Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: August 25, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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0.ghoii TeAMPAbg LOr. 1 1D[ THURSDAY. AUiGUSlT 25, 1898. ee

the Drtmionoepttal am Tamhi I \ *i hIQI 1 m I II115! neonvnience Be nga ueLa"toceas
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i P hfteeen e6nit kecents were removed _o III From Tuesday s DatLv. -
tE M the bride t hpital ons mTam T% Larayette street bridge over tfe
el hts yesterday morniwl and let for H llsborough rter broke dors Bm a .
s hetir i.lB s on a thirty day's ftrlowh,- morning. Just as the dftrw 'Md beew
V f pt4 .or e. bon ShaftIe Wil H ome the Members of the Military Com. tfullynope a to nile the a" l
Soe Captured Moae Rifles. mission Hold a Conferee. bn imposed to cew tra r
=mMu rinemywere sant to Vw people lilvin in Hyde Puk 00 1NMA -- ..
it 's est Thamp whent the t*i- of the city having busined ta nht BAe
lever, cams are being cared for. tion of the city have Pat 'dto 403
IIi0 I II 1 AII D I3B EII W ll.S1l st -3 -
a.r'ri ee b arortl Tm nIe to convenience, bein ee ma to
L a a ghb still re p e nted by a de the river In left obs otr ted trafe oer

and t w a erhtwaey allt fnt to loopat B e ec go for edto the Nv Al xe bSat occne Act Ias ou

Sil they- are strong edafg to traveL h department received the following die- miral ampeon and Major General But- ke bt a .ree HoUtn. orth salst- e eid
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Swatches from Genera hatter last tr two of the meb of the han an t engineer, was found and seo a t as

t A niht: Mutary commIsslon, had an eeLeater led ea, Is about "-
the Sag *ntiego. August 3-Adutant Gen., conternoce to-day with Assistano aee- oseriied waws thertdubl a aKtiw-a t o
APi olnoty s .to Into Trou. United States Anny. Washaton: I retary of State Moore spn The alled n t e r
S commend that all the Mauser res Mtheor General draw ae d bepan s oper ne d toeel
ai.e still : Ie g andLa a the aMHt for the a BIDm S Fit TORPEDO BOATS no yoe. and sent the tamh to the le r I ,-

SIs pto ---e UmA to moe rea lIO te N n ortedw t-ir Vet*t has n def the Steve a bees n E sop n eer d Co anay, o '
'5 -. I' tran e. t tKin o. Pola t with as ttle de a y B a pu o e to prw- od Seie ul co a J pre s ontl w i bea rderto m the sanie Plb to o
S rive w, bef -morrow orUted Frt y co way-- vent ruIs Thme ae s eeal m Slo ntaEn ho ]. tbo d- watbDonloe n.t la,-nf t oaW. ut ;S U

Silk e. hae of aIb an obscene leer r 0rtia of them cruar New Toi Admiral Sano on Testerday Acting Mayor Brien a'
S the United atrIea poswa toffe mat K Bings llel, J O fthe tne d f hip eithe fromNew or, or frote certaAed tn th e b rea oe Smhe A te ItroagA
tIht h ve Jfe to m~va. The homoltls.
l Tl.e tabe ia al d toi ae in were Remngtaon, and other s. riora r Fakr Bf~c was notified, and

S al P a b e ofde a anyod contained weon yohe nu beefing n pat to otlt Ala0 w5-

the moa very profane and obes ene langu- "te surrender a Bracoa shows a BIDS 703 TONPIDO BOAT. Industries, e had Bgaineer Hot pose of t.e
< Strqnge pleaded guilty and was total of 23,72 murendered, a little lesm worth countermand by teb*'g5pb tUps lgfaitUlgim
ike m r ben e red a the psum of than 0al0 o them rin uerla and early 7,o the t be x nd eer gEiven to fthe Jack odvi tou l'sc
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S(he mh. Unf I ed t tate court o In estimates of Bttt to be shippe do It s expected that the yoke will he TMs
U te ar no e se strong eo incoming reg- Sdpecial to the Trnl. ee turned out eby lto-nmiht and placdid In s-rrsn a
em ei $1 a te astatches rom n r tr l t do boats totoesttwhe unied the o utld ho worflo a sooe a
IM.;Fi eaa at engneer o, aR poound aed soon aw ot alhm bgw e

An.O m tsa and. 26nK. Cght: *,last mav aoareprlmalon act. d a by ne x. Th *oa s u
toOfQ tisPis mtat -r^: cm m Mamie ta eano e eats wertaned what wasthe the trouble. KnoBm
S. Se h''-b"antL ogo. iAu&us .---adeant ino., ct~ wempce to-day wotheI nsvet o eer aimd iahi tso Ma wo m the
an ...~ m b ml I recommend thm m all the mauserlle M r General Wade, the ot aer mew- by_ d a i_'
by-- a and the t m Wtou Wr the'sspetme hIm r of the ban om: ion o and sent the same to the err

with s ltt pos to re- mber 5t, acordin to parent wth an order to a

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daye,:venr w ust resed to MSr e eamih tonr ; and other miod made s' st that tae. Kr ade of thet draw r e the -am

00011a Obqkrm I nL ae a Get Cram- ht" 02h-4 on blarige &drbl h SLs wlmlo te Cay S
r ei o: m fwl ncajime and obcene leaIgu-n "the sta-rene atr th sewin s ar New o O ]L, O A O-.Y eterdae bead Ma tMlaoer -en as of d r
the United 89&Am postoge at Kings- I course.wil ah lcargelmapd n @ at theme n eial etdy M'.t

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he-be Qof P &"cntseaway ~ 35ine 5 26. Tir.o Om n D. Tenth Ssw r 1 h money gave t, the work toppe.k C
A.P "lermas Yoke, adbleigI a un h= A Ma

s veryand sin g s ean stoseneM tueg at o aTh fee HI murarO1fe a n o tsow to DM ldr ,tostaM A .tola It uraltem b te t tbd he r h K m1' 9t of-h
to 'Illguie Ples Ptl l t CaomW the onr' taof w72s6 sino s where hatst pOf thon to-maor a m tad l enda the

^p^ eC s y tthata ciam- can e^ kepi at all time-. e w-Ls dos nwr L realism tat Ie ol
'UWn he and ah ow- stai i towhe mo ant eBstroners eI i
Jpl 'k e rb -n n n Inh S tan S po the mrdbte. i- an tord a$, Ionis to oOft I the ubsowd the ond fgi e ti ste e.lir t to o Mvt To
captottrial t tenextLeme. wil ab out m yora theta a pl ans am a egrafted for it.ya Te orde wagivebeen tro EL K. If thean sa -
lhei4 psamt m --w. C. -o. waft te v st r rarSon fltil will ad st a- .
lt iar no" ea m, b DsyhmI an Meae tor Atihelc mTr n .- tun ou" atrlet b aadl a Pc-
IlssinPe awek obeforet tXhe h st wa wih- pa the Tribune.

i itews ad e ha a eMajrae d oft ae f tle ..attWery-raw K- Is"--a-be en -.o in M a e
0i ll yng ld to wo be fw sixteentorpedo boat, o ee s t o r e and,.

I.. te se t .g. te mentwo lnontroL nth thi d oI' I h-omasmsow a :
-latePin. .Y teyHo rseet a n asset o iioWtwtom he.
JrO_1 .. .s.. .s .igaO d Its n a s and o r a a
.11 I "X h ~ mI t tof &e newL out. Me Oin w 1 3 -,04 oilPq -!-q.

-J one, mf AM 40re ADS" htv MOW- 7te -119 o a g v._3
udu im 'omi"o Per bo r "e ni n 1 M

Siftw kmen o t f e Idmmet- bone a ame so he wbow wNtV tap r, and eth ee t %tl .

k. 1100m .... 1afttm I It y o imt .an d to Z astehaf to nf er

at a ,.miow acit.W ".l oi J e om, w erecet- clothIm bet itis withMl
ead. weajd "d end .Is viat-in -mom c t p0ros. hma e tnoiny t tp t
-dby Admiralwe and l
42ii^ saga"^ So 1116" -S I '- S ^ DOW relNo 0
'.,e Manion, WaLshinton. D. -,ap n s d W m D.teD 9 ,"-S". n
PtoMa wter. ^r-rA mOswaal Dew e0. Manla: -clean cllh t o-t tW11wat 54teySB
t to C ae embarked at Po own a for the n Atlon 1 extea C Sua um l
.it "S V ll alwy be two ret- to ou and the ofscel and thme off etour or oa ey S who u oat daly- new, mm

t cathep s ltyat t wher n e ham wiov t u as orahmndu mrn eso your cta eo e and noearly- as uaram .d-sls-ug .,l -
"t. ter n a water pla. d a"nt. IL 'o" andb cngratulti andons," Me o B r iIt sal WM- tga
aw er Thae arm rens aUe plerao with One of the nation for tllant c thitng- oat h e agl
S a es n, tMWhle LMot dutcampS. it ra cd ut P ar me awen so conspicups o boy a upy *oi Smrt.'b
.teoe waterit hat a. W aLL AM3 Mac KIteLY. fors those who to viIH f
t^^l*bes a bwe th~e f o ecrdtive mansion. Washington, D. Auex=iatloM. -
litet. t t ,tallr heit he early In C nd C 1., Ax ot.-KajtrGeneral -Merritt. ,wil 0
Ambit- hem't~ a a msij~ u of the troopstl. me"nu Calted States Army, Manla: "In my m whle a seiw
4~iMast t~ CU" will he embarked at oart MT_ own behalf and-for the nation, I extend atissus pam- up o
VL Tb" wll nam'Will nem be two regi- to you4 and the officer and men of your or oMey forne t
jamtl at thi post becoming accitn ted ccmeanmnd unoete thanks and congratin- T. U -Ovigr
mum" itthtPffl7 m so that thiy can be sent to Cuba for latiotts for the gal 0 Ttq
m AsesWiJa W O garrison duty asr neded. The artillery atoe for th conspicuouslyto ther b s O
-lrhe- en4ues hewcamp site. where the government has coriduct in yotw rsnps. -ol and well cikd. e-Y IA Tgo. I
d LMta O spent several hundred- dollars putting "WILIJAMc XR1MNfK,2 .
di Mets ondriIve nto The army surgeons are pleased with One of the most laprtant real estate tigltf ally pleanspt Venpie from
~ with~ a ale the location of this camp site. and wilth trnsaction that has .ccurred to Tam- who have .d vi .l Auhe .
th l water permase, isarroache mo, te J for some timewas coneummated yea- never&) days, departed
-All he 'be aesled there before the 4rst troops' "Y- It was the sale, by thetHendry Alexander. X C.. wre they r ttiqaW e
& dilec Knicht arevey.Sof st 4- hine11 e o. ssneidrptI m#.Ot kU

- ci1,74

Ila-Iniffra ,
16gl.^^r5 B Atntilsl

that shwae s plaialy that it has
Slg ri wera gepop and
SIfown governmAiht, and Its downfaZ
"rt eventually be a mereoul one to
.... ,S&. ..a b. IharP rs.nelf absolu-
l "Wy t to govern colonies. and will
S be'ameh better off withaU t them. Cu-
e i dS the phillpplnm have not only
nation of tta blood and treas-
S r a. e of war, but in peace they
Sthe most fruitful source of
C -5 UT ACaptain generals and les-
r-i lais for time out of minod have
i B heir positean to loot the public
S tr eaury. The ppataard go to the
I A mq ies with but oae Idea. It seems.
S .an ttat in to get mooey by hook or bty
S- Ir ~~eek and return home. The whole
system appeared rotttea rom ea re
to ctrcumference. It may not be too
mmoapel k l to eay that, treinadous as
iWteiah i.ic Wpsin's artual aIms In life and
; I rIn her colonlea. the Indirect ef-
t t on the nation of the colose a sys-
.i'-- -tem m o~ corruption the colonies have
. -i ""tefostered has been still more disastrous.
S. It spread everywhere. We have seen
B i 'Itln the army and navy daring the
war. When the Viscaya was tn New
'W t as currently seemingly
ehthetbliy reported that merchants 'w
_i ed the vessel with supplles were
J *AshM 'toPtamse the price an their bill



so that a "ete-off" would 1
the oicers. When a Span
was asked where were the bl
the Cristobal Colon, he repl
S sh"ig, "In the pockets of th
at,1 Marin, I rupoe." The
Mlttois of the eorroptlon wv
.* reasonutobeltevmhe bas bo
S e sadps'Etratlon of affairs
i i ) lt N ot probable that te
%ie would b av' cahnly put
1 tMM omditions had they De
S'. I :cctomi to .ewik at the
e the colonial, or if there
rloag eDough Intermimlon in
in COI& and the Pbtfnei
t" ,M for internal rotteress.
S. dnt 'oaurish while ttere ii
to be done.
Sa M the total tSpai&ha d
l; g. htly e tess of a bUllo
t h Iptereat on which Sm
lout a hPndre epmllon don
wo~' a. the war with the Untl
Sha, ided to this ed himari
t '*e country. rwhich e
he bienpt, with nofhbt biefo
So" Wicth any I
thnt i e of osarse a eould t
6. iltenrfattd dut with fp
in -a. ori' Dti tr Satep dawnwar
t it be tbeen evIdte t
sme would, hbve tsMaw, W
mSAwalsda, airs when *pei
%, o "rir MLonV t4he weg

t he pria sent. 7

W 4tfa xpA~d JIftegLaw In r

3j"i -. H banded him a

Vd isBet to t ru Offlaer

^ ?t nthe In &a t

g* Ml.M' U adners tj

?** N| l th be OB ite ts
'idZ- I@ .on t i.
SMedac t C a"o
AMP *t It. er

be left Toi
ish office
Ig guns ol
ed wffbh a
e Minftat,
se are In-
hich. there
In Sain.
susNh peo
up with
>t become
had been
the wars
r to give
s fighting

debt was
o dollars,
Wanted to


Harl H nd H : rs Coertd Wth
` u S. e frs rs-c.w. o Cum

"When fe years old my i:tle boy htI
Scrofls on hia face, hands and arms. I1
*OTf HIOlhbis Chf, .though the sore
on his cheeks and handi were very bad
I appeared in the form of red pitmp:e
*xi.hohUeoSJ.Is~etrJ^a (c1 n a3d r-
a-d thea scab over. After d,5sp-e t-ig
toeywould break outeamin. Tney cared
intend itching and lbe I.ttle sunerer hat
to be watched contlnally to keep h.:
from scratching the csres. We becar~
greatly alarmed at his condition. My
wile's mather had had scrolu:a and th
only medicine which had telpd her wa
Hood'sa Saraparilla. We dec deo to gin
itto oar boy and we noted an improve
meat i his case very soon. Ater giving
him tour bottles of Hood's Sarsaprillh
the haeor had all been driwu out of hi
blood and it has never sines returned.'
WuiAxus BAB 416 South WiUliuam St.
South Bend. Idisas.
Too can buy Hood's SsBanrdlts of &I
Sdrggiats. Be ae toget oy Hood's.
Mood'S Pi)s -eiuyto".....l-e2'
SOO S opere. te u.

STampsa o under lasting obligation
to the Gainwexvle Sun far the followitj
able, truthful and appreciated compli
ment paid this city and the severe re
buke to its traducers. The Sun says:
"There has been manifested for some
time past a disposition on the part o
some of the newspapers, as well a
some of the people of this State, tc
cripple the progress of Tampa. Thi!
is all wrong, and we do not bellev
that there can be made to appear an
substantial or Justiiable reason foi
such action-
S"Tampa s .one of the leading cliti
of Florida, and in all probabiiUry wll
continue to grow and prosper despite
the efforts being made by certain Inter-
ests to impede its progress.
"The location of Tampa ia such tha
the changed conditions brought about
by the war will bring to that city in.

ars. OC creased business as d property. The
ted States natural location of Tampa is of suff-
. having elent Importance to compel recognition

re t but :rl cause large investments.
Irst-class "The idea which seems to be enter-
e a terrl- talned by some that a town or city can
aln it is be killed h abusing It. is not Inre-
L, a step
[or years quently a very erroneous one. On the
eMn it. it contrary, the pursuance of such a pol-
ls i6d of icy oftentimes results In the advance-
it la4fes meant of Its best interests. That tas
pe of people, therefore, who ale enticl-
S. p&Ung profits 1-ttempttg to in)wre
Elhodit a t I* L '' Tam"pa' wlu
SFour' "aUbtless have reasba-t thbecorse ol
n- title tr' twgret their ArloO. .W, bve
ee no do that'hIoeb whoW tnrow atrfti
oeg at Tampa will before a great bMae
SewTork Id4ir ie fhaftt requfihes funch mor
I ezaml- to try to kill a town than they have
gh c or- counted upon.
and hse "Tampa's natural business position
is impregnable. The character of-Ion
o Aeni1on vestments made by capitalists whose
a haLor. sagatity cannot be aestioned, is con-

F t dchlMsve evidence going to show that
oan men they have ful faith and oonidence in
. sldea- the development of interests which
e mnagt Wi mnke of Tampa In the not distant
ah. future one of the latest, most popu-
lous and wealthiest cities In the South
prove-. "id the men wo ave expended,
UALt hundreds ox thousands of dollars t
tawtda that city not have satisaeetoIr--aad
!tin ot substantial rease tfor having ftath In
"'' ft#ture, certainly they would not

S have played their capital where it Is.
"The fear entertained by those who
have interests elsewhere that Tampa
may not rapidly advance, ie not shared
IIi by, thoae who have investments in that
city. ad certainly it they do not
*i- H wpp -. with that degree of oonls-
Sency can those who have nothing to
leeow feel appreensive?
i S As far as we have been able to ob-
jfDrV *.liin the enemies of Tampa are not
vii*naasal with any great degree of suc-
V -cess. They are apparently advancing
ckwa.nL Ther aets are recoiling
-upon them in the shape of a boomer-
ang. In many instances they have
o slaply made themalves ridiculous,
l'IksBek is very naturally having the
bkeft to promote Tampa's Interests.

I their own.
S"it does not take a reflecting rersaon.
L )lonMg to draw a Roperr line of dltuo.t'ix
,11es between truth and falsehood. Jurt a
n little reaso-iim wl!i:1 caji:r;;'.- n, Jd-
ias L ed person that outrag-ous artemptis
iio, ohave been made to Injnre the busints
L.hT. Interests oC Tampa.
8' "'hoe who have lent "tht'mlver to
*, s ,uch work perhaps forget the fact that
mPaner of their conduct is in no
.z "cated to benefit the people o
jtWhQ are fast becoming d da-
xtj Mthat class of people, beta
S wer a tbe 8.at, who employ
BLB sta itSf tq ohetevitdOb

Am4AZIG STUPIDITY. TWe AINM L oFaa masYd ..cwmm..
WiOl disrgosffrg -nO Mti 5 l e his
pldit the prcdirent c tml otTppa to-1n Jx n hia e I
p remain as quiet and as kuse tat detl W f .
and amo a#In etrea e ekeS to as k "ng tiSULnth l a

ercising a muscle or a thought In the charity of an occupation." P t i i
c ty4aw are- Tha ia m &no 6 nain Jay Goauld Jioved. g sQil ShMp Se ?so tJ w
the fact, the sanitary condition of Its pursuit his consclenC e never l-
STampa is simply horrible. The treas- .peddB his path. l'en, systems, L I- f l
ury is depleted, and the officials are latte, judiciaries, political partles- I 9
pewerle]s' to give the city an adequate a Weiur-ASObett L TO h ,hoUA -,l .. v----- l'---- ...t.
Service. I: ECme of the prominent v.ore simply mariOettes in his marvel.- Wis e Delay the e
d citiena who ale always An the front in ous manipulation.
Spolltcal eand other matters that re- He tckt the place of property worth
Sound h th.er own self aggrandizement one dollar, touched it with his magic
would taugLuate a plat by which this wand aad lo! the people bought forty-
Scity crld be put in a thorough sant-"nine didredths of it from him for $ 0
s tary condition and k pt, so at Id- Ani nPIe clerk," mechanic and laborer ~pecal to
e vidual expense, and mtaiAg each eems- wihie .rvice made It possible to re- "lW-qbis
Sent responsible for the filth and gar- turn a fair interest on a &air valuation Sagasta
g bage found at their premises or places weze suddenly confronted with the paches frm adrd th
S of business. There is a responsibility problem of producing dividends on expect o t, uea k a s
Resting on the prominent citizen which forty times that equitable price or have fortelsegettl etc. In Capb
"he cannot shirk. The clerk, the me- their meagerwages reduced by a gen- Rico These claims beai g M
, chanic, the small merchant and others eral manager whose salary was t500 comment, as they to MtoI
cult Questions that l'b"
not se fortunate as himself, look to hIn to $30,00- a year. treated by the
I to provide a way for ding all things. '"he.SlWard of Wall Street died miLon .
If he is passive and Inactive .they think werth S,.000,O.t In olMrWl
e. an is Well and perhaps oncoaloUsly And now the eye rests upon another claims to
tramp the same path of inactivty. The picture-a picture than which a more this will be done i du
man who has large interests in the com- ennobling one was never witnessed on commieslon r ad r a a
unity. oaes a duty to others as well this continent. It Is the portrait tf outnn., the" 0"s'114''
as h:.eelf. He cannot justly his con- Helen GAid in the garb of nuree, com- At the same tmne leadBngmnt
Sduct when he Sits still in his office and former and benefactor. press their I'tdvldual optanoh
lakes no part in the welfare of his city She ~ scorned coronets by the effect that PeAMr'l&5t gaSlb
very far hst ," s .b
at a tiii likS this wheb we af on t0h0b L ,-he puts aside the frlvalltles estiry Lfash t .3 ~
very eve of contracting a malady that Of life Ia only hap when doing that all le er y~aj
-would cost the city millions of dollars, oo. rom the hungry bootblack to government pases t.
and injure Its prosperity for years t9 the sounded hero just returned from when ,angM f
come. Tampa needs cleaning p ua and ntiago she holds out the hand cA: Now on
the people of this city, who have the sympathy and the hand of plenty. She o a Z4
welfare of the place at beart should In- Is the pioneer In works of charity. ShetIhe A mapalst 1t beR=a
augrate some feasible pl by which t th d a
o it can be put in a thorough saanitary he them wilt an touch oa d that hend r-
Scondition and kept so untO the city Is Ihe throm one with a touch onlYf that her- ,.
e i tage from one whose only god m wasI rom s-
e ly ble to ook fter It gold, and whose whole life was spent The Spat al ,
iE n adoration of his dietty lto. Hlan iur w
r Tow long In the vusMs of thp ages as it was coming at i
"Behind the success oa arms of the before equity shall deprive charity of two monthly ago Witt"-ra W
United States." ays the Manufactur- an occupation? g bo-tr4vf
3 her's Recordcl. "-is a solld'phaianx of busi- iHE BANKRUPTL LA,' States court t. '. "-.-.
1 ness interests detenirned to <'eise every Ti sale took -tdm.s t VW
S-advantage that may be gained under The bankrupt law passed at the last where the h "bei'm E
Sthe prestige of victory in sharp compe- session of Congress wasa a piece oa leg- rhae l x .-A" ,tle
tuition with other nations of the world- Islation long needed in all parts of the shal, iohn A. af fl 'o
It may be taken for granted that the country for the relief of insolvent sale, and acted asi i~it
t final outcome of the diplomatic-conclu- debtors, and It would be a material ad- a _ee s Perloe" 'sate pQ- 5i
bidding was; is mm uiVO 1
t sion of the war will not mean a diminu- vantage to the business Interests of the ye andte id th sal hetI i
tion of the commercial Importance of country it that cla& of unfortunates ;etter prfce. 'A pomba9tdia a
the United States. On the contrary, would freely ivaMl themselves of It w wer on headMiatvery son
there may be expected not only an en- provilioas. aout W e.." I "'b b-"to'l
Shanced trade from this country in old The bankrupt law affords an oppor- bThefist bid 4M ad b
S"channel, but a rapidly developing tunity to wipe out old scores and make Boyd and was Ne, abopt tah
commerce In comparatively new ones. a new start, It relieves te honestr "eL-ever oner thn I
would bhrong One at hes'-
The South should be alive to Its Inter- debtor from a burden that prevents his sa. W CL lS
eats at this tme." further progress and deals more fairly LfowS, and t.tn up im-" i
STampa should be on the alert. Nor with his creditors tbh he would be tw Mr. Co ngtD a
Is the time to begin ;o prepare for able to do otherwise. wh6lF 4. e t
Handling the richest and most profit- No man should refrain from entering
able trade this section of the country bankrupt court wherf he is really I waa.O..M"
has ever had an oppoqryt toi rsp. bankrupt throud e M eas of hone-..*bid -
Tampa should court clooer, relautons ty, The law provdeM kgahtst fratuda,- tl ^ t
Swth the, West Indles an~ ,g ou- paind',.ere is no dflbhonof1 Ith srreder-1't r L
tires. Their are .il.onn o d lIng l4 a man has or the discharge diwo g U
Jara to be inade oun Qf u a-WzrL ofi tH defts. J I e with
o ionuttles.d t a tIe TI O e .h e' ntutont)prascrtBes the right

o oO To ps
to ass tbe peothe.ot ts seco. t j'tl to pasa, tf MnOi thtb"L JrF t4ETCl
,B't6' groudNaooo qJ&yeP .Npr ejpjo la tbe ileO maksj tart. hay; beaPt fotad we tmoUB d 'n dmsahA
o e froM eM to tle. tAfter aonig per-.
For the 'ldica iote of the goeerai to wbubhic, the Tribune ubVldjhe rL ..coun..y..as. passed .ro. -rhepree a s he
.moning the proposed reductions I bankrupt law was Bdly needed, eanSt S or $". o
water rents by the Tampa y Waer it w1ll work. gRat Sdvantae to the,. Mr. BPieart t tatisd t a9S
Works Company to this city, and ts country generally, if ageaptne beak-,t Ttihe, that he Inten ,
consumers or water. This the ordi- rupts apa ppmI&t i VajliUg.thbemplvea do e V in the: B -
naaoe introduced at the' i nt meeting of of its Ibio lgesc. ,. - .- 'of .tlOMSS5kd5 A"5 e
the council. At the sagdutsIdn of a .ofbw s ap laes4 .e .
member of that body, It wag-kld over THE ROAD TO ~tuCXaB:1 girSat ooc
and ordered published before it became Unles readthe adve she r besa 1d M '-2esugh
binding a tht e people d he, Trimme a m ,ore ppeelal y- a
who rpa.t to xer would have an p the cassiaerd dsseene* vOn mI ttage on boardl Uhe-w$Wt
porttyto many good th.inga i the way of bar 'o .Tama sad .l -
witwh the merit of the prot on The s, and you mi many chances to t 4ort i '
'Water Works Company, cisims Shat St gt situation. O* bY neat Frids7 sr**atsO
has in nearly every Instance acqmeisoed The claassed advertaements Lt the a
to the demands made by a former ad' Tribune show what is wanted Ia thee __i
mnlstraeon. and that the terms pro- ine ot laborers, tsxsree- e tret wwt t)Znhashsrp^. ^ Z
>posed are liberal, right and equitabte to waiters, cooks, typewrtters, stensara' S
the city and the people, and by accept- phers, farm hand, ISodry. men and -"' ____ C
ing Lt, the consumers would be entit- women, gardeners, and general att~ty Yirom sandy DSI
e to actions that woln amount men, and is the mne column you cam The tw
to thousands of dollars at the October nhd about men; women ads chidrestaiign h :rrs lf de od
quartertlt for paying rents, fIt must wanting aitnations. . I S* 1 S *
rbe remembered that it takes thirty days Ift you *want your hoeasea repaired, the4rxi sseu
after an ordinance has been introduced teeth pulled or fied, if yon want to boeher an p
before it becomes a law, and if the, rent stores or fats or sewing maebtaeea, ting In 4d
council Intends to reap the benefit of If you want any article dyed or cleaned, mTeheotI Ihel-nl
this big saving, it should investigate If you want bleeding or Itching stopped,: arms soaM r ha^ s iI i

the matter at once so that it can be if you want to fnd out about your fnt 'aStte p to lbs
accepted >at the next regular meeting ture, if you want to buy or sell real t* 5 hta;
estate; In &act If yoA want to. kpaow.: A*~ .d sl'p- a il
anything in. the line of business. read. oorass- r a
.the advertsment in te. Tribune, a epton to lw
tBBperson keep posted, grow happy, rich 'andp c2Lbfw SS
Is -I- ml ror| too proe wd t
Ibem to losefteh Boys with hate on the back of their 'Ms hTb
dlu brbsmm ra beads and long hair hanging dow bagge oU
fttlIiolit 5h1islosi Oe n their olt a e pthi f to n to.
S s s- Acheaper than twa old worn ots borses.ege s -do e
sapps Nboo obo as nthem t aty prie. -Men'e b -sath
Cs u sww w willt not employ them and girl wUill not -~ 4t
m carry tem. Thaam enot art their 'U bs P
Ss Codlw tee eepat= to anybody and they wM niot S i
l S omeW0 keep themselves If ny boy ho o isa Slat "
e ^wbpi' OW re,? happens to read th aawers to tmis ,clri th1
SO lto ,S- description, et him taea 100ok at 9- et thlte cheemt c ?
self and do what hl Consgenoe says Ins e" mnats did mt
': 0 the-^i; w hbestthigth hst tng o do. for, le
Rowtqi~o* b den the
s tool are Petsto he ta be n. In eg
New Yrik,ad ei wftr*ker and Oax P rat at
have signe n. la .sr1 -sesa "al
Thosee vlo amces.wly- d~d~g a Unk-
go. ,,--' -
Lo le Sal tr not heo, JMC the ftlllvqizia p

*l.obson is i everywhere as a- .h
leroi 'but be s wver bad sthe er s.
n to taekie a oB--9lf
eee Z ~ be -



r~p I (; ~ ~ c'r-~51I'..k

m I
^1^^^9''ft~~`ppl.bill tartH seIeps TO gectly

Ji i a td Volanteers arritt by Becretary AlW-AU
L'l d Out of rAdeent of Manira ust be
Treted AliNke.

bo w Special to the Tribuna
SAu -GC t Wuhington. August 18iL-mportant
^. dnfi governorr iuemni dispatches were received to-day by the
WflOWheet ci ilawa.n, es Uthat War Department to the effect that the
5nirtngOW pmrw-at 5JnCk- offial at 'Manila fear a conflict with
9C -rik. rf toarPidr s7 t roma the Phlippine inuurenUts.
Chahm-di f Tq"aM 'of Pirse- In view of the reports received from
MeShY ikr i tthe o i a UNDUP1 rManila the following order was issued

se fw" s e W-.=- -
beires "Use whatever isa l your
aif brthi ta rtty, meant are necemarpn to this nd.
aw-abding people must be M

By order of Lhe Secretuar of
(Signed) "H. C. OORB0
i dal Mi l -Adjutant hoenet
Ouban Insu ,eute to Attack

a e mrs r ."Ole city ofS a
It.todry., by the Goban insurgents is antbfti
&S gwnqVtw War Department has dedd.
*isT ii -l ,5rrh more troops to Santia5go at
S^ *ml only -troops nl w there ar Ch
ax~ys of GeBal mune "Seements. It is believed
g w s, esone oaGeseral .ee1 s corp@ w
ouuthaetsed bt sent to Santi go and other cities
pe War to pya the Southern coast of Cuba.
thse zkk and
Mo oont a Pusnt .t Citoo at
S d .not e to ar _.
emia tho tme owhic he Speel to the Trhbune.
S ooer he Wnashington, August i-Offcial
are alletary Ofi o .h oRico,
n-- tbes. i rom a
a~ a )hl wH12- the SpaNs lines.
WolsSon f tthe Repub- Oou;btless many of these report
t to nointa o tl exaggerated but the rumors of
Sn ainlt Ohim, he acre at Clales are confirmed b
Srablend very par- fclal reports received at Ponce.
servms are needed by the TWO W2RX KILLED.
d obI expectation of-the
Mksa e1hom army some -
so lhat he may A Powder Mill lEplodes Near
i ts the ounae tanooga-S X Fttaly Injure

i-thahete ~Sno p I!I special to the Tribune.
4 liO e clnti' ou- Chattanooga. Tenn.. Augusi IX
explosion occurred at i o'clock
morning In the plant of the Ch
nooga Powder Company, at Oletn
STenn. six iles above Cthatanoc
4 3 v*Tou- Two mn were killed an- six o
Share said to-night, to be fataily
S The men killed were L'a ian B.
.' "- and Ha-rlan M. Edeske. both white
S' of family. The caiwe of the el
E "1c -The Atate ion Is not known and probably
Srec*eed a cable wil be.
R b er HMuter, at
-of the dramatic Nothing so thoroughly remove
lee the leader malarial germs from the system
:etoludtfon, and the Prickly Ash Bitters. It gives hif
action to the torpid liver, strong
oi1a uasurgient general and assists the kidneys to ?r<
kilUed by some ol cleanse the blood, gives tone to
Sre under pay stomach. purifies the blood and
i-,.Ith him dies motes good appetite, vigor and che
which was nem Sold by S. B. Lenardl &

t a. tbea 'Br. no. S. sTwomey leaes c this n
:. "- '" "q- the perthern markets to
sonaUy select his fall and winter
I. of dry 0gods and millinery. lie
b e gone about three weeks, and in
b dying the lnxge: .stock n..- ..
tldal: to Tlmpe. .
Tbu invte'dWappolntment whet
a ne-DeWitt'sLittle I
Slt o a eop,,% sdi easy, thorough

9M a id it maur hi sbesUed spaO ic cure bud

t ore. Stood's PUGreatr Pi riie F s
P H 'Ji emm.ntr j ;j. t.o. C hem .

dwin M
;the Sourth



Co dea vi th tU Fonw C abw
His roat Sorrow.


If Corbett Cannot Keet Him, Fits-
simmons Intends to be on Hand
to Teach the "Kid" the Pow-
er of His ',,ght."

Special to the Tribune.

ate man's place in the
Kid" McCoy. The state-
, August 17.-To the Pub-
face of so great an afflic
suffered by James J. Cor,
tions of rivalry sink Lnto
, and none feel more sin
ry than Robert Fitsirn.
he more readily apreclst
as we were subjected t<
,W emsnt in the death ol
mother just prior to thi
meetin. and Mr. Fitzs

--.o t In ituu e.iyur.o-we i to om They nave made mte a Durdep
to state that. if he can do anything to for man and beast. but happily ,the
astsit Mr. Corbett in the present sad plague s abating.
affair, be will gladly offer his best et- On .runday the 7th lnst. the home of
forts, ad should Mr. Corbett he com- Mr. and Mrs. Cooper was the
re- pulled to abandon his engagement with scene of a quiet, but very pretty wed-
that McCoy. and all parties concerned are ding. when Mrs Coopers niece Min
Ttigo agreeale, lr.-Fitusimmons will readily May Bell Oliver and ,Mr. Wi. Allison
ted. step 'f-rward and fill the vacancy. were united in marriage. The charm-
e to "Therefore. should Mr. Corbett he un- ing quaaHties of the bride have endeared
once. able to fulfill any obligations on riep- her to a large circle of friends, while
e Lm temper 10th, I will meet Mr. McCoy, or the groom is one of the rising young
that his manager at any place and time they business men of the town, being a
ill be care to name, when satistactt.-' nr- member of the firm of Henry & AIllson.
alorn rangements can be easily mad. Everyone unites in wishing them a
(Signed) "MARTIN JULIAN. long. prosperous, and happy life to-
-""a itr-.. gether.
e ".or ROBERT FITZSIMM'ON The Ice factory shut down for two
days last week. It has been running
SUeE night and day for several months, and
iay TYL HO BUjD :t was thought desirable to have a thor-
ough cverh.culing and cleaning of the
The outn End a-d Six Cot rgs De. mach!tnhTry. Everything is once more
In tp 'e ple order, and the factory run-
stray d by Fre nlrg a- :: utmost capacity.
I die- T-o a-ansy- f ends of Miss Susie
s ay apec&al to the Tribune. Rt be.- are delighted to see her again.
altn Ad nna. "Ag' -To ,e t.- s o -...- a well earned holiday
within Safnterah. tATi. o- h -y r:i h her g:r...lyc.ntr. Col. and MJrs.
End Hoitel at Tybee ownei by MrB. F. Livinglton. but will soon return
s are W'. M. m ohan. of this city. wasa dis t.. her duties Li Waycroso. Ga-
ms- covered to be on fire at 3 o'clock this Last Modnday afternoon Lieutenant
S ringand within an hour the hotel Krr cf te 157th Indiana volunteers.
mor o,and thn an hour the hotel E here afer a lering Ill-
and six cottages adjoining were de- r. He w as brought ha lingering shor11-
stroyed. tlr..e ago from Port Tampa in hopes
Tybee is a resort near the mouth o0 the change would benetf him, but he
Chat. the Savannah river, and the hotel and was past recovery even then. Dr.
d. cottages were filled with Savannah and Barnett, surgeon of the 157th came
over on Tuesday, and shipped the re-
Georgia people. The alarm was given mains which had been embalmed by
in time for all of the occupants to es- undertaker Bussey to Indianapolis.
I.-An cape. but many of the guests lost all of The bri.'k blockbeig erected for Mr.
tA her ag ae No one e y Parry is progressing finely. The work
i lr faage. No one 1was seroasl 0is being put-hd rapidly, 25 men being
latta- injured. out there were many narrow rn-.,.loyed on It. and they will begin
ewah. escapes, especially arming the hotel puttlr.g on the roof to-day. It is lo-
oa help. cated at 6th avenue and 3rd street, and
>ga. elp. is one o the best business locations in
others t .', town. The lower story will be occu-
aored p.ed as a tgre b ~ r, ^ r1ry. and the
Elkin_ uppe: part will b rented,
mEln LATS EIS GRh' A ; DS.J itr .cOur town will sooA put on a lltti*
- men Ir.tore rtifled appearance Mr. J. T.
xploe- One small bottle of 11ll's Great Dis Grove ht;'Jng obtained the right from
never .covery cures all Kdney and Bladder the council t, number the streets. Of
trous es. removes grarel, curi Ola- course there Is nothing obligatory
betie, semia e*muston. weak and loame b aut it, but, as the price is not to ex-
the o5.5 raeunatru.a *uu &is Icnuos'sn- Cetd 20 cents, the property owners will
dties of the Kidneys and Bladder la beth undoubtedly be glad to take advantage
as men e n women. loerulates oaoder of the opportunity.
c and troUb ti elU dren. t not gold bi The ladies of the M. Z. Church RoiLh,
thene your druggist will oe sent ay mala on met on Wednesday and organized a
peril rempt of *I.L One smnll ooVe is two. Ladled' Aid Society tor home work.
th alth treatteast andl ~ re any The following otticers were elected:
h ease above entlas d .WBll Mrs. D)dwell, President: Mrs. Me-
-pro ooe Ma Itt.Barr. Rea, vice-president: -Mrs. Msleh. sec-
erful- P. 0. Box 118 Waco. ~ retary; M!r-. Yonce. treasurer. The
C F. 0eld by S. Lc- d21 Wao c. Tae first efforts cf the society will be di-
Srec:ed to pealng off the debt still re-
Claoton. Ala& MaTe s : -r --e malninsg en the parsonage.
ni-rn- tify that t have been cited of ~alyli' Mr. Oih of Tampa came over on
per- and bladder troubles Tuebyay. and accompanied his ward,
S D r tta Miss Robertson Murph and her grand-
sioct Discovery (wai o. Texas). tod i n mther, Mrs. Keo. to their future i
will flly .o.d i ds ?I home at White Sulphur Springs. Mins
tends Rev, L. B. PoInd : Murphy is one of our most accom-
--gnt plthed and tfascinatng young ladies.
gnt READ "THIS. and leaves a host of friends who regret
Cuthbert. Ga.. March 2-. I'Wi her departure.
you ThIs Is to certify that I hve b Mr. C. W. Butu r. who has charge of
n you This Is to certify that I have e r a e
Early a sufferer with a kidney trouble .r ten rom visin the pneries about Or-
little years, and that I have taken lies than Irom vastong the plneries moust Oh-
one bottle of Hall's Great Discoverv. lando and otner places. He comes back
I Nick and I think I am cured. more than o pleased with this locality
them I cheerfully recommend it to any one -'or pitz-appie culture, as he has seen
suffering from any kidney trouble, as none that will quite come up to those
I know of nothing that I consider its ontVi p.itniasular,
equaL Ti. e cf our townspeople who have
i r- a -umnimer flitting are beginning
sre to cc .'k. Mre. Bussey returned
and An effort will he made to have the last 'I'rlay greatly improved by her
county commissioners chosen thts year stay in Nashviile.
by primaries linead of the mere rrc- Mr and Mrs. W. Coleman have also
Iy eA ommendatlon of the executive commit- returned Prom their season at Ocean
old. Grove and other places in 14. J.
i tee. This s eminently proper. This Mr. and Mrs nee are enjoying a
a'Is an important ofce, and should be %v.,.t from their daughter, Mrs, Carrol,
win filled by the choice of the people. If w"f of the editor of the Ocasa Dally
ptenu- prednst--Mo. 1 can unite heartily on one Star.
Mihe Elizabeth Sage, who has had
nli- guodman and the primary plan Dp- a very successful kindergarten for
inti- va8lJ-.je'Ji go .in and we vwU tbe rep- several years at 'rar-pontl Splege is
r ia oln the board as we sObs O 11e.- spending a couple of weekS reccuperat-
i[ soub l .Ia. Ing at Mrs. Allen's.
i* M.F. W fEAfAlf.
waD.rt's Witeh HazeLdalve has the
sale of any salve'ln the woori TO CLEIANSE T-?. SYSTE3M.
Sfact and its mert ha led dlsh Effectually yet gently, when costive or
Is.& people to attempt to coontertfit it. Ld i bllolious. permanently overcome habit-
SUthakout for a mnn who alomptqnto deceive uai constipation, to waken the idieys
'3yo^ when yoI Cll for DeLoW* Witch and liver to a healthy activity, without
Il ikat or obstinate eou gl, I E^on, irFit"Lahg or weakening them, to dispe -
0. Mr im TwA me igs,7 made by the Cafrnla Figayrnap

-I a ,en fd a l ^ ^ ^" .o lB r *" .,
rI se^osi ta^leie6T eedp' A Truth weears weI Feo'Le ha isn
SLt l fa -'dn aItt '. u DeWltt's Little Early Riers ate<
Bt.. p"- .e re" b- i- .. r.etame uttile pillUs for regulating the
SWhef yo cn tor Id q *uegieewels. curmg constipation and sick ,
1 $V^laxel aJE -itnjit iteadhefaa. They ds-it gripse. fl|--
*Sintctaoowtngheetitope t wwa t ytr i ?W,
~a~a t ~

he treasury Including the gld reserveg

rarge- qanth osep e
Dot. Laes imtennes Arrived in ?ui C
Yesterday Afternoon, w55'in
Special to the Tribume. with .
Santiago de Cuba,6 August 1.-The.
assachusetts Aid Associatton Hoe-
pital ship Bay State is zpees d to r
rive to-night from GuaantAmo % By.s' .
Hospital supplies and nursw ir mnMu Speciam
needed. T o Wa
Large quantities of supplies have al- WIVai
ready been distributed dy Dr. CE. OaC.
Bradcitt of the aid assocatinO, w that o
arrived two weeks ago. part
All the hospital ships leavtrg here are
under orders to return, as the number R
of bicl is too large for the present -
service. The fever is increasing amonl asea
the remaining troops. W-
The third regiment of ImmuLne*, under QaGs
Col. Ray, arrived this attsenoon on the deo
Minnew arc .p ,et eel
Four thousand Spanish troops have Isah .v
already been shipped. and the trane- lear I
ports VUila Donca and E tra Pani No I
will leave to-morrow with 2,d more. canr
Gen. Toral sayp more transports will the UM
be ne-ded than have been provided. R.lcl
Six thousand Spanish at uhnitotneO 1the Ul
bay" cannot leave betoiethe last of apIpl
the month.
Sickness Is Increasing among tnem.
The statements I made on good au-
thority that General Shafter will leave Specia
on Saturday. --' ^n
Gen. Wood to-day ordered the sale night
of whlskcy, beer and wines cQpped newa.
ever-wbhere. and prqvided several pen- while
allies nor infractions of the rule. toon
Restaurant keepers are greatly de- brddg
pressed by tbhu odetr 9ft enL Wood's, wre
which confens their' *ie Ul drinks to drwB
coffee and lemonade. -.ft
Miss Clara Barton of the Red Cro '
Society with a large portion of her -,
forcee wll leave the flat of the wteie

A powder to -be shaken Into the shoea
At this season your feet -eel sewolea .dtL r
nervous and hot, and get tired caeUlly 24
If you have smarting feet or tight
shoes, try Alilen's Foot Ease. It cools Tak
the feet and makes waiting easy. se
Cures woolen and sweating feet, bls- f it f(
ters and callous spots. Relieves corns
and bunions of all pain and gives rest -e -'
and comfort. Try it todaP. Sold by._wo i"6
all druggists and shoe stores for i2Se the g
Tria" package free. Address.' Allen S. Wder.
Olmstead. Le Roy, N. y.
'. .- . l^ h
rlanis Phi,6\l
.'*. *iv.,.... s wis'wy 'pareftj

* in 'he F

L: Ik tb e T Aa

dted Pfte~

a regluestc


t nla


a~d bW~ris

KU to stop&

Do you wakl lin P
feshd? Do you p
q? Do yiou
- yur cM w1t)
.. 1, .o
.. .. ... : .: ':. ..:.:



Woaln, SocW fcupbs, Muls BitoB sodly Ctoi1stWtaW l itti

Sad Dp turs. t b t'


A Great IndutryThat is Beig Prof- Gold eerv Besobe&aths Wi
itably Cultivated in South Flor- 000,000 Mark or the lrT at TM m On a
ida-Orange Tree Laden in Tn Tearea-O h ea d, '
With Fruit. TRB,771,01.41.

St. Petersburg, August 17.--rom Special to the Tribune. 1a "
present appearances it seems that the Little Rock. Arki. August -Sib
orange crop in this section will be lt- persons lost their lives to4Gay by tha4 io.t tL
tie. if any smaller than Ih previous burning of the National Hotel, and the =a~ 4
years. A much larger proportion than Windsor Hotel at Hot Sprtns. As. N 1i y
was expected of the early bloom has The deceased were all guest sf ta4ohla*tL
pulled through the drouth. and the hotels and were to. the uvr totrtho 4lM
June bloom has added very materially ,where they wern cut offt b tWo 'h 1111
to the aggregate of the crop. Field from escape. :
crops have also done very welL A pve of the bodied of the pe s o W d o ft
much larer area than usual of sweet were burned were recovered, b .at t .- t .
potatoes has been put in and the vines were so badly eharred that toM,
are rowing fast. to may plaoes rice ot be identified. The rulonsafe t ie
is nearly two feet hlgh. and looklnl searched for the body of the sxth te- and B
well. while sugar cane is rapidly over- tim. .......
coming the spring set back.
Truckers are prepartng tr o gar- Mt bliat M i
densa, and hope to bave touatful cri Tw t f
ne cerre eu rhAbd m s tris -v rva2t


I .

3L ~
~iS~ rp li

'~'~ ^'''



M r o

...... ...:..


a. as

L ,.
ki t y .

pi .j
fl : 1^seti
Xi iT: i-

hekick-i' as .well as

iafer of cannon, but

rd of Irade seems to

wii resicted. It is
it tlat ame scored and

thbe goOd thing about
i .tai se endt has come

ler. easp.tty
W.a not ye arisen
U ithugL Lee's candl-

W unaClsh view of it.
--:y atht is the real
Vy dm ee .t l have ha4
imiE an txri& this war

Sjmbabls fakes a pretty
*-ctp Ja 1f Texas out

it tfUe e ar. o
3Wtsad the Dewey
RdV mlie5 ltelwantim to

*~ eiissarlg home
e that he
oa off iset.
t deal ftor
W as anoeh for


tis another tn-
S r1te -vl in-b
I ti-- th er

vjipointa that the
? man.

2 l-ffm&Tm llbQ tb.. dmm

t cam o-:ech o~.ts e

h-ame regiment by force took a
LM tranm te fertr on the public
bTw tha-ts and the disDplayv of

"oroe-brlgng the weapons furnished tongue, sick beace. n-
by the general government to Dear sooma, ed Hood's Pils
tagtWdjp State officer In the dischG ae cTrtcspati o and al lts
of h duty. results, easily and thoroughly. le. Aan dgtst
The' sItuaton is serious one. The repaired by C I. Hood & Co.. Lowell '_--
executive department of the State v Theoa Pills to1tla with Hood's barssawrl-
ernoent must rindtcate the majesty of
the 1*w or ta iost lamentably in AR I
the discharge .aIts du'. The mil'l-A.R HIM
tiry ust noC allowed to overbear The Lakeland Sun man is evidently
the elvil authority if we are to remain playing for popularity, regardless of
free and avoid the dangers of the fu- fact. discretion or veracity Hear
tre. him
SWhere were the officers o that regt- "The Tampa Tribune has repeat, :y
n published articles in regard to the con-
ment when the men were breaking duct of the soldiers In Lakelanc, and
the State law and disturbing the peace our people have become sick and tire-1
of Florida?-Times-Unlon and Cltizen. of suca rot We tar segrpised that
As our esteemed hyphenated contem- the ditor of the T, ilune should con-
tinualiy belittre and belie the soldiers
porary seems so solicitlous concerning here who have acted as peaclbly as one
the whereabouts of the "officers of the could w;bh So far ar. the soldiers in
regtnent.' we wll state that the striped the Tenth cavalry casmng trouble upon
pants and blue coat gentry were with tbe du earture Lrom XLakelsd, It Is
not true. They .-imply left here as
the mob of hoodlums that committed quetly as a crowd of picnickers."
the neCarious and unmittgate offense Yet in another column of the same
aM S ad sttUttnBX their sbordiba.,es paper we fnd the following lucid
all thalUme. paragraph fresh from the pen of ts
rerdant ettor.
POR TEE LADIES' EYBE "The Tenth cavalry (n.groes) made
all the trouble. commiit.;4 t. i murder,
,'No matter what a women's age ay and released the prisoner, out aside
be, she ever thinks she loo~k it. tro this they have behavedl tam-
There women engage- ti eewing for selves very well The critci~e of the
the sidlers whose husbands have to Tenth cavalry does not appiy to its
offl rs, who, after the hravt traulle,
by their pajamas ready made. did all they could in reason to keep tae
When a woman begins to talk of her negroes under controL and were unilor-
"tYphe."' look out for an increased in- ly. polite and considdrate toward the
eaertin foayli-a nd i-ws interest n people The people of Tampa, by the
_. a nIway, will receive no relres fIor the
cookag. lawlessness committed b.- memiers of
*T r are so maa o ore things in the the Ninth cavatry regimentr Tan.pa
would ibe laughed at when a girl is is too far Bou.i. Wawth the case and
with d' yotag man than when she see if e the Sun Is rlghtt'

Whe a young man is so good tht n ce where it has ever unjtilly

who sports her husband and family land his paper was quite severe in its
by rnuming a boardlngh.bouse was once ondemnati. of the wanton deed. And
a bride, and people said she was doing later when he same rvwt u' liaw

A woman may havy a face lbae an inmidated h f re or a pe asi t
open book bit a man aLways finds it and sy force Liyt t)ed a praense r es
difficult to read between the lines. tis custh dy paser aaind ti is
Some girl* admit that engagements tedht e afair,ni:i-s%'cra: ir i. Iec enes
are failures, but they have theIr doubts t wre tr en ne
l.m with imftlb "o

At this season' tepid baths are cool- was obnoX On e oroi:u
ng and refreshing to the whole system gd tetize ent Lakeland t.a :ltc -
and they should be given t the restless from some of them abudaEnily attes
y unm inter at boedtirmeas they are cAnd agan Ow the ml chron dced. A

Bad temper is an injuriou physical rade. The Trioone has never held thel
e ecto n the digestion as ite lten toa y frce L: a prsr to
dimcnll to rend between the lines nt.

doher tho benlood to the brai the th lose baweots the ei of tha pper-

stora warrThehouses at Miamidie Cuba tirst Tampa wil hae an i
Flrida ports will now bethe points eves the officers of tie Tentha rs
need just what we hate to u el. an Th were treated f raiy by tv.eS arc tinM

central Aerica isbe bint to the restless r er ( 5 o
om commend Itself to the shpment.abudlly attes

~othe r s atnd develop. b y American dh tow wthe rmply chronf ined tr.

capital. All this shoulJ mean business who.esalt- merchant is Qf that ciy en-r
for Florida.Ties-n on and Citizen. ph rade. The Tr ne has never held the
effect on the digestion, as it tends to cruz- ns oC. La)k. and riir as.% ,c fr

dWhr e the mb at men o f Chicago hlr t : th -I mnat- w.:i a vim s a-d

might be taking about cold storage at %sll ni&:. e ery aMe ttatLa i neces-
liam they have already had eror :sed S y. 7i .- 1 aso a mo.veaoent on
inthrettyccld storage warehouses andt foot t i g a strv L.e f-m taat city to
tare aioa pi meat t Santiage byth ese nsae -owera s s oats ar
hunded thousand tons at a tm e ee ta- up ldt .ers at p.nd andThe

Ftreco o nizd e t ta ad advanta- mrchan.3 claim that.serv th th ath
a of Tampa as a shipping center to k rd wte eu ma-oars- rtducf tr-egat
other country toth cf us and are tend- It wr Tei t .-t rsn.

ill thelpr goods via Tampa In order. Te t prost y a the hoiie
nehlt poible point to the consigne cured te h-a0im aty oi o he a un u t.s
meat nbi o Cicago are talking of csld It vi ore : tait ther c sr coo ndl l ineica-
sths lstoragearehouses at nTdml. Cuba trc ge a a i-c ftm at cit

bereand Ppment Teleramnd oSth sympathy t:e tion c wl et: C mae -.ve tsr.

poured In upon him trom all qua ers, that w~il 6 a lonr tays toward s-o
need tst what we hatee to sells andThe tv~ntrs i:af ost;-ira v The-:. 're bin "

and McKoy chdeverouslor by released im tending.- t.he business of Te'-nmp .-
cpitse. All this should mead dusets -,mho,resalo merchlaim s t tf a hsi c-vey ltn-

Whrle Septemberat m conrac ca and and- Ganesv lle t Iun. a im. a.d
tnonced that rsbe (McCoy) ld torae anot Cll nsk e.. and tet u, ,necs

rt'-pos.t It remhneed for t Ai -
tasm theyon to h inuse, uncons:oulyalread h t er:a~j l. T.e. doi verance. Sam on
era avel mheat to g aumtlago by the Pie r. d .r-er d.. eoats are

h d lath hlsand tons are relieved fromThey tao the round by the trong armThe
fres oi sTaa as a shipping center to Iak.r.d waln:eo mv'i",a.i reduce r,gat

oetl rule and a tC us anexed or be- rate, hearts. atd superb generalsa-p of-
SThe ldependeciresio does note material American heroes, guided and sustained
Fl ,stmhontng 1In the us of Cornstnu s are rapidly takb'ir dheple and in a snrt
of course, agTelegram of sympathy has teat PlvI Ric sod.alt her.sm~et
sad Ln upon him from f ll qu~ters, that i-it o go a -ong i-ay et Indari ex-
In C ettoy chtaerouby released him tending the basineps of Ta rinpa.--
tsr-m s te September contract and an- anWnesvllle run.
snlnagi that he (tcCoea) would not
fewolt--as..5 forfeit. It remasedefornc
mt enSon t ni- use, uQons-belou-ltly, hreoiclaing over their deltverasnc. Sdei;an
Of cStts, a geam of tumor into the h. lost Por0to tii o and al', her other
situon by oferlMc to foet Maeos ae" he-en

Lwb ,lave the purse to Corliet on gtn-mh e r ere ngarms
p fSO~ he nsi, t certatley would wo be- he dsrt haas e een cof
enin deenden is meeoio g it lmat Ame ri unanr her oes. aed no sunstr aie

Ceapa agsl cles oi our the material lAmerican heroes, guided and suetareed

M will be marvelous. Their by the grace of God. the Lord of Lords
r ans much to as. We will and the Kng'of Kings.
S stto de s ad m ufa The council Friday night should Pass
bIf athtO e&skrat and Sl.moty howl- a resolution authoLriing the policemen
e O the I e f thearth or in the t arr every individual in this city
dts lee e Bee allr the that keep their premises in an uraur.:-
-,dB~t#B beneath, tetr than all this.
- 0the 00Mt we ve, teed from the ary condltlon or allows swill and other
iwW(Imur for us rrfuse matter to accumulti around
I ,- I their kitchen or In front of tae:r pla-es
of buslnesa. dch filth and grose vio-
,4 L3t, the m Erabld anti- nations of all rules of health are a
P aMe t lahvI g nVrhltih has menace to the health of every citizen
g5 os m thea pItLsr Rpaniesh in Tsopalo au it aShouLd be stopped or
Ias b very hard the whole city will be stricken with
9 t us t I bt ed some kind of ddieae. It is simply ter-
A" g t soli rible and grtsIN .worse every day.
V mayn that The bosishle man or rstsaurast
.a~sI eeper who throws retfue matter Ia
a hd barral and allows it to remain Idt rbot
or at the rear of their pae" to: the
S -- datrm. of* thfL atnttohbo ar ens-
ass-- to Ubic health and shmul be

iso ae ee of a to eDt thai he bef~ts
tie Vhe I4. sam hiauited.

cummu~dbumme dirmew ia am waft n,- 8
m Od tM CW@W iOd to"We s* n O to iol
mat PFOADOM bukmO1IGms U~lm *hW. -Ad&


The New 0.-lea: Pica une almes: P-. & t ms M or
slrd.c handed and alone pays Gcne ra. B am-
iafter the f.,;owiln compmen: t- A
"General aaftlr wil be dustin- ct iB
ZusaT In hisi'r\ a hliaving done more-
good fighting and received mare aust! O D Tm-%p% u t .
than any man in the army. e h ias y. .
CARS X -. e e o 9b
been up aga.nsi a o)ard of strategy-. niua lamaP .wsOleel MMeile. IMet= .
ye'low journalism. yellow fever, jeal- Les dc" asLOr & o st M ts- 'lste It em
.ii oefila unds=lpllined troops. Un- blesS S ba beesn1 ed andOr e thba
versaw so cLi hee' I3 sheia%=-Ia
.-elaj:e itrsurgen:s, treacherous -Span- ay. ..Ll S. s. La
lards, elow quartermasters. green doc- 'CAND
tors. bhaI:ed wire fences and diplomats. .. .
and bh s ill lives. and comes neare- -
ing tae hero of the unpleasantness with l OeLd \et r

Just Ieep your eye on Tampa. i -

-'BRADFIE uS@SIS@ 2 "s

ge nature the mild -esis-neee
ameoed or the guladon of the
mssss. is of wonderful aid s Ci

s imiB t drabealdl, any tb eas-lag.wa

is jadmo vLIle. tdirta--A- r" 0 -!0 0 .- i "-.
sstep5. to %oi S ilPB ^
high time, edld ifforti I oa w ~ |o .
much but united efforts wilI do n*ire.
This is the American city nearest the
islands that is fully prepared to handle
the commerce now waiting for us to the
best advantage;- let us up and be doing.
New Orlenas merchants have organ-
ized a Progrcssive Union;- this is the
boast made by the Picayune:
'The Progressive Union also proposes
d:ote its energies to developing the
t;..;- aitli the countries south of us. ..-' -' -
V .. a Cuba and Porto Rico thrown O ef u.
open to American trade, their is an in-. K JI :| INGO COOL o
creased incentive for New Orleans to
reach out for this Southern trade. This is a u nivW -tod with everyone BOU~f ht
city is closer to Cuban ports than are thee beO t days. The mot practioa --r.
all other important American ports, and ble way of doj*a this, and do b. '
is as favorably situated with respect to nesat the same time, is to wear bone iaWeuamfp uytiiii H
Porto Rico as any other port. With of our delightfully cool suore of gosa- 's aew- swirr i alsise i
proper energy much of this trade mer underwear, nogiigee shirts, cOoQ.- IiM :-ia --
should be captured." oumamer Ile-. c.. JS intl.e- Susts. We s a s p s sw!m1
Let us chow our friends who were so an keep .. '..i. ) ..I v uu a Pth5. 53i l
anxious to call Florida a "pest hole" caot. .- a hs theasiS5
there Is Uie in the old land yet,-Times- sre otJs
Union and citizen. tI o r m t &a
What is Tamp* doing in that afrec.- f -ill \ lhti
tion, aanI what is our Board .oC Trade U. otIL' Lcoo' U op UV 1Pr s9i
doing for Tampa? Now is the time to "e1e .0.1n"" . 1
be on the alert. Do our people with -- -" h mr>r .-I
all of the deaslred natural a d ac1u1re1 OCRUBBING MADI EZAS BYT '" e w*
advantages latend to remain quiet and lhe New Patent Scrubbing Syste. ns amj as-*r
let Jacksonvlle or some other place o.f p C ne S
get in on the "ground floor," as it were? This wonderful new tutent~alo t dan -I
'We shall see. scribs and mops up all the wate and wse isuna t" a
e dirt without soiling the hads or clot P- C.,4P ~ _ t
The City Counnc will have an oppor- int A child caa.operate l! it-cueamr
tunity at its regular nteetlng Friday a large room with one bucket of water,
night to accept the propostlon of the without soap or pearline. No sto-opng M(SOt rt t
Tamrp Water Works Company, or re- or kneeUna. It ia done almost M Ot $'t!l[
ect It. If the council desires to save quickly as sweeping. .Every 11g use-
the people of this city an enormous sum keeper should have one. -
of money in their way of reduced water Mr. B. T. Pearson at 3t0 Marion St..
rents it can do so. It on the other hand has th~ agency for this won erfaldn-
it detsres to see the people pay what. i .venton. nd, will callon the ople of j ICI u ; -P
generally termed exorbltant rentals TampaeAW introduce it Iay it a ,d I TTft rtW
for water, it can also do so. The Tri- make mcrubh ng a pleasant pastime, 11
Ibune believes 'that the-councHmen are -stead of a drudgewy -
thorough biaines men, sagacious TAWA5 193aLt. et
Anancietr of ability, and that they wlU V1 1.1 PAL -- -
readily see in what a dilemma TampWO pso' Ic s way as nru sel &IL & p ^ A L"
is in, and will by their action Friday OroG vs Tcetiem Chtl p oa"e tr A R .
night, free this city trom as much of a ,y cUWi' adl M m T Aav YWar SiW-AZ
ourden as lies within their power to P.R" o 4amiae in a Mleast0d jt, t i
do. It is bosh o; the rankest kind to I. 1bren t dlt.e ol .m it m .swtsi i.I4611 H. I uL
presume for one moment that this ,.., .-r.-... taoos .-..-
city Is in a condition to buy the water -- .OLLIP T.
woras plant. or to establish a new sys- IATTO.N A?
tem. It is bankrupt and has no means, as
for even liquidating past indeotednessI Pmruipt atetlos
that has been standing for several. . -.
yAcis, and no immella.e pr5ispeCt tur I- ..
et.ering tne financial condition. The FRANK M. rnbtMJtI
Tribune Del:i-c that i. would b- a ATT(ttXEY.AT4
demonsLration of wisdom for tme coun-
ci. to accept the contract as it has been Induce' 5lN-. ..
aubm:Li:c. and a'low taO people and ene kl, ,
,i j' to aare the rn<--fits3 ofL reducL:,3m Prior. ".
o f In; tnal v ;li oe pZyi z Ze on <-t0ti Prior to Stocktak- A'rOtNBYtf4T.
iLs. and vcuid a l ng li;tgation tha. ig t o r it to d Br aBe
ut e:d eventually cost the city big ing and our visit to
.a.,nll for reirin-g astULe lawyers the easternoarket of Court Ifim oare,"
eoct a )ar case and the lo it., the e sternmarke
ih co she to meet the appro- ,1 tto iM ato
baJion o;h he people of Tampa, itCoi ll; Jngre '. i F o
accept the proposition as puoliicshed I los P t
thi- 'ibune tiL- morntng %,ehou: de-

fenes and h co nu sltr. send .e b
.-lh>? C... j madr ls Uneri Odd lots Half i, *ose. f'ia.
J.a n stret Wh-e rlci-ts el c:n d Co where lots
a uc. acr o a i. General Jaie- J j h dosis hccld s s
Head orarin from the ob f of candl- sed out.
del- s i. 10--n 51-rrfi tLg L iAS P01itiLCar A ls'i
ncmuds s:np.y to, rl c,. ad acwll Oin imPa
he a-? ncaoru t the od ho sd l alf oHose. e-
stormr.u. torts. ancidcraging his m-Yr..
:ir :ter, dhdg.g datoer tulie Odd lot UD derwear, . :.

Sun:.o it s permanently pavedabaa. oThe -B

pa.op e a.horit' -a.t e it t o a tbrace marh
of tn;.s ciny an should profits will Ot be
F:-avb.. nadret from P. a to Hacrrison 1td wet. lots- Flo'- a *

in a r-sgrac to a eidtiaed ommunity 1h
Thoe dor ul arising from the fixeh Cnd losed out. lr a

un:0 l It 10 permanently paved. The ,
yiieper auiaoriilcs owe it to the health I'flw.ll \ti Ihdkll llf5P v
-f this city. and should see that some *i J V] WS|'Ei55
hLiug deie icli-doiLely 184 15th -t., Tamtpa, Florida. *^-"^** ^'' lS



<* A








A LEARKEO OlsQUISmONtroe4 p Cu0 aisd tat -
*writer' tAESE TRANSPER. SOUe c.d s t-rtes o the oeb ry
toi aA a- ____ lort diamoadd an told by a old GJlta
ai d beinisg asked whatde- d r d quare jeelur. One of them is his own
ea ho* asaswered that he experience
wbytetian. "Well" aid Pre- i' he la-CesoatEt am .ofth.e c "Ua dd.j sat June," hbe syy, "
mea. "I will have to look at ly lKa yi md Ch'c*%- e_ rio.n 3e- happened to recolltect that I wasnoAnM
M see." He further said: "I mom rar Mad ctapiLe. to a reception. Before leaving the tou
we bht the Px.,byerrians are t ble or e wrapped my two karat diamond stod
M i it possible f one man to mem- in a piee of tissue paper and slipped it
nom h thann eded: "B" opt. aicate disease to another by the shaking into my vest pocket. After diae.r,
was her the other day oola' hands? while dressing in my room. went to
of my cabinet's giving all toe If this equation be true, should the my pocket to get the stud. It was not
-Nta to Epico;palian. I did eustmn be abandoned or should it be there I put my hand in my fob pocket.
r anything about my cabinet modified under medical instruction so thinking it was surely there; then in
t Blatr a good old Presbyterian as to minimize the danger? the other vest pocket, then in the inside
la a for Seward. I didn't know The existence of micro-rganisms pocket, and then in my four troqae
rot to church with him that inimical to life and health bas been ee- pocket. but it was in none of them.
a Bpiscopalian." tablishe .beyond dispute. Dr. Breiter 'I left that on my desk.' I thought
egt Lincoln bad mid to Blohp founds his thesis. recently printed in 'I will find it there in the morning. I
: "You wait here. We are t The Medal Record, on this hypothe- will put on a plain gold stud tonight'
abiet meeting here directly, asi But hi leading point, insisted n "The next morning the stod was not
l'sm to It" and wben the cab onwithmuch farce, is the danger which to be found at the store I thought of
M be mid. "Here is Bishop Ia hidden in the apparently harmle eery step I had takenonthewaybhona,
aklang a comp ant of or gti and saonmetiisplasing custom a of hak- and then called our porter.
he appoitameaf to the Epi co lag hadl He says: 'Georg,' said I. 'just before I went
'Iha the eurfaceao the human body home las night I slipped a diamond
Bl-it: "That is act m oue a isa a stry hoted for the propagation of std. wrapped in tisse papet, ito my
samnM. I never give o ap a geat. arYty o f mioaerganisme pocket. and, starting ot of the mtore
1 to any n because of his rber ger Mitmman. Bia-er Msa went earo BIoadway. through Union
ate or emen know what be glra and Wech ham dewdaLed most ar at ftanthretta p og to th
eosclnMolty. it is oertaely beyond the left of the founals., and th up the
-op. 0 Iapm "Tbas wa a6 ofl a doubt that in th preno6 e onto path to SenotMsth aW anl
-arahman~r gw &. *. a A- &aiaw.a a i.a&. mmno- C x Ad' am an i.

ow, asi,, who
"Oh, I l,

omet dia
dad emm

Oi m bte a o "hWe e dir ar e in d tsse op r nrI w n iLne t wasye tot ea bme re asL
Se th woe a"" Wy. i oss a a hal ded it Md w dm in Me a'
-gwSt1' -m, "atembmttm,"ed tbsotli ea the au' dA isan te, mtil wnoto- the pa'
j I w he bi- as e ae a atiaa ." s-m a typea al e OtrN&lao r hw M A*%ea e in tS Ba aesd. seemO Wear -. ug eehI Mo e meadim d OSAgd M=n0% ad he aS hMoms
S"A, Ibs b gee g Ae Swed spwladid.- the tis, whicM -i@1goaM esteasia bapbt 1 MaighaSt Aw a 00 Pipto
t*5 ly y.seme S'aleamv- mdd. "I imtiaua llltIc ai -d d tsepoioiel s his psee "-Naoew TOrk nam.
4'1 ni ms e to heow "bt s ao, a b we a Ide. iensouon'ti e tor a"
r wabostl m IIsm sonmo s eig oi thereyohdm chek.- ANCIENT TIMEPIECES.
S-"1 m1ir'tl a -to m ot O o"' mge spread of. tha sdim ad then _
'qMa ,M ~trr- prapmim th an I eafi In- lreavIshly uaed oae the deo- WW-*towm se o a s ta g
isuse1M 1T y es mid pw- eetl7=tMeUa of'h fediag armies. a to W etta 5 misas,
tmwo tm ew m lipalm.ad I tM e of sa s proptylaxis couse- .We need do no ma than allude to
id e t wea esmi i tlo t Wewm pr quert pa tie edaetion of the mi-he he habit after the rtor'atlCon. and
fpt 4ad o -h tfmi d im nrop, bactertology and autiseptics peXialy in Scotland, of preIomk
s t L ~a s 4 ad be taond that the we ind a steady delie of epidemic measuring their disconre by the bour-
r b9ih wsflM incorr t. at thed we te lthLe developing in the outer world or glass in the pulpit These mare a
a t ero th we snot plamapaliaza ian ur bopital wamda Yet accidental hour exactly Those first madr I
A A dsr. lU at seats. Ior. F., iwnamtl,=' of tuberculosis. smallpox Charlemagne's day ran for 12 hour.
Fp D rookaalm t AI eo s ca the btt Iad vacinia, as well as more horrible Alfred the (treat hit upon a method of
Skaw0 cNla ofS he t onnatry. a man i--n a tilI'exist and are it demon- measuring time which ahowethat there
I o atUlpaoasableoveracy lad equal a tratlons of either an unavoidable cause was no 8.ron one. though very proba-
t vay, who t n -~ni-ted it to ua- or a faulty obgervance of esteolidhed bly smoe f the monasteries (then the
S l0Wsr a Atdo at"' data." f oIny Loman of knowledge) were so-
r Dr. Breitr gives a thorough diicus-i qouinted witU wa-tr clocks and hour-
SA A UAo." ion'asto what may be the result of rco- 'Clases. i rot by r--Ctioal knowledge
S "e's a cool ona" is the way rhn sol- tat of the hands. He declares that with aany rate Ly hearsay
Sdiae in a certain Eaglish regiment de- me who are of cleanly habits, but who However, the kingdom in general fol-
Sdribe on of their offieera. ,young man have acquired disease and such as they lowed Alfred' plan, which, though in-
Swhgeself possession in a time of dan- would wish to hide fm their fellow geicus. necessarily lacked anything
S r red hi men from defeat ad men, the specific bacillna d this disease like the curacy of the other inven-
probablyfrom death. Thecircumstnmde ha been found in filth collected from tioMw Yet the king's idea was hailed as
. which gave this officer his reputan:on the hand. He hatfoaud taberole bacilli a wonderful effort of senins, which, for
i related by Rudyard .ipling in The in the dirt taken from the hand of the such an era by comparison with the
SWetminster Magazine. He writes: man suffering from tuberculosis the general ignorance, at was. As every
S A very young officer, who had gone Klebe-Loeffler microbe among cases of schoolboy (1u this caseliterally) knows,
Salmost straight from school to the army suspected diphtheria and had no docbt Alfred marked time by rushlights. A
Sand thence to Indi.a was leading his that the specificgerms of everymi'-rob:c long existence, by the way, has the rush
, mpany through a rocky pas on re- disease may and would be found in nil- light enjoyed, seeing thAt middle aged
* amnig from a scouting expedition. lions on the surfaces of the hands if people etill remember iaouse in the nurse
They were beset by the enemy, who proper experimentation were maie. He ery at night anu the reflection of the
Sredal them from behind the rocks, proceeds as follows: circular holes in the tall metAl ahader
Sand the men were growing very/n- "Many victims of scarlet fever, both on the ceiling.
S'steady. Those in the rear tean to be in the early and desquamative stages. Alred, says an ancient authority,
o i',ptatitnn and shouted to toe men u especially the latter, are walking tLe "tbat be might properly know how
Sroent: "Hurryup. What are you wait- street of every large city ready to in- the hours passed, made use of burning
Stg for there graft upon the maist handoff any chance tapers which were marked with lines
S oly: "Hold on minute. I'm li- disease. The same may be said of per- vented by himself." So by the way,
ilg m pip." sns with pulmonary tuberculosis, were in 892 the lanterns of scraped
A And be struck a match .and lit it. whose hands and handkerchiefs. through horn which still some old fashioned
STre was a roar of laughter, and a sol- constant wiping of the mouth, are foul restics prefer to glass. But tapers,
Sdier called odt. "Well, a.s you're so and saturated with the bacteria laden however, were then very expensive.
o preminI think I'11 have a pipe my- axpectoration of the disease. Tuberca- The king might himself use these, bu
n self" And be. too, struck a match and losis of the hand, the lesion large or probably the rushlight wa used by peo.
SOqrin to rnmok This bitof fun steadied small in area, often painless and no- pie an general.-London Standard.
d the mm, and they caIe through in recognized as such f a long while and
I sood oc der. perhaps untreated, is by no means an in'coia's Ulft to a rnre tgad.
Sinfrequent occurrence Scabies, we The Sons and Daughters of Illinois
S Mr Dzeritiu Opporttannt. know, has a marked predilection for the held a teeting in Boston at which Vice
"I wae particularly .boay on last hand. Need I mention others? Now President Henry Haynie told this store
STesday," aid the dentist. "My office whether these conditions are the result of Lincoln:
Swas crowded all day, and one of the oa hand to hand contact or not does not "The fre bose company of Spring-
last patients to be attended to wa a matter. The conditions themselves are field was very proud of its well equip-
b" ig, fat, middle aged German woman dangerous elements, and it is the oon. ped fire apparatus, and, desiring to pro-
f B se had been waiting for nearly three sideration of such factors in the causa- cure some extra supplies, subscription
Sbor, but at last it was her turn,. and tion of disease that we are studying papers were sent around. The smali
a he movdd up to the chair with aU the "Of ooureo the mucous membrane boys, myself among the number, were
i ary gace of a team roller. Apparent- seres as a better pabulum for the inva- given a share in the work. I went up to
1 ly the ecow4di the ofe had impressed M and development of micro organ- some dusty rooms over a grooery and
Shr deeply, for the feas thing ahe aid ima. t the skin is not absolutely neg- entered the law office of Lincoln. He
IMwa native in that respect, and if it were it asked me numberless questions, and I
Doctor. you as doing a goot be would make little difference, as the had to tell him all I knew of this fre
Sa I two, kin and mucous membrane, are brigade agd its members. Then he aid:
S ". 'rTea' Ia aid, keep pretty busy.' vry gotten in cloe apposition with each 'Well. I'll teU you what I'll da I'll go
S "'My, bt yoe must be maiging a other. We know that the hand has car- home to supper-Mrs. Lincoln is gener-
big let of money Say, dootor, vas you rid cteria to the mouth, disseminat- ally good nature after supper-ad
ma sanI~ ag bntagion in that way. Typhoid fe then I'll tell her I've been thinking of
,was getting rather ieutrseti. ver, Asiatic cholera, diphtheria and oth- giving $50 to the brigade, and be'll
Ne tbequ ol wr ft bed point blank r d41eamm are known to have been pro- say, "Abe. will you never have ay
as bsho"et rai and I A lt that I had to 0 oed tbat way. Why search through, mese? Twenty dollars is quite enough. "
( admitted that esch was mediot libraries for s ilar and per- o tomorrow, my boy, youa ome around
i y thi tima abe had hoisted has more conclusive evidence? The and get your I10.' "-Chicago Times
i t4~a eatr.c antI se me subctb has paied the stage of noelty. Herald.
*' you 111t01u em h the So whiaewep proao al people are by
VONt--'elr *The O Amomru Hippo' mor aro o r profemion forced to invite rt.
Sand .then tobattl-o we have tisep- When an Amer cans eters a cab
a a o''s Umaid, '*ad I vas a tl-e-wit th ae enaniei i three is n JBlin ftr the tLms tie he isU ed s
.* "New York Son. reasonma whylwl tl unneoesen l yand be absorbed for half a hoer in toMdytln
unw d ir ct om et inste them the Impeadve aotdea hung up tbhre
41wd dW he5. A theme to do taharm in for be benefit at MUegera Ireads
MYouad-Mw di y "onM6 any 1aoo upon thsbJWeit literally translated, thus: "No poeSe
wL Wb drEiaL Nevertheless the truth ta money has the pasmae guet to pay, If
was wretabOA. al M Nomatte how mall Me pesreOt- to him not on the .e.un g af Mthe eao t
e b' mto e t o i onpseense arising nro the vaeid paage tLks o a lig of
te tMonage was lIe tmaet ai 6 M te oI-t l the tor a simple pagls s he -mi pa
mater, In view of il aatzenatsese.s, age mousy' by the eachmagu dews
lhiSieil'h nOa htmamily a be great The sahmI je. dbt e oe a e."r G3-4i a Ites
at Del. rIm e. to. aptg oerof s oaeala.
e ddy, whyj at e m lyea

iiEbd l t ,a saklesm is e "Whaly r im t Is t 0ae a, g rMr
S.c g ay, d. buht it we't."e-'aa' e
the stnmi Hae pu e l emhis _b=Est
V haa-e of sta plem a is
i Hstate W theya bigg Ms Gehuly Iminalien w bsese l s
m mZadtr o
~-~--~i~iijr pr Isa i --5w


(Successor to Hooper & Beaty.)
14 1 eadquarters for the best
Sfreshest IM7ATS. in the Oity. Orderj
lioited and tree delivery.. 'Pho.ne'
wants to 188 aid we will do the r

; V-20O3 POLK T

'B. LUCAS D. C. LUCA .. 0. A.WnAT. W-.

Lucas Bros. t

nnoulBm stook of Orit and Meal Mi
Brands. of Cannad Goods, moe. Or
cilities enable us to meet aay
Commercial wafhoomi, N.S, S14 S
Tamips,P. TF& epho 175.


Absobdely Pure. ,O.
Purpo ; apo.dm"


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Alga malwg a
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* Unbheindsd

The announcement of our Red a iwb aI
Last for thirty days and no long, is ,we v 'iai
Move into our new store, will save many dollft`A
the ko0od people of Tampa and Soath ort
they are not slow in finding it ont, froathplb nJ
o L people that availed themselves of .sJch A
as they may never haveaha agi. It s-
to be surmised that this is the place toome.toe l
day prices will hold good every day antil we
100 pieces, and that many pattneru, of 364-ah
Percale, rightooloring for tlisa emon w~eth '
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P Ps .. . '" ......... ".... " .. ". : ?.' '
A loi of shore (skirt length) .,
Sand Fancy Dr1 a GOoo& at sIT. eiy
20 dozen Fast Black k5o Hoeo0, 0ALZ.^.J.l, ,
A large aesortmint yet so slees rom q(01 trl
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Trimming. .

SMaas Brothersi

----,-- --- -- --- - ,-- L . -1 *
D. r AIRRa.LDPrrld 't. .a GILL r~T. Vies.Presie, at
L. F. DZ MAs9aS, GCOral MHaase

Brokers and Dealers in Leat Tobaop
Assorting, Grading, Curing and Baling ofTo
Crops Estimated. Planting and arvesting Tj
bacco Superintended.
sea rKaWKLe X T.. T
y nu niin niiirinu uuiou nn~i~inini_,ii ', .


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NOW Were detsned
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^Bpafl wsv -brough
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IWret Nearly aU
' tobacco btye-n

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A \"- n.y

Hot to tHavana.
-rt k. A night
Tset. d te the P
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"Wepat..ation. tr
tm.- W. Feingtral
Sthe lae. after
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-. One Minute Cough ure surprises peo- "w a YauCe 1 L ^I a s ned not Le lokd r toward to witn = ,- Bar rooms. ...... o,.lno
isJt =y00..Pa)l. 0 iO 0 P cLr00, -Ic Or :Lc 01010 no te-noelog, 10 oeO tbt 000. Barrooms connected. th retat. It sundcereas
s. -ple by its qu4ck care and children may traces ;'om 19i isre oi and t Bar, rooms conneced th Lresta
h iThesei ake it in laige quantities without the ootnplat we aS Ae Lv Councilman Every woa. reo ~ tuh paper rants.... ....... ,
least danger. It has won for itself the Kruse v. the condition .,t .c.lal .. an ubta abso:ul. .... ,a a.0I bakeries.-....... .... .... a1. -.....,
in the Into d ard. a- crlLnc.ota. aied attacixge I ttle0 tlttd nrr shops, for irt opening.. 5 tt
beat reputation of any prepattion used rot d a t fto oard 1 rn. co I a01 attBracyve hlle byo senind: "be-,ber shops, for eah penir g i "V "g -l.
toing ihtep. tdcin the Le directed o grade thb-se sr:-:s .and nare a:i add'ebss tor Brad;lcd tg-. ditlon-. p.. (" p-
nre )v- '.... t ,d :e1. 1..n o ne couni..-i as called to in-. ulat0 r Co., Alana a.l fhs book Building and laying bric, pen- l yitgt 4l- -c4*
f ara aominten cigar fact that no apprvprlatlon was mnde in contains priceless informatiUon' all thousand..... -........ ....
S]oftl.arenls, ate ro.mnent o er in the oudger f-nr the srres t department, women, and no one should fall to send Plastering per one hundred yards -W t i
WEE e.y. oure1 haq 0 is6 ~s in 4 n Key or for paying a city engineer.
!i y, fwew prit 44ty, was among Thh brought, forth the Information for it Druggists with soda iouiitains..... Zi a-tv O5
ahetpcg .feesJtoy West, "who that the cit. is now without an ent9i- Fountain....., ....y to -* s
ri- ner. as the acting engineer enmpioesd Quarantined at Key West. very stables.....- .. to. e sa N2 3
e ot hrou on tee Mascotte yetet- seral weeks ago deciaesd not to accept -- k de" p
i dedives that there is no yel- the position. as he Ls working for the It is currently reported that Wi r opea ,
low fver In Key West. Board of Public Works. Some dis- is r o a Ofies, each additional srigol,.r .
jw c & . cussb.n concerning the employment of Varty,'theNew York Sun's war corres- ph .ph galerle:.-
te jjp.ir rtwfy million free sampieq al etTengineer. and a resolution w:a pendent, who left Tampa a week ago Ptores, same a dwernl.- .--- -y v
E ttt Basal Salve hare Pubik c orks permit the engineer ot, station. It apple's that he tre.
Spr~flOn dla~eit tcHazed by lv have opuldveqiesting that ^thk of for tiavauta, is at the Key lWest quIrt nextui-e. t he
ft l per been distributed by the manufacturers, the board to act as city engineer when Snatne station I t he Steam Engines pqr horse p)A-r
What'bitter proof-of their confidence In nece ary A commit consisting of \w ent to Havana on a tug, and not be- olesale lqur .dealers. ik% 4h
b=" mt' bertte do you tlrrcafld0 nCouncilmen Holmes. tihbb and Mlory ing able t4flle all of his press dil- All other mt t
irles bu cls, sores, a? It cues oras appointed to il the matter be0 catches there returned to Key West on mentioned herelna,u enot pa-
Psik NWl-7-p as burns scalds. soren,*Is the short- lore the Board of Putt:r- O Fcsre.
:'' .pace of time. S. B Leonardi& A pe.truon from F,:,rlda aenue the ame tug to send the alance from ether by meter or rates'.
-it -. piopetertowners requso.ng thac flint tha point. As Mr. Varty has been
~ he p5c a loerock, crushed by a crusher, te usd'ad as ahore in Havana, I e and hits tug we-
AdV'l rk-i"4W'Li a looked like a c.nal a psfrnfg material for that avenue, was promptly quarantined when. he reached, rateP the ,part of. thei second
SreQetved and granted, and later a reso- Key W en, and be has been cooped up agrees and binds itself anfit
e_ __s'e terdayo end to ti.- "othir.- iion directing the Board of Ptblic at quarantine since last Tuesday night. opre and asins to i" rslk L w5. i-
. t10-At the corner son ad riraiLkln Wurks to pave the avenue with the alC n'omerr ba .al r f.:.
6-df f4. water ezt from bulldipg line material designated was adopted. ROBBED THE GRAVE-'.
bein lne, a number of the The ccuima ee -appointed to -idJust -- lowingM mets- se-u ait
"bq *& t a a numc- ow thedb mhefferences between the city o A startling incident, of wt Mr. Jn o- or en one tht ta
o W Weft ae. ant the Tampa Waier Works Oliver of Phtadelph8a. was the Subject, water furnishedi-cn. ~ A
,i- i : ^-- Company. submtttc a repof t n the is narrated by h m as follows: "I was __ 49PI6U. .
iflawwBl1 t1b Lr ofbe pa &-o a .ew ordinance in whch. in a mostdreadful cndittion M si tic
Lt Ys e 't Co thi per ntraet. sought L & b6 an- was almost r yt t bde aunen. tBe le 4ban Sa
ffitfSJrTJI'y T -i^ rhf ti lied by the old council. %a reconflmiaed-eated, pan eOtnoltg ly In back =pdaproyvqe d tat apea lO;iOiP
and a new scale of rates is fuxe. ThetOt a. no pptfte-b5wstd5ly ggsw"is' l e Iet atof a -a.l si-
r.yps it t ieA 5". mJet atW Is rates proposed in the ordinance make weaker day by day. Three pYht L an.n .
r aeft p once. T &bne ^ rtloen o an aVerage of at leat had ien pp Fortunately, a etwcte bfia
.Q1oe@Ujd basw the old ates. %t e'e d-d tt=e- fctrfet BIttets; iowt on each 49 .9. tr e -
.C... company arseed to trnish water tfor and tO my great poy hjutausi-.isae
. .. ..f.ushnpg the sewers twice each. ann01pt heos, 5n lod. .. e,,
'a 's5sisp sfl t a sebomoer Th# pany to feint by- I s A hetbtp t- o fb
for dsw 1* $WSeW by4eaus.. The sawed my 1W. sad rd we at
0 a--s,-~, l. -, PePb d to do po. NO tinT tO R ah 5

Sdyouolbabe h e der an alcalled ta t
readingt ofLae present contract 7 tn
GU w l vn aCu maon could be made in the
pre nt rsaes and the prpoed rate&
caandItwas n cophat the prpoeed c

.PTo jorl Coonoman o "ltla Bnth C"E E It ..n ,tn tbe CAproposEed WAoa- COtC I lE D IB ATEl -

ru hse d both neare at thew ptinti of With e Wter W i e remove t hs d

hto -tfir ot a soui was with them. anJ a numbr et leading a n and reg atons of tcre.San t
S c t-appearance te e room :t Strtee improvementand Sani tar) deparment came up tor descuss- Shod Oomjzae tae th rg. $5.
ofi as on Florida vene near Polk leoCuncilman rureker moved tlat t he
Street. He entered te place and fud re reved and glaui on te n
; F-dzu n ,_ wom an on a straw bed sic with CHEAPER W ATE R COM ING u t Lashed .i tae ne wvspapers -d e r the 11r.fr IN AI

T ea sle x th a hot fever, wome a little peorm ation mat Lk e PUOUC se thaon
ondr. Not a drop water or a f omtnc to tred to c can compare the propo
moral of anything. to e ot Iw In nhe ci the old reae. The moo TAM na A O t SIfan to oPei-W
S tt.b hose. and both are at the in o With Water or opny.oucl met n relar could proc, -- 'he remorvl or garoage i ta e t by thes i Wt

SSU CKLot & soul was with them. aRInd ana tt and res ulat.Losn of theanl-
So rty appearance od tnhe rom t tret Improvementand Ateri tah department came up for discuss- Shoud Oompig lt u.

Cea ter bHsi Sumaer Caonthe r oomn e moCthao u rima eKer heao shapt bl hg od of teo
lots- as f ouh no one had been thre ation Caonsme Time. Councilman re vor the a t he
e b eut ne the child wu A m c nworn. romc w a fm ad oplton r of rules and reguot o t r.
Pen d iThe Csnteap r i gwsrltble n women c rat uas pCeople may know when the wad.l a
ortu-From Saturday's Daily. The fl ot a s of ror

eo W wa i th eased it a ss o councilman Frecd er stated thb he t
W. be oset to the hos- The Cty C council met in regular i n- could prore- aldavfro rellabce omo eurhitte4r by the ro"i se c
S will be potal wi erse he can receive attention. bon last night with Councilman Lesley tUen to the b a ar t r~i and mp eorks o nmittd ee i hefx, .th c a
teg or ad e Wrl die .- he inL1e t otdaughterr ol Brown. president pro ter, In the chair cart or th as~tdu d'eSOLtat o t frea ,,

old o hei c e otie n t eto f tanner O f o oon rn been in Hyde Park during the the meeting l ustt B o t ft
e Board of H tley Wells eU t nd present. Ater th ve month Mr. Frecker.ten r pll ed b order o the u or.
C tesr H. Sumtr Cunt. reading and approval ot the minutes, cr critsctd rthe moaegemeL of the a t- a tsuin o te. iaP rne sa p. a~
oeply doeeee. Irhre -a busne o em trad r cteod r f follows: toery pmart loem fo t eoampw lng the0o WtheCn ot tDhe ""t "
seen cam t ar a e A communication was .read fom employees of the depatmot to Ws ithsthe l mm nw nr .... ,
fever, but I his orders. Mr. Kruseand Mr. Holme wsth the r now ,

d bWIn efost PCriobr t o the bcanlCJ of the ~ .xer Accontalt Clehew statn raelso spoe gltm s I4 Mr. OD ..C. I----....
Key West wax with fei w t hundreds Spaniards that he found th e City XarsbW's Of, Xnce started Uiandh barrels iA brenaa" that no dditorsoW

efrW hm left Tampa eort oHav nat aai grlt usee tht a h boo and bmt- b en h uer ofne wants tlchr ge is o b dr 1
se tetle Bfth the tfeln that their e thswol ioUt$ t4arr tf O i ehe sof a t.iteOl canh W e oas t
ll~a lA o o be ti they rested ie thts UM a form of caar bok c for the of ice. Under the-Tir woand oan Atou ec ." and1 i h b

110 ___ __ Wz na. ks i dtte an d V*01a
a s tr he Unirtertd e ctcct o ommal aUo waa received t .r- andl oadlt t os e War Wt ore o

at ul rt taitled Inther eest o tho ai2e C n r d Cler c Libe was au horCe vod r e feteuslmasdo f coa e d c h.. in
oh S .rn Cuba *t men wlit n c. t .MI r o9 pvas. wasrya the neces.ry b ook it ws Ig ~ o 'J c ] "^iw". .-

. X -t. h b eom citsens ofal nth DateIhai tmntnoi ou anVe g atwehdar rthhe deanen t inkter usao matpd aereto at tihiAM'4t0Ub
tsi am o Lr aleton I ees o on a.toe, elP etd ent 'The Peoedlon of W. Eav. wavs foripor-it tor u ou mo- A .eriS eaic.bnu'ou t v e rf c^ S

eaa b a m b n nteirut p the c s ebe n d a m b-u. t ( m tca one story bUlk -.-ngt n wc&desol at .- ... A .h e a -Ae f M
.lef a o p bf the tcUm te tatee9 0-l1- orid i, to t.r a. s rmna Z m .
I the y not -Ynists~ttl rot l4 ~td~ j en .vigpresent buWedlag. rtnt poppctl. e p ItQp -

is rtges to s lam cm a a a'" l a - i o th at T a r s

Soe r m the Maee rion e 5.,0. 9ms.A easie o me t ,raft a "-ntea ctnlo "e W par .eear, Ct
- ia ulelatin apin G eo r a tfle as t O 3taena to a 4oe a aae tea eas m s tnd, s: m'o, "e ."^ te lat _<4

ai, t and athea ttorn up thcef. he U onte en l ares ths. eon o ud Teclremoved ro ts prelos the ymao -ta -- -,--

teh o s Are lage ub. r o, flebesaM. rie Th car n'y W th e saidtef tat cncif ee f antlsnatle n ,b e ~of !
.- Pueo ae use a.no reeker ande brrou-ht _thies p W r to the fronte*tg a nW sat^^ e she Ue.-. W t
tat qero- is- "oCKthe H &lSb iC A rive T ity Altorney Whai* ker ,asi the commit- reply. . aid: waso c ensemen; d as-if n'.rdurinsr the ..&-, Bt u 4,

betenaShoe r there was cis the W W em vrlpe t ni a g for reduicd- toon, it iso tatmuc ey. headed councl- Tampi, ^nd mhe parity of heefir et par^ si a
allowed to T roted 5 Uleat5 Slt W by lion o m axee and corr'ciuna of aese ss- man from the Third wr ( tes and thpmohn omv- i- cost X
f-r Sores Twah. C hoed a s vnt, were referred to the com lttee tO M r. riuste).
W rfro Key Theyl Coma m d ad alt sk s o en- To this Ccoant tmen Krause mie no Company,,; a eea--or
a left fomr eappealms and greevancee reply, merely shruging his houters th the F.llws o th-t oad IOn
nga~P mer ti and p.asuti~eurqs $e. cv no A cammuntcation were ceived. hum and i rsmilng ha- second art.Wandssstated-110

oenW at 0 pte I at so tht thie. Cns vr Eetri Ligh and Chie Wer Lthlen poi n oedted cot thoab T treatedsa nitea tWe na

1 h-o-, e-reet Raiway Compa n acting th eurdity of thev-iua rtiifnbucket tax ny-illa ms.sstem; anunt splst o re "c )
1 onar -romt th carstcomplanedofasin regard to the exiflese of the depart- of the city" ot Tampat ncq el sp) T t dedA .-t
I r thrsough Per& Sal hr ent sated that winless the proposed ing i nto in! ce former n tot 415 15O

to repWe track on Wauohingon street. would ordinance pa .Lmed, the' deFre n ween th semesparti s h ,Cern etob hh se part e
. r paln Cht. E. h l arnei president all he removed a net Teud ay. Filed ould ve to have l our more ules e um r t
eostar~of ode thoer s ne ihr of bLa Independ- for reference. hadnle the garbage. Ha won1 un up Irs te i toi bye

" st~atione s H w e ec luug: "I would US t like jo to see Mr. nes of the party of ah rgo pa t.. t o irt
bt on theendt hne of steamers. sptenr Sunda ando A peton. signed by a hunrrer d or I cruo e chief of the Sanitary department auth an exns t as it now ma-Os -e. 5 t

a etn-- n r yd in Tampa. lookinr after hi ..m..r cit .... aso.e .t.. cr and Fourth r mm oent ieet m be able to sit s tOn make certain c. .Ih s

gram the m Fi t nene Interests. He Is the owner wards. rcuuestcd that tic. council direct on his bench alnd cut out a pain r of concernaloti ninuthe maca of waf.t. t .oes tof.te atltS
ut .i.. be whe i p i n ae t he private consumers at ao to r te by
rae heath o the stae^r at w nd oTerra toat heu limpondng. ordinace w. not onht at w nia"
na. the el, and i ery l pea with e intred ecpa ihin cert in d 1- Mr. Kruse Ignored thin attak upon- the city;
chro ge of business of these teamers between no Tfows: Lying Iast noitf c iitat- b thi s knowledge, hot Councilman Frecd er Theret oroe, tthhe L 0t f et t st econd pa
nyc hur. ."^ P^ltio 1I retha- Itt ref thti nmpty f? s-4 ifa &ad ^ in o- l
,dr=eterenlK itapa and the Man( ee rices r country, l rouga lrver. North u Constan t snret was indigent, antd deplored the la -
Sat an ore e a the ommit guage used by Chief Weir In the cou- part, for and in co rtn o the fr eti

g le e e ll t e ara hel room. th ie declared that it was un- sum op one dollar, lt o tl e 1
seanr and a thorouwhbointneee man. and av Fiol'.y cr-c., aud North at nald gentlemanly and uncalled for, and msid l hereby acknowledge, as e a tagn .. ..s,
t has a hot t s friends in this section h'a.p- rat ro&d o T o efth -re, u Twelfth that p tne reears had been addressed trion ttheiai ,., l
are atwa s gd to -w atelco rk h sr I- i to him, Chief We ir would have to give caderan s pr ilee l.

,hitoh s.an o rLis.00 10 im personal satisMcatilon.ha ra nceehrtslr rntd 0 a S 4d 0
t aloedtr u A large number of boys tan,1 men 0R%= Li to L' .:gston d t ofe Mr. trush ead that -he consid a e r-ed the Tonfirmdtaon Pon tthe rty a ih a&n ,,a, .t
Steam .r stuffe i an b less n utl, ay aL "uoI t m re- Mr. Weir' s remarks too ma first prt, to the ty o C a thble Iommirti-e... ..
at Mat KT sitefer-tthe Ls c a'r. oomet t tht 8oate a y p answer."O M
sad n fot tore natjhe ,ayet slad i n &e At thinsrl point In the prori feeding a parst, agrees and bsfa1ele a its s. e- th b y NW Puso
-aat the of- n of the Hlt eorough r-itver Ttey o ba ran.. A -. a t wa srI .ei ed motion to adjourn wan carried and tensors san d asr sgn tn uringohe o s- ~- s 4
.,d s 00pe t--made a, "good thingg" citt .est erday C -Er .. Ri to m....L....i th. a,1 s undr the rules too ordna ncs intro- tinuation of this aact. to h1a e i
tthe chip Five cents per passenger was Z chireed, 1- ,, o ..,.. doerd at the lst meeting wilt have to the private conus r in the city. on isp er-

si tae lled and there was coneiderabe compttion. h. ... 1.. at-sh .gt r . w u bd re-introduced. Ttoea'n the p a y othet part0arie here-o
ould not go The colored Eopulatlln patronzed th the re d ... ... by.ext a l a.Fl d.-o1- "BFOB BiYR et av i BORN." for the use and e sume h e on o f itsj cot of sit )
be sfsam colored ferrymen exousifvely, much t ...f .. .h-a tea .... e water., priced not exceed the follow- per oaf-mit
9te.. Weo a the die g of the -wm hte rs oy.pe tS .tnd ,A ..o ts .i ,n ed by a .. 0 le luc hief o t he Sut ofarte t s c a ed rates, r-i t tnow.- Ifpu

, For broken surfaces, sores, Insect iauo a oo .. Al Women Sent Fees jeings. Sing d esi t on prer s ts, fo 'b
e thtes, burns, skin diseases and e rratht o a. Ipudn, ord ina e.e t-t ,a nt, -u t eknws n. ub o inioLoFtiopethe private i us oi-ti erann m.

""t ly h la.ad e i serv oer retaill le remedy. At ..h ..he ... aio io thine- .n .. 00t1 Every wo.K u ain loor s" forward with apn er cioets, peri aonis.. "furte r

hte Wlts''lttn H a ae. W ,'hen you i. i .... ,O.... a o .1 ._. o ... 0rc -! feAt lgs of in e joy to the, one W ash basins, in. ali.lin l. I . ? pla-e|i i ts i
tese i for Wut'Tp s ftonte a ccept counter-y .. r ,o ...... .. .. ,E .. towaentous tevn t in her plfe, compa rd Urinals, n addition.. ............. l
wd. it was felts sor frauds. Y ou wi not be dos- en 00o 0.0.~a .0 a..c ar .tcrlsu r wr i thhichall othee rsed pae Itoe inWegn- h-turen spogt ifor eaan i-no fn a -of the tf

Ithe .t app inted with 'eatP's Witch ed a ent ,and a. ledn ... .Of..c e S. a.0 & fiance. ilr ow proud and h adppy sc it being unvteatoud thant no udmiotdtolnwlr-,lt.i.t
mt an a d t h. gatve.' b i. Leo & Co. s ..a...n ....... .....-. 0. 0n. or ... u ahllsa ti' e w en her precious o ,b nd. sai. Te rb t#gae k w h made d.r hot ,w a tiRhg0 ,-
ha rece osted Me. C. ied wenth sertion '0 a.- c .... .,.a, 10, Cirae a wa ne n bwf t at ter emb rkab at eethnaddr ofse i a es ono iss or etm

s to islst under the treae t of Dr. Bize fo : .0.... o l.e ot a-. potio of this event is clouded withooe d prsi nklerst wln h o f t feet of stoodtha
are tn rler" eogll adt oid&o th ee .u' Lh..'c.a1 o .a to Ce- 1 th iagterngs of the pain and danger o. -nd inchn h ote e an i inchntgx = tapmtg the s6 p
tha es qs Acoliate d ofonsof!the ey .-c t.iV._..rthe ordeal, so that it ins Imposible to ec in use, noati more hn-two -e see. mo
sad ubt Losfd ber hven p the Lafayet sre e of cross- the ia l OeIc..l At ti0000h

t at the of his eminent specialist with the hayp- ari-o tty. t c L o n. to and suffering attend st upon behaserd d ng afiredil anasins urn
I. for p rn Imae a n every cs e-Sit Peters- d I -ay e cur lt a Inn LO l sLA t curth r can ento-ery pren esnte d s t i o dumesrei a c h ofis e tpci-ohA t" a e
the s hip i ebr tsperpa sengeas. c h at tram teooaaet .Cel a-s-n 0eLi l e tout ti. priat cnsngPi,. on-h th t ae t
ship. sailed and tere wa consderabl c.i m e aio 0 Tam at, CLcnd Ihe 01.a at. Orf 5 0 the .Panvgo tr


O51v 94 1 lGM.c at to5Nhs o OW l 3% 15 tO i thi l -4 ofateel-4of e 13; ne 1-4ofD sn W;s-4 e l TL '
i'- - rrf-pf ~.~,,oo. .A ..1-.-t.f. O. 4arW of n. 1 -Co, IL W" -" ..p - iii -

S o -4of ir-l-4of c township sel.4 ofwe 6; 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 9; se
9ai.t Cu for ills thrdug south or range 1 easft on 1-4 of s a1-4 1-4t ne 1-4 of sec 11, township 11. south "
SFftier The ybar City of sec 24, township 19, south of range 21 of range 16 east; sw 1-4 cf nw 1-4 of sec
E a ,~ an Asocinton. a cor- east; se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 3to i township 7 tonhip 1S south, and the se 1-4 of'
L';MI'd l watird D. Glllett andt 1. south of rage 21 wast s 1 -4 o f s 1-4 of s 20, township 16 both in
3i Gett-Foreclosure of 1-4 of sec 3, township 24, south of range range 16 east; a strip off south end cf Has
124 east the e 1-2 of sw 1-4 of sec 4, township 13,
ld by virtue of a decree of' And also the following real estate sit- south of range 19 east, containing 1 busy
o in0 mortgage, rendered cn the oated in the County of Manatee; LAts acres, and the se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 11, Ca
! July. 'A. D. l1 by the Hon. 1 one and two of ec 35, five acres in the township 11, south of range s xten ea .t. cs
1lips, Judge cf the Circuit nw 1-4 of sec 26, and five acres In the And a&so the following real estate sit- good!
a Sixth Judicial circuit of the sw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 36, township 13, uated in the County of Alachua: se 1-4
Drida. in and for illlsborough I south cf range 17 east, lots two and of ne.1-4 of see 11, and sw 1-4 of nw 1-4 ever
chancery, in favor of the three in sec 16, township 34. south of of sec 12. townsalp 7 south, sw 1-4 of
Building ufd Loan Assoca-, range 17 east; nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 ant ne se 1-4 of sec 12, s 1-2 of nw 1-4 of sec 13,
ration, and against IEdward 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 10, the se I-4 of :be township 8,s uth nw 1-4 of nw 1-4 and
qd Mary E.Giiiett, I will sell ne 1-4 of aee 1M. townfhip 34, squth of nw 4-4 of siv 1-4 of sec 14, e 1- of onw
outcry in troat of the court( range 18 east. lots two three aid foar, 1-4 of sec 15, s 1-2 of sw 1-4. the se 1-4 of IILLEU
In the elty of Tampa, in said In sec 12, I:ts two and three ii seclS, ne 1-4and ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 24,
state, within the legal hour township 7,. south of range 13 east. ne township 10 south, all in range 15 east,
the 6th day of Septehber. A 11-4 of se 1-4 of sec 3, and sw 1-4 of se 1-4 a 1-2 qf nw 1-4 of sec 12. township 11,
same being the first Monday of sec lOtwnship 38, south of range 18 Isouth, rangc 16 east; a 1-2 cf ow 1-4 of
loath, for cash, to thaJ east 15 acres in e 1-4 of ne 1-1- of sectseC 26, township 7 south, range 17 east.;
and beet bidder, all 16, township 40, south of range 19 east; sw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 35; n 1-2 of nw 1-4 To r
wing iota. pieces ort nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 7; nw 1-4 of sw of sec S. township 7., south of range 17 whici
and, situate, lying ad being 1-4. and sw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 8, and I east. all north cf county line of sec 18 W
ty of lllieborough. and State e" 1-2 ef se 1-4 of sec 17. township 39, township 11, south of range 17 east; sw lines
ad da scibed as follows, to-|south of range a0 east; n 1-2 of sw 1-4 of 1-4 of ne 2-4w,"e 1-4 of nw 1-4, and the
) a(tionIseventy-stx of YbOr see 2, lots 2. 3, 4, and 5 in sec 12; lots 1, sw 1-4 of sec 31, and the nw 1-4 of se 1-4
dtig ta the map of 13, re-, 2 ad i in sec 13, t-wnship 40, south of of se 33, In township 6; ne 1-4 of se 1-4;
e book of plates number one rante 29 east; and lot 2 in sec 16. town- and sw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec .2; ne 1-4 of
bky-four, of the records of ship 34, south of range 17 east. I se 1-4 of sec 5, ne 1-4 cf se 1.4 of sec 14;
lb County, Florida, together And also the following real state sit- e 1-' c-f w 1-2 of nw 1-4; e 1-2 of sw 1-4 -
ad sIngular the tenements uated in the County of Pas0o: The sw of nw 1-4; e 1-2 of nw 1-4; e 1-2 of sw 1-4
Usa ad .ppurtamences Were- 14 of sec 23 towns -ip S souLh of rage c, sw 1-4, of sec 16; and w 1-2 of ne 1-4
gPig, or is any wise anper- 1 east. sa 1- of au 1-4 of sec 5, townehip of see 22, township 7 south. se 1-4 of me
---- L. [ ORE. 24, south of ran"g east, the ns 1-4 of 1I4, se 1-4 of ne 1-4. n 1-2 t ne 1-4, ne
0V1 u. LARa. s-W 1-4 of ge o 16, towmship 24, south of 1-4 of nw 1-4, the isw 1-4 of w 1.4 of-see.
ht, M aster Chance ra e e w 1-2 of ne 14 of w 1-41 one; n 1- one of ne 1-4 te n1 1-4 oof e 1-4 '14
Cor CCmplainant. w-and e M l 1-4 of se 1-4 pf aw 1-4 of sec the w 1-2 of nw 1-4, and nw -4 of sw
5 6; a 1-2 and se 1-4 of an 1- of so 1-4 of 1- of see 2; the sw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 'I 4I
ww TUb r a seC c 1, township 2, south of range 1 27;: the ne'l-4 of nW 1-4 of sec 28; the se
v, n nlmain ev . ... - .-A q.. . . .. ...-

It Court-of Ute th Jodi- town
clt of the State of Florida, 1.3 o
fr lilsborougsh County; in of re
y .tt.IM. 1.2
CIy Building & Lo"a A2o- 1- t
vi John B. BroWning and n' -:
Brawnain |n-
IaMinga aa to be herd Upon f a
knT nanaro-,r of 5 hliestio, 55ot.

4 on ths the 2nd day
*ler of rmultt Court.
3y r 2 B. G.V=-
Depdqy Qlsi
omnplalnapas .

been greatly reduced, but we smrt kL "
SThe reputation e have w tBWAiMil ~
paign of keeping prices down an"qD a~t^iyt '
s up, gives us a much larger Joel trade than
before. We are constantly .
: .: L

NG ESH ~[8 U) :

eplenish our stock, and the odds and emin
b have accumulated must give waytoinew


and 718 Franklin St., Tampa.VPa,1

ow 1-4 o 1-4. and nW 1-4 or sw 1- o0 se 1-1 c sec 32, township 10 south, snW An uD A AiA A mA Koat, J. ,'" A0 ."*'*."
and sw 1-4 of aw 1-4 of sec 30 in range 18 east, the sn 1.4 of a 1-4 D IP Mt. VM.s jrU e Sambe.a s Os 153M .
nlip 2f, south of range 22 eaat; e and e 1-4 of ne 1-4 of ec 4. township U, n "
fnit 1- ofsee 24. towidhip 24 Louth south of range 18 east, n 1-2 of as 1-4 of H N TI I Al
ae 21 eat, all except the n 14 of n1w 1-4 of sec 4, township south of
me 1-4 of s 1-4 of nw 1-4 and tha s range 19 east; ne 1-4 of sec 12, township nl.l i -?'
of ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of nw 1-4 in ene south of range Ifeast: the e -Z1 ot f ISmte ."*
Ownhip 25, south of range 16 east; 1-4 o sec 4, townahlp 7. sou. of TA range tlOaE ID A
Sol nw 1-4 of ec 2. towlp p4. 1: east,. the e 1-2 of ne 1-4 of sec 7,. an TAMPA, FLOR
I of range t p east; sm 1-4 of nw 1-4 the ne 1-4 o se 1a.4 of see 20, In town- 0 .,e;
c 3 township 26, south of range 1 ship 8, south of range 17 east. A
The sald Thomas F. Stubbas, W. Scotia o*,--..AsJ lF AL l UUJ.U P- '
Salso the fcllo real estate Tson and Thomas R Peepes late part- L gest capit of ny bak U J
I In the County of DefSoto: sw 1-4 nets In trade doing business, and t- rgest capi f any bar- sot J e ie, c
a 1-4, lots 1 and 2. and the a 1-2 of Ing under the firm name and style of business. Every acosmantodtion co sitent withm r "? -
-4 of WC 1?, e 1-2 of sw 1-4 of sec 18: Stubbs, Ttoon & Company, defendant hi nlinr ned H/ B Ad fcith .
-4 of ae 19,. the w 1-2 of ne 1-4. the above mo.med and all other persons in- g .
4 of ne I-4, and the a 1-2 of nw 1-4 terested in said property are hereby re- for making ClleCons ast all pnts in
sec 0; all in township 40, south of aquird to appear to the said action n t United States.
:; 21 east; nw 1-4 and se 1-4, and n the first Monday ln September I, the .
of sw 1-4 in sec 6, and the se 1-4 of same being the' Sth day n said month, BOARD Oi DIRECR 8 : Joe. N, B. OtaA, J ~D
.4 of see B all in township 41. south and a rule day in this court, else a de- BOARD OF DERETORS, JZ o L. Q S oc .u...
onge 22 east; the se 1-4 Of se 1-4 of fault will be duly entered against theta anrers, Sego Meyers, Ziba Kig, C. L. Josse, Pt.W'. dA A e l
3,5 and the sw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of son in said court. ad L 8. Craft. # aL t s *.
ownship 39, south of range 23 east; LIEBIG MANUFACTUtRING CO..
1-4 .f aw 1-4 of seq 1, and atl tfrac- Plaintiff. -i1
1 2 a Oe 1 o- no 1. and t-e A..o y fr Plain tff. P..
aHl of sec 28, township 40, south of F. M. fiO.NTON. p _..|.s ,i
-4 of sw 1-4 of see 186; 1-2 of nc 1-4 '
& 1.- of aw 1-4 of sec 17, township MMISSIONERS SALE. T IUE I
south of range 26 ea; se 1-4 of sw --
I sec I. aUl of sec 17, and the n 1-4 Sixth dicla Circuit of the State of 207 Laf
S1-4 of sec 5 township 36, south of Florld n and for borough County,
ge 29 east; se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 94 -in chancery, the undersigned Commia There 8is a plesar ftt- re e1l
-4 of sw 1-4, and nw 1-4 of se 1-4 of sloners, appointed bhy he Court to tel properly ; that's the v eati-* whrn Oo
3; zW 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 36, in certain property described In the sup
oahp 42 south f range 29 east. pUlmental bill of complaint in sald cause, e80taurant. The e o- .ge t theon E .
d also the following real estate sUt- will sell on the flrst Monday In Au the y -- g"
d n the county of Polk: sw 14 of gust, 1S9S, the same.being the first da- BO/ jbnee nuastla a : 1'

36, south d&range- 2 east. at 1-4 a In the City of Tampa, Florida, in ral ISHOPPING
1-4 of we n 3 I ownahlp 4 .h County,. the foloing ree ea st. uo Rtili d PW-t -I-aW- I Ot s- 0 0
s 1.2 of ae 1-4 of sec I, township 29 ated in the County of Hillsborough an AAIL. ibB .
ith and e 1-2 of nw 1-4 O sec 29,. State of Florida and more particular .
hip 39, all in range 24 east. seven described as follows, to wit: Lots tw
s in th so Corsws so the n-I-4* of (2) and three (3) in Block elghty-t-w. ,- Ci, -
1-4 n s .e .. towhp utb (82) of the tonof Tapa codirD O -
Shalt ofw 1- 9 o sec 1- of the Igeeera map,.tof m
1-4 of s e I-4 of ON, andis7-2 oI o ohnlcko,- in 3- - -ft
IV of sw i bf see 6m.' toisbtihp a 2s2ee neon.14oc, s a d th" 1 36, 1- 4 &.Df June10 or, ....'fit n
f ,... .1- . .. .. QOODL ir -' -
^^ -f elSan t n AndreJiP ?5TM i ^ rA er Do- o 0ue
r15z-and VE se IL P -: ., I ,*n r%_'.
'of 24. fn he is07 Ao t I
four e4 In' tz:, r Lor the
, as;oi-e'fIeIV 1 St AI- 6eL .ASmW -


ts tt t& iftit.sya A t-
b! .- r ~ ~ t-F-5ll F~~~;

f Medora,
Citrus: a 1
4, and w
f nw 1.4
see r


-^ re

1, 11, 5an
1127. 28. 29, -1
16 of block 12,
ualve, and .lo


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pmz manMY Irljend fJMUG *,O, eo ILno 1 dio.i
~t~o5Will to steved 45to Sf 1 X ~.- r,
nOUfined A* MM 'Ile! -
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A- s A B i ay of Xre'tsi a a .... --
411 Oemral p"it"m .of A oG ,- or.*
a-. .,... e o .- ity-.In.y iWer Senty-Fer 0lo-lzaUes Ware r lsah ,DDat ap s.
S ,tQrua~ud... Quarantine. elted States LrmJ is Spreme l the Plant AC,. r u, -4'
i --/ a .. ,nne B a.st~o a. Anrust ".'-- Phipptls Dwt L. Cram, returned Mois n
Mrs. Jennie DuBes of Kansas City, Mo after a stay of some wees tn Wild-
Swho is visiting her mother. rs J. A. REPORT NOT YET RECEIVED wo N -.'d., and other atenct
much improved in heih
Barry, has received as a present from any new cottage homes are a
8 EHED hf poue, a beautiful bicyc le. ~sngers Say There is No YeUow SPANIARDS HAD A SURPLUS t eof teect sn peopr t &0 co-.
So doubt many a startled coty will tion of the Warnet people a er com
ecpe the bak off his nose dong Frver. but Dr Marray is Yet to Est W.ee Pnd BM samdte
thtsgh the saw painetto in an effort be Heard From on the Madison arrived on Thursday nht
geg a t( o wt i0t le he.w of a tea true Subject Americans Found $800,000 in the On vsit to mra- Burt's s a tereM m
a atlon r d wiwn uet ;y through thea OaemMew Ba was yfa 4- A
of hi. country seemingly without an effcrt. Spaniah Ireasury--relusion of .- s and resident of Plnt City.
MMr. Hrace Yates whome wife resides
SePnroted by issa Fannie Rogers, one of Polk The Mascotte arrived at Port Tampa Inurgent Saved the City here with relatives spent sunday and
county's most entertaining young lad- at 3.30 yesterday afternoon from Key Monday In town greeting many old
es is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Nat Raw- West with eight "immune" passengers From Pillage. friends and acq qplatCnoea
te tboae.on board. The steamer left Key West Amongst the arriAls on Sunday last
o T a-were Ashley Kennedy and Willis, hai
New sweet potatoes eleven inees Sunday night with 82 passengers -----ter, foe em and Will
in circumference on tap at'James Z. 74- o them, not being Unmunes were Tribrune her, ormer on a vCity t the
uit M a-Rear Ad- Knfbut '- off at the Egvnont Key detentIon home Mr Tri. andy Utrs. R.Cr
Retain command of If President McKiey proposes a hcepital, and will have to remain tnere London, Augst 21.--The Manila cor- L a Yo I. Yos, ony daughter
Seyp ense of bthe eternal f tness tfor five or seven days. respondent of the Dally Telegraph. In of Clr and tMrs. L. o T who KIst
ppearwoftheeterinalfcem oreh dmuffering with fever is a very little Tf
~ l~ he wi..e. c Leel t The passergers that were allowed to a dispatch dated Sunday, says: letters o late.
ie I vaOt In: dtti e5 oele tehe 1 tY come through., insist that the casesMr.e a J. A. r tiney p ofa.n ta het a
om r f van"7ti-"Ci ep fcelv* the *ys to "General Merritt has proclaineh a Of atabSS'S^SS. ^
spreent the governor enerals palracef rom its rder suspicion at Key West are not visitor at the peontal hom
cases of Yellow fever, but no otfcal re- government of military occupalron. The Master Hal Shannon started over the II
o orto Ricanes omm As the latl battle of PMania only port has yet been received from Dr. news of the annrmtice arrived on the mama atAxitel, the location of Lthia
I- -i -ea,-, '--e laI ." two hours, we pseaume Y~ it Murray, of the Marine Hospital Service, 16th. t In feared that the Americans sprnga near Atmnta.
,e. .. did not find it necessary to top the yellow fever expert, who was sent A sudden death ocauirred on Sunday J
ig inot r. o te cedcestostopfor by Dr. Porter to diagnose the raoes. may restore the Philippines to Spain, evening. August 1tth at thkrsidenee o
at does not appear what kind o While the cases may or may not be and thus reinaugurate a fresh period of Mr. and r W ritamo. that ofi
le. .e chlt or fa ag- yelolw fever, the quarantnee against of tranny, extortion and rebellion, of 74 years. b e remnt t were interred
er any gtlv* Wdoa ? leWrt is rigidly enforced agaInt The pansh guaratees for freedom on Wedneady ant Kathlee, Fa
any iog"!d% : Mr.eon Wlmisee and taithte, oip }are,3
bh fe oS re &e SwllEs aiU-mejtt iImmrunes, and even the L- the press and religion and for just a- arrived on Monday night. r
I ,* ( l m=r* lve to leave their baggage at mlfistration are useless unless under Died at 9 am. Tuesday morning, at .
S g oing tow We b eave travel and done business the quarantine station to be diectedoreign supervision. their home at choler. mntans Mrn.this
twin baby duhter ot r. and Xm9 l s
e na ar Detroit and over at let halt of te Union and Some of the passengers who came upthe Americans founti 80,0000 n the B. Spers. Interment Wed teaay
f* rt ar. ., e .es In ve dtfferet attes, yet on tbhe Mascotte last Satturday have not pane l treasury. morning at Oaklawn cemetery. l I
e:. t. C- L have hae we never Wved ononrpeople rc received their baggage. t he unfinished message that I sent community 6ynmpthises deeply with
t i t e d ou take precedence to those around At present there are 119 eions n you last Saturday wasi dispatched whiletle Capt.. LSencer of Pasaenma
w, thetoOhMdo'ib X6 0c0osW Kn'bt' SBtation in deeds of human the detention camp at Egmont Key, street firing was still proceeding. This'ternal reveMne oicer, was in tow hi
O the revemm cuttes Induna In acts of brotherly love, and all of them have come from Key proved to be the solitary incident. It Tuesday.
ltMr.iH. Mapke, and Hud- m& diinatersted charity, the world can West since the reports were sent out arose from the fact that the Spaniards' Many strngers havb become r od-
nWnbe of oI eam are aG not wbet them. The religion, politics last week that there was yellow fever In the subhrbe were not aware of tohe' dents of or tw wel ae
r 9m o inM tthe roads. T or position In life of the distreased is in that city. The government fitted up fact that the surrender had occurred. [Mre F. C. Brannon i at bose
'~ e lniSnnt one, for never ever questioned- The apparent need the detention camp for the accomoa- "Foreign opinion Is loud In praise of Mrs. W .K. Frankin s off on a vist
I ar shp sar hips been of the object is' ways sufficient evi- tlion of soldiers returning from Cuba. the action of the American commanders of a month with relatives mond tni L .
Il'ldnihabe otbtr. deae &at he is worthy their attention. hut now th l all the soldiers have been in excinding armed rebels from the Rev. W. Boart arred an Tu-
nor-mIe to-day that the 'The r~ t rewa4we undoubtedly has removed, the caSlp Is being used to ac- city. The0r st good reason to believe day from Ocala. Mr. BoSrt ba usmt
m bakusteed out 0 comfortable place reserved for these comodate Key West passengers. One that their firmness saved Manila from returned ftro a visit to his esary bom e I
V~a m morpe. T hundred and nineteen persons is a pillage In the State oft I. ., looking te inm-
SmIproved in heathmandein hetim! of ioslr-
a attan hbas I klig;oo tieors visited-l lge number to take care b, but the A week ago there appeared to be at it is to r
M nmunlty. This tbe hblawchillingldtsrlae Hospital Service is equal to the possibility of a collision with the rebels, Bogart's friend& here are mot happy
d ass waved over the home, of or. emergency,and the only fault the people but there is no danger now. Every- to see him back agait
A msote. A.p R. aya d the youn wife and at Igmont have to find is that they are thing is quiet." United state Commissioner H L.
._ mother .aloodby o all the earth. compelled to stay there, while the nm- Crane, had be fre hIm e rday for
Lr^ onl Hays died on Thursday, munes are allowed to come through. HOSPITAL SHIP oLrVrTT. preliminary weitlon, W, Wa. W.- tI
it Ma is 1,atA abotutc noon. She wa s lnes, of this count, formerly in
0se ltdem .r a taet scarcely etehteen years of age. She MAL.IAtiON IS DEVOID OF BITTER She Bsceiv a Big Compliment charge of the government corral No. 2,
lmiAd dtg the war wti left a halW boy Wbo will be a ootsant TASTE. From Offical Sours on~ ampa Heisrht. e St
K=csare w with the larcHi eny of foor. go- in
-m-- -- aw q"er of the mothbers saci- ice. '--
1t.MR ." w l"se h....ie- Cures Chies and Fever; acts on the liver Special to the Tribune. einen with the larce. y of four t g hen

S-- Of a lllTfn "ea- The dew of death wm on her brow, The two passengers from Key West Hampton Notds to Camp Wkoff upo bond n the i f m1 for aupwsec oe
h-han- h l ac e .re deta"I0 nedWh oldr at the ot Key from Washington, artied at tr e the net ter of the
...... ti retrl ot motTohe a thris,,-rybas e
laBf at P iejea on qearantin station lat Tahursay wece MoI auk Patnt., N. T. to-da C-ta United staCea oourt. which wil he heid en
"w owtr ^ i' s on resased yes errda, e ce m-too ohn A. Bobt, rtdt ta eo o the in tthi cstt t eeruary. .
aiSSa Kltar of tii toe ^s; the htty. The forty paengrers he- Tharty-fomtbh Romu r-meat, died
-- 6,k "O. iThnhsban Z ds teamed teat SNaeYy Arll sot be re- lh s of talm ra feer e SU o notgAVn
a bwXr to haWa y hoe Psaha- th rl J- A. Pinw, prstva. A sii55Swchp roWedd M. Jf -
dhedahdat oesT o s rom Wes h ae m C tonem A. Piset tsCampW unns i ihe-r of he eWea
.Aelns, mat S-h 1 1 o a wr d ta ndthe r baad.D. fo to o -, i ee nrist b owca Se e, of ui
-wo o di nsqdspai la s aw w me PnNYu h Ui tdf"ecor tna"a 'urea e lbrae_ t

B|sse' u' tim 3 otne e lase, B^ nas. to mis her iem, Dr. it myaa.p w s am. the first bathe mahe a ecdhed h imt,
A. JohnA. o- a ge te re The Dr. t5 ss isInts no hev tery isL. i scft n er fb er wee .s
A I Inauer m. ~-~ ot ins b there 5mbl nsltthT e fy e wIB 'u de_ "Hwet akWi ese aentio w died Iy

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Say gWrowin s os3 10sMe4 t4e fa- milie wi- Owl s e t good.t The hJoge Of cooler pea tr to.W A t Mly Ncea rho ats l

.fu wmeorte" t nSMwy {pture a perfect hegira from the Uaited thoroughly Inpected in every nook and eta O the MIt Uae&d slaMc S
And." a ng us & sp O S-- StWat1es to Cut the s btate o Prto o corner by the sanitary officers at qasr- aService ass 1-t z nta m mad- t s
o abq L fb-pSetL ant other lsltas t thlne gulf. The Lu- antiuse At the conchmt Dr. nagvu- .and my peihoas who bought talin
"ip ture of Cuba wil be determipted by der, in chore of tie "-ucrensine station 222 r s-ts s eai mal e
JBI l IiN 3 1 ST T emtigratuon ron our state.--roosvlle midt o alor ei, m geon in ea -rge m3 h.r l aiwta a bs Cw8 iT qa
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