Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: August 18, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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dWet Names the Cuban

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ti to the Tribune.
ieto n, AunCa Ie.-"The Preel-
-4ay appointed the wo commis.-
srovidad for i the protocol,
yage to esatR the evacution by
toops of the IslWand -of
nfl~rtuop Hco.' The members
rObatfOifN saila are as (oc-

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fWB~am W. Goro4n. The lest

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Three Cases at the Marin
and Three Suspected
Special to the Tribune.
Key West. August 16.-
of yellow fever, and thr
cases are officially repo
Marine Hospital Barracks
Marine Hospital surgeon
State health authorities a
local board of heath are
precaution to prevent th
the disease, and believe
be confined to the Marine
The cases originated an
from the blockading fleet
placed in the hospital h
them had been ashore in
ferent times. No cases h
on board the ships of th
squadron that are now her
their voyage to 'New Yori
The appearance of the
caused very little uneaa
the people of the city as
utmost confidence in the he
ime ,


Sanitary Department M
Work and Treat All Citi
Employ. Have Bee

Fnom Wediae sa vo D'.y.
The importance of the
apartment of the city was
In yesterday's edition of
and also the disastrous
would be sure to folloy th
of work by this departme
tion of the problem was al
and the Tribune is pleased
morning that the Sanitary
will to-day resume the wo
ing up the city.
The solution suggested
tmne was for some of the
t ctitens ot the city
enough money to guarane
meant of the employes of
department until the city
the loan authorized by the
Span was adopted, and th
secured, and last night C
the Santary Department
obyes of the department
due them for work pert
ta has had charge of the
,He gave them a guarant
would -be paid in the-ful
_consented to return to wor
Now that the money h
cared and the work is to
It should be carried on in
mamuer. A few loads
hauled from one neiglhb
then nothing more to be
scavenger carts in that
tor a eek or more will i
arbatFe and swill must
proipty, for the health ar
of the city of Tampa is a
Actint Mayor Bruen is ri
objects to the teams of ti
engaged in hauling empt
barrels, and the garbage
large e*tabUhmente, and
time a hundred or more pri
neglected. Let the wagos
.the garbage from the prem
,ctlle. and let the store
empty boxes and barrels
removal. The residence p
city-needs joking after ju
as the business portion.
very person found vi
sanitary laws of the ct!
promptly arrested and cs
the municipal court and
the full ltent'of the is
.heavy Sues would break i
tice ot burying swi in the
-of presence. The excuse
'fe some that malte a praci
that the carts do not con
haul away the garbage an
that the odor becomes so
tat some disposition has t
the fotl matter. This n
- hat in burying this reitn
,of the satire neighbors

H the city does not own I
to espry en the work of
,meat 1t a proper manner

iganseI- r t- t sho L.
tcp aratt MTamla most b
be Wily spagekleltid in
v-"*ltW -va noexpense sp
Phe -uarycodnditien uop

o the T ibne.
4 aa dr In ex-

btfCCTSs ttopitact th


Be aBrracks
SCases. v

-Three cases
ee suspected 1U
rtied at the
Here. The
and toe
Swe as the Fifty Thousand Volunteers Will Expresses His Views Regarding
Pe sp very be Relieved of Further Service. Affairs in Cuba.
that it can
mang sailorsBE AN ED
t, who were
ere. All of
Cuba at dif-lill
ave appeared
e blockading
re coaling for
k. Thes Two Bru hes Will be the First to Illttary Inst Conrl Until a Gosr1s.

f eR hasn be Retired by Unce Sam, eant Can be Formed.
all have the
health author-


But it Has Not Yet Been Decided This Number Will Be Needed to Oar
uat Keep at What Number of Unmounted Ken rison the Island-A Great Com-
sens Alike. or Which Organizations Will mercial Future for the Island
en Paid. be Mustered Out of Service When Properly Governed.

Sanitary De-
pointed out Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune.
the Tribune, Washington, August 16.-An order Washington, August 16.-Major Gen-
effects that will be issued at once, when approved eral Fitzhugh Lee held another confer-
0e suspension by the cabinet, mustering out of ser- en"e with the President and Secretary
nt. A solu- vice about fifty thousand of the volun- Alger. While he refused to mention
lao suggested teer forces of the army, which were what the Admonistration's policy would
to state this enlisted under the President's call for be in regard to Cuba, he stated that he
r Department volunteers. had been called to Washington to talk
ork of clean- The first troops to be mustered out over the condition of affairs in Cuba,
of service e llnclude all of the voiun- and to express an opinion n regard to
by the Trt- teer cavalry and volunteer infantry in the future government of the Island.
public splr- the United States army ay t the present In an interview, he said, that the
to advance time. -Roosevelt's Rough Riders, of- first workt that will have to 'be done
tee the pay- fclialli designated as the First United will be to Vake arrangements by which
the Sanitary states volunteer cavalry, will be mus- all of the municipal machinery can be
can secure tered out with the remainder ot the put In operation in all the towns, and
council. The cavalry. Preference will be given to all the governmental machinery
e money was any of the volunteer cavalrymen who throughout the island, for each district.
lef Weir of desire to enlist in the regiments of cav- He said that he believed there would
paid the em- airy yo the regular army. have to be military control until such
the amounts A large number of the infantry regi- time as the people can organize, nd
ormed since ments will also be mustered o ut of i r- pt in operation a government which
department, vice. The first infantry regiments to should be stable and strong enough to
ee that they be considered will be those that have impartially protect the interests of
ture, and all seen service in Cuba and Porto Rican Americans, Cubans and Spaniards, and
'k this morn- campaigns. The same regulation will the people of all other nationalities,
ipply in the infantry branch of the' who are now on the island, or who may
mas been se- service regarding enlisting In the regu- hereafter go there. Continuing ne
be resumed, lar infantry regiments as in the cav- said:
a systematic alry. "A to the army of occupation which
of garage The whole number to be mustered out will be necessary to maintain our posd-
rhood and of service has not yet been determined, tion with respect to Cuba, 46,000 men
seen of the and will not be until the military com- will be ample to garrison the whole
neighborhood missions to Cuba and Porto ico re- island. Of this number possibly 'l,-
not do. The port the number of troops they esti- 000 would be stationed in and about
'be removed matse will be required for garrison Havana. Matane- would be the next
id prosperity duty in these islands. important point for a garrison. Other
Stake. points should be regulated by the prob-
ght when he PEACE WELCOU E. abilities of disorders which might take
he cty being place there, and the number of troops
ey boxes and Spain Preparing to Take Provision at the various points will naturally be
from certain to CubLa governed by circumstances.
at the same "Properly directed, Cuba will have a
emses betng Special to the Tribune. great commercial future. Its great
is haul away Madrid, August 16.--D-uke Almodovar resources will soon be developed by
laes of ever de Rio has received an ultimatum that iAmerican push, vigor and capital."
s that have the Cuban ocade has been raised, aT O
py for their and cable communication restored. 1A v Ol O O
ortton of the Numerous vessels are being prepared
at as closely in Spanish ports to take provisions to One Hundred and Eighty-Five Fever
Cuba. Cases, Hotly Typhoid.
olating ,the The next cabinet council will --
Ssahould be consider the question of summoning Special to the Tribune.
rriled before the Cortes. Senor Saagasta, the pre- Washington, August l1.--urgeon
punished to mier, is hopeful that the ministers will General Sternberg has received dis-
Iw. A few be agreed upon tms point, patches from Cuba and Porto Rico
op the prac- The news of peace was heartily wel- relative to the condition of the troops
back yards corned In the Spanish coast towns and in thoe islands.
e now given the families who fled, tearing an at- Sutrgeon Torney cables from Ponce
iee of this is tack by Commodore Watson, are now that the Relief would sail from Maya-
e around to returning. goes to-day and will arrive in New
id swil, and York about Friday morning. She had
- unbearable lHAtTER'SB 8ANITABRY REPORT on board about twenty wounded and
o be made of -- iftp convalescents. There were 185
lay he true, NuImber of Deaths for August 1,1 caes of fever, mostly typhoid.
e the health and 18 Reported as Surgeon Greenleat cables from Ponce
sood is en- __ that typhoid fever is decreasing and e
Specialto the Tribune. that there were no new eases on Satur-
mnougb carts Washlngton, August 18.-Gen. Shaf- day. The general health of the con-
the depart- ter's report of the health condition of meand is improving.
During the his troops at Santiago as bulletined at Irw W
I hire more. the War Department to-night is as TT EL AD W

e e-aned up allowss:
Lime should Santiago de Cuba, August 1.-Adju- Doubln Crime of Pris Fighter's Fath-
all parts of tant General of the Army, Washington or in Sn Francisco.
ared to keep -Sanitary report for August 14: Total -
Sto a high number sick. 2714; total number Tever Special to the Tribune.
cases, -.M; total number new fever San Francisco, CaL, August i.--R.
cies 2W-, number of cases returned to J" Corbett, father of James J. Corbett,
- duty, 21. the heavy weight pugultit, this morn-
OThe number of deaths reported for ing shot and killed his wife, and then a
e Augst 11, 12, and 13, is 22." turned his weapon upon himself with
sineers have fatal effect.
xpiodlng tse oo Mnesa He had been in extremely poor healthX
a the o ooor for some time and his mrai .was at-
th ---- foted from an attack o sickness.
a part from Spea to the TrISnue. Death was Instanteous in both cases.
Sweark MIneapols, Mtna, August 15.-A
i w CSnb. nM epecal to the Minneapolis BLCOO HAS BSx ED.
satin oc- Joural says : A tornado last night -
Lat a eisrth tck twelve miles east of this place. OCaptain-enerasl Does Not Wish to '
a, people were aled, and many Superintend the Eacuation t
asg was done to the crops and the tmrn-
a. was sdoneo the apca and the fam- Madrid. Auust IL-The government
St Josepbh Utchtl~Son Including hs -has reeived from Captain General
wife ad toar cbUhreu, were killed. Blanco, a dispatch tendering his rsg- t
-Pester Bahle, who w On the Hatching- nattio. The reason gven b p eral
a .awassaim oed. fm for resigning a that be dosw not
g 54 h si seepo thie Ph ~nh to s perPttnnd the evaeautlon c t
woa y-itt -hre sick Vol- p st ee treat lso twarmed that
SsteeeSro Gova ear Geral Ot I
e th l- m meal amB leave 0sl. a -w ta


Miss Barton Wants a Ship to Relieve
Immediate Distress.
Special to the Tribune.
Santiago de Cuba. August 16.-The
otlicial report submitted to Ueneralt
Shafter by Collector of the-Port D)on-
alde, shows the customs revenues from V '"'
July 30 to August 13 to be $64215, an ex- Reported Sumrreaindk tlfb
cellent showing for the frst fortnight of Malnla ProveS-ETrt
of American administration.
Miss Clara Barton of the Red Cross
Society yesterday cabled President Me-
Kinley eeiueecing that a vessel be
given her at once for the purpose of
taking relief supplies to the starving
Cubans in Havana, where, according
to reports, want and distress prevail. -
It is expected that a vessel will be a V rs8 eO gsBes
placed at the service of the Red Crowi Id Sa m O ft I M
Society immediately, as there is an
abundant stock of supplies here, only
awaiting means of transportaUEt.

-ilitary Cosisen d4w Unters te
Why a Tampa Oouncilman trad :to and Assumn Conteol of A i
Wear Soiled Linen at a Summer
Resort on Sunday., o 8panis Comaman4a"a d
on German^ teamr
A New York exchange contains the
following good joke on Councthman
Frank Wing of thip city, who is spend-
ing the summer at Ocean Grove, N J. special to the TribuMe.-
It says: Washington, Augutt lt-"MaaIs
It Is impossible to carry a trunkful ot surrendered." Suclh i the office*
clean clothing into Ocean Grove on ffun- port received here by th W'Lm D i
day, and is equally impossible to carry met from Generl R" It "er
d bucket full ot oysters into the same of last Satuday.
place, even if the oysters are Intended The fumest rGport .on the ,W1
to appease the hunger of summer board. came from the temrt amn 1cO nultI
ers made more keen by hearing a first Ko. n state that at1 dl
class sermon in the great auditortul rday mornmintbe Ameidan
It is not impossible, however, to carry vessel commanded ,r A4 rt l
oysters or any other thing for thatsteamed in closei o t aDhe di)
matter Into Ocean Grove on Sunday, e demanded wthe surrender th
provided you "know the ropes" and go pend fire upon the fit--
the right way about it, as the following the water front of the oit
story will show: The bombardment lasted two'
stor wl s low and In the meantime OGeee d
SFrank L Wing, of Tampae F, r- hd begun the attach ro
cently engaged rooms at a prominent with his forces. The tiMtI
OQean Grove hotel, but he wae unfor- curious or land,. bt the Ai04
tunate enough to strike that towa .i _,- to oJJwn S sadaai
Sunday. lrst he was dumped of the hoested over these -orts and th m
train at Interlaken. This wae ,bad der was madebyr. Jsahes~ito ta
enough, but the trolley soon deposited bn COMueand.M a mA
tMr. Wing near his destlntao. entered the city randopermS*
Upon arrival at his hotel in the aummed control of at rai -
Grove, he ascertained that he could not render was made -to A aiu *)
have hib trunk delivered on Sunday. bet there ms-a natu sl
Mr. Wing had been traveling, and der that Generkl errntt lui
needed a change of clothing ir toe cupy the city.
sake of clenliness and comfort, so he generall Agusti the ftpaai*
hired two men to carry his trunk to the mnd"ermad hisv cape Herm
on a G.erman veag oioma h e- w
hoteL The men endeavored to performK gn o. -. .%-
their mission, .but were halted at the The news of the eownt B@ ois
entrance and informed that the trunk ties had not rea hMd aX"la-kt
could not go in on Sunday. of f thee iof g t .."sgS
,Mr. Wing could not see that getting a
clean change of clothing in Ocean Grove B5f3R Y 1 )WS fi6 OO
on Sunday was a heinous sin, and
therefore the men were instructed to OBLJohnAII Sw ia 'tn
try another entrance. They were again and, oMpt theoel".
stopped by the blue coated guardians.
Mr. Wing was therefore compelled to pecil to the Tribue
wear dirty clothes. He became dis. Washinton August l.--* i
gusted at the unreasonable restrictions i R Day, s., of Ate
and expressed his determination to seek united Mates. a rf
,a retreat where he could at least breathe foUio, and the PrffCisl aM;
free air on Sunday. the Xerlgnanlon to take= B -t. q
It may be all right to enforce certain quafleWlo of his ShiS
The offce o Seceaterof Ot
laws in Ocean Grove, but reason and to-day tender by h rt
common sense should also be exercised. Colonel John -Hay, the"pqi ft Ale
Preachers make t&e bulk of their money ador of th- United oe ti
an the Sabbath, and a man should toeS .S do A fepy "
permitted to get a lean change O of0cSe and stating that he ul
clothing so he could attend the services home whenever oderd to~' Sob a
and drop h4 shekels In the collection P5ldent. The PmrtEaet e-lt
basket, even if he does ,have to carry the s" ^t Of "I
his trunk in on Sunday. At least it the appolatmeat o-- SL
should be so in a case like that of Mr to the office, and the
Wing. anne of the am -;^-A^
It is right to be good, of course It ia it has !1 the dtona 'll lll
but there is such a thing as beingtoo fo ome time t1 rB-B s
, So. e of the people in ,a asoD t he war


U -



1 ma~


g done-
ome day
red to ca

SBoard O T The Tribune yesterday called atten-
Sthe annual metg last spring tion to the importance of thise mpi
he appears to have done absol- Catarrh and Bronchial Trouble- r the tance
wi- tely nothing to advance the commercial Had no Appette- Novw Better In ord of Trde taking mmediatteps
I N M, @ 11. Interests of Tampa Through no effort Every Way-A ODelcate Child. to secure a portion of the Cuban Porto
on the part of the Board of Trade, Tam- "Some time since I took a sudden cold Rican trade that is sure to assume
iOernAi;a nt tor and aager pa was made the base of supplies for andcould not get rid oi it. Beings bjlt large proportions as soon as the pe ae
S .'-. / the operations ot the army. Thousands tocata-rhand bronchiI tro'obie Icoughed r'tgctiations are concluded. Oth- cities
: -rait Il., OPposite Pot- o soldiers were sent here, and every terriLt. I !cat my a-cttu 'd - are already at work. and th- Jacks n-
.e. Ine of business was greatly benefitted. poor and vca cr.idr I did ,c.t fee. -'.e
The War Department erected immense work. I bt-aa tlakln IIcod'B r i:alr:- Ie ic-etropolis has the following to say
Telephone CalL 17. storehouses in Tampa, and at Port rilla. In a shcrt time the cough dieap in regard to this subject.
Tampa it appeared that there was at' peared, I slept well, had a good appetiu Charleston Savanna, New Orleans
tSOP 6UBS CRIPTION. one time a good prospect of Tampa be- and I was better in every way. a and other places are prparin to send
[*1 Prag39 Prepaid, Dally ad lig made a permnAment military post. i spring I was not feeling well, I had no ap-
r In the meantime the Boards of TradeI petite and no strength. I resorted to a committee of citizens to Porto Rico
Bt... .... ...... S and the commercial organizations of Hood's Sarsaparilla and soon fel' more and Cuba at the cessation of hostilities
....... ..:..."." 1 2 other cities were ndustriously at work, like work. My little nephew was a deii- to secure trade with those countries.
.= :. '- ,. . ............. .6 *@ 6 getting forth the advantages of those cate child and had a hum or w which troe Ja o ile h d not neglect to be on
cities as bases of operations. Newport bled him so he could not rest at night.
DtaY $DITi 1N A TRA.I News, Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah, He has taken a few bottles of Hood's Sar- the list The prize is certainly worth
SFernandina and Jacksonville sent delc- suparisa and now he has a good appetite contending for, or so many would not
la. 40 6. pa pSMe l ad- gatlons to Washington with instruc- and is able to sleep." Miss ABal J. be reaching out for It. At Charleston
d ti uons to present to the War Department FiEL, South Du=bry, Mass. the itinerary of the expedition is being
. ,Wo tthe advnte to r es, H.~--Sarsa= prepared now and will include Havana
Csf i~ar ---- n L rl f .,--- tlyely,'possesscu as ports of embarka- parilla Mbatanza, antlago, Baracoa and other
f B j ita; ta tion I troops. The result was soon H O S parila tanzas, Santiago, Baracoa and other
-C t P l.Tt l felt. Instead of all troops being sent IstheOneTrueBloodPurifier.Alldraggists.l important seaport towns in Cuba, and
from Port Tampa, which is seve-ra' fMOW's Pills are the best after-dinner Ponce and San Juan in Porto Rico.
Hundred miles nearer Cuba than any Pills, id dlstlsO y also be
on apptsi Hayti and San Domingo may also be
the ports named, expeditions began to visited for the purpose making a
I" embark at other ports. The Board of GENERAL STUPIDITY. td the purse ma
I lh a eoanlnaDt Trade of Tampa held no meeting, and study of the opportunities there.
1" i .P ST VALI did absolutely nothing to retam the It pains the Tribune to note that a "The indication that within a sort
ll E e 1 f l usineMP that had by this Litie assumed paper with the supposed enterprise of time the war with Spain will be brought
f flso i r e tt pritiona far beyond the expectations the Herald condones the inactivity of to a close is naturally leading to much
t- x -of the most sanguine. There is goo0
-riI te reason to L-lleve that even now, i the Board of Trade, when it is a well discussion in commercial circles in re-
Q' lMSlA E.. OR E Hr THB5UM- energetic action is taken, Tampa w;l known fact that had that indispensable gard to the trade results that are apt to
IiEB ta 1PR 2 ODL not be aband n~d as a military ta.e organization gone energetically to work promptly follow a treaty o" pence. The
.I'W b8 CxNaW tPEBe for operations in .u'ia. .4ier peace at the proper time, that the army of condition of affairs in the Philipplin-
" "ADDIZtS CHANWGED is secured a large army of occupati troops that were at ne time camped as a ruledered
=D WITHOUT XTRA will neceartly b sent to Cu; and trops that were at one ime mped seems, as a rule, coedere t :-
-:OlON HOMI Tampa Is the natural gateway t Culban here could have been retained and more definite to wa-ra:t prediction (f n-
t BrLBAD ING TH TRI shores. Amer:cans will flock t, }Ia- added to the list. In these modern creased trade there, though it appears
WV.T HLLOW~P Ti. vana, Mtetanzas and every cther city in times of civilization and bustle, none to be generally .eievetl that the admin--
Cutba, and te. irade oetw en the United but the hustlers succeed, and that is istration will have the comm ercal in-
*^' s' 3 N ID S.States and "una. will lcor.-r many
hundred per ceStates and Tampa is ay n- why Jacksonville, Fernandina, Miiami, terests of the country plainly in vi wi
.Z titled to a large share of this business, savannah and other places captured the when dealing with theo uture of those
Sf IP1l'W N, but if her business men do not make a prize that Tampa legitimately had and islands. With Cuba and Porto Rico,
t Blsbolk t County. great effort to secure it other cities will should have retained. Those places however, the situation is dliTerent, and
ST T. o ach st. The p oard of Trade through their commercial organizations predictions are freely made in responsi-
MMold tV, a begun systematically booming their re- ble circles that the United Statea will
!W-T W sLD A -SPAINISH HEROINE. spective ports, demonstrating to the control the trade of both islands oy
BI t In spite of the bravery of the Span- ,War Department the superior advan- mere force of na-u.ally l-.wer tranmpor-
lards there has been a dearth ofnspir- tages they possessed n the way o taton rates, even s huld it be finally
in' cidents on thSure ne thSat in the health, natural and acquired convenien- decided to promulgate a tariff schedule
S movement on Porto Rico, our friends, cies while the people of this city were for the islands that hall apply equally
^^ig iS thb enemy, has given us an episode cal- apparently in a Rip Van Winkle snooze. to imports from tnis country and
a ei USd Xdlicaca. elated to excite admiring interest. The enjoying the munfldcient fruits of a har- others."
Ai/ tof S A dttwLughter of the Governor General, e-
norita Maclas, is reported Ito have dis- ,est that had only begun. Political
"rtaye great heroism n l sitin t ull) amount to nothing unless they are TO CLEAN C BiA,
~ father to maintain the honor of the adroitly manipulated, and If some of our To annihilate yellow fever microbes
is:4T~_ L omle elixtr SpaW ish flag, even going so fat. as to astute and sagacious politicians allowed and establish a method by which Cba
drill the Spsnlah soldiers, and eek to the pie taken from Tampa, they too
Intill new onaddene in the regnitos will be entirely free from that dread
IA newe onfidencintherila r should be condemned, and the Tribune
0I arwland the young men of the Island who disease Is O great concern to the people
a i^ Sl t ^iim. Ob a have enlisted In the military service. Uil thank its evening contemporary if d s particularly to Tampa e
S-- o. Such devotion as she is showing to the it will be generous enough to divulge of Flrida and pticlly to Taa
momas k W %8 7 o o 1 and KeyoWest.hThe Times*U toa
o a om,- 5 ou inr ests of her country is typical of the names of those people who in their
Sbssa a e w1 a to the spirt that has markedthe women stupidity permitted other paces to con- ltizen offers the following solution.
S of America in all the great eras of the which the Tribune endorses most heart-
S ..-atona life. It was, the spirit that fiscate our trophies without a murmur ily. It says: "Uncle Sam would not
Itburrn wait- burned il the bosom of Moll Pitcher The Tribune is however, under the im-
i 1'fm ? A e before they when she sprang to the gun on Mam- pression that had the Board of Trade be accepted a pater or sulptr as
i hom. mouth field and rammed home the capacy as a representative or- a model for Hercules, but he must now
t1^^ ^ ^ (. carve for those who had tallen In then efforts undertake a Job in comparison with
ed the tried. The Spanish bhae fought most gniation o ths city made any efforts ch the gen stable wa pleasant
St-to la- M u. other donduct of AdmIral Cervers to our t would have succeeded most admirably. summer morning job. To cleanse Cb
rol rl andthe braver At rate t should have t yellow fever shall noonger be
'evoon of this banish gira seem thus an indigenous product of-her soil, to see
...- J " flctiotr oi this Bpanirb grl s thus endeavored to counteract the many
bw bees re- ta to have been the chief incdents'on that she is no longer a constant menace
m departed of the fSpanih iIde which present a ro- scandalous and belous attack to our coasts and business, will prove
o as "a g0 ori mantle or pictureque interest. on this place that were both undeserved a gatr difc ulty than to cear the is-
.a greater difficulty than to clear the is-
APra1lin street where the sanitary de- and unlst. land of Spaniards, but it must be done.
It has been at work looks good CONTINOUS ADVERTISING. And It will cost something, too, Not a-
S. t glp Mt-let the weorek continue until every street It the o Baking Powder ban knows bya eweragtive esystperiencet how
.ad alley t this town hs been cots the loyal akng Powder eaiece how
n r throuhly demd and limed. Company something like t500,l0 an- to keep his premises clean, pure, sweet -
irai^^.SteS ^b e neatly (or advertising. Some one once air is unknown, save as it comes from t
SW. ler In. ong of peace there shouio d be su estutd to the company that It dis- the ocean, and is caught occasIonally
e-- an e "h m dsle .d mant to tlal ome continue advertisIng one year, the baL- on the fly before it has been contami- r
i to r .w 1 D y about terms ot pesce. It is not lng powder was so well known and ad- ated by the influences of the land,
esa, atrd- 'munety that rate aroui d the Spanash verttled, and ?ace that amount, 5800,000 Of course, Cuba must pay for this
'. toBnm l rtatiy anything that does in the profits. The answer was that work, but how can she do so if .she is
'" t eae them- it would undoubtedly cost the company saddled with the whole burden of Span- t
SQ i t three times that amount to put the pro- lsh extravagance, waste and corruption j
eS cr faf a, V ie duct in fts ori gnal channels again. This all these years?
sa pretty good pointer to those business We of the South know what it is to s

men who Imagine they are making a lift our heads from the prostration of f
h at Uerita e great saving when they discontinue a war and poverty; we kno* what a f
i a $4 or a $6 a month advertisement a few people mut suffer that is determined
lP"Vt, tl'lOobbet0 i0BnaDteofblood months in dul season. It never pays to rise again to a level with the fore-
e- oIinb aid Is often the rest of oa to tear out a dam because the water Is most with nothing but the bare land to
ab d ie burstdtadBint inL the Wood. 8- 8 8, low.-Kimball Graphic. support our hopes and satisfy our bun- I
I$us.b tha 064S remedy which goes deeg(
I e8aough toxOha4 SCrOefu; it forlee out The flll-Crolrr fight is now on full ger. The progress of science made it
"y itiee o thle dzisea, and ues tilt in New York State, the prise being necessary that we, too, cleanse our cit-
l he w t osag. the leadership of the Democratic party e and the work was undertaken on
IBnT| a ,C h eewsale otl In thaat great Cnr iowan lth. r. credit, as Cuba will do. Her fields are
alS anhe series is J k from Euroe, el-wasted, her people decimated as our
w-~ ~ lraw aa Bis were, but she also is rich and she may
's d s' Had s b dy w a gI according to accounts, as fit as one vr
Sand body too bloasom as the rose If her sons and a
a ares,~- sad hi of the colts he-left at Ne a- Market, and too blossom
"h aleoe brseasae t~r .Hill has come out of Woolfert'l daughters are faithful. n
td roost as full offght as he has ever been But she must first thoroughly cleanse
Wasporoost r eull Ofght s he hasoever been
ti.;? 6h ., .b surbs W o at any time In hia eventful career. When herself as a duty she owes us as well
U WE= = heroself.Herantryodsust he
s' d liable. I it comes to a fight to the finish Hill will as erslf. H itary bond be .
b ed f win. He has the Intelligence whe next in sanctity to those issued to gain C
Aw nm Soer wdm uredheb win He-has the Intelligence when
i ea yl hima .sl Croer has only canning Hild l i a her independence, and, if her people do V
IF in k 8. Croker has only cunning. Hill is as
4W aims- Owes ihe r Adostraightas a die, and has never nadenot appreciate the importance of the
414 S th result, sadfter straight as a die, and has never made t se at i is done. Her
dr es nl o one whot a cent out o poitcs while Croer fifth has been a greater danger to us
,, of la of big t a eandlttlon would have
et g m aah. ONis*Ores e whis ody grown rich from that or some other oc-thhabeen a g e r
A-i lr tay Jweed, b n is 1walectl clear than the armies and aneet of Spain in C
"4, e #asd he b. been restored to perect cupation not known. Hill has had the than the armies and fleet o Sain in C
e-np M .a8 ManT. te C e as 1 dta our neighborhood, and from that threat f
Wgs Mm St., kaO, Ga. termerity to characterize Croker as a
Fg or. rl b061loo troubles it is ar-aste "race-track politician which applica- Cuba mut deliver us.
o a o the doe- tion has naturally been resented by the Florida has long maintained a stands
n. Bloo'ho beyond their mmny leer, who, vng gained ing army against Cruban fevers-t- was
.^^ ^ ^ i ^ -;peci& Tammany leader, who aing gained
Wealth and fame, has a care now for his fitting that we should be delivered by
i respectability and wishes all referencesthe arm, ut when the last Spanird
to "where did he get it?" forgotten It has left the Western Hemisphere our
.EIs S^ ^ me whiebh < is alleged that-Mr. Croker is about to hardest wor wil begin
e'bue eo l nood rned ctr np start an afternoon paper in New York, Capt. Sigsbee, the gallant commander
S pbhike~And a S a pot- 4evotel to the exploitation of his inter- of the ll-fated Maine, Will in future
lests sad views, and it is further stated command the Texas. From Maine to
W.. s.ILS -,h be alre ady i s maintain. a morning paper Texa is quite a stretch, but Slgsb&e

Tf' protoed 101 il H
STenatliely, and proa- Aor tnsoers-se ft a7 of StaeR
a feeler of the pL bic mind. It was giv- States and 21.-
ren out t!art wc.k that it is proposed to ereie, e AmE .
increase the standing army of the Unl-. the war has oe o a
ted States to 100,000. The statement tents o athe protocol as
was made that of these 50.000 will- b.' terday morning in the
needed for the Philippines, ,'200 for standlally as follow*. That
Srelinqulash all claim of a
Porto Rico, a like number for Cuba, and and ilue to Cubl.
that 10,C00 are none too many sodiirs'an other anih t
for this country. a Ind their Spans the Lad
Among the important questions to be ceded to the latter. T
decided by the people of this country. will occu and hold the ct
questions arising from the present war, I other panid h cotes Inth
there is none which will more intensely shall be immediately
arouse the masses of Yankees than an commission sh lmet a t t
attempt to Increase uur Landing army. 80 Juao wth u d
1 and execute the detafli t"
A standing army ;s fo:'-et to the form, lttoa The U dta tes a
of government under which we live. Io appoint not m tha Si4
One hundred thousand men, arnm,- and cloners to negotiate te taty
equipped and actuated by the ine)iable It i reported.to be te.
military spirit, would oiser a serlods the gover ent at t
In force unrdl M t ,a
menace to that individual freedom reason is passer It hfe
which Is the essence and core of free that the Spatish 8gartms
institutions. Once it should happen bTadualy withdrawnad S
that so intense an egotistlc as ex-Presi-I wll he allowed he li
dent Cleveland filled the executive chair, ovupation b as sg sal
and he were as little a patriot as theI arrangment wI aalr 't
late democratic president and a large guarantee of life and pris lt
army would offer immediate danger to which Spfta a tglad l
The utusre of theim
American freedom. This army could, be let entirly t the etlge
and most probably would, be readily sionto be agelat Ie& tlp i
employed to subvert that freedom which though t Is nt aappareal 1
is the hope of the race. History shows by Secretary Day ista Ia
all to plainly the dangers which lurk in thatt leh t a comllngsat llouA$
..,.. ..with the pomemadd f tL .
a standing army. and how radically surrounding country, wi IkS
and decidedly it endangers the freedom It is reported that-the TPFd
of the people. The spectacle of the pects that the peace ernni
Pratorean Guards auctioning off the' not lnclide Its labors ttW aiLb
oongrsssioaal slections jis -2&
Roman Empire is not one calculated to e n wl then e ce
The Senatwe will then te caw A
inspire us with a desire to Imitate the to ratify the treaty. It is'eta j
Romans in this particular. We do not political considerattola, qulte ad
want a big standing army. And it as the good of the oentry,,$i
seems reasonable to believe that the tion at c the course of tae dl
tion at ashngton, in fata va
party that advocates such enlargement parent favor of party pollit s
of the army as would bring risk to the recently Injected into all 'proem
form of government under which we connected with the war.
live, will miserably perish from power. Tampa will sow zeperleiees th
prosperous times in Its history. A
That we could enlarge our army will thing point to a s n ant tolM
be admitted. A strong navy will not this city, and our people d~ool
be opposed. For the spirit of national the alert to se that every opuel
Pride, aroused by the unprecedented is taken advantage 5,5 and the
victories won by our naval foree, has city keeps apa-wth the pzos
Harmony in all thin ia isw
served to stir the hearts of our people city needs t mae IMt blooi ad di
uncommonly. We will cheerfully pay as the-rose. t- "
large sums for more war hips This aA I ON l"M CK.I T ADMa
we will do because every one will I
know that no despot can march hi In ormoting C-m od ml so
and 8chIey to 1ha rank of aii
ships across country to subdue a free mlraL the dmlj" vaD l- ilds i
people. With an army It would be the situation evidently' Ci
otherwise. And for thit reason a great for putting Samps on e nMUmbe
increase to our standing army will be Sohley ina he Orad the Q NaVy D
bitterly opposed, while an increase in meat roa b feels iotsf nis
the navy will be approved. p. At the Openias at the-a Q
Now comes the little Herald and tells o soe was p-ra a e
us that the reason the troops were r- iwatem, an the .tMfSt i-.cIa
moved from Tampa, was due entirely to tiots of these fmIee b e"
Mr. Plant and the Interests of the Plant strueti n d the ean Yar.Slt. .-
Systemn, yet it lIoes not explain that. ths or not thera was s al I
troops would never have been in Tam- ato n cu to rd t t a e essI
pa it it had not been for the millions commander, he is evIdently svf
of dollars invested here by Mr. Pl5nt, the recognitf n usually; glda
which made It possible for the trans- officer in supreme command of
whIch have won dinal-mess.
ports to embark from his harbor at sence ro the se
Port Tampa. the equal of which Is not ment with CUevera, eas of aisrl
to be found in the entire South. Nor tag to o with the masttwR heiv
dSocIs it tall whs tha mniata se rsne. d ssd. if an ____





troops when removed from here to per, C^ ofkof Waftstl sa lBi
to lntsrbem Vth the z i
mandina were taken over Mr. Plant's serrio of a &ir i ~-"
oad as far as Ocala. Fact of the Whsat bas rend Mag-ielim,
business is, the Herald allows Its ani- to feel dtsass _iei tthi.ha
mosty towards the Plant System to gbe tween Couuo 6o9, .dw.. LsW l
he better of its judgment and Its Raso wa n t w tl.e
Sampson. entitled to onem h
irade on -Mr. Plant is very unkind, un- of the engagQemn, t a th t
ust and undeerved, that there had bees- te the whole
of events, a lack of juste to
One indication of bow the -American The Nlary Deparatmet may' t .m
soldier has come to look upon the Cuban good d and dst smas aft
insurgent, may be gathered from the sampson-the nal y a
act that his favorite tune these days h oft;bu t ter be to thae
All coons look alike to me." eral public that sbah.w tt-s.-
has not had the goo&eetasw I'
coumptlsh any remartrabte re alt.
-it happyne d that It a6 ,
Does Baby- not- o lo--
oSs fleet in Bantlago harbhe, and Ism

Sam=son came on an4 teakMM
,T h N After thli.,aaMp*'rVservb i
vThrve? ^^^i t ss

If your baby is delicate tre u a te. th nIo t
and sickly and its food does cape. This wansdouboieaA ., -
lot nourish it, put fifteen done; yet It can Arbtbe daie
there Ims_ &anthft'tabout R
ir twenty drops of Scott's a ceptoal w.er Ten, a wbau
Emulsion in its bottle three crt c meoe" t ame, it w
Admiral S 'mpson's Misfortune to
>r four times a day and you away from the nght hleh exLea
will see a marked change. the Spanish po r in ek. s
Commodore Srinley was the -ai~
We have had abundant Beer in the closing ce be as ea
:roof that they will thrive the comnuandi officer at the
of the naval campaign of
in this emulsion when other na of
ood fails to nourish them. A plat has bem so--*hiNr at
It is the same with larger p for manfactrins g lBs gao ~e
In the war baUloons &isrt into
children that are delicate, in Pert Rico. it wint be conM
cott's Emulsion seems to be to he Is'and t opecialy pepa
he element lacking in their der. If the bt -*tJo. t q _
ood. Do not fail to try it if BMPl .a*--- polahl
our children do not thrive. wo pttiSl M
t is as useful for them i a difficult PreIb -
ummer as in winter. 0 11 0 -
Ask yoaud "fe'r 0WM sr Ms w. 4 l .:'
3 iSCOTT & sowMEli. tnow To not a 01,P5.

tutCr htpaps

is equal to It.


J&4 w4t
syb de-fto
Uhj Na.ia~P.

L ainam Iibt

-oal oe OB a barr utlm. ais of te long conference, and it is stated that Merritt, and there is intense enthusiasm
;' k'etAe S l and owes his life to the Ambassador has been authorized to throughout the faret and among ts
a|the, prompt action of M"r. Bernard. cable the French Ambassador at Wash- troops The capture of a ania is nowar
only a question of a few days necessary
ington, M. Cambon, authority to sign to land the troops of the third expedi-
WL-a\E R. rw y dthe peace protocol. The suspension of tion.
R AU- B MA ESCOVER hostilities by both governments will at Privates Die.
'rllu ][ JrNN sco Om RE. once follow." Five Privates Die,
El ~. an Sdir The Hornet Takes a Prize. Special to te Tribune e
S-andAtlanta, Ga., August 11.-Five pri-
c wd -- vtes aDl volunteers, died last night of
ib i ee atn Special to the Tribune. tes all volunteer, so T
n -d '4&.rel. "rtui Key West, August Il.-The auxiliary typhoid fever at Fyt McPhe Their
S g o gbago t Hornet arrived here yesterday- names are:
i^jijiS^^ iiM.lb "* ]bladder with the Spanish two-masted schooner ond New York.
n~ti t o m bls ilva aria, captured, while running Elmer Childer. Compane Second
ik-yI h -senwt th ma l on from Batabano to the Isle of Pines for Kntucky.
..o. r "R- tIe i t tw ood. The Silva Maria carried six men. Charges W. Baker. Company C. Second
u leheenS wi s10 no cargo. Home n ork
n'pein U.W.Bti Yesterday Commodore Remey recei- N orkris. Co od
ce, a s--fietasor. ved orders from Washington to release Neh l ork.
"Wsms.. ~ the steamer Tabasqueno captured by Benjamin Bourns, Company .L Third
o I %MgYe..e grll f the gunboat Hawk while making ftr Ohio.
Sagna larande. under the French flag. There are now 618 patients in the big
XS o" Bigen t of Immnunes hospital here. Of those, 400 are suffer-
Inr Rim lg from typhoid fever. Tampa has
S O at s o the Tr ent 250 typboid patients. 158 came
Ml a I M E e Ss nolm t 11t--Coloeo tf Chickamauga, and 100 from Fer-
L.Savah. Ca, August LColoel nandlna
.USlW + t 1s-t tr-Ri andb his regiment 4f neorg_ Ira-
e' ?E. |ein to-mole e rrofw fram~mn Fortify the body to resist malarial
'we lenant Colonel Reeves says germs by putting the systenyin perfect
-_ rl tay is ljeaslos of his pop order. Prickly Ash sltters is a wonder-
2oitW. .hee mep, and wantshhn ul system regulator. Sold by & B
1"o M w rthe samiet, rateonardi & Co.
Yaw -.; nToa lnv Semgwew t when yoma a .ubbor fough 1 orsklins In the
M ranolEgh little a S s t
Ar=W3-ft -i ss sass. vt is.

-tSI IP- IB i OUI SIMl G8 1 flG IIG NW AflISHfD f11HIN W iS lUIOUl8S

trs icm a Iat f ee B ged Sapentendig The Emmy Will Wtthdraw Troops From The Commadant of the City Resed to
Depart reol Blockade RBa rs. the Islads. Surrender.


e nemty Ac* The Former Attache ke No 8e- Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippins Peace Had Been Proclaimed, but the
I laponed eret of What He HaaB en Domn. to be Evacuated by the Spanish News Had Not Reached the Ships
ote of He Will Now Return to Soldiers--Treaty Now to be or the Spanish Forces at
SSpain- Framed by Commissioners. WMansz illo.

r o Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune.
Mate- ontreal, Quebec, August 10.-Lieut- Washington, August 12--Secretary Washington, August 13-Acting Sec-
sisrence with Raymond de Carranza, formerly the Alger has cabled orders to all military retary Allan, of the Navy Department,
regarding the naval attache of the Spanish Embassy ommanders that a protocol of peace has has received a dispatch notifying him
ottaleons with at Washington, who was supposed to been signed, and directing them to that the naval force, sent by Admiral
aprotoc m- have sailed for England three weeks cease hostilities. Sampson had appeared in the harbor
terms for the ago In accordance with an order from The protocol was signed at 4:23 o'clock of Manzanillo, and had a sharp engage-
f peace, includ- the Canadian government to leave the at the White House by Secretary of ment with the shore batteries.
tbs anw Porto country appeared here again to-day. State Day, fo rthe United States, and M. The dispatch states that the surren-
Sd clWIiauthor-
tt is proto- The appearance of the Spanish official Cambon, Ambassador of France, reprF- der of the city was demanded by the
caused great excitement, and he was senting the Spanish government. American fleet but that thecommandant
the terms Be interviewed by a number of newspaper The following is a statement of the of the city declined to comply with the
Sbyo FlO t comrespondents and urged to tell where protocol's contents as given out by Sec- demand. The war ships then opened
inatrtbmai.- he, has been, and what he has been do- retary Day: fire and the shore batteries returned the
'r Ing.- HBe refused to answer any ques- lirst. That pan will relinquish all The battle was sharp and severe, as
ie'd ihe0t 03iY tions, but referred all questions to h s claim of sovereignty over and title to the Spaniards proved to toe much better
tt b~' attorney. Cuba. gunners than those previously encoun-
Y St. Perre the attorney, said Second. That Porto Rico and all other tered. Several of the Ameri an ships
in L A S- T S 9panish islands in the West Indies and wer4 struck by the shells but the latter
Sa i .Spain has tht Lleut, Carra ba been on a visit an island in the Ladronea to be selec- were of such small size that no particu-
Sa aettlameat to rh at hmis home in tlquelon, and ted by the United States shall be ceded lar damage was done.
a. p it that h e has been busilW esgaged in su- to the latter. The firing was kept up b ythe ships
wer enndin the sending, o blockade *.Third. That the United States will until every gun on the shore batteries
ic e prte e b e occupy and hold the city, bay, and har- had been silenced. The victory of the
'.s Iet this runners toCCuban ports. bor of ,Manila, pending conclusion of a Americans was complete, and the loss
the tsP.1 He said that now Lieut. Carranza's treaty of peace which shall determine of life among the Spaniards must have
ent o the, i the control, disposition and government been large, but no figures were taken.
work is over, as tpe1ce is about declared,
of i the Philippines. The engagement took place after
he has come back to onrlto bid Fourth. That Cuba and Porto Rico, peace had been agreed upon between the
iL ~3 e L farewell to his friends before leaving for and other Spanish Islands in the West United States and Spain, but the news
Indies shall be immediately evacuated, had not reached the commanders of the
S Ne. o A and that the commissioners to be ap- American ships or the Spanish corn-
tIb ROM a M Nn to pointed within ten days, shall within mandant.
r-e PABOI t OhESED. thirty days from the signing of the
protocol, meet at Havana and San Jan Washington, August 11.-A dispatch
Gowinanent WllinP to Grant Partial respectively, to arrange and execute has been received by the War Depart-
the details of the evacuation.
d e xLptyo Csrw i'en. Fifth. That the Unted States and mnt from General Schwann, command-
A toln Rear -i Spain will appoint no more than five ing a brigade under General Miles In
avedI eigh t he lial to the Tribune. commissioners to negotiate and conclude Porto Rico, saying that he had an en-
a<-5Ws-elalep .Ne7w York, August 11.-A special to a treaty of peace. The commissioners gagement a few niles from Mayaguez
are to meet at Paris not later than the
the Tribune from Washington says: first of October. with a large Spanish force in which two
L t The Uilted states has mag tmously Sixth. Upon the signing of the pro- privates were killed and Lieutenant
o rr on offered to parole the 1,3W1 Spanish naval tool, hostilities will be suspended, and Riley was wounded in the foot.
: be trv- prisoners taken at the destruction twice to that effect will e given a soo The Spanish were routed, and re-
Sa r as possible by each government to the
S Admial Cervera's fleet to repatriate commanders of its military and naval treated to the mountains. Their loss
W.aat present them. forces, is not known, but it is believed to have
e s With the exception of the officers, who President McKinley late this after- been great. General Schwann gave no
&tr hey are eanoying American 'hospitality W Mcnlea, president of te particulars, and the report came from
r o ow tithe l of t bal U nitd HMcKinley,lpresidenteofth me
*ar hero of wthin te limits of, Annapolld the bulk, United States do, in accordance with him direct, and not through the regular
of these prisoners areconflned to the the estipulions of a protocol, declare military channels.
naval station at Portsmouth, where they and proclaim on the pant of the United Press reports from Porto Rico to-night
he rty States, a suspension of hostilities, and
have t berty of a large picturesque do hereby command that orders be given state that General Miles' forces are
" -sI Iland and are comfortably quartered through the proper channels to the com- steadily advancing and that only oc-
50, l g -j and.fed In temporary buildings erected manders of the Military and Naval for- casionally are any Spanish troops en-
a pecally oritetr ie. ces of the United States, to abstain from countered. They make but feeble re-
acts inconsistent with the proclama- sistence, and the American army is hav-
Stion." ing everything its own way in Porto
S.New Camp ltes, Rico.
tot.eont to Washington, Atigust 11.-The war with -'-
a tI te special 5 to the Tribune. Spain is over. Hostilities have ceased Washington, August t.-Just as the
o4 ibi tdkind WaSM rtoga, AulAtt l.-Tbee WarlDe- in Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippines. news of the agreement of Spain to the
;t mi. prtmnnt as under consideration the The protocol has been sighed, and now protocol was announced to-day, the War
P l gtS tt Ky.o Knoxville, Tent, and,. the commissioners to frame a treaty, Department posted the following victory
~ ; '..s lT r te gve Regenlteo Tpnnt, and e. commlssionera to frame a treaty,.-e-
T.Ssryon -N. C, No decision has yet will be named byePresident .McKinley in Porto Rico:-
beenS s traheda and the Queen Regent of Spain, "Pone, Porto Rico, August 8.-S-ec-
Sy The protocol agreed upon by Secretary rotary of War, ashington: s aie fol-
S9 m t a arder. of Mtate Day, and the French Ambassa- lowing has ust been receivedrtn Gen.
eedor.W. Cambonduring the conference Wilson: General Earnest's brigade
I '.teir Fromn g .. er Foma odld. captured the town of Coamo at 8:30 this
hft e "- a between those officials yesterday, set morning.
S "rgeWillIams, colored. was shot
end.i.. tlosly wounded Frida night yt forth the terms upon which future ne- 'The Sixteenth Pennsylvania Volun-
ask WSt vens oore in a direputable gotlations for a war treaty are to be
ULea he the Scm."b The shooutn o- condhticted. The protocol is a long docu- teers, Colonel Bulings commanding, and
emwe "drigia a row over WIllalm's led by Lieutenant Colonel Piddle, of my
au v.a atument, of one of. the gsrls retaff, avingmade a landing, and moved
tws ra'out of the house after shoot- pied in transmittin it to Spain. ft had st in, r the
St the latter grabbed to be trn ted and turned back and through the mountains, striking the
W 7, P shot at the other while he f tciper and mple language lboloto road a half mile beyond the
1 -snnig, -Svens could note towinton o Coamo The regiment cap-
t ,-i i.P thei Ignht .but yesterday rve times before i reached Madrid t town of Coamo, The regiment cap-
p,:e. 0t SortBroo learned through the French Foreignoffice. The tnoheentirea frrisonftCoamo. tak-
lshs s reted in a bo te. work-was avbegun late Wededa ater g one hnded and fifty soners.
etn^^ J jafstete ther to' al i-est edm, hut Wednsda ae agColonel tileroas the Spanish commander,
iving foun th that P ,ma? noon and occupied several hours, inpos- and Captain Lopez were killed. Our
D o the ort Brook orc had a- Ins a great amount of labor upon' the oe is reputed to ae been six oun-
,3e t h+ ee eae. dPyeo waS carried clerks incharge of that class of work. Idd Bu only oe evie onel
h -- utp ovebut ward afterwards The agreement reached by the Seers- 'The men and ocere of the regit-
B lS '^ 41 r ItjBme c"unty to await t dv oe State of the United States a Mnd tt c e ts
S^ S 5ri l the t a r ofeno h Saterof th e Unitedt Slate d sment behaved excellently. Colonel
Sirt5ra ot o ewaesr Fe a trench Ambassador to pthe United eHulsi and Lieutenant. Colonel diddle

~... reached Premier Sngysta this morning. "This very important capture was ve~l
jrsll .' J~ab~p~ I~any, t took onasderable tim' for the ESpan:eh 'n
ma Da v Is, fron Cedar Keys, who premier to read the document and lay executed. I will send the names of0
C'sna at in It before the ue tadt the wounded as soon as received here.
orkassist g the Queen Regent, and it was Our arnmy is still advancing.
ianght, tad had a narrow es- late this afternoon before a dispatch fSlgned) Miles.
di' n .whng Flue Stascotte was was received form Madrid announcing
t'fllhe dokt almost ready to leave that BSagasta had directed the French Third Expedition Aives-
ius- ey Whe t when DaPvs started Ambassador to sign the protocol in be-
.hl .e mIssed isl footing and fell into Spbciao to sig teroon -
"othqwse Grant Be rnard, formerly half of the Spanish government. Special to the Tribune.
cdtecictrof customs at Braiden- A dispatch was received from Parts Manila Bay, August 4 via. Hong Kong,
jiBP O ibord and caught to-night reading as follows: August 10.--Tee long expected monitors
e e is t te bow oft the ship and with the ',Advicee received from Madrid this Monterey, with the totter Brut ann-
"ssjstauie of onsa ca the deck, the man afternoon say that" Sagasta and the ced this morning during a gale. Much
i.0 as gotten out of the water. He was French ,Ambassador to Spain have had relief is felt by Admiral Dewey and Gen.

bites, burns, skin diseases and espec' one Minute Cough Cure ar~P rise e
ally piles, there is one reliable remedy, pie by its quick cures-and children -
DeWitt's Witch Hazen Salve. When you take it in large quantities .without t he
call for DeWitt's don't accept counter- least danger. It has won for ita lf the- e-'.
feits or frauds. Yoy will not be dis- best reputation of any preparation used
appointed with DeWitt's Witch Hazen to-day for colds, croup, tickling in't a
Salve. S. B. Leonardi & Co. Hazel Salve. S. B. Leonardi & Co. -
Among the passengers arriving on the Seekers after, gold know that the .
steamer Mascotte yesterday from Key may be disappointed. but seekers a
West was D. Villamil, a prominent ci- health, take. Hoo l Batrapari : A
the utmost confidence that twItRft
gar manufacturer and one of the lead them wonderful good
ing citizeiis of the Island City. He will .
remain in Tampa for several days. 4 Hood's Plls are the only pl t e tok
with Hoods i Sarkapairnl. EasN sid et
Truth wears well. People have earned efficient. i '
that DeWitt's Little Early Risers are tha twenty million tree sample
reliable little pills for regulating theof DeWitt's Witch Hy ael Salve ha ve
bowels. curing constipation and sick been distributed by 'tte mastact~ror
headache. They don't gripe. S. B. What better proof of thr confldectee
Loonardi & Co. it's merits do you w t? It e es .
The cattle trade between Florida and piles, burns, scalds, sores, In the shrt-
Cuta will now be revived and will boom eat space of time. S.eB. i A
as the people of Cuba are greatly In o.
need of food. The price of cattle is al- The nt term of t C
ready advancing. record wi be a bl one, tre r .. "7-
When you call for DeWltt's Witch a large number f. cases to.ewepe
Hazel Salve the greatest pile cure, donYt Co Paetr O. Knight ,the 0W i m ef
accept anything else. Don't be talked tar, will, be rea.y or ba s apdBl.t.
Into accepting a substitute, for piles, for ditay h isa energy a B tn. .
forces, for burns. 9. B. Leonardi & Co handling the ese . -
Mr.. J. Knight has returned ro "ta' '1 9 elAr i4lk &iei'e M
Osona, where his famly are rumtltm aglfi t.?rtleatya.t ts. It iI ;
and enjoying ilth to the fanestnk ,,.h tp t ng grasa bse
te t. C."0
He eat I hea,.iul 0 -


Ships Gimtn Peralssr to Rtm to te tsetph C fe r Tto i
Uited States. Seletramdt, st Am -


They Can Now Get Food Which Ias Rt0 the COst AnftAmoubt
Been Badly Needed for Three 000, ot Which
Months-Sampeon Ordered 6Been Paid ti Cash Oa-t r
to Tompkinaville. Treasury.

Special to the Tribune. Special to t hTribne.
Washington, August 13.-In connec- Washington. August U.-beretLry .
tion with the proclamation issued by State 'Dy, Senator tiAison ad Heid s:.:
the President, suspending hostilities, or- Gorman, will be three of the peace m 41 ri
ders have been issued tp the naval com- missioners and either Joseh C Wi:"-"
manders at the several stations in the or EAlhu Root, of New York. 15Lt-:.
United States, Cuba and the Philippines, appointed. Senator Davisof rol l'
carrying into effect the directions of the vill be offered a place In the .
proclamation. The Navy Department but It is expected that he w.rt B
not only transmitted the President's and that the firt man. not k: : -S
proclamation in full to the several com-
,manders-in-chief, but also directions States Senator, will be eisted.
lias to the disposition of their vessels. The President desires to have
The following orders arq in that sense tant General Corbt sense s as a
f"Navy Department August 13-Si& of the commission,and be wl prohbt
son, Santiago: Suspend all hostilities. be selected .
Blockade of Cuba and Porto RIco is '
raised. Howell ordered to assemble wa r a Ba '- _
vessels at Key West. Proceed with
New York. Brooklyn, Indiana OCregon. '
Iowa and Massachusetts to Thompklin- Special to the Trbune. -
ville. Place monitors in safe harbor in Washington, August 1 .--Aitougtr
Porto Rico. Watson transfers his flag
to Newark, and will remain at Guanta- war with Spain lasted sa a h m d -:
namo. Assemble all cruisers in safe and fourteen days, It has costlthle VIn
harbors. Order marines Nrth in Reso- States government so far $Sire, .
lute ALLEN, Acting Secretary.
"Navy Department, Washington, Aug- Of this amount W0.000. has bee: e
ust 13.-Remey, Key West: In accord- in actual cash out of th treeaesury.
ance with the President's proclamation, ..
telegraphed you, suspehd immediately T be Aanmill S -ot
lal hostilities. Commence withdrawal e a a
I of vessels from blockae de r .block- -
ading vessels in Cuban waters to as- Special to the Tribune.
serble at Key West. Wao hingto~ Augut 1.- Ptal.' \-'
'ALLEN, Acting Secretary." Ecainley mad stare ntL0 r q;
The notification to Admiratl ewey Navy to-day as follows:
was not made public, but Assistant Sec- Comamodore am Ts sos -J :fo" l
retary Alien stated that, besides being ing rer admiral, advanced P -P55 -O -.1
put in possession of the President's hers andtapointedtote earreradi -
proclamation, h e was ordered to cease rang iaromauent t0. eore e
hostilities and raise .the blockade of dating from A ducgt I m0 for n en
Mcis e conspicuous conduct i bhat"-e-. Ji
Manila. e r t rf ne se. .
In connection with the orders sent. k the rnne x after Re
..................... etJohe.... .... -
Admiral Sampeon and Commodore J n. e...... .. :
Remey will each send a vessel around Commodore Wi.el do o iy .t ^
the coast of Cuba to notify te ibock- rearnc l i 'x n. ertane c s i .n,' .
adding squadron that the blockade has-d ,,- aradi mr to hae afect "fo -
been raised. Admiral Schley, being on date, ankd fr the am re asons.
the Brooklyn, and included in the orders a t Orant-. neat after ear Ad ri
to that vessel, will come North with obn W. P.. i _p, ed ,"'
hen. five numbers and appointed a eemaor. .'
Sore. He takes rank net after C .
Open to the World modore Jn:. C. Watson. Captain otj :~v
--- D. Evans, advanced five numbers; ,Cftt
Special to the Tribune. Francis J. leigglnson. advanced thae w -
Washington, August 1--Merthant numbers; Captain fenry C. Taylr.y ,s- So
vessels of the world are now free to vanced five numbers: CaptainFeranl
enter and leave all Cuban ports. The A. Cook, advanced ave number .
blockades were formally ra ied to-da.y ..
Shifter's B O. k -
-- Washington, August .16.--In s ds .: .d
Aguinaldo, the Insirgent Chidef bulletin to the War Department o ,- .
Knows He Must Give in. cerning the health of the troops &t SP ; ":
-tiago, Gen. Shafter reports to-igaft t .
Special to the Tribune. Private Theodore Hartman Cem -...
Manila, via. Hong Kong, August 10.-- H Eighth Infantry, committed sult
Two steamers belonging to the Philip- No particulars are given.
pine insurgents, are now in Manila Bay The bulletin as posted at the War D 3 .
taking on provisions and supplies iln PartmI ,t ,after idndight.' followa-.: .-
order to insure General Aguinaldo, the Total number of sick...? ...........S
insurgent chief, a means of escape If it Total number ef fever cas...... .."
should become necessary. Total number of new case......... 3
Aguinaldo sees that his power is wan- Total fever cases returned to-drtl.; .. '
ing, and that he will have to give in Deaths...... ...... m ~ "
when the Americans take possession of
the islands. He is therefore preparing Nothing so thoroughly W nov
to flee and carry a large amount of malarial germs fro i t im i
booty, captured from the k ard l Ash itter Itr, Il "
With 5h05, action to the torpid Byes mnlmnw i
w and assists the kidneyM to t ...f.l
INBSURGE TS ACCZcE deanse the blood, &Ivepts toos t4ilk
stomach, purifies the bloed and.-am ..,
Agree to the Termefor Peace Between meotes good appetite, vigor and -hii ;
America andSpain. ne- Sold by B. nar C
Port Taapa m isone oe the moat eia Lur d
Special to the Tribune. pg 4 rre L- .
Washington. August i3.-The War De- plsih and propee ve t lao ret Iap t h
apartment has been advised through the South the d T transport, s1e.y.-
Cuban Junta, that the Cuban insurgen ing at the docks loading wit sp .
accept the terms of peace as agreed for the United states armi-es in r .. ,
upon between the United States and and Porto tco, and large freight e ;
Spain and that hostilities have ceased ers are loading with phosphate for0 x *- "" ..
on their part. etgn ports. About t1entr tv -.. it
Miles Hs Buspended.' arrive and denart daily teom this tmml "
-enes of the Pl anten*. d lysaa sod
Special to the Tribune. steamers are constatly arriving *-d- -. i,
Washington, August .l.--Major Gen- departing. The trp.de with the sIIIli |T .
eral Nelson A. (Miles, commander-in- towns along the West coast e cq .t R .-t ;
chief of the army of the United States, ly increasing, and Tampa gets .thebBr- .) .E,
and fn personaT command of the army fit When business I good at Prt ,-
fn Porto Rico, has telegraphed the War -ampa the 'merchants of Tampa sreI-
Department that he has suspended hos- aysY benefitted for Tampa is the supp. '
tllities in Porto Rico. depot for the.entire West coast of Fis ,
For broken surfaces, sores, insect ida: -, -.-


FF-~-4~:"'~'. ~ ~1-5
f- :r P1
'.i i

The Tribun
S Now that the war with Spain It about diers that re
Bo" eer, attention will naturally be di- feared the ma
rected to the stimulation of trade be- following col
': "r or teen the United States and th7 West truthiul and
Indies. There is no good reason ,hy "The war is
jf Editor and c the United States should not supply the doubtful if th
West Indies and South America with a who respond,
.1 r lW Frakhaa a opposite Post- large part of what those countries;need. and have bet
offic and yet only the most feeble and ill- camps at TaJ
-- directed efforts have been made here- Alger and elI
elep % hone Call. 17. to fore in that direction. In only one service. will
way can this trade be made a growing long thousand(
E RMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. and profitable one. and that is by the and take up
By JMa Postag Prepaid Daily and Northern merchant and manufacturer earning their
f u o studying the wants and fancies of the they enlisted
H'" O anth.. .. ..... ..............3 $ Southern purchaser. Goods for expor- went. alas:
S ... ................... I tation to South America and WVest In- fevers and
.. .... .. dian ports must be put up in the form here and thi
the people of those countries desire, would d have
;L" Z L EDITION 31 A YEAR and it must be taken into consideration he had the
that as they do the paying it is also man.then.be
S a bmcriptlons are payable in ad- their privilege to do the dictating. They paniment of
are not a lot of uncivillied people whose and death in
- hrsibSd rg are reqosted to re-* welfare must be looked after by 'he He can. ar
oft b o hoek P ,stoflcoe money order.
L potal owI or registered letter. enlightened They know what they roes. who laid
Th date on which a subscription ex- want and are willing to pay for it wnen country. nlot
211 i 0o the address label of ea they get what they want. They desire. the camp, w
however, to do their own thinking and Abate nothing
Advrqtin g rates furnished en a001pp will not allow anyone else to do it for the men who
s 11 them. Therefore the goods to be sold praise and 1ei
to them must be put up to suit them. men who woi
,A rmn tense*, t and communications and not according to the taste and fancy who. struggle
shold be addresed to W. F. 8TOVA.IT of the manufacturer or merchant. If larial. typhol
Wi b a the merchants of Tampa and other cf- his lie at In
ur. Is I|U Ste Uhmplit.' ties along the Atlanic seacoast were to over quickly
get together and take concerted action men who dil
THE TfRBUNi 'S CANDIDATES. there is no reason why a splendid West made up T
Indian and South American trade could shell, oecaus
For Con r gflnan. not be built up In the near future. 'here but their cou
t HON.S. M. SPAtrio ATr will never be a more auspicious time just as real
of Hilisborouga County. to begin than the present. those who go
COUNTY TECKET. sorrowing one
TRADE WITH CUBA. back not to
F. or H er ntaUves, their shields."
S. L. WILDER. From Jacksnoville Metropolis. for the life
D. C. McMULLEN. "One of the largest merchants Jf Ha- on thbattle
o Tma surer, on the battle
L S. GIDDEN'S. vana," according to the Journal of Con- laid down for
.',. Tax Collector, merce, arrived in New York last week Honor. the
J.McMULLEN. from Sagua, and spoke of the trade con- those men w
S For Taz AsesPARtKMN ditlons and prospects In Cuba in part as for the Sars
F Clerk Of Criminal Court. follows.: 'Cuba is an out and out agri- those whose
.O W. T. LESLEY. cultural country, and American enter- and shrapnel
iror Members Board of Educatlua, prise can only succeed when recognizing and shrapnel
PERRY .8 WARA, the fact. I think, however, that one Wauchula's
,HUGH POMEIRVLLE. of the first things needed throughout in a more fl
Cuba will be electric railroads. After now. The gr
Take the Tribune and be happy this the next Important item of ship- cold wave ca
S i e ad be ment should be lumber and other build- winter, it wl
SAerentA In Tampa all report bust- ing materials. Real estate in Havana in consequen
'- e. M is selling at next to nothing. It has vancing in I
Struck lorida not been possible to collect mnortggots boxes of oran
The ra3 Y season has struck Florida
or get Judgments against any property shipped from
,' lIrlwht.' "during the last year. Building opera- and. notwiths
Ths tal promises to be a bg season tionr with a strong government, there- winter and
w'th wlorld. ore, should, I think, have a considerable through the
Sboom. I should also imagine that a best Judges
i A S A p nts. for. United States Sena- number of large sugar rerineres In ,u- present crop
-to honors are geUtng numerous. ba would be a profitable investment. In mates his crc
S i pat''trloeklss becomes epidemic *addition, public schools, roads and road which was 3.
implements and mining machinery are --
S t wM t the of planotic friendship. implemens hand mining mahinery ae A man nat

WBlDCO 18 behaving himself an immense f
4leneral Blso s behaving himself be able to furnish much of the "lum r an immense
Rso weithait yOu can almost hear a pin and building materials" needed and niurpoe o e
S.. .also a large part of the live stock and t Jern
Ing the wea1
O fatmer'esor(s ofl the country food supplies which will be In so urgent oing the weal
... am dos a land office business this demand as soon as the ports of the is- holding the b
a' ar. land are opened, and tor months after- et that s
-. ward. It is an opportunity .which form a syndic
'-' Ona of the worst disappointments of should not be neglected, tracdng tllve
> w r'l'Wal is our F=alure to cut Blanco's do nqt the
moon A ci
The sanitary department of Tampa moon? Af c
-"; At t hundredd room hotel in Tampa for should have all the money It needs to
;.o0nmsercrl P rposes is what the city put the city in a healthy condition. It The Macon
edly adedJ. la& far more essential that this depart- presence of ti
ment be kept in better working order ida is become
1 Jackronville has its share of the aol- than all the rest of the departments put peace of that
'tdi M There are about forty. thousand together, and if the city has not enough they have op
i :. t hat place. money to maintain them all, it should the law, app
temporarily abolish some of them and vance of the
e ms. smp- ti bound to be the most Im- use the money In the sanitary depart- may be gallal
Ss-rt ddty is Florida in the course of ment towards keeping Tampa healthy. not be kept
'Fc- .s' esm Tampa cannot afford to go longer In the or they will b
", T" eis a giood deal of consolationin filthy condition it is in. Chlefi of Sanil-
t"hethsqht that we were able to matke tation Weir is dong all in his power Orlando's P
0BseOliheth-warfe s-Ao to better the condition of the city. but at revnarkahl
''" ,* without money and credit It is difficult market 'nubt
S f th section of the for him to secure enough help to even 5 to 20 cents
tle ru to p.section of the-firnfe the teams that the department b East arm
~pie are ehpeng to platn onsual-
,'Q" 4 'Ye veetable crop this fal harn fro
Let Our pub
orse meat is sellag in Havana for Out of a population of twenty-six that the Nica
; lara ponad. At such prices the thousand Innodent souls, it remains for mont vita co
'. D:tllfvshoulf remember the Maine. the UIttle Evening Herald to stand upon should be co
B.j.its -_., ts hind legs and proclaim that Mr. B. agitate it on
the ettreate of 2Lanpa and it will B. Plant and the Plant System were
""bhe k handsomest cr ty well as the solely responsible for the removal of There will
oute~t pfesfrow one In the South. the troops from this city. Yesterday in a few week
was one of the daya for the Herald to predicts that
Le poet's occupation is never gone. be oft its baseand its lurid antlpathay hundred thou
twill 0 abandoa his lays Ot war to Tampa's great benefactor wlH not be favored secti

lw.y'J UR p (or a few paeans t peace. seriously considered, because the people
the now to the contrary. War with S
E1 aZftU that advertise in the business conc

to-eetr days i the week. General Coppinger, is quoted as say- the proprieto
ar Ing In speaking of the orders issued flourishing ta
-.by the War Department: "First we
w'imee who. went to the war to are ordered to Tampa. then we are or- Orange tree
a.'t get chance are none dered toCeba, but don't go; are looking fine
Sn~rtte *s of the Ameri. ordered to Porto Rico, ut don't go:be a ood onl a
mext to Ferwnandina, but don't go; next be a good on
Sto Porto Rico, but don't go; next to The Spanlta
V.d ) G(Oette sars: "Na- BrmtMrle, ,Ala.,-and we are going there. Spain may n
i'Ft M- E aat hae 39oen Tampa I ~~supo the next order will be to go her a montr
,eE h eWetlto can eer to h---. 4id we have to" when she had
The patriotic ladies of some of the
MMha bles no tmputalv relief societies organized to look after
LN'rMe th er Wa to Wah- the comfort of the soldiers in the war
Ilb t0or tarP Alger and are sndng ample supplies of night- T
S. to the front, but do not realize
Iasal at course how much the soldiers would also appre- UpnM t
S WFUery m who elate a "night cMO." irntgth a
-r tor "e r Plant System has handled 100,000 o itiona
Ssoldiers since the war eommenwed with- dep
il" H wa &' out n aeeident and without breaking a only her
ia tt n s dule. Brad Dunham. the general life bt the
IlZ~smsaer of thbs system, is probably the and F.,S t.
S .llroad man in the omth.-Way- Cher child

,- .Cit iatapl mpLrovemts will make Mi o ewcom
I l bTn oomm Iat the -mr kbegin and ped dct
hsvp pushlag it Unttl Ce" all the i hA sl i
Iproemis itA so badly needs.

'i' itn"y s. .
it to quur n t ht WWarWer to
Ma Mm b* -abinaet n s and add ki
_MA lp- 0 4 ~ahe w o wd olda it"UMbo ab
Ir NEW W let bftt remain in as yes*
0 ~ ~ ~ 1OM

Mse OF vTer V--.
>e of Rome, payf the 501-
mklned at camp and suf-
ny vicissitudes of life the e biiosnes dyspeps headache conti-
mpllment, which is both pation sour stomach indigesto are promptly
timely: cered by Hood's Pills. They do their work
s over, or nearly so. It is
e thousands of brave men
ed to their country's call
en waiting impatiently in
mpa, Chickamauga. CampHoods
sew here, to be called into easily and thoroughly
ever see fighting. Before Best after dinner pills
Is of them will come nonce 25ents. All druggists.
their daily occupation. rc-red by C. I. Hood & Co., LowellMasa
livings as they did before
I Many of those w,%ho
will not come back, for K FRINGo COOL
accidents have cut down ia nir tudv with everyone
ere many a soldier who H LIthese hot days. The most practiqa-
proved himself a hero had ble way of doing this, an, doing bus;-
opportunity. Cannot a ailor Blount Tells Why He Gave Up nesnat the sme time. i 1 o wear some.
a hero without the accom- the Negro Soldier, and How the of our delightfulle c mil ut Qof -acesas-
shell and bullets, smoke Posse Acted. mer underwear, neglgee shit5, cool
Sthe air? mer underwear. negligee ahitr, cool
d it is to jlut these he-i Tampa, Fla. August 15, !h. Summer ties andSummer 8uto. We
d down their lives for their Editor Tribune: On the night of Au- can keep you cool if you give u a
on the battlefield, but in gust 5th, 1898 at about 11:30 o'clock I chance.
e would call attention. heard the telephone bell ring, and inie-
g in praise and honor for diately answered the same, and found
did; but let us give Just that Gordon Keller wanted to communi- H. UIUL s. Uo
ice and honor also to the cate with me. He said to me in effect
lid have done. The soldier that a mob of armed negro soldiers were
ng helplessly against ma- coming to the jail to get a negro soldier Struck By Lightning.
I or yellow fever, gives up out of jail. Just at that moment I
st. should not be passed heard a noise which proved to b t the 'The residence of M. Charles Kingsle
postmaster at Bloominogale, was almost
when the roster of the arrival of the mob, and the breaking in #completely wrecked by lightning last
ed for their country is of the jail yard door, and replied to Wednesday evening. The family hav-
'hey braved not shot and Keller 'ly God! they are at the door ing a very narrow escape from death.
Srate wild oterwse, Kellerreped telephone thpoThe bolt stru a bri flue, tearing t
not." eller replied telephone the p a- t toms, and threw the broken brick
rage and patriotism was lice station for help. I at once did so, all over the premises, then, running
and just as enduring as and was answered: 'No body here but down the stone pipe, spread all over the
t to the front. With the me, will get you help if I can" This building The floor was badly torn up
es whose loved ones came was from Mr. Johnson the station ers under thel uiap were torn lto
them with glory "but on keeper. I then told my wife, "Try and splinters. Rafters laths and shinges
the nation should mourn get the sheriff If you can." I then picked were smashed Into kindling wood. Mrs.
aid down, whether it be Kingsley and her two daughters were
laid down,up my Winchester rifle, and gave to my standing amost beneath the point
field or in camp, is a le e brother-in-law a mere boy, another rifle, where the house was struck, and Mr.
r country, none the less. and we ran to the stairway and at that Kingsley was outside, right at the Ocr-
n, to the camp heroes-- time the mob was coming up the stairs, ne most deqpoihed, yet wonderful to
ho have suffered and died an o t o i a te, none of them were injre
and Stripes as truly as an entrance to a thejail then threw
lives were ended by shot n t
.. weeeddb my gun on them and told them to stop
or I would shoot. They said to me:
orange groves were never "Drop that gun you -- or I blow your il
lourishing condition than brains out. Then two white men in
owers contend that as the uniform with shoulder straps, spoke and
ime from the South last said: "Don't talk with the -- blow
II never cojoe again, and his brains out, and take the key to the unless I went
ce grove property is ad- jail." A negro then grabbed my gun
prices. Thirty thousand and took it away from me. At that
tgee and grape fruit were time there were between fifteen and
Sthis point last season, twenty up stairs in my house, and after
standing the cold of last taking my gun, I called to my wife tell- Prior to Stocktak-
the excessive drouth al, ing her to telephone the sheriff again,
spring and summer, the and get help if possible. She went to ing and our visit to
claim 20,000 boxes for the the telephone, and immediately one of
P. Albert Uariton esu- the mob threw hig gun on her and the easterup market
np above last years yield, ordered her to leave it, with the threat,
500 boxes. that if she did not he would blow her for Fall Stock,
brains out. Through fright she fainted,
ned Jernigan bamboozled and was taken up by my son and her W| AdE OFEu .
wd capitalists into placing brother and laid upon the bed. I was
fund in his hands for the then told by the mob, that unless I went L U L lI U
inuracting gold from sea down and gave them up the man they d l =c
igan it in Europe enjoy- wanted, to-wit: a negro soldier belong- Oddlots Ladies' Hos
tih of his dupes who are ing to their regiment, in jail for viola-
4ag on this side. We sug- tion of state laws, we will shoot your Odd lots Shoes.-
ime enterprising citizen -brains out, and take the keys, nd
date for thepurpose of ex- urn every man out'of jail, we aregoing Odd lots Pants..
er from moonbeams, for to have our man, we are sent by our t T m f o.
oets -"call it the silver Captain to get him, and Ve oi holding Odd lots Half Hose.
carter could doubtlessly be the train for us. I said to them: "Well
n the man in the moon. Lieutenant if you will not turn the Odd lots Underwear,
STelegrah s Th others out, and will so guarantee ime n
Telegraph sa lrs: The o a m wh r Ture was t WTlEeS
egrogarsa. -will gao down and open the jail and turn bAt CutR ePrices
e negro regulars in lor- your man to OU. He then placed
ng a grave menace to the guards over us, and forced me to open Profits will not be con-
staenly defied the many ofcers of the door and let the man ouL. They
arenly wi ed th iers on- took the man and started ourt ad about sidered where los are
arentysix of the nero soldiers turned and closed out.
sir officers. These men
tr offighters but they should threw their guns on me, saying: "Let's
t fighters but they shou kill the white -- of a B-, dead me.n-
in Southern communities don't tell tales, but one of the officers
reed trouble." stopped them, saying: "No, let him live, 1 U A

)Ineapple crop is selling cwe have got our man." They then left
n prices. In the" home with their man. WX'hile they were in I i U A

apiece while fruit ship- outside in the street, and when they left,i WholesalE DrA tCE LLO
I to the middle states s a number of guns were fired. Directly
40 to 60 cents net. after they left, I heard them fire a great 814 15th St., Tampa, Fl orida
number of guns.
ilic men bear ever in mind i The crowd at the jail consisted o be- POrEE60f0INAl CASDS.
ragua canal is one of the ltfeen one hundred and fifty and towo
ncerns of the South. Theyy l I hundred men, and they were all in uni-
nstanply on the alert to form and armed with rifles. There was C. WHITAKEB,
all ocCasslons. no une at the jail except myself, my T. OYe
b. a big rush to aan little son, a boy of thirteen years ot age, Ad
Will proetlaleela asd Feder ilost,
be and big fs toe briabnte and my brother-in-law, a youth of about Prompt astOStion evisto all hulai.s,
Ls. and by fall the Tribune r i ^ ^ I cbane Bank Bufldina. lmp. tia
there will be an leant one eighteen pears of age. I did all that t ahace Bask Buildlng, lamp, Pla
therand Americans In that could to protect the jail, and it was im-
possible to do nore. I had junt re- pETRo.KoeuB
on. covered from fever, and had been up A'ITORNEY AND COUK'sFLLOIS
Pain has benefitted every about three days and was very wseak. AT LAW,

:ern in Tampa, and put my child was dangerously ill at the time, TAMPA, Ex. Nat. Bank Bldg.) FLA.
irs in fine trim for a and when the mob reached the jail I
ill and winter business, was undressed. Joaeph B. Wall, i. W, Steven
The men composing the mob were so:- W ALL & STEVENS.
e in Soath Florida are dies, and from their talk I am con- ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW.
They are goig very vincedthey onged to the Ninth cav- e
nd the crop Promises to alr)y. Wipa t MaomCoit 55d
e this season. I make the above statement in order Flitt iNtional Bank Building, Tampa, LPh
rds call us American pigs. that the people of the State of Florida K. OLLPHANT
not be a hog, but it took may know just what occurred on that ],K. OLLIPHANT.
ous long time to find out night, and be fully advised of this gross ATTORNEY AT W,
, enough, violation of the law of our State. aagw, FLA.
Respectfully Submitted. Prompt attention given to all basi-
F. M. Blount. ns.
Gonzale Texas, July 4.-This is to NK SO4TON.
) IV E certify that I have used Hall's Great ATTORNEY-AT-LAW.
L I E Discovery for Kidney and Bladder Tampa, lor da
the Troubles and I am satisfied that I have
nd been very greatly benefitted hy it. I IlON WItso,
an can fully recommend it to others simi- ATTORES-AT-LAW,
th- larly afflicted.
mI President First National Bank Ofi e in Brick Build on north side
life Mr. D. S Macfarlane has returned of C Hov U E a u
from a visit to Dalton. Ga. His daugh-
ter, fDMes Sadle Macfarlane, who accom-
M IW PISD panned him, remained in Dalton and she
e all l4 pc tiar ,..thle will be joined in a few days by the re Y O* *
ucMxia~ -'n w b mainda-er of the tamlly, who will spend '
W01 dir =,be the summer in that pleasant little Geor- yesswI me@ 0r1 YM 0 i 0 sssa
aa .i.teHrnal bt a gia town. Iadrsto- twie ,ftlor .i c. -la yea
drslserLI hr j, VfIuah
0b11 hr1 0b as CUrChlU and Fever; aots on the Uvser
a mand re u lates the sysem generalty. AIl
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IE G. Bugg and little boy returned after 1 Coaty That Paid Bouaty Twelv Time bntgag and Cruel Alled Sport rTa |
/ g iU IlMN r Ol IB. a viA of a week with relatives in Bar- a ousty et of Sl pId Boty TwMa d m e tI Audieane Screw With Aspo r a
tow, Saturday night Wholesale E Klllzg, the Pest Does Not light a. Shower the Gaudily Dreed
at were 0 S. relgelt D. MU Ayor ear to Decrease. .wordsT .;ea nWith Pavors.
for clerk and treasurer, W L L.owry The one friendless, hunted Isbmaelite I contended that there were no "new +
Po& I Erwing; for councilmen two years. T. man's hand, is "r-tir "w-Lif-the .ty, '"ou, soeidh ruyriends to the
"-tect "ut i on fried Bey- ond AI Expectati
a shau d Perto-lWoau 2'de*M. Strickland and T. J. cSmithr, for ^ot f^o^ pb Urvp.tly, you nose with us to .the
m Sad ll. g.rtrlokl~and and T. 3t. &nlti;P for 2oyole. I[f bo ioadoed to at.. --phee~ t~X.;.-t ,-ct Sunday and me whether
at tleen GettiAg Ready to councilmen one year. L. R. Waver. oFVoe eononearthb, nold s yetL2 there are or dol before making such wild
Make Iptenv+s- Mr H. J. Drane of Lakeland was in been shrewd e togh t) fintit otifhee t tter. ,-uts. You'll find that Mexico Is, if
town Monday on business. as ever dos able d~d, i anything, ahead of your Anglo Saon Are the Reepts of T
T:w str s t-- e dl fte Mand Harlee Andrew noi ye at om's tihe gack rabbit races i w the nmaietTr ot 'new woma n.'

Sh .F A Tapmpa yestery ater- wi churhelatives in th undayvenity o Plant vorf the-w in case from hi rli at pplac wen they did a Greater lue Offered r Lower P

^'teineotf n~lso an Yu at n Tamnd anday ao week sues wllk ra lean urnl.e vegetatln itrt iscll c reI wene dRE fE 1 A
S te hip Aes eney, b arat the t haa been opened valued for its bide, te 'ify coat of re rtoff b oe quite pae ty work Fow
slnseocr lad With uare at Port room ty occupied by Gad te out nt e B i bull eta and
'shmsleant s Wosp supplese, or The usual Second SunPI lo ,rvncee o ra i e antre on th preservzon Angelta, to e tobje faiof nor aatEreion be

The t 11 r ail Tde Sevetti heavy raens have (allen dwr now an nngushy bsape bt ear is Feab d ing a frisky young bll. The crowd liked 200 odd Corsets, some sold at 50o, some
a t ot tdloa od e nd the range ree H tes ot there is t to s wori ton tiptoe aud of expectation until the I at 1,50, few amon them h
'*arred ientnJlla ofevarIt to aSet were held i the M. s Ci h and covered a method of utilizing auy po J a oe te Be.....ueorof...ro dOa loud I _1tuit could not b6e other*sor ev e
.a nuresI th e p fever hosptlalm Daptas churches on Sunday last. tion of the coyote from his snarling ws Ie esapplan n ov'en they did appear, 7Greater Vsluss Offered or Lower Pr ."
tn veflt o h All of to ose iters on- Mar ny o our people who went mo ith to his ragged Call -except a a certainly qlr fetc hieg in their torero ~
. d otfa auniber of amsbulances, te nt, Tampa during e, ve rtethe busy time, have re- ertilizer. The bort grams cun ryis e stumes. They are rter p eretty, all t the eiti
eMcdamh equsppga as fwel- ashe yed- wo ued ba t t r the high rares ot re jab, aned the combinations of colo rs J et lOr d t t have an C
sha" and delicacies for the sickl 1- theybadlte
-M A new fruit and cool drink esti'sh- grtay, bilike vegetatib onthaiscallec; they had -cted wure era in'y all that TS W
Tte staneal?5p Allegbney, aratga, 10 It has been opened in the store pasa klnds with the di cat of udAt the dr off some qute patk w
po.ltdi ck s toand Rlt are at Port room tdtely occupied by G: W. Wells the vandal Through it he memiki and ith the caps wtogas ome i py tol andh
asu, IOa4uge wIath ast aes for the & n the Platt block.o runs, now s ga t figure, ouhe i eBizsn, Aot els thoe blctf t oeb a e onobed- t eh e the B" V l

The Maaa d Geor r,1 on otthrwil du. Mr in Tr te a oar o e te e e rm one te ela n t e 2 o o O
='c oo=KMel for otw, ugo. Thme evetl heavy rains have fallen dur- now an ungi t y shape Peatr wor hed g s frsky youg The frowd oluke d B00 odd Corsets, some sold. a 0 s

. wLt g anas fin is hed ladin a te meek, and the orage te eo He bis without ie th e hisonr and hi w to aded rb he senoritas sold at a1,50, few among them sLlight a
wSA ot SVS for Porteo e Be t aareputttg on heavy new rowt thing that is alied asally solitary, a dldy. After thatet Anit Bvery bravelylai
t ~ et caryeo c en, nhesany s Or d school opened onda morningt wtth ways with a crimics aspect,.f as tif hbe knelt In the ring and challenged the e ull. yiled ae go at ......... o
at.sas h M s t .arrys hIeumaryl aftoae nd t eery D reason.- had just done waomethin o oe ashamei At this ecery o e yelled and applauded. Better values of 10c to 25c Dimities, O-e
b leor Jat hel un mler thes e Thro ar o g atten e conotem bi e o ofor ao t he s ig deedban tee d o psya e the Diana" over and

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Sa~~ ~rlred beams for tha e o u of d gooo d aei dan ce of r a t the ea a vt, again, whiae up on the sunny side
.ted en t.m cre ad ptat d dertag the rainy weather ans ad at the earliet opportunity. i peons shriek aed hBravo, bravot A- Bet yard wide, soft fiished Ble e
20tnoma6 d e ot yquartermak W ethr road leadig Int town. Once the coyote had the wholeTddfidsn ll ta!" and flowers, dollars. purees and Ootton, only.............. 06c
.the cwal doa not y Port aw whether oal t 3. le i oeo to h Territory to himself. he would amarl spools of thread came rattling le tu0hed do tiel y h e t

C. d s a t ei n m i to s o t P on r rMi .AJ J M o o d y O t t owh o h 0 te '.1 0 p i e c en s 3 6 -i n h .3i n e 8 D n ."
A. ut as bostlltles haveendedhe been f te tme ac etin e cl B. rnd figthat o his art'ed con thent, anut a- mei the b derlllagr wielded byCn ple
Itlsa si may be ordered to San Wordhl f s store is at home there was none to sy him nay Buto of te wor Skirts, worth only... 12d
Jea mta the B easda se a Crt e nm s when tb e land s were opened ato setc- illAsget and Encaraclon. Owing, I sup- case Cord and Lace Strip e an L
a "cwsUeed t rp m ethe hesd quarter Peat Ca Ct now has two meat man Lk- ment and a family took its place on ev pass, to the fact that a woman's aim Is a n an
aea tes ttr raynt oquf a09ht eoe te r eM son on h ci d- rteoaeb wton there and ie ror evew t hat ond ld eo hae. n eusoryo ito Lwn, only ao............ t ........... 0
iatw ana'"omamary" pdepn carter trrell. on aotMr. T. 'iarrell the or qtedor set r e ot ies e pro ducd pad one the a o derillas wen very wide of e n
S et twenty or more ot for the wild cream res of the plainswho the mark.n face little tor med Great Bargains in Silks, Plain and -
.e i ln n pa ri atll th c Mr WlieJity for o tbekn a had before been undisturbed. Then the to regard it in the light of a frolic and D G a iisei
Se sthat nearly ll the Mr.Willie sth ckl a uard incoyote bad togo out amongoen, andth e o isked around n the happiest manner.Dd Goods, Serges, Moh
tnas'. have l te rial have. and improving every da*- found that be was a very unpopular m The picadors were eliminated, and so Table Linen, Towel, Nankin, e C.
Saitge atoem o the re stored iralargeol ae om grant into any of the com nitn t he awnt hig to the bndrllas was th er tains, Hosiery, Handkerchief, a
i q@sQt-utr the government. LGMIk11'S 3 ATON. that he favored with his presence. And kIlllnf. Every one was on the qua vies
L -v wmBellnger, who has filled he earned the right to so be considered as Angelits t ok the sword. desemined thing you need and Wan.
threemont rel-Knight'sStation, Augua 01.-Elder honestly. He robbed the sheepfolds, do

. Wteaud repot em onth .RE e eo teiofpurplend silvers and looked veryL t O A
notic yesterdp that he had been Todd delivered an excellent era n yes- stole the o hickens and made the ravel pretty Indeed. inF aeutn four minutes O
a appointed W ataOn C alnel s.od placed terday to an appreciative audience at er afraid-all without any equivalent she labored with all be might, but the
Sthamr of the quartermaster depart- the school houTse. in service. Furthermore, he io ess en- naughty little bull refused to be touched. Until you have seen the Best Valn e Offered
a i Charle, son of Mr. Wiggins ally a coward. The men of the fron- He froiked about wildly amd made diversr in Tamp at 2 to 3.50 Oxford ins at 0
, SThe Im S mer ntd aes t we e si cond Geor- f d. tiier have a sort of respect for the brave alarming butte at Angelits in rp lyr to e

r tNo tifo i S Ile. Al,. no ore gatn, or Ka y' will creatures that defes them or for the tlentions wtb the wordT wicae itsn Bo Onley o.r. On.
. e was bo jhe ojed by hllte evoun- a teach the River Head school this term. cunning one tha outwits them, but nsted nld ed Itno the uau s of theo
."r troipa now at Pe rnm In- ol Aprotracted metin will mence they cnn never forgive the trembling ring, esa d has tn o a ot he nrfo as le tbe- .w E ARE D1 IG0T J.J
_b. eSS laS n i Stry so at e a pr otr ac e mee tn ll o nrloed, tandit wan nod on& toe re o wa. If the ao.woin the ria g tose. a ngadoe-
ca .h.-, .... w in, no knsooc- Our atclool in to open ny, pesarance.- So, from the foronera son who ofthstore. Asiawa,. noharm wdoe, ad At the rate e are l Millihery Goods,. -
Th dealing of the . ana. blockade, the 22nd. Mr. Henry Dam f the blazes away with his old shotgun at the except to the bull, who received smcatehes+and more so are our custor
*K5S ed the'pm to0 a mpot otn of chth.s If there is anything n a name we prowlingcoyote behind the barn tothes and outs tOrei Angelit's sword until he Pic, h a e
S the m o Southero n tof all should think the boys of Knight's school city spo aman who wastes a cartridge mst have wondered what r of mtador a
ti rt ceato In the Unted wIll do well to keep their weather e intended for a prairie chicken or duck hod hoad of khim. No doubt In wasn as No Charge for Trimming. -
ISfte a tiescity eAtorally the open. i n ending the life of a wolf trotting h the of ai aurprite to hOim as any onhe el
.ata Way to Havana and several expe- eMr. Burton Blanton is home from Eg- alog the hedgerow, there is a ceaseless, when the oii: torers finnaly did toalthe a
Vj^v= azw sbeady beg ar g m^ Key ^Svital spot, and ths poor itle storn rolled 1.- 8 o e 7
,h"atftleote aehappy ,and adozes Commodore Schiey bottled four of the Unrelenting war waged againni the ever deed.
-Teh oca tt es ben ater to carry finest vessels In the Spanish navy and lucklem wanderer. AgainOthe audience shrieked and stamp- '
-beMean f te eoz *rted c like a faithful watch dog. stood guard Since the immigration of the wolves ad and braved, and more dollars and
.'h ecattle m et o f Florlad are de- ontil they were forced to0 comeout. from the territory into the farming and flowers and spools of thread tumbled down
1- ut h attc of theAlecd lade"rr he- witharpromepeness and energy u n- stock raising states to the north tbere at the fair Angelita's white slippered feet.
S Caoprecedented in naval history engaged ab--.north at the fairAediabufwhiteapide At.
ets 1pre beig made '-o ship A large the quartette with his flag ship and e&- has hen more than a desultory war- She tripped about from side ta side, bow- EDWA rD MaA.L IsaA
,numr of best cattle to Cuba. The most unaided smnk one of the most ta The farmers have banded togethertogwithhands nherbeahto the s and wI. e --t.
6faltage of loetion and Intend to get slstanoe of two or three of his consorts have offered generous bounties for the for work that a man would have been
everything m sa of the over- destroyed the entire fleet. For all of ColAN EtN&TIOIALvIbe
t of the over which he was promoted n ers scalps of-the creatures, a proceeding hIssed and hooted for, but it goes to show
I rs.o nAfter the battle Sampson came up and that has resulted in the slaughter Cf the Innate gallantrynof the Mexican people.
poked the nose of his flagship against thousands. Yet the supply seems none The next bull came In, and again two TAMPA, FLORIDA.
WLoR.LDL Co-mAAL-!ON. surrendered to Schley and wa it a ba a wa of powder nd boclpYr cp work. In this they do very well. In
sinking condition, and pushed her fur- butaCAPITAL$adb.serCA I A 1
-O their up on the beach. For all of which af ter year there are reported from 1, 200 the cloak play there Is no "aim" required,
anitary DeartmentEaassed Op- he was promoted eight numbers. We to 1,500 sheep killed in Nebraska and and it really is not diffloula for feminine Largest capital of any bank south of J'aks ville.
sat mos fr Want of Cash. suppose the reasn why he was ad- Kansma by wolves, and the hundreds of n c All you have gotton do is to flap business. Every accoreiod o
gnced just eight numbers Is that It took dollars spent for bounties have produced ecloaka t the toro and if h gets too
:..-DW love fa moaey" mab be ,the root Just eight numbers to Jplaee him ahead i o fe gos you for comfort dodge briskly he-banking granted. Have un asm ed facihtie
4C -ILn,- *at the want c money U of Schley. Clark of the Oregon, one ofah Utle diminution obltheeplague. hind a barrier. But the girls came out of for making collections all points in
W.Vnustanevil upon the city of lTam po the most Important factors In the vic- Sometimes the bounties an not what the caps work without accident.
tWuu to re su lt iastrouly It not tory, gets nothing as far as heard from. they are purported to ba The people of The banderills work with this second the Unit S e
~~a~a~l~y wsh e totna gre at of all tev arere with his promotion i were being taxes d very heavily Tor the that istosay, about as bd as itcould e-- BOARD OF DIRE TORS: JuG. ,, Sto cklo., ., A__ s
egxensathw ousihi hardly ist matter. In fact we do not believe we payment cf this sort -of expense and and sve the good nature mudlen r.oauld MalS.ra, Begs Meyers, Ziha King, C. L. Joos Pe. 0. Knig
T department Is totally could successfully navigate a fleet Of that certain hunters we buying new st ee foroth g For my pare I a ndh L Craft.
___ ae wash tube, yet we do honestly believe a- u-of t of thir groaned for these bulL They Jabbed at him

-sm of the pul spirited ertd- rteeIpt pf gL, One aml botts is two. the hole and became bounty jumpers at cue would have known what hanDneod. -st sw ,aqr c. -.

t 1 nough money to guar- mouthah treatment and will cur any once--jumping the county for safer Angelita having lost her sword. It took IOSVL AN I bBEE!'
easc he laop anthorise-- as*" ab.'vs menTtoeod. LW.Hall. climes quite a time to get the bull suffle ently
.oAe the L'wa.gt filth. "ole Manufacturer Another curious circumsance was Smoothed down tolrgvehim another thrust,
.Mpot whichbtook bion inSheoneck, arenough
-an ad r e of ai knda Wlls PO r lox it Waco. Tas, noticed by the officer of two counties m
vate,'rease, and s.ld by .B. Lonard & Co. Tampa, adjoiningincentral Kansas Theofficers the vtal spot to a .. IMPO TEDut he
warace to the beIth uf Liw by no means done for, sod 1w5
tte ah of one were paying out money every only after some sharp work th e atte B 0"
latonAla., March 4. 1 C3 .-I c.- deay r o i others e0-hlgavep the ghosts and stre chedCLARETS h
M1 &t that I have been cured of 4m does had any demands for the reward self ont on the sand. The decorated white
'1' Iti D bel sahad have been crbed of Kans~ G Each of the banters was compelled toI moler dragged him out a moment aftec BA U' -
swear tha he had killed the wolf inside amid the "plaudits of the crowd, to join
toln that re Is t least etm Tt and the boundaries at the county where the lil compedre oulald wI ,===-- orralwhro.
thamhIt"an.r. s nextgdsywandould he add alesbef" and
asf C. -ta C e o for doubting the truth of the UTsIts.p- .t bd w t ouMno, ad Abdolutely Pure. Old Whiskies and Brandde fe
nIe C ^? tgHow *O LOOK GOOD. t umy s what oul be the mancap work o,--oe dagan, but we al purposes. Imported and Domestic Winae
he^swe&sq td r 0. r a e- loomd looks a more th a ser su was qisonied: '"new women" of the United so" r '"e"
mS s oss mats csa ior all t the vital orgs If *'Dow newr the edeo fthe coany. end towardly women of wezsso-Sa
4UWt the t v is inactve. you have a bafflbous "As yote. very thick there?" Pnoiso Argonaut. Wholesale Llquor Dealers rmn |
Sbo k:yo stomtsach Is di order. yo "Wel th o thick as t. 915 FRANKLIN ST. 'PHONSI n.. -v-
i in .do-., hev a o t iook: If F du heyars e feather south." .ode wGI. __* _, -.
have sosra affsctedn. yo p bag mabrs -d look. "Over in the other county?" A sshlenrtaoeoibl bowrbeM afor. ****0, S#,4l too###
SD daomen good heath and ye wi srely Yet. here are more "the.' Smuls whihb he always usawhbn it was
of hs attouh tim sefsle a do not kila any the H. L. KNIGHT, Pres. PEiY .
%. & to-r e r h otestomach, liver ad idnepe "The other county only paysl $1 or "But I mssuremyou I whnt buS Om wtd
emrdMes the blood, -.cs pmplds blotch. aMlps an this pays y$. So we drive with hm-'y one wefdl"
.and hls.sand gtOtv good moned1ee" them Over the line be we hoot He allldon on 'scelebralid laeye
e.uLeemm t I's store. S*en tsP er Theo yofown at dlywiMh arm w K ni
am otfta. dwr& sn6u "Why, haven't u borSdm MMr. B. dLed

on1hnde d d -arrwatmy iuns, S tiSpe r 'a
*. MT- m bMaS5 nSySthment y re d1 aye Stt S" i "' enSs "d eo.t.. 4'

dmom Maat iMig a "us&pwaiuAfa "i S..a ._. -o..WPAM
f, e : Chin, a b.K ds aon ,eTx=an ma thlS- h-t -'
a t-- -,p boom ftoM C...... TA.F.t X_ F- ._
Ax" S' ... :.-r

g^ '^ SflmiAa TH PI K invaluable agency for Dr. King's Neow a
,, aussIse~ ,,,mi L sws b T.... iu u scovery ror C(,,suxptlon, Coughs and
-i" -s h bottr as a strategic point ord that i rronucing uch a furor a11 over
no (rtal can overcome although thtu country by its many tartling cure. Is.
petltcal blood-suckers and shysters, I: absolutely oure Asthma, .-onziris, I
th Influence at headquarters, may or Ttmsl i lanint oarseness and ail affectious of the; It i
L time get a temporary advantage be- Throat, Chest, and Lungs. Cug at all V t e CI
fore the Washington eye. above drug store &a t g a trial bottle;
When Tampa was selected, a a place Co lt UIM u{ip. free or a regular size for 50 cents Ofr $aOco,
of embarkation for the army of Cuban and $1. Guaranteed to cure or price
nvaslon, it was without effort on the refunded.
,.,',,,ar,. and ... .n ,^^ept tre- CHUBB IS NOW CHAIRMAN auI FREIGHT CARS AND FRECE ^ H P
bute to the location and harbor, pre- Queer C
tenting advantages that not even a cas-
lal observer could overlook. 'lepros- The ro- -
erity incident to the locatol of a. Will Preside Over the Central Con- Livina in the old car shed on Nebrirkak The Second Ward Aid-e -Dater-. 1
incidentt the locationoaavenue is a family in destitute circumn-
arge army here attracted the atenton mittee-Long and Lee StillU Pn stances. The tasmly consists of a mindto Defeat the Corporation.
f jealous rivals, and afterwards all that
olltical pulls and jobbery could do was Together-Negroes Not Nomi.- ornan and four little children, and ali-
one t te the busne way rom t. .. they have no protection from te r Do ome p T -
lone to take the business awayO .the children
his and carry it to less favored sections nted for ice. and while the children are
But. although "the men who control" faood it need of clothIng, ano double i We
nay cause other sections to ba f the womkn will not acepjt oona-
he illusive moonbeams & 0s.eotumen- From Thursday's Daily. tions of any kind from the charitably From Saturday's Daily. Eo hc- gj
ai favors yet men of busiri., whose The Republicans of Florida held their inclined people of the neighborhood.
dollars and cents areat take cannot State convention in Ocala Tuesday, and She positively refuses to accept assis- The City Council convened last night SyrLpof l h ke
e so influenced, and he ortbing ot the delegates from Tampa who returned stance when offered in the kindest of in regular sesalon with a bare quorum nl p tBo
usiness between this coun try alPr to yesterday say that Long, Gunby, Chubb, spirits. Soldiers passing by the old in attendance, and President pro-te
lico will turn upon Tampa the rays o and Lee controlled the convention in shed have offered her money and provis- Lesley Brown presiding. The business gtetlyY4iz4,p
he sun of prosperity at its zenith. For every particular. `Ion. John % Long, ions, but she only abuses them for their transacted occupied about two hours ir nd Bw,
his place Ia logically the control point the Florida member of the Natlonal offers. An army officer directed one othwsoig etistie, tn f wasi asu
n the great highway of trade that is Republican Executive committee, was the commissary wagons to stop and give t was of great importance. It was as dfe r a
non to open, and those who contributed chairman of the convention. Joseph the woman all the food she needed for follows:
o its natural advantages will soon reap E. Lee, colored, collector of customs her family, and to charge the same to A protest received from George 1t. codti Ptiu Sv 4
be fruits of their labor, of the port of Jacksonville, was secre- him, but the woman would accept noth- Vafarlane, against the car of tje.. on]y etedyhJ
There are now here abott 3,000 troops, tary. There were several contesting lng. and abused the officer for his offer. C. & P. Ry., being allowed to stand on toth
nd endless amounts of government delegations, and the contests were die- Another army officer offered to give Mthe track o the Cnter's Co d mpanyote
on Washington street, was ordered tae to the
wagons, mules andeuppilee -What w.11 posed of by the committee on creden- to assist the family In getting a house A statement from Judge Gcala
donewIth them possibly the almighty lials which reported recommending to live in, but his offer was Indignantly mof J bactiOm4l4
ul konows ad he has not yet told as follows: refused. 'How the family manages to the Municipal cour ep to a re yt o a re-
lycretar Alger. At one time, nearly The seating of Lee delegation from exist is not known. The sheriff offered quest of Councilman Kruse for an ex-
0,000 troops were here. If the true and Duval County; no legal delegation from to provide them wfth a home but the planation as to why he had fined one heathy-a be b
act ht erWalton County; seating of What we womanrould notaept this kind offer defendant and discharged another, i ts y xc t qa -- s ( *
x hist of thega hering a nd stay r nuerohpeeeth eharge with the ps tme offene w e- tr L tor tha nS j
Ct his army here is written, it would know as Lee-Long delegatlo4e from This is the case that needs looking into charged with the same offense, was re-
I a l b volume. But it never willbe W~ashington, Escambia and !Monroe and it is possible that If some ladies of ced, The Judge heated that he acted d itoa i vlr
ll S a US volume. But the never d r be pon the evidence and the circumatanecs mcse t populrre S
rotten, and probably should not be. o Counties; both delegations seated from the city would interest themselves in In the evidence andcilman Khrue onhes mspt cist n stamlle. r ;
od could be done now, and the history Marion County, wih half vote, and the the matter, some good might be ane e. Councilman w use on- SyraohM f -F isg o -is
Sso replete with gross mismanagement. contest from .Alachua County dismissed complished. tended the ata temet was tn u -ge s
criminal incompetence and wholesale astrval Vigrous protests e e made i t
arceny, that it would be a national dis- by F. C. Williams and others of the HOW TO LOOK GOOD. nwer wa ordered ned t AnrB
anti-Lee delegation in MWarion County A communication was read from Act- m y not h e a it e e
,Taee. ing mayyor BrUeh, as follows:
While the troops were here, even the against dividing the vote. Their motion Good i6oks are really more than skin g Mayor Bruen as follows:
,tters of the streets ran silver. The that the report be considered section Tampa, Fla., August 1th, 18Ma Co t t plPo tiY of at n un
nsrnflcant Tah pa o ay aiHotel a b. seipper, ot on, aMr rD after deep, dependirng extprelt on a healthy To the President and members of the ISht to It. D O, F iD o r' o:
tagnlicant Tampa Bay totel was by section was voted down, after
crowded to its walls, and every hotel, more discussion the report p rented, Condltlon of all the vital organs. If City Council, entleomen:--With an ap- AJy sbt e ..
boarding house hand private residence Was almost unanimously adopt the liver Is inactive, you have a beiaou d propriation of $1,000 to the Banitary De-
as full. Even newsboys made as high Tbe temporary organization wat s then look; If your stomach is disordered, you partmet it has been iposahie in the iCIa n a
$30 per week selling one paper alone, made permanent. Committees were ap- have a dyspeptic look ifYo urkidneyts from the city ct an .exese .
Lnd many boys made $5 to $10 per day pointed on reorganization and !resolu- have a dyspepAle look; if your krdneys arom unsightly obJectascatteded along 9vrrir _a W ". :WV
ith lemonade and usker's stands. The tons and nomination. are affected, you have a ipnched look. our side walks, and in public streets.
Sw s and The ollong candidates ere omi Secue good health ou will While the 'Sanitary Department is one i
streets were crowded with wagons and The following candidates were nomls- el and you will surl y of if not the most, import dep At rt-
ien until they were almost impassable, nated: y. o not the most, important depatrt- i c s- r.
nd every line of business ran to its For State Treasurer, George E. Gay ys. good looks Electr B.tter. s mentos in the city government, as the their back salae .
tmoet capacity. One soda fount of Palatka; for Supreme court Justices; a good alternative and tonic Acts dl- health of the city Is largely dependent An ordinance introdu b C
leafed 1,0 in one week. The hustler i ~. Gi. tbbons of Tampa; and E. P. rectly on the stomach. liver and kidneys on the efficiency with which its affairs
o time by the oreloc and madextell of Jacksorville; for Railroad are admntered, ou have been com- man recker wa rea the p ,
ok time by the forelock and made convipurifies the blood, cures pimples, blotch- troh c k of fd t app- a ulner the r e set ovr t- pr 1
oney, while the sloth laydown and let Comissioners, V. J. Ipman of Laws- es and boh and gives good coplexion pelle thr ough lack of funds tO app and uder th e -
to tide run oter him. tey; J. N. Coombs of Fransktlln and A. Every bottle guaranteed. Sob at usual amou epament; fact, have beethan blithe vgea that it 'ro e to te ria-
mongl the hustlers was W. F. Stovall C. Richards of Lake. All candidates are i. Leonardi's drug store. Mt cents per r aedue t; t sat, havtetonu obuied dcl- osr he n toe otiSn e tyor t
Sthe Tribune. 'He had put in type- white. ot.to reduce the sum to ten thousand dol-.stroet th l trees d the ct
getting machines just before the rush, After numerous speeches, the candi- b posain oflt the sent meanor s oa g- ntrlc iior more i five aimtes i
aes treeon, e hdatverrdes nahunl gmed were made the nominees posing o the city s waste, it will 'be a time.
nd wase ready. With every influex of dates named were ade the nominees For Tobacco Growers impossIble to perform the work, and it A resolution was adopted
soldiers, and increase of business, he of the convention.
would bring the Tribune up to meet the The State Central committee was elec- is very e of tssentietan al that this matter be brick for pebble pho phate ,p caW
demand, and kept strictly apace with ted as follows: The edition of that valuable book, taken up immediately by you and other malert al fdor IEt a park arVea S.
he times. H. S. Chutb, chairman; Joseph E. Lee, "Cuhan Tobacco In Florida; How to methods adopted. Mr. Scarlett, the An ordiamageptovkdng for, em-
at one time, sixty, newsboys were em- secretary. Grow idt; s now to Cure it; How to ptake former chief pf sanitation, kindly gave ployment o' licensed ae"sa o-
oyed to handle his morning edition, Committee ofi the First district-Marl it pay," will 0 soon be exhausted. It is me a few examples and figures, which regulating the sanltar deueett
nd some of those boys cleared $6 to $7 Wh hte, J. N. Combs, ,1. G. Gibbons, Ed very Important therefore that all in- I give you below, showing where monies the city, in conformity wh the vi -
day each. Branch houses were estab- Livingston, E. C. Weeks, C. E. Spencer, terested in tobacco, who have not se- have been expended, which might have expressed bycti ayor u us ~,-c
stled at Lakeland and Port Tamps, and R. C. Scarlett. cured a copy for reference should do so been saved to the tax payers at large,"-was intir-odue and passed i ln'sllfrstl
is press kept gofng all day and all Second District--W. G. Robinson, J. at once before it is too late. This book had proper ordinances been passed and reading. Under the rtles it wet ove
iht. Every victory gained by the E. Lee, L. W. BHsell, i S. Chubb. explains everything from seed to cigar enforced.' until the next regular meetlF-'
nny was te occasion o a scoop or At large--. Chandler, n impeco se manner, step by step, The spring of the freeze, some three uSanItar Che ei T. Xi u Weir, atte -f -
1e paper, often getting out an evening Lucas, Joshua 'Miell, H. W. Bishop, E. and to every tobacco grower whether and one half years ago, many of our the information of the Cou c tht it~
tra hours ahea# of an)y other. E. Skipper, Ot. BMoore, R. D. Jordan, beginner or expert, it is invaluable and citizens lost their orange trees and ornta. was impossible to get me to 'oa
An instance of how this work went A. LIfffsat, J. F. Horr. T. S. Harfis, C. indispensable, to either it ts worth many mental shrubbery. ome had small his department without pay, and
1 occtrtrd when the competing paper, C. Haight, C. J. Shoemaker, S. I. Cole- times the price, which is 50 cents a copy. gr'es and others a few trees in thoir as he had no money to paf them i
I evening sheet, began publishIng a man By special arrangements we are en- yard. of the employee wont&stopwork to-ay.
orning-editon. Carrier boys fou bpth Putnam county contended that it abled to offer a year's subscription to N hen the dead wood was cut out of Councilman trecke k.agaolt -d qht p
apere fent down on the same traIn for should have a member on the coilmit- thL -Weekly Tribune and the book for those' trees, it was hauled off and dis- the question of what right aa tb Ir.
SPort, nine miles distant, where tee, but the report was adopted by a $1.25. Renew at once and secure this posed of by the city at an expense of & p. Ralirosd Company. to'aJli"-
tatter'e army was embarking. This vote of 116 to 21 1-2. book almost free. If you are paId up, over $1, 0 to stand on the tracks of thestr :
d not stlt itovall, who believes In After considerable cLscuseaon, the ornm- send 25 cents and you will get the book. The usual cost to the city of cartIng railroad' on Wa ingtloi s Lreet.. Cily
fading, not keeping up with the pro- mlttee was authorized to fill vancalcies Duon't delay a day or the supply may off grass and weeds, cut from private Attorney Whitaker sated that t= e com-
msion, sohe bored a dreg, wic two caused by death or resignation. !The be exhausted. property, Is over $1,500 per annum... ,any had no spcu tight. Wr. trecrA"
isos, and ounI Would load eight news- campaign committee was afterward An average o nve wagons have been Insisted that some ktion be takei to
rm fourr were already there) with named, the usual resolutions adopted, BUCEKI-)N b AANtICt SALVIL kept busy during the past year hauling compel the remoy l of t w .ca ,m rs.an I
yeral thousand copies of the paper at and the convention adjourned at 1:30. off trash, consulting of paper, paper also to compel the stinet ~Iirus fop-l
t three clock In the morning d The best slve in the world for cuts, boxes, packing boxes, old barrels; etc., pany to tear upt th s ita e th a
bohen the train wo the morningat the ndr Fst Floridae e le l from scores and private yards, at an street, as the company has g
hen4 the teLrain would a t the P E Florid&. Bruises, Bores, Ulcem Wtf Rhea= approxiimate cost of thirty-six hundred fqrfeited theright toth4 e ma o ithIke
th the contemporary's edition, the o ever Sores. Tettar, Chapped Had dollars. streAt.A re1sutios w *~ do 'i.
ld was already covered With the Tri- The Times-UnIon and Citizen of yes- hillainTe final pal of the ve matter, eCt the
l- .o tt were" even -ltre, and terday has the following regarding the Chilhlains, Corns, and ai aSin sp- The final disosal of the shove matter, reCtIngthe cigars to anefA .sis-Cop-.
by burning and covering with earth, sumere8 Company fo rmp. tltrsehsc
per cared to'the loaded transports Florida regiment now in camp at Fer- on and potively cures Pe, or o dot an additional thou d dollar as, tff Wasigo street ata..-.t \coeeP
at In ,the ;ay.. The contemporary's nandina: paf required. It is guaranteed to give making a total expense of%$KM0.Or Mr. ,et-. r~ .wanted lo ke
rjg edition w as s non discontinued, 'The First Forida regiment. baring perfect satisfaction or money runed present chief of sanitation reports that right the cbf of0 J 'Ag
tt the o-times are now over, been the first regiment to prepare its ne has two of the city's wagons, doing men toV-
tda.Tampi's ci ons are counting up payroll, is the first to receive any gov- rie lmcents per box. For Seb L. a l private dayage business, for the who are, t
tr profits. Soldiers can be seen on ernmental funds at thia cam p. Today B. Leonarc a u benefit of-the several markets through- city.- The chir qai.*
Streets on every hand, but no longer the regiment has been lined up in e(om- out the town, and two others cleaning the City, ttarnery er i
crows. and these that are here aref panics and received compensationI for svoervooy baySss co up for saloons, These wagoss cost from the charter protoa-hat-.i
let and well behasred. hat i services rendered last month. While Casctarets Catr. Catlnart c. the most -won- aoout thirty dollars per month each to cers of the city t r emst be
an event occurred last night that It- much credit Is being showered on 0 the derful medical discovery of the age, i ess- maintain and operate, and this expense tors, did not- apply to the
arate eme owt the troule the city e Florida regiment by superior ofesr, ast acd retreshmg to the taste, act g n would go far towards depleting the certain departments euocth eat
o had hert'with the routs er elmente thls little incident is only another ldi- s.dposltively on kidneys. literand bowels. amount which you have appropriated dePtartn55t-and police deLdeps-~spt
option of the Slnuh cvalrg a negro cation of their promptness and ~f- cssasg the' entire system, dispel old, for legitimate sanitary purposes Pnket- thou "gh dl$6etel s itlh-e
lop wngd teret to- S leftaho, where it ciency. usum headahe, fever, ihabitual consetletion It seems to me that the sanitary de- council tooisso .t.os i.
loned; thet.rest s lea t here, where "The Jacksonville Rifles, under Capt. id biliousness. Pice5 buy and tnr bor partment is attempting to do a vast Councimasn tuee le ha snel
,Oa V tedPt. Lamp ndepha thepart Jn y. Wilson, appears to be winning otCC.C. to-day;t10,5l50 icsnts. I0dl amount of work that does not properly for ChIeWt oet f ofthe Saafgr.
Snt. Port Tpusng departed for Tng laurels continually. They are excel- gi tshd to cure by all druggsis. belong to it, and to which the general mont5 Be eleag that tI "
mob sthe tne rough Tamph lently drilled, and a more presentable tax payer should not be ctmpeiled to not a ttepdi g to.. duilpaJ Mi .
ad west ve6 soldiers got jug the set of men cannot be found in any of NO CLBIS--co PAy, contribute. wien he' l o ;t.m @t
uin and wed t tb therea ty juf ne d de- the regiments. Their popularity, too, I believe that you as a body can de- empty box" s and- berl
sded the resle.ge of a nesro older has beep solidified with the fair sex, Tat 5 thes way all BUI i5 i' vise a plan whereby a portion of the keeping the tes~mbsb sn..eg
d tod che was not eealdhre1 bittat t until the boys feel secure in .this direc- Grover's Tasteless Chill Tonic for Ma- amount you have set asde "or 'lo ttaty which stands .for.Pr rse r
tnoyv etI' n" n tter to tt The TeSecond and Third regiments of aria. and Fever. It is sinply purposes, can. be sved to the tax pay-' some places. He dernlsa- s~at a
1 i a.1 forcibly re- -United States cavalry are still In camp Iron and Qulnlne in a tastetass tot-c er his city oth .ens.. yfVe a houra. te driver use -an cirt te to-he k .' o1
sad 515 Prisoner. Afterwe, rds, they at Fernandina although they are under -'ildoon love. Adults prefer it t0 inhabitants, if each individual would home. Chie ,Weltr ardmtted the ekarge -M '
sd volley after volley from guns and orders to proceed to Bontauk Point. Ptter n-f Unlo tonics -w do a little towards keeping their premi- and explained that tin man was o.S-
Itola to Intimidate any one ws-o might The reason for the delay is stated to be see and surroundings crean, and daetour- of the best in the department, and thiai
temot his recapture. It is said one "a congestion of the railway ,faciities age the careless throwing of paper, fruit he hauled the load to -the dumping
b, with' rifes, held up the train until on Long Island." It will be seen from and other trash on the ptubllc streets, it ground as he was cing h u p for bresk-;
e other mob rerursed with the re- this that the so called "magnificent" would go far towards solving tie prob- fast, and that it had 'net taken up fifteen
Sin an uPp- room only a hout f Ift able to handle the business of the W'ar The police department should also be ,Mr. rtuse said he wouldn't giv .
rds from where the shootlg was Department any 'better than the much l' enisteo in this cause; they, to a i-ge dents for such an espiso, eshn ~g -
ing on, and (be effect was a rather abused railways of the South. These i extent, could prevent careless peroono wanted to know whether Chlef Wetr- R:I'
spy feeling, regiments started from Tampa two from using the streets as a depository could control his men, and said thaptin
'he conduct' of the negro soldiers sieito ago and are stIll tied up. foruo, an. h pato l .o 00dint oomc so a n d-"
re,into eery pat o the city, could inspect control of them, from the way they'
bettr, has ,teen a dvace to U0ce DISCOVERED BY A WOMAN. tie private premines, on their respective were acting.

re m t h bee n on the partof Another great discovery has beenbeats, and see thatthey were kept in The city attorney stated that he had
people Aneto i olize the American sol- a L anitary condition, and naming any placed In bank $5.250. collected on ac-
tr. Their ofcers.have shown either made, and that too, by a lady in this places where the ordinance was not count of tax suits, and this amount less
ter tocompetency or criminal care- country. "Diseae fastened its clutches being complied wsith. cost of collection and costs of th.State
Pess,.an&nfd few instances. notauy upon her and foi seven years she with- The tn-rowisg of slops, dish water, etc., Supreme Court, mounting to '$2.0D
Sof lst nbdi hee made bnst little ouon hea o seve n yesrs he wit upon the ground, as practiced by some would be turned er to fhe tv tas-
t of last night, have made bt litt stood Its severest tests, but her vita individuals, cannot :be too severely con- urer to-dav. Some of the eounclimen
Sto control their men. of
here is no yellow fever here, and organs were undermined and death AV EV R demned, as this is one of the great thought they saw a chance to get some
t little tyl>hoid, but much malarial seemed imminent. For three months AV EV Rources of tphoid ever. money into ome of the funds so that
r II possd the hand o fate, she coughed inesanty, and could not The placing o unghtl objects in i could be used pang back saar-
SthepencI of destiny, I would write ies tl d c d nt reyards and along the public streets, into les of employes. They were disap-
re thei people of Tampa, in letters sleep. She nay discovered a way to hirsfm hrlat'o hi trash is thrown, should also be pointed. as It was sta d tha the treas- .
Sre the hpe o Tm, in letters recovery, by purchasing a bottle of Dr m r u prohibited it costs ile or nothing to urer holds old warrants fmore than
oidg .peial th under d, which Kin8 new diso ry as so muh e u ption, R CKL Y At keep about the premises, and in front $sb0 on which he har. advanced money.
rlldp n t-hunder tones from every nd at all so muc h realv on cA of business houses aneat receptacle for and the money turned .. would be used
AY ii od first dose, that ie s.ept all nlahtu and this purpose, and adds greatly to the in retiring these warr-nts. .
.'f AIA[TA1 -E."" with two bottles, has been.bsolutely RITTF R general appearance of the city. The council then Ad.urned.to meet
. .afa -.Up ty n T ame ti mud. TH. cured. ir name is Irs. Luther LUto. l I l-esh aiso to bring to your attention net Monday night, when an ordinance
hus writes W. . amnick Clo., a a matter which has already been dis- will be. passed authorizing the financ

ren add woen, have prepared tbe ac. nd at. Every bottle guaran- n as a irtfrl diseabe results ec t referred to is that of the ity .
1 it ishalway ponsasgme, -tais bail. which as yoou al knoo, needat
itis Always iiaot b The Tom6ch nd violerfl general overhauling. Particularly is largest sale of any salve r,' world.
m, t 0'TTIc thatt has hellp- Plant City Weddirg.e tOn, this true of the city jail and especially This fact and its merit has ledI d.oned t -
Se th ataers thhelt Plant City Fi. .,n. u its sanitary- condition, which is de- people to attempt to counterfeit it. Look "
g-Avd people t they're. The Plant City, ia.,k oust 1".--At the hK e p Hcrable, and is a menace to the health
never Sn Bp suf those confined there. The Booard o out for a man who attempts to deceive
eo Baptst church on Wednd Pblic Works have ignifed their sWl- you"wheo you call for DeWitt' Witch
owin tgr si ~e modef August 10. Mriss Sallie M lrs.lWt, scoKnd iglngrcss to repair-the buIlding, and a throat or obalnate coughs. 9. B-Lam-
d vathed M...r. and Mrs. W. S. Knight, committee has been appointed to meet ard & Co s
a M toMrtv.'". J. F Ler. lTherchurch was I and confer o Ith them on thls .mtter.
'tce. t v tastefu lly. d cr th rasu I believe that If this matter is taken
Pg r u .asio andecorated with beautiful up immediately, it would not be long be- SHA E nTO-a.SHO .
tdIm SupplVesflowers and evergreens. A large tdUoM- "E fore semeohng could be accomnished tfI
n She O IMer Diegstive panyo*athered to witness the interesting old suggest that your ommttee t Alien's Foot-M a powdr th
tbh sto sh al a ller ony- The happy couple took the w- w I eyou iti wait for a regular meeting of the Bosrd, feet. It cares atLnful .swoilen. a art
is~ A b Vi t trii on theF FC. & P. for -North 'but ask them to give the committee lue nervous tt ee u e
the parents, brothers and sisters at home. a hearing, and have no doubt the tetl Sc of ocn a
p e w e" weep bottle. S o A large party of our young people left L.rijugo gentlemen of the hoard would be glad tot s
do so. Respectlly. I the V
aentaap to pt early.t'hursdy morning for a visit to FRANK..s d no. ipcB MV thely a se a r bt dssov
S K u' FRANK BtEN, sa oePes .obt-E-s .
YAtIn Myor, tight or new shoes tea I
_7 AN.J Q~u nkUW~. tiBUA;0 I .RUGGIST* This subject was one of deep interest a ,artn cm fo ,wet "5_ e L
i' .- o ,e dmore wMide r -. t- o lIth attetl o The i ross-i-nh" n hnot.I, 1Tk 1^GN$_f f
Sme i -was ordered filed. &8d Dt-s~ts s-n 0he% s
e thOoi:e&"- bss Oi B- W5tl P I'eck ga gve thmIBM(e *nse & S aipie'sai.-
Vr = b% Mto swu1m" the f It *' comMUltaMea lttle roastfor itrUs rIbo*U
ofK B 9t n thte( te; "Mbr fLte aor tw lr ^in art-a ing so= plan B htBy Adt- lI I*
g l Wsf* T s1 saw e.stt ssrs0 They nbw staT this & Leonatrdi & Co. pecal sent. lice sad othpr employs ca he m p b i5 'F. W
... ----W

SA LEGAI AD VERTISEMENTS. of Sw 1-4 of sec 31 in township 20, south 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 13; ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 1
-11 I Iof range t2 east, sw 1-4 of nr 1-4 of sec of nw 1-4 of sec 16, township 13, south 4
B Ii kkUJ -. 32, township 18. south of range 21 eat.; range 14 east; ne 1-4 of see 15, township
FORECLOSURE OF MORTGAGE. se 1-4 of se 1-4 6f sec 12, and fractional 15. south of range 15 east: sw 1-4 of ne
se 1-4 of nw 1-4 of se 25, township 21, 1-4 cf sec 6; se 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 9; se
In the Circuit Court for Hillsborough south o ra-nge 20 east; ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 11i township 11, south
h i a pEnTi County, Florida. The Ybor City of sec 24, tuvo.nsalp 1, south of range St of range 1G east; sw 1-4 ,f nv; 1-4 of se 4.
poration. vs. d1ard D. ;illett and 18, south f range 21 east, se 1-4 of o o;n 1-4 of ste 20. township 16 both in T
Sfr .-Mary ir Gilettt-Foreclosure of 1-4 of sec ,i. tow.ship 314, -uth o01 range range 16 east; a strip off sntuth end of
mortgage. "4 east. the e 1-2 of sw 1-4 of tc 4, tcr-nship 13.
Under and bsy virtue cs' a decree of And lse the following real estate sit- south of range 19 east, c-ntaining -0
rH e fOre F, eloeui e r-f mortgage, rendered cn the uated in the County of Manatee: Lots acres. and the se 1-4 cf ne 1-4 of sec 11i.
n22nd day of July, 1 A. LI. lS98. by the HIon one and two of 0ec t3, fiv acres in the township 11, south ol ran.e sxt en east.
S Barron Philips, Judge of the Clruit nw 1-4 of sec 36, and five acres in the And alo t3he foll wing real estate sit- 4
SCourt of the Sixth Judicial circuit of the sw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of se 36, township 3. uated in the Count y cf Aachua: e 1-4
S b State of Florida. In and f-r Hillsborough south cf range 17 cass, lots two and o liet t -1 f 1 e !I, a.tld sw 1-4 cf nw 1-4,
,the private* County, in chancery,. n favor of the three in sec 16, townshiD :;4 ., surh u f of c 12. township 7 south, sw 1-4 uof
Ybor City Building and Loan Associa- range 17 east; nw 1-4 o; ne 1-4 anu ne se 1-4 of sec 12, s 1-2 if n0w i-4 of sec 13.
in Scoring ticn, a corporation, and against Edward 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 10, the -e 1-4 o. mhe town:-hip S,s uth nw 1-i of nw 1-4 and
SD.Gillett. and Mary E.Glltett, I will setl ne 1-4 of sec IS,, townustp :4, suutlh of; nw 1-4 of sw 1I- taf sec 14, e 1-2 of nw
risoner at public outcry In front of the court runge 18 east, ois twu tlreou ai-. four, r 1-4 of sec 15. s 1-2 osw 1-4 the ce 1-4 of
housedoor in the city of Tapa, in sad in sec 12. 1,ts t eo and three i sec ls re 1-4and ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 24 ,
S county and state, within the legal hour township ; 7, south o range to eat, ne township 10 south, all in range 15 east,
Sof Tale, on the 5th day of September, A 1-4 of se 1-4 of see 3, and sw 1-i c s 1-4 e 1-2 .f nw 1-4 of sec 12, township Ii,
eetin of the citi- D. 1898. the same being the first Monday of sec 0o.township y S, south of raoge S nouth, range 16 east; s 1-2 of sw 1-4 of
by Congressman n said month, for cash, to the east 15 acres in ne 1-4 of :ne 1-4 o; sec s-' 2, tow nseip 7 south, range 17 east;
other prominent highest and best bidder, all 16, township 4J, south of rngo- 19 easi; o s ''-- of sw l1- of see 35; n 1-2 of rnw 1-4
Snhlloroh the following lots, p ecea or nw 1-4 of n 1-4 of sec 7 n 1 -4 of s 1 ofse .c a, township 7, south of range 17 ,
f Hilsorot parcels of land, situate, lying and being1-4, and sw -4 of 1-4 of eec S. an ast. rrth cf county line of see 18,
the High School in the county of Hlltsborough, and State e 1-2 of se 1-4 of sec 17. township 39, townshrp 11. south of range 17 east; sw 5'
OCwtlg to the of Florida. and described as follows, to- south of range 20 east; n 1-2 of sw 1-4 of! 1-4 cf neo -4; se 1-4 of nw 1-4, and the
twenty-live per- wlt: lot two of block seventy-six of Ybor sec 2, lots 2, 3, 4, and 5 in eec 12; lots 1, w 1-4 of sec 31, and the nw 1-4 of be 1-4 ,
twenty-ve City, according to the map of 1893, re- 2 and 3 in sec 13, township 40, south of os se,: 3, In township 6; ne 1-4 of se 1-4; -
they made up in corded In the book of plats number one range 20 east; and lot 2 in sec 16. to n- and sw. 1-4 of s 1-4 of sec 2; ne 1-4 of -
n for the lac of on page sixty-four, of the records of ship 34, south of range 17 east. e 1-4 of se 5, ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 14;
Hilltborough County, Florida, together And also the following real estate sit- e 1-2 of w 1-2 of nw 1-4; e 1-2 of sw 1-4
called tht meeting with ah and singular the tenements uated in the County of Pasco; The sw of nw 1-4; e 1-2 of nw 1-4; e 1-2 of aw 1-4
ence eKniht was hereditaments and appurtanences there- 14 of see 23, township 6, south e of w 1- of sec 15; and w 1-2 of ne 1-4 a
'N. A. hocreark., unto belonging, or in any wise apper- 15 east, s 1-2 of ne 1-4 of sec 5, township of sec 22, township 7 south, se 1-4 of se
rns stated that taln t E L. ng. LA 24, south of range 17 east, the se1-4 of 1-4, e 1-4 of ne 1-4. n 1-2 of ne 1.4, ne
lng w"a to voice GRANVILLE L. LARIMORE. sw 1-4 of sec 16, township 24, south of 1-4 of nw 1-4, the sw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec
people regardingg P. 0. Knight, Master in Chancery. range 20 east; w 1-2 of ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 one; n 1-2 of ne 1-4 the ne 1-4 of se 1-4
i last iaturday Solicitor fn r Complainant. and the sw 1-4 of se 1-4 of sw 1-4 otsec the w 1-2 of nw 1-4, and nw 1-4 of sw
the e wnth aiv- 6; n 1-2 and se 1-4 of sw 1-4 of se 1-4 of 1-4 of sec 2; the sw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec I1
ise eConty nT ce TO NON-R IDENT. sec 12. township 25, south of range 21 27; the ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 of see 21; the se
S p er and Nast; w 1- o nw -4, and w 1-4 of sw 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 32, township 10 south,
e 4 t wog In the CIrcuit Court othehe Sixth Judi- 1-4, and sw 14 of sw 1-4 oft sec 3, all in range 18 east, the se 1-4 of se 1-4 S
seem tse wrong Ist a so nd srw 1 f sw t-ec s- ^ of
Itwthe ce th ship 25, south of range 22 east; e and se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 4, township 11,
tio t offered by cal C.ircuit o the State of Florida, 1-2 of ne 1-4 of sec 24, township 24 suth south of range 1I east, n 1-2 of sw 1-4 of
re a iopted by a in and for Hillsborough County; in of range 21 east. all except the n 1-2 of nw 1-4 of see 4, township 8, south of
Cancer si the se 1-4 of se 1-4 of nw 1-4 and the s rnge 19 ast; e 1-4 of sec 12township
Snight. A St e ry Buidin L 1-2 of ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of nw 1-4 in sec 9, south of range 16 east; the e 1-2 of se
Ninth regiment, The Y-bor Cty Building & Loan Asso- 29, township 25, south of range 16 east; 1-4 of see 24, township 7, souvh of range
by force V arms, elation, vs. John B. Browning and n 1-2 of nw 1-4 or sec 2, township 24, 17 east, the e 1-2 of ne 1-4 -f sec 7, and
L breakbi down Jame B. Browning. south of range 20 east; se 1-4 of nw 1-4 the ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 20, in town-
em cus tody, ens
die of the lawsn Thi case coming on to be heard upon of sec 32, township 2n, south of range 16 ship 8, south of range 17 east. Scotia
biedM ofe ,awnul the motion for an order of publication, east. The said Thomas F. Stubbs, W. Scotia
nreas i deed and it apearmg to the satisfaction o0 And also the fqllowlng real estate sit- Tison and Thomas R. Peeples, late part-
irbotntese which the clerk, upon the affidavit of Peter ted theCounty of Deoto: sw 1-4 es n trade ing business, and trad-
the ofietrs 'ti Knight, attorney for the complainant, of se 1-4, lots 1 and 2, and the e 1-2 of ing under the firm name d style of
Sof what was that the defendasnts.Jno.B.Browning an sw 1-4 of sec 17, e 1-2 of sw 1-4 of see 18- Stubbs, Tison & Company defendant
Jarne B. Browrnig areboth residents o ne 1-4 of sec 19, the w 1-2 of ne 1-4, the above npmed and al other persons in-
te rement the te of Flori da, and that they hve s 1-4 of ne 1-4, and the e 1-2 of nw 1-4 treated in ad operty are hereby re
kn the prisoner been abS a from the state nnre than of seC 20; all in township 40, south of qued to aear to the said action o
the center of our sixty days, prior to the application of range 21 east; nw 1-4 and se 1-4, fnd n the first Monday in September 198. theVi

the "..ostds0toh p t o a o
Sprt theof, is order, and that In the belief of 1-2 of sw 1-4 in sec 6 and the se 1-4 of same being the th day in said month, at
'he.aeg ief their aflant they are each over the age of ne 1-4 of sec 25; all in township 41, south and a rule day in this court, eloe a de-
ny p4oteot from twenty-one years; that there is no per- of range 22 east; the se 1-4 of se 1-4 of fauit will be duly entered against them no
of oup mnlsnipil ti soin the O tate a Florida. the servi sesec 35. and the sw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec in said court. C&
S- firing a of a subpoena upon whom, would bind 36, township 39, south of range 23 east; LI-BIG MANUFACTURING CO..
asd-b either of said defendants, and that their ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 1, and all frac- PlaIntiff. US
In n thin s seme peent place of temporary residence tonal of -sec 28, township 40, south of F. M. SIMONTON, Li
o 49 to s age", 8trtlhbung,, Gtlasgow, Scotesnd. range 23 east; ne 1-4 of ne 1-4, and the Attorney for Plaintiff. of
-.thsa "thiS 5sBa It is thereasu upon consideration sw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 16 ; a 1-2 of ne 1-4.o
1,-rad did convey thereof ordered s-nd adjudged that you, and e 1-2 of sw 1-4 of sec 17, township COMMt SSIONEIrS' SALE. be
ra of IhisS0tate; Jion B. Browninm gmnd Jane B. Brown- 33, south of range 25 east; se 1-4 of sw -
i g do appea before the judge of our 1-4 of sec 9, all of sec 17, and the ne 1-4 Sixth Judicial Circuit of the State of
Sthe peole of said court, at Tamps, q M rough of ne 1.4 of see 25, township 36, south of Florida, in and for Hillsborough County, ki:
Ish "Inn1, in county, eat e of Florida, on or before range 29 east; ne 1-4 of ne 1-4 of ec 26; In chancery, the undersigned Commis
s bteeyI the- 5th day of September, A. D. 196. se 1-4 of sw 1-4, and nw 1-4 of se 1-4 of sooner, appointed by cthe Court to eel
atf basci ere- .Its further ordered that a true and sect 4; ow 1-4 of be 1-4 of sec 36, In certain property described in the sup G(
S-* th more in- t epy of this order be published township 42, south of range 29 east. plimental bill of complaint in said cause,
v0iS-%to" 9 this, in the Tms- Tribune, a weekly news- And also the following real estate sit- will sell on the first Monday in Au
t- sluftes the Paper, published in: the city of Tampa, uated In the county of Polk: sw 1-4 of gust, 1898 the same being the first da3
IS kW wit have Bld ounty and etate, once a week for ne 1-4 of ec 26, in township 28. south of said month, during the legal hour
a hora iae a1iht consecutive weeks. of range 23 east; sw 1-4,of sw 1-4 of sec of sale for cash to the highest and bes
l the- iL few Don and ordered on this the 2nt day 7, and nw 1-4 of nw 1-4 o f sec S, in town- bidder, in front of the court house doo
se the ivl- o July. D. 108. I hiAp south orange 23 east, se 1-4 of In the City of Tampa., Florida, in sl
sttaz repect (Bemsa) H L. I ITCEL,- w 1-4 of sec 3, In township 24 south; County, the foltoing real estate situ
tid O tarlel- ei Clerk of Circuit Court. the a 1-2 of me 1-4 of see 6. township 29 ated in the County of Hillsborough an
s avery o Ioe, gave By D. B. GIVENS, south, and e 1-2 of nw 1-4 of sec 29, State of Florida and more particular
0vry s of P.O. K-NI.HT. Deputy Clerk. town hip 30, all in range 24 east, seven described as follows, to wit: Lots tw
Solicitor Conimplainat. scre in the se corner oLthe ne 1-4 of (2) and three (3) in Block eighty-tw,
on 'i -tr _i 1w I -4 of see 231, township 27 south, (82) of the town of Tampa, according Is
ua m ate eof Flerida, County of Hills uth halt of sw 1-4 of sec 13, o 1-2 of tthe general map thereof made -,by
*-pgcsrs i b -te bo oug ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 14, and a 1-20 of John Jackson, In 18.
*- -Hth I -, L. U ltohell, clerk of the circuit ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 26 township 28 Dated at Tampa, Florida this Z1tl
S couMrt. folH mls)orouffh county, Florida, south; the ne 1-4 of see 5, and the e 1-: day of Jtne, 1898.
WEld be reqoeted W eyrrtify that the foregoing is a Of se 1-4 of sec 9, townshIp 25 south; sw Sami Barehardt.
It oqs.eVt 'the true and correct copy of the original, as 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 15, township 30; ne Andrew J. Knight.
iae4 d eft oappeas on the iees of this oce, 1-4 of nw 1-4 and 0w 1-4 of nw 1-4 of E. 2M Hendry.
n evlry regl- In wtness whereof, I have hereunto sec 25; and se 1-4 of se 1-4 of soc 34, Commisslonera
s saa, lto aet my ben andd sixed the seal of said township 2L south; ow 1-4 of ne 1-4 and F W. Slmonton,
-s=me ot the oC on this bhe 2nd day oC July, A. D. ne 14 of nw 1-4 of see *, thee 1-2 of se Solicitor for the Complainant.
seam. 15g 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 30; the se 1-4-of ne MASTER'S SALE.
hg rb re" (Seal) -H. L MIT HELL~, .1-4 lees four acres in the ne corner of
pdi ta id Clferk of the Circuit Co-t. sec- 3; ow 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sw 1-4, ad In the Circuit
Is i By M" -GVEN3S, the n 1-i of sw A-4 o ne of n w 1-4 of Is the Circuit Court of the Sixth Judt
1pf.2)ps:sty Clerk. se 30, tonnihpR south; n 1- ofw-4 cial circuit of the State of Florida,
_UI. PW -D of ne 1-4 of nel- 4 of sec 24 township 31, in and for m llrborougb county,
south, all in range A east, the sw 1-4'M ry
Nod" of ztous*im of Suit by At- of nw 1-4 of see 3 township 31. south. r Porer. et ai, William K.
a t% 14f.- t athe% o I Franklin, et a&, forclosure cit mortgage.
_____ =south of range 2 easot, th Under and by virtue of a decree of
lit-g--d At- I township 12. %suthor east, the foreclosure of mortgage rendered on the
'S'e lZ5W be S M is- O ui t il- is. a -2ofno1-4. and the a1.2o fw 0 1-4
eij5l oon- s s.ShstsisL5Bse,' le insad ,irill- of sec 34; the se 1-4 of nw 1-4 of eec H,. to day of'Sty, i.., 2. 18, by the Eon.
br lm Mua m,. '"township 15, south of range 25 east, lots Barron Phllipi, judge of the court
'!;: ho~ihe Masfaeo~tw pslDsy a ear. 4, 8, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, sad 11 of subdivision aforesaid in favor of 'Mary A. Porter,
.ess] rebF se.O. a~Y- .T, ,, a f llam K. Franklin, et at, defendants, I
Og pone "e s sas a. veeprs s-is ~ 18 of blck will sell at public outcry in front of the
.WB1~SO4 paon~ ss s-s-d the ubt nof edora. court house door in the city of 7ampa,
a legal hours at sale, on the first Monday
se csO h 1-4 of 1- ot ne -4, and w 1-a of in Beptemfer, 1585 the same being the
piEnlhwebQbth .y "Noe1to is hereby given cas the above 1-i of nw 1o 4 o f w 1-4 of sec 9; ne 1-4 o and lest todder. the following described
a .rL s he .eatLsd msuit wherein the Liebg Menu- te 1-4 of sec 15- se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of see and be ing in t e cnyfd
"act .d, g Company is plaintiff, and 32; no 1-4 of n0 1-4 of sec 36, all In town- landr lyung and being in the county Of
.ageeisalisld or Tnoeoss ]. scut W. uota TIsco and ship 17, south of rngand tate of Florida, and
heddllr ha& Jhbeas i seeples, late prtnejs In of ne 1-4 of sec 18. township 17, southtof.more particularlYtdescribed as follows,
sQ t~hsk'5551W5aidie. doin~bustness and trading under eranas 17 t, ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 of .see, Lot number one f1). of block nineteen ,

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l V To raOUtERtave absohiute
132 in t w nut T 12 grs contain ng eight S) acre ts more or less.
otip 1, oft- e 11131
of sne 1-4 of 8 e o14 jI bV t aleflo mperance
Ic e 1-4 of no 1-4 of see Ti6, Pu ha p ote r

,hof 1- of sec 5I now 1 thSe 3 of hopeless cases ve atenardy-
e 1-4 of ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of permanently cured. So proof-positive sn I S
Ssw 1-4 of sec 26, and ne of 1-2 t power that I consider it my duty to '. ..
sc 3; allow in township 20 o ed wo bottles free to those of your readers i maegsbottlesofoneek.
1 20 east; se 1-4 of sw 1-4 h hve ConsumtionThroat, Bromch or ew so G eas e i
2%~0 td P 20, south DamaralanciGuano, the ideal w baen sftulizerS 4 w ,

W 1-4 of se 1-4 of see, Lung Trouble, i they will write m tir n. _.,d the dolor. Weha8,veed aeaos i e
-uth of range 20 east, and express and postoic address. Sincere, r-;. ... frer, sme remedy for Cao a at r

unty aon 14 1-4 f wsl
1-4, and nw 1-4 of 8 ne 1-4 r-T y tr. --ia p I ad: Cascer--I W s fe.
O 13, In township t2, eouth The figures of the United States go..- 1' .' t--- r's'vcr naoe Joreosn, down the Ssts, ore
st, fractional se 1-4 of sw ert-ment show that the. consumption of 0,. .-ssa.yi-oe mygrot jey gshhoeitteof GE. S6msse,-sp
woslp 14 south of range whiskey in this country has dfonteased olto....oI. t t... Oa.ts teo SndCaser o laBt o a.AdTtyBS II oss

o 28. township 15, south fact Is due largely to the Increased con- z raoootnirlae5u If onewoehtihsassmsrOEA C s-
I, ne 1-4 of n1-4-4 of sec sumpton of beer, to the hard times .
1ge 2o east; nfae 1-2 of sw rie for necensaumril- decreBy Its timel Z. Dn use
of sw 1-4 of sett 5; nw 1-4 t ous / __ nds of hopeless case have een already

of w1-4 one 1- 4 of e De- of rmlsky, but curefly to proo-positivhe temperane
fcept lot block 7, and sentioment in the country which duty grow
l20 east; sw and 12 1-4 of sw stronger every year. More care isbottldnt A rde W om
SaS S9,1, and being continually taken in educating the -
clulveth of r and lots yonexpress againd post the address. Sof intemperance Ay i- s' s--e remedy for C'sanssce

e block and the buls nes ~ulic a become the ron an1ner pefted n i to
C 13,e I lock and lot1 very strongeUt leave In the cn Su of nten.- n i tt nane Jorl, down the TSta ow n
lsetip 14 south of r ange deciag to employ young rSo .f&- mygret jy gobetter f n -
wuvinbok6In hiskey in this country has decreased ntit I rat s e and Cancr let X I"
ost. a n es1-4 og1-4ea sumption of beer, to the hard timesZnext

I I :I t1 S I I l I I I -lk 11 I of1+--4-1 -.

.. ..... U.U0 1O8IUH11 fl i O B10 8SIM A 8P L R FiftRegular CavalryI ther tM I
-.. 1 limball Overcome Zvery Diffculty. to Leave Tam lpa.I -
Stit ~lth l: s Seam From Tuesday's ,Div. nThe Gallant Fitzhugh Will Also be One Toe Heroes of Santiago to Participate OI The movement of troops from Tampa Oily Iart huiA n i
i a t lied last nightIn O Cthe marragc-f t Gra ollitoMro. narmy corps willbeae unile the volurth 4
Martin Campos and M;ss Ida Kimbale
both of New Cardis, FaL The ceremony unteers are mustered out of service, be-
took Place in the dining room of the Cos- yesterday with the departure of the
., Hlin and Jackson streets, and was per- There were eight troops of this regl- i .m
7.. / .. \ formed by Rev. Pedro Duarte, rector ment and they numbered 93M mea and .
*bl 0 bo to Paidand the o theCuban EpiscopaTchurch in Ybor Will Name Cuban and Porto Rican The North Atlantic Squadron Will ocers. Four troops of the regiment Ship Salin
Soth.left here sometime at n for Cuba, beFt dodurtroop
Mn 9 oM n OA Cash Sisa C The bride is a very attractive young Commissioners at Once so as to Arrive Durng the Week-A Land nleft cahere sometimr horses ag o equently ood for the ar
t A& Ds maa ---dwt ladsy, and as her parents did no: look e Review of the Sailors is a Pat there were about 1,3i0 horses besides the
with favor upon he suit of her accepted Secure the Evacuation of the review of the Sailor is a Part n to e transported.
-" gto be ovd. lover, she resorted to strategy, and sue- Illands. of the Program. on. Robert W Davis cono pressman
S needed most admirably. She came over Hon. Robert W. Davis. congressman e to .
from St. Petersburg yesterday, with her frorn the Sond Dstrc of Florida, '
s brother, with the announced intention Special to the Tribune Special to the Tribune. t e on s o r
Stteasry been empty o enof visiting friends here or a week or Washington, August 15.-TheNavy who wa om ted by the Democrati t e
ma t edoyso f the cty have two. -Mr. Campos was soon aware tf Washington, August 15. ---Or era Department is consde ring the project party o thie district, has name tod A1 -
aeDepartment is consderingdthe project of Party of thia district, has named his an t a
mg -promises for sui a the presence of his bride elect, and ir a Fitzhugh Lee, who was summoneTd from having a grand naval review in New district executive committee Hisn tary of the T
lethat it v il seem odd indeed short while had produced the marriage Jacksonville to Washington last hatur- York harbor next Saturday when the opponent isHoon. Herbert L. Anderson, b c instruction all Coi
e rIe i h now that tlhe marrn ae would tak e place ia-t day, had an interview with the Presi- battleships and cruisers under Admiralstomdirecn e t s
S hubuty i soon be teven rin g ein Th or Ci ty akpeppslacea dhdayinowhichoSecretary of W ar Sampson and S ley arrive at that p rt of Ocala, who was nominated by the
-,- Utpotub Sb c yw i soon be eveninir in Ybor City Episcopal church, dent toEday, in which Secretary of Efforts are being made to indu5e the Republicans of the Second district, and to velehI to C _I
id belt Isa t, so far as its and were there at the appointed hour. Alger participated. department to have a review cf the ships while there is no possibility of CoL Portl l
pss are o p oern d. The bride and groom soon appeared, and it was definitely settled that General and a land review of the sailors. ..Bob" meeting with defeat, the exec- Only "iern oUnlys iSjI
City Cea g hs wrestled with Jst before the ceremony was to begin, Lee would be appointed on the military It is ber.n.ved that the final decision
SDroblem ever since the it was discovered that a most emLar- commission to settle affairs in Cuba, and will be reached to-morrow, and that the ttve committee will arrange a vigo- r toran5d rtatlo o
S-dei"llaesrtoe acsum-e d the raising mistake iad occurred. The it was also settled that he will be sman.e war vessels will go up the North River rous campaign. In the First District. tween por o the ated t
6t- go*rMsot, hbut the Actioa of'groom had left the license at tlhl -res,- military governor of Havana province, to General Grant's tomb, at Riverside Congressman S. 3. Sparkman of this Porto Rican ports a4i s.sdmi
a ndjrnedseion, l dece of the family whom the bride ws and that he will leave for Havana this Park, will here fire a salute. h atica no o it, reco nied
Ws i tm iportat step y- t visitilg, week. city haa practically no opposition, but ro*u u n ^
Ot6-re te reidy 'osh.with w .. .. The entire -bridal party decided to re- It isannounced that the President has -- as soon as he names his cominrAettee, a and the aw which ite
I thr* lnlingBxpengesi of tohe _., .. turn to the residence and have the cere- determined to appoint the military corn- s ailing From Santiago.houl be mapped ou to a ofre* n t e ieorl the W
StsM-g bahldJemthepurpos mony perforsed there. -This clan was mission to Havana and to Porto Ric to campaign should be mapped out ang ad from one f t IT o
ona r -lutio pe authorizing the carried out. and as the bride was visit- within a day or two, as the agreement to the dates for pTrun on ubic meetings rane nother-pot
so to U ast s loan of ln r. Norma proprietress ofthe in the Protocol is that theso c mls-Specialtothe Tr .nt rIn
Wasrngeon, Astthe w 15.prAdmiral tOcon oearm wit the p rced I of the iond itnhea ot b onda ,
e It did nottb the counc Com ltan restaurant, the marr e sioners shall e appointed ihin ten Saooson, August 15es-Admir al State committeelAllgoodDemocratst
Wto-sts e. ornseutlwhe nth e toneof e p acermny atweddingr souperWs anday ll eooetini Hngao And omn t armored cruisers of his fleet, IV now sail- like to hear the doctrine of theparty ot the for h
a lorethem talt one of the eremony a wedding supper was and sh, Palorall mee t in Havana and inay S lg ortwad from antiao. Ad- expounded by the candidates at least tweeo New Toai a e I
S te city stood ready to a- served, and the health Mr and Mrs. Juan, Porto Rico witithral Sley, on the cruiser Brooklyn, once every two years. The election from cr l
Snney. n Campos was drank and congrattiatiaons The selection of the peace commission mis accompanying thec fleet. Ricon fom c
association subnitted'by the city extended, to negotiate the treaty of peace between will take place on Tuesday, Noveniber -
iW ad, adoptfetqb the Oouncil the United States and Spain will be de-
t wa:* 4 T te HAVANA Sl AWo R played until the end of the present week, SPAIN BOWED0 1N 1aOlROa W. 8th, and if the campaign is begui by e HO ca-a .
as, it has become necessary, and as that commission does not have to September 1st, meetings can be held at "
best iest the city of tm te rtn meet in Paris before October 1st.E realize the D ter War Hao all of the most important places IOn Speciar to the Tbu
aw SW and edge as security, No Definite Information HadBen The President has had an eg iely ealize the Dister War h e d o th t on p
. tax assessment an the un- Obtained by ilroad fficila bus day. There was a ontiuous Brought UponHer the district dung the monts pe- Key We t
d t a for the year 18ft, and stream of cabinet ofllcerer and iectials ceeding the election, of custom to-dof rotvam
lenlt.eron; Therefore be it calling to discuss matters which reiiiire Special to the Tribune. Tto grant cearancto v
ie by the City S ouncll of 'lam- The steamship MRasotte, of the Plant immediate action. London. August 15.-The ,Madridcr- The steamship Mascotte left Port Havana. r
t the finance committee be and Steamship Company, arrived from Key respondent of the Daily Mall says: Tampa last night for Key West with rush or the u ts
hereby empowered to negotiate Wet at 1:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon. ANOTHER CHANCE YET. "The comments of 'he press on tne a large freigh and about one hundred uta ti were k s
rMsy loan for the city of 's.impa he brought in 37 passengers and at protocol are a veritable funeral nymn passengers The steamer will not papers. Mn. elthe v sses
, S and that the loan be paid mall cargo 'of freight. The Mascotte o- n the destruction of the Spanish colo- paeners T teamer wi not p ,
the first taxew collected for 'the will leave again to-night on her regular Help Can be Bestowed Upon the nial empire. Some days aago the desire go through to Hkvana on this trio but overt Culbanlsw alm-sslsa's
be anid that the tax assessment trip. Srffering Cubans. for peace made the people close their a large number of passengers were lCubarn tol e SS
tOlecre te eay- a rre tye portedmn eeyes to the price, but nog, upon reading bound for Havana, and went to Key in theabloaded noe.
E..puli loan. Cuban residents. of the city yesterday the protocol, theyrealizethat the cn- West wit o ng a of
sinig this resolution the city that the Mascotie would go through to The expedition to Cuba has bene de- is the loss of that empire whia h Spain est wth the hope o ettng acros rriedo
a' .&l copy of an agreement, Havana on her trip out from here to- played several days. and in consequence had conquered with so rauch glory, and from that port. Nearly all of the pas- The tug nEt n M. Adu i
l'tere nto by themayor ight. AJ reporteraodf tseTrinbunden s citizens and visitors who desire to con- that Spain now falls to the second rano sengers were Cubans wbo are return- t-ry f h goenS
thse rayr dion;sbehaifeof sits city Capt. J. Wd.Fitzgeralduperinendent Varty, ofT e
s e'. which of the Plant Steamshp Company yester- tribute clothing t the naked people of among nations u lIg to Cuba to look up member e of their pondent bf t
4L i advance aiq money. The day afternoon, and the Captain said uba have a few more day to gath is general mournblic ingd is turned and t e families whom they have not heard
Cnuae thbe lc wal bje ofinter- that be knew nothing about it. H- So far very few have responded, yet '"Gen. Blanco telegraphs that Havana from since the beginning of the war. The p o
a thlke notes wile givenn, vIf the steamer does go through ti there is scarely a hoie i Tampa is greatly agitated by the news of the Some are agents of cigar manufactur- get the Importance of
i*tpbe a entire amount fled in time to give the public the de- tht can be s roared to help clothe the anxiety Is manifested to learn the condi- f Havana tobacco for the factories ont of the city is
e e. sired Information, destitute. A few moment spent in lions, which have not yet3 ceon pub-
iber ibra sacred by I S NOT i o In. S gathering them up will help to fulfill lished, here., to be done-before aWap
S toacoept n offer of W. V. Ifsey, division passenger agent the command, "Do unto others as ye ome uneasiness is felt rarding the l be u ed S the" wa to
v tak up water pipes' of the Plant System, telegraphed Col would that they should do to you." effect that the text of the protocol may Edward C. Dinmick, a soldier from to b 'eep everiatlty atItt
ssleneelpttecit, oftSIr- W. B,1 Wrenn, passenger trafficmanager Many single imen also have clothing to have on the Spanish volunteers in Ha- the artillery camp in North Ybor City, pongresslioni commltbee.on t
ose o T of the system nIght, and asked if spare that would be most acceptable in v na. loaded up on bad liuor yesterday, nd harbors wch vlted
throkghthe sme"ee to that there 1 any truth in a report that Cuba. "Many newspapers express grief and
it t ta thelwty the scotte would o through to Ha- Al who will contribute to the re- despair that the men who Drought die- then proceeded to amue himseelf by winter should not be allowed fU
S e ha Itputva s.onto-night'strip. e lirec ef of the destitute in Cuba any wear- aster on Spain, by lack of foresight, flourishing his pistol sd threatening the needs of Tapa
S dl d it put' vamIn on to-night's trip. He received able article of clothing (or men, women organization and ability, should con- to shoot everybody in sight. In front
teI pe l'aidbyute w oun ot o t a tteo or children will please send them to the tnue to govern the country." of Semonite's store on Franklin street u death in one a -
in glorida avenue, corner fortune street, ROUGH RMDWRS RETURN n.b nivera
16SoL r and Postoffkl Clerks to eet. by noon on Wednesday, August 17, in the street. Policeman ellara soon vule according to td tre
e b .mow4by mis- where they vtll be properly packed for G in.= wheeler and San ough appeared and placed Dinmicka under nn d f Mod. t
a w e trodo taiS3e The clerks in the postotlces are much ready distribution in Cdca. tiago ar g iew a rs ins t ci I o dn tc
t^Olifto.d disAose oit interested In the coming convention o a For greater convenience residents of Riders Arrive at Montauk. issue of 9i
,habin edvaning Th the Nationai Association ct Postomile Hyde Park can send their contributions ls e wll have a heaigtyie o f the p screfln
it ^cIty hs e ik. whIch will heal in 'Detroi on to the home of Mrs. Emma Craft, Plant special to the Tri e mi e will o have a hearing ths Port ped fort e Tr 4
.* tpiee. &ody,. september k, anl continue avenue, andresidents of Tampa eightsrnr t s
Me r r esitemst throui h the wo, 'About N30 delegates can send to the home of Mrs N. o D New Terk. Au ipla th -The Finrost Treoord for the f "- t
frmwsls e hogotthe Stitli, Palm avenue, up to Tuesday volunt ry, The Florida Centra and Peninsular
d ett are expected to take part night, or direct to Wr&. Pimm' to Wed- Roooevelt's Rough Rlders, with Colonel
In the deliberatione of the convention. neay noon Theodore RoOsevelt in comm d, and Is not to be ignored in movn the re-
ItIs d t Althe otoeclerk'sbillMARY A TYL->R. accompanied by Fighting Joe Wheeler, naainder of the troops now hera This I&. A. 8. I
S Itn wishope thah satofltohsbeenwork' billMARTATAY t have reached Montauk Point. sr-d has secured the contract sfor car- k undertaner .mis
OLon which the association has been work- The Rough Riders with Gein Wheeler
l d tIsngtar some, time past,2 will be pushed Georgia Boys Going. and other officers arrived on the steam- rylng the. Second-, Georgla rent ago, hvngavin a e
temster B toasuccesseul passage very shortly.s ---- ship aaml. This ship with the Gate from Tampa to Huntsvlile, ioia., and the gov&slLtusnt at Dryeii
o the hi to compel the The Second Georga regiment of vol-City, St. Louis and Vigilancla are the movement will begin to-dayL The COL lidise 3 igt
i inB e S anSt flsattion ot all the clerksin the unteter infantry, is under orders to leave ancthored close off shore. The lights of F. C. & P. will get the haul from Tam- pP E i ,at i
t.wara, chrg- W aAarrane matters so that for Huntsville, Ala.' This regiment has these vessels are Plainly visible from
T he ma i t wll lit be able to dismissal at the been under orders to leave for different the camp, pa to Everett, Ga. The FIfthfreg was closed op yt 3A
sai a p Pleasure of fhthe wo-t-ater. places so many times, that the o ewcers will be divided between the Ptnt Sm sIn closed ontil he wetnnls .
ts coyester co and men would not be in the least sur- H p WAeti.A FLeNrt tea and the F. C. & P.. and the Fifth The eMts fabt *- ostr .
Court con- tCamp A lgaNove. praised if they were ordered, at the latf
e t- ...,moment, to disemilbark from the cars Mary lnd will be carried by the Pnt resentalv I the
ihfa on ead to M e sTrsiuone and take passage on a steamer for Ha- Report Receivd a t Londo n Not Yet System, aot'satin mush js at
egi o A st L--The comng n pot-t The Fifth Maryland ex- OffiCisllly Mr. Paimes H. i te suave Aa tha wIll be heard frost
| inm m erts w-ek willbeo v oing w k t a leave to-m orro ind e Fifther -ap oan

^^ 'Se^^*^ f^ Of Ladies' Dress Goods, Silks, Embroideries, Trimminm, Parasol, goes, Men ) B
ISurpriseo Furnishings, is gorgeous in the extreme, and the beauty of tem is that they are seUl
Surprsli O Ul that move them with the rapidity of an Arizona cyclone. a-
- -" MeGoALL
iiot.f our summerstock. Irices and the quality of the goods do the By a Special arrangiane
thragOn a eW aq fr advertised bargains do not leave disappoint- naa
M*ig ever attempted in Tampa's trading history. We are made with The McCall Com
i i"ains than ever before and the people duly appre- A i
t ats Bush's they never fail to get the biggest ever PATTERNS pany, of New York, we are et-
Our of tradepeopl will welcome you with asmie and acor-abed to oer youthe Be
Jeawf by ring you enormous prot made by other concerns. A able to offer you the
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..t q. -We Thank Our Friends, the People,
S Toler for Cash Trade, MeFor trhrpatonage and theigoodwill .

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