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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Publication Date: September 8, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
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OI Report of the Yellow
Fever Sitmation Made Pubic

I INS" 'albyli ilb

.S eaveT B,. a IMeovered

to te Trbadme.
i- Mo. f .tember.6.-The r
w i dr hmaN the etate Bomrd o1
s howr totl of litty-tw
S low feer'in the tates o

Irtatcrd clo selky guarded bh
.ftfof the bmM. ',
The tolowag is a *ammary of the
sttartion, aecording to the report givcl
;eez Igr'the -board:
Win .Orod, Mits, twenty-nine cases, on.

Taylor Station, Mis, five cases, nc

- Waterfwbrd Mls..'one case, no deaths
lcMriden, Mise., two ceae9, no deaths
Neoit. 365*y, one case, no deaths.
hj-iirEfln, .,-twebre ctses, one death
Oi rtea -, I&, two suspiclom
so d rf
twqqesft inad two deaths
tin* of .Oplris, Ten.
met wffet to-day against tbh
-^ No one can enter the city front
Elr otton, without having been de
at one of the state quarantine

State Board of Health ot Al&Dama
Si am qoaratalnd against New Or
TM and w mainantain the quarantine
qiktl the cases under euapicon are
-Lgamse4 by agents of the Board o0
D4Mlh. No deaths have occurred tnc
Mthae orniln.


E Otte Have Quarantined, Bul
S'Official Report Yet Made.

to the Tribune.
lOrlean, September 6,-Two loca
to-day reported to the Boar
tha they had discovered
ae of yellow ever in the low
: t city, wbh* the dieae wa

Sias nci a thorough in
hd has eent nor the mow
uperts dt the Hartue Hoapita
'he amXlae the uspected ease
ameoYut to-~lght that the
'in0t nor a ogdcal npor
eses of ever rnti
w 'the mesuame Mont
r and other cities to
a quarantine against


s polt sheow that there wn

ha beea attdced bh
sfl ad doetoro hare bees sen

*sBo other cities.
yilow fever bhas been rm
at t Bovia county, am
^ veU thre rcam nader msmpiain.


notafiau Aeed by Ut kenpaL
A N 9slth ast. the world
aSllowed to ester the cit;

low"goow ofL-Gener
^ HiaT *-e.iM: fostale sk, 2iS
t a fevqr

an ofa ma dis


In of ltlas I a la lWithot leas
sailing Fortues Ia Cub.

News of the Day Over the Wire
Going Some to Look After Their for the tribune Readers.
Property and to Visit Belatives-
The Kaseotte Will Make e
lu trips to Havana

For the rst time in nearly eBII A I SI BU
months, a steamship carrying passen-
gers sailed from Port Tampa last nigh
for Havana. The vessel was the Mas
cotte of the Plant Steamship Company wi d h.l-o PBld ets rll t
I and when she sailed, there were enough the
passengers on board to fill every berth
and every available space that could be SIator a Trator.
used as sleeping quarters.
A week ago it was announced that the
lascotte would go through to Havana.
on this trp, and at once the passener
departmentt t he Plant stem wt 6- HAIL QUEEN OF HOLLAUND
Sseged by persons who wanted informal
Ution ond others who wanted passage.
A omber of state room reservations
were made in New York and other Nor-
Sthern ofices of the company. Jack- Wilhai t Crowned In the Presence
sonville also furnished several passen-
ger, and as for the Tamp office, a of a Great Crowd-President
numer of persons #who wanted to go on!
this trip had to he refused, .ut they Reaches Iome-PacitWhal-
have engaged passage on the next t ing Fleet Destroyed.
As to the clam of people who leftsd.
for Havana, it can be truthfully said
that they were of all classes. Some'
were American business men, looking
for a chance to start in business in Cu Opecial to the Tribune.
Sb ; some were agents of prominent
Wholesale houses and manucturers Cincinnati. ., September 6.-The
whose object is to find an opening for Populist National convention convened
o their lines of goods; some were tobacco at 9 o'clock this morning for the second
f buyers, who were instructed to buyday of the session. The session was a
- everything in sight, but there is not
much chance of them finding any quan- stormy one. The "Middle of the Road"
tity of tobacco for the leading cigar faction Issued an address to the public
a manufacturers of this city have agents denouncing Senator Butler. of North
y in Havana who have already cornered Carolina chairman of the National com-
the market. Some were young men,
with but few dollars, but who expect to mittee. In the address Senator Butler
make a fortune because they are Ameri was called a traitor equal to Benedict
e cans Arnold.
n But by far the larger number that left
Tampa were Cubans having large
landed estates in Cuba, but wo were Crowned Queen of Holland.
* compelled to leave the island under the -
decrees of General Weyler. They are'
o returning in the expectation of having Special to the Tribune.
their properties restored to them at once Amsterdam, September 6.-The for-
and being paid for any damage that has mal ceremony of crowning Wilhelm na,
* occurred. These will be sadly disap- Queen o Holland, was conducted here
Pointed whenthey arrive and find that n Holland conducted here
the 6paniard's are still in control of al to-day amidet the greatest enthusiasm
affairs in Cuba, except in the Provinc of her subjects. The young queen and
i" of Santiago Unless they carried her mother arrived this morning from
a enough money to live on for awhile, I
they will have a hard time of it, and The Hague, and were greeted at the
wish they bad waited until the Amer-, railway depot by an immense throng.
can fag is hoisted. The enthronegment was one of the
Some of those who went over were grandet affairs eer wtnesed n the
People who are largely interested in a ee t
business houses in Havana, but who kingdom, and all former coronations
left there just prior to the war with the sink into insignificance in comparison.
United States, as they foresaw what The young queen delivered an address
e the blockading of the ports of the islandwhich was read in public to the great
meant for them. Others are going over was read in public to the great
L to visit relatives, while still others are crowds and enthusiastically cheered.
going with the intention of looking up,
relatives they have not seen or hear The President Returns.
S1from for a long time.
S The crowd was a happy one, and a -
f there were several hundred friends t Special to the Tribune.
see them off, there was a gay time Just W -ashington, September 6.--President
Sbeforethe departure of the steamer. on e 6-rsnt
Nearly all of the Cubans seemed to look McKiniey and party returned to-day
upon the journey as a holiday outing from Patterson, N. J., where the Presi-
Many were going home, and that dent and Mrs. McKinley have been the
thought added to their happiness. guests of Vice-President Morton since
The ship carried an unusually large
Amount of mall, and there were several last Saturday, after he visited Camp
car loads of baggage, but very little Wikoff.
freight, as the Spanish authorities still
impose their prohbitive tariff on all Whaling Fleet Destroyed
imports The steamer will reach Key
West this afternoon and Havana to-
1 morrow morning. She will leave Ha Special to the Tribune.
d ar at 1P:0 to-morrw, and will ar San Francisco, September 6.-News
rive at Port Tamp Thursday after
Soon. The Mascotte will remain on has been received here that eight whal-
Sthe Havana run until relieved y on ing ships, constituting the Arctic whal-
of the other ships. She will leave Por ng fleet, have all been destroyed in
Tampa every Monday and Thursday ice floes.
night, and returning will arrive ever The vessels made this port their base
t Sunday and Thursday afternoon. of supplies, and nearly all the men on
I board have relatives here. The eight
COBANS Sto RENDER. ships carried about 160 men, and it is
e _. .... not known how many were lost when
T They Give The r Aas to General the ships were destroyed.
. inton andAk for Rations. INVESTIGATING COMMITTEE
- OTN 0
tpci al to the Tribune.
t S aito September b --Two hundred Major Shakespear Pavorably Im.
Cubams surrendered their arms and pre ed With Camp Cuba Libre.
asked for rations tiis afternoon. Jacksonville, Fig., September 0.--The
The Cubans ay that their forces in medical commission, which has been
Santeage province are suffering for want Iere for the past week, making an in-
of food. vesigation of Camp Cuba Libre, par-
Oeneral Lawton has replied that he ticularly as to typhoid fever and its
"wli ration all men who will return to causes, left to-night in the special car
owne and give opteeir arms, e be- of the commission for Huntsville, Ala.,
r'e (i wllu not be long before most and from there will go to Chrcka-snga
[ ofm M have given up their fight tor Before leaving here, MaJor Sakes-
reogtion and have returned to their Ire speaking for the son,
omee speaking favorab the om mipressed wion,
* he was favorably impressed with

S Third Webraska Can't Get Out. the camp and hospitals.
We attempted Cremation.
Wuhinrtn, September C-No requeef
has been received at the War Depart-The
met for the immediate muster out of h residents of Florida avenue, in
Col Bryans regiment, the Third Neb- the vicinity of Cass and Tyler streets,
e raska It is also said that if such re- were indignant last night and they had
Sqoest was made it coulddnot be complied a right to be Their indignation was
With, because the quota for Nebraska caused by the horrible odor resulting
S0to be mustered out has been fled. rom an attempt of some Cubans to cre-
mate the carcass of a dog. The dog
In the death of Hon. G. B. Sparkman, died last Sunday and the body was
hich occurred on lastWednesday thrown into the street. Notice was
which occurred on last Wednesday een to various branches of the city
morning; not only Tampa, but the State ent to various branches of the city
f Florida is in moving. As a jurit, government, but nothing was done to-
o aF a oridasin m ran, ad a a private wards removing the dead dog. In the
; citizen e he stood in highest esteem ean time the swoclen carcass had be-
r by all who knew ht. hhe cty of come very offensive, and seeing no other
Sal epeci y, will feel more keenly way to get rid of it several Cubans
Than amp other section, the lom of Mr. built a bon fre and attempted to cre-
thn y other section, the bn conefr. mate the body. The fre was built in
S ai all rSthe e been conected the middle of the street, and every per-
t e t rsiding(t the vicinity was aware
as S that pieono the leading o it in less than five minutes, forth
odor was so thing awful It issuch
eec t as h that causes Tampa to
oS:saam j H assy Beaf' batv be given a ad sam, and cause the
Yesr'y br a few 4s sipy egM-e to be t esreWly critcised.

Special to the Tribune. They Non-Arrival of the Primear Cau-
Cincinnati, Ohio, September 5.--Over ses Anxiety at Miami.
one hundred thousand people are here --
to attend the National encampment of Special to the Tribune.
the Grand Army ot the Republic. Gen. BMiaml, September 6.---Messrs Vincent
Corbin, the commander-incbnlef was Gomez and igumois, two wealthy Cu-
given a royal reception to-day by the bane, who have been waiting here
city. The camp is named Camp Sher- anxiously for the steamer Primear for
man. the last week, left Sunday morning for
New York, whence they will sail to their
TWENTY-TWO DIED FROM BEAT. destination. Their ship was loaded
with merchandise for the Cuban trade.
Special to the Tribune. The recent heavy storms on the coast
New York, September 6.-There have north give them some uneasiness in
been twenty-two deaths here to-day regard to the safety of the vessel and
from the heat. Thirteen deaths from cargo.
beat occurred before noon. Up to the The steamship Wanderer, which was
present time, there have been one hund ordered here to transport a cargo rT
red and twenty deaths frnm beat in flour and bacon to Santiago, left Sunday
New York City this summer. There is by order of the Secretary of War for
little change for the better, the weather Tortugas, thence to New Orleans quar-
remaining very oppressive, antine. Lieutenant O. P. Abearn. who
had command of the expedition, was
GLADSTONE'S WILL PROBATED. ordered to Tortugas, and there await
the arrival of the steamshutp exIo
Special to the Tribune. then to proceed to Cuba. and brine batk
Johsnon's cavalry to th e Unted St&te&
London, September &.-The will of the Since arriving here the letnst had
late WUlliam Oladftone was probm aed a great dm1d o otf ie in receivIng his
her to-dy. The wll shows that his 1 twp-tep i and, ron. -oocm qf 'tLhe
psmni estate was valued at b9, o ur$ct qugrreti co.00 neither come
pounPads sterlf, ashorehoe ten eadhs %wmm,

L -'~""z I~YL-I

Pf111US'Ws11s |DOMBflADD

She l peals to the Cabiet for the
Release of Bar HBsbad.

British Warships Fire on theCity
Ex-senstor Bayard Ha Undergone of andi, Isle of Crete.
No Change-Miss Winnie Davis
Is a Little More Comfortable-
Murder In Mississippi.

Special to the Tribune. R II 1
Paris, France, September 5.-The
Dreyfus case is still the all absorbing
subject, and the developments are
watched with the most intense interest
throughout Europe. The developments TMreat tO BMI HO ss und DtSy
to-day conristed of a strong appeal by Prperty of lrlsts.
Mrs. Dreyfus to the cabinet for the re-
lease of her husband, and the accept-
ance by General ZerUnder of the pos
vacated by ,M. Cavaignac, late minister
Mrs. Dreyfus asks that her husband
be ordered released from confinement
at Devil's island, where be is under a
sentence of life imprisonment, and that British Troope Compelled to pire an
he be allowed to return to Paris at once Them and there Was Much Blood
to stand trial. The petition meets with Shed-ombardment by the
8hed--Bombnbdment by the
universal favor, for the cabinet has or-
dered the case to be reopened, and it is Warhips Hae Good Effect
thought to be only justice that CaptJin
Dreyfus should be here during the trial.
General Zurlinger, who succeeds M.
Cavaignac, as minister of war, has for Special to the Tribune.
some time been the military governor Canea, Isle of Crete, September L-,
of Paris. Candia, the largest city on the north
In his letter of resignation Cavaignac coast of the island, is being bombarded
states that he remains convinced of the by the British war ships. The British
guilt of Dreyfus, and is determined to troops, who have been acting as police
combat a revision of the case. since the Greek war, are fighting the
Musulrnmen. Riots are occurring con-
EX-SENATOR BAYARD. stantly and fires have broken out in
various parts of the city.
Special to the Tribune. The Museulmen started the disturb-
Dedham, Mass., September 5.-It was ances. Crowds of them supposed to
announced at Kairstern this afternoon be unarmed, assembled in the principal
that the condition of Hon. Those. F. Bay- square of the city to protest against
ard is unchanged, but is still extremely favoritism, which they alleged the Pow-
critical. His physicians are in constant ers have been showing the Christians.
attendance. The meeting was addressed by some of
the leaders and the riots at once started.
MISS WINNIE DAVIS. The Mussulmen threaten to burn the
Special to the Tribune. houses and destroy the property of the
Christian residents unless the state of
Narragansett Pier, R. I., September affairs complained of shall be promptly
5.-The condition of Miss Winnie Davis affairs complained of shal be promptly
-The condition of Miss WinneDavi remidied. The British troops were or-
remains unchanged. She has been
resting a little more comfortable but the dered out to disperse the mobs, and the
oppressive heat retards improvement. Mssule sn were al foundralt b ooared
There has been considerable bloodshed
FATAL STREET DUEL. on both sides, but the Museulmen have
been driven tack to their quarter of
Special to the Tribune. the town.
Meriden, Mise., September 5.-Jim The fire of the British ships has had a
Fenner, a negro desperado, and hisgod effect, and is believed that the
daughter on one side, and Will Webb, riots will soon end. The Turkish gov-
his son-in-law and wife on the other, eminent offered to help the British if
fought a desperate duel in the street the latter could not put down the riot-
here to-day. Both men were killed and ers, but the British officers declined.
one woman was wounded. Thirty
shots were fired, but no one else was LEE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND IT
THE TAMPA FAIR. Splitting of His Corps One of the
Many Inexpliable Things.
Tallahassee, Fla., September 3.-Let-
ters patent were yesterday sued in- Jacksonville, Fla. September 6.-A
corporation the Tampa Agricultural. good deal Of surprise has been felt by
Racing and Fair Association, with a officers and civilians alike at the action
capital of 110,00. The stocKnolders of the War Department in ordering
are H. B. Plant, F. Q. Brown, Anton away half of the Seventh Corps, after
Fiche, F. de C. Sullivan, J. W. Fitz- having spent the summer here, and all
gerald, J. A. M. Grable, John Bradley preparations made for sending the
and Wt. D. Wiggins. The object of the troops to Cuba.
association is to acquire suitable While General Lee is reticent on the
grounds in Hillsborough county for a subject, and, as a soldier, cannot speak
driving and racing park, and otherwise of it, it is known that he does feel hu-
to improve speed or breed stock, to have miliated and indignant that such should
speed trials, exhibitions, etc. be done after the most positive assur-
ances were given to him at Washington
LIGIHT VOTE IN ARKNAS. that the corpse would go to Cuba.
--- In the case of the Second Virginia,
Special to the Tribune. which has been ordered mustered out, it
Little Rock, Ark., September 5.-The is said that this action was taken with-
State elections here to-day aroused but out the knowledge of the governor of
little Itnerest The vote was very Virginia, and as a matter of fact that
light. The result is not yet known. thte Second desired to stay in, while t
TO BE CROW-ED TO-DAY. was the Fourth Virginia that was most
Special to the Tribune. anxious to be mustered out.
Amsterdam, September 5.-Wilbel- "I can only say," said General Lee to-
mina, the girl Qaeen of Holland, will be day, when approached on the subject,
crowned to-morrow. The city is now "that there are some matters that are
en-tete. Great throngs are pouring as inexplicable to me as the ordering
into the city. home of the Second Virginia."


-' - .'.

Says ThuIens h TiwFll P her t ta
bslatCiRty gt FirgAt


*plldsu Case Beport"b t J -. ':o
Officl Report Tet Made by t he
State Board of Health -Other
Cities Over- o

The steamah- p Mascotte yrived trfL
Key West about 6 o'clock last eitul -
with a few passengers, The ahip
'brought good news concerning the re--
ported eases of yellow fever, and thee
will now be less uneastanes.
The good news was that h r. Jeoaph
Y. Porter, the State Heith Ote mfe
Florida issued a proclamation a Sea-
,day to tie effect i 1t d hUA option,
there had ben o yelGw fever in Ky'
West daring the ummer, and that thi ,
city is still free .t the diseae. It m-
been known that this has been Dr. Per-
ter's opinion all along but ot of deter- '
ence to the opinion of the surgeons of
the 31arine i otal a ervi, who firat
declared the ca sesiacoered in the Ma-
rine barracks to be yellow fever, be aM
restrained from itssrin a proclaotloan,
so as to give the doctors a change to
be come thoroughly lstefd.
In addition to the news 'f the aproe-
lamatlon by Or. Portr, is the aa-
nounnment that Dr. R. D Marray,
the Marine Hospital Aurgeon who wai
sent to Key- Wet to Invetigalte the
cases, has concurred in the opinion ex-
pressed by Dr. Porter in the procla-'
mation. Dr. 'Murray i a noted yel-
low fever expert, and his opinion sabhql
carry great weight.
It Is announced that the present.

qorantine will be kept on for a few
days longer as a means of extra precao- -


Charge of Criminal neglect to Be -
vestigated by Gen. Shatter.

Special to the Tribune.
Camp Wikoff, iMontauk Po1int, Selp
tenober 6.-The following order ba been
received by General Sbatter, now in
command of the cem by virtue of hIs
randr, from Secretary of War, Ru -e
A. Alger:
"The New Yoflt World of about the
ath untimo., published a statement ot
the death of Private Hugh Parrett of
the Eighth regulars in which tt-a char-
red that when he beged of Doctor -
to take him to the hospital, the doctor
notified him that the hospital was for
sick men, and it is reported thatParrett
died that night; This account Ia sent
me by Representative Groevenor of
Ohia, who says that there is great tindf-
nation in his community over the case,
and, it it is correct, there should be.
such an enquiry immediately intita-.
ted to ind out about this matter, ad
report sent to me.
'I understand that one Sergeant RXch
of the same-company or regiment is In-
der arrest for having complained of this
matter. I have beard much of the ae
lect of the men, much of which no detbt
is fictitious, but if there is any fonada
tion te the statement, or if there re
any men ill in the regulars In t aheir 1t
not provided for. I wish to know the
reason why, and at once;,also the name
of the ofcers in command of the ree
ment and company in each case."

A Hot Contest Between Candidats
for Commpeder-In-Chaef ow Oa

Special to the Tribune.
Cincinnati, Ohio, Septe er L-Th
second day of the National Eaess p.
meat of the Grand Army of the Repub
nne ha tobeen a grand srtccn tron t .he
ginning to end. In addition to the re*-

ular routine business, there bave he
a number'of receptlens and renmlo .
In publicex in al parts f the ct. .
There Is a bot contset on Tor the G
flee of comander-in-chief. The lesdi
candidates are Colonel Albert D.I 8b -1
of Watertown, N. Y, and Colonel
R Soott. of Youakeran. Amon
other candidates are Ja me A. Se rt
of Illinois and L J. ark, of Ohio.

sMMI. hAIsMI 6 Mft 90000
S ans O mMW now ssUMO-

-C ~. I-.

~-~g_._~ ~h~c~w~L~ ~f ~~~'.c .~Ch~ ~:


Hogi~ eaes.

amJB the best

i powers of the
otvsodin to Uncle S
- ;rj tal. retar for
tverso tlor.0

the allegatboas

Dewey and Merrnttt
eja of the lari

-4" a" aa
theee ertwile

%ao ort s Io

grtsh *111 do wot

Alger aig
F~t -~C:~by eehi

*rshI I~
pins Bepe


tO~r#r l

-~~t 4~i~t -wi'


Thft d bto f d L
of Treatwment but New They are
SU T. ealed -A Wondersl work.
"l paay years I have be great
Rleolr.. .. -lrawisn avericoatx vr on e n of my
S li ih e. Ul My goat and limb bfcms dread-
f" B s "iood rhihag down tO eoins ot
ths U.a .. Onea& I aceadi .a hit my
CL t.x toe ftgita a d 9hec uan a sore oke
e. o0W5 hf6 wi-""-4d to spead and wm
XCRL-A02. id y palntuL .I concluded I
rpal. wgily as ~ Mood pniier sad I begn taking
B Hot' Bamparmla. In a sort time
S............... th- d.eadtfl sores which had caused
m so moch aofering, began to heaL I
,I.. p J Laitully r uw th Hood'. lrsap-
............... ,'^ in sabort time my limb was
>t> n A Tj seeapteisly healed and the sores gave me
S' no 0more pain. I cannot be too thanktal
d gi -roe tr wonderful work Hood's Sarmap-
w- lrilt, has don tor me." him A. .
V 5NqfiaM to 1 OMao. Hartland. Vermont.
ne a r ti=maw ar -
S^.-S ioad s A^.
^ -i- f &r L.t- e n s On- True WTcod Purlfler.
good's Pils eres al uevr:nr. cents.

f^Vm.U ms The statement published In th
4M American oress that the Vatican is in
5 trewted to the e-ftent of ot0.0oo00o
Cuban bonds, and which has create
b55IvnATUS '4*f Sile comeeft mates no apw
islbment in Rome, and the inference i
an it is true. The Bue- correspondent o
the lt. Louis Globe Democrat in cornm
S sena. ttsu on the loeio flnanca ventuA
l' Iduld d la by the prant Pope sas:
ha 1 "It wouid be different to enumerat
here tae long list of unfortunate invest
Smentao of Leo XIl. bty means of wahi
the once large revenues and investe
UL ftdmn of the Holy See have been diai
Jd my pated to such a degree that somethin
very much akin to insolvency and baa
gacs, : ro~ptec is expected to overtake the Vt'
IO f toee. when the Pope dles.
Ut.' "Untb d stao were b st by invetmen
in the Union General swindle at Pari
WA r in Ul for which the Papal blessing ha
nRL.LU been obtained, the biessin being, In
deed, the lrinctpe.i reason why so man
business city i good Catholics, belonging to the aris
tocracy as well as to the peasantry o
France, invested their money in th
world are to be concern. Other milUons have been los
am-oan. by money being transferred from th
Bank of England. where it had bee
any old kind o laced by Pusa IX, to various Italai
herwIse. banks which have since come to grief
t In the open de- Yet other millions have been used in th
and defying the vain effort to bolster up Roman noble
forming part of the Papal court, I1
who were threatened with banlcruptc
Pppear to be mak- in connection with unfortunate rea
re consignment of estate and building speculation."
This state of affairs if true, i moo
? eMsourl Repob- unfortunate. The aged and uafortu
he has onty been are predate will, of course. try to pro
tect the property of which he Is custod
ian and the circumstances may have
I meek a lam bearing on a-he final settlement of th
o can very wel question.
However, since the debt is be;ng re
pudlated by all parties concerned--Cu
atber testimony ba, the United States and Spain-th
SAmerican Jack- holders of the bonds alone being ex
ceptcb-lt Is not likely that the Varica
thy and a Uttle can ever stir tu: much Interest In th
adevr for the o1=- matter.
country there are --
rith alarm the re- From Times-Unton and Citizen.
If the richest treasure of a state I
her wealth in noble citizenship, the;
1t secure a mne the loss of one Is a public calamity, and
Ing a short va i the death of G. B. Sparkman of 1
Tampa, Florida. is bereaved. His per-
uboold take time sonal friends suffer a keen sorrow, m I
point a McCoy- professional brethren will mis a value
#tf voice from their councils, Justice will
be the poorer, and the communityv at
he gosh sense to large will lose the careful thought, the
fl. Tedffr Roose- laborItoues endeavor, and the conaclen-'I
patlitto. ttem lfe of one devoted to their high
..in ^ ^-" eat interests and the progressive de-
ntitr rtire vlopment of his State, his ectlon and :
aw raot u l.
'l l[ He seemed but in the ripeest perfection s
bod sad blosrt of a long life of e,-fulnes, when sud-
r. TraveL to thll:rdely the plae he so well filled will
rpt ln aebet Im hblb no more save in the hbeart
er t thofs whio loved him, and toe sweet
t se sidie memories he has left to blossom from
**v. "h*- ni s Mhbn duet. Bat If th love of those who
knew him bet and toe admirationm of
ib et -ler .hhi those test qualied to Judge can avai,

l0aiesed 'wit -rthen hame of Bassom Sparkman, the
g Ht a Bght' Jutes, ta patriot, th t fried and the
S taw of his "fellows wiliwnot perish from
r the land no which his life was devoted.
S-eas s etUi
T WItl Uncle Bam add another holiday
pr l peee wsf to the festaliMet? 4bhat Is a questlo
now being agitated. The leading even
... wlch cal tfor eeltebation is the rec
.0 .: ah iF oatt gntlon eof the Uited States a a tnt
At WS f a 'beOa class Naton by sa the world. Thi
l.o bo he new-' Lwas double s the most important reo t I
of the Spanish American war. The
J Ls no partnersip either of politics oro
qstLtonalty in the new holiday. Evtr I
A -a~ii .Aercan es e the patriotism of th
-,dea and be favors it as heartily as h i
Saivors the waving of Old Glory or th
Sl sng of "-Ameri-"
SGeneral I tmbgh Lee now hs a larger
gZ^^^m ne ; i nber of troops under his command
aiut Campn Ctuba, Libre. JaOksonvilie.
ilUManrAn other major general in th i
l|H ta nte tn He is proud of hisa men
a'i $ tm 4 theA men idolite their gallatf orn m

t heLd. rita pr ceding the rain yes
'ftaWT sMowed tha the street aleaing
teohQ de did Aot b7 i .. eoans removI



The people of Florida will not be our i ere should T to s P-s r
dened with a long political campal eg -t)gsta of the conadct of the Warm. aTUia n
this year. The Democratic xecutt v- A now have gouna o far met-ma " "am a
committee of the state has been called other method of inquiry would be 6 -=3 a -a.l | |.
to meet in Tallahassee, on September I atdhatory. and be worse thU sn ta' tat WPeai te I
to arrange for meetings and select vestigation at all The press of tbhe t I* t abdar w t
speakers to address the people at var e atire co utry is aled with thi
sous points In the State.. The only stae distress t Mand f-o"iibl rep rta l
oflcea to b Olled this year are tw | U F 1 f o a
justice of the Supreme Coua, a Stat f ro nllegence and mistreatmet '-l
treasurer, and three railroad commts- pot of Untold suffertfs tU -RMen
sioners. To Democratic candIdates eIs a Q ports ounleserg f h do
eaeloneers. 1d 0emoriaat. Itcddah t a took up arms to fight the battleWf r lm
are Judge F. R Taylor and Judse i. B idea oatpnIdt ilad lu nb of the arosget. the most lier thea tc
Carter for the Supreme Court; Hon. fort. raitsi d li mostafipod knightilest nation among the powers of a'
I. Whictled. for State treasurer and j t preg mnlo y t wi u be so nadr mn the earth. W y tfe, wap r
IL Bryan. H. E. Day and J. L. Morg&n stknea nohig bfes"s, no d:r have been fle with tbee T aonts Th toMt
for railroad commissioners. Tnese Is b or w1l e quetlop Is. are they new pape ac- The a IPe 0 1.41 I
gentlemen art all fatrly well known to p, no s r counts' neelyy, smusatioae. vti go iv 4 whoi Il 0 0s
the people of Florida. and will of course Snd for a Pan f o I F o of the overheated brain of a sensate eailgnra i *i-
be elected. However, the fact that this book about Mor Pe. reporter unused to sights of suferig by thae touna Mil
is an off year In polltios. should not b TI -- .,AUkg iran td death; or are they t re statlmeit bSltI~rir l nti
an excuse for the voters remaining a o, __ -..--_ of a fa L ts? The people have 1rl5ht oin hisbWa U e9stipsM%
home and allowing their Interest, in the o kpow an itkey hamld kuo0 .i A mll, u% the wibIl- M d
success of the party to tag. Every tary investigation -would be a white- ways uow sad& qa d il
county committee should stir up the ome month ago a number of per wash. and we are glad to see that some voters of the respective counties and sons in thIs state sa Florida receive of the most prominent army offers
arouse their interest and enthusiasm y meters purportltg to have been written have taken a frm stand against any-
arranging for big meetings on the date by worthy persons who had been as thing (but a congreoaoaoi Inqugry Sot force it
and at the places selected by the State into Spanish prisons, telling of burie Comn sare General BEgad and Qu- was & g t a
committee. In every county members treasures and beautiful daughters I termaster General Ludlow opgoe a- In his b prf4@esin r s
of the legislature are to be elected an distress and promIsing almost taft military lnvesIgatin. Eagan is re- N lbIit, h
these legislators will participate in the lous returns in gold and love for th porter as mfing: ano
election of a member of the Unite loan of money enough to relieve th I hold that cllh lan in~v gastl a bal In
State e senate to succeed Senatos F'a co pressing needs of the sorrowing senori should h e o9made by (igrin--a te Dntt- itt-
whose term of offce expires on the t4 tas and to regain the treasure troves appotited by tShe Pi M 'eaeid St ot e fm te otujtio b
of March l198. So far very little ha Nobody in this section of the country ate and the ap bs oum L t e lole. L ia t
been said in regard to whom the candl- so .jr as the tilormaoea JBoes, bit e for one. shall ue ha e Sy n s tiag u&
dates or request them to announce In the glittering bait of the atnih 'wind power that ie a c.ommifes seablle
E DI T E bune itir ta ha ppoited. Ihprefr'gsuelh apcoamitsl
advance o the election, the name o lers; but t its reported that during t because I bete hv tI t mn optbS sta co e
their choice for the roflce. There should past six weeks a number of opulent and nation wol be So ae table t he t ple of
be no opportunity for shares of bribery crOelous EUlishme have been re p people. .o fta
and corruption, such as have been made tieved of saum a ggregating no less an The emoca ts'lu oertalnt"y demandd 1~%a.
in former senatorial cotts. T She S0 by those 'Spanh prisoners"- a ongreadso al lnvestilati a. nd dE
people have a right to know Whom rep Savannah News. Republicans will welcome Ki th In- i n--not Okv __ i
peope ha& e riwnt to know wheom rep vestigatlon should be held and the truth had s"e4 i
resentatie will vote for when the sena Hn- C. L- Wilder. representative of nothing more nor less, ven to the po- man anywhere, and ye I
torsia election teaes place. this county from Plant City, was id pie of this country a well as to he a moe or wtht I
EXPANDING TRADE Tampa yesterday, and made the Tri- rest of the world de .t. m ed orm O S
EXPAlsdINO TRADE. bune office a highly appreciated visit. its de ne
American exports for the last flsca Mr. Wilder is one of the besL posted men NO POLITICS IN IT o t ise '
year wore larger than In any slmila In the county.and will make oHilbor I M 1 ) S s
period in the commercial history of th ough county an ideal legislator. ae e i inside Ug y of the ant go r
.. .Is a tgradually cmingou, ,4 tre e a""U "
country. In value they reached endeavored to reach the ity ThpnimIFa ejag n e fot of tep. e- r q tfaa qr the
he*erf ae the tmes-t eavort ofthis 880-4=W7 board t
grand total of 1:,ie,000,00.), or about morning so that he could attend the fun-1T I War to kesep It omte o W t oS
twice as much as the Imports. At the era. of the late Judge Sparkman, but. has already appeared Indicate.s at wllalwaytki e
close of the year the United States hen he arrived at Plant City he wa mre is beyond, ad the clamor of tb hes .a -.
had a balance o trade in its favor humiliated to find out that the sche- people for an InvetiratioU become w fa r '
amounting to t O5.000.000. which cor dale had been changed, and that the more Jurtifeed day by day. true stbry 'la
pletely overshadows all previous rec- train had Just passed that place thirtyi The clamor for Investlgaticn Is not so nolm r ~)o4PT r
words in that regard. We have not only minutes previous to his arrival. based on political grouads. Some pol- he sef did hi
sold more goods abroad. but we have khbarew
seeded mor foreign abroad, bt e ha n intresting and pathetic story of iicita may expect from the Inel. nser beatL Hewa
reduced our thorities see in he successful operation for blindness upcn gatlon a political advant4s, but this eat, he was just. tU
Trade authorities see in the sritua- A met the Demc tE m wi ll no Oubt meet
tion the underlying cause of a business a little Florida girl comes from Balt Inot the actuating cau e with the ma- beyad o ar pr ae d
boom that is inevitable, more. The child, aged five. is the danu Jtl o the People T y want all now ,ear to r.
The country is to be congratulated ghter of Mr. Hambrish, of Pensacola the facts-brought out as only acommit- as the kinebmt fdl- m
upon the fact that so little credit i She twa. born blind, but her mind wa tee with power sufficient to obtain all was our trend ad
given to either protectlonists or free as bright and active as If all of he documents and to take sworn testimony our brother.
traders for bringing about the recent senses had been normal. The bandage t wc e t ves TO FILLe T. t
expansion of our markets. It is very were removed from her eyes a day o and ype s will spea r themsvs O
clear to the unprejudiced mind tha two ago, and the operation had been en aud nyh p person o benefited r Pdf w. k
American skill and the superior qual- tirely succestuL When she wa a hl 'red by the publ.ca to o the tots t of puc
deserve es to be benefitted orI ntedent on e pbiem
ity of many articles grown and manu- to se, the aces of ier parents and thThts te ony po tere I in the wirten to State S upt
factured here are simply gaining proper beauties of- nature, her enthusiasri That i ton po there as in ta him
invedtlgation so fan as the people are Man, nysmesa s M aga n
recognition In the world. demonstatlon of: Jy brought tears t nvert on so f as te peope EL
the eyes f all about her.-Savannah concern ed. county boar t l#
The dictates of common sense, to say News. The steamship Mascptte left for Key fill .the veaa cyasOMlM
notliing of Justice and the obligation of W est last night with quite a number of of JudgiOf. B. gEaruki
our plighted word, must compel respect A special from Raleigh. N. C.. says passengers, who were not afraid to go was takeby ProeuMorD
for the terms of the protocol agreed up-that ithe North Carolina Railroad com- to that city In spite of the yellow fever oulnt oft be6at almotiL
on as the basis of the peace negoUla -mioon hae decided that the Southern reports. The Mascotte will return rom "have a a metng of the
tiots. The -ct that Mantla has been Express Company shall pay the .wari Key West to-morrow afternoon, andM Cr 1 wt5nv 5 l
captured i"y American arms after the stamp ax on all packages. The order will leave at 9 o'clock to-morroW night chb015 wIL9 e10n. .li "I
signing of the protocol.. cannot, if we gore Into effect September 15. and fall for Havana, touching at Key Westen the eou tn* etetiU. lCoai
respect our cord, take the future of the ure to comply maxes the company liable route. A large number of Cubans'have recommendations .oft
Phillp.nes out otf the peace negotla- to a fine of $30. It Is said tha: the com- ready engaged ps-sage on the steamer Judge Sparkman wa, h
tlons. The Imperialists, many of whom pany will obey the order. In Florida for Havana. Several Americans will committee a meeting
have howled themselves hoarse Ior the the people still pay the war tax on th also go through to Havana on the first scaled b b te h sretaryw
national honor, now endeavor to create rece'.ts issued :y the ExprM.s Corn trip of the steamer. absent from the county
a sentiment for holding all the Philip- pany. teamer mendatlon of IW. Syol
pines permanently, without permitting A meeting of the Democratic Execu- ment will no dOd'bt ml et
the matter t1 our ;.erman.n-t ,:,ntr,;l to T.- .omvr.f" tir- of the Cri.r-na t l.. committee of this county will be tion, as 1m ham prebouy
be questioned In the peace Comm.sslon C,_urt of Record of Hilleborough county i called shortly for the purpose of elect- o ard.
Nothing could be more absurd or dis cr-omises to be a busy one, as there wt j ig a cnalrman to fil th' vacaey The eople o i
honorable. The capture of Manlal will be a number of cases to dispose of. Col ( caused by the death ot Judge G. B T. per ope of San-i
sirengthen our' position if our comml Peter 0. Knight is expected to return ioparkman. The committee will a6lo vega the, ton *
loners decide to insist upon annexation from nis summer ouiing to-day and wl Iarrange a program of public meetiusa ., Theyae ect t
of the archipelago, but it cannot pre ce ready to expedite business in his at which the candidate for county effl- Vesius h'a been .-i.
luode the consideration of the questie ujual rcmanner. Judge W. A. Carter cre and the legislature wUll address the e
.n the peace negotiations. wnIli -reside. and Clerk V.'. T. Lesley wil public. The program will hardly be a aAlS, mic
be at his post. decided uoon until after the meesng : v
Elanco's refusal to allow foreign of the State committee, as that commit- .Ai.i a iasj"f Dii
newspaper reporters in Havana Is prob- From all parts of the States come ex tee will meet In Tallahassee on Septem- '- "
ably attributed to the fact that he has Press!oas of sincere sorrow and igre her E. i i pea.1l tt flaU
in aversion to having his tace slapped. at the death of the late Judge G. B iri1 ssSP.1 .p ead
Spacrnman. who eas universally loved Teddy Rooscy4 Ls. rsdiug .; roagl. sA^ti*ea5 fanisl-: and respected. The members of the over the h .pea aqd ambitlor41 ,of 'ov' hesmamlela in
O^^^B^^a^ t4 bar In each of the counties of this judi erncr Black. who thinks another ten Os.ssa, E bse i
t'al circui. over which he formerly pre at Albany better than a chance at neena '"e of tha1dXops 5 i
elded.-wilI hold meetings and take action torMurpisya shoes. "ses and--Me -Mlh

expressing their sorrow at the loss th da tld
SConsum ption. sl Ifraternity has sustained. Tampa continul e to send the ruo It-o r ndrLUtk- l@ -e-1
of prosperity. rw"p, or Sp !OaM. tOne
It hans been declared that a peace rsointh'.. t48 I
Aeoye predispoeed to lf t commissiar. on which Spaniards have .. se neve meoAt"se
er be healthy and vigorous. Thi a chance to talk. will never be able t ----"- "o 2 iaTL
taint in the blood natrallydrifts int agrep. and that a referee will be nces J
OosUptLion. Beigsauch a deep-seated sary. In that case the name of Jahn L S T tQI .fl .r TnIM, by SA ion2era
blood disease,.Swifts Specife is the Sullivan suggests itself. He Is a thor
only known cre for Scrofula, becnuve ongh Amerlcan. and his d-cilsons es anmrs. sr
110 thafr I halbeaueena- 4
it is the only remedy which can reacl referee have never been dleputed. a' sb a
the disease. aiso
Serftlaapeasred on the hed o mlttl4 Japan ants to bu- the Ladrone s r ll, 3 2?.,r

ea. i s' op a p biendu o effet t would you v erfc a q al
0 _5hlvdwhes onor tsmonthsald. Ior l lands. If the United States could g I
Sa no t t Isprelad a rrooe. "r' .. .mus" _..o.t. ,.
r r. lsaon me wold pee, up a public vendue ofr the effects ta
Ri 1 Wa g tohad n odor thai clung to It as a result of the Spanis afe to put anm M AD O!s
Sempheras lithe room ewar, she could clear a sug sum ove in a new bankl9 OnOe you Cuae~
adding b and nbeach. and above the expenses she incurred i bave just hoard O?9 Thist e to t it
noe dm ed next atte s p i a c i n o kedeer k
em e ndwefeL red she the war. Uncle am. however, is no But ow about: an old a suffererwith Aldhy
rol lose hersight. Rs- running an auctrln-nouse bMk 9 One that do yJears and thLlt. havlg
Sphysielansfrom the 190 busiruinn for over a qnarte one botfiq ^t HBWJRVM
s couidm were Now that the- war Is r-vpr and th of a oetm Ona-that hm azid i kL IL aem gaite
lothing to relev the li. troops are eirnlg mustered o0t. the gov always kept its V'mle? I f-fy
s Innocent, and eite Ot ernment Is Interetlng itsoel" in the O ine thiatJ le.; or fzm lresan-.lid i'
o theer ontout thebe onopiid i bi-tthig t
ee Was hopeless and in- matter oif th osnite ry condlblon of th md O In P i danye? nLo .
cOSble tos save the ebhildes eyestht. I t deie ttarylmapiss.ence arhbeank, el
wsn Lh we to Sw ee mps. and the are d socl i g9 uooBm o I-

bus to .- I a, O -..
Scrfi lean a. Kan. The Hon. John Wanamaler is geltti
acrnda is an db btinote od disease searing mad n the figot against Ur Oari., hwfigsad -rm d'd,
ld is beyond the reach of 1Ae average Quay. N-ext thing he will be sayin iir -_ u20. 'wif,.i
aoud medicine. SoWffts SpcitrE 'By-Goah'- and then his aurrlas a a om on. 'wZ
a sunday school teacher cvii be cover. hi XdlkicOir iEL RS to ]a"
STSA hBlo0 J uople of Tampa sho1 uld o an- sc An
SOSOV&ThGwurk in harmony for the future pru I w du, lOlql,
achte only remedy eq atlto4 chdoe .pe iy of the city and not let soa moe mevAs1s -
eabed Aboaest it Ipas 'd. to usp g iPe be monopoaited in belittling tb
~ boev gteod and *esoaw seda of others. oo
;W- s6 S. .I,~S. ... ., 1 I
P ." .S..M.M I ,.z













Of "i sui~


wma'frleud and admirer of the late
tpa cr ed Soutberner, Jefferso
DeawS, and a great friend of Mrs. Davis
afIAA yftnlicrr -lalw fll^ follow-
S tereaStms reard-Se Ilnes of
BI.DMnX4, rhlch JtarwequeonUy Teen
fpet in the k ewap erS;,
Larxaau ett Pier, September 3, 18S.
VoSt J. A. atMerda, Cashier, Tampa,
SD htWet very low. suffers greatly
rouaatea.s, able to retain stood. Very
weae 'Docr eogiv eso-b j.
16 r sul"gpR DN t TWIr .
The above telegram was received by
i. An&erfon L afT f .
he received r Sther dbptch h -follows:
Narraga3sett Pier, September 3, 18s.
eL J. B de Capro st

B Btr on e
NgasM of aprov !t

f" 1

E en l ereteamsters and wagon train men Florida -Birmingham News. -
le teacbS.o for a Tampa correspondent received THE STURE LA GRIPPE CURE.
r locates, so telegram reading as follows:
en form the '"Col. BelUnger, quartermaster a There is no use suffering from th
from ]Ide Tamp and the entire qusatermaste dreadful malady, If you will only ge
staff there, said to be under rret the right remedy You are hang pal
theft. Is It true?' the ghtemedy. You are navng pal
h BitteI at As Colonel -Bellinger is the rantin allthrough your body, your liver is ou
id you-wlH arml office r stationed here he Is trying of order, have no appetite, no life or am
be morning. to remember when he ordered hlmsel btlon, have a bad cold. in fact are com
heathy and staff plsaed under arrest. He ha etely used up. et Btters Is th
red nol yet succeeded In recalling the e letel used p Electric Bitters oc t
ede currency. only remedy that will give you proSip
Sand sure relief. They act directly o
Ipluence is A NARROW ESCAPE. your liver, stomach and kidneys, tone u
d- ea --- the whole system and make you feel Ilk
ld Thankful words written by Mrs. Ad a new being. They are guaranteed t .
E. Hart f Groton, S. D. "Was take re or price refunded. For sale a
S B. Ionardis -Drag Store, only 5
he ci tyad with a cold which settled on my lungs ent per bot tle. or
osk on the cough set in and finally terminated in
t yesterday Coosumption. Four Doctors gave m Judge G B. Sparkman, of Tampa,
se tr.om tne up, saying I could not live but a short dsed on t. i.ay morning at
aater a lingering illness. He had been
aty "sPrse- time. I gave myself up to my savior ill with typhoid fever for several weeks,
06 bu"se, determined If I could not stay with m amd the ravages of the fever were such
friends on earth, I would meet my ab that when it was finally driven away
)re, Insect sent ones above. My husband waa ad be was so broken down that death soon
pec fsed followed. Bascom Sparkman was one
Soer vinsed to get Dr. Kln New D crerp of the best known public men in South
e remsdy, for ConsumptIon. Coughs, and Colds. Florida, and the news of his death wil
Wen mu you
lpt counter- gave it a trial, took in all eight bottles carry sadness to the hearts of many
not be dis- It has cured me, and thank God I ar who knew and appreciated his worth as
a private citizen and a public man.--
itch Hasen saved and now a well and healthy Gainesvllle Sun.
woman." Trial bottle free at 8. B
of the gov- Leonardi's Drug Store, Regular sl e One Minute Cough Cure surprises peo-
Is engeged 50c. and $1.00. Guaranteed or price r; pie by its quick cures and children may
from Port funded. take It in large quantities without the
snp of the
in Egmont TRY ALEX'S FOOT 0tSZ. least danger. It has won for itself the
siton for the b- st reputation of any preparation used
gained there A powder to'be shaken Into the shoes, to-day for colds, croup. tickling in the
r fed. At this Season your feet feel swollen, throat or obstiate coughs. S. B. Lcoa-
te yous need nervotis and hot, and get tired easily ardi & Co.
romptly re- If you have anrt-ting feet or tight
rom shoesptly re- Y Aien Foot Ease It cools The name of the Spanish b xha.-.Aa-
and pede trylln's Foot It cools ala, recently sold a a prize by order
ve organs, the feet and makes walking easy. of the United States court and pur-
digesuon, Cures swoolen and sweating feet, hlia- chased by eM. Ira C. Rhinehart,. as
ty of brain. terms and callous spots. Relieves corns been changed by the owner, and the
D. and baon of all pain and gives rest vessel is now registered at the custom
and os of all pain a lives rest house as the lra C. Rhinehart. The
Sot th.ms-t and comfort. Try It to-day. Sold by heig has just come off the ways, w-er
coaty died all drggiWts and shoe stores for 25c. she has been overhauled, and put mi
'- 5 Trial paka free. Address, Alien S. 1rln8t-class condition. She wil start for
WeareIn Cuba in a few days with a eargo of
th As eepz OW tead. I BRoy. N T. merhandsle or catlUe, and will rm reg-
Pelesbh r asof llar y in the Cuban trade.
Set'eesinsw u ass bek SseI, Less.

-* f i z I 'i h t [

Nlight--Edesnsi osur-ence.
SFive members of the City Council met
at night on the sidewalk in frnot of
t tesBr Bt p bt, the city hal. and after waiting nearly
an hour for another member toaPpear,
became disgusted and went to their re-
spctire homfe
SICK SAlIACO SOLDIERS Councilman Krswe was the first to ap-
pear, and he put in the time talking
sanitation, and fire department with
Their Ooadition Brought Ab:ut by Calef Weir and Chief Harris Coencil-
man Webb came newt, then Comaintan
Being Bent to Feer-Infected Frecker arrived and telephoned to
!Courin4a a 0 Councilman Holmes to come to the
Country li- Sera ysys meeting. Councilman de Armas 5a-
the Major.General. eared about 8:30 and a few minutes
later Councilman Holmes reached the
rendezvous. Polities. street cleaning.
New York, September 2.-General WU bridge building and v L ho other sallub-
liam R. S after Is detainatd in the car" at any more arrivals had dlsappreG
at Montauk Point with all those wh the members separated with a mutual
arrived with him on the steamer City o understanding that the mayor would
M iLco. He as been besieged by eal a setting for neat m nday night
Those present did not go through the
newspaper correspondents fr lnter- formality of meeting and adjourniis
views and has made several importan until Monda' night. a such action
statements for publIcatlon. I would virtually have nullified the action
In speaking of the conditions that ek mreviosly taken on one of fato ordl-
naLnces. The rules provide that when
let at Santiago, and the great amoun an ordinance is passed upon its first
of sickness that has developed amoa reading. It must be taken up at the
tle troops that were brought from their next regular meeting and be acted upon.
If this Is not done, the ordinance is
and are now camped at Montaok Point virtually killed and has-fo be r-intrp-
he said: doued. By holding a-speclal meeting
"The men- who ordered a su3Ame this is obviated. --
campaIgn In a fever infected country
are responsible for the natural and un uFW TROOPS COMING.
avoldable coaneeences."
.This eiwng a direct criticism of th
Secretary of -War and General Mites They Will be embarked eres for C
the comn.ndling general of the army h as Needed.
has--caused something of a sensatlo-
In army circles, but every one admit -
th truth of the concise and forelbl From Saturdays Daily.
statement. A report reached the city yesterday
In another Interview General Shafte that General Lee stated that he would
Is quoted as saying: be ready for embarkation on transpo3ts
"I knew nothing of the Mles-Alge whenever they shall be wanted for duty
controversy untll I was shown a news in Cuba. I
paper on my arrival here. I will no It is ow evident to the "War Depait-
discuss it now that I am unfaOllia ment that the troops sent to Cuba wiln
with the phrases of the ease, nor will have considerable more to do than re-
enter the controversy at any time rtmal in garrisons. There is a certain
Secretary Alger and General Miles ca class of Spaniard In Cuba who will
take careof themselves. and so can 1. cause troubeand the Uted tats
"The Red Cross and other nurses dl& trooeqs wlU be needed to preserve prder
great work at Santiago, but the front is There Is almost certain to be clashel
hardly the places for wemen. There was between the Cubans and Spaniards I
never any real scarcity of food In Cuba Havana and other parts of the Ilann.
but there were no-transportatlon facill Supplies will be sent to these troops
ties to get supplies to the front, other and In many instances, It will be ftr
than pack trains. more convenient and expeditious to ship
Theosrmy and sick in hospital down these supplies from Tampa than from
there fared as well as possible in such' the main base in Cuba, whicb- will
a climate.' doubtless be Havana.
When told that it had been denied For these reasons It will be advisboae
that there was yelow fever In the camp to keep troops and supplies at Tampa
at Santiago, General Shatter said It was where they can be shipped to Cuba as
nonsense, as there was yellow fever needed, and It Is evident that General
there, and the doctors in Santiago. wh Lee realizes these facts and will act ac-
tknow it like a book, said it was yellow, cordLngly.
fever and nothing else.
Sanirago was on the md, the general Badly taken
said, and the'sanitary measures taken
by the Americans were having good -
effect. In the Asoclate Press report publish*
in the Times-T'nion and Citizen b
ONE ON THE COLONEL. Trhuorcday. Dr. Magruder and the i
g r-cting officers. are quoted as saying
"- that the steamship Alleghaney, on
His Energy in Breaking Up a Gang which fourteen men died while belig
S Thieves Xisunderstood. brought frcm Santigo. 'is a cattlashlp
not even fit for well troops, much lea
for nsck soldiers." The, officers wh
Horse thieves, mule thieves, grain made thee statements. i'dent]y knos
thieves, and all others who habe been nothing about Eteamshl$s. Thp Alle
engaged In steaHng government prop ghaney was a flrst-class passenger boat
erty, are being run to cover by govern belonging to the Merchants & Miner
meant agents. since the army firs Transportation Company, and plying
came here there appears to have been a between Boston and Savannah. Sh
gang of camp followers, who have been carried two expeditions to Cuba fror
sstematlcally stealing everything they Port Tampa, and when she was er
could get their hands on They no last, was given a thorough cleaning, and
only stole everything they coulAr ge was whitewashed Inside, where the
hold of themselves, but Induced team bunks for the men were located. She
sters and other employee to steal goods carried no cargo from here, but wen
and sell the same. direct to Santlago to carry troops
CoL Bellinger, the depot quartermas North. The doctors should have plnwed
ter in charge of the Tampa station, has the blame on the medical department,
had a number of government agents at where no doubt It rightly belonged.
-work and a large quantity of stolen The British steamship Rochamp.on.
goods have been located and some re from St. Vincent, Cape Verde, and
covered. It Is not so hard to find th Glenn Isle. from London. arrived at
goods, but it is much harder to find th Port Tampa yesterday and entered at
guilty parties who never doubted the the cub-tom house. They will both load
right of the man offering them for sale with phosphate.
to dispose of them. Several arrests
have already been made, and a number Good for Tampa, Also.
of others will follow shortly, although
the guilty parties may now be located --
in other camps. It is reported that H. B. Plant, presl
Colonel Bellinger's energy, and the dent of the Plant System, and perhaps

1 SIt h Bud


Her Condition WamOs FCo sd iW_
one at arragsoastt Pier egs Cbmao
Night-RMz4sntor Ny rd MS I
Had a Relapse. MsEiI

Santiago de Cuba, September i.- 4
val Constructor Richmond P. Ban arrival
the here of the ,eirrlmawesa ime at~agf
call ill with fever. A a
Ge arrived here seveg l days gea #re
the officers of a wrecking ovaiiy, u ey
a complete ot foea tisnp
raise two of the lsmen Spanllah
Be was taken sick the dy afr .a
arrival, but his condition was ot
aiered serious until to-day.
eeiving the very oet suaton., tet taT
chances are strongly agaInst his eoh-

Winnie Davis Dying. Mtair"
Eel left

Special to the Trf j
Narrazana- PFI, R& L, S-epnPe 6
--1ts Wfnnie Darva, the daughter Mis B'mtan
Jefferson Davia, PreitMet of the
federacy, who ll with
here, experienced a change fatfor ,e c
worse to-dy. Her cosdiion L
sdered critical, and her death .ias
She haa alvys beef referred to as
"Daughter of.L the C "f..dIi f *. vans ti&m i
large M .umber of telegDrams have Oi
received frod aln over the eaOnhry,
taminng Inquiries as to tbe ondltuD 3 0ion arranip j
3-i8ss Davis and expressions of yrm 5gpanhia ,I ;t
pashy for h*o aged mother, wbhols'b best fof/.M
with her. of the' *ari

Worst Psared for 7arrd.' given ber-
Sthe war that ti
Special to the Tribune. provide for tib
Dehdham, Mahs. September 2.-H-nD A9
Thomaa F. Bayard. of lDeulaem POST eA
United States Senator, and former A4i
bassador to Great Britain, wo h
teen sick here for aome time, but wf or l B .
was rapidly Improving, has had ale wQi i
lapse. The worst I feared.

Three Regiments Ordered Aw r o we ML
From JacksonvUle. street.' 30LJ
cetved notot
Special to the Tribune. tW titi" /e L
Washington. eptember 2.-The W the boildrs
Department has Iroued orders for the b iding I
following tranates of troops for tie theieanfte
purpose of being mustered out at th4 Te P"-: o

SSouth Carolina. The First and Secon m ue w oe sw xuje zoasty orw
t Alabama were ordered from Jaekson days, as the .governaBat hs tS fl
t vile to Mobile: the First South Caro notice the same srayother aat
i lira was ordered from Jacksonvlle t.
Colnrtia. NIOIHT' 5f4l At iXVS

Germany Watches rance. Knights 8talo; ,, Bpteea
The district shooting gsidry, a unagi
Special to the Tribune. efficient mni.-ge.om of pm t o lu
i Berlin, September 2.-The Berine m nm, Ia PDoanr=is nire ty ,
- Post, in a seemingly inspired article thl Dan= gives "am zf e t B ely, !
1 morning with reference to the Free e Tte of be 315
Reception of the disarmament proclama tecer.
tlon of Emperor Nicholas, says: "Ger Thert is no news here; the; J 5
f many must remain armed and on guar "a too b iulyto get nn Sany lt
e until France Is willing to convert he e the
n weapons Into plow-shares. *aveybdoy i ati wmn n the o '
eayor la putt a in a QrO. ..
S 'IHE LADIES. We have 4ktemhml. Sa has
The pleasant effect and perfect safey tending our dc tyl1t so l &
with which ladies may use Syrup of otht little vu th -a =n i
Figs, under all conditions, makes it their South ofus that 1Ltt. .iadieW
favorite remedy. To get the true a and rng *ard to n *. a neu
genuine article, look for the name of the By p a s~ arV al Me
California, Fig Syrup Company printed *By pSwt # .* f ,
near the bottom o the package. Por lt ttle -~ y i to
-sae by al druggts. fu-ly doale 3 i Se -
-Mr. Henry G. iymaes, Jr., has pr- we m tay s a Ne OtiB l
chased the stock of hardware of IL. H. wlartt d o owte hm
W. KLtlie in Tbor qty, and will add& w h an*e with tha
to It unmtl It is one of e best equipped nd aad It.
stores in Tampo. otr. Iymmes has WoUld it ot bhea fe taesh sire
been for arnumsrk a yeMars the ane for Mr. MoK y toeedys
compltahed accmntant ofthe Ybor City adal lbs e ha- rr
Novelty Works. an U s rough busl-
ner man with ft e quaatilations that pole d d for the Ualtet f u
eminently equsp him for any oo iner- s h caa Mr. Brya 0 wor l A" 4 *
cal indertaking that he might desire. a i Cervdra.
He Will retain his present pO.ttoe untol o reio
October st. at which time wi e w de- in the ,
vote his energies and talents toward m l a, Cuba will lbe annenritote a A
ni M ing his new undertaking an unpre- ted Matea Tatis. o.
7cedented success.

DeWltts Witch Hazel Salve ha the NALARION WIT Wr^A
I largest aIs of any salve in the world.
This fact and its merit has led dishonest VABL -. -
people to attempt to counterfeit it. Look Gr wanted
out for a man who attempts to deceive ^-.u"te e Clrlt or r
you when you call for DeWltt's Witch Agne, or money Wefunded,
Hazel Salve. &. B, Leonardl & Co. Druggists. '

The residents of Tampa are doing FLOODS IN L iitfl ii
Some noble work In the way of cleaning
up. On Tampsa Helthts, that arlsto- Special to the'T --S
crUtic portion of the city fairly gilftens o le
with cleanliness. Let the good work Knorvll Te s n, Qwe soiet
continue. eny in e sate arise S
More than twenty million free samples damaged to the extet o evet
of DeWitt's itch H sel Salve have red thoueeni doellmaby the ,oA
been distributed by the manufacturers have been pevsi% fot ,eW
What better proof of their confidence in s e ^d, ai tere 5w..l?"
r IL's delayed and teiV qf.
IL's merits do you want? It cures narrow capes of penn S
piles, burns, scalds, sores, In the short- Uve. -
eat space of time, S. B. Leonardi &

Miss Lena Head, an accompliahed -
i young lady of this city, has been 1 aor and amanted &".t*-&u""
Several days at her home, the PlantW --.S -'-_%A'
fHroteL Her many frlend hope that
her recorerm will be speedy, and that X015ftOWei5s. *ii
she will oon he outstai- -
-A w c r1 s
Whee you cal tfor Pevatvi -iVpts til. j

as we b s ae

... -------- .. i

A Fall Ina Match ReIs'
in KM ILn ^ Death

Jacissovl ptember

ime t mVnt

cy nl e o t he d eo at
tl ng in anda
Sver sfx fee In

teep them su |Sith arms and am-
nunitlon during their struggle for free-
Sarrived in the city yesterday fom
Coy Wes4,ela the steamer rotte.

est of Cuba by the present ost
S of the republic, and to range,
r them ~~a ujthe C@hban army, now in
uniti n buri theired to duty with the
M arrved Inte t pryestervn order In

in$X: t preserving order in



c- -~
I r
I '~ .'
'C r

A -rr- -

,; -, D }r3tU p,,iredi e would inoera U eopei.
f W:M fewds TbTh third candidaLe Is Hon. aames F
wr he wa o d a ierad b 1iaterro. of Jactsonvtle. ex-chairma
when be was eoseiesd sal degraded
S In Paris n MM S bt sinage then 5the WW eof the State Ebacutive Committee. Mr
1 I Phis Iano tae a e teen the begrow eTau aerro has made no promises an
S w a almost overw nw th # the people are waiting for him to outltn
'Ar r a a T "ter te trah e ticide of COL RHenry an o or. e as la s b
Sevento-tak s thpm in cone staunch Democrmt, and there is tt
-.^ iher svants-tLak ln them in coasnc danger oft man of hiA standing oo
r St Ooc tte Par tida. wit the strong cumulative cir operang with the ublcM N
eLnmwr e s that here prcede-the doubt the re se numerous other dar
I f Ieelng of the dlinterted, especially I horses only watng for a chance

Sire Ue uen othby per otral and po a
Kto-r.s who live in other cooctries a come before the people with their claim
B5 01 inliencei bty pereooo1 and po'1 for omce. As the people have no dirte
t "" co ,as.r.tona i. almost trresi .voice in the el tion of a UnitU State
I.... ;....... Me that th unhappy prisoner on th Sentor they should require the Demo
-- i sta dr hasd beesn cruely wronged craLic candidates for the Seaite an
B ... --... Two ye arse d away, and whisper house to declare their tholce before th
*tb .Dr"-- Darttht S vt bM t iationt The senator from ever
:,c1:t after a deepened into opelt rere the o
m.L" M a dlrals6map that he must have bes so pie ad the people have a right to dic-
torim now beun to come out o tate to their representatives their coolo
the the DIryfum bad never ba tor this important ofce.
an apportatity to defend himself. force
documents began to be talked of. an PUSH THE WORK.
S t length a powerful champion of Drey The inactivity o the city government
- ea .- -- f tu appeared in the person of Zotab th s simply nausatUn to thaL portion o
. ^nov., s ta. Th 4a qdveoate ,ubllbed the population, that desire to see Tar
i- -r -- --...peals that atook traooe to the oentre pa prosper and prores. There migI
S II H. H e threw down the t the govern be ome feable excuse for the city t
M a t sad was himself ted and on ltag along in its old ruts from month t
fale, ote and dilgracdul scene month. and year to year. but the Tri
I w la Paris-the fht was de bune cannot under4and why those peo
U O sorted as the str le of the Frenc pie entruted with the management o
a g rmY slst social and politial con affairs do not get ahustte on themseive
bl iLs Pira there were duel arrests and start the good work. and keep I
I coetuon of incidents, and finally moving with a rmh. While a rea
P T a mrudely disturbed recently b deal is expected from the city county
the arrest and .b eutlide of Colone ~ad rarely anything tangiflei th
S Henry, who confeed that be h war of itmnrov or reforms are a

E a aw a shIagle.

te i ag.rt en a- pl.aded- *
to' eeab a. a er

nitcs st s lomfert in h

,L 4 s l, '. '.'.. . 'h y

Whsie. who f

bys the race for dia
Te re e speglary
...*.... mo_., **

a^tity ar do none o
;ii^^-: petent- phes. hAe

-06Wtapajyag mcsmd Maw
apa a t cotShat glitters

-t .ln in.. other
'. .. .. 9. .

.0 MW the

S .ls a.t Onirha
ipetap a a ed i

*_ .a."

foed osne of the documents agalM"
Dtrefus. Bery encouragement exist
for the belief that truth win prevail a
last. i it ashld prove that the whole
afair has been a counspracy, and tha
DreyfuaL who ha sauered so unspeak
ably was lancet. the story must tak
rank as one of the mosteatraordinar
In history.


AA political campaign s aboot to best
la Plorida, aad the voters are wonder
lar what the assue is that confronts th
Democratic party. This being an o
par there are few office to be filled
but among these few are the of-
Gces of representatives in the Stat
tI-g at"we In every county in Florida
and senators from one half of the tots
number of s atorial districts. Thea
senators and representatives wil part
clpate tnthe section of a United State
senator. The election of a Senator 1
always an Important occasion, and a
this particular time it Is of far mor
Importance than the people of Florid
appear to imagine. At present their
are three pronounced candidates in th
Hon. Samuel Pasco wishes to succee
himself and is making great promise
of what he will do if only returned to the
Senate. Senator Pasco has served on

full term and part of a
people would like to kn
done, rather than what
tag. Another re 14a
person Cal, who serve
years n the Senate., H
the people what he pro
Senator Call did anyr
three terms that he wa
that really benefitted thi
Ida, his chances would

6 A o

mother, and th
ow what he ha
he proposes do
te is Hon. Wl1
ed for eighteen
Ie is also tellin

compllshed, the people have begun t
look i rain for anything that tends t
better the coaditlon of affairs from tla
organsation. But there is no vai.
excuse or the lgathry displayed by the
Beard of Pubito Works. It has all th
money necemary for public Improve
meats, a number of the streets of th
city have been graded preparatory to
paving, bat work in that direction ha
never commenced. Had the Board o
Public Works pused this work in
manner that characterizes the Indivld
ual business affairs of every membe
of that organisation, nearly every street
in this city would have a large force o
workmen o it placing a paving of som
kind, and t dilapidated thoroughfare
of the city would have been In excellent
condition Besides the money ex
ended in this manner would be a gres
stimulus to trade of all lines at thi
season t the year when everything I
virtually dt a standstUl. Ten thousand
dollars expended weekly for a fe
months in work on our streets at this
season of the year would be a God sen
to. this city, and every enterprise In it
Beiedes enhancing the value of property
beautifying the place, and making ad
mirable streets out of mud holes an
weedy lanes. Hundreds of hones
workmen would have been given em
ployment and when the tourist season
rolled round, visitors would not hav
known the place, the improvement
would have been ao perceptble, desir
able and substantial.
i'he Trtine hopes Lt see tae Boara o
Public Works arouse lo tne grat. etA
gencles of the times, and pusa this muc

poses doing. I needed work tor au it is wort, until
ing during th every street in tne city ab pavel.
s in the Senate
e people of Flor THE FLOODi AND DROOLTCHS.
be greatly im
The rapid destruction of Florida's
tinotr, says the TLmes-Union and ClL
cen, is one cause of a most undeslrabl
S change in the meteorology of our otate
ine prolonged arouth uf the present
year shoua. be accepted as a prout o
/ tas change, aud the complaints of th
agricuttursi interests snout d enotorce
Mte atLention of tose lan aunority.
SLte experience oi our sections where
sinzilar coaaiuuns prvOai, should tre
parL u tor stit worse results i. a
toLeYs L prevenuon are LaKen, and
science has now so tar mastered t
S suojecl that ignorance should not aval
ad an excuse Lor neglect IThe suojec
b haa now a literature of Its own, and th
ritish experience of India and Egyp
Shas been dupidated In our W,'esteri

ay ei r The next legislature should prepare
ofr for active wa*k and plan remlal action.
tew sar amor The northern portion of the Everglade
be Ism dng will be drained in the immediate fu
:sedowment hat ture, and when this change supplement.
S Good gneMal the loss of so large a portion ot on
gfely de .dent forests, what will be the effect on th
Fa in ssely way.
agleeCt t hasbe. rainfall and temperature? Shall w
o mma-'place prepare for a rainfall during Augua
sea iP a and September, and a drouth from No
women have vember to August A few seasons Ilk
a tables as an that of this year will convince our far
b-t bains k a ners that to plant summer crops is t

bs mnam ammy be
he e withboot waste both time and money.
qsaa.tirq---- '

as it re i The Cocoa, (Ta.) News of the4ilt Inst
I J t tomes says: "The pat few days ;have fur
e setndo t nished an experience with iosquitoe
aIttt oo. in this section seldota equalled an
never rpased. The viap i insect
mew. ;. o .O, -f evy

Uh a1 m .I ,
BH& llf~iL.^..t wfaAAd~areo

on hand a large qoartity of tobacco
such au hasa ivea this cRtv it repota
tion In this line the future of Tamp
s particularly bright and algar maker
who are leaving Tampa Lad rushas
ack to Havana are making a great mis-
The Key West terakd contains th
folowtin from a passener whe w
detained at mullet Key Qoaratil
"A passenger who recently went ove
to Tampa on the Mascotte, but who an
fortunately was no an immune. an
was thereore ompelled to spend dlv
days In quarantine, writing to a tries
from there ays: 'I feel undr obil
nations to the officers of the Maaoott
for their kind and courteous treatment
and I am sure the sectors in charge o
this station are doing their best to mak
the people who afe detained here cor
portable. Did you mention mosquitoes
Gee Whis! this is headquarters for them
I kill a thousand a day, and every tim
I put one to sleep I wish he was a
army doctor.' "
Only one sailng vessel has clear
from Tampa for Havana since the wa
ended. The owners are not anxio
to send their vessels to Havana sino
they learned that they will have to pa
the customs duties imposed by th
Spanish officials. However, It is hope
that General Lee will soon be in charge
of affairs In Cuba. and that then th
ports ot the Island will be open t
American vesels without the present
prohibitive custom duties being imposed
The City Council should not alow a
obstructionist o vrevearn it from aid
Ing the people by reducing water rate
The water work. ordinance can b
taken up at any tite ty v>Lng to re
consider the a:iou of the council I
laying it in t:ne Late tor three.inantnas
There are surely enough member oL th
council who have the interest of th
people at heart sufictently to defeat th
obstructiontsts. A vote should be take
this week.
The police department of Tampa ha
become self sustaining. It Is the only
branch of the city government that
now operating on a cash basis, and i
appears to be a bad policy to cut dow
the revenue by reduclng the fines im
posed upon violates of the law by th
municipal judge

LaSL seek Cao. Crum promised tn
puuiCe that his Florida Repablica
would appear on the 3rd. What ha
become of it? The Tribune make
these friendly e quires on bLaalf of a
Impatient people who are noted 'to-
their curiosity.

Tampa will be visited during tithe tLU
ing season by more people thnr ever u-i
fore in her history, an l 'he visitor
should be given a good inpressioln. I
behooves every citizen to, asist in put
Ling the city in a thorough sanitar: eon
ditton, and keeping it in such condition
Wooden blocks are a baok number
Every city il the South has diScarde

S -.

: ;-- Y t ,. .
to te po d tto be 'tae ROWAD
into dwelling. houses and the pooltr
asqaked durtin the night hours ik
prowling bests had seed them. Al
outdoor work is largely suspended. an
indoors the fumes t burningm Luec
powder indicate the pe 2atent defense
necessary to be made against the Invad
Ing pests Tie long months ot im
munlty are betnsmade up to us now Lr .
but It is hoped at this crop will b bai
short lived."
Frum the Jacksonville Tim -Union. BO
From the fullest Information obtain an
able the loss of ife pa our side darta
the war is put a follows: H.L
Killed in the army..............
Killed in the navy.. ................
Marines klned ...................
Wounded in the army ............0.
Wounded lathe navy................
Wounded among the marines ...... 1
Died in the hospital of disease ......10' 1
Cliar ran-wcturlng has been thpef- .
cipal industry of Tamap. ad thi es i
has acquired an enviable reputation a
a cigar maafa turing center. C* gt
,maufactur d in Tampa from Havas
tobacco have taeUn a high rank. and P 003
city in the countror can begin to coar
pate with Tampa made e#gar&. Xo
that the port of rdavas a.ll soon t
opened under the regulations of th
American custom oaerm. the s. p
manufacturer oC '"lmpa will oon bar


mA- A Afrti(.G


^y b.4S^I
lPM2Ci~lrs -

3w? IM7.t~



waste Timei
a ,

Looking for thi..1wei'
and then payBmortb*La -

by getting infuwlor] 9i .

can get the beat or I

SIn Printing.... \\.


The Tribu ]ne

- Phone 176. 202- Franklin 9 ._

SWe MfkA Aank Books.To~ ..

X Best Lighted stoe atS

Least Cost, in the' .t_-


Gas or EIecitrioity iNot' fr1
O tniuAE Poer One fur9

them. They breed yellow fever m LATEST OUT!
crobes create sickness of a most dan "
gerous character. Ask Memphis, Jack COME AN
sonville, Brunswick, Savannah, Atlant
or most any place abut wooden blocks
Secretary Alger's artless manner o
placing the blame on the others show.
that be has become thoroughly con
laminated in this war with the method
of Spaniah stsatesznnehip.

,.m ,-!-.- y .. ._ ..: .... .^ ^ '^:;E


eapiu-of my hak' i

foe a'-k'l~ I~A

ID OF DI1- -Q: Ja. N; Er .m
mRwaSibs KklmgC L.O



.o .:-

t h aty. the tace, v al
loah seruarteud n..M wit.dr1w

h. .tn ..lowing funds on band:
r i eral fund ................... 9569 .01
ead fnd ......................... U U
Jan rum ........................ LuWnAt
S lsand orfeture, fund........ 7.4

Bide for plumbing and Installlng gsa
A. fixtures in the court house were opened.
Ther were as follows:
,L W. Eobrtt .................... .im~1
S?^ / EL.Dmfort & Co................ 1789W
a Ses TteadTl& cmbta o...... mob
v r al Br os . 1atrea ram
|^*W-s'~, w a. J. B~ ................... XM.O

t B. GOrasson t ............ ".M
'The bid ofOee a t ksos being the
1-6" Uthe osatravt was warded to

W -U A- ask E o iE a rant .
. .a A-- DATO~ N .

' .3, e s a.m& kr he i sand seW 0.
te=a west with the mewd to sall-

554.ghmsa ratte DsOaIlat pW Pawion "ad every

5 <- aram but the rain he te afternooe in
see M afthM.O t Maran foo

WIN M 4 i sad l aaH tad stenddt taiWn

i t I If C. h btrawt.- is the uot
4"- Ma Ves-e ..X o
r^ rto a ad h meMl wlt set r ti
i M-ee- aV s tiT ha isaIOe to beout ewqs.
W4rWa-fth W ameW tWe AMapaIs. Me* ha sbees ft.
S a t It ifd us ft-elm ape, d wheab
waure fiwedd se0M er Wae4sss ciar eontro at aof t-
oM U s fa reln airea tsm awWtS etW < truanLM
a mspoftaUW pwt betw Pert Teamea daa a
a h- W eM* M ss aaP asnral eatu saMduRhaSOOes

S Uw ** ot eamon GM to pt tMesr rMse
Ul9 dW "stk".oe Cf .s tr"de ow., ths ey wet
S tgo. Tdhe fat that th
"Iar i stll in control of the cit"
5oaE. atsMw aL andlo that the health
at required a vessels. ezoepi
AU*he isB steamers. to go into quaran-
or to Pul tlae ad be fumigated upon their re-
,1l0W tao, has disoounared quite a number
ii r amitllar a who expected to start at onoe with their
bi5 0 L f ~t t Weseis for the ports of Cuba.
.i dl will The Board of Trade has evidently
g' .. one o a summer vacation. N
S signs its good intentions, its contem
p plateau Weco plshent or its where
about are visible.
SMr. L1. I, Knight was the purchaser
of the Hllsborough Cyprea mill and
proer at Barney which sold at sher-
M- o ate Monday. Consideration was
l 2W ,e K&r Iht has the prophet
aa^N~Pr~Xbft K M at atagreatbar ata.
-t m -' Tax 's pnsperity depends upon th
-ti h iYspeopte who a r now. here, not upou
Wea es who may come and settle among
1B.l4 eW vwe id rtdeut of mthe citr ghoul
Smaang the city as attractive a

At the ci b hb uaa oded i
a neat sum of morey. t
iasi, who have perforae
J falthlly for a number o
lthout. par. ahonad by i

UP rs~m w~ s mesasus eaiie west e a ge tom
Wy il there be a worse place on heart
th. a .Montauk, It must be Chicks
m.aL,; ad If there be a worse ptac
S. o4r th 4 than Chichsaugsa It mast b
SIt UsJ Sam begins to annex all the
*X'^ *e 5paui ds who wapt to become citizen
A t toh United States, It will keep bh
a* i osy he will have no time to anne
Co, ilatndB;
IBay Hotel Thoe P0o"t1 who halre returned frot
acationa od settled down to work ar
FPlbP.-abueto appreelate fully the charms of
agoa rrt.
Adairal Deweya dtcUiingl to come
SrewbthBoiae is sedently doe to the fact tb
-UeC., -he b levw in work first, ovations after

Sa 15Wemaitte : tb atr od1 -vp ut, some
Sits'Q body ought to see whether the Cur ha
.the a Mytnu hidde In his booting.
-ai d.otarse ecretar Alger can't stan
Sf.o Oa- hL reestaQ.whle the prese of th
t t nnt 4a Mstading on omhis Ao
t Gtberl Gomes agems to have wrappe
drapery o his hammock about hi
syad lain down to pleasant dreams.
I Before Alger organles his white
tasb stag committee he should attend to
t e wort of feeding our hungry eol

r Whdot pave the streets of this city
"L4'1bowi. is e :tIae to rush that class o

....' t .B g usewar hbath not ye
aiswi- A' l ed frontI tor Sec-

.. .. .

CMtmI CrmM Ctar a t DkjI

P ster And Ite

Wade We mer I
J. W. Roberta. gas piping. t
Advertise in the TrbuV e sad prosper.
taymWod Wite wood Telphoae t W
Babbitt & Co., mak e rubber tamps.tW
Millinery at and bow coust at Mass
Be1t shoes i Taa at lowest prtoes
at Xam Bro.'
Picture frame made by Babbtt t

ubbers, rubbers, ruabes. t Mae-
tarlae I Olena's.
Prompt attention given to you at
Central Pharmacy.
Reliable aboe at very low price at
Mass Broa.i
See our cloth top, rset lace shoe,
IA.s at Macfar ane O& enn'
The celebr-_td C eoes coni seed ean
be had t A. C. C ehMa w'.
For artsuet pritinag of all kinds see
dsh Trtbaael
'- Two registered pber-clsts compound
your pr.crptlons at Central Pharwacy
Col. W. B. Hendrona went to Dad
tiny yestsedsp-oe l ourmt business,
The best 51.1 ad $Lo shoes In the
cy,. are sold at M fartan e Glenn's.
New lne o ladie' evening soes,
and house slippers at bMao arlane t
* Nothing but the purest drugs com
pounded in your preWrtptlons at Centra
The Tampa Rifles 00 shoes, best on
earth for the money. sold by Maofar-
lase & Glenn.
Telephone J. M. Fisher No. 36 or 284
for good seasoned stnve wood, any
length. Lowest pric-s tl
Marshal Woodward is still confined
to his bed with a slight attack of
Remember that you can get the best
Job printing In the city at the Tribune
office. t.
5,000 pounds fresh garden seeds from
the most reliable growers In the Unite
States. Just received at A. C. Creshaw'e.
Mr. J. A. M. Orable has gone to Sa-
vannah on business connected with the
Plant 9ystm.
It is time now to begin fall garden-
ing. ,P'resh seeds can be had at
A. C. Creashaw's.
Merchants that advertise In the Tri-
bune are the ones that have big bar-
gains to offer. Try them.
Judge and Mrs. W. A. Carter, have
returned from the famous summer re-
sorts of Virginia greatly recuperated
and beneftted by their trip.
Mrs M. P. Fersandes has sold her
retaurant, and departed last night for
New York, where she expects to reside
In the future.
Sagasta still blows and talks abon
Spanish pride. Too late now. Al
is over. Say we are sole agents for the
Babcock vehicles. Best on earth 0E
D. Hobbs & Co.
Elegant line of Banmsters shoes for
men and boys kid; calf and patent
leather al Iesles and widths, A to E
Macfarlane & Glenn, sole agents.

For large quantities of seed, parties
intending ordering wll do well to ge
prices from A. C. Crenshaw. All seeds
are the best of their kinds that can be

Miss Ellen Hale. a talented precept-
reae of Milan, Tenn.. and a sister of
Leon Hale, has arrived to Lake a post
tion in the city schools as teacher.

For fst-clam lob printing of all kinds.
eall at the Tribune office and see samp-
les and get prices. If you are too busy,
phone 175. and a representative of the
paper will call on you. tf
If you want to buy anything in any
line, consult the advertising columns of
the Tribune. The merchants that ad-
vertise are the ones that have big bar-
gains to offer.
When you call for DeWitt's Witch
Hasel Salve thd greatest pile cure. don't
accept anything else. Don't be talked
into accepting a subsutute, for piles, for
forces. for burns. &. B. Lonardl & Co
The Greater ineud as the less. Hood's
Ban aartsoars hip diseasead *serobti sOr
ad it may be depended upoe to core botls and
pimpte and humora of al kinds.
Hoods Pills a the favmote amily ca-
la rc. Core sick h dach, breakup a cold.
The schooner Alexander I. LaJwrence
Captain L A. SmIth, cleared at the cus
.tor house yesterday with a aeo0 *
hlmber and miscellaneous merchsadis
for Pot Burchard. ,panis FIpnMAa
Thtato the first veseit to awar 4vLoWtmt
prt for. Spania Hnondras nee th
w*a q*dl TThe Lawreie f sat

fill~ ff -1

raso be -I ev

l leErungTrkmn

MAIL ROUTE to let fro Trampa
Mafdalene and Keymtoa Pfter Ap
to TrUi ne
SWA.LNTZD-One honOred gbod wood
uttrM Appy to J. Drew, Tam-
PiOR RENT-Fursishd or uaurnish&e
rooms with fire pIm af bath. Vaer
reasonable. Nto. Rors o saveo
Tampa heights.
FOR eAL-Choice planaL. CUll after
1 I. Mrs. Caleour. 1W Went Ith
avenue. .
WAlTBD By rtr.p-&u te partn 41K W
ei ht roomshouse, near or on rankm
stret. 'Addrewss H Trlhnom:
Umrs eamThS1uisbs. 3 ^ S- N
be Uuistydat Saor dOSpL WoeI 14
sa esw4tresL .
WAh.lT -Good e*k that can turn"Ih
refresuea to wo" ad honesty.
Bteady ptteo a aad food wages. A-
ply at tis oAfie at oaoe. tz
OR RBNT- loe room on rankdin
astret e urnodh or. uni fulerfd
Bath and electric lthts. Term
reasonable. Apply at once to Trt-
bes odca.
FOR SALE-Thrs thousand pDo os at
Polk County tobacco in pOoa alSMo
July t. fMull rm .T geray tse.
sead your mepet to amnin ltSeam
Weeo., 'Wrtow. Fn.
FOR aALU-At Krw s & Setwar
uteblf. ten fle young horWe and two
pair of mules. UAlo one new two-
horne wagos aad hnsnm I wilU ell
thi stock cheap for Meh. As I a
going Into other busnsaa. W. R
Putler, Sr.
Praahan street. C. & P. Ticket
Ofice. Wnrted-4-O laborers, good
wages, I waitresses. woman coox.
white nure for family. irl for
trinmmer in factory. dtookman, dairy
hands, wood choppers, and others, call
at once.

J.T O'

Bst ua godsi ha sybee a

waau in oar varied fih yoitt^m
arrival of new proumwa, call aI
iLmmense O.. ,. .,, 4

W eoil|l ftbmmtealew t oLo"hee MiWas.'
A s we e dwoU 1 M ewd i s
WeS have a bg*aehat Wdo aWkate
ali o-I I, fun uge r"aW. *# m@i t e._
em ryr tMoisatar te o '

as 10 oesipe s*e t itt .i

II $
B r .; Y o t .s. .-. :... .-

Hhn 7and 7 D7es, U2. s X8e.30eak
A 12. m r.oaeafoL TI. et,;111O..... -410
aa -S aal
Gooa nas SM so;

A besititfl all Wiorted Drees ltf UAft
o e that .50, fow r *1.75; Mea tl 8 ek

oIr SPaun 000M 6 F I* --
the s Me is o and on WaUno arted A mist
White Goods and Ipmoi. XMW

Mc' Sh Oak and -
AW lol ...a Wo drt W N M i

| Pine Wood.

W&L Mall. flo A <^^.. t I t4- iA '

ve oi S- u or or a ae ..wivTe
Length. Carry more Wood than all t
n ALI ia town .
Iaman or AM DIa = Telephone 886 an

Chce IJUm rli CiP for Lowest P.,ice
Fresh Beer, Ale and Porter
always on sap. Cognac, Moul-
ton Bell Gin a specialty. Finest u JM Fisher,
Poll and Billiard Parlor in the" *
city. Courteous and polite at. A % A eI I
lendants, comfortable seats, M IMk -
electric faus, everything first- .
Class. S. W. cor. 7Lh av. and
14th st., Ybor City, Fla.
_. ; p. .r~i^"^f--'- n. i L., POuc.r
D. jr. ne .l& 9L i I

Arcade mrtluB
Brokers amd Delers t

Bar and cem 91 .:4 ta.f
Ba a d Aasoring, Grading, Cring ad mBli
Crops Estimated. Planting and -.a
bacoo Superintended.

Restaurant mg- -

FREE LUNCH 1 4 s I. ,


9th Ave andI4thSt. A Ad

OaELEPOyE a oomla iii. ma i l

Ed E N, Prpriet. r ...- .....

87 ad 88 V-tW M^iagt q k.


Ba i l



A&LI' k

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o*-Abp G

16 4laWtbW,. Of
GramC- l~

antlne yesterday mi orning direct from Aanl on t aoe c ou. woo o wo nd the commercial flags were hoisted. B
S tSto thTrI Santiago. This is the first time the months has been in New York and These vessels belonged to the Aaiert-
SFlorida has been in Tampa b for six Baltimore, where he suffered a severe can line, and at the -eg of tng ofthe VE
e oL-- t eo l t& s wed she broght, a o~..t t-fve spell of sickness, has sufficiently ~r- war were taken by thee oveisent, and
of the Adayi Amer ean rd United emkYe of the b quartaermouste de- covered to return to his old place of converted into asuiliary cruisers. All @ra
Beltptis a Etxpr s Companies, it was Os-partn, allty Mr.Walker has hosts ofseasoe
l. y ? O xre _e r e omrinee it was de- paertmen all of whom .iare w at the doty. Mr. Walker has hosts cf iRend of them did good work while connected DODlO
l d that the codls would fr detent cap on t Key here who are glad to se him back. with the navy and also when they were dS
.-- a te b I earm-the esans O the war detuon aM on Emm t Ke-, wherewhhteatonalohnte
e ti tead of retirpg the public to they will have to remain for a week or HOW'S THIS. used by the War Department as trans-
stamp comsal ents. ten days. The government has re-- ports for troops. Their great ee a . p
leased the charter of the vessel, a s e offer one hundred dollar rewardimmense carrying capacity made them
t Te 'to the w^ tern Soon as she is fnomteted and is alipwed for aor case of catarrh that cannot be the bet transports of any In use. i

_WSS ^ B street Is badly in need of in handling the business, snich promi- vsteisaux Wholesale Dru ists n s wlch ty bore ^^
V t "' t b----t- ... ses to be more than the Mandcoe can Toledo, .l
curead-b yaHal's Curer Cu n inter- .-U*1XA -"

Zedek congregation, and all the Jewish m'ucous surfaces of the system. Testi- Special to the Tribane W
residents of Tampa, will be held at 7 monials sent free. Price 7I cents. Chickamauga. September 2 --aor
teT EBtSieLt e n, o'clock this evening at the residence ofr Ha all's Fami are the e. The HHbbard strand the a te were for-

B erm an G logow ski. T he m eeti ngff is T O C U R E A _O LD IN O N E D A T. she Y orl o r In fa n try, t
F. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, 0. merlyknown-as the City of New Tack, ig a

K dneiementortec the dtelebrao Take Laatdve Brotoro y averhaed and eitted p for
has bees washed into great gll Jees hland business. Thes ridn the prleent e Al dr t the known petition to the y of Paris, of War, dely. Itl S
Smonth. t it tails C t ho cure. sL 4-. mandi, tat ft H b and oh e e lt y ad
Sovert st. e- t stahlns on te rui beten Port Tapovag ans You him to perfectly honorat whe n al doubfult w weil PAmerican lne' Wijla
S several obsa dSeep on the brick ave- Mobile, but it is probable that she will usinessxp ransactions and it nancdle y change their name back. however, I ia,

S:-West &. Th-raux, Wholezsnale e s- n .
sen to be more than the Ma. ot a. Tedo 0. i aual tservce. -m*yrm the -.g-.*--
-handle during the coming sea-so. ALI-.G KIN- -" ;& -"RVIN.
Wholesale Druggests, To-,;o. iU. Court Martial Demaldbd.
Halo Catarrh Cure is Laken later-
A special meeting of the Cehoaral rally, acting directly upon she t cxl
Zedets congregatIon, and all the Jewish --rt-cus tsu-faces of the system. Tooti- SDccial to the Tribune.
MIM resIdents of Tampa, will be held at 7 monioals sent free. Price Uf cents. Chickamauga, September I2.-Major
o'clock this seening at the residence of Halls FamIly PIta are the loin. Hubbard, surgeon general of the Ninth
RHarinn Giogowski. The meetlag is TO CURE A CItD IN ONDH DAY. O"m Voit volunteer infantry, is olicO.
called for the purpose of m i ..ii-harged by the citizens of toattaotwa
Tak Iost e oe uiin Vb-with causing the death of Set-sean
rangements for the celebration o the 'ake Lax ve B Gehass 'fb Frank. The citizens have united in -
Jewish holidays during the present at& ABI druggist refund the money petition to the secretary of War, de --
month. f It falls to cure- Ir-w.. mending that Major Hubbar and othe
surgeons be court-martiaied. I
Thfshinrtg business is improvIng as You invite disaipOintment when you Truth wears wei. etope bUVe
the demand is constatly llncreeting4 experimxent. DeWttf LiUttle Sely that DsDWtts' Little r s -
2-~ rThe whoheale deales-s now ostJ ing Rlsers are pleasant easy, thorough Utile lihia ettlie s for- n

W-2 -- -

PIwig ^ ^a djeps it rat" vaiw tnf Ri4rBb Z zh4 C RN to tb i m s 1d fr
bT I FI Rodr o c:._VU -/ ,-, o S OILu,.- t


ItneoW Orseqaof thea a lteo anruissn in and Then *Ordered a RebearuiP of But tS e upply i te daFt Pra Peint. Clg to the ]et sad ,VWere U
Ordered to he Testimony Upoa Which Clpt. Other -dustties lThat Wuld One us r Mrom the Sank athe
and0 Got n A ylisP*BsttelibLes). Psy--erOital Kention aof Two Vetmteratmrsd-No $ iI
+ many Ready fora Confict. Well on6wi People. Other 1 mLv. .Atl

Sb l -te Tidbne. Special to the Tribune. Port Tampa, September I.-A b*i de- racial toA tie'tbbit e e- .
6 wtaw %Wr-rkir4- August aSLThere rere Paris, September 2.-The suitie of mand I being made orlta phe Sa, pts
t te et o the teamashp tenant Colonelphate rock, and at no time since the tenBant Ma ag, of the United t LT,
*ft ( S chastfWedheretto-dy4 "of the Intelligence Department 6 t ti-sovery .eOf the phosph8ate, he the eIsland, ,tvm at lostt 4 l
Awith tfti e abhVdrd tr on Prench MnteatTy of War, is stl the a4 mines had such a hard time to All con- Iesteda, and- tWo a things 4 t
M*U&i l l<., ,&fA la f the &6th ere aor aborbhlng topic, for the rsuicide of Col. tctThe reasons foithis- c(otdl"n oeda afeuth alen lic t Wthe-ti

a pott~hoC ehvoit and increase demand. D arthegbht at te
M the men on boarthe It i reported that the 3dniier of told 'lt e.JcotMtdeMale more rock If wich haa-i-tcn -t"f bt m rS
Ssick and many ere justice, M arien, hae taken atsP i it could be had. Large steamers arc .i e t t ea
i ar eriously. ill the ship is one of the grant Cptai Dreptus a retria obliged to wait, and much delay 1s covered t Jw *R-te t-- r
r. tun t ae transports, but the I t is announced to-day by La PatrIt, caused, not by the transportation com- aondlion .-eutmuswtt M=gaj
alltS e ald icd 'lien they left that .ColonePat7 du Clam has been ax- panies, but y tt- r-ma for vaolunteersl 6 &tW
Srestei tor complicity a, Ithe Drytu There are t*o English steamlhipa na. responded
o thi l tei.-Hl 4if eria It ile a" BsuAe tbh" tse here now, and seven more are due with. aT s g sachtpo,_ g smr iP
city and yn. arrae ,of ~therhig *bdelat wa t In ten days. The coastwise trade m M aal---g an-ltth i.- sa
T' hat the rest of the general staff ofe phosphate is also broadening, a great of several peopM.le, hwho e e ma
SO arencltarmy will follow the -tnsle'df deal being dipped -to Northern ports,-wathig the s-dsl S sl ir 5h l--9-
G general Boedeffre, the chetief of ta -by schooners. in lanlssmirthe o -
to and General Oens, the under chief, ard With one or two more industries equal he i i aboet M Sr -*ay to-the sa tit- rt-e

ot the of e "- of the Plant System in broedeftia its e a-- s r. ha Ses/s net. M .
ilr Is aH0t ep ap i coiplons ef the Additional Dewelopinente Xa 2igfle spd e tending its improvements, and oen etr mendyd as suceeas
across drinrg the itatats a Wat r o Rxpooted to follow he people have hopes that deveiop- getting hold of thfi oaetari
rtendeinvtfgo. aa at the- t-e oc ments have otiy besa to be fuamade iat theIet n sip" I I
t l 'oEui of that city; Srrived at special to the Tribune One object of wonder to that the ena hope otf them h*tg isc.e alsl a, -

Dr Lreyfus case to beropened. Th await some etetrpng rm who will AT of the med te e tt' S i9 r
er people are wild wih joy, for It is belle rt in thlstsFrom the bert safe to bt an tiere no further
h oth5 e e hearty en mem nt Mr. Plan Its T.tlthe say~-" ite LL~-J t -eei- t doe-Rt
co pw-,n ofbC~' the Addi ciaon l ee&s lg fofd eeending tts e mprveents, SZ one

iW i mn ^ f6 tiea bat ~ults a fcal nanoopeement Was o$ad Another enterifor which t rt fita ot I.
to-iwght by La Patri M that seral of Tampa furnishes an opening, and one 1to N a
f ttIc~oO. Sred .thie 7tr fio_ the general stai of t *he Froent be operated in connection with fish-?'
w .on,'i i i n p ae arnmg have decided to resisa industry, is-anitceplant. It is falr to Rar. iro sd-a -Shets fsms c eS
to .... on itoe ue all they know of th e the enire rey suipone, however, that thte plan of Mr Throbtugh Ih ed fa, tit of hte. ,
l in: of oa -^ (e thfus a ffar oh Plant may embody such an industry, as DepoPdeicy-tt of tork. "
I t0l iome1 dtrh *l esr g One officer declares that war wl in- his patronage of ice factories is su- b- -
po et evitaty follow, as a result of the revelsa int nto operate and pay interest on an Itamiro tGrada, Ct ban, ca d
e rp the ote o ons which will be made regarding th Investment in a modern plant sucids shout 4 o'ntclok yerteidsy etteF-
SI rations at the other oftner ttl-a o m One sign of progress in Port Tampa noon in his room on the corner of Taw
S ea A special reee from Berlin says Is the neat, modern school house which pa and Scott street by sthoogg M-kis
G e after wi d that the Berli has published a ha been erected by the citisene. No self th h the head. The Womnd W5
e rt to we- seemingly inspl a rtic, saying that better man could be selected for super- a horrible one and death was ualnstc 0
Gery asrt to Set- a and visor than e rh J. W. Branan,. cashier Instantaneous. -
peope rey of War, I A. Altger. gua an to cnvei of the Plant Systemn. Mr. Branan is an The deceased had been in bad health
.o.r. ha esteemed gentleman as well as a man of for some timeand was unable to obentaint r
D b" t rant re that more than ordinary intellectually and employment. He had become very de- 'S
IAato let^ execute ability. Prof. Morris, who spondent, and kept to himself nearly,
We f ee hsa tlht succefuIy in his count all thte time. sYesterday afternoon hee bnectio with

b vt o ore e several years, has been engagetl as went to his roomand had only d
i spt ti "- tlo so prernwe t ent r.O p prncpal qf the school and wi ll move there a short time, when the sound *fI MJni
n oaff.t l r et Dreyf m t his family here in about two wees a ptol shot startled the peoeplein t

SUf l One his cer declares in t tha e rer Capt. Sam Hannah, manager of the house.

oe to-.dey and orme sm, that has been arted hoes t aa Inn, has been somewhat itisposed for When they reached the room Grand
ppine natives have fake t a a week, but his many. friends are glad was found lying across his bed, and ne
e- the United States. h T E The last trace of the mule has been hole in the right side of the head, ju
C oblterted fm the dock hs above the ear, told the story only, -tdo
h SIV I ',Wee fea t e evy f as a r u rints, as well ans his loose hair have an well. He wa breathing his last w he
Stof the natives, will dp n been crped up and carted away. o red- the people of the house entered tbe
Soodand they are rapidly beomi~t ahas pubihed etrians may now move along the wanl room, and I a minute or two more Ie
MisemiglIe man could be selected for-a without being kicked at by a mule or swas dead.
YH '^ IAW PFEVER PBEADINGa'.... labbed with a bayonet in the hands of Chief of Police Woodward, sad a
Sa drunken jackass. Lime has been deputy sheriff, were Ited, nd we
at p e ermany must armed, and iy sprinkled to show where they once were soon on the scene. There awu no deu .
ab threSpecl to the Tribune. r ve the air is pure.and al is welL Bas to the cause of death, so on inqbeat
es- Jackon, -A ball took effect in the stomach, and wl Several armies heve, within the paet was deemed n asunary. The body w as
oa f l Uketyve ata. three month, beeoi embarked here,ti and turned over to U.ndertakers Bo la 4
Sstatesah The diffculty grew out or trouble be not a sign remains to tell the tale. In & Tlaker. for burial, and was ernoo ed
5 l ew y e e BorS. Petr K th f act all seappears better than ever before. to their establishment. The interad eet-
lt eort o th Of ilie -Iibt, fy, Vr During a this time, thhe eleV tors have will e in Woodawr n cemetery this g~
S late rport says that one ca e excited, and srlous trouble is feared. ment has constantly been going on. Very little semato be known alo it
i w t iheast t aipd The em, thatty occurred between ueisr "Green Gooe" may, perhaps the man by his neIgKhors, aough; bhe
SKnight and Lanwlnsky In front of the asow a few scars, but then, that e't had bwne living here for some time. ,
S'ea es are reponi a custom houe, oa government grtd. counted as Port Tampa.by s
e t Valen, where there are t our Lwih M w9 i mm~ editely taken in N to man has labored harder or with e COariht side tORSBER S.d
gn wc P-harge by a Deputy United States daxr- created sutcceea than Assistant Quar -- -2
m headoedbeTaylor ticome reportta ha tensted Joh T. Douglas. Mr. h t Pul St. Ta ad .--t
a1mT -t he & Krause are still at work upoblin ia tillher c; and it may bove the ear, tod the stoy oElyo
-A st qSSrStnet ove the tir the machinery that swin the draw said that his appointment to his present t o
t be lotI believe n b in ler and prints, as well as t will not taks loose hair hae and hown imelf to bea a l ell. He s reani his last s

Fe s t so long Ie open close wI clas business man. d d an Tale, were to-day suendered W* p
oo they rapidly bee an tran may now move aong the room, and n a mte or two more e
j jfta i a" .4 Tailmi. without being khiced at by a mule n r Nwas dead.

;.- t an Mr.. Waker, wh for a l tim e ha by the Ny eartet to their own r e
"BS Si tot' tetrierl o lybune. : teaalnc m irridhed tat quar- tisctorily. fled ll i wthe ositon of mar- th e National fla wee lo inqreds

* : ". ?--" -' *4


CAR GWo TRA lEMla rnM.

-nSew.tow VP u.
'em t,.wb n Dr. PWs w lh iSkmd by a goT.

L tl m or und very e -
ohs M s, U "t P IS^ Yellow Jack Is Spreading to Iarumer-
er e waad himmf o imntoone ous Towns In the Vicinity of Or-
'--b oane. whiah was fW wood-One Case at Waterford
P" bymel 5b" O uand Others Bpreading.
-o b of the dfo ltlo eor_
She ped little he would o
S If I From Sunday Dailly.
ri oglgit Dr. Glennan. of the Marine Hospital
be lost $ Service, woo has been at Key West
taoh for the pant two weeks invesUgating
g~o s was utn the suspicous caes of fever that have
0** te4 q yoSg m M and a be9 caused so much alarm and uneasInese.
SW me in. BJ eu a br arrived on the teamer asotc yes-
s ely Mnatly Ymarried ad w terday afternoon direct from Key WesL
di dutia p with ho if id.si He remained at Port Tampa until 9
0 6 iD At At te o'clock last night, and then left on the
4Ma M acotte for Key Went again, where he
Mb" H k to wTu reUev Dr. Aiurray, also of thea M-
SFth th be beme by- ie aPtHstal Service. *
J 3( sDr. Glennan stated Poeitively to sew-

isd aSte

a U eMINfo mo so Wa

In Si. Ni S lmn tPk EL. elly
ha told "The Sialy o tIm Whoel."
ftgd the evfAeism 50r th bioyol.
uMr.Vmasely t yt:

bke to te begia ofunad torot ny,"M e
md as ths bhas t d bne md isti
protablytre. I dm11 Wy to stew tam
te bteyseo ew m as Iim s is
the Atoneth and iaxtsnth oeet
ad thet the oelert irst invmtd at
lS90. wai these ewriAt for of the
"maety" of today. The first attempt
to ride wbes datl ebok s mar e the
Aftenuh amtry. Trea,. t machines
ha mnade were radS, ciamn y and im-
peasot, yet they deerve mention f
they wre a disti t step tas theistry
Ot the wbee The bs aof tbee wasa
beavy carrnge drive by mean of rope
attached to anadwone d rod its axle
se. To bofother end of theopesa
pole wa ted, and this pole was usd
al i In to v h& l d

as a evermn roul at e
b? this mas it was slowly
ltft s de on t ins
S yet to the -ma
a-wng yet A &S( X

a ouatem er
&lMStok PI

or ana
ise a"

ms thro

fever really ap-
anywhere else.
be, they would
:ing a furlough,
some place of
Lke no statement
of the other sar-
nsed hid person-
tha aSO

SIM et.'naa t e cases.

At ths, vculenim woo
of tbhe e tei te ua t a Prominent German Individual
a J:~!d arn ebusine nss tto SaS that the Government Could
irrld to the e xdamiaed r Clear Up the Case If She
OPobw -Would SpeakO -t In eetneg
IW&e s every publa gambliWg house In
mc( ee rMY we abobhed --Piemona,'s
-jan be -4"mSeWeit. Special to the Tr.buns.
teslasres t tUe
aks t tw s HOMEOPATHY. Paris. September 3.-A new sensatlo
Swhoa was sprung in the Dreyfus-Henry afflI
> .s9'A~L- < lt;'weeg l Wap-sw BMi A-> to-da4y by the claim that Lieutenan
i- toh n m oat It to Oei Work. Colonel Henry was murdered by orce
Sas esrt- This is a story an Alabama man tels of the military authorities % ho ordered
ti ll another sensation was caused b
L happ- the anouncenoent o: the Paris corrs-
p 9 Wier pondent of the London Times,. t. d
to aslbaid Blowits, who claims that he has ob
a i o 'home be 'as tned the views of a distinguished Ger
t a rlt lt-anmeasd ta- He hadn't been nIordt r mand o the altua tion. and that this in
divldual admitted that Germany-,.
Sat ftr edhii d -~t W iendeggre speaking out. could perhaps clear u
rtoaers companyphi a hearty welcome. There am su the Dreyfus affair. The "dltingulshe
4. "jf!*r l.eft 4i he4 German" added, however, that the in
u h ....i terests of the nation are superior t
those cf any aan. and If Germany wer
listened to. General de Bolsefifre could
b ~i-n ublowa "But." he added, "I've goS a coai0 not remain an hour at the head of th
I m why ar we an tonthemsa lIke s taff. whereas Germany ought to vis
I aty am to have him stay there as long as es
7 W &' f' sh 4 abg weiea all y o sible
.u KM men*- -as.a- ie t wa powr,
v:~C -meVolunteers and Begulars Wll Be
my r Kept at the Present Standard Tn-
rtuesd to'. fi, We'reIkil the Peace Negotiations.
wants We' like blrrrt ."
S- ldbhe a led blandly, 'because wtOea Have Been rerfected

lSi e o special to the Tribune.
a" ^i^^.y^- P fr .or Washinston. September 3.-The Thir

nkiU0 & was

[2 these
My mottled friend," aid he, ghe ter
r a the dog i good for the T T
ea why Ie com"-W-.. o*M
L .. a aL.--- ,,..---..l. -s"

La volunteer
to Jackeor
tached to tl
com mand
I trom ENas
y to be mt
Sfor mosa
Notice v
nmteers wll
ta &ftr thtiI

ity, t a hd a O a

d bt tr s S a

geew eed m-eE* A

SsMWpa .I l a .-- f

er Infantry
viUle, Fla.
he Seventh
of Genera
tern State
sterced ou
tertng out
was Isur.-d
I1 be mus
s date.
this decls
as a stkte
is not ye
States and
That the
h that the
1 Its Inten
ng out the
before th

led. c has

a storm of
nembero o
id to do al

. Peftswho


wotrl on
this 5i.-
ean wotlc
he en,

ose of othe de wn
. bom of m th u do" wu tMl



Imporers and Btailrof':


Nail Order
We have a regular organird e
vision of one of the firm for hitbndo
at a distance can send for sam ps and'
any order entrusted to us nfiltd a
care, and at the same prices as iui
as for samples and prices on a atthigj
Line. Our store has been sdd y
of a Dry Goods business.. t is. lar
best constructed, and contains all that
to render it the most useful, comforIab
kind. It is accordinglyon one of the sigh

Is um "B sacon' Advertiser" contains price list t 1 F8
Sdw for Goods mailed free on eppliertion.
sen ry i- fo -

bs 4wls s BAON

* r* *.E.B

ha ie deig al
.rSri t *" r, 0b IN 04'b4llti i '1 *

ftY b 4R "d im r :I>^
, dam- r T T Ttftiifft

#rgi'tn .. 8smpt 8 ?^ ^PgliH~~~iC~~

BefaMethe BylAdeaemaydyalickade
ia 1i9. Osams read a paper describ
tas a vaiole driven by the pedaling of
a footas. who stood in a box beblad
nd ased his bender a s e btevel with
Wl h obtf atdied tj te baek ho a
awing above the rider tn the ~a0v-
ano This may prve that Father-
etone's a ount was not uont&. Ozar
oam's vicle was followed by acther.
bullet on a soewbat similar plan. by
an Englisbman named Uvenden about
1761. tr a deecripti=n of the macblue
then appeared in The Unfrernl Maga-
sin. The vehicle was said to be "tbe
be that bhs bhberto been riveted "
The ditaonce csuerod "with oa" by
this rude vehiclb is amted to have bas
six miles an hor; with a "peculiar
exertion," nine or ten mrles. The steer-
ing was done with a phir of reina

Is Thas t* Kbeen Our Aemt te Jb* U
Center no tbe 5aget
Perhaps the fo dne of crtain acto
today for the center of the stage is
survival from the time when no other
position was adequately lighted. In the
early days of this century, before the
introduction of gas, the footlights con-
sisted of half a dozen or more oil lamps
and the point where their ray oonverg-
ed was very properly known en the "to-
cus." Here all tiportanst pne of
the piece had to bedeltvered Mco ele-
where the ouomanilng play otteatre
waI not a nuredly viible. It Is told
thab when oae ad Kan' admire osom-
plimented him ut oppar after a per
formance of **"Otbeilo" -yis the* t
the gesu me with Iaso he almot
thesght the tmaedian would strange
the vuilain, Ken anweed: "Aotfoue d
the taUow. Bewa trying toftame
at of the focus Under tmhe toeat
ligbt the face of the.ao r oa now be
see clearly in the mot remote corner
of the staga.-"The Convetin a of the
Drame," by Brad. MaNhewa int
Soarnhbeer ,
Tr Buk 0 tt Tre.
The most remarkable tree oa the island
of New Providece is without question
a specimen of the milk cotton (Bomb
Oeiba) situated neasthe poiofflne and
priman. Growing from i trunk M
talf a donna bttrwike exatenion a
if to make a flrm fodting for Ifi paS
spread of branches of l6 feet A little
boy to whom I ibow-ehi aphotegaph
oi it expressed It appearance verywell
when be said the spuoe between the
buttrese bold daker fine harse s
The pods which grow o the tree oon-
tale a of, silky material which the
natives sometimes use 'for stafig pil-
lowa Thereare more of tbhee tree, hat
none so large or old as this one, aed we
beard no eatimat of it age. It if a
near nlative of the monkey Skn-wwhlA
Between this bombaz end the library
i an avenue of panish laurel, a mem-
ber of the ig family-untidy and hnl.
gant trees, with a growth of roots hong'
ing from their branch which never
reach the ground. All these tires bear
fruit, but he figs are small and nfit
for eating. -E. f. CummIngs Ia Popu-
lar Science Monthly.
It aKilld im.
"I should fancy the laundry boninem
was about as eaEy as any to start.
"What makes you think so?"
"All you have to do is to lay In a
supply of starch."

ell, that'll starch you all rigbt."
ree days after there was a burta
-London Tit-Bits.
Wemsama We.
It was terible, The tempest bet tib
ei .na horrid fary n, the waves ra

me [byS aw^



Foundry. MCobin and '.A
Dear v. C1 as P. D~epe. Phe 1i ".
SPECIALTIES :-Heavy Blackamittip A&2SttI
Works. Store Fronts, Sills, Columns, eft$,
Steamboat Machinery and Boilers. Oourpromespt a
to installing Irrigating and Steam Heating Pibto sat T .
prices. Hitching Posts and Iron Fences'.

In the COnl4q

nersh et -'
under 'Ahe 'a
To the Sheriff of Hillaborouth County, and 0auel'
of the State of Florida: Chanmerlat
Know ye, that I, John IT Crawvfohd ~ete"l 1
Secretary of State of the State of FW'o- ri
Ida, do hereby give notice that a general endSe ia h ae
election will be held in Ulllaboroigd tiSaFOthOW .
County, tate of Florida, on Tu esd& en
next suceeding the tist )ioA-onda lna tbt Mi a1
November, A, D, 189., the raid Tue* e A s-- b3M
day being Ut e iPgh P,' ayaf Nowvemaber, dAW
for one repwreeer'sIve of the 5'nt-Coa- thQ dutobt
greasional Dsttrtct of the State of ibsr- pa, t mll ri
Ida in the 54th Congstes oflthe inWed 55P &Y
State. For onaluetoce c'tbte u gt o e t
Court o the state of Florida, f. r fnU ftll q WO 6~a
term. For one Justice of the Supreme anty taPAA
Court of the state of Florida, for-Oaez-
pired terin oa B 8. d.don, resigned. ge Nateen
For Treasuer. of the State p Florida. Se gsMas 6f eapd
For two Railrosad mmis-ioners for tne sto A r .tti
term of four year. For one Rallroad -, 1
Commisaloner for the term of two .
Fears. For two members of the House p oW m
of Represnta tes'of the State of I'lor-
ida. For clerk of the Criminal Court
of Record, For Tax Assessor, For C. '*
Tax OoUector. For County Treasurer, Ai'rti
For three members of the County Board -' wVe es o
of Public Instruction. For Just!ce of .
the Peace in and for the following
Justice Distriets, vis: No. 2,N. 4. No.
6 No. 8. No. 9, N o. 10, No o. 1 oP MO0.
No. 17. No. 13 No. No No. IL. A a- l
For Constable in and for the follovlWg s
Justice Districts, via: Te t X
No. 1, No. Z No. 3, No. 4. No5. ro,
& No. 7. No. 8. No. %.No. 10, No. 1.No. No Joipb ,WC
12 No. 13. No. 14, No. ILB NO. TIAILi
17, No. IS.. No. LA, No. U N1, 3.d r -S
No. 23.
Inteeethony whereof, I have-l re. ,-!ar .'i
unto sct my hand and afrxed the great laritisena
seal o the State o Filorida, at f .T.
hanoee, the CapttaXt tfik the 25th day,3rl10*7e1*-'^
of August. 1 -
(L, R) JOHN L. CRAW BPO; .. .
.-cretar of State1, O... ..

NoTIc-Ca Q '

go" -

enO -.

ao ama



5, 3teo lbr

r 1
ri ii . lr
.. -r R ~~ L ffPS r- i .?I. a

T -% -- f .-- w Ilk -I_ L m

it frvptember L-What

~aiw and govoerna

On Weesms 49.1b.
Momon -them an


I* Clcl
0. A. k
arem L
Bank *
Mrs. Dr

wife. '

. 0. 1

lA I
ea ha

Toiu ta
Kln * nt

i~F-~- ~ The, &I

meted6 P006 Iw5 ce Ktwe

~a wisd ato th8Sir Colomm
The ted See -i r

opiy amler fee Mras. niatic
!hawatsl mm~a ndethe

14 ihO. Ms ft atprh
a~lmer o imAN E iesfl

*,Usp. Wbl~ ok AMOY

mwm Is- tmm IepL aub

New of the dL-f l wift I
me VA*.Is-uw Mu.-,-amkvftk

iibo_% to h a

abad In


Ib* i

ad Ms. Jeas s et ton Wednes- .. D"
a trip to New York. Philadel -
*. 5'hltNa etn citsl4 While X*5m&OMin & ~m Pamsp"us.
n th ar will attend the Pe oracefDy Chroncled. Ihlt Oflers lt Placed TIM le
. mieepnro nvene-there this Cil"S lICe Fer ke O r9g,
r m v. *00 v Claims 10de For ame On"
Plant City, Fla, September 6&-Mr?
City has quite a contingent of T. Alderman and children returned io
.t r.sideh here. Among them Maondi, wek r m .GorW where te BOB EVAN'S BIG BATTLESHIP
have spenteveral weeks visiting rela
27l-ri bh ti-s and friend.
F Wldsiame, Mrs Platt and dan M. B. parr and family, who hav The 'Iowa" Almost Sunk While Try-
Ssold their cottage home, are occupyin mg to Float Out of the Dry Dock.
.. .3 3oleman. who with his rooms in se Mrs. D. R Crum star Injection Valve itd Seen lea
pent the summer at Ocean buidi.ng.
M. has reopened the popular at.! John M. Smith is the new clear Open and Ship Nearly Pilled
Zil:- in the Plant City Supply Co.. grocer
Ulde proprietor of the Clara y py C, g r Special to the Tribune.
as Jut returned from a visit to Mr. Chas. Peterson. native of ll Washington. September 5--The Secre-
hoei0t rt M o nols, and a resident her of about there tary of the Wavy to-day ordered a
o DrOr. C L ddo= left to year died very suddenly at hls.bobm court-martal for the trial of Chaplain
the Sithftre edial coGl1 on ThaOsday night last. of paraiWl 0 Joseph C. MeIntyre of the Battleship
t of ft'te wish him sal posale the hbert r. *Petersn came to MOr Oregon. The order created a great ea-
Sfrom the course of study b d mainly for the benefit of his ow station when It was made publi, for thi
SW and his little children's health, which i the first time In years that a obaplain
~on to s H iu stin e0 has b better than In the colder stat has been ordered court-martated.
i town toLay inspecting the of rlhtnois He lees three orplla The grounds upon which Chaplain M-
done to t y children to the care of his aged fathe Intyre is to be court-marialed are nased
'. E I at Stutard. Ills. The remains err wpon his savage criticism of the officer
BAT OPWMS PRINCE. Interred at Oaklawn cemetery ltfrIay in command of other ships that part-
-A~~R O It NC ..M. 0portl ocflcatiaa. Tb cipated in the naval battle off Saaida
ther lteath of Mrs. three .qhfida of Mr. Peterson wi ,l on July 3rd, and empedaly his erctiism
wife of Mr. in a e dfas for Ollinos the hOp.. t Admira e mll QSampson for tfllit to give
an" __le" narrdwtir amr j more prominence to the Oregon Is his
s sd. he died at her the batte.

e Vre s" agp : N U Ntl o e' entitled to an the glay c the battl
ien Ma. n 0d pvers ,A~JC A, VaoP1~e 0 .P tebl .
i h a1s-lfa Ulived I e Tfim ..r&sraN t&sei 1 FOR i l .3 d rOB ."
'usees of *'iwn.gu n Proa acl Special to the TrPiune.
, d.swX to abcir the eMtl Oo t Brooklynm, September S-The bttte-
SJ. 'denoe and ciar factory ob,,- ship Iowa, commanded by Captain Rooley
SP -4 A rtnie. arp '-et _lardtw I -D. Bvaus, better known as "1ghtln_
AlSt. na vre the and rs o & Bo b ~ osb Bo," met with a serious asident to-day
S ee a e ti ws t m t Tawhich caused her to almost g,1 with
a"*i wat oetH-Bre an ela the. vitoh a wer at, d sink.
rae. l ."-=- '. B The Iowa was being floated out of the
trot leasing samg stin at a W. C.-:.. H-mrix opened scbp I a dry dock when It we discovered that
SIt j lasting eonslderabr IncSa oMo- m ing . the water wau pouring Into her through
the Injection valve, which had been lft
t tain. aIearaape-.ot things. 'T e nrelt Luar L er and Vo-ceet open. The valve wa closed and the
entlon of the arrival of Mrs. P s thg abt Uatve't rMe 6oan work of pumping her out was oegun.
w '3 frw P mi 9 a LbU t eatha SNl broei e The damage to her machinery will
ff PaAa y I ?or r e pantGl a.coriat b edth matn who h c ree amount to considerable.
I In TaahAlee last week an w ckl r tflr e arly tmhn-c yoteo diedtt tti n- a
to day night Co c.l Failed to Xet.
0tok4 utiness In ftWnM-l Inprovlig. each c
P a vye Gmerehant'running a' del"rry wagon
kn C IRnditton A great accommodDtion thea ''by, C'ontrary to expectation the City
Aeod had her lifted from the tames. C council failed to met In special season
I. hw wrsS oared to Mi. and Mrs., Col. J. T. Young. e1ft o% last night When a quorum failed to
o, w the very ltteltuob was Frida.night tor Tanma on their 'a materialize last Frida7 night, It was
E . e re baned Meml-uncon to t. Petereburti for a change 'of' understood by the five counclmen pr1s-
nf a day or two, but is now Im few weeks. eant that a special meeting would be
and It Is hoped, will soo regal held last night. At the ual .oeur o
a. hatth.--Apalachlcola News TH P meeting, and for nearly an bor ee
SP alter. Councilman Krusn was the only
went school opened yesterday Specal to the Tribne. member that pu- in an appearance. Mr
t esawer well plar wit adrid Septesmer 6.-Those who a Krune finally became disgusted and
ets a d attendance du expected sensational scenes on the re- 'adJourn." iMayor Bowyer was In
etset ter. foodattendan opening of the Chambers were disap- his oltce ready to attend in cane then
pr ent term. The i little one bu pointe The general public aIndif- should be a meeting. He stated to a
S their vacation, b ferent. The people at large are p- Tribune reporter that while he expected
A delighted to meet there paently convinced ta pan s t a- that a session would be held, he did not
cr apon wahd to rene.Utes tates e- regard it as at all necessary, for during
_% and Pto r eneow. cedeto whatever the Unites States de-
hge fC t during previous the day he ad signed th e resolution of
S mantis. d .
tht the attend n h the on, aut oritng the borrowing
At the close of the censbshp the ds- l, authoring
wrt I~increased At i e ce whh Dn le t who are of 30,000, and also the notes drawing
a many of the pupta are still jouri.in ts pretd empW who are 8 per cent interest. He said that the
0iwn." t will be bak in a wed journast the s teof the government c money wodld be obtained to-day, and
Sgnortmthe attitude of acus t he goe e placed to the credit of the city.
Senor Rbmero y Robledo accused the
I Peter 0. Knight, In his ca Government of Illegality In continuing To the Public.
6ecreary of the County Demo the suspension of the constitutional
executive committee, will cl guarantee after the reopening of the Having purchased the hardware bual-
M of the committee (Or nex Cortes. He demanded Immediate de- ness of r. Klltke at No. Ii Sevent
r. The death of Judge Spark crees revoking the suspension. avenue, Ybor City, we desire to say t
I left the chair vacant, and be Senor Capdepon. the Minister of the our friends and the public In general
ing this vacancy, there Is con InterIor, repeated that the time was that the business will be continued at
Sot wk for the committee not opporune to revoke the muspeaison, the old stand under the firmnname 0
n. It will have t6 select a and reminded Senor Romero y Robledo The ymmnes Hardware Company. We
o for member o the. eqhoo that a former guvew .mcut, of which carry a fu and we assorted
npltc of JudgStpar man and Senor Romeo -y Robe do waA a memberpints, ois, glass
, to tds' te n had1 acted then s waydInone8. goods, celery and other ware
c toing esingara gn. 'TheS7 mu The chamber then adjourned, a rca e h
di reb M m^,~n ,^. -Mt~bl fcuruaDy loond in a Irst-cass eetabtlh
o Dqt SttJga emmltte. o r uwt He, ik neatof this kLnd, ad d olt your pat
a ds of C zmander, J. o swd by the Cr -lava se,.m age, guaranteeing right priee,
who bad opaf Commander J. t et, srted s Bea prompt attention to busnese, and cour'-
sweolh- togam d Btalt ti S ^ ar^ and o tecus treatment to all No tronhie to
Id tb tahaortant duties of _* show good. w'.ttweaee cheerfully for-
ldant oP the NaaI 6tatK I 3 elto aveths ntohed Very reaeuiy.
nt, win nrtrt to aata that b a sa a ste nwr. She c ar The ymm Hardware Otapany,
a 4paitsed to trid tateon r3.1 sd a N.H. sTMMi. Jr, Proprietor.
on wO v orders He wll rtehande o port had been re
de4 '-,- p. P. Il ctod ey from the captain in re A. A Whhtehurrt. of th county, wh
gsard to ths Spanis enetom duis, bui
unmBas st O the New oe t o pre. that te caro was we- nt to antiao with the Shatter ex
heiIo^u-Xer Watered at the rgla rate which at peditton and mu a gret deal of th
__.. tere at the r rates, whh tfighting around Sanltags, Is now a
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asSt D sads ertls to the cty. Park was badly damaged b y lihtain
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Wat the aSp. asnot ee Tsm most promising yo g me- The Tribune Is Indebted to the Chi-
and hiis ane I.ndhs and ddmhirs Im cafe Far-nltme Co, for a new yard
watching his onward coure wit great stUck with a unique advertiement of
ihe pse ngera who win arriv l that popular firm on it, which no doubt
m to-morow on the steame Mr Tbho. Rikards, one of the most demonstrates that an goods purchased
ahll be Mr. Lawtea Cficds prominent men n n Marion county and from that firm, coamaratvely spelk-
I heown BIarrvn baker and the leading spirk of Candler, was in t, are all wooland a yard wide.
t Mrl Cbish left Havana the dty yesterday on his way to St. Mrs W. P. Stovall and children, of
nal PIUhtqh Lee. and spen Petersburg. During his tar here Mr. Tampa, Fla-. are at Hotel Dalton. Ms.
me I& Tampa He returned t Richards met a cousin in the co1mas5- Stovall is the accomplished wife of the
Si' d wi le&*.th sary department of the Unitet t~tm editor of the Tampa erlbune.-Dalton,
h M cta to-.ight for Ha army that he had not see in twenty oGs.) Argus
S ears and a number of old acqualntan-
oes connected with the departm4pt that Nothing further was learned yeater
.. ~hM dma~* w the etWi he had not met In ten years. sviat day concerning the troops coming to
Ofi 4tj tr al to aow tba was a memorshie one, and the scene Tampa to embark for Cuba. where they
9l0ht ~ fdL ttle* ol' when he met his relative wa quite will be needed to preserve order.
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