr.ta., for
The Board of County Comniesloners looking fine. cWm Leuorhcea. Headache, suits, and skirts, siks forft
% e .rei n why held aspecIalseskan In the court house Wmb Lucrrh Headache,
4%i Safo P yesrayfor th the g-poose aft revising DISCO\"ERED BY A WOMAN. Backacheand Nervousness. Itisa *ro
diam at tamd theegiaonlat of voters.They n distinct remedy forthe distinct il- f, uis and -r' -
.1.PLLigndlr__a tb on a of voters. Ahey Another great discovery has Deer, ments called Wafss'e uoubtl'."
=%&-i -wr 'en t over hw lis chilly wth aReis-mad.dth. by ladnt Those are the diseases fo r whtcta it w -h '
osmtr to. tlon Ofte1er eScaztett, tnkilng of country. "Disease fastened is olutes,- shoen01a Seel "I
so have quite a r who had in 2soe way ut.. heran. d oe .seven years she Jl11- s s.ststAseUo c.A. verOU- CQ..
me=4 ,d become d aeand hecking up a el Its severese teit, buat her itola or-
t tta%. Hmawy new ones that have been added gans were undermined and deatm I ABL 1(
t seoa60s to the Be. seemed imminent. For three months A I
A.edt Ai pe wene as read igted by a ma- she coughed Incessantly, and ouiotl MADE. ME sA sNMf
ye Jorlty at the property owners a ong not sleep. She finally discovered a way AJAXtABLE"DS WIYZ.r ok
VAT,_ a for the construction of the new Drinto recovery, by purchasing a bottle of
Dr. King's New Discovery for Consurn-
t e dd that the rock wilt add ng firrt dose, that she slept all night, =
L Ri ANS 1,UO per mile to the cost Of asd with two bottles, has been saso- -a
N4" ft.arln clayI had this lately cured. Ber name is Mrs. Luther "M a
,-ws to the Pi eWl. Lutz. Thum writes W, C. Hamnl!ck &
iiu l the wuas oalV C o l -O Shelby, P. C Trial bottles tfree e -
lt.15. aAdhes; g & the Lemu ., -drug store. e i lar
s.. 9y f the si a and $. O very bottle guar- "
,.C-,; ---- ,-:,_-.; ~ -.i EA-

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